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Pinzgauer Austrian Pinzgauer Pinzgau German Pinzgauer

Els, Heleen C.

The colour slides have been scanned with a HP ScanJet 5590 scanner; 24-bit true colour, 600 dpi, saved in JPEG-format. Downscaling was done with Adobe Photoshop. Photo 1: Original scanned document size: (w)85.51 x (h)56.59 cm. Final web-ready size: (w)7.62 x(h)5.04 cm, 48.6 kb, 150 ppi. Estimated dow...

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Molecular Typing of Clostridium perfringens from a Food-Borne Disease Outbreak in a Nursing Home: Ribotyping versus Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis

Bergmann, Rolf; Schalch, Barbara; Schau, Hans-Peter; Bader, Lutz; Rometsch, Andrea; Maydl, Gertraud; Keßler, Silvia

In 1998, 21 inhabitants of a German nursing home fell ill with acute gastroenteritis after consumption of minced beef heart (P. Graf and L. Bader, Epidemiol. Bull. 41:327-329, 2000). Two residents died during hospital treatment. Seventeen Clostridium perfringens strains were collected from two diffe...

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Comparison of Reproductive Performance in Belgian Dairy and Beef Cattle Comparaison des performances de reproduction des vaches laitières et à viande en Belgique

Hanzen, Christian; Laurent, Y; Ward, W R

A computerized program was written to collect, evaluate and compare reproductive performance data of 2004 beef (Belgian Blue breed) and 1649 dairy (Friesian Holstein and German Red) cattle in 35 Belgian herds (6 suckler beef herds, 9 milked beef herds and 20 dairy herds). Reproduction data were coll...

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Characteristics of bacteria isolated by the anaerobic roll-tube method from cheeses and ground beef.

Gray, W M; Johnson, M G

In this study the methods of Hungate were used to quantitate the anaerobic bacteria present in commercially available ground beef, cheddar cheese, and German hand cheese. Of 235 anaerobic roll-tube isolates from ground beef and German hand cheese, all were facultative anaerobes. Of 213 anaerobic rol...

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