Sample records for AUSSTERBEN (biological extinction)

Sample records 1 - 2 shown.


Retrieval of memory for fear-motivated training initiates extinction requiring protein synthesis in the rat hippocampus

Medina, Jorge H.; Vianna, Monica R. M.; McGaugh, James L.; Szapiro, German; Izquierdo, Ivan

Evidence that protein synthesis inhibitors induce amnesia in a variety of species and learning paradigms indicates that the consolidation of newly acquired information into stable memories requires the synthesis of new proteins. Because extinction of a response also requires acquisition of new infor...

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Nested communities of alpine plants on isolated mountains: relative importance of colonization and extinction

Bruun, Hans Henrik; Moen, Jon

Aim This paper seeks to investigate whether alpine floras on isolated mountains in boreal forest show nestedness, and, if that is the case, to determine whether selective extinction or colonization is the likely cause of the observed patterns.Location Isolated mountains in the boreal coniferous for...

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