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  1. The Structural Analysis of the Lyrical Tales of Faraj ba’d az Shedat’s Translation based on Propp’s Model

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    nahid nasrazaddani


    Full Text Available The pivotal role of ethics in structural analyses of the book Faraj ba’d az Shedat has led to neglecting its lyrical tales. This paper aims to analyze such tales based on Propp’s model. In accordance to Propp’s theory, the beginning phase of tales starts with stability situation. Then, the first function in the story is the appearance of the hero or villain or defection. The villain in the form of poorness is common in one fourth of the tales and it is the second factor of movement in them. In almost half of the tales the anti-hero is the minister or caliphate of the court who easily becomes the helper or donor via his moral virtues and this in turn decreases the excitement and dynamicity in lyrical tales of this work. The lack of animal, supernatural characters as well as fairies and marvelous elements has contributed to the verisimilitude of tales. The moralistic orientation of this work has confused the function of various elements such as anti-hero, helper and donor. The dilemma of some tales is solved without much effort which is the result of the simple mind of the author and his contemporaries.