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    Full Text Available PGR Breast,Muscle,Uterus + hg19,,

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    Full Text Available Pgr Breast,Uterus + mm9 http:...//,, ...

  3. Coal transportation by MGR system

    Daga, P.R.


    34000 tonnes of coal per day will need to be transported nearly 34 km by rail to India's coal-fired Korba Super Thermal Power Project. The Merry-go-Round rail system was adopted because it has a much higher rate of loading and unloading of wagons than the Tippler Arrangement. The route for the railway is described, together with regulations that the route has satisfied. Details are given of the track, wagons, locomotives, loading station, unloading station, signalling, telecommunications, maintenance workshop and total capital costs. The MGR system of coal transportation will provide greater reliability and reduced time factor.

  4. MGR External Events Hazards Analysis

    L. Booth


    The purpose and objective of this analysis is to apply an external events Hazards Analysis (HA) to the License Application Design Selection Enhanced Design Alternative 11 [(LADS EDA II design (Reference 8.32))]. The output of the HA is called a Hazards List (HL). This analysis supersedes the external hazards portion of Rev. 00 of the PHA (Reference 8.1). The PHA for internal events will also be updated to the LADS EDA II design but under a separate analysis. Like the PHA methodology, the HA methodology provides a systematic method to identify potential hazards during the 100-year Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) operating period updated to reflect the EDA II design. The resulting events on the HL are candidates that may have potential radiological consequences as determined during Design Basis Events (DBEs) analyses. Therefore, the HL that results from this analysis will undergo further screening and analysis based on the criteria that apply during the performance of DBE analyses.


    J.A. Kappes


    The purpose of this analysis is to identify the preliminary design basis events (DBEs) for consideration in the design of the Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR). For external events and natural phenomena (e.g., earthquake), the objective is to identify those initiating events that the MGR will be designed to withstand. Design criteria will ensure that radiological release scenarios resulting from these initiating events are beyond design basis (i.e., have a scenario frequency less than once per million years). For internal (i.e., human-induced and random equipment failures) events, the objective is to identify credible event sequences that result in bounding radiological releases. These sequences will be used to establish the design basis criteria for MGR structures, systems, and components (SSCs) design basis criteria in order to prevent or mitigate radiological releases. The safety strategy presented in this analysis for preventing or mitigating DBEs is based on the preclosure safety strategy outlined in ''Strategy to Mitigate Preclosure Offsite Exposure'' (CRWMS M&O 1998f). DBE analysis is necessary to provide feedback and requirements to the design process, and also to demonstrate compliance with proposed 10 CFR 63 (Dyer 1999b) requirements. DBE analysis is also required to identify and classify the SSCs that are important to safety (ITS).

  6. UG in Imitation



    UG and imitation are two parallel hypotheses trying to answer how childrens language acquisition is realized. Imitation fails to explain how children acquire language; however, it helps a lot in childrens language acquisition.

  7. Reactions of {[Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd](&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))}(4).2O(C(2)H(5))(2). Crystal Structures of the Complexes [(Ph(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd(SC(6)F(5))].1.4CH(2)Cl(2) and [(Ph(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd(PPh(3))]SO(3)CF(3).2CH(2)Cl(2) and ab Initio MO Calculations on the Model Systems [(H(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))(&mgr;-SH)Pd(PH(3))](+) and [(H(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))Pd(PH(3))](2+).

    Usón, Rafael; Forniés, Juan; Fernández Sanz, Javier; Usón, Miguel A.; Usón, Isabel; Herrero, Santiago


    {[Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd](&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))}(4) reacts 1:4 with neutral ligands L to give [LPd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd(SC(6)F(5))] or 1:8 to form [LPd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)PdL](+) (dppm = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane). These binuclear complexes retain the palladium-palladium bond and the two dissimilar bridging ligands, as demonstrated by the X-ray structural determinations carried out on [(Ph(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd(SC(6)F(5))].1.4CH(2)Cl(2) and [(Ph(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-SC(6)F(5))(&mgr;-dppm)Pd(PPh(3))]SO(3)CF(3).2CH(2)Cl(2). Ab initio calculations on the model systems [(H(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))(&mgr;-SH)Pd(PH(3))](+) and [(H(3)P)Pd(&mgr;-H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))Pd(PH(3))](2+) show that the metal-metal bond arises mainly from interactions between palladium sp orbitals, which also play a predominant role in the binding with the sulfur bridge.

  8. Nuclear Progestin Receptor (Pgr Knockouts in Zebrafish Demonstrate Role for Pgr in Ovulation But Not in Rapid Nongenomic Steroid Mediated Meiosis Resumption

    Yong eZhu


    Full Text Available Progestins, progesterone derivatives, are the most critical signaling steroid for initiating final oocyte maturation (FOM and ovulation, in order to advance fully-grown immature oocytes to become fertilizable eggs in basal vertebrates. It is well-established that progestin induces FOM via an elusive membrane receptor and a nongenomic steroid signaling process, which precedes progestin triggered ovulation that is mediated through a nuclear progestin receptor (Pgr and genomic signaling pathway. To determine whether Pgr plays a role in a nongenomic signaling mechanism during FOM, we knocked out Pgr in zebrafish using transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs and studied the oocyte maturation phenotypes of Pgr knockouts (Pgr-KOs. Three TALENs-induced mutant lines with different frame shift mutations were generated. Homozygous Pgr-KO female fish were all infertile while no fertility effects were evident in homozygous Pgr-KO males. Oocytes developed and underwent FOM normally in vivo in homozygous Pgr-KO female compared to the wildtype controls, but these mature oocytes were trapped within the follicular cells and failed to ovulate from the ovaries. These oocytes also underwent normal germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD and FOM in vitro, but failed to ovulate even after treatment with human chronic gonadotropin (HCG or progestin (17alpha,20beta-dihydroxyprogesterone or DHP, which typically induce FOM and ovulation in wildtype oocytes. The results indicate that anovulation and infertility in homozygous Pgr-KO female fish was, at least in part, due to a lack of functional Pgr-mediated genomic progestin signaling in the follicular cells adjacent to the oocytes. Our study of Pgr-KO supports previous results that demonstrate a role for Pgr in steroid-dependent genomic signaling pathways leading to ovulation, and the first convincing evidence that Pgr is not essential for initiating nongenomic progestin signaling and triggering meiosis resumption.

  9. File list: Oth.ALL.05.PGR.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.ALL.05.PGR.AllCell hg19 TFs and others PGR All cell types SRX1048945,SRX1012658...012701,SRX1012699,SRX1012692,SRX1012695,SRX1012698,SRX1012700,SRX1012657,SRX1012656,SRX365497 ...

  10. File list: Oth.CDV.50.PGR.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.CDV.50.PGR.AllCell hg19 TFs and others PGR Cardiovascular SRX220062,SRX220061,S...RX220063 ...

  11. File list: Oth.ALL.50.PGR.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.ALL.50.PGR.AllCell hg19 TFs and others PGR All cell types SRX1012764,SRX1012757...365497,SRX1012656,SRX1012657,SRX1012692,SRX1012760,SRX1012753,SRX1012651,SRX1012650,SRX220063 ...

  12. File list: Oth.ALL.20.PGR.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.ALL.20.PGR.AllCell hg19 TFs and others PGR All cell types SRX1048945,SRX1012764...012756,SRX1012692,SRX1012760,SRX1012753,SRX1012616,SRX1012651,SRX1012657,SRX365497,SRX1012656 ...

  13. File list: Oth.Brs.50.PGR.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.Brs.50.PGR.AllCell hg19 TFs and others PGR Breast SRX1012764,SRX1012757,SRX1012...0,SRX1012753,SRX1012651,SRX1012650 ...

  14. File list: Oth.ALL.05.Pgr.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.ALL.05.Pgr.AllCell mm9 TFs and others Pgr All cell types SRX209678,SRX209679,SR...X114723,SRX114724,SRX114725 ...

  15. Heterometallic Complexes with Selenolate Ligands: Crystal Structures of [(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Co(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3)](-), (CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-SeMe)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SeMe)(3)Mn(CO)(3), and [(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3)](-).

    Liaw, Wen-Feng; Lee, Way-Zen; Wang, Chun-Yuan; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming


    Oxidation of Co(2+) by diphenyl diselenide in the presence of cis-[PPN][Mn(CO)(4)(SePh)(2)], followed by carbonyl shift from Mn(I) to Co(III) and a benzeneselenolate group rearranging to bridge two metals, led directly to the thermally unstable (CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3). Dropwise addition of [PPN][SePh] to the neutral (CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3) resulted in formation of a linear trinuclear complex possessing a hexaselenolatecobalt(III) core, [PPN][(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Co(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3)]. This complex crystallized in the triclinic space group P&onemacr; with a = 10.878(1) Å, b = 15.095(2) Å, c = 25.372(4) Å, alpha = 95.04(1) degrees, beta = 95.00(1) degrees, gamma = 91.52(2) degrees, V = 4132(2) Å(3), and Z = 2; final R = 0.042 and R(w) = 0.042. In contrast, the thermally unstable cis-[PPN][Mn(CO)(4)(SeMe)(2)], which was reacted with Co(ClO(4))(2).6H(2)O and (MeSe)(2) in THF under a nitrogen atmosphere, led to the isolation of the stable heterometallic selenolate (CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-SeMe)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SeMe)(3)Mn(CO)(3). Crystal data: monoclinic space group C2/c, a = 28.413(7) Å, b = 11.091(3) Å, c = 22.849(6) Å, beta = 125.06(3) degrees, V = 5894(3) Å(3), and Z = 8; final R = 0.047 and R(w) = 0.048. The results indicated that the distinct electronic effects between methaneselenolate and benzeneselenolate play a key role in stabilizing the neutral Mn(I)-Co(III)-Mn(I)-selenolate complexes.

  16. webMGR: an online tool for the multiple genome rearrangement problem.

    Lin, Chi Ho; Zhao, Hao; Lowcay, Sean Harry; Shahab, Atif; Bourque, Guillaume


    The algorithm MGR enables the reconstruction of rearrangement phylogenies based on gene or synteny block order in multiple genomes. Although MGR has been successfully applied to study the evolution of different sets of species, its utilization has been hampered by the prohibitive running time for some applications. In the current work, we have designed new heuristics that significantly speed up the tool without compromising its accuracy. Moreover, we have developed a web server (webMGR) that includes elaborate web output to facilitate navigation through the results. webMGR can be accessed via The source code of the improved standalone version of MGR is also freely available from the web site. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

  17. Deletion of Proton Gradient Regulation 5 (PGR5) and PGR5-Like 1 (PGRL1) proteins promote sustainable light-driven hydrogen production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii due to increased PSII activity under sulfur deprivation.

    Steinbeck, Janina; Nikolova, Denitsa; Weingarten, Robert; Johnson, Xenie; Richaud, Pierre; Peltier, Gilles; Hermann, Marita; Magneschi, Leonardo; Hippler, Michael


    Continuous hydrogen photo-production under sulfur deprivation was studied in the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii pgr5 pgrl1 double mutant and respective single mutants. Under medium light conditions, the pgr5 exhibited the highest performance and produced about eight times more hydrogen than the wild type, making pgr5 one of the most efficient hydrogen producer reported so far. The pgr5 pgrl1 double mutant showed an increased hydrogen burst at the beginning of sulfur deprivation under high light conditions, but in this case the overall amount of hydrogen produced by pgr5 pgrl1 as well as pgr5 was diminished due to photo-inhibition and increased degradation of PSI. In contrast, the pgrl1 was effective in hydrogen production in both high and low light. Blocking photosynthetic electron transfer by DCMU stopped hydrogen production almost completely in the mutant strains, indicating that the main pathway of electrons toward enhanced hydrogen production is via linear electron transport. Indeed, PSII remained more active and stable in the pgr mutant strains as compared to the wild type. Since transition to anaerobiosis was faster and could be maintained due to an increased oxygen consumption capacity, this likely preserves PSII from photo-oxidative damage in the pgr mutants. Hence, we conclude that increased hydrogen production under sulfur deprivation in the pgr5 and pgrl1 mutants is caused by an increased stability of PSII permitting sustainable light-driven hydrogen production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

  18. Application of mesh network radios to UGS

    Calcutt, Wade; Jones, Barry; Roeder, Brent


    During the past five years McQ has been actively pursuing integrating and applying wireless mesh network radios as a communications solution for unattended ground sensor (UGS) systems. This effort has been rewarded with limited levels of success and has ultimately resulted in a corporate position regarding the use of mesh network radios for UGS systems. A discussion into the background of the effort, the challenges of implementing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mesh radios with UGSs, the tradeoffs involved, and an overview of the future direction is presented.

  19. Process-based Architecture for Robustness Applying Linux isolation mechanism in MG-R

    Matsinger, A.A.J.; Kourzanov, P.; Gopakumar, G.N.


    This report contains the results of a feasibility study of applyingLinux facilities for isolating and protecting processes, and for communication and synchronisation between processes, to the MG-R architecture so as to improve the robustness. Moreover some guidelines andtrade-offs are discussed how

  20. MgrB inactivation is a common mechanism of colistin resistance in KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae of clinical origin.

    Cannatelli, Antonio; Giani, Tommaso; D'Andrea, Marco Maria; Di Pilato, Vincenzo; Arena, Fabio; Conte, Viola; Tryfinopoulou, Kyriaki; Vatopoulos, Alkiviadis; Rossolini, Gian Maria


    Klebsiella pneumoniae strains producing KPC-type carbapenemases (KPC-KP) are challenging multidrug-resistant pathogens due to their extensively drug-resistant phenotypes and potential for epidemic dissemination in health care settings. Colistin is a key component of the combination antimicrobial regimens used for treatment of severe KPC-KP infections. We previously reported that insertional inactivation of the mgrB gene, encoding a negative-feedback regulator of the PhoQ-PhoP signaling system, can be responsible for colistin resistance in KPC-KP, due to the resulting upregulation of the Pmr lipopolysaccharide modification system. In this work we investigated the status of the mgrB gene in a collection of 66 colistin-resistant nonreplicate clinical strains of KPC-KP isolated from different hospitals in Italy and Greece. Overall, 35 strains (53%) exhibited alterations of the mgrB gene, including insertions of different types of mobile elements (IS5-like, IS1F-like, or ISKpn14), nonsilent point mutations, and small intragenic deletions. Four additional strains had a larger deletion of the mgrB locus, while the remaining 27 strains (41%) did not show mgrB alterations. Transcriptional upregulation of the phoQ and pmrK genes (part of the phoPQ and pmrHFIJKLM operon, respectively) was observed in all strains with mgrB alterations. Complementation experiments with a wild-type mgrB gene restored colistin susceptibility and basal expression levels of phoQ and pmrK genes in strains carrying different types of mgrB alterations. The present results suggest that mgrB alteration can be a common mechanism of colistin resistance among KPC-KP in the clinical setting.

  1. MgrB Inactivation Is a Common Mechanism of Colistin Resistance in KPC-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae of Clinical Origin

    Cannatelli, Antonio; Giani, Tommaso; D'Andrea, Marco Maria; Di Pilato, Vincenzo; Arena, Fabio; Conte, Viola; Tryfinopoulou, Kyriaki; Vatopoulos, Alkiviadis


    Klebsiella pneumoniae strains producing KPC-type carbapenemases (KPC-KP) are challenging multidrug-resistant pathogens due to their extensively drug-resistant phenotypes and potential for epidemic dissemination in health care settings. Colistin is a key component of the combination antimicrobial regimens used for treatment of severe KPC-KP infections. We previously reported that insertional inactivation of the mgrB gene, encoding a negative-feedback regulator of the PhoQ-PhoP signaling system, can be responsible for colistin resistance in KPC-KP, due to the resulting upregulation of the Pmr lipopolysaccharide modification system. In this work we investigated the status of the mgrB gene in a collection of 66 colistin-resistant nonreplicate clinical strains of KPC-KP isolated from different hospitals in Italy and Greece. Overall, 35 strains (53%) exhibited alterations of the mgrB gene, including insertions of different types of mobile elements (IS5-like, IS1F-like, or ISKpn14), nonsilent point mutations, and small intragenic deletions. Four additional strains had a larger deletion of the mgrB locus, while the remaining 27 strains (41%) did not show mgrB alterations. Transcriptional upregulation of the phoQ and pmrK genes (part of the phoPQ and pmrHFIJKLM operon, respectively) was observed in all strains with mgrB alterations. Complementation experiments with a wild-type mgrB gene restored colistin susceptibility and basal expression levels of phoQ and pmrK genes in strains carrying different types of mgrB alterations. The present results suggest that mgrB alteration can be a common mechanism of colistin resistance among KPC-KP in the clinical setting. PMID:25022583

  2. Evaluation of a multi-guard ring (MGR) structure diode as diagnostic X-ray dosimeter

    Camargo, F.; Khoury, H. J.; Nascimento, C. R.; Asfora, V. K.; Bueno, C. C.


    In this paper, we describe the results obtained for the evaluation of a multi-guard ring (MGR) structure diode as diagnostic X-ray dosimeter. This device was developed in the framework of R&D programs for the future CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) with high radiation hardness to fulfill the requirements from this accelerator environment. In order to use the MGR diode as a dosimeter, it was connected in the photovoltaic mode to the input of an integrating electrometer and positioned at the center of an X-ray beam, beside a previously calibrated ionization chamber. The dependence of the diode response on the X-ray beam doses was evaluated for 35-90 kV X-ray generator bias supply, with doses in the range of 50 μGy-5 mGy. The good linearity of the dose-response curve obtained showed the MGR diode dosimeter to be a reliable alternative method for diagnostic X-ray dosimetry.

  3. lUGS Executive Committee meets


    The IUGS Executive Committee (EC) met (55th meeting) March 19-22, 2005, in Vilnius, Lithuania, a city with a storied history that dates from the year 1323. The meeting was jointly hosted by the Geological Survey of Lithuania, Vilnius University, and the lUGS Commission on Geoscience for Environmental Management. Prior to the formal meeting, EC members and meeting observers were conducted on a superb field excursion to view aspects of the Quaternary geology and environmental history of the Lithuanian maritime region.

  4. The Staphylococcus aureus Global Regulator MgrA Modulates Clumping and Virulence by Controlling Surface Protein Expression.

    Heidi A Crosby


    Full Text Available Staphylococcus aureus is a human commensal and opportunistic pathogen that causes devastating infections in a wide range of locations within the body. One of the defining characteristics of S. aureus is its ability to form clumps in the presence of soluble fibrinogen, which likely has a protective benefit and facilitates adhesion to host tissue. We have previously shown that the ArlRS two-component regulatory system controls clumping, in part by repressing production of the large surface protein Ebh. In this work we show that ArlRS does not directly regulate Ebh, but instead ArlRS activates expression of the global regulator MgrA. Strains lacking mgrA fail to clump in the presence of fibrinogen, and clumping can be restored to an arlRS mutant by overexpressing either arlRS or mgrA, indicating that ArlRS and MgrA constitute a regulatory pathway. We used RNA-seq to show that MgrA represses ebh, as well as seven cell wall-associated proteins (SraP, Spa, FnbB, SasG, SasC, FmtB, and SdrD. EMSA analysis showed that MgrA directly represses expression of ebh and sraP. Clumping can be restored to an mgrA mutant by deleting the genes for Ebh, SraP and SasG, suggesting that increased expression of these proteins blocks clumping by steric hindrance. We show that mgrA mutants are less virulent in a rabbit model of endocarditis, and virulence can be partially restored by deleting the genes for the surface proteins ebh, sraP, and sasG. While mgrA mutants are unable to clump, they are known to have enhanced biofilm capacity. We demonstrate that this increase in biofilm formation is partially due to up-regulation of SasG, a surface protein known to promote intercellular interactions. These results confirm that ArlRS and MgrA constitute a regulatory cascade, and that they control expression of a number of genes important for virulence, including those for eight large surface proteins.

  5. Effects of the Herbicide Imazethapyr on Photosynthesis in PGR5- and NDH-Deficient Arabidopsis thaliana at the Biochemical, Transcriptomic, and Proteomic Levels.

    Sun, Chongchong; Chen, Si; Jin, Yujian; Song, Hao; Ruan, Songlin; Fu, Zhengwei; Asad, Muhammad Asad Ullah; Qian, Haifeng


    Photosynthesis is a very important metabolic pathway for plant growth and crop yield. This report investigated the effect of the herbicide imazethapyr on photosynthesis in the Arabidopsis thaliana pnsB3 mutant (a defect in the NDH pathway) and pgr5 mutant (a defect in the PGR5 pathway) to determine which cyclic electron transport chain (CET) of the NDH and PGR5 pathways is more important for protecting the photosynthetic system under herbicide stress. The results showed that 20 μg/L imazethapyr markedly inhibited the growth of the three ecotypes of A. thaliana and produced more anthocyanins and reactive oxygen species (ROS), particularly in the pgr5 mutant. The chlorophyll fluorescence results showed that PSII was severely damaged in the pgr5 mutant. Additionally, the CET was significantly stimulated to protect the photosynthetic system from light damage in Wt and the pnsB3 mutant but not the pgr5 mutant. The real-time PCR analysis indicated that imazethapyr treatment considerably decreased the transcript levels of most photosynthesis-related genes in the three treated groups. Several genes in the PGR5 pathway were significantly induced in the pnsB3 mutant, but no genes in the NDH pathway were induced in the pgr5 mutant. The gene transcription analysis showed that the pgr5 mutant cannot compensate for the deficit in the PGR5 pathway by stimulating the NDH pathway, whereas the pnsB3 mutant can compensate for the deficit in the CET cycle by regulating the PGR5 pathway. The iTRAQ analyses also showed that the photosynthesis system, glycolysis, and TCA cycle suffered the most severe damage in the pgr5 mutant. All of these results showed that the PGR5 pathway is more critical for electron transfer around PSI than the NDH pathway to resist herbicide stress.

  6. Wireless mesh networked radios optimized for UGS applications

    Calcutt, Wade; Williams, Jonathan; Jones, Barry


    Wireless mesh networked (WMN) radios have been applied to unattended ground sensor (UGS) applications for a number of years. However, adapting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) WMN protocols and hardware for UGS applications has not yielded the desired performance because of compromises inherent to these existing radios. As a leading provider of UGS systems, McQ Inc. has been developing custom WMN protocols and radio hardware that are adapted specifically for the unique scenarios of the UGS situation. This paper presents the McQ designs, the tradeoffs made in developing the designs, and test and performance results.


    Nguyen Hong Son


    When service system is under DDoS attacks, it is important to detect anomaly signature at starting time of attack for timely applying prevention solutions. However, early DDoS detection is difficult task because the velocity of DDoS attacks is very high. This paper proposes a DDoS attack detection method by modeling service system as M/G/R PS queue and calculating monitoring parameters based on the model in odder to early detect symptom of DDoS attacks. The proposed method is validated by ...

  8. 46 CFR 54.01-35 - Corrosion (modifies UG- 25).


    ... (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 54.01-1) except as noted otherwise in this section. (b) The pressure... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Corrosion (modifies UG- 25). 54.01-35 Section 54.01-35... General Requirements § 54.01-35 Corrosion (modifies UG- 25). (a) Vessels or portions of vessels subject...




    This Compliance Program Guidance Package identifies the regulatory guidance and industry codes and standards addressing radiation protection equipment, instrumentation, and support facilities considered to be appropriate for radiation protection at the Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR). Included are considerations relevant to radiation monitoring instruments, calibration, contamination control and decontamination, respiratory protection equipment, and general radiation protection facilities. The scope of this Guidance Package does not include design guidance relevant to criticality monitoring, area radiation monitoring, effluent monitoring, and airborne radioactivity monitoring systems since they are considered to be the topics of specific design and construction requirements (i.e., ''fixed'' or ''built-in'' systems). This Guidance Package does not address radiation protection design issues; it addresses the selection and calibration of radiation monitoring instrumentation to the extent that the guidance is relevant to the operational radiation protection program. Radon and radon progeny monitoring instrumentation is not included in the Guidance Package since such naturally occurring radioactive materials do not fall within the NRC's jurisdiction at the MGR.

  10. Trombofilias en pacientes con pérdida gestacional recurrente (PGR

    Gabriel Bedoya


    Full Text Available

    Una de las posibles causas de la PGR es la trombofilia, la
    cual se define como una tendencia a desarrollar trombosis con
    variabilidad en las manifestaciones clínicas dependiente de la
    región vascular afectada por la ausencia del flujo sanguíneo. La
    trombosis es una enfermedad multifactorial, en la cual
    contribuyen factores genéticos y ambientales al riesgo del
    desarrollo de la enfermedad (1. Las trombofilias heredadas están asociadas a polimorfismos en los genes del factor V Leiden
    G1691A, protrombina G20210A y ilentetrahidrofolatoreductasa
    (MTHFR C677T; también se asocia a las deficiencias de los niveles de antitrombina III (AT-III, proteína C (PC y proteína
    S (PS en el sistema vascular y a la resistencia a la proteína C
    activada (RPCa. Varios estudios han encontrado asociación de
    las trombofilias heredadas con PGR y trombosis venosa asociada
    al embarazo (2, aunque los mecanismos fisiopatológicos responsables de las patologías vasculares placentarias en mujeres con trombofilia aun no han sido esclarecidos (3.
    El objetivo de este estudio es establecer la asociación de las
    trombofilias heredadas G1691A, G20210A, C677T, las
    deficiencias de AT-III, PC. PS y la RPCa, con la pérdida gestacional recurrente.



  11. Reduced aeration affects the expression of the NorB efflux pump of Staphylococcus aureus by posttranslational modification of MgrA.

    Truong-Bolduc, Que Chi; Hsing, Liao Chun; Villet, Regis; Bolduc, Gilles R; Estabrooks, Zoe; Taguezem, G Florent; Hooper, David C


    We previously showed that at acid pH, the transcription of norB, encoding the NorB efflux pump, increases due to a reduction in the phosphorylation level of MgrA, which in turn leads to a reduction in bacterial killing by moxifloxacin, a substrate of the NorB efflux pump. In this study, we demonstrated that reduced oxygen levels did not affect the transcript levels of mgrA but modified the dimerization of the MgrA protein, which remained mostly in its monomeric form. Under reduced aeration, we also observed a 21.7-fold increase in the norB transcript levels after 60 min of growth that contributed to a 4-fold increase in the MICs of moxifloxacin and sparfloxacin for Staphylococcus aureus RN6390. The relative proportions of MgrA in monomeric and dimeric forms were altered by treatment with H(2)O(2), but incubation of purified MgrA with extracts of cells grown under reduced but not normal aeration prevented MgrA from being converted to its dimeric DNA-binding form. This modification was associated with cleavage of a fragment of the dimerization domain of MgrA without change in MgrA phosphorylation and an increase in transcript levels of genes encoding serine proteases in cells incubated at reduced aeration. Taken together, these data suggest that modification of MgrA by proteases underlies the reversal of its repression of norB and increased resistance to NorB substrates in response to reduced-aeration conditions, illustrating a third mechanism of posttranslational modification, in addition to oxidation and phosphorylation, that modulates the regulatory activities of MgrA.

  12. Triple-negative (ER, PgR, HER-2/neu breast cancer in Indian women

    Vinayak W Patil


    Full Text Available Vinayak W Patil1, Rajeev Singhai1, Amit V Patil2, Prakash D Gurav21Department of Biochemistry, Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, India; 2Department of Surgery, Government Medical College, Miraj, IndiaAbstract: The aim of our study was to analyze triple-negative (TN breast cancer, which is defined as being negative for the estrogen receptor (ER, the progesterone receptor (PgR, and the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER-2/neu and which represents a subset of breast cancer with different biologic behavior. We investigated the clinicopathological characteristics and prognostic indicators of lymph node-negative TN breast cancer. Medical records were reviewed from patients with node-negative breast cancer who underwent curative surgery at Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, India, from May 2007 to October 2010. Clinicopathological variables and clinical outcomes were evaluated. Among 683 patients included, 136 had TN breast cancer and 529 had non-TN breast cancer. TN breast cancer correlated with younger age (<35 years, P = 0.003 and a higher histopathologic and nuclear grade (P < 0.001. It also correlated with a molecular profile associated with biological aggressiveness: negative for Bcl-2 expression (P < 0.001, positive for the epidermal growth factor receptor (P = 0.003, and a high level of p53 (P < 0.001 and Ki-67 expression (P < 0.00. The relapse rates during the follow-up period (median 56.8 months were 14.7% for TN breast cancer and 6.6% for non-TN breast cancer (P = 0.004. Relapse-free survival (RFS was significantly shorter among patients with TN breast cancer compared with those with non-TN breast cancer: 3.5-year RFS rate 85.5% versus 94.2%, respectively; P = 0.001. On multivariate analysis, young age, close resection margin, and triple negativity were independent predictors of shorter RFS. TN breast cancer had a higher relapse rate and more aggressive clinicopathological

  13. PGR5-dependent cyclic electron transport around PSI contributes to the redox homeostasis in chloroplasts rather than CO(2) fixation and biomass production in rice.

    Nishikawa, Yuri; Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Okegawa, Yuki; Wada, Shinya; Sato, Nozomi; Taira, Yoshichika; Sugimoto, Kazuhiko; Makino, Amane; Shikanai, Toshiharu


    The PGR5 (PROTON GRADIENT REGULATION 5) gene that is required for PSI cyclic electron transport in Arabidopsis was knocked down in rice (Oryza sativa). In three PGR5 knockdown (KD) lines, the PGR5 protein level was reduced to 5-8% of that in the wild type, resulting in a 50% reduction in PGRL1 (PGR5-LIKE PHOTOSYNTHETIC PHENOTYPE 1) protein levels. In ruptured chloroplasts, ferredoxin-dependent plastoquinone reduction activity was partially impaired; the phenotype was mimicked by addition of antimycin A to wild-type chloroplasts. As occurred in the Arabidopsis pgr5 mutant, non-photochemical quenching of Chl fluorescence (NPQ) induction was impaired in the leaves, but the electron transport rate (ETR) was only mildly affected at high light intensity. The P700(+) level was reduced even at low light intensity, suggesting that the PGR5 function was severely disturbed as in the Arabidopsis pgr5 mutant and that the other alternative routes of electrons could not compensate the stromal redox balance. The amplitude of the light-dark electrochromic shift (ECS) signal (ECSt), which reflects the total size of the proton motive force in steady-state photosynthesis, was reduced by 13-25% at approximately the growth light intensity. The CO(2) fixation rate was only slightly reduced in the PGR5 KD lines. Despite the drastic reduction in NPQ and P700(+) levels, total biomass was only slightly reduced in PGR5 KD lines grown at 370 µmol photons m(-2) s(-1). These results suggest that CO(2) fixation and growth rate are very robust in the face of alterations in the fundamental reactions of photosynthesis under constant light conditions in rice.

  14. Archive of Geosample Data and Information from the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS) Marine Geology Repository (MGR)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Oregon State University Marine Geology Repository (OSU-MGR) is a partner in the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS) database, contributing...

  15. 窥探UGS PLM Solutions易主幕后



    2003年11月EDS公司正式将其旗下子公司EDS PLM Solutions更名为了UGS PLM Solutions,成为当时业界广为传播的热门话题。正当人们对EDS的举措纷纷猜测其将大张旗鼓力推PLM业务之时,2004年3月14日又传来了私人投资集团以20.5亿美元现金将UGS PLM Solutions(原EDS PLM Solutions)收购的消息,这一具有

  16. An Approach to Heterometallic Complexes with Selenolate and Tellurolate Ligands: Crystal Structures of cis-[Mn(CO)(4)(SePh)(2)](-), [(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SeMe)(3)Mn(CO)(3)](-), (CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-TePh)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3), and (CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Fe(CO)(3).

    Liaw, Wen-Feng; Chuang, Chih-Yuan; Lee, Way-Zen; Lee, Chen-Kang; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming


    Oxidative addition of diorganyl diselenides to the coordinatively unsaturated, low-valent transition-metal-carbonyl fragment [Mn(CO)(5)](-) produced cis-[Mn(CO)(4)(SeR)(2)](-). The complex cis-[PPN][Mn(CO)(4)(SePh)(2)] crystallized in triclinic space group P&onemacr; with a = 10.892(8) Å, b = 10.992(7) Å, c = 27.021(4) Å, alpha = 101.93(4) degrees, beta = 89.79(5) degrees, gamma = 116.94(5) degrees, V = 2807(3) Å(3), and Z = 2; final R = 0.085 and R(w) = 0.094. Thermolytic transformation of cis-[Mn(CO)(4)(SeMe)(2)](-) to [(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SeMe)(3)Mn(CO)(3)](-) was accomplished in high yield in THF at room temperature. Crystal data for [Na-18-crown-6-ether][(CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SeMe)(3)Mn(CO)(3)]: trigonal space group R&thremacr;, a = 13.533(3) Å, c = 32.292(8) Å, V = 5122(2) Å(3), Z = 6, R = 0.042, R(w) = 0.041. Oxidation of Co(2+) to Co(3+) by diphenyl diselenide in the presence of chelating metallo ligands cis-[Mn(CO)(4)(SePh)(2)](-) and cis-[Mn(CO)(4)(TePh)(2)](-), followed by a bezenselenolate ligand rearranging to bridge two metals and a labile carbonyl shift from Mn to Co, led directly to [(CO)(4)Mn(&mgr;-TePh)(2)Co(CO)(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Mn(CO)(3)]. Crystal data: triclinic space group P&onemacr;, a = 11.712(3) Å, b = 12.197(3) Å, c = 15.754(3) Å, alpha = 83.56(2) degrees, beta = 76.13(2) degrees, gamma = 72.69(2) degrees, V = 2083.8(7) Å(3), Z = 2, R = 0.040, R(w) = 0.040. Addition of fac-[Fe(CO)(3)(SePh)(3)](-) to fac-[Mn(CO)(3)(CH(3)CN)(3)](+) resulted in formation of (CO)(3)Mn(&mgr;-SePh)(3)Fe(CO)(3). This neutral heterometallic complex crystallized in monoclinic space group P2(1)/n with a = 8.707(2) Å, b = 17.413(4) Å, c = 17.541(4) Å, beta = 99.72(2) degrees, V = 2621(1) Å(3), and Z = 4; final R = 0.033 and R(w) = 0.030.

  17. Research of the Secondary Development on UG%关于UG软件二次开发的研究

    李继豪; 崇凯


    本文综述了UG/Open工具集中的UG/Open GRIP、UG/Open API、UG/Open Menuscript和UG/Open UIStyler模块的特点,着重介绍了UG/Open API高级用户接口语言与对话框编辑器UG/Open UIStyler相结合进行开发的实现方法.

  18. ERK/MAPK activation involves hypoxia-induced MGr1-Ag/37LRP expression and contributes to apoptosis resistance in gastric cancer.

    Liu, Lili; Zhang, Hongbo; Sun, Li; Gao, Yuqi; Jin, Haifeng; Liang, Shuhui; Wang, Yanxia; Dong, Mingqing; Shi, Yongquan; Li, Zhichao; Fan, Daiming


    We previously demonstrated that hypoxia increased the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1)-dependent MGr1-Ag/37LRP expression, which enhanced adhesion of gastric cancer cells to laminin, inhibited drug-induced apoptosis and caused cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance (CAM-DR). Here, we investigated the role of extracellular-regulated kinase (ERK) 1/2 in the signaling mechanisms underlying these events. We found that hypoxia activated ERK activity in vitro and in vivo. Overexpression of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) kinase (MEK), which preferentially activated ERK, mimics, in a nonadditive way, hypoxia-induced activity of MGr1-Ag/37LRP promoter and expression of MGr1-Ag/37LRP. Furthermore, U0126, the MEK inhibitor, inhibited hypoxia- and MEK-induced MGr1-Ag/37LRP promoter activity in a dose-dependent manner. MEK inhibition also reversed hypoxia- and MEK-induced HIF-1 protein and its activity in a dose-dependent manner. We also investigated reactive oxygen species signaling this response. Exogenous addition of H(2)O(2) was sufficient to activate ERK in a dose-dependent profile. Reactive oxygen species scavengers of H(2)O(2) significantly inhibited hypoxia-induced ERK or HIF-1 activation and sequential expression of MGr1-Ag/37LRP. We also investigated the signaling in hypoxia-induced cell adhesion and apoptosis induced by vincristine. Hypoxia significantly enhanced adhesion of SGC7901 cells to laminin in a time-dependent manner, which might be inhibited by the MEK inhibitor U0126 and MGr1-Ag/37LRP siRNA. Consistent with results of adhesion assay, hypoxia-resistant apoptosis might be reversed by U0126 in a dose-dependent manner. Our results suggest that hypoxia-elicited MGr1-Ag/37LRP expression activated by HIF-1 depends on ERK activation. These events are dependent of reactive oxygen intermediates.

  19. Changes in the ER, PgR, HER2, p53 and Ki-67 biological markers between primary and recurrent breast cancer: discordance rates and prognosis

    Tashima Rumiko


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In breast cancer, ER/PgR, HER2, and Ki-67 are important biological markers for predicting prognosis and making effective treatment decisions. In addition, changes in markers due to relapse are also clinically experienced; however, the frequency and clinical significance are still not fully understood. Thus, changes in markers and their correlations with prognosis were investigated. Patients and Methods Out of the patients with relapse from 1997 to March 2011, there were 97 consecutive patients from whom the lesion was resected and evaluated by immunostaining. The biopsy sites were chest wall, lymph node, ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence, lungs, bones, ovaries and brain. The markers sought were ER, PgR, HER2, p53 and Ki-67. Results The hormone receptor positive rate from the primary tumor to recurrence decreased from 63.9% to 57.7% and from 56.7% to 43.3% for ER and PgR, respectively. Changes in the positive/negative evaluation were seen at the rate of 10.3% and 25.8% for ER and PgR, respectively. The Ki-67 index increased significantly from a mean of 29.1% at primary tumor to 36.3% at relapse. When divided into 2 groups ( Conclusion Estrogen receptor and PgR decreased while Ki-67 increased due to relapse; however, the rate of change was high for PgR and Ki-67. Change in the subtypes was seen in 25%. In addition, PgR at relapse and Ki-67 at primary tumor were significant factors for post-relapse prognosis while PgR becoming negative was a poor prognostic factor. These findings are important for making effective treatment decisions.

  20. Mathematical Modelling of Gas Fields Conversion into UGS Facilities

    Štefanoviè Michal


    Full Text Available Nowadays the application of mathematical simulation at assessing the suitability of reservoirs for conversion into UGS facilities is a world-wide standard practice. The higher is the quality of input reservoir data (3-D seismic, well logging, core analyses, welltesting, regular pressure and volume parameters monitoring the better is the reliability of reservoir simulation results. This paper is focused at presenting the assessment results of two depleted gas fields conversions into UGS facilities by using mathematical modelling. The gas reservoirs are very similar with respect to their gas deposit depths, GIP values, lithological trap types and rock properties. Both these reservoirs structures represent lithological types of traps and are formed from complex sandstone layers interbedded with clay bands. Accordingly the reservoir simulation results, in the first case the further gas field conversion was not recommended, the conversion suitability of the second reservoir structure was acknowledged.

  1. Cascading electron and hole transfer dynamics in a CdS/CdTe core-shell sensitized with bromo-pyrogallol red (Br-PGR): slow charge recombination in type II regime.

    Maity, Partha; Debnath, Tushar; Chopra, Uday; Ghosh, Hirendra Nath


    Ultrafast cascading hole and electron transfer dynamics have been demonstrated in a CdS/CdTe type II core-shell sensitized with Br-PGR using transient absorption spectroscopy and the charge recombination dynamics have been compared with those of CdS/Br-PGR composite materials. Steady state optical absorption studies suggest that Br-PGR forms strong charge transfer (CT) complexes with both the CdS QD and CdS/CdTe core-shell. Hole transfer from the photo-excited QD and QD core-shell to Br-PGR was confirmed by both steady state and time-resolved emission spectroscopy. Charge separation was also confirmed by detecting electrons in the conduction band of the QD and the cation radical of Br-PGR as measured from femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy. Charge separation in the CdS/Br-PGR composite materials was found to take place in three different pathways, by transferring the photo-excited hole of CdS to Br-PGR, electron injection from the photo-excited Br-PGR to the CdS QD, and direct electron transfer from the HOMO of Br-PGR to the conduction band of the CdS QD. However, in the CdS/CdTe/Br-PGR system hole transfer from the photo-excited CdS to Br-PGR and electron injection from the photo-excited Br-PGR to CdS take place after cascading through the CdTe shell QD. Charge separation also takes place via direct electron transfer from the Br-PGR HOMO to the conduction band of CdS/CdTe. Charge recombination (CR) dynamics between the electron in the conduction band of the CdS QD and the Br-PGR cation radical were determined by monitoring the bleach recovery kinetics. The CR dynamics were found to be much slower in the CdS/CdTe/Br-PGR system than in the CdS/Br-PGR system. The formation of the strong CT complex and the separation of charges cascading through the CdTe shell help to slow down charge recombination in the type II regime.

  2. Relevant Applications of Tools in UG NX CAM Module

    Zhang En Guang


    Full Text Available In this paper, the methods to establish the custom magazine have been proposed while the UG NX CAM module is employed to conduct the CNC milling programming. At the same time, how to set the parameters of the cutting tool has been also analyzed; in the creation of tools, the use of shank and holder as well as the use of handle check functions in NC machining has been introduced; meanwhile, the secondary rough machining of corner and the application of clean-cut features have been discussed.

  3. Structural and Spectroscopic Studies of Two Phases of the Organometallic Chain Polymer [Ru(2){&mgr;(2):&mgr;(2):eta(2)-O(2)PMe(2)}(2)(CO)(4)](n)().

    Barnes, Christopher M.; Bohle, D. Scott; Dinnebier, Robert E.; Madsen, Sara K.; Stephens, Peter W.


    The microcrystalline organometallic coordination polymer [Ru(2){&mgr;(2):&mgr;(2):eta(2)-O(2)PMe(2)}(2)(CO)(4)](n)() which results from the oxidative addition of dimethylphosphinic acid to triruthenium dodecacarbonyl has been structurally characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, lambda = 1.149 49(1) Å, at 295 and 50 K. At room temperature the crystallites have a monoclinic unit cell with the space group C2/c with lattice constants a = 18.0792(3) Å, b = 9.0626(2) Å, c = 10.0372(2) Å, beta = 112.107(1) degrees, and Z = 4; the final refinement of 52 variables converged to R(p)(), R(wp)(), R(F)(), and R(F)()()2 of 8.2, 10.8, 4.6, and 8.3%, respectively, for data collected between 4 and 60 degrees (2theta). At 50 K the phase is described by a triclinic unit cell, space group P&onemacr;, and is characterized by the lattice constants a = 9.8637(6) Å, b = 8.9290(6) Å, c = 9.8870(5) Å, alpha = 115.051(3) degrees, beta = 108.587(5) degrees, gamma = 92.015(5) degrees, and Z= 2; the final refinement of 102 variables converged to and R(p)(), R(wp)(), R(F)(), and R(F)()()2 of 8.3, 11.4, 1.5, and 3.0%, respectively, for data collected between 3 and 74 degrees (2theta). The transition between the two crystalline phases has been determined by differential scanning calorimetry to occur at circa 220 K, and the most pronounced difference in the environment of the chains, as determined by variable-temperature IR spectroscopy, is in the rho(PCH(3)) modes for the bridging dimethylphosphinate ligands.

  4. Noble magnetic barriers in the ASDEX UG tokamak

    Ali, Halima; Punjabi, Alkesh; Vazquez, Justin


    The second-order perturbation method of creating invariant tori inside chaos in Hamiltonian systems (Ali, H.; Punjabi, A. Plasma Phys. Contr. F. 2007, 49, 1565-1582) is applied to the axially symmetric divertor experiment upgrade (ASDEX UG) tokamak to build noble irrational magnetic barriers inside chaos created by resonant magnetic perturbations (m, n)=(3, 2)+(4, 3), with m and n the poloidal and toroidal mode numbers of the Fourier expansion of the magnetic perturbation. The radial dependence of the Fourier modes is ignored. The modes are considered to be locked and have the same amplitude δ. A symplectic mathematical mapping in magnetic coordinates is used to integrate magnetic field line trajectories in the ASDEX UG. Tori with noble irrational rotational transform are the last ones to be destroyed by perturbation in Hamiltonian systems. For this reason, noble irrational magnetic barriers are built inside chaos, and the strongest noble irrational barrier is identified. Three candidate locations for the strongest noble barrier in ASDEX UG are selected. All three candidate locations are chosen to be roughly midway between the resonant rational surfaces ψ32 and ψ43. ψ is the magnetic coordinate of the flux surface. The three candidate surfaces are the noble irrational surfaces close to the surface with q value that is a mediant of q=3/2 and 4/3, q value of the physical midpoint of the two resonant surfaces, and the q value of the surface where the islands of the two perturbing modes just overlap. These q values of the candidate surfaces are denoted by q MED, q MID, and q OVERLAP. The strongest noble barrier close to q MED has the continued fraction representation (CFR) [1;2,2,1∞] and exists for δ≤2.6599×10-4; the strongest noble barrier close to q MID has CFR [1;2,2,2,1∞] and exists for δ≤4.6311×10-4; and the strongest noble barrier close to q OVERLAP has CFR [1;2,2,6,2,1∞] and exists for δ≤1.367770×10-4. From these results, the strongest

  5. Analytical Review of Universal Grammar (UG Approach on Second Language Acquisition (SLA

    Irwandy M.Pd


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to explore the analysis of Universal Grammar (UG approach on Second Language Acquisition (SLA. This paper is significant as the sources for teacher or researcher of the second language since this elaboration is deeply focusing on the use of UG on SLA. The method used in this academic writing is inductive method of writing. Three main analyses namely Construct Knowledge of Language, Acquiring Language and Language Use are elaborated strongly in this paper. Furthermore, this paper concludes that UG is very important on teaching and learning of the second language in Indonesia. Keywords: Universal Grammar (UG, Second Language Acquisition (SLA

  6. 46 CFR 54.15-5 - Protective devices (modifies UG-125).


    ... requirements of UG-125 through UG-136 of section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 54.01-1) except as modified in this subpart. (b) An unfired steam boiler....15-15. (c) All pressure vessels other than unfired steam boilers shall be protected by...

  7. 46 CFR 54.10-15 - Pneumatic test (modifies UG-100).


    ... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Pneumatic test (modifies UG-100). 54.10-15 Section 54.10... VESSELS Inspection, Reports, and Stamping § 54.10-15 Pneumatic test (modifies UG-100). (a) Pneumatic...) Except for enameled vessels, for which the pneumatic test pressure shall be at least equal to, but need...

  8. Applications of Universal Grammar (UG) in the ESL/EFL Classroom

    Kirkwold, Lorne O.


    The article proposes Stern's (1983) framework for classifying issues related to instruction in order to ascertain the relevance of Universal Grammar (UG) in the ESL/EFL classroom. Discussed in this article, particularly as UG pertains to them, are issues related to: (a) L1 transfer; (b) teaching rules and giving error correction versus presenting…

  9. Analytical Review of Universal Grammar (UG) Approach on Second Language Acquisition (SLA)



    The aim of this paper is to explore the analysis of Universal Grammar (UG) approach on Second Language Acquisition (SLA). This paper is significant as the sources for teacher or researcher of the second language since this elaboration is deeply focusing on the use of UG on SLA. The method used in this academic writing is inductive method of…

  10. Forging die designing and manufacturing technology based on UG NX%基于UG NX的锻造模具设计和制造技术



    针对锻造模具设计、制造CAD/CAM,研究了基于UG NX平台上CAD/CAM的设计方法,主要结合实际情况介绍了现今企业用UG NX进行锻造模具CAD/CAM设计、制造生产的一般过程、对从事锻造工作同仁具有借鉴意义.表明用UG NX进行锻造模具设计、制造CAD/CAM设计过程可以提高生产效率、降低成本、增强企业竞争力.

  11. Putting Ug99 on the map: An update on current and future monitoring

    Hodson, D P; Nazari, K; Park, R F


    Monitoring System (GCRMS) is described. The current situation regarding the Ug99 lineage of races is outlined and the potential for expansion into important wheat areas is considered. The GCRMS has successfully tracked the spread and changes that are occurring within the Ug99 lineage and is now well......Detection of stem rust race TTKSK (Ug99) from Uganda in 1998/99 highlighted not only the extremely high vulnerability of the global wheat crop to stem rust but also a lack of adequate global systems to monitor such a threat. Progress in the development and expansion of the Global Cereal Rust...... positioned to detect and monitor future changes. The distribution of Ug99 variants possessing combined virulence to Sr31 and Sr24 is expanding rapidly and future spread outside of Africa is highly likely. Efficient and effective data management is now being achieved via the Wheat Rust Toolbox platform...

  12. UGS, UGV, and MAV in the 2007 C4ISR OTM Experiment


    UGS, UGV, and MAV in the 2007 C4ISR OTM Experiment by Timothy G. Gregory, Jesse B. Kovach , Robert P. Winkler, and Christopher H. Winslow...20783-1197 ARL-TR-4419 April 2008 UGS, UGV, and MAV in the 2007 C4ISR OTM Experiment Timothy G. Gregory, Jesse B. Kovach , Robert P...AUTHOR(S) Timothy G. Gregory, Jesse B. Kovach , Robert P. Winkler, and Christopher H. Winslow 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S

  13. In vivo emergence of colistin resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae producing KPC-type carbapenemases mediated by insertional inactivation of the PhoQ/PhoP mgrB regulator.

    Cannatelli, Antonio; D'Andrea, Marco Maria; Giani, Tommaso; Di Pilato, Vincenzo; Arena, Fabio; Ambretti, Simone; Gaibani, Paolo; Rossolini, Gian Maria


    Colistin is one of the few agents that retain activity against extensively drug-resistant strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae producing KPC-type carbapenemases (KPC-KP). However, resistance to colistin is increasingly reported among KPC-KP. Comparative genomic analysis of a pair of sequential KPC-KP isolates from the same patient including a colistin-susceptible isolate (KKBO-1) and a colistin-resistant isolate (KKBO-4) selected after colistin exposure revealed that insertional inactivation of the mgrB gene, encoding a negative regulator of the PhoQ/PhoP signaling system, is a genetic mechanism for acquired colistin resistance. The role of mgrB inactivation in acquired colistin resistance was confirmed by complementation experiments with wild-type mgrB, which restored colistin susceptibility in KKBO-4, and by construction of an mgrB deletion mutant from KKBO-1, which exhibited a colistin-resistant phenotype. Insertional mgrB inactivation was also detected in 60% of colistin-resistant mutants selected from KKBO-1 in vitro, following plating on colistin-containing medium, confirming the role (although not unique) of this mechanism in the emergence of acquired colistin resistance. In colistin-resistant mutants carrying insertional inactivation or deletion of the mgrB gene, upregulated transcription of phoP, phoQ, and pmrK (which is part of the pmrHFIJKLM operon) was detected. These findings confirmed the MgrB regulatory role in K. pneumoniae and were in agreement with the known association between upregulation of the PhoQ/PhoP system and activation of the pmrHFIJKLM operon, which eventually leads to resistance to polymyxins by modification of the lipopolysaccharide target.

  14. Deployment of a monitoring system of the TG's of UG-50Hz; Implantacao de sistema de monitoramento dos TGE's da UG-50Hz

    Oliveira, Andre Luis de; Fortes, Fernando Zambotti; Salazar, Marcos Vinicios; Felix, Matussalem [Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    The National Steel Company (CSN) has a plant for generating electricity at 50Hz, UG50Hz (Unit Generating 50Hz). The generating unit is in operation since the 40's as the only source of electricity at that time. The UG50Hz in terms of power, is composed of four (4) Turbine Generators. The UG50Hz has two generators of 5 MWh each and two generators from 10 MWh each, totaling 30 MWh installed. Actually, the participation is limited to the supply of electricity to 50Hz for some units of the metal and to attend to emergencies in the 50 Hz to 60 Hz lack of energy, and provides air blown to the blast furnace 2 and 3. The UG-50 Hz over the years has shown lack of information for its operation due to the fact that technology be fully designed with the typical time of implantation (1944). This contribution presents the technical results achieved with the deployment of a system for monitoring the operating parameters of the equipment with the replacement of obsolete equipment and installation of new features to the system. The equipment for measuring and monitoring of Turbine Generators are in obsolescence due to come into life high (over 50) and without operational conditions. The electric recorders (graphics cards) and other records of the operating variables (temperature, flow, pressure, etc.) have low precision and means for storing data on paper leading to massive loss of memory technology and operational deficiency in departures and stops for lack of consistent information. (author)

  15. 基于UG NX的产品设计重用性研究%Study on Product Design Reusability Based on UG NX



    Taking a normal Nylon cases for wheelset assembly as an example, this paper describes a method for product design reuse based on UG NX creatively. In general terms,there are essentially four steps in this design scheme:parameterized modeling, part families establishment ,application of reuse library, sharing reuse library. For more details ,users can achieve the component design reuse personally by taking advantage of modules of UG NX, such as reuse library ,etc. Furthermore , users can also share the reusable personal resource by creating a network. This scheme has significative and practical value in product design to improve efficiency and to reduce the cost by reducing the repetitive work of designers.%以轮对压装的尼龙保护套的设计为例,按照建模参数化、部件族的创建、重用库的运用、共享重用库的流程详细介绍了一套利用UG NX软件实现产品设计重用性的方法.在UG NX的部件族功能的基础上巧妙利用重用库等模块实现部件设计的个人重用,继而通过搭建共享网络实现局域网内多人共享设计重用资源. 该方案可以减少设计者的重复性工作,提高效率,降低成本,具有较好的实用价值.

  16. Effect of corn plant on survival and phenanthrene degradation capacity of Pseudomonas sp. UG14LR in two soils.

    Chouychai, Waraporn; Thongkukiatkul, Amporn; Upatham, Suchart; Pokethitiyook, Prayad; Kruatrachue, Maleeya; Lee, Hung


    A study was undertaken to assess if corn (Zea mays L.) can enhance phenanthrene degradation in two soils inoculated with Pseudomonas sp. UG14Lr. Corn increased the number of UG14Lr cells in both soils, especially in the acidic soiL Phenanthrene was degraded to a greater extent in UG14Lr-inoculated or corn-planted soils than uninoculated and unplanted soils. The spiked phenanthrene was completely removed within 70 days in all the treatments in slightly alkaline soil. However, in acidic soil, complete phenanthrene removal was found only in the corn-planted treatments. The shoot and root lengths of corn grown in UG14Lr-inoculated soils were not different from those in non-inoculated soil between the treatments. The results showed that in unplanted soil, low pH adversely affected the survival and phenanthrene degradation ability of UG14Lr. Planting of corn significantly enhanced the survival of UG14Lr cells in both the bulk and rhizospheric soil, and this in turn significantly improved phenanthrene degradation in acidic soil. Re-inoculation of UG14Lr in the acidic soil increased the number of UG14Lr cells and enhanced phenanthrene degradation in unplanted soil. However, in corn-planted acidic soils, re-inoculation of UG14Lr did not further enhance the already active phenanthrene degradation occurring in both the bulk or rhizospheric soils.

  17. Draft Genome Sequence of Burkholderia gladioli Strain UCD-UG_CHAPALOTE (Phylum Proteobacteria)

    Ettinger, Cassandra L.; Shehata, Hanan R.; Johnston-Monje, David; Raizada, Manish N.


    Here, we present the draft genome of Burkholderia gladioli strain UCD-UG_CHAPALOTE. This strain is an endophyte isolated from surface sterilized seeds of an ancient Mexican landrace of corn, Chapalote. The genome contains 8,527,129 bp in 109 scaffolds. PMID:25614570

  18. Remotely sensing the thickness of the bushveld complex UG2 platinum reef using borehole rada.

    Simmat, CM


    Full Text Available departures of the reefs from planarity. Surveys are run in ~200 m near-horizontal boreholes that are drilled into the footwalls of the reef. Careful laboratory measurements of the Jonscher dielectric parameters of the stratigraphic column through the UG2 reef...

  19. Expression of progesterone receptor membrane component (PGRMC) 1 and 2, serpine mRNA binding protein 1 (SERBP1) and nuclear progesterone receptor (PGR) in the bovine endometrium during the estrous cycle and the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Kowalik, Magdalena K; Slonina, Dominika; Rekawiecki, Robert; Kotwica, Jan


    Progesterone (P4) is involved in the regulation of essential reproductive functions affecting the target cells through both nuclear progesterone receptors (PGRs) and membrane progesterone receptors. The aim of this study was to determine the mRNA and protein expression for PGRMC1, PGRMC2, SERBP1 and PGR within the bovine endometrium during the estrous cycle and the first trimester of pregnancy. There were no changes in PGRMC1 and PGRMC2 mRNA and protein expression during the estrous cycle, however, mRNA levels of PGRMC1 and PGRMC2 were increased (P<0.001) in pregnant animals. SERBP1 mRNA expression was increased (P<0.05), while the level of this protein was decreased (P<0.05) on days 11-16 of the estrous cycle. The expression of PGR mRNA was higher (P<0.01) on days 17-20 compared to days 6-10 and 11-16 of the estrous cycle and pregnancy. PGR-A and PGR-B protein levels were elevated on days 1-5 and 17-20 of the estrous cycle as compared to other stages of the cycle and during pregnancy. In conclusion, our results indicate that P4 may influence endometrial cells through both genomic and nongenomic way. This mechanism may contribute to the regulation of the estrous cycle and provide protection during pregnancy.

  20. Electronic Structure of Rh(2)(&mgr;-CO)(CO)(2)(H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))(2). An Example of a Non-A-Frame Structure.

    Bo, Carles; Costas, Miquel; Poblet, Josep M.; Rohmer, Marie-Mad.; Benard, Marc


    Calculations based on density functional theory (DFT) and Hartree-Fock configuration interaction (HF-CI) methodology have been carried out to investigate the rhodium-rhodium coupling in Rh(2)(CO)(2)(dppm)(2), 1 (dppm = Ph(2)PCH(2)PPh(2)) and in Rh(2)(&mgr;-CO)(CO)(2)(dppm)(2), 2. DFT geometries, obtained with the Dgauss program, are in good agreement with those determined from X-ray, but HF geometries, calculated using the same basis sets, yield bond distances systematically too long. Calculations indicate that the rhodium atoms in 1 are linked by a single bond. The insertion of a semibridging carbonyl between the two metal atoms leads to a shortening of the rhodium-rhodium distance and also to a noticeable weakening of the metal-metal interaction. Both effects, and also the stabilization of the HOMO of 2, are related to an observed change from square planar to tetrahedral of the ligand environment of the Rh atom proximal to the inserted CO. Both MO analysis and bond characterization from the topology of the charge density confirm the existence of a bonding interaction between the semibridging carbonyl and the distal rhodium atom. The electronic structures of the dicationic complex [Rh(2)(CO)(3)(dppm)(2)](2+) and of the A-frame-like, isoelectronic system Rh(2)Br(2)(&mgr;-CO) (dppm)(2) are also discussed. The electron deformation density is derived from 2 by means of several methodological approaches, namely, HF, HF-CI, DFT, and DFT + gradient corrections. The HF deformation density obtained in the plane containing the metals and the three CO ligands is discussed, as well as the "correlation density" obtained from the difference maps DFT - HF and CI - HF.

  1. Realization of MBD model digitalization definition in UG/NX%基于模型的数字化定义在UG/NX中的实现

    陶杰; 葛如海; 周临震


    Through studying the development process of DPD and in-depth analysis of the relationship between DPD and MBD, the importance of DPD as the basis of MBD technology application system was revealed. The content of Digital Product Definition, the definition method of GD&T in 3D model, the application of 3D cutaway view and the comments expression of non-geometry manufacturing information of air bag support were analyzed based on UG/ NX platform. In addition, the expression method of product manufacturing information under NX platform was given. DPD, as the basis of MBD technology, will completely change the information carrier from 2D drawings to 3D model and lead digital manufacturing technology to great changes.%通过探究DPD的发展历程,深入剖析DPD与MBD的关系,揭示了DPD作为MBD技术应用体系基础的重要性.以UG/NX软件为平台,以气囊下支座为研究对象,分析了DPD定义的内容,GD&T在三维数模中的定义方法,三维剖视图的应用及非几何信息的注释表达,明确了在NX平台下产品制造信息的表达方法.DPD作为MBD技术的基础,彻底将产品定义信息载体变更为三维模型,必将引起数字化制造技术的巨大变革.

  2. The Influence on the Growth of New PGR to the Early Rice's Seedling%新PGR对早稻幼苗生长的影响



    用四种新PGR(Plant Growth Regulator)浸根处理,对水稻幼苗的生长影响有所不同.在促进幼苗的生长的效应上,0.1ppm迟效油菜素内酯(BR-A)效果较好,其次为1ppm5-氨基酮戊酸(5-ALA),而10ppm5,6-Cl2-IAA虽然在促进根的再生长上表现明显效果,但在促进完整幼苗的生长上无明显效果,1ppm的天然型脱落酸((+)ABA)也无明显效果.在增强幼苗耐冷性上,试验表明(+)ABA和BR-A具有特佳效果,5-ALA也有一定作用,而5.6-Cl2-IAA则无效.

  3. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Tetraphenylarsonium Tetrachloro(oxalato)rhenate(IV) and Bis(2,2'-bipyridine)tetrachloro(&mgr;-oxalato)copper(II)rhenium(IV).

    Chiozzone, Raúl; González, Ricardo; Kremer, Carlos; De Munno, Giovanni; Cano, Joan; Lloret, Francesc; Julve, Miguel; Faus, Juan


    Two new rhenium(IV) compounds of formula (AsPh(4))(2)[ReCl(4)(ox)] (1) and [ReCl(4)(&mgr;-ox)Cu(bipy)(2)] (2) (AsPh(4) = tetraphenylarsonium cation, ox = oxalate anion, and bipy = 2,2'-bipyridine) have been synthesized and their crystal structures determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. 1 and 2 crystallize in the monoclinic system, space groups P2(1)/c and P2(1)/n, respectively, with a = 22.250(5) Å, b = 11.245(3) Å, c = 19.089(4) Å, beta = 96.59(2) degrees, and Z = 4 for 1 and a = 9.421(2) Å, b = 16.909(4) Å, c = 16.179(4) Å, beta = 93.97(2) degrees, and Z = 4 for 2. The structure of 1 is made up of [ReCl(4)(ox)](2)(-) anions and AsPh(4)(+) cations held united by electrostatic forces. Rhenium(IV) is hexacoordinate, with two oxygens of a chelating ox and four chlorine atoms building a distorted octahedron around the metal atom. There is no contact between the [ReCl(4)(ox)](2)(-) anions, the shortest Re.Re and Cl.Cl distances being 10.345 and 7.209 Å, respectively. This anionic complex is coordinated to a [Cu(bipy)(2)](2+) cation in 2, through one oxalate-oxygen, giving a neutral heterometallic dinuclear unit. The Cu(II) ion shows a very distorted five-coordinated geometry, four bipy-nitrogens occuping the equatorial positions and the oxygen atom the apical one. The basal plane geometry is distorted toward the tetrahedron, the dihedral angle between the mean planes of the two bipy ligands is 37.6(2) degrees. These [ReCl(4)(&mgr;-ox)Cu(bipy)(2)] units are arranged in such a way that a chlorine atom of one of them points toward the copper atom of the neighboring one, forming helicoid chains. The intrachain Re.Cu distances through chloro and oxalato bridges are 4.658 and 4.798 Å, respectively. The magnetic behavior of 1 and 2 has been investigated over the temperature range 1.8-300 K. 1 is a magnetically diluted Re(IV) complex, the great value of zero-field splitting of the ground level (D = 60 cm(-)(1)) accounting for the variation of chi(M)T with T in

  4. Prevalence of ERα-397 PvuII C/T, ERα-351 XbaI A/G and PGR PROGINS polymorphisms in Brazilian breast cancer-unaffected women

    Giacomazzi, J.; Aguiar, E. [Programa de Pós-Graduação em Medicina: Ciências Médicas, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Laboratório de Medicina Genômica, Centro de Pesquisa Experimental, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Núcleo Mama Porto Alegre, Associação Hospitalar Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Palmero, E.I. [International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Lyon (France); Schmidt, A.V. [Departamento de Estatística, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Skonieski, G.; Filho, D.D. [Núcleo Mama Porto Alegre, Associação Hospitalar Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Bock, H. [Laboratório de Identificação Genética, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia Celular e Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Saraiva-Pereira, M.L. [Laboratório de Identificação Genética, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia Celular e Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Departamento de Bioquímica, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Serviço de Genética Médica, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Genética e Biologia Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Ewald, I.P. [Programa de Pós-Graduação em Medicina: Ciências Médicas, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Laboratório de Medicina Genômica, Centro de Pesquisa Experimental, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Schuler-Faccini, L. [Serviço de Genética Médica, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Genética e Biologia Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Departamento de Genética, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Camey, S.A. [Departamento de Estatística, Instituto de Matemática, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Caleffi, M. [Núcleo Mama Porto Alegre, Associação Hospitalar Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Giugliani, R. [Programa de Pós-Graduação em Medicina: Ciências Médicas, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Laboratório de Identificação Genética, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Serviço de Genética Médica, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Genética e Biologia Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Departamento de Genética, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil); Ashton-Prolla, P. [Programa de Pós-Graduação em Medicina: Ciências Médicas, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (BR); Laboratório de Medicina Genômica, Centro de Pesquisa Experimental, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA), Porto Alegre, RS (BR); Núcleo Mama Porto Alegre, Associação Hospitalar Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, RS (BR); Serviço de Genética Médica, HCPA, Porto Alegre, RS (BR); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Genética e Biologia Molecular, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (BR); Departamento de Genética, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS (BR)


    Polymorphisms of hormone receptor genes have been linked to modifications in reproductive factors and to an increased risk of breast cancer (BC). In the present study, we have determined the allelic and genotypic frequencies of the ERα-397 PvuII C/T, ERα-351 XbaI A/G and PGR PROGINS polymorphisms and investigated their relationship with mammographic density, body mass index (BMI) and other risk factors for BC. A consecutive and unselected sample of 750 Brazilian BC-unaffected women enrolled in a mammography screening program was recruited. The distribution of PGR PROGINS genotypic frequencies was 72.5, 25.5 and 2.0% for A1A1, A1A2 and A2A2, respectively, which was equivalent to that encountered in other studies with healthy women. The distribution of ERα genotypes was: ERα-397 PvuII C/T: 32.3% TT, 47.5% TC, and 20.2% CC; ERα-351 XbaI A/G: 46.3% AA, 41.7% AG and 12.0% GG. ERα haplotypes were 53.5% PX, 14.3% Px, 0.3% pX, and 32.0% px. These were significantly different from most previously published reports worldwide (P < 0.05). Overall, the PGR PROGINS genotypes A2A2 and A1A2 were associated with fatty and moderately fatty breast tissue. The same genotypes were also associated with a high BMI in postmenopausal women. In addition, the ERα-351 XbaI GG genotype was associated with menarche ≥12 years (P = 0.02). ERα and PGR polymorphisms have a phenotypic effect and may play an important role in BC risk determination. Finally, if confirmed in BC patients, these associations could have important implications for mammographic screening and strategies and may be helpful to identify women at higher risk for the disease.

  5. Size Determination of Catena-&mgr;-2,5-dihydroxy-p-benzoquinonatonickel(II) Coordination Polymer Colloid and Its Photochemical Reaction

    Miyoshi; Matsumoto; Kanda


    Electric birefringence and streaming dichroism measurements of catena-&mgr;-2,5-dihydroxy-p-benzoquinonatonickel(II) [dhqNi(II)] aqua sol suggested that the average length of the sol particles was ca. 380 nm and the axial ratio was 2.0-2.3 as the prolate spheroid. The average particle length in the scanning microscopic images was 370 ± 60 nm and the axial ratio 2.3 ± 0.6. This aqua colloid was decomposed by UV irradiation under an O2 gas atmosphere, but under a N2 gas atmosphere its decomposition was depressed. Furthermore, addition of sacrificial reagents such as l-ascorbic acid depressed the decomposition. These facts suggested that the photogenerated electron originating from the irradiated dhqNi(II) colloidal particle reduced O2, while the positive hole on the colloid oxidized dhqNi(II) itself. It was found that the reduction product from O2 reduced Cr6+ (in Cr2O72-) to Cr3+, and the oxidized dhqNi(II) oxidized I- to I2/2. Therefore, H2O2 formation was proposed as the photochemical reduction product. Copyright 1997Academic Press

  6. Numerical modeling of open pit (OP to underground (UG transition in coal mining

    Nguyen Phu Minh Vuong


    Full Text Available The primary objective of the present paper is an attempt at evaluating the influence of sub-level caving operations on the slope stability of a still-functioning open pit coal mine in Vietnam. Initially, various methods of predicting the impact of underground mining on surface stability are discussed. Those theoretical considerations were later utilized in the process of constructing a Flac-2D-software-based numerical model for calculating the influence of underground operation on the deformation and possible loss of stability of an open pit slope. The numerical analysis proved that the values of open pit slope displacements were affected mainly by underground exploitation depth, direction of operation (i.e., from one slope to the other and the distance from the slope plane. Real geomechanical strata parameters from the Vietnamese coal basin of Cam Pha were used in the modeling process. The paper is, therefore, a critical review of the hitherto proposed methods of predicting the impact of underground operation (UG on open pit mining (OP, illustrated with selected examples of case studies on OP-UG interaction, followed by an original experiment based on numerical modeling method. This is first such study for the genuine conditions of the coal mining in Vietnam. The obtained results, however, should not be generalized due to a highly specific character of the analyzed phenomenon of mining-induced surface deformation. The practical implications of the study may occur extremely useful in the case of an UG-OP transition. Such a transition is often necessary for both technical and economical reasons, as in some coal basins open pit operations at greater depths occur unfeasible, which calls for a proper selection of parameters for a planned underground operation.

  7. Research of Multi-axis NC Machining Method of Cylindrical Cam Based on UG NX

    Liang Qianhua


    Full Text Available We have focused significant efforts on developing solutions for precision machining of cylindrical cams based on UG NX. A variety of processing method are put forward according to the digital model for a cylindrical cam which has been derived through parametric design, all of which are made a detailed comparison, analysis, research, elaborated. Simulation processing, post processing and NC program are carried out though optimized processing scheme. It will provide a reference for the numerical control programming of four-Coordinated axis.

  8. Study on motion simulation of arc welding robot based on UG

    Feng Shengqiang; Hu Shengsun; Du Naicheng; Shen Junqi


    The motion simulation of arc welding robot is the basis of the system of robot off-line programming, and it has been one of the important research directions. The UGNX4.0 is adopted to establish 3D simulating model of MOTOMAN-HP6 arc welding robot. The kinematic model under link-pole coordinate system is established by the second development function offered by UG/OPEN API and the method of programming using VC+ +6.0. The methods of founding model and operational procedures are introduced, which provides a good basis for off-line programming technique under Unigraphics condition.

  9. Identification and validation of single nucleotide polymorphic markers linked to Ug99 stem rust resistance in spring wheat

    Chao, Shiaoman; Singh, Ravi P.; Sorrells, Mark E.


    Wheat stem rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eriks. and E. Henn.) is one of the most destructive diseases world-wide. Races belonging to Ug99 (or TTKSK) continue to cause crop losses in East Africa and threaten global wheat production. Developing and deploying wheat varieties with multiple race-specific genes or complex adult plant resistance is necessary to achieve durability. In the present study, we applied genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for identifying loci associated with the Ug99 stem rust resistance (SR) in a panel of wheat lines developed at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). Genotyping was carried out using the wheat 9K iSelect single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) chip. Phenotyping was done in the field in Kenya by infection of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici race TTKST, the Sr24-virulent variant of Ug99. Marker-trait association identified 12 SNP markers significantly associated with resistance. Among them, 7 were mapped on five chromosomes. Markers located on chromosomes 4A and 4B overlapped with the location of the Ug99 resistance genes SrND643 and Sr37, respectively. Markers identified on 7DL were collocated with Sr25. Additional significant markers were located in the regions where no Sr gene has been reported. The chromosome location for five of the SNP markers was unknown. A BLASTN search of the NCBI database using the flanking sequences of the SNPs associated with Ug99 resistance revealed that several markers were linked to plant disease resistance analogues, while others were linked to regulatory factors or metabolic enzymes. A KASP (Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR) assay was used for validating six marker loci linked to genes with resistance to Ug99. Of those, four co-segregated with the Sr25-pathotypes while the rest identified unknown resistance genes. With further investigation, these markers can be used for marker-assisted selection in breeding for Ug99 stem rust resistance in wheat. PMID:28241006

  10. UG-based Parametric Design for Rail Cars%基于 UG 的轨道架车参数化设计

    陈超; 王耕耘; 张文明


    This paper studies the parametric design system of rail cars based on UG platform ,realizing the parametric design of rail cars ,and achieving a very good benefit in practical applications as well .It puts emphasis on the design of module reuse technology and automated assembly method of standard parts ,and solves the main problems in the process of parametric design on product level .%研究了基于UG的轨道架车参数化设计系统,实现了轨道架车的参数化设计,在实际应用中取得了很好的效果。同时研究了复杂变形设计中的模块重用技术和标准件的自动化装配方法,解决了产品级参数化设计过程中的主要问题。

  11. UG NX7.5用户初始化设置技巧



    UG NX7.5是UG(Unigraphics NX)是Siemens PLM Software公司出的一款三维设计软件,以其强大的功能性、灵活性、易用性受到了很多设计师的追捧,但是由于文化、喜好、软件定位的原因,UG NX的默认初始化设置却一直让国内的用户们不甚满意,因此基于NX7.5版本,简要介绍了桌面快捷图标的创建、标题栏的更改、默认保存路径的更改、工具栏的调整及角色创建、默认首选项的设置,以方便大家定制满意的使用环境。

  12. UG NX在曲轴及其模具CAD/CAM技术中的应用%The Application of UG NX in Crankshaft and Mould CAD/CAM Technology

    张雯娟; 吴龙


    基于UG NX软件的CAD模块,对某汽车曲轴及其锻模进行了实体造型,主要对曲轴零件曲面拐角处的造型设计进行研究.并约束了边界条件,做出光顺的表面.应用UG/Manufacmting模块对终锻模具型腔的加工制造进行参数设置,输出CLSF文件,模拟出粗加工刀具加工轨迹,说明了UG NX的CAD/CAM技术应用于工业制造中的优势.

  13. UG Mold Wizard in injection mold design application%UG MoldWizard在注射模具设计中的应用

    陆龙福; 黄常翼


    Currently plastics increasingly broad application areas, plastic products has become the automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics, packaging, building materials, agriculture and other fields indispensable parts and plastic parts are produced almost all through the plastic mold molding to obtain The. As technology advances and high-tech product development and continuous innovation, the technical plastics increasingly high demand, relying on manual mold design and manufacturing engineers is difficult to meet the needs of the development of production. UG mold soft-ware emergence and development, has become a contemporary mold design and manufacture of an important and indis-pensable auxiliary tools.%目前塑料制品的应用领域日益广阔,塑料产品已成为汽车、航空航天、电子电气、包装、建材、农业等领域中不可缺少的部分,而塑料制件的生产几乎都是通过塑料模具的成型来获得的。随着技术进步以及高科技产品的不断开发与创新,对塑料制品的各项技术要求越来越高,仅靠模具工程师手工设计与制造很难满足生产发展的需要。 UG模具软件的出现与发展,已成为当代模具设计与制造中不可缺少的重要辅助工具之一。

  14. The strongest magnetic barrier in the DIII-D tokamak and comparison with the ASDEX UG

    Ali, Halima; Punjabi, Alkesh


    Magnetic perturbations in tokamaks lead to the formation of magnetic islands, chaotic field lines, and the destruction of flux surfaces. Controlling or reducing transport along chaotic field lines is a key challenge in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. A local control method was proposed by Chandre et al. [Nucl. Fusion 46, 33-45 (2006)] to build barriers to magnetic field line diffusion by addition of a small second-order control term localized in the phase space to the field line Hamiltonian. Formation and existence of such magnetic barriers in Ohmically heated tokamaks (OHT), ASDEX UG and piecewise analytic DIII-D [Luxon, J.L.; Davis, L.E., Fusion Technol. 8, 441 (1985)] plasma equilibria was predicted by the authors [Ali, H.; Punjabi, A., Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 49, 1565-1582 (2007)]. Very recently, this prediction for the DIII-D has been corroborated [Volpe, F.A., et al., Nucl. Fusion 52, 054017 (2012)] by field-line tracing calculations, using experimentally constrained Equilibrium Fit (EFIT) [Lao, et al., Nucl. Fusion 25, 1611 (1985)] DIII-D equilibria perturbed to include the vacuum field from the internal coils utilized in the experiments. This second-order approach is applied to the DIII-D tokamak to build noble irrational magnetic barriers inside the chaos created by the locked resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) (m, n)=(3, 1)+(4, 1), with m and n the poloidal and toroidal mode numbers of the Fourier expansion of the magnetic perturbation with amplitude δ. A piecewise, analytic, accurate, axisymmetric generating function for the trajectories of magnetic field lines in the DIII-D is constructed in magnetic coordinates from the experimental EFIT Grad-Shafranov solver [Lao, L, et al., Fusion Sci. Technol. 48, 968 (2005)] for the shot 115,467 at 3000 ms in the DIII-D. A symplectic mathematical map is used to integrate field lines in the DIII-D. A numerical algorithm [Ali, H., et al., Radiat. Eff. Def. Solids Inc. Plasma Sc. Plasma Tech. 165, 83

  15. Commentary: “An Evaluation of Universal Grammar and the Phonological Mind”—UG Is Still a Viable Hypothesis

    Berent, Iris


    Everett (2016b) criticizes The Phonological Mind thesis (Berent, 2013a,b) on logical, methodological and empirical grounds. Most of Everett’s concerns are directed toward the hypothesis that the phonological grammar is constrained by universal grammatical (UG) principles. Contrary to Everett’s logical challenges, here I show that the UG hypothesis is readily falsifiable, that universality is not inconsistent with innateness (Everett’s arguments to the contrary are rooted in a basic confusion of the UG phenotype and the genotype), and that its empirical evaluation does not require a full evolutionary account of language. A detailed analysis of one case study, the syllable hierarchy, presents a specific demonstration that people have knowledge of putatively universal principles that are unattested in their language and these principles are most likely linguistic in nature. Whether Universal Grammar exists remains unknown, but Everett’s arguments hardly undermine the viability of this hypothesis. PMID:27471480

  16. Commentary: "An Evaluation of Universal Grammar and the Phonological Mind"—UG is still a viable hypothesis

    Iris Berent


    Full Text Available Everett (2016b criticizes The Phonological Mind thesis (Berent, 2013a, 2013b on logical, methodological and empirical grounds. Most of Everett’s concerns are directed towards the hypothesis that the phonological grammar is constrained by universal grammatical (UG principles. Contrary to Everett’s logical challenges, here I show that the UG hypothesis is readily falsifiable, that universality is not inconsistent with innateness (Everett’s arguments to the contrary are rooted in a basic confusion of the UG phenotype and the genotype, and that its empirical evaluation does not require a full evolutionary account of language. A detailed analysis of one case study, the syllable hierarchy, presents a specific demonstration that people have knowledge of putatively universal principles that are unattested in their language and these principles are most likely linguistic in nature. Whether Universal Grammar exists remains unknown, but Everett’s arguments hardly undermine the viability of this hypothesis.

  17. Commentary: "An Evaluation of Universal Grammar and the Phonological Mind"-UG Is Still a Viable Hypothesis.

    Berent, Iris


    Everett (2016b) criticizes The Phonological Mind thesis (Berent, 2013a,b) on logical, methodological and empirical grounds. Most of Everett's concerns are directed toward the hypothesis that the phonological grammar is constrained by universal grammatical (UG) principles. Contrary to Everett's logical challenges, here I show that the UG hypothesis is readily falsifiable, that universality is not inconsistent with innateness (Everett's arguments to the contrary are rooted in a basic confusion of the UG phenotype and the genotype), and that its empirical evaluation does not require a full evolutionary account of language. A detailed analysis of one case study, the syllable hierarchy, presents a specific demonstration that people have knowledge of putatively universal principles that are unattested in their language and these principles are most likely linguistic in nature. Whether Universal Grammar exists remains unknown, but Everett's arguments hardly undermine the viability of this hypothesis.

  18. UGS NX CAM Express在模具加工中的运用



    UGS NX CAM EXPRESS是UGS公司针对行业的模块化加工软件包,是专门为高级机床提供的高级CAM软件。它独立于CAD软件,不受特定CAD系统的限制,并且拥有关键的行业转换程序,可以在线访问后处理库,有利于加工数据导入,可以解决典型的CNC编程的需求。本文通过针对模具在完整的工作流环境下进行加工过程来介绍NX兴CAM Express的应用。

  19. UGS NX CAM Express V5软件问世


    2007年7月3日.西门子自动化与驱动集团旗下的PLM软件供应商UGS公司发布了其最新版NX CAM Express V5软件.该软件是UGS Velocity组合里一个功能全面、独立于CAD系统的数控编程应用程序.不仅改善了操作界面.而且为用户提供了预配置的“铣-车”环境、新的工具以及突破性的“自由加工”技术。

  20. iScout low cost UGS system: overview of enhancements and performance characterization

    Winston, Mark; Klug, Rob; Plummer, Thomas; Knobler, Ron


    McQ developed for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) a very low-cost iScout® sensor system for detecting people in buildings and caves after military clearing operations to prevent their reuse by adversaries. The mission applications have expanded to include typical field operations such as Force Protection and facility security. To meet a broader mission capability, McQ significantly enhanced the performance of the iScout® Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system. The enhanced performance includes improvements to the seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and passive infrared sensor processing algorithms and multimodal fusion to improve target classification. Additional features are a new radio frequency (RF) network architecture, built-in global positioning system (GPS) for automatic sensor position reporting, a new rugged watertight case, and an extremely low power consumption electronics design. McQ will describe these enhancements and present data characterizing the performance of the enhanced iScout® sensors.

  1. IBM Intellistation M PRO 9229图形工作站运行测试:UG NX 4


    @@ 强大的UG NX 4系统 属于德国西门子公司旗下的Unigraphics Solutions公司(简称UGS)是全球著名的MCAD供应商,主要为汽车与交通、航空航天、日用消费品、通用机械及电子工业等领域提供多级化的、集成的、企业级的包括软件产品与服务在内的完整的MCAD解决方案.

  2. Surface chemistry and spectroscopy of UG8 asphaltene Langmuir film, part 1.

    Orbulescu, Jhony; Mullins, Oliver C; Leblanc, Roger M


    This research focuses on a systematic investigation of UG8 asphaltene Langmuir films at the air-water interface using toluene as the spreading solvent. From the surface pressure-area isotherms, it was concluded that small-sized aggregates are spread on the water surface and the compression of the film leads to formation of large aggregates. Our methods provide a stringent test and confirmation for the formation of corresponding asphaltene nanoaggregates that have recently been proposed for bulk solutions. These results were confirmed by compression-decompression isotherms, Brewster angle microscopy, and p-polarized infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy. The transfer of a single layer using both the Langmuir-Schaefer and Langmuir-Blodgett deposition techniques shows different aggregate shapes depending on the technique used as imaged using atomic force microscopy. The films reveal the existence of nanoaggregates spread on the water surface that coexist with large aggregates formed during compression. For the nanoaggregate, the thickness of the Langmuir-Schaefer and Langmuir-Blodgett films determined by AFM is consistent with small aggregation numbers of nanoaggregates determined by Langmuir film compression. In addition to these findings, the spreading solvent, toluene, was found to be trapped within the aggregates as confirmed by in situ UV-vis spectroscopy at the air-water interface. This result was possible only after waiting a time period of 1 h to allow the complete evaporation of the spreading solvent. This is the only study that reveals the presence of the in situ toluene within the UG8 aggregates directly at the air-water interface.

  3. Identification and validation of single nucleotide polymorphic markers linked to Ug99 stem rust resistance in spring wheat

    Wheat stem rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eriks. and E. Henn.) is one of the most destructive diseases world-wide. Races belonging to Ug99 (or TTKSK) continue to cause crop losses in East Africa and threaten global wheat production. Developing and deploying wheat varieties with multiple race...

  4. Root cause analysis of the fatigue failures of the pulsation dampers of a large underground gas storage (UGS) system

    Eijk, A.; Lange, D. de; Maljaars, J.; Tenbrock-Ingenhorst, A.; Gottmer, A.


    Two large identical 6-cylinder Ariel JGB/6 reciprocating compressors each of 7.5 MW, are used for an underground gas storage system (UGS) plant of RWE Gasspeicher GmbH located in Epe, Germany. The system is in operation since 2005. In 2011 several internals parts (baffle plates and baffle choke tube

  5. 46 CFR 54.15-15 - Relief devices for unfired steam boilers, evaporators, and heat exchangers (modifies UG-126).


    ... requirement of § 54.15-5. (g)(1) A heat exchanger with steam in the shell and liquid in the tubes or coils at... more than 6 percent above the safety valve setting. (f) A heat exchanger with liquid in the shell and..., and heat exchangers (modifies UG-126). 54.15-15 Section 54.15-15 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT...

  6. Blade Forging Design Based on the Secondary Development of UG%UG二次开发在叶片锻造中的应用

    魏科; 谢崴; 王高潮


    综合运用UG表达式法及UG二次开发工具UG/Open API,UG/Open MenuScript,UG/Open UIStyler和Visual C++ 6.0,根据叶片锻件的加工原理,开发叶片模锻参数化设计系统。在该系统中,叶片锻件和锻模造型易于设计及修改。对提高叶片模具设计的效率、缩短模具开发周期具有较强的实用价值,同时也为后期的叶片模具制造和有限元数值模拟做好了强大的铺垫。%Combined with the method of UG expression and the tools of the UG secondary development including UG/ Open MenuScript, UG/Open UIStyler, UG/Open API and Visual C++ 6.0, blade die forging parametric design system was developed based on the blade forging process theory. In this system, the blade forging and die were easily designed and modified This method brings practical values for improving efficiency of blade forging die design and shortening the die development period, meanwhile, making a strong foundation for the following blade forging die manufacture and simulation by finite element method.

  7. Design of Injection Molds for Hair Dryer Shell Based on UG%基于UG的吹风机外壳注塑模具设计

    潘祖聪; 何芳


    UG NX(简称UG)是一款强大的CAD/CAM集成软件,MoldWizard是UG应用的一个模块,专门用于注塑模具设计.以吹风机外壳为例,阐述了基于UG的注塑模具设计的过程和方法.

  8. The role of unattended ground sensors (UGS) in regional confidence building and arms control

    Vannoni, M.; Duggan, R.


    Although the Cold War has ended, the world has not become more peaceful. Without the stability provided by an international system dominated by two super-powers, local conflicts are more likely to escalate. Agreements to counter destabilizing pressures in regional conflicts can benefit from the use of cooperative monitoring. Cooperative monitoring is the collecting, analyzing, and sharing of information among parties to an agreement. Ground sensor technologies can contribute to the collection of relevant information. If implemented with consideration for local conditions, cooperative monitoring can build confidence, strengthen existing agreements, and set the stage for continued progress. This presentation describes two examples: the Israeli-Egyptian Sinai agreements of the 1970s and a conceptual example for the contemporary Korean Peninsula. The Sinai was a precedent for the successful use of UGS within the context of cooperative monitoring. The Korean Peninsula is the world`s largest military confrontation. Future confidence building measures that address the security needs of both countries could decrease the danger of conflict and help create an environment for a peace agreement.

  9. Applying matching pursuit decomposition time-frequency processing to UGS footstep classification

    Larsen, Brett W.; Chung, Hugh; Dominguez, Alfonso; Sciacca, Jacob; Kovvali, Narayan; Papandreou-Suppappola, Antonia; Allee, David R.


    The challenge of rapid footstep detection and classification in remote locations has long been an important area of study for defense technology and national security. Also, as the military seeks to create effective and disposable unattended ground sensors (UGS), computational complexity and power consumption have become essential considerations in the development of classification techniques. In response to these issues, a research project at the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University (ASU) has experimented with footstep classification using the matching pursuit decomposition (MPD) time-frequency analysis method. The MPD provides a parsimonious signal representation by iteratively selecting matched signal components from a pre-determined dictionary. The resulting time-frequency representation of the decomposed signal provides distinctive features for different types of footsteps, including footsteps during walking or running activities. The MPD features were used in a Bayesian classification method to successfully distinguish between the different activities. The computational cost of the iterative MPD algorithm was reduced, without significant loss in performance, using a modified MPD with a dictionary consisting of signals matched to cadence temporal gait patterns obtained from real seismic measurements. The classification results were demonstrated with real data from footsteps under various conditions recorded using a low-cost seismic sensor.

  10. Secondary Development Technologies of Universal Cam Curve by UG Software%基于UG的通用凸轮曲线三次开发技术

    张加兵; 傅燕鸣; 王居正


    A curve of cams movement trace of given cam-follower. Greatly impacts the efficiency, precision and lifespan of the cam-mechanism, so it plays an important role in cam design. In order to design cam mechanism fast and effectively, the equations of general cam were derived and summarized. Furthermore through comprehensive applications of Visual C + + 6. 0, UG/OPEN MenuScript, UG/OPEN UlStyler and UG/OPEN API etc. Development tools, based on UG software, a general cam design model with higher efficiency was developed.%凸轮曲线是凸轮驱动从动件的运动曲线,它影响到凸轮机构的效率、精度以及寿命,故在凸轮设计中十分重要.为快速有效地进行凸轮机构设计,总结推导了通用凸轮曲线公式,综合应用Visual C++6.0、UG/OPEN MenuScript、UG/OPEN UIStyler和UG/OPEN API等开发工具,开发了基于UG软件的通用凸轮设计模块,提高了凸轮机构设计效率.

  11. Application of UG NX in forging die manufacturing%UGNX在锻模加工中的应用



    以汽车曲轴锻造的模具加工为例,选用UG NX CAM软件进行NC编程,利用UG的CAD和CAM集成,提高工作效率.对于锻模的难加工材料,可以选用TiAlN等涂层的刀具,尽量使用大直径的刀具以提高刚性.粗加工工艺可以采用摆线加工,以获得高加工效率和长刀具寿命.精加工先选用较大的刀具加工,再用小的刀具局部清根.%Taking crankshaft mould machining for example, working efficiency was improved by NC programming using UG NX CAM software and UG CAD/CAM integration. For the forging mould materials which are hard to machine, coating tools such as TiAlN were choosem, tools with as large as possible diameter were used to improve rigidity. Tro-choidal machining was used for rough machining process to get high efficiency and long life of tools. Finish machining process includes machining with larger tools first and flow cut with smaller tools.

  12. Rachunek kosztów działańjako podstawa wyceny usług

    Gertruda Krystyna Świderska


    Full Text Available Artykuł prezentuje wykorzystanie rachunku kosztów działań do wyceny usług na trzech rynkach podlegających centralnym regulacjom – rynku usług pocztowych, telekomunikacyjnych oraz świadczeń zdrowotnych. Doświadczenia krajów Unii Europejskiej (w tym Polski pokazują nowe obszary wykorzystania rachunku kosztów działań. Potwierdzają, że zastosowanie tego narzędzia pozwala na kontrolę kosztów ponoszonych przy świadczeniu usług oraz wycenę na podstawie rzeczywistego rachunku ekonomicznego. Takie podejście gwarantuje przejrzystość procesu wyceny na rynkach, na których odgrywa to szczególnie istotną rolę. W części pierwszej przedstawiono zarys koncepcji rachunku kosztów działań wykorzystanej w PPUP Poczta Polska. Scharakteryzowano zastosowane rozwiązanie dostosowane do specyfiki działań poczty, zawierające elementy obiektowego rachunku kosztów działań oraz rachunku kosztów działań sterowanego czasem. W części drugiej zaprezentowano zastosowanie koncepcji rachunku kosztów działań do wyceny świadczonych usług w British Telecom. Wykorzystanie właściwych nośników kosztów pozwala na prawidłowe przypisanie kosztów obiektom je generującym. W części trzeciej opisano doświadczenia krajów Unii Europejskiej w zakresie stosowania rachunku kosztów działań do wyceny świadczeń medycznych. Stanowią one przesłankę dla wdrożenia tej koncepcji do wyceny usług zdrowotnych na rynku polskim.

  13. Surface chemistry and spectroscopy of UG8 asphaltene Langmuir film, part 2.

    Orbulescu, Jhony; Mullins, Oliver C; Leblanc, Roger M


    While there has been much focus on asphaltenes in toluene, there has been much less focus on asphaltenes in other solvents. It is important to quantify characteristics of asphaltenes in solvents besides toluene in order to better assess their molecular architecture as well as their fundamental aggregation characteristics. The present work focuses on the investigation of UG8 asphaltene Langmuir films at the air-water interface using chloroform as spreading solvent. The results are compared to the results recently obtained using toluene as spreading solvent. Surface pressure-area isotherms and UV-vis spectroscopy indicate that asphaltenes form smaller nanoaggregates in chloroform than in toluene in similar concentration ranges. Still these nanoaggreates share common features with those in toluene. From the surface pressure-area and compression-decompression isotherms, Brewster angle microscopy, and p-polarized infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy, it was concluded that small size aggregates are spread on the water surface and the compression of the film leads to formation of large aggregates. The films (Langmuir-Schaefer and Langmuir-Blodgett) studied by atomic force microscopy reveal the existence of nanoaggregates spread on the water surface that coexist with large aggregates formed during compression. In addition to these findings, the spreading solvent, chloroform, allows the determination of asphaltene absorption bands using in situ UV-vis spectroscopy at the air-water interface after 15 min waiting time period. The absorbance data carried out after waiting a time period of 1 h shows similar features with the ones carried out after only 15 min; therefore, there is no need to wait 1 h as in the case when toluene is used as spreading solvent. A comparison of the data obtained from chloroform and toluene shows that smaller aggregate sizes are obtained from chloroform as suggested from the surface pressure-area isotherm, in situ UV-vis spectroscopy, and

  14. The Practice of Comparative Teaching Method in UG Teaching%对比教学法在UG教学中的实践



    UG软件广泛应用于航空、航天、汽车、造船、模具、机械等行业,高等职业教育以培养技术技能型人才为主要目标,UG软件教育在高职教育中有着重要的作用。本文探索了高职UG软件教学方法在学习UG软件中的重要性。%UG software is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, die and mould, mechanical industry, higher vocational education to cultivate technical talents as the main target, UG software education in the higher vocational education has a important role. This paper explores the importance of the teaching method of UG software in Higher Vocational Education in UG software learning.

  15. Roll forging die design based on UG secondary development%UG二次开发在辊锻模具设计中的应用

    魏科; 王高潮; 李宁; 夏春林


    综合运用UG表达式法及UG二次开发工具UG/Open API、UG/0pen MenuScript、UG/Open UIStyler和Visual C++6.0,根据汽车前轴锻件的加工原理,开发了汽车前轴精制坯辊锻系统.在该系统中,前轴辊锻件和辊锻模参数化造型易于设计及修改,任何汽车前轴设计人员都能够方便的操作.该系统对提高汽车前轴辊锻模具设计的效率、缩短模具开发周期具有较强的实用价值,同时也为后期的辊锻模具制造和有限元模拟做好了强大的铺垫.%Combined with the method of UG expression and the tools of the UG secondary development including UG/Open MenuScript, UG/Open UIStyler, UG/Open API and Visual C+ +6.0,the roll-forging system of precision and billet on automotive front axle was developed based on the front axle forging process theory. In this system, the front axle forging and die was easily modified, and any front axle forging designer could handle it with much convenience.This method brings practical values for improving efficiency of front axle forging die design and shortening the die development period, meanwhile, making a strong fundament for the following roll-forging die production and finite element method.

  16. Quantification of African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV) and East African cassava mosaic virus (EACMV-UG) in single and mixed infected Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) using quantitative PCR.

    Naseem, Saadia; Winter, Stephan


    The quantity of genomic DNA-A and DNA-B of African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV) and East African cassava mosaic virus Uganda (Uganda variant, EACMV-UG) was analysed using quantitative PCR to assess virus concentrations in plants from susceptible and tolerant cultivars. The concentrations of genome components in absolute and relative quantification experiments in single and mixed viral infections were determined. Virus concentration was much higher in symptomatic leaf tissues compared to non-symptomatic leaves and corresponded with the severity of disease symptoms. In general, higher titres were recorded for EACMV-UG Ca055 compared to ACMV DRC6. The quantitative assessment also showed that the distribution of both viruses in the moderately resistant cassava cv. TMS 30572 was not different from the highly susceptible cv. TME 117. Natural mixed infections with both viruses gave severe disease symptoms. Relative quantification of virus genomes in mixed infections showed higher concentrations of EACMV-UG DNA-A compared to ACMV DNA-A, but a marked reduction of EACMV-UG DNA-B. The higher concentrations of EACMV-UG DNA-B compared to EACMV DNA-A accumulation in single infections were consistent. Since DNA-B is implicated in virus cell-to-cell spread and systemic movement, the abundance of the EACMV-UG DNA-B may be an important factor driving cassava mosaic disease epidemic.

  17. 五轴数控加工中心UG NX后处理研究%UG NX Post-processing Research on Five-axis CNC Machining Center

    艾建军; 刘建敏; 许东太


    介绍了UG后处理开发的方法,以一个典型的A、B摆角的五轴FANUC系统数控龙门铣床为例.设定了机床参数、程序和刀轨参数,叙述了刀库后处理方法.指出了普通的UG NX/Post Builder产生的后处理文件不符合要求时,可利用Custom Command(用户自定义命令)来处理,生成符合条件的NC程序.

  18. PGR and ESR-1 expression profiles in bovine endometrium with endometritis%子宫内膜炎患牛子宫内膜PGR和ESR-1 mRNA的表达特征

    王国卿; 王洪海; 张乃生


    To analyze the role of ovarian hormone and its receptors in endometrium with bovine endometritis, we se- lected healthy Chinese Holstein cows and those suffering from acute purulent endometritis at 6-10 days post-natal as control and experimental group, respectively. The concentration of PGF2a in endometrium, progesterone, estradiol in blood serum was detected by ELISA. PGR and ESR-1 expression were examined using real-time PCR in the bovine endometrium. The concentration of PGF2a in endometrium, progesterone, estradiol in blood serum was (6. 503 ± 0. 122),(0. 816±0. 281),(35. 462± 2. 523) μg/L in experimental group,and (14. 408±0. 285), (0. 543±0. 142), (37.6± 1. 317) μg/L in control group,respectively. The concentration of PGF2a was lower (P〈0.01) ,progesterone in the experimental group was higher than in control group(P 〈0.05), PGF2a was negatively correlated with pro- gesterone(r=0. 893). Estradiol was no notable different between control and experimental group(P〉0.05). The ex- pression level of PGR mRNA was higher notably in experimental group than that in control group(P〈0.01), but ESR-1 mRNA was lower with significant differenee(P〈0.01). High progesterone and PGR mRNA levels could in- hibit the contraction of the muscles in the wall of the uterus. Lower estrogen and ESR-I mRNA could down-regulate metabolism of uterus,the functions of uterus synthesise PGF2a. Abnormal expression of PGR and ESR-1 may pro- mote the development of postpartum endometritis.%为探讨卵巢激素及其子宫内膜受体在奶牛子宫内膜炎中的作用,以产后6~10d健康及患急性化脓性子宫内膜炎的中国荷斯坦奶牛为研究对象,通过ELISA法检测子宫内膜中PGF2a,血清中孕酮和雌二醇浓度,SYBRGreenⅠ荧光定量PCR检测子宫内膜PGR和ESR-1mRNA的表达。结果显示,病牛子宫内膜PGF2α水平为(6.503±0.122)μg/L,血清孕酮为(0.816±0.281)

  19. 应用UG NX软件实现汽车零部件的参数化设计

    罗金桥; 杨波; 邓楚南


    本文针对汽车制动器间隙自动调整臂的设计特点及设计过程。应用UG NX 2.0软件的参数化设计模块,通过改变零部件的主要特征参数,生成了不同型号的零部件。从而缩短产品的设计周期,提高设计效率。

  20. Application of Knowledge and UG Secondary Development Technology in Parametric Design System of Spreader%基于知识与 UG 二次开发的吊具参数化设计系统

    王小明; 王耕耘; 张文明; 王华侨


    由于作业时需要具有很高的安全性,因此吊具结构尺寸的设计和安全性检验便成为关键。在原有设计方法的基础上,利用UG7.5开发了吊具设计系统,并采用 ANSYS对吊具进行有限元分析。根据计算和有限元分析结果,优化了吊具的结构尺寸,实现了吊具在生产前的检验与优化。%Because of the high security requirements of spreader ,the structure design and safety testing of spreader have become important .Based on the original design methods ,a parametric design system of spreader was developed by using UG7 .5 ,and this paper conducted finite element analysis for the spreader with ANSYS .According to the results of the calculation and finite element analysis ,the structural dimensions of the spreader could be improved ,and the spreader could be inspected and optimized before production .

  1. The Interaction of Input and UG in the Acquisition of Verb Movement in a Dialect of Norwegian

    Marit R. Westergaard


    Full Text Available In this paper it is argued that a principle of information structure provided by Universal Grammar (UG may interact with input in the acquisition of word order. In a study which investigates three children from the age of approximately 1;9 to 3 acquiring a Northern dialect of Norwegian, it has previously been shown that word order patterns in certain types of wh-questions which are sensitive to subtle distinctions in the information value of the subject (given vs. new are acquired extremely early (Westergaard 2003a. This paper presents a study of the same children’s topicalization constructions, and it is shown that, although these patterns of information structure do not appear in the input, the children nevertheless show traces of these patterns in the non-target forms that they occasionally produce. Thus, in their very early production of topicalization constructions the children seem to be guided by a word order principle based on information structure, which could be taken as support for this as a word order preferred by UG.

  2. 基于 Imageware 和 UG 技术的逆向曲面重构及模具设计方法%Reverse Surface Reconstruction and Mould Design Method Based on Imageware & UG

    郭恒亚; 黄明; 李红莉


    Using reverse assistive technology for fast and precise mold design of some complex structure products,using 3D laser scanner to get point cloud data,using Imageware software for point cloud processing and surface reconstruction,then 3D modeling in UG software and the corresponding optimal design were made. The full mould drawings of final design with the most reasonable method was got for subsequent mould processing and production. The results show that this method can not only improve the precision of the mould and products,and can greatly shorten the design cycle,save cost. Especially for some complex structure, high surface requirements or lost original geometric data of the products,it can exert more advantage.%采用逆向辅助技术,对一款结构较为复杂的某制品进行快速而精确的模具设计,先利用三维激光扫描仪得到其点云数据,再使用 Imageware 软件进行点云处理和曲面重构,然后在 UG 软件中进行三维造型及相应的优化设计,最终以最合理的设计方法得到完整的模具图,用于后续的模具加工与生产。结果表明,此方法既能提高模具及产品的精度,又能大大缩短设计周期,节约成本。尤其对一些具有结构复杂、曲面要求高或者缺失原始几何数据的制品,此方法更能发挥其优势。

  3. The Application of UG Software in the Design of Complex Plastic Model%UG软件在复杂塑料模具设计中的应用



    Plastic products with their excellent performance and wide use, gradually occupy an important position. This paper mainly analyzes the main features of UG software and its specific function, discusses the application situa-tion of UG software in complex plastic model, and introduces some specific operation of UC software in plastic model design, and with the specific design case interprets the application of UG software in complex plastic mold design.%本文分析了UG软件的主要特点及具体功能,论述了UG软件在复杂塑料模型中的应用现状,并且以具体设计为案例,对UG软件在复杂塑料模具设计中的应用进行阐述.

  4. Research of the Secondary Development of UG Based on Visual Studio 2010%基于Visual Studio 2010的UG二次开发研究

    刘奇; 林岗


    Visual Studio 2010是集VB、VC#、VC++等为一体的集成开发平台,并且具有操作简便、稳定可靠等特点.目前UG二次开发大多基于VC++6.0平台,基于Visual Studio 2010平台的比较少.文章选用UG/Open API和UG/Open MenuScript 语言作为技术支持,利用Visual Studio 2010平台创建NX6 Open Wizard类型项目,编写了程序代码,并经过调试和修改,编译生成了DLL文件,最终完成了UG零件的二次开发,为UG(Unigraphics)二次开发提供了一种新的途径.

  5. Study on Intelligent NC Programming for Complex Components of Marine Diesel Based on KBE and UG NX

    ZHANG Liang; ZHANG Shengwen; FANG Xifeng


    The NC programming for complex components has lots drawbacks such as excessive repetitious labors, heavy workload and lack of optimization, which are especially serious in NC programming for complex components of marine diesel. Based on the key technologies of applying KBE(Knowledge Based Engineering)to NC programming--knowledge representation, generalized knowledge base, knowledge acquisition and knowledge reasoning, the system of intelligent NC programming for complex components of marine diesel has been built by means of the knowledge template and the UG/Open. The experiment results indicate that the NC program generated with high efficiency of NC programming by the system is accurate enough to meet the need of NC machining. Consequently, the automatization and intelligentization of NC programming has been presented, and the study is proved to be a successful attempt in the area of applying KBE to NC programming.

  6. Implications of $D^0-\\overline{D^0}$ on the rare top quark decays $t\\to u\\gamma$ and $t\\to ug$

    Aranda, J I; Ramírez--Zavaleta, F; Toscano, J J; Tututi, E S


    The recently observed mass difference of the $D^0-\\overline{D^0}$ mixing is used to predict the branching ratios of the rare top quark decays $t\\to u\\gamma$ and $t\\to ug$ in a model independent way using the effective Lagrangian approach. It is found that $Br(t\\to u\\gamma)<4\\times 10^{-4}$ and $Br(t\\to ug)<2\\times 10^{-3}$, which still may be within reach of the LHC collider.

  7. Epidemiology of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici-Ug99 in the Rift Valley “Flyway” from Uganda-Kenya to Yemen

    Nagarajan, S.; Kogel, H.J.; Zadoks, J.C.


    Dispersal of a new virulence of Puccinia graminis tritici (Pgt)-Ug99 from Uganda-Kenya to Yemen, over >1000 km, happened in four years. Geo-agro-ecology of wheat cultivation and the epidemiology of Pgt indicate that the Rift Valley is a natural conduit “flyway.” The widely prevalent “green bridge

  8. Finite Element Structural Analysis based on UG and AYSYS%基于UG和ANSYS的有限元结构分析

    朱俊圃; 任军号


    通过对某型开关阀构件的结构可靠性进行有限元分析,研究了UG和ANSYS相结合的有效方法.讨论了在UG中建模并在ANSYS中预处理、解算和后处理的方法和在UG中完全预处理、在ANSYS中解算和进行后处理的方法.实践表明,后一种方法能更有效地体现UG和ANSYS软件各自的优点,更适合工程实际应用.本文的分析结论对复杂结构的实体模型进行有限元分析有一定的参考价值.%Through the questions of a component of switch valve about reliable finite element analysis, the paper re-searched the effective way that how to combine UG with ANSYS. Discussed UG modeling and the way of pretreatment, computing and aflcrtreatment in ANSYS and in UG. The practice showed that the last way can get the advantages both UG and ANSYS. it is more suitable for application of real engineering. The conclusions of this paper have some reference values for complicated structural mockup finite element analysis.

  9. Genetic mapping of resistance to the Ug99 race group of Puccinia graminis f. sp tritici in a spring wheat landrace CItr 4311

    Wheat landrace CItr 4311 has seedling resistance to stem rust caused by Puccinia graminis f. sp tritici Eriks. & E. Henn (Pgt) race TTKSK and field resistance to the Ug99 race group. Parents, F1 seedlings, 121 doubled haploid (DH) lines, and 124 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) developed from a cross...

  10. 基于UG的航空发动机管路系统流阻分析%Flow Resistance Analysis on Aeroengine Pipe System Based on UG

    邱明星; 付鹏哲; 钟易成; 赵士洋


    Pipe modeling and flow analysis of aeroengine pipe system were performed respectively in software of CAD and CAE.A great deal of time and resources were wasted in repeated data transmission and modeling between two kinds of softwares.The UG routing models and topology information were analyzed based on the UG/Open API.The inserted modules of fluid system resistance analysis in workbench of UG NX3.0 were developed by the flow simulation software FOCUSS-FS.The real-time on-line flow analysis of aeroengine pipe modeling was achieved,which increase the efficiency of pipe design.%航空发动机外部管路系统的管路建模和流动分析分别在CAD和CAE软件中进行,在管路设计及改进时往往需在2种软件之间进行重复建模和数据传递,耗费大量时间与资源。为此,基于UG/Open API技术,通过对UG管路模型几何与拓扑信息进行研究,利用流体仿真软件FOCUSS-FS开发了UG NX3.0工作平台下的内嵌式管路流阻分析模块,实现了发动机管路建模时的实时在线流动分析,极大地提高了外部管路设计效率。

  11. 基于 UG 图形模板的渐开线花键轴滚轧轮参数化设计%Parametric Design of Rolling Wheel of Involute Spline Shaft Based on UG Graphical Templates

    王柯智; 余小鲁


    The authors used UG to parametric modeling the rolling wheel of involute spline shaft .The basic parame‐ters of the rolling wheel were determined by the parameters of the spline shaft ,then the spline shaft parameters were associated with the 3D model of the rolling wheel .By modifying the keys ,modulus ,pressure angle and other pa‐rameters of spline shaft ,three‐dimensional model of rolling wheel was obtained ,which improves the design efficien‐cy and reusability of design ideas greatly .%运用UG软件对渐开线花键轴滚轧轮进行参数化建模,通过花键轴的参数确定滚轧轮基本参数,将花键轴参数与滚轧轮三维模型关联起来。通过修改花键轴的键数、模数、压力角等参数,建立所需滚轧轮的三维模型,大大提高了设计效率以及设计思路的可重用性。

  12. Application of the Machine Vice Motion Simulation Based on the UG NX%基于UG NX在机用虎钳运动仿真中的应用



    NX是一种最普及、最优秀的CAD/CAM/CAE软件。笔者结合近几年的教学及工作经验,借助NX软件强大的实体建模功能进行建模,并利用装配功能完成了虚拟模型的创建,然后进行了详细的运动仿真分析。本文简单介绍NX软件的装配模块以及UGNX运动仿真应用于机械结构设计。%NX is one of the most popular and the most excellent CAD/CAM/CAE software. Combined with the teaching and work experience in recent years, and with the help of powerful modeling function of the NX soft- ware, this paper uses the assembly function to complete the virtual model, and then carries out a detailed analysis simulation. This paper briefly introduces the assembly module of the NX software and the application of UG NX motion simulation to the design of mechanical structure.

  13. Rapid Design and Processing Technology of Injection Mold Based on UG6.0%基于UG6.0的注塑模具的快速设计与加工技术

    李斐; 王艳萍


    以塑料鼠标上盖制品为例,按照现代模具设计方法的一般过程,综合运用UG中模具设计与加工模块,完成塑料制品的模具设计与模具的数控加工.与传统的模具设计方法相比,现代模具设计方法提高了模具设计的准确率,缩短了模具设计和制造周期,降低了成本.%Taking the upper cover of the mouse as an example, the design and NC machining of the mold of plastic product were completed by mold design and processing module in UG.Compared with traditional mold design methods, the modern mold design method improves the accuracy of mold design, reduces the manufacturing time and costs.

  14. Resumptive pronouns in wh-interrogatives and object relative clauses in L2 English: UG access or transfer?

    Adela Simoiu


    Full Text Available The paper investigates whether resumptive pronouns are attested in the English L2 of Romanian learners and whether their presence can be accounted for in terms of direct access to UG or in terms if transfer hypotheses. The results are also analysed in relation to the Interpretability Hypothesis (Tsimpli and Dimitrakopoulou 2007. Overall, the data provide evidence for transfer of resumptive pronoun use from L1 Romanian to L2 English in the case of object wh-interrogatives and relatives. Resumptives are accepted in the L2 in [d-linked] contexts that mirror the Romanian structures. However, resumptives are also accepted in [non-d-linked] contexts as well, in accordance with the target language. One possible account may be that there is an available position associated with resumptives in the verbal field which can be filled by resumptive material and this position remains available in the L2 as well. Learners have access to L1 and L2 parametric options at the same time, so they accept and produce both L1 and L2 structures. The Romanian data provide support in favour of the Interpretability Hypothesis i.e. there are animacy effects in the Romanian data. The subjects accepted more [-animate] than [+animate] resumptives.

  15. Underground gas storage Uelsen: Findings from planning, building and commissioning the surface buildings and structures; Untertagegasspeicher (UGS) Uelsen: Erkenntnisse aus Planung, Bau und Inbetriebnahme der obertaegigen Anlagen

    Focke, H.; Brueggmann, R.; Mende, F.; Steinkraus, D.; Wauer, R. [BEB Erdgas und Erdoel GmbH, Hannover (Germany)


    The article describes the concepts of the plants and equipment and the specific features of the underground storage at Uelsen. The underground storage will be purpose-built as an H-gas storage in a nearly depleted sandstone deposit. At a nominal deliverability of 250.000 cubic m/h (Vn) the storage at Uelsen has more potential for expansion. This potential was taken into account by designing appropriate pressure stages, capacities, performance characteristics and space. (orig.). [Deutsch] Die nachfolgende Veroeffentlichung stellt das anlagentechnische Grundkonzept und die spezifischen Besonderheiten des UGS Uelsen dar. Der im suedwestlichen Niedersachsen als H-Gasspeicher in einer nahezu ausgefoerderten Buntsandsteinlagerstaette eingerichtete UGS Uelsen wird in mehreren Ausbaustufen bedarfsgerecht fertiggestellt. Bei einer Nennentnahmekapazitaet von 450.000 m{sup 3}/h (Vn) und einer Nenninjektionsleistung von 250.000 m{sup 3}/h (Vn) weist der UGS Uelsen noch weiteres Potential fuer Erweiterungen auf. Dieses Ausbaupotential wurde bei der Planung und dem Bau der bestehenden Anlagen durch Festlegung entsprechender Druckstufen, Kapazitaeten, Leistungsgroessen und Platzanordnungen beruecksichtigt. (orig.)

  16. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Mgr. 2002

    Acute Toxicity of Diazinon on Rotifers, Cyclops, Mosquito Larvae and Fish. * ZAGBON ... Diazinon was highly toxic to mosquito larvae and cyclops, which are targets in the control of vectors of parasitic .... and Biological Chemistry. CRC Press,.

  17. Systematyzacja i pomiar postrzeganych zmian w obrazie siebie konsumentów pod wpływem korzystania z marek usług

    Oleg Gorbaniuk


    Full Text Available Cel: Celami przeprowadzonych badań były (1 usystematyzowanie postrzeganych przez konsumentów pozytywnych i negatywnych zmian w obrazie siebie z tytułu korzystania z marek usług oraz (2 opracowanie wielowymiarowego narzędzia do pomiaru tych zmian. Metodologia: Aby osiągnąć powyższe cele, zrealizowano badania jakościowe oraz ilościowe. Badania jakościowe,prowadzone metodą indywidualnego wywiadu, objęły próbę 318 osób w wieku od 13 do 82 roku życia (M = 37,64, SD = 16,69; 47,2% kobiet. W efekcie skompletowano zbiór pozytywnych i negatywnych zmian w obrazie siebie jako konsumentów wskutek korzystania z usług różnych marek, które zostały poddane szczegółowej kategoryzacji. Opierając się na wynikach kategoryzacji, opracowano kwestionariusz, którego skale miały postać dyferencjału semantycznego. Badania ilościowe przeprowadzone zostały na próbie 378 osób w wieku od 15 do 78 lat (M = 34,62; SD = 13,42; 53,6% kobiet. Wnioski: Analiza wyników badań umożliwiła identyfikację dziewięciu wymiarów postrzeganych zmian w obrazie siebie pod wpływem korzystania z marek usług. Na podstawie uzyskanych wyników opracowano kwestionariusz do wielowymiarowego pomiaru zmian w obrazie siebie o bardzo dobrych wskaźnikach psychometrycznych z uwagi na rzetelność pomiaru i trafność przewidywania preferencji marek usług. Praktyczne implikacje: Opracowano nowatorskie wielowymiarowe narzędzie do praktycznego zastosowania w zarządzaniu marką usług. Zidentyfi kowane wymiary postrzeganych zmian obrazu siebie konsumentów marek stanowią praktyczną wskazówkę, czym należy się kierować w komunikacji marketingowej. Oryginalność: Wyniki badań i opracowane skale przełamują wieloletni impas w teorii i metodologii badań relacji Ja–marka.

  18. Advanced MicroObserver UGS integration with and cueing of the BattleHawk squad level loitering munition and UAV

    Steadman, Bob; Finklea, John; Kershaw, James; Loughman, Cathy; Shaffner, Patti; Frost, Dean; Deller, Sean


    Textron's Advanced MicroObserver(R) is a next generation remote unattended ground sensor system (UGS) for border security, infrastructure protection, and small combat unit security. The original MicroObserver(R) is a sophisticated seismic sensor system with multi-node fusion that supports target tracking. This system has been deployed in combat theaters. The system's seismic sensor nodes are uniquely able to be completely buried (including antennas) for optimal covertness. The advanced version adds a wireless day/night Electro-Optic Infrared (EOIR) system, cued by seismic tracking, with sophisticated target discrimination and automatic frame capture features. Also new is a field deployable Gateway configurable with a variety of radio systems and flexible networking, an important upgrade that enabled the research described herein. BattleHawkTM is a small tube launched Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with a warhead. Using transmitted video from its EOIR subsystem an operator can search for and acquire a target day or night, select a target for attack, and execute terminal dive to destroy the target. It is designed as a lightweight squad level asset carried by an individual infantryman. Although BattleHawk has the best loiter time in its class, it's still relatively short compared to large UAVs. Also it's a one-shot asset in its munition configuration. Therefore Textron Defense Systems conducted research, funded internally, to determine if there was military utility in having the highly persistent MicroObserver(R) system cue BattleHawk's launch and vector it to beyond visual range targets for engagement. This paper describes that research; the system configuration implemented, and the results of field testing that was performed on a government range early in 2013. On the integrated system that was implemented, MicroObserver(R) seismic detections activated that system's camera which then automatically captured images of the target. The geo-referenced and time-tagged Micro

  19. 继往开来 创PLM领域新辉煌——记2007 UGS PLM软件公司大中华区用户年会



    2007年正值UGS PLM软件公司进入中国20周年,作为PLM领域的领导者之一,UGS PLM软件公司一直致力于帮助中国企业由“中国制造”到“中国剑造”的转变,并取得了跨越式的发展。

  20. Study on the Products Design of Micro-wave Oven Based on UG%基于UG的微波炉产品设计研究

    沈自林; 沈庆云; 范彦斌



  1. Application of Composite Projection Command to UG Product Modeling%组合投影命令在UG产品造型中的应用



    In the process of product modeling, several basic projections are usually provided in general engineering flow sheets, then UG software is used to deduce product modeling. In the process this is the crucial step to use several curves or curve chains on different planes to get space curve,and then surface mesh is used to carry out scan or swept order is used to make surface modeling. This paper takes a handle for example to introduce the concrete principle and application of UG curve space composite projection order.%产品设计师在建构产品外形的过程中,针对一般工程技术图样提供了基本视图,而要求用UG软件做出产品外观造型,其中关键的步骤是通过几个在不同平面的曲线或者曲线串得到其空间曲线,进而利用网格曲面、扫描或已扫掠等命令求曲面造型.以把手零件建模为例,详细介绍了UG曲线空间组合投影命令的原理及其具体应用.

  2. Wpływ informatyzacji Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu na zmiany organizacyjne i rozwój usług bibliotecznych

    Piotr Karwasiński


    Full Text Available W artykule omówiono zagadnienia związane z procesami informatyzacji Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu. W celu dokładnego scharakteryzowania przemian, prócz rysu historycznego, przedstawiono obszary, które wyraźnie poprawiły jakość pracy personelu i obsługę czytelników oraz przyczyniły się do poznania, upowszechniania i wdrażania nowoczesnych rozwiązań technologicznych. Zaprezentowano proces zmian w zakresie funkcjonowania systemu biblioteczno-informacyjnego Horizon i współpracy z narodowym katalogiem centralnym NUKAT. Opisano etapy rozwoju elektronicznej przestrzeni informacyjnej, w tym budowania elektronicznych zasobów wiedzy i tworzenia narzędzi do ich obsługi i wykorzystania w procesach wyszukiwania źródeł informacji. Zaprezentowano Bibliotekę Uniwersytecką jako partnera w aranżowaniu instytucjonalnych platform cyfrowych do deponowania i udostępniania dorobku intelektualnego społeczności naukowej Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu. Wskazano także funkcjonalność zaprojektowanych i wdrożonych innowacyjnych usług wirtualnych pakietu Libsmart, optymalizujących funkcjonowanie Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej.

  3. Parametric Design of Roots Rotor Based on Secondary Development of UG%基于UG二次开发的罗茨转子参数化设计



    罗茨转子作为相关设备的关键零件,其设计质量决定了设备的使用性能.使用UG/Open二次开发软件包中的Menu Script编写用户自定义菜单,使用UIStyler工具制作用户交互界面.并结合罗茨转子的结构特点及其设计要求,运用UG/OPEN二次开发工具和VisualC开发罗’茨转子设计系统.运用该系统,设计人员能够准确、高效的完成罗茨转子的参数化设计,并且还可以验证罗茨转子在啮合状态下的干涉情况,为转子的优化设计提供了可靠的理论依据.从而,提高了罗茨转子的设计质量和效率.

  4. A Research on Experience in EIZ Rotor Formation with UG%应用UG对EIZ转子造型的经验研究



    In order to facilitate the modification of drawings in future,all the sketches shall be constraint,when labeling the sketches constrained,it would turn reddish-brown completely in color.If it is the first time to install and apply UG,the promotion function of the software may not be opened,it is suggested to follow file-tools-users default Settings-assembly-routine-inter-part modeling-allow to promote body-activate .%为了便于以后修改图纸,一定要将草图全约束,约束住的草图在标注时颜色会全部变为红褐色. 如果是第一次安装,使用UG,可能软件还没有开通提升功能,可以通过文件→实用工具→用户默认设置→装配→常规→部件间建模→允许提升体,激活允许即可.

  5. Evaluation of PGE Liberation and Chromium Isolation in a Solid UG2 Chromitite Concentrates at Moderate Temperatures Using ICP-OES

    Chiweshe, Trevor T.; Purcell, Walter; Venter, Johan A.


    Complete sample digestion is a prerequisite in achieving accurate and reproducible results in wet chemical analysis as well as effective element recovery in hydrometallurgical beneficiation processes. Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy was used to evaluate the efficiency of (NH4)2HPO4/(NH4)H2PO4, Na2HPO4/NaH2PO4·H2O (800°C), NH4F·HF flux (250°C), microwave dissolution using HCl and aqua regia acids (240°C) to dissolve and liberate the platinum group metals (PGE) in a Upper Group 2 (UG2) chromitite concentrate sample. Complete digestion of the UG2 chromitite ore was achieved using Na2HPO4/NaH2PO4·H2O and (NH4)2HPO4/(NH4)H2PO4 flux mixtures and average PGE (Ru, Os and Pt) yields of 1.90 g/kg (Ru), 0.88 g/kg (Os), 2.52 g/kg (Pt) were obtained using Sc as internal standard. Fusion with NH4F·HF yielded 0.85 g/kg (Ru), 0.72 g/kg (Os) and 0.95 g/kg (Pt) whilst microwave dissolution using HCl and aqua regia yielded an average of 0.77 g/kg (Ru), 0.08 g/kg (Os) and 0.35 g/kg (Pt). Sodium phosphate flux, however, introduced Na+ ions as easily ionised elements, which affected the emission intensities to yield slightly inflated PGE (Ru, Os and Pt) yields. The use of ammonium phosphate and sodium phosphate at 800°C (after the selective removal of Na+ ions) proved to better the fluxes and produced higher and consistent PGE yields. The use of ammonium phosphate flux was also shown to facilitate the isolation of a green chromium precipitate with a 98.9% purity, which may assist in a hydrometallurgical beneficiation process of the UG2 chromitite concentrate ore and may also have important implications for the ferro-chrome industry.

  6. Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of an Assistant Robot on UG and ADAMS%UG与ADAMS的助行机器人动力学建模与仿真

    王仲民; 周鹏; 刘玉山


    A new type of assistant robot system is designed based on analysis to human walking movement, and this robot' s dynamic modeling is set up by Lagrange method. Through software UG and ADAMS, simulation experiments are carried out and characters of the robot's dynamics are analyzed also.%基于对人体行走运动的分析,设计了一种新型助行机器人,采用拉格朗日方法建立了其动力学模型.在此基础上,采用UG和ADAMS软件时机器人的行走过程进行了仿真研究,并对其动力学特性进行了分析.

  7. Zasady ujawniania aktywów biologicznychw sprawozdaniach finansowych jednostek rolniczychwedług Międzynarodowych StandardówSprawozdawczości Finansowej

    Teresa Kiziukiewicz


    Full Text Available Charakterystycznym dla przedsiębiorstw rolniczych składnikiem aktywów są aktywa biologiczne. Wyróżnia je fakt podlegania przemianie biologicznej, wskutek której przekształcają się one w produkty rolnicze lub inne aktywa biologiczne. W związku z tą specyfiką powstaje problem odpowiedniej prezentacji informacji o nich. W artykule są przedstawione zasady i zakres ujawnień o aktywach biologicznych w sprawozdaniu finansowym i dołączanych do niego raportach szczegółowych, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem problemów wyceny według wartości godziwej.

  8. Progress Towards Genetics and Breeding for Minor Genes Based Resistance to Ug99 and Other Rusts in CIMMYT High-Yielding Spring Wheat

    Ravi Prakash Singh; Sybil Herrera-Foessel; Julio Huerta-Espino; Sukhwinder Singh; Sridhar Bhavani; Caixia Lan; and Bhoja Raj Basnet


    Wheat rusts continue to cause signiifcant losses worldwide despite major efforts given to their genetic control. This is due to frequent evolution and selection of virulence in pathogen overcoming the deployed race-speciifc resistance genes. Although the life of effective race-speciifc resistance genes can be prolonged by using gene combinations, an alternative approach being implemented at CIMMYT is to deploy varieties that posses adult plant resistance (APR) based on combinations of minor, slow rusting genes. When present alone, the APR genes do not confer adequate resistance especially under high disease pressure; however, combinations of 4 or 5 minor genes usually result in “near-immunity” or a high level of resistance. Although only a few APR genes are catalogued, various APR QTLs are now known and could lead to further characterization of additional genes. Four characterized genes have pleiotropic effects in conferring partial APR to all 3 rusts and powdery mildew, thus simplifying the task of breeding wheat varieties that are resistant to multiple diseases. Signiifcant progress was made recently in developing high-yielding wheat germplasm that possesses high levels of APR to all three rusts by implementing a Mexico-Kenya shuttle breeding scheme. Parents with APR to Ug99 were hybridized with high-yielding parents that had adequate to high levels of APR to leaf rust and yellow rust. Segregating populations and advanced lines from these crosses were selected under high rust pressures in Mexico (leaf rust and yellow rust) and Kenya (Ug99 stem rust and yellow rust) to identify high-yielding progenies that possess high to adequate APR to all three rusts. International distribution of these high-yielding wheats is underway through CIMMYT international yield trials and screening nurseries. It is expected that several wheat varieties with APR to three rusts will be released and grown in various countries in the near-future that will allow determining the

  9. Genetics and Mapping of Seedling Resistance to Ug99 Stem Rust in the Winter Wheat Cultivar Triumph 64 and Differentiation of SrTmp, SrCad, and Sr42

    Stem rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eriks. & E. Henn. (Pgt), is an important disease of wheat that can be controlled by deploying effective stem rust resistance (Sr) genes. The emergence of virulent Pgt races in Africa, namely Ug99 and its variants, has stimulated the se...

  10. Genetic loci conditioning adult plant resistance to the Ug99 race group and seedling resistance to races TRTTF and TTTTF of the stem rust pathogen in wheat landrace CItr 15026

    Wheat landrace CItr 15026 previously showed adult plant resistance (APR) to the Ug99 stem rust race group in Kenya and seedling resistance to Puccinia graminis f. sp tritici (Pgt) races QFCSC, TTTTF, and TRTTF. CItr 15026 was crossed to susceptible accessions LMPG-6 and Red Bobs, and 180 DH lines an...

  11. Molecular mapping of stem rust resistance loci effective against the Ug99 race group of the stem rust pathogen and identification of SNP marker linked to stem rust resistance gene Sr28

    Wheat landrace PI 177906 has field resistance to the Ug99 race group and seedling resistance to stem rust caused by Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici (Pgt) races TTKSK, TTKST, and BCCBC. Two populations were developed from a cross between PI 177906 and LMPG-6, 138 double haploid (DH) lines and 140 re...

  12. The Studying of Cross-section Moment of Inertia in the Secondary Development Based on UG%UG二次开发中截面惯性矩计算方法的研究

    张宏伟; 贺尔铭; 赵志彬


    To solve the problem of calculating moment of inertia involved in complex bending parts die surface, the algorithm of cross-section moment of inertia is put forward, based on the definition of moment of inertia. Firstly find moment of inertia and product of inertia passing centroid, then determine principal moment of inertia by using rotation axis formula. And with the development platform of the VC ++ , the second development of UG is realized by UG/Open API and MFC functions.%针对复杂截面弯曲件成型中涉及的截面惯性矩计算问题.从惯性矩的定义出发,提出了一种求截面惯性矩的算法,即先求出过截面形心某一定轴的惯性矩和惯性积,然后利用转轴公式求得形心主惯性矩,再借助VC++开发平台,利用UG/Open API和微软基础类(Microsoft Foundation Classes,MFC)函数实现UG(Unigraphics NX)的二次开发.

  13. Repair of U/G and U/A in DNA by UNG2-associated repair complexes takes place predominantly by short-patch repair both in proliferating and growth-arrested cells

    Akbari, Mansour; Otterlei, Marit; Pena Diaz, Javier


    Nuclear uracil-DNA glycosylase UNG2 has an established role in repair of U/A pairs resulting from misincorporation of dUMP during replication. In antigen-stimulated B-lymphocytes UNG2 removes uracil from U/G mispairs as part of somatic hypermutation and class switch recombination processes. Using...

  14. 基于UG内啮合珩齿的仿真加工分析%Simulation Machining Analysis for Internal Gear Honing based on UG

    师瑜; 赵洪鹤; 张满栋


    Internal gear honing is a process of precise machining of the gear, in the process, there exists trace amounts of interference between tooth surfaces as helical internal honing wheel and spur gear are a gear pair with crossed shaft, a crown teeth can be obtained by removing the interference amount, and the crown teeth brings great benefit for reducing noise and enhancing the stability of transmission of the gear. Because the meshing of a crossed shaft gear pair is very complex, the analytical calculation of the quantity of interference between teeth is also difficult to be achieved. By using a 3 - D modeling software UG/NX, the parameter of the cylindrical internal helical gear and the spur gear modeling and assembly simulation is realized, through the simulation of gear meshing movement, interference is successfully removed to process the crown teeth, and finally data of interference for a single tooth is obtained.%内啮合珩齿是一种齿轮精密加工的工艺方法,由于其斜齿内珩轮与直齿圆柱齿轮属于交错轴齿轮副,齿面之间存在着微量的干涉.通过去除干涉量可得到鼓形齿,而鼓形齿对于降低噪声,增强齿轮传动的平稳性都有极大的益处.由于交错轴齿轮副的啮合情况非常复杂,轮齿之间的干涉量解析计算也难以实现.为此利用三维建模软件UG/NX实现了对圆柱内斜齿轮和直齿圆柱齿轮参数建模和装配,通过模拟齿轮的啮合运动,成功将干涉部分切除加工出鼓形齿.最终得到单个齿上的干涉量.

  15. 普遍语法及第二语言习得初探%A Brief Study on UG Theory and Second Language Acquisition

    曹炜; 胡荀


    乔姆斯基的普遍语法论认为人生来大脑中就有一种语言习得机制,其中包含着人类语言的普遍语法.它决定着儿童后天习得语言的能力,也决定着人类语言语法形式的选择范围.这一理论为第二语言习得的研究提供了新的视角,并由此产生了三大可及性假说理论.本文探讨了普遍语法与第二语言习得的关系,同时也探讨了普遍语法解释第二语言习得存在的一些问题.%The recognizing structure of language ability was believed to be innate in Chomsky's theory of universal grammar which guides people during language acquisition. It contains rules that are valid for all languages, thus it constrains grammars and helps the language learner by limiting the variations a language can have. His theories offered new angles in research of second language acquisition and also caused three different approaches to SLA. This article aims at discussing the relationship between UG theory and SLA, and some problems existed in the explanation of the study.

  16. UG and its Manifestation in Interlanguage Discourse%普遍语法在中介语语篇中的体现



    This paper looks closely at the popular but mysterious concept of UG with a purpose to understand what it is, how it works, and what concrete manifestations it has in interlanguage production in the context of first language acquisition.%本文从理论研究入手,首先分析普遍语法的概念,其次研究普遍语法在语言习得过程中的作用,然后通过举例分析在第一语言习得环境下普遍语法在中介语语篇中的具体体现.本文撰写的主要目的是能够使普遍语法这个抽象概念形象化和具体化,希望能对探索和研究第一和第二语言习得规律具有一定的参考价值.

  17. 基于UG的喷注器冷却通道的机床仿真加工%UG-based machining simulation of injector cooling channel

    刘英; 董文英


    在分析了喷注器壳体上冷却通道的结构特点和数控加工工艺的基础上,利用UG/ISV软件进行冷却通道的辅助加工,同时对喷注器三维模型的建立、加工过程参数的选用及刀具轨迹编程和加工仿真进行了详细介绍,并用五轴机床进行了加工实验,保证了加工质量,提高了加工效率。%Based on the analyses of structural features of cooling channel on the injector shell and NC machining process, computer-aided machining of cooling channel was conducted with UG/ISV software. The 3D injector model, machining parameter selection, tool path programming and machining simulation are introduced in detail. A 5-axis machine was adopted to carry out machining tests. The result proves that the above process can ensure the machining quality and improve the machining efficiency.

  18. Simulation analysis and optimization for ackerman steering linkage of double-wishbone suspension on UG NX%基于UG NX的双横臂独立悬架转向系统的仿真分析及优化

    张鹏; 张勇


    利用UG NX软件建立某客车双横臂独立悬架转向系统模型.基于NX CAD/Motion/Natran协同仿真平台,对转向系统结构进行系统动力学仿真,绘制前束角变化曲线,同时对内、外侧前轮转向角关系仿真曲线与阿克曼理论曲线进行对比分析.运用NX/Nastran与NX/Motion共同建立刚柔混合模型并对转向节臂进行柔性分析和拓扑优化.

  19. The underground storage Bernburg is given as an example for automation solution for the underground storage of the Verbundnetz Gas AG; Automatisierungsloesungen fuer die Untergrundgasspeicher der Verbundnetz Gas AG am Beispiel des UGS Bernburg

    Just, F. [Elpro Prozessindustrie- und Energieanlagen GmbH, Berlin (Germany); Hartan, J.; Stoll, P. [Verbundnetz Gas AG, Leipzig (Germany)


    Based on the system conception developed by VNG the automatization and measuring system installed on the underground storage at Bernburg is described. It is characterized by the use of standardized modules as a prerequisit for the low-priced but flexible high efficiency process control system wich will also meet future requirements. The connection to the data processing system was performed using a standardized unidirectional interface. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ausgehend von der VNG-spezifischen Automatisierungs- und Messkonzeption wird am Beispiel des UGS Bernburg eine konkrete Systemloesung vorgestellt. Diese ist dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass in allen Automatisierungsebenen weitestgehend standardisierte Grundkomponenten zum Einsatz kommen. Auf dieser Basis konnte fuer den UGS Bernburg ein kostenguenstiges, leistungsfaehiges, flexibles und zukunftssicheres Leitsystem installiert werden. Die Oeffnung des Prozessleitsystems erfolgte dahingehend, dass praktisch frei waehlbare Prozessgroessen mittels einer rueckwirkungsfreien Schnittstelle in die DV-Welt exportiert werden koennen. (orig.)

  20. 基于UG的电动自行车虚拟装配与运动学分析%Virtual assembly and kinematics analysis for e-bike based on UG

    路连; 高荣


    UG提供了一种产品工程解决方案,可对产品设计与加工全过程实现数字化造型与验证.采用UG软件完成电动自行车主要机械零部件三维设计与虚拟装配,其中也利用其Senario?for?FEA 模块对电动车关键零部件展开有限元分析;虚拟装配可实现零件静态干涉检查、装配路径规划等,有限元分析也促进了零件的进一步优化.最后,文中简述UG的运动学分析方法,其操作简单,可视化.通过运动件各关键点的位移、速度、加速度等变化规律曲线,从而轻松获知其运动特性.%UG software provides a kind of solution in Product Engineering, which may achieve digital modeling and verification for product design and machining process.3D design and virtual assembly for key mechanical parts of e-bike(electric bicycle )are accomplished by using UG.Meanwhile Finite-element analysis for the key parts has been done with UG/FEA as well.With the virtual assembly, static interference checking, layout planning for assembly is achieved.And the further optimization for the parts is realized by finite element analysis.As a result,the UG kinematics analysis method is expounded,which operation is easy and visualized.From the variational rule curve of speed,acceleration and displacement for key points of the moving parts, the characteristics of kinematics is obtained easily.

  1. 基于UG的叶轮强度和流场有限元分析%Finite Element Analysis of Impeller Structure of Turbo-compressor Based on UG

    唐勇; 张瑞珊


    基于UG最新发布的NX6.0环境下进行透平压缩机的叶轮有限元分析,在UG CAD模式下对转子进行实体建模,并在高级仿真环境下进行强度和流场分析,指导叶轮结构设计.

  2. Methods of Automatic Parting Mold and Manual Parting Mold for Injection Mold Design Based on UG%基于UG注射模设计的自动分模和手动分模方法



    UG software is widely applied in plastic injection mold design,the basic principle of parting mold is introduced in this paper,and the UG application in plastic injection mold design is studied with a concrete case.The process of automatic parting mold and manual parting mold in UG are expatiated,the flexible application of two methods will significantly reduce mold design time and greatly improve the efficiency of injection mold design.%UG软件广泛地应用在注射模设计中,本文介绍了分模原理,并结合实例研究UG软件在注射模设计中的应用。介绍了自动分模和手动分模方法,两种方法的灵活应用可以缩短模具设计周期,提高注射模设计的效率。

  3. The Modeling and Simulation of Small Climbing Robot Based on UG%基于UG的小型爬壁机器人的建模与仿真

    刘曰; 王林平


    This robot is designed to the simulate gecko climb principle, on the basis of large gecko the physiological structure of the theoretical model of robot is designed. To meet the requirements of climbing robot for adsorption force, in accordance with biomimetic gecko organisms sole design of robot paw, The material is made of polyurethane silicone rubber material.On the basis of large gecko's movement of the entity model, planning the gait, the two kinds of robot movement in the gait of a ground plane motion (diagonal gait) and on the ceiling movement gait gait (triangle). To test and verify the feasibility of design scheme, using UG software to all kinds of sports gait motion simulation, the simulation results show that the design scheme to accomplish the action and has the characteristics of strong adsorption force.%本爬壁机器人是仿照壁虎攀爬原理设计的,依据大壁虎的生理结构设计了爬壁机器人的理论模型。为满足机器人攀爬时对吸附力的要求,按照仿生的壁虎生物体脚掌设计爬壁机器人的脚掌,材料是用聚氨酯硅的橡胶材料。依据大壁虎运动的实体模型,规划了爬壁机器人的两类运动步态,即在地平面运动的步态(对角步态)和在天花板上运动的步态(三角步态)。为验证设计方案的可行性,利用UG软件对各种运动步态进行了运动仿真,仿真结果表明,设计方案能够完成预定的动作并且具有吸附力强的特点。

  4. Oil use of the effluent plant ETEO (Effluent Station of Oil Treatment) as combustible for generation of energy in the power plant UG-50Hz; Utulizacao de oleo da ETEO (Estacao de Tratamento de Efluentes Oleosos) para geracao de energia na UG-50Hz

    Souza, Jose Francisco de; Nascimento, Jose Maria do; Silva, Luiz Antonio da; Salazar, Marcos Vinicios; Baptista, Reinaldo Lopes; Barros, Sueli Aguiar [Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    The areas of finishing products of CSN Steel Plant generate contaminated effluents with oil and grease , that are treated in ETEO (Effluent Station of Oil Treatment). In this plant, the oil is processed to be sold for the consuming market. However, some seasons of the year, the market does not absorb the oil, and CSN is obliged to defray the burning of this oil, to not interrupt the productive process and cause an environmental impact. Because of this situation, we search alternatives for the viable use of this oil inside CSN steel plant, taking care for the security of the processes and the impact to the environment. This paper describes the details of the work and the implantation of the burning of this oil of the ETEO with BPF oil (type of petrochemical oil) as combustible in the boiler 7 of the power plant UG 50 Hz. For the implantation of this project, operational contingencies of security for equipment was prepared . Moreover, the work included chemical analyses of the oil and the conditions of the boiler using this mixing of oils. The reached results demonstrate the total viability of this project and it was proved another alternative of the use of this residue, with reduction of the fuel costs , steam costs and the electric energy generated in the power plant of CSN. (author)

  5. 基于UG的复合轮系齿轮传动三维建模及运动仿真分析%Three-dimensional Modeling and Motion Simulation Analysis of Compound Gear Train Based on UG

    黄跃娟; 矫健; 肖明喆


    以复合轮系齿轮传动为例,对传动机构进行原理分析,利用传动比计算公式计算出复合轮系中关键齿轮的旋转速度,得出UG运动仿真参数。利用UG中齿轮工具箱完成锥齿轮和直齿轮的建模与啮合装配,对旋转副和齿轮副进行运动仿真,通过运动仿真可直观地观察齿轮传动状态,然后进行图表分析,以验证轮系设计的合理性。%With the compound gear train gear as an example,the principle of driving mechanism is analyzed,the transmis-sion ratio calculation formula is used to calculate the rotational speed of key gears in the compound gear train,obtaining UG motion simulation parameters. The gear toolbox in UG is utilized to complete modeling and engage assembly of spur gears and bevel gears,with motion simulation of rotating vice and gear pair conducted,which can realize intuitive observation of gear transmission state and graph-based analysis to verify the rationality of gear train design.

  6. Podejście Lean jako kierunek zmian w zarządzaniu i rachunkowości zarządczej w podmiotach usług medycznych – wyniki badań literaturowych

    Irena Sobańska


    Full Text Available Celem artykułu jest przedstawienie wyników badań literaturowych dotyczących kierunków zmian w zarządzaniu i rachunkowości w podmiotach usług medycznych w zakresie przenikania do nich podejścia lean. W badaniach tych przeanalizowano ponad 200 pozycji publikacji. Ostatecznie wybrano 19 pozycji literaturowych krajowych i zagranicznych opublikowanych w latach 1995–2013. Badanie literatury przeprowadzono w dwóch podstawowych obszarach: rozważań teoretycznych oraz wyników badań empirycznych (case study, badania ankietowe. Do realizacji celu artykułu zastosowano metodę analizy literatury przedmiotu. Jej przedmiotem były dwie grupy artykułów: teoretyczne oraz zawierające objaśniające wyniki badań empirycznych. Podejście lean, którego geneza wywodzi się z branży motoryzacyjnej (produkcyjnej, w pełni nadaje się do zastosowania w jednostkach ochrony zdrowia funkcjonujących w różnych obszarach kulturowych oraz do reformowania krajowych systemów opieki zdrowotnej w celu podniesienia ich efektywności. Przenikanie koncepcji lean do branży usług medycznych ma charakter ewolucyjny, podobnie jak następowało jej zastosowanie w branżach produkcyjnych.

  7. UG二次开发技术在Web零件库系统开发中的应用研究%Application of UG Secondary Development Technology in Development of Web Parts Library System

    何丽; 孙文磊; 王宏伟


    通过研究C#编程语言对UG NX 6.0软件的二次开发技术,并结合ASP.NET技术实现了Web零件库系统中零件三维图形的在线动态浏览、零件表达式及属性信息的提取和零件在线参数化驱动等功能.介绍了上述功能的实现方法与过程,并给出了基于ASP.NET的Web零件库系统的应用实例.%UG secondary development for UC NX 6. 0 software by C# programming language was researched. Several important functions in web parts library system were realized with ASP. NET technology, as follows; browsing three-dimensional graphics of parts in Web parts library system, picking up expressions and attributes information in part files and driving to parameterized parts. The de tailed methods and processes to realize above functions were introduced and an applied example of Web parts library system based on ASP. NET was given.

  8. 基于UG的双横臂独立悬架运动学分析系统%Kinematics Analysis System of Double-wishbone Independent Suspension Based on UG Software

    侯永涛; 陆建辉; 周孔亢; 汪若尘


    A construction method for kinematics analysis system of the double-wishbone independent suspension based on UG software was proposed. The corresponding software prototype system using this method was developed and the frame structure of the system had been given account. Using the fast parameterized design function module of the system, the structure and geometric parameters of the double-wishbone suspension mechanism's simulation models could be rapid and convenient edited. By calling the MSC ADAMS or RecurDyn solver, which is integrated in UG/Motion, the kinematics simulation and analysis function module of the system could get the simulation results. The simulation results could be inspected using the drawing function of Matlab, which is integrated in this function module. Taking the minimum variation of the front wheel alignment parameters, minimum lateral displacement of the tires as the optimal object, the optimization design function module of suspension' s the structural parameters was constructed based on genetic algorithm. The correctness and the validity of the system and its function modules were verified by a design example. The frame structure of the system had good scalability and had been used in the optimum design of McPherson suspension.%提出了一种基于UG构建双横臂独立悬架运动学分析系统的方法,并应用该方法开发出了相应的原型系统,给出了系统的框架结构.系统的快速参数化设计模块可方便、快捷地对双横臂悬架运动仿真模型的结构参数、几何参数和定位参数进行修改;系统的运动学仿真分析模块通过调用UG/Motion集成的MSC ADAMS或Function Bay RecurDyn解算器来获取仿真分析结果,通过集成Matlab的绘图功能对分析结果进行输出查看;以前轮定位参数的变化量最小、车轮侧向滑移量最小为优化目标,采用遗传算法构建了系统的悬架机构结构参数优化设计模块.通过一个设计实例验证了系

  9. Three-dimension parametric model design of food extruder screw based on UG%基于UG食品挤压机中螺杆的三维参数化造型设计

    刘海军; 耿忠德; 田伟; 曲颖


    UG二次开发模块提供了丰富的二次开发工具,利用该模块可对UG系统进行用户化开发,满足用户广泛的专业需求.首先介绍了基于UG食品挤压机中螺杆的三维参数化造型设计的思路和实现方法,运用UG NX OPEN工具进行二次开发,创建菜单和用户化界面以及用C#语言编制应用程序,最终实现了通过对话框输入参数,直接建立食品挤压机螺杆的三维模型.综合上述方法,为螺杆的系列化设计提供了参考途径.

  10. Porównywalność w czasie informacji o wynikach działalności społecznie odpowiedzialnej firm raportujących według zasad GRI

    Halina Waniak-Michalak


    Full Text Available Porównywalność w czasie informacji o wynikach działalności społecznie odpowiedzialnej firm raportujących według zasad GRI The involvement of corporations in corporate social responsibility (CSR activities with respect for work- ers' rights and ethical principles brings tangible benefits to the enterprise. CSR activities can therefore be considered as an investment, the effects of which should be measured. CSR benefits derive from im- proved assessment of the corporation by the stakeholders and increased social trust. However, in order to achieve the desired results of CSR activities, it is necessary to provide adequate information to customers, employees and owners. Moreover, the measurement of CSR results is necessary to determine the effec- tiveness of the actions taken. The aim of the article was to answer the question if companies present the same measures in successive CSR reports and whether it is possible to compare the CSR activity results for successive years. Examination of 31 CSR reports for two consecutive editions of the reporting showed that companies change the number and type of disclosed measures.

  11. Collaborative Design and Analysis of Hydraulic Valve Block Based on UG/ANSYS Workbench%基于UG/ANSYS Workbench的液压阀块协同设计与分析

    胡峰; 蒋廉华; 曾春军


    针对液压阀块集成度高、结构紧凑、空间结构复杂的问题,阐述了液压阀块的设计原则。以液压制动系统的液压阀块为例,为了高效快捷完成其设计工作,采用UG三维软件对其进行建模设计。同时,结合ANSYS Workbench分析软件,对其进行强度有限元分析,保证了结构强度的可靠性。%Aiming at the problem of high integration degree,compact structure and complicated spatial structure of hydraulic valve,the design principle of hydraulic valve block is expounded.Taking the hydraulic valve block of hydraulic braking system for example,in order to conveniently and rapidly design,the 3D software of UG is used for designing.At the same time,com-bined with Workbench ANSYS analysis software,the strength finite element analysis was carried out,to ensure the reliability of structural strength.

  12. UG软件及其二次开发在叶轮机械叶片模型生产中的应用%Application of UG and Its Secondary Exploitation for Production of Impeller Machine Blade Model in Turbo-machine

    周红梅; 苏莫明


    采用UG软件的二次开发工具UG/OPEN GRIP 和UG/OPEN API开发了两种根据给定的叶轮机械叶片数据绘制出三维叶片模型片体的程序及实现可视化.并在UG的建模环境中进行了三维叶片片体的缝合、修改和实体渲染以及对叶片的光滑度、曲率、强度、型面点数等的分析.提高了叶片模型的精确程度,从而提高了实际的生产效率.

  13. UG NX4新功能


    2005年9月15日,UGS在其2005用户年会上发布了数字化产品开发综合软件解决方案NX第4版.据UGS主管产品部的执行副总裁Chuck Grindstaff介绍,该版本对以前版本进行了数百项以客户为中心的改进,设计产品式样、设计、分析、模拟和制造,为客户提供了创建创新产品的新方法.

  14. UGS PLM愿景的核心



    @@ 四月中旬,UGS公司面向全球推出第5版NX软件.新推出的NX 5包括了无约束的设计(Design Freedom)、主动数字样机(Active Mockup)和NX由你做主(Your Way)自定义功能等多项技术革新,可为用户提供更多的灵活性、更好的协调性,以及更高的生产力.

  15. Language specific bootstraps for UG categories

    van Kampen, N.J.


    This paper argues that the universal categories N/V are not applied to content words before the grammatical markings for reference D(eterminers) and predication I(nflection) have been acquired (van Kampen, 1997, contra Pinker, 1984). Child grammar starts as proto-grammar with language-specific opera

  16. Email:


    security into the mainstream of the security dialogue and policy-making, and juxtaposes it against .... This approach seeks to limit the practice of human ..... concept in their analysis of collective security threats and in devising solutions to them.

  17. U.G. Government Technology Information Locator


    library. It collects materials in all major areas of the health sciences and, to a lesser degree, other areas (i.e., chemistry, physics, botany , and...speeches, seminars and workshops, internships , meetings and visits, articles, abstracts from newspapers, periodicals, and books. All material is

  18. The Government's Power to Correct Manifest Errors in its Administrative Decisions according to Article 23(2 of the Administrative Procedure Act No 37, 1993 Heimild stjórnvalda til að leiðrétta bersýnilegar villur í ákvörðunum sínum samkvæmt 2.mgr. 23. gr. stjórnsýslulaga nr. 37/1993

    Hafsteinn Dan Kristjánsson


    Full Text Available According to article 23, parag. 2, of the Administrative Procedure Act no. 37/1993 an authority may, after a notification to a party of a decision, correct manifest errors therein, provided that the authority notifies the party of the correction without delay and communicates to him afresh copy of the decision. The article addresses what kind of errors fall within the ambit of the provision and when the errors are considered manifest errors. It is concluded that errors that pertain to the formal processing of a case and are obvious from the point of view of the party fall within the ambit of the provision. In addition, the article shortly addresses other conditions of the provision and some issues which may arise in practice, in light of what kind of errors can fall within its ambit.Samkvæmt 2. mgr. 23. gr. stjórnsýslulaga nr. 37/1993 hafa stjórnvöld heimild til að leiðrétta bersýnilegar villur eftir að stjórnvaldsákvörðun hefur verið birt aðila máls enda tilkynni það aðila um leiðréttinguna án tafar og láti honum nýtt endurrit í té. Í greininni er tekið til umfjöllunar hvers konar villur falla undir ákvæðið og hvenær þær teljast vera bersýnilegar. Komist er að þeirri niðurstöðu að þær villur sem verða við formlega úrvinnslu eða meðferð máls og eru augljósar frá sjónarhorni borgarans falla undir ákvæðið. Jafnframt er vikið stuttlega að öðrum skilyrðum ákvæðisins og leitast við að draga fram í dagsljósið álitaefni sem gæti reynt á í framkvæmd í ljósi þeirra villna sem heimilt er að leiðrétta með vísan til ákvæðisins.

  19. Based on the New Type of Banana Planting Open Pit of UG Simulation Machine%基于新型香蕉种植开坑机的UG仿真

    谢炳光; 马俊生; 马桂香; 梁甲; 刘子良; 文棋


    For large banana plantations of relative lack of research and development of the open pit machine , designed a new type of banana planting machine open pit.This machine has the open pit are of good quality, lower cost, and can adapt to the characteristics of different digging holes required .In this paper , the new type of banana planting the working principle of the open pit machine kinematics analysis and using 3 d software UG , new real banana planting open pit machine working condition .The results show that the new type of banana planting open pit machine can meet the de -mand of work .A new type of banana planting the development of the open pit machine can be used as crop other similar open pit machine developed to provide the reference .%针对大规模香蕉种植开坑机的研发比较缺乏的问题,设计了一种新型香蕉种植开坑机. 该机具有开坑质量高、成本较低及能适应不同挖坑要求的特点. 为此,介绍了新型香蕉种植开坑机的工作原理,并运用三维软件UG进行运动学分析,真实再现了新型香蕉种植开坑机的工作状况. 结果表明:新型香蕉种植开坑机能够满足工作需求,可为其他类似农作物开坑机器的研制提供参考.

  20. Study on Dynamic Simulation of Wind Turbine Gearbox based on UG and ADAMS%基于UG和ADAMS的风力发电机组齿轮箱动力学仿真研究

    吴海宝; 吴金强


    Taking 750kW wind turbine gearbox as study object, the dynamic simulation analysis of gearboxes by using virtual prototype technology is carried out. Based on three dimensional modeling software UG and according to the gearbox structure size and other design parameter, the solid model of wind turbine gearbox is created and after importing to ADAMS and adding constraints and load, virtual prototype model of the gearbox is established. The rigid dynamic analysis and flexible dynamic analysis of key components are carried out by using ADAMS, and the angular velocity and acceleration curves of the in-out shaft, gear meshing force and flexible body stress cloud are obtained. These result is coincided with the theoretical value through analysis and the accuracy of ADAMS simulation is verified. The simulation results show that the design level of wind turbine gearboxes can be improved by using the virtual prototype technology and lay a good foundation for further design.%以750kW风力发电机组齿轮箱为研究对象,采用虚拟样机技术对增速齿轮箱进行了动力学仿真研究.根据齿轮箱结构、尺寸等设计参数,基于三维设计软件UG构建了风力发电机组齿轮箱的实体模型,并将其导入ADAMS中添加约束和载荷后,建立了齿轮箱的虚拟样机模型.利用ADAMS软件进行刚体动力学和关键部件的柔体动力学分析,得到输入、输出轴的角速度和加速度曲线、齿轮啮合力以及柔体应力云图.经分析,仿真结果与理论值相吻合,验证了仿真的正确性.结果表明,采用虚拟样机技术可提高齿轮箱的设计水平,也为后续传动系统的优化设计等提供指导意义.

  1. Op-Ug TD Optimizer Tool Based on Matlab Code to Find Transition Depth From Open Pit to Block Caving / Narzędzie Optymalizacyjne Oparte O Kod Matlab Wykorzystane Do Określania Głębokości Przejściowej Od Wydobycia Odkrywkowego Do Wybierania Komorami

    Bakhtavar, E.


    In this study, transition from open pit to block caving has been considered as a challenging problem. For this purpose, the linear integer programing code of Matlab was initially developed on the basis of the binary integer model proposed by Bakhtavar et al (2012). Then a program based on graphical user interface (GUI) was set up and named "Op-Ug TD Optimizer". It is a beneficial tool for simple application of the model in all situations where open pit is considered together with block caving method for mining an ore deposit. Finally, Op-Ug TD Optimizer has been explained step by step through solving the transition from open pit to block caving problem of a case ore deposit. W pracy tej rozważano skomplikowane zagadnienie przejścia od wybierania odkrywkowego do komorowego. W tym celu opracowano kod programowania liniowego w środowisku MATLAB w oparciu o model liczb binarnych zaproponowany przez Bakhtavara (2012). Następnie opracowano program z wykorzystujący graficzny interfejs użytkownika o nazwie Optymalizator Op-Ug TD. Jest to niezwykle cenne narzędzie umożliwiające stosowanie modelu dla wszystkich warunków w sytuacjach gdy rozważamy prowadzenie wydobycia metodą odkrywkową oraz wydobycie komorowe przy eksploatacji złóż rud żelaza. W końcowej części pracy podano szczegółową instrukcję stosowanie programu Optymalizator na przedstawionym przykładzie przejścia od wydobycia rud żelaza metodami odkrywkowymi poprzez wydobycie komorami.

  2. Estimation of PGR Induced Absolute Gravity Changes at Greenland GNET Stations

    Nielsen, Emil; Strykowski, Gabriel; Forsberg, René


    An important subject in the climate debate is the study of the major ice sheets mass balance. Knowledge of the mass balance provides understanding of changes in the relative sea-level (RSL). Several methods are used for mass balance studies but they are associated with large uncertainties. One re...

  3. Molecular markers in management of ex situ PGR-a case study.

    Börner, Andreas; Khlestkina, Elena K; Chebotar, Sabina; Nagel, Manuela; Arif, Mian Abdur Rehman; Neumann, Kerstin; Kobiljski, Borislav; Lohwasser, Ulrike; Röder, Marion S


    Worldwide germplasm collections contain about 7.4 million accessions of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. One of the 10 largest ex situ genebanks of our globe is located at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Gatersleben, Germany. Molecular tools have been used for various gene bank management practices including characterization and utilization of the germplasm. The results on genetic integrity of longterm- stored gene bank accessions of wheat (self-pollinating) and rye (open-pollinating) cereal crops revealed a high degree of identity for wheat. In contrast, the out-pollinating accessions of rye exhibited shifts in allele frequencies. The genetic diversity of wheat and barley germplasm collected at intervals of 40 to 50 years in comparable geographical regions showed qualitative rather than a quantitative change in diversity. The inter- and intraspecific variation of seed longevity was analysed and differences were detected. Genetic studies in barley, wheat and oilseed rape revealed numerous QTL, indicating the complex and quantitative nature of seed longevity. Some of the loci identified were in genomic regions that co-localize with genes determining agronomic traits such as spike architecture or biotic and abiotic stress response. Finally, a genome-wide association mapping analysis of a core collection of wheat for flowering time was performed using diversity array technology (DArT) markers. Maker trait associations were detected in genomic regions where major genes or QTL have been described earlier. In addition, new loci were also detected, providing opportunities to monitor genetic variation for crop improvement.

  4. Booklists for the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools: Puzzles, Problems, Games and Mathematical Recreations (Ref: PGR).

    Mathematical Association, Leicester (England).

    Presented is a listing of books recommended by the Mathematical Association of the United Kingdom dealing with Puzzles, Problems, Games, and Mathematical Recreations. The following information on each book is provided: author; title; publisher; cost to the nearest pound; categories of use; and a code that indicates if the book in question is out…

  5. Search for a bound trineutron with the 3He(π-pgr;+)nnn reaction

    Gräter, J.; Amaudruz, P. A.; Bilger, R.; Camerini, P.; Clark, J.; Clement, H.; Friedman, E.; Felawka, L.; Filippov, S. N.; Friagiacomo, E.; Gavrilov, Y. K.; Gibson, E.; Grion, N.; Hofman, G. J.; Jamieson, B.; Karavicheva, T. L.; Kermanipresent Address: Sonigistix Corporation, Richmond, B. C., Canada V7A-5E3-->, M.; Mathie, E. L.; Meier, R.; Moloney, G.; Ottewell, D.; Pätzold, J.; Patarakin, O.; Raywood, K.; Rui, R.; Schepkin, M.; Sevior, M. E.; Smith, G. R.; Staudenmaier, H.; Tacik, R.; Tagliente, G.; Wagner, G. J.; Yeomans, M.


    A search for the production of a bound trineutron state has been performed using the reaction 3He(π-,π+)nnn at incident pion energies of 65, 75, and 120 MeV. No evidence for the existence of the 3n was found, and an upper limit for the production cross section of approximately 30 nb/sr (2σ confidence level) was obtained.

  6. Molecular markers in management of ex situ PGR - A case study

    Andreas Börner; Elena K Khlestkina; Sabina Chebotar; Manuela Nagel; Mian Abdur Rehman Arif; Kerstin Neumann; Borislav Kobiljski; Ulrike Lohwasser; Marion S Röder


    Worldwide germplasm collections contain about 7.4 million accessions of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. One of the 10 largest ex situ genebanks of our globe is located at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Gatersleben, Germany. Molecular tools have been used for various gene bank management practices including characterization and utilization of the germplasm. The results on genetic integrity of longterm-stored gene bank accessions of wheat (self-pollinating) and rye (open-pollinating) cereal crops revealed a high degree of identity for wheat. In contrast, the out-pollinating accessions of rye exhibited shifts in allele frequencies. The genetic diversity of wheat and barley germplasm collected at intervals of 40 to 50 years in comparable geographical regions showed qualitative rather than a quantitative change in diversity. The inter- and intraspecific variation of seed longevity was analysed and differences were detected. Genetic studies in barley, wheat and oilseed rape revealed numerous QTL, indicating the complex and quantitative nature of seed longevity. Some of the loci identified were in genomic regions that co-localize with genes determining agronomic traits such as spike architecture or biotic and abiotic stress response. Finally, a genome-wide association mapping analysis of a core collection of wheat for flowering time was performed using diversity array technology (DArT) markers. Maker trait associations were detected in genomic regions where major genes or QTL have been described earlier. In addition, new loci were also detected, providing opportunities to monitor genetic variation for crop improvement.

  7. UG NX应用技巧拾零




  8. UG NX CAM的标识加工




  9. UG NX CAM的标识加工



      标识加工,即针对要雕刻在零件表面的文字和图样的加工.在UGNX CAM中提供了专门的标识加工操作,即注释加工操作.本文将通过一个简单的实例对标识加工的方法进行介绍.待加工的零件如图1所示,注释文字"陕航院"是在UG制图模块中添加的注释.……

  10. Language: UG or not to be, that is the question.

    Bolhuis, Johan J; Tattersall, Ian; Chomsky, Noam; Berwick, Robert C


    Language is not the same as speech or communication; rather, it is a computational cognitive system. It has appeared very recently, consistent with a minimalist view of language's hierarchical syntactic structure.

  11. Roland UG-88虚拟吉他系统



    <正> 如何让一把声学吉他听起来像是电吉他接入Marshall音箱,甚至有个变调夹夹在12品?John Walden发明的VG-88系统可以让这一切变成现实。 早先对模拟技术感兴趣的吉他手都会在《SOUND ON SOUND》杂志上找一些与众不同的设备。而现在,模拟技术已经有了不同的含义,运用数字技术的音箱和喇叭模拟已经成为现代吉他手的“必须品”,Roland和旗下的Boss也成为这一领域的重要成员。这方面最具革命性的产品应该算是

  12. UG311, An Oncofetal Marker Lost with Prostate Cancer Progression


    are focusing on the cloning of the UC311 paralog by RACE and phage library screening A lambda ZAP library has been constructed from C4-2 cells to screen for paralogous clones. RACE assays are underway.

  13. Module Cluster: UG - 001.00 (GSC) Urban Geography.

    Currier, Wade R.

    This is one of several module clusters developed for the Camden Teacher Corps project. This module cluster is designed to introduce students to urban studies through the application of a geographic approach. Although geography shares with other social sciences many concepts and methods, it has contributed a distinctive set of viewpoints and a…

  14. Language : UG or not to be, that is the question

    Bolhuis, Johan J; Tattersall, Ian; Chomsky, Noam; Berwick, Robert C


    Language is not the same as speech or communication; rather, it is a computational cognitive system. It has appeared very recently, consistent with a minimalist view of language's hierarchical syntactic structure.

  15. Language: UG or not to be, that is the question.

    Johan J Bolhuis


    Full Text Available Language is not the same as speech or communication; rather, it is a computational cognitive system. It has appeared very recently, consistent with a minimalist view of language's hierarchical syntactic structure.

  16. CPUG: Computational Physics UG Degree Program at Oregon State University

    Landau, Rubin H.


    A four-year undergraduate degree program leading to a Bachelor's degree in Computational Physics is described. The courses and texts under development are research- and Web-rich, and culminate in an advanced computational laboratory derived from graduate theses and faculty research. The five computational courses and course materials developed for this program act as a bridge connecting the physics with the computation and the mathematics, and as a link to the computational science community.

  17. Homocysteine-lowering effect of 500 ug folic acid every other day versus 250 ug/day

    Brouwer, I.A.; Rooij, van I.A.L.M.; Dusseldorp, van M.; Thomas, C.M.G.; Blom, H.J.; Hautvast, J.G.A.J.; Eskes, T.K.A.B.


    Elevated plasma total homocysteine (tHcy) concentrations are a risk factor for neural tube defects and vascular diseases. Supplementation with folic acid decreases tHcy. We investigated whether supplementation with 500 ?g folic acid every other day is as effective in lowering tHcy as 250 ?g folic ac

  18. Effect of PGR producing bacterial strains isolated from vermisources on germination and growth of Vigna unguiculata (L. Walp.

    Anandharaj Marimuthu


    Full Text Available Nineteen bacterial strains were isolated from vermisources andscreened for Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA production among themonly nine strains produce IAA and they were identified asStreptococcus spp., Micrococcus spp., Klebsiella spp., Bacillus spp., Enterobacter spp., Escherichia spp., Alcaligenes spp., Erwinia spp., and Pseudomonas spp. Among all other strains Bacillus sp. showed the higher IAA production hence selected for further molecular analysis and confirmed as Bacillus cereus. The B. cereus was grown in nutrient broth supplemented with different concentrations (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5mg/ml of tryptophan for seven days at pH 7 and at 37ºC. Crude IAA was used for in vitro phytostimulatory studies using Vigna unguiculata (L. Walp. The plant growth parameters were analyzed at different day intervals (5, 10 and 15 days. Supplementation of 5 ml crude IAA (2mg/ml of tryptophan dynamically enhances the plant growth parameters after 15 days.

  19. Aquisição da linguagem e UG: um recorte histórico = Language acquisition and UG: a historical overview

    Ibaños, Ana Maria Tramunt


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho discute alguma ideias de aquisição da linguagem que percorrem o programa gerativista, desde os primórdios da década de 50, até os anos mais recentes com o Programa Minimalista. Leva em consideração, principalmente, as discussões em torno do conceito de Gramática Universal, uma constante entre as variadas adaptações da teoria

  20. Suppressive effects of Calendula micrantha essential oil and gibberelic acid (PGR) on repro ductive potential of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera: Tephritidae).

    Hussein, Karam T


    The volatile oil of Calendula micrtantha plant was extracted and the components were identified by Gc/Ms. Adulticidal efficiency of the volatile oil and gibberelic acid "plant growth promoting hormone" as well as their mixture was assessed against the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata. The result showed that the two compounds capable have characteristic resembling to insect juvenile hormones and have suppressive effect on reproductive potential. They induced the significant disturbances in the ovarian protein fraction and the amino acids patterns.

  1. UG/Unisim在数控加工碰撞仿真中的应用

    徐祥翔; 席平


    @@ 一、概述 计算机仿真技术作为一门新兴的高科技技术,随着计算机技术的发展而发展,仿真技术的应用领域及其作用越来越大.数控加工仿真是一条行之有效的、最经济的数控程序验证途径.与其他检验方法相比,具有可降低生产成本、降低时耗、缩短生产周期、提高生产效率,及时反馈错误信息,有效预测数控加工程序和切削过程的可靠性及高效性并可对一些意外情况进行处理等优点,因而在制造行业,尤其是航空制造业得到了广泛的应用.

  2. 应用UG NX进行设计和制造技术




  3. UG NX工程图转换成AutoCAD文件出图




  4. Odnowa filozofii według Hilarego Putnama (Hilary Putnam's Renewal of Philosophy

    Tadeusz Szubka


    Full Text Available Hilary Putnam is widely considered as one of the most distinguished and important philosophers in the analytic tradition of the last fifty years. However, in his most recent publications he has started to emphasize various shortcomings and limitations of that powerful tradition, connected especially with its scientism andnaturalism. He has also insisted that what we really need is a serious renewal and transformation of philosophy, drawing upon other philosophical traditions, including pragmatism. We should realize that although philosophy overlaps in some parts with science, it cannot be turned into a science. It is a humanistic enterprise havingtwo dimensions, theoretical and moral, and it is unfortunate when we tend to forget about either of them.

  5. Gender Studies Course at UG/PG Levels and Gender Awareness Training to Teachers

    Kuruvilla, Moly


    While the UGC is committed to the cause of promoting gender equity through higher education and is in the process of reviewing the existing arrangements in the campuses of higher learning to ensure the freedom, safety and security of girls and women, the proactive role of teachers in solving the problems of gender based violence and other…

  6. Marketing usług w języku cybernetyki

    Daszkowska, Marianna; Dąbrowski, Dariusz


    This paper deals with application of system approach to marketing of services. To realize this goal, first, we discuss key issues of marketing of services, and second, basic aspects of cybernetics. To apply system approach to service marketing, we consider a model which includes a manager, service personnel, market (group of customers) and a service object. Thai we identify interactions between all elements and link them in a system. In it we present three types of marketing used in services:...

  7. Endometrioza – rozpoznanie, leczenie według współczesnych rekomendacji

    Krzysztof Szyłło


    Full Text Available Złożona i nie do końca poznana etiopatogeneza endometriozy powoduje, że brakuje skutecznej diagnostykii leczenia choroby. Silne i przewlekłe dolegliwości bólowe podbrzusza, bolesne miesiączki, bolesne współżycieoraz niemożność posiadania potomstwa znacznie pogarszają fizyczny i psychiczny komfort życia. Brak skutecznychmetod laboratoryjnych w rozpoznawaniu endometriozy zmusza do inwazyjnej diagnostyki laparoskopowej.Rodzaj leczenia najczęściej uzależniony jest od występowania dolegliwości bólowych u pacjentki lub niepłodnościzwiązanej z endometriozą. Autorzy podejmują próbę usystematyzowania zasad rozpoznawania oraz leczeniaendometriozy na podstawie aktualnych zaleceń towarzystw ginekologicznych.

  8. A perspective review on role of novel NSAID prodr ugs in the management of acute inflammation

    Jaya Preethi Peesa


    Full Text Available Inflammation mediators, prostaglandins are causing inflammation, pain and pyrexia in the body. Synthesis of these mediators can be effectively blocked by administering the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs. The NSAIDs had age-old history in medicine due to their therapeutic potentials and thus they occupy the major share in clinical practice as well as in commercial market. Mostly the NSAID moieties are chemically composed of carboxylic functional groups and this could be a potential reason for the damage of mucosal lining. Moderate and chronic oral use of these NSAIDs leads to ulcerogenicity, abdominal cramps, intestinal bleeding, mucosal haemorrhage and gastritis. Therapeutic handling of above side-effects is becoming ever challenge for the researchers. In research of surmounting side-effects caused by NSAID, prodrug approach was proven to be effective and successful. Over the time, prodrug concept becomes big boom in the arena of inflammation and its clinical treatment. In last few decades, many researchers have been attempted to synthesize the NSAID prodrugs successively. With this background of information, this article was composed and aimed to provide needful information on NSAID prodrugs such as background history, rationale, mechanism of action, principles involved and their therapeutic outcomes. The successful prodrugs were listed and their molecular structures were also demonstrated here.

  9. Kontemplacja i ekspresja – Śakuntala Kalidasy według Jerzego Grotowskiego

    Kołdrzak, Elżbieta


    Zrealizowana przez Jerzego Grotowskiego w Teatrze 13 Rzędów, już ponad 50 lat temu, Śakuntala Kalidasy przeszła do historii nie tylko jako kolejna z zachodnich scenicznych wersji tego słynnego dramatu indyjskiego, ale przede wszystkim jako wyznacznik poszukiwań teatralnych oraz poszukiwań nowego paradygmatu techniki aktorskiej prowadzonych przez zespół Grotowskiego. Zarówno sposób opracowania oryginalnego tekstu Kalidasy (Prolog zawierający mantry śiwaickie, redukcja akcji do w...

  10. Determination of Vinyl Chloride at ug/l. Level in Water by Gas Chromatography

    Bellar, Thomas A.; And Others


    A quantitative method for the determination of vinyl chloride in water is presented. Vinyl chloride is transfered to the gas phase by bubbling inert gas through the water. After concentration on silica gel or Carbosieve-B, determination is by gas chromatography. Confirmation of vinyl chloride is by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. (Author/BT)

  11. Gender Studies Course at UG/PG Levels and Gender Awareness Training to Teachers

    Kuruvilla, Moly


    While the UGC is committed to the cause of promoting gender equity through higher education and is in the process of reviewing the existing arrangements in the campuses of higher learning to ensure the freedom, safety and security of girls and women, the proactive role of teachers in solving the problems of gender based violence and other…

  12. Transgraniczny transfer usług biznesowych. Potencjał i szanse polskiej gospodarki

    Szukalski, Stanisław M.


    Wydrukowano z dostarczonych Wydawnictwu UŁ gotowych materiałów. Transferring of modern business services abroad is one of the most characteristic features of service globalization. The study is devoted to the issue of modem services offshoring in the context of Poland's chances in the process. Attention has been drawn to factors conducive to international service transfer, types of investment offshoring projects in services, motives behind transferring services abroad, benefits...

  13. 46 CFR 54.15-10 - Safety and relief valves (modifies UG-126).


    ... reference; see 46 CFR 54.01-1). (f) Cast iron may be employed in the construction of relief valves for... with CGA S-1.2 (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 54.01-1). (2) 110 percent of the valve...

  14. Anomaly Detection for Data Reduction in an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Field


    information (shown with solid lines in the diagram). Typically, this would be a mobile ad-hoc network ( MANET ). The clusters are connected to other nodes...the detection algorithms be able to coordinate observations over the local MANET that interconnects UGSs within the cluster. Extrapolating from that...interquartile ranges MANET mobile ad-hoc network OSUS Open Standards for Unattended Sensors TOC tactical operations center UAVs unmanned aerial vehicles

  15. The Ontological Status of Learner Grammaticality Judgments to UG Approaches to L2 Acquisition.

    Christie, Katrien and Lantolf, James P.


    Reports on grammaticality judgments by early learners of a second language (Italian). The data, contrary to what might be assumed, point to no relationship between intuition and performance for L2 Learners. Data concerning advanced learners may prove to be more valid. (34 references) (LET)

  16. 基于UG/Moldwizard环境下的注塑模具协同设计

    朱如龙; 肖国华; 范国良; 卢星星; 张晓亮


    针对当前区域模具产业集聚状态下企业设计状态的特点,对模具企业模具设计协同方面的研究进展进行初步总结,指出当前大部分模具企业在模具设计实践时在运用网络协同时存在的一些基本问题。有针对性提出模具生产时,协同应从产品设计开始,充分运用UG软件中模塑验证、Wavelink模具精灵、装配模块、Vis Mockup可见模型等工具进行协同设计,以提高工作效率。

  17. NetLogger: A toolkit for distributed system performance tuning anddeb ugging

    Tierney, Brian; Gunter, Dan


    Developers and users of high-performance distributed systemsoften observe performance problems such as unexpectedly low throughput orhigh latency. Determining the source of the performance problems requiresdetailed end-to-end instrumentation of all components, including theapplications, operating systems, hosts, and networks. In this paper wedescribe a methodology that enables the real-time diagnosis ofperformance problems in complex high-performance distributed systems. Themethodology includes tools for generating timestamped event logs that canbe used to provide detailed end-to-end application and system levelmonitoring; and tools for visualizing the log data and real-time state ofthe distributed system. This methodology, called NetLogger, has proveninvaluable for diagnosing problems in networks and in distributed systemscode. This approach is novel in that it combines network, host, andapplication-level monitoring, providing a complete view of the entiresystem. NetLogger is designed to be extremely light-weight, and includesa mechanism for reliably collecting monitoring events from multipledistributed locations. This technical report summarizes most importantpoints of several previous papers on NetLogger, and is meant to be usedas a general overview.

  18. [Stress analysis of artificial bionic knee joint based on UG6.0 NX NASTRAN].

    Shi, Gengqiang


    This article introduces the basic principles of finite element analysis in biomechanics, focusing on the basic principles of a variety of finite element analysis software, and their respective characteristics. In addition, it also de scribes the basic stress analysis of UGNX6.0 NASTRAN analysis for artificial knee process, i. e. the choice of the type, material definition, the set of constants, finite element mesh division and the finite element results of the analysis. Finite element analysis and evaluation of the design of personalized artificial knee were carried out, so that the rationality of the geometric design of the structure of the experimental design of artificial knee has been verified.

  19. Garrison Dam/Lake Sakakawea Master Plan with Integrated Programmatic Environmental Assessment, Missouri River, Montana: Update of Design Memorandum MGR-107D


    billed gull (Larus delawarensis), California gull (L. californicus), Caspian tern (Sterna caspia), common tern (S. hirundo), least tern (S...introduced annual grasses, biennial and perennial weeds, native forbs, and wildflowers . Common grasses in the WMA’s include smooth brome, tall...forbs, and wildflowers . Crop lands make up a fifth of the vegetation cover. Nearly 10 percent of the land portion of the NWR consists of wetlands

  20. Colistin Resistance Caused by Inactivation of the MgrB Regulator Is Not Associated with Decreased Virulence of Sequence Type 258 KPC Carbapenemase-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae.

    Arena, Fabio; Henrici De Angelis, Lucia; Cannatelli, Antonio; Di Pilato, Vincenzo; Amorese, Marina; D'Andrea, Marco Maria; Giani, Tommaso; Rossolini, Gian Maria


    Using aGalleria mellonellaanimal model, we compared the virulence of two sequence type 258 (ST258) KPC-producingKlebsiella pneumoniaestrains, which were representative of the two clades of this clonal lineage, with that of isogenic colistin-resistantmgrBmutants. With both strains, themgrBmutants did not exhibit modification in virulence. In theG. mellonellamodel, the clade 1 strain (capsular typecps-1[wzi29, producing KPC-2]) was significantly more virulent than the clade 2 strain (capsular typecps-2[wzi154, producing KPC-3]).

  1. 基于UG MoldWizard的老人手机内壳注射模具设计%Design on Inner Shell Injection Mold for the Olds Based on UG MoldWizard



    UG是基于Siemens NX开发的针对注塑模具设计的专业模块,模块中配有常用的模架库和标准件,用户可以根据自己的需要方便地进行调整使用,很大程度上提高了模具设计效率.老人手机内壳有多个侧孔或凹槽,结构较复杂,注射模具有三个斜导柱侧向抽芯机构,采用点浇口多点进胶,该模具结构完整且合理.

  2. Odmiany rozumu ludzkiego według Emila Ciorana [Types on human reason according to Emil Cioran

    Paweł Wójs


    Full Text Available Scattered remarks on different types of reason can be found in Emil Cioran’s books. In the here presented essay it was shown that all the distinguished varieties of reason are connected to each other and it is possible to talk about emerging of another type from the previous one. These types are: naïve reason, rationalistic reason, negating reason, doubtful reason and expanded reason. Naïve reason is the one that serves life without self-consciousness. Rationalistic reason makes decrees on reality. In his critical remarks Cioran describes rationalistic reason as being dangerous. Two other types of reason are the negating and the doubtful one. Cioran proves that affirmation leads human beings to giving up themselves and that liberation always comes through constant fight for negation. Negating reason is always turned towards something external to itself. Doubtful reason goes much further by actually turning against itself, it is in constant struggle against itself. Cioran describes this process as separating the reason and standing face to face with yourself. Therefore he is aware that only the reason itself can become a judge of reason. The fifth type of reason which can be distinguished in Cioran’s philosophy might be called the extended reason as it is a demand for unfolding the reason. When one realizes that there is nothing permanent in the world and cognition can’t bring any permanent results either, the reason according to Cioran might become active again by turning back towards reality – however without any further dogma of objective truth – and by using “flowing” ideas it can unite with reality.

  3. Access to UG and Language Transfer: A Study of L2 Learners' Interpretation of Reconstruction in Chinese.

    Ying, H. G.


    A study of native English speakers learning Chinese investigated second-language learners' knowledge of reconstruction in Chinese. Results of a sentence-interpretation task indicated that English speakers had access to a universal grammar. They demonstrated knowledge of ambiguity of ziti (self) inside a moved predicate and lack of ambiguity of…

  4. Testing between UG-Based and Problem-Solving Models of L2A: Developmental Sequence Data.

    Schwartz, Bonnie D.


    A novel approach is examined for using developmental sequence data for deciding between Universal Grammar-based and problem solving models of adult nonnative grammatical development. Results support the Universal Grammar-based model of nonnative language acquisition. (19 references) (Author/LB)

  5. Mgr. Pavel Maškarinec, Ph.D., Determinants of Women’s Descriptive Representation on the City Boards of the Czech Statutory Cities after the Local Elections of 2014

    Maškarinec Pavel


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on question why is descriptive (or numerical representation of women as local political leaders higher in some cities than in others? The paper focuses on the analysis of the determinants of women’s political representation on city boards of the Czech statutory cities after the last local elections of 2014. We test some hypothesis, concerning two groups of factors that can potentially affect the success of women (socioeconomic and demographic, and political contextual, thus aiming to expand theoretical and empirical research which is in the case of determinants of women’s representation at the local level underdeveloped. Overall, the analysis reveals that regression models explaining presence of women on the city boards were not generally too successful, with slightly better performance of the model using socioeconomic and demographic factors. Specifically, Moravia and municipality size proved as very strong predictors of presence of women on the city boards in negative, or positive direction, respectively (although in full model municipality size variable lost its significance, supplementing by the proportion of female councillors in same elections, which increased successfulness of women as well. In contrast, the share of women in local councils and on city boards in the previous electoral term was not proven as statistical significant, similarly as party affiliations’ of city boards.

  6. Development of molecular resists based on Phenyl[4]calixarene derivatives.

    Echigo, Masatoshi; Hayashi, Hiromi; Oizumi, Hiroaki; Matsumaro, Kazuyuki; Itani, Toshiro


    We have developed negative-tone molecular resist based on C-4-cyclohexylphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene(MGR108) and positive-tone molecular resist based on protected C-4-isopropylphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene (MGR104P). Both MGR108 and MGR104P showed high solubility in both conventional resist solvents such as propylene glycol monomethyl ether and conventional alkaline developer of 0.26N TMAHaq. In this paper, we show current performance of resists by EB lithography (EBL) and EUV lithography (EUVL).

  7. The State of the Art Ten Years After a State of the Art

    Sturm, Bob L.


    A decade has passed since the first review of research on a ``flagship application" of music information retrieval (MIR): the problem of music genre recognition (MGR). During this time, about 500 works addressing MGR have been published, and at least 10 campaigns have been run to evaluate MGR sys......, the problems of validity in evaluation also affect research in music emotion recognition and autotagging. We conclude by discussing the implications of our work for MGR and MIR in the next ten years....

  8. A Survey of Evaluation in Music Genre Recognition

    Sturm, Bob L.


    Much work is focused upon music genre recognition (MGR) from audio recordings, symbolic data, and other modalities. While reviews have been written of some of this work before, no survey has been made of the approaches to evaluating approaches to MGR. This paper compiles a bibliography of work...... in MGR, and analyzes three aspects of evaluation: experimental designs, datasets, and figures of merit....

  9. A Study of Chinese Pidgin English from the Perspective of UG%普遍语法框架下的中国皮钦英语研究




  10. First Report of the Ug99 race group of Wheat Stem Rust, Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, in Egypt in 2014

    Patpour, Mehran; Hovmøller, Mogens; Shahin, Atef;


    /6*LMPG was scored 20MS-S at Al-Sharqia. Three samples from each of these lines were sent to the Global Rust Reference Center (GRRC, Denmark). At Nubaria, stem rust was observed on wheat cvs. Misr-1, Misr-2, Giza 168, and Giza 171, and infected samples were collected and sent under permit to the Foreign...... as international stem rust trap nursery at i) Sakha Agricultural Research Station in Kafrelsheikh (31.094059° N, 30.933899° E), ii) Al-Sharqia (30.601400° N, 31.510383° E), and iii) Nubaria (30.91464° N, 29.95543° E). At Sakha, wheat cv. PBW343 (carrying Sr31) was scored 30MS-S, and the monogenic line Benno Sr31...

  11. First Report of the Ug99 race group of Wheat Stem Rust, Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, in Egypt in 2014

    Patpour, Mehran; Hovmøller, Mogens; Shahin, Atef;


    , Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Yemen, and Iran (Patpour et al. 2015). In the 2014 crop season, the presence of virulence to Sr31 in Egypt was suspected based on preliminary field observations of high infection on sources of Sr31 planted...

  12. NURBS curve interpolation technology application research based on the UG%基于UG的NURBS曲线插补技术的应用研究




  13. Concentration and 14C Content of Total Organic Carbon and Black Carbon in Small (<100 ug C) Samples from Low-Latitude Alpine Ice Cores

    Kehrwald, N. M.; Czimczik, C. I.; Santos, G. M.; Thompson, L. G.; Ziolkowski, L.


    Many low latitude glaciers are receding with consequences for the regional energy budget and hydrology. Ice loss has been linked to climate change and the deposition of organic aerosols such as black carbon (BC) which is formed during incomplete combustion. Little is known about how the contents of BC and total organic carbon (TOC) in aerosols change over time and how anthropogenic activities (e.g. land-use change) impact this variability. Low-latitude ice cores are located closer to population centers than polar ice caps and can provide a regional synthesis of TOC and BC variability. Radiocarbon (14C) may be used to partition BC aerosols into fossil (>50 kyrs) and modern sources (e.g. fossil-fuels vs. wildfires). We quantified TOC, BC, and their 14C content in three low-latitude ice cores: Naimona'nyi (30°27'N, 81°91'E) and Dasuopu (28°23'N, 85°43'E), Tibet, and Quelccaya (13°56'S; 70°50'W), Peru. Aerosols (52-256 g ice on filters) were separated into TOC and BC using thermal oxidation (CTO- 375). 14C was measured by AMS. TOC contents were 0.11-0.87, 0.05-0.43, and 0.06-0.19 μg C (g ice) -1 for Naimona'nyi, Dasuopu, and Quelccaya, respectively. BC contents were 18±8, 27±4, and 29±12 %TOC. Procedural blanks were 0.8 ± 0.4 μg C (TOC) and 1.2 ± 0.6 μg C (BC). In ice cores well dated through annual layer counting and/or independent ages (e.g. volcanic horizons) such as Quelccaya, the ability to separate BC from TOC, as well as partition BC into fossil and modern contributions has potential for reconstructing pre- and post-industrial changes in aerosol composition and their impact on the energy budget.

  14. Customization and Application of Machining Data Library Based on UG NX%NX加工数据库的定制及应用



    This paper introduces the customization and application of machining data library of NX. Machining data library by customized can reflect enterprises' conditions of NC machining,and enterprises' standards. It will provide NC programmer more convenient ways for controlling parameters of NC manufacturing. And it will provide more efficient and exact conditions for technician.%主要介绍了NX加工数据库中数控加工工艺参数的客户化定制方法和应用,经过定制的加工数据库更能反映企业实际数控加工工艺条件、标准和环境,为数控加工编程技术人员提供更为便利的操作,为企业的数控编程应用更上一个台阶提供高效、准确的条件.

  15. Source detection and high-resolution localization using microphone arrays for UGS: results of the NATO TG25 experiment measurements (Bourges, October 2002)

    Hengy, Sebastien; Naz, Pierre; Gounon, Patrick


    This paper presents different ways to process acoustic data in order to localize targets.Beamforming and the MUSIC high resolution method have been tested for different propagation conditions during a NATO experimental campaign. This campaign,organized by DG /DCE/ETBS,has involved 6 countries in October 2002 in Bourges, France). Different localization methods were used to get the position of moving sources on a 4 kilometres circuit.The I.S.L. (French-German research institute of Saint Louis)has deployed a network of arrays nearby the circuit to test those localization techniques in different propagation conditions (day/night,early morning,...).Variance and mean error of the localization are compared for the different techniques used.

  16. An Investigation into the Nature of Non-Voiding Contractions Resulting from Detrusor Hyperreflexia in Neurogenic Bladders Following Spinal Cord Injury


    Isoproterenol (SA1c; ~150%, Pɘ.01). Ve hic le Dr ug 1 Dr ug 2 Dr ug 3 TB C (% V eh ic le ) Ve hic le Dr ug 1 Dr ug 2 Dr ug 3 FB C (% V eh...the Society for Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine and Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU; Abstract Appended), and are being prepared for manuscript

  17. GA3、2,4-D、B和蔗糖对梨花粉生活力及花粉生长速度的影响%Pollen Viability of Asian Pear and Effect of PGR,B and Sucrose on Germination and Pollen Tube Development

    谢深喜; 罗先实; 吴月嫦; Lovatt CJ


    以5个亚洲梨品种为试材,通过离体培养研究了花穗中花的着生部位,不同浓度的GAs、2,4-D和蔗糖对花粉生活力、花粉管生长速度的影响.结果表明,不同品种的花粉生活力差异明显,黄花花粉萌发快;新世纪花粉生活力强,花粉管生长迅速.花的着生位置及花器官的发育程度对花粉生活力有明显影响,边花的生活力比中心花强.不同浓度的B、2,4-D、GA3对花粉萌发及花粉管生长均有不同程度的影响,高浓度的GA3、2,4-D抑制花粉管的生长,但浓度较高的蔗糖能促进花粉粒的萌发和生长,且两者呈正相关(R2=0983).%The pollen viability of 5 cultivars of Asian pear, the influence of flower position in a cluster and the effect of GA3, 2,4-D, B and sucrose on its germination and tube development were studied in vitro. The difference of viability among 5 cultivars was significant. The pollen of Huanghua germinated fast. Both germination rate and pollen tube length of Shinseiki were much higher and longer. Nijisseiki had the poorest performances on germination. Huanqing showed a low capability on pollen tube development; the length was the shortest within the 5 varieties. The flower position in a cluster and developmental stage influenced pollen viability;the viability of pollen grain from outer flowers of a cluster was greater than those from central flowers. Mediate concentration of B,GA3 and 2,4-D increased germination and pollen tube growth. The germination rate and pollen tube length on the medium that contained 15 mg/L of boron were greater than those of other treatments. There were negative relationship trend between pollen viability and the content of GA3 and 2,4-D. High content of sucrose on the medium benefited germination and pollen tube development. There was a linear regression relationship between germination rate and content of sucrose in the medium (R2=0.983).

  18. CPT-Odd resonances in neutrino oscillations

    Barger; Pakvasa; Weiler; Whisnant


    We consider the consequences for future neutrino factory experiments of small CPT-odd interactions in neutrino oscillations. The nu(&mgr;)-->nu(&mgr;) and nu;(&mgr;)-->nu;(&mgr;) survival probabilities at a baseline L = 732 km can test for CPT-odd contributions at orders of magnitude better sensitivity than present neutrino sector limits. Interference between the CPT-violating interaction and CPT-even mass terms in the Lagrangian can lead to a resonant enhancement of the oscillation amplitude. For oscillations in matter, a simultaneous enhancement of both neutrino and antineutrino oscillation amplitudes is possible.

  19. Role of plant growth regulators and a saprobic fungus in enhancement of metal phytoextraction potential and stress alleviation in pearl millet.

    Firdaus-e-Bareen; Shafiq, Muhammad; Jamil, Sidra


    "Assisted phytoextraction" involving application of chemical additives such as plant growth regulators (PGRs) has become a trend in phytoremediation technology. This study identifies a cost-effective, naturally available crude PGR (PGR1) that produces the same effects as the commercial PGR (PGR2), increasing metal uptake by plants and the reduction of metal stress. Assisted phytoextraction by pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) from a multi-metal (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Na and Zn) contaminated soil medium with tannery solid waste (TSW) soil amendments of 5 and 10%, was evaluated in a full-factorial pot trial with PGR1, PGR2 and Trichoderma pseudokoningii as factors. The effects of these phytoextraction assistants were measured through dry biomass production, heavy metal uptake, stress tolerance enzymes catalase (CAT) and superoxide dismutase (SOD), soluble protein content of plant, and phytoextraction efficiency. Dry biomass and multi-metal accumulation were the highest in the soil treatments with a combined application of PGR1, PGR2 and T. pseudokoningii and the lowest in the control. The soluble protein contents and the SOD and CAT values were the highest in the 10% TSW treatment provided with PGR2+T. pseudokoningii, while the lowest were in the control. Thus, application of crude PGR in combination with other phytoextraction assistants can increase biomass production as well as multi-metal accumulation in plants. However, the biochemical properties of the plant depend on the level of TSW stress in the soil treatment as well as the type of phytoextraction assistants.

  20. Classification Accuracy Is Not Enough

    Sturm, Bob L.


    A recent review of the research literature evaluating music genre recognition (MGR) systems over the past two decades shows that most works (81\\%) measure the capacity of a system to recognize genre by its classification accuracy. We show here, by implementing and testing three categorically diff...... classification accuracy obscures the aim of MGR: to select labels indistinguishable from those a person would choose....

  1. Music genre recognition with risk and rejection

    Sturm, Bob L.


    We explore risk and rejection for music genre recognition (MGR) within the minimum risk framework of Bayesian classification. In this way, we attempt to give an MGR system knowledge that some misclassifications are worse than others, and that deferring classification to an expert may be a better...

  2. The GTZAN dataset

    Sturm, Bob L.


    of GTZAN, and provide a catalog of its faults. We review how GTZAN has been used in MGR research, and find few indications that its faults have been known and considered. Finally, we rigorously study the effects of its faults on evaluating five different MGR systems. The lesson is not to banish GTZAN...

  3. UG programming and CNC CNC machine tools skillfully combined application in mold flow process%UG编程和CNC数控机床巧妙结合在模具流道加工中的应用

    钱杨林; 钱春华



  4. Determinación de parámetros básicos de aptitud física de la población ecuatoriana. Proyecto MINDE-UG


    This research project determines the basic indicators used in the sciences of Physical Activity and Sports in order to assess the population characteristics in functional capabilities and the possibilities of athletic performance. A representative sample of 6902 individuals was used to study the Vertical Jump Power, 3066 individuals to study the Horizontal Jump Power; 10,211 individuals to study the Local Muscular Power (Abs); 10,213 individuals for Rapid Strength and Agility; 10,285 for Peak...

  5. Substitution of polar crown coupling cotter key by the brackets of the generator rotor of Ilha Solteira hydroelectric power plant; Substituicao das chavetas de acoplamento da coroa polar com os bracos do rotor da UG: 07 da UHE Ilha Solteira

    Machado Filho, Orlando Marcondes [Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo (CESP), SP (Brazil)


    The obsolescence of generation equipment leads to the need of maintenance solutions which are creative and sometimes unexpected. This work describes the procedure which enabled to fix a 480 tons rotor with satisfactory results in a compatible time schedule 7 photos, 2 refs.

  6. Regional Income Inequalities In Poland And Italy / Rozkład Nierówności Według Regionów w Polsce i We Włoszech

    Jędrzejczak Alina


    Full Text Available Redukcja różnic między regionami Europy była głównym celem polityki “zrównoważonego rozwoju”, której założenia znalazły się już w tzw. Traktatach Rzymskich (1957. Postępujący proces integracji europejskiej tworzył wciąż nowe instrumenty i inicjatywy (tzw. mechanizmy solidarności, wyrażające dążenie do niwelowania ekonomicznej i społecznej nierównowagi między regionami. Okazało się jednak, że różnice między regionami biednymi i bogatymi w wielu krajach wcale się nie zmniejszają, a spowolnienie gospodarcze spowodowało odwrócenie pozytywnych tendencji nawet w krajach relatywnie najbardziej rozwiniętych.

  7. Segmentation of young consumers in terms of their market activity Segmentacja młodych konsumentów według ich aktywności rynkowej

    Grażyna Adamczyk


    Full Text Available Children and teenagers constitute a separate market group, which is heterogeneous in terms of their behaviour, market attitudes and activity. This is the basis for distinguishing four market segments, different in terms of the demographic, economic and psychographic characteristics of young participants in the market.

  8. 普遍语法与语言习得--从认知的角度看Chomsky的内在主义语言观%UG and Language Acquisition--On Internalism in Chomsky's Linguistic Thoughts:a Cognitive Perspective



    建立在对大脑内部语言机制认知基础上的Chomsky内在主义语言观, 完全不同于行为主义的外在主义语言观, 它解释了普遍语法与语言习得的关系, 表明大脑内部语言机制在习得语言中所起到的关键作用.Chomsky的原则--参数理论解释了儿童语言习得的现象,并以此证明:儿童掌握的语言不完全是从他们听到的语言中学来的,而是由来自儿童大脑内部的生物属性决定的.

  9. Z historii rachunkowości Księgowość podwójna według Pacioliego i jego włoskich naśladowców z XVI i XVII wieku



    Full Text Available Celem artykułu jest prezentacja pierwszego podręcznika o rachunkowości podwójnej oraz jego wpływu na rozwój i popularyzację księgowości we Włoszech. Autor tego dzieła, Luca Pacioli był wybitnym przedstawicielem epoki renesansu, a za sprawą Tractatus XI de Computis et Scripturis zyskał miano „ojca rachunkowości”. Jego dzieło stanowiło kompendium wiedzy kupieckiej niezbędnej do prowadzenia ksiąg rachunkowych. Zostało napisane na podstawie wieloletnich obserwacji praktyk stosowanych przez weneckich kupców, którzy ze względu na intensywną wymianę handlową szukali sposobu kontrolowania efektywności swojej działalności. Walory merytoryczne podręcznika sprawiły, że opisane w nim zasady rachunkowości szybko stały się powszechnie stosowanym standardem i były powielane w książkach innych autorów. Pierwszymi naśladowcami Pacioliego byli Włosi: Domenico Manzoni, Don Angelo Pietra i Matteo Mainardi, którzy w dużym stopniu powielali treść jego podręcznika, ale próbowali również wnosić do rachunkowości własne usprawnienia. Dzięki temu wiedza o księgowości podwójnej docierała do kolejnych krajów i stawała się najbardziej uniwersalną i popularną metodą rachunkowości, której prostota i doskonałość pozwoliła jej przetrwać aż do XXI wieku.

  10.  Z historii rachunkowości Księgowość podwójna według Pacioliego i jego włoskich naśladowców z XVI i XVII wieku



    Full Text Available  Celem artykułu jest prezentacja pierwszego podręcznika o rachunkowości podwójnej oraz jego wpływu na rozwój i popularyzację księgowości we Włoszech. Autor tego dzieła, Luca Pacioli był wybitnym przedstawicielem epoki renesansu, a za sprawą Tractatus XI de Computis et Scripturis zyskał miano „ojca rachunkowości”. Jego dzieło stanowiło kompendium wiedzy kupieckiej niezbędnej do prowadzenia ksiąg rachunkowych. Zostało napisane na podstawie wieloletnich obserwacji praktyk stosowanych przez weneckich kupców, którzy ze względu na intensywną wymianę handlową szukali sposobu kontrolowania efektywności swojej działalności. Walory merytoryczne podręcznika sprawiły, że opisane w nim zasady rachunkowości szybko stały się powszechnie stosowanym standardem i były powielane w książkach innych autorów. Pierwszymi naśladowcami Pacioliego byli Włosi: Domenico Manzoni, Don Angelo Pietra i Matteo Mainardi, którzy w dużym stopniu powielali treść jego podręcznika, ale próbowali również wnosić do rachunkowości własne usprawnienia. Dzięki temu wiedza o księgowości podwójnej docierała do kolejnych krajów i stawała się najbardziej uniwersalną i popularną metodą rachunkowości, której prostota i doskonałość pozwoliła jej przetrwać aż do XXI wieku.

  11. UG-based Tuimming Curve Functions in Two-dimensional Analysis of the Composition of the Application%基于UG修剪曲线功能在二维构图中的应用分析



    Modeling curves are generally in the Xc-Yc plane generated, curve after the initial drawing, in many cases the need for pruning ,and trimming curve function of the understanding and control constraints, have become the key to the success of pruning, trimming curve through the application of functional analysis of the constraints to achieve the function of the trim curve to master, but also for other applions to provide a method of leaming%建模中的曲线一般都是在Xc—Yc平面上生成,曲线初步绘制完成后,很多情况需要进行修剪,通过对修剪曲线功能的约束条件的应用分析,达到对修剪曲线功能的熟练掌握,同时也为其他应用功能的学习提供一种方法。

  12. UG在新型手机外壳实体造型中的应用%The application of UG software in the modeling of new - type cellular phone case

    潘春荣; 罗庆生



  13. Co to jest zawartość pojęcia? Sądy analityczne i syntetyczne według Clarence’a Irvinga Lewisa (What is containment of concepts? Analytic and synthetic judgments according to Clarence Irving Lewis

    Robert Rogoziecki


    Full Text Available The paper is clarification of the category of content of concepts. This category is the key one for Kant and Lewis, as well as for Quinean refutation of distinction between the synthetic and the analytic. The question is: to what extent does Quine’s critique apply to Lewisean understanding of the synthetic and the analytic? The answer is a negative one. In fact, Quine’s critique in his famous Two Dogmas of Empiricism is based on resignation from the category of conceptual content. Just the opposite to Kant and Lewis, who both grounded the opposition of synthetic and analytic judgments in just this category. It brings about the necessity of some explanation of “content of concepts”. According to Kant this content is the presentations of senses, which at the same time are the arguments of concepts. In Critique of Pure Reason concepts are understood as intellectual functions, the value of which is the synthetic unity of apperception. This explanation is far from suffi cient clarity. Thus one needs to describe it in appropriate logical terms. And this was done in Analysis of Knowledge and Valuations by C.I. Lewis. Lewis achieved it by means of his intensional modes of meaning, that is: (1 comprehension, (2 signification and (3 intension. In our cognition these three intensional modes of meaning are primary to the forth mode, namely – extension. The three intensional modes of meaning determine what Lewis called the sense meaning. Sense meaning is at its bottom a kind of imaginary schema, enabling applications of linguistic terms to the world of possible experience.

  14. Podstawowy fenomen śmierci według Eugena Finka. Między 'polis' a 'kosmos' (BASIC PHENOMENON OF DEATH ACCORDING TO EUGEN FINK. BETWEEN POLIS AND KOSMOS

    Andrea Gilardoni


    Full Text Available In the first part of the paper the author presents Eugen Fink's analysis of the phenomenon of death, using meditation (considered as a kind of meta-phenomenology and the reduction method. He investigates the problem of an appropriate phenomenological method (concerning the possibility of making an intersubjective reduction and the problem of the phenomenon in question - it is initially very puzzling how a description of death could ever be possible, as it constitutes a limit situation and doesn't belong to the realm of life. Trying to preserve the intersubjectivity of experience Fink distinguishes two perspectives: my own death and somebody else's death, and makes the corresponding distinction between existence and coexistence. In the second part of the paper death is being considered as entangled in other phenomena of being: work (men's attitude to things and reign (which is an interpersonal relation. Finally, these two phenomena are described in different models of associations with phenomena of power, politics and death.

  15. Top-down Structural Design Method of Large-caliber Naval Gun Based on UG/WAVE%基于UG/WAVE的大口径舰炮结构自顶向下设计方法

    姚忠; 夏方超


    A top-down design method was applied to design the structure of large-caliber naval gun in accordance with the structural feature of large-caliber naval gun. Based on the analysis of structure differences,large-caliber naval guns were classified according to ammunition loading paths and laun-ching-feeding. Taken the complex loading large-caliber naval gun for example,the skeleton and para-metric solid models were established according to the top-down design method. The method can effec-tively achieve quantitative,parametric design of large-caliber naval gun,and also has a measure of reference value in improving the efficiency of artillery engineering design.%针对大口径舰炮结构特点,将自顶向下设计方法应用于大口径舰炮的结构设计中。按大口径舰炮弹药装填路径和扬供弹方式的不同,对大口径舰炮进行了类别划分。以复合装填大口径舰炮为设计实例,进行大口径舰炮结构自顶向下设计研究。建立了某复合装填大口径舰炮的顶层骨架模型和参数化实体模型。该设计方法能够有效实现大口径舰炮定量化、参数化设计,对提高火炮工程设计效率有一定的参考价值。

  16. Research on Fast Modeling Technology of Automobile Lamp Snuff Based on UG%基于UG汽车车灯灯花快速建模技术研究




  17. 摩托车管式车架复杂空间模型从UG到ANSYS的自动转换%The Automatic Change from UG to ANSYS of the Complex Space Model of Motorcycle Tube Frame

    林木峰; 熊焕庭



  18. Applicationon of UG Software on 3D Modeling of a Multifunction Packaging Machine%UG软件在某多功能包装机三维造型设计中的应用

    林益平; 郝喜海; 余江鸿; 刘海兵



  19. Idea państwa według minarchistów i anarchokapitalistów [Idea of the State from the Perspective of Minarchists and Anarcho-capitalists

    Hubert Staskiewicz


    Full Text Available This scientific article treats of libertarianism. Its fundamental premises are: conception of self-ownership, non-aggression axiom, proprietorship, free market, ‘no victim,no crime’ rule, aversion to the state institutions. The existence of libertarianism itselfis the most prominent subject of dispute between its two currents: minarchism andanarcho-capitalism. The adherents of the doctrine of minimal statism were FriedrichA. von Hayek and Milton Friedman, while Murray N. Rothbard and Hans-HermannHoppe were the followers of the free-market anarchy. The traditional, one-dimensional division into the left and right wing is not sufficient for the libertarianism tofind its place on the political scene. It is multidimensionality that characterises thelibertarian thought.

  20. Competitive exclusion and coexistence of universal grammars.

    Mitchener, W Garrett; Nowak, Martin A


    Universal grammar (UG) is a list of innate constraints that specify the set of grammars that can be learned by the child during primary language acquisition. UG of the human brain has been shaped by evolution. Evolution requires variation. Hence, we have to postulate and study variation of UG. We investigate evolutionary dynamics and language acquisition in the context of multiple UGs. We provide examples for competitive exclusion and stable coexistence of different UGs. More specific UGs admit fewer candidate grammars, and less specific UGs admit more candidate grammars. We will analyze conditions for more specific UGs to outcompete less specific UGs and vice versa. An interesting finding is that less specific UGs can resist invasion by more specific UGs if learning is more accurate. In other words, accurate learning stabilizes UGs that admit large numbers of candidate grammars.

  1. 75 FR 11917 - Chrysler LLC, Technology Center, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Aerotek, Ajilon, Altair...


    ..., Tac Transportation, TEC, Technical Training, UGS PLM Solutions, Unique Systems Design, Valley Forge... Transportation, TEC, Technical Training, UGS PLM Solutions, Unique Systems Design, Valley Forge,...

  2. TMFunction data: 906 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available nesis 5 Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) ... Q1RE83_ECOUT Helix ... transporter; multidrug recognition; cysteine; proton electrochemical gradient

  3. TMFunction data: 908 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available nesis 5 Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) ... Q1RE83_ECOUT Helix ... transporter; multidrug recognition; cysteine; proton electrochemical gradient

  4. TMFunction data: 907 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available nesis 5 Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) Chloramphenicol resistance (ug/ml) ... Q1RE83_ECOUT Helix ... transporter; multidrug recognition; cysteine; proton electrochemical gradient

  5. Cytokinin amelioration of yield losses from drought and nematodes

    The influence of applied plant growth regulators (PGR) on growth, development and yield in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium barbadense L.) has been studied for over half a century. Studies of PGR containing cytokinin alone or in combination with gibbererillins applied at the pinhead squ...

  6. 6-Benzyladenine enhancement of cotton

    The influence of applied plant growth regulators (PGR) on growth, development and yield in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium barbadense L.) has been studied for over half a century. Studies of PGR containing cytokinin alone or in combination with gibbererillins applied at the pinhead squa...

  7. Remodeling of the Cervix and Parturition in Mice Lacking the Progesterone Receptor B Isoform1

    Yellon, Steven M.; Oshiro, Bryan T.; Chhaya, Tejas Y.; Lechuga, Thomas J.; Dias, Rejane M.; Burns, Alexandra E.; Force, Lindsey; Apostolakis, Ede M.


    Withdrawal of progestational support for pregnancy is part of the final common pathways for parturition, but the role of nuclear progesterone receptor (PGR) isoforms in this process is not known. To determine if the PGR-B isoform participates in cervical remodeling at term, cervices were obtained from mice lacking PGR-B (PGR-BKO) and from wild-type (WT) controls before or after birth. PGR-BKO mice gave birth to viable pups at the same time as WT controls during the early morning of Day 19 postbreeding. Morphological analyses indicated that by the day before birth, cervices from PGR-BKO and WT mice had increased in size, with fewer cell nuclei/area as well as diminished collagen content and structure, as evidenced by optical density of picrosirius red-stained sections, compared to cervices from nonpregnant mice. Moreover, increased numbers of resident macrophages, but not neutrophils, were found in the prepartum cervix of PGR-BKO compared to nonpregnant mice, parallel to findings in WT mice. These results suggest that PGR-B does not contribute to the growth or degradation of the extracellular matrix or proinflammatory processes associated with recruitment of macrophages in the cervix leading up to birth. Rather, other receptors may contribute to the progesterone-dependent mechanism that promotes remodeling of the cervix during pregnancy and in the proinflammatory process associated with ripening before parturition. PMID:21613631

  8. The GRIN-Global Information Management System – Public Interface Demonstration and Input Opportunity

    The GRIN-Global (GG) Information Management System, under development for the past three years, provides the world's crop genebanks and plant genetic resource (PGR) users with a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use PGR information management system. Developed jointly by the USDA Agricultural Research Ser...

  9. The GRIN-Global Information Management System – A Preview and Opportunity for Public User Input

    The GRIN-Global Information Management System, under development for the past two years, will provide the world's crop genebanks and plant genetic resource (PGR) users with a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use PGR information management system. Developed jointly by the USDA Agricultural Research Servi...

  10. GRIN-Global: An International Project to Develop a Global Plant Genebank Information Management System

    The mission of the GRIN-Global Project is to create a new, scalable version of the Germplasm Resource Information System (GRIN) to provide the world’s crop genebanks with a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use plant genetic resource (PGR) information management system. The system will help safeguard PGR ...

  11. Federal Law Enforcement in Bi-National Perspective: The United States FBI and the Mexican PFM


    Remuneración Mensual por Puesto [Monthly remuneration by Rank],” November 12, 2013, Administracion %20de... Administracion %20de%20los%20recursos/TABULADORES.pdf. Secretaria General. “Ley Orgánica de

  12. The GTZAN dataset

    Sturm, Bob L.


    The GTZAN dataset appears in at least 100 published works, and is the most-used public dataset for evaluation in machine listening research for music genre recognition (MGR). Our recent work, however, shows GTZAN has several faults (repetitions, mislabelings, and distortions), which challenge...... the interpretability of any result derived using it. In this article, we disprove the claims that all MGR systems are affected in the same ways by these faults, and that the performances of MGR systems in GTZAN are still meaningfully comparable since they all face the same faults. We identify and analyze the contents...

  13. Waste Handling Equipment Devleopment Test and Evaluation

    R.L. Tome


    The purpose of this study is to identify candidate Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) surface waste handling equipment for development testing. This study will also identify strategies for performing the development tests. Development testing shall be implemented to support detail design and reduce design risks. Development testing shall be conducted to confirm design concepts, evaluate alternative design concepts, show the availability of needed technology, and provide design documentation. The candidate equipment will be selected from MGR surface waste handling equipment that is the responsibility of the Management and Operating Contractor (M&O) Surface Design Department. The equipment identified in this study is based on Viability Assessment (VA) design. The ''Monitored Geologic Repository Test and Evaluation Plan'' (MGR T&EP), Reference 5.1, was used as a basis for this study. The MGR T&EP reflects the extent of test planning and analysis that can be conducted, given the current status of the MGR requirements and latest VA design information. The MGR T&EP supports the appropriate sections in the license application (LA) in accordance with 10 CFR 60.2 1(c)(14). The MGR T&EP describes the following test activities: site characterization to confirm, by test and analysis, the suitability of the Yucca Mountain site for housing a geologic repository; development testing to investigate and document design concepts to reduce risk; qualification testing to verify equipment compliance with design requirements, specifications, and regulatory requirements; system testing to validate compliance with MGR requirements, which include the receipt, handling, retrieval, and disposal of waste; periodic performance testing to verify preclosure requirements and to demonstrate safe and reliable MGR operation; and performance confirmation modeling, testing, and analysis to verify adherence to postclosure regulatory requirements. Development test activities can be

  14. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-0966 [SEVENS


  15. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-01-0393 [SEVENS


  16. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-03-0311 [SEVENS


  17. Gene : CBRC-TGUT-16-0011 [SEVENS


  18. 77 FR 14770 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests


    ... regarding burden and/or the collection activity requirements should be electronically mailed to ICDocketMgr... invited to apply based on academic achievements on the SAT or ACT assessments, or on artistic merits based...

  19. The Membrane Gradostat Reactor: Secondary metabolite production ...

    African Journal of Biotechnology ... The MGR has shown great potential and versatility in terms of industrial applications. It can be used in both wastewater treatment and biopharmaceutical manufacturing using different modes of operation to ...

  20. A highly conserved novel family of mammalian developmental transcription factors related to Drosophila grainyhead.

    Wilanowski, Tomasz; Tuckfield, Annabel; Cerruti, Loretta; O'Connell, Sinead; Saint, Robert; Parekh, Vishwas; Tao, Jianning; Cunningham, John M; Jane, Stephen M


    The Drosophila transcription factor Grainyhead regulates several key developmental processes. Three mammalian genes, CP2, LBP-1a and LBP-9 have been previously identified as homologues of grainyhead. We now report the cloning of two new mammalian genes (Mammalian grainyhead (MGR) and Brother-of-MGR (BOM)) and one new Drosophila gene (dCP2) that rewrite the phylogeny of this family. We demonstrate that MGR and BOM are more closely related to grh, whereas CP2, LBP-1a and LBP-9 are descendants of the dCP2 gene. MGR shares the greatest sequence homology with grh, is expressed in tissue-restricted patterns more comparable to grh and binds to and transactivates the promoter of the human Engrailed-1 gene, the mammalian homologue of the key grainyhead target gene, engrailed. This sequence and functional conservation indicates that the new mammalian members of this family play important developmental roles.

  1. Membrane glucocorticoid receptor activation induces proteomic changes aligning with classical glucocorticoid effects.

    Vernocchi, Sara; Battello, Nadia; Schmitz, Stephanie; Revets, Dominique; Billing, Anja M; Turner, Jonathan D; Muller, Claude P


    Glucocorticoids exert rapid nongenomic effects by several mechanisms including the activation of a membrane-bound glucocorticoid receptor (mGR). Here, we report the first proteomic study on the effects of mGR activation by BSA-conjugated cortisol (Cort-BSA). A subset of target proteins in the proteomic data set was validated by Western blot and we found them responding to mGR activation by BSA-conjugated cortisol in three additional cell lines, indicating a conserved effect in cells originating from different tissues. Changes in the proteome of BSA-conjugated cortisol treated CCRF-CEM leukemia cells were associated with early and rapid pro-apoptotic, immune-modulatory and metabolic effects aligning with and possibly "priming" classical activities of the cytosolic glucocorticoid receptor (cGR). PCR arrays investigating target genes of the major signaling pathways indicated that the mGR does not exert its effects through the transcriptional activity of any of the most common kinases in these leukemic cells, but RhoA signaling emerged from our pathway analysis. All cell lines tested displayed very low levels of mGR on their surface. Highly sensitive and specific in situ proximity ligation assay visualized low numbers of mGR even in cells previously thought to be mGR negative. We obtained similar results when using three distinct anti-GR monoclonal antibodies directed against the N-terminal half of the cGR. This strongly suggests that the mGR and the cGR have a high sequence homology and most probably originate from the same gene. Furthermore, the mGR appears to reside in caveolae and its association with caveolin-1 (Cav-1) was clearly detected in two of the four cell lines investigated using double recognition proximity ligation assay. Our results indicate however that Cav-1 is not necessary for membrane localization of the GR since CCRF-CEM and Jurkat cells have a functional mGR, but did not express this caveolar protein. However, if expressed, this membrane protein

  2. Characterization of the Interaction of the Terminal Complement Complexes with a Model Membrane System: Comparison of the Channel Properties of C5-8 and C5-9 Lesions


    components which leads to the death or disruption of a variety of targets, such as bacteria, viruses, virus-infected cells, fungi, parasites and some tumor ...I ’· , en en >- ...J *’ ---~~M« mama .-.---------OOJUiDIMIUIIMAIIBIDMi\\UiW~. . . ·~ . 87 1.0ug C8 .s ug ca .25 ug ca .1 ug ca .01 ug C8 50

  3. Evaluating music emotion recognition

    Sturm, Bob L.


    A fundamental problem with nearly all work in music genre recognition (MGR)is that evaluation lacks validity with respect to the principal goals of MGR. This problem also occurs in the evaluation of music emotion recognition (MER). Standard approaches to evaluation, though easy to implement, do...... not reliably differentiate between recognizing genre or emotion from music, or by virtue of confounding factors in signals (e.g., equalization). We demonstrate such problems for evaluating an MER system, and conclude with recommendations....

  4. Penentuan Bilangan Iodin Terhadap RBD Palm Olein Yang Berasal Dari Daerah Sumatera Utara Dan Dumai



    Telah dilakukan penentuan bilangan iodin dari RBD Palm Olein yang merupakan hasil dari pengolahan minyak mentah kelapa sawit. Pengambilan sampel secara acak yang dilakukan terhadap RBD Palm Olein dari daerah Sumatera Utara dan daerah Dumai. Penentuan bilangan iodin dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode iodometri. Dari hasil analisa diperoleh bilangan iodin RBD Pal Olein dari daerah Sumatera Utara sebesar 59,31 mgr/gr dan dari daerah dumai 56,03 mgr/gr. Dari hasil analisa menunjukkan bahwa bilan...

  5. ŸKinetics of the Reaction of Pyrogallol Red, a Polyphenolic Dye, with Nitrous Acid: Role of Ÿ•NO and •NO2

    Estefania Hugo


    Full Text Available In the present work we studied the reaction under gastric conditions of pyrogallol red (PGR, a polyphenolic dye, with nitrous acid (HONO. PGR has been used as a model polyphenol due to its strong UV-visible absorption and its high reactivity towards reactive species (radicals and non-radicals, RS. The reaction was followed by UV-visible spectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC. A clear decrease of the PGR absorbance at 465 nm was observed, evidencing an efficient bleaching of PGR by HONO. In the initial stages of the reaction, each HONO molecule nearly consumed 2.6 PGR molecules while, at long reaction times, ca. 7.0 dye molecules were consumed per each reacted HONO. This result is interpreted in terms of HONO recycling. During the PGR-HONO reaction, nitric oxide was generated in the micromolar range. In addition, the rate of PGR consumption induced by HONO was almost totally abated by argon bubbling, emphasising the role that critical volatile intermediates, such as ŸNO and/or nitrogen dioxide (ŸNO2, play in the bleaching of this phenolic compound.

  6. Intravascular optical coherence tomography light scattering artifacts: merry-go-rounding, blooming, and ghost struts

    Mancuso, J. Jacob; Halaney, David L.; Elahi, Sahar; Ho, Derek; Wang, Tianyi; Ouyang, Yongjian; Dijkstra, Jouke; Milner, Thomas E.; Feldman, Marc D.


    We sought to elucidate the mechanisms underlying two common intravascular optical coherence tomography (IV-OCT) artifacts that occur when imaging metallic stents: "merry-go-rounding" (MGR), which is an increase in strut arc length (SAL), and "blooming," which is an increase in the strut reflection thickness (blooming thickness). Due to uncontrollable variables that occur in vivo, we performed an in vitro assessment of MGR and blooming in stented vessel phantoms. Using Xience V and Driver stents, we examined the effects of catheter offset, intimal strut coverage, and residual blood on SAL and blooming thickness in IV-OCT images. Catheter offset and strut coverage both caused minor MGR, while the greatest MGR effect resulted from light scattering by residual blood in the vessel lumen, with 1% hematocrit (Hct) causing a more than fourfold increase in SAL compared with saline (pResidual blood also resulted in blooming, with blooming thickness more than doubling when imaged in 0.5% Hct compared with saline (presidual blood in the imaging field, is the predominant cause of MGR. Light scattering also results in blooming, and a newly described artifact, three-dimensional-MGR, which results in "ghost struts" in B-scans.




    Full Text Available A previous study examined, in detail, the morphological response of hybrid Cymbidium Twilight Moon ‘Day Light’ protocorm-like bodies (PLBs to 26 plant growth regulators (PGRs. In this study, flow cytometric analyses of the PLBs derived from several of these PGR treatments revealed changes in the ploidy of PLBs while the ploidy of plant leaves remained constant. The SPAD value of leaves of plants derived from PGR treatments changed significantly. The choice of PGR must be accompanied by careful scrutiny of the possible resulting changes to morphology and physiological parameters.

  8. The ERα coactivator, HER4/4ICD, regulates progesterone receptor expression in normal and malignant breast epithelium

    Howard Beatrice A


    Full Text Available Abstract The HER4 intracellular domain (4ICD is a potent estrogen receptor (ERα coactivator with activities in breast cancer and the developing mammary gland that appear to overlap with progesterone receptor (PgR. In fact, 4ICD has recently emerged as an important regulator and predictor of tamoxifen response, a role previously thought to be fulfilled by PgR. Here we investigated the possibility that the 4ICD coactivator regulates PgR expression thereby providing a mechanistic explanation for their partially overlapping activities in breast cancer. We show that 4ICD is both sufficient and necessary to potentiate estrogen stimulation of gene expression. Suppression of HER4/4ICD expression in the MCF-7 breast tumor cell line completely eliminated estrogen stimulated expression of PgR. In addition, the HER4/4ICD negative MCF-7 variant, TamR, failed to express PgR in response to estrogen. Reintroduction of wild-type HER4 but not the γ-secretase processing mutant HER4V673I into the TamR cell line restored PgR expression indicating that 4ICD is an essential PgR coactivator in breast tumor cells. These results were substantiated in vivo using two different physiologically relevant experimental systems. In the mouse mammary gland estrogen regulates expression of PgR-A whereas expression of PgR-B is estrogen independent. Consistent with a role for 4ICD in estrogen regulated PgR expression in vivo, PgR-A, but not PgR-B, expression was abolished in HER4-null mouse mammary glands during pregnancy. Coexpression of PgR and 4ICD is also commonly observed in ERα positive breast carcinomas. Using quantitative AQUA IHC technology we found that 4ICD potentiated PgR expression in primary breast tumors and the highest levels of PgR expression required coexpression of ERα and the 4ICD coactivator. In summary, our results provide compelling evidence that 4ICD is a physiologically important ERα coactivator and 4ICD cooperates with ERα to potentiate PgR expression


    WANG Mingtai; ZONG Huijuan


    Polymeric Grignard Reagent (PGR) based on the chloromethylated poly(ST-co-DVB) resin has been prepared by means of anthracene-magnesium complex in THF (Anth-Mg-THF),and polymer matrix with long polymethylene spacer was synthesized via the coupling reaction between PGR and α, ω-dibromoalkanes. Based on the studies of factors affecting the coupling, such as catalyst,reaction time,the length of spacer etc. ,this paper offers the optimal reaction conditions and three typical experiment procedures. The mechanism for the formation and coupling reaction of PGR are also discussed.

  10. Modeling Performance of Plant Growth Regulators

    W. C. Kreuser


    Full Text Available Growing degree day (GDD models can predict the performance of plant growth regulators (PGRs applied to creeping bentgrass ( L.. The goal of this letter is to describe experimental design strategies and modeling approaches to create PGR models for different PGRs, application rates, and turf species. Results from testing the models indicate that clipping yield should be measured until the growth response has diminished. This is in contrast to reapplication of a PGR at preselected intervals. During modeling, inclusion of an amplitude-dampening coefficient in the sinewave model allows the PGR effect to dissipate with time.

  11. 77 FR 58624 - Progressive Rail Incorporated-Acquisition and Operation Exemption-Rail Lines of Crab Orchard...


    ... Lines of Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad Company Progressive Rail Incorporated (PGR), a Class III rail carrier, has filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR 1150.41 to acquire from Crab Orchard...

  12. Digging Deeper: Looking Beyond Behavior to Discover Meaning

    Full Text Available ... Based Practice PGR Assessing Progress Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Professional Development Professional Development Systems Foundation for Staff Development Individual Career Development Professional-Development-to-Go Was this page ...

  13. Deep-sea genetic resources: New frontiers for science and stewardship in areas beyond national jurisdiction

    Harden-Davies, Harriet


    The deep-sea is a large source of marine genetic resources (MGR), which have many potential uses and are a growing area of research. Much of the deep-sea lies in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), including 65% of the global ocean. MGR in ABNJ occupy a significant gap in the international legal framework. Access and benefit sharing of MGR is a key issue in the development of a new international legally-binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity in ABNJ. This paper examines how this is relevant to deep-sea scientific research and identifies emerging challenges and opportunities. There is no internationally agreed definition of MGR, however, deep-sea genetic resources could incorporate any biological material including genes, proteins and natural products. Deep-sea scientific research is the key actor accessing MGR in ABNJ and sharing benefits such as data, samples and knowledge. UNCLOS provides the international legal framework for marine scientific research, international science cooperation, capacity building and marine technology transfer. Enhanced implementation could support access and benefit sharing of MGR in ABNJ. Deep-sea scientific researchers could play an important role in informing practical new governance solutions for access and benefit sharing of MGR that promote scientific research in ABNJ and support deep-sea stewardship. Advancing knowledge of deep-sea biodiversity in ABNJ, enhancing open-access to data and samples, standardisation and international marine science cooperation are significant potential opportunity areas.

  14. Progesterone receptor-dependent regulation of genes in the oviducts of female mice.

    Akison, Lisa K; Boden, Michael J; Kennaway, David J; Russell, Darryl L; Robker, Rebecca L


    Oviducts play a critical role in gamete and embryo transport, as well as supporting early embryo development. Progesterone receptor (PGR) is a transcription factor highly expressed in oviductal cells, while its activating ligand, progesterone, surges to peak levels as ovulation approaches. Progesterone is known to regulate oviduct cilia beating and muscular contractions in vitro, but how PGR may mediate this in vivo is poorly understood. We used PGR null mice to identify genes potentially regulated by PGR in the oviducts during the periovulatory period. Histologically, oviducts from PGR null mice showed no gross structural or morphological defects compared with normal littermates. However, microarray analysis of oviducts at 8 h posthuman chorionic gonadotropin revealed >1,000 PGR-dependent genes. Using reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) we selected 10 genes for validation based on their potential roles in oocyte/embryo transport and support. Eight genes were confirmed to be downregulated (Adamts1, Itga8, Edn3, Prlr, Ptgfr, Des, Myocd, and Actg2) and one upregulated (Agtr2) in PGR null oviducts. Expression of these genes was also assessed in oviducts of naturally cycling mice during ovulation and day 1 and day 4 of pregnancy. Adamts1, Itga8, Edn3, Prlr, and Ptgfr were significantly upregulated in oviducts at ovulation/mating. However, most genes showed basal levels of expression at other times. The exceptions were Prlr and Ptgfr, which showed pulsatile increases on day 1 and/or day 4 of pregnancy. This is the first, comprehensive study to elucidate putative PGR-regulated genes in the oviduct and reveals key downstream targets potentially mediating oocyte and embryo transport. Copyright © 2014 the American Physiological Society.

  15. Relationship between quantitative estrogen and progesterone receptor expression and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER-2) status with recurrence in the Arimidex, Tamoxifen, Alone or in Combination trial.

    Dowsett, Mitch; Allred, Craig; Knox, Jill; Quinn, Emma; Salter, Janine; Wale, Chris; Cuzick, Jack; Houghton, Joan; Williams, Norman; Mallon, Elizabeth; Bishop, Hugh; Ellis, Ian; Larsimont, Denis; Sasano, Hironobu; Carder, Pauline; Cussac, Antonio Llombart; Knox, Fiona; Speirs, Valerie; Forbes, John; Buzdar, Aman


    To determine the relationship between quantitative estrogen-receptor (ER) and progesterone-receptor (PgR) expression and human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER-2) status with time to recurrence (TTR) in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive primary breast cancer treated with anastrozole or tamoxifen as adjuvant therapy. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor blocks were retrospectively collected from patients in the monotherapy arms of the Arimidex, Tamoxifen Alone or in Combination (ATAC) trial and centrally tested for ER, PgR and HER-2. ER and PgR were scored using continuous scales and HER-2 was scored as 0 to 3+ with 2+ cases being analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Blocks were collected from 2,006 of 5,880 eligible patients. Tissue was assessable and ER and/or PgR positivity confirmed centrally in 1,782 cases. In these, TTR was longer for anastrozole than for tamoxifen by a similar extent to that in the overall trial. None of the three biomarkers identified a set of patients with differential benefit from anastrozole over tamoxifen. Patients with low ER, low PgR, and high HER-2 expression had a poorer prognosis with either drug. Only 2.6% of patients in the highest quartile of PgR experienced recurrence after 5 years, compared with 13.2% in the lowest quartile. Quantitative expression of ER and PgR and HER-2 status did not identify patients with differential relative benefit from anastrozole over tamoxifen: TTR was longer for anastrozole than for tamoxifen in all molecular subgroups. Low ER or PgR or high HER-2 expression are associated with a high risk of recurrence with either anastrozole or tamoxifen.

  16. Blocking of progestin action disrupts spermatogenesis in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).

    Liu, Gang; Luo, Feng; Song, Qiang; Wu, Limin; Qiu, Yongxiu; Shi, Hongjuan; Wang, Deshou; Zhou, Linyan


    In vitro studies have indicated that the maturation-inducing hormone 17α,20β-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one (17α,20β-DP, DHP), probably through nuclear progestin receptor (Pgr), might be involved in the proliferation of spermatogonial cells and the initiation of meiosis in several fish species. However, further in vivo evidence is required to elucidate the role of DHP in spermatogenesis during sexual differentiation in teleosts. In this study, we cloned pgr and analyzed its expression in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and treated XY fish with RU486 (a synthetic Pgr antagonist) from 5 days after hatching (dah) to determine the role of DHP in spermatogenesis. Sequence and phylogenetic analyses revealed that the Pgr identified in tilapia is a genuine Pgr. Pgr was found to be expressed in the Sertoli cells surrounding spermatogonia and spermatids in the testis of tilapia. Real-time PCR analysis revealed that the expression of pgr in the testis was significantly upregulated from 10 dah, further increased at 50 dah, and persisted until adulthood in fish. In the testis of RU486-treated fish, the transcript levels of germ cell markers and a meiotic marker were substantially reduced. However, the expression of markers in Sertoli cells remained unchanged. Moreover, the production of 11-ketotestosterone and the expression of genes encoding various steroidogenic enzymes were also not altered. In contrast, the expression of cyp17a2, encoding one of the critical steroidogenic enzymes involved in DHP biosynthesis, declined significantly, possibly indicating the inhibition of DHP production by RU486. RU486 treatment given for 2 months did not affect spermatogenesis; however, treatment given for more than 3 months resulted in a decrease in spermatogonial cell numbers and depletion of later-phase spermatogenic cells. Simultaneous excessive DHP supplementation restored spermatogenesis in RU486-treated XY fish. Taken together, our data further indicated that DHP, possibly through

  17. A novel pyrogallol red-based assay to assess catalase activity: Optimization by response surface methodology.

    Abderrahim, Mohamed; Arribas, Silvia M; Condezo-Hoyos, Luis


    Pyrogallol red (PGR) was identified as a novel optical probe for the detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) based on horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-catalyzed oxidation. Response surface methodology (RSM) was applied as a tool to optimize the concentrations of PGR (100µmolL(-1)), HRP (1UmL(-1)) and H2O2 (250µmolL(-1)) and used to develop a sensitive PGR-based catalase (CAT) activity assay (PGR-CAT assay). N-ethylmaleimide -NEM- (102mmolL(-1)) was used to avoid interference produced by thiol groups while protecting CAT activity. Incubation time (30min) for samples or CAT used as standard and H2O2 as well as signal stability (stable between 5 and 60min) were also evaluated. PGR-CAT assay was linear within the range of 0-4UmL(-1) (R(2)=0.993) and very sensitive with limits of detection (LOD) of 0.005UmL(-1) and quantitation (LOQ) of 0.01UmL(-1). PGR-CAT assay showed an adequate intra-day RSD=0.6-9.5% and inter-day RSD=2.4-8.9%. Bland-Altman analysis and Passing-Bablok and Pearson correlation analysis showed good agreement between CAT activity as measured by the PRG-CAT assay and the Amplex Red assay. The PGR-CAT assay is more sensitive than all the other colorimetric assays reported, particularly the Amplex Red assay, and the cost of PGR is a small fraction (about 1/1000) of that of an Amplex Red probe, so it can be expected to find wide use among scientists studying CAT activity in biological samples.

  18. Responses of two grass species to plant growth regulators, fertilizer N, chelated Fe, salinity and water stress

    Nabati, Daryoosh A.


    A series of studies were initiated to investigate growth responses of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa praetensis L.) and creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.) to foliar applications of two plant growth regulators (PGR) and/or chelated Fe (Na Fe diethylene triamine pentaacetate). Environmental variables considered were N levels, soil moisture regimes, and saline irrigations The two materials investigated for PGR properties were a commercial product called Roots (a cold-water extract of seaw...

  19. High rabbit abundance proves detrimental to the population growth rate in European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L. extensive breeding enclosures

    L. Ruiz-Aizpurua


    Full Text Available The European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L. is a key prey species in Mediterranean ecosystems that has declined in its natural ranges as a result of diseases and loss of habitat. This situation has led to the production of wild rabbits in enclosures in which they can acclimate and breed. The efficiency of these enclosures as extensive breeding systems is defined by their population growth rate (PGR. The aim of this study is to analyse the effect of rabbit abundance on the PGR. This has been done by creating general linear models to explain autumn and spring PGR with the use of rabbit abundance estimates, enclosure size, aerial predation and previous PGR as possible explanatory variables. Rabbit abundance and enclosure size negatively affected the autumn PGR, while only rabbit abundance affected the spring PGR in the best-fit models. It is suggested that maintaining rabbit densities at fewer than 30 rabbits per hectare might help to optimise the efficiency inside enclosures.

  20. Use of Pyrogallol Red and Pyranine as Probes to Evaluate Antioxidant Capacities towards Hypochlorite

    Fernanda Pérez-Cruz


    Full Text Available Hypochlorite is a strong oxidant able to induce deleterious effects in biological systems. The goal of this work was to investigate the use of PGR and PYR as probes in assays aimed at evaluating antioxidant activities towards hypochorite and apply it to plant extracts employed in Chilean folk medicine. The consumption of PGR and PYR was evaluated from the decrease in the visible absorbance and fluorescence intensity, respectively. Total phenolic content was determined by the Folin Ciocalteau assay. PGR and PYR react with hypochlorite with different kinetics, being considerably faster the consumption of PGR. Different stoichiometric values were also determined: 0.7 molecules of PGR and 0.33 molecules of PYR were bleached per each molecule of added hypochlorite. Both probes were protected by antioxidants, but the rate of PGR bleaching was too fast to perform a kinetic analysis. For PYR, the protection took place without changes in its initial consumption rate, suggesting a competition between the dye and the antioxidant for hypochlorite. Plant extracts protected PYR giving a PYR-HOCl index that follows the order: Fuchsia magellanica » Marrubium vulgare » Tagetes minuta > Chenopodium ambrosoides » Satureja montana > Thymus praecox. Based on both the kinetic data and the protection afforded by pure antioxidants, we selected PYR as the best probe. The proposed methodology allows evaluating an antioxidant capacity index of plant extracts related to the reactivity of the samples towards hypochlorite.

  1. An Improved Path-Generating Regulator for Two-Wheeled Robots to Track the Circle/Arc Passage

    Jun Dai


    Full Text Available The improved path-generating regulator (PGR is proposed to path track the circle/arc passage for two-wheeled robots. The PGR, which is a control method for robots so as to orient its heading toward the tangential direction of one of the curves belonging to the family of path functions, is applied to navigation problem originally. Driving environments for robots are usually roads, streets, paths, passages, and ridges. These tracks can be seen as they consist of straight lines and arcs. In the case of small interval, arc can be regarded as straight line approximately; therefore we extended the PGR to drive the robot move along circle/arc passage based on the theory that PGR to track the straight passage. In addition, the adjustable look-ahead method is proposed to improve the robot trajectory convergence property to the target circle/arc. The effectiveness is proved through MATLAB simulations on both the comparisons with the PGR and the improved PGR with adjustable look-ahead method. The results of numerical simulations show that the adjustable look-ahead method has better convergence property and stronger capacity of resisting disturbance.

  2. Evaluation of fetal and maternal genetic variation in the progesterone receptor gene for contributions to preterm birth.

    Ehn, Nicole L; Cooper, Margaret E; Orr, Kristin; Shi, Min; Johnson, Marla K; Caprau, Diana; Dagle, John; Steffen, Katherine; Johnson, Karen; Marazita, Mary L; Merrill, David; Murray, Jeffrey C


    Progesterone plays a critical role in the maintenance of pregnancy and has been effectively used to prevent recurrences of preterm labor. We investigated the role of genetic variation in the progesterone receptor (PGR) gene in modulating risks for preterm labor by examining both maternal and fetal effects. Cases were infants delivered prematurely at the University of Iowa. DNA was collected from the mother, infant, and father. Seventeen single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and an insertion deletion variant in PGR were studied in 415 families. Results were then analyzed using transmission disequilibrium tests and log-linear-model-based analysis. DNA sequencing of the PGR gene was also carried out in 92 mothers of preterm infants. We identified significant associations between SNP in the PGR for both mother and preterm infant. No etiologic sequence variants were found in the coding sequence of the PGR gene. This study suggests that genetic variation in the PGR gene of either the mother or the fetus may trigger preterm labor.

  3. Uterine progesterone receptor expression, conceptus development, and ovarian function in pigs treated with RU 486 during early pregnancy.

    Mathew, Daniel J; Sellner, Erin M; Green, Jacob C; Okamura, Carol S; Anderson, Lloyd L; Lucy, Matthew C; Geisert, Rodney D


    Establishment of pregnancy in the pig depends on down-regulation of progesterone receptor (PGR) in the uterine luminal and glandular epithelium during the first week after breeding. The present study evaluated the regulation of endometrial PGR by progesterone and the possible role of endometrial tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily member 11 (TNFSF11) and nuclear factor-kappa B (NFKB) activation in PGR expression. Mature, cycling gilts were inseminated (Day 0) and assigned to either untreated control (n = 9) or one of two treatments that employed RU 486 to block progesterone action either before (treatment 1 [T1]) or after (treatment 2 [T2]) the initiation of PGR down-regulation. The T1 gilts were treated with RU 486 (400 mg/day) on Days 3-5 of pregnancy (n = 9), and T2 gilts were treated with RU 486 on Days 6 and 7 of pregnancy (n = 9). Uteri and ovaries were collected on Day 8 or 12 of gestation. The diameter of the conceptuses in T1 gilts was approximately half that in controls by Day 8, and normal conceptuses were not collected from any T1 gilts on Day 12. Endometrial PGR mRNA was more abundant in T1 and T2 gilts compared with control gilts. The PGR-B protein decreased from Day 8 to Day 12 in the luminal epithelium and, to some extent, in superficial glandular epithelium in control and T2 gilts. In T1 gilts, the PGR-B protein remained elevated (i.e., failed to undergo down-regulation) on Day 12. Blocking PGR action early in the cycle (i.e., on or before Day 5), therefore, prevented normal conceptus development, caused elevated PGR mRNA, and prevented the decrease in PGR protein that typically occurs in pigs. We could not confirm a role for NFKB activation in PGR down-regulation, because pigs with extreme differences in PGR and TNFSF11 expression (T1 and controls) had similar NFKB activation on Day 8. Activated NFKB within the luminal epithelium and glandular epithelium (both superficial and deep) was observed in T2 and control pigs on Day 12 when

  4. RSW Fully Tet Medium Cell-Centered Mesh

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This is the RSW Fully tetrahedral medium cell-centered unstructured grid with a viscous wall. UG3 : Grid File Name = rsw_med_tetcc.b8.ugrid UG3 : Quad Surface Faces=...

  5. 40 CFR 795.120 - Gammarid acute toxicity test.


    ... has been added. (ix) Observations on compound solubility shall be recorded. The investigator should..., iron, lead, nickel, zinc 1 ug/L Residual chlorine 3 ug/L Cadmium, mercury, silver 100 ng/L...

  6. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2478 [SEVENS


  7. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2505 [SEVENS


  8. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3044 [SEVENS


  9. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2495 [SEVENS


  10. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1072 [SEVENS


  11. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3748 [SEVENS


  12. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-0056 [SEVENS


  13. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2589 [SEVENS


  14. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2468 [SEVENS


  15. Dual control of ticks and tsetse flies using deltamethrin through ...


    month at cost of Ug. Shs. 100 per head of cattle per spray (Ug. Shs 1,200 annually) and through .... During this activity, 3 tsetse traps were ... Geographical Positioning System (GPS). ... catches and BCT-based trypanosomosis incidences have.

  16. RSW Fully Tet Cell-Centered Fine Mesh

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This is the RSW dataset for a fine fully tetrahedral grid designed for a cell-centered unstructured solver. UG3 : Grid File Name = rsw_fine_tetcc.b8.ugrid UG3 : Quad...

  17. Oxygen mass transfer for an immobilised biofilm of Phanerochaete chrysosporium in a membrane gradostat reactor

    S. K. O. Ntwampe


    Full Text Available A novel system, the membrane gradostat reactor (MGR, designed for the continuous production of secondary metabolites, has been shown to have higher production per reactor volume than batch culture systems. The MGR system mimics the natural environment in which wild occurring microorganism biofilms flourish. The biofilms are immobilised on the external surface of an ultrafiltration membrane where substrate distribution gradients are established across the biofilm. The hypothesis that, dissolved oxygen (DO mass transfer parameters obtained in submerged pellets can be used to describe and model DO mass transfer parameters in the MGR, was refuted. Phanerochaete chrysosporium biofilms, immobilised on ultrafiltration capillary membranes in the MGR systems were used to quantify DO distribution using a Clark-type microsensor. The DO penetration depth decreased with increasing biofilm thickness, which resulted in the formation of anaerobic zones in the biofilms. Oxygen flux values of 0.27 to 0.7 g/(m².h were obtained during the MGR operation. The consumption of oxygen and the Monod saturation constants used in the modelling of oxygen distribution in immobilised biofilms were in the range of 894.53 to 2739.70 g/(m³.h and 0.041 to 0.999 g/m³, respectively.

  18. Wildlife resource utilisation at Moremi Game Reserve and Khwai community area in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

    Mbaiwa, Joseph E


    This paper uses the concept of sustainable development to examine the utilisation of wildlife resources at Moremi Game Reserve (MGR) and Khwai community area (NG 18/19) in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Using both secondary and primary data sources, results show that the establishment of MGR in 1963 led to the displacement of Khwai residents from their land; affected Basarwa's hunting and gathering economy; marked the beginning of resource conflicts between Khwai residents and wildlife managers; and, led to the development of negative attitudes of Khwai residents towards wildlife conservation. Since the late 1980s, a predominantly foreign owned tourism industry developed in and around MGR, however, Khwai residents derive insignificant benefits from it and hence resource conflicts increased. In an attempt to address problems of resource conflicts and promote sustainable wildlife utilisation, the Botswana Government adopted the Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) programme, which started operating at Khwai village in 2000. The CBNRM programme promotes local participation in natural resource management and rural development through tourism. It is beginning to have benefits to Khwai residents such as income generation, employment opportunities and local participation in wildlife management. These benefits from CBNRM are thus having an impact in the development of positive attitudes of Khwai residents towards wildlife conservation and tourism development. This paper argues that if extended to MGR, CBNRM has the potential of minimising wildlife conflicts between Khwai residents and the wildlife-tourism sectors. This approach may in the process promote the sustainable wildlife use in and around MGR.

  19. Deficyt budżetowy i dług publiczny oraz kompetencje organów władzy do ich kształtowania – w świetle przepisów konstytucji i prawa Unii Europejskiej


    The issues of public debt and budget deficit are regulated by constitutions (e.g. of Poland, Germany, Spain) as well as by the law of the European Union. The constitutional regulations concerning public debt and deficit are norms primarily directed at governments and parliaments. However, these regulations mainly have a preventive and auxiliary character and cannot by themselves stop the debt level of the state from increasing. Financial aims concerning debt and deficit can be achieved by non...

  20. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-0046 [SEVENS


  1. Gene : CBRC-TGUT-04-0007 [SEVENS


  2. Gene : CBRC-TGUT-07-0015 [SEVENS


  3. Gene : CBRC-OANA-01-1472 [SEVENS


  4. Gene : CBRC-OANA-01-1922 [SEVENS


  5. Gene : CBRC-OANA-01-1514 [SEVENS


  6. Gene : CBRC-PMAR-01-0299 [SEVENS


  7. Gene : CBRC-GACU-10-0003 [SEVENS


  8. Gene : CBRC-RMAC-10-0025 [SEVENS


  9. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3376 [SEVENS


  10. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1571 [SEVENS


  11. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-05-0449 [SEVENS


  12. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-08-0089 [SEVENS


  13. Gene : CBRC-MMUS-09-0184 [SEVENS


  14. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-01-0481 [SEVENS


  15. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-01-0067 [SEVENS


  16. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-03-0029 [SEVENS


  17. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-04-0000 [SEVENS


  18. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-05-0091 [SEVENS


  19. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-03-0084 [SEVENS


  20. Gene : CBRC-AGAM-07-0049 [SEVENS


  1. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1786 [SEVENS


  2. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2372 [SEVENS


  3. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-0020 [SEVENS


  4. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1035 [SEVENS


  5. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-11-0071 [SEVENS


  6. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-11-0075 [SEVENS


  7. Gene : CBRC-CELE-02-0079 [SEVENS


  8. Gene : CBRC-MMUS-10-0081 [SEVENS


  9. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-02-0021 [SEVENS


  10. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-02-0470 [SEVENS


  11. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-07-0059 [SEVENS


  12. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-03-0068 [SEVENS


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  14. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-01-0374 [SEVENS


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  4. Gene : CBRC-RNOR-12-0016 [SEVENS


  5. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-04-0068 [SEVENS


  6. Gene : CBRC-DRER-11-0007 [SEVENS


  7. Gene : CBRC-RNOR-15-0016 [SEVENS


  8. Gene : CBRC-TGUT-27-0004 [SEVENS


  9. Gene : CBRC-PMAR-01-0809 [SEVENS


  10. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3564 [SEVENS


  11. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-01-0063 [SEVENS


  12. Gene : CBRC-HSAP-13-0022 [SEVENS


  13. Gene : CBRC-CFAM-10-0005 [SEVENS


  14. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-0726 [SEVENS


  15. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3870 [SEVENS


  16. Gene : CBRC-DRER-24-0055 [SEVENS


  17. Gene : CBRC-DRER-24-0054 [SEVENS


  18. Gene : CBRC-GACU-23-0129 [SEVENS


  19. Gene : CBRC-MMUS-08-0042 [SEVENS


  20. Gene : CBRC-RMAC-05-0039 [SEVENS


  1. Gene : CBRC-PMAR-01-0032 [SEVENS


  2. Medieval and Modern Views of Universal Grammar and the Nature of Second Language Learning.

    Thomas, Margaret


    Examines the relationship between ideas of universal grammar (UG) and second language (L2) teaching and learning in medieval Europe in the context of the 20th-century debate about the role of UG in L2 acquisition. The roles of generative linguistics on UG and L2 instruction and learning in the 20th century are discussed. (65 references) (MDM)

  3. Graphs with constant μ and μ

    van Dam, E.R.; Haemers, W.H.


    A graph G has constant u = u(G) if any two vertices that are not adjacent have u common neighbours. G has constant u and u if G has constant u = u(G), and its complement G has constant u = u(G). If such a graph is regular, then it is strongly regular, otherwise precisely two vertex degrees occur. We

  4. Associations between physical activity and characteristics of urban green space

    Schipperijn, Jasper; Bentsen, Peter; Troelsen, Jens


    was found. The amount and number of UGS within one kilometre revealed no association either. For PA in the nearest UGS positive associations with size, walking/cycling routes, wooded areas, water features, lights, pleasant views, bike rack, and parking lot were found. This indicates that PA in an UGS might...

  5. RSW Mixed Element Cell-Centered Fine Mesh

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This is a RSW mixed-element unstructured fine mesh for cell-centered solvers. UG3 : Grid File Name = rsw_fine_mixedcc.b8.ugrid UG3 : Quad Surface Faces= 28968 UG3 :...

  6. Ozone concentration dependent autohaemotherapy effects on ...



    Mar 6, 2009 ... attempt to shed some light on the controversy of the beneficial ... five percent of the blood volume from the femoral vein in heparin containing ..... ir c a p a c ity. 80 ug/ml. 40 ug/ml. 20 ug/ml. Oxygen. *. *. *. *. Control. 4h. 24h.

  7. The Accessibility of Universal Grammar in Adult Language Learning.

    Bley-Vroman, Robert W.; And Others


    Investigates whether Universal Grammar (UG) is accessible to adult language learners. Advanced Korean adult acquirers of English were given a test of grammaticality judgements on English "wh-" sentences, where the relevant constraints are thought to derive from principles of UG. Clear UG effects were found. Sample instruction sheet given…

  8. A distinct Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aleyrodidae) genotype cluster is associated with the epidemic of severe cassava mosaic virus disease in Uganda.

    Legg, J P; French, R; Rogan, D; Okao-Okuja, G; Brown, J K


    During the 1990s, an epidemic of cassava mosaic virus disease caused major losses to cassava production in Uganda. Two factors associated with the epidemic were the occurrence of a novel recombinant begomovirus, EACMV-Ug, and unusually high populations of the whitefly vector, Bemisia tabaci. Here we present molecular evidence for the occurrence of two cassava-colonizing B. tabaci genotype clusters, Ug1 and Ug2, one of which, Ug2, can be consistently associated with the CMD epidemic in Uganda at the time of collection in 1997. By contrast, a second genotype cluster, Ug1, only occurred 'at' or 'ahead of' the epidemic 'front', sometimes in mixtures with Ug2. Comparison of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene sequences for Ug1 and Ug2 and well-studied B. tabaci reference populations indicated that the two Ugandan populations exhibited approximately 8% divergence, suggesting they represent distinct sub-Saharan African lineages. Neither Ugandan genotype cluster was identified as the widely distributed, polyphagous, and highly fecund B biotype of Old World origin, with which they both diverged by approximately 8%. Within genotype cluster divergence of Ug1 at 0.61 +/- 0.1% was twice that of Ug2 at 0.35 +/- 0.1%. Mismatch analysis suggested that Ug2 has undergone a recent population expansion and may be of nonUgandan origin, whereas Ug1 has diverged more slowly, and is likely to be an indigenous genotype cluster.

  9. Use of Ion-Channel Modulating Agents to Study Cyanobacterial Na+ - K+ Fluxes

    Pomati Francesco


    Full Text Available Here we describe an experimental design aimed to investigate changes in total cellular levels of Na+ and K+ ions in cultures of freshwater filamentous cyanobacteria. Ion concentrations were measured in whole cells by flame photometry. Cellular Na+ levels increased exponentially with rising alkalinity, with K+ levels being maximal for optimal growth pH (~8. At standardized pH conditions, the increase in cellular Na+, as induced by NaCl at 10 mM, was coupled by the two sodium channel-modulating agents lidocaine hydrochloride at 1 &mgr;M and veratridine at 100 &mgr;M. Both the channel-blockers amiloride (1 mM and saxitoxin (1 &mgr;M, decreased cell-bound Na+ and K+ levels. Results presented demonstrate the robustness of well-defined channel blockers and channel-activators in the study of cyanobacterial Na+- K+ fluxes.

  10. Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Oestrogen Receptor-Positive/Progesterone Receptor-Negative/Her2-Negative Breast Cancer According to a Novel Definition of Negative Progesterone Receptor Status: A Large Population-Based Study from China.

    An-qi Li

    Full Text Available A lack of progesterone receptor (PgR expression in oestrogen receptor-positive (ER+ tumours is associated with worse survival. PgR status is usually defined as positive or negative using 1% positive nuclei as a cut-off point. In this study, we aimed to assess the clinicopathologic characteristics of ER+/PgR-/HER2- tumours by comparing them with ER+/PgR+/HER2- tumours using a PgR cut-off point of 20% as a divisive criterion.We analysed 1,522 patients with primary breast cancer who had undergone surgery at the Cancer Center of Fudan University between 2012 and 2014. Age, grade, tumour size, lymph node status and lymphovascular invasion were assessed. Multinomial logistic regression, linear regression and chi-square test models were applied to assess associations between ER, PR and clinical features.ER+/PgR-/HER2- tumours showed poorer clinicopathologic characteristics relative to ER+/PgR+/HER2- tumours using a PgR threshold of 20% instead of 1%. The clinicopathologic characteristics did not differ between tumours with purely negative PgR expression and tumours with a PgR percentage ranging from 1% to 19%. The prognostic significance of PR expression appeared more pronounced in patients under a high Ki-67 status than those under a low Ki-67 status.Based on these findings, we propose the use of a novel threshold of 20% to define PgR status. Nevertheless, the impact of this new criterion on patient management and clinical treatment requires additional study.

  11. The vertical distribution of selected trace metals and organic compounds in bottom materials of the proposed lower Columbia River export channel, Oregon, 1984

    Fuhrer, Gregory J.; Horowitz, Arthur J.


    A proposal to deepen the lower Columbia River navigation channel in Oregon prompted a study of the vertical distribution of selected trace metals and organic compounds in bottom sediments. These data are needed to evaluate the effects of dredging and disposal operations. Elutriation testing of bottom material indicated chemical concentrations as large as 900 ug/L for barium, 6,500 ug/L for manganese, and 14 ug/L for nickel. The amount of oxygen present during elutriation testing of reduced bottom material was shown to have a negligble effect on manganese elutriate-test concentrations, but it did affect barium and iron concentrations. Sediment-associated organochlorine compounds detected in bottom-sediment core samples were as large as 0.1 ug/kg (micrograms/kilogram) for aldrin, 2.0 ug/kg for chlordane, 27 ug/kg for DDD, 5.0 ug/kg for DDE, 0.2 ug/kg for DDT, 0.2 ug/kg for dieldrin, 37 ug/kg for PCB 's 1.0 ug/kg for PCN 's and 1.0 ug/kg for heptachlor epoxide. Concentrations of cadmium, lead, and zinc in selected cores were found to exceed those of local basalts. Concentrations of cadmium, lead, and zinc were as large as 3.6 ug/g, 26 ug/g, and 210 ug/g respectively. Bottom-sediment concentrations of cadmium , chromium, copper, iron, and zinc associated with the less-than-100-micrometer size fraction are larger than those associated with the greater-than-100-micrometer fraction. (USGS)

  12. KANDUNGAN LOGAM BERAT (Pb dan Cd Pada Sawi Hijau (Brassica rapa l. Subsp. Perviridis Bailey Dan Wortel (Daucus Carrota L. Var. Sativa Hoffm YANG BEREDAR DI PASAR KOTA DENPASAR

    Deni Agung Priandoko


    Full Text Available Has been doing a research about the content of heavy metals (Pb and Cdin green mustard (Brassica rapa L. subsp. Perviridis Bailey and carrot (DaucusCarrota L. Var. Sativa Hoffm that exist in the market of Denpasar city. Purposeof this research was to know the content of Pb and Cd in green mustard andcarrots that exist in traditional markets (Badung and Kreneng market Denpasarcity that treated by washing and without washing. Content of Pb and Cd in greenmustard and carrots that analyzed by AAS (atomic absorption spectrophotometer.The results of research shows that contents of Pb in green mustard andcarrots that washed and without washed in Kreneng and Badung Market equal to64.71 ± 6.66 ug / g, 69.58 ± 4.61 ug / g, 62.56 ± 6.99 ug / g, 64.96 ± 7:20 ug / g,62.56 ± 6:56 ug / g, 73, 91 ± 2:51 ug / g, 57.17 ± 8:59 ug / g, 59.71 ± 8.93 ug / gdry weight. Content of Cd that washed and without washed equal to SCK 8.81 ±1.68?g / g, 10, 55 ± 1.78 ug / g, 8.09 ± 1.71 ug / g, 9.30 ± 2:01 ug / g, 8.96 ± 1.72ug / g, 10.09 ± 1:09 ug / g, 7.39 ± 1.6 ug / g 5, 8.14 ± 1.71 ug / g dry weight

  13. Dietary magnesium restriction reduces amygdala-hypothalamic GluN1 receptor complex levels in mice.

    Ghafari, Maryam; Whittle, Nigel; Miklósi, András G; Kotlowski, Caroline; Kotlowsky, Caroline; Schmuckermair, Claudia; Berger, Johannes; Bennett, Keiryn L; Singewald, Nicolas; Lubec, Gert


    Reduced daily intake of magnesium (Mg(2+)) is suggested to contribute to depression. Indeed, preclinical studies show dietary magnesium restriction (MgR) elicits enhanced depression-like behaviour establishing a causal relationship. Amongst other mechanisms, Mg(2+) gates the activity of N-methyl-D-asparte (NMDA) receptors; however, it is not known whether reduced dietary Mg(2+) intake can indeed affect brain NMDA receptor complexes. Thus, the aim of the current study was to reveal whether MgR induces changes in brain NMDA receptor subunit composition that would indicate altered NMDA receptor regulation. The results revealed that enhanced depression-like behaviour elicited by MgR was associated with reduced amygdala-hypothalamic protein levels of GluN1-containing NMDA complexes. No change in GluN1 mRNA levels was observed indicating posttranslational changes were induced by dietary Mg(2+) restriction. To reveal possible protein interaction partners, GluN1 immunoprecipitation and proximity ligation assays were carried out revealing the expected GluN1 subunit association with GluN2A, GluN2B, but also novel interactions with GluA1, GluA2 in addition to known downstream signalling proteins. Chronic paroxetine treatment in MgR mice normalized enhanced depression-like behaviour, but did not alter protein levels of GluN1-containing NMDA receptors, indicating targets downstream of the NMDA receptor. Collectively, present data demonstrate that dietary MgR alters brain levels of GluN1-containing NMDA receptor complexes, containing GluN2A, GluN2B, AMPA receptors GluA1, GluA2 and several protein kinases. These data indicate that the modulation of dietary Mg(2+) intake may alter the function and signalling of this receptor complex indicating its involvement in the enhanced depression-like behaviour elicited by MgR.

  14. Results of Sediment Sampling and Elutriate Testing at the Proposed Middle Decatur Revetment Shallow Water Habitat Project Site


    standards and implementation plans (CWA §303), national standards of performance (§306), toxic and pretreatment effluent standards (CWA §307) and...L) 1.2 477 15 ----- ----- Manganese , Dissolved (ug/L) ɛ ----- ----- ɛ 1,000(8) Manganese , Total (ug/L) 40 23,130 580 ----- ----- Mercury...7.6(8), 15(9) Lead, Total (ug/L) 1.2 805 6.7 ----- ----- Manganese , Dissolved (ug/L) ɛ ----- ----- ɛ 1,000(8) Manganese , Total (ug/L) 40 43,250

  15. Výuka atletiky na 1. stupni základní školy



    Diploma Thesis:Teaching Athletics at the First Grade of Primary School Student:Bc. Anna Suchomelová Supervisor:Mgr. et Mgr. Zdeňka Engelthalerová Goal of Diploma Thesis: The purpose of this study is to investigate attitudes and experiences of teachers towards teaching athletics in primary schools. Methodology: Data was collected in the form of questionnaires adresssed to 72 teachers and 123 pupils of primary schools from Central Bohemian Region. The teachers were questioned about their attitu...


    R.E. Sweeney


    The purpose of this assumptions document is to provide general scope, strategy, technical basis, schedule and cost assumptions for the Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) life cycle cost (LCC) estimate and schedule update incorporating information from the Viability Assessment (VA) , License Application Design Selection (LADS), 1999 Update to the Total System Life Cycle Cost (TSLCC) estimate and from other related and updated information. This document is intended to generally follow the assumptions outlined in the previous MGR cost estimates and as further prescribed by DOE guidance.

  17. The correlation between water physicochemical and ionic parameters with growth indicators in Rutilus frisii kutum

    Bahareh Mehrad; Mohammad R. Imanpoor; Zeinab H. Kashani; Mehrnoosh B. Mofidi


    In this study the correlation between water physicochemical (EC, pH, salinity, hardness) andionic (Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+) parameters with growth indicators in Rutilus frisii kutum within 3 monthson 7 ponds (2 hectar) in Sijoval area in Golestan province were investigated. The range of water ioniccomposition were included (230-447.5 Mmol/l) Na+, (11.5-28.8 Mmol/l) K+, (0.04-22.44 mgr/dl) Ca2+and (12.47-22.45 mgr/dl) Mg2+. The pearson results were showed that there were significant correlation...

  18. Cosmological perturbations of unimodular gravity and general relativity are identical

    Basak, Abhishek; Fabre, Ophélia; Shankaranarayanan, S.


    Unimodular gravity (UG) is a restricted version of general relativity (GR) in which the variation of the metric determinant is set to zero and the field equations are given by the trace-free part of the full Einstein equations. The background equations in UG and GR are identical. It was recently claimed that the first order contribution in the temperature fluctuations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in UG is different from GR. In this work, we calculate the first order perturbation equations in UG and show that the Sachs-Wolfe effect in UG, in terms of gauge invariant variables, is identical to GR. We also show that the second order perturbation equation of Mukhanov-Sasaki variable in UG, is identical to GR. The only difference comes from the gauge choices due the constraint on the metric determinant. Hence, UG and GR are identical and indistinguishable in CMB data on large scales.

  19. ANTIOXIDANT POTENTIAL OF Sida retusa, Urena lobata AND Triumfetta rhomboidea.

    Lissy, K P; Simon, Thara K; Lathab, M S


    The methanolic extract of Sida retusa Linn.(Malvaceae),Urena lobata Linn.(Malvaceae)and Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq.(Teliaceae) roots were found to inhibit lipid peroxidation, scavenge hydroxyl and superoxide radicals in vitro. The quantity of S.retusa root extract required for 50% inhibition of lipid peroxidation, scavenging hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical was 1130.24 ug/ml respectively. IC 50 of root extract of U.lobata was 470.60 ug/ml, 1627.35ug/ml and 1109.24 ug/ml for superoxide radical scavenging, hydroxyl radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation respectively. T.rhomboidea root extract required for IC 50 was 336.65 ug/ml, 1346.03 ug/ml and 1004.22 ug/ml for superoxide scavenging, hydroxyl radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation respectively. The present investigation indicated that S. retusa, U.lobata and T.rhomboidea possessed significant antioxidant activity.

  20. Loss of Fertility in the Absence of Progesterone Receptor Expression in Kisspeptin Neurons of Female Mice.

    Arnon Gal

    Full Text Available Ovarian steroids, estradiol and progesterone, play central roles in regulating female reproduction by acting as both positive and negative regulators of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH secretion in the hypothalamus. Recent studies have identified kisspeptin neurons of the hypothalamus as the target of estrogenic regulation of GnRH secretion. In this study, we aimed to determine the significance of progesterone receptor (PGR expression in the kisspeptin neurons. To this end, the Pgr gene was selectively ablated in mouse kisspeptin neurons and the reproductive consequence assessed. The hypothalamus of the Pgr deficient female mouse expressed kisspeptin, the pituitary released LH in response to GnRH stimulation, and the ovary ovulated when stimulated with gonadotropins. However, the mutant mouse gradually lost cyclicity, was unable to generate a LH surge in response to rising estradiol, and eventually became infertile. Taken together, these results indicate that the loss of PGR impairs kisspeptin secretory machinery and therefore that PGR plays a critical role in regulating kisspeptin secretion.

  1. Plant Genetic Resources: Selected Issues from Genetic Erosion to Genetic Engineering

    Karl Hammer


    Full Text Available Plant Genetic Resources (PGR continue to play an important role in the development of agriculture. The following aspects receive a special consideration:1. Definition. The term was coined in 1970. The genepool concept served as an important tool in the further development. Different approaches are discussed.2. Values of Genetic Resources. A short introduction is highlighting this problem and stressing the economic usfulness of PGR.3. Genetic Erosion. Already observed by E. Baur in 1914, this is now a key issue within PGR. The case studies cited include Ethiopia, Italy, China, S Korea, Greece and S. Africa. Modern approaches concentrate on allelic changes in varieties over time but neglect the landraces. The causes and consequences of genetic erosion are discussed.4. Genetic Resources Conservation. Because of genetic erosion there is a need for conservation. PGR should be consigned to the appropriate method of conservation (ex situ, in situ, on-farm according to the scientific basis of biodiversity (genetic diversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity and the evolutionary status of plants (cultivated plants, weeds, related wild plants (crop wild relatives.5. GMO. The impact of genetically engineered plants on genetic diversity is discussed.6. The Conclusions and Recommendations stress the importance of PGR. Their conservation and use are urgent necessities for the present development and future survival of mankind.

  2. Folate deprivation modulates the expression of autophagy- and circadian-related genes in HT-22 hippocampal neuron cells through GR-mediated pathway.

    Sun, Qinwei; Yang, Yang; Li, Xi; He, Bin; Jia, Yimin; Zhang, Nana; Zhao, Ruqian


    Folic acid (FA) is an extremely important nutrient for brain formation and development. FA deficiency is highly linked to brain degeneration and age-related diseases, which are also associated with autophagic activities and circadian rhythm in hippocampal neurons. However, little is known how autophagy- and circadian-related genes in hippocampal neurons are regulated under FA deficiency. Here, hippocampal neuroncells (HT-22) were employed to determine the effect of FA deprivation (FD) on the expression of relevant genes and to reveal the potential role of glucocorticoid receptor (GR). FD increased autophagic activities in HT-22 cells, associated with significantly (PGR activation indicated by higher ratio of GR phosphorylation. Out of 17 autophagy-related genes determined, 8 was significantly (PGR binding to the promoter sequence of ATG3 and Per2. Moreover, MeDIP analysis demonstrated significant (PGR-mediated pathway. Our results provide a basis for future investigations into the intracellular regulatory network in response to folate deficiency.

  3. Evaluación de la susceptibilidad antimicrobiana de cepas de Salmonella spp. aisladas del beneficio porcino en Colombia / Evaluation of antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella spp. strains isolated from pork carcasses on Colombia

    Paula M. Bermúdez D


    Full Text Available Objetivo: el estudio buscó establecer patrones de resistencia antimicrobiana de 155 cepas de Salmonella spp., aisladas de la superficie de canales de cerdo, procedentes de plantas de beneficio en Colombia. Metodología: mediante el método de difusión en disco (Bauer et. Kirby, 1966 se evaluaron nueve antimicrobianos: Amoxicilina y ácido clavulánico (30 ug, Ampicilina (10 ug, Ceftiofur (30 ug, Ciprofloxacina (5 ug, Cloranfenicol (30 ug, Florfenicol (30 ug, Gentamicina (10 ug, Sulfadiazina y Trimetoprim (25 ug y Tetraciclina (30 ug. Resultados: los resultados confirmaron la presencia de cepas multiresistentes de Salmonella spp. de origen porcino, mostrando 30 patrones diferentes de multiresistencia; el más común fue Ampicilina, Amoxicilina, Cloranfenicol, Florfenicol y Tetraciclina en el 16,77% (n=26 de las cepas. Tetraciclina y Florfenicol fueron los antimicrobianos menos efectivos en el 94,84% (n=147 y 47,74% (n=74 de cepas resistentes, respectivamente. Discusión: se deben consolidar los sistemas de monitoreo, y de vigilancia y control de las resistencias antimicrobianas para prevenir, con un enfoque de cadena productiva, la diseminación de cepas multiresistentes en alimentos de origen animal, como parte integral del sistema de gestión de inocuidad de los alimentos en Colombia. - Objetivo: el estudio buscó establecer patrones de resistencia antimicrobiana de 155 cepas de Salmonella spp., aisladas de la superficie de canales de cerdo, procedentes de plantas de beneficio en Colombia. Metodología: mediante el método de difusión en disco (Bauer et. Kirby, 1966 se evaluaron nueve antimicrobianos: Amoxicilina y ácido clavulánico (30 ug, Ampicilina (10 ug, Ceftiofur (30 ug, Ciprofloxacina (5 ug, Cloranfenicol (30 ug, Florfenicol (30 ug, Gentamicina (10 ug, Sulfadiazina y Trimetoprim (25 ug y Tetraciclina (30 ug. Resultados: los resultados confirmaron la presencia de cepas multiresistentes de Salmonella spp. de origen porcino, mostrando

  4. Estrogen and progesterone receptor status determined by the Ventana ES 320 automated immunohistochemical stainer and the CAS 200 image analyzer in 236 early-stage breast carcinomas: prognostic significance.

    Layfield, L J; Saria, E A; Conlon, D H; Kerns, B J


    The quantitation of estrogen and progesterone receptors (ER and PgR) has become the standard of care in the evaluation of patients with primary breast carcinoma. It has been demonstrated that ER and PgR detected by immunohistochemical methods in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue can be quantified by computerized image analysis. In this study, ER and PgR levels were determined by using an automated immunochemistry stainer (Ventana ES 320) and an image analyzer (CAS 200) in a series of 236 patients with stage I/II carcinoma of the breast. The degree of correlation of the ER and PgR levels determined by the dextran-coated charcoal method (DCC) with image analysis quantitation was high (r=0.75). The agreement between both methods was 77% for ER and 73% for PgR. Hormone receptor levels were correlated with prognosis as determined by overall survival. An ER level of 30 fmol/mg as determined by image analysis was established to stratify the patient population most effectively into favorable and unfavorable prognostic groups (P=0.003). An ER level of 20 fmol/mg for prognostic stratification reached statistical significance (P=0.03). The DCC method was not able to stratify the patients into prognostic groups at the traditionally accepted cutpoint of 10 fmol/mg (P=0.52). We conclude that when used in combination, automated immunohistochemistry and quantitative image analysis offer a favorable alternative to the DCC method in assessment of ER and PgR status in human mammary carcinoma. In addition, quantitative immunocytochemistry techniques may prove superior to the DCC method in specimens in which there is limited tumor volume (including fine-needle aspirates), stroma-rich tumors, and early-stage lesions including intraductal carcinoma.

  5. Progestin and AdipoQ Receptor 7, Progesterone Membrane Receptor Component 1 (PGRMC1), and PGRMC2 and Their Role in Regulating Progesterone's Ability to Suppress Human Granulosa/Luteal Cells from Entering into the Cell Cycle.

    Sueldo, Carolina; Liu, Xiufang; Peluso, John J


    The present studies were designed to determine the role of progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1), PGRMC2, progestin and adipoQ receptor 7 (PAQR7), and progesterone receptor (PGR) in mediating the antimitotic action of progesterone (P4) in human granulosa/luteal cells. For these studies granulosa/luteal cells of 10 women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation were isolated, maintained in culture, and depleted of PGRMC1, PGRMC2, PAQR7, or PGR by siRNA treatment. The rate of entry into the cell cycle was assessed using the FUCCI cell cycle sensor to determine the percentage of cells in the G1/S stage of the cell cycle. PGRMC1, PGRMC2, PAQR7, and PGR mRNA levels were assessed by real-time PCR and their interactions monitored by in situ proximity ligation assays (PLAs). These studies revealed that PGRMC1, PGRMC2, PAQR7, and PGR were expressed by granulosa/luteal cells from all patients, with PGRMC1 mRNA being most abundant, followed by PAQR7, PGRMC2, and PGR. However, their mRNA levels showed considerable patient variation. P4's ability to suppress entry into the cell cycle was dependent on PGRMC1, PGRMC2, and PAQR7 but not PGR. Moreover, PLAs indicated that PGRMC1, PGRMC2, and PAQR7 formed a complex within the cytoplasm. Based on these studies, it is proposed that these three P4 mediators form a complex within the cytoplasm that is required for P4's action. Moreover, P4's ability to regulate human follicle development may be dependent in part on the expression levels of each of these P4 mediators.

  6. Characterization of mammary adenocarcinomas in male rats after N-methyl-N-nitrosourea exposure--Potential for human male breast cancer model.

    Yoshizawa, Katsuhiko; Yuki, Michiko; Kinoshita, Yuichi; Emoto, Yuko; Yuri, Takashi; Shikata, Nobuaki; Elmore, Susan A; Tsubura, Airo


    The frequency of breast cancer in men is extremely rare, reported to be less than 1% and there is currently no available animal model for male mammary tumors. We compared the characteristics of various immunohistochemical markers in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU)-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in male and female Crj:CD(SD)IGS rats including: estrogen receptor α (ER), progesterone receptor (PgR), androgen receptor (AR), receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2 (HER2), GATA binding protein 3 (GATA3), and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA). Female mammary adenocarcinomas were strongly positive in the nuclei of tumor cells for PCNA and ER (100%) with only 60% and 53% expressing PgR and GATA3, respectively. 100% of male adenocarcinomas also exhibited strongly positive expression in the nuclei of tumor cells for PCNA, with 25% expressing AR and only 8% showing positivity for ER. Male carcinomas did not express PgR or GATA3 and none of the tumors, male or female, were positive for HER2. Based on the observed ER and PgR positivity and HER2 negativity within these tumors, MNU-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in female rats appear to be hormonally dependent, similar to human luminal A type breast cancer. In contrast, MNU-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in male rats showed no reactivity for ER, PgR, HER2 or GATA3, suggesting no hormonal dependency. Both male and female adenocarcinomas showed high proliferating activity by PCNA immunohistochemistry. Based on our literature review, human male breast cancers are mainly dependent on ER and/or PgR, therefore the biological pathogenesis of MNU-induced male mammary cancer in rats may differ from that of male breast cancer in humans.

  7. Liver expression of steroid hormones and Apolipoprotein D receptors in hepatocellular carcinoma

    FJ Vizoso; L Rodrigo; M Rodriguez; A Altadill; ML González-Diéguez; A Linares; LO González; S Junquera; F Fresno-Forcelledo; MD Corte


    AIM: To evaluate the tissular expression of Androgen (A), Estrogen (E) and Progesterone (Pg) receptors, and Apolipoprotein D (ApoD), in liver tumors from resected hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cases in order to assess their possible relationship to prognosis.METHODS We performed an immunohistochemical study using tissue microarrays (containing more than 260 cancer specimens, from 31 HCC patients and controls)to determine the presence of specific antibodies against AR, ER, PgR and ApoD, correlating their findings with several clinico-pathological and biological variables. The staining results were categorized using a semi-quantitive score based on their intensity, and the percentage of immunostained cells was measured.RESULTS: A total of 21 liver tumors (67.7%) were positive for AR; 16 (51.6%) for ER; 26 (83.9%) for PgR and 12 (38.7%) stained for ApoD. We have found a wide variability in the immunostaining score values for each protein, with a median (range) of 11.5 (11.5-229.5) for AR; 11.1 (8.5-65) for ER; 14.2 (4-61) for PgR; and 37.7 (13.8-81.1) for ApoD. A history of heavy ethanol consumption, correlated positively with AR and PgR and negatively with ER status. HCV chronic infection also correlated positively with AR and PgR status. However,the presence of ApoD immunostaining did not correlate with any of these variables. Tumors with a positive immuno-staining for PgR showed a better prognosis.CONCLUSION: Our results indicate a moderate clinical value of the steroid receptor status in HCC, emphasizing the need to perform further studies in order to evaluate the possible role of new hormonal-based therapies.

  8. Misoprostol for medical treatment of missed abortion: a systematic review and network meta-analysis.

    Wu, Hang-Lin; Marwah, Sheeba; Wang, Pei; Wang, Qiu-Meng; Chen, Xiao-Wen


    The efficacy and safety of misoprostol alone for missed abortion varied with different regimens. To evaluate existing evidence for the medical management of missed abortion using misoprostol, we undertook a comprehensive review and meta-analysis. The electronic literature search was conducted using PubMed, the Cochrane Library, Embase, EBSCOhost Online Research Databases, Springer Link, ScienceDirect, Web of Science, Ovid Medline and Google Scholar. 18 studies of 1802 participants were included in our analysis. Compared with vaginal misoprostol of 800 ug or sublingual misoprostol of 600 ug, lower-dose regimens (200 ug or 400 ug) by any route of administration tend to be significantly less effective in producing abortion within about 24 hours. In terms of efficacy, the most effective treatment was sublingual misoprostol of 600 ug and the least effective was oral misoprostol of 400 ug. In terms of tolerability, vaginal misoprostol of 400 ug was reported with fewer side effects and sublingual misoprostol of 600 ug was reported with more side effects. Misoprostol is a non-invasive, effective medical method for completion of abortion in missed abortion. Sublingual misoprostol of 600 ug or vaginal misoprostol of 800 ug may be a good choice for the first dose. The ideal dose and medication interval of misoprostol however needs to be further researched.

  9. Utilization of rice straw for laccase production by Streptomyces psammoticus in solid-state fermentation.

    Niladevi, Kizhakkedathu Narayanan; Sukumaran, Rajeev Kumar; Prema, Parukuttyamma


    Laccase production from a novel actinobacterial strain, Streptomyces psammoticus, MTCC 7334 was optimized in solid-state fermentation. The process parameters were initially optimized by the conventional "one factor at a time" approach, and the optimal levels of the factors that had considerable influence on enzyme production were identified by response surface methodology. Rice straw was identified as a suitable substrate for laccase production (17.3 U/g), followed by coffee pulp (15.8 U/g). Other optimized conditions were particle size, 500-1,000 mum (21.2 U/g); initial moisture content, 65% (26.8 U/g); pH of moistening solution, 8.0 (26.9 U/g); incubation temperature, 32 degrees C (27.6 U/g) and inoculum size, 1.5 x 10(7) CFU (33.8 U/g). Yeast extract served as the best nitrogen source (34.8 U/g). No enhancement in enzyme yield was observed with carbon supplementation. The level of yeast extract, inoculum size and copper sulphate were optimized statistically. Statistical optimization performed using a central composite design resulted in threefold increase in laccase activity (55.4 U/g) as compared to the unoptimized medium (17.3 U/g). The upgrading of fermented rice straw for fodder enhancement is also discussed briefly.

  10. Origin and functional activity of the membrane-bound glucocorticoid receptor

    C. Strehl; T. Gaber; M Lowenberg; D.W. Hommes; A.P. Verhaar; S. Schellmann; M. Hahne; M. Fangradt; M. Wagegg; P. Hoff; A. Scheffold; C.M. Spies; G.R. Burmester; F. Buttgereit


    Objective Glucocorticoids (GCs) exert their antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive effects in humans primarily via the cytosolic GC receptor (cGR) but also via rapid, nongenomic mechanisms. Most likely, membrane-bound GRs (mGR) are involved in nongenomic GC signaling. The aim of this study was to in

  11. Acción de la cocaína sobre la resistencia a la fatiga en el perro

    Carlos Gutiérrez-Noriega


    Full Text Available Se ha estudiado la acción de la cocaína sobre la resistencia a la fatiga en un grupo de perros, empleando como test un ejercicio de natación. Los resultados son los siguientes : 1. A la dosis de 4 mgr. x Kgr. por vía subcutánea la cocaína aumentó en los animales estudiados la resistencia a la fatiga, con una sola excepción. Los incrementos del período de actividad fluctúan entre 69 y 150%. 2. A la dosis de 8 mgr. x Kgr. la cocaína también aumenta la resistencia a la fatiga, pero los resultados son inferiores a la primera dosis (3.9 a 75 % . 3. Se observó que mientras los perros en los experimentos de control tratan de escapar del trabajo que se les impone, el perro cocainizado realiza este trabajo sin realizar ninguna tentativa de evasión. 4. La cafeína, a la dosis de 8 mgr. x Kgr., aumenta la resistencia a la fatiga. Los incrementos del período de actividad fluctúan entre 36.6 y 103 %. 5. El cardiazol a la dosis de 5 mgr. x Kgr. no modifica la resistencia a la fatiga.

  12. Wire-type MnO2/Multilayer graphene/Ni electrode for high-performance supercapacitors

    Hu, Minglei; Liu, Yuhao; Zhang, Min; Wei, Helin; Gao, Yihua


    Commercially available wearable energy storage devices need a wire-type electrode with high strength, conductivity and electrochemical performance, as well as stable structure under deformation. Herein, we report a novel wire-type electrode of hierarchically structure MnO2 on Ni wire with multilayer graphene (MGr) as a buffer layer to enhance the electrical conductivity of the MnO2 and interface contact between the MnO2 and Ni wire. Thus, the wire-type MnO2/MGr/Ni electrode has a stable and high quality interface. The wire-type supercapacitor (WSC) based on wire-type MnO2/MGr/Ni electrode exhibits good electrochemical performance, high rate capability, extraordinary flexibility, and superior cycle lifetime. Length (area, volumetric) specific capacitance of the WSC reaches 6.9 mF cm-1 (73.2 mF cm-2, 9.8 F cm-3). Maximum length (volumetric) energy density of the WSC based on MnO2/MGr/Ni reaches 0.62 μWh cm-1 (0.88 mWh cm-3). Furthermore, the WSC has a short time constant (0.5-400 ms) and exhibits minimal change in capacitance under different bending shapes.

  13. 77 FR 39225 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests; Office of Special Education and...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative... should be electronically mailed to or mailed to U.S. Department of Education, 400...

  14. 77 FR 56824 - Notice of Submission for OMB Review; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Notice of Submission for OMB Review; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; Grantee... electronically mailed to or mailed to U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW...

  15. Propagation peculiarities of mean field massive gravity

    S. Deser


    Full Text Available Massive gravity (mGR describes a dynamical “metric” on a fiducial, background one. We investigate fluctuations of the dynamics about mGR solutions, that is about its “mean field theory”. Analyzing mean field massive gravity (m‾GR propagation characteristics is not only equivalent to studying those of the full non-linear theory, but also in direct correspondence with earlier analyses of charged higher spin systems, the oldest example being the charged, massive spin 3/2 Rarita–Schwinger (RS theory. The fiducial and mGR mean field background metrics in the m‾GR model correspond to the RS Minkowski metric and external EM field. The common implications in both systems are that hyperbolicity holds only in a weak background-mean-field limit, immediately ruling both theories out as fundamental theories; a situation in stark contrast with general relativity (GR which is at least a consistent classical theory. Moreover, even though both m‾GR and RS theories can still in principle be considered as predictive effective models in the weak regime, their lower helicities then exhibit superluminal behavior: lower helicity gravitons are superluminal as compared to photons propagating on either the fiducial or background metric. Thus our approach has uncovered a novel, dispersive, “crystal-like” phenomenon of differing helicities having differing propagation speeds. This applies both to m‾GR and mGR, and is a peculiar feature that is also problematic for consistent coupling to matter.

  16. Initial mental graphemic representation acquisition and later literacy achievement in children with language impairment: a longitudinal study.

    Wolter, Julie A; Self, Trisha; Apel, Kenn


    The purpose of this study was to examine the relation between the ability to quickly acquire initial mental graphemic representations (MGRs) in kindergarten and fourth grade literacy skills in children with typical language (TL) and children with language impairment (LI). The study is a longitudinal extension of a study conducted by Wolter and Apel in which kindergarten children with LI and TL were administered early literacy measures as well as a novel written pseudoword task of MGR learning (spelling and identification of target pseudowords). In the current study (4 years later), the authors administered reading and spelling measures to 37 of the original 45 children (18 children with LI, 19 children with TL). The children with LI performed significantly lower than their peers with TL on all fourth grade literacy measures. For both groups, kindergarten initial MGR acquisition ability significantly related to fourth grade real-word reading and spelling. For the children with LI, kindergarten initial MGR acquisition ability also related to fourth grade pseudoword decoding and reading comprehension. Collectively, the findings suggest that initial MGR learning in kindergarten is an essential skill that may uniquely relate to later literacy abilities.

  17. Molecular monitoring of African swine fever virus using surveys targeted at adult Ornithodoros ticks : a re-evaluation of Mkuze Game Reserve, South Africa

    L.F. Arnot


    Full Text Available The Mkuze Game Reserve (MGR, in north-eastern KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa is an African swine fever virus (ASF controlled area. In a survey conducted in 1978, ASF prevalence in warthogs and Ornithodoros ticks in MGR was determined to be 2 % and 0.06 %, respectively. These values, acknowledged as being unusually low compared to other East and southern African ASF-positive sylvatic-cycle host populations, have not been assessed since. The availability of a sensitive PCR-based virus detection method, developed specifically for the sylvatic tampan host, prompted a re-evaluation of ASF virus (ASFV prevalence in MGR ticks. Of the 98 warthog burrows inspected for Ornithodoros presence, 59 (60.2 % were found to contain tampans and tick sampling was significantly male-biased. Whilst gender sampling-bias is not unusual, the 27 % increase in infestation rate of warthog burrows since the 1978 survey is noteworthy as it anticipates a concomitant increase in ASFV prevalence, particularly in light of the high proportion (75 % of adult ticks sampled. However, despite DNA integrity being confirmed by internal control amplification of the host 16S gene, PCR screening failed to detect ASFV. These results suggest that ASFV has either disappeared from MGR or if present, is localized, occurring at exceptionally low levels. Further extensive surveys are required to establish the ASFV status of sylvatic hosts in this controlled area.

  18. Instantaneous Morison Equation Force Coefficients Computation


    82173 vS.Louis. MIS O(’NR Code 1121 (EA Silva ). Arlington. V’A: ONR. ("odc itll. Arlington. VA (’NR DEL. Dir. Pasagdena. (CA OCNR DEl. (Code 481. Bay St...ill OSborn. Mgr. Ventura , ("A GRUMMAN AEROSPACE CORP Tech Into (’mm. Bethpage, NY LAMONI -DOHERTY GEOL OBSERVATORY McCo . Palisades. NY LAYTON & SELL

  19. Acoustic Measurement of the Mechanical Properties of Thin Material Specimens


    Principal Director, Mechanics and Materials Technology Center. Paul M. Propp was the project officer for the Mission-Oriented Investigation and...for the exchange and stimulation of ideas. MARTIN K. WILLIAMS, Capt, USAF PAUL M. PROPP Mgr, Space Systems Integration Wright Laboratory West Coast

  20. 75 FR 26741 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests


    .... Abstract: The State Education Agency Directory (SEAD), formerly known as the Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD), is an electronic directory of educational resource organizations and services... should be electronically mailed to . Individuals who use a telecommunications...

  1. Preliminary Integrated Safety Analysis Status Report

    D. Gwyn


    This report provides the status of the potential Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) Integrated Safety Analysis (EA) by identifying the initial work scope scheduled for completion during the ISA development period, the schedules associated with the tasks identified, safety analysis issues encountered, and a summary of accomplishments during the reporting period. This status covers the period from October 1, 2000 through March 30, 2001.

  2. 75 FR 43157 - Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request


    ... that are demonstrated to have an impact on improving student achievement or student growth, closing... purpose of this program is to provide competitive grants to applicants with a record of improving student... Internet address or faxed to 202-401-0920. Please specify the complete title and...

  3. Investigation of Diesel Fuel Fire Vulnerability Parameters in Armored Personnel Carriers due to Ballistic Penetration



  4. Microemulsion-Type Fire-Resistant Diesel Fuel.



  5. P71

    A. Leshchenko


    Conclusion: We have considered modern advanced methods of diagnostic of breast cancer receptor status. It was concluded that the use of RT-PCR in real time technology is the best alternative technology of the IHC, which currently is the standard definition of the expression of ER, PgR, HER2/neu and Ki-67. Prototype of test system for the detection of ER, PgR, HER2/neu and Ki67 proliferative factor in breast cancer samples was designed and optimized by RT-PCR.

  6. Reliable PCR quantitation of estrogen, progesterone and ERBB2 receptor mRNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue is independent of prior macro-dissection

    Tramm, Trine; Hennig, Guido; Kyndi, Marianne


    receptor 2 (ERBB2), by comparing gene expression from whole slide and tumor-enriched sections, and correlating gene expression from whole slide sections with corresponding immunohistochemistry. Gene expression, based on mRNA extracted from a training set (36 paraffin blocks) and two validation sets (133...... and ERBB2, and 83 % for PGR. Overall agreements, when comparing mRNA expression to immunohistochemistry, were 100 % (ERBB2), 89 % (ESR1) and 83 % (PGR), which was confirmed in the validation sets. Percentage of tumor in the sections did not influence the results. In conclusion, reliable quantification...

  7. Uso de la heparina de bajo peso molecular y aspirina en una paciente con síndrome antifosfolípido y pérdida gestacional recurrente

    Carlos Hernán Becerra Mojica; Eder Ariel Lancheros García; Hernando Augusto Salazar Martínez


    Introducción: La pérdida gestacional recurrente (PGR) es una patología frecuente, que causa gran impacto en las parejas conllevando frustración, ansiedad, depresión, gastos excesivos y hasta rupturas de la relación de pareja. Su etiología es multicausal y frecuentemente no se logra determinar. Se presenta el caso de una paciente con PGR quien luego de seis pérdidas gestacionales, en el séptimo embarazo se detectaron anticuerpos antifosfolípidos altos, recibiendo tratamiento de tromboprofilax...


    F. Habashi


    The Waste Treatment Building System provides the space, layout, structures, and embedded subsystems that support the processing of low-level liquid and solid radioactive waste generated within the Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR). The activities conducted in the Waste Treatment Building include sorting, volume reduction, and packaging of dry waste, and collecting, processing, solidification, and packaging of liquid waste. The Waste Treatment Building System is located on the surface within the protected area of the MGR. The Waste Treatment Building System helps maintain a suitable environment for the waste processing and protects the systems within the Waste Treatment Building (WTB) from most of the natural and induced environments. The WTB also confines contaminants and provides radiological protection to personnel. In addition to the waste processing operations, the Waste Treatment Building System provides space and layout for staging of packaged waste for shipment, industrial and radiological safety systems, control and monitoring of operations, safeguards and security systems, and fire protection, ventilation and utilities systems. The Waste Treatment Building System also provides the required space and layout for maintenance activities, tool storage, and administrative facilities. The Waste Treatment Building System integrates waste processing systems within its protective structure to support the throughput rates established for the MGR. The Waste Treatment Building System also provides shielding, layout, and other design features to help limit personnel radiation exposures to levels which are as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA). The Waste Treatment Building System interfaces with the Site Generated Radiological Waste Handling System, and with other MGR systems that support the waste processing operations. The Waste Treatment Building System interfaces with the General Site Transportation System, Site Communications System, Site Water System, MGR

  9. The experimental research of antiherpes simplex virus effects of various components in the root of Astragalus membranaceus%黄芪多种成分抗人疱疹病毒的初步实验研究

    王志洁; 黄铁牛; 刘焱文; 鲁遂荣; 杨占秋; 方学韫


    目的:为了开发利用黄芪的抗病毒性质,我们进行了此项研究.方法:我们以阿昔洛韦(ACV)为阳性对照,采用对病毒所致细胞病变的抑制及空斑减数实验,观察了黄芪总皂苷、总多糖、总黄酮抗HSV药效.结果:在Hep-2细胞系统中,ACV对HSV-1 HS-1株直接杀灭、感染阻断、增殖抑制的ED50为30.83ug/ml,16.04ug/ml,20.04ug/ml;对HSV-2 333株的相应ED50为16.45ug/ml,18.62ug/ml,10.85ug/ml.黄芪总皂苷对HSV-1 HS-1株相应ED50为1.68ug/ml,1.72ug/ml,1.95ug/ml;对HSV-2 333株相应ED50为1.73ug/ml,2.70ug/ml,2.74ug/ml.黄芪总多糖对HSV-1 HS-1株的相应ED50为4.03ug/ml,5.33ug/ml,4.90ug/ml;对HSV-2 333株相应ED50为6.04ug/ml,5.43ug/ml,7.50ug/ml.黄芪总黄酮对HSV-1 HS-1株的相应ED50为4.95ug/ml,2.75ug/ml,3.49ug/ml;对HSV-2 333株的相应ED50为3.56ug/ml,3.93ug/ml,6.27ug/m.结论:黄芪总皂苷对HSV-1的治疗指数(TI)为ACV的4.4,2.4,2.5倍;对HSV-2的治疗指数为ACV的2.3,1.0,1.6倍.总多糖对HSV-1的治疗指数为ACV的10.3,4.1,5.5倍;对HSV-2的治疗指数为ACV的3.7,2.7,3.3倍.总黄酮的治疗指数与ACV相近.值得开发利用.

  10. A cognitively plausible model for grammar induction

    Roni Katzir


    Full Text Available This paper aims to bring theoretical linguistics and cognition-general theories of learning into closer contact. I argue that linguists' notions of rich UGs are well-founded, but that cognition-general learning approaches are viable as well and that the two can and should co-exist and support each other. Specifically, I use the observation that any theory of UG provides a learning criterion -- the total memory space used to store a grammar and its encoding of the input -- that supports learning according to the principle of Minimum Description-Length. This mapping from UGs to learners maintains a minimal ontological commitment: the learner for a particular UG uses only what is already required to account for linguistic competence in adults. I suggest that such learners should be our null hypothesis regarding the child's learning mechanism, and that furthermore, the mapping from theories of UG to learners provides a framework for comparing theories of UG.

  11. MX Siting Investigation. Geotechnical Evaluation. Aggregate Resources Report, Utah-Nevada Study Area.


    Limestone Mountains 119 UGS-B8 Gilson Su Limestone Mountains 120 UGS-B9 Sheeprook Mu QuartziteMountains 121 UGS- B10 Sheeprook Mu Quartzite Mountains...EXPLANATION III I ’KII bi..4m Ir I baa * l Kb niF Sl’&~ It a I bu* I l ba) Nal* as. ,Kb sils I CIC~rIleeliUCI +t* FMl it H V u .j ........ 1

  12. The Role of Intestinal Bacteria in Acute Diarrheal Diseases


    Bovine + Bovine! Bovine + Guinea pig +. Chicken + MOLECULAR Weight: 13,00 23,800 12,500 SIZE: 5-lOnm 7nm TISSUE: Human buccal Rabbit Rabbit Mucosa...8. ACRIDINE ORANGE •ř ug/ml 10 0I 9. NEOMYCIN SULFATE •-5 ug/ml90 10. NALIDIXIC ACIDr 50 ug/ml 1 1 𔃺+ + + + In+ + > + + + +) :4 +0 a VI Efa CD 4) (A

  13. Metabolomic effects in HepG2 cells exposed to CeO2, SiO2 and CuO nanomaterials.

    To better assess potential hepatotoxicity of nanomaterials, human liver HepG2 cells were exposed for three days to 5 different CeO2 (either 30 or 100 ug/ml), 3 SiO2 based (30 ug/ml) or 1 CuO (3 ug/ml) nanomaterials with dry primary particle sizes ranging from 15 to 213 nm. Metab...

  14. Metabolomic effects in HepG2 cells exposed to CeO2, SiO2 and CuO nanomaterials.

    To better assess potential hepatotoxicity of nanomaterials, human liver HepG2 cells were exposed for three days to 5 different CeO2 (either 30 or 100 ug/ml), 3 SiO2 based (30 ug/ml) or 1 CuO (3 ug/ml) nanomaterials with dry primary particle sizes ranging from 15 to 213 nm. Metab...

  15. Gene : CBRC-AGAM-02-0153 [SEVENS


  16. Gene : CBRC-RNOR-06-0123 [SEVENS


  17. Gene : CBRC-DDIS-02-0003 [SEVENS


  18. Gene : CBRC-CELE-01-0028 [SEVENS


  19. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-3263 [SEVENS


  20. The status quo and technical development direction of underground gas storages in China

    Guosheng Ding


    Full Text Available UGS (underground gas storage construction in China has stepped into a new development stage after years of exploration. The eleven UGSs that have been put into production play an important role in domestic natural gas peak shaving safety and supply guarantee, with designed working gas volume of 180 × 108 m3, but there are still various difficulties in UGS construction in China. Firstly, the increasing speed of working gas volume is slower than that of peak shaving demand volume. Secondly, the UGS building engineering is difficult in technologies and high in investment costs. Thirdly, safe operation is under high pressure and it is hard to identify and control risks. Fourthly, there are fewer candidate UGS sites in China and UGS building conditions are complicated. And fifthly, it is difficult for those UGSs to realize economic benefits only based on their own operation under the existing natural gas price systems. To sum up, the currently available UGS operation modes and building technologies in China are not sufficient to cope with the challenges resulted from markets and complex geologic conditions. Facing all these challenges, it is necessary not only to explore market driven operation modes, but also to strengthen technology tackling and carry out core technological research and development, including geologic evaluation, gas reservoir engineering, drilling and completion engineering, UGS injection and gas recovery engineering, surface auxiliary technologies and UGS integrity evaluation, so that UGS building efficiency can be increased greatly.

  1. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1537 [SEVENS


  2. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2729 [SEVENS


  3. Gene : CBRC-HSAP-03-0094 [SEVENS


  4. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2704 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available rotein product [Mus musculus] 1e-27 45% gnl|UG|Str#S24546535 Xenopus tropicalis finished cDNA, clone TGas097...FIIYLSIIYVSIIMYLLSIYLSIIYLSSIYLSIYLSLSSIYQLSSYVFIIYLYISIYHLSIYHLSIIYVSIIMYLLSIYLYLSSIYQLSSYVFIIYLYLSISH

  5. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1671 [SEVENS


  6. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-2631 [SEVENS


  7. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1852 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available eceptor [Xenopus tropicalis] 1e-166 100% gnl|UG|Str#S22514737 Xenopus tropicalis finished cDNA, clone TEgg03...VAVYLRDWKNGMSLGECDRTILSMGCNNLLLQGCLSVSEFINIFQLYRLFFKEFTVLGCILFLFLSYLSMWLTVCLSICYCVKLANISH

  8. Gene : CBRC-PMAR-01-0475 [SEVENS


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  15. Green justice in the city

    Rutt, Rebecca Leigh; Gulsrud, Natalie Marie


    tIn this short communication, we discuss European urban green space (UGS) research from an environ-mental justice perspective. We show that European UGS scholarship primarily focuses on functionalvalues and managerial aspects of UGS, while paying less attention to equity in the enjoyment...... of anddecision-making around UGS. On this basis we discuss potentials for European urban green space researchto take up a more explicit environmental justice framing to shed much-needed light on injustices inEuropean cities and inspire change in policy and practice....

  16. White dwarfs in an ungravity-inspired model

    Bertolami, Orfeu; Mariji, Hodjat


    An ungravity-inspired model is employed to examine the astrophysical parameters of white dwarf stars (WDs) using polytropic and degenerate gas approaches. Based on the observed properties such as mass, radius, and luminosity of selected WDs, namely, Sirius B and ɛ Reticulum, bounds on the characteristic length and scaling dimension of the ungravity (UG) model are estimated. The UG effect on the Chandrasekhar limit for WDs is shown. The UG model is examined in the study of ultramassive WDs, e.g., EUVE J1746-706. The UG-inspired model implies that a new location for some WDs on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is found.

  17. White dwarfs in an ungravity-inspired model

    Bertolami, Orfeu


    An ungravity-inspired model is employed to examine the astrophysical parameters of white dwarf stars (WDs) using polytropic and degenerate gas approaches. Based on the observed properties such as mass, radius, and luminosity of selected WDs, namely, Sirius B and $\\epsilon$ Reticulum, bounds on the characteristic length and scaling dimension of the ungravity (UG) model are estimated. The UG effect on the Chandrasekhar limit for WDs is shown. The UG model is examined in the study of ultra-massive WDs, e.g., EUVE J1746-706. In the contact of UG inspired model, a new location for some WDs on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is found.

  18. Responses of Plant Community and Soil Properties to Inter-Annual Precipitation Variability and Grazing Durations in a Desert Steppe in Inner Mongolia

    WANG Zhen; YUN Xiang-jun; WEI Zhi-jun; Michael P Schellenberg; WANG Yun-feng; YANG Xia; HOU Xiang-yang


    Grazing can dramatically affect arid grassland communities that are very vulnerable to environmental changes due to its relatively short and sparse ground coverage, low biomass, sandy soil and inter-annual precipitation found in the desert steppe. The study investigates the effects of different grazing durations on vegetation and soil properties of a desert steppe community. The experiment was conducted in Xisu Banner in Inner Mongolia with ifve treatments:CG (continuous grazing), 40UG (40 d ungrazed), 50UG (50 d ungrazed), 60UG (60 d ungrazed) and UG (ungrazed). The biomass of both shrub and annual-biennial plant communities were signiifcantly decreased by CG. Continuous grazing and 40UG signiifcantly reduced the ANPP (aboveground net primary productivity) by the end of the three year study. 60UG treatment increased soil organic carbon (OC), total nitrogen concentration (TN) and total phosphorus concentration (TP) concentrations and 50UG increased the TN and total phosphorus concentration (TK) concentrations, whereas CG, 40UG and 50UG decreased soil OC, TP and available phosphorus concentration (AP) concentrations. The perennial plant species of the desert steppe were generally tolerant for grazing. The annual-biennial plant species had large variability in ANPP because of the inter-annual precipitation. Our results highlight that inter-annual precipitation variations could strongly modify the community responses to grazing in arid ecosystems.

  19. Gene : CBRC-GGAL-35-0392 [SEVENS


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  3. Improved Understanding of Sources of Variability in Groundwater Sampling for Long-Term Monitoring Programs


    Lab Sample ID: 600-44501-11 Acetone 1100 RL 1000 ug/L 8260B Total/ NA200 MDL 200 Analyte Result Qualifier Unit Dil Fac D Method Prep Type Benzene 8260B...8260B Total/ NA200 MDL 22 Analyte Result Qualifier Unit Dil Fac D Method Prep Type Trichloroethene - DL 8260B Total/NA1100 200 ug/L 20036 cis-1,2...L 8260B Total/ NA200 MDL 200 Benzene 8260B Total/NA7100 200 ug/L 20016 Chlorobenzene 8260B Total/NA2200 200 ug/L 20024 Chloroform 8260B Total/NA57 J

  4. Gene : CBRC-XTRO-01-1559 [SEVENS


  5. Gene : CBRC-MDOM-11-0144 [SEVENS


  6. Ultrasound-Guided Miniscalpel-Needle Release versus Dry Needling for Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Yongjun Zheng


    Full Text Available Objective. To compare ultrasound-guided miniscalpel-needle (UG-MSN release versus ultrasound-guided dry needling (UG-DN for chronic neck pain. Methods. A total of 169 patients with chronic neck pain were randomized to receive either UG-MSN release or UG-DN. Before treatment and at 3 and 6 months posttreatment, pain was measured using a 10-point visual analogue scale (VAS. Neck function was examined using the neck disability index. Health-related quality of life was examined using the physical component score (PCS and mental component score (MCS of the SF-36 health status scale. Results. Patients in the UG-MSN release had greater improvement on the VAS (by 2 points at 3 months and 0.9 points at 6 months versus in the UG-DN arm; (both P<0.0001. Patients receiving UG-MSN release also showed significantly lower scores on the adjusted neck disability index, as well as significantly lower PCS. No severe complications were observed. Conclusion. UG-MSN release was superior to UG-DN in reducing pain intensity and neck disability in patients with chronic neck pain and was not associated with severe complications. The procedural aspects in the two arms were identical; however, we did not verify the blinding success. As such, the results need to be interpreted with caution.

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