Sample records for musculos mastigatorios analise

  1. Low intensity laser therapy in the treatment of the temporomandibular and masticatory muscles disease: electromyography, biometrical and pain evaluation; Terapia laser em baixa intensidade no tratamento da dor e disfuncao da articulacao temporomandibular e dos musculos mastigatorios: analise eletromiografica, biometrica e de dor

    Eduardo, Luis Ricardo de Paula


    A sample of 11 patients showing temporomandibular joint disease, in one or both sides, was selected. Clinical examinations were performed on patients to define which side was the most compromised by the disease. Only the worst side was chosen to be treated by the laser therapy. The laser unit used was a diode laser (Al-Ga-As) which the wave length was 810 nm (infra-red spectrum). Irradiations were done in tree points of TMJ, with 22,5 J/cm{sup 2}; two points in the masseter muscle, with 15 J/cm{sup 2}; and tree points in the temporal muscle, with 7,5 J/cm{sup 2}. All points were irradiated for 30 seconds. The other side, of lesser complain, received a sham therapy. Patients answered to a questionnaire about the level of pain they were suffering just before and after each irradiation. Besides that mouth opening was measured, from the central lower incisor to the upper central incisor, before and after the therapy , using a digital calliper. The treatment was done during two weeks, tree irradiations with 48 hours interval in the first week, and two irradiations with the same interval in the second week. The electromyography evaluation of the masseter and anterior temporal muscles was done before and after the first irradiation and before and after the last irradiation. Patients reported improvement in relation to the level of pain, mainly after the forth irradiation, and the level of pain decreased until the last day of treatment. In relation to the degree of mouth opening, the majority of patients showed a significant increase, mainly after the fifth day of irradiation. In regard to the electromyography results, we could notice that for the temporal anterior muscle there was a tendency of improvement in the electromyographic pattern, when comparing the treated side to the non-treated side , but there were not significant results. In relation to the masseter muscles we could not see any significant results between both sides. (author)

  2. Avaliação morfologica e funcional dos musculos mastigatorios em crianças com mordida cruzada posterior

    Annicele da Silva Andrade


    Resumo: O objetivo da presente pesquisa foi realizar uma revisão sistemática sobre as principais alterações funcionais associadas à mordida cruzada posterior (MCP), bem como verificar parâmetros morfológicos e funcionais de crianças com MCP, por meio de avaliação do lado preferido da mastigação, espessura muscular e atividade eletromiográfica (EMG) dosmúsculos mastigatórios. Para a revisão sistemática foram utilizados os descritores “crossbite” and “bite force” or “surface EMG” or “TMD”. A pe...

  3. Analise fotoelastica da distribuição de tensões produzida na mandibula pela simulação do esforço mastigatorio em sobredentaduras muco-dento-suportadas e protese total

    Marcos Andre Kalabaide Vaz


    Resumo: Este estudo verificou a distribuição dos esforços mastigatórios em mandíbulas sob próteses do tipo sobre dentaduras e prótese tota1. Foram confeccionadas 3 mandíbulas em material fotoelástico, obtidas pela moldagem de uma mandíbula humana desdentada pela técnica da dupla impressão. Os moldes foram preenchidos com resina fotoelástica PLM-4 (Photolastic lnc., Raleigh, USA) na fase fluída, no interior de um fomo à uma temperatura de 105°C, onde após o processo de polimerização foram obt...


    Usenko, O Yu; Gomolyako, I V; Kondratenko, B M; Moskalenko, V V


    Results of morphological investigation of musculo-aponeurotic structures of anterior abdominal wall were presented in the morbid obesity patients. The role of obesity as a primary cause for morphofunctional insufficience of musculo-aponeurotic structures was established.

  5. Musculo-skeletal abnormalities in patients with Marfan syndrome.

    Al Kaissi, Ali; Zwettler, Elisabeth; Ganger, Rudolf; Schreiner, Simone; Klaushofer, Klaus; Grill, Franz


    A leptosomic body type is tall and thin with long hands. Marfanoid features may be familial in nature or pathological, as occurs in congenital contractual arachnodactyly (Beal's syndrome) and Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome mimicking some of the changes of Marfan syndrome, although not accompanied by luxation of lens and dissecting aneurysm of aorta. In this article we collected eight patients who were consistent with the diagnosis of Marfan syndrome via phenotypic and genotypic characterization. Our patients manifested a constellation of variable presentations of musculo-skeletal abnormalities ranging from developmental dysplasia of the hip, protrusio acetabuli, leg length inequality, patellar instability, scoliosis, to early onset osteoarthritis. Each abnormality has been treated accordingly. This is the first paper which includes the diagnosis and the management of the associated musculo-skeletal abnormalities in patients with Marfan syndrome, stressing that patients with Marfan syndrome are exhibiting great variability in the natural history and the severity of musculo-skeletal abnormalities.

  6. Chiropractors & Osteopaths Musculo-Skeletal Interest Group (COMSIG)

    Walker, Bruce F.


    The Chiropractors & Osteopaths Musculo-Skeletal Interest Group evolved from regular clinical meetings at Ringwood Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Melbourne In 1987 the Directors of the clinic Bruce F. Walker D.C. and Alison Hogg MB.BS. (Hons), FRACGP. Decided to invite a range of guest speakers (on musculo-skeletal topics) to give an address every 6 weeks Local practitioners of all persuasions were invited to attend these meetings. Although all groups were represented, by far the greatest interest shown by the chiropractors and osteopaths In 1989 Peter D. Werth B.App.Sc.(Chiro) joined the team and together with the writer formulated a plan to broaden the list of invited guests to all registered chiropractors and osteopaths in Melbourne Naturally, this required a larger venue and organisation. After several successful meetings attracting groups of 60 to 70 practitioners we formalised the COMSIG organisation and gained the invaluable assistance of David de l Harpe B.Sc., B.App.Sc.(Chiro), MB.,BS., Shane Carter B.App.Sc.(Chiro) and Simon Clement D.O. on our committee. More recently Shane Carter left for overseas and was ably replaced by Miriam Bourke B.App.Sc.(Chiro) This year COMSIG incorporated under the name of the long established Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia So, what is COMSIG and what are it’s objectives? COMSIG is a special interest group of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia. More specifically, it is an affiliation of Chiropractors and Osteopaths with interests pertaining to the musculo-skeletal system The objectives for which COMSIG was established are: to promote knowledge of disorders of the musculo-skeletal provide a forum for the interchange of ideas related to such educate chiropractors, osteopaths and other health professionals about the diagnosis and management of such encourage the diagnosis and management of musculo-skeletal disorders in a scientific and ethical

  7. Some musculo-skeletal sequelae in cancer survivors.

    Aksnes, Liv Hege; Bruland, Øyvind Sverre


    This paper deals with some of the musculo-skeletal complication that can occur after cancer treatment. In particular, we focus on Cancer Treatment Induced Bone Loss (CTIBL) and the musculo-skeletal complications that can occur in patients treated for extremity sarcoma. In addition we discuss peripheral neuropathy, musculo-skeletal pain and briefly mention some of the complications related to radiotherapy. CTIBL is mostly studied in breast cancer and prostate cancer survivors. The cause in these groups is mainly due to treatment induced hypogonadism. Other causes of CTIBL are indirect or direct cause of chemotherapy, physical inactivity and inadequate intake of vitamin D and calcium. Treatment of CTIBL consists of diet and lifestyle changes and pharmacological intervention. Extremity bone sarcomas constitute a special group since they often experience mutilating surgery and heavy combination chemotherapy. The treatment results in worse function than the normal population and the amputated usually have lower physical functioning than patients treated with limb sparing surgery (LSS). However, most studies fail to show differences in quality of life between the amputated and LSS. Most of the studies performed on musculo-skeletal sequelae have been done on survivors of childhood cancer, breast cancer or prostate cancer. More studies among the other cancer groups are needed to reveal the extent and prevalence of these complications.

  8. Postural load and the development of musculo-skeletal illness.

    Aarås, A


    Early in the 1970s, high rates of sick-leave due to musculo-skeletal complaints were frequently recorded among workers at Standard Telefon and Kabelfabrik's (STK's) factory in Norway. Workstations were redesigned according to ergonomics principles that allowed workers a wider choice of working postures and following their introduction in 1975, there was a marked reduction in sickness absence. Postural load was studied in groups of female workers in well defined assembly tasks. Trapezius load was recorded by electromyography (EMG). Simultaneously, postural angles of the upper arm in the shoulder joint and flexion/extension of head/neck and back were measured by using pendulum potentiometers. A quantitative relationship was found for the group between its median value of static trapezius load and the development of musculo-skeletal sick-leave, as a function of length of employment. Further support for a relationship between musculo-skeletal injury and trapezius load was found for the same subjects who suffered less musculo-skeletal sick-leave, consistent with the reduced trapezius load when working at the redesigned work stands. The relationship between postural load and musculo-skeletal injury was studied in comparable groups of the female workers with respect to age, working hours per day and time of employment. Psychosocial problems, spare time activities and living habits of workers did not show any significant difference across the groups. Postural load, both in terms of the magnitude of the flexion angle of the upper arm in the shoulder joint and the distribution of the work load between flexors and extensors, appeared to influence the incidence of load-related musculo-skeletal illness in the upper part of the body. The incidence of musculo-skeletal sick-leave in a group of workers with a median static trapezius load of about 1 to 2% MVC (Maximum Voluntary Contraction) for most of the work day, was approximately the same as for a group of comparable female

  9. Isolated popliteus rupture at the musculo-tendinous junction.

    Quinlan, John F; Webb, Sandra; McDonald, Karl; Meikle, Grant; McMahon, Simon F


    We report the case of a 23-year-old professional senior international rugby union player who sustained a lateral blow to his semiflexed knee during a competitive game. Initial clinical examination was unremarkable apart from some posterolateral tenderness. A magnetic resonance imaging scan showed an isolated popliteus tendon rupture at the musculo-tendinous junction. After 5 weeks of focused rehabilitation and graduated training, he was able to resume his playing career and resumed his international playing career later that season. At the time of reporting, he has completed a full domestic and international season without any sequelae from the injury. This report highlights the rarity of such an injury, especially at the musculo-tendinous junction, and sets out a detailed rehabilitation program that has enabled the patient in question to resume his playing career.

  10. Sensitivity of subject-specific models to errors in musculo-skeletal geometry

    Carbone, V.; Krogt, van der M.M.; Koopman, H.F.J.M.; Verdonschot, N.J.J.


    Subject-specific musculo-skeletal models of the lower extremity are an important tool for investigating various biomechanical problems, for instance the results of surgery such as joint replacements and tendon transfers. The aim of this study was to assess the potential effects of errors in musculo-

  11. Sensitivity of subject-specific models to errors in musculo-skeletal geometry

    Carbone, V.; Krogt, M.M. van der; Koopman, H.F.J.M.; Verdonschot, N.J.


    Subject-specific musculo-skeletal models of the lower extremity are an important tool for investigating various biomechanical problems, for instance the results of surgery such as joint replacements and tendon transfers. The aim of this study was to assess the potential effects of errors in musculo-

  12. Update on ultrasound elastography: Miscellanea. Prostate, testicle, musculo-skeletal

    Correas, J.M. [Descartes University and Necker University Hospital, Department of Adult Radiology, Paris (France); Drakonakis, E. [Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford (United Kingdom); Isidori, A.M. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Experimental Medicine, Rome (Italy); Hélénon, O. [Descartes University and Necker University Hospital, Department of Adult Radiology, Paris (France); Pozza, C. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Experimental Medicine, Rome (Italy); Cantisani, V., E-mail: [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Radiology, Rome (Italy); Di Leo, N.; Maghella, F.; Rubini, A.; Drudi, F.M.; D’ambrosio, F. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Radiology, Rome (Italy)


    Nowadays ultrasound elastosonography is an established technique, although with limited clinical application, used to assess tissue stiffness, which is a parameter that in most cases is associated with malignancy. However, although a consistent number of articles have been published about several applications of elastosonography, its use in certain human body districts is still not well defined. In this paper we write on the use of elastosonography in prostate, testicle and musculo-skeletal apparatus. We report and compare the work of several authors, different type of elastosonography (shear wave, strain elastography, etc.) and instrumental data obtained in the study of both benign and malignant lesions.

  13. Naproxen sodium and piroxicam in acute musculo-skeletal disorders.

    Bouchier-Hayes, T. A.


    Of one hundred patients originally entered for this trial eighty-three with acute musculo-skeletal disorders were treated with either naproxen sodium (SYNFLEX, Syntex), 550 mg initially followed by 275 mg four times daily, or piroxicam (FELDENE, Pfizer), 20 mg twice daily for two days then 20 mg once daily. Patients were assessed at admission, on day 4 and on day 8. Pain on passive movement, tenderness, swelling and limitation of function were evaluated and patients also completed a daily self-assessment form. Pain relief was recorded by the patient for 4 hours following the first dose. No statistically significant differences were detected between the treatment groups for any of the efficacy measurements. Of the eighty-three patients analysed, twenty-four patients withdrew from treatment twenty of whom did not need further analgesia (13 in the naproxen sodium group and 7 in the piroxicam group). Three patients experienced side-effects; all were in the piroxicam group, and one patient withdrew from the study because of epigastric pain. Both naproxen sodium and piroxicam proved effective in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders. Naproxen sodium did not give rise to any side-effects. Images p80-a PMID:6466934

  14. Acute changes in hamstrings musculo-articular dissipative properties induced by cyclic and static stretching.

    Nordez, A; McNair, P; Casari, P; Cornu, C


    This study was designed to measure changes in musculo-articular dissipative properties related to viscosity that were induced by passive cyclic and static stretching. Musculo-articular dissipative properties were assessed by calculating a dissipation coefficient using potential elastic energies stored and restituted during cyclic stretching. Eight subjects performed five passive knee extensions/flexions cycles on a Biodex dynamometer at 5 degrees . s (-1) to 80 % of their maximal range of motion before and after a static stretching protocol. Electromyographic activity from the hamstring muscles was monitored and remained constant during cyclic stretching and after static stretching (p > 0.05). The dissipation coefficient decreased during cyclic stretching (- 28.8 +/- 6.0 %, p musculo-articular dissipative properties were primarily affected by a single cycle of motion, and were not influenced by static stretching procedures. The decrease in dissipation coefficient following cyclic motion indicates that the musculo-articular system displays thixotropic behavior.

  15. Sensitivity of subject-specific models to errors in musculo-skeletal geometry.

    Carbone, V; van der Krogt, M M; Koopman, H F J M; Verdonschot, N


    Subject-specific musculo-skeletal models of the lower extremity are an important tool for investigating various biomechanical problems, for instance the results of surgery such as joint replacements and tendon transfers. The aim of this study was to assess the potential effects of errors in musculo-skeletal geometry on subject-specific model results. We performed an extensive sensitivity analysis to quantify the effect of the perturbation of origin, insertion and via points of each of the 56 musculo-tendon parts contained in the model. We used two metrics, namely a Local Sensitivity Index (LSI) and an Overall Sensitivity Index (OSI), to distinguish the effect of the perturbation on the predicted force produced by only the perturbed musculo-tendon parts and by all the remaining musculo-tendon parts, respectively, during a simulated gait cycle. Results indicated that, for each musculo-tendon part, only two points show a significant sensitivity: its origin, or pseudo-origin, point and its insertion, or pseudo-insertion, point. The most sensitive points belong to those musculo-tendon parts that act as prime movers in the walking movement (insertion point of the Achilles Tendon: LSI=15.56%, OSI=7.17%; origin points of the Rectus Femoris: LSI=13.89%, OSI=2.44%) and as hip stabilizers (insertion points of the Gluteus Medius Anterior: LSI=17.92%, OSI=2.79%; insertion point of the Gluteus Minimus: LSI=21.71%, OSI=2.41%). The proposed priority list provides quantitative information to improve the predictive accuracy of subject-specific musculo-skeletal models. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Update on ultrasound elastography: miscellanea. Prostate, testicle, musculo-skeletal.

    Correas, J M; Drakonakis, E; Isidori, A M; Hélénon, O; Pozza, C; Cantisani, V; Di Leo, N; Maghella, F; Rubini, A; Drudi, F M; D'ambrosio, F


    Nowadays ultrasound elastosonography is an established technique, although with limited clinical application, used to assess tissue stiffness, which is a parameter that in most cases is associated with malignancy. However, although a consistent number of articles have been published about several applications of elastosonography, its use in certain human body districts is still not well defined. In this paper we write on the use of elastosonography in prostate, testicle and musculo-skeletal apparatus. We report and compare the work of several authors, different type of elastosonography (shear wave, strain elastography, etc.) and instrumental data obtained in the study of both benign and malignant lesions. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Treatment of musculo-skeletal pain in haemophilia.

    Rodriguez-Merchan, E Carlos


    Musculo-skeletal pain treatment is inadequate in many haemophilic patients. Analgesics are used only by 36% of adult patients. FVIII/FIX intravenous infusion is mainly used to lessen pain, followed in frequency by usage of NSAIDS (primarily COX-2 inhibitors). In about 30% of patients, pain continues after infusion of F VIII/IX. In acute haemarthroses pain treatment must continue until total disappearance (checked by ultrasonography) and include haematologic treatment, short-term rest of the involved joint, cryotherapy, joint aspiration and analgesic medication (paracetamol in mild pain, metamizole for more intense pain, and in a few precise patients, soft opioids such as codeine or tramadol). In the circumstance of intolerable pain we should use morphine hydrochloride either by continual infusion or a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump, determined by the age, mental condition and grade of observance of the patient. Epidural blocks utilizing bupivacaine and fentanyl may be very efficacious as well. Three main strategies to alleviate chronic musculo-skeletal pain secondary to haemophilic arthropathy (joint degeneration) exist: pharmacologic management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and intra-articular injections. As for pharmacologic management, NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, celecoxib, robecoxib) are better than paracetamol. The advantages of tramadol or tramadol/paracetamol and non-tramadol opioids are scanty. With respect to physical medicine and rehabilitation, there is insufficient confirmation that a brace has supplementary favourable effect compared with isolated pharmacologic management. Land-based curative exercise and watery exercise have at the minimum a tiny short-run benefit. Curative ultrasound can be helpful (poor quality of evidence). The efficacy of transcutaneous electrostimulation (TENS) for pain mitigation has not been proved. Electrical stimulation treatment can procure notable ameliorations. With respect to intra

  18. A team approach to musculo-skeletal disorders.

    Rymaszewski, L. A.; Sharma, S.; McGill, P. E.; Murdoch, A.; Freeman, S.; Loh, T.


    INTRODUCTION: The majority of patients with musculo-skeletal problems referred to hospitals in the UK have to wait for months, if not over a year, before finally seeing an orthopaedic surgeon. In Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, the waiting time for an out-patient appointment was 182 days in 1995, with only 20% of the referrals requiring surgery. The aim of this paper was to reduce the out-patient waiting times based on a co-ordinated team approach. METHODS: An outpatient musculo-skeletal service was developed over a 7-year period at Stobhill Hospital. The traditional consultant-based model, in which the consultant and a trainee saw all new patients referred to the hospital, was gradually replaced with a team approach, based on continuous reconfiguration of the roles of the orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist and extending the roles of nurses, physiotherapists and podiatrists. This was achieved by: (i) protocol-based daily triage for all referrals to the most appropriate health professional in the team, by the senior out-patient nursing staff; (ii) allocation of appointments based on clinical priority, with a fast-track for urgent cases; and (iii) improvement of inter-disciplinary communication, facilitating the retraction as well as the extension of traditional roles. RESULTS: Despite the number of GP referrals to the orthopaedic out-patient department at Stobhill nearly doubling in a period of 5 years, the out-patient waiting time decreased by about 50% (90 days from 182 days). This reduction in waiting times improved patient and GP satisfaction levels. We also noticed an improved morale and personal development of the health professionals as they saw patients appropriate to their skills and expertise. CONCLUSION: The team's experience demonstrates the effectiveness of a team approach in tackling what is often seen as the insoluble problem of orthopaedic waiting times. This is based on excellent communication and collaboration, with a clear aim of improving patient

  19. Metateks ('n Vakfilosofiese vergelyking van twee analises van ‘Droogte’ van Leon Strydom

    J. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel sal twee analises van Leon Strydom se gedig “Droogte” uit ’n vakfilosofiese hoek met mekaar vergelyk word. Die analises is uitgevoer deur dr. G.F.T. Kuschke en prof. Ina Grähe, albei opgeleide literatore, maar wetenskaplikes wal die literatuur uit verskillende denkraamwerke benader.

  20. Musculo-skeletal loading conditions at the hip during walking and stair climbing.

    Heller, M O; Bergmann, G; Deuretzbacher, G; Dürselen, L; Pohl, M; Claes, L; Haas, N P; Duda, G N


    Musculo-skeletal loading plays an important role in the primary stability of joint replacements and in the biological processes involved in fracture healing. However, current knowledge of musculo-skeletal loading is still limited. In the past, a number of musculo-skeletal models have been developed to estimate loading conditions at the hip. So far, a cycle-to-cycle validation of predicted musculo-skeletal loading by in vivo measurements has not been possible. The aim of this study was to determine the musculo-skeletal loading conditions during walking and climbing stairs for a number of patients and compare these findings to in vivo data. Following total hip arthroplasty, four patients underwent gait analysis during walking and stair climbing. An instrumented femoral prosthesis enabled simultaneous measurement of in vivo hip contact forces. On the basis of CT and X-ray data, individual musculo-skeletal models of the lower extremity were developed for each patient. Muscle and joint contact forces were calculated using an optimization algorithm. The calculated peak hip contact forces both over- and under-estimated the measured forces. They differed by a mean of 12% during walking and 14% during stair climbing. For the first time, a cycle-to-cycle validation of predicted musculo-skeletal loading was possible for walking and climbing stairs in several patients. In all cases, the comparison of in vivo measured and calculated hip contact forces showed good agreement.Thus, the authors consider the presented approach as a useful means to determine valid conditions for the analysis of prosthesis loading, bone modeling or remodeling processes around implants and fracture stability following internal fixation.

  1. Prevention of occupational musculo-skeletal injuries. Labour Inspectorate investigation.

    Kemmlert, K


    The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect on ergonomic conditions by Labour Inspectorate intervention at the work place and to follow health and employment among occupationally injured. 195 reports on occupational musculo-skeletal injury (accidents and diseases) from men and women with different occupations were collected consecutively at three Labour Inspectorate offices. Fifteen Labour Inspectors volunteered to investigate half of the reports by work place visits within three months. The other half was kept for control. The inspectors were trained in ergonomics and also got complementary training in ergonomic work place assessment. A check-list was designed for the purpose and tested for validity and reliability. Eighteen months after the time of the injury reports, all work places were visited by ergonomists to evaluate possible improvements in ergonomic conditions. Due to turnover and prolonged sick-leaves, evaluations were performed for only 92 of the injured. At 160 work places other employees had performed similar tasks as the injured at the time of the injury report. Evaluations of possible improvements in ergonomic conditions were performed also for these employees. As regards changes at the work place there were no differences between the injured in the study and control groups. The inspectors had delivered 11 inspection notices to the employers demanding improvements for the injured and 14 notices regarding the conditions of work-mates. For this latter group there was a significant association between delivered notices and improved ergonomic conditions eighteen months after the reports. Three years after the time of the reports a postal questionnaire on health, psychological well-being and employment was distributed to the injured. The response rate was 93%. Questionnaire answers were compared to results from other studies, where identical questions were used. There was a significantly higher prevalence of musculo-skeletal and

  2. Musculo-skeletal pain, psychological distress, and hormones during the menopausal transition.

    Finset, Arnstein; Øverlie, Inger; Holte, Arne


    To investigate the relationship between sex hormones (estradiol, testosterone, androstendione, DHEA-S) and prolactin on one hand and musculo-skeletal pain and psychological distress on the other during the menopausal transition. Fifty-seven regularly menstruating women, who were studied over five consecutive years, who reached menopause before the fifth assessment, and did not use hormone replacement therapy were included in the study. Hormones were sampled and a questionnaire including questions on psychological distress and musculo-skeletal pain were administered at the five points of assessment. Data on last year before menopause (T1), first (T2) and second (T3) year after menopause are reported. DHEA-S, but neither testosterone nor androstendione, was inversely related to distress and pain. Pain contributed to the variance of DHEA-S over the menopausal transition, whereas DHEA-S levels did not predict pain or distress when baseline levels were controlled for. Prolactin was at T1 and T2 positively associated with distress and at T2 positively associated with musculo-skeletal pain. Musculo-skeletal pain pre-menopause was significantly related to estradiol. DHEA-S was negatively associated, and prolactin positively associated with musculo-skeletal pain and psychological distress. Whereas post-menopause DHEA-S levels were influenced by pain scores, no significant effect of pre-menopause hormones on post-menopause pain and distress was found.

  3. [Reconstruction of tracheal defect using the contralateral musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum].

    Lin, Huang; Tang, Ping-zhang; Li, Sen-kai


    To reconstruct tracheal defect after tumor excision, we used the contralateral musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum. The contralateral musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum was used to reconstruct the tracheal defect when the blood supply to the ipsilateral sternocleidomastoideus was destroyed because of lymphonode clearing or radiotherapy. The pedicle of the musculo-periosteum flap was dissected adequately and the blood supply was protected carefully. All flaps survived with epithelization and osteogenesis. The endotracheal tubes were pulled out safely without trachea stenosis in all the patients. The contralateral musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum could reconstruct the tracheal defect when the ipsilateral blood supply was damaged. This method extends the application of the musculo-periosteum flap.

  4. A Mechanical Musculo-Skeletal System for a Human-Shaped Robot Arm

    Koichi Koganezawa


    Full Text Available This paper presents a mechanical system with a similar configuration to a human musculo-skeletal system for use in anthropomorphic robots or as artificial limbs for disabled persons. First, a mechanical module called ANLES (Actuator with Non-Linear Elasticity System is introduced. There are two types of ANLES: the linear-type ANLES and rotary-type ANLES. They can be used as a voluntary muscle in a wide-range of musculo-skeletal structures in which at least double actuators work in an antagonistic setup via some elastic elements. Next, an application of the two types of ANLES to a two-degree-of-freedom (DOF manipulator that has a similar configuration to the human elbow joint is shown. The experimental results of the joint stiffness and joint angle control elucidate that the developed mechanism effectively regulates joint stiffness in the same way as a musculo-skeletal system.

  5. Effect of work with visual display units on musculo-skeletal disorders in the office environment.

    Sillanpää, J; Huikko, S; Nyberg, M; Kivi, P; Laippala, P; Uitti, J


    The increase in computer and mouse use has been associated with an increased prevalence of disorders in the neck and upper extremities. Furthermore, poor workstation design has been associated with an increased risk of developing these symptoms. Aim The aims of this study were (i) to estimate the prevalence of musculo-skeletal disorders among full-time visual display unit (VDU) users; (ii) to examine how the prevalence varies by work environment; and (iii) to explore the association with work factors. A survey was carried out on the effect of work with VDUs on musculo-skeletal disorders in workers in the office environment of 56 workplaces. Office workers (n = 298), customer service workers (n = 238) and designers (n = 247) were studied. For all the occupations combined, the 12 month prevalences of musculo-skeletal symptoms in the neck, shoulders, elbows, lower arms and wrists, and fingers were 63, 24, 18, 35 and 16%, respectively. The study indicated that musculo-skeletal pain is common among computer workers in offices. There was no strong association between the duration of computer work and pain or between the duration of mouse use and pain, but workers' perception of their workstation as being poor ergonomically was strongly associated with an increased prevalence of pain. Musculo-skeletal symptoms are common, but the duration of daily keyboard and mouse use had no connection with musculo-skeletal symptoms. Instead, more consideration should be paid to the ergonomics of workstations, the placing of the mouse, the postures of the upper extremities and the handling of the mouse.

  6. Sources of variability in musculo-articular stiffness measurement.

    Ditroilo, Massimiliano; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron; De Vito, Giuseppe


    The assessment of musculo-articular stiffness (MAS) with the free-oscillation technique is a popular method with a variety of applications. This study examined the sources of variability (load applied and frequency of oscillation) when MAS is assessed. Over two testing occasions, 14 healthy men (27.7±5.2 yr, 1.82±0.04 m, 79.5±8.4 kg) were measured for isometric maximum voluntary contraction and MAS of the knee flexors using submaximal loads relative to the individual's maximum voluntary contraction (MAS%MVC) and a single absolute load (MASABS). As assessment load increased, MAS%MVC (coefficient of variation (CV)  =  8.1-12.1%; standard error of measurement (SEM)  =  51.6-98.8 Nm⁻¹) and frequency (CV  =  4.8-7.0%; SEM  =  0.060-0.075 s⁻¹) variability increased consequently. Further, similar levels of variability arising from load (CV  =  6.7%) and frequency (CV  =  4.8-7.0%) contributed to the overall MAS%MVC variability. The single absolute load condition yielded better reliability scores for MASABS (CV  =  6.5%; SEM  =  40.2 Nm⁻¹) and frequency (CV  =  3.3%; SEM  =  0.039 s⁻¹). Low and constant loads for MAS assessment, which are particularly relevant in the clinical setting, exhibited superior reliability compared to higher loads expressed as a percentage of maximum voluntary contraction, which are more suitable for sporting situations. Appropriate sample size and minimum detectable change can therefore be determined when prospective studies are carried out.

  7. Metodos de analise em programas de seguranca alimentar e nutricional: uma experiencia no Brasil

    de Carvalho, Alice Teles; de Almeida, Erika Rodrigues; Nilson, Eduardo Augusto Fernandes; Ubarana, Juliana Amorim; Fernandez, Irela Mazar; Immink, Maarten


    .... As etapas metodologicas compreenderam a definicao dos programas a serem analisados, dos locais de coleta de dados, do publico participante da pesquisa e dos procedimentos de coleta e analise dos dados...

  8. Sensitivity of subject-specific models to errors in musculo-skeletal geometry

    Carbone, Vincenzo; van der Krogt, Marjolein; Koopman, Hubertus F.J.M.; Verdonschot, Nicolaas Jacobus Joseph


    Subject-specific musculo-skeletal models of the lower extremity are an important tool for investigating various biomechanical problems, for instance the results of surgery such as joint replacements and tendon transfers. The aim of this study was to assess the potential effects of errors in

  9. Force direction in pushing and pulling and Musculo-Skeletal load

    Looze, M.P. de; Kuijer, P.P.F.M.


    In pushing and pulling wheeled objects, the effect of the exerted force on local musculo-skeletal loads depends on the direction of force exertion. Several questions about the direction of force exertion in pushing and pulling, the effects of handle height and force level on force direction, and the

  10. Musculo-tendon length and lengthening velocity of rectus femoris in stiff knee gait.

    Jonkers, Ilse; Stewart, Caroline; Desloovere, Kaat; Molenaers, Guy; Spaepen, Arthur


    Inappropriate activity of M. rectus femoris (RF) during swing is believed to contribute to stiff knee gait in cerebral palsy. This study used musculoskeletal modeling techniques to analyze rectus femoris musculo-tendon (MT) length and lengthening velocity during stiff knee gait in 35 children with diplegic cerebral palsy (CP). Duncan Ely test scores were used to categorize the patients into four groups with increasing levels of rectus femoris spasticity. Knee kinematics confirmed a significant reduction and delay of maximal peak knee flexion during swing in the patient groups compared to reference values. Maximal musculo-tendon length of M. rectus femoris was reduced and occurred prematurely in swing. Musculo-tendon lengthening velocity was significantly reduced and the timing of the maximal lengthening velocity was shifted into stance phase. The present study demonstrates altered dynamic behavior of the M. rectus femoris in stiff knee gait and the results indicate that maximal knee flexion in swing was not a valid reference for the MT length of the M. rectus femoris. Furthermore, in the patient group maximal musculo-tendon lengthening velocity of the muscle related to the stance phase rather than the stance-swing transition.

  11. Force direction in pushing and pulling and Musculo-Skeletal load

    Looze, M.P. de; Kuijer, P.P.F.M.


    In pushing and pulling wheeled objects, the effect of the exerted force on local musculo-skeletal loads depends on the direction of force exertion. Several questions about the direction of force exertion in pushing and pulling, the effects of handle height and force level on force direction, and the

  12. Paired changes in electromechanical delay and musculo-tendinous stiffness after endurance or plyometric training.

    Grosset, Jean-Francois; Piscione, Julien; Lambertz, Daniel; Pérot, Chantal


    When measured in vivo electromechanical delay (EMD) depends mainly on the elastic properties of the muscle-tendon unit. Recent studies have shown changes in stiffness of the triceps surae (TS) following a period of training. To confirm the influence of musculo-tendinous stiffness on EMD, this study investigates paired changes in these two parameters after a training period. Two types of training known to induce opposite changes in stiffness were analysed. EMD and musculo-tendinous stiffness were measured on adult subjects before and after 10 weeks of endurance (n = 21) or plyometric (n = 9) trainings. EMD was defined as the time lag between the TS M-wave latency and the onset of muscle twitch evoked at rest by supramaximal electrical stimulations of the posterior tibial nerve. Quick release tests were used to evaluate the musculo-tendinous stiffness of the ankle plantar flexors. The stiffness index was defined as the slope of the relationship between angular stiffness and external torque values. Endurance training, known to preferentially activate the slow, stiffer muscle fibers, leads to a decrease in EMD and to an increase in stiffness index. Following plyometric training, which specifically recruits fast, more compliant fibers, EMD and the stiffness index exhibited adaptations directionally opposite to those seen with endurance training. When pooling the data for the two subject groups, a correlation was found between changes in EMD and changes in musculo-tendinous stiffness indexes. Thus, changes in EMD values are proposed to indirectly link to changes in musculo-tendinous stiffness for subjects involved in muscle training.

  13. Computer Simulation Study of Human Locomotion with a Three-Dimensional Entire-Body Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Model

    Hase, Kazunori; Obinata, Goro

    It is essential for the biomechanical study of human walking motion to consider not only in vivo mechanical load and energy efficiency but also aspects of motor control such as walking stability. In this study, walking stability was investigated using a three-dimensional entire-body neuro-musculo-skeletal model in the computer simulation. In the computational experiments, imaginary constraints, such as no muscular system, were set in the neuro-musculo-skeletal model to investigate their influence on walking stability. The neuronal parameters were adjusted using numerical search techniques in order to adapt walking patterns to constraints on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Simulation results revealed that the model of the normal neuro-musculo-skeletal system yielded a higher stability than the imaginary models. Unstable walking by a model with a time delay in the neuronal system suggested significant unknown mechanisms which stabilized walking patterns that have been neglected in previous studies.

  14. Emergence of bipedal locomotion through entrainment among the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and the environment

    Taga, Gentaro


    A principle of locomotor control in an unpredictably changing environment is presented on the basis of neurophysiology and biomechanics from the perspective of nonlinear dynamics theory. Locomotor movements emerge as a limit cycle generated through global entrainment among the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and the environment. A computer simulation of a specific model of bipedal locomotion shows its ability to adapt to a changing environment in real-time. The stability of the limit cycle is maintained despite the presence of time delays in transporting and processing information between the neural rhythm generator and the musculo-skeletal system. With considerable time delays, however, the locomotor pattern becomes chaotic, which is compared with a gait of patients with neural deficits. A general framework for motor control is discussed toward the control of movements in an unpredictable environment.

  15. The superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) in the parotid and cheek area.

    Mitz, V; Peyronie, M


    We have investigated the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) in the parotid and cheek areas by anatomical dissections, by radiographs, and by histological sections. The SMAS may be helpful in corrective surgery for facial palsy and during face lifting operations if a retrofascial approach is used. This procedure, safe in the parotid area, can become dangerous in the area anterior to the parotid gland.

  16. The role of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of the musculo-skeletal problems of haemophilia.

    Querol, F; Rodriguez-Merchan, E C


    Recurrent haemarthrosis is the final cause of haemophilic arthrosic disease in haemophilia patients. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose it early, both clinically and by imaging. In addition, haemophilia patients experience chronic synovitis, joint degeneration, muscle haematoma and pseudotumours. The objective of this article is to highlight the value of ultrasounds in the diagnosis and control of the evolution of musculo-skeletal problems in haemophilia patients. To this end, we have performed a literature search in the PubMed, Web of Science(®) (WOS) and SciVerse bases, using the following keywords: hemophilia or haemophilia and ultrasonography (US), ultrasound, echography and sonography. The search was limited to studies published in English between the years 1991 and 2011, finding a total of 221 references. After reviewing the title or abstract for evidence of the use of US for the diagnosis of musculo-skeletal lesions in haemophilia, we selected 24 of these references. We added data collected from our experience to the most important data found in the references. Our main conclusion is that US is highly valuable for the diagnosis of musculo-skeletal diseases in haemophilia. It is a fast, effective, safe, available, comparative, real-time technique that can help us confirm the clinical examination. It is particularly important in acute haemarthrosis, as it can be used to objectively identify the presence of blood in the joints, measure its size, pinpoint its location, assess its evolution and confirm its complete disappearance. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  17. [Reconstruction of laryngotracheal defect using the musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum].

    Liu, Zhi; Chen, Wenxian; Cui, Pengcheng; Gao, Penfei; Lou, Jiasheng; Zhong, Limei


    To investigate the effect of the musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum on the reconstruction of extensiveness laryngotracheal defect. Retrospectively studied 49 patients, who admitted in our department from 1996 to 2005 years for severe laryngotracheal defect. There were 28 males and 21 females aged from 15 to 69 years old (mean age was 47 years old). The causes of laryngotracheal defect were laryngotracheal stenosis (31 cases) and surgery for thyroid carcinoma invading trachea (18 cases). All of 49 cases were treated with the graft of musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum and placed a silicon T-tube stenting for 3 to 6 months. All of 49 cases were successfully decannulated with recuperative normal airway patency and effective phonation. The follow up ranged from 2 to 10 years, and the effect of operation was steady. The musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum is an ideal graft for the reconstruction of cervical extensiveness tracheal defect.

  18. Spectrum of musculo-skeletal disorders in sickle cell disease in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Balogun, Rufai A; Obalum, Dike C; Giwa, Suleiman O; Adekoya-Cole, Thomas O; Ogo, Chidiebere N; Enweluzo, George O


    Sickle cell anemia (SCA) is a common genetic disease in Nigeria. Past studies from West Africa focused on isolated aspects of its medical and surgical presentations. To the best of our knowledge, the musculo-skeletal presentations amongst Nigerians with SCA have not been documented in a single all encompassing study. This work aims to prospectively document the musculo-skeletal disease burden among SCA patients. In a prospective study of 318 consecutive patients with genotype-confirmed SCA at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), the musculo-skeletal pathologies, anatomic sites, grade of disease, age at presentation and management outcome were recorded over a one-year period. Data obtained were analyzed using Epi-Info software version 6.0. Data are presented as frequencies (%) and mean values (SD) as appropriate. The HbSS genotype occurred in 296 (93.0%), while 22 (7.0%) were HbSC. 100 (31.4%) patients with average presenting haemoglobin concentration of 8.2 g/100 ml in the study group, presented with 131 musculo-skeletal pathologies in 118 anatomic sites. Osteomyelitis 31 (31%) and septic arthritis 19 (19%) were most commonly observed in children less than 10 years. Skin ulcers and avascular necrosis (AVN) occurred predominantly in the older age groups, with frequencies of 13 (13.0%) and 26 (26.0%) respectively. 20 (71.5%) of diagnosed cases of AVN presented with radiological grade 4 disease. The lower limbs were involved in 84 (71.1%) of sites affected. Lesions involving the spine were rare 11 (0.9%). Multiple presentations occurred in 89 (28.0%) of patients; 62 (69.7%) of which were children below 10 years. Musculo-skeletal complications are common features of sickle cell anaemia seen in 31.4%. Infectious aetiologies predominate with long bones and joints of lower limbs more commonly affected by osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. Healthcare providers managing SCA should be aware of the potential morbidity and mortality of these conditions to ensure

  19. Spectrum of musculo-skeletal disorders in sickle cell disease in Lagos, Nigeria

    Ogo Chidiebere N


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sickle cell anemia (SCA is a common genetic disease in Nigeria. Past studies from West Africa focused on isolated aspects of its medical and surgical presentations. To the best of our knowledge, the musculo-skeletal presentations amongst Nigerians with SCA have not been documented in a single all encompassing study. This work aims to prospectively document the musculo-skeletal disease burden among SCA patients. Methods In a prospective study of 318 consecutive patients with genotype-confirmed SCA at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH, the musculo-skeletal pathologies, anatomic sites, grade of disease, age at presentation and management outcome were recorded over a one-year period. Data obtained were analyzed using Epi-Info software version 6.0. Data are presented as frequencies (% and mean values (SD as appropriate. Results The HbSS genotype occurred in 296 (93.0%, while 22 (7.0% were HbSC. 100 (31.4% patients with average presenting haemoglobin concentration of 8.2 g/100 ml in the study group, presented with 131 musculo-skeletal pathologies in 118 anatomic sites. Osteomyelitis 31 (31% and septic arthritis 19 (19% were most commonly observed in children less than 10 years. Skin ulcers and avascular necrosis (AVN occurred predominantly in the older age groups, with frequencies of 13 (13.0% and 26 (26.0% respectively. 20 (71.5% of diagnosed cases of AVN presented with radiological grade 4 disease. The lower limbs were involved in 84 (71.1% of sites affected. Lesions involving the spine were rare 11 (0.9%. Multiple presentations occurred in 89 (28.0% of patients; 62 (69.7% of which were children below 10 years. Conclusions Musculo-skeletal complications are common features of sickle cell anaemia seen in 31.4%. Infectious aetiologies predominate with long bones and joints of lower limbs more commonly affected by osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. Healthcare providers managing SCA should be aware of the potential

  20. Influence of Cervical Muscle Fatigue on Musculo-Tendinous Stiffness of the Head-Neck Segment during Cervical Flexion.

    Portero, Raphaël; Quaine, Franck; Cahouet, Violaine; Léouffre, Marc; Servière, Christine; Portero, Pierre


    The aim of this study is to determine if the fatigue of cervical muscles has a significant influence on the head-neck segment musculo-tendinous stiffness. Ten men (aged 21.2 ± 1.9 years) performed four quick-release trials of flexion at 30 and 50% MVC before and after the induction of muscular fatigue on cervical flexors. Electromyographic activity was recorded on the sternocleidomastoids (SCM) and spinal erectors (SE), bilaterally. Musculo-tendinous stiffness was calculated through the quick-release method adapted to the head-neck segment. We noticed a significant linear increase of the head-neck segment musculo-tendinous stiffness with the increase of exertion level both before (P musculo-tendinous stiffness with fatigue of cervical muscles. We found a significant increase in EMG activity in the SCM and the SE after the induction of fatigue of the SCM. Our findings suggest that with fatigue of cervical flexors, neck muscle activity is modulated in order to maintain the musculo-tendinous stiffness at a steady state.

  1. Twente spine model: A complete and coherent dataset for musculo-skeletal modeling of the thoracic and cervical regions of the human spine.

    Bayoglu, R.; Geeraedts, L.; Groenen, K.H.J.; Verdonschot, N.J.; Koopman, B.; Homminga, J.


    Musculo-skeletal modeling could play a key role in advancing our understanding of the healthy and pathological spine, but the credibility of such models are strictly dependent on the accuracy of the anatomical data incorporated. In this study, we present a complete and coherent musculo-skeletal

  2. Twente spine model: A complete and coherent dataset for musculo-skeletal modeling of the lumbar region of the human spine

    Bayoglu, R.; Geeraedts, L.; Groenen, K.H.J.; Verdonschot, N.J.; Koopman, B.; Homminga, J.


    Musculo-skeletal modeling can greatly help in understanding normal and pathological functioning of the spine. For such models to produce reliable muscle and joint force estimations, an adequate set of musculo-skeletal data is necessary. In this study, we present a complete and coherent dataset for

  3. Twente spine model: A complete and coherent dataset for musculo-skeletal modeling of the lumbar region of the human spine.

    Bayoglu, R.; Geeraedts, L.; Groenen, K.H.J.; Verdonschot, N.J.; Koopman, B.; Homminga, J.


    Musculo-skeletal modeling can greatly help in understanding normal and pathological functioning of the spine. For such models to produce reliable muscle and joint force estimations, an adequate set of musculo-skeletal data is necessary. In this study, we present a complete and coherent dataset for

  4. Incidence of disability pensions among slaughterhouse workers in Denmark. With special regard to diagnosis of the musculo-skeletal system

    Hansen, N S; Jeune, B


    for incapacity related to the musculo-skeletal system. There were 122 male SW who were awarded disability pensions (medium or high level of compensation) in the 3-year period 1977-79 as compared with the expected figure, 152.3 (p less than 0.05) and 40 disability pensions awarded to female SW as compared with 30.......7 (0.05 less than p less than 0.10). In men the Standardized Disability Ratio (SDR) increases with age. High SDRs are observed for diagnosis in the musculo-skeletal system for both sexes. The difference between observed and expected values does not change appreciably when the expected values...... are calculated on the basis of age-specific incidence rates among all actively employed people. Problems of the study design and selection bias are discussed to facilitate the interpretation of results. A possible deleterious effect of meatpacking on the musculo-skeletal system calls for further investigation....

  5. Neuromechanical response of musculo-skeletal structures in cockroaches during rapid running on rough terrain.

    Sponberg, S; Full, R J


    A musculo-skeletal structure can stabilize rapid locomotion using neural and/or mechanical feedback. Neural feedback results in an altered feedforward activation pattern, whereas mechanical feedback using visco-elastic structures does not require a change in the neural motor code. We selected musculo-skeletal structures in the cockroach (Blaberus discoidalis) because their single motor neuron innervation allows the simplest possible characterization of activation. We ran cockroaches over a track with randomized blocks of heights up to three times the animal's ;hip' (1.5 cm), while recording muscle action potentials (MAPs) from a set of putative control musculo-skeletal structures (femoral extensors 178 and 179). Animals experienced significant perturbations in body pitch, roll and yaw, but reduced speed by less than 20%. Surprisingly, we discovered no significant difference in the distribution of the number of MAPs, the interspike interval, burst phase or interburst period between flat and rough terrain trials. During a few very large perturbations or when a single leg failed to make contact throughout stance, neural feedback was detectable as a phase shift of the central rhythm and alteration of MAP number. System level responses of appendages were consistent with a dominant role of mechanical feedback. Duty factors and gait phases did not change for cockroaches running on flat versus rough terrain. Cockroaches did not use a follow-the-leader gait requiring compensatory corrections on a step-by-step basis. Arthropods appear to simplify control on rough terrain by rapid running that uses kinetic energy to bridge gaps between footholds and distributed mechanical feedback to stabilize the body.

  6. La reconnaissance des troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) comme maladies professionnelles: controverses sociales et trajectoires personnelles

    Probst, I


    La reconnaissance des troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) comme maladies professionnelles : controverses sociales et trajectoires personnelles¦Les TMS sont actuellement considérés comme des problèmes majeurs de santé au travail, mais leur reconnaissance comme maladies professionnelles reste controversée. L'objectif central de cette thèse est de comprendre, dans une perspective de psychologie socio-culturelle intégrant certains apports de la sociologie interactionniste, les conséquences que c...

  7. Tracheocutaneous fistula closure using a Cartilo-musculo-cutaneous bilobed flap.

    Petersen, Wiebke; Amr, Amro; Held, Manuel; Werner, Jan-Ole; Schaller, Hans-Eberhard; Rahmanian-Schwarz, Afshin


    In general, the development of a tracheocutaneous fistula (TCF) after tracheotomy is a seldom but recurrent clinical problem in long-term ventilated patients. In cases of prolonged wound healing with no spontaneous wound closure or insufficient later closure by secondary suture, different surgical procedures have been previously described for the closure of TCFs. Nonetheless, each procedure has its individually associated complications so that definite closure of TCFs still remains a challenge. The purpose of this case report is to present a unique case of a patient with a persistent TCF that was successfully closed using a local cartilo-musculo-cutaneous bilobed flap.

  8. Reprint of “Update on ultrasound elastography: Miscellanea. Prostate, testicle, musculo-skeletal”

    Correas, J.M. [Descartes University and Necker University Hospital, Department of Adult Radiology, Paris (France); Drakonakis, E. [Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford (United Kingdom); Isidori, A.M. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Experimental Medicine, Rome (Italy); Hélénon, O. [Descartes University and Necker University Hospital, Department of Adult Radiology, Paris (France); Pozza, C. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Experimental Medicine, Rome (Italy); Cantisani, V., E-mail: [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Radiology, Rome (Italy); Di Leo, N.; Maghella, F.; Rubini, A.; Drudi, F.M.; D’ambrosio, F. [Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Radiology, Rome (Italy)


    Nowadays ultrasound elastosonography is an established technique, although with limited clinical application, used to assess tissue stiffness, which is a parameter that in most cases is associated with malignancy. However, although a consistent number of articles have been published about several applications of elastosonography, its use in certain human body districts is still not well defined. In this paper we write on the use of elastosonography in prostate, testicle and musculo-skeletal apparatus. We report and compare the work of several authors, different type of elastosonography (shear wave, strain elastography, etc.) and instrumental data obtained in the study of both benign and malignant lesions.

  9. Reconstruction of intraoral defects with superior labial artery musculo-mucosal flap: a preliminary clinical study.

    Güven, Erdem; Uğurlu, Alper Mete; Başaran, Karaca; Basat, Salih Onur; Yiğit, Bariş; Hafiz, Günter; Kuvat, Samet Vasfi


    In this article, we present the use of the superior labial artery musculo-mucosal (SLAMM) flap for intraoral reconstruction. The study included five patients (2 females, 3 males; mean age 36 years; range 11 to 56 years) who consulted at our clinic between October 2008 and January 2010. Five oral defects were reconstructed with the SLAMM flap. Three patients underwent reconstruction with SLAMM flap following oncologic resection. The other two patients had traumatic defects in the oral cavity which necessitated flap application. First, the distal end of the flap was incised and the superior labial artery was identified after dissection. After ligation of the artery, the mucosa, submucosa and the cuff of orbicularis oris muscle were elevated. The dissection was extended laterally and anteriorly, depending on the necessary flap size. None of the patients had partial or total flap necrosis. During the follow-up period, contracture developed in only one patient. Successful reconstruction was observed in all patients. The superior labial artery musculo-mucosal flap is a simple and feasible technique which can be used for reconstruction of intraoral defects.

  10. On Control of Reaching Movements for Musculo-Skeletal Redundant Arm Model

    Kenji Tahara


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on a dynamic sensory-motor control mechanism of reaching movements for a musculo-skeletal redundant arm model. The formulation of a musculo-skeletal redundant arm system, which takes into account non-linear muscle properties obtained by some physiological understandings, is introduced and numerical simulations are perfomed. The non-linear properties of muscle dynamics make it possible to modulate the viscosity of the joints, and the end point of the arm converges to the desired point with a simple task-space feedback when adequate internal forces are chosen, regardless of the redundancy of the joint. Numerical simulations were performed and the effectiveness of our control scheme is discussed through these results. The results suggest that the reaching movements can be achieved using only a simple task-space feedback scheme together with the internal force effect that comes from non-linear properties of skeletal muscles without any complex mathematical computation such as an inverse dynamics or optimal trajectory derivation. In addition, the dynamic damping ellipsoid for evaluating how the internal forces can be determined is introduced. The task-space feedback is extended to the ‘virtual spring-damper hypothesis’ based on the research by Arimoto et al. (2006 to reduce the muscle output forces and heterogeneity of convergence depending on the initial state and desired position. The research suggests a new direction for studies of brain-motor control mechanism of human movements.

  11. Adipose tissue as a stem cell source for musculo-skeletal regeneration

    Gimble, Jeffrey M.; Grayson, Warren; Guilak, Farshid; Lopez, Mandi J.; Vunjak-Novakovic, Gordana


    Adipose tissue is an abundant, easily accessible, and reproducible cell source for musculo-skeletal regenerative medicine applications. Initial derivation steps yield a heterogeneous population of cells collectively termed the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which consist of endothelial cells, immune cells, pericytes, and pre-adipocytes. Subsequent selection of an adherent cell subset from the SVF results in a relatively homogeneous population of adipose-derived stromal/stem cells (ASCs). Mammalian ASCs exhibit the ability to selectively differentiate into chondrogenic, myogenic, and osteogenic lineages in response to inductive stimuli in vitro (when cultured on scaffolds in bioreactors) and in vivo (when implanted in pre-clinical animal models). Unlike hematopoietic cells, ASCs do not elicit a robust lymphocyte reaction and instead generate and release immunosuppressive factors, such as prostaglandin E2. These unique immunomodulatory features suggest that both allogeneic and autologous ASCs will engraft successfully following application for tissue regeneration purposes. The differentiation and expansion potential of ASCs can be modified by growth factors like bone morphogenetic protein 6, bio-inductive scaffolds, and bioreactors providing environmental control and biophysical stimulation. Gene therapy approaches using lentiviral transduction can also be used to direct differentiation of ASCs along particular lineage pathways. We discuss here the utility of ASCs for musculo-skeletal tissue repair and some of the technologies that can be implemented to unlock the full regenerative potential of these highly valuable cells. PMID:21196358

  12. Proficiency assessment of gesture analysis in laparoscopy by means of the surgeon's musculo-skeleton model.

    Cavallo, Filippo; Pietrabissa, Andrea; Megali, Giuseppe; Troia, Elena; Sinigaglia, Stefano; Dario, Paolo; Mosca, Franco; Cuschieri, Alfred


    This article presents the implementation of surgeon's musculo-skeletal model for gesture analysis in laparoscopy, thereby providing a complete account of the objective metrics needed to evaluate surgical performance and to improve the design of new surgical instruments including robotic instrumentation for surgical procedures. Previous published work has been based exclusively on the kinematics involved whereas, this study is focused on the dynamics and muscle contraction analysis to assess loads on bones and muscle fatigue during simulation of surgical interventions. Nine medical students and 2 fully trained surgeons participated in the experimental sessions using a virtual laparoscopic simulator. Movement was acquired by means of an Optical Localization System and processed by means of the biomechanical software platform ADAMS-LifeMOD. The musculo-skeletal analysis allows calculation of how the muscles are used and their respective mean work during the exercises. Results, relative to biceps and trapezius for left and right arm, clearly demonstrate different proficiencies between surgeons and medical students and highlight differences in using different surgical instruments and assumption of different postures. The model provides data on the evaluation of biomechanical parameters of surgical gesture not only in kinematic terms but also includes analysis of the dynamics of muscle contraction analysis during surgical manipulations.

  13. Effects of plyometric training on passive stiffness of gastrocnemii and the musculo-articular complex of the ankle joint.

    Fouré, A; Nordez, A; Guette, M; Cornu, C


    This study aimed to determine simultaneously the effects of plyometric training on the passive stiffness of the ankle joint musculo-articular complex, the gastrocnemii muscle-tendon complex (MTC) and the Achilles tendon in order to assess possible local adaptations of elastic properties. Seventeen subjects were divided into a trained (TG) group and a control (CG) group. They were tested before and after 8 weeks of a plyometric training period. The ankle joint range of motion (RoM), the global musculo-articular passive stiffness of the ankle joint, the maximal passive stiffness of gastrocnemii and the stiffness of the Achilles tendon during isometric plantar flexion were determined. A significant increase in the jump performances of TG relative to CG was found (squat jumps: +17.6%, P=0.008; reactive jumps: +19.8%, P=0.001). No significant effect of plyometric training was observed in the ankle joint RoM, musculo-articular passive stiffness of the ankle joint or Achilles tendon stiffness (P>0.05). In contrast, the maximal passive stiffness of gastrocnemii of TG increased after plyometric training relative to CG (+33.3%, P=0.001). Thus, a specific adaptation of the gastrocnemii MTC occurred after plyometric training, without affecting the global passive musculo-articular stiffness of the ankle joint.

  14. A novel use of the facial artery based buccinator musculo-mucosal island flap for reconstruction of the oropharynx.

    Khan, K; Hinckley, V; Cassell, O; Silva, P; Winter, S; Potter, M


    The buccinator musculo-mucosal island or Zhao flap can be used to reconstruct a wide range of intra-oral defects including floor of mouth, tonsillar fossa and lateral tongue. We describe our experience with the inferiorly based facial artery buccinator musculo-mucosal flap for a novel use in the reconstruction of oropharyngeal tumours at the tongue base and lateral pharyngeal wall. We prospectively reviewed all patients who underwent buccinator musculo-mucosal island flap reconstruction examining indication, operative details, and post-operative outcomes. We describe our technique for its novel use in lateral pharynx/tongue base reconstruction through neck dissection access. Deeper flaps were adequately visualised and monitored using flexible nasoendoscopy. There were no flap failures with all patients achieving primary healing with minimal complications. All donor sites closed directly with minimal scarring. Two patients reported mild tightness on mouth opening and two patients reported transient weakness of the mandibular branch of the facial nerve. In our experience the buccinator musculo-mucosal island flap is an extremely versatile 'like for like' local flap option due to its long arc of rotation. As inset can be achieved via neck dissection access, this avoids lip/jaw split as per conventional oropharyngeal surgical management further minimising morbidity. We present the first series of its effective use in oropharyngeal reconstruction. Copyright © 2013 British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. [Application of free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flap in bridge style for the soft tissue defect at leg].

    Zhang, Gong-lin; Zhang, Chong-wen; Chen, Ke-ming; Bai, Meng-hai


    To investigate the application of free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flap in bridge style for the soft tissue defect at leg. From Sept. 2006 to Jan. 2009, the free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flaps were used in bridge style in 7 cases with soft tissue defects at legs. The anterior serratus musculo-fascial flaps were elevated with subscapular and circumflex scapular vessels forming a T-shaped vascular pedicles. The T-shaped pedicle was end-to-end anastomosed with the two ends of the posterior tibial artery at the healthy leg. The musculo-fascial flap and its pedicle were covered with skin graft. All the 7 flaps survived completely with satisfactory result. The patients were followed up for 9-42 months with good functional and esthetic result both in donor site and recipient site. The patency of posterior tibial artery was demonstrated by clinical and Doppler examination. This technique is particularly useful in leg reconstructive surgery when only one vessel remains. The patency of the posterior tibial artery at the healthy leg is preserved and the morbidity in donor site is minimal.

  16. [Combined vascularized iliac osteo-musculo-cutaneous flap with zygomatic implant anchorage in reconstructing 1 case of maxillary defect].

    Hu, Yongjie; Li, Siyi; Zhang, Zhiyuan; Xu, Liqun; Qu, Xingzhou; Hardianto, A; Wu, Yiqun; Zhang, Chenping


    To reconstruct the maxillary defect by using free vascularized iliac osteo-musculo-cutaneous flap combined with immediate zygomatic implantation for early rehabilitation of maxillary contour and masticatory function. In August 2003, the patient presented with deformity of left middle face (Brown II type defect) after subtotal maxillectomy. After hospitalization, a set of preoperative preparations were made, including spiral CT scanning, manufacture of nature size anatomical model and implantation protocol design. The maxillary defect was reconstructed with free vascularized iliac osteo-musculo-cutaneous flap combined with simultaneous insertion of one Bränemark zygomatic implant and two general implants. Six months later the prosthesis were placed. The vascularized osteo-musculo-cutaneous flap survived, the osseointegration was observed between bone and implant 6 months later. The contour of face and palate was satisfactory, the normal occluding relation was gained. The average masticatory force of operative side was 76.3% of the normal side. No tumor recurrence was noticed during the follow-up of 14 months. It is a reliable method for functional reconstruction of maxillary defect via vascularized iliac osteo-musculo-cutaneous flap combined with immediate zygomatic implantation.

  17. Développement et validation d'un modèle musculo-squelettique du membre inférieur

    MOISSENET, F; Cheze, L.; Dumas, R


    L'intégration de modèles musculo-squelettiques en clinique demeure problématique, notamment pour des raisons de validation. Les signaux EMG sont traditionnellement employés pour l'évaluation des forces musculo-tendineuses [1], mais les prothèses instrumentées [2,3] permettent désormais la mesure directe des forces de contact articulaire et donc leur validation. Cette étude a pour objectifs le développement d'un modèle musculo-squelettique du membre inférieur et sa validation pendant un cycle ...

  18. Influence of Cervical Muscle Fatigue on Musculo-Tendinous Stiffness of the Head-Neck Segment during Cervical Flexion.

    Raphaël Portero

    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine if the fatigue of cervical muscles has a significant influence on the head-neck segment musculo-tendinous stiffness.Ten men (aged 21.2 ± 1.9 years performed four quick-release trials of flexion at 30 and 50% MVC before and after the induction of muscular fatigue on cervical flexors. Electromyographic activity was recorded on the sternocleidomastoids (SCM and spinal erectors (SE, bilaterally. Musculo-tendinous stiffness was calculated through the quick-release method adapted to the head-neck segment.We noticed a significant linear increase of the head-neck segment musculo-tendinous stiffness with the increase of exertion level both before (P < 0.0001 and after the fatigue procedure (P < 0.0001. However, this linear relationship was not different before and after the fatigue procedure. EMG analysis revealed a significant increase of the root mean square for the right SCM (P = 0.0002, the left SCM (P < 0.0001, the right SE (P < 0.0001, and the left SE (P < 0.0001 and a significant decrease of the median power frequency only for the right (P = 0.0006 and the left (P = 0.0003 SCM with muscular fatigue.We did not find significant changes in the head-neck segment musculo-tendinous stiffness with fatigue of cervical muscles. We found a significant increase in EMG activity in the SCM and the SE after the induction of fatigue of the SCM. Our findings suggest that with fatigue of cervical flexors, neck muscle activity is modulated in order to maintain the musculo-tendinous stiffness at a steady state.

  19. Influence of musculo-tendinous stiffness of the plantar ankle flexor muscles upon maximal power output on a cycle ergometre.

    Driss, Tarak; Lambertz, Daniel; Rouis, Majdi; Vandewalle, Henry


    The importance of maximal voluntary torque (T (MVC)), maximal rate of torque development (MRTD) and musculo-tendinous stiffness of the triceps surae for maximal power output on a cycle ergometre (Pmax) was studied in 21 healthy subjects by studying the relationships between maximal cycling power related to body mass (Pmax BM(-1)) with T (MVC), MRTD and different indices of musculo-tendinous stiffness of the ankle flexor. Pmax BM(-1) was calculated from the data of an all-out force-velocity test on a Monark cycle ergometre. T (MVC) and MRTD were measured on a specific ankle ergometre. Musculo-tendinous stiffness was estimated by means of quick releases at 20, 40, 60 and 80% T (MVC) on the same ankle ergometre. Pmax BM(-1) was significantly and positively correlated with MRTD related to body mass but the positive correlation between Pmax BM(-1) and T (MVC) did not reach the significance level (0.05). Pmax BM(-1) was significantly and positively correlated with the estimation of stiffness at 40% T (MVC) (S(0.4)), but not with stiffness at 20, 60 and 80% T (MVC). The results of the present study suggest that maximal power output during cycling is significantly correlated with the level of musculo-tendinous stiffness which corresponds to torque range around peak torque at optimal pedal rate. However, the low coefficient of determination (r2 = 0.203) between Pmax BM(-1) and S (0.4) BM(-1) suggested that Pmax BM(-1) largely depended on other factors than the musculo-tendinous stiffness of the only plantar flexors.

  20. [Repair of lower extremity soft tissue defect with free musculo-cutaneous flaps bridging with healthy contralateral posterior tibial vessel].

    Chengde, Xia; Haiping, Di; Jidong, Xue; Yaohua, Zhao; Xiaoliang, Li; Qiang, Li; Xihua, Niu; Yonglin, Li; Hongkai, Lian


    To observe the clinical effects of free musculo-cutaneous flap bridging with contralateral posterior tibial vessel on repair of lower extremity soft tissue defect. From February 2006 to June 2013, 10 patients with soft tissue defect on lower shank and foot were included. The posterior tibial vessel on healthy lower extremity was chosen as recipient vessel and anastomosed with free latissimus dorsi musculo-cutaneous flap, or free latissimus dorsi musculo-cutaneous flap combined with thoracic-umbilical skin flap or anterolateral femoral musculo-cutaneous flap. The retrograde bridged flap was transposed to repair defect on contralateral lower shank and foot. The wound area ranged from 40 cm x 21 cm to 22 cm x 15 cm, with flap size from 48 cm x 26 cm to 25 cm x 18 cm. Meanwhile the defects on donor sites were covered with skin graft and both lower extremities were fixed with kirschner wires at middle tibia and calcaneus. The kirschner wires were removed at 4 weeks and pedicles were cut off 5-8 weeks postoperatively. Six patients received posterior tibial vessel reanastomosis at the same time of pedicle cutting. All the 10 flaps survived and 3 patients received thinning of flaps due to excessive thickness. During the follow-up period of 3 months to 2 years follow up, the ambulatory function of injured legs recovered gradually with satisfactory appearance. The reanastomosed posterior tibial vessel on the healthy side was recovered. Appropriate bridged musculo-cutaneous flaps is suitable for extensive soft tissue defect of lower shank and foot. It is a safe and effective method for limb salvage.

  1. Resonance tuning in a neuro-musculo-skeletal model of the forearm.

    Verdaasdonk, B W; Koopman, H F J M; Van der Helm, F C T


    In rhythmic movements, humans activate their muscles in a robust and energy efficient way. These activation patterns are oscillatory and seem to originate from neural networks in the spinal cord, called central pattern generators (CPGs). Evidence for the existence of CPGs was found for instance in lampreys, cats and rats. There are indications that CPGs exist in humans as well, but this is not proven yet. Energy efficiency is achieved by resonance tuning: the central nervous system is able to tune into the resonance frequency of the limb, which is determined by the local reflex gains. The goal of this study is to investigate if the existence of a CPG in the human spine can explain the resonance tuning behavior, observed in human rhythmic limb movement. A neuro-musculo-skeletal model of the forearm is proposed, in which a CPG is organized in parallel to the local reflexloop. The afferent and efferent connections to the CPG are based on clues about the organization of the CPG, found in literature. The model is kept as simple as possible (i.e., lumped muscle models, groups of neurons are lumped into half-centers, simple reflex model), but incorporates enough of the essential dynamics to explain behavior-such as resonance tuning-in a qualitative way. Resonance tuning is achieved above, at and below the endogenous frequency of the CPG in a highly non-linear neuro- musculo-skeletal model. Afferent feedback of muscle lengthening to the CPG is necessary to accomplish resonance tuning above the endogenous frequency of the CPG, while feedback of muscle velocity is necessary to compensate for the phase lag, caused by the time delay in the loop coupling the limb to the CPG. This afferent feedback of muscle lengthening and velocity represents the Ia and II fibers, which-according to literature-is the input to the CPG. An internal process of the CPG, which integrates the delayed muscle lengthening and feeds it to the half-center model, provides resonance tuning below the

  2. Reprint of "Update on ultrasound elastography: Miscellanea. Prostate, testicle, musculo-skeletal".

    Correas, J M; Drakonakis, E; Isidori, A M; Hélénon, O; Pozza, C; Cantisani, V; Di Leo, N; Maghella, F; Rubini, A; Drudi, F M; D'ambrosio, F


    Nowadays ultrasound elastosonography is an established technique, although with limited clinical application, used to assess tissue stiffness, which is a parameter that in most cases is associated with malignancy. However, although a consistent number of articles have been published about several applications of elastosonography, its use in certain human body districts is still not well defined. In this paper we write on the use of elastosonography in prostate, testicle and musculo-skeletal apparatus. We report and compare the work of several authors, different type of elastosonography (shear wave, strain elastography, etc.) and instrumental data obtained in the study of both benign and malignant lesions. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Hidden gout- Ultrasound findings in patients with musculo-skeletal problems and hyperuricemia.

    Reuss-Borst, Monika A; Pape, Cornelia A; Tausche, Anne K


    The goal of this study was to investigate the frequency of gout-specific ultrasonography findings in a cohort of hyperuricemic patients with various musculo-skeletal complaints. A blinded examiner regarding the patients' clinical and laboratory assessment performed standardized ultrasound examinations of 12 joints in 74 individuals with diverse musculo-skeletal complaints. Gout-specific changes were assessed and combined with the patients' medical history (diagnosis gout vs. non-gout) and laboratory values of hyperuricemia. Of 74 patients, 58 (mean age 55 yrs) had hyperuricemia (serum uric acid levels > 7 mg/dl/420 μmol/L). Of those, 27 (47%) had a history of gout attacks. In total, 888 joints were examined by ultrasound. With 44/324 joints (14%) the pathological finding most often found in joints of gout patients was the double contour sign compared to 29/372 joints (8%) in patients with asymptomatic hyperuricemia and 2/192 joints (1%) in normouricemic controls. In patients with gout, the ultrasound showed pathological findings in 67/324 joints (21%). In 26/39 (67%) previously affected joints, gout-specific sonographic indications were found. With regard to the first metatarsophalangeal joint, sonographic pathologies were detectable in 16/22 (73%) so far asymptomatic joints on the contralateral. Ultrasonographic gout-specific signs are not only found in joints affected by gout attacks, but often also in the corresponding contralateral, asymptomatic joint. Patients with asymptomatic hyperuricemia already showed sonographic features implicating an as yet "silent" precipitation of urate crystals. As the examined cohort represents patients at high risk, further research for gout-specific findings is indicated, especially for hyperuricemic patients.

  4. 0 Dizer-Verdadeiro: Analise Narrativa de"Desenredo.:conto de Guimaraes Rosa

    Diana Luz Pessoa de Barros


    Full Text Available Retoma-se, neste artigo, um exercicio de analise narrative do conto Desenredo l , de Guimaraas Rosa, realizado com a finalidade didatica de ilustrar, em s.ale de aula, passes, possibilidades e interesse do exame da organizacao narrative de textos da "grande literatura". A analise obedece aos principios da teoria semiotics do discurso, tal coma vem sendo desenvolvida pelo Grupo de Investigações Sêmio-Lingüísticas, sob a direç]aoo de A.J. Greimas. Da teoria, serão retomados aqui apenas dois principios gerais: o de percurso gerativo do sentido, necessário para situar o nível de análise da narrativa, e a definçãoo mesma da narratividade.

  5. Ambrosiaster se uitleg van die Filemonbrief en die retoriese analise van hierdie brief

    D. Francois Tolmie


    Full Text Available Die studie van Paulus se brief aan Filemon het gebaat by die hernude belangstelling in die retoriese analise van Nuwe-Testamentiese geskrifte, in die sin dat ’n groot aantal retoriese analises van die brief gepubliseer is. Hierdie retoriese analises is vanuit ’n verskeidenheid perspektiewe gedoen, maar tot dusver het niemand nog die manier sistematies ondersoek waarop die vierde-eeuse outeur, wat later die naam Ambrosiastergekry het, die brief in sy kommentaar op die Pauliniese briewe geïnterpreteer het nie. Hierdie artikel bied dus ’n oorsig van Ambrosiaster se interpretasie van die brief aan Filemon en dui aan watter bydrae dit tot die retoriese analise van die brief kan maak. Ambrosiaster’s exposition of the Letter to Philemon and the rhetorical analysis of the letter. In recent times, the study of Paul’s letter to Philemon benefitted from the renewed interest in the rhetorical analysis of New Testament writings, in the sense that a large number of rhetorical studies of the letter have been published. These rhetorical analyses of the letter have been done from different perspectives, but thus far, no one has systematically investigated the way in which the fourth-century author, who was later called Ambrosiaster, interpreted the letter in his commentary on the Pauline letters. Accordingly, this article offers an overview of Ambrosiaster’s interpretation of the letter to Philemon, and then outlines the contribution that his reading of the letter can make to the rhetorical interpretation of it.

  6. [Quack medicine--a continual problem in Polish rural communities. Illnes occurring within the musculo-sceletal system].

    Kotela, Ireneusz; Bednarenko, Marcin; Wilk-Frańczuk, Magdalena; Kotela, Andrzej


    The work presents the results of a survey that was conducted amongst the inhabitants of the parish of Dabrowa Tarnowska concerning quack medical practices noted in the treatment of the musculo-sceletal system, as well as comments on the subject of the harm caused by the application of folk remedies. Within the group of those surveyed a startling 79% evaluated this form of treatment as satisfactory despite the appearance later of many medical complications.

  7. Absent external oblique musculo-aponeurotic complex during inguinal hernioplasty: a case report and review of literature.

    Dsouza, Royson; Shankar, Nachiket; Gurubatham, Rohin; Rajaleelan, Wesley; Menon, Nandakumar


    The external oblique musculo-aponeurotic complex is an important contributor to the strength of the inguinal canal. The present case report describes the bilateral absence of the external oblique muscle in a patient. A 40-year-old male patient presented with a history of intermittent lower abdominal pain for 15 years which had increased over the past 2 years. Abdominal examination revealed bilateral reducible, incomplete, direct inguinal hernia. Elective bilateral Lichtenstein's mesh hernioplasty was planned for the patient. Intraoperatively, there was no evidence of the external oblique aponeurosis and the spermatic cord was noted deep to the membranous fascial layer. The inguinal ligament was thin and atrophic and was attached to the pubic tubercle medially and anterior superior iliac spine laterally. There was no evidence of any superior aponeurotic connection to the inguinal ligament. A postoperative ultrasound examination of the abdomen confirmed the bilateral absence of the external oblique musculo-aponeurotic complex. The isolated absence of the external oblique musculo-aponeurotic complex in adults is an exceedingly rare anomaly. The possibility of such an anomaly should be considered in patients without other risk factors for hernia.

  8. Influence of joint models on lower-limb musculo-tendon forces and three-dimensional joint reaction forces during gait.

    Dumas, Raphaël; Moissenet, Florent; Gasparutto, Xavier; Cheze, Laurence


    Several three-dimensional (3D) lower-limb musculo-skeletal models have been developed for gait analysis and different hip, knee and ankle joint models have been considered in the literature. Conversely to the influence of the musculo-tendon geometry, the influence of the joint models--i.e. number of degrees of freedom and passive joint moments--on the estimated musculo-tendon forces and 3D joint reaction forces has not been extensively examined. In this paper musculo-tendon forces and 3D joint reaction forces have been estimated for one subject and one gait cycle with nine variations of a musculoskeletal model and outputs have been compared to measured electromyographic signals and knee joint contact forces. The model outputs are generally in line with the measured signals. However, the 3D joint reaction forces were higher than published values and the contact forces measured for the subject. The results of this study show that, with more degrees of freedom in the model, the musculo-tendon forces and the 3D joint reaction forces tend to increase but with some redistribution between the muscles. In addition, when taking into account passive joint moments, the 3D joint reaction forces tend to decrease during the stance phase and increase during the swing phase. Although further investigations are needed, a five-degree-of-freedom lower-limb musculo-skeletal model with some angle-dependent joint coupling and stiffness seems to provide satisfactory musculo-tendon forces and 3D joint reaction forces.

  9. A 3D lower limb musculoskeletal model for simultaneous estimation of musculo-tendon, joint contact, ligament and bone forces during gait.

    Moissenet, Florent; Chèze, Laurence; Dumas, Raphaël


    Musculo-tendon forces and joint reaction forces are typically estimated using a two-step method, computing first the musculo-tendon forces by a static optimization procedure and then deducing the joint reaction forces from the force equilibrium. However, this method does not allow studying the interactions between musculo-tendon forces and joint reaction forces in establishing this equilibrium and the joint reaction forces are usually overestimated. This study introduces a new 3D lower limb musculoskeletal model based on a one-step static optimization procedure allowing simultaneous musculo-tendon, joint contact, ligament and bone forces estimation during gait. It is postulated that this approach, by giving access to the forces transmitted by these musculoskeletal structures at hip, tibiofemoral, patellofemoral and ankle joints, modeled using anatomically consistent kinematic models, should ease the validation of the model using joint contact forces measured with instrumented prostheses. A blinded validation based on four datasets was made under two different minimization conditions (i.e., C1 - only musculo-tendon forces are minimized, and C2 - musculo-tendon, joint contact, ligament and bone forces are minimized while focusing more specifically on tibiofemoral joint contacts). The results show that the model is able to estimate in most cases the correct timing of musculo-tendon forces during normal gait (i.e., the mean coefficient of active/inactive state concordance between estimated musculo-tendon force and measured EMG envelopes was C1: 65.87% and C2: 60.46%). The results also showed that the model is potentially able to well estimate joint contact, ligament and bone forces and more specifically medial (i.e., the mean RMSE between estimated joint contact force and in vivo measurement was C1: 1.14BW and C2: 0.39BW) and lateral (i.e., C1: 0.65BW and C2: 0.28BW) tibiofemoral contact forces during normal gait. However, the results remain highly influenced by the

  10. Blood collection from the facial (maxillary)/musculo-cutaneous vein in true frogs (family Ranidae).

    Forzán, María J; Vanderstichel, Raphaël V; Ogbuah, Christopher T; Barta, John R; Smith, Todd G


    Collection of blood from amphibians, as in other classes of vertebrate animals, is essential to evaluate parameters of health, diagnose hemoparasitism, identify viral and bacterial pathogens, and measure antibodies. Various methods of blood collection have been described for amphibians. Most can be cumbersome (venipucture of femoral vein, ventral abdominal vein or lingual venus plexus) or result in pain or deleterious health consequences (cardiac puncture and toe-clipping). We describe an easy and practical technique to collect blood from frogs and toads that can be used in multiple species and is minimally invasive. The technique consists of puncturing either the facial or, less commonly, the musculo-cutaneous vein and collecting the blood with a capillary tube. These veins run dorsal and parallel to the maxillary bone and can be accessed by quick insertion and withdrawal of a needle through the skin between the upper jawline and the rostral or caudal side of the tympanum. The needle should be of 27 or 30 gauge for anurans weighing more or less than 25 g, respectively. Although the technique has been used by some amphibian researchers for years, it is little known by others and has never been fully described in a peer-reviewed publication.

  11. Longitudinal influence of musculo-skeletal injuries and extra physical education on physical fitness in schoolchildren

    Rexen, C T; Ersbøll, A K; Wedderkopp, N


    The aims of this study were to investigate if (A) injuries and (B) increased physical education (PE) influenced the development of physical fitness in schoolchildren. Simultaneously, to investigate if a possible PE effect was modified by sport participation outside school hours. This was a longit......The aims of this study were to investigate if (A) injuries and (B) increased physical education (PE) influenced the development of physical fitness in schoolchildren. Simultaneously, to investigate if a possible PE effect was modified by sport participation outside school hours....... This was a longitudinal controlled school-based study. Six schools with 270 min of PE (extra PE) and four schools with 90 min of PE were followed up for 2.5 years. In total, 1054 children were included for analysis (normal PE = 443, extra PE = 611). Development in fitness was analyzed using composite z-scores from six...... fitness tests measured four times. Information of injury and sport was derived from weekly automated mobile phone text messages surveying the presence of musculo-skeletal pain and organized sport participation. Injury and extra PE both influenced the development of physical fitness. Injury decreased...

  12. Role of pore size and morphology in musculo-skeletal tissue regeneration

    Perez, Roman A., E-mail: [Department of Nanobiomedical Science & BK21 PLUS NBM Global Research Center for Regenerative Medicine, Dankook University, Cheonan 330-714 (Korea, Republic of); Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering (ITREN), Dankook University, Cheonan 330-714 (Korea, Republic of); Mestres, Gemma [Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, Box 534, 751 21 Uppsala (Sweden)


    Biomaterials in the form of scaffolds hold great promise in the regeneration of diseased tissues. The scaffolds stimulate cellular adhesion, proliferation and differentiation. While the scaffold composition will dictate their biocompatibility, their porosity plays a key role in allowing proper cell penetration, nutrient diffusion as well as bone ingrowth. Porous scaffolds are processed with the help of a wide variety of techniques. Designing scaffolds with the appropriate porosity is a complex issue since this may jeopardize other physico-chemical properties. From a macroscopic point of view, parameters such as the overall architecture, pore morphology, interconnectivity and pore size distribution, have unique roles in allowing bone ingrowth to take place. From a microscopic perspective, the adsorption and retention of proteins in the microporosities of the material will dictate the subsequent cell adhesion. Therefore, the microstructure of the substrate can determine cell proliferation as well as the expression of specific osteogenic genes. This review aims at discussing the effect of micro- and macroporosity on the physico-chemical and biological properties of scaffolds for musculo-skeletal tissue regeneration. - Highlights: • Osteoconduction and osteoinduction of a biomaterial relies on its pattern of micro/macroporosity. • Size, morphology, distribution and interconnection of the pores influence both mechanical and biological properties. • Macroporosity (pores > 50 μm) determines cell colonization and therefore growth of vascular and bone tissue. • Micropores (< 50 μm) are crucial for proteins adsorption, which in turn can determine cell fate.

  13. Discriminant musculo-skeletal leg characteristics between sprint and endurance elite Caucasian runners.

    Bex, T; Iannaccone, F; Stautemas, J; Baguet, A; De Beule, M; Verhegghe, B; Aerts, P; De Clercq, D; Derave, W


    Excellence in either sprinting or endurance running requires specific musculo-skeletal characteristics of the legs. This study aims to investigate the morphology of the leg of sprinters and endurance runners of Caucasian ethnicity. Eight male sprinters and 11 male endurance runners volunteered to participate in this cross-sectional study. They underwent magnetic resonance imaging and after data collection, digital reconstruction was done to calculate muscle volumes and bone lengths. Sprinters have a higher total upper leg volume compared to endurance runners (7340 vs 6265 cm(3) ). Specifically, the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, and hamstrings showed significantly higher muscle volumes in the sprint group. For the lower leg, only a higher muscle volume was found in the gastrocnemius lateralis for the sprinters. No differences were found in muscle volume distribution, center of mass in the different muscles, or relative bone lengths. There was a significant positive correlation between ratio hamstrings/quadriceps volume and best running performance in the sprint group. Sprinters and endurance runners of Caucasian ethnicity showed the greatest distinctions in muscle volumes, rather than in muscle distributions or skeletal measures. Sprinters show higher volumes in mainly the proximal and lateral leg muscles than endurance runners. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. Assessment of musculo-articular and muscle stiffness in young and older men.

    Ditroilo, Massimiliano; Cully, Louise; Boreham, Colin A G; De Vito, Giuseppe


    The aim of this cross-sectional study was to concurrently assess musculo-articular stiffness (MAS) and muscle stiffness (MS) of the knee extensors in younger and older individuals. Fourteen young (22.1 ± 3.0 years old) and 12 older (65.4 ± 5.7 years old) men were tested for maximal voluntary contraction (MVC), rate of torque development (RTD), muscle thickness, MAS, and MS of knee extensors. MVC, RTD, and muscle thickness were higher in the younger group (288.6 vs. 194.3 Nm, 1319.5 vs. 787.0 Nm s(-1), 23.1 vs. 17.7 mm, respectively, P < 0.05). MAS normalized to the load supported (30% of MVC) was not different between groups (87.9 vs. 88.5 Nm(-1) kg(-1)), whereas the older group exhibited a higher level of normalized MS (23.2 vs. 18.6 Nm(-1) kg(-1), P < 0.05). Determinants of MS have been highlighted along with their role in elevated MS. The unaltered level of MAS, which is functionally important in an aging population, might be achieved through a decrease in tendon stiffness. Copyright © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. Role of pore size and morphology in musculo-skeletal tissue regeneration.

    Perez, Roman A; Mestres, Gemma


    Biomaterials in the form of scaffolds hold great promise in the regeneration of diseased tissues. The scaffolds stimulate cellular adhesion, proliferation and differentiation. While the scaffold composition will dictate their biocompatibility, their porosity plays a key role in allowing proper cell penetration, nutrient diffusion as well as bone ingrowth. Porous scaffolds are processed with the help of a wide variety of techniques. Designing scaffolds with the appropriate porosity is a complex issue since this may jeopardize other physico-chemical properties. From a macroscopic point of view, parameters such as the overall architecture, pore morphology, interconnectivity and pore size distribution, have unique roles in allowing bone ingrowth to take place. From a microscopic perspective, the adsorption and retention of proteins in the microporosities of the material will dictate the subsequent cell adhesion. Therefore, the microstructure of the substrate can determine cell proliferation as well as the expression of specific osteogenic genes. This review aims at discussing the effect of micro- and macroporosity on the physico-chemical and biological properties of scaffolds for musculo-skeletal tissue regeneration. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Bilateral additional slips of triceps brachii forming osseo-musculo-fibrous tunnels for ulnar nerves.

    Swamy, Rs; Rao, Mkg; Somayaji, Sn; Raghu, J; Pamidi, N


    Rare additional slips of triceps brachii muscle was found bilaterally in a sixty two year old South Indian male cadaver during routine dissection of upper limb for undergraduate students at Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, India. On left side, the variant additional muscle slip took origin from the lower part of the medial intermuscular septum about 4 cm proximal to the medial humeral epicondyle. From its origin, the muscle fibres were passing over the ulnar nerve and were joining the triceps muscle to get inserted to the upper surface of olecranon process of ulna. On right side, the additional muscle slip was larger and bulkier and was arising from the lower part of the medial border of the humerus about 4 cm proximal to the medial epicondyle in addition to its attachment to the medial intermuscular septum. On both sides, the additional slips were supplied by twigs from the radial nerve. On both sides, the ulnar nerve was passing between variant additional slip and the lower part of the shaft of the humerus in an osseo-musculo-fibrous tunnel. Such variant additional muscle slips may affect the function of triceps muscle and can lead to snapping of medial head of triceps and ulnar nerve over medial epicondyle and also can dynamically compress the ulnar nerve during the contraction of triceps leading to ulnar neuropathy around the elbow.

  17. Longitudinal influence of musculo-skeletal injuries and extra physical education on physical fitness in schoolchildren.

    Rexen, C T; Ersbøll, A K; Wedderkopp, N; Andersen, L B


    The aims of this study were to investigate if (A) injuries and (B) increased physical education (PE) influenced the development of physical fitness in schoolchildren. Simultaneously, to investigate if a possible PE effect was modified by sport participation outside school hours. This was a longitudinal controlled school-based study. Six schools with 270 min of PE (extra PE) and four schools with 90 min of PE were followed up for 2.5 years. In total, 1054 children were included for analysis (normal PE = 443, extra PE = 611). Development in fitness was analyzed using composite z-scores from six fitness tests measured four times. Information of injury and sport was derived from weekly automated mobile phone text messages surveying the presence of musculo-skeletal pain and organized sport participation. Injury and extra PE both influenced the development of physical fitness. Injury decreased development of physical fitness with -1.01 composite z-score units (95% CI: -1.57; -0.45). Extra PE increased physical fitness development with 0.80 (95% CI: 0.49; 1.10) composite z-score units. The influence of injury was not dependent on extra PE. No modifying effect was found by mean weekly sport participation outside school hours. In conclusion, extra PE had a positive effect, whereas injuries had a negative effect on physical fitness development in schoolchildren. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  18. Virtual musculo-skeletal model for the biomechanical analysis of the upper limb.

    Pennestrì, E; Stefanelli, R; Valentini, P P; Vita, L


    In this paper, a musculo-skeletal model of the upper limb is presented. The limb is modelled as a three-dimensional 7 degrees-of-freedom system, linked to the shoulder, which has been considered as frame. The upper limb model is made up of four links corresponding to the most important body segments: the humerus, the ulna, the radius and the hand, considered as a single rigid body. Particular attention has been paid to the modelling of joints in order to mimic all the possible arm and forearm movements (including prono-supination). The model also includes 24 muscles. The mathematical model used to describe the muscles is that proposed by Zajac in 1989, modified by the authors. The kinematic analysis has been performed including an ergonomics index to take into account the posture and joint physical limits. Moreover an optimization criterion based on minimum activation pattern has been included in order to find muscular activation coefficients. The results of the proposed methodology concerning muscular activations have been compared to those coming from processed EMG signals, which have been acquired during experimental tests.

  19. The femur as a musculo-skeletal construct: a free boundary condition modelling approach.

    Phillips, A T M


    Previous finite element studies of the femur have made simplifications to varying extents with regard to the boundary conditions used during analysis. Fixed boundary conditions are generally applied to the distal femur when examining the proximal behaviour at the hip joint, while the same can be said for the proximal femur when examining the distal behaviour at the knee joint. While fixed boundary condition analyses have been validated against in vitro experiments it remains a matter of debate as to whether the numerical and experimental models are indicative of the in vivo situation. This study presents a finite element model in which the femur is treated as a complete musculo-skeletal construct, spanning between the hip and knee joints. Linear and non-linear implementations of a free boundary condition modelling approach are applied to the bone through the explicit inclusion of muscles and ligaments spanning both the hip joint and the knee joint. A non-linear force regulated, muscle strain based activation strategy was found to result in lower observed principal strains in the cortex of the femur, compared to a linear activation strategy. The non-linear implementation of the model in particular, was found to produce hip and knee joint reaction forces consistent with in vivo data from instrumented implants.


    Elena Doina Mircioagă


    Full Text Available Key words: sportsmen, musculo-skeletal traumas, calf, prevention, rehabilitation The study starts from the premise that the high trauma incidence among competitive sportsmen is caused by factors that can be controlled at least partially through primary prevention methods.Obiective: The objective of the study is to reduce the number of traumas in the studied sportsmen through the identification of risk factors and the introduction of prevention exercises and stretching techniques exercises in the training programme, both during warm-up and in post-effort rehabilitation, in order to prevent injuries and increase performance. Material and methods: The study was performed on a batch of 155 sportsmen, who practised athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball. The sportsmen were between 13 and 42 years old and have been practising sports for 4-20 years. The sportsmen were closely monitored during the study that covered three years of competitions: August 2006 – July 2009.The comparison of the trauma percentages affecting the segments, calf, between the two studied periods – August 2006 - July 2008 and August 2008 – July 2009, has revealed the following significant results: There are significantly less traumas calf, in the second period. Period 1- 30 sportsmen (19.35% suffered 1 calf trauma in Aug. 2006 – July 2008.Period 2 - 15 sportsmen (9.68% suffered 1 calf trauma in Aug. 2008 – July 2009. The number of sportsmen with calf traumas decreased to half (9.67% in the second period.

  1. Analises morfometricas em bacias hidrograficas integradas a um sistema de informações geograficas

    Rafaeli Neto, Silvio Luis; Dalmolin, Quintino; Robbi, Claudia


    Orientador: Quintino Dalmolin Co-orientador: M.Sc.Claudia Robbi Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal do Paraná Resumo: Bacia hidrográfica e uma unidade topograficamente definida, que apresenta relações sistêmicas entre seus componentes e sobre a qual são realizados estudos de caráter hidrológico, geomorfológico, pedológico, geológico, ambiental, social e de uso, manejo e conservação do solo. Analises nestes campos podem usufruir dos benefícios da quantificação das variáveis ...

  2. Muscle synergy control model-tuned EMG driven torque estimation system with a musculo-skeletal model.

    Min, Kyuengbo; Shin, Duk; Lee, Jongho; Kakei, Shinji


    Muscle activity is the final signal for motion control from the brain. Based on this biological characteristic, Electromyogram (EMG) signals have been applied to various systems that interface human with external environments such as external devices. In order to use EMG signals as input control signal for this kind of system, the current EMG driven torque estimation models generally employ the mathematical model that estimates the nonlinear transformation function between the input signal and the output torque. However, these models need to estimate too many parameters and this process cause its estimation versatility in various conditions to be poor. Moreover, as these models are designed to estimate the joint torque, the input EMG signals are tuned out of consideration for the physiological synergetic contributions of multiple muscles for motion control. To overcome these problems of the current models, we proposed a new tuning model based on the synergy control mechanism between multiple muscles in the cortico-spinal tract. With this synergetic tuning model, the estimated contribution of multiple muscles for the motion control is applied to tune the EMG signals. Thus, this cortico-spinal control mechanism-based process improves the precision of torque estimation. This system is basically a forward dynamics model that transforms EMG signals into the joint torque. It should be emphasized that this forward dynamics model uses a musculo-skeletal model as a constraint. The musculo-skeletal model is designed with precise musculo-skeletal data, such as origins and insertions of individual muscles or maximum muscle force. Compared with the mathematical model, the proposed model can be a versatile model for the torque estimation in the various conditions and estimates the torque with improved accuracy. In this paper, we also show some preliminary experimental results for the discussion about the proposed model.

  3. [Symptoms and upper limb work-related musculo-skeletal disorders among 173 supermarket cashiers].

    Barbieri, P G; Pizzoni, Tiziana; Scolari, Luisa; Lucchini, R


    Cashiers in supermarket chains have long been considered at risk for the development of work related musculo-skeletal disorders of the upper limbs (UL-WMSDs). The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of UL-WMSDs among workers operating supermarket cash tills and, after clinical tests, their frequency. A standardized questionnaire was given to a random group of 173 workers in order to collect information regarding symptoms in the upper limbs (pain and parasthesia). Among the 111 workers who reached a "positive clinical history threshold" we selected a random sample of subjects to undergo clinical tests (professional medical care, ultrasound examination, electro-neurographic examination). 64% of the workers had a positive clinical history for UL-WMSDs. The most frequently reported disorder was pain, especially in the shoulder, while 37% of workers suffered from one or more disorders of the upper limbs. Clinical tests were performed on 51 workers (47 women) whose average length of service was 20 years and 2/3 were part-time workers; a total of 43 UL-WMSDs (59%) were diagnosed in 30 workers, including 13 (30.2%) cases of compressive neuropathies, 13 cases of hand/elbow tendinitis (30.2%) and 17 cases of shoulder tendinitis (39.5%). The average age of these 30 subjects was 47 years, with a length of service of 23 years, mostly part-time workers. We found a high prevalence of general disorders and cases of UL-WMSDs among the workers investigated, including part-time workers and workers who were not working exclusively as cashiers. The study also revealed a poor health surveillance programme to identify/ UL-WMSDs that should be the responsibility of the occupational physician and a consequent underestimation of risk and lack of the information needed to adopt preventive measures.

  4. Reconstruction of maxillary defect with musculo-adipose rectus free flap.

    Low, Tsu-Hui Hubert; Lindsay, Andrew; Clark, Jonathan; Chai, Francis; Lewis, Richard


    The rectus myocutaneous free flap (RMFF) is used for medium to large maxillectomy defects. However, in patients with central obesity the inset could be difficult due to the bulk from excessive layer of adipose tissue. We describe a modification of the RMFF for patients with excessive central obesity with a flap consisting of adipose tissue with minimal rectus muscle; the musculo-adipose rectus free flap (MARF). Five cases of MARF reconstruction were performed between 2003 and 2013, with patients' body mass indexes ranging from 29.0 to 41.2 kg/m(2) . All patients had sinonasal tumor, of which three were adenoid cystic carcinoma, one squamous cell carcinoma, and one melanoma. Four patients had Codeiro IIIb defects and one had Codeiro II defect. Using the MARF technique, the maxillectomy defect was obliterated with vascularized adipose tissue overlying the rectus muscle and was trimmed to fit the maxillectomy defect. The adipose tissue was allowed to granulate and mucosalize. The volume of adipose tissue harvested was between 120 and 160 mL. All flaps survived with no requirement for re-exploration. Complete oro-nasal separation was achieved in all patients. The time to commencement of oral intake ranges from 5 to 15 days. One patient developed seroma and one developed wound breakdown on the donor site. The length of stay at the hospital ranges from 9 to 22 days. On follow-up ranging 7.5-32.8 months, two patients died from their malignancies. The other three patients were able to tolerate oral soft diet. The MARF may be considered as an alternative to myocutaneous rectus free flap particularly for the reconstruction of maxillary defects in patients with central obesity. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microsurgery 37:137-141, 2017. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  5. A 3D musculo-mechanical model of the salamander for the study of different gaits and modes of locomotion

    Nalin eHarischandra


    Full Text Available Computer simulation has been used to investigate several aspectsof locomotion in salamanders. Here we introduce a three-dimensionalforward dynamics mechanical model of a salamander, with physicallyrealistic weight and size parameters. Movements of the four limbs and ofthe trunk and tail are generated by sets of linearly modeled skeletalmuscles. In this study, activation of these muscles were driven byprescribed neural output patterns. The model was successfully used tomimic locomotion on level ground and in water. We compare thewalking gait where a wave of activity in the axial muscles travelsbetween the girdles, with the trotting gait in simulations usingthe musculo-mechanical model. In a separate experiment, the model is usedto compare different strategies for turning while stepping; either bybending the trunk or by using side-stepping in the front legs. We foundthat for turning, the use of side-stepping alone or in combination withtrunk bending, was more effective than the use of trunk bending alone. Weconclude that the musculo-mechanical model described here together with aproper neural controller is useful for neuro-physiological experiments insilico.

  6. Changes in elbow joint's musculo-articular mechanical properties do not alter reaching-related action-perception coupling.

    Daviaux, Yannick; Deschamps, Thibault; Cornu, Christophe


    Perception of action capabilities can be altered by changes in sensorimotor processes, as showed in previous works in populations dealing with regular and pathological sensorimotor deficits. Misestimating changes in performance ability could lead to risky behavior, injury, and/or reduced performance. However, the relationship between sensorimotor processes, the action-perception coupling, and the related anatomical structures is still a matter of debate. We investigated whether changes in the muscle-tendon system's mechanical properties experimentally induced by eccentric contractions could alter the action-perception coupling (APC) in a reaching-to-grasp task, in which the participants estimated the maximal distance they predicted that they would able to reach a glass. Based on their repartition, volunteers performed a conditioning session the first day: a series of isokinetic elbow extension in passive condition (control group, n = 11) or when performing elbow flexors eccentric contractions (eccentric group, n = 11). Performance estimates and actual performances in a reaching-to-grasp task were completed before, and immediately, 24 hours and 48 hours after the conditioning session. Alterations of musculo-articular mechanical properties were assessed through global joint stiffness (joint passive torque through load/unload cycles) and local stiffness (muscle elastography). The results showed that the APC related to reaching-to-grasp performance was not impacted by post-exercise changes in mechanical properties of the musculo-articular system. These findings emphasize the central dimension of sensorimotor processing instead of peripheral structures to investigate the APC for an altered sensorimotor environment.

  7. Treatment paradox in musculo-skeletal tuberculosis in an immunocompetent adult male; a case report from a tertiary care hospital.

    Chaskar, Priyanka; Rana, Geetika; Anuradha; Duggal, Nandini; Arora, Jyoti


    Paradoxical reactions like immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) as seen with patients on retroviral treatment in HIV infection, have also been identified in HIV sero-negative patients with extra pulmonary tuberculosis especially lymph-node tuberculosis. Musculo-skeletal tuberculosis presenting as a cold abscess of the anterior chest wall is a rare entity which poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. A 35-year-old immunocompetent male came with complains of painless lump on right side of his chest over 9th and 10th intercostal space which gradually increased and extended upto 11th rib area. Clinically, diagnosis of cold abscess was made and anti-tubercular therapy (ATT) was started. Despite of being on ATT for 3 weeks, patient developed pain and signs of inflammation. Fluid was aspirated and sent for biochemical and microbiological investigations. The aspirated fluid was positive for acid fast bacilli by ZN stain and grew Mycobacterium tuberculosis in culture, sensitive to first line ATT. Pyogenic and fungal culture was negative. This case presented as an anterior chest wall cold abscess which deteriorated on initiation of first line ATT, thus creating a suspicion of resistance to ATT which was cleared on ATT susceptibility testing. Hence, this case underlines the possibility of treatment paradoxes seen in immunocompetent musculo-skeletal tuberculosis.

  8. A 3D Musculo-Mechanical Model of the Salamander for the Study of Different Gaits and Modes of Locomotion.

    Harischandra, Nalin; Cabelguen, Jean-Marie; Ekeberg, Orjan


    Computer simulation has been used to investigate several aspects of locomotion in salamanders. Here we introduce a three-dimensional forward dynamics mechanical model of a salamander, with physically realistic weight and size parameters. Movements of the four limbs and of the trunk and tail are generated by sets of linearly modeled skeletal muscles. In this study, activation of these muscles were driven by prescribed neural output patterns. The model was successfully used to mimic locomotion on level ground and in water. We compare the walking gait where a wave of activity in the axial muscles travels between the girdles, with the trotting gait in simulations using the musculo-mechanical model. In a separate experiment, the model is used to compare different strategies for turning while stepping; either by bending the trunk or by using side-stepping in the front legs. We found that for turning, the use of side-stepping alone or in combination with trunk bending, was more effective than the use of trunk bending alone. We conclude that the musculo-mechanical model described here together with a proper neural controller is useful for neuro-physiological experiments in silico.

  9. Functional analysis of the musculo-skeletal system of the gill apparatus in Heptranchias perlo (Chondrichthyes: Hexanchidae).

    Kryukova, Nadezhda V


    Musculo-skeletal morphology is an indispensable source for understanding functional adaptations. Analysis of morphology of the branchial apparatus of Hexanchiform sharks can provide insight into aspects of their respiration that are difficult to observe directly. In this study, I compare the structure of the musculo-skeletal system of the gill apparatus of Heptranchias perlo and Squalus acanthias in respect to their adaptation for one of two respiratory mechanisms known in sharks, namely, the active two-pump (oropharyngeal and parabranchial) ventilation and the ram-jet ventilation. In both species, the oropharyngeal pump possesses two sets of muscles, one for compression and the other for expansion. The parabranchial pump only has constrictors. Expansion of this pump occurs only due to passive elastic recoil of the extrabranchial cartilages. In Squalus acanthias the parabranchial chambers are large and equipped by powerful superficial constrictors. These muscles and the outer walls of the parabranchial chambers are much reduced in Heptranchias perlo, and thus it likely cannot use this pump. However, this reduction allows for vertical elongation of outer gill slits which, along with greater number of gill pouches, likely decreases branchial resistance and, at the same time, increases the gill surface area, and can be regarded as an adaptation for ram ventilation at lower speeds. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  10. Potential of the pseudo-inverse method as a constrained static optimization for musculo-tendon forces prediction.

    Moissenet, Florent; Chèze, Laurence; Dumas, Raphaël


    Inverse dynamics combined with a constrained static optimization analysis has often been proposed to solve the muscular redundancy problem. Typically, the optimization problem consists in a cost function to be minimized and some equality and inequality constraints to be fulfilled. Penalty-based and Lagrange multipliers methods are common optimization methods for the equality constraints management. More recently, the pseudo-inverse method has been introduced in the field of biomechanics. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the ability and the efficiency of this new method to solve the muscular redundancy problem, by comparing respectively the musculo-tendon forces prediction and its cost-effectiveness against common optimization methods. Since algorithm efficiency and equality constraints fulfillment highly belong to the optimization method, a two-phase procedure is proposed in order to identify and compare the complexity of the cost function, the number of iterations needed to find a solution and the computational time of the penalty-based method, the Lagrange multipliers method and pseudo-inverse method. Using a 2D knee musculo-skeletal model in an isometric context, the study of the cost functions isovalue curves shows that the solution space is 2D with the penalty-based method, 3D with the Lagrange multipliers method and 1D with the pseudo-inverse method. The minimal cost function area (defined as the area corresponding to 5% over the minimal cost) obtained for the pseudo-inverse method is very limited and along the solution space line, whereas the minimal cost function area obtained for other methods are larger or more complex. Moreover, when using a 3D lower limb musculo-skeletal model during a gait cycle simulation, the pseudo-inverse method provides the lowest number of iterations while Lagrange multipliers and pseudo-inverse method have almost the same computational time. The pseudo-inverse method, by providing a better suited cost function and an

  11. Computer Simulation Study of Human Locomotion with a Three-Dimensional Entire-Body Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Model

    Hase, Kazunori; Yokoi, Takashi

    In the present study, the computer simulation technique to autonomously generate running motion from walking was developed using a three-dimensional entire-body neuro-musculo-skeletal model. When maximizing locomotive speed was employed as the evaluative criterion, the initial walking pattern could not transition to a valid running motion. When minimizing the period of foot-ground contact was added to this evaluative criterion, the simulation model autonomously produced appropriate three-dimensional running. Changes in the neuronal system showed the fatigue coefficient of the neural oscillators to reduce as locomotion patterns transitioned from walking to running. Then, when the running speed increased, the amplitude of the non-specific stimulus from the higher center increased. These two changes indicate mean that the improvement in responsiveness of the neuronal system is important for the transition process from walking to running, and that the comprehensive activation level of the neuronal system is essential in the process of increasing running speed.

  12. Um Estudo Empirico Sobre o Fim da CorregAo Monetaria Integral e sea Impacto na Analise das Demonstrag6es Contabeis: Uma Analise Setorial"

    Bruno Meirelles Salotti


    Full Text Available Esse estudo avalia as consequencias de não se considerarem os efeitos da inflação nas analises das demonstrações contábeis e, além disso, se esses impactos são diferentes em cada setor da economia. A pesquisa considera apenas as empresas que divulgaram as suas demonstrações contábeis corrigidas no periodo de 1996 a 2002. Verificou-se a existência de diferença significativa entre indices calculados pela Lei Societária (sem corregAo e pela Correção Monetária Integral, tendo sido utilizado o teste de médias emparelhadas. Os resultados obtidos evidenciam que a falta de correção monetária nas demonstrações contábeis apresentadas de 1996 a 2002 pode causar distorções na análise da real condição patrimonial e financeira das empresas. Embora essas distorções não sejam igualmente percebidas em todos os setores e em todos os indices, elas podem resultar em conclusões equivocadas por parte dos usuários dessas informações.

  13. Musculo-skeletal Disorders among Video Display Terminal Users: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Software Company, Kolkata.

    Basu, Rivu; Dasgupta, Aparajita; Ghosal, Gautam


    IT has revolutionized economies throughout the world, more so in India. West Bengal has also got its share of IT boom. But with this, it has brought in the class of human resource of Video Display Terminal workers operators that and along with that can cause a host of occupational problems in them namely musculoskeletal, ocular and psychological systems. The current study had assessed some of the musculoskeletal disorders occurring due to VIDEO DISPLAY TERMINAL use. An analytical cross-sectional study was done in a Software Company of Sector V, Kolkata, the IT hub of West Bengal. Of all the employees, required sample size of 206 was selected by Simple Random Sampling. After proper permissions and consent, socio-demographic variables were collected by standardized instruments, musculoskeletal morbidity was collected by Nordic questionnaire, and ergonomic practices were obtained by checklists. 90.78% of population showed some form of musculo skeletal symptoms. They were highest in fingers, elbows, wrist, shoulder, upper, while legs and lower back showed low morbidities. Increasing age, female sex, increasing years of work, repetition of work, poorer ergonomic scores all showed to have increased the symptoms. The regionwise ergonomic scores revealed how the poorer scores affected the musculo skeletal systems adversely. Several individual adverse ergonomic practices were also elicited. The study goes hand to hand with many other studies throughout the world and also in India. However, a much higher morbidity has been found in this study probably due to a symptom based questionnaire. The adverse practices obtained here goes well with other relevant studies. This study puts occupational health problems of VIDEO DISPLAY TERMINAL users, and upholds the need of future multicentric cohort studies along with implementation of proper measures to ameliorate the effects of this occupational hazard.

  14. Musculo-skeletal pain among 40- and 45-year olds in Oslo: differences between two socioeconomically contrasting areas, and their possible explanations

    Brekke, Mette; Hjortdahl, Per


    Background The objective of the study was to compare the prevalence and severity of musculo-skeletal pain between two socioeconomically contrasting areas in Oslo, Norway, and to explore possible explanatory factors. Methods Questionnaire survey, carried out as part of The Oslo Health Study in 2000–2001. Data from 821 persons (40 and 45 year old) living in a less affluent inner city area (called east) were compared with 854 persons living in an affluent area of the city (called west). Bivariate comparisons (chi square test) and multiple regression analyses were performed to investigate differences between the samples. Results 61 % in east and 56 % in west (p Musculo-skeletal pain is reported by 55–60 % of middle aged persons in Oslo during a four week period, and must be considered a normal phenomenon. Poor social conditions, inactivity, mental health problems and being an immigrant imply increased risk of more severe symptoms with a concomitant demand of health care. PMID:15494077

  15. Twente spine model: A complete and coherent dataset for musculo-skeletal modeling of the lumbar region of the human spine.

    Bayoglu, Riza; Geeraedts, Leo; Groenen, Karlijn H J; Verdonschot, Nico; Koopman, Bart; Homminga, Jasper


    Musculo-skeletal modeling can greatly help in understanding normal and pathological functioning of the spine. For such models to produce reliable muscle and joint force estimations, an adequate set of musculo-skeletal data is necessary. In this study, we present a complete and coherent dataset for the lumbar spine, based on medical images and dissection measurements from one embalmed human cadaver. We divided muscles into muscle-tendon elements, digitized their attachments at the bones and measured morphological parameters. In total, we measured 11 muscles from one body side, using 96 elements. For every muscle element, we measured three-dimensional coordinates of its attachments, fiber length, tendon length, sarcomere length, optimal fiber length, pennation angle, mass, and physiological cross-sectional area together with the geometry of the lumbar spine. Results were consistent with other anatomical studies and included new data for the serratus posterior inferior muscle. The dataset presented in this paper enables a complete and coherent musculo-skeletal model for the lumbar spine and will improve the current state-of-the art in predicting spinal loading. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Twente spine model: A complete and coherent dataset for musculo-skeletal modeling of the thoracic and cervical regions of the human spine.

    Bayoglu, Riza; Geeraedts, Leo; Groenen, Karlijn H J; Verdonschot, Nico; Koopman, Bart; Homminga, Jasper


    Musculo-skeletal modeling could play a key role in advancing our understanding of the healthy and pathological spine, but the credibility of such models are strictly dependent on the accuracy of the anatomical data incorporated. In this study, we present a complete and coherent musculo-skeletal dataset for the thoracic and cervical regions of the human spine, obtained through detailed dissection of an embalmed male cadaver. We divided the muscles into a number of muscle-tendon elements, digitized their attachments at the bones, and measured morphological muscle parameters. In total, 225 muscle elements were measured over 39 muscles. For every muscle element, we provide the coordinates of its attachments, fiber length, tendon length, sarcomere length, optimal fiber length, pennation angle, mass, and physiological cross-sectional area together with the skeletal geometry of the cadaver. Results were consistent with similar anatomical studies. Furthermore, we report new data for several muscles such as rotatores, multifidus, levatores costarum, spinalis, semispinalis, subcostales, transversus thoracis, and intercostales muscles. This dataset complements our previous study where we presented a consistent dataset for the lumbar region of the spine (Bayoglu et al., 2017). Therefore, when used together, these datasets enable a complete and coherent dataset for the entire spine. The complete dataset will be used to develop a musculo-skeletal model for the entire human spine to study clinical and ergonomic applications. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Computer Simulation Study of Human Locomotion with a Three-Dimensional Entire-Body Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Model

    Hase, Kazunori; Yamazaki, Nobutoshi

    A model having a three-dimensional entire-body structure and consisting of both the neuronal system and the musculo-skeletal system was proposed to precisely simulate human walking motion. The dynamics of the human body was represented by a 14-rigid-link system and 60 muscular models. The neuronal system was represented by three sub-systems: the rhythm generator system consisting of 32 neural oscillators, the sensory feedback system, and the peripheral system expressed by static optimization. Unknown neuronal parameters were adjusted by a numerical search method using the evaluative criterion for locomotion that was defined by a hybrid between the locomotive energy efficiency and the smoothness of the muscular tensions. The model could successfully generate continuous and three-dimensional walking patterns and stabilized walking against mechanical perturbation. The walking pattern was more stable than that of the model based on dynamic optimization, and more precise than that of the previous model based on a similar neuronal system.

  18. Effect of seat and table top slope on the biomechanical stress sustained by the musculo-skeletal system.

    Hamaoui, Alain; Hassaïne, Myriam; Watier, Bruno; Zanone, Pier-Giorgio


    The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of table and seat slope on the biomechanical stress sustained by the musculo-skeletal system. Angular position of the head and trunk, and surface electromyography of eleven postural muscles were recorded while seated under different conditions of seat slope (0°, 15° forward) and table slope (0°, 20° backward). The specific stress sustained by C7-T1 joint was estimated with isometric torque calculation. The results showed that the backward sloping table was associated with a reduction of neck flexion and neck extensors EMG, contrasting with a concurrent overactivity of the deltoideus. The forward sloping chair induced an anterior pelvic tilt, but also a higher activity of the knee (vasti) and ankle (soleus) extensors. It was concluded that sloping chairs and tables favor a more erect posture of the spine, but entails an undesirable overactivity of upper and lower limbs muscles to prevent the body from sliding. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. Strategies for swimming: explorations of the behaviour of a neuro-musculo-mechanical model of the lamprey.

    Williams, Thelma L; McMillen, Tyler


    Experiments were performed on a neuro-musculo-mechanical model of a lamprey, to explore the strategies for controlling swimming speed. The muscle component of the model was based on previous experiments on isolated lamprey muscle. The patterns of muscle activation were those found in EMG studies on swimming lampreys. The fluid mechanics were modelled with G.I. Taylor's simplification. Tail beat frequencies of 2-6 sec(-1) were combined with muscle activation strengths of 0.1% to 20% of maximum tetanic isometric strength. The resulting forward swimming speed and changing body shape were recorded. From the changing body shape the speed of the backward-travelling wave of curvature was calculated, as well as the ratio between the speeds of the waves of activation and curvature. For any given activation strength there was a tail beat frequency that gave maximal forward speed. Furthermore, for all the combinations of activation strength and tail beat frequency that gave such maximum swimming speeds, the ratio of the speed of the wave of curvature to the wave of muscle activation was approximately 0.75. This is similar to the ratio found in swimming lampreys. © 2015. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  20. Strategies for swimming: explorations of the behaviour of a neuro-musculo-mechanical model of the lamprey

    Thelma L. Williams


    Full Text Available Experiments were performed on a neuro-musculo-mechanical model of a lamprey, to explore the strategies for controlling swimming speed. The muscle component of the model was based on previous experiments on isolated lamprey muscle. The patterns of muscle activation were those found in EMG studies on swimming lampreys. The fluid mechanics were modelled with G.I. Taylor's simplification. Tail beat frequencies of 2–6 sec−1 were combined with muscle activation strengths of 0.1% to 20% of maximum tetanic isometric strength. The resulting forward swimming speed and changing body shape were recorded. From the changing body shape the speed of the backward-travelling wave of curvature was calculated, as well as the ratio between the speeds of the waves of activation and curvature. For any given activation strength there was a tail beat frequency that gave maximal forward speed. Furthermore, for all the combinations of activation strength and tail beat frequency that gave such maximum swimming speeds, the ratio of the speed of the wave of curvature to the wave of muscle activation was approximately 0.75. This is similar to the ratio found in swimming lampreys.

  1. A woman's journey through the reproductive, transitional and postmenopausal periods of life: impact on cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal risk and the role of estrogen replacement.

    Stevenson, John C


    Sex hormones are fundamental for female development and they are important physiologically to maintain the health and normal functioning of several organs such as the brain, heart and bone. It is now clear that the hormonal changes that occur during a woman's life, particularly her estrogen status, can modulate disease activity. This is especially true for cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal diseases, which are two leading causes of morbidity and mortality in women. With the general aging of the population they represent a serious and growing public health concern. Estrogen synthesis and blood levels fluctuate during a woman's life and in this review three broad periods will be considered: reproductive phase, transition and postmenopausal phase. Generally speaking, women in the reproductive phase of their life are at low risk of cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal disorders. However, the onset of menopause and the loss of ovarian function is associated with a significant increase in the prevalence of diseases such as coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. The prevalence of these debilitating diseases continues to increase through the postmenopausal period. Estrogen replacement is an obvious treatment approach to counter the problems associated with the loss of ovarian function and subsequent estrogen deficiency. Overall, oral and transdermal estrogen replacement are similarly effective in relieving menopausal symptoms and disorders that manifest during this period of a woman's life. Transdermal estrogen may be preferable in older women because of its lower thrombogenic potential. In this journey through a woman's life current best evidence relating to cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal risk will be reviewed in line with well documented management strategies. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. [The influence of the training of the muscular component of the musculo-venous pump in the lower extremities on the clinical course of varicose vein disease].

    Kravtsov, P F; Katorkin, S A; Volkovoy, V V; Sizonenko, Ya V

    Investigations of the influence of the training of the muscular component of the musculo-venous pump in the lower extremities on the clinical course of varicose vein disease and correction of the step cycle are currently underway. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the impact of the training of the muscular component of the musculo-venous pump in the lower extremities and of the correction of the step cycle on the quality of life of the patients presenting with varicose vein disease. The study included 22 patients with varicose veins in the lower extremities (CEAP clinical class C3 or C4). All the patients performed, twice daily during a total of 60 days, a specially designed complex of 7 exercise intended to strengthen the posterior muscle group of the lower legs and correct the step cycle. After 60 days, all the patients reported the appearance of the subjective signs suggesting positive dynamics of their condition. The following statistically significant changes were documented: reduction of the malleolar circumference, improvement of integral characteristics of the quality of life as evaluated with the use of the international questionnaire for the patients with chronic lower limb venous insufficiency (CIVIQ), normalization of the frequency and amplitude of modal oscillations in the soleus muscle revealed by electromyography. The correction of foot rolling muscles and the sequence of activation of the muscles involved in the first five phases of the cycle step increases the strength of contraction of the soleus muscle, promotes venous blood flow in the proximal direction, and thereby enhances the efficiency of the venous outflow. The development of adequate gain skills, the correction of the step cycle, and the strengthening of the muscular component of the musculo-venous pump lead to the improvement of the clinical course of varicose vein disease. The proposed complex of physical exercises provides an effective and pathogenetically sound

  3. Conference report on the 28th annual meeting of the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society, 29 April–1 May 2015, Athens

    Leithner, Andreas; Andreou, Dimosthenis; Grimer, Robert; Ferrari, Stefano; Gosheger, Georg; Papagelopoulos, Panayiotis J; Bielack, Stefan S


    The 28th Annual Meeting of the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society was organised in Athens by the local host Professor Papagelopoulos and his team. The main objective of the meeting was to focus on recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas. The interdisciplinary nature of the meeting was of great value—surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and basic researchers discussed new strategies in the war on sarcoma. This report will highlight the major findings of this successful meeting. PMID:26284114

  4. Conference report on the 28th annual meeting of the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society, 29 April-1 May 2015, Athens.

    Leithner, Andreas; Andreou, Dimosthenis; Grimer, Robert; Ferrari, Stefano; Gosheger, Georg; Papagelopoulos, Panayiotis J; Bielack, Stefan S


    The 28th Annual Meeting of the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society was organised in Athens by the local host Professor Papagelopoulos and his team. The main objective of the meeting was to focus on recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas. The interdisciplinary nature of the meeting was of great value-surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and basic researchers discussed new strategies in the war on sarcoma. This report will highlight the major findings of this successful meeting.

  5. Quelle est la relation entre les troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) liés au travail et les facteurs psychosociaux ?

    Stock, Susan; Nicolakakis, Nektaria; Messing, Karen; Turcot, Alice; Raiq, Hicham


    La littérature scientifique reconnaît l’origine multifactorielle des troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) liés au travail. Au-delà des facteurs biomécaniques et personnels, les facteurs organisationnels et psychosociaux contribuent également à la genèse des TMS liés au travail, mais les relations entre ces problèmes de santé et ces facteurs d’exposition sont complexes et largement méconnues. De plus, il y a un manque de consensus sur ce que signifient les « facteurs psychosociaux du travail »...

  6. Relación entre el ausentismo laboral y los síntomas musculo-esqueléticos en los trabajadores de la salud

    Naranjo Restrepo, Diana; Silva Castaño, Isaut


    Introducción: Los desórdenes músculo-esqueléticos se pueden describir como una de las causas más frecuentes de patologías de origen laboral. Según estudios, el ausentismo laboral está asociado con enfermedades derivadas del sedentarismo, las enfermedades respiratorias, las afecciones osteomusculares y los traumatismos. Se pretende establecer la relación entre los síntomas musculo-esqueléticos y el ausentismo laboral en una IPS de Bogotá D.C. especializada en salud sexual y reproductiva, t...

  7. In vitro gene and chromosome characterization of expanded bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for musculo-skeletal applications.

    Roseti, L; Serra, M; Canella, F; Munno, C; Tosi, A; Zuntini, M; Pandolfi, M; Sangiorgi, L; Biso, P; Pittalis, M C; Bini, C; Pelotti, S; Gasbarrini, A; Boriani, L; Bassi, A; Grigolo, B


    A number of studies have shown the role of expanded Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the repair and regeneration of musculo-skeletal tissues. The current European regulations define in vitro expanded cells for clinical purposes as substantially manipulated and include them in the class of Advanced-Therapy Medicinal Products to be manufactured in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice. Among the characteristics that such cells should display, genomic stability has recently become a major safety concern. The aim of this study is to perform a chromosomal and genetic characterization of Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells expanded in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice for a potential clinical use in orthopaedics. Mesenchymal Stem Cells, isolated from bone marrow, were expanded for six weeks in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice. DNA profiling analyses were applied to test cross-contamination absence. Genomic stability was evaluated by means of karyotyping, sequencing of TP53, p21/CDKN1A and MDM2 genes and the expression analysis of c-MYC and H-RAS oncogenes, p21/CDKN1A, TP53, p16/CDKN2A, RB1 and p27/CDKN1B tumor suppressor genes and hTERT gene. The DNA profiling analysis showed a unique genetic profile for each Mesenchymal Stem Cell culture, indicating the absence of cross-contamination. Karyotyping evidentiated some chromosomal abnormalities within the 10% limit set by the Cell Products Working Party review, except for one patient. In all cases, the molecular biology analyses did not revealed DNA point mutations, acquisition or changes in gene expression. hTERT levels were undetectable. Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cells do not seem to be prone to malignant transformation. In fact, although some chromosomal aberrations were found, molecular biology analyses demonstrated that the expansion phase did not induce the acquisition of de novo genetic changes.

  8. Musculo-skeletal pain among 40- and 45-year olds in Oslo: differences between two socioeconomically contrasting areas, and their possible explanations

    Hjortdahl Per


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The objective of the study was to compare the prevalence and severity of musculo-skeletal pain between two socioeconomically contrasting areas in Oslo, Norway, and to explore possible explanatory factors. Methods Questionnaire survey, carried out as part of The Oslo Health Study in 2000–2001. Data from 821 persons (40 and 45 year old living in a less affluent inner city area (called east were compared with 854 persons living in an affluent area of the city (called west. Bivariate comparisons (chi square test and multiple regression analyses were performed to investigate differences between the samples. Results 61 % in east and 56 % in west (p Conclusion Musculo-skeletal pain is reported by 55–60 % of middle aged persons in Oslo during a four week period, and must be considered a normal phenomenon. Poor social conditions, inactivity, mental health problems and being an immigrant imply increased risk of more severe symptoms with a concomitant demand of health care.

  9. [Thigh and leg musculo-cutaneous island flap for giant bilateral trochanteric and perineal pressure sores coverage: Extreme treatment in spinal cord injury].

    André, A; Crouzet, C; De Boissezon, X; Grolleau, J-L


    Surgical treatment of perineal pressure sores could be done with various fascio-cutaneous or musculo-cutaneous flaps, which provide cover and filling of most of pressure sores after spinal cord injuries. In rare cases, classical solutions are overtaken, then it is necessary to use more complex techniques. We report a case of a made-to-measure lower limb flap for coverage of confluent perineal pressure sores. A 49-year-old paraplegic patient developed multiple pressure sores on left and right ischial tuberosity, inferior pubic bone and bilateral trochanters with hips dislocation. Surgical treatment involved a whole right thigh flap to cover and fill right side lesions, associated to a posterior right leg musculo-cutaneous island flap to cover and fill the left trochanteric pressure sore. The surgical procedure lasted 6.5 hours and required massive blood transfusion. Antibiotics were adapted to bacteriological samples. There were no postoperative complications; complete wound healing occurred after three weeks. A lower limb sacrifice for coverage of a giant perineal pressure sores is an extreme surgical solution, reserved to patients understanding the issues of this last chance procedure. A good knowledge of vascular anatomy is an essential prerequisite, and allows to shape made-to-measure flaps. The success of such a procedure is closely linked to the collaboration with the rehabilitation team (appropriate therapeutic education concerning transfers and positioning). Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  10. Musculo-tendinous stiffness of head-neck segment in the sagittal plane: an optimization approach for modeling the cervical spine as a single-joint system.

    Portero, Raphaël; Quaine, Franck; Cahouet, Violaine; Thoumie, Philippe; Portero, Pierre


    Despite the multi-linked architecture of the cervical spine, all previous studies that have made estimations of mechanical properties of the neck have considered the head-neck segment as a rigid link, with a fixed center of rotation at C7. The aim of this study was to consider the head-neck segment as a changeable geometry system for locating the resultant center of rotation and for calculating the musculo-tendinous stiffness by the quick-release method. Head kinematics during quick-releases was analyzed by recording the trajectory of surface markers. With an optimization procedure, the position of the resultant center of rotation of the head-neck segment was estimated. Thereafter, the angular displacement and acceleration of the head, together with the isometric torque developed by the cervical muscles were used to calculate the segment's stiffness. The results showed a consistent center of rotation and a significant increase of the musculo-tendinous stiffness with increasing torque. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Molecular versus particulate deposition markers for blood flow measurement in the musculo-skeletal system. {sup 131}Iodo-DesMethyl-Imipramine

    Tromborg, H.B. [Univ. Hospital of Aarhus, Dept. of Orthopaedics E, Inst. of Esperimental Clinical Research (Denmark)


    The aims of the experiments were to develop and validate a porcine isolated blood perfused myocutaneous flap and tibia model with preserved venous outflow. The stability of the models was tested and washout of microspheres and IDMI was measured. IDMI and microsphere based tissue blood flow measurements were compared after central intracardiac injection into the intact animal. Three experimental series were necessary to develop and validate the models. The organs were perfused with arterial blood by a pulsatile pump and submerged into a tissue bath. All outflow from the models were collected. One experiment was necessary to validate the rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap. In three experiments an isolated tibia with preserved venous outflow was developed and validated. Normal flow rate/perfusion pressure relations were reproduced after periods of supra-normal and sub-normal perfusion pressure in the two models. A response to endothelially mediated vasodilation with bradykinin was demonstrated after nine hours of artificial perfusion in the tibia model. IDMI did not influence the local hemodynamics during infusion, whereas microspheres elicited a transitory increase in the perfusion pressure after local injection. IDMI and microsphere based blood flow measurements and recirculation were compared in the in-situ musculo-skeletal tissue corresponding to the two models after central injection of the markers. Recirculation of IDMI was greater (8(1)%) than that of microspheres (2(0)%) after 18 minutes. Microspheres tended to measure higher blood flow values than IDMI at high flow rates and vice versa at low flow values. The {sup 131}Iodo-DesMethyl-Imipramine (IDMI) method is not generally applicable as a deposition marker for blood flow measurement in the musculo-skeletal system. (EHS) 80 refs.


    Dominique Mouette


    Full Text Available

    O estudo de impacto ambiental envolve uma grande quantidade de critérios e parâmetros, sendo necessário o trabalho conjunto de uma equipe multidisciplinar. A complexidade dos impactos decorrentes dos sistemas de transporte urbanos que possuem características e magnitudes muito diferentes, somada a não obrigatoriedade do estudo, fizeram com que poucos estudos fossem efetuados e tornou evidente a necessidade de metodologias de avaliação dos mesmos. Este estudo aborda a utilização do Método de Analise Hierárquica, um procedimento multicriterial na analise e avaliação dos impactos ambientais dos sistemas de transportes urbanos.


    The study of environmental impacts involves a large amount of criteria and parameters being necessary to work with a multisciplinary team. The impacts due to urban transportation are very complex having different characteristics and magnitude, besides that, in Brazil, these studies are not obliged by law. These facts leads to few studies of the environmental impacts and evidences the necessity of developing methodologies which makes possible the impact's evaluation. This study refers to the utilization of the Analytical Hierarchy Process, a multicriteria procedure in the evaluation and analysis of environmental impacts in urban transportation.

  13. Musculo-nasomucosal unit with complete lateral bony freeing and medial rotation for ideal C-shape restoration and retropositioning of the levator veli palatini.

    El-Shazly, Mohamed


    No definitive procedure for cleft repair has been identified yet as the gold standard. Accordingly, this work tried to appraise the hypothesis that if the bony detachment and full retropositioning of the levator veli palatini muscle can ideally present an anatomical C-shape muscular sling restoration and if this is accompanied with pushback palatoplasty, would this present a better result in terms of tissue fistulation and phonetic impairment? A series of 74 different degrees of palatal clefts were operated by pushback palatoplasty combined with a modified approach of the levator vili palatini. This muscle was dissected only from the oral mucosa while kept attached to the nasal one as a musculo-nasomucosal unit. This unit was completely detached from the bony margin of the hard palate and then medially rotated and retropositioned in a typical C-shape mobile sling. Evaluations included suture line assessment and fistula development, and following the child's need for speech therapy. There were no intraoperative complications. Definite anterior fistulae with nasal air and foot leakage were observed in 2 cases. Four cases had postoperative velopharyngeal incompetence with a need for speech therapy. Tension-free closure, lower risk of fistula, good restoration of velopharyngeal functions, ability to be performed on all cleft types, ability to provide a good intraoperative exposure, and being a single stage seem to be the most important advantages of this unpublished technique.

  14. 臀大肌肌瓣在骶尾部脊索瘤手术治疗中的应用%The glutaeus maximus musculo flap in the treatment of sacrococcygeal chordoma

    钟雷; 冯海龙


    探讨臀大肌肌瓣在骶尾部脊索瘤手术治疗中的应用.方法 1996年12月至2011年7月间,共有20例骶尾骨脊索瘤的患者在我院接受手术治疗.均采用后方入路广泛切除肿瘤,早期12例病例未采用臀大肌肌瓣,后期8例采用臀大肌肌瓣填塞缺损.结果 两组均有数例出现膀胱控尿功能及大便控制能力受损,但后期病例复发率和切口并发症发生率明显降低.结论 骶尾部脊索瘤的最佳治疗为广泛的手术切除,但术后容易出现切口并发症及外形不佳,采用臀大肌肌瓣填塞,可大大减少切口并发症的发生,效果满意.%Objective To investigate the glutaeus maximus musculo flap in the treatment of sacroco'ccygeal chordo-ma. Methods 20 cases of sacrococcygeal chordoma patients were accepted with operation treatment. All patients Using posterior approach with wide resection of the tumor, early 12 cases did not adopt the gluteus maximus musculo flap, later in 8 patients using the glutaeus maximus musculo flap packing defect. Results The two groups are few cases of bladder urination and bowel control ability is impaired, but late recurrence rate and incision complication rate was reduced significantly. Conclusion A wide range of operation excision is the best therapy for sacrococcygeal chordoma, but postoperative prone to wound complications and poor appearance, using the glutaeus maximus musculo flap packing, the incision complications can reduce greatly, The effectis satisfactory.

  15. Evaluacion de los desórdenes musculo-esqueléticos (DMEs) mediante el método ERIN: caso de los conductores de autobús de la Universidad del Quindío

    Gómez Yepes, Milena Elizabeth; Cremades Oliver, Lázaro Vicente; Montoya Taborda, Juan Fernando


    Uno de los mayores retos de la ergonomía ha sido el estudio de la interacción del hombre frente a los requerimientos físicos (postura, fuerza, movimiento). Cuando estos requerimientos sobrepasan la capacidad de respuesta del individuo o no hay una adecuada recuperación biológica de los tejidos, este esfuerzo puede asociarse a la presencia de los Desórdenes Musculo-Esqueléticos (DME) causantes de ausentismo laboral. Los DME ocupacionales más conocidos son: cervicalgia, epicondiditis, bursitis,...

  16. Prevalencia de desordenes musculo-esqueléticos y su asociación con factores ergonómicos en trabajadores administrativos de una institución educativa de nivel superior 2015

    Leguizamo Brand, Monica; Ramos Castañeda, Jorge Andrés


    Objetivo. Establecer la prevalencia de Desordenes Musculo Esqueléticos(DME) y su asociación con factores ergonómicos (postura, manipulación de carga y trabajo repetitivo) en trabajadores administrativos de una Institución Educativa de Nivel Superior (IENS). Métodos. Se realizó un estudio descriptivo de corte transversal a 146 trabajadores de una IENS de la ciudad de Neiva (Huila), entre Abril y Mayo de 2015. Para la recolección de la información se utilizaron dos instrumentos: un instrum...

  17. Validity and inter-day reliability of a free-oscillation test to measure knee extensor and knee flexor musculo-articular stiffness.

    Ditroilo, Massimiliano; Watsford, Mark; De Vito, Giuseppe


    The purpose of this study was to assess the validity and inter-day reliability of musculo-articular stiffness (MAS) in the knee-extensor (KE) and knee-flexor (KF) muscle groups, measured with a free-oscillation technique. Fourteen participants were measured, on two occasions, for KE and KF maximal isometric voluntary contraction, rate of torque development (RTD) and electromechanical delay (EMD), along with MAS using multiple sub-maximal loads relative to the individual's maximal voluntary contraction (MAS(%MVC)). Furthermore, 18 participants were tested for MAS using one fixed assessment load for each muscle group (MAS(FL)) during a separate series of tests on three occasions. MAS(%MVC) was significantly increased as load increased both in KE and in KF (p<0.01) fitting a curvilinear relationship as depicted in similar studies. Validity was demonstrated relating MAS(%MVC) to RTD (r=0.51-0.71, p<0.05) and to EMD (r=-0.56 to -0.67, p<0.05). While MAS(%MVC) reliability (ICC=0.62-0.89; CV=8.1-13.1%) was questionable to acceptable, MAS(FL) exhibited good to excellent reliability (ICC=0.81-0.94; CV=3.7-6.5%). No significant systematic bias was detected for any of the variables considered. The assessment of KE and KF MAS using the free-oscillation technique appears to be valid and reliable, with the use of MAS(FL) yielding higher reliability than the use of MAS(%MVC). Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Musculo-articular stiffness is affected by the magnitude of the impulse applied when assessed with the free-oscillation technique.

    Faria, Aurélio; Gabriel, Ronaldo; Moreira, Helena; Brás, Rui; Ditroilo, Massimiliano


    Musculo-articular stiffness (MAS) of the triceps surae can be assessed using the free-oscillation technique whereby an impulse is applied and the ensuing damped oscillations are recorded. The purpose of this study was to investigate if impulses of different magnitudes can affect the measurement of MAS. Twenty seven males (20.7±1.3 years) participated in this study. Three impulses of different magnitude (1.5, 2.3 and 3.1Ns) and four different loads (10, 20, 30, 40kg) were employed in the assessment of triceps surae MAS, which was quantified and compared across loads and perturbations. As the magnitude of the impulse applied increased, the MAS (p<0.0005, ES 1.20) and natural frequency of oscillation (f) decreased while the amplitude of movement (AM), angular velocity (ω) and damping coefficient (C) increased significantly. As the load level increased, the MAS (p<0.0005, ES 2.25) and the baseline ground reaction force (BGRF) increased whereas f, AM and ω decreased significantly. Even though the effect of the load is stronger, it appears that the level of MAS recorded (ranging from 24.0 to 21.3KN/m for the 10kg load and from 32.9 to 31.0KN/m for the 40kg load, for impulse 1 and 3 respectively), including several underlying factors, are affected by the magnitude of the impulse, therefore its accurate determination is pivotal. Caution should be exercised when comparing results from previous studies where the magnitude of the impulse has only been estimated but not controlled for. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. A Comparison Between Two Methods of Face-Lift Surgery in Nine Cadavers: SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) Versus MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension).

    Mohammadi, Shabahang; Ahmadi, Aslan; Salem, Mohammad Mahdi; Safdarian, Mahdi; Ilkhani, Shahriar


    This study aimed to compare the average amounts of facial skin and muscle lifting in two different face-lift methods, superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) plication and minimal access cranial suspension (MACS), to evaluate the effectiveness of each method in facial excursion. Thirty-six face-lift surgeries were performed on nine cadavers between October and December 2010. Both SMAS and MACS surgeries were done on each side of the cadaver faces. The average amounts of skin and muscle lifting up and out in three defined anatomical landmarks were compared between the two methods, SMAS plication and MACS lift procedure. Nine fresh cadavers with the mean age of 53 ± 6.7 years entered the study. Seven (77.8 %) were males and two (22.2 %) were females. The average amounts of lifting of the anatomical landmarks up and out were significantly greater in the SMAS plication method compared to the MACS lift procedure (P values <0.05), whereas facial symmetry was not significantly different between the two methods. The overall amounts of facial skin and muscle lifting by the SMAS plication method were greater than the MACS lift procedure. However, it does not justify ignoring the benefits of the MACS lift procedure in terms of less invasiveness and quicker recovery. This journal requires that authors assign a level of evidence to each submission to which Evidence-Based Medicine rankings are applicable. For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors .

  20. [Evidence of work-related musculo-skeletal disorders of the upper extremities and current methods of risk assessment: can Charlie Chaplin give us any suggestions in "modern times"].

    Apostoli, P; Sala, Emma


    in some sequences of the film "Modern Times" Chaplin is clearly involved in activities at high risk for work-related musculo-skeletal disorders of the upper extremities (UEWMSDs), but evidence and perception of any complaint are not evident. To evaluate the extent of the biomechanical risk using current risk assessment methods and discuss the possible reasons for lack of complaints. we made an analysis using six of the current methods for ergonomic risk assessment (State of Washington, check list OCRA, HAL by ACGIH, RULA Strain Index, OREGE). All the methods applied demonstrated high-to-very high levels of biomechanical risk for the upper extremities, with evident psychic effects but without apparent musculo-skeletal disorders. The discrepancy between evident psychological disorders ad apparent absence of UEWMSDs are discussed as being due to either: an artistic choice by Charlie Chaplin who focused on the aspects thought to be more immediately and easily comic; the short duration of the physical load exertion; or because of a different perception of muscular work and fatigue that was also typical until the 1970's and 1980's, which also confirmed the principles and practices of our preventive and medical disciplines at that time.

  1. The surgical treatment of musculo- skeletal tumors in dangerous region%危险区骨骼肌肉系统肿瘤的外科治疗

    张杏泉; 李开华; 陈刚; 刘军; 蔡平; 方仁义; 王民政; 范清宇


    目的:介绍一种安全处理危险区骨骼肌肉系统良性或低度恶性肿瘤的外科治疗方法.方法:对骶2脊索瘤先施行前路经腹结扎双侧髂内动脉,然后再切除肿瘤,可减少出血.对腹股沟区或腘窝区较大肿瘤与股、腘大血管及神经紧密粘连者,先从肿瘤远近端血管、神经正常部分解剖出血管神经,再向病变区解剖,容易完整切除肿瘤.对锁骨上区肿瘤,先截除一段锁骨,然后从肿瘤远近端正常锁骨下动、静脉及臂丛神经处,向肿瘤部游离并保护好胸膜,可较安全地切除肿瘤.而对于腓骨头、颈及其周围部肿瘤,先解剖出腓总神经及其各肌支,尽可能保留肌支.结果:11例危险区(紧邻大血管、神经区域)良性或低度恶性骨骼肌肉系统肿瘤,采用先从肿瘤远近端正常血管、神经处游离出神经、血管,再向肿瘤部解剖,均顺利解剖出大血管及神经,并完整切除肿瘤.所有病例无复发,亦无肢体功能障碍.结论:对紧邻重要血管及神经的较大良性或低度恶性骨骼肌肉系统肿瘤,先从正常段血管、神经向肿瘤部解剖游离,既可彻底切除肿瘤,又可避免损伤血管、神经引起肢体功能障碍,是一种较好方法.%Objective:To introduce a surgical treatment of the innocent or low - degree malignant musculo - skeletal tumors in dangerous region. Methods: For the sacral 2 chordoma,to perform (he ligation of the two — side internal iliac artery first through abdominal cavity and then excise the tumors in order to reduce bleeding. For the large tumors especially adhering tightly with important nerves and vessels in inguinal region or popliteal fossa, to dissect first the normal vascular nerve of tumors distantly and proximally and then disconnect the lesion for excision of tumors completely. For the tumors in supraelavicular region, to dissect the normal vascular nerve of infraclavicula and brachial plexus of tumors distantly and proximally

  2. Reconstruction of laryngotracheal defect using the musculo-periosteum flapof the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum%带蒂胸锁乳突肌锁骨膜瓣在喉气管缺损修复中的应用

    刘志; 陈文弦; 崔鹏程; 高鹏飞; 罗家胜; 仲莉梅


    Objective:To investigate the effect of the musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum on the reconstruction of extensiveness laryngotracheal defect. Method: Retrospectively studied 49 patients, who admited in our department from 1996 to 2005 years for severe laryngotracheal defect. There were 28 males and 21 females aged from 15 to 69 years old (mean age was 47 years old). The causes of laryngotracheal defect were laryngotracheal stenosis(31 cases) and surgery for thyroid carcinoma invading trachea (18 cases). All of 49 cases were treated with the graft of musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum and placed a silicon T-tube stenting for 3 to 6 months. Result; All of 49 cases were successfully decannulated with recuperative normal airway patency and effective phonation. The follow up ranged from 2 to 10 years, and the effect of operation was steady. Conclusion:The musculo-periosteum flap of the sternocleidomastoideus with clavicular periosteum is an ideal graft for the reconstruction of cervical extensiveness tracheal defect.%目的:观察带蒂胸锁乳突肌锁骨膜瓣作为移植物修复较大范围喉气管缺损的效果.方法:较大范围喉气管缺损患者49例,其中喉气管缺损原因为喉气管狭窄31例,甲状腺癌侵犯气管手术18例.所有患者均采用取带蒂胸锁乳突肌锁骨膜瓣作为移植物修复喉气管缺损,T形硅胶管支撑3~6个月.结果:49例患者全部治愈拔管,恢复正常呼吸功能及功能性发声.随访2~10年,疗效可靠.结论:对于较大范围的喉气管缺损,带蒂胸锁乳突肌锁骨膜瓣取材方便,支撑力强,疗效肯定,是一种理想的移植物.

  3. Publication outcomes of the abstracts presented at the 2011 European Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases (ECCEO-IOF11): A position paper of the European Society for Clinical and Economical Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases (ESCEO) and the International Osteoporosis and Other Skeletal Diseases Foundation (IOF).

    Rabenda, Véronique; Bruyère, Olivier; Cooper, Cyrus; Rizzoli, René; Buckinx, Fanny; Quabron, Adrien; Reginster, Jean-Yves


    The publication outcomes of the abstracts presented during the ECCEO-IOF 2011 reflect a high research productivity, support the robustness of the selection process conducted by the Scientific Advisory Committee and suggest that IOF-ESCEO WCO is successful in its mission to promote and disseminate research. The European (now World) Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases (IOF-ESCEO WCO, formerly ECCEO-IOF) is the largest worldwide event fully dedicated to the clinical, epidemiological, translational and economic aspects of bone, joint and muscle diseases. The role of the Scientific Advisory Committee is to select abstracts for oral communication or poster presentation based on a short summary of the research. The aim of the present survey was to determine the publication rate in international peer reviewed journals of abstracts accepted at the IOF-ESCEO WCO 2011 Meeting (formerly ECCEO-IOF11), the relationship, if any, between the presentation format of the abstract and its subsequent full publication and the impact factor of the journal in which research was published. Of 619 abstracts accepted at the 2011 ECCEO-IOF11 annual meeting, 45 were accepted for oral communication and 574 accepted for poster presentation. In the subsequent 3 years (2011-2014), 191 abstracts were published as a full-length manuscript (30.9 %). The publication rate was significantly higher for oral communications (75.6 %) than for poster presentations (27.4 %; p < 0.0001). Publications derived from oral communications were published in journals with a higher impact factor (8.3 ± 10.1) than those arising from poster presentations (4.0 ± 2.3; p < 0.0001), but there was no difference in the time to publication (OC 16.3 [IQR 8.4-23.3] months vs PP 11.3 [IQR 5.3-21.4]; p = 0.14). These results indicate a high research productivity and an appropriate selection of oral communication by the Scientific Advisory Committee of ESCEO-IOF.

  4. Analise van die Tswanaraaisel

    S. A. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available ’n Strukturele, stilistiese en funksionele bcskrywing van die Twanaraaisel bring mee dat daar aan die volgende aspekte aandag gegee moet word: •\tWat is ’n raaisel en lioe word dit in Tswana genoem. •\tTot watter studiegebied en literere genre hoort die raaisel en watter subvorme kan vir Tswana onderskei word. •\tHoe sien die struktuur van Tswanaraaisels daar uit. •\tDeur wie, waar, wanneer en hoe word Tswanaraaisels voorgedra. •\tWatter stilistiese kenmcrke kan in Tswanaraaisels onderskei word. •\tWatter funksies vervul raaisels in ’n Tswanagcmeenskap.

  5. Application of free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flap in bridge style for the soft tissue defect at leg%前锯肌肌肉筋膜瓣桥式移植修复小腿软组织缺损

    张功林; 张重文; 陈克明; 白孟海


    Objective To investigate the application of free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flap in bridge style for the soft tissue defect at leg.Methods From Sept.2006 to Jan.2009,the free anterior serratus musculo-fascial flaps were used in bridge style in 7 cases with soft tissue defects at legs.The anterior serratus musculo-fascial flaps were elevated with subscapular and circumflex scapular vessels forming a T-shaped vascular pedicles.The T-shaped pedicle was end-to-end anastomosed with the two ends of the posterior tibial artery at the healthy leg.The musculo-fascial flap and its pedicle were covered with skin graft.Results All the 7 flaps survived completely with satisfactory result.The patients were followed up for 9-42 months with good functional and esthetic result both in donor site and recipient site.The patency of posterior tibial artery was demonstrated by clinical and Doppler examination.Conclusions This technique is particularly useful in leg reconstructive surgery when only one vessel remains.The patency of the posterior tibial artery at the healthy leg is preserved and the morbidity in donor site is minimal.%目的 总结游离前锯肌肌肉筋膜瓣桥式移植修复小腿软组织缺损的临床应用经验.方法 2006年9月至2009年1月应用游离前锯肌肌肉筋膜瓣桥式移植修复7例小腿软组织缺损.肌肉筋膜瓣切取连带肩胛下与旋肩胛血管,血管蒂呈T形,与健侧小腿胫后动脉两断端行端端吻合,肌肉筋膜瓣及其血管蒂用中厚皮片网状移植覆盖.结果 7例肌肉筋膜瓣全部成活.术后经过顺利,取得了较满意的效果.随访9~42个月,供区无明显功能障碍,且供、受区外形均较好.健侧小腿经临床观察与多普勒超声血流探测仪检查,胫后动脉通畅.结论 该术式适宜修复小腿软组织缺损仅有1条主要动脉者,不损伤健侧小腿胫后动脉,且对供区的损伤也较轻.

  6. Retoriek, retoriese analise en prediking

    A. B. du Toit


    Full Text Available In characterising rhetoric, its persuasive intent should be highlighted because the persuasive element is true of all three rhetorical genera. Graeco-Roman pupils were well-trained in the rhetorical arts and it can be accepted that Paul also had a working knowledge of rhetoric. Rhetorical analysis of the New Testament attempts to study the texts of the New Testament in the light of rhetorical features, as developed by the classical theorists and refined by a modern scholar like Perelman. Since the 1970's rhetorical analysis of the New Testament has flourished, although approaches have varied considerably and not all efforts were convincing. Nevertheless, it has become clear that the rhetorical approach can enrich our understanding of the New Testament, and especially of its letters, considerably. Examples from Romans and Galatians are presented to underscore this point. Since preaching, like rhetoric, aims at convincing and persuading an audience, rhetoric can provide us with important stimuli for the praxis of preaching, as can be demonstrated from the five prescribed phases of preparing a public speech, as well as from the three modes of persuasion: logos, ethos and pathos.

  7. Musculo-skeletal ultrasound in rheumatology practice.

    Chaturvedi, Ved


    In rheumatology ultrasound is a relatively new but rapidly developing field, and now forms an important part of curriculum of rheumatology training programs in European countries. Ultrasound is now an accepted procedure to differentiate between arthralgia and arthritis, to look for erosions in early arthritis which is otherwise not visible on plain radiographs, to scan tendons in enthesopathies and to image blood vessels. It is particularly useful in early undifferentiated arthritis, where presence of synovitis by ultrasound can predict development of rheumatoid arthritis. It is also useful to aid in diagnosis of a wide variety of rheumatic conditions like gout, vasculitis and scleroderma. It facilitates correct placement of needle during intra-articular injections.The advantages of ultrasound are it is relatively inexpensive, noninvasive, lacks radiation and the images are acquired in real time. Following in the footsteps of the cardiologist who are using echocardiography are the rheumatologists who are increasingly using ultrasound in their clinics, such that some authors have likened the US probe to the rheumatologist's stethoscope.

  8. [DGRW-Update: musculo-skeletal diseases].

    Greitemann, B; Dibbelt, S; Fröhlich, S; Niemeyer, C


    Orthopedic rehabilitation is a major entity in rehabilitation. Due to coming demographic changes and its challenges concerning mobility of elderly patients it will increase. The criticism on orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany focuses on its missing evidence in therapeutic eff ectiveness especially in chronic low back pain. This overall-criticism is actually no more valid as there are a number of studies showing eff ectiveness of orthopedic treatment in rehabilitation if psychosocial comorbidities are respected and treatment is focussed on occupational training and eintegration. This overview describes the actual situation in orthopedic rehabilitation and its research. The need for orthopedic rehabilitation will increase over the next years due to demographic changes. Important fi elds in orthopedic rehabilitation research are chronic low back pain, new rehabilitation models with focus on occupational reintegration, rehabilitation in elderly and following joint surgery as well as the analysis of health-care-system changes due to disease related groups. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  9. Repair of lower extremity soft tissue defect with free musculo-cutaneous flaps bridging with healthy contralateral posterior tibial vessel%游离肌皮瓣桥接胫后血管修复对侧下肢软组织缺损

    夏成德; 狄海萍; 薛继东; 赵耀华; 李晓亮; 李强; 牛希华; 李永林; 连鸿凯


    Objective To observe the clinical effects of free musculo-cutaneous flap bridging with contralateral posterior tibial vessel on repair of lower extremity soft tissue defect.Methods From February 2006 to June 2013,10 patients with soft tissue defect on lower shank and foot were included.The posterior tibial vessel on healthy lower extremity was chosen as recipient vessel and anastomosed with free latissimus dorsi musculo-cutaneous flap,or free latissimus dorsi musculo-cutaneous flap combined with thoracic-umbilical skin flap or anterolateral femoral musculo-cutaneous flap.The retrograde bridged flap was transposed to repair defect on contralateral lower shank and foot.The wound area ranged from 40 cm × 21 cm to 22 cm×15 cm,with flap size from 48 cm×26 cm to 25 cm×18 cm.Meanwhile the defects on donor sites were covered with skin graft and both lower extremities were fixed with kirschner wires at middle tibia and calcaneus.The kirschner wires were removed at 4 weeks and pedicles were cut off 5 ~ 8 weeks postoperatively.Six patients received posterior tibial vessel reanastomosis at the same time of pedicle cutting.Results All the 10 flaps survived and 3 patients received thinning of flaps due to excessive thickness.During the follow-up period of 3 months to 2 years follow up,the ambulatory function of injured legs recovered gradually with satisfactory appearance.The reanastomosed posterior tibial vessel on the healthy side was recovered.Conclusions Appropriate bridged musculo-cutaneous flaps is suitable for extensive soft tissue defect of lower shank and foot.It is a safe and effective method for limb salvage.%目的 观察游离肌皮瓣与健肢胫后血管桥接修复对侧下肢软组织缺损的临床效果.方法 2006年2月至2013年6月,对10例小腿下段及足部软组织缺损患者,应用健肢胫后血管与游离背阔肌肌皮瓣、背阔肌肌皮瓣联合胸脐皮瓣、股前外侧肌肌皮瓣的血管吻合,形成以健肢

  10. Intensity of musculoskeletal pain and (in ability to work in nursing Intensidad del dolor musculo-esquelético y la (incapacidad para el trabajo en la enfermería Intensidade da dor musculoesquelética e a (incapacidade para o trabalho na enfermagem

    Tânia Solange Bosi de Souza Magnago


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: the aim was to evaluate the association between the intensity of musculoskeletal pain and reduction in work ability among nursing workers. METHOD: a cross-sectional study, involving 592 nursing staff in a public university hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The Brazilian version of the Finnish questionnaire for calculating Work Ability Index was used, whose score varies from 7 to 49 points. The score was dichotomized as reduced work ability (7 to 36 points and good/excellent ability (37 to 49 points. The intensity of musculoskeletal pain over the previous week was evaluated, using a numerical pain scale. RESULT: 43.3% of the participants had reduced work ability and 48.8% reported strong to unbearable pain. Even after adjusting for potentially confounding factors (function and length of service in the function, the workers who mentioned strong to unbearable pain were four times more likely to be classified in the group with reduced work ability. CONCLUSION: A positive association was determined between intensity of musculoskeletal pain and reduction in work ability. It is necessary to adopt intervention measures in the organizational structure, so as to promote/restore work ability.OBJETIVO: se objetivó evaluar la asociación entre intensidad del dolor musculo-esquelético y reducción de la capacidad para el trabajo en trabajadores de enfermería. MÉTODO: Estudio transversal, envolviendo 592 trabajadores de enfermería de un hospital universitario público de Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Se utilizó la versión brasileña del cuestionario Finlandés para el cálculo del Índice de Capacidad para el Trabajo, cuyo score de los puntos varia de 7 a 49. La puntuación fue dicotómica como reducida capacidad para el trabajo (7 a 36 puntos y buena/óptima capacidad (37 a 49 puntos. Se evaluó la intensidad de dolor musculo-esquelético en la última semana, utilizándose escala numérica de dolor. RESULTADO: De los participantes, 43

  11. Reconstruction of the double U style postauricular musculo-periosteal for mastoid obliteration and canal wall down mastoidectomy%双U形带蒂肌骨膜瓣在外耳道后壁重建及乳突腔填塞中的应用

    杨睿; 康文艺; 樊迎春; 陈洋


    目的:探讨本研究设计的双U形带蒂肌骨膜瓣,结合骨粉乳突术腔填塞术,应用于开放式改良乳突根治术治疗胆脂瘤型中耳炎的临床疗效和意义。方法2011年1月至2013年8月间胆脂瘤中耳乳突炎患者50例(50耳)施行在开放式改良乳突根治术基础上,应用双U形带蒂肌骨膜瓣,结合骨粉乳突术腔填塞术,同期行鼓室成形术。结果术后随访1年。手术后术腔完全上皮化时间为21天-60天,平均32天。1例术腔未获干耳。结论本研究方法具有乳突术腔愈合时间短,上皮修复覆盖好;术后干耳率高等优点。%Objective To investigate the long-term outcome and clinical value of modified radical mastoidectomy with mastoid obliteration using pedicled coinbined flap of double U style postauricular musculo-periosteal conjunction with bone Pate. Methods From January 2011 to August 2013,50 otitis media patients (50 ears )with cholesteatoma were subjected to this kind of operation. Results The follow-up period was more than 1 years, The Period of complete reepithelialization ranged from 3 weeks to 2 months,, with the mean period of 32 days. Only one patient didn't get a dry ear. Conclusions These methods had the advantages as follows:HeaIing of the mastoid cavity in a short time. Better reepithelialization of the obliterated mostoid cavity. High rate of the dry ear in postoperation.

  12. Analise Termodinamica da aceleracao de uma massa

    De Abreu, R


    We analyse the acceleration of a mass with a simple structure taking into account Thermodynamics. Two situations are analysed. The first one for the application of a localized force to a point of the mass. The second one for the application of a force to the entire mass. The two situations are not equivalent. For the first situation we have an increase of temperature of the mass, resulting from an internal damping, during a transient.

  13. Epidemiology of golf related musculo-skeletal injuries

    Dhillon Mandeep


    Full Text Available Background : Golfing has become an increasingly popular sport enjoyed by both men and women. Although the game is not viewed as hazardous, golfers do sustain injuries connected with the game. However, golf injuries have received little attention in the literature and there is no study from Asia. Methods : A prospective study was undertaken to analyze the incidence, cause and type of injury among amateur golfers. Open ended questionnaires were sent to 1000 golfers; 240 responded (Av age 51 years, 200 males and 40 females. The respondents played an average of 2 rounds per week. Results : One hundered and ten (46% responders had sustained one or more orthopaedic injuries. Both among men and women, the lower back was the most common site of injury followed by shoulder and dorsal spine. There was a difference in the injury pattern in skilled and relatively unskilled players. Lack of warm up, excessive practice and improper swing mechanics were the most common causes. Conclusion : Golf injuries perhaps could be prevented or reduced by proper technique, controlled practice routines, physical conditioning and pre-play stretching exercises. The most important factor in this playing population seems to be prevention.

  14. Quality of life assessment in musculo-skeletal health.

    Beaudart, Charlotte; Biver, Emmanuel; Bruyère, Olivier; Cooper, Cyrus; Al-Daghri, Nasser; Reginster, Jean-Yves; Rizzoli, René


    Musculoskeletal disorders affect morbidity, quality of life and mortality, and represent an increasing economic and societal burden in the context of population aging and increased life expectancy. Improvement of quality of life should be one of the priorities of any interventions to prevent and treat musculoskeletal disorders in the ageing population. Two main approaches, namely generic and disease-specific instruments, can be applied to measure health-related quality of life. Among the generic tools available in scientific literature, the short form 36 questionnaire (SF-36) and the Euroqol five item questionnaire (EQ-5D) are two of the most popular questionnaires used to quantify the health related quality of life in people with musculoskeletal disorders. However, because generic tools may not always be able to detect subtle effects of a specific condition on quality of life, a specific tool is highly valuable. Specific tools improve the ability to clinically characterize quality of life in subjects with a specific musculoskeletal disorder, as well as the capacity to assess changes over time in the QoL of these subjects. The recent development of specific tools should help to validate preventive and therapeutic interventions in this field.

  15. [Diseases of musculo-skeletal system in railway personnel].

    Shemetova, G N; Trifonova, E V


    Epidemiological and medical-social aspects of diseases of locomotor system and conjunctive tissue in railway personnel (1993-2004) are analyzed. The established negative trends in propagation of diseases locomotor system predetermine priority of preventive measures in organization of medical care for the patients of this category. Establishment of medical rooms for preventing diseases of locomotor system is recommended.

  16. Disociacion enzimatica de musculos largos de raton: un modelo para el estudio de los tipos de fibras del musculo esqueletico

    Calderon, Juan Camilo


    .... Information about the other fiber types has been limited and has been primarily obtained by the manual isolation of fibers from other species, typically rats, via a difficult and time-consuming procedure...

  17. Troubles musculo-squelettiques chez les téléopérateurs des centres d’urgence 911, des contraintes physiques aux contraintes psychosociales Musculoskeletal disorders in 911 emergency call centre agents, from physical constraints to psychosocial constraints Lesiones músculo esqueléticas en tele-operadores de centros de urgencia 911, de las dificultades físicas à las dificultades psico-sociales

    Georges Toulouse


    Full Text Available À la demande de l’Association paritaire pour la santé et sécurité du travail secteur « affaires municipales » du Québec (APSAM, une programmation de recherche thématique a été élaborée dans le but d’intervenir pour réduire la prévalence des troubles musculo-squelettiques et de santé psychologique affectant les téléopérateurs des centres d’urgence 911. Cet article présente une première étude dont l’objectif est de décrire la prévalence et d’identifier les problématiques sous-jacentes à la présence de troubles musculo-squelettiques. La méthodologie adoptée comporte l’administration de questionnaires, la réalisation d’observations et d’entrevues ouvertes dans cinq centres d’urgence 911. Les résultats montrent des taux de prévalence de troubles musculo-squelettiques beaucoup plus élevés que ceux d’un échantillon représentatif de travailleurs et travailleuses québécois. L’analyse des résultats statistiques à la lumière des observations et des entrevues ouvertes a permis de préciser les problématiques sous-jacentes afin de développer un projet d’intervention.At the request of the Association paritaire pour la santé et sécurité du travail secteur “affaires municipales” du Québec (APSAM, joint sector-based occupational health and safety association, municipal affairs, a thematic research program was developed so that action could be taken to reduce the prevalence of musculoskeletal and psychological health disorders affecting 911 emergency call centre agents. This article presents an initial study whose objective was to describe the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and to identify their underlying issues. The adopted methodology involved the administration of questionnaires, observations, and open-ended interviews in five 911 emergency call centres. The results show musculoskeletal disorder prevalence rates much higher than those of a representative sample of Qu

  18. Métodos de analise dos danos da lagarta da espiga¹, em médias de gerações envolvendo IAC Maya e Zapalote Chico Method for analysis of damage of the corn earworm heliothis zea in generation means from IAC Maya and Zapalote Chico

    Jorge Alberto Marques Rezende


    utilizing the revised scale described by WIDSTROM (27. The data obtained was analised by two different ways. The grades were distributed at first in two different classes: grades 0 and 1 and grades > 2. The grades were afterwards distributed in the following two classes: grades 0 and grades > 1. The chi-square test was applied to verify which of the two types of classes adjusts better with their respective expected ratios. The results showed that when the grades were divided in the classes 0+1 and > 2 the data were more uniform within each treatment. The analysis of variance for each damage class separately, presented F values highly significant for the classes zero and zero plus one, whereas for the classes > 1 and > 2 the damage averages were very similar and the F values were not significant. The class zero plus one had F value higher and the coefficient of variation smaller than the class zero. The ZC 2451 corn compared to the variety IAC Maya XII, exibited good resistance to the corn earworm, under the field conditions of Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil. This resistance is of the type non preference and or antibiosis, because there was a higher percentage of ears of ZC 2451 free of earworm damage.




    Full Text Available La comunidad científica y política ha incrementado el interés por entender e intervenir el problema de seguridad alimentaria, especialmente desde la crisis alimentaria en la década de los 70's. Diferentes estrategias metodológicas han sido utilizadas con el ánimo de proyectar, predecir y evaluar políticas como soporte para la toma de decisiones en el sector público. Este artículo explora un conjunto de metodologías usadas para el estudio de la seguridad alimentaria a nivel nacional, herramientas estratégicas para una apropiada formulación, evaluación y aplicación de políticas. Se discute el potencial uso de metodologías complementarias al análisis tradicional, especialmente la Dinámica de Sistemas, como una herramienta de simulación que permite el análisis de relaciones causales, el establecimiento de variables críticas y la evaluación de escenarios a favor de una efectiva toma de decisionesA comunidade científica e política hão acrescentado o interesse por entender e intervir o problema de seguridade alimentar, especialmente, desde a crise alimentar na década dos 70's. Diferentes estratégias metodológicas hão sido utilizadas com o interesse de projetar, predizer e avaliar políticas como suportes para a toma de decisões no setor público. Este artigo explora um conjunto de metodologias empregadas no estudo da seguridade alimentar a nível nacional, ferramentas estratégicas para uma apropriada formulação, avaliação e aplicação de políticas. Discutese o potencial uso de metodologias complementárias à análise tradicional, especialmente a Dinâmica de Sistemas, como ferramentas de simulação que permite a analise de relações causais, o estabelecimento de variáveis críticas e a avaliação de cenários a favor de uma toma de decisõesThe scientific and politic community has had increasing concerns for strategic understanding and intervention of the food security problem, especially since the 70's food

  20. La formation visant la prise en charge globale des troubles musculo-squelettiques par l’entreprise : une étude exploratoire Training in order to promote global prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders: an exploratory study La formación dirigida a promover la prevención global y la gestión de problemas músculo-esqueléticos : un estudio exploratorio

    Valérie Tremblay-Boudreault


    Full Text Available Un plan de formation a été développé et implanté selon une approche d’ergonomie participative, afin de favoriser la prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques et la gestion du maintien et du retour au travail par une entreprise de caoutchouc. Les impacts du plan de formation ont été observés sous l’angle des changements de représentation, de la philosophie d’intégration des travailleurs et du développement des compétences à l’interne. Le principal apport de notre intervention réside dans le fait d’avoir combiné la prévention et le retour au travail au plan de formation. Compte tenu du peu de ressources spécialisées en santé et sécurité du travail et aucune en ergonomie, une collaboration entre les acteurs internes et des ressources externes apparait essentielle pour optimiser la prise en charge globale de la prévention des TMS par l’entreprise, en particulier dans un contexte alliant des ressources financières limitées, une population vieillissante de travailleurs et un niveau de contraintes élevé.A training program was developed and implemented using a participatory ergonomics approach in order to improve prevention of MSD and related return to work management in a specific rubber plant. The results were observed under the angle of representation changes, workers’ participation to prevention and return to work and internal skill development. The main contribution of our intervention was to combine altogether prevention and return to work into the training program. Collaboration between the rubber plant’s actors and external resources seems to be essential in order to capitalize on proper MSD management in an industry with high level of constraints, where financial resources are limited and employees are at high risk of MSD.Un programa de formación fue desarrollado e implantado siguiendo un enfoque de ergonomía participativa, con el fin de favorecer la prevención de trastornos m

  1. Le droit québécois et les troubles musculo-squelettiques : règles relatives à l’indemnisation et à la prévention Québec law and musculoskeletal disorders: rules relating to compensation and prevention El derecho quebequense y las lesiones músculo esqueléticas (lms : reglas relativas a la indemnización y prevención

    Katherine Lippel


    Full Text Available Au Québec, les TMS sont une source importante d’incapacité chez les personnes qui travaillent. Ils constituent la majorité des maladies professionnelles reconnues impliquant une perte de temps de travail. Pour chaque TMS reconnu comme maladie professionnelle, de 5 à 6 réclamations sont acceptées pour des TMS imputables à un accident du travail. La législation québécoise en matière d’indemnisation permet leur reconnaissance à titre de « maladies professionnelles » et aussi comme conséquence d’un « accident du travail » mais, dans un cas comme dans l’autre, la réclamation sera souvent contestée. Cet article examine l’évolution du droit régissant la reconnaissance de ces lésions professionnelles et s’attarde également sur les principaux mécanismes légaux qui permettent aux inspecteurs de la C.S.S.T., organisme chargé de gérer le régime d’indemnisation et de garantir l’application des règles relatives à la prévention des lésions professionnelles, d’assurer l’application de la législation québécoise visant la prévention des lésions professionnelles. Il conclut en jetant un regard sur certains développements réglementaires ailleurs au Canada.In Québec, musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs are a significant source of work related disability and constitute the majority of lost time claims for occupational disease. For every MSD compensated as an occupational disease, between 5 and 6 such claims are accepted as resulting from work accidents. Québec workers’ compensation legislation allows for compensation either as an occupational disease or as a work accident, but in either case this type of claim is frequently the subject of contestation. This article examines the evolution of the legal framework governing access to workers’ compensation for this type of occupational injury and also examines the principle legal mechanisms empowering occupational health and safety (C.S.S.T. inspectors. The

  2. Aggressive musculo-apo neurotic fibromatosis, findings in image in a case of posttraumatic involvement of the scalene muscle; Fibromatosis musculo-aponeurotica agresiva, hallazgos en imagen en un caso de afectacion postraumatica dle musculo escaleno

    Vizcaino, I.; Costa, S.; Cremades, A. [Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset. Valencia (Spain)


    Musculoaponeurotic fibromatosis is a well-differentiated benign tumoral condition of fibroblastic origin that is classified as a tumor of the soft tissue. These lesions present an intermediate biological behavior between the benign fibroblastic tumors and fibrosarcoma, and have the capacity of presenting local relapse, but never metastasis. One case of post-traumatic musculoaponeurotic fibromatosis of the scalene muscle is presented by the study of the ultrasonography, CT and MRI. The imaging findings are not characteristics, but they are useful to carry out the differential diagnosis and extension study. (Author) 14 refs.

  3. Analise economico-financeira comparativa de empresas produtoras de ouro

    Jose Otavio da Silva


    Resumo: Esta dissertação apresenta as características gerais da indústria de mineração e as especificidades da indústria do ouro. São apresentados os diferentes tipos de depósitos e de processos de produção, através dos quais o ouro é produzido, buscando ilustrar as variações que os elementos do custo de produção podem ter para cada situação. Além disso, são apresentadas as principais variáveis endógenas e exógenas que influenciam o mercado, provocando oscilações nos preços. Em seguida, atrav...

  4. New perspectives towards analising fungal communities in terrestrial environments

    Kowalchuk, G.A.


    Fungi play key roles in numerous ecosystem functions, and recent advances in the study of fungal diversity and ecology have led to a greater appreciation of this group of microeukaryotes. The application of a variety of nucleic acid techniques to fungal classification and phylogeny has led to a numb

  5. Systemic analysis of industrial cogeneration; Analise sistemica da cogeracao industrial

    Souza, M. Eugenia de P. [Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas (IPT), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Fernandes, Clayton D.R.


    This paper optimizes, by using linear programming, the production configuration of an industry as far the net income is concerned when acting to increase either the electric power generation capacity, or efficiency of the cogeneration cycle equipment. A sugar and hydrated alcohol facility has been chosen as a production unity due to the utilization of facility real data measured.

  6. "Literêre analise van die Nuwe Testament"

    J. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available In this article issues surrounding the various methods of analysis of the New Testament are discussed from a literary-theoretical angle. The focus throughout is on epistemological and methodological issues.

  7. Karakterskepping in die rolprent Cry Freedom - ’n analise

    H. Human


    Full Text Available This article looks critically at the aspect of charactarisation in the film Cry Freedom. A model is introduced for the analysis of characterisation in feature films. The model analyses the main characters in the film as symbols of the intended message. The aim is to determine the meaning of the message and to place the response to the film in perspective. Particular attention is paid to the following aspects of the process of character creation: character formation, character revelation and character development. The author comes to the conclusion that the main character in the film is the scriptwriter Donald Woods, and not the black activist, Steve Biko as has generally been accepted.

  8. Analise quantitativa de diclofenaco em preparações farmaceuticas


    Resumo: O diclofenaco é um composto não-esteróide com propriedades anti-reumáticas, antiinflamatórias e antipiréticas. Ele é comercializado na forma de sal de sódio e de potássio. Há na literatura um número significativo de procedimentos analíticos para a quantificação deste princípio ativo, contudo, a maioria destas técnicas é cara e de procedimento relativamente demorado. Existem poucos procedimentos experimentais na região do visível para a sua análise quantitativa. Neste trabalho foram es...

  9. Analise de falhas em implantes cirúrgicos

    Abud, Ibrahim de Cerqueira; Souza, Sônia Maria Coelho de; Oliveira,Marize Varella


    São apresentados casos de falha em implantes cirúrgicos fabricados em aço inoxidável AISI 316L utilizados para redução de fratura de fêmur. As técnicas empregadas na análise dos problemas foram: inspeção visual, análise química, análise metalográfica e microscopia eletrônica de varredura. As falhas dos implantes importados estavam relacionadas a fatores alheios à qualidade do material fora de especificação sob ponto de vista químico e metalúrgico. Constatou-se a necessidade de ações relativa...

  10. Uma analise do comercio eletronico como estrategia de marketing

    Costa, Claudia Regina Macedo da


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro Socio-Economico Análise do Comércio Eletrônico através da Internet como uma estratégia de Marketing. Estuda o potencial estratégico das tecnologias da informação emergentes que está revolucionando a forma de negociar das empresas e consumidores. O comércio como uma estratégia de marketing. Eliminação de custos de comunicação. Oportunidades de negócios.

  11. Self protected transformers: performance analysis; Transformadores autoprotegidos: analise de desempenho

    Araujo, Luiz Damiao S.; Gomes, Silvio Franco; Tenius, Sergio Ricardo [Light Servicos de Eletricidade SA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper analyses the project details of the distribution self protected transformer, the construction characteristics, the advantages resulting from the utilization in conventional installations, the application limitations and the special care with this product. The work presents an analysis of the equipment technical specifications which are presently applied by the main brazilian utilities, with comments and suggestions which might contribute to the process of self protected distribution transformers normatization.

  12. A continuum mechanics-based musculo-mechanical model for esophageal transport

    Kou, Wenjun; Pandolfino, John E; Kahrilas, Peter J; Patankar, Neelesh A


    In this work, we extend our previous esophageal transport model using an immersed boundary (IB) method with discrete fiber-based structures, to one using a continuum mechanics-based model that is approximated based on finite elements (IB-FE). To deal with the leakage of flow when the Lagrangian mesh becomes coarser than the fluid mesh, we employ adaptive interaction quadrature points for Lagrangian-Eulerian interaction equations based on a previous work. In particular, we introduce a new anisotropic adaptive interaction quadrature rule. The new rule permits us to vary the interaction quadrature points not only at each time-step and element but also at different orientations per element. For the material model, we extend our previous fiber-based model to a continuum-based model. We first study a case in which a three-dimensional short tube is dilated. Results match very well with those from the implicit FE method. We remark that in our IB-FE case, the three-dimensional tube undergoes a very large deformation a...

  13. Estudio electrofisiologico de las variactones en la inervacion de los musculos de la mano

    R. C. Rey


    Full Text Available Para investigar las probables variaciones en la inervación de los músculos intrínsecos de la mano y/o la anastomosis entre los nervios mediano y cubital, se estudiaron 24 manos, estimulando en forma percutánea a dichos nervios, registrándose en abductor polliçis brevis (APB, adductor digiti minimi (ADM y primer interóseo dorsal (PID. Se halló una frecuente inervación del PID por el mediano. Se describe la técnica utilizada, comentando incidência, importancia y probable comportamiento en distintas patologias de las variaciones halladas.

  14. [Musculo-skeletal disorders and diseases in the complex metal-mechanical industry].

    d'Angelo, R; Attaianese, L; Attaianese, E; Mura, P


    Among work-related diseases, musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities have obtained increasing attention in last decades. In this paper we present and discuss the results of a work place ergonomic survey in a complex manufactory industry (Indesit S.p.A.), considering upper limbs disorders for biomechanical work-load risk. Ergonomic analysis has been performed using OCRA check-list, ORAGE method and Strain Index (S.I.). Results highlight the effectiveness use of the three arranged methods to assess risk situations and improve work places ergonomics conditions.

  15. Quiste sinovial en el tendon del musculo tibial posterior. Caso clinico, consideraciones biomecanicas y revision bibliografica

    Valero Salas, Jose; Gallart Ortega, Jose; Gonzalez Lopez, David


    Se presenta un caso de quiste sinovial localizado en la cara interna del tobillo derecho de una paciente que presenta pies pronados de articulacion subastragalina con el antepie patologicamente compensado en supinacion...

  16. [Systematization of the musculo-tendinous architecture of the human biceps (musculus biceps brachii)].

    Farisse, J; Guidon, P; Seriat-Gautier, B; Brunet, C; Gambarelli, J


    The structure of the brachial biceps is studied based upon the bilateral dissections of six subjects. The object of this work consists of determining the distribution of the group and muscular fibers in relation to the two proximal insertions and the two distal insertions. It is possible to describe the subgroups within each structure. The objective of each of these subgroups is considered within the framework of the coordination between the two muscular formation and the double insertions on the structure of the forearm. It is probable that this muscular formation corresponds to two different movements of the forearm during the locomotory progression. This work can be utilised in the sphere of the comparative biomechanical observation. Also electromyographic and the histochemical characteristics of the muscular group.

  17. A fully resolved active musculo-mechanical model for esophageal transport

    Kou, Wenjun; Griffith, Boyce E; Pandolfino, John E; Kahrilas, Peter J; Patankar, Neelesh A


    Esophageal transport is a physiological process that mechanically transports an ingested food bolus from the pharynx to the stomach via the esophagus, a multi-layered muscular tube. This process involves interactions between the bolus, the esophagus, and the neurally coordinated activation of the esophageal muscles. In this work, we use an immersed boundary (IB) approach to simulate peristaltic transport in the esophagus. The bolus is treated as a viscous fluid that is actively transported by the muscular esophagus, which is modeled as an actively contracting, fiber-reinforced tube. A simplified version of our model is verified by comparison to an analytic solution to the tube dilation problem. Three different complex models of the multi-layered esophagus, which differ in their activation patterns and the layouts of the mucosal layers, are then extensively tested. To our knowledge, these simulations are the first of their kind to incorporate the bolus, the multi-layered esophagus tube, and muscle activation i...

  18. Antioxidant support in composite musculo-adipose-fasciocutaneous flap applications: an experimental study.

    Bozkurt, Mehmet; Kapi, Emin; Kulahci, Yalcin; Gedik, Ercan; Ozekinci, Selver; Isik, Fatma Birgul; Celik, Yusuf; Selcuk, Caferi Tayyar; Kuvat, Samet Vasfi


    Free radicals are chemicals that play roles in the etio-pathogenesis of ischaemia-reperfusion injury. Various antioxidants have been used in an attempt to mitigate the damage induced by these chemicals. In the present study, the antioxidative effects of grape seed extract (proanthocyanidin), tomato extract (lycopene), and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) on a composite re-established-flow inferior epigastric artery based rectus abdominis muscle-skin flap model on which experimental ischaemia was induced were investigated. The rats have been administered antioxidants for 2 weeks prior to the surgery and for 2 more weeks thereafter. Macroscopic, histopathological, and biochemical analyses were carried out at the decision of the experiment. It was found that flap skin island necrosis was significantly reduced in the proanthocyanidin, lycopene, vitamin C groups (p < 0.001). Statistical analyses showed significant decreases in inflammation, oedema, congestion, and granulation tissue in the proanthocyanidin and lycopene groups compared to the vitamin C and control groups (p < 0.001). When the viability rates of fat and muscle tissues were examined, significant improvements were found in the proanthocyanidin and lycopene groups in comparison to the other groups (p < 0.001). Serum antioxidant capacity measurements revealed significant differences in the lycopene group compared to all other groups (p < 0.001). It is concluded that lycopene and proanthocyanidin are protective antioxidants in rat composite muscle-skin flap ischaemia-reperfusion models.

  19. Closure and augmentation of bladder exstrophy using rectus abdominis musculo-peritoneal flap.

    Agarwal, P


    The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of the rectus abdominis myo-peritoneal flap (RAMP) technique for the closure and augmentation of small, non-elastic, non-compliant bladder exstrophies. The RAMP technique was used in three boys with bladder exstrophy who presented late with small, non-elastic, non-compliant bladder. The clinical outcome, imaging, cystoscopy, biochemical and microbiological studies were assessed during a follow-up of 36 months. Bladder closure and augmentation was achieved in all patients without any complications. There were no urinary tract infections, metabolic problems or electrolyte disturbances and the kidney function remained normal in all patients. Radiography confirmed intact function and anatomy of the urinary tract and cystoscopy showed complete coverage of the inner peritoneal layer of RAMP with uroepithelium. No stone formation or mucous production was detected. The RAMP technique is a good alternative for closing bladder exstrophies and achieves an increase in bladder capacity and compliance. The technique is indicated in the closure of large bladder defects, bladder exstrophies with small, inelastic, non-compliant bladder remnants and failed primary closures.

  20. The Interday Measurement Consistency of and Relationships Between Hamstring and Leg Musculo-articular Stiffness.

    Waxman, Justin P; Schmitz, Randy J; Shultz, Sandra J


    Hamstring stiffness (K(HAM)) and leg stiffness (K(LEG)) are commonly examined relative to athletic performance and injury risk. Given these may be modifiable, it is important to understand day-to-day variations inherent in these measures before use in training studies. In addition, the extent to which K(HAM) and K(LEG) measure similar active stiffness characteristics has not been established. We investigated the interday measurement consistency of K(HAM) and K(LEG), and examined the extent to which K(LEG) predicted K(HAM) in 6 males and 9 females. K(HAM) was moderately consistent day-to-day (ICC(2,5) = .71; SEM = 76.3 N·m(-1)), and 95% limits of agreement (95% LOA) revealed a systematic bias with considerable absolute measurement error (95% LOA = 89.6 ± 224.8 N·m(-1)). Day-to-day differences in procedural factors explained 59.4% of the variance in day-to-day differences in K(HAM). Bilateral and unilateral K(LEG) was more consistent (ICC(2,3) range = .87-.94; SEM range = 1.0-2.91 kN·m(-1)) with lower absolute error (95% LOA bilateral= -2.0 ± 10.3; left leg = -0.36 ± 3.82; right leg = -1.05 ± 3.61 kN·m(-1)). K(LEG) explained 44% of the variance in K(HAM) (P < .01). Findings suggest that procedural factors must be carefully controlled to yield consistent and precise K(HAM) measures. The ease and consistency of K(LEG), and moderate correlation with K(HAM), may steer clinicians toward K(LEG) when measuring lower-extremity stiffness for screening studies and monitoring the effectiveness of training interventions over time.

  1. Hamstrings functional properties in athletes with high musculo-skeletal flexibility.

    Moltubakk, M M; Eriksrud, O; Paulsen, G; Seynnes, O R; Bojsen-Møller, J


    The purpose of this study was to examine whether athletes with highly flexible hamstring muscle-tendon units display different passive and contractile mechanical properties compared with controls. Flexibility, passive, and active torque-angle properties were assessed in 21 female elite rhythmic gymnasts and 16 female age-matched athletes. Passive resistance to stretch was measured during knee extension with the hip fixed at 100° of flexion. Concentric isokinetic maximal voluntary knee flexion and extension torques were measured at 60°/s in the same position. Tests of flexibility and passive resistance to stretch indicated a greater flexibility in the gymnasts. Despite no differences between groups in knee flexion and extension peak torque, gymnasts reached knee flexion peak torque at more extended positions (longer muscle lengths) and displayed significantly different torque-angle relations. When active torque was corrected for passive resistance to stretch, differences increased, gymnasts producing more work, and maintaining ≥ 70% of peak torque over a larger range of joint excursion. In conclusion, individuals with a higher flexibility of the hamstrings MTU present a different torque-angle profile, favoring the production of flexion torque toward extended knee positions, displaying larger functional range of motion and a higher mechanical work output during knee flexion. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  2. Closure and augmentation of bladder exstrophy using rectus abdominis musculo-peritoneal flap

    P Agarwal


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of the rectus abdominis myo-peritoneal flap (RAMP technique for the closure and augmentation of small, non-elastic, non-compliant bladder exstrophies. Materials and Methods: The RAMP technique was used in three boys with bladder exstrophy who presented late with small, non-elastic, non-compliant bladder. The clinical outcome, imaging, cystoscopy, biochemical and microbiological studies were assessed during a follow-up of 36 months. Results: Bladder closure and augmentation was achieved in all patients without any complications. There were no urinary tract infections, metabolic problems or electrolyte disturbances and the kidney function remained normal in all patients. Radiography confirmed intact function and anatomy of the urinary tract and cystoscopy showed complete coverage of the inner peritoneal layer of RAMP with uroepithelium. No stone formation or mucous production was detected. Conclusions: The RAMP technique is a good alternative for closing bladder exstrophies and achieves an increase in bladder capacity and compliance. The technique is indicated in the closure of large bladder defects, bladder exstrophies with small, inelastic, non-compliant bladder remnants and failed primary closures.

  3. Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome with Musculo-skeletal Involvement and Pulmonary Stenosis.

    Singal, A; Vohra, S; Sharma, R; Bhatt, S


    Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is a rare clinical entity. A 13-year-old Indian boy presented with characteristic cutaneous lesions, gastrointestinal malformations, skeletal involvement and pulmonary stenosis. Diagnosis was confirmed on skin biopsy, radiographic evaluation, colonoscopy and echocardiography. Echocardiography revealed pulmonary stenosis, an association hitherto undescribed. Detailed evaluation in a patient of blue rubber bleb nerves syndrome is mandatory.

  4. [Work-related musculo-skeletal disorders in apiculture: a biomechanical approach to the risk assessment].

    Maina, G; Sorasio, D; Rossi, F; Zito, D; Perrelli, E; Baracco, A


    The risk assessment in apiculture points out methodological problems due to discontinuities and variability of exposure. This study analyzes a comprehensive set of potential determinants influencing the biomechanical risks in apiarists using recognized technical standards to ensure the technical-scientific accuracy; it offers a simplified methodological toolkit to be used in the risk assessment process and provides a user-friendly computer application. The toolkit asks the beekeeper to specify, for each month, the total number of hours worked, specifying the distribution among different tasks. As a result, the application calculates the average index risk and the peak index risk. The evidence of the study indicates that there are activities in this occupational area with biomechanical risks that remain for some tasks, while reducing the exposure time.

  5. Kinematic models of lower limb joints for musculo-skeletal modelling and optimization in gait analysis.

    Leardini, Alberto; Belvedere, Claudio; Nardini, Fabrizio; Sancisi, Nicola; Conconi, Michele; Parenti-Castelli, Vincenzo


    Kinematic models of lower limb joints have several potential applications in musculoskeletal modelling of the locomotion apparatus, including the reproduction of the natural joint motion. These models have recently revealed their value also for in vivo motion analysis experiments, where the soft-tissue artefact is a critical known problem. This arises at the interface between the skin markers and the underlying bone, and can be reduced by defining multibody kinematic models of the lower limb and by running optimization processes aimed at obtaining estimates of position and orientation of relevant bones. With respect to standard methods based on the separate optimization of each single body segment, this technique makes it also possible to respect joint kinematic constraints. Whereas the hip joint is traditionally assumed as a 3 degrees of freedom ball and socket articulation, many previous studies have proposed a number of different kinematic models for the knee and ankle joints. Some of these are rigid, while others have compliant elements. Some models have clear anatomical correspondences and include real joint constraints; other models are more kinematically oriented, these being mainly aimed at reproducing joint kinematics. This paper provides a critical review of the kinematic models reported in literature for the major lower limb joints and used for the reduction of soft-tissue artefact. Advantages and disadvantages of these models are discussed, considering their anatomical significance, accuracy of predictions, computational costs, feasibility of personalization, and other features. Their use in the optimization process is also addressed, both in normal and pathological subjects. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Musculo-skeletal tumors incidence and surgical treatment - A single center 5-year retrospective.

    Patrascu, J M; Vermesan, D; Mioc, M L; Lazureanu, V; Florescu, S; Tarullo, A; Tatullo, M; Abbinante, A; Caprio, M; Cagiano, R; Haragus, H


    Muscle-skeletal tumors represent a challenging pathology for orthopedic surgeons worldwide. The extremely invasive character, the local destruction, the high recurrence rate, the high incidence in young patients and the unfavorable prognosis are all very well known. For these patients it is very important to produce an accelerated functional, social and psychological postoperative rehabilitation. We studied 121 cases of muscle-skeletal tumors which were treated in our hospital over a 5 years period. We noticed a high prevalence in males and mainly between the 2nd-3rd and 5th-7th decades of their life. At our observation, most patients were suffering in advanced stages of malignant lesions. We try to manage amputations below 5%, with a significant reduction in introducing reconstructive surgical methods as a choice of treatment (10 prostheses and 12 cases of filling with acrylic cement or bone substituent increased with internal fixation). In this way we could observe an unusual ratio between benign and malignant tumors, probably caused by the patient's lack of concern for minimal symptoms. The rural citizen's addressability towards the medical system is alarmingly low, due to the big gap existing from diagnosis to treatment. There is still an hard effort to develop better reconstructive techniques for the treatment of muscle-skeletal tumors and more studies must be made in order to achieve this goal.

  7. The transverse musculo-cutaneous gracilis flap for breast reconstruction: How to avoid complications.

    Bodin, Frédéric; Dissaux, Caroline; Dupret-Bories, Agnes; Schohn, Thomas; Fiquet, Caroline; Bruant-Rodier, Catherine


    The transverse musculocutaneous gracilis (TMG) flap has become a common solution for breast reconstruction. However, the safe skin paddle limits are not yet understood. In this study, we attempted to address this issue based on our experiences with inferior and posterior skin paddle extension. Forty-four breast reconstructions with TMG flaps performed between November 2010 and January 2014 were analyzed retrospectively. For the first 20 cases, the flap skin paddle was extended 3 cm posteriorly to the middle thigh (group 1). For the next 20 flaps (group 2), the posterior tip was limited to this line, whereas more fat was recruited inferiorly. In the four cases of group 3, the skin flap was extended posteriorly with a second vascular pedicle from the profunda artery perforator (PAP) flap. The weights and the dimensions of the flaps, operating durations, and postoperative complications of the entire series were analyzed. Groups 1 and 2 were statistically compared. Flap complications were statistically more frequent in group 1 compared with group 2 (45 vs. 0%, P = 0.0012); 40% posterior flap tip necrosis was observed in group 1. Conversely, donor site complications were statistically more frequent in group 2 than in group 1 (40 vs. 5%, P = 0.019) with 35% inner thigh dehiscence. In the TMG with extended PAP flap group, the operating duration was 77 min longer compared with the rest of the series with no donor site complications. In one case, limited necrosis occurred at the anterior skin tip. Harvesting the posterior portion of the TMG up to the middle of the posterior thigh may lead to partial flap necrosis. Extending subcutaneous fat removal under the inferior skin incision may increase the risk of donor site complications. Adding a second vascular pedicle from the PAP flap may improve posterior TMG tip perfusion at the expense of a longer operation. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. Musculo-Skeletal and Vascular Involvement in Behcet’s Disease

    Meryem Can


    Full Text Available As a complex vasculitis of unknown etiology, both innate and adaptive immune systems are activated in Behcet’s disease (BD, together with neutrophilic and lympho-histiocytic inflammation. With some features also resembling spondyloarthropathies, arthritis is one of the most frequent manifestations of BD and its prevalence ranges from 40-70%. The most frequently affected joint is knee. Patients generally present with non-erosive, recurrent, asymmetric mono or oligoarthritis. Enthesitis, spondylitis and sacroiilitis are seen less frequently. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and intra-articular corticosteroids are the first choice of treatment. Although controlled-trials are lacking, most clinicians also use sulphasalazine and methotrexate in refractory cases. BD, with a prevalence of 25-30%, also involves vessels of all sizes, both arterial and venous. It most commonly affects young males as an important cause of mortality. Endothelial dysfunction is thought to be the major etiopathogenetic factor of vessel involvement. As the disease course continues with remission and relapses and disease activity abating in older ages, controlling inflammation and the prevention of complications at the early phases of the disease is the main aim of treatment. For major vessel involvement cyclophosphamide and high-dose corticosteroids are used, azathiopurine is recommended for small-vessel disease.

  9. Musculo-skeletal and pulmonary effects of sitting position - a systematic review.

    Szczygieł, Elżbieta; Zielonka, Katarzyna; Mętel, Sylwia; Golec, Joanna


    Year after year, we spend an increasing amount of time in a sitting position. Often, we sit with poor posture, as indicated by numerous pain syndromes within the musculoskeletal system. Several reports confirm that body posture and the amount of time spent in a seated position have extensive implications for our health. Previous studies and a literature review suggest there is limited knowledge regarding an ergonomic sitting position. The aim of the study was to analyze the research relating to a proper sitting position and the consequences of incorrect sitting posture. A database search was conducted in Science Direct, Scopus, PubMed, Medline, and Google Scholar. Selection was made on the basis of titles, the abstracts and full texts of the studies. No limits were applied to the date of publication. Incorrect sitting posture contributes to many disorders, especially in the cervical and lumbar spine. It also determines the work of the respiratory system. Most authors suggest that maintenance of the physiological curvature of the spine is crucial for the biomechanics of the sitting position, as well as the location of the head and position of the pelvis. It raises awareness of work-related hazards and the introduction of education on the principles of proper seating. It is necessary to draw attention to the risks associated with work performed in a sitting posture, and education on the principles of ergonomical sitting.

  10. A fully resolved active musculo-mechanical model for esophageal transport

    Kou, Wenjun; Bhalla, Amneet Pal Singh; Griffith, Boyce E.; Pandolfino, John E.; Kahrilas, Peter J.; Patankar, Neelesh A.


    Esophageal transport is a physiological process that mechanically transports an ingested food bolus from the pharynx to the stomach via the esophagus, a multi-layered muscular tube. This process involves interactions between the bolus, the esophagus, and the neurally coordinated activation of the esophageal muscles. In this work, we use an immersed boundary (IB) approach to simulate peristaltic transport in the esophagus. The bolus is treated as a viscous fluid that is actively transported by the muscular esophagus, and the esophagus is modeled as an actively contracting, fiber-reinforced tube. Before considering the full model of the esophagus, however, we first consider a standard benchmark problem of flow past a cylinder. Next a simplified version of our model is verified by comparison to an analytic solution to the tube dilation problem. Finally, three different complex models of the multi-layered esophagus, which differ in their activation patterns and the layouts of the mucosal layers, are extensively tested. To our knowledge, these simulations are the first of their kind to incorporate the bolus, the multi-layered esophagus tube, and muscle activation into an integrated model. Consistent with experimental observations, our simulations capture the pressure peak generated by the muscle activation pulse that travels along the bolus tail. These fully resolved simulations provide new insights into roles of the mucosal layers during bolus transport. In addition, the information on pressure and the kinematics of the esophageal wall resulting from the coordination of muscle activation is provided, which may help relate clinical data from manometry and ultrasound images to the underlying esophageal motor function.

  11. Caracterizacion de musculos artificiales con capacidades sensores/actuadores e intercambio mayoritario de cationes

    Valero Conzuelo, Laura Luz

    Over the past decade scientific research has been looking for new biomimetic materials able to imitate human organs behaviour, in such a way that is possible to apply them on different technologies: low cost ones, scalable ones, low energy consumption ones and on those with high potentialities in areas such as health, robotics, artificial nerves and muscles, among others. Most of the studied materials mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) of living cells and its physical functions. Now, and for the first time, conducting polymers, and other electroactive materials exchange ions and water through electrochemical reactions: the material becomes a dense electroactive gel. The content of mentioned gel and the reactions happening in it mimic, by the first time in the history of science, the composition (in its simplest expression) and reactions taking place in the reactive intracellular matrix of the functional cells of living beings. During the chemical reactions (oxidation or reduction) the gel relative composition (polymer-ion-water) shifts, in a reversible way, by several orders of magnitude. Along with it several composition-dependent properties of the material change simultaneously. The reversible variation of the material volume driven by the reactions mimics the natural muscles behaviour: artificial polymeric muscles, or polymeric electrochemical actuators, based on this property are being developed. With the material composition the consumed energy change as a function thermal, chemical or mechanical conditions. This fact is used for the development of sensors and biosensors. The material volume and the material potential shift, simultaneously, during the reaction. Here the possibility to develop dual sensing-actuators is explored: two elements working concurrently in the same, physically uniform, device mimicking haptic muscles. In this thesis the electrochemical synthesis of thick polypyrrole/DBS films is described. The electrochemical behaviour of the polymer film, used as a self-supported electrode, is characterized assuming the exchange of cations during its oxidation/reduction. For the electrochemical characterization of biomimetic films of polypyrrole/DBS, different electrochemical techniques are used and under different experimental conditions with the view to understanding the sensing potentialities of the material reactions. The study and electrochemical characterization of the motion of pPy/DBS//tape bilayer bending actuators corroborates that the reaction is driven by the expulsion of cations from the conducting polymer to the electrolyte during oxidation and its entrance during reduction, in the full potential range studied. The actuator is a faradaic device controlled by the electrochemical reaction driving the movement: the rate of the angular movement is a linear function (easy control of the velocity) of the applied current and the described angle by the displacement is a linear function of the consumed charge (it also provides another easy control of the displacement). The evolution of the muscle potential and that of the consumed electrical energy during the reaction senses the energetic working conditions: chemical energy (electrolyte concentration), thermal energy (working temperature) or electric energy (applied current). The polymeric motor senses, while working, environmental conditions. The sensing calibration curves were attained for the different sensors. They have been constructed and characterized triple-layer artificial muscles pPy/DBS//Tape//pPy/DBS, corroborating again the exchange of cations during the reaction, the faradic nature of the device and the ability of the device to sense, while moving, its environmental working conditions mimicking natural haptic muscles. The actuator (current and charge) and sensing (muscle potential and involved energy) signals are simultaneously present in only two connecting wires, mimicking brain-muscle intercommunication. The study of polymeric materials with cationic and/or ionic exchange opens the possibility of working in a future, using also anion-exchange materials, to develop new soft, wet, biomimetic and multifunctional tools and robots. Ionic, chemical, thermal and mechanical signals can be transformed into electrical ones and the involved information is transported using just two wires, simplifying in that way their connection to computers: the design of devices and robots having them heralds a more efficient technology.

  12. Assessing musculo-articular stiffness using free oscillations: theory, measurement and analysis.

    Ditroilo, Massimiliano; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron; De Vito, Giuseppe


    Stiffness, the relationship between applied load and elastic deformation, is an important neuromechanical component related to muscular performance and injury risk. The free-oscillation technique is a popular method for stiffness assessment. There has been wide application of this technique assessing a variety of musculature, including the triceps surae, knee flexors, knee extensors and pectorals. The methodology involves the modelling of the system as a linear damped mass-spring system. The use of such a model has certain advantages and limitations that will be discussed within this review. Perhaps the major advantage of such a model is the specificity of the measure, whereby it is possible for the assessment conditions to simulate the type of loading witnessed during functional tasks and sporting situations. High levels of reliability and construct validity have typically been reported using such procedures. Despite these assurances of accuracy, a number of issues have also been identified. The literature reveals some concerns surrounding the use of a linear model for stiffness assessment. Further, procedural issues surrounding the administration of the perturbation, attention focus of the participant during the perturbation, signal collection, data processing and analysis, presentation of stiffness as a linear or torsional value, assessment load (single vs multiple vs maximal) and the stiffness-load relationship have been identified, and are all fundamentally related to the quality of the calculated output data. Finally, several important considerations for practitioners have been recommended to ensure the quality and consistency of stiffness data collection, processing and interpretation.

  13. Disuse of the musculo-skeletal system in space and on earth.

    Narici, M V; de Boer, M D


    Muscle mass and strength are well known to decline in response to actual and simulated microgravity exposure. However, despite the considerable knowledge gained on the physiological changes induced by spaceflight, the mechanisms of muscle atrophy and the effectiveness of in-flight countermeasures still need to be fully elucidated. The present review examines the effects and mechanisms of actual and simulated microgravity on single fibre and whole muscle structural and functional properties, protein metabolism, tendon mechanical properties, neural drive and reflex excitability. The effects of inflight countermeasures are also discussed in the light of recent advances in resistive loading techniques, in combined physical, pharmacological and nutritional interventions as well as in the development of artificial gravity systems. Emphasis has been given to the pioneering work of Pietro Enrico di Prampero in the development of artificial gravity systems and in the progress of knowledge on the limits of human muscular performance in space.

  14. Efeitos do fortalecimento dos musculos abdominais em mulheres potadoras de lombalgia

    Camila Pinhata Rocha


    Resumo: Diferentes modalidades de tratamento vêm sendo utilizados por fisioterapeutas com a intenção de reverter quadros de disfunção da coluna vertebral, inclusive da região lombar, com intuito de reduzir a sintomatologia. Assim, realizou-se uma revisão da literatura com o objetivo de verificar os efeitos dos tratamentos fisioterapêuticos utilizados no tratamento da dor lombar. O levantamento bibliográfico, de janeiro de 2005 a outubro de 2009, foi feito nas seguintes bases de dados ISI, Pub...

  15. Complete tissue expander coverage by musculo-fascial flaps in immediate breast mound reconstruction after mastectomy.

    Alani, Harith A; Balalaa, Nahed


    Immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expander has become an increasingly popular procedure. Complete coverage of the expander by a musculofascial layer provides an additional well-vascularised layer, reducing the rate of possible complications of skin necrosis, prosthesis displacement, and the late capsular contracture. Complete expander coverage can be achieved by a combination of pectoralis major muscle and adjacent thoracic fascia in selected patients. Seventy-five breast mounds in 59 patients were reconstructed, in the first stage a temporary tissue expander inserted immediately after mastectomy and a musculofascial layer composed of the pectoralis major muscle, the serratus anterior fascia, and the superficial pectoral fascia were created to cover the expander. The first stage was followed months later by implant insertion. Minor and major complications were reported in a period of follow-up ranging from 24-42 months (mean 31 months). Complete musculofascial coverage of the tissue expander was a simple and easy to learn technique providing that the patient has a well-formed and intact superficial pectoral and serratus anterior fascia. From a total of 75 breast mounds reconstructed, major complications rate was 4% (overall rate of 19.8%), including major seroma (n = 4), haematoma (n = 1), partial skin loss (n = 3), wound dehiscence (n = 1), major infection (n = 2), severe capsule contracture (n = 1), and expander displacement (n = 3). The serratus anterior fascia and the superficial pectoral fascia flaps can be effectively used as an autologous tissue layer to cover the lower and the lateral aspect of tissue expanders in immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

  16. Interacao da torra e moagem do cafe na preferencia do consumidor do oeste paranaense

    Pizarro Schmidt, Carla Adriana; Miglioranza, Edison; Prudencio, Sandra Helena


    .... Foram realizadas analises sensoriais de preferencia e fisicoquimicas. As analises fisico-quimicas foram utilizadas para monitorar as mudancas ocorridas nos produtos ao longo do processo de torra...

  17. Analysis of mercury and selenium in biological samples by neutron activation analysis; Analise de mercurio e selenio em materiais biologicos pelo metodo de analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Catharino, Marilia Gabriela Miranda


    In the present work, hair samples from populations suspected of contamination by mercury, in the localities of Serra do Navio, Vila Nova and Tartarugalzinho, in the State of Amapa, were analyzed. Hair samples of children under odontopediatric treatment were also analyzed for mercury, in order to study the possibility of transfer of mercury from the dental amalgam and also to obtain data of hair mercury in a control population of children. Another step of the work was the development of a method for the determination of selenium, by using the short-lived radioisotope {sup 77}mSe. After the certification of the method it was applied to the analysis of hair, nails and a vitamin supplement. A comparison was made with the results obtain ed by using the long-lived radioisotope of selenium, {sup 75}Se. The results obtained for mercury in the hair samples of populations living in the State of Amapa have shown that the mercury concentrations in these populations are much higher than in the controls. As for the hair samples of children under treatment with mercury amalgam, no significant differences were found in the concentrations of mercury after the treatment. On the other hand, these data were important to obtain data for a control population of children. The results obtained by using the radioisotope {sup 77}mSe showed that the method developed was suitable for the analyzed matrixes and the results were similar to the ones obtained by employing the usual AANI method, with the radioisotope {sup 75}Se. (author)

  18. Adaptations neuromusculaires et musculo-tendineuses à l'exercice excentrique isotonique et isocinétique

    Guilhem, Gaël; Cornu, Christophe; Guével, Arnaud


    International audience; To present the properties of an eccentric contraction and compare neuromuscular and muscle-tendon system adaptations induced by isotonic and isokinetic eccentric trainings. Synthesis. – An eccentric muscle contraction is characterized by the production of muscle force associated to a lengthening of the muscle-tendon system. This muscle solicitation can cause micro lesions followed by a regeneration process of the muscle-tendon system. Eccentric exercise is commonly use...

  19. Intoxicaçoes por inseticidas: microdissecção de nervos e histoquimica de musculos em 10 casos

    Lineu Cesar Werneck


    Full Text Available É relatado o estudo de nervo sural e músculos em 10 pacientes com intoxicações crônicas por inseticidas organoclorados e organofosforados, sendo utilizadas técnicas de microdissecção de nervos e histoquímica de músculos. Foram estudados os nervos surais de 9 pacientes por microdissecção, tendo sido encontrado anormalidades em todos, predominando a presença de fibras dos tipos C, D e grande quantidade de fibras G, conforme a classificação de Dyck; o nervo do décimo paciente apresentava-se totalmente desmielinizado. Em 8 casos foram estudados músculos com inclusão em parafina e por histoquímica, sendo encontrada denervação em seis; os restantes eram músculos normais. Os autores concluem que o processo atua predominantemente nos axônios, provocando degeneração axonal distal, com fenômeno de "dying back".




    El músculo esquelético, debido a su actividad contráctil, está constantemente expuesto a altos niveles de oxidación celular. Sin embargo, estos pueden ser contrarrestados por eficientes mecanismos antioxidantes. Uno de los antioxidantes más importantes del organismo es la vitamina C, la que se ha descrito se almacena en un gran porcentaje (50%) en el músculo esquelético. Aún así, no se conocen claramente los mecanismos que regulan la incorporación de vitamina C en este tejido. En dos lí...

  1. Manifestaciones musculo-esqueléticas en pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica

    Alca-Clares, Raúl; Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Lima.; Tabori-Peinado, Harold; Calvo-Quiroz, Armando; Berrocal-Kasay, Alfredo; Loza-Munarriz, Cesar


    Objetivos: Determinar la frecuencia y describir las manifestaciones musculoesqueléticas (MME) en pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica (HDC). Material y métodos: Es una serie de casos. Se incluyeron 68 pacientes con edad ≥ 18 años, en HDC ≥ 6 meses, del Centro de Hemodiálisis de la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Los datos demográficos, clínicos, tiempo en hemodiálisis, dosis de diálisis e ingesta proteica, y calcio, fósforo y fosfatasa alcalina séricos fueron obtenidos de las historias clí...

  2. Inactivation of mechano-sensitive dilatation upon repetitive mechanical stimulation of the musculo-vascular network in the rabbit.

    Turturici, M; Roatta, S


    Mechano-sensitivity of the vascular network is known to be implicated in the rapid dilatation at the onset of exercise, however, it is not known how this mechanism responds to repetitive mechanical stimulation. This study tests the hypothesis that the mechanically-induced hyperaemia undergoes some attenuation upon repetitive stimulation. Muscle blood flow was recorded from 9 masseteric arteries (5 right, 4 left) in 6 anesthetized rabbits. Two mechanical stimuli, masseter muscle compression (MC) and occlusion of the masseteric artery (AO), were provided in different combinations: A) repeated stimulation (0.5 Hz, for 40 s); B) single stimuli delivered at decreasing inter-stimulus interval (ISI) from 4 min to 2 s, C) single AO delivered before and immediately after a series of 20 MCs at 0.5 Hz, and vice-versa. Repetitive AO stimulation at 0.5 Hz produced a transient hyperaemia (378 ±189%) peaking at 4.5 ±1.4 s and then decaying before the end of stimulation. The hyperaemic response to individual AOs progressively decreased by 74 ±39% with decreasing ISI from 4 min to 2 s (p<0.01). Non significant differences were observed between AO and MC stimulation. Decreased response to AO was also provoked by previous repetitive MC stimulation, and vice-versa. The results provide evidence that the mechano-sensitivity of the vascular network is attenuated by previous mechanical stimulation. It is suggested that the mechano-sensitive dilatory mechanisms undergoes some inactivation whose recovery time is in the order of a few minutes.

  3. Research on the effects of laser-therapy application in low back pain of musculo-capsulo-ligaments disorders

    Nica, Adriana S.; Teleki, N.; Vasiliu, Virgil V.


    Usually, lumbosacrat aria is a very mechanical stressed aria because of insufficient adaptation to the verticality and because of many other getting in professional field (high physical stress, sedentary profession) or in daily living. Because of all these facts and the other can develop `low back pain syndromes' in variable places dorsolumbar, lumbar or lumbosacrat aria, in different degree of disability interesting the muscles, fasciae, aponevrosis tendons, capsules and ligaments. Specially the muscular tissue is in high sufferings in paravertebral lumbosacrat place where we can find frequently contractor (usually secondary to the static vertebral troubles) or retractors; sometimes we discover morphopathological disorder in muscles with trigger and tender points--very painful and cause of a high percent of disability of lumbosacrat region. The aim of this research is to prove by clinic--functional tests the effects of laser- therapy and to notice the answer of all the soft tissue from lumbosacrat region and all the structures treated which respond after laser-therapy to kinetotherapy, comparing with the other kinds of physical therapy.

  4. The effect of Kinesiotape application on functional performance in surgeons who have musculo-skeletal pain after performing surgery.

    Karatas, Nihan; Bicici, Seda; Baltaci, Gul; Caner, Hakan


    Surgeons make up a unique group that is at risk for developing work-related musculoskeletal symptoms. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of Kinesiotape technique on pain and functional performance in surgeons who have musculoskeletal system pain after performing surgery. 32 surgeons between the ages of 27 and 44 yrs working in a university hospital were included. The Visual Analog Scale (VAS) was used to evaluate the surgeons' neck and low back pain and the Oswestry Low Back and Neck Disability Indexes were used to determine the impact of pain on daily living activities. First, surgeons were evaluated without Kinesiotape application, then evaluated again on the first day and fourth day of Kinesiotape application. The results showed that surgeons had a significant reduction in neck and low back pain (p < 0.05). There were improvements in both Oswestry Low Back Disability Index and Neck Disability Index scores when compared with their initial status (p < 0.05). After Kinesiotape application, neck and low back range of motions' scores showed an increase (p < 0.05). Findings demonstrated that Kinesio taping would be an effective method for reducing neck and low back pain and improving functional performance.

  5. Evaluation of elastic bands for lower extremity resistance training in adults with and without musculo-skeletal pain.

    Sundstrup, E; Jakobsen, M D; Andersen, C H; Bandholm, T; Thorborg, K; Zebis, M K; Andersen, L L


    Therapists commonly use elastic bands in resistance exercises during rehabilitation of smaller muscles, such as in the shoulder. However, the effectiveness has not yet been investigated for larger muscle groups. This study investigates muscle activity during lower extremity exercises. Electromyographic (EMG) activity of 10 muscles was measured in 24 women and 18 men during lunges with elastic resistance, lunges with dumbbells, and unilateral leg press in machine using 10 repetition maximum loadings, and normalized to maximal voluntary isometric contraction EMG. Lunges with dumbbells and leg press showed higher activity than lunges with elastic resistance for the vasti and rectus femoris (P < 0.01), whereas lunges with elastic resistance showed higher activity of gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and erector spinae (P < 0.01). Gender, age, and pain in the knees and hip did not influence these findings. However, pain in the lower back decreased muscular activity of the gluteus maximus and vastus medialis (P < 0.01). Lunges with elastic resistance induce high levels of muscle activity in all the large muscle groups at the hip, knee, and back. Importantly, the efficiency of these exercises was equally high regardless of gender, age, and pain in the knees and hip, whereas pain in the lower back led to altered activation strategies. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Alpine Skiing With total knee ArthroPlasty (ASWAP): impact on molecular and architectural features of musculo-skeletal ageing.

    Narici, M; Conte, M; Salvioli, S; Franceschi, C; Selby, A; Dela, F; Rieder, F; Kösters, A; Müller, E


    This study investigated features of skeletal muscle ageing in elderly individuals having previously undergone unilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and whether markers of sarcopenia could be mitigated by a 12-week alpine skiing intervention. Novel biomarkers agrin, indicative of neuromuscular junction (NMJ) degeneration, tumor suppressor protein p53, associated with muscle atrophy, and a new ultrasound-based muscle architecture biomarker were used to characterize sarcopenia. Participant details and study design are presented by Kösters et al. (2015). The results of this study show that NMJ degeneration is widespread among active septuagenarians previously subjected to TKA: all participants showed elevated agrin levels upon recruitment. At least 50% of individuals were identified as sarcopenic based on their muscle architecture, supporting the hypothesis that NMJ alterations precede sarcopenia. Notably, sarcopenia was strongly associated with the expression of p53, which seems to confirm its validity as a biomarker of muscle atrophy. Training did not significantly modify any of these biomarkers. In view of the lack of accretion of muscle mass in response to the alpine skiing intervention, we hypothesize that local muscle inflammation and oxidative stress may have blunted the anabolic response to training and promoted muscle breakdown in this elderly post-TKA population. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. Exercise in stall-housed gestating gilts: Effects on lameness, the musculo-skeletal system, production and behavior

    The aims of this study were to determine if exercise would decrease the severity of lameness and have an affect on production, inter-birth intervals and lying behaviors during lactation. Fifty-one crossbred gilts were blocked by body weight and assigned to treatment at d 35 of gestation. The study ...

  8. The creation of new rotation arc to the rat latissimus dorsi musculo-cutaneous flap with delay procedures

    Aktas Alper


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap is one of the most frequently performed reconstructive techniques in surgery. Latissimus dorsi muscle has two arcs of rotation. It is classified as type V muscle. This muscle can be elevated on the thoracodorsal artery to cover large defects in the anterior chest and also, the muscle can be elevated on the segmental vessels to cover midline defects posteriorly. The aim of this study was to create a new arc of rotation on a vertical axis for the muscle and investigate effectiveness of vascular and chemical delays on the latissimus dorsi muscle flap with an inferior pedicle in an experimental rat model. We hypothesized that the latissimus dorsi muscle would be based on inferior pedicle by delay procedures. Methods We tested two different types of delay: vascular and combination of vascular and chemical. We also tried to determine how many days of "delay" can elicit beneficial effects of vascular and combination delays in an inferior pedicled latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap. To accomplish this, 48 male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly subjected to vascular or combination delay (vascular and chemical. In addition, one ear of each rat was assigned into a delay procedure and the other ear was used as a control. Results were evaluated macroscopically, and micro-angiography and histological examinations were also performed. As a result, there was a significant difference in viable flap areas between vascular delay alone and control groups (p Results The higher rate of flap viability was obtained in seven-day vascular delay alone. However, there was no significant difference in the viability between seven-day vascular delay and five-day vascular delay (p Conclusion The combination of vascular and chemical delays increased the rate of viability. Nevertheless, there was no significant difference between vascular delay alone and combination of vascular and chemical delays. Chemical delay did not significantly decrease the delay period. Better histological and microangiographical results were achieved in delay groups compared to control groups. We concluded that the arch of the latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap can be changed and the flap can be used for various purposes with the delay procedures.

  9. A passive movement method for parameter estimation of a musculo-skeletal arm model incorporating a modified hill muscle model.

    Yu, Tung Fai; Wilson, Adrian J


    In this paper we present an experimental method of parameterising the passive mechanical characteristics of the bicep and tricep muscles in vivo, by fitting the dynamics of a two muscle arm model incorporating anatomically meaningful and structurally identifiable modified Hill muscle models to measured elbow movements. Measurements of the passive flexion and extension of the elbow joint were obtained using 3D motion capture, from which the elbow angle trajectories were determined and used to obtain the spring constants and damping coefficients in the model through parameter estimation. Four healthy subjects were used in the experiments. Anatomical lengths and moment of inertia values of the subjects were determined by direct measurement and calculation. There was good reproducibility in the measured arm movement between trials, and similar joint angle trajectory characteristics were seen between subjects. Each subject had their own set of fitted parameter values determined and the results showed good agreement between measured and simulated data. The average fitted muscle parallel spring constant across all subjects was 143 N/m and the average fitted muscle parallel damping constant was 1.73 Ns/m. The passive movement method was proven to be successful, and can be applied to other joints in the human body, where muscles with similar actions are grouped together. Copyright © 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  10. A musculo-mechanical model of esophageal transport based on an immersed boundary-finite element approach

    Kou, Wenjun; Griffith, Boyce E.; Pandolfino, John E.; Kahrilas, Peter J.; Patankar, Neelesh A.


    This work extends a fiber-based immersed boundary (IB) model of esophageal transport by incorporating a continuum model of the deformable esophageal wall. The continuum-based esophagus model adopts finite element approach that is capable of describing more complex and realistic material properties and geometries. The leakage from mismatch between Lagrangian and Eulerian meshes resulting from large deformations of the esophageal wall is avoided by careful choice of interaction points. The esophagus model, which is described as a multi-layered, fiber-reinforced nonlinear elastic material, is coupled to bolus and muscle-activation models using the IB approach to form the esophageal transport model. Cases of esophageal transport with different esophagus models are studied. Results on the transport characteristics, including pressure field and esophageal wall kinematics and stress, are analyzed and compared. Support from NIH grant R01 DK56033 and R01 DK079902 is gratefully acknowledged. BEG is supported by NSF award ACI 1460334.

  11. Selection, processing and clinical application of muscle-skeletal tissue; Seleccion, Procesamiento y Aplicacion Clinica de Tejido Musculo-Esqueletico

    Luna Z, D.; Reyes F, M.L.; Lavalley E, C.; Castaneda J, G. [ININ, Carretera Mexico-Toluca s/n, 52750 La Marquesa, Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)]. e-mail: dlz@nuclear.inin. mx


    Due to the increase in the average of the world population's life, people die each time to more age, this makes that the tissues of support of the human body, as those muscle-skeletal tissues, when increasing the individual's age go weakening, this in turn leads to the increment of the illnesses like the osteoporosis and the arthritis, that undoubtedly gives as a result more injure of the muscle-skeletal tissues joined a greater number of traffic accidents where particularly these tissues are affected, for that the demand of tissues muscle-skeletal for transplant every day will be bigger. The production of these tissues in the Bank of Radio sterilized Tissues, besides helping people to improve its quality of life saved foreign currencies because most of the muscle-skeletal tissues transplanted in Mexico are of import. The use of the irradiation to sterilize tissues for transplant has shown to be one of the best techniques with that purpose for what the International Atomic Energy Agency believes a Technical cooperation program to establish banks of tissues using the nuclear energy, helping mainly to countries in development. In this work the stages that follows the bank of radio sterilized tissues of the National Institute of Nuclear Research for the cadaverous donor's of muscle-skeletal tissue selection are described, as well as the processing and the clinical application of these tissues. (Author)

  12. [Application of the musculo-skeletal modelling software lhpFusionBox to a paleoanthropological problem: the Spyrou Neandertal moves!].

    Chapman, Tara; Semal, Patrick; Moiseev, Fedor; Louryan, Stéphane; Rooze, Marcel; Van Sint Jan, Serge


    LhpFusionBox is a program originally designed for biomechanical and clinical studies relating to the musculoskeletal system of anatomically modern humans (AMH). The program has recently been adapted for paleontological purposes and used to reconstruct and biomechanically analyse a fossil hominid. There is no complete Neandertal skeleton in the fossil record. The aim of the study was to reconstruct a complete three-dimensional (3D) model of a Neandertal using the relatively complete Spy II Neandertal and to conduct biomechanical feasibility studies on the knee and hamstring moment arms of the skeleton. Different Neandertal specimens were scaled to the size of Spy II to replace incomplete or missing bones. Biomechanical feasibility studies performed on the knee seem to show that Neandertal and AMHh gait is similar and Neandertals were shown to have larger moment arms in the hamstring muscles, which would have given them a mechanical advantage. The complete Neandertal was printed in 3D and used as the base to create the artistic model of "Spyrou" housed at l'Espace de l'Homme de Spy (EHoS) museum. © 2013 médecine/sciences – Inserm.

  13. Are spontaneous fractures possible? An example of clinical application for personalised, multiscale neuro-musculo-skeletal modelling.

    Viceconti, Marco; Taddei, Fulvia; Cristofolini, Luca; Martelli, Saulo; Falcinelli, Cristina; Schileo, Enrico


    Elderly frequently present variable degrees of osteopenia, sarcopenia, and neuromotor control degradation. Severely osteoporotic patients sometime fracture their femoral neck when falling. Is it possible that such fractures might occur without any fall, but rather spontaneously while the patient is performing normal movements such as level walking? The aim of this study was to verify if such spontaneous fractures are biomechanically possible, and in such case, which conditions of osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and neuromotor degradation could produce them. To the purpose, a probabilistic multiscale body-organ model validated against controlled experiments was used to predict the risk of spontaneous fractures in a population of 80-years old women, with normal weight and musculoskeletal anatomy, and variable degree of osteopenia, sarcopenia, and neuromotor control degradation. A multi-body inverse dynamics sub-model, coupled to a probabilistic neuromuscular sub-model, and to a femur finite element sub-model, formed the multiscale model, which was run within a Monte Carlo stochastic scheme, where the various parameters were varied randomly according to well defined distributions. The model predicted that neither extreme osteoporosis, nor extreme neuromotor degradation alone are sufficient to predict spontaneous fractures. However, when the two factors are combined an incidence of 0.4% of spontaneous fractures is predicted for the simulated population, which is consistent with clinical reports. When the model represented only severely osteoporotic patients, the incidence of spontaneous fractures increased to 29%. Thus, is biomechanically possible that spontaneous femoral neck fractures occur during level walking, due to a combination of severe osteoporosis and severe neuromotor degradation. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Rectus femoris transfer and musculo-skeletal modeling: effect of surgical treatment on gait and on rectus femoris kinematics.

    Desailly, Eric; Khouri, Nejib; Sardain, Philippe; Yepremian, Daniel; Lacouture, Patrick


    Spasticity of the rectus femoris (RF) is one of the possible causes of stiff knee gait (SKG) in cerebral palsy. Musculoskeletal studies have shown that in SKG, length and speed of the RF are affected. No evaluation had been made to quantify the modifications of those parameters after surgery. The effect of this operation on gait quality and on RF kinematics was assessed in this study in order to identify kinematic patterns that may aid its diagnosis. For 26 transfers, clinical gait analysis pre- and post-surgery was used to compute the Gait Deviation Index (GDI) and Goldberg's index. The kinematics of the Original RF path (ORFp) was studied before and after surgery. The expression ORFp was chosen to avoid any confusion between this modeling parameter, whose computation was unchanged, and the actual anatomical path that was modified by surgery. The gait quality was improved (+18±12GDI) and there was an inverse relation between the pre-operative GDI and its improvement. The Golberg's index was improved (88% of the cases). The operation had a significant effect on the normalization of the timings of maximum length and speed of the ORFp. The improvement of SKG was correlated with the normalization of the timing of the ORFp's maximum length. The global improvement of the gait quality and of the SKG was demonstrated. Some parameters of muscular kinematics (RF length and velocity) have been standardized, showing an effect of the transfer not only during the swing, but also during stance. The premature timing of the ORFp peak length has been identified as a prognostic factor of a successful surgical outcome.

  15. Efeito da natacao associada a diferentes tratamentos sobre o musculo soleo de ratos: estudo histologico e morfometrico

    Dean Rodrigues Oliveira


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O uso de suplementos ergogênicos farmacológicos e nutricionais cresce a cada dia no ambiente esportivo. A creatina e os esteroides anabólicos são os recursos ergogênicos mais procurados ultimamente. OBJETIVO: Avaliar as alterações histológicas e morfométricas do músculo sóleo de ratos que receberam suplementos e foram submetidos a treinamento físico (TF de natação. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados 50 ratos, distribuidos em cinco grupos: três não submetidos à atividade física (controles e dois que receberam treinamento de natação (treinados. Um grupo controle recebeu apenas ração (grupo controle ração, dois grupos (um controle e outro treinado receberam diariamente 3,3 mg de creatina por grama de dieta dissolvida em água aplicada oralmente via gavagem, e os outros dois grupos (um controle e outro treinado receberam injeção intramuscular do esteroide anabolizante decanoato de nandrolona (Deca-durabolin(r - Organon 5 mg/kg duas vezes por semana. Os grupos treinados foram submetidos ao TF com duração de 60 min/sessão de segunda a sexta-feira por nove semanas, e foram sacrificados no final deste período. Após o sacrifício, o músculo sóleo foi retirado, fixado em formalina (10% tamponada e incluído em parafina. Os cortes histológicos foram corados pela técnica de hematoxilina-eosina para avaliação de hiperplasia e hipertrofia muscular. Para análise dos dados aplicou-se a análise de variância ANOVA One-Way com post hoc de Tukey-Kramer com nível de significância de 5%. RESULTADOS: Foi demonstrado que a creatina associada ao exercício provavelmente aumente o espaço intersticial no músculo esquelético sem alterar o tamanho ou número de fibras musculares, enquanto que o anabolizante aumentou o número de fibras musculares por área de músculo analisada, embora nenhuma alteração tenha sido observada na área da fibra. CONCLUSÃO: O músculo de ratos submetidos ao treinamento de natação responde diferentemente frente ao tipo de recurso ergogênico utilizado.

  16. Manifestaciones musculo-esqueléticas en pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica

    Raúl Alca-Clares


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Determinar la frecuencia y describir las manifestaciones musculoesqueléticas (MME en pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica (HDC. Material y métodos: Es una serie de casos. Se incluyeron 68 pacientes con edad ≥ 18 años, en HDC ≥ 6 meses, del Centro de Hemodiálisis de la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Los datos demográficos, clínicos, tiempo en hemodiálisis, dosis de diálisis e ingesta proteica, y calcio, fósforo y fosfatasa alcalina séricos fueron obtenidos de las historias clínicas, en 38 pacientes se determinó PTH sérico y a 37 pacientes se les realizó densitometría ósea como parte de su evaluación. Resultados: La edad promedio fue 52,1 ± 22,1 años, el 52,9% fueron mayores de 60 años, el tiempo en HDC 21,6 ± 17 meses, la nefropatía diabética fue la etiología más frecuente. El 73,5% de los pacientes presentaron MME. La artrosis y la lumbalgia fueron las más frecuentes. La artrosis se relacionó con edad >60 años (66,7% vs. 12,5%; p=0,000 y la presencia de diabetes mellitus (DM (68,6% vs. 32,7%; p=0,010. En 64,9% de pacientes se encontró densidad mineral ósea (DMO disminuida, 11 (29,7% tuvieron osteoporosis y 12 (32,4% osteopenia. Conclusión: Las MME tienen frecuencia elevada en pacientes en HDC, siendo la artrosis, la lumbalgia y la DMO disminuida las manifestaciones más frecuentes.

  17. Estudo da interação da veratrina com o musculo esqueletico por metodos histoquimicos, ultraestruturais e bioquimicos

    Erika Maria Silva Freitas


    Resumo: A veratrina é o extrato comercial obtido do Schoenocaulon officinale (Liliaceae), planta nativa da América do Sul e Central, que ativa os canais de sódio-voltagem dependentes, induzindo despolarização persistente e aumento da permeabilidade aos íons sódio em fibras musculares ou nervosas. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi investigar os efeitos da veratrina sobre o músculo esquelético de camundongos e peixes. A expressão fenotípica das fibras oxidativas, oxidativa-glicolíticas e glic...

  18. 3D musculo-skeletal finite element analysis of the foot kinematics under muscle activation with and without ankle arthrodesis

    Perrier, Antoine; Bucki, Marek; Luboz, Vincent; Vuillerme, Nicolas; Payan, Yohan


    International audience; The choice between arthrodesis and arthroplasty in the context of advanced ankle arthrosis remains a highly disputed topic in the field of foot and ankle surgery. Arthrodesis, however, represents the most popular option. Biomechanical modeling has been widely used to investigate static loading of cadaveric feet as well as consequences of arthrodesis on bony structures. Although foot kinematics has been studied using motion analysis, this approach lacks accuracy in capt...

  19. Evaluation of elastic bands for lower extremity resistance training in adults with and without musculo-skeletal pain

    Sundstrup, E; Jakobsen, M D; Andersen, C H


    . Electromyographic (EMG) activity of 10 muscles was measured in 24 women and 18 men during lunges with elastic resistance, lunges with dumbbells, and unilateral leg press in machine using 10 repetition maximum loadings, and normalized to maximal voluntary isometric contraction EMG. Lunges with dumbbells and leg...... these findings. However, pain in the lower back decreased muscular activity of the gluteus maximus and vastus medialis (P 

  20. Nucleate boiling of halogenated coolants - correlation analysis; Ebulicao nucleada de refrigerantes halogenados: analise de correlacoes

    Ribatski, Gherhardt; Jabardo, Jose M. Saiz [Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    Present study has been focused on a literature of heat transfer under nucleate boiling conditions of halocarbon refrigerants and their mixtures with lubricating oil. Two kind of correlations regarding the heat transfer mechanism have been found: strictly empirical, based on a straight curve fitting of experimental data, and semi-empirical, based on the particular point of view of the author regarding the physical mechanism but still fitted with experimental data. As a general rule, it has been noted that correlations present significant discrepancies among each other, a result which mostly reflects the wide range of experimental conditions used as a reference. A similar trend has been observed with refrigerant/oil mixtures. Given the current status of halocarbon refrigerants for refrigeration applications, there is clearly a need for further research regarding the nucleate boiling phenomenon related to those compounds. (author)

  1. Uma interpretação microscopica para a analise sistematica de cations

    Josivania Marisa Dantas


    Resumo: A análise sistemática de cátions é uma prática comum nos laboratórios de Química Analítica tanto na análise qualitativa realizada no meio acadêmico quanto na indústria, na identificação dos mais diferentes tipos de amostras desconhecidas. Esta prática é fruto de um vasto conhecimento de química acumulado de décadas por inúmeros pesquisadores e cientistas que conheciam a reatividade de muitas classes de compostos orgânicos e inorgânicos, bem como a propriedade de muitos deles. Em termo...

  2. Automated analysis of pumping tests; Analise automatizada de testes de bombeamento

    Sugahara, Luiz Alberto Nozaki


    An automated procedure for analysis of pumping test data performed in groundwater wells is described. A computer software was developed to be used under the Windows operational system. The software allows the choice of 3 mathematical models for representing the aquifer behavior, which are: Confined aquifer (Theis model); Leaky aquifer (Hantush model); unconfined aquifer (Boulton model). The analysis of pumping test data using the proper aquifer model, allows for the determination of the model parameters such as transmissivity, storage coefficient, leakage coefficient and delay index. The computer program can be used for the analysis of data obtained from both pumping tests, with one or more pumping rates, and recovery tests. In the multiple rate case, a de superposition procedure has been implemented in order to obtain the equivalent aquifer response for the first flow rate, which is used in obtaining an initial estimate of the model parameters. Such initial estimate is required in the non-linear regression analysis method. The solutions to the partial differential equations describing the aquifer behavior were obtained in Laplace space, followed by numerical inversion of the transformed solution using the Stehfest algorithm. The data analysis procedure is based on a non-linear regression method by matching the field data to the theoretical response of a selected aquifer model, for a given type of test. A least squared regression analysis method was implemented using either Gauss-Newton or Levenberg-Marquardt procedures for minimization of a objective function. The computer software can also be applied to multiple rate test data in order to determine the non-linear well coefficient, allowing for the computation of the well inflow performance curve. (author)

  3. Desigualdades sociais e tuberculose: analise segundo raca/cor, Mato Grosso do Sul

    Paulo Cesar Basta


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO Analisar características sociodemográficas e clínico-epidemiológicas dos casos de tuberculose e fatores associados ao abandono e ao óbito na vigência do tratamento. MÉTODOS Estudo epidemiológico baseado em dados notificados de tuberculose em indígenas e não indígenas, segundo raça/cor, em Mato Grosso do Sul, entre 2001 e 2009. Realizou-se análise descritiva dos casos de acordo com as variáveis sexo, faixa etária, zona de residência, exames empregados para o diagnóstico, forma clínica, tratamento supervisionado e situação de encerramento, segundo raça/cor. Utilizou-se análise univariada e múltipla por meio de regressão logística para identificar preditores de abandono e óbito, e odds ratio como medida de associação. Foi construída série histórica de incidência, segundo raça/cor. RESULTADOS Registraram-se 6.962 casos novos de tuberculose no período, 15,6% entre indígenas. Houve predomínio em homens e adultos (20 a 44 anos em todos os grupos. A maior parte dos doentes indígenas residia na zona rural (79,8% e 13,5% dos registros nos indígenas ocorreram em 45 anos (OR = 3,0; IC95% 1,2;7,8 e com a forma mista (OR = 2,3; IC95% 1,1;5,0 apresentaram associação com óbito. Apesar de representarem 3,0% da população, os indígenas foram responsáveis por 15,6% das notificações no período. CONCLUSÕES Houve importantes desigualdades em relação ao adoecimento por tuberculose entre as categorias estudadas. As incidências nos indígenas foram consistentemente maiores, chegando a exceder em mais de seis vezes as médias nacionais. Entre pretos e pardos, piores resultados no tratamento foram observados, pois apresentaram chance de abandono duas vezes maior que os indígenas. O mau desempenho do programa também esteve fortemente associado ao abandono e ao óbito. Acredita-se que, enquanto não se reduzir a pobreza, as desigualdades nos indicadores em saúde permanecerão.

  4. Liquids contamination analysis using ultrasonic technology; Analise de contaminacao de liquidos utilizando tecnologia ultra-sonica

    Sbalqueiro Neto, Orlando; Neves Junior, Flavio [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Parana (CEFET-PR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)


    The easiness of the ultrasonic technology in the liquids quality control on-line, without intrusiveness, installation easiness and manuscript easiness (for the fact of not being toxic as X-rays) are the reasons to become this one of the best chooses. This work presents the development position period of an equipment and a methodology for a problem solution of filters disruption. For such, a revision of the techniques used currently was made and after one brief theoretical revision presents a practical methodology and its results for a refinery oils. In this in case that the industry using presses filters to eliminate particles, residues of the process. The disruption of these filters can cause the loss of part of the production. An equipment that determined if occurred or not an imperfection in the filter would prevent much damage. The results present that the methodology today used solve this problem, but for a higher precision of determination product quality exists the necessity to develop new works with new methodologies. (author)

  5. Thermal hydrodynamic analysis of a countercurrent gas centrifuge; Analise termo hidrodinamica de uma centrifuga a contracorrente

    Andrade, Delvonei Alves de


    The influence of the thermal countercurrent on the separative performance of countercurrent centrifuges is treated in this work. The methodology used consists in modeling the gas flow inside the rotor under thermal boundary conditions supplied by the structural thermal model. The gas flow model, also called hydrodynamical model, is based on the Finite Volume Method for cylindrical geometry with azimuthal symmetry. The structural thermal model is based on the Nodal Method and take into account simultaneously, the conduction convection and radiation phenomena. The procedure adopted for this study consisted in the definition of the operational and geometric conditions of a centrifuge which was used as a pattern to the accomplished analysis. This configuration, called 'Standard Centrifuge', was used for the accomplishment of several simulations where the importance of the realistic boundary thermal conditions for the numerical evaluation of the centrifuge separative capacity was evidenced. A selective alteration for the optical properties based on simple engineering procedures was proposed. An improvement of 5% was obtained with this alteration. (author)

  6. New geomechanical developments for reservoir management; Desenvolvimentos experimentais e computacionais para analises geomecanicas de reservatorio

    Soares, Antonio C.; Menezes Filho, Armando Prestes; Silvestre, Jose R. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES)


    The common assumption that oil is produced under a constant rate only considering reservoir depletion has been questioned for some time. An usual hypothesis is that the physical properties of a reservoir are not constants during time, but they vary according to the properties of reservoir rock and the characteristics of the external loads. More precisely, as soon as a reservoir is explored, the volume of fluid diminishes, decreasing the static pressure and increasing the effective stress over the rock skeleton, which, depending on the nature of rock, can lead to a gradual deformation and alteration of reservoir's porosity and permeability, and oil productivity as well. This paper aims at showing numerical and experimental achievements, developed by the Well bore Engineering Technology Department of CENPES, devoted to the characterization of the influence of stress-strain states on the permeability and production of reservoir rocks. It is believed that these developments can possibly bring some light to the understanding of this complex phenomenon, besides allowing the establishment of more realistic relations involving stress-strain-permeability in coupled fluid dynamic problems. (author)

  7. Measurement analysis using the Fricke dosemeter; Analise de medicoes com o dosimetro Fricke

    Pedrosa, G.A.C. [Instituto Nacional de Metrologia (INMETRO), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:; Dantas, C.C. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Energia Nuclear], e-mail:; Campos, C.A. [Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Nordeste (CRCN-NE/CNEN-PE), Recife, PE (Brazil)], e-mail:


    The Fricke dosemeter has been used for absolute determination of the radiation dose between 40 and 350 Gy for X-rays, Gamma rays and fast electrons energies. The great inconvenient of that dosimetric system is the impossibility of using for measurements of exposure or low dose rates. A Fricke dosimetry system was implanted at the Nuclear Sciences Regional Center (CRCN), in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil, for the determination of radiation doses for spectrometry and mass dosimetry with plasma source. The statistical analysis of the obtained results have shown that using the spectrometric method that system cna be used for maintenance of factors of CRCN standard calibrations and the dose assessment thru mail system of radiotherapy centers of the country.

  8. Vermiculites of the Northeast Brazilian region: comparative analysis; Vermiculitas da regiao do nordeste brasileiro: analise comparativa

    Silva, P.S.; Hanken, R.B.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UAEMa/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Unidade Academica de Engenharia de Materiais; Raposo, C.M.O., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UAMG/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Unidade Academica de Mineracao e Geologia


    Vermiculites are clay minerals similar to montmorillonites differing for crystalline structures. The product exfoliated is odorless, hydrophobic, not irritate the skin and not the lungs. These properties provide the modified thermally vermiculite a product of broad application in the sectors of construction, agriculture and industry. The aim this work is the comparative analysis between two vermiculites micron fractions from different localities of the northeastern Brazilian region, UBM/PB and EUCATEX/PI. Samples exfoliated to 950 deg C were leached for removal of organic matter by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide. The spectroscopy in the infrared, FTIR and X-ray diffraction, XRD, were used to characterize the samples. Data from X-ray diffraction showed that the structural characteristics of the mineral samples were not significantly altered with the process of leaching and the IR spectra proved the efficiency of procedure for removal of organic impurities (author)

  9. Estimativa do tempo decorrido de morte atraves da analise do esfriamento corporal

    Luis Renato Silveira Costa


    Resumo: O estudo da cronotanatognose (determinação do tempo de morte) baseia-se na avaliação dos fenômenos cadavéricos conhecidos como fenômenos consecutivos, posto que surgem algum tempo após a morte, a saber: a evaporação cutânea, os livores hipostáticos, a rigidez cadavérica e o esfriamento corporal. Dentre esses fenômenos, somente as variações da temperatura corporal são passíveis de medição, sendo que os demais permitem, apenas, avaliações qualitativas, sujeitas à interpretação individua...

  10. Balanço comercial numa analise quantitativa Trade balance in quantitative analysis

    Martus Antonio Rodrigues Tavares


    Full Text Available Tentativa de comprovação da validade do modelo econométrico utilizado por Lemgruber no período 1965-1974. Procedeu-se ao teste do modelo, utilizando-se o período de 1965-1977 a fim de realizar a comprovação pretendida, face a nova conjuntura internacional de elevados preços do petróleo, de desvalorização do dólar frente às moedas de alguns países industrializados e de baixo crescimento da economia mundial, bem como das mudanças na política econômica de comércio exterior do Brasil. Procedeu-se também a um teste de modelo alternativo para melhor aplicação econométrica a conjuntura atual de comércio exterior. Ao final observou-se que os modelos estudados são suficientes para mostrar que a melhora do nosso balanço comercial está sujeita às variáveis externas como, renda mundial, preços de importações e exportações, não se desprezando também a variável interna — taxa de câmbio.Attempt to confirm the validity of the econometric model utilized by Lemgruber for the period 1965-1974. This model was applied to the period 1965-1977, in order to test it in the face of a new set of international crisis, such as the increase of petroleum prices, the devaluation of the dollar in relation to the currencies of other industrial countries, and the low growth-rate of the world economy, as well as in the face of the changes in Brazil's foreign economic policy. An alternative model was also tested for econometric applicability to the actual situation of foreign trade. It was observed, in the end, that the models studied sufficiently demonstrated that the improvement of our balance of trade is subject to such external variables as world income and import-export prices, as well as to the internal variable of exchange rate.

  11. Analysis of goyazensolide, in solution, by NMR; Analise do goiazensolideo, em solucao, por RMN

    Perry, Katia S.P.; Boaventura, Maria Amelia D. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Oliveira, Alaide B. de [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Produtos Farmaceuticos; Silva, Eduardo M.B. da; Silva, Antonio Jorge R. da [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Nucleo de Pesquisas de Produtos Naturais


    The identification and characterization of goyazensolide, a sesquiterpenic lactone, from Lychnophora passerina, was made based on comparative study of its spectral data. The methods used in this work include {sup 1} H and {sup 13} C NMR besides IR and UV spectroscopies. Data on chemical shifts as well as coupling constants were presented and analysed, furthermore the results were discussed 3 refs., 1 fig., 2 tabs.

  12. Exergetic analysis in petroleum primary separation plants; Analise exergetica em plantas de separacao primaria de petroleo

    Ghiorzi, Telmo Machado


    This dissertation presents a method for evaluate the efficiency of primary petroleum separation plants off-shore, using the concept of exergy. This concept is presented as a thermodynamic property and one shows how to calculate its value. A bibliographic revision is done, as well as, the necessary adaptations and considerations foe exergy application on off-shore plants: It is presented a way to evaluate efficiency on plants which part of the products is used as the drive-force of the process and it is presented the exergy calculation for mixtures, through departure functions. This calculation deserves special attention due to Equilibrium-Liquid-Vapour behavior of the mixtures when brought to ambient conditions. Some hypothetical cases, carried out using the Process Simulator HYSIM, are analyzed. The conclusions and recommendations are related to design and operation of off-shore plants and perspectives to follow on the subject exergy and the petroleum industry. (author)

  13. Antivirais incorporados no Brasil para hepatite B cronica: analise de custo-efetividade

    Gustavo Laine Araujo de Oliveira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO Avaliar o custo-efetividade de diferentes tratamentos medicamentosos para hepatite B crônica entre pacientes adultos. MÉTODOS Utilizando modelo de Markov, construiu-se coorte hipotética de 40 anos para pacientes HBeAg-positivo ou HBeAg-negativo. Foram comparados os usos de adefovir, entecavir, tenofovir e lamivudina (com terapia de resgate em caso de resistência viral para tratamento de pacientes adultos com hepatite B crônica, virgens de tratamento, com elevados níveis de alanina aminotransferase, sem evidência de cirrose e sem coinfecção por HIV. Valores para custo e efeito foram obtidos da literatura. A medida do efeito foi expressa em anos de vida ganhos (AVG. Taxa de desconto de 5% foi aplicada. Análise de sensibilidade univariada foi conduzida para avaliar incertezas do modelo. RESULTADOS O tratamento inicial com entecavir ou tenofovir apresentou melhores resultados clínicos. As menores razões custo-efetividade foram de entecavir para pacientes HBeAg-positivo (R$ 4.010,84/AVG e lamivudina para pacientes HBeAg-negativo (R$ 6.205,08/AVG. Para pacientes HBeAg-negativo, a razão custo-efetividade incremental de entecavir (R$ 14.101,05/AVG está abaixo do limiar recomendado pela Organização Mundial da Saúde. Análise de sensibilidade mostrou que variação nos custos dos medicamentos pode tornar tenofovir alternativa custo-efetiva tanto para pacientes HBeAg-positivo quanto para HBeAg-negativo. CONCLUSÕES Entecavir é alternativa recomendada para iniciar o tratamento de pacientes com hepatite B crônica no Brasil. Contudo, se houver redução no custo de tenofovir, esta pode se tornar alternativa mais custo-efetiva.

  14. ’n Teksgesentreerde retoriese analise van 1 Korintiërs 4

    A.H. Snyman


    Full Text Available A text-centred rhetorical analysis of 1 Corinthians 4The traditional approach in rhetorical analyses of Paul’s letters is to apply categories derived from the Greek-Roman rhetorical system to make sense of his persuasive strategy. The problem with this approach is that the categories were intended for the production of speeches and not for the analysis of letters. In order to address the problem, scholars have developed alternative approaches to the analysis of his letters – one of them is the so-called text-centred approach. By analysing 1 Corinthians 4 through a text-centred approach, I intend to provide additional evidence that it is unnecessary to force ancient rhetorical categories (from outside on the chapter to make sense of Paul’s persuasive strategy. It can be reconstructed fairly accurately from the text itself, provided that the chapter is studied carefully and systematically.

  15. Analysis of integrity and risk for onshore pipelines; Analise de integridade e risco para dutos onshore

    Lima, Marco Aurelio [Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The increasing expansion of the oil and gas industry in Brazil, the current legal requirements relating to security, health and environment in the industrial installations, is necessary that the companies, responsible by the operation of pipelines for oil and gas transport, adopt efficient techniques to assure the operational continuity of these of trustworthy form and insurance. To fulfill this important function it is important that the companies implement a management program to control and register the integrity of the pipelines during the all operational life cycle. Inside of this context of management of the integrity of pipelines, the DNV developed the software ORBIT Pipeline with the intention to serve as an important tool to monitor the technique and security condition of the pipeline, to define the frequency and content technician of the inspection program and to recommend the work of intervention or repair in pipeline when necessary. Additionally to these activities that are carried through directly in the ORBIT Pipeline, also an evaluation of the activity of third part and the land/soil movement is made inside of the systematic for analysis of integrity and risk for onshore pipelines performed by DNV. (author)

  16. MARA - methodology to analyze environmental risks; MARA - elaboracao de metodologia para analise dos riscos ambientais

    Mendes, Renato F.; Yogui, Regiane [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Minniti, Vivienne [Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Setor de Analise de Riscos; Lopes, Carlos F. [Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Setor de Operacoes de Emergencia; Milaneli, Joao [Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Ubatuba, SP (Brazil). Agencia Ambiental de Ubatuba; Torres, Carlos [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transportes, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Seguranca, Meio Ambiente e Saude; Rodrigues, Gabriela; Mariz, Eduardo [Consultoria Paulista, SP (Brazil)


    In the oil industry, the environmental impact assessment of an accident is both multi and interdisciplinary and goes through several approaches and depths. Due to the enormous complexity of the environmental analyses issues, mainly for being a science in development and not technological consensus, a macro methodology is presented for the purpose of identify areas that can be impacted by pipeline leakages and recommend improvements are applicable working as a table top response plan. The methodology of the Environmental Risk Mapping-MARA for pipelines rows, describes its concept and justifies the adoption of the environmental mapping during Risk Analyses studies, for PETROBRAS/TRANSPETRO new and existing pipelines. The development of this methodology is justified by the fact that it is a practical tool for identification, analysis and categorization of the more vulnerable environmental elements along a pipeline row and vicinities, during simulated occurrence of accidental spills of hydrocarbons in the environment. This methodology is a tool that allows Environmental Agencies and PETROBRAS a better way to manage in advance the Company emergencies. (author)

  17. Gas analysis in transformer insulation oil; Analise de gases em oleo isolante de transformador

    Pinto, Paulo Edgard Palma; Scarpati, Iran Bedoni; Castro, Roney Valadares [Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao, Vitoria, ES (Brazil)


    This work describes the studies, research and the setting up of gas extraction and analysis system for the gases dissolved in transformer insulation oils, using gas chromatography, at the Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao (Brazilian siderurgy company) coke plant laboratory 2 refs., 6 figs.

  18. Hydrodynamic analysis of propellers under steady state operation; Analise hidrodinamica de propulsores em regime permanente

    Conceicao, Carlos Antonio Levi da; Troyman, Antonio Carlos Ramos [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Programa de Engenharia Oceanica


    Surface panel method has been applied to the propeller analysis. For the propeller modeling, the boss and blades surfaces have been discretized in quadrilateral panels with dipoles and sources constant distributions. The surface of the blade wakes have been represented by panels with dipole constant distributions. This discussion focused only the propeller under steady state operation.

  19. Analysis of numerical solutions for Bateman equations; Analise de solucoes numericas para as equacoes de Bateman

    Loch, Guilherme G.; Bevilacqua, Joyce S., E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IME/USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Departamento de Matematica Aplicada. Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica; Hiromoto, Goro; Rodrigues Junior, Orlando, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN-CNEN/SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The implementation of stable and efficient numerical methods for solving problems involving nuclear transmutation and radioactive decay chains is the main scope of this work. The physical processes associated with irradiations of samples in particle accelerators, or the burning spent nuclear fuel in reactors, or simply the natural decay chains, can be represented by a set of first order ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients, for instance, the decay radioactive constants of each nuclide in the chain. Bateman proposed an analytical solution for a particular case of a linear chain with n nuclides decaying in series and with different decay constants. For more complex and realistic applications, the construction of analytical solutions is not viable and the introduction of numerical techniques is imperative. However, depending on the magnitudes of the decay radioactive constants, the matrix of coefficients could be almost singular, generating unstable and non convergent numerical solutions. In this work, different numerical strategies for solving systems of differential equations were implemented, the Runge-Kutta 4-4, Adams Predictor-Corrector (PC2) and the Rosenbrock algorithm, this last one more specific for stiff equations. Consistency, convergence and stability of the numerical solutions are studied and the performance of the methods is analyzed for the case of the natural decay chain of Uranium-235 comparing numerical with analytical solutions. (author)

  20. Experimental analysis of the ventilated roof thermal performance; Analise experimental do desempenho termico de coberturas ventiladas

    Cunha Neto, Jose Antonio Bellini da; Nicolau, Vicente de Paulo; Philippi, Paulo Cesar; Pereira, Fernando Oscar Ruttkay [Santa Catarina Univ., Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    Double ventilated roofs are being increasingly used in buildings for reducing the radiant solar load. Heat is transferred from the tiles by thermal convection with cooling breezes which flow in the spacing between the covers and this process will define the thermal efficiency of the roof. In this paper, the results of an experimental work are presented, regarding the thermal performance of ventilated roofs. The measuring process is complicated due to the following factors: i) high turbulence intensity of atmospheric flows, ii) high frequency temperature fluctuations of the cooling breezes, iii) need of high accuracy in temperature measurement, specially for predicting the temperature difference between the air flow and the internal cover. These factors contribute to a high dispersion in the values of the heat transfer coefficient with the air speed in the roof, and difficult the modelisation of the process. Nevertheless, taking the above difficulties in account, the results appear to be reliable and have been compared with a numerical model for simulating the thermal behaviour of the roof. (author) . 7 refs., 7 figs.

  1. Analysis of the computed tomography in the acute abdomen; Analise da tomografia computadorizada no abdome agudo

    Hochhegger, Bruno [Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Moraes, Everton [Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), RS (Brazil); Haygert, Carlos Jesus Pereira; Antunes, Paulo Sergio Pase [Hospital Universitario de Santa Maria, RS (Brazil); Gazzoni, Fernando [Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Porto Alegre (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Hospital Sao Lucas; Andrade, Rubens Gabriel Feijo [Fundacao Universitaria de Cardiologia de Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Cardiologia; Bueno, Leticia Rossi [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Lopes, Luis Felipe Dias [Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), RS (Brazil). Dept. de Estatistica]. E-mail:


    Introduction: This study tends to test the capacity of the computed tomography in assist in the diagnosis and the approach of the acute abdomen. Material and method: This is a longitudinal and prospective study, in which were analyzed the patients with the diagnosis of acute abdomen. There were obtained 105 cases of acute abdomen and after the application of the exclusions criteria were included 28 patients in the study. Results: Computed tomography changed the diagnostic hypothesis of the physicians in 50% of the cases (p < 0.05), and the confidence index in 85.71% of the cases (p 0.014). Computed tomography also altered the management in 46.43% of the cases (p > 0.05), where 78.57% of the patients had surgical indication before computed tomography and 67.86% after computed tomography (p = 0.0546). The index of accurate diagnosis of computed tomography, when compared to the anatomopathologic examination and the final diagnosis, was observed in 82.14% of the cases (p = 0.013). When the analysis was done dividing the patients in surgical and nonsurgical group, were obtained an accuracy of 89.28% (p 0.0001). The difference of 7.2 days of hospitalization (p = 0.003) was obtained compared with the mean of the acute abdomen without use the computed tomography. Conclusion: The computed tomography is correlative with the anatomopathology and has great accuracy in the surgical indication, associated with the capacity of increase the confident index of the physicians, reduces the hospitalization time, reduces the number of surgeries and is cost-effective. (author)

  2. ’n Retoriese analise van Romeine 9:1–10:4

    A.H. (Andries Snyman


    Full Text Available Die artikel is ’n poging om Paulus se retoriese strategie uit die teks self te rekonstrueer, eerder as om ’n klassieke of moderne retoriese model op die teks toe te pas. ’n Voorstel virso ’n teksgesentreerde benadering word kortliks opgesom, gevolg deur ’n beskrywing van die retoriese situasie wat Paulus in die brief wil ondersoek. Daar word geargumenteer dat Romeine 9:1–10:4 ’n integrale deel van Paulus se retoriese strategie vorm met die doel om sy gehoor te oortuig om sy siening van God se verlossingsplan, asook sy beoogde sending na Spanje te steun. In die proses van oorreding gebruik hy verskillende soorte argumente en retoriese tegnieke om die trefkrag van sy kommunikasie te verhoog. Die gevolgtrekkingis dat ’n teksgesentreerde benadering (met fokus op die funksionele aspekte van die teks ’n beter alternatief as die bestaande benaderings (met fokus op die formele aspekte van die teks bied.A rhetorical analysis of Romans 9:1-10:4. This article is an attempt to reconstruct Paul’s rhetorical strategy from the text itself, rather than applying ancient or modern rhetorical models to his letters. A proposal for such a text-centred approach is briefly summarised, followed by a discussion of the rhetorical situation that Paul wants to address in this letter. It is argued that Romans 9:1–10:4 forms an integral part of his rhetorical strategy, aimed at persuading his audience in Rome to support his view on God’s plan of salvationas well as his forthcoming mission to Spain. In the process of persuasion Paul uses various types of argument and rhetorical techniques to enhance the impact of his communication.The conclusion is that a text-centred approach (with its focus on the functional aspects of the text provides a better alternative to existing approaches (which focus on the formal aspects of the text. 

  3. 'n Media-analise oor misdaad in die Suid-Afrikaanse onderwys

    Erna Kinsey

    een van die voorkeure is, sal die media volgens Young (1999:446) nie huiwer nie “to ..... hoof dat dagga “a social problem and not a school problem” is (Ad- kins, 1999:1). .... was” (kyk Bantam, 2001:3; Rademeyer, 2001:18; Daily News, 1999:1;. Die Patriot, 1999:8 ..... Two bogus teachers sent to jail over fake qualifications.

  4. Uma analise enunciativo -discursiva de “Devanio e embriaguez" duma rapariga"

    Maria Benta de Lima Barbosa


    Full Text Available An attempt is made to make an enunciative.discoursive analysis of Clarice Lispector 's short story ''Devaneio e Embriaguez de uma Rapariga". The aim is to observe how different enunciative positions are organized by the author. The theoretical discussion aims to characterize the elements implied in the relation of text-enunciaton-discourse.Este trabalho tem como proposta a realização de uma análise enunciativo-discursiva de conto "Devaneio e Embriaguez duma Rapariga" de Clarice Lispector. A partir da análise, propõe-se observar como diferentes posições enunciativas são organizadas pelo principio de autoria. A discussão teórica do trabalho objetiva a caracterização de elementos implicados na relação texto-enunciação-discurso

  5. Analysis of medical exposures in digital mammography; Analise das exposicoes medicas em mamografia digital

    Oliveira, Sergio R., E-mail: [Escola Politecnica de Saude Joaquim Venancio (EPSJV/FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Mantuano, Natalia O.; Albrecht, Afonso S., E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Instituto de Fisica; Flor, Leonardo S., E-mail: [Hospital Sao Vicente de Paulo (HSVP), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Currently, the use of digital mammography in the early diagnosis of breast cancer is increasingly common due to the production of high definition image that allows to detect subtle changes in breast images profiles. However it is necessary to be an improvement of the technique used since some devices offer minimization parameters of entrance dose to the skin. Thus, this study seeks to examine how the qualification of technical professionals in radiology interferes with the use of the techniques applied in mammography. For this, survey was carried out in a hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which evaluated the scans of 1190 patients undergoing routine mammography (It is considered routinely the 4 basic exhibitions: with 2 flow skull and 2 medium oblique side, excluding repeats and supplements) in 2013. The medical exposures analyzed obtained from a single full digital equipment, model Senographe DS were compared with three different procedures performed by professionals in mammography techniques. The images were classified according to exposure techniques available in the equipment: Standard (STD), contrast (CNT) and dose (dose), and to be selected as breast density of the patient. Comparing the variation of the radiographic technique in relation to the professional who made the exhibition, what is observed is that the professional B presented the best conduct in relation to radiological protection, because she considered breast density in the choice of technical equipment parameter. The professional A, which is newly formed, and C, which has more service time, almost did not perform variations in the pattern of exposure, even for different breast densities. Thus, we can conclude that there is a need to update the professionals so that the tools available of dose limitation and mamas variability to digital mammography are efficiently employed in the service routine and thus meet the requirements of current legislation.

  6. Analysis of static concentrator photovoltaic modules on facades; Analise de modulos fotovoltaicos concentradores estaticos em fachadas

    Zanesco, Izete; Moehlecke, Adriano; Pereira, Marcia S.; Severo, Tiago C. [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Centro Brasileiro para Desenvolvimento da Energia Solar Fotovoltaica - CB-Solar]. E-mail:


    This paper presents the optimization and the analysis of a static concentrator photovoltaic module PEC-44D designed for building facade. The linear optical system were designed for the facial solar cells. The acceptance angles {theta}{sub P} and {xi} were optimized, considering a vertical facade (90 degree) inclination angle faced to the north.

  7. Adaptive fuzzy system for analysis of natural circulation; Sistema fuzzy adaptativo para analise de circulacao natural

    Guimaraes, Antonio Cesar Ferreira [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work consists of the analysis of natural circulation in a thermal hydraulics loop to a system of passive cooling of a nuclear reactor. The loop in reduced scale is similar to a passive heat removal system of a Pressurized Water Reactor. Using some experts of the area and of the system simulator, a set of fuzzy rules are defined to represent the problem and the associated uncertainties. The results are satisfactory if compared for example to experimental ones. With this model, inferences can be accomplished by the engineer, for adjustment and control of the problem variables. (author)

  8. Business analysis of generation considering environmental opportunities; Analise de negocios de geracao considerando oportunidades ambientais

    Cyrillo, Ivo Ordonha [Universidade de Sao Paulo (ENERQ/USP), SP (Brazil). Centro de Estudos em Regulacao e Qualidade de Energia; Pelegrini, Marcelo A.; Gemignani, Matheus M.F.


    The project 'Business's Power Generation Evaluation Considering Environmental Opportunities' is about developing a methodology to analyze feasibility of new power generation factory from the point of view of the investor, examining the technical, economic-financial, risk, regulatory, social and environmental aspects. The opportunities arising from Kyoto Protocol were added in feasibility's analysis. (author)


    Gualter Portella


    Full Text Available Estes últimos anos, os mercados de capitais e financeiro tem sido invadidos por sistemas de administração financeira baseados no conceito de lucro residual. As firmas de consultoria financeira apresentam o Iucro residual rebatizado sob o nome de EVA (Economic value added ou Lucro Econômico - como instrumento de avaliação economico-financeira, alinhamento dos interesses de acionistas e administradores e mensuração de performance empresarial. Por essa multifuncionalidade, esses sistemas têm alcançado altos índices de popularidade junto ao empresariado. Entretanto, pouco tem se falado sobre a base te6rica desses sistemas de gerenciamento financeiro que liga os fundamentos de finanças com a disciplina contábil, sendo que e justamente esse elo o que os tem tornado populares. Afinal de contas, a contabilidade c conhecida como a linguagem dos neg6cios e por intermédio de seu vocabulário especifico são comunicados os desempenhos atuais c as expectativas em relação ao desempenho futuro das empresas. Por exemplo, os executivos utilizam-se de indicadores como o retorno sobre o patrimônio liquido (RSPL ou a margem de lucros para avaliar e comunicar a performance atual de suas empresas.


    Gualter Portella


    Full Text Available Estes últimos anos, os mercados de capitais e financeiro tem sido invadidos por sistemas de administração financeira baseados no conceito de lucro residual. As firmas de consultoria financeira apresentam o Iucro residual rebatizado sob o nome de EVA (Economic value added ou Lucro Econômico - como instrumento de avaliação economico-financeira, alinhamento dos interesses de acionistas e administradores e mensuração de performance empresarial. Por essa multifuncionalidade, esses sistemas têm alcançado altos índices de popularidade junto ao empresariado. Entretanto, pouco tem se falado sobre a base te6rica desses sistemas de gerenciamento financeiro que liga os fundamentos de finanças com a disciplina contábil, sendo que e justamente esse elo o que os tem tornado populares. Afinal de contas, a contabilidade c conhecida como a linguagem dos neg6cios e por intermédio de seu vocabulário especifico são comunicados os desempenhos atuais c as expectativas em relação ao desempenho futuro das empresas. Por exemplo, os executivos utilizam-se de indicadores como o retorno sobre o patrimônio liquido (RSPL ou a margem de lucros para avaliar e comunicar a performance atual de suas empresas.

  11. Analysis of printing terminals installation methods; Analise de terminais de impressao e metodos de instalacao

    Remmel, Lutz [Gustav Klauke GmbH (Germany)


    The installation of terminals on cables is part of the routine of electricians. The various cable types require different types of terminals and connectors to ensure a work technically correct. These combinations in turn, depending on the material, model and application, require the selection of an adequate compression of the terminals, a subject discussed in this article.

  12. Theoretical and experimental analysis of the induction generators; Analise teorica e experimental do gerador de inducao

    Wu, Marcel; Martins Neto, Luciano; Calixto, Wesley Pacheco; Gontijo, Andre Luiz; Alves, Aylton Jose [Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (LMEE/FEELT/UFU), MG (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Eletrica. Lab. de Maquinas Eletricas Especiais], E-mails:,,,


    Due to its lower costs, robustness, reduced maintenance and easy operation, the induction generator shows to be an economic alternative in small power generator systems. This work presents the initial phase of pertinent studies about the employment of the induction generator directly connected to the electrical power grid in a pilot project to be implemented at the Santa Luzia SHP. A project that aims to raise relevant operational aspects and to evidence some advantages about the employment of the induction generator in small power generator systems. This phase comprises the experimentation of an induction generator directly connected to the power grid in a laboratorial scale, plus a computational modeling which represents the same. This computational modeling takes into account loads variations which are being supplied by the generator, unbalance between phases and magnetic saturation effects, such as harmonic distortions in the generated currents. From the experimental model collected data, a theoretical-experimental confrontation of the computational modeling is made, where quantitative and qualitative analyses about the operational characteristics of the machine are made. The results of this work will head the operation and supervision of the SHP induction machine. (author)

  13. Avaliacao de Desempenho de Sistemas de Saude: um modelo de analise

    Viacava, Francisco; Uga, Maria Alicia Dominguez; Porto, Silvia; Laguardia, Josue; Moreira, Rodrigo da Silva


    ... do desempenho dos servicos de saude: efetividade, acesso, eficiencia e adequacao. Descreve o processo de selecao dos indicadores utilizados e uma sintese dos resultados para cada subdimensao do desempenho...

  14. ’n Kritiese analise van die begrip ratifikasie volgens die Gereformeerde Kerkreg

    Andries du Plooy


    Full Text Available A critical analysis of the concept ratification according to Reformed church polity This article reflects critically on the view that local churches should in a separate act, after major assemblies have taken their resolutions, ratify the decisions before it could be regarded as valid and binding. Attention is given to the following aspects: The meaning of expressions such as ratum facere and ratum habere in law and church polity; perspectives from the Reformational approach on issues such as the authority of decisions of major essemblies and a critical evaluation of the arguments of protagonists in favour of ecclesiastical ratification.

  15. Exergy analysis of an integrated steel mill; Analise exergetica de uma usina siderurgica integrada

    Cunha, Angela Mara da Silva; Souza, Angela Menin Teixeira de; Franca, Geraldo Augusto Campolina; Andrade, Roberto Marcio de [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    This paper presents an evaluation of CO{sub 2} emissions and energy performance of an integrated Brazilian steel mill using coke. The emissions evaluation was carried out through a mass balance and the energy performance was analyzed through an exergy balance of the plant. These evaluations allow the identification of the actual potential for the steel mill energy efficiency improvement and its situation regarding to greenhouse gas emission. Furthermore, the analysis results point out the critical processes of energy degradation, which means exergy destruction, and the alternatives to energy improvement or reduction of losses. The carbon flow is also analyzed. Besides its use as a reduction agent in blast furnaces, carbon is an important energy source in steel production. Finally, water consumption is specially focused since it is a huge input for the refrigeration processes in steel mills systems. (author)

  16. Eletrocardiograma em alta resolução : processamento e analise de sinal

    Okamoto, Renato Massayuki


    Dissertação (Mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro Tecnologico Desenvolvimento de um programa para computador para processamento e análise do eletrocardiograma (ECG) em alta resolução. O programa realiza o processamento digital de três canais bipolares de ECG registrados a partir do sistema ortogonal XYZ durante o repouso e durante o teste de esforço. Foram implementadas técnicas de filtragem digital convencional e adaptativa para a melhoria da relação sinal/ruído pa...

  17. Traumatismos maxilofaciais como marcadores de violencia urbana: uma analise comparativa entre generos

    Carlos Jose de Paula Silva


    Full Text Available A violência tem sido um tema amplamente discutido em diversos setores da sociedade, quer pelo reflexo nos indicadores de segurança pública, pela influência no cotidiano dos indivíduos ou pela presença constante de vítimas nos serviços de saúde. O estudo avaliou comparativamente as diferenças de vitimização entre os gêneros a partir dos traumatismos maxilofaciais como marcadores de violência urbana. Trata-se de um estudo transversal com dados coletados em três hospitais especializados no atendimento a politraumatismos em Belo Horizonte (MG, entre janeiro de 2008 e dezembro de 2010. As análises envolveram estatística descritiva e multivariada por regressão logística. Identificou-se o registro de 7.063 vítimas, sendo 55,1% de violência interpessoal. A maioria das vítimas era do sexo masculino (71,2%. Nos homens, as agressões por arma de fogo, arma branca e acidentes motocilísticos foram as mais importantes quando comparadas às agressões nuas ou sem uso de armas. As fraturas múltiplas foram o tipo de traumatismo que melhor caracterizou o perfil de vitimização para o sexo masculino comparativamente às lesões de partes moles. O gênero é um importante fator na vitimização por traumatismo maxilofacial e violência urbana, sendo que os homens são as principais vítimas.

  18. Tumores primarios intracranianos: analise de uma serie de autopsias e biopsias consecutivas

    Marco Aurelio Lana-Peixoto; Jose Eymard Homem Pittella; Eustaquio Martins Gomes Arouca


    Entre 19.760 autópsias e 72.972 biópsias consecutivas, num período de 41 anos e 4 meses, foram encontrados 294 tumores intracranianos primários representando 74,8% das lesões expansivas intracranianas. Cerca de dois terços destes tumores se localizavam no compartimento supratentorial. Os gliomas foram os tumores mais freqüentemente observados, seguidos pelos meningiomas, adenomas hipofisários, tumores de origem embrionária e tumores vasculares. Na região selar foram diagnosticados 39 tumores,...

  19. Tumores primarios intracranianos: analise de uma serie de autopsias e biopsias consecutivas

    Marco Aurelio Lana-Peixoto


    Full Text Available Entre 19.760 autópsias e 72.972 biópsias consecutivas, num período de 41 anos e 4 meses, foram encontrados 294 tumores intracranianos primários representando 74,8% das lesões expansivas intracranianas. Cerca de dois terços destes tumores se localizavam no compartimento supratentorial. Os gliomas foram os tumores mais freqüentemente observados, seguidos pelos meningiomas, adenomas hipofisários, tumores de origem embrionária e tumores vasculares. Na região selar foram diagnosticados 39 tumores, incluindo os tumores intra-selares, supraselares e paraselares. A maior parte destes tumores foi constituída pelos adenomas hipofisários, seguidos pelos craniofaringiomas, meningiomas, cistos epidermóides e teratomas. Setenta e cinco tumores foram verificados em pacientes com idade inferior a 15 anos, sendo a maioria deles na fossa posterior, principalmente no cerebelo. Estes tumores foram representados pelos astrocitomas do cerebelo e tronco encefálico, meduloblastomas e ependimomas do quarto ventrículo. Os dados obtidos foram comparados com as várias séries encontradas na literatura.

  20. O controle espetacular nas capas da revista Veja : uma analise discursiva

    Elissandro Martins Inacio


    Resumo: Este trabalho tem como objetivo refletir, a partir de uma perspectiva discursiva, sobre a constituição do acontecimento discursivo relativo à política. Para nosso estudo, desenvolvemos uma análise a partir da noção de acontecimento de Michel Foucault (2002). Visando descrever a constituição do discurso político como controle por meio da formação de saber espetacular, selecionamos algumas capas da revista Veja. Ao descrevermos práticas institucionais da Veja, possibilitamos ao leitor d...

  1. Software for the analysis and simulations of measurements; Software para analise e simulacao de medicoes

    Araujo, Augusto Cesar Assis; Sarmento, Christiana Lauar; Mota, Geraldo Cesar; Domingos, Marileide Mourao; Belo, Noema Sant`Anna; Alves, Tulio Marcus Machado [Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (CEMIG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    This paper shows the development of a graphic software which act as a system to analyze the behaviour of electric power measurements and permits the calculation of `percent errors`, derived from measure inexactness. The software will show, in each situation, the correct link diagram, the measurement diagram, the `percent error` and the graphic behaviour of this error, in function of the power charge factor. 14 figs., 4 refs.

  2. Thermoeconomic analysis incorporating the concept of ecological efficiency; Analise termoeconomica incorporando o conceito de eficiencia ecologica

    Villela, I.A.C. [University of Sao Paulo (EEL/USP), Lorena, SP (Brazil). Coll. of Engineering. Dept. of Environment Science ], Email:; Silveira, J.L. [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil). Dept. of Energy], Email:


    A comparative analysis of the pollution resulting from the natural gas combustion for a thermoelectric power plant (230 MW) by utilizing the combined cycle (CC) and recovering kettle, with no burning and with fuel complementary burning. Initially the CO{sub 2}, SO{sub 2}, NO{sub x} and Particulate Matter emission levels are determined. Later, the thermoelectric power plant environmental impact is evaluated through the utilization of a methodology based on the ecological efficiency ({epsilon}), parameter that integrates in a single coefficient the aspects that define the environmental impact intensity, with basis on the fuel utilized, combustion technology, pollution index and power plant thermodynamic efficiency. The objective is to apply the concept of ecological efficiency in a thermoeconomic analysis method which utilizes function diagram and allows the estimation of the electricity production cost. It is concluded that the use of a system with no complementary burning is better than the one with complementary burning, both from the ecological and the economical points of view. (author)

  3. Analise van die opbou, argumentasiegang en pragmatiek van die Galatebrief: �n meer gedetailleerde oorsig

    A. B. du Toit


    Full Text Available Analysis of the structure, argument and pragmatics of Galatians: a more detailed overview Following on a previous article in this journal a more detailed overview is presented, describing the structure, argument and pragmatic thrust of Galatians down to the level of its constituent pericopes and paragraphs. Although Galatians is in more than one respect a highly emotional document, its overall pattern displays strong cohesion and a consistent persuasive focus.

  4. Analise dos alelos S e Z da alfa 1 antitripsina em uma amostra de pacientes fibrocisticos


    A fibrose cística é uma alteração genética que cursa principalmente com manifestações pulmonares e pancreáticas. A correlação genótipo-fenótipo da fibrose cística é motivo de árduos estudos. Somente a correlação com a insuficiência pancreática foi encontrada. Percebeu-se, também, que o curso e a severidade da manifestação pulmonar não estão correlacionados com o genótipo CFTR. A alfaI antitripsina inibe as proteases que desencadeiam as reações inflamatórias do plasma. Seu papel inibitório mai...

  5. Uma interpretação microscopica para a analise sistematica de cations

    Josivania Marisa Dantas


    Resumo: A análise sistemática de cátions é uma prática comum nos laboratórios de Química Analítica tanto na análise qualitativa realizada no meio acadêmico quanto na indústria, na identificação dos mais diferentes tipos de amostras desconhecidas. Esta prática é fruto de um vasto conhecimento de química acumulado de décadas por inúmeros pesquisadores e cientistas que conheciam a reatividade de muitas classes de compostos orgânicos e inorgânicos, bem como a propriedade de muitos deles. Em termo...

  6. Tomografia computadorizada da coluna lombar: analise de tres casos de metástase

    Guilberto Minguetti


    Full Text Available A Tomografia Computadorizada (TC da coluna vertebral tem evoluido sensivelmente desde o advento dos tomógrafos computadorizados para corpo inteiro. Com a recente inclusão dos mecanismos de alta resolução (HR em tais equipamentos, mecanismos estes especialmente desenhados para observação detalhada das mais delicadas estruturas anatômicas, a avaliação das patologias associadas à coluna tem alcançado uma precisão há muito desejada. No presente trabalho os autores descrevem a anatomia normal da região lombar vista pela TC e analisam a localização, características e efeitos de três casos de metástase naquela região. Na opinião dos autores, além das informações acima referidas a TC permitiria ainda uma melhor planificação para uma eventual biópsia, seguimento radioterapêutico e mais adequada orientação diagnóstica e cirúrgica para qualquer tipo de patologia da coluna.

  7. Analysis of contrast and absorbed doses in mammography; Analise de contraste e doses absorvidas em mamografia

    Augusto, F.M. [Sao Paulo Univ., Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Centro de Ciencias das Imagens e Fisica Medica]. E-mail:; Dias, T.S.K. [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Ghilardi Netto, T.; Subtil, L.J.; Silva, R. da [Sao Paulo Univ., Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras. Dept. de Fisica e Matematica


    One of the great causes of mortality between women in the world is the breast cancer. The mammograms are the method most efficient to detect some cases of cancer of breast before this to be clinically concrete. The quality of a picture system must be determined by the ability to detect tissue soft masses, cyst or tumors, but also calcifications. This detection is directly connected with the contrast obtained in these pictures. This work has for objective to develop a method for the analysis of this contrast in mammograms verifying the doses referred to these mammograms and comparing them with national and international levels of reference. (author)

  8. Sustainability analysis in petroleum production facilities; Analise de sustentabilidade em instalacoes de producao de petroleo

    Pacheco, Jose Marcos Leite [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Santos, Adriano [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), RN (Brazil); Fernandes Junior, Wilaci Eutropio [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), RN (Brazil)


    The global sustainability aspects are discussed and a method for sustainability analysis in oil and gas production surface facilities is presented. The proposed method requires a multidisciplinary viewpoint and considers social, economic and environmental sustainability aspects during the early design programming and planning phases. Traditionally, Feasibility (Technical and Economical), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and risk (Hazop) analysis are performed separately. On the other hand, the proposed methodology merges economical, environmental and social sustainability analysis; which allows deciding the most globally sustainable scenario. A checklist containing global sustainability aspects (Economical, Social, Environmental, Health, Safety, etc.) and a qualitative analysis of these aspects is suggested. The first step for applying the proposed method consists in checking the aspects and the corresponding suggestions for improving the global sustainability. Secondly, the impact of each aspect on sustainability is verified. Finally, the most important aspects are selected and different scenarios are simulated allowing choosing the most sustainable scenario. The results and conclusions are then presented in a Global Sustainability Report. The proposed analysis was applied to study the sustainability of a small offshore platform design. In this case study, several aspects that could potentially improve sustainability were identified. The simulated scenarios showed that some critical aspects contributed decisively to the global sustainability. These critical aspects are not easily identified if only the traditional economical, environmental and risk analysis are applied. (author)

  9. A literatura e a imagem configuradas na arte classica: analise do Rapto de Persefone

    Faustino Borges, Maria do Carmo


    ..., a partir do modo de perceber e conceber o mundo entre esses povos. O corpus a ser analisado e uma pintura que representa O Rapto de Persefone e um texto narrativo sobre esse episodio na Mitologia grega...

  10. Analise multivariada em N-modos : metodologias para o monitoramento de reações quimicas

    Marcos Viero Guterres


    Resumo: Neste trabalho de tese a análise multivariada foi usada para desenvolver metodologias para o monitoramento de reações químicas. Duas técnicas de análise foram usadas: a Resolução multivariada de curvas (MCR) para a análise de medidas espectroscópicas e o Controle Estatístico de processos (CEMP) para a análise de variáveis fisico-químicas coletadas de um processo industrial. O primeiro trabalho desenvolvido nesta tese usou os métodos da MCR para construir modelos empíricos de reações q...

  11. Floral scent of brazilian Passiflora: five species analised by dynamic headspace.

    Montero, Daniel A V; Marques, Marcia Ortiz M; Meletti, Laura M M; Kampen, Maria H VAN; Polozzi, Sandra C


    This study describes for the first time the chemical composition and olfactive description of floral scent from Brazilian Passiflora (Passiflora edulis Sim, Passiflora alata Curtis, Passiflora cincinnata Mast., Passiflora coccinea Aubl. and Passiflora quadrangularis L.). Five species were grown in greenhouse at the Agronomic Institute (IAC), São Paulo, Brazil. Volatile compounds were collected using dynamic headspace. Analyses of scent composition were performed by gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometer. Identification of chemical constituents was conducted through of retention index followed by comparative analysis of mass spectra with specialized databases. The olfactive descriptions of floral scent from each species was evaluated for a professional perfumer. High interspecific diversity was found between chemical compositions of floral scent within Passiflora and different bouquets were observed amount the studied species. Mayor constituents were linalool (P. alata), geraniol (P. quadrangularis), 1,4-dimethoxybenzene (P. edulis), benzaldehyde (P. cincinnata) and 2-methyl-3-pentanone (P. coccinea).

  12. Floral scent of brazilian Passiflora: five species analised by dynamic headspace



    Full Text Available ABSTRACT This study describes for the first time the chemical composition and olfactive description of floral scent from Brazilian Passiflora (Passiflora edulis Sim, Passiflora alata Curtis, Passiflora cincinnata Mast., Passiflora coccinea Aubl. and Passiflora quadrangularis L.. Five species were grown in greenhouse at the Agronomic Institute (IAC, São Paulo, Brazil. Volatile compounds were collected using dynamic headspace. Analyses of scent composition were performed by gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometer. Identification of chemical constituents was conducted through of retention index followed by comparative analysis of mass spectra with specialized databases. The olfactive descriptions of floral scent from each species was evaluated for a professional perfumer. High interspecific diversity was found between chemical compositions of floral scent within Passiflora and different bouquets were observed amount the studied species. Mayor constituents were linalool (P. alata, geraniol (P. quadrangularis, 1,4-dimethoxybenzene (P. edulis, benzaldehyde (P. cincinnata and 2-methyl-3-pentanone (P. coccinea.

  13. Analise e desafios do IFRS4 (fase II): contratos de seguro

    Bagnati, Victor Hugo César


    O presente trabalho tem por objetivos analisar a proposta do IASB de alteração do pronunciamento IFRS4 e contribuir para a discussão dos principais desafios para a sua aplicação no Brasil. Uma entidade seguradora é uma instituição financeira, captando recursos dos clientes em troca de uma garantia futura, de modo que, essas entidades estão sujeitas a riscos semelhantes aos que ameaçam os bancos. Devido à importância da atividade bancária na economia foram estabelecidas normas operacionais e d...

  14. Electric power transport costs - methodologies analysis; Custos de transporte de energia eletrica: analise de metodologias

    Takahata, Dario


    The dissertation presents the aspects related to the restructuring of power systems in terms of international experiences, and the possible implications for the definition of the new power system in Brazil. The experience shows that the reform in various countries has started from the sector deverticalization, together with the transmissions open access scheme. The retrospect of researched countries indicates that the transmissions remuneration is based on a methodology that recovers the operative cost of transmission transactions, along with an additional amount that take into account the cost of the existing transmission system. The following countries have been analyzed: Chile, Norway, England and Argentina. This work also shows the current situation in Brazil, as in terms of tariffs, as regarding the power system organizational structure, as well as a preliminary proposal conceived by SINTREL (National System of Electrical Energy Transmission) to evaluate the transmission transaction cost. This dissertation ended with comments and conclusions, depicting a future program which might be followed, considering the aspects quoted above and the peculiarities of brazilian power system. (author)

  15. Asphaltenes analysis arising of non conventional oils; Analise de asfaltenos oriundos de petroleos nao convencionais

    Silva, Fernanda B. da; Fiorio, Paula G.P.; Guimaraes, Maria Jose O.C.; Seidl, Peter R. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola de Quimica


    The need to use heavy fractions in an efficient way in the production of nobler fractions has motivated the search for ways of separating the asphaltenes, since these molecules increase the viscosity of the fractions submitted to distillation, contribute to the formation of coke and to poisoning and deactivation of catalysts used in process such as cracking, reform, etc, besides provoking cloggings and blockages caused by its deposition, generating losses on the productivity and increases of the operational costs. This paper evaluates the influence of solvent blends (EQ-NP) in the selective extraction of constituents of three samples from Brazilian heavy crude. For the extraction process was used two solvent blends (N1P1 and N1P2). The solvent blend composed of N1P1 showed a higher selectivity in the extraction of aggregates than N1P2. The extracted fraction was characterized by Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ({sup 1}H-NMR) and revealed that the chemical species extracted from different blends exhibit very small differences. (author)

  16. Energetic analysis of a wood fired grain drier; Analise energetica de secador de graos a lenha

    Campos, Alessandro Torres [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Marechal Candido Rondon, PR (Brazil). Grupo de Pesquisas em Ambiencia do Oeste do Parana], e-mail:; Melo, Evandro de Castro; Sousa e Silva, Juarez de [Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), Vicosa, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Agricola


    Aiming at the attendance of a small and medium size group of producers a four chambers fixed-bed dryer prototype with a mechanical revolving system was designed, constructed and energy performance tested. During drying for the prototype test, using coffee the revolving operation proceeded in two chambers which were connected to the dryer plenum at different positions and at a regular three-hours intervals; the other chambers remained static. The dryer operated at a drying-air temperature of 43 deg C and an air-flow of 21 m3 min-1 m-2. In the realized test the product moisture content was reduced from 43.1 to 12.7% w.b. over a 42-hours period. The specific energy consumption was 12.752 kJ per kilogram of evaporated water. The obtained results showed that chamber 1 which was submitted to the revolving operation presented the best work conditions due to your plenum connection position. (author)

  17. ’n Retoriese analise van die vyf lykdigte in T.T. Cloete se Allotroop

    L. Viljoen


    Full Text Available A rhetorical analysis of the five funerary poems in T.T. Cloete’s AlloiroopThis article works from the premise that these poems form part o f a tradition that can he traced back to the funerary poetry of the Dutch Renaissance and from there to the funeral orations of Classical times. After referring to the current revival of interest in rhetoric, attention is given to the role which rhetoric played in Renaissance poetics and the influence it had on the practice of writing funerary poetry. The funerary poems in Cloete's Allotroop are then analysed, making use of the Renaissance descriptions of and prescriptions for funerary poetry researched by S.F. Witstein in Funeraire poëzie in de Nederlandse Renaissance. These analyses prove that Cloete’s poems make use of the elements basic to the Renaissance funerary poem and the classical funeral oration namely praise (laus, mourning (luctus and consolation (consolatio and that the rhetorical terminology devised centuries ago can still be useful in the reading of these poems.

  18. Energetic analysis versus exergetic analysis of charcoal blast furnace of V and M do Brazil; Analise energetica versus analise exergetica do alto forno a carvao vegetal da V and M do Brasil

    Soares, Lis Nunes; Silva, Ricardo Junqueira [V e M do BRASIL S.A., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Franca, Geraldo Augusto Campolina; Lemos, Ricardo Jose Fernandes [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The energetic analysis is the traditional method of quantification of the energy used in an operation involving physical and chemical processes and transference and/or conversion of energy. Generally used through energetic balance that is based on the first law of thermodynamics to evaluate the energetic efficiency. This balance is used to determine and reduce the loss of energy. Although an energy balance does not provide information about the energy degradation or resources during a process and do not quantify the potential or quality of the energy fluxes and material that flow in a system and come out as products and losses. The exergetic analysis goes beyond the limitations of the first law of thermodynamics. The concept of exergy is based in the second law of thermodynamics. The objective of this paper is to compare the more suitable analysis method aiming the identification of the energy economy potentials and consequently the reduction in the emissions of the greenhouse gases, through the balance of mass, energy and exergy of the blast furnace 1 of V and M do Brazil. (author)

  19. Application of neutron activation analysis method in leaves of Casearia obliqua medicinal plant; Aplicacao do metodo de analise por ativacao com neutrons na analise de folhas da planta medicinal Casearia obliqua

    Yamashita, Celina I.; Saiki, Mitiko [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:;; Sertie, Jaime A.A. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Ciencias Biomedicas


    The pharmacological properties of medicinal plants have been related to the presence of organic compounds, however elements are also known to have an important participation in the active compounds constitution process. In this study, instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) was applied to determine elements in leaves of Casearia obliqua medicinal plant collected at two different locations in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil, SP. Soil samples collected from where this plant was grown were also analyzed in order to verify if there is a correlation between the elements present in soils and plant leaves. Br, Ca, Cl, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, K, La, Mn, Na, Rb, Sb, Sc and Zn were determined in C. obliqua leaves and the elements As, Ca, Ce, Eu, Fe, Hf, La, Lu, Nd, Rb, Sc, Sm, Tb, Th, U and Zn in soils. Soil samples collected from two different locations presented similar concentrations for most elements. Likewise, C. obliqua leaves collected from the two locations presented similar elemental contents. These results suggest that analysis of extracts from these leaf samples and the evaluation of their pharmacological activities should be carried out. Certified reference materials IAEA-Soil-7, USGS W-1, NIST 1573a Tomato Leaves and NIST 1515 Apple Leaves were analyzed and the quality of the obtained results was assured. (author)

  20. Louvação a Eunice : um estudo de analise da obras para piano de Eunice Katunda

    Iracele A. Vera Livero de Souza


    Resumo: Este trabalho tem como principal objetivo realizar uma análise da obra para piano de Eunice Katunda (1915-1990), peças compostas no período de 1946 a 1982. Foi realizado o levantamento das peças, o estudo ao piano, a análise individual, bem como um exame das ferramentas analíticas mais adequadas e pertinentes, conforme características peculiares de cada uma. O estudo de análise investigou as técnicas e os procedimentos da composição, quanto a organização do material utilizado. A fim d...

  1. Analysis of battery behavior in small photovoltaic systems; Analise do comportamento da bateria utilizada em sistemas fotovoltaicos de pequeno porte

    Fraga, Jose Renato Castro Pompeia; Cagnon, Jose Angelo [Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Agronomia - Energia na Agricultura - FCA/UNESP, Botucatu, SP (Brazil); Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica - FEB/UNESP, Bauru, SP (Brazil)], e-mails:,


    This work aimed to analyze the electric energy storage system generated from a photovoltaic system with lead-acid batteries. The increasing claim for energy in the world in addition to the need of using renewable energy sources in order to preserve the environment makes necessary the development of efficient techniques of power supply and control. Two photovoltaic systems were used in this work, a conventional one with stationary solar panel and another with automatic solar position system. The comparative analysis has allowed assessing the advantages of both systems. The following characteristics were obtained during the development of this work: charge, discharge, battery capacity, operating time rate, auto-discharge reaction (through fluctuation state), among other important information that allows an extended life to the stationary battery studied. The obtained results indicate that the battery connected to the mobile system provides 36% of additional energy compared to the fixed system. When the battery was unable to provide energy to the load, the battery connected to the mobile system consumed about 33% less energy than that one connected to the fixed system (author)

  2. A qualificação do dever: dialogo entre a analise do discurso e a abordagem funcional

    Anna Flora BRUNELLI


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, apresentamos algumas reflexões sobre o discurso de autoajuda, analisando enunciados deonticamente modalizados sob duas óticas complementares: a da Análise do Discurso francesa e a funcional. Considerando que a avaliação deôntica pressupõe sempre uma fonte ou causa e um alvo sobre quem incide a avaliação, verificamos como enunciados deonticamente nodalizados contribuem para a construção da imagem de orientador do sujeito do discurso de autoajuda, sustentando-a linguisticamente. Além disso, avaliamos o papel que as formas atenuadas de manifestação dos valores deônticos desempenham nesse discurso, mostrando algumas vantagens da aproximação das abordagens que orientam a análise.

  3. A qualificação do dever: dialogo entre a analise do discurso e a abordagem funcional

    Anna Flora BRUNELLI


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, apresentamos algumas reflexões sobre o discurso de autoajuda, analisando enunciados deonticamente modalizados sob duas óticas complementares: a da Análise do Discurso francesa e a funcional. Considerando que a avaliação deôntica pressupõe sempre uma fonte ou causa e um alvo sobre quem incide a avaliação, verificamos como enunciados deonticamente nodalizados contribuem para a construção da imagem de orientador do sujeito do discurso de autoajuda, sustentando-a linguisticamente. Além disso, avaliamos o papel que as formas atenuadas de manifestação dos valores deônticos desempenham nesse discurso, mostrando algumas vantagens da aproximação das abordagens que orientam a análise.

  4. Gingival squamous cell carcinoma: imaging analysis of seven patients; Carcinoma espinocelular de gengiva: analise das imagens de sete casos

    Souza, Ricardo Pires de; Moreira, Paulo de Tarso Barbosa; Paes Junior, Ademar Jose de Oliveira; Pacheco Netto, Mario C.; Rapoport, Abrao [Complexo Hospitalar Heliopolis, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Servico de Diagnostico por Imagem; Soares, Aldemir Humberto [Hospital do Servidor Publico Estadual de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Servico de Diagnostico por Imagem]. E-mail:


    The authors studied seven patients with gingival carcinoma attended at the Head and Neck Surgery and Otorrhinolaryngology Service and the Diagnostic Imaging Service of 'Complexo Hospitalar Heliopolis', Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, between 1985 and 1996. Squamous cell type carcinomas were identified in all cases. All patients were male (100%) aged 48-72 years. Computed tomography was performed in six patients (85.6%). Four patients (57.1%) had not received any treatment before imaging examination whereas three patients (42.8%) had already been submitted to surgery or radiotherapy. The authors analyzed the primary site of the tumor and its extension to the mandible (5/7 cases; 71.4%), the floor of the mouth (3/7 cases; 42.8%), the floor of the maxillary sinus (1/7 cases; 14.2%) and the retromolar trigonum (1/7 cases; 14.2%). Metastatic lymph nodes were observed in five patients (71.4%). Diagnosis was confirmed by biopsy and histopathological examination in all cases. Comparison with surgical findings was possible in five cases (71.4%). (author)

  5. Analysis of liquid radioactive wastes of Angra-1 reactor; Analise de efluentes liquidos radioativos de Angra-1

    Martins, Nadia Soido F.; Peres, Sueli da Silva [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); S. Filho, Aluisio Mendes [Central Nuclear Almirante Alvaro Alberto, Angra dos Reis, RJ (Brazil)


    Any activity that produces or uses radioactive materials generates radioactive wastes. Normal operation of nuclear power plant produces radioactive waste that can be in gas, liquid or solid form and its level of radioactivity can vary. Gases and liquids wastes are treated and released into environment. The main source of radioactivity released to environment from Angra 1 are liquids from Waste Monitor Tanks. Those releases are under administrative control to meet the discharge limits established by Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN). A representative sample of each batch is taken for analysis for principal gamma- emitting radionuclides and, if the analysis indicate that release can be made, the quantity of activity is recorded. Within the licensing process of Angra 1, monthly a proportional composite samples are made up with a aliquot of each batch and sent to Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD) to analyze and compare with the results reported. This comparative analyses showed that when the activity of that samples was very high, the activity measured on composite samples was higher than the sum of the activities measured on each batch. The operator was advised and requested to identify and solve the problem. This work presents the problem occurred and the solution found to improve the performance of measurements. (author)

  6. Analysis of a hydrogen-solar system for the Brazil; Analise de um sistema hidrogenio-solar para o Brasil

    Souza, Samuel N.M. de; Mendes, Nathan; Lima, Lutero C. de [Uberlandia Univ., MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Veziroglu, T.N. [Miami Univ., Coral Gables, FL (United States)


    In this article it is proposed the study of technical aspects and costs of the implantation of a system of solar hydrogen utilization in Brazil. Forecasts are made of the total photovoltaic cell, water demand for the production of electrolytic hydrogen, investments, benefits and comparative price between fossil fuel and hydrogen. (author)

  7. Energy analysis in Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers hay production; Analise energetica na producao de feno de Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers

    Campos, Alessandro T. [UNIOESTE, Marechal Candido Rondon, PR (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Agrarias]. E-mail:; Saglietti, Jose R.C.; Bueno, Osmar C. [UNESP, Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Facudade de Ciencias Agronomicas; Campos, Aloisio T. [EMBRAPA - Gado de leite, Juiz de Fora, MG (Brazil)


    The aim of this work was to characterize the energy consumption related to the introduction, development, hay processing and storage of Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers allied to the analysis of the energetic efficiency. The data used in this project were collected from EMBRAPA Gado de Leite, localized in Coronel Pacheco, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The data were obtained from a seven year period of an intensive system of milk production. Energetic coefficients were used to generate the survey and several matrix components obtained from pertinent literature. The direct energy, related to the inputs, showed more efficient participation on the energetic matrix than the indirect energy and the percentages were 94.64 and 5.31, respectively. Farm tractor was the main indirect energy consumer, which is responsible for turning on all the equipment, followed by the irrigation system. The energetic efficiency presented by the whole system was 4.2, being considered positive and demonstrating that the agriculture ecosystem is sustainable. Most of the direct energy employed in this system was oil derived on fuel form. There was, however, a great consume of another oil derived energy such as fertilizer, but mainly on the nitrogen form (28.89% of the total employed energy). (author)

  8. Implementation of statistical analysis methods for medical physics data; Implementacao de metodos de analise estatistica para dados de fisica medica

    Teixeira, Marilia S.; Pinto, Nivia G.P.; Barroso, Regina C.; Oliveira, Luis F., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    The objective of biomedical research with different radiation natures is to contribute for the understanding of the basic physics and biochemistry of the biological systems, the disease diagnostic and the development of the therapeutic techniques. The main benefits are: the cure of tumors through the therapy, the anticipated detection of diseases through the diagnostic, the using as prophylactic mean for blood transfusion, etc. Therefore, for the better understanding of the biological interactions occurring after exposure to radiation, it is necessary for the optimization of therapeutic procedures and strategies for reduction of radioinduced effects. The group pf applied physics of the Physics Institute of UERJ have been working in the characterization of biological samples (human tissues, teeth, saliva, soil, plants, sediments, air, water, organic matrixes, ceramics, fossil material, among others) using X-rays diffraction and X-ray fluorescence. The application of these techniques for measurement, analysis and interpretation of the biological tissues characteristics are experimenting considerable interest in the Medical and Environmental Physics. All quantitative data analysis must be initiated with descriptive statistic calculation (means and standard deviations) in order to obtain a previous notion on what the analysis will reveal. It is well known que o high values of standard deviation found in experimental measurements of biologicals samples can be attributed to biological factors, due to the specific characteristics of each individual (age, gender, environment, alimentary habits, etc). This work has the main objective the development of a program for the use of specific statistic methods for the optimization of experimental data an analysis. The specialized programs for this analysis are proprietary, another objective of this work is the implementation of a code which is free and can be shared by the other research groups. As the program developed since the method modeling through his implementation, this fact will allows that modifications and adaptations be accomplished any time at null cost

  9. An analysis on the costs of Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant; Uma analise sobre os custos da hidreletrica Belo Monte

    Silva, Marcos Vinicius Miranda da [Universidade de Sao Paulo (PIPGE/USP), SP (Brazil). Programa Interunidades de Pos-Graduacao em Energia], e-mail:


    The Belo Monte hydropower plant's low generation cost is among the arguments used by Centrais Eletricas do Norte do Brazil (ELETRONORTE), a Brazilian state electric utility, to make possible its construction. This paper shows that the generation cost presented by ELETROBRAS is very low in relation to the world pattern of cost and probably unrealistic. It also shows that the generation cost cannot be used separately to determine the Belo Monte dam's economic feasibility. There is the need to include other costs, such as: socio environmental degradation and control, financial compensation for using the hydraulic resources, transmission and thermal backup stations, beyond, evidently, generation cost for assuring the credibility of the Belo Monte hydropower plant's economic analysis. (author)

  10. Relações entre a analise do discurso e a ciência da história

    Claudiana Nair Pothin Narzetti


    Full Text Available 0 presente trabalho pretende analisar o modo como a Análise do discurso derivada de Michel Pêcheux se relacionava com uma das regiões do conhecimento que estão na sua base — o marxismo ou a ciência da história. 0 nosso ponto de partida é expor o modo como o próprio Pêcheux via essa relação da AD com a referida ciência, no período de elaboração e maturação da disciplina (anos 69 a 75. Para isso, primeiramente, mostramos o sentido amplo que Pêcheux, na linha do grupo althusseriano, atribuía expressão "ciência da história". Mostramos, em seguida, que o projeto pecheutiano de desenvolver a teoria e a análise do discurso se entroncava no projeto althusseriano de desenvolver urna teoria das ideologias. Consideramos a reconstrução do modo como Pêcheux entendia a relação entre a AD e a ciência da história importante, porque a expressão "ciência da história" tem um sentido especial que é freqüentemente ignorado e, por isso, tem conduzido à interpretação apressada que define aAD como uma "disciplina de entremeio", situada entre a ciência da história, a Lingüística e a Psicanálise, interpretação essa que Pêcheux recusava explicitamente.

  11. Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of a model cogeneration system; Analise exergoeconomica e otimizacao de um modelo de sistema de cogeracao

    Vieira, Leonardo S.R. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Area de Conhecimento de Materiais e Mecanica]. E-mail:; Donatelli, Joao L.M. [Espirito Santo Univ., Vitoria, ES (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:; Cruz, Manuel E.C. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:


    In this paper we perform exergetic and exergoeconomic analyses, a mathematical optimization and an exergoeconomic optimization of a gas turbine-heat recovery boiler cogeneration system with fixed electricity and steam production rates. The exergy balance is calculated with the IPSE pro thermal system simulation program. In the exergetic analysis, exergy destruction rates, exergetic efficiencies and structural bond coefficients for each component are evaluated as functions of the decision variables of the optimization problem. In the exergoeconomic analysis the cost for each exergetic flow is determined through cost balance equations and additional auxiliary equations from cost partition criteria. Mathematical optimization is performed by the metric variable method (software EES - Engineering Equation Solver) and by the successive quadratic programming (IMSL library - Fortran Power Station). The exergoeconomic optimization is performed on the basis of the exergoeconomic variables. System optimization is also performed by evaluating the derivative of the objective function through finite differences. This paper concludes with a comparison between the four optimization techniques employed. (author)

  12. Analysis of dose distribution of Leipzig conical applicator; Analise da distribuicao de dose do aplicador conico tipo Leipzig

    Takizawa, Ricardo H.; Flosi, Adriana A. [A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The dose distribution of Leipzig conical metallic applicators compared to the dose distribution calculated through a planning system with calculation algorithm based on TG43 was analyzed, since this algorithm does not take into account the heterogeneities present. The dose distribution of the subject applicator associated with a GammaMed Plus iX®, used in high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy with Iridium 192 source was observed. The batch calibration of EBT2 films with a 6MV beam of a Clinac 600C® linear accelerator was performed for the dose range of 0.1Gy to 8.0Gy. The experiment was performed with each applicator of the available set, with different diameters, being used as a function of the size of the lesion to be treated, positioned on a solid water phantom with 10cm depth, offering scattering conditions.It was prescribed 4.0Gy at 3mm depth. The surface dose was observed at 3, 5 and 7mm depth, using solid water plates between the applicator and the film. Using an Epson scanner, images were obtained, which can be analyzed by Image J software, allowing the calibration of the batch of films and analysis of the dose distribution of the applicator. Afterwards, the simulation of the cited experiment was carried out in a commercial planning system. Dose superficiality was observed, being larger in experiment (27.8%), and absolute dose deviation in depth with that observed in the planning system, being smaller in experiment (7.5%)

  13. Transient analysis importance for gas wells flow; A importancia da analise transiente no escoamento de pocos de gas

    Lopes, Marcelo; Lorensini, Rodrigo V.; Lopes, Jansen M.; Sales, Antonio E.S. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    With the increase of Brazil's natural gas demand a program was instituted aiming to anticipate the national gas production. In this context, gas field development projects have been prioritized. Natural gas production in deep and ultra-deep water has the challenge to flow the production without the risk of hydrate formation and to ensure equipment and flow lines integrity. Flowing simulations indicate that temperatures in gas wells production systems may reach very low values, depending on the adopted initial conditions. This is a critical condition, since equipment and materials applied to the production system have temperature restrictions and provides a thermodynamic condition to hydrate formation. This paper shows the importance of unsteady-state studies and analyzes to predict unfavorable conditions, still during basic project phase, contributing to an appropriate definition of materials and equipment that attain the required conditions, and assisting in the elaboration of operational procedures that mitigate the problems identified during the simulations. (author)

  14. Energy assessment of nitrogen variable rate fertilization on wheat; Analise energetica da aplicacao de nitrogenio em taxa variavel em trigo

    Colaco, A.F.; Karam, E.H.; Romanelli, T.L.; Molin, J.P. [Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Biossistemas], Email:; Povh, F.P. [Fundacao ABC Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Agropecuario, Castro, PR (Brazil)


    Precision Agriculture (PA) is a technique that can reduce the inputs utilization in agriculture production, including the nitrogen fertilizer consume. Great importance is given to this fertilizer, due to its contribution on energy input in agriculture. Methodologies based on the calculation of energy flow of agriculture systems are capable to identify management practices that use energy more efficiently. So, this study's objective is to evaluate the variable-rate nitrogen fertilization on wheat, using energy assessment. This study was carried on in two wheat fields, in which the fertilization was done adopting strips alternated by conventional method (single nitrogen dose) and by nitrogen variable-rate technology. Thus, the input and output energy in the system, energy balance, energy return on investment (EROI) and incorporated energy were determined for each geo-referenced point within the fields. Results showed that less energy was demanded when using variable-rate technology, due to the nitrogen saving, providing greater energy balance, EROI and lower incorporated energy on the areas managed using PA. The energy assessment showed to be an important tool to evaluate systems that use PA, because it is capable of monitoring crops energy potential. (author)

  15. Calculation of the Doppler broadening function using Fourier analysis;Calculo da funcao de alargamento Doppler utilizando analise de Fourier

    Goncalves, Alessandro da Cruz


    An efficient and precise method for calculation of Doppler broadening function is very important to obtain average group microscopic cross sections, self shielding factors, resonance integrals and others reactor physics parameter. In this thesis two different methods for calculation of Doppler broadening function and interference term will be presented. The main method is based on a new integral form for Doppler broadening function {psi}(x,{zeta}) which gives a mathematical interpretation of the approximation proposed by Bethe and Placzek, as the convolution of the Lorentzian function with a Gaussian function. This interpretation besides leading to a new integral form for {psi}(x,{zeta}), enables to obtain a simple analytic solution for the Doppler broadening function. (author)

  16. História mensageira... computador mediador -: uma analise semiolingüística do discurso infantil na narrativa

    Axt, Margarete


    Full Text Available Ao explorar recursos de programação em linguagem LOGO, criando ambientes informáticos de aprendizagem aplicados ao estudo da Língua Portuguesa, um dos nossos objetivos específicos foi de verificar os seus efeitos sobre a competência discursiva infantil. Um estudo de caso abrangendo 14 narrativas de uma criança com uma história pregressa de dificuldades na área de linguagem, mostrou-nos que, subjacente a idéias pouco desenvolvidas e estratégias verbais primitivas, essas histórias apresentavam estrutura textual e estrutura discursiva. Ao que tudo indica a criança havia sido estimulada, pelas condições desse ambiente particular, a ativar a capacidade de perceber e interpretar regras sócio-lingüísticas do contexto, de modo a produzir uma mensagem singular que tivesse um certo impacto sobre a situação de comunicação

  17. Neutron activation analysis of phytotherapic obtained from medicinal plants; Analise por ativacao com neutrons de fitoterapicos obtidos de plantas medicinais

    Moreira, Henrique S. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas]. E-mail:; Saiki, Mitiko; Vasconcellos, Marina B.A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mails:;


    This paper determines the inorganic constituents in phytotherapic samples for posterior study of the relationship existent among the concentrations of the found elements and the their possible therapeutical effects. The samples of phytotherapic pills (Centella asiatica, Ginkgo biloba and Ginseng) were analysed by using neutron activation analysis (NAA). The As, Br, Ca, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, K, La, Na, Rb, Sc, Se and Zn samples were determined in the phytotherapics, The Centella asiatica presented the higher concentrations of Br, Co, Cr, Fe, K, La, Na, Rb, Sc, Se and Zn. In the sample of Ginko biloba, higher levels of As and Ca were found, while in the sample ol Ginseng the element As were not detected. The found results have shown the the NAA method is appropriated for analysing this type of materials due to his simplicity, multielemental capacity and quality of the results obtained. (author)

  18. Cashew nut analysis by magnetic resonance tomography; Analise da castanha do cajueiro por tomografia de ressonancia magnetica

    Paiva, Joao Rodrigues de; Lima, Antonio Calixto [EMBRAPA, Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Agroindustria Tropical]. E-mail:; Biscegli, Clovis Isberto [EMBRAPA, Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Agroindustria Tropical]. E-mail:


    The objective of this work was to evaluate the technique of magnetic resonance tomography for cashew nut analysis, compared to the traditional method of clone selection. Samples of cashew nut from 40 clones harvested in 2002 were analyzed using both methods. Using traditional method most of clones showed high and medium values of the industrial indicators nut and seed mass and industrial yield and low values of seed breakage. By magnetic resonance tomography majority of clones showed cashew nuts with empty spaces between the nut and the endocarp, which can protect the seed during decortication. The results for the two methods were complementary and the tomography, besides being a promising option for the quality evaluation of cashew nut, can give support to other researches related to cashew nut study. (author)

  19. Data integration for performance analysis of petroleum wells; Integracao de dados para analise de pocos de petroleo

    Arturo, Naisa Carrillo; Mendes, Jose Ricardo; Morooka, Celso [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil); Miura, Kazuo [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In this work a new parameter called the System Performance Index is proposed, which allows a more profound study of the performance of petroleum wells. An outstanding characteristic of this parameter is that it uses a large amount of field data measured periodically. This index allows the assessing of the performance and technologies used in the wells. This study presents a comparison of the performance of vertical, directional and horizontal wells. The sand control technologies used in the wells are also evaluated. Finally, the proposed parameter enables a practical analysis that can be implemented as a strategic tool for oil field performance and optimization studies. Data used in this work were kindly supplied by PETROBRAS. (author)

  20. Well test: production analysis and allocation measurement; Teste de poco: analise da producao e medicao de apropriacao

    Geron, Luis Carlos [Smar Equipamentos Industriais Ltda., Sertaozinho, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Aplicacoes; Tateishi, Sergio Hideki [Smar Equipamentos Industriais Ltda, Sertaozinho, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento


    The well test is an instrument frequently used to evaluate the production capacity of wells and it usually has specific requirements in the flow measurement, that are not necessary in the flow measurement system for custody transfer applications. Starting with the requirement to measure the injected product in the well when it is in the recuperation phase and it also includes compliance to specific standards for allocation measurement, because these hydrocarbon products are not treated as well as that ones in the production streams. Other important issue associated to the well test is the employment of new technologies, that helps to reduce the uncertainty of measurement as digital communication between the field devices and the flow computer through an open protocol as the Foundation Field bus. Another indication of technology evolution in the flow measurement focusing a lower uncertainty is the new version of API MPMS 11.1:2004, that requires calculation with double precision floating point, as well the correction factors with 5 decimal digits. (author)

  1. Consequences analysis of accidents in an air-propane plant; Analise de consequencias de acidentes numa planta de ar propanado

    Lucena, Sergio; Lima Flho, Nelson M. de; Martins, Andrea do N. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Campos, Michel F. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Zimmerle, Sergio Ricardo T.S. [Companhia Pernambucana de Gas (COPERGAS), Recife, PE (Brazil); Alencar, Joao Rui B. de [LAFEPE - Laboratorio Farmaceutico do Estado de Pernambuco S/A, Recife, PE (Brazil); Martins, Andrea do N. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte has been developing prototype ovens, which work with natural gas. All the project of the prototypes, which will be applied to ceramic, bread bake industry and incineration of the hospital garbage, needs to be studied, developed and tested carefully until its conclusion. Then VRML language (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) is used as a tool in the study of the engineering projects and simulation of some tests. The main benefits of the use of this tool are: finding and solving problems in the project of the prototypes faster; optimization in the project since the three-dimensional visualization facilitates the study ; and simulation of aspects of functioning of the ovens before its construction. (author)

  2. An economic analysis of the solar-thermal conversion systems; Uma analise economica de sistemas de conversao solar-termico

    Martins, Jose M. de Vasconcelos [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    This article presents the development of a methodology which allows, using meteorological information, consumer demand and the characteristics of the solar converter system, the cost calculation of the converted thermal energy, and also the fraction of energy came from the solar collector system. Initially, a model is described for determining solar radiation intensity for a specific area, as function of the time. Next, the thermal energy effectively supplied by the solar collector system, knowing the system characteristics (area and efficiency curve of the collectors and the storage capacity), the custom energy demand and the intensity of solar radiation in the time, obtained from the proposed model. Finally, the unitary cost of the thermal energy obtained from the system will be calculated, and some considerations will be presented, related to the influence of the installation costs and the total thermal energy demanded by the customer on the thermal energy unitary cost.


    Edivando Vitor Couto


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho investiga a influência morfoestrutural e morfotectônica no arranjo das drenagens da zona de falha rio Alonzo. Para tanto, utiliza-se, principalmente, de análises de índices geomorfológicos da rede de drenagem. A metodologia aplicada fundamentou-se na integração de dados Shuttle Radar Topography Mission SRTM e nas variáveis morfométricas em ambiente de Sistema de Informação Geográfica SIG. A fim de obter parâmetros de análise de anomalias geomórficas e controles estruturais, a identificação e a vetorização das feições foram pautadas em interpretação visual e pela comparação entre índices morfométricos, tais como: Fator de Simetria Topografia Transversal, Assimetria de Bacias de Drenagens e Índices RDE (Relação Declividade Extensão. O rio Alonzo drena uma área de aproximadamente 2620 km², possui uma extensão de 171 km, desde sua nascente, no município de Ortigueira, até a sua foz, nas proximidades do município de Grandes Rios. As altitudes variam de 1000 m a 380 m, representando uma amplitude de 620 m. O rio encontra-se, em sua maior parte, ajustado às falhas e fraturas, sendo diferenciados dois trechos em ascensão (convexo e em subsidência (côncavo

  4. Experimental analysis of a PEM fuel cell 15 W; Analise experimental de uma celula a combustivel PEM 15W

    Miyake, Raphael Guardini; Bazzo, Edson [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica. Lab. de Combustao e Engenharia de Sistemas Termicos], e-mail:, e-mail:


    Fuel cells have been considered a promising alternative for electric energy generation. In order to contribute with the development of this technology, a PEM fuel cell was installed and new experiments were carried out at LabCET (Laboratory of Combustion and Thermal System Engineering). Previous results have shown polarization curves identifying the need of rigorous controlling of humidification temperature of the fuel cell. In this paper, new results were carried out considering the use of a fan connected to the fuel cell and possible degradation in the electrolyte, after a relative long time operation. New polarization curves were plotted for comparison with previous results. (author)

  5. Radiation protection analysis in open facilities of industrial radiography; Analise da radioprotecao em instalacoes abertas de radiografia industrial

    Leocadio, Joao C.; Tauhata, Luiz [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Crispim, Verginia R. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Nuclear


    This work had the objective to analyze the open facilities or mobile industrial radiography to obtain the distribution of doses in the radiographers, to evaluate the radiological conditions and the operational procedures, besides to present proposed for the reference levels and to esteem the potential exposure. The results of the additional monitoring revealed an improvement of the radiation protection conditions in the open facilities and the risk of potential exposure was reduced. With relationship to the radiation protection procedures, the accompaniment of the radiographic testing verified that most of the problems was solved. The advantage of the proposed reference levels is that the supervisors would enlarge the frequency of audits to accomplish the investigations and interventions. The mobile industrial radiography with bunkers presented distributions with 95% of the doses below 0,2 mSv and interventions. The mobile industrial radiography with bunkers presented distributions with 95% of the doses below 0,2 mSv and the distributions of the facilities with cordoned area they had 75% of the doses below 0,4 mSv. (author) 10 refs., 2 figs., 4 tabs.

  6. Analysis of an iodide radioimmunoassay for 11-deoxicortisol measurement; Analise de um radioimunoensaio iodado para determinacao de 11-deoxicortisol

    Madeira, Joao Luiz de Oliveira; Bussmann, Luciane Zgoda; Lima-Valassi, Helena Panteliou; Mendonca, Berenice Bilharinho de, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFM/USP), SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Departamento de Clinica Medica


    Objective: our aim was to correlate 11-deoxycortisol levels obtained by two currently available techniques for 11-deoxycortisol measurement: radioimmunoassay, and high performance liquid chromatography followed by tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). The latter is the gold standard method for steroid hormone measurement. Materials and methods: we selected 88 samples and the results of these two methods were compared by Deming regression. Results: the analytical sensitivity of the RIA was 0.30 ng/mL, with inadequate linearity and inadequate precision profile (34% of the samples had a CV ≥ 20%). From the selected samples, 54 had measurable levels of 11-deoxycortisol in both methods and were used in the comparison. The comparison of RIA with LC-MS/MS showed an overestimation of the results by RIA. The correlation coefficient was 0.610; linear regression slope was 3.751; and the intercept was 0.145, indicating a poor correlation between the two methods. Conclusion: we concluded that 11-deoxycortisol measured by radioimmunoassay, despite a good analytical sensitivity, showed very low specificity, precluding its use as a reliable method for 11-deoxycortisol measurement. (author)

  7. X-ray fluorescence spectrometry applied to soil analysis; Espectrometria de fluorescencia de raios X aplicada as analises de solo

    Salvador, Vera Lucia Ribeiro; Sato, Ivone Mulako; Scapin Junior, Wilson Santo; Scapin, Marcos Antonio; Imakima, Kengo [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). E-mail:;;


    This paper studies the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry applied to the soil analysis. A comparative study of the WD-XRFS and ED-XRFS techniques was carried out by using the following soil samples: SL-1, SOIL-7 and marine sediment SD-M-2/TM, from IAEA, and clay, JG-1a from Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ)

  8. Consumo de alcool e risco para doenca coronariana na regiao metropolitana de Sao Paulo: uma analise do Projeto GENACIS

    Maria Cristina Pereira Lima


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Examinar a associação entre consumo de álcool e risco para doença coronariana em amostra populacional. MÉTODOS: Estudo transversal, de base populacional, conduzido de janeiro/2006 a junho/2007, na região metropolitana de São Paulo, como parte do estudo internacional (Gender, Alcohol, and Culture: an International Study. Os sujeitos (1.501, sendo 609 homens e 892 mulheres eram residentes da região metropolitana de São Paulo, tinham 30 anos ou mais de idade e foram selecionados aleatoriamente, a partir de amostragem complexa por conglomerados. Todos os indivíduos consentiram em participar da pesquisa. A variável dependente foi risco cardíaco avaliado através do WHO Rose Angina Questionnaire. A análise multivariada consistiu em regressão logística, tendo sido realizado ajuste para uso de tabaco e índice de massa corpórea. RESULTADOS: A taxa de resposta foi 75%. Ser mulher, ter mais idade, ser negro, fumante e ter um índice de massa corpórea elevado, foram associados a maior risco para doença coronariana. Indivíduos que nunca beberam na vida (OR = 2,22 e ex-bebedores (OR = 2,42 tiveram maior risco de doença cardíaca do que aqueles que informaram beber até 19 g de álcool por dia, sem episódios de beber excessivo. Entre os que tiveram episódios de embriaguês observou-se uma tendência a maior risco (OR = 3,95, p = 0,09. CONCLUSÕES: Nossos achados sugerem um menor risco para doença coronariana entre os bebedores moderados. Destaca-se que os estudos que avaliam o impacto do álcool sobre doença cardíaca precisam identificar o padrão de uso de álcool dos sujeitos, visto que este aspecto pode modificar o risco. Políticas públicas são necessárias para reduzir o uso nocivo de álcool e a morbidade a ele relacionada no país.

  9. Plastias de estenoses jejunais, ileais e ileocecais na doença de Crohn : analise de resultados imediatos e tardios

    Maria de Lourdes Setsuko Ayrizono


    Resumo: Plastia intestinal é uma alternativa cirúrgica no tratamento da estenose da doença de Crohn, principalmente em doentes com ressecções intestinais prévias ou múltiplos segmentos acometidos. O objetivo do trabalho consistiu na análise retrospectiva das complicações e do seguimento dos doentes operados por esta técnica. Foram estudados 28 doentes com estenoses do intestino delgado, ileocecais ou em anastomoses ileocólicas, submetidos à plastias intestinais, no período de setembro de 199...

  10. Parametric analysis applied to perforating procedures of oil wells; Analise parametrica aplicada a procedimentos de canhoneio de pocos de petroleo

    Baioco, Juliana Souza; Seckler, Carolina dos Santos; Silva, Karinna Freitas da; Jacob, Breno Pinheiro [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia. Lab. de Metodos Computacionais e Sistemas Offshore; Silvestre, Jose Roberto; Soares, Antonio Claudio; Freitas, Sergio Murilo Santos [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas


    The perforation process is an important in well construction. It provides contact between the reservoir rock and the well, allowing oil production. The procedure consists in using explosive charges to bore a hole into the casing and the rock, so that the reservoir fluid can flow to the well. Therefore, the right choice of both the gun and the charge type is extremely important, knowing that many factors influence on the process, affecting the productivity, such as shot density, penetration depth, hole diameter, etc. The objective of this paper is to present the results of some parametric study to evaluate the influence of some parameters related to the explosive charges on well productivity, since there are many types of charges with different properties, which provide specific characteristics to the perforated area. For that purpose, a commercial program will be used, which allows the simulation of the flow problem, along with a finite element mesh generator that uses a pre-processor and a program that enables the construction of reservoir, well and perforation models. It can be observed that the penetration depth has bigger influence than the hole diameter, being an important factor when choosing the charge to be used in the project. (author)

  11. Analysis of a solar water thermosyphon system; Analise do aquecimento solar de agua por sistema a termosifao

    Cardenas, Abner Barzola


    A design methodology and to perform the simulation of flat plate solar collectors coupled with a water storage tank and operating by natural convection circulation is presented. For a given site the incident solar radiation on a tilted and previously oriented surface is determined from solar astronomy and the dally average of the monthly data of the horizontal total solar radiation. Huancayo situated in Peru (at 12.05 deg S, long. 76.18 deg W, altitude 3,312 m), is chosen as the site to be installed the solar water system, as a mean to improve the peasant's standard of life. An optimum tilt angle for a north oriented collector surface is obtained in order to have a maximum solar capture during the water. The theoretical methodology use here is based upon the ONG's paper (1976), and in attrition is considered the hot water drainage due to the dally consumption. For the sake of comparison, the calculated flowrate values are confronted with the experimental data obtained by FERNANDEZ, for a same site location (Rio de Janeiro) and are used identical dimensions for the water thermosyphon heater. Finally, the economic feasibility of the solar water system is demonstrated when it is compared with the usual immersion electric resistance boiler. For the Peruvian conditions the more adequate solar water system for a rural or domestic usage is a 1.4 m{sup 2} area solar collector (6 parallel, 15,875 mm copper tubes), 100 l capacity for the water storage tank, 33.5 mm for the connecting tubes, being of 300 mm. The height between the collector top and the bottom of the tank. (author)

  12. The isotopic analysis of boron by charged particle irradiation; Analise isotopica de boro utilizando feixes de particulas carregadas

    Vinagre Junior, Ubirajara M.; Costa, Vilmar L. da; Suita, Julio C.; Teixeira, Danilo L.; Bernedo, Alfredo V.B.; Cabral, Tania S. [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    An analytical isotopic method for boron analysis is discribed, based in the spectrometry of protons at 130{sup 0} C from scattering and/or reactions like {sup 10} B(p,p){sup 10} B and {sup 11} B(p,p){sup 11} B which were simultaneously measured. The basic parameters involved in such measurements, are discussed including cinematic, angular distribution, preparation of targets and its substracs. Particle spectra of targets with natural isotopic concentration and enriched in {sup 10} B are presented. The ratio [{sup 11} B(p{sub o})/{sup 10} B(p{sub o})] at 130{sup 0} C for targets of {sup nat} B in respect of the incident proton beam energy between 14 and 24 MeV are shown. The results of our enriched {sup 10} B are compared with results obtained in mass spectrometry. (author). 14 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  13. Analysis of the radiometric survey during the Argonauta reactor operation; Analise do levantamento radiometrico durante operacao do reator Argonauta

    Oliveira, Eara de S.L.; Cardozo, Katia K.M.; Silva, Joao Carlos P.; Santos, Joao Regis dos, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (CNEN-IEN/RJ), Rio de Janeiro - RJ (Brazil)


    The Argonaut reactor at the Institute of Nuclear Engineering-IEN/CNEN, operates normally, the powers between 1.7 and 340 W on neutrongraphy procedures, production of radionuclides and experimental reactor physics lessons to postgraduate courses. The doses from neutrons and gamma radiation are measured when the reactor is critical, inside the reactor hall and surrounding regions. A study of the data obtained was performed to evaluate the daily need of this survey in the reactor hall. Taking into account the principle ALARA, which aims to optimize and minimize the dose received by the individual, we propose, in this work, through an analysis of the acquired data in occupational radiometric surveys, a reformulation of the area monitoring routine practiced by the team of radiological protection of the Institute of Nuclear Engineering - IEN/CNEN-RJ, whereas other monitoring routines regarding the radiological protection are also applied in the routine of the reactor. The operations under review occurred with the reactor operating 340 W power at intervals of 60, 120 and 180 minutes, in monitoring points in controlled areas, supervised and free. The results showed significant dose values in the output of the J-Channel 9 when the operation occurs with this open. With 180 minutes of operation, the measured values of dose rate were lower than the values at 60 min and 120 operations min. At the point in the supervised area, offsite to the reactor hall, situated in the direction of the J-Channel 9, the value reduces more than 14% in any operating time in relation to the dose rate measured at the point opposite the canal. There is a 50% reduction in the dose rates for operations with and J-9 closed. The results suggest a new frequency of radiometric survey whose mode of operation is maintained in similar conditions, since combined with other relevant practices of radiation protection.

  14. Procel in basic education: an analysis of Program effectiveness; PROCEL na educacao basica: uma analise da eficacia do programa

    Moura, Daniel de Andrade; Penteado, Claudio Luis de Camargo [Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), Santo Andre, SP (Brazil)


    This paper presents an approach to the National Program for Electricity Conservation (PROCEL), focusing on its sub-program PROCEL in basic education, in order to analyze its effectiveness. For this, there was a case study in a school where some teachers received training PROCEL for mounting the discipline PTC: technology and environment. The goal is to present data on the electricity consumption of the students before and after studying in the field, and observe possible changes in the use of electricity. The objective this paper to contribute to the improvement of the actions of PROCEL, or any other program that promotes the rational use of energy. (author)

  15. Rural electrification based on photovoltaic systems: systemic evaluation and analysis; Eletrificacao rural com sistemas fotovoltaicos: avaliacao e analise sistemicas

    Orellana Lafuente, Renan Jorge


    In spite of all advances made by modern technology, there are still regions which remoteness has made electrification of poor rural localities very difficult or impossible. The only practical solution for these localities is a local, decentralized form of electrical generation, such as solar energy. Based on its availability and potential, together with the scientific and technical advances made in photovoltaic conversion, solar energy is an alternative which is viable for many rural areas in developing countries. The technology has matured sufficiently, but in its application there is still a need for systematization for experiences, especially in the areas of planning and management. The present work deals with a project carried in the community of Chimboata, Chimboata department, Bolivia. The implementation aspects are analysed and the implementation methodology described. Finally, the forms of managing and funding this type of systems are analysed. (author)

  16. Consequences analysis of accidents in an air-propane plant; Analise de consequencias de acidentes numa planta de ar propanado

    Lucena, Sergio; Lima Flho, Nelson M. de; Martins, Andrea do N. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Campos, Michel F. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Zimmerle, Sergio Ricardo T.S. [Companhia Pernambucana de Gas (COPERGAS), Recife, PE (Brazil); Alencar, Joao Rui B. de [LAFEPE - Laboratorio Farmaceutico do Estado de Pernambuco S/A, Recife, PE (Brazil); Martins, Andrea do N. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte has been developing prototype ovens, which work with natural gas. All the project of the prototypes, which will be applied to ceramic, bread bake industry and incineration of the hospital garbage, needs to be studied, developed and tested carefully until its conclusion. Then VRML language (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) is used as a tool in the study of the engineering projects and simulation of some tests. The main benefits of the use of this tool are: finding and solving problems in the project of the prototypes faster; optimization in the project since the three-dimensional visualization facilitates the study ; and simulation of aspects of functioning of the ovens before its construction. (author)

  17. Proibicao de discriminacao de preco por genero nos contratos de seguro: analise economica da decisao do tribunal da Uniao Europeia

    Penido, Thiago; Bergamaschine Mata Diz, Jamile


    O trabalho tem por objetivo analisar a extensao da eficacia do principio da igualdade e a consequente proibicao de discriminacao no ambito das relacoes juridicas privadas, verificando, especificamente...

  18. A brief analysis of price lining at the domestic market; Uma breve analise do alinhamento de precos no mercado domestico

    Silva, Carla de Souza e


    The PETROBRAS price policy is a recurrent theme in the economic debate since the sector opening on 2002. In the last months, the theme obtained more importance because the Manguinhos refinery (Brazil) at the domestic market. This article aims to analyses the gasoline and diesel prices behavior during the first eight months of 2005.

  19. The ethanol industry from the analysis technology road maps; A industria do etanol a partir da analise de roadmaps tecnologicos

    Calil Neto, Antonio; Guimaraes, Maria Jose de Oliveira Cavalacanti; Freire, Estevao [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola de Quimica


    The behavior of the ethanol industry in the coming years should be buoyed by several factors, among which gain prominence: feedstock, conversion technologies and products. This article aims, from the analysis of technological road maps, is dealing with Brazil in the face of the global market, is primarily addressing the international context, to assess which technologies tend to predominate, with emphasis on the ethanol industry, addressing convergent and complementary the technology road maps, especially regarding the barriers and challenges, costs and logistics, and other broader issues that govern the production of sustainable feedstock, conversion technologies and biofuels industry, with emphasis on ethanol. Conventional biofuels today are generally not competitive with fossil fuels at market prices, except for the cane ethanol already has a good performance in economic terms. Moreover, strategies for first generation ethanol differ from those for the second generation, which is at an earlier stage of technology development and still subject to comparatively high production costs. The non-economic fundamental barrier to the development of biofuels, particularly ethanol, is the uncertainty as to its sustainability. The debate sometimes on competition with food production and the potential destruction of valuable ecosystems put biofuels in the center of the discussion about sustainability. The challenges facing the ethanol industry range from the need to implement on a large scale to reduce costs along the production chain, through the need for second-generation technologies to reach the level of market, with the behavior of these factors and others will depend on each setting route. (author)

  20. Analise das regiões organizadoras de nucleolo (NORs) na avaliação do prognostico do adenocarcinoma aretal


    Resumo: As taxas de sobrevida do câncer de reto não vêm apresentando alterações nas últimas décadas e a busca de informações prognósticas, com o intuito de se melhorarem os resultados do tratamento, tem levado ao estudo do comportamento biológico do tumor em seus vários aspectos. A proliferação celular, está relacionada à agressividade tumoral, e pode ser estudada através das regiões organizadoras de nucléolo ( "nucleolar organizer regions" - NORs). As NORs são alças de rDNA presentes em c...

  1. Analysis of energetic efficiency in stenters of textile industry; Analise de eficiencia energetica em ramas de industria textil

    Machado, Antonio Rogerio; Ferraz, Andre; Rocha, Ivan; Azevedo, Jorge; Oshiro, Hugo K.; Konishi, Ricardo; Piazza, Walter; Lehmkuhl, Willian [Companhia de Gas de Santa Catarina (SCGAS), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    This paper presents the research on the use of alternative energy within the textile industry: a strategy aimed at reducing costs and securing market share. The use of natural gas allows for the direct heating and drying of textiles through convection, instead of the conventional indirect heating method of thermal fluids. This measure alone reduces significantly the energy costs and grants the process superior efficiency and sustainability. This case examines the improvements to the process of drying textiles through thermal equipment called stenters, whose purpose is to remove humidity from the cloth during its fabrication. As such, SCGAS, in association with FURB, has performed an operational and technological evaluation of the drying process used by a customer enterprise. The data collected enabled the researchers to map all sources (inputs and outputs) of mass and energy for each different stenter. This composed the basis for the analysis done and the subsequent proposal of improvements, which varied from the conversion of stenter from indirect to direct heating and the development of even more energy efficient solutions for the direct heating system. The data obtained shows that, for the indirect heating system, 28% of the thermal energy produced could be recovered, given the temperature of the exhaust gases reached 360 deg C. The indirect heating stenters presented energy efficiency between 24% and 27%, whiles the direct heating ones presented between 27,4% and 34,8%. Additionally, if an automated control system for the natural gas and oxidizing air flows was to be installed, it would guarantee greater quality combustion with a significant increase in energy efficiency, as well as a decrease in carbon monoxide emissions by a factor of eight. (author)

  2. Chemical analysis of superconductor material by Rietveld method; Analise quimica de material superconductor atraves do metodo de Rietveld

    Garcia Junior, E.S.; Gomes Junior, G.G.; Ogasawara, T., E-mail: georges@metalmat.ufrj.b [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia. Dept. de Eng. Metalurgica e Materiais; Bispo, E.R.; Polasek, A. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Amorim, H.S. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IF/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    Among the main superconducting systems, the system Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O is extremely important because it presents two stages of high superconducting critical temperature. To manufacture samples of the superconducting phase (Bi, Pb){sub 2}Sr{sub 2}Ca{sub 2}Cu{sub 3}Ox (Bi-2223) were used oxides and carbonates of high purity. The mixture was calcined and sintered for 100-200h in air. To characterize the material we used X-ray diffraction, SEM / EDS and measurement of critical temperature (Tc). The Rietveld method was used for structure refinement, and quantification of phases and to estimate the chemical composition of samples in order to obtain greater control of chemical composition using only the data of X-ray diffraction. The results were compared with the refinement results of X-ray fluorescence and was observed a discrepancy of about 8%. This result indicates that the Rietveld method can be an interesting alternative to perform chemical analysis. (author)

  3. Mundo multiplo : uma analise do romance historico La guerra del fin del mundo, de Mario Vargas Llosa

    Rinaldo Nunes Fernandes


    Resumo: Análise do romance histórico La guerra del fin del mundo (1981), do escritor peruano Mario Vargas Llosa, centrada nos personagens e nos vários pontos de vista. Num primeiro momento, há um quadro do debate sobre as relações entre Literatura e História. São apresentadas aqui, entre outras, as propostas de Hayden White, Paul Ricouer e Walter Mignolo. Em seguida, há uma abordagem da teoria do romance histórico de G. Lukács e da evolução (do séc. XIX ao séc. XX) do romance histórico hispan...

  4. Analise da operação saturada de amplificadores de potencia a fibra dopada com erbio

    Maria Jose Pontes


    Resumo: Apresentamos, neste trabalho, estudos sobre os amplificadores a fibra dopada com érbio, com especial atenção voltada para o regime de saturação. O objetivo principal foi projetar e implementar um amplificador de potência. Aprimorou-se o modelamento analítico existente na literatura, aplicável a amplificadores de potência, e efetuou-se a montagem e caracterização desses dispositivos a fibra óptica. Analisamos os amplificadores de um estágio e as potencialidades de amplificadores de doi...

  5. System for alarms analysis and optimization in petrochemicals plants; Sistema para analise e otimizacao de alarmes em plantas petroquimicas

    Leitao, Gustavo; Pifer, Aderson; Guedes, Luiz Affonso [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil); Saito, Kaku; Aquino, Leonardo [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES)


    The present work presents a group of algorithms, techniques and functionalities on alarms management which can be used efficiently on the treatment of 'disturbances' caused by the informal management of the alarm systems. Among the disturbances handled by these techniques, there is the recognition of intermittent alarms and false alarms, location of alarm floods and correlation between alarms, aiming the identification of communal root causes. The results will be presented through a case study on petrochemical alarm plants. At last, the results obtained by the utilization of such functionalities will be presented and discussed. (author)

  6. The use of acoustic sounders in oil wells analysis; O sondador acustico na analise de pocos de petroleo

    Almeida, A.R. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas


    In this article, we analyse the use of acoustic sounders in oil wells, mainly at PETROBRAS. In pumping wells, the application of acoustic sounders includes the detection of operational problems, the determination of the inflow performance relationship and well testing. The program developed by the author, (SONOTEST), can be used for the necessary calculations. In gas lift wells, the use of acoustic sounders is not as common as oil wells, but they can still provide valuable information both in casing and in inside tubing surveys. (author) 15 refs., 10 figs.

  7. Loading and stress analysis of gas pipeline structures; Analise de esforcos e tensoes em estruturas de gasodutos durante despressurizacoes

    Frisoli, Caetano [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transporte S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Frota, Cristiane Souto [TBG - Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolivia Brasil S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Silva, Luis Fernando Figueira da; Carvalho, Marcio da Silveira [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Savi, Marcelo Amorim [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Pacheco, Pedro Manuel Calas Lopes [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Rio de Janeiro (CEFET-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Repairing and maintenance activities on Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline often need blow down lines. During the blow down process, the high speed of discharging gases imposes great efforts to the structures. A detailed analysis of this situation is essential for a safe operation. This paper describes two phases of a project, developed under TBG coordination. It consists in analyzing the stress and forces involved in this operation, in order to design facilities to blow down pipes and develop a safe blow down procedure for the gas pipeline. The first phase consists of a supersonic flowing simulation in the blow down gas pipeline device. The pressure behavior, mass flow and the speed at the device's ending point are calculated for different operational conditions. In the second phase, the equivalent loading caused by blow down operations is used as input in a stress analysis program to determine stress, critical sessions evaluation and material recommendations for blow down devices. (author)

  8. Technical analysis of fuel cells applied to cogeneration systems; Analise tecnica de celulas combustivel aplicadas em sistemas de cogeracao

    Pulgar, Rafael Girardi; Bazzo, Edson [Santa Catarina Univ., Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mails:;; Martinac, Ivo [KTH - Royal Institute of Tech., Stockholm (Sweden). Dept. of Energy Technology]. E-mail:


    In the last years the fuel cell technology has been pointed out as a promising alternative for electricity generation. Compared to conventional energy conversion processes it presents great advantages, such as high efficiency, low gases emissions and the possibility to be applied in cogeneration systems, among others. The fuel cell converts the chemical energy of the fuel directly into electricity via an electrochemical process. The waste heat generated in the process can be recovered in cogeneration applications. In this article, preliminary results related to a Phosphoric Acid Fuel cell (PAFC) applied to hotels for power generation and hot water production are presented. The PAFC shows an electrical efficiency of about 40 per cent for power generation. In the cogeneration system proposed in this work, the global thermoelectric efficiency increased up to 73 per cent, when both electrical and thermal energy are considered. (author)

  9. Analysis of public policies for new renewable energy in Brazil; Analise de politicas publicas para novas energias renovaveis no Brasil

    Furtado, M.C.; Fadigas, E.A.F.A.; Baitelo, R.L. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica


    Renewable energy have a prominent place among the solutions to combat global warming, but its potential is still untapped in Brazil. Without long-term policies with clear rules, you can not attract entrepreneurs and ensure stability of operation of this market. The main tools of government to promote renewable energy generation have not been efficient - the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Energy (Proinfa) was implemented in 2002 but put into operation just over two thirds of the energy proposal. The low success rate in repeated auctions focused on renewable energy. The objective of this paper is to discuss the prospects of the expansion of electricity generation by renewable energies in Brazil and some fundamental requirements for effective structuring of this market in the country. This argument is supported by the analysis of the proposed mechanisms used internationally and in the country, under a new law for renewable energies. As a practical demonstration of the analysis, we present a simulation of conditions of formation of the final price of renewable resources in different conditions as varied market rate of return, cost of transmission, and sale of carbon credits.

  10. Energy analysis of tubular digesters using swine residues; Analise energetica de biodigestores tubulares usando dejetos de suinos

    Campos, Alessandro Torres; Daga, Jacir [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Marechal Candido Rondon, PR (Brazil). Grupo de Pesquisas em Ambiencia do Oeste do Parana], e-mail:; Campos, Aloisio Torres de [EMBRAPA Gado de Leite, Juiz de Fora, MG (Brazil). Grupo Pesquisador em Educacao Ambiental; Santos, Elenara Pinto dos; Casimiro, Evandro Luiz Nogarolli; Nagae, Ricardo Yuiti; Weiss Filho, Waldemiro [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Marechal Candido Rondon, PR (Brazil). Centro de Ciecias Agraras


    Overcoming another financial crisis, the swine production has the great challenge, in this and next decades, of also reaching the sustainability in the ecosystem ambit. The Parana State/Brazil west area is known because of it's residues high production, with high pollution level, it possesses the added difficulty of presenting high concentration of animals, inserted in production centers in reduced areas. However, this situation reversion, changing the 'trouble called residue' in a 'energy source solution', by means of digesters, became a reality, with the initiative of some producers and researchers. Present work objective was to evaluate the energy production, by means of the digesters use, as alternative energy co-generation. The work was developed at a commercial farm located at the Parana State west area, with 1,700 sows, in an piglet unit producing, with production of 3,400 piglet per mouth. The studied system is constituted by two parallel digesters, with continuous flow and total capacity of 1,275 m3 per digester, with 30 days of hydraulic retention time. The generated biogas feeds a 4.1 cc engine, with six cylinders, 80 cv, 3,600 rpm, coupled to an generator, that constitutes an 50 kW electric engine. The system promoted a 58% reduction of chemical demand of oxygen. The daily gas production estimated was 208 m3, with production of electric energy of 35.2 kWh per day. For most of the year, the system has the potential of provisioning the farm of electricity for all its needs, promoting economy that is transformed into income for the activity. (author)

  11. Analise van die opbou, argumentasiegang en pragmatiek van die Galatebrief: �n Eerste ori�ntering

    A. B. du Toit


    Full Text Available Analysis of the structure, argument and pragmatics of Galatians: An initial orientation Initially three methodological pitfalls regarding the analysis of the overall structure of Galatians are discussed: that of historical reconstruction of its polemical situation, of the rhetorical model and of the bipartite Pauline division between theological exposition and paraenesis. Then the macrostructural relations, the argument and the pragmatics of Galatians are analysed. Two main sections are identified, the first (Galatians 1:11-4:11 consisting of a double argument for the legitimacy of Paul's gospel, the second (4:12-6:10 being an appeal concentrating on Christian freedom.

  12. Analysis of records of external occupational dose records in Brazil; Analise dos registros de dose ocupacional externa no Brasil

    Mauricio, Claudia L.P.; Silva, Herica L.R. da, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ),Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Silva, Claudio Ribeiro da, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Brazil, a continental country, with actually more than 150,000 workers under individual monitoring for ionizing radiation, has implemented in 1987 a centralized system for storage of external occupational dose. This database has been improved over the years and is now a web-based information system called Brazilian External Occupational Dose Management Database System - GDOSE. This paper presents an overview of the Brazilian external occupational dose over the years. The estimated annual average effective dose shows a decrease from 2.4 mSv in 1987 to about 0.6 mSv, having been a marked reduction from 1987 to 1990. Analyzing by type of controlled practice, one sees that the medical and dental radiology is the area with the largest number of users of individual monitors (70%); followed by education practices (8%) and the industrial radiography (7%). Additionally to photon whole body monitoring; neutron monitors are used in maintenance (36%), reactor (30%) and education (27%); and extremity monitors, in education (27%), nuclear medicine (22%) and radiology (19%). In terms of collective dose, the highest values are also found in conventional radiology, but the highest average dose values are those of interventional radiology. Nuclear medicine, R and D and radiotherapy also have average annual effective dose higher than 1 mSv. However, there is some very high dose values registered in GDOSE that give false information. This should be better analyzed in the future. Annual doses above 500 are certainly not realistic. (author)

  13. ’n Analise van enkele veranderlikes wat die wiskundeprestasie van Tswanasprekende leerders beïnvloed

    J. G. Maree


    Full Text Available

    Ontoereikende prestasie in wiskunde is ’n verskynsel wat besonder algemeen voorkom en navorsers is dit eens dat die probleem veral by swart leerders kritieke afmetings aanneem. Die Tswanaleerders in die Mafikeng-streek bevind hulle in ’n opvoedingsituasie wat nie altyd vir optimale verwerkliking van hul persoonsmoontlikhede bevorderlik is nie. Een moontlike uitkoms van hierdie situasie is ontoereikende prestasie in wiskunde. Die doel van die onderhawige studie is onder meer die verkenning van die Tswanaleerder in die Mafikeng-streek se ontoereikende prestasie in wiskunde. Dit is gedoen deur die inskakeling van ’n Diagnostiese Toets en ’n Leerdervraelys waarmee die kognitiewe en affektiewe fasette van die Tswanaleerder se prestasie in wiskunde gemeet is. ’n Remediëringstrategie wat spesifiek gerig is op die Tswanaleerder in die Mafikeng-streek is vervolgens saamgestel.


    An analysis of some factors that influence Tswana-speaking learners’ achievement in mathematics

    Inadequate achievement in mathematics is a common phenomenon, especially among black learners where the problem is becoming critical. Tswana learners in the Mafikeng region find themselves in an educational situation that does not always promote the optimal actualisation of their personal potential. An outcome of this situation is inadequate achievement in mathematics. The aim of this study has inter alia been the exploration of the inadequate achievement in mathematics of Tswana learners in the Mafikeng region by administering a Diagnostic Test and a Learner Questionnaire. The cognitive and affective facets of the Tswana learner’s achievement in mathematics were measured. A remedial strategy specifically aimed at the Tswana learner in the Mafikeng region was subsequently devised.

  14. Microstructural analysis of lead telluride obtained by epitaxial grown; Analise microestrutural de telureto de chumbo obtido por crescimento epitaxial

    Hwang, Miriam Kasumi


    Lead telluride (PbTe) films applied in devices to detect infrared radiation, were grown on silicon (100) and barium fluoride (111) substrates by Hot Wall Epitaxy (HWE). The films were investigated by X ray diffraction, to verify the crystallinity and the growth planes; scanning electron microscopy, to observe the topography; transmission electron microscopy, to study the films microstructure in the cross section and selected-area electron diffraction to analyse the growth directions. PbTe films grown on barium fluoride (BaF{sub 2}) show good crystallinity and homogeneity, their growth is according to Frank-van der Merwe's Model. On the other hand, PbTe films grown on silicon (Si) substrate were not so crystalline and homogeneous owing to the impurities presence, great difference in the substrate and film lattice parameters and the thermal expansion coefficient mismatch. On Si substrate the growth follows the Volmer-Weber Model (Island). X ray diffraction provided enough data for testing the crystallography quality and the scanning and transmission electron microscopy analyses completed the study. (author)

  15. Substitution of argon in the ladle metallurgy process; Analise da substituicao do argonio nos processos de metalurgia de panela

    Barbosa, Aldo H.A.; Ribeiro, Helber L.O.; Santos, Antonio G. dos [USIMINAS, Ipatinga, MG (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas


    Industrial trials were carried out by bubbling nitrogen in place of argon into Al-killed and Al-Si killed steels in the ladle. Results confirmed the theoretical data based on kinetic studies that specified nitrogen levels can be obtained in the steel without impairing product quality. (author). 8 refs., 3 tabs., 6 figs.

  16. An analysis of metallurgical ladle preheating; Uma analise do processo de pre-aquecimento da panela de aciaria

    Rodrigues, Eliana F. [Ouro Preto Univ., MG (Brazil). Escola de Minas; Figueira, Renato M. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Metalurgica


    An analysis of the pre-heating effects of the siderurgical ladle refractory lining on the steel making process is developed. The modeling is based essentially on the transient two-dimensional heat conduction equation, expressed in cylindrical coordinates, and also taking into account radiation and convection boundary conditions. The solution procedure is accomplished by means of an `ANSYS` F.E.M. scheme. The analysis enables the evaluation of the preheating influence on the other phases of the complete continuous casting process . The conditions which have to be used in the control of the whole process can be determined by this simulation, enabling the optimization of energy consumption, refractory lining wear, and holding time. (author) 10 refs., 6 figs.

  17. Analise quimica, microestrutural e da interface implante : pilar intermediario de quatro sistemas de implantes dentarios endo-osseos

    Eider Guimarães Bastos


    Resumo: O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a composição química, metalográficas, a topografia superficial e a interface de adaptação implante pilar intermediário por meio de microscopia óptica, microscopia eletrônica de varredura e espectroscopia de energia dispersiva de quatro sistemas de implantes dentários endoósseos disponíveis no Brasil: Implamed@, Master Screw@, Titanium Fix@ e INP@, divididos em grupos 1, 2, 3 e 4. Os resultados obtidos com a análise química mostraram que todos os g...

  18. Geologia introdutoria nas instituições de ensino superior no Brasil : analise dos cursos de ciencias e geografia

    Carlos Alberto Lobão da Silveira Cunha


    Resumo: Analisa, após identificar e diagnosticar, o conteudo geológico veiculado em disciplinas de geologia introdutória nos cursos de Ciências e Geografia, no Brasil, e também busca identificar os elementos que influem, de modo significativo, nessa veiculação. Esses cursos, dos onze identificados em publicações específicas do MEC, e que potencialmente ministram disciplinas geológicas, são examinados a partir de respostas a dois instrumentos de coleta de dados formulados e aplicados por proje...

  19. The production chain analysis of the Brazilian petroleum industry; Analise da cadeia produtiva da industria petrolifera brasileira

    Martini, Ana Amelia Magalhaes Gomes; Antunes, Adelaide Maria de Souza [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Escola de Quimica]. E-mail:;


    The production chain of the oil industry encompasses production systems that operate within different ecosystems. The industry can be split into exploration, production, transportation, refining and distribution, and its importance derives from the influence it has on the nation.s economy. The aim of this study is to provide a holistic view of the different links in the oil production chain, using bibliometric indicators for technological innovation. The methodology employed to analyze the production chain took as its starting point a study of demand, i.e. a characterization of the consumers and identification of the needs and expectations of this consumer market with respect to the products supplied by the different segments of the country.s oil industry. The data was first collected through bibliographical research and a search of specialized databases on the oil production chain in Brazil and worldwide, after which it was analyzed. The result was an identification of the critical competitive factors in the chain, and a tool to assist in the management of the oil industry, to improve its competitiveness and support public and private policy-making. This article is part of a broader study, which will constitute a doctoral thesis. (author)

  20. Energia, industrialização e exportações : analise dos ramos metalurgico e papel & celulose

    Mauro Donizeti Berni


    Resumo: O processo de industrialização desde os seus primórdios tem-se baseado no trabalho humano e, ao mesmo tempo, no uso crescente de carvão mineral, de eletricidade, de petróleo e em menor escala na energia nuclear. Ainda neste século, tais fontes energéticas foram consideradas promissoras a até, inesgotáveis. A partir da década de 70, as duas crises do petróleo aliado às pressões ambientalistas, aceleraram o processo de mudança nas relações de produção vigente e suas decorrentes formas d...

  1. Metodos de analise experimental de uma configuração de campo reverso no TC1-UNICAMP

    Roberto Yzumi Honda


    Resumo: Este trabalho objetivou a caracterização tanto da máquina TCI-UNICAMP quanto do plasma produzido na configuração de campo reverso (C.C.R.) nela formada e para tal vários sistemas de diagnósticos foram implementados quais sejam: Sondas magnéticas, sonda de fluxo excluído, espectros copia no visível, copos de Faraday, sonda de pressão (piezoelétrica) e fotografias ultrarápidas (IMACON).Os resultados das medidas foram testados e analisados à luz dos modelos teóricos e semiempíricos exist...

  2. "Ecologia, etica e politica : a analise da conduta etica e politica do movimento ecologico a proposito da farra do boi"

    Chaves, Iara Maria


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Centro de Ciencias Humanas Durante a Semana Santa de 1988, o estado de Santa Catarina foi palco de um conflito social que envolveu autoridades do governo, comunidades de tradição cultural açoriana do litoral catarinense, além de movimentos ecológicos e associação de proteção dos animais brasileiros e internacionais Este conflito teve seu clímax no momento em que o governador do estado, pressionado pelos protetores dos animais...

  3. Analise de perigos e pontos criticos de controle no processamento do leite pasteurizado em uma industria de laticinios

    Garcia, Joice Adelia


    Dissertação (Mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciencias Agrarias Um dos caminhos mais efetivos e econômicos na avaliação, padronização e controle da pasteurização do leite é a Análise de Perigos e Pontos Críticos de Controle (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points - HACCP). Este trabalho foi realizado numa pequena indústria de laticínios, localizada na região da grande Florianópolis. Foram coletadas e analisadas vinte amostras de leite em cada uma das etapas: n...

  4. Analysis of the opening model of the Brazilian upstream business; Analise da adequacao do modelo de E e P brasileiro

    Canelas, Andre [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Planejamento Energetico]. E-mail:


    This paper analyses the institutional model adopted for the reform of the oil industry in Brazil, beginning with the approval of Law n. 9.478 by the Brazilian Parliament in 1997. The reform of the Brazilian oil industry took place in the context of the reforms of the world's national economies throughout the 1980's and 1990's. From this worldwide process of reform stemmed a huge increase in the international capital flow directed to long-run investment opportunities in the economic infrastructure sectors. The aim of this paper is to analyse both the regulatory model for the oil and gas upstream activities in Brazil and the bidding model adopted at Brazil's National Petroleum Agency's auctions for the acquisition of exploration areas. This paper is dedicated, in its entirety, to Prof. Carmen Alveal (in memoriam), whose knowledge, support, encouragement and friendship were, for me, the most important of all, professionally and morally. (author)

  5. Structural and fluid coupled simulation; Metodo de simulacao acoplada de reservatorio, utilizando analise estrutural e de fluidos

    Santos, Erick S.R.; Ferreira, Francisco H. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Torres, Marcos P.C. [SMARTTECH Oleo e Gas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In this work a modified logical coupling among a porous reservoir fluid flow and a mechanical simulator is presented, intending to evaluate the influence of the mechanical behavior in the pressure field development within the reservoir rock and vice-versa. The resembled integrated solution arrives from the logical interaction between two robust commercial software, namely: IMEX: a black-oil porous media fluid flow simulator based on a finite difference numerical method and employed in the activities of several oil field assets at PETROBRAS S.A.; and Abaqus, a solid mechanics finite element simulator intended for continuous media and also capable of modeling nonlinearities of different natures, including contact discontinuities for instance. (author)

  6. Bioenergy in Brazil and Europe: a comparative analysis; Bioenergia no Brasil e na Europa: uma analise comparativa

    Castro, Nivalde Jose de [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Economia], e-mail:; Dantas, Guilherme de Azevedo [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (GESEL/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Grupo de Estudos do Setor Eletrico], e-mail:


    A higher application of bioenergy is one of the existing ways to adequate the necessity of an expansion in the energy supply with the mitigation of global warming. The consumption of biofuel in the transport sector is the most usual and important use of biomass, however, bioenergy may also have a relevant contribution to the world electrical matrix. A comparative analysis shows that Brazil has consolidate the usage of biofuel while Europe is having problems to accomplish the biofuels levels established in the European Union guidelines. However, some european countries are developing their bioelectrical generation potential in a much more efficient way than Brazil. Therefore , brazilian policies to support bioelectricity should observe the successful instruments applied in Europe. (author)

  7. O que seria uma gramatica da enunciação? A proposta de uma analise transversal.

    Valdir do Nascimento FLORES


    Full Text Available Este texto apresenta uma proposta de abordagem da enunciação que busca estudar a língua em diferentes níveis da análise linguística. Desenvolve-se o conceito de transversalidade enunciativa cuja característica primordial é descrever o uso linguístico relacionando as unidades dos níveis da análise linguística entre si dentro do mesmo nível e em níveis diferentes.


    Paulo Victor de Assis Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo estudar e analisar a importância da governance corporative para o crescimento, desenvolvimento e obtenção de sucesso em empresas de controle familiar. O tema governance corporative é recente no Brail e no mundo, mas várias emrpesas familiars adotaram e vêem cada vez mais adotando seus mecanismos,já que no ambiente empresarial a governaça assumiu um importânte papel. Deste modo foi realizado,um estudo de caso em uma empresa familiar da zona da mata mineira com o objetivo de avaliar os fundamentos de governance corportativaadotados pela emrpesa. Foram coletadas informações através de distribuição de questionarioa para saber a importância dos fundamentos de governance corporative na visão dos membros da familia e dos funcionários da empresa.Os resultados do estudo de caso indicaram a presence dos principios basicos da governanca corporative na empresa. A conclusão é de que este trabalho teve exito, pois conseguiu responder a questão central proposta.

  9. International comparative analysis of E and P regulatory issues; Analise comparativa internacional de aspectos regulatorios em E e P

    Martins, Erica Cristina da Fonseca; Almedia, Mariana Lessa Rego de; Baleroni, Rafael Baptista [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Direito


    The oil industry is one of the more global sectors of the economy, with its economic agents acting and competing at the same time in many countries. The limitation of available funds for investment and competition in global scale make the host countries adapt some elements of their concession instruments, as a way to attract greater investments. The comparison of legal framework of diverse host countries is an essential part in this process of decision and an indispensable tool to help the host countries in the dispute for the attraction of international investors. Therefore, to place Brazil in this process of global competition between States is necessary the knowledge and the comparison between the conditions offered for its legal system and offered for countries considered as models of attraction of investment. This work intends to offer a comparative study of relevant legal aspects for the oil industry, amongst them: characterization of the concession instrument; reach of the participation of the state-owned company; intervention of the State in the private management. The comparison will be made between countries with different characteristics, to obtain a consolidation of paradigms that helps the evolution of the Brazilian exploration and production legal framework. (author)

  10. Analysis of lichens for use in biomonitoring of environmental pollution; Analise de liquens para uso na biomonitoracao da poluicao ambiental

    Horimoto, Lidia K.; Saiki, Mitiko; Vasconcellos, Marina B.A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Supervisao de Radioquimica; Marcelli, Marcello P. [Instituto de Botanica, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Secao de Micologia e Liquenologia


    This work presents the results of Al, As, Br, Ca, Cd, Cl, Co, Cs, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Rb, Se, Th, V and Zn obtained by instrumental neutron activation analysis in the analyses of epiphytic lichen samples collected in different sites of the States of Sao Paulo and Parana. These lichens were collected in the following sites: Cidade Universitaria, Campo Limpo Paulista, Sao Bernardo do Campo and Itanhaen situated in the State of Sao Paulo and one sample was from Vila Velha, Ponta Grossa of Parana State. The purpose of these analyses were to obtain preliminary information of air quality of these regions and also select a region of interest for biomonitoring studies. (author)

  11. Antenas do legislativo : uma analise dos canais de televisão do Poder Legislativo no Brasil

    Marcia de Almeida Jardim


    Resumo: O objetivo desta tese é explicar o impacto da TV legislativa sobre o comportamento parlamentar. A hipótese é a de que a TV legislativa tem potencial para estimular mecanismos de accountability, primeiro, porque seu modelo tem características que a tornam "accountable", no sentido de contribuir para a informação (e formação) do cidadão e, segundo, porque ela estimula comportamento responsivo dos representantes no exercício do seu mandato. Outra hipótese é a de que o impacto da TV legis...

  12. Safety analysis of 5 MW IEAR-1 reactor; Analise de seguranca do reator IEA-R1 a 5 MW

    Silva, Antonio T. e; Maprelian, Eduardo; Rodrigues, Antonio C.I.; Cabral, Eduardo L.L.; Molnary, Leslie de; Mesquita, Ricardo N.; Mendonca, Arlindo G. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Reatores. E-mail:


    This paper presents the methods and procedures utilized in the safety analysis of IEA-R1 research reactor. Four postulated accidents are quantitatively analyzed, being the fuel channel blockage accident considered as the Maximum Credible Accident for the reactor. The potential accident consequences and the criteria for radiological doses acceptance are evaluated and discussed. (author)

  13. Thermodynamic analysis of hydrates formation in drilling activities; Analise termodinamica da formacao de hidratos em atividades de perfuracao

    Baptista, Joao Marcelo Mussi; Rossi, Luciano Fernando dos Santos; Morales, Rigoberto E.M. [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:


    The present work has for objective to present an analysis of hydrates formation in drilling activities. This analysis presents a study of the state conditions for gas hydrates formation in inhibitors containing systems (salts and alcohols, separately). To describe the nonidealities of liquid phase in electrolytic solutions, the activity coefficient model of Debye-Hueckel is used, as [4], and to describe the influence of alcohols in the activity of water, the UNQUAC model is used, as Parrish and Prausnitz. The hydrate phase is described by thermodynamic statistic model of van der Waals and Platteeuw, and the gaseous phase fugacities are modeled by the Peng-Robinson Equation of State. Some results are presented for saline inhibitors, and for methanol and ethyleneglycol. (author)

  14. Analysis of the of bones through 3D computerized tomography; Analise de estrutura ossea atraves de microtomografia computadorizada 3D

    Lima, I.; Lopes, R.T. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Instrumentacao Nuclear; Oliveira, L.F. [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica. Dept. de Fisica Aplicada e Termodinamica; Alves, J.M. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia


    This work shows the analysis of the internal structure of the bones samples through 3D micro tomography technique (3D-{mu}TC). The comprehension of the bone structure is particularly important when related to osteoporosis diagnosis because this implies in a deterioration of the trabecular bone architecture, which increases the fragility and the possibility to have bone fractures. Two bone samples (human calcaneous and Wistar rat femur) were used, and the method was a radiographic system in real time with an X Ray microfocus tube. The quantifications parameters are based on stereological principles and they are five: a bone volume fraction, trabecular number, the ratio between surface and bone volume, the trabecular thickness and the trabecular separation. The quantifications were done with a program developed especially for this purpose in Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory - COPPE/UFRJ. This program uses as input the 3D reconstructions images and generates a table with the quantifications. The results of the human calcaneous quantifications are presented in tables 1 and 2, and the 3D reconstructions are illustrated in Figure 5. The Figure 6 illustrate the 2D reconstructed image and the Figure 7 the 3D visualization respectively of the Wistar femur sample. The obtained results show that the 3D-{mu}TC is a powerful technique that can be used to analyze bone microstructures. (author)

  15. Economic analysis of a 20 kW gasifier; Analise economica de um gaseificador de 20 kW

    Silva, Marcos Vinicius Miranda da; Rocha, Brigida Ramati Pereira da [Universidade Federal do Para (NEDS/UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Nucleo de Energia para o Desenvolvimento Sustentavel], e-mail:


    The gasification of biomass residues has been pointed as an alternative in electricity supplying for small communities of the Amazon region, because it promotes a significant substitution of the diesel oil in the electric power generation. This paper presents an economic analysis of an electricity generation system (gasifier and generator set) of 20 kw that is installed in the community of Jenipauba, in the State of Para. That analysis confirms the economic attractiveness of that energy alternative on the generator sets that operate exclusively with diesel oil. It also shows the impact of the labor law on electricity generation cost, as well as the need of subsidizing the electric power generation, because the community of Jenipauba is very poor. (author)

  16. Elementary analysis of human dental samples by using SRXRF; Analise elementar de amostras dentarias humanas usando SRXRF

    Anjos, Marcelino J.; Braz, Delson; Lopes, Ricardo T. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Lab. de Instrumentacao Nuclear]. E-mail:; Barroso, Regina C. [Universidade do Estado, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica; Perez, Carlos A. [Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron (LNLS), Campinas, SP (Brazil); Moreira, Silvana [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Civil; Dias, Katia R. [Universidade do Estado, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia


    Human teeth were analysed by {mu}SRXRF. The measurements were carried out in small areas of the teeth from enamel to root. The aim of this work was to evaluated the local elemental variations in the dental regions, enamel, dentine and pulp from patterns of relative intensities. The distributions of the elements Ca, Zn and Sr were studied. The samples (canine, premolars and molar teeth) were cross-sectioned along the vertical median plane, by polishing the whole tooth in order to obtain a smooth and plane surface, of about 1 mm thick. The measurements were carried out in the XRF beamline of the Synchrotron Light National Laboratory, Campinas, Brazil using a conventional collimation system (orthogonal slits 300 {mu}m x 300 {mu}m). The Ca concentration is quite constant and it is independent of the tooth type and individual characteristics. Ca and Sr distributions show a similar behavior. An increase of the Zn concentration was found for the pulp region and for untreated carious areas. (author)

  17. Electric energy tariffs - critical analysis and methodological proposition; Estrutura de tarifas de energia eletrica. Analise critica e proposicoes metodologicas

    Fugimoto, Sergio Kinya


    Currently, the electric energy sector is preparing for the third round of the distributors tariff revisions. Since the regulatory environment is more consolidated in terms of required revenue, the agents are turning their attention to the necessary adjustment and correction of the tariff structure. In fact, ANEEL (regulatory agency) set topics for R and D projects considered strategic for the development of national energy sector, among them, the Tariff Structure Project. Recently, the regulatory agency also announced public hearings dealing with the costs allocation, price signals and tariffs for low-voltage consumers. In line with this debate, the thesis finds to analyze the methodology for calculating tariffs, systematizing knowledge dispersed in various references. For this, it discusses the major aspects of peak pricing theory, including American, British and French approaches, and researches the connection between the logic built into the costs allocation by hour and the criteria for electricity distribution system planning. Aiming to reflect the costs of each customer type, indicating a better utilization of the distribution system, are proposed improvements and innovation whose highlights are: shifting the idea that expansion costs should be only allocated in peak time of the system, setting the periods after calculating the costs, changing how to derive the reference charges by average aggregation of the costs and applying the methodology on altered load curves. Finally, this thesis seeks to prove that the current methodology, although designed by the time in which the electricity sector was aggregated, can be adapted according to the proposed improvements and innovations, and thus applied to the current environment in which electric energy businesses and tariffs are separated in generation, transmission, and distribution and retail areas. (author)

  18. Diagnosis of mucoviscidosis by neutron activation analysis. Part 1; Diagnostico da mucoviscidose utilizando analise por ativacao com neutrons. Parte 1

    Bellido, Luis F.; Bellido, Alfredo V


    Symptoms pathology, incidence, and gravity of the inherent syndrome called mucoviscidosis, or cystic fibrosis are described in this Part I. The analytical methods used for its diagnosis, both the conventional chemical ones and by neutron activation analysis are also summarised. Finally, an analytical method to study the incidence of mucoviscidosis in Brazil is presented. This , essentially, consists in bromine determination, in fingernails, by resonance neutron activation analysis. (author) 33 refs., 13 figs.

  19. Modélisation par la Méthode des Eléments Discrets de la Déchirure du Complexe Musculo-Tendineux


    Tearing of the muscle-tendon complex is a common sport-related injury for athletes. Many studies reported description of this traumatism but mechanisms leading to such an injury are still unclear as are the site of mechanical failure and involved structures. The aim of the thesis is to describe the phenomenon of the muscle-tendon-complex’s tear using the discrete element method and validating the numerical model with experimental data. In the first part, a literature review explains the diffe...

  20. 下腹部横形腹直肌肌皮瓣乳房再造术%Breast reconstruction with transverse rectus abdominis musculo-cutaneous flap

    任国胜; J.Y.PETIT



  1. The location of superficial musculo aponeurotic system and facial nerve%面部表浅肌肉腱膜系统及面神经的定位

    许家洲; 薛黔


    目的 对面部进行区域化界定,对面部表浅肌肉腱膜系统和面神经的分支重新定位.方法 在头部标本上确定标志点和标志线对面部进行分区,在分区内定位表浅肌肉腱膜系统和面神经分支.依A、B及L3线为坐标,对面神经各分支入肌点进行定位和测量.结果 ①一侧面部分为“三部九区”.②表浅肌肉腱膜系统肌性区位于面下一、二、三区及面中三区和面上三区;混合性区分布于面中二、三区以及面下二区和面下三区的交接部位.面神经颞支和颧支神经入肌点分布于面中二区,颊支和下颌缘支的神经入肌点分布于面下二区.③在面中一区和面中二区内,有少量“网格样”吻合支.结论 “三部九区”法定位面部表浅肌肉腱膜系统和面神经较为准确客观.

  2. The OWAS Method. Preliminary results for the evaluation of the risk of work-related musculo-skeletrical disorders (WMSD in the forestry sector in Italy


    Full Text Available The article examines the OWAS method (Ovako Working-postures Analysis System and its use for the evaluation of the risk of WMSD. In particular, a derived application has been validated in some case studies concerning forest harvesting both in mountain environment (silvicultural interventions in coniferous stands and in flatland yards (final cut in poplar plantations. The variant of the method allows to attribute a specific class of risk to the postures assumed during the job and to calculate the relevant index of risk on the bases of the time frequency (by a multi-moment time study. The above index is expressed as a weighted value that ranges from 100 to 400 and the value obtained corresponds to a proportional level of risk and a consequent interventions to be implemented. Yards related to harvesting in coniferous stand have highlight an higher level of risk compared to those of poplar, with an average value of the OWAS index that respectively reached 191 and 140. In the first case the more critical operational phase was the on-site processing, while the slope and the morphology of the site have considerably influenced the assumption of inadequate postures by workers. In the yards of poplar the phases connected to the mayor risk were instead the falling operation followed by the logs measurement. The application of the OWAS method as it is proposed in this study, enables to acquire both ergonomic and yield information and to asses data in terms of working activity, job phase or single operator. It appears therefore a valid tool for the evaluation of the examined risk and could be usefully diffuse, like already happens in other countries, as an alternative or as a mean of comparison to other reference methods that register some problems of application in the forestry activities.

  3. Diagnostic imaging of sport related musculoskeletal system injuries; Diagnostico por imagem nas lesoes do sistema musculo-esqueletico relacionadas ao esporte

    Fernandes, Artur da Rocha Correa; Schivartche, Vivian [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem


    The authors review the literature about musculoskeletal injuries related to sports, emphasizing the main findings with different imaging methods. They also present the specific characteristics of each method. (author) 34 refs., 9 figs.

  4. Atividade eletromiografica do musculo vasto medial obliquo em exercicios isometricos e isotonicos das articulações do quadril e do joelho

    Vanessa Monteiro Pedro


    Resumo: A proposta deste trabalho foi analisar eletromiograficamente a participação do músculo vasto medial obliquo em exercícios, comumenterecomendados na fisioterapia, principalmente em pacientes com alterações na articulação fêmoro-patelar isométricos de contração máxima de extensão da articulação do joelho na posição sentado, variando o ângulo de flexão em 15 e 50 graus e a posição da articulação do quadril em neutra e em adução de 15 graus; isotônico livre e isométrico de contração máxim...

  5. Ergo-effects of designed school furniture and sitting positions on students behaviour and Musculo-Skeletal Disorder in Nigerian tertiary institutions

    A. I Musa


    Full Text Available Improper design of school furniture is one of the contributing factors to back pain among students as indicated in some studies. In the case of designing school furniture where sitting constitutes a considerable time in the school, seat becomes important for comfort. This study is carried out in three selected institutions in Nigeria to determine level of musculoskeletal disorder in students’ and the furniture that they use. 720 questionnaires with 240 students (120 boys and 120 girls drawn from each participating institutions were administered and 675 responses were received. The results show that the number of students having MSD, accounted for 93.75%. However, the distributions of pain in the body parts in each school were different. The musculoskeletal pain, mostly concentrated on neck, right shoulders right elbow right wrist right hand, upper back and lower back. The result also reveals that most of the students are sitting on chairs with seat that are too high and too deep or too shallow and of tables that are too high. However, it is recommended that further study on effect of designed school furniture and sitting position in larger sample of students’ representative in Nigeria tertiary institutions should be carried out in order to reduce the effect of body pains.




    Como consecuencia de su actividad física normal, el músculo esquelético genera especies oxidativas, las que en condiciones de ejercicio intenso, envejecimiento y ciertas patologías pueden producir daños a nivel tisular. Sin embargo, la oxidación es normalmente controlada por diversos mecanismos antioxidantes. Uno de los agentes antioxidantes más importantes del organismo corresponde a la vitamina C, la que se almacena en forma importante, en alrededor de un 50%, a nivel del ...

  7. Magnetic resonance imaging identification of muscular and ligamentous structures of the female pelvic floor; Identificacao das estruturas musculo-ligamentares do assoalho pelvico feminino na ressonancia magnetica

    Bezerra, Maria Rita Lima; Soares, Adriano Fleury F.; Faintuch, Salomao; Goldman, Suzan Menasce; Ajzen, Sergio A.; D' Ippolito, Giuseppe; Szejnfeld, Jacob [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem]. E-mail:; Girao, Manoel [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Ginecologia


    The objective was to determine the frequency and to assess the interobserver agreement of identification of muscular and ligamentous pelvic floor structures using magnetic resonance imaging. The method: twenty asymptomatic female volunteers (aged 20-80 years old; mean: 50) were submitted to magnetic resonance imaging (1.5 T) examinations of the pelvis. Turbo spin-echo sequences were employed to obtain T1 and T2 weighted images on axial and sagittal planes. Two independent observers evaluated the scans in order to identify the levator ani (coccygeal, pubococcygeal, iliococcygeal and puborectalis muscles), obturatorius internus and urethral sphincter muscles, and the pubovesical and pubourethral ligaments. The frequency and the interobserver agreement of the identification of the anatomical structures were assessed (kappa statistic - {kappa}). The results: the frequency of identification of the structures ranged from 50 to 100%, and was slightly lower for identification of the ligaments. Interobserver agreement was as follows: levator ani and obturatorius internus muscle ({kappa}=1), pubococcygeal ({kappa}=0.62), iliococcygeal ({kappa}=0.86), puborectalis ({kappa}= 0.27), coccygeal ({kappa}=0) and urethral sphincter muscles ({kappa}=1), pubovesical ({kappa}=0.50) and pubourethral ({kappa}=0.58) ligaments. The conclusion: magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvis allowed precise identification of the main muscular and ligamentous pelvic floor structures in most individuals, whereas interobserver agreement was considered good. (author)

  8. Evaluación de expresión de e-caderinas como factor predictivo de recurrencia y progresion de carcinoma urotelial vesical no musculo infiltrante /

    Bengió, Verónica


    Tesis Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía -- Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Los tumores superficiales de vejiga (no músculo-infiltrantes) constituyen un grupo heterogéneo de lesiones de evolución dispar, con marcada tendencia a la recidiva y progresión tumoral, cuya historia natural no puede ser predecida con seguridad en base a un caso individual. Hay evidencias que sugieren que moléculas de adhesión celular, como la E-Caderina (E-Cd) podrìan tener importancia en e...

  9. A comparative ergonomic study of work-related upper extremity musculo skeletal disorder among the unskilled and skilled surgical blacksmiths in West Bengal, India

    Tirthankar Ghosh


    Full Text Available Objective: The main aim of the study was to determine the nature and extent of work-related upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs and physiological stress among the blacksmiths involved in surgical instrument industry. Materials and Methods: In the present investigation, 50 male blacksmiths of each skilled and unskilled groups of the forging section had been selected. For the symptom survey, a questionnaire on discomfort symptoms was performed. Repetitiveness of work and hand grip strength of both the groups were measured. Results: It was revealed that upper limb MSD was a major problem among both group of blacksmith, primarily involving the hand, wrist, fingers, and shoulder. From this study it was found that 66% (33 skilled and 80% (40 unskilled blacksmith workers are feeling discomfort. The most commonly affected regions among the skilled and unskilled blacksmith workers were lower back (skilled 65% and unskilled 80%, neck (skilled 60% and unskilled 80%, and hand (skilled 50% and unskilled.

  10. Lesiones musculo-esqueléticas más frecuentes en miembro superior, en los trabajadores de locales de comida rápida

    Dasilva, Luciana; Gallo, Pablo


    La presente investigación se centra en el estudio de las lesiones laborales más usuales, a nivel de los miembros superiores, entre los empleados de los locales de comida rápida. Se buscó detallar la prevalencia de enfermedades laborales dentro del sector de la cocina, se inquirió sobre las causas de dichas lesiones y se estudió las condiciones de trabajo. UObjetivo general:U Identificar las lesiones músculo-esqueléticas más frecuente que sufren en los miembros superiores los...

  11. Estudo clinico e eletromiografico dos musculos masseter e parte anterior do temporal de individuos com alterações funcionais do sistema estomatognatico tratados com aparelhos oclusal

    Aladim Gomes Lameira


    Resumo: Foram examinados e tratados, treze pacientes todos do sexo feminino, com idade variável entre 14 e 43 anos, apresentando sinais e sintomas de alterações funcionais do sistema estomatognático. Foram realizadas avaliações eletromiográficas antes, com 60 e 120 dias de tratamento com férrulas oclusais duplas com puas, na posição postural ou de repouso e no fechamento sem esforço, fechamento com esforço e na mordida Incisiva. Os resultados eletromiográficos, foram comparados com a evoluçã...


    Starodubtseva, L A; Vasilieva, L V


    The osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are considered as the most prevalent diseases in the structure of diseases of musculoskeletal system. The higher social significance of these nosologies dictates necessity of searching reliable cartilage biomarkers having diagnostic validity both in discerning degenerative alterations at early stage of disease of joints and in monitoring of treatment effectiveness. The content of oligomeric matrix protein of cartilage using ELISA was evaluated in blood serum ofpatients with secondary osteoarthritis under rheumatoid arthritis (n=248). The comparison of derived results was carried out using control groups. Within the framework of study relationship was evaluated between level of oligomeric matrix protein of cartilage in patients with secondary osteoarthritis under rheumatoid arthritis with values offunctional KOOS index. The analysis of derived results established trend to increasing of level of oligomeric matrix protein of cartilage in blood serum ofpatients with secondary osteoarthritis under rheumatoid arthritis as compared with control groups. The moderate correlation interdependence between cartilage biomarker and KOOS index.

  13. Musculo-skeletal system and connective tissue diseases in Kirgizia children: changes of statistical TOC \\o "1-5" \\h \\z indices (1995-2000

    T Y Petrovskaya


    Full Text Available Analysis of statistical indices of annual State accounts Kirgizia Ministry of public health for 1995-2000 showed increase of musculoskeletal diseases morbidity on 25,93% and prevalence - on 32,62% among children. General prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis and connective tissue diseases among children increased to 1999 on 38,43% and number of newly recorded cases to 2000 decreased on 14,69%. In structure of rheumatic diseases in rheumatological department of Institute of obstetrics and pediatrics increased part of joint and spine degenerative diseases. In 2001 such pts constituted 47,8% of all pts with musculoskeletal diseases in that department.

  14. [Contraction properties and musculo-tendinous stiffness of the human triceps surae muscle and their change as a result of a long-term bed-rest].

    Koriak, Iu A


    The effect of a 120-day 5 degree head-down tilt (HDT) bed rest on the mechanical properties and electromechanical delay (EMD) of the human triceps surae (TS) muscle was studied in four (mean age 31.5+/-1.7 yr) healthy young women subjects. The TS mechanical properties were evaluated based on the following indicators: maximal voluntary contraction (MVC), maximal strength (Po; frequency 150 Hz), peak twitch force (Poc), time-to-peak tension (TPT), half-relaxation time (1/2 RT) and tension development time to reach 25, 50, 75 and 90% of maximal tension. Force deficit (Pd) were estimated. In response to a light signal,the subject was supposed to make a voluntary foot flexion, with the instruction "to exert the fastest and greatest tension". EMD measurements were recorded from each subject during voluntary contraction. Surface electrodes sensed electromyographic (EMG) activity in the soleus muscle. A separate timer was used to determine total reaction time (TRT). Premotor time (PMT) was taken to be the time interval from the delivery of the signal to change in EMG. EMD was the time interval between the change in EMG and movement i.e. the time interval between EMG and the onset of muscle tension. After HDT Poe, MVC and Po decreased by 24.4, 36.1 and 11.5%, respectively, while Pd increased by 38.8%. TPT increased by 13.6%, while 1/2RT decreased by 19.2%. The rate of increase of voluntary contractions calculated according to a relative scale significantly increased, while the rate of development of electrically evoked contraction did not show any significant differences. The voluntary contraction EMD increased by 27.4%; PMT by 8.7%, and TRT by 13.6%. Thus, the mechanical changes suggest that weightlessness changes not only the peripheral processes associated with contractions but also the central and neural command. EMD is a simple and quick method for evaluation of muscle stiffness changes. Moreover, EMD can serve as an indicator of the functional condition of the neuromuscular system.

  15. Analysis of the abdominal musculo-aponeurotic anatomy in rectus diastasis: comparison of CT scanning and preoperative clinical assessment with direct measurement intraoperatively.

    Emanuelsson, P; Dahlstrand, U; Strömsten, U; Gunnarsson, U; Strigård, K; Stark, B


    To evaluate and compare the consistency of agreement of two methods for measuring abdominal rectus diastasis (ARD), preoperative computed tomography (CT) scanning and preoperative clinical assessment were compared with direct measurement intraoperatively. Fifty-five consecutive patients were retrieved from an ongoing prospective randomised trial comparing two operative techniques for the repair of ARD. All patients underwent a preoperative clinical assessment and CT scan, and the results were compared with intraoperative measurement of the ARD width. Agreement between methods was described with Bland-Altman plots (BA plots) and calculated using Lin's Concordance Correlation Coefficient (CCC). The median width of the diastasis was 4.0 cm in the upper midline and 3.0 cm in the lower midline for the intraoperative measurement. BA plots showed that measurements on CT and intraoperatively are not in agreement in the lower midline, whereas the agreement was stronger between the clinical and the intraoperative method. The CCC was higher for clinical vs. intraoperative measurement (0.479) than for CT vs. intraoperative measurement (-0.002) in the lower midline, although the agreement was over all low. CT scanning underestimated the width of the ARD when compared to 87 % of preoperative clinical assessments, and 83 % of intraoperative measurements. Preoperative clinical assessment overestimated ARD in 35 % when compared with intraoperative measurements. Clinical assessment prior to surgery provides more accurate information than CT scanning in the assessment of ARD width. CT scanning underestimates ARD width when compared with intraoperative measurement.

  16. [Influence of physical training under conditions of 120-day simulated microgravity on contractile properties and musculo-tendinous stiffness of the triceps surae muscle].

    Koriak, Iu A


    The effect of a 120-day -5 degrees head-down tilt (HDT) bed rest with countermeasures (physical training) on the mechanical properties of the human triceps surae muscle was studied in four healthy young women aged 28.0. The results showed that the contractile properties of the skeletal muscle studied changed considerably. After HDT without countermeasures the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) had decreased by 36% (P 0.05) in MVC, and P(t) and in P(o) of 14%, and of 9% (P > 0.05), respectively. The Pd had decreased significantly by 10% (P < 0.05). The rate of increase of electrically evoked tetanic tension did not change significantly during HDT with countermeasures but the rate of increase in isometric voluntary tension development was increased. Physical training provided a reserve of neuromuscular function, which attenuated the effect of bed rest. The experimental findings indicated that neural as well as muscle adaptation occurred in response to HDT with countermeasures.

  17. Infection tracers: past, present and future; Radiotraceurs et recherche d'infection du systeme musculo-squelettique: passe, present et futur

    Turpin MD, S. [Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Hotel Dieu de Montreal, Dept. de Medecine Nucleaire, Quebec (Canada)


    Clinical and para-clinical findings are still the mainstay for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal infections, especially osteomyelitis. No single complementary imaging technique has 100% specificity and sensitivity for every case of musculoskeletal infection. Depending on the age of the patient, presence of orthopedic hardware, location of infection, underlying bone and systemic conditions, the choice of imaging modalities must be tailored to the patient's condition. Plain radiographs are performed first and may be sufficient. In children, bone scan is highly accurate to diagnose osteomyelitis. Labeled leukocytes with complementary bone or bone marrow studies are recommended for orthopedic hardware or diabetic foot. Finally, gallium scanning is useful for the diagnosis of vertebral osteomyelitis. Current radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnosing infection also label inflammation, which limits specificity. Newer products, as Infecton and {sup 18}F-FDG, are currently under investigation for the differentiation between infection and sterile inflammation. (author)

  18. Biopsia percutanea por agulha grossa de tumores musculo-esqueleticos de partes moles e osseos com expressão extra-cortical guiada por ultra-sonografia

    Martin Pablo Torriani


    Resumo: O objetivo deste estudo foi determinar o valor de biópsias por agulha de tumores músculoesqueléticos utilizando-se a ultra-sonografia como alternativa confiável à fluoroscopia e tomografia computadorizada. Um estudo prospectivo foi realizado em 74 pacientes encaminhados para biópsia guiada por métodos de imagem investigando lesões primárias ou recidivantes de neoplasias músculo-esqueléticas e metásteses solitárias. Estudos de imagem pré-biópsia confirmaram a viabilidade de orientação ...

  19. Estudo histologico da interface de inserção dos musculos pterigoideos lateral superior e inferior no condilo e no disco da ATM humana

    Casimiro Manoel Martins Filho


    Resumo: Este estudo histológico analisou a inserção dos músculos pterigoideos lateral superior e inferior no côndilo e no disco da ATM humana, (articulação temporomandibular) através de microscopia ótica com técnica de coloração HE e tricrômio de Gomory, tendo como meta a interface dos músculos pterigoideos lateral superior e inferior em cortes lateromediais. O material consistiu de doze ATMs humanas de cadáveres. A análise das peças mostrou que, no terço mediano da região central do complexo...

  20. Atividade eletromiografica dos musculos masseter e temporal durante a mastigação em crianças portadoras de mordida cruzada posterior com diferentes tipologias faciais

    Luciana Vitaliano voi Trawitzki


    Resumo: O propósito do presente trabalho foi investigar o comportamento dos músculos masseter (M) e temporal anterior (TA), em 30 crianças na faixa etária de 6 anos a 9 anos e 3 meses, portadoras de mordida cruzada posterior, considerando suas diferentes tipologias faciais, lados de trabalho e balanceio, mordida cruzada e não cruzada e lados de preferência e não preferência mastigatória. Cada par (responsável e criança) respondeu a um questionário, contendo questões sobre hábitos parafunciona...

  1. On the identification and prevention of ergonomic risk factors:with special regard to reported occupational injuries of the musculo-skeletal system.

    Kemmlert, Kristina


    A checklist for the screening of ergonomic risks was designed, evaluated and applied at work place assessments. Training for measurements for the revised NIOSH lifting equation was described and the inter-observer reliability discussed. With a view to prevention and with an age perspective, 1 600 extual descriptions of slip trip and fall accidents were studied. Older people reported accidents of this kind more often than younger, but as regards contributing factors there were no considerable ...

  2. Gender Differences in the Incidence and Prevalence of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome


    likely to have a reported musculo -skeletal injury than an unre- ported musculo -skeletal injury (Almeida et al., 1999). It is not clear why this...happens, however, many researchers believe the gender discrepancy in reporting of musculo -skeletal injuries may be due to the occupational stress felt by...that may play into the increased reporting of musculo -skeletal injuries by females (Verbrugge, 1985). Previous research has reported that males are

  3. Diagnoses and Factors Associated With Medical Evacuation and Return to Duty for Service Members Participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom: A Prospective Cohort Study


    in 2004; n=698, 8% in 2005). In 2006, the most common reasons for evacuation were musculo - skeletal and connective tissue disorders (n=1582, 23... musculo - skeletal disorders, with mental illness ranking eighth.19 The increasing and disproportionate consumption of resources by non-battle...studies have revealed an association between PTSD and physical health, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculo - skeletal, respiratory

  4. Drug: D08265 [KEGG MEDICUS


  5. Drug: D08043 [KEGG MEDICUS


  6. Drug: D08267 [KEGG MEDICUS


  7. Trabalho e subjetividade no contexto hospitalar: análise institucional do discurso produzido em grupo com profissionais de enfermagem da pediatria


    A presente pesquisa tem como objetivo realizar uma analise institucional do discurso produzido em grupo por profissionais da equipe de enfermagem da Clinica Pediatrica de um hospital escola da rede publica de saude da cidade de Sao Paulo. Nossa analise foca a relacao que este profissional estabelece com o trabalho a partir do referencial metodologico conceitual da Analise Institucional do Discurso desenvolvido por Guirado (2010). Como produto desse estudo demonstramos que a relacao construida...

  8. Movimento fenomenologico: controversias e perspectivas na pesquisa psicologica

    Gomes de Castro, Thiago; Barbosa Gomes, William


    A repercussao do movimento fenomenologico na historia da psicologia pode ser notada pelas persistentes tentativas de transposicao do carater eidetico da fenomenologia para a analise sistematica de empiria...

  9. Application analysis of different local flaps in the repairing lip defects%多种局部皮瓣在唇缺损修复中的临床应用分析

    宋凤敏; 王琪影; 朱志娟; 王晓丽


    目的:探讨局部皮瓣在唇缺损中的应用,为不同类型的唇缺损提供修复方案。方法:对2011年以来采用不同局部皮瓣修复的49例唇缺损病例进行回顾性分析,49例患者根据唇缺损创面的部位、大小等具体情况,分别选择A-T皮瓣、V-Y推进皮瓣、直接拉拢缝合并Z改形、唇复合组织瓣、交唇皮瓣、双蒂下唇滑行粘膜瓣,同侧唇颊部旋转皮瓣等方式修复。结果:41例患者皮瓣全部成活,术后口唇外观及功能恢复较好,效果满意。结论:针对各种原因引起的口唇缺损,应根据创面的部位、大小等具体情况选择适宜的皮瓣修复,以期取得满意的术后效果。%Objective To study the application of local flap in reconstruction of lip tissue defects,and offer solutions for different types of lip tissue defects. Methods Forty-nine patients who received local flap reconstruction of lip tissue were analised since 2011 in our hospital,According to the different location and shape of tissue depects,different local flaps were choosed including A-T flap, V-Y advanced flap,Direct suture combined Z plasty,lip compound flaps,cross-lip flaps,inferior labial musculo mucosal double-pedicle flap,unilateral labial-buccat rotating flaps. Results All flaps survived well without any obvious complications.The appearance and function were satisfactary. Conclusion According to the size,shape,location of the defects,different local flaps were designed to repair the defects and satisfactory results could be obtained.

  10. Cruzamento industrial sobre as características de carcaça e da carne de novilhas precoces = Industrial crossbreeds on carcass and meat characteristics of veal heifers

    Vera Lúcia Ferreira de Souza


    Full Text Available O experimento foi realizado com o objetivo de comparar as caracteristicas de carcaca e da carne de 18 novilhas dos cruzamentos comerciais: . Nelore . Limousin (L, . Limousin . Red Angus . Nelore (LR, e . Red Angus . Nelore (RNR. As novilhas foram confinadas aos 18 meses de idade, com media de peso de 280 ± 8,4 kg, durante112 dias. Apos o abate e resfriamento das carcacas foram avaliados: rendimento (RC, area de olho de lombo (AOL, espessura de coxao (EC, cobertura de gordura (CG, comprimento de carcaca e perna, percentagem de musculo, ossos e gordura. Das amostras do Longissimus dorsi foram analisados a composicao centesimal, o pH, a perda de agua, a forca de cisalhamento (FC, o comprimento de sarcomero (CS e o indice de fragmentacao miofibrilar (IFM. Os dados obtidos foram submetidos a analise de variancia, e as medias comparadas pelo teste de Tukey a 5% de significancia. O cruzamento LR apresentou asmelhores caracteristicas de carcaca e de carne com 54,72% de RC; 27,87 cm de EC; 4,53 cm de CG; 63,65 cm2 de AOL; 64,58% de carne magra; 26,63% de perda de agua; pH de 5,72; 2,49 kg de FC; 1,91 .m de CS; e 83,59 de IFM.The experiment was carried out with the objective of comparing carcass and meat characteristics of 18 heifers from the following industrial crossbreeds: . Nelore . Limousin (L, . Limousin . Red Angus . Nelore (LR, and . Red Angus . Nelore (RNR. The heifers were confined at 18 months of age, weighing 280 } 8.4 kg, during 112 days. After slaughter and carcass cooling, the following traits were evaluated: carcass yield (CY; rib eye area (REA; cushion thickness(CT; fat thickness (FT; carcass length (CL and leg length (LL; muscle, bone and fat percentages. From Longissimus dorsi muscle samples, the following traits were evaluated: proximate composition; pH; water loss; shear force (SF; sarcomere length (SL; myofibrilfragmentation index (MFI. The data were submitted to analysis of variance and the means were compared by Tukeyfs test

  11. Analysis of life cycle technology of BTL (Biomass to Liquid): state of art and recommendations; Analise do ciclo de vida das tecnologias BTL: estado da arte e recomendacoes

    Reno, Maria Luiza G.; Lora, Electo E.S. [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Engenharia Mecanica. Nucleo de Excelencia em Geracao Termeletrica e Distribuida; Ugaya, Cassia M.L. [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil). Dept. Academico de Mecanica


    In the last decades, the intensive and no rational use of energy resources from fossil fuels has been causing climatic changes, due to the increase in air pollutants, mainly Co2. The production of liquid fuels from biomass stands out as one of the principal energy alternatives with low environmental impact that could substitute the fuels derived from petroleum in the transportation section. The present work shows a revision from the main Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies performed for biofuel production by BTL (Biomass to Liquid) route. In this revision, it is possible to identify some of the main environmental impacts associated with this type of fuel production, as a function of the energy and material required to its production. Likewise, it is possible to elaborate recommendations in fuel production that allow the increase of benefits to the environment. (author)

  12. Daily quality controls analysis of a CT scanner simulator; Analise dos testes diarios de controle de qualidade de um tomografo simulador

    Vasques, Maira Milanelo; Santos, Gabriela R.; Furnari, Laura, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina


    With the increasing technological developments, radiotherapy practices, which allow for better involvement of the tumor with the required therapeutic dose and minimize the complications of normal tissues, have become reality in several Radiotherapy services. The use of these resources in turn, was only possible due to the progress made in planning based on digital volumetric images of good quality, such as computed tomography (CT), which allow the correct delimitation of the tumor volume and critical structures. Specific tests for quality control in a CT scanner used in radiotherapy, named CT simulator, should be applied as part of the institutional Quality Assurance Program. This study presents the methodology used in the Instituto de Radiologia do Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFMUSP) for daily testing of the CT scanner simulator and the results obtained throughout more than two years. The experience gained in the period conducted showed that the tests are easy to perform and can be done in a few minutes by a trained professional. Data analysis showed good reproducibility, which allowed the tests could be performed less frequently, after 16 months of data collection. (author)

  13. Comparative analysis of national and state publications on the quality control of radiation diagnosis; Analise comparativa das publicacoes nacionais e estaduais de controle de qualidade em radiodiagnostico

    Francisco, Michel F.F.; Souza, Danilo L.M.; Oliveira, Caio V.; Cabete, Henrique V.; Cruz, Livia C.; Pires, Silvio R.; Freitas, Marcelo B.; Medeiros, Regina B. [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (EPM/UNIFESP), SP (Brazil). Escola Paulista de Medicina


    Taking into account that there are several standards for Quality Control in diagnostic radiology, the purpose of this research was to carry out an overview of Brazilian regulatory publications. The sample was composed by Ordinance 453/98, resolutions SS-625 (SP), SES/MG Number 5177, 002/DIVS/SES (SC) and ANVISA guide. Differences and similarities in the tests, nomenclatures, periodicity and performance parameters were evaluated. It was identified that SS-625 was one of the first publications in the area, proposing standards and indicating reference levels. ANVISA guide describes the procedures for performing the tests established in Ordinance 453. The 002/DIVS/SES included digital imaging systems and provides more restrictive performance standards in some tests when compared other publications. ES/MG Number 5177 describes some tests in mammography equipment, not defined in other publications. We conclude that there is no standardization in the nomenclature or in the performance and frequency of the tests, seeking greater scope and updating. (author)

  14. Strategic knowledge management: a methodology for structuring and analysing knowledge resources; Gestao estrategica do conhecimento: uma metodologia de estruturacao e analise dos recursos de conhecimento

    Ricciardi, Rita Izabel


    This work presents a methodology to organize, to classify and to assess the knowledge resources of an organization. This methodology presents an innovative integration of the following elements: (a) a systemic vision of the organization; (b) a representation maps of organization strategy; (c) the identification of relevant knowledge through process analysis; (d) the reconfiguration and representation of the identified knowledge in maps; (e) a combination of critical analysis (importance and vulnerability) and of strategic analysis to assess knowledge. Such methodology was applied to the Radiopharmaceutical Center of Nuclear and Energetic Research Institute resulting in a very rich vision and understanding of the knowledge domains that are crucial to the CR. This kind of analysis has allowed a sharp perception of the knowledge problems of the Center and has also made visible the needed connections between Strategic Management and Knowledge Management. (author)

  15. Analysis of {sup 210} Pb and {sup 137} Cs in diets of university students; Analise de {sup 210} Pb e {sup 137} Cs em dietas de estudantes universitarios

    Saito, Roberto T.; Cunha, Ieda I.L.; Maihara, Vera A.; Favaro, Deborah I.T. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Supervisao de Radioquimica]. E-mail:; Cozzolino, Silvia M.F. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas (Brazil)


    In this work, {sup 210} P and {sup 137} Cs were determined in the male students diets (age: 19-25) of Sao Paulo University, by gamma spectrometry. The sampling was made using the duplicate portion methodology, which consists in collecting duplicate portions of all food and beverage consumed during three days of a week. The levels obtained for {sup 210} Pb in these samples varied from the Minimum Detectable Concentration (0.43{sup -1} ) to 1.68{sup -1} . For {sup 137} Cs, the values ranged from the Minimum Detectable Concentration (0.17{sup -1} ) to 0.95{sup -1} . An estimate of the daily ingestion of those radionuclides was made according to the data obtained. The values varied from 78 to 309 mBq.d{sup -1} for {sup 210} Pb, and 53 to 157 mBq.d{sup -1} , for {sup 137} Cs, among the diets analyzed. The data obtained these diets agreed with the data obtained for other authors. (author)

  16. An analysis of the oil prices: stationary and forecasting models; Uma analise dos precos do petroleo no mercado internacional: estacionaridade e modelos de previsao

    Salles, Andre A. de; Veiga, Iago E. B. da Costa; Machado, Rafael G.T. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil)


    The movements of the oil prices in the international market are important for any planning, so the study of this variable is relevant for the investment and financing decisions of the production. The purpose of this work is to study the time series of the quotations of the spot prices of the crude oil in the international market. The objectives of this work are to study the movements of time series of the prices, and the returns, of the crude oil prices gives emphasis in the stationary. The other focus of this work is to develop forecasting models for the oil prices, or the returns of the oil prices. The selected sample was of the daily quotation of the prices of types WTI and Brent, for the period from January 2005 to April 2007. (author)

  17. Evaluation of the strengthening of the conditions of voltage security using sensitivity analysis; Avaliacao do reforco das condicoes da seguranca de tensao utilizando a analise de sensibilidade

    Rosa, A.L.S.; Costa, V.M. da; Peres, W. [Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF), MG (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia], Emails:,,; Prada, R.B. [Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC-Rio), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica], Email:


    Voltage stability or voltage security analysis has motivated an expressive attention of power systems researchers. In this work, a simple and fast method evaluates voltage security and proposes conditions to improve the loading margin. System analysis is carried out in terms of active power transmission path. Sensitivity analysis provides the most adequate buses to active and reactive power redispatch. A sequential iterative methodology to reinforce system conditions is presented. (author)

  18. Quantitative analysis of properties of petroleum mixtures by near infrared spectroscopy; Analise quantitativa de propriedades de misturas de petroleos via espectrofotometria no infravermelho proximo

    Santos, Leila M.; Silva, Elisangela B.; Fortuny, Montserrat; Dariva, Claudio; Santos, Alexandre F. [Universidade Tiradentes (UNIT), Aracaju, SE (Brazil). Instituto de Tecnologia e Pesquisa (ITP); Araujo, Augusto M. [Siemens Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Coutinho, Raquel C.C. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES)


    An experimental study is carried out aiming to develop a method of quantitative analysis of properties of petroleum mixtures, such as water and asphaltene contents, heavy oil concentration and viscosity based on the use of a NIR spectrophotometer. A strategy of generation of crude oil mixtures with known properties was developed to help calibrating the NIR spectrophotometer. Petroleum mixtures involving 2 or 3 oils under known ratios were prepared based on a set of different light and heavy Brazilian crude oil samples. Moreover, experimental data of 5 binary mixtures were also assembled into a data set named multi-compound. Results indicated that excellent calibration models can be obtained for binary mixtures with correlation coefficient (R{sup 2}) greater than 99% for water and asphaltene contents, viscosity and heavy oil concentration. For ternary systems, excellent correlations (R{sup 2}>99%) can be attained for asphaltene and heavy oil contents. Finally for the multi-compound data set, the asphaltene content was the only property that resulted in R{sup 2}>99%, which demonstrates the adequacy of the NIR technique for assessing this property. (author)

  19. Evaluation of the mineral impurities and wear down in alcohol and sugar industry; Avaliacao das impurezas minerais e desgaste na industria sucroalcooleira atraves de analise por ativacao neutronica

    Bacchi, Marcio A.


    A tropical clime culture, the sugar cane is planted mainly in underdeveloped countries, being a important economic source. The agricultural sector received during many years funds for technological development, but the sugar cane pressing system did not receive significant technical evolution since the fifties. One of the problem needs solution is the low quality of the raw material, caused by the difficulty of the reaping operation, it causes exaggerated addiction of impurities. The industrial ware down in plants and distilleries does not come exclusively from the action from mineral impurities, occurring also in the processing of pure raw material, free of soil, but is known that the great increase in ware down especially in the extraction system due to the presence of soil on the cane. Keeping the level of minerals to the minimum, makes the ware down to follow to acceptable technical and economical levels. This paper discusses the possibility of quantify the ware down of the extraction equipment by neutron activation of samples collected in one sugar cane plant. For that, the study of the behavior of the elements from sugar cane itself and soil present as impurity and the ware down of the metallic equipment. It was not possible quantify any addition of ware down elements in cane and its derivatives, by the processing system. The iron demonstrated to be a potential tracer element of ware down but the high rates of soil makes difficult the measurement of this element, when proceeding from of the ware down. The reason iron/scandium might be useful in identification of iron of mechanical ware down origin, serving as label of soil origin. Iron and thorium are good tracers of soil in sugar cane loads, being usable for the determination of the impurities levels once known their concentration in the sugar cane original soils. 70 refs., 9 figs., 16 tabs.


    Alexandre Pereira Salgado Junior


    Full Text Available Sucesso em inovação tecnológica é algo almejado por todos os países. Sendo as organizações as mentoras do desenvolvimento de projetos de tal inovação, estas buscam formas de identificar e analisar fatores que influenciam no sucesso ou não dos mesmos. Esta pesquisa tem como objetivo identificar e analisar os Fatores Críticos de Sucesso (FCS em projetos de inovação tecnológica, através de estudos para selecionar os FCS que mais ocorrem em projetos inovadores e analisa-los a partir de um questionário em Escala Likert, mostrando sua significância através da regressão logística, resultando em cinco variáveis explicativas a respeito do impacto da inovação. A partir da percepção dos resultados, estes podem ser usados para dar suporte às decisões empresariais e servir de base para outros estudos na área.

  1. Determination of essential elements in dietetic sample by neutron activation analysis; Determinacao de elementos essenciais em alimentos dieteticos pela tecnica de analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Siquelli, Murilo V.; Maihara, Vera A. Maihara [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Lab. de Analise por Ativacao Neutronica]. E-mail:;


    In the last years there has been an increase of the dietetic product consumption by people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and by people concerned about having a healthy life as well. Despite the increase of dietetic product presents in the diet of the Brazilian population, the use of these products is still controversial. The analysis of the nutritional composition of these products is becoming important because a great number of people is changing their traditional food by dietetic products. In the literature, there is no information about the inorganic composition, mainly related to the essential elements, in the dietetic products: diet and light . In this study are presented preliminary results of the concentrations of Br, Ca, Cr, Fe, Na and Zn determined by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis in aspartame, saccharin and cyclamate sodium , and stevia based sweetener samples. Gelatin samples, diet and light, were also analyzed. Methodology validation was done analyzing NIST reference materials Tea Leaves (INCT-TL-1) and Mixed Polish Herbs (INCT-MPH-2). (author)

  2. Identification of energy gain potential in industrial processes, through exergetic analysis; Identificacao de potenciais de ganho energetico em processos industriais via analise exergetica

    Soares, Lis Nunes; Silva, Ricardo Junqueira; Bernardes, Lucas Lanza; Filgueiras, Pedro Freire [V e M do Brasil S.A., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    V and M Brazil is an integrated steel mill for the production of steel tubes. The manufacturing process includes various processes and thermal equipment, such as industrial furnaces, boilers, and others. Due to its importance, it is essential that these devices operate with the best possible efficiency. Thus, it becomes necessary to use tools and methods for performance analysis of energy processes that occurs on these devices. One tool that has been widely used in industrial environment is the exergy analysis. It is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and therefore takes into account the entropy generation, indicating the maximum amount of useful energy (work) that can be drawn from a stream, with reference to environmental parameters. This paper aims to apply the exergetic methodology in industrial thermal processes that occurs at V and M Brazil, as a tool for identification of losses and potential performance improvement of energy systems to save on fuel and the reduction of environmental impacts and emissions of greenhouse gases. (author)

  3. The evolution of legal aspects on the Brazilian electric power sector, a critical analysis; Evolucao dos marcos regulatorios do mercado de energia eletrica no Brasil, uma analise critica

    Bastos, Adriano Silva


    The electric sector went through deep changes along these 125 years of electrification of the country, mainly the alternation of their investment bases, hour being private for the most part, state hour. The legal bases of concession and regulation also varied in this period, trying to adapt to the effective model of the time. This work intends to analyze the evolution of the regulatory models of the electric sector, identifying the main changes of paradigms and to compare the efficiency of the models already implanted in the segment, with views to the increment of the offer of energy in the period, molding a critical profile of the best model already adopted in the national electric sector. To compare qualitatively these models requests an analysis of the investment bases a priori in the sector, identifying the contribution of resources has been private or state, following by the government's legal positioning in the sense of being only regulator, or regulator and investor, concluding with an analysis of the electric power offer in the period and the power of self-financing of the companies, in order to assent that the mixed model is the most appropriate model for the sustainable growth of the electric power generation sector in Brazil. (author)

  4. Social and economic vulnerability indicators for oil exporting countries: methodology and comparison analysis; Indicadores de vulnerabilidade socioeconomica para paises exportadores de petroleo: metodologia e analise comparativa

    Jesus, Fernanda Delgado de


    The oil exporting countries can be vulnerable to this row-material as the oil importing ones, due to their social economic dependence of the revenues generated by the oil and gas sector. So, it is also important for those countries the analysis of their social economic vulnerability in order to contribute for the comprehension of their real actions related to their production strategies, aiming to affect oil price and market-share. Due to that, this thesis proposes a methodology based on social economic indicators of oil exporting countries, which will enclose the following aspects: physical, productive, commercial, macro economic, fiscal and social. These indicators will be applied to the OPEC members, Norway and Mexico, and orientated through a normalized scale as in a multicriteria methodology (AHP - Analytic Hierarchy Process). The analyzed results will drive the social economic implications, and the studied countries will be classified in a scale that goes from very favorable to very unfavorable. The results point the main social economic fragilities of the oil exporting countries, designing pathways to Brazil and their possible exporting ambitions. The most important considerations that became from the vulnerable oil export countries experiences refers to the necessity to straight and increases their macro economic foundations, industrial diversification incentives and the creation of an stabilization fund (based on oil revenues) for the future generations, or to severe oil prices oscillations periods in the international market (author)

  5. Essential and toxic element determination in edible mushrooms by neutron activation analysis; Determinacao de elementos essenciais e toxicos em cogumelos comestiveis por analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Moura, Patricia Landim da Costa


    In this study concentrations of As, Br, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, K, Na, Rb, Se and Zn were determined in edible mushrooms acquired from commercial establishments in the city of Sao Paulo and directly from Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano, Juquitiba and Mirandopolis producers. The analytical technique used for determining these elements in edible mushrooms was Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA). Species of the Agaricus, Lentinus and Pleurotus genera were acquired during the period from November, 2006 to March, 2007. About 150 to 200 mg of freeze-dried mushrooms were irradiated in a neutron flux of 1012 cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} for 8 hours in the IEA-R1 nuclear research reactor at IPEN-CNEN-SP. In order to evaluate the precision and accuracy of the methodology, four reference materials: INCT-MPH-2 Mixed Polish Herbs and INCT-TL-1 Tea Leaves, NIST SRM 1577b Bovine Liver, and the material Mushroom from IAEA were analyzed. Results showed some variation in the element concentrations among the different genera. In some samples, arsenic was found but in low concentrations. Arsenic is probably derived from the contamination from pesticides used in the cultivation, in their the substrates where mushrooms uptake their nutrients. Although there are element concentration variations, mushrooms can still be considered a very rich nutritional source, mainly because of their low concentrations of Na, and due to the good source of K, Fe and Zn. (author)

  6. Statistical analysis tool for radionuclide source evaluation in ground water; Analise estatistica como ferramenta para avaliar fontes de radionuclideos em aguas subterraneas

    Lauria, Dejanira C. [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Almeida, Rodrigo M.R. de [Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Civil


    Vulnerability assessment to delineate areas that are more susceptible to contamination from anthropogenic sources has become an important element for sensible resource management and land use planning. This paper address a groundwater survey in an area where intensive agricultural activity takes place with the aim of evaluating factors affecting groundwater quality. For this study, 25 samples of groundwaters were collected from dug wells and major ion concentrations, radioactive isotopes and physico-chemical parameters were determined. As a result of the analysis around 73 % of the samples had levels of contaminants, as NO{sub 3}, Fe and radioactivity that exceed the maximum contaminant level for tap water. The groundwater clustering based on water chemistry pointed out the land fertilization as one of the factors that could be responsible for the water contamination. (author)

  7. Gamma spectrometry used for analysis of {sup 228}Ra in water; Utilizacao de espectrometria gama para analise de {sup 228} Ra nas aguas

    Mancini, Luis Henrique [UNESP, Rio Claro, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias e Ciencias Exatas; Bonotto, Daniel Marcos [UNESP, Rio Claro, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias e Ciencias Exatas. Dept. de Petrologia e Metalogenia


    A methodology for determination of the natural isotope {sup 228}Ra in water by using the characterization of the underground and superficial waters from thorium an rare earths mineralization at Morro do Ferro, Pocos de Caldas, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The values determined for the {sup 228}Ra in water from 5 logging holes ranged from 0.5 to 391.2 pCi/l and the superficial waters presented a variation of 1.0 to 13.9 pCi/l.

  8. Flow cytometric analysis of p21 protein expression on irradiated human lymphocytes; Analise por citometria de fluxo da expressao da proteina p21 em linfocitos humanos irradiados

    Santos, N.F.G.; Amaral, A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Departamento de Energia Nuclear. Laboratorio de Modelagem e Biodosimetria Aplicada; Freitas-Silva, R. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Garanhuns, PE (Brazil). Departamento de Ciencias Naturais e Exatas; Pereira, V.R.A. [Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Recife, PE (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas Aggeu Magalhaes. Departamento de Imunologia. Lab. de Imunoparasitologia; Tasat, D.R. [Universidad Nacional de General San Martin, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Escuela de Ciencia y Tecnologia. Laboratorio de Biologia Celular del Pulmon


    Cell cycle blockage in G1 is a mechanism p21 protein-regulated and coupled to DNA damage response to permit genetic content analysis, damage repair and cell death. Analysis of proteins that participates of this response has progressed with new analytic tools, and data contributes to comprehension of radioinduced molecular events as well as to new approaches on practices that employ ionizing radiation. On this perspective, the aim of this research was to evaluate, by flow cytometry, p21 expression on irradiated human lymphocytes, maintained under different experimental conditions. Peripheral blood samples from 10 healthy subjects were irradiated with doses of 0 (non-irradiated), 1, 2 and 4 Gy. Lymphocytes were processed to analysis on ex vivo (no cultured) condition and after 24; 48 and 72 hours culture, with and without phytohemagglutinin stimulation. p21 protein expression levels were measured by flow cytometry, as percentage values. Results indicate that flow cytometric assay allows detection of changes on p21 expression, since it was detected significant increase on phytohemagglutinin-stimulated samples, for all times, against basal expression (ex vivo). However, it was not observed significant alterations on p21 protein radioinduced levels, for all doses, times and culture conditions analyzed. These results not indicate so p21 protein as bioindicator of ionizing radiation exposure. Nevertheless, data confirmation may to require analysis of a more numerous population. (author)

  9. Analysis and simulation of water supply systems with photovoltaic pumping; Analise e simulacao de sistemas de abastecimento de agua com tecnologia fotovoltaica

    Vilela, Olga de Castro


    During the last two decades, a remarkable progress on the technology of photovoltaic pumping systems (PVP) has been observed. The decrease in the costs of the photovoltaic module and the increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic pumping systems (generator and motor-pump) make PVP systems a good option for rural communities. Most analysis and simulations of PVP systems, utility function, assume the existence of a linear relationship between the hydraulic power and the solar collected radiation. Usually, more general relations exist between those variables. This work presents a new procedure for the analysis and simulation of PVP systems, which uses the utility function to consider the fluctuations in solar radiation, and leads to analytical solutions for PVP systems whose behavior can be represented by general functions, including linear relations as a particular case. The system analyzed considers the energy source (solar radiation) and the components of the water supply system like water source, photovoltaic array, subsystem for conversion of electric into hydraulic energy and, finally, hydraulic network. An analytical procedure to calculate absorbed solar radiation in the optical layers of the photovoltaic module was developed, substituting the conventional ray tracing method. The volume of pumped water was obtained integrating the water flow rate through time, considering the fluctuations related to the behavior of solar radiation and the minimum level of radiation necessary to produce useful energy. The mathematical properties of the utility function allow to derive analytical solutions for the integrals of water flow and hydraulic power. At the same time, we developed a spreadsheet which allows tho visualize the behavior of all variables involved in the process and offers the possibility of simulating different situations in order to maximize the amount of pumped water for any given system. The results obtained through the new procedure were compared with experiments made with a PVP systems installed in Oldenburg, Germany. The model reproduces well the experimental results. Both, estimated and experimental efficiency values of the system were lower (highest efficiency of 3.1%) than the values published in the technical reports (4 to 5%). (author)

  10. Energetic analysis of experimental process in bio diesel production from chicken oil; Analise energetica do proceso experimental de producao de biodiesel a partir de oleo de frango

    Bonometo, Ricardo Pacheco [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Energia na Agricultura], E-mail:; Justi, Andre Luiz [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Irrigacao e Drenagem], E-mail:; Buchi, Alisson Teixeira [Universidade Estadual Paulista (CEVAP/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Centro de Estudos de Venenos e Animais Peconhentos], E-mail:; Saglietti, Jose Roberto [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Fisica e Biofisica], E-mail:


    There is a great global concern about the depletion and the high cost of fossil fuel reserves exploitation, more than ever, it is necessary to make a profound study and take advantage of alternative sources that can be used as energy efficiency with an appropriate pricing and low environmental impact. Brazil, which has highlighted using alternative energy sources as the use of ethanol and, in recent years, has been encouraging the expansion of its energy matrix in which the biodiesel will have a strategic importance within the agrobusiness area. Biodiesel is a fuel that can replace the diesel, which is a petroleum derivative. It is an ester, produced in the transesterification reaction of vegetable oils and animal greases, in an alcohol with an additional catalyst, are converted into fatty acids and result in esters with glycerol as sub products. The objective of this study was to estimate the final energy balance for the process biodiesel production from oil chicken waste. The energy balance estimation was quantified in calorific value according to the energy expenditure by calorimetric bomb method. The relationship between input and output of energy was around 0.97. In a first evaluation, the procedures adopted should be improved enough, so the process can become energetic and economically viable. (author)

  11. Proton spectroscopy study of the masseter in patients with systemic sclerosis; Analise do masseter, por espectroscopia de proton, em pacientes com esclerose sistemica

    Marcucci, Marcelo [Hospital Heliopolis - SUS, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Servico de Estomatologia e Cirurgia Buco Maxilo Facial], e-mail:; Abdala, Nitamar [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem


    Objective: To evaluate metabolite concentration in the masseter of patients with systemic sclerosis, by analyzing creatine, choline, lipid and lactate levels, and correlating them with the presence of mandibular osteolysis. Materials and methods: The sample included 25 individuals, 15 of them with diagnosis of systemic sclerosis, divided into two groups according to the presence (group I) or absence (group II) of osteolysis, and 10 healthy individuals (group III, control). All of them were submitted to proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy with PRESS sequence and 3D acquisition. Results: Metabolite analysis showed that the creatine and lipid levels were the same for the three groups. Patients in group I presented higher levels of choline when compared with group III. On the other hand, lower lactate levels were observed in groups I and II when compared with the healthy individuals. Creatine/lipid and choline/lactate ratios were the same in the three groups. Conclusion: Lower lactate levels were observed in the patients with systemic sclerosis (groups I and II). Choline levels were increased in the patients with mandibular osteolysis (group I). Creatine/choline, lipid/lactate and choline/lipid ratios were different among the three groups. Further studies are necessary to understand the role played by the masseter in the development of mandibular osteolysis. (author)

  12. Microscopic analysis of the effect of fractionated radiation therapy on submandibular gland of rats; Analise microscopica do efeito da radioterapia fracionada em glandula submandibular de rato

    Vier-Pelisser, Fabiana Vieira; Amenabar, Jose Miguel; Cherubini, Karen; Figueiredo, Maria Antonia Zancanaro de; Yurgel, Liliane Soares [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Programa de Doutorado em Estomatologia Clinica]. E-mail:


    Objective: The aim of this study was to quantitatively evaluate the histological changes produced by radiation therapy both on the stroma and the parenchyma of submandibular gland in rats. Materials and methods: The sample size consisted of 30 Wistar rats, divided in two groups: test and control. The 15 animals of the test group were irradiated daily on the head and neck region with a dose of 2 Gy for six weeks using a rotational fractionated modality of {sup 60}Co-gamma rays. At the end of the experimental period the animals had received a total dose of 60 Gy. Sixty hours after the last radiation therapy session the submandibular glands of the animals from both groups were excised, processed using paraffin technique, stained with hematoxyline-eosin and analyzed by optical microscopy. Results: The mean proportional volume of the glandular parenchyma and stroma was obtained using a stereological method of manual point counting. The proportional volume of the acini on the irradiated group (60.67%{+-}6.43) was significantly lower than the control group (67.42%{+-}10.90) (p = 0.048), however there was no statistical difference between the groups for parenchyma, ducts and stroma (Student t test, p > 0.05). Conclusion: The radiation therapy produced acinar atrophy in submandibular glands. No total quantitative changes in the stroma or in the parenchyma were observed. (author)

  13. Comparative QRA (Quantitative Risk Analysis) of natural gas distribution pipelines in urban areas; Analise comparativa dos riscos da operacao de linhas de gas natural em areas urbanas

    Oliveira, Luiz Fernando S. de [Energy Solutions South America (Brazil); Cardoso, Cassia de O.; Storch, Rafael [Det Norske Veritas (DNV) (Brazil)


    The natural gas pipeline network grows around the world, but its operation inherently imposes a risk to the people living next to pipelines. Due to this, it is necessary to conduct a risk analysis during the environmental licensing in Brazil. Despite the risk analysis methodology is well established, some points of its application for the distribution pipelines are still under discussion. This paper presents a methodology that examines the influences of major projects and operating parameters on the risk calculation of a distribution pipeline accident in urban areas as well as the possible accident scenarios assessment complexity. The impact of some scenarios has been evaluated using a Computational Fluid Dynamics tool. The results indicate that, under certain conditions, the risks from the pipeline operation under operating pressures of 20 bar may be acceptable in location class 3 or even in class 4. These results play a very important role if management decisions on the growth of the distribution of natural gas network in densely populated areas as well as in the improvement of laws to control the activity of distribution of natural gas. (author)

  14. The result analysis by A-Frame technique in coating failure detection; Analise dos resultados do uso da tecnica A-Frame na localizacao de falhas no revestimento

    Silva, Fabio Amarante; Leite, Daniele C.F. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Oliver, Joao Hipolito L. [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transportes, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper presents the method used to helps the on land pipeline integrity management, focusing on external corrosion control. The method is achieved by gathering together the data from an Over The Line Survey (OLS) and an In Line Inspection (ILI). As the corrosion occurs at a coating fault in a non-effective cathodic protection (cp) area, both coating and metal loss inspection data were employed in this method. The OLS is applied to pinpoint and graduate the coating faults in underground pipeline by using the Coating Attenuation / A-Frame (ACVG - Alternate Current Voltage Gradient) technic. The ILI is applied to measure the external metal loss (corrosion) by running a smart PIG tool. In some pipelines a huge number of coating fault can be found, but it doesn't mean that all of them must be repaired, so it is a need to identify the critical coating fault, so that the number of digging for coating repair can be drastically reduced. In the other way, as the smart PIG can provide data of corrosion in the pipe, the coating fault on a corroded area can be considered as a critical one. Together, those data may point the spot where the cathodic protection was not effective and the coating failure resulted in corrosion on the pipe. This method has been a helpful criterion to identify critical coating faults and reduce the overall repair cost, it can be also used to indirect evaluate the performance of cp system, since no corrosion indication on a coating fault area can be assumed that the CP is effective. (author)

  15. Study and development of a risk assessment model for intra skull radiosurgery; Estudo e desenvolvimento de um modelo de analise de risco para radiocirurgia intracraniana

    Teixeira, Flavia Cristina da Silva


    The reported events in radiotherapy that constitute accidents or incidents have increased worldwide in the last 25 years. Most of these events resulted from human failure and have happened in radiotherapy centers that use high technologies. The radiotherapy Quality Management needs a prospective approach through risk analysis. This approach is supported by recent publications as this actually extremely needed due the large number of accidents. Because of the complexity of the process in radiotherapy, the search for quality of care in order to ensure patient safety is one of the most discussed topics worldwide. Although only 14% of radiotherapy centers in Brazil offer treatments with intracranial radiosurgery technique (SRS), studies about the quality of care related to the safety of patients undergoing this technique is of great importance. Any deviations from the prescribed dose using SRS technique is considered more critical than in other methods of radiation treatment, as the delivered doses in SRS are higher, in the range of 10 Gy to 40 Gy, to lesions up to 50 mm in diameter, which are delivered in a single fraction or in five fractions. In view of those information, this work aims to satisfy the new Quality Management paradigm by developing a risk analysis model, and a Quality Index for SRS in Brazil, through the techniques of Process Map and FMEA used in the TG100/AAPM. The study was performed in three high technology reference radiotherapy centers, two located in Rio de Janeiro city and one in Sao Paulo city. A SRS Process Map was identified for each radiotherapy center, and then FMEA technique was applied in every subprocesses identified on the map. >From NPR values obtained by the FMEA a ranking of failure modes was held. Failure modes with NPR ≥ 100 and S ≥ 7 were chosen as priority to implement safety strategies. From the scores assigned to the S parameter in the implementation of FMEA a Severity Index (SI) and a Quality Index (QI) were created from an association between the NPR and the SI. The result of this study indicates that safety strategies should be implemented for the first 10 failure modes of the ranking, and a new evaluation of the process should occur every year. In addition, it is also indicated that the QI shows a minimum improvement of 9 % after the re-evaluation of the process. Overall, the study showed that the adoption of the FMEA tool together with the QI are justified as they minimize the risks to the patient, improving the quality of care and enhancing the safety Taken together the FMEA and the QI create mechanisms for ensuring that the dose will be delivered more precisely and accurately, and consequently, this increases the chances of cure or local control of the tumor, improving quality of life of the patients. (author)

  16. Thermoeconomic and exegetic analysis of a cogeneration proposal by using natural gas in breweries; Analise termoeconomica e exergetica de uma proposta de cogeracao usando gas natural em cervejarias

    Gallego, Antonio Garrido; Martins, Gilberto [Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba (UNIMEP), Santa Barbara do Oeste, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica e de Producao]. E-mail:;; Nebra, Silvia Azucena [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:


    In this work the thermo economic method is used for analysis of the cost distribution in a cogeneration power plant proposed for a brewery in the Campinas - state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The thermal process energy demands were considered for beer production in 1997. The proposed cogeneration system consists of two gas turbines with recovering boiler and ammonium compression cooling system. The present power generation configuration and the cogeneration proposed performance were simulated in a monthly basis, considering the month steam and refrigeration requests. The gas turbines were simulated considering the nominal load and the energy surplus sold to the concessionaire.

  17. Exergetic analysis of a gas turbine plant with chemical recuperation; Analise exergetica de uma planta de turbina a gas com recuperacao quimica

    Prieto, Mario G. Sanchez; Nebra, Silvia Azucena; Gallo, Waldir L. Ribeiro [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica. Dept. de Energia]. E-mails:;;


    One of the proposals that has been more recently analyzed with growing interest in Gas Turbine cycles, with the purpose of obtaining gains in the power output and thermal efficiency, is the Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine Cycle, (CRGT). Such systems are equipped of chemical heat recovery components in which the waste heat in the turbine exhaust is used to convert a methane-steam mixture into a hydrogen-rich fuel in a methane steam reformer. One additional aspect of these cycles that represents a potential benefit is explained by the ultra-low NO{sub x} emission levels, even less than those system which use steam injection This paper, with the aid of the concepts emanated from the Second Thermodynamic Law, is presenting an evaluation of the exergetic performance of one installation of this type. Exergetic efficiencies are evaluated according to the relation fuel-product, considering one control volume for each component of the system. (author)

  18. Analysis of the microturbine combustion chamber by using the CHEMKIN III computer code; Analise da camara de combustao de microturbinas empregando-se o codigo computacional CHEMKIN III

    Madela, Vinicius Zacarias; Pauliny, Luis F. de A.; Veras, Carlos A. Gurgel [Brasilia Univ., DF (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:; Costa, Fernando de S. [Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Lab. Associado de Combustao e Propulsao]. E-mail:


    This work presents the results obtained with the simulation of multi fuel micro turbines combustion chambers. In particular, the predictions for the methane and Diesel burning are presented. The appropriate routines of the CHEMKIN III computer code were used.

  19. Numerical analysis of the actual airflow in a solar chimney; Analise numerica do escoamento real de ar em uma chamine solar

    Ferreira, Andre G.; Cortez, Marcio F.B.; Valle, Ramon M.; Brasil, Cristiana S. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:;;;


    This paper presents a numerical analysis of the turbulent natural convection of the airflow in a solar chimney, under actual solar radiation conditions. The solar chimneys are devices that consist of a transparent radial cover and of a tubular tower positioned in its center. The ground absorbs part of the incident solar radiation on the cover, heating the air in the greenhouse and inducing an upward airflow on the tower. It was developed a model that allows the evaluation of the ground temperature as a function of an energetic balance involving the incident solar radiation. The flow is described by the conservation laws for mass, momentum and thermal energy and the transport equations for the turbulence model (k and e ). A computational code using the Finite Volume Method in Generalized Coordinates was developed to solve these equations. Outlet dimensionless parameters are presented as functions of the radiation time and conditions, besides the unsteady behavior of the ground surface temperature. (author)

  20. Numerical analysis of the turbulent natural convection in a solar chimney; Analise numerica da conveccao natural turbulenta em uma chamine solar

    Brasil, Cristiana S.; Valle, Ramon M.; Cortez, Marcio F.B.; Ferreira, Andre G. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:;;;


    This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the turbulent natural convection in a solar chimney operating in steady flow, with prescribed conditions of temperature in the ground. The solar radiation heats the air under the cover, which flows to the tower without artificial pumping. The hot air produced may be used to dry several agricultural products. The numerical analysis of the natural convection in this kind of dryer has fundamental importance on the design and building of this device. The mathematical model includes the conservation laws for mass, momentum and thermal energy and the transport equations for the turbulence model variables (k and e ). The k- e model of turbulence with wall functions was used. A computational code using the Finite Volume Method in Generalized Coordinates was developed to solve the system of equations that describes thermal and hydro dynamically the flow. The velocity and temperature fields are shown to the flow in the solar chimney. With geometrical alterations on the device, one can obtain a detailed description of the flow, which allow the guideline for a suitable configuration to build an experimental prototype. (author)

  1. Analysis of cogeneration system using fuel cell: cases study; Analise de sistema de cogeracao utilizando celula de combustivel: estudo de casos

    Silveira, Jose Luz; Leal, Elisangela Martins [UNESP, Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Energia]. E-mails:;


    In this paper, a methodology for the study of a molten carbonate fuel cell cogeneration system associated to an absorption refrigeration system, for the electricity and cold water production, and applied to two establishments, is presented. This system permits the recovery of waste heat, available between 600 deg C e 700 deg C. Initially, some technical information about the most diffusing types of the fuel cell demonstration in the world are presented. In the next step, an energetic, exergetic and economic analysis are carry out, seeking the use of fuel cells, in conditions of prices and interest of Brazil. In conclusion, the fuel cell cogeneration system may have an excellent opportunity to strengthen the decentralized energy production in the Brazilian energy scene. (author)

  2. Exergetic analysis of the operation of a petrochemical pole cogeneration system; Analise exergetica da operacao de uma planta de cogeracao de um polo petroquimico

    Torres, Ednildo A. [Bahia Univ., Salvador, BA (Brazil). Escola Politecnica]. E-mail:; Gallo, Waldyr L. R. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica. Dept. de Energia]. E-mail:


    This work presents an exergy analysis for a petrochemical cogeneration system (the greater operating in Brazil). The system is described, the method employed to simulate the system is presented, and the exergy efficiencies are defined. The analysis presents the exergy efficiencies and irreversibility for each sub-system. The results obtained from real data were used to compare operation strategies which are not clear from energy balances. (author)

  3. An object-oriented computational model for combined cycle cogeneration analysis; Um modelo computacional para analise de ciclos combinados para projetos de sistemas de cogeracao

    Silva, Alexandre M. da; Balestieri, Jose A.P.; Magalhaes Filho, Paulo [UNESP, Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Energia]. E-mails:;;


    This paper presents the use of computational resources in a simulation procedure to predict the performance of combined cycle cogeneration systems in which energetic analysis is used in the modeling. Thermal demand of a consuming process are used as the main entrance data and, associated to the performance characteristics of each component of the system, it is evaluated the influence of some parameters of the system such as thermal efficiency and global efficiency. The computational language is Visual Basic for Applications associated to an electronic sheet. Two combined cycle cogeneration schemes are pre-defined: one is composed of a gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator and a back pressure steam turbine with one extraction, in which both are connected to the different pressure level process plant; the other scheme has a difference a two extraction-condensing steam turbine instead of the back pressure one. Some illustrative graphics are generated for allowing comparison of the appraised systems. The strategy of the system simulation is obtained by carefully linking the information of various components according to the flow diagrams. (author)

  4. Performance analysis of the PLC (Power Line Communication) in medium voltage electrical networks; Analise de desempenho de sistemas PLC em redes eletricas de media tensao

    Mota, A.A.; Paleta, R. [Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas (PUC-Campinas), SP (Brazil)], E-mail:; Mota, L.T.M.; Ricardo, R.A. [Indelmatec Engenharia, Campinas, SP (Brazil)], E-mail:


    Nowadays, the information access in communication networks is widely explored due to the increase of Internet users. In this context, the PLC (Power Line Communication) technology is an alternative for data transmission. This technology is based on the usage of transmission/distribution power lines for data transmission. However there are some problems related to the usage of this technology: adequate data transmission rates and generation of acceptable levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI). This work had the objective of studying the performance of PLC systems in medium voltage electrical networks, through the assess of data transmission rates and the generated EMI. Tests were carried out in a test field that corresponded to a medium voltage electrical network and the obtained results show that, under some circumstances, the PLC system does not reach the existent technical recommendations. (author)

  5. Critical analysis of the PETROBRAS monopoly end - particularities of the Bahia state, Brazil; Uma analise critica do fim do monopolio da PETROBRAS - particularidades para o Estado da Bahia

    Cerqueira, Alexandre B.; Ribeiro, Bradson F. [Bahia Univ., Salvador, BA (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Quimica. Curso de Especializacao em Engenharia do Gas Natural; Rocha, Georges S. [Centro Federal de Tecnologia da Bahia, Salvador, BA (Brazil)


    The Agencia Nacional de Petroleo - ANP - created in 1997 by the petroleum law has the role of regulating oil and natural gas industry activities in Brazil inciting the power self-sufficiency. The petroleum law states the end of petroleum exploration monopoly in Brazil performed by PETROBRAS. Between 1998 and 2004 ANP carried out six bid rounds in brazilian sedimentary basins offered to national and foreign companies. The exploratory activities in Bahia are resulting in commercial discoveries and positive impact to local economy. The petrochemical industry expects the startup of Manati field operation to supply repressed demand of natural gas as fuel and raw material. This article analyzes the legal and institutional processes and economics performances of these activities in Bahia's state. (author)

  6. Determination os essential elements in diet and light foods using neutron activation analysis; Determinacao de elementos essenciais em alimentos diet e light por analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Ito, Gerson Hideo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica]. E-mail:; Maihara, Vera Akiko [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Lab. de Analise por Ativacao Neutronica]. E-mail:


    The object of this study was to determine essential elements on the diet and light foods and their normal similar through the neutron activation analysis (NAA) and to compare their results. Samples of sweetning, cappuccino, gelatine and chocolate collected at the Sao Paulo commerce were irradiated by a period of 8 hours, under a 10{sup 12} n cm{sub -2} s{sub -1} thermal neutron flux at the IEA-R1 research reactor - IPEN/CNEN-SP, Brazil, together with reference materials and elementary standards, for the determination the concentrations of Br, Ca, Cr, Co, K, Na, Fe, Se and Zn. The obtained results shown that the diet gelatine samples presented concentrations higher for determined elements related to the light and normal gelatines samples. Compared with cappucino samples there was not differences among the concentrations of the determined elements, excepted the element Cr for the cappuccino light. For the chocolate light they presents higher values related to the normal type. The sweetening did not present differences among the samples. (author)

  7. Analysis of Angola as a new OPEC member (2007) for the world oil market; Analise da entrada de Angola na OPEC (2007) para o mercado mundial do petroleo

    Garcia, Ana Paula Alves S.L.; Almeida, Gabriela Gomes de [Universidade Vila Velha, ES (Brazil). Curso de Relacoes Internacionais; Samarco Mineracao S.A., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:


    Angola is in the spot light lately as one of the major oil producers in the world, being the second largest oil producer in Africa. Therefore, in 2007, this country became a member of OPEC which brought to table several speculations concerning Angola's position facing the pressures and demands of an international organization. This article comes to analyse Angola's possible strategies when it comes to defending its economic interests and its participation in the price politics implemented by OPEC. All hypotheses considered in this article are analysed according to the Complex Interdependence Theory (Keohane and Nye). This International Affairs Theory is defined by a mutual and multilateral dependence between the nations. This way, we may conclude that even though Angola has a history of non fulfilling its agreements, the cooperation is made necessary because it is the most benefice alternative. The tendency is that when Angola starts fulfilling its quotas on the oil matter it will receive cooperation from OPEC and other nations in other areas where this country needs assistance. (author)

  8. Natural gas markets integration in the Southern Cone: analysis of interests and stakeholders; Perspectivas para a integracao gasifera no Cone Sul: uma analise dos principais interesses e interessados

    Villas Boas, Marina Vieira [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Natural gas has been recently gaining importance in the world energy mix especially because of its economical and environmental advantages but also because of technological and geopolitical issues. In the Southern Cone, natural gas demand shall maintain its upward trend in the next years mainly due to its use in power generation. This region owns significant natural gas reserves and, at the same time, a growing and with high potential market. In this scenario, natural gas markets integration is seen simultaneously as an opportunity and a necessity as it can contribute to demand and production interconnection, price competitiveness and security of supply. Nevertheless, there are important barriers to the consolidation of natural gas market integration in the Southern Cone region that have to be overcome. For the natural gas markets integration to be a sustainable project it is necessary to identify the major stakeholders and their interests and pursue a balance between them. (author)

  9. Geostatistical and stratigraphic analysis of deltaic reservoirs from the Reconcavo Basin, Brazil; Analise estratigrafica e geoestatistica de reservatorios deltaicos da Bacia do Reconcavo (BA)

    Soares, Carlos Moreira


    This study presents the characterization of the external geometry of deltaic oil reservoirs, including the description of their areal distribution using geo statistic tools, such as variography and kriging. A high-resolution stratigraphic study was developed over a 25 km{sup 2} area, by using data from 276 closely-spaced wells of an oil-producer field from the Reconcavo Basin, northeastern Brazil. The studied succession records the progressive lacustrine transgression of a deltaic environment. Core data and stratigraphic cross sections suggest that the oil reservoirs are mostly amalgamated, delta-front lobes, and subordinately, crevasse deposits. Some important geometrical elements were recognized by the detailed variographic analysis developed for each stratigraphic unit (zone). The average width for the groups of deltaic lobes of one zone was measured from the variographic feature informally named as hole effect. This procedure was not possible for the other zones due to the intense lateral amalgamation of sandstones, indicated by many variographic nested structures. Net sand krigged maps for the main zones suggest a NNW-SSE orientation for the deltaic lobes, as also their common amalgamation and compensation arrangements. High-resolution stratigraphic analyses should include a more regional characterization of the depositional system that comprises the studied succession. On the other hand, geostatistical studies should be developed only after the recognition of the depositional processes acting in the study area and the geological meaning of the variable to be treated, including its spatial variability scales as a function of sand body thickness, orientation and amalgamation. (author)

  10. Structural analysis and magmatism characterization of the Major Gercino shear zone, Santa Catarina State, Brazil; Analise estrutural e caracterizacao do magmatismo da zona de cisalhamento Major Gercino, SC

    Passarelli, Claudia Regina


    This work describes the geometric and kinematic characteristics of the Major Gercino Shear Zone (MGSZ) in the Canelinha-Garcia area. This shear zone is one of the major lineaments that affect all southern Brazilian precambrian terrains. In Santa Catarina State, it separates, along its whole extension, the supracrustal rocks of the Brusque belt (northern part) from the Granitoid belt (southern). This zone is characterized by a regional NE trend and a dextral sense of movement where ductile-brittle structures predominate. The MGSZ is composed of two mylonitic belts separated by granitoid rocks probably associated to the development of the shear zone. Both shear zones show cataclastic to ultra mylonitic rocks, but mylonites and protomylonites conditions at high strain rate. The calc-alkaline granitoids present in the area can be grouped in two granitoid associations with meta to peraluminous affinities. The Rolador Granitoid Association is characterized by grayish porphyritic biotite-monzogranites and the Fernandes Granitoid Association by coarsed-grained to porphyritic pinkish amphibole-syenogranites. The U-Pb and Rb-Sr ages range from 670 to 590 Ma with the Sr{sup 87} / Sr{sup 86} initial ratios suggesting a crustal contribution in the generation of these rocks. The importance of the pure shear component is also emphasized by the results of the Fry method. Many z axes of the strain ellipses are at high angle to the shear foliation. Symmetric porphyroclasts also corroborate this hypothesis. The micaceous minerals formed during the shear development indicate K-Ar ages around 555 {+-} 15 Ma. Brittle reactivations of the shear zone have been placed by K-Ar in fine-fraction materials at Triassic time (215 {+-} 15 Ma.) 220 refs., 107 figs., 18 tabs., 4 maps

  11. Energy analysis of the poultry rising located at the Sertao do Pajeu, Pernambuco, Brazil; Analise energetica de aviarios localizados no Sertao do Pajeu pernambucano

    Costa, Heitor Scalambrini; Lopes, Tiago Pessoa de Melo Queiroz [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Nucleo de Apoio a Projetos de Energias]. E-mail:


    The activity of poultry raising is today an alternative for income generation in the backlands of Pajeu, State of Pernambuco. In the City of Sao Jose do Egito, distant 402 km from the State Capital Recife, there is a large poultry plant with 284 integrated poultry farms owned by small rural producers. Those poultry farms are built in masonry and lateral woven wire fencing within the standard size of 9 m X 125 m. Their capacity is 10,000 birds and they are equipped with drinking and feed boxes, silos, fans, nebuliser, motor-pumps, lights and heaters. In their first 18 days of the bird's life, called 'baby chick phase', it needs a warm environment temperature of about 34 deg C, which is fundamental for its survival. In that phase the energy consumption is mainly related to water pumping and lighting. From the 19th day up to the 45th day - the period called 'poultry phase' - the birds need lower temperatures. The feeders are automatic, fans and nebulizers are used to ease the air circulation and to improve the poultry comfort. This phase is the one, which requires more electric energy consumption. After 45 days the poultry is slaughtered with about 2.8 kg and the poultry farm comes into a time period of cleaning and resting called 'cleaning and resting phase', which takes from 15 to 28 days. This is the phase with the lowest energy consumption. Then the poultry farm cycle is completed, which takes about 70 days, that is, the time span of one year accounts for 5.5 cycles. In this work an energy consumption analysis for all phases of poultry raising is performed and alternative proposals for the energy conservation and energy consumption reduction is presented. (author)

  12. Analysis of illumination systems in poultry farms for fertile eggs production; Analise de sistemas de iluminacao em granjas de producao de ovos ferteis

    Jordan, Rodrigo Aparecido; Tavares, Maria Herminia Ferreira [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Cascavel, PR (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologicas


    In the productive chain of the aviculture, the most consumed input, ignoring the ration, is the electric energy, mainly in production of one day's chicks, occurring consumption in all the phases, from the egg's production to the incubation. For the egg's production, it is used a huge amount of light, due to the exhibition's need to the light in the wave's length of the yellow color, indispensable factor for the bird maintain the fertile egg's production in a excellent level. The reduction of the energy's expense is related to the improvement of the illumination's systems, since the common system is formed by lamps of large potency, low efficiency and brief useful life. Among the 9 poultries from Parana's West and Southwest, just one uses 20000 incandescent lamps of 100 W. So, our work has aimed to develop a illumination's system that used a smaller amount of lamps, demanded smaller amount of electric energy and presented larger durability. The illumination's systems with vapor of sodium 70, mixed vapor 250 and fluorescent H O 110 were mounted, being obeyed the minimum index of luminosity of 40 luxes. The electric measures were performed through a digital recorder, with data being taken every 5 minutes, during one month. The system with vapor of sodium has proved to be the most economic and durable. (author)

  13. Ergonomic analyse of operation work in electric energy transmission substation; Analise ergonomica do trabalho de operacao de subestacoes de transmissao de energia eletrica

    Menegon, Nilton Luiz


    The activity by the workers in sub-stations which transmits and distributes electric energy is studied within the context of ergonomic, i.e., of its adequateness to the human being characteristics. In the introduction of this book the ideas of ergonomic related to the behaviour of the workers who works which continuous processes in control room are reviewed. The development of the ideas in this field as well as the methodology to be followed in this work are discussed. The technical system involving the activities of the workers in sub-station is presented. These activities are inserted within a broad context of the electric energy sector. An analysis concerning the problems in the ergonomic field which justifies the ergonomic intervention follows the previous study. The work situation is characterized. The formal organization of the work and its physical and cognitive demands are examined. The task is explained in detail. With the analysis of the activities based on the systematic observation of the work performed by the workers, we finish this study. Finely, a diagnosis of the work situation and the recommendations compromised whit the workers health and improvement of the performance is settled. (author) 27 refs., 26 figs.

  14. A water heating system analysis for rural residences, using solar energy; Analise de um sistema de aquecimento de agua para residencias rurais, utilizando energia solar

    Basso, Luiz H.; Souza, Samuel N.M. de; Siqueira, Jair A.C.; Nogueira, Carlos E.C.; Santos, Reginaldo F. [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Cascavel, PR (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Agricola], emails:,,,,


    The awareness of the importance of the environment has stimulated the study of new renewed energy sources and less pollutant. Amongst these sources, solar energy stands alone for being perennial and clean. The use of solar energy in systems of agricultural residential water heating, can complement the economy of electric energy, base of the Brazilian energy matrix. Knowing the factors that influence the operation of a system of water heating by solar energy is important in determining their technical viabilities targeting their distribution in agricultural residences. To evaluate equipment of water heating for solar energy, a prototype was constructed in the campus of Assis Gurgacz College, in Cascavel,State of Parana, Brazil, with similar characteristics to equipment used in residences for two inhabitants, to function with natural circulation or thermo siphon and without help of a complementary heating system. The equipment revealed technical viability, reaching the minimum temperature for shower, of 35 deg C, whenever the solar radiation was above the 3,500 Wh m{sup -2}, for the majority of the studied days. (author)

  15. Season custom tariff analysis for electric power use in an agro-industry; Analise da tarifa horo-sazonal no uso da energia eletrica em uma agroindustria

    Porto, L.G.C.


    An investigation about the season custom tariffs in Brazil, and the research to achieve the electric parameters involved in its utilization is shown, analyzing the change of the conventional custom tariff for the blue and green season custom tariffs. This analysis made in a agro-industry where manioc flour is produced, located in Garca, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. A comparison between the blue and green custom tariff was accomplished in order to the better advantage in the system introduction, considering the use schedule and electric parameters involved. (author). 26 refs, 31 figs, 41 tabs, 3 apps

  16. Cisão corpo/mente na escola: uma analise a partir da epistemologia social/Split body and mind in school: a social epistemology analysis

    Fábio Zaboli


    Full Text Available A proposta aqui foi a de apresentar uma epistemologia social acerca do objeto: cisão corpo e mente na escola e na Educação Física. A escolha da referida base teórica para a abordagem do objeto em questão está pautada no interesse de distinguir uma nova interpretação que module o antagonismo entre as matrizes materialistas e idealistas que há muito discutem o tema. Mais estritamente, nossa abordagem atenta para as determinações epistêmicas que o paradigma moderno da realidade humana cindida em corpo e mente possibilita em relação às construções sócio-históricas em torno dos arrolamentos de poder no âmbito da escola e da Educação Física. Para tanto, estabelecemos, dentre outros, um diálogo com Thomas Popkewitz e Michel Foucault, principais autores que versam sobre o tema da epistemologia social e das relações de poder, respectivamente. Doravante, nosso trabalho discorre especificamente sobre a escola como dispositivo de poder que agencia seus ideais sócio-culturais sobre o solo da cisão entre corpo e mente. Mais ainda, detemo-nos no fato de a escola e a Educação Física utilizarem os saberes técnicos e tecnológicos desenvolvidos sob o paradigma da cisão, com o fim de incrementarem os agenciamentos de poder em prol de ajustes sócio-culturais concernentes aos modos de pensar (mente e os modos de agir (corpo do humano em geral e em particular. Por último, restou-nos fôlego para tratarmos o fenômeno esporte enquanto palco político e artefato de agenciamento dos saberes e dos poderes, pois tem a capacidade de assegurar operações diretas sobre os modos de vida da população em prol de propostas ideológicas que sobre a sociedade moderna procuram unilateralmente controlar os modos de subjetivação dos sujeitos individuais e coletivos.The purpose of this article is to present a social epistemology concerning the following object: the split body and mind in the school and in the Physical Education. The choice of the related theoretical basis to approach the object in question is focused in the interest to distinguish a new interpretation that modulates the antagonism between the materialistic and idealistic matrices that has been used to argue this subject for years. Particularly, our approach concerns to epistemic determinations that the modern paradigm of the human reality splited in body and mind enables in relation to the sociohistorical constructions around the power procedures in the scope of the school and the Physical Education. For in such a way, we establish, among others, a dialogue with Thomas Popkewitz and Michel Foucault, authors who turn on the social epistemology and the power relations, respectively. Furthermore, our work discusses specifically about the school as a power device that administrates its sociocultural ideals on the ground of the split between body and mind. Besides, we investigate the fact that school and Physical Education uses the technics and technological knowledges, developed under the dissension paradigm, in order to improve the power´s relation in favor to sociocultural adjustments related to humans ways about to think (mind and to act (body, in a general and in a particular way. Finally, we discuss the phenomenon of the sport as a political stage and as a place where is possible to administrate knowledges and powers. Because it has the capacity to assure direct operations on the ways of life of the population in favor of ideological proposals, that under the modern society they unilaterally seeks to control the ways of subjectivation of the individual and collective citizens.

  17. Reactivity analysis for numerical solution of the point kinetic equation for subcritical; Analise da reatividade para solucao numerica da equacao da cinetica pontual para sistemas subcriticos

    Henrice Junior, Edson; Goncalves, Alessandro da Cruz, E-mail:, E-mail: [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia (COPPE/UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Programa de Energia Nuclear; Palma, Daniel Artur Pinheiro, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Mesquita, Amir Zacarias, E-mail: [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    This paper provides a comparison between the reactivity calculated by the approximation based on the multiplication factor (K{sub eff}) and a new approach for the reactivity calculation to be used in the kinetics point equation for subcritical systems. To obtain the necessary kinetic parameters as well and the reference Power value calculation and validation, a subcritical system was simulated with the Monte Carlo code Serpent. This study is important for determining nuclear Power in such systems. The results shown consistent values with the validation method and new in-depth studies to calculate the reactivity should be performed to such systems, making the issue a very current theme. (author)

  18. Cabo rift structural analysis, Pernambuco State south coast land, Brazil; Analise estrutural do rifte do Cabo, litoral sul do estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

    Polonia, Jorge Alexandre L. [Companhia de Pesquisas de Recursos Minerais (CPRM), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The Cabo Rift, located at Pernambuco State South coast land and inserted in the Brazilian coastal basin set, was generated at Eocretaceous during the tectonic processes responsible by the South-American and African continents separation. In this study, the structural analysis of the Cabo Rift was based mainly in the Oliveira (1993) gravimetric surveys, in radar image analysis and in some works (Polonia, 1997) that distinguished the structures characterization and determination that originated the Cabo Basin. In this last stage, some data about kinematic indicators in faults plans, like secondary fractures, striations, etc., were collected and treated statistically with specific softwares 6 refs., 4 figs.

  19. Biodiesel and employment and income generation: an analysis of input-output; Biodiesel e geracao de emprego e renda: uma analise de insumo-produto

    Lucena, Thomas Krisp de; Young, Carlos Eduardo Frickmann [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Economia], e-mail:


    This article analysis the National Program of Biodiesel Production, and presents a methodology to estimate the direct and indirect effects of employment and wages generation using the Input-Output Model developed by Leontief. Four different simulations are carried out, but even in the most optimistic case, the results presented by the Government exceed considerably the estimates obtained using data from the Brazilian national accounts. The main recommendation is that these estimates need to be redone, in order to present more realistic expectations for the job and income generation from the expansion of the bio diesel. (author)

  20. Experimental analysis of converters performance of VSI frequency in the energy quality; Analise experimental do desempenho de conversores de frequencia VSI na qualidade de energia

    Rodrigues, Kleiber David; Oliveira, Jose Carlos de; Penna, Cristiane [Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (UFU), MG (Brazil)


    This article aims at presenting the results of investigations made in laboratory involving frequency converters performance fed by voltage, PWM sinusoidal type, in relation to the electric energy quality. For that, it was used a commercial converter of the type VSI-PWM fed by a programmable source capable to reproduce disturbances related to the several variable items of energy quality for measurements of spectra of harmonics.

  1. Thermal analysis of a solar collector consisting of V cavities for water heating; Analise termica de um coletor solar composto de cavidades V para aquecimento de agua

    Moreira, Michel Fabio de Souza


    The solar water heating is carried through, in Brazil, by means of solar heaters compound for collectors flat plate of the type plate-and-pipes, devices that operate in stationary position and they do not require tracking of the sun. A compound collector for some formed V-trough concentrators can be an alternative to the conventional solar collectors flat plate. This compound collector for V-trough is considered, each one, for side-walls which are specularly reflecting surfaces associates in V (equivalent to a triangular gutter). Next to the vertex to each V-trough concentrators an absorber tube is fixed, for flow of the fluid to be heated. Interconnection of the absorbers tubes forms a similar tubular network existing in solar collectors of the type the plate and pipe. V-trough concentrators with the absorbers tubes are made use in series in the interior a prismatic box, which have one of its faces consisting by a glass covering and directed toward incidence of the solar radiation. An analysis of thermal performance of these devices operating stationary and without tracking of the sun is researched. A mathematical model for the computational simulation of the optical and thermal performance of these concentrative devices is elaborated, whose implementation was carried through software EES (Engineering Equation Solver). The efficiency optics of V-trough concentrators with cylindrical absorbers is calculated from the adaptation of the methodology used for Fraidenraich (1994), proposal for Hollands (1971) for V-trough cavities with plain absorbers. The thermal analysis of the considered collector was based on the applied methodology the CPC for Hsieh (1981) and Leao (1989). Relative results to the thermal performance of V-trough concentrators suggest that these configurations are not competitive, technique and economically, with the conventional plain collectors. Although some geometric configurations presented next thermal efficiencies to the conventional plain collectors, it's raised unitary costs, however, make impracticable, at a first moment, for the domestic water heating. (author)

  2. Analysis of different technologies of artificial illumination for production of chrysanthemum in protecting environment; Analise de diferentes tecnologias de iluminacao artificial para producao de crisantemos em ambiente protegido

    David, Eduardo; Rossi, Luiz Antonio [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (FEAGRI/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Agricola. Dept. de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,


    In protecting environment chrysanthemum's production, the artificial illumination type used to induce the photo period, affects the growing and development of plants, as well the electric power consumed in this process of production. The most useful illumination type is by filament. Today, new artificial illumination technologies have been studied to reduce the electric power consumption. This work has been development in a commercial greenhouse with four varieties. The preliminary results have showed that the utilization of discharge lamps does not affect significantly the flower's development considering the weight and presence of flower bud. In the analyzed period, the reduction on power electricity consumption was 60,13% on the sodium-vapor lamp, 41,66% on the mercury-vapor lamp, 60,52% on the fluorescent tube lamp and 50,32% on the compact fluorescent-integrated lamp in comparison with the incandescent lamp that nowadays it is used. It shows the high intensity discharge technology (HID technology) has saved more electricity than the incandescent lamp. (author)

  3. Neutron activation analysis of alternative phosphate rocks used in animal nutrition; Analise por ativacao neutronica por fontes alternativas de fosforo para a nutricao animal

    Canella, Artur A.; Ferreira, Walter M. [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Escola de Veterinaria]. E-mail:; Menezes, Maria Angela de B.C. [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    Since 1980's, Bovine Sponghiform Encephalophaty has insidiously created a fierce battleground between farmers, scientists, environmentalists and consumers. The use of meat and bone meals is currently prohibited in ruminant feeds throughout the world. Some inorganic sources offer the combination of high phosphorus content and acceptable animal digestibility make them options as supplemental phosphorus, for instance phosphate rocks, general term applied to minerals valued chiefly for their phosphorus content. However, phosphate rocks are long been known containing hazardous elements, make them sometimes unsuitable for animal nutrition. Neutron Activation Analysis has been supportive to the mineral evaluation of alternative phosphate rocks. This evaluation is subject of on-going doctoral thesis which has been carried-out by the main author. The NAA method has been very efficient due to its highly sensitive and multi-elemental nature. In this paper results of Vanadium content from three different phosphate rocks are presented. Their values have been pointed out that Brazilian phosphate rocks present hazardous elements at the same levels of phosphate rocks from some countries of Africa, North America and Middle East, data from our study (Brazilian data) and FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization (others countries). (author)

  4. Analysis of human enamel and dentine by neutron activation analysis; Analise de esmalte e dentina de humanos pelo metodo de ativacao com neutrons

    Soares, Marco A.B. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica]. E-mail:; Adachi, Eduardo M.; Saiki, Mitiko [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Determination of trace elements in dental tissues has been of great interest to study the correlation between element composition and caries as well as food habits of individuals. In the present study dentine and enamel samples from healthy individuals were analysed by neutron activation analysis. The teeth were provided form dental clinics, and they were previously washed using purified water and acetone. Then they were dried at 40 deg C and ground in a agate mortar. The samples and element standards were irradiated with thermal neutrons at the IEA-R1 nuclear reactor. Long irradiations of 8 h under thermal neutron flux of 5x10{sup 12} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} were used for Ca, Na, Sr and Zn determinations. In short irradiations of 15 s and under neutron flux of 10{sup 12} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} the elements Mg, Mn, Na e Sr were determined. The induced gamma activities of the samples and standards were measured using a hyperpure Ge detector coupled to a gamma ray spectrometer. Elemental concentrations were calculated by comparative method. Results obtained showed that Ca, Mg and Na are present in both tissues at the level of percentages and the elements Mn, Sr and Zn at the {mu}g g{sup -1} levels. For quality control of the results the certified reference materials NIST 1400 Bone Ash and NIST 1486 Bone Meal were analysed. (author)

  5. Analise dinamica da tendencia para o equilibrio num modelo simples a Segunda Lei de Newton e a Segunda Lei da Termodinamica

    De Abreu, R


    We relate Newton's Second Law with the Second Law of Thermodynamics through the analysis of a simple model introducing a dynamic pressure concept. From this analyses we can clarify some conceptual problems resulting from several concepts of heat and work on the First Law of Thermodynamics.

  6. Analise funcional das traduccións en linguas en proceso de normalización: o caso da traducción do comic en galego

    Sinner, Carsten


    Full Text Available In the case of the Galician language, the translation of comics is quite important, because it contributes to the normalization of use of the Galician language and allows young readers to become familiar with the norm. The article focusses on an analysis of the Galician translation with the French original and a Spanish version of the text.

    [gl] A traducción de comics, no caso do galego xoga un papel moi importante xa que o seu obxectivo é sobre todo normalizar o uso da lingua galega ñas xeracións novas e familiariza-la xuventude coa norma. A contribución pretende unha análise ben polo miúdo dunha traducción galega de Asterix comparándoa co orixinal francés e coa traducción española.

  7. Tax effect of the concession agreement, production sharing agreement and service contract; Analise dos efeitos tributarios dos contratos de concessao, partilha de producao e servicos

    Botelho, Rodrigo Jacobina [Escola de Magistratura do Tribunal de Justica do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (EMERJ), RJ (Brazil); Instituicao de Ensino Superior no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Escritorio Doria, Jacobina, Rosado e Gondinho Advogados Associados, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Area de Direito Tributario


    The different nature of the E and P agreements recommends an analysis of the tax incidence in order to avoid the increasing of costs due to an inaccurate taxation process. The revenue obtained from Services Agreements must be, under the Brazilian legal system, taxed as the revenues obtained from the Concession Agreements, since those revenues are related to the risks supported, the investments and financial exposure, among others elements and not related to a specific public service provided. (author)

  8. Analysis of electric power cogeneration using sugar cane bagasse; Uma analise da cogeracao de energia eletrica usando bagaco de cana-de-acucar

    Carvalho, Anna Cristina Barbosa Dias de


    Brazil impels its economy again. A development expected in 80 and 90 years it is real. This growth demands new technologies, new researches and bases that bear that growth. Electric power is in these bases, but Brazil is not ready for that. Electric power cogeneration possibility appears, using sugar cane bagasse. Alcohol and sugar plants have already that practice working with a low generation volume. With some investment this volume can be increased, adding about 10% to national energetic matrix. The aim of this work is to present a short time alternative for national electric matrix. It shows the energetic situation of the country, some experiences already implanted in some countries around the world and some options for equipment improvement used in alcohol and sugar plants. It is shown alternatives sources of electric power generation studied on Brazil, as well as the planning of National Energetic Program of ELETROBRAS. It analyses, in details, sugar cane bagasse use, which is used in Sao Paulo plants to generate electric power. Possible systems and troubles for its implantation in sugar and alcohol plants are discussed. (author)

  9. Thermal hydraulic analysis of the IPR-R1 TRIGA reactor; Analise termo-hidraulica do reator TRIGA IPR-R1

    Veloso, Marcelo Antonio [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Fortini, Maria Auxiliadora [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Nuclear


    The subchannel approach, normally employed for the analysis of power reactor cores that work under forced convection, have been used for the thermal hydraulic evaluation of a TRIGA Mark I reactor, named IPR-R1, at 250 kW power level. This was accomplished by using the PANTERA-1P subchannel code, which has been conveniently adapted to the characteristics of natural convection of TRIGA reactors. The analysis of results indicates that the steady state operation of IPR-R1 at 250 kW do not imply risks to installations, workers and public. (author)

  10. Investment analysis in hydraulic energy generation by using the real options theory; Analise de investimentos em geracao hidraulica utilizando a teoria de opcoes reais

    Noronha, J.C. Caminha; Lima, J.W. Marangon [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)]. E-mails:;; Ferreira, T.G. Leite [Associacao Brasileira dos Investidores em Autoproducao de Energia Eletrica (ABIAPE), Brasilia, DF (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    This paper presents a methodology of investment analysis in power plants using the Real Option Theory. Particularly, the investment opportunity of a hydro plant is valued based on the energy that will be traded at the new energy auction using the Brazilian Development Bank - BNDES financing program for the Generation of electric energy (new energy). Since this kind of project involves a multistage investment consisting of design, construction and operation phases, it can be treated as a sequential compound option. A binomial approach was elaborated to model this investment opportunity analysis. This approach models the uncertainties in setting up the cash flow for the investments and incorporates some possible managerial flexibility associated with the decision taken along the investment forecast. The proposed methodology will be described in parallel with an example of a real hydro-plant in which we incorporated the flexibilities regarding the decision to invest in each step of the project and an build phase abandon option, representing the transfer of concession rights after the auction. (author)

  11. Model for analysis and definition of the governor constants in hydroelectric power; Modelo para analise e definicao das constantes do regulador em usinas hidreletricas

    Andrade, Jose Geraldo Pena de; Koelle, Edmundo; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Civil. Dept. de Hidraulica e Saneamento


    This paper presents a complete mathematical and computer model which allows simulating a generic hydroelectric power plant under steady state and transitory regimes, in the extensive time, and also the analysis of the oscillating flows resulting from excitation sources present in the installation, such as vortices in the suction pipe during partial load operation.

  12. A neural networks based ``trip`` analysis system for PWR-type reactors; Um sistema de analise de ``trip`` em reatores PWR usando redes neuronais

    Alves, Antonio Carlos Pinto Dias


    The analysis short after automatic shutdown (trip) of a PWR-type nuclear reactor takes a considerable amount of time, not only because of the great number of variables involved in transients, but also the various equipment that compose a reactor of this kind. On the other hand, the transients`inter-relationship, intended to the detection of the type of the accident is an arduous task, since some of these accidents (like loss of FEEDWATER and station BLACKOUT, for example), generate transients similar in behavior (as cold leg temperature and steam generators mixture levels, for example). Also, the sequence-of-events analysis is not always sufficient for correctly pin point the causes of the trip. (author) 11 refs., 39 figs.

  13. Development and analysis of an index of energetic sustainability using fuzzy logic; Desenvolvimento e analise de um indice de sustentabilidade energetica utilizando logica fuzzy

    Santos, Francisco Carlos Barbosa dos


    Sustainable Development is one the most frequently addressed issues nowadays and the search for its comprehension is a major challenge for researchers. Nevertheless, to reach its understanding and the relations comprised (economic, social, environmental and institutional dimensions) is not the only challenge. To measure the route for a society development is an equally important matter, mainly due to intrinsic relations among environment, society and economy. This work presents a new approach in the construction of a synthetic index for sustainable development, under the point of view of energy sustainability. This methodology was based on mathematical archetypes structured in Fuzzy Logics, thus allowing the incorporation of new knowledge bases, even with vague definitions. The final result is the creation of an Energy Sustainability Index that may be accompanied along the time, allowing comparisons among countries, since it uses a database from the 'Guia de Indicadores Energeticos de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel' (Guide of Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development) from the IAEA. This guide presents an energy indicator methodology worldwide accepted and it was conceived to be similar to other indicators, such as the 'Indice de Desenvolvimento Humano (IDH)' (Human Development Index), developed by The United Nations Organization and which is of easy comprehension, since it is represented by a number between zero and one. (author)

  14. Comparative analysis of energy economy among different types of electric motor driving; Analise comparativa de economia de energia entre diferentes tipos de acionamento de motores electricos

    Silva, Marcelo Santos da; Oliveira, Carlos Henrique, e-mails:;; Albuquerque, Carlos Jesivan Marques; Fortes, Marcio Zamboti [Universidade Severino Sombra (USS), Vassouras, RJ (Brazil)], e-mails:;


    The application of controlled drives loads of small power can cause undesirable disturbances for electrical installations, but it brings some benefits when comparing the energy consumption that this application has on its regular period of operation. This study analyses using comparatives, the electrical economy using the different types of drives for three phase electric induction motors of low voltage. Running up tests on the test bench didactic, the inverter drives, soft starter and contactor switch were analyzed for different loads (motor without load, 50% and 100% load), rating in S1 and S4. (author)

  15. Electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) of spices treated by gamma irradiation; Ressonancia paramagnetica eletronica (RPE) aplicada a analise de especiarias irradiadas (com radiacao gama)

    Leal, Alexandre Soares; Rodrigues, Rogerio Rivail, E-mail: asleal@cdtn.b [Centro de Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Serv. de Reator e Irradiacoes; Krambrock, Klaus; Guedes, Kassilio [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The treatment of food by ionizing radiation is a method that has been increased in many countries in substitution for the use of chemical products. The knowledge of safe and reliable techniques of detection of irradiated food is a factor that can contribute to the largest acceptance for the consuming market. This work presents the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) as method of detection of the irradiated spices rosemary and cilantro. The obtained results indicate that EPR can be used satisfactorily for that group of victuals in the identification of irradiated species and in the determination of the received dose. (author)

  16. As discussões sobre a sustentabilidade na atividade turística: uma analise para o Brasil na ultima década

    Nathália Roncada de Freitas


    Full Text Available Debido a la importancia del turismo, como una actividad económica en Brasil, y su efecto sobre el medio ambiente, al que se inserta, se deben entender los debates sobre el tema en los últimos diez años. Este estudio tiene como objetivo general analizar los principales debates relacionados con la sostenibilidad del turismo en Brasil en la última década. Así se estructuró el diseño metodológico exploratorio descriptivo en el que se analizaron los artículos científicos publicados en revistas nacionales (en portugués en las áreas de Administración, Contabilidad y Turismo de 2003 a 2012. Finalmente, se concluye que las variables son interdependientes, una complementa a la otra, y toda la investigación en su conjunto contribuye al crecimiento y una mejor calidad de la sostenibilidad en el turismo. Sin embargo, la falta de investigación, en esta área, es todavía grande; a pesar de la evidencia sobre el tema de sostenibilidad, en comparación con la cantidad de artículos publicados en revistas, es poco lo que se debate entre los investigadores en turismo.

  17. Thermoluminescent analysis of CaSO{sub 4} composites activated with rare earths; Analise termoluminescente de compositos de CaSO{sub 4} ativado com terras raras

    Junot, D.O.; Chagas, M.A.P.; Souza, D.N., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), Sao Cristovao, SE (Brazil). Departamento de Fisica


    Since the thermoluminescence started to be applied to the dosimetry of ionizing radiation in 1940 different materials detectors have been proposed, and one of the most common is CaSO{sub 4}. The motivation of this work was to produce crystals of CaSO{sub 4} doped with rare earth elements such as europium (Eu), neodymium (Nd) and thulium (Tm). It was also produced crystals of CaSO{sub 4}:Ag. The interest in the production of these materials was to investigate other methods of production of thermoluminescent materials. The results show that the CaSO{sub 4}:Tm is more suitable for use in the thermoluminescent dosimetry. Although not the most intense peak, the peak at 170 °C could be a dosimetric peak. Analyses showed that all samples have a TL response proportional to the dose absorbed. (author)

  18. Tensometry technique for X-ray diffraction in applied analysis of welding; Tensometria por tecnica de difracao de raios X aplicada na analise de soldagens

    Turibus, S.N.; Caldas, F.C.M.; Miranda, D.M.; Monine, V.I.; Assis, J.T., E-mail: snturibus@iprj.uerj.b [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (IPRJ/UERJ), Nova Friburgo, RJ (Brazil). Inst. Politecnico


    This paper presents the analysis of residual stress introduced in welding process. As the stress in a material can induce damages, it is necessary to have a method to identify this residual stress state. For this it was used the non-destructive X-ray diffraction technique to analyze two plates from A36 steel jointed by metal inert gas (MIG) welding. The stress measurements were made by the sin{sup 2{psi}} method in weld region of steel plates including analysis of longitudinal and transverse residual stresses in fusion zone, heat affected zone (HAZ) and base metal. To determine the stress distribution along the depth of the welded material it was used removing of superficial layers made by electropolishing. (author)

  19. Post-buckling analysis of elastic slender rods submitted to uniform temperature variations; Analise de pos-flambagem de vigas elasticas esbeltas sujeitas a carregamentos termicos uniformes

    Solano, Rafael Familiar; Vaz, Murilo Augusto [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Oceanica]. E-mail:;


    This paper presents formulation and analytical solution for the post-buckling behaviour of slender rods subjected to uniform temperature variations and constrained by double-hinged non-movable boundary conditions. The material is assumed linear elastic and its thermal strain-temperature relationship is non-linear. The governing equations are derived from geometrical compatibility, equilibrium of forces and moments, constitutive equations and strain-displacement relation, yielding a set of six first-order non-linear ordinary differential equations with boundary conditions specified at both ends, which constitutes a complex boundary value problem. A closed-form analytical solution found via complete elliptic integral is derived from the governing equations defining the shape of the post-buckled rod (elastic). The results are presented in non-dimensional graphs for a range of temperature gradients and different values of slenderness ratios. The consideration of slender rods allows extending the formulation for pipelines. The phenomenon of thermal buckling in pipelines, through analytic and numeric models, including geometric non-linearity is then studied. (author)

  20. Storage analysis of steel pipes used in pipelines; Analise do sistema de estocagem de tubos de aco para dutos de transporte

    Provenzano, Carlos E.C.; Silva, Breno S.; Fernandes, Lincoln F.; Santos Junior, Sergio J.F. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Louzada, Carlos H.C.M.


    New pipelines, request the use of great amount of tubes stored during its construction. Therefore, the cost generated by the storage areas motivates the reconsideration of the stockpiling system. Large areas demand high costs related to its acquisition or rent. The use of small areas can reduce the immediate cost with rent, but also can increase the total cost due to damage of the tubes or increase the risk at the storage conditions. The same considerations could be made for inadequate use of support materials on the stockpiling piles, regarding the quality or amount used. This work presents the modelling of the pyramidal stockpiling system of steel tubes and evaluations to a better configuration. (author)

  1. Multi-criteria aid for group decision making on gas pipeline risk analysis; Apoio multicriterio a decisao em grupo na analise de risco em gasodutos

    Lopes, Yuri G.; Cavalcante, Cristiano A.V.; Brito, Anderson J. de M.; Almeida, Adiel T. de [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    Risks are, by nature, subjective, and therefore, complex. They present multidimensional aspects and involve various stakeholders. The pipelines transmission and distribution of natural gas (NG) involve various scenarios of risks, resulting from the distinct environments where the supply chain of NG is inserted. This paper proposes a multi criteria model for group decision support, based on the GDSS PROMETHEE approach, for risk assessment in pipelines sections. The proposed model aims to establish a ranking between the sections of a pipeline network, in order to provide insights to the definition of risk mitigation actions. (author)

  2. Pre-salt new regulatory mark and the economic order: constitutionality analysis; Novo marco regulatorio do pre-sal e a ordem economica: analise de constitucionalidade

    Pinheiro, Marcela Brasil Pedrosa; Araujo, Mayara de Carvalho; Xavier, Yanko Marcius; Guimaraes, Patricia Borba Vilar [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The discovery of vast reserves of hydrocarbons in the pre-salt layer that extends from Espirito Santo to Santa Catarina, added with the economic and strategic value of oil and natural gas, has brought discussion about the reasonableness of the regulatory model adopted so far. Would be prudent to explore these resources through the concession model? From detailed analysis of the doctrinal and bills that aim to inaugurate the new regulatory bills, we sought to answer this question, based majorly on the principles of economic activity applied in our constitutional system. Motivated by the analysis of these constitutional principles proposed, the State is seen as a regulating agent of the economic activities, fulfilling its role to supervise, encourage and plan the direction of national economic system. The sharing model gives greater state involvement and is able to convert the wealth of pre-salt in citizenship, but only if well implemented. Thus, based on constitutional principles and the notion of development as freedom, the conclusion of this paperwork is for the constitutionality of the new regulatory bills. (author)

  3. Historico, usos oficiais e avaliação da redução de escala de analise volumetrica para fins didaticos

    Juliana Terra


    Resumo: Os métodos ditos clássicos representaram um papel fundamental no desenvolvimento da Química. Durante os séculos XVIII e XIX eram praticamente os únicos processos usados nas análises químicas e hoje, mesmo com o desenvolvimento tecnológico, têm sua presença constante. Depois de realizada uma extensa pesquisa bibliográfica, apresenta-se uma descrição do desenvolvimento da volumetria que permite contextualizar importantes aspectos científicos de relevância para abordagens didáticas de di...

  4. Analise da Satisfacao dos Servicos Turisticos na Percepcao do Turista Estrangeiro: O caso do Municipio de Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

    Elton Gean Araújo


    Full Text Available The county of Bonito ‑ MS has been integrated to an international tourism scenario, which confronts its reality of touristic service provision and its tourist infrastructure with the opinion and satisfaction of the foreign visitors . Facing this fact, this study perceives and relates the opinion of these visitors with the points where services and infrastructure are highlighted, as well as in the fields that need attention. This study has a quantitative objective and has used in data processing fundamental statistical methods (descriptive, inferential and multivariate to obtain the distributions , interval estimates, and measures of correlation and similarity of variables, avoiding interference of any other intervening variables. All results obtained have helped to establish a comparison and correlation between variables, providing important information about this visitor demand in this locality.

  5. Unusual manifestations of neurocysticercosis in MR imaging: analysis of 172 cases; Manifestacoes incomuns na ressonancia magnetica da neurocisticercose: analise de 172 casos

    Amaral, Lazaro; Ferreira, Nelson Fortes; Mendonca, Renato [Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Med Imagem]. E-mail:; Maschietto, Murilo; Maschietto, Roberta; Cury, Ricardo [Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Med Imagem. Setor de Ressonancia Magnetica; Lima, Sergio Santos [Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Med Imagem. Dept. de Imagens


    The typical manifestations of neurocysticercosis are described widely in the literature. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the uncommon presentations of different forms of neurocysticercosis in MR imaging. A retrospective analysis of 172 cases of neurocysticercosis in MR studies was carried out over a period of 13 years. One hundred and four males and 68 females with a mean age of 32 {+-} 3.7 years were studied. The studies were performed on 1.5 T G E MR units and T1 was used before and after gadolinium injection, T2 and gradient-echo (T2*) sequences. The authors divided the unusual manifestations of neurocysticercosis into: intraventricular, subarachnoid, spinal, orbital, intra parenchymatous, and reactivation of previously calcified lesions. The results obtained were: intra parenchymatous 95 cases (55.23%); intraventricular 27 cases (15.69%); subarachnoid 20 cases (11.63%); spinal 6 cases (3.49%); orbital 1 case (0.58%); reactivated lesion 1 case (0.58%); association of intraventricular and intra parenchymatous 12 cases (6.98%); association of subarachnoid and intra parenchymatous 6 cases (3.49%); association of subarachnoid and intraventricular, 4 cases (2.32%). MR imaging is a sensitive and specific method in the analysis of different forms of unusual manifestations of neurocysticercosis, which should appear in the differential diagnosis of parenchymal, ventricular, spinal, cysternal, and orbital lesions. (author)

  6. Energy analysis of a monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic solar system. A case study; Analise energetica de um sistema solar fotovoltaico de silicio monocristalino. Um estudo de caso

    Passos, Wallace [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)). Dutos e Terminais do Sudeste


    Solar photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly to electricity. They are attractive as energy technology because they produce no hazardous emissions during operation, have a life of 20 years or more and require little maintenance. They are technically proven, commercially available and economically viable now for small-scale applications in off-grid rural areas. The article discusses the following issues of solar photovoltaic systems: energy accounting for the fabrication of a panel, a battery and a load controller; fabrication processes description; energy quantity supplied by the solar system; and energy economy during lifetime. The use of this technology in Brazil is also evaluated.

  7. Differential analysis Of Maximum Power Generated By A Photovoltaic Solar System; Analise diferencial da potencia maxima gerada por um sistema solar fotovoltaico

    Gabriel Filho, Luis Roberto Almeida [Universidade Estadual Paulista (CE/UNESP), Tupa, SP (Brazil). Campus Experimental. Curso de Administracao], E-mail:; Cremasco, Camila Pires [Faculdade de Tecnologia de Presidente Prudente (FATEC), SP (Brazil). Curso Tecnologia em Agronegocio], E-mail:; Seraphim, Odivaldo Jose [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Engenharia Rural], E-mail:


    The Earth receives annually 1,5.1018 kWh of solar energy, which corresponds to 1000 times the world energy consumption in this period. This fact comes out that, besides being responsible for the maintenance of life on Earth, the solar radiation is in an inexhaustible energy source, with an enormous potential for use by systems capture and conversion into another form of energy. In many applications of low power systems that convert light directly into electricity, called photovoltaic advantageously replace other means of production processes, where its distribution is very significant. The determination of the power generated by such a system is of paramount importance for the design energy of its implementation and evaluation of the system itself. This study aims to determine a relationship between the maximum power generated by solar photovoltaic and characteristic parameters of the generator. This relationship allows to evaluate the performance of such a system. For simulations of the developed equations were used 3 photovoltaic modules with an output of 100 Wp each, and data collection was performed during one year by enrolling in addition to meteorological data, solar irradiance incident on the modules. (author)

  8. Analysis of the organic matter which are present in solid organic wastes from urban areas; Analise da materia organica presente em residues organicos solidos de origem urbana

    Canellas, Luciano Pasqualoto; Santos, Gabriel de Araujo; Amarai Sobrinho, Nelson Moura Brasil do; Mazur, Nelson [Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Solos. E-mail:; Moraes, Anselmo Alpande [Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica


    This study analyses the organic matter which are present in the solid wastes from the Rio de Janeiro city - Brazil. The humic acids were extracted and purified. After the purification, the humic acids were dried by lyophilization. Visible UV, infrared and NMR spectra were obtained for the humic acids extracted.

  9. Trace element determination study in human hair by neutron activation analysis; Estudo da determinacao de elementos traco em cabelos humanos pelo metodo de analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Frazao, Selma Violato


    Human hair analysis studies have been subject of continuous interest due to the fact that they can be used as an important tool to evaluate trace element levels in the human body. These determinations have been carried out to use hair for environmental and occupational monitoring, to identify intoxication or poisoning by toxic metals, to assess nutritional status, to diagnose and to prevent diseases and in forensic sciences. Although hair analysis presents several advantages over other human tissue or fluid analyses, such as organ tissue, blood, urine and saliva, there are some controversies regarding the use of hair analysis data. These controversies arise from the fact that it is difficult to establish reliable reference values for trace elements in hair. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the factors that affect element concentrations in hair samples from a population considered healthy and residing in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area. The collected human head hair was cut in small pieces, washed, dried and analyzed by neutron activation analysis (NAA). Aliquots of hair samples and synthetic elemental standards were irradiated at the IEA-R1 nuclear research reactor for 16 h under a thermal neutron flux of about 5x10{sup 12} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} for As, Br, Ca, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, K, La, Na, Sb, Sc, Se and Zn determinations. The induced gamma activities of the standards and samples were measured using a gamma ray spectrometer coupled to an hiperpure Ge detector. For quality control of the results, IAEA- 85 Human Hair and INCT-TL-1 Tea Leaves certified reference materials (CRMs) were analyzed. Results obtained in these CRMs presented for most of elements, good agreement with the values of the certificates (relative errors less than 10%) and good precision (variation coefficients less than 13.6%). Results of replicate hair sample analysis showed good reproducibility indicating homogeneity of the prepared sample. Results obtained in the analyses of dyed and non-dyed hair showed that element adsorption or desorption occurs due to the dye. Analysis of hair samples collected from different regions of the head presented significant differences for the elements Fe, Sc, Se and Cr, indicating the importance of defining head regions for hair sample collection. Results of hair analysis from individuals residing in Sao Paulo metropolitan area showed individual differences for age, gender and natural hair color. Results obtained in this population also showed, that the mean element concentrations found are within the literature values. (author)

  10. Application of activation analysis for determination of some elements in cassiterite samples; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao para a determinacao de alguns elementos em amostras de cassiterita

    Armelin, Maria Jose Aguirre


    This work consists in the development of an analytical method using activation by thermal neutrons for the determination of some minor elements and traces present in cassiterite (tin ore). This method was then applied to determine these elements in samples of cassiterite from different regions of Brazil. An analysis was made of the mineralogy characteristic of cassiterite as well as of the minerals most commonly associated with it. Four main types of interference were found to occur in the analysis by activation of trace elements in samples of cassiterite. The method involves the analysis without chemical separation for the determination of some elements and the analysis with chemical separation for the determination of other elements. The steps involved in both types of analysis are described. In the analysis with chemical separation the matrix element (tin) is separated by distillation in an H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}-HBr medium, after fusion of the ore with Na{sub 2}O{sub 2}. Arsine and antimony are determined in the distilled, whereas some lanthanide elements and uranium are determined in the distillation residue by separating them as a group by precipitation with lanthanum fluoride. A discussion on the precision, accuracy and sensibility of the method is also included. (author)

  11. CT interpretation of craniofacial anomalies: a comparative analysis by undergraduate dental students; Interpretacao de anomalias craniofaciais em TC. Analise comparativa por alunos de graduacao em Odontologia

    Gaia, Bruno Felipe; Perella, Andreia; Cara, Ana Claudia Ballet de [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia; Antunes, Jose Leopoldo Ferreira [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia. Dept. de Odontologia Social; Cavalcanti, Marcelo Gusmao Paraiso [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia. Dept. de Radiologia


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of computed tomography (CT) image interpretation made in axial slices (2D-CT) and 3D reconstructed images (3D-CT) of patients with craniofacial anomalies. The analyses were made by undergraduate dental students, and compared with the diagnoses considered upon surgical intervention. Computed tomography of 43 patients were analyzed independently by three calibrated examiners (undergraduate students) with, respectively, one, two, and three semesters of experience in craniofacial CT training and interpretation. The analysis of 2D-CT and 3D-CT images were performed at distinct times using an independent workstation associated with a specific computer graphics software for volumetric images. The analysis of inter-examiner agreement and of the agreement between observers and the gold standard was performed using the Kappa test. The accuracy evaluation presented a progressively higher value for examiners with progressively broader experience in 2D-CT and 3D-CT image interpretation. 3D-CT analyses allowed a higher inter-examiner agreement (1 - 0.896) than 2D-CT analyses (1 - 0.614). 3D-CT was considered more precise and accurate than 2D-CT for all students' evaluations. The reproducibility and accuracy varied according to the experience in CT interpretation, and the most experienced student achieved results closer to the gold standard. (author)

  12. Photovoltaic energy: environmental and economic analysis of axis solar trackers for photovoltaic installations; Energia fotovoltaica: analise economica ambiental de seguidores solares para instalacoes fotovoltaicas

    Paes, Andrea Galvao; Bertolon, Expedito; Pacca, Sergio [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EACH/USP), SP (Brazil). Escola de Artes, Ciencias e Humanidades. Curso de Gestao Ambiental


    In this work we present an economic assessment photovoltaic systems using single axis and dual axis solar trackers. The analysis was carried out for the city of Sao Paulo and the results show that in comparison with fixed installations, the single axis system and the dual axis system produce respectively 19.6% and 24.7% more power. The power output of the dual axis system is 4.3% greater than the power output of the single axis system. Considering an annual discount rate of 12% and the equipment cost, the cost of the surplus energy due to the use of the single axis and the dual axis trackers was R$0.25/kWh and R$0.18/kWh. Because the average cost of electricity produced by photovoltaic modules is R$3/kWh, we recommend the installation of solar trackers. (author)

  13. A new computer system for security analysis in power systems; Um novo sistema computacional para analise de seguranca em sistemas de energia eletrica

    Santos, Jose Vicente Canto dos; Gerhardt, Raul A.; Costa, Iverson F. [Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (PIPCA/UNISINOS), Sao Leopoldo, RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Computacao Aplicada], E-mail:


    In the electrical energy systems area, the problem of security analysis have been intensively studied in the last years. The main objective of this work has been the developing of a new computational system for static security analysis. Moreover, the considered system incorporates elements that they look to increase its adequacy to the real use in electrical utilities. The ample literature review achieved by the authors has showed that no analogous proposal was found. To validate the proposed system, the results of tests made on several power systems were described, including a real life Brazilian system of large dimensions. (author)

  14. Multicriteria analysis of the hybrid systems with biogas: fuzzy set and rules; Analise multicriterio de sistemas hibridos com biogas: conjuntos e regras fuzzy

    Barin, A.; Canha, L.; Abaide, A.; Magnago, K. [Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), RS (Brazil)], E-mail:; Machado, R. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EESC/USP), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia], E-mail:


    A multicriteria analysis to manage de renewable sources of energy is presented, identifying the most appropriate hybrid system to be used as distributed generation of electric energy using biogas. In this methodology, fuzzy sets and rules are defined simulated in the software MATLAB, where the main characteristics of the operation and application of hybrid systems of electric power generation are considered. The main generation system, that can use the biogas, as micro turbines and fuel cells, are evaluated. Afterwards, the systems of energy storage are analyzed: flywheel, H{sub 2} storage and conventional and redox batteries. For the development of the proposed methodology, it was considered the following criteria: efficiency, costs, technological maturity, environmental impacts, the amplitude of the system action (power range), useful life, co-generation possibility and operation temperature. A classification, by priority order, for the use of the sources and storages associated to the environment and cost scenarios is also presented.

  15. Mechanical analysis of ferritic stainless steel applied in radiation tubes in high temperature; Analise mecanica de acos inoxidaveis ferriticos aplicados em tubos de radiacao em altas temperaturas

    Moreto, J.A.; Ponte, H.A.; Oliveira, V.L.; Silva, C.A. [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)


    Nowadays Brazilian oil refineries face an important challenge: to adjust their units to the processing of more aggressive crudes. The use of this kind of oil has caused an increase on corrosion on process streams in high temperatures. This study's objective is to evaluate the changes in mechanic properties and phases processing occurred in tubes from de radiation furnaces type A268/446 Tp ferritic stainless steel tubes used in conditions of high temperatures. For comparison samples of the APM/Kanthal alloy tube were examined. Hot tensile tests were performed in the studied materials evidence bodies. The evidence bodies for the hot tensile tests were extracted from the longitudinal position of the tubes and were machined with cylindrical shape with threads. There was a series of trials for each tube (at different traction speeds) at temperature of 600 deg C. With the traction test it was possible to evaluate resistance and ductility characteristics and was used to establish criteria for quality control to ensure satisfactory performance in certain applications. Data testing creep were performed in the evidence bodies taken from the longitudinal position of the tubes in constant charge form. Data testing creep were executed in the constant stress mode at various levels of temperature. Through data testing creep it was possible to predict for how long the material is good for use. Data from testing creep were treated by the method of Larson and Miller. (author)

  16. Morphological images analysis and chromosomic aberrations classification based on fuzzy logic; Analise morfologica de imagens e classificacao de aberracoes cromossomicas por meio de logica fuzzy

    Souza, Leonardo Peres


    This work has implemented a methodology for automation of images analysis of chromosomes of human cells irradiated at IEA-R1 nuclear reactor (located at IPEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil), and therefore subject to morphological aberrations. This methodology intends to be a tool for helping cytogeneticists on identification, characterization and classification of chromosomal metaphasic analysis. The methodology development has included the creation of a software application based on artificial intelligence techniques using Fuzzy Logic combined with image processing techniques. The developed application was named CHRIMAN and is composed of modules that contain the methodological steps which are important requirements in order to achieve an automated analysis. The first step is the standardization of the bi-dimensional digital image acquisition procedure through coupling a simple digital camera to the ocular of the conventional metaphasic analysis microscope. Second step is related to the image treatment achieved through digital filters application; storing and organization of information obtained both from image content itself, and from selected extracted features, for further use on pattern recognition algorithms. The third step consists on characterizing, counting and classification of stored digital images and extracted features information. The accuracy in the recognition of chromosome images is 93.9%. This classification is based on classical standards obtained at Buckton [1973], and enables support to geneticist on chromosomic analysis procedure, decreasing analysis time, and creating conditions to include this method on a broader evaluation system on human cell damage due to ionizing radiation exposure. (author)

  17. Economical analysis of the use of biogas in swine production for generation of electric energy; Analise economica da utilizacao do biogas na suinocultura para geracao de energia eletrica

    Martins, Franco Muller; Oliveira, Paulo Armando Victoria de [EMBRAPA Suinos e Aves, Concordia, SC (Brazil)], Emails:,


    The demand for alternative sources of energy has been growing in the last years in function of the variation on the prices of petroleum and the recent energy crisis. The anaerobic bio digestion can convert swine manure in biogas. In the present work it was studied the economic viability of the use of the biogas as alternative source for the generation of electric energy in different demand levels. The methodology utilized was the Net Present Value. The study showed that the utilization of biogas as electric energy source is economically feasible. The increase of the demand of electric energy, in the property, associated to the increase of the price of the electric energy, increases the economical profits and accelerates the time of return of the investments. (author)

  18. Inspection of the brazilian nuclear regulatory body in the area of radiotherapy. A critical analysis; Inspecao do orgao regulador nuclear brasileiro na area de radioterapia. Uma analise critica

    Brito, Ricardo Roberto de Azevedo


    The National Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN) is responsible in Brazil for the activities of licensing and control of radioactive installations in the radiotherapy medical area. The majority of these activities are developed by CNEN Co-ordination of Radioactive Installations (CORAD). One of the necessary stages for the development of licensing and control activities is the inspection of radiotherapy services (clinics and hospitals). Almost all of these inspections are carried out by CNEN Inst. of Radiation Protection and Dosimetry (IRD), through its Service of Medical Physics in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (SEFME). This work makes a survey of the main nonconformities found during ten years of inspections in radiotherapy services (1995 - 2004) and analyses the efficiency of these inspections in making the radiotherapy services develop their activities according to the norms in vigour in the country and adopt corrective actions against, at least, the nonconformities evidenced by CNEN inspectors. Additionally, it analyses the possibility of improvement and / or the optimisation of the process, through a procedure able to be unified and controlled, aiming a prompt communication to those involved in the licensing process (SEFME and CORAD) about the attendance by the radiotherapy services to the non-conformity items observed during the inspection. (author)

  19. Die 2004 senior Harmony Suid-Afrikaanse Wiskunde- olimpiade: ’n Analise van die resultate van die senior groep, tweede ronde

    J. G. Maree


    Full Text Available Suid-Afrikaanse leerders se ontoereikende wiskundeprestasie is ’n bron van kommer vir elkeen wat betrokke is by leerfasilitering i wiskunde. Belanghebbendes soek ernstig na moontlike wyses waarop leerders se insig rakende en prestasie in wiskunde verbeter ka word ten einde leerders toe te rus met wiskundige vaardighede en hulle op hierdie wyse te help om ’n beter kans te hê op lewensukse In hierdie verband word wiskunde-olimpiades wêreldwyd beskou as ’n uitnemende meganisme, enersyds om talentvolle leerders identifiseer en leerders se probleemoplossingsvaardighede in wiskunde te verbeter, en andersyds om leerders voor te berei op wiskundig studierigtings in die algemeen. In hierdie artikel word enkele aspekte van die pas afgelope Harmony Suid-Afrikaanse Wiskunde olimpiade ontleed en enkele aanbevelings gemaak. ’n Belangrike gevolgtrekking wat gemaak word, is dat die Harmony Suid-Afrikaans Wiskunde-olimpiade in ’n groot mate in sy doel slaag, maar nie naastenby soveel leerders en opvoeders bereik as waarop ’n mens so wou hoop nie. Die ideale van die Harmony Suid-Afrikaanse Wiskunde-olimpiade kan waarskynlik slegs bereik word indien alle sko van toereikende fasiliteite voorsien word en die standaard van wiskundeonderrig op nasionale vlak terselfdertyd toepaslik verbete word. Spoedige en indringende gesprek en herbesinning deur alle betrokke partye is daarom dringend noodsaaklik.

  20. Analysis of nitrogen injection as alternative fluid to steam in heavy oil reservoir; Analise da injecao de nitrogenio como fluido alternativo ao vapor em reservatorio de oleo pesado

    Rodrigues, Marcos Allyson Felipe; Galvao, Edney Rafael Viana Pinheiro; Barillas, Jennys Lourdes; Mata, Wilson da; Dutra Junior, Tarcilio Viana [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), RN (Brazil)


    Many of hydrocarbon reserves existing in the world are formed by heavy oils (deg API between 10 and 20). Moreover, several heavy oil fields are mature and, thus, offer great challenges for oil industry. Among the thermal methods used to recover these resources, steam flooding has been the main economically viable alternative. Latent heat carried by steam heats the reservoir, reducing oil viscosity and facilitating the production. This method has many variations and has been studied both theoretically and experimentally (in pilot projects and in full field applications). In order to increase oil recovery and reduce steam injection costs, the injection of alternative fluid has been used on three main ways: alternately, co-injected with steam and after steam injection interruption. The main objective of these injection systems is to reduce the amount of heat supplied to the reservoir, using cheaper fluids and maintaining the same oil production levels. In this paper, the use of N{sub 2} as an alternative fluid to the steam was investigated. The analyzed parameters were oil recoveries and net cumulative oil productions. The reservoir simulation model corresponds to an oil reservoir of 100 m x 100 m x 28 m size, on a Cartesian coordinates system (x, y and z directions). It is a semi synthetic model with some reservoir data similar to those found in Potiguar Basin, Brazil. All studied cases were done using the simulator STARS from CMG (Computer Modelling Group, version 2009.10). It was found that N{sub 2} injection after steam injection interruption achieved the highest net cumulative oil compared to others injection system. Moreover, it was observed that N2 as alternative fluid to steam did not present increase on oil recovery. (author)

  1. Characterization, analysis and dating of archaeological ceramics from the Amazon basin through nuclear techniques; Caracterizacao, analise e datacao de ceramicas arqueologicas da Bacia Amazonica atraves de tecnicas nucleares

    Latini, Rose Mary


    The aim of this work is to contribute to the research in the reconstruction of part of the pre-history of the Amazon Basin by means of an analytical methods combined with multivariate analysis, given a analytic basis that can be continued by the archaeological work, through the identification, classification, provenance and dating the ceramics found in different archaeological sites of the Hydro graphic Basin of the Purus river. Neutron activation analysis in conjunction multivariate statistical methods were used for the identification and classification and thermoluminescence was used for the dating. Chemical composition results were in better agreement with archaeological classification for the archaeologically define Iquiri, Quinan and Xapuri phases and less characteristics the Iaco and Jacuru archaeological phase were not well characterized. An homogeneous group was established by most of the samples collected from the Los Angeles Archaeological Site (LA) and was distinct from all the other groups analysed. The provenance studies made with ceramics collected at this site shows that they were made with clay from nearby river (Rio Ina). From the LA ceramics dating the average date of site occupation was 1660 years. The ceramic dating results from the external wall of a circular earth wall construction confirm the relation with the local pre-history. Beyond the Acre material two urns were dated from the Archaeological Site Morro Grande and Sao Jose at Araruama, Rio de Janeiro. (author)

  2. Experimental analysis of minimum shear stress to drag particles in a horizontal bed; Analise experimental da tensao de cisalhamento minima para arraste de particulas em um leito horizontal

    Dornelas, Breno Almeida; Soares, Edson Jose [Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo. Departamento de Engenharia Mecanica (Brazil)], e-mails:,; Quirino Filho, Joao Pedro; Loureiro, Bruno Venturini [Faculdade do Centro Leste (UCL). Laboratorio de Fluidos e Fenomenos de Transporte (Brazil)], e-mails:,


    Efficient hole cleaning is still a challenge in well bore drilling to produce oil and gas. The critical point is the horizontal drilling that inherently tends to form a bed of sediment particles at the well bottom during drilling. The cuttings bed erosion depends mainly on the shear stress promoted by the drilling fluid flow. The shear stress required to cause drag in the cuttings bed is investigated according to the fluid and particles properties, using an experimental assembly, composed of: a system for fluid circulation, a particle box, a pump system and measuring equipment. The observation area is a box below the flow line in an acrylic duct used to calibrate sand particles. The test starts with the pumps in a low frequency which is increased in steps. At each frequency level, images are captured of carried particles and the established flow rate is recorded. The images are analyzed when the dragged particle is no longer random and sporadic, but becomes permanent. The shear stress is identified by the PKN correlation (by Prandtl, von Karman, and Nikuradse) for the minimum flow rate necessary to cause drag. Results were obtained for just water and water-glycerin solution flows. (author)

  3. Appreciation of environmental risks analysis methodologies in the offshore well drilling activities; Analise de metodologias na avaliacao de riscos ambientais relacionados as atividades de perfuracao de pocos maritimos

    Zampolli, Daniella M. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, SP (Brazil); Morooka, Celso K. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica. Dept. de Engenharia de Petroleo


    Nowadays, the projects of products and processes are supposed to integrate environmental risks criteria, in addition to their inherent operation impacts. Industrial activities, in general, generate risks to the environment, and, in case of incidents occurrence, many of the possible consequences can be translated into serious impacts. The Risk Analysis is destined to act as a decision tool in the environmental area, and therefore, the use of one of these during the project phase of an enterprise becomes important, aiming the guarantee of the system reliability. The present article has the purpose of analyzing methodologies that are being employed for the environmental risk analysis, as well as usual procedures applied in the oil industry, specially for the offshore wells drilling, evaluating and discussing their peculiarities and possible improvement. It was intended to obtain a general overview of risk analysis methodologies, with the objective of verifying the existence of some characteristics that would positively contribute for the knowledge of the inherent risks in the activities of petroleum installations, where this kind of learning is something extremely technically necessary and legally mandatory. (author)

  4. Computed tomography evaluation of autogenous graft in sinus lift surgery; Analise por tomografia computadorizada do enxerto autogeno na cirurgia de 'sinus lift'

    Ajzen, Sergio Aron; Moscatiello, Rafael Andrade; Lima, Aida Maria Custodio de; Moscatiello, Vitoria Aparecida Muglia; Helio Kiitiro Yamashita [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem; Mosacatiello, Rafael Muglia; Nishiguchi, Celso Itiro [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Disciplina de Tecnica Operatoria e Cirurgia Experimental; Alves, Maria Teresa de Seixas [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Disciplina de Anatomia Patologica


    The objective was to quantify bone formation within autogenous bone grafts and autogenous bone grafts in combination with platelet-rich plasma obtained either from apheresis or centrifugation using computed tomography. This prospective, double-blind study was conducted in 34 male and female adult patients (mean age of 28 years and 8 months), with either unilateral or bilateral pneumatization of the maxillary sinuses, requiring bone graft for dental implant. All patients were submitted to computed tomography examinations prior and six months after sinus lift surgery. Fifty-three maxillary sinuses were operated and divided into three distinct groups: autogenous bone graft, autogenous bone graft in combination with platelet-rich plasma obtained by centrifugation, and autogenous bone graft in combination with platelet-rich plasma obtained by apheresis. The results showed that computed tomography demonstrated bone growth in height and width between the initial and the follow-up computed tomography scans in all three groups. However, no statistical difference was found either for bone height or width. It was concluded that clinical evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of autogenous bone grafts, particularly when used in combination with bone growth factors such as platelet-rich plasma, which allow prosthetic and functional restoration of maxillofacial structures through fixation of dental implants. (author)

  5. Expanded austenite in nitrided layers deposited on austenitic and super austenitic stainless steel grades; Analise da austenita expandida em camadas nitretadas em acos inoxidaveis austeniticos e superaustenitico

    Casteletti, L.C.; Fernandes, F.A.P.; Heck, S.C. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EESC/USP), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Engenharia de Materais, Aeronautica e Automobilistica; Oliveira, A.M. [Instituto de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia do Maranhao (IFMA), Sao Luis, MA (Brazil); Gallego, J., E-mail: gallego@dem.feis.unesp.b [UNESP, Ilha Solteira, SP (Brazil). Dept. Engenharia Mecanica


    In this work nitrided layers deposited on austenitic and super austenitic stainless steels were analyzed through optical microscopy and X-rays diffraction analysis (XRD). It was observed that the formation of N supersaturated phase, called expanded austenite, has promoted significant increment of hardness (> 1000HV). XRD results have indicated the anomalous displacement of the diffracted peaks, in comparison with the normal austenite. This behavior, combined with peaks broadening, it was analyzed in different nitriding temperatures which results showed good agreement with the literature. (author)

  6. Performance analysis of numeric solutions applied to biokinetics of radionuclides; Analise de desempenho de solucoes numericas aplicadas a biocinetica de radionuclideos

    Mingatos, Danielle dos Santos; Bevilacqua, Joyce da Silva, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IME/USP), SP (Brazil). Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica; Todo, Alberto Saburo; Rodrigues Junior, Orlando, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Biokinetics models for radionuclides applied to dosimetry problems are constantly reviewed by ICRP. The radionuclide trajectory could be represented by compartmental models, assuming constant transfer rates between compartments. A better understanding of physiological or biochemical phenomena, improve the comprehension of radionuclide behavior in the human body and, in general, more complex compartmental models are proposed, increasing the difficulty of obtaining the analytical solution for the system of first order differential equations. Even with constant transfer rates numerical solutions must be carefully implemented because of almost singular characteristic of the matrix of coefficients. In this work we compare numerical methods with different strategies for ICRP-78 models for Thorium-228 and Uranium-234. The impact of uncertainty in the parameters of the equations is also estimated for local and global truncation errors. (author)

  7. Analysis of medicinal plant extracts by neutron activation method; Analise de extratos de plantas medicinais pelo metodo de ativacao com neutrons

    Vaz, Sandra Muntz


    This dissertation has presented the results from analysis of medicinal plant extracts using neutron activation method. Instrumental neutron activation analysis was applied to the determination of the elements Al, Br, Ca, Ce, Cl, Cr, Cs, Fe, K, La, Mg, Mn, Na, Rb, Sb, Sc and Zn in medicinal extracts obtained from Achyrolcline satureoides DC, Casearia sylvestris, Centella asiatica, Citrus aurantium L., Solano lycocarpum, Solidago microglossa, Stryphnondedron barbatiman and Zingiber officinale R. plants. The elements Hg and Se were determined using radiochemical separation by means of retention of Se in HMD inorganic exchanger and solvent extraction of Hg by bismuth diethyl-dithiocarbamate solution. Precision and accuracy of the results have been evaluated by analysing reference materials. The therapeutic action of some elements found in plant extracts analyzed was briefly discussed 70 refs., 13 figs., 15 tabs

  8. Analysis of agricultural soils by using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence; Analise de solos agricolas por fluorescencia de raios-X por dispersao de energia

    Anjos, Marcelino Jose dos


    In this work, we describe an Energy Dispersive x-ray Fluorescence System with a x-ray tube excitation for trace analysis of environmental samples (soil). The system was used to analyze the contamination of metals in treated soils with doses of 10, 20 and 30 ton/ha of compound organic of urban garbage of the type Fertilurb and 10 ton/ha of aviary bed (manure of birds). Samples of roots and foliages of plant radishes cultivated in these soils were also analyzed. The soil samples were collected in five different depths of 0,5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-40 and 40-60 cm. The experimental set-up is composed by an OXFORD X-ray (30 kV, 50 {mu}A and W anode), an ORTEC Si-Li detector, with an energy resolution of about 180 eV at 5.9 keV and an ORTEC multichannel-analyser. The X-ray spectrum tube is quasi-monochromatic by using of Ti filter. Samples were prepared in pellet form with superficial density in the range of 100 mg/cm{sup 2}. The fundamental parameter method was used in order to verify the elemental concentration. It was possible to determine the concentrations of thirteen elements: K, Ca, Ti, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Br, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr and Pb in the treated soils with compounds organic. The results indicate that the values found for K, Ca, Rb, Sr, Zr and Pb are significantly above the upper confidence limits for the control soil ({alpha} = 0.05). There is a real different between these elements compared to their relationship in the control soils, ({alpha}=0,05). There is a real difference between these elements compared to their relationship in the control soils, confirming the influence of the organic compounds in the soil. (author)

  9. Analysis of the impact of batteries behaviour on stand-alone photovoltaic systems; Analise do impacto do comportamento de baterias em sistemas fotovoltaicos autonomos

    Vera, Luis Horacio


    Stand-alone photovoltaic systems are a suitable alternative for rural electrification. However, there are still problems to be solved, mainly related to the system design and the technical quality of the equipment and facilities, which impacts the systems reliability. To determine the factors that affect the reliability of these systems it were studied the most common configurations and associated failures. The Laboratory experimental research, together with an extensive literature review, show the basic technical problems that occur to each of the elements of the installation and the dependence between them. These studies have shown that the storage the system, considering system reliability and economy, is the weakest element due to the decrease of their storage capacity. This led to consider the storage systems as the focus of this study and, through the analysis of their behavior, to develop a procedure to size systems with high reliability, lower cost and appropriate configuration. The impact of batteries on the technical reliability and economic viability of photovoltaic systems is determined. It was achieved through experimental testing and the development and adjustment of mathematical models. These models were implemented to preexisting software called PVSize. The improved software allows the calculation of different configurations of systems and to determine the loss of load probability and the figures of merit associated to the chosen economic-financial project. On this work was installed a photovoltaic system and was developed a battery testing system. The values measured in these systems allow to verify the mathematical models that describe the behavior of each device and characterize the components of the system. Experimental analysis of the behavior of a bank of batteries along a year showed that the connection of batteries in parallel accelerates the batteries degradation process, and this degradation has differentiated impact on the loss of capacity of each battery. This study allowed to evaluate the impact that the loss of capacity of batteries has on the reliability of an stand-alone photovoltaic system. It was also improved a software that allow to determine the level of technical reliability due to the design, the stochastic characteristic of solar radiation, the profile of electric power consumption and the effect of the accumulation loss capacity over the time. (author)

  10. Analysis of ferritic stainless steel tube applied in radiation furnaces; Analise de tubos de aco inoxidavel ferritico para aplicacao em fornos de radiacao

    Porto, P.C.R.; Spim, J.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia. Lab. de Fundicao], e-mail:; Santos, C.A. [Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia e Tecnologia de Materiais (PGETEMA)


    The objective of this work was to evaluate the change in mechanic properties and phase transformations of ferritic stainless steel tube, ASTM 268 Gr 446, applied in high temperature conditions. The work has used tubes from radiation furnaces of the PETROBRAS Xisto Industrialization Unit. The samples used for comparison were obtained from new tubes and tubes already used in furnaces. The test analyses were optical metallography, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometer, hardness and microhardness test and tension test. Results have shown that the new tubes presented a ferritic matrix and in old tubes were observed a great quantity of sigma phase and carbides. Along with the thickness of the tubes it was verified that the inside region presented an increase of sulfate and the outside region an increase of carbides. (author)

  11. Extração do óleo de manjericão usando fluido supercrítico: analise experimental e matemática

    Nídia Alves de Barros


    Full Text Available O óleo essencial de manjericão (Ocimum basilicum L. é valorizado no mercado internacional e amplamente usado nas indústrias de condimentos, cosméticos e medicinais. Entre todos os processos que podem ser aplicados na obtenção do óleo, a extração usando fluido supercrítico (EFS pode ser um método seletivo e eficiente, dependendo das condições operacionais, como temperatura e pressão, que precisam ser otimizadas. O objetivo deste estudo foi comparar a eficiência da extração supercrítica, utilizando planejamento experimental, na extração do óleo de manjericão com os métodos convencionais (hidrodestilação e soxhlet. Para a realização da parte experimental, foi utilizado dióxido de carbono como solvente para a EFS e hexano, para aplicação no soxhlet. Foi realizado um delineamento central composto rotacional (DCCR, aplicando três pressões (100, 200 e 300 bar e três temperaturas (30, 40 e 50ºC. Através da hidrodestilação, obteve-se o menor rendimento (0,26%, usando o Soxhlet, o rendimento foi de 2,39% sendo superior, comparado á EFS, que foi de 0,43%. O DCCR mostrou que, para otimizar o processo, é necessário aumentar a pressão e a temperatura para o alcance de maiores rendimentos. Foi possível constatar que o modelo matemático representou bem o processo de extração, propiciando o "scale-up" deste.

  12. Analise on Relative Factors of Culture Construction in the New Countryside%新农村文化建设的相关因素探析




  13. Availability analysis of the nuclear instrumentation of a research reactor; Analise da disponibilidade da instrumentacao nuclear de um reator de pesquisa

    Vianna Filho, Alfredo Marques


    The maintenance of systems and equipment is a central question related to Production Engineering. Although systems are not fully reliable, it is often necessary to minimize the failure occurrence likelihood. The failures occurrences can have disastrous consequences during a plane flight or operation of a nuclear power plant. The elaboration of a maintenance plan has as objective the prevention and recovery from system failures, increasing reliability and reducing the cost of unplanned shutdowns. It is also important to consider the issues related to organizations safety, especially those dealing with dangerous technologies. The objective of this thesis is to propose a method for maintenance analysis of a nuclear research reactor, using a socio-technical approach, and focused on existing conditions in Brazil. The research reactor studied belongs to the federal government and it is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The specific objective of this thesis is to develop the availability analysis of one of the principal systems of the research reactor, the nuclear instrumentation system. In this analysis, were taken into account not only the technical aspects of the modules related to nuclear instrumentation system, but also the human and organizational factors that could affect the availability of the nuclear instrumentation system. The results showed the influence of these factors on the availability of the nuclear instrumentation system. (author)

  14. Analysis of monochromatic signals by using data from the detector of Allegro gravitational waves; Analise de sinais monocromaticos utilizando dados do detector de ondas gravitacionais Allegro

    Oliveira, Fernanda Gomes de


    The present work is developed in the searching for monochromatic gravitational waves signals in ALLEGRO's data. We have two procedures for data analysis based on the periodogram of Welch, which a method for the detection of monochromatic signals in the middle of noise which basically makes power spectrum estimates using averaged modified periodograms. By using this method it was possible to obtain a power spectrum for the data which reinforce peaks due to monochromatic signals. The two procedures of analysis for the years 1997 and 1999, were focused on monitoring a peak that appears in the spectral density of ALLEGRO's detector, so called 'mystery mode' (near 887 Hz). We look for variations in the frequency of the mystery mode that agree with the variation of the Doppler effect. In the rst analysis we have used by the variation of daily and annual Doppler shift. For the second one, we have only searched annual Doppler shift. We have applied the periodogram of Welch in both tests in the raw data of the detector in the search for a real signal and we found some peaks that can be candidates of gravitational radiation only the second analysis. In order to test the method we used in both analysis a simulated gravitational wave signal modulated by the Doppler effect injected in the data. We detected in both methods the artificial signal of GW simulated. Therefore we have reason to conclude that both methods are efficient in the search for monochromatic signals. (author)

  15. Regulation of mature oil fields: a constitutional analysis; Regulacao de campos maduros de petroleo: uma analise a luz da Constituicao Federal de 1988

    Siqueira, Mariana de; Xavier, Yanko Marcius de Alencar [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The oil activities in Brazil had been started in an intensive way by the years 30 and 40. During approximately 40 years only one agent had been executed the oil activities in this country: the PETROBRAS. Many of the fields explored in the past are nowadays in decline. These fields, not interesting for the majors, would be interesting for the small and medium enterprises. The present research analyses the mature oil fields and its regulation in Brazil, looking to the 'Constituicao Federal de 1988' and to the idea of social and economic development. (author)

  16. A case study on riser analysis of a drilling riser in deep waters; Estudo de caso: analises estruturais e hidrodinamicas de um riser de perfuracao em aguas profundas

    Roveri, Francisco E.; Pestana, Rafael G. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas


    This paper presents a set of structural and hydrodynamic analyses of a connected marine riser, in 1900 meter water depth. Operating windows are determined for one year return period environmental conditions and for a set of drilling fluid weight density values. Parametric analyses are carried out to study the riser response sensitivity to variations in environmental conditions, drilling fluid weight density, upper and lower flex joint rotational stiffness and vessel motion phase angles. Current, drilling fluid weight density and vessel motion phase angle changes affect significantly the system response, whereas the response is not significantly affected by changes in wave height, wave period and flex joint rotational stiffness. (author)

  17. Kinematics, dynamics and structural analyses of a semi-passive mechanical arm; Analise cinematica, dinamica e estrutural de um manipulador semi-passivo

    Ferreira, Claudio Violante [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Romano, Vitor Ferreira [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola Politecnica


    This work presents the dynamics and kinematics modeling, and the structural analysis (including modal analysis) of a gantry type Semi-Passive mechanical Arm (SPA). The kinematics analysis of the SPA is referred in the Joints Space Coordinates. The Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H) parameterization method is used in the manipulator kinematics model. The dynamics analysis is also referred in the Joints Space, and done by means of Lagrange Equations. To develop the dynamic equations it were considered the joints friction and the external loads related to marine currents and the AUV/SPA interaction. The dynamics analysis it was done in two SPA configurations: all joints with activated brakes (locked) and all joints with not activated brakes. A commercial FEM program, ANSYS{sup R} 5.5.1, was used to calculate the structural deformations and tensions, and these results were used to define the final structure configuration. This program has a Static Analysis Package which permits to determine the displacements, stresses, strains and forces in structures caused by external loads. In order to evaluate the SPA structural stiffness it was done the modal analysis and the determination of five SPA vibration modes and natural frequencies. (author)

  18. Steel catenary riser design based on coupled analysis methodology; Projeto de um riser rigido em catenaria baseado em metodologia de analise acoplada

    Bahiense, Rodrigo A.; Rodrigues, Marcos V. [Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Due to adoption of oil and gas production systems to deep and ultra-deep water, achieving frontiers that were not conceivable before, research in computational methods has contributed to implementation of sophisticated and efficient numerical tools in order to perform simulations considering those operational conditions. Thus, this work presents a steel catenary riser (SCR) design which is connected to a semi-submersible platform where the applied motions to SCR are obtained from analyses based on de-coupled and coupled methodologies. With increase of the line number of the system and water depth, the effects due to coupling of the lines on the platform motions are significant. It can be observed from performed evaluations for a floating production system, comparing the obtained results for SCR under extreme and fatigue conditions when it was submitted to the platform motions considering both methodologies mentioned. So, from the results obtained it can be concluded that for production system evaluated the adoption of decoupled methodology presents more conservative results. Thus the adoption of the coupled model associated to design practice of production lines presents as an alternative more realist and accurate to provide the optimization in the design of these structures. (author)

  19. Photovoltaic power: a new perspective for energetic planning, using different analysis criteria; Energia fotovoltaica: uma nova perspectiva para o planejamento energetico, usando criterios diferenciados de analise.

    Lacchini, Corrado [Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA), Gravatai, RS (Brazil). Fac. de Administracao; Santos, Joao Carlos Vernetti [Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA), Canoas, RS (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica


    This article proposes a comparison between photovoltaic and coal fired power plants for electrical energy generation, based on coal reserves in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Costs associated to the two technologies are compared and considerations are made to costs for prevention and compensation of air, soil and water pollution generated from coal burning, and to funding alternatives with carbon credits that would help the installment of a non pollutant technology. Considering the decreasing trend of the cost of photovoltaic watt, a suggestion for initial financing and limited support is presented, similar to what the European countries make, covering the infant period of the photovoltaic technology in Brazil. (author)

  20. Morphologic characterization and quantitative analysis on in vitro bacteria by nuclear techniques of measurement; Caracterizacao morfologica e analise quantitativa de bacterias in vitro por tecnicas nucleares de medidas

    Lopes, Joana D' Arc Ramos


    The great difficulty to identify microorganisms (bacteria) from infectious processes is related to the necessary time to obtain a reliable result, about 72 hours. The purpose of this work is to establish a faster method to characterize bacterial morphologies through the use of neutron radiography, which can take about 5 hours. The samples containing the microorganisms, bacteria with different morphologies, after the appropriate microbiologic procedures were incubated with B{sup 10} for 30 minutes and soon after deposited in a plate of a solid detector of nuclear tracks (SSNTD), denominated CR-39. To obtain the images relative to bacteria, the detector was submitted to the flow of thermal neutrons of the order of 2.2 x 10{sup 5} n/cm{sup 2}.s from the J-9 channel of the Reactor Argonauta (IEN/CNEN). To observe the images from bacteria in each sample under an optical microscope, the sheets were chemically developed. The analysis of the images revealed morphologic differences among the genera (Gram positive from Gram-negative and coccus from bacillus), in samples containing either isolated or mixed bacteria. We thus verified the viability of the technique to achieve morphological characterization of different microorganisms. A quantitative approach seemed also to be feasible with the technique. The whole process took about 2 hours. (author)

  1. Analysis of constraints to the introduction of LNG plants in the Brazilian electric sector; Analise dos condicionantes para a introducao de plantas a GNL no setor eletrico brasileiro

    Cortes, Tatiane Moraes Pestana


    This work aims analyze the constraints to the introduction of LNG in the Brazilian energy matrix. Therefore, considers the current regulatory framework and the investments recently made by PETROBRAS to acquire LNG in the international market in order to supply power plants in the country. In order to assess the current status of the LNG plants in the electricity sector, factors are analyzed in terms of the natural gas industry and electric power industry, such as: storage, LNG contracts, operating dispatch, LNG plants pricing and operational flexibility. Despite the increase in LNG international trade and the prospect of using this product in Brazil, there are some challenges for the effective use of LNG plants by Brazilian electric sector. Some of the challenges are the need to review the methodology of calculating the cost benefit of LNG power plants. Another important challenge is to examine the use of underground storage and its influence in the operating dispatch of LNG plants. (author)

  2. Ressonancia magnetica nuclear de 1H e de 13C de compostos alifaticos : estudos dos efeitos dos substituintes [alfa] atraves da analise de componentes principais (PCA)

    Ljubica Tasic


    Resumo: Este trabalho apresenta os resultados dos estudos dos efeitos de doze substituintes a (Y = F, CI, Br, I, OMe, OEt, SMe, SEt, NMe2, NEt2, Me e Et) sobre os deslocamentos químicos de H e de C em compostos carbonílicos, carboxílicos e insaturados. A classe dos compostos carbonílicos é representada por acetonas, acetofenonas, cicloexanonas e cânforas. Por outro lado, os ácidos acéticos, acetatos (de metila, de etila e de fenila), tioacetatos de etila e N,N-dietilacetamidas representam a c...

  3. Decomposition analysis of the variations in household electricity consumption in Brazil; Analise de decomposicao das variacoes no consumo de energia eletrica no setor residencial brasileiro

    Achao, Carla da Costa Lopes


    Introduced at the end of the 1970s to study the impacts of structural changes on electricity consumption by industry, index decomposition analysis techniques have been extended to various other areas to help in the formulation of energy policies, notably in developed countries. However, few authors have applied these techniques to study the evolution of energy consumption in developing countries. In Brazil, the few available studies have focused only on the industrial sector. In this thesis, we apply the decomposition technique called the logarithmic mean Divisia index (LMDI) to electricity consumption of the Brazilian residential sector, to explain its evolution in terms of the activity, structure and intensity affects, over the period from 1980 to 2007. The results obtained in a preliminary analysis point out, in a general way, that the observed variables in electricity consumption in the Brazilian residential sector are, mainly, the product of the increase in the number of consumers and the changes in the specific consumption of electricity in households. In a further analysis, carried out when the structure is given through consumers participation in consumption categories (Low Income and Conventional) taken from an overall point of view, although the intensity and activity effects may be considered the main explaining factors in consumption variation, the structure effect stands out in the period immediately after the 2001 rationing, as a reflect of the changes in the inclusion criteria in the Low Income category, specifically in the Northeast. (author)

  4. Analysis of the sum kriging and the kriging sum - a case study; Analise do problema da krigagem da soma e da soma das krigagens - estudo de caso

    D' Abbadia, Martinho Romulo Iria


    This work presents some thicknesses estimates in overlapped sedimentary sections. The adopted procedure consists of the accomplishment of kriging followed by weighed corrections that provide mathematical consistency to the operation of thicknesses addition. These weighed corrections are based on the proportions between: the thicknesses of the estimated layers and the total thickness of the analyzed section; the standard deviation of the estimation error and the addition of these standard deviations; the variance of the estimation error and the addition of these variances. The proposed method is characterized by its simplicity and operational flexibility, being distinguished by: the number of intervals to be analyzed is theoretically limitless; stationary thicknesses are not required; choice of distinct neighborhoods for each analyzed interval is allowed; it has freedom for the use of distinct models in each investigated interval, making it possible to choose different functions, amplitudes and anisotropies. The technique was applied in an oil field situated in the northeast of Brazil, helping in localising the preferential depositional areas for turbiditic reservoirs and allowing inferences with respect to structural aspects of studied area. (author)

  5. Mechanodynamical analysis of nickel-titanium alloys for orthodontics application; Analise mecanodinamica de ligas de niquel-titanio para aplicacao ortodontica

    Arruda, Carlos do Canto


    Nickel-titanium alloys may coexist in more than one crystalline structure. There is a high temperature phase, austenite, and a low temperature phase, martensite. The metallurgical basis for the superelasticity and the shape memory effect relies in the ability of these alloys to transform easily from one phase to another. There are three essential factors for the orthodontist to understand nickel-titanium alloys behaviour: stress; deflection; and temperature. These three factors are related to each other by the stress-deflection, stress-temperature and deflection-temperature diagrams. This work was undertaken with the objective to analyse commercial nickel-titanium alloys for orthodontics application, using the dynamical mechanical analyser - DMA. Four NiTi 0,017 X 0,025'' archwires were studied. The archwires were Copper NiTi 35 deg C (Ormco), Neo Sentalloy F200 (GAC), Nitinol Superelastic (Unitek) and NiTi (GAC). The different mechanodynamical properties such as elasticity and damping moduli were evaluated. Each commercial material was evaluated with and without a 1 N static force, aiming to evaluate phase transition temperature variation with stress. The austenitic to martensitic phase ratio, for the experiments without static force, was in the range of 1.59 to 1.85. For the 1 N static force tests the austenitic to martensitic phase ratio, ranged from 1.28 to 1.57 due to the higher martensite elasticity modulus. With elastic modulus variation with temperature behaviour, the orthodontist has the knowledge of the force variation applied in the tooth in relation to the oral cavity temperature change, for nickel-titanium alloys that undergo phase transformation. The damping capacity of the studied alloys depends on the materials state: martensitic phase; austenitic phase or during phase transformation. The martensitic phase shows higher dumping capacity. During phase transformation, an internal friction peak may be observed for the CuNiTi 35 deg C and Neo Sentalloy F200 alloys. The austenitic phase shows a low damping capacity. According to the evaluation of the damping capacity against temperature, it was possible to better understand the phase transformation behaviour of these alloys. The differential scanning calorimetry was used in order to evaluate the phase transformation process, giving the initial and ending temperatures of the austenitic transformation and the initial and ending temperatures of the martensitic transformation of the studied alloys. (author)

  6. Moessbauer spectroscopic analysis of the BaNbFe based compound; Analise por espectroscopia Moessbauer do composto a base de BaNbFe

    Silva, Manoel Ribeiro da; Araujo, Fabiana F. de; Gontijo, Marcelo R.F.; Polegato, Paulo H. [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica e Quimica], e-mail:


    This work presents the synthesis and the results resulting from the application of Moessbauer spectroscopy for the investigation of the compound containing BaNb{sub x}Fe{sub 2-x}O{sub 4}. The synthesis used the chemical compounds Fe{sub 2}, Nb{sub 2}O{sub 3} and BaCO{sub 3}. The Moessbauer spectroscopy shows that the central doublets are characteristically of Fe{sup 3+} in the paramagnetic mineral structures or Fe{sup 2+} oxides in the superparamagnetic state. The studied material is a strong candidate for the application studies of superparamagnetic materials.

  7. Analysis of the economic potential of the landfill in the municipality of Chapeco - SC, Brazil; Analise do potencial economico do aterro sanitario do municipio de Chapeco - SC

    Cansian, Maricy Moreno, Email:


    This study aims to evaluate the economic and environmental viability of the exploitation of methane gas (CH4) - biogas - concentrated at the bottom of the mountains of waste from landfill Chapeco for power generation. The landfill receives approximately of 80 tons / day, the vast majority of domestic origin.

  8. Parametric analysis of applicability of sand production control in oil wells; Analise parametrica da aplicabilidade do controle de producao de areia em pocos de petroleo

    Silva, Filipe S.B. da; Couto, Paulo [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Curso de Engenharia do Petroleo


    The present work discusses about the selection of the best sand control method to be adopted for offshore operations according to a specific technologic limitation and by demands imposed by the environment in which it is used. First of all, the paper mentions the phenomena of solids carrying. Then the source environments of the study are analyzed. This approach is considered important because it is the basis for understanding the final part of the research, composed of the method/environment correlation. Three fictitious offshore fields based on real data are presented. In each of them, two wells are studied, one cased, and one open holed. Parameters like permeability and UCS have the same conceptual relevance as the sand control methods presented. The analysis of methods follows those used for the environments. The following methods are presented: by restriction of solids flow, by drag strength reduction and by increase of cohesion strength. Emphasis is given on mechanic methods. Finally, this study concludes its initial purpose, which is selecting the best sand control method for each well, substantiating in each one, the reason for the choice. (author)

  9. Economic analysis and energy balance of biogas at swine farms; Analise economica e balanco energetico do biogas em granja de suinos

    Lira, Joao Carlos U.; Marra, Enes G. [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil); Domingues, Elder G. [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia de Goias (IFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil)


    This paper presents the analyse of a case taking advantage of biogas generated from the swine dejects. Performed in a farm at southeast of the state of Goias, Brazil, it evaluates the viability of utilization of biogas for generation of electric energy, for heating, or both. The process presents environmental and economic benefits as the carbon emissions are reduced and their credits can be negotiated. (author)

  10. Sensitivity analysis for heat diffusion in a fin on a nuclear fuel element; Analise de sensitividade na difusao de calor em uma aleta de um elemento combustivel nuclear

    Tito, Max Werner de Carvalho


    The modern thermal systems generally present a growing complexity, as is in the case of nuclear power plants. It seems that is necessary the use of complex computation and mathematical tools in order to increase the efficiency of the operations, reduce costs and maximize profits while maintaining the integrity of its components. The use of sensitivity calculations plays an important role in this process providing relevant information regarding the resultant influence of variation or perturbation of its parameters as the system works. This technique is better known as sensitivity analysis and through its use makes possible the understanding of the effects of the parameters, which are fundamental for the project preparation, and for the development of preventive and corrective handling measurements of many pieces of equipment of modern engineering. The sensitivity calculation methodology is based generally on the response surface technique (graphic description of the functions of interest based in the results obtained from the system parameter variation). This method presents a lot of disadvantages and sometimes is even impracticable since many parameters can cause alterations or perturbations to the system and the model to analyse it can be very complex as well. The utilization of perturbative methods result appropriate as a practical solution to this problem especially in the presence of complex equations. Also it reduces the resultant computational calculus time considerably. The use of these methods becomes an essential tool to simplify the sensitivity analysis. In this dissertation, the differential perturbative method is applied in a heat conduction problem within a thermal system, made up of a one-dimensional circumferential fin on a nuclear fuel element. The fins are used to extend the thermal surfaces where convection occurs; thus increasing the heat transfer to many thermal pieces of equipment in order to obtain better results. The finned claddings are projected to gas-cooled nuclear reactors to compensate the low coolant thermal transport efficiency. The model is described by the temperature distribution equation and the further specific boundary conditions. The adjoint system is used to determine the sensitivity coefficients to the case of interest. Both, the direct model and the perturbative formalism resultant equations are solved. The heat flow rate on a point of the fin and the average temperature excess were the response functionals studied. The half thickness, the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficients and the heat flow from the base material were the parameters of interest to the sensitivity analysis. The results obtained through the perturbative method and the direct variation presented, in a general form and within acceptable physical limits, good concordance and excellent representativeness to the analyzed cases. It evidences that the differential formalism is an important tool to the sensitivity analysis and also it validates the application of the methodology in heat transmission problems on extended surfaces. The method proves to be necessary and efficient while elaborating thermal engineering projects. (author)

  11. Critical analysis of the positioning of monitoring system of the cyclotron accelerator; Analise critica do posicionamento de um sistema de monitoramento de acelerador Ciclotron

    Gonzalez, Julia A.; Passaro, Bruno M.; Guimaraes, Maria Ines C.C.; Buchpigue, Carlos A. [Centro de Medicina Nuclear (CMN) do InRad HCFMUSP, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Videira, Heber S., E-mail: [CYCLOPET Radiofarmacos LTDA., Curitiba, PR (Brazil)


    Ever since the first concerns arose about the possibility that the ionizing radiation induced detriment to human health, were created the methods of production, characterization and measurement of radiation, as well as definition of quantities that realistically express its interaction with human tissue. From this point, the monitoring program of the installation of a cyclotron must be continuously performed and contain the critical points of contamination according to the CNEN standard N.E. 3.02 - Radioprotection Service to avoid contamination and maintain radioactive exposure rates as low as reasonably achievable. The results obtained during the analysis showed that the positioning of monitors is suitable, except for the physico-chemical control laboratory monitors, which were installed next to the chapel of manipulation and below the dose calibrator. The answer obtained from the monitoring system in the position that the ionization chamber is in the door of the bunker should be taken into account, because the intensity of radiation emitted by the activation of the targets is slightly attenuated by the cyclotron. (author)

  12. Data analysis of backscattering LIDAR system correlated with meteorological data; Analise de dados de sistema LIDAR de retroespalhamento correlacionada com dados meteorologicos

    Uehara, Sandro Toshio


    In these last years, we had an increase in the interest in the monitoring of the effect of the human activity being on the atmosphere and the climate in the planet. The remote sensing techniques has been used in many studies, also related the global changes. A backscattering LIDAR system, the first of this kind in Brazil, has been used to provide the vertical profile of the aerosol backscatter coefficient at 532 nm up to an altitude of 4-6 km above sea level. In this study, data has was collected in the year of 2005. These data had been correlated with data of solar photometer CIMEL and also with meteorological data. The main results had indicated to exist a standard in the behavior of these meteorological data and the vertical distribution of the extinction coefficient gotten through LIDAR. In favorable periods of atmospheric dispersion, that is, rise of the temperature of associated air the fall of relative humidity, increase of the atmospheric pressure and low ventilation tax, was possible to determine with good precision the height of the Planetary Boundary Layer, as much through the vertical profile of the extinction coefficient how much through the technique of the vertical profile of the potential temperature. The technique LIDAR showed to be an important tool in the determination of the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere, assisting to characterize the evolution of the CLP throughout the day, which had its good space and secular resolution. (author)

  13. Silicon high vacuum brazing study and microstructural analysis of the joint formation; Estudo da brasagem de silicio em alto vacuo e analise microestructural da juncao

    Santana, E.C.A. [Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP, Campus de Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil); Francisco, F.R.; Bagnato, O.R. [Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron - LNLS, Campinas, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:


    On the project of Synchrotron Light Source, silicon-crystal are often used as monochromator and mirrors, to reflect the electrons beam. Silicon is known as a very fragile material, and its optical elements must be designed carefully. Usually, it is bonded in a cooling support made by copper. Thermal contact between the crystal plate and cooling support is made of In-Ga liquid alloy. Due to the difficult of this bonding, brazing tests are being taken with Fe-Ni alloy, in order to improve the silicon mirrors application and performance. Wet ability tests were performed between the silicon plate and commercial fillers. A brazing test was made of silicon and Al12Si, as filler, with Fe-Ni, as base material. Results of microstructure analysis indicated that the braze of a silicon plate is quite promissory. (author)

  14. Amino acids analysis using grouping and parceling of neutrons cross sections techniques; Analise de aminoacidos atraves das tecnicas do agrupamento e parcelamento de secoes de choque para neutrons

    Voi, Dante Luiz Voi [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Rocha, Helio Fenandes da [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Puericultura e Pediatria Martagao Gesteira


    Amino acids used in parenteral administration in hospital patients with special importance in nutritional applications were analyzed to compare with the manufactory data. Individual amino acid samples of phenylalanine, cysteine, methionine, tyrosine and threonine were measured with the neutron crystal spectrometer installed at the J-9 irradiation channel of the 1 kW Argonaut Reactor of the Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN). Gold and D{sub 2}O high purity samples were used for the experimental system calibration. Neutron cross section values were calculated from chemical composition, conformation and molecular structure analysis of the materials. Literature data were manipulated by parceling and grouping neutron cross sections. (author)

  15. Development of a methodology for radionuclide impurity analysis in radiopharmaceuticals using gamma spectrometry; Desenvolvimento de uma metodologia para analise de impurezas radionuclidicas em radiofarmacos por espectrometria gama

    Paula, Eduardo Bonfim de; Araujo, Miriam Taina Ferreira de; Delgado, Jose Ubiratan; Poledna, Roberto; Lins, Ronaldo; Leiras, Anderson; Silva, Carlos Jose da; Oliveira, Antonio Eduardo de, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The LNMRI has sought to develop a methodology for the identification and accurate detection of gamma radiation impurities stations in metrological level, aiming to meet the recommendations not only of international pharmacopoeia, as well as the CNEN and ANVISA regarding the quality control can ensure patients the doses received by the practices are as low as feasible. As an initial target, it was possible to obtain an efficiency curve with uncertainty around 1% necessary to initiate future measurements of interest applied to nuclear medicine and to start the development of impurities analysis technique. (author)

  16. Critical analysis of imaging methods for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer; Analise critica dos metodos de imagem na deteccao e diagnostico do cancer mamario

    Mendonca, Maria Helena Siqueira


    Breast cancer is a significant health problem. Early diagnosis of the disease is mandatory to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, to augment the chances of cure and to permit conservative surgery. The use of imaging methods is essential in the early diagnosis of the disease. Imaging methods advantages and disadvantages, use and limitations, specificity and sensitivity are presented and discussed. (author)

  17. Critical analysis of the images methods in detection and diagnosis in breast cancer; Analise critica dos metodos de imagem na deteccao e diagnostico do cancer mamario

    Mendonca, Maria H.S.


    The female breast cancer is a relevant health issue among female population, due its incidence and remarkable effects in the biological, psychological and social levels. Its early diagnosis is important because it allows more effective treatments and enhances changes of cure, even allowing conservative surgical procedures. To make this possible it is essential the periodic breast imaging exams. The available imaging methods to date are: mammography, ultrasonography, thermography, nuclear medicine, computed tomography and MRI. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, applications and limitations and some are even in experimental stages. These methods must exercised in association to become more effective. Mammography is still, beyond and doubt the elected breast exam. even though imperfect. It must be performed repeatedly at periodic intervals depending upon the intrinsic conditions of the patient. The other methods complement the mammographic findings, clearing some of them. In this paper, the imaging methods available in our environmental for detected diagnosis of the early breast cancer are analyzed with emphasis in mammography and ultrasonography. Their advantages, disadvantages, indications and limitations are discussed. (author). 205 refs., 12 figs.


    Anderson Pablo Nascimento da Silva; Aldivan Soares Barbosa; José Evangelista Filho; Jacques Cousteau da Silva Borges


    O presente trabalho realiza uma análise inicial a cerca da formação e da pratica docente na região do Mato Grande, Interior do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, onde recentemente se instalou um campus do Instituto Federal de educação Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte – IFRN. Dessa forma, buscou-se conhecer a realidade do ensino de Física nessa região, em especial a abordagem experimental, bem como a formação dos professores nesse campo especifico e diante dessa realidade, propor melhor...


    Anderson Pablo Nascimento da Silva


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho realiza uma análise inicial a cerca da formação e da pratica docente na região do Mato Grande, Interior do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, onde recentemente se instalou um campus do Instituto Federal de educação Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte – IFRN. Dessa forma, buscou-se conhecer a realidade do ensino de Física nessa região, em especial a abordagem experimental, bem como a formação dos professores nesse campo especifico e diante dessa realidade, propor melhorias, a partir da oferta de curso de capacitação em Física experimental. Verificou-se a existência de práticas experimentais no Ensino de Física nestas escolas e quais os métodos utilizados nestas práticas, além de ter sido levantado se a formação dos Professores que lecionam Física é direcionada para a utilização de atividades experimentais em laboratório ou sala de aula. Diante dos resultados propõe-se um curso de capacitação em Física Experimental para os docentes, com o intuito de elevar o nível de ensino no interior do Rio Grande do Norte. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Física experimental, Formação Docente, ensino de Física

  20. Tecnologia de informação nas Agencias de Turismo: uma analise de como as agencias estão utilizando esse recurso para se manter competitiva

    Gomes de Moraes, Adriana


    Full Text Available The development of technology of information for trade of tourism especially the travel agency and hotel undertaking are going one instrument fundamental for competitive require actually. The present study to pretend identify which are the types technology of information are use for travel agency that surround the micro region of associate of cities the region of foz the river Itajai (Amfri and what form are used for travels agents for competitive vantage. The method used went the research of descriptive. Conclude in this research that the travel agent understand to get TI enough for to maintain competitive in the market however we believe that use every types of technology for the sector go back every days indispensable for to maintain in the actual market