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Chemical footprints as cues to foraging bumblebees and pollination ecologists

Witjes, Sebastian

Many plant species are known to emit species-specific floral scents to attract or guide pollinators, thereby ensuring cross pollination. In combination with visual traits, pollinators use these cues to localize floral resources and to specialize on the most rewarding plant species. To complicate mat...

DRIVER (German)


Biosynthesis and endocrine control of the production of the German cockroach sex pheromone 3,11-dimethylnonacosan-2-one.

Schal, C; Chase, J; Prestwich, G D; Touhara, K; Blomquist, G J

The biosynthesis and endocrine regulation of sex pheromone production in the female German cockroach (Blattella germanica) were determined. Radio-TLC and radio-GLC were used to demonstrate the metabolism of 3,11-dimethylnonacosane, a major cuticular lipid component, to the corresponding alkan-2-ol a...

DRIVER (German)