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         bacterial diseases (BAKTERIELLE KRANKHEITEN)
         bactericides (BAKTERIZIDE)
         bacteriophages (BAKTERIOPHAGEN)
         baddeleyite (BADDELEYIT)
         baecklund transformation (BAECKLUND-TRANSFORMATION)
         baer walls (BAER-WAENDE)
         bag model (BAG-MODELL)
         bagasse (BAGASSE)
         baghouses (FILTERHALTERRAHMEN)
         bahrain (BAHRAIN)
         bailie process (bailie-verfahren)
         bainite (BAINIT)
         bakelite (BAKELIT)
         baking (VERBACKEN)
         baking food
         bal british anti-lewisite
         balance energy
         balance mass
         balance of power (KRAEFTEGLEICHGEWICHT)
         balances (WAAGEN)
         balescu theory (BALESCU-THEORIE)
         ball bearings (KUGELLAGER)
         ball lightning (KUGELBLITZ)
         ballasts (DIMMER)
         ballistic missile defense (ABWEHR BALLISTISCHER FLUGKOERPER)

         balloons (BALLONS)
         balmer lines (BALMER-LINIEN)
         balneology (BALNEOLOGIE)
         baltic sea (OSTSEE)
         baltimore canyon (BALTIMORE CANYON)
         bamboo (BAMBUS)
         bambp (BAMBP)
         banach space (BANACH-RAUM)
         banana plants (BANANENPFLANZEN)
         bananas (BANANEN)
         band theory (BAENDERTHEORIE)
         banding techniques (CHROMOSOMENBAENDERUNG)
         bangladesh (BANGLADESH)
         bank accounts (BANKKONTEN)
         banks (BANKEN)
         barbados (BARBADOS)
         barbiturates (BARBITURATE)
         barbituric acid (BARBITURSAEURE)
         barc (BARC)
         bardeen-cooper-schrieffer theory (BARDEEN-COOPER-SCHRIEFFER-THEORIE)
         barges (LASTKAEHNE)
         barite (BARYT)
         barium (BARIUM)
         barium 114 (BARIUM 114)
         barium 115 (BARIUM 115)

         barium 116 (BARIUM 116)
         barium 117 (BARIUM 117)
         barium 118 (BARIUM 118)
         barium 119 (BARIUM 119)
         barium 120 (BARIUM 120)
         barium 121 (BARIUM 121)
         barium 123 (BARIUM 123)
         barium 124 (BARIUM 124)
         barium 125 (BARIUM 125)
         barium 126 (BARIUM 126)
         barium 127 (BARIUM 127)
         barium 128 (BARIUM 128)
         barium 129 (BARIUM 129)
         barium 130 (BARIUM 130)
         barium 130 target (BARIUM 130 TARGET)
         barium 131 (BARIUM 131)
         barium 133 (BARIUM 133)
         barium 134 (BARIUM 134)
         barium 134 target (BARIUM 134 TARGET)
         barium 136 target (BARIUM 136 TARGET)
         barium 138 (BARIUM 138)
         barium 139 (BARIUM 139)
         barium 140 (BARIUM 140)
         barium 142 (BARIUM 142)
         barium 143 (BARIUM 143)

         bears (BAEREN)
         beat wave accelerators (BEAT WAVE BESCHLEUNIGER)
         beaufort sea (BEAUFORT-SEE)
         beauty model (BEAUTY-MODELL)
         beaverlodge (BEAVERLODGE)
         beaverlodge mine (BERGWERK BEAVERLODGE)
         beck cycle (BECK-KREISLAUF)
         becquerelite (BECQUERELIT)
         bedt-ttf (BEDT-TTF)
         beech trees (BUCHEN)
         beef (RINDFLEISCH)
         bees (BIENEN)
         beetles (KAEFER)
         beets (RUEBEN)
         behavior (VERHALTEN)
         belarus (BELARUS)
         belgium (BELGIEN)
         belize (BELIZE)
         bell theorem (BELL-THEOREM)
         bellows (FALTENBALG)
         belt conveyors (GURTBANDFOERDERER)
         benchmarks (BENCHMARKS)
         bending (BIEGUNG)
         benfield process (BENFIELD-VERFAHREN)
         benham event (benham ereignis)

         benin (BENIN)
         benioff zone (benioff-zone)
         benthos (BENTHOS)
         bentonite (BENTONIT)
         benzaldehyde (BENZALDEHYD)
         benzanthracene (BENZANTHRACEN)
         benzene (BENZOL)
         benzhydrol (BENZHYDROL)
         benzidine (BENZIDIN)
         benzilic acid (BENZILSAEURE)
         benzimidazoles (BENZIMIDAZOLE)
         benzine (ERDOELBENZIN)
         benzofurans (BENZOFURANE)
         benzohydrol (BENZOHYDROL)
         benzoic acid (BENZOESAEURE)
         benzoinoxime (BENZOINOXIM)
         benzophenone (BENZOPHENON)
         benzopinacol (BENZPINAKOL)
         benzopyrene (BENZPYREN)
         benzopyrroles (BENZOPYRROLE)
         benzoquinones (BENZOCHINONE)
         benzothiazoles (BENZOTHIAZOLE)
         benzothiophenes (BENZOTHIOPHENE)
         benzoxazoles (BENZOXAZOLE)
         benzoyl peroxide (BENZOYLPEROXID)

         benzoylation (BENZOYLIERUNG)
         benzoylglycine (BENZOYLGLYCIN)
         benzoylphenylhydroxylamine (BENZOYLPHENYLHYDROXYLAMIN)
         benzyl alcohol (BENZYLALKOHOL)
         berkeley synchrocyclotron (SYNCHROZYKLOTRON BERKELEY)
         berkelium (BERKELIUM)
         berkelium 243 (BERKELIUM 243)
         berkelium 244 (BERKELIUM 244)
         berkelium 249 (BERKELIUM 249)
         berkelium 250 (BERKELIUM 250)
         berkelium 251 (BERKELIUM 251)
         berkelium 252 (BERKELIUM 252)
         berkelium ions (BERKELIUMIONEN)
         berkelium oxides (BERKELIUMOXIDE)
         berms (BERMEN)
         bermuda (BERMUDA-INSELN)
         berries (BEEREN)
         beryl (BERYLL)
         beryllia (BERYLLERDE)
         berylliosis (BERYLLIOSIS)
         beryllium (BERYLLIUM)
         beryllium 10 (BERYLLIUM 10)
         beryllium 11 (BERYLLIUM 11)
         beryllium 12 (BERYLLIUM 12)
         beryllium 13 (BERYLLIUM 13)

         bhutan (BHUTAN)
         bibenzyl (BIBENZYL)
         bibliographies (BIBLIOGRAPHIEN)
         bicarbonates (BICARBONATE)
         bicrystals (BIKRISTALLE)
         bicycles (FAHRRAEDER)
         bids (ANGEBOTE)
         bifurcation (BIFURKATION)
         bikini (BIKINI-ATOLL)
         bilateral agreements (BILATERALE ABKOMMEN)
         bile (GALLE)
         bile acids (GALLENSAEUREN)
         bile ducts (GALLENGAENGE)
         biliary tract (GALLENTRAKT)
         bilirubin (BILIRUBIN)
         biliverdin (BILIVERDIN)
         billietite (BILLIETIT)
         bimetals (BIMETALLE)
         binary mixtures (BINAERE MISCHUNGEN)
         binary stars (BINAERE STERNE)
         binders (BINDEMITTEL)
         binding energy (BINDUNGSENERGIE)
         bioaccumulation (BIOAKKUMULATION)
         bioadsorbents (BIOADSORBENTIEN)
         bioassay (BIOTEST)

         biological functions (BIOLOGISCHE FUNKTIONEN)
         biological half-life (BIOLOGISCHE HALBWERTSZEIT)
         biological hot spots (BIOLOGISCHE HOT SPOTS)
         biological indicators (BIOLOGISCHE INDIKATOREN)
         biological localization (BIOLOGISCHE LOKALISIERUNG)
         biological markers (BIOLOGISCHE MARKIERUNGSSTOFFE)
         biological materials (BIOLOGISCHE STOFFE)
         biological models (BIOLOGISCHE MODELLE)
         biological pathways (BIOLOGISCHE PROZESSE)
         biological reactors (BIOLOGISCHE REAKTOREN)
         biological recovery (BIOLOGISCHE ERHOLUNG)
         biological regeneration (BIOLOGISCHE REGENERATION)
         biological remediation (BIOLOGISCHE SANIERUNG)
         biological repair (BIOLOGISCHE REPARATUR)
         biological shielding (BIOLOGISCHE ABSCHIRMUNG)
         biological shields (BIOLOGISCHE ABSCHIRMUNGEN)
         biological shock (BIOLOGISCHER SCHOCK)
         biological stress (BIOLOGISCHER STRESS)
         biological testing (BIOLOGISCHE UNTERSUCHUNGEN)
         biological variability (BIOLOGISCHE VARIABILITAET)
         biological warfare (BIOLOGISCHE KRIEGSFUEHRUNG)
         biological warfare agents (BIOLOGISCHE KAMPFSTOFFE)
         biological wastes (BIOLOGISCHE ABFAELLE)
         biology (BIOLOGIE)
         bioluminescence (BIOLUMINESZENZ)

         biomass (BIOMASSE)
         biomass fuels (BIOMASSEBRENNSTOFF)
         biomass plantations (BIOMASSE-PLANTAGEN)
         biomedical radiography (BIOMEDIZINISCHE RADIOGRAPHIE)
         biophotolysis (BIOPHOTOLYSE)
         biophysics (BIOPHYSIK)
         biopsy (BIOPSIE)
         bioreactors (BIOREAKTOREN)
         bioremediation (MIKROBIOLOGISCHE SANIERUNG)
         biosatellites (BIOSATELLITEN)
         biosphere (BIOSPHAERE)
         biosynthesis (BIOSYNTHESE)
         biot-savart law (BIOT-SAVART-GESETZ)
         biotechnology (BIOTECHNOLOGIE)
         biotin (BIOTIN)
         biotite (BIOTIT)
         biphenyl (BIPHENYL)
         biphenyldiamine (BIPHENYLDIAMIN)
         biphosphates (BIPHOSPHATE)
         bipyridines (BIPYRIDINE)
         birches (BIRKEN)
         birds (VOEGEL)
         birefringence (DOPPELBRECHUNG)
         birmingham synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON BIRMINGHAM)
         birth (GEBURT)

         blast effects (EXPLOSIONSFOLGEN)
         blast furnaces (HOCHOEFEN)
         blasting (SPRENGEN)
         blasts (LUFTDRUCK D. EXPLOSION)
         bleaching (BLEICHEN)
         blenders (MISCHER)
         blending (VERMENGEN)
         bleomycin (BLEOMYCIN)
         blind river (BLIND RIVER)
         blisters (WERKSTOFFBLASEN)
         bloch equations (BLOCH-GLEICHUNGEN)
         bloch wall (BLOCH-WAND)
         blocking (BLOCKING)
         blood (BLUT)
         blood cells (BLUTZELLEN)
         blood circulation (BLUTKREISLAUF)
         blood clotting (BLUTGERINNUNG)
         blood coagulation (BLUTGERINNUNG)
         blood coagulation factors (BLUTGERINNUNGSFAKTOREN)
         blood count (BLUTBILD)
         blood diseases (BLUTKRANKHEITEN)
         blood flow (BLUTFLUSS)
         blood formation (BLUTBILDUNG)
         blood groups (BLUTGRUPPEN)
         blood plasma (BLUTPLASMA)

         blood platelets (BLUTPLAETTCHEN)
         blood pressure (BLUTDRUCK)
         blood serum (BLUTSERUM)
         blood substitutes (BLUTERSATZMITTEL)
         blood vessels (BLUTGEFAESSE)
         blood-brain barrier (BLUT-HIRN-SCHRANKE)
         blood-plasma clearance (BLUT-PLASMA-CLEARANCE)
         blowdown (BLOWDOWN)
         blowers (GEBLAESE)
         blowoff (ABBLASEN)
         blowout preventers (BOHRLOCHSICHERUNGEN)
         blowouts (AUSBRUECHE)
         blueberries (BLAUBEEREN)
         bnfl (BNFL)
         bnl (BNL)
         bod (BOD)
         body (KOERPER)
         body areas (KOERPERREGIONEN)
         body burden (GANZKOERPERBELASTUNG)
         body composition (KOERPERZUSAMMENSETZUNG (CHEM.))
         body fluids (KOERPERFLUESSIGKEITEN)
         bogs (MOOR)
         bohr-mottelson model (BOHR-MOTTELSON-MODELL)
         bohr-sommerfeld quantum theory (BOHR-SOMMERFELD-QUANTENTHEORIE)
         bohrium (BOHRIUM)

         bohrium 265 (BOHRIUM 265)
         bohrium 266 (BOHRIUM 266)
         boilers (KESSEL)
         boiling (SIEDEN)
         bolivia (BOLIVIEN)
         boll weevil (BAUMWOLLKAPSELKAEFER)
         bollworm (BAUMWOLLKAPSELWURM)
         bolometers (BOLOMETER)
         bolting (VERBOLZEN)
         boltwoodite (BOLTWOODIT)
         boltzmann approximation (BOLTZMANN-NAEHERUNG)
         boltzmann equation (BOLTZMANN-GLEICHUNG)
         bombs (BOMBEN)
         bombyx (BOMBYX)
         bond lengths (BINDUNGSLAENGEN)
         bonding (VERBUND)
         bondur (BONDUR)
         bone cells (KNOCHENZELLEN)
         bone diseases (KNOCHENERKRANKUNGEN)
         bone fractures (KNOCHENBRUECHE)
         bone joints (KNOCHENGELENKE)
         bone marrow (KNOCHENMARK)
         bone tissues (KNOCHENGEWEBE)
         bones (KNOCHEN)

         bonn synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON BONN)
         bonneville power administration (BONNEVILLE POWER ADMINISTRATION)
         bookkeeping (BUCHHALTUNG)
         boom clay (BOOM-TON)
         boom clay formation (boom-ton-bildung)
         bop (BOP)
         bor-60 reactor (REAKTOR BOR-60)
         boranes (BORANE)
         borates (BORATE)
         borax (BORAX)
         bordoni peak (BORDONI-PEAK)
         boreal regions (BOREALE ZONEN)
         boreholes (BOHRLOECHER)
         boric acid (BORSAEURE)
         borides (BORIDE)
         borohydrides (BORANATE)
         boron (BOR)
         boron 10 (BOR 10)
         boron 10 target (BOR 10 TARGET)
         boron 11 (BOR 11)
         boron 11 target (BOR 11 TARGET)
         boron 12 (BOR 12)
         boron 12 target (BOR 12 TARGET)
         boron 13 (BOR 13)
         boron 13 target (BOR 13 TARGET)

         boron 14 (BOR 14)
         boron 15 (BOR 15)
         boron 16 (BOR 16)
         boron 17 (BOR 17)
         boron 18 (BOR 18)
         boron 19 (BOR 19)
         boron 6 (BOR 6)
         boron 7 (BOR 7)
         boron 8 (BOR 8)
         boron 8 target (BOR 8 TARGET)
         boron 9 (BOR 9)
         boron additions (BORZUSAETZE)
         boron alloys (BORLEGIERUNGEN)
         boron complexes (BORKOMPLEXE)
         boron compounds (BORVERBINDUNGEN)
         boron fluorides (BORFLUORIDE)
         boron iodides (BORJODIDE)
         boron nitrides (BORNITRIDE)
         boron silicates (BORSILICATE)
         borophosphates (BOROPHOSPHATE)
         borosilicate glass (BORSILIKATGLAS)
         borosilicates (BOROSILIKATE)
         bose-einstein condensation (BOSE-EINSTEIN-KONDENSATION)
         bose-einstein gas (BOSE-EINSTEIN-GAS)
         bose-einstein statistics (BOSE-EINSTEIN-STATISTIK)

         bosnia and herzegovina (BOSNIEN-HERZEGOWINA)
         bosonization (BOSONISIERUNG)
         bosons (BOSONEN)
         botany (BOTANIK)
         botswana (BOTSWANA)
         bottomonium (BOTTOMONIUM)
         bound state (GEBUNDENER ZUSTAND)
         boundaries grain
         boundary conditions (RANDBEDINGUNGEN)
         boundary layers (GRENZSCHICHTEN)
         boundary-value problems (GRENZWERTPROBLEME)
         bovine (RINDVIEH)
         bowing (VERKRUEMMUNG)
         box models (BOXENMODELL)
         bpa (BPA)
         bph (BPH)
         brachytherapy (BRACHYTHERAPIE)
         bradykinin (BRADYKININ)
         bragg reflection (BRAGG-REFLEKTION)
         bragg zone (BRAGG-ZONE)
         brahmaputra river (BRAHMAPUTRA)
         brain (GEHIRN)
         brakes (BREMSEN)
         branchiopods (BRACHIOPODEN)
         brane cosmology

         brane theory
         branes (BRANEN)
         brannerite (BRANNERIT)
         brass (MESSING)
         brassica (BRASSICA)
         brayton cycle (BRAYTON-ZYKLUS)
         brayton cycle power systems (BRAYTON-KRAFTANLAGEN)
         brazil (BRASILIEN)
         brazing (HARTLOETEN)
         brazing alloys (HARTLEGIERUNGEN)
         brazos river (BRAZOS RIVER)
         brazzaville (BRAZZAVILLE)
         bread (BROT)
         breakdown (DURCHSCHLAG)
         breakeven (BREAKEVEN)
         breakwaters (WELLENBRECHER)
         breasts (BRUESTE)
         breath (ATEM)
         breathing (ATMEN)
         breeder reactors (BRUTREAKTOREN)
         breeding (BRUETEN (NUKL))
         breit-wigner formula (BREIT-WIGNER-FORMEL)
         bremsstrahlung (BREMSSTRAHLUNG)
         bricks (ZIEGELSTEINE)
         bridges (BRUECKEN)

         bromine 76 (BROM 76)
         bromine 77 (BROM 77)
         bromine 78 (BROM 78)
         bromine 80 (BROM 80)
         bromine 81 (BROM 81)
         bromine 82 (BROM 82)
         bromine 85 (BROM 85)
         bromine 86 (BROM 86)
         bromine 90 (BROM 90)
         bromine 92 (BROM 92)
         bromine 93 (BROM 93)
         bromine 95 (BROM 95)
         bromine 96 (BROM 96)
         bromine bromides (BROMBROMIDE)
         bromine chlorides (BROMCHLORIDE)
         bromine compounds (BROMVERBINDUNGEN)
         bromine iodides (BROMJODIDE)
         bromine oxides (BROMOXIDE)
         bromodeoxyuridine (BROMDESOXYURIDIN)
         bromoform (BROMOFORM)
         bromosulfophthalein (BROMTHALEIN)
         bronchi (BRONCHIEN)
         bronchitis (BRONCHITIS)
         bronchopneumonia (BRONCHOPNEUMONIE)
         bronze (BRONZE)

         buffalo (BUEFFEL)
         buffalo gourd (BUFFALO-KUERBIS)
         buffers (PUFFER)
         bufotenine (BUFOTENIN)
         builders (BAUMEISTER)
         building codes (BAUVORSCHRIFTEN)
         building constructing
         building contractors (BAUUNTERNEHMER)
         building envelope (GEBAEUDEHUELLE)
         building foundations (BAUFUNDAMENTE)
         building manufacturing
         building materials (BAUMATERIAL)
         buildings (GEBAEUDE)
         buildup (AUFBAU)
         bulbs (KNOLLEN)
         bulgaria (BULGARIEN)
         bulk density (SCHUETTGUTDICHTE)
         bumpy tori (BUMPY TORI)
         buna (BUNA)
         bunching beam
         bundesamt fuer strahlenschutz (BUNDESAMT FUER STRAHLENSCHUTZ)
         bundle divertors (BUENDELDIVERTOREN)
         bunkers (BUNKER)
         buoys (BOJEN)
         bureau of reclamation (BUREAU OF RECLAMATION)

         burgers vector (BURGERS-VEKTOR)
         burkina faso (BURKINA FASO)
         burma (BURMA)
         burners (BRENNER)
         burnout (DURCHBRENNEN)
         burns (BRANDWUNDEN)
         burnup (ABBRAND)
         burros (ESEL)
         bursa of fabricius (BURSA FABRICII)
         burundi (BURUNDI)
         buses (BUSSE)
         bushings (BUCHSEN)
         business (GESCHAEFT)
         busulfan (BUSULFAN)
         butadiene (BUTADIEN)
         butane (BUTAN)
         butanediols (BUTANDIOLE)
         butanoic acid (BUTANSAEURE)
         butanols (BUTANOLE)
         butenes (BUTENE)
         butler theory (BUTLER-THEORIE)
         butter (BUTTER)
         butter fat (BUTTERFETT)
         buttercups (BUTTERBLUMEN)
         butyl ether (BUTYLETHER)

         butylamine (BUTYLAMIN)
         butylenes (BUTYLENE)
         butyric acid (BUTTERSAEURE)
         butyrolactam (BUTYROLACTAM)
         buyback (RUECKKAUF)
         buyers (KAEUFER)
         by-products (NEBENPRODUKTE)
         bypasses (NEBENSCHLUSS)