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  1. Concrete loading column for Maureen field built at Loch Kishorn

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The first concrete-built loading column for a North Sea oilfield left the Kyle of Lochalsh under tow on August 18, bound for the Phillips Petroleum Group's Maureen field 163 miles (262 km) eastnortheast of Aberdeen. The 10,000 tonne gravity structure is 430ft (131m) tall and will have cost pounds29 million by the time it is installed offshore. Before starting its 20-day tow behind the tug ''Les Abeilles'', the offshore tankerloading column recently underwent the complex final stages in its construction, involving tow-out from drydock of two concrete sections, their joining by an articulated or hinged joint and then the structure's uprighting in deep water for the fitting of a rotating steel head. The concrete articulated loading column is one of several innovations in the Maureen development programme. The operator, Phillips Petroleum United Kingdom Ltd., and its co-venturers considered that some new approaches were necessary in view of the relatively small size of Maureen's recoverable oil reserves and hence the field's marginal development economics. These innovations included drilling the development wells by semisubmersible drilling rig through a subsea template while the production platform is being built on shore (with a fully completed deck section). Production will commence as soon as the wells are tied back from the subsea template to the platform.

  2. The Grasso 5HP as a heat pump compressor for a dairy industry; De Grasso 5HP als warmtepompcompressor voor melkfabriek

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vermeer, H.; Gerritsen, J.; Unsworth, R. [Gea Grenco, Den Bosch (Netherlands)


    GEA Refrigeration has supplied a new cooling system with an additional stage heat pump to the milk factory Robert Wiseman for the pasteurisation of milk. The required condensation temperature of the additional stage heat pump is around 80C. The Grasso 5HP reciprocating compressor has a favorable energy consumption and can be used for this application. The limitation of this compressor, however, sets requirements to the design of the installation. [Dutch] Gea Refrigeration heeft een nieuwe koelinstallatie met extratrapwarmtepomp geleverd aan zuivelbedrijf Robert Wiseman ten behoeve van pasteuriseren van melk. De hiervoor benodigde condensatietemperatuur van de extratrapwarmtepomp bedraagt ongeveer 80C. De Grasso 5HP hogedrukzuigercompressor heeft een gunstig energiegebruik en kan voor deze toepassing ingezet worden. De begrenzing van het toepassingsgebied van deze compressor stelt echter eisen aan het ontwerp van de installatie.

  3. Women Deans: Leadership Becoming (United States)

    Isaac, Carol A.; Behar-Horenstein, Linda S.; Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka


    The term "leadership" metaphorically embodies a gendered hierarchy of labour. In this study women deans' values were found to be incongruent with the masculine discourse creating inner conflicts and alternative discourses. Data collected from 10 women deans from both male-dominated and female-dominated colleges were used to deconstruct leadership…

  4. Tacita Dean - Print Projects

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vibolt Knudsen, Vibeke

    Teksten beskæftiger sig primært med Tacita Deans grafiske værk. Den indkredser forholdet mellem billedets autonomi på den ene side og på den anden side Deans konstante kredsen om fortælling og erindring, fiktion og realitet - forhold, som udfoldes serielt nærmest som et filmisk story board. Hun f...

  5. Brief: Refloating Maureen platform for reuse in waters away from the North Sea

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tilling, G.M.


    The Maureen platform in the U.K. sector of the North Sea is refloatable by virtue of being a steel, gravity-base structure with large oil storage tanks as legs. The fields producing into the Maureen platform will soon be depleted, and plans are to decommission the platform from its present location. The attractive disposal options all involve refloating the platform as a first step. Of these, reuse of the facility is potentially the most attractive. Once afloat, the platform becomes a towable 110,000-tonne vessel available for use in areas of the world away from the North Sea, with location determined by environmental conditions and water depth. The bulk of the weight (92,000 tonnes) is in the jacket structure; topsides weight is 18,000 tonnes. Subject to detailed tow-route and naval-stability calculations, moving the structure long distances appears to be feasible. This paper discusses the refloating and marine stability of the Maureen oil platform as a vessel under tow. Development and maintenance aspects are presented

  6. The dean as spiritual leader. (United States)

    Evans, C


    These are hard times for medical school deans--high turnover among deans, the fiscal distress of many medical schools, the gap between what deans expect the job will be and what is required of them, the stark differences between what the job of dean is today and what it was in the past, and the threats to the academic missions of education and research. Using stories, anecdotes, and parables, the authors illustrates how these very difficulties might be an opportunity to rethink the role of deans and to re-examine the attributes and skills required of successful deans today. The ultimate goals of medical education have not changed, but the drastic nature of the changes taking place all around, and within, medical education make it more critical than ever to keep in mind what is really important. Deans must be exquisitely attuned to what is really important and they must make sure that the academic medical community never loses sight of what that is. To do that, deans must be deeply rooted personally in the enduring values and commitments that inform medicine as a profession and a vocation and in the fundamental values of medical education and scholarship; they must personify and embody these values; and they must remind us of these values and inspire us to embrace them and be guided by them. This is the sense in which deans must be "spiritual" leaders--that is, through their personal example, they must rekindle and engage the spirit of those working on behalf of the academic mission. While the need for fiscal expertise, management skills, and diplomatic and interpersonal skills in deans is widely acknowledged, the need for sensitivity to the spiritual dimensions of the work of deans has not received the attention it deserves.

  7. Tom Brown appointed Dean of Students


    Williams, Meghan


    James Thomas "Tom" Brown, former senior associate dean of the Dean of Students office, has been appointed as the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students office is responsible for the coordination of student advocacy, new student orientation and parent programs, and responding to student emergencies in collaboration with Judicial Affairs, Residence Life, Cook Counseling Center, Schiffert Health Center, and other departments and agencies.

  8. Board and Deans of Amsterdam University, Netherlands

    CERN Document Server

    Patrice Loïez


    L. to r.: Dr Thomas Taylor, CERN IT Deputy Division Leader; Prof. Dymph C. van den Boom, Dean Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Professor in Empirical Thoretical Pedagogy; Prof. Jos Engelen, NIKHEF/University of Amsterdam, Dutch Delegate to the Scientific Policy Committee and Chairman of the LHC Committee; Prof. Jacob van der Gaag, Dean Faculty of Economic Science and Econometry, Professor in Developmenteconomy;Mr Jan van der Boon, CERN Director of Admnistration; Prof. Jan Robert Bausch, Dean Faculty of Dental Medicine, Professor in general Dentistry; Dr Sijbolt J. Noorda, President of the Board of the University of Amsterdam.

  9. The state of the art in evaluating the performance of assistant and associate deans as seen by deans and assistant and associate deans. (United States)

    Dunning, David G; Durham, Timothy M; Aksu, Mert N; Lange, Brian M


    This study explores the little-understood process of evaluating the performance of assistant and associate deans at dental colleges in the United States and Canada. Specifically, this research aimed to identify the methods, processes, and outcomes related to the performance appraisals of assistant/associate deans. Both deans and assistant/associate deans were surveyed. Forty-four of sixty-six deans (66.7 percent) and 227 of 315 assistant/associate deans (72.1 percent) completed surveys with both close-ended and open-ended questions. In addition, ten individuals from each group were interviewed. Results indicate that 75-89 percent of assistant/associate deans are formally evaluated, although as many as 27 percent may lack formal job descriptions. Some recommended best practices for performance appraisal are being used in a majority of colleges. Examples of these best practices are having at least yearly appraisals, holding face-to-face meetings, and setting specific, personal performance objectives/benchmarks for assistant/associate deans. Still, there is much room to improve appraisals by incorporating other recommended practices. Relatively high levels of overall satisfaction were reported by both assistant/associate deans and deans for the process and outcomes of appraisals. Assistant/associate deans rated the value of appraisals to overall development lower than did deans. Qualitative data revealed definite opinions about what constitutes effective and ineffective appraisals, including the use of goal-setting, timeliness, and necessary commitment. Several critical issues related to the results are discussed: differences in perspectives on performance reviews, the importance of informal feedback and job descriptions, the influence of an assistant/associate deans' lack of tenure, and the length of service of deans. Lastly, recommendations for enhancing performance evaluations are offered.

  10. Proceedings, Dean's Day 1999

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zanner, M.A.


    On January 14--15, 1999, Sandia National Laboratories sponsored Deans Day, a conference for the Deans of Engineering and other executive-level representatives from 29 invited universities. Through breakout sessions and a wrap-up discussion, university and Sandia participants identified activities to further develop their strategic relationships. The four primary activities are: (A) concentrate joint efforts on current and future research strengths and needs; (B) attract the best students (at all grade levels) to science and engineering; (C) promote awareness of the need for and work together to influence a national science and technology R and D policy; and (D) enable the universities and Sandia to be true allies, jointly pursuing research opportunities and funding from government agencies and industry.

  11. What a medical school chair wants from the dean

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hromas R


    Full Text Available Robert Hromas,1 Robert Leverence,1 Lazarus K Mramba,2 J Larry Jameson,3 Caryn Lerman,3 Thomas L Schwenk,4 Ellen M Zimmermann,2 Michael L Good51The Office of the Dean, Department of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA; 2Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida Health, Gainesville, FL, USA; 3Department of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA; 4Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Nevada Reno, Reno, NV, USA; 5Department of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine, University of Florida Health, Gainesville, FL, USAAbstract: Economic pressure has led the evolution of the role of the medical school dean from a clinician educator to a health care system executive. In addition, other dynamic requirements also have likely led to changes in their leadership characteristics. The most important relationship a dean has is with the chairs, yet in the context of the dean’s changing role, little attention has been paid to this relationship. To frame this discussion, we asked medical school chairs what characteristics of a dean’s leadership were most beneficial. We distributed a 26-question survey to 885 clinical and basic science chairs at 41 medical schools. These chairs were confidentially surveyed on their views of six leadership areas: evaluation, barriers to productivity, communication, accountability, crisis management, and organizational values. Of the 491 chairs who responded (response rate =55%, 88% thought that their dean was effective at leading the organization, and 89% enjoyed working with their dean. Chairs indicated that the most important area of expertise of a dean is to define a strategic vision, and the most important value for a dean is integrity between words and deeds. Explaining the reasons behind decisions, providing good feedback, admitting errors, open discussion of complex or

  12. Work and Life Balance: Community College Occupational Deans (United States)

    Bailey, Jean M.


    This article focuses on work and life balance from a community college occupational dean perspective. It addresses definitions and concepts of work life and the nature of the role of occupational dean. The themes from this study include the use of time both at work and away from work, work/life crossover, perception of work/life, and work/life…

  13. The Way Deans Run Their Faculties in Indonesian Universities (United States)

    Ngo, Jenny; de Boer, Harry; Enders, Jurgen


    Using the theory of reasoned action in combination with the Competing Values Framework of organizational leadership, our study examines how deans at Indonesian universities lead and manage their faculties. Based on a large-scale survey with responses from more than 200 Indonesian deans, the study empirically identifies a number of deanship styles:…

  14. Numerical investigation of Dean vortices in a curved pipe (United States)

    Bernad, S. I.; Totorean, A.; Bosioc, A.; Stanciu, R.; Bernad, E. S.


    This study is devoted to the three-dimensional numerical simulation of developing secondary flows of Newtonian fluid through a curved circular duct. The numerical simulations produced for different Dean numbers show clearly the presence of two steady Dean vortices. Therefore, results confirm that helical flow constitutes an important flow signature in vessels, and its strength as a fluid dynamic index.

  15. Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Deans of Schools of Nursing. (United States)

    Lamborn, Marilyn L.


    Responses from 335 of 595 deans of nursing schools found monetary remunerations and benefits related to job satisfaction and motivation. Long tenure in prestigious universities was also significant. Motivation and job satisfaction were significantly interrelated. (SK)

  16. Qualities of the medical school dean: insights from the literature. (United States)

    Rich, Eugene C; Magrane, Diane; Kirch, Darrell G


    To review the literature and resources for professional development of medical school executives in order to identify the characteristics proposed as relevant to medical school deanship. In 2006, the authors conducted a PubMed search using the key words leadership, dean, medical school, and academic medical center to identify relevant publications since 1995. Articles were excluded that that did not address the roles and responsibilities of the North American medical school dean. Articles gleaned through review of materials from relevant executive development programs and interviews with leaders involved in these programs were added. Both management skills (e.g., institutional assessment, strategic planning, financial stewardship, recruitment and retention of talent) and leadership skills (e.g., visioning, maximizing values, building constituency) are commonly cited as important deans of contemporary medical schools. Key content knowledge (e.g., academic medical center governance, expectations of clinicians and scientists, process of medical education) and certain attitudes (e.g., commitment to the success of others, appreciation of institutional culture) are also noted to be valuable qualities for medical school deans. The literature review identifies a number of areas of knowledge and skill consistently affirmed by scholars as important to success for medical school deans. These characteristics can provide a basic foundation for needs assessment and professional development activities of academic medical executives preparing for and entering medical school deanships, and they can also provide insight to those charged with selecting their next dean.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oleksandr A. Shcherbyna


    Full Text Available The introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT allows to more effectively and efficiently solve planning and organization tasks, as well as implementation and monitoring of educational process, which are usually handled by the dean's office. The article shows how the functions of electronic dean's office can be implemented in Moodle learning management system using public plugins. In particular, the methods for collection, processing and generalization of operational information about students’ performance are considered. A method of students’ enrollment is offered. The method uses the meta courses and cohorts mechanisms, which allow significantly reduce the amount of work for site administration.

  18. The Creative Path: An Interview with Dean Keith Simonton (United States)

    Henshon, Suzanna E.


    Dean Keith Simonton received his PhD from Harvard University and is currently Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis. His research program concentrates on the cognitive, personality, developmental, and sociocultural factors behind exceptional creativity, leadership, genius, and talent. In this interview,…

  19. Intellectual Freedom in Academic Libraries: Surveying Deans about Its Significance (United States)

    Oltmann, Shannon M.


    In this study, deans and directors of academic libraries were surveyed about intellectual freedom. The survey found that most respondents said they rarely think about intellectual freedom yet said it was "somewhat" or "very" important in their libraries. Most did not have formal intellectual freedom policies; they often relied…

  20. Deans in German Universities: Goal Acceptance and Task Characteristics (United States)

    Scholkmann, Antonia


    This paper presents an empirical study which explored how deans at German universities accept their new role as manager, and which factors influence the acceptance of this role. Within a framework referring to Locke and Latham's goal setting theory, the acceptance of operative goals implemented in the faculties served as an indicator of how well…

  1. Accelerating medical education: a survey of deans and program directors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan Cangiarella


    Full Text Available Background: A handful of medical schools in the U.S. are awarding medical degrees after three years. While the number of three-year pathway programs is slowly increasing there is little data on the opinions of medical education leaders on the need for shortening training. Purpose: To survey deans and program directors (PDs to understand the current status of 3-year medical degree programs and to elicit perceptions of the need for shortening medical school and the benefits and liabilities of 3-year pathway programs (3YPP. Methods: Online surveys were emailed to the academic deans of all U.S. medical schools and to a convenience sample of residency and fellowship PDs. Frequency distributions are reported for key survey items and content analysis was used to describe open-ended responses. Results: Of the respondents, 7% have a 3YPP, 4% were developing one, and 35% were considering development. In 2014, 47% of educational deans and 32% of PDs agreed that there may be a need to shorten medical school. From a list of benefits, both deans and PDs agreed that the greatest benefit to a 3YPP was debt reduction (68%. PDs and deans felt reduced readiness for independence, reduced exposure to complementary curricula regarding safety and quality improvement, premature commitment to a specialty, and burnout were all potential liabilities. From a list of concerns, PDs were concerned about depth of clinical exposure, direct patient care experience, ability to assume increased responsibility, level of maturity, and certainty regarding career choice. Conclusions: Over one-third of medical schools are considering the development of a 3YPP. While there may be benefits for a select group of students, concerns regarding maturity, depth of clinical exposure, and competency must be addressed for these programs to be well received.

  2. Leadership styles of business school deans and their perceived effectiveness


    Hassan, Ahlam Ali


    This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of philosophy and awarded by Brunel University Leadership as a concept has been an area of significance for several decades. While the contribution of research to leadership concept in the industry has been substantial the same cannot be claimed with regard to the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). There is a paucity of research studies in the context of HEIs, particularly in regard to business schools. Deans of business schools were...

  3. Leadership Orientations and Conflict Management Styles of Academic Deans in Masters Degree Institutions (United States)

    Kimencu, Linda


    Previous research suggests that academic deans follow the human relations and structural perspectives in conflict management (Feltner & Goodsell, 1972). However, the position of an academic dean has been described to have undertones that are more political and social than hierarchical and technical. Hence, the current study evaluated the role of…

  4. The Role of Academic Deans as Entrepreneurial Leaders in Higher Education Institutions (United States)

    Cleverley-Thompson, Shannon


    To help address enrollment and financial challenges institutions of higher learning may benefit by having a better understanding of entrepreneurial leadership orientations, or skills, of academic deans. This study revealed several significant correlations between the self-reported entrepreneurial orientations of academic deans in upstate New York,…

  5. Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction: The EQ Relationship for Deans of U.S. Business Schools (United States)

    Coco, Charles M.


    The main purpose of this study was to determine if a positive relationship existed between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction for deans of business schools. A secondary purpose was to determine which Emotional Quotient (EQ) competencies were most important for satisfied deans and how these competencies assisted processes related to…

  6. Lodestar of the Faculty: The Increasingly Important Role of Dean of Faculty (United States)

    Zilian, Fred


    In the tight budget atmosphere of recent years, schools may have chosen to do without a dean of faculty or, at best, to double- hat another middle manager with this responsibility. This is a mistake. That all private schools do not have a dedicated dean of faculty suggests a lack of emphasis on the very component of the school--the faculty--that…

  7. The Interconnections Between Job Satisfaction and Work-Related Stress in Academic Deans. (United States)

    Wolverton, Mimi; Wolverton, Marvin L.; Gmelch, Walter H.

    This study examined the interrelationships between stress, job satisfaction, and other exogenous influences among academic deans at American colleges and universities. A total of 579 deans from a sample of 360 colleges and universities responded to a mailed survey, which included the Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity Questionnaire (Rizzo et al.,…

  8. How Six Women Deans of Agriculture Have Attained Their Leadership Role: A Qualitative Study (United States)

    Kleihauer, Sarah; Stephens, Carrie; Hart, William E.; Stripling, Christopher T.


    There is a disproportionate ratio of men to women in leadership roles in higher education and agriculture. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the lives of women deans in agriculture in an attempt to conceptualize the leadership styles they have developed as a result of their positions as deans in a predominantly male field. Six…

  9. A 20-year perspective on preparation strategies and career planning of pharmacy deans. (United States)

    Draugalis, JoLaine Reierson; Plaza, Cecilia M


    To provide a longitudinal description of the variety of career paths and preparation strategies of pharmacy deans. A descriptive cross-sectional study design using survey research methodology was used. Chief executive officer (CEO) deans at every full and associate member institution of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) in the United States as of May 1, 2009, were potential subjects. The database housed 90.3% (N = 93) of all current (excluding interim/acting) CEO deans. Of the 4 cohorts across time (1991, 1996, 2002, and 2009 snapshots), the 2009 cohort had the highest percentage of deans following either the hierarchical or nontraditional career paths. Deans named since 2002 have spent less time collectively in the professoriate than cohorts before them. One reason for this is the increase in the number of deans that followed nontraditional career paths and who spent little or no time in the professoriate prior to their first deanship. This also could be due to the increased demand for individuals to serve as dean due to retirements and the creation of new institutions.

  10. The West Dean Archaeological Project: research and teaching in the Sussex Downs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bill Sillar


    Full Text Available Since 2005/2006 West Dean College and the associated West Dean Estate in West Sussex have provided the home for practical training of Institute of Archaeology students, for both the initiation ritual of the Experimental Archaeology Course (“Prim Tech” and for the field training courses undertaken at the end of the first year. It is also the location of a long-term research project, aimed at understanding human occupation and land use in this part of the South Downs from prehistory to the present day. In this article the authors describe the first two years of activity of the West Dean Archaeological Project.

  11. The South Pacific in the works of Robert Dean Frisbie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nataša Potočnik


    In Tahiti he had ambitious writing plans but after four years of living in Tahiti, he left his plantation and sailed to the Cook Islands. He spent the rest of his life in the Cook Islands and married a local girl Ngatokorua. His new happiness gave him the inspiration to write. 29 sketches appeared in the United States in 1929, collected by The Century Company under the title of The Book of Puka-Puka. His second book My Tahiti, a book of memories, was published in 1937. After the death of Ropati 's beloved wife his goals were to bring up his children. But by this time Frisbie was seriously ill. The family left Puka-Puka and settled down on the uninhabited atoll of Suwarrow. Later on they lived on Rarotonga and Samoa where Frisbie was medically treated. Robert Dean Frisbie died of tetanus in Rarotonga on November 18, 1948. Frisbie wrote in a vivid, graceful style. His characters and particularly the atoll of Puka-Puka are memorably depicted. Gifted with a feeling for language and a sense of humor, he was able to capture on paper the charm, beauty, and serenity of life of the small islands in the South Pacific without exaggerating the stereotypical idyllic context and as such Frisbie's contribution to South Pacific literature went far deeper than that of many writers who have passed through the Pacific and wrote about their experiences. Frisbie's first book The Book of Puka-Puka was published in New York in 1929. It is the most endearing and the most original of his works. It was written during his lifetime on the atoll Puka-Puka in the Cook Islands. It is a collection of 29 short stories, episodic and expressively narrative in style. This is an account of life on Puka-Puka that criticizes European and American commercialism and aggressiveness, and presents the themes of the praise of isolation, the castigation of missionaries, and the commendation of Polynesian economic collectivism and sexual freedom. At the same time, the book presents a portrait of Frisbie himself

  12. Knox named Phoenix associate dean of faculty affairs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix has announced the appointment of nationally recognized physician-scientist Kenneth S. Knox, MD, as the associate dean of faculty affairs. Dr. Knox who has been at the University of Arizona-Tucson since 2008, will oversee the Faculty Affairs Office whose charge is to promote an engaged, diverse community of faculty and scholars that sustain a culture of engagement, professionalism and inclusion. He also will serve as director of research at the Banner Lung Institute. Dr. Knox is a pulmonologist known for his research in sarcoidosis, fungal diagnostics and immunologic lung disease. His work includes developing treatments for HIV, AIDS and valley fever. The division chief of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine in Tucson, Knox was responsible for dramatic growth. His accomplishments include increasing the number of clinical and basic science faculty from five to 30 and fellowship trainings from six to 20, rekindling …

  13. Women deans' perceptions of the gender gap in American medical deanships. (United States)

    Humberstone, Elizabeth


    : Women account for 16% of deans of American medical schools. To investigate this gender gap, female deans were interviewed about the barriers facing women advancing toward deanships. The author conducted semi-structured interviews with eight women deans. Interviews were analyzed using provisional coding and sub coding techniques. Four main themes emerged during the interviews: (1) the role of relationships in personal and career development, (2) leadership challenges, (3) barriers between women and leadership advancement, and (4) recommendations for improvement. Recommendations included allocating resources, mentorship, career flexibility, faculty development, updating the criteria for deanships, and restructuring search committees. The barriers identified by the deans are similar to those found in previous studies on female faculty and department chairs, suggesting limited improvement in gender equity progress.

  14. Dean C. Bennett d/b/a Affordable Tuckpointing Information Sheet (United States)

    Dean C. Bennett d/b/a Affordable Tuckpointing (the Company) is located in Arnold, Missouri. The Complaint involves renovation activities conducted at property constructed prior to 1978, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

  15. Welcoming speech from Dean Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UMP (United States)

    Taha, Zahari


    In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. It is with great pleasure that I welcome the participants of the International Conference of Mechanical Engineering Research 2011. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said 'Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people.' (Al Tirmidhi). The quest for knowledge has been from the beginning of time but knowledge only becomes valuable when it is disseminated and applied to benefit humankind. It is hoped that ICMER 2011 will be a platform to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge in mechanical engineering. Academicians, Scientist, Researchers and practitioners of mechanical engineering will be able to share and discuss new findings and applications of mechanical engineering. It is envisaged that the intellectual discourse will result in future collaborations between universities, research institutions and industry both locally and internationally. In particular it is expected that focus will be given to issues on environmental and energy sustainability. Researchers in the mechanical engineering faculty at UMP have a keen interest in technology to harness energy from the ocean. Lowering vehicle emissions has been a primary goal of researchers in the mechanical engineering faculty and the automotive engineering centre as well including developing vehicles using alternative fuels such as biodiesel and renewable sources such as solar driven electric vehicles. Finally I would like to congratulate the organizing committee for their tremendous efforts in organizing the conference. As I wrote this in the Holy Land of Makkah, I pray to Allah swt that the conference will be a success. Prof. Dr. Zahari Taha CEng, MIED, FASc Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Universiti Malaysia Pahang

  16. The College Dean, or, It's Difficult to Save Your Sanity When You're the Peanut Butter in a Peanut Butter Sandwich (United States)

    Meyers, Richard S.


    Changing conditions dictate an active rather than passive role for college deans. Instructional technology can be an effective tool in the dean's active search for information to enable him to effect change in curriculum and instruction. (NHM)

  17. Leading Schools of Education in the Context of Academic Capitalism: Deans' Responses to State Policy Changes (United States)

    McClure, Kevin R.; Teitelbaum, Kenneth


    State education policy changes have contributed to a reduced interest in teaching and a decreased enrollment in education degree programs in North Carolina, USA. Pressure to cut budgets and generate revenue has added to a climate of academic capitalism influencing the ways in which deans lead schools of education. The purpose of this mixed-methods…

  18. Academic Libraries and High-Impact Practices for Student Retention: Library Deans' Perspectives (United States)

    Murray, Adam


    Numerous studies on retention have highlighted the role of student engagement in influencing students' withdrawal decisions. This study seeks to address how academic libraries affect student retention by examining the perception of academic library deans or directors on the alignment between library services and resources with ten nationally…

  19. The Philosopher and the Lecturer: John Dewey, Everett Dean Martin, and Reflective Thinking (United States)

    Day, Michael; Harbour, Clifford P.


    Adult education scholars have not yet examined the connections between the philosopher, John Dewey, and the lecturer on adult education, Everett Dean Martin. These scholars generally portray Dewey as indifferent to their field. However, Dewey's correspondence with a New York newspaper editor in 1928, recommending Martin's The Meaning of…

  20. Privatization of Public Universities: How the Budget System Affects the Decision-Making Strategy of Deans (United States)

    Volpatti, Mark Christopher


    In response to lower funding commitments, many public colleges and universities have elected to incorporate decentralized budgeting systems, one of which is Responsibility Center Management (RCM). As public institutions are becoming more dependent on tuition dollars because state appropriations are declining, deans have an increased responsibility…

  1. Balancing the educational choices in the decision-making of a dean ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The gap between theory and practice is, however, the nucleus of the position. Objectives. To describe insights into the educational forces that act on a dean of medicine and the implications for those who wish to bring about change – in this case, changes in the inclusion of public health in the medical curriculum. Methods.

  2. Interview with Dr. Charles Nolan: Dean of Admissions, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (United States)

    Helms, Robin Matross


    This article presents an interview with Dr. Charles Nolan, the former Dean of Admission at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, in Needham, Massachusetts. Chartered in 1997, Olin College has taken a new approach to undergraduate engineering education by providing its students with both a solid engineering background and knowledge in the…

  3. A repertoire of leadership attributes: an international study of deans of nursing. (United States)

    Wilkes, Lesley; Cross, Wendy; Jackson, Debra; Daly, John


    To determine which characteristics of academic leadership are perceived to be necessary for nursing deans to be successful. Effective leadership is essential for the continued growth of the discipline. A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with 30 deans (academics in universities who headed a nursing faculty and degree programmes) was conducted in three countries--Canada, England and Australia. The conversations were analysed for leadership attributes. Sixty personal and positional attributes were nominated by the participants. Of these, the most frequent attribute was 'having vision'. Personal attributes included: passion, patience, courage, facilitating, sharing and being supportive. Positional attributes included: communication, faculty development, role modelling, good management and promoting nursing. Both positional and personal aspects of academic leadership are important to assist in developing a succession plan and education for new deans. It is important that talented people are recognised as potential leaders of the future. These future leaders should be given every chance to grow and develop through exposure to opportunities to develop skills and the attributes necessary for effective deanship. Strategic mentoring could prove to be useful in developing and supporting the growth of future deans of nursing. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. Ethical Decision-Making in Academic Administration: A Qualitative Study of College Deans' Ethical Frameworks (United States)

    Catacutan, Maria Rosario G.; de Guzman, Allan B.


    Ethical decision-making in school administration has received considerable attention in educational leadership literature. However, most research has focused on principals working in secondary school settings while studies that explore ethical reasoning processes of academic deans have been significantly few. This qualitative study aims to…

  5. Leading and Managing in Complexity: The Case of South African Deans (United States)

    Seale, Oliver; Cross, Michael


    In recent years, deanship in universities has become more complex and challenging. Deans in South African universities take up their positions without appropriate training and prior executive experience, and with no clear understanding of the ambiguity and complexity of their roles. This paper calls for appropriate leadership development…

  6. A Profile of Deans of Schools and Colleges of Journalism and Mass Communication. (United States)

    Oneal, Dennis J.; Applegate, Edd


    Considers how many people hire persons whose backgrounds reflect their own training and experience. Looks at the backgrounds of those persons that hold the title of "dean" at ACEJMC(Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications)-accredited colleges and schools of journalism and mass communication. Provides a solid baseline…

  7. Business Schools and Resources Constraints: A Task for Deans or Magicians? (United States)

    D'Alessio, Fernando A.; Avolio, Beatrice


    One of the major challenges that face the deans of many business schools is obtaining funding for their academic operations and research to sustain world-class educational quality. Business schools raise resources in their own way, but ways of financing strongly vary when comparing educational institutions among world regions. The purpose of this…

  8. Deans' Perceptions of AACSB-Endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge Programs (United States)

    Mauldin, Shawn; McManis, Bruce; Breaux, Kevin


    The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International has endorsed 5 Post-Doctoral Bridge (PDB) to Business Programs. The objective of these programs is to prepare PhDs from other academic programs for teaching and research careers in business. The authors solicited feedback from deans of AACSB-accredited business schools…

  9. The Role and Value of Global Business Research: Perspective of a Business School Dean (United States)

    Grosse, Robert


    The scope of this article is two-fold. First, it looks at business research in general, in various countries, as a task that the dean wants to have faculty members pursue, to attain goals such as accreditation and ranking with organizations such as the "AACSB," "Equis," the "Financial Times," and "US News &…

  10. "Bridge over Troubled Water": Phenomenologizing Filipino College Deans' Ethical Dilemmas in Academic Administration (United States)

    Catacutan, Maria Rosario G.; de Guzman, Allan B.


    This phenomenological study intends to capture and describe Filipino college deans' lived experiences of ethical dilemmas as they carry out their work as administrators. Using semi-structured in-depth interviews and following Collaizzi's method, data was collected and subjected to cool and warm analyses yielding a set of themes and sub-themes that…

  11. Perceived Leadership Soft Skills and Trustworthiness of Deans in Three Malaysian Public Universities (United States)

    Tang, Keow Ngang; Ariratana, Wallapha; Treputharan, Saowanee


    Soft skills comprised both rational and emotional elements, becoming a new focus on leadership, as behavior displayed during interaction with other individuals will affect effective interaction outcomes. This study aimed to examine the leadership soft skills of deans in public universities of Malaysia. This survey designed research was performed…

  12. [Nicanor Rojas, dean of the School of Medicine during Balmaceda's dictatorship]. (United States)

    Costa-Casaretto, C


    The Chilean President José Manuel Balmaceda (1886-1891) had a constitutional conflict with the parliament. This conflict lead to a revolution that ended with the President's suicide, when he was refuged at the Argentinian Embassy in September 1891. President Balmaceda conducted an authoritarian government during several months. A decree from February, 1897, disposed the reorganization of the Medical School, dismissed and imprisoned the Dean, Dr Barros-Borgoño and nominated new Professors. Dr Nicanor Rojas, Professor of Gynecology was assigned as Dean and Dr Carlos Sazié as secretary. During the During the war against Perú and Bolivia, Dr. Rojas worked gratuitously and became prominent, being named Chief Surgeon of the Chilean Army. After the triumph of the revolution against President Balmaceda, Dr Rojas was discharged, and died in 1892.

  13. Managerial Decision Styles of Deans: A Case Study of a Malaysian Public University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leele Susana Jamian


    Full Text Available It is often said that decision making style (DMS is reflective of leadership style. Numerous studies in the area of Management and Leadership indicate that DMS is a key factor that contributes to the success of both managers and their organizational performance. Using the Decision Making Styles Inventory (DMSI developed by Rowe and Boulgarides (1992, this paper examines the managerial DMS ofdeans in one of the Malaysian public universities. The scores derived from the DMS were categorized into four decision styles, namely directive, behavioural, analytical and conceptual. The findings revealed that a majority of the deans adopted at least one very dominant or dominant DMS, i mainly behavioural DMS, along with one or two back-up decision styles. Nevertheless, the overall individual results further revealed that the deans possessed more than one style implying that they have considerable flexibility in their managerial DMS and are able to change their decision styles from one situation to another with little difficulty.

  14. Clinical Holistic Medicine: The Dean Ornish Program (“Opening the Heart”) in Cardiovascular Disease


    Ventegodt, Søren; Merrick, Efrat; Merrick, Joav


    Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California has created an intensive holistic treatment for coronary heart patients with improved diet (low fat, whole foods, plant based), exercise, stress management, and social support that has proven to be efficient. In this paper, we analyze the rationale behind his cure in relation to contemporary holistic medical theory. In spite of a complex treatment program, the principles seem to be simple and in accordance with...

  15. Hot corrosion testing of Ni-based alloys and coatings in a modified Dean rig (United States)

    Steward, Jason Reid

    Gas turbine blades are designed to withstand a variety of harsh operating conditions. Although material and coating improvements are constantly administered to increase the mean time before turbine refurbishment or replacement, hot corrosion is still considered as the major life-limiting factor in many industrial and marine gas turbines. A modified Dean rig was designed and manufactured at Tennessee Technological University to simulate the accelerated hot corrosion conditions and to conduct screening tests on the new coatings on Ni-based superalloys. Uncoated Ni-based superalloys, Rene 142 and Rene 80, were tested in the modified Dean rig to establish a testing procedure for Type I hot corrosion. The influence of surface treatments on the hot corrosion resistance was then investigated. It was found that grit-blasted specimens showed inferior hot corrosion resistance than that of the polished counterpart. The Dean rig was also used to test model MCrAlY alloys, pack cementation NiAl coatings, and electro-codeposited MCrAlY coatings. Furthermore, the hot corrosion attack on the coated-specimens were also assessed using a statistical analysis approach.

  16. The simultaneous onset and interaction of Taylor and Dean instabilities in a Couette geometry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hills, C P; Bassom, A P


    The fluid flow between a pair of coaxial circular cylinders generated by the uniform rotation of the inner cylinder and an azimuthal pressure gradient is susceptible to both Taylor and Dean type instabilities. The flow can be characterised by two parameters: a measure of the relative magnitude of the rotation and pressure effects and a non-dimensional Taylor number. Neutral curves associated with each instability can be constructed but it has been suggested that these curves do not cross but rather posses 'kinks'. Our work is based in the small gap, large wavenumber limit and considers the simultaneous onset of Taylor and Dean instabilities. The two linear instabilities interact at exponentially small orders and a consistent, matched asymptotic solution is found across the whole annular domain, identifying five regions of interest: two boundary adjustment regions and three internal critical points. We construct necessary conditions for the concurrent onset of the linear Taylor and Dean instabilities and show that neutral curve crossing is possible

  17. Who would become a successful Dean of Faculty of Medicine: academic or clinician or administrator? (United States)

    Lee, Albert; Hoyle, Eric


    It has been a long tradition that the medical school dean is an expert in a specialist field with a well-established reputation in research and clinical services. Medical education is no longer simply disease orientated; it is required to put an emphasis on prevention, the need for better management of the health care system, and the need for a better understanding of the sociopolitical aspects of medical care. The deans of medical schools must appreciate the social role of medical education, and the social contract with the community. Although doctors might have difficulties with leadership because they are trained to work as individuals and to value highly their independence and autonomy, good communication skills are an asset for clinicians in management roles. It does not matter whether the background of the dean is academic, clinical or administrative; the most important thing is to possess the managerial skills to tackle the three-way tension between management, academic leadership and professional leadership. The job should be open to people with a good knowledge of and background in health and fiscal expertise, and also a high degree of management, diplomatic and interpersonal skills. Those skills should also be emphasized in the medical curriculum.

  18. Does agreement on institutional values and leadership issues between deans and surgery chairs predict their institutions' performance? (United States)

    Souba, Wiley W; Mauger, David; Day, David V


    To gain a better understanding of the values that medical school deans and surgery chairs consider most essential for effective leadership, to assess their perceptions of the values and leadership climate in their institutions, and to test the premise that agreement on leadership values and climate predict greater organizational effectiveness and performance. From June 2005 through March 2006, questionnaires designed to assess leadership core values and organizational leadership climate were mailed to medical school deans and surgery chairs of the 125 U.S. academic health centers. Institutional performance measures used were the National Institutes of Health (NIH) standing and U.S. News and World Report ranking of each institution. Sixty-eight surgery chairs (54%) and 60 deans (48%) returned surveys. Q-sort results on 38 positive leadership values indicated that integrity, trust, and vision were considered the most important core values for effective leadership by both chairs and deans. Both groups ranked business acumen, authority, and institutional reputation as least important. Deans consistently ranked the leadership climate as being healthier (more positive) than did their surgery chairs on multiple scale items: leadership is widely shared (P = .005), information is widely shared (P = .002), missions are aligned (P = .003), open communication is the norm (P = .009), good performance is rewarded (P = .01), teamwork is widely practiced (P = .01), and leaders are held accountable (P = 002). Tighter alignment between chairs and deans on core values and on the leadership climate scale correlated with higher school and department NIH standing and higher U.S. News and World Report medical school and hospital ranking (P leadership values, deans believe that a healthier leadership climate exists in their institutions than their surgery chairs do. The study findings suggest that tighter leadership alignment between deans and surgery chairs may predict a higher level of

  19. Personal health promotion at US medical schools: a quantitative study and qualitative description of deans' and students' perceptions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elon Lisa K


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Prior literature has shown that physicians with healthy personal habits are more likely to encourage patients to adopt similar habits. However, despite the possibility that promoting medical student health might therefore efficiently improve patient outcomes, no one has studied whether such promotion happens in medical school. We therefore wished to describe both typical and outstanding personal health promotion environments experienced by students in U.S. medical schools. Methods We collected information through four different modalities: a literature review, written surveys of medical school deans and students, student and dean focus groups, and site visits at and interviews with medical schools with reportedly outstanding student health promotion programs. Results We found strong correlations between deans' and students' perceptions of their schools' health promotion environments, including consistent support of the idea of schools' encouraging healthy student behaviors, with less consistent follow-through by schools on this concept. Though students seemed to have thought little about the relationships between their own personal and clinical health promotion practices, deans felt strongly that faculty members should model healthy behaviors. Conclusions Deans' support of the relationship between physicians' personal and clinical health practices, and concern about their institutions' acting on this relationship augurs well for the role of student health promotion in the future of medical education. Deans seem to understand their students' health environment, and believe it could and should be improved; if this is acted on, it could create important positive changes in medical education and in disease prevention.

  20. Dealing With Deans and Academic Medical Center Leadership: Advice From Leaders. (United States)

    Sanfilippo, Fred; Powell, Deborah; Folberg, Robert; Tykocinski, Mark


    The 2017 Association of Pathology Chairs Annual Meeting included a session for department chairs and other department leaders on "how to deal with deans and academic medical center leadership." The session was focused on discussing ways to foster positive relationships with university, medical school, and health system leaders, and productively address issues and opportunities with them. Presentations and a panel discussion were provided by 4 former pathology chairs who subsequently have served as medical deans and in other leadership positions including university provost, medical center CEO, and health system board chair. There was a strong consensus among the participants on how best to deal with superiors about problems, conflicts, and requests for additional resources and authority. The importance of teamwork and accountability in developing a constructive and collaborative relationship with leaders and peers was discussed in detail. Effectiveness in communication, negotiation, and departmental advocacy were highlighted as important skills. As limited resources and increased regulations have become growing problems for universities and health systems, internal stress and competition have increased. In this rapidly changing environment, advice on how chairs can interact most productively with institutional leaders is becoming increasingly important.

  1. An analytical solution for Dean flow in curved ducts with rectangular cross section (United States)

    Norouzi, M.; Biglari, N.


    In this paper, a full analytical solution for incompressible flow inside the curved ducts with rectangular cross-section is presented for the first time. The perturbation method is applied to solve the governing equations and curvature ratio is considered as the perturbation parameter. The previous perturbation solutions are usually restricted to the flow in curved circular or annular pipes related to the overly complex form of solutions or singularity situation for flow in curved ducts with non-circular shapes of cross section. This issue specifies the importance of analytical studies in the field of Dean flow inside the non-circular ducts. In this study, the main flow velocity, stream function of lateral velocities (secondary flows), and flow resistance ratio in rectangular curved ducts are obtained analytically. The effect of duct curvature and aspect ratio on flow field is investigated as well. Moreover, it is important to mention that the current analytical solution is able to simulate the Taylor-Görtler and Dean vortices (vortices in stable and unstable situations) in curved channels.

  2. Self-reported leadership styles of deans of baccalaureate and higher degree nursing programs in the United States. (United States)

    Broome, Marion E


    Over the past decade there has been a lack of attention in the discipline paid to developing strong academic leaders. It is widely acknowledged that the role of the dean has shifted dramatically over the past two decades, with an increasing emphasis on interaction with and accountability to external constituencies at the university, community, and national levels. The overall purpose of this study was to investigate the self-reported leadership styles, behaviors, and experiences of deans of schools of nursing in the United States. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) was sent to 655 deans who were members of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing; 344 returned completed surveys for a return rate of 52.5%. Scores on the transformational scale (n = 321; 20 items) ranged from 2.75 to 4.0, with a mean of 3.79; transactional scores ranged from 1.3 to 4.0, with a mean of 3.3 and mode of 3.5. The passive leadership component was lowest, with a range of 0 to 3.75, mean of 1.1, and mode of 1.0. The highest scores for each dean were then examined and compared across the three components. Seventy-seven percent of the deans' highest scores fell on the transformational, 21% on the transactional, and 2% on the passive-avoidant scale. There were no significant differences in the most commonly reported leadership behaviors by gender, ethnicity, or terminal degree. Deans of nursing, compared with over 3,000 other leaders who have completed the MLQ, ranked in the 80th percentile for self-reported transformative behaviors and outcomes effectiveness. The findings from this sample, who were predominantly female, are congruent with previous research on women leaders. Recommendations for future research leadership development programs are presented. © 2013.

  3. Medical school deans' perceptions of organizational climate: useful indicators for advancement of women faculty and evaluation of a leadership program's impact. (United States)

    Dannels, Sharon; McLaughlin, Jean; Gleason, Katharine A; McDade, Sharon A; Richman, Rosalyn; Morahan, Page S


    The authors surveyed U.S. and Canadian medical school deans regarding organizational climate for faculty, policies affecting faculty, processes deans use for developing faculty leadership, and the impact of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program for Women. The usable response rate was 58% (n = 83/142). Deans perceived gender equity in organizational climate as neutral, improving, or attained on most items and deficient on four. Only three family-friendly policies/benefits were available at more than 68% of medical schools; several policies specifically designed to increase gender equity were available at fewer than 14%. Women deans reported significantly more frequent use than men (P = .032) of practices used to develop faculty leadership. Deans' impressions regarding the impact of ELAM alumnae on their schools was positive (M = 5.62 out of 7), with those having more fellows reporting greater benefit (P = .01). The deans felt the ELAM program had a very positive influence on its alumnae (M = 6.27) and increased their eligibility for promotion (M = 5.7). This study provides a unique window into the perceptions of medical school deans, important policy leaders at their institutions. Their opinion adds to previous studies of organizational climate focused on faculty perceptions. Deans perceive the organizational climate for women to be improving, but they believe that certain interventions are still needed. Women deans seem more proactive in their use of practices to develop leadership. Finally, deans provide an important third-party judgment for program evaluation of the ELAM leadership intervention, reporting a positive impact on its alumnae and their schools.

  4. Magnetorotational and Parker instabilities in magnetized plasma Dean flow as applied to centrifugally confined plasmas

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Huang Yimin; Hassam, A.B.


    The ideal magnetohydrodynamics stability of a Dean flow plasma supported against centrifugal forces by an axial magnetic field is studied. Only axisymmetric perturbations are allowed for simplicity. Two distinct but coupled destabilization mechanisms are present: flow shear (magnetorotational instability) and magnetic buoyancy (Parker instability). It is shown that the flow shear alone is likely insufficient to destabilize the plasma, but the magnetic buoyancy instability could occur. For a high Mach number (M S ), high Alfven Mach number (M A ) system with M S M A > or approx. πR/a (R/a is the aspect ratio), the Parker instability is unstable for long axial wavelength modes. Implications for the centrifugal confinement approach to magnetic fusion are also discussed

  5. Clinical holistic medicine: the Dean Ornish program ("opening the heart") in cardiovascular disease. (United States)

    Ventegodt, Søren; Merrick, Efrat; Merrick, Joav


    Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California has created an intensive holistic treatment for coronary heart patients with improved diet (low fat, whole foods, plant based), exercise, stress management, and social support that has proven to be efficient. In this paper, we analyze the rationale behind his cure in relation to contemporary holistic medical theory. In spite of a complex treatment program, the principles seem to be simple and in accordance with holistic medical theories, like the Antonovsky concept of rehabilitating the sense of coherence and the life mission theory for holistic medicine. We believe there is a need for the allocation of resources for further research into the aspects of holistic health and its methods, where positive and significant results have been proven and reproduced at several sites.

  6. Clinical Holistic Medicine: The Dean Ornish Program (“Opening the Heart” in Cardiovascular Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Søren Ventegodt


    Full Text Available Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California has created an intensive holistic treatment for coronary heart patients with improved diet (low fat, whole foods, plant based, exercise, stress management, and social support that has proven to be efficient. In this paper, we analyze the rationale behind his cure in relation to contemporary holistic medical theory. In spite of a complex treatment program, the principles seem to be simple and in accordance with holistic medical theories, like the Antonovsky concept of rehabilitating the sense of coherence and the life mission theory for holistic medicine. We believe there is a need for the allocation of resources for further research into the aspects of holistic health and its methods, where positive and significant results have been proven and reproduced at several sites.

  7. Pulsatile turbulent flow through pipe bends at high Dean and Womersley numbers (United States)

    Kalpakli, Athanasia; Örlü, Ramis; Tillmark, Nils; Alfredsson, P. Henrik


    Turbulent pulsatile flows through pipe bends are prevalent in internal combustion engine components which consist of bent pipe sections and branching conduits. Nonetheless, most of the studies related to pulsatile flows in pipe bends focus on incompressible, low Womersley and low Dean number flows, primarily because they aim in modeling blood flow, while internal combustion engine related flows have mainly been addressed in terms of integral quantities and consist of single point measurements. The present study aims at bridging the gap between these two fields by means of time-resolved stereoscopic particle image velocimetry measurements in a pipe bend with conditions that are close to those encountered in exhaust manifolds. The time/phase-resolved three-dimensional cross-sectional flow-field 3 pipe diameters downstream the pipe bend is captured and the interplay between different secondary motions throughout a pulse cycle is discussed.

  8. Pulsatile turbulent flow through pipe bends at high Dean and Womersley numbers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kalpakli, Athanasia; Örlü, Ramis; Tillmark, Nils; Alfredsson, P Henrik


    Turbulent pulsatile flows through pipe bends are prevalent in internal combustion engine components which consist of bent pipe sections and branching conduits. Nonetheless, most of the studies related to pulsatile flows in pipe bends focus on incompressible, low Womersley and low Dean number flows, primarily because they aim in modeling blood flow, while internal combustion engine related flows have mainly been addressed in terms of integral quantities and consist of single point measurements. The present study aims at bridging the gap between these two fields by means of time-resolved stereoscopic particle image velocimetry measurements in a pipe bend with conditions that are close to those encountered in exhaust manifolds. The time/phase-resolved three-dimensional cross-sectional flow-field 3 pipe diameters downstream the pipe bend is captured and the interplay between different secondary motions throughout a pulse cycle is discussed.

  9. "Walter Gropius" by Dean Carter. Exhibition of College of Architecture and Urban Studies Timeline and Portrait Busts.


    Carter, Dean


    DEAN CARTER. Walter Gropius. Cast bronze. The Art Collection / Virginia Tech Foundation Exhibition of portrait busts and the timeline of the history College of Architecture and Urban Studies, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the College. Curated by Truman Capone and Deb Sim. Francis T. Eck Exhibition Corridor, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech. Image 13

  10. 78 FR 49990 - Dean Foods Company and WhiteWave Foods Company; Filing of Food Additive Petition (United States)


    .... FDA-2013-N-0888] Dean Foods Company and WhiteWave Foods Company; Filing of Food Additive Petition... the WhiteWave Foods Company proposing that the food additive regulations be amended to provide for the expanded safe uses of vitamin D 2 and vitamin D 3 as nutrient supplements in food. DATES: The food additive...

  11. The Honors Thesis: A Handbook for Honors Directors, Deans, and Faculty Advisors. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series (United States)

    Anderson, Mark; Lyons, Karen; Weiner, Norman


    This handbook is intended to help all those who design, administer, and implement honors thesis programs--honors directors, deans, staff, faculty, and advisors--evaluate their thesis programs, solve pressing problems, select more effective requirements or procedures, or introduce an entirely new thesis program. The authors' goal is to provide…

  12. A Qualitative Study of the Job Challenges of Instructional Deans in the Technical College System of Georgia (United States)

    Alford, Perrin J.


    The Technical College System of Georgia serves the people and the state by creating a system of technical education whose purpose is to use the latest technology and easy access for all adult Georgians and corporate citizens. Within each technical college is a hierarchy of faculty, staff, and administrators. The instructional deans serve a vital…

  13. Leading from the Middle: A Case-Study Approach to Academic Leadership for Associate and Assistant Deans (United States)

    Stone, Tammy; Coussons-Read, Mary


    Moving from a faculty position to an administrative office frequently entails gaining considerable responsibility, but ambiguous power. The hope of these two authors is that this volume will serve as a reference and a source of support for current associate and assistant deans and as a window into these jobs for faculty who may be considering such…

  14. How Associate Deans' Positions are Designed within the Context of the Top 50 Colleges and Schools of Education. (United States)

    Jackson, Jerlando F. L.; Gmelch, Walter H.


    Examined the design of the associate dean's position within the top 50 colleges and schools of education using three design parameters of individual positions: the specialization of the job, the formalization of the behavior in carrying out the job, and the training and indoctrination required for the job. (Contains references.) (SM)

  15. Comprehensive theory of the Deans' switch as a variable flow splitter: fluid mechanics, mass balance, and system behavior. (United States)

    Boeker, Peter; Leppert, Jan; Mysliwietz, Bodo; Lammers, Peter Schulze


    The Deans' switch is an effluent switching device based on controlling flows of carrier gas instead of mechanical valves in the analytical flow path. This technique offers high inertness and a wear-free operation. Recently new monolithic microfluidic devices have become available. In these devices the whole flow system is integrated into a small metal device with low thermal mass and leak-tight connections. In contrast to a mechanical valve-based system, a flow-controlled system is more difficult to calculate. Usually the Deans' switch is used to switch one inlet to one of two outlets, by means of two auxiliary flows. However, the Deans' switch can also be used to deliver the GC effluent with a specific split ratio to both outlets. The calculation of the split ratio of the inlet flow to the two outlets is challenging because of the asymmetries of the flow resistances. This is especially the case, if one of the outlets is a vacuum device, such as a mass spectrometer, and the other an atmospheric detector, e.g. a flame ionization detector (FID) or an olfactory (sniffing) port. The capillary flows in gas chromatography are calculated with the Hagen-Poiseuille equation of the laminar, isothermal and compressible flow in circular tubes. The flow resistances in the new microfluidic devices have to be calculated with the corresponding equation for rectangular cross-section microchannels. The Hagen-Poiseuille equation underestimates the flow to a vacuum outlet. A corrected equation originating from the theory of rarefied flows is presented. The calculation of pressures and flows of a Deans' switch based chromatographic system is done by the solution of mass balances. A specific challenge is the consideration of the antidiffusion resistor between the two auxiliary gas lines of the Deans' switch. A full solution for the calculation of the Deans' switch including this restrictor is presented. Results from validation measurements are in good accordance with the developed

  16. Are the criteria of Tabar and Dean still relevant to radial scar?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boute, Veronique [Department of Senology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France); Goyat, Isabelle [Department of Senology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France); Denoux, Yves [Department of Pathology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France); Lacroix, Joelle [Department of Senology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France); Marie, Brigitte [Department of Senology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France); Michels, Jean-J. [Department of Pathology, Centre Francois Baclesse, 14076 Caen, Cedex 5 (France)]. E-mail:


    Objective: Aschoff's center of proliferation (ACP), poses significant problems of differential diagnosis both in imagery and histology with infiltrating carcinoma. Up to now the criteria of Tabar and Dean (classical criteria) are considered as diagnostically relevant. Material: A retrospective study of 113 cases, enabled us to study their clinical, radiological and histological aspects. Results: The ACP is a subclinical and seldom palpable entity (12%). The radiological signs of ACP are quite variable. The classical criteria lack specificity and are observed only in 48% of our stellate images. Whereas the frequency of microcalcifications is high (58.5% of the cases), their presence and their type are not predictive of an associated malignancy. The echographic diagnosis of ACP could be made in 55% of the cases but the echographic semiology lacked specificity. We noticed an associated atypical epithelial hyperplasia in 28.5% of the cases, intraductal or lobular in situ carcinoma in 9% and/or a ductal invasive carcinoma in 2% of the cases. Neither tumor size, age of the patients, nor any radiological signs were predictive of such an association. Conclusions: The classical criteria are not completely reliable and are observed only in half of our stellate images, whereas microcalcifications are often present but are not predictive of an associated malignancy.

  17. Dogs and Monsters: Moral Status Claims in the Fiction of Dean Koontz. (United States)

    Smith, Stephen W


    This article explores conceptions of moral status in the work of American thriller author Dean Koontz. It begins by examining some of the general theories of moral status used by philosophers to determine whether particular entities have moral status. This includes both uni-criterial theories and multi-criterial theories of moral status. After this examination, the article argues for exploring bioethics conceptions in popular fiction. Popular fiction is considered a rich source for analysis because it provides not only a good approximation of the beliefs of ordinary members of the moral community, but also explores important issues in a context where ordinary individuals are likely to encounter them. Following on from this, the article then explores theories of moral status in the context of Koontz's novels. In particular, the article focuses on the novel Watchers and Koontz's Frankenstein series. Through these works, Koontz indicates that entities have moral status for a variety of reasons and thus presumably, he is a proponent of multi-criterial theories of moral status. The article concludes with an examination of what this might mean for our understanding of moral status claims generally.

  18. Large eddy simulation of a T-Junction with upstream elbow: The role of Dean vortices in thermal fatigue

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tunstall, R.; Laurence, D.; Prosser, R.; Skillen, A.


    Highlights: • A T-Junction with an upstream bend is studied using wall-resolved LES and POD. • The bend generates Dean vortices which remain prominent downstream of the junction. • Dean vortex swirl-switching results in an unsteady secondary flow about the pipe axis. • This provides a further mechanism for near-wall temperature fluctuations. • Upstream bends can have a crucial role in T-Junction thermal fatigue problems. - Abstract: Turbulent mixing of fluids in a T-Junction can generate oscillating thermal stresses in pipe walls, which may lead to high cycle thermal fatigue. This thermal stripping problem is an important safety issue in nuclear plant thermal-hydraulic systems, since it can lead to unexpected failure of the pipe material. Here, we carry out a large eddy simulation (LES) of a T-Junction with an upstream bend and use proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) to identify the dominant structures in the flow. The bend generates an unsteady secondary flow about the pipe axis, known as Dean vortex swirl-switching. This provides an additional mechanism for low-frequency near-wall temperature fluctuations downstream of the T-Junction, over those that would be produced by mixing in the same T-Junction with straight inlets. The paper highlights the important role of neighbouring pipe bends in T-Junction thermal fatigue problems and the need to include them when using CFD as a predictive tool.

  19. Discrepancies between perceptions of students and deans regarding the consequences of restricting students' use of electronic medical records on quality of medical education. (United States)

    Solarte, Ivan; Könings, Karen D


    Electronic medical records (EMR) are more used in university hospitals, but the use of EMR by medical students at the workplace is still a challenge, because the conflict of interest between medical accountability for hospitals and quality of medical education programs for students. Therefore, this study investigates the use of EMR from the perspective of medical school deans and students, and determines their perceptions and concerns about consequences of restricted use of EMR by students on quality of education and patient care. We administered a large-scale survey about the existence of EMR, existing policies, students' use for learning, and consequences on patient care to 42 deans and 789 Residency Physician Applicants in a private university in Colombia. Data from 26 deans and 442 former graduated students were compared with independent t tests and chi square tests. Only half of medical schools had learning programs and policies about the use of EMR by students. Deans did not realize that students have less access to EMR than to paper-based MR. Perceptions of non-curricular learning opportunities how to write in (E)MR were significantly different between deans and students. Limiting students use of EMR has negative consequences on medical education, according to both deans and students, while deans worried significantly more about impact on patient care than students. Billing issues and liability aspects were their major concerns. There is a need for a clear policy and educational program on the use of EMR by students. Discrepancies between the planned curriculum by deans and the real clinical learning environment as experienced by students indicate suboptimal learning opportunities for students. Creating powerful workplace-learning experiences and resolving concerns on students use of EMR has to be resolved in a constructive collaboration way between the involved stakeholders, including also EMR designers and hospital administrators. We recommend intense

  20. 75 FR 3217 - J&T Hydro Company; H. Dean Brooks and W. Bruce Cox; Notice of Application for Transfer of License... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Project No. 11392-009] J&T Hydro Company; H. Dean Brooks and W. Bruce Cox; Notice of Application for Transfer of License and Soliciting Comments and Motions To Intervene January 12, 2010. On October 30, 2009, J&T Hydro Company (transferor) and...

  1. Needs Assessment for Standardized Medical Student Imaging Education: Review of the Literature and a Survey of Deans and Chairs. (United States)

    Webb, Emily M; Naeger, David M; McNulty, Nancy J; Straus, Christopher M


    Medical imaging education often has limited representation in formal medical student curricula. Although the need for greater inclusion of radiology material is generally agreed on, the exact skillset that should be taught is less clear. The purpose of our study was to perform a needs assessment for a national radiology curriculum for medical students. We analyzed data from previous unpublished portions of the American College of Radiology/Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology survey of Deans and Radiology Chairs regarding prevalence of radiology curricular revisions, assessment tools, use of the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria, and resources used in curriculum revision. We also performed a literature search through both PubMED and a general search engine (Google) to identify available resources for designing and implementing imaging curricula and curricular revisions. Medical school deans and chairs reported a need for more overall radiology content; one of every six programs (15%) reported they had no recognized imaging curriculum. Of schools currently with imaging curricula, 82% have undergone revision in the last 10 years using a variety of different resources, but there is no universally agreed on guide or standard curriculum. The PubMED and Google searches identified only 23 and eight resources, respectively, suggesting a sizable deficit in available guidance; however, a single published medical student radiology curriculum is available through the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology. There is a need, but few available resources, to guide educators in adding imaging content to medical school curricula. We postulate that a standardized national curriculum directed by a focused skillset may be useful to educators and could result in greater uniformity of imaging skills among graduating US medical students. A proposed skillset to guide a national curriculum in radiology is described. Copyright © 2015 AUR

  2. Gas chromatographic sulphur speciation in heavy crude oil using a modified standard D5623 method and microfluidic Deans switching. (United States)

    Heshka, Nicole E; Choy, Joanne M; Chen, Jinwen


    A modification to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) method D5623 is proposed to enable successful and repeatable analysis of heavy crude oil samples. A two-dimensional gas chromatography configuration was implemented, with separation of sulphur compounds occurring on two columns. A Deans switch is used to enable heart-cutting of volatile sulphur compounds onto a DB-Sulfur stationary phase, and separation occurs concurrently with the backflushing of the primary column. The use of a sulphur-selective detector increases selectivity, and 22 volatile sulphur species are quantified in less than 15min, which is almost half the time of the original ASTM method. Samples ranging from light distillation cuts to whole crudes (boiling from 100°C to >750°C) were analyzed with minimal sample preparation. The calculated limit of detection was 0.7mg/kg, repeatability was 3% relative standard deviation (RSD), and a linear range of 1-250mg/kg was obtained, with an R 2 value of 0.994 or better, depending on the compound. Crown Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in brain tumors and cervical region. Experience of the Dean Funes Medical Center, first experience in stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery inside the country

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Castro Vita, H.; Brunetto, M.; Derechinsky, V; Derechinsky, G.; Derechinsky, M.; Gonzalez, S.; Marinello, A.


    Purpose: A retrospective study to analyze the results of 53 patients treated with stereotactic radiotherapy in 'Centro Medico Dean Funes' was performed. The patients had brain and head and neck tumors. Patients and methods: From November 1997 to March 2003, 53 patients were treated with stereotactic radiotherapy in 'Centro Medico Dean Funes'. The daily dose administered varied from 1.8 to 2 Gy and the total dose from 30 to 70 Gy. The minimal follow up was 2 months, and the medium follow up 32 months. Local control and survival were analyzed in all patients, as well as tolerance and the complications of the treatment. Results: Since these series represented a very heterogeneous group of patients, the final results were very difficult to compare with other alternative treatments. However, an excellent tolerance to therapy was observed. Some subsets of patients had good results to treatment: patients with metastasis to the orbit, patients with lesions to the sellar and parasellar regions and some who relapsed following conventional radiotherapy, mainly lymphomas. Conclusions: Stereotactic radiotherapy is a valid therapeutic method to treat tumors of the brain and head and neck, as long as the tumor has a moderate size (6 cm. or less) and the shape is cylindrical or ellipsoid. Stereotactic radiation improves the therapeutic ratio as compared with the conventional radiotherapy. It has advantages over the 3D technique, and could compete with IMRT (Intensity modulated radiation therapy). (author) [es

  4. Combination of microfluidic high-throughput production and parameter screening for efficient shaping of gold nanocubes using Dean-flow mixing. (United States)

    Thiele, Matthias; Knauer, Andrea; Malsch, Daniéll; Csáki, Andrea; Henkel, Thomas; Köhler, J Michael; Fritzsche, Wolfgang


    Metal nanoparticles and their special optical properties, the so-called localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), facilitate many applications in various fields. Due to the strong dependency of the LSPR on particle geometry, their synthesis is a challenging and time-consuming procedure especially for non-spherical shapes. In contrast, micromixers offer new experimental approaches and therefore enable the simplification of several processes. By using a zigzag micromixer (Dean-Flow-Mixer, DFM) that induces Dean-flow secondary flow patterns, we theoretically and experimentally show the mixing efficiency. Thus, we highlight the advantages of using it in the multistep synthesis of Au nanoparticles. Based on a narrow size distribution of Au nanocubes and an increased yield in combination with higher reproducibility, we depict the need for and advantage of the DFM to control the incubation times during the growth process. We further show that, by using the DFM, easy and very fast Au nanocube edge length tuning (53 nm, 58 nm, 70 nm and 75 nm) is possible by simultaneously reducing the consumption of the materials by up to 95%. We finally demonstrate the versatile abilities by using the DFM for parameter screening on examples of different halides and accessible bromide in the growth solutions. Therefore, we highlight the optimal concentration for the different growth regimes and the influences on the Au nanoparticle morphology (spheres, cubes and rods) and their defined shaping.

  5. The leadership competency evaluation of the hospital deans based on the analysis of situational judgment test%基于情境判断测验的院长领导力评价分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张宏; 马达飞; 孙东屹; 张光鹏


    目的 探索以领导权变理论为基础的情境判断测验对三级医院院长领导力现状进行评价,为今后针对院长的评价和培训以及院长职业化建设工作提供建设性思路.方法 在领导权变理论基础上开发情境判断测验,对215名三级医院院长实施了领导力评价.结果 院长以“教练型”领导风格为主,并且在与“教练型”领导风格相匹配的管理情境中,院长的领导力水平显著高于其他管理情境.结论 当前三级医院院长的领导风格以“教练型”为主,分析其管理特点与院长多来源于临床学科专家有关;而院长总体领导力处于中等水平,还要进一步通过培训手段加强院长的领导管理能力建设.%Objective The research provided the constructive ideas for evaluation and training of deans of tertiary hospital by analyzing the leadership status quo through using the situational judgment test based on the leadership contingency theory.Methods Based on the leadership contingency theory,we designed situational judgment test for the dean of tertiary hospital.There were 215 participants involved in the leadership evaluation. Results The coaching leadership style occupied the mainly leadership style of deans of tertiary hospital.In the management situation matched by the coaching leadership style,the leadership of the deans was significantly higher than other management situations.Conclusion The main conclusion included,firstly,the coaching leadership style was the mainly leadership style of deans of tertiary hospital.It was strongly correlated with the deans' background thatthey were mainly from clinical professionals.Secondly,the leadership of the deans was at middle level;therefore,it needed to increase the capacity building of deans through management training.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Idan


    Full Text Available AbstractThe introduction of flow instabilities into a microfiltration process can dramatically change several elements such as the surface-renewal rate, permeate flux, specific cake resistance, and cake buildup on the membrane in a positive way. A recently developed surface-renewal model for constant-pressure, cross-flow microfiltration (Hasan et al., 2013 is applied to the permeate-flux data reported by Mallubhotla and Belfort (1997, one set of which included flow instabilities (Dean vortices while the other set did not. The surface-renewal model has two forms - the complete model and an approximate model. For the complete model, the introduction of vortices leads to a 53% increase in the surface-renewal rate, which increases the limiting (i.e., steady-state permeate flux by 30%, decreases the specific cake resistance by 14.5% and decreases the limiting cake mass by 15.5% compared to operation without vortices. For the approximate model, a 50% increase in the value of surface renewal rate is shown due to vortices, which increases the limiting permeate flux by 30%, decreases the specific cake resistance by 10.5% and decreases the limiting cake mass by 13.7%. The cake-filtration version of the critical-flux model of microfiltration (Field et al., 1995 is also compared against the experimental permeate-flux data of Mallubhotla and Belfort (1997. Although this model can represent the data, the quality of its fit is inferior compared to that of the surface-renewal model.

  7. "In situ" extraction of essential oils by use of Dean-Stark glassware and a Vigreux column inside a microwave oven: a procedure for teaching green analytical chemistry. (United States)

    Chemat, Farid; Perino-Issartier, Sandrine; Petitcolas, Emmanuel; Fernandez, Xavier


    One of the principal objectives of sustainable and green processing development remains the dissemination and teaching of green chemistry in colleges, high schools, and academic laboratories. This paper describes simple glassware that illustrates the phenomenon of extraction in a conventional microwave oven as energy source and a process for green analytical chemistry. Simple glassware comprising a Dean-Stark apparatus (for extraction of aromatic plant material and recovery of essential oils and distilled water) and a Vigreux column (as an air-cooled condenser inside the microwave oven) was designed as an in-situ extraction vessel inside a microwave oven. The efficiency of this experiment was validated for extraction of essential oils from 30 g fresh orange peel, a by-product in the production of orange juice. Every laboratory throughout the world can use this equipment. The microwave power is 100 W and the irradiation time 15 min. The method is performed at atmospheric pressure without added solvent or water and furnishes essential oils similar to those obtained by conventional hydro or steam distillation. By use of GC-MS, 22 compounds in orange peel were separated and identified; the main compounds were limonene (72.1%), β-pinene (8.4%), and γ-terpinene (6.9%). This procedure is appropriate for the teaching laboratory, does not require any special microwave equipment, and enables the students to learn the skills of extraction, and chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis. They are also exposed to a dramatic visual example of rapid, sustainable, and green extraction of an essential oil, and are introduced to successful sustainable and green analytical chemistry.

  8. Techno-Orientalism with Chinese Characteristics: Maureen F. McHugh’s China Mountain Zhang

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher T. Fan


    Full Text Available Christopher T. Fan argues that McHugh’s award-winning 1992 science fiction novel perceives the twilight of the American Century by offering a “critical realism,” to use Georg Lukács’s phrase, of postsocialist US–China interdependency. In other words, it offers a form in which we perceive ourselves as subjects and objects of the twenty-first century world-system’s most important bilateral relationship. Moreover, as a novel about US–China interdependency, it implicitly critiques the binary Orientalism that structures the rapidly growing body of work on “techno-Orientalist” formations. Fan's analysis thus extends arguments about American Orientalism’s non-Manichean formations (Christina Klein, Melani McAlister, Colleen Lye into the postsocialist era.The novel’s near-future, China-centric world analogizes McHugh’s personal crises of professional desire as a precarious laborer in New York City, with the massive reorientation of desires from Maoist politics to market-directed individuality that she witnessed among her students when she taught in China from 1987–1988. Chinese racial form plays a crucial mediating role in the novel because it reflects the revival of Confucian humanist discourse in reform-era China as a way to focus a national project of rapidly generating capitalist desire. Finally, by describing US–China interdependency, this article also generates a theory of US–China neoliberalism that corrects for universalist, Euro-American accounts of neoliberal subject formation (Lauren Berlant, as well as insufficiently subject-sensitive accounts (Aihwa Ong.

  9. Maurice Hamington and Maureen Sander-Staudt (eds. Applying Care Ethics to Business (Dordrecht: Springer, 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guðmundur Heiðar Frímannsson


    Full Text Available Care ethics is a relatively recent development in ethics, originating in Carol Gilligan´s book In a Different Voice, published in 1982 and pointing out flaws in Kohlberg´s theory of moral development, specifically in choosing only boys for the experiments, in using moral dilemmas to measure moral development, and in his idea that morality only consisted in universal rules.

  10. The Church of the Deans

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ezio Albrile


    Full Text Available The article investigates the ways through which peculiar representations of the late Ancient World passed to the Middle Ages. Among them, the astrological discipline is one of the favorite vehicles. The sculptures and other decorations of the Romanesque churches, have rewritten this archaic knowledge in the context of the Christian faith. Another constant presence in the imaginary of Western Christianity are the fabulous creatures related to what in astrology are the Decans. These odd Egyptian deities had at some time before the sixth century of our era made the long voyage to India and back they had travelled to Islamic lands, and so finally returned to Byzantium and the West.

  11. El impacto del huracán Dean sobre la estructura y composición arbórea de un bosque manejado en Quintana Roo, México


    Navarro-Martínez, Angélica; Durán-García, Rafael; Méndez-González, Martha


    Los huracanes son considerados como uno de los factores más determinantes de la estructura y composición de muchos bosques tropicales. En Quintana Roo, estos fenómenos naturales son tan frecuentes que forman parte de la dinámica natural del bosque. El 21 de agosto de 2007, en el centro-sur del Estado, ocurrió el huracán Dean, que afectó alrededor de 900,000 ha de la selva mediana subperennifolia. En este estudio se cuantifican los daños ocasionados sobre la vegetación y se analizan los cambio...

  12. Evolució i estabilitat d’àcids grassos i vitamines antioxidants a la llet materna


    Moltó Puigmartí, Carolina


    Recerca realitzada durant el periode Gener 2006-Abril 2007, a la Facultat de Farmàcia de la Universitat de Barcelona sota la direcció de la Dra. M. Carmen López Sabater. La nutrició durant els primers anys de vida té una enorme importància, amb repercussions en el creixement i desenvolupament del nen i en les possibles malalties futures. Tenint en compte que la llet materna és l’aliment ideal per al nadó durant els primers sis mesos de vida, és important conéixer la composició nutricional de...

  13. 27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

  14. The perceived roles of nurse educators in the context of a provincial nursing college / Buyisile Maureen Duma


    Duma, Buyisile Maureen


    Nurse educators play a crucial role in the nursing profession, as they are concerned with the important task of preparing responsible, efficient, competent and knowledgeable nurses; and also with the task of strengthening nurses as independent and critical thinkers not just for now, but for the future. Within the South African educational environment, and more specifically, a nursing college in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the roles expected of nurse educators are numerous, and in some case...

  15. Loominguliste ja uuenduslike ideede rakendamisega seotud pinged / Maureen McLaughlin, Mary Ellen Vogt ; tõlkinud Tiina Nurm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    McLaughlin, Maureen


    Selleks, et saaks toimuda tulemuslik ja uuenduslik aineõpetus, tuleb teadvustada ja ületada pinged, mis on seotud loovideede rakendamisega. Pingetekitajad, millega õpetajad uuenduslike õpetamis- ja õppimistoimingute rakendamisel võivad kokku puutuda, on järgmised : aeg, ainekavad, tekstid ja muud allikad, oletatav loovuse puudumine, ebakõla uuenduste ja reaalsuse vahel, õpilaste erinevus, tunni organiseerimine ja läbiviimine, hindamine ja hinnangu andmine, õpilaste usaldamine

  16. Curriculum Complexities: The Chair's and Dean's Agenda. (United States)

    Able, Jean Ann; And Others

    As the newest college in the 10-member Maricopa Community College System, Arizona's Estrella Mountain Community College Center (EMCCC) is highly capable of innovation since it does not have to battle years of tradition. As part of its emphasis on innovation, EMCCC operates under the relatively new paradigm of being a customer-driven organization.…

  17. Tailastes kobrutab viha riigijuhi vastu / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 27. veebr. lk. 11. Tai peaminister Thaksin Shinawatra saatis 24. veebruaril parlamendi laiali ja kuulutas 2. aprilliks välja erakorralised üldvalimised. Lisa: Peaminister

  18. Mary Bidwell Breed: The Educator as Dean. (United States)

    Fley, Jo Ann; Jaramillo, George R.


    Mary Bidwell Breed predicted that midwestern universities would probably "pass through a stage of educational development in which the liberal arts are entirely feminized, the men are entirely commercialized." We can appreciate how close she came to pinpointing trends which did not begin to be reversed until sixty years later.…

  19. Riskifondid pinnuks silmas / Dean Foster, Peyton Young

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Foster, Dean


    Riskifondide juhid seavad investorid ohtu ise riskimata. Kui fond kokku variseb, ei saa öelda, kas see oli tingitud halvast juhtimisest või ebaõnnest. Fondide huvides on julgustada suuremat reguleeritust ja läbipaistvust, et läbikukkunud fondide laine ei põhjustaks investorite usku ebaõnnestumisse

  20. Hasta siempre Profesor Manuel Fernández: Palabras en homenaje al ex Decano de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Dr. Arqto. Manuel Fernández Hechenleitner (1946- 2003. / Farewell, Professor Manuel Fernandez: Words in tribute to the former - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning Dr. Arqto. Manuel Fernández Hechenleitner (1946 - 2003.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier de Cárdenas


    Full Text Available Académicos, ex alumnos y amigos de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Chile, recuerdan la personalidad del Dr. Arquitecto Manuel Fernández Hechenleitner (1946-2003, ex Decano de la F.A.U., con motivo de su fallecimiento./Academics, ex - students and friends of the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, remember the personality of Dr. Manuel Fernandez Hechenleitner Architect (1946-2003, ex - Dean of the FAU, on the occasion of his death.

  1. 19 January 2011 - British University of Manchester, Vice-President and Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Professor of Structural Engineering School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering C. Bailey in CERN Control Centre with Department Head P. Collier; at LHCb with R. Lindner and ATLAS underground experimental area with Deputy Spokesperson D. Charlton, througout accompanied by . Collier with R. Appleby and F. Loebinger

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    19 January 2011 - British University of Manchester, Vice-President and Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Professor of Structural Engineering School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering C. Bailey in CERN Control Centre with Department Head P. Collier; at LHCb with R. Lindner and ATLAS underground experimental area with Deputy Spokesperson D. Charlton, througout accompanied by . Collier with R. Appleby and F. Loebinger

  2. Systematic studies on Anopheles galvaoi Causey, Deane & Deane from the subgenus Nysssorhynchus blanchard (Diptera: Culicidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Anice Mureb Sallum


    Full Text Available Anopheles galvaoi, a member of the subgenus Nyssorhynchus, is redescribed based on morphological characters of the adults male and female, fourth-instar larva and pupa. Female, male genitalia, larval and pupal stages are illustrated. Data about medical importance, bionomics, and distribution are given based on literature records. Adult female of An. galvaoi can be easily misidentified as An. benarrochi Gabaldón and An. aquasalis Curry. A few characters are indicated for identifying female and immatures of An. galvaoi. Phylogenetic relationships among An. galvaoi and six other species of the Oswaldoi Subgroup are estimated using COII mtDNA and ITS2 rDNA gene sequences. Lectotype of An. galvaoi, an adult female from Rio Branco, State of Acre, is invalidated.

  3. Euroliit vaidleb Birma diktatuuri üle / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    EL-i ja Aasia riikide diplomaatilisest vaidlusest, kas lubada EL-i ja Kagu-Aasia tippkohtumisele diktatuuririiki Birmat. Kagu-Aasia maade ühenduse ASEAN seisukohtadest. Vt. samas: Birma uue põhiseaduse arutelu põlu all

  4. Kapitalistlik realism muudab Vietnami majandustiigriks jalgrattal / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 13. apr. lk. 10-11. Vietnami majanduspoliitikast, odavast tööjõust, edukatest reformidest ja majanduskasvust. Kaart: Vietnami Sotsialistlik Vabariik. Vt. samas: Sõda oli püüd takistada kommunismi

  5. The attempts of William Dean and Wentzel van Huyssteen

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    explanatory power, and the possibility of progress in theological inquiry. ... Critical realism is defined by Van Huyssteen in opposition to a subjectivism or rela .... theology shares with science the basic need to identify the real problems or ques ... the road away from the hegemony of a positivistic account of justification, a road.

  6. Transformational leadership: What every nursing dean should know. (United States)

    Giddens, Jean

    Transformational leadership (TFL) has become a predominant leadership style practiced by leaders across many industries and disciplines, including nursing. As a component of the Full Range Leadership Model proposed by Bass (1985), TFL is characterized by the ability to stimulate, inspire, and motivate followers. Transformational leaders focus on building relationships with people and creating change by emphasizing values. Most TFL literature in nursing focuses on clinical practice with very little representation from academic nursing leadership. This article describes TFL, presents general findings from the literature, discusses this leadership style in the context of academic nursing leadership, makes recommendations for professional development of this leadership approach and offers suggests for future inquiry. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Not Dean School: Leadership Development for Faculty Where They Are (United States)

    Wilks, Karrin E.; Shults, Christopher; Berg, James J.


    Leadership development for faculty often is designed as training for administration, but faculty demonstrate leadership in the classroom, in their departments, college-wide, and beyond. To fully realize and leverage this leadership potential, colleges must design opportunities for faculty to hone their knowledge and skills as active participants…

  8. Fragile X syndrome: Current insight | Dean | Egyptian Journal of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is a multigenerational disorder having massive adverse effect not only on the individuals but also on their families. It is the most common type of intellectual disability after Down's syndrome. Over two decades have passed since the discovery of FMR1, the causal gene for FXS, but still little is known ...

  9. The Dean and Betty Gallo Prostate Cancer Center

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hait, William


    ..., and improving public education and awareness of prostate cancer. GPCC is a center of excellence of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, which is the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in the state. GPCC efforts are now integrated well as part of our Prostate Program at CINJ, in which Dr. Robert DiPaola and Dr. Cory Abate-Shen are co-leaders.

  10. Integrating Sustainability into Management Education: A Dean's Perspective (United States)

    Walck, Christa


    The integration of sustainability and environmental ethics into management education has improved in the past decade. This is partly a response to external pressure, as societal concerns about sustainability grow and businesses have made greater efforts to green their processes and products. But it is also a response to internal pressure from…

  11. Initial Report of the Deans Cyber Warfare Ad Hoc Committee (United States)


    an annual Computer and Network Vulnerability Assessment Simulation ( CANVAS ). This is a competitive exercise to assess security vulnerabilities in for identifying an individual through biometric signals (iris scans, facial parameters, fingerprints , voice prints). Individual design

  12. A commentary on the positive discrimination policy of India | Deane ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article states the current position with regard to the caste system and the reservation of jobs in the Republic of India in the context of affirmative action and the achievement of equality in the workplace. Its purpose is to highlight the extreme division of opinion about what is socially acceptable, namely, caste. Further ...

  13. 工程及科技教育認證制度下的學生核心能力與評估:大學教師、系主任、院長的觀點 A Study of Students’ Core-Competence Evaluation in Engineering Education Quality Assurance: The Perspectives of Faculty Members, Program Chairpersons, and Deans

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    林妙真 Miao-Chen Lin


    Full Text Available 歐美國家近幾年皆已建立不同程度的品質保證體系,而國內工程及科技教育認證實施9年,偏向檢視整體教育的品質,缺乏對評估機制的深度檢視。本研究旨在探究工程及科技教育認證對學生核心能力的影響,並瞭解目前國內各工程系所評估學生核心能力的方式。以問卷調查和深度訪談蒐集院長、系主任與教師意見,有效回收問卷共471 份,受訪對象計20位,並以一般歸納法(a general inductive approach)分析質性資料。研究發現:工程系所教師對於學生核心能力的評估仍是陌生的,且大多數系所尚未發展適當的評估工具。本研究以其中1所學校為例,該校將評分規準(rubrics)與數位平臺運用於教學與評量中,一則減輕教師的負擔;二則充分落實學生學習成效品質保證機制,可作為國內成果導向認證提供最佳實務(best practice)。最後針對目前工程系所落實持續改善之困境與未來研究提出建議。 The purpose of this study is to illustrate the impact of engineering education accreditation on evaluations of students’ core competences in Taiwan. The data were collected using a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews. 471 valid questionnaires were analyzed and twenty engineering faculties, program chairpersons, and deans were interviewed afterwards. The results indicated that engineering faculties are unfamiliar with methods of core-competence evaluation. Therefore, the outcomes-based teaching and assessment approach of one university was used to demonstrate how rubrics can be implemented to maintain continuous improvement in curriculum planning and to minimize the workloads of teachers while they prepared for the self-study report during the accreditation process. This study is the pioneer to explore a best practice for the outcome-based accreditation approach in Taiwan. Finally, the implications and

  14. Efecte dels àcids grassos omega-3 d¿origen marí i els polifenols sobre la síndrome metabòlica en rates.


    Taltavull Anglada, Núria


    Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is a clinical entity which is strongly influenced by environmental factors such as unhealthy diet and poor physical inactivity. Nowadays MS affects approximately 10-25% adults worldwide; in some countries and age groups the percentage can be as high as 50-60%. MS increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes by 2-and 5-fold, respectively. The evidence showed that populations with low incidence of MS consume large amounts of fish oil. ...

  15. Faculty Retention factors at European Business Schools. How Deans and Faculty Perceptions Differ.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    L. Moratis; P.J. van Baalen (Peter); L.H. Teunter (Linda); P.H.A.M. Verhaegen


    textabstractDevelopments in the management education environment present business schools with several challenges. Among these, perhaps the most important to address relates to a mission-critical resource for business schools: faculty retention. In this paper, we position and examine this problem

  16. The Leadership Role of College Deans and Department Chairs in Academic Culture Change (United States)

    Bystydzienski, Jill; Thomas, Nicole; Howe, Samantha; Desai, Anand


    Although it has been decades since gender inequality in academe was first highlighted, institutions around the world continue to struggle with how best to address the problem. Policies and procedures intended to increase women's representation appear to have had limited impact in many departments, especially those in science, technology,…

  17. Language Testing: The State of the Art. An Online Interview with James Dean Brown (United States)

    Brown, James Dean; Salmani Nodoushan, Mohammad Ali


    In this interview, JD Brown reflects on language testing/assessment. He suggests that language testing can be seen as a continuum with hard core positivist approaches at one end and post modernist interpretive perspectives at the other, and also argues that norm referencing (be it proficiency, placement, or aptitude testing) and criterion…

  18. Lions or lambs? How deans lead and manage their faculties at Indonesian universities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ngo, Jenny


    Leadership is a mysterious phenomenon often perceived as a critical factor in an organisation’s success. While mid-level leadership and management is fundamental to any organisation, this group of leaders and their management style remain under-researched. This study is one of the few that focuses

  19. Eesti koondas Aasia uurijad ühise mütsi alla / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Tallinna Ülikool, Tartu Ülikool ja Tallinna Tehnikaülikool lõid Aasia Uuringute Kompetentsikeskuse (AUKK), et koondada Aasia tänapäevase majanduse, poliitika ja ühiskondade teemal teadustööd tegevad teadlased Eesti ülikoolides ühte võrgustikku et pakkuda info- ja ideevahetust ülikoolide, avaliku sektori ja ettevõtjate vahel

  20. Demokraatia mitu elu / Karin Dean, Märt Läänemets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Demokraatiast ühiskonnas Aasia ja Ida-Euroopa riikide näitel. Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi korraldatud rahvusvahelisest konverentsist "Demokraatia mitu elu: Euroopast Aasia ja Vaikse ookeani regioonini"

  1. Hiina (ja Aasia) mõistmine pole lootusetu üritus / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Eestlaste Hiina-huvi ja mõistmise soov on tingitud paljuski Hiina turust ja majanduslikest võimalustest. Mida on vaja teada, et Hiinat (Aasiat) mõista. Aasia-teemalise hariduse võimalustest Eestis

  2. Leadership Effectiveness of University Deans in Lebanon and Egypt: A Study of Gender and Leadership Style (United States)

    Alhourani, Lina G.


    Research has shown that women managers in the United States were considered more effective when they were rated higher than men in factors related to transformational leadership. Given that culture and a woman's position within a culture are different in the Middle East, this study was designed to examine the impact of gender on the effectiveness…

  3. Dean vortex membrane microfiltration and diafiltration of rBDNF E. coli inclusion bodies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schutyser, M.A.I.; Rupp, R.; Wideman, J.; Belfort, G.


    Cross-flow microfiltration (CMF) and diafiltration were used to concentrate and purify recombinant Brain-Derived Neutrophic Factor (rBDNF) inclusion bodies from an E. coli cell suspension and a homogenized E. coli cell suspension (homogenate/lysate). Although these processes have been tested

  4. Pharmacogenomics education: International Society of Pharmacogenomics recommendations for medical, pharmaceutical, and health schools deans of education

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gurwitz, D.; Lunshof, J.E.; Dedoussis, G.; Flordellis, C.S.; Fuhr, U.; Kirchheiner, J.; Licinio, J.; Llerena, A.; Manolopoulos, V.G.; Sheffield, L.J.; Siest, G.; Torricelli, F.; Vasiliou, V.; Wong, S


    Pharmacogenomics would be instrumental for the realization of personalized medicine in coming decades. Efforts are evident to clarify the potential bioethical, societal, and legal implications of key pharmacogenomics-based technologies projected to be soon introduced into the core practice of

  5. A Study of Faculty Racial Diversity in Business Schools: Perceptions of Business Deans (United States)

    Moshiri, Farrokh; Cardon, Peter Wilson


    For decades, business schools in the United States have attempted to increase faculty diversity. The goals and benefits of increasing faculty diversity include improved educational outcomes, social justice, and economic competitiveness. While Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business data shows that a gender gap still exists in…

  6. Academic Deans and Suicidal Individuals: Comparison and Contrast of Selected Behavioral Outcomes. (United States)

    DiNapoli, Joan B.

    The research question for this dissertation study was: Do behavioral outcomes identified in people who commit suicide exist in people who publicly exhibit productive behavioral outcomes and have not attempted suicide? More specifically, do selective affective and physiological behavioral outcomes identified in people who kill themselves exist is…

  7. Piinatud birmalased ootavad ÜRO seni jõuetut abikätt / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Buda munkade eestvedmisel toimunud massimeeleavalduste mahasurumisest Birmas. ÜRO erisaadiku Ibrahim Gambari kohtumisest nii Birma kindralite kui ka opositsiooniliidri Aung San Suu Kyiga oodatakse tulemusi ja sanktsioone Lisa: Sõjaväe haardes riik

  8. The Changing Role of Deans in Higher Education--From Leader to Manager (United States)

    Arntzen, Eystein


    During the latter decades new perspectives on academic leadership have emerged along with new ways of organizing the decision making structure. The image of academic leader as manager has slowly but steadily been diffused internationally. In addition to the structural changes in the system of higher education the idea of new public management has…

  9. Strategic Decision-Making by Deans in Academic Health Centers: A Framework Analysis (United States)

    Keeney, Brianne


    This study examines strategic decision-making at the college level in relation to seven theoretical frames. Strategic decisions are those made by top executives, have wide-ranging influence throughout the organization, affect the long-term future of the organization, and are connected to the external environment. The seven decision-making frames…

  10. Articulating Scientific Practice: Understanding Dean Hamer's "Gay Gene" Study as Overlapping Material, Social and Rhetorical Registers (United States)

    Lynch, John A.


    Rhetoricians have tried to develop a better understanding of the connection between words and things, but these attempts often employ a logic of representation that undermines a full examination of materiality and the complexity of scientific practice. A logic of articulation offers a viable alternative by focusing attention on the linkages…

  11. Between Efficiency and Transformation: The Opinion of Deans on the Meaning of Quality in Higher Education (United States)

    Olaskoaga-Larrauri, Jon; Barrenetxea-Ayesta, Miren; Cardona-Rodríguez, Antonio; Mijangos-Del Campo, Juan José; Barandiaran-Galdós, Marta


    The literature on quality management at higher education institutions has for some time been working on the basis of two issues: a) the diversity of ideas as to what "quality" means, which makes it harder to apply the principles of quality management in this context; and b) the idea that this diversity is in some way a response to the…

  12. The Dean's Restraining Order: "When Thou Art All the Better Part of Me" (United States)

    Ward, Robin M.; Webb, Richard E.


    Difficult romantic relationships are common in college, with painful breakups often leading students to seek help from the college counseling center. However, these already painful situations are further complicated when one member of the couple refuses to allow the relationship to end. An area of particular confusion on the part of the college…

  13. Identification of individuals with ADHD using the Dean-Woodcock sensory motor battery and a boosted tree algorithm. (United States)

    Finch, Holmes W; Davis, Andrew; Dean, Raymond S


    The accurate and early identification of individuals with pervasive conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is crucial to ensuring that they receive appropriate and timely assistance and treatment. Heretofore, identification of such individuals has proven somewhat difficult, typically involving clinical decision making based on descriptions and observations of behavior, in conjunction with the administration of cognitive assessments. The present study reports on the use of a sensory motor battery in conjunction with a recursive partitioning computer algorithm, boosted trees, to develop a prediction heuristic for identifying individuals with ADHD. Results of the study demonstrate that this method is able to do so with accuracy rates of over 95 %, much higher than the popular logistic regression model against which it was compared. Implications of these results for practice are provided.

  14. Barriers to and Facilitators of Female Deans' Career Advancement in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study in Vietnam (United States)

    Nguyen, Thi Lan Huong


    Although the slow progress of female academics compared to their male colleagues and the challenges that female academic leaders have to face in taking leadership roles have been well-documented, very little is known about female academic leaders and managers' career advancement in developing countries like Vietnam. This paper reports on an…

  15. "The epic love story of Sam and Dean": "Supernatural," queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Tosenberger


    Full Text Available This article examines incestuous slash fan fiction produced for the CW television series Supernatural. I argue that "Wincest" fan fiction is best understood not as perverse, oppositional resistance to a heterosexual, nonincestuous show, but an expression of readings that are suggested and supported by the text itself. I examine the literary, cultural, and folkloric discourses of incest and queerness invoked by the series, paying special attention to Romanticism, the Gothic, and horror as underliers to those discourses, and how those genres inform both the series and the fan fiction. I discuss a number of Wincest stories in detail, focusing upon how these stories build upon thematic elements within the series. In conclusion, I argue that the most resistive aspect of Wincest fan fiction is that it gives the main characters a lasting happiness that the series eternally defers.

  16. 360-Degree Feedback Implementation Plan: Dean Position, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Morrison, Devin


    360-degree feedback is a personal development and appraisal tool designed to quantify the competencies and skills of fellow employees by tapping the collective experience of their superiors, subordinates, and peers...

  17. Birma sõjavägi jätkab protestide mahasurumist toore jõuga / Karin Dean

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dean, Karin


    Sõjaväe ja meeleavaldajate kokkupõrgetest Birmas, armee rünnakutest kloostritele ja protestijatele, mille tulemusel on hukkunuid. ÜRO ja EL-i hukkamõistvast suhtumisest. Lisa: Sõjaväeline Birma

  18. Oscillating patterns in image processing and nonlinear evolution equations the fifteenth Dean Jacqueline B. Lewis memorial lectures

    CERN Document Server

    Meyer, Yves


    Image compression, the Navier-Stokes equations, and detection of gravitational waves are three seemingly unrelated scientific problems that, remarkably, can be studied from one perspective. The notion that unifies the three problems is that of "oscillating patterns", which are present in many natural images, help to explain nonlinear equations, and are pivotal in studying chirps and frequency-modulated signals. The first chapter of this book considers image processing, more precisely algorithms of image compression and denoising. This research is motivated in particular by the new standard for compression of still images known as JPEG-2000. The second chapter has new results on the Navier-Stokes and other nonlinear evolution equations. Frequency-modulated signals and their use in the detection of gravitational waves are covered in the final chapter. In the book, the author describes both what the oscillating patterns are and the mathematics necessary for their analysis. It turns out that this mathematics invo...

  19. Conference Session III: Advocacy. Presented by Kevin Smith, the Dean of Libraries at the University of Kansas.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanne Adele Pavy


    Full Text Available In his presentation on Advocacy at the 2017 Kraemer Copyright Conference, Kevin Smith offered participants suggestions on how to engage various stakeholders on copyright issues.  Using a model of advocacy derived from the environmental movement, Smith encouraged participants to acquire a strong understanding of the incentives and barriers that are in play for decision makers involved in this issue, and to tailor one’s approach to the specific audience addressed.  Stakeholders bring different perceptions of how to achieve the balancing purpose of copyright and advocates must grasp the motives present on all sides of the issue.   He makes the case for telling stories alongside data in presenting a position because narratives are usually more interesting and memorable than the rules and abstract principles they demonstrate.  Smith also offered guidance on how to address risk in copyright contexts, and extolled the positive impact created by simply behaving in a respectful and friendly way toward everyone involved in the conversation.

  20. Breakout Session: Copyright: The Ethical Imperative for Librarians. Presented by Martin Garnar, Dean of the Kraemer Family Library, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gesina A. Phillips


    Full Text Available Martin Garnar, in his presentation “Copyright: The Ethical Imperative for Librarians,” discusses the evolution of the American Library Association's Code of Ethics as an indicator of the changing relationship between librarianship and copyright education. Updates to the Code of Ethics, and in particular the 2014 adoption of an interpretation of Article IV, offer a vision of librarians as active parties in the discussion of intellectual property rights. This interpretation includes a series of statements about what librarians "should" do in their roles as information professionals in order to navigate copyright within their roles and interactions with users, and to uphold a fair balance between rights holders and users.

  1. 76 FR 22751 - Softwood Lumber Research, Promotion, Consumer Education and Industry Information Order... (United States)


    ... 23, 2011. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Maureen T. Pello, Marketing Specialist, Research and... procedure, Advertising, Consumer information, Marketing agreements, Softwood lumber, Promotion, Reporting... Vol. 76 Friday, No. 78 April 22, 2011 Part II Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing...

  2. 75 FR 61025 - Softwood Lumber Research, Promotion, Consumer Education and Industry Information Order... (United States)


    ... Information Order; Referendum Procedures AGENCY: Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA. ACTION: Proposed rule..., Washington, DC 20503. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Maureen T. Pello, Marketing Specialist, Research and... procedure, Advertising, Consumer information, Marketing agreements, Softwood Lumber, Promotion, Reporting...

  3. Eesti juurtega ameeriklane teeb filmi laulvast revolutsioonist / Sigrid Laev

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laev, Sigrid


    James Tusty ja tema abikaasa Maureen Castle teevad oma firmaga Mountain View Productions dokumentaalfilmi Eesti taasiseseisvumisest. Ameeriklaste kõrval on Eestist kaasprodutsendiks Artur Talvik. Filmi eelarve on üle 4 miljoni krooni

  4. 76 FR 54217 - Membership of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Performance Review Board (United States)


    ... Koch Director, Office of Education. Maureen E. Wylie Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Charles S. Baker Deputy Assistant Administrator, NESDIS National Environmental Satellite... Financial Officer National Ocean Service. David Robinson Associate Director for Management Resources...

  5. 76 FR 59662 - Membership of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Performance Review Board (United States)


    ... Koch Director, Office of Education, Office of Education. Maureen E. Wylie Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Charles S. Baker Deputy Assistant Administrator, NESDIS, National.... Cartwright.... Chief Financial Officer, National Ocean Service. David Robinson Associate Director for...

  6. Dokumentaalfilm "Laulev revolutsioon" tähistab vabadust / Kalev Vilgats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vilgats, Kalev


    Dokumentalistide James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty Eesti taasiseseisvumisest kõnelevast dokumentaalfilmist kui suurepärasest Eesti tutvustajast maailmale kirjutab oma koduleheküljel USA uuringute firma Media Research Center president L. Brent Bozell III. Refereering

  7. Filme meist ja meie ajast / Raimo Jõerand

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jõerand, Raimo


    EFSA filmiekspert teavitab uutest eesti tõsielufilmidest : Urmas E. Liivi "Casting" ja "Briljantroheline maja, pumbakaev ja valge laev", Andres Maimiku, Jaak Kilmi "Müümise kunst", James ja Maureen Tusty "Laulev revolutsioon"

  8. Mälestus laulvast revolutsioonist / Rein Veidemann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Veidemann, Rein, 1946-


    Rets. rmt. : Vesilind, Priit J. The Singing Revolution : how culture saved a nation / by Priit Vesilind with James and Maureen Tusty, based on their film "The Singing Revolution". Tallinn : Varrak, 2008

  9. Itaalias vangistati peaprokuröri tappa tahtnud mafioosod / Ülle Toode

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Toode, Ülle, 1969-


    Sitsiilias vahistati ligi poolsada maffiaorganisatsiooni Cosa Nostra väidetavat liiget. Politseini oli jõudnud info, et mafioosod kavatsevad lähiajal tappa Palermo peaprokuröri Pietro Grasso, tabamata on Cosa Nostra juht. Lisa: Kohtunik üksi sõjas maffia vastu

  10. Social networks practices by TV broadcasters: a new freedom for the viewer and an audience management tool for the broadcaster

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizia SPINA


    Full Text Available This article studies the evolution from digital TV to social TV, being the TV that uses social networks as a mean to communicate with the audience. More precisely, we study the role of social TV as a social catalyst (Aldo Grasso, 2009 or of ceremony TV (Dayan Daniel 2000, as well as its capacity to establish a bidirectional communication channel.

  11. The Jaap Eden ice skating rink was ahead of its time; Jubilerende Jaap Eden kunstijsbaan was tijd ver vooruit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berends, E. [GEA Grenco, Den Bosch (Netherlands); Knipscheer, H.J.M. [Ingenieursbureau Knipscheer, Soest (Netherlands)


    In 1959, interest in a 400 meter track arose in the Netherlands as a result of the success of the Dutch skaters. The design and realization of the ice rink in Amsterdam was conducted by Grasso. On 22 December 2011, it was fifty years ago that the Jaap Eden ice skating rink was officially opened. A short overview is given of the construction, the cooling installation, safety and other special aspects and the renovation that took place in 1994. [Dutch] In 1959 ontstond er in Nederland als gevolg van de successen van de Nederlandse schaatsers interesse in een 400-meterbaan. Het ontwerp en de realisatie van een ijsbaan in Amsterdam werden uitgevoerd door Grasso. Op 22 december 2011 was het vijftig jaar geleden dat de Jaap Edenbaan officieel geopend werd. Een kort overzicht van de bouw, koelinstallatie, veiligheid, andere bijzondere aspecten en de renovatie in 1994.

  12. Overcoming Endocrine Resistance by Targeting ER/FoxA1/IL 8 Axis (United States)


    Nardone, Carmine De Angelis, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur, Nicholas Wang, Catherine S. Grasso, Paul Spellman, Obi L. Griffith, Anna Tsimelzon...presentations Publications Fu X, Jeselsohn R, Pereira R, Hollingsworth EF, Creighton CJ, Li F, Shea M, Nardone A, Angelis CD, Heiser LM, Anur P, Wang N...performed the bioinformatics analysis of RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq data. Name: Laura Heiser Project Role: Collaborator Nearest person month worked: 1

  13. Overcoming Endocrine Resistance by Targeting ER/FoxA1/IL-8 Axis (United States)


    Creighton, Fugen Li, Martin Shea, Agostina Nardone, Tao Wang, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur, Nicholas Wang, Catie Grasso, Paul Spellman, Carolina...Xiaoyong Fu, Rinath Jeselsohn, Resel Pereira, Emporia F. Hollingsworth, Chad J. Creighton, Fugen Li, Martin Shea, Agostina Nardone, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana...Rinath Jeselsohn, Emporia F. Hollingsworth, Dolores Lopez-Terrada, Chad J. Creighton, Agostina Nardone, Martin Shea, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur

  14. Helping Children with Attentional Challenges in a Montessori Classroom: The Role of the Physician (United States)

    Murphy-Ryan, Maureen


    Maureen Murphy-Ryan offers a clinical look at attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Her thorough definition of ADHD and the diagnoses that may occur simultaneously offer teachers an awareness of what this could look like in a classroom. However, it is only with professional medical input that a true diagnosis can be made and appropriate…

  15. Tänavuse Pöffi avafilm sihib Ameerika väärtfilmikinosid / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Kümnenda Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali avamisel esilinastub täna James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilm Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution") : Ameerika Ühendriigid - Eesti (Mountain View Productions - Allfilm). Filmi valmimist on rahastanud väliseestlased ja Eesti riiklikud filmirahastajad

  16. PÖFFi avab dokfilm, mis tutvustas USA presidendile Eestit

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kümnenda Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali avamisel esilinastub täna Eesti juurtega ameeriklase James Tusty ja tema abikaasa Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilm Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution") : Ameerika Ühendriigid - Eesti (Mountain View Productions - Allfilm). Filmi on juba näidatud Valges Majas enne George W. Bushi Eesti visiiti


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Augusto Xavier Galharte


    Full Text Available From a discussion about the death, the article analyzes some images proceeding from Guimarães Rosa images that are present in other artistic languages. Readings of Rosa texts made by the photographer Maureen Bisilliat and the moviemakers Marcello Tassara, Roberto Santos and Glauber Rocha are presented.

  18. 75 FR 51518 - Office of the Secretary: Senior Executive Service Performance Review Boards Membership (United States)


    ..., James A. Conner, Clara H. Curtis, Joyce A. Elston, Debra S. Furst, Anthony T. Gee, King W. Gibbs, David..., Julius Federal Motor Carrier Administration Amos, Anna J. Gunnels, Mary D. Horan III, Charles Leone... Horn, Donald Hurdle, Lana Jackson, Ronald Jones, Mary N. Jones, Maureen A. Kaleta, Judith Knapp...

  19. 75 FR 58363 - Membership of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Performance Review Board (United States)


    ...: Louisa Koch, Director, Office of Education Office of Education. Maureen E. Wylie, Chief Financial Officer Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Rebecca J. Lent, Director, International Affairs National Marine.... Culpepper, Chief Human Capital Officer National Institute of Standards and Technology, DOC. Charles S. Baker...

  20. The New Epidemiology--A Challenge to Health Administration. Issues in Epidemiology for Administration. (United States)

    Crichton, Anne, Ed.; Neuhauser, Duncan, Ed.

    The role of epidemiology in health administration is considered in 11 articles, and three course descriptions and a bibliography are provided. Titles and authors include the following: "The Need for Creative Managerial Epidemiology" (Gary L. Filerman); "The Growing Role of Epidemiology in Health Administration" (Maureen M.…

  1. Eesti harrastusfilm võitis esikoha

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tallinna V rahvusvahelise amatöörfilmide festivali peaauhind jagunes nelja filmi vahel, millest üks oli Eesti "Elevanti nägema" (tegijad Sandra Dürdorth, Maureen Apel, Kalev Saar, Leon Shamis). Teised võitjad olid Austria (2 filmi) ja Soome

  2. NOAA predicts near-normal or below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season (United States)

    Related link: Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season Outlook Discussion El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO ) Diagnostic Discussion National Hurricane Preparedness Week FEMA Media Contact Maureen O'Leary 301-427-9000 tips, along with video and audio public service announcements in both English and Spanish, featuring

  3. 78 FR 211 - Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Promotion, Research and Information Order; Referendum Procedures (United States)


    .... Comments may be submitted on the Internet at: or to the Promotion and Economics... CONTACT: Maureen T. Pello, Marketing Specialist, Promotion and Economics Division, Fruit and Vegetable... information collection requirements in the request are essential to carry out the intent of the 1996 Act. The...

  4. DVD-d / Rain Kooli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kooli, Rain


    Uued DVD-d USA filmidest : põnevik "Laskur" ("Shooter"; režii Antoine Fuqua), joonisfilm "Üle heki" ("Over the Hedge", režii Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick), ulmefilm "Transformerid" ("Transformers", režii Michael Bay) ja dokfilm "Laulev revolutsioon" ("The Singing Revolution"; režii James Tusty, Maureen Castle Tusty)

  5. 75 FR 68620 - Notice of Lodging of Proposed Consent Decree Under the Clean Water Act (United States)


    ..., the consent decree requires the Township to perform a wide variety of short-, medium, and long-term..., Environment and Natural Resources Division, and either e-mailed to [email protected] or mailed to... the U.S. Treasury. Maureen Katz, Assistant Chief Environmental Enforcement Section, Environment and...

  6. "Tjomnõje notshi" i ten "zheleznogo zanavessa" / Boris Tuch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilm "Laulev revolutsioon", Djamshed Usmonovi "Et taevasse pääseda, tuleb kõigepealt surra", Ivan Võrõpajevi "Eufooria", Kirill Serebrennikovi "Mängides ohvrit", Katja Shagalova "Pavlovi koer", Artjom Antonovi "Polumgla" ja Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck'i "Teiste elu"

  7. 76 FR 27175 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G (United States)



  8. AFRREV LALIGENS: An International Journal of Language ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Decoding the Metaphor of Internet Meme: A Study of Satirical Tweets on Black Friday Sales in Nigeria · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Stephen Madu Anurudu, Isioma Maureen Obi, 91-100. ...

  9. Juubeli-Pöff alustas eile laulvast revolutsioonist / Andris Feldmanis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Vene Teatris avati 10. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival esilinastusega James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilmist Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution"). Lühiülevaade festivali filmiprogrammidest, üritustest ja toimumispaikadest (peale Tallinna veel Tartu, Narva, Viljandi, Jõhvi ja Kärdla)

  10. Prazdniki i budni "Tjomnõhh notshei" / Eteri Kekelidze

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kekelidze, Eteri, 1944-


    10. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival avatakse esilinastusega : James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilm Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution"). Lühiülevaade festivali filmiprogrammidest, üritustest ja Venemaa filmidest, mida festivalil näha saab

  11. PÖFF saabub laulu ja revolutsiooniga / Jaanus Kulli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kulli, Jaanus, 1955-


    Kümnenda Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali avamisel esilinastub täna James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilm Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution"). Lühiülevaade festivali filmiprogrammidest, üritustest ja toimumispaikadest (peale Tallinna veel Tartu, Narva, Viljandi, Jõhvi ja Kärdla)

  12. PÖFF alustas laulu ja revolutsiooniga / Jaanus Kulli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kulli, Jaanus, 1955-


    1. detsembril avati Vene Teatris 10. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival esilinastusega James Tusty ja Maureen Castle Tusty dokumentaalfilmist Eestist "Laulev revolutsioon" ("Singing Revolution"). Kuulutati välja tudengifilmifestivali Sleepwalkers võitjad (peaauhind soomlase Mikko Kuparineni "KOduvideo"). Lühiülevaade festivali filmiprogrammidest, üritustest. Avamispeol mängis ansambel Püffel

  13. The Researcher's Journey: Scholarly Navigation of an Academic Library Web Site (United States)

    McCann, Steve; Ravas, Tammy; Zoellner, Kate


    A qualitative study of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library's Web site identified the ways in which students and faculty of the University of Montana used the site for research purposes. This study employed open-ended interview questions and observations to spontaneously capture a user's experience in researching topics in which they…

  14. Restructuring family policies: convergences and divergences

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Baker, Maureen


    ... to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Adopting a feminist political economy approach, Maureen Baker shows that while some governments encourage their citizens to see children as 'future resources/ and promote strong support for reproductive health programs, child welfare services, women's refuges, subsidized c...

  15. The Challenge of the Deanship. (United States)

    Montez, Joni; Wolverton, Mimi

    This paper addresses the evolution of the kinds of challenges that deans have met over time and examines perceptions of today's deans concerning their ability to deal effectively with current challenges. A sample of deans (n=695) in the colleges of education, business, liberal arts, and nursing at 360 public and private institutions was surveyed…

  16. Abdominal adipose tissue distribution in obese children. US versus CT measurements; Valutazione della distribuzione del tessuto adiposo addominale nei bambini obesi. Confronto tra ecografia e Tomografia Computerizzata

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ferrozzi, F.; Zuccoli, G.; Tognini, G.; Castriota-Scanderbeg, A.; Bacchini, E. [Parma Univ., Parma (Italy). Ist. di Scienze Radiologiche; Bernasconi, S. [Modena Univ., Modena (Italy). Clinica Pediatrica; Campani, R. [Pavia Univ., Pavia (Italy). Ist. di Radiologia


    Computed Tomography (CT) and, more recently, ultrasound (US), have proved excellent tools for quantifying adipose tissue distribution. Body fat distribution is an important factor in the treatment of obesity and its complications. In this work it is investigated the correlation between CT and US measurements in pediatric obesity. Forty obese children and adolescents aged 4.1-14.8 years were submitted to CT and US. Intra-abdominal, subcutaneous and total body fat were calculated (in cm{sup 2}), with the CT image analysis software. The rectus muscle-spine and rectus muscle-aorta distances, as indicative of visceral fat thickness, were measured on US images with(out) compression. The distance between skin fat and fat-rectus muscle interfaces was measured as subcutaneous fat thickness. US-CT findings have been compared with other morphometric variables-i.e., patient's (ideal) body weight and skin fold measures. A statistically significant correlation was found between the CT measurement of visceral fat and the aorta-rectus muscle and rectus muscle-spine distances (r=0.80 and 0.74, respectively). The US measurements of subcutaneous fat were correlated with CT subcutaneous fat area (r=0.82). No correlation was found between overweight, as calculated by body mass index, and CT or US fat. In conclusions, the findings indicate that US is as useful as CT in evaluating body fat distribution in pediatric obesity. [Italian] La TC e piu' recentemente l'ecografia si sono dimostrate eccellenti tecniche di valutazione della quantita' e della distribuzione del tessuto adiposo corporeo. La compartimentazione del grasso corporeo ha, infatti, importanti implicazioni per il trattamento dell'obesita' e delle sue complicanze. Scopo dello studio e' stato quello di correlare i risultati ottenuti con la TC con quelli ecografici nella valutazione dell'obesita' del paziente pediatrico. Quaranta bambini obesi con eta' compresa tra 4,1 e 14

  17. Cutting to the chase

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Snieckus, D.


    This article reports on the development of the cost effective abrasive cutting Sabre system which came as a result of UWG's work on the decommissioning of the Phillips' Maureen wells and adds to UWG's 'total severance solution' tools. The advantages of the system are highlighted and include the ability to operate from a platform or diving support vessel, to cut internal cases, and to eliminate the use of environmentally damaging explosives and the need to operate from a rig. The new Mark II version of the Sabre designed to work at greater depths of water, the range of the severance tools, UWG's well abandonment hole assembly system, and its aim to enter the Gulf of Mexico market are discussed. Details are given of the decommissioning of the Schwedeneck-See platforms in Kiel Bay off Germany and the Phillips' UK decommissioning plans for the Maureen platform

  18. Advance Planning Briefing for Industry: Sustaining the Warfighter through Battlespace Integration (United States)


    value, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity procurement, and consist of a base year and 4 option years. BRIEFER: COL Alfred J. Estrella ...Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity procurement, and consist of a base year plus 4 option years. BRIEFER: COL Alfred J. Estrella , Commander, US...MR. ROBERT R. LEHNES DPEO, C3S MR. DENNIS TURNER DIR, CECOM SEC COL ALFRED J. ESTRELLA COMMANDER, ISEC MRS. MAUREEN MACFARLAND DEP DIR, CECOM

  19. CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    LECTURE SERIES 9, 10 11 & 12 March 2010 11:00-12:00 - Main Auditorium, Bldg. 500 The Dark Side of the Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy by Prof. Michael Turner Tuesday 9 June 2009 Lecture 1 : State of Cosmology Today Wednesday 10 June 2009 Lecture 2: Particle Dark Matter Thursday 11 June 2009 Lecture 3: Cosmic Acceleration and Dark Energy Friday 12 June 2009 Lecture 4: Future Direction and Challenges Organiser: Maureen Prola-Tessaur/PH-EDU

  20. Development of a flagellin surface display expression system in a moderate thermophile, Bacillus halodurans Alk36

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Crampton, Michael C


    Full Text Available BIOTECHNOLOGY The development of a flagellin surface display expression system in a moderate thermophile, Bacillus halodurans Alk36 Michael Crampton & Eldie Berger & Sharon Reid & Maureen Louw Received: 3 October 2006 /Revised: 29 January 2007 /Accepted... techniques Plasmid DNA was isolated using a Plasmid Midi Kit (Qiagen). Restriction enzymes were used as specified by the manufacturer (Fermentas and Roche Diagnostics). All mini-preps were done using Perfectprep Plasmid Mini Kit (Eppendorf). All DNA...

  1. A field guide to digital color

    CERN Document Server

    Stone, Maureen


    Maureen Stone's field guide to digital color presents a survey of digital color with special emphasis on those fields important for computer graphics. The book provides the foundation for understanding color and its applications, discusses color media and color management and the use of color in computer graphics, including color design and selection. The book provides a guide for anyone who wants to understand and apply digital color. An annotated bibliography provides in-depth references for further study on each topic.

  2. Wetland Plants of Great Salt Lake, A Guide to Identification, Communities, & Bird Habitat


    Downard, Rebekah; Frank, Maureen; Perkins, Jennifer; Kettenring, Karin; Larese-Casanova, Mark


    Wetland Plants of Great Salt Lake: a guide to identification, communities, & bird habitat is a wetland plant identification guide, resulting from collaborative research efforts about Great Salt Lake (GSL) wetland conditions and bird habitat. Dr. Rebekah Downard collected dissertation field data from GSL wetlands during 2012–2015, the majority of which informed this work. Dr. Maureen Frank contributed her guide to GSL wetland vegetation and how to manage native plants as high-quality habitat f...

  3. Functional Design of Breakwaters for Shore Protection: Empirical Methods (United States)


    prepred by the Principal Investigator of the work unit, Ms. Julie Dean Rosati, Hy1. aulic Engineer, EAU, CSEB. COL Larry B. Fulton, EN, was Commander and...transmissibility, wave climate , etc.), morphologica. beach response may be either a salient or tombolo. Reef breakwaters are a type of detached breakwaters... climate chosen for design (USAED, Buffalo 1975; Pope and Dean 1986), as waves from the northwest were inappropriately weighted. Pope and Dean (1986) 26

  4. An Integrated Assessment of Progress in Robotic Perception and Semantic Navigation (United States)


    Navigation by Craig Lennon, Barry Bodt, Marshal Childers, Jean Oh, Arne Suppe, Luis Navarro-Serment, Robert Dean, Terrence Keegan , Chip Diberardino...Directorate, ARL Jean Oh, Arne Suppe, and Luis Navarro-Serment National Robotics Engineering Center, Pittsburgh, PA Robert Dean, Terrence Keegan ...AUTHOR(S) Craig Lennon, Barry Bodt, Marshal Childers, Jean Oh, Arne Suppe, Luis Navarro-Serment, Robert Dean, Terrence Keegan , Chip Diberardino

  5. Comparing market orientation culture of businesses and schools of business: an extension and refinement. (United States)

    Webster, Robert L; Hammond, Kevin L; Harmon, Harry A


    This study extends previous work concerning the market orientation culture within specialty businesses and schools of business. Specifically, member schools of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International are separated into public and private universities. Data were collected via a mailed survey to business schools holding membership. 106 public school deans and 35 private school deans responded, for a 23% response rate. Input from the deans was sought on their perceptions of the market orientation culture within the schools. Respondents' perceptions, rated on a 7-point scale, measured four dimensions of market orientation: customer orientation, competitor orientation, organizational coordination, and overall market orientation. Data for specialty businesses were drawn from a previous study. Comparison testing between the public and private business schools' deans and business managers was conducted. Analysis indicated perceived market orientation was significantly higher for deans of private business schools than public business schools. Compared with business managers, private school deans were statistically different on only one of the four dimensions, whereas public business school deans' scores were significantly different from those of business managers on all four. Compared with each other, business school deans were statistically different on three dimensions, with private school deans reporting greater market orientation.

  6. Nursing history: from conformity to challenging practice.


    Rosser, Elizabeth


    Elizabeth Rosser, Deputy Dean (Education and Professional Practice) and Professor of Nursing at Bournemouth University, considers the lessons that the nursing profession has learned since its early days.

  7. Burnout in Nurse Faculty: Relationships with Management Style, Collegial Support, and Work Load in Collegiate Programs. (United States)

    Dick, Margaret Jorgensen


    A study of the relationship of management behavior of the dean, collegial support, and workload to burnout among faculty in collegiate nursing programs found that collegial support, positive feedback from the dean, and a participatory management style are more important for protecting faculty against burnout than attention to workload. (MSE)

  8. A Survey of Former Drafting & Engineering Design Technology Students. Summary Findings of Respondents District-Wide. (United States)

    Glyer-Culver, Betty

    In fall 2001 staff of the Los Rios Community College District Office of Institutional Research collaborated with occupational deans, academic deans, and faculty to develop and administer a survey of former Drafting and Engineering Design Technology students. The survey was designed to determine how well courses had met the needs of former drafting…

  9. Troubled Kingdoms, Restless Natives. (United States)

    Thomson, Scott D.


    A recent study of deans in leading universities found that education deans had significantly weaker connections to practice in the field than their counterparts in law and architecture. School administration, unlike other professions, has failed to rely sufficiently on practice to generate theory. A professional studies approach offers new…

  10. A Survey of Former Nursing (RN and LVN) Students. Summary Findings of Respondents District-Wide. (United States)

    Glyer, Culver-Betty

    In fall 2001 staff of the Los Rios Community College District Office of Institutional Research collaborated with occupational deans, academic deans, and faculty to develop and administer a survey of former nursing (RN and LVN) students. The survey was designed to determine how well courses had met the needs of former nursing students who earned…

  11. Participative Leadership in Managing a Faculty Strategy (United States)

    Gwele, N. S.


    Contemporary discourse on the changed role of the Dean of an academic institution underscores the importance of aligning Faculty goals and objectives with the institution's vision and mission. This article focuses on the dean as an academic leader charged with the responsibility of shaping the character of the Faculty within a results-driven…

  12. Leading in Middle Management in Higher Education (United States)

    Pepper, Coral; Giles, Wendy


    In this article we discuss the experiences of academics who occupy middle-level leadership roles in higher education. We use the term middle management to describe personnel occupying positions below the level of dean and often referred to as associate deans or heads of school. Practitioners rarely turn their attention to their own organizations,…

  13. The Value of Knowing How Students Learn (United States)

    Riley, Benjamin


    Deans for Impact, a nonprofit organization composed of leaders of educator-preparation programs throughout the U.S., believes cognitive science is an important part of an evidence-based core of knowledge that preservice teachers should possess. Member deans believe that cognitive science holds promise for improving learning and promoting the…

  14. A Survey of Former Business Students (General Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate). Summary Findings of Respondents District-Wide. (United States)

    Glyer-Culver, Betty

    In fall 2002 staff of the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) Office of Institutional Research collaborated with occupational deans, academic deans, and faculty to develop and administer a survey of former business students. The survey was designed to determine how well courses had met the needs of former business students in the areas of…

  15. Becoming Known through Email: A Case of Woman, Leadership, and an Awfully Familiar Strange Land (United States)

    Drake, Pat


    This project explores women and educational leadership from the perspective of an individual who moved from the UK to Australia in order to take up the position of Dean of an education grouping in a university. Emails sent by the Dean to the group are analysed after nine months in post and categorised according to the requirements of the position…

  16. Medical Student Views on Interactions with Pharmaceutical Representatives (United States)

    Ganzini, Linda; Chen, Zunqiu; Peters, Dawn; Misra, Sahana; Macht, Madison; Osborne, Molly; Keepers, George


    Objective: In 2006, the Housestaff Association presented the Dean at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) with a proposal to effectively end the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on campus. The Dean convened a workgroup to examine the issue, and faculty, residents, and medical students were surveyed on their views and interactions.…

  17. 76 FR 10923 - Submission for Review: Extension of an Expiring Information Collection 3206-0165; General Request... (United States)


    ... Supervisor Information (INV 41), Personal Information (INV 42), Educational Registrar and Dean of Students... Request for Personal Information (INV 42), the Investigative Request for Educational Registrar and Dean of... enforcement data from a criminal justice agency. The INV 41, 42, and 43 are sent to employment references...

  18. Strategic Planning for Academic Administrators; Panning in a College of Business: The Case of Nikita College of Business (United States)

    Simyar, Farhad; Osuji, Louis


    In the face of stiff completion for scarce funds to effectively navigate the affairs of business schools, college deans have to come up with strategic plans to ensure that various opinions and inputs of stake holders including faculty and staff are accommodated. Additionally, such deans are expected to come up with goals and objectives designed to…

  19. Determinants of successful deanship. (United States)

    Bassaw, Bharat


    With the significant changes taking place in health and education as well as the rising demands and expectations, deans of medical faculties must exhibit strong and effective leadership skills. Deans need to focus on the broad scope and to translate their dreams into applied institutional operations and functions. It is thus necessary that the deans must identify the institution's core ideology, lead strategic planning, create a common vision and offer direction to the collective membership of the institution. Some personal qualities that appear to be critical for effective deanship include being visionary, fair, trustworthy and exemplary. Prospective deans should receive training in leadership. New deans must be properly informed on the strategic plan of the faculty before they are appointed.

  20. CERN Academic training programme 2011

    CERN Multimedia

    PH Department


    Regular lecture   24, 25, 26 and 27 May 2011 from 11:00 to 12:00 at CERN (Bldg. 222-R-001 - Filtration Plant) Particle Dark Matter by Pippa Wells (CERN) I review the phenomenology of particle dark matter, including the process of thermal freeze-out in the early universe, and the direct and indirect detection of WIMPs. I also describe some of the most popular particle candidates for dark matter and summarize the current status of the quest to discover dark matter’s particle identity. Organiser: Maureen Prola-Tessaur/PH-EDU

  1. U.S. Dental School Deans’ Perceptions of the Rising Cost of Dental Education and Borrowing Pressures on Dental Students: Report of Survey Results. (United States)

    McAllister, Dora Elías; Garrison, Gwen E; Feldman, Cecile A; Anderson, Eugene L; Cook, Bryan J; Valachovic, Richard W


    This report presents findings from a survey of U.S. dental school deans designed to capture their perceptions regarding the rising cost of dental education and its impact on borrowing by dental students to finance their education. The survey included questions about factors influencing the cost of dental education, concerns about dental student borrowing, and financial awareness resources for students. The survey was distributed to the deans of all 63 U.S. dental schools in January 2013; 42 deans responded, for a 67% response rate. The results indicate that, according to the responding deans, new clinical technologies, technology costs, and central university taxes are the main factors that contribute to the increasing cost of dental education. Coupled with reduced state appropriations at public dental schools and declines in private giving at all dental schools, dental school deans face a perplexing set of financial management challenges. Tuition and fees are a primary source of revenue for all dental schools; however, many deans do not have total control over the cost of attending their schools since tuition and fees are often tied to mandates and policies from the parent university and the state legislature. The findings of this study indicate that U.S. dental school deans are aware of and concerned about the impact of increases in tuition and fees on dental student debt and that they are using a variety of strategies to address the growth in dental student borrowing.

  2. Profiles of Deanship in Malaysian Public Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parmjit Singh


    Full Text Available Today institutions of higher learning all around the globe are undergoing rapid transformation as they compete to survive in the ever changing global demands as a result of globalisation and internationalization. In such a scenario, there is a critical demand for heads of schools and faculties in higher education to establish a strong academic reputation and become sense makers of their organizations. The roles of deans as academic leaders encompass areas such as research, academia and administration. Realizing deans as pillars of academic scholarship, this study investigated the academic and scholarly leadership profiles of deans in Malaysian public universities. The study involved 348 randomly selected deans and senior academic administrative staff from nine public universities. Data was collected via questionnaire and semi structured interviews. The findings indicated that a majority of the respondents agreed that deans should have a good academic standing and research profile possessing at least a PhD. to act as a role model for the faculty staff. Besides that respondents indicated that research and publication should be one of the most important criteria in the selection of a dean. Results indicated that on the average, deans in Malaysia conducted at least one research project and wrote approximately 1.67 papers per year. Deans also highlighted that as academic leaders they had insufficient time to pursue their academic scholarship due to increased administrative duties; hence, they found it difficult to balance their leadership and scholarship responsibilities. More importantly this study indicated that deans as academic leaders left much to be desired.

  3. Ricerca, tutela e valorizzazione del patrimonio archeologico: opinioni a confronto / Research, protection and enhancement of archaeological heritage: comparing different point of views

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmelo Grasso


    We publish here the speeches, reviewed by the authors, presented on the 7th of April 2016 at the workshop in honor of Claudia Giontella, dedicated to the social, cultural, political and economic challenges that archeology is called to face in this new century. The first two speeches examine the Italian protection system in the light of some recent innovations: after showing the activity of the “Comando Carabinieri per la Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale”, Carmelo Grasso illustrates the creation in 2015 of a new national task force, operating in situations of natural disasters and wars (“Caschi Blu della Cultura”, while Mario Pagano evaluates the Reform of MiBACT. Then, Paolo Güll discusses theoretical and methodological issues concerning preventive archeology, and Francesca Sogliani focuses on activities that have been promoted to enhance archeological heritage in Basilicata, also in sight of Matera European Cultural Capital 2019.

  4. Incremental Validity of Biographical Data in the Prediction of En Route Air Traffic Control Specialist Technical Skills (United States)


    Previous research demonstrated that an empirically-keyed, response-option scored biographical data (biodata) : scale predicted supervisory ratings of air traffic control specialist (ATCS) job performance (Dean & Broach, : 2011). This research f...

  5. 76 FR 59416 - Senior Executive Service Performance Review Board (United States)


    ..., William Danelo, Daniel J. Davis, Delia Davis, Robert de Vallance, Brian Dean, Nicole DeVita, Charles Di..., Roberta Stern, Warren Stewart, Sharon Stinnett, Melanie S. Strack, Barbara L. Stroud, Dennie Michael...

  6. On being African and Reformed? Towards an African Reformed ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jun 17, 2014 ... It is furthermore our contention that the notion of culture and African worldviews was always perceived negatively ..... dean of the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology. He later .... Another Reformed church for Indian.

  7. Konkurendid teevad viimaseid katseid Kerryt kinni püüda / Neeme Raud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA presidendivalimiste kampaaniast. Demokraatide eelvalimistel Wisconsini osariigis on suurema tähelepanu all Vermonti endine kuberner Howard Dean ja Põhja-Carolina senaator John Edwards, kes ei soovi tunnistada allajäämist John Kerryle

  8. 78 FR 46407 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ...'s disease, and refractive amblyopia. In most cases, their eye conditions were not recently developed...), Juan R. Cano (TX), John Cole (IL), Kenneth Crider (KY), Jon R. Grunschel (MA), Dean Hawley (NC...

  9. Centre for nuclear engineering University of Toronto annual report 1984

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The annual report of the Centre for Nuclear Engineering, University of Toronto covers the following subjects: message from the Dean; Chairman's message; origins of the centre; formation of the centre; new nuclear appointments; and activities of the centre, 1984

  10. Engineering science and mechanics department head named


    Nystrom, Lynn A.


    Ishwar K. Puri, professor of mechanical engineering and executive associate dean of engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, will become the head of Virginia Tech•À_ó»s Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics Aug. 1.

  11. Adsorption kinetics of cadmium and lead by chitosan

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Apr 26, 2010 ... The lead and cadmium adsorption kinetic behavior could not be described using the Langmuir ... by chemical or by physical adsorption (Dean and Dixon,. 1992 ... phate fertilizer burning fuels, cement production, mining.

  12. United States Air Force Academy Educational Outcomes Assessment Working Group. Phase 2

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Porter, David


    This publication provides an account of educational outcomes assessment activity undertaken by seven assessment teams under the Phase II Charter of the Dean of the Faculty's Educational Outcomes Assessment Working Group...

  13. variations in dimensions and shape of thoracic cage with aging

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    the rib cage dimensions, the shape and cross- ..... Figure 6: CT axial section of thorax, showing the internal thoracic dimensions and shape at different age .... Dean J, Koehler R, Schleien C, Michael J, Chantarojanasiri T, Rogers M, Traystman ...

  14. 77 FR 52316 - U.S. Air Force Academy Board of Visitors; Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ...; Superintendent's Update; Character Update; USAFA Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program; Critical Thinking Assessment Tool; and the Diversity in the Dean's Faculty brief. In accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552b...

  15. Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2018

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Date of birth: 2 September 1957. Specialization: Cosmic Magnetic Fields, Structure Formation, Cosmology Address: Distinguished Professor & Dean, Visitor Academic Programmes, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Post Bag 4, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411 007, Maharashtra Contact: Office: (020) 2560 4101

  16. Managers urged to care more for their staff. (United States)


    National Health Service staffing problems will never be solved unless management philosophy radically changes co enable nurses to cherish their work, RCN Policy and Research Director Derek Dean warned.

  17. Calvin and the confessions of the Reformation

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    -. Nuremberg, Germany. He is participating as research fellow of Prof. Dr Johan. Buitendag, Dean of the. Faculty of Theology of the. University of Pretoria, South. Africa. This article represents a reworked version of a.

  18. Navy Enterprise Resource Planning Program: Governance Challenges in Deploying an Enterprise-Wide Information Technology System in the Department of the Navy (United States)


    Douglas E. Brinkley, Support Advisor _____________________________________ William R. Gates, Dean Graduate School of Business and...Washington, DC: Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition. Blackstone , John H., and James F. Cox. 2005. APICS Dictionary

  19. Macro-perspective on the first decade of South African housing delivery and its contribution towards the formation of sustainable settlements and communities

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Napier, Mark


    Full Text Available to the developmental challenges of municipalities Graham Tate – Manager: Information and Technology Services, DBSA..............................126 CIDB Infrastructure Delivery Management Toolkit Dean Barnes – Programme and Project Manager: Construction Industry...

  20. Public Relations Definitions Through the Years (United States)

    Harlow, Rex F.


    Traces public relations definitions in the twentieth century emphasizing the impact of publicity efforts. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (MH)

  1. Communication Theory and the Consumer Movement- (United States)

    Newsom, Doug


    Defines and traces the origins of the consumer movement and uses communication theories to explain the effects of the movement. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (MH)

  2. 75 FR 38549 - Notice of Appointment of Individuals To Serve as Members of Performance Review Board (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Cynthia Roscoe, Director of Human Resources, U.S. International Trade Commission (202... the PRB: Commissioner Daniel R. Pearson. Vice-Chair of the PRB: Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert. Member...

  3. 78 FR 13706 - Notice of Appointment of Individuals To Serve as Members of Performance Review Board (United States)


    .... Pearson Vice-Chair of the PRB: Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert Member--Catherine DeFilippo Member--Robert B... Member--Lyn M Schlitt FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Patricia Connelly, Director of Human Resources, U...

  4. Typhus in Texas

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

    Dr. Kristy Murray, an associate professor in pediatrics and assistant dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital, discusses increased cases of typhus in southern Texas.

  5. Micrognathia (United States)

    ... structures. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry of the Child and Adolescent . 10th ed. St ... Medicine, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Hollywood, FL. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare ...

  6. 75 FR 38988 - Notice of Petitions by Firms for Determination of Eligibility To Apply for Trade Adjustment... (United States)


    ..., Romeoville, IL mechanical and mechanical subassemblies 60446. for the automotive, medical, appliance, and consumer electronics industries. DJ Acquisition Management Corp. 6364 Dean Parkway, 6/18/2010 The Company...

  7. Plaadid / Priit Pruul

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pruul, Priit


    Uutest heliplaatidest Herbie Hancock "The Essential Herbie Hancock", "Feel The Beat", Tom Petty "Highway Companion", "Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias", James Dean Bradfield "The Great Western", Gladys Knight "Before Me", "Pirates of the Caribbean"

  8. Chaudhari, Prof. Raghunath Vitthal

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Specialization: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biomass Conversion; Multiphase Reactors, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Kinetics & Mechanism Address: Deane E Ackers Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, CEBC, The University of Kansas, 1501, Wakarusa Dr ...

  9. comparison of cardio-pulmonary responses to forward and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    increase quadriceps power and strength (Mackie and. Dean, 1984 ... the metabolic cost of and cardiopulmonary response to this mode of ... power and at maximal exercise. ... wind resistance ) (Fohenbach, Mader and Holloman,. 1987; Heck ...

  10. Emerging Threats to National Security

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Treverton, Gregory F


    Statement of Gregory F. Treverton, Director, Intelligence Policy Center, RAND Corporation, Associate Dean, Pardee RAND Graduate School, before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, given before the United States...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Joly was the Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University. College, Ibadan (1948 ... when female education was considered unimportant. Beatrice made up ... best prizes. She went on to pursue a successful postgraduate medical.

  12. Thanatochemistry: Study of synovial fluid potassium

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nilesh Keshav Tumram


    Mar 28, 2014 ... Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440003, India b Dean, Govt. ... interval and postmortem biochemical changes in various body fluids such .... likely to have technical errors than other methods adopted till date.

  13. Raw data used to generate figures 2 through 6 in Biological Responses of Raw 264.7 Macrophage Exposed to Two Strains of Stachybotrys chartarum Spores Grown on Four Different Wallboard Types manuscript. (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Excel files containing raw data used to generate figures throughout manuscript. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Dean , T., D. Betancourt ,...

  14. Oceanographic profile temperature, salinity, and oxygen measurements collected using CTD/XBT from NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown in the Pacific Ocean from 2007 to 2008 (NODC Accession 0046077) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — XBT/CTD profile comparison data from the oceanographic line P18 2007/2008. XBT Deployments XBTs provided by Prof. Dean Roemmich of SIO were dropped during the cruise...

  15. Research | College of Engineering & Applied Science (United States)

    Engineering & Applied Science. Please explore this webpage to learn about research activities and Associate Dean for Research College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Director, Center for Sustainable magazine. College ofEngineering & Applied Science Academics About People Students Research Business

  16. A Case Study for Executive Leadership (United States)

    Hill, Phyllis J.


    A newly appointed woman dean discusses the value of a management development program involving a process of self-analysis and self-determination of leadership style and effectiveness (the University of Illinois "Executive Leadership Seminar"). (JT)

  17. Inter-Plant Interaction: Ecological disturbance through PLANT Invasion

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    First page Back Continue Last page Graphics. R. K. Kohli Ph.D. FNA, FASc, FNASc, FNAAS, FBS, FNESA. Certified Sr Ecologist, ESA, USA. JC Bose National Fellow. &. Dean Research. Panjab University, Chandigarh.

  18. to view fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    selection forces, the two systems also operate under different constraints imposed by the environment and the degree to ... Long tails in male birds, for example, can serve as ..... Dantzker M S, Deane G B and Bradbury J W 1999 Directional.

  19. Nice Work if You Can Get Them To Do It. (United States)

    Fish, Stanley


    Discusses the value for administrators of guidance offered by (1) the tenets of poststructuralism; (2) the book "An Uncertain Glory: Letters of Cautious but Sound Advice to Stanley, a Dean-in-Waiting"; and (3) Machiavelli's "Il Principe." (NH)

  20. Multimedia Software Laboratory | College of Engineering & Applied Science (United States)

    Support Milwaukee Engineering Research Conference 2018 Poster Competition Business Corporate Partners Engineer Research Collaborations Corporate Services Product Realization Business Tour Give Entrepreneurship -oriented methods, and performance analysis. Research Message from the Associate Dean Milwaukee Engineerâ

  1. 77 FR 14339 - Notice of Request for Revision of a Currently Approved Information Collection (United States)


    ... completed by the student's guidance counselor and requests information pertaining to the student's academic... activities, and an essay. Two letters of recommendation are required by a Department Head, Dean of a College...

  2. 77 FR 8869 - Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification... (United States)


    ... Corporation. 20120369 G Tilman J. Fertitta; Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc.; Tilman J. Fertitta. 20120371 G....; Bain Capital Fund X, L.P. 20120386 G Ann Konecny; Dean Operations, Inc.; Ann Konecny. 20120387 G...

  3. Natal teeth (United States)

    ... that influence the process. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  4. Teething (United States)

    ... that influence the process. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  5. Tooth decay -- early childhood (United States)

    ... chemotherapeutic home oral hygiene. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry of the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  6. Tooth formation - delayed or absent (United States)

    ... that influence the process. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  7. Malocclusion of teeth (United States)

    ... Managing the developing occlusion. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  8. Dental x-rays (United States)

    ... Aps JK. Radiographic techniques. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  9. Brushing Your Child's Teeth (United States)

    ... chemotherapeutic home oral hygiene. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry of the Child and Adolescent . ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  10. The training of medical students. (United States)

    Llewellyn-Jones, D


    A continuing preoccupation, perhaps an occupational neurosis, of Deans and of Medical Faculties seems to be curricular change. It is fashionable, it is progressive, it demonstrates to outsiders the educational dynamic of medicine.

  11. Introduction to the cellular and molecular biology of cancer

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Selby, P. (Peter); Knowles, Margaret A


    ... A. Prigent 186xii CONTENTS 12 Apoptosis: molecular physiology and significance for cancer therapeutics Dean A. Fennell 210 13 Mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis Paul Farrell 229 14 Cytokines and canc...

  12. The Role Conflict Phenomenon: Implications for Department Chairmen and Academic Faculty (United States)

    Carroll, Archie B.


    Role conflict is a situation in which a focal person is confronted with incompatible expectations. A department chairman faces incompatible expectations from college deans, other department chairmen, higher level administrators, and faculty. Suggestions for resolution are offered. (Editor/LBH)

  13. 76 FR 29021 - Written Re-Evaluation and Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the... (United States)


    ..., Orlando Airports District Office, 5950 Hazeltine National Drive, Suite 400, Orlando, FL 32822-5024. 407-812-6331 Ext. 129. Issued in Orlando, Florida, on May 12, 2011. W. Dean Stringer, Manager, FAA Orlando...

  14. Popmuusika / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest James Dean Bradfield "The Graet Western", Roger Waters "In The Flesh", "Dance Nation", Daedelus "Denies The Day's Demise", Donovan Frankenreiter "Move By Yourself", Eagles Of Death Metal "Death By Sexy", Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson "Lycka"

  15. 75 FR 81644 - Meeting of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure (United States)


    ... East Dean Keeton Street, Austin, TX 78705. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Peter G. McCabe, Secretary..., Washington, DC 20544, telephone (202) 502-1820. Dated: December 21, 2010. Peter G. McCabe, Rules Committee...

  16. FDA and the Chemical Brain Drainers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grandjean, Philippe


    Comment to: "Anesthesia and Developing Brains — Implications of the FDA Warning." Dean B. Andropoulos, M.D., M.H.C.M., and Michael F. Greene, M.D. N Engl J Med 2017; 376:905-907......Comment to: "Anesthesia and Developing Brains — Implications of the FDA Warning." Dean B. Andropoulos, M.D., M.H.C.M., and Michael F. Greene, M.D. N Engl J Med 2017; 376:905-907...

  17. Design and Evaluation of Dual-Expander Aerospike Nozzle Upper Stage Engine (United States)


    42 to develop an engine for use in Single-Stage-to-Orbit launch vehicles. The DF/DX cycle utilizes a dense hydrocarbon fuel, such as RP-1, and liquid...materials selection trade studies, the third generation DEAN material list was filtered to eliminate extraneous material options. This filtering limit the amount of ceramic material required to manufacture the DEAN. The material lists for the aerospike structural jacket and aerospike tip

  18. Comparison of Maxilla Mandibular Transverse Ratios With Class II Anteroposterior Discrepancies (United States)


    skeletal relationships. Malocclusion can occur in all three planes of space and result from dental , skeletal, or both dental and skeletal anomalies ...somewhat surprising when considering the prevalence of dental anomalies such as root dilacerations and morphologic anomalies . The data suggests that...Approval: \\SCJ o------===== Date 10Jul14 SERVICE DEAN APPROVAL 1. Name: DREW W. FALUS, COL, USAF. DC DEAN, GRADUATE DENTAL EDUCATION 2. School (if

  19. Computational Stud of Flow in Curved Pipes with Circular-Section


    Shirayama, Susumu; Kawamura, Tetsuya; Kuwahara, Kunio; 白山, 晋; 河村, 哲也; 桑原, 邦郎


    By solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations the flow field is calculated in a circular-sectioned pipe with a straight inlet or gradually enlarged inlet in the higher Dean number. With the straight inlet, a secondary flow of cross-stream planes was obtained and with the higher Dean number some different flow patterns were obtained. With the gradually enlarged inlet, the difference of flow patterns corresponding to Reynolds number could be simulated.

  20. Profile of Public Health Leadership. (United States)

    Little, Ruth Gaskins; Greer, Annette; Clay, Maria; McFadden, Cheryl


    Public health leaders play pivotal roles in ensuring the population health for our nation. Since 2000, the number of schools of public health has almost doubled. The scholarly credentials for leaders of public health in academic and practice are important, as they make decisions that shape the future public health workforce and important public health policies. This research brief describes the educational degrees of deans of schools of public health and state health directors, as well as their demographic profiles, providing important information for future public health leadership planning. Data were extracted from a database containing information obtained from multiple Web sites including academic institution Web sites and state government Web sites. Variables describe 2 sets of public health leaders: academic deans of schools of public health and state health directors. Deans of schools of public health were 73% males and 27% females; the PhD degree was held by 40% deans, and the MD degree by 33% deans. Seventy percent of deans obtained their terminal degree more than 35 years ago. State health directors were 60% males and 40% females. Sixty percent of state health directors had an MD degree, 4% a PhD degree, and 26% no terminal degree at all. Sixty-four percent of state health directors received their terminal degree more than 25 years ago. In addition to terminal degrees, 56% of deans and 40% of state health directors held MPH degrees. The findings call into question competencies needed by future public health professionals and leadership and the need to clarify further the level of public health training and degree type that should be required for leadership qualifications in public health.

  1. The Decanal Divide: Women in Decanal Roles at U.S. Medical Schools. (United States)

    Schor, Nina F


    To test the hypotheses that women in medical school dean-level (decanal) positions occupy lower-rank and more image- and education-focused positions than men, and that state and woman-led schools have more women in decanal positions. Data were collected on September 10-18, 2016, from Web sites of 136 allopathic, U.S. medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and represented on the roster of accredited MD programs in the United States with full accreditation as of June 22, 2016. Statistical significance of differences between comparison groups was assessed using Student t test with P corporate strategy and policy, finance, or government relations. Schools with a woman as dean or interim dean have a higher percentage of decanal positions occupied by women than those with a man as dean or interim dean (P < .05). State and private medical schools do not differ from one another in this regard. Gender stereotypes and models appear to continue to drive the number and roles of women in decanal positions.

  2. Dental School Administrators' Attitudes Towards Providing Support Services for LGBT-Identified Students. (United States)

    Behar-Horenstein, Linda S; Morris, Dustin R


    A lack of curriculum time devoted to teaching dental students about the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) health care patient needs and biases against LGBT students and faculty have been reported. Understanding dental school administrators' attitudes about LGBT students' needs might provide further insight into these long-standing issues. The aims of this study were to develop a survey to assess dental administrators' attitudes regarding the support services they believe LGBT-identified students need, to identify dental schools' current diversity inclusion policies, and to determine what types of support dental schools currently provide to LGBT students. A survey developed with the aid of a focus group, cognitive interviewing, and pilot testing was sent to 136 assistant and associate deans and deans of the 65 U.S. and Canadian dental schools. A total of 54 responses from 43 (66%) schools were received from 13 deans, 29 associate deans, and 11 assistant deans (one participant did not report a position), for a 40% response rate. The findings suggest there is a considerable lack of knowledge or acknowledgment of LGBT dental students' needs. Future studies are needed to show the importance of creating awareness about meeting the needs of all dental student groups, perhaps through awareness campaigns initiated by LGBT students.

  3. Leadership values in academic medicine. (United States)

    Souba, Wiley W; Day, David V


    To gain a deeper understanding of the guiding core values that deans of academic medical centers (AMCs) considered most essential for their leadership and the major leadership challenges that confront them. In 2003-04, semistructured interviews of 18 deans at U.S. colleges of medicine or AMCs were organized around four dimensions: background, leadership challenges, organizational effectiveness, and systems enablers/restrainers for leadership. A values Q-sort was used to determine how widely core values were shared among deans and how the complex challenges they faced did or did not align with these values. Fourteen of the 18 (78%) deans identified financial difficulties as their most pressing leadership challenge, followed by weak institutional alignment (61%), staffing problems (33%), and poor morale (28%). Open, candid communication was reported as the most effective means of addressing these complex problems. Enacting espoused shared values and having a positive attitude were identified as the most important enablers of systemic leadership, whereas micromanagement and difficult people were the major restraints. Q-sort results on 38 positive leadership values indicated that participants considered integrity most essential. Integrity was positively correlated with humanistic values and negatively correlated with results. Vision, another highly espoused value, correlated strongly with performance-oriented values but correlated negatively with humanistic values. A dynamic tension exists in AMCs between humanistic values and performance-based core values. The ability to manage that tension (i.e., when to prioritize one set of values over the other) is inherent in a dean's work.

  4. Cern academic training programme 2011: Selected Topics in the Physics of Heavy Ion Collisions

    CERN Multimedia

    PH Department


    LECTURE SERIES 14, 15 & 16 March 2011 Selected Topics in the Physics of Heavy Ion Collisions 11:00-12:00 - Bldg. 222-R-001 - Filtration Plant In these lectures, I discuss some classes of measurements accessible in heavy ion collisions at the LHC. How can these observables be measured, to what extent can they be calculated, and what do they tell us about the dense mesoscopic system created during the collision? In the first lecture, I shall focus in particular on measurements that constrain the spatio-temporal picture of the collisions and that measure centrality, orientations and extensions. In the subsequent lectures, I then discuss on how classes of measurements allow one to characterize collective phenomena, and to what extent these measurements can constrain the properties of matter produced in heavy ion collisions. Organiser: Maureen Prola-Tessaur/PH-EDU  

  5. Transposing, Transforming and Transcending Tradition in Creative Digital Media

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Prager, Phillip; Thomas, Maureen; Selsjord, Marianne


    and storytelling arts combine to create rich, complex, and engaging moving-image based artworks with wide appeal. It examines how dramatist and interactive media artist Maureen Thomas and 3D media artist and conservator Marianne Selsjord deploy creative digital technologies to transpose, transform, and transcend......How can digital media technologies, contemporary theories of creativity, and tradition combine to develop the aesthetics of computer-based art today and in the future? Through contextualised case-studies, this chapter investigates how games, information technologies, and traditional visual...... pre-page arts and crafts for the digital era, making fresh work for new audiences. Researcher in digital aesthetics, creative cognition, and play behaviour Dr. Phillip Prager examines how such work is conducive to creative insight and worthwhile play, discussing its remediation of some...

  6. Staff members with 25 years' service at CERN in 2006

    CERN Multimedia


    The 34 staff members who have spent 25 years within CERN in 2006 were invited by the Director-General to a reception in their honour on 1st November. BELLEMAN Jeroen / AB BERTOLA Dominique / DSU BOLDI Armand / TS BOLLET André / AT BRANDT Daniel / DSU CACCIOPPOLI Michel /TS CALDERONE Antonino / TS CLARET René /TS COSSEY PUGET Françoise / PH DALEXANDRO Noël / AT DECOMBAZ Michel / TS DELLA NEGRA Michel / PH DINIUS Arend / AB FOSTER David / IT FROMM Christine / DSU GROS Daniel / TS GUDET Denis / TS LEWIS Julian / AB MAPELLI Livio / PH MASSON Albert / TS MOINE Catherine / PH MÜLLER Hans / PH ODIER Patrick / AB PANMAN Jaap / PH POOLE John / AB PROLA-TESSAUR Maureen / AT RAPHOZ Jean-Pierre / IT ROSTANT Jeanne / PH RUGO Erminio / AB VAN HERWIJNEN Eric / PH WERNER Per / PH WILDNER Elena / AT WILKINSON Jonathan / DSU WISZNIOWSKI Thierry / AB

  7. Leadership styles and nursing faculty job satisfaction in Taiwan. (United States)

    Chen, Hsiu-Chin; Beck, Susan L; Amos, Linda K


    To examine nursing faculty job satisfaction and their perceptions of nursing deans' and directors' leadership styles, and to explore how the perceptions of leadership styles relate to faculty job satisfaction in Taiwan. Descriptive, correlational, and cross-sectional study with self-administered questionnaires. The sample was recruited from 18 nursing programs, and 286 questionnaires were returned. Faculty perceived that Taiwan's nursing deans and directors showed more transformational than transactional leadership. Taiwan's nursing faculty were moderately satisfied in their jobs, and they were more satisfied with deans or directors who practiced the transactional leadership style of contingent reward and the transformational style of individualized consideration. A style with negative effect was passive management by exception. Three types of leadership behaviors explained significant variance (21.2%) in faculty job satisfaction in Taiwan, indicating the need for further attention to training and development for effective leadership behaviors.

  8. Thermodynamic optimization of a coiled tube heat exchanger under constant wall heat flux condition

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Satapathy, Ashok K.


    In this paper the second law analysis of thermodynamic irreversibilities in a coiled tube heat exchanger has been carried out for both laminar and turbulent flow conditions. The expression for the scaled non-dimensional entropy generation rate for such a system is derived in terms of four dimensionless parameters: Prandtl number, heat exchanger duty parameter, Dean number and coil to tube diameter ratio. It has been observed that for a particular value of Prandtl number, Dean number and duty parameter, there exists an optimum diameter ratio where the entropy generation rate is minimum. It is also found that with increase in Dean number or Reynolds number, the optimum value of the diameter ratio decreases for a particular value of Prandtl number and heat exchanger duty parameter.

  9. Classification of pulsating flow patterns in curved pipes. (United States)

    Tada, S; Oshima, S; Yamane, R


    The fully developed periodic laminar flow of incompressible Newtonian fluids through a pipe of circular cross section, which is coiled in a circle, was simulated numerically. The flow patterns are characterized by three parameters: the Womersley number Wo, the Dean number De, and the amplitude ratio beta. The effect of these parameters on the flow was studied in the range 2.19 secondary flow evolved with increasing Womersley number and Dean number is explained. The secondary flow patterns are classified into three main groups: the viscosity-dominated type, the inertia-dominated type, and the convection-dominated type. It was found that when the amplitude ratio of the volumetric flow rate is equal to 1.0, four to six vortices of the secondary flow appear at high Dean numbers, and the Lyne-type flow patterns disappear at beta > or = 0.50.

  10. Evaluation of and Feedback for Academic Medicine Leaders: Developing and Implementing the Memorial Method. (United States)

    Rourke, James; Bornstein, Stephen; Vardy, Cathy; Speed, David; White, Tyrone; Corbett, Paula


    Giving and receiving honest and helpful feedback for leadership development is a common challenge in all types of organizations but particularly in academic medicine. At Memorial University of Newfoundland, in 2014, a consensus emerged to develop a new method for evaluating the leadership performance of the discipline chairs, dean, and vice dean, and to provide these leaders with the evaluation results to help them improve their performance. The leaders responsible for developing and implementing this method (called the Memorial Method) decided to use a survey to obtain faculty members' perceptions about their leader's performance. Beginning in October 2014, a portion of several regular meetings of the discipline chairs with the dean and vice dean was used to develop the survey, by first discussing the broad dimensions of leadership performance, then discussing these dimensions in more detail and drafting specific questions. The resulting survey included 44 quantitative questions addressing eight leadership dimensions. In March-April 2015, the survey was administered electronically to full-time faculty members on a confidential basis. The results were compiled and reported to each discipline chair and to the dean and vice dean. In total, 144/249 faculty responded to the survey (response rate: 58%). For the various dimensions, individual chairs' mean scores ranged from 2.82 to 4.70, and overall mean scores ranged from 3.57 to 4.24. Psychometric properties of the survey suggested it was both reliable and valid. The survey will be repeated, this time with part-time as well as full-time faculty included.

  11. The role of women in dental education: monitoring the pipeline to leadership. (United States)

    Reed, Michael J; Corry, Ann Marie; Liu, Ying W


    The purpose of this study was to analyze data collected by the American Dental Association and the American Dental Education Association over the past two decades relating to changes in the number of women active in dental education and dental practice. The concept of a pipeline of women in dentistry was explored by analyzing predoctoral, postdoctoral, dental practice, and dental education domains for the inclusion of women. Statistical analyses show that there has been a consistent and progressive increase in the number of women in all stages of the pipeline. Over the past two decades, the number of female students attending and graduating from dental school has steadily increased. In 1984-85, 23.7 percent of all predoctoral students were women; in 2009-10, 45.1 percent were women. Similarly, in 1999, the graduating class was 35.3 percent women; in 2009, it was 46.1 percent women. In the postdoctoral domain, in 1996, 29.9 percent of all residents were women; in 2010, this had increased to 39.0 percent. In dental practice, the number of actively licensed women dentists in 1999 was 15.3 percent of the workforce; in 2010, this percentage had grown to 24.0 percent. In dental education, the number of women clinical faculty members has gradually increased from 669 in 1997-98 to 902 in 2007-08. Until 2000, there had been only two women deans and very few associate/assistant deans, with only sixteen in 1990. In 2000, major changes began with three women deans and seventy-two women associate/assistant deans. In 2009-10, there were 111 associate/assistant women deans and twelve women deans. These data show a progressive increase in the presence of women in all domains of dentistry, especially in leadership positions in dental education.

  12. Health and human rights education in U.S. schools of medicine and public health: current status and future challenges. (United States)

    Cotter, L Emily; Chevrier, Jonathan; El-Nachef, Wael Noor; Radhakrishna, Rohan; Rahangdale, Lisa; Weiser, Sheri D; Iacopino, Vincent


    Despite increasing recognition of the importance of human rights in the protection and promotion of health, formal human rights education has been lacking in schools of medicine and public health. Our objectives were: 1) to determine the nature and extent of health and human rights (HHR) education among schools of medicine (SOMs) and public health (SPHs); 2) to identify perceived barriers to implementing HHR curricula; 3) to learn about deans' interests and attitudes toward HHR education, and; 4) to identify factors associated with offering HHR education. We conducted a cross-sectional survey among deans of all accredited allopathic SOMs and SPHs in the United States and Puerto Rico. Seventy-one percent of U.S. SOMs and SPHs responded. Thirty-seven percent of respondents indicated that their schools offered some form of HHR education. Main barriers to offering HHR education included competition for time, lack of qualified instructors and lack of funding. Among schools not offering HHR education, 35% of deans were interested in offering HHR education. Seventy-six percent of all deans believed that it was very important or important to offer HHR education. Multiple regression analysis revealed that deans' attitudes were the most important factor associated with offering any HHR education. Findings indicate that though a majority of deans of SOMs and SPHs believe that knowledge about human rights is important in health practice and support the inclusion of HHR studies in their schools, HHR education is lacking at most of their institutions. These results and the growing recognition of the critical interdependence between health and human rights indicate a need for SOMs and SPHs to work towards formal inclusion of HHR studies in their curricula, and that HHR competency requirements be considered to overcome barriers to its inclusion.

  13. An Outstanding Career: Professor Emeritus Iacob Cătoiu


    Octavian Oprică


    Through the duration of his commissions of Deputy Dean (1981-1989) and, respectively, Dean (1992-2003), and also by the manner of approaching the managerial problems and his scientific extension, Professor Iacob Cătoiu left and indelible trace on the evolution of the former Department of Commerce in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) – now the Department of Business and Tourism. He is author or co-author of an important number of books (57) and articles (105) and book presenta...

  14. Return on investment: an essential economics measure in higher education. (United States)

    Pressler, Jana L; Kenner, Carole A


    Many new nursing leaders assuming deanships, assistant deanships, or interim deanships have limited education, experience, or background to prepare them for the job. To assist new deans and those aspiring to be deans, the authors of this department offer survival tips based on their personal experiences and insights. They address common issues, challenges, and opportunities that face academic executive teams, such as negotiating an executive contract, obtaining faculty lines, building effective work teams, managing difficult employees, and creating nimble organizational structure to respond to changing consumer, healthcare delivery, and community needs. The authors welcome counterpoint discussions with readers.

  15. Strategic management and organizational behavior in dental education: reflections on key issues in an environment of change. (United States)

    Dunning, David G; Durham, Timothy M; Lange, Brian M; Aksu, Mert N


    With issues such as shrinking revenue, access to care, faculty workloads, and graying faculty, dental schools are faced with difficult challenges that fall to dental school deans to manage. Do dental school deans have the organizational skill sets and ethical frameworks necessary to address the challenges now facing dental schools? The purpose of this article is to pose questions and suggestions regarding some of the key issues in dental colleges today and to stimulate discussion in the dental community about needed changes in dental education.

  16. Alison Gregory Named Director of Library Services at Lycoming College

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alison S. Gregory


    Full Text Available Alison S. Gregory has been named Lycoming College’s Associate Dean and Director of Library Services at the John G. Snowden Memorial Library, according to an announcement by Dr. Phil Sprunger, Provost and Dean of the college. She began her duties July 1, having served the college since 2005 as Assistant Professor and Instructional Services Librarian and Coordinator of Information Literacy and Outreach. She is replacing Janet McNeil Hurlbert, who retired at the conclusion of the 2012-13 academic year.

  17. Efeitos da Expansão da Cana de Açúcar no Sudeste do Mato Grosso do Sul e Possíveis Caminhos para uma Agenda Sustentável

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Morais Chiaravalloti


    Full Text Available O programa do Álcool brasileiro é apontado como uma estratégia para o desenvolvimento sustentável, no entanto, seus impactos negativos podem minimizar os seus benefícios. Nos últimos dez anos, a área de cana de açúcar aumentou de 105 mil ha para mais de 700 mil ha no estado do Mato Grasso do Sul, entretanto, pouco se sabe sobre os impactos causados nesta região do Brasil. O objetivo desse trabalho foi fazer uma avaliação dos impactos da cana no sudeste deste estado por meio de entrevistas, análise de relatórios e visitas a campo. A maior proteção de Áreas Legalmente Protegidas e aumento no número de empresas formalmente cadastradas estão entre os fatores positivos encontrados. Quanto aos impactos negativos, sobressaem os conflitos com Territórios Indígenas e problemas relacionados à saúde pública nas cidades envolvidas analisadas. Os resultados apontam para a necessidade do poder público criar e coordenar ações junto aos diversos setores com diretrizes claras focadas no desenvolvimento sustentável.

  18. Particle processing technology (United States)

    Sakka, Yoshio


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  19. An Exploratory Study of the Conflict Management Styles of Department Heads in a Research University Setting (United States)

    Stanley, Christine A.; Algert, Nancy E.


    Conflict in the university setting is an inherent component of academic life. Leaders spend more than 40% of their time managing conflict. Department heads are in a unique position--they encounter conflict from individuals they manage and from others to whom they report such as a senior administrator in the position of dean. There are very few…

  20. Admissions Standards and the Use of Key Marketing Techniques by United States' Colleges and Universities. (United States)

    Goldgehn, Leslie A.


    A survey of admissions deans and directors investigated the use and perceived effectiveness of 15 well-known marketing techniques: advertising, advertising research, a marketing plan, market positioning, market segmentation, marketing audit, marketing research, pricing, program and service accessibility, program development, publicity, target…

  1. HBCU Summer Undergraduate Training Program in Prostate Cancer: A Partnership Between USU-CPDR and UDC (United States)


    CPDR and senior leaderships of USU and UDC (Associate Dean/Chair of Math and Science, College of Arts and Sciences)  Final reports of their research...HBCU conferences at national level . In summary, this collaborative training program has cultivated sufficient interest in students to understand

  2. Eurasian Higher Education Leaders' Forum: Higher Education and Modernization of the Economy: Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities. Conference Proceedings (5th, Astana, Kazakhstan, May 26, 2016) (United States)

    Sagintayeva, Aida, Ed.; Kurakbayev, Kairat, Ed.


    This collection of papers introduces the proceedings of the fifth Annual Conference--"Eurasian Higher Education Leaders' Forum" held on the 26th May, 2016 at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan. The contributors include university presidents, rectors, deans, directors of professional development and leadership programs, faculty…

  3. The Thurgood Marshall School of Law Empirical Findings: A Report of the Statistical Analysis of the July 2010 TMSL Texas Bar Results (United States)

    Kadhi, Tau; Holley, D.


    The following report gives the statistical findings of the July 2010 TMSL Bar results. Procedures: Data is pre-existing and was given to the Evaluator by email from the Registrar and Dean. Statistical analyses were run using SPSS 17 to address the following research questions: 1. What are the statistical descriptors of the July 2010 overall TMSL…

  4. The Thurgood Marshall School of Law Empirical Findings: A Report of the Statistical Analysis of the February 2010 TMSL Texas Bar Results (United States)

    Kadhi, T.; Holley, D.; Rudley, D.; Garrison, P.; Green, T.


    The following report gives the statistical findings of the 2010 Thurgood Marshall School of Law (TMSL) Texas Bar results. This data was pre-existing and was given to the Evaluator by email from the Dean. Then, in-depth statistical analyses were run using the SPSS 17 to address the following questions: 1. What are the statistical descriptors of the…

  5. Mailman Segal Center for Human Development | NSU (United States)

    rendition of the National Anthem sung by Jonathan Richard, a young man with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD Dean Jim & Jan Moran Family Center Village Collaborations Early Learning Programs About Early Learning Programs Family Center Preschool About Our Preschool Enrollment Family Center Infant & Toddler

  6. Water Pollution Control Training: The Educational Role of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. (United States)

    Williams, Frederick D.

    Presented are the results of a study to determine the perceived needs of environmental control education programs as seen by students, instructors, deans or program directors, and field-related employers in the field of water pollution control. Data were collected utilizing three approaches: survey instruments, information from Water Quality…

  7. Customer service: moving from slogan to point of differentiation. (United States)

    Thies, S


    To make its commitment to customer-centered care real, Dean Medical Center interviewed patients and created a "Vital Signs" scorecard. Performance is now measured according to those key areas specified by patients. Face-to-face communication from upper management to all employees and employee training has facilitated the program.

  8. Arts and Entertainment Career Conference. Walt Disney Studios. Final Project Performance Report, July 31, 1978-July 31, 1979. (United States)

    Walt Disney Productions, Anaheim, CA.

    The intention of a project was (1) to encourage college and university deans and heads of performing arts departments to hold an Arts and Entertainment Career Seminar on their own compus for faculty and performing arts majors and (2) to provide these institutions with written and visual materials for such a seminar. Two conferences were held, one…

  9. 28 CFR 58.3 - Qualification for membership on panels of private trustees. (United States)


    ... organized for the practice of law or accounting shall be eligible to serve on the panel. (b) The... 20 semester-hours of business-related courses; or hold a master's or doctoral degree in a business... school or business school dean and working under the direct supervision of: (A) A member of a law school...

  10. Réglementation et supervision des institutions de microfinance en ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Jul 30, 2016 ... Book cover: Réglementation et supervision des institutions de microfinance en ... the sustainability of MFIs, the book should serve as a reference on the ... Georges Kobou is a Professor of Economics and Honorary Dean of the ...

  11. Forging a New Path (United States)

    Boerner, Heather


    For those who do not come up through the typical faculty-dean-vice president route, making the leap to college president can be difficult--but more leaders are doing it. As colleges find themselves increasingly shifting to a student success model and grappling with performance funding, some leaders are finding that their unconventional experience…

  12. An Application of the Seven Principles of Good Practice to Online Courses (United States)

    Hathaway, Karen L.


    Online learning has become a more common way to earn a college degree during the past ten years. Therefore, curriculum designers must evaluate the best ways in which to deliver information and assess student knowledge in an online forum. One way in which online courses can be designed is by using transition into the associate dean position (1996).…

  13. Organizational Culture's Role in the Relationship between Power Bases and Job Stress (United States)

    Erkutlu, Hakan; Chafra, Jamel; Bumin, Birol


    The purpose of this research is to examine the moderating role of organizational culture in the relationship between leader's power bases and subordinate's job stress. Totally 622 lecturers and their superiors (deans) from 13 state universities chosen by random method in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Samsun, Erzurum and Gaziantep in 2008-2009…

  14. Book Review | Jordaan | Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


  15. On JALT 95: Curriculum and Evaluation. Proceedings of the JALT International Conference on Language Teaching/Learning (22nd, Nagoya, Japan, November 1995). Section Six: In the Classroom. (United States)

    Brown, James Dean; And Others

    Texts of conference papers and summaries of colloquia on classroom environment and interaction in second language teaching are presented, including: "Fluency Development" (James Dean Brown); "Learner Development: Three Designs" (in Japanese) (Hiroko Naito, Yoshitake Tonia, Takao Kinugawa, Morio Hamada); "Desirable Japanese Teachers and Classroom…

  16. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 251 - 300 of 683 ... W Richard J Dean, Suzanne J Milton, Hugh P Forsyth, Dorrien R Tissiman. Vol 86 ... Shane C McPherson, Mark Brown, Colleen T Downs ... Katharine A. Howard, Thomas W. Schwertner, James P. Muir, Ara Monadjem.

  17. On JALT 95: Curriculum and Evaluation. Proceedings of the JALT International Conference on Language Teaching/Learning (22nd, Nagoya, Japan, November 1995). Section Seven: Testing and Evaluation. (United States)

    Brown, James Dean; And Others

    This section contains conference papers on testing and evaluation in second language teaching. They include: "English Language Entrance Examinations in Japan: Problems and Solutions" (James Dean Brown); "Reliability and a Learner Style Questionnaire" (Dale T. Griffee); "Does It Work?" Evaluating Language Learning Tasks" (Rod Ellis); "Communicative…

  18. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology - Vol 75, No 3 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Craig Symes, Mark Brown, Louise Warburton, Michael Perrin, Colleen Downs, 106-109 ... The Birds of Hispaniola (an annotated checklist) by Allan R Keith, James W Wiley, Steven C Latta and JosE9 A Ottenwalder ... WRJ Dean, 184-185.

  19. Language Testing in Japan. (United States)

    Brown, James Dean, Ed.; Yamashita, Sayoko Okada, Ed.

    Papers on second language testing in Japan include: "Differences Between Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Tests" (James Dean Brown); "Criterion-Referenced Test Construction and Evaluation" (Dale T. Griffe); "Behavioral Learning Objectives as an Evaluation Tool" (Judith A. Johnson); "Developing Norm-…

  20. "You Are a Flaw in the Pattern": Difference, Autonomy and Bullying in YA Fiction (United States)

    Lopez-Ropero, Lourdes


    Though portrayals of bullying in children's books stretch back to Victorian public school stories, this article sees a new subgenre about bullying in young adult novels emerging in the post-Columbine years. Selected works by Jerry Spinelli, Walter Dean Myers, Jaime Adoff, Carol Plum-Ucci and Rita Williams-Garcia are examined, although the article…

  1. The Great Sexologists: John Money on Sin, Science, and the Sex Police. (United States)

    Money, John

    This paper discusses the role of sex police in society from the 14th century to the present and their affect on sex education in the schools. Jean Gerson, Chancellor of the University of Paris and Dean of the Cathedral School of Notre Dame, was one of the first to publish information concerning nocturnal wet dreams and boyhood masturbation. His…

  2. Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Vol 23, No ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Robert Wise, Kim de Vasconcellos, David Skinner, Reitze Rodseth, Dean Gopalan, David Muckart, Zohra Banoo, Tashmin Bisseru, Steve Blakemore, Jenine de Meyer, Michael Faurie, Kom Govender, Timothy Hardcastle, Prakash Jeena, Nicky Kalafatis, Kroshlan Kistan, Theroshnie Kisten, Carolyn Lee, Colin Mitchell, ...

  3. Physiological Effects of Training. (United States)


    glycolysis and ’" 1,20,32 glycogenolysis along with oxidation of carbohydrates . This is associated with increases that have been demonstrated for high energy...high density lipoprotein- cholesterol in speed skaters, weightlifters and non-athletes, Eur J Appl Physlol 48:77-82, 1982 79. Fleck .J, Dean LS

  4. Barriers to Helpseeking among New Zealand Prison Inmates (United States)

    Skogstad, Philip; Deane, Frank P.; Spicer, John


    Treatment avoidance or help-negation has been described in clinical and non-clinical samples, in response to real or imagined suicidal scenarios (Carlton & Deane, 2000; Rudd, Joiner & Rajab, 1995). The aims of the present study were to describe the process of seeking psychological help in prison based on inmate interviews and to assess the…

  5. Business Education at Catholic Universities: Current Status and Future Directions (United States)

    Porth, Stephen J.; McCall, John J.; DiAngelo, Joseph A.


    Is business education at Catholic colleges and universities different than business education at secular institutions? This study assesses the current state of business education at Catholic colleges and universities based on a national survey of business school deans and faculty members and an audit of business unit web sites. Results suggest…

  6. McCormick to Aid Frederick National Laboratory in Developing RAS Cancer Genetics Initiative | Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (United States)

    Frank McCormick, Ph.D., director of the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of California, San Francisco, and associate dean of the UCSF School of Medicine, has signed a consulting agreement with SAIC-Frederick Inc. to w

  7. 78 FR 14071 - Notice of Appointment of Members to the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and... (United States)


    ...,'' Charles Boyer, Dean, Jordan College of Agriculture and Technology, California State University-Fresno... DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Office of the Secretary Notice of Appointment of Members to the National... Act, 5 U.S.C. App 2, the United States Department of Agriculture announces the appointments made by...

  8. 75 FR 5303 - Tests Determined To Be Suitable for Use in the National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Tests Determined To Be Suitable for Use in the National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) AGENCY: Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Department of Education.... FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mike Dean, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW...

  9. John Hennessey, Barrier Breaker (United States)

    Nelson, Stephen J.


    John Hennessey lived a remarkable, full life as a professor, as a leader in his field of management and business, and moral, ethical leadership, and as dean at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business and provost at the University of Vermont. He was extraordinary on many fronts, a great man who lived in tumultuous times marked by world war as a…

  10. Dressing Diversity: Politics of Difference and the Case of School Uniforms (United States)

    Deane, Samantha


    Through an analysis of school uniform policies and theories of social justice, Samantha Deane argues that school uniforms and their foregoing policies assume that confronting strangers--an imperative of living in a democratic polity--is something that requires seeing sameness instead of recognizing difference. Imbuing schooling with a directive…

  11. Community structure of filamentous, sheath-building sulfur bacteria, Thioploca spp, off the coast of Chile

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schulz, HN; Jørgensen, BB; Fossing, HA


    The filamentous sulfur bacteria Thioploca spp, produce dense bacterial mats in the shelf area off the coast of Chile and Peru. The mat consists of common sheaths, shared by many filaments, that reach 5 to 10 cm dean into the sediment, The structure of the Thioploca communities off the Bay...

  12. Reflections on a Life and Career in Student Affairs: Guideposts and Structure (United States)

    Jackson, Michael L.


    The author of this article discusses how personal and professional guideposts helped him to have a fulfilling life and a 40-plus-year career in university administration as a student affairs vice president, dean, and professor. With examples, he demonstrates how his guideposts for life and career--"Home," "Love,"…

  13. 76 FR 34654 - Marine Mammals; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Atlantic... (United States)


    .... Chatham Community Center (Large Meeting Room), 702 Main St., Chatham, MA 02633. 8. Thursday, July 21, 2011...--Garden City, GA 6-9 p.m. Garden City City Hall, 100 Central Avenue (at intersection of Dean Forest Rd. and Constantine Rd.), Garden City, GA 31405. Special Accommodations These meetings are physically...

  14. Species Profiles: Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (North Atlantic), Sandworm and Bloodworm (United States)


    of Mexico, and in the and ventral lobes (biramous), hearing eastern Pacific from central Cali- short dorsal cirri and more elongate fornia to Mazatlan ...Commito, J.A. 1982. Importance of predation by infaunal polychaetes in Dean, D. 1978a. Migration of the % controlling the structure of a soft- sandworm

  15. Variables Related to Romanticism and Self-Esteem in Pregnant Teenagers. (United States)

    Medora, Nilufer P.; And Others


    Administered Dean Romanticism Scale and Bachman Self-Esteem Scale to 121 pregnant adolescents (ages 12-21). Found that two variables were significantly related to feelings of romanticism: adoption considerations and whether adolescent planned to have child with the baby's father. Two variables were significantly related to self-esteem: incidence…

  16. Improving Marital Prediction: A Model and a Pilot Study. (United States)

    Dean, Dwight G.; Lucas, Wayne L.

    A model for the prediction of marital adjustment is proposed which presents selected social background factors (e.g., education) and interactive factors (e.g., Bienvenu's Communication scale, Hurvitz' Role Inventory, Dean's Emotional Maturity and Commitment scales, Rosenberg's Self-Esteem scale) in order to account for as much of the variance in…

  17. DBSecSys: A Database of Burkholderia mallei Secretion Systems (United States)


    unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly credited. The Creative Commons Public Domain...Harding SV, Ngugi SA, Ribot WJ, Chantratita N, Scorpio A, Milne TS, Dean RE, Fritz DL, Peacock SJ, Prior JL, Atkins TP, Deshazer D: The cluster 1 type

  18. Fostering Research and Publication in Academic Libraries (United States)

    Sassen, Catherine; Wahl, Diane


    This study concerns administrative support provided to encourage the research and publishing activities of academic librarians working in Association of Research Libraries member libraries. Deans and directors of these libraries were asked to respond to an online survey concerning the support measures that their libraries provide, as well as their…

  19. Alatust ülevani / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Ayn Rand. Allikas ; John Updike. Gertrud ja Glaudius ; Lion Feuchtwanger. Jefta ja tema tütar ; Erich Maria Remarque. Jaam silmapiiril ; Philippe Djian. Betty Blue ; Paul Reiser. Kahekesi ; John Grisham. Firma; Dean Koontz. Hirmu pale ; Armastuskirjad / koost. Jill Dawson ; Roald Dahl. James ja hiigelvirsik ; Spencer Johnson. Jah või ei

  20. Glass Ceiling in Academic Administration in Turkey: 1990s versus 2000s (United States)

    Gunluk-Senesen, Gulay


    This paper assesses the glass ceiling for academics in the Turkish universities with reference to top administration positions: rectors and deans. Glass ceiling indicators show that the glass ceiling thickened from the 1990s to late 2000s. The findings are discussed against the background of the transformation in the Turkish universities in the…

  1. Job Sharing for Administrators: A Consideration for Public Schools. (United States)

    Muffs, Michael I.; Schmitz, Laura Ann


    To retain an exemplary dean of students with heavy caregiving responsibilities, a Poughkeepsie, New York, high school adopted a plan to split her job responsibilities with an educational administration student beginning his career. Job-sharing success hinged on strong cooperation among the district, the individual administrators, and local…

  2. Solutions to Faculty Work Overload: A Study of Job Sharing (United States)

    Freeman, Brenda J.; Coll, Kenneth M.


    This study investigated the opinions of a national sample of counselor education chairs and college of education deans regarding the advantages and disadvantages of faculty job sharing. Results showed favorable responses toward faculty job sharing from approximately half the sample, despite limited experience with job sharing. The study found few…

  3. How Virtual Technology Can Impact Total Ownership Costs on a USN Vessel (United States)


    Figure 2. OSI Model Data Flow (From Dean, 2009) ........................................................9 Figure 3. Routers and Switches in a...IP Internet Protocol ISNS Integrated Shipboard Network System IT Information Systems Technician LAN Local Area Network MAC Media...RSupply Relational Supply SaaS Software as a Service SCI- LAN Sensitive Compartmented Information Local Area Network SSDG Ships Service Diesel

  4. Life Lessons (United States)

    Stewart, Pearl


    In early 2010, Stig Lanesskog, associate dean for the MBA program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, challenged a group of his students to venture beyond classroom polemics and into the lives of people in need. Lanesskog took them to South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation, a culturally rich and economically devastated area with…

  5. Neu/Now tuleb varsti

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Neu/Now festivalil saab 17.-20. novembril Tallinna vanalinnas näha 35 kunstiprojekti 17 riigist. Cian McKenna (Iirimaa) disainiprojektist "Digitaalne teraapia", Richard Schwarzi (Austria) visuaalse kunsti projektist "Pikslitest" ja Maartje Meijeri (Holland) muusikaprojektist "Kuidas kirjutada fuugat?", mida tõstsid esile festivali kunstilised juhid Anthony Dean ja Paula Crabtree

  6. Occupational and Environmental Health Programs in a Medical School: Should They Be a Department? (United States)

    Rom, William N.


    Occupational and environmental health programs are beginning to be developed in many medical schools. The attitudes of medical school deans on their past experiences, current plans, and thoughts for the future for occupational and environmental health were surveyed and are described. (MLW)

  7. Stendhal’s Gaze : Towards an hermeneutic approach of the tourist

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Welten, R.B.J.M.


    Is travel inherently beneficial to human character? This is one of the principal questions to the practice of tourism from a philosophical viewpoint and posed as such by Dean MacCannell. But it is also a question with a long tradition. In this article, I aim to elaborate on MacCannell’s initial

  8. An Admissions Officer's Credentials (United States)

    Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007


    Marilee Jones has resigned as a dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after admitting that she had misrepresented her academic degrees when first applying to work at the university in 1979. As one of the nation's most prominent admissions officers--and a leader in the movement to make the application process less…

  9. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors That Impact the Retention and Completion of African-American Male and Female High School Students in the Pre-Engineering Program: Project Lead the Way (United States)

    Green, Patrice Tolbert


    African Americans have a long and very important history in the engineering fields. With a tradition that includes accomplished scientists such as George Washington Carver, Norman Buknor, and Mark Dean, African Americans have been very important to the development of new products, technology, inventions, and innovations (Gordon, 2008). The…

  10. A Regional Collaboration for Educational and Career Mobility: The Nursing Education Mobility Action Group. (United States)

    Rolince, Patricia; Giesser, Nancy; Greig, Judith; Knittel, Kathleen; Mahowald, Jane F.; McAloney-Madden, Lisa; Schloss, Robert A.


    A collaborative group of 25 Northeast Ohio nursing deans/directors has developed an access model to provide new education and career mobility pathways into nursing. Model components describe the routes of licensed practical nurse to registered nurse and registered nurse to bachelor of science in nursing. Cost effectiveness and equity are…

  11. In Search of the Precious Commodity Time: How To Use and Abuse It. (United States)

    Burnstad, Helen

    Time management is critical for effective leadership and productivity among community college chairs and deans. An organization that is more time conscious tends to be more productive and less stressful. Similarly, an organization's time management culture can provide ideas for improving productivity and the work environment. One model of time…

  12. Journal of Special Operations Medicine. Volume 5, Edition 1, Winter 2005 (United States)


    New Mexico State EMS Licensing Board until mobilized Jan 2002. COL Anderson is the Associate Dean (Army), Joint Special Operations Medical Training...Medicine 2002; 347: 1549-56. 4. Gilden DH et al. Neurologic complications of the reacti- vation of varicella -zoster virus. New England Journal of

  13. Bagatellid : Maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Muusikasõnumeid maailmast: Gil Shaham pälvis Avery Fischer Prize'i. Riccardo Muti keeldus esinemisest prints Charlesi juubelil. Maailma esiorkester on Amsterdami Royal Concertgebouw' orkester. Suri dirigent Richard Hickox. Gennadi Roždestvenski katkestas kontserdisarja. Brett Dean pälvis Grawemeyeri auhinna. Mirjam Tally pälvis Rootsi tähtsaima helikunstipreemia

  14. Preoperative Use of lntranasal Ketorolac Tromethamine (Sprix) in Periodontal Flap Surgery (United States)


    generalized chronic or aggressive periodontitis . Patients requiring periodontal flap surgery would receive one of the following procedures...Corps United States Navy A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Periodontics Graduate Program Naval Postgraduate Dental School Uniformed...ervisor Thu P. Getka, DDS, MS CAPT, DC, USN . Chairman, Periodontics Department Glenri\\. Munro, DDS, MBA CAPT, DC, USN Dean, Naval Postgraduate

  15. Interview with Deborah Nolan (United States)

    Rossman, Allan; Nolan, Deborah


    Deborah Nolan is Professor of Statistics and holds the Zaffaroni Family Chair in Undergraduate Education at the University of California-Berkeley, where she has also served as Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. This interview…

  16. Talent Sleuth Extraordinaire: An Interview with Camilla P. Benbow (United States)

    Henshon, Suzanna E.


    This article presents an interview with Camilla P. Benbow, the Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College, a position she has held since 1998. Benbow began her academic career at Johns Hopkins University and subsequently taught at Iowa State University, where she was named…

  17. Whole genome amplification: Use of advanced isothermal method

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Dec 29, 2010 ... 1Ph.D. Student, Department of Animal Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University(IAU), ... sequence has a large effect on both the denaturation of ..... performance of multiple displacement amplification and OmniPlex ... Dean FB, Hosono S, Fang L, Wu L, Faruqi AF, Bray-Ward P, Sun Z,.

  18. The Flood of History: Connection Interviews Historian Douglas Brinkley (United States)

    Connection: The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education, 2006


    This paper presents an interview with Douglas Brinkley, an award-winning author and historian and director of Tulane University's Theodore Roosevelt Center for American Civilization. His wide-ranging portfolio includes books on John Kerry and the Vietnam War, Ronald Reagan and D-Day, Rosa Parks, Henry Ford, Dean Acheson and Jimmy Carter. He is…

  19. Learning Scientific and Medical Terminology with a Mnemonic Strategy Using an Illogical Association Technique (United States)

    Brahler, C. Jayne; Walker, Diane


    For students pursuing careers in medical fields, knowledge of technical and medical terminology is prerequisite to being able to solve problems in their respective disciplines and professions. The Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350 Total Retention System, also known as Medical Terminology 350 (25), is a mnemonic instructional and learning…

  20. Women's Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Barriers to Participation (United States)

    McCullough, Laura


    Despite gains overall, women are still under-represented in leadership positions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Data in the US suggest around one-quarter of deans and department heads are women; in science this drops to nearly 1 in 20. Part of this problem of under-representation stems from the population pool:…

  1. Abnormal Waves Modelled as Second-order Conditional Waves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Jørgen Juncher


    The paper presents results for the expected second order short-crested wave conditional of a given wave crest at a specific point in time and space. The analysis is based on the second order Sharma and Dean shallow water wave theory. Numerical results showing the importance of the spectral densit...

  2. Leading the Campaign: Advancing Colleges and Universities. The ACE Series on Higher Education (United States)

    Worth, Michael J.


    The ability to lead a campaign is essential to success for today's college or university president. And campaign experience at some level is generally now a prerequisite credential for presidential candidates, as well as deans and other academic leaders, on both public and private campuses. This book discusses fundamental campaign principles, but…

  3. Wet Weather Crater Repair Technologies for Grooved and Smooth Pavements (United States)


    Dean Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center 3909 Halls Ferry Road Vicksburg, MS 39180-6199...ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory 3909 Halls Ferry Road ...SUBJECT TERMS Crater Concrete Rain and rainfall ADR Grooved pavement Smooth pavement Runoff Runways (Aeronautics) – Maintenance and repair

  4. Preparing Social Work Students for Integrated Health Care: Results from a National Study (United States)

    Held, Mary Lehman; Mallory, Kim Crane; Cummings, Sherry


    Integrated health care serves a vital role in addressing interrelated physical and behavioral health conditions, but social work graduates often lack sufficient training to work on integrated teams. We surveyed 94 deans of master's of social work programs to assess the current and planned integrated health care curricula and the aptitude of…

  5. Leadership: creating a cuiture of caring. (United States)

    DePaola, Dominick P


    Leadership is characterized in terms of accomplishing mutual goals for the organization, its employees, and its community through vision and creating a community of caring. The examples of Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney, and Dean Arthur A. Dugoni of the University of the Pacific are used to illustrate how this style of leadership plays out in specific accomplishments.

  6. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Coastal Engineering Research Board (51st) Held in Wilmington, North Carolina on 9-11 May 1989 (United States)


    Dean’s contributions. It was noted that various people had used the parameter, but it would be up to the international coastal community at large to decide...camaraderie and mutual respect among all members of the coastal community far better than any other meeting of any professional society, and he will

  7. Dancing in the Rain: Leading with Compassion, Vitality, and Mindfulness in Education (United States)

    Murphy, Jerome T.


    "Dancing in the Rain" offers a lively and accessible guide aimed at helping education leaders thrive under pressure by developing the inner strengths of mindfulness and self-compassion, expressing emotions wisely, and maintaining a clear focus on the values that matter most. Jerome T. Murphy, a scholar and former dean who has written and…

  8. Ethiopian Journal of Economics - Vol 25, No 2 (2016)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dynamics of poverty and wellbeing in Ethiopia: an introduction to a Special Issue of the Ethiopian Journal of Economics · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Dean Jolliffe, Alemayehu Ambel, Tadele Ferede, Ilana Seff ...

  9. International Symposium on Halide Glasses (2nd) (Extended Abstracts). (United States)


    Tuesday, Agust 2 09.00 Introductory Remarks - C. T. Moynihan Welcome - George Ansell , Dean, School of Engineering, RPI Session 1: Synthesis Techniques and...low viscosity melt. 15.55 *sed NHide Eflet In Ruorozirconate Glaom" Marcel Poulain and J.-L. Adam , U. Rennes, Rennes, France Variable amounts of NaCI

  10. Perceptions of the Dilemma--Order versus Freedom at Managing Faculty: A Literature Review (United States)

    Karaferye, Figen; Agaoglu, Esmahan


    This study aims to examine the perceptions of the middle management (deans and heads of departments) and academicians on the dilemma order versus freedom at faculty management. It discusses how this dilemma is seen at an operational level and how it can be managed at university where both parties--with a managerial role or not--are…

  11. "The New Economic Reality" (United States)

    Stewart, Pearl


    Many historically Black business schools have taken a proactive stance during this period of economic uncertainty. Dr. Jessica Bailey, president of the HBCU Business Deans' Roundtable, which includes 52 of the 104 historically Black business schools, thinks the institutions are "expanding their missions" to place more emphasis on globalization,…

  12. Developing Student Critical Thinking Skills through Teaching Psychology: An Interview with Claudio S. Hutz. (United States)

    McCarthy-Tucker, Sherri


    Presents an interview with Claudio S. Hutz, who is dean of Instituto de Psicologia at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he has been teaching psychology since 1977. Discusses topics such as teaching psychology in Brazil and developing critical thinking skills. (CMK)

  13. Drugs in Lactation

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    DURING WORLD WAR 11 ... consequences for the Faculty of the azi occupation of Austria ... Pernkopf, an 'outspoken Nazi',! was appointed Dean of the ... emigrated, many died in concentration camps and some ... His research ... science. This article reflects his strong opposition to human rights abuse in general, and to ...

  14. 78 FR 10631 - List of Allottees or Heirs Determined To Receive Monetary Compensation Under the White Earth... (United States)


    ... D5Q Kegg, Darren Dean None F534081786 A3E17 Laframboise, Antoine Kevin None F534081015 A1C1Q4 Laframboise, Antoine Kevin None F534081015 A1D1A17D Laframboise, Lyle E None F534081015 A1C1Q1 Laframboise...

  15. Hate Speech on Small College Campuses. (United States)

    Hemmer, Joseph J., Jr.

    A study identified and evaluated the approach of small colleges in dealing with hate speech and/or verbal harassment incidents. A questionnaire was sent to the Dean of Students at 200 randomly-selected small (500-2000 students), private, liberal arts colleges and universities. Responses were received from 132 institutions, for a response rate of…

  16. This Year, Colleges Recruited Students in a "Hall of Mirrors" (United States)

    Hoover, Eric; Supiano, Beckie


    Admissions deans everywhere shared concerns about recruiting students during a recession as they tried to discern how, or if, the economy would affect demand for their institutions. Amid this uncertainty, colleges used many different strategies. Some recruited more here and less there. Some offered more merit aid, while others scaled back. Some…

  17. 1492—The Medical Consequences (United States)

    Camargo, Carlos A.


    This discussion was selected from the weekly staff conferences in the Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco. Taken from a transcription, it has been edited by Nathan M. Bass, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, under the direction of Lloyd H. Smith Jr, MD, Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean in the School of Medicine. Images PMID:7519808

  18. 1492--the medical consequences. (United States)

    Camargo, C A


    This discussion was selected from the weekly staff conferences in the Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco. Taken from a transcription, it has been edited by Nathan M. Bass, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, under the direction of Lloyd H. Smith Jr, MD, Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean in the School of Medicine.

  19. "Everyone's Got Room to Grow": A Discourse Analysis of Service-Learning Rhetoric in Higher Education (United States)

    Ladousa, Chaise


    This article explores representations emergent in discourse about service learning in an effort to understand what gives the notion special value. A job presentation of a candidate for dean of faculty, articles published in a college newspaper, descriptions posted on a college website and commentary offered in an interview with a student…

  20. Pandit, Prof. Aniruddha Bhalachandra

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Pandit, Prof. Aniruddha Bhalachandra Ph.D. (Mumbai), FNAE, FNA, FNASc, FTWAS. Date of birth: 7 December 1957. Specialization: Design of Multiphase Reactors, Cavitation Phenomena and Environmental & Energy Engineering Address: Dean (HR), Institute of Chemical Technology, N.P. Marg, Matunga, Mumbai 400 ...

  1. A Measurement of Alienation in College Student Marihuana Users and Non-Users. (United States)

    Harris, Eileen M.

    A three part questionnaire was administered to 1380 Southern Illinois University students to: (1) elicit demographic data; (2) determine the extent of experience with marihuana; and (3) measure alienation utilizing Dean's scale. In addition, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Lie Inventory was given. Statistical analyses were performed to…

  2. The Centennial Essay. (United States)

    Thurow, Lester


    The dean of MIT's Sloan School of Management, Lester Thurow, is a world-class economist and author of books advocating the need for a more competitive U.S. economy. The United States is the only industrial country lacking a postsecondary education system for noncollege bound students. In a world economy, student quality matters more than natural…

  3. Protección social en salud en América latina y el Caribe ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Dec 13, 2010 ... She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Public Health at the National University of Colombia and is an associate professor working with postgraduate ... She was also the Dean of the Faculty of Communications (1993–1996) and Director of International Relations (1996–2002) at the Catholic University of ...

  4. Beck PRIDE Center - An Effective Solution for Combat Injured Student Veterans (United States)


    unknown reasons/unable to contact to reschedule (16). Treatment A and Treatment B lasted one hour. Participants were assessed after each session...consider doing work in this area. Have a great academic year! Sincerely, Susan Hanrahan, Dean College of Nursing and Health Professions

  5. Potential of Field Education as Signature Pedagogy: The Field Director Role (United States)

    Lyter, Sharon C.


    In light of the assertion that field education is the signature pedagogy of social work education, this Internet-based study explores field director demographics and questions the fulfillment of this potential, examining BSW and MSW field education through the lens of the field director position. Field directors (159) and deans/directors (150)…

  6. The Increasing Importance of Employee Relations (United States)

    Keckley, Paul


    Surveys corporate public relations executives for information about their concern for and involvement with employee relations programming in their organizations and analyzes current public relations education as it relates to these findings. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland,…

  7. PR Faculty: What Are Their Qualifications? (United States)

    Johnson, Thomas B.; Rabin, Kenneth


    Discusses a study designed to determine existing trends in the backgrounds and qualifications of public relations instructors and how these might affect public relations education. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (MH)

  8. How Public Opinion is Formed (United States)

    Block, Edward M.


    Investigates the evolution of the definition of public relations by examining cultural and personal determinants of public opinion. Outlines functions of communicators and opinionmakers in forming and influencing public opinion. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park,…

  9. Survey Research as a Public Relations Tool (United States)

    O'Neill, Harry W.


    Offers information concerning a study conducted among the general public and discusses essential parts of the more comprehensive type of corporate image or corporate reputation. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (MH)

  10. 78 FR 44135 - Proposed Collection; 60-Day Comment Request: Application for the Postdoctoral Research Associate... (United States)


    ... comments in writing or request more information on the proposed project, contact Ms. Tammy Dean-Maxwell... public comment on proposed data collection projects, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will publish periodic summaries of proposed projects to...

  11. Research

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 26, 2016 ... the professional and technical management skills, fiscal expertise, planning, problem-solving, organising, and administering are just a few.[2]. These skills and abilities of the envisaged successful dean overlap with the personal qualities that are needed to fulfil the role(s). Roles and personal qualities.

  12. Listening to Students: Building Bridges (United States)

    Klein, Shira; Armillas-Tiseyra, Magali; Kuerbis, Alexis


    "Cross-disciplinary" has become a buzzword in academia. Here the authors offer a student-based perspective on the benefits of cross-disciplinary discussion, based on their experience in New York University's Graduate Forum. Founded ten years ago by Catharine Stimpson, then dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), the forum…

  13. A Longitudinal Study of Total Quality Management Processes in Business Colleges. (United States)

    Vazzana, Gary; Elfrink, John; Bachmann, Duane P.


    Surveys of business school deans in 1995 (n=243) and 1998 (n=151) regarding total quality management (TQM) practices revealed increases in mission and strategy development, goal setting, and use of advisory boards and cross-functional teams. Few are using TQM to manage core learning processes. (SK)

  14. A Study of Faculty Members' Perceptions of the Effect of the Globalization on Higher Education: The Case of Jordan (United States)

    Ateyat, Khaled A.; Gasaymeh, Al-Mothana M.


    The purpose of study was to investigate Jordanian higher education faculty members' perceptions of the phenomenon of globalization and its effect on higher education. The participants in this study were 6 faculty members from a Jordanian university. Four of the participants have leadership positions at the university. Two of them were deans, one…

  15. Reflections on 30 Years of AIDS—Part 2

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

    Dr. James Curran, Dean of the Rollins School of Public Health and Co-Director of Emory’s Center for AIDS Research, and Dr. Harold Jaffe, CDC’s Associate Director for Science, reflect on 30 years of the AIDS epidemic.

  16. Pritjagatelnõje aromatõ zolotoi oseni / Britt Rosen

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rosen, Britt, 1968-


    2008. a. sügise moeparfüümidest. Naisteparfüümi Lancome Magnifique loojad on Olivier Cresp ja Jacques Cavallier. Dsquared esimese naistelõhna She Wood autorid on kanada moedisainerid kaksikvennad Dean ja Dan Caten. Kommenteerivad Anu Merila ja Tiina Talumees

  17. Effects of Moral Conduct Waivers on First-Term Attrition of U.S. Army Soldiers (United States)



  18. Who Is Responsible for Addressing Cyberbullying? Perspectives from Teachers and Senior Managers (United States)

    Green, Vanessa A.; Johnston, Michael; Mattioni, Loreto; Prior, Tessa; Harcourt, Susan; Lynch, Tegan


    This study investigates responsibility for addressing cyberbullying and the extent to which specific training is needed. A total of 888 school staff completed an anonymous online survey and included two groups: (a) teachers, including heads of departments, and (b) principals, deputy principals, and deans (i.e., school managers). The majority…

  19. Gaming Worlds: Secondary Students Creating An Interactive Video Game (United States)

    Alexander, Amanda; Ho, Tuan


    Since the summer of 2006, the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, has invited secondary students to participate in their summer SEED program on campus. The program was developed by the Dean of the School of Architecture and the Chair of the Art + Art History Department. SEED (Strategies, Events, Episodes +…

  20. Leadership and Decision-Making Practices in Public versus Private Universities in Pakistan (United States)

    Zulfqar, A.; Valcke, M.; Devos, G.; Tuytens, M.; Shahzad, A.


    The goal of this study is to examine differences in leadership and decision-making practices in public and private universities in Pakistan, with a focus on transformational leadership (TL) and participative decision-making (PDM). We conducted semi-structured interviews with 46 deans and heads of department from two public and two private…

  1. New Love, Long Love: Keeping Social Justice and Ethnography of Education in Mind (United States)

    Heath, Shirley Brice


    Heath takes readers back to Hymes's years as Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She recalls, in particular, his relentless passion for introducing public school administrators to ethnography's potential for seeing what could be done to increase equity and social justice within public education. She contrasts this…

  2. Looking forward to the East African Countries' Collaboration in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    of harmonizing nursing and midwifery education, practice and legislation. A study to ... opportunity for University Deans in the East African region to dialogue and examine possible areas .... essentials for a productive collaboration including; ... and 4 students graduated in mental health programs. ... such as e-learning.

  3. Oral Health (United States)

    ... by: Jane Atkinson, D.D.S., Chief, Center for Clinical Research, Division of Extramural Research, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Michael Reddy, D.M.D., D.M.Sc., Dean, School of Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham All material contained ...

  4. Coniacian-maastrichtian calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and carbon-isotope stratigraphy in the Zagros Basin (Iran)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Razmjooei, Mohammad Javad; Thibault, Nicolas; Kani, Anoshiravan


    , White Fall, Kingsdown, Michel Dean, Haven Brow, Horseshoe Bay, Buckle, Hawks Brow, Santonian/Campanian boundary (SCBE) and Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary (CMBE) events. Correlation to a recently proposed global δ13C stack for the Late Cretaceous points to a major mismatch of this compilation...... and calcareous nannofossil bio-horizons, and (2) their correlation between the Tethyan and Boreal realms....

  5. Making Biology Relevant to Undergraduates (United States)

    Musante, Susan


    This article features Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER; Summer Institute. The SENCER program, which began formally in 2001, was the vision of David Burns; Karen Oates, currently Peterson Family Dean of Arts and Sciences at Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and Ric Wiebl, currently director of…

  6. Brief communication

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    channel (pl-VDAC) and the volume-regulated anion channel. (VRAC) are involved in the ... In addition, the effect .... The effects of VRAC and VDAC blockers on the ferricyanide .... The financial help received from the Dean, Kasturba. Medical ...

  7. 32 CFR 242b.7 - Officers of the University. (United States)


    ..., developing, and directing the military activities and functions of the University. (ii) In the absence of the... Services University of the Health Sciences. (9) Dean of the Military Medical Education Institute. (i) The... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Officers of the University. 242b.7 Section 242b...

  8. Chemical composition and fumigant toxicity of the essential oils from 16 species of Eucalyptus against Haematobia irritans (Diptera: Muscidae) adults


    Juan, Laura W.; Lucía Mulas, Alejandro; Zerba, Eduardo N.; Harrand, Leonel; Marco, Martín; Masuh, Hector M.


    Oils extracted from various species of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus badjensis Beuzev & Welch, Eucalyptus badjensis x Eucalyptus nitens, Eucalyptus benthamii variety dorrigoensis Maiden & Cambage, Eucalyptus botryoides Smith, Eucalyptus dalrympleana Maiden, Eucalyptus fastigata Deane & Maiden, Eucalyptus nobilis L.A.S. Johnson & K. D. Hill, Eucalyptus polybractea R. Baker, Eucalyptus radiata ssp. radiata Sieber ex Spreng, Eucalyptus resinifera Smith, Eucalyptus robertsonii Blakely, Eucalyptus rubida...

  9. Mass Communication, Public Communication, and Interpersonal Communication: A Global Model for International Public Relations. (United States)

    Neff, Bonita Dostal

    A participatory model of public relations proposed by Dean Kruckeberg and Kenneth Starck would seek not to serve a public but to build a sense of community. In this model the advocacy focus of the publicity model is dropped and there is a movement toward relationships rather than selling products and services. Leaving behind the journalistic…

  10. Review of Research on Environmental Public Relations (United States)

    Grunig, James E.


    Reviews existing knowledge on the behavior of public relations practitioners in environmental problems, public concern and media coverage of pollution and deterioation of the natural environment. Available from: Public Relations Review, Ray Hiebert, Dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (MH)

  11. Staff Report to the Senior Department Official on Recognition Compliance Issues. Recommendation Page: Council on Education for Public Health (United States)

    US Department of Education, 2010


    Between 1945-1973, the American Public Health Association (APHA), a membership organization for public professionals, accredited graduate programs in public health. In 1974, the APHA and the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH), a national association representing deans, faculty, and students of accredited schools of public health,…

  12. A Perspective on Research Challenges in Information Security (United States)


    UNCLASSIFIED A Perspective on Research Challenges in Information Security Tamas Abraham, David Adie, Angela Billard, Paul Buckland, Michael Frangos ...Abstract (U) 4. AUTHORS Tamas Abraham, David Adie, Angela Billard, Paul Buckland, Michael Frangos , Ben Long, Mar- tin Lucas, Paul Montague, Dean Philp

  13. Institutional Governance and Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education: Developments and Challenges in a Ghanaian Research University (United States)

    Abugre, James B.


    This article examines the developments and challenges of higher education in developing countries. Using a thorough qualitative interview of deans, directors and heads of Department of the University of Ghana, this paper draws on their analysis to discover unexplored issues that affect the universities in developing countries. The study identifies…

  14. Grants: View from the Campus. (United States)

    Mohrman, Kathryn, Ed.

    Each of 13 authors, all experienced in obtaining grants, examines a separate element of the grantsgetting process. The essays include: The Characteristics of an Effective Grants Officer (Julia B. Leverenz); The Grants Office (Morton Cooper); Working with the Academic Dean (Robert C. Nordvall); Working with the Development Office (Barbara A.…

  15. An Education Lived (United States)

    Steiner, David


    This article is an autobiographical account of a remarkable childhood. In this essay, David Steiner, the Klara & Larry Silverstein Dean of the School of Education at Hunter College in New York, chronicles his early years and his road to Oxford. David is the son of George Steiner, the polymath who has scathingly denounced Western societies for the…

  16. Project: Transformation (United States)

    Danko, James M.


    "Commerce" and "finance" are not the broadest or most dynamic words in the lexicon of business. And yet, when this author became dean of the business school at Villanova University in 2005, that was precisely the language the school was using to advertise itself to the world. The Villanova College of Commerce & Finance, as…

  17. Attempted - to -Phase Conversion of Croconic Acid via Ball Milling (United States)


    ARL-TN-0824 MAY 2017 US Army Research Laboratory Attempted α- to β-Phase Conversion of Croconic Acid via Ball Milling by...Laboratory Attempted α- to β-Phase Conversion of Croconic Acid via Ball Milling by Steven W Dean, Rose A Pesce-Rodriguez, and Jennifer A Ciezak...

  18. Open access

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prof. Dennis Ocholla

    The argument that access to information is an instrumental and individual as well as ... and Dean School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. ... to scholarly publications and can be in any digital format, including text, movies and ... language barriers, censorship, lack of access to the Internet and ...

  19. Hierarchy and Power: A Conceptual Analysis with Particular Reference to New Public Management Reforms in German Universities (United States)

    Hüther, Otto; Krücken, Georg


    For more than 20 years, new public management (NPM) has been the guiding governance model of university reforms in Europe. One central aspect of this governance model is to strengthen the hierarchy within the universities. Recent research shows that the formal decision-making authority of university leaders and deans has increased in almost every…

  20. 77 FR 72884 - Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells and Modules From China (United States)


    ... Silicon Photovoltaic Cells and Modules From China Determinations On the basis of the record \\1\\ developed... imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules from China, provided for in subheadings 8501... silicon photovoltaic cells and modules from China. Chairman Irving A. Williamson and Commissioner Dean A...

  1. "Aspirations of people who come from state education are different": how language reflects social exclusion in medical education. (United States)

    Cleland, Jennifer; Fahey Palma, Tania


    Despite repeated calls for change, the problem of widening access (WA) to medicine persists globally. One factor which may be operating to maintain social exclusion is the language used in representing WA applicants and students by the gatekeepers and representatives of medical schools, Admissions Deans. We therefore examined the institutional discourse of UK Medical Admissions Deans in order to determine how values regarding WA are communicated and presented in this context. We conducted a linguistic analysis of qualitative interviews with Admissions Deans and/or Staff from 24 of 32 UK medical schools. Corpus Linguistics data analysis determined broad patterns of frequency and word lists. This informed a critical discourse analysis of the data using an "othering" lens to explore and understand the judgements made of WA students by Admissions Deans, and the practices to which these judgments give rise. Representations of WA students highlighted existing divides and preconceptions in relation to WA programmes and students. Through using discourse that can be considered othering and divisive, issues of social divide and lack of integration in medicine were highlighted. Language served to reinforce pre-existing stereotypes and a significant 'us' and 'them' rhetoric exists in medical education. Even with drivers to achieve diversity and equality in medical education, existing social structures and preconceptions still influence the representations of applicants and students from outside the 'traditional' medical education model in the UK. Acknowledging this is a crucial step for medical schools wishing to address barriers to the perceived challenges to diversity.

  2. Analysis of Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricating Oils for the Formation of Trimethylolpropane Phosphate (TMP-P) (United States)


    as to whether TMP-P was actually present, or wether the result represented only a campound which co-chromatographed at the same retention time as TMP...X E 841 76. Milbrath, Dean S., Engel, Judith L., Verkade, john G., and Casida, John E. Structure-Toxicity relationsips of 1-substituted-4-alkyl-2,6,7

  3. Sensemaking, Sensegiving and Strategic Management in Danish Higher Education (United States)

    Degn, Lise


    Strategic management and leadership has been a vital catchphrase in most European higher education reforms over the past decade, and has in many countries resulted in a strengthening of the top level management tiers. Rectors and Deans are increasingly tasked with the responsibility of turning HEIs into more active, entrepreneurial actors in…

  4. Responsibility-Centered Management: A 10-Year Nursing Assessment. (United States)

    McBride, Angela Barron; Neiman, Sandra; Johnson, James


    Describes the implementation of responsibility-centered management, a decentralized model giving deans responsibility for expanding and using resources, at Indiana University's nursing school. Discusses how it led to creation of an information-rich environment, strategic decision making, and a performance-based reward structure. (SK)

  5. Perspectives and Plans for Graduate Studies. 11. Engineering 1974. E. Industrial Engineering and Systems Design. Report No. 74-22. (United States)

    Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, Toronto. Advisory Committee on Academic Planning.

    On the instruction of the Council of Ontario Universities, the Advisory Committee on Academic Planning in cooperation with the Committee of Ontario Deans of Engineering has conducted a planning assessment for doctoral work in industrial engineering and systems design. Recommendations for doctoral work in engineering studies are presented.…

  6. Sabbatical Leaves in New Mexico Colleges and Universities. (United States)

    Hopson, Rex C.

    This study investigates the present state of sabbatical leave policies and practices in 4-year colleges and universities in New Mexico. A questionnaire was mailed to the Academic Affairs Dean or Academic Vice-President of nine New Mexico institutions. Follow-up letters were sent and responses were received from eight of the nine institutions.…

  7. 16 moeõppetundi itaalia stiilis / Nicole Picart, Richard Gianorio, Marie Varvoux

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Picart, Nicole


    Itaalia moekunstnikud Gianfranco Ferre, Frida Giannini (Gucci), Graeme Black (Ferragamo), Angela Missioni (Missioni), Laura Lusuardi (Max Mara), Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace, Silvia Venturini (Fendi), Gaia Trussardi, Tomas Maier (Bottega Veneta), Dolce & Gabbana, Cristina Ortiz (Brioni), Rossella Jardini (Moschino), Alberta Ferretti, Giorgio Armani, Dean ja Dan Caten (Dsquared 2) iseloomustavad ideaalset naist, itaalia stiili, ajatut moodi ja kommenteerivad oma moekunstnikuks saamist. Lisatud fotod moekunstnikest

  8. Automation and Agitation: Today's Junior College Student--D.N.F.S.M.B.* (*Do Not Fold, Spindle, Mutilate, or Bend); Conference for Chief Administrators of Student Personnel (Pacific Grove, California, January 10-12, 1968). (United States)

    California Junior Coll. Association, Sacramento. Committee on Guidance and Student Personnel.

    After a keynote speech on how the dean of students can help bridge the gap between students and the trustees, legislators, and the supporting community, the conferees discussed automated registration--how to provide it with an acceptable master schedule, its many advantages, and a few problems. As for student activism, understanding must work both…

  9. The use of radioisotopes in the study of soil fertility III. Comparison between different formula used for the calculation of the available nutrient contents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mello, F. de A.F.


    Data on available phosphorus in soils published by Neptune et Campanelli (1961) and Campanelli (1962) were used by the author to show the identity of the formulas used by fried et Dean (1952), Larsen (1952), Barbier, Lesaint et Tyszkeiwicz (1954) and Mello (1967-1969) [pt

  10. The Future of Academic Libraries: Conversations with Today's Leaders about Tomorrow (United States)

    Meier, John J.


    To determine how academic library leaders make decisions about their organization's future and how they effect changes, the author interviewed 44 university librarians and deans from institutions belonging to the Association of American Universities (AAU). The author analyzed the interviews using content analysis to identify the most frequent…

  11. Who Is the Building Leader?: Commentary on Educational Leadership Preparation Programs for the Future (United States)

    Mercer, Debbie K.


    In this commentary, the Dean of the Kansas State University College of Education states that the job of a school leader is more complex and more demanding than ever before. As institutions of higher education contemplate the question "Who is the Building Leader?," defining the roles and responsibilities of the school building leader is…

  12. Community College Uses a Video-Game Lab to Lure Students to Computer Courses (United States)

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    A computer lab has become one of the most popular hangouts at Northern Virginia Community College after officials decided to load its PCs with popular video games, install a PlayStation and an Xbox, and declare it "for gamers only." The goal of this lab is to entice students to take game-design and other IT courses. John Min, dean of…

  13. 19th February 2010: Uppsala University Vice Chancellor A. Hallberg signing the guest book with CERN Director for Research and Scientific Computing S. Bertolucci (right) and Uppsala University Professor of Elementary Particle Physics and Chairman of the Swedish LHC Consortium T. Ekelöf.

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    Other members of the Uppsala University delegation: Vice Rector J.Nordgren; Director A. Fust and Physics Faculty Dean U. Danielsson. Visiting the Superconducting magnet test hall and CTF3 Facility with CLIC Collaboration and Uppsala University R. Ruber; in the ATLAS visitor centre with Collaboration Resources Manager M. Nordberg.

  14. Rice University: Building an Academic Center for Nonprofit Education (United States)

    Seaworth, Angela


    According to the author, the setting for their nonprofit education center was close to ideal: Support from a dean who cares deeply about nonprofit organizations; encouragement from the university and its renewed focus on reaching beyond its walls on the eve of its centennial; and a generous gift from alumni who have been affiliated with the…

  15. Why Students Are Not (Just) Customers (and Other Reflections on Life after George). (United States)

    Sharrock, Geoff


    Uses the play "Life after George," involving a dispute between a professor and dean, as a springboard to explore management issues in universities. Discusses students as customers; quality and value in public institutions; funding dilemmas, particularly in the humanities; and university culture versus university management. Advocates moving beyond…

  16. Psychological Treatment as Part of Dropout Prevention: An Israeli Program (United States)

    Schwartz, Hava; Hain, Rebecca


    This article reports on the integration of psychotherapy in a comprehensive dropout prevention program developed at the Dean of Students' office of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. The program's psychologists conducted psychotherapy with a subset of dropout prevention program participants who had reacted with emotional turmoil to the…

  17. Factors influencing plant invasiveness (United States)

    Yvette Ortega; Dean Pearson


    Invasiveness of spotted knapweed and biological control agents. Dean and Yvette are examining the influence of drought on the invasiveness of spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) and its susceptibility to herbivory by biological control agents. In collaboration with the University of Montana and Forest Health Protection, researchers have constructed 150...

  18. HPCSA President 'embarrasses' delegation

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Feb 1, 2006 ... initially as CEO of the Johannesburg City. Council, then as Dean of Medicine at the. University of Cape Town for just over a term. He replaced Mbewu as the MRC's. Executive Director of Research (when. Mbewu was appointed overall MRC chief) after leaving UCT. Padayachee's appointment as President.

  19. Reflections on the first twenty-five years of the University of Malawi ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    to take up this role until after having the opportunity to learn from the first holder of this post, the Australian Geoffrey. Dahlenburg. The College of Medicine opened its doors in September ... Executive Dean of the COM, first reported to the world ... Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, California, USA.

  20. Low cost, robust, in-house hardware for heart cutting two-dimensional gas chromatography

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Apps, P


    Full Text Available Natural materials are so complex that no single column can separate all of the components. Heart cutting 2-D GC (GC-GC) using a Deans switch provides maximum separation, but the requisite gas flow configurations have earned a reputation for being...

  1. Lessons from a Black Woman Administrator: "I'm Still Here" (United States)

    Dowdy, Joanne Kilgour; Hamilton, Awilda


    This case study presents the findings from a qualitative research project about a Black woman scholar, the first non-White female to serve as chair of a department and the associate dean of the college in its 100 year history. The study focuses on the experiences of a Black woman scholar as a chairperson and the learning she achieved during her…

  2. Research nodes and networks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Matthiessen, Christian Wichmann; Schwarz, Annette Winkel; Find, Søren


    of higher gropwth rates of Asian and Sourthern European cities. The chapter is the key empirical contribution to the comprehensive handbook of creative citieswhere experts including Åke E. Andersson, Richard Florida and Dean Simonton extend their insight with a varied set of theoretical and empirical tools....

  3. Banking system stability: A cross-atlantic perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P. Hartmann; S. Straetmans; C.G. de Vries (Casper)


    textabstractPaper prepared for the NBER project on “Risks of Financial Institutions”. We benefited from suggestions and criticism by many participants in the NBER project on “Risks of financial institutions”, in particular by the organizers Mark Carey (also involving Dean Amel and Allen Berger) and

  4. An Experimental Exploration of the Impact of Network-Level Packet Loss on Network Intrusion Detection (United States)


    fast recovery algorithms. Freemont (CA): Internet Engineering Task Force; 1997 Jan. RFC No.: 2001. 2. Smith SC, Hammell RJ, Parker TW, Marvel LM. A...2014. p. 1–6. 3. Sangster B, O’Connor T, Cook T, Fanelli R, Dean E , Adams WJ, Morrell C, Conti G. Toward instrumenting network warfare competitions

  5. Sleep-disordered breathing in high-altitude Peruvian communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adi Rattner


    Funding: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health (HHSN268200900033C; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Dean's Funding; University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Global Health Scholarship; University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Scholarship; and Discovery Innovation Fund.

  6. Office of Research Support | College of Engineering & Applied Science (United States)

    Professor and Associate Dean for Research College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Director, Center for Academics Admission Student Life Research Schools & Colleges Libraries Athletics Centers & ; Applied Science Powerful Ideas. Proven Results. Search for: Go This site All UWM Search Site Menu Skip to

  7. Working with Ted (United States)

    Evans, Paula


    The author never worked "with" a boss before working with Ted at Brown University. She had always known of Ted--he was Dean at Harvard Graduate School of Education when she was a student there, just beginning her teaching career. Ted arrived at Brown University in September 1984. She was working at Brown in President Howard Swearer's…

  8. A Comprehensive Context for Mobile-Code Deployment (United States)


    18 Gal, Probst, Franz, 2003 Freund, Mitchell, 1999 Sohr, 1999, 2001 Microsoft, 2000 LSDRG, 2002 Dean, Felten, Balfanz , Wallach, 2003 Govindavajhala...D. Balfanz . Java security: Web browsers and beyond. In D. E. Denning and P. J. Denning, editors, Internet Besieged: Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws

  9. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 101 - 150 of 699 ... ... Bioassessment of the ecological integrity of river ecosystems using aquatic macroinvertebrates: an overview with a focus on South Africa, Abstract. Dean J Ollis, Helen F Dallas, Karen J Esler, Charles Boucher. Vol 40, No 1 (2015), Biochemical and haematological responses in African catfish Clarias ...

  10. Interessenkonflikte im Medizinstudium. Fehlende Regulierung und hoher Informationsbedarf bei Studierenden an den meisten deutschen Universitäten

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lieb, Klaus


    Full Text Available [english] Objectives: Medical students interact with pharmaceutical representatives already during medical school. The goal of this study was to find out: Methods: All 36 German medical faculty deans and 1,151 medical students at eight German universities were asked to complete a questionnaire of 4 and 7 questions, respectively, regarding the above mentioned topics. Results: 30 (83,3% deans and 1,038 (90.3% medical students filled in the questionnaire, respectively. According to the deans' answers, only one school had a policy concerning conflicts of interest and one had a policy governing the interactions between medical students and industry. 8 (26.7% deans showed an interest in constructing a policy or educational an activity on this subject. 149 (14,4% students had participated in an activity that focussed the subject of conflicts of interest and 779 (77,8% wanted more education on the subject. 701 (73,4% were opposed to an improvement of medical studies through financial support by pharmaceutical companies, whereas 216 (21,9% were of the opinion that students should not meet with pharmaceutical representatives.Conclusions: Unlike in other countries, like the US, most German medical faculties do not have policies that govern the interactions between medical students and pharmaceutical companies. Since most students want to be taught more about these interactions, the implementation of respective policies and lectures would be desirable.

  11. Investigation of Visual Performance after Administration of Cholinergic Blocking Agents. I. Benactyzine. (United States)


    L.F., and Gillespie, H.K. (1971). Marihuana and the temporal span of awareness. Arch. Gen. Psychiat.,24,564-567. Masland, R.H. (1979) in Symposium 106...Defense Technical Information Center (rTIC) ATTN: DTIC-DDA Cameron Station Alexandria, VA 22314 1 copy Dean School of Medicine Uniformed Services

  12. Highly productive continuous miners

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sanda, A.P.


    Profiles operations at 4 Appalachian underground coal mines. Mines covered are: Laurel Coal Corp., Danville, W. Va; Sunrise Mining Inc., Jolo W.Va.; Unicorn Mining, Inc., London, Ky; and Reedy Coal Co., Deane, Ky. Describes mining methods and equipment. 2 tabs., 8 photos.

  13. Servant-Leadership: The Online Way! E-Learning Where Community Building Is Key (United States)

    van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Sylvia; Sultan, Nabil


    The digitalisation of educational communities has increased rapidly in the last decade. Modern technologies transform the way educational leaders such as teachers, tutors, deans and supervisors view and manage their educational communities. More often, educational leaders offer a variety of gateways, guiding the e-learners in their search for…

  14. Mechanism of electron transfer reaction of ternary ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    an important role in biochemical studies.7,8 They are used in the ... valent states is an important environmental pro- cess because of the high ... logical systems came into consideration as a possi- ble reason of ...... This project was funded by the (SABIC) and the Dean- ... SABIC and DSR for technical and financial support.

  15. Semantic involvement of initial and final lexical embeddings during sense-making: the advantage of starting late

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Alphen, P.M.; van Berkum, J.J.A.


    During spoken language interpretation, listeners rapidly relate the meaning of each individual word to what has been said before. However, spoken words often contain spurious other words, like day in daisy, or dean in sardine. Do listeners also relate the meaning of such unintended, spurious words

  16. Semantic involvement of initial and final lexical embeddings during sense-making: the advantage of starting late.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Alphen, P.M.; van Berkum, J.J.A.


    During spoken language interpretation, listeners rapidly relate the meaning of each individual word to what has been said before. However, spoken words often contain spurious other words, like 'day' in 'daisy', or 'dean' in 'sardine'. Do listeners also relate the meaning of such unintended, spurious

  17. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Experimental Research in Televised Instruction. Memorial University of Newfoundland (Newfoundland, Canada, August 25-27, 1980). (United States)

    Baggaley, Jon, Ed.

    The 11 papers in this collection focus on research in instructional television, the theme of a conference attended by media producers, researchers, and policy makers from Australia, Britain, Canada, France, West Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States. The opening paper by Deane Hutton discusses two parallel but contrasting…

  18. Empathy, Sympathy, Simulation? Resisting a Holocaust Pedagogy of Identification (United States)

    Bos, Pascale R.


    Most colleges and universities in the United States today offer one or more undergraduate courses on the Holocaust in History, Sociology, Literature, or other Humanities disciplines. Enrollments are strong, and many faculty members find themselves teaching such courses at the request of their chair or dean. However, most faculty will not have been…

  19. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 20; Issue 3 ... Lorenz system; deterministic chaos; unpredictability; Lyapunov exponent; fractals. ... Professor of Physics Dean Graduate Studies Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Dr Homi Bhabha Road Pashan, Pune 411008, India ...

  20. Resource-Efficient Data-Intensive System Designs for High Performance and Capacity (United States)


    76, 79, 80, and 81.] [9] Anirudh Badam, KyoungSoo Park, Vivek S. Pai, and Larry L. Peterson. HashCache: cache storage for the next billion. In Proc...Jeffrey Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, Wilson C. Hsieh, Deborah A. Wallach, Mike Burrows , Tushar Chandra, Andrew Fikes, and Robert E. Gruber. Bigtable: A

  1. Excuse Me. Do You Speak Digital?: Harvard's John Palfrey Explores What It's Like to Be a Digital Native (United States)

    Harris, Christopher


    John Palfrey is one busy guy, with an impressive gig. In 2008, he was named the Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources at Harvard Law School. And when he's not teaching courses on intellectual property and Internet law, there's a good chance he's overseeing the L school's research library. Palfrey,…

  2. 77 FR 68820 - Designation of Four (4) Individuals and Five (5) Entities Pursuant to Executive Order 13628 of... (United States)


    ...-hour fax-on demand service tel.: (202) 622-0077. Background On October 9, 2012, the President issued... Technology; Alternate Title, Editor- In-Chief of ISeCure; Alternate Title, Dean of Scientific and International Cooperation, Sharif University of Technology; Alternate Title, Head, Information Technology Group...

  3. 78 FR 77151 - Notice of Senior Executive Service Performance Review Board Appointments (United States)


    ... J. Wenk, Daniel N. Werkheiser, William H. White, John Ethan Whitesell, Stephen E. Whittington.... Applegate, James D. R. Arroyo, Bryan Atkinson, Karen J. Austin, Stanley J. Awn I, Muhammad H. Bales, Jerad D.... Davis, Mark H. Dean, Francis J. Deerinwater, Daniel J. Delaplaine, L. Bruce Demulder, Mark L. Dickinson...

  4. 77 FR 12361 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... Martin C. Baschab Donald Hooper Gregory Chiropolos Ronnie G. Lynn Malinda N. Parks Mark Smith Stephen C... experience driving a CMV with the vision deficiency: Joshua H. Boatright Domingo V. Perez James F. Blush Dean.... Pinson Wayne L. Green Stephen R. Marshall James A. Fassbender The following 6 applicants were denied for...

  5. Living out our values: the legacy of Christian academic nursing leadership. (United States)

    Coeling, Harriet V; Chiang-Hanisko, Lenny; Thompson, Mary


    Retired academic nursing leaders possess a rich legacy of knowledge. Using a grounded theory approach, knowledge possessed by 14 retired Christian Chairperson/Deans was explored. Two themes representing commitment to living out Christian values; and fortitude, understanding, and spiritual guidance emerged from written responses to open-ended survey questions.

  6. David R Syiemlieh

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi. David R. Syiemlieh, formally a historian, joined as a Professor in the Department of History, NEHU, Shillong, in 1979. Concurrent with this position, he held at different times, Dean of Students' Welfare, Proctor, Director, College Development Council, and Head, Department of ...

  7. Relationships Between Centralization/Decentralization and Organizational Effectiveness in Urban Multi-Unit Community College Systems. A Summary Report. (United States)

    Jenkins, John A.; Rossmeier, Joseph G.

    In January 1972, 3,320 faculty members and administrators at 12 urban multicampus community college districts were asked to indicate their perceptions of the distribution of decision-making authority and influence among six organizational levels (the board of trustees, the district administration, the unit administration, deans, department…

  8. 75 FR 5358 - Submission for Review: Expiring Information Collection 3206-0165 (United States)


    ... Educational Registrar and Dean of Students Record Data (INV 43), and the Investigative Request for Law... or a credit bureau. The INV 44 is used to collect law enforcement data from a criminal justice agency... 156,800 hours. Approximately 464,000 INV 43 inquiries are sent to educational institutions annually...

  9. The Metropolitan University as a Principal Ally and Agent of Change for Economic Development (United States)

    John C. Stockwell and Darrell Parker


    The University of South Carolina Upstate requested permission of the USC Board of Trustees in September 2007 to undertake planning to locate its business school in downtown Spartanburg. Since that request millions of dollars in private donations have been raised, including the naming of the business school as the George Dean Johnson Jr. College of…

  10. Philip Glass, Scott Walker ja Sigur Ros! / Immo Mihkelson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mihkelson, Immo, 1959-


    Pimedate Ööde 11. filmifestivali muusikafilme - Austraalia "Glass: Philipi portree 12 osas" (rež. Scott Hicks), Islandi "Sigur Ros kodus" (rež. Dean DeBois), Suurbritannia "Scott Walker: 30 Century Man" (rež. Stephen Kijak)

  11. US Higher Education Environmental Program Managers' Perspectives on Curriculum Design and Core Competencies: Implications for Sustainability as a Guiding Framework (United States)

    Vincent, Shirley; Focht, Will


    Purpose: This study is the first of a five-phase research project sponsored by the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD), an organization of environmental program managers operating under the umbrella of the National Council for Science and the Environment. The purpose of the project is to determine if a consensus on core…

  12. A Background in Science: What Science Means for Australian Society (United States)

    Harris, Kerri-Lee


    Prior to this research little was known about the ways in which people draw upon their science backgrounds. An earlier CSHE [Centre for the Study of Higher Education] study for the ACDS [Australian Council of Deans of Science] examined employment outcomes and confirmed that many science graduates pursue careers outside scientific research. There…

  13. Growth models for six Eucalyptus species in Angola | Delgado ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study developed growth models for Eucalyptus saligna Sm., E. camaldulensis Dehnh., E. macarthurii H.Deane & Maiden, E. resinifera Sm., E. siderophloia Benth. and E. grandis Hill ex. Maiden, for the central highlands of Angola, and used these models to simulate the development of stand characteristics.

  14. Short Note Some additional breeding records for birds in Angola ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Short Note Some additional breeding records for birds in Angola. W Richard J Dean, Suzanne J Milton. Abstract. No abstract. Ostrich 2007, 78(3): 645–647. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT ·

  15. Multi-Objective Constraint Satisfaction for Mobile Robot Area Defense (United States)


    David A. Van Veldhuizen . Evo- lutionary Algorithms for Solving Multi-Objective Problems. Springer, New York, NY, 2nd edition, 2007. [9] Dean, Thomas...J.I. van Hemert, E. Marchiori, and A. G. Steenbeek. “Solving Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems using Evolutionary Algorithms with an Adaptive

  16. Census Report: Volume V, 1986. Sanitized Version. (United States)



  17. Robotics Team Lights Up New Year's Eve (United States)

    LeBlanc, Cheryl


    A robotics team from Muncie, Indiana--the PhyXTGears--is made up of high school students from throughout Delaware County. The group formed as part of the FIRST Robotics program (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an international program founded by inventor Dean Kamen in which students work with professional engineers and…

  18. The new public governance?: emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Osborne, Stephen P


    ... 'This text, edited by Stephen Osborne, may do as much for critical insight to Europe's public service delivery as the David Osborne and Ted Gaebler text on Reinventing Government did for the United States in the 1990s in refocusing the public sector for improvement.' Dean F. Eitel DePaul University, USA Despite predictions that 'new public managem...

  19. Caught (Unfortunately) on Tape (United States)

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    Recording class sessions so students can view them online is becoming routine on many campuses. But all that taping can lead to "uh-oh moments," such as when a professor's joke about the college dean ends up on YouTube, or a private comment to a student after class is inadvertently broadcast. Some lecture bloopers caught on tape are…

  20. Instructor Time Requirements to Develop and Teach Online Courses (United States)

    Freeman, Lee A.


    How much time does it take to teach an online course? Does teaching online take more or less time than teaching face-to-face? Instructors, department chairs, deans, and program administrators have long believed that teaching online is more time-consuming than teaching face-to-face. Many research studies and practitioner articles indicate…

  1. Entrepreneurial Orientation of Community College Workforce Divisions and the Impact of Organizational Structure: A Grounded Theory Study (United States)

    Schiefen, Kathleen M.


    This research focused on how organizational structure of community colleges influenced the entrepreneurial orientation of deans, directors, vice presidents, and vice chancellors of workforce units. Using grounded theory methodology, the researcher identified three emergent theories applicable to both integrated and separate workforce units. These…

  2. Review Symposium. (United States)

    Fink, Dean; Harris, Alma; Strain, Michael; Willmott, Rob; Gunter, Helen


    The book "Leaders and Leadership in Education," by Helen Gunter, is the topic of four separate reviews and a response by the author. Each brief essay contains references. Dean Fink describes the book as "a breathtaking survey of contemporary management and leadership literature, particularly British." (Contains 68 references.) (MLF)

  3. Academic Leadership Forum on Faculty Workload, Engagement, and Development. Executive Summary (United States)

    WCET, 2011


    A select group of academic officers and deans from institutions (all sectors) whose programs are primarily online and whose teaching faculty differ considerably from traditional faculty participated in the Academic Leadership Forum, October 26, 2011, held in conjunction with WCET's (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies') Annual Meeting.…

  4. The Career Trajectory of Black Male Presidents of Predominantly White Institutions (United States)

    Scott, DeWitt T.


    Since the creation of American higher education, the majority of the nation's colleges have been led, managed, and directed by White men. From the Boards of Trustees to the dean level, racial representation in higher education leadership has traditionally not included people of color. This lack of diversity in senior leadership is juxtaposed…

  5. The JMC Innovation Project: A Pivotal Moment for Journalism, Media and Communication Education: Assessing the State of Innovation (United States)

    Richards, Allan; Fitzpatrick, Kathy R.


    The JMC Innovation Project recently released its first report, "The 'New' JMC: Creating Cultures of Innovation in Schools of Journalism, Media and Communication," which assessed the scope and status of innovation in schools and colleges of journalism, media and communication (JMC), based on personal interviews with 70 deans and directors…

  6. Case report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    5 août 2015 ... reinforcement of berry aneurysms . J Neurosurg. 1990. Feb;72(2):163-70. PubMed | Google Scholar. 4. Giancarlo AV, Apostolides PI, Bruce Dean MD, Spetzler RF. Magnetic resonance image of post craniotomy retained cotton or rayon. J Neurosurg. 1998 May;88(5):928. PubMed |. Google Scholar. 5.

  7. Leadership Identities, Styles, and Practices of Women University Administrators and Presidents (United States)

    Wheat, Celeste A.; Hill, Lilian H.


    To understand the complex factors that influence women's experiences in senior administrative roles in higher education, the purpose of this study was to give voice to how they made meaning of their leadership experiences. We employed a qualitative design in which a criterion-based sample of 14 women senior administrators (i.e., dean, vice…

  8. The Interaction of Water and Aerosols in the Marine Boundary Layer: A Study of Selected Processes Impacting Radiative Transfer and Cloudiness (United States)


    profound effect of aerosol-water interaction both on radiation propagation in, and the thermodynamic structure of, the marine boundary layer. Specific... beer when we next meet. Regards, Dean lofl 1/24/2013 4:38 PM w DEPARTMENT OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES UNIVERSITY of WASHINGTON January 25, 2013

  9. Othering women: fluid images of the ideal academic

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bleijenbergh, I.L.; van Engen, M.L.; Vinkenburg, C.J.


    Purpose - In the context of research on the career advancement of women and men in academia, this paper aims to reflect on how deans at six schools of a Dutch arts and a Dutch sciences-based university construct the image of the ideal academic, and on how these images are gendered.

  10. The Influence of Emerging Leadership in Nursing: An Interview With Dr Casey Shillam. (United States)

    Adams, Jeffrey M


    This department highlights emerging nursing leaders who have demonstrated leadership in advancing innovation and patient care in practice, policy, research, education, and theory. This interview profiles Casey Shillam, PhD, RN, associate dean for baccalaureate education, University of Portland School of Nursing, Oregon.

  11. High-throughput deterministic single-cell encapsulation and droplet pairing, fusion, and shrinkage in a single microfluidic device

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schoeman, R.M.; Kemna, Evelien; Wolbers, F.; van den Berg, Albert

    In this article, we present a microfluidic device capable of successive high-yield single-cell encapsulation in droplets, with additional droplet pairing, fusion, and shrinkage. Deterministic single-cell encapsulation is realized using Dean-coupled inertial ordering of cells in a Yin-Yang-shaped

  12. Institutionalizing Staff Development. (United States)

    Shawl, William F.

    Three years ago, Golden West College (GWC) decided to make a major commitment to staff development as a means of revitalizing the college. This commitment was evidenced through the creation of the position of Dean of Educational Development, who is responsible solely for serving faculty needs; the Educational Development Center, which houses the…

  13. Allied health education in Oklahoma. (United States)

    Holder, L; Nelson, S; Curcio, B


    This article is the first of several dealing with medical education and recruitment in Oklahoma and generated at the request of the OSMA-OUHSC Liaison Committee. The articles were sought out and submitted with the assistance of Edward N. Brandt, Jr., MD, PhD, executive dean at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

  14. A Personnel Flow Model for Predicting the Coast Guard Enlisted Force Structure. (United States)


    nd Reader Peter Purdue, Chairman Department of Operations Research -Kneale T. Marshal--7-. Dean of Information and Policy Scie ces O,, 2 ABSTRACT The...calls a proxy for economic variables mertion-ed ~rL~ b. Average age, 7-me --n Service, >-ne -ie This data was incomplete and no- Za~ecor:: zec ’I/ month

  15. Perspectives on Library Public Services from Four Leaders (United States)

    Dallis, Diane


    This article explores and examines the state of library services through interviewing a small group of directors, associate deans, and associate university librarians of public services and identifying common themes and insightful views on this area of librarianship. The participants respond to the same set of questions that cover topics including…

  16. International Journal of Health Research

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Dean's Office, College of Medicine. Madonna University, Elele ... determined to a greater degree by the excipients chosen because they .... varying compression loads. The tablets were stored over silica gel for 24 hr to allow for elastic recovery and hardening, and prevent false low yield values. The target tablet weight was ...

  17. Music Teacher Education at a Liberal Arts College: Perspectives across Campus (United States)

    Edgar, Scott N.


    In 2012, a committee at a small Midwestern liberal arts college, Lake Forest College, embarked on a journey to create a music education teacher licensure major. Drawing from narrative inquiry, this article reports how the dean of faculty, education department chair, music department chair, and assistant professor of music/music education…

  18. Transformational and Transactional Leadership: An Exploration of Gender, Experience, and Institution Type (United States)

    Martin, Jason


    This exploratory study examined the rates of transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership among academic library deans, directors, and university librarians to see if any differences in leadership styles existed by gender, age and experience of the leaders, and type of institution in which they worked. The study found no…

  19. Secondary flow vortical structures in a 180∘ elastic curved vessel with torsion under steady and pulsatile inflow conditions (United States)

    Najjari, Mohammad Reza; Plesniak, Michael W.


    Secondary flow structures in a 180∘ curved pipe model of an artery are studied using particle image velocimetry. Both steady and pulsatile inflow conditions are investigated. In planar curved pipes with steady flow, multiple (two, four, six) vortices are detected. For pulsatile flow, various pairs of vortices, i.e., Dean, deformed-Dean, Lyne-type, and split-Dean, are present in the cross section of the pipe at 90∘ into the bend. The effects of nonplanar curvature (torsion) and vessel dilatation on these vortical structures are studied. Torsion distorts the symmetric secondary flows (which exist in planar curvatures) and can result in formation of more complex vortical structures. For example, the split-Dean and Lyne-type vortices with same rotation direction originating from opposite sides of the cross section tend to merge together in pulsatile flow. The vortical structures in elastic vessels with dilatation (0.61%-3.23%) are also investigated and the results are compared with rigid model results. It was found that the secondary flow structures in rigid and elastic models are similar, and hence the local compliance of the vessel does not affect the morphology of secondary flow structures.

  20. Getting Pole Position: Research Strategies in the Humanities at Swedish Universities (United States)

    Geschwind, Lars


    The aim of this paper is to study research strategies in the Humanities in Sweden. The Swedish higher education sector is under transformation and a new funding system has been proposed. The study investigates the university strategy processes, mainly at the dean's level. The results show that most institutions are active in order to be well…

  1. Osservazioni in cattività sul ciclo stagionale del peso corporeo e sull'efficienza digestiva di Pipistrellus kuhlii e Hypsugo savii (Chiroptera: Verspertilionidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianna Dondini


    Full Text Available Abstract Captivity observation on body weight cycle and digestive efficiency in Pipistrellus kuhlii and Hypsugo savii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae Many bat species of cold-temperate climate are subject to seasonal variation of temperature and food availability. Fat reserve during summer-autumn is therefore a physiological adaptation to spend the winter months by hibernating or to sustain migration. During a research on bats in urban areas, two juveniles of Kuhl's bat (Pipistrellus kuhlii, 2 females and two juveniles of Savi's bat (Hypsugo savii, 1 male and 1 female were collected in 1997 in the urban area of Florence (central Italy. Bats were kept in a cage of 50x40x30 cm with a temperature between 17° and 22° C. Every day they were weighted with an electronic balance before eating mealworms (Tenebrio molitor. Digestive efficiency, calculated on dry material, was about 90% for both species. In about six months P. kuhlii and H. savii increased on the average of 450% and 280% in weight respectively. Deposition of fat reserve seemed to be faster in P. kuhlii than in H. savii. Both species showed a circannual cycle in the variation of weight. Riassunto Molte specie di pipistrelli dei climi temperato-freddi sono soggette a marcate variazioni stagionali di temperatura e disponibilità di cibo. L'accumulo di grasso in tarda estate-autunno è quindi un adattamento fisiologico per trascorrere in ibernazione i mesi invernali o per intraprendere la migrazione. Nell'ambito di una ricerca pluriennale sui pipistrelli in ambienti urbani, 4 esemplari giovani, di cui 2 di Pipistrello albolimbato (Pipistrellus kuhlii, 2 femmine e due di Pipistrello di Savi (Hypsugo savii, 1 maschio e 1 femmina, sono stati raccolti nella pianura di Firenze durante l'estate del 1997 e mantenuti in un contenitore di 50x40x30 cm ad

  2. Power efficiency improvements of the industrial processes at application of thermochemical recuperation of heath of the leaving gases with use of microchannel reactors (United States)

    Tararykov, A. V.; Garyaev, A. B.


    The possibility of increasing the energy efficiency of production processes by converting the initial fuel - natural gas to synthesized fuel using the heat of the exhaust gases of plants involved in production is considered. Possible applications of this technology are given. A mathematical model of the processes of heat and mass transfer occurring in a thermochemical reactor is developed taking into account the nonequilibrium nature of the course of chemical reactions of fuel conversion. The possibility of using microchannel reaction elements and facilities for methane conversion in order to intensify the process and reduce the overall dimensions of plants is considered. The features of the course of heat and mass transfer processes under flow conditions in microchannel reaction elements are described. Additions have been made to the mathematical model, which makes it possible to use it for microchannel installations. With the help of a mathematical model, distribution of the parameters of mixtures along the length of the reaction element of the reactor-temperature, the concentration of the reacting components, the velocity, and the values of the heat fluxes are obtained. The calculations take into account the change in the thermophysical properties of the mix-ture, the type of the catalytic element, the rate of the reactions, the heat exchange processes by radiation, and the lon-gitudinal heat transfer along the flow of the reacting mixture. The reliability of the results of the application of the mathematical model is confirmed by their comparison with the experimental data obtained by Grasso G., Schaefer G., Schuurman Y., Mirodatos C., Kuznetsov V.V., Vitovsky O.V. on similar installations.

  3. Structure of the gene encoding VGF, a nervous system-specific mRNA that is rapidly and selectively induced by nerve growth factor in PC12 cells. (United States)

    Salton, S R; Fischberg, D J; Dong, K W


    Nerve growth factor (NGF) plays a critical role in the development and survival of neurons in the peripheral nervous system. Following treatment with NGF but not epidermal growth factor, rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells undergo neural differentiation. We have cloned a nervous system-specific mRNA, NGF33.1, that is rapidly and relatively selectively induced by treatment of PC12 cells with NGF and basic fibroblast growth factor in comparison with epidermal growth factor. Analysis of the nucleic acid and predicted amino acid sequences of the NGF33.1 cDNA clone suggested that this clone corresponded to the NGF-inducible mRNA called VGF (A. Levi, J. D. Eldridge, and B. M. Paterson, Science 229:393-395, 1985; R. Possenti, J. D. Eldridge, B. M. Paterson, A. Grasso, and A. Levi, EMBO J. 8:2217-2223, 1989). We have used the NGF33.1 cDNA clone to isolate and characterize the VGF gene, and in this paper we report the complete sequence of the VGF gene, including 853 bases of 5' flank revealed TATAA and CCAAT elements, several GC boxes, and a consensus cyclic AMP response element-binding protein binding site. The VGF promoter contains sequences homologous to other NGF-inducible, neuronal promoters. We further show that VGF mRNA is induced in PC12 cells to a greater extent by depolarization and by phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate treatment than by 8-bromo-cyclic AMP treatment. By Northern (RNA) and RNase protection analysis, VGF mRNA is detectable in embryonic and postnatal central and peripheral nervous tissues but not in a number of nonneural tissues. In the cascade of events which ultimately leads to the neural differentiation of NGF-treated PC12 cells, the VGF gene encodes the most rapidly and selectively regulated, nervous-system specific mRNA yet identified.

  4. Burnout and Its Contributing Factors Among Midlevel Academic Nurse Leaders. (United States)

    Flynn, Linda; Ironside, Pamela M


    Amid concerns regarding administrator shortages, a survey conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing indicates that 10% of all vacant faculty positions are those that include administrative responsibilities. This study was designed to determine the frequency, predictors, and potential retention consequences of burnout among midlevel academic nurse leaders, such as assistant deans, associate deans, and others. The sample consisted of 146 midlevel academic nurse leaders from 29 schools of nursing. Burnout was measured by the emotional exhaustion subscale of the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Logistic regression models were estimated to determine effects of study variables on burnout and intent to leave. Dissatisfaction with workload, dissatisfaction with work-life balance, and hours typically worked per week increased odds of burnout. Burnout was associated with intent to leave. High workloads and long work weeks are increasing the odds of burnout among midlevel academic nurse leaders. [J Nurs Educ. 2018;57(1):28-34.]. Copyright 2018, SLACK Incorporated.

  5. Remembering for tomorrow: Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb. (United States)

    Salih, Mustafa Abdalla M


    This is a highlight of the obituary ceremony in tribute to Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (1910 - 1973), organized by the Medical Students Association of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Khartoum (U of K). Professor Haseeb has been the first Sudanese Professor and first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He was an outstanding humane teacher, mentor and researcher, and was awarded the international Dr. Shousha Foundation Prize and Medal by the WHO. He was also an active citizen in public life and became Mayor of Omdurman City. The obituary ceremony reflected the feelings of the medical community and included speeches by Professor Abdalla El Tayeb, President of U of K; the Dean, Faculty of Medicine; the Late Professor Haseeb's colleagues and students, His family representative, and an elegy poem.

  6. Romanticism and self-esteem among pregnant adolescents, adolescent mothers, and nonpregnant, nonparenting teens. (United States)

    Medora, N P; Goldstein, A; von der Hellen, C


    Feelings of romanticism and self-esteem among pregnant adolescents, adolescent mothers, and a control group of nonpregnant, nonparenting adolescents were investigated. The Bachman Self-Esteem Scale (Bachman, O'Malley, & Johnston, 1978) and the Dean Romanticism Scale (Dean, 1961) were distributed to 649 U.S. female adolescents--255 pregnant adolescents, 121 adolescent mothers, and 273 teenagers in the control group. For romanticism, the results indicated a significant main effect for group (pregnant teens, teen mothers, and a control group consisting of nonpregnant, nonparenting teenagers) and ethnicity (White, Hispanic, African American, and Asian) but not for age (13 to 15 years and 16 to 19 years). The pregnant teens and teen mothers thus had a higher degree of romanticism than the control group did. For self-esteem, there was a significant main effect for race, but not for group or for age. This main effect was qualified by a significant interaction between ethnicity and age.

  7. Footprint of Sandia's August 15 2016 Informal Idea Exploration Session on "Towards an Engineering and Applied Science of Research".

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tsao, Jeffrey Y. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Fleming Lindsley, Elizabeth S. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Heffelfinger, Grant S. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Narayanamurti, Venkatesh [Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (United States); Schneider, Rick [glo USA, Sunnyvale, CA (United States); Starkweather, Lynne M. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Ting, Christina [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Yajima, Rieko [Stanford Univ., CA (United States); Bauer, Travis L. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Coltrin, Michael E. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Guy, Donald W. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Jones, Wendell [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Mareda, John F. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Nenoff, Tina M. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Turnley, Jessica Glicken [Galisteo Consulting Group, Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    On August 15, 2016, Sandia hosted a visit by Professor Venkatesh Narayanamurti. Prof Narayanamurti (Benjamin Peirce Research Professor of Technology and Public Policy at Harvard, Board Member of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, former Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard, former Dean of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, and former Vice President of Division 1000 at Sandia). During the visit, a small, informal, all-day idea exploration session on "Towards an Engineering and Applied Science of Research" was conducted. This document is a brief synopsis or "footprint" of the presentations and discussions at this Idea Exploration Session. The intent of this document is to stimulate further discussion about pathways Sandia can take to improve its Research practices.

  8. Perbedaan Partisipasi Anggaran Ditinjau dari Jenis Jabatan, Tingkat Pendidikan, Jenis Kelamin dan Pengalaman Kerja (Studi Empirik pada Perguruan Tinggi Swasta di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cornelio Purwantini


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research was to know difference in the budget participation that’s evaluated from education levels, gender, occupations, and job experiences. The number of research sample is 198 people coming from 45 Private Higher Education Institution in Yogyakarta. The research subject is heads from of unit who are enganged in the budget partisipation, such as heads of study program, heads of department, vice dean, dean, heads of bureau and the like in Private Higher Education Institution. The data analysis was conducted using independent sample t test. The statistical test result with 0.05 of the significance level indicated that there was no difference in the budget participation that was evaluated from education levels, gender, occupation, and job experiences. 

  9. Urgency of increasing the quantity and quality of student creativity program (United States)

    Sarmini; Prasetya, Ketut; Nadiroh, Ulin


    Student creativity is very important to improve the quality and quantity. The purpose of this paper is to identify the quality and quantity of the Student Creativity Program. The method in this research is exploratory study. The subjects taken are the leaders of deans and vice deans at the State University of Surabaya. Data collection techniques used are kusioner. The result of this research is creativity program in student is very important. Not only improve the quality and quantity of creativity, but also affect the image of the institution. It is necessary to have written rules on the regulations on the Student Creativity Program and to take a comprehensive and comprehensive approach, and to organize the budget is the main thing.

  10. An Outstanding Career: Professor Emeritus Iacob Cătoiu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Octavian Oprică


    Full Text Available Through the duration of his commissions of Deputy Dean (1981-1989 and, respectively, Dean (1992-2003, and also by the manner of approaching the managerial problems and his scientific extension, Professor Iacob Cătoiu left and indelible trace on the evolution of the former Department of Commerce in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE – now the Department of Business and Tourism. He is author or co-author of an important number of books (57 and articles (105 and book presentations. Thus, after he made the personal acquaintance with Philip Kotler, the guru of international marketing, in 1997, Professor Iacob Cătoiu wrote the Forward to the Romanian version of Philip Kotler's volume Managementul marketingului (Marketing Management a fundamental book in its field. (Nicolae Lupu

  11. New directions in building a scientific social network: Experiences in the Supercourse project and application to Central Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meredith Hennon


    Full Text Available Introduction Networking leaders in the field of public health and medicine is very important for improving health locally and globally, especially in times of disaster. Methods Fishing can best be defined as using an internet search engine to find the name and email address of the person or organization that is being sought. Results With over 500 hours of work, the group compiled a list of nearly 2,000 email addresses of Ministers of Health, deans of the 1,800 medical schools and schools of public health, and heads of medical and public health societies.Conclusions Fishing for deans and others is an important task, albeit just the first step in building a scientific social network.  Upon creation of a database of names, other steps must be taken, such as meeting with others, exchanging information, and forming new collaborations before a scientific social network is successfully completed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aída Díaz Bild


    Full Text Available In the last three decades scholars coming from the most different fields have defended the positive, regenerating and creative qualities of the comic mode. Laughter is an agent of transcendence, a vehicle for coping with the hardships of life, a valuable talisman which allows us to survive in a world hedged with the threat of every horror and every ignominy. Reading zn the Dark, by Seamus Deane, is a very clear example of a novel in which humour helps to mitigate the harshness of the difficult and painful situations that are described, so that at the end of the book the spirit of life triumphs over death and sadness. By exploiting the narrator's naivety Deane plays down false sentimentalism and melodrama and prevents the reader from falling into despair.

  13. Opposition to the American leadership by Brazilian nurses (1934-1938). (United States)

    Santos, Tânia Cristina Franco; Lopes, Gertrudes Teixeira; Porto, Fernando; da Fonte, Aline Silva


    A historical social descriptive study whose objective is to describe the circumstances where Bertha Pullen assumes as the dean of Anna Nery Nursing School, to assess the strategies undertaken by Pullen to assure her position of power and prestige in the space of the school and Brazilian nursing; and to discuss about the resistance to the presence and authority of the American dean for the nurses and students, in the struggle for a national identity. Corpus analysis was made by putting photographs into context based on written documents and secondary sources. The second management of Pullen was the reiteration of the American presence in the leadership of the School, despite the resistance of the nurses and students. Thus, we may assume that the second tenure of Pullen did not represent a real need that was felt by the school.

  14. Cross-shore redistribution of nourished sand near a breaker bar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jacobsen, Niels Gjøl; Fredsøe, Jørgen


    the Engelund and Fredsøe deterministic concept. The methodology is as follows: a Dean/Bruun equilibrium profile is exposed to regular waves (chosen as H = 1.3 m and T = 4.8 s). These waves will form bars on the Dean/Bruun equilibrium profile, and the wave impact is continued until a quasi-steady behavior...... over the profile is consider as a means of imposing the net recirculation resulting from longshore nonuniformities or the impact of wind-induced shear stresses. The impact of wave height, irregularity in incident waves, and the size of the sediment grains on the cross-shore distribution of suspended...... bar can have both destructive and protective impacts on the original shoreward-located cross-shore profile....

  15. Geoffrey Layton Slack OBE (Mil), CBE, TD, BDS DDS, FDSRCS, FDS Glas, FFDRCSI, Dip Bact (1912-1991). (United States)

    Gelbier, Stanley


    It is with some pride that the author worked in Geoffrey Slack's department from 1963 to 1967 and even retained a working relationship with him after that time. Slack was Professor of Dental Surgery (1959-1976) and later Professor of Community Dental Health (1976-1977) at The London Hospital Medical College, within the University of London. The change in titles came about as a result of recognition of his contribution to developments in public health and community dental care and services, for many of which he was directly responsible. He was Dental Dean from 1965 until 1969. Upon retirement in 1977 he became Emeritus Professor. In addition, he was Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England from 1974 to 1977.

  16. The Subject in the Crowd: A Critical Discussion of Jodi Dean’s “Crowds and Party”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacob Johanssen


    Full Text Available This article presents a critical discussion of Jodi Dean’s (2016 book “Crowds and Party”. I pay particular attention to her discussion of crowds that is influenced by psychoanalysis. Dean has put forward an important argument for the affectivity within crowds that may be transformed into a Communist Party that is characterised by a similar affective infrastructure. I suggest that Dean’s discussion of affect is slightly vague at times and may be supplemented with Sigmund Freud’s work on affect. In contrast to Dean, who stresses the collectivity and deindividuation of the crowd, I argue that the crowd needs to be thought of as a place where individuality and collectivity come together and remain in tension.

  17. Torsion effect on fully developed flow in a helical pipe (United States)

    Kao, Hsiao C.


    Two techniques, a series expansion method of perturbed Poiseuille flow valid for low Dean numbers and a solution of the complete Navier-Stokes equation applicable to intermediate Dean values, are used to investigate the torsion effect on the fully developed laminar flow in a helical pipe of constant circular cross section. For the secondary flow patterns, the results show that the presence of torsion can produce a significant effect if the ratio of the curvature to the torsion is of order unity. The secondary flow is distorted in these cases. It is noted that the torsion effect is, however, usually small, and that the secondary flow has the usual pattern of a pair of counter-rotating vortices of nearly equal strength.

  18. Helping patients make better decisions: how to apply behavioral economics in clinical practice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Courtney MR


    Full Text Available Maureen Reni Courtney,1 Christy Spivey,2 Kathy M Daniel1 1College of Nursing, 2College of Business, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, USA  Abstract: Clinicians are committed to effectively educating patients and helping them to make sound decisions concerning their own health care. However, how do clinicians determine what is effective education? How do they present information clearly and in a manner that patients understand and can use to make informed decisions? Behavioral economics (BE is a subfield of economics that can assist clinicians to better understand how individuals actually make decisions. BE research can help guide interactions with patients so that information is presented and discussed in a more deliberate and impactful way. We can be more effective providers of care when we understand the factors that influence how our patients make decisions, factors of which we may have been largely unaware. BE research that focuses on health care and medical decision making is becoming more widely known, and what has been reported suggests that BE interventions can be effective in the medical realm. The purpose of this article is to provide clinicians with an overview of BE decision science and derived practice strategies to promote more effective behavior change in patients.Keywords: nursing, message framing, defaults, incentives, social norms, commitment devices, health care

  19. CERN Academic Training Programme 2010

    CERN Multimedia

    PH Department


    LECTURE SERIES 6, 7 and 8 September 2010 11:00-12:00 - Bldg. 1-1-025 Black Holes in the Cosmos, the Lab, and in Fundamental Physics by Dr. Steve Giddings / University of California, Santa Barbara, USA Black holes present the extreme limits of physics. They are ubiquitous in the cosmos, and in some extra-dimensional scenarios they could be produced at colliders. They have also yielded a puzzle that challenges the foundations of physics. These talks will begin with an overview of the basics of black hole physics, and then briefly summarize some of the exciting developments with cosmic black holes. They will then turn to properties of quantum black holes, and the question of black hole production in high energy collisions, perhaps beginning with the LHC. I will then overview the apparent paradox emerging from Hawking’s discovery of black hole evaporation, and what it could be teaching us about the foundations of quantum mechanics and gravity. Organiser: Maureen Prola-Tessaur/PH-EDU

  20. Separation of flip and non-flip parts of np → pn charge exchange at energies Tn = 0,5-2,0 GeV

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shindin, R.A.; Gur'ev, D.K.; Morozov, A.A.; Nomofilov, A.A.; Strunov, L.N.


    The new 'Delta-Sigma' experimental data on the ratio R dp allowed separating the Flip and Non-Flip parts of the differential cross section of np → pn charge exchange process at the zero angle by the Dean formula. The PSA solutions for the np → np elastic scattering are transformed to the np → pn charge exchange representation using unitary transition, and good agreement is obtained