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Time and dose dependency of bone-sarcomas in patients injected with radium-224

Chmelevsky, D.; Kellerer, Albrecht M.; Land, C. E.; Mays, C. W.; Spiess, H.

The time course and dose dependency of the incidence of bone-sarcomas among 900 German patients treated with high doses of radium-224 is analysed in terms of a proportional hazards model with a log-normal dependency of time to tumor and a linear-quadratic dose relation. The deduced dose dependency a...

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Monitoring Cell Cycle Distributions in MCF-7 Cells Using Near-Field Photothermal Microspectroscopy

Pollock, Hubert M.; Hammiche, Azzedine; Hewitt, Rebecca; German, Matthew J.; Martin, Francis L.

Microspectroscopic techniques such as Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) have played an important role in “fingerprinting” the biochemical composition of cellular components. Based on structure and function, complex biomolecules absorb energy in the mid-infrared (λ = 2–20 μm) yielding characteristic ...

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Infrared Spectroscopy with Multivariate Analysis Potentially Facilitates the Segregation of Different Types of Prostate Cell

Fullwood, Nigel J.; Cooper, Leanne J.; Matanhelia, Shyam S.; Tobin, Mark J.; German, Matthew J.; Hammiche, Azzedine

The prostate gland is conventionally divided into zones or regions. This morphology is of clinical significance as prostate cancer (CaP) occurs mainly in the peripheral zone (PZ). We obtained tissue sets consisting of paraffin-embedded blocks of cancer-free transition zone (TZ) and PZ and adjacent C...

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