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         a centers (A-ZENTREN)
         a codes (A-CODES)
         a resonances (A-RESONANZEN)
         a-1 reactor bohunice
         a-15 compounds (A-15-VERBINDUNGEN)
         aaec (AAEC)
         aaps (AAPS)
         abacc (ABACC)
         abandoned sites (AUFGEGEBENE STANDORTE)
         abdomen (ABDOMEN)
         abies (ABIES)
         abiogenic gas (ABIOGENES GAS)
         ablation (ABLATION)
         abnormalities chromosomal
         abnormalities developmental
         abortion (ABORT)
         abrasion (ABRIEB)
         abrasives (SCHLEIFMITTEL)
         abrikosov theory (ABRIKOSOV-THEORIE)
         abscesses (ABSZESSE)
         abscisic acid (ABSCISINSAEURE)
         absolute counting (ABSOLUTZAEHLUNG)
         absolute instabilities (ABSOLUTE INSTABILITAETEN)
         absolute liability (GEFAEHRDUNGSHAFTUNG)

         accident insurance (UNFALLVERSICHERUNG)
         accident management (SCHADENMANAGEMENT)
         accidents (UNFAELLE)
         acclimation (AKKLIMATISIERUNG)
         accountability (RECHENSCHAFTSPFLICHT)
         accountability legal
         accounting (BUCHFUEHRUNG)
         accumulation (STEIGERUNG)
         accumulators (AKKUMULATOREN)
         accuracy (GENAUIGKEIT)
         acenaphthene (ACENAPHTHEN)
         acetabularia (ACETABULARIA)
         acetal (ACETAL)
         acetaldehyde (ACETALDEHYD)
         acetals (ACETALE)
         acetamide (ACETAMID)
         acetates (ACETATE)
         acetic acid (ESSIGSAEURE)
         acetic acid esters (ESSIGSAEUREESTER)
         acetic aldehyde (ACETALDEHYD)
         acetoacetates (ACETOACETATE)
         acetoacetic acid (ACETESSIGSAEURE)
         acetolysis (ACETOLYSE)
         acetone (ACETON)
         acetonitrile (ACETONITRIL)

         act devices (ACT-ANLAGEN)
         actf (ACTF)
         acth (ACTH)
         actin (ACTIN)
         actinide compounds (ACTINOIDENVERBINDUNGEN)
         actinide nuclei (ACTINOIDENKERNE)
         actinides (ACTINOIDE)
         actinium (ACTINIUM)
         actinium 210 (ACTINIUM 210)
         actinium 213 (ACTINIUM 213)
         actinium 216 (ACTINIUM 216)
         actinium 219 (ACTINIUM 219)
         actinium 220 (ACTINIUM 220)
         actinium 222 (ACTINIUM 222)
         actinium 223 (ACTINIUM 223)
         actinium 225 (ACTINIUM 225)
         actinium 226 (ACTINIUM 226)
         actinium 227 (ACTINIUM 227)
         actinium 228 (ACTINIUM 228)
         actinium 232 (ACTINIUM 232)
         actinium 235 (ACTINIUM 235)
         actinium b (ACTINIUM B)
         actinium c (ACTINIUM C)
         actinium compounds (ACTINIUMVERBINDUNGEN)
         actinium oxides (ACTINIUMOXIDE)

         aflatoxin (AFLATOXIN)
         aflatoxins (AFLATOXINE)
         afm (RKM)
         africa (AFRIKA)
         after-heat (NACHWAERME)
         afterburners (NACHBRENNER)
         afterglow (NACHLEUCHTEN)
         afterloading (AFTERLOADING)
         aftershocks (NACHBEBEN)
         agar (AGAR)
         age dependence (ALTERSABHAENGIGKEIT)
         age estimation (ALTERSBESTIMMUNG)
         age groups (ALTERSGRUPPEN)
         age hardening (AUSHAERTEN)
         aged (BETAGTE)
         aged adults (AELTERE MENSCHEN)
         agglomeration (AGGLOMERATION)
         agglutination (AGGLUTINATION)
         agglutinins (AGGLUTININE)
         aggregation (AGGREGATION)
         aging (ALTERUNG)
         agreements (ABKOMMEN)
         agricultural information system (AGRICULTURAL INFORMATION SYSTEM)
         agricultural residues (LANDWIRTSCHAFTLICHE RUECKSTAENDE)

         alaskites (ALASKITE)
         albania (ALBANIEN)
         albedo (ALBEDO)
         alberta (ALBERTA)
         albite (albit)
         albumen (ALBUMEN)
         albumins (ALBUMINE)
         albuminuria (ALBUMINURIE)
         alcohol dehydrogenase (ALKOHOLDEHYDROGENASE)
         alcoholates (ALKOHOLATE)
         alcohols (ALKOHOLE)
         aldehydes (ALDEHYDE)
         aldolase (aldolase)
         aldolases (ALDOLASEN)
         aldosterone (ALDOSTERON)
         aldrin (ALDRIN)
         aleutian islands (ALEUTEN)
         alfalfa (LUZERNE)
         alfven waves (ALFVEN-WELLEN)
         algae (ALGEN)
         algebra (ALGEBRA)
         algebraic field theory (ALGEBRAISCHE FELDTHEORIE)
         algeria (ALGERIEN)
         alginates (ALGINATE)
         alginic acid (ALGINSAEURE)

         allanite (ALLANIT)
         allantoin (ALLANTOIN)
         allegheny river (ALLEGHENY RIVER)
         allene (ALLEN)
         allergy (ALLERGIE)
         alligators (ALLIGATOREN)
         allium cepa (ALLIUM CEPA)
         allium sativum (ALLIUM SATIVUM)
         allocations (ZUWEISUNGEN)
         allotropy (ALLOTROPIE)
         alloxan (ALLOXAN)
         alloy 800 (LEGIERUNG 800)
         alloy 800h (LEGIERUNG 800H)
         alloy nuclear fuels (KERNBRENNSTOFFLEGIERUNGEN)
         alloy systems (LEGIERUNGSSYSTEME)
         alloy-671 inconel
         alloy-82 inconel
         alloy-a-286 (LEGIERUNG A-286)
         alloy-b-66 (LEGIERUNG B-66)
         alloy-b-88 (LEGIERUNG B-88)
         alloy-c-103 (LEGIERUNG C-103)
         alloy-d-43 (LEGIERUNG D-43)
         alloy-d-9 (LEGIERUNG D-9)
         alloy-fs-85 (LEGIERUNG FS-85)
         alloy-ge (LEGIERUNG GE)

         amniotic fluid (FRUCHTWASSER)
         amobarbital (AMOBARBITAL)
         amoeba (AMOEBE)
         amorphous state (AMORPHER ZUSTAND)
         amortization (AMORTISATION)
         amp (AMP)
         amperometry (AMPEROMETRIE)
         amphetamines (AMPHETAMINE)
         amphibians (AMPHIBIEN)
         amphibole (AMPHIBOL)
         amphibolites (AMPHIBOLITE)
         amplification (VERSTAERKUNG (ELEKTR.))
         amplifiers (VERSTAERKER)
         amplitudes (AMPLITUDEN)
         amsco (AMSCO)
         amyl acetate (AMYLACETAT)
         amylase (AMYLASE)
         amylum (AMYLUM)
         amytal (AMYTAL)
         anabolism (ANABOLISMUS)
         anaerobic conditions (ANAEROBE BEDINGUNGEN)
         anaerobic digestion (ANAEROBER ABBAU)
         analcime (analzim)
         analgesics (ANALGETIKA)
         analog computers (ANALOGRECHNER)

         analog systems (ANALOGSYSTEME)
         analog-to-digital converters (ANALOG-DIGITAL-UMSETZER)
         analysis activation
         analysis fourier
         analysis gas
         analysis load
         analysis neutron activation
         analysis normal-mode
         analysis nuclear reaction
         analysis qualitative chemical
         analysis quantitative chemical
         analysis structural chemical
         analysis thermal
         analytic functions (ANALYTISCHE FUNKTIONEN)
         analytical solution (ANALYTISCHE LOESUNG)
         analyzing power (ANALYSIERSTAERKE)
         anaphase (ANAPHASE)
         anaphylaxis (ANAPHYLAXIE)
         anastrepha (ANASTREPHA)
         anatomy (ANATOMIE)
         anbn (ANBN)
         anchoring (verankerung)
         anchors (ANKER)
         andersonite (ANDERSONIT)
         andes (ANDEN)

         andesites (ANDESITE)
         andradite (ANDRADIT)
         androgens (ANDROGENE)
         androstanes (ANDROSTANE)
         androstenedione (ANDROSTENDION)
         androsterone (ANDROSTERON)
         anemias (ANAEMIEN)
         anemometers (ANEMOMETER)
         anesthesia (ANAESTHESIE)
         anesthetics (ANAESTHETIKA)
         aneuploidy (ANEUPLOIDIE)
         angiogenesis (ANGIOGENESE)
         angiography (ANGIOGRAPHIE)
         angiomas (ANGIOME)
         angiosperms (ANGIOSPERMEN)
         angiotensin (ANGIOTENSIN)
         angle incidence
         angle of incidence (EINFALLSWINKEL)
         angle of inclination (NEIGUNGSWINKEL)
         angola (ANGOLA)
         angular correlation (WINKELKORRELATION)
         angular distribution (WINKELVERTEILUNG)
         angular momentum (DREHIMPULS)
         angular velocity (WINKELGESCHWINDIGKEIT)
         anharmonic oscillators (ANHARMONISCHE OSZILLATOREN)

         anhydrides (ANHYDRIDE)
         anhydrite (ANHYDRIT)
         aniline (ANILIN)
         animal breeding (TIERZUCHT)
         animal cells (TIERISCHE ZELLEN)
         animal feeds (TIERFUTTER)
         animal growth (TIERWACHSTUM)
         animal tissues (TIERISCHE GEWEBE)
         animals (TIERE)
         anions (ANIONEN)
         anisole (ANISOL)
         anisotropy (ANISOTROPIE)
         ankerite (ANKERIT)
         ankylosing spondylitis (SPONDYLITIS ANKYLOPOETIKA)
         anl (ANL)
         annealing (GLUEHEN)
         annelids (ANNELIDEN)
         annihilation (PAARVERNICHTUNG)
         annual cycle energy system (SYSTEM MIT JAEHRLICHER ENERGIESPEICHERUNG)
         annual energy storage (JAEHRLICHE ENERGIESPEICHERUNG)
         annual variations (JAEHRLICHE SCHWANKUNGEN)
         annular space (RINGSPALT)
         anodes (ANODEN)
         anomalons (ANOMALONEN)
         anopheles (ANOPHELES)

         anorexia (ANOREXIE)
         anorthite (ANORTHIT)
         anorthosites (ANORTHOSITE)
         anoxia (ANOXIE)
         ansto (ANSTO)
         antarctic ocean (ANTARKTISCHER OZEAN)
         antarctic regions (ANTARKTIS)
         antarctica (ANTARKTIK)
         antares facility (ANTARES-APPARATUR)
         antelopes (ANTILOPEN)
         antennas (ANTENNEN)
         anthers (ANTHEREN)
         anthonomus grandis (ANTHONOMUS GRANDIS)
         anthracene (ANTHRACEN)
         anthracite (ANTHRAZIT)
         anthranilic acid (ANTHRANILSAEURE)
         anthraquinones (ANTHRACHINONE)
         anthropology (ANTHROPOLOGIE)
         anti de sitter group (ANTI DE SITTER GRUPPE)
         anti-infective agents (ANTIINFEKTIOSA)
         anti-inflammatory agents (ENTZUENDUNGSHEMMENDE STOFFE)
         antiandrogens (ANTIANDROGENE)
         antibaryons (ANTIBARYONEN)
         antibiotics (ANTIBIOTIKA)
         antibodies (ANTIKOERPER)

         antipyrine (ANTIPYRIN)
         antiquarks (ANTIQUARKS)
         antiseptics (ANTISEPTIKA)
         antiserum (ANTISERUM)
         antitoxins (ANTITOXINE)
         antitrust laws (KARTELLRECHT)
         antlers (GEWEIH)
         ants (AMEISEN)
         aorta (AORTA)
         apa (APA)
         apache (APACHE)
         apartment buildings (MEHRFAMILIENHAEUSER)
         apatites (APATITE)
         apertures (APERTUREN)
         apes (MENSCHENAFFEN)
         aphids (APHIDEN)
         api gravity (API-DICHTE)
         apis mellifera (APIS MELLIFERA)
         aplastic anemia (APLASTISCHE ANAEMIE)
         aplites (APLITE)
         apolipoproteins (APOLIPOPROTEINE)
         apollo project (PROJEKT APOLLO)
         apoptosis (APOPTOSE)
         appalachia (appalachenregion)
         appalachian mountains (APPALACHEN)

         areva nc pierrelatte
         argentina (ARGENTINIEN)
         argillite (ARGILIT)
         arginase (ARGINASE)
         arginine (ARGININ)
         argon (ARGON)
         argon 30 (ARGON 30)
         argon 31 (ARGON 31)
         argon 32 (ARGON 32)
         argon 33 (ARGON 33)
         argon 34 (ARGON 34)
         argon 35 (ARGON 35)
         argon 36 (ARGON 36)
         argon 36 target (ARGON 36 TARGET)
         argon 37 (ARGON 37)
         argon 37 target (ARGON 37 TARGET)
         argon 38 (ARGON 38)
         argon 38 target (ARGON 38 TARGET)
         argon 39 (ARGON 39)
         argon 40 (ARGON 40)
         argon 40 target (ARGON 40 TARGET)
         argon 41 (ARGON 41)
         argon 42 (ARGON 42)
         argon 43 (ARGON 43)
         argon 44 (ARGON 44)

         arkansas (ARKANSAS)
         arkansas river (ARKANSAS RIVER)
         armatures (LAEUFER (ELEKT))
         armenia (ARMENIEN)
         armor (PANZER)
         arms (ARME)
         arms control (RUESTUNGSKONTROLLE)
         aromatic acids (AROMATISCHE SAEUREN)
         aromatic compounds (AROMATISCHE VERBINDUNGEN)
         aromatic hydrocarbons (AROMATISCHE KOHLENWASSERSTOFFE)
         aromatics (AROMATEN)
         aromatization (AROMATISIERUNG)
         array processors (FELDPROZESSOREN)
         arrhenius equation (ARRHENIUS-GLEICHUNG)
         arsenates (ARSENATE)
         arsenazo (ARSENAZO)
         arsenic (ARSEN)
         arsenic 60 (ARSEN 60)
         arsenic 62 (ARSEN 62)
         arsenic 63 (ARSEN 63)
         arsenic 66 (ARSEN 66)
         arsenic 70 (ARSEN 70)
         arsenic 73 (ARSEN 73)
         arsenic 75 (ARSEN 75)
         arsenic 76 (ARSEN 76)

         arsenic 77 (ARSEN 77)
         arsenic 80 (ARSEN 80)
         arsenic 82 (ARSEN 82)
         arsenic 85 (ARSEN 85)
         arsenic 86 (ARSEN 86)
         arsenic 90 (ARSEN 90)
         arsenic alloys (ARSENLEGIERUNGEN)
         arsenic chlorides (ARSENCHLORIDE)
         arsenic compounds (ARSENVERBINDUNGEN)
         arsenides (ARSENIDE)
         arsonates (ARSONATE)
         arsonium compounds (ARSONIUMVERBINDUNGEN)
         art objects (KUNSTOBJEKTE)
         artemia (ARTEMIA)
         arteries (ARTERIEN)
         arteriosclerosis (ARTERIOSKLEROSE)
         arthritis (ARTHRITIS)
         arthropods (ARTHROPODEN)
         artificial intelligence (KUENSTLICHE INTELLIGENZ)
         artificial organs (KUENSTLICHE ORGANE)
         artisans (HANDWERKER)
         arylation (ARYLIERUNG)
         as recycling process (AS RECYCLING VERFAHREN)
         asbestos (ASBEST)
         ascaridae (ASKARIDEN)

         ascaris (ASCARIS)
         aschelminthes (ASCHELMINTHEN)
         ascites (ASZITES)
         ascites tumor cells (ASZITESTUMORZELLEN)
         ascorbic acid (ASCORBINSAEURE)
         asdex tokamak (ASDEX-TOKAMAK)
         ash content (ASCHENGEHALT)
         ashes (ASCHE)
         ashing dry
         asi (ASI)
         asia (ASIEN)
         asparagine (ASPARAGIN)
         asparamide (ASPARAMID)
         aspartic acid (ASPARAGINSAEURE)
         aspect ratio (ASPEKTVERHAELTNIS)
         aspens (ESPEN)
         aspergillus (ASPERGILLUS)
         asphaltenes (ASPHALTENE)
         asphaltite (ASPHALTIT)
         asphalts (ASPHALTE)
         aspirin (ASPIRIN)
         assaying qualitative
         assaying quantitative
         asse salt mine (SALZBERGWERK ASSE)
         assessments (VERANSCHLAGUNGEN)

         assets (AKTIVWERTE)
         assignments (ABTRETUNGEN)
         associated gas (ASSOZIIERTES GAS)
         astatination (ASTATINATION)
         astatine (ASTAT)
         astatine 211 (ASTAT 211)
         asteroids (ASTEROIDE)
         asthma (ASTHMA)
         astra reactor (REAKTOR ASTRA)
         astrocytomas (ASTROZYTOME)
         astroloy (ASTROLOY)
         astron (ASTRON)
         astronauts (ASTRONAUTEN)
         astronomy (ASTRONOMIE)
         astrophysics (ASTROPHYSIK)
         asymmetry (ASYMMETRIE)
         asymptotic solutions (ASYMPTOTISCHE LOESUNGEN)
         atc devices (ATC-ANLAGEN)
         atf torsatron (ATF-TORSATRON)
         atherosclerosis (ARTERIOSKLEROSE)
         atlanta (ATLANTA)
         atlantic ocean (ATLANTISCHER OZEAN)
         atlas computers (ATLAS-COMPUTER)
         atlas superconducting linac (ATLAS SUPERCONDUCTING LINAC)
         atmospheres (ATMOSPHAEREN)

         atomic number (ORDNUNGSZAHL)
         atomic physics (ATOMPHYSIK)
         atomic shells (ATOMHUELLEN)
         atomic shells k
         atomic shells l
         atomic shells m
         atomic shells n
         atomic weapons (ATOMWAFFEN)
         atomic weight (ATOMGEWICHT)
         atomization (ZERSTAEUBUNG)
         atomki (ATOMKI)
         atomki cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON ATOMKI)
         atoms (ATOME)
         atp (ATP)
         atp-ase (ATP-ASE)
         atria (INNENHOEFE)
         atropa belladonna (ATROPA BELLADONNA)
         atrophy (ATROPHIE)
         atropine (ATROPIN)
         attenuation (SCHWAECHUNG)
         attics (DACHGESCHOSS)
         attitude control (LAGEREGELUNG)
         attitudes (STANDPUNKTE)
         attitudes of the public (EINSTELLUNG DER OEFFENTLICHKEIT)
         attractors (ANZIEHUNGSPUNKTE)

         avena (AVENA)
         aviation fuels (KRAFTSTOFFE (FLUGZEUGE))
         aviation personnel (LUFT- UND RAUMFAHRTPERSONAL)
         avidin (AVIDIN)
         avlis (avlis)
         avocados (AVOCADOS)
         avoidance (FLUCHTVERHALTEN)
         avr reactor (REAKTOR AVR)
         awards (AUSZEICHNUNGEN)
         axerophtol (AXEROPHTOL)
         axial symmetry (AXIALSYMMETRIE)
         axiomatic field theory (AXIOMATISCHE FELDTHEORIE)
         axiomatic s-matrix theory (AXIOMATISCHE S-MATRIXTHEORIE)
         axions (AXIONEN)
         axolotl (AXOLOTL)
         axons (AXONEN)
         azaarenes (AZAARENE)
         azbel-kaner resonance (AZBEL-KANER-RESONANZ)
         azeotrope (AZEOTROP)
         azerbaijan (ASERBAIDSCHAN)
         azides (AZIDE)
         azimuth (AZIMUTH)
         azines (AZINE)
         azo compounds (AZOVERBINDUNGEN)
         azo dyes (AZOFARBSTOFFE)

         azoles (AZOLE)
         azotobacter (AZOTOBACTER)
         azulene (AZULEN)