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Beschleunigte Alterung bei Kunststoffen : Fachtagung

Abteilung Aus- und Weiterbildung, Information, Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum (SKZ)

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


What can go wrong will go wrong: Birthday effects and early tracking in the German school system

Jürges, Hendrik; Schneider, Kerstin

At the age of ten German pupils are given a secondary school track recommendation which largely determines the actual track choice. Track choice has major effects on the life course, mainly through labor market outcomes. Using data from the German PISA extension study, we analyze the effect of month...

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What Determines the Saving Behavior of German Households? An Examination of Saving Motives and Saving Decisions

Schunk, Daniel

Many motives for saving a portion of one’s income co-exist and their relative importance changes over the life-cycle. However, most existing work focuses on only one of those motives and makes simplifying assumptions about the other motives so that they can be relegated to the background. All the m...

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Unemployment, retrospective error, and life satisfaction

Jürges, Hendrik

I compare current and one-year retrospective data on unemployment in the German SOEP. 13 percent of all unemployment spells are not reported one year later, and another 7 percent are misreported. The ratio of retrospective to current unemployment (as a measure of unemployment salience) has increased...

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Trends in German households' portfolio behavior - assessing the importance of age- and cohort-effects

Sommer, Mathias

We start out from a comparison of aggregate trends in German households' portfolio shares and participation rates as they derive from micro data and from the National Accounts. We find the broad trends supported by both data sources. By international comparison the portfolio share of safe investment...

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The skin as a mirror of the aging process in the human organism – State of the art and results of the aging research in the German National Genome Research Network 2 (NGFN-2)

The skin as a mirror of the aging process in the human organism – State of the art and results of the aging research in the German National Genome Research Network 2 (NGFN-2)

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The savings behaviour of German households: First Experiences with state promoted private pensions

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Reil-Held, Anette; Schunk, Daniel

The process of demographic change and the fact that the benefits of a growing proportion of pensioners must be financed by fewer and fewer contributors, poses major problems for the German pay-as-you-go pension scheme. For this reason, the 2001 pension reform entailed a reduction in the level of sta...

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The role of childhood health for the intergenerational transmission of human capital : evidence from administrative data

Salm, Martin; Schunk, Daniel

We use unique administrative German data to examine the role of childhood health for the intergenerational transmission of human capital. Specifically, we examine the extent to which a comprehensive list of health conditions – diagnosed by government physicians – can account for developmental gaps b...

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The Saving behavior of German families : heterogeneity in the effect of children on annual saving, saving motives, and the regularity of saving

Rick, Armin

This study investigates education, income and age driven heterogeneity in the effect of children in and outside the household on annual saving, the importance of saving motives, and the regularity of saving, using the 2005-2007 waves of the German SAVE dataset. Children are found to have a negative ...

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The Kallikrein-Related Peptidases hK2 and PSA with Emphasis on Genetic Variation, Secretion, and Sperm Motility

Sävblom, Charlotta

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and human glandular kallikrein 2 (hK2) are secreted by the prostate into seminal plasma and through leakage into blood. This leakage increases rapidly in prostate disease, and PSA is used worldwide as a marker of prostate cancer. PSA is activated in vitro by hK2, and ...

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The German public pension system : how it was, how it will be

Börsch-Supan, Axel H.; Wilke, Christina B.

Germany still has a very generous public pay-as-you-go pension system. It is characterized by early effective retirement ages and very high effective replacement rates. Most workers receive virtually all of their retirement income from this public retirement insurance. Costs are almost 12 percent of...

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The German SAVE study : design and results

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Coppola, Michela; Essig, Lothar; Eymann, Angelika; Schunk, Daniel

This book has three parts: scientific background, design, and results. We begin by describing the intellectual background of the SAVE survey and the strategic selections of topics to be covered. The second part is devoted to the design of SAVE: the often unpleasant choices between the researchers’ d...

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The German SAVE Survey 2001 - 2006: Documentation and Methodology

Schunk, Daniel

The purpose of this document is to describe methodological details of the German SAVE survey and to provide users of SAVE with all necessary information for working with the publicly available SAVE dataset.

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The EMU and German Cross Border Portfolio Flows

Berkel, Barbara

The paper analyzes the effect of European financial integration, especially of the EMU, on gross portfolio flows between Germany and 47 countries from 1987 to 2002. A gravity model of bilateral asset trade is estimated. The results reveal that there is substantially more portfolio trade between Ge...

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Surprises in a growing market niche : an evaluation of the German private annuities market

Gaudecker, Hans-Martin von; Weber, Carsten

High replacement rates from public old age insurance might lead to the belief that little room is left for private sector annuities in Germany. Taking a closer look, we find a small market with a surprisingly large variety of products. Due to the recent pension reform and future ones to come the mar...

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Self-assessed health, reference levels, and mortality

Jürges, Hendrik

The paper studies the relationship between self-assessed health and subsequent mortality in the German Socio-Economic Panel. Specifically, I examine whether socio-economic characteristics of respondents have an effect on mortality, conditional on self-assessed health. Such conditional effects are sh...

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Secondary School Fees and the Causal Effect of Schooling on Health Behavior

Reinhold, Steffen; Jürges, Hendrik

Using German census data we estimate the causal effect of education on smoking and overweight/obesity using the abolition of secondary school fees as instrumental variable. The West German federal states enacted this reform at different dates after World War II generating exogenous variation in the ...

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Savings motives and the effectiveness of tax incentives - an analysis based on the demand for life insurance in Germany

Sommer, Mathias

We exploit on German households' savings in life insurance products, the characteristics of life insurance products and the specific tax treatment of savings in life insurance products to assess the importance of different savings motives and the effectiveness of tax incentives. Our insights about t...

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Rôle des produits de la réaction de Maillard dans l'inhibition de l'oxydation enzymatique des phénols et des lipides

Cheriot, Sophie

La recherche de substituts aux antioxydants alimentaires synthétiques (sulfites, BHA : di-tertio-butylhydroxyanisol et BHT : di-tertio-butyl-hydroxytoluène) utilisés contre l’oxydation des phénols et des lipides est actuellement très active en raison des effets allergènes et toxiques de ces additifs...

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Retirement Age and Preretirement in German Administrative Data

Berkel, Barbara

The present paper investigates individual determinants of retirement entry age using administrative data on individuals’ retirement entries in 2003 published by the German Pension Insurance (SUF Versichertenrentenzugang 2003). As preretirement is an important issue in Germany, special interest is a...

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Reciprocity in Intergenerational Support : a Comparison of Chinese and German Adult Daughters

Schwarz, Beate; Trommsdorff, Gisela; Zheng, Gang; Shi, Shaohua

This study investigates how Chinese and German adult daughters evaluate the norm of reciprocity and the unbalanced exchange of support in relation to their aging parents. Women from rural and urban China (n = 292) and from Germany (n = 264) have participated in this study. Results show that for the ...

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Rates of return of the German pay-as-you-go pension system

Schnabel, Reinhold

Due to population aging, contribution rates of the mandatory German pay-as-you-go pension system are expected to increase dramatically during the next decades. This paper estimates the impact on the expected returns of contributions for different cohorts. I show that rates of return for younger coho...

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Rates of Return of the German PAYG System - How they can be measured and how they will develop

Wilke, Christina Benita

With the adoption of the latest German pension reform in spring 2004 a public debate arose on whether rates of return for future pensioner cohorts were threatened to become negative as a result of the new reform. In order to make the system sustainable, the reform had restricted future rises in the ...

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Personal assets and pension reform : How well prepared are the Germans?

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Essig, Lothar

Demographic change presents major financing problems for the pay-as-you-go pension system. In response to these problems, the 2001 and 2004 German pension reforms reduced the statuory level of benefits from the pay-as-you system. The resulting pension gap is supposed to be filled by funded second an...

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On the feasibility of notional defined contribution systems : the German case

Wilke, Christina Benita

Notional defined contribution (NDC) systems have strongly been being debated in the worldwide pension literature in the past years. This paper deals with the feasibility of such NDC systems. The focus is on the German case, where the recent 2004 pension reform introduced a so-called sustainability f...

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Molekular-epidemiologische Untersuchung ethnischer Unterschiede in umweltinduzierten Hautalterungsprozessen von deutschen und japanischen Frauen

Vierkötter, Andrea

Deutsche Frauen entwickeln früher Falten, während japanische Frauen früher Pigmentflecken aufweisen. Die Ursachen hierfür sind noch nicht eingehend untersucht und stellten deshalb die Hauptfragestellung in dieser Arbeit dar. In der JAGE-Studie (Study of the extrinsic skin ageing of Japanese and Germ...

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Micro modeling of retirement : decisions in Germany

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Kohnz, Simone; Schnabel, Reinhold

Early retirement in Germany is very costly and amplifies the burden which the German public pension system has to carry due to population aging. This paper shows that the German pension system provides strong incentives to retire early. The paper provides relatively robust econometric evidence for t...

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Measures for savings and saving rates in the German SAVE data set

Essig, Lothar

Saving is frequently measured using a one-shot question for total annual saving during the preceding year. This type of one-shot recall question might cause severe measurement errors since saving is a complicated concept which consists of various components, many of which respondents might not be fu...

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Lifetime Earnings and Life Expectancy

Gaudecker, Hans-Martin von; Scholz, Rembrandt D.

We estimate remaining life expectancy at age 65 using a very large sample of male German pensioners. Out analysis is entirely nonparametric. Furthermore, the data enable us to compare life expectancy in eastern and western Germany conditional on a measure of socio-economic status. Our findings show ...

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Inequality trends for Germany in the last two decades : a tale of two countries

Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Krüger, Dirk; Sommer, Mathias

In this paper we first document inequality trends in wages, hours worked, earnings, consumption, and wealth for Germany from the last twenty years. We generally find that inequality was relatively stable inWest Germany until the German unification (which happened politically in 1990 and in our data ...

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Impact nutritionnel et sanitaire de la torréfaction des fruits et graines oléagineux : intérêt de la fluorescence comme outil de contrôle des composés néoformés Nutritional and sanitary impact of nuts and seeds roasting: the interest of using fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool to control neoformed compounds

Yaacoub, Rita

Trois objectifs principaux ont été fixés pour cette thèse : un objectif technologique, analytique, et d’analyse des risques.Un premier objectif de cette étude était d'identifier les étapes critiques du procédé de transformation des noix et graines, afin de pouvoir par la suite proposer des solution...

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How to make a defined benefit system sustainable : the "sustainable factor" in the German benefit indexation formula

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Reil-Held, Anette; Wilke, Christina Benita

Two years after the “Riester reform” the German public pension system is once again in need of reform. The demographic and labor market assumptions underpinning the Riester reform have proved to be unrealistic. An important target of current reform attempts is the formula that annually re-adjusts th...

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How sensitive are subjective retirement expectations to increases in the statutory retirement age? The German case

Coppola, Michela; Wilke, Christina Benita

Population Aging poses an evident threat to the financial sustainability of pension systems based on a “pay-as-you-go” (PAYG) scheme. To cope with this threat, pension systems have undergone numerous reforms in many countries in order to keep people longer at work. One crucial element of these refor...

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How an Unfunded Pension System looks like Defined Benefits but works like Defined Contributions: The German Pension Reform

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Reil-Held, Anette; Wilke, Christina B.

This paper describes the German pension reform process 1992-2007 with a stress on a remark-able development: the public pay-as-you-go-financed pension system has almost silently moved from a traditional defined benefit system to a system which works in many respects like a defined contribution syste...

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How BMW Is Defusing the Demographic Time Bomb

Loch, C.H.; Sting, F.J.; Bauer, N.; Mauermann, H.

The article focuses on how the German car manufacturer, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW, is managing the effects of population aging on the industry. The redesign of BMW's factories to accommodate older workers and increase productivity is mentioned. Research on a pilot production line, which is ...

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Household Saving in Germany : Results from SAVE 2001-2003

Essig, Lothar

This paper presents selected highlights drawn from the German SAVE surveys in 2001 and 2003, expanding the findings of Börsch-Supan and Essig (2003) along three lines. First, it analyses the households' assessment of their general, economic and financial well-being in the past, present and future. S...

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Household Composition and Savings : An Empirical Analysis based on the German SOEP Data

Freyland, Felix

New developments in the literature on household saving behavior have focused on the question how household savings depend on the composition of a household. This question is of particular interest with respect to agggregate savings when we consider the ongoing changes of the forms of living in recen...

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Landthaler, M.; Szeimies, R.-M.; Kohl, E.

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Glucosamine and chondroitine sulfate

Reginster, Jean-Yves; Kvasz, Angela; Bruyère, Olivier; Henrotin, Yves

Moltz L, Rommler A, Wolf A, Klentze M Eds.

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Gender Ideology, Division of Housework, and the Geographic Mobility Families

Jürges, Hendrik

The paper studies the relevance of gender ideology for the geographic mobility of families using data from the German Socio-economic Panel. The analysis proceeds in two steps. First, it is shown single men and women - who are in some sense "unconstrained" optimizers - reveal identical mobility patte...

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Financial literacy and private old-age provision in Germany : evidence from SAVE 2008

Bucher-Koenen, Tabea

The German population has good financial knowledge measured on the basis of three financial literacy questions. Around 85 % of the individuals comprehend the functioning of interest and inflation. And 60 % of the individuals understand the relationship of risk and diversification. Overall around 52 ...

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Etude de l’écosystème fromager par une approche biochimique et moléculaire

Cholet, Orianne

Identifier le rôle et la contribution de chaque flore au sein de l’écosystèmefromager a déjà fait l’objet de nombreux travaux, mais les modes d’investigation sontrestés trop souvent descriptifs par manque d’outils moléculaires. L’objectif principal decette étude était d’élucider les voies métabol...

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Eltern-TÜV? Standardisierung und Normalisierung von Elternschaft am Beispiel von Adoptionsbewerbern und Adoptiveltern

Hamra, Sulamith

Familie wird in den deutschen Medien und der Politik seit einiger Zeit als „Problemfall“ wahrgenommen. Nicht nur Szenarien einer „dramatisch alternden Gesellschaft“ werden dabei gezeichnet, auch die Frage nach der „Erziehungskompetenz“ der Eltern wird diskutiert. In der politischen Debatte, wie auch...

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Early Retirement, Social Security and Well-Being in Germany

Börsch-Supan, Axel; Jürges, Hendrik

Germans retire early. On the one hand, early retirement is very costly and amplifies the burden which the German public pension system has to carry due to population aging. On the other hand, however, early retirement is also seen as a much appreciated social achievement which increases the well-bei...

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Dynamics in ownership and firm survival : evidence from corporate Germany

Heiss, Florian; Köke, Jens

This study investigates the determinants of changes in corporate ownership and firm tailure, taking into account different types of sellers and buyers of control blocks. For a large panel of German corporations we find that firms are more likely to fail or to be sold when perfomance is poor, financi...

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Does schooling affect health behavior? Evidence from educational expansion in Western Germany

Jürges, Hendrik; Reinhold, Steffen; Salm, Martin

During the postwar period German states pursued policies to increase the share of young Germans obtaining a university entrance diploma (Abitur) by building more academic track schools, but the timing of educational expansion differed between states. This creates exogenous variation in the availabil...

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Documentation of the logical imputation using the panel structure of the 2003-2008 German SAVE Survey

Ziegelmeyer, Michael

This paper documents the implementation of a logical imputation based on the panel structure of the 2003 to 2008 waves of the German SAVE dataset. A new release of the waves 2003-2008 will be available from June 2009. The concept and the principles of the underlying logical panel imputation are desc...

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Die demographische Entwicklung in Deutschland und ihre Bedeutung für das Kapitaldeckungsverfahren von Lebensversicherern, privaten Krankenversicherern und Pensionsfonds

Weigel, Hanns-Jürgen

Der Bevölkerungsrückgang nimmt in Deutschland ab 2030 dramatisch zu; er geht einher mit einer raschen Überalterung und einem gravierenden Wandel unserer Bevölkerungsstruktur. Das dahinsterbende „Bürgertum“ wächst kaum nach. Wer heute mit 35 Lebensjahren eine private Rentenversicherung abschließt, wi...

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Crowding out or crowding in? Public and private transfers in Germany

Reil-Held, Anette

Intergenerational support regains attention in course of population aging. This paper focuses on the relationship between private and public financial transfers to and from the elderly. Based on German data we find that the giving of private transfers is influenced by public transfers. The close lin...

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Consumer Expenditures and Home Production at Retirement - New Evidence from Germany

Lührmann, Melanie

This paper investigates consumer expenditures of German households pre- and post-retirement. The widely observed distinct drop in spending upon retirement entry poses an empirical puzzle since life cycle theory predicts smoothing of the marginal utility of consumption over time. As one explanation, ...

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Age and Cohort Effects in Saving and the German Retirement System

Börsch-Supan, Axel

As the public pay-as-you-go pension systems of the aging industrialized countries are likely to become seriously strained under the growing dependency burden, the question arises whether a society should rely on private savings to finance old-age consumption. This is an empirical question about the ...

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A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Multiple Imputation Procedure for Dealing with Item Nonresponse in the German SAVE Survey

Schunk, Daniel

Important empirical information on household behavior is obtained from surveys. However, various interdependent factors that can only be controlled to a limited extent lead to unit and item nonresponse, and missing data on certain items is a frequent source of difficulties in statistical practice. T...

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