Sample records for method etudes cinetiques

  1. Collection and processing of information in biological kinetics studies with radioactive tracers; Collecte et traitement de l'information dans les etudes de cinetique biologique avec traceurs radioactifs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Remy, J.; Lafuma, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors present an automatic method for the collection and treatment of information in biological kinetics experiments using radioactive tracers. The recording are made without any time constant on magnetic tape. The information recorded is sampled by a 400 channel multi-scale analyzer and transferred to punched cards. The digital analysis is done by an I.B.M. computer. The method is illustrated by an example: the hepatic fixation of colloidal gold in the pig. Its advantages and requirements are discussed. In the appendix are given the FORTRAN texts for two programmes used in treating the example presented. (authors) [French] Les auteurs presentent une methode automatique de collecte et de traitement de l'information dans les experiences de cinetique biologique utilisant les traceurs radioactifs. Les enregistrements sont realises sans constante de temps sur bande magnetique. L'information enregistree fait l'objet d'un echantillonnage a l'aide d'un analyseur a 400 canaux en mode multi-echelle puis est transferee sur cartes perforees. L'exploitation digitale est confiee a un ordinateur I.B.M.. La methode est illustree par un exemple d'etude de la fixation hepatique de l'or colloidal chez le porc. Ses avantages et ses exigences sont discutes. En annexe figurent les textes en FORTRAN de deux programmes utilises pour le traitement de l'exemple cite. (auteurs)

  2. Etude du mecanisme de predissociation de l'ion moleculaire de protoxyde d'azote par la mesure de l'energie cinetique des fragments de l'oxyde nitrique et de l'oxygene (United States)

    Delisle, Claude

    La reaction N2 + O+ ↔ NO + + N, laquelle joue un role important dans la physique de la haute atmosphere, a ete le sujet de plusieurs etudes. Bien que cette reaction ait ete l'objet d'une quantite importante de travaux, ces derniers ne permettent toutefois pas de comprendre entierement le mecanisme d'un point de vue quantique, particulierement les niveaux d'energie excites des fragments qui permettent cette reaction. Puisque cette reaction n'est pas tres facile a reproduire en laboratoire, nous avons utilise la spectroscopie laser sur faisceaux d'ions rapides afin d'explorer les limites de dissociation de l'ion moleculaire intermediaire de cette reaction, a savoir l'ion N2O+. Le faisceau d'ions N2O+ rapides, apres excitation de l'ion moleculaire vers un niveau predissocie de l'etat A2Sigma+, se dissocie pour produire les fragments ioniques O+ et NO+. Par la mesure de la variation du nombre de fragments ioniques en fonction de l'energie cinetique des ions N2O+, nous avons enregistre les spectres de predissociation de l'ion N2O+. Lorsque c'etait possible, nous avons procede a l'analyse de ces spectres de dissociation afin d'en tirer les constantes moleculaires. Pour certaines des transitions rotationnelles intenses, nous avons mesure l'energie cinetique acquise par les fragments lors de la predissociation de l'ion N 2O+. Afin d'analyser les distributions en energie cinetique, nous avons developpe une simulation de l'experience en considerant, entre autres choses, la position des niveaux de vibration et de rotation des fragments diatomiques de chacune des limites de dissociation de N2O+. Les resultats de l'analyse sont exprimes en termes de population des niveaux de vibration des fragments diatomiques pour une distribution donnee de la population des niveaux de rotation des fragments. Les resultats ainsi obtenus, montrent que les fragments diatomiques sont produits dans des niveaux de vibration fortement excites. De tels niveaux d'excitation ne correspondent pas aux

  3. A new method for studying iodine metabolism; the isotopic equilibrium method - kinetic and quantitative aspects of measurements made on rats; Une nouvelle methode d'etude du metabolisme de l'iode: la methode d'equilibre isotopique - aspects cinetiques et quantitatifs obtenus chez le rat

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Simon, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The isotopic equilibrium method which has been developed in the case of the rat has made it possible to measure the absolute values of the principal parameters of iodine metabolism in this animal. The quantities and concentrations of iodine have been measured in the thyroid gland and in the plasma with a sensitivity of 0.001 {mu}g of {sup 127}I. This sensitivity has made it possible to measure pools as small as the iodide and the free iodotyrosines of the thyroid and to demonstrate the absence of free iodotyrosines in the plasma of the normal rat. In vivo, the isotopic equilibrium method has made it possible to measure the iodine content of the thyroid gland and to calculate the intensity of this gland's secretion without removing it. By double labelling with {sup 125}I and {sup 131}I the isotopic equilibrium method has made it possible to measure the flux, intensity of the intrathyroidal recycling as well as the turnover rates of all the iodine containing compounds of the thyroid gland. For this gland no precursor-product relationship has been found between The iodotyrosines (MIT and DIT) and the iodothyronines (T{sub 4} and T{sub 3}). The absence of this relationship is due to the heterogeneity of the thyroglobulin turnover. It has been shown furthermore that there exists in the plasma an organic fraction of the iodine which is different to thyroglobulin and which is renewed more rapidly than the circulating hormones T{sub 3} and T{sub 4}. The isotopic equilibrium method is very useful for series measurements of iodine. It makes it possible furthermore to improve the biochemical fractionations by adding carriers without affecting the subsequent {sup 127}I measurements. (author) [French] La methode d'equilibre isotopique, mise au point chez le rat, a permis de mesurer en valeur absolue les principaux parametres du metabolisme de l'iode chez cet animal. Les quantites ou les concentrations d'iode ont ete mesurees pour la thyroide et pour le

  4. Study of the kinetics of strontium elimination in the rat; Etude de la cinetique de l'elimination du strontium chez le rat

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guilloux, M.J.; Michon, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A kinetic study of strontium elimination was made on rats after a single oral administration of 3 to 5 {mu}curies of carrier free Sr{sup 90}. The curve showing the body burden in function of time may be considered as the sum of three exponential terms with half-lives of 14 hours, 72 days, 153 days. The term with a half-live of 153 days represents the metabolism of strontium in the bone; it is predominant since the 17. day and its extrapolation to time zero shows that things seem to proceed as if 18 per cent of the administered amount were deposited in the skeleton. (author) [French] La cinetique de l'elimination du strontium chez le rat a ete etudiee apres une administration orale unique de 3 a 5 {mu}curies de {sup 90}Sr repute sans entraineur. La courbe representant la quantite presente dans l'organisme en fonction du temps peut etre assimilee a la somme de trois termes exponentiels de periode 14 heures, 72 jours, 153 jours. Le terme de periode 153 jours represente le metabolisme osseux du strontium, il est preponderant des le 17. jour et son extrapolation au temps zero nous montre qu'en definitive, tout se passe comme si 18 pour cent de la quantite administree etaient deposes dans le squelette. (auteur)

  5. Mathematical study of chemical kinetics schemes. Application to air pollution models; Etude mathematique de schemas de cinetique chimique. Application a des modeles de pollution atmospherique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Billette, E.


    Complex chemical kinetics modelling is relevant in numerous fields related to the petroleum industry, for instance engine combustion, petrochemistry and atmospheric pollution. Many numerical difficulties are encountered in the computation of these models, mainly due to the large size, the non-linearity and the stiffness of the associated ordinary differential systems. We first studied systems that have an asymptotic behaviour which may be derived from an algebraic analysis. Then we reviewed different methods that make possible the reduction of size and stiffness for chemical kinetics-related differential systems, and suggest possible improvements for some of those methods. We also studied their application to atmospheric chemistry models. Finally, we started to extend those reduction methods to partial differential systems that include, in addition to chemical kinetics, other phenomena such as species emission, advection or diffusion. (author) 44 refs.

  6. Influence of the zinc and manganese doping on the kinetics of resorption of a hydroxyapatite implant and study on matrix effects in the used P.I.X.E. nuclear method; Influence du dopage en zinc et en manganese sur la cinetique de resorption d`un implant d`hydroxyapatite et etude des effets de matrice dans la methode nucleaire P.I.X.E. utilisee

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jallot, E.


    In this work we study hydroxyapatite, hydroxyapatite doped with zinc or manganese and the compound of 75% hydroxyapatite, 25% tricalcic phosphate. The ceramics were implanted in the cortical femur of sheep. The global evolution of mineral concentrations in the implants with the time after implantation was studied by neutronic radioactivation. We studied matrix effects in P.I.X.E. (Particles Induced X-rays Emission) with Alpha parameter method. By measurements at two different energies, we determine a correction factor of the slowing down of incident protons and of the X rays absorption in matrix. So, the P.I.X.E. analysis allow us a scanning of mineral concentrations at the bone-implant interface at different time after implantation. The transformation of the hydroxyapatite matrix has been studied by X-rays by X-rays diffraction. (author).

  7. Contribution to thermodynamics and kinetics of argon, krypton and xenon at very low temperatures; Contribution a l'etude thermodynamique et cinetique de l'argon, du krypton et du xenon aux tres basses temperatures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Levenson, L.L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A critical analysis of the main theories of condensation, which are due to Zwanzig, Cabrera, Mc Caroll and Ehrlich, Wanlass, Armand, and Yu and Soo, is made. A condensation coefficient equal to unity is expected from these theories, except Armand and Yu and Soo, when the temperature of the gas impinging on its own solid phase is equal or less than 300 K. Using a resonating quartz microbalance the sensitivity of which is 10{sup -9} g. cm{sup 2} the experimental data agree with these theories when the temperature of the solid is less than 20 K. However the agreement must be interpreted for the more sophisticated theories of Armand and Yu and Soo. Regarding the sublimation of the rare gases one is faced with the theories of Salter, Eyring, Goodman and Armand. Within an order of magnitude the experimental data given here agree with the expected values. Moreover Armand theory is able to give the physical meaning of the observed results for argon sublimation from a krypton or a xenon crystalline substrate: localized modes of surface vibration occur. The relaxation time for the thermalization of the argon deposit is found greater than twelve hours at 25 K. (author) [French] Ce travail inclut l'etude critique des principales theories de la condensation dues a Zwanzig, Cabrera, Mc Caroll et Ehrlich, Wanlass, Armand, et Yu et Soo. Ces theories, sauf les deux dernieres, prevoient un coefficient de condensation egal a 1 lorsque le gaz incident sur son propre solide a une temperature inferieure ou egale a 300 K. Les mesures effectuees a l'aide d'une microbalance a quarz resonnant sensible a 10{sup -9} g. cm{sup 2} ont confirme ces theories dans le cas ou la temperature du solide est inferieure a 20 K. Cet accord doit cependant etre interprete pour les theories plus completes d'Armand d'une part, Yu et Soo d'autre part. Pour la sublimation des gaz rares on se trouve en presence des theories de Salter, Eyring, Goodman et Armand. Leurs previsions sont

  8. Study of the fibrinogen - fibrin transformation kinetics and modifications caused to this reaction by irradiation (X rays) of the fibrinogen solution; Etude de la cinetique de la transformation fibrinogene-fibrine et modifications apportees dans cette reaction par irradiation (rayons X) de solution de fibrinogene

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hollard, D.; Suscillon, M.; Marcille, G.; Rambaud, F.; Baloyan, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors present a spectrophotometric method for studying the transformation fibrinogen - fibrin. This method has the advantage of drawing immediately in graph form the three, phases of this transformation: proteolysis or monomerization; polymerisation; clot stabilization. It is a simple, faithful and easily reproductive technic. Owing to this method, they studied modifications of this transformation due to irradiation of fibrinogen solution. Low doses (90 000 R/mn) prevent transverse polymerisation. To upper doses (180 000 R and more), the action of thrombin on fibrinogen does not give an organised clot but a lacteous and fragile gel. There is not here a coagulation in the physiological understanding. (author) [French] Les auteurs presentent une methode d'etude spectro-photometrique de la transformation fibrinogene - fibrine. Cette technique a l'avantage de visualiser instantanement-par le trace d'une courbe les 3 phases de cette transformation: proteolyse ou monomerisation; polymerisation; stabilisation du caillot. C'est une technique simple, fidele, reproductible; grace a cette methode les auteurs ont pu etudier les modifications apportees dans cette transformation par irradiation aux rayons X de la solution de fibrinogene. A faible dose (90 000 R) l'irradiation inhibe la polymerisation Transversale. A forte dose ( > 180 000 R) le fibrinogene n'est plus transforme par la thrombine en un caillot organise mais en un gel laiteux et fragile. Il ne s'agit plus alors de coagulation au sens physiologique du terme. (auteur)

  9. Study of atmospheric tritium transfers in lettuce: kinetic study, equilibrium and organic incorporation during a continuous atmospheric exposure; Etude des transferts du tritium atmospherique chez la laitue: Etude cinetique, etat d'equilibre et integration du tritum sous forme organique lors d'une exposition atmospherique continue

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boyer, C.


    This thesis has explored the mechanisms of tritium 'absorption and incorporation in a human-consumed plant, lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), due to atmospheric exposure. Foliar uptake appears to play a key role in absorption of tritium as tissue free water tritium. Whatever the development stage and the light conditions, the specific activity in tissue free water reaches that of water vapour in air in several hours. The specific activity ratio is then about 0, 4. The time to reach equilibrium in soil is over 24 hours in most cases: the specific activity ratio ranges then 0, 01 to 0, 26. Incorporation rate of tissue free water tritium as organically-bound tritium has been estimated to 0, 13 to 0, 16 % h-l in average over the growing period of the plant, but marked variations are observed during growth. In particular, a significant increase appeared at the exponential growth stage. Deposition and diffusion of tritium in soil lead to significant OBT activities in soil. Results globally indicate equilibrium between the different environmental compartments (air, soil, plant). However, some experiments have revealed high OBT concentrations regarding atmospheric level exposure and ask for a possible phenomenon of local tritium accumulation in OBT for particular conditions of exposure. (author) [French] Ce travail de these a concerne l'etude des phenomenes d'absorption et d'incorporation sous forme organique du tritium dans un vegetal de consommation courante, la laitue (Lactuca sativa L.), en reponse a une exposition atmospherique. Il apparait que la voie foliaire joue un role primordial dans l'absorption du tritium au sein de l'eau tissulaire des plants. Quels que soient le stade de developpement des plants et les conditions d'eclairement, le temps necessaire pour atteindre l'equilibre des concentrations dans l'eau libre et dans la vapeur d'eau de l'air est de plusieurs heures; le rapport des concentrations est alors de

  10. Method of research and study of uranium deposits; Methode de recherches et d'etude des gites uraniferes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lenoble, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In a first part, the author gives a fast retrospective of the evaluations of the uranium deposits in the French Union. The author established a method of prospecting and studying, modifiable at all times following the experiences and the results, permitting to make the general inventory of uranium resources on the territory. The method is based on: 1 - the determination of geological guides in order to mark the most promising deposits, 2 - the definition of a methodology adapted to every steps of the research, 3 - the choice of the material adapted for each of the steps. This method, originally established for the prospecting in crystalline massifs, is adaptable to the prospecting of the sedimentary formations. (M.B.) [French] Dans une premiere partie, l'auteur donne une retrospective rapide des estimations des gites uraniferes dans l'Union Francaise. L'auteur a etabli une methode de prospection et d'etude, modifiable a tout instant suivant les experiences et les resultats, permettant de faire l'inventaire general des ressources en uranium du territoire. La methode est base sur: 1 - la determination de guides geologiques afin de reperer les gisements les plus prometteurs, 2 - la definition d'une methodologie adaptee a chaque stade de la recherche, 3 - le choix du materiel adapte pour chacun des stades. Cette methode, a l'origine etablie pour la prospection en massifs cristallins, est adaptable a la prospection des formations sedimentaires. (M.B.)

  11. Study of uranium dioxyde sputtering induced by multicharged heavy ions at low and very low kinetic energy: projectile charge effect; Etude de la pulverisation du dioxyde d'uranium induite par des ions lourds multicharges de basse et tres basse energie cinetique; effet de la charge du projectile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Haranger, F


    Ion beam irradiation of a solid can lead to the emission of neutral or ionized atoms, molecules or clusters from the surface. This comes as a result of the atomic motion in the vicinity of the surface, induced by the transfer of the projectile energy. Then, the study of the sputtering process appears as a means to get a better understanding of the excited matter state around the projectile trajectory. In the case of slow multicharged ions, a strong electronic excitation can be achieved by the projectile neutralization above the solid surface and / or its deexcitation below the surface. Parallel to this, the slowing down of such ions is essentially related to elastic collision with the target atoms. The study of the effect of the initial charge state of slow multicharged ions, in the sputtering process, has been carried out by measuring the absolute angular distributions of emission of uranium atoms from a uranium dioxide surface. The experiments have been performed in two steps. First, the emitted particles are collected onto a substrate during irradiation. Secondly, the surface of the collectors is analyzed by Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS). This method allows the characterization of the emission of neutrals, which are the vast majority of the sputtered particles. The results obtained provide an access to the evolution of the sputtering process as a function of xenon projectile ions charge state. The measurements have been performed over a wide kinetic energy range, from 81 down to 1.5 keV. This allowed a clear separation of the contribution of the kinetic energy and initial projectile charge state to the sputtering phenomenon. (author)

  12. Methods for studying the radioactive contamination of plants (1963); Methodes d'etude de la contamination radioactive des vegetaux (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coulon, R.; Jeanmaire, L.; Michon, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors first define the doctrine which led to the devising of a method for studying the radioactive pollution of plants, based on the use of simple techniques, having the possibility of being adapted for routine work, and so devised that each stage is proceeded with only if the preceding one justifies it. For each stage a study is effected comparing the results obtained by the use of more exact techniques. The second part describes in detail the techniques used. (authors) [French] Dans une premiere partie lea auteurs definissent la doctrine qui leur a permis d'elaborer une methode d'etude de la pollution radioactive des vegetaux, basee sur l'utilisation de techniques simples, se pretant au travail de serie et concues de telle maniere que chaque etape n'est abordee que si la precedente le justifie. Chaque etape fait l'objet d'une etude qui compare les resultats a ceux obtenue par des techniques plus precises. La deuxieme partie decrit dans le detail les techniques utilisees. (auteurs)

  13. Folds and Etudes (United States)

    Bean, Robert


    In this article, the author talks about "Folds" and "Etudes" which are images derived from anonymous typing exercises that he found in a used copy of "Touch Typing Made Simple". "Etudes" refers to the musical tradition of studies for a solo instrument, which is a typewriter. Typing exercises are repetitive attempts to type words and phrases…

  14. Contribution to the study of the thermal fission process for uranium 235 (1964); Contribution a l'etude du processus de la fission thermique de l'uranium 235 (1964)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chahrtache, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This report deals with the study of the distribution of the masses of the fragments produced by the disintegration of the U-236 nucleus, formed when a U-235 nucleus captures a thermal neutron. The experimental method chosen consists in the simultaneous measurement using p-n silicon junction detectors of the energies of the two fragments emitted in coincidence. This measurement is first made by a conditioned analysis of the energy of one of the fragments and then by a two dimensional analysis of the energies of the two fragments. Systematic results, are obtained concerning the distribution of the masses for different values of the total kinetic energy. The five structures appearing both for the mass distributions and for the energies of the fragments are studied and discussed. Generally speaking, our results are in agreement with those obtained by the time-of-flight method. (author) [French] Le present rapport a pour objet t'etude de la distribution des masses des fragments emis lors de la fission du noyau U-236, forme par capture d'un neutron thermique par un noyau d'U-235. La methode experimentale choisie consiste en la mesure simultanee - a l'aide de detecteurs a jonction p-n au silicium des energies des deux fragments emis en coincidence. Cette mesure est d'abord effectuee par analyse conditionnee de l'energie de l'un des fragments puis par analyse bidimensionnelle des energies des deux fragments. Des resultats systematiques sont obtenus sur les distributions des masses pour differentes valeurs de l'energie cinetique totale. Les 'structures fines' apparaissant tant sur les distributions des masses que sur celles des energies des fragments sont egalement etudiees et discutees. D'une facon generale, nos resultats sont en accord avec ceux obtenus par la methode du temps de vol. (auteur)

  15. The study of some thiazinic and indaminic dye syntheses induced by ionising radiation; Etude de quelques syntheses de colorants thianziniques et indaminiques amorcees par les rayonnements ionisants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Balestic, S. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    With a view to finding some radiochemical reactions applicable on an industrial scale for evaluating the radioactive waste from nuclear reactors, a systematic study was made of the radiochemical synthesis of thiazinic dyes such as methylene blue and Lauths' violet, on which the first tests were carried out in 1954. The first part of the study concerned the identification and the dosage, during radiolysis, of dyes by means of their absorption spectra after separation from the reaction medium by adsorption chromatography or ion-exchange; other radiolysis products such as ammonium chloride and hydrogen peroxide were also identified. During a later stage by systematically varying the physico-chemical parameters it was possible to determine the most favourable conditions for radio-synthesis; the maximum radiochemical yields obtained had the following values: G (Lauths' violet) 1,65; G (Methylene blue) = 1,75. Furthermore, the study of the influence of variously substituted aminated products on the radiochemical yield showed the possibility of synthesising Bindsehedlers green and Wursters blue by radiochemical methods. Finally the discovery of a fundamental intermediate product, Wursters red, together with the kinetic study of the chemical synthesis of methylene blue made it possible to determine the main stages of the reaction mechanism and to decide which of these stages could be attributed to ionising radiations in the case of the radiochemical synthesis. (author) [French] Dans le but de trouver des reactions radiochimiques susceptibles d'une application industrielle pour valoriser les dechets radioactifs provenant des reacteurs nucleaires, il a ete entrepris une etude systematique de la synthese radiochimique des colorants thiazimiques tels que le Bleu de Methylene et le Violet de Lauth dont les premiers essais ont ete effectues par Loiseleur en 1954. La premiere partie de l'etude a porte sur l'identification et le dosage des colorants formes

  16. Technical and harmonic analysis of Carl Czerny op. 299 number 34 etude

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Serkan Umuzdas


    Full Text Available In this study, the 34th etude of the book Czerny Op. 299 that is one of the commonly employed books in the piano training was analysed in terms of technique and harmony. The etude was examined in terms of its technical features and contributions to technical development. If an etude is analysed before it is played, time and effort can be amanged much more efficiently. In turn, it may contribute to play the etude or work in accordance with its objectives and to produce outcomes. The aims of this study are to make the students aware of the goals and methods of etudes and to provide them with the suggestions for studying. It is suggested that any etude written with the 2/4 rhythm pattern should be played very vividly and energytically. Any etude written in the octave width of 5.5 is made up of 43 scales in two section. The etude is composed of two sections, each with four sentences and two periods. It also involves 43 scales. Of them, 16 scales are in the first section and the remaining 27 scales are in the second section. The etude has very regular system in terms of harmonic continuity and motives. It has a homogenious pattern in terms of the order of the sentences with half-decsion and those with full-decision.

  17. Beach sediments drift study by means of radioactive tracers; L'etude du transport littoral par la methode des traceurs radioactifs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hours, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Jaffry, P. [Electricite de France (EDF), 78 - Chatou (France). Lab. National d' Hydraulique


    The present state of the sediments drift studies by means of radioactive tracers is exposed. Various processes of labelling, immersion and detection, used in France and other countries, are reviewed. A more extended analysis of some aspects of the problem by the same authors can be found in 'La Houille Blanche', number 3, may-june 1959 (Rapport C.E.A. number 1269). (author) [French] L'etude du transport littoral des sediments et galets par la methode des traceurs radioactifs est en plein developpement. Le present rapport precise l'etat actuel de la question. Les techniques de marquage, d'immersion et de detection utilisees en France et a l'etranger sont decrites; une analyse plus detaillee de certains aspects de la question est presentee par les memes auteurs dans 'La Houille Blanche', numero 3, mai-juin 1959 (Rapport C.E.A. numero 1269). (auteur)

  18. Methodes de calcul des forces aerodynamiques pour les etudes des interactions aeroservoelastiques (United States)

    Biskri, Djallel Eddine

    L'aeroservoelasticite est un domaine ou interagissent la structure flexible d'un avion, l'aerodynamique et la commande de vol. De son cote, la commande du vol considere l'avion comme une structure rigide et etudie l'influence du systeme de commande sur la dynamique de vol. Dans cette these, nous avons code trois nouvelles methodes d'approximation de forces aerodynamiques: Moindres carres corriges, Etat minimal corrige et Etats combines. Dans les deux premieres methodes, les erreurs d'approximation entre les forces aerodynamiques approximees par les methodes classiques et celles obtenues par les nouvelles methodes ont les memes formes analytiques que celles des forces aerodynamiques calculees par LS ou MS. Quant a la troisieme methode, celle-ci combine les formulations des forces approximees avec les methodes standards LS et MS. Les vitesses et frequences de battement et les temps d'executions calcules par les nouvelles methodes versus ceux calcules par les methodes classiques ont ete analyses.

  19. Language Teaching with the Help of Multiple Methods. Collection d'"Etudes linguistiques," No. 21. (United States)

    Nivette, Jos, Ed.

    This book presents articles on language teaching media. Among the titles are: (1) "Il Foreign Language Teaching e l'impiego degli audio-visivi" (Foreign Language Teaching and the Use of Audio Visual Methods) by D'Agostino, (2) "Le role et la nature de l'image dans l'enseignement programme de l'anglais, langue seconde" (The Role and Nature of the…

  20. Language Teaching with the Help of Multiple Methods. Collection d'"Etudes linguistiques," No. 21. (United States)

    Nivette, Jos, Ed.

    This book presents articles on language teaching media. Among the titles are: (1) "Il Foreign Language Teaching e l'impiego degli audio-visivi" (Foreign Language Teaching and the Use of Audio Visual Methods) by D'Agostino, (2) "Le role et la nature de l'image dans l'enseignement programme de l'anglais, langue seconde" (The Role and Nature of the…

  1. Criticality studies; Etudes de criticite

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Breton, D.; Lecorche, P.; Clouet d' Orval, Ch. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Criticality studies made at the Commissariat a l'Energie atomique deal on the one hand with experiments on plutonium and uranium solutions, on the other hand with theoretical work on the development and use of computation, methods for the resolution of problems concerning the nuclear safety of chemical and metallurgical plants. I - Since 1958 the experimental studies have dealt with homogeneous media constituted by a fissile salt dissolved in light water. Developed using the reactor Proserpine, the experiments have been carried on at Saclay on the Alecto assemblies where solutions of plutonium or of 90 p.100 - enriched uranium can be made critical. The results already obtained relate to critical masses of cylindrical tanks of diameters from 20 to 50 cm. reflected in several ways (water, concrete, etc. . ) at concentrations up to 100 g/liter. Physical measurements (spectra, reactor noises) and interaction measurements complete the results. Other experiments relating to plutonium solutions were begun in 1963, at the Valduc Center. They deal with the study of critical masses of annular vessels of external diameter 50 cm and internal diameter varying from 10 to 30 cm. These vessels can be water reflected internally, externally, or both. Two of these vessels have been studied in interaction for various geometries. Slabs of various thicknesses were also studied. II - The studies thus undertaken allowed the development of methods of computation which have been tested on several experiments. Particular use has been made of the possibilities of calculations based on transport theory and on Monte Carlo methods. All these theoretical studies are applied to the design and control of industrial plants from the point of view of safety. (authors) [French] Les etudes de criticite effectuees au CEA comportent d'une part des experiences sur des solutions de plutonium et d'uranium enrichi, d'autre part des travaux theoriques portant sur la mise au point et l

  2. A study of redox kinetic in silicate melt; Etude cinetique des reactions d'oxydoreduction dans les silicates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Magnien, V


    The aim of this thesis is to understand better iron redox reactions and mechanisms in silicate glasses and melts. Particular interest has been paid to the influence of temperature and chemical composition. For this purpose, the influence of alkali element content, iron content and network formers on the kinetics of redox reactions has been determined through XANES and Raman spectroscopy experiments performed either near the glass transition or above the liquidus temperature. As a complement, electrical conductivity and RBS spectroscopy experiments have been made to characterize the diffusivity of the species that transport electrical charges and the reaction morphology, respectively. Temperature and composition variations can induce changes in the dominating redox mechanism. At a given temperature, the parameters that exert the strongest influence on redox mechanisms are the presence or lack of divalent cations and the existing decoupling between the mobility of network former and modifier elements. Near Tg, the diffusion of divalent cations, when present in the melt, controls the kinetics of iron redox reactions along with a flux of electron holes. Composition, through the degree of polymerization and the silicate network structure, influences the kinetics and the nature of the involved cations, but not the mechanisms of the reaction. Without alkaline earth elements, the kinetics of redox reactions are controlled by the diffusion of oxygen species. With increasing temperatures, the diffusivities of all ionic species tend to become similar. The decoupling between ionic fluxes then is reduced so that several mechanisms become kinetically equivalent and can thus coexist. (author)

  3. Contribution to the study of plasmatic fibrinogen and serum albumin: effects of irradiation; Contribution a l'etude du fibrinogene et de la serum-albumine plasmatiques - effets de l'irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Suscillon, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble, 38 (France)


    The author studies the modifications of properties and structure of serum albumin and fibrinogen solution when subjected to radiation of low energy (X rays). On the other hand, two original techniques are exposed: 1. Amperometric determination of fibrin stabilizing factor or factor XIII of hemostasis. 2. Spectrophotometric study of fibrin formation kinetics. Then showing off and quantitative determination of platelets fibrinogen is exposed. (author) [French] L'auteur etudie les modifications des proprietes et de la structure des molecules de serum-albumine et de fibrinogene en solution soumise a un flux de RX de basse energie. D'autre part deux techniques originales sont exposees : 1. Dosage amperometrique du facteur stabilisant de la fibrine. 2. Etude spectrophotometrique de la cinetique de la fibro-formation. Enfin une mise en evidence et un dosage du fibrinogene plaquettaire sont presentes. (auteur)

  4. X-spectrographic method for plutonium detection. Application to contamination measurements in humans; Etude d'une methode de detection du plutonium par spectrographie X. Application a la mesure des contaminations sur l'homme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Michel Trouble [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    After reviewing the radio-toxicology of plutonium 239 and conventional detection methods using its {alpha}-radiation, the author considers the measurement of the X emission spectrum of plutonium 239 using a proportional counter filled with argon under pressure. This preliminary work leads to the third part of this research involving the detailed study of the possibilities of applying thin alkali halide crystal scintillators to the detection of soft plutonium X-rays; there follows a systematic study of all the parameters liable to render the detection as sensitive as possible: movement due to the photomultiplier itself and its accessory electronic equipment, nature and size of the crystal scintillator as well as its mode of preparation, shielding against external parasitic radiation. Examples of some applications to the measurement of contamination in humans give an idea of the sensitivity of this method. (author) [French] Apres un apercu de la radiotoxicologie du plutonium 239 et des methodes classiques de detection par son rayonnement {alpha}, on etudie le spectre d'emission X du plutonium 239 avec un compteur proportionnel rempli avec de l'argon sous pression. Ce travail preliminaire permet d'aborder la troisieme partie de cette etude dans laquelle nous examinons d'une fagon approfondie les possibilites d'application des cristaux scintillateurs minces d'halogenure alcalin a la detection du rayonnement X mou du plutonium; suit une etude systematique de tous les parametres susceptibles de rendre la detection aussi sensible que possible: mouvement propre du photomultiplicateur et de l'electronique associee, nature et dimensions du cristal scintillateur ainsi que son mode de fabrication, blindage contre les rayonnements parasites exterieurs. Quelques applications a la mesure des contaminations sur l'homme permettent d'apprecier la sensibilite de cette methode. (auteur)

  5. Advanced methods for the study of PWR cores; Les methodes d'etudes avancees pour les coeurs de REP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lambert, M.; Salvatores, St.; Ferrier, A. [Electricite de France (EDF), Service Etudes et Projets Thermiques et Nucleaires, 92 - Courbevoie (France); Pelet, J.; Nicaise, N.; Pouliquen, J.Y.; Foret, F. [FRAMATOME ANP, 92 - Paris La Defence (France); Chauliac, C. [CEA Saclay, Dir. de l' Energie Nucleaire (DEN), 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Johner, J. [CEA Cadarache, Dept. de Recherches sur la Fusion Controlee (DRFC), 13 - Saint Paul lez Durance (France); Cohen, Ch


    This document gathers the transparencies presented at the 6. technical session of the French nuclear energy society (SFEN) in October 2003. The transparencies of the annual meeting are presented in the introductive part: 1 - status of the French nuclear park: nuclear energy results, management of an exceptional climatic situation: the heat wave of summer 2003 and the power generation (J.C. Barral); 2 - status of the research on controlled thermonuclear fusion (J. Johner). Then follows the technical session about the advanced methods for the study of PWR reactor cores: 1 - the evolution approach of study methodologies (M. Lambert, J. Pelet); 2 - the point of view of the nuclear safety authority (D. Brenot); 3 - the improved decoupled methodology for the steam pipe rupture (S. Salvatores, J.Y. Pouliquen); 4 - the MIR method for the pellet-clad interaction (renovated IPG methodology) (E. Baud, C. Royere); 5 - the improved fuel management (IFM) studies for Koeberg (C. Cohen); 6 - principle of the methods of accident study implemented for the European pressurized reactor (EPR) (F. Foret, A. Ferrier); 7 - accident studies with the EPR, steam pipe rupture (N. Nicaise, S. Salvatores); 8 - the co-development platform, a new generation of software tools for the new methodologies (C. Chauliac). (J.S.)

  6. A new deconvolution method applied to ultrasonic images; Etude d'une methode de deconvolution adaptee aux images ultrasonores

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sallard, J


    This dissertation presents the development of a new method for restoration of ultrasonic signals. Our goal is to remove the perturbations induced by the ultrasonic probe and to help to characterize the defects due to a strong local discontinuity of the acoustic impedance. The point of view adopted consists in taking into account the physical properties in the signal processing to develop an algorithm which gives good results even on experimental data. The received ultrasonic signal is modeled as a convolution between a function that represents the waveform emitted by the transducer and a function that is abusively called the 'defect impulse response'. It is established that, in numerous cases, the ultrasonic signal can be expressed as a sum of weighted, phase-shifted replicas of a reference signal. Deconvolution is an ill-posed problem. A priori information must be taken into account to solve the problem. The a priori information translates the physical properties of the ultrasonic signals. The defect impulse response is modeled as a Double-Bernoulli-Gaussian sequence. Deconvolution becomes the problem of detection of the optimal Bernoulli sequence and estimation of the associated complex amplitudes. Optimal parameters of the sequence are those which maximize a likelihood function. We develop a new estimation procedure based on an optimization process. An adapted initialization procedure and an iterative algorithm enables to quickly process a huge number of data. Many experimental ultrasonic data that reflect usual control configurations have been processed and the results demonstrate the robustness of the method. Our algorithm enables not only to remove the waveform emitted by the transducer but also to estimate the phase. This parameter is useful for defect characterization. At last the algorithm makes easier data interpretation by concentrating information. So automatic characterization should be possible in the future. (author)

  7. Contribution to the study of recoil species produced by potassium ferrocyanide neutron irradiation; Contribution a l'etude de la reactivite des especes de recul dans le ferrocyanure de potassium irradie aux neutrons thermiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meriadec Vernier de Byans, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The chemical species produced by potassium ferrocyanide neutron irradiation were separated and identified. The study of their behaviour upon thermal annealing has allowed to establish a scheme of reaction as well as a kinetic treatment of the data. Activation energies are determined in different conditions and the effects of radiation dose, oxygen and water of crystallisation upon the activation energies were studied. Preliminary E.S.R. data and its relevance to the decomposition process is also discussed. (authors) [French] On a separe et identifie les differentes especes chimiques produites par irradiation neutronique de ferrocyanure de potassium. L'etude de leur comportement au cours du recuit thermique a permis l'application de differentes cinetiques et l'etablissement d'un schema de reaction. On a deterrmine la valeur des energies d'activation dans differentes conditions de recuit ainsi que l'influence de la dose de radiations, de l'oxygene et de l'eau de cristallisation sur ces energies. Une serie de mesures de resonance paramagnetique electronique a complete cette etude. (auteurs)

  8. Turbulent combustion modelization via a tabulation method of detailed kinetic chemistry coupled to Probability Density Function. Application to aeronautical engines; Modelisation de la combustion turbulente via une methode tabulation de la cinetique chimique detaillee couplee a des fonctions densites de probabilite. Application aux foyers aeronautiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rullaud, M.


    A new modelization of turbulent combustion is proposed with detailed chemistry and probability density functions (PDFs). The objective is to capture temperature and species concentrations, mainly the CO. The PCM-FTC model, Presumed Conditional Moment - Flame Tabulated Chemistry, is based on the tabulation of laminar premixed and diffusion flames to capture partial pre-mixing present in aeronautical engines. The presumed PDFs is introduced to predict averaged values. The tabulation method is based on the analysis of the chemical structure of laminar premixed and diffusion flames. Hypothesis are presented, tested and validated with Sandia experimental data jet flames. Then, the model is introduced in a turbulent flow simulation software. Three configurations are retained to quantify the level of prediction of this formulation: the D and F-Flames of Sandia and lifted jet flames of methane/air of Stanford. A good agreement is observed between experiments and simulations. The validity of this method is then demonstrated. (author)

  9. Contribution to the study of diffusion in poly-phase system; Contribution a l'etude de la diffusion en systeme polyphase

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adda, Y.; Philibert, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Institut de Recherches de la Siderurgie Francaise (IRSID), 78 - Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France)


    this latter result and of the anomalies in the coefficient of diffusion should probably take into account the accumulation of reticular defects which would appear after displacement of the phase boundaries. (author) [French] Apres diffusion chimique entre deux metaux, a des temperatures auxquelles le diagramme d'equilibre indique l'existence de plusieurs phases, on observe, sur une section perpendiculaire au front de diffusion, des bandes paralleles correspondant a ces diverses phases. On sait que, dans ce cas, la courbe concentration-penetration presente alors une discontinuite a chaque interface. Les concentrations a l'aplomb de ces discontinuites donnent les limites de solubilites respectives des phases en presence. Au cours de nos essais relatifs au couple uranium-zirconium, nous avons verifie que ces concentrations ne varient pas avec la duree de diffusion et que, donc, les conditions de l'equilibre thermodynamique sont bien remplies. On dispose alors d'une methode interessante pour etablir le diagramme d'equilibre a l'etat solide, methode que nous avons appliquee au systeme U-Zr. Les etudes cinetiques de la diffusion polyphasee sont encore assez rares, par suite des difficultes experimentales. Aussi diverses methodes sont-elles proposees pour evaluer le coefficient de diffusion a partir d'etudes purement micrographiques (mesure des epaisseurs des phases intermediaires). Nos resultats experimentaux montrent que les hypotheses sur lesquelles sont basees ces methodes sont tres rarement valables. En effet, nous avons etabli les courbes concentration-penetration dans les systemes U-Zr (entre 590 deg. C et 950 deg. C), et U-MO (entre 800 deg. C et 1050 deg. C). Celles-ci montrent souvent des courbures tres accentuees, qui traduisent des variations du coefficient de diffusion qui ne peuvent pas s'exprimer suivant des relations simples. Enfin, nous avons observe certaines anomalies au voisinage des interfaces entre phases

  10. Initiation of detonation by impact on granular explosives; Contribution a l'etude de la generation de la detonation provoquee par impact sur un explosif

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bernier, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A good number of experiments have shown up the particular behaviour of granular explosives when they are detonated by barrier transmitted shocks. Similar results can be obtained when the shock is induced by impact. In this case the pressure signal shape applied at the explosive is better known and both its intensity and duration can be varied. By using a mathematical model in which the law of chemical kinetics is a linear function of pressure, and different temperatures are used for solids and gases, it is possible to describe most of the behaviour of detonation initiation in solid granular explosives. (author) [French] De nombreuses etudes experimentales ont montre le comportement particulier des explosifs granulaires lors de la detonation provoquee par choc transmis a travers une barriere. Les memes resultats peuvent etre obtenus lorsque la detonation est engendree par impact. Dans ce cas, la forme du signal de pression induit dans l'explosif est mieux connue, et il est possible d'en faire varier l'intensite et la duree d'application. Un modele mathematique utilisant une loi de cinetique chimique fonction lineaire de la pression et ou les temperatures des etats solide et gazeux pendant la reaction sont differenciees, permet de retrouver la plupart des caracteres specifiques de la generation dans un explosif solide granulaire. (auteur)

  11. PENULISAN ETUDE-ETUDE MUSIK TALEMPONG UNGGAN (Sebuah Usaha Pembelajaran Musik Tradisi Berbasis Literatur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asri MK


    Full Text Available “Talempong unggan”, a traditional music from Minangkabau community particularly in Unggan, Sumpur Kudus, Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatera Indonesia is classified into genre of “talempong duduak” (rea. Due to its special musical concept and the playing technics, this traditional music is selected as a practising course in the Karawitan Department of Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI Padang Panjang since 1993 till now. In a system of class learning with many students, Talempong Unggan definitely needs supporting methods and learning technics suitable for the course where the students can reach their maximum skills. All the melody of “talempong unggan” that has been made as a material of practice is transcribed to the system of numeric notation and rhythm motive of “gendang” and “aguang” which is written into signs and special notation. All of qualitative data is formulated into finding methods, technics and etude of learning ensamble of Talempong Unggan the traditional music that learned in Karawitan Department of ISI Padang Panjang. Key words: Talempong Unggan, Methods, Technics, Etude

  12. Kinetic cartography of radioisotopes of iodine in the thyroid follicles of the new-born rats under low or standard iodine diet: Analyzed using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (NanoSIMS50): Contribution to the study of the consequences of Chernobyl; Cartographie cinetique des radioisotopes de l'iode dans le follicule thyroidien du rat nouveau-ne carence en iode ou non. Analyse par spectrometrie de masse d'ions secondaires (NanoSIMS50). Contribution a l'etude des consequences de Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elbast, M


    The most significant impact of the Chernobylsk accident is the increased incidence of thyroid cancers among children in contaminated areas. To estimate the radiation dose provided by radioiodine released after Chernobylsk (iodine 131 and short-lived isotopes, iodine 132, 133, 134, 135), we used new-born rats to mimic the situation of fallout contamination (young age and iodine deficiency). The pups, under low iodine diet and under standard diet, were contaminated with {sup 129}I at ages varying between 2 to 15 days and sacrificed 1, 4, 8, 24 hours and 4, 8 days after contamination. The variation in intra colloidal iodine distribution from 1 hour to 8 days was performed using a new ionic nano probe (NanoSIMS50). This method permits to discriminate between the newly incorporated iodine (129) and the initial pool of iodine (127). SIMS observations permit to heterogeneous intra and inter follicular distribution of {sup 129}I. Iodine deficiency increases the absorbed amounts of iodine by a factor 10. Dosimetric estimations show an important contribution of short-lived radioiodine to the total thyrocyte dose. In conclusion, we have demonstrated that the age and the iodine deficiency accelerate the absorption of iodine in follicles and that the contribution of short-lived iodine connate ne neglected. (author)

  13. Contribution to the theoretical and experimental study of the electron-volt effect in N-P junctions; Contribution a l'etude theorique et experimentale de l'effet electronvoltaique dans les jonctions N-P

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nguyen Van, Dong [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    , taking into account other phenomena which occur at low temperature. In the fourth part, results concerning the healing of the defects and protection measures against too energetic {beta} rays are described. A healing difference was observed between the lifetime and the conductivity. Finally, interesting results were obtained from experiments using a cadmium sulphide film to transform the {beta} particles of {sup 90}Sr-{sup 90}Y into photons. (author) [French] Le but propose dons le cadre de ce travail est d'etudier le comportement d'une jonction semi-conductrice sous l'action des rayons {beta}. L'etude a porte d'une part sur la conversion directe de l'energie rayonnee par une source radioactive en energie electrique utilisable a l'aide des jonctions N-P, et d'autre part sur la cinetique des defauts produits dans les cristaux de semi-conducteur par les rayons {beta} de grande energie. Dans la premiere partie du travail, on a essaye de completer les theories anterieures de l'effet electron-voltaique dans les jonctions en faisant une analyse mathematique de l'effet. Ceci a permis d'atteindre une equation unique dans laquelle figurent les parametres electriques et geometriques du semi-conducteur, de la jonction et les proprietes du rayonnement incident. D'autre part, on a etudie d'une maniere plus approfondie le courant de diffusion des porteurs de charge crees par le bombardement en tenant compte de tous les facteurs intervenant dans l'expression de l'efficacite de collection de charge d'une jonction. Dans la deuxieme partie, ou des experiences d'irradiation des jonctions N-P ont ete effectuees avec une source de {sup 90}Sr- {sup 90}Y, on a signale l'interet particulier d'une jonction d'arseniure de gallium susceptible de travailler a des temperatures relativement elevees (voisines de 100 deg. C). La troisieme partie presente l'etude des defauts crees dans un cristal de


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    substrat, ont permis de constater une amélioration sensible de la capacité et de la vitesse d’adsorption du vert de méthyle sur ce support. Par ailleurs, l’adsorption de ce composé est bien décrit par les modèles cinétiques de Langmuir et Freundlich.

  15. Energetic study of combustion instabilities and genetic optimisation of chemical kinetics; Etude energetique des instabilites thermo-acoustiques et optimisation genetique des cinetiques reduites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martin, Ch.E.


    Gas turbine burners are now widely operated in lean premixed combustion mode. This technology has been introduced in order to limit pollutants emissions (especially the NO{sub x}), and thus comply with environment norms. Nevertheless, the use of lean premixed combustion decreases the stability margin of the flames. The flames are then more prone to be disturbed by flow disturbances. Combustion instabilities are then a major problem of concern for modern gas turbine conception. Some active control systems have been used to ensure stability of gas turbines retro-fitted to lean premixed combustion. The current generation of gas turbines aims to get rid of these control devices getting stability by a proper design. To do so, precise and adapted numerical tools are needed even it is impossible at the moment to guarantee the absolute stability of a combustion chamber at the design stage. Simulation tools for unsteady combustion are now able to compute the whole combustion chamber. Its intrinsic precision, allows the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) to take into account numerous phenomena involved in combustion instabilities. Chemical modelling is an important element for the precision of reactive LES. This study includes the description of an optimisation tools for the reduced chemical kinetics. The capacity of the LES to capture combustion instabilities in gas turbine chamber is also demonstrated. The acoustic energy analysis points out that the boundary impedances of the combustion systems are of prime importance for their stability. (author)

  16. Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: kinetic and isotopic study; Genese tardive des gaz hydrocarbures dans les bassins sedimentaires: etude cinetique et isotopique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lorant, F.


    The thermal decomposition of sedimentary organic matter, or kerogen, within the metagenesis zone (T > 170 deg. C) leads to the formation of large amounts of late gas, mainly composed by methane. The work reported in this dissertation aims at understanding and quantifying the mechanisms of late methane generation and isotopic fractionation. With this purpose, natural samples of Type II and Type III mature kerogens (Ro > 1.3%, H/C < 0.65), were artificially heated in both open (T = 350 to 900 deg. C at 25 deg. C/min) and closed (T = 375 to 550 deg. C with t = 1 to 216 h) systems. For each experiment, mass and atomic (C, H, O) balances were obtained by recovering, fractionating and quantifying the entire pyrolysis effluents. Moreover, the isotopic compositions ({sup 13}C/{sup 12}C ratios) of methane and insoluble residue produced in closed system were measured. These experimental simulations have shown that the amounts of methane generated in an open-pyrolysis system (9 to 40 mg/gC) are systematically inferior to that observed in a closed-pyrolysis system (44 to 68 mg/gC), even after correction of the possible C{sub 2}-C{sub 5} and C{sub 6+} hydrocarbons secondary cracking. This shift, which is larger for Type II kerogens compared to coals and Type II-S kerogens, seems to be correlated with the pyrite content of the samples. Based on the closed-pyrolysis system data, a kinetic scheme, suitable for both Type II and Type III kerogens, was established. It includes three consecutive reactions, whose apparent kinetic parameters do not allow accounting for the corresponding rate constants observed in open system: E{sub 1} = 64.7 kcal/mol and A{sub 1} = 2.58 x 10{sup 15} s{sup -1}, E{sub 2} = 52.8 kcal/mol and A{sub 2} = 5.50 x 10{sup 10} s{sup -1}, E{sub 3} = 55-58 kcal/mol and A{sub 3} = 7.52 x 10{sup 9} s{sup -1}. By extrapolation to geological setting, it was thus predicted that kerogens might generate about 15 mg/gC of late methane between 170 and 200 deg. C. In order to describe more precisely these reactions, additional pyrolysis experiments were performed on an aromatic compound, representative of the chemical structure of mature kerogens: the 1-methyl-pyrene. The data show that the methane is mainly produced during secondary and tertiary mechanisms, following to global succeeding stages: E{sub 1} = 56.7 kcal/mol and A{sub 1} = 8.52 x 10{sup 12} s{sup -1}, E{sub 2} = 49.5 kcal/mol and A{sub 2} 2.48 x 10{sup 9} s{sup -1}. By analogy, it was established that the three reactions of late methane generation, as observed by pyrolyzing mature kerogens, are respectively related to beta-scission, demethylation and cokefaction processes. In other respects, the late methane is characterized by {delta}{sup 13}C values between -36 and -24 0/00{sub PDB} (experimental conditions), and for the Type II kerogen by a reversal of the isotopic fractionation between the gas and its source at the high maturity levels: {delta}{sup 13}C{sub CH4/kerogene} = -10 to +2 0/00{sub PDB}. Such an uncommon {delta}{sup 13}C evolution was not observed during the pyrolysis of the I-methyl-pyrene, the generated methane being, on the contrary, strongly {sup 12}C-enriched compared to its source ({delta}{sup 13}C{sub CH4/1-MPy} = -35 to -19 0/00{sub PDB}). Nevertheless, by coupling a model of isotopic fractionation, based on the assumption of strictly kinetically-controlled effects, to the kinetic scheme previously generated, it was shown that the differences of isotopic signature between the model compound and the kerogens are mainly due to highly contrasted precursor effects (i.e. {delta}{sup 13}C of the functional groups from which the methane originates) specific to demethylation processes. Besides the elaboration of a methodology for the acquisition of kinetic, stoichiometric and isotopic parameters specific to the generation of late methane, this work has allowed the validation of a model of isotopic fractionation, especially by emphasizing the synergy between the mechanisms of cracking and the isotopic processes. Following this concept, a general

  17. Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: kinetic and isotopic study; Genese tardive des gaz hydrocarbures dans les bassins sedimentaires: etude cinetique et isotopique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lorant, F.


    The thermal decomposition of sedimentary organic matter, or kerogen, within the metagenesis zone (T > 170 deg. C) leads to the formation of large amounts of late gas, mainly composed by methane. The work reported in this dissertation aims at understanding and quantifying the mechanisms of late methane generation and isotopic fractionation. With this purpose, natural samples of Type II and Type III mature kerogens (Ro > 1.3%, H/C < 0.65), were artificially heated in both open (T = 350 to 900 deg. C at 25 deg. C/min) and closed (T = 375 to 550 deg. C with t = 1 to 216 h) systems. For each experiment, mass and atomic (C, H, O) balances were obtained by recovering, fractionating and quantifying the entire pyrolysis effluents. Moreover, the isotopic compositions ({sup 13}C/{sup 12}C ratios) of methane and insoluble residue produced in closed system were measured. These experimental simulations have shown that the amounts of methane generated in an open-pyrolysis system (9 to 40 mg/gC) are systematically inferior to that observed in a closed-pyrolysis system (44 to 68 mg/gC), even after correction of the possible C{sub 2}-C{sub 5} and C{sub 6+} hydrocarbons secondary cracking. This shift, which is larger for Type II kerogens compared to coals and Type II-S kerogens, seems to be correlated with the pyrite content of the samples. Based on the closed-pyrolysis system data, a kinetic scheme, suitable for both Type II and Type III kerogens, was established. It includes three consecutive reactions, whose apparent kinetic parameters do not allow accounting for the corresponding rate constants observed in open system: E{sub 1} = 64.7 kcal/mol and A{sub 1} = 2.58 x 10{sup 15} s{sup -1}, E{sub 2} = 52.8 kcal/mol and A{sub 2} = 5.50 x 10{sup 10} s{sup -1}, E{sub 3} = 55-58 kcal/mol and A{sub 3} = 7.52 x 10{sup 9} s{sup -1}. By extrapolation to geological setting, it was thus predicted that kerogens might generate about 15 mg/gC of late methane between 170 and 200 deg. C. In order to describe more precisely these reactions, additional pyrolysis experiments were performed on an aromatic compound, representative of the chemical structure of mature kerogens: the 1-methyl-pyrene. The data show that the methane is mainly produced during secondary and tertiary mechanisms, following to global succeeding stages: E{sub 1} = 56.7 kcal/mol and A{sub 1} = 8.52 x 10{sup 12} s{sup -1}, E{sub 2} = 49.5 kcal/mol and A{sub 2} 2.48 x 10{sup 9} s{sup -1}. By analogy, it was established that the three reactions of late methane generation, as observed by pyrolyzing mature kerogens, are respectively related to beta-scission, demethylation and cokefaction processes. In other respects, the late methane is characterized by {delta}{sup 13}C values between -36 and -24 0/00{sub PDB} (experimental conditions), and for the Type II kerogen by a reversal of the isotopic fractionation between the gas and its source at the high maturity levels: {delta}{sup 13}C{sub CH4/kerogene} = -10 to +2 0/00{sub PDB}. Such an uncommon {delta}{sup 13}C evolution was not observed during the pyrolysis of the I-methyl-pyrene, the generated methane being, on the contrary, strongly {sup 12}C-enriched compared to its source ({delta}{sup 13}C{sub CH4/1-MPy} = -35 to -19 0/00{sub PDB}). Nevertheless, by coupling a model of isotopic fractionation, based on the assumption of strictly kinetically-controlled effects, to the kinetic scheme previously generated, it was shown that the differences of isotopic signature between the model compound and the kerogens are mainly due to highly contrasted precursor effects (i.e. {delta}{sup 13}C of the functional groups from which the methane originates) specific to demethylation processes. Besides the elaboration of a methodology for the acquisition of kinetic, stoichiometric and isotopic parameters specific to the generation of late methane, this work has allowed the validation of a model of isotopic fractionation, especially by emphasizing the synergy between the mechanisms of cracking and the isotopic processes. Following this concept, a general class-compound model for the production and the degradation of oil and gas, including the calculation of the isotopic compositions, was set up. The kinetic scheme, based on that proposed by Behar et at. (1992), comprises 10 first-order reactions whose pre exponential factors (A) are not all the same. The various kinetic and isotopic parameters were determined on the basis of pyrolysis experiments performed on an immature Type II kerogen. The first simulations at low temperature show that this model can reproduce isotopic trends that are consistent with natural observations. However the current uncertainty on the isotopic parameters does not yet allow a confident utilization of the model to predict the {delta}{sup 13}C of hydrocarbon gases is the geological conditions. (author)

  18. Neutron dynamics of fast-spectrum dedicated cores for waste transmutation; Etude et amelioration du comportement cinetique de coeurs rapides a la transmutation de dechets a vie longue

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Massara, S


    Among different scenarios achieving minor actinide transmutation, the possibility of double strata scenarios with critical, fast spectrum, dedicated cores must be checked and quantified. In these cores, the waste fraction has to be at the highest level compatible with safety requirements during normal operation and transient conditions. As reactivity coefficients are poor in such critical cores (low delayed neutron fraction and Doppler feed-back, high coolant void coefficient), their dynamic behaviour during transient conditions must be carefully analysed. Three nitride-fuel configurations have been analysed: two liquid metal-cooled (sodium and lead) and a particle-fuel helium-cooled one. A dynamic code, MAT4 DYN, has been developed during the PhD thesis, allowing the study of loss of flow, reactivity insertion and loss of coolant accidents, and taking into account two fuel geometries (cylindrical and spherical) and two thermal-hydraulics models for the coolant (incompressible for liquid metals and compressible for helium). Dynamics calculations have shown that if the fuel nature is appropriately chosen (letting a sufficient margin during transients), this can counterbalance the bad state of reactivity coefficients for liquid metal-cooled cores, thus proving the interest of this kind of concept. On the other side, the gas-cooled core dynamics is very badly affected by the high value of the helium void coefficient (which is a consequence of the choice of a hard spectrum), this effect being amplified by the very low thermal inertia of particle-fuel design. So, a new kind of concept should be considered for a helium-cooled fast-spectrum dedicated core. (authors)

  19. Study of the fluctuations of the partial and total radiative widths by neutron capture resonance method; Etude des fluctuations des largeurs radiatives partielles et totales par la capture des neutrons de resonance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huynh, V.D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Radiative capture experiments by neutron time-of-flight methods have been made for following studies: distribution of partial radiative widths, effects of correlation between different radiative transitions, fluctuations of total radiative widths {gamma}{sub {gamma}} from resonance to resonance, variation of {gamma}{sub {gamma}} with number of mass and the search for the existence of potential capture. Also, some other experiments with the use of neutron capture gamma-rays spectra have been investigated. (author) [French] Par la capture des neutrons de resonance dont les energies sont selectionnees a l'aide de la technique du temps de vol, differents types d'experiences ont ete realisees concernant les etudes des distributions des largeurs radiatives partielles, des effets de correlation entre differentes voies de desexcitation, de la fluctuation des largeurs radiatives totales {gamma}{sub {gamma}} de resonance a resonance, de la variation de la quantite {gamma}{sub {gamma}} en fonction du nombre de masse et de la mise en evidence de l'existence du processus de capture potentielle. Quelques autres applications de l'emploi du spectre de rayons gamma ont egalement ete presentees. (auteur)

  20. Etude des phenomenes dynamiques ultrarapides et des caracteristiques impulsionnelles d'emission terahertz du supraconducteur YBCO (United States)

    Savard, Stephane

    Les premieres etudes d'antennes a base de supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique emettant une impulsion electromagnetique dont le contenu en frequence se situe dans le domaine terahertz remontent a 1996. Une antenne supraconductrice est formee d'un micro-pont d'une couche mince supraconductrice sur lequel un courant continu est applique. Un faisceau laser dans le visible est focalise sur le micro-pont et place le supraconducteur dans un etat hors-equilibre ou des paires sont brisees. Grace a la relaxation des quasiparticules en surplus et eventuellement de la reformation des paires supraconductrices, nous pouvons etudier la nature de la supraconductivite. L'analyse de la cinetique temporelle du champ electromagnetique emis par une telle antenne terahertz supraconductrice s'est averee utile pour decrire qualitativement les caracteristiques de celle-ci en fonction des parametres d'operation tels que le courant applique, la temperature et la puissance d'excitation. La comprehension de l'etat hors-equilibre est la cle pour comprendre le fonctionnement des antennes terahertz supraconductrices a haute temperature critique. Dans le but de comprendre ultimement cet etat hors-equilibre, nous avions besoin d'une methode et d'un modele pour extraire de facon plus systematique les proprietes intrinseques du materiau qui compose l'antenne terahertz a partir des caracteristiques d'emission de celle-ci. Nous avons developpe une procedure pour calibrer le spectrometre dans le domaine temporel en utilisant des antennes terahertz de GaAs bombarde aux protons H+ comme emetteur et detecteur. Une fois le montage calibre, nous y avons insere une antenne emettrice dipolaire de YBa 2Cu3O7-delta . Un modele avec des fonctions exponentielles de montee et de descente du signal est utilise pour lisser le spectre du champ electromagnetique de l'antenne de YBa 2Cu3O7-delta, ce qui nous permet d'extraire les proprietes intrinseques de ce dernier. Pour confirmer la validite du modele

  1. Tar in road system wastes - bibliographic study - quick characterization methods; Le goudron dans les dechets du reseau routier - etude bibliographique - methodes de caracterisation rapides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brazillet, C.; Domas, J.; Pepin, G.


    In the framework of the european regulations on the wastes management, the road structure wastes present a particularly problem because of the tar content and of the toxic associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In order to chose the elimination or the valorization of these roads wastes, it is necessary to measure the tar content. After a presentation of the study objectives, a bibliographic study of the context, the challenges, the hydrocarbons, the tar characterization and the today situation of the french road network, the author presents the methods of PAH detection with a special attention on the well known methods: the PAK marker, the TSE and the toluene spot. (A.L.B.)

  2. Local study of pollutants dispersion by a real time tracer method; Etude locale de la dispersion de polluants par une methode de tracage en temps reel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Faivre-Pierret, R.X.; Sestier-Carlin, R.; Berne, P.


    It is possible to use a Gaussian mathematical model of atmospheric dispersion for calculating atmospheric transfer coefficient (ATC) in long range model, but for proximity models, an experimental model using a tracer technic has to take in account ground effects and natural or artificial obstacles. SF{sub 6} tracer method gives the true plume ground trace in real time. The measured ATC shows a larger ground trace, lower concentration in the axis, and a displacement of the maximum concentration with regard to wind axis in comparison with the calculated ATC. (A.B.). 14 refs., 4 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Advanced methods for the study of PWR's cores; Les methodes d'etudes avancees pour les coeurs de REP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hemmerich, Ph.; Lambert, M. [Electricite de France (EDF), 75 - Paris (France); Pelet, J. [FRAMATOME ANP, 92 - Paris-La-Defence (France); Raymond, P. [CEA Saclay, Dir. de l' Energie Nucleaire (DEN), 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France)


    A new generation of calculation strategies including methods and tools is under way. The aim is to be more efficient (faster and more accurate) in the simulation of physical processes and to make coupling between neutron transport, thermo-hydraulic and mechanical codes easier. For the study of the basic design of EPR (European pressurized reactor) innovating methods have been introduced, they rely on the latest progress made in the understanding of physical processes and in computing sciences and technology that allow a generalized use of three-dimensional calculations. The main advantage drawn from the evolution of calculation strategies is to identify over-sized margins in the previous ones in order to get room for new and ambitious strategies for the management of fuel in reactor'core without putting at risk safety. The achievement of a new calculation strategy can take 6 to 15 years between its definition to its full implementation, this period has to be reduced. (A.C.)

  4. Study of different ultrasonic focusing methods applied to non destructive testing; Etude de differentes methodes de focalisation ultrasonore appliquees au controle non destructif

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    El Amrani, M.


    The work presented in this thesis concerns the study of different ultrasonic focusing techniques applied to Nondestructive Testing (mechanical focusing and electronic focusing) and compares their capabilities. We have developed a model to predict the ultrasonic field radiated into a solid by water-coupled transducers. The model is based upon the Rayleigh integral formulation, modified to take account the refraction at the liquid-solid interface. The model has been validated by numerous experiments in various configurations. Running this model and the associated software, we have developed new methods to optimize focused transducers and studied the characteristics of the beam generated by transducers using various focusing techniques. (author). 120 refs., 95 figs., 4 appends.

  5. Observation of allotropic transformations of plutonium with a hot stage microscope; Etude des transformations allotropiques du plutonium au microscopic a platine chauffante

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mars, J.; Spftiet, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A hot stage microscope designed for the examination of plutonium and its alloys is described. This apparatus was used to study the {alpha} {r_reversible} {beta} and {delta} {r_reversible} {epsilon} allotropic transformations of pure or {beta} and {delta} stabilised plutonium. The {alpha} {yields} {beta} transformation is typically a nucleation and growth process. Some particularities caused by the internal stresses due to the volume change during this transformation are examined. The kinetics has been studied as a function of these stresses and a temperature dependent activation energy for nucleation has been deduced. The {beta} {yields} {alpha} transformation presents a memory effect which implies an orientation relationship between the two phases. This fact is probably caused by the stresses created during the {beta} {yields} {alpha} transition. The {beta} {r_reversible} {gamma} and {delta} {r_reversible} {epsilon} transformations are also diffusion governed processes. (authors) [French] On decrit un microscope a platine chauffante permettant l'examen du plutonium et de ses alliages. Cet appareil a servi a l'etude des transformations {alpha} {r_reversible} {gamma} et {delta} {r_reversible} {epsilon} du plutonium pur ou stabilise en phase {beta} et {delta}. La transformation {alpha} {yields} {beta} est une transformation typique par germination et croissance; elle presente des caracteristiques bien particulieres qui sont dues aux contraintes internes qui prennent naissance au changement de volume a la transformation; la cinetique a ete etudiee en fonction de ces contraintes, et on en a deduit une energie d'activation pour la germination variable avec la temperature. La transformation {beta} {yields} {alpha} presente un effet de memoire qui suppose une relation d'orientation entre les deux phases; ce phenomene semble lie comme auparavant aux contraintes creees par le passage {beta} {yields} {alpha}. Les transformations {beta} {r

  6. Etude aerodynamique d'un jet turbulent impactant une paroi concave (United States)

    LeBlanc, Benoit

    , tridimensionnel. Les nombres de Reynolds utilises dans l'etude numerique, bases sur le diametre du jet lineaire observe, sont de Red = 3333 et 6667, consideres comme etant en transition vers la turbulence. Dans cette etude, un montage numerique est construit. Le maillage, le schema numerique, les conditions frontiere et la discretisation sont discutes et choisis. Les resultats sont ensuite valides avec des donnees turbulentes experimentales. En modelisation numerique de turbulence, les modeles de Moyennage Reynolds des Equations Naviers Stokes (RANS) presentent des difficultes avec des ecoulements instationnaires en regime transitionnel. La Simulation des Grandes Echelles (LES) presente une solution plus precise, mais au cout encore hors de portee pour cette etude. La methode employee pour cette etude est la Simulation des Tourbillons Detaches (DES), qui est un hybride des deux methodes (RANS et LES). Pour analyser la topologie de l'ecoulement, la decomposition des modes propres (POD) a ete egalement ete effectuee sur les resultats numeriques. L'etude a demontre d'abord le temps de calcul relativement eleve associe a des essais DES pour garder le nombre de Courant faible. Les resultats numeriques ont cependant reussi a reproduire correctement le basculement asynchrone observe dans les essais experimentaux. Le basculement observe semble etre cause par des effets transitionnels, ce qui expliquerait la difficulte des modeles RANS a correctement reproduire l'aerodynamique de l'ecoulement. L'ecoulement du jet, a son tour, est pour la plupart du temps tridimensionnel et turbulent sauf pour de courtes periodes de temps stable et independant de la troisieme dimension. L'etude topologique de l'ecoulement a egalement permit la reconaissances de structures principales sousjacentes qui etaient brouillees par la turbulence. Mots cles : jet impactant, paroi concave, turbulence, transitionnel, simulation des tourbillons detaches (DES), OpenFOAM.

  7. Etude Sedimentologique et Esquisse Paleoenvironnementale des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Etude Sedimentologique et Esquisse Paleoenvironnementale des ... Les analyses sédimentologiques réalisées dans ce travail, sont un prélude d'un projet d'études pluridisciplinaires ... (Crétacé inférieur) à l'océanisation complète (fin.

  8. Study of allotropic transformations in plutonium; Etude des transformations allotropiques du plutonium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spriet, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The allotropic transformations in plutonium have been studied by different methods: metallography, dilatometry, thermal analysis, resistivity measurements, examination with a hot stage microscope. In order to study the importance of the purity, purification process such as zone-melting or electro-diffusion have been developed. The characteristics of the {alpha} {r_reversible} {beta} transformation can be explained in terms of the influence of internal stresses on the transition temperature and on the transformation kinetics. Some particular characteristics of {delta} {yields} {gamma}, {gamma} {yields} {alpha}, {delta} {r_reversible} {epsilon}, {beta} {r_reversible} {gamma} and {delta} {yields} {alpha} transformations are also given. (author) [French] Les transformations, allotropiques du plutonium ont ete etudiees a l'aide de differentes methodes: metallographie, dilatometrie, analyse thermique, mesure de resistivite, examen au microscope a platine chauffante. Pour preciser l'influence de la purete, des procedes de purification comme la fusion de zone ou l'electrodiffusion ont ete mis au point. Les caracteres de la transformation {alpha} {r_reversible} {beta} s'expliquent par le role des contraintes internes sur la temperature de transition et la cinetique de transformation. Quelques particularites des transformations {delta} {yields} {gamma}, {gamma} {yields} {alpha}, {delta} {r_reversible} {epsilon}, {beta} {r_reversible} {gamma} et {delta} {yields} {alpha} sont egalement presentees. (auteur)

  9. Magnetic resonance studies of solid polymers; Etude des polymeres solides par resonance magnetique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lenk, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This paper is a review of the application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to solid polymers. In the first, theoretical part, the elements of the theory of NMR, which are necessary for the study of the properties of solid polymers are discussed: the moments method, nuclear relaxation and the distribution of correlation times. In the second part the experimental results are presented. (author) [French] Cette etude est une recherche bibliographique sur l'application de la resonance magnetique nucleaire (RMN) aux polymeres solides. Dans la premiere partie theorique on discute les elements de la theorie de RMN, necessaires pour l'etude des proprietes des polymeres solides: la methode des moments, la relaxation nucleaire et la distribution des temps de correlation. La deuxieme partie presente les resultats des experiences. (auteur)

  10. Les Etudes De Langues Aux Pays-Bas

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zwarts, F.


    Les Etudes de Langues dans l'Enseignement Superieur en Europe: Des Rapports Nationaux Préparés pour une Conference sur les Etudes de Langues en Europe et Cooperation dans le Domaine de l'Enseignement Superieur à l'Univerité de Stockholm.

  11. Contribution to the study of the interaction of slow neutrons with {sup 235}U using the time-of-flight method; Contribution a l'etude par la methode du temps de vol de l'interaction de neutrons lents avec l'U{sup 235}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Michaudon, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study concerns the properties of the excited levels of uranium 236 obtained by interaction of slow neutron with uranium 235. The experiments have been carried out at the Saclay linear electron accelerator by use of the time of flight method. In the first part of this paper, we examine the technical and physical conditions which rule the experiments: compromise between resolution and counting rate, time dispersion due to the slowing down of the neutrons and crystalline binding effects. In a second part the experimental results i.e. total, fission and ternary fission cross sections are given. The third part deals with the analysis of these results: the resonance parameters determination ({tau}{sub n}, {tau}{sub {gamma}}, {tau}{sub f}), the study of their statistical distribution and of their correlations. We tried some classifications of the resonances according to their parameters and compared these classifications to each other and to other results. At least the evidence of a cross section correlation with a range smaller than 100 eV seems to be confirmed. (author) [French] Cette etude porte sur les proprietes des niveaux excites de l'Uranium-236 obtenus par l'interaction de neutrons lents avec le {sup 235}U. La technique experimentale est celle de la spectrometrie par temps de vol, les experiences ayant ete realisees aupres de l'accelerateur lineaire d'electrons de Saclay, Dans une premiere partie nous examinons les donnees techniques et physiques conditionnant les experiences: compromis entre resolution et taux de comptage, dispersion en temps due au ralentissement des neutrons, effet des liaisons cristallines. Dans une deuxieme partie sont exposes les resultats experimentaux: sections efficaces totales, de fission et de fission ternaire du {sup 235}U. Une troisieme partie porte sur l'analyse de ces resultats: determination des parametres ({tau}{sub n}, {tau}{sub {gamma}}, {tau}{sub f}), etude de leurs distributions statistiques et

  12. Etude des polysaccharides pariétaux de la pomme extraction et caractérisation par des methodes chimiques et enzymatiques.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Renard, C.M.G.C.


    La composition de la paroi de pomme et les connections entre polymeres parietaux ont ete etudies par des methodes chimiques et enzymatiques. La paroi de pomme, riche en pectines et cellulose ne contient pas d'acides phenoliques. La pectine soluble, extraite par un agent chelatant est pauvre en oses

  13. Chemical reduction of complex kinetic models of combustion; Reduction chimique des modeles cinetiques complexes de combustion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fournet, R.; Glaude, P.A.; Warth, V.; Battin-Leclerc, F.; Scacchi, G.; Come, G.M. [Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Industries Chimiques, CNRS UMR 7630, INPL ENSIC, Dept. de Chimie Physique des Reacteurs, 54 - Nancy (France)


    This paper presents an automatized method allowing to notably reduce the size of the primary mechanism of alkane combustion. The free radicals having the same raw formulation and the same functional groups are presented in a global way as a unique species. In this way, the number of radicals can be divided by a factor of 16 in the case of n-heptane combustion. The kinetic parameters linked with the global mechanism are obtained from a weighted average of the kinetic constants of the detailed mechanism, and this without any adjustment.The simulations performed for the combustion mechanisms of the n-heptane and of a mixture of n-heptane and 2,2,3 trimethyl butane are presented in order to show the validity of the proposed method. (J.S.)

  14. Contribution to the study of a method for measuring continuously the isotopic effect. The search for an isotopic effect during the reduction of cuprous oxide by a {sup 12}CO - {sup 14}CO mixture (1962); Contribution a l'etude d'une methode de mesure continue de l'effet isotopique. Recherche d'un effet isotopique dans la reduction de l'oxyde cuivreux par le melange {sup 12}CO - {sup 14}CO (1962)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richard, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The determination of an isotopic effect between the two reactions: {sup 12}CO + Cu{sub 2}O {yields} {sup 12}CO{sub 2} + 2 Cu 'light' reaction {sup 14}CO + Cu{sub 2}O {yields} {sup 14}C{sub O}2 + 2 Cu 'heavy' reaction is possible if the respective kinetics are known. The condensation, during the reaction, of the carbon dioxide formed, and the measurement as a function of time of the residual carbon monoxide pressure, makes it possible to deduce, uninterruptedly, the 'light' reaction kinetics. The 'heavy' reaction kinetics are obtained by measuring continuously, in situ, the radioactivity of the residual reactant gas as a function of the time. The apparatus used for this is a plastic scintillator counter. A calibration curve of the measured radioactivity as a function of the reactant gas pressure in the absence of reaction makes it possible to compare the kinetics of the 'light' and 'heavy' reactions. The reaction temperature is chosen such that the reaction rate is sufficiently slow, so that the variation of the radioactivity during unit counting time is negligible. (author) [French] La determination d'un effet isotopique entre les deux reactions: {sup 12}CO + Cu{sub 2}O {yields} {sup 12}CO{sub 2} + 2 Cu reaction 'legere' {sup 14}CO + Cu{sub 2}O {yields} {sup 14}C{sub O}2 + 2 Cu reaction 'lourde' est rendue possible par la connaissance de leurs cinetiques respectives. La condensation, au cours de la reaction, du gaz carbonique forme et la mesure en fonction du temps de la pression de l'oxyde de carbone residuel, permet d'obtenir, de facon continue, la cinetique de la reaction 'legere'. La cinetique de la reaction lourde est determinee par la mesure continue, in situ, du taux de radioactivite du reactif gazeux residuel en fonction du temps. Le dispositif employe dans ce but est un compteur a scintillateur plastique. Une courbe d'etalonnage, du taux mesure de

  15. Statistical signal processing for gamma spectrometry: application for a pileup correction method; Traitement statistique du signal spectrometrique: etude du desempilement de spectre en energie pour la spectrometrie gamma

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Trigano, T


    The main objective of gamma spectrometry is to characterize the radioactive elements of an unknown source by studying the energy of the emitted photons. When a photon interacts with a detector, its energy is converted into an electrical pulse. The histogram obtained by collecting the energies can be used to identify radioactive elements and measure their activity. However, at high counting rates, perturbations which are due to the stochastic aspect of the temporal signal can cripple the identification of the radioactive elements. More specifically, since the detector has a finite resolution, close arrival times of photons which can be modeled as an homogeneous Poisson process cause pile-ups of individual pulses. This phenomenon distorts energy spectra by introducing multiple fake spikes and prolonging artificially the Compton continuum, which can mask spikes of low intensity. The objective of this thesis is to correct the distortion caused by the pile-up phenomenon in the energy spectra. Since the shape of photonic pulses depends on many physical parameters, we consider this problem in a nonparametric framework. By introducing an adapted model based on two marked point processes, we establish a nonlinear relation between the probability measure associated to the observations and the probability density function we wish to estimate. This relation is derived both for continuous and for discrete time signals, and therefore can be used on a large set of detectors and from an analog or digital point of view. It also provides a framework to this problem, which can be considered as a problem of nonlinear density deconvolution and nonparametric density estimation from indirect measurements. Using these considerations, we propose an estimator obtained by direct inversion. We show that this estimator is consistent and almost achieves the usual rate of convergence obtained in classical nonparametric density estimation in the L{sup 2} sense. We have applied our method to a set

  16. A study of the conformation and stability of nitroxide free radicals; Etude de la conformation et de la stabilite de radicaux libres nitroxydes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Briere, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    les constantes de couplage des protons situes en {gamma} de l'azote ont une dependance spatiale tres marquee au meme titre que les protons situes en {beta}, ce que les etudes anterieures n'avaient pu preciser. Une analyse conformationnelle est effectuee par RMN a 310 MHz, en temperature variable. La synthese du di-t-butyl nitroxyde marque au carbone 13 en position {alpha} du groupement nitroxyde a permis de determiner avec certitude la constante d'interaction hyperfine electron carbone 13 quaternaire, grandeur qui n'avait pas ete mesuree jusqu'alors. Les constantes de couplage mesurees dans les radicaux piperidiniques tetramethyles en 2,2,6,6 ont pu etre ensuite attribuees a des carbones 13 situes en {beta} de l'azote, et leur variation a pu etre reliee a la conformation des cycles. C'est l'objet de la seconde partie. Dans un dernier chapitre, l'etude cinetique d'un radical nitroxyde instable, ayant un hydrogene en {beta}, met en evidence une decomposition bimoleculaire qui met en jeu la rupture de la liaison C-H; ceci est demontre par effet isotopique primaire. On peut conclure de cette etude qu'un nitroxyde est stable lorsque les differents groupes attaches a l'atome d'azote ne peuvent provoquer une decomposition du radical, soit intramoleculairement, si la geometrie de la molecule le permet, soit intermoleculairement par dimerisation sur un autre centre d'une molecule voisine, conduisant ainsi a une fragmentation ou a une disproportionation. (auteur)

  17. Kinetic inductance detectors for millimeter and submillimeter astronomy / D\\'etecteurs \\`a inductance cin\\'etique pour l'astronomie millim\\'etrique et sub-millim\\'etrique

    CERN Document Server

    Boudou, Nicolas; Bourrion, Olivier; Calvo, Martino; Désert, François-Xavier; Macias-Perez, Juan; Monfardini, Alessandro; Roesch, Markus; 10.1016/j.crhy.2011.10.008


    We present recent developments in Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KID) for large arrays of detectors. The main application is ground-based millimeter wave astronomy. We focus in particular, as a case study, on our own experiment: NIKA (N\\'eel IRAM KID Arrays). NIKA is today the best in-the-field experiment using KID-based instruments, and consists of a dual-band imaging system designed for the IRAM 30 meter telescope at Pico Veleta. We describe in this article, after a general context introduction, the KID working principle and the readout electronics, crucial to take advantage of the intrinsic KID multiplexability. We conclude with a small subset of the astronomical sources observed simultaneously at 2 mm and 1.4 mm by NIKA during the last run, held in October 2010. Nous d\\'ecrivons les r\\'ecents d\\'eveloppements concernant les grandes matrices de d\\'etecteurs \\`a inductance cin\\'etique (KID) dont l'application principale est l'astronomie millim\\'etrique au sol. Nous d\\'etaillons en particulier notre propre ca...

  18. Investigation of the diffusion {proportional_to} brasses using methods depending on the evaporation or condensation of zinc; Etude de la diffusion dans les laitons {proportional_to} au moyen des methodes d'evaporation ou de condensation du zinc

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Accary, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Centre d' Etudes de Chimie Metallurgique du CNRS (France)


    que dans la mesure ou sont precises: les traitements mecaniques subis par l'eprouvette avant diffusion, le sens de la diffusion, la nature des eprouvettes. Le coefficient de diffusion D est alors donne par la relation: D = ({pi}/4t){rho}{sup 2}{sub 0} expression dans laquelle t est la duree de diffusion et {rho}{sub 0} la valeur extrapolee de {rho} = ({delta}m)/({delta}C) a variation nulle de concentration; ({delta}m, variation de poids de l'eprouvette par unite de surface; {delta}C, difference entre la concentration superficielle et la concentration initiale de l'eprouvette). Cette methode a ete utilisee pour etudier l'influence du sens de diffusion sur le coefficient de diffusion le coefficient de diffusion avec appauvrissement en zinc est 5 fois plus grand que le coefficient de diffusion avec enrichissement en zinc;une interpretation de ce phenomene, basee sur le mecanisme lacunaire de diffusion a ete proposee. Par une etude ponderale et une etude micrographique, l'auteur a montre que certaines impuretes, telles que le phosphore, l'arsenic, l'antimoine, le silicium et l'aluminium peuvent augmenter notablement la vitesse de diffusion; il a relie a la valence et a la masse atomique des impuretes, l'influence de celles-ci sur le coefficient de diffusion. (auteur)

  19. Bio-metric study of pig karyotype; Etude biometrique du caryotype du porc

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Haag, J.; Lacourly, N.; Nizza, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study has a twofold purpose, the former is to determine the swine karyotype as accurately as possible, the latter is to try and develop a method of automatic classification and to show its possibilities and limits. (authors) [French] Cette etude a un double objet: d'une part, de definir de la facon aussi precise que possible le caryotype du porc et d'autre part, de tenter une methode de classification automatique et d'en montrer les possibilites ainsi que les limites. (auteurs)

  20. HBA1c: clinical and biological agreement for standardization of assay methods. Report by the experts of ALFEDIAM (Association de Langue Française pour lEtude du Diabète et des Maladies Métabolique) and SFBC (Société Française de Biologie Clinique). (United States)

    Gillery, P; Bordas-Fonfrède, M; Chapelle, J P; Drouin, P; Hue, G; Lévy-Marchal, C; Périer, C; Sélam, J L; Slama, G; Thivolet, C; Vialettes, B


    Glycohaemoglobin, and particularly haemoglobin A1c(HbA1c), assays have been used for many years to retrospectively evaluate the glycaemic control of diabetic patients. Cut-off values have been established for deciding treatment modifications. The techniques used in the laboratories however exhibit varying quality, and all of them are not yet standardized. The consequence is an under-utilization of this test, especially in non-hospital practice. In this context, working groups of Société Française de Biologie Clinique (SFBC), Association de Langue Française pour l'Etude du Diabète et des Maladies Métaboliques (ALFEDIAM) and Société Française d'Endocrinologie (SFE) have met together, in order to analyze the national status, and to propose practical recommendations for implementing a standardization process on the basis of international experiences. It is recommended to exclusively express results as HbA1c percentage, using methods standardized and certified by comparison to reference methods such as those using Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) values. Simultaneously, contacts have been established with manufacturers, and the realisation of periodic quality control surveys was encouraged.

  1. Contributions a L'etude de Dispositifs D'optique Integree (United States)

    Touam, Tahar

    Cette these contient des contributions a l'etude de deux champs du vaste domaine de l'optique integree. A cet effet, nous avons divise notre travail en deux grandes parties:. Dans une premiere partie, nous traitons le probleme de la realisation d'une nouvelle classe de guides d'onde planaires utilisables dans le domaine de longueur d'onde de l'infrarouge moyen (infrarouge thermique), domaine ou l'apparition anticipee de fibres optiques a pertes extremement faibles rendraient fort interessante l'existence de tels guides d'onde planaires. Dans un premier temps, nous presentons une etude analytique originale d'une structure planaire a profil d'indice gradue, suivie d'une analyse d'un guide canal base sur cette structure. Dans un deuxieme temps, nous decrivons le procede de fabrication par pulverisation atomique d'un guide planaire forme d'arseniure de gallium (AsGa) sur du dioxyde de silicium (SiO_2 ), combinaison de materiau compatible avec l'infrarouge moyen. Finalement, nous presentons une etude de conception d'un reseau de surface destine a coupler la lumiere dans un tel guide, les autres methodes traditionnelles de couplage semblant peu appropriees aux environs de lambda = 10 mum. Dans une deuxieme partie, nous traitons le probleme de la jonction Y en optique integree, jonction qui soufre de pertes tres importantes des que l'angle d'ouverture devient interessant pour le concepteur de circuits integres optiques. L'analyse est basee sur la methode numerique dite BPM (Beam Propagation Method; methode de propagation du faisceau) qui fait l'objet d'un bref rappel. Nous poursuivons avec l'etude et l'optimisation d'une nouvelle jonction Y dont l'essence est l'utilisation du phenomene de diffraction a travers trois fentes de phase. Nous obtenons ainsi une tres bonne jonction, separant proprement le faisceau, a une ouverture de 10 degres. Finalement, nous faisons un rappel d'un profil d'indice dit "ideal" pour guides courbes et nous proposons l'utilisation de tels guides

  2. Surface integral formulation of Maxwell's equations for simulation of non-destructive testing by eddy currents. Preliminary study on the implementation of the fast multipole method; Formulation integrale surfacique des equations de Maxwell pour la simulation de controles non destructifs par courant de Foucault. Etude preliminaire a la mise en oeuvre de la methode multipole rapide.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lim, T.


    numeriquement un controle non destructif par courants de Foucault (CND-CF), la reponse du capteur peut etre modelisee via une approche semi-analytique par integrales de volume. Plus rapide que la methode des elements finis, cette approche est cependant limitee a l'etude de pieces planes ou cylindriques (sans prise en compte des effets de bords) du fait de la complexite de l'expression de la dyade de Green pour des configurations plus generales. Or, il existe une forte demande industrielle pour etendre les capacites de la modelisation CF a des configurations complexes (plaques deformees, bords de piece...). Nous avons donc ete amenes a formuler differemment le probleme electromagnetique, en nous fixant comme objectif de conserver une approche semi-analytique. La formulation integrale surfacique (SIE) permet d'exprimer le probleme volumique en un probleme de transmission equivalent a l'interface (2D) entre sous-domaines homogenes. Ce probleme est ramene a la resolution d'un systeme lineaire (par la methode des moments) dont le nombre d'inconnues est reduit du fait du caractere surfacique du maillage. Des lors, ce systeme peut etre resolu par un solveur direct pour de petites configurations. Cela nous a permis de traiter plusieurs seconds membres (ie. differentes positions de capteurs) pour une seule inversion de la matrice d'impedance. Les resultats numeriques obtenus au moyen de cette formulation concernent des plaques avec la prise en compte des effets de bords tels que l'arete et le coin. Ils sont en accord avec des resultats obtenus par la methode des elements finis. Pour des configurations de grandes tailles, nous avons mene une etude preliminaire a l'adaptation d'une methode d'acceleration du produit matrice-vecteur intervenant dans un solveur iteratif (methode multipole rapide, ou FMM) afin de definir les conditions dans lesquelles le calcul FMM fonctionne correctement (precision, convergence...) dans le contexte CND

  3. Study of methane hydrate inhibition using AA/AMPS copolymers; Etude du mecanisme d'action d'une famille de copolymeres inhibiteurs cinetiques susceptibles de modifier la cristallisation des hydrates de methane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cingotti, B.


    Gas hydrates are inclusion compounds that form when water and natural gas come into contact at high pressure and low temperature. In hydrocarbon production, these conditions can be reached in cold areas (artic zones) or in subsea pipelines where hydrates formation can block production facilities. For a few years, a lot of work has been done to develop a new class of low dosage additives called kinetic inhibitors. These hydrosoluble additives are crystallization inhibitors: they delay nucleation and/or slow down crystal growth and/or agglomeration. In this work, we have studied methane hydrate inhibition using AA/AMPS copolymers. To study methane hydrate crystallization, we use a semibatch reactor equipped with a turbidimetric sensor allowing to measure the turbidity spectrum in the reactor. From turbidity measurements, it is possible to calculate the particles size distribution. This set up allows us to obtain macroscopic results (induction time, gas consumption rate) and microscopic results (hydrate particles granulometry). With this set up, we have studied methane hydrate crystallization without additive at macroscopic and microscopic scale and at different pressures and stirring rates. Copolymers have then been tested in the same experimental conditions. Influence of copolymer composition, copolymer molecular mass and additive concentration has been studied. These copolymers have an inhibiting effect on crystals formation kinetics. Optimal performances are obtained for an AMPS molar ratio or 50 %. Furthermore, minimum additive concentration and minimum mean molecular mass are needed to obtain a kinetic effect on crystals. The higher the pressure (driving force) and the higher the stirring rate (gas transfer), the higher these minimum values. To understand results with and without additives, we have used a model. Relating gas consumption rate to crystal growth, it seems that the copolymer inhibits crystal growth by means of a dead zone. Then, using a model based on a population balance, we have established a first identification of the crystal source with and without additives. Finally, the last part of this work is related to the study of a model formulation from AA/AMPS copolymers. The formulation presents an enhancement of the kinetic inhibition compared to the copolymer performance alone. The particular behavior of tetra-butyl-ammonium bromide contained in the formulation has been underlined. (author)

  4. Kinetic modeling of hydrogenation and hydro-denitrogenation mechanisms on sulfurated catalysts; Etude par modelisation cinetique des mecanismes d'hydrogenation et d'hydrodesazotation sur catalyseurs sulfures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Penet, H.


    Toluene hydrogenation on a NiMo/{gamma}-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst was studied at 350 deg. C as a function of the partial pressures of H{sub 2}, H{sub 2}S and NH{sub 3}. This experimental study shows the following facts: the effect of the H{sub 2}S partial pressure on the hydrogenation rate is complex. The order with respect to H{sub 2}S varies between -0.05 and -0.5 as the pressure varies between 0.125 and 3 bar; in the presence of NH{sub 3}, the H{sub 2}S inhibiting effect is enhanced. Kinetic modeling was performed with the Chemkin II/Surface Chemkin II software package. On the basis of the effect of contact time and H{sub 2}S on toluene hydrogenation, the adsorption by heterolytic dissociation of H{sub 2} and H{sub 2}S was selected. H{sub 2} provides hydride species (H{sup -}) attacking the aromatic ring in a first step. Proton addition during the hydrogenation of the first double bond is the limiting step. In the presence of ammonia. the kinetic modeling shows that the catalyst surface is modified and that the displacement of the H{sub 2}S adsorption equilibrium is expected. The NH{sub 3} adsorption mode could not be clearly discriminated between a simple adsorption through coordination and an adsorption through protonation. This model was applied to the hydro-denitrogenation of 2,6-diethyl-aniline at 350 deg. C on NiMo/{gamma}-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst and showed that the limitation step is the hydrogenation of the aromatic ring. (author)

  5. Experimental investigation of the effects of aqueous species on the dissolution kinetics of R7T7 glass; Etude experimentale de l`influence d`especes aqueuses sur la cinetique de dissolution du verre nucleaire R7T7

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gin, S.


    This contribution to the study of aqueous corrosion of the French ``R7T7`` reference nuclear containment glass includes a bibliographic survey of prior investigations, highlighting the problems encountered in interpreting the interactions in systems containing clay materials in contact with the glass. An experimental methodology is proposed to investigate the effects of inorganic aqueous species separately from those of a few organic acids on the dissolution mechanisms and kinetics of R7T7 glass at 90 deg. C. The experimental results discussed support the idea that several glass network forming elements may have a kinetically limiting role. The most likely hypothesis to account for the absence of saturation conditions with respect to the glass in certain clay media involves the formation of complexes with kinetically limiting metallic elements such as aluminum released by glass corrosion. This work contributes to a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of nuclear glass dissolution in a geological repository environment. It facilitates the interpretation of glass alteration studies in realistic or actual solutions and may contribute to specifying near field chemical barriers in the form of additives (amorphous silica, aluminum hydroxides or phosphates) around the glass disposal package to enhance the stability of the glass matrix. (author). 148 refs., 40 figs., 32 tabs., 1 append.

  6. A kinetic study of several aromatic compounds oxidation: applied to pollutants formation in car engines; Etude cinetique de l'oxydation de composes aromatiques: application a la formation de polluants dans les moteurs automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pengloan, G.


    Commercial fuels contain a multitude of chemical compounds. Their incomplete combustion in car engines leads to pollutants emission. The aim of this study is to improve our knowledge of oxidation kinetic mechanisms at high temperature for aromatic hydrocarbons because of their importance in fuels composition. Kinetics of benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and styrene combustion was studied, at equivalence ratio in the range 0.5 to 1.5, by means of two experimental apparatus: a jet-stirred reactor (JSR) and a shock tube (ST). In the JSR, reactive mixtures, diluted by N{sub 2}, were oxidized at atmospheric pressure in the temperature range 950 to 1400 K. Concentration profiles of sampled stable species were measured, at a steady residence time, by gas chromatography (GC/MS, GC/FID/TCD). In the ST, temperature and pressure ranges were higher: 1300 < T(K) < 2000, 1 < P(bar) < 20. Ignition delays were measured by recording OH emission profiles at 306 nm. A detailed kinetic reaction mechanism for the oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperature was proposed. This mechanism includes 936 reactions and 125 species. It's based on the kinetic scheme of Ristori et al. (2001),It was further validated in the present work by modeling the ignition of benzene and toluene. Ethyl-benzene and styrene sub-mechanisms were developed. The agreement between the simulations and JSR experimental data is satisfactory. The ignition delays are well simulated. However, the modeling of concentration profiles needs improvements: defaults in the mechanism of benzene have repercussions on the predicted reactivity of ethyl-benzene and styrene which is higher than observed in the experiments. (author)

  7. Kinetic study of diesel soot oxidation: application to simulation of diesel particulate filter regeneration; Etude cinetique de la combustion des suies diesel: application a la modelisation de la regeneration du filtre a particule

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huguet, Ch.


    Because of their toxicity, soot are considered as the most important pollutant from Diesel engines. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is widely deployed in Europe to address the significant reductions in particulate emissions required by increasingly stringent emission standards, both for heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars. Such a DPF filtrates above 99% of soot emissions and must be regularly regenerated. The use of additive allows to decrease the soot oxidation temperature to values which can be reached by appropriate engine tuning. The soot addition is a dominant parameter for the development of regeneration strategies. Its influence must be correctly represented by models. This Ph-D was performed at IFP in collaboration with ADEME and was supported by the LCSR at Orleans. The aim of the present research is to develop a kinetic mechanism characteristic of Diesel soot oxidation, which can be integrated into a DPF regeneration model and used for engine control. The oxidation study was based on soot characterisation and reaction kinetics investigations. The samples of Diesel soot were collected, without and with Cerium/Iron additive, by using two engines points representative of two normalized European cycles (ECE and EUDC). Thermal and composition analyses with techniques such as XPS, XRD or TEM were used to determine their physical and chemical properties. Their oxidation kinetics was experimentally studied on a synthetic gas bench (SGB) with a fixed bed reactor. Different tests were performed: temperature-programmed oxidation (TPO), Isothermal oxidation (IO), and sequential oxidation. The results allowed to correlate Diesel soot physical and chemical properties with their oxidation rate. A kinetic model was developed, which is based on global carbon consummation law and distinguishes the oxidation of different soot components. The simulation results agree very well with the experimental results of Diesel soot oxidation. (author)

  8. Study of the thorium phosphate-diphosphate (TPD) dissolution: kinetic aspect - thermodynamic aspect: analysis of the neo-formed phases; Etude de la dissolution du phosphate diphosphate de thorium: - aspect cinetique - aspect thermodynamique: analyse des phases neoformees

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thomas, A.Ch


    The aim of this work is to study the aqueous corrosion of the thorium phosphate-diphosphate (TPD), of the formula Th{sub 4}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, in the framework of the actinides immobilization. In order to complete the anterior studies concerning solid solutions where thorium is substituted by a tetravalent ion (uranium (IV) or plutonium (IV)) in the TPD structure, compounds of thorium and neptunium phosphate-diphosphate, of formula Th{sub 4-x}Np{sub x}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, have been prepared. Furthermore, a new chemical way of synthesis has been investigated in order to sinter solids solution of thorium and uranium phosphate-diphosphate (TUPD) in good conditions. The TPD dissolution study showed two principals steps. The first one corresponds to the control of element concentration by the material dissolution whereas the second corresponds to the formation of secondary precipitates for which thermodynamic equilibrium controls the concentration of the species in solution. Leaching tests have been performed varying several independent parameters in order to determine the TPD dissolution rate. The partial orders related to the protons or to the hydroxide ions have been found between 0.35 and 0.45 whereas the apparent dissolution rate constants are in the range 1.10{sup -5} for 9.10{sup -5} g.m{sup -2}.j{sup -1} for acidic and basic media. The neo-formed phases have been characterized after the dissolution of TPD and TUPD. We found that the TPD leaching in acidic medium leads to the formation of the crystallized thorium phosphate-hydrogen-phosphate (TPHP), of formula Th{sub 2}(PO{sub 4}){sub 2}(HPO{sub 4}), x H{sub 2}O, whereas the TUPD dissolution leads to the TPHP and an other compound, of formula (UO{sub 2}){sub 3}(PO{sub 4}){sub 2}, 5 H{sub 2}O. We calculated its solubility product which is in good agreement with those found in the literature. The phases formed during the leaching of solids containing plutonium; americium or curium (Th{sub 2-y}Pu{sub y}(PO{sub 4}){sub 2}(HPO{sub 4}), x H{sub 2}O; AmPO{sub 4}, x H{sub 2}O and CmPO{sub 4}, x H{sub 2}O) have not been characterized but their ionic products have been calculated. (author)

  9. Study of the mechanism of a kinetic inhibitor on the crystallization of methane hydrate; Etude du mecanisme d'action d'un inhibiteur cinetique sur la cristallisation de l'hydrate de methane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pic, J.St.


    In the offshore exploitation of liquid fuels, problems of line plugging often occur, especially due to gas hydrates crystallization. At the present time, operators resort to antifreeze additives, which efficiency is defeated either by harder operating conditions or by a more severe environmental legislation. So research recently shifted towards a new class of 'low dosage inhibitors'. In order to understand the influence of such additives, we designed a high pressure reactor, fitted with a liquid injection device and an in situ turbidimetric sensor. Access to both the particle size distribution of the suspension during the first stages of crystallization, and the total gas consumption, allows us to characterize the kinetics of methane hydration formation. First, we developed an original experimental procedure, which generates an initial 'breeding' of the solution, and thus improves the mastering of nucleation. The induction time then becomes one of the relevant parameters to investigate the performance of inhibitors. Afterwards, we performed a first series of experiments which allowed us to determine the influence of the operating conditions (pressure and stirring) on the evolution of the particle size distribution, in the absence of additives. Then, we pointed out the inhibiting effect of a model kinetic inhibitor, polyvinylpyrrolidone. When dissolved in the solution before crystallization occurs, it increases the induction delay, decreases the gas consumption rate and also slows down the birth of new particles for several hours. On the contrary, when injected in the medium during crystallization, this polymer no more affects the reaction kinetics. At last, we raise the bases for a modelling, taking into account the elementary crystallization processes of nucleation, growth and particles agglomeration. A parametric study has been confronted to the experimental data. It enables us to suggest hypotheses regarding the effect of gas hydrates kinetic inhibitors.

  10. An isotopic exchange method applied to the study of surface mobility in catalysis; Methode d`echange isotopique appliquee a l`etude de la mobilite de surface en catalyse

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martin, D.; Duprez, D. [LACCO, 86 - Poitiers (France)


    A method for isotopic exchange of oxygen and hydrogen on the surface of supported metal catalysts (Rh, Pt), is presented. This method allows to determine various properties of oxides used as supports (rate of exchange, quantity of exchanges species, surface and bulk diffusion coefficients) which can be correlated to some specific properties of the oxides (dehydroxylation, acidity and basicity). 5 figs., 9 refs.

  11. Quantum dynamics through a wave packet method to study electron-hydrogen and atom-dihydrogen collisions; Dynamique quantique par une methode de paquets d'ondes. Etude des collisions electron-hydrogene et atome-dihydrogene

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mouret, L


    The thesis concerns the development and implementation of numerical methods for solving the time-dependent Schroedinger equation. We first considered the case of electron-hydrogen scattering. The originality of our method is the use of a non-uniform radial grid defined by a Schwarz interpolation based on a Coulomb reference function. This grid allows many hydrogen bound states and associated matrix elements of various operators to be reproduced to machine accuracy. The wave function is propagated in time using a Split-Operator method. The efficiency of our method allows the wave function to be propagated out to large distances for all partial waves. We obtain excitation and ionization cross sections in excellent agreement with the best experimental and theoretical data. We subsequently adapted the method and the program package to study reactive atom-dihydrogen scattering. The wave packet is described using product Jacobi coordinates on a regular grid of radial coordinates combined with a basis of Legendre polynomials for the angular part (partial wave S). The wave function is analysed using a time-to-energy Fourier transform, which provides results over the energy range covered by the initial wave packet in one calculation. The method was first tested on the quasi-direct (F,H2) reaction and then applied to the indirect (C(1D),H2)reaction. The state-to-state reaction probabilities are in good agreement with those obtained by a time-independent approach. In particular, the strongly resonant structure of the (C(1D),H2) reaction probabilities is well reproduced. (author)

  12. Study of the explosive behaviour at the molecular scale: development of predictive methods; Etude du comportement de l`explosif a l`echelle moleculaire: developpement de methodes predictives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Delpeyroux, D.; Simonetti, Ph. [CEA Le Ripault, 37 - Tours (France)


    In the framework of the search for new, less vulnerable, more performing and more safe energetic materials, it is important to reduce the preliminary phase of synthesis tests by a selection of precise and performing molecules and molecular structures. Predictive methods have been developed by the CEA for the a priori evaluation of the energetic performances of a given molecule prior to its synthesis. These methods are based on the fact that macroscopic properties of chemical explosives can be derived from microscopic criteria at the molecular scale. These empirical evaluations focus on the main properties of the explosives which are: the shock sensitivity, the thermal stability, the density, the enthalpy of formation and the detonative properties. (J.S.) 7 refs.

  13. Application of the Gaussian beam summation method to the study of the ultrasonic wave propagation in a turbulent medium; Application de la methode de sommation de faisceaux gaussiens a l`etude de la propagation ultrasonore en milieu turbulent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fiorina, D


    Some systems for the control and the surveillance of fast reactors are based on the characteristics of the ultrasonic wave propagation. We present here the results of a numerical and experimental study of ultrasonic propagation in a thermal turbulent medium. A numerical model, based on the technique of superposition of discrete Fourier modes for representing isotropic and homogeneous turbulence and on the Gaussian beam summation method for calculating the acoustic field, has been implemented in order to study the propagation of a point source wave in a bidimensional turbulent medium. Our model is based on the following principle: the medium is represented by a great number of independent realizations of a turbulent field and for each of them we calculate the acoustic field in a deterministic way. Statistics over a great number of realizations enable us to access to the different quantities of the distorted acoustic field: variance of the time of flight fluctuations, scintillation index and intensity probability density function. In the case of small fluctuations, the results for these three quantities are in a good agreement with analytical solutions. When the level of the fluctuations grows, the model predicts correct evolutions. However, a great sensitivity to the location of a receiver in the vicinity of a caustic has been proved. Calculations in the temporal domain have also been performed. They give an illustration of the possible effects of the turbulence on an impulsion signal. An experimental device, fitted with thermocouples and acoustic transducers, has been used to study the ultrasonic propagation in turbulent water. The different measures permitted to characterize the turbulent field and to get aware of the effect of the turbulence on the acoustic propagation. The acoustical measures agree well with the analytical solution of Chernov and Rytov. They are show the importance of the knowledge of the real spectrum of the fluctuations and the limitations of

  14. A study of the aptitude of soils under natural conditions to retain radiostrontium; Etude de la vocation des sols en place a la retention du radiostrontium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bovard, P.; Grauby, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Independently of the theoretical study of the propagation of radioactivity in the soil as a result of submersions or of radioactive rain, the authors have studied directly and practically how this radioactivity can vary in the actual soil. To this end a simple, rapid method has been perfected; it makes it possible to maintain for each soil sample the natural parameters (structure, humidity, etc.) without introducing boundary effects. In the laboratory, after charging the soil samples, part of the study of the propagation of radioactivity is done by autoradiography; finally, as a practical application, the study of an atomic site illustrates the methods described. (author) [French] Independamment de l'etude theorique de la propagation de la radioactivite dans le sol a la suite de submersions ou de pluies radioactives, les auteurs ont etudie directement et pratiquement comment pourrait evoluer cette radioactivite dans les sols en place. Pour cela, une methode simple et rapide a ete mise au point; elle permet de conserver pour chaque echantillon de sol, les parametres naturels (structure, humidite, etc...), sans introduire d'effets de paroi. En laboratoire, apres mise en charge des massifs preleves, une partie de l'etude de la propagation des radioelements est realisee par autoradiographie; enfin, une application pratique, l'etude d'un site atomique, illustre l'expose. (auteur)

  15. Nuclear study of Melusine; Etude nucleaire de Melusine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cherot, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In this report are reviewed - with respect to starting of experiments - the main nuclear characteristics of a 20 per cent enriched uranium lattice, with light water as moderator and reflector. The reactor is to operate at 1 MW. 1) Study of various critical masses. 2) Control. Effectiveness of cadmium. Control rods and of a stainless steel regulating rod. 3) Study of the effect on reactivity of disturbances in the core center. 4) Study of xenon and samarium poisoning. 5) Temperature factor. 6) Heat exchanges in a fuel element. (author) [French] On etudie, dans ce rapport, les principales proprietes nucleaires d'un reseau a uranium enrichi (20 pour cent), dont le moderateur et le reflecteur sont l'eau legere en vue des experiences de demarrage. Ce reacteur devra fonctionner a 1 MW. 1) Etude de diverses masses critiques. 2) Controle. Efficacite des barres de controle en cadmium et d'une barre de reglage en acier inoxydable. 3) Etude de l'effet sur la reactivite de perturbation au centre du coeur. 4) Etude de l'empoisonnement xenon et samarium. 5) Coefficient de temperature. 6) Echanges thermiques dans un element. (auteur)

  16. The uranium bearing shale ore-body at St-Hippolyte (Haut-Rhin). An example of research with statistical methods; Le gisement des schistes uraniferes de St-Hippolyte (Haut-Rhin). Exemple d'etude par calculs statistiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carlier, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    repartition de la mineralisation, son origine et l'evaluation des reserves. La mineralisation est inegalement repartie dans les schistes. Dans le sens vertical, on distingue plusieurs niveaux, lithologiquement semblables, mais caracterises chacun par une population de teneurs qui obeit a la loi lognormale. Dans le sens horizontal, on note une relation entre les teneurs et la couverture greseuse sterile. Ces considerations, ainsi que l'etude statistique du rapport U/Ra, conduisent l'auteur a considerer que la mineralisation du niveau le plus riche est d'origine hydrothermale; les autres niveaux ne sont mineralises que par une diffusion de l'uranium, a partir du precedent. L'uranium contenu dans les couches les plus pauvres est d'origine syngenetique. Les calculs statistiques conduisent de plus a une estimation des reserves du gisement. Dans le cas considere, cette estimation est equivalente a celle que l'on obtient par la methode arithmetique classique. Mais on arrive en outre a preciser les limites superieures et inferieures entre lesquelles se situent, soit le tonnage vrai, soit la teneur vraie, a un niveau de certitude donne. Enfin, l'auteur a pu ainsi etudier la decomposition des reserves en tranches de teneurs, et prevoir l'effet du triage, en fonction de la teneur de coupure adoptee et des unites d'extraction (berlines, camions, etc) sur lesquelles sera opere le triage. L'auteur montre en conclusion, l'interet qui s'attache respectivement a la methode classique d'evaluation et a la methode statistique. Ces deux methodes se completent et repondent a des preoccupations differentes. (auteur)

  17. Fragmentation study of isolated and nano-solvated biomolecules induced by collision with multiply charged ions and neutral particles; Etude de la fragmentation de molecules d'interet biologique isolees et nano-solvatees induite par collision avec des ions multicharges et des particules neutres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bernigaud, V.


    This thesis concerns a gas phase study of the fragmentation of bio-molecular systems induced by slow collisions with multiply charged ions (in the keV-region), alkali atoms and rare gases. The main objective was to study the physical processes involved in the dissociation of highly electronically excited systems. In order to elucidate the intrinsic properties of certain biomolecules (porphyrins and amino acids) we have performed experiments in the gas phase with isolated systems. The obtained results demonstrate the high stability of porphyrins after electron removal and attachment. Furthermore, a dependence of the fragmentation pattern produced by multiply charged ions on the isomeric structure of the alanine molecule has been shown. In a second part of the thesis, a strong influence of the environment of the biomolecule on the fragmentation channels, their modification and their new opening, has been clearly proven. This phenomenon occurs in the presence of other surrounding biomolecules (clusters of nucleobases) as well as for molecules of a solvent (molecules of water, methanol and acetonitrile) in which the biomolecule is embedded. In order to extend these studies to larger systems, a new experimental set-up, based on an electro-spray ion source combined with a quadrupole mass filter has been developed. Due to the successful tests and proposed improvements of the device future experiments will become available concerning the fragmentation of large charged and solvated bio-molecular systems induced by collision processes. (author) [French] Cette these est une etude de la fragmentation en phase gazeuse de molecules d'interet biologique soumises a des collisions avec des ions multicharges de basse energie (energie cinetique de quelques keV) et des atomes alcalins ou de gaz rare. L'objectif est d'etudier les processus physique qui conduisent a la dissociation de ces systemes soumis a une excitation electronique intense. Afin de mettre en evidence

  18. Studies on the gamma-gamma method. Definition of an apparatus for on-the-spot measurement of uranium ore densities; Etudes sur la methode gamma-gamma. Determination d'un appareillage pour la mesure en place de la densite des minerais d'uranium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Czubek, J.A. [Institut de Recheches Nucleaires, Dept. 6, Cracovie (Poland); Guitton, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The work described follows on to the research published in report CEA-R--2720 in march 1965. It includes: - experimental results obtained with a model composed of a constant density material (graphite); - the drawing-up of calibration curves using the similitude principle; - determination of the characteristics of a gamma-gamma probe, together with a discussion. The influence is studied of a certain number of parameters on the shape of the energy spectra of scattered radiation, and of the calibration curves: nature of the radioactive source, diameter of the probe area, source detector distance, geometrical shape of shielding between the source and the detector. An attempt is made to find a mathematical model for the calibration curve, for given conditions. Numerical applications make it possible to establish the optimum technical characteristics for a probe measuring the density with the smallest statistical error. (authors) [French] Les travaux decrits font suite aux etudes presentees dans le rapport CEA-R--2720 de mars 1965. Ils portent sur: - les resultats experimentaux obtenus sur un modele constitue d'un materiau de densite constante (graphite) ; - l'etablissement de courbes d'etalonnage a l'aide du principe de similitude; - la recherche et la discussion des caracteristiques d'une sonde gamma-gamma. L'influence d'un certain nombre de parametres sur la forme des spectres d'energie du rayonnement diffuse et des courbes d'etalonnage est etudiee: nature de la source radioactive, diametre du sondage, distance source-detecteur, forme geometrique du blindage entre la source et le detecteur. Pour des conditions determinees, le modele mathematique de la courbe d'etalonnage est recherche. Des applications numeriques permettent d'etablir les caracteristiques techniques optimales d'une sonde mesurant la densite avec la plus faible erreur statistique. (auteurs)

  19. Study of the mechanical stability of superconducting cavities and stiffening of these cavities by copper coating performed with thermal spray techniques; Etudes de la stabilite mecanique des cavites supraconductrices et de la methode de rigidification par projection thermique de cuivre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gassot, H


    Today's research in nuclear physics and in particle physics needs high energy or high intensity accelerators; the use of superconducting cavities constitutes a very important technological advance for the design of such facilities, allowing high accelerating gradient with few dissipation. One of the major problems is the frequency shift under Lorentz forces: since the quality factor of the superconducting cavities is much higher than the external factor depending on the beam charge, their bandwidths are very narrow (several Hertz). Even very small mechanical deformations under Lorentz forces could induce a frequency shift which exceeds the bandwidth when the accelerating gradient becomes very high. The contribution of this thesis consists at first in a numerical analysis of this problem, then in a mechanical study of a new method for stiffening superconducting cavities: a copper coating over their external surface by thermal spray techniques. As it was a new experiment, the choice of the process and the optimization of the parameters have been carried out. An important part of this thesis has been dedicated to the systematic mechanical characterizations of the copper coatings since they are indispensable for the evaluation of the stiffening efficiency, some links between copper coating properties and thermal projection parameters have been established. The mechanical calculations are a prerequisite to obtain an effective reduction of mechanical deformations under Lorentz forces: they permit to localize the maximum deformations, to find the ideal position and the optimised shape of the stiffener. The methods implemented in this thesis allow to compare the different kinds of coating design and then to propose an interesting solution. Finally, an original approach concerning the frequency shift in pulsed mode has been developed recently, allowing to interpret some experimental observations. (author)

  20. Alecto 2 - interaction studies; Alecto 2 - etudes d'interaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunet, J.P.; Clouet d' Orval, Ch.; Mougniot, J.C.; Penet, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Weak interactions were experimentally studies with the tank of the critical assembly Alecto II and one, two or three bottles containing solutions of various concentrations. In particular, was studied the validity of certain classical assumptions, shielding effects, screening and semi-reflexion effects, importance of thermal coupling. The method of the 'k{sub eff}, solid angle' is shown to apply to such a system. The determination by divergence and pulsed neutron technique of the reactivity related to a millimeter of solution level affords the obtention of critical heights in terms of reactivity. (authors) [French] Une etude experimentale d'interactions faibles a ete faite entre la cuve de l'experience critique ALECTO II et une, deux ou trois bouteilles contenant des concentrations variees. On etudie, en particulier, la validite de certaines hypotheses classiques, effets d'ombre, d'ecrans, de semi-reflexion, importance du couplage thermique. On montre d'autre part que la methode du 'K{sub eff}, angle solide' peut s'appliquer a un tel systeme. La determination par divergence et neutrons pulses de la reactivite liee au millimetre de solution permet de traduire les hauteurs critiques obtenues, en terme de reactivite. (auteurs)

  1. Study of the catalytic activity of pure or cerium-containing thoria in the catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide (1963); Etude de l'activite catalytique de la thorine pure ou contenant du cerium. Dans l'oxydation de l'oxyde de carbone (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Veron, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    . Les resultats que nous avons obtenus, tant en ce qui concerne la chimisorption des differents gaz que la conductivite de l'adsorbant et la cinetique de la reaction d'oxydation proprement dite, nous semblent constituer un ensemble tres coherent. Rappelons en effet que: 1) L'oxyde de carbone s'adsorbe, alors que l'oxygene ne s'adsorbe pas, sur une surface nue de catalyseur. 2) L'oxygene s'adsorbe sur une couche d'oxyde de carbone prealablement adsorbe, et reagit alors pour donner du gaz carbonique (l'oxygene du reseau ne jouant aucun role). Ce comportement est habituel pour un semi-conducteur p. Nous avons effectivement verifie que tel etait bien le type de semi-conductivite auquel nous avions a faire, et les interactions des gaz et du solide peuvent etre ecrites: (1) CO{sub (g)} {r_reversible} CO{sup +}{sub (a)} + e{sup -} (2) CO{sup +} 1/2 O{sub 2(g)} + 2 e{sup -} {yields} CO{sup -}{sub 2(a)} (3) CO{sup -}{sub 2(a)} {r_reversible} CO{sub 2(g)} + e{sup -} L'equation cinetique ecrite en supposant que l'etape (2) est la plus lente, permet de retrouver correctement les resultats experimentaux qui s'expriment par: dp / dt = k (P{sup 0.3}{sub CO} x P{sup 0.5}{sub O{sub 2}}) / (1+ k' x P{sub CO{sub 2}}) L'influence de l'addition de petites quantites de cerium s'explique egalement de maniere logique a partir de ce schema: il y a en effet a la fois diminution de la conductivity et augmentation de l'activite catalytique, ce qui est caracteristique selon VOLKENSTEIN [52] d'une reaction determinante de type n s'effectuant sur un semi-conducteur de type p. Nous pensons que ces premiers resultats pourraient avantageusement etre etayes par l'etude de la thorine prepares par d'autres voies, et dopee de maniere differente. (auteur)

  2. Gruusia loeb kokku venelaste jäetud pomme ja sõjaohvreid / Liisi Poll

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Poll, Liisi, 1980-


    Vene vägede lahkumist ootavas Gruusias loetakse kokku sõjakaotusi, milleks on inimkaotused, katkenud kaubandus, purustatud infrastruktuur, mahajäetud lõhkekehad. Punase Risti hinnangust sõjapõgenike kohta. Vt. samas: Vene väed lahkuvad endiselt vaid teoreetiliselt

  3. Profil de l'etudiant du premier cycle des etudes medicales de Lome ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Profil de l'etudiant du premier cycle des etudes medicales de Lome et sa perception de l'enseignement de l'anatomie. ... Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Universite de Lome ... aux différentes questions des paramètres étudiés.

  4. Etude, consolidation et protection de caoutchouc naturel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    François Duboisset


    Full Text Available Un exemplaire d’un fauteuil MAA de George Nelson produit en 1958 a été restauré dans l’atelier mobilier du département des restaurateurs de l’Institut National du Patrimoine. Ce fauteuil est un exemple très représentatif du modernisme américain par sa simplicité des formes et  son esthétisme recherché. Les articulations du dossier en caoutchouc naturel sont fortement fissurées suite à une exposition à la lumière couplée à l’utilisation du fauteuil. Un protocole technico-scientifique a permis d’établir une méthode de comblement réversible des fissures à l’aide d’éthylène vinyle acétate, résine thermoplastique souple. Ce procédé a été appliqué sur les caoutchoucs du fauteuil afin de redonner une cohérence mécanique aux pièces.A MAA chair of George Nelson dating of 1958 was restored in the workshop of furniture in the department of restoration at the National institute of heritage. This chair is a very representative example of American modernism by its simplicity of form and its refine style. The articulation of the back is composed with natural rubber. These are highly cracked due to exposure to light and coupled with the use of the chair. A protocol on scientific-technical established a reversible method of filling cracks with ethylene vinyl acetate with anti-oxidant, soft thermoplastic resin. This method has been applied on the rubber chair to give mechanical coherence to the parts and to the chair.

  5. Study, with the help of nuclear indicators (HTO, Urea {sup 14}C and {sup 24}Na), of the renewal of water, urea and sodium in different parts of the rat kidney in aqueous diuresis and of the gerbil kidney in osmotic diuresis or in oliguria; Etude, a l'aide d'indicateurs nucleaires (HTO, UREE {sup 14}C et {sup 24}Na), du renouvellement de l'eau, de l'uree et du sodium dans les differentes regions du rein de rat en diurese aqueuse et de merion en diurese osmotique ou en oligurie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lechene, C.P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In the kidney of the gerbil in oliguria there exists a cortico-papillary gradient in the concentration of the sodium and of the urea; this gradient disappears in the gerbil kidney in osmotic diuresis or in the rat kidney in aqueous diuresis; in these three states of diuresis there is no significant difference in the potassium concentration between the surface and interior regions of the kidneys. Kinetic studies using tritiated water, urea {sup 14}C and {sup 24}Na show that water and urea in the interior regions of the kidney are only renewed very slowly (1 h) whereas the sodium is rapidly changed (1 mn). These results can be explained using WIRZ's theory concerning the mechanism of the counter-current concentration of urine. Furthermore, the evolution of the specific radioactivity of urea {sup 14}C is favorable for a cortical synthesis of urea. (author) [French] II existe dans le rein de Merions en oligurie un gradient cortico papillaire de la concentration du sodium et de l'uree; ce gradient est aboli dans le rein de Merions en diurese osmotique ou de rats en diurese aqueuse; dans ces 3 etats de diurese il n'y a pas de difference significative de la concentration du potassium entre les regions superficielles et profondes des reins. Des etudes cinetiques a l'aide d'eau tritiee, d'uree {sup 14}C et de {sup 24}Na montrent que l'eau et l'uree des regions profondes des reins ne sont renouveles que tres lentement (1 h), alors que le sodium est tres vite renouvele (1 mn). Ces resultats s'expliquent par la theorie de WIRZ sur le mecanisme de la concentration de l'urine par contre-courant. En outre, l'evolution renale de la radioactivite specifique de l'uree {sup 14}C est en faveur d'une synthese corticale de l'uree. (auteur)

  6. Multi-scale modeling of materials: from ab-initio calculations to kinetic simulations; Modelisation multiechelle des materiaux de l'ab-initio a la cinetique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Willaime, F. [Division de l' energie nucleaire, CEA Centre de Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Deutsch, T.; Pochet, P. [INAC, Direction des sciences de la matiere, CEA Centre de Grenoble, 38054 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France)


    Ab-initio calculation methods, for the purposes of computing electronic structures, have made it possible, since the early nineties, to simulate the properties of perfect crystalline materials (materials free of any defect). By improving such methods, and with the increasing power of supercomputers, it has now become feasible to simulate the properties of elementary defects, which may seldom be accessed directly through experiments. This has opened up a vast, fruitful field of multi-scale simulations, where such data yield the basis for realistic simulations of the kinetics of materials evolution. The kinetic Monte-Carlo method thus provides the means to model phenomena acting at the scale of a second, or even of a year. In the issue of self-diffusion in silicon, multi-scale simulation has been successful in predicting an asymmetrical behaviour: a speeding up of vacancy diffusion under compression and a tailing off under tension, and conversely, a speeding up of interstitial diffusion under tension and a falling off under compression. Multi-scale modeling has also been successful in simulating irradiation defects in iron. (A.C.)

  7. Etude sur les tendons en materiaux composites et leur application aux ancrages postcontraints (United States)

    Chennouf, Adil

    L'objectif general de la presente these est d'evaluer le comportement a l'arrachement et au fluage d'ancrages injectes constitues de tendons en materiaux composites afin d'etablir des recommandations plus appropriees et realistes pour le dimensionnement et la conception. Quatre types de tendons en materiaux composites, deux a base de fibres d'aramide et deux a base de fibres de carbone, ont ete utilises dans l'etude. Les travaux de recherche de cette these ont porte notamment sur: (I) Une caracterisation physique et mecanique des tendons en materiaux composites utilises dans l'etude. (II) Une etude en laboratoire sur les coulis de scellement. La premiere etape de cette etude a concerne le developpement d'un coulis de scellement performant adapte aux tendons en materiaux composites et a differentes situations d'injection. La seconde etape a traite des essais de caracterisations physique et mecanique du coulis de scellement developpe comparativement a trois coulis de scellement usuels d'un meme rapport E/L de 0,4. (III) Une etude sur des modeles reduits d'ancrages injectes. (IV) Une etude sur des modeles d'ancrages a grande echelle. La synthese de ces etudes a permis d'enoncer les principales conclusions suivantes: (1) Les valeurs moyennes des charges de rupture des tendons en materiaux composites ont ete de 1% a 29% superieures a celles specifiees par les manufacturiers. (2) L'etude sur les coulis de scellement a permis le developpement de coulis de ciment repondant aux criteres fixes, soient une grande stabilite, une bonne fluidite, une legere expansion et de bonnes caracteristiques mecaniques. (3) Les tendons en materiaux composites ont montre des contraintes d'adherence maximum superieures a celles des tendons en acier. (4) Le type de fibre, la configuration et le fini de surface des tendons en materiaux composites gouvernent leur resistance a l'adherence. (5) L'introduction de sable et d'autres ajouts comme les fines de silice et la poudre d'aluminium au coulis

  8. Kinetic modelling of hydrocracking catalytic reactions by the single events theory; Modelisation cinetique des reactions catalytiques d`hydrocraquage par la theorie des evenements constitutifs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schweitzer, J.M.


    Kinetic modelling of petroleum hydrocracking is particularly difficult given the complexity of the feedstocks. There are two distinct classes of kinetics models: lumped empirical models and detailed molecular models. The productivity of lumped empirical models is generally not very accurate, and the number of kinetic parameters increases rapidly with the number of lumps. A promising new methodology is the use of kinetic modelling based on the single events theory. Due to the molecular approach, a finite and limited number of kinetic parameters can describe the kinetic behaviour of the hydrocracking of heavy feedstock. The parameters are independent of the feedstock. However, the available analytical methods are not able to identify the products on the molecular level. This can be accounted for by means of an posteriori lamping technique, which incorporates the detailed knowledge of the elementary step network. Thus, the lumped kinetic parameters are directly calculated from the fundamental kinetic coefficients and the single event model is reduced to a re-lumped molecular model. Until now, the ability of the method to extrapolate to higher carbon numbers had not been demonstrated. In addition, no study had been published for three phase (gas-liquid-solid) systems and a complex feedstock. The objective of this work is to validate the `single events` method using a paraffinic feedstock. First of all, a series of experiments was conducted on a model compound (hexadecane) in order to estimate the fundamental kinetic parameters for acyclic molecules. To validate the single event approach, these estimated kinetic coefficients were used to simulate hydrocracking of a paraffinic mixture ranging from C11 to C18. The simulation results were then compared to the results obtained from the hydrocracking experiments. The comparison allowed to validate the model for acyclic molecules and to demonstrate that the model is applicable to compounds with higher carbon numbers. (author

  9. Thermal stability of the aromatic fraction of Safaniya crude oil (Middle East): experimental study, kinetic scheme by molecular classes and geochemical implications; Stabilite thermique de la fraction aromatique de l'huile brute safaniya (Moyen-Orient): etude experimentale, schema cinetique par classes moleculaires et implications geochimiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Al Darouich, T.


    The thermal evolution of reservoir oils is controlled by the kinetics of cracking reactions. The present work is concerned with the study of the thermal stability of the light aromatic components (C{sub 6}-C{sub 14}) of crude oils under geological conditions. The aim is to predict this stability through a mode l derived from laboratory pyrolyses. The light cut < 250 deg. C of Safaniya crude oil, corresponding to the C{sub 15} components, was obtained by fractionated distillation; pure aromatic fraction was then separated by liquid chromatography. Detailed molecular characterisation of the aromatic fraction was acquired using HPLC, GC and GC/MS. Then, quantified individual aromatic compounds were lumped into six molecular classes: BTXN, methyl-aromatics, alkyl-aromatics, naphthenic-aromatics, indene and sulphur - containing aromatics. Pyrolyses of the aromatic fraction were performed in gold tubes at 100 bars and different temperature/time conditions in a wide range (1 to 93%) of global conversion. Pyrolysis effluents were analysed and lumped into classes. The pyrolysis data were used to elaborate a semi - empirical kinetic scheme of 13 stoichiometric reactions for the primary and secondary cracking of the unstable classes. The scheme kinetic parameters were first estimated, and then numerically optimised, with the constraints of mass balance and hydrogen conservation. A set of pyrolysis experiments was performed at 375 deg.C under high pressures: 400, 800 and 1200 bars. Increasing slowing down in conversion rate with increasing pressure was thus observed compared to experiments at 100 bars. A slight selective effect of pressure on the different aromatic classes of the charge and on the product distribution was evidenced. The extrapolation of the kinetic model to the conditions of Elgin Field (North Sea) showed that pressure effect should shift the thermal cracking of light aromatics to higher temperatures by almost 8 deg. C. (author)

  10. Study and modelling of deactivation by coke in catalytic reforming of hydrocarbons on Pt-Sn/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst; La microbalance inertielle: etude et modelisation cinetique de la desactivation par le coke en reformage catalytique des hydrocarbures sur catalyseur Pt-Sn/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mathieu-Deghais, S.


    Catalytic reforming is the refining process that produces gasoline with a high octane number. During a reforming operation, undesired side reactions promote the formation of carbon deposits (coke) on the surface of the catalyst. As the reactions proceed, the coke accumulation leads to a progressive decrease of the catalyst activity and to a change in its selectivity. Getting this phenomenon under control is interesting to optimize the industrial plants. This work aims to improve the comprehension and the modeling of coke formation and its deactivating effect on reforming reactions, while working under conditions chosen within a range as close as possible to the industrial conditions of the regenerative process. The experimental study is carried out with a micro unit that is designed to observe simultaneously the coke formation and its influence on the catalyst activity. A vibrational microbalance reactor (TEOM - Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance) is used to provide continuous monitoring of coke. On-line gas chromatography is used to observe the catalyst activity and selectivity as a function of the coke content. The coking experiments are performed on a fresh Pt-Sn/alumina catalyst, with mixtures of hydrocarbon molecules of 7 carbon atoms as hydrocarbon feeds. The coking tests permitted to highlight the operating parameters that may affect the amount of coke, and to identify the hydrocarbon molecules that behave as coke intermediate. A kinetic model for coke formation could be developed through the compilation of these results. The catalytic activity analysis permitted to point out the coke effect on both of the active phases of the catalyst, to construct a simplified reforming kinetic model that simulates the catalyst activity under the reforming conditions, and to quantify deactivation via deactivation functions. (author)

  11. R7T7 glass alteration mechanism in an aqueous closed system: understanding and modelling the long term alteration kinetic; Etude des mecanismes d'alteration par l'eau du verre R7T7 en milieu confine: comprehension et modelisation de la cinetique residuelle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chave, T


    The long term alteration rate of the French R7T7 nuclear glass has been investigated since many years because it will define the overall resistance of the radionuclide containment matrix. Recent studies have shown that the final rate remains constant or is slightly decreasing with time. It never reaches zero. Though this residual rate is very low, only 5 nm per year at 50 C, it would be the dominant alteration phenomenon in a geological repository. Two mechanisms are suggested for explaining such behaviour: diffusion in solution of elements from glass through an amorphous altered layer and precipitation of neo-formed phases. The diffusion processes are in agreement with a solid state diffusion mechanism and can lead to secondary phase precipitation due to solution concentration increases. Observed phases are mainly phyllosilicates and zeolites, in specific conditions. Phyllosilicates are expected to maintain the residual kinetic rate whereas alteration resumption could be observed in presence of zeolites at very high pH or temperature (10.5 at 90 C or temperature above 150 C). Both diffusion and neo-formed phase precipitation have been investigated in order to better understand their impact on the residual alteration rate and have then been modelled by a calculation code, coupling chemistry and transport, in order to be able to better anticipate the long term behaviour of the glass R7T7 in an aqueous closed system. (author)

  12. Study of extraction kinetics of lanthanides(III) and actinides(III) nitrates by the molecule N, N'-dimethyl-N, N'-dibutyl, tetradecylmalonamide; Etude des cinetiques d'extraction des nitrates de lanthanides (III) et d'actinides (III) par le malonamide N, N'-dimethyl-N, N'-dibutyl, tetradecylmalonamide

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daldon, M


    The kinetics of extraction of lanthanides (III) and actinides (III) nitrates by the molecule N, N'-dimethyl - N, N'-dibutyl tetra-decyl malonamide has been investigated. This study was realised with a new constant interfacial-area-stirred cell. During the qualification step of the device it appears that the reduction of the device can lead to hydrolytic perturbations. The main conclusions are: - after the determination of conditions which provide kinetics regime (diffusion of species neglectable), partial orders of the kinetics law have been obtained and lead to the establishment of the law J = k [Nd{sup 3+}] [NO{sub 3}{sup -}]{sup 3} [diamide]{sup 1}, - interfacial tension measurements and kinetics study in presence of surface-active compounds proved that the chemical limiting reaction for Nd(III) is interfacial, - the results allow to propose an adsorption-desorption reaction mechanism, - a comprehensive study of the extraction kinetics of the lanthanides(III) series and also Am(III) and Cm(III) nitrates has been realised. The lighter lanthanides (La, Ce and Pr) exhibit higher kinetics rate of extraction than the others, which differs from the tendency observed with distribution coefficients which exhibit tetrad effect. The kinetics rate of extraction of Am(III) and Cm(III) is closed to the value of Eu(III). (author)

  13. Thermodynamic and kinetics study of the extraction of lanthanides nitrates by a malonamide (dimethyl di-octyl hexyl-ethoxy malonamide); Etude thermodynamique et cinetique de l'extraction des nitrates de lanthanides par un malonamide: N,N dimethyl-N,N dioctyl hexylethoxy malonamide ou DMDOHEMA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bosland, L


    In the field of nuclear waste separation, DIAMEX Process (Based on liquid-liquid extraction) allows the co-extraction of trivalent lanthanides and actinides thanks to DMDOHEMA molecule. The objectives of this study are to measure the lanthanides extraction kinetics and to characterize the organic phase. Firstly, a thermodynamic study of water, nitric acid and neodymium nitrate extraction was done in DIAMEX process experimental conditions. Organic phase characterisation was done at different temperatures: measurement of the interfacial tension show the presence of aggregate (determination of the critical micellization concentrations); vapour pressure osmometry measurements confirm the presence of aggregates of diamide molecule in organic phase and show that their size and concentration vary with the temperature and the composition of aqueous phase. Nitric acid extraction was modelled at 25 deg C, several complexes were identified: - monomeric species: L(HNO{sub 3}), L(HNO{sub 3} ){sub 2} and (L){sub 2} (HNO{sub 3}) (with L: DMDOHEMA molecule) - and aggregate species: (L){sub 4} (HNO{sub 3} ){sub 2} (H{sub 2}O){sub 4} and (L){sub 15} (HNO{sub 3}){sub 7} (H{sub 2}O){sub 9}. When metal is in trace level concentration, lanthanides nitrate extraction at 25 deg C can be modelled by the species L{sub 12} (Ln(NO{sub 3}){sub 3} ). This stoichiometry can be dependant on the temperature. Then, kinetics study of neodymium nitrate by DMDOHEMA was done with two techniques: 'ARMOLLEX' cell and 'single drop technique'. Diffusional regime is the limiting step in 'ARMOLLEX' cell whereas a mix regime is rather obtained with 'single drop technique'. An increase of the temperature leads to a decreasing of the global transfer coefficient. This result could be explained by the interfacial behaviour of DMDOHEMA molecule that is not well understood, or by the extraction mechanisms which could be dependant on the temperature. (author)

  14. Use of quartz crystal microbalance to study the effect of chloride, sulphate and magnesium ions on the scaling rate; Apport de la microbalance a quartz dans l'etude de l'influence des ions sulfate, chlorure et magnesium sur la cinetique d'entartrage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ben Amor, Y.; Triki, E. [Ecole Nationale d' Ingenieurs de Tunis, Unite de Recherche Corrosion et Protection des Metalliques (Tunisia); Bousselmi, I. [Institut National de Recherche Scientifique et Technologique, Lab. des Eaux et Environnement, Hammam-Lif (Tunisia); Sutter, E.; Labbe, J.P.; Fiaud, C. [Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Lab. de Genie des Procedes Plasmas et Traitements de Surface, 75 - Paris (France)


    In this work, an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance was used to study the effect of chloride, sulphate and magnesium ions on the scaling rate of gold in synthesized water. The chrono-electro-gravimetric results allow the evaluation of the nucleation and crystal growth steps. Infrared analysis of deposits was used to interpret the kinetic data, particularly in SO{sub 4}{sup 2-} and Mg{sup 2+} containing. Threshold effects were identified in each situation and essentially attributed to adsorption phenomena of ions on the metal and/or on the scale layers, as indicated by the influence of electrode potential and concentration of ions in solutions. (authors)

  15. Study of the reactivity of pure minerals in presence of CO{sub 2} at the supercritical state. Measurement of the portlandite carbonation kinetics; Etude de la reactivite de mineraux purs en presence de CO{sub 2} supercritique. Mesure de la cinetique de carbonatation de la portlandite

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Regnault, O


    The efficiency on the long term of CO{sub 2} geological storage will rely on trapping mechanisms and good sealing properties of the cap rock and the eventual access wells. A series of experiments has been devised to observe and quantify the reactivity of portlandite with supercritical CO{sub 2}. The portlandite has been chosen as a key component of calcium-rich cement for its interest in borehole cement degradation. Initial carbonation rates have been measured under different conditions: pressure 160 bar, temperatures 80, 120, and 200 C and with various amount of water. SEM observations show that the reacting fluid state (absence or presence of liquid phase) controls strongly the carbonation behaviour and the reaction path. A specific geochemical model has been developed in order to account for the particular conditions of our experiments. These results (portlandite carbonation rate and water-poor geochemical system modelling techniques) should be useful to simulate well-bore cement degradation. (author)

  16. Experimental study and kinetic modeling of the thermal degradation of aromatic volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene and xylene-para) in methane flames; Etude experimentale et modelisation cinetique de la degradation thermique des composes organiques volatils aromatiques benzenes, toluene et para-xylene dans des flammes de methane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dupont, L.


    This study treats of the thermal degradation of a family of aromatic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in laminar premixed methane flames at low pressure. The experimental influence of benzene, toluene and xylene-para on the structure of a reference methane flame has been studied. The molar fraction profiles of the stable and reactive, aliphatic, aromatic and cyclic species have been established by the coupling of the molecular beam sampling/mass spectroscopy technique with the gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy technique. Temperature profiles have been measured using a covered thermocouple. A detailed kinetic mechanism of oxidation of these compounds in flame conditions has been developed. Different available sub-mechanisms have been used as references: the GDF-Kin 1.0 model for the oxidation of methane and the models of Tan and Franck (1996) and of Lindstedt and Maurice (1996) in the case of benzene and toluene. In the case of para-xylene, a model has been developed because no mechanisms was available in the literature. These different mechanisms have been refined, completed or adjusted by comparing the experimental results with those obtained by kinetic modeling. The complete kinetic mechanism, comprising 156 chemical species involved in 1072 reactions allows to reproduce all the experimental observations in a satisfactory manner. The kinetic analysis of reactions velocity has permitted to determine oxidation kinetic schemes for benzene, toluene, xylene-para and for the cyclopentadienyl radical, main species at the origin of the rupture of the aromatic cycle. Reactions of recombination with the methyl radicals formed during methane oxidation, of the different aromatic or aliphatic radicals created during the oxidation of aromatics, play an important role and lead to the formation of several aromatic pollutants (ethyl-benzene for instance) or aliphatic pollutants (butadiene or penta-diene for instance) in flames. (J.S.)

  17. Experimental study of kinetic and mechanism of dissolution of apatite structured minerals. Application to the prediction of the long term behavior of an actinides storage host matrix; Etude experimentale de la cinetique et des mecanismes d'alteration de mineraux apatitiques. Application au comportement d'une ceramique de confinement d'actinides mineurs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chairat, C


    The motivation for this study is to assess the potential of using apatite structured ceramics as long-lived actinide storage hosts. To assess their ability to resist aqueous corrosion, the dissolution of natural fluoro-apatite and synthetic Nd-britholite (neodymium is a proxy for the trivalent actinides) was studied. Mineral surfaces were characterized using a combined spectrometric, electrokinetic and potentiometric approach and dissolution rates were measured in closed and open system reactors as a function of solution composition. Experimental results suggest apatitic minerals dissolve via distinct step sequence: 1) fluoride release, 2) release of the calcium situated in the M1, and 3) the simultaneous removal of phosphate and calcium II via the breaking of only Ca-O bonds. TST based rate equations based in this mechanism accurately describe fluoro-apatite and synthetic britholite dissolution rates as a function of solution composition. Nd release rates are limited by precipitation of Nd-rhabdophane. (author)

  18. Multi-scale modelling and numerical simulation of electronic kinetic transport; Modelisation et simulation numerique multi-echelle du transport cinetique electronique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duclous, R


    This research thesis which is at the interface between numerical analysis, plasma physics and applied mathematics, deals with the kinetic modelling and numerical simulations of the electron energy transport and deposition in laser-produced plasmas, having in view the processes of fuel assembly to temperature and density conditions necessary to ignite fusion reactions. After a brief review of the processes at play in the collisional kinetic theory of plasmas, with a focus on basic models and methods to implement, couple and validate them, the author focuses on the collective aspect related to the free-streaming electron transport equation in the non-relativistic limit as well as in the relativistic regime. He discusses the numerical development and analysis of the scheme for the Vlasov-Maxwell system, and the selection of a validation procedure and numerical tests. Then, he investigates more specific aspects of the collective transport: the multi-specie transport, submitted to phase-space discontinuities. Dealing with the multi-scale physics of electron transport with collision source terms, he validates the accuracy of a fast Monte Carlo multi-grid solver for the Fokker-Planck-Landau electron-electron collision operator. He reports realistic simulations for the kinetic electron transport in the frame of the shock ignition scheme, the development and validation of a reduced electron transport angular model. He finally explores the relative importance of the processes involving electron-electron collisions at high energy by means a multi-scale reduced model with relativistic Boltzmann terms.

  19. Kinetic modeling of the thermal evolution of crude oils in sedimentary basins; Modelisation cinetique de l'evolution thermique des petroles dans les gisements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bounaceur, R.


    The aim of this work is to obtain a better understanding of the reactions involved in the thermal cracking of crude oil in sedimentary basins, and to study its kinetics as a function of temperature and pressure. We study the kinetics of pyrolysis of alkanes at low temperature, high pressure and high conversion and we propose three methods of reduction of the corresponding mechanisms. Several compounds having an inhibiting or accelerating effect on the rate of decomposition of alkanes were also studied. This research led to the construction of a general kinetic model of 5200 elementary steps representing the pyrolysis of a complex mixture of 52 molecules belonging to various chemical families: 30 linear alkanes (from CH{sub 4} to C{sub 30}H{sub 62}), 10 branched-chain alkanes (including pristane and phytane), 2 naphthenes (propyl-cyclo-pentane and propyl-cyclohexane), tetralin, 1-methyl-indan, 4 aromatics (benzene, toluene, butyl-benzene and decyl-benzene), 3 hetero-atomic compounds (a disulfide, a mercaptan and H{sub 2}S). This model is compared to experimental data coming from the pyrolysis of two oils: one from the North Sea and the other from Pematang. The results obtained show a good agreement between the experimental and simulated values. Then, we simulated the cracking of these two oils by using the following burial scenario: initial temperature of 160 degrees, 50 m per million years (ma) in a constant geothermal gradient of 30 degrees C/km, implying a heating rate of 1.5 degrees C/ma. Under these conditions, our model shows that these two oils start to crack only towards 210-220 degrees C and that their time of half-life corresponds to a temperature around 230-240 degrees C. The model also makes it possible to simulate the evolution of geochemical parameters such as the GOR, the API degree... (author)

  20. Etude theorique des fluctuations structurales dans les composes organiques a dimensionnalite reduite (United States)

    Dumoulin, Benoit

    Les systemes a dimensionnalite reduite constituent maintenant une branche entiere de la physique de la matiere condensee. Cette derniere s'est developpee rapidement au cours des dernieres annees, avec la decouverte des materiaux organiques qui presentent, justement, des proprietes physiques fortement anisotropes. Cette these presente une etude en trois parties de plusieurs composes organiques qui, bien que tres differents du point de vue de leurs compositions chimiques et de leurs proprietes physiques a haute temperature, subissent tous une instabilite structurale a tres basse temperature. De plus, dans chacun des cas, l'instabilite structurale est precedee d'un important regime fluctuatif a partir duquel les proprietes physiques changent de maniere significative. Notre etude suit un ordre chronologique inverse puisque nous nous attardons en premier lieu au cas de composes recemment decouverts: les composes de la famille des (BCPTTF)2X (X = PF6 , AsF6). Ces derniers sont des isolants magnetiques a la temperature ambiante et subissent une instabilite structurale de type spin-Peierls a une temperature appelee TSP. En particulier, nous nous interessons a l'etude des proprietes physiques de ces systemes dans le regime fluctuatif, qui precede cette instabilite. Notre etude theorique nous permet de comprendre en detail comment ces systemes s'approchent de l'instabilite struturale. Dans la seconde partie de cette these, nous etudions le regime fluctuatif (pre-transitionnel) observe experimentalement dans le compose de (TMTTF)2PF6. Ce compose organique, dont la structure s'apparente aux sels de Bechgaard, subit une instabilite de type spin-Peierls a une temperature T SP = 19K. Bien que ce compose possede la particularite d'etre un bon conducteur a la temperature ambiante, il subit une transition de type Mott-Hubbard a une temperature Trho ≈ 220K et devient alors un isolant magnetique, analogue aux composes de la famille des (BCPTTF)2X. Le regime fluctuatif precedant l

  1. Development of asymptotic methods for the study of interactions between cold atoms: determination of scattering lengths of sodium and cesium; Developpement de methodes asymptotiques pour l'etude des interactions entre atomes froids: determination de longueurs de diffusion du sodium et du cesium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    T' Jampens, B


    Precise knowledge of cold-atom collision properties is essential for the studies of Bose-Einstein condensation or cold molecule formation. In such experiments, the interaction mainly occurs at rather large interatomic distance, in the so-called asymptotic region. We have developed a purely asymptotic method which allows us to fully describe the collision properties of cold alkali atoms without using the inner part of the molecular potentials, which is often known with a poor precision. The key point of the method is the setting of nodal lines, which are the lines connecting the nodes of successive radial wavefunctions near the ground state threshold. Within the framework of Born-Oppenheimer approximation, computing such nodal lines, by numerical integration of the radial Schroedinger equation in the asymptotic region only, provides a very simple way to derive scattering lengths from observed bound level positions. The method has been extended to the multichannel case and appears now as a genuine parametric method, in which a few parameters (some chosen nodal lines) replace the inner part of the potentials. These nodal lines are used as fitting parameters, which are adjusted on experimental results. Once these parameters have been determined, any collision property such as scattering lengths, clock shifts or magnetic field induced Feshbach resonances can be deduced in principle. This method has been applied to obtain the collision properties of ultracold sodium and cesium atoms. (author)

  2. Comparative study and implementation of images re processing methods for the tomography by positrons emission: interest of taking into account a priori information; Etude comparative et implementation de methodes de reconstruction d`images pour la tomographie par emission de positons: interet de la prise en compte d`informations a priori

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bouchet, F.


    The tomography by positron emission has for aim to explore an organ by injection of a radiotracer and bidimensional representation with processing techniques. The most used in routine is the filtered retro projection that gives smoothed images. this work realizes a comparative study of new techniques. The methods of preservations of contours are studied here, the idea is to use NMR imaging as a priori information. Two techniques of images construction are viewed more particularly: the resolution by pseudo inverse and the Bayesian method. (N.C.).

  3. Semi-automated brain segmentation method applied to a SPECT study of sup 99m Tc HMPAO uptake in migraine patients. Application d'une methode de sectorisation cerebrale semi-automatique a l'etude tomographique de la fixation du sup 99m Tc-HMPAO chez des migraineux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bessou, M.; Dupui, P; Geraud, G.; Danet, B. (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rangueil, 31 - Toulouse (France)); Gantet, P. (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Purpan, 31 - Toulouse (France))


    The segmentation method used allows a 2x16 uptake index to be calculated for each transverse section. Significant differences were found in the analogous indexes (ANOVA) between (1) migraine patients during and outside attacks (2) control subjects and migraine patients outside attacks. Highly significant asymmetries were found between posterior cerebral indexes (p<0.01 or p<0.001) in migraine patients during attacks.

  4. Quantum molecular dynamics: Numerical methods and physical study of the structure, thermodynamics, stability and fragmentation of sodium metallic clusters; Dynamique moleculaire quantique: Methodes numeriques et etude physique de la structure, de la thermodynamique, de la stabilite et de la fragmentation des agregats metalliques de sodium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blaise, Philippe [Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble 1, 74 Annecy (France)


    The aim of this thesis is to study metallic sodium clusters by numerical simulation. We have developed two ab initio molecular dynamics programs within the formalism of density functional theory. The first is based on the semi-classical extended Thomas-Fermi approach. We use a real-space grid and a Car-Parrinello-like scheme. The computational cost is O(N), and we have built a pseudopotential that speeds up the calculations. By neglecting quantum shell effects, we are able to study a very large set of clusters. We show that sodium cluster energies fit well a liquid drop formula, by adjusting a few parameters. We have investigated breathing modes, surface oscillations and the net charge density. We have shown that the surface energy varies strongly with temperature, and that clusters have a lower melting point than bulk material. We have calculated fission barriers by a constraint method. The second program is based on the quantum Kohn-Sham approach. We use a real-space grid, and combine a generalized Broyden scheme for assuring self-consistency with an iterative Davidson-Lanczos algorithm for solving the Eigen-problem. The cost of the method is much higher. First of all, we have calculated some stable structures for small clusters and their energetics. We obtained very good agreement with previous works. Then, we have investigated highly charged cluster dynamics. We have identified a chaotic fission process. For high fissility systems, we observe a multi-fragmentation dynamics and we find preferential emission of monomers on a characteristic time scale less than a pico-second. This has been simulated for the first time, with the help of our adaptive grid method which follows each fragment as they move apart during the fragmentation. (author) 87 refs., 57 figs., 4 tabs.

  5. Analysis method for the search for neutrinoless double beta decay in the NEMO3 experiment: study of the background and first results; Methode d'analyse pour la recherche de la double desintegration {beta} sans emission de neutrinos dans l'experience NEMO3. Etude du bruit de fond et premiers resultats

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Etienvre, A.I


    The NEMO3 detector, installed in the Frejus Underground Laboratory, is dedicated to the study of neutrinoless double beta decay: the observation of this process would sign the massive and Majorana nature of neutrino. The experiment consists in very thin central source foils (the total mass is equal to 10 kg), a tracking detector made of drift cells operating in Geiger mode, a calorimeter made of plastic scintillators associated to photomultipliers, a coil producing a 30 gauss magnetic field and two shields, dedicated to the reduction of the {gamma}-ray and neutron fluxes. In the first part, I describe the implications of several mechanisms, related to trilinear R-parity violation, on double beta decay. The second part is dedicated to a detailed study of the tracking detector of the experiment: after a description of the different working tests, I present the determination of the characteristics of the tracking reconstruction (transverse and longitudinal resolution, by Geiger cell and precision on vertex determination, charge recognition). The last part corresponds to the analysis of the data taken by the experiment. On the one hand, an upper limit on the Tl{sup 208} activity of the sources has been determined: it is lower than 68 mBq/kg, at 90% of confidence level. On the other hand, I have developed and tested on these data a method in order to analyse the neutrinoless double beta decay signal; this method is based on a maximum of likelihood using all the available information. Using this method, I could determine a first and very preliminary upper limit on the effective mass of the neutrino. (author)

  6. Study of spectral response of a neutron filter. Design of a method to adjust spectra; Etude des moyens de conditionnement de la reponse spectrale d'un filtre a neutrons. Mise au point d'une methode d'ajustement rapide de spectre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colomb-Dolci, F. [Universite Louis Pasteur, 67 - Strasbourg (France)


    The first part of this thesis describes an experimental method which intends to determine a neutron spectrum in the epithermal range [1 eV -10 keV]. Based on measurements of reaction rates provided by activation foils, it gives flux level in each energy range corresponding to each probe. This method can be used in any reactor location or in a neutron beam. It can determine scepter on eight energy groups, five groups in the epithermal range. The second part of this thesis presents a study of an epithermal neutron beam design, in the frame of Neutron Capture Therapy. A beam tube was specially built to test filters made up of different materials. Its geometry was designed to favour epithermal neutron crossing and to cut thermal and fast neutrons. A code scheme was validated to simulate the device response with a Monte Carlo code. Measurements were made at ISIS reactor and experimental spectra were compared to calculated ones. This validated code scheme was used to simulate different materials usable as shields in the tube. A study of these shields is presented at the end of this thesis. (author)

  7. Stability of superheavy elements around Z=120 probed by the study of their fission time obtained by the crystal blocking method; Stabilite d'elements superlourds au voisinage de Z=120 testee par l'etude de leurs temps de fission deduits par la methode du blocage cristallin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laget, M


    While the existence of an island of stability beyond Z=110 is theoretically acquired, the location of this island ranges from Z=114 to Z=126 depending on models. In this work, the stability of super-heavy nuclei is probed through the study of their fission time. The chosen experimental method, the crystal blocking method, is sensitive to the presence of possible long time components in the fission time distribution which indicates a fission mechanism occurring after the formation of a compound nucleus. The blocking dips were therefore constituted for the various products of the reaction U{sup 238} + Ni (6.6 MeV/A) {yields} 120, the experimental set-up allowing us to clearly identify and select the reaction mechanisms. The comparison of the blocking dip constituted for quasi-elastic scattering events with the one obtained for the fission fragments of a Z=120, combined with the study of kinematical properties of these fission fragments, give evidences of the existence of very long fission times (> 10{sup -18} s) only compatible with a fusion-fission mechanism implying a non vanishing fission barrier height for Z=120. The second part outlines microscopic calculations of fission barrier heights, carried out in the framework of the finite temperature of the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) theory. Because of the progressive vanishing of the pairing correlation with T, which happens differently at the ground state and at the top of the barrier, B{sub f} first grows until T {approx_equal} 0.8 MeV before dropping with T owing to shell-effects damping with temperature. (author)

  8. Comparative study of various methods for allocating electricity transmission capacity at the France-Belgium interconnection; Etude comparative de differentes methodes d'allocation de capacites de transport d'electricite a l'interconnexion France-Belgique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The French and Belgian regulators, CRE and CREG, organised in October 2002 a public consultation concerning the allocation methods applied by the network operators at the border between Belgium and France. In July 2002, the Belgian and French transmission system operators, Elia and RTE, had forwarded a joint study to the regulators relative to the methods for allocation at the border between the two countries, in accordance with the stipulations set out in the action plan drawn up in March by the transmission system operators and the regulators. This document presents a French and English summary of this study and a complete version in French of it. It analyses the specific features of the networks and markets concerned, then summarizes the characteristics, advantages and drawbacks of the various allocation mechanisms known at this day, either because they are already in use somewhere in the world or because they are at the design stage with academic researchers or industry. On the basis of this study, ELIA and RTE propose considering the replacement of current local mechanisms with the coordinated management of interconnections in the area comprising France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Given the time required for implementation, the system that would facilitate reaching this target in the medium term in an economically efficient manner consists in a system of coordinated auctioning. It would establish economic competition, ensuring the exchange of correct signals between market actors and network operators. This mechanism must have a sufficiently large scope to avoid 'pancaking' and represent in a sufficiently precise manner the 'edge effects' of contiguous control areas that would not be part of the mechanism.

  9. Study of a method of detection for natural carbon-14 using a liquid scintillator, recent variations in the natural radio-activity due to artificial carbon-14 (1963); Etude d'une methode de detection du carrons 14 naturel, utilisant un scintillateur liquide - variations recentes de l'activite naturelle dues au carbone 14 artificiel (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leger, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Among the various natural isotopes of carbon, a radioactive isotope, carbon-14, is formed by the action of secondary neutrons from cosmic rays on nitrogen in the air. Until 1950, the concentration of this isotope in ordinary carbon underwent weak fluctuations of about 2-3 per cent. The exact measurement of this concentration 6 X 10{sup 12} Ci/gm of carbon, and of its fluctuations, are difficult and in the first part of this report a highly sensitive method is given using a liquid scintillator. Since 1950 this natural activity has shown large fluctuations because of the carbon-14 formed during nuclear explosions, and in the second part, the evolution in France of this specific activity of carbon in the atmosphere and biosphere is examined. In the last part is studied the local increase in carbon activity in the atmosphere around the Saclay site, an increase caused by the carbon-14 given off as C{sup 14}O{sub 2}, by the reactors cooled partially with exterior air. (author) [French] Parmi les differents isotopes naturels du carbone, un isotope radioactif, le carbone 14, est forme par l'action de neutrons secondaires due aux rayons cosmiques sir l'azote de l'air. Jusqu'en 1950, la concentration de cet isotope dans le carbone ordinaire est soumise a des fluctuations de faible amplitude, de l'ordre de 2 a 3 pour cent. Les mesures precises de cette concentration, 6. 10{sup -12} Ci/g de carbone, et de ses fluctuations sont delicates, et dans la premiere partie de ce rapport, on decrit une methode de detection a grande sensibilite utilisant un scintillateur liquide. Depuis 1950, cette activite naturelle subit des fluctuations importantes dues au carbone 14 forme lors des explosions nucleaires, et dans la seconde partie, on examine l'evolution en France de l'activite specifique du carbone de l'atmosphere et ce la biosphere. Dans la derniere partie, on etudie l'accroissement local de l'activite du carbone de l'air aux

  10. Systematic study of plasma and serum proteins in the pig; Etude systematique des proteines plasmatiques et seriques du porc

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daburon, F.; Nizza, P.; Hatchikian, C.; Schmidt, J.-P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique (France)


    This work has been carried out in the framework of the determination of the physiological constants of a normal pig. The aim was to study the serum and plasma proteins of this animal species, the ultimate object being to discover whether the qualitative and quantitative changes in these proteins can make a significant contribution to the establishment of a biological dosimetry for irradiated pigs. The serum and plasma from a normal pig were analyzed first by various simple electrophoretic methods and then by immuno-electrophoresis. As a result of the particular characteristics of pig serum we have gradually been led to make numerous modifications to the techniques used for human serums or for those of small laboratory animals. Much careful work and patience were required in order to obtain reproducible results. (authors) [French] Ce travail se situe dans le cadre de la determination des constantes physiologiques du porc normal. il s'agissait de proceder a l'etude des proteines seriques et plasmatiques de cette espece animale, le but ulterieur etant de savoir si les modifications qualitatives et quantitatives de ces proteines pourront representer une contribution valable a l'etablissement d'une dosimetrie biologique chez le porc irradie. Le serum et le plasma du porc normal ont ete analyses d'abord par diverses methodes electrophoretiques simples puis par immunoelectrophorese. Les caracteristiques particulieres du serum de porc nous ont conduits a apporter progressivement de nombreuses modifications aux techniques utilisees pour des serums humains ou de petits animaux de laboratoire. L'obtention de resultats reproductible a exige beaucoup de patience et de minutie. (auteurs)

  11. Electronic temperature measurement on the deca II plasma using the Bremsstrahlung; Mesure de la temperature electronique du plasma de deca II par etude du rayonnement de freinage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dumas, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The electronic temperature of the DECA II machine's plasma is determined by studying the Bremsstrahlung. Two types of detectors are used for this measurement, a set scintillator-photo-multiplicator and a photoelectric effect detector with a massive silver target. The method used is the classical 'absorbent method', The absorbents used are thin formvar foils whose thickness is between 600 and 12 500 angstrom. The measurements done in two different working conditions of the DECA II machine have given: Te {approx_equal} 200 eV in the first case and Te {approx_equal} 70 eV in the second case. (author) [French] Nous avons determine la temperature electronique du plasma de la machine DECA II par l'etude du rayonnement de freinage. Pour cette mesure nous avons utilise deux types de detecteurs: des ensembles scintillateur-photomultiplicateur et un detecteur a effet photoelectrique a cible massive en argent. La methode utilisee pour cette mesure est la classique methode des absorbants. Nous avons utilise des feuilles de format tres mince (de 600 a 12 500 angstrom) comme absorbant. Les mesures faites dans deux regimes de travail differents de la machine DECA II nous ont conduit a: Te {approx_equal} 200 eV dans un cas et Te {approx_equal} eV dans l'autre cas. (auteur)

  12. Etude experimentale des excitations topologiques de l'effet Hall quantique a nu = 1 dans les heterostructures semiconductrices a double puits quantique (United States)

    Charlebois, Serge

    De nombreux travaux theoriques et experimentaux ont ete publies sur les excitations topologiques de gaz electroniques bidimensionnels (GE2D), appellees skyrmions, dans le regime de l'effet Hall quantique a remplissage unitaire. On attend des excitations semblables appellees bimerons dans les systemes formes de deux GE2D couples. Contrairement au cas des GE2D simples, aucune experience n'a, a notre connaissance, presente la mesure d'une propriete specifique aux bimerons. Nous presentons dans cette these des travaux experimentaux ayant pour objectif l'etude d'excitations topologiques dans les heterostructures a double puits quantique. Une manifestation attendue (les bimerons est la presence d'une anisotropie dans la conductivite a travers une constriction. Nous avons concu un dispositif original a point de contact a trois grilles non-coplanaires. Ce dispositif a trois grilles a la particularite de permettre la creation d'une constriction etroite dans le double GE2D tout en permettant l'equilibrage de la densite electronique entre les deux puits dans l'etroit canal de conduction. Nous avons fabrique ce dispositif de taille submicronique par electrolithographie sur des heterostructures a double puits. Les dispositifs ainsi fabriques ont ete etudies a basse temperature (0.3K) et ont montre un fonctionnement conforme aux attentes. Les travaux n'ont pas permis de mettre en evidence une anisotropie de transport revelatrice de l'existence de bimerons. Cette these est a notre connaissance la premiere etude experimentale visant la realisation de l'experience d'anisotropie de transport et est ainsi une contribution significative a l'avancement des connaissances dans ce domaine. Les travaux theoriques que nous presentons ont permis de montrer l'effet des excitations topologiques sur la capacite grille-GE2D du systeme. Ces travaux ouvrent la voie de la detection des bimerons par l'intermediaire de la mesure de la capacite grille-GE2D ou encore de la susceptibilite electrique du

  13. Contribution to the study of several chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses; Contribution a l'etude de quelques nuisances chimiques au centre d'etudes nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Megemont, C.; Grau, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    From the checking of 2750 index cards of hazards, the study relates the distribution of the chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses. Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. Thus, the most important are put forward. Then, the authors rapidly make a review of hazards which may have some special interest because they appear more specific of the nuclear energy or because they are the most frequently noted on the index cards of hazards. The case of the tributylphosphate is studied more precisely. (authors) [French] A partir de l'examen de 2750 fiches de nuisances, l'etude porte sur la repartition des nuisances chimiques au Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses. Celles qui concernent le plus grand nombre d'agents du Centre sont classees selon les categories correspondant aux differentes conditions de travail. Les plus importantes d'entre elles sont ainsi mises en evidence. | Les auteurs passent ensuite en revue, rapidement, les nuisances qui peuvent presenter un interet particulier soit parce qu'elles semblent plus specifiques de l'Energie Nucleaire, soit parce qu'on les rencontre le plus frequemment sur les fiches de nuisances. Le cas du tributylphosphate est envisage de facon plus detaillee. (auteurs)

  14. Detection and analysis of neutral and charged particles. Application to the study of hot plasmas; Detection et analyse des particules chargees et neutres appliquees a l'etude des plasmas chauds

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Renaud, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. Groupe de recherches de l' association EURATOM-CEA sur la fusion controlee


    To measure the energy spectrum of ions in a plasma, one must extract the ions without altering the spectrum. For a dense plasma this presents difficulties, one method is the measurement of the energy spectrum of atoms produced by charge-exchange reactions of ions with residual gas. The measurements of both the energy spectrum and the flux of atoms leaving the magnetic configuration of the device DECA II (Dispositif d'Etude de Compression Adiabatique) are made by: an ion detector which permits the measurement of ion currents {>=} 10{sup -16} A, an electrostatic analyser of energy range 10 eV - 10 keV, a magnetic analyser for ion momentum {<=} 10{sup 5} gauss-cm, and a gas cell to convert fast atoms into ions. (author) [French] Pour mesurer le spectre en energie des ions dans un plasma on doit extraire des ions sans en modifier l'energie. Dans le cas de plasmas denses cela presente certaines difficultes. Une mesure du spectre en energie des ions est alors possible a partir du spectre en energie des atomes produits par collision d'echange de charge entre les ions du plasma et le gaz residuel. Pour effectuer la mesure du spectre en energie et du flux d'atomes s'echappant de la configuration magnetique du Dispositif d'Etude de Compression Adiabatique (DECA II) nous avons mis au point: un detecteur d'ions permettant la mesure de courant {>=} 10{sup -16} A, d'un analyseur electrostatique dont la gamme d'analyse en energie est comprise entre 10 eV et 10 keV, d'un analyseur magnetique capable d'analyser des ions d'une quantite de mouvement {<=} 10{sup 5} gauss cm, ainsi qu'une cellule a gaz permettant l'ionisation des atomes rapides. (auteur)

  15. Study and development of a method allowing the identification of actinides inside nuclear waste packages, by active neutron or photon interrogation and delayed gamma-ray spectrometry; Etude et developpement d'une technique de dosage des actinides dans les colis de dechets radioactifs par interrogation photonique ou neutronique active et spectrometrie des gamma retardes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrel, F


    An accurate estimation of the alpha-activity of a nuclear waste package is necessary to select the best mode of storage. The main purpose of this work is to develop a non-destructive active method, based on the fission process and allowing the identification of actinides ({sup 235}U, {sup 238}U, {sup 239}Pu). These three elements are the main alpha emitters contained inside a package. Our technique is based on the detection of delayed gammas emitted by fission products. These latter are created by irradiation with the help of a neutron or photon beam. Performances of this method have been investigated after an Active Photon or Neutron Interrogation (INA or IPA). Three main objectives were fixed in the framework of this thesis. First, we measured many yields of photofission products to compensate the lack of data in the literature. Then, we studied experimental performances of this method to identify a given actinide ({sup 239}Pu in fission, {sup 235}U in photofission) present in an irradiated mixture. Finally, we assessed the application of this technique on different mock-up packages for both types of interrogation (118 l mock-up package containing EVA in fission, 220 l mock-up package with a wall of concrete in photofission). (author)

  16. Etude du caractere cyanogenetique du manioc (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruijn, de G.H.


    The tuberous roots of cassava can release such quantities of hydrocyanic acid (HCN) that consumption without pretreatment may be very dangerous. Methods to eliminate the poison are known but cases of poisoning, of which some are fatal, still occur; moreover these methods often reduce the food va

  17. Determination of the food consumption in eleven regions of the european community with a view to studying the radioactive contamination level: Methods used. Results of family enquiries; Determination des regimes alimentaires des populations de onze regions de la communaute europeenne en vue de l'etude des niveaux de contamination radioactive: Methodologie. Resultats des enquetes familiales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cresta, M.; Lacourly, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In the present report are given the results obtained from food surveys carried out during the period 1963-1965 and involving 9000 families living in eleven regions spread out over the six European Community countries. A partial analysis of the results obtained covers a reduced sample of 3725 families; it makes it possible to fix the composition of the mean individual, monthly and annual food consumptions for each of the eleven regions. Details of the organisation of the survey, of the data processing methods and of the method of presenting the results are given in the first part of the report. the second part presents, in numerical table form, the consumption of various foodstuffs and the feeding principles for each region covered by the survey. Tables summarizing the data make it possible to compare the mean individual consumptions in the various regions studied. (author) [French] Dans le present rapport sont rassembles les premiers resultats des enquetes alimentaires effectuees pendant la periode 1963-1965, aupres de 9000 familles, dans onze regions reparties dans les six pays de la Communaute Europeenne. L'exploitation partielle des donnees obtenues porte sur un echantillon reduit a 3725 familles et permet d'etablir la composition du regime alimentaire moyen individuel, mensuel et annuel de chacune des onze regions. L'organisation des enquetes, la methode de traitement des donnees et l'expression des resultats sont exposees dans la premiere partie du rapport. La seconde reunit, sous forme de tableaux numeriques, les consommations des differents aliments et principes alimentaires par region d'enquetes. Des tableaux recapitulatifs permettent, en outre, une comparaison des consommations moyennes, individuelles des differentes regions etudiees. (auteur)

  18. Etude numerique et experimentale de la reponse vibro-acoustique des structures raidies a des excitations aeriennes et solidiennes (United States)

    Mejdi, Abderrazak

    Les fuselages des avions sont generalement en aluminium ou en composite renforces par des raidisseurs longitudinaux (lisses) et transversaux (cadres). Les raidisseurs peuvent etre metalliques ou en composite. Durant leurs differentes phases de vol, les structures d'avions sont soumises a des excitations aeriennes (couche limite turbulente : TBL, champs diffus : DAF) sur la peau exterieure dont l'energie acoustique produite se transmet a l'interieur de la cabine. Les moteurs, montes sur la structure, produisent une excitation solidienne significative. Ce projet a pour objectifs de developper et de mettre en place des strategies de modelisations des fuselages d'avions soumises a des excitations aeriennes et solidiennes. Tous d'abord, une mise a jour des modeles existants de la TBL apparait dans le deuxieme chapitre afin de mieux les classer. Les proprietes de la reponse vibro-acoustique des structures planes finies et infinies sont analysees. Dans le troisieme chapitre, les hypotheses sur lesquelles sont bases les modeles existants concernant les structures metalliques orthogonalement raidies soumises a des excitations mecaniques, DAF et TBL sont reexamines en premier lieu. Ensuite, une modelisation fine et fiable de ces structures est developpee. Le modele est valide numeriquement a l'aide des methodes des elements finis (FEM) et de frontiere (BEM). Des tests de validations experimentales sont realises sur des panneaux d'avions fournis par des societes aeronautiques. Au quatrieme chapitre, une extension vers les structures composites renforcees par des raidisseurs aussi en composites et de formes complexes est etablie. Un modele analytique simple est egalement implemente et valide numeriquement. Au cinquieme chapitre, la modelisation des structures raidies periodiques en composites est beaucoup plus raffinee par la prise en compte des effets de couplage des deplacements planes et transversaux. L'effet de taille des structures finies periodiques est egalement pris en

  19. Model-based inversion for the characterization of crack-like defects detected by ultrasound in a cladded component; Etude d'une methode d'inversion basee sur la simulation pour la caracterisation de fissures detectees par ultrasons dans un composant revetu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Haiat, G


    This work deals with the inversion of ultrasonic data. The industrial context of the study in the non destructive evaluation of the internal walls of French reactor pressure vessels. Those inspections aim at detecting and characterizing cracks. Ultrasonic data correspond to echographic responses obtained with a transducer acting in pulse echo mode. Cracks are detected by crack tip diffraction effect. The analysis of measured data can become difficult because of the presence of a cladding, which surface is irregular. Moreover, its constituting material differs from the one of the reactor vessel. A model-based inverse method uses simulation of propagation and of diffraction of ultrasound taking into account the irregular properties of the cladding surface, as well as the heterogeneous nature of the component. The method developed was implemented and tested on a set of representative cases. Its performances were evaluated by the analysis of experimental results. The precision obtained in the laboratory on experimental cases treated is conform with industrial expectations motivating this study. (author)

  20. African Journal of Science and Technology (AJST) ETUDE ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    l'image sur le plan du contraste et du niveau de bruit; il doit en seconde lieu très souvent ... ABSTRACT: Among all the experimental methods, optics always occupied a choice place thanks .... Prewitt) et statistiques (Markovien), la convolution.

  1. Etude des effets du martelage repetitif sur les contraintes residuelles (United States)

    Hacini, Lyes

    L'assemblage par soudage peut engendrer des contraintes residuelles. Ces contraintes provoquent des fissurations prematurees et un raccourcissement de la duree de vie des composants. Dans ce contexte, le martelage robotise est utilise pour relaxer ces contraintes residuelles. Trois volets sont presentes: le premier est l'evaluation des effets des impacts unitaires repetes sur le champ de contraintes developpe dans des plaques d'acier inoxydable austenitique 304L vierges ou contenant des contraintes residuelles initiales. Dans la deuxieme partie de ce projet, le martelage est applique grace au robot SCOMPI. Les contraintes residuelles induites et relaxees par martelage sont ensuite mesurees par la methode des contours, qui a ete adaptee a cet effet. Dans la troisieme partie, le martelage est modelise par la methode des elements finis. Un modele axisymetrique developpe grace au logiciel ANSYS permet de simuler des impacts repetes d'un marteau elastique sur une plaque ayant un comportement elastoplastique.

  2. Equivalents dynamiques pour l'etude de la stabilite transitoire (United States)

    El Aouni, Wassil

    Today's transient stability (TS) studies are a necessary tool to predict power systems behavior after the occurring of huge faults (ex: short-circuit, generator's lost, etc.). These studies allow us to plan the necessary actions to take in order to maintain the required levels of availability and quality of the electricity production. However, because of the fast increase of the size and the complexity of the power systems, these (TS) studies require higher duration and efforts for their calculations to be processed. The problem of this thesis is therefore: How to reduce the (TS) programs duration and calculation efforts while keeping the precision of their results? In order to resolve this problem, an initial literature review was performed. This literature review allowed us to notice that power systems reduction techniques used to decrease duration of (TS) simulation programs were designed long time ago. These techniques have the common goal of reducing the (TS) simulation duration and effort while keeping the same original power system dynamic behavior. This literature review leaded us also to choose a four steps power system reduction method: In the first step, the power system internal and external zones are chosen. In the second step the power system external zone generators able to be aggregated together are identified using the slow coherency method in addition to a time domain (TS) simulation. In the third step, dynamic parameters of the equivalent reduced network machines are derived using the structure preserving method which has the advantage of being useful for both classical and detailed power systems models. In the fourth step, the equivalent power system admittance matrix is processed using Zhukov method. The method proposed to resolve the problem of this thesis was afterwards implemented under Matlab(c) functions format. These aggregation functions were validated in the case of (TS) and (SIME) programs for the two following test network: " New

  3. Contribution to the study of the geophysical behaviour of lead-210 by application of alpha spectrometry; Contribution a l'etude du comportement geophysique du plomb 210 par application de la spectrometrie alpha

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nezami, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A study of the changes in the lead-210 contents of rain-water and of water produced by melting polar ice has required the development of a method for dosing lead-210, an {alpha} emitter. This method is 40 times more sensitive than that which measures the lead-210 by bismuth-210, a ({beta} emitter. The first part of the report presents the study of a spectrometry using semiconductor detectors; a catalogue of a spectra shows the advantages of this method. In the second part will be found at first a new chemical separation method for polonium-210 and the results obtained with this method. The main results obtained on the geophysical behaviour of lead-210 are the following: - the monthly lead-210 and polonium-210 contents in rain water are approximately constant with time. - in the Gif-sur-Yvette region, the clean-up by 'dry fall-out' can attain 40 to 50 per cent of the total fall-out. - a study of Antarctic ice samples makes it possible to determine an annual accumulation rate equivalent to 13.8 cm of water and to show discrepancies in the periodic concentrations which correspond to the latest maxima of solar activity. - a balance is drawn up between the radon produced by the continents and the lead-210 fall-out. (author) [French] Une etude sur les variations de la teneur en plomb 210 des eaux de pluie et des eaux de fusion des glaces polaires a necessite la mise au point d'une methode de dosage du plomb 210 emetteur {alpha}. Cette methode permet d'obtenir une sensibilite quarante fois superieure a celle dosant le plomb 210 par le bismuth 210 emetteur {beta}. La premiere partie du travail presente l'etude de la spectrometrie {alpha} par detecteur a semiconducteurs, un catalogue de spectres {alpha} met en evidence les avantages de cette methode. Dans la deuxieme partie on trouvera en premier lieu une nouvelle methode chimique de separation du polonium 210 ainsi que les resultats obtenus grace a cette methode. Les principaux resultats sur le

  4. Etude de la variation de transmission optique dans l'UltraViolet du quartz "Nippon Silica Glass" après expositions à des rayonnements - Etude du système d'acquisition de données et du système de contrôle de Hautes Tensions appliquées aux chambres à fils du BARREL RICH de DELPHI

    CERN Document Server

    Delorme, Sophie


    Etude de la variation de transmission optique dans l'UltraViolet du quartz "Nippon Silica Glass" après expositions à des rayonnements - Etude du système d'acquisition de données et du système de contrôle de Hautes Tensions appliquées aux chambres à fils du BARREL RICH de DELPHI

  5. Incineration of oxygenated volatile organic compounds. Experimental study and kinetic modeling of the oxidation of methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate and butan-2-ol in methane flames; Incineration de composes organiques volatils oxygenes. Etude experimentale et modelisation cinetique de l'oxydation de la methyl ethyl cetone, de l'acetate d'ethyle et du butan-2-ol dans des flammes de methane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Decottignies, V.


    This work deals with the low pressure (0.05 atm) degradation of three volatile organic compounds (VOCs): methyl-ethyl-ketone, ethyl acetate and butan-2-ol, in premixed stoichiometric laminar methane flames seeded with 1 to 3% of each VOC. Molar fraction profiles of species have been obtained using microprobe sampling coupled with a gas chromatography and a mass spectroscopy analysis. Temperature profiles have been obtained using the covered thermocouple technique in the presence of the microprobe. The addition of a VOC in the initial reagents mixture leads to an increase of the quantity of intermediate hydrocarbon compounds and in particular of some soot precursor species. The degradation of VOCs leads to the formation of oxygenated intermediates like methanol, dimethyl-ether, acetaldehyde, propanal, acetone and vinyl acetate, the type of VOC having an effect on the quantities produced. The degradation of a VOC can lead to the formation of more toxic or polluting compounds (methyl vinyl ketone, acetic acid and acrolein) than the VOC itself. In the conditions of the study, the intermediate compounds are totally destructed inside the reactional area of the flame front and are no more present in the burnt gases. Sub-mechanisms of VOC oxidation have been developed using experimental observations and the most recent recommendations of the literature. These sub-mechanisms comprise 49 species involved in 241 elementary reactions. Their validation has been performed by comparing the experiment with the kinetic modeling on the molar fraction profiles of the detected species. Experimental data are well reproduced by the model for most species. The addition of a VOC inside the initial reagents mixture creates an important reactivity increase, in particular in the case of butan-2-ol seeded flames. The analysis of reactional ways has permitted to draw out the main reactions responsible for the degradation of the 3 VOCs and the ways of formation and consumption of the intermediate compounds specific of these VOCs. (J.S.)

  6. Synthesis, characterization, kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the dissolution of ThO{sub 2} and of solid solutions Th{sub 1-x}M{sub x}O{sub 2} (M = U, Pu); Synthese, caracterisation et etudes cinetique et thermodynamique de la dissolution de ThO{sub 2} et des solutions solides Th{sub 1-x}M{sub x}O{sub 2} (M = U, Pu)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Heisbourg, G


    The aim of this work was to understand the mechanisms of dissolution of ThO{sub 2} and of thorium mixed oxides such as Th{sub 1-x}U{sub x}O{sub 2} and Th{sub 1-x}Pu{sub x}O{sub 2} in aqueous, oxygenated or inert media. Several solids have been synthesized by precipitation in oxalic medium: Th{sub 1-x}U{sub x}O{sub 2} (x= 0.11; 0.24; 0.37; 0.53; 0.67; 0.81 and 0.91) and Th{sub 1-x}Pu{sub x}O{sub 2} (x= 0.13; 0.32 and 0.66). They have been characterized by XRD, SEM, TEM, XPS, XAS, PIXE and EPMA. The sintering conditions of these materials have been studied and optimized in order to obtain sintered samples with a measured density very near the theoretical densities. A kinetic study of the dissolution of ThO{sub 2} and of solid solutions Th{sub 1-x}U{sub x}O{sub 2} has been carried out in several aqueous media (HNO{sub 3}, HCl, H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}) in terms of several parameters: protons concentration, temperature, pH, ionic strength, nature of the electrolyte solution and uranium molar ratio for the solid solutions Th{sub 1-x}U{sub x}O{sub 2} in order to determine the kinetic laws of dissolution of the solid solutions having different compositions comparatively to ThO{sub 2}. The leaching tests carried out in natural waters of compositions near those of the deep geologic sites considered for the storage of nuclear wastes have shown that the dissolution of the solids was bound to the complexing effect of the constitutional ions of the water considered. The leaching tests carried out on sintered samples of the same composition have led to the same normalized dissolution velocities. The thermodynamic aspect of the dissolution of the solid solutions Th{sub 1-x}U{sub x}O{sub 2} in nitric medium has been studied at last. (O.M.)

  7. Etude spectroscopique des noyaux riches en protons dans la region 22 < Z < 28 et T$_(Z)$ < -3/2


    Dossat, Cedric


    La region des noyaux riches en protons tels que 22 < Z < 28 et T$_(Z)$ < -3/2 a pu etre etudiee de maniere tres detaillee grace a trois experiences menees au GANIL entre 1999 et 2002 : cette etude porte sur 23 isotopes allant du $^(39)$Ti au $^(53)$Ni. Nous avons mesure pour la premiere fois les durees de vie du $^(43)$V, du $^(51)$Ni et du $^(51)$Co, et considerablement ameliore la precision de celles deja connues. De nouvelles transitions par emission de protons et de rayonnement $\\gamma$ o...

  8. Preparation and study of dialkyl nitroxide radicals; Preparation et etude de radicaux nitroxydes diacyles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chenavas, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    These radicals are obtained by oxidation of N-hydroxy-imides with lead tetracetate or p-nitro-perbenzoic acid. These imides are prepared by heating dicarboxylic acids anhydrides with benzyloxy-amine followed by catalytic hydrogenation of N-benzyloxy-imides so obtained. Two series of radicals have mainly been studied, the first concerning five-membered cyclic imides, the second six-membered cyclic imides, these molecules having methyls substituents or no on the carbon ring. N. M. R. spectra of some O-benzyl-imides have been analysed. These different results have made it possible to study the conformation and stereochemistry of these imides. (author) [French] Ces radicaux sont obtenus par oxydation d'imides N-hydroxyles par le tetracetate de plomb ou l'acide p-nitroperbenzoique; ces imides sont prepares par chauffage d'anhydrides de diacides en presence de benzyloxyamine suivie d'une hydrogenation catalytique des N-benzyloxyimides ainsi obtenus. Deux series de radicaux ont principalement ete etudies: la premiere relative a des imides cycliques a cinq chainons, la seconde a des imides cycliques a six chainons, ces molecules ayant des substituants methyles ou non sur la chaine carbonee. Les derives O-benzyles de quelques-uns de ces imides ont ete analyses en R. M. N. Ces differents resultats ont permis une etude de la conformation et de la stereochimie de ces imides. (auteur)

  9. 练习曲中的童话画面%The Fairy Tale Pictures in Etudes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The two sets of Etudes-Tableaux op33 and op39 are the most important and most repre- sentative works in Rachmaninoff's piano music as well as a perfect eornbination of art and technique. Selecting the well-known and most representative op39no6 Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, this paper analyses the visualization of pictures from the music and its playing techniques, hoping to shed light on its performance and teaching.%音画练习曲op33和op39是拉赫玛尼诺夫钢琴音乐创作中最重要且最具代表性的作品之一.也是艺术性和技术性的完美结合体。选取著名的并最有代表性的op39n06《小红帽与野狼》,从音乐的画面性和演奏的技巧性两方面进行分析,以期在演奏与教学方面得到启发。

  10. Etude des etats electroniques en champ magnetique dans le niveau de Landau N=0 de la tricouche ABC de graphene (United States)

    Rondeau, Maxime

    Dans cet ouvrage nous etudions les phases du gaz d'electrons bidimensionnel dans la tricouche de graphene en empilement ABC. En partant du modele des liaisons fortes et en faisant l'approximation du continuum autour des vallees K +, K-, nous obtenons un modele effectif a deux bandes qui permet de decrire la physique de basse energie des electrons en champ magnetique dans cette structure. Ce modele contient trois orbitales degenerees dans le niveau de Landau N = O. Ce dernier est donc 12N φ, fois degeneres en incluant les degres de liberte de spin et de vallee. En ajoutant l'interaction de Coulomb au systeme et en considerant seulement les remplissages v = -5, -4, -4, 5 afin d'avoir un systeme a trois niveaux, nous etudions le diagramme de phase du gaz d'electrons en fonction d'un biais electrique entre les couches externes. Nous trouvons une phase d'onde de densite de charge bidimensionnelle (ODC2D) comme etat fondamental du systeme. Cette ODC2D se nomme cristal dans ce memoire et nous derivons ses proprietes de transports et ses modes collectifs. Nous discutons egalement du caractere topologique de ce cristal. Notre etude englobe aussi les phases liquides avec ou sans coherence orbitale. Nous concluons notre memoire par l'etude de quelques signatures experimentales des phases du gaz d'electrons dans la tricouche.

  11. Study of various processes for marking sediments with gold-198; Etude de divers procedes de marquages de sediments par l'or 198

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jeanneau, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The use of radioactive isotopes for the study of sediment deposits is based mainly on two methods: marking in the mass - a glass of an element which can be activated replaces the sediment; surface marking - a physico-chemical process is used to deposit a radio-element at the surface of the sediment. The second process is used in particular for sands when it is advantageous to have a large number of particles for statistical analysis. The aim of this work was to develop a rapid and simple method of marking which could be applied on the actual site of the experiment where equipment, may be limited. The method recommended for marking sand with gold-198 is a combination of the Petersen (treatment with tin chloride) and Campbell (treatment with silver) methods combined with prior treatments with nitric acid and caustic soda. Using this method it is possible to deposit 125 mg of gold per kilo of sediment with a yield of 95 per cent (i.e. 10 Ci/kg) using a hydrochloric acid solution containing gold. The problem of the solidity of the deposits, of their value and of their reproducibility is discussed from the point of view of the mineral constitution of the sand. (author) [French] L'utilisation d'isotopes radioactifs pour l'etude des deplacements sedimentaires fait, principalement appel a deux methodes: le marquage massique - un verre contenant un element activable remplace le sediment; le marquage superficiel - un traitement physico-chimique permet de deposer un radioelement a la surface du sediment. Le second procede est surtout employe pour les sables lorsqu'il est utile de disposer d'un grand nombre de grains pour des raisons statistiques. Le but de ce travail etait de mettre au point une methode simple et rapide de marquage pouvant etre appliquee sur le site meme de l'experience pour les utilisateurs disposant d'un equipement limite. Le procede preconise pour le marquage des sables par l'or 198 est une combinaison des methodes

  12. Study of fast neutron scattering. The displacement cross-section (1962); Etude de la diffusion des neutrons rapides. Section efficace de deplacement (1962)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Millot, J.P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We propose a method for calculating the biological efficiency of fast neutrons emitted by in-pile fission sources. This method justifies the empirical theory of Albert and Welton. In making simple assumptions concerning the cross-sections, we have supposed that the propagation can ben reduced to a mono-kinetic problem. A system of orthonormal functions is then set up making it possible to calculate the flux leaving a planar source. This method generalises the results obtained by Platzek to the case where the elastic cross-sections are not isotropic, and make it possible in particular to define a displacement cross-section: extension of the diffusion coefficient. This method can be generalised to the case of neutron diffraction as a function of time, and to the study of slowing-down. Numerical results are given in an appendix for the following: H{sub 2}O, D{sub 2}O, Fe, Be, Pb, CH, CH{sub 2}. These cross-sections have been verified experimentally in water and in graphite for neutrons of 2.5 and 14 MeV using a SAMES accelerator and a 2 MeV Van De Graaff. (author) [French] Nous proposons une methode permettant de calculer l'efficacite biologique des neutrons rapides issus des sources de fission dans la protection d'une pile. Cette methode justifie la theorie empirique d'Albert et Welton. En faisant des hypotheses simples sur les sections efficaces, nous avons suppose que la propagation pouvait etre ramenee a un probleme monocinetique. Nous construisons alors un systeme de fonctions orthonormales qui permet de calculer le flux issu d'une source plane. Cette methode generalise les resultats obtenus par Platzek au cas ou les sections efficaces elastiques ne sont pas isotropes et en particulier permet de definir une section efficace de deplacement: extension du coefficient de diffusion. Cette methode peut etre generalisee a la diffusion des neutrons en fonction du temps et a l'etude du ralentissement. Les resultats numeriques sont donnes en annexe

  13. Contribution to the study of french pitchblendes; Contribution a l'etude des pechblendes francaises

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Geffroy, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Lab. de Mineralogie, Centre de Chatillon (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Sarcia, J.A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Div. de la Crouzille, Haute Vienne (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors first review the characteristics of uraninite-pitchblende, as deduced of present literature. They set apart from typical pitchblende a black oxide aspect, which probably corresponds to neo-formations, and a 'para-pitchblende' aspect, which they relate to deep sur-oxidation of normal pitchblende. They insist on the easy replacement of pitchblende by silica. and give indications as to changes in vein stones (fluorite, quartz, etc...). A detailed study of paragenesis and successions in french uranium districts follows (including discussion of uranium of uranium-bearing coals). The authors attempt to classify french pitchblende veins. They are chiefly epithermal and poor in satellite ores. Three types of deposits are identified: massive - pitchblende type, silica type, fluorite type. These deposits, as those of Portugal, are included in granite, Central-European peri-batholitic types where uranium associates which Ni, Co, Bi and Ag, are in France both rare and poor. Finally, the authors attempt to bring out in the european Hercynian area a particular distribution of paragenetic types. (authors) [French] Les auteurs recapitulent d'abord les caracteres et les occurences de l'uraninite - pechblende, tels qu'ils peuvent etre degages de l'actuelle bibliographie. Ils exposent ensuite les faits qui du point de vue mineralogique seulement ressortent de l'etude mineralogique et chalcographique des pechblendes francaises et de leurs satellites. Ils distinguent de la pechblende-type un facies oxyde noir; correspondant probablement a une neoformation, et un facies parapechblende, qui est rapporte a une sur oxydation hypogene de la pechblende proprement dite. Ils insistent sur le facile remaniement de la pechblende par la slice; et donnent quelques precisions sur les modifications des gangues (fluorine, quartz, etc...). Suit l'etude detaillee des parageneses et des successions dans les districts uraniferes francais: Divisions du

  14. Etude exploratoire des conceptions de la circulation sanguine aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial (United States)

    Robitaille, Jean-Marc

    Il existe peu d'etudes sur les conceptions touchant les domaines de la biologie, notamment sur les conceptions de la circulation sanguine Nous avons observe egalement l'absence de recherche menee aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial sur cette question. Nous avons voulu combler une lacune en menant une recherche sur les conceptions de la circulation sanguine aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial. Pour mener cette recherche nous nous sommes inspires d'une methode developpee par Treagust (1988). Le premier niveau de formulation didactique etablit l'architecture du systeme et la fonction nutritive de la circulation. Le second niveau de formulation didactique decrit et relie les parametres de la dynamique de la circulation et leur relation: Pression, Debit et Resistance. Le troisieme niveau de formulation didactique s'interesse au controle de la circulation du sang dans un contexte d'homeostasie qui implique la regulation de la pression arterielle. Nous avons construit un questionnaire en nous guidant sur les niveaux de formulation didactique et l'analyse des entrevues menees aupres de dix-huit eleves, representatifs de la population cible. Ce questionnaire fut administre a un echantillon de 2300 eleves disperses dans six colleges de la region de Montreal. Notre echantillon comprend des eleves inscrits a des programmes de l'ordre collegial en Sciences de la nature et en Techniques de la sante et qui n'ont pas suivi le cours sur la circulation sanguine. Notre analyse des reponses des eleves de notre echantillon aux questions sur le premier niveau de formulation didactique revele que la majorite des eleves considerent que le systeme circulatoire relie les organes les uns aux autres dans un circuit en serie. Notre analyse revele egalement que la majorite des eleves estiment que les nutriments sont extraits du sang par les organes selon un processus de selection base sur les besoins determines par la fonction de l'organe. Ces besoins sont differents selon les organes qui ne

  15. Application of nuclear and physico-chemical analysis methods in the study of an after-implanting bioactive glass deposition on a titanium alloy, in view of optimizing the long-term bio-compatibility and operability; Application de methodes nucleaires et physico-chimiques d`analyse a l`etude, apres implantation, d`un depot de bioverre sur un alliage de titane, en vue d`une optimisation de la biocompatibilite et de la fonctionnalite a long terme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brun, Vanessa [Lab. de Physique Corpusculaire, Clermont-Ferrand-2 Univ., 63 - Aubiere (France)


    To improve the anchorage of orthopedic prosthesis into surrounding bone, osteo-conductive biomaterials are usually used as coatings. Among usual coatings, we find bioactive glasses. The bioactive glass A9 is analyzed before and after implantation. It is plasma sprayed onto titanium alloy cylinders (Ti-6Al-4V). Neutron Activation Analysis and Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry allow us to get the precise composition of A9 before implantation, and to observe a volatilization of some A9 oxides during plasma spraying. Scanning Electron Microscopy shows a coating constituted by pores and by A9 particles of different sizes, into a non compact and non homogeneous form of variable thickness. Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy is applied to the analysis of A9 major element composition, in surface and thickness: the composition of the coating is homogeneous in volume. Ti alloy cylinders coated with A9 are implanted in ovine femur epiphysis. At different times after implantation they are extracted to be analyzed. The formation of an in vivo gel in contact with the coated implant and neo-formed bone was found. Time variations in the concentration of the bioactive glass constituents were observed in the gel. Titanium is detected within gel and neo-formed bone, in a higher quantity than within an old bone. P.I.X.E. method enables us to get elemental mapping of several interesting areas and to trace elements (zinc, strontium) in the neo-formed bone. The percentages of bone surface in contact and of bone volume are calculated and the results show that at 12 months, the bone surface in contact is equivalent for coated and uncoated cylinders. However, the bone volume is higher for coated cylinders. This last point clearly stresses the interest of A9 bioactive glass shows its osteo-conductivity 63 refs., 74 figs., 12 tabs.

  16. Etude de la dynamique des porteurs dans des nanofils de silicium par spectroscopie terahertz (United States)

    Beaudoin, Alexandre

    Ce memoire presente une etude des proprietes de conduction electrique et de la dynamique temporelle des porteurs de charges dans des nanofils de silicium sondes par rayonnement terahertz. Les cas de nanofils de silicium non intentionnellement dopes et dopes type n sont compares pour differentes configurations du montage experimental. Les mesures de spectroscopie terahertz en transmission montre qu'il est possible de detecter la presence de dopants dans les nanofils via leur absorption du rayonnement terahertz (˜ 1--12 meV). Les difficultes de modelisation de la transmission d'une impulsion electromagnetique dans un systeme de nanofils sont egalement discutees. La detection differentielle, une modification au systeme de spectroscopie terahertz, est testee et ses performances sont comparees au montage de caracterisation standard. Les instructions et des recommendations pour la mise en place de ce type de mesure sont incluses. Les resultats d'une experience de pompe optique-sonde terahertz sont egalement presentes. Dans cette experience, les porteurs de charge temporairement crees suite a l'absorption de la pompe optique (lambda ˜ 800 nm) dans les nanofils (les photoporteurs) s'ajoutent aux porteurs initialement presents et augmentent done l'absorption du rayonnement terahertz. Premierement, l'anisotropie de l'absorption terahertz et de la pompe optique par les nanofils est demontree. Deuxiemement, le temps de recombinaison des photoporteurs est etudie en fonction du nombre de photoporteurs injectes. Une hypothese expliquant les comportements observes pour les nanofils non-dopes et dopes-n est presentee. Troisiemement, la photoconductivite est extraite pour les nanofils non-dopes et dopes-n sur une plage de 0.5 a 2 THz. Un lissage sur la photoconductivite permet d'estimer le nombre de dopants dans les nanofils dopes-n. Mots-cles: nanofil, silicium, terahertz, conductivite, spectroscopie, photoconductivite.

  17. Le transfert de connaissances entre les mathematiques et les sciences. Une etude exploratoire aupres d'eleves de 4e secondaire (United States)

    Samson, Ghislain


    Au moment ou dans plusieurs pays on travaille a refondre les programmes d'etudes, tant au primaire qu'au secondaire, l'interet pour le transfert renait. Un des concepts fondamentaux en apprentissage consiste en l'habilete a reutiliser de facon consciente et efficace un acquis d'une situation a une autre situation. Cette recherche emane de preoccupations professionnelles au moment ou le chercheur etait enseignant au secondaire. Au cours de ces annees, il lui a ete possible de constater que plusieurs eleves percevaient difficilement les liens presents entre les disciplines mathematiques et scientifiques. Des travaux en psychologie cognitive et plus particulierement selon une perspective du traitement de l'information ont servi de cadre de reference pour evaluer et analyser les capacites de transfert aupres d'eleves de 4e secondaire. Ce cadre de reference permet de formuler le principal objectif qui est de mieux comprendre le processus de transfert chez des eleves en situation de resolution de problemes scientifiques. Cette these s'interesse donc au transfert en tant que phenomene important du processus d'apprentissage au sens de l'integration. La methode de recherche choisie, de nature qualitative, est principalement axee sur l'evaluation de la capacite a transferer des connaissances lors d'une epreuve et d'un entretien. Pour evaluer ce potentiel de transfert, nous avons elabore deux outils: une epreuve en mathematiques et en sciences et un guide d'entretien. Pour la passation de l'epreuve, le chercheur a pu compter sur la collaboration de 130 sujets provenant de deux ecoles. L'entretien complete la prise de donnees avec 13 sujets ayant accepte de poursuivre l'etude. Les donnees recueillies par ces instruments font ensuite l'objet d'une analyse de contenu. En premier lieu, les verbatims de l'epreuve et de l'entretien ont ete transcrits, puis codifies. La correction des reponses fournies pour les problemes resolus s'est faite a partir d'une grille d

  18. Development of reduced kinetic schemes for the description of pollutants formation in combustion; Mise au point de schemas cinetiques reduits pour decrire la formation des polluants dans la combustion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ferrendier, M.


    The typical dimensions of details chemical-kinetic mechanisms proposed to describe combustion systems are too large for multi-dimensional computations applications. The objective of reduction methods is to construct low-dimensional schemes that can be incorporated in industrial codes. We consider here a new class of methods based on a mathematical analysis of the detailed chemical-kinetic mechanisms, and the identification of a low-dimensional manifold that describes the slow dynamics of the chemical system. The mathematical reduction methods considered in this work are the Intrinsic Low Dimensional Manifold (ILDM) method proposed by Maas and Pope (1992), and the Singular Perturbation (PS) method proposed by Duchene and Rouchon (1996). The domain of validity of the ILDM or PS reduced schemes is limited to a high temperature domain T {>=} T{sub c}. This result suggests that ignition is out of the domain of application of reduced mechanisms. In the case of a CO/H{sub 2}/N{sub 2}-air combustion system, and using a two-dimensional slow manifold, we find T{sub c} {approx} 750 K. We also find that for that particular system, 2 progress variables are sufficient for an accurate description of the structure and the velocity of a laminar premixed flame. In the case of a CH{sub 4}-air combustion system, and using a two-dimensional slow manifold, we find T{sub c}{approx}1500 K. We also find that 2 progress variables are insufficient for an accurate description of the structure and the velocity of a laminar premixed flame. The study of the different NO formation mechanisms show that the thermal NO mechanism (the Zeldovich mechanism) is dominant for premixed configurations with lean or stoichiometric conditions ({phi}){>=}1.2), and for non-premixed configurations at high temperatures and high pressures (T{sub air}{>=}1000 K, P {>=} 10 bars). Under these conditions, the MPKIVA sub model used to describe NO formation in the IFP version of the KIVA code performs reasonably well. An

  19. Etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs de dioxyde de carbone operant dans des conditions de givrage (United States)

    Bendaoud, Adlane Larbi

    Les evaporateurs de refrigeration sont surtout du type tube a ailettes, appeles serpentins, et fonctionnent dans l'une des conditions suivantes: seche, humide ou avec formation de givre. Il a ete demontre que la formation du givre sur la paroi exterieure de l'echangeur engendre une surconsommation energetique a cause des operations de degivrage puisque 15 a 20% seulement de la chaleur produite sert au degivrage tandis que le reste est dissipee dans l'environnement [1]. Avec l'avenement des nouveaux refrigerants, moins nocifs envers l'environnement, l'industrie du froid se trouve penalisee du fait que peu ou pas de composantes mecaniques (compresseur, pompe, echangeur...etc.) adaptees sont disponibles [3]. Il s'agit pour la communaute des frigoristes de combler ce retard technologique en redeveloppant ces composantes mecaniques afin qu'elles soient adaptees aux nouveaux refrigerants. Dans cette optique, et afin de mieux comprendre le comportement thermique des evaporateurs au CO2 fonctionnant dans des conditions seches, qu'un groupe de chercheurs du CanmetENERGIE avaient lance, en 2000, un programme de R & D. Dans le cadre de programme un outil de simulation des evaporateurs au CO2 a ete developpe et un banc d'essai contenant une boucle secondaire de refrigeration utilisant le CO2 comme refrigerant a ete construit. Comme continuite de ce travail de recherche, en 2006 ce meme groupe de recherche a lance un nouveau projet qui consiste a faire une etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs au CO2 operants dans des conditions de givrage. Et, c'est exactement dans le cadre de ce projet que se positionne ce travail de these. Ce travail de recherche a ete entrepris pour mieux comprendre le comportement thermique et hydrodynamique des serpentins fonctionnant dans des conditions de givrage, l'effet des circuits de refrigerant ainsi que celui des parametres geometriques et d'operation. Pour cela, un travail theorique supporte par une etude experimentale a ete effectue

  20. Stable isotope separation; Separations physicochimiques d'isotopes stables realisations et etudes de petites productions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Botter, F.; Molinari, Ph.; Dirian, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    which cooling water circulates. Studies are going forward to increase the separation factor of the cascade by using an auxiliary gas. Isotopic Exchange: A series of experiments has been performed to determine the isotopic separation factor between a lithium amalgam and an organic solvent containing a lithium salt. The various parameters which may enter into this exchange were studied: the influence of the type of solvent (the two solvents used were dimethylformamide and tetrahydrofurane), of the temperature, of the concentration and of the nature of the associated halogen. Solutions of Li metal and liquid NH{sub 3} were studied also. A number of tests were carried out to see whether there was a difference between the isotopic compositions of the Li present in the two liquid layers obtained by the dissolution of Li metal in ammonia. No difference was observed between the Li isotopic ratios in the two phases. This was also true in the case of a layer of of Li in liquid NH{sub 3} and a layer of Li I in a similar solvent. Electromigration: The method of counter current electro Migration in fused salts is a powerful isotopic enrichment technique. It can be used successfully to separate the isotopes of elements with strongly metallic character. In the case of alkalis, small quantities of isotopically pure {sup 7}Li have been obtained, while the enrichment factors obtained for potassium are of the order of 10. With regard to the alkaline earths, it has been possible to produce small quantities of calcium enriched 5 times in {sup 46}Ca. However considerable technological difficulties rise up in the way of production on a semi-industrial scale. (authors) [French] Nous avons effectue Ia separation de deuterium pur, a partir de melanges gazeux d'hydrogene et de deuterium, par chromatographie de deplacement de bande sur colonnes de palladium supporte. Les meilleures performances ont ete obtenues par des colonnes de Pd sur fritte d'alumine {alpha}. Avec une colonne de ce

  1. Application of Littlewood-Paley decomposition to the regularity of Boltzmann type kinetic equations; Application de la decomposition de Littlewood-Paley a la regularite pour des equations cinetiques de type Boltzmann

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    EL Safadi, M


    We study the regularity of kinetic equations of Boltzmann type.We use essentially Littlewood-Paley method from harmonic analysis, consisting mainly in working with dyadics annulus. We shall mainly concern with the homogeneous case, where the solution f(t,x,v) depends only on the time t and on the velocities v, while working with realistic and singular cross-sections (non cutoff). In the first part, we study the particular case of Maxwellian molecules. Under this hypothesis, the structure of the Boltzmann operator and his Fourier transform write in a simple form. We show a global C{sup {infinity}} regularity. Then, we deal with the case of general cross-sections with 'hard potential'. We are interested in the Landau equation which is limit equation to the Boltzmann equation, taking in account grazing collisions. We prove that any weak solution belongs to Schwartz space S. We demonstrate also a similar regularity for the case of Boltzmann equation. Let us note that our method applies directly for all dimensions, and proofs are often simpler compared to other previous ones. Finally, we finish with Boltzmann-Dirac equation. In particular, we adapt the result of regularity obtained in Alexandre, Desvillettes, Wennberg and Villani work, using the dissipation rate connected with Boltzmann-Dirac equation. (author)

  2. The Muse-4 experiment: measurement of the kinetic parameters of a subcritical system; L'experience MUSE-4: mesure des parametres cinetiques d'un systeme sous-critique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vollaire, J


    Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS) which are based on an external neutron source coupled to a subcritical core, offer advantages for the incineration of radioactive waste. In order to understand the neutronic specificity of such a system, during the MUSE IV experimental program, the experimental reactor MASURCA (CEA Cadarache) has been coupled to the neutrons source GENEPI. This setup has enabled the development of an on-line measurement technique of the effective multiplication factor. This measurement benefits from the characteristics of the reactor response depending on the multiplication factor at the prompt fission and delayed fission time scales. The analysis of those experiments shows that the proposed method give results in agreement with the one deduced using classical reactivity measurement techniques which can not however be used in a power ADS. (author)

  3. Le changement comme tradition dans la recherche et la formation a la recherche en biotechnologie et en peripherie Etude de cas en sciences de la sante, sciences naturelles et genie (United States)

    Bourque, Claude Julie

    Le champ de la recherche scientifique et de la formation a la recherche est traverse depuis quelques dizaines d'annees par plusieurs courants et discours associes au changement, mais peu de travaux empiriques permettent de comprendre ce qui change concretement. C'est la contribution originale de cette these au champ de l'education, plus specifiquement a l'etude sociologique de l'enseignement superieur ou sont concentrees les activites liees a la triade thematique du programme doctoral dans lequel elle a ete produite : recherche, formation et pratique. L'enquete-terrain a ete realisee en 2009 et 2010 aupres de 808 repondants affilies a 60 etablissements au Quebec et a produit un vaste materiau de nature mixte (donnees quantitatives et qualitatives). Un portrait de la nebuleuse biotechnologique qui touche les secteurs des sciences de la sante, des sciences naturelles et du genie a ete realise. Ce domaine concerne des dizaines de disciplines et se revele de nature transdisciplinaire, mais les pratiques n'y sont pas davantage marquees par le changement que celles d'autres domaines connexes. Les dynamiques sociales ont fait l'objet d'analyses comparatives dans quatre contextes: le choix des programmes, des objets et des methodes, le financement, la diffusion et la planification de la carriere. Les resultats indiquent que les echanges entre les agents traditionnellement situes au coeur des activites de recherche dominent ces dynamiques dans tous les contextes etudies. L'etude des representations au fondement des pratiques a revele l'existence de trois ecoles de pensee qui coexistent dans le champ scientifique: academique, pragmatique et economiste. Ces ecoles permettent de categoriser les agents en fonction des zones de fractures qui marquent leurs oppositions tout en identifiant ce qu'ils ont en commun. Les representations et les pratiques liees a la formation temoignent d'un habitus plutot homogene, alors que les contradictions semblent plus souvent ancrees dans des

  4. Theoretical and Experimental Methods in Hypersonic Flows (Les Methodes Theoriques et Experimentales pour l’Etude Des Ecoulements Hypersoniques) (United States)


    NTH -Nra Dr KiJ. Orlik-Ruckemannf Professor J. Jimeniez Applied Aerodynamics Laboratory Escuela Tecnica Superior de Insttutefor...and molecular the scheduling of a third workshop based on the same experi- ions. These discrepancies have little effect on the results since mental set...and landing vehicle for rapid. M molecular weight routine access to space. Flight-capable satellites of the future PM Prandtl number will dip into the

  5. Influence of gel morphology on the corrosion kinetics of borosilicate glass: calcium and zirconium effect; Influence de la morphologie du gel sur la cinetique d'alteration des verres borosilicates: role du calcium et du zirconium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cailleteau, C


    This study is related to the question of the long-term behaviour of the nuclear waste confinement glass. A glass alteration layer (known as the 'gel'), formed at the glass surface in contact with water, can limit the exchanges between the glass and the solution. We studied five oxide based glasses SiO{sub 2}-B{sub 2}O{sub 3}-Na{sub 2}O-CaO-ZrO{sub 2}. Two series of glasses were synthesized by substituting CaO for Na{sub 2}O and ZrO{sub 2} for SiO{sub 2}. The leaching showed that the presence of Ca improves the reticulation of the vitreous network, inducing a decrease in the final degree of corrosion and the presence of Zr prevents the hydrolysis of silicon, which leads to a decrease of the initial dissolution rate. However, the introduction of Zr delays the drop of the alteration rate and leads to an increase in the alteration degree. In order to explain this unexpected behaviour, the gel morphology was investigated by small angle X-ray scattering. These experiments showed that the restructuring of porous network during the glass alteration process is limited by the increase of the Zr-content. Then, the restructuring of gel is at the origin of the major drop in the alteration rate observed for the low Zr-content glasses. Besides, both time-of-flight secondary-ion mass spectroscopy (ToF-SIMS) that provides an evaluation of extraneous element penetration into the gel pores and neutron scattering with index matching showed that the porosity closed during the corrosion in the glass without zirconia, but remained open in the high Zr-content glasses. These experiments, associated to simulations by a Monte Carlo method, establish a relationship between the morphologic transformations of gel and the alteration kinetics. (author)

  6. Analysis of the reactivity of sulphur compounds in petroleum cuts: kinetics and modelling of hydro-treating; Analyse de la reactivite des composes soufres dans les coupes petrolieres: cinetique et modelisation de l'hydrotraitement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez Garcia, C.


    The study of the hydro-treating of middle distillates comprised the following steps: - Identification and reactivity study of the sulphur compounds present in these petroleum cuts; - Modelling of the process by a chemical kinetic approach. The hydro-treating of middle distillates is a refining process that allows elimination of organic compounds containing sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen and metals. The process also hydrogenates the aromatic compounds providing improved cetane index gas-oils while respecting the regulations that severely limit the content of sulphur compounds. The extension and the improvement of a kinetic model for the hydro-treating of LCO gas-oils (light cycle oil gas-oils) are presented in this work. In order to improve the hydro-desulfurization model predictions, a detailed identification of the sulphur compounds contained in LCO gas-oils was carried out using gas chromatography with a sulphur chemiluminescence detector (GC-SCD). The most refractory sulphur compounds (alkyl-di-benzothiophenes) were identified and lumped into different families. Based on a lumped reaction scheme with a Langmuir-Hinshelwood representation, the model takes into account the influence of temperature, total pressure and hydrogen sulphide partial pressure on the reaction rates for hydro-desulfurization, hydro-denitrogenation and hydro-de-aromatization. The model parameter estimation was based on experiments that were carried out on a micro-pilot unit using an industrial sulfided NiMo/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst and LCO feedstocks. The analytical study of the sulphur compounds was also extended to the case of straight run gas-oils (SR). For these feedstocks, a method using high-resolution mass spectrometry coupled with gas chromatography (GC-HRMS) was developed. In this way, the kinetic model can now be extended for the SR gas-oil hydro-treating or for LCO-SR mixtures. (author)

  7. Contribution to research on the metabolism of fission product. Studies on the physico-chemical state and the metabolic fate of radio-cerium solution; Contribution a l'etude du metabolisme des produits de fission. Recherches sur l'etat physico-chimique et le devenir metabolique des solutions de radiocerium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aeberhardt, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This paper describes a study of the physico-chemical state of radio-cerium in dilute solutions on the tracer scale, as a function of the pH of the solution. The way in which this radioelement is transported in the blood is studied in vitro and in vivo, with reference to the ionic or colloidal state of the radio-cerium used. The distribution of cerium amongst the various components of the blood is studied by a new method of blood fractionation and by paper electrophoresis. Evidence of a cerium globulin connection is shown in the case of ionic cerium. A study of the initial distribution of radio-cerium in rats, after intravenous administration of ionic or colloidal solutions, shows considerable differences according to the physico-chemical state of the cerium injected. (author) [French] Ce travail presente une etude de l'etat physico-chimique du radiocerium en solutions diluees a l'echelle des indicateurs, en fonction du pH de la solution. En fonction de l'etat ionique ou colloidal du radiocerium utilise, le mode de transport de ce radioelement dans le sang est etudie in vitro et in vivo. La distribution du cerium entre les differents constituants du sang est etudiee par une methode nouvelle de fractionnement du sang et par electrophorese sur papier. L'existence d'une liaison cerium-globuline est mise en evidence dans le cas du cerium ionique. L'etude de la distribution initiale du radiocerium, chez le rat apres administration par voie veineuse de solutions ionique ou colloidale, montre des differences importantes en fonction de l'etat physico-chimique du cerium injecte. (auteur)

  8. The development of a very high stability electrostatic generator (1962); Etude et realisation d'un generateur electrostatique a tres haute stabilite (1962)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jonckheere, R.E.L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This thesis deals with the study of an electrostatic high voltage generator having a voltage stability of the order of 10{sup -6} per minute. This equipment should be very useful in electron microscopy. The electrostatic generator is studied as a control system element: transfer function, parasitic signals and noise are determined and a mathematical model is proposed. A theoretical study of the open loop transfer function, stability, transient response, voltage stabilization of five different control systems shows which one should be able to fulfill the requirements There follows a detailed study of drift, a description of the actual system and performance data. (author) [French] Cette etude concerne un generateur electrostatique capable de fournir une tres haute tension continue dont la stabilite relative est de l'ordre de 10{sup -6} pendant une minute. Une telle performance rend cet appareillage tres utile en microscopie electronique. La generatrice electrostatique est etudiee en tant qu'element d'un systeme asservi: on determine successivement la fonction de transfert, les perturbations, le bruit de fond et le modele mathematique. L'etude de cinq differents circuits de regulation en ce qui concerne leur fonction de transfert, stabilite, reponse en regime transitoire, attenuation des perturbations, permettra de choisir le systeme qui semble le mieux repondre aux exigences. Viennent ensuite une etude detaillee de la derive, la description de la realisation pratique et les resultats de mesure. (auteur)

  9. Contribution to the study of the sintering mechanisms of uranium powders in the {alpha}, {beta}, and {gamma} phases; Contribution a l'etude des mecanismes de frittage de poudre d'uranium en phases {alpha}, {beta}, et {gamma}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pinteau, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    also followed by simple and differential thermal analysis. (author) [French] L'etude des mecanismes de frittage de poudre d'uranium d'origine caliothermique a ete effectuee sous vide par mesure dilatometrique en continu des retraits d'echantillons prealablement comprimes a temperature ordinaire sous atmosphere d'argon purifie. Les essais effectues dans les trois domaines {alpha}, {beta}, {gamma} ont permis de constater que le premier stade de frittoge semble regi par un mecanisme d'autodiffusion en volume; les valeurs des chaleurs d'activation des mecanismes de frittage trouves sont voisines de celles deduites lors des etudes sur l'autodiffusion en volume par la methode directe des radiotraceurs. Par ailleurs, dans le domaine {gamma} on a pu mettre en evidence un second mecanisme de frittage qui interesse des durees de frittage beaucoup plus longues, a chaleur d'activation beaucoup plus faible semblant indiquer qu'il s'agit d'un mecanisme d'elimination des pores par diffusion intergranulaire de lacunes. En outre, les essois dilatometriques permettent de mettre en evidence l'influence simultanee de deux facteurs principaux regissant cette etude: les joints de grains et les coefficients de diffusion. Dans une seconde partie, les echantillons frittes ont ete etudies par diverses methodes afin de determiner leur structure et certaines de leurs proprietes physiques. C'est ainsi que des examens metallographiques effectues apres polissage par bombardement ionique ont permis de determiner l'evolution de la porosite dans les trois phases {alpha}, {beta} et {gamma} ainsi que la structure et la nature des inclusions dans chaque echantillon. Par ailleurs des mesures de densite et de porosite ont ete effectuees. L'evolution des deux series de resultats permet de confirmer les examens dilatometriques et micrographiques precedents. Enfin, une etude dilatometrique detaillee des echantillons frittes en

  10. The synthesis and spectroscopic study of stable free radicals related to piperidine-n-oxyl, including a stable bi-radical; Syntheses et etudes spectroscopiques de radicaux libres piperidiniques et d'un biradical stable, du type nitroxyde

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Briere, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, Laboratoire de chimie organique physique


    A new synthesis of di-tert-butyl nitroxide using the reaction between tert-butyl magnesium chloride and nitro-tert-butane is presented in the first section. Synthesis and investigation of stable free piperidine-N-oxyl radicals are described in the second section. All these nitroxides have been characterised by their I. R., U. V. and E. P. R. absorption spectra. The final section contains a description of the synthesis of a stable bi-radical of the nitroxide type by condensation of 2,2, 6, 6-tetramethyl-piperid-4-one-l-oxyl with hydrazine. (author) [French] La premiere partie expose une nouvelle methode de synthase du di-t-butyl nitroxyde, par action d'halogenures de t-butyl magnesium sur le nitro-t-butane (Rdt maximum 45 pour cert, purete 86 pour cent). Une etude de radicaux. libres stables pipericliniques est faite dans une seconde partie. Ces composes sont obtenus par oxydation de derives de la triacetonamine. Les caracteristiques spectroscopiques ultra-violette, infra-rouge, et paramagnetique electronique de ces radicaux sont donnees. La grande inertie chimique du groupement nitroxyde a permis la syn-these d'un biradical stable par formation d'azine d'une cetone radicalaire, ce qui fait 1'objet de la troisieme partie. (auteur)

  11. Gestion des ressources hydriques adaptee aux changements climatiques pour la production optimale d'hydroelectricite. Etude de cas: Bassin versant de la riviere Manicouagan (United States)

    Haguma, Didier

    Il est dorenavant etabli que les changements climatiques auront des repercussions sur les ressources en eau. La situation est preoccupante pour le secteur de production d'energie hydroelectrique, car l'eau constitue le moteur pour generer cette forme d'energie. Il sera important d'adapter les regles de gestion et/ou les installations des systemes hydriques, afin de minimiser les impacts negatifs et/ou pour capitaliser sur les retombees positives que les changements climatiques pourront apporter. Les travaux de la presente recherche s'interessent au developpement d'une methode de gestion des systemes hydriques qui tient compte des projections climatiques pour mieux anticiper les impacts de l'evolution du climat sur la production d'hydroelectricite et d'etablir des strategies d'adaptation aux changements climatiques. Le domaine d'etude est le bassin versant de la riviere Manicouagan situe dans la partie centrale du Quebec. Une nouvelle approche d'optimisation des ressources hydriques dans le contexte des changements climatiques est proposee. L'approche traite le probleme de la saisonnalite et de la non-stationnarite du climat d'une maniere explicite pour representer l'incertitude rattachee a un ensemble des projections climatiques. Cette approche permet d'integrer les projections climatiques dans le probleme d'optimisation des ressources en eau pour une gestion a long terme des systemes hydriques et de developper des strategies d'adaptation de ces systemes aux changements climatiques. Les resultats montrent que les impacts des changements climatiques sur le regime hydrologique du bassin de la riviere Manicouagan seraient le devancement et l'attenuation de la crue printaniere et l'augmentation du volume annuel d'apports. L'adaptation des regles de gestion du systeme hydrique engendrerait une hausse de la production hydroelectrique. Neanmoins, une perte de la performance des installations existantes du systeme hydrique serait observee a cause de l'augmentation des

  12. Methodes d'amas quantiques a temperature finie appliquees au modele de Hubbard (United States)

    Plouffe, Dany

    Depuis leur decouverte dans les annees 80, les supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique ont suscite beaucoup d'interet en physique du solide. Comprendre l'origine des phases observees dans ces materiaux, telle la supraconductivite, est l'un des grands defis de la physique theorique du solide des 25 dernieres annees. L'un des mecanismes pressentis pour expliquer ces phenomenes est la forte interaction electron-electron. Le modele de Hubbard est l'un des modeles les plus simples pour tenir compte de ces interactions. Malgre la simplicite apparente de ce modele, certaines de ses caracteristiques, dont son diagramme de phase, ne sont toujours pas bien etablies, et ce malgre plusieurs avancements theoriques dans les dernieres annees. Cette etude se consacre a faire une analyse de methodes numeriques permettant de calculer diverses proprietes du modele de Hubbard en fonction de la temperature. Nous decrivons des methodes (la VCA et la CPT) qui permettent de calculer approximativement la fonction de Green a temperature finie sur un systeme infini a partir de la fonction de Green calculee sur un amas de taille finie. Pour calculer ces fonctions de Green, nous allons utiliser des methodes permettant de reduire considerablement les efforts numeriques necessaires pour les calculs des moyennes thermodynamiques, en reduisant considerablement l'espace des etats a considerer dans ces moyennes. Bien que cette etude vise d'abord a developper des methodes d'amas pour resoudre le modele de Hubbard a temperature finie de facon generale ainsi qu'a etudier les proprietes de base de ce modele, nous allons l'appliquer a des conditions qui s'approchent de supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique. Les methodes presentees dans cette etude permettent de tracer un diagramme de phase pour l'antiferromagnetisme et la supraconductivite qui presentent plusieurs similarites avec celui des supraconducteurs a haute temperature. Mots-cles : modele de Hubbard, thermodynamique

  13. Etude par spectroscopie de Coulomb de points quantiques lateraux individuels et couples (United States)

    Pioro-Ladriere, Michel

    Des points quantiques contenant un nombre discret et variable d'electrons sont formes dans un gaz bi-dimensionnel d'electrons a l'aide de grilles metalliques. Le transport electrique, le blocage de spin et la detection de charge sont employes comme outils spectroscopiques permettant de sonder les proprietes de ces nanostructures. Ces techniques permettent aussi de controler exactement le nombres d'electrons confines dans des points quantiques individuels et couples en utilisant un patron de grille judicieux. Une technique de refroidissement en tension est developpee afin de minimiser les effets parasites du bruit telegraphique. Ce type de bruit de charge deteriore la stabilite des nanostructures laterales par l'activation d'un minuscule courant de fuite entre les grilles et le gaz bi-dimensionnel. Un modele expliquant le role du refroidissement en tension sur le courant de fuite est presente. L'activation du courant de fuite est confirmee par detection de charge. Les effets des interactions entre les electrons pieges dans un point quantique sont ensuite etudies dans un regime ou il est possible de comparer les resulats experimentaux avec ceux obtenus par diagonalisation exacte. L'etude demontre que la phase associee au facteur de remplissage nu = 2 est instable au-dessus d'un nombre critique d'electrons. Cette instabilite est confirmee experimentalement par blocage de spin. On demontre aussi l'existence d'etats correles dans le regime des renversements de spin, associe au passage de la phase nu = 2 a nu = 1. Les etats correles sont identifies par spectroscopie en transport non lineaire. Cette caracterisation du diagramme de phase de points individuels permet de coupler deux points quantiques configures a nu = 2. Pour ce regime, la nanostructure se comporte comme un systeme a deux niveaux pouvant contenir entre un et quatre electrons de valence et ce, meme si le nombre total d'electrons est plus eleve. Les degres de liberte de charge et de spin des deux points

  14. La structure de l'eau liquide: Une etude thermique par spectroscopie infrarouge (United States)

    Larouche, Pascal

    Le probleme de la structure de l'eau liquide est important car l'eau est le liquide le plus present sur Terre, et complexe, la quete d'un modele precis pour decrire comment fonctionne ce liquide ayant debute des la fin du dix-neuvieme siecle. Cette etude aborde ce probleme en etudiant l'effet de l'augmentation de la temperature sur H2O et D 2O purs a l'aide de la spectroscopie infrarouge. L'intervalle de temperatures scrute est 29--93.1°C. Les spectres enregistres sont des spectres MIR-ATR entre 650 et 6000 cm-1 . L'analyse par facteurs de ces donnees permet de montrer que deux et seulement deux facteurs principaux sont necessaires pour decomposer tous les spectres experimentaux. Ces resultats sont confirmes grace a l'analyse par facteurs de spectres de la region FIR. Par la suite, la transformation en spectres de la partie reelle n et imaginaire k de l'indice de refraction permet de combiner les donnees des regions MIR et FIR. Une fois ce calcul termine, les spectres de transmission complets de H 2O et D2O entre 25 et 90°C sont connus. Ils sont ensuite utilises pour calculer par extrapolation le spectre des especes constituant l'eau liquide, puis leur abondance en fonction de la temperature. L'extrapolation de ces abondances montre que les especes correspondent a des temperatures limites de --18 et 122°C. Par la suite, la decomposition gaussienne des spectres d'especes met en evidence la riche structure de ces objets et permet de demontrer que l'apparent deplacement du massif d'absorption OH (OD) est produit par une variation de l'intensite des bandes et non pas de leur deplacement. L'examen attentif des spectres des especes prouve qu'il n'y a pas de OH libres crees par l'augmentation de la temperature: meme a 93.1°C, chaque molecule possede quatre liens-H. Ces conclusions sont de plus confirmees par une analyse thermodynamique du passage des molecules de la phase solide a la phase gazeuse. Pour diversifier la nature des resultats experimentaux utilises, des

  15. Effect of nutritional intervention on the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and heart disease risk factors in urban Tehran /Effet d'une intervention nutritionnelle sur la prevalence du syndrome metabolique et sur les facteurs de risque de cardiopathie dans l'agglomeration de Teheran (etude sur le glucose et les lipides realisee a Teheran)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Ramezankhani, A; Mirmiran, P; Azizi, F


    Dans une etude cas-temoins, une intervention nutritionnelle consistant en un programme educatif fonde sur les directives du regime de changement therapeutique de style de vie a ete mise en ceuvre dans...

  16. Study of secondary electronic emission in some piezo-electric materials: application to ultrasonic visualization; Etude de l'emission electronique secondaire de quelques materiaux piezoelectriques: application a la visualisation ultrasonore

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marini, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Methods allowing the visualization of acoustic images appear at the moment to be of great interest in the field of non-destructive testing as well as in that of underwater detection. In order to carry out certain calculations on the operation of an ultrasonic camera, it has been necessary to study the secondary electron emission of some piezoelectric materials liable to be incorporated into the equipment. The secondary electron emission of insulators is a rather complex phenomenon; in order to find a rational explanation for the observations made, a theory has been developed for the energy spectrum of the emitted electrons. The experimental results of this work have then been used to build an ultrasonic visualization installation. Some examples of acoustic images which have been visualized are also presented. (author) [French] Les methodes qui permettent de visualiser des images acoustiques trouvent a l'heure actuelle un grand interet dans le domaine du controle non destructif comme dans celui de la detection sous-marine. De maniere a effectuer certains calculs sur le fonctionnement d'une camera ultrasons, il a ete necessaire d'etudier l'emission electronique secondaire de quelques materiaux piezoelectriques susceptibles d'etre utilises dans sa construction. L'emission electronique secondaire des isolants est un phenomene assez complexe et de maniere a trouver des explications coherentes aux observations effectuees, une theorie du spectre energetique des electrons emis a ete elaboree. Une installation de visualisation ultrasonore a alors ete realisee a partir des donnees experimentales de cette etude. Quelques exemples d'images acoustiques visualisees par cette methode sont egalement presentees. (auteur)

  17. Study of the artificial radioactivity of the marine medium using gamma spectrometry (1962-1966); Etude de la radioactivite artificielle du milieu marin par spectrometrie gamma (1962-1966)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chesselet, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The results described in this study are relative to the artificial radioactivity of such elements as zirconium-95, niobium-95, ruthenium-103, ruthenium-106, cerium-141, cerium-144 and praseodymium-144 which were present in the atmospheric fallout between 1962 and 1964, and their incidence in superficial marine waters. Various physical, chemical or biological processes are studied by a high sensitivity gamma ray spectrometry technic, using those radioelements as 'tracers'. The change of state in sea water of an important fraction (about 50 per cent) of the radioactive particles going into the soluble phase - this phenomenon was not expected for those radioelements - controls the processes of accumulation in the planktonic biomass and the diffusion towards deeper waters. On the other hand, an 'in situ' spectrometry method is described. It enables the direct measurement in the sea of very low concentrations of some gamma ray emitters. The application of this method has made possible to carry out numerous observations in the surface waters of the Western Mediterranean sea and in the Bay of Biscay. It is shown that the mixing depth is closely connected to the depth of the thermocline. An accumulation process at this level is observed. The diffusion coefficients are similar to the thermal turbulent coefficient. The existence during several months of 'compartments' is established for the surface waters of the Bay of Biscay. From the establishment of the budget of fall-out, a comparative study shows that the rate of radioactive fallout on the maritime zone considered is always two to three times higher than on the neighbouring continental regions. Several explanations of this phenomenon are discussed. (author) [French] Les resultats decrits dans cette etude concernent la radioactivite artificielle sous forme de zirconium-95, niobium-95, ruthenium-103, ruthenium-106, cerium-141, cerium-144 et praseodyme-144 apportee par la retombee

  18. Development of a slow mono-kinetic electron source; Etude et realisation d'une source d'electrons lents monocinetiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ballu, Y. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A comparative study of already existing slow mono-kinetic electron guns shows that those using a 127 degrees electrostatic selector can be improved still further to arrive at the performances obtained with spherical 180 degrees selectors for example. For this reason we have examined the 127 degrees selector theoretically in more detail; it appears that it should be possible to obtain a resolving power better than 30 mV for a current of about 10{sup -10} A, on condition that certain improvements be made to the instrument as normally designed, in particular concerning the entrance and exit slides. As a result, the usual suppressors for the scattered electrons are no longer necessary. The development of this apparatus has been carried out with particular care: the dimensional characteristics are fixed to an accuracy of a few microns, although the instrument can be baked out at 300 C. The experimental results are in excellent agreement with the theoretical predictions: for a current of 10{sup -10} A, the measured resolving power is 24 {+-} 4 mV. The easy detection of the He{sup -} resonance line at 19.3 eV has confirmed the advantages of this apparatus for the study of atomic collisions. (author) [French] L'etude comparative des canons a electrons lents monocinetiques realises jusqu'a present montre que ceux qui utilisent un selecteur electrostatique a 127 degres peuvent etre encore perfectionnes en vue de parvenir aux performances obtenues avec les selecteurs spheriques a 180 degres par exemple. D'ou notre etude theorique approfondie du selecteur a 127 degres qui nous a conduit a esperer une resolution meilleure que 30 mV pour un courant de l'ordre de 10{sup -10} A a condition d'apporter certaines ameliorations a la conception usuelle de cet instrument notamment au niveau des fentes d'entree et de sortie. Par voie de consequence les suppresseurs habituels d'electrons parasites deviennent inutiles. L'etude et la mise au point de

  19. method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. M. Kimball


    Full Text Available This paper presents an interior point algorithm to solve the multiperiod hydrothermal economic dispatch (HTED. The multiperiod HTED is a large scale nonlinear programming problem. Various optimization methods have been applied to the multiperiod HTED, but most neglect important network characteristics or require decomposition into thermal and hydro subproblems. The algorithm described here exploits the special bordered block diagonal structure and sparsity of the Newton system for the first order necessary conditions to result in a fast efficient algorithm that can account for all network aspects. Applying this new algorithm challenges a conventional method for the use of available hydro resources known as the peak shaving heuristic.

  20. Contribution to the studies on the mineral content of plant material through radioactivation analysis; Contribution a l'etude de la composition minerale des matieres vegetales au moyen de l'analyse par radioactivation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fourcy, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Radioactivation analysis is by its great sensibility or its rapidity quite helpful in plant biology and agronomy. Specific composition of plants and results to obtain in biological experimentation have needed a practical research on analytical methods for plant materials, using for radioactivation swimming-pool reactor neutrons and 14 MeV neutrons from a generator. Dosage process for 25 elements is exposed, taking account of the interest of the analysis for each element, the average amount occurring in plants and the result obtained. Many applications are developed, concerning nutrition physiology, genetics, parasitology, toxicology, control of manufactured agricultural and pharmaceutical products industrial and pesticides residues, ecology, radioecology and biochemistry. (author) [French] L'analyse par radioactivation, par sa grande sensibilite ou sa rapidite, est susceptible de rendre de nombreux services en biologie vegetale et en agronomie. La composition particuliere des plantes et les buts recherches dans l'experimentation ont exige une etude concrete des methodes d'analyse propres a la matiere vegetale en utilisant, pour la radioactivation, soit un reacteur de type piscine a eau legere, soit un accelerateur generateur de neutrons de 14 MeV. Le mode de dosage de 25 elements est expose en tenant compte de l'interet de l'analyse de chaque element, des teneurs moyennes rencontrees dans les plantes, et du resultat atteint. De nombreuses applications sont developpees qui touchent a la physiologie de la nutrition, la genetique, la parasitologie, la toxicologie, le controle des fabrications, les pollutions industrielles, l'ecologie, la radioecologie et la biochimie. (auteur)

  1. Contribution to the theoretical study of order-disorder phenomena in the electrical properties of alloys (1963); Contribution a l'etude theorique des phenomenes d'ordre dans les proprietes electriques des alliages (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beal, M.T. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We have study theoretically the ordering of alloys and its influence an electrical resistivity. We have looked at the cases of concentrated, non magnetic alloys such as Cu Zn {beta} or Cu{sub 3}Au and of diluted, magnetic alloys such as noble matrix with rare earth impurities. In both cases, a simple method of molecular field with nearest neighbour interactions is used. Scattering cross sections are calculated with free electrons and Born approximation. The electrical properties are described with a good accuracy by single diffusions on each center (long range order). But some anomalies near to the ordering temperature are caused by double diffusions on pairs of interacting atoms or spins (local order). (author) [French] On presente une etude theorique des phenomenes d'ordre et de leur influence sur les proprietes electriques des alliages. Deux cas sont envisages: celui des alliages non magnetiques concentres, tels que Cu Zn {beta} ou Cu{sub 3}Au et celui d'alliages magnetiques tres dilues du type matrice noble impuretes de terres rares. Dans les deux cas on utilise une methode simple de champ moleculaire avec interactions entre plus proches voisins seulement. Les sections efficaces de diffusion sont calculees dans un modele d'electrons libres et dans l'approximation de Born. Les proprietes electriques sont decrites en premiere approximation par les diffusions simples sur chaque atome ou spin (ordre a longue distance). Mais elles presentent des anomalies a la temperature d'ordre dues aux diffusions doubles sur des paires d'atomes ou de spins plus proches voisins (ordre local). (auteur)

  2. Contribution to the study of turbulent flow in cylindrical tubing with porous walls; Contribution a l'etude de l'ecoulement turbulent dans une conduite cylindrique a paroi poreuse

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burnage, H


    A theoretical study has been made of a fully developed turbulent flow in cylindrical tubing of circular cross-section subjected to a uniform suction through the walls. This study has made it possible to find a relationship giving the friction coefficient at the wall in terms of the amount of local suction and of the longitudinal static pressure gradient. A method for calculating the Reynolds tensions from the pressure measurements has been devised. An experimental system has been developed. Pressure measurements have been made. By using experimental results it has been possible to obtain a semi empirical expression for the friction coefficient at the wall, in terms of the amount of suction of the inlet Reynolds number, and of the abscissa. (author) [French] Une etude theorique de refoulement turbulent pleinement developpe dans une conduite cylindrique de section circulaire soumise a une aspiration parietale uniforme a ete entreprise. Elle a permis de trouver une relation donnant le coefficient de frottement a la paroi en fonction du taux d'aspiration local et du gradient de pression statique longitudinal. Une methode de calcul des tensions de Reynolds a partir des mesures de pression a ete etablie. Un dispositif experimental a ete realise et mis au point. Des mesures de pression ont ete effectuees. L'utilisation des resultats experimentaux a permis d'obtenir une expression semi-empirique du coefficient de frottement a la paroi en fonction du taux d'aspiration, du nombre de Reynolds d'entree et de l'abscisse. (auteur)

  3. Study of the behaviour of artificial radioactive aerosols. Applications to some problems of atmospheric circulation (1963); Etude du comportement dcs aerosols radioactifs artificiels. Applications a quelques problemes de circulation atmospherique (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lambert, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The aim of this work, consists in the examination of the behaviour of radioactive aerosols produced in the atmosphere by nuclear explosions, in order to deduce the most general laws governing atmospheric circulation and diffusion. After having given a general table of the radioactive aerosols present the authors consider the validity and the precision of the measurement methods and the concentration of the aerosols at ground level and in the upper atmosphere, as well as their deposition on the ground. The existence is thus demonstrated of a tropospheric equatorial barrier and of discontinuous and seasonal aspects of stratosphere-troposphere transfers. The role is shown of precipitations and dry auto-filtration in the lower atmosphere cleaning processes. This work makes it possible to describe the general behaviour of dust from the stratosphere, and to improve the total radioactive contamination of the globe. (author) [French] L'objectif de ce travail consiste a examiner le comportement des aerosols radioactifs introduits dans l'atmosphere par les explosions nucleaires, pour en deduire les lois les plus generals de la circulation et diffusion atmospheriques. Apres avoir dresse un tableau d'ensemble des aerosols radioactifs presents, on examine la validite et la precision des methodes de mesure de leur concentration, au niveau du sol et en haute atmosphere, ainsi que de leur depot a la surface du sol. On met ainsi en evidence l'existence d'une barriere equatoriale tropospherique; l'aspect discontinu et saisonnier des transferts stratosphere-troposphere; le role des precipitations et de l'auto-filtration seche, dans les processus de nettoyage de la basse atmosphere. Ces etudes permettent de decrire le comportement general des poussieres d'origine stratospherique et d'ameliorer le bilan de la contamination radioactive du globe. (auteur)

  4. For a return to the Etudes sur les sciences sociales. Local autonomy and territorial wealth according to Sismondi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Pioletti


    Full Text Available The article aims to analyse the Etudes sur les sciences sociales, published by Sismondi between 1836 and 1838, conducted in the light of the theses not only of the historians of Italian thinking who have determined the revival of interest in the Genevan’s doctrine, but also of very relevant works on issues of the growth and degrowth of the world economy. In particular, Pioletti focuses attention on the question of the territories: for the social scientist Sismondi at the end of the 1830s, they are functional and ideally constitutional units, where rules and customs apply that alone can deal with the risks of haphazard economic growth. Small localities, small estates: from these elements Sismondi also draws inspiration for an original theory of government – and for the national and local relations in the modern States – which, albeit presenting itself in 1836, was clearly affected by an interest that had been manifested in the historiographic field from 1807.

  5. The study by means of a photomultiplier of the scintillations produced by {alpha} particles striking a zinc sulphide screen; Etude, au photomultiplicateur, des scintillations produites par les particules {alpha} dans un ecran de sulfure de zinc. Application a la numeration precise des particules {alpha}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anthony, J.P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The object of the study is the accurate counting of {alpha} particles by p-m. detection of their scintillations upon impact with a zinc sulphide screen. The main advantage of the method is the extreme simplicity of the electronics used: the possibility of obtaining a utilizable pulse from the p-m. (EMI5311) without any amplification, and in linear response, is demonstrated. The scintillation produced by an impact on Zn-S has also been studied experimentally. The decrease of light intensity in relation to time may be interpreted by the exponential relation: I = I{sub 0} exp (-t / {tau}) whereby {tau} = (39 {+-} 0,1) 10{sup -6} s. The relation between scintillation intensity and remaining trajectory after travel through a given air-space has also been determined. Possible suitable applications of this method of {alpha} counting are those where good stability and low background are necessary. Results stated bear on air contamination studies, isotopic composition variation measurement of uranium, bismuth content measurement in alloys by irradiation of specimens in a thermal neutron flux and {alpha} count on the Po formed. (author) [French] Ce travail est consacre a l'etude de la numeration precise des particules {alpha} par detection au photomultiplicateur des scintillations produites par ces particules dans un ecran de sulfure de zinc. Le principal avantage de cette methode reside dans l'extreme simplicite de l'appareillage electronique; il est en effet montre qu'il est possible, tout en convoyant une reponse lineaire, d'obtenir du photomultiplicateur (EMI5311) un signal electrique utilisable sans aucune amplification. La scintillation produite par l'impact des particules {alpha} sur un ecran de Zn-S est etudiee experimentalement. La decroissance de l'intensite lumineuse en fonction du temps est interpretable par la relation exponentielle I = I{sub 0} exp (-t / {tau}) avec {tau} = (39 {+-} 0,1) 10{sup -6} s. La relation entre l

  6. Study of the long-term values and prices of plutonium; a simplified parametrized model; Etude des valeurs et des prix du plutonium a long terme; un modele parametre simplifie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaussens, J.; Paillot, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors define the notions of use values and price of plutonium. They give a 'simplified parametrized model' simulating the equilibrium of the offer and the demand in time, concerning the plutonium and the price deriving from the relative scarcity of this metal, taking into account the technical and economic operating parameters of the various reactors confronted. This model is simple enough to allow direct computations and establish clear relations between the various parameters. The use of the linear programmes method allows on the other hand a wide extension of the model. This report includes three main parts: I - General description of the study (without detailed calculations) II - Mathematical development of the simplified parametrized model and application (the basic data and the results of the calculations are given) III - Appendices (giving the detailed computations of part II). (authors) [French] Les auteurs definissent les notions de valeurs d'usage et de prix du plutonium. Ils donnent un 'modele parametre simplifie' simulant l'equilibre de l'office et de la demande dans le temps concernant le plutonium et le prix qui decoule de la rarete relative de ce metal, compte tenu des parametres techniques et economiques de fonctionnement des divers reacteurs en presence. Ce modele est suffisamment simple pour permettre des calculs manuels et etablir des liaisons claires entre les divers parametres. L'utilisation de la technique des programmes lineaires permet par ailleurs une extension considerable du modele. Cette note comprend trois parties: I - Expose general de l'etude (sans expose du detail des calculs) II - Developpement mathematique du modele parametre simplifie et application (on precise les donnees de base et le resultat des calculs) III - Annexes (donnant le detail des calculs de la partie II). (auteurs)

  7. Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xixin Wang


    Full Text Available ZrO2 nanotube arrays were prepared by anodization method in aqueous electrolyte containing (NH42SO4 and NH4F. The morphology and structure of nanotube arrays were characterized through scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction, and infrared spectra analysis. The zirconia nanotube arrays were used as catalyst in esterification reaction. The effects of calcination temperature and electrolyte concentration on catalytic esterification activity have been investigated in detail. Experiments indicate that nanotube arrays have highest catalytic activity when the concentration of (NH42SO4 is 1 mol/L, the concentration of NH4F is 1 wt%, and the calcination temperature is 400°C. Esterification reaction yield of as much as 97% could be obtained under optimal conditions.

  8. Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrey Gnatov


    Full Text Available Recently repair and recovery vehicle body operations become more and more popular. A special place here is taken by equipment that provides performance of given repair operations. The most interesting things are methods for recovery of car body panels that allow the straightening without disassembling of car body panels and damaging of existing protective coating. Now, there are several technologies for repair and recovery of car body panels without their disassembly and dismantling. The most perspective is magnetic-pulse technology of external noncontact straightening. Basics of magnetic-pulse attraction, both ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic thin-walled sheet metal, are explored. Inductor system calculation models of magnetic-pulse straightening tools are presented. Final analytical expressions for excited efforts calculation in the tools under consideration are introduced. According to the obtained analytical expressions, numerical evaluations of excited forces were executed. The volumetric epures of the attractive force radial distributions for different types of inductors were built. The practical testing of magnetic-pulse straightening with research tools is given. Using the results of the calculations we can create effective tools for an external magnetic-pulse straightening of car body panels.

  9. Radiobiological study of the radioprotective activity of a natural Iranian compound, ''Shir-Khecht''; Etude radiobiologique de l'activite radioprotectrice d'un compose naturel Iranien: le ''Shir-Khecht''

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rouhanizadeh, N. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    After reviewing the primary mechanisms of the action of ionizing radiation, the possible mechanisms of the action of radioprotective substances, the various chemical structures having a protective effect and the methods for studying chemical radioprotection, the author presents the results he has obtained with natural Iranian product: ''Shir-Khecht''. Tests with this product at lethal and sublethal doses have been carried out on the rat using various means of introduction. The effect of radiation, both with and without protection, has been studied using histological and biochemical methods. The product examined has, in effect, a protective action; it is, furthermore, non-toxic and active when taken orally. (author) [French] Apres avoir rappele les mecanismes primaires de l'action des rayonnements ionisants, les mecanismes possibles de l'action des substances radioprotectrices, les diverses structures chimiques possedant un effet protecteur et les methodes d'etude de la radioprotection chimique, l'auteur presente les resultats qu'il a obtenus en utilisant un compose naturel iranien: le ''Shir-Khecht''. Des essais de ce produit, chez le rat, par diverses voies d'introduction, a dose letale et subletale ont ete effectues. L'effet des radiations, avec et sans protection, a ete etudie a l'aide de methodes histologiques et biochimiques. Le compose essaye possede un pouvoir protecteur; il est, de plus, non toxique et actif par voie orale. (auteur)

  10. Etude de la Production des Mesons d* Sur le PIC de Resonance du Boson Z Observes AU Lep avec le Detecteur Opal (United States)

    Przysiezniak, Helenka

    L'etude de la production des mesons D* est effectuee a partir d'evenements multihadroniques rm Z^0to q| q, avec des donnees prises en 1990, 1991 et 1992 avec le detecteur OPAL au LEP. La notation q definit les quarks des cinq saveurs pouvant etre observees au LEP: up (u), down (d), strange (s), charme (c), beaute (b). Les D* et les correlations D*-leptons sont identifiees et ces dernieres servent a effecteur une separation claire entre les evenements rm Z^0to b| b et Z^0to c| c. On mesure la distribution de la variable de fragmentation x_{rm D^ *}=E_{rm D^*}/E _{rm faisceau} pour les D* produits dans les evenements rm Z^0 to c| c. Elle est notee f _{rm cto D^*}. Ce resultat est a la base d'une publication OPAL (1), avec trois autres methodes de separation etudiees en parallele, donnat la premiere mesure OPAL de f _{rm cto D^*} qui soit independante de toute modelisation de la fragmentation des quarks lourds, ainsi qu'une mesure de Gamma_{rm c| c} parmi les plus precises effectuees a ce jour, ou Gamma_{rm c| c} est la largeur partielle de la desintegration du Z^0 en une paire cc. En ce qui concerne les resultats obtenus dans le cadre de cette these, la valeur moyenne de la distribution f_ {rm cto D^*}, notee cto D^*}>, est donnee par:cto D^*}>=0.530+/-0.027 +/-0.022ou la premiere erreur est statistique, et la seconde est systematique. On mesure aussi le taux de production des mesons D*, donnee par: {Gamma({rm Z^0to D^ *}X)overGamma_{rm hadrons}}=0.207+/-0.007+/-0.017 ou Gamma_{rm hadrons } est la largeur totale de la desintegration du Z^0 en paires de qq des cinq saveurs. La separation entre evenements rm Z^0to b| b et Z^0 to c| c, dans lesquels sont produits des D* se desintegrant selon rm D^ *to D^0pito (Kpi)pi, nous donne:(DIAGRAM, TABLE OR GRAPHIC OMITTED...PLEASE SEE DAI)La variable de fragmentation x_ {rm cto D^*} est utilisee pour tester les modeles des processes perturbatifs et non-perturbatifs qui entrent en jeu lors de la fragmentation des quarks b et c

  11. Preliminary studies on the Marcoule site, using a wind-tunnel; Etude preliminaire en soufflerie du site de Marcoule

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chassany, J.Ph. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Service de Protection contre les Radiations, Marcoule (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Parigi, H. [Institut de Mecanique des Fluides, 13 - Marseille (France); Salaun-Penquer, G. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), 13 - Marseille (France)


    The tests were carried out in the 3.30 x 2.20 subsonic elliptical wind-tunnel of the Marseille Institute of fluid mechanics, on a 1/1000 scale model measuring 3 m x 3 m. The aerodynamic field developing above the site, made visible by ammonium, hydro-chlorate fumes, and the residues were observed and filmed by means of a synchronised cine-camera with stroboscopic lighting for 4 wind directions. The fall-out from the various waste products was obtained from a spraying of lead acetate solution on the model and hydrogen sulphide emissions. The zones of maximum pollution can be determined from a study of the film taken during the blackening of the spots. (author) [French] Les essais ont ete effectues dans la soufflerie elliptique subsonique de 3,30 x 2,20 de l'Institut de Mecanique des fluides de Marseille, sur une maquette, a l'echelle 1/1000, de 3 m x 3 m. Le champ aerodynamique se developpant au-dessus du Site, visualise par des fumees de chlorydrate d'ammoniaque ainsi que les rejets ont ete observes et filmes avec une camera synchronisee avec un eclairage stroboscopique pour 4 directions du vent. Les retombees au sol provenant des differents rejets ont ete obtenues a partir de la pulverisation d'une solution d'acetate de plomb sur la maquette et d'emissions de sulfure d'hydrogene. L'etude du film pris au cours du noircissement des taches permet de determiner les zones de pollution maximales. (auteur)

  12. Composes inter-halogenes sous pression: etude des transformations structurales dans le monobromure d'iode sous forme dense (United States)

    Bouchard, Alexandre

    La famille des composes halogenes et inter-halogenes representent des solides moleculaires adoptant des phases denses communes avec des solides moleculaires diatomiques comme l'azote et l'hydrogene. Parmi les transformations structurales et electroniques induites sous haute pression et observees dans ces solides, on note, entre autres, la dissociation moleculaire et la metallisation. De plus, l'etude des phases denses de l'iode a permis recemment l'observation d'une structure cristalline possedant une modulation dite incommensurable, c'est-a-dire une modulation possedant une periodicite differente de celle de la structure cristalline, jetant ainsi une lumiere nouvelle sur le processus de dissociation moleculaire dans les solides halogenes. Dans ce memoire, on propose d'etudier les changements structuraux dans monobromure d'iode (IBr), un compose inter-halogene possedant des proprietes structurales semblables a celles de deux composes halogenes, soit l'iode (I 2) et le brome (Br2) sous leur forme solide. Des experiences de diffraction des rayons X de poudres en utilisant un rayonnement synchrotron ont ete realisees a temperature ambiante sur l'IBr en variant la pression jusqu'aux environs de 60 GPa. La nature chimique particuliere du compose IBr a necessite la mise au point de techniques de chargement d'echantillon destinees a preserver l'integrite chimique de la substance utilisee. On rapporte egalement l'observation d'une phase de l'IBr presentant une modulation incommensurable. Les phases observees dans l'IBr permettent d'etablir des paralleles avec les phases denses rapportees dans I2 et Br2 par le biais d'un modele phenomenologique decrivant la sequence structurale des solides halogenes sous forme condensee.

  13. Study by electron spin resonance of the free radicals created under irradiation in glycine; Etude par la technique de resonance paramagnetique electronique des radicaux crees sous irradiation dans la glycine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thomet, P.; Rassat, A.; Servoz-Gavin, P.; Choudens, H. de [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The free radicals created by different radiations in glycine are measured by electron spin resonance and their number is evaluated in function of the absorbed dose. This number decreases when the LET of the radiations increases ; in other words,high LET radiations gives less radiochemical effects; in contrary with the fact that high LET radiations creates more damage in biological materials. The decreasing with time of the number of free radicals and the speed of this decrease is a function of temperature; by the study of the kinetics of this decrease, an attempt has been made to prove the presence of three radicals. (authors) [French] Les radicaux crees par divers rayonnements dans la glycine sont detectes par resonance paramagnetique electronique et leur nombre est evalue en fonction de la dose. Ce nombre varie dans le sens inverse du T.E.L moyen, c'est-a-dire que les rayonnements de T.E.L eleves donnent des effets radiochimiques plus petits alors que les effets radiobiologiques sont importants avec des T.E.L eleves. La decroissance dans le temps du nombre de radicaux est observee et la vitesse de diminution des radicaux est liee a la temperature. Etudiant la cinetique de recombinaison, on peut faire l'hypothese de l'existence de 3 radicaux. (auteurs)

  14. Study of the use of an electric discharge for hollow cathodes used as optical excitation sources in the spectrographic measurement of fluorine in thorium, uranium and plutonium; Etude de l'utilisation de la decharge electrique en cathode creuse comme source d'excitation optique pour le dosage spectrographique du fluor dans le thorium, l'uranium et le plutonium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bufpereau, M.; Crehange, G.; Poublan, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Previous works and phenomena concerned with a hollow cathode excitation are reviewed. Experiments aimed specially on the determination of the best conditions for an analysis of fluorine in oxides-metals and solutions. In that purpose, several factors have been pointed out. One started some researches about others elements that fluorine. Carrying fluorine into discharge and excitation have been more specially studied. A quantitative analysis method is given. The analysis limit is 45 ppm about but the detection limit is 5 ppm about. As a conclusion, various ways for optical excitation of fluorine are reviewed as other analytical possibilities a hollow cathode discharge offers. (authors) [French] On rappelle les travaux effectues jusqu'alors ainsi que les phenomenes mis en jeu dans l'excitation cathode creuse. Les experiences effectuees ont eu pour but essentiel la determination des conditions optima du dosage du fluor dans les oxydes, metaux et solutions. Pour cela de nombreux facteurs ont ete mis en evidence. Certaines etudes concernant d'autres elements que le fluor ont ete amorcees. Le passage du fluor dans la decharge et son excitation ont ete plus particulierement etudies. Une methode d'analyse quantitative est degagee, la limite de dosage est de l'ordre de 45 ppm, la limite de detection de 5 ppm. En conclusion, on passe en revue les differentes methodes d'excitation optique du fluor ainsi que les autres possibilites analytiques que peut offrir la cathode creuse. (auteurs)

  15. Study of the asymptotic expansion of multiple integrals in mathematical physics; Etudes sur les developpements asymptotiques des integrales multiples de la physique mathematique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chako, N. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    , provided one interprets in a proper manner the results derived from the two methods, especially the expression of the geometrical wave. (author) [French] Nous avons applique la methode de la phase stationnaire pour evaluer les integrales doubles et multiples du type: (A) U(k) = g(x)e{sup ik{phi}}{sup (x)} d(x), (x)=(x{sub 1},..., x{sub n}) pour les grandes valeurs du parametre k. Dans la premiere partie nous avons etendu d'une maniere rigoureuse la methode de la phase stationnaire aux integrales doubles et multiples de type (A). De plus, nous avons obtenu un developpement asymptotique de (A), lorsque l'amplitude et la phase peuvent se developper sous forme canonique au voisinage de points critiques ou stationnaires de l'integrale (A). Ce developpement contient comme cas particuliers tous les cas importants dans les applications physiques et particulierement en diffraction et diffusion d'ondes electromagnetiques et corpusculaires par des systemes optiques, corps diffractants et potentiels de diffusions. Dans la seconde partie nous avons considere le probleme de la convergence du developpement de la contribution principale a l'integrale, au sens asymptotique de Poincare. La preuve est basee sur la methode des majorantes, utilisee en analyse mathematique. La troisieme partie contient la derivation des series asymptotiques diverses, due aux types varies de points critiques ou stationnaires lies aux fonctions d'amplitude et de phase. Dans la quatrieme partie nous avons generalise la methode aux integrales multiples et au cas ou le parametre k entre implicitement dans la fonction de phase. Ce dernier type d'integrales permet l'extension du premier type a de nombreux problemes physiques, par exemple a la propagation d'ondes en milieux dispersifs et absorbants. Au dernier chapitre, nous faisons l'etude des integrales doubles de diffractions (theorie de Kirchhoff) et nous comparons les resultats par l'application de la methode

  16. Reconstruction de la surface de Fermi dans l'etat normal d'un supraconducteur a haute Tc: Une etude du transport electrique en champ magnetique intense (United States)

    Le Boeuf, David

    Des mesures de resistance longitudinale et de resistance de Hall en champ magnetique intense transverse (perpendiculaire aux plans CuO2) ont ete effectuees au sein de monocristaux de YBa2Cu3Oy (YBCO) demacles, ordonnes et de grande purete, afin d'etudier l'etat fondamental des supraconducteurs a haute Tc dans le regime sous-dope. Cette etude a ete realisee en fonction du dopage et de l'orientation du courant d'excitation J par rapport a l'axe orthorhombique b de la structure cristalline. Les mesures en champ magnetique intense revelent par suppression de la supraconductivite des oscillations magnetiques des resistances longitudinale et de Hall dans YBa2Cu 3O6.51 et YBa2Cu4O8. La conformite du comportement de ces oscillations quantiques au formalisme de Lifshitz-Kosevich, apporte la preuve de l'existence d'une surface de Fermi fermee a caractere quasi-2D, abritant des quasiparticules coherentes respectant la statistique de Fermi-Dirac, dans la phase pseudogap d'YBCO. La faible frequence des oscillations quantiques, combinee avec l'etude de la partie monotone de la resistance de Hall en fonction de la temperature indique que la surface de Fermi d'YBCO sous-dope comprend une petite poche de Fermi occupee par des porteurs de charge negative. Cette particularite de la surface de Fermi dans le regime sous-dope incompatible avec les calculs de structure de bande est en fort contraste avec la structure electronique presente dans le regime surdope. Cette observation implique ainsi l'existence d'un point critique quantique dans le diagramme de phase d'YBCO, au voisinage duquel la surface de Fermi doit subir une reconstruction induite par l'etablissement d'une brisure de la symetrie de translation du reseau cristallin sous-jacent. Enfin, l'etude en fonction du dopage de la resistance de Hall et de la resistance longitudinale en champ magnetique intense suggere qu'un ordre du type onde de densite (DW) est responsable de la reconstruction de la surface de Fermi. L'analogie de

  17. Contribution to the study of the vertical molten zone process (1963); Contribution a l'etude du procede de la zone fondue verticale (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lenzin, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Construction and use of several molten zone apparatuses operating either vertically or horizontally. Efficient purification of uranyl nitrate hexahydrate but less successful in the case of other hydrated double salts and of zirconyl chloride in the hydrochloric gel form. Demonstration and study of the dissymmetry in the direction of the transport of the impurity during, the purification by a vertical molten zone process. (author) [French] Construction et utilisation de plusieurs appareils de zone fondue travaillant soit en vertical, soit en horizontal. Purification efficace du nitrate d'uranyle hexahydrate mais peu significative dans le cas des autres couples de sels hydrates et du chlorure de zirconyle a l'etat de gel chlorhydrique. Mise en evidence et etude de la dissymetrie sur le sens de transport de l'impurete au cours de la purification par zone fondue verticale. (auteur)

  18. Experimental study of the hydrodynamic instabilities occurring in boiling-water reactors; Etude experimentale des instabilites hydrodynamiques survenant dans les reacteurs nucleaires a ebullition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fabreca, S. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The subjects is an experimental out-of pile loop study of the hydrodynamic oscillations occurring in boiling-water reactors. The study was carried out at atmospheric pressure and at pressure of about 8 atmospheres, in channels heated electrically by a constant and uniform specified current. In the test at 8 atmospheres the channel was a round tube of approximately 6 mm interior diameter. At 1 atmosphere a ring-section channel was used, 10 * 20 mm in diameter, with an inner heating tube and an outer tube of pyrex. It was possible to operate with natural convection and also with forced convection with test-channel by-pass. The study consists of 3 parts: 1. Preliminary determination of the laws governing pressure-drop during boiling. 2. Determination of the fronts at which oscillation appears, within a wide range of the parameters involved. 3. A descriptive study of the oscillations and measurement of the periods. The report gives the oscillation fronts with natural and forced convection for various values of the singular pressure drop at the channel inlet and for various riser lengths. The results are presented in non-dimensional form, which is available, in first approximation, for all geometric scales and for all fluids. Besides the following points were observed: - the wall (nature and thickness) can be an important factor ; - oscillation can occur in a horizontal channel. (author) [French] II a ete effectue une etude experimentale, en boucle hors-pile, des oscillations hydrodynamiques survenant dans les reacteurs a ebullition. L'etude a ete effectuee a la pression atmospherique et a une pression voisine de 8 atmospheres dans des canaux chauffes electriquement a puissance imposee constante et uniforme. Dans les essais a 8 atmospheres le canal etait un tube circulaire de diametre interieur 6 mm environ. A 1 atmosphere le canal etait de section annulaire 10 * 20 mm avec un tube interieur chauffant et un tube exterieur en pyrex. Le fonctionnement etait possible

  19. Etude expérimentale des composés fluores et des phosphogypses rejetes en Baie de Seine-Rapport de synthèse



    Au cours de la deuxième phase du programme d'étude sur les lésions des poissons et mammifères marins, et dans le cadre de ce programme, les effets de divers effluents industriels rejetés en Baie de Seine ont été recherchés. Le présent rapport rassemble les résultats obtenus d'une part au terme des travaux effectués sur les composés fluorés et sur les phosphogypses et présentés en détail dans chacun des documents suivants : 1. Etude expérimentale chez Salmo gairdneri, des effets toxiques du fl...

  20. Randomized control trial for the assessment of the anti-albuminuric effects of topiroxostat in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy (the ETUDE study). (United States)

    Kato, Sawako; Ando, Masahiko; Mizukoshi, Toshihiro; Nagata, Takanobu; Katsuno, Takayuki; Kosugi, Tomoki; Tsuboi, Naotake; Maruyama, Shoichi


    Proteinuria is an established risk factor for diabetic nephropathy. Recent studies indicate that some xanthine oxidase inhibitors have a renoprotective effect. The aim of this study was to assess whether topiroxostat reduces albuminuria in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy and overt proteinuria. The ETUDE study is an ongoing 24-week, multicenter, open-label, randomized (1:1), parallel group study involving hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy (estimated glomerular filtration rate [eGFR] ≥ 20 mL/min/1.73 m(2)) and overt proteinuria (0.3 ≤ urine protein to creatinine ratio (UPCR) < 3.5 g/g Cr). Patients are randomly assigned to high dose (topiroxostat 160 mg daily) or low dose (topiroxostat 40 mg daily) on top of standard of care. The primary endpoint is the change in albuminuria indicated by urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio after 24 treated weeks relative to the baseline values. This trial was registered at the Japanese University Hospital Medical Information Network Clinical Trials Registry (UMIN-CTR: UMIN 000015403). The background, rationale, and study design of this trial are presented here. Seventy-six patients from four registered facilities have already been enrolled and received at least one dose of topiroxostat. This trial will end in 2017. The ETUDE trial is the first randomized controlled study of topiroxostat in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy and overt proteinuria. We will clarify the pleiotropic function of topiroxostat including an anti-albumiuric effect as well as its effects on safely decreasing serum uric acid levels.

  1. Contribution to the study of deformed heavy nuclei by means of nuclear reactions; Contribution a l'etude des noyaux lourds deformes au moyen de reactions nucleaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gastebois, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The experimental results obtained in the study of the (d,p) reactions, at E{sub d} = 12 MeV, on the three even-even deformed nuclei {sup 170}Yb, {sup 172}Yb and {sup 174}Yb have been analysed in terms of DWBA calculations. The spectroscopic information relative to the odd final nuclei have been compared with the predictions of the collective model and of the Nilsson's model. The effect of various parameters used in the DWBA analysis (form factors, optical wave functions) has been carefully studied. The observed differences between the three final nuclei are qualitatively reproduced in the experimental study of resonances, seen in excitation functions of elastically and inelastically scattered protons on the same target nuclei, and corresponding to analogue states in the three nuclei {sup 171}Lu, {sup 173}Lu and {sup 175}Lu. (author) [French] Les resultats experimentaux de l'etude des reactions (d.p) a E{sub d} = 12 MeV, sur les noyaux deformes pairs-pairs {sup 170}Yb, {sup 172}Yb et {sup 174}Yb ont ete interpretes dans le cadre de l'approximation de Born des ondes deformees. Les informations spectroscopiques relatives aux noyaux impairs finals ont ete comparees aux predictions du modele collectif et du modele de Nilsson, apres avoir examine avec soin l'influence des differents parametres (facteurs de forme, fonctions d'onde 'optiques') utilises lors de l'analyse. Les differences observees entre les trois noyaux finals sont qualitativement reproduites par les resultats experimentaux de l'etude de resonances dans les fonctions d'excitation de diffusion elastique et inelastique de protons sur les memes noyaux-cibles, lors de la recherche d'etats analogues dans les noyaux {sup 171}Lu, {sup 173}Lu et {sup 175}Lu. (auteur)

  2. Contribution to the study of internal friction in graphites; Contribution a l'etude du frottement interieur des graphites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Merlin, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A study has been made of the internal friction in different graphites between -180 C and +500 C using a torsion pendulum; the graphites had been previously treated thermo-mechanically, by neutron irradiation and subjected to partial annealings. It has been shown that there occurs: a hysteretic type dissipation of energy, connected with interactions between dislocations and other defects in the matrix; a dissipation having a partially hysteretic character which can be interpreted by a Granato-Luke type formalism and which is connected with the presence of an 'ultra-micro porosity'; a dissipation by a relaxation mechanism after a small dose of irradiation; this is attributed to the reorientation of bi-interstitials; a dissipation having the characteristics of a solid state transformation, this during an annealing after irradiation. It is attributed to the reorganization of interstitial defects. Some information has thus been obtained concerning graphites, in particular: their behaviour at low mechanical stresses, the nature of irradiation defects and their behaviour during annealing, the structural changes occurring during graphitization, the relationship between internal friction and macroscopic mechanical properties. (author) [French] L'etude du coefficient de frottement interieur au moyen d'un pendule de torsion entre -180 C et +500 C a ete realisee pour differents graphites apres des traitements thermo-mecaniques, des irradiations neutroniques et des guerisons partielles. Il a ete mis en evidence: une dissipation d'energie a caractere hysteretique, reliee aux interactions des dislocations avec les autres defauts de la matrice; une dissipation a caractere partiellement hysteretique, interpretable par un formalisme type Granato-Lucke et reliee a la presence d'une ''ultra-microporosite''; une dissipation par un mecanisme de relaxation, apres irradiation a faible dose, attribuee a la reorientation de di

  3. Silicon P.I.N. Junctions used for studies of radiation damage; Etude de l'irradiation aux neutrons rapides du silicium au moyen de jonctions P.I.N

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lanore, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Irradiation of silicon P.I.N. junction has been studied primarily for the purpose of developing a radiation damage dosimeter, but also for the purpose of investigating silicon itself. It is known that the rate of recombination of electrons and holes is a linear function of defects introduced by neutron irradiation. Two methods have been used to measure that rate of recombination: forward characteristic measurements, recovery time measurements. In order to explain how these two parameters depend on recombination rate we have given a theory of the P.I.N. junction. We have also given an idea of the carrier lifetime dependence versus temperature. Annealing effects in the range of 70 to 700 K have also been studied, we found five annealing stages with corresponding activation energies. As an application for these studies, we developed a radiation damage dosimeter with which we made several experiments in facilities such as Naiade or Marias. (author) [French] L'irradiation de structures P.I.N. etait faite dans le but d'etudier principalement la mise au point d'un dosimetre a ''radiation damage'' et aussi pour etudier plus profondement le silicium lui-meme. On sait que le taux de recombinaison electrons-trous est une fonction lineaire du taux de defauts introduits par irradiation aux neutrons. Deux methodes ont ete utilisees pour atteindre ce taux de recombinaison: mesures de la caracteristique directe, mesures du temps de retournement. Pour expliquer de quelle facon ces parametres dependent du taux de recombinaison. Nous avons donne une theorie de la jonction P.I.N. Nous avons aussi donne l'allure des variations du temps de vie des porteurs en fonction de la temperature. Nous avons d'autre part effectue des recuits entre 70 et 700 K, domaine dans lequel nous avons trouve cinq etapes de ''guerison'' avec les energies d'activation correspondantes. En application de ces etudes nous avons mis ou point un

  4. Contribution to the study of the structure and properties of silica gel (1962); Contribution a l'etude de la structure et des proprietes des gels de silice (1962)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fraissard, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The study of the texture of two types of silica gels, xerogels and aerogels, shows that the latter evolve differently on heating. By I.R. spectrography it has been possible to establish that this is due to the existence, in these solids, of a microstructure undetectable by X-rays and which depends on the preparation conditions initially. By using both chemical (thermogravimetry, hydrolysis of diborane) and physical (I.R. spectrography and wide-band N.M.R.) methods we have been able to determine the state of the water of constitution of these gels (water molecules and hydroxyls) and to show that the density, the distribution and the mobility of the protons of this water are very different. For example, the relaxation time T{sub 1} of the protons of a xerogel is about 1 second whilst that of the protons in an aerogel is of the order of a microsecond. Finally, it has been possible by using high resolution N.M.R. to propose a mechanism for the adsorption of formic acid on two types of gel thereby explaining, with the help of previous results, the differences in specificity of these two solids in the decomposition reaction of this acid. (author) [French] L'etude de la texture de deux types de gels de silice, les xerogels et les aerogels, montre que ceux-ci evoluent differemment en fonction de la temperature. La spectrographie I.R a permis de preciser que ceci est du a l'existence, dans ces solides, d'une microstructure indecelable aux rayons X, et fonction des conditions initiales de preparation. Par des methodes chimiques (thermogravimetrie, hydrolyse du diborane) et physiques (spectrographie I.R et R.M.N. large bande), nous avons pu determiner l'etat de l'eau de constitution de ces gels (molecules d'eau et hydroxyles) et montrer que la densite, la repartition et la mobilite des protons de cette eau sont tres differentes. Ainsi le temps de relaxation T{sub 1} des protons d'un xerogel est de l'ordre de la seconde, celui des

  5. {alpha} grain refining and metallurgical study of alloyed uranium, Sicral F1, used for fuel elements; Affinage du grain {alpha} et etude metallurgique de l'alliage d'uranium sicral F1 pour elements combustibles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Magnier, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study was made to know more about grain refining in low alloyed uranium of composition not very different from SICRAL F 1. Alpha grain refining of fuel elements made of these alloys was studied after casting and quenching by the methods used for mass production. The author describes the effect: - of the metallurgical history before quenching: - casting - purity - rate of solidification - of quenching parameters: - annealing temperature before quenching - annealing time - quenching rate - of the composition of the alloy. For the graphite gas fuel elements of various dimensions, he suggests some modifications to give a better adaptation of fabrication to size. He describes the grain refining made during quenching and the {beta} -> {alpha} and {gamma} -> {alpha} transformation types. He proposes the use of a U-Fe-Si especially useful from the point of view of grain refining. (author) [French] Le but de l'etude est de determiner les facteurs metallurgiques favorables a l'affinage du grain {alpha} des alliages d'uranium a tres faibles teneurs en elements d'addition voisins du SICRAL F 1 au cours du cycle de fabrication et de trempe industrielle des elements combustibles nucleaires prepares avec ces alliages. L'auteur met en evidence l'influence: - de l'histoire metallurgique avant trempe: - coulee - teneur en impuretes - vitesse de solidification - des parametres de la trempe: - temperature de trempe - temps et maintien a cette temperature - vitesse de trempe - des variations de composition de l'alliage. Il envisage les modifications a apporter au cycle de fabrication du SICRAL F 1 de facon a l'adapter aux differentes geometries des elements combustibles des reacteurs de la filiere graphite-gaz. L'auteur presente a cette occasion les mecanismes de l'affinage du grain {alpha} par trempe dans les alliages d'uranium et les modes de transformation {beta} -> {alpha} et {gamma} -> {alpha} au cours de la trempe

  6. A study by internal friction of defects produced in iron and nickel irradiated at very low temperatures; Etude au moyen du frottement interne des defauts crees par irradiation a tres basse temperature dans le fer et le nickel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Keating-Hart, G. de [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This work represents a contribution to the study of point defects in metals. After a brief review of the theory of internal friction we will discuss some technical innovations aimed at increasing the flexibility of the apparatus at our disposal. These innovations have allowed us to extend our range of measurements down to 20 deg. K. We will then discuss our experimental results. Firstly, we describe preliminary experiments on electron irradiated iron and the evidence for a laminar structure. Secondly, we present and account of the first measurements on nickel after neutron irradiation at 27 deg. K. We will compare the results with those obtained by other methods in this laboratory. Essentially we have observed transitory peaks at low temperature due to close Frenkel pairs and we have noticed the absence of a peak which would correspond to the magnetic after effect band of stage I{sub E}. An attempt is made to explain the disappearance of the observed peaks upon the application of an internal saturating magnetic field. (author) [French] Ce memoire constitue une contribution a l'etude des defauts ponctuels dans les metaux. Apres un bref apercu theorique sur le frottement interne, nous presenterons quelques realisations techniques destinees a accroitre les possibilites des instruments qui nous ont ete confies. Ces dernieres nous ont permis d'etendre la gamme des mesures jusqu'a 20 deg. K. Nous parlerons ensuite de nos resultats experimentaux. En premier lieu, ceux obtenus au cours de premieres experiences, sur le fer irradie aux electrons mettent en evidence des structures de laminage. En second lieu, nous exposerons les premieres mesures realisees sur du nickel irradie aux neutrons; nous comparerons ces resultats avec ceux obtenus par d'autres moyens experimentaux dans le laboratoire. Nous avons observe essentiellement des pics fugitifs a basse temperature dus aux paires proches de Frenckel et nous avons constate l'absence d'un pic

  7. Contribution de la Gamma - Arteriographie Carotidienne a L'etude de la Dynamique Circulatoire Cerebrale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Vlahovich


    Full Text Available Carotid gamma angiography completes the advantage of paraclinic investiga - tions in field of neuroradiology. "nSince this procedure can easily proceed the regular contrast angiography, it furnishes additional valuable data without being additionally traumatizing to the patient. "nInformations obtained by gamma angiography give important indications on the cerebral circulatory dynamics and in fact becomes a valuable method. "nSometimes, the forms of curves obtained by this method would be sufficient to make the diagnosis of brain circulatory insufficiency and avoid to inject dye , wich in these cases is not without danger.

  8. Zoning and workstation analysis in interventional cardiology; Zonage et etude de poste en cardiologie interventionnelle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Degrange, J.P. [RP-Consult, 42 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris (France)


    As interventional cardiology can induce high doses not only for patients but also for the personnel, the delimitation of regulated areas (or zoning) and workstation analysis (dosimetry) are very important in terms of radioprotection. This paper briefly recalls methods and tools for the different steps to perform zoning and workstation analysis. It outlines the peculiarities of interventional cardiology, presents methods and tools adapted to interventional cardiology, and then discusses the same issues but for workstation analysis. It also outlines specific problems which can be met, and their possible adapted solutions

  9. Special Course on Unstructured Grid Methods for Advection Dominated Flows (Les Methodes Utilisant un Maillage non Structure Pour l’Etude des Ecoulements Caracterises par l’Advection) (United States)


    residual about four orders of magnitude. For the pr’esent example, this would amount to 7 steps using the exact linearization or 8-9 steps us- 10. ing...the flow about multi- ing first order upwind RHS in(5.9). Dashed line element airfoil configurations. Both of these im- depicts scheme run with exact ... linearization of plementations utilize locally structured meshes first order scheme on the LHS and second order to produce one-dimensional-like

  10. Study of the two-dimensional Hubbard model at half-filling through constructive methods; Etude du modele de Hubbard bidimensionnel a demi remplissage par des methodes constructives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Afchain, St


    The Hubbard model is the simplest model to describe the behaviour of fermions on a network, it takes into account only fermion scattering and only interactions with other fermions located on the same site. Half-filling means that the total number of fermions is equal to half the number of sites. In the first chapter we show how we can pass trough successive approximations from a very general Hamiltonian to the Hubbard Hamiltonian. The second chapter is dedicated to the passage from the Hamiltonian formalism to the Grassmanian functional formalism. The main idea is to show that the correlation functions of the Hamiltonian approach can be described through fermionic functional integrals which implies the possibility of speaking of the model in terms of field theory. The chapter 3 deals with the main constructive techniques that allow the strict and consistent construction of models inside the frame of field theory. We show by proving the violation of a condition concerning self-energy, that the two-dimensional Hubbard model at half-filling has not the behaviour of a Fermi liquid in the Landau's interpretation. (A.C.)

  11. Etude de L'energie Moyenne de Creation de Paire dans les Detecteurs de Particules AU Silicium Amorphe Hydrogene (United States)

    Dubeau, Jacques

    Ce travail porte sur la mesure et le calcul de l'energie de creation d'une paire electron-trou, epsilon_{p}, par une particule ionisante dans des detecteurs en couches minces au a-Si:H. Cette etude fut realisee a l'aide de dispositifs specialement concus et qui sont de deux types. Le premier emprunte au domaine des cellules photovoltaiques des structures p/i/n qui ont des couches dopees de ~30 nm mais dont on augmente l'epaisseur de la couche sensible, la couche i, a 3 ou 4 mum. Ces dispositifs peuvent etre polarises en inverse jusqu'a 20 V/ mum. Le second type consiste aussi en des structures p/i/n qui cette fois sont adaptees specialement aux applications de detection. Ces nouveaux dispositifs possedent une couche p de plus de 300 nm qui attenue l'injection d'electrons lors de l'application de la tension inverse, prevenant ainsi le claquage premature et permettant l'application de tensions de plus de 60 V/mum. De plus, ils ont une couche i faisant de 4 a 18 mu m. Nous avons soumis ces dispositifs a des protons et des particules alpha couvrant un domaine de dE/dx de 7.5 a 300 keV/mum. On met ainsi en evidence deux regimes d'operations. Premierement, lorsqu'on utilise des particules ayant des dE/dx eleves, a des incidences normales a la surface du detecteur et que la tension appliquee aux bornes du dispositif est faible, le signal est fortement attenue par des effets plasmas. Deuxiemement, a de fortes tensions pour des particules a incidences obliques et dE/dx faibles, l'amplitude du signal est proportionnelle a l'energie deposee dans la zone i du detecteur. Cependant, ce signal n'est pas sature et il semble augmenter avec la tension au-dela de la tension de claquage. De plus, on demontre qu'a des tensions intermediaires le signal est plus eleve si la tension est pulsee et si le temps d'integration de l'electronique est long (~ 20mus). En extrapolant l'amplitude du signal a une tension infinie nous obtenons une valeur de epsilon _{p} affranchie de tout effet de

  12. Machine learning etudes in astrophysics: selection functions for mock cluster catalogs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hajian, Amir; Alvarez, Marcelo A.; Bond, J. Richard, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON M5S 3H8 (Canada)


    Making mock simulated catalogs is an important component of astrophysical data analysis. Selection criteria for observed astronomical objects are often too complicated to be derived from first principles. However the existence of an observed group of objects is a well-suited problem for machine learning classification. In this paper we use one-class classifiers to learn the properties of an observed catalog of clusters of galaxies from ROSAT and to pick clusters from mock simulations that resemble the observed ROSAT catalog. We show how this method can be used to study the cross-correlations of thermal Sunya'ev-Zeldovich signals with number density maps of X-ray selected cluster catalogs. The method reduces the bias due to hand-tuning the selection function and is readily scalable to large catalogs with a high-dimensional space of astrophysical features.




    In this work, we study the mechanical behaviour of crushable granular materials under quasi-static loading. It is well known that the higher the breakage ratio, the higher the material compressibility and the lower the peak shear strength. The source of this phenomenon is the brittle fracture of individual grains and their micro-mechanical loading conditions. Thus, recent works have focused on multiscale methods in order to predict the behaviour of the granular assembly. However, the subject ...

  14. L'etude de l'InP et du GaP suite a l'implantation ionique de Mn et a un recuit thermique (United States)

    Bucsa, Ioan Gigel

    Cette these est dediee a l'etude des materiaux InMnP et GaMnP fabriques par implantation ionique et recuit thermique. Plus precisement nous avons investigue la possibilite de former par implantation ionique des materiaux homogenes (alliages) de InMnP et GaMnP contenant de 1 a 5 % atomiques de Mn qui seraient en etat ferromagnetique, pour des possibles applications dans la spintronique. Dans un premier chapitre introductif nous donnons les motivations de cette recherche et faisons une revue de la litterature sur ce sujet. Le deuxieme chapitre decrit les principes de l'implantation ionique, qui est la technique utilisee pour la fabrication des echantillons. Les effets de l'energie, fluence et direction du faisceau ionique sur le profil d'implantation et la formation des dommages seront mis en evidence. Aussi dans ce chapitre nous allons trouver des informations sur les substrats utilises pour l'implantation. Les techniques experimentales utilisees pour la caracterisation structurale, chimique et magnetique des echantillons, ainsi que leurs limitations sont presentees dans le troisieme chapitre. Quelques principes theoriques du magnetisme necessaires pour la comprehension des mesures magnetiques se retrouvent dans le chapitre 4. Le cinquieme chapitre est dedie a l'etude de la morphologie et des proprietes magnetiques des substrats utilises pour implantation et le sixieme chapitre, a l'etude des echantillons implantes au Mn sans avoir subi un recuit thermique. Notamment nous allons voir dans ce chapitre que l'implantation de Mn a plus que 1016 ions/cm 2 amorphise la partie implantee du materiau et le Mn implante se dispose en profondeur sur un profil gaussien. De point de vue magnetique les atomes implantes se trouvent dans un etat paramagnetique entre 5 et 300 K ayant le spin 5/2. Dans le chapitre 7 nous presentons les proprietes des echantillons recuits a basses temperatures. Nous allons voir que dans ces echantillons la couche implantee est polycristalline et les

  15. Contribution to the study of samarium-151 excited levels; Contribution a l'etude des niveaux excites du samarium-151

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Locard, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble, 38 (France)


    The nucleus of {sup 151}Sm, which has 89 neutrons, happens to be on the lower edge of the deformed nuclei of region II. Therefore, the study of its levels is very interesting for the verification of the goodness of the collective models for deformed nuclei when the deformation is small (we introduce these models in the first chapter). {sup 151}Sm has often been studied, but the direct gamma spectrum measured with a lithium drift-germanium detector (chapter 3) shows many high energy transitions which did not appear in the previous level schemes. In order to settle these transitions, we have undertaken gamma-gamma coincidence spectra (as well as sum-coincidence spectra) experiments with a scintillation spectrometer designed in our laboratory (chapter 2). The investigation of the intensities of these coincidences leads us to modify the last proposed level schemes: we suppress the levels at 405,5 and 650 keV, we add levels at 245,6 - 306,6 - 522 - 952 and 962 keV. We have also verified the multipolarities of the main transitions and measured the half-lives of a few levels (chapter 3) (we find a half-life of 1.1 {+-} 0.5 nanosecond for the level at 167,7 keV). In chapter 4, we compare our results to the predictions of the models described in chapter 1. (author) [French] Le noyau de {sup 151}Sm, qui possede 89 neutrons, se trouve a la limite inferieure des noyaux deformes de la region II. L'etude de ses niveaux excites est donc d'un interet tout particulier pour la verification de la validite des differents modeles collectifs pour les noyaux deformes, lorsque la deformation est petite (nous introduisons ces modeles dans un premier chapitre). Le {sup 151}Sm a deja fait l'objet de nombreuses etudes, mais le spectre gamma direct fait avec une jonction de germanium compense au lithium (chapitre 3), nous a montre l'existence d'un grand nombre de transitions de hautes energies qui ne sont pas placees dans les schemas proposes jusqu'a ce jour. Pour

  16. An overview of studies in structural mechanics; Panorama des etudes en mecanique des structures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guilbaud, D.; Blay, N.; Broc, D.; Chaudat, T.; Feau, C.; Sollogoub, P.; Wang, F.; Baj, F.; Bung, H.; Combescure, D.; Lepareux, M.; Phalippou, C.; Bentejac, F.; Hourdequin, N.; Laporte, T.; Millard, A.; Nicolas, L.; Chapuliot, S.; Fissolo, A.; Gourdin, C.; Kayser, Y.; Marie, S.; Reytier, M.; Yuritzinn, T.; Magnaud, J.P. [CEA Saclay Dept. Modelisation de Systemes et Structures, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Braillard, O.; Collard, B.; Gobillot, G.; Mori, V.; Vallory, J.; Pascal-Ribot, S.; Pluyette, E. [CEA Saclay, Dept. de Technologie Nucleaire, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Berton, M.N.; Cabrillat, M.T.; Lejeail, Y. [CEA Saclay, Dept. d' Etudes des Reacteurs, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France)


    The present report gives an overview of the ongoing research programmes in structural mechanics at CEA/DEN. On the whole, these contributions are well representative of the research work performed, more oriented by engineering concerns than driven by pure academic goals. Fundamentally, the developed knowledge results in new methods and improved engineering and computational tools that can be used for CEA needs and transferred to industrial clients and partners. Basic research is carried out with the help of university laboratories, what allows CEA teams to identify the underlying problems and to address them in an adequate manner. Confrontation with other viewpoints and backgrounds takes place in international cooperative actions conducted with academic or industrial research centres, often giving rise to benchmarks. Due to the wide range of problems submitted to CEA/DEN, the R and D topics are numerous and the effort devoted to each of them is limited and sometimes not continuous. Basic research is of course more limited and needs thorough preparation in order to ensure that the key questions, which lock the progress, are really addressed.. Before to end, it is worth mentioning two original research actions which have begun: -) identification of medium state and representation of its variability by a probabilistic approach: this original approach couples inverse method an probability to obtain non directly measurable value from global effect on structures (for example deduce damage from the displacement of a loaded beam) and should be applied to non destructive identification of present state of nuclear reactor enclosures, -) a program of numerical simulations of fluid-elastic instability of a tube bundle submitted to cross flow has been initiated with an Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian -ALE- finite element method to obtain a better knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon. From these simulations, the evolutions of pressure and velocity fields close to fluid

  17. Theoretical study of properties due to the curvature in the toroid shape in magnetohydrodynamics; Etude theorique des proprietes dues a la courbure dans les configurations toriques en magnetohydrodynamique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adam, J.C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    - We are considering a toroidal plasma centred around a closed {gamma}. When the rotational transform L/2{pi} approach an integer k if some specific relations are not satisfied curvature effects can become very important. When the rotational transform is created by current flowing in the plasma this happen if the coefficient a{sub k} of the Fourier expansion of curvature 1/R(s) of is non equal zero. One find then that the influence of a{sub k} is preponderant and that is possible to neglect all the other members of the series to study the neighbourhood of the corresponding equilibrium singularity. By developing an adapted coordinate system it is thus possible to take into account curvature effects at the lowest order. Equilibrium study bring us to introduce an equilibrium parameter {nu} {<=} 1 characterizing curvature effects. It is shown that the more {nu} is near of 1 the more shear and V{sup {phi}} quantities occurring in the stability criterion are important. Finally stability investigation show that the larger is the integer k the smaller is the domain of stability when L/2{pi} is near of k. (author) [French] Nous considerons un plasma toroidal centre autour d'une courbe fermee {gamma}. Lorsque la transformation rotationnelle L/2{pi} est voisine d'un nombre entier k, si certaines relations ne sont pas satisfaites, les effets de courbure peuvent devenir tres importants. Quand la transformation rotationnelle est cree par les courants circulant dans le plasma ceci se produit si le coefficient a{sub k} du developpement en serie de Fourier de la courbure 1/R(s) de {gamma} est non nul. On trouve alors que l'influence du k-ieme coefficient devient preponderante et il possible de negliger les autres termes pour etudier le voisinage de la singularite d'equilibre correspondante. En developpant un systeme de coordonnees adapte il est alors possible de tenir compte des le premier ordre des effets de courbure. L' etude de l'equilibre conduit a

  18. Contribution to the micrographic study of uranium and its alloys; Contribution a l'etude micrographique de l'uranium et de ses alliages

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monti, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present report is the result of research carried out by the radio metallurgy section, to perfect micrographic techniques applicable to the study of samples of irradiated uranium. In the first part of this work, two polishing baths are developed, having the qualities with a minimum of disadvantages inherent in their respective compositions: they are, on the one hand perchloric acid-ethanol mixtures, and on the other hand a phospho-chromic-ethanol bath. In the chapter following, the micrographic attack of uranium is studied. The only satisfactory process is oxidation by cathode bombardment forming epitaxic layers. In the third chapter, an attempt is made to characterise the different surface states of the uranium by dissolution potential measurements and electronic diffraction. In the fourth chapter are given some examples of the application of these techniques to the micrographic study of various uranium alloys. In an appendix, it is shown how the chemical oxidation after phospho-chromic-alcohol polishing allows the different inclusions present in the molten uranium to be distinguished. By X-ray diffraction, uranium monocarbide and mononitride inclusions in particular are characterised. (author) [French] Le present rapport est le resultat de recherches effectuees au service de radiometallurgie pour la mise au point de techniques micrographiques applicables a l'etude d'echantillons d'uranium irradie. Dans la premiere partie de ce travail, nous mettons au point deux bains de polissage qui presentent les qualites inherentes a leur composition respective, avec le minimum d'inconvenients: ce sont d'une part des melanges acide perchlorique-ethanol, et d'autre part un bain phospho-chromique-ethanol. Dans le chapitre suivant, nous etudions l'attaque micrographique de l'uranium. Seul le procede d'oxydation par bombardement cathodique formant des couches epitaxiques, est satisfaisant. Dans le troisieme chapitre, nous essayons

  19. Nuclear biological studies in France; Les etudes de biologie nucleaires en France

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coursaget, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    On the occasion of a colloquium on radiobiological research programmes, a number of documents dealing with French accomplishments and projects in this field were collected together. We felt that it would be useful to assemble these papers in one report; although they are brief and leave gaps to be filled in, they provide certain data, give an overall view of the situation, and can also suggest a rough plan for the general policy to adopt in the field of 'nuclear' biological research; i.e. research based on the nuclear tracer method or devoted to the action of ionising radiations. (author) [French] Un colloque sur les programmes de recherche en radiobiologie nous a donne l'occasion de reunir des documents sur les realisations et les projets francais dans ce domaine. Il nous a semble utile de reunir en un rapport l'ensemble de ces documents, qui, malgre leur brievete et malgre les lacunes qu'ils comportent, donnent un certain nombre d'informations, permettent une vue d'ensemble et peuvent dessiner aussi l'ebauche d'une politique coherente en matiere de recherches biologiques 'nucleaires', c'est-a-dire de recherches basees sur la methode des indicateurs nucleaires ou consacrees a l'action des rayonnements ionisants. (auteur)

  20. Etude des mécanismes des réactions induites par les noyaux à halo de neutrons $^{11}Be$ (49,2 MeV/nucléon) et $ ^{6}He$ (41,5 MeéV/nucléon) sur le plomb en fonction de l'inélasticité des collisions

    CERN Document Server

    Patois, Y


    Etude des mécanismes des réactions induites par les noyaux à halo de neutrons $^{11}Be$ (49,2 MeV/nucléon) et $ ^{6}He$ (41,5 MeéV/nucléon) sur le plomb en fonction de l'inélasticité des collisions

  1. Construction Et Etude De Tests En Regression. 1. Correction Du Rapport De Vraisemblance Par Approximation De Laplace En Regression Non-lineaire. 2. Test D'adequation En Regression Isotonique A Partir D'une Asymptotique Des Fluctuations De La Distance

    CERN Document Server

    Tocquet, A S


    Construction Et Etude De Tests En Regression. 1. Correction Du Rapport De Vraisemblance Par Approximation De Laplace En Regression Non-lineaire. 2. Test D'adequation En Regression Isotonique A Partir D'une Asymptotique Des Fluctuations De La Distance

  2. Determination of diets for the populations of eleven regions of the European community to be used for obtaining radioactive contamination levels. First results concerning the food consumption of individuals classified in nine age-groups; Determination des regimes alimentaires des populations de onze regions de la Communaute Europenne et vue de l'etude des niveaux de contamination radioactive. Premiere serie de resultats concernant la consommation alimentaire des individus groupes en neuf classes d'ages

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ledermann, S.; Lacourly, G.; Garnier, A.; Cresta, M.; Lombardo, E. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present document continues the report CEA-R--2979 - EUR--2768-f. The processing of the data given by the family food enquiry carried out in eleven regions of the European Community, has permitted to determine the food consumption of individuals classified in nine age-groups, in order to study the radioactive contamination levels in the food-chain. The used statistical method is described, and the obtained results are presented in form of double-entry tables giving for each region and for each age-group the mean weekly food-consumption and the contribution of each diet in nutrition principles, in minerals, vitamins, trace elements and calories. (authors) [French] Ce rapport fait suite au rapport CEA-R--2979 - EUR--2768-f. Le traitement de l'information apportee par les enquetes alimentaires familiales realisees dans onze regions de la Communaute Europeenne a permis de determiner les consommations alimentaires des individus groupes en neuf classes d'age, en vue de l'etude des niveaux de contamination radioactive dans les chaines alimentaires. La methode statistique employee est decrite et les resultats obtenus sont presentes sous forme de tableaux a double entree donnant pour chacune des regions etudiees et pour chacune des neuf classes d'age, les consommations moyennes hebdomadaires, ainsi que les apports en principes nutritifs, mineraux, vitamines et oligo-elements, et calories de chaque regime. (auteurs)

  3. Clinical and symptomatological study of pigs subjected to a lethal dose of integral gamma irradiation; Etude clinique et symptomatologique chez le porc soumis a une irradiation gamma totale a dose letale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vaiman, M.; Guenet, J.-L.; Maas, J.; Nizza, P


    Results are reported from a clinical and haematological study on a Corsican species of pigs wholly exposed to an approximately lethal dose of {gamma} radiation. The aim of this work was to examine the changes in the irradiation syndrome of irradiation for pigs to make it thus possible to devise further experiments, in particular in the therapeutic field. The dose received was 285 rads (measured as the absorption in the vertical antero-posterior medial plane). Data are presented on cyto-haematological changes in the blood circulating immediately after irradiation, and followed up to death, and changes in the medullary cytology after irradiation. The clinical picture of lethal radiation injury in swine is described. (authors) [French] Les auteurs rapportent les resultats d'une etude clinique et hematologique chez des porcs de race corse irradies in toto a dose sensiblement letale. Le but de cette etude etait de connaitre l'evolution du syndrome aigu d'irradiation chez le porc et de permettre ainsi le developpement d'experimentations ulterieures, en particulier dans le domaine therapeutique. La dose delivree etait de 285 rad (en dose absorbee au niveau du plan median vertical anteroposterieur. L'etude a porte essentiellement: 1. Sur les modifications cyclo-hematologiques du sang circulant immediatement apres l'irradiation, pour les differentes lignees cellulaires; l'evolution de ces modifications a ete notee jusqu'a la mort; 2. Sur les modifications de la cytologie medullaire apres irradiation (evolution du myelogramme et essai d'evaluation de la cellularite de la moelle osseuse);: 3. Sur les signes cliniques, d'ailleurs tres discrets, observes chez les porcs apres irradiation. (auteurs)

  4. Développement et politiques agro-alimentaires dans la région méditerranéenne. Rapport annuel 2002. Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes, Paris, 247

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronald Jaubert


    Full Text Available Le rapport annuel du Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM n’est pas un rapport d’activité classique mais une analyse des politiques agroalimentaires, des échanges méditerranéens et du partenariat euroméditerranéen. C’est un ouvrage de référence, unique en son genre, utile à tous ceux, chercheurs, enseignants ou professionnels du développement s’intéressant à la production agricole méditerranéenne, aux échanges agro-alimentaires et à leurs régulations. ...

  5. Etude expérimentale par observation in-situ de la dynamique non-linéaire des fronts de solidification directionnelle eutectiques fibreux de l'alliage transparent succinonitrile-camphre


    Perrut, Mikael


    Encadrants : Silvère Akamatsu, Sabine Bottin-Rousseau Co-financement par le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) et le Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES); We present an experimental investigation of the dynamics of fibrous non-faceted eutectic directional-solidification structures in semi-bulk samples. A transparent succinonitrile-d,camphor alloy is used. The whole structure is followed in real time using a new optical setup, which permits to observe the growth front in ...

  6. Study of a capillary evaporator; Etude d`un evaporateur capillaire

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Figus, C.; Le Bray, Y.; Bories, S.; Prat, M. [Institut de Mecanique des Fluides, 31 - Toulouse (France)


    The phenomena that occur during heat and mass transfers by vaporization in porous medium can be described in various ways depending on the length-scale chosen. The most rigorous method is the one that uses the classical fluid mechanics equations to describe the phenomena at each point and in each phase of the domain considered. However, because of the geometrical complexity of the porous domain, this microscopic description is generally unusable. In order to get round this difficulty, the notion of fictive continuum is used to describe the phenomena at a macroscopic scale. In a first step, a numerical model is proposed which is based on the heat and mass transfer equations applied to a representative elementary volume. This approach allows to describe the development of a vapor pocket beneath the flange and to determine the dimensioning sizes of the capillary evaporator. In a second step, a model with a simplified geometry, called numerical network, which represents each pore of a given evaporator structure and which describes the heat and mass transfers at this scale is developed. This second approach confirms the previous results and allows to reach the mechanisms linked with the microstructure heterogeneities (percolation accidents, influence of microscopic heterogeneities..). (J.S.)

  7. Etude microbiologique des feuilles fermentées de manioc: "Ntoba Mbodi"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bouanga Kalou, G.


    Full Text Available Microbiological Study of "Ntoba-Mbodi", Fermented Cassava Leaves. Some families and small processing units proceed by way of fermentation of the cassava leaves to make "ntoba mbodi", a dish with a particular taste and flavor. The fermentation process lastes 4 days and after that the product undergoes significant alteration. During fermentation, about 70% of the cyanogenic glucosides are eliminated compared to 82 to 94% by blanching, vapor cooking or sun drying. Thus fermentation can be considered as good in eliminating cyanide as these other methods. Contrary to other plant material whose fermentation leads to an increase in acidity, fermentation of cassava leaves leads to alkalinization, with the pH rising from 6.2 to 8.9. Microbiological analyses of the fermented cassava leaves reveal the unusual presence of Micrococcus varians, Bacillus macerans, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus sciuri and Staphylococcus xylosus among the other usual microorganisms; however yeasts and Leuconostoc strains are not present. Among this micro-organisms, Bacillus macerans, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus xylosus and Erwinia spp. play an important role in with their polysaccharolytic enzymes.

  8. Studies and modeling of cold neutron sources; Etude et modelisation des sources froides de neutron

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campioni, G


    With the purpose of updating knowledge in the fields of cold neutron sources, the work of this thesis has been run according to the 3 following axes. First, the gathering of specific information forming the materials of this work. This set of knowledge covers the following fields: cold neutron, cross-sections for the different cold moderators, flux slowing down, different measurements of the cold flux and finally, issues in the thermal analysis of the problem. Secondly, the study and development of suitable computation tools. After an analysis of the problem, several tools have been planed, implemented and tested in the 3-dimensional radiation transport code Tripoli-4. In particular, a module of uncoupling, integrated in the official version of Tripoli-4, can perform Monte-Carlo parametric studies with a spare factor of Cpu time fetching 50 times. A module of coupling, simulating neutron guides, has also been developed and implemented in the Monte-Carlo code McStas. Thirdly, achieving a complete study for the validation of the installed calculation chain. These studies focus on 3 cold sources currently functioning: SP1 from Orphee reactor and 2 other sources (SFH and SFV) from the HFR at the Laue Langevin Institute. These studies give examples of problems and methods for the design of future cold sources.

  9. Contribution to the study of screw dislocations; Contribution a l'etude des dislocations helicoidales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grilhe, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay aux Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The aim of this work is to study the germination, growth and properties of screw dislocations. In the introduction (first chapter), we describe briefly the main experimental results obtained by various authors (observations of screws by Amelinckx and Bontinck in ionic crystals, by Dash in silicon crystals and by Thomas and Whelan in aluminium based alloys). We then make a few considerations concerning characteristic geometry of screws and the various methods used for calculating the energy of a dislocation. In the second chapter we study the problems involving only slip of the screw around its cylinder. We calculate the equilibrium step as a function of the forces acting on the extremities. We determine the critical stress required to disrupt the screw and study the interactions between the screw and other dislocations of the lattice. In the third chapter we consider the problem of the stability when the dislocation can climb by absorption or emission of vacancies. We study separately the stability of the size which only involves volume diffusion and the stability of the shape which depends only on the rearrangement of the vacancies along the dislocation. In chapter four we put forward a germination model for the screws: since the vacancies are not absorbed by the screw dislocations, they form clusters which take up a spiral form. The formation of these spirals is studied from the geometrical point of view in face-centered cubic systems. In chapter five we make use of the results obtained in chapters two and three for studying the growth of the spirals. (author) [French] Le but de ce travail est d'etudier la germination, la croissance et les proprietes des dislocations helico ales. Dans l'introduction (premier chapitre), nous exposons brievement les principaux resultats experimentaux obtenus par differents auteurs (observations d'helice par Amelinckx et Bontinck dans les cristaux ioniques, par Dash dans des cristaux de silicium et par Thomas et

  10. Etude des performances de solveurs deterministes sur un coeur rapide a caloporteur sodium (United States)

    Bay, Charlotte

    The reactors of next generation, in particular SFR model, represent a true challenge for current codes and solvers, used mainly for thermic cores. There is no guarantee that their competences could be straight adapted to fast neutron spectrum, or to major design differences. Thus it is necessary to assess the validity of solvers and their potential shortfall in the case of fast neutron reactors. As part of an internship with CEA (France), and at the instigation of EPM Nuclear Institute, this study concerns the following codes : DRAGON/DONJON, ERANOS, PARIS and APOLLO3. The precision assessment has been performed using Monte Carlo code TRIPOLI4. Only core calculation was of interest, namely numerical methods competences in precision and rapidity. Lattice code was not part of the study, that is to say nuclear data, self-shielding, or isotopic compositions. Nor was tackled burnup or time evolution effects. The study consists in two main steps : first evaluating the sensitivity of each solver to calculation parameters, and obtain its optimal calculation set ; then compare their competences in terms of precision and rapidity, by collecting usual quantities (effective multiplication factor, reaction rates map), but also more specific quantities which are crucial to the SFR design, namely control rod worth and sodium void effect. The calculation time is also a key factor. Whatever conclusion or recommendation that could be drawn from this study, they must first of all be applied within similar frameworks, that is to say small fast neutron cores with hexagonal geometry. Eventual adjustments for big cores will have to be demonstrated in developments of this study.

  11. PECVD de composes de silicium sur polymeres: Etude de la premiere phase du depot (United States)

    Dennler, Gilles

    Since their first introduction in the early 90's, transparent barriers against oxygen and/or water vapor permeation through polymers, such as SiO 2, are the object of increasing interest in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, and more recently for the encapsulation of organic-based displays. It is now well known that these thin layers possess barrier properties only if they are thicker than a certain critical thickness, dc. For example, dc is around 12 nm in the case of SiO2 on KaptonRTM PI; below this value, the measured "Oxygen Transmission Rate" (OTR, in standard cm3/m2/day/bar) is roughly the same as that of the uncoated polymer. Until now, no detailed research has been carried out to explain this observation, but a hypothesis was proposed in the literature, based on island-like growth structure of the coating for d ≤ dc. According to this hypothesis, the surface energy of the polymeric substrates is so low that the Volmer-Weber (island-coalescence) growth mode occurs. We have aimed to verify this explanation, that is, to study the initial phase of silicon-compound (SiO2 and SiN) growth on four different polymeric substrates, namely polyimide (KaptonRTM PI), polycarbonate (LexanRTM PC), polypropylene (PP), and polyethyleneterephthalate (MylarRTM PET). Three different deposition methods were used, namely reactive evaporation of SiO, radio-frequency (RF) Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (RF PECVD), and Distributed Electron Cyclotron Resonance (DECR) PECVD. In this latter case, the substrates were placed in three different positions: (i) in the active glow zone, (ii) downstream, and (iii) downstream, but shielded from photon emission (e.g. VUV) from the plasma. Angle-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARXPS), Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), the latter performed after Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) by oxygen plasma, revealed that growth indeed occurs in a Volmer-Weber mode in the

  12. Study of thick, nuclear-compensated silicon detectors; Etude des detecteurs epais au silicium compense nucleairement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Le Coroller, Y. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A study is made here, from the point of view of the realization and the performance, of thick nuclear-compensated silicon detectors. After recalling the need for compensation and reviewing the existing methods, the author describes in detail the controlled realization of thick detectors by nuclear compensation from the theoretical and experimental points of view. The practical precautions which should be observed are given: control of the homogeneity of the starting material, control of the evolution of the compensation, elimination of parasitic processes. The performances of the detectors obtained are then studied: electrical characteristics (current, life-time) on the one hand, detection and spectrometry of penetrating radiations on the other hand. The results show, that the compensated diodes having an effective thickness of two millimeters operate satisfactorily as detectors for applied voltages of about 500 volts. The resolutions observed are then about 2 per cent for mono-energetic electrons and about 4 per cent for the gamma; they can be improved by the use of a pre-amplifier of very low background noise. (author) [French] Les detecteurs epais au silicium compense nucleairement sont etudies ici du double point de vue realisation et performances. Apres un rappel sur la necessite de la compensation et les procedes existants, la realisation controlee des detecteurs epais par compensation nucleaire est decrite en detail sous l'aspect theorique et l'aspect experimental. On met en evidence les precautions a prendre dans la pratique: controle de l'homogeneite du materiau de base, controle de l'evolution de la compensation, elimination des processus parasites. On etudie ensuite les performances de detecteurs obtenus : caracteristiques electriques (courant, duree de vie) d'une part, d'autre part detection et spectrometrie des rayonnements penetrants. Les resultats montrent que les diodes compensees ayant une epaisseur utile de deux

  13. Early oesophageal cancer: results of a European multicentre survey. Group Européen pour l'Etude des Maladies de l'Oesophage. (United States)

    Bonavina, L


    Early oesophageal cancer has been extensively studied in Far-Eastern countries, where its prevalence is high. A multicentre survey was conducted within the Groupe Européen pour l'Etude des Maladies de l'Oesophage to analyse results of surgical treatment in patients with disease staged as pTis-T1 N0 M0 according to the tumour node metastasis classification. Of 9743 patients with squamous cell oesophageal carcinoma observed since 1980, 4663 underwent resection; 253 (5.4 per cent) of these fulfilled the criteria for inclusion in the study. The overall mortality rate was 9.1 per cent (23 patients), and was higher after transthoracic than transhiatal oesophagectomy (10.7 versus 6 per cent, P not significant). Pathological examination showed an intraepithelial tumour in 46 patients (18.2 per cent), intramucosal carcinoma in 64 (25.3 per cent) and a submucosal lesion in 143 (56.5 per cent). The overall 5-year survival rate for patients with intraepithelial, intramucosal and submucosal tumours was 92.8, 72.8 and 44.3 per cent respectively. The 5-year survival rate was higher after transthoracic than transhiatal oesophagectomy (66 versus 52 per cent). No survival advantage was observed after either operation in patients with mucosal tumours. Of 21 patients with recurrent disease, 20 had a submucosal lesion. The 5-year survival rate in patients with submucosal tumour was higher after transthoracic than transhiatal oesophagectomy (54.2 versus 25.5 per cent).

  14. Etude des defauts apparaissant dans les amenagements interieurs des avions d'affaires (United States)

    Charette, Emilie

    composites panels were studied. The second study focused on the analysis of hygrothermal influence on the adhesive and the composite sandwich panels taken separately. Humidity and temperature can have an important effect on the constitutive materials, it is therefore important to know their influence. Finally, the third part deals with the influence of hygrothermal aging on a structure combining all the different materials. Sample panels including fixing zones (insert and resin) were made at the industrial partner's facility according to the industrial procedure. Subsequently, the samples have undergone an accelerated aging. By using deflectometry system, changes in local curvatures with respect to the aging conditions were observed. A correlation between the material characterization results, the aging effects and the surface defect gravity was performed to evaluate the sources and the occurrence of defects. Recommendations have also been made to ensure the project continuity. This project, carried out in an industrial context with the collaboration of Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Quebec ( CRIQ), 3M Canada and the Chaire de recherche sur les composites hautes performances (CCHP) of the department of mechanical engineering of Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, highlights the importance of the choice of methods and materials in the manufacturing of composite structures.

  15. Instrumentation pour la spectroscopie laser sur faisceau d'ions rapides (United States)

    Bazin, Marc

    laser, l'etude spectroscopique des etats de predissociation des molecules, l'analyse en energie cinetique des fragments moleculaires sont autant d'approches spectroscopiques qui ont pu etre appliquees avec succes avec notre instrument. Suite aux transformations que nous y avons apportees, l'instrument a acquis encore plus de souplesse en permettant l'etude spectroscopique des atomes ou molecules neutres ou charges selon deux modes de detection rapidement commutables. Un programme de controle a ete entierement concu pour automatiser le travail d'acquisition du signal et le gerer au moyen d'une interface utilisateur conviviale. Cet instrument est aujourd'hui pret pour effectuer efficacement des mesures systematiques sur de nombreuses molecules simples.

  16. Gas permeability of cement based materials; Etude de la permeabilite au gaz des materiaux cimentaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Galle, Ch.; Pin, M. [CEA Saclay, Dept. d' Entreposage et de Stockage des Dechets (DCC/DESD/SESD), 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Daian, J.F. [Universite Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble I, (INPG/CNRS/IRD), 38 (France)


    offset by their finer microstructure. No significant material desaturation was observed at high gas pressure. Approaching saturation, the porous medium probably reaches a critical state involving random gas transport. Finally, concretes behave similarly to pastes regarding gas permeability. This study also offered an opportunity to model the gas permeability of cement based materials [4] with a conceptual model recently developed by the LTHE Laboratory of Grenoble University. This model, called XDQ, is based on percolation theory and uses the mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) test. It provides reconstitutions of porous media and serves to estimate their transport properties [4], [5], [6], [7]. The principle of the XDQ model is to reconstitute the pore size distribution with an iterative process by superimposing randomly distributed elementary cubic networks which numerically reproduce the volume and pore size distribution of the material. After using a renormalization method (scaling-up process), a permeability coefficient is then calculated. Three fitting parameters are involved in the calculation procedure: the number of classes n determined by the portion of the intrusion curve that is regarded as significant, the sample size N of the percolation network, and {alpha}, which characterizes a pore shape factor and the non porous fraction of the material. The best reconstitution is selected by comparing the trapped volumes estimated by the model and those obtained with MIP tests. Modeling results obtained for pure pastes showed that the XDQ model evaluated the gas permeability with a good order of magnitude. For heterogeneous materials like concretes, the identification of fitting parameters (N, {alpha}) is difficult. Concretes cannot be seen as totally disordered porous media, especially if the zone located at the paste-aggregate interface, which is more porous and micro-cracked, modifies the gas transport capacity of the material. The degree of water saturation of

  17. Etude des interdiffusions en phase solide dans le contact Ni/AlAs (United States)

    Députier, S.; Guivarc'h, A.; Caulet, J.; Poudoulec, A.; Guenais, B.; Minier, M.; Guérin, R.


    Solid-state interdiffusions between a thin film of nickel deposited under vacuum conditions and a thick layer of epitaxial AlAs on GaAs (001) and (111) substrates were investigated in the temperature range 200-600 ^{circ}C. Complementary analytical methods (RBS, X-ray diffraction, TEM) allow us to point out, according to annealing temperatures, successives steps of the interaction. These steps correspond either to ternary phases which were evidenced by the experimental determination of the Ni-Al-As phase diagram and labelled as A, B and D phases by comparison with the isostructural ternary phases in the Ni-Ga-As diagram or to mixture of ternaries and binaries, more or less strongly textured on the substrate. In fact, the nature of the observed phases is strongly depending on the AlAs substrate orientation, the kinetic of the reaction occurring being slower on AlAs(111) than on AlAs(001). On AlAs(001), a ternary B-phase + NiAl mixture is firstly observed, followed by a second mixture constituted of the ternary A-phase + NiAl and NiAs binaries, and finally, at the end of the interaction, the two binaries NiAl + NiAs appear. On AlAs(111), only two steps of interaction have been found; first of all, the ternary D-phase is obtained, before leading, at the end of the interaction, to the ternary B-phase + NiAl + NiAs mixture. In that case, the 600 ^{circ}C annealing is not sufficient to reach the mixture of the binaries NiAl + NiAs which, according to the ternary phase diagram, is the final stage of the Ni/AlAs interaction. The comparative study of the Ni/AlAs and Ni/GaAs interdiffusions shows that the binary NiAl is the “key” compound around which the Ni/AlAs interaction progresses when NiAs is the one of the Ni/GaAs interaction. The binary NiAl which is thermally stable and strongly textured on AlAs appears as an interesting candidate to prepare epitaxial NiAl/AlAs/GaAs heterostructures. Les interdiffusions en phase solide entre une couche mince de nickel d

  18. Syntheses and study of pyrrolidinic nitroxide free radicals. Preparation of a nitroxide-type stable bi-radical; Synthese et etudes de radicaux libres nitroxydes pyrrolidiniques. Preparation d'un biradical stable du type nitroxyde

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dupeyre, R.M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, Laboratoire de chimie organique physique


    Syntheses and study of pyrrolidinic nitroxide free radicals: These radicals are obtained by oxidation, with hydrogen peroxide, of pyrrolidinic amines prepared from triacetonamine by ring contraction. The U. V,, I. R, and E.P.R. spectral characteristics have been determined. The oxidation of these amines with hydrogen peroxide has led also to rupture of the pentagonal ring; some of the decomposition products have been identified. The high chemical stability of the nitroxide group has made it possible to synthesize and study a stable bi-radical. (author) [French] Syntheses et etudes de radicaux libres nitroxydes pyrrolidiniques: Ces radicaux sont obtenus par oxydation l'eau oxygenee d'amines pyrrolidiniques preparees a partir de la triacetonamine par contraction de cycle. Les caracteristiques spectroscopiques ultra-violettes, infra-rouge et resonance paramagnetique sont determinees. Cependant, 1'oxydation de ces amines a l'eau oxygenee a entraine la coupure du cycle pentagonal et identification de certaines substances de decomposition obtenues. La grande stabilite chimique de groupement nitroxyde a permis la synthese et l'etude d'un biradical stable. (auteur)

  19. Development of an analogue multiplexed regulation for periodic 1. order delayed processes; Etude et realisation d'une regulation analogique multiplexee pour processus aperiodiques du 1. ordre avec retard pur

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amblard, J.C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present note deals with the study regulations of the sampled type, for 1. order process with simple delay. In order to obtain a good stability in such regulations, together with acceptable performances, it is interesting to use polynomial type correctors acting directly on the sampled error signals. The active elements of these correctors can be shared by all the channels to be controlled. Furthermore, the determination of the correction parameters results from an optimal study of the system. In the second part is described the construction of a multiplexed regulation for diffusion ovens. (author) [French] La presente note concerne l'etude des regulations de type echantillonne, pour processus du 1. ordre avec retard pur. Pour obtenir une bonne stabilite de telles regulations, ainsi que des performances correcte il est interessant d'utiliser des correcteurs de type polynomial, agissant directement sur les signaux d'erreur echantillonnes. Les elements actifs de ces correcteurs peuvent etre pris communs a toutes les voies a controler. D'autre part, la determination des parametres de correction decoula d'une etude optimale du systeme. Dans une seconde partie on decrit la realisation d'une regulation multiplexee de fours a diffusion. (auteur)

  20. Radio-vulcanization of natural rubber in the latex phase. Study of an experimental 1 tonne per hour production; Radio-vulcanisation du caoutchouc naturel en phase latex. Etude d'une production experimentale de 1 tonne par heure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leveque, P.; Puig, J.R.; Roudeix, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    After briefly reviewing the main research carried out on the radio-vulcanization of latex and elastomers, a description is given of 4 types of cell which have been used successively with a view to industrial irradiation. They have made it possible to acquire the information necessary for resolving the main problem arising during irradiation - the formation of coagulum. The first two cell are designed for irradiation by a horizontal beam ('Dynamitron'), the two others use a vertical beam ('Circe'). The study of the properties of the rubber obtained shows it to compare favorably with 'Revultex'. In the appendix are given some characteristics of natural latex and information about its processing. (authors) [French] Apres un rappel des principales etudes sur la radio-vulcanisation du latex et des elastomeres, on decrit les quatre types de cellules successivement essayes en vue de l'irradiation industrielle. Ils ont permis d'acquerir les informations necessaires a la resolution du probleme principal pose par l'irradiation, la formation de coagulum au cours de celle,-ci. Les deux premiers sont concus pour l'irradiation par un faisceau horizontal ('Dynamitron'), les derniers par un faisceau vertical ('Circe'). L'etude des proprietes du caoutchouc obtenu montre qu'il se compare favorablement au 'Revultex'. Un apercu est donne en annexe des caracteristiques du latex naturel et de sa mise en oeuvre. (auteurs)

  1. Flica: a code for the thermodynamic study of a reactor or a test loop; Programme FLICA etude thermodynamique d'un reacteur ou d'une boucle d'essai

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fajeau, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This code handles the thermal problems of water loops or reactor cores under the following conditions: High or low pressure, steady state or transient behavior, one or two phases - Three-dimensional thermodynamic study of the flow in cylindrical geometry - Unidimensional study of heat transfer in heating elements - Neutronic studies can be coupled and a schematic representation of the safety rod behavior is given. The number of cells described in a flow cross-section is presently less than 20. This code is the logical following of FLID and CACTUS of which it constitutes a synthesis. (author) [French] Ce code permet de traiter les problemes thermiques d'une boucle ou d'un coeur de reacteur a eau dans les conditions suivantes: - Haute ou basse pression, regime permanent ou transitoire, simple ou double phase - Etude thermodynamique de l'ecoulement a 3 dimensions dans une geometrie cylindrique - Etude unidimensionnelle du transfert de chaleur dans les masses chauffantes - Possibilite de couplage avec la neutronique (reacteur point) et d'une representation schematique des actions de securite. Ce code dans lequel le nombre de cellules decrites dans une section droite de l'ecoulement est actuellement limite a 20 est la suite logique des codes FLID et CACTUS dont il constitue la synthese. (auteur)

  2. Long-term thyroid values after intake of radio-active iodine; Bilans thyroidiens de longue duree apres administration d'iode radioactif

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Riviere, R. [Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, 75 - Paris (France); Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In connection with a compartment theory, a kinetic study of thyroid metabolism in man requires the determination of the specific iodine activity at all accessible levels (plasma, urines, faeces), during periods of over a month; The basic methods required for such a study are therefore the use of iodine-125 as a tracer, the exact determination of iodine-127 using activation analysis and the setting-up of a daily diet of constant iodine content. The results are presented for each particular case and the main parameters of thyroid metabolism are calculated. The discussion includes some special considerations concerning the pathological condition of the subject or a break in the thyroid equilibrium. It shows in particular that constant disagreement exists between the experimental curves for the specific iodine activity and the corresponding theoretical curves for a conventional thyroid process based on 3 compartments; these discrepancies concern both the inorganic iodine and the organic iodine eliminated with the faeces. (author) [French] Dans le cadre d'une theorie a compartiments, l'etude cinetique du metabolisme thyroidien chez l'homme necessite la determination de l'activite specifique de l'iode a tous les niveaux accessibles (plasma, urines, feces), pendant des periodes depassant un mois. Les methodes de base indispensables pour une telle etude sont donc l'utilisation de l'iode 125 comme traceur, le dosage precis de l'iode 127 grace a l'analyse par activation et l'etablissement d'une diete journaliere constante en iode. Les resultats sont presentes pour chaque cas et les principaux parametres du metabolisme thyroidien calcules. La discussion fait part de considerations particulieres liees a l'etat pathologique du sujet ou a une rupture de l'equilibre thyroidien. Elle met surtout en lumiere des desaccords constants entre les courbes experimentales d'activite specifique de l'iode et les

  3. Modeling and numerical study of two phase flow; Modelisation et etude numerique d'ecoulements diphasiques: 1- Modelisation d'un ecoulement homogene equilibre 2- Modelisation des collisions entre gouttelettes a l'aide d'un modele simplifie de type BGK

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Champmartin, A.


    suivre une vitesse relative entre les deux phases et de prendre en compte deux vitesses) et sont supposees 'a l'equilibre en temperature et pression. Cette partie du manuscrit est composee de la derivation des equations, de l'ecriture d'un schema numerique associe a ce jeu d'equations, d'une etude d'ordre de ce schema ainsi que de simulations. Une etude mathematique de ce modele (hyperbolicite dans un cadre simplifie, stabilite du systeme lineaire autour d'un etat constant) a ete realisee dans un cadre ou le gaz est suppose barotrope. La seconde partie de ce manuscrit est consacree a la modelisation de l'effet de collisions inelastiques sur les gouttelettes lorsque l'on se place a un temps de simulation beaucoup plus court, pour lequel les gouttelettes ne peuvent plus etre vues comme un fluide. Pour modeliser ces collisions, on construit un modele simplifie (moins couteux en temps) de type BGK permettant de reproduire le comportement en temps de certains moments sur les gouttelettes. Ces moments sont choisis pour etre representatifs de l'effet des collisions sur ces gouttelettes, a savoir une thermalisation en vitesse et energie. Ce modele est discretise avec une methode particulaire et des resultats numeriques sont donnes en comparaison avec ceux obtenus avec un modele resolvant directement l'equation de Boltzmann homogene. (auteur)

  4. Pharmacological study of radioactive-gold colloid transport by blood and by serous exudate; Contribution a l'etude pharmacologique du transport des colloides d'or radioactif par le sang et les exsudats sereux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rousselet, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    substances et particulierement dans le transport de l'or colloidal radioactif. Les fractions sanguines qui peuvent participer au transport de l'or colloidal sont les hematies, les leucocytes et elements histiocytaires, et le plasma. La repartition de la radioactivite dans ces elements est precisee en pratiquant des autoradiographies de coupes de culots de sang centrifuge et congele apres incubation avec de l'or colloidal. Cette etude montre l'importance du plasma dans le transport des particules radioactives. Nous avons alors recherche une fixation eventuelle de l'or colloidal 198 sur les diverses proteines seriques en appliquant certaines methodes de separation a savoir une filtration-exclusion sur colonne de gel de Sephadex G-200 et un fractionnement electrophoretique sur papier et sur acetate de cellulose gelatineux (cellogel). Nous avons etudie la liaison ''in vitro'' et ''in vivo'' des particules colloidales d'or 198 d'abord avec les proteines seriques de sujets sains puis avec les proteines des liquides d'epanchement d'origine pathologique, chez l'homme, ou du a une inflammation experimentale a la carragenine chez le rat. Les particules d'or colloidal 198 de 30 m{mu} (S-2) sont liees dans une certaine mesure aux {alpha}2 globulines sanguines ou ascitiques, celles de 5 m{mu} (S-6) sont liees aux {alpha}1 globulines de meme que les grains contenus dans l'or polydisperse. Cette liaison semble intervenir grace a la couche protectrice de macromolecules constituees par la gelatine. Seules les caracteristiques physicochimiques de grains colloidaux peuvent expliquer leur difference de localisation sur l'electrophoregramme. L'or sous forme ionique, par contre, est combine, aux seules albumines si la quantite de metal presente ne depasse pas une certaine limite. (auteur)

  5. Effets des electrons secondaires sur l'ADN (United States)

    Boudaiffa, Badia

    Les interactions des electrons de basse energie (EBE) representent un element important en sciences des radiations, particulierement, les sequences se produisant immediatement apres l'interaction de la radiation ionisante avec le milieu biologique. Il est bien connu que lorsque ces radiations deposent leur energie dans la cellule, elles produisent un grand nombre d'electrons secondaires (4 x 104/MeV), qui sont crees le long de la trace avec des energies cinetiques initiales bien inferieures a 20 eV. Cependant, il n'y a jamais eu de mesures directes demontrant l'interaction de ces electrons de tres basse energie avec l'ADN, du principalement aux difficultes experimentales imposees par la complexite du milieu biologique. Dans notre laboratoire, les dernieres annees ont ete consacrees a l'etude des phenomenes fondamentaux induits par impact des EBE sur differentes molecules simples (e.g., N2, CO, O2, H2O, NO, C2H 4, C6H6, C2H12) et quelques molecules complexes dans leur phase solide. D'autres travaux effectues recemment sur des bases de l'ADN et des oligonucleotides ont montre que les EBE produisent des bris moleculaires sur les biomolecules. Ces travaux nous ont permis d'elaborer des techniques pour mettre en evidence et comprendre les interactions fondamentales des EBE avec des molecules d'interet biologique, afin d'atteindre notre objectif majeur d'etudier l'effet direct de ces particules sur la molecule d'ADN. Les techniques de sciences des surfaces developpees et utilisees dans les etudes precitees peuvent etre etendues et combinees avec des methodes classiques de biologie pour etudier les dommages de l'ADN induits par l'impact des EBE. Nos experiences ont montre l'efficacite des electrons de 3--20 eV a induire des coupures simple et double brins dans l'ADN. Pour des energies inferieures a 15 eV, ces coupures sont induites par la localisation temporaire d'un electron sur une unite moleculaire de l'ADN, ce qui engendre la formation d'un ion negatif transitoire

  6. Lithium-sodium separation by ion-exchange. Particular study of a pulsed column; La separation lithium-sodium par echange d'ions. Etude particuliere d'une colonne a impulsions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Auvert, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A study is made of the operational conditions and constraints in the case of a moving-bed ion-exchange column subjected to pulses. The example chosen to illustrate its application concerns the lithium-sodium separation in a hydroxide medium (LiOH, NaOH). In the first part, the physico-chemical characteristics of the exchange and the kinetic characteristics of the exchange-reaction are considered. In the second part, the operation of the pulsed column is studied. Using the results obtained in the first part, the conditions required for study state operation are determined. When this is obtained, it is possible to calculate the height equivalent of the theoretical plate (HETP) of the installation. A study is also made of 'sliding', a phenomenon peculiar to pulsed columns. The results obtained show that it is possible, using laboratory tests, to determine the characteristics and the operational condition of a moving-bed ion-exchange column. (author) [French] On se propose d'etudier les conditions et les servitudes de fonctionnement d'une colonne d'echangeurs d'ions a lit mobile, fonctionnant par 'impulsions'. L'exemple d'application choisi est la separation lithium-sodium en milieu hydroxyde (LiOH, NaOH). Dans une premiere partie, on etudie successivement les caracteristiques physico-chimiques de l'echange envisage et les caracteristiques cinetiques de la reaction d'echange mise en oeuvre. Dans une seconde partie on etudie le fonctionnement de la colonne a impulsions. A partir des resultats acquis dans la premiere partie, on determine les conditions necessaires a l'obtention d'un regime permanent. Lorsque celui-ci est atteint en colonne, les performances obtenues permettent de calculer la hauteur equivalente a un plateau theorique (HEPT) de l'installation. On etudie par ailleurs l'influence du 'glissement', phenomene inherent au fonctionnement de la colonne a impulsions. L

  7. E. P. R. spectroscopic study of nitroxide mono- and bi-radicals; Etude par spectroscopie de resonance paramagnetique electronique de monoradicaux et de biradicaux nitroxydes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lemaire, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble, 38 (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    experimentales d'etude de produits parfaitement bien definis au point de vue structure chimique. L'etude par resonance paramagnetique electronique de monoradicaux nitroxydes conduit a la determination des axes et des elements du tenseur d'interaction hyperfine electron-noyau d'azote et du tenseur d'anisotropie du facteur de Lande: les resultats sont relies a la structure electronique des radicaux. On interprete qualitativement l'influence du solvant sur les elements des tenseurs, ainsi que les elargissements selectifs des raies hyperfines en milieu visqueux. Dans les biradicaux nitroxydes, la structure hyperfine depend non seulement des interactions magnetiques propres a chaque monomere, mais egalement de la grandeur de l'interaction d'echange separant les etats singulet et triplet du dimere; les biradicaux etudies ici sont les premiers composes organiques pour lesquels l'influence de l'echange sur la structure hyperfine est clairement mise en evidence. La presence de deux electrons non apparies introduit egalement une interaction magnetique dipolaire electron-electron, que l'on peut mettre a profit, dans le cas d'un echange intermediaire, pour determiner le signe de l'echange en etudiant le biradical dans un cristal liquide. Ces composes presentent egalement des elargissements selectifs de transitions hyperfines lorsque la viscosite du solvant croit. La theorie utilisee pour interpreter les largeurs de raie des monoradicaux est etendue au cas des biradicaux; elle rend compte des resultats experimentaux si l'on introduit simultanement les anisotropies des facteurs de Lande et des interactions dipolaires electrons-noyaux et electron-electron, en conduisant a une autre determination du signe de l'echange. (auteur)

  8. Some investigations on the pitting attack of magnesium and its alloys; Contribution a l'etude de la corrosion par piqures du magnesium et de ses alliages

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blanchet, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The pitting attack of magnesium and its alloys has been studied by means of potentio-kinetic polarisation curves; the following parameters have been considered: structural state and composition of the metal, chloride concentration and pH of the medium. The electrochemical data obtained demonstrate that when pH = 12, a localized corrosion might appear as soon as a 10{sup -3} M NaCl concentration is reached; on the other hand, when pH = 13, a much higher concentration (five times) has no effect. In the same conditions, the coupling of magnesium with various noble materials (graphite, platinum, 18/10 stainless steel) also dramatically increases its susceptibility to pitting, but only when chloride ions are present in the solution. Usual corrosion tests have confirmed these electrochemical results. A micrographic study of the pits has shown that their morphology is connected with the metallurgical state of the specimens. (author) [French] La corrosion par piqures du magnesium est etudiee a l'aide des courbes de polarisation potentiocinetiques en fonction des parametres suivants etat structural et composition du metal, concentration en chlorure et pH de la solution. De ces mesures electrochimiques on deduit qu'a pH 12, des la concentration 10{sup -3} M en NaCl, il existe un risque de corrosion localisee, tandis qu'a pH 13 une concentration cinq fois plus forte doit etre sans effet. Dans les memes conditions on montre que le couplage du magnesium avec differents elements nobles (graphite, platine, acier inoxydable 18/10) accroit fortement sa susceptibilite a l'attaque par piqures, excepte dans les solutions exemptes d'ions chlorures. Des essais classiques de corrosion dans les differentes solutions envisagees precedemment confirment les resultats de cette etude electrochimique. L'examen micrographique des piqures montre que leur morphologie est liee a l'etat metallurgique des echantillons. (auteur)

  9. Concerning the study of the irreversible magnetic behaviour of superconductivity; Contribution a l'etude du comportement magnetique irreversible des supraconducteurs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuhn, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The influence of the presence of extended lattice defects on the magnetic behaviour has been studied for the case of type I superconductors, such as Re and Ta, and in a more quantitative manner for the type II superconductor niobium. In this case, measurements of the thermal conductivity have given an estimate of the relative concentration of lattice defects in each specimen. These measurements show that the larger the number of lattice defects, the more irreversible becomes the magnetization curve, and the larger becomes the values of the critical current, which is related by a simple model to the magnetization values. Finally, a study by transmission electron microscopy has confirmed on the one hand the diversity of the extended lattice defects and on the other hand has allowed the formulation of several hypothesis on their respective influence. [French] L'influence de la presence de defauts etendus sur le comportement magnetique a ete etudie pour des supraconducteurs de premiere espece, tels que le rhenium et le tantale, et plus quantitativement pour un supraconducteur de deuxieme espece, le niobium. Dans ce cas, des mesures de conductibilite thermique ont permis d'estimer la concentration relative des defauts du reseau dans chaque echantillon. Ces mesures montrent que plus les defauts du reseau sont nombreux, plus la courbe d'aimantation est irreversible, et plus les valeurs du courant critique, reliees par un modele simple aux valeurs de l'aimantation, sont elevees. Enfin une etude par microscopie electronique en transmission - a permis d'une part de constater la diversite des defauts etendus et d'autre part de formuler quelques hypotheses sur leurs influences respectives.

  10. Modeling of the non isothermal and non isobaric transformations kinetics. Application to the kaolinite de-hydroxylation and to the tri-uranium octo-oxide reduction by hydrogen; Modelisation de la cinetique de transformations non isothermes et (ou) non isobares. Application a la deshydroxylation de la kaolinite et a la reduction de l'octooxyde de triuranium par l'hydrogene

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perrin, St


    The aim of this work is to be able to describe transformations, occurring when solids and gases are in non isothermal and non isobaric conditions, with kinetic models. A methodology has been used. Two essential processes have to be taken into account: the germination and the growth. The germs are supposed to be formed (at constant temperature and pressure) in the grains surface with a constant velocity by surface unit, (gamma), called germination surface frequency (number of germs.m{sup -2}.s{sup -1}. The growth velocity is characterized by a growth surface reactivity, (phi) (in mol.m{sup -2}.s{sup -1}). With an appropriate transformation model, it is possible to obtain the variations of (gamma) and (phi) in terms of the temperature and pressure which are then used in the calculation of the velocity in non isothermal and non isobaric conditions. In order to validate the developed method, two reactions have been studied. For the first one, the kaolinite de-hydroxylation, an anisotropic germination-growth model, where the step limiting the growth is a diffusion step, has been developed in order to explain the experimental kinetic curves. Nevertheless the velocity curves calculated from this model do not allow to describe the reaction for some temperature variations. This result shows the difficulty to precisely determine the germination surface frequency what induces an important approximation on the kinetic curves. The second reaction is the tri-uranium octo-oxide reduction by hydrogen. It has been shown that this reaction occurs according to three successive transformations. A kinetic model has been developed for each of these reactions considering germination as instantaneous. At last, in comparing this model with the experimental velocity curves, a very good agreement has been verified as well as for a temperature variation than for a hydrogen partial pressure change during the reaction. (O.M.)

  11. Study of gamma radiation between 0.1 and 1.0 MeV in the earth's atmosphere; Etude du rayonnement gamma entre 0,1 et 1 Mev dans l'atmosphere terrestre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boclet, D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present work is devoted to some of the particular problems arising in the detection and localisation of sources of gamma radiation situated outside the earth's atmosphere. These weak sources can only be detected and localized if care is taken to eliminate gamma and particle radiations coming from other sources in the earth's atmosphere and in space. In order to separate the various sources of background noise, generally much stronger than the radiation under study, use is made of a directional detector whose characteristics are determined as described in the first part of the following report. The closest diffuse source considered is that constituted by the earth's atmosphere. Its detailed study will make it possible both to eliminate its effect when sources outside the earth are to be measured, and to predict the amount of secondary gamma radiation emitted by the same process in other celestial bodies, the moon in particular. This work considered in the 2. and 3. parts of the report. (author) [French] La presente etude est consacree a certains des problemes particuliers poses par la detection et la localisation des sources de rayonnement gamma situees hors de l'atmosphere terrestre. Ces sources faibles ne peuvent etre detectees et localisees que si l'on se protege des rayonnements gamma et particulaires provenant d'autres sources situees dans l'atmosphere terrestre et dans l'espace. Pour separer ces divers composants parasites, en general beaucoup plus intenses que le rayonnement a etudier, nous emploierons un detecteur directif dont nous determinons les caracteristiques dans la premiere partie de l'expose qui suit. La source diffuse la plus proche que nous considerons comme parasite est constituee par l'atmosphere terrestre. Son etude detaillee nous permettra d'une part de nous en proteger lorsque nous voudrons etudier les sources {gamma} extra-terrestres, d'autre part de prevoir le rayonnement gamma

  12. Improvements in fast-neutron spectroscopy methods (1961); Amelioration des methodes de spectrometrie des neutrons rapides (1961)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cambou, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This research aimed at improving fast-neutron electronic detectors based on n-p elastic scattering. The first part concerns proportional counters; careful constructional methods have made it possible to plot mono-energetic neutron spectra in the range 700 keV - 3 MeV with a resolution of 7 per cent. The second part concerns scintillation counters: an organic scintillator and an inorganic scintillator covered with a thin layer of a scattering agent. An exact study of the types of scintillation has made it possible to develop efficient discriminator circuits. Different neutron spectra plotted in the presence of a strong gamma background are presented. The last part deals with the development of form discrimination methods for the study, in the actual beam, of the elastic scattering of 14.58 MeV electrons. With hydrogen, the distribution f ({phi}) of the recoil protons is f({phi}) = 1 + 0.034 cos {phi} + 0.042 cos{sup 2} {phi}. With tritium the scattering is strongly anisotropic; the curve representing the variation of the differential cross-section for the elastic scattering in the centre of mass system is obtained with a target containing 1 cm{sup 3} of tritium. (author) [French] Le travail a porte sur l'amelioration des detecteurs electroniques de neutrons rapides bases sur la diffusion elastique n-p. La premiere partie est relative aux compteurs proportionnels; des methodes soignees de fabrication ont permis des traces de spectres de neutrons monoenergetiques dans le domaine 700 keV - 3 MeV avec une resolution de 7 pour cent. La deuxieme partie est relative au compteur a scintillations; scintillateur organique et scintillateur mineral recouvert d'un diffuseur mince. Une etude precise des formes de scintillations a permis la mise au point de circuits discriminateurs efficaces. Differents spectres de neutrons traces en presence d'un fond gamma intense sont presentes. La derniere partie est relative a la mise en oeuvre des methodes de discrimination de

  13. Contribution to the thermodynamic study of the non-stoichiometric oxides UO{sub 2+x} et FeO{sub 1+x}; Contribution a l'etude thermodynamique des oxydes non stoechiometriques UO{sub 2+x} et FeO{sub 1+x}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gerdanian, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This thermodynamic study has provided new results concerning the oxide UO{sub 2+X} and FeO{sub 1+x}. For the oxides UO{sub 2+X} correct values have been obtained for {mu}{sub O{sub 2}}{sup M} at 900, 1000 and 1100 deg. C using an improved method based on physico-chemical equilibria. For the oxides FeO{sub 1+x} the use of an E. Calvet high temperature calorimeter has made it possible to measure for the first time the values of h{sub O{sub 2}}{sup M} at 800 deg. C over the whole iron monoxide range. The method of oxygen transfer between oxides, usually used to determine the phase limits, has been improved by using a thermo-balance; this has made it possible to draw up simple rules which have to be respected in order to detect the phenomena under study. The theory due to J.S. Anderson has been applied to the oxides UO{sub 2+X} and a new method is given for improving the representation of non-stoichiometric oxides by models. (author) [French] Cette etude thermodynamique presente des resultats nouveaux en ce qui concerne les oxydes UO{sub 2+X} et FeO{sub 1+x}. Pour les oxydes UO{sub 2+X} les valeurs correctes de {mu}{sub O{sub 2}}{sup M} a 900, 1000 et 1100 deg. C ont pu etre obtenues, grace a la methode des equilibres physico-chimiques qui a ete amelioree. Pour les oxydes FeO{sub 1+x} l'emploi du microcalorimetre a haute temperature de Ed. CALVET a permis de mesurer pour la premiere fois les valeurs de h{sub O{sub 2}}{sup M} a 800 deg. C dans toute l'etendue du domaine du protoxyde de fer. La metode de transfert d'oxygene entre oxydes, habituellement utilisee pour determiner les limites de phase a ete perfectionnee par l'emploi d'une thermo-balance ce qui a permis d'enoncer les regles simples auxquelles il est indispensable de se conformer pour obtenir les limites cherchees. La theorie de J.S. Anderson a ete appliquee aux oxydes UO{sub 2+X} et une nouvelle voie est indiquee qui peut permettre de perfectionner la representation des oxydes

  14. Chromosomes and irradiation: in vitro study of the action of X-rays on human lymphocytes; Chromosomes et radiations: etude in vitro de l'action des rayons X sur les lymphocytes humains

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mouriquand, C.; Patet, J.; Gilly, C.; Wolff, C


    Radioinduced chromosomal aberrations were studied in vitro on leukocytes of human peripheral blood after x irradiation at 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 R. The numeric and structural anomalies were examined on 600 karyotypes. The relationship between these disorders and the dose delivered to the blood are discussed. An explanation on their mechanism of formation is tentatively given. (authors) [French] L'etude in vitro des anomalies chromosomiques radioinduites a ete pratiquee sur des leucocytes de sang peripherique preleve chez 4 sujets et irradie aux doses de 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 R. Les aberrations numeriques et structurales ont ete examinees sur 600 caryotypes. Les rapports entre ces anomalies et les doses appliquees sont etudies. Une hypothese sur leur mecanisme de formation est avancee. (auteurs)

  15. Comparative Research on the Drum Music Playing Techniques of Etude and Gu Bian Dance Music%《练习曲》与《鼓边舞曲》鼓乐演奏技法比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    文章描述了中国大堂鼓独奏曲《鼓边舞曲》的移植过程,并将其与原曲——俄罗斯小军鼓独奏作品《练习曲》进行比较,重点阐释了中西两种鼓乐器在乐曲演奏中的技法特色。%This paper described the process of adapting a Russia snare drum solo piece Etude to the Chinese Datang drum solo work Gu Bian Dance Music, and com-pared both of them, explained with the focus on the features playing techniques of Chinese and Western drum in the music.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Mingshun; WU Xinman; HAN Ying; GU Langjie; LIU Qingrui


    Objectif: De explorer valeure appliquée de encéphale atlas dans évaluation de effet curatif de maladie cérébrovasculaire ischémique. Méthode: Etude comparative de encéphale atlas de 300 malades avec maladie cérébrovasculaire ischémique avant et après traitement est réalisé. Résultat:Encéphale atlas est changé manifestement avant et après traitement. Conclusion: Encéplale atlas est un index valable de jugement de effet curatif dans maladie cérébrovasculaire ischémique.

  17. Contribution to the study of the structure and reactivity of ketones using deuterium substitution of the {alpha} - ketone hydrogens; Contribution a l'etude de la structure et de la reactivite des cetones, par utilisation de la substitution deuteriee des hydrogenes {alpha}-cetoniques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frejaville, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This work is an attempt to obtain more knowledge about the structure and the reactivity of ketones; it is also a contribution to conformational analysis based on infrared signals associated with the C-D vibration in mono-deuterated compounds. In the first chapter the various dosage and synthetic methods used in this work are described. In the second chapter the infrared spectra in the 2100-2200 cm{sup -1} region for mono-deuterated ketones are interpreted on the basis of a simple model. This model is then studied in detail, and also critically and precisely, in the case of the mono deuterated acetone molecule. In the third chapter is studied the mechanism of the Favorskii reaction and the reactivity of all the {alpha}-ketonic hydrogens of 2 chloro-cyclohexanone are classified. In a technical appendix is described a counter-current exchange method for obtaining a great variety of solvents and deuterated pure raw materials under advantageous conditions. (author) [French] Ce travail est un effort vers une meilleure connaissance de la structure et de la reactivite des cetones; c'est egalement une contribution a l'analyse conformationnelle d'apres l'etude des signaux infrarouges associes a la vibration C-D dans les composes monodeuteries. Dans le premier chapitre sont decrites les differentes methodes de dosage et de synthese qui ont ete utilisees dans ce travail. Dans le deuxieme chapitre, les spectres infrarouges dans la region 2100-2200 cm{sup -1} de cetones monodeuteriees sont interpretes sur la base d'un modele simple. Ce modele est ensuite etudie de facon detaillee, critique et precise sur la molecule d'acetone monodeuteriee. Dans le troisieme chapitre on etudie le mecanisme de la reaction de FAWORSKII et l'on classe la reactivite de tous les hydrogenes {alpha}-cetoniques de la chloro-2-cyclohexanone. Dons l'appendice technique on decrit la mise en oeuvre d'un appareil d'echange a contre-courant qui permet d

  18. Contribution to the study of {beta} disintegration and of nuclear structure using experiments on certain {beta}-{gamma} cascades: 198{sub Au}, 86{sub Rb}, 170{sub Tm}; Contribution a l'etude de la desintegration beta et a l'etude de la structure nucleaire a l'aide d'experiences sur certaines cascades beta-gamma: 198{sub Au}, 86{sub Rb}, 170{sub Tm}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lachkar, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Bruyeres-le-Chatel (France). Centre d' Etudes; Paris-11 Univ., fabulte des Sciences 91 - Orsay (France)


    {beta}{gamma} directional angular correlations and shapes of inner beta spectra leading to the first excited level of the final nucleus enable one to determine the nuclear matrix elements typical of the {beta} transition. In the three observed first forbidden cases: {sup 170}Tm, {sup 86}Rb, {sup 198}Au, these matrix elements do not confirm the independent shell model theory. Other hypotheses are then suggested and discussed. (author) [French] Les experiences de correlation angulaire {beta}{gamma} et l'etude du spectre {beta} conduisant au premier niveau excite du noyau final permettent de determiner les elements de matrices nucleaires caracteristiques de cette transition. Dans les trois cas etudies (transitions une fois interdites): {sup 170}Tm, {sup 86}Rb, {sup 198}Au, ces elements de matrices ne peuvent etre retrouves a l'aide du modele en couches et a particules independantes. D'autres hypotheses sont alors emises et discutees. (auteur)

  19. Preliminary studies leading to a conceptual design of a 1000 MWe fast neutron reactor; Etudes preliminaires conduisant a un concept de reacteur a neutrons rapides de 1000 MWe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vendryes, G.; Zaleski, C.P. [Association Euratom-CEA Cadarache (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This report presents the results of studies which seemed important to undertake in connexion with the development of fast neutron reactors. - It points out the advantage of high internal breeding ratios ({approx}1, 1) which are necessary in order to get a small change in time both in power distribution and reactivity (less: than 0.005 {delta}k/k in 18 months). - It shows how to achieve this goal, when simultaneously power distribution flattening is obtained. These results in a higher mean specific power (which is an economic gain) and therefore in a smaller doubling time (about 10 years). - It attempts to find criteria concerning the specific power that should be used in future reactor designs -It presents a conceptional design of a 1000 MWe fast neutron reactor, for the realisation of which no technological impossibility appears. - It shows that the dynamic behaviour seems satisfactory despite a positive total isothermal sodium coefficient. - It tries to predict the development of fast reactors within the future total nuclear program. It does not appear that fissile materials supply problems should in France slow down the development of fast neutron reactors, which will be essentially tied up to its economical ability to produce cheap electric power. (authors) [French] Ce rapport presente les etudes qu'il nous a paru important d'aborder dans le cadre du developpement des reacteurs a neutrons rapides. - Il met en evidence l'interet des taux de regeneration internes eleves ({approx}1, 1) pour obtenir une bonne evolution dans le temps de la distribution de puissance et de la reactivite (moins de 0,005 {delta}k/k pour 18 mois). - Il montre la possibilite d'y parvenir tout en applatissant la distribution des fissions, ce qui se traduit par une puissance specifique moyenne plus elevee (gain economique), et donc un temps de doublement plus faible de l'ordte de 10 ans - Il tente de definir un optimum de la puissance specifique valable pour les

  20. Contribution to the micro-calorimetric study of the characteristics of radio-elements and to their qualitative and quantitative analysis; Contribution a l'etude microcalorimetrique des caracteristiques des radio-elements et a leurs analyses qualitative et quantitative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ozias, Y. [Centre de Production de Plutonium de Marcoule, 30 (France)


    accuracy equal to that obtained by mass spectrography (destruction of the sample) 1 to 3 per cent, and higher than that obtained by counting techniques (greater than 5 per cent). (author) [French] Le principe de cette etude consiste a enregistrer avec le microcalorimetre E. CALVET le flux d'energie emis par les radioelements en fonction du temps at a partir de cette courbe de determiner soit leurs caracteristiques (periode et energie du rayonnement), soit la composition d'un melange de radioelements. Dans une premiere partie on a adapte les relations theoriques de la radioactivite a l'etude microcalorimetrique. Dans une deuxieme partie on determine experimentalement au microcalorimetre E. CALVET les caracteristiques de divers radioelements, yttrium 90, phosphore 32, soufre 35, iode 131, etc. et leurs melanges. On a etudie plus particulierement l'analyse isotopique du melange de {sup 239}Pu, de {sup 240}Pu et eventuellement de {sup 241}Pu. La methode microcalorimetrique n'a pas la sensibilite des methodes classiques de comptage, sa limite actuelle para etre de l'ordre du micro-watt pour les appareils utilises, mais elle est la plus directe pour les emetteurs de rayonnements facilement absorbables({alpha} et {beta}). Pour les emetteurs {gamma} une partie seulement de l'energie est absorbee par les parois du recipient. La determination de leurs caracteristiques et de leurs masses dans les melanges ne depend ni de la forme, ni de la dilution, ni surtout de l'auto-absorption de la source. Pour des echantillons de forte activite, cette auto-absorption est pour les methodes classiques la source de grosses difficultes entra ant de multiples manipulations: divisions, mise en solution, dilutions qui introduisent autant de causes d'erreur. La methode calorimetrique permet de travailler sur l'echantillon brut. Toutes les mesures ont ete faites avec le microcalorimetre E. CALVET classique; mais pour effectuer une mesure tres precise de

  1. Les activités de conservation des lémuriens par le Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP Conservation activities of lemurs by the Madagascar Primate Research Group (GERP- Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rose Marie Randrianarison


    Full Text Available Le Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar, une association de conservation, a été créée en 1994 grâce à l’initiative des Enseignants Chercheurs et étudiants du Département de Paléontologie et d’Anthropologie Biologique et du Département de Biologie Animale de l’Université d’Antananarivo. Le GERP regroupe actuellement des membres scientifiques multidisciplinaires Malgaches et étrangers dont la majorité d’entre eux est constituée par des primatologues. Les principales actions du GERP se focalisent sur les travaux de recherche sur les Primates Prosimiens de Madagascar, l’établissement de leur plan de conservation, la découverte de nouvelles espèces de lémuriens, la translocation et le transfert des lémuriens vivant dans des milieux défrichés ou précaires, le suivi et l’abondance des lémuriens ainsi que la révision de leurs aires de distribution. Les résultats des recherches effectuées sur la conservation ont permis de publier des articles dans des revues de renommée nationale et internationale sur la Primatologie. En outre, le renforcement de capacité et l’éducation de la communauté de base, des systèmes éducatifs primaires et supérieurs sur la conservation des lémuriens et l’appui aux activités de développement durable de la population locale s’avèrent nécessaires pour que la conservation des lémuriens soit pérenne.The Madagascar Primate Research Group (GERP - Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar is a conservation-focused association created in 1994 by the initiative of researcher lecturers and students from the Department of Paleontology and Biological Anthropology and the Department of Animal Biology of the University of Antananarivo. The GERP membership consists of multidisciplinary scientists, both Malagasy and foreign, the majority of whom are primatologists. The principle actions of the association are focused on research on the

  2. Etude du processus de changement vecu par des familles ayant decide d'adopter volontairement des comportements d'attenuation des changements climatiques (United States)

    Leger, Michel T.

    recension des ecrits sur le changement de comportement en environnement. Nous explorons egalement la famille comme systeme fonctionnel de sorte a mieux comprendre ce contexte d'action environnementale qui est, a notre connaissance, peu etudie. Dans le deuxieme article, nous presentons nos resultats de recherche concernant les facteurs d'influence observes ainsi que les competences manifestees au cours du processus d'adoption de nouveaux comportements environnementaux dans trois familles. Enfin, le troisieme article presente les resultats du cas d'une quatrieme famille ou les membres vivent depuis longtemps des modes de vie ecologique. Dans le cadre d'une demarche d'analyse par theorisation ancree, l'etude de ce cas modele nous a permis d'approfondir les categories conceptuelles identifiees dans le deuxieme article de sorte a produire une modelisation de l'integration de comportements environnementaux dans le contexte de la famille. Les conclusions degagees grace a la recension des ecrits nous ont permis d'identifier les elements qui pourraient influencer l'adoption de comportements environnementaux dans des familles. La recension a aussi permis une meilleure comprehension des divers facteurs qui peuvent affecter l'adoption de comportements environnementaux et, enfin, elle a permis de mieux cerner le phenomene de changement de comportement dans le contexte de la famille consideree comme un systeme. En appliquant un processus d'analyse inductif, a partir de nos donnees qualitatives, les resultats de notre etude multi-cas nous ont indique que deux construits conceptuels semblent influencer l'adoption de comportements environnementaux en famille : 1) les valeurs biospheriques communes au sein de la famille et 2) les competences collectivement mises a profit collectivement durant l'essai de nouveaux comportements environnementaux. Notre modelisation du processus de changement dans des familles indique aussi qu'une dynamique familiale collaborative et la presence d'un groupe de

  3. NMR study of hydrated calcium silicates; Etude par RMN de la structure des silicates de calcium hydrates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klur, I


    Radioactive wastes storage methods are developed by the CEA. As cements are important materials as well for hours living radioisotopes than for years living radioisotopes, a better knowledge of this material will allow to anticipate its behaviour and to obtain safer storage methods. The structure of calcium silicates (C-S-H) (main constituent of cements) have then been determined in this thesis by nuclear magnetic resonance. This method has allow to explain in structural terms, the different calcium rates that can be measured in the C-S-H too. (O.M.) 101 refs.

  4. An experimental study of mixed convection; Contribution a l'etude experimentale de la convection mixte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saez, M.


    The aim of our study is to establish a reliable database for improving thermal hydraulic codes, in the field of turbulent flows with buoyancy forces. The flow considered is mixed convection in the Reynolds and Richardson number range: Re = 10{sup 3} to 6.10{sup 4} and Ri = 10{sup -4} to 1. Experiments are carried out in an upward turbulent flow between vertical parallel plates at different wall temperatures. Part 1 gives a detailed database of turbulent mixed flow of free and forced convection. Part 2 presents the installation and the calibration system intended for probes calibration. Part 3 describes the measurement technique (constant temperature probe and cold-wire probe) and the method for measuring the position of the hot-wire anemometer from the wall surface. The measurement accuracy is within 0.001 mm in the present system. Part 4 relates the development of a method for near wall measurements. This correction procedure for hot-wire anemometer close to wall has been derived on the basis of a two-dimensional numerical study. The method permits to obtain a quantitative correction of the wall influence on hot-wires and takes into account the velocity profile and the effects the wall material has on the heat loss. Part 5 presents the experimental data obtained in the channel in forced and mixed convection. Results obtained in the forced convection regime serve as a verification of the measurement technique close to the wall and give the conditions at the entrance of the test section. The effects of the buoyancy force on the mean velocity and temperature profiles are confirmed. The buoyancy strongly affects the fluid structure and deforms the distribution of mean velocity. The velocity profiles are asymmetric. The second section of part 5 gives an approach of analytical wall functions with buoyancy forces, on the basis of the experimental data obtained in the test section. (author)

  5. Feasibility study for the installation of a small hydro electric power plant; Etude de faisabilite. Petite centrale hydro-electrique au lieu dit 'Sous les Roches' a Sonceboz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tissot, N. [MHyLab, Mini-Hydraulics Laboratory, Montcherand (Switzerland); Hausmann, H. [Hans Hausmann, Bevilard (Switzerland)


    This report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy presents a technical, economical and ecological analysis of the feasibility of a small hydroelectric power plant at Sonceboz, in the Swiss Jura mountains. The power of the planed plant would typically be 500 kW for a water head of about 10 m. The study shows that, compared to one single turbine, a pair of Kaplan type turbines would be operational over a larger range of the river's water flow rate. This solution would be a little bit more costly but offer more flexibility for maintenance. Two maximum water flow rates are considered, 4.5 and 6 m{sup 3}/s respectively. According to the economical study, done with current electric kWh prices, both configurations are viable while the largest flow rate leads to a larger profit. The report is rounded up by a sensitivity analysis considering variations in annual power generation, electro-mechanical and construction cost as well as turbine efficiency. It indicates that this last factor could be crucial for the overall profitability. [French] Ce rapport est le resultat detaille de l'analyse technico-economique et ecologique de faisabilite de la realisation d'une petite centrale hydroelectrique basse chute qui pourrait exploiter une denivellation d'environ 10 m pour une puissance de l'ordre de 500 kW pres de Sonceboz dans le Jura suisse. L'etude montre que le couplage de deux turbines Kaplan offrirait une possibilite de fonctionnement sur une plus grande plage de flux ainsi qu'une plus grande flexibilite de maintenance, ceci pour un cout legerement superieur a l'option a une seule turbine. Les debits de 4.5 et 6 m{sup 3}/s sont consideres. L'etude economique montre que le debit de 6 m{sup 3}/s est plus rentable au prix de vente actuel du kWh. L'article se termine par une analyse de sensibilite sur les incertitudes concernant la production annuelle, les prix de l'electromecanique et du genie civil et le rendement des

  6. Dynamic cardiovascular exploration with electron flow tomodensitometry; Etudes dynamiques cardiovasculaires par la tomodensitometrie par faisceau d`electrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mousseaux, E.; Hernigou, A.; Auguste, M.; Gaux, J.C. [Hopital Broussais, 75 - Paris (France)


    Electron Beam Ct (EBCT) is still emerging as a new functional imaging procedure in providing high morphological studies and dynamic quantitative functional data. Morphological EBCT studies have previously proven their usefulness in pathologic conditions of the thoracic aorta, in congenital diseases, in cardiac masses or tumors. Functional studies achieved using cine mode and/or flow mode are used to assess both mobility and perfusion of structures. Such dynamic analysis have confirmed that their applications will have a major impact on the knowledge of cardiac physiology, the understanding of cardiovascular diseases, if not in daily patient care. For instance, in studies on ventricular function, among the imaging modalities in current use, EBCT is probably most accurate for the evaluation of systolic regional or global function. EBCT is a cross-sectional imaging methods which overcome an important limitation shared by most other imaging modalities, namely the superimposition of overlapping cardiac and thoracic structures. Since in the method high spatial, contrast, and temporal resolution tomography displays the myocardial wall itself, an accurate delineating of endocardial and epicardial contours in contiguous levels can be obtained. Further developments in computer-automated analysis from dynamic EBCT studies have to be carried out to gain clinical acceptance and to facilitate the routine. (authors). 9 refs. 7 figs.

  7. Merging of gamma radiographic and ultrasonic inspection data: bibliographical survey; Fusion de donneees en controles gammmagraphique et ultrsonore: etude bibliographique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gautier, S. [Departement SDM, Service EP, Direction des Etudes et Recherches, Electricite de France (EDF), 92 - Clamart (France)


    This paper presents a number of experimental data processing notions with the aim of developing an NDT method based on merging ultrasonic and gamma radiographic data. We first review the industrial context concerned and, before moving on to specific data merging problems, we discuss the difficulties of reconstruction using only one type of data (radiographic or ultrasonic). The main part of the report begins with a brief reminder of gamma radiation and ultrasonic wave propagation principles. Certain imaging and reconstruction methods conventionally used for each type of measurement are also presented. Reconstruction problems are then directly approached in algebraic form. For the type of problem studied, the inspection data alone cannot lead to satisfactory reconstructions and we evidence the need to regulate the problem by introducing deductive information on the object to be reconstructed. The Bayes` approach provides a self-consistent means of integrating both the data information and the deductive information. It is based on probabilistic models of the variables involved, notably those of the object sought. We discuss at some length certain models of images used in gamma radiography (independent variable fields, variables having a Markov-type structure) and the Bernoulli-Gauss-type models used for ultrasonic trace deconvolution. Finally, we outline data merging paths. A formal Bayes` framework is used to present two merging approaches, after which we briefly describe our projects for the processing of already available experimental data. (author) 25 refs.

  8. Etude de la transmission sonore a travers un protecteur de type "coquilles" : modelisation numerique et validation experimentale (United States)

    Boyer, Sylvain

    On estime que sur les 3,7 millions des travailleurs au Quebec, plus de 500 000 sont exposes quotidiennement a des niveaux de bruits pouvant causer des lesions de l'appareil auditif. Lorsqu'il n'est pas possible de diminuer le niveau de bruit environnant, en modifiant les sources de bruits, ou en limitant la propagation du son, le port de protecteurs auditifs individualises, telles que les coquilles, demeure l'ultime solution. Bien que vue comme une solution a court terme, elle est communement employee, du fait de son caractere peu dispendieux, de sa facilite d'implantation et de son adaptabilite a la plupart des operations en environnement bruyant. Cependant les protecteurs auditifs peuvent etre a la fois inadaptes aux travailleurs et a leur environnement et inconfortables ce qui limite leur temps de port, reduisant leur protection effective. Afin de palier a ces difficultes, un projet de recherche sur la protection auditive intitule : " Developpement d'outils et de methodes pour ameliorer et mieux evaluer la protection auditive individuelle des travailleur ", a ete mis sur pied en 2010, associant l'Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS) et l'Institut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail (IRSST). S'inscrivant dans ce programme de recherche, le present travail de doctorat s'interesse specifiquement a la protection auditive au moyen de protecteurs auditifs " passifs " de type coquille, dont l'usage presente trois problematiques specifiques presentees dans les paragraphes suivants. La premiere problematique specifique concerne l'inconfort cause par exemple par la pression statique induite par la force de serrage de l'arceau, qui peut reduire le temps de port recommande pour limiter l'exposition au bruit. Il convient alors de pouvoir donner a l'utilisateur un protecteur confortable, adapte a son environnement de travail et a son activite. La seconde problematique specifique est l'evaluation de la protection reelle apportee par le protecteur. La

  9. Study of aerosol penetration into filtering layers; Etude de la penetration des aerosols dans les couches filtrantes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parnianpour, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In this work a radio-active aerosol is used to study the penetration of particles inside various filtering media by a layer technique. First of all the penetration of the active thoron deposit fixed on the atmospheric dust was examined for a series of filters which were considered to be representative of the various filtering materials used. From this series of tests it appears that the penetration of an ultrafine aerosol in a filter made up of fibrous matter involves two successive, different processes: the first part of the curve characterizes the surface effect, the second part which is practically exponential in form has a slope which depends on the test conditions and on the nature of the filter. The changes in the penetration as a function either of the porosity or of the rate of filtration yield only a qualitative check of the theory; in all cases the penetration is much greater than predicted. The last part of the work is devoted to an examination and a discussion of results obtained, and to various applications of the method, especially concerning the determination of the absorption coefficient for {alpha} particles by the matter. The changes in the absorption factor with filtering speed are particularly studied. (author) [French] On se propose dans ce travail d'etudier, avec un aerosol radioactif, la penetration des particules a l'interieur de differents milieux filtrants en utilisant une methode de feuilletage. On a tout d'abord examine la penetration du depot actif du thoron fixe sur les poussieres atmospheriques pour une serie de filtres que nous avons voulu representative des differents materiaux filtrants utilises. Il ressort de cette serie d'essais que la penetration d'un aerosol ultrafin dans un filtre compose de matiere fibreuse fait intervenir deux processus successifs differents: la premiere partie de courbe caracterise l'effet de surface; la seconde partie pratique- ment exponentielle ou la pente depend des

  10. Mission Climate study note n.8, april 2006; Mission climat note d'etude n. 8, avril 2006

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dufour, C.; Leseur, A


    In order to reduce the emissions, in the framework of the Kyoto protocol, the European Union implemented a market of CO{sub 2} emission quotas, which began in January 2005. The study of the first National Plans of quotas allocation in Europe shows the necessity of the homogenization some allocation rules. This note presents in a first part the evaluation one year after the beginning of the market, in a second part the geographical and sectoral repartition of the quotas, in a third part the allocation methods and the main principles applied differently in function of the countries. The last part is devoted to the transition between the phase I and phase II and the banking. (A.L.B.)

  11. Enhancement of compact heat exchanger fins: numerical and experimental study; Optimisation des echangeurs compacts a ailettes: etude numerique et experimentale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Michel, F.


    This work concerns plate fins compact heat exchangers. These compact devices (C > 700 m2/m3) reduce bulk and weight due to large surfaces for heat transfer. These exchangers, widely used in automotive systems, cryogenics and aeronautics, are currently studied with empirical correlations. So, this limits the evolution of fins in compact heat exchangers. We propose a numerical methodology for designing and enhancing Offset Strip Fin (OSF) geometries. Numerical models and methods have been validated to correctly predict thermohydraulics in Offset Strip Fin heat exchangers. We have validated simulations with data from the literature but also with two experimental devices made for this thesis. Local and global temperature and velocity measurements have been realised in geometries near Offset Strip Fins. Hot wire and cold wire anemometry and Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) have been used to obtained validation data. Finally, the validated numerical simulations have been used to enhance geometries of fins and to give innovating geometries. (author)

  12. Attractive forces study in macromolecules and critical systems; Etude des forces attractives dans les macromolecules et les systemes critiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Penninckx-Sans, A.


    The attractive forces effect is particularly interesting at the proximity of a critical point. In a liquid system, there are two kinds of attractive forces in presence : the forces bound to the solution volume and those generated by the presence of the solution surface or by a solution interface. In the first case, the attractive forces are the more important as the system is in a critical field. For this study, the selected example is a polymer solution in a two solvents mixture. A formulation in terms of way integrals as part of statistical physics has lead us to find again some known results on the polymer chain conformation in the presence of two solvents (collapse of the polymer on itself) far from the critical point and to extend these results to the critical field. In the case of attractive forces created by the surface in some critical systems (polymer of infinite size in solution and binary mixture near the de mixture point), the adsorption profile created by the attraction of one specie by the surface, follows a scale law. The optical methods usually used for the study of these systems do not give characteristic sign of concentration profile in power law. In the case where the interaction potential between radiation and matter is attractive, the reflectivity gives a separate mark of the existence of the scale law in the form of a resonance. After some theoretical forecasts, the author has used this method on the binary mixture methanol-cyclohexane in order to reveal experimentally a reflectivity pseudo-discontinuity and then the existence of the power law in the critical adsorption profile. (O.L.). 69 refs., 60 tabs.

  13. Waste zone labelling at the Lure accelerator facility; Etude de zonage dechets de l'accelerateur Lure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cometto, M.; Damoy, F.; Giacri-Mauborgne, M.L.; Ridikas, D.; Thomas, W


    This document describes the method used to compute the activation of the structure components near the electron-positron converter of the Lure accelerator (Orsay). Activation comes from photon and neutron reactions on nuclei belonging to the concrete structure. Only radio-nuclides with a half-life greater than 200 days are considered penalizing for dismantling operations. The main photonuclear reactions produce the following nuclides: Na{sup 22}, Cl{sup 36}, Mn{sup 54}, Nb{sup 92}, Ba{sup 133}, Co{sup 57} and Co{sup 60}. The main neutron reaction generate the following nuclides: H{sup 3}, C{sup 14}, Cl{sup 36}, K{sup 40}, Co{sup 60}, Ni{sup 63}, Zn{sup 65}, Se{sup 79}, Zr{sup 93}, Ag{sup 108}, Ag{sup 110}, Ba{sup 133}, Cs{sup 134}, Eu{sup 152}, Eu{sup 154}, Fe{sup 55}, Ca{sup 41}, Na{sup 22}, Mn{sup 54}, Cs{sup 137}, Nb{sup 92} and Ti{sup 204}. The MCNPX code has been used to compute the values of the photon and neutron fluxes received by the structure components, the activation has been computed with the Cinder code from the flux values. The main contributors for radioactivity on long term basis appear to be Ca{sup 41} and Ni{sup 63}. Calculations have been compared with the measurement of activities of 3 concrete samples drilled out from the structure. The results of the comparison are given for Co{sup 60}, Cs{sup 134}, Eu{sup 152} and Eu{sup 154}. The computed values appear to be greater by a factor varying from 2 to 5 which is consistent with the method used that naturally overestimates the activation. These results are considered as satisfactory for performing waste zone labelling. (A.C.)

  14. Etude du déplacement de l'huile par le gaz Analysis of Oil Displacement by Gas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Delclaud J.


    loignées de la réalité. Enfin, les résultats expérimentaux sont correctement simulés par voie directe à l'aide d'un modèle numérique tenant compte des phénomènes capillaires et de conditions aux limites mesurées. Ces résultats encourageants permettent d'envisager l'étude de la restitution des perméabilités relatives à partir de tests de laboratoire par des calculs utilisant la théorie classique. Reservoir engineers are hoving a great deal of difficulty in planning oilfield production by using the relative- perméability,/saturation relations provided by laboratories. They have even begun to wonder whether the concept is valid in transient flow, whether, measurements are made according to suitable procedures, whether the static relation between capillary pressure and saturation is maintained during unsteady flow and whether our Jack of understanding of these functions is perhaps the reason why engineers are unsatisfied. This article takes up the first three of the above points. The following two series of experiments were carried out : - experiments of oil displacement by gas, with an effort being made to determine and specify pseudo-stationary phenomena. The porous samples chosen were of small size so that the length of the transient periods coula be reduced; - displacement experiments in large-size homogeneous samples, with an analysis of transient phenomena. Pressure in both phases and saturation were measured along the entire length of the pack. Relative permeabilities were calculated at all points and times, on the basis of continuity equations. These experiments demonstrated that the relative-permeability/saturation relation is the same at all points in a porous medium, along the entire length of transient flow, that it does not depend on the flowraie, and that the capillary-pressure/saturation relation coincides with the one determined by the restored-state method. This thus proves the validity of the transient-flow concept. The WELGE, JOHNSON, BOSSLER

  15. Contribution aux etudes de signaux radar de surfaces de mer et mise au point d'un traitement rapide (United States)

    Jousselme, Anne-Laure

    Dans le but d'utiliser un radar comme instrument de mesures oceanographiques, il apparai t necessaire de developper des techniques pour extraire les caracteristiques d'une surface de mer a partir du signal recu par le radar. La plupart des algorithmes existant considerent les images radar comme des photographies de la surface oceanique, negligeant l'effet de la vitesse de rotation du radar sur le signal, ainsi que le systeme de coordonnees polaires intrinseque de l'image radar. De plus, a cause de la loudeur des calculs, ces methodes ne peuvent fournir de resultats dans des applications en temps reel. La premiere partie de notra travail consiste a modeliser et quantifier l'effet de la distorsion du spectre oceanique provoquee par une vitesse de rotation du radar trop faible. Les resultats permettent de definir clairement les vitesses de rotation du radar pour lesquelles cette distorsion est negligeable. La deuxieme partie prospose un algorithme de traitement en temps reel qui extrait les informations caracteristiques principales de la surface de mer observee, i.e., la longueur d'onde et la direction des vagues. Cette estimation, basees sur une modelisation autoregressive offre une ouverture pour le traitement des signaux en temps reel. A travers cette approche, une succession de signaux unidimensionnels est traitee, ce qui conduit a l'elimination naturelle de la distorsion introduite dans le spectre du signal.

  16. Numerical study of nonlinear heat transfer in longitudinal fins; Etude des transferts de chaleur non lineaires dans les ailettes longitudinales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bouaziz, M.N.; Hanini, S.; Bal, Y.; Bal, K. [Centre Universitaire de Medea, Dept. de Genie des Procedes, Medea (Algeria); Rechak, S. [Ecole Nationale Polytechnique, Dept. de Mecanique, Alger (Algeria)


    This work aims to quantify the effects of non-simplified situations on longitudinal fins efficiency. For this purpose a more realistic model, which has been developed here, is based on variable profile and temperature-dependent thermophysical properties in transient two-dimensional fin with internal non-uniform heat generation. An explicit exponential finite-difference method, conditionally stable, is extended in this study for the discretization of the governing equations. The numerical procedure consists in solving series of nodal temperature distribution according to the type of node, in order to reach the steady-state heat exchange. Then, the numerical simulation is used to present the sensitivity of some parameters on efficiency. Numerical results of interest are illustrated for a direct comparison with the traditional solutions. Extensive numerical experiments were conducted and showed that temperature-dependent heat transfer coefficient and generation lead to a significant reduction of fin-efficiency. The simultaneous effects of parameters for this non-linear problem are not negligible. (authors)

  17. Integration symplectique et etude dynamique de systemes hamiltoniens: Canalisation d'une particule chargee traversant un cristal (United States)

    Poulin, Robert


    Le probleme de canalisation d'une particule chargee traversant un cristal est examine dans un contexte de dynamique hamiltonienne. Nous desirons etudier la stabilite de l'espace des phases engendre par des systemes hamiltoniens a 2 degres de liberte. Ils sont issus d'un modele simple, mais realiste, applique a differentes configurations de canalisation. Afin de realiser cette analyse de stabilite, certains outils doivent etre elabores. Des integrateurs adaptifs et symplectiques, particulierement bien adaptes aux systemes hamiltoniens sont d'abord developpes. En plus d'etre performants, ils permettent la conservation des constantes du mouvement a la precision voulue. De plus, ils ont ete concus pour beneficier directement, sans aucune modification, des derniers developpements dans le domaine de l'integration symplectique. De nouvelles methodes quantitatives, basees sur l'integration symplectique et des simulations de type Monte-Carlo, sont ensuite developpees pour determiner de facon fiable la stabilite des trajectoires. Les resultats montrent que pour les systemes cristallins consideres, s'il y a transition stochastique (espace des phases passe de stable a instable), elle s'effectue de facon graduelle et non abrupte. De plus, une nouvelle forme de representation graphique permet d'examiner avec precision et flexibilite la stabilite de n'importe quel espace des phases.

  18. Study of dimuons in Nomad experience at the CERN; Etude des dimuons dans l`experience Nomad au CERN

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vo, M.K.


    This thesis concerns the study of the production of the first dimuons events in the NOMAD experience (Neutrino Oscillation MAgnetic Detector). This study is necessary to improve our knowledge about the charmed quark and allows to secure ourselves about the well functioning of our detector and about the reliability of our analysis tools. The two first chapters concern the understanding of physical phenomenons. The physic of neutrinos is described, known and unknown, with a lot of open questions. The second chapter, more specially, gives a theoretical and experimental look concerning the production of dimuons by the neutrinos; the chapter three is devoted to the presentation of the NOMAD detector and its characteristics. The chapter number four concerns the method used by the NOMAD collaboration (drift chambers and their functioning); the chapter five is devoted to the muons identification; the data selection is described at the chapter six; a first preliminary oscillation analysis is studied in the chapter seven; the conclusion ends on questions to deepen the entered upon studies in this thesis. (N.C.). 78 refs., 77 figs., 24 tabs.

  19. Fast neutron breeder reactor Rapsodie - situation of physics, hydraulic, thermal and dynamics studies and studies of stability early in 1963; Pile rapide rapsodie - point des etudes neutroniques, hydrauliques, thermiques et dynamiques et des etudes de stabilite au debut de l'annee 1963

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    ) [French] Au debut de 1963, il a ete necessaire de faire un choix entre les deux combustibles etudies pour Rapsodie: l'alliage UPuMo avec double gainage Nb et acier inoxydable et l'oxyde mixte UO{sub 2}-PuO{sub 2}. Ce rapport donne les resultats des etudes menees avec les deux types de combustible. On rappelle d'abord les differents modeles qui ont ete etudies et on donne une description detaillee de coeurs alliage et oxyde tels qu'ils sont envisages au debut de 1963. On rapporte ensuite les principales caracteristiques neutroniques des deux coeurs: flux et spectre des neutrons, valeur des barres de securite - compensation, economie des neutrons, puissance specifique, fraction effective des neutrons retardes, temps de vie des neutrons prompts, coefficients de reactivite. On decrit les etudes et essais hydrauliques qui ont ete faits a propos de ces deux coeurs. On discute les criteres qui ont ete a l'origine des calculs de debits. On donne les resultats des essais de pertes de charge, de soulevement des assemblages, de vibration et d'ecoulement fin entre les aiguilles. On discute les constantes utilisees pour les calculs thermiques et on donne les temperatures maximales du sodium et des combustibles alliage et oxyde, les majorations dues aux points chauds et la limitation du taux de combustion de l'aiguille oxyde ayant pour origine la pression des gaz de fission. On rapporte les hypotheses qui ont ete utilisees pour les calculs dynamiques et l'on decrit les differents incidents qui ont ete etudies. On donne les resultats des calculs, pour chaque incident et pour chaque combustible et l'on montre que l'on peut eviter la fusion du combustible ou l'ebullition du sodium, meme dans le cas des hypotheses les plus pessimistes, en agissant sur les caracteristiques de la pile (valeur de la barre de pilotage ou puissance de la pile avec un seul circuit de refroidissement). La stabilite de la pile a ete evaluee avec les hypotheses

  20. Modeling and numerical study of transfers in fissured environments; Modelisation et etude numerique des transferts en milieux fissures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Granet, S.


    Oil recovery from fractured reservoirs plays a very important role in the petroleum industry. Some of the world most productive oil fields are located in naturally fractured reservoirs. Modelling flow in such a fracture network is a very complex problem. This is conventionally done using a specific idealized model. This model is based on the Warren and Root representation and on a dual porosity, dual permeability approach. A simplified formulation of matrix-fracture fluid transfers uses a pseudo-steady-state transfer equation involving a constant exchange coefficient. Such a choice is one of the main difficulties of this approach. To get a better understanding of the simplifications involved in the dual porosity approach a reference model must be available. To obtain such a fine description, we have developed a new methodology. This technique called 'the fissure element methodology' is based on a specific gridding of the fractured medium. The fissure network is gridded with linear elements coupled with an unstructured triangular grid of matrix. An appropriate finite volume scheme has been developed to provide a good description of the flow. The numerical development of is precisely described. A simulator has been developed using this method. Several simulations have been realised. Comparisons have been done with different dual-porosity dual-permeability models. A reflexion concerning the choice of the exchange coefficient used in the dual porosity model is then proposed. This new tool has permit to have a better understanding of the production mechanisms of a complex fractured reservoir. (author)

  1. Study of heat flux deposition in the Tore Supra Tokamak; Etude des depots de chaleur dans le tokamak Tore Supra

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carpentier, S.


    Accurate measurements of heat loads on internal tokamak components is essential for protection of the device during steady state operation. The optimisation of experimental scenarios also requires an in depth understanding of the physical mechanisms governing the heat flux deposition on the walls. The objective of this study is a detailed characterisation of the heat flux to plasma facing components (PFC) of the Tore Supra tokamak. The power deposited onto Tore Supra PFCs is calculated using an inverse method, which is applied to both the temperature maps measured by infrared thermography and to the enthalpy signals from calorimetry. The derived experimental heat flux maps calculated on the toroidal pumped limiter (TPL) are then compared with theoretical heat flux density distributions from a standard SOL-model. They are two experimental observations that are not consistent with the model: significant heat flux outside the theoretical wetted area, and heat load peaking close to the tangency point between the TPL and the last closed field surface (LCFS). An experimental analysis for several discharges with variable security factors q is made. In the area consistent with the theoretical predictions, this parametric study shows a clear dependence between the heat flux length lambda{sub q} (estimated in the SOL (scrape-off layer) from the IR measurements) and the magnetic configuration. We observe that the spreading of heat fluxes on the component is compensated by a reduction of the power decay length lambda{sub q} in the SOL when q decreases. On the other hand, in the area where the derived experimental heat loads are not consistent with the theoretical predictions, we observe that the spreading of heat fluxes outside the theoretical boundary increases when q decreases, and is thus not counterbalanced. (author)

  2. Investigation of correlations in light neutron-rich nuclei; Etude des correlations dans les noyaux legers riches en neutrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Normand, G


    Correlations play a crucial role in understanding the structure of light nuclei at and beyond the neutron drip-line. In this context, the two-neutron halo nucleus He{sup 6} and the unbound systems H{sup 5}, He{sup 7,9} and Li{sup 10} have been studied via measurements of the breakup of beams of He{sup 6} and Be{sup 11,12}. The CHARISSA and DEMON detector arrays were employed. The interpretation was facilitated by a simulation code (SILLAGE) which provided for the setup. In the case of He{sup 7}, the existence of an excited state with E{sub r} {approx} 1 MeV and gamma {approx} 0.75 MeV was confirmed. The virtual character of the s-wave ground state of Li{sup 10} was also confirmed and a scattering length of as {approx} -16 fm deduced. The results obtained for He{sup 9} suggest that a virtual s-wave state may exist just above threshold. The study of the three-body breakup of He{sup 6} found that the decay of the first 2+ state is essentially direct, while the decay of the remaining continuum strength is sequential - passage via He{sup 5}. Using the technique of intensity interferometry an rms separation between the halo neutrons of 7.7 +- 0.8 fm was derived. This result was confirmed by a complementary method utilizing Dalitz plots. In the case of H{sup 5}, the invariant mass spectrum was found to exhibit a broad (gamma {approx} 2 MeV) structure some 1.8 MeV above threshold. Comparison with recent three-body model calculations suggest that this corresponds to the predicted 1/2+ ground state. An rms valence neutron separation of some 5.5 fm was estimated. A search was also carried out for the 4n system using the Be{sup 12*} (2 alpha + Xn decay channel). No signal was observed beyond that expected on the basis of the known background processes. (author)

  3. Etude de solutions pour la mise en oeuvre d'une antenne a reflecteur bi-grille en polarisation circulaire (United States)

    Joyal, Marc-Andre

    Dual-gridded reflector (DGR) antennas are widely used on satellites. They consist of a cascade of two parabolic grids operating in orthogonal linear polarizations, each one having its own feed. Therefore, DGRs are actually two antennas in one structure, so they use less space on the satellite. Moreover, they provide excellent isolation between adjacent coverage areas. The disadvantage with these DGRs is that they work only in linear polarization (vertical and horizontal). In this thesis, two different solutions to design a circularly polarized (right and left hand circular polarizations) DGR are explored. The first one consists in the use of circular polarizers that are fixed on a conventional DGR. Those polarizers are surfaces that make the conversion between linear and circular polarizations. The other solution uses circular polarization selective surfaces (CPSSs) as reflectors on the DGR instead of the orthogonal grids. These CPSSs are structures that are transparent to one sense of circular polarization (say right hand circular polarization for instance), but that reflect the other sense (left hand circular polarization). The major part of this work is based on the first solution. A new circular polarizer design method is proposed. It allows a greater flexibility in the polarizer design than existing designs. The proposed technique is also modified in order to implement polarizers optimized for an oblique incidence, which is required for DGR applications. The second solution using CPSSs is only briefly explored. A new type of CPSS, implemented with a cascade of circular and linear polarizers, is proposed. This cascade CPSS has shown a broader bandwidth than those obtained with the resonant structures known so far. Also, the limitations of CPSSs are identified as to their use on DGRs. Finally, as a proof of concept, two simple prototypes of circularly polarized DGRs are presented. The first design is implemented with a circular polarizer and a metallic grid

  4. A Study Of The Dilution Of Radio-Active Waste In The Rhone (1961); Etude de la dilution dans le rhone des effluents radioactifs du Centre de Marcoule (1961)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodier, J.; Scheidhauer, J.; Marichal, M.; Court, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre de Production de Plutonium, Marcoule (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The discharge into the Rhone of liquid radio-active waste from the Marcoule Centre necessitates a large number of measurements, in particular chemical and radio-chemical analysis of the waste, itself and of the waters of the Rhone both above arid below the point of discharge. The results thus obtained during 1960 made it possible to evaluate the total amount of active waste discharged and its dilution in the receiving medium. A statistical study of the results of the analysis of the Rhone waters shows that a satisfactory dilution of the waste occurs rapidly; the experimental results obtained with an experimental discharge of rhodamine are thus confirmed. (authors) [French] Le rejet au Rhone des effluents radioactifs liquides produits sur le Centre de Marcoule donne lieu a un grand nombre de mesures et en particulier d'analyses chimiques et radio-chimiques des effluents eux-memes ainsi que des eaux du Rhone avant et apres rejet. Au cours de l'annee 1960, l'ensemble des resultats ainsi obtenus a permis de dresser un bilan des activites rejetees et de leur dispersion dans le milieu recepteur. Une etude statistique des resultats d'analyses des eaux du Rhone montre qu'une dilution satisfaisante des effluents s'effectue rapidement confirmant ainsi les resultats obtenus lors d'un rejet experimental de rhodamine. (auteurs)

  5. Blowing-machine representation of various meteorological situations for the study of rejection into the atmosphere; Essais de representation en soufflerie des diverses situations meteorologiques pour l'etude des rejets dans l'atmosphere

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chassany, J.Ph. [CEA Marcoule, Centre de Production de Plutonium, 30 (France)


    A stratified blowing-machine has been built making it possible to introduce into the tests a vertical temperature gradient. The similitude conditions have been examined. The development tests have made it possible to observe and to film the shape of the smoke pall emitted by a chimney in different cases. Stationary waves have been obtained in steady state conditions and the cross-section of the pall has also been studied. It appears that certain diffusion studies justify the use of a stratified blowing-machine. (author) [French] Une soufflerie stratifiee permettant d'introduire dans les experimentations le gradient vertical de la temperature a ete realisee. Les conditions de similitude ont ete examinees. Des essais de mise au point ont permis d'observer et de filmer l'allure du panache de fumee emis par une cheminee dans differents cas. La formation d'ondes stationnaires en regime stable a ete obtenue et la section droite du panache a ete egalement etudiee. Il apparait que certaines etudes de diffusion doivent justifier l'emploi d'une soufflerie stratifiee. (auteur)

  6. The accelerator tube of ions of the generator Van de Graaff of the CEA. Survey of development. First results; Le tube accelerateur d'ions du generateur van de graapp du commissariat. Etude de developpement. Premiers resultats

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bruck, H.; Prevot, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay(France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Rare are the Van de Graaff supplies whose tube doesn't collapse electrically to tensions and currents very lower to those that the generator can provide. We chose the general measurements: length and diameter, and put the accent on the survey of the individual element, so much to the mechanical viewpoint (installation, solidity, tightness and degassing), that to the electric viewpoint (to increase the electric rigidity of it). After modification the breakdown voltage as well as the performances of the tube have been improved greatly. (M.B.) [French] Rares sont les machines de Van de Graaff dont le tube ne s'effondre pas electriquement a des tensions et des courants bien inferieurs a ceux que le generateur peut fournir. Nous avons choisi les dimensions generales: longueur et diametre, et mis l'accent sur l'etude de l'element individuel, tant au point de vue mecanique (montage, solidite, etancheite et degazage), qu'au point de vue electrique (pour en augmenter la rigidite electrique). Apres modification la tension de claquage ainsi que les performances du tube ont ete grandement ameliorees. (M.B.)

  7. Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia syndrome primed by radiation therapy to the breast. The Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Maladies Orphelines Pulmonaires (GERM"O"P) (United States)

    Crestani, B; Valeyre, D; Roden, S; Wallaert, B; Dalphin, J C; Cordier, J F


    Reports of bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP) occurring in women after radiation therapy for breast cancer have suggested that radiation to the lung could participate in the development of BOOP. We now describe the clinical, radiographic, functional, and bronchoalveolar lavage characteristics of this syndrome in a series of 15 patients reported to the Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Maladies "Orphelines" Pulmonaires (GERM"O"P) in France. All 15 women (60 +/- 6 yr of age) fulfilled the following inclusion criteria: (1) radiation therapy to the breast within 12 mo, (2) general and/or respiratory symptoms lasting for at least 2 wk, (3) lung infiltrates outside the radiation port, and (4) no specific cause. The patients presented with fever, nonproductive cough, mild dyspnea, and peripheral alveolar opacities on chest radiograph with a characteristic migratory pattern. In five patients, BOOP was found at lung pathologic analysis. In all the patients dramatic improvement was obtained with corticosteroids, but relapses occurred in 12 patients while tapering or after stopping corticosteroids. This report demonstrates that a characteristic BOOP syndrome may occur after radiation therapy to the breast, including tangential radiation to the lung, thus suggesting that radiation therapy may prime the development of BOOP.

  8. Etude de sensibilite du profil de durete des engrenages traites thermiquement par induction en fonction des parametres machine (United States)

    Barka, Noureddine

    hardened with time of heating and power received by the part. The experimental tests, performed on discs and gears with the same exterior dimensions, have confirmed a clear correlation between hardness profiles measured and those obtained by simulation. Moreover, since the power transmitted by the machine to the coil is not known and it is difficult to measure the current in the inductor, the issue was to find a method leading to a match between simulation and experimentation. Indeed, tests have allowed the calibration of developed models by evaluating the power ratio between the power received by the part and that provided by the machine. Thus, the calibrated models are able to predict global trends of the hardness profile as a function of machine parameters even if the material properties measured at thermodynamic equilibrium are used. Finally, a local sensitivity analysis was performed by varying the machine parameters slightly around the nominal values leading to a definite hardness profile. Based on the statistical tools of variance analysis, this study showed that the hardness profile is very sensitive to small variations of the power machine and the heating time in the case of the disc. With regard to the gears and considering the dual frequency sequential heating mode, HF power and HF heating time are the parameters that most affect the hardness profile. Although the study focused on the specific geometry and a given material, it is clear that the models developed can be used to develop mechanical components and they help reduce the development time. The greatest contribution of this work has been to bridge the gap between theory, simulation and practice. Therefore, it laid the groundwork to achieve a more general and robust model capable of supporting the interactions between the machine parameters, variables, dimensions and material properties. The accuracy of the model could be greatly improved by considering inductor current measurement during heating and

  9. Genetic cytological and biochemical study of a tomato chlorophyll mutant of the xanthic type, obtained by irradiation of the seeds; Etude genetique, cytologique et biochimique d'un mutant chlorophyllien de tomate du type xantha, obtenu par irradiation de graines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lefort, M.; Duranton, J.; Galmiche, J.M.; Roux, E. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Irradiation of Lycopersicum aesculantum seeds with increasing doses of X-rays and thermal neutrons leads to the appearance of chlorophyll mutations in the descendants of the irradiated seeds. A genetic study of one of these mutants of the xanthic type showed that it was a recessive mutant with typical mono-genetic separation, while the cytological study demonstrated that the differentiation of the plast stopped at the stage of elementary lamella. Finally it is shown that in the light, the mutation brings about a very large deviation of the carbon metabolism towards the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, at the expense of that of glucosides. (author) [French] L'irradiation de graines de Lycopersicum Aesculantum avec des doses croissantes de rayons X et de neutrons thermiques entraine l'apparition de mutations chlorophylliennes dans la descendance des graines irradiees. L'etude genetique d'un de ces mutants du type xantha a montre qu'il s'agissait d'un mutant recessif a disjonction monogenique typique, tandis que l'etude cytologique a revele que la differentiation du plaste s'arretait au stade de lamelles elementaires. Il est apparu enfin qu'a la lumiere la mutation entrainait une deviation tres importante du metabolisme du carbone vers la synthese des acides amines et des proteines, au detriment de celle des glucides. (auteur)

  10. Experimental study of heat exchange coefficients, critical heat flux and charge losses, using water-steam mixtures in turbulent flow in a vertical tube; Etude experimentale des coefficients d'echanges thermiques, des flux de chaleur critiques et des pertes de charge avec des melanges eau-vapeur en ecoulement turbulent dans un tube vertical

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perroud, P.; De La Harpe, A.; Rebiere, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Two stainless steel tubes were used (with diameters of 5 and 10 mm, lengths 400 and 600 mm respectively), heated electrically (50 Hz). The mixture flows from top to bottom. The work was carried out mainly on mixtures of high concentration (x > 0.1), at pressures between 50 and 60 kg/cm{sup 2}, flowing as a liquid film on the walls of the tube with droplets suspended in the central current of steam. By analysis of the heat transfer laws the exchange mechanisms were established, and the conditions under which the critical heat flux may be exceeded without danger of actual burnout were determined. In this way high output concentrations (x{sub s} > 0.9) may be obtained. An attempt has been made to find out to what extent existing correlation formulae can be used to account for the phenomena observed. It is shown that those dealing with exchange coefficients can only be applied in a first approximation in cases where exchange by convection is preponderant, and only below the critical flux. The formulae proposed by WAPD and CISE do not give a satisfactory estimation of the critical heat flux, and the essential reasons for this inadequacy are explained. Lastly, the Martinelli and Nelson method may be used to an approximation of 30 per cent for the calculation of charge losses. (author) [French] On a utilise deux tubes en acier inox (avec des diametres de 5 et 10 mm, et des longueurs respectives 400 et 600 mm) chauffes electriquement (50 Hz). Le melange s'ecoule de haut en bas. Les etudes ont porte plus specialement sur des melanges de titres eleves (x > 0,1) a des pressions comprises entre 60 et 90 kg/cm{sup 2} dont l'ecoulement se fait avec film liquide annulaire et gouttelettes en suspension dans le coeur de vapeur. Par l'analyse des lois de transfert de chaleur, on a precise les mecanismes d'echanges et l'on a d'autre part determine dans quelles conditions le flux de chaleur critique peut etre depasse sans danger de &apos

  11. Analyse des transferts de chaleur et de masse transitoires dans un arena a l'aide de la methode zonale (United States)

    Daoud, Ahmed

    Cette these presente les resultats d'une etude sur le mouvement de l'air et les transferts thermiques et massiques dans les arenas en regime transitoire et en 3D. Pour la partie aeraulique, il a ete question de developper un modele base sur la methode zonale qui permet de calculer les debits de l'air (dus a la ventilation et aux gradients de temperature) et de l'humidite entre les differentes zones du batiment et de determiner l'age de l'air dans chacune des zones. Pour la partie thermique, un modele de calcul du rayonnement entre les surfaces interieures du batiment qui a ete couple a TRNSYS afin de calculer sur une base annuelle les charges de chauffage et de refrigeration; ces dernieres tiennent compte des transferts radiatif et convectif, de la chaleur latente due a la condensation de l'humidite sur la glace et du surfacage. Le document presente est constitue de 7 chapitres qui peuvent etre resumes comme suit: Les chapitres 1, 2 et 3 sont consacres respectivement: a l'introduction generale, a la revue bibliographique et a la description du batiment modelise. Le chapitre 4 decrit l'approche developpee et la contribution importante qui y est apportee. Il presente l'utilisation de la methode zonale comme une alternative pratique aux methodes CFD car elle permet de realiser des simulations dynamiques sur une annee avec des temps de simulation tres courts et une precision acceptable. Il s'agit d'une approche intermediaire entre les modeles CFD et les modeles a un noeud d'air (considerant la temperature homogene dans un local). Le chapitre 5 est consacre a la methode de resolution numerique. L'outil de simulation a ete developpe en utilisant l'interface du logiciel TRNSYS: Le type 56 de ce logiciel a ete adopte comme modele energetique tandis que les autres modeles ont ete developpes et programmes en utilisant le logiciel MATLAB. Le chapitre 6 presente les resultats de simulation pour un arena sans faux plafond et avec un faux plafond et les resultats de mesures

  12. Les methodes de modelisation et leur pouvoir de legitimation: Etude de deux cas de revision de programmes universitaires = Modeling Methods and Their Power of Legitimation: A Study of Two Cases of University Program Revision. (United States)

    Malouin, Jean-Louis; Landry, Maurie


    Two cases illustrate an approach that considers characteristics and needs of each situation separately. One case involved the establishment of a new baccalaureate program; the second involved the remodeling of a master's program, undertaken from outside the program, by committee. (MSE)

  13. Study of the propagation of fast neutrons in water, by Monte-Carlo methods; Etude de la propagation des neutrons rapides dans l'eau par des methodes de Monte-Carlo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lafore, P.; Lattes, R.; Millot, J.P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We have studied the propagation in water of neutrons from mono-directional plane sources with energies ranging from 300 keV to 19,66 MeV, placed in an infinite water medium. The exact paths of a number of neutrons are determined, taking into account the microscopic sections, assuming that inelastic collisions of the neutrons on oxygen are absorptions, and neglecting the loss of energy by elastic collisions on oxygen. The neutron lifetimes have been made use of to study the propagation of neutrons from fission sources, Po-Be, Po-B and Ra-Be, as well as the reflection of fast neutrons on a semi-infinite water medium. We have taken complete account of the first collision in order to improve the precision of the results. The calculations were carried out by Mrs J. VASSEUR and Mr A. GUILLOU. (author)Fren. [French] Nous etudions la propagation dans l'eau des neutrons a partir de sources planes monodirectionnelles dont les energies sont repartis de 300 keV a 19,66 MeV, placees dans un milieu infini d'eau. Nous determinons les trajectoires exactes d'un certain nombre de neutrons en tenant compte des sections microscopiques, en supposant que les chocs inelastiques des neutrons sur l'oxygene sont des absorptions, et en negligeant la perte d'energie par chocs elastiques sur l'oxygene. Les vies de neutrons ont ete exploitees pour etudier la propagation des neutrons a partir de sources de fission, Po-Be, Po-B et Ra-Be, ainsi que la reflexion des neutrons rapides sur un milieu semi-infini d'eau. On a tenu compte integralement du premier choc pour ameliorer la precision des resultats. Les calculs ont ete effectues par Mme J. VASSEUR et M.A. GUILLOU. (auteur)

  14. A method of time transfer between remote stations via LRO (United States)

    Hoffman, Evan; Sun, Xiaoli; Skillman, David R.; McGarry, Jan F.; Mao, Dandan


    Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) is a standard geodetic technique that uses the round trip time of light from a ground station to a satellite to determine distance. When combined with a spacecraft detector and timing system, this technique can also be used to transfer time between ground stations, demonstrated by the Time Transfer by Laser Link (T2L2) project by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiaes (CNES) and Observatorire de la Cote d'Azur (OCA) as well as the Laser Time Transfer (LTT) project by the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. We describe an additional method of time transfer using simultaneous one-way laser ranging (LR) by two or more ground stations to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). A one way ranging is necessary, as two way ranging via retroreflectors for time transfer becomes impractical at lunar distances. The method will utilize the one-way LR currently being performed as a part of the LRO mission, allowing time transfer to be a by-product of the conventional usage of the data. Each ground station is referenced to a Master Clock using a multifrequency all-view GPS receiver at both the ground station and Master Clock locations.The Master Clock is located close enough to the ground station to make ionospheric differences in signal path negligible. Two or more stations range to LRO at the same time and their times of arrival are compared. Results from a ground-based experiment are shown, with sub-nanosecond precision shown to be achievable. Ultimately this measurement will provide a more precise and accurate relation of timing standards between stations, leading to a marked improvement in orbit determination.

  15. Electrochemical study of chemical properties in ethanolamine and its mixtures with water; Etude electrochimique de proprietes chimiques dans l'ethanolamine et ses melanges avec l'eau

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grall, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This work is concerned with the study of acid-base reactions and of complex formation in ethanolamine and its mixtures with water. The ionic product of the solvent has been determined by an electro-chemical study of the H{sup +}/H{sub 2} system. The reduction curves for ethanolamine-water mixtures, for different acidities, have made it possible to follow the variations in the size of the pH domain as a function of the composition of the solvent. The form of this variation has been explained on the basis of the dielectric constant and the solvation of the proton by the ethanolamine. In the second part, the electrochemical systems of mercury have been studied by anodic polarography. In order to establish a parallel between the acid-base reactions and complex formation reactions, we have studied the stability of Hg (CN){sub 2} in water-ethanolamine mixtures. It has been possible to deduce the law for the variation of pK{sub c} with solvent composition. The representative graph of this function passes through a minimum for a proportion of about 50 per cent of ethanolamine as in the case of acids. This variation has been explained by the predominating influence of {epsilon} for ethanolamine propositions of over 50 per cent and by that of the solvation of Hg{sup 2+} for proportions of under 50 per cent. (author) [French] Ce travail porte sur l'etude des reactions acides-bases et de formation de complexes dans l'ethanolamine et ses melanges avec l'eau. Le produit ionique du solvant a pu etre determine par l'etude electro-chimique du systeme H{sup +}/H{sub 2}. Les courbes de reduction des melanges ethanolamine-eau, pour des acidites variables, ont permis de suivre les variations de l'etendue du domaine de pH, en fonction de la composition du solvant. L'allure de cette variation a ete expliquee en faisant intervenir la constante dielectrique et la solvatation du proton par l'ethanolamine. Dans une deuxieme partie, les systemes

  16. Contribution to the experimental study of the critical scattering of cold neutrons in iron; Contriiution a l'etude experimentale de la diffusion critique des neutrons froids par le fer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Konstantinovic, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The aim of the present work is a study of magnetic fluctuations which are produced in iron in the neighbourhood of the Curie temperature, by neutron scattering. We start by briefly recalling the theory of scattering of neutrons by magnetic substances and Landau's theory of second order phase transitions which enables one to derive the magnetic cross section near the Curie temperature. Following this is a description of the experimental apparatus after which we present the experimental results. The analysis of the results confirms the four-third law obeyed by the magnetic susceptibility near the Curie point, predicted by recent theories based on the Heisenberg model. However, the analysis reveals a non-zero relaxation time for the magnetic fluctuations at the Curie point, which is in disagreement with theoretical conclusions. (author) [French] L'objet du present travail est l'etude des fluctuations d'aimantation qui prennent naissance dans le fer au voisinage de sa temperature de Curie par la diffusion des neutrons. Nous commencons par rappeler brievement les generalites sur la diffusion des neutrons par les substances magnetiques et la theorie de Landau des transitions de phase du second ordre qui permet de deriver une expression de la section efficace magnetique pres de la temperature de Curie. Ensuite, apres la description du dispositif experimental, nous presentons les resultats experimentaux. L'analyse de ces resultats confirme les theories recentes suivant le modele d'Heisenberg en ce qui concerne la 'loi en 4/3' de la susceptibilite magnetique au voisinage du point de Curie; mais par ailleurs elle revele l'existence d'un temps de relaxation des fluctuations d'aimantation non nul en ce point, ce qui est en desaccord avec les previsions theoriques actuelles. (auteur)

  17. Contribution to the study of the biological properties of compounds labeled with radio-chromium {sup 51}Cr; Contribution a l'etude des proprietes biologiques des composes marques au radiochrome {sup 51}Cr

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ingrand, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Among the radioisotopes commonly used in biology and medicine which are controlled Individually in the Radioelement Departement of the Saclay Nuclear Research Centre before being sent to the users, the author has chosen chromium 51 incorporated in inorganic salts or in organic substrates for a study of the biological properties of the compounds. In the first part, he has compared the pathways followed by the radioactive sodium chromate and chromic chloride mixed with blood or given to the whole animal, the object being to determine whether a reduction of hexavalent chromium occurs, both in vitro and in vivo. In the second part, the author has tried to show the validity of using, various substrates labeled with chromium 51, red cells, haemoglobin, plasma proteins and cytochrome c. The results obtained have contributed to underline the interest of using such compounds for biological applications. (author) [French] Parmi les radioisotopes d'utilisation courants en biologie et en medecine qui sont l'objet d'un controle particulier dans le Departement des Radioelements du Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay avant leur diffusion aux utilisateurs, l'auteur a choisi le chrome 51 incorpore a des sels mineraux ou a des substrats organiques, afin d'en etudier les proprietes biologiques. Dans la premiere partie, il a compare le sort du chromate de sodium et du chlorure chromique radioactifs melanges a du sang ou administres a l'animal entier en s'efforcant de mettre en evidence une reduction du chrome hexavalent aussi bien in vitro qu'in vivo. Dans la deuxieme partie, il a cherche a etablir la validite de l'emploi de differents substrats marques au chrome 51, l'hematie, l'hemoglobine, les proteines plasmatiques et le cytochrome c. Les resultats obtenus ont permis de souligner le reel interet des applications biologiques des composes marques par le radioisotope. (auteur)

  18. Efficacy and safety of the combination paclitaxel/carboplatin in patients with previously treated advanced ovarian carcinoma: a multicenter French Groupe des Investigateurs Nationaux pour l'Etude des Cancers Ovariens phase II study. (United States)

    Pujade-Lauraine, E; Guastalla, J P; Weber, B; Curé, H; Orfeuvre, H; Mousseau, M; Vincent, P; Diéras, V; Tubiana-Mathieu, N; Jacquin, J P; Mignot, L; Leduc, B; Paraïso, D; Viens, P


    The French Groupe des Investigateurs Nationaux pour l'Etude des Cancers Ovariens (GINECO) conducted a multicenter phase II study of carboplatin and paclitaxel (Taxol; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ) to evaluate the efficacy and side effects of this combination in pretreated advanced ovarian cancer. Patients with progressive ovarian carcinoma during or after platinum-based chemotherapy received paclitaxel 175 mg/m2 intravenously over 3 hours followed by intravenous carboplatin over 30 minutes every 4 weeks. The dose of carboplatin was calculated using a projected area under the concentration-time curve of 5 mg/mL x min. Of the 50 patients entered, 50 were evaluable for toxicity and 42 for response. There were eight complete and 10 partial responses, for an overall response rate of 43% (95% confidence interval, 28% to 56%). Overall response rates in platinum refractory patients and in those with early (> or = 3 and or = 12 months) relapse was 28%, 33%, and 71%, respectively. Median response duration, progression-free survival, and overall survivals were 8, 6, and 14 months, respectively. The most frequent and severe toxicity was myelosuppression. Grades 3 and 4 neutropenia occurred in 30% and 23% of cycles, and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor was administered in 6%. Only one case of neutropenic fever was observed. Grades 3 and 4 thrombocytopenia occurred in 3% and 1% of cycles, respectively. Alopecia and moderate nausea or vomiting were frequent. Transitory peripheral neuropathy was present in 45% of patients but was severe in only one patient. One early death was observed due to progressive disease and possibly to therapy. The combination of paclitaxel 175 mg/m2 as a 3-hour infusion and carboplatin dosed to an area under the concentration-time curve of 5 is an effective therapy in patients previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy and may be administered safely to outpatients who relapse after one or two lines of chemotherapy.

  19. Study of the solubility of plutonyl nitrate with a view to its extraction by a solvent; Etude de la solubilite du nitrate de plutonyle en vue de son extraction par solvant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vergnaud, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay aux Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The research covers the determination of the partition coefficient of plutonyl nitrate and their application to the industrial treatment of plutonium. The solvent used is a tri-n-butyl phosphate solution diluted to 30 per cent in dodecane. The parameters which have been studied and which can affect the extraction of the plutonyl nitrate are: the plutonyl nitrate concentration; the nitric acid concentration; the uranyl nitrate concentration; the tetravalent plutonium nitrate concentration. The industrial application has been studied using a battery of mixer-separators. The operational conditions are defined in the case of a conventional plutonium separation plant. The results obtained, for a higher plutonyl nitrate concentration than that actually planned, are satisfactory and encouraging as far as the operation is concerned. Only the presence of polymerized tetravalent plutonium can adversely affect the satisfactory extraction of the plutonium. (author) [French] L'etude porte sur les coefficients de partage du nitrate de plutonyle et leur application a l'elaboration industrielle du plutonium. Le solvant utilise est une solution de phosphate de tri-n-butyle, dilue a 30 pour cent dans le dodecane. Les parametres etudies et pouvant influencer l'extraction du nitrate de plutonyle, par ce solvant, sont: concentration du nitrate de plutonyle; concentration de l'acide nitrique; concentration du nitrate d'uranyle; concentration au nitrate de plutonium tetravalent. L'application industrielle est etudiee au moyen d'une batterie de melangeurs-decanteurs. Les conditions operatoires sont definies d'apres un schema classique d'usine de separation de plutonium. Les resultats obtenus, pour une concentration du nitrate de plutonyle superieure a celle reellement prevue, sont satisfaisants et encourageants pour l'exploitation. Seule, la presence de plutonium tetraralent polymerise, peut nuire a une bonne extraction du plutonium

  20. Etude de la résistance aux antibiotiques de Pseudomonas aeruginosa au niveau de différents hôpitaux de l’ouest algérien




    Année Universitaire: 2014-2015 Etude de la résistance aux antibiotiques de Pseudomonas aeruginosa au niveau de différents hôpitaux de l’ouest algérien ملخّص عصيّات Pseudomonas aeruginosa هي ج ا رثيم ممرضة انتهازية مسؤولة أساسا عن الالتهابات المكتسبة وتُظهر هذه البكتيريا قدرة التكيّف تجاه المضادّات الحيويّة ممّا يؤدّي إلى مشاكل علاجيّة حادّة في كثير من الأحيان. مجموع 217 جرثوم من عصيّات P. aeruginosa تمّ عزلها ما بين يناير 9002 ونوفمبر 2012 ، في مختلف الوحدات من ثلاثة مستشفيا...

  1. Magnetic study of a few antiferromagnets in very-strong pulsed fields (450 kOE); Etude magnetique de quelques antiferromagnetiques dans des champs pulses tres intenses (450 k OE)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krebs, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In this thesis we describe a pulsed field device with which we obtain magnetization curves up to 450 kOE at all temperatures between 1. 6 and 300. We have studied the 'spin-flopping'(and therefore the anisotropy) in MnF{sub 2} versus temperature, below the Neel point. We have also studied the antiferromagnets MnSO{sub 4}. and MnSO{sub 4}.H{sub 2}O which have revealed saturation fields respectively of 250 kOE and 320 kOE. (author) [French] Ce memoire est consacre a la fabrication et a la mise au point d'un appareillage utilisant la decharge d'une batterie de condensateurs, afin de faire des mesures d'aimantation en champs pulses jusqu'a 450 kOE a toute temperature entre 1,6 K et 300 K. Nous avons etudie le deplacement de la transition de 'spin-flopping' dans MnF{sub 2} en fonction de la temperature et nous en avons deduit la variation de la constante d'anisotropie en fonction de T au-dessous du point de Neel. Nous avons egalement fait l'etude magnetique des antiferromagnetiques MnSO{sub 4} et MnSO{sub 4}.H{sub 2}O et nous avons mis en evidence la saturation de ces deux substances pour des champs respectifs de 250 kOE et 320 kOE. (auteur)

  2. Study of a one-dimensional model for a system of interacting fermions; Etude d'un modele a une dimension pour un systeme de fermions en interaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaudin, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The subject of this thesis is a one dimensional model for a quantum system of fermions with attractive or repulsive interaction. The eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Hamiltonian with periodic boundary conditions are exactly determined. The knowledge of the spectrum is essentially applied on the study of the attractive gas, characterized by the presence of 'pairs' or two particles bound states. This system can be described as a gas of 'one dimensional deuterons', which has some analogy with a boson gas. Some extensive properties of the ground state have been discussed for example energy as a function of the density and magnetization, for all the values of the coupling constant. The analytic properties of the energy function are studied, but not completely resolved. Finally the elementary excitations of the phonon type are considered and the dispersion curves are given. (author) [French] On etudie un modele a une dimension pour un systeme quantique de fermions en interaction attractive ou repulsive dans un volume donne. L'ensemble des niveaux d'energie et des etats propres du systeme est determine exactement. La connaissance du spectre est surtout appliquee a l'etude du gaz attractif, interessant par la presence de 'paires' ou etats lies a deux particules. On peut decrire ce systeme comme un gaz de 'deuterons a une dimension' qui possede quelque ressemblance avec un systeme de bosons. Quelques proprietes extensives de l'etat fondamental sont donnees, comme l'energie en fonction de la densite et de la magnetisation totale, pour toute valeur de la constante de couplage. Les proprietes analytiques de la fonction energie sont etudiees sans etre completement elucidees. On aborde enfin les excitations elementaires du systeme et on etablit la courbe de dispersion d'une excitation de type phonon. (auteur)

  3. Study of the structure of light neutron rich nucleus with the Tonnerre array; Etude de la structure de noyaux legers riches en neutrons a l'aide du multidetecteur Tonnerre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pietri, St


    This work concern the technical development made on the multidetector TONNERRE and the study of the {sup 34}Si nucleus by a complete beta-neutron-gamma spectroscopy. In the first part various tests performed on modules of the detector in the 'Centre d'Etude de Bruyere le Chatel' are presented. A modification of the embassies of the photomultipliers tubes allows to gain more than 50% in the neutron efficiency and to obtain a threshold lower than 300 keV for the neutron energy. A complete C++ simulation of the neutron propagation in the array was carried out. It explains that the slow component of the light output of the scintillator may be responsible of the shape of the time-of-flight spectrum. The second part of these report presents the experiment devoted to the study of the structure of the {sup 34}Si from the beta decay of the {sup 34}Al. It was performed at the GANIL facility using the TONNERRE array and germanium of ENOGAM. The {sup 34}Al was produced by projectile fragmentation of a {sup 36}S beam of 50 MeV/A in a target of {sup 9}Be. A complete beta scheme of the {sup 34}Al is proposed. Eight neutron lines following the {sup 34}Al decay were observed for the first time. Finally we suggest that a monopolar transition could occur in the {sup 34}Si nucleus signing a O{sup +}{sub 2} state at 2133 keV. (author)

  4. Study of some ion exchange minerals which can be used in water at high temperature; Etude de quelques echangeurs mineraux utilisables dans l'eau a haute temperature

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hure, J.; Platzer, R.; Bittel, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Fourre, J. [Societe le Carbone Lorraine, 75 - Paris (France); Wey, R. [Faculte des Sciences de Strasbourg, Lab. de Mineralogie, 67 (France)


    these impurities (that is to say capable of de-mineralizing polluted water). This paper describes the preliminary results of the investigation. (author) [French] L'etude de l'utilisation des echangeurs d'ions a haute temperature a ete essentiellement faite en vue de l'epuration de l'eau des reacteurs. On connait l'interet qu'il y a a garder dans un circuit de reacteur de l'eau de tres haute resistivite (plusieurs centaines a quelques millions {omega}.cm): abaissement de la corrosion, abaissement du taux de radiolyse, abaissement de la radioactivite des circuits et canalisations, les elements autres que les constituants de l'eau transportes par celle-ci devenant generalement radioactifs par leur passage au coeur du reacteur. Si la circulation d'eau se fait a des temperatures inferieures a 45 deg. C, les resines echangeuses d'ions organiques utilisees en lit melange resolvent tres bien le probleme de l'epuration en continu. Par contre, pour des temperatures plus elevees surtout au-dessus de 100 deg. C, leur utilisation n'est pas possible, la degradation de ces hauts polymeres etant tres rapide. De meme, l'action des rayonnements, par exemple ceux des produits fixes par les echangeurs d'ions, detruit irremediablement les chaines organiques constituant le squelette de ces echangeurs. Nous avons donc cherche d'es composes pouvant assurer une bonne deionisation de l'eau, mais de structures telles qu'elles ne soient pas deteriorees par l'action de la temperature et des rayonnements. Nous nous sommes particulierement orientes dans trois voies: - echangeurs d'ions naturels a structure minerale (argile du type montmorillonite), - composes mineraux naturels traites pour leur conferer les proprietes d'echangeurs d'ions (charbons actives), - composes mineraux synthetiques (sels tres peu solubles, phosphate et hydroxyde de zirconium et de thorium). Dans ces etudes, nous nous

  5. Insight into the dynamics of granular column collapse using Discrete Element Methods and laboratory experiments (United States)

    Martin, Hugo; Mangeney, Anne; Farin, Maxime; Richard, Patrick


    The mechanical behavior of granular flows is still an open issue. In particular, quantitative agreement between the detailed dynamics of the flow and laboratory experiments is necessary to better constrain the performance and limits of the models. We propose here to compare quantitatively the flow profiles and the force during granular column collapse simulated using Discrete Element Models and laboratory experiments. These small scale experiments are performed with dry granular material released initially from a cylinder on a sloping plane. The flow profiles and the acoustic signal generated by the granular impacts and stresses on the plane are recorded systematically [Farin et al., 2015]. These experiments are simulated using the Discrete Element Method Modys [Richard et al., 2000]. We show that the effect of the removing gate should be taken into account in the model in order to quantatively reproduce the flow dynamics. Furthermore we compare the simulated and observed acoustic signals that are generated by the fluctuating stresses exerted by the grains on the substrate in different frequency bands. [1] P. Richard et Luc Oger. 2000 Etude de la géométrie de milieux granulaires modèles tridimensionnels par simulation numérique. [2] Farin, M., Mangeney, A., Toussaint, R., De Rosny, J., Shapiro, N., Dewez, T., Hibert, C., Mathon, C., Sedan, O., Berger. 2015, Characterization of rockfalls from seismic signal: insights from laboratory experiments

  6. Kinetics of niobium carbide precipitation in ferrite; Cinetiques de precipitation du carbure de niobium dans la ferrite

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gendt, D


    The aim of this study is to develop a NbC precipitation modelling in ferrite. This theoretical study is motivated by the fact it considers a ternary system and focus on the concurrence of two different diffusion mechanisms. An experimental study with TEP, SANS and Vickers micro-hardening measurements allows a description of the NbC precipitation kinetics. The mean radius of the precipitates is characterized by TEM observations. To focus on the nucleation stage, we use the Tomographic Atom Probe that analyses, at an atomistic scale, the position of the solute atoms in the matrix. A first model based on the classical nucleation theory and the diffusion-limited growth describes the precipitation of spherical precipitates. To solve the set of equations, we use a numerical algorithm that furnishes an evaluation of the precipitated fraction, the mean radius and the whole size distribution of the particles. The parameters that are the interface energy, the solubility product and the diffusion coefficients are fitted with the data available in the literature and our experimental results. It allows a satisfactory agreement as regards to the simplicity of the model. Monte Carlo simulations are used to describe the evolution of a ternary alloy Fe-Nb-C on a cubic centred rigid lattice with vacancy and interstitial mechanisms. This is realized with an atomistic description of the atoms jumps and their related frequencies. The model parameters are fitted with phase diagrams and diffusion coefficients. For the sake of simplicity, we consider that the precipitation of NbC is totally coherent and we neglect any elastic strain effect. We can observe different kinetic paths: for low supersaturations, we find an expected precipitation of NbC but for higher supersaturations, the very fast diffusivity of carbon atoms conducts to the nucleation of iron carbide particles. We establish that the occurrence of this second phenomenon depends on the vacancy arrival kinetics and can be related to the microstructure of the steel. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    La purification des souches bactériennes dominantes a permis de sélectionner 6 souches bactériennes d’aspects macroscopiques différents. L’observation microscopique à l’état frais et la coloration de Gram révèlent qu’elles sont toutes à Gram négatif, que 5 sont des coques et 1 seule est un bacille. L’examen du type respiratoire et la mise en évidence de la cytochrome oxydase et de la catalase montrent que les 6 souches sont aérobies microaerophiles, oxydase positive et catalase positive. Leur identification est en cours de finalisation.

  8. The application of radioactive isotopes to the study of motion of silt and pebbles in the rivers and in the sea; Application des isotopes radioactifs a l'etude des mouvements des sediments et des galets dans les cours d'eau et en mer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hours, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Jaffry, P. [Electricite de France (EDF), 78 - Chatou (France). Lab. National d' Hydraulique


    The application of radioactive tracers to the study of sediments drift has received considerable attention since 1954 in various countries. A comparative review is made of a number of techniques of labelling, immersing and detecting silts, sands, and pebbles. The influence of the burying of the active material is emphasized. The different experiments which have been so far carried out are described. (author) [French] L'application des traceurs radioactifs a l'etude des deplacements de sediments a fait depuis 1954 l'objet de travaux nombreux dans divers pays. On passe en revue et on compare differentes techniques de marquage, d'immersion et de detection des vases, sables et galets; on insiste sur l'influence de l'enfouissement du materiau actif. On decrit les differentes experiences effectuees jusqu'a ce jour. (auteur)

  9. Design of the fuel element 'snow-flake' in uranium oxide, canned with aluminium, for the experimental reactor EL 3 (1960); Etude d'un element combustible en oxyde d'uranium gaine d'aluminium, type ''cristal de neige'' pour la pile EL 3 (1960)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gauthron, M.; Guibert, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This report sums up the main studies have been carried out on the fuel element 'Snowflake' (uranium oxide, canned with aluminium), designed to replace the present element of the experimental reactor EL3 in order to increase the reactivity without modifying the neutron flux/thermal power ratio. (author) [French] Ce rapport resume les principales etudes qui ont ete faites sur l'element combustible 'Cristal de Neige' (a oxyde d'uranium, gaine d'aluminium) destine a remnlacer l'element actuel du reacteur experimental EL3, afin d'en augmenter la reactivite sans modifier le rapport flux neutronique-puissance thermique. (auteur)

  10. Report by the AERES on the unit: Reactor Study Department (DER) under the supervision of the establishments and bodies: Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA); Rapport de l'AERES sur l'unite: Departement d'Etudes des Reacteurs (DER) sous tutelle des etablissements et organismes: CEA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report is a kind of audit report on a research laboratory, the DER (Departement d'Etudes des Reacteurs, Reactor Study Department) whose activity if focused on four main themes: neutron transport simulation in reactor cores, thermal-hydraulic simulation of reactors, design and safety of innovative reactors, nuclear instrumentation for reactors. The authors discuss an assessment of the whole unit activities in terms of strengths and opportunities, aspects to be improved, risks and recommendations, productions and publications, scientific quality, influence and attractiveness (awards, recruitment capacity, capacity to obtain financing and to tender, participation to international programs), strategy and governance, and project. These same aspects are then discussed and commented for each theme

  11. Effect of high energy electrons on the skin and on the underlying tissues of the rabbit. A clinical and histological study; Effets des electrons de haute energie sur la peau et les tissus sous-jacents du lapin. Etude clinique et histologique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Legeay, G.; Vialettes, H.; Adnet, J.J.; Court, L.; Masse, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors consider in this report the effects of high-energy electrons on rabbit teguments and on the underlying tissues after a single high dose irradiation. After briefly considering the mechanism of interaction between the electrons and matter as a function of their energy, the authors describe the dosimetry carried out, as a function of the irradiation device. The animal received surface doses of 5700 to 22100 rads in the thigh; the electron energy varied from 21 to 30 MeV. A clinical study was carried out over a period of nine months with a view to following the evolution of the damage and the functional degradation of the underlying tissues. A histological study of the induced damage was made after a second irradiation using 30 MeV electrons to produce doses of 16400 rads. Interesting observations were made concerning the damage caused to muscular and nerve tissues. (authors) [French] Les auteurs etudient, dans ce rapport, les effets des electrons de haute energie sur les teguments du lapin et les tissus sous-jacents apres une irradiation unique a dose elevee. Apres un rappel du mecanisme de l'interaction des electrons avec la matiere en fonction de leur energie, la dosimetrie realisee est exposee en fonction du dispositif d'irradiation. Les animaux ont recu, au niveau de la cuisse, des doses en surface de 5700 a 22100 rads; les energies des electrons vont de 21 a 30 MeV. Une etude clinique des lesions, observees pendant 9 mois, decrit leur evolution ainsi que les alterations fonctionnelles des tissus sous-jacents. Une etude histologique des lesions induites a ete realisee au cours d'une seconde experience pour des doses de 16400 rads avec des electrons de 30 MeV. D'interessantes observations ont ete faites concernant les lesions des tissus musculaires et nerveux. (auteurs)

  12. Education relative a l'environnement (ERE): Une etude des representations sociales et des pratiques educatives d'enseignants de science et technologie du secondaire en contexte de formation continue (United States)

    Collard-Fortin, Ugo

    Le developpement des sciences/technologie a tres clairement contribue a ce que ce dernier domaine de savoirs jouisse d'une place de choix au sein de notre societe. Au-dela des progres de notre civilisation inherents a ce dernier developpement, cette croissance amena avec elle un lot d'ineluctables dommages collateraux, contribuant en corollaire a l'emergence de diverses problematiques environnementales inquietantes pour lesquelles les valeurs ainsi que le mode de fonctionnement de la societe occidentale contemporaine sont largement tributaires. C'est entre autres en reponse a cet etat de fait que la recente vague de reforme de l'Education conduisit a l'integration, dans les curricula de sciences/technologie, de contenus relavant d'education relative a l'environnement (ERE). Face au changement, les enseignants de sciences ont du s'approprier ce nouveau programme afm de l'enseigner a leurs eleves. Toutefois, l'analyse de la situation montre que les prescriptions du programme en matiere d'ERE ne se sont pas toujours traduites en de reelles actions dans la pratique. Le contexte de notre etude s'est interesse aux pratiques educatives de l'ERE ainsi qu'a la representation sociale qui en decoule. Notre recherche aborde plus specifiquement la problematique de la modification de ces derniers objets chez les enseignants de sciences et technologie du deuxieme cycle du secondaire. Pour y arriver, nous avons propose a un groupe de trois praticiens de participer a une activite, en communaute de pratique, de formation continue orientee autour de thematiques ERE. Cette recherche developpement, s'inscrivant dans un paradigme qualitatif/interpretatif, s'est appuyee sur une cueillette de donnees effectuee a partir d'entrevues semi-dirigees, d'observations en situation et d'un groupe de discussion, au debut et a la fm de la formation continue. Les donnees brutes ont ete soumises a une demarche d'analyse inductive et ont genere diverses categories etayant nos objets de recherche

  13. Study of the {pi}{sup +} -proton interaction at 3,5 GeV / c; Une etude de l'interaction {pi}{sup +} proton a 3,5 GeV / c

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duong, N.H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The {pi}{sup +} proton interaction leading to two charged outgoing particles have been studied at the incident momentum of 3.2 and 3.5 GeV/c. The picture were obtained from an exposure of the Brookhaven Notional Laboratory 20 - inch bubble chamber. For the two energies, we have identified: 1741 events of the reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + p +{pi}{sup 0}, 1100 events of the reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + {pi}{sup +} + n and 4079 events of the reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + p. We present here a study of the exchange mechanism in the N*{sub 33} production. The resonances Ni*{sub 1/2}(1688), {rho}, {eta}, {omega} and A1, A2 are observed and discussed. Other results, the elastic interaction and various cross sections are also presented. (author) [French] L'interaction {pi}{sup +} proton donnant deux particules chargees dans l'etat final a ete etudiee aux impulsions incidentes de 3,2 et 3,5 GeV/c. L'experience a ete effectuee a l'aide de la chambre a bulles de 50 cm du Laboratoire National de Brookhaven. Au total, nous avons identifie: 1741 evenements de la reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + p +{pi}{sup 0}, 1100 evenements de la reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + {pi}{sup +} + n et 4079 evenements de la reaction {pi}{sup +} + p {yields} {pi}{sup +} + p. Nous presentons ici une etude du mecanisme d'echange dans la production du N*{sub 33}. L'observation des resonances N*{sub 1/2}(1688), {rho}, {eta}, {omega} et A1, A2 est rapportee, suivie d'une analyse phenomenologique. D'autres resultats concernant l'interaction elastique et les diverses sections efficaces sont presentes. (auteur)

  14. Radio-active colloids in the functional exploration of the reticulo-endothelium system; Les colloides radioactifs dans l'exploration fonctionnelle du systeme reticulo-endothelial

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chivot, J.J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    characteristic of its state of activity. The phagocytic index K depends also on the diameter of the colloidal particles injected and can be used as biological test for a colloid: this is the percentage of injected colloid which is retained by the S.R.E. per unit time. This index depends on anaesthetics, on the state of inflammation of the organism and on chemical mediators such as histamine. (author) [French] Un rappel historique met en lumiere le systeme reticulo-endothelial S.R.E. et tente d'en preciser l'identite et le fonctionnememt. Les methodes de son exploration et les colloides utilises sont envisages. L'auteur est amene a fabriquer un colloide d'un type particulier: un complexe albuminique radioiode le 'C.A. {sup 131}I' dont il decrit les etapes de la preparation et des essais tant physiques que biologiques. Une albumine humaine, presentant en solution une densite optique definie est portee a la chaleur jusqu'a modification de la densite optique, temoin d'une agregation des molecules proteiques. La proteine denaturee est iodee par {sup 131}I. Des controles d'electrophorese, d'ultracentrifugation et d'autoradiographie sont effectues. Cette preparation d'origine biologique atoxique et metabolisable sera comparee a l'or colloidal mieux defini qui servira de reference. Le C.A.{sup 131}I est injecte a la souris. Des mesures de radioactivite, des autoradiographies de coupe de l'animal entier, des detections de l'anthropogammametre mettent en evidence une concentration importante au niveau du S.R.E. du foie. Mais ces resultats statiques ont une portee limitee en regard de l'exploitation d'une etude cinetique in vivo du phenomene. L'auteur enregistre les variations de la radioactivite du sang derive de la carotide dans un scintillateur a puits. Il obtient directement une courbe de radioactivite sanguine d'allure exponentielle decroissante dont il definit la formule mathematique. La

  15. Study of the hydrolysis of protactinium (V), at tracer scale, by solvent extraction method with thenoyl-tri-fluoro-acetone (TTA) as chelating agent. Characterization of the partition of TTA in the system TTA / H{sub 2}O / toluene / Na{sup +} / H{sup +} / ClO{sub 4}{sup -}; Contribution a l'etude thermodynamique de l'hydrolyse de Pa(V) a l'echelle des traces par la technique d'extraction liquide-liquide avec la thenoyltrifluoroacetone (TTA). Caracterisation du partage de la thenoyltrifluoroacetone dans le systeme TTA / H{sub 2}O / toluene / Na{sup +} / H{sup +} / ClO{sub 4}{sup -}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jaussaud, Ch


    Hydrolysis of protactinium (V) according to the reactions: PaO(OH){sup 2+} +H{sub 2}O {r_reversible} PaO(OH){sub 2}{sup +} + H{sup +} (K{sub 2}] PaO(OH){sup 2+} +2H{sub 2}O {r_reversible} PaO(OH){sub 5} + H{sup +} (K{sub 3}) has been studied, at tracer scale, by solvent extraction method, with thenoyl-tri-fluoro-acetone (TTA) as chelating agent. A previous study concerning the partition of TTA between two immiscible phases (corresponding to TTA/toluene/Na{sup +}/H{sup +}/ClO{sub 4}{sup -} system) has allowed a complete characterization of this system (partition constants, standard thermodynamic values, TTA hydration degree in toluene). Owing to specific properties of protactinium (V) (sorption onto various materials, formation of colloids), an extremely rigorous protocol has been established, protocol which could be used for other hydrolysable elements. Hydrolysis constants were deduced from a systematic study of partition of Pa(V) as a function TTA and proton concentration, ionic strength and temperature. Extrapolations to zero ionic strength were performed using SIT model and the specific interaction coefficients {epsilon}{sub (i,j)} as well as the Pitzer parameters {beta}{sup (0)} and {beta}{sup (1)} were determined. Standard thermodynamic data relative to hydrolysis equilibriums of Pa(V) were also estimated. (author)

  16. Production of heavy water in France; Production d'eau lourde en France

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roth, E.; Stouls, L.; Dirian, G.; Lazard, B.; Nief, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    , cinetique de reaction. Le procede est prometteur. La mise au point d'un spectrometre de masse tres precis a contribue au succes des etudes. (auteur)

  17. Poesies et chansons francaises: base pour l'etude de la langue et de la civilisation (French Poetry and Songs: Basis for the Study of Language and Civilization) (United States)

    Elliott, Jacqueline C.


    Notes the linguistic and cultural advantages of using songs, poems and rhymes as aids in learning French. Some teaching methods, instructional uses and learning exercises are suggested. (Text is in French.) (CHK)

  18. Impacts of climate change on wind energy resources in France: a regionalization study; Impacts du changement climatique sur le potentiel eolien en France: une etude de regionalisation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Najac, J.


    In this work, we study the impact of climate change on surface winds in France and draw conclusions concerning wind energy resources. Because of their coarse spatial resolution, climate models cannot properly reproduce the spatial variability of surface winds. Thus, 2 down-scaling methods are developed in order to regionalize an ensemble of climate scenarios: a statistical method based on weather typing and a statistic-dynamical method that resorts to high resolution mesoscale modelling. By 2050, significant but relatively small changes are depicted with, in particular, a decrease of the wind speed in the southern and an increase in the northern regions of France. The use of other down-scaling methods enables us to study several uncertainty sources: it appears that most of the uncertainty is due to the climate models. (author)

  19. Study of the permeability up-scaling by direct filtering of geostatistical model; Etude du changement d'echelle des permeabilites par filtrage direct du modele geostatistique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zargar, G.


    In this thesis, we present a new approach, which consists in directly up-scaling the geostatistical permeability distribution rather than the individual realizations. Practically, filtering techniques based on. the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), allows us to generate geostatistical images, which sample the up-scaled distributions. In the log normal case, an equivalence hydraulic criterion is proposed, allowing to re-estimate the geometric mean of the permeabilities. In the anisotropic case, the effective geometric mean becomes a tensor which depends on the level of filtering used and it can be calculated by a method of renormalisation. Then, the method was generalized for the categorial model. Numerical tests of the method were set up for isotropic, anisotropic and categorial models, which shows good agreement with theory. (author)

  20. Experimental study of the friction factor of liquid laminar flows in micro-tubes; Etude experimentale du coefficient de frottement d'ecoulements laminaires en microtubes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brutin, D.; Tadrist, L. [Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Marseille: Lab. IUSTI-U.M.R. 6595, 13 - Marseille (France)


    We highlight an original method to determine precisely the friction factor of laminar flows in capillaries. The experiments are performed at Reynolds numbers ranging from 10 to 1000 using a transient method. We carry out a set of experiments and develop a specific treatment method. The friction factor obtained for capillary diameters ranging from 50 to 530 {mu}m is experimentally determined. Experiments are also developed for two fluids: distilled and tap water. Experimental results for tap water and fused silica surfaces indicate a deviation to the Moody's theory. An increase of the friction factor is observed for decreasing diameters using tap water. This result seems to be to due to the fluid's ionic composition (Electric Double Layer). (authors)

  1. Les sous-prefectures de Sikensi et Dabakala, Cote-d'Ivoire. (The Regions of Sikensi and Dabakala, Ivory Coast.) Method de preparation de la carte scolaire: etudes de cas 9. (United States)

    Hallak, J.; And Others

    This volume contains the results of the first study of the problems associated with using educational television in curriculum planning in the Ivory Coast. The study was conducted in two districts of this African country, one relatively developed and situated in the southern part of the country, and the other more characteristic of the poorer…

  2. Thermal design of horizontal tube boilers. Numerical and experimental investigation; Modelisation thermique de bouilleurs a tubes horizontaux. Etude numerique et validation experimentale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roser, R.


    This work concerns the thermal design of kettle reboilers. Current methods are highly inaccurate, regarded to the correlations for external heat transfer coefficient at one tube scale, as well as to two-phase flow modelling at boiler scale. The aim of this work is to improve these thermal design methods. It contains an experimental investigation with typical operating conditions of such equipment: an hydrocarbon (n-pentane) with low mass flux. This investigation has lead to characterize the local flow pattern through void fraction measurements and, from this, to develop correlations for void fraction, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient. The approach is original, since the developed correlations are based on the liquid velocity at minimum cross section area between tubes, as variable characterizing the hydrodynamic effects on pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient. These correlations are shown to give much better results than those suggested up to now in the literature, which are empirical transpositions from methods developed for inside tube flows. Furthermore, the numerical code MC3D has been applied using the correlations developed in this work, leading to a modeling of the two-phase flow in the boiler, which is a significant progress compared to current simplified methods. (author)

  3. Research and development studies for predicting the thermal fatigue; Etudes de R and D pour la prediction de la fatigue thermique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moulin, D.; Garnier, J.; Fissolo, A.; Lejeail, Y. [CEA, 75 - Paris (France); Stephan, J.M.; Moinereau, D.; Masson, J. [Electricite de France, Les Renardieres, 77 - Moret sur Loing (France). Direction des Etudes et Recherches


    This paper presents some studies in development or realized in the EDF and CEA laboratories, concerning the thermal fatigue damage in nuclear reactor components. The first part presents the basic principles and the methods of lifetime prediction. The second part gives some examples on sodium loop, water loop, welded junctions resistance to thermal fatigue and tests on fatigue specimen. (A.L.B.)

  4. The use of tracers in the study of the ionic permeability of the nerve; Utilisation des indicateurs nucleaires dans l'etude de la permeabilite ionique du nerf

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guinnebault, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The use of the radioactive tracers {sup 24}Na and {sup 42}K, and the electrophysiological fine study carried out on the plant Cephalopods nervous cells have made it possible, during ten years, to study the relationships between the electrical phenomena observed during the propagation of the nervous impulse and the ionic movements which occur at the cell membrane between the intra- and extra-cellular media. In the state of rest, the nerve fibres present a certain permeability towards sodium and potassium, a permeability which allows the renewal, from the extra-cellular medium, of the cations contained in the cytoplasm. At the moment of the passage of the nervous impulse, it is possible to demonstrate a temporary increase in the permeability towards the sodium which causes the entry of Na{sup +} ions into the nerve fibre, whilst, a few milliseconds later, the increase in the potassium permeability causes the departure of an equivalent quantity of K{sup +} ions. A recovery phase follows the passage of the nervous impulse, during which the original ionic conditions are re-established. If the potassium movements can be considered as passive, the expulsion of Na{sup +} requires, on the part of the cell, the use of a part of the metabolic energy. (author) [French] L'utilisation des indicateurs radioactifs {sup 24}Na et {sup 42}K, et l'etude electrophysiologique fine realisee sur des cellules nerveuses geantes de Cephalopodes a permis, depuis une dizaine d'annees, d'etudier les rapports entre les phenomenes electriques observes lors de la propagation de l'influx nerveux et les mouvements ioniques qui s'effectuent au niveau de la membrane cellulaire entre milieux intracellulaire et extracellulaire. A l'etat de repos, les fibres nerveuses possedent pour le sodium et le potassium, une permeabilite qui permet le renouvellement, a partir du milieu extracellulaire des cations contenus dans le cytoplasme. Au moment du passage de l

  5. Processing Th C{sub 2} - UC{sub 2} fuel extracted from high temperature reactors HTGCR; Etude du traitement des combustibles Th C{sub 2} - UC{sub 2} issus de reacteurs a haute temperature

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Derrien, C.; Lessart, P.; Pianezza, E.; Verry, C.; Villain, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The object of this investigation is solubilisation head-end (from crushing and grinding phase to non included first purification phase) of pulverulent ({sup 233}U/{sup 232}Th)C{sub 2} (200 - 500 microns diameter) contained in a graphite matrix extracted from a 4.10{sup 13}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} thermalized neutrons average flux with an irradiation of 80000 MWjT{sup -1} HTGCR reactor. After having succinctly described different bibliographic processes we have chosen the burn - leach of reactor fuel and graphite matrix containing it. The technology of burner is original in nuclear field and still more by utilizing ultra-sounds to intensify burning reaction and to minimize the weight of unburnables. The mixture of ThO{sub 2}, U{sub 3}O{sub 8}, and fission products oxides is solubilized by boiling HNO{sub 3} 13 M + HF 0.05 M. This process is profit-learning in a thorium recuperation and reprocessing point of view. In the contrary-case it would be interesting to consider a dry-process which would permit to separate solid ThF{sub 4} from gaseous UF{sub 6}. (authors) [French] Cette etude a pour objet le traitement initial de mise en solution ou 'head-end' (allant de la phase broyag-concassage a la phase de premiere purification exclue) d'un combustible ({sup 233}U/{sup 232}Th)C{sub 2} pulverulent (de 200 a 500 {mu} de diametre) contenu dans une matrice de graphite issu d'un reacteur HTGCR surgenerateur a neutrons thermiques de flux moyen 4. l0{sup 13}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} et taux d'irradiation 80000 MWjT{sup -1}. Apres exposition succincte des differents procedes bibliographiques decrits, nous avons finalement choisi le traitement par combustion-attaque ('Burn-Leach') du combustible et de la matrice etanche graphite qui le contient. La technologie du bruleur est originale dans le domaine nucleaire d'autant qu'elle utilise les ultra-sons pour ameliorer le rendement de la reaction de combustion et reduire au minimum le poids

  6. Thermal and hydrodynamic study of a whirling liquid hydrogen layer under high heat flux; Etude thermique et hydrodynamique d'une couche tourbillonnaire d'hydrogenen liquide sous flux de chaleur eleve

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ewald, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In order to achieve a cold neutrons source ({lambda} {>=} 4.10{sup -10} m) in a high flux reactor ({approx} 10{sup 15} neutrons/cm{sup 2}.s), a whirling liquid hydrogen layer (145 mm OD, effective thickness 15 mm, height about 180 mm) was formed, out-of-pile, in a cylindrical transparent glass vessel. The whirling motion was obtained by tangential injection of the liquid, near the wall. Thermal and hydrodynamical conditions of formation and laws of similarity of such a layer were studied. The characteristics of this whirling flow were observed as a function of mass flow rate (5 to 27 g/s; 4.3 to 23 l/mn), and of spillway width (18 and 25 mm). Six different nozzles were used : 1.0; 1.5; 1.9; 2.25; 2.65 and 3.0 mm ID. The total heat influx was found between 8.6 and 10.4 kW. The heat flux density was about 9.4 W/cm{sup 2} and the mean layer density around 80 per cent of that of the liquid hydrogen at 20.4 Kelvin. High speed movies were used to analyze the boiling regime. (author) [French] En vue de realiser une source de neutrons froids ({lambda} {>=} 4.10{sup -10} m) dans un reacteur a haut flux ({approx} 10{sup 15} neutrons thermiques/cm{sup 2}.s), on a forme dans un vase cylindrique transparent en verre, hors-pile, une couche tourbillonnaire ('vortex') d'hydrogene liquide (diametre exterieur 145 mm, epaisseur effective 15 mm, hauteur 180 mm environ). Le mouvement giratoire est obtenu par injection tangentielle du liquide pres de la paroi. L'etude porte sur la determination des conditions thermiques et hydrodynamiques de la formation d'une telle couche et sur les regles de similitude de ce phenomene. On a observe les caracteristiques de l'ecoulement giratoire en fonction du debit (de 5 a 27 g/s, soit de 4.3 a 23 1/mn), de la vitesse d'injection (entre 10 et 110 m/s) et de la largeur du deversoir (18 et 25 mm), ceci pour six diametres differents d'injecteur (1.0 ; 1.5; 1.9; 2.25; 2.65 et 3.0 mm). Le flux de chaleur total mesure

  7. Improvements in gas supply systems for heavy-water moderated reactors; Etudes de perfectionnements aux systemes d'alimentation en gaz d'un reacteur modere a l'eau lourde

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aubert, G.; Hassig, J.M.; Laurent, N.; Thomas, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    puissance de soufflage. Enfin, ils ne peuvent etre places dans le bloc reacteur qu'a la fin de sa construction; il faut donc que leur delai de montage ne soit pas trop long. Les etudes presentees se rapportent a ces divers problemes dans le cas d'alimentation individuelle de chaque canal par une tuyauterie a l'entree et une a la sortie a partir d'un circuit principal constitue de collecteurs de fortes dimensions. Ces tuyauteries individuelles sont suffisamment souples pour absorber sans contraintes, ni reactions prohibitives, les differences de dilatation et les deplacements de leurs extremites; elles sont, d'autre cart, de longueur relativement faible, de sorte que les pertes de charge du gaz sous pression hors des canaux sont reduites; leur encombrement faible permet un montage dans des conditions satisfaisantes, tant du point de vue des delais que de celui des qualites techniques. (auteurs)

  8. Contributions to safety studies for new concepts of nuclear reactors; Contributions aux etudes de surete pour des filieres innovantes de reacteurs nucleaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perdu, F


    The complete study of molten salt reactors, designed for a massive and durable nuclear energy production, must include neutronics, hydraulics and thermal effects. This coupled study, using the MCNP and Trio{sub U} codes, is undertaken in the case of the MSRE (molten salt reactor experiment) prototype. The obtained results fit very well the experiment. Their extrapolation suggests ways of improving the safety coefficients of power molten salt reactors. A second part is devoted to accelerator driven subcritical reactors, developed to incinerate radioactive waste.We propose a method to measure the prompt reactivity from the decay following a neutron pulse. It relies only on the distribution of times between generations, which is a characteristic of the reactor. This method is implemented on the results of the MUSE 4 experiment, and the obtained reactivity is accurate within 5%. (author)

  9. The transition radiation. 2. experimental study of the optical transition radiation; Le rayonnement de transition: 2. etude experimentale du rayonnement de transition optique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Couillaud, Ch.; Haouat, G.; Seguin, S.; Striby, S


    Optical-transition-radiation-based diagnostics have been widely used for many years on electron accelerators in order to measure beam energy and transverse and longitudinal emittances. These diagnostics are very attractive for high brightness electron beams used as drivers for radiation sources. Such diagnostics have been performed on the ELSA facility (18 MeV electron energy, 100 A peak current) using both a single interface and an OTR-Wartski interferometer. We present the accelerator, the experimental set-up and the method for analyzing the OTR angular distribution. Then, the experimental results are described and compared with those from the three gradient method. In addition, we present a beam energy measurement using OTR interferogram analysis. (author)

  10. Mechanical study of allotropic phase change at meso-scale;Etude mecanique d'un changement de phase allotropique a l'echelle mesoscopique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coret, M.; Valance, S.; Laniel, R.; Rethore, J. [Universite de Lyon, INSA-Lyon, LaMCoS, UMR 5259, 69 - Villeurbanne (France)


    Two methods are proposed in the following in order to calculate allotropic phase changes. We take into account only the consequences of the volume variation in a same way as in the Greenwood and Johnson's works. In the 80's, Leblond proposed to identify the elasto-plastic evolution law by considering the growth of a hard spherical inclusion in a soft matrix. In the first part, we propose to extend the Leblond's model by considering also the growth of the soft inclusion in the hard matrix that is closer to the end of a cooling transformation. The second part is dedicated to a finer modeling where the phase front is explicitly represented by level sets. The front propagation equations are solved by finite elements and the mechanical simulation is based on the extended Finite Element Method in order to avoid costly re-meshing. (authors)

  11. Preliminary manual of the wind farms impacts study; Manuel preliminaire de l'etude d'impact des parcs eoliens

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document aims to present and propose tools and methods allowing the improve the environmental quality of the future wind farms projects. After a presentation of general notions on the wind farms and the economy of the wind energy, it presents the regulation and the procedures concerning the environmental impact. It proposes then the main possible effects and the impacts study themes. (A.L.B.)

  12. Etude de techniques de calculs multi-domaines appliqués à la compatibilité électromagnétique


    Patier, Laurent


    The context of the study is the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Principal aim of the EMC is to ensure the compatibility between an electromagnetic perturbance source and an electronic device victim. Unfortunately, the perturbation levels prediction can not be made using an analytic formula, because the geometry which is generally complex for the interesting system, for example the field inside an aircraft's cockpit. Therefore, we are contrained to use numerical methods, to be able to eva...

  13. Contribution to the study of thermal diffusivity of solids; Contribution a l'etude de la diffusivite thermique des solides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zankel, K. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Angstroem method has been reviewed for its application to measurements of thermal diffusivity and conductivity on short specimens. An apparatus and a technique have been developed for rapid and precise measurements of a large variety of materials, which might also contain heat sources. This technique allows measurements at both high and low temperatures. Stainless steel, nickel and uranium monocarbide specimens were tested and the results of the thermal diffusivity measurements between 50 deg. C and 700 deg. C are presented. (author) [French] L'application de la methode d'Angstroem pour la mesure de la diffusivite et de la conductivite thermique sur des echantillons courts est examinee. Un appareillage est decrit, qui permet non seulement des mesures sur une grande variete de materiaux, mais qui est aussi concu pour des mesures rapides, precises et ou des sources thermiques peuvent etre introduites au sein de l'echantillon. La methode s'adapte egalement aux mesures a basses et hautes temperatures. Des resultats de mesure sur un echantillon en acier inoxydable, en nickel et en carbure d'uranium pour des temperatures comprises entre 50 et 700 deg. C sont reportes. (auteur)

  14. A study of internal contamination levels resulting from {sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs environmental pollution. The influence of different factors; Etude des niveaux de contamination interne resultant d'une pollution de l'environnement par le {sup 90}Sr et le {sup 137}Cs influence des differents parametres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garnier, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study includes two parts. The purpose of the former one is to try and evaluate the amounts of {sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs dietary intakes as a function of age with a view to assessing internal exposure doses and estimating the critical age, and to study the relative significance of the several factors it depends on. The data used are both the results of dietary surveys made in 11 districts of the European community from which the evolution of the consumed amounts of 13 groups of foodstuffs, as a function of age was derived, and the mean factors of contamination pathways. The variability of some factors is very large and an attempt is made to assess their significance on the whole contamination; also, the influence of the various diets has been emphasized. The purpose of the second part is to assess, doses as a function of age in the case of protracted exposure on the basis of the aforesaid results and radiobiological factors derived from bibliographic states of the arts. An assessment is made of body burdens and mean doses (either to the skeleton or the whole body according to the radionuclides) originating either from a direct unitary exposure or from situations implying both modes of exposure. As assumed only the diets vary with the districts, thus the results reflect their significance which should be corrected, for a more accurate assessment of the dose variability, by the significance of human and transfer factors. (author) [French] Cette etude comprend deux parties. L'objet de la premiere partie est a la fois un essai d'evaluation en fonction de l'age des quantites de strontium 90 et de cesium 137 ingerees avec les aliments dans la perspective d'une application a l'estimation des doses d'irradiation interne et a la recherche de l'age critique, et une etude de l'influence relative des divers parametres dont elle depend. Les donnees utilisees sont, d'une part, les resultats des enquetes alimentaires faites en

  15. Theoretical study of trivalent element complexes for the nuclear waste reprocessing; Etude theorique de complexes d'elements f trivalents pour le retraitement des dechets nucleaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Petit, L


    Current energetic and environmental concerns have made the nuclear waste reprocessing to be a major issue in numerous countries. One avenue to treat nuclear spent fuel requires separating selectively trivalent minor actinides An (Am{sup 3+}, Cm{sup 3+}) from lanthanides Ln. In this regard, nitrogen extractants are under study. Their selectivity toward actinides is still unclear, but could be the result of enhanced covalency effects with trivalent minor actinides with respect to lanthanides (III). In this thesis, we have performed DFT calculations (Density Functional Theory) to study covalency effects within the actinide-ligand bond, following three main axes of research: advanced study of the nature of the chemical bonding, spectroscopic characterization of covalency, and preliminary tests of ab initio molecular dynamics for future calculations in solvent. Methods that are not regularly applied to trivalent actinides complexes have been used: topological methods, TDDFT, LDDFT, ab initio molecular dynamics. We have managed to show that the selectivity of the BTP ligand - the most effective An/Ln extractant to date - comes at least for a part from stronger covalency effects within the An-BTP bond with respect to the Ln-BTP bond, which has never been proved before. (author)

  16. Study of structures vulnerability with respect to near and distant earthquakes; Etude de la vulnerabilite des structures sous seismes proches et lointains

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopes, E


    Today, according to the fundamental safety rules edited by the French institute of nuclear protection and safety (IPSN), para-seismic structures must be dimensioned in order to withstand the probable near and distant earthquakes. Classical dimensioning tools, like the linear analysis of the elastic response spectrum of an oscillator, show that nearby earthquakes are more damaging for structures. However, experience feedback seems to demonstrate the contrary. The aim of this study is to make a comparison between the damaging effects of nearby and distant earthquakes. Thus, other comparison criteria were defined in order to take into account new parameters and to fit with the experience feedback. In a first part, the difference between nearby and distant earthquakes is explained. Then, after a presentation of the limits of the existing dimensioning tools, the new calculation means are defined and presented with their results. These new methods take into account the inelastic property of the structures. (J.S.)

  17. Experimental investigation of the influence of junctions on concrete gas permeability; Etude experimentale de l'influence des jonctions sur la permeabilite au gaz des betons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poyet, St. [CEA Saclay, Dept. de Physico-Chimie (DEN/DANS/DPC/SCCME/LECBA), 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Pineau, F. [Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Dechets Radioactifs, 92 - Chatenay-Malabry (France)


    Permeability is a key parameter in the case of nuclear waste disposal containers (evacuation of hydrogen generated by radiolysis and long-term containment of radionuclides) and nuclear power plants (confinement of radioactive gas in accidental conditions). The presence of construction junctions (formed between previously laid concrete and fresh concrete) might cause an increase of the permeability and question the durability of such concrete structures. In order to quantify the influence of the junctions on the permeability, specimens including a vertical junction were cast. Two different methods for the junction preparation were used: abrasion and chemical deactivation. The permeability was characterized for each specimen using nitrogen. The results show that the permeability to gas of the specimens increases depending on the type of preparation of the junction. The permeability of the junction zone is estimated using elementary homogenization. (authors)

  18. Femtosecond study of laser coloring soluble in water: the coumarins; Etude femtoseconde de colorants laser solubles dans l`eau: les coumarines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cassara, L.


    This thesis concerns the study of four hydro soluble coumarins A.T.C., D.M.A.T.C., D.A.T.C. et C.H.O.S., analogues of classical coumarins C120, C311, C1 and C102. These molecules are made hydro soluble because of the substitution in position 4- of the methyl group by a polyether group. The mechanisms of deactivation are studied because of fluorescence methods (resolved in time and transient absorption) which allow to study the reactional dynamics of coumarins after luminous excitement. SEveral time scales, from a few femto seconds to the nanosecond have been approachable and have allowed investigations on different processes: relaxation S{sub n} {yields} S{sub 1}, solvation dynamics, orientational diffusion of the solution and deactivation process S{sub 1} {yields} S{sub 0} of radiative and non radiative relaxation in different solvents. (N.C.)

  19. Contribution to the study of the sintering of uranium oxide; Contribution a l'etude du frittage de l'oxyde d'uranium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bel, A.; Carteret, Y. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The sintering ofnium oxide has been considered and the following factors have been particularly taken in consideration: - the particle size and the particles in shape of the initial powder, - the specific area of the initial powder, - the chemical composition of the oxide, - and the medium in which the sintering was carried out. A method of sintering uranium oxide on semi-industrial scale is presented. (author)Fren. [French] On xamine l'influence de differents facteurs sur le frittage de l'oxyde d'uranium. Sont particulierement prises en consideration: - la taille et la forme des grains de la poudre initiale, - la surface specifique de la poudre initiale, - la composition chimique de l'oxyde, - ainsi que la nature de l'atmosphere durant le frittage. D'autre part, une technique de frittage de l'oxyde d'uranium a l'echelle semi-industrielle est presentee. (auteur)

  20. Contribution to the study of the electrodeposition of iron-nickel alloys; Contribution a l'etude du depot electrolytique des alliages fer-nickel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Valignat, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Using a coulometric technique based upon the anodic intentiostatic dissolution, we studied the potentiostatic, deposition of nickel, iron and nickel iron alloys. We have shown that the minimum of the curve I = f (t) (deposition current versus time) is probably due to the transitory blocking of the surface by hydrogen and that the syn-crystallisation of nickel and iron is responsible for the anomalous co-deposition of these two elements. (author) [French] En employant une methode coulometrique par dissolution anodique intensipstatique, nous avons etudie le depot potentiostatique du nickel, du fer et des alliages fer-nickel. Nous avons pu montrer que le minimum de la courbe I = f (t) enregistree au cours du depot est du probablement au blocage momentane de la surface par l'hydrogene et que la syncristallisation du fer et du nickel est responsable de l'anomalie du depot simultane de ces deux elements. (auteur)

  1. Contribution to the study of the few-body systems; Contribution a l`etude des systemes a petit nombre de corps

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krikeb, Ali [Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Lyon-1 Univ., 69 - Villeurbanne (France)


    This contribution aims to answer questions relating to stability and properties of few-body systems. We make use of a variational method. The trial wave function, the choice of which is crucial, may be expanded on a Gauss or exponential function basis. For higher then three body systems the Gauss function basis states are more desirable since they allow an analytical calculation of all the matrix elements. The accuracy of our method is verified on two-body systems for different potentials, as for instance on {sup 4}He with a nuclear potential and the ground state of the positronium molecule Ps{sub 2}. Then, we investigate the stability of a system of three particles of arbitrary mass and charge. Frequently, high accuracy results are required to make evident the stability of these systems. A section of this work is dedicated to the study of lower boundary of the ground state of N body systems decomposed in two-body sub-Hamiltonians. These lower boundaries combined with the variational upper boundaries can give good estimates of the exact result. Finally, we focussed on three and four body systems, for pairwise potential r{sup {beta}}, 0{<=}{beta}{<=}2. For {beta}=2 the lower bound is saturated and this is also true for all N-body generalizations. We consider several attractive short range potentials, like Yukawa, Gaussian and exponential potentials, for which we discuss the universality of the borromean binding window which is expected to drop in case of repulsive core potentials such as the Morse interaction 109 refs., 43 figs., 45 tabs.

  2. Ionization study of hydrogen in a pulsed discharge; Etude de l'ionisation de l'hydrogene dans une decharge pulsee

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Breton, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The time variation of the spectral line intensities for molecular and atomic hydrogen in pulsed discharges is interpreted in terms of a model describing the instantaneous population densities of each of the species: H{sub 2} H{sub 2}{sup +} H{sub 3}{sup +}, excited atoms in a level j, electrons and protons. Every possible reaction is taken into account. For plasma diameters of about 25 cm and particle densities of the order of 10{sup 14} cm{sup -3}, it is necessary to introduce transient line absorption coefficients. It is found experimentally that the model describes the observed phenomena reasonably well. From the calculations a method for electron temperature measurement is deduced which uses a single oscillogram giving H{sub {beta}} line intensity versus time. (author) [French] On interprete l'evolution de l'intensite des raies spectrales de l'hydrogene moleculaire et atomique dans une decharge torique pulsee (T.A. 2000) a l'aide d'un modele analytique. Ce modele permet le calcul des populations instantanees de chacune des especes de particules presentes: H{sub 2} H{sub 2}{sup +} H{sub 3}{sup +}, atomes excites sur un niveau j, electrons, protons. On analyse les diverses reactions possibles. Le diametre (25 cm) et la densite ( NH 10{sup 14} cm{sup -3}) du plasma necessitent de tenir compte de la reabsorption des raies de l'atome d'hydrogene. Les tests experimentaux permettent de penser que le modele decrit assez bien les phenomenes observes. On deduit des calculs une methode de mesure de la temperature electronique qui utilise un seul oscillogramme donnant l'evolution de l'intensite relative de la raie H{sub {beta}} pendant une decharge. (auteur)

  3. Study of trans-uranian incineration in molten salt reactor; Etude de l'incineration des transuraniens en reacteur a sel fondu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Valade, M


    With the emergence of new options for nuclear power, molten salt reactors are envisaged for waste management. The aim of this thesis is to show how molten salt reactors can help to solve the transuranics issue. Their high versatility regarding to isotopic vector allows to accommodate large fractions of minor actinides as compared to solid fuel system. In this thesis, a neutronics study of molten salt reactors, MSR, has been conducted. For this purpose, two reference systems were considered, TIER1 and AMSTER. In the case of TIER1, an optimisation was made to reach an equilibrium. The analysis of both systems showed the main characteristics of MSR: their link to chemistry and on line reprocessing. In this work, several methods to drive the system to a state of equilibrium have been implemented and compared. During this process the isotopic composition and neutron spectrum, thus the nuclear reaction cross sections, vary tremendously. It is essential to take these evolutions into account in order to accurately estimate the equilibrium state. This has been accomplished inside the multi-recycling procedure we set with ERANOS. A dedicated calculation schema has been realized to simulate superthermal systems with this computation code. These results were checked through a benchmark against other computer codes. Then, with multi-recycling method, several molten salt systems have been compared in order to define the optimal reactor for transuranics incineration. Nevertheless, a final choice can not only be done using only neutronics characteristics since chemistry and thermal-hydraulics constraints are really important for MSR. Moreover, a complete safety study would be required. (author)

  4. Application of wavelet analysis to the nuclear phase space study; Application de l`analyse en ondelettes a l`etude de l`espace des phases nucleaire

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jouault, B. [Nantes Univ., 44 (France)


    The objective of this thesis is to present a methodology, based on the projection methods used in statistical physics and on the wavelet approach, which allows to obtain various classes of information. A coherent modelling was elaborated as the tools used for generating and solving the evolution equations, expressed in terms of pertinent variables, are based on common concepts. The property of scale separation of the wavelet analysis allows an approximation hierarchy based on the geometrical structure of phase space to be defined. This information structuration offers the opportunity of solving the evolution equations with various degrees of precision by controlling the information loss and avoiding the sampling methods of Monte Carlo type. The application of this methodology to the case of heavy ion collisions needs an entirely numerical treatment of the density matrix evolution equation. This implies a very precise level of description in order to take into account the important dissipation effects occurring in intermediate energy nuclear dynamics. A proper solution less expensive was adopted by using the wavelets analytically expressed, this entailing also the testing of model validity by comparing its results with the analytical solutions. This model takes into account the structure of the system wave functions, thus conserving the microscopical information. The present methodology can be applied also at other energy domains providing the nuclear systems are subject to transient non steady-state regimes. The wavelet analysis was used extensively in the field of signal processing particularly to extract from background a physical signal and also in the field of turbulence phenomena 152 refs.

  5. Contribution aux Methodes Analytiques des Substances a L'aide de Faisceaux de Particules Chargees (United States)

    Saidi, Abdelmajid

    Nous avons vu les possibilites d'analyse par particules chargees des aerosols recueillis sur des filtres de type MILLIPORE. La meme technique a ete utilisee pour des filtres ayant servi a la filtration de l'eau du fleuve Saint-laurent. Deux techniques ont ete utilisees: (1) FAST (Forward Alpha Scattering Technique): pour analyser l'hydrogene, le carbone, l'oxygene et puis l'azote. Des alpha de 12 MeV ont ete utilises. (2) PIXE (Particle Induced X-ray Emission): pour analyser les elements moyens et lourds, dans ce cas des protons de 3 MeV ainsi que des ions d'argon de 1 et 1.6 MeV ont ete utilises. Les etudes ont montre que sous vide, la majorite des problemes proviennent des dommages causes par l'echauffement du a l'impact du faisceau sur le filtre. L'analyse quantitative par l'intermediaire du faisceau extrait peut presenter des difficultes en ce qui concerne les elements legers pour lesquels l'absorption des rayonnements caracteristiques dans l'atmosphere externe est importante. Les ions lourds se pretent mal aux analyses des aerosols du fait de leur limite de sensibilite. L'analyse directe de liquides par des protons est particulierement interessante puisqu'elle ne necessite aucune preparation prealable des echantillons. A cet effet, un programme de calcul de concentration des elements dans la solution a analyser a ete mis au point. Nous avons determine la limite de sensibilite de la methode PIXE pour les cibles minces (filtre) et pour le cas ou la matrice est de l'eau. Enfin, la technique FAST peut etre un complement de la technique PIXE.

  6. Etude de l'influence du champ magnetique dans une section d'essais thermohydraulique d'un canal de reacteur nucleaire CANDU 6 (United States)

    Landry-Lavoie, Renaud

    This memoir deals with the effects of the magnetic fields present in a thermal hydraulic test section of the Canadian nuclear industry. This test section is used to determine the thermal hydraulic conditions that can lead to critical heat flux in a channel of a CANDU 6 nuclear reactor. To perform their series of experiments the STERN Company used strong electric currents to heat the simulation bundles with a thermal power similar to the one found in a channel of a CANDU reactor. The materials constituting the simulation channel and its supports are of ferromagnetic nature. The strong magnetic field generated by the bundles implies that they are subjected to a magnetostatic force due to the magnetization of the ferromagnetic materials. The nuclear industry wants to know if these efforts, combined with the force of gravity, are sufficient to maintain the bundles in place in the simulation channel. The question also arises whether or not the magnetic field present in the channel can affect the parameters of boiling heat transfer. To determine the magnetic field distribution in the simulation channel, we had recourse to the magnetostatic image method and the integral method of calculation of magnetization. The results of the calculations show that the magnetostatic forces exerted by the ferromagnetic elements of the test section are inferior in magnitude to the one estimated by the STERN laboratorie. We used the mechanistic model of Sullivan et al. (1964) to evaluate the possible influence of the magnetic fields on the departure diameter of the vapor bubbles. The deviation in the frequency of bubble emission was evaluated by using the correlations of Zuber et al. (1959) and Cole (1960). By introducing a magnetostatic force in the boiling model and in the correlations, we demonstrated that the magnetic field present in the STERN test section has a negligible effect on the bubble departure diameter and their emission frequency. We conclude that the conditions in the test

  7. Nouvelles: KEK: B pour BELLE; NA48 mesure la violation directe de CP; LEL: le laser à électrons libres dépasse le kilowatt; Le LEP à 100 pour 100; Tour d'honneur au RHIC; Mesures de précision; Etude sur les modes de gestion du village planétaire; Conférence PANIC99 à Uppsala; Rencontre électron-noyau à HERA; LPP, Doubna célèbre une décennie; Les physiciens auscultent le photon; Aimants chauds venus du froid

    CERN Multimedia


    Nouvelles: KEK: B pour BELLE; NA48 mesure la violation directe de CP; LEL: le laser à électrons libres dépasse le kilowatt; Le LEP à 100 pour 100; Tour d'honneur au RHIC; Mesures de précision; Etude sur les modes de gestion du village planétaire; Conférence PANIC99 à Uppsala; Rencontre électron-noyau à HERA; LPP, Doubna célèbre une décennie; Les physiciens auscultent le photon; Aimants chauds venus du froid

  8. Perturbation methods

    CERN Document Server

    Nayfeh, Ali H


    1. Introduction 1 2. Straightforward Expansions and Sources of Nonuniformity 23 3. The Method of Strained Coordinates 56 4. The Methods of Matched and Composite Asymptotic Expansions 110 5. Variation of Parameters and Methods of Averaging 159 6. The Method of Multiple Scales 228 7. Asymptotic Solutions of Linear Equations 308 References and Author Index 387 Subject Index 417

  9. Study of betaine calcium chloride dihydrate (BCCD) by neutrons inelastic scattering; Etude du chlorure de betaine et de calcium dihydrate (BCCD) par diffusion inelastique de neutrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hlinka, J.


    The aim of this work is to study the betaine calcium chloride dihydrate (BCCD) lattice dynamics by neutrons inelastic and coherent scattering. In the first part are summarized the main properties of the BCCD as they are determined in some previous experimental works. It has been more particularly emphasized on the structural and dynamical properties of this compound. The theoretical concepts used in incommensurate dielectric materials physics are given in the second part. They are at first introduced generally and then applied to BCCD. In the third part is described the experimental method used in this work : the neutrons inelastic scattering. The experimental results on the BCCD normal phase dynamics are then presented. These results and their interpretation allow to build up a semi-microscopic model introduced in the fifth part. The incommensurate lattice dynamics (at 20 K under the transition temperature towards the modulated phase) is studied in the last part. It has been shown that new aspects in relation to the previous works appear in BCCD. (O.L.). 121 refs., 25 figs., 5 tabs.

  10. Study of helium and beryllium atoms with strong and short laser field; Etude des atomes d'helium et de beryllium en champ laser intense et bref

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laulan, St


    We present a theoretical study of the interaction between a two-active electron atom and an intense (10{sup 14} to 10{sup 15} W/cm{sup 2}) and ultrashort (from a few 10{sup -15} to a few 10{sup -18} s) laser field. In the first part, we describe the current experimental techniques able to produce a coherent radiation of high power in the UV-XUV regime and with femtosecond time duration. A theoretical model of a laser pulse is defined with such characteristics. Then, we develop a numerical approach based on B-spline functions to describe the atomic structure of the two-active electron system. A spectral non perturbative method is proposed to solve the time dependent Schroedinger equation. We focalize our attention on the description of the atomic double continuum states. Finally, we expose results on the double ionization of helium and beryllium atoms with intense and short laser field. In particular, we present total cross section calculations and ejected electron energy distributions in the double continuum after one- and two-photon absorption. (author)

  11. Study of the behaviour of a reinforced concrete post under aleatory excitation; Etude du comportement sous excitation aleatoire d'un poteau en beton arme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laras, A


    The reactor building of a nuclear power plant must ensure its protection and tightness functions in the most unfavorable conditions of operation, like during an earthquake. The method currently used for the seismic calculation of buildings consists in the determination of the maximum probable response for each of the Eigen-modes of the structure. The aim of this study is to develop a non-linear calculation model for the estimation of the response of reinforced concrete structures. The structure under study is a beam embedded in its base and having a 2 tons load on its top. The structure is excited by a seismic or pulsed signal. In a first step, the global behavioural model of reinforced concrete is determined using the concrete and steel armatures behaviour laws. Then, a computer code is developed for the calculation of the seismic excitation of the beam. The beam is assimilated to a non-linear oscillator. A damaging parameter has been introduced in the model to take into account the damping observed experimentally. Finally, the excitation signal is analyzed in order to determine the parameter responsible for the significant increase of the structure response. (J.S.)

  12. Investigation of the electrochemical deposition of thick layers of cadmium telluride; Etude du depot electrochimique de couches epaisses de tellurure de cadmium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rousset, J


    This research thesis deals with the problem of electrochemical deposition of thick layers of cadmium telluride (CdTe) meeting the requirements of high energy radiation detection. The author first recalls the physicochemical properties of CdTe and the basic principles of radiology. He details the different criteria which define a material for X ray detection. He describes the experimental conditions, the nature and preparation of substrates, and the different electrochemical systems used in this research. He studies the impact of the applied potential on the material properties, and compares previously obtained results available in the literature with those obtained in the chosen pool conditions. He discusses the synthesis of CdTe thick layers for which different methods are tested: static in potential, static in intensity, pulsed. The coatings obtained with a given potential and then with a given current are investigated. Finally, the influence of a thermal treatment in presence or absence of a sintering agent on the morphology, the chemical composition, and the crystalline and electric properties of the deposited material is discussed, and the results of the behaviour under X rays of a electrodeposited layer are presented.

  13. Asymptotic study and numerical simulation of laser wave propagation in an inhomogeneous medium; Etude asymptotique et simulation numerique de la propagation laser en milieu inhomogene

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doumic, M


    To simulate the propagation of a monochromatic laser beam in a medium, we use the paraxial approximation of the Klein-Gordon (in the time-varying problem) and of the Maxwell (in the non time-depending case) equations. In a first part, we make an asymptotic analysis of the Klein-Gordon equation. We obtain approximated problems, either of Schroedinger or of transport-Schroedinger type. We prove the existence and uniqueness of a solution for these problems, and estimate the difference between it and the exact solution of the Klein-Gordon equation. In a second part, we study the boundary problem for the advection Schroedinger equation, and show what the boundary condition must be so that the problem on our domain should be the restriction of the problem in the whole space: such a condition is called a transparent or an absorbing boundary condition. In a third part, we use the preceding results to build a numerical resolution method, for which we prove stability and show some simulations. (author)

  14. Production and study of fission fragments, from Lohengrin to Alto; Production et etude des fragments de fission, de Lohengrin a Alto

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ibrahim, F


    The study of nuclei far from stability is constitutive of the history of nuclear physics at its very beginning and has been making considerable great strides since then. The study of these nuclei give the opportunity to reach new information on the nuclear structure and thus to measure the solidity of our knowledge on nuclear matter and its validity when it is pushed to its limits. The reaction selected for the production of exotic nuclei in the framework of the PARRNe program is the fission of uranium 238. The nuclei produced have an intermediate mass and are very rich in neutrons. The technique to recover them in order to accelerate them is the thick target method called also the Isol technique. The installation of the ancient Lep injector at the Tandem line in Orsay (IPN) is expected to increase by a factor 100 the production rate of exotic nuclei in the PARRNe program, it is the Alto project. The work presented here concerns studies carried out at the Lohengrin spectrometer installed at the ILL in Grenoble, and at the Tandem installation in Orsay. This document is divided into 4 parts: 1) in flight techniques at Lohengrin, 2) the Isol technique, 3) magic numbers in the domain N=50, and 4) the Alto project.

  15. Radiotherapy in stage 1 testicular seminoma: retrospective study and review of literature; Radiotherapie des seminomes testiculaires de stade 1: etude retrospective et revue de la litterature

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bauduceau, O.; Le-Moulec, S.; Bernard, O. [Hopital des Armees du Val-de-Grace, Service de Radiotherapie et Oncologie, 75 - Paris (France); Souleau, B. [Hopital des Armees Percy, Service d' Hematologie, 92 - Clamart (France); Houlgatte, A. [Hopital des Armees du Val-de-Grace, Service d' Urologie, 75 - Paris (France)


    Introduction. - Seminoma accounts for about 40% of germ cell tumours of the testicle. In this retrospective analysis, we review literature concerning management of stage I seminoma. Materials and methods. - Between March 1987 and April 2001, 65 patients with stage I pure testicular seminoma received adjuvant radiotherapy with a 25 MV linear accelerator. Results. - Median age was 33 years. Testicular tumour has been found on the right testis in 39 patients and on the left one in 24 patients. Patients have been treated using an anterior-posterior parallel pair and have received 20-25 Gy in 10-14 fractions. The target volume consisted of paraaortic, and paraaortic + homolateral iliac lymph nodes in 17 and 46 patients, respectively. Acute toxicity was mainly digestive, 38% of patients presenting nausea and vomiting. Median follow-up time was 37 months. All patients are alive in complete remission. Discussion. - Because of good radio-sensitivity of seminoma, radiotherapy is regarded as standard adjuvant treatment (5 years relapse rate: 3-5%). Acute toxicity is dominated by moderate gastro-intestinal side effects. Secondary neoplasia represents one of the worst possible long-term complications of therapy. Waiting for ongoing randomized trials, the modern literature for seminoma reflects a trend toward lower radiation doses (20-25 Gy) and smaller treatment volumes (paraaortic field). Adjuvant chemotherapy with two courses of carbo-platin, might be equivalent to radiotherapy but must be investigated in randomized trials. A surveillance policy is one of the other management options less recommended. (author)

  16. Progressive multifocal leuko-encephalopathy studied by magnetization transfer imaging; Leucoencephalopathie multifocale progressive. Etude de la demyelinisation par transfert de magnetisation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Armand, J.P.; Dousset, V.; Mieze, S.; Caille, J.M. [Hopital Pellegrin, 33 - Bordeaux (France); Franconi, J.M. [Siemens SA, 92 - Saint-Denis (France). Service Instrumentation Scientifique; Lacoste, D. [Gecsa, Groupe d`Epidemiologie Clinique du Sida en Aquitaine, CHU, 33 - Bordeaux (France); Letenneur, L. [Bordeaux-2 Univ., 33 (France)


    Purpose: magnetization transfer imaging (MT) has bees used to study the degree of demyelination in progressive multifocal leuko-encephalopathy (PML). Material and method: two groups were studied: a group of 10 HIV + patients with clinical, MR features, biological and/or biopsy proven PLM, and a group of 11 normal volunteers with matched age. MT ratio (MTR) were obtained from the center of the PLM lesions and 11 areas of normal appearing white matter (NAWM) in the control group. Results: the mean MTR of NAWM in the control group was 46.6% (SD = 2,3). PLM lesions demonstrated a strong and significant (p = 0) decreased of the MTR with mean MTR value of 22.4% (SD = 2,3). Conclusion: MT characterized the demyelinating process in PLM, and can be to used to improve diagnosis. Furthermore, MT allowed a quantification of the degree of the demyelination which can be helpful in other demyelinating process of CNS such multiple sclerosis. (authors). 11 refs.

  17. Etude de la récupération du zinc des résidus de lixiviation Recuperation study of zinc from leaching residues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benarioua Younes


    Full Text Available La présente étude a été menée dans le but de valoriser le zinc des résidus de lixiviation. Pour ce but, nous avons retenu la méthode goethite qui présente certains avantages. La concentration d'acide sulfurique, la température et le temps de traitement ceux sont les paramètres choisis lors de ce travail. L'effet de trois paramètres sélectionnés sur la dissolution du zinc des résidus de lixiviation a été étudié. Il est démontré que la teneur en zinc augmente avec l'augmentation des valeurs paramétriques. The present work has been conducted in the objective of valorising the zinc from leaching residues. For this purpose we have retained the goethite method which presented some advantages. The sulfuric acid concentration, temperature and time of treatment are those parameters chosen for this study. The effect of three selected parameters on dissolution of zinc from leaching residues was investigated. It is shown that when values parametric increases the content of zinc increase.

  18. Etude des potentialités de la vision artificielle pour la reconnaissance optique des semences immatures de chicorée industrielle (Cichorium intybus L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ooms, D.


    Full Text Available Study of the potentialities of machine vision used for optical selection of immature seeds of industrial chicory (Cichorium intybus L.. The commercial production of industrial chicory seeds (cypselae includes the postharvest elimination of non-viable seeds by non-destructive tools. For this purpose, two machine vision methods are described for the detection of non-viable seeds: color vision and fluorescence imaging. The analysis of color images of 1,500 seeds of the 'Nausica' variety allows only the recognition of desiccated and undeveloped seeds. This is caused by the large variability of seed color, shape and texture. Fluorescence imaging is set up in order to analyze the repartition of chlorophyll fluorescence, a marker of seed maturity, on different areas of the seed (pericarp, radicle tip and pappus. A very sensitive system is needed due to the low chlorophyll content and the large amount of seeds to be sorted. A fluorescence imaging system is proposed. Its distinctive feature is the possibility to modify the spectrum of the light source (in order to optimize the sensibility of the machine vision system and to record the evolution of fluorescence repartition with time. The system is functional and delivers images of fluorescence repartition within external cypsela tissues. It could allow to analyze the fluorescence of a large sample of seeds to correlate fluorescence features to germinability and maturity.

  19. Reactivity and transfer of tributyl-tin and mercury in aquatic environments; Etude de la reactivite et du transfert du tributyletain et du mercure dans les environnements aquatiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tessier, E.


    Aquatic ecosystems are particularly affected by tributyl-tin (TBT) and mercury (Hg) chronic contamination. These micro-pollutants are ubiquitous and persistent and occurred at trace level, likely to drastically impair aquatic environments. TBT and Hg biogeochemical cycles are driven by transformation and transfer mechanisms between the different environmental compartments. These natural processes have been studied in details by using novel analytical methods and environmental design to improve the risk assessment. The first part of this work focus on the mechanistic study of TBT and Hg reactivity and transfer in reconstituted aquatic ecosystems. These experiments involve both state-of-the-art analytical speciation techniques, partly based on quantification by isotopic dilution and experimental tools simulating the environmental conditions. Kinetics of TBT and Hg distribution (adsorption, bioaccumulation, biodegradation, clearance) have been simultaneously characterized in all compartments of the microcosms presenting a simple biological organization. In a second step, volatilization kinetics of TBT at real interfaces have been studied to assess the potential remobilization and elimination pathways of butyl-tin compounds. Finally, in a third part, stable isotopic tracers of Hg have been employed to discriminate and quantify the coupled methylation and demethylation kinetics in estuarine sediments, by forcing different environmental factors (oxygenation, microbial activity). (author)

  20. Experimental and numerical study of the active control of jets inside combustion chambers; Etude experimentale et numerique du controle actif de jets dans des chambres de combustion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Faivre, V.


    Combustion instabilities occur when the flame heat release couples with the acoustic waves propagating in the combustion chamber. This phenomenon can lead to strong vibrations and noise but also, sometimes, to the complete combustion device failure. That is the reason why so many studies focus on the control of those instabilities. The method chosen in this study consists in an active control device (or set of actuators) having a strong effect on the mixing of the burner exhaust flow with the ambient fluid. The model configuration studied consists in a non reactive jet of air controlled by four small tangential secondary jets. Experiments have been carried out to optimize the control device geometry. The configuration identified as the most efficient, in terms of mixing enhancement, has been simulated through Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The objective of the numerical part of the present work is double. First, the numerical simulations provide a better understanding of the phenomena occurring when the control is on. Then, it is shown that LES can be considered as a tool to predict the effects of a control device on a flow. (author)

  1. Lanthanides in geological fluids: experimental study of standard thermodynamic properties and of solubilities; Les lanthanides dans les fluides geologiques: etude experimentale des proprietes thermodynamiques standard et des solubilites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pourtier, E


    Standard thermodynamic properties (STP) of lanthanides (Ln{sup 3+}) are necessary to predict their transport in hydrothermal fluids. New STP (apparent molal volumes and heat capacities) of Ln{sup 3+} are determined with dilute (La{sup 3+}, Nd{sup 3+}, Gd{sup 3+}, Yb{sup 3+}) triflates solutions, up to 300 deg. C and 300 bars, using a vibrating tube flow densimeter and a differential heat flow calorimeter. The triflate anion (CF{sub 3}SO{sub 3}), stable at high temperature, does not form complexes with Ln{sup 3+}. The STP of HCF{sub 3}SO{sub 3} and NaCF{sub 3}SO{sub 3} are measured in order to get the STP of CF{sub 3}SO{sub 3}. The solubility of the Nd-pure pole of monazite (NdPO{sub 4}) studied between 300 and 800 deg. C at 2 kbars in H{sub 2}O and H{sub 2}O+NaCl using weight loss and isotope dilution methods, is prograde for neutral pH. The study of Nd{sup 3+} speciation at 650 deg. C and 300 deg. C, 2 kbars, shows that only hydroxylated species are present. These data allow the revision of Ln{sup 3+} parameters in the HKF model. (author)

  2. Etude et modelisation du frittage de pieces moulees par injection de poudres metalliques d'acier inoxydable et de superalliage de nickel (United States)

    Ste-Marie, Michael

    Stainless Steel and Superalloy parts have been obtained by Maetta metal injection molding process to understand the sintering and to build a model of the shrinkage and the density by DOE after sintering. Maetta process consists of low pressure injection molding; this technology is competitive for medium series and complex geometries. The experimental procedure shows how to reduce the dimensions variability and to optimise the cost and the mechanical properties for the chosen alloys on Maetta equipments. The parts have been injected with a Maetta mixer and pneumatic presses. After that, the binder removal was done by capillary debinding. All sintering have been managed following a design of experiment (DOE) plan. The results of density measured by the Archimede's method and shrinkage were obtained by a regression model as a function of final heating ramp, soaking temperature and time. The simulation predicts experimental results with a relative error of 0,25% on the density and 2,2% for the shrinkage. The model is a good way to begin a complete simulation that regroups all effects on the dimensions of sintered parts for the Maetta process. The effects of the geometry, powder characteristics and debinding step on density and dimensions after sintering are not added in this study. Other studies would be necessary to build a global simulation.

  3. Synthetic diamond devices for medical dosimetry applied to radiotherapy; Etude et developpement de dispositifs en diamant synthetique pour la dosimetrie medicale: applications en radiotherapie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Descamps, C


    The aim of this thesis, lead in the framework of an integrated European project entitled M.A.E.S.T.R.O. for ' Methods and Advanced Equipment for Simulation and Treatment in Radio Oncology', was to develop and test synthetic diamond detector in clinical environment for new modalities used in radiotherapy. Diamond is a good candidate for the detection of high energy beams in medical fields. It can be used for passive dosimetry, as thermoluminescent dosimeters or for active dosimetry as ionisation chambers. These two applications are presented here. Concerning the thermoluminescence, several impurities or dopants (boron, phosphorus, and nitrogen) have been incorporated in the diamond films during growth, in order to modify the material dosimetric properties and a detailed study of nitrogen-containing films is proposed. The second part presents the results obtained in active dosimetry. Two guide lines were followed: the measurement set-up optimisation and the material modification. The first dosimetric studies under radiotherapy beams concerning nitrogen-containing polycrystalline diamond as well as high purity single crystal diamond are conclusive. The detectors behaviours are in agreement with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). (author)

  4. Realization and study of spectral properties of the ISGRI gamma-ray camera; Mise en oeuvre et etude des proprietes spectrales de la gamma-camera ISGRI

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Limousin, O


    This work evaluates spectroscopic and physical properties of CdTe detectors in view of assembling a large number on a new generation spectro-imager for space gamma-ray astronomy. Study, optimization, realization and calibration of modular detection units of the ISGRI camera are described. After a description of the experimental context of the INTEGRAL program and a review of the physical processes involved in gamma-ray photon detectors, we present an analysis of the properties of CdTe detectors attempting to be so exhaustive as possible. We propose the base point of a global model, which relates charge transport properties, spectral response and possible instabilities in the detectors. We propose a new formulation of the Hecht relation that describes charge loss as a function of the detector charge transport properties. We discuss at length the method of charge loss correction and its consequences on the associated integrated electronics definition. Finally, we illustrate our instrument capabilities using as an example the observation of titanium 44 lines in historical supernovae. (author)

  5. Study of Nb{sub 3}Sn cables for superconducting quadrupoles; Etude de cables Nb{sub 3}Sn pour quadripoles supraconducteurs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Otmani, R


    In particle physics, the quest for higher energies may be satisfied by the use of niobium-tin superconducting magnets. Such magnets are made of Rutherford type cables which are wound from superconducting strands. The strands are made by the 'internal tin' method. The aim of this study is to determine the main parameters for the fabrication of a quadrupole. The two main requirements the cable must fulfill are high critical current and low losses. The main parameters were determined from different measurements and models. Thus, the key parameters for the current transport capacity are the number and the diameter of the filaments, the number of sub-elements, the surface of superconductor and the copper-to-non-copper ratio. For the hysteresis losses, the main parameters appear to be the effective filament diameter and the spacing of the filaments. For intra-strand losses, the main parameters appear to be the filaments' diameter, the filament spacing, the nature of the diffusion barrier and the Residual Resistivity Ratio (RRR) of the copper. The interstrand resistances for the cable are the key parameters for the losses. Thus, the nature of the strands coating or the presence of a stainless steel core can strongly diminish the cable losses. Finally, a design, for the strands and the cables for the fabrication of a quadrupole is proposed. (author)

  6. Contribution to the study of metallic materials bio-corrosion phenomena; Contribution a l'etude des phenomenes de biocorrosion des materiaux metalliques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Feron, D


    After having recalled the main electrochemical methods used for the study of metallic materials bio-deterioration phenomena, the corrosion of non or low alloy steels in anaerobic conditions is dealt with: the obtained results reveal a strong interaction between the metallic ions and the growth of sulfato reducing bacteria with inhibiting or accelerating ions of this growth. Concerning the corrosion, the chromium and molybdenum additions have a favourable effect on the resistance of low alloy steels. The sulfides impose the electrochemical behaviour of these materials, whereas the role of hydrogenases on the cathodic reaction is still to be specified to explain the observed localized corrosion, including the pure cultures of sulfato-reducing bacteria. The behaviour of stainless steels in seawater can be explained by an enzymatic catalysis of the cathodic reaction. Such a model takes into account the general behaviour of passivable alloys in natural waters in a general way and has allowed to perfect a synthetic seawater which leads to corrosion phenomena by crevice effect on stainless steels similar to those observed in natural seawater. The coupling of the aerobic conditions with the leading part of the enzymes on the cathodic reaction and of the anaerobic conditions with the presence of sulfides (which decrease the resistance of the passive layer) is the most unfavourable situation for the resistance of passivable alloys. These results lead to the concept of electrochemically activated bio-films which could be used in particular in energy production (fuel cells). (O.M.)

  7. Creep of uranium dioxide: bending test and mechanical behaviour; Etude du fluage du dioxyde d'uranium: caracterisation par essais de flexion et modelisation mecanique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colin, Ch


    These PhD work in the frame of Pellet-Cladding Interactions studies, in the fuel assemblies of nuclear plants. Electricite de France (EDF) must well demonstrate and insure the integrity of the cladding. For that purpose, the viscoplastic behaviour of the nuclear fuel has to be known and, if possible, controlled. This PhD work aimed to characterize the creep of uranium dioxide, in conditions of transient power regime. First, a literature survey on mechanical behaviour of UO{sub 2} revealed that the ceramic was essentially studied with compressive tests, and that its creep behaviour is characterized by two domains, depending on the stress level. To estimate the loadings in a fuel pellet, EDF and CEA developed specific global codes. A simulation during a power ramp allowed the order of magnitude of the loadings in the pellet to be determined (temperature, thermal gradients, strains, strain rate...). The stress calculation using a finite element simulation requires the identification of behaviour laws, able to describe the behaviour under small strains, low strain rates, and under tensile stresses. Starting from this observation, three point bending method has been chosen to test the uranium dioxide. As, for representativeness reasons, testing specimens cut in actual fuel pads was required in our study; a ten millimeters span has been used. For this study, a specific three-point testing device has been developed, that can tests specimens up to 2 000 C in a controlled atmosphere (Ar + 5% H{sub 2}). A special care has been taken for the measurement of the deflexion of the sample, which is measured using a laser beam, that allow an accuracy of {+-}2{mu}m to be reached at high temperature. Specimens with 0,5 to 1 mm thickness have been tested using this jig. A Norton's law describe, with respective stress exponent and activation energy values of 1.73 and 540 kJ.mole-1, provided a good description of the stationary creep rate. Then, the mechanical behaviour of the fuel

  8. Contribution to the study of the conductivity of high purity water; Contribution a l'etude de la conductivite de l'eau de haute purete

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nens, Ch. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In this work a study is made more particularly of two points: the production of high purity water and the estimation of this purity by means of conductivity measurements. As far as water purification is concerned it is observed that the de-ionisation produced by ion exchange resins in mixed beds leads to a water having a lower conductivity than that obtained by distillation. This low conductivity however, measured at the column exit before the water comes into contact with air is not stable. In fact the carbon dioxide in the water gives rise to an equilibrium with production of the ions HCO{sub 3}{sup -}, CO{sub 3}{sup --}. These ions are retained during the passage of the water through the resins. They reappear again at the column exit as a result of the displacement of the hydration equilibrium of CO{sub 2}; because of this the conductivity of the water increases with time. The water obtained by successive distillations does not behave in the same way because no carbon dioxide is present. Distillation is however a costly purification process on an industrial scale, especially if large quantities of water have to be treated. The measurement of these low conductivities is very delicate. The method employed makes use of a direct current and gives reproducible results if care is taken to exclude interfering electric fields by screening the apparatus. (author) [French] Au cours de ce travail nous etudions plus particulierement deux points: l'obtention d'eau de haute purete et l'estimation de cette purete grace a la mesure de sa conductivite. En ce qui concerne la purification de l'eau nous constatons que la deionisation effectuee par les resines echangeuses d'ions en lits melanges conduit a l'obtention d'une eau de conductivite plus faible que celle recueillie par distillations. Mais cette faible conductivite, mesuree a l'abri de l'air immediatement a la sortie de la colonne, n'est pas stable. En effet, dans l

  9. Contribution a l'etude des mecanismes de l'adhesion de la glace a differents materiaux et application a l'evaluation des materiaux glaciophobes (United States)

    Ghalmi, Zahira

    Several Nordic countries with cold climates like Canada are often subjected to ice storms causing major economic and social losses. Ice or sticky snow adhesion on power network equipment can be a significant issue in transmission and distribution of electrical energy for companies operating in these regions. The costs of such events can be substantial, particularly due to the cessation of economic activities, equipment failures, deicing techniques (active methods), and population safety. Because of such events, power companies have understood the need to develop so-called superhydrophobic and/or icephobic surfaces, which can significantly reduce ice adhesion (passive methods). Several studies have led to the development of a variety of new nanostructured surfaces using various strategies. These studies have led to the design of superhydrophobic surfaces with contact angles greater than 150 and low ice adhesion strength. In order to optimally reduce the ice adhesion strength on different substrates, better understanding of the various mechanisms involved in the icing process is essential. It is in this context and within the framework of Canada's research chair on atmospheric icing of power networks (INGIVRE) that this thesis was carried out, aiming to improve the knowledge of atmospheric icing, and explain the forces involved at the ice/substrate interface. Furthermore, the effect of contact angle, surface roughness and porosity on icing and ice/substrate interface was investigated. This study clearly showed that the electrostatic, van der Waals and hydrogen bond forces are the main contributors to ice adhesion to a surface at the molecular level. The electrostatic energy, based on the principle of image charge, depends on the type of material in contact with the ice, the distance between the ice and the material, and the types of ice surface defects. The van der Waals energy depends on the material type, the thickness of the liquid water layer, and the temperature

  10. Contribution to the theoretical study of the plastic strain localization in porous materials; Contribution a l'etude theorique de la localisation plastique dans les poreux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Willot, F


    This work presents a study in theoretical mechanics, in the classical framework of homogenization of heterogeneous media. It addresses a notoriously problematical situation of non-linear behavior and infinite contrast between two phases, one of which is a plastic solid phase and the other one, the porosity of the medium. Its aim is to investigate how plastic strain localization manifests itself at the level of the overall effective behavior of the medium in presence of pores, and in particular in the non-trivial limit of small porosity. This question, important to the understanding of ductile damage, is examined both numerically and theoretically, in the restricted situation of bi-dimensional systems, and using a deformation theory approach of plasticity. The numerical investigations consist of quasi-exact computations of the strain and stress fields in the voided medium, by means of a Fast Fourier Transform method, and using a particular Green function. The theoretical approach makes use of exact solutions, which can be obtained in particular cases of a periodic void lattice, as well as of a recent 'second-order' nonlinear homogenization approach. The virtues of the latter are evaluated in two steps, first by studying the underlying linear anisotropic homogenization step (an essential ingredient), then by studying the nonlinear step itself. The nature and significance of the singularities of the theory which appear in the limit of small porosity, confirmed by numerical computations, are partly elucidated. Finally, original observations are presented as to the relation between plastic deformation patterns in an ideal disordered medium, and some features of the macroscopic strain/stress curve. (author)

  11. A study of anharmonic al and nonlinear behaviours of vibrations of atomic nuclei; Etude des comportements anharmonioques et non lineaires des vibrations des noyaux atomiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Volpe, M.C. [Caen Univ., 14 (France)


    Double Giant Resonances, vibrational states in which a Giant Resonance is excited on top of another Giant Resonance, have been in the last years the object of many theories and studies. Whereas the measured energies and widths of these states agree with a theoretical predictions, the measured excitation cross sections on the other hand are almost always larger than the calculated ones. The standard theoretical approaches are based both on a harmonic approximation for the collective motion on the nucleus and on its linear response to an external field. In this work the influence of anharmonicities and non-linearities in the external field on the excitation of Double Giant Resonances are studied. First, an oscillator model and an extension of the Lipkin-Meshkow-Glick model are used to study the effects of anharmonicities and non-linearities on the excitation probabilities. The results show that these terms can influence the excitation probability of the second excited state in a significant way. Secondly, these exactly soluble schematic models are used to study some of the approximations made in microscopic calculations based on boson expansion methods and also some aspects on the time-dependent mean field approach. Finally, a microscopic calculation of the Coulomb excitation cross sections of Double Giant Resonances is presented for several nuclei. It is found that, for {sup 208} Pb, the inclusion of anharmonicities and non-linearities and the consideration of many states that play a role in the excitation process give a satisfactory agreement between calculated and observed cross sections. (author). 113 refs.

  12. Numerical study of the atomic and electronic structure of some silicon grain boundaries; Etude numerique de la structure atomique et electronique de quelques joints de grains du silicium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Torrent, M


    This work contributes to the theoretical study of extended defects in covalent materials. The study is especially devoted to the tilt grain boundaries in silicon as a model material. The theoretical model is based on the self-consistent tight-binding approximation and is applied within two numerical techniques: the fast 'order N' density-matrix method and the diagonalization technique which allows the sampling of the reciprocal space. Total energy parameters of the model have been fitted in order to reproduce the silicon band structure (with a correct gap value) and the transferability of crystalline and mechanical properties of this material. A new type of boundary conditions is proposed and tested. These conditions, named 'ante-periodic' or 'Moebius', allow only one grain boundary per box instead of two and decrease the CPU time by a factor of two. The model is then applied to the study of the {sigma}=25 [001] (710) grain boundary. The results show the possible presence in this boundary of low energy non-reconstructed atomic structures which are electrically active. This confirms what had been suggested by some experimental observations. The same study is also performed for the {sigma}=13 [001] (510) grain boundary. In order to compare the intrinsic electrical activity in the previous grain boundaries with the one induced by impurities, a total energy parametrization for the silicon-nickel bond is achieved and used in preliminary calculations. Finally the two variants of the {sigma}=11 [011] (2-33) interface are studied, especially their respective interfacial energies. The result disagrees with previous calculations using phenomenological potentials. (author)

  13. Experimental study of the effect of damage on rocks permeability; Etude experimentale de l'effet de l'endommagement sur la permeabilite des roches

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bounenni, A


    The effect of the cracking of rocks on their permeabilities arouses a growing interest by its consequences on the safety of radioactive waste disposal, and its applications to some problems of oil prospecting. This thesis is devoted to the experimental study of this phenomenon on some varieties of porous rocks. The adopted method consists in examining the evolution of the permeability with damage. Two varieties of clays, known as of the East and Gard varieties, were studied for applications to the problems of waste disposal, as well as a variety of chalk coming from the North Sea for oil applications. The major difficulties of the study of clays consist of a very low permeability and of the brittleness of these materials which make them difficult to create a diffuse damage or cracking in them. We however managed to show for example that the permeability of these materials can multiplied by a factor 100 for 4 per cent irreversible voluminal strain. The chalk is more porous and more permeable, and presents non difficulty for the measurement of the permeability. But the difficulty of creating a state of diffuse damage in this material remains. However, by ways of complex loading paths, we could in some cases make evolve the damage and the permeability and establish a phenomenological relation between these two quantities. Creation of crack in these material by thermal damage, using a microwave oven, proved to be a much simpler way and more promising than the mechanical way. The observation of the damaged clay samples by the electron microscope enabled us to determine the size scale of the microscopic cracks. On the damaged chalk samples, the acoustic velocity measurement made it possible to establish a simple relation between the permeability and the damage. (author)

  14. Study of multifragmentation: contribution of reduced velocity correlations between particles and fragments; Etude de la multifragmentation: apport des correlations en vitesse reduite entre particules et fragments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Le Fevre, A. [Paris-7 Univ., 75 (France)


    This work is focused on the study of fragment and light particle production mechanisms in the multifragmentation process of hot nuclei, which are formed in the central collisions of Xe+Sn at 50 MeV/u. The experiment has been performed with the INDRA multidetector. The central collision events, selected via the flow angle variable, exhibit the presence of a heavy (Z=90) and highly excited (E{sup *}=12.5 MeV/u) isotropic emission source. The comparison of the data with a statistical multifragmentation model (MMMC) and a dynamical model (BNV) makes us conclude that the multifragmentation can only be explained in the frame of a relatively cold process, around 6 MeV/u of thermal excitation energy, preceded by a primary emission stage of the expanding source, during which nearly one third of the excitation energy is dissipated. In addition, it appears that the fragment energy spectra are not explained by a purely thermal process, and that one has to put forward an expansion collective motion, of 2 MeV/u of energy, following the compression of the compound system. In order to precise the existence of a two-step particle emission (primary and secondary), we have developed and applied an original method of reduced velocity correlations between particles and fragments. It has allowed us to underline two distinct origins for the particle production: one corresponding to secondary emissions, coming from the fragments, and the other one, associated with emissions which occur prior to the fragment production. At last, it has allowed us, also to bring out a hierarchy in the emission time in the decay process, with respect to the particle type. (author) 90 refs.

  15. Study and designing of the ''caliprax'' measurement bench; Etude et realisation du banc ''caliprax''

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barriere, J.Ch


    Probing the matter in order to check its elementary constituents, that is the goal of the particle physic. In this field, the experiments consist in colliding highly energetic particle beams and observing the new born particles. These observations are based on big particle detectors whose running is dependant on the precise knowledge of their geometry (position of the detection chambers). To achieve this, the detectors are equipped with alignment sensors, which have to be calibrated before. This document describes the study and the making of a calibration bench for the 'Praxial' (PRoximity AXIAL) type sensors, and other works related to these sensors. In a first part, we determine and apply a method to set the tools used to fix the sensor stands on the detection chambers. These settings are made with the use of a tridimensional measuring machine. Then, we study the stands themselves. These investigations concern mechanics: positioning quality of the sensors in their stands, bending of the supports due to the tightening. In this part too, the studies are in the field of dimensional metrology. After this, the works are reoriented toward the bench, with the choice of the displacement sensors among two different technologies: optical, with the Rasnik system, and mechanical, with linear probes as LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer). Following the discovery of an ambiguity on the Rasnik system, we go on the tests to understand its behaviour. We introduce the theory of the alignment sensors calibration, which is based on a minimization calculation. The computer programs are explained in a chapter, and in an other, the implementation of the quality assurance procedures. An other part describes the mechanical studies and the problems they cause. Because of a delay onset of the project, we make a model of the bench. This dummy allows us to test every single function of the final bench. With this device, we record manually the first calibration data and

  16. Study of flow properties of asphaltenic oils in a porous medium; Etude des proprietes d`ecoulement des bruts asphalteniques en milieu poreux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Petrova-Bensalem, R.


    Deposits of asphaltenes during production can adversely affect the exploitation of certain fields, that of Hassi Messaoud is a known example. The objective of this study is essentially focused on the damage aspects due to formation of this deposits. A methodology has been developed which makes it possible to determine the flow properties of asphaltenic oils in a porous medium under conditions close to those of a reservoir and to detect the formation of organic deposits in situ. Several types of rocks with different morphology were selected along with a number of asphaltenic oils having varied geographic origins. It was shown with these that it was possible to evaluate, in laboratory, the reduction in permeability to the oil resulting from an asphaltene deposit during the circulation of crude oil in the samples. It was observed that the variation in blocking the cores as a function of the volume of injected fluid is similar to the blocking kinetics ascertained for the retention of solid suspended particles in injection water. This similarity in the phenomena led to using particle damage models developed for the latter case. Several experiments involving blocking by asphaltenes could thus be satisfactory simulated, showing that this approach is worth developing despite the differences between the two types of colloidal suspension. The method using injection or `squeeze` of co- solvents was studied with the same systems (rock/crude oil) as a possible remedy for asphaltene deposition. To select suitable solvents and additives. A methodology was established based on application of Hansen`s theory for adjusting the polarity of solvent to the chemical properties of the asphaltene to be eliminated. This was combined with a series of in vitro tests with separated asphaltenes and the minerals of the reservoir rock. The efficiency of the co-solvents thus selected was verified by slug injection in to cores which has been damaged by asphaltenes. This approach may well help the

  17. Contribution to the study of propulsive performances of a pulsed detonation engine; Contribution a l'etude des performances d'un moteur a detonation pulsee

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daniau, E.


    The works carried out in this study aim at quantifying the propelling efficiency of a pulsed detonation engine (reciprocating jet engine) and to study its aerobic configuration. The study of the propelling efficiency (specific pulse, thrust) has been performed with the C{sub 2}H{sub 4} - O{sub 2} mixture, the use of the H{sub 2}-air mixture being restricted to the aerobic demonstrator. In a first step, an analytical and theoretical study based on previous results has permitted to establish an efficiency model for the ideal case of a filled-up cylindrical combustion chamber, closed at one end and opened at the other end to the ambient atmosphere P{sub a}. The departure from the ideal case has been tackled by diminishing the detonation pressure with respect to P{sub a}. In a second step, several experimental studies (performed on mono-cycle bench) have been carried out to evaluate the influence of i) the presence of air inlets, ii) the partial filling of the chamber, iii) the presence of nozzles, iv) the presence of obstacles close to the ejection section, on the real efficiencies accessible with this type of engine. Specific experimental methods have been implemented and validated (pressure measurement on thrust wall, strioscopy visualisation, pulse measurement by ballistic pendulum) for the obtention of the two main parameters controlling the efficiencies: the specific pulse and the cycle time, this last one determining the maximum possible mass flow rate of reactive mixture or the maximum operation frequency. The realization of a 'real conditions' multi-cycle test bench has permitted to validate some technical solutions (necessity to initiate the detonation of the main H{sub 2}-air mixture using a pre-detonation system based on the highly reacting C{sub 2}H{sub 4}-O{sub 2} mixture) and to observe some specific phenomena of the multi-cycle operation. (J.S.)

  18. Study of elasticity and limit analysis of joints and branch pipe tee connections; Etude elastique et analyse limite des piquages et des tes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Plancq, David [Nantes Univ., 44 (France)


    The industrial context of this study is the behaviour and sizing the pipe joints in PWR and fast neutron reactors. Two aspects have been approached in this framework. The first issue is the elastic behaviour of the pipe joining with a plane or spherical surface or with another pipe in order to get a better understanding of this components usually modelled in classical calculations in a very simplified way. We focused our search on the bending of an intersecting pipe. In the case of the intersection with a plane surface we have conducted our study on the basis of literature results. In the case of intersection on a spherical surface we have also solved entirely the problem by using a sphere shell description different from that usually utilized. Finally, we give an approach to obtain a simple result for the bending of branch pipe tee joints allowing the formulation of a specific finite element. The second issue approached is the limit analysis which allows characterising the plastic failure of this structures and defining reference constraints. This constraints are used in numerous applications. We mention here the rules of pipe sizing and analyzing under primary load, the mechanics of cracks and the definition of global plasticity criteria. To solve this problem we concentrated our studies on the development of a new calculation techniques for the limit load called elastic compensation method (ECM). We have tested it on a large number of classical structures and on the branch pipe tee connections. We propose also a very simple result regarding the lower limit of the bending of a tee junction 111 refs., 88 figs., 8 tabs.

  19. Multi scale study of carbon deposits collected in Tore-Supra and TEXTOR tokamaks; Etude multi echelle des depots carbones collectes dans les tokamaks Tore Supra et TEXTOR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richou, M


    Tokamaks are devices aimed at studying magnetic fusion. They operate with high temperature plasmas containing hydrogen, deuterium or tritium. One of the major issue is to control the plasma-wall interaction. The plasma facing components are most often in carbon. The major drawback of carbon is the existence of carbon deposits and dust, due to erosion. Dust is potentially reactive in case of an accidental opening of the device. These deposits also contain H, D or T and induce major safety problems when tritium is used, which will be the case in ITER. Therefore, the understanding of the deposit formation and structure has become a main issue for fusion researches. To clarify the role of the deposits in the retention phenomenon, we have done different complementary characterizations for deposits collected on similar places (neutralizers) in tokamaks Tore Supra (France) and TEXTOR (Germany). Accessible microporous volume and pore size distribution of deposits has been determined with the analysis of nitrogen and methane adsorption isotherms using the BET, Dubinin-Radushkevich and {alpha}{sub s} methods and the Density Functional Theory (DFT). To understand growth mechanisms, we have studied the deposit structure and morphology. We have shown using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Raman micro-spectrometry that these deposits are non amorphous and disordered. We have also shown the presence of nano-particles (diameter between 4 and 70 nm) which are similar to carbon blacks: nano-particle growth occurs in homogeneous phase in the edge plasma. We have emphasised a dual growth process: a homogenous and a heterogeneous one. (author)

  20. Large scale simulation numerical study of transition to turbulence in jets; Etude numerique par simulation des grandes echelles de la transition a la turbulence dans les jets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Urbin, Gerald [Institut National Polytechnique, 38 - Grenoble (France)


    This study highlights the potentialities of the numerical technique of large scale simulation in describing and understanding the turbulent flows in a complex geometry. Particularly, it is focussed on flows of free jet, confined jets and multiple jets of high solidity grid. Spatial simulations of the circular zone close to a free jet, of high Reynolds number were performed. In spite of an evident sensitivity to upstream conditions good agreement between our statistical predictions and different experimental measurements was obtained. The multiple coherent vortical structures implied in the transition to turbulence of the jet were found. At the same time, helical or annular axisymmetric vortices were observed. Also, an original vortical arrangement was evidenced, resulting from the alternating inclination and local pairing of these rings. It could been forced through an ad-hoc excitation which modifies subsequently drastically the jet development. When an axisymmetric excitation is imposed after formation of annular structures, pairs of counter-rotative longitudinal vortices occur and generate lateral jets. Their nature and presence in case of a helical excitation are discussed. An efficient method for controlling their number is developed. Then, one is studied the very low frequency periodic phenomenon of backward-facing transition to turbulence which develops in the confined jet and grid multiple jets (a phenomenon generic in numerous flows). It was found to depend not only on the characteristic of the re-circulation (pre-transition) zones but also on the upstream flow (zone of post-transition stagnation, pressure effect). Large scale transversal motions of the fluid have been found beginning from the grid. An interpretation of this phenomenon is suggested 193 refs., 109 figs.

  1. Silicon passivation study under low energy electron irradiation conditions; Etude de la passivation du silicium dans des conditions d'irradiation electronique de faible energie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cluzel, R.


    Backside illuminated thinned CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) imaging system is a technology developed to increase the signal to noise ratio and the sensibility of such sensors. This configuration is adapted to the electrons detection from the energy range of [1 - 12 keV]. The impinging electron creates by multiplication several hundreds of secondary electrons close to the surface. A P{sup ++} highly-doped passivation layer of the rear face is required to reduce the secondary electron surface recombination rate. Thanks to the potential barrier induced by the P{sup ++} layer, the passivation layer increases the collected charges number and so the sensor collection gain. The goal of this study is to develop some experimental methods in order to determine the effect of six different passivation processes on the collection gain. Beforehand, the energy profile deposited by an incident electron is studied with the combination of Monte-Carlo simulations and some analytical calculations. The final collection gain model shows that the mirror effect from the passivation layer is a key factor at high energies whereas the passivation layer has to be as thin as possible at low energies. A first experimental setup which consists in irradiating P{sup ++}/N large diodes allows to study the passivation process impacts on the surface recombinations. Thanks to a second setup based on a single event upset directly on thinned CMOS sensor, passivation techniques are discriminated in term of mirror effect and the implied spreading charges. The doping atoms activation laser annealing is turn out to be a multiplication gain inhomogeneity source impacting directly the matrix uniformity. (author)

  2. Study of the chemical sputtering in Tore-Supra; Etude de l'erosion chimique dans le tokamak Tore-Supra

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cambe, A


    The work presented in this thesis focuses on the interactions between energetic particles coming from thermonuclear plasma and the inner components of a fusion machine. This interaction induces two major problems: erosion of the wall, and tritium retention. This report treats the erosion of carbon based materials. The first part is devoted to chemical sputtering, that appears to be the principal erosion mechanism, compared to physical sputtering and radiation enhanced sublimation that both can be limited. Chemical sputtering has been studied in situ in the tokamak Tore-Supra for ohmic and lower hybrid (LH) heated discharges, by means of mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy. We have shown that it is necessary to take into account both methane and heavier hydrocarbons (C{sub 2}D{sub x} and C{sub 3}D{sub y}) in the determination of the chemical sputtering yield. It is found that for the ohmic discharges, the sputtering yield of CD{sub 4} (Y{sub CD4}) is highly flux ({phi}) dependent, showing a variation of the form: Y{sub CD4} {proportional_to} {phi}{sup -0.23}. The experimental study also reveals that an increase of the surface temperature induces an augmentation of Y{sub CD4}. The interpretation and the modelling of the experimental results have been performed with a Monte Carlo code (BBQ. In the second part of this work, we have developed and installed an infrared spectroscopy diagnostic in the 0.8-1.6, {mu}m wavelength range dedicated to the measurement of surface temperature, and the identification of atomic and molecular lines emitted during plasma/wall interactions. In the third part, we present the feasibility study of an in situ tungsten deposition process at low temperature(<80 deg C) in order to suppress the chemical sputtering. This study shows that, with this method call Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD), we are able to coat the whole inner vessel of a tokamak with 1 {mu}m of tungsten. (author)

  3. Theoretical and numerical study of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in magnetized plasmas; Etude theorique et numerique des instabilites rayleigh-taylor en plasmas magnetises

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andrei, A. Ivanov


    In this thesis we're studying both the general case of the 'classic' Rayleigh-Taylor instability (in incompressible fluids) and more specific cases of the instabilities of Rayleigh-Taylor type in magnetized plasmas, in the liners or wire array implosions etc. We have studied the influence of the Hall diffusion of magnetic field on the growth rate of the instability. We have obtained in this work a self-similar solution for the widening of the initial profile of the magnetic field and for the wave of the penetration of magnetic field. After that the subsequent evolution of the magnetic field in plasma opening switches (POS) has been examined. We have shown the possibility of the existence of a strong rarefaction wave for collisional and non-collisional cases. This wave can explain the phenomenon of the opening of POS. The effect of the suppression of Rayleigh-Taylor instability by forced oscillations of the boundary between two fluids permits us to propose some ideas for the experiments of inertial fusion. We have considered the general case of the instability, in other words - two incompressible viscous superposed fluids in a gravitational field. We have obtained an exact analytical expression for the growth rate and then we have analyzed the influence of the parameters of external 'pumping' on the instability. These results can be applied to a wide range of systems, starting from classic hydrodynamics and up to astrophysical plasmas. The scheme of wire arrays has become recently a very popular method to obtain a high power X-radiation or for a high quality implosion in Z-pinches. The experimental studies have demonstrated that the results of implosion are much better for the case of multiple thin wires situated cylindrically than in a usual liner scheme. We have examined the problem modeling the stabilization of Rayleigh-Taylor instability for a wire array system. The reason for instability suppression is the regular spatial modulation of

  4. Etude de la degradation des refractaires aluminosiliceux par abrasion, chocs thermiques et corrosion par l'aluminium: Correlation et interaction des mecanismes (United States)

    Ntakaburimvo, Nicodeme

    Aluminosilicate refractories used for melting and holding furnaces on which the present work was focused are submitted to mechanical abuse such as abrasion, mechanical impact and erosion, on one hand; and to chemical degradation by corrosion, as well as to thermal stresses, mostly due to thermal shocks; on the other hand. This thesis is focused on four main objectives. The first one is related to the designing of an experimental set-up allowing abrasion testing of refractories. The second deals with the separate study of the deterioration of aluminosilicate refractories by abrasion, thermal shock and corrosion. The third is the correlation between these three mechanisms while the fourth is related to the interaction between thermal shock and corrosion. One of the contributions of this thesis is the realisation of the above mentioned experimental set-up, which permits to carry out refractories abrasion testing, as well as at room and high temperature, in the absence or in the presence of molten metal. The fact of testing refractory resistance when it is submitted separately and simultaneously to the action of dynamic corrosion, erosion and abrasion leads to the studying of the influence of each of these three mechanisms on the other. One of the characteristics of the designed set-up is the fact that it allows to adjust the seventy testing conditions according to the mechanical resistance of the test material. The other important point is related to the fact the abrasion tests were carried out in such manner to permit degradation quantification, otherwise than by the traditional method of loss of weight measurement; particularly by measuring the wear depth and the residual material properties, such as the rupture force and the strength. A perfect correlation was observed between the wear depth and the loss of weight, both being negatively correlated with the residual rupture force. The abrasion resistance was found to be globally positively correlated with the

  5. Hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: retrospective study of 149 treatments in curative aimed; Carcinome epidermoide de l'hypopharynx: etude retrospective de 149 traitements a visee curative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oueslati, Z.; Zeglaoui, I.; Touati, S.; Gritli, S.; Ladgham, A. [Institut Salah-Azaiz, Service de Chirurgie Carcinologique et ORL, Tunis (Tunisia); Nasr, C.; Benna, F. [Institut Salah-Azaiz, Service de Radiotherapie, Tunis (Tunisia); Boussen, H. [Institut Salah-Azaiz, Service de Chimiotherapie, Tunis (Tunisia); Mokni, N.; Gamoudi, A.; El-May, A. [Institut Salah-Azaiz, Service de d' Immunohistochimie, Tunis (Tunisia)


    Purpose. - Hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma is associated to one of the most unfavorable prognosis among the cancers of the head and neck. The purpose of this study is to analyze its therapeutic modalities in the Salah-Azaiz Institute (Tunis) and to compare their results. Patients and method. - This retrospective study concerns 271 hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas, compiled in the Carcinologic Surgery Department of Head and Neck of the Salah-Azaiz Institute over a period of 25 years (from 1977 to 2002). The average age of the patients was of 56 years; sex-ratio was on average of 1.2 (man/woman). The indication of a curative treatment was initially retained for 149 (55%) patients, who were the only ones retained for the analysis of results. Results. - We retained the indication of a protocol including surgery and post-operating radiotherapy for 26.2% of the patients. Post-operation mortality rate was 5.1%; the operating rate of morbidity was 46.2%. For 13.5% of the patients, post-operating radiotherapy was permanently interrupted because of a gradual deterioration of the patients' health in the course of treatment. We retained the indication of exclusive radiotherapy for 59.7% of the patients. The average age was of 56 years and the sex-ratio of 1.2. The external radiotherapy was conventional. Radiotherapy had to be permanently interrupted in progress in 32.6% of cases on account of an deterioration of the patients' health; the rate of morbidity of the radiotherapy was 33.3%. We indicated a protocol of conservation of organ with induction chemotherapy for 21 patients (14.1%). The average age was of 53 years (28-65 years) and sex-ratio (man/woman) of 0.5. The global survival was 25.5% at one year, 18.1% at two years, 11.4% at three years and 7.4% at five years. All the patients selected for chemotherapy died in the course of treatment. The rates of survival in two and five years according to protocols surgery-radiotherapy and exclusive

  6. Etude de contacts métal-InP(n) clivé : barrière de Schottky et états d'interface (United States)

    Maaref, H.; Barret, C.


    Au, Ag, AI and Pd-InP (n type) interfaces have been obtained by UHV cleavage and in situ metallization. These interfaces have been characterized by electrical methods : I- V, C- V, SCS (Shottky Capacitance Spectroscopy). In spite of great variations in the reactivities of the deposited metals on InP, the Schottky barrier heights are quite similar: 0.37 eV (AI) ; 0.41 eV (An, Pd) ; 0.54 eV (Ag). The study of interface states by SCs shows the presence of two characteristic states whatever the metal localized near E_c - 0,25 eV and E_c - 0,37 eV. The latter could play a significant role in the Fermi level pinning. Des interfaces Au, Ag, AI et Pd-InP de type n ont été réalisées par clivage et métallisation in situ sous ultra-vide. Les caractérisations ont été effectuées par des méthodes électriques I-V, C-V et SCS (Spectroscopie de Capacité Schottky). Malgré les importantes différences de réactivité entre les métaux utilisés et InP les barrières de Schottky varient peu: 0,37 eV pour AI, 0,41 eV pour Au et Pd et 0,54 eV pour Ag. L'analyse des états d'interface par SCS met en évidence deux états communs à toutes les interfaces et localisés au voisinage de E_c - 0,25 eV et E_c - 0,37 eV. Ce dernier pourrait jouer un rôle important dans l'ancrage du niveau de Fermi.

  7. Etude de la complexité de la gestion des espaces publics à vocation de transport à Dakar (Sénégal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheikh Samba Wade


    with over 50,000 people per day.The management method applied here is the concession, an agreement by which the public entrusts the management of equipment at the SAGES, a private organization that supports some very conflicting interests of different actors.

  8. Study of neutron deficient iridium isotopes by using laser spectroscopy; Etude des noyaux d'iridium deficients en neutrons par spectroscopie laser

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verney, D


    Resonance ionization spectroscopy was performed on neutron deficient iridium isotopes {sup 182-189}Ir, {sup 186}Ir{sup m} and stable isotopes {sup 191,193}Ir. Hyperfine spectra were recorded from the optical transition at 351,7 nm between the 5d{sup 7}6s{sup 2} {sup 4}F{sub 9/2} ground state and the 5d{sup 7}6s6p {sup 6}F{sub 11/2} excited state. Radioactive iridium isotopes were obtained from {beta}{sup +}/EC decay of radioactive mercury nuclei deposited on a graphite substrate. The radioactive mercury nuclei were produced at the ISOLDE facility at CERN through spallation reactions, by bombarding a molten lead target with the 1 GeV proton beam delivered by the PS-Booster. Magnetic dipole moments and spectroscopic quadrupole moments were extracted from the hyperfine spectra. The mean square charge radius variations, as deduced from the measured isotopic shift, show a sharp change between {sup 187}Ir and {sup 186}Ir{sup g}, accompanied by a sudden increase in deformation: from {beta}2 {approx} 0,16 to {beta}2 > 0, 2. These results were analysed in the framework of an axial rotor plus one or two quasiparticles. The wave functions of the osmium and platinum cores which are used in order to describe the iridium nuclei were calculated from the HF+BCS method with the Skyrme SIII effective interaction. The cores were constrained to take the deformation parameters extracted from the isotopic shift measurements. One shows then that this sudden deformation change corresponds also to a change in the proton state that describes the odd nuclei ground state or that participates in the coupling with the neutron in odd-odd nuclei. This state is identified with the {pi}3/2{sup +}[402] orbital for the smaller deformations nuclei and with the {pi}1/2{sup -}[541] orbital stemming from the h{sub 9/2} subshell for bigger deformations nuclei. (author)

  9. Etude des parametres physiques en vue d'applications medicales de l'actionnement magnetique de dispositifs medicaux par un systeme d'imagerie par resonance magnetique (United States)

    Mathieu, Jean-Baptiste

    An actuation and control method for medical devices based on the magnetic gradient coils of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was proposed for the first time in 2002 by NanoRobotics Laboratory [1]. The work undertaken in the present thesis began in the context of demonstrating the concept of automatic navigation of a magnetic bead in vivo. From the point of view of actuation, models and experimental data correlate. A maximum velocity of 13cm/s was measured for a 1.5mm diameter chrome steel bead in the carotid artery of a living swine. The bead was under the influence of magnetic gradients applied by a clinical MRI system without any hardware modification. In light of these results, the aim of this thesis is the study of the physical parameters involved in the development of a first medical application: the steering of magnetic particles in MRI in the context of drug targeting. It was demonstrated that an MRI system equipped with a set of magnetic gradient coils with enhanced amplitude was able to apply a high enough actuation force to act upon magnetic microparticles suspended in a liquid. General rules for MRI actuation were identified. First of all, increasing the amplitude of the main magnetic field of the MRI leads to the increase of the actuation force amplitude only until the ferromagnetic body reaches its saturation magnetization. Moreover, soft ferromagnetic bodies appear to be better candidates for MRI based magnetic actuation because they can reach high saturation magnetizations. Magnetic gradient amplitude appears as a foremost factor to increase the amplitude of the magnetic force. Clinical MRI systems do not provide gradients with high enough amplitude for the applications studied here. Theoretical models developed in this thesis predict that a one order of magnitude increase in gradient amplitude would be required. Implementing actuation dedicated gradient coils is therefore suggested. Finally, a larger ferromagnetic body will lead to higher

  10. Study of a case of essential hypoproteinaemia using the isotopes {sup 131}I and {sup 15}N; Etude a l'aide des isotopes {sup 131}I et {sup 15}N d'un cas d'hypoproteinemie essentielle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dubert, A.; Coursaget, J.; Fallot, P.; Royer, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Hopital des Enfants Malades, 75 - Paris (France)


    Hypoproteinaemia both human and experimental has been studied with the help of nuclear labelling. A comparative study has been made of the fate of serum proteins labelled by an endogenous path after administration of nitrogen-15 glycine and also of serum albumin labelled by exogenous path using iodine-131. We have determined the biological period of the serum albumin and serum globulins and also the magnitude of the vascular and extravascular pools of serum albumin. In this way it has been possible to measure the speed of replacement of plasma proteins. A presentation of results taken from both clinical observation and experiment leads to a discussion on the pathogenic mechanism of hypoproteinaemia. (author) [French] Les hypoproteinemies humaine et experimentale ont ete explorees a l'aide d'indicateurs nucleaires. Une etude comparative du devenir des proteines seriques marquees par voie endogene, apres administration de glycocolle-{sup 15}N et de l'albumine serique marquee par voie exogene a l'iode-131 a ete realisee. On a determine la periode biologique de la serumalbumine et des globulines seriques ainsi que la grandeur des 'pools' vasculaire et extravasculaire de la serumalbumine. Il a ete ainsi possible d'evaluer la vitesse de renouvellement des proteines plasmatiques. La confrontation des resultats tires de l'observation clinique et de l'experimentation conduit a une discussion sur le mecanisme pathogenique de l'hypoproteinemie. (auteur)

  11. Cloned IGH VDJ targets as tools for personalized minimal residual disease monitoring in mature lymphoid malignancies; a feasibility study in mantle cell lymphoma by the Groupe Ouest Est d'Etude des Leucémies et Autres Maladies du Sang. (United States)

    Gimenez, Estelle; Chauvet, Martine; Rabin, Laetitia; Puteaud, Isabelle; Duley, Samuel; Hamaidia, Sieme; Bruder, Juliana; Rolland-Neyret, Valérie; Le Gouill, Steven; Tournilhac, Olivier; Voog, Eric; Maisonneuve, Hervé; Jacob, Marie C; Leroux, Dominique; Béné, Marie C; Formisano-Tréziny, Christine; Gabert, Jean; Gressin, Rémy; Callanan, Mary B


    Molecular minimal residual disease (MRD) analysis is fast emerging as an essential clinical decision-making tool for the treatment and follow-up of mature B cell malignancies. Current EuroMRD consensus IGH real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction RQ-PCR assays rely on flow cytometric assessment of diagnostic tumour burdens to construct 'normalized', patient-specific, diagnostic DNA-based MRD quantification standards. Here, we propose a new 'hybrid' assay that relies on plasmid-based quantification of patient-specific IGH VDJ targets by consensus IGH real time (RQ)-PCR, combined with EuroMRD guidelines, for MRD monitoring in lymphoid malignancies. This assay was evaluated for MRD assessment in a total of 273 samples from 29 mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patients treated within a Groupe Ouest Est d'Etude des Leucémies et Autres Maladies du Sang (GOELAMS) Phase II trial and was feasible, reliable and consistently comparable to gold-standard MRD techniques (99% concordance across all samples including 32 samples within the quantitative range) when analysed in parallel (117 samples). Integrating clinical prognostic parameters and MRD status in peripheral blood at the post-induction stage was predictive of progression-free survival (P = 0·034) thus demonstrating the clinical utility of the approach. Plasmid-based standards for the quantification of IGH VDJ targets are therefore confirmed to offer new opportunities for further standardization and clinical evaluation of MRD-guided management of patients with mature B cell malignancies.

  12. Report by the AERES on the unit: Fuel Study Department (DEC) under the supervision of the establishments and bodies: Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA); Rapport de l'AERES sur l'unite: Departement d'Etudes des Combustibles (DEC) sous tutelle des etablissements et organismes: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report is a kind of audit report on a research laboratory, the DEC (Departement d'Etudes des Combustibles, Fuel Study Department) which comprises four departments: a department of analysis and characterization of fuel behaviour (SA3C) which comprises four laboratories, a Plutonium, Uranium and Minor Actinides department (SPUA) which comprises four laboratories, a department for the investigation and simulation of fuel behaviour (four laboratories) and the Leca-Star department (3 laboratories and a project group). The authors discuss an assessment of the whole unit activities in terms of strengths and opportunities, aspects to be improved, risks and recommendations, productions and publications on different themes (fundamental research on fuels, fuel design, fabrications, characterizations and property measurements, experimental irradiations, characterization of irradiated fuels and chemical and radio-chemical analysis, modelling and simulation). A more detailed assessment is presented for each theme in terms of scientific quality, influence and attractiveness (awards, recruitment capacity, capacity to obtain financing and to tender, participation to international programs), strategy and governance, and project

  13. Histological data concerning the pig (sus scrofa) for use in radiobiology. I. Normal histology of certain systems. 2. Injuries caused by total {gamma} irradiation; Donnees histologiques sur le porc (sus scrofa), utilisables en radiobiologie. 1. histologie normale de certains appareils. 2. etude des lesions consecutives a une irradiation {gamma} totale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guenet, J.L.; Vaiman, M.; Nizza, P. [Commissariat a L' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The domestic pig lately become a laboratory whose anatomical and physiological characteristics appear to be appreciated for certain radiological studies. In this report the authors describe research which they have carried out (in particular in the field of histology) on domestic pigs of different species with a view to compiling a record which might be of help to future workers in this field. The second part of their work deals with anatomical and histological injuries caused by total exposure to gamma radiation from cobalt 60 at doses of around 285 rads. (authors) [French] Le porc domestique est devenu depuis peu un animal de laboratoire, dont les caracteristiques anatomiques et physiologiques paraissent fort appreciees pour certaines etudes de radiobiologie. Dans ce rapport les auteurs font part des recherches qu'ils ont effectuees (notamment dans le domaine de l'histologie) sur des porcs domestiques de differentes races, de maniere a constituer un document capable de venir en aide aux utilisateurs eventuels. La deuxieme partie de leur travail traite de lesions anatomiques et histologiques, consecutives a des expositions totales aux rayonnements gamma du cobalt 60 a des doses voisines de 285 rads. (auteurs)

  14. Electron density and temperature study of plasmas using a millimeter-wave Fabry-Perot interferometer; Etude de la densite electronique et de la temperature de plasmas a l'aide d'un interferometre Fabry-Perot en ondes millimetriques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bize, D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The contents of this article, which have been used as a basis for a State doctorate thesis, deal with research into focussing systems of the Fabry-Perot, millimetre wave type. With the help of this equipment, measurements have been made of the electronic density using interferometry in the range from 10{sup 9} to 10{sup 14} electrons/cm{sup 3}, and of the electron temperature by Thomson diffusion, of plasmas formed by laser ionisation and by high frequency. (author) [French] Le contenu de cet article, qui a fait l'objet d'une these d'Etat, se rapporte a l'etude des systemes focalisant de type Fabry-Perot en ondes millimetriques. A l'aide de ces dispositifs, on mesure la densite electronique par interferometrie dans la gamme de densites de 10{sup 9} a 10{sup 14} e/cm{sup 3} et la temperature electronique par diffusion Thomson de plasmas crees par ionisation laser et par haute frequence. (auteur)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalya T. Таgiltseva


    Full Text Available The article aims to consider the possibility of suggestopedia methods use that are successfully practiced in foreign language teaching, pedagogy of music education of preschool children, in starting schools; to find out the degree of methods efficiency of suggestopedia in shaping the musical experience of preschool children in various activities at music lessons. Methods. The theoretical foundations of the article are views and concepts of the Bulgarian researcher, teacher and psychologist, G. Lozanov; he had studied out the suggestopedia method for foreign language teaching, and the theory of meta-subject education on the basis of artistic-creative activity and appeal to masterpieces of art. Monitoring and surveillance over non-verbal behavior of children, surveys and discussions were used as practical methods. Results. Musical experience of the child is considered as the process of the development of musical memory. Many suggestopedia techniques developed by Bulgarian and Russian researchers were selected and tested; those that involve the use of involuntary memorization of music when performing creative tasks: free movement or plastic intonation, paint color schemes, music and organizational tasks related to the preparation and conduct music lessons. Three series of diagnostic tasks associated with memory, remembering and recognition of classical pieces of music unknown for preschoolers were worked out to test the effectiveness of these methods and its integration into the process of preschoolers’ music education. The conducted experiment has shown that methods of suggestopedia provide memory activation – children keep in memory classical music. Scientific novelty. The research demonstrates the application reasonability of suggestopedia methods used at foreign language teaching, music education of preschool children and juniors. It has been proved that involuntary memorizing of classical music by children listening to background

  16. Study of the auto-irradiation effects in apatites structure materials; Etude des effets d'auto-irradiation dans des materiaux a structure apatitique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soulet, St


    The incorporation of an actinide in a material puts it to the action of an alpha particle, of some MeV always followed by the recoil of the residual nucleus. This last ones, with an energy of about a hundred of keV produces the greatest part of the irradiation damages. The study of the natural analogues has allowed to identify the fluoro-apatites which have a high amount of phosphates groups, as potential actinides conditioning matrices. Former works, simulating the alpha decay in the monocrystalline phospho-calcic fluoro-apatite have revealed an exfoliation phenomenon and an annealing of the defects which are formed by the recoil nuclei by the helium ions. This work has shown that the exfoliation can not be produced on polycrystalline apatitic materials (phospho-calcic fluoro-apatite and fluoro-apatite with one silicate) probably on account of the removal of helium outside the grains and by the diffusion of helium inside the grain boundaries. On the other hand, these helium removal ways decrease the chemical resistance of the fluoro-apatite. In the same way, the dissolution velocity of the apatite is strongly increased above the damage threshold corresponding to the percolation of the isolated defects and especially in the case of total amorphization. Concerning the effect of the recoil and annealing nuclei by the alpha particles, an original study method including the use of a transmission electron microscope coupled with a ions implanter has been carried out. This device has allowed to make irradiations simulating the alpha decay and to follow in situ the evolution of polycrystalline samples disorder. It has been shown that for all the solid solution of phospho-silicated fluoro-apatites, the amorphization is produced directly in series. In the same way, on account of this technique, the efficiency of the annealing by alpha has been measured on different apatite compositions. The main result shows that the efficiency of the annealing by alpha in the fluoro

  17. Theoretical and numerical studies of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in magnetized plasmas; Etude theorique et numerique des instabilites Rayleigh-Taylor en plasmas magnetises

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ivanov, A.A


    ;pumping' on the instability. These results can be applied to a wide range of systems, starting from classic hydrodynamics and up to astrophysical plasmas. The scheme of wire arrays has become recently a very popular method to obtain a high power X-radiation or for a high quality implosion in Z-pinches. The experimental studies have demonstrated that the results of implosion are much better for the case of multiple thin wires situated cylindrically than in a usual liner scheme. We have examined the problem modeling the stabilization of Rayleigh-Taylor instability for a wire array system. The reason for instability suppression is the regular spatial modulation of the surface plasma-magnetic field (in the vacuum). This modulation is created by the explosions of solid wires and by subsequent plasma evolution. We have also examined the coupling of the instability modes that takes place in the presence of the magnetic field and this study shows that the spatial surface modulation can effectively diminish the growth rate of the considered instability. (author)

  18. Influence of nitrate ions on the physicochemical behavior of neptunium; Etude de la complexation du neptunium+6 par les ions nitrate: approche chimiometrique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pochon, P.; Moisy, Ph.; Blanc, P. [CEA Valrho, (DCC/DRRV/SEMP), 30 - Marcoule (France)


    The aim of this work was to acquire data on Np(VI) nitrate-complexes, particularly concerning their stability in nitric acid media, to gain a closer understanding of neptunium behavior in the PUREX process used for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. Due to their very poor stability and the importance of physico-chemical mechanisms in concentrated solutions (media effects), the published data concerning these complexes are subject to considerable debate. A visible and near-infrared spectrophotometric study of Np(VI) nitrate-complexes was therefore undertaken to observe and quantify the influence of nitrate ions on the physicochemical behavior of neptunium, and to estimate the magnitude of the media effects in order to propose a constant of complexation by nitrate ions that is independent of the composition of the reaction medium (i.e. a thermodynamic constant). In the absence of reliable spectra for neptunium in nitric acid media, the spectrophotometric data were processed by principal components analysis and factor analysis mathematical method. The ionic strength of the solutions was adjusted by adding perchlorate salts (perchlorate ions were considered to have little or no complexing properties). The influence of the type of cation (H{sup +}, Li{sup +}, Na{sup +}, Ba{sup 2+}, Mg{sup 2+}) and the perchlorate ion concentration was observed on the neptunium(VI) spectra in nitric and perchloric media. In the presence of nitrate ions, the spectrum modifications in case of substitution of one cation by another were comparable to those observed for major nitrate ion concentration variations. Similarly, the extent of the spectrum modifications for the same nitrate ion concentration variation depended on the proton concentration. Weak spectrum modifications were also observed when the perchlorate ion concentration varied. They were quantified by a 'perturbation constant' {beta}* calculated in the same way as a complexation constant ({beta}* = 0.023 in the molal

  19. Etude analytique du fonctionnement des moteurs à réluctance alimentés à fréquence variable (United States)

    Sargos, F. M.; Gudefin, E. J.; Zaskalicky, P.


    In switched reluctance motors fed by a constant voltage source (like a battery) at high frequencies, the current becomes unpredictable and often cannot reach a given reference value, because of the variation of the inductances with the rotor position ; the “motional” m.m.f. generates commutation troubles which increase with the frequency. An optimal control as well as an approximate design of the motor require a quick and simple calculation of currents, powers and losses ; now, in principle, the non-linear electrical equation needs a numerical resolution, whose results cannot be extrapolated. By linearizing this equation by intervals, the method proposed here allows to express analytically, in any case, the phase currents, the torque and the copper losses, when the feeding voltage itself is constant by intervals. The model neglects saturation, but a simple adjustment of the inductance (chosen ad libitum) allows to deal with it. The calculation is immediate and perfectly accurate as long as the machine parameters themselves are well defined. Some results are given as examples for two usual feeding modes. Dans les machines à réluctance alimentées à haute fréquence par une source à tension constante, comme une batterie, le courant varie de manière difficilement prévisible, à cause de la variation des inductances avec la position du rotor, et souvent ne parvient pas à s'établir à une valeur de consigne imposée ; la f.é.m. “motionnelle” engendre des difficultés de communication qui s'aggravent avec l'augmentation de fréquence jusqu'à empêcher le fonctionnement. Tant pour optimiser la commande que pour dimensionner approximativement un moteur ; on doit pouvoir calculer simplement et rapidement le courant et la puissance ; or l'équation électrique, non linéaire, doit en principe être résolue numériquement et les résultats ne sont pratiquement pas extrapolables. En linéarisant par intervalles cette équation, la méthode proposée ici

  20. Etude comparative sur la propagation de l'endommagement apres impact des composites carbone/epoxy renforces par piquage au fil Kevlar et titane-nickel (United States)

    Vachon, Pierre-Luc

    Composite laminates have strong in-plane mechanical properties, but they are generally weaker through their thickness. This specificity makes the laminates prone to delamination, particularly under low-velocity impact loads. Consequently numerous research efforts have been dedicated to developing interlaminar reinforcing methods, such as transverse stitching. The present project proposes the use of the stitching technique combined with a special stitching thread made of superelastic TiNi alloy. This technology is intended to improve the delamination toughness in composite laminates loaded in bending. In the first part of this study a numerical model was developed for analyzing composite structures. The 3-D finite element model was built with the ANSYS commercial software using 20-node solid and 8-node shell elements. The progressive damage modeling technique was used, allowing the prediction of delamination propagation in a laminate submitted to various loading modes. The model was validated for a plate under quasi-static traction load, and it was then used to simulate three-point bending tests. Secondly, carbon/epoxy composite panels were fabricated, with each panel containing unstitched and stitched specimens. Two different materials were used for the stitching thread: superelastic TiNi wires and Kevlar threads as a reference. Some stitched specimens were cut in slices in order to make some observations of the internal stitch using an optical microscope. Standardized low-velocity impact tests and compression after impact tests were carried out on stitched and unstitched specimens (ASTM D7136 and D7137). The Kevlar reinforcements have shown great performance in reducing the delaminated zone after impact, as well as in improving the residual compression strength. The TiNi reinforcements provided encouraging results during the impact tests, though being less effective than the Kevlar threads. During the compression after impact tests, only a slight difference could

  1. Etude de la desactivation des catalyseurs d'hydrotraitement par cokage. Synthèse bibliographique Study of the Deactivation of Hydrotreating Catalysts by Coking. Bibliographic Synthesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gualda G.


    Full Text Available Ce travail effectue la synthèse de la littérature disponible en février 1987 sur le phénomène de cokage en hydrotraitement entraînant la désactivation des catalyseurs. Il propose trois angles d'étude apportant chacun un éclairage complémentaire sur le sujet : - un angle physico-chimique qui décrit les méthodes de caractérisation du coke et des catalyseurs usés utilisées par les auteurs, et les informations qu'elles fournissent; - un angle d'observation macroscopique du phénomène de désactivation par cokage, par la confrontation de modèles et de résultats expérimentaux; - un angle plus fondamental faisant état des mécanismes proposés pour la formation du coke dans les conditions d'hydrotraitement des fractions lourdes du pétrole en particulier. Il ressort de cette étude la très grande hétérogénéité des travaux, tant du point de vue des protocoles expérimentaux que des interprétations mécanistiques. Une étude rigoureuse et systématique s'impose donc dans ce domaine. Toutefois, il semble bien établi que l'on puisse faire la différence entre un coke fatal formé par dégradation thermique des hydrocarbures, et un coke dépendant des propriétés des catalyseurs mis en oeuvre. This article makes a synthesis of the literature available in February 1987 on the coking phenomenon in hydrotreating causing catalyst deactivation. It proposes three angles of study, each giving complementary light on the subject:(a a physicochemical angle describing methods of characterizing the coke and catalysts used by the authors, and the information they provide;(b a macroscopic observation angle of the deactivation phenomenon by coking, by comparing models and experimental results;(c a more fundamental angle bearing on the mechanisms proposed for coke formation under hydrotreatment conditions of heavy oil fractions in particular. This study shows the great heterogeneity of research, from the standpoint of both experimental

  2. Identification d'indicateurs de risque des populations victimes de conflits par imagerie satellitaire. Etude de cas: Le nord de l'Irak (United States)

    Mubareka, Sarah Betoul

    Remote sensing and security, terms which are not usually associated, have found a common platform this decade with the conjuring of the GMOSS network (Global Monitoring for Security and Stability), whose mandate is to discover new applications for satellite-derived imagery to security issues. This study focuses on human security, concentrating on the characterisation of vulnerable areas to conflict. A time-series of satellite imagery taken from Landsat sensors from 1987 to 2001 and the SRTM mission imagery are used for this purpose over a site in northern Iraq. Human security issues include the exposure to any type of hazard. The region of study is first characterised in order to understand which hazards are and were present in the past for the region of study. The principal hazard for the region of study is armed conflict and the relative field data was analysed to determine the links between geographical indicators and vulnerable areas. This is done through historical research and the study of open-sourced information about disease outbreaks; the movements of refugees and the internally displaced; and humanitarian aid and security issues. These open sources offer information which are not always consistent, objective, or normalized and are therefore difficult to quantify. A method for the rapid mapping and graphing and subsequent analysis of the situation in a region where limited information is available is developed. This information is coupled with population numbers to create a "risk map": A disaggregated matrix of areas most at risk during conflict situations. The results show that describing the risk factor for a population to the hazard conflict depends on three complex indicators: Population density, remoteness and economic diversity. Each of these complex indicators is then derived from Landsat and SRTM imagery and a satellite-driven model is formulated. This model based on satellite imagery is applied to the study site for a temporal study. The output

  3. Study of various decontamination processes for evaporation concentrates; Etude de differents traitements de decontamination sur des concentrats d'evaporation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lefillatre, G.; Cudel, Y.; Rodi, L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Chusclan (France). Centre de Production de Plutonium de Marcoule


    Generally speaking, the evaporation concentrates are in the form of acid solutions of high salt content, about 400 g/l. The specific activity is very variable: from 0.5 mCi/l to many hundreds of Ci/l. Because of the high solubility of these salts, an attempt has been made to render the radio-elements insoluble in the concentrates before their possible coating with bitumen. With this in view, the possibility of fixing them on inorganic products, of precipitating them in the form of insoluble salts, or of adsorbing them on co-precipitates has been considered. In the case of a fixation of radio-elements by natural or synthetic inorganic products with a high absorptive capacity such as clays, diatomaceous earths, synthetic silicates and alumina, 48 products have been tried. Their selective efficiency with respect to {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr, {sup 106}Ru-Rh, {sup 144}Ce-Pr, {sup 95}Zr-Nb has been determined both with acid concentrates and with neutralized concentrates (precipitation of hydroxides). In the case of the fixation of radio-elements as insoluble salts or their adsorption on co-precipitates, the choice of treatments involved the two most dangerous radio-elements: {sup 137}Cs and {sup 90}Sr. The conventional processing methods were tried. For {sup 90}Sr. calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, strontium phosphate, manganese oxides, barium sulfate. For {sup 137}Cs: the ferrocyanides of nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt and manganese. The technique consists in carrying out the precipitations (hydroxides, specific processes for {sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs) one after the other without separating the precipitates. (authors) [French] D'une facon generale, les concentrats d'evaporation se presentent sous forme de solutions acides de mineralisation elevee, de l'ordre de 400 g/l. Leur activite specifique est tres variable: de 0.5 mCi/l a plusieurs centaines de Ci/l. En raison de la tres grande solubilite de ces sels, il a paru interessant de

  4. Count rate balance method of measuring sediment transport of sand beds by radioactive tracers; Methode du bilan des taux de comptage d'indicateurs radioactifs pour la determination du debit de charriage des lits sableux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sauzay, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 91 - Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Radioactive tracers are applied to the direct measurement of the sediment transport rate of sand beds. The theoretical measurement formula is derived: the variation of the count rate balance is inverse of that of the transport thickness. Simultaneously the representativeness of the tracer is critically studied. The minimum quantity of tracer which has to be injected in order to obtain a correct statistical definition of count rate given by a low number of grains 'seen' by the detector is then studied. A field experiment was made and has let to study the technological conditions for applying this method: only the treatment of results is new, the experiment itself is carried out with conventional techniques applied with great care. (author) [French] Les indicateurs radioactifs sont appliques a la mesure directe du debit de charriage des lits sableux. On etablit la formule theorique de mesure: le bilan des taux de comptage varie en sens inverse de l'epaisseur de charriage. Parallelement on fait une etude critique de la representativite de l'indicateur, puis on determine la quantite minimale de traceur qu'il faut immerger pour que les taux de comptage fournis pour un faible nombre de grains 'vus' par le detecteur aient une definition statistique correcte. Une experience de terrain a permis d'etudier les conditions technologiques de cette methode: seul le depouillement des resultats est nouveau. L'experimentation in-situ se fait suivant les procedes classiques avec un tres grand soin. (auteur)

  5. Molecular dynamics simulations of ter-pyridine and bis-triazinyl-pyridine complexes with lanthanide cations; Etude de dynamique moleculaire de complexes de la bis-triazinyl-pyridine (BTP) et de la terpyridine avec des lanthanides(3)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guilbaud, Ph. [CEA Valrho, (DCC/DRRV/SEMP), 30 - Marcoule (France)


    The search for ligands which specifically separate actinides(III) from lanthanides(III) by liquid-liquid extraction has prompted considerable research in the Process Design and Modeling Department ('Service d'Etude et de Modelisation des Procedes'- SEMP). Ligands with soft donor atoms AS) that are able to perform this separation have already been investigated and research is currently under way to improve their performance for high acidic feeds. Theoretical chemistry research is conducted in the Theoretical and Structural Chemistry Laboratory ('Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique et Structurale') to improve our understanding of the complexation and extraction of these cations with such ligands. Theoretical studies were first carried out for the ter-pyridine (TPY) and bis-triazinyl-pyridine (BTP) ligands that display fairly good ability to separate and extract actinide(III) from lanthanide(III) ions. Molecular dynamics simulations were performed on ter-pyridine and bis-triazinyl-pyridine complexes with three lanthanide cations (La{sup 3+}, Eu{sup 3+} and Lu{sup 3+}) for vacuum and for water solutions. These calculations were carried out without counter-ions, with three nitrate (NO{sub 3}{sup -}) ions, and, in the case of ter-pyridine, with three {alpha}-bromo-caprate anions that are likely to be used experimentally as synergistic agents for the separation and extraction of An(III) from Ln(III). Molecular dynamics simulations were first performed for vacuum to evaluate the distances between nitrogen and lanthanide atoms (Ln{sup 3+},N) and intrinsic interaction energies to poly-nitrogenous ligands with or without NO{sub 3} ions, and for both ligands. The (Ln{sup 3+},N) distances decrease and the cation/ligand interaction energies increase along the La{sup 3+}, Eu{sup 3+}, Lu{sup 3+} series, with decreasing Ln(III) ion radii. The introduction of nitrate counter-ions makes the (Ln{sup 3+},N) distances slightly higher, and the TPY/Ln{sup 3+} and BTP

  6. Study of cis- and trans-uranium elements by paper chromatography and electrophoresis; Contribution a l'etude des elements cis- et trans-uraniens par chromatographie sur papier et electrophorese

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clanet, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In this work, the field of application of paper chromatography and electrophoresis in inorganic chemistry has been extended to elements 90 to 96 in hydrochloric and nitric acid solution. Results obtained concern the following points: 1) - Characterization of the valency states of Np and of Pu using coloured reactions on chromatograms and electrophoregrams. The valency IV is characterized by alizarin, arsenazo-I and thorin-I, whilst diphenylcarbazide is used for the hexavalent state. 2) - Paper chromatography: by using as eluent, mixtures of equal parts of aqueous HCl and HNO{sub 3} solutions and of alcohols (methanol, ethanol and n-butanol), the R{sub f} values of elements 90 to 96 have been determined. It has been possible to deduce certain conclusions concerning the complexing of these elements by Cl{sup -} and NO{sub 3}{sup -} ions. 3) - We have developed an electrophoretic technique on cellulose acetate membranes in order to separate the charged species formed by the elements 90 to 96 in HCl and HNO{sub 3} solutions from 1 to 12 M. Mobility curves have been obtained. It appears from our results that the tendency for the elements considered to form anionic complexes follows the order of the ionic potentials when the valency state is four; this order is reversed for the valency three. The ions Cl{sup -} have a smaller tendency to form complexes than the NO{sub 3}{sup -} ions with respect to these elements in their oxidation state III or IV, but the reverse phenomenon is observed for U{sup VI} and Pu{sup VI}. Finally, the complexing of the cations Pu{sup 4+} and PuUO{sub 2}{sup 2+} by NO{sub 3}{sup -} follows the order of the ionic potentials but occurs in the reverse order for Cl{sup -} ions. 4) - Various analytical applications are considered: separation of the various elements from each other and separation of the valency states of Np and of Pu. (author) [French] Dans cette etude, le champ d'application de la chromatographie sur papier et de l

  7. Study of some properties of 's' neutron resonance parameters for target nuclei I = 1/2 and I = 3/2 in function of spin value J = I + 1/2 in the energy range 1 {yields} 5000 eV; Etude de quelques proprietes des parametres de resonances des neutrons ''s'' pour des noyaux cibles I = 1/2 et I = 3/2 en fonction de la valeur du spin J = I + 1/2 dans le domaine d'energie 1 eV {yields} 5000 eV

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Julien, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Different kinds of experiments and analysis methods allowing to achieve neutron resonances parameters in the low energy range (1 eV {yields} 5000 eV) are described. A great deal of effort to improve experimental conditions and data processing in order to know the spin value J = I {+-} 1/2 has been spent. The time of flight method was used. A few target nuclei I = 3/2 and 1 = 1/2 have been studied. For I = 3/2 (Ga, As, 3r, Au) we find S{sub o} J = 2 {approx_equal} 2 S{sub o} J = 1 and S{sub o} J = 1 {approx_equal} S{sub o} J = 0 for I = 1/2 (Tm, Pt) but {sup 77}Se. Fluctuations of the total radiative width {gamma}{sub {gamma}} depend on the spin value I = I {+-} 1/2 when E1 transition, are enhanced for one of the both spin states. The magnitude of these fluctuations can be explained of the strength of E1 transitions (E{sub {gamma}} {approx} 7 MeV) is supposed to be proportional to E{sup 5}{sub {gamma}} instead of E{sup 3}{sub {gamma}}. The distribution of levels spacings against spin value J are considered and are compared to theoretical predictions. (author) [French] On decrit les differentes methodes d'analyse permettant d'obtenir les parametres des resonances de neutron dans le domaine d'energie 1 eV {yields} 5000 eV. Un effort particulier a ete fait pour connaitre la valeur du spin J = I {+-} 1/2. Les types d'experience et les analyses des donnees, developpes et ameliores pour determiner J sont decrits. Les resultats obtenus ont permis l'etude de differentes proprietes en fonction du spin J. On trouve: S{sub o} J 2 {approx_equal} 2 S{sub o} J = 1 pour les noyaux I = 3/2 etudies (Ga, As, Br, Au) et S{sub o} J = 1 {approx_equal} S{sub o} J = 0 Pour le Tm et {sup 195}Pt de spin I = 1/2. On constate que les largeurs radiatives totales {gamma}{sub {gamma}} fluctuent si des transitions E1 aux premiers etats excites sont favorisees. Ces fluctuations peuvent etre expliquees si on suppose que les intensites de ces transitions sont

  8. Vortex methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chorin, A.J. [California Univ., Berkeley, CA (United States). Dept. of Mathematics]|[Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (United States)


    Vortex methods originated from the observation that in incompressible inviscid flow vorticity (or, more accurately, circulation) is a conserved quantity, as can be readily deduced from the absence of tangential stresses. Thus, if the vorticity is known at time t=0, one can find the flow at a later time by simply following the vorticity. In this narrow context, a vortex method is a numerical method that follows vorticity. The author restricts himself in these lectures to a special class of numerical vortex methods, those that are based on a Lagrangian transport of vorticity in hydrodynamics by smoothed particles (blobs) and those whose analysis contributes to the understanding of blob methods. Blob methods started in the 1930`s.

  9. Mining Method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Young Shik; Lee, Kyung Woon; Kim, Oak Hwan; Kim, Dae Kyung [Korea Institute of Geology Mining and Materials, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    The reducing coal market has been enforcing the coal industry to make exceptional rationalization and restructuring efforts since the end of the eighties. To the competition from crude oil and natural gas has been added the growing pressure from rising wages and rising production cost as the workings get deeper. To improve the competitive position of the coal mines against oil and gas through cost reduction, studies to improve mining system have been carried out. To find fields requiring improvements most, the technologies using in Tae Bak Colliery which was selected one of long running mines were investigated and analyzed. The mining method appeared the field needing improvements most to reduce the production cost. The present method, so-called inseam roadway caving method presently is using to extract the steep and thick seam. However, this method has several drawbacks. To solve the problems, two mining methods are suggested for a long term and short term method respectively. Inseam roadway caving method with long-hole blasting method is a variety of the present inseam roadway caving method modified by replacing timber sets with steel arch sets and the shovel loaders with chain conveyors. And long hole blasting is introduced to promote caving. And pillar caving method with chock supports method uses chock supports setting in the cross-cut from the hanging wall to the footwall. Two single chain conveyors are needed. One is installed in front of chock supports to clear coal from the cutting face. The other is installed behind the supports to transport caved coal from behind. This method is superior to the previous one in terms of safety from water-inrushes, production rate and productivity. The only drawback is that it needs more investment. (author). 14 tabs., 34 figs.

  10. Projection Methods

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wagner, Falko Jens; Poulsen, Mikael Zebbelin


    When trying to solve a DAE problem of high index with more traditional methods, it often causes instability in some of the variables, and finally leads to breakdown of convergence and integration of the solution. This is nicely shown in [ESF98, p. 152 ff.].This chapter will introduce projection...... methods as a way of handling these special problems. It is assumed that we have methods for solving normal ODE systems and index-1 systems....

  11. Computing methods

    CERN Document Server

    Berezin, I S


    Computing Methods, Volume 2 is a five-chapter text that presents the numerical methods of solving sets of several mathematical equations. This volume includes computation sets of linear algebraic equations, high degree equations and transcendental equations, numerical methods of finding eigenvalues, and approximate methods of solving ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations and integral equations.The book is intended as a text-book for students in mechanical mathematical and physics-mathematical faculties specializing in computer mathematics and persons interested in the


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    CLANDESTINS: Misoprostol versus autres méthodes abortives. MAYI-TSONGA ... KEY WORDS: Induced abortion - Misoprostol - Maternal infection - Maternal mortality - Africa. 1Centre .... use of Misoprostol after mifepristone for early medical ...

  13. Etudes structurales du ribosome de Staphylococcus aureus


    Khusainov, Iskander


    The ribosome is a large cellular machinery that performs the protein synthesis in every living cell. Therefore, the ribosome is one of the major targets of naturally produced antibiotics, which can kill bacterial cells by blocking protein synthesis. However, some bacteria are resistant to these antibiotics due to small modifications of their ribosomes. Among them, Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a severe pathogen that causes numerous infections in humans. The crystal structures of comple...

  14. Etude et simulation de la MADA (United States)

    Defontaines, Remi

    Over the past ten years, the production of electric energy using wind turbines has increased eight times. This production of energy is in full expansion, and different means are now at the dispositions of researchers to finally explore it to the maximum. The DFIG is a type of wind turbine that has been the object of numerous studies over the past several years. This wind turbine functions with the speed of the wind. Its principle particularity is that it is constituted of an asynchronous machine, a wound-rotor and is capable of providing active power to the network by the stator and the rotor. This structure permits a good performance over a wide range of wind speeds, at a reasonable cost. It manages to be cost-effective because it uses weakly dimensioned power converters. Despite its advantages, there is a problem: its connection to the network. The electric network is not always stable; it regularly suffers voltage damage (low voltage, unbalance or overvoltage). This damage can result in fault from poor quality in the machine, and this damages or even destroys the power converters. To avoid this issue, the wind turbine disconnects from the network when it undergoes deterioration. The goal of this research is to find a strategy that allows the wind turbine to function even when the network voltage deteriorates, which in turn results in avoiding disconnection and therefore the loss of electrical power.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SEI Joseph

    augmentation est due, entre autres, à l'évolution positive des tonnages vendus ... exploitation work and to assist the mining managers to make suitable decisions. ..... Le traitement de l'image scannée a été fait par le logiciel «Photoshop » pour ...

  16. Estimations hypoelliptiques globales et compacit\\'e de la r\\'esolvante Estimations hypoelliptiques globales et compacit\\'e de la r\\'esolvante pour des op\\'erateurs de Fokker-Planck ou des laplaciens de Witten

    CERN Document Server

    Helffer, B


    Ces derni\\`eres ann\\'ees, les estimations hypoelliptiques ont connu une nouvelle jeunesse en liaison avec des questions provenant de la th\\'eorie cin\\'etique des gaz. Dans cette direction de nombreux auteurs ont en effet eu besoin de d\\'emontrer des estimations maximales pour en d\\'eduire la compacit\\'e de l'op\\'erateur de Fokker-Planck et avoir des estimations sur la r\\'esolvante permettant d'aborder la question du retour \\`a l'\\'equilibre. Dans un article tr\\`es r\\'ecent, F.~H\\'erau et F.~Nier (inspir\\'es par des calculs explicites du livre de Risken) ont mis en \\'evidence les liens \\'etroits entre ces questions et des questions analogues pour un laplacien de Witten. L'\\'etude de ces liens est poursuivie et syst\\'ematis\\'ee dans un livre en pr\\'eparation \\'ecrit en collaboration avec F.~Nier dont nous allons pr\\'esenter quelques aspects ici en pr\\'esentant parfois un \\'eclairage diff\\'erent sur un probl\\`eme qui laisse encore beaucoup de conjectures non r\\'esolues.

  17. Method 59

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjellsson, G.


    OCDE/GD(94)41. Er supplerende rapport til rapport: The OECD Workshop on Methods for Monitoring Organisms in the Environment, Ottawa 14-17 September 1992. Environment Monograph 90.......OCDE/GD(94)41. Er supplerende rapport til rapport: The OECD Workshop on Methods for Monitoring Organisms in the Environment, Ottawa 14-17 September 1992. Environment Monograph 90....

  18. Developpement d'un modele analytique pour l'analyse en elasticite lineaire de champs de deformation et contrainte au sein d'un polycristal. comparaison avec la methode des elements finis = (United States)

    Bretin, Remy

    L'endommagement par fatigue des materiaux est un probleme courant dans de nombreux domaines, dont celui de l'aeronautique. Afin de prevenir la rupture par fatigue des materiaux il est necessaire de determiner leur duree de vie en fatigue. Malheureusement, dues aux nombreuses heterogeneites presentes, la duree de vie en fatigue peut fortement varier entre deux pieces identiques faites dans le meme materiau ayant subi les memes traitements. Il est donc necessaire de considerer ces heterogeneites dans nos modeles afin d'avoir une meilleure estimation de la duree de vie des materiaux. Comme premiere etape vers une meilleure consideration des heterogeneites dans nos modeles, une etude en elasticite lineaire de l'influence des orientations cristallographiques sur les champs de deformations et de contraintes dans un polycristal a ete realisee a l'aide de la methode des elements finis. Des correlations ont pu etre etablies a partir des resultats obtenus, et un modele analytique en elasticite lineaire prenant en compte les distributions d'orientations cristallographiques et les effets de voisinage a pu etre developpe. Ce modele repose sur les bases des modeles d'homogeneisation classique, comme le schema auto-coherent, et reprend aussi les principes de voisinage des automates cellulaires. En prenant pour reference les resultats des analyses elements finis, le modele analytique ici developpe a montre avoir une precision deux fois plus grande que le modele auto-coherent, quel que soit le materiau etudie.

  19. Metabolism of {sup 137}cesium, {sup 137}barium in the rat. Therapeutics of the contamination; Metabolisme du {sup 137}cesium, {sup 137}baryum chez le rat. Therapeutique de la contamination

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Remy, J.; Philippon, A.; Lafuma, J.; Walter, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. Departement de la Protection Sanitaire, Laboratoire de Radiopathologie


    The authors carry out research into the distribution kinetics, the metabolism and the excretion of {sup 137}Cs - {sup 137}Ba in the rat. They show that these phenomena are independent of the method of applying a single dose. The distribution tends to adopt in all cases a typical shape which remains the same depending on the body burden. Biological analysis of the state of the cesium in the biological media shows that it is transported in the free and ionised form. Considering the problem of the method of penetration of the cesium ion in the intracellular medium, and in particular by the in vivo and in vitro kinetic study of the plasma - red cell system, the authors make the assumption that an active transport of cesium occurs by the cell membrane. They thus arrive at an overall picture of the cesium distribution in the organism which is essentially characterized by a dynamic distribution equilibrium between two compartments: 99 per cent of the cesium accumulates in the intracellular pool, 1 per cent in the extracellular liquids. This latter compartment is open to the emunctories. Because, of the active transport by the cell membranes, the intracellular pool is filled rapidly but discharge is slow. This phenomenon is the limiting factor in the decrease of the body burden. From this representation, the authors deduce the reasons for the relative failure of the various therapeutic methods examined up till now by themselves or by other authors. The stimulation of the natural emunctories in the case of diuretics for example, can only improve the purification of the extracellular compartment. Now this latter contains only 1 per cent of the body burden and recharging is slow. Furthermore the methods designed to counteract or inhibit the active transport of cesium by the cell membrane are still at the present time incompatible with the survival of the cell. (authors) [French] Les auteurs etudient experimentalement la cinetique de distribution, le metabolisme et l

  20. Method Mixins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    , where traditional invocation is optimized for as-is reuse of existing behavior. Tight coupling reduces flexibility, and traditional invocation tightly couples transfer of information and transfer of control. Method mixins decouple these two kinds of transfer, thereby opening the doors for new kinds......The world of programming has been conquered by the procedure call mechanism, including object-oriented method invocation which is a procedure call in context of an object. This paper presents an alternative, method mixin invocations, that is optimized for flexible creation of composite behavior...

  1. Method Mixins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    invocation is optimized for as-is reuse of existing behavior. Tight coupling reduces flexibility, and traditional invocation tightly couples transfer of information and transfer of control. Method mixins decouple these two kinds of transfer, thereby opening the doors for new kinds of abstraction and reuse......The procedure call mechanism has conquered the world of programming, with object-oriented method invocation being a procedure call in context of an object. This paper presents an alternative, method mixin invocations, that is optimized for flexible creation of composite behavior, where traditional...

  2. Dosimetry methods

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McLaughlin, W.L.; Miller, A.; Kovacs, A.;


    Chemical and physical radiation dosimetry methods, used for the measurement of absorbed dose mainly during the practical use of ionizing radiation, are discussed with respect to their characteristics and fields of application.......Chemical and physical radiation dosimetry methods, used for the measurement of absorbed dose mainly during the practical use of ionizing radiation, are discussed with respect to their characteristics and fields of application....

  3. Theoretical study of some aspects of the nucleo-bases reactivity: definition of new theoretical tools for the study of chemical reactivity; Etude theorique de quelques aspects de la reactivite des bases de l'ADN: definition de nouveaux outils theoriques d'etude de la reactivite chimique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Labet, V.


    In this work, three kinds of nucleo-base damages were studied from a theoretical point of view with quantum chemistry methods based on the density-functional theory: the spontaneous deamination of cytosine and its derivatives, the formation of tandem lesion induced by hydroxyl radicals in anaerobic medium and the formation of pyrimidic dimers under exposition to an UV radiation. The complementary use of quantitative static methods allowing the exploration of the potential energy surface of a chemical reaction, and of 'conceptual DFT' principles, leads to information concerning the mechanisms involved and to the rationalization of the differences in the nucleo-bases reactivity towards the formation of a same kind of damage. At the same time, a reflexion was undertaken on the asynchronous concerted mechanism concept, in terms of physical meaning of the transition state, respect of the Maximum Hardness Principle, and determination of the number of primitive processes involved. Finally, a new local reactivity index was developed, relevant to understand the reactivity of a molecular system in an excited state. (author)

  4. Ensemble Methods (United States)

    Re, Matteo; Valentini, Giorgio


    Ensemble methods are statistical and computational learning procedures reminiscent of the human social learning behavior of seeking several opinions before making any crucial decision. The idea of combining the opinions of different "experts" to obtain an overall “ensemble” decision is rooted in our culture at least from the classical age of ancient Greece, and it has been formalized during the Enlightenment with the Condorcet Jury Theorem[45]), which proved that the judgment of a committee is superior to those of individuals, provided the individuals have reasonable competence. Ensembles are sets of learning machines that combine in some way their decisions, or their learning algorithms, or different views of data, or other specific characteristics to obtain more reliable and more accurate predictions in supervised and unsupervised learning problems [48,116]. A simple example is represented by the majority vote ensemble, by which the decisions of different learning machines are combined, and the class that receives the majority of “votes” (i.e., the class predicted by the majority of the learning machines) is the class predicted by the overall ensemble [158]. In the literature, a plethora of terms other than ensembles has been used, such as fusion, combination, aggregation, and committee, to indicate sets of learning machines that work together to solve a machine learning problem [19,40,56,66,99,108,123], but in this chapter we maintain the term ensemble in its widest meaning, in order to include the whole range of combination methods. Nowadays, ensemble methods represent one of the main current research lines in machine learning [48,116], and the interest of the research community on ensemble methods is witnessed by conferences and workshops specifically devoted to ensembles, first of all the multiple classifier systems (MCS) conference organized by Roli, Kittler, Windeatt, and other researchers of this area [14,62,85,149,173]. Several theories have been

  5. Synthesis and crystallographic study of the compounds in the system Cs{sub 2}O - Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} - SiO{sub 2}; Synthese et etude cristallographique des composes du systeme Cs{sub 2}O - Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} - SiO{sub 2}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Langlet, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A study has been made on the preparation, structure and thermal evolution of some definite compounds in the system: Cs{sub 2}O - Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} - SiO{sub 2}. Precise details are given about the structure of the following compounds: CsAlO{sub 2}, RbAlO{sub 2}, KAlO{sub 2} and NaAlO{sub 2}; CsAlO{sub 2}, 2 H{sub 2}O; Cs{sub 2}O, 11 Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}; Cs{sub 2}O, 2 SiO{sub 2}; Cs{sub 2}O, 4 SiO{sub 2} and Rb{sub 2}O, 4 SiO{sub 2}; CsAlSiO{sub 4}; CsAlSi{sub 2}O{sub 6}; Cs{sub 4}Ge{sub 11}O{sub 24} and Rb{sub 4}Ge{sub 11}O{sub 24}. The long term purpose of this work was to find a compound which would be insoluble, refractory and at the same time able to contain radioactive isotopes of cesium and thus suitable as radiation sources. The knowledge of the properties and structure of aluminates, silicates and aluminosilicates is a necessary stage before the elaboration of ceramic caesium sources. The compound which seems quite convenient for this use, Cs{sub 2}AlSi{sub 2}O{sub 6}, is closely related to the natural mineral 'pollucite', and offers interesting properties. (author) [French] Ce travail constitue une etude de la preparation, de la structure et de l'evolution thermique des composes definis du systeme: Cs{sub 2}O - Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} - SiO{sub 2} et de quelques homologues. Des precisions sont donnees sur la structure des composes suivants: CsAlO{sub 2}, RbAlO{sub 2}, KAlO{sub 2} et NaAlO{sub 2}; CsAlO{sub 2}, 2 H{sub 2}O; Cs{sub 2}O, 11 Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}; Cs{sub 2}O, 2 SiO{sub 2}; Cs{sub 2}O, 4 SiO{sub 2} et Rb{sub 2}O, 4 SiO{sub 2}; CsAlSiO{sub 4}; CsAlSi{sub 2}O{sub 6}; Cs{sub 4}Ge{sub 11}O{sub 24} et Rb{sub 4}Ge{sub 11}O{sub 24}. Le but a long terme de cette etude consistait a obtenir un compose a la fois refractaire et insoluble, susceptible de contenir un isotope radioactif du caesium, et d'etre utilise comme source de rayonnement. La connaissance des proprietes et de la structure des aluminates, silicates et aluminosilicates represente

  6. Experimental study and computerized simulation of the elements fixation in trace on mineral oxides. Contribution to the study of natural solids adsorption properties; Etude experimentale et modelisation de la fixation d`elements en trace sur des oxydes mineraux. Contribution a l`etude des proprietes adsorbantes des solides naturels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marmier, N.


    The aim of this work is to identify some natural or synthetical materials allowing the nuclear wastes confinement in underground geological sites by adsorption of radioelements. The materials composition variety which can be used is very large it is then necessary to make use of models able to predict solid complexes behaviour towards the adsorption from known properties of parent constituents. This type of model still does not exist and its focusing requires the demonstration of mineral complexes parent constituents intrinsic properties additivity. The oxides as aluminium or silicon oxides being parent constituents, the author has demonstrated their properties additivity in an aluminium-silicon oxides physical mixture and in an aluminium silicate : the kaolinite. These surface properties have been determined for different quantities of aluminium and silicon oxides in a 0,1 M sodium nitrate. This study has been realized following the steps below : choice of a theoretical concept describing the adsorption adapted to the studied solid-solution system : the surface complexation model at constant capacitance; the focusing of a surface chemical and physical parameters determination method; the verification of these properties additivity on the aluminium-silicon oxides mixture and on the kaolinite. The studied cation for the adsorption on these materials is the ytterbium trivalent ion because the behaviour of the trivalent ions towards the adsorption is not very well known and because the lanthanides are considered as compounds similar to some fission products present in radioactive wastes. The method used for this work is applicable to all the other ions. (O.L.). 73 refs., 91 figs., 14 tabs.

  7. Statistical methods

    CERN Document Server

    Szulc, Stefan


    Statistical Methods provides a discussion of the principles of the organization and technique of research, with emphasis on its application to the problems in social statistics. This book discusses branch statistics, which aims to develop practical ways of collecting and processing numerical data and to adapt general statistical methods to the objectives in a given field.Organized into five parts encompassing 22 chapters, this book begins with an overview of how to organize the collection of such information on individual units, primarily as accomplished by government agencies. This text then

  8. Sieve methods

    CERN Document Server

    Halberstam, Heine


    Derived from the techniques of analytic number theory, sieve theory employs methods from mathematical analysis to solve number-theoretical problems. This text by a noted pair of experts is regarded as the definitive work on the subject. It formulates the general sieve problem, explores the theoretical background, and illustrates significant applications.""For years to come, Sieve Methods will be vital to those seeking to work in the subject, and also to those seeking to make applications,"" noted prominent mathematician Hugh Montgomery in his review of this volume for the Bulletin of the Ameri

  9. Spectral Methods

    CERN Document Server

    Shen, Jie; Wang, Li-Lian


    Along with finite differences and finite elements, spectral methods are one of the three main methodologies for solving partial differential equations on computers. This book provides a detailed presentation of basic spectral algorithms, as well as a systematical presentation of basic convergence theory and error analysis for spectral methods. Readers of this book will be exposed to a unified framework for designing and analyzing spectral algorithms for a variety of problems, including in particular high-order differential equations and problems in unbounded domains. The book contains a large

  10. Statistical methods

    CERN Document Server

    Freund, Rudolf J; Wilson, William J


    Statistical Methods, 3e provides students with a working introduction to statistical methods offering a wide range of applications that emphasize the quantitative skills useful across many academic disciplines. This text takes a classic approach emphasizing concepts and techniques for working out problems and intepreting results. The book includes research projects, real-world case studies, numerous examples and data exercises organized by level of difficulty. This text requires that a student be familiar with algebra. New to this edition: NEW expansion of exercises a

  11. Digital Methods

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rogers, R.


    In Digital Methods, Richard Rogers proposes a methodological outlook for social and cultural scholarly research on the Web that seeks to move Internet research beyond the study of online culture. It is not a toolkit for Internet research, or operating instructions for a software package; it deals wi

  12. Characterization methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glass, J.T. [North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh (United States)


    Methods discussed in this compilation of notes and diagrams are Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and other surface analysis techniques (auger electron spectroscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy, and scanning tunnelling microscopy). A comparative evaluation of different techniques is performed. In-vacuo and in-situ analyses are described.

  13. Radiofluorination method

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A method of conducting radiofluorination of a substrate, comprising the steps of: (a) contacting an aqueous solution of [18F] fluoride with a polymer supported phosphazene base for sufficient time for trapping of [18F] fluoride on the polymer supported phosphazene base; and (b) contacting...

  14. Contraceptive Methods. (United States)

    Colquitt, Charlie W; Martin, Tonya S


    The prevention of pregnancy remains an important part of the practice of medicine. Contraception can occur at a number of points in the basic reproductive biological process and through a number of contraceptive product options. Pharmacists are health care providers appropriately positioned to assist patients in suitable contraceptive product selection based on their personal situations and lifestyles. This article provides an overview of available products for prevention of pregnancy and associated risks and benefits. Contraceptive products are categorized by their hormonal content and method of action. Hormonal options include oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive patch, implants, injection, intravaginal, and intrauterine devices. Barrier products prevent pregnancy by creating a physical obstacle to the successful fertilization of an egg by sperm. All products and methods are associated with benefits and potential complications that must be considered as patients, and health care providers select the most satisfactory option.

  15. Numerical methods

    CERN Document Server

    Dahlquist, Germund


    ""Substantial, detailed and rigorous . . . readers for whom the book is intended are admirably served."" - MathSciNet (Mathematical Reviews on the Web), American Mathematical Society.Practical text strikes fine balance between students' requirements for theoretical treatment and needs of practitioners, with best methods for large- and small-scale computing. Prerequisites are minimal (calculus, linear algebra, and preferably some acquaintance with computer programming). Text includes many worked examples, problems, and an extensive bibliography.

  16. Developpement d'un compresseur d'hydrogene base sur le cyclage thermique des hydrures metalliques (United States)

    Laurencelle, Francois

    seul hydrure et en choisissant une temperature plus elevee pour la desorption (150°C). Un hydrure ABS (LaNi4.8Sn0.2) a ete soumis a 1000 cycles d'hydrogenation (article II). Sa structure et ses performances thermodynamiques et cinetiques ont ete mesurees avant et apres le cyclage. La capacite d'absorption a diminue de 0.02 H-pds%. Les particules d'hydrure ont diminue de taille sans changement apparent de leur structure cristalline. Le maintien des performances de cet hydrure apres cyclage en fait un excellent materiau pour les applications thermodynamiques. Nous avons effectue des simulations du reacteur d'hydrures utilise dans le compresseur. Celui-ci comporte une mousse d'aluminium qui est modelisee sous forme d'une cavite spherique (article III). Les performances modelisees sont comparables aux mesures obtenues et ce modele devient donc un outil de developpement pour de nouveaux reservoirs. D'apres cette etude, notre reacteur fonctionne de maniere optimale. Les performances du compresseur (chapitre 5) dependent des choix des temperatures et pressions a l'entree et a la sortie. La duree d'un cycle permettant l'absorption de la pleine capacite des materiaux est de ˜20 min mais en diminuant cette duree a <10 minutes un debit plus eleve 15-20 L/heure peut etre obtenu au detriment de l'efficacite. Le compresseur construit fonctionne bien mais il comporte des limitations clairement identifiees: pertes de chaleur dans la tuyauterie et les fixations des reacteurs. Le rejet thermique d'un electrolyseur est suffisant pour comprimer l'hydrogene qu'il produit d'un facteur 20:1 avec un compresseur a hydrure.

  17. Kinetics of catalytic reforming with Pt-Sn catalyst; Modelisation cinetique du reformage catalytique sur catalyseur Pt-Sn/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cochegrue, H.


    Catalytic Reforming is one of the key processes for petrol refining as it produces gasoline with a high octane number and it is a main source of hydrogen. Refiners are asking for more accurate models in order to optimise their plants. An innovative methodology called 'Single Events' is very different from the classical empirical models because it takes into account the various reaction intermediates and reaction pathways. Some hypotheses based on the relative stability of the carbo-cations allow to get a small number of parameters, which are independent of the composition of the feedstock used. The main target of this work was to apply this methodology to the Catalytic Reforming. The single event network had to be first reduced to a late lumped reaction scheme, which incorporates the detailed knowledge of the elementary network while the intermediates and the reaction pathways are reduced: it can be applied now to naphtha feedstock, although the detailed composition is not yet well known. A pilot unit of Catalytic Reforming, which is representative of the industrial processes, was first designed for the kinetic experiments. Experiments with technical heptane were conducted with a fresh catalyst, which was cocked first, and with a used catalyst from a refinery plant. This latter was difficult to use because of its fast deactivation. However, the results obtained allowed to study the influence of the experimental parameters and of the poisoning by iron, and to estimate some of the main kinetic parameters of the model. (author)

  18. Time extrapolation of radiolytic degradation product kinetics: the case of polyurethane; Extrapolation dans le temps des cinetiques de production des produits de degradation radiolytique: application a un polyurethane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dannoux, A


    The prediction of the environmental impact of organic materials in nuclear waste geological storage needs knowledge of radiolytic degradation mechanisms and kinetics in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. In this framework, the effect of high doses (> MGy) and the variation of dose rate have to be considered. The material studied is a polyurethane composed of polyether soft segment and aromatic hard segments. Mechanisms were built on the analysis of material submitted to irradiations of simulation (high energy electrons and gamma radiation) by FTIR spectroscopy and gaseous and liquid degradation products by gas mass spectrometry and size exclusion chromatography. The electron paramagnetic resonance study of radical process and the determination of oxygen consumption and gas formation radiolytic yields allowed us to acquire kinetic data and to estimate dose rate and high doses effects. The polyurethane radio-oxidation mainly concerns soft segments and induced cross-linkings and production by scissions of oxidised compounds (esters, alcohols, carboxylic acids). The kinetic of radical termination is rapid and the dose rate effect is limited. After 10 MGy, branching and scission reactions are in equilibrium and low molecular weight products accumulate. At last, the degradation products release in water is influenced by the oxidation rate and the temperature. After 10 MGy, the soluble fraction is stabilised at 25%. The water soluble products identified by electro-spray ionisation mass spectrometry (alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids) potentially formed complexes with radionuclides. (author)

  19. Supporting interpretation of dynamic simulation. Application to chemical kinetic models; Aides a l`interpretation de simulations dynamiques. Application aux modeles de cinetique chimique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Braunschweig, B.


    Numerous scientific and technical domains make constant use of dynamical simulations. Such simulators are put in the hands of a growing number of users. This phenomenon is due both to the extraordinary increase in computing performance, and to better graphical user interfaces which make simulation models easy to operate. But simulators are still computer programs which produce series of numbers from other series of numbers, even if they are displayed graphically. This thesis presents new interaction paradigms between a dynamical simulator and its user. The simulator produces a self-made interpretation of its results, thanks to a dedicated representation of its domain with objects. It shows dominant cyclic mechanisms identified by their instantaneous loop gain estimates, it uses a notion of episodes for splitting the simulation into homogeneous time intervals, and completes this by animations which rely on the graphical structure of the system. These new approaches are demonstrated with examples from chemical kinetics, because of the energic and exemplary characteristics of the encountered behaviors. They are implemented in the Spike software, Software Platform for Interactive Chemical Kinetics Experiments. Similar concepts are also shown in two other domains: interpretation of seismic wave propagation, and simulation of large projects. (author) 95 refs.

  20. Heterogeneous precipitation of niobium carbide in the ferrite by Monte Carlo simulations; Cinetique de precipitation heterogene du carbure de niobium dans la ferrite

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hin, C


    The precipitation of niobium carbides in industrial steels is commonly used to control the recrystallization process or the amount of interstitial atoms in solid solution. It is then important to understand the precipitation kinetics and especially the competition between homogeneous and heterogeneous precipitation, since both of them have been observed experimentally, depending on they alloy composition, microstructure and thermal treatments. We propose Monte Carlo simulations of NbC precipitation in {open_square}-iron, based on a simple atomic description of the main parameters which control the kinetic pathway: - Realistic diffusion properties, with a rapid diffusion of C atoms by interstitial jumps and a slower diffusion of Fe and Nb atoms by vacancy jumps; - A model of grain boundaries which reproduces the segregation properties of Nb and C; - A model of dislocation which interacts with solute atoms through local segregation energies and long range elastic field; - A point defect source which drives the vacancy concentration towards its equilibrium value. Depending on the precipitation conditions, Monte Carlo simulations predict different kinetic behaviors, including a transient precipitation of metastable carbides, an early segregation stage of C, wetting phenomena at grain boundaries and on dislocations and a competition between homogeneous and heterogeneous NbC precipitation. Concerning the last point, we highlight that long range elastic field due to dislocation favors clearly the heterogeneous precipitation on dislocations. To understand this effect, we have developed a heterogeneous nucleation model including the calculation of the local concentration of solute atoms around the dislocation, the change of the solubility limit relative to the solubility limit in bulk and the energy of precipitates in an elastic field. We have concluded that elastic field favors the heterogeneous precipitation through the fall in nucleation barrier. (author)

  1. Construction and validation of detailed kinetic models for the combustion of gasoline surrogates; Construction et validation de modeles cinetiques detailles pour la combustion de melanges modeles des essences

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Touchard, S.


    The irreversible reduction of oil resources, the CO{sub 2} emission control and the application of increasingly strict standards of pollutants emission lead the worldwide researchers to work to reduce the pollutants formation and to improve the engine yields, especially by using homogenous charge combustion of lean mixtures. The numerical simulation of fuel blends oxidation is an essential tool to study the influence of fuel formulation and motor conditions on auto-ignition and on pollutants emissions. The automatic generation helps to obtain detailed kinetic models, especially at low temperature, where the number of reactions quickly exceeds thousand. The main purpose of this study is the generation and the validation of detailed kinetic models for the oxidation of gasoline blends using the EXGAS software. This work has implied an improvement of computation rules for thermodynamic and kinetic data, those were validated by numerical simulation using CHEMKIN II softwares. A large part of this work has concerned the understanding of the low temperature oxidation chemistry of the C5 and larger alkenes. Low and high temperature mechanisms were proposed and validated for 1 pentene, 1-hexene, the binary mixtures containing 1 hexene/iso octane, 1 hexene/toluene, iso octane/toluene and the ternary mixture of 1 hexene/toluene/iso octane. Simulations were also done for propene, 1-butene and iso-octane with former models including the modifications proposed in this PhD work. If the generated models allowed us to simulate with a good agreement the auto-ignition delays of the studied molecules and blends, some uncertainties still remains for some reaction paths leading to the formation of cyclic products in the case of alkenes oxidation at low temperature. It would be also interesting to carry on this work for combustion models of gasoline blends at low temperature. (author)

  2. Kinetic modelling of hydro-treatment reactions by study of different chemical groups; Modelisation cinetique des reactions d`hydrotraitement par regroupement en familles chimiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonnardot, J.


    Hydro-treatment of petroleum shortcuts permits elimination of unwanted components in order to increase combustion in engine and to decrease atmospheric pollution. Hydro-desulfurization (HDS), Hydro-denitrogenation (HDN) and Hydrogenation of aromatics (HDA) of a LCO (Light Cycle Oil)-Type gas oil have been studied using a new pilot at a fixed temperature with a NiMo/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst. A hydrodynamic study showed that reactions occurring in the up-flow fixed bed reactor that has been used during the experiments, were governed exclusively by chemical reaction rates and not by diffusion. Through detailed chemical analysis, height chemical groups have been considered: three aromatics groups, one sulfided group, one nitrogenized and NH{sub 3}, H{sub 2}S, H{sub 2}. Two Langmuir-Hinshelwood-type kinetic models with either one or two types of sites have been established. The model with two types of site - one site of hydrogenation and one site of hydrogenolysis - showed a better fit in the modeling of the experimental results. This model enables to forecast the influence of partial pressure of H{sub 2}S and partial pressure of H{sub 2} on hydro-treatment reactions of a LCO-type gas oil. (author) 119 refs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    sur la dégradation de IP a été également étudié. Les produits intermédiaires ont été identifiés par chromatographie liquide couplée à la spectrométrie de masse (LC-MS. Les produits principaux par ordre d'importance étaient les produits ortho- et méta hydroxylé et composés d'oxydation sur la chaînes urée qui mène au produit de la déméthylation

  4. Cinetique de precipitation de la phase γ' et son influence sur la limite d'elasticite d'un alliage Fe-Ni-Cr (United States)

    Tavassoli, A. A.; Pozarnik, F.


    La cinétique de précipitation et coalescence de la phase γ' dans l'alliage 800 — acier austénique contenant 33% de nickel, 20% de chrome et des faibles quantités de titane et d'aluminium — a été étudiée. Les résultats obtenus permettent d'établir une loi globale donnant la variation de la taille des particules de γ' en fonction de la température, de la durée de vieillissement et de la composition chimique de l'alliage. Cette loi est utilisée pour calculer la variation de la limite d'élasticité de l'alliage provoquée par la formation de la phase γ'. Les calculs sont basés sur les théories d'interaction de paires de dislocations (faiblement ou fortement couplées) avec des particules cohérentes, ordonnées dépourvues de contrainte: l'anisotropie de tension de ligne des dislocations est prise en compte ainsi que l'influence de la déformation induite par le 'défaut de compatibilité' (misfit). La variation de la limite d'élasticité ainsi calculée est comparée à celle obtenue expérimentalement et il est démontré que le survieillissement n'interviendra pas avant 2×10 5 h aux températures de service inférieures à 550°C.

  5. Kinetic transport in a magnetically confined and flux-constrained fusion plasma; Transport cinetique dans un plasma de fusion magnetique a flux force

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Darmet, G


    This work deals with the kinetic transport in a fusion plasma magnetically confined and flux-constrained. The author proposes a new interpretation of the dynamics of zonal flows. The model that has been studied is a gyrokinetic model reduced to the transport of trapped ions. The inter-change stability that is generated allows the study of the kinetic transport of trapped ions. This model has a threshold instability and can be simulated over a few tens confining time for either thermal bath constraint or flux constraint. For thermal baths constraint, the simulation shows a metastable state where zonal flows are prevailing while turbulence is non-existent. In the case of a flux-constraint, zonal flows appear and relax by exchanging energy with system's kinetic energy and turbulence energy. The competition between zonal flows and turbulence can be then simulated by a predator-prey model. 2 regimes can be featured out: an improved confining regime where zonal flows dominate transport and a turbulent regime where zonal flows and turbulent transport are of the same magnitude order. We show that flux as well as the Reynolds tensor play an important role in the dynamics of the zonal flows and that the gyrokinetic description is relevant for all plasma regions. (A.C.)

  6. Resistivity measurements using a direct current induction method (1963); Mesure de resistivite par la methode d'induction en courant continu (1963)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Delaplace, J.; Hillairet, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    'il n'est pas toujours possible d'obtenir. Au contraire, la methode d'induction en courant continu que nous utilisons ne necessite aucun contact et s'applique tres bien aux echantillons de section importante. L'echantillon est place dans un champ magnetique uniforme; au moment ou l'on supprime le champ, des courants de Foucault, qui tendent a s'opposer a la disparition du champ, apparaissent dans l'echantillon. La loi de decroissance du flux magnetique dans l'echantillon permet de determiner la resistivite du materiau. Cette methode a ete appliquee a des echantillons de diametre compris entre 1 et 30 mm dans le cas de metaux bons conducteurs. Elle donne une valeur locale de la resistivite et permet d'en deceler toute variation le long d'un echantillon. Les mesures peuvent etre effectuees a toute temperature comprise entre quelques degres Kelvin et 500 deg. C. Nous avons utilise la methode d'induction pour suivre la purification du beryllium par fusion de zone: il est en effet possible d'evaluer la purete d'un materiau par des mesures de resistivite. Nous avons determine la valeur de la resistivite le long de chaque barreau de fusion de zone et localise ainsi la partie la plus pure. Des mesures a haute temperature ont ete faites sur le carbure d'uranium et sur des alliages fer-aluminium. Cette methode constitue un moyen d'investigation interessant de la resistivite des materiaux massifs. Sa precision et sa rapidite sont adaptees aussi bien aux etudes fondamentales qu'au controle de fabrication. (auteurs)

  7. Dynamic method for the measurement of Young'S modulus. Application to nuclear graphites; Methode de mesure dynamique du module d'Young. Application aux graphites nucleaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pattou, F.; Trutt, J.C


    A dynamic method has been developed for measuring Young's modulus and the rigidity modulus using the 'Forster Elastomat'. The principle consists in the determination of the resonance frequencies of graphite samples submitted to transverse, longitudinal, and torsional vibrations. The first two modes of vibration make it possible to calculate the elasticity modulus or the Young's modulus E, the third mode makes possible the calculation of the rigidity modulus G. The relationships from which the moduli E and G are measured are given. A systematic study has been made of graphite samples produced by extrusion or compression and submitted afterwards to one or several impregnations with pitch. For graphites made from the same coke by the same method, a linear relationship has been found for Young's modulus as a function of the apparent density. For the same apparent density, graphites made from different starting materials have generally different Young's moduli that bear a relationship to the crystalline characteristics of the material. The measurements of the rigidity modulus C made on different graphites also show the influence of crystallite orientation. (authors) [French] Une methode de mesure dynamique du module d'Young et du module de rigidite du graphite utilisant 'l'Elastomat Forster' a ete mise au point. Le principe consiste a determiner les frequences de resonance d'echantillons de graphite soumis a des vibrations transversales, longitudinales et de torsion. Les deux premiers modes de vibration permettent de calculer le module d'elasticite ou module d'Young E, le troisieme mode de vibration permet de calculer le module de rigidite G. Apres avoir decrit la methode de mesure, on rappelle les relations qui permettent de calculer les modules E et G. L'etude systematique d'echantillons de graphite, fabriques par filage ou pressage et ayant subi eventuellement une ou plusieurs impregnations au

  8. Analysis and development of spatial hp-refinement methods for solving the neutron transport equation; Analyse et developpement de methodes de raffinement hp en espace pour l'equation de transport des neutrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fournier, D.


    comparaison de ces deux estimateurs est faite sur des benchmarks dont on connait la solution exacte grace a des methodes de solutions manufacturees. On peut ainsi analyser le comportement des estimateurs au regard de la regularite de la solution. Grace a cette etude, une strategie de raffinement hp utilisant ces deux estimateurs est proposee et comparee a d'autres methodes rencontrees dans la litterature. L'ensemble des comparaisons est realise tant sur des cas simplifies ou l'on connait la solution exacte que sur des cas realistes issus de la physique des reacteurs. Ces methodes adaptatives permettent de reduire considerablement l'empreinte memoire et le temps de calcul. Afin d'essayer d'ameliorer encore ces deux aspects, on propose d'utiliser des maillages differents par groupe d'energie. En effet, l'allure spatiale du flux etant tres dependante du domaine energetique, il n'y a a priori aucune raison d'utiliser la meme decomposition spatiale. Une telle approche nous oblige a modifier les estimateurs initiaux afin de prendre en compte le couplage entre les differentes energies. L'etude de ce couplage est realisee de maniere theorique et des solutions numeriques sont proposees puis testees

  9. Study of the A{sub 1}, A{sub 2} and of other mesonic states in {pi}{sup -}p interactions at 11 GeV/c; Etude des tripions A{sub 1}, A{sub 2} et d'autres complexes mesoniques produits dans les interactions {pi}{sup -}p a 11 GeV/c

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kochowski, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Study of the {pi}{sup -} p interactions with at least four bodies in the final states at 11 GeV/c, carried out in the 1.50 m british and in the 2 m CERN liquid hydrogen bubble chambers at the CERN proton synchrotron. One observes a production of the A{sub 1}{sup -} in the {rho}{sup 0} {pi}{sup -} decay mode, of the A{sub 2}{sup -} in the {rho}{sup 0} {pi}{sup -} and {eta} {pi}{sup -} modes, and of the A{sub 3}{sup -} in the dominant f{sup 0} {pi}{sup -} mode. For the {pi}{sup -} p {yields} p {pi}{sup +} {pi}{sup -} {pi}{sup -} reaction, we have checked the validity of the one pion exchange model, which allows the estimation of the background under the A enhancements produced in this reaction. A tentative determination of the J{sup P} quantum numbers for the A{sub 1} and A{sub 2} has been made. (author) [French] Etude des interactions {pi}{sup -} p a au moins quatre corps dans l'etat final, a 11 GeV/c, effectuee a l'aide des chambres a bulles britanniques de 1.50 m et de 2 m du CERN, exposees aupres du synchrotron a protons au CERN. On observe une production de A{sub 1}{sup -} dans le mode {rho}{sup 0} {pi}{sup -}, du A{sub 2} dans les modes {rho}{sup 0} {pi}{sup -} et {eta} {pi}{sup -}, et du A{sub 3}{sup -} dans le mode dominant f{sup 0} {pi}{sup -}. Le modele d'echange d'un pion dont on a mis a l'epreuve la validite pour la reaction {pi}{sup -} p {yields} p {pi}{sup +} {pi}{sup -} {pi}{sup -}, permet de rendre compte du fond present sous ces complexes formes dans la reaction a quatre corps. Une tentative de determination des nombres J{sup P} du A{sub 1} et du A{sub 2} a egalement ete faite. (auteur)

  10. Organisation of biological research carried out in the United States by the A.E.C. or under her contract (1960); Organisation des recherches biologiques menees aux Etats-Unis par l'A.E.C. ou sous son egide. Compte-rendu sommaire d'une mission d'etude (1960)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pellerin, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This report is based on information gathered in the course of a trip to the United States, in November and December 1958 which consisted chiefly of visits to the main biological and medical research laboratories and discussions with the heads of these establishments. A description is given of the general organisation of the Atomic Energy Commission's Division of Biology and Medicine, and of the distribution of responsibility for radiation protection work and for biological, medical and agricultural research amongst the various Services attached to it; this is followed by a more detailed account of the activities carried on in this field at the great national laboratories. Finally, the systems of collaboration set up with external research organisations in the form of research contracts are examined, together with the substantial help provided by the A.E.C. for biological, medical and agricultural research in general, owing to a systematic policy of subsidising the distribution of radioisotopes for this purpose. (author) [French] Le present rapport a ete etabli sur la base des renseignements recueillis au cours d'un voyage d'etude aux Etats-Unis, en novembre et decembre 1958, comportant notamment la visite des principaux laboratoires de recherche biologique et medicale et des entretiens avec les principaux responsables de ces laboratoires. Apres une description de l'organisation generale de la 'Division of Biology and Medicine' de l'Atomic Energy Commission et de la repartition entre les divers Services qui lui sont rattaches des responsabilites concernant la protection contre les radiations et la Recherche biologique, medicale et agronomique, des indications plus detaillees sont donnees au sujet des activites poursuivies dans ce domaine au sein des grands laboratoires nationaux. Sont examinees enfin, l'importance et les modalites de la collaboration instituee avec les Organismes de Recherche exterieurs sous la forme de

  11. Reconnaissance visuelle des émotions faciales au cours d'un trouble dépressif majeur de type mélancolie délirante


    Bridoux, A.; Granato, Ph.


    Resume Plusieurs etudes ont suggere que la perception d?expressions emotionnelles faciales etait variable selon la psychopathologie. L?objectif de cette etude est de mesurer les troubles de la reconnaissance des emotions faciales (RVEF) a l?aide de la Methode d?Analyse et de Recherche de l?Integration des Emotions (MARIE) chez une patiente atteinte d?une melancolie delirante en comparaison a un groupe controle. Durant la depression, la joie est l?emotion la pl...





    INTRODUCTION : la douleur neuropathique est un motif tres frequent en consultation generale et specialisee. Selon les etudes internationales 7 a 8 % de la population generale presenterait des douleurs neuropathiques d’intensite moderee a severe. Actuellement, la prise en charge therapeutique de ce type de douleurs repose principalement sur les antiepileptiques, les antidepresseurs et les antalgiques opioïdes. PATIENTS ET METHODES : notre etude a permis d’etudier la prise en charge therapeu...

  13. From the coupling between ion beam analysis techniques and physico-chemical characterization methods to the study of irradiation effects on materials behaviour; Du couplage des techniques d'analyse par faisceaux d'ions et des methodes de caracterisation physico-chimique a l'etude des effets d'irradiation sur le comportement des materiaux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Millard-Pinard, N


    The general purpose of my research work is to follow and to interpret the surface evolution of materials, which have received several treatments. During my PhD and my post-doc work, my field of research was tribology. Since I arrived in the 'Aval du Cycle Electronucleaire' group of the Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon, my research activities are in line with the CNRS program 'PACE ' (Programme sur l'Aval du Cycle Electronucleaire) within the ACTINET network. They are coordinated by the PARIS (Physico-chimie des actinides et autres radioelements en solution et aux interfaces) and NOMADE (NOuveaux MAteriaux pour les DEchets) GDR with ANDRA (Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Dechets RAdioactifs), EDF and IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire) as partner organisations. My work focused on the study of fission products and actinides migration in barrier materials, which may be capable of assuring the long term safety of deep geological repositories. Until now, it was necessary to use the coupling of ion beam analysis techniques and physico-chemical characterization techniques. During the last few months, I have became interested in understanding radiolytic effects. This new orientation has led us to use ion beams as an irradiating tool. These irradiation experiments are pursued in three major projects. The study of cobalt sulfide inhibition effects of radiolysis gas production during the irradiation of model organic molecules. This is a collaboration with the IRSN, the Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne. A PhD, co-directed by M. Pijolat from ENSMSE and myself, concerning this study will start in October 2003. Water radiolysis effects on iron corrosion are also studied in the particular case of vitrified nuclear waste containers, which will be stored in deep geological repositories. One ANDRA financed PhD, co-directed by Nathalie Moncoffre and myself, is dedicated to this study. The study of zirconolite lixiviation under irradiation, which has received the NOMADE GDR financial help, is a collaboration with the Sciences Analytiques UMR (UCBL), the Service Centrale du CNRS (Solaize) and the C.E.A. (Valhro). (author)

  14. A study on atomic skips in AlFeCu perfect quasicrystals: application of the isotopic substitution method in neutron diffusion; Etude des sauts atomiques dans les quasicristaux parfaits AlFeCu: une application de la methode de substitution isotopique dans la diffusion des neutrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coddens, G. [Laboratoire Leon Brillouin (LLB) - Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Soulie, E. [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. de Recherche sur l`Etat Condense, les Atomes et les Molecules


    In order to better understand the crystal structure and the atomic skip or phason in quasi-crystals, three samples of the AlFeCu ternary alloy have been experimentally studied: Al{sub 62}Cu{sub 25.5}Fe{sub 12.5} (perfect sample), Al{sub 63}Cu{sub 24.5}Fe{sub 12.5} (non-perfect sample), Al{sub 50}Cu{sub 25}Fe{sub 25} (beta phase). Quasielastic neutron scattering variations with temperature and Q were recorded and signals have been enhanced through the use of isotope labelled samples. 4 figs., 2 tabs., 19 refs.

  15. Study of ultrasonic non destructive testing methods adapted to the sizing and the characterization of defects located in low thickness materials: analysis of the corner effect; Etude de methodes ultrasonores adaptees au dimensionnement et a la caracterisation des defauts dans des structures de faibles epaisseurs: analyse de l`effet de coin