Sample records for EINSTELLUNG DER OEFFENTLICHKEIT (attitudes of the public)

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Talking Intervention: Attitudes Towards German Foreign Policy and the Conditional Influence of Emphasis Frames

Haack, Patrick

In this thesis, I argue that given the increasing importance of the global media and the relative unwillingness of democratic publics to accept casualties, decision makers have increasingly relied on the creation and dissemination of rhetorical legitimizations of military assignments with the final ...

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Qualitätssicherung der Primärprävention im Fokus eine Untersuchung zu Erfahrungen und Wünschen der AIDS-Hilfen in Deutschland

Block, Martina; Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung gGmbH

"Das vorliegende Papier beschreibt eine Untersuchung zum Umfang sowie zur Qualitätssicherung und Evaluation der primärpräventiven Aktivitäten in deutschen Aids-Hilfe-Organisationen. Als Datenquelle diente ein selbst entwickelter Fragebogen, der in allen 119 deutschen Einrichtungen eingesetzt wurde. ...

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Perception and attitudes towards risks and hazards of genetic engineering within the German public

Zwick, Michael M.

»Which resources do people mobilize for gaining orientation and jugdement abilityif they are confronted with a new and not yet well known phenomenon as for examplegenetic engineering?« This is a central question of a sub-project within the concertedaction »perception and attitudes towards risks a...

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La personnalité des marques explique-t-elle les comportements ? Mesure du concept et investigation empirique de l'influence de la personnalité des marques corporate sur le comportement du consommateur, de l'investisseur individuel et du candidat potentiel à un poste

Azoulay, Audrey

Le but de cette thèse est d’étudier l’impact de la personnalité de la marque corporate sur troiscomportements: le comportement du consommateur, le comportement de l’investisseur individuel et lecomportement du candidat potentiel à un poste. Dans une première partie, nous présentons une échelle de ...

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Israel-criticism and modern anti-Semitism

Kempf, Wilhelm

After the Third Reich was defeated, the expression of openly anti-Semitic attitudes was, to be sure, discredited in the German public, but anti-Semitism did not, however, disappear entirely. It was instead camouflaged in various ways, and even found socially and politically compatible expression in ...

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Anderberg, Eva

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is associated with a risk of adverse pregnancyoutcome and is a predictor of subsequent diabetes. The aims of this work were todescribe a reliable routine to diagnose abnormal glucose tolerance during pregnancy,to investigate women’s opinions of the specialist c...

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Erfarenheter av stigmatisering och diskriminering bland personer med psykisk sjukdom

Lundberg, Bertil

The overall aim of this thesis is to 1) investigate the prevalence of stigmatizing experiences and beliefs of devaluation and discrimination among persons with mental illness, and 2) to investigate the relationship between beliefs of devalua¬tion/¬discrimination, rejection experiences and sociodemog...

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Attitudes to Rankings: Comparing German, Australian and Japanese Experiences

Hazelkorn, Ellen

Drawing on an international survey of HE leaders during 2006, and interviews with HE leaders and stakeholders in Germany, Australia and Japan during 2008, it describes and compares the reaction and response to rankings by HEIs in Germany, Australia and Japan, with particular attention to institution...

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Alcohol Use in Swedish Halls of Residence

Ståhlbrandt, Henrietta

In the year 2000, the alcohol habits of 1460 Swedish university students living in residence halls were assessed. The students had a mean age of 23.8 years, and 64% were male. The results from this baseline assessment show that the mean AUDIT score (± sd) was 10.3 ± 5.2 for males and 8.1 ± 4.7 for f...

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