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Variation of the density of the cholinergic and adrenergic intrinsic innervation of the bladder in senescence

Martin, Didier; Timmermans, L

Joint Meeting of the Belgian, Dutch and German Societies of Neuropathology 09-12/10/1985 AACHEN ALLEMAGNE

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Laser capture microdissection combined with RNA in vitro Linear amplification detecting the relevant genes of bladder cancer

Hao, Q; Xu, Y; Li, W; Zhao, X; Liu, W

Objective: Laser capture microdisection has become indispensable to the analysis of the difference of gene expression between human bladder transitional cell and bladder transitional cell carcinoma(BTCC). However, to obtain sufficient RNA from laser-capture microdissected cells is quite difficult. T...

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Chronic cystitis with ossification of the bladder wall in a 6-month-old German shepherd dog

Mollo, Antonio; Zotti, Alessandro; De Zan, Gabrita; Fant, Pierluigi; Busetto, Roberto

Ossification of the bladder wall, detected radiographically as a nonhomogeneous radiopaque area in the cranioventral part of the bladder in a puppy, is reported. We speculate that chronic inflammation due to the presence of uroliths in the lumen may have stimulated a metaplastic transformation of th...

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Bile peritonitis associated with gastric dilation-volvulus in a dog

Hewitt, Saundra A.; Holmberg, David L.; Brisson, Brigitte A.

This report describes a case of septic peritonitis and gall bladder rupture in German shepherd dog that developed 7 d after surgical treatment for gastric dilation-volvulus. Histological examination confirmed gall bladder necrosis, secondary to an acute ischemic event. Postoperative acute necrotizin...

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