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Macrozoobenthic response to fishery: trophic interactions in highly dynamic coastal ecosystems

Dannheim, Jennifer

This thesis aims at achieving deeper insights into the ecological functioning of German Bight benthos, i.e. ecosystem trophic properties that might explain resistance of the system in the light of decades of frequent bottom trawling, and recovery patterns of the benthic system during 14 months of tr...

DRIVER (German)


Recruitment dynamics of North Sea macrozoobenthos in intertidal soft bottoms: larval availability, settlement and dispersal

Jaklin, Sandra

This thesis investigates how larval supply, larval settlement and secondary dispersal affected recruitment and recovery of macrozoobenthos living in an intertidal sand flat located in the German Wadden Sea. The temporal availability of meroplanktonic bivalve larvae was related to the timing of sea w...

DRIVER (German)