Sample records for mature professional thought

  1. The Quest for (Higher) Professional Status: Second Thoughts

    Baizerman, Michael


    The sociopolitical movement to enhance youth workers' occupational status and related emoluments strategically links this goal to competency-based assessment. While the goals of improved conditions, remuneration, and career opportunities for workers is supported, the joining of those goals to both professionalization and in turn competency-based…

  2. The process of Danish nurses' professionalization and patterns of thought in the 20th century.

    Beedholm, Kirsten; Frederiksen, Kirsten


    In this article, we address how the professionalization process is reflected in the way Danish nursing textbooks present 'nursing' to new members of the profession during the 20th century. The discussion is based on a discourse analysis of seven Danish textbooks on basic nursing published between 1904 and 1996. The analysis was inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, in particular the concepts of rupture and rules of formation. First, we explain how the dominating role of the human body in nursing textbooks disappears in the mid-20th century. This transformation can of course be attributed to changes in tasks and responsibilities for nurses or to the implementation of increasing amounts of knowledge and theories from other disciplines than medicine into the nurses' knowledge base. However, inspired by Foucault, we consider these historical changes to be the conditions of possibilities and not causes. The second part of the analysis shows that along with 'the disappearance of the body', a second discursive change appears: the role of doctors and medicine changes fundamentally from about mid-20th century. Finally, we argue that this discursive reorganization enabling new patterns of thought to emerge was driven by a professional interest in describing nursing as an independent profession.

  3. Gender-specific experiences of uncertainty of professional status in the period of maturity

    Koltachuk E.V.


    Full Text Available The article represents socio-psychological analysis of gender-specific experiences of uncertainty of professional status in the period of maturity. The authors describe the results of qualitative and quantitative data analysis of 112 people aged 33—39 years old, employed on full time and staying in a situation of threat of job loss or change of important parameters of their employment. On the basis of obtained results the authors make the conclusion about the existence of gender differences in the experiences of uncertainty of professional status in the period of maturity, which become apparent in the decreasing trends of the individual components of the experience of uncertainty from sample to sample, in the differences in the level of expression of these components, as well as in the differences in the configuration of the correlation relationship with different types of gender identity at this stage of ontogenesis. The article indicates the ordered impact of gender identity on the experience of professional status uncertainty in adult life, which is evident in a non-random trend of decreasing symptoms from sample to sample: passion, integral readiness for change and distraction decrease from masculine to feminine; from feminine to masculine — emotions and MITN decrease; from androgynous to feminine — avoidance decreases; from masculine to androgynous — frequency of problem-focused coping decreases.


    Alla Grigoryevna IKHAYLOVA


    Full Text Available The article highlights the topical issue of improving the quality of higher education – creation of effective conditions for personal and professional growth of future specialists-engineers, developing their abilities to solve life and professional problems. The article also focuses on the essence of the concept of "acmeological theory of maturity in the formation of professional and creative abilities of future engineers”. The author defines maturity as acmeological category with bipolar nature, which manifests itself in the form of local types of maturity of people as individuals, personalities and stakeholders, as well as global maturity. Implementation of the author's approaches to the development of professional and creative skills of future engineers required to work out the stages of the development process of professional and creative abilities of engineers, taking into consideration the acmeological theory of maturity: reproductive-normative, normative-creative and creative. The author comes to the conclusion that the essence of applying acmeology in the formation of professional and creative abilities of future engineers is in conducting comprehensive research on the integrity of individuals who have the degree of maturity when their individual, personal and subjective-activity characteristics are studied in unity and in interrelation in order to enhance the achievement of the highest results. 

  5. Thoughts on the Professionalization and Industrialization of Social Work in China

    Feng, Cui


    China's economic and social development requires professional social work. To achieve the professionalization of social work in China, we must focus on its indigenization, change the function of mass organizations, and improve the professional quality of existing social work personnel. We must also pay attention to promoting social work theory and…

  6. Thoughts on the Professionalization and Industrialization of Social Work in China

    Feng, Cui


    China's economic and social development requires professional social work. To achieve the professionalization of social work in China, we must focus on its indigenization, change the function of mass organizations, and improve the professional quality of existing social work personnel. We must also pay attention to promoting social work…

  7. Financial Thought in Ukraine as an Academic Discipline and a Component of Formation of the Professional Competence of Future Financiers

    Boiko Svitlana V.


    Full Text Available The article discusses issues of the necessary improvement of quality of training students in the direction of greater attention to the evolution of the financial economy in Ukraine, the formation and development of financial thought in Ukraine. Importance of the academic discipline «Financial thought in Ukraine» for the formation of professional competence of future financiers has been displayed, objectives, tasks and content of the discipline have been substantiated. Objective of the academic discipline «Financial thought in Ukraine» contains studying and creative interpretation, which are directed at the basic stages of formation, development and features of current status of financial thought in Ukraine in the context of a critical analysis of the scientific heritage of Ukrainian scientists-financiers. The main tasks of the academic discipline «Financial thought in Ukraine» are as follows: exploration of the features of the both formation and development of financial thought in Ukraine; determination of the effect of the Western financial thought on its formation and development; determination of the specific features and characteristics of the Ukrainian scientific school of the State (public finance; exploration of the theoretical developments by Ukrainian scientists in the area of budget, taxation, public credit, corporate finance, insurance, etc.; substantiation of proposals on how to use the existing theoretical provisions with a view to enhancing the efficiency of the public finance as well as the further development of the domestic financial science. Studying views on financial economy of the State was an integral part of the papers on finance and teaching of the theory of finance in the pre-revolutionary period. With the 1990's begins the period of an active revival of research in the financial thought of Ukraine, which continues today.

  8. Challenging times: some thoughts on the professional identity of the academic librarian

    Antonesa, Mary


    This article reviews the professional identity of the academic librarian within higher education in the 21st century. It considers the challenges that libraries and library staff face in supporting learning. Massification and technological advancements are two key changes that have signnificantly impacted on library users and library usage. This article will review these developements and will focus in particular on how they have transformed the professional identity of the librarian working ...

  9. The process of Danish nurses’ professionalization and patterns of thought in the 20th century

    Beedholm, Kirsten; Frederiksen, Kirsten


    In this article, we address how the professionalization process is reflected in the way Danish nursing textbooks present 'nursing' to new members of the profession during the 20th century. The discussion is based on a discourse analysis of seven Danish textbooks on basic nursing published between...... to changes in tasks and responsibilities for nurses or to the implementation of increasing amounts of knowledge and theories from other disciplines than medicine into the nurses' knowledge base. However, inspired by Foucault, we consider these historical changes to be the conditions of possibilities...... to emerge was driven by a professional interest in describing nursing as an independent profession....

  10. Staying Focused on What Really Matters: Further Thoughts on Empowerment Theory for Professional School Counselors

    Hipolito-Delgado, Carlos P.; Lee, Courtland C.


    In this article, the authors provide their reactions to the commentaries of Mitcham-Smith and Schmidt on their study. As Mitcham-Smith and Schmidt in their responses both suggest, it is evident that if professional school counselors are to be successful in facilitating the empowerment of students, they must engage in a self-reflective process…

  11. Critical Thoughts About the Core Entrustable Professional Activities in Undergraduate Medical Education.

    Krupat, Edward


    The Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency (Core EPAs) have taken a strong hold on undergraduate medical education (UME). This Perspective questions their value added and considers the utility of the Core EPAs along two separate dimensions: (1) the ways they change the content and focus of the goals of UME; and (2) the extent to which entrustable professional activity (EPA)-based assessment conforms to basic principles of measurement theory as practiced in the social sciences. Concerning content and focus, the author asks whether the 13 Core EPAs frame UME too narrowly, putting competencies into the background and overlooking certain aspirational, but important and measurable, objectives of UME. The author also discusses the unevenness of EPAs in terms of their breadth and their developmental status as core activities. Regarding measurement and assessment, the author raises concerns that the EPA metric introduces layers of inference that may cause distortions and hinder accuracy and rater agreement. In addition, the use of weak anchors and multidimensional scales is also of concern. The author concludes with a proposal for reframing the Core EPAs and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education competencies into broadly defined sets of behaviors, referred to as "Tasks of Medicine," and calls for the development of a systematic and longitudinal research agenda. The author asserts that "slowing down when you should" applies to medical education as well as patient care, and calls for a reevaluation of the Core EPAs before further commitment to them.

  12. Big Data, Computational Journalism and Data Journalism: structure, thought and professional practice in the data web

    Walter Teixeira Lima Junior


    Full Text Available The current technological configuration of the Internet is being drawn from the increase of the data transmission speed, from the interconnection between computational machines with robust processing capacity and storage of data, and from the storage use of sophisticated programming languages, which allow the handling of immense and complex data bases. In this technological level of the network, the practice of the journalism professional sophisticates towards other areas of human knowledge, namely the field of Computer Sciences. The need for an understanding of computational logics will enable the data journalist the use of new possibilities in the treatment of information and data, finding out new appro- aches to information of social relevance, new facts, and sources of alternative information.

  13. A Study of the Perceptions Held by Information Technology Professionals in Relation to the Maturity, Value, and Practical Deployment of Big Data Solutions

    Damon Andrick Runion


    Full Text Available This research study investigated relationships between an information technology (IT professional's self-assigned understanding of big data and their assessment of the maturity, value, hype, and future trends of big data. The study also examined if there was any relationship between an IT professional's understanding of big data and the position they occupy professionally. The study consisted of a twenty question survey. Research findings indicate that IT professionals are still becoming familiar with big data and related technologies. The results supported rejecting two of the five hypotheses. The study produced evidence that there is a relationship between an IT professional's level of big data understanding and their expectation that there will be an increase in technological developments related to big data in the near future.

  14. I Thought to Myself: "What a Long Way I've Come" … : Teacher Writing for Professional Learning

    Aharonian, Nikki


    As governments the world over continue to advocate the importance of teacher professional learning, researchers and practitioners continue to explore ways to enact that learning in meaningful ways. The value of narrative for teacher education has been widely discussed and several studies show that learning is significant when teacher-writers…

  15. The Quest for Journalism's Holy Grail: Some Thoughts on the Continuing Pursuit of Objectivity and Its Implications for Professional Education.

    De Mott, John

    Professional journalists need to be encouraged in their quest for objectivity if the news media are to be saved from degenerating into political journals and propaganda organs. Sociologist Karl Mannheim's theory of relationalism could be the basis for an improved approach to journalistic practice and should be required reading for journalism…

  16. Primary care interventions to reduce childhood obesity and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption: Food for thought for oral health professionals.

    Dooley, Diane; Moultrie, Nicolette M; Sites, Elsbeth; Crawford, Patricia B


    Childhood obesity remains a significant threat to America's children. Health care leaders have increasingly called upon oral health professionals to integrate healthy weight promotion and enhanced sugar-sweetened beverage counseling into their professional practices. The aim of this scoping review is to examine recent evidence regarding the effectiveness of primary care childhood obesity interventions that have potential for adoption by oral health professionals. Medine, and PubMed were searched from 2010 to 2016 for review articles and studies reporting patient outcomes or policy outcomes relevant to primary care childhood obesity interventions for children ages 2-11 years. Additional articles were accessed through relevant websites, journals, and references. Our screening criteria included interventions that could be adopted by oral health professionals. Forty-two articles met inclusion criteria. Effective interventions fell into four domains: family-based programs, motivational interviewing, office-based practice tools, and policy interventions. Despite strong evidence linking the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages to childhood obesity, our review did not find evidence of primary care programs effectively targeting and reducing childhood sugary drinks. Effective primary care interventions for addressing childhood obesity have been identified, although only short-term effectiveness has been demonstrated. Dissemination of these practices as well as further research and advocacy are needed. Childhood obesity and poor oral health share many common risk factors. Additional research should focus on the benefits and feasibility of widespread interdisciplinary medical-oral health collaboration in addressing the two most prevalent diseases of childhood. © 2017 American Association of Public Health Dentistry.

  17. 关于师范生教师职业技能训练的思考%Some Thoughts about Teacher Professional Skills Training of the Normal Students

    毋茂盛; 王静; 张会章


    Some thoughts about the teachers' professional skills training are discussed in the paper. First of all, the teachers' professional skills training hardware environment is explored. Then, students' curriculum sys- tem, the development of the teachers' professional skill training resources and Chinese writing skills testing are analyzed and discussed. At last, the establishing normal information website idea is put forward.%提出有关教师职业技能动l练方面的几点思考:首先,讨论教师职业技能训练的硬件环境建设;然后,就师范生的课程体系、师范生教师职业技能实训资源建设,以及师范生规范汉字书写技能的考核方法等问题进行分析和探讨:最后,提出了建立师范生信息网站设想。

  18. Content analysis of the professional journal of the College of Speech Therapists II: coming of age and growing maturity, 1946-65.

    Stansfield, Jois; Armstrong, Linda


    Following a content analysis of the first 10 years of the UK professional journal Speech, this study was conducted to survey the published work of the speech (and language) therapy profession in the 20 years following the unification of two separate professional bodies into the College of Speech Therapists. To understand better the development of the speech (and language) therapy profession in the UK in order to support the development of an online history of the speech and language therapy profession in the UK. The 40 issues of the professional journal of the College of Speech Therapists published between 1946 and 1965 (Speech and later Speech Pathology and Therapy) were examined using content analysis and the content compared with that of the same journal as it appeared from 1935 to the end of the Second World War (1945). Many aspects of the journal and its authored papers were retained from the earlier years, for example, the range of authors' professions, their location mainly in the UK, their number of contributions and the length of papers. Changes and developments included the balance of original to republished papers, the description and discussion of new professional issues, and an extended range of client groups/disorders. The journal and its articles reflect the growing maturity of the newly unified profession of speech therapy and give an indication both of the expanding depth of knowledge available to speech therapists and of the rapidly increasing breadth of their work over this period. © 2016 Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

  19. 新政背景下体育专业学生就业的几点思考%Some thoughts on sports professional students employment under the background of the New Deal

    韩添翼; 陈薇; 韩晓菲


    在国务院体育产业新政背景下,通过对体育专业学生就业的现状以及高效体育,专业培养目标的研究,对新政背景下体育专业学生的就业问题提出几点思考,以期体育专业学生能顺利搭上这趟体育改革的春风。%Sports industry under the state council under the background of the New Deal , based on the current situation of sports professional students employment of professional sports training objective and effective research , un-der the background of the New Deal some thoughts on the employment problem of the professional sports students , in order to give sports professional students employment smoothly on this spring breeze of reform .

  20. The people-oriented border professional culture construction thoughts%以人为本的边检职业文化构建思考



    边检职业文化指的是出入境边防检查人员在长期的出入境边防检查工作中,所形成的一切思想、作风、价值观念和行为规则。以人为本的边检职业文化,就是在这种职业文化中,将边检人自我实现的需求摆在职业文化建设的首位,针对个体差异和个体发展等不同需求,为每个成员创造良好的成长环境和提供终生服务,挖掘其自身最大潜力,发挥主观能动性,达到自我实现。这种自我实现的终极目标,不仅能够保证工作任务的高效完成,同时又能营造一种尊重人、团结人与宽松和谐的人性化氛围,改善工作环境,实现每个边检人不再被动接受工作制度的约束,而是自觉自愿、乐观开放地完成每一次出入境边防检查勤务,打造好国门卫士良好形象,使边检机构的完美服务成为公共服务的样板。本文对什么是人本边检职业文化,人本边检职业文化对边检队伍建设的影响,人本边检职业文化的构建等进行了较为细致的阐述。%The immigration occupation culture refers to the exit entry frontier inspection personnel in the exit entry frontier inspection work in the long term, the formation of rule all thought, style, value idea and behavior. The people-oriented border professional culture, is in this kind of professional culture, the border of self realization demand placed in the professional culture construction the first place, according to the individual differences and individual development of different needs, to create a good environment for the growth of each member and provide life-long service, finding its maximum potential, to give play to the subjective initiative, achieve self the realization of. The ultimate goal of this self realization, not only can ensure the efficient completion of a task, but also can create a respect, unity and harmonious humanistic atmosphere, improve the working environment, the

  1. Crisis Thought

    Morris, Edwin Kent


    Crisis thought is an idea that gives a name to and accounts for some of the problematics of the sign crisis in political, social, cultural, and economic discourse. Specifically, crisis thought is a discursive formation, a concept used loosely here to refer to an assemblage of signs such as anxiety or fear that evoke or invoke similar, but inaccurate connotations as crisis in political and everyday usage. The general question this study grapples with is why political, social, cultural, and eco...

  2. Thought Evolution

    Shadrikov V.D.


    Full Text Available The thought evolution is studied by historical reconstruction method that is based on the propositions of the theory of culturalhistorical determination of the psyche development, and the data of the morphological analysis and child development, and the conception of the psyche neuroontogenesis. The grounds for advisability of protothinking are presented. The protothinking is understood as the use of objective thought in cases of awareness absence. It is shown that protothinking is a form of transition from animal thinking to human speech. The particular attention is paid to the process of the word producing and thought generation in that process. The conditions of word producing as cooccurring acoustic pattern served for though expression are discussed. It is emphasized that a word is produced by a particular person. The historical development of the language and the specificity of this development are pointed out

  3. 实习护生职业情感与职业成熟度的关系研究%Analysis on the relationship between nursing students' professional affection and professional maturity

    李丽萍; 丁禾; 刘玲


    目的 调查实习过程对护生职业情感的影响作用,分析其与职业成熟度的相互关系.方法 选择2所护理学院本科毕业实习护生165名,采用自制实习护生职业情感影响因素问卷及护生职业成熟度量表进行调查.结果 实习环境中各外部因素与护生职业成熟度存在相关性(P<0.01);2所学校在毕业实习计划及护生职业成熟度方面差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);患者态度是对护生影响最明显的外部因素.结论 教育者要注重实习过程每个环节的设计与建设,使其围绕护生积极职业情感培养与完善;规范实习管理,能提高护生职业成熟度;重视护生心理调控能力培养,以增强护生抵御外部不良因素对职业成熟度的负面影响.%Objective To investigate the influencing factors of nursing students' professional affection and to analyze the relationship between nursing students' professional and maturity. Methods 165 nursing students in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (75 in our university and 90 in another university) were selected. A self-made questionaire on the nursing students' professional affection during internship and Inventory of Nursing Students'arrangement and design of nursing students between the two schools had statistic significance (P<0.05), and the were the most effective factors on the nursing students. Conclusions Educators should concentrate on the design and establishment of every step in internship to make it aim at developing and perfecting nursing students' positive professional affection; they should arrange and manage the course of internship efficiently and normatively to help nursing students get familiar with their work; they should put emphasis on the training of nursing students'psychological controlling ability to improve their capability of resisting negative effects caused by external factors on nursing students familiarity of their work.

  4. Thoughts on Professional Education for Tourism Management in Universities%关于高校本科旅游管理专业教育的思考



    以多数高校旅游管理本科教育招生难和就业率下降为背景,反思了本科教育自身存在的问题,探寻了与高职院校专业教育存在的差距,提出高校本科旅游管理专业教育改革必须明确本科人才培养的目标定位,加快专业化培养进程,促进科研成果转化,力求专业设置对应市场需求。%Based on the enrollment difficulty and the declining employment rate,this paper has discussed the undergraduate education course of Tourism management in most colleges and universities.The author reflects on the problems of undergraduate education,explores the gap between professional education and higher vocational education in colleges.The paper also puts forward that undergraduate education of tourism management must be clear about the objectives of undergraduate talent training,accelerate the process of professional training,promote scientific research achievements,and strive to achieve a professional course setting to meet the market demand.

  5. Content Analysis of the Professional Journal of the College of Speech Therapists II: Coming of Age and Growing Maturity, 1946-65

    Stansfield, Jois; Armstrong, Linda


    Background: Following a content analysis of the first 10 years of the UK professional journal "Speech," this study was conducted to survey the published work of the speech (and language) therapy profession in the 20 years following the unification of two separate professional bodies into the College of Speech Therapists. Aim: To…

  6. Content Analysis of the Professional Journal of the College of Speech Therapists II: Coming of Age and Growing Maturity, 1946-65

    Stansfield, Jois; Armstrong, Linda


    Background: Following a content analysis of the first 10 years of the UK professional journal "Speech," this study was conducted to survey the published work of the speech (and language) therapy profession in the 20 years following the unification of two separate professional bodies into the College of Speech Therapists. Aim: To…

  7. 儒家仁爱思想在医师职业精神建设中的价值探析%Discussion on the Value of Confucian Benevolence Thought in Physician Professionalism Construction

    史国华; 古丽娜尔·马木尔别克


    This paper discussed the connotation of Confucian benevolence and analyzed the Chinese traditional physician professionalism in view of the six aspects, which contained"medicine being humane art""loyalty and for-bearance""respect for life""practice medicine to save people", and "compassion". Combining with the current situation of the development of the physicians, it analyzed the research values of Chinese traditional benevolence thought in the current physician professionalism construction:researching medicine painstakingly and making ardu-ous efforts to conquer medical problems;deeply understanding the philosophy of"loyalty and forbearance" and re-garding patients as relatives;"precious human life is priceless" and establishing the lofty life values of"people-o-riented";"practice medicine to save people" and strengthening the social moral sense of responsibility;being con-siderate to patients and practicing medicine honestly.%通过“医乃仁术”“忠恕”“尊生”“行医济世”“恻隐之心”五个方面论述儒家仁爱思想的内涵,对中国传统医师职业精神进行分析,结合当前医师发展现状,剖析了中国传统仁爱思想对当代医师职业精神建设所具有的重要研究价值,即精心钻研医术,发奋攻克医学难题;深切领悟“忠恕”之道,视病人如亲人;“人命至贵重于千金”,树立“以人为本”的崇高生命价值观;“行医济世”,增强社会道德责任感;体恤病人,廉洁行医。

  8. Thought 2 Talk

    Hendricks, Vincent F.

    Thought2Talk is a crash course on argument, reasoning and logical method honoring the Swedish poet and Bishop of Lund, Esaias Tegnér, who once said: The words and thoughts of men are born together: To speak obscurely is to think obscurely. In 100 humorous yet erudite pages, Thought2Talk takes...

  9. Thoughts on Reflection (Editorial

    Denise Koufogiannakis


    Evidence in Practice section uses a standardized format enabling practitioners to share their experience of integrating research evidence into their practice. The final section of these brief articles asks the writers to reflect on their experience. Although it is not research, the individual reflection allies with what Schön (1983 called “reflection on action” and such reflections over time form a practical, tacit knowledge that we use to inform our work. Within this section of the journal, we hope readers will become more aware of how different types of evidence can be integrated into real‐world decision making. Not everything requires a full blown research study, and this section allows readers to see what other practitioners are doing, and in turn it should enable them to reflect upon what they are doing in their own practice. Being aware of situations where things may or may not have worked, and reflecting on the reasons why, brings together our sense of critical thought and practical experience that go a long way in filling the “librarian observed” and “professional judgements” parts of the EBLIP definition (Booth and Brice 2004. Acquiring professional knowledge does not end when we complete a graduate program, or have a certain number of years experience under our belts. It needs to be continually and consciously cultivated via reflection on our practice, our research, and simply what works and why. Research knowledge only takes us so far. People often ask me, “What do I do when there is no evidence? Or when the research evidence is weak?” Does this stop us from moving ahead? No. A decision still needs to be made. Evidence based practice is not only about acting when there is good evidence. Enhancing our professional judgments via a career built on analytical reflection, will provide knowledge that goes a long way towards making difficult decisions a little bit easier; even (or perhaps, especially in the cases when there is already a large body of

  10. Astronomy in the Classroom for Mature Lifelong Learners

    Cobb, B. E.


    Mature adults are sometimes underserved by the professional astronomical community, which often focuses on K-12/undergraduate education and outreach. Mature adults hold as much interest and enthusiasm for astronomy as their younger cohorts, but often face a greater challenge in obtaining access to adult-level information that is more structured than sporadic public lectures or the occasional popular-science article. I present here my efforts to bring astronomy classes to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Berkeley. There are over 120 OLLIs on university and college campuses throughout the United States. These institutes provide adults, age 50 and above, with both a diverse curriculum of study and a stimulating community of peers. Teaching at OLLI has been a straightforward way so share astronomy with this segment of the public—outreach that could be replicated by astronomers at other universities and colleges with associated OLLIs. The OLLI classroom can be challenging because of the wide range of student educational backgrounds. However, teaching at OLLI is extremely rewarding because mature adults bring to the classroom a vast array of life experiences, great curiosity, and immense independence of thought. The OLLI also provides the unique opportunity to inspire other non-traditional astronomy outreach activities by building partnerships both with professors in other disciplines and with the students themselves, as adult students often have the resources and connections to call upon to further explore and share astronomy outside the classroom.

  11. The Association between Thoughts of Defecation and Thoughts of Death

    Dunkel, Curtis S.


    Three studies were conducted examining the relationship between thoughts of defecation and thoughts of death. In Study 1 and Study 3 it was found that making thoughts of feces salient reduced the accessibility of death thoughts. In Study 2 it was found that making thoughts of death salient decreased the accessibility of feces thoughts. It is…

  12. Popper's Thought Experiment Reinvestigated

    Richardson, Chris D


    Popper's original thought experiment probed some fundamental and subtle rules of quantum mechanics. Two recent experiments have tested Popper's hypothesis, but they seem to give contrasting results and one suggests a violation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. The equations governing these two experiments and Popper's thought experiment will be derived from basic principles. The experimental constants will be inputted and it will show that the two experiments agree with each other. It will be shown that no uncertainty relations are violated and that Popper's thought experiment was fundamentally flawed.

  13. 关于体育舞蹈本科专业应用型人才培养模式的构建思考%Thoughts about Constructing Professionally Applicable Talents' in Dance Sport Bachelor Degree

    潘渝蓉; 程瑾; 杜艳伟


    In 1999, the education department published , it requires adjustments of bachelor degree majors design, adapt to economic and technology development as well as rule of education. In general, the DanceSport development in china, as becoming mature sports and art combination project, its social, market , economical and culture value has influence the social and economical development. Developing bachelor degree of DanceSport and build practical talent model, in addition to the need for professional development of this major, more importantly, it is in accordance with the social economical development and satisfy the demand for high quality sports dancers in the human resource market. This essay adopted objective review, literature review and expert interview and use Sichuan normal university arts and science academy 2007,2008 and 2009 graduates, practical talents as the thesis, research and educate subject, course system design and practical tutoring construction, to plan training of high quality sports dancers. At present, the DanceSport major in china is still developing but through a lot of research, it is found the many integrated universities , sports colleges, art school, normal schools have sports dance as a major, but its educational system is under developed, the majority of university has low level of teachers and method of training. Therefore, this research helps to construct a viable education and system through scientific research. Thus, this model is bound to provide more high quality sports dancers, teachers as well as people in this field .%教育部于1999年颁布了《高等学校本科专业设置规定》,纵观我国体育舞蹈的发展,作为一门发展日臻成熟的体育与艺术相结合的项目,除了其本身的学科专业性发展要求外,更主要的是为迎合社会经济发展的潮流以及人力资源市场对高素质体育舞蹈专业应用型人才的需求。本论文主要采用了对象观察、文献资料研

  14. Accountable Professional Practice in ELT

    Farmer, Frank


    Professionalism is widely thought to be desirable in ELT, and at the same time institutions are taking seriously the need to evaluate their teachers. This article presents a general approach to professionalism focused on the accountability of the professional to the client based on TESOL's (2000) classification of adult ELT within eight general…

  15. Popper's Thought Experiment Reinvestigated

    Richardson, Chris; Dowling, Jonathan


    Karl Popper posed an interesting thought experiment in 1934. With it, he meant to question the completeness of quantum mechanics. He claimed that the notion of quantum entanglement leads to absurd scenarios that cannot be true in real life and that an implementation of his thought experiment would not give the results that QM predicts. Unfortunately for Popper, it has taken until recently to perform experiments that test his claims. The results of the experiments do not refute QM as Popper predicted, but neither do they confirm what Popper claimed QM predicted. Kim and Shih implemented Popper's thought experiment in the lab. The results of the experiment are not clear and have instigated many interpretations of the results. The results show some correlation between entangled photons, but not in the way that Popper thought, nor in the way a simple application of QM might predict. A ghost-imaging experiment by Strekalov, et al. sheds light on the physics behind Popper's thought experiment, but does not try to directly test it. I will build the physics of Popper's thought experiment from the ground up and show how the results of both of these experiments agree with each other and the theory of QM, but disprove Popper.

  16. Second-to-Last Thoughts

    Trimble, Virginia L.


    You can’t really prepare an abstract of a concluding-remarks talk, but having spent 19 years, 8 months as a full time student (Sept. 1948, Toluca Lake Grammar School kindergarten to April 1968 Caltech Ph.D.), most of the ensuing 48 years as a teacher, and about 51 years as some sort of astronomer, I find myself woefully ignorant of astronomy education and therefore well prepared to bring a fresh and vacant mind to the ideas presented by our colleagues here. Several thoughts, however, intrude. First, as Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin said, “a woman should do astronomy only if nothing else will satisfy her, for nothing else is what she will get.” Make that “person” and “science” and it still carries much truth. Second, it is better to be a professional astronomer and an amateur alto than the converse. And third, it is better to be a professional dentist and an amateur astronomer than the converse. This, I think, leaves room for all of us to work in areas that we find attractive and that we turn out to be reasonably good at. The latter is at least as important as the former. There is a great deal of pleasure to be found as a second-rate singer or artist, but not, I hope, as a lousy astronomer or teacher.

  17. Religious thought and behavior.

    Lawson, Ernest Thomas


    While earlier approaches to religious thought and practice searched for 'magic bullet' approaches to explain religious thought and behavior, seeing it as an example of irrationality, illusion, integrative force, symbolism, or false explanations of origins, cognitive scientific approaches have suggested that we see it rather as an aggregate of the products of various cognitive mechanisms. Studies in the cognitive science of religion, informed by experimental work, have converged on a standard model of explaining religious thought and behavior by focussing on the role of minimally counter-intuitive concepts, agent and animacy detection, ritual representations, notions of contagion and contamination avoidance, theory of mind, coalitions, and moral intuitions. WIREs Cogn Sci 2012 doi: 10.1002/wcs.1189 For further resources related to this article, please visit the WIREs website.

  18. Strategic Thoughts in Organizations

    Juliane Inês Di Francesco Kich


    Full Text Available This paper aims to analyze a new way of thinking about the organizational strategies through a theoretical discussion of the term "strategic thoughts", and its development in organizations. To achieve this, a bibliographical research was conducted in order to go more deeply on the theme and reach a conceptual background, which can support further analysis. Among the results of this research, it is emphasized that the pragmatic characteristics of strategic planningappears to not have more space in the current organizational world, this tool needs to be interconnected to the strategic thought process to bring more effective results. In this regard, the challenged is present in how the organizations could develop a strategic planning that encourages strategic thoughts instead of undermine it, as well as, the development of tools that promote the ability to think strategically in all employees, regardless of the hierarchical levels.

  19. Optimizing Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation


    Autogenous arteriovenous fistulas are the preferred vascular access in patients undergoing hemodialysis. Increasing fistula prevalence depends on increasing fistula placement, improving the maturation of fistula that fail to mature and enhancing the long-term patency of mature fistula. Percutaneous methods for optimizing arteriovenous fistula maturation will be reviewed.

  20. Language, Thought, and Culture.

    Henle, Paul, Ed.

    This book presents a collection of essays intended for an integrated study of language by anthropologists, literary critics, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, and linguists. There is first a discussion of theories concerning the interrelationship of language, thought, and culture. This is followed by a discussion of the development of…

  1. Christianity and Political Thought

    Thomassen, Bjørn; Forlenza, Rosario


    This article engages with the thought of Augusto Del Noce (1910-1989), the most important Italian Catholic philosopher and political thinker of the twentieth century. The focus is on how Del Noce came to elaborate a Catholic ‘modernity,’ bridging a positive encounter between Catholicism, democracy...

  2. Educational Thoughts on "Three


    With simple, light touches but deep philosophical thought, this article analyses the problems in China’s education, and at the same time, it probes into the problems of effectiveness of educational theories and methods from the considerations of THREE as the basic starting point.

  3. Language and Thought



    @@ 1 Introduction If one asks about the relation between thought and language, people expect the issue to concern such matters as whether we think in language, whether creatures without language can "think", and the way language shapes our concepts. In my opinion, there is a much deeper question, which concerns the nature of linguistic communication.

  4. Thought Positions in Sculpture


    Thought Positions in Sculpture presents ten contemporary artists who have encountered the archive through the stories of their own art practice. The physical exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery refers to existing works of art from Leeds Museums and Galleries Sculpture Collection, archival material from the Henry Moore Institute, digitised archival material from the Tate Gallery, audio material from the British Library and other archival sites, some of which are inventions by the artist the...

  5. Maturity and maturity models in lean construction

    Claus Nesensohn


    Full Text Available In recent years there has been an increasing interest in maturity models in management-related disciplines; which reflects a growing recognition that becoming more mature and having a model to guide the route to maturity can help organisations in managing major transformational change. Lean Construction (LC is an increasingly important improvement approach that organisations seek to embed. This study explores how to apply the maturity models to LC. Hence the attitudes, opinions and experiences of key industry informants with high levels of knowledge of LC were investigated. To achieve this, a review of maturity models was conducted, and data for the analysis was collected through a sequential process involving three methods. First a group interview with seven key informants. Second a follow up discussion with the same individuals to investigate some of the issues raised in more depth. Third an online discussion held via LinkedIn in which members shared their views on some of the results. Overall, we found that there is a lack of common understanding as to what maturity means in LC, though there is general agreement that the concept of maturity is a suitable one to reflect the path of evolution for LC within organisations.

  6. Maturity and maturity models in lean construction

    Claus Nesensohn


    Full Text Available In recent years there has been an increasing interest in maturity models in management-related disciplines; which reflects a growing recognition that becoming more mature and having a model to guide the route to maturity can help organisations in managing major transformational change. Lean Construction (LC is an increasingly important improvement approach that organisations seek to embed. This study explores how to apply the maturity models to LC. Hence the attitudes, opinions and experiences of key industry informants with high levels of knowledge of LC were investigated. To achieve this, a review of maturity models was conducted, and data for the analysis was collected through a sequential process involving three methods. First a group interview with seven key informants. Second a follow up discussion with the same individuals to investigate some of the issues raised in more depth. Third an online discussion held via LinkedIn in which members shared their views on some of the results. Overall, we found that there is a lack of common understanding as to what maturity means in LC, though there is general agreement that the concept of maturity is a suitable one to reflect the path of evolution for LC within organisations.

  7. Thought on the Direction of the Professional Development and Practice Teaching Setting of College Agricultural Economics Professional%高校农经专业的专业方向建设和实践教学环节设置思考

    江金启; 戚迪明


    The face of rapidly changing market demand for talent and the severe employment pressure, as a veteran profes-sional by the professional farming faces significant question of how to regain competitiveness in the job market. Combined with the professional's professional direction of agricultural development and actual practice teaching settings, analysis of the problem of the current practice of teaching farming by the professional direction of professional settings, and thus give ad-justment.%面对市场人才需求的迅速变化和严峻的就业压力,作为老牌专业的农经专业面临着如何在就业市场上重新获得竞争力的重大问题.本文结合农经专业的专业方向建设和实践教学环节设置的实际,分析当前农经专业各专业方向的实践教学环节设置所的问题,并由此给出调整思路.

  8. Thoughts on Interaction Design

    Kolko, Jon


    Interaction Designers-whether practicing as Usability Engineers, Visual Interface Designers, or Information Architects-attempt to understand and shape human behavior in order to design products that are at once usable, useful, and desirable. Although the value of design is now recognized as essential to product development, the field is often misunderstood by managers and other team members, who don't understand a designer's role in a team. This can cause inefficient and ineffective products. Thoughts on Interaction Design gives individuals engaged in this profession the dialogue to justify t

  9. Centralization · Democratization· Professionalization: An Analysis of Li Jianxun' s Thought of Educational Administration%集权化·民主化·专业化——李建勋教育行政学思想探析



    作为近代教育行政学家,李建勋在其教育行政与学校管理的相关研究中,逐渐形成了一以贯之的集权化、民主化和专业化的教育行政学思想。集权化所强调的是教育行政机关的独立性、稳定性和权威性,民主化所追求的是不同层面对教育行政的积极同情与支持,专业化所要实现的是科学而高效的教育行政管理。%As a modem expert in educational administration, Li Jianxun has gradually formed his thought of centralization, democratization and professionalization through his studies on educational administration and school management. Centralization emphasizes the independence, stability and authority of educational administrative organs; democratization intends to let educational administration gain the active sympathy and support from different levels; and professionalization tries to achieve the scientific and efficient education administration.

  10. A Technique: Generating Alternative Thoughts

    Serkan AKKOYUNLU


    Full Text Available Introduction: One of the basic techniques of cognitive therapy is examination of automatic thoughts and reducing the belief in them. By employing this, we can overcome the cognitive bias apparent in mental disorders. Despite this view, according to another cognitive perspective in a given situation, there are distinct cognitive representations competing for retrieval from memory just like positive and negative schemas. In this sense generating or strengthening alternative explanations or balanced thoughts that explain the situation better than negative automatic thoughts is one of the important process goals of cognitive therapy.Objective: Aim of this review is to describe methods used to generate alternative/balanced thoughts that are used in examining automatic thoughts and also a part of automatic thought records. Alternative/balanced thoughts are the summary and end point of automatic thought work. In this text different ways including listing alternative thoughts, using examining the evidence for generating balanced thoughts, decatastrophizing in anxiety and a meta-cognitive method named two explanations are discussed. Different ways to use this technique as a homework assignment is also reviewed. Remarkable aspects of generating alternative explanations and realistic/balanced thoughts are also reviewed and exemplified using therapy transcripts. Conclusion: Generating alternative explanations and balanced thoughts are the end point and important part of therapy work on automatic thoughts. When applied properly and rehearsed as homework between sessions, these methods may lead to improvement in many mental disorders

  11. Recognition: a key retention strategy for the mature nurse.

    Bryant-Hampton, Linda; Walton, Ann Marie; Carroll, Tracy; Strickler, Laura


    Recognition of staff can be one of the easiest, cost-effective strategies to retain experienced mature nursing staff. The authors discuss the Senior and Generational Excellence initiative that identifies strategies and brings attention to the unique skills and needs of mature professional nurses.

  12. 高职院校辅导员队伍职业化建设的思考与对策%Thoughts and Countermeasures for the Counselors Professionalization Construction of Vocational Colleges



    With the further deepening development of higher vocational education and the surge number of students in vocational colleges, how to strengthen the ideological and political education is an important issue for colleges in development. While in the process of carrying out ideological education of college students, the college counselors as the main organizer and leader of the student's education directly affects the quality of students' education and management. Therefore, strengthening vocational colleges counselor team building, and promoting its towards to specialization and professionalism are the key to guarantee the effectiveness of ideological and political education. This paper researches and discusses characteristics and the current development status of vocational colleges counselors, analyzes the characteristics of vocational counselors team and the current situation of student work, analyzes the reasons and proposes solutions.%随着高等职业教育的进一步发展深化,高职院校学生数量剧增,如何加强大学生思想政治教育是高校发展面临的重要课题。而在进行大学生思想教育的过程中,高校辅导员作为学生教育的主要组织者和领导者,直接影响着学生教育和管理的质量。因此,加强高职院校辅导员队伍建设,推动其朝着专业化和职业化的方向发展,是保障高职学生思想政治教育工作实效的关键。本文就当前高职院校辅导员的特点及发展现状做了研究和探讨,分析了高职辅导员队伍特点和学生工作的现状,探析原因,并提出解决问题的对策。

  13. Making sense of thought leadership

    M.D. van Halderen (Mignon); K. Kettler-Paddock (Kym)


    textabstractMany corporations feel that they should be developing a thought leadership strategy. However, when asked what thought leadership actually means or entails, most managers immediately falter in providing an explanation. So, what is thought leadership, why is it important, and how can

  14. Some Thoughts on Nursing

    Despina Sapountzi-Krepia


    Full Text Available The core concept of nursing is care; although caring is a universal concept and a component of the philosophies guiding the practice of all health and caring professions. Human beings learn to care bybeing cared by other people. In primitive societies there was not a clear distinction between healer and carer. However, caring, healing, and curing include a meaning of getting control over and expressing power upon people who are receiving care. That was a crucial point for the separation of caring from healing and curing. Nursing evolved from the mother's role and is frequently identified in people's perception more as a woman's duty than a job. Nursing continues to struggle to overcome the stereotypes held for centuries. However, as nursing is maturing as a science, an emphasis on the meaning of care and the approach of nursing as a purely caring science is apparent in many scientific nursing books and papers. Caring is evolving as a new paradigm for nursing, as the profession seeks its rightful place in the modern societies.

  15. Audit Maturity Model

    Bhattacharya Uttam


    Full Text Available Today it is crucial for organizations to pay even greater attention on quality management as the importance of this function in achieving ultimate business objectives is increasingly becoming clearer. Importance of the Quality Management (QM Function in achieving basic need by ensuring compliance with Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI / International Organization for Standardization (ISO is a basic demand from business nowadays. However, QM Function and its processes need to be made much more mature to prevent delivery outages and to achieve business excellence through their review and auditing capability. Many organizations now face challenges in determining the maturity of the QM group along with the service offered by them and the right way to elevate the maturity of the same. The objective of this whitepaper is to propose a new model –the Audit Maturity Model (AMM which will provide organizations with a measure of their maturity in quality management in the perspective of auditing, along with recommendations for preventing delivery outage, and identifying risk to achieve business excellence. This will enable organizations to assess QM maturity higher than basic hygiene and will also help them to identify gaps and to take corrective actions for achieving higher maturity levels. Hence the objective is to envisage a new auditing model as a part of organisation quality management function which can be a guide for them to achieve higher level of maturity and ultimately help to achieve delivery and business excellence.

  16. [A study of Hashida Kunihiko's thought: the life history and thought of an "outcast thinker"].

    Katsui, Keiko


    Hashida Kunihiko, described and known as "an Outcast Thinker", was born in Tottori, in 1882. From his young age, he was taught oriental thought by his father Fujita Kenzo, a practitioner of Kampo medicine. While Hashida taught physiology as a faculty member at the Imperial University of Tokyo, he studied Dogen's Zen philosophy and developed his original philosophy of science to answer the question: "What is Life/Living?". After taking the oath of office as the 56th education minister of Japan from 1940 to 1943, he committed suicide in 1945, taking the responsibility for his policy-making of nationalistic education at time of the Second World War. Some previous studies on Hashida have focused on various aspects such as his work as a physiologist, a scientist, a scholar of Zen philosophy, and an educrat. He may be well known in each of these different disciplines, whereas how these different aspects are integrated in Hashida's thought as a whole has not been clarified yet. Taking the propositions in those previous studies on him into account to totally understand Hashida as a thinker, this note will focus on the potential perspective for his undiscovered aspect: "Hashida as Medical Philosopher". Hashida has perused and loved two classical texts on oriental thought and oriental medicine, which are "Chuan Xi Lu" and "Shang Han Lun", during his lifetime and learned many things about "Medicine". He has tried to implement his philosophy of medicine to set up and maturate "Japanese medicine". Hence, to dissert "Hashida as Medical Philosopher" may become a ground for argument to understand his thought as a whole from the genetic perspective on the process of thought formation of Hashida. Therefore this note can be characterized as a preliminary survey to develop the further studies on Hashida's thought.

  17. Second thoughts about silicosis.

    Rosenberg, Beth


    The decisions that a society makes can lead to workplace and environmental illness and injury. After some years working on the hazards related to exposures to silica and studying interventions to prevent them, the author assesses the results of her efforts. She succeeded in getting silica added to the list of substances regulated under the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act, though not easily. And she found some of the obstacles to doing so nonsensical or stubbornly resistant. The next step, she foresees, is leveraging that outcome to ban or limit the use of sand in blasting operations. But in the course of her work, she also has seen that interest in mitigating the dangers of silica, which is strong among medical and public health professionals who rightfully argue that nobody should be made ill today by this completely preventable problem, is tepid among the workers most affected by it. Although they understand the dangers of silica, it is not their main concern, and she understands why. In future work, she concludes, it may be more worthwhile to allow the community of workers to set the agenda and to help them achieve their goals.

  18. The Parameters of "Social Thought on Alcoholism": Some Comments.

    Watts, Thomas D.


    Comments on extending the parameters of the subject of social thought on alcoholism. Maintains that this subject is a vast intellectual, professional, and societal terrain. Suggests use of appropriate, sophisticated, comprehensive research methodologies with which to understand the issue of alcohol and alcoholism in society. (PVV)


    Mert Can Erdogan


    Full Text Available The basic principles of the governmentality is one of most prominent topics of the Ottoman political writers. Because of the continuing growth and empowerment of the central bureaucracy, the principles which represent the professional values of the bureaucrats have found a place in the nasihatname writings. Per nasihatname writers, the Empire should have been governed in accordance with the suggestions of the educated and wise advisors. In this regard, the concepts of wisdom, which have deep roots in the Turkish government tradition and political Islamic thought, had been re-evaluated and presented as the key of the success in the political texts of the Ottomans. This approach gained an institutional base in the Tanzimat period, and the Empire started to be ruled by the councils of the professional technocrats. In this context the central role of the bureaucrats constitutes the bridges between the traditional Ottoman reformist thought and Tanzimat movement which was influenced by the international rivalry. In this way, the tradition of consultation which has deep roots in the Ottoman political thought played an important role in the 19th century transformation of the Empire.

  20. Bon Mots for Bad Thoughts

    Wallin, Jason J.


    This article questions how the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze has been received and connected to the field of curriculum theory. In an effort to reconnect Deleuze-thought to its political force, this essay commences a series of arguments pertaining to the ways in which the revolutionary thought of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari have been…

  1. In Defence of Thought Stopping

    Bakker, Gary Maria


    Thought stopping (TS) has a long and established history as an effective mental control technique among the cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT). Recent claims have arisen, particularly from acceptance and mindfulness-based authors, that thought suppression--and therefore TS--is counterproductive. These claims take the syllogistic form: TS is a…

  2. Revisioning Romanticism: Towards a Women's History of Progressive Thought 1780-1850.

    Hilton, Mary


    Offers examples of progressive thoughts of male and female writers of romantic literature and poetry between 1780-1850. Depicts an era where children were believed to be better left formally uneducated and women's roles as professional writers and contributor's to progressive thought in society were largely ignored. (MER)

  3. Personal identity and eastern thought

    Correia Carlos João


    Full Text Available This paper aims to show that the problem of personal identity is a fundamental question of the classical Indian thought. Usually we tend to think that personal identity is a Western philosophical subject, and so we tend to forget the significance of the Self (Atman in Hinduism and even in Buddhism. The author shows how the Indian thought approached the question of personal identity and which was the singular solution outlined in the work consensually attributed to Gotama, the Buddha.

  4. Long Maturity Forward Rates

    Christiansen, Charlotte


    The paper aims to improve the knowledge of the empirical properties of the long maturity region of the forward rate curve. Firstly, the theoretical negative correlation between the slope at the long end of the forward rate curve and the term structure variance is recovered empirically and found...... to be statistically significant. Secondly, the expectations hypothesis is analyzed for the long maturity region of the forward rate curve using "forward rate" regressions. The expectations hypothesis is numerically close to being accepted but is statistically rejected. The findings provide mixed support...

  5. The School Maturity

    PŠENIČKOVÁ, Nikola


    The bachelor thesis deals with school maturity of children and is aimed at pre-school children at the age of 6 years or, if necessary, older. The aim of this thesis is to capture the differences between children who start a year later than they were supposed to and children who went to enrolment for the first time and present the reasons for postponing the start of the school attendance. The theoretical part focuses on the issue of maturity of pre-school children and also deals with their rea...

  6. Substantive thoughts about substantive thoughts: a reply to Galin.

    Epstein, R


    In his commentary, David Galin raises several important issues that deserve to be addressed. In this response, I do three things. First, I briefly discuss the relation between the present work and the metaphoric theories of thought developed by cognitive lin- guists such as Lakoff and Johnson (1998). Second, I address some of the confusions that seem to have arisen about my use of the terms "substantive thought" and "nucleus." Third, I briefly discuss some of the directions that Galin suggests for further research. Copyright 2000 Academic Press.

  7. Does expertise matter? An in-depth understanding of people’s structure of thoughts on nature and its management implications

    Buijs, A.E.; Elands, B.H.M.


    Understanding people’s way of thoughts on the natural environment may improve communication and collaboration between professionals and stakeholders from the general public. Focusing on similarities and differences between professionals and the public, this study investigates the relation between

  8. Pedagogical Formation Students' Resistance Behaviors towards Teaching-Learning Processes and Their Moral Maturity

    Argon, Türkan; Sezen-Gültekin, Gözde


    Moral maturity, defined as the competence in moral emotions, thoughts, judgments, attitudes and behaviors, is one of the most important qualities that the would-be teachers at Faculties of Education must possess. Teachers with moral maturity will train students with the qualities of reliability, responsibility, fairness, objectivity, consistency…

  9. Technology Maturity is Technology Superiority



  10. The System of Kemalist Thought

    Yaşar ÖZÜÇETİN


    Full Text Available Kemalist Thought is an answer to find a real way/solution when the Turkish State faced to danger and also it is a belief system, an action program and a method to find a way to the daily matters.Kemalist Thought which open to science and reality meets the basic needs af a community is also a power source to take an inspiration for a nation. The Turkish reform ans its principals are complete each other. These principals form of a life of a state or a community ans its future identity.The aim of Kemalist thought is to reach and upgrade the Turkish republic to the modern level of the ciivilized countries. This is the “only one way” and this way is “Eastern Civilization”. The basic factor is “ Scientific and technologist thought”.Kemalist Principals are the Compass to show the right path to the Turkish nation.

  11. Language, Thought and Memory in Linguistic Performance, A Thought View.

    Lado, Robert

    The contrasting views of Saussure and Bloomfield ("mentalist" versus "mechanist"), the hypotheses of Whorf showing the influence of language on certain habits of thought, and Chomsky's notion of generative transformational grammar in the context of language use are reviewed. The author notes the limits of these systems and suggests that in dealing…

  12. Maturing interorganisational information systems

    Plomp, M.G.A.


    This thesis consists of nine chapters, divided over five parts. PART I is an introduction and the last part contains the conclusions. The remaining, intermediate parts are: PART II: Developing a maturity model for chain digitisation. This part contains two related studies concerning the development

  13. Maturing interorganisational information systems

    Plomp, M.G.A.


    This thesis consists of nine chapters, divided over five parts. PART I is an introduction and the last part contains the conclusions. The remaining, intermediate parts are: PART II: Developing a maturity model for chain digitisation. This part contains two related studies concerning the development

  14. Mechanics of bacteriophage maturation

    Roos, Wouter H.; Gertsman, Ilya; May, Eric R.; Brooks III, Charles L.; Johnson, John E.; Wuite, Gijs J. L.


    Capsid maturation with large-scale subunit reorganization occurs in virtually all viruses that use a motor to package nucleic acid into preformed particles. A variety of ensemble studies indicate that the particles gain greater stability during this process, however, it is unknown which material

  15. Jealousy and Moral Maturity.

    Mathes, Eugene W.; Deuger, Donna J.

    Jealousy may be perceived as either good or bad depending upon the moral maturity of the individual. To investigate this conclusion, a study was conducted testing two hypothesis: a positive relationship exists between conventional moral reasoning (reference to norms and laws) and the endorsement and level of jealousy; and a negative relationship…

  16. Analyzing Project Management Maturity Level in Indonesia

    Eliot Simangunsong


    Full Text Available Project management has been generally known and increasingly used by many organizations to gain competitive advantage. In this context, many studies have proposed maturity models to evaluate how project management knowledge has been deployed effectively and efficiently in or- ganization. As a developing country, Indonesia needs many development projects managed by government and private companies in different industries. Here, a study to assess project manage- ment maturity level in Indonesian businesses may bring insight about current business practices, which is important to speed up country development and business sustainability. Adapting the Project Management Maturity Model (ProMMM, a survey instrument has been developed and ap- plied to professionals from Jakarta and surrounding area. The result of analysis shows that con- struction and primary industry have a higher maturity level compare to manufacturing and servic- es. It is to be noted, however, that the level of project management understanding is low across in- dustries. This indicates that more quality project management training or certification is required to improve overall project management knowledge in Indonesia.

  17. Flexibility in Language and Thought

    Srinivasan, Mahesh


    Many words can be used flexibly: a book can be physically heavy, but also have provocative content, a "chicken" might live in a coop, but could also be tasty to eat. What do the uses of "polysemous" words such as these reveal about the structure of language and thought? Paper 1 examined 4-year-old children's representations of polysemous words…

  18. Evolutions of thought in economics



    Full Text Available The article briefly summarises the history of economic thought from Quesnay to 1920s-30s focusing on the pre-analytical vision and essential questions answered by economists at different times. It specifically draws the main ideas and themes that connect the classical tradition, based on the distribution of the surplus, with the Keynesian and Sraffian tradition.

  19. Language may indeed influence thought.

    Zlatev, Jordan; Blomberg, Johan


    We discuss four interconnected issues that we believe have hindered investigations into how language may affect thinking. These have had a tendency to reappear in the debate concerning linguistic relativity over the past decades, despite numerous empirical findings. The first is the claim that it is impossible to disentangle language from thought, making the question concerning "influence" pointless. The second is the argument that it is impossible to disentangle language from culture in general, and from social interaction in particular, so it is impossible to attribute any differences in the thought patterns of the members of different cultures to language per se. The third issue is the objection that methodological and empirical problems defeat all but the most trivial version of the thesis of linguistic influence: that language gives new factual information. The fourth is the assumption that since language can potentially influence thought from "not at all" to "completely," the possible forms of linguistic influence can be placed on a cline, and competing theories can be seen as debating the actual position on this cline. We analyze these claims and show that the first three do not constitute in-principle objections against the validity of the project of investigating linguistic influence on thought, and that the last one is not the best way to frame the empirical challenges at hand. While we do not argue for any specific theory or mechanism for linguistic influence on thought, our discussion and the reviewed literature show that such influence is clearly possible, and hence in need of further investigations.

  20. Maturity in technology

    L. Alberts


    Full Text Available The concept is developed that modern technology, because of its relationship with pure science, can never really become mature, but will always grow as the pool of scientific knowledge grows. Parameters indicating to some extent the degree of technological prowess in a society are compared for a spectrum of countries. It is clear that in spite of some internationally outstanding successes. South Africa must be regarded on average as a developing society.

  1. Aristotle's Aesthetic Thoughts in Tragedy



    @@ Aristotle is the greatest thinker and profound scholar in ancient Greece,who inherits the philosophy achievements of ancient Greece since Thales,especially the fruits of Plato'S thought.His inheritance takes criticism as the basis and innovation as the objective.Poetics has long been known as the foundation-laying work in the history of western literary theory among the most works of Aristotle.In Poetics,tragedy is focused by Aristotle.He attaches more importance to tragedy,analyzes its artistic features and elements to show its aesthetic significance and value.This is not simply to discuss the artistic technique but to discuss his aesthetic thoughts in tragedy.

  2. Psychiatric Thoughts in Ancient India

    Ravi Abhyankar


    Full Text Available A review of the literature regarding psychiatric thoughts in ancient India is attempted. Besides interesting reading, many of the concepts are still relevant and can be used in day-to-day practice especially towards healthy and happy living. Certain concepts are surprisingly contemporary and valid today. They can be used in psychotherapy and counselling and for promoting mental health. However, the description and classification of mental illness is not in tune with modern psychiatry.

  3. The Thought of Learning Art



    For Young artist Wang Tiantian,creating significant work means everything,The canvases on which she strives to reproduce her thoughts and feeling,testify to the depth of her imagination.Her studio is filled with oil paints,skotchpads,silks and buttorfilos,all of which she uses to creats her artworks .She compares art to cooking ,believing that it doesn't matter what seasonings are used as long as the food tastes good.

  4. Professional confidence: a concept analysis.

    Holland, Kathlyn; Middleton, Lyn; Uys, Leana


    Professional confidence is a concept that is frequently used and or implied in occupational therapy literature, but often without specifying its meaning. Rodgers's Model of Concept Analysis was used to analyse the term "professional confidence". Published research obtained from a federated search in four health sciences databases was used to inform the concept analysis. The definitions, attributes, antecedents, and consequences of professional confidence as evidenced in the literature are discussed. Surrogate terms and related concepts are identified, and a model case of the concept provided. Based on the analysis, professional confidence can be described as a dynamic, maturing personal belief held by a professional or student. This includes an understanding of and a belief in the role, scope of practice, and significance of the profession, and is based on their capacity to competently fulfil these expectations, fostered through a process of affirming experiences. Developing and fostering professional confidence should be nurtured and valued to the same extent as professional competence, as the former underpins the latter, and both are linked to professional identity.

  5. Development of the selection and manipulation of self-generated thoughts in adolescence.

    Dumontheil, Iroise; Hassan, Bano; Gilbert, Sam J; Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne


    The ability to select and manipulate self-generated (stimulus-independent, SI), as opposed to stimulus-oriented (SO), information, in a controlled and flexible way has previously only been studied in adults. This ability is thought to rely in part on the rostrolateral prefrontal cortex (RLPFC), which continues to mature anatomically during adolescence. We investigated (1) the development of this ability behaviorally, (2) the associated functional brain development, and (3) the link between functional and structural maturation. Participants classified according to their shape letters either presented visually (SO phases) or that they generated in their head by continuing the alphabet sequence (SI phases). SI phases were performed in the presence or absence of distracting letters. A total of 179 participants (7-27 years old) took part in a behavioral study. Resistance to visual distractors exhibited small improvements with age. SI thoughts manipulation and switching between SI and SO thoughts showed steeper performance improvements extending into late adolescence. Thirty-seven participants (11-30 years old) took part in a functional MRI (fMRI) study. SI thought manipulation and switching between SO and SI thought were each associated with brain regions consistently recruited across age. A single frontal brain region in each contrast exhibited decreased activity with age: left inferior frontal gyrus/anterior insula for SI thought manipulation, and right superior RLPFC for switching between SO and SI thoughts. By integrating structural and functional data, we demonstrated that the observed functional changes with age were not purely consequences of structural maturation and thus may reflect the maturation of neurocognitive strategies.

  6. Whose Maturity is it Anyway?

    Lasrado, Lester Allan; Vatrapu, Ravi; Mukkamala, Raghava Rao


    of understanding of the potential impact of (a) choice of the quantitative approach, and (b) scale of measurement on the design and assessment of the maturity model. To address these two methodological issues, we analysed a social media maturity data set and computed maturity scores using different quantitative......This paper presents results from an ongoing empirical study that seeks to understand the influence of different quantitative methods on the design and assessment of maturity models. Although there have been many academic publications on maturity models, there exists a significant lack...

  7. Professionals vs. role-professionals

    Milana, Marcella; Skrypnyk, Oleksandra


    This contribution revisits traditional models of professionalism through the glasses of a 'role-professionalism' perspective. In doing so, the authors' main argument is that it is not appropriate to conceptualise adult education as one profession or as one professional field tout court. There exist...... several occupations in the field of adult education that position themselves along a continuum. Consequently the authors suggest that professionalization among adult education practitioners should be assessed in light of the knowledge about adult learning theories practitioners possess, the ethical...

  8. Achieving professionalism

    R.A.E. Thompson


    Full Text Available In approaching the subject of professionalism the author has chosen to focus on the practical aspects rather than the philosophical issues. In so doing an attempt is made to identify criteria which demonstrate the achievement of the essence of professionalism.

  9. Biography of Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opriş. Professional maturity.

    Rotaru, Alexandru; Rotaru, Horatiu


    Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opris was the founder and Chair of the Clinic and University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Cluj, after the Education Reform of 1948. The article illustrates how the founder of these institutions led a valiant struggle for obtaining and arranging a location for the newly established Faculty of Dentistry, within the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. Professor Cornel Tiberiu Opriş established himself as the most prodigious researcher at the Faculty for over a quarter-century, until his retirement, introducing his original conception in the therapeutic and surgical field. He created in Cluj-Napoca a specialist medical school by imposing national prestige for the institution that he led.


    Abstract Glutathione (GSH) is thought to play critical roles in oocyte function including spindle maintenance and provision of reducing power needed to initiate sperm chromatin decondensation. Previous observations that GSH concentrations are higher in mature than immature o...

  11. The AGU Data Management Maturity Model Initiative

    Bates, J. J.


    In September 2014, the AGU Board of Directors approved two initiatives to help the Earth and space sciences community address the growing challenges accompanying the increasing size and complexity of data. These initiatives are: 1) Data Science Credentialing: development of a continuing education and professional certification program to help scientists in their careers and to meet growing responsibilities and requirements around data science; and 2) Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model: development and implementation of a data management maturity model to assess process maturity against best practices, and to identify opportunities in organizational data management processes. Each of these has been organized within AGU as an Editorial Board and both Boards have held kick off meetings. The DMM model Editorial Board will recommend strategies for adapting and deploying a DMM model to the Earth and space sciences create guidance documents to assist in its implementation, and provide input on a pilot appraisal process. This presentation will provide an overview of progress to date in the DMM model Editorial Board and plans for work to be done over the upcoming year.

  12. Descartes’s mathematical thought

    Sasaki, Chikara


    Covering both the history of mathematics and of philosophy, Descartes's Mathematical Thought reconstructs the intellectual career of Descartes most comprehensively and originally in a global perspective including the history of early modern China and Japan. Especially, it shows what the concept of "mathesis universalis" meant before and during the period of Descartes and how it influenced the young Descartes. In fact, it was the most fundamental mathematical discipline during the seventeenth century, and for Descartes a key notion which may have led to his novel mathematics of algebraic analysis.

  13. Professional Excellence Beyond Technical Competence

    Rossiter, Alan P


    The training path for engineers focuses intensely on scientific and technical knowledge. Yet, our professional and personal satisfaction and success also depend on other traits that make us more effective and productive. In this thought-provoking book, Alan Rossiter provides practical guidance in developing the skills to become more effective in your work, while also balancing your life. It is invaluable reading for graduating college students and young professionals as well as seasoned practitioners who find that work is becoming all-consuming.

  14. Project governance: "Schools of thought"

    Michiel Christiaan Bekker


    Full Text Available The terminology, definition and context of project governance have become a focal subject for research and discussions in project management literature. This article reviews literature on the subject of project governance and categorise the arguments into three schools of thought namely the single-firm school, multi-firm school and large capital school. The single-firm school is concerned with governance principles related to internal organisational projects and practice these principles at a technical level. The multi-firm school address the governance principles concerned with two of more organisations participating on a contractual basis on the same project and focus their governance efforts at the technical and strategic level. The large capital school consider projects as temporary organisations, forming their own entity and establishing governance principles at an institutional level. From these schools of thought it can be concluded that the definition of project governance is dependent on the type of project and hierarchical positioning in the organisation. It is also evident that further research is required to incorporate other governance variables and mechanisms such as transaction theory, social networks and agency theory. The development of project governance frameworks should also consider the complexity of projects spanning across international companies, across country borders and incorporating different value systems, legal systems, corporate governance guidelines, religions and business practices.

  15. Place and Role of Metaphors and Analogies in the Complex Thought and Conceptual Thought

    Zoran Primorac


    Full Text Available The paper is on the role of complex thought in the development of thought and scientific knowledge. According to Vigotsky, the complex thought is the first phase in the ontogenesis and phylogenesis of human thought. It is in this sense pre-conceptual. Also, according to Vigotsky, the complex thought has its internal genesis which begins with associative complexes and ends in pseudo-concepts. Complex also an explanatory role in scientific thought. Complex thought ppears on all levels and stages of the development of scientific knowledge. Metaphors may appear in the complex thought as a dominant mode of thought or in the conceptual structure as the auxiliary in the explanation. Analogies present a certain structuration of the complex thought, which contributes to the creation of conceptual structure. The place of analogy is thus between a complex thought and conceptual thought.

  16. Methodological pitfalls of the Unconscious Thought paradigm

    Waroquier, Laurent; Marchiori, David; Klein, Olivier; Cleeremans, Axel


    According to Unconscious Thought Theory (UTT: Dijksterhuis & Nordgren, 2006), complex decisions are best made after a period of distraction assumed to elicit "unconscious thought". Over three studies, respectively offering a conceptual, an identical and a methodologically improved replication of Dij

  17. Professional Synergy.

    Harris, P. R.


    True professionals develop and create together a better future by their human endeavors in synergy. They must operate comfortably in two cultures--the industrial culture which is disappearing, and the superindustrial or cyberculture which is emerging. (CT)

  18. Thought Patterns and English Teaching of Writing

    Zhao Weining


    Because of the difference of geography , history, culture and humane studies of different countries , Chinese people and English -speaking people have dif-ferent thought patterns .In fact, the effect of differences between English and Chinese thought patterns on teaching English as a foreign language has drawn our in -creasing attention .This paper discusses the differences between Chinese thought pattern and English thought pattern , and provides some suggestion for English teach-ing of writing .

  19. Modeling non-maturing liabilities

    von Feilitzen, Helena


    Non‐maturing liabilities, such as savings accounts, lack both predetermined maturity and reset dates due to the fact that the depositor is free to withdraw funds at any time and that the depository institution is free to change the rate. These attributes complicate the risk management of such products and no standardized solution exists. The problem is important however since non‐maturing liabilities typically make up a considerable part of the funding of a bank. In this report different mode...

  20. Self-Compassion and Automatic Thoughts

    Akin, Ahmet


    The aim of this research is to examine the relationships between self-compassion and automatic thoughts. Participants were 299 university students. In this study, the Self-compassion Scale and the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire were used. The relationships between self-compassion and automatic thoughts were examined using correlation analysis…

  1. Psychopathology and thought suppression: a quantitative review.

    Magee, Joshua C; Harden, K Paige; Teachman, Bethany A


    Recent theories of psychopathology have suggested that thought suppression intensifies the persistence of intrusive thoughts, and proposed that difficulty with thought suppression may differ between groups with and without psychopathology. The current meta-analytic review evaluates empirical evidence for difficulty with thought suppression as a function of the presence and specific type of psychopathology. Based on theoretical proposals from the psychopathology literature, diagnosed and analogue samples were expected to show greater recurrence of intrusive thoughts during thought suppression attempts than non-clinical samples. However, results showed no overall differences in the recurrence of thoughts due to thought suppression between groups with and without psychopathology. There was, nevertheless, variation in the recurrence of thoughts across different forms of psychopathology, including relatively less recurrence during thought suppression for samples with symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, compared to non-clinical samples. However, these differences were typically small and provided only mixed support for existing theories. Implications for cognitive theories of intrusive thoughts are discussed, including proposed mechanisms underlying thought suppression.

  2. Psychopathology and Thought Suppression: A Quantitative Review

    Magee, Joshua C.; Harden, K. Paige; Teachman, Bethany A.


    Recent theories of psychopathology have suggested that thought suppression intensifies the persistence of intrusive thoughts, and proposed that difficulty with thought suppression may differ between groups with and without psychopathology. The current meta-analytic review evaluates empirical evidence for difficulty with thought suppression as a function of the presence and specific type of psychopathology. Based on theoretical proposals from the psychopathology literature, diagnosed and analogue samples were expected to show greater recurrence of intrusive thoughts during thought suppression attempts than non-clinical samples. However, results showed no overall differences in the recurrence of thoughts due to thought suppression between groups with and without psychopathology. There was, nevertheless, variation in the recurrence of thoughts across different forms of psychopathology, including relatively less recurrence during thought suppression for samples with symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, compared to non-clinical samples. However, these differences were typically small and provided only mixed support for existing theories. Implications for cognitive theories of intrusive thoughts are discussed, including proposed mechanisms underlying thought suppression. PMID:22388007

  3. Thought Experiments on Gravitational Forces

    Lynden-Bell, Donald


    Large contributions to the near closure of the Universe and to the acceleration of its expansion are due to the gravitation of components of the stress-energy tensor other than its mass density. To familiarise astronomers with the gravitation of these components we conduct thought experiments on gravity, analogous to the real experiments that our forebears conducted on electricity. By analogy to the forces due to electric currents we investigate the gravitational forces due to the flows of momentum, angular momentum, and energy along a cylinder. Under tension the gravity of the cylinder decreases but the 'closure' of the 3-space around it increases. When the cylinder carries a torque the flow of angular momentum along it leads to a novel helical interpretation of Levi-Civita's external metric and a novel relativistic effect. Energy currents give gravomagnetic effects in which parallel currents repel and antiparallel currents attract, though such effects must be added to those of static gravity. The gravity of...

  4. Maturational and Non-Maturational Factors in Heritage Language Acquisition

    Moon, Ji Hye


    This dissertation aims to understand the maturational and non-maturational aspects of early bilingualism and language attrition in heritage speakers who have acquired their L1 incompletely in childhood. The study highlights the influential role of age and input dynamics in early L1 development, where the timing of reduction in L1 input and the…

  5. 职业足球劳动关系解除之法律思考--从“本泽马案”剖析中国足球法律规制%Legal Thoughts on the Dissolution of Professional Soccer Labor Relations---Analysing Legal Regulation System of Chinese Football via “Benzema Case”



    The French“Benzema case” caused widespread concern in the world of football, it also causes the domestic and for-eign scholars to ponder. This paper revolves around the“Benzema case” caused by the professional football labor relations, it systematically analyzes the international professional football labor relations contract regulations as well as the international pro-fessional football labor relations dispute resolution mechanism, and discusses the solution to the “Benzema case” of the legal basis and improper place. It also analyzes the legal adjustment of the professional football labor relations in our country, the solution to the disputes of professional football labor relations and the problems they have. It puts forward the suggestion of the law applicable to the labor relations of the professional football and the way to settle the dispute in China.%法国“本泽马案”在世界足坛引起广泛关注,同时引发国内外学者的思考。文中围绕“本泽马案”所引发的职业足球劳动关系问题,系统分析了国际职业足球劳动关系合同法规以及国际职业足球劳动关系争议解决机制,探讨了解决“本泽马案”的法理依据和不当之处。并对我国职业足球劳动关系法律调整、职业足球劳动关系争议的解决方式及其存在问题进行了剖析,提出了解除我国职业足球劳动关系的法律适用与争议解决方式的建议。

  6. Language, thought, and real nouns.

    Barner, David; Inagaki, Shunji; Li, Peggy


    We test the claim that acquiring a mass-count language, like English, causes speakers to think differently about entities in the world, relative to speakers of classifier languages like Japanese. We use three tasks to assess this claim: object-substance rating, quantity judgment, and word extension. Using the first two tasks, we present evidence that learning mass-count syntax has little effect on the interpretation of familiar nouns between Japanese and English, and that speakers of these languages do not divide up referents differently along an individuation continuum, as claimed in some previous reports [Gentner, D., & Boroditsky, L. (2001). Individuation, relativity, and early word learning. In M. Bowerman, & S. Levinson (Eds.), Language acquisition and conceptual development (pp. 215-256). Cambridge University Press]. Instead, we argue that previous cross-linguistic differences [Imai, M., & Gentner, D. (1997). A cross-linguistic study of early word meaning: Universal ontology and linguistic influence. Cognition, 62, 169-200] are attributable to "lexical statistics" [Gleitman, L., & Papafragou, A. (2005). Language and thought. In K. Holyoak, & R. Morrison (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of thinking and reasoning (pp. 633-661). Cambridge University Press]. Speakers of English are more likely to think that a novel ambiguous expression like "the blicket" refers to a kind of object (relative to speakers of Japanese) because speakers of English are likely to assume that "blicket" is a count noun rather than a mass noun, based on the relative frequency of each kind of word in English. This is confirmed by testing Mandarin-English bilinguals with a word extension task. We find that bilinguals tested in English with mass-count ambiguous syntax extend novel words like English monolinguals (and assume that a word like "blicket" refers to a kind of object). In contrast, bilinguals tested in Mandarin are significantly more likely to extend novel words by material. Thus, online

  7. Educating professionals

    Wahlgren, Bjarne


    The purpose of the professional bachelor’s degree is to qualify the students to act competently in a subsequent job situation. Anecdotal experience and research have shown that limited transfer between what is learned during the coursework and the subsequent professional practice. This article...... does that look in practice? Based on interviews with newly-educated social workers, I have analyzed which competences the social worker (hereafter ‘he’) uses in practice, how these competences are developed, and how the student learns to apply the competences acquired in the educational program....

  8. Being Professional

    Jensen, Anne Winther

    to other health professionals, when they are in the work place setting. The analysis indicates that the care work programme still struggles to make a clear distinction between the former non-paid female domestic work and the current work carried out by the care workers. The analysis mobilises the concept...

  9. Professional Literature.

    Shaw, Jean M.; And Others


    Reviews "Investigating Mathematics with Young Children" (Althouse); "Homecoming for Babies after the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery: A Guide for Parents," with companion guide for professionals (Hanson and VandenBerg); "HIV/AIDS: A Challenge to Us All," with companion video (Pediatric AIDS Foundation); and "Modeling Healthy Behavior: Actions and…

  10. Professional Development.

    Swanson, Gordon I.; Jervis, Robert

    Resulting in part from a project designed to identify and describe comprehensive programs of excellence in career education, this booklet is the eighth in a series describing current, successful career education practices. A successful career education program is dependent upon professional development. Based on this premise, the monograph: (1)…

  11. Developing Critically Thoughtful, Media-Rich Lessons in Science: Process and Product

    Balcaen, Philip


    In this paper, I describe a professional development approach and a conceptual framework used to create critically thoughtful and media-rich science learning resources. Greater clarity about the nature of critical thinking and how to support teachers in learning to implement it are needed if we are to respond to broader calls for critical thinking…

  12. Discussing Terms: Professions, Professionals, Professionalism.

    Bledstein, Burton J.

    Throughout history there have always been confusion and even contradictions concerning professionalism. An occupation can be considered a profession in one country and not another, and in one historical period and not another. One contribution to this confusion is the explanation of the social system by Talcott Parsons and others, which has framed…

  13. Discussing Terms: Professions, Professionals, Professionalism.

    Bledstein, Burton J.

    Throughout history there have always been confusion and even contradictions concerning professionalism. An occupation can be considered a profession in one country and not another, and in one historical period and not another. One contribution to this confusion is the explanation of the social system by Talcott Parsons and others, which has framed…

  14. Dilemmas of Inter-Professional Collaboration: Can They Be Resolved?

    Rose, Jo


    Members of eight inter-professional teams working in different areas of children's services discussed their thoughts on three types of inter-professional dilemmas. Participants described resolutions to dilemmas in terms of the construction and pursuit of joint goals. However, emergent themes included identity, power, territory and expertise. These…

  15. Professional Development within Collaborative Teacher Study Groups: Pitfalls and Promises

    Stanley, Ann Marie


    Teacher study groups are often thought to be effective professional development structures. Such teacher communities may foster teacher learning through a collaborative culture and the codification of group members' collective knowledge. However, not all study groups are effective professional development. This article is a discussion of factors…

  16. Some thoughts about infant feeding.

    Hendrickse, R G


    This article summarizes the nutritional considerations, impact on infection and immunity, and psychosocial aspects of the breast versus bottle feeding debate and concludes with guidelines for reorganizing government health services to promote breastfeeding. Its aim is to encourage reappraisal on the part of physicians of the direct implications of infant feeding for the health and well-being of people in all societies, but especially in developing countries. As a result of widespread abandonment of breastfeeding in developing countries, marasmus and infant diarrhea have increased. Although the biologic advatages of breast over bottle feeding are indisputable, the social and economic advantages are more difficult to quantify. Many Third World women curtail breastfeeding to meet the conditions of employment; however, the economic advantages of artificial feeding diminish as one descends down the pay scale. The counterproductive trend toward bottle feeding has been compounded by adoption of this method on the part of the educated elite in Third World countries, including medical and nursing professionals, thus conferring on it as status associated with progress and affluence. The present trend can be reversed only if communities are convinced of the advantages of breastfeeding and make adjustments to facilitate this practice. Preparation for motherhood must be viewed as an integral function of the health care system, with emphasis placed on the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, preparation for breastfeeding, and the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding. Obstetric units must actively discourage the removal of infants from their mothers or routine artificial feeding. In addition, facilities must be provided at workplaces for breastfeeding, the working day should be modified to allow brestfeeding, maternity leaves should be extended, and appropriate payments should be made to nursing mothers. The nutrition needs of infants must be viewed as a shared



    Supplementary radio noise advances sexual maturity in domestic pullets exposed .... non-stimulatory photoperiod in some way provides a stimulus for initiating rapid gonadal development. However, the ..... Congress, New Delhi, India. Vol II ...

  18. Maturation of sugar maple seed

    Clayton M., Jr. Carl; Albert G., Jr. Snow; Albert G. Snow


    The seeds of a sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum Marsh.) do not mature at the same time every year. And different trees mature their seeds at different times. So time of year is not a reliable measure of when seeds are ripe. Better criteria are needed. In recent studies we have found that moisture content and color are the best criteria for judging when sugar maple...

  19. Protein-induced changes during the maturation process of human dendritic cells: A 2-D DIGE approach

    Ferreira, Gb; Overbergh, L; Hansen, Kasper Lage


    Dendritic cells (DCs) are unique antigen presenting cells, which upon maturation change from a specialized antigen-capturing cell towards a professional antigen presenting cells. In this study, a 2-D DIGE analysis of immature and mature DCs was performed, to identify proteins changing in expressi...


    I. V. Chernikova


    Full Text Available Phenomenon of thought and its’ interpretations at the different cultural and historical stages are in focus of the paper. The research is aimed at reasoning of new interpretation of thought revealed as a result of cognitive science and convergent technologies transdisciplinary research.Transdisciplinary research of thought in cognitive science is achieved with the unity of method, which is the systemic-evolutionary approach.The research is based on thought analysis in philosophy, cognitive psychology, cognitive linguistics, artificial intelligence science, thus mainly on transdisciplinary research of thought in cognitive science.The paper represents the approach of cognitive science and NBIC (Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive technologies implementing transdisciplinary research of thought and intelligence.It is shown that the transdisciplinary approach is based on new ontology, called holistic, and on nonclassical epistemology. Answering the raised question of the outcome of thought transdisciplinary research comparing to specifically scientific and philosophic, it is reasoned that cognitive science studies thought at the higher level of complexity, considering simultaneously several order parameters characterizing this complex nonlinear phenomenon.

  1. Truth matters: Normativity in thought and knowledge

    Manuel DE PINEDO


    Full Text Available A proposal to account for the objectivity of thought and language in terms of identity between facts, meanings and contents is offered. Furthermore, their normativity is related to their world involving character. Both proposals are jointly quietist: they avoid philosophical theorizing that explains thought in terms of world or viceversa.

  2. Dystopian Reality, Utopian Thought and Educational Practice

    Papastephanou, Marianna


    The significance of utopian thought for education can be made evident through reconceptualizing utopia and approaching it alongside the notion of dystopia. Awareness of dystopian elements of reality radicalizes the kind of critique that assists utopian thought and makes engagement with it more pressing. Awareness of the lurking danger of future…

  3. Types and myths in Brazilian thought

    Octavio Ianni


    Full Text Available "Ideal types" elaborated by different authors and that have become emblematic, notorious or even definitive, sometimes representing myths are quite frequent in Brazilian thought. That is the case of the bandeirantes (colonial crusaders, the gaúcho, Jeca Tatu, Macunaíma, cordial man and others. It is worth contemplating this aspect of Brazilian culture and thought.

  4. Oriental Philosophy and Thoreau's Thoughts in Walden



    It is necessary to have a general knowledge of the sources of Thoreau's thoughts before attempting to analyze his mode of life at Walden and his sharing of Chinese concept of nature in Walden. It is generally believed that Thoreau is indebted to Oriental philosophy which is the source of inspiration for his thoughts that he expressed in Walden and other works.

  5. Trust your gut or think carefully? Examining whether an intuitive, versus a systematic, mode of thought produces greater empathic accuracy.

    Ma-Kellams, Christine; Lerner, Jennifer


    Cultivating successful personal and professional relationships requires the ability to accurately infer the feelings of others-that is, to be empathically accurate. Some are better at this than others, a difference which may be explained in part by mode of thought. Specifically, empathically accurate people may tend to rely more on intuitive rather than systematic thought when perceiving others. Or it may be the reverse: systematic thought may increase empathic accuracy. To determine which view is supported by the evidence, we conducted 4 studies examining relations between mode of thought (intuitive vs. systematic) and empathic accuracy. Study 1 revealed a lay belief that empathic accuracy arises from intuitive modes of thought. Studies 2 through 4, each using executive-level professionals as participants, demonstrated that, contrary to lay beliefs, people who tend to rely on intuitive thinking also tend to exhibit lower empathic accuracy. This pattern held when participants inferred others' emotional states based on (a) in-person face-to-face interactions with partners (Study 2) as well as on (b) pictures with limited facial cues (Study 3). Study 4 confirmed that the relationship is causal: experimentally inducing systematic (as opposed to intuitive) thought led to improved empathic accuracy. In sum, evidence regarding personal and social processes in these 4 samples of working professionals converges on the conclusion that, contrary to lay beliefs, empathic accuracy arises more from systematic thought than from gut intuition. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  6. From Crescent to Mature Virion: Vaccinia Virus Assembly and Maturation

    Liang Liu


    Full Text Available Vaccinia virus (VACV has achieved unprecedented success as a live viral vaccine for smallpox which mitigated eradication of the disease. Vaccinia virus has a complex virion morphology and recent advances have been made to answer some of the key outstanding questions, in particular, the origin and biogenesis of the virion membrane, the transformation from immature virion (IV to mature virus (MV, and the role of several novel genes, which were previously uncharacterized, but have now been shown to be essential for VACV virion formation. This new knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the rational design of safe, immunogenic vaccine candidates, or effective antivirals in the future. This review endeavors to provide an update on our current knowledge of the VACV maturation processes with a specific focus on the initiation of VACV replication through to the formation of mature virions.

  7. Professional C++

    Gregoire, Marc


    Master complex C++ programming with this helpful, in-depth resource From game programming to major commercial software applications, C++ is the language of choice. It is also one of the most difficult programming languages to master. While most competing books are geared toward beginners, Professional C++, Third Edition, shows experienced developers how to master the latest release of C++, explaining little known features with detailed code examples users can plug into their own codes. More advanced language features and programming techniques are presented in this newest edition of the book,

  8. Undirected thought: neural determinants and correlates.

    Christoff, Kalina


    While goal-directed thinking has received the lion's share of neuroscientific attention, its counterpart--the undirected thought flow that comes to mind unbidden and without effort--has remained largely on the sidelines of scientific research. Such undirected thought, however, forms a large part of our mental experience. The last decade of neuroscientific investigations marked a resurgence of interest and work into the neural basis of undirected thought. This article reviews the current status of the field and examines the research on the three most frequently discussed categories of undirected thought: spontaneous thought, stimulus-independent thought, and mind wandering. The terminology and paradigms for investigating undirected thought are still being developed, while research is gradually moving beyond strictly task- and rest-based paradigms and towards incorporating introspective first-person reports in order to better understand this phenomenon. It is impossible to say at this point that undirected thinking is preferentially linked to any one particular brain system. Although its connection to the default network has been disproportionately emphasized in the literature, other brain networks such as the executive system and the temporal lobe memory network appear to be equally involved. In addition to reviewing the literature, this article also presents novel findings regarding the functional connectivity between large-scale brain networks during mind wandering. These findings reveal the presence of positive functional connectivity between regions of the default and executive networks and negative functional connectivity between the default network and primary sensory cortices. Thus, the default and executive networks can closely cooperate in supporting undirected thought processes, and seem to do so at times when the primary sensory cortices are not busy with the processing of perceptual information from the external environment. This article is part of a

  9. Determinism and stochasticity during maturation of the zebrafish antibody repertoire

    Jiang, Ning; Weinstein, Joshua A.; Penland, Lolita; White, Richard A.; Fisher, Daniel S.; Quake, Stephen R.


    It is thought that the adaptive immune system of immature organisms follows a more deterministic program of antibody creation than is found in adults. We used high-throughput sequencing to characterize the diversifying antibody repertoire in zebrafish over five developmental time points. We found that the immune system begins in a highly stereotyped state with preferential use of a small number of V (variable) D (diverse) J (joining) gene segment combinations, but that this stereotypy decreases dramatically as the zebrafish mature, with many of the top VDJ combinations observed in 2-wk-old zebrafish virtually disappearing by 1 mo. However, we discovered that, in the primary repertoire, there are strong correlations in VDJ use that increase with zebrafish maturity, suggesting that VDJ recombination involves a level of deterministic programming that is unexpected. This stereotypy is masked by the complex diversification processes of antibody maturation; the variation and lack of correlation in full repertoires between individuals appears to be derived from randomness in clonal expansion during the affinity maturation process. These data provide a window into the mechanisms of VDJ recombination and diversity creation and allow us to better understand how the adaptive immune system achieves diversity. PMID:21393572

  10. Does unconscious thought outperform conscious thought on complex decisions? A further examination

    Todd J. Thorsteinson


    Full Text Available Two experiments examined the benefits of unconscious thought on complex decisions (Dijksterhuis, 2004. Experiment 1 attempted to replicate and extend past research by examining the effect of providing reasons prior to rating the options. Results indicated no significant differences between the conditions. Experiment 2 attempted to replicate the findings of Dijksterhuis, Bos, Nordgren, and van Baaren (2006 and determine if a memory aid could overcome the limitations of conscious thought on complex tasks. Results revealed that a memory aid improved decisions compared to the conscious thought condition. Participants in the unconscious thought condition did not perform significantly better than did participants in the conscious thought condition.

  11. Involuntary antipsychotic medication and freedom of thought

    Mari Stenlund


    Full Text Available In this article I clarify the relationship between the use of involuntary antipsychotic medication and a delusionalperson’s freedom of thought in the light of three different views of freedom, namely, freedom as negative freedom,freedom as having an autonomous mind and freedom as capability. It is not clear how freedom of thought as a psychoticperson’s human right should be understood and protected in practice. Therefore, further discussion is needed. Thesedifferent ways of understanding a patient’s freedom of thought also encourages to consider individual situations, hearthe patient’s voice and work both multiprofessionally and across disciplines.

  12. Gifford Pinchot’s Thoughts on Conservation

    Guoxia; ZU


    Gifford Pinchot played a significant role in America’s first conversation movement. He put forward many conservation polices for American federal government. Pinchot’s thoughts on natural resources conservation have rich content. He realized the limitation of natural resources,so he advocated scientific management and governmental supervision on public land. He embedded conservation with moral significance and regarded conservation as an essential means of promoting social justice and international peace. The analysis on Pinchot’s thoughts on conversation can help people understand the development of American environmental thoughts in the 20thcentury and can also provide inspiration for natural resources protection in China.

  13. 7 CFR 1421.101 - Maturity dates.


    ... 7 Agriculture 10 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Maturity dates. 1421.101 Section 1421.101 Agriculture... Maturity dates. (a)(1) All marketing assistance loans shall mature on demand by CCC and no later than the... filed and disbursed except, for transferred marketing assistance loan collateral. The maturity date...

  14. Ribosome maturation in E. coli.

    Silengo, L; Altruda, F; Dotto, G P; Lacquaniti, F; Perlo, C; Turco, E; Mangiarotti, G


    In vivo and in vitro experiments have shown that processing of ribosomal RNA is a late event in ribosome biogenesis. The precursor form of RNA is probably necessary to speed up the assembly of ribomal proteins. Newly formed ribosomal particles which have already entered polyribosomes differ from mature ribosomes not only in their RNA content but also in their susceptibility to unfolding in low Mg concentration and to RNase attack. Final maturation of new ribosomes is probably dependent on their functioning in protein synthesis. Thus only those ribosomes which have proven to be functional may be converted into stable cellular structures.

  15. What Kind of Professional Environment be Helpful for the Career of BIM Talents ---Thoughts on the BIM Consulting Team and Talents%什么样的职业环境适合BIM人才的发展——对BIM咨询团队与BIM人才的思考



    社会对BIM人才的需求逐步增加,然而BIM人才却面临技术与职业发展的难题。作者结合在阁朗芙工程公司的带队经历,以及目前在上海优建咨询的BIM团队组建工作,探索适合BIM人才长远发展的职业环境。%The demand for BIM talents is increasing gradually, while they are facing challenge of both BIM technology and professional development. The author tries to research the facts which affect the long-term personal development for occupational environment of BIM field. The author has the experience of leading BIM team at Ground Floor Engineering, and is on the way of team building at U-Con Engineering Consulting firm.

  16. 关于专业技术人员继续教育数字资源开放共享的几点思考%Some Thoughts on the Opening and Sharing of Digital Re-sources for the Continuing Education of Professional and Technical Personnel



    Digital learning resources construction for the continu-ing education of professional and technical personnel is the basis to carry out online training. The opening of digital learning re-sources is the real demand for the sharing of high-quality educa-tional resources among bases and the comprehensive improve-ment of social service ability, as well as an effective way of bases to shoulder the responsibility of carrying out continuous educa-tion as a public service. This paper mainly discusses from the classification, standardization, opening and sharing model, public service and copyright protection of digital learning resources for the continuing education of professional and technical personnel, and the interests of relevant stakeholders that should be taken in-to account.%专业技术人员继续教育数字化学习资源建设是开展网络培训的基础,数字化学习资源开放是基地间优质教育资源共享,整体提升服务社会能力的现实需求,也是基地承担公益性继续教育服务义务的有效途径。文章就专业技术人员继续教育数字化学习资源的分类、规范、开放共享模式、公共服务、以及版权保护、兼顾相关利益主体的利益等方面内容进行了讨论。

  17. Quantum Thought Experiments Can Define Nature

    McCartor, D


    One would not think that thought experiments could matter to nature, for they are a humble human device. Yet quantum mechanics very naturally frames thought experiments (as distinct from precisely defining what exists). They exemplify the informing powers of radiation. Though based on wave functions that have time symmetry, these tableaux inevitably tell of irreversible behavior by nature. The paper sketches how John von Neumann's measurement theory fits into this and retells N. David Mermin's baseball story.


    Delroy Chevers


    Full Text Available The information system (IS community has been struggling with the delivery of low quality systems. Software process improvement (SPI has been accepted as one of the remedies to overcome this problem, with process maturity being a key element. However, most studies on process maturity and the determinants of IS quality have been conducted in large firms in developed countries. This study assessed the key determinants of process maturity in small software development firms in the English-speaking Caribbean (ESC. Using the established practices in the capability maturity model integration (CMMI as the baseline for the analysis, it was found that project monitoring & control, and verification & validation are key determinants of process maturity in the ESC. These findings can assist IS professionals in their quest to produce higher quality software products, as well as provide a platform for further refinement of the proposed research model by IS researchers.

  19. Theories of social mobility in the history of sociological thought

    S. A. Baturenko


    Full Text Available In this article evolution of theories of social mobility in the history of social thought from the classical period of development until the end of the XX century is analyzed. The author describes the main directions of theoretical interest of research of this problem and their peculiar features. The main questions raised by classics of the sociological theory were actual during all XX century, and empirical research of a problem of social mobility resulted in concentration of attention of scientists on more specific questions, in particular such as studying of professional career, reproduction of the social statuses that promoted emergence of separate discipline in the western sociology, so-called to “sociology of a course of life”, investigating biographic mobility.

  20. Rhetorical Maturity: Definition and Development.

    Miller, Susan

    Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development, when applied to theories of teaching composition, support any method or material that refers to the age and prior experience of the writer and the newness of the task the writer is attempting. Rhetorical development and maturation in the ability to write and argue persuasively are partly conceptual…

  1. Public Sector IS Maturity Models

    Zinner Henriksen, Helle; Andersen, Kim Normann; Medaglia, Rony


    citizenpublic interaction, such as in public education. In this paper we use a revised version of the Public Sector Process Rebuilding (PPR) maturity model for mapping 200 websites of public primary schools in Denmark. Findings reveal a much less favorable picture of the digitization of the Danish public sector...

  2. Motivational Maturity and Helping Behavior

    Haymes, Michael; Green, Logan


    Maturity in conative development (type of motivation included in Maslow's needs hierarchy) was found to be predictive of helping behavior in middle class white male college students. The effects of safety and esteem needs were compared, and the acceptance of responsibility was also investigated. (GDC)

  3. Human oocyte maturation in vitro.

    Coticchio, Giovanni; Dal-Canto, Mariabeatrice; Guglielmo, Maria-Cristina; Mignini-Renzini, Mario; Fadini, Rubens


    Oocytes from medium-sized antral follicles have already completed their growth phase and, if released from the follicular environment and cultured in vitro, are able to resume the meiotic process and mature. However, in vitro maturation (IVM) does not entirely support all the nuclear and cytoplasmic changes that occur physiologically as an effect of the ovulatory stimulus. Regardless, oocyte IVM is widely applied for the breeding of agriculturally important species. In assisted reproduction technology, IVM has been proposed as an alternative treatment to circumvent the drawbacks of standard ovarian stimulation regimens. Initially introduced to eliminate the risks of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome afflicting women presenting with polycystic ovaries, subsequently IVM has been suggested to represent an additional approach suitable also for normovulatory patients. So far, in children born from IVM cycles, no doubts of an increased incidence of congenital abnormalities have been raised. Many more births would be achieved if novel IVM systems, currently dominated by empiricism, could be conceived according to more physiological criteria. Recent findings shedding new light on the control of meiotic progression, the support of cumulus cells to the oocyte cellular reorganization occurring during maturation, and the modulation of the stimulus that promotes oocyte maturation downstream the mid-cycle gonadotropin signal are likely to provide crucial hints for the development of more efficient IVM systems.


    Райшат Исмаиловна Погорова


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to tracing some empirical research perspectives in the topic of psychology students’ personal maturity. In the result of the science literature observation two lists were collected. The first one includes the traits which are attributed to personal (psychological, psychosocial, developmental… mature individuals. The second one contains the traits which are imputed to professional psychologists. The two lists to a great extent are similar: communicative competence and constructive social relationships, self-reflection, self-development (self-actualization, empathy and emotional stability, responsibility, decision making ability, creativity…Some assumptions are under consideration: a variation in the level of personal maturity is stronger for entrants of department of psychology than for other entrants; b positive dynamic of personal maturity are clearer for student-psychologists than for other students; c the level of personal maturity and success of schooling are positively correlated; d personal maturation of student-psychologists are differ in different cultural circumstances.DOI:

  5. Non-erotic thoughts and sexual functioning.

    Purdon, Christine; Watson, Chris


    This study sought to replicate and extend investigations of current models of sexual dysfunction (Barlow, 2002; Janssen, Everaerd, Spiering, & Janssen, 2000) which implicate factors such as spectatoring, failure to use ameliorative strategies, and information processing biases in the development and persistence of sexual difficulties. A sample of 165 (n = 71 men) undergraduates completed measures of sexual dysfunction and relationship satisfaction, and reported on the content and frequency of non-erotic thoughts during sex with a partner (i.e., spectatoring), the emotional impact of non-erotic thoughts, and the strategies used to manage them. They also reported on their main sexual functioning difficulties and the strategies they used to manage those difficulties. Finally, participants were presented with a series of hypothetical sexual scenarios and were asked to report their immediate interpretation of events in the scenario. The content of non-erotic thoughts was similar to previous work (Purdon & Holdaway, 2006), although gender differences in thought content were less pronounced. As in previous research, greater frequency of, and anxiety evoked by, non-erotic thoughts was associated with poorer sexual functioning, but we found that this was over and above relationship satisfaction. Participants both high and low in sexual functioning reported using a variety of strategies to manage their non-erotic thoughts, thought suppression being the least effective, and also used a variety of strategies to manage sexual difficulties. Poorer sexual functioning was associated with more negative interpretations of ambiguous sexual scenarios, but this was mediated by relationship satisfaction. However, positive interpretations were predicted by sexual functioning. Results were discussed in terms of their theoretical and clinical implications.

  6. Thought insertion, cognitivism, and inner space.

    Thornton, Tim


    Whatever its underlying causes, even the description of the phenomenon of thought insertion, of the content of the delusion, presents difficulty. It may seem that the best hope of a description comes from a broadly cognitivist approach to the mind which construes content-laden mental states as internal mental representations within what is literally an inner space: the space of the brain or nervous system. Such an approach objectifies thoughts in a way which might seem to hold out the prospect of describing the ''alienated'' relation to one's own thoughts that seems to be present in thought insertion.1 Firstly, I examine the general structure of cognitivist accounts of intentional or content-laden mental states. I raise the general difficulty of explaining how free-standing, and thus world-independent, inner states can still have bearing on the outer world. Secondly, I briefly examine Frith's model for explaining thought insertion and other passivity phenomena by postulating a failure of an internal monitoring mechanism of inner states. I question what account can be given of non-pathological cases and raise two specific objects. Cognitivist accounts of the mind face a general, and possibly insuperable, challenge: explaining the intentionality of mental states in non-intentional, nonquestion-begging terms. There have so far been no satisfactory solutions. Cognitivist accounts of passivity phenomena in terms of a failure of internal monitoring face two objections. Firstly, accounting for non-pathological cases generates an infinite regress. Secondly, no account can be given of the paradoxical nature of utterances of the form of Moore's paradox: ''it is raining but I do not believe it''. A cognitivist approach presents an alienated account of thought in normal, non-pathological cases and is no help in accounting for thought insertion.

  7. To Mature or not to Mature: The Information Systems Conundrum

    Carl Marnewick


    Full Text Available Research has been done within the South African information technology (IT industry over the last decade with regard to project management maturity (PMM and the impact it has on delivering information systems (IS projects successfully. The research was done to determine whether IS PMM per knowledge area has improved over the last decade. It investigates if there is a correlation between maturity levels and project success. Four independent surveys over the last decade focused on IS PMM and the longitudinal analysis provides a benchmark for whether IS PMM has increased or not. This article focuses on whether certain knowledge areas are more of a problem within the IT industry and to determine what the overall IS PMM is. The longitudinal analysis indicates trends and highlights areas of concern. It indicates that most IT companies are still operating at level 3 and that risk and procurement management are the knowledge areas of concern. A comparative analysis indicates that there is no difference between South African and international maturity levels. The results provide a South African perspective of IS PMM. It highlights that risk management is still a knowledge area that is neglected and that emphasis must be placed on managing risk within IT projects.

  8. Green ICT Maturity Model for Czech SMEs

    Alena Buchalcevova


    Full Text Available This paper presents a design of a Green ICT maturity model that is aimed at maturity assessment of a Green ICT capability in SMEs that figure as users of ICT services. Based on a literature review and internet search, six maturity models in the Green ICT area were detected and further analysed. Since these maturity models do not suit maturity assessment in non-ICT SMEs, a new Green ICT maturity model for SMEs was developed. This paper introduces the process of model development, description of the resulted model and evaluation of the model.

  9. PLM Maturity Evaluation and Prediction Based on a Maturity Assessment and Fuzzy Sets Theory

    Zhang, Haiqing; Sekhari, Aicha; Ouzrout, Yacine; Bouras, Abdelaziz


    Part 8: Change Management and Maturity; International audience; Companies adopt PLM maturity models to evaluate PLM implementation and recognize relative positions in PLM selection to better harness PLM benefits. However, the majority traditional PLM maturity models are relative time-consuming and energy-consuming. This work focuses on proposing a fuzzy extended PCMA (PLM Components Maturity Assessment) maturity model to brightly evaluate the gradual process of PLM maturity accompaniment with...

  10. A thought experiment reconciling neuroscience and psychoanalysis.

    Falissard, Bruno


    Thought experiments have a long tradition in science. The thought experiment proposed in this article designs a brain that is compatible with a conceptual framework that integrates neuroscience and psychoanalysis. A connectionist model with emergent collective computational abilities is modified progressively and gradually to retrieve concepts such as the following: life instinct, the death instinct, the conscious, the preconscious, the unconscious, the free-association method, parapraxis, repetitive compulsion, repression, self, other, and "I". In this model, the process of memorisation is represented by a neural network with deep depressions, the bottoms of which correspond to learned configurations known as "attractors". This thought experiment could be helpful in suggesting new formulations of traditional psychoanalytic and neuroscientific constructs.

  11. Maturation of the adolescent brain

    Arain M


    Full Text Available Mariam Arain, Maliha Haque, Lina Johal, Puja Mathur, Wynand Nel, Afsha Rais, Ranbir Sandhu, Sushil Sharma Saint James School of Medicine, Kralendijk, Bonaire, The Netherlands Abstract: Adolescence is the developmental epoch during which children become adults – intellectually, physically, hormonally, and socially. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, full of changes and transformations. The pubertal transition to adulthood involves both gonadal and behavioral maturation. Magnetic resonance imaging studies have discovered that myelinogenesis, required for proper insulation and efficient neurocybernetics, continues from childhood and the brain's region-specific neurocircuitry remains structurally and functionally vulnerable to impulsive sex, food, and sleep habits. The maturation of the adolescent brain is also influenced by heredity, environment, and sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which play a crucial role in myelination. Furthermore, glutamatergic neurotransmission predominates, whereas gamma-aminobutyric acid neurotransmission remains under construction, and this might be responsible for immature and impulsive behavior and neurobehavioral excitement during adolescent life. The adolescent population is highly vulnerable to driving under the influence of alcohol and social maladjustments due to an immature limbic system and prefrontal cortex. Synaptic plasticity and the release of neurotransmitters may also be influenced by environmental neurotoxins and drugs of abuse including cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol during adolescence. Adolescents may become involved with offensive crimes, irresponsible behavior, unprotected sex, juvenile courts, or even prison. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the major cause of death among the teenage population is due to injury and violence related to sex and substance abuse. Prenatal neglect, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption may also

  12. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Maturity Models


    content of the model arranged by domains and levels • Typically based on observed practices, standards, or expert knowledge Diagnostic Methods • For...Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1994. CMMI Overview. cmmi ...28ES-C2M2%29%20-%20May%202012.pdf Smart Grid: Tools and Methods . (2012). Resilience Management. (2012).

  13. Rethinking Professional Standards to Promote Professional Learning

    Forde, Christine; McMahon, Margery Anne; Hamilton, Gillian; Murray, Rosa


    This article explores some of the key issues that emerged in the revision of the professional standards in Scottish education. The revision of the professional standards was part of a wider project to build teacher professional learning in ways that had an impact on practice and on pupil learning. The article begins by examining the international…

  14. Maturity model for enterprise interoperability

    Guédria, Wided; Naudet, Yannick; Chen, David


    Historically, progress occurs when entities communicate, share information and together create something that no one individually could do alone. Moving beyond people to machines and systems, interoperability is becoming a key factor of success in all domains. In particular, interoperability has become a challenge for enterprises, to exploit market opportunities, to meet their own objectives of cooperation or simply to survive in a growing competitive world where the networked enterprise is becoming a standard. Within this context, many research works have been conducted over the past few years and enterprise interoperability has become an important area of research, ensuring the competitiveness and growth of European enterprises. Among others, enterprises have to control their interoperability strategy and enhance their ability to interoperate. This is the purpose of the interoperability assessment. Assessing interoperability maturity allows a company to know its strengths and weaknesses in terms of interoperability with its current and potential partners, and to prioritise actions for improvement. The objective of this paper is to define a maturity model for enterprise interoperability that takes into account existing maturity models while extending the coverage of the interoperability domain. The assessment methodology is also presented. Both are demonstrated with a real case study.

  15. Elective affinities and economic thought: 1870-1914

    João Antônio de Paula


    Full Text Available This article seeks to demonstrate that the concept of "elective affinities" can be applied to the relations between economic thought, literature, and philosophy. Emphasis is given to Institutionalist thought, the German historical school, and neoclassical thought.

  16. Context and Content: From Language to Thought



    In this paper I present an overview of my research in the philosophy of language in mind over more than tmrty years, from my early work on speech act theory to my current work on mental files. The unifying theme is context-dependence, both in language and thought. I distinguish several varieties of context-dependence and, along the way, provide tentative accounts of various phenomena: performative utterances, indexicals, modulation (metonymy and loose talk, free enrichment), de se thought, the content of experiential states, and immunity to error through misidentification.


    Helano Jader Ribeiro


    Full Text Available This article aims to set a discussion about the book of Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, Extinction, with regard to the legacy of the Nazi destruction of thought. The closing speech that Thomas Bernhard could also be read as an extinction of thought on behalf of a silence typical of those who survived and / or worked in concentration camps. Much has been written about Auschwitz, but the need to continue with all kinds of questions ethical, political or legal is an obligation of humanity itself.

  18. Cigarette smoke differentially modulates dendritic cell maturation and function in time

    Givi, Masoumeh Ezzati; Folkerts, Gert; Wagenaar, Gerry T M; Redegeld, Frank A; Mortaz, Esmaeil


    BACKGROUND: Dendritic cells (DCs) as professional antigen presenting cells (APCs) play a critical role in the regulation of host immune responses. DCs evolve from immature, antigen-capturing cells, to mature antigen-presenting cells. The relative contribution of DCs to cigarette smoke-induced inflam

  19. Yield-to-BIM: impacts of BIM maturity on project performance

    Smits, W.; van Buiten, Marinus; Hartmann, Timo


    How does organizational experience (maturity) with building information modelling (BIM) impact on the broad implementation of BIM and on company performance? A survey of Dutch architectural, engineering, construction, and operation (AECO) professionals (n = 890) is used to examine their perceptions

  20. An Examination of Mature Interpersonal Relationships among International and American College Students

    Aidoo, Bona


    Educating students to relate harmoniously with people from different backgrounds has become an important agenda for student affairs professional because of the increasingly diverse nature of the American society. The purpose of this study was to assess how American and international college students develop mature interpersonal relationship…

  1. Mapping the Brain’s Metaphor Circuitry:Is Abstract Thought Metaphorical Thought?

    George eLakoff


    Full Text Available An overview of the basics of metaphorical thought and language from the perspective of Neurocognition, the integrated interdisciplinary study of how conceptual thought and language work in the brain. The paper outlines a theory of metaphor circuitry and discusses how everyday reason makes use of embodied metaphor circuitry.

  2. Dynamics of Nucleosome Positioning Maturation following Genomic Replication

    Pauline Vasseur


    Full Text Available Chromatin is thought to carry epigenetic information from one generation to the next, although it is unclear how such information survives the disruptions of nucleosomal architecture occurring during genomic replication. Here, we measure a key aspect of chromatin structure dynamics during replication—how rapidly nucleosome positions are established on the newly replicated daughter genomes. By isolating newly synthesized DNA marked with 5-ethynyl-2′-deoxyuridine (EdU, we characterize nucleosome positions on both daughter genomes of S. cerevisiae during chromatin maturation. We find that nucleosomes rapidly adopt their mid-log positions at highly transcribed genes, which is consistent with a role for transcription in positioning nucleosomes in vivo. Additionally, experiments in hir1Δ mutants reveal a role for HIR in nucleosome spacing. We also characterized nucleosome positions on the leading and lagging strands, uncovering differences in chromatin maturation dynamics at hundreds of genes. Our data define the maturation dynamics of newly replicated chromatin and support a role for transcription in sculpting the chromatin template.

  3. Oocyte Maturation Process and Affecting Factors

    Yurdun Kuyucu; Ozgul Tap


    Normal female fertility depends on normally occuring oogenesis and maturation progress. Oogenesis and folliculogenesis are different progresses but occure in a harmony and at the same time. Oogenesis includes the events that take place matur ovum produced from primordial germ cells. Although folliculogenesis includes the stages primordial, primary, secondary, matur (Graaf) follicules in the influece of gonadotropines and local growth factors. During oocyte maturation meiosis is distrupted til...

  4. Suicidal Thoughts Among Medical Residents with Burnout

    van der Heijden, Frank; Dillingh, Gea; Bakker, Arnold; Prins, Jelle


    Objectives: Recent research showed that medical residents have a high risk for developing burnout. The present study investigates the prevalence of burnout and its relationship with suicidal thoughts among medical residents. Methods: All Dutch medical residents (n = 5126) received a self-report ques

  5. The Correlations between Language, Culture and Thought



    With the purpose of having a better understanding,this article discusses the correlations between language, culture and thought as well their interactions. They not only correlate but also are different social phenomena. They are dependent and mutu⁃ally influenced with Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis as its main points.

  6. Christian Economic Thought in The Netherlands

    I.P. van Staveren (Irene)


    textabstractAbstract. This paper is not about Dutch Christian political economy. Instead, it focuses on some recent writings of Dutch Christian economists. The objective of the paper is to get an idea of how economic thought in the Netherlands – particularly about the market – is influenced by Chri

  7. Thoughts on the Literature Review and GT

    Thoughts on the Literature Review and GT


    Full Text Available Thinking about epistemic questions always reminds me of Socrates’ cave allegory. In Plato’s most famous book,The Republic, Socrates talks to a young follower named Glaucon. I would like to include here a short excerpt of their conversation and discuss how this relates to my thoughts about preceding a classic GT study with a thorough literature review.

  8. Suicidal Thoughts Among Medical Residents with Burnout

    van der Heijden, Frank; Dillingh, Gea; Bakker, Arnold; Prins, Jelle


    Objectives: Recent research showed that medical residents have a high risk for developing burnout. The present study investigates the prevalence of burnout and its relationship with suicidal thoughts among medical residents. Methods: All Dutch medical residents (n = 5126) received a self-report

  9. Disciplines in the Service of Educational Thought.

    Winchester, Ian


    Suggests that the 20th century has been the century of the application of disciplines - philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, statistics, cognitive science, and computer science - to educational thought on an unprecedented scale. The same disciplines, in the service of the study of women by women, have led to a whole new complex of thought…

  10. A Set Theoretical Approach to Maturity Models

    Lasrado, Lester; Vatrapu, Ravi; Andersen, Kim Normann


    Maturity Model research in IS has been criticized for the lack of theoretical grounding, methodological rigor, empirical validations, and ignorance of multiple and non-linear paths to maturity. To address these criticisms, this paper proposes a novel set-theoretical approach to maturity models ch...


    Irina Aleksandrovnа Levitskaya


    In today’s world of growing value and importance of such indicators of competitive modern specialist training as professionalism, moral and social maturity, mobility, readiness for innovation. The implementation of this approach in the practice of higher education requires a multidisciplinary integrative approach. This ensures the integrity of the general professio-nal training of modern specialists. After graduating high school graduate is faced with the problem of the fierce market competit...

  12. Phenotype of normal hairline maturation.

    Rassman, William R; Pak, Jae P; Kim, Jino


    Hairlines change shape with age, starting at birth. A good head of hair is frequently present some time after ages 3 to 5 years. The look of childhood has its corresponding hairline, and, as the child grows and develops into adulthood, facial morphology migrate changes from a childlike look to a more mature look. This article discusses the dynamics of hairline evolution and the phenotypic variations of the front and side hairlines in men and women. A modeling system is introduced that provides a common language to define the various anatomic points of the full range of hairlines.

  13. [Arrest of maturation in spermatogenesis].

    Francavilla, S; Bellocci, M; Martini, M; Bruno, B; Moscardelli, S; Fabbrini, A; Properzi, G


    The ultrastructural aspects of the germinal epithelium of 10 infertile men affected by maturative arrest of spermatogenesis were studied. We noted an increased number of malformed germinal cells. Marginal nuclear vescicles were present in spermatogonia of patients affected by spermatogonial arrest. The few spermatid present in the germinal epithelium of the patients affected by a spermatidic arrest presented changes of the nuclear condensation, the acrosome, and the tail. The Sertoli cells presented an immature aspect of the nucleus and changes of the "mantle". A possible correlation between the Sertoli cells changes and the altered spermatogenesis was proposed.

  14. Technology maturity and technology development

    Underhill, Gary K.; Carlson, Ronald A.; Clendinning, William A.; Erdos, Jozsef; Gault, John; Hall, James W.; Jones, Robert L.; Michael, Herbert K.; Powell, Paul H.; Riemann, Carl F.; Rios-Castellon, Lorenzo; Shepherd, Burchard P.; Wilson, John S.


    All of the work reported in the preceding chapters was performed in order to assess the technical, economic, and energetic feasibility of proceeding with more detailed studies of the geopressured geothermal resource. The preliminary conceptual design and costing activities represented the prime activity for component by component review of the maturity of the technology available for resource utilization facilities. The economics and energetics studies focussed attentions on the areas of major capital and energy investment; these results comprise a useful guide for focussing design in order to reduce initial and operations and maintenance costs and/or investment. The following presents a discussion of the primary technical problems identified.

  15. Validation of endoscopy for determination of maturity in small salmonids and sex of mature individuals

    Erica A. Swenson; Amanda E. Rosenberger; Philip J. Howell


    Fish maturity status, sex ratio, and age and size at first maturity are important parameters in population assessments and life history studies. In most empirical studies of these variables, fish are sacrificed and dissected to obtain data. However, maturity status and the sex of mature individuals can be determined by inserting an endoscope through a small incision in...

  16. Maturity Models Development in IS Research

    Lasrado, Lester Allan; Vatrapu, Ravi; Andersen, Kim Normann


    literature reveals that researchers have primarily focused on developing new maturity models pertaining to domain-specific problems and/or new enterprise technologies. We find rampant re-use of the design structure of widely adopted models such as Nolan’s Stage of Growth Model, Crosby’s Grid, and Capability...... of maturity models. Specifically, it explores maturity models literature in IS and standard guidelines, if any to develop maturity models, challenges identified and solutions proposed. Our systematic literature review of IS publications revealed over hundred and fifty articles on maturity models. Extant...

  17. Effect of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy on Negative Career Thoughts of Students in Technical Colleges in Nigeria.

    Ogbuanya, Theresa Chinyere; Eseadi, Chiedu; Orji, Chibueze Tobias; Anyanwu, Joy I; Ede, Moses Onyemaechi; Bakare, Jimoh


    Negative career thoughts are cognitive barriers that interfere with an individual's career decision-making and successful career development. The current study examined the effect of rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT) on negative career thoughts of students in technical colleges in Nigeria. The study utilized a pretest-posttest control group design. One hundred and seventy-three participants from technical colleges in the Southeast zone of the country completed a measure of career thoughts at pretest, posttreatment, and follow-up: the College Students' Career Thoughts Scale. An REBT career program manual guided the intervention for 12 weeks. Data collected were analyzed using repeated-measures analysis of variance, chi-square, and t-test. Results show that the negative career thoughts of the REBT group participants were significantly reduced relative to a waitlist control group at the end of the intervention. Follow-up tests conducted after three months and six months revealed that the significant decrease in negative career thoughts of the REBT group participants was sustained. The outcomes of the current study suggest that REBT is an invaluable group therapy for assisting college students in overcoming negative thoughts associated with career choice and decision. It would be helpful if further longitudinal evaluation were implemented in Nigeria and in other countries to evaluate whether and how an REBT-based program can improve vocational maturity and vocational identity of technical college students.

  18. Determine the Level of Maturity of Organization and Organizational Agility in Industrial Companies (Case of Study: Fakour Industrial Company

    Reza Radmehr


    Full Text Available Today the complexity, instability and unpredictability of environment changes have affected organizations. Managers are trying to design organizations which is a short time would be flexible. These new conditions need organizations to have significant agility to continue their existence and development. Organizational agility would become legal on the basis of organizational maturity. The main purpose of this study is determining the degree of organizational agility and organizational maturity level in industrial organization. For this purpose, the statistical society of the whole employers of Fakour industrial company is thoughtful. The sample volume has been determined 130 individuals by using sampling model in a limited society (Cochran Formula. The tool for gathering the needed data is researcher’s questionnaire with 0.943 total reliability and formal validity. The results of testing hypotheses indicate that individual maturity, organizational maturity and organizational agility are higher than the average level but procedural maturity is in the average level.

  19. Maturity Models Development in IS Research

    Lasrado, Lester Allan; Vatrapu, Ravi; Andersen, Kim Normann


    Maturity models are widespread in IS research and in particular, IT practitioner communities. However, theoretically sound, methodologically rigorous and empirically validated maturity models are quite rare. This literature review paper focuses on the challenges faced during the development...... literature reveals that researchers have primarily focused on developing new maturity models pertaining to domain-specific problems and/or new enterprise technologies. We find rampant re-use of the design structure of widely adopted models such as Nolan’s Stage of Growth Model, Crosby’s Grid, and Capability...... Maturity Model (CMM). Only recently have there been some research efforts to standardize maturity model development. We also identify three dominant views of maturity models and provide guidelines for various approaches of constructing maturity models with a standard vocabulary. We finally propose using...

  20. Oocyte Maturation Process and Affecting Factors

    Yurdun Kuyucu


    Full Text Available Normal female fertility depends on normally occuring oogenesis and maturation progress. Oogenesis and folliculogenesis are different progresses but occure in a harmony and at the same time. Oogenesis includes the events that take place matur ovum produced from primordial germ cells. Although folliculogenesis includes the stages primordial, primary, secondary, matur (Graaf follicules in the influece of gonadotropines and local growth factors. During oocyte maturation meiosis is distrupted till the puberty. Under LH influence it starts again and first meiosis completes before ovulation. Oocyte maturation can be regarded as the process of coming metaphase II from prophase I of oocyte at the puberty and can be studied as nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation. Meiosis is completed when fertilization occures and zygot is formed. In this article oogenesis, folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation process are summerized with related studies and reiews are revised. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2009; 18(4.000: 227-240

  1. 'What is professional ethics?'.

    Brecher, Bob


    The very term 'professional ethics' is puzzling with respect to what both 'professional' and 'ethics' might mean. I argue (1) that professionalism is ambiguous as to whether or not it is implicitly committed to ethical practice; (2) that to be 'professionally' ethical is at best ambiguous, if not in fact bizarre; and (3) that, taken together, these considerations suggest that professional ethics is something to be avoided rather than lauded.

  2. Mecobalamin promotes mouse sperm maturation.

    Oshio, S; Ozaki, S; Ohkawa, I; Tajima, T; Kaneko, S; Mohri, H


    The effect of Mecobalamin (alpha-(5,6-dimethyl benzimidazolyl)-Co-methyl-cobamide: Me-B 12) on sperm production in the oligozoospermic mice experimentally induced by the treatment with adriamycin (0.3 mg/kg, three times a week for 5 weeks) was evaluated quantitatively by means of equilibrium sedimentation in Percoll. After centrifugation, the distribution profile of the sperm showed two peaks, i.e. the first peak near the bottom consisting of mature sperm with good motility and the second peak containing immature and/or immotile sperm. By oral administration of Me B 12 (1.0 mg/kg/day) to the oligozoospermic mice for 10 weeks, the sperm count, sperm motility, motile sperm count, diameter of seminiferous tubules and the percentage of good motile sperm with higher apparent density were increased as compared with those of the control. These results suggest that Me-B 12 enhanced the testicular function, resulting in an increased output of mature sperm.

  3. Sexual maturation in kokanee Oncorhynchus nerka

    Patterson, S.D.; Scarnecchia, D.L.; Congleton, J.L.


    We used observational and experimental approaches to obtain information on factors affecting the timing of maturation of kokanee Oncorhynchus nerka, a semelparous, landlocked salmon. Gonadal staging criteria were developed and applied to three kokanee populations in Idaho lakes and reservoirs. Testes were classified into three stages: immature (stage one, S1), maturing (S2), and mature (S3). Ovaries were classified into eight stages: immature (S1-S3), transitional (stage S4), maturing (S5-S7), and mature (S8). Males entered the maturing stage (S2) in February through April of the spawning year. Females entered maturing stage (S5) as early as July of the year before the spawning year, and as late as March of the spawning year. Three hatchery experiments demonstrated that attainment of a larger body size 10 to 16 months before spawning increased the likelihood of initiation of maturation in both sexes. No gonads in a state of regression were observed. A gonadosomatic index above 0.1 by early July was a good indicator of a maturing male, and a gonadosomatic index above 1.0 by early July was a good indicator of a maturing female. Instantaneous growth rates were not good predictors of maturation, but attaining a size threshold of 18 to 19 cm in the fall was a good predictor of maturation the following year. This improved knowledge of kokanee maturation will permit more effectively management of the species for age, growth and size at maturity as well as for contributions to fisheries. ?? 2008 by the Northwest Scientific Association. All rights reserved.

  4. A Comparison of Chinese and English Thought Patterns



    Thought pattern,is a habit or the program of thinking.When people solve problems,they may prefer one to another owing to the different thought patterns they hold.It is necessary to know the main difference between Chinese and English thought patterns for English learners.1 Synthetic thought vs.analytic thought Chinese people carry out synthetic pattern of thought that each element in the universe is related and integrated.While westerners implement a pattern of thought that divides an integrate object into many parts.

  5. Methodological pitfalls of the Unconscious Thought paradigm

    David Marchiori


    Full Text Available According to Unconscious Thought Theory (UTT: Dijksterhuis and Nordgren, 2006, complex decisions are best made after a period of distraction assumed to elicit ``unconscious thought''. Over three studies, respectively offering a conceptual, an identical and a methodologically improved replication of Dijksterhuis et al. (2006, we reassessed UTT's predictions and dissected the decision task used to demonstrate these predictions. We failed to find any evidence for the benefits of unconscious decision-making. By contrast, we found some evidence that conscious deliberation can lead to better decisions. Further, we identified methodological weaknesses in the UTT decision task: (a attributes weighting was neglected although attributes were seen as different in importance; (b the material was not properly counterbalanced; and (c there was some confusion in the experimental instructions. We propose methodological improvements that address these concerns.

  6. Thought-evoking approaches in engineering problems


    In creating the value-added product in not distant future, it is necessary and inevitable to establish a holistic and though-evoking approach to the engineering problem, which should be at least associated with the inter-disciplinary knowledge and thought processes across the whole engineering spheres. It is furthermore desirable to integrate it with trans-disciplinary aspects ranging from manufacturing culture, through liberal-arts engineering, and industrial sociology.   The thought-evoking approach can be exemplified and typified by representative engineering problems: unveiling essential features in ‘Tangential Force Ratio and Interface Pressure’, prototype development for ‘Bio-mimetic Needle’ and application of ‘Water-jet Machining to Artificial Hip Joint’, product innovation in ‘Heat Sink for Computer’, application of ‘Graph Theory’ to similarity evaluation of production systems, leverage among reciprocity attributes in ‘Industrial and Engineering Designs for Machine Enclosure’,...

  7. The psychology of psychology: A thought experiment.

    Ceci, Stephen J; Williams, Wendy M


    In the target article, Duarte et al. allege that the lack of political diversity reduces research efficacy. We pose a thought experiment that could provide an empirical test by examining whether institutional review board (IRB) members, granting agencies, and journal reviewers filter scientific products based on political values, invoking scientific criteria (rigor, etc.) as their justification. When these same products are cast in terms highlighting opposite values, do these people shift their decisions?

  8. Memory impairment in older adults’ diversionary thoughts

    Fátima eAlves


    Full Text Available The diversion paradigm was created in the context of explaining the effect of the instruction to forget some recently encoded material in the list-method of the directed forgetting paradigm. The current study of healthy older adults employed the diversion paradigm with two main goals: to determine whether thinking about an autobiographical memory interferes with the recall of recently encoded information and to explore whether the degree of forgetting depends on the temporal distance created by the diversionary thought. Ninety non-institutionalized Portuguese older adults (47 females and 43 males, aged 65 to 69 years, with education levels of between 3 and 6 years participated in this study. The exclusion criteria were as follows: presence of depressive symptomatology (assessed with the Geriatric Depression Scale-30 and global cognitive deterioration (assessed with the Mini–Mental State Examination. Concerning the diversion paradigm, one group was instructed to think about an autobiographical event (remembering one’s childhood home or the last party that one had attended after studying one word list (List 1 and before viewing the second word list (List 2. After a brief distraction task, the participant had to recall the words from both of the studied lists. In the control group, the procedure was the same, but the diversionary thought was substituted by a speed reading task. The obtained results showed the amnesic effect of diversionary thought but did not show a greater degree of forgetting when the autobiographical events in the diversionary thoughts were temporally more distant. Considering the practical implications of these results, this study alerts us to the importance of promoting strategies that enable older adults to better remember important information and effectively forget irrelevant information.

  9. Language as an instrument of thought

    Eran Asoulin


    Full Text Available I show that there are good arguments and evidence to boot that support the language as an instrument of thought hypothesis. The underlying mechanisms of language, comprising of expressions structured hierarchically and recursively, provide a perspective (in the form of a conceptual structure on the world, for it is only via language that certain perspectives are available to us and to our thought processes. These mechanisms provide us with a uniquely human way of thinking and talking about the world that is different to the sort of thinking we share with other animals. If the primary function of language were communication then one would expect that the underlying mechanisms of language will be structured in a way that favours successful communication. I show that not only is this not the case, but that the underlying mechanisms of language are in fact structured in a way to maximise computational efficiency, even if it means causing communicative problems. Moreover, I discuss evidence from comparative, neuropathological, developmental, and neuroscientific evidence that supports the claim that language is an instrument of thought.

  10. Relationship between Language,Culture and Thought



    It has long been realized that language is of great importance to culture and that the impact of culture upon a given language is indispensible.One claim about the relationship between language and culture is that the structure of a particular language influences the habitual thought of its speakers.Today,the claim is referred to as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis,which is composed of two versions.The strong version,also known as linguistic determinism,states that language patterns determine speaker’s thinking.The weak version,also known as linguistic relativity,implies that language do really influence thought but doesn’t determine it completely.This paper tries to give a brief introduction to the hypothesis,illustrate some experiments used to test the theory and state some arguments against the strong version of the hypothesis.Although the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis doesn’t offer the most reasonable explanation of the nature of the relationship between language,culture and thought,it is still influential in the development of linguistic science.

  11. The Importance of Thought Patterns in English Teaching

    Zhao; Weining


    In English teaching,during the communication,students arrange languages to express their ides according to their own thought patterns and they could understand other people’s language simultaneously to form a kind of thought pattern similar to other people’s thought patterns. This paper compares English thought pattern with Chinese thought pattern,and provides some suggestion for English teaching of syntax and translation.

  12. Teacher Professional Development

    Nareerat Rakwichitkul


    Full Text Available Teacher professional development are the teachers’ learning process throughout their career stages to ensure that teachers have knowledge, skills and needed competencies for teaching among rapid changes in social, economic and technology which have the impact on learning and teaching. This article deals with the topics of the framework for teaching, teacher career stages and teacher professional development. The research findings related to teacher professional development, teacher professional development activities, suggestions for planning the professional development. Those research findings can be applied and implemented by the school principals, educational supervisors and other professional developers.

  13. Professionalism's Challenges to Professional Counselors' Collective Identity.

    Gale, Arden Unbrit; Austin, B. Diane


    The authors discuss how attaining various standards of professionalism has inadvertently resulted in challenges to professional counselors' collective identity. The authors reviewed interviews with senior contributors to the profession published in the Journal of Counseling & Development, identifying themes in their comments to suggest…

  14. Educational approaches aimed at preparing students for professional veterinary practice

    Jaarsma, A. D. C.; Dolmans, D. H. J. M.; Scherpbier, A. J. J. A.; van Beukelen, P.


    Changes in society and dissatisfaction with current educational practices have led to changes in undergraduate veterinary curricula. New approaches that are thought to better prepare students for future professional veterinary practice are being introduced. One such change is a transition from conve

  15. Educational approaches aimed at preparing students for professional veterinary practice

    Jaarsma, A. D. C.; Dolmans, D. H. J. M.; Scherpbier, A. J. J. A.; van Beukelen, P.

    Changes in society and dissatisfaction with current educational practices have led to changes in undergraduate veterinary curricula. New approaches that are thought to better prepare students for future professional veterinary practice are being introduced. One such change is a transition from

  16. Mediastinal mature teratoma with rupture into pleural cavity due to blunt trauma.

    Miyazawa, Masahisa; Yoshida, Kazuo; Komatsu, Kazunori; Kobayashi, Nobutaka; Haba, Yoshiaki


    We report a rare case of mediastinal mature teratoma with rupture due to blunt trauma. A 15-year-old boy had received a strong head-butt in the left upper chest wall and was admitted with the sudden onset of left-sided severe chest pain and dyspnea. Chest computed tomography (CT) scan on admission revealed a heterogeneous mass lesion in the anterior mediastinum. The contrast-enhanced CT scans obtained 2 days after admission showed not only mediastinal mass lesion but also left pleural effusion. On the radiologic finding at 5 months later, the lesion became larger and was thought to be a typical mediastinal mature teratoma. The patient underwent extirpation of the tumor. Microscopically, the tumor was typically composed of adult-type tissues and was confirmed to be mature teratoma.

  17. Configuration Management Maturity in Scientific Facilities

    Masoud Niknam


    Full Text Available Since the effectiveness of the development and operation of scientific facilities (especially those presenting specific hazards, such as ionizing radiations relies heavily on state of the art practices, such as systems engineering and product lifecycle management, configuration management (CM is becoming a key management process. However, while some maturity models exist to assess the degree of the implementation and effectiveness of many management processes, such as project management or systems engineering, there is no specific framework available to assess the degree of maturity of an organization towards CM. This paper focuses on revealing the important maturity dimensions and levels for CM as a means towards developing a CM maturity model.

  18. Seeking process maturity with DSDM atern

    Stasys Peldžius


    Full Text Available It is important for an organization to know what capability/maturity of the process a chosen methodology could ensure. This paper is focused on DSDM Atern process maturity by CMMI. The goal is to assess DSDM Atern by CMMI-DEV version 1.3 and propose the improvements to reach CMMI maturity level 3. A capability profile ensured by DSDM Atern has been obtained. The appraisal results showed that DSDM Atern ensures CMMI maturity level 2. Constraints and problematic areas of DSDM Atern methodology were discovered. In order to reach CMMI level 3 some recommendations for DSDM Atern additions were developed.

  19. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... more rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you ... Introduction - Taking Control of Your Medicines - Medicine Assistance Programs - Medicine Checklist - Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - ...

  20. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... or other healthcare professionals. Find a list of questions to ask at your next appointment . Healthcare professionals talk about why good communication is important A patient describes how he prepares ...

  1. Professional entrepreneurial identity construction

    Ramsgaard, Michael Breum


    The present study investigates the construction of a professional identity as an entrepreneur in a sample of people with educational background in nutrition and health. The study examines the connection between professional identity construction and entrepreneurial business emergence using...

  2. Financing Professional Sports Facilities

    Baade, Robert A.; Victor A. Matheson


    This paper examines public financing of professional sports facilities with a focus on both early and recent developments in taxpayer subsidization of spectator sports. The paper explores both the magnitude and the sources of public funding for professional sports facilities.

  3. Separating the men from the boys: masculinity and maturity in understandings of shell shock in Britain.

    Meyer, Jessica


    This article examines gendered discourses of shell shock in Britain during the First World War. Located within the context of the ideas about shell shock as a form of male hysteria put forward by Elaine Showalter, it examines the ways in which the contemporary discourses of soldiers, medical professionals and popular novelists used ideas of maturity and self-control to understand a condition that appeared to undermine both the war effort and national masculinity. It argues that contemporary understandings of authority and maturity helped to normalize shell shock as a medical condition, thereby lessening its perceived threat to society.

  4. Death and dignity in Catholic Christian thought.

    Sulmasy, Daniel P


    This article traces the history of the concept of dignity in Western thought, arguing that it became a formal Catholic theological concept only in the late nineteenth century. Three uses of the word are distinguished: intrinsic, attributed, and inflorescent dignity, of which, it is argued, the intrinsic conception is foundational. The moral norms associated with respect for intrinsic dignity are discussed briefly. The scriptural and theological bases for adopting the concept of dignity as a Christian idea are elucidated. The article concludes by discussing the relevance of this concept of dignity to the spiritual and ethical care of the dying.

  5. GAO Jian's Theoretical Thoughts in Translation



    As an experienced translator and theorist, GAO Jian has translated numerous English works into Chinese and pub-lished a series of theoretical thoughts concerning the most fundamental problems in translation studies. He has formed a unique style in translation and proposed some theoretical concepts with great expertise. Gao represents the translators'spirit of the time. His theories are highly comprehensive and pragmatic. His discussion of translatability of style, relativity and the Language Characteristics Theory reflect the academic thinking among translators in China, which inspires many young translators and the-orists.

  6. Improving Adult Learning and Professional Development in a Post-Conflict Area: The Case of Cambodia

    Berkvens, Jan B. Y.; Kalyanpur, Maya; Kuiper, Wilmad; Van den Akker, Jan


    All over the world, international development organizations try to increase professional capacity of local staff. These attempts are thought to fail because of financial constraints, but this is just part of the story. Professional development and adult learning theories approach learning from a western perspective, while many developing societies…

  7. Improving adult learning and professional development in a post-conflict are: The case of Cambodia

    Berkvens, J.; Kalyanpur, M.; Kuiper, W.; van den Akker, J.


    All over the world, international development organizations try to increase professional capacity of local staff. These attempts are thought to fail because of financial constraints, but this is just part of the story. Professional development and adult learning theories approach learning from a wes

  8. Improving adult learning and professional development in a post-conflict area: the case of Cambodia

    Berkvens, J.; Kalyanpur, M.; Kuiper, W.; Akker, van den J.


    All over the world, international development organizations try to increase professional capacity of local staff. These attempts are thought to fail because of financial constraints, but this is just part of the story. Professional development and adult learning theories approach learning from a wes

  9. Exploring Teacher Identity from a Holistic Perspective: Reconstructing and Reconnecting Personal and Professional Selves

    Bukor, Emese


    This article explores the influence of personal and professional experiences on the development of teacher identity. The holistic perspective in this article refers to the language teachers' exploration of their personal and professional experiences with the use of both conscious/rational and intuitive/tacit thought processes. Three language…

  10. Measuring Negative and Positive Thoughts in Children: An Adaptation of the Children's Automatic Thoughts Scale (CATS).

    Hogendoorn, Sanne M; Wolters, Lidewij H; Vervoort, Leentje; Prins, Pier J M; Boer, Frits; Kooij, Emelie; de Haan, Else


    The aim of this study is to describe the factor structure and psychometric properties of an extended version of the Children's Automatic Thoughts Scale (CATS), the CATS-Negative/Positive (CATS-N/P). The CATS was originally designed to assess negative self-statements in children and adolescents. However, positive thoughts also play a major role in childhood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, positive self-statements were added to the CATS. The CATS-N/P was administered to a community sample of 554 children aged 8-18 years. The results of a confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the positive self-statements formed a separate and psychometrically sound factor. Internal and short-term test-retest reliability was good. Boys reported more hostile and positive thoughts than girls; and younger children reported more negative thoughts concerning physical threat, social threat, and failure than older children. In conclusion, the results of the current study support the use of the CATS-N/P for the measurement of positive and negative thoughts in children. The application of the CATS-N/P can facilitate further research on cognitive factors in different childhood disorders.

  11. Museum professionals meet at CERN


    As part of the World Year of Physics, CERN organised a day of meetings attended by professionals from French and Swiss science museums. The poster for the Einstein exhibition that will open in Bern on 16 June 2005. Around thirty professionals from science museums, as well as representatives of France's Office de Coopération et d'Information Muséographiques (OCIM) and the Suisse Romande Réseau Science et Cité, congregated at CERN on 10th February with the purpose, among other things, of exchanging ideas and information on proposed exhibitions for the World Year of Physics. "We thought that it would be a good idea to start the World Year of Physics with a meeting at CERN that could provide inspiration for future exhibitions", explains Emma Sanders, Head of the Visits Service and Microcosm. Many scientific museums are trying to improve the way they cover contemporary science, and CERN is an ideal place to observe science in the making. Other goals of the meeting were to strengthen links between French and...

  12. Professionalism in Dance Education

    Koff, Susan R.; Mistry, Gianna Limone


    Professionalism in Dance Education is a complex construction. It can be imposed from the outside (degree completed, job status, salary) or can be identified from the professional herself. Seven graduate dance education students were interviewed with specific focus on the transition from student to professional and the feelings surrounding this…

  13. "Carnivalesque": Assorted Thoughts about One English Teachers'"Professionalism" Prompted by the STELLA Project.

    Hayes, Terry


    Questions whether a framework such as STELLA (Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia) can capture the essence of what teachers do in the classroom. Addresses three animating passions which have informed and energized the author's work as a teacher: intensity, empathy, and gaiety. (RS)

  14. Final thoughts on antibiotic use:wake up call for the oral health care professionals

    Ramasamy Chidambaram


    Antibiotic treatment is a form of pharmacotherapy with the specialty of rendering both etiological and curative action. Dentists traditionally administer antibiotics, to restrain contagions and to handle the prevailing dental ailments. Penicillins have been the drug of choice to be opted by the dental practitioners in their routine dental practice. Prudent application of antibiotics in concoction with surgical therapy is the most pertinent mode to cure odontogenic contagions. Considerable prescriptions of antibiotics are ascribed especially in cases which induce bleeding in the oral cavity. Regardless of the obvious indications, perplexity prevails between the oral health care professional’s pertaining to the administration of antibiotics in coalition with dental maneuvers. Dreadful ailments have been cured after the incipience of antibiotics in 1929. Besides it also leads to cumbersome consequences by virtue of its misuse. Irrational usage of antibiotic therapy leads to false positive effects on both health and financial grounds and poses a threat to the microbial resistance. The present communication aims to delineate the absolute indications, consequences of abuse and imperative factors to be considered while prescribing antibiotics in routine dental practice.

  15. Developmental and ethnic issues experienced by emerging adult African American women related to developing a mature love relationship.

    Tyson, Sheryl Y


    This qualitative study explored perspectives of emerging adult African American women on the development of mature love relationships. Inductive analysis of focus group interviews, conducted with a purposive sample of 31 African American women, yielded themes related to relationship goals and characteristics, and interpersonal and societal challenges to finding the right partner and developing a mature love relationship. Core categories that emerged from analysis of the discussions were (1) age and relationship goal differences within the emerging adult group, (2) mature love relationship goals and characteristics, (3) interpersonal obstacles to finding the right partner, and (4) societal obstacles to finding the right partner. Two approaches-black womanist/feminist thought (Collins, 2000 ; Walker, 1983 ) and relationship maturity theory (Paul & White, 1990 )-were then combined to explain the influence of historic and contemporary interpersonal and societal factors on developmental and ethnic issues that challenge positive gender identity formation, hasten intimacy maturity, and hinder the development of mature love relationships among emerging adult African American women. For these women, premature responsibility, especially early caregiver burden, was related to the early development of intimacy capacity and the desire for a mature love relationship, to be protected, and to have someone to help carry the load. Interracial dating, negative stereotypic images of African American women, and even positive images of enduring black love relationships posed difficult challenges to positive identity formation and intimacy maturity. A primary challenge was to counteract negative stereotypic images, so that they could develop their own self-identities as women and as relationship partners.

  16. Stimulating and Nurturing Professionalisms, Creativity and Innovation in Organization

    Menara Simanjuntak


    Full Text Available Knowledge management is an emerging discipline and professionalism, creativity, innovation, organization and teams need to be thought about in this new context. This paper creates a framework in which to discuss these concepts with literature research. It goes on to explore how our professionalisms, creativity and innovations is blocked in variety ways, including deep-seated beliefs about the world. The need for professional skills today in workplace faces a number of challenges, especially in unfamiliar and unpredictable situations. Finally this paper takes a brief look at two tools to support knowledge management, professionalisms, creativity and innovations - one in the human domain and the other in the technology domain. We are also needs to boost its capacity for continuous professionalism, creativity and innovation for both technology, social, economic, and organization reasons. 

  17. Motivational maturity and helping behavior.

    Haymes, M; Green, L


    This study was undertaken to examine the independent influences of conative development (the Maslow needs hierarchy) upon behavioral aspects of prosocial orientations. It provides a behavioral demonstration of conative effects in a helping paradigm, among college-age men. A comparison of the conative data across the ages of 15-22 provided a cross-sectional view of conative development itself. Conative maturity was found to be predictive of greater helping among college-age men. Situational demands were demonstrated which tended to mask, but not override, these predispositional influences on helping. The cross-sectional data on conative development point to probable movement to early esteem concerns among high school men who have reached the conative level of love and belonging. On the other hand, the stability across the years of 15-22 of proportion of safety concerns suggests fixation of such concerns in those exhibiting them in high school. Results are discussed in terms of conative growth for development of prosocial orientations.

  18. The Flight of Thought: Two Types of Thought in Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

    Shlomy Mualem


    Full Text Available The essay claims that in Wittgenstein's Tractatus there are two types of thought: 'Gedanke' and 'subspecieaeternitatis'. Gedanke, being a logical picture, corresponds to a possible state of affairs, and to facts in the world. It pertains to the interior scope of the limit of language, and to what can be said. Subspecieaeternitatis is a mode of thought that observes its objects 'from outside', and thus perceives each object as a limited-whole or as a world. It pertains to the exterior scope of the limit of language, and thus relates to the sphere of transcendent values, denoting what can only be shown.

  19. Horton Revisited: African Traditional Thought and Western Science ...

    Horton Revisited: African Traditional Thought and Western Science. ... he refers to as the 'continuity thesis' according to which there are theoretical similarities between African traditional thought and modern Western science. ... Article Metrics.

  20. Skeletal maturation determined by cervical vertebrae development.

    San Román, Paloma; Palma, Juan Carlos; Oteo, M Dolores; Nevado, Esther


    The aim of this study was to determine the validity of cervical vertebrae radiographic assessment to predict skeletal maturation. Left hand-wrist and lateral cephalometric radiographs of 958 Spanish children from 5 to 18 years of age were measured. On the left hand-wrist radiographs the classification of Grave and Brown was used to assess skeletal maturation. Cervical vertebrae maturation was evaluated with lateral cephalometric radiographs using the stages described by Lamparski and by Hassel and Farman. A new method to evaluate the cervical maturation by studying the changes in the concavity of the lower border, height, and shape of the vertebral body was created. Correlation coefficients were calculated to establish the relationship between skeletal maturation values obtained by the three classifications of vertebral and skeletal maturation measured at the wrist. All correlation values obtained were statistically significant (P vertebral bodies to evaluate the maturation stage has been designed. In the population investigated, this method is as accurate as the Hassel and Farman classification and superior to the Lamparski classification. The morphological vertebral parameter best able to estimate the maturation is the concavity of the lower border of the body.

  1. 7 CFR 51.1865 - Mature.


    ... FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND OTHER PRODUCTS 1,2 (INSPECTION, CERTIFICATION, AND STANDARDS) United States Standards for Fresh Tomatoes 1 Definitions § 51.1865 Mature. Mature means that the tomato has reached the stage of development which will insure a proper completion of the ripening process, and that...

  2. 7 CFR 51.1907 - Mature.


    ... FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND OTHER PRODUCTS 1,2 (INSPECTION, CERTIFICATION, AND STANDARDS) United States Consumer Standards for Fresh Tomatoes Definitions § 51.1907 Mature. Mature means that the tomato has reached the stage of development which will insure a proper completion of the ripening process....

  3. Maturational Constraints and First Language Attrition

    Bylund, Emanuel


    The aim of the article is to examine how first language attrition research on maturational constraints interprets and links its findings to current views on maturation in the field of second language acquisition. It is argued that attrition research exhibits certain inconsistencies in the interpretation of the structural characteristics of the…

  4. Decision-Making Style and Vocational Maturity.

    Phillips, Susan D.; Strohmer, Douglas C.


    Examined the relationship between decision-making style, scholastic achievement, and vocational maturity for college students (N=64). Results did not support the hypothesized relationship between rationality and attitudinal and cognitive maturity. Scholastic achievement and lack of dependent decision style were found to be moderately predictive of…

  5. 7 CFR 29.6026 - Maturity.


    ... 7 Agriculture 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Maturity. 29.6026 Section 29.6026 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing... INSPECTION Standards Definitions § 29.6026 Maturity. The degree of ripeness. (See chart.)...

  6. Motivation and Maturity Patterns in Marital Success.

    McClelland, David C.; And Others


    Married couples rated their marital satisfaction and played interpersonal competitive games which revealed the success with which they interacted. Younger husbands who scored more maturely on the Stewart measure of psychosocial maturity belonged to more successful marriages, as did college-educated wives who showed less immaturity and more phallic…

  7. The Mature Woman and the Community College

    Elliot, Jeffrey M.; Mantz, Concetta M.


    The factors and motivations contributing to the presence of increasing numbers of mature women in college are examined, and seven proposals are offered, representing an attempt to develop a total community college program which will meet the needs of mature women students. (NHM)

  8. Motivation and Maturity Patterns in Marital Success.

    McClelland, David C.; And Others


    Married couples rated their marital satisfaction and played interpersonal competitive games which revealed the success with which they interacted. Younger husbands who scored more maturely on the Stewart measure of psychosocial maturity belonged to more successful marriages, as did college-educated wives who showed less immaturity and more phallic…

  9. Maturity grids as tools for change management

    Maier, Anja; Moultrie, James; Clarkson, P John


    A maturity grid is a change management tool. Levels of maturity are assigned against aspects of an area under study, thus creating a grid. Text descriptions at the resulting intersections describe the typical behaviour exhibited by a firm for each area under study and from the basis...... for the assessment scale. It is a flexible assessment technique that is used by practitioners in industry, consultants and researchers in academia for diagnostic, reflective and improvement purposes. A large number of maturity grids have been proposed to assess a range of capabilities including quality management......: the Design Audit to assess product development capabilities and the Communication Grid Method to assess communication in product development. As maturity grid assessments are not just performance measures but also mechanisms for change, in developing and applying maturity grid assessments, the consultants...

  10. Maturity grids as tools for change management

    Maier, Anja; Moultrie, James; Clarkson, P John


    A maturity grid is a change management tool. Levels of maturity are assigned against aspects of an area under study, thus creating a grid. Text descriptions at the resulting intersections describe the typical behaviour exhibited by a firm for each area under study and from the basis...... for the assessment scale. It is a flexible assessment technique that is used by practitioners in industry, consultants and researchers in academia for diagnostic, reflective and improvement purposes. A large number of maturity grids have been proposed to assess a range of capabilities including quality management......: the Design Audit to assess product development capabilities and the Communication Grid Method to assess communication in product development. As maturity grid assessments are not just performance measures but also mechanisms for change, in developing and applying maturity grid assessments, the consultants...

  11. Enhancing BATTLEMIND: Preventing PTSD by Coping with Intrusive Thoughts


    replace it right away. This thought replacing skill is especially good to use late at night if you are having trouble sleeping . But, you will need to...then this is a good skill for you to practice with at home so that you can learn to be decent toward yourself. When you spend your time and energy...about intrusive thoughts ◦ CONTROL: traditional CBT skills for coping ◦ RESET: Mindfulness-based skills for coping Thoughts on intrusive thoughts

  12. Professional performance in school

    Rubio, J. F.


    Full Text Available Professional performance in education is now calling the attention of researcher due to its role in the professionalizing process intended to increase international education standards. In this article the term professional performance is examined from the two socio-historic traditional roles involved in training the individuals as a bio-psychic and social entity: teachers and executive. By means of scientific methods, the author gives the theoretical grounds connecting professional performance, learning and individual capacity of using them in solving problem at his labor position. The professional performance is regarded as a human value that stimulates the activity. By predicting educational alternatives, the paper portraits a model of professional performance in education, referring the necessary actions needed for achieving the goals of education. Searching and discussing such alternatives leads to reinterpret professional problems and to find out ways of improving educational standards.

  13. Burnout among healthcare professionals.

    Wood, Ben D; Killion, Jeffrey B


    *From many accounts healthcare professionals are at increased risk for professional burnout. Professional burnout is generally described as prolonged stress that impairs one's ability to perform his or her job in demanding situations. *Precursors to professional burnout include, but are not limited to, employee workload, chronic fatigue, compassion fatigue, balance between family and career, sickness absence, and loss of confidence. *Administrators must watch for early signs of professional burnout to improve retention and promote employee morale. To reduce professional burnout, administrators must implement strategies to reduce burnout while also promoting productivity. *When professional burnout occurs, management must consider each employee's generational differences. All generations have differing values, beliefs, and opinions that influence his or her work ethic in regard to employee productivity.

  14. Exploring educational interventions to facilitate health professional students' professionally safe online presence.

    Henning, Marcus A; Hawken, Susan; MacDonald, Joanna; McKimm, Judy; Brown, Menna; Moriarty, Helen; Gasquoine, Sue; Chan, Kwong; Hilder, Jo; Wilkinson, Tim


    To establish the most effective approach and type of educational intervention for health professional students, to enable them to maintain a professionally safe online presence. This was a qualitative, multinational, multi-institutional, multiprofessional study. Practical considerations (availability of participants) led us to use a combination of focus groups and individual interviews, strengthening our findings by triangulating our method of data collection. The study gathered data from 57 nursing, medical and paramedical students across four sites in three countries (Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia and Wales). A content analysis was conducted to clarify how and why students used Facebook and what strategies they thought might be useful to ensure professional usage. A series of emergent codes were examined and a thematic analysis undertaken from which key themes were crystallized. The results illuminated the ways in which students use social networking sites (SNS). The three key themes to emerge from the data analysis were negotiating identities, distancing and risks. Students expressed the wish to have material about professional safety on SNS taught to them by authoritative figures to explain "the rules" as well as by peers to assist with practicalities. Our interactive research method demonstrated the transformative capacity of the students working in groups. Our study supports the need for an educational intervention to assist health professional students to navigate SNS safely and in a manner appropriate to their future roles as health professionals. Because health professional students develop their professional identity throughout their training, we suggest that the most appropriate intervention incorporate small group interactive sessions from those in authority, and from peers, combined with group work that facilitates and enhances the students' development of a professional identity.

  15. A Tentative Study on the Relationship between Thought and Language



    The relationship between language and thought has long been a fundamental problem for language theorists. This paper makes a brief review of the major arguments concerning the relationship between language and thought and it is found that thought and language can be separated while possessing co-influence between each other.

  16. A Developmental Investigation of Relativistic and Dialectical Thought.

    Kramer, Deirdre A.

    Post-formal operational thought is characterized by both relativism and dialecticism. To examine age differences across adulthood in relativistic and dialectical thought, and to determine whether formal operations are necessary but not sufficient for these forms of thought, 20 young (mean age, 19.6), 20 middle aged (mean age, 46.2), and 20 older…

  17. The Necessity of Fostering Students' Creative Thoughts in English Teoching



    Fostering students' creative thoughts is a reflection of quality-oriented education. It is just to meet the needs of social development. Creative thought in teaching highlights students' ability of independent thinking of how to find,analyze and solve the problem. This paper points out the necessity of fostering students' creative thoughts in English teaching and its method.

  18. Italian super-eruption larger than thought

    Schultz, Colin


    Recent research suggested that the super-eruption of the Campi Flegrei caldera volcano in southern Italy about 40,000 years ago may have played a part in wiping out, or forcing the migration of, the Neanderthal and modern human populations in the eastern Mediterranean regions that were covered in ash. Now a new modeling study by Costa et al. suggests that this eruption may have been even larger than previously thought. This Campi Flegrei eruption produced a widespread ash layer known as Campanian Ignimbrite (CI). Using ash thickness measurements collected at 115 sites and a three-dimensional ash dispersal model, the researchers found that the CI super-eruption would have spread 250-300 cubic kilometers of ash across a 3.7-million-square kilometer region—2 to 3 times previous ash volume estimates.


    Tim Ingold


    Full Text Available Animism is often described as the imputation of life to inert objects. Such imputation is more typical of people in western societies who dream of finding life on other planets than of indigenous peoples to whom the label of animism has classically been applied. These peoples are united not in their beliefs but in a way of being that is alive and open to a world in continuous birth. In this animic ontology, beings do not propel themselves across a ready-made world but rather issue forth through a world-in-formation, along the lines of their relationships. To its inhabitants this weather-world, embracing both sky and earth, is a source of astonishment but not surprise. Re-animating the ‘western’ tradition of thought means recovering the sense of astonishment banished from offi cial science.

  20. Media Influences on Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

    Pirkis, Jane E; Mok, Katherine; Robinson, Jo


    . The recent proliferation of pro-suicide websites has led to concerns that contagion effects may operate in newer media like the Internet, particularly with the advent of Web 2.0. There are numerous suicide prevention websites, which include educational, interactive, and social networking content. A body......This chapter explores the influence of the media on suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Until recently, the vast majority of studies in this area were concerned with traditional forms of media like newspapers and television and looked at the potential for irresponsible reporting of suicide to lead...... to copycat acts. Particular subgroups in the population, especially those with depression, may be especially vulnerable to engaging in imitative suicidal behaviors. The World Health Organization and the International Association for Suicide Prevention have also developed a set of international guidelines...

  1. Propagation of Microwaves Thought Atmospheric Environment

    Miroslav Kocifaj


    Full Text Available Wireless microwave systems tend to have high availability figures, but at the expense of the ability to operate at higher data rates. A quality of free space communication depends on atmospheric conditions. It is shown that microwave attenuation reacts sensitively on changes of changes of hydrometeor size distribution. However, a signal transmission is also significantly affected by both, refractive index and shape of hydrometeors. Non-spherical particles attenuate radiation at frequencies higher than about 200 GHz more effectively than volume equivalent spheres. On the other hand, the non-spherical ice phase hydrometeors form weakly attenuating media at v < 150 GHz. The quality of microwave signal transmission thought icy cloud is therefore much better as when the communication path is realized through rainy atmosphere (the particle sizes are assumed to be the same in both cases.

  2. First thoughts on MD priorities for 2012

    Zimmermann, F; Assmann, R


    In 2012, 22 days of beam time will be allocated for LHC MDs. In this paper, after recalling the 2011 LHC MD experience, the MD rrequests for 2012 are reviewed. Three primary MD themes for 2012 can be identified: 1)pushing performance in 2012, 2)preparing for 2014/15, and 3)towards maximum luminosity. Example topics include emittance growth in collision or enhanced satellites for theme 1), 25 ns operation for 2), and ATS optics for 3). Structures lists of MD requests and topics for each theme as well as some initial thoughts on the MD priorities are presented. For certain topics, "start-of-fill MDs" are proposed in order to most efficiently use of the available beam time.

  3. Can Medical Diagnosis Benefit from "Unconscious Thought"?

    Woolley, Amanda; Kostopoulou, Olga; Delaney, Brendan C


    The unconscious thought theory argues that making complex decisions after a period of distraction can lead to better decision quality than deciding either immediately or after conscious deliberation. Two studies have tested this unconscious thought effect (UTE) in clinical diagnosis with conflicting results. The studies used different methodologies and had methodological weaknesses. We attempted to replicate the UTE in medical diagnosis by providing favorable conditions for the effect while maintaining ecological validity. Family physicians (N= 116) diagnosed 3 complex cases in 1 of 3 thinking modes: immediate, unconscious (UT), and conscious (CT). Cases were divided into short sentences, which were presented briefly and sequentially on computer. After each case presentation, the immediate response group gave a diagnosis, the UT group performed a 2-back distraction task for 3 min before giving a diagnosis, and the CT group could take as long as necessary before giving a diagnosis. We found no differences in diagnostic accuracy between groups (P= 0.95). The CT group took a median of 7 s to diagnose, which suggests that physicians were able to diagnose "online," as information was being presented. The lack of a difference between the immediate and UT groups suggests that the distraction had no additional effect on performance. To assess the decisiveness of the evidence of this null result, we computed a Bayes factor (BF01) for the 2 comparisons of interest. We found a BF01of 5.76 for the UT versus immediate comparison and of 3.61 for the UT versus CT comparison. Both BFs provide substantial evidence in favor of the null hypothesis: physicians' diagnoses made after distraction are no better than diagnoses made either immediately or after self-paced deliberation.

  4. The effects of thoughts of survival and thoughts of death on recall in the adaptive memory paradigm.

    Klein, Stanley B


    In a recent paper Hart and Burns (2012) presented evidence that conditions that prime thoughts of one's mortality benefit recall. Drawing on the conceptual relation between thoughts of death and thoughts of survival, Hart and Burns interpret their findings as suggestive of the possibility that death-related thoughts function in manner similar to survival-related thoughts in enhancing recall. In the present study I draw on evolutionary arguments to question whether a conceptual relation between thoughts of death and thoughts of survival translates into a functional relation. I then present data showing that while death-related thoughts can promote high levels of recall, (a) the level achieved does not match that produced by survival processing and (b) survival and death cognition likely rely on different mechanisms to achieve their effects.

  5. Late maturers at a performance disadvantage to their more mature peers in junior Australian football.

    Gastin, Paul B; Bennett, Gary


    Children and adolescents mature at different rates such that individuals competing in the same competition may differ in physical and biological maturity despite being of similar chronological age. Whether or not differences translate into on-field performance in competition is relatively unknown. This study investigated the influence of biological maturity on fitness and match running performance in junior Australian football. Eighty-seven under-15 years players were categorised into early (n = 20), average (n = 45) and late (n = 22) maturity groups based on self-reported and anthropometric assessment of biological maturity. Running movements during competition were collected using GPS (5 Hz) technology. Early maturers were heavier and taller than all other boys (P 14.4 km · h(-1)) running distance and number of high-intensity efforts were significantly greater (20.8%, 53.6%, 31.7%, respectively; P disadvantage to their earlier maturing peers.

  6. The way of professional identity: gender features

    N. O. Kodatska


    of equal opportunities for ideal balance between work and family responsibilities; improvement of the moral and psychological climate in labor collectives; professional efficiency of employees, regardless of gender. It has been determined that the nature of professional self-determination is a conscious choice of profession, according to characteristics and capacity requirements of professional and socio-economic conditions. It has been demonstrated that professional self-determination is an important characteristic of social and psychological maturity of individuals, their needs for self-realization and self-actualization.

  7. Mycobacterium avium subspecies impair dendritic cell maturation.

    Basler, Tina; Brumshagen, Christina; Beineke, Andreas; Goethe, Ralph; Bäumer, Wolfgang


    Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (MAP) causes Johne's disease, a chronic, granulomatous enteritis of ruminants. Dendritic cells (DC) of the gut are ideally placed to combat invading mycobacteria; however, little is known about their interaction with MAP. Here, we investigated the interaction of MAP and the closely related M. avium ssp. avium (MAA) with murine DC and the effect of infected macrophages on DC maturation. The infection of DC with MAP or MAA induced DC maturation, which differed to that of LPS as maturation was accompanied by higher production of IL-10 and lower production of IL-12. Treatment of maturing DC with supernatants from mycobacteria-infected macrophages resulted in impaired DC maturation, leading to a semi-mature, tolerogenic DC phenotype expressing low levels of MHCII, CD86 and TNF-α after LPS stimulation. Though the cells were not completely differentiated they responded with an increased IL-10 and a decreased IL-12 production. Using recombinant cytokines we provide evidence that the semi-mature DC phenotype results from a combination of secreted cytokines and released antigenic mycobacterial components of the infected macrophage. Our results indicate that MAP and MAA are able to subvert DC function directly by infecting and indirectly via the milieu created by infected macrophages.

  8. Patient-centered professionalism

    Rapport F


    Full Text Available Hayley A Hutchings, Frances RapportCollege of Medicine, Swansea University, Swansea, Wales, United KingdomIntroduction: Although the concept of patient-centered professionalism has been defined in the literature and adopted to some extent by key health care regulatory bodies, there has been little research that has identified what the concept means to professionals and patients.Aim: The purpose of this paper is to identify the key concepts of patient-centered professionalism as identified in the literature and to discuss these within the context of existing research across a variety of health care settings.Findings: Key documents have been identified from within nursing, medicine, and pharmacy, which outline what is expected of professionals within these professional groups according to their working practices. Although not defined as patient-centered professionalism, the principles outlined in these documents mirror the definitions of patient-centered professional care defined by Irvine and the Picker Institute and are remarkably similar across the three professions. While patients are identified as being at the heart of health care and professional working practice, research within the fields of community nursing and community pharmacy suggests that patient and professional views diverge as regards what is important, according to different group agendas. In addition, the delivery of patient-centered professional care is often difficult to achieve, due to numerous challenges to the provision of patient-centric care.Conclusion: According to the literature, patient-centered professionalism means putting the patient at the heart of care delivery and working in partnership with the patient to ensure patients are well informed and their care choices are respected. However, limited research has examined what the concept means to patients and health care professionals working with patients and how this fits with literature definitions. Further work is

  9. Unnoticed intrusions: dissociations of meta-consciousness in thought suppression.

    Baird, Benjamin; Smallwood, Jonathan; Fishman, Daniel J F; Mrazek, Michael D; Schooler, Jonathan W


    The current research investigates the interaction between thought suppression and individuals' explicit awareness of their thoughts. Participants in three experiments attempted to suppress thoughts of a prior romantic relationship and their success at doing so was measured using a combination of self-catching and experience-sampling. In addition to thoughts that individuals spontaneously noticed, individuals were frequently caught engaging in thoughts of their previous partner at experience-sampling probes. Furthermore, probe-caught thoughts were: (i) associated with stronger decoupling of attention from the environment, (ii) more likely to occur under cognitive load, (iii) more frequent for individuals with a desire to reconcile, and (iv) associated with individual differences in the tendency to suppress thoughts. Together, these data suggest that individuals can lack meta-awareness that they have begun to think about a topic they are attempting to suppress, providing novel insight into the cognitive processes that are involved in attempting to control undesired mental states.

  10. Constitutional and Anatomical Characteristics of Mature Women

    Vladimir NNikolenko; DmitryBNikityuk; SvetlanaVKlochkova; AnastasiaABahmet


    Objective To identify the constitutional and anatomical peculiarities of constitution of women of mature age.Methods There was completed comprehensive anthropometric and bio-electrical survey of 651 mature women ( relative norm) living in the Moscow region .Results The quantitative distribution of women by somatotypological affiliation was revealed;anthropometric and body component composition in representatives of different somatotypes were defined .Conclusion Thus, the performed study revealed and quantiely character-ised the distribution of women according to their constitutional types in the studied population of mature age women living in Moscow region under the relative norm conditions .

  11. Service Quality and Process Maturity Assessment

    Serek Radomir


    Full Text Available This article deals with service quality and the methods for its measurement and improvements to reach the so called service excellence. Besides older methods such as SERVQUAL and SERPERF, there are also shortly described capability maturity models based on which the own methodology is developed and used for process maturity assessment in organizations providing technical services. This method is equally described and accompanied by examples on pictures. The verification of method functionality is explored on finding a correlation between service employee satisfaction and average process maturity in a service organization. The results seem to be quite promising and open an arena for further studies.

  12. Teaching professionalism to residents.

    Klein, Eileen J; Jackson, J Craig; Kratz, Lyn; Marcuse, Edgar K; McPhillips, Heather A; Shugerman, Richard P; Watkins, Sandra; Stapleton, F Bruder


    The need to teach professionalism during residency has been affirmed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, which will require documentation of education and evaluation of professionalism by 2007. Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics has proposed the following components of professionalism be taught and measured: honesty/integrity, reliability/responsibility, respect for others, compassion/empathy, self-improvement, self-awareness/knowledge of limits, communication/collaboration, and altruism/advocacy. The authors describe a curriculum for introducing the above principles of professionalism into a pediatrics residency that could serve as a model for other programs. The curriculum is taught at an annual five-day retreat for interns, with 11 mandatory sessions devoted to addressing key professionalism issues. The authors also explain how the retreat is evaluated and how the retreat's topics are revisited during the residency, and discuss general issues of teaching and evaluating professionalism.

  13. Scripting Professional Identities

    Bévort, Frans; Suddaby, Roy


    This article examines how individual accountants subjectively interpret competing logics of professionalism as they transform from practicing accountants to managerial roles and as their organizations transform from traditional professional partnerships to more corporate organizational forms. Based...... on a longitudinal ethnography of professionals in a Big Four accounting firm we analyse the process by which individual professionals make sense of their new roles and integrate the conflicting demands of professional and managerial logics. We find that individuals are active authors of their own identity scripts...... logics is based less of inter-subjective interactions, as prior literature has assumed, and is, instead, based on individual cognition and interpretive subjectivity. We also contribute to research in professional service firms by offering a conceptual model of the individual micro-processes required...

  14. Peculiarities of Future Social Sphere Specialists’ Professional Training in Poland

    Zieba Beata


    Full Text Available The article reviews certain aspects of organising the process of professional training of future specialists in social sphere. It identifies, considers and analyzes the main definitions of scientific research, the object of which is to make specialists in social sphere ready for professional activity. The article highlights peculiarities of forming professionally significant personal qualities of social workers as well as their mature, objective system of values. The practical training with a focus on having the ability to apply effective creative approaches in solving social problems is identified as an important component of the comprehensive process of professional training of future specialists in social and pedagogical work. It emphasises the importance of the use of effective innovation in social and socio-educational institutions. It analyzes the problem of organizing student teaching, which includes ignoring the use of active forms and methods in the learning process, a lack of skills of professional activity. The article reveals potential opportunities for the practical activity which is most closely approximate to real professional situations as an opportunity to form a positive attitude towards oneself as a subject of the chosen professional activity and the formation of students as professionals. It forms the principles of future social sphere specialists’ training. The article also highlights the need to direct the educational process towards formation of an individual creative approach and establishment of partnerships between education and social institutions.

  15. Pristipomoides filamentosus Size at Maturity Study

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains information used to help determine median size at 50% maturity for the bottomfish species, Pristipomoides filamentosus in the Main Hawaiian...

  16. Generalized thermal maturity map of Alaska

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset consists of a polygon coverage and associated attribute data derived from the onshore portion of the 1996 "Generalized Thermal Maturity Map of Alaska"...

  17. Changing patterns of fetal lung maturity testing

    McGinnis, K T; Brown, J A; Morrison, J C


    In our laboratory, a decrease in fetal lung maturity (FLM) testing on amniotic fluid occurred over a 10-year period, and we desired to determine if this was a national phenomenon and, if present, ascertain possible etiologies...

  18. The Moral Maturity of Repeater Delinquents.

    Petronio, Richard J.


    Differences in moral development (as conceived by Kohlberg) were examined in a sample of delinquent teenagers. The repeater group was not found, as had been hypothesized, to be lower on moral maturity than those who engaged in less delinquency. (GC)

  19. Design and Thoughts at the Margin

    Muhlis Türkmen


    Full Text Available The latest spatial renovations in Mimar Sinan University bring forth some thoughts and reminiscences about the social and architectural history of the institution. The Cemile and Zekiye Sultan Palaces today constituting the main buildings of the University were built in 1860. The former building which was used in its original form until the fire in 1948 was given to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1926. Professors Sedad Hakkı Eldem and Mehmet Ali Handan prepared new renovation projects modernizing the original architectural concept for the Cemile Sultan Palace after the fire and for the Zekiye Sultan Palace after it was given to the Academy in 1970. Although they were plain and colorless compared to their original states, the buildings now had spacious, luminous interiors, which allowed light and air to show in. The buildings preserved their original spatial configurations until the voids and courtyards were built over in order to provide space for new studios and offices. The current problem of space that the University needs may be resolved by the allocation of new buildings and by limiting the number of students accepted each year.

  20. Two heretical thoughts on fusion and climate

    Manheimer, Wallace


    This presents and explores 2 heretical thoughts regarding controlled fusion and climate. First, the only way that fusion can contribute to midcentury power is by switching its goal from pure fusion, to fusion breeding. Fusion breeding makes many fewer demands on the fusion device than does pure fusion. Fusion breeding could lead to a sustainable, carbon free, environmentally and economically viable, midcentury infrastructure, with little or no proliferation risk, which could provide terawatts of power for the world. The second involves climate. We are all inundated by media warnings, not only of warming from CO2 in the atmosphere, but all sorts of other environmental disasters. For instance there will be more intense storms, rising sea levels, wild fires, retreating glaciers, droughts, loss of agricultural productivity... These assertions are very easy to check out. Such a search shows that we are nowhere near any sort of environmental crisis. The timing could be serendipitous; the time necessary to develop fusion breeding could well match up to the time when it is needed so as to avoid harm to the earth's climate and/or depletion of finite energy resources.

  1. Some thoughts on psychoanalysis and ethics.

    Szpilka, Jaime


    The author attempts to establish a framework for understanding the contribution of psychoanalysis to ethics through examining the work of certain philosophers, especially Kant. After reviewing the development of Freudian thought and going beyond the 'psychoanalysis and/or psychiatry?' question, he asserts that the space of the psychoanalytical cure revolves around an ethical problem. Thus, the limits of analysis should be determined by the subject's capacity for developing a structure of belief in the unconscious, with the concomitant capacity to go beyond equivocation in respect of an ethical conflict that underlies all cases where psychical suffering is manifested. Indeed, only human beings are called upon to deal with an ethical paradox-equally a logical one-which could be stated thus: there is Good in Evil and Evil in Good. This ethical paradox is the consequence of human subjection to the constituent laws of the Oedipus complex, which distances the human being, in his/her dealings with Evil and with Good, from any naturalist stance. In respect of the cure, then, we must take into account that Evil does not proceed from any particular drive-based characteristic, but is rather the expression of specific subjection to an unconscious Other, towards which it directs its affects. Finally, the author proposes a principle that emerges from the preceding discussion: let us not impute to or place in the Other our own subjective splitting or pain at existing.

  2. The thermodynamic cost of fast thought

    de Castro, Alexandre


    After more than sixty years, Shannon's research1-3 continues to raise fundamental questions, such as the one formulated by Luce4,5, which is still unanswered: "Why is information theory not very applicable to psychological problems, despite apparent similarities of concepts?" On this topic, Pinker6, one of the foremost defenders of the computational theory of mind6, has argued that thought is simply a type of computation, and that the gap between human cognition and computational models may be illusory. In this context, in his latest book, titled Thinking Fast and Slow8, Kahneman7,8 provides further theoretical interpretation by differentiating the two assumed systems of the cognitive functioning of the human mind. He calls them intuition (system 1) determined to be an associative (automatic, fast and perceptual) machine, and reasoning (system 2) required to be voluntary and to operate logical- deductively. In this paper, we propose an ansatz inspired by Ausubel's learning theory for investigating, from the c...

  3. Brain Computer Interface Boulevard of Smarter Thoughts

    Sumit Ghulyani


    Full Text Available The Brain Computer Interface is a major breakthrough for the technical industry, medical world, military and the society on a whole. It is concerned with the control of devices around us such as computing gears & even automobiles in the near future without really the physical intervention of the user. It helps bridge the communication gap between the society and the disabled. This mainly lays its focus on people suffering from brainstem stroke, going through a spinal cord injury or even blindness. BCI helps such patients to retain or restore communication with the outside world through intelligent signals from the brain due to the high risk of paralysis under such circumstances. This is achieved by a signal acquisition technique and converting these signals available from the sensors placed on the scalp into real-time computer commands that can be visually operated and understood. It has nothing to do with the natural neural transmission of brain signals but extracts them with the help of sensors to be processed and direct the outputs to an external device. This may also prove to be a major military gadget where troops may communicate their thoughts in highly stressed situations without breaking the hush. But, as every technology have some merits and demerits, so does BCI.

  4. Beyond the bounds of the dogmatic image of thought: the development of critical, creative thinking in the mental health professions.

    Roberts, M


    Reflections upon what it might mean to think, and about what inherited presuppositions or images might influence what thinking is thought to consist of, are not readily considered in the mental health care literature. However, the work of the 20th century French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and, in particular, his account of 'the dogmatic image of thought' can be employed to illustrate how such considerations can be of relevance to the theoretical and practical concerns of mental health professionals. In doing so, Deleuze's work can be understood as seeking to sensitize mental health professionals to the dangers of unreflectively adopting a restrictive notion of what it means to think, as well as an exhortation to develop critical, creative thinking in the mental health professions that moves beyond the bounds of the traditional, dogmatic image of thought. Considerations about what it might mean to think, and about what inherited presuppositions determine what thinking is thought to consist of, are not readily reflected upon in the mental health care literature. However, this paper will propose that such considerations are of relevance to, and possess important implications for, the mental health professions, and it will do so within the context of the work of the 20th century philosopher Gilles Deleuze. In particular, the paper will provide an accessible exposition of what Deleuze refers to as the 'dogmatic image of thought', along with an examination of his suggestion that this traditional image, and its associated presuppositions, not only determine what is considered to be the ostensible 'nature' of thought, but also delineate what the activity of thinking ought to be concerned with. Moreover, it will be argued that Deleuze's exposition and critique of the image of thought can be understood as seeking to sensitize mental health professionals to the dangers of unreflectively perpetuating a restrictive notion of what it means to think, as well as being an

  5. Intentional thought dynamics during exercise performed until volitional exhaustion.

    Balagué, Natàlia; Hristovski, Robert; Garcia, Sergi; Aragonés, Daniel; Razon, Selen; Tenenbaum, Gershon


    Using a non-linear approach, intentional dynamics of thoughts were examined during constant cycling performed until volitional exhaustion. Participants (n = 12) completed two sessions at 80% Wmax. Their (1) intrinsic thought dynamics (i.e., no-imposed thoughts condition) and (2) intentional thought dynamics (i.e., imposed task-unrelated thoughts condition; TUT) were recorded and then classified into four categories: internal and external TUT (TUT-I, TUT-E) and external and internal task-related thoughts (TRT-E, TRT-I). The probability estimates for maintaining each thought category stable, the rate of switching from one category to another, and the entropy dynamics along the testing procedure were assessed and compared through time phase. Friedman ANOVA tests revealed a significant effect of effort increase on thought contents only in the imposed TUT test. While TUT-I probabilities decreased significantly (P < .001) as effort increased, TRT-I probabilities increased (P < .05). Moreover, the entropy to the entire thought dynamics increased at the outset of task performance and decreased upon approaching volitional exhaustion (P < .001). As time spent in constant effort increased, and volitional exhaustion approached, task relatedness (TUT, TRT), direction (internal, external), and entropy of thought contents changed unintentionally providing further evidence for a nonlinear dynamics of attention focus.


    Irina Aleksandrovnа Levitskaya


    Full Text Available In today’s world of growing value and importance of such indicators of competitive modern specialist training as professionalism, moral and social maturity, mobility, readiness for innovation. The implementation of this approach in the practice of higher education requires a multidisciplinary integrative approach. This ensures the integrity of the general professio-nal training of modern specialists. After graduating high school graduate is faced with the problem of the fierce market competition. Being dependent on changes in the job market, the specialist should be able to realize their potential ability to work, i.e. to be competitive in the labor market. The greatest importance is the integrative characteristics of the individual, providing a higher professional status, consistently high demand for professional services, higher ranking position in the job market, i.e. competitiveness.

  7. Comparative study of the nutritional composition of matured green ...

    Comparative study of the nutritional composition of matured green and red fruits of ... Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences ... It is still green when matured and turn from yellow to red if left for sometime after reaching maturity.

  8. Thought for Application and Application with Thought: Issues in Theoretical Thinking and Practical Wisdom

    Jenkins, Sandra K.; Thomas, Mary Beth


    Both theoretical thinking and practical wisdom are used by health professionals in their clinical practice. Lately, discussion has centered on the abstract phrase "theory-practice gap." The health profession is not the only discipline that seeks unity in theory and practice issues. Education is also building bridges in this arena. One reoccurring…

  9. Role of ENPP1 on adipocyte maturation.

    Jian Liang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: It is recognized that the ability of adipose tissue to expand in response to energy excess, i.e. adipocyte maturation, is important in determining systemic abnormalities in glucose and lipid metabolism. Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiesterase 1 (ENPP1, also known as PC-1 has been recently reported to be involved in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and related diseases. However, its role on adipose tissue physiology as a mechanism of systemic insulin resistance is not understood. This study was performed to evaluate whether ENPP1 is regulated during adipogenesis and whether over-expression in adipocytes can affect adipocyte maturation, a potential novel mechanism of ENPP1-related insulin resistance. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: ENPP1 expression was found down-regulated during 3T3-L1 maturation, and over-expression of human ENPP1 in 3T3-L1 (pQCXIP-ENPP1 vector resulted in adipocyte insulin resistance and in defective adipocyte maturation. Adipocyte maturation was more efficient in mesenchymal embryonal cells from ENPP1 knockout mice than from wild-type. CONCLUSIONS: We identify ENPP1 as a novel mechanism of defective adipocyte maturation. This mechanism could contribute to the pathogenesis of insulin resistance in absence of obesity.

  10. Color back projection for fruit maturity evaluation

    Zhang, Dong; Lee, Dah-Jye; Desai, Alok


    In general, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and dates are harvested before they fully ripen. After harvesting, they continue to ripen and their color changes. Color is a good indicator of fruit maturity. For example, tomatoes change color from dark green to light green and then pink, light red, and dark red. Assessing tomato maturity helps maximize its shelf life. Color is used to determine the length of time the tomatoes can be transported. Medjool dates change color from green to yellow, and the orange, light red and dark red. Assessing date maturity helps determine the length of drying process to help ripen the dates. Color evaluation is an important step in the processing and inventory control of fruits and vegetables that directly affects profitability. This paper presents an efficient color back projection and image processing technique that is designed specifically for real-time maturity evaluation of fruits. This color processing method requires very simple training procedure to obtain the frequencies of colors that appear in each maturity stage. This color statistics is used to back project colors to predefined color indexes. Fruit maturity is then evaluated by analyzing the reprojected color indexes. This method has been implemented and used for commercial production.

  11. The relationship between continuing professional education and commitment to nursing.

    Drey, Nicholas; Gould, Dinah; Allan, Teresa


    Nurses have a responsibility to undertake continuing professional development to enable them to keep abreast with changes in health care. Acquiring new knowledge and skills is essential for nurses to practice safely in new and extended roles. Opportunities for continuing professional development are thought to increase retention. The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between undertaking continuing professional development and commitment to the profession and the employing National Health Service trust and to explore any differences between nurses in standard and extended roles. A questionnaire survey was undertaken with 451 nurses employed in three contrasting trusts. The questionnaire incorporated a validated scale to measure organisational and professional commitment. Three hundred and eighteen (70.5%) of the nurses had undertaken continuing professional development over the previous 12 months. Ninety nine nurses (22%) had received only mandatory training over the same period. There was no evidence of a relationship between professional and organisational commitment and undertaking continuing professional development. There was no evidence that specialist nurses in extended roles had undertaken the developmental continuing professional development that would be expected in order for them to acquire new competencies and skills.

  12. Assessment of cortical maturation with prenatal MRI. Part I: normal cortical maturation

    Fogliarini, Celine [Faculte Timone, Centre de Resonance Magnetique Biologique et Medicale, Marseille (France); Chaumoitre, Katia [Hopital Nord, Department of Radiology, Marseille (France); Chapon, Frederique; Levrier, Olivier; Girard, Nadine [Hopital Timone, Department of Neuroradiology, Marseille Cedex 5 (France); Fernandez, Carla; Figarella-Branger, Dominique [Hopital Timone, Department of Pathology, Marseille (France)


    Cortical maturation, especially gyral formation, follows a temporospatial schedule and is a good marker of fetal maturation. Although ultrasonography is still the imaging method of choice to evaluate fetal anatomy, MRI has an increasingly important role in the detection of brain abnormalities, especially of cortical development. Knowledge of MRI techniques in utero with the advantages and disadvantages of some sequences is necessary, in order to try to optimize the different magnetic resonance sequences to be able to make an early diagnosis. The different steps of cortical maturation known from histology represent the background necessary for the understanding of maturation in order to be then able to evaluate brain maturation through neuroimaging. Illustrations of the normal cortical maturation are given for each step accessible to MRI for both the cerebral hemispheres and the posterior fossa. (orig.)

  13. Evaluating professional development

    Guskey, Thomas R


    This is a practical guide to evaluating professional development programs at five increasing levels of sophistication: participants' reaction to professional development; how much participants learned; evaluating organizational support and change; how participants use their new knowledge and skills; and improvements in student learning.

  14. Certifying Enrollment Management Professionals

    Tremblay, Christopher W.


    Most current professionals who serve in an enrollment management leadership capacity likely were trained "on the job," or at professional development events, primarily because credit-bearing credentials, degrees, and other formal programs were nonexistent (Phair 2014). However, that landscape has since changed, and now there are multiple…

  15. Why Professional Development Matters

    Mizell, Hayes


    Professional development refers to many types of educational experiences related to an individual's work. Doctors, lawyers, educators, accountants, engineers, and people in a wide variety of professions and businesses participate in professional development to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that will improve their performance on the job.…

  16. Spanish for Professionals.

    Casellas de Kelly, Maria del Rosario

    A University of New Mexico program in Spanish for professionals began in 1981 as a Spanish and Portuguese program to provide language training for personnel in health care, business, law, and education. The program encountered early problems of uneven enrollments, funding difficulties, and some lack of interest from the campus professional schools…

  17. Tax Professional Internships and Subsequent Professional Performance

    Siegel, Philip H.; Blackwood, B. J.; Landy, Sharon D.


    How do internships influence the socialization and performance of accounting students employed in the tax department of a CPA firm? Previous research on accounting internships primarily focuses on auditing personnel. There is evidence in the literature that indicates audit and tax professionals have different work cultures. This paper examines the…

  18. Professional Academic Development through Professional Journal Dialogue

    Ruth, Damian; Naidoo, Kogi


    This paper presents the cooperative analysis by a lecturer and an academic development practitioner of a reflective journal dialogue over the 12 weeks of teaching a postgraduate course. Through a retrospective analysis of the journal the present paper explores the following issues: the framing of an inquiry; the personal-professional nexus; and…

  19. Maturity acceleration of Italian dried sausage by Staphylococcus carnosus - Relationship between maturity and flavor compounds

    Stahnke, Louise Heller; Holck, A.; Jensen, Anni


    The mature flavor of Salame Milano, an Italian dried sausage, was increased in two ways: by increasing maturation time or with a strain of Staphylococcus carnosus. The sensory and volatile profiles of the sausages were determined and the data analyzed by analysis of variance and chemometrics. Sau......, and valine, or from microbial beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Also, sulfur compounds arising from added garlic correlated positively with mature flavor....

  20. Exploring how nursing uniforms influence self image and professional identity.

    Shaw, Kate; Timmons, Stephen

    Uniforms are thought to hold personal significance for those who wear them and act as powerful symbols representing the profession's identity and image. To gain an insight into the influence of uniform on self image and professional identity among student nurses. Fourteen qualitative, semi structured interviews were carried out with pre registration nurses on diploma and degree programmes at a university in England. Uniform raised issues in a number of areas including gender, equality, power and identity. Pride, combined with a strong self image and professional identity, lead to enhanced confidence and, therefore, better performance in clinical practice. Since this study shows the importance of uniform to students, uniforms need to balance a professional and modern image while retaining an appreciation for nursing's heritage. This will project a realistic image to the public and help nurses to form a positive professional identity.

  1. Metaphor: The intertwinement of thought and language

    D.F.M. Strauss


    Full Text Available The analysis of this article aims at reflecting on the nature of metaphoricity within the context of thought and language – inspired by the contributions of Elaine Botha in this regard commencing about three decades ago. This paved the way for those who were working within the tradition of reformational philosophy to take a new look at the nature of metaphor. Since thinking and talking are concrete activities in principle functioning in all aspects of reality, they cannot as such provide criteria to decide on the order relationship between the logicalanalytical and lingual aspects of reality. It turns out that, without a proper view of the differences between concept and word, an account of the nature of metaphor remains inconsistent. Universal traits, logical objectification, and the conceptual unknowability of what is individual, surfaces in the article. The foundational role of spatial relationships appears to be linked to imaging and imagining, informing the proposal to differentiate between modally and entitary directed knowing. The linguistic turn in particular inspired a renewed interest in language and the central place of metaphorical language use. After considering the connections between analogy and metaphor a new approach to the distinction between modal analogies and metaphors is proposed – one that is geared towards the interconnections between the different dimensions of our experiential world. The last part is dedicated to Lakoff and Johnson (1999 who have developed a peculiar view of the “embodied mind”, “conceptual metaphor”, and “cross-domain mappings”, while the article concludes with an argument about the limits of substitution and take into account expanded conditions.

  2. Identity and Professional Networking.

    Raj, Medha; Fast, Nathanael J; Fisher, Oliver


    Despite evidence that large professional networks afford a host of financial and professional benefits, people vary in how motivated they are to build such networks. To help explain this variance, the present article moves beyond a rational self-interest account to examine the possibility that identity shapes individuals' intentions to network. Study 1 established a positive association between viewing professional networking as identity-congruent and the tendency to prioritize strengthening and expanding one's professional network. Study 2 revealed that manipulating the salience of the self affects networking intentions, but only among those high in networking identity-congruence. Study 3 further established causality by experimentally manipulating identity-congruence to increase networking intentions. Study 4 examined whether identity or self-interest is a better predictor of networking intentions, providing support for the former. These findings indicate that identity influences the networks people develop. Implications for research on the self, identity-based motivation, and professional networking are discussed.

  3. Maturity acceleration of Italian dried sausage by Staphylococcus carnosus - Relationship between maturity and flavor compounds

    Stahnke, Louise Heller; Holck, A.; Jensen, Anni


    The mature flavor of Salame Milano, an Italian dried sausage, was increased in two ways: by increasing maturation time or with a strain of Staphylococcus carnosus. The sensory and volatile profiles of the sausages were determined and the data analyzed by analysis of variance and chemometrics....... Sausages with S. carnosus 833 matured more than 2 wk faster than control sausages. Maturity correlated significantly with higher amounts of branched-chain aldehydes and alcohols and both branched- and straight-chain methyl ketones-compounds arising from the breakdown of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine...

  4. Ethnic classification in primary dental care and dental health services research: time to pause for thought.

    Buck, D J; Malik, S; Murphy, N; Patel, V; Singh, S; Syed, B; Vora, N


    'Ethnicity' is an important concept in dental health services research and in enabling general dental practitioners to gain insight into their patients values and expectations. Since more health services research is being undertaken in primary dental care settings it is becoming an important issue for dental professionals and researchers in primary care to be aware of. Ethnicity is thought to be related to dental health inequalities and access and is often used as a stratifying variable in many dental studies. The meaning and use of the term however differs among researchers and among the public. It is clear that researchers and professionals need to pause for thought when considering what this often bandied about term actually means and the impact of different definitions. This is illustrated using examples from the authors' own research and published papers in the medical and dental literature. There is also much debate about whether ethnicity--however defined--is an important predictor of differences in dental health in itself or is merely a marker for other factors such as social deprivation or the impact of 'place' on dental health. While the jury on this debate is out we suggest guidelines on the reporting of ethnicity should be outlined in the dental literature--perhaps updating those published in 1996 in the British Medical Journal.

  5. Medical humanities in nursing: thought provoking?

    Robb, A J; Murray, R


    Medical humanities is an innovative way of learning. Discussing literary texts of nursing practice has been used to help students analyse attitudes, values and ethics; it has also been used to help practitioners review and reflect on their own experience and philosophy of nursing. In nursing education, it has been used to explore difficult issues in a safe environment. The value of this approach in nursing education and practice is that it can encourage reflection, promote self-awareness and stimulate debate on difficult issues: for example, death and dying, power and institutionalization (of patients and staff) and pain. This paper gives a detailed worked example of how a literary text can be used in this way, the aim being to provide a resource which readers can then use with a group of students or colleagues. Finally, the authors explore the question of where medical humanities might have a place in the curriculum: as a lecture/tutorial in a course (e.g. Ethics), as a module in the curriculum, as a method of teaching nursing subjects (e.g. communication skills), as a discussion group (outside the curriculum), as a study guide, using literary texts alongside nursing text books. Any of these strategies can be a powerful vehicle for preserving the 'human factor' in both nursing education and continuing professional development.

  6. Comparison of maturity based on steroid and vanadyl porphyrin parameters: A new vanadyl porphyrin maturity parameter for higher maturities

    Sundararaman, Padmanabhan; Moldowan, J. Michael


    Correlations are demonstrated between steroid maturity parameters and the porphyrin maturity parameter (PMP) which is based on the ratio of specific vanadyl porphyrins C 28E /(C 28E + C 32D) measured by HPLC. Measurements from a global selection of > 100 rock extracts and oils show that PMP parallels changes in the C 29-sterane 20S/(20S + 20R) and tri/(tri + mono) aromatic steroid ratios, and that all three parameters appear to attain their maximum values at similar maturity levels. The triaromatic steroid side chain cracking parameter, TA I/(I + II), reaches approximately 20% of its maximum value when PMP has reached 100%. These results suggest that PMP is effective in the early to peak portion of the oil window. A new parameter, PMP-2, based on changes in the relative concentrations of two peaks in the HPLC fingerprint (vanadyl "etio" porphyrins), appears effective in assessing the maturity of source rocks beyond peak oil generation. In combination with PMP this parameter extends the effective range of vanadyl porphyrins parameters to higher maturities as demonstrated by a suite of oils from the Oriente Basin, Ecuador, South America.

  7. A Brief Analysis of the Relationship between Thought and Language

    Wang Dan


    There are many disputes about the relationship between language and thought. Being a classical theory in the field of linguistics, the relationship between language and thought has been drawing the attentions of linguistics, psychologists and sociologists to carry out a deal of debates. This paper tries to conclude all kinds of opinions about the relationship between language and thought from different scholars, then come up with personal ideas after analyzing one by one in detail.

  8. A Primary Study on Christian Aesthetic Thoughts of St Augustine

    Zhu Yiming


    St Augustine was a celebrated esthetician in the Middle Ages. He proposed the Christian aesthetic thoughts in his later years. This paper discusses his theory of combining absolute beauty and God. And then it analyzes the social and historical elements of his thoughts. In addition, through analyzing his formalism and his focus on ugliness, it points out that his thoughts are new ideas which not only carry on pagan Greeks but also are closely related to Christian Theology.

  9. The hopes of West African refugees during resettlement in northern Sweden: a 6-year prospective qualitative study of pathways and agency thoughts

    Anjum Tanvir M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Little is known about how positive phenomena can support resettlement of refugees in a new country. The aim of this study was to examine the hopeful thinking in a group of West African quota refugees at arrival and after 6 years in Sweden and compare these thoughts to the views of resettlement support professionals. Method The primary study population comprised 56 adult refugees and 13 resettlement professionals. Qualitative data were collected from the refugees by questionnaires on arrival and 6 years later. Data were collected from the resettlement professionals by interview about 3 years after arrival of the refugees. Snyder's cognitive model of hope was used to inform the comparative data analyses. Results Hopes regarding education were in focus for the refugees shortly after arrival, but thoughts on family reunion were central later in the resettlement process. During the later stages of the resettlement process, the unresponsiveness of the support organization to the family reunion problem became as issue for the refugees. The professionals reported a complex mix of "silent agency thoughts" underlying the local resettlement process as a contributing reason for this unresponsiveness. Conclusion Hopes regarding education and family reunion were central in the resettlement of West African refugees in Sweden. These thoughts were not systematically followed up by the support organization; possibly the resources for refugees were not fully released. More studies are needed to further investigate the motivational factors underpinning host community support of refugees' hopes and plans.

  10. Confused Professionals? : Capacities to Cope with Pressures in Professional Work

    Schott, Carina; Van Kleef, Daphne; Noordegraaf, Mirko


    Public professionalism is increasingly subject to organizational and societal pressures, which has led to ambiguity concerning its nature. Professionals face conflicting situations due to potential clashes between multifaceted professional, organizational, and societal factors. This raises questions

  11. [The insurance of professional responsibility of medical professionals in Russia].


    The article deals with the characteristics of implementation of mandatory insurance of professional risk of medical professionals. The possible directions in resolving actual problems are proposed in the elaboration of normative legal act on insurance of their professional responsibility.

  12. The Influence of Different Modes of Thought on Intercultural communication



    Intercultural communication is not only a process dealing with languages,but also a shifting activity between different modes of thought.The similarities in modes of thought are the basis of transhting.However,there are many differences in modes of thought between Chinese and English users because of the distinctive features of the geographical and natural environment they live in.This paper is intended to discuss the influence of modes of thought upon communication through a comparative study of Chinese and English thinking patterns,Then,corresponding suggestions have also been presented in respect of increasing intercultural awareness,and developing their intercultural communicative competence.

  13. The economic thought of José Calvo Sotelo

    Alejandro PRIETO MAZAIRA


    .... Through his discourses and essays he developed an economic thought integrating nationalistic and interventionist postulates and a solid defense of private property and austerity, his main goal being...

  14. [The power of values. A question of professionalism].

    Durán Escribano, Marta


    In order to include the term on which my thoughts shall turn, related to professionalism, I strive to find the words which project a specific sense to the concrete aspect of what I want to express integrating values inherently when I say profession. My point of reference is Stephen. Toulmin, an interesting English philosopher and disciple of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who in his last known publication develops his thoughts about rationality and coins the term reasonability, which he defines as the capacity to be sensitive to the thousands of ways the same situation can be presented and he points out its meaning with these words: "One hopes that the human values of reasonability are self-justified in rationality". Following this same line of thinking, I propose that the human values of professionalism be self-justified by the professionalism nurses have. Based on this reflection, I open for debate the concept of PROFESSIONALISM, hoping to arrive beyond the norms which can determine the future professional, since these shall always be limited by one's own personal experiences and by the review of our short bibliography on this issue.

  15. Evaluation of Skeletal Maturation by Comparing the Hand-Wrist Maturation and Cervical Vertebrae Maturation in a portuguese population

    Lima, Sara Filipa Meireles de


    Trabalho de conclusão do 6º ano médico com vista à atribuição do grau de mestre no âmbito do ciclo de estudos de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina. Objective: The objective of this study is to evaluate the correlation between chronological age, cervical vertebral maturation and hand-wrist skeletal maturity indicators in a Portuguese children sample. Materials and Methods: Two hundred and eighty five contemporary hand-wrist and lateral cephalometric radiographs of Portuguese subjects were r...

  16. [Benign mature teratomas of the mediastinum].

    Ayadi-Kaddour, A; Ismail, O; Hassen, F; Smati, B; Djilani, H; Kilani, T; El Mezni, F


    Mature teratomas of the mediastinum are rare. However, they represent the most common mediastinal germ cell tumours. The aim of this study is to describe their clinical and pathological characteristics. Fourteen cases of mediastinal mature teratoma, diagnosed between January 1992 and December 2006, were reviewed retrospectively, noting the clinical, radiological, surgical, and pathological findings. The patient population consisted of 10 females and 4 males with mean age of 29 years (5-56 years). Chest pain was the main symptom. Imaging features comprised a heterogeneous anterior mediastinal mass containing soft-tissue, fluid, fat, or calcium attenuation, or any combination of the four. Macroscopically all the tumours were cystic, or predominantly cystic, containing mostly grumous material. The mean size was 9 cm (5-12 cm). Histological examination constantly revealed skin with or without appendages. Other components identified were bronchial mucosa (12 cases), fat (12 cases), muscle (10 cases), cartilage (8 cases), bone (7 cases), gastrointestinal mucosa (7 cases), pancreas (5 cases), urothelial epithelium (3 cases), nervous and prostatic tissues (one case each). All the teratomas were mature, and 7 of them were intrathymic. Every form of teratoma occurs in the mediastinum (mature, immature and with malignant transformation) but, in our study, they were exclusively mature. The histology is essentially similar to that of teratomas of gonads. However, pancreatic tissue occurs frequently in mediastinum (54% in literature, 25% in our study) but not in the gonads. On the other hand, thyroid follicles have not yet been seen in mediastinal teratomas.

  17. Moving towards maturity in business model definitions

    Nielsen, Christian; Lund, Morten; Bukh, Per Nikolaj


    The field of business models has, as is the case with all emerging fields of practice, slowly matured through the development of frameworks, models, concepts and ideas over the last 15 years. New concepts, theories and models typically transcend a series of maturity phases. For the concept of Bus...... for focusing on the more complex and dynamic aspects of business models seems to be right - right now!......The field of business models has, as is the case with all emerging fields of practice, slowly matured through the development of frameworks, models, concepts and ideas over the last 15 years. New concepts, theories and models typically transcend a series of maturity phases. For the concept...... of Business Models, we are at the verge of moving from phase 2 to 3, after having spent a lot of time during the 1990’s and 2000’s arguing for the importance of understanding business models properly and discussing the content and potential building blocks of them. Therefore, in terms of maturity – the time...

  18. Forming Professional Mobility in the Process of Future Master Philologists’ Training in Ukraine and Abroad

    Semenog Olena


    Full Text Available On the basis of scientific research, the experience of higher education institutions in Ukraine and abroad (the USA, the Swiss Confederation concerning the forming of future philologists’ professional mobility in the process of Master training has been generalized. It has been overviewed, that professional mobility is an essential indicator of the professional and social maturity of a worker. It has been found out that the content of the Master training has to ensure the forming of such features of professional mobility: openness and creativity, which are expressed in susceptibility to new and rejection from stereotypes, in the creative attitude to the profession; commitment to occupy the new activities; an ability for quick adaptation to changing conditions of professional activity; communication. It has been proved, that the forming of specialists’ professional mobility in philology in the process of Master training is more productive when it is based on the ground of values and consistent with professional competence. Having analysed the experience of the aforementioned universities, state standards of competence training of Master philologists have been developed. They are oriented to innovation in professional activities. As a result of fundamental scientific training, which is undertaken during problem lectures, seminars, discussions, scientific workshops, there is a specialist with high social maturity, professional liability, with philological and pedagogical knowledge, words and style, reading culture, compression, editing, translation, building a new high-quality text, communicative culture, with the willingness to use the experience in various fields of teaching, scientific research, administrative innovation.

  19. Developing professional competence

    Wahlgren, Bjarne


    professional practice. There is too little transfer from the training programs to application in the workplace. Based on Danish research the relation between school and professional work, between scholastic knowledge and practical knowledge, is analyzed. Guideline for a new and more efficient curricula......The purpose of university programs for professionals is to qualify the students to act competently in a subsequent job situation. Practical experiences as well as comprehensive research studies have shown that only a limited part of what is learned during the coursework is applied in the subsequent...

  20. Maturation of spinal motor neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells.

    Tomonori Takazawa

    Full Text Available Our understanding of motor neuron biology in humans is derived mainly from investigation of human postmortem tissue and more indirectly from live animal models such as rodents. Thus generation of motor neurons from human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells is an important new approach to model motor neuron function. To be useful models of human motor neuron function, cells generated in vitro should develop mature properties that are the hallmarks of motor neurons in vivo such as elaborated neuronal processes and mature electrophysiological characteristics. Here we have investigated changes in morphological and electrophysiological properties associated with maturation of neurons differentiated from human embryonic stem cells expressing GFP driven by a motor neuron specific reporter (Hb9::GFP in culture. We observed maturation in cellular morphology seen as more complex neurite outgrowth and increased soma area over time. Electrophysiological changes included decreasing input resistance and increasing action potential firing frequency over 13 days in vitro. Furthermore, these human embryonic stem cell derived motor neurons acquired two physiological characteristics that are thought to underpin motor neuron integrated function in motor circuits; spike frequency adaptation and rebound action potential firing. These findings show that human embryonic stem cell derived motor neurons develop functional characteristics typical of spinal motor neurons in vivo and suggest that they are a relevant and useful platform for studying motor neuron development and function and for modeling motor neuron diseases.

  1. Thermal maturity map of Devonian shale in the Illinois, Michigan, and Appalachian basins of North America

    East, Joseph A.; Swezey, Christopher S.; Repetski, John E.; Hayba, Daniel O.


    Much of the oil and gas in the Illinois, Michigan, and Appalachian basins of eastern North America is thought to be derived from Devonian shale that is within these basins (for example, Milici and others, 2003; Swezey, 2002, 2008, 2009; Swezey and others, 2005, 2007). As the Devonian strata were buried by younger sediments, the Devonian shale was subjected to great temperature and pressure, and in some areas the shale crossed a thermal maturity threshold and began to generate oil. With increasing burial (increasing temperature and pressure), some of this oil-generating shale crossed another thermal maturity threshold and began to generate natural gas. Knowledge of the thermal maturity of the Devonian shale is therefore useful for predicting the occurrence and the spatial distribution of oil and gas within these three basins. This publication presents a thermal maturity map of Devonian shale in the Illinois, Michigan, and Appalachian basins. The map shows outlines of the three basins (dashed black lines) and an outline of Devonian shale (solid black lines). The basin outlines are compiled from Thomas and others (1989) and Swezey (2008, 2009). The outline of Devonian shale is a compilation from Freeman (1978), Thomas and others (1989), de Witt and others (1993), Dart (1995), Nicholson and others (2004), Dicken and others (2005a,b), and Stoeser and others (2005).

  2. IT Governance Maturity: Developing a Maturity Model Using the Delphi Method

    Smits, Daniel; Hillegersberg, van Jos


    To advance in maturity, organizations should pay attention to both the hard and soft sides of IT governance (ITG). The hard side is related to processes and structure, the soft side to social aspects like behavior and organizational culture. This paper describes a study to develop an ITG maturity mo

  3. Capability maturity models for offshore organisational management.

    Strutt, J E; Sharp, J V; Terry, E; Miles, R


    The goal setting regime imposed by the UK safety regulator has important implications for an organisation's ability to manage health and safety related risks. Existing approaches to safety assurance based on risk analysis and formal safety assessments are increasingly considered unlikely to create the step change improvement in safety to which the offshore industry aspires and alternative approaches are being considered. One approach, which addresses the important issue of organisational behaviour and which can be applied at a very early stage of design, is the capability maturity model (CMM). The paper describes the development of a design safety capability maturity model, outlining the key processes considered necessary to safety achievement, definition of maturity levels and scoring methods. The paper discusses how CMM is related to regulatory mechanisms and risk based decision making together with the potential of CMM to environmental risk management.

  4. Stacking the odds for Golgi cisternal maturation.

    Mani, Somya; Thattai, Mukund


    What is the minimal set of cell-biological ingredients needed to generate a Golgi apparatus? The compositions of eukaryotic organelles arise through a process of molecular exchange via vesicle traffic. Here we statistically sample tens of thousands of homeostatic vesicle traffic networks generated by realistic molecular rules governing vesicle budding and fusion. Remarkably, the plurality of these networks contain chains of compartments that undergo creation, compositional maturation, and dissipation, coupled by molecular recycling along retrograde vesicles. This motif precisely matches the cisternal maturation model of the Golgi, which was developed to explain many observed aspects of the eukaryotic secretory pathway. In our analysis cisternal maturation is a robust consequence of vesicle traffic homeostasis, independent of the underlying details of molecular interactions or spatial stacking. This architecture may have been exapted rather than selected for its role in the secretion of large cargo.

  5. Calcium ion currents mediating oocyte maturation events

    Tosti Elisabetta


    Full Text Available Abstract During maturation, the last phase of oogenesis, the oocyte undergoes several changes which prepare it to be ovulated and fertilized. Immature oocytes are arrested in the first meiotic process prophase, that is morphologically identified by a germinal vesicle. The removal of the first meiotic block marks the initiation of maturation. Although a large number of molecules are involved in complex sequences of events, there is evidence that a calcium increase plays a pivotal role in meiosis re-initiation. It is well established that, during this process, calcium is released from the intracellular stores, whereas less is known on the role of external calcium entering the cell through the plasma membrane ion channels. This review is focused on the functional role of calcium currents during oocyte maturation in all the species, from invertebrates to mammals. The emerging role of specific L-type calcium channels will be discussed.

  6. Strength, flexibility, and maturity in adolescent athletes.

    Pratt, M


    The relationship between lower-extremity strength and flexibility and maturational status as measured by Tanner staging (TS) was assessed in 84 male high school athletes. The sum of one-repetition maximum lifts for knee extension and flexion was determined and flexibility was measured with the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance sit-and-reach test. Chronologic age, body weight, and percent fat were also recorded. Strength and flexibility were compared for each maturational and chronologic age category. Maturational age was better correlated with strength and flexibility than was chronologic age. All correlations were significant. Multiple regression analysis demonstrated significant correlations of TS and age with strength and flexibility. Tanner staging had greater predictive value than age for strength and flexibility. After adjusting for age, the relationship between TS and strength remained significant.

  7. Correlation of cervical vertebra maturation with hand-wrist maturation in children.

    Chang, H P; Liao, C H; Yang, Y H; Chang, H F; Chen, K C


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of cervical vertebra maturation as an indicator of skeletal age during the circumpubertal period. This was determined by correlating cervical vertebra maturation to hand-wrist maturation. The vertebral skeletal age was assessed using lateral cephalometric radiographs according to maturity indicators modified from Lamparski. The hand-wrist skeletal age was evaluated in radiographs with the system developed by Fishman. The sample consisted of 503 subjects (244 boys and 259 girls), aged 8 through 18 years. The Spearman rank correlation coefficients and Wilcoxon sign rank test showed that a statistically significant relationship existed between the two assessments. Both the intra- and inter-judge tests of reliability displayed no significant differences. The results of this study indicate that skeletal age assessment made from the maturational changes of cervical vertebrae were reliable, reproducible and valid.

  8. Thoughts on the "new nursing shortage".

    Gunn, I P


    The nursing shortage is a frequently recurring phenomena in the United States and in many developed countries worldwide. It is time that serious consideration be given to the necessary changes that are essential for supplying an adequate nursing force worldwide. This article compares the late 1980s nursing shortage in the United States with the current one and finds that many of the same causes are prevalent. These causes stem from the gender-based history of modern nursing and the cultural- and professional-based problems that nursing has had great difficulty changing and are discussed in this article. The decentralization of health care has also created greater demand for nurses. The nursing component of a hospital's budget representing its largest component has also been targeted by hospital administrations and ownership as a source for supporting other departments or functions at the expense of nursing personnel. Finally, the vast opportunities that have opened up to women since the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s and today's booming economy and high-technology environments make nursing much less attractive and competitive in today's market. Also, the managed care movement has significantly contributed to problems of nursing. Nursing educators have also found that the 3 levels of nursing education has confused today's high school graduates, leading to their rejection of nursing as a career. Thus, efforts are underway in nursing education to correct this problem--one that is beginning to be corrected through role differentiation that is now seen in many hospitals, but most prevalent in so-called "magnet" hospitals. Investigators have done much research--first in distinguishing the difference between magnet and nonmagnet hospitals, and now, regarding patient outcomes from those hospitals. These can lead to the efforts of nursing to come to grips with multiple entry points for a single licensure. However, the problems associated with the barriers to practice

  9. Enhancing Battlemind: Preventing PTSD by Coping with Intrusive Thoughts


    normative across varied populations, those experiencing intrusive thoughts often report that the thoughts are disturbing, and they fear Coping With...tests of a cognitive model of generalized anxiety disorder: Metacognitions and worry in GAD, panic disorder, social phobia , depression, and nonpatients

  10. Emancipation in postmodernity : political thought in Japanese science fiction animation

    Nakamura, M.


    Animation has long been overlooked as source for political thought. The aim of this thesis is to rectify this, and it will do so in two ways. First, it makes a theoretical and empirical case for animation as an intellectual source of political thought that should be used along with philosophical

  11. Weighing Photons Using Bathroom Scales: A Thought Experiment

    Huggins, Elisha


    Jay Orear, in his introductory physics text, defined the weight of a person as the reading one gets when standing on a (properly calibrated) bathroom scale. Here we will use Jay's definition of weight in a thought experiment to measure the weight of a photon. The thought experiment uses the results of the Pound-Rebka-Snider experiments, Compton…

  12. Spontaneous Repetitive Thoughts Can Be Adaptive: Postscript on "Mind Wandering"

    Baars, Bernard J.


    When researchers use the term "mind wandering" for task-unrelated thoughts in signal detection tasks, we may fall into the trap of believing that spontaneous thoughts are task unrelated in a deeper sense. Similar negative connotations are attached to common terms like "cognitive failures", "resting state", "rumination", "distraction", "attentional…

  13. The Feminist Thoughts Embodied in the Epics of Possession



    In this paper,features of the feminist thoughts embodied in Possession analyzed and readers are led to a mythological world centered onthree female characters in three epics in order to state the feminist thoughys in the epics.Byatt's feminist thoughts are highlighted here.

  14. When you Thought I Wasn’t Looking


    <正> When you thought I wasn’t looking,I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator,and I immediately wanted to paint another one.When you thought I wasn’t looking,I saw you feed a stray cat,and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.

  15. Emancipation in postmodernity : political thought in Japanese science fiction animation

    Nakamura, M.


    Animation has long been overlooked as source for political thought. The aim of this thesis is to rectify this, and it will do so in two ways. First, it makes a theoretical and empirical case for animation as an intellectual source of political thought that should be used along with philosophical can

  16. A validation study of the Brief Irrational Thoughts Inventory

    L.M. Hoogsteder; I.B. Wissink; G.J.J.M. Stams; J.E. van Horn; J. Hendriks


    This study examines the reliability and validity of the "Brief Irrational Thoughts Inventory" (BITI) in a sample of 256 justice-involved youths. The BITI is a questionnaire used to determine the nature and severity of irrational thoughts related to aggressive (externalizing), sub-assertive (internal

  17. 1968–1977–1999 and Beyond: Bifo's Futural Thought

    Michael Goddard


    Full Text Available The trajectory of Bifo’s thought and practice contains valuable material not only in relation to cultural studies and contemporary thought but also in relation to political and aesthetic projects seeking alternative futures to those imposed by the contemporary military-economic technostructure.

  18. Encounter with death: The thought of Robert Jay Lifton.

    Lageman, A G


    Robert Jay Lifton begins his work in the psychosocial framework that he takes over from Erik Erikson. Lifton's thought is based upon a central paradigm-"death and the continuity of life." Lifton makes important contributions with his five modes of symbolic immortality and with his investigation of the psychological themes in survivors. The origins and limits of Lifton's thought are critically examined.

  19. Existential Thoughts in Fanon's Post-Colonialism Discourse

    Yeh, Chuan-Rong


    Frantz Fanon, a pioneer of post-colonial theory, attempted to seek some unbeknown possibilities through a Sartrean existentialism thought toward ethnic liberation and the fighting against imperialism. This article tries to enter Fanon's short life that was full of humanism and existentialist thought and to explore the hidden theoretical context…

  20. Mapping the brain's metaphor circuitry: metaphorical thought in everyday reason.

    Lakoff, George


    An overview of the basics of metaphorical thought and language from the perspective of Neurocognition, the integrated interdisciplinary study of how conceptual thought and language work in the brain. The paper outlines a theory of metaphor circuitry and discusses how everyday reason makes use of embodied metaphor circuitry.

  1. Existential Thoughts in Fanon's Post-Colonialism Discourse

    Yeh, Chuan-Rong


    Frantz Fanon, a pioneer of post-colonial theory, attempted to seek some unbeknown possibilities through a Sartrean existentialism thought toward ethnic liberation and the fighting against imperialism. This article tries to enter Fanon's short life that was full of humanism and existentialist thought and to explore the hidden theoretical context…

  2. The Influence of Family of Origin Relationships on Career Thoughts

    Lustig, Daniel C.; Xu, Yonghong Jade; Strauser, David R.


    Family of origin relationships are an important influence on career decision-making. The current study investigates the relationship between family cohesion, expressiveness and conflict and dysfunctional career thoughts. The Family Environment Scale-Form R (Moos & Moos, 2009) measured the family environment and the Career Thoughts Inventory…

  3. The Influence of Family of Origin Relationships on Career Thoughts

    Lustig, Daniel C.; Xu, Yonghong Jade; Strauser, David R.


    Family of origin relationships are an important influence on career decision-making. The current study investigates the relationship between family cohesion, expressiveness and conflict and dysfunctional career thoughts. The Family Environment Scale-Form R (Moos & Moos, 2009) measured the family environment and the Career Thoughts Inventory…

  4. On the maturation rate of the neutrophil.

    Zajicek, G; Shohat, M; Polliack, A


    Fifty-three maturing bone marrow cells of the granulocyte cell series stained with Giemsa stain and magnified 1,000 times were scanned by a "computerized microscope" consisting of a LSI-11/23 microprocessor and a black-and-white video camera attached to a "frame grabber ." Each sampled cell was digitized into 70 X 70 pixels, each pixel representing 0.04 micron of the real image. The pixel gray values ranged between 0 and 255. Zero stood for white, 255 represented black, while the numbers in between stood for the various shades of gray. The cells represented six different stages of granulocytic maturation: myeloblast, promyelocyte, myelocyte, metamyelocyte , band form, and polymorphonuclear granulocyte. A discriminant analysis program selected 19 features best distinguishing between the six different cell types and computed five canonical discriminant functions defining a Space in which maturation was studied. In the Space, distance between two cells serves as a measure of similarity. The closer two cells are, the more similar they are and vice versa. This measure was applied here to express the degree of similarity between the neutrophil maturation classes, and since they represent states in the neutrophil life history, it is applicable also as a yardstick for the quantitation of differentiation. In the Space, the life history of a cell is represented by a trajectory originating in the myeloblast and terminating in the granulocyte state. Displacement along the trajectory represents cell maturation that is expressed relatively to the least differentiated state of the myeloblast. The further a cell from this state the more mature it is. The same yardstick also serves for differentiation rate estimates represented in the Space by displacement velocities that are derived from the known "transit times" of a cell in each state. The methodology is also applied for cell production estimates. Unlike other "computerized microscopes" serving for cell classification, the




    Full Text Available Introduction: Standard concentrations of antibiotics in culture media are thought to have no detectable toxic effects on the cultured cells. However, since antibiotics are biologically active substances, the possibility that they interfere to some extent with cellular processes occurring in the cultured cells can not always be totally excluded. This study, therefore, was conducted to assess whether the presence of penicllin-streptomycin (pen-strep during in vitro maturation (IVM of bovine cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs affect nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation and subsequent embryo development. Materials and Methods: Bovine COCs were matured at 39oC in a humidified atmosphere with 5 % CO2 in air for 24 h in: 1- culture medium M 199 supplemented with 10 % FCS (Fetal calf serum, 0.05 IU/ml rhFSH (recombinant human FSH and 100 units penicillin and 100 ?g streptomycin/ ml. 2- culture medium M 199 without FCS and rhFSH in the presence of pen-strep. Cultures without antibiotics served as control. Six series of experiments, each consisted of at least 3 replicates, were performed. Results: In vitro maturation in the presence of pen-strep in culture medium supplemented with FCS and rhFSH significantly (P<0.05 increased the percentage of MII oocytes, however, when the COCs were divided, on the basis of appearance of the cumulus investment, into bright and dark groups, this effect was less obvious in both types of COCs, 76% vs 72% in bright COCs (P= 0.149 or 83% vs 80% in dark COCs (P=0.296 in treated and control groups respectively. The percentage of oocytes with type III of cortical granules (CGs distribution was not affected in the presence of pen-strep. The COCs expansion after IVM was not affected by the presence of antibiotics in culture medium. The subsequent embryo development of IVM/IVF produced ova, which were exposed to pen-strep during IVM, was significantly (P<0.05 decreased with respect to blastocyst formation by day 9. In vitro maturation in

  6. The evolution of language and thought.

    Lieberman, Philip


    Language primarily evolved as a vocal medium that transmits the attributes of human culture and the necessities of daily communication. Human language has a long, complex evolutionary history. Language also serves as an instrument of thought since it has become evident that in the course of this process neural circuits that initially evolved to regulate motor control, motor responses to external events, and ultimately talking were recycled to serve tasks such as working memory, cognitive flexibility linguistic tasks such as comprehending distinctions in meaning conveyed by syntax. This precludes the human brain possessing an organ devoted exclusively to language, such as the Faculty of Language proposed by Chomsky (1972, 2012). In essence like Fodor's (1983) modular model, a restatement of archaic phrenological theories (Spurzheim, 1815). The subcortical basal ganglia can be traced back to early anurans. Although our knowledge of the neural circuits of the human brain is at a very early stage and incomplete, the findings of independent studies over the past 40 years, discussed here, have identified circuits linking the basal ganglia with various areas of prefrontal cortex, posterior cortical regions and other subcortical structures. These circuits are active in linguistic tasks such as lexical access, comprehending distinctions in meaning conferred by syntax and the range of higher cognitive tasks involving executive control and play a critical role in conferring cognitive flexibility. The cingulate cortex which appeared in Therapsids, transitional mammal-like reptiles who lived in age of the dinosaurs, most likely enhanced mother-infant interaction, contributing to success in the Darwinian (1859) "Struggle for Existence" - the survival of progeny. They continue to fill that role in present-day mammals as well as being involved in controlling laryngeal phonation during speech and directing attention (Newman & MacLean, 1983; Cummings, 1993". The cerebellum and

  7. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – ... at the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from the ...

  8. Communicating with Healthcare Professionals

    ... Problems & Solutions for Being Active - FAQs About Physical Activity Managing Your Medicines - Introduction - Taking Control of Your Medicines - Medicine Assistance Programs - Medicine Checklist - Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - Preparing for Medical Visits - ...

  9. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... Problems & Solutions for Being Active - FAQs About Physical Activity Managing Your Medicines - Introduction - Taking Control of Your Medicines - Medicine Assistance Programs - Medicine Checklist - Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - Preparing for Medical Visits - ...

  10. Communicating with Professionals

    ... Problems & Solutions for Being Active - FAQs About Physical Activity Managing Your Medicines - Introduction - Taking Control of Your Medicines - Medicine Assistance Programs - Medicine Checklist - Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - Preparing for Medical Visits - ...

  11. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... to your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physical therapist, exercise physiologist or other healthcare professionals. Find a list ... Plan - Be Safe While Being Active - Stretching & Flexibility Exercises - Strength & Balance Exercises - Problems & Solutions for Being Active - ...

  12. Personal professional development

    Rao, S


    Full Text Available Three workshop sessions on personal professional development were held during the Third IUPAP Women in Physics Conference. These were designed to teach participants about planning for career success, "survival skills," negotiation, and ways...

  13. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... to your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physical therapist, exercise physiologist or other healthcare professionals. Find a list ... Plan - Be Safe While Being Active - Stretching & Flexibility Exercises - Strength & Balance Exercises - Problems & Solutions for Being Active - ...

  14. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over ... the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from the time ...

  15. What contributes to professionalism?

    LaSala, Kathleen B; Nelson, Jenenne


    Appearance, behavior, dress, and communication skills play an important role in the image that a nurse projects. As the nurse interacts with patients, families, community members, corporate personnel, and policymakers, he or she must reflect a professional image.

  16. Professional thieves and drugs.

    Inciardi, J A; Russe, B R


    The "professional thief" is a highly specialized predatory offender with a history that dates back to Elizabethan England. Although this type of criminal is generally associated with narcotic addiction, his drug-taking typically involved the use of heroin, morphine, and cocaine on an intermittent basis. However, trafficking in drugs was common to the "professional" underworld, and as a result this deviant fraternity had a notable impact on the impressment of a criminal model of drug use on twentieth century conceptions of the addict. The concept of "professional" theft is reviewed, the use of drugs by professional thieves is discussed, and the interaction between this underworld group and the early Federal Bureau of Narcotics is examined.

  17. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... phone, at the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from ... your next appointment . Healthcare professionals talk about why good communication is important A patient describes how he ...

  18. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... you talk to your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physical therapist, exercise physiologist or other healthcare professionals. Find ... Can I Expect? Introduction Getting Physically Active - Introduction - Physical Activity & Health - What Type of Activity is Best? - ...

  19. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... Arrhythmia Tools & Resources Cholesterol About Cholesterol HDL, LDL & Triglycerides Causes of High Cholesterol How To Get Your ... HBP Tools & Resources Stroke Vascular Health Peripheral Artery Disease Venous Thromboembolism Aortic Aneurysm More Communicating with Professionals ...

  20. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... to follow-up with your medical team. You can help improve the care you receive at follow- ... you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over the ...

  1. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over ... at the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from the time ...

  2. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – ... at the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from the ...

  3. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over ... at the hospital or during office visits. Good communication skills help you get better results from the time ...

  4. Professionalism in practice.

    Glasper, Alan


    Emeritus Professor Alan Glasper, from the University of Southampton, discusses a new publication from the Nursing and Midwifery Council that offers a toolkit designed to strengthen professionalism in nursing.

  5. In Other Professional Journals.

    Campbell, Christine M.


    Lists current articles, appearing in major journals on language teaching and learning, applied psycholinguistics, linguistics, curriculum development, computer science, psychology, educational technology, and general education, of particular interest to foreign language instruction professionals. (CB)

  6. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... Rehab? How Can I Live With Heart Failure? Medication Chart | Spanish Medical Contact List Preparing for Medical ... of Your Medicines - Medicine Assistance Programs - Medicine Checklist - Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - Preparing for Medical ...

  7. Posttesticular sperm maturation, infertility, and hypercholesterolemia

    Marjorie Whitfield


    Full Text Available Cholesterol is a key molecule in the mammalian physiology of especial particular importance for the reproductive system as it is the common precursor for steroid hormone synthesis. Cholesterol is also a recognized modulator of sperm functions, not only at the level of gametogenesis. Cholesterol homeostasis regulation is crucial for posttesticular sperm maturation, and imbalanced cholesterol levels may particularly affect these posttesticular events. Metabolic lipid disorders (dyslipidemia affect male fertility but are most of the time studied from the angle of endocrine/testicular consequences. This review will focus on the deleterious effects of a particular dyslipidemia, i.e., hypercholesterolemia, on posttesticular maturation of mammalian spermatozoa.

  8. Management and Breeding Soundness of Mature Bulls.

    Palmer, Colin W


    Mature bulls must be fed a balanced ration, vaccinated appropriately, and undergo a breeding soundness evaluation to ensure they meet what is required of a short, but intense breeding season. To be classified as a satisfactory potential breeder, minimum standards for physical soundness, scrotal circumference, sperm motility, and sperm morphology must be achieved using an accepted bull-breeding soundness evaluation format. Sperm production requires approximately 70 days. Heat and stress are the most common insults to spermatogenesis, causing an increase in morphologic abnormalities with obesity-associated scrotal fat accumulation being the most frequent cause of elevated testicular temperature in mature bulls.

  9. Structure, Function and Dynamics in Adenovirus Maturation

    Mangel, Walter F.; Carmen San Martín


    Here we review the current knowledge on maturation of adenovirus, a non-enveloped icosahedral eukaryotic virus. The adenovirus dsDNA genome fills the capsid in complex with a large amount of histone-like viral proteins, forming the core. Maturation involves proteolytic cleavage of several capsid and core precursor proteins by the viral protease (AVP). AVP uses a peptide cleaved from one of its targets as a “molecular sled” to slide on the viral genome and reach its substrates, in a remarkabl...

  10. The Maturely, Immature Orientale Impact Basin

    Cahill, J. T.; Lawrence, D. J.; Stickle, A. M.; Delen, O.; Patterson, G.; Greenhagen, B. T.


    Lunar surface maturity is consistently examined using the NIR optical maturity parameter (OMAT) [1]. However, the NIR only provides a perspective of the upper microns of the lunar surface. Recent studies of Lunar Prospector (LP) and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data sets are now demonstrating additional measures of maturity with sensitivities to greater depths (~2 m) in the regolith. These include thermal infrared, S-band radar, and epithermal neutron data sets [2-4]. Interestingly, each of these parameters is directly comparable to OMAT despite each measuring slightly different aspects of the regolith. This is demonstrated by Lawrence et al. [3] where LP-measured non-polar highlands epithermal neutrons trend well with albedo, OMAT, and the Christensen Feature (CF). Lawrence et al. [3] used these data to derive and map highlands hydrogen (H) which is dominantly a function of H-implantation. With this in mind, areas of enriched-H are mature, while areas of depleted H are immature. Surface roughness as measured by S-band radar [4], also provides a measure of maturity. In this case, the circular polarization ratio (CPR) is high when rough and immature, and low when smooth and mature. Knowing this, one can recognize areas in the non-polar lunar highlands that show contradictory measures of maturity. For example, while many lunar localities show consistently immature albedo, OMAT, CF, CPR, and H concentrations (e.g., Tycho), others do not. Orientale basin is the most prominent example, shown to have immature CPR, CF, and H concentrations despite a relatively mature albedo and OMAT values as well as an old age determination (~3.8 Ga). To better understand how the lunar regolith is weathering in the upper 1-2 m of regolith with time we examine the Orientale basin relative to other highlands regions. [1] Lucey et al. (2000) JGR, 105, 20377; [2] Lucey et al. (2013) LPSC, 44, 2890; [3] Lawrence et al. (2015) Icarus, j.icarus.2015.01.005; [4] Neish et al. (2013) JGR, 118

  11. New findings on unconscious versus conscious thought in decision making

    Felix Acker


    Full Text Available Ninety-eight Australian students participated in a functional replication of a study published by Dijksterhuis et al. (2006. The results indicated that unconscious thought does not necessarily lead to better normative decision making performance than conscious thought, which is contrary to the results found in Dijksterhuis et al. Since other studies showed a positive, though statistically not significant, effect for unconscious thought, a meta-analysis comprising a total of 17 experiments was conducted. It suggests that there is little evidence for an advantage to normative decision making using unconscious thought. However, a discussion of potential moderators shows that further study would help to identify situations in which unconscious thought is truly helpful and those in which it is not.

  12. Intrusive Thoughts Mediate the Association between Neuroticism and Cognitive Function.

    Munoz, Elizabeth; Sliwinski, Martin J; Smyth, Joshua M; Almeida, David M; King, Heather A


    Although research has established a negative association between trait neuroticism and cognition, little is known about the mechanisms that underlie this relationship. We examined the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts and negative affect as potential mediators of the relationship between neuroticism and cognitive performance. We hypothesized that the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts reflects ineffective attentional control and would account for the relationship between neuroticism and cognitive performance over and above the mediating effect of negative affect. Three hundred seventeen adults (Mage =49.43) completed a series of attention-demanding cognitive tasks as well as self-report measures of intrusive thoughts, negative affect, and neuroticism. Intrusive thoughts mediated the association between trait neuroticism and cognitive performance beyond negative affect. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts is a mechanism through which trait neuroticism influences cognitive performance.

  13. Reflection in professional practice

    Hetzner, Stefanie Bianca


    The purpose of this thesis is to contribute to the research on professional learning through reflective practice. The main goal is to examine—against the backdrop of workplace changes and errors—individual and contextual factors that are theoretically assumed to influence reflection in the context of professional work. Reflective practice is defined as a retrospective but future- and goal-oriented cognitive-affective process that basically involves (a) the awareness and review of incident...

  14. The Professional Military Ethic


    profession. Overbey is more explicit in his doctoral thesis. He grounds his derived ethic in a utilitarian conception of morality. But he does not...THE PROFESSIONAL MILITARY ETHIC A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in partial...TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Professional Military Ethic 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Major

  15. Professionalism in Computer Forensics

    Irons, Alastair D.; Konstadopoulou, Anastasia

    The paper seeks to address the need to consider issues regarding professionalism in computer forensics in order to allow the discipline to develop and to ensure the credibility of the discipline from the differing perspectives of practitioners, the criminal justice system and in the eyes of the public. There is a need to examine and develop professionalism in computer forensics in order to promote the discipline and maintain the credibility of the discipline.

  16. Study on Military Professionalism


    Education Study. Washington: July 1966. 88. United States vs Yamashita, Action of Confirming Authority. I 7 February 1946. 89. Vroom , Victor H . Work and...I’ H N. PART II -METHODOLOGY A. MISSION. The mission assigned for this study was to assess the existing climate of professionalism in today’s Army...factors to such a degree that they were truly consequential in this assessment of the H professional climate. One can draw this conclusion from three

  17. Professional Team Sports Clubs

    Storm, Rasmus K.

    Professional football in Europe is characterized by persistent deficits, growing debts and additional financial problems among the majority of the top league clubs. Despite these problems, these clubs have an abnormally high survival rate. This paper focuses on this apparent paradox and poses the...... in Europe, this paper argues that professional team sports clubs (PTSCs) are cases of an economic phenomenon normally found in socialist or post-socialist economies....

  18. Developing a Professionalism Plan

    Heather Pautler, PharmD


    Full Text Available Professionalism is a way of being which underlies all the responsibilities of a pharmacist and associated general and professional abilities. The Student Affairs Committee was charged with developing a college-wide professionalism plan to meet the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE Standards 15.1 and 23. This plan was developed concurrently with a new curriculum. The plan was developed systematically with the following goals: 1 create a definition of professionalism, 2 determine outcomes of the plan, 3 identify existing components which should be continued and new components to be added, 4 ensure existing and new components are linked to outcomes and 5 develop a continuous assessment process for the plan. The proposed plan consists of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to help students gain experience in three professionalism pillars: Competence, Connection and Character, as defined by Brown et al in “Taxonomy of Professionalism”. While knowledge and skills will be enhanced, the focus of development will be on student virtues, values and attitudes—that what they do defines who they are. The goal is to help students develop as people and professionals who value the high ideals expected of a pharmacist.

  19. Professional Ethics for Astronomers

    Marvel, K. B.


    There is a growing recognition that professional ethics is an important topic for all professional scientists, especially physical scientists. Situations at the National Laboratories have dramatically proven this point. Professional ethics is usually only considered important for the health sciences and the legal and medical professions. However, certain aspects of the day to day work of professional astronomers can be impacted by ethical issues. Examples include refereeing scientific papers, serving on grant panels or telescope allocation committees, submitting grant proposals, providing proper references in publications, proposals or talks and even writing recommendation letters for job candidates or serving on search committees. This session will feature several speakers on a variety of topics and provide time for questions and answers from the audience. Confirmed speakers include: Kate Kirby, Director Institute for Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics - Professional Ethics in the Physical Sciences: An Overview Rob Kennicutt, Astrophysical Journal Editor - Ethical Issues for Publishing Astronomers Peggy Fischer, Office of the NSF Inspector General - Professional Ethics from the NSF Inspector General's Point of View

  20. Predictors of Professional Identity Development for Student Affairs Professionals

    Pittman, Edward C.; Foubert, John D.


    This study examined whether professional involvement, supervision style, and mentoring predicted the professional identity of graduate students and new professionals in student affairs. Results of the study show that all three independent variables predicted the professional identity development of graduate students. Supervision style of a…

  1. Professional nursing burnout and irrational thinking.

    Balevre, P


    This article reports how professional, job-related burnout in nurses (N = 192) is examined in relation to a developed index of irrational thinking patterns in a large, urban hospital setting. Based on the constructs of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), the study examines maladaptive thinking patterns related to nursing burnout and provides insight into possible educational and staff interventions for the syndrome. Low mean scores on all but two subscales indicate overall strength and stability among this sample. The demonstration that both burnout thoughts (r = 0.451, p = < .01) and burnout behaviors (r = 0.350, p = < .01) are significantly correlated with the perfection and control pattern support the study's assumptions. Nurses who demand perfection and control in themselves and others create unrealistic demands and expectations that cannot be met in the real world of nursing. The investigator believes that a regular stress management program, using the concepts of REBT, can foster professional growth and development, decrease workplace conflict and stress, and provide nurses (and other employees) with strategies and tools to disarm the irrational beliefs that build maladaptive cognitive patterns leading to professional burnout.

  2. Assessment of formal thought disorder : The relation between the Kiddie Formal Thought Disorder Rating Scale and clinical judgment

    de Bruin, Esther I.; Verheij, Fop; Wiegman, Tamar; Ferdinand, Robert F.


    The presence of formal thought disorder (FTD) in childhood is sometimes viewed as a possible precursor of psychotic symptoms or adult schizophrenia. It is possible to assess FTD in childhood in a valid and reliable manner, by using the Kiddie Formal Thought Disorder Rating Scale (K-FTDS). However, t

  3. The idea of civil control in the European political and legal thought

    T D Sokolova


    Full Text Available The article discusses the problem of defining the role and functions of civil control from the political and legal thought perspective and in the context of the possible ways of civil society and state authorities interaction. The demand for external evaluation as a prerequisite for the development of political system and the demand for establishing an effective feedback mechanism within it together with the lack of a unified approach to the interpretation of civil control in the political science and legal doctrines determined the relevance of the study of the established traditions in the interpretation of civil control in social sciences and humanities. Whereas social and power relations always develop within a specific legislative framework, whose maturity and consistency largely determine the state of civil society, it is not possible to evaluate control functions of the public sector otherwise than through the study of the legal framework of the state. Thus, the article describes the evolution of the views on possible formats of social and power relations in the context of transformations of the European social thought and political and legal approaches to the perception of power institutions, building a dialogue between social and political organizations, defining the forms of civic participation in political decision-making and interpretation of civil control.

  4. Evaluating Hass Avocado Maturity Using Hyperspectral Imaging

    The maturity of avocado fruit is usually assessed by measuring its dry matter content(DM), which is a destructive and time consuming process. The aim of this study is tointroduce a non-destructive and quick technique that can estimate the DM content of an avocado fruit. 'Hass' avocado fruits at diff...

  5. Spotlight on Shanxi very mature vinegar

    Shan Fang; Wang Lixia; Li Wende


    @@ There are four kinds of the most famous vinegars in China. Qingxu Very Mature Vinegar of Shanxi Province is number one. Three others are Zhenjiang Savory Vinegar of Jiangsu Province, Baoning Bran Vinegar of Sichuan Province and Yongchun Vinegar of Fujian Province.

  6. Equipping Youth with Mature Moral Judgment

    Gibbs, John C.


    To enhance the ability of youth to help peers and themselves, the author proposes specific training in mature social decision-making to help youth overcome immature moral development and egocentric thinking. The EQUIP program emphasizes the positive moral potential of anti-social adolescents, as well as the limitations of antisocial youth:…

  7. 7 CFR 989.213 - Maturity dockage.


    ... Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing Agreements... weight dockage system. The creditable weight of each lot of raisins acquired under the maturity dockage system shall be obtained by multiplying the net weight of the lot of raisins by the applicable...

  8. Maturity models in supply chain sustainability

    Correia, Elisabete; Carvalho, Helena; Azevedo, Susana G.


    ; and the main characteristics associated with their design. The literature review was performed based on journal articles and conference papers from 2000 to 2015 using the SCOPUS, Emerald Insight, EBSCO andWeb of Science databases. Most of the analysed papers have as main objective the development of maturity...

  9. 7 CFR 51.1904 - Maturity classification.


    ... Maturity classification. Tomatoes which are characteristically red when ripe, but are not overripe or soft... or red color. (c) Hard ripe, when the tomato shows three-fourths or more of the surface in the aggregate covered with pink or red color. (d) Firm ripe, when the tomato shows three-fourths or more of...

  10. Maturity models in supply chain sustainability

    Correia, Elisabete; Carvalho, Helena; Azevedo, Susana G.


    ; and the main characteristics associated with their design. The literature review was performed based on journal articles and conference papers from 2000 to 2015 using the SCOPUS, Emerald Insight, EBSCO andWeb of Science databases. Most of the analysed papers have as main objective the development of maturity...

  11. Teaching Copywriting Students about the Mature Market.

    Drewniany, Bonnie

    Advertising educators have a responsibility to make students aware of the importance of the mature market (older people) and to teach them methods to reach this group. An assignment in a copywriting class asked students to write and design ads to promote blue jeans to adults over 50. The assignment accomplished three things: (1) helped students…

  12. 基于职业价值观的高职思想政治理论课课改方案--以“毛泽东思想和中国特色社会主义理论体系概论”为例%Program of curriculum teaching reform of Ideological and Political Course based on professional values-Taking Mao Zedong Thoughts and Chinese Characteristic Socialism System for example



    在高职课程建设进程中,高职思想政治理论课改革应当从课堂教学出发,基于职业价值观培养角度准确把握课程宗旨,认真审视课程定位,构建起具有科学性和可操作性的内容体系、方法体系、评价体系等,从而形成基本完备的课改方案。%The reform of Ideological and Political Course should start from classroom teaching and establish a new perspective on professional values from the classroom teaching in course construction of higher vocational education . We shoud grasp the program objectives accurately and make research on curriculum positioning , and build up a sci-entific and workable content system , methodology , evaluation system , so as to form a complete curriculum pro-gram.

  13. Issues for mature women with epilepsy.

    Harden, Cynthia L


    Specific concerns regarding mature women with epilepsy (WWE), specifically epilepsy-associated issues during perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, have been emerging in the epilepsy community. This chapter presents evidence that for WWE, seizure frequency may increase during perimenopause and decrease at postmenopause, especially if a catamenial epilepsy pattern was present during the reproductive years. This finding implies that, as in other age groups, a subset of mature WWE are particularly susceptible to endogenous reproductive hormonal changes. An adverse effect on seizure frequency with the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during postmenopause for WWE was reported in surveys, and a dose-related association between standard HRT and increased seizures was later borne out in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Management of symptomatic postmenopausal WWE using estrogenic and progestogenic compounds that are less likely to promote seizures is discussed. WWE are at risk for premature ovarian failure and for menopause at a younger age than the general population. This appears to be related to epilepsy severity in terms of seizure frequency and is likely a consequence of adverse effects of seizures and interictal activity on the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis. The decline in antiepileptic drug (AED) clearance, as well as alterations in gastric functioning and decreasing albumin levels, with maturity can affect AED use in the aging population; therefore, mature individuals with epilepsy need to be monitored carefully for toxicity and for increasing AED levels that could eventually cause toxicity. Information about gender differences for AED use in the mature population is scant.

  14. PDLE: Sustaining Professionalism. Volume 3

    Byrd, Patricia, Ed.; Nelson, Gayle, Ed.


    This third volume looks at ways that seasoned professionals continue to develop throughout their careers. The text includes descriptive accounts of professionals seeking to enhance their careers while remaining inspired to continue to develop professionally. This volume reveals how personal and professional lives are entwined. It proves that TESOL…

  15. Professionals and Paraprofessionals in Interaction.

    Freund, John C.

    Professionals in the fields of counseling and counseling psychology do not have a clearly defined role that helps them to form a professional identity. Many of the functions presently performed by professional counselors are within the capacity of trained, mental health paraprofessionals. However, research indicates that professional counselors…

  16. On social death: ostracism and the accessibility of death thoughts.

    Steele, Caroline; Kidd, David C; Castano, Emanuele


    Being rejected, excluded, or simply ignored is a painful experience. Ostracism researchers have shown its powerful negative consequences (Williams, 2007), and sociologists have referred to such experiences as social death (Bauman, 1992). Is this is just a metaphor or does being ostracized make death more salient in people's minds? An experiment was conducted in which participants experienced ostracism or inclusion using the Cyberball manipulation, and the accessibility of death-related thoughts was measured via a word-stem completion puzzle. Results showed enhanced death-thought accessibility in the ostracism condition, as well as a negative effect of dispositional self-esteem on the accessibility of death-related thoughts.

  17. A three-dimensional model of thoughts: insight into depression.

    Desseilles, Martin; Chang, Trina; Piguet, Camille; Bertschy, Gilles; Dayer, Alexandre G


    Thought processing and mood regulation are closely linked, but existing classifications of mood disorders fail to recognize the complex interplay between these two clinical dimensions. Furthermore, existing classifications fail to account for the possibility that depression might be associated with an increased frequency of self-referential thoughts that could in some circumstances be related to creativity processes. Based on recent evidence from clinical phenomenology, experimental psychology and affective neuroscience, we propose a novel comprehensive theoretical framework that incorporates thought processing and emotional valence. This new taxonomy provides insights into the clinical understanding of the spectrum of mood disorders and accounts for the possibility of increased creativity in altered mood states.

  18. [What is professionalism?].

    Ohbu, Sadayoshi


    What is a profession? According to Cruess, it is an occupation whose core element is work that is based on the mastery of a complex body of knowledge and skills. It is a vocation in which knowledge of some department of science or learning, or the practice of an art founded on it, is used in the service of others. Its members profess a commitment to competence, integrity, morality, altruism, and the promotion of the public good within their domain. These commitments form the basis of a social contract between a profession and society, which in return grants the profession autonomy in practice and the privilege of self-regulation. Although medical professionals share the role of healer, there are wide variations between individuals. Professionalism is the basis of medicine's contract with society. Public trust is essential to that contract, and public trust depends on the integrity of both individual professionals and the whole profession. The introduction to this important symposium includes definitions of professions and of medical professionalism. It also includes discussions of reciprocal altruism, conflicts of interest in medical societies, the theory of cognitive dissonance, and the moral foundations of professionalism.

  19. [Nurses' professional responsibility].

    Quintaliani, G; Gori, F; Lenci, E; Benci, L; Fioroni, S


    As managed care relevance is growing, several old issues related to personal institutional responsibility are increasing among practitioners. Therefore, as a professional figure a nurse bases his/her job on a mix of personal knowledge and skills along with training, and he/she is responsible for giving advice in line with professional care standards. In addition, he/she is in charge of the treatment pattern agreed with the patient. However, nursing is a much more complex job, which leads professional figures facing the controversial issue of combining institutional responsibility and nursing professional tasks and duties daily. As far as nursing institutional responsibility is concerned, different view points or approaches can be applied to investigate it. The most common one is the legal approach, yet this is not the most appropriate one. Therefore, our professional background is mainly based on a management prospective rather than a legal one; dealing with the issue legally would lead, essentially, to a summary of laws and regulations without any kind of argumentative discussion. Consequently, this study aimed to analyze nurses' institutional responsibility by approaching the issue from an innovative human resources management prospective; therefore, defining the gap between nursing institutional responsibility and its tasks.

  20. Microvascular maturity elicited in tissue treated with cytokine-loaded hyaluronan-based hydrogels.

    Hosack, Luke W; Firpo, Matthew A; Scott, J Anna; Prestwich, Glenn D; Peattie, Robert A


    Hydrogels composed of crosslinked, chemically modified hyaluronic acid (HA), gelatin (Gtn) and heparin (Hp) were preloaded with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), angiopoietin-1 (Ang-1), keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) or platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) either individually or in combination with VEGF and implanted into the Balb/c mouse ear pinna. At 7 and 14 days post-surgery, elicited vascular maturity levels were quantified using immunohistochemical (IHC) staining techniques and reported as a vascular maturity index (VMI). At both time points, it was discovered that the dual cytokine combinations elicited greater maturity levels than that of cytokine administered individually. For example, VEGF and KGF-containing HA:Hp implants at day 7 yielded VMI values of -0.1375 and -0.092, respectively, whereas their combination resulted in a VMI of 0.176 (pVMI (VEGF+KGF), whereas four of the seven HA:Hp cases yielded positive VMI values at day 14, indicating a sustained maturity response. The same general trends were found to exist in tissue treated with HA:Hp:Gtn experimental implants. Differences in elicited maturity also existed between tissue treated with HA:Hp and HA-containing hydrogels (VMI=0.176 for HA:Hp-VEGF+KGF vs. -0.064 for HA-VEGF+KGF, p<0.012), and these differences are thought to result from differences in characteristic cytokine release rates. This result also suggests that the presentation of multiple growth factors (GFs) on immobilized Hp may actively contribute to cytokine related signal transduction, a characteristic that may be exploited in the future to improve the efficacy of cytokine-loaded implants towards tissue regeneration therapeutic strategies.

  1. Formation of nanoporous pyrobitumen residues during maturation processes within the Barnett Shale (Fort Worth Basin)

    Bernard, S.; Wirth, R.; Schreiber, A.; Schulz, H.-M.; Horsfield, B.


    Hydrocarbon generation processes occur within organic-rich shales as a response to increases in thermal maturation. Shale gas reservoir quality is thought to be largely dependent on the extent to which solid organic material has been converted to pore space during catagenesis. Although pores may drastically vary in variety and abundance within differing shales, the occurrence of nanopores within organic particles has recently been documented for an important number of gas shale systems (i.e., Barnett, Haynesville, Utica, Eagle Ford, Woodford, Horn River, Marcellus, Posidonia …). However, despite their ubiquitous nature, the formation and the geochemical nature of these nanoporous organic compounds remain unclear. Here, we present the characterization of samples from the organic-rich Mississippian Barnett shale gas system (Fort Worth Basin, Texas, USA) at varying stages of thermal maturation. Using a combination of compositional organic geochemistry and spectromicroscopy techniques, including synchrotron-based scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM - data collected using the CLS 10ID-1 STXM beamline) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), we document a net increase in sample geochemical heterogeneity with increasing maturity. In addition to the presence of bitumen in samples of oil window maturity, very likely genetically derived from thermally degraded kerogen, the formation of nanoporous pyrobitumen has been inferred for samples of gas window maturity, likely resulting from the formation of gaseous hydrocarbons by secondary cracking of bitumen compounds. By providing in-situ insights into the fate of bitumen and pyrobitumen as a response to the thermal evolution of the macromolecular structure of kerogen, the present contribution constitutes an important step towards better constraining hydrocarbon generation processes occurring within unconventional gas shale systems.

  2. Leveraging People-Related Maturity Issues for Achieving Higher Maturity and Capability Levels

    Buglione, Luigi

    During the past 20 years Maturity Models (MM) become a buzzword in the ICT world. Since the initial Crosby's idea in 1979, plenty of models have been created in the Software & Systems Engineering domains, addressing various perspectives. By analyzing the content of the Process Reference Models (PRM) in many of them, it can be noticed that people-related issues have little weight in the appraisals of the capabilities of organizations while in practice they are considered as significant contributors in traditional process and organizational performance appraisals, as stressed instead in well-known Performance Management models such as MBQA, EFQM and BSC. This paper proposes some ways for leveraging people-related maturity issues merging HR practices from several types of maturity models into the organizational Business Process Model (BPM) in order to achieve higher organizational maturity and capability levels.

  3. Teaching Professional Engineering Skills

    Andersson, Niclas; Andersson, Pernille Hammar


    Engineering education aims at providing students with sufficient disciplinary knowledge of science and engineering principles in order for them to become successful engineers. However, to fulfil their roles as professional engineers, students also need to develop personal and interpersonal skills......, as well as professional skills, in order to implement and apply their theoretical and technical knowledge in a real context. CDIO constitutes a comprehensive approach to engineering education in which these additional skills represent fundamental principles besides the predominant technical knowledge....... The implementation of professional skills as well as personal and interpersonal skills in engineering teaching must be done, however, without reducing the existing curriculum of technical disciplines and still allow for the continuous acquisition of new technical knowledge. The general purpose of this study...

  4. Globalisation, economics and professionalism.

    Tan, Chay-Hoon; Macneill, Paul


    This paper presents an analysis of the effect of globalisation and attendant economic factors on the global practice of medicine, medical education, medical ethics and medical professionalism. The authors discuss the implications of these trends, citing case scenarios in the healthcare insurance, medical tourism, pharmaceutical industries, and the educational systems as well as in clinical practice, to illustrate the impact of globalisation and economics on professionalism. Globalisation, on the one hand, offers benefits for the global practice of medicine and for medical education. On the other, globalisation can have negative effects, particularly when the main driver is to maximise profitability across national boundaries rather than concern for human well-being. Appraising the effect of globalisation on professionalism involves assessing its effects at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and institutional levels, and its effect on society at large.

  5. Nursing Professional Organizations

    Cristina Catallo


    Full Text Available Nurses have great potential to contribute to the development of health policy through political action. We undertook a systematic website review of international- and national-level professional nursing organizations to determine how they engaged registered nurses in health policy activities, including policy priority setting, policy goals and objectives, policy products, and mechanisms for engaging nurses in policy issues. We reviewed 38 organizations for eligibility and 15 organization websites met our inclusion criteria. Six professional nursing organizations had comprehensive websites with a discussion of specific policy goals and objectives, policy-related products and mechanisms for nurses to become engaged. Future research is needed to evaluate how nursing professional organizations establish policy priorities and to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used to politically engage nurses.

  6. 论毛泽东整风思想的发展历程%The Analysis on the Development Process of Mao Zedong Consolidating and Rectification Party Thought



    毛泽东整风思想是毛泽东建党思想的重要组成部分。结合中国共产党成长的历史,文章将毛泽东整风思想的发展历程大体划分为萌芽、初步形成、成熟、发展和曲折五个阶段,并分别进行了详细阐述。%Mao Zedong consolidating and rectification party thought is the important component of Mao Ze- dong party - building thought. Based on the history of the Chinese communist party growth. This article roughly divided the development process of Mao Zedong consolidating and rectification party thought into five stages which are germination, preliminary formation, development , Mature and twists, and explants the five stages in details.

  7. A penny for your thoughts: dimensions of self-generated thought content and relationships with individual differences in emotional wellbeing.

    Andrews-Hanna, Jessica R; Kaiser, Roselinde H; Turner, Amy E J; Reineberg, Andrew E; Godinez, Detre; Dimidjian, Sona; Banich, Marie T


    A core aspect of human cognition involves overcoming the constraints of the present environment by mentally simulating another time, place, or perspective. Although these self-generated processes confer many benefits, they can come at an important cost, and this cost is greater for some individuals than for others. Here we explore the possibility that the costs and benefits of self-generated thought depend, in part, upon its phenomenological content. To test these hypotheses, we first developed a novel thought sampling paradigm in which a large sample of young adults recalled several recurring thoughts and rated each thought on multiple content variables (i.e., valence, specificity, self-relevance, etc.). Next, we examined multi-level relationships among these content variables and used a hierarchical clustering approach to partition self-generated thought into distinct dimensions. Finally, we investigated whether these content dimensions predicted individual differences in the costs and benefits of the experience, assessed with questionnaires measuring emotional health and wellbeing. Individuals who characterized their thoughts as more negative and more personally significant scored higher on constructs associated with Depression and Trait Negative Affect, whereas those who characterized their thoughts as less specific scored higher on constructs linked to Rumination. In contrast, individuals who characterized their thoughts as more positive, less personally significant, and more specific scored higher on constructs linked to improved wellbeing (Mindfulness). Collectively, these findings suggest that the content of people's inner thoughts can (1) be productively examined, (2) be distilled into several major dimensions, and (3) account for a large portion of variability in their functional outcomes.

  8. Transcriptional programs controlling perinatal lung maturation.

    Yan Xu

    Full Text Available The timing of lung maturation is controlled precisely by complex genetic and cellular programs. Lung immaturity following preterm birth frequently results in Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS and Broncho-Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD, which are leading causes of mortality and morbidity in preterm infants. Mechanisms synchronizing gestational length and lung maturation remain to be elucidated. In this study, we designed a genome-wide mRNA expression time-course study from E15.5 to Postnatal Day 0 (PN0 using lung RNAs from C57BL/6J (B6 and A/J mice that differ in gestational length by ∼30 hr (B6maturation. We identified both temporal and strain dependent gene expression patterns during lung maturation. For time dependent changes, cell adhesion, vasculature development, and lipid metabolism/transport were major bioprocesses induced during the saccular stage of lung development at E16.5-E17.5. CEBPA, PPARG, VEGFA, CAV1 and CDH1 were found to be key signaling and transcriptional regulators of these processes. Innate defense/immune responses were induced at later gestational ages (E18.5-20.5, STAT1, AP1, and EGFR being important regulators of these responses. Expression of RNAs associated with the cell cycle and chromatin assembly was repressed during prenatal lung maturation and was regulated by FOXM1, PLK1, chromobox, and high mobility group families of transcription factors. Strain dependent lung mRNA expression differences peaked at E18.5. At this time, mRNAs regulating surfactant and innate immunity were more abundantly expressed in lungs of B6 (short gestation than in A/J (long gestation mice, while expression of genes involved in chromatin assembly and histone modification were expressed at lower levels in B6 than in A/J mice. The present study systemically mapped key regulators

  9. The Emerging Roles Of HR Professionals In Driving Organizational Change

    Md. Mamin Ullah


    Full Text Available To remain competitive in this global business world, organizations often find it necessary to undertake major changes that affect their processes and people. Therefore, change management is seen as a permanent business function to improve efficiency and keep organizations adaptable to the competitive marketplace. Many organizations strategically use change to improve organizational effectiveness. But bringing about successful change in today’s competitive environment requires thoughtful planning, effectivecommunication and employee acceptance. The roles of HR Professionals are also changing due to dramatic rate of change in today’s organizations. The role of the HR Professionals must parallel the needs of his or her changing organization. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptive, resilient, quick to change direction and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional, who is considered necessary by line managers, is a strategic partner, an employee sponsor or advocate, an administrative expert, a changementor and so on.

  10. Islamic Thoughts and Individuals’ Actions in the Built Environment

    Mohd Hamdan, Ahamd


    Full Text Available The way Islamic thought has affected an individual’s action based on the effective information in the built environment is a considerable issue. This study argued that Islamic thought in which parts and stages of executing an action is effective. It is an interdisciplinary research with context analysis in order to consider the related psychological and environmental theories and documents derived from the secondary sources. The findings demonstrated that Islamic thought as a determinant factor affects an individual’s action in the built environment from two essential directions, including: 1 its effect through environmental information in the built environment; 2 its effect on the perceptual process of people to execute an action. Consequently, although the perception of people from Islamic thought is very effective in executing an individual’s action, the developers and planners of the built environments in Islamic societies are able to affect an individual’s action by means of design manipulation.

  11. Lenguaje y Proceso de Pensamiento (Language and Thought Processes)

    Rimoldi, H. J. A.


    Thought processes as they are observed during problem solving are discussed. A theoretical framework is designed to establish the correspondence between the tactics the subjects use to solve problems and thinking processes. (NCR)

  12. Lenguaje y Proceso de Pensamiento (Language and Thought Processes)

    Rimoldi, H. J. A.


    Thought processes as they are observed during problem solving are discussed. A theoretical framework is designed to establish the correspondence between the tactics the subjects use to solve problems and thinking processes. (NCR)

  13. Rush Hour Pollution May Be Worse Than Thought

    ... Rush Hour Pollution May Be Worse Than Thought Higher measurements seen ... in rush-hour traffic? New research finds air pollution levels in cars are much higher than previously ...

  14. Nothing concentrates the mind: thoughts of death improve recall

    Hart, Joshua; Burns, Daniel J


    ... selected to operate more efficiently when death thoughts (e.g., survival concerns) are activated. If so, then the mortality salience as a general psychological state should be sufficient to increase recall...

  15. [Brief introduction of professor Yang Jia-san's academic thought].

    Liu, Qing-guo


    The present paper introduces Prof. YANG's academic thought from acupoint theory, acupoint selection method, filiform needle needling methods, reinforcing and reducing manipulation, clinical acupoint association, syndrome differentiation treatment thought, etc. Essence of acupoints is "Shenqi" freely flowing out and in, and is not local tissues of "skin, muscle, tendon and hone". Deeply understanding the essence of acupoints is of an important significance. Reinforcing and reducing of acupuncture are one of core links for attaining clinical therapeutic effect and are paid great attention by physicians of past ages. Prof. YANG deeply red classical works, learnt from all schools of thought, gradually achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, simplifying something by cutting out the superfluous, forming own acupuncture reinforcing and reducing style. YANG's syndrome differentiation treatment thought includes following 3 characteristics: (1) reflecting the spirit of special recipe, special drug and special acupoint for special disease; (2) being good at combined acupuncture and drug; (3) flexible clinical thinking and methods.

  16. Thought Experiment Analyses of René Descartes' Cogito

    C. P. Hertogh

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: René Descartes' Cogito is an example of a paradigmatic thought experiment, herald of both subjectivism and new science in Europe's Modern Age, that seems to have escaped the attention of thought experiment philosophers. On deep analysis, the Cogito appears as universal instantiation (or modus ponens with implicit major 'whatever has the property of thinking, exists'. The Cogito has strong rhetorical effects for it narratively generalizes from I to all human kind, and its historical and philosophical success can be explained from its concise enthymematic structure that rings true in many possible senses. We consider it a preeminent example of a thought experiment as it states the power of thinking as its very contents. From Descartes' methodology of doubt we can conclude that, e.g., on a Wittgensteinian interpretation, the Cogito is a logical thought experiment rather than a psychological one.

  17. Birth Defects from Zika More Far-Reaching Than Thought

    ... gov/news/fullstory_162538.html Birth Defects From Zika More Far-Reaching Than Thought Studies found greater ... 14, 2016 WEDNESDAY, Dec. 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Zika's ability to damage the infant brain may be ...

  18. Teaching thoughtful practice: narrative pedagogy in addictions education.

    Vandermause, Roxanne K; Townsend, Ryan P


    Preparing practitioners for this rapidly changing and demanding health care environment is challenging. A surge in knowledge development and scientific advancement has placed a priority on technical skill and a focus on content driven educational processes that prepare students for evidence-based practice. However, the most difficult health care scenarios require thinking-in-action and thoughtfulness as well as didactic knowledge. It is our contention that interpretive educational methods, like narrative pedagogy, will promote judgment-based practice that includes use of evidence and delivery of thoughtful care. In this article, we describe and interpret a narrative approach to addictions content and teaching thoughtful practice. We present our pedagogical process, including observations and field notes, to show how interpretive pedagogies can be introduced into nursing curricula. By presenting this process, the reader is invited to consider interpretive methods as a way to inspire and habituate thoughtful practice and judgment-based care.

  19. [Thought as lived experience. The Würzburg School].

    Friedrich, Janette


    The core of our essay is the "psychology of thought" (Denkpsychologie), which was elaborated by the Würzburg School at the beginning of the 20th century. We will show how this School synthesized two contemporary trends: Brentano's project of a psychology from an empirical point of view and the use of experiments beyond the limits of perception. Through the works of Karl Bühler we will criticize the legitimacy of the psychologistic approach, which was applied to all psychological schools of thought participating in the debate on the nature of thought. We will also discuss the Bühlerian idea of a present knowledge, which aims to avoid the consequence of mind localization, a very tempting issue for the psychology of thought.

  20. Effective professional networking.

    Goolsby, Mary Jo; Knestrick, Joyce M


    The reasons for nurse practitioners to develop a professional network are boundless and are likely to change over time. Networking opens doors and creates relationships that support new opportunities, personal development, collaborative research, policy activism, evidence-based practice, and more. Successful professional networking involves shared, mutually beneficial interactions between individuals and/or individuals and groups, regardless of whether it occurs face to face or electronically. This article combines nuggets from the literature with guidance based on the authors' combined experience in networking activities at the local, national, and international levels. ©2017 American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

  1. Diagnostic assessment of skeletal maturity through dental maturation in Hispanic growing individuals

    Alejandra Cisternas


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was to explore dental maturation as a diagnostic test for skeletal maturation. Materials and Methods: Six hundred and fifty-seven growing individuals were classified according to their cervical vertebral maturity and dental maturity, both determined in lateral cephalograms and panoramic radiographs, respectively. The correlation between cervical and dental stages was established for each gender. A receiver operating characteristic curve analysis was made, and sensitivity and specificity values were established. Results: Correlation was found between cervical and dental maturation for females (r = 0.73; P<0.001 and males (r = 0.60; P<0.001. Sensitivity for dental Stage F, as an indicator of a postmaturation peak stage, was 87.21% for females and 97.1% for males, whereas specificity for the same stage was 82.92% and 72.3% for females and males, respectively. Conclusions: Dental maturation evaluation could contribute determining whether a patient is in a pre- or post-growth spurt stage.

  2. Development and validation of the Eating Maturity Questionnaire: Preliminary findings.

    Potocka, Adrianna; Najder, Anna


    This article describes the development of the Eating Maturity Questionnaire, a self-reported measurement of eating maturity that initiates and gives direction to human eating behaviors. The Eating Maturity Questionnaire was designed to study individuals' biological and psychosocial motives for eating. The Eating Maturity Questionnaire is a 21-item tool with satisfactory psychometric values (Cronbach's α coefficients between 0.83 and 0.88) consisting of two subscales: Rational Eating and Psychosocial Maturity Eating Maturity Questionnaire results may be used to design programs that target eating behaviors and body mass modification.

  3. The thought translation device (TTD) for completely paralyzed patients.

    Birbaumer, N; Kübler, A; Ghanayim, N; Hinterberger, T; Perelmouter, J; Kaiser, J; Iversen, I; Kotchoubey, B; Neumann, N; Flor, H


    The thought translation device trains locked-in patients to self-regulate slow cortical potentials (SCP's) of their electroencephalogram (EEG). After operant learning of SCP self-control, patients select letters, words or pictograms in a computerized language support program. Results of five respirated, locked-in-patients are described, demonstrating the usefulness of the thought translation device as an alternative communication channel in motivated totally paralyzed patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

  4. A three-dimensional model of thoughts: insight into depression.


    Thought processing and mood regulation are closely linked, but existing classifications of mood disorders fail to recognize the complex interplay between these two clinical dimensions. Furthermore, existing classifications fail to account for the possibility that depression might be associated with an increased frequency of self-referential thoughts that could in some circumstances be related to creativity processes. Based on recent evidence from clinical phenomenology, experimental psycholog...

  5. Antigen receptors on immature, but not mature, B and T cells are coupled to cytosolic phospholipase A2 activation: expression and activation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 correlate with lymphocyte maturation.

    Gilbert, J J; Stewart, A; Courtney, C A; Fleming, M C; Reid, P; Jackson, C G; Wise, A; Wakelam, M J; Harnett, M M


    The Ag receptors on mature B and T cells are not coupled to the activation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) and arachidonic acid release. Moreover, phorbol esters such as PMA, which can activate cPLA2 via mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase in most cell types, also failed to induce the release of arachidonate from mature cells, suggesting that the cPLA2 pathway may not be functional in mature lymphocytes. Interestingly, Western blot analysis revealed that cPLA2, which had previously been thought to be expressed ubiquitously, is not expressed in mature B or T cells and that cytosolic phospholipase A2 expression could not be up-regulated in lymphocytes following culture with a range of cytokines most likely to be involved in an immune response such as IL-1 alpha, IL-3, or TNF-alpha. In contrast, cPLA2 was shown to be expressed and activated in thymocytes and immature B cells under conditions in which ligation of the Ag receptors led to growth arrest and/or apoptosis. Taken together, these data suggest that cPLA2 does not play a role in Ag receptor-mediated lymphocyte activation, but may be involved in the molecular mechanisms underlying lymphocyte maturation and/or self tolerance by clonal deletion.

  6. The influence of Masters education on the professional lives of British and German nurses and the further professionalization of nursing.

    Watkins, Dianne


     This article reports on findings from a qualitative study which explored the influence of a Masters in Nursing on the professional lives of British and German nurses and its role in further professionalizing nursing. A collaborative Masters programme was delivered in the United Kingdom and Germany. This provided an opportunity to study the influence of the programme on the professionalization of nursing in different country contexts. Continuing education is thought to contribute to furthering professionalization. Evidence to support this in the field of nursing is limited. An interpretive research design was used and data were collected via semi-structured interviews with ten German nurses and nine British nurses. Data were collected in the United Kingdom and Germany from August 2006 to February 2007. Interviews were recorded and transcribed, and data were analysed using a template approach with further immersion and crystalization of the data. Nurses' personal and professional confidence improved; research-based evidence was used to underpin changes made to practice; new roles and careers emerged; multi-professional working was enhanced; and nurses rediscovered nursing and championed the profession. A diagram is presented based on the findings. Masters education is at the centre as the catalyst with four interconnecting circles, which depict elements that contribute to professionalization. The diagram highlights overlap and interplay between nurses' increased personal confidence, improved cognitive functioning, evidence-based practice development and enhanced professionalism. Findings support the theory that this Masters in Nursing programme enhanced practice and further professionalization of nursing in both countries. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  7. Professionalism and professional quality of life for oncology nurses.

    Jang, Insil; Kim, Yuna; Kim, Kyunghee


    To identify the relationship between professionalism and professional quality of life among oncology nurses working at tertiary hospitals in Korea. Oncology nurses are combined with core competencies and qualities required in cancer patient care. Professionalism that means compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue is a main concept in problem-solving strategies as motivation. Their satisfaction is representative of professionalism and professional quality of life. However, little research has focused on professionalism and professional quality of life. A cross-sectional study with self-administered questionnaires. A total of 285 nurses from two tertiary hospitals were included. Data collection was undertaken using Korean version of professionalism scale derived from the Hall Professional Inventory Scale and professional quality of life. Data were analysed by spss 21.0 for Windows Program using t-test, anova, and multiple regression. The mean score of professionalism in oncology nurses was 77·98 ± 7·31. The mean professional quality of life score for compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress was 33·84 ± 5·62, 28·38 ± 5·36 and 28·33 ± 5·48. Compassion satisfaction was affected by factors of professionalism with an explanatory power of 49·2%. Burnout and secondary traumatic stress were affected by factors of professionalism with an explanatory power of 39·3% and 4·8%. The higher the professionalism leads to the higher the compassion satisfaction, the lower the compassion fatigue. The relationship between professionalism and professional quality of life for a health work environment requires further investigation. Our study supports the idea that enhancing professionalism can increase professional quality of life. It is necessary to develop professionalism by recognised qualifications and applied rewards in advanced nursing organisational culture. Furthermore, compassion satisfaction is increased by

  8. The Feminist Thoughts of Vera in A Dill Pickle

    Liu Xi; Ma Wen-ying


    Katherine Mansfield, the most famous writer in New Zealand, was closely associated with D. H. Lawrence and something of a rival of Virginia Woolf. Like the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, Mansfield depicted trivial events and subtle changes in human behavior. A Dill Pickle, one of her short stories, describes the reunion between the former lovers in a caf6 after six-year separation. Mansfield introduced suspense into the story while knitting the plot and adopted stream of consciousness as the narrative device to reveal the inner feelings and thoughts of the heroine--Vera. The present paper, first of all, gives a brief introduction of the story. Then, it explores Vera's feminist thoughts from three aspects: (a) causes to bring about her thought of feminism; (b) manifestation of her feminist thoughts in what she behaved; and (c) the influence of her thought to other women of her time and inspiration to other female writers. The paper concludes that Vera well presented the image of a woman full of feminist thoughts which were really ahead of her time.

  9. Hand motor control: maturing an immature science.

    Cole, Kelly J


    In the target article Mark Latash has argued that there is but a single bona-fide theory for hand motor control (referent configuration theory). If this is true, and research is often phenomenological, then we must admit that the science of hand motor control is immature. While describing observations under varying conditions is a crucial (but early) stage of the science of any field, it is also true that the key to maturing any science is to vigorously subject extant theories and budding laws to critical experimentation. If competing theories are absent at the present time is it time for scientists to focus their efforts on maturing the science of hand motor control through critical testing of this long-standing theory (and related collections of knowledge such as the uncontrolled manifold)?

  10. Product Maturation Guide - A Digital Simulation Outcome

    Boorla, Srinivasa Murthy; Howard, Thomas J.


    The process of improving product performance by improving individual parts and tuning the assembly line fixtures to reach acceptable quality to start mass production is called Product Maturation. Often in new product development, product maturation affects the target date due to iterative process....... To conclude the actions we need information about all the dimensions of child parts and processes involved and their influence. At the time of product design, the tolerance analysis system works with the same variables with a given range of variations virtually. For a practical build, instead of variation...... range, it has to consider one fixed value measured from initial parts. By adding information about process characteristics, like speed, cost, etc. to all the dimensions, the system can directly guide the manufacturing team, on which parameter to modify, which direction and how much. At the same time...

  11. Asset Stripping in a Mature Market Economy

    Klarskov Jeppesen, Kim; Møller, Ulrik Gorm


    indicates that asset stripping may take place in mature market economies to the extent that perpetrators are able to circumvent the corporate governance system by giving lawyers, public accountants and banks incentives to act less critically towards dubious business transactions. Research limitations......Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to document a Danish fraud scheme, in which a large number of limited companies were stripped of their assets leaving them with nothing but tax debt, eventually causing the Danish Tax and Customs Administration to lose large sums. Furthermore, the purpose...... is to analyse why the asset-stripping schemes occurred in a mature market economy with a strong corporate governance system and a low level of corruption. Design/methodology/approach – The research is conducted as a longitudinal single case study based on documentary research. Findings – The Danish case...

  12. Occupational Therapy and assistive technology: thoughts about the experience with collaborative school consulting

    Luciana Ramos Baleotti


    Full Text Available This study presents thoughts and ideas based on the experience developed in the project entitled Assistive Technology for Inclusion of Students with Physical Disorders: Resources and Procedures, in development since 2009. This project aims to help in the process of school inclusion of students with physical disorder in Early Childhood Education in the city of Marilia, Brazil, through the collaboration between Health and Education departments. Health professionals contribute through the implementation of the Assistive Technology by means of school consulting. The project has been developed in six different stages, namely: Gaining access and establishing goals for the team; Identifying the problem; Interventions/Recommendations; Implementation; Evaluation and further actions. This working model, seeks to insert occupational therapy in the school environment. This project showed the importance of occupational therapists as team members in school settings, and the importance of a collaborative work between Education and Health departments.

  13. Okazaki fragment maturation: nucleases take centre stage

    Li Zheng; Binghui Shen


    Completion of lagging strand DNA synthesis requires processing of up to 50 million Okazaki fragments per cell cycle in mammalian cells. Even in yeast, the Okazaki fragment maturation happens approximately a million times during a singte round of DNA replication. Therefore, efficient processing of Okazaki fragments is vital for DNA replication and cell proliferation. During this process,primase-synthesized RNA/DNA primers are removed, and Okazaki fragments are joined into an intact lagging strand DNA. The processing of RNA/DNA primers requires a group of structure-specific nucleases typified by flap endonuclease 1 (FEN1). Here, we summarize the distinct roles of these nucleases in different pathways for removal of RNA/DNA primers. Recent findings reveal that Okazaki fragment maturation is highly coordinated. The dynamic interactions of polymerase δ, FEN1 and DNA ligase I with proliferating cell nuclear antigen allow these enzymes to act sequentially during Okazaki fragment maturation. Such protein-protein interactions may be regulated by post-translational modifications. We also discuss studies using mutant mouse models that suggest two distinct cancer etiological mechanisms arising from defects in different steps of Okazaki fragment maturation.Mutations that affect the efficiency of RNA primer removal may result in accumulation of unligated nicks and DNA double-strand breaks. These DNA strand breaks can cause varying forms of chromosome aberrations, contributing to development of cancer that associates with aneuploidy and gross chromosomal rearrangement. On the other hand, mutations that impair editing out of polymerase o incorporation errors result in cancer displaying a strong mutator phenotype.

  14. State of Sexual Maturity of Nelore Bulls

    Camilo José Ramírez López; Clara Cecilia Rugeles Pinto; Faider Alberto Castaño Villadiego; Víctor Enrique Gómez León; Tamires Miranda Neto; José Domingo Guimarães


    This research aimed to determine the state of sexual maturity of young Nelore bulls and its relation to scrotal circumference and seminal characteristics. 1985 animals (aged between 19 and 23 months), fed with tropical pastures (Brachiaria brizantha, Brachiaria decumbes, and Panicum maximum), were evaluated through andrological examination. Physical characteristics of the ejaculate, sperm morphology and scrotal circumference (SC) were examined. After the andrological examination, animals were...

  15. Maturation of Fetal Responses to Music

    Kisilevsky, B. S.; Hains, S. M. J.; Jacquet, A.-Y.; Granier-Deferre, C.; Lecanuet, J. P.


    Maturation of fetal response to music was characterized over the last trimester of pregnancy using a 5-minute piano recording of Brahms' Lullaby, played at an average of 95, 100, 105 or 110 dB (A). Within 30 seconds of the onset of the music, the youngest fetuses (28-32 weeks GA) showed a heart rate increase limited to the two highest dB levels;…

  16. Maturity of strategic management in organizations

    Anna Witek-Crabb


    There is some ambivalence with regards to how to improve strategic management of organizations. On the one hand the example of big companies emphasizes the need for formalization and good organization of strategic management process. On the other hand the example of small companies draws attention to such qualities as entrepreneurship, flexibility and adaptability. The concept of strategic management maturity embraces both of these priorities. In this paper a framework for strategic managemen...

  17. RB975952 – Early maturing sugarcane cultivar

    Monalisa Sampaio Carneiro


    Full Text Available RB975952 is an early maturing sugarcane cultivar released for the South-Central region of Brazil. It should be harvested between April and May, and it is recommended for planting in environments with medium to high production potential. RB975952 has high resistance levels to the main diseases of the crop, it also has a good shoot development after mechanical harvesting, and high sucrose yields.

  18. The application of postmodern thought to the clinical practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

    Chessick, R D


    The purpose of this article has been to acquaint psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists with some of the most current ideas in philosophy and psychology, which have crucial implications for our professional organizations and our clinical work. The basic stance of this postmodern thinking constitutes a challenge to what is called foundationalism, which dominated scientific and philosophical thought until recently. In place of foundationalism, even in the production of scientific or philosophical works, we could hope for an ongoing dialogue between a king or queen who states the basic theoretical orientation, the loyal opposition that looks for inconsistencies and kinks in it, the jester who deconstructs the whole thing and introduces parenthetical digressions, and finally, a secret society of organization that functions to hold the adherents of the theory together and provide them with a unifying ego ideal. Postmodern thought is described and there is some discussion of its "four horsemen," Derrida, Rorty, Foucault, and Lyotard, who in general question the possibility of whether any form of interpretation can be thought of as related to reality or the truth. My own point of view is that an intermediate position is necessary rather than a binary opposition between nihilism and foundationalism or more specifically, postmodernism and traditional psychoanalysis. That is to say, within certain horizons and with an understanding of the cultural and historical referents that always affect and delimit both the patient and the therapist, it is still possible to reach conceptions about what is going on both in the psychoanalytic process and the psyche of the patient that have at least a tentative "truth." Careful attention to the patient's material following an interpretation can provide clues about the validity of our conception at the time. But the horizons and historicity that delimit all "truth" reduce the authority and the stature of the analyst

  19. La Scuola Se. Ovvero, la professione docente

    Liliana Dozza


    Full Text Available Another essay on Frabboni and its reflection on the question of education. An “open school inside-out open” is a definition that closely recalls the thought of the scholar of Bologna because it is an expression that tells how democracy is an open system that will require more education people who are intentionally involved the development of society and its education system. The school, of course, is made up of teachers and educators, professionals, competent, courageous innovators who undertake adifficult job The teacher is a builder and an architect, reaffirmsFrabboni, and pedagogical reflection can not forget to reflect on the historical and social transformation in recent years concerns the teaching profession.

  20. Maturity analysis method of storage process in distribution centers from Fortaleza-CE’s supermarkets: a multicase study

    Piter Anderson Severino de Jesus


    Full Text Available Logistics and processes, especially storage, are presented as one of the ways the company has to reduce costs and add value to stakeholders. This article aims to develop a method for analyzing maturity to evaluate the storage process at Distribution Centers (DC in Fortaleza / CE. Maturity is defined as how involved the DC is in a particular area or process. Through this analysis, the distribution center can leverage strengths and resolve or mitigate weaknesses. To this end, attributes, dimensions and practices for infrastructure organization, people and technology, as well as internal and external interfaces were established. The instrument was also developed for diagnosing the DC. For elaborating the method, library research and validation were performed with professional logistics. The tool was applied to distribution centers and the heterogeneity of the maturity of Fortaleza DCs was observed.

  1. STEM professional development: What's going on from the presenters' and participants' perspectives?

    Williams, Randi

    This study was designed to explore elementary STEM professional development viewed from the presenters' and participants' perspectives. Numerous committees and educational organizations recommend investing in STEM professional development at the local, state, and national level. This investment must begin with research that inquires how STEM professional development is structured and what is needed for teacher and student success. Since there is a recent STEM education push in schools, elementary teachers need effective professional development in order to gain the necessary content, skills, confidence, and pedagogy required for those changing demands. This qualitative study embraced. Yin's case study methodology by observing short-duration STEM professional development for elementary teachers within a large metropolitan school system and an educational professional development agency. The study discussed the analysis and findings in the context of Bandura's sources of efficacy and Desimone's critical features of professional development. Data were gathered form professional development observations, presenter interviews, and participant interviews. The research questions for this study included: (a) based on Desimone's (2009) framework for professional development, what does content focused, active learning, coherence, duration, and collective participation look like in initial STEM professional development for elementary teachers? (b) are Bandura's (1997) four sources of self- efficacy: mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, social persuasion, and affective states evidenced within the short duration professional development? and (c) how do these two frameworks align between presenter and participant thoughts and actions? This study uncovered additional sources of efficacy are present in short-duration STEM professional development. These found sources include coherence, content, and active learning delivered in a definitive order. The findings of this study

  2. Professional Women and Marriage.

    Allen, Suzanne M.; Kalish, Richard A.


    Explored the phenomenon of late marriage in 41 highly educated professional women. Compared with normative marriers, the late-marrying women had higher career goals, a more egalitarian role structure in marriage, and were more accepting of premarital sex and cohabitation. Factors associated with family backgrounds were identified. (JAC)

  3. Searching for Professional Development

    Ashbrook, Peggy


    It's an empowering feeling to be in a room full of people who know the lingo of teaching, who understand the demands of teaching young children, and who want to learn more to be able to put best practices in place in their classrooms. Professional development (PD) can put you there and lead to new ways of teaching, deeper understanding of…

  4. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... Search By Zipcode Search by State SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Español (Spanish) 简体中文 (Traditional Chinese) 繁体中文 (Simplified Chinese) ... than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over ...

  5. Definition of Professional Development

    Learning Forward, 2015


    President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act, the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, on December 10, 2015. "Learning Forward's focus in this new law is its improved definition of professional learning," said Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of Learning Forward. "We've long advocated…

  6. Craftsman, Professional, Creator.

    Podlasyi, I.


    Urges use of computers to find workable Soviet educational theories. Complains of tendencies to indulge in creativity backed by neither experience nor action. Insists that creativity be integrated into professionalism instead of sought as an end in itself consisting of theory without results. Stresses the importance of computer support in…

  7. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... it is important to follow-up with your medical team. You can help improve the care you receive at follow-up appointments by talking ... Medication Tracker Communicating with Professionals - Introduction - Preparing for ... of Yourself - Introduction - Coping With Feelings - Reducing Stress - ...

  8. Conceptualizing Teacher Professional Learning

    Opfer, V. Darleen; Pedder, David


    This article adopts a complexity theory framework to review the literature on teachers' professional development practices, the generative systems of these practices, and the impact that learning experiences have on their knowledge and changes in classroom practices. The review brings together multiple strands of literature on teacher professional…

  9. Professionalism in Medical Education

    Hilton, Sean; Southgate, Lesley


    Medical professionalism in today's society requires the exhibition of a range of qualities deployed in the service of patients, rather than more traditionally defined aspects such as mastery, autonomy and self-regulation. These qualities incorporate demonstrated clinical competence; aspiring to excellence in practice while demonstrating humility…

  10. Professional Showcase: Joel Meyerowitz.

    Elman, Ray


    A successful professional photographer, Joe Meyerowitz, discusses his life and work. He has gone from painting to art photography to commercial photography. A believer in the poetry of everyday life, Meyerowitz recommends that students stand on a busy street corner or walk a certain route consistently, and then photograph it. (CS)

  11. Continuing professional development

    Collin, K.; Heijden, van der B.I.J.M.; Lewis, P.


    Continuing professional development (CPD), when provided formally, is something that is easy to recognize but perhaps rather more difficult to define. Theoretical and empirical controversy surrounds the scope and understanding of the concept. Definition is made more elusive by the different conceptu

  12. Professionalizing Intelligence Analysis

    James B. Bruce


    Full Text Available This article examines the current state of professionalism in national security intelligence analysis in the U.S. Government. Since the introduction of major intelligence reforms directed by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA in December, 2004, we have seen notable strides in many aspects of intelligence professionalization, including in analysis. But progress is halting, uneven, and by no means permanent. To consolidate its gains, and if it is to continue improving, the U.S. intelligence community (IC should commit itself to accomplishing a new program of further professionalization of analysis to ensure that it will develop an analytic cadre that is fully prepared to deal with the complexities of an emerging multipolar and highly dynamic world that the IC itself is forecasting. Some recent reforms in intelligence analysis can be assessed against established standards of more fully developed professions; these may well fall short of moving the IC closer to the more fully professionalized analytical capability required for producing the kind of analysis needed now by the United States.

  13. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... with Professionals Updated:Oct 3,2016 After a cardiac event or surgery, it is important to follow-up with your ... tips from others who have successfully recovered from heart surgery, including how to maximize your recovery at home. ...

  14. Keys to Professionalism.

    Spady, William G.; Schwahn, Charles J.


    Total professionalism is based on 10 principles governing how individuals think, decide, and behave: connection, inquiry, focus on the future, clarity, inclusiveness, win-win attitude, accountability, improvement, alignment, and contribution. Possible board of education scenarios and dilemmas are presented to illustrate each principle. (MLH)

  15. A Penny for Your Thoughts: Dimensions of Thought Content and Relationships with Individual Differences in Emotional Well-Being

    Jessica R Andrews-Hanna


    Full Text Available A core aspect of human cognition involves overcoming the constraints of the present environment by mentally simulating another time, place, or perspective. Although these self-generated processes confer many benefits, they can come at an important cost, and this cost is greater for some individuals than for others. Here we explore the possibility that the costs and benefits of self-generated thought depend, in part, upon its phenomenological content. To test these hypotheses, we first developed a novel thought sampling paradigm and explored normative ratings of multiple thought content variables (i.e. valence, specificity, self-relevance, etc. across a large sample of young adults. Next, we examined multi-level relationships among these content variables, and used a hierarchical clustering approach to partition self-generated thought into multiple dimensions. Finally, we investigated whether these content dimensions predicted individual differences in the costs and benefits of the experience, assessed with questionnaires measuring emotional health and wellbeing. Individuals who characterized their thoughts as more negative and more personally-significant exhibited scored higher on constructs associated with Depression and Trait Negative Affect, whereas those who characterized their thoughts as less specific scored higher on constructs linked to Rumination. In contrast, individuals who characterized their thoughts as more positive, less personally-significant, and more specific scored higher on constructs linked to improved wellbeing (Mindfulness. Collectively, these findings suggest that the content of people’s inner thoughts can 1 be productively examined, 2 be distilled into several major dimensions, and 3 account for a large portion of variability in their functional outcomes.

  16. Predicting professional quality of life among professional and volunteer caregivers.

    Avieli, Hila; Ben-David, Sarah; Levy, Inna


    This study is one of the few that has compared volunteers' professional quality of life (PQL), which includes secondary traumatic stress (STS), burnout, and compassion satisfaction (CS), to those of professional caregivers. In addition, the research compared the ethical behavior of volunteers with that of professional therapists and examined the connection between years of experience, ethical behavior, and PQL. One hundred eighty-three volunteers and professional caregivers filled out a sociodemographic questionnaire, an Ethical Behavior Questionnaire and the Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) questionnaire. The results indicated that professional caregivers report lower levels of STS and burnout, and higher levels of CS and ethical behavior compared with volunteer caregivers. Moreover, the findings suggest that ethical behavior correlates with STS, burnout, and CS. Ethical behavior has a protective value for mental health caregivers. The discussion emphasizes the value of a professional code of ethics and ethical training for professional and volunteering caregivers.

  17. Nursing professionalism: a national survey of professionalism among Japanese nurses.

    Tanaka, Michiko; Yonemitsu, Yoshikazu; Kawamoto, Rieko


    The aim of this study was to quantify the professionalism of nurses in Japan. The Japanese version of the Behavioural Inventory for Professionalism in Nursing was conducted as a national survey. Computer-generated random selection of nurses in Japan obtained responses from 1501 nurses. A descriptive design examined the levels of and differences in nursing professionalism. Comparisons of the total level of professionalism in educational preparation, current position, years of experience, and current practice setting were analysed by one-way analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison test. The results revealed that Japanese nurses had low levels of professionalism, and professionalism was related significantly to higher educational preparation, years of experience as a nurse, and current position as a nursing administrator or faculty. The results can be used as a benchmark for continued assessments of the level of nursing professionalism and for further development of nursing professionalism. © 2013 Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  18. Conscious and unconscious thought in risky choice: Testing the capacity principle and the appropriate weighting principle of Unconscious Thought Theory

    Nathaniel James Siebert Ashby


    Full Text Available Daily we make decisions ranging from the mundane to the seemingly pivotal that shape our lives. Assuming rationality, all relevant information about one’s options should be thoroughly examined in order to make the best choice. However, some findings suggest that under specific circumstances thinking too much has disadvantageous effects on decision quality and that it might be best to let the unconscious do the busy work. In three studies we test the capacity assumption and the appropriate weighting principle of unconscious thought theory using a classic risky choice paradigm and including a ‘deliberation with information’ condition. Although we replicate an advantage for unconscious thought over ‘deliberation without information’, we find that ‘deliberation with information’ equals or outperforms unconscious thought in risky choices. These results speak against the generality of the assumption that unconscious thought has a higher capacity for information integration and show that this capacity assumption does not hold in all domains. We furthermore show that ‘deliberate thought with information’ leads to more differentiated knowledge compared to unconscious thought which speaks against the generality of the appropriate weighting assumption.

  19. Coupled electrophysiological recording and single cell transcriptome analyses revealed molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal maturation

    Xiaoying Chen


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The mammalian brain is heterogeneous, containing billions of neurons and trillions of synapses forming various neural circuitries, through which sense, movement, thought, and emotion arise. The cellular heterogeneity of the brain has made it difficult to study the molecular logic of neural circuitry wiring, pruning, activation, and plasticity, until recently, transcriptome analyses with single cell resolution makes decoding of gene regulatory networks underlying aforementioned circuitry properties possible. Here we report success in performing both electrophysiological and whole-genome transcriptome analyses on single human neurons in culture. Using Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analyses (WGCNA, we identified gene clusters highly correlated with neuronal maturation judged by electrophysiological characteristics. A tight link between neuronal maturation and genes involved in ubiquitination and mitochondrial function was revealed. Moreover, we identified a list of candidate genes, which could potentially serve as biomarkers for neuronal maturation. Coupled electrophysiological recording and single cell transcriptome analysis will serve as powerful tools in the future to unveil molecular logics for neural circuitry functions.

  20. Genome-wide association study (GWAS for growth rate and age at sexual maturation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar.

    Alejandro P Gutierrez

    Full Text Available Early sexual maturation is considered a serious drawback for Atlantic salmon aquaculture as it retards growth, increases production times and affects flesh quality. Although both growth and sexual maturation are thought to be complex processes controlled by several genetic and environmental factors, selection for these traits has been continuously accomplished since the beginning of Atlantic salmon selective breeding programs. In this genome-wide association study (GWAS we used a 6.5K single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP array to genotype ∼ 480 individuals from the Cermaq Canada broodstock program and search for SNPs associated with growth and age at sexual maturation. Using a mixed model approach we identified markers showing a significant association with growth, grilsing (early sexual maturation and late sexual maturation. The most significant associations were found for grilsing, with markers located in Ssa10, Ssa02, Ssa13, Ssa25 and Ssa12, and for late maturation with markers located in Ssa28, Ssa01 and Ssa21. A lower level of association was detected with growth on Ssa13. Candidate genes, which were linked to these genetic markers, were identified and some of them show a direct relationship with developmental processes, especially for those in association with sexual maturation. However, the relatively low power to detect genetic markers associated with growth (days to 5 kg in this GWAS indicates the need to use a higher density SNP array in order to overcome the low levels of linkage disequilibrium observed in Atlantic salmon before the information can be incorporated into a selective breeding program.

  1. Towards a Sustainable Design for Maturity Measurement Marketplace

    Lasrado, Lester; Vatrapu, Ravi; Kærsgaard, Henrik Bjerre


    In this research-in-progress paper, we propose a solution in form of an IT artefact to address both theoretical and practical challenges faced by maturity model designers. We identify and list out the existing challenges & criticisms of maturity models research through an extensive literature...... review, followed by semi-structured interviews with four maturity model designers. We also explore different motivations of building a maturity model, and using them further scope the boundaries of our solution....

  2. Professional Cultures and Professional Knowledge: Owning, Loaning and Sharing

    Messenger, Wendy


    This study attempts to examine the relationship between professional culture and collaborative working in Children's Centres in a region of England. In Children's Centres, professionals from different professional backgrounds and different organisations are required to work together towards common goals as required by the Children Act 2004.…

  3. Professional Identity and Professionals' Workplace Learning: A Theoretical Proposal

    Steele, Jim


    When organizations employ professionals it is critical to comprehend the nature of professional identity as it relates to learning in the workplace. These findings indicate ways that professional identity influences workplace learning behavior in doctors of veterinary medicine. Using grounded theory, ethnographic investigation and analysis…

  4. Reported Thought as a Stance-Taking Device in Korean Conversation

    Kim, Mary Shin


    Analyses of 34 cases of direct reported thought found in ordinary Korean conversations illustrate a routine practice in the use of reported thought-reenacting a prior thought to demonstrate how the speaker's current stance originated. Often, such thoughts are not simply momentary, isolated thoughts in passing but are consequential thoughts…

  5. Using Student Group Work in Higher Education to Emulate Professional Communities of Practice

    Fearon, Colm; McLaughlin, Heather; Eng, Tan Yoke


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the value of social learning from group work that emulates a professional community of practice. Design/methodology/approach: A thought piece that first, examines the role of group-work projects as part of social learning, then outlines key arguments for social learning based upon applying a…

  6. Becoming an Infant Caregiver: Three Profiles of Personal and Professional Growth.

    Recchia, Susan L.; Loizou, Eleni


    This study examines the personal and professional growth for three student-caregivers as they began working with infants and families in child care. Findings suggest that new infant caregivers experience thoughts and feelings similar to those of new teachers of older children. Challenges include adjusting to the physical and emotional intensity of…

  7. Let's Lunch and Learn: Professional Knowledge Sharing in Teachers' Lounges and Other Congregational Spaces

    Mawhinney, Lynnette


    Teachers' lounges are often thought as places that breed negativity. This two-year ethnography conducted in the United States explored teachers' interactions within teachers' lounges and congregational spaces. This article discusses that an important occurrence in these spaces, professional knowledge sharing, took place instead of perpetual…

  8. Aristotle's Rhetoric, Hitler's Program, and the Ideological Problem of Praxis, Power, and Professional Discourse.

    Katz, Steven B.


    Examines Hitler's use of propaganda to construct praxis and define phronesis in Nazi Germany in terms of the rational but open-ended nature of Aristotle's political-ethical thought. Examines the failure of professional discourse surrounding the siting of a low-level nuclear waste facility to create a persuasive reality and yet ideologically…

  9. Academic Professionalism and the Betrayal of the Land-Grant Tradition.

    Cooper, David D.


    Addresses the impact of postmodern modes of thought on both the rise of academic professionalism and the decline of civic engagement at the heart of the land-grant mission. Argues that the revitalizing of this mission requires rebuilding the social personae of the academic profession through ethics and moral praxis. (DSK)

  10. Intra-follicular interactions affecting mammalian oocyte maturation

    van Tol, H.T.A.


    Nuclear oocyte maturation is defined as reinitiation and progression of the first meiotic division and subsequently formation of the methaphase II (MII) plate. Concomitantly with nuclear maturation, cytoplasmic maturation which is essential for proper fertilization and early embryo development is co

  11. Induction and inhibition of oocyte maturation by EDCs in zebrafish

    Tokumoto Mika


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Oocyte maturation in lower vertebrates is triggered by maturation-inducing hormone (MIH, which acts on unidentified receptors on the oocyte surface and induces the activation of maturation-promoting factor (MPF in the oocyte cytoplasm. We previously described the induction of oocyte maturation in fish by an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC, diethylstilbestrol (DES, a nonsteroidal estrogen. Methods In this study, stimulatory and inhibitory effects of EDCs and natural steroids on oocyte maturation were examined in zebrafish. For effective agents, some details about the mechanism in induction or inhibition of maturation were examined. Possible groups of DES interacting with the MIH receptor are discussed based on relative potency of steroids to induce maturation. Results Among agents tested, tamoxifen (TAM and its metabolite 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT showed stimulatory activity similar to DES. The time courses of the change in germinal vesicle breakdown and an intracellular molecular event (the synthesis of cyclin B induced by TAM were indistinguishable from those induced by MIH. In contrast, pentachlorophenol (PCP had a potent inhibitory effect on MIH-induced oocyte maturation. PCP inhibited not only MIH-induced maturation but also DES- and TAM-induced maturation. Methoxychlor also inhibited maturation when oocytes were pre-treated with this agent. Conclusion These results suggest that EDCs act as agonists or antagonists in the induction of oocyte maturation in fish.

  12. Drug information systems: evolution of benefits with system maturity.

    Leung, Valerie; Hagens, Simon; Zelmer, Jennifer


    Benefits from information and communication technology tend to grow over time as system use matures. This study examines pharmacists' experiences with provincial drug information systems (DIS) across Canada. At the time of survey, two provinces had more mature DIS (more than five years) and three provinces had less mature DIS (five years or less).

  13. MD3M: The Master Data Management Maturity Model

    Spruit, Marco; Pietzka, Katharina


    This research aims to assess the master data maturity of an organization. It is based on thorough literature study to derive the main concepts and best practices in master data maturity assessment. A maturity matrix relating 13 focus areas and 65 capabilities was designed and validated. Furthermore,

  14. Educational Programs for Intelligence Professionals.

    Miller, Jerry P.


    Discusses the need for education programs for competitive intelligence professionals. Highlights include definitions of intelligence functions, focusing on business intelligence; information utilization by decision makers; information sources; competencies for intelligence professionals; and the development of formal education programs. (38…

  15. A Professional Learning Community Journey

    Diana Maliszewski


    Full Text Available Four teachers (three classroom teachers and a teacher-librarian explain how their school applied a professional learning community framework to its operational practices. They discuss the process, the benefits, and the challenges of professional learning communities.

  16. [Medical ethics as professional ethics].

    Kwon, Ivo


    Contemporary medical ethics is far from the traditional concept of "In-Sul (benevolent art)" or "Yul-Li (倫, ethics), which emphasizes so much the personality or the character of a doctor. Nowadays, medical ethics should be considered as "professional ethics" which regulates the acts and medical practices of ordinary doctors in their daily practice. The key concepts of the professional ethics are "autonomy", "integrity", and "professional standard" established by medical organizations such as medical societies or associations. Most of Korean doctors have not been familiar with the concept of professional ethics or professionalism, which is due to the modern history of Korea. However, the concept of professional ethics is really critical to Korean doctors from the perspective of professional dignity and social respect to this profession. The current healthcare system of Korea is suffering from many problems of both private and public sector. Nonetheless, the professional ethics is urgently demanded for that very reason.

  17. Professional Ethics: Caught and Taught.

    Nickols, Sharon Y.; Belliston, Lisa M.


    Compares codes of professional ethics of several professional associations in light of rapidly changing technology. Explores the relation between academic honesty and ethical practice and provides a summary of approaches to teaching ethics. (Contains 34 references.) (JOW)

  18. A Professional Learning Community Journey

    Diana Maliszewski; Stephen Tong; Jenny Chiu; Mary Jane Huh


    Four teachers (three classroom teachers and a teacher-librarian) explain how their school applied a professional learning community framework to its operational practices. They discuss the process, the benefits, and the challenges of professional learning communities.

  19. Resilient communities: implications for professionals

    Duijnhoven, Hanneke; Neef, Martijn; Davis, Scott; Dinesen, Cecilie; Kerstholt, José


    As a result of societal changes like citizen empowerment and increasing attention for strengthening community resilience, relationships between citizens and professional responders in crisis management are changing. Citizens actively deal with crises themselves, implying adjustments to professional

  20. Medical professionalism: a Parsonian view.

    Latham, Stephen R


    This paper argues for a normative conception of medical professionalism based on the work of sociologist Talcott Parsons. Such a conception grounds medical professionalism on the expert authority of the physician; the concept of authority is therefore discussed at length. Parsons view also lays much stress on the fact that the proper exercise of medical authority nearly always involves aligning the interests of individual patients with those of society at large. Parsonian professionalism looks to professional institutions such as medical schools, societies and journals to secure the competence and ethical behavior of professionals, and to help ensure that professionals exercise of authority is never biased by private financial interests or by public political power. Professional institutions should encourage professionals to develop a set of preferences and desires (e.g., for respect of their peers, and not for power or financial gain) that will tend to make them trustworthy authorities.

  1. Headache complaints and the risk of suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

    Woolley, Stephen B; Fredman, Lisa; Goethe, John W; Lincoln, Alisa K; Heeren, Timothy


    The association between severe headaches and suicidal thoughts or behaviors is generally attributed to underlying depression, but it is plausible that severe headaches can lead to suicidal thoughts/behaviors, independent of the effects of psychiatric conditions. This association has been observed in only 1 previous study. Our multivariate analysis examined the longitudinal association between severe headaches and development of suicidal thoughts/behaviors over a period of 1 to 2 years among 6832 community-dwelling adults interviewed during the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study. Severe headaches were significantly associated with developing suicidal thoughts/behaviors after adjusting for psychiatric diagnoses and demographics [adjusted odds ratio (ORa) = 1.48; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.04, 2.11], or additionally adjusting for interaction between anxiety and depression (ORa = 1.52; 95% CI = 1.07, 2.16). These results suggest that individuals with severe headaches should be screened for suicidal thoughts/behaviors, irrespective of the presence of a psychiatric condition.

  2. Recording thoughts while memorizing music: a case study.

    Lisboa, Tania; Chaffin, Roger; Demos, Alexander P


    Musicians generally believe that memory differs from one person to the next. As a result, memorizing strategies that could be useful to almost everyone are not widely taught. We describe how an 18-years old piano student (Grade 7, ABRSM), learned to memorize by recording her thoughts, a technique inspired by studies of how experienced soloists memorize. The student, who had previously ignored suggestions that she play from memory, decided to learn to memorize, selecting Schumann's "Der Dichter Spricht" for this purpose. Rather than explicitly teaching the student how to memorize, the teacher taught her to record her thoughts while playing by marking them on copies of the score, adapting an approach used previously in research with experienced performers. Over a 6½ week period, the student recorded her thoughts during practice (five times) and while performing from memory for the teacher (three times). The student also video-recorded 3 weeks of practice, three performances, and the reconstruction of the piece from memory after a 9½-weeks break. The thoughts that the student reported were prepared during practice, stable over time, and functioned as memory retrieval cues during reconstruction. This suggests that the student memorized in the same way as the more experienced musicians who have been studied previously and that teaching student musicians to record their thoughts may be an effective way to help them memorize. The speed and durability of her memorization surprised the student, inspiring her to perform in public and to use the same technique for new pieces.

  3. The Concept of Paleologic Thought According to Arieti

    João Carlos Melo


    Full Text Available The Aristotelic Logic, which is characterized by four laws, is commonly accepted as being representative of normal though, when considered in its formal aspect. Arieti defends the existence of another logic, one that he has designated "Paleological", which was dominant in human beings in the beginning of their evolution, and that also occurs in certain characteristics of infantile thought, as well as in the primary process (manner in which the unconscious operates. The same author considers that this logic, whoch is quiescent, emerges in schizophrenic thought, dominating and overlapping the Aristotelian logic. In order to escape from anguish, the shizophrenic patient abandons Aristotelian norms of thought and adopts the Paleological form, because by interpreting reality, in light of Aristotelian logic, it's felt to be threatening and unbearable. Finally, Arieti explains that the principles of Paleological thought don't explain the phenomenon dynamically, merely formally. The study of psychodinamic mechanisms reveals what and why (content and motivation, while the study of formal mechanims reveal how, thoughts and feelings are processed.

  4. Statewide Professional Development Conference

    Paul V. Bredeson


    Full Text Available In an environment increasingly skeptical of the effectiveness of large-scale professional development activities, this study examines K-12 educators' reasons for participating and beliefs in the utility in a large-scale professional development conference. Pre- and post-conference surveys revealed that while financial support played a significant role in educators' ability to participate, they were drawn to the conference by the promise to learn substantive issues related to, in this case, performance assessment—what it means, how to implement it, and how to address community concerns. In spite of the conference's utility as a means to increase awareness of critical issues and to facilitate formal and informal learning, well conceived linkages to transfer new knowledge to the school and classroom were lacking.

  5. Professionalism in court

    Hutchins, John C.


    Summary Serving as an expert witness can be a rewarding experience. It affords the neurologist the opportunity to contribute expertise to the legal system's pursuit of justice and benefits the public interest. However, serving as an expert witness without understanding and incorporating relevant professional and specialty guidelines concerning expert witness testimony can place the neurologist at risk. The American Academy of Neurology has established standards governing expert witness testimony and a disciplinary process to respond to complaints of violation of its standards. Increased understanding of and adherence to these qualifications and guidelines, coupled with an awareness of how the legal system differs from clinical practice, will better equip neurologists serving as expert witnesses and minimize their professional risk when doing so. PMID:25279255

  6. Empowering and caring professionals

    Hansen, Agnete Meldgaard

    workers negotiate professional identities and understandings of meaningful care work, in the new regime of rehabilitative elderly care – how they manage the ambiguities of a simultaneously empowering and interventionist practice. The paper’s analytical framework draws on an understanding of empowerment...... as a form of advanced liberal government. Also included are perspectives on historically shifting understandings of care and professional care work, that serve as a repertoire of meaning and identity for care workers, who are shown to be actively constructing identities and ‘crafting’ their jobs in relation...... to the new practice of rehabilitative elderly care. The care workers are found to be balancing complex and contradicting identities as ‘paradigm shifters’ who are reforming traditional understandings of care; as facilitators of the choices and control of citizens; as promoters of responsibility and guards...

  7. Maturing Technologies for Stirling Space Power Generation

    Wilson, Scott D.; Nowlin, Brentley C.; Dobbs, Michael W.; Schmitz, Paul C.; Huth, James


    Stirling Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) are being developed as an option to provide power on future space science missions where robotic spacecraft will orbit, flyby, land or rove. A Stirling Radioisotope Generator (SRG) could offer space missions a more efficient power system that uses one fourth of the nuclear fuel and decreases the thermal footprint of the current state of the art. The RPS Program Office, working in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), manages projects to develop thermoelectric and dynamic power systems, including Stirling Radioisotope Generators (SRGs). The Stirling Cycle Technology Development (SCTD) Project, located at Glenn Research Center (GRC), is developing Stirling-based subsystems, including convertors and controllers. The SCTD Project also performs research that focuses on a wide variety of objectives, including increasing convertor temperature capability to enable new environments, improving system reliability or fault tolerance, reducing mass or size, and developing advanced concepts that are mission enabling. Research activity includes maturing subsystems, assemblies, and components to prepare them for infusion into future convertor and generator designs. The status of several technology development efforts are described here. As part of the maturation process, technologies are assessed for readiness in higher-level subsystems. To assess the readiness level of the Dual Convertor Controller (DCC), a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) was performed and the process and results are shown. Stirling technology research is being performed by the SCTD Project for NASA's RPS Program Office, where tasks focus on maturation of Stirling-based systems and subsystems for future space science missions.

  8. Perfectionism and burnout in women professional golfers.

    Kang, Kyoung D; Hannon, James C; Harveson, Andrew; Lee, Jea W; Nam, Jea J; Han, Doug H


    Perfectionism and burnout have been thought to affect performance in sports. The aim of current study was to analyze differences between members of the Korean Ladies Professional Association (KLPGA) and non-KLPGA golfers as they relate to perfectionism, burnout and commitment as well as analyze the relationship between the same psychological factors and golf score during a 3-day professional golf tournament. Participants were 245 LPGA athletes and 233 non-LPGA athletes, all of whom were members of the Korean Golf Association. Participants were assessed using Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale, Athletes Burnout Questionnaires, Expansion of Sports Commitment Model and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-Y. Perfectionism (t=48.47, PSport devaluation of burnout (t=3.84, Pcorrelated with total perfectionism (r=0.58, P=0.001), total burnout (r=0.50, P=0.008), and state anxiety (r=0.50, P=0.0049) (spearman correlation). Findings suggest that golfers seeking to attain high levels of performance must consider the importance of the mental aspect of the game of golf, and find ways to minimize stress and perfectionist strivings.

  9. Professional Employees and Collective Bargaining.

    Douglas, Joel M., Ed.


    The status of professional employees at colleges and their role within the unionized workplace are considered in two articles. In "The Position of Professional Employees," Eliot Freidson discusses findings of a study on professionals and implications for college collective bargaining. Attention is directed to the validity of the position…

  10. Develop a Professional Learning Plan

    Journal of Staff Development, 2013


    A professional learning plan establishes short-and long-term plans for professional learning and implementation of the learning. Such plans guide individuals, schools, districts, and states in coordinating learning experiences designed to achieve outcomes for educators and students. Professional learning plans focus on the program of educator…

  11. Soccer Endurance Development in Professionals

    Roescher, C. R.; Elferink-Gemser, M. T.; Huijgen, B. C. H.; Visscher, C.


    The development of intermittent endurance capacity, its underlying mechanisms and role in reaching professional level in soccer was investigated. The sample included 130 talented youth soccer players aged 14-18, who became professional (n = 53) or non-professional (n = 77) players in adulthood. In t

  12. Emotional Intelligence and Medical Professionalism

    Zayapragassarazan, Z.; Kumar, Santosh


    Studies have shown that IQ alone does not contribute to the professional success of medical professionals. Professionals who are trained to be clinically competent, but have inadequate social skills for practice have proved to be less successful in their profession. Emotional intelligence (EI), which has already proved to be a key attribute for…

  13. Soccer Endurance Development in Professionals

    Roescher, C. R.; Elferink-Gemser, M. T.; Huijgen, B. C. H.; Visscher, C.

    The development of intermittent endurance capacity, its underlying mechanisms and role in reaching professional level in soccer was investigated. The sample included 130 talented youth soccer players aged 14-18, who became professional (n = 53) or non-professional (n = 77) players in adulthood. In

  14. Bringing Professional Responsibility Back in

    Solbrekke, Tone Dyrdal; Englund, Tomas


    Research on how higher education institutions work with professional formation indicates that insufficient attention is currently paid to issues of professional responsibility and ethics. In the light of such findings, there is increasing concern about issues related to learning professional responsibility. This article concentrates on different…

  15. Teaching Professionalism: Passing the Torch.

    Hensel, William A.; Dickey, Nancy W.


    Medical faculty must ensure that students understand the appropriate balance between financial and professional considerations. Faculty should place financial considerations in proper perspective and should teach the basic components of professionalism, how current cost-containment efforts may threaten medicine's professional status, appropriate…

  16. Professional Blogging For Dummies

    Getgood, Susan


    Take your hobby to the next level and turn your blog into real income. Anyone who blogs knows that it is a fun, creative way for sharing thoughts and opinions. Now imagine making money from that hobby! This practical, how-to guide shows you how you can get serious about using your blog and implement advertising, sponsorship, partnerships, and affiliate marketing options to turn your hobby into extra income, or even a full-time career. Helpful examples and featured articles with topic experts and bloggers who have built successful business demonstrate how to promote your business or build a blo

  17. Professional Papervision3D

    Lively, Michael


    Professional Papervision3D describes how Papervision3D works and how real world applications are built, with a clear look at essential topics such as building websites and games, creating virtual tours, and Adobe's Flash 10. Readers learn important techniques through hands-on applications, and build on those skills as the book progresses. The companion website contains all code examples, video step-by-step explanations, and a collada repository.

  18. Communicating with Professionals

    Full Text Available ... Search By Zipcode Search by State SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Español (Spanish) 简体中文 (Traditional Chinese) 繁体中文 (Simplified Chinese) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) Healthy Living for Conditions for Support for Professional for Research for Educator for CPR & ...

  19. Distinctive Contemporary Voice: Liberal Islam Thought in Indonesia

    Giora Eliraz


    Full Text Available This paper aims to turn attention to an intriguing stream of thought in the multi-faceted and plural Islamic discourse in Indonesia, a home to the largest Muslim community in the world. This stream of thought in Indonesia attempts to connect Islamic doctrine, belief, thinking and knowledge with basic liberal themes such as separation between religion and politics, pluralism, freedom of thought, democracy, progress, human rights, gender equality and interfaith dialogue. Similarly, it also seeks to reinterpret the formative sacred texts through liberal paradigm and through contemporary context.Copyright (c 2014 by SDI. All right reserved.DOI: 10.15408/sdi.v15i3.523

  20. Taming theory with thought experiments: Understanding and scientific progress.

    Stuart, Michael T


    I claim that one way thought experiments contribute to scientific progress is by increasing scientific understanding. Understanding does not have a currently accepted characterization in the philosophical literature, but I argue that we already have ways to test for it. For instance, current pedagogical practice often requires that students demonstrate being in either or both of the following two states: 1) Having grasped the meaning of some relevant theory, concept, law or model, 2) Being able to apply that theory, concept, law or model fruitfully to new instances. Three thought experiments are presented which have been important historically in helping us pass these tests, and two others that cause us to fail. Then I use this operationalization of understanding to clarify the relationships between scientific thought experiments, the understanding they produce, and the progress they enable. I conclude that while no specific instance of understanding (thus conceived) is necessary for scientific progress, understanding in general is.

  1. Speculative Fictions for Understanding Global Change Environments: Two Thought Experiments

    Noel Gough


    Full Text Available The purpose of a thought experiment, as the term was used by quantum and relativity physicists in the early part of the twentieth century, was not prediction (as is the goal of classical experimental science, but more defensible representations of present ‘realities’. Speculative fictions, from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to the Star Wars cinema saga, can be read as sociotechnical thought experiments that produce alternative representations of present circumstances and uncertainties, and anticipate and critique possible futures. In this essay I demonstrate how two examples of popular speculative fictions, Frank Herbert's Dune (1965 and Ursula Le Guin's The Telling (2000, function as thought experiments that problematise global transitions in their respective eras. I argue that critical readings of such stories can help us to anticipate, critique, and respond constructively to social and cultural changes and change environments within nation-states that constitute, and are constituted by, global change processes and their effects.

  2. Culture and global thought: Chinese international theory in the making

    Qin Yaqing


    Full Text Available In this article, the author examines the study of international relations in China, a discipline that has proliferated as the country has opened up to the rest of the world. He examines the three main trends of international thought that have become most widespread: the first, which the author calls the obverse approach, situates Chinese thought as the theoretical basis for considering a genuine worldism, thanks to traditional concepts such as Tianxia and Confucian family bonds. Secondly, there is the reverse approach, which applies Western theoretical paradigms to the concept of power in ancient Chinese thinkers; this is a theory that emphasises the hierarchy of the international system and seeks international Chinese dominance. Finally, the third is more interactive, and which constructs an intercultural, thoughtful and critical dialogue, at the same time as applying autochthonous conceptual frameworks such as Confucian relationism, and foreign ones, such as rationalism.

  3. A Review of the Language-Thought Debate: Multivariant Perspectives

    Parviz Birjandi


    Full Text Available In recent times, there has been a growing interest in analyzing the relationship between language and thought from a variety of points of view to explore whether language comes before thought or thought precedes language. Accordingly, the present paper attempts at mulling over the current debates on this issue, including Chomsky’s (1975, 1983 Independent Theory, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (1956, Piaget’s Cognitive Determinism (1952, as cited in, Chaput, 2001, Vygotsky’s (1978, 1986 Theory of Interchanging Roles, O’brien and Opie’s (2002 Radical Connectionism, and Slobin’s (1987, 1991, 2003 Thinking for Speaking Hypothesis, which recently have received a great amount of attention, among other positions. Then the pedagogical implications of the Thinking for Speaking Hypothesis for Second Language Acquisition (SLA are presented.

  4. Micropropagation of Elaeagnus angustifolia from mature trees.

    Iriondo, J M; De La Iglesia, M; Pérez, C


    Multiple shoots were obtained from nodal segments of mature trees of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. cultured on MS medium (Murashige and Skoog 1962) supplemented with 0, 0.88 or 2.22 micro M N(6)-benzyladenine. When nodal segments taken from the in vitro proliferated shoots were cultured under the same conditions, additional multiple shoots were obtained. Rooting of the in vitro propagated shoots was achieved on full strength MS medium or on MS supplemented with 2.46 micro M indole-3-butyric acid. Regenerated plantlets were acclimatized and successfully transplanted to soil.

  5. Product Maturation Guide - A Digital Simulation Outcome

    Boorla, Srinivasa Murthy; Howard, Thomas J.


    . Tolerance analysis tools, those optimizing the individual part tolerances at the time of design can generate a product maturation guide that eliminates many problem solving procedures and saves time on root cause analysis. Assume a first product built on a new assembly line was found to need improvements...... range, it has to consider one fixed value measured from initial parts. By adding information about process characteristics, like speed, cost, etc. to all the dimensions, the system can directly guide the manufacturing team, on which parameter to modify, which direction and how much. At the same time...

  6. GTPases involved in bacterial ribosome maturation.

    Goto, Simon; Muto, Akira; Himeno, Hyouta


    The ribosome is an RNA- and protein-based macromolecule having multiple functional domains to facilitate protein synthesis, and it is synthesized through multiple steps including transcription, stepwise cleavages of the primary transcript, modifications of ribosomal proteins and RNAs and assemblies of ribosomal proteins with rRNAs. This process requires dozens of trans-acting factors including GTP- and ATP-binding proteins to overcome several energy-consuming steps. Despite accumulation of genetic, biochemical and structural data, the entire process of bacterial ribosome synthesis remains elusive. Here, we review GTPases involved in bacterial ribosome maturation.

  7. eBusiness Maturity and Regional Development

    Beynon-Davies, P.


    Full Text Available This paper describes the experience of a major research centre supporting knowledge transfer in the area of eCommerce to SMEs. It debates with issues surrounding the integration of academic research with practical support to the SME community. For this purpose the use of an eBusiness framework as a platform for eBusiness maturity assessment is proposed. These devices are seen as key to the work of research centres such as ours in addressing the future challenges for smeeBusiness.

  8. A Maturity Model for Digital Data Centers

    W Hugo


    Full Text Available Digital data and service centers, such as those envisaged by the ICSU World Data System (WDS, are subject to a wide-ranging collection of requirements and constraints. Many of these requirements are traditionally difficult to assess and to measure objectively and consistently. As a solution to this problem, an approach based on a maturity model is proposed. This adds significant value not only in respect to objective assessment but also in assisting with evaluation of overlapping and competing criteria, planning of continuous improvement, and progress towards formal evaluation by accreditation authorities.

  9. Performance, growth, and maturity of Nellore bulls.

    Costa e Silva, Luiz Fernando; Valadares Filho, Sebastião de Campos; Detmann, Edenio; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; Zanetti, Diego; Villadiego, Faider Alberto Castaño; Pellizzoni, Samantha Gusmão; Pereira, Rafael Moura Guimarães


    The objectives of this study were to evaluate the dry matter intake (DMI), digestibility, average daily gain (ADG), microbial efficiency, empty body weight (EBW) gain, and body composition of Nellore bulls. Additionally, Nellore bull maturity was estimated, and the prediction equation for DMI, suggested by the Brazilian nutrient requirements system (BR CORTE; Azevêdo et al. 2010), was evaluated. Thirty-three Nellore bulls, with a mean initial weight of 259 ± 25 kg and age of 14 ± 1 months, were used in this study. Five animals were slaughtered at the beginning of the experiment (control group), and the remaining 28 were divided into 4 groups, each slaughtered at 42-day intervals. Their diet was composed of corn silage and concentrate (55:45). The power model was used to estimate muscle tissue, bone tissue, crude protein (CP), mineral matter (MM), and water present in the empty body, while the exponential model was used to estimate adipose tissue and ether extract (EE) present in the empty body. When expressed in kilograms per day, differences were observed (P  0.05) digestibility, with the exception of EE digestibility. The equation suggested by BR CORTE correctly estimates the DMI of Nellore bulls. ADG was not affected (P > 0.05) by time spent in the feedlot. No differences were observed (P > 0.05) for microbial efficiency; a mean value of 142 g microbial crude protein/kg total digestible nutrients was achieved. The muscle and bone tissues, CP, MM, and water present in the empty body increased as the animal grew, although at a lower rate. The adipose tissue and EE present in the empty body increased their deposition rate when the animal reached its mature weight. Maturity is defined as when an animal reaches 22 % EE in the empty body, which corresponds to 456 kg of EBW in Nellore bulls. Therefore, this study can conclude that the feedlot time period does not affect DMI, nutrient intake, ADG, or microbial efficiency. The equation

  10. Impermeable boundaries? Developments in professional and inter-professional practice.

    Cameron, Ailsa


    The nature of the professional task in welfare services is constantly changing. These changes are not confined to Britain but are widespread across the developed world and include initiatives to develop new professional roles and redesign existing services. Central to these initiatives is an assumption that the professions, and the individual professionals involved, will be willing and able to adapt their professional practice. The challenges inevitably posed by these developments appear to have been played down, particularly in respect of the role played by the boundaries between professions. This article considers the nature of boundaries before exploring these service developments as a means to highlight the issues they raise. The article contends that for these developments to work we need to move beyond the current focus on the role of education, training and regulation which structure professional boundaries to appreciate the 'human and social aspects' of these changes in order to understand how individual professionals perceive and experience the boundaries between professional groups.

  11. Managing the demands of professional life.

    Dickey, Jamie; Ungerleider, Ross


    Our review summarizes the thoughts we shared in presenting the 8th annual Daicoff lecture. It is fitting, therefore, to begin with a few comments about George Daicoff. One of us (RU) first met George at a meeting, which might have been the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association. He was very kind and gracious, and made me feel welcome. We would like for each of you now reading this review to think, for a moment, of when you have had an experience like that from someone you didn't know well, and how it made you feel comfortable, and that maybe you "fit in." George, we thank you for that memory. Our field needs more graciousness. As all of us function in our everyday world, we should remember that we never know when our acts of graciousness one to another will be remembered and acknowledged. Our review summarises five concepts that we have found helpful in our work with similar groups of busy professionals. The first is mindfulness, sometimes referred to as being conscious of the present moment. It is an irony of the training of health care professionals that we are constantly being directed towards a future focus. We readily don the blinders of a professional life that keeps us focusing on what lies ahead. Although some element of this is essential for professional success, we run the risk of missing out on the richness of our everyday experiences. The second is intentionality. In our work with busy professionals, we have found that so many have drifted into the automaticity of patterned responses. This gets us in so much trouble because we forget that we always have choice. The third is mindsight. This is about empathy, and the ability to connect to the experiences of others. Mindsight is about connecting to our differences. The fourth is forgiveness and shared meanings. It is important to practice forgiveness, and to create shared meanings in relationships. These processes allow us to reconnect to people who have hurt, disappointed, or angered us. When we don

  12. Personality and coping with professional demands: a behavioral genetics analysis.

    Maas, Heike; Spinath, Frank M


    Work-related mental health problems lead to individual ill-being but also absenteeism and early retirement from work. As such, it is desirable to diagnose strain and coping deficits before mental or physical symptoms occur in order to provide interventions early. Work engagement, resistance to stress, and occupational attitude toward life are three facets of coping with professional demands that are related to psychological health (Kieschke & Schaarschmidt, 2003). Personality, defined as characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors over time and across situations, is also associated with health and well-being. To understand who becomes ill and why and to provide adequate interventions, we investigated the relations between personality and coping with professional demands, as well as the etiological basis of this relation. Personality and coping with professional demands (work engagement, resistance to stress, and occupational attitude toward life) were assessed in a sample of 302 monozygotic and dizygotic adult twin pairs. Correlations between personality and coping with professional demands were moderate (r range: -0.61 to 0.37). All scales except occupational attitude toward life showed significant heritabilities. Genetic and environmental influences on coping with professional demands were largely independent of genetic and environmental effects on personality. These findings suggest that interventions should focus on work engagement, resistance to stress, and occupational attitude toward life without specific considering of personality.

  13. The economic thought of José Calvo Sotelo

    Alejandro PRIETO MAZAIRA


    Full Text Available The Spanish conservative politician José Calvo Sotelo was a finance minister during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and one of the main right-wing political figures of the monarchy of Alfonso XIII during the Second Spanish Republic. Through his discourses and essays he developed an economic thought integrating nationalistic and interventionist postulates and a solid defense of private property and austerity, his main goal being to guarantee the independence of the Spanish economy. Some of his thoughts are a subject for debate in today’s crisis.

  14. Intense suicidal thoughts and self-harm following escitalopram treatment

    Farooq Khan


    Full Text Available In a minority of depressed patients, treatment with an antidepressant drug appears to initiate intense suicidal thoughts and actions. We describe this phenomenon in a 52-year-old woman treated with escitalopram. She did not experience this when treated with six other antidepressants, which were not Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Clinicians need to warn patients and their relatives of the risk that intense suicidal thoughts may develop after an antidepressant drug is started and encourage them to seek help immediately should this occur.

  15. Old Dad Chiro: his thoughts, words, and deeds

    Brown, Myron D.


    Objective This article offers the author's opinions about some of the thoughts, words, and deeds of the profession's founder, Daniel David Palmer. Discussion Reviewing D.D. Palmer's writings is challenging because he was the discoverer and founder of a developing profession and therefore his thoughts and words were rapidly evolving. Statements made by Palmer without judicious consideration of context could easily be misunderstood. Conclusion D.D. Palmer was individualistic and enigmatic. This commentary provides a look at the whole in an attempt to reveal the character and spirit of the founder. PMID:22693470

  16. Validation of the Psychological Work Maturity Scale in Chinese employees.

    Tong, Jiajin; Wang, Lei


    Psychological work maturity is an important concept in situational leadership theory. The present research revised the Psychological Work Maturity Scale for use in Chinese organizations. Three samples of full-time employees (Ns = 205, 266, and 283) from different companies and industries participated in the present study. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that a single-factor structure fit the data. The scale had acceptable reliabilities, convergent and criterion-related validities, and was shown to be an appropriate measure of psychological work maturity in Chinese employees. Maturity differences in several demographic variables were not found, but employees with longer tenure in Sample 2 scored higher on maturity, which shows that psychological work maturity may be dependent on personal development in the interaction with the varying situational factors, especially in the work domain. Implications for research and practice on psychological work maturity in China are discussed.

  17. The Dilemma of Professional Partnerships

    Bévort, Frans; Poulfelt, Flemming

    A large and growing proportion of the organizations in the contemporary knowledge economy are organized as professional partnerships as is the case of professional service firms. As these firms have grown larger (e.g. Big4: Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, KPMG), the way of organizing is under pressure...... for change. The internalized 'democratic' ownership, the single- minded focus on delivering professionalism in client relations and the fundamental goal of growing new professionals of the professional partnerships have become challenged. Based on an ethnographic study of Deloitte in Denmark, and data from...

  18. [Professionalism: changes in nursing nomenclature].

    Camaño Puig, Ramón; Felipe Cabañero, Rosa


    The nursing professional received different names until 1977 when the curriculum of nursing was established in the University. Up until that time, students enrolled in three different types of professional development designations: "Orderly", "Nurse" as such, and "Technical Health Assistant". From a professional perspective, the authors have made an analysis of the assimilation process of the new name and concept. The authors have studied the announcements of nursing events published in two professional magazines and have concluded that at the start, the adoption of this new name was very confusing among nursing professionals as well as the transmission and development of nursing subject matter.

  19. State of Sexual Maturity of Nelore Bulls

    Camilo José Ramírez López


    Full Text Available This research aimed to determine the state of sexual maturity of young Nelore bulls and its relation to scrotal circumference and seminal characteristics. 1985 animals (aged between 19 and 23 months, fed with tropical pastures (Brachiaria brizantha, Brachiaria decumbes, and Panicum maximum, were evaluated through andrological examination. Physical characteristics of the ejaculate, sperm morphology and scrotal circumference (SC were examined. After the andrological examination, animals were classified as suitable for reproduction (andrological class 1; suitable for reproduction in natural mating system (class 2; temporarily unsuitable for reproduction (class 3; and discarded (class 5. To compare the measurements found in different andrological classes, two tests were used: the Tukey test with 5% probability of error, and simple Pearson correlations to verify the relationships between the studied characteristics. 84.5% of the bulls were found to be sexually mature. 39.75% of the animals suitable for reproduction presented a SC greater than 34 cm, and only 0.71% of the study population showed a scrotal circumference less than 28 cm. Favorable high correlations between SC and the physical characteristics of semen were evidenced. The article concludes that scrotal circumference is an excellent characteristics for evaluating and selecting young Nelore bulls.

  20. Mediastinal Mature Teratoma Revealed by Empyema

    Mohammed Raoufi


    Full Text Available Teratomas are germ cell tumors, manifested with a great variety of clinical features; the most common extragonadal site is the anterior mediastinum. In this case, we report the patient with a large mature mediastinal teratoma with several components of ectodermal and endothermal epithelium. A 24-year-old female patient presented with history of persistent chest pain and progressively aggravating dyspnea for the previous 3 months. A chest X-ray showed a large opacity of the entire left hemithorax. Transcutaneous needle aspiration revealed a purulent fluid. The tube thoracostomy was introduced and the effusion was evacuated. Some weeks later, patient was seen in emergency for persistent cough and lateral chest pain. CT scan revealed a mass of the left hemithorax. The mass showed heterogeneous density, without compressing mediastinum great vessels and left hilar structures. Lipase value was elevated in needle aspiration. The patient underwent a total resection of the mediastinum mass via a left posterolateral thoracotomy. Microscopy revealed a mature teratoma with cystic structures. The patient subsequently made a full recovery. This case provide benign mediastinal teratoma with total atelectasis of left lung and elevated lipase value in needle transcutaneous aspiration; this event is explained by pancreatic component in the cystic tumor. Total removal of the tumor is adequate treatment for this type of teratoma and the prognosis is excellent.