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  1. Matthieu Cattin (1982 - 2015)


    We deeply regret to announce the death of Matthieu Cattin on 13 April 2015.   Matthieu Cattin, who was born on 22 February 1982, worked in the BE Department and had been at CERN since 1 October 2005.  The Director-General has sent a message of condolence to his family on behalf of the CERN personnel. Social Affairs Human Resources Department The CERN Ski Club has expressed their condolences for the loss of Matthieu Cattin in an Echo article.

  2. Matthieu Cattin (1982 - 2015) - Hervé Milcent (1965 - 2015)


    Hervé Milcent and Matthieu Cattin lost their lives in an avalanche in the Becs de Bosson area of Valais, Switzerland, on Sunday, 12 April. These two mountain sport enthusiasts were clearly very dear to many people, including all those who came to say a final farewell at their funerals, in Thoiry (the Ain) and Breuleux (Jura) respectively.     Hervé Milcent. Hervé arrived at CERN in 1988 under the coopérant scheme (professional work in lieu of French military service) to work on data acquisition systems for the LEP detectors, and was recruited as a staff member in 1996 in the Controls (ECP) group, which later became IT-CO, to work on the control systems for ALICE. Then he joined the LHC-IAS group and was awarded an indefinite contract. Many of the LHC’s monitoring systems owe much of their success to Hervé, who worked assiduously to test and check everything to ensure that all the systems worked from the moment they we...

  3. Matthieu Saladin, Esthétique de l’improvisation libre. Expérimentation musicale et politique

    Canonne, Clément


    L’ouvrage de Matthieu Saladin est une contribution importante au champ aujourd’hui très dynamique des études sur l’improvisation (voir Lewis & Piekut, 2015). À travers trois collectifs ayant occupé une place essentielle dans le développement des musiques improvisées au tournant des années 1970 – l’AMM, le Spontaneous Music Ensemble (SME) et le Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) – l’auteur entreprend d’analyser l’esthétique sous-jacente à la pratique alors émergente de l’improvisation dite « libre ...

  4. Estonie 2000-2001 : La fin des consensus politiques? / Celine Bayou, Matthieu Chillaud

    Bayou, Celine


    Ülevaade Eesti poliitikast ja majandusest aastal 2000-2001. Tabelid: Eesti majandusnäitajad 1993-2000; poliitiliste sündmuste kronoloogia 2000-2001 mai; Eesti erakonnad; valitsuse koosseis juuni 2001

  5. Estonie 2000-2001 : La fin des consensus politiques? / Celine Bayou, Matthieu Chillaud

    Bayou, Celine


    Ülevaade Eesti poliitikast ja majandusest aastal 2000-2001. Tabelid: Eesti majandusnäitajad 1993-2000; poliitiliste sündmuste kronoloogia 2000-2001 mai; Eesti erakonnad; valitsuse koosseis juuni 2001

  6. Reference: 44 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available nt of SPO11-induced DSBs. 4 465-75 12904209 2003 Aug The Plant journal Daniel Vezon|Gendrot Ghislaine|George...s Pelletier|Ghislaine Gendrot|Grelon Mathilde|Mathilde Grelon|Pelletier Georges|Vezon Daniel

  7. RF Breakdown Prevention in Spacecraft Components Product Overview

    2014-05-08 James Farrell Boeing Tracy Fiedler Raytheon Brad Fields Orbital Fred Schipp MDA - Navy Jim Schultz Boeing Gerald Schumann NASA gerald.d.schumann...Grumman Ghislain Turgeon SSL Deborah Valley MIT Fred Van Milligen JDSU

  8. A perturbative approach to the confinement-deconfinement phase transition

    Reinosa, Urko


    We summarize recent progress in describing the confinement-deconfinement transition from a novel perturbative approach. Based on various works in collaboration with Julien Serreau, Matthieu Tissier and Nicolás Wschebor.

  9. Saint-Etienne'i disainibiennaal 2007


    Lõuna-Prantsusmaal toimunud disainiüritusest. Pikemalt disainerite Marie-Laure Bourgeois ja Vincent Becheau tänavaistmetest Foneemid (ehk Häälikud) ja Matthieu Lehanneur'i projektist "Viis elementi"

  10. Saint-Etienne'i disainibiennaal 2007


    Lõuna-Prantsusmaal toimunud disainiüritusest. Pikemalt disainerite Marie-Laure Bourgeois ja Vincent Becheau tänavaistmetest Foneemid (ehk Häälikud) ja Matthieu Lehanneur'i projektist "Viis elementi"

  11. Engineered Laser Filaments in Air for Defense Stand-Off Sensing and Interaction Applications


    Mark Ramme, Magali Durand , Matthieu Baudelet, Martin Richardson. Stand-off filament-induced ablation of gallium arsenide, Applied Physics Letters...07 2012): 0. doi: 10.1063/1.4734497 Magali Durand , Khan Lim, Vytautas Jukna, Erik McKee, Matthieu Baudelet, Aurélien Houard, Martin Richardson...Bernath and M. Richardson, “RF emissions from filament-matter interaction”, COFIL 2012, Tucson, AZ, USA, 2012. [4] M. Durand , A. Jarnac, S

  12. Standard/Handbook for Multipactor Breakdown Prevention in Spacecraft Components


    Tracy Fiedler m Raytheon Brad Fields Orbital Sherri Fike Ball Richard Fink...Rocket Michael Sampson NASA Victor Sank NASA Don Sawyer AVNET Fred Schipp...Grumman Ghislain Turgeon m SSL Deborah Valley MIT Fred Van Milligen JDSU Marvin

  13. Technical Risk Identification at Program Inception Product Overview

    2014-05-08 Boeing Tracy Fiedler Raytheon Brad Fields Orbital Sherri Fike Rocket Michael Sampson NASA Victor Sank NASA Don Sawyer AVNET Fred ...Grumman Ghislain Turgeon SSL Deborah Valley MIT Fred Van Milligen JDSU

  14. La internacionalización de la banca cooperativa: modelos estratégicos y desafíos

    Paradis, Ghislain


    Se analizan cuáles son los modelos elegidos y los riesgos a manejar para considerar si el modelo cooperativo tradicional resulta adecuado para enfrentar esta nueva realidad. Fil: Paradis, Ghislain. Université de Sherbrooke. Quebec. Canadá

  15. Reference: 275 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available 275 Chelysheva Liudm...|Bhatt Anuj M|Chelysheva Liudmila|Diallo Stéphanie|Gendrot Ghislaine|Grelon Mathilde|Horlow Christine|Mercie

  16. Tropical cyclones in two atmospheric (re)analyses and their response in two oceanic reanalyses

    Jourdain, N.C.; Barnier, B.; Ferry, N.; Vialard, J.; Menkes, C.E.; Lengaigne, M.; Parent

    Matthieu Lengaigne , Laurent Parent aTropical cyclones in two atmospheric (re in two oceanic reanalyses Nicolas C. Jourdain a,b,⇑, Bernard Barnier b, Nicolas Fe c,f d journal homepage: www.nalyses and their response d, Jérome Vialard c, Christophe E. Menkes c...

  17. Adhesive Micropatterns for Cells: A Microcontact Printing Protocol



    Authors: Manuel Théry and Matthieu Piel Corresponding authors ([](); []()) ### INTRODUCTION This protocol describes a simple, fast, and efficient method for making adhesive micropatterns that can be used to control individual cell shape and adhesion patterns. It is based on the use of an elastomeric stamp containing microfeatures to print proteins on the substrate of choice. The process can be subdiv...

  18. 75 FR 23847 - Blocking of Specially Designated National Pursuant to Executive Order 13413


    ..., Democratic Republic of the; DOB 1973; POB Nord-Kivu, DRC; alt. POB Rwanda; nationality Congo, Democratic..., Utcha Sector, Djugu Territory, Ituri District, Orientale Province, DRC; nationality Congo, Democratic... District, DRC; nationality Congo, Democratic Republic of the (individual) NGUDJOLO, Matthieu Cui...

  19. Self-Channeling of Femtosecond Laser Pulses for Rapid and Efficient Standoff Detection of Energetic Materials


    Laser Pulses for Rapid and Efficient Standoff Detection of Energetic Materials Matthieu Baudelet, Martin Richardson, Townes laser Institute, CREOL...2007 [3] D.A. Cremers and L.J. Radziemski, Handbook of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Wiley, 2006 [4] A.W. Miziolek, V. Palleschi and I

  20. CERN collect for Earthquakein Italy August 24, 2016

    Brice, Maximilien


    Ghislain Roy, President of CERN's Staff Association, Maurizio Serra, Ambassador, permanent Mission of Italy to teh United NAtions Office in Geneva, FAbiola Gianotti, CERN director General and Umberto Dosselli, scientific ataché Italian Permanent Mission in Geneva, show the letter co-signed by CERN's director general and CERN' s Staff Association President indicating the amounbt collected in favour of the vicitims of the August 24 2016 earthquake in central Italy.

  1. Invariance of Conjunctions of Polynomial Equalities for Algebraic Differential Equations


    non- linear hybrid systems by linear algebraic methods. In Radhia Cousot and Matthieu Martel, editors, SAS, volume 6337 of LNCS, pages 373–389. Springer...Tarski. A decision method for elementary algebra and geometry. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 59, 1951. [36] Wolfgang Walter. Ordinary...Invariance of Conjunctions of Polynomial Equalities for Algebraic Differential Equations Khalil Ghorbal1 Andrew Sogokon2 André Platzer1 July 2014

  2. Micropatterning on glass with deep UV



    Authors: Nicolas CARPI, Matthieu PIEL, Ammar Azioune & Jenny Fink ### Abstract This protocol describes a method to print micropatterns on glass with extra-cellular matrix proteins to promote cell adhesion. The non-adhesive part is made with polylysine grafted polyethyleneglycol (PLL-g-PEG). This technique is reproducible, cheap, fast and can achieve high resolution (~1 µm). ### Introduction This protocol explains how to make high resolution adhesive micropattens of pro...

  3. Ἕνα πρόσταγμα τοῦ Ματθαίου Καντακουζηνοῦ (4 Δεκεμβρίου 1353



    Full Text Available   N. OikonomidèsUn prostagma de Matthieu Cantacuzène (4 décembre 1353 Un prostagma impérial, conservé aux archives de la Grande Lavra (Dölger, Facsimiles, n° 53 = Actes de Lavra III, n° 166, cf. n° 133 bis et concernant certains biens du couvent situés à Ainos et à Kissos, porte la date 4 décembre, indiction 7; son auteur se réfère à des privilèges plus anciens, accordés à Lavra par deux empereurs défunts, son grand père et son oncle. Il est ici proposé que ce postagma doit être attribué à Matthieu Cantacuzène et daté du 4 décembre 1353 pour les raisons suivantes: a Compte tenu de la politique dynastique de Jean VI Cantacuzène, Matthieu pouvait bien se référer, en 1353, à un ";;;grand père";;; (Michel IX et à un ";;;oncle";;; (Andronic III, tous deux morts avant cette date, b Le ménologe de notre prostagma est différent de ceux de tous les autres empereurs des XIVe et XVe s. c Le prostagma a dû être émis à un moment où Ainos et Kissos se trouvaient sous domination byzantine; or, Ainos fut cédée à Niccolo Gattilusi avant 1382 (probablement entre 1376 et 1379 et Kissos fut définitivement conquis par les Turcs avant 1389; le prostagma doit donc dater avant 1382 - période pendant laquelle le seul empereur byzantin qui pouvait parler d'un oncle à lui qui aurait régné et qui serait déjà décédé est Matthieu Cantacuzène. d En décembre 1353, Matthieu Cantacuzène avait déjà été acclamé empereur; avec son père et coempereur Jean VI, il contrôlait la région d'Ainos et de Kissos; cette situation expliquerait pourquoi les moines lui auraient demandé la confirmation de leurs privilèges.



    2004 Exercise Appointed by the Director-General Appointed by the Staff Association Members Wisla Carena / PH Claude Despas / AB 1st deputies Fréderick Bordry / AB Françoise Thévenet / AT 2nd deputies Roland Garoby / AB Susan Maio /AT Mrs Carena and Mr Despas have drawn up the following list of staff members from among whom the Chairperson of the Board may be chosen when required : Doris Burckhart / PH Bertrand Nicquevert / TS Pierre Charrue / AB Keith Potter / TS Nicole Laurence Cremel / IT Ghislain Roy / AB Friedemann Eder / DSU Laurent Tavian / AT Laure esteveny / LHC Pierre Vande Vyvre / PH

  5. Baudelaire hors de lui, «Littérature», n. 177


    In gran parte omaggio al filosofo e poeta Michel Deguy, questo numero di «Littérature» vuole avere come tema unificante, di natura prevalentemente biografica, la collericità di Baudelaire. Il fascicolo prende le mosse da un’intervista fatta il 16 dicembre 2014 a Michel Deguy e Pierre Pachet da parte di Laurent Jenny, Marielle Macé e Matthieu Vernet (questi due ultimi sono i presentatori e curatori del numero). Michel Deguy è l’autore del recente libro La Pietà Baudelaire (2012), Pierre Pachet...

  6. Meshing human resources planning with strategic business planning: a model approach.

    Baird, L; Meshoulam, I; DeGive, G


    Many people are touting the need to take a strategic approach to human resources management--but this is more easily said than done, point out authors Lloyd Baird, associate professor of management at the School of Management and the Human Resources Policy Institute at Boston University; Ilan Meshoulam, personnel executive at Digital Equipment Corporation; and Ghislaine DeGive, Boston University. Obviously, people cannot be moved around as easily or as speedily as can other resources to help move a company to a strategically identified future position. Thus a great deal of planning is required. The authors present an integrative human resources strategic planning model that focuses on four elements: the environment, the organization's culture, the corporate mission statement, and overall corporate strategy. Each part of the model is thoroughly discussed, and checklist questions are included to help the individual manager develop and implement human resources management plans for his or her own organization.

  7. Fellow’s Apero

    Staff Association


    February 21st marked the happening of the first Fellow's Apero, an event organised by the Staff Association for the CERN Fellows. At the end of the day, about 300 of the over 700 Fellows gathered in Restaurant 1. They came to meet each other, meet the Staff Association Bureau and delegates, share experience, and get some useful information from the event speakers. The turnout of the Fellows was a pleasant surprise, filling the entire space allocated at Restaurant 1 and digging bravely into the prepared snacks. Staff Association - Fellow's Apero - 21st February 2017 The Staff Association president, Ghislain Roy, welcomed our guests. Barbora Gulejova, a Fellow and Staff Association delegate, then gave information on what the Staff Association can do for Fellows, and how they can get involved. Jiri Kral, also a Fellow and Staff Association delegate, presented Fellow-centred statistics and information on personal development opportunities. We also had the great pleasure that Katharine Thomas-C...

  8. Trust and diversity: a perspective of organisation

    Ghislain Verstraete


    Full Text Available According to Ghislain Verstraete, we have been deaf and mute too long in the face of the consequences and dangers engendered by our “society of risk”, which he calls the “second modernity”. For everyone (but not in the same way, this second modernity is complex, stimulating, conflictive, as well as provocative in our limited competencies. In the face of the crisis, two reactions are possible: one of a diffuse pessimism which gives rise to a defensive and reactionary attitude, limiting citizen action; another one, of an excessive optimism which takes on an offensive tone, generating more questions and more negotiations and opening a perspective of empowerment. All the organisations have to position themselves in a permanent way in relationship to this defensive/offensive axis, not only in theory but also in practice. But, how can pluralism be conceptualised in this second modernity and how can it be put into practice?

  9. Ghazaleh Pascale, Fortunes urbaines et stratégies sociales. Généalogies patrimoniales au Caire 1780-1830, Le Caire, Institut français d’archéologie orientale, 2009, 2 vols., 702 p.

    Brigitte Marino


    Full Text Available Dans cet ouvrage, qui est issu d’une thèse de doctorat réalisée à l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris sous la direction de Simona Cerutti et de Ghislaine Alleaume, Pascale Ghazaleh poursuit son exploration de la société cairote durant les dernières décennies du xviiie siècle et les premières du xixe. Comme dans son précédent livre, Masters of the Trade: Crafts and Craftspeople in Cairo, 1750-1850 (Le Caire, 1999, elle cherche à comprendre le parcours d’un groupe particulie...

  10. Election of the new Executive Committee: Combining continuity and renewal

    Staff Association


    In agreement with the Staff Association’s Statutes the new Staff Council elected on Tuesday, 8 December, a new President and his Executive Committee for a two-year mandate 2016–2017. Alessandro Raimondo, the only candidate for president, presented a list of delegates for an Executive Committee, which combines continuity and renewal. These are important assets to start working in early 2016 on the implementation of the decisions of the 2015 Five-Yearly Review, especially in the field of the career structure. Alessandro RAIMONDO GS President / Président Céline GROBON PH Vice-president / Vice-président Catherine LAVERRIÈRE DGS Vice-president / Vice-président Juan GARCIA PEREZ TE Treasurer / Trésorier Ghislain ROY BE Secretary / Secrétaire Sandrine BAUDAT FP Member / Membre Oliver BOETTCHER EN Member / Membre Rachel BRAY GS Member / Membre Nicolas DELRUELLE TE Member / Membre Gianni DEROMA GS Mem...

  11. Recepció de la música de Georg Friedrich Händel a la Barcelona del segle XIX

    Bonastre, Francesc


    La música de Händel sonà a Barcelona, més enllà de l’època en què va ser creada, a la recerca de l’interès cultural i artístic dels auditoris de mitjan segle XIX. L’aventura de la música händeliana a la Ciutat Comtal s’inicià el 12 de març de 1867, amb uns fragments de Rinaldo, i es va cloure a l’adveniment del segle XX, amb un repertori semblant, dirigit per Matthieu Crickboom. Les 30 obres escoltades, 20 de les quals eren vocals i 10 instrumentals, que es programaren en el transcurs de 40 a...

  12. Proceedings Types for Proofs and Programs, Revised Selected Papers

    Hirschowitz, Tom


    Types for Proofs and Programs is the annual meeting of the Types Project, whose aim is to develop the technology of formal reasoning and computer programming based on Type Theory. This is done by improving the languages and computerised tools for reasoning, and by applying the technology in several domains such as analysis of programming languages, certified software, formalisation of mathematics and mathematics education. The 2009 meeting took place in Aussois, France, and we thank the invited speakers Richard Garner, Peter Hancock, Pawe{\\l} Urzyczyn for excellent talks. The present volume consists of papers not necessarily presented at the workshop, selected by Thorsten Altenkirch, Tom Hirschowitz, Christophe Raffalli, and Alan Schmitt, with help from Matthieu Sozeau and Makarius Wenzel.

  13. Classical and Umbral Moonshine: Connections and $p$-adic Properties

    Ono, Ken; Trebat-Leder, Sarah


    The classical theory of monstrous moonshine describes the unexpected connection between the representation theory of the monster group $M$, the largest of the simple sporadic groups, and certain modular functions, called Hauptmodln. In particular, the $n$-th Fourier coefficient of Klein's $j$-function is the dimension of the grade $n$ part of a special infinite dimensional representation $V$ of the monster group. More generally the coefficients of Hauptmoduln are graded traces $T_g$ of $g \\in M$ acting on $V$. Similar phenomena have been shown to hold for the Matthieu group $M_{24}$, but instead of modular functions, mock modular forms must be used. This has been conjecturally generalized even further, to umbral moonshine, which associates to each of the 23 Niemeier lattices a finite group, infinite dimensional representation, and mock modular form. We use generalized Borcherds products to relate monstrous moonshine and umbral moonshine. Namely, we use mock modular forms from umbral moonshine to construct via...

  14. Perturbative aspects of the phase diagram of QCD with heavy quarks

    Serreau, Julien; Reinosa, Urko


    We report on recent progress in the description of the phase diagram of QCD with heavy quarks at nonzero temperature and chemical potential in the context of a modified perturbative approach. The latter is based on a simple massive extension of the QCD Lagrangian in the Landau-DeWitt gauge, the background field generalization of the Landau gauge. Here, the background field plays the role of an order parameter for the center symmetry, relevant for confinement-deconfinement transition. One-loop results in this approach give a fairly accurate description of the phase diagram both at real and imaginary chemical potential. We comment on issues related to the sign problem in continuum approaches. Based on works in collaboration with Matthieu Tissier and Nicolás Wschebor.

  15. Theater

    Staff Association


    LES TERRIENS texte et mise en scène de Claire Rengade Un spectacle inspiré de la vie du CERN ! Depuis deux ans, Claire Rengade et son équipe sont en chantier de leur prochaine création, Les Terriens, texte né d'un vagabondage au CERN (Centre Européen de Recherche Nucléaire). Omnubilée par la parole, elle propose une recherche singulière et passionnée, une forme très novatrice entre théâtre, poésie et reportage. Après une rencontre avec divers scientifiques du CERN (Ghislain Roy, Jean-Pierre Quesnel, Vincent Baglin...), Claire Rengade invente une "machine-à-regarder-comment-le-monde-est-fait". Sur fond d'accélérateur de particules, le résultat n'est pas un documentaire, c'est une fiction. Une boîte à expérimenter par l...

  16. Geological problems in radioactive waste isolation

    Witherspoon, P.A. (ed.)


    The problem of isolating radioactive wastes from the biosphere presents specialists in the fields of earth sciences with some of the most complicated problems they have ever encountered. This is especially true for high level waste (HLW) which must be isolated in the underground and away from the biosphere for thousands of years. Essentially every country that is generating electricity in nuclear power plants is faced with the problem of isolating the radioactive wastes that are produced. The general consensus is that this can be accomplished by selecting an appropriate geologic setting and carefully designing the rock repository. Much new technology is being developed to solve the problems that have been raised and there is a continuing need to publish the results of new developments for the benefit of all concerned. The 28th International Geologic Congress that was held July 9--19, 1989 in Washington, DC provided an opportunity for earth scientists to gather for detailed discussions on these problems. Workshop W3B on the subject, Geological Problems in Radioactive Waste Isolation -- A World Wide Review'' was organized by Paul A Witherspoon and Ghislain de Marsily and convened July 15--16, 1989 Reports from 19 countries have been gathered for this publication. Individual papers have been cataloged separately.

  17. 谈话和谈画%Talk about painting

    李小松; 苏文祥


    @@ 在尼泊尔靠近加德满都的一座小山的僻静处,法国思想家让·朗索瓦·勒维尔(Jean · Francois Revel)与他皈依佛教的儿子马蒂厄·里卡尔(Matthieu Ricard)展开了谈话,那意味着一场关于佛教与西方思想的碰撞;记录了孔子与弟子们的谈话,那里有正义、道德、治学……大哲学家苏格拉底(Socrates)一生没有著作,他的思想是弟子柏拉图(Plato)和色若芬(Xenophon)记下的他的谈话,并因此得以流传.不过齐泽克(Slavoj Zizek)好像不是很喜欢柏拉图的谈话,他认为那太做作.但是齐泽克也不能拒绝谈话这样的形式,正如我们是因为看到了齐泽克的谈话,才知道了齐泽克的观点.


    Stelian MANOLACHE


    Full Text Available With the message of Jesus Christ, ’For I was hungry and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me drink ... Then the righteous will answer: Lord, when did we see you hungry and we fed You? Or thirsty and we gave you drink? And the king, shall say unto them, Verly I say unto you, as you did it to one of these brothers of mine, you have done it unto me (Matthieu 25, 35-401’’, and founding the Church visibly at Pentecost, one of the constant work of the Christian Church was and is her revelation to the world of philanthropy and our neighbor. In this study, we will try to explore some of the main theoretical resorts, of the Catholic social action, respectively to decipher what, in the late period of the Western world, but also the Oreintal world, came together in the social doctrine of Ecclesia, starting from their own social thinking concepts.

  19. Tragic loss at CERN

    CERN Ski Club


    Tragic loss at CERN The CERN community is mourning the tragic loss of two members of the CERN Ski Club. On Sunday, April 12, an avalanche buried four out of five skiers, taking part in a ski touring in the region of the Becs de Bosson in Valais (CH). The fifth skier, who had not been buried in the snow,  courageously managed to save two of the skiers, but Hervé Milcent, 49 years, federal ski instructor, and Mattieu Cattin, 33 years, were buried under two to three meters of snow, far down the avalanche slope, and did not survive, despite the fast arrival of the mountain rescue. In its 40 years of existence, the CERN Ski Club, one of the biggest in the Geneva area, has never been confronted with such a tragedy. The passing of Hervé and Matthieu has deeply shocked and saddened all volunteers of the Club as well as the entire alpine community. The ski touring section of the club would like to honour its friend Hervé, who joined the club in 1998. In 2003 he became res...

  20. Club d'orientation

    Club d'orientation du CERN


    COURSE D’ORIENTATION  C’est dans la forêt d’Echallens que s’est déroulée la deuxième épreuve de la coupe genevoise samedi 10 avril. Cette épreuve organisée par le club de Lausanne-Jorat était un peu particulière puisqu’il s’agissait d’une course au score. Chaque participant devait trouver le maximum de balises placées différemment selon le circuit choisi et ceci dans un temps imparti. Les premières places ont ainsi été décrochées par : Technique long : Domenico Lepori du CARE Vevey. Technique moyen : Matthieu Hoyois aussi du club CARE Vevey. Technique court : David Cuenin. Facile moyen : Nicola Frattini. Facile court : Claire et Valent Drez. Pour le Club, il faut noter la 7e place de Lennart Jirden sur le technique long, la 5e place et...

  1. Épopée biblique entre traduction poétique et commentaire exégétique Biblical épic between poetical translation and exegetical commentary

    Anne Fraïsse


    Full Text Available L’adaptation en hexamètres dactyliques de la vie du Christ à partir de l’Évangile de Matthieu est riche d’enseignement sur les rapports de ce genre littéraire – l’épopée biblique – avec à la fois le texte biblique et la littérature païenne. On assiste à la naissance d’une poésie chrétienne qui s’adresse à un lectorat lettré, mais dans un contexte historique – sous l’empereur Constantin – dans lequel s’impose un sentiment d’allégresse triomphante de la part des chrétiens. Il s’agira ici d’étudier à travers deux passages – la préface et l’épisode de la tempête – la forme et le sens que prend le travail de ré-écriture du poète chrétien.The adaptation in dactylic hexameters of the Christ’s life from the Gospel of Matthew is rich in teaching on the connections betwen this literary genre - the biblical epic - and the biblical text and the pagan literature. We see the birth of a Christian poetry which addresses a well-read readership, but in a historic context - under the emperor Constantin - in which is a wrong feeling of triumphant enjoyment from the Christians. It will be a question here of studying through two passages - the foreword and the episode of the storm - the shape and the sense which takes the work of rewriting of the Christian poet.

  2. In vivo biodistribution and biological impact of injected carbon nanotubes using magnetic resonance techniques

    Achraf Al Faraj


    Full Text Available Achraf Al Faraj1,2, Florence Fauvelle3, Nathalie Luciani4, Ghislaine Lacroix5, Michael Levy4, Yannick Crémillieux1, Emmanuelle Canet-Soulas1Université Lyon1, Créatis-LRMN, Lyon, France; 2King Saud University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Radiological Sciences Department, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; 3CRSSA, Biophysique Cellulaire et Moléculaire, Laboratoire de RMN, La Tronche, France; 4Université Paris7-Paris Diderot, Matières et Systèmes Complexes, Paris, France; 5Institut National de l’Environnement et des Risques Industriels, Verneuil-en-Halatte, FranceBackground: Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT hold promise for applications as contrast agents and target delivery carriers in the field of nanomedicine. When administered in vivo, their biodistribution and pharmacological profile needs to be fully characterized. The tissue distribution of carbon nanotubes and their potential impact on metabolism depend on their shape, coating, and metallic impurities. Because standard radiolabeled or fluorescently-labeled pharmaceuticals are not well suited for long-term in vivo follow-up of carbon nanotubes, alternative methods are required.Methods: In this study, noninvasive in vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI investigations combined with high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS, Raman spectroscopy, iron assays, and histological analysis ex vivo were proposed and applied to assess the biodistribution and biological impact of intravenously injected pristine (raw and purified and functionalized SWCNT in a 2-week longitudinal study. Iron impurities allowed raw detection of SWCNT in vivo by susceptibility-weighted MRI.Results: A transitional accumulation in the spleen and liver was observed by MRI. Raman spectroscopy, iron assays, and histological findings confirmed the MRI readouts. Moreover, no acute toxicological effect on the liver metabolic profile was observed using the HR-MAS technique, as confirmed by quantitative real

  3. L’ange de l’Annonciation, chef de chœur dans Il Vangelo secondo Matteo de Pasolini

    Sandra Gorgievski


    Full Text Available Médiateur par excellence entre le divin et le terrestre, l’ange – et l’épisode biblique de l’Annonciation en particulier, stimulent l’imaginaire contemporain, le mystère de l’incarnation ne pouvant être représenté mais figuré. S’appuyant sur le monde de références du spectateur – des textes source aux thèmes iconographiques médiévaux et renaissants (par exemple Giotto, Fra Angelico, Limbourg, del Cossa, Crivelli, della Francesca, L’Évangile selon saint Matthieu de Pasolini a principalement recours au son. De la musique sacrée (Bach, Misa Luba, Negro Spiritual et profane (Mozart, Prokofiev, Blind Willie Johnson aux chœurs qui fonctionnent comme des voix over, le film fait ‘entendre’ la présence angélique au spectateur. L’hybridité même des codes cinématographiques interroge le statut de l’image, tout en évoquant la présence immanente de l’ange –métaphore de l’indicible et l’inintelligible.Arch-mediator between the divine and the mundane, the angelic icon - and the Biblical episode of the Annunciation in particular - stimulate the contemporary imagination, as the mystery of the incarnation itself cannot be represented, but rather figured. Relying on the viewer’s world of references – from Biblical texts to Medieval and Renaissance iconography (Giotto, Fra Angelico, Limbourg, del Cossa, Crivelli, della Francesca among others, Pasolini also extensively resorts to sound in his Gospel According to St. Matthew. The film seeks to allow the viewer ‘hear’ angels, from sacred music (Bach, Misa Luba, Negro Spiritual, profane music (Mozart, Prokofiev, Blind Willie Johnson to choirs used as voice over. Hybrid cinematic devices question the status of images while they evoke the immanent presence of angels – metaphorically the unspeakable and unintelligible.

  4. Ustekinumab in chronic immune-mediated diseases: a review of long term safety and patient improvement

    Toussirot E


    Full Text Available Éric Toussirot,1–4 Fabrice Michel,5 Matthieu Béreau,6 Delphine Binda1,7 1Clinical Investigation Center – Biotherapy CBT-506, University Hospital of Besançon, Besançon, France; 2Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital of Besançon, Besançon, France; 3Department of Therapeutics, University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France; 4Equipe d'Acceuil 4266 Pathogens and Inflammation, Structure Fédérative de Recherche–Fédération de Recherche 4234, University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France; 5Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Hospital of Besançon, Besançon, France; 6Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Besançon, Besançon, France; 7Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Unité Mixte de Recherche 1098, Blood Transfusion Center, Besançon, France Abstract: Ustekinumab is a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting the common p40 subunit shared by interleukin (IL-12 and IL-23. Ustekinumab prevents the interaction of IL-12 and IL-23 with their cell surface receptors, and thus blocks T helper (Th-1 IL-12 and Th-17 IL-23 inflammatory pathways. Ustekinumab has been evaluated in the treatment of various chronic immune-mediated diseases including, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, Crohn's disease, and multiple sclerosis. It led to a rapid and durable improvement in psoriasis area and severity index in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. Ustekinumab also improved joint symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. Results in Crohn's disease were more mitigated, albeit with a symptomatic improvement in patients refractory to tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitors. Ustekinumab did not reduce the number of magnetic resonance imaging brain lesions in multiple sclerosis. The most common adverse events to have been observed during clinical trials are mild in intensity, and include respiratory tract infections, nasopharyngitis, headaches, and injection site reactions. A pooled analysis of

  5. Proteomic analysis revealed alterations of the Plasmodium falciparum metabolism following salicylhydroxamic acid exposure

    Torrentino-Madamet M


    Full Text Available Marylin Torrentino-Madamet1, Lionel Almeras2, Christelle Travaillé1, Véronique Sinou1, Matthieu Pophillat3, Maya Belghazi4, Patrick Fourquet3, Yves Jammes5, Daniel Parzy11UMR-MD3, Université de la Méditerranée, Antenne IRBA de Marseille (IMTSSA, Le Pharo, 2Unité de Recherche en Biologie et Epidémiologie Parasitaires, Antenne IRBA de Marseille (IMTSSA, Le Pharo, 3Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille Luminy, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Université de la Méditerranée, 4Centre d'Analyse Protéomique de Marseille, Institut Fédératif de Recherche Jean Roche, Faculté de Médecine Nord, 5UMR-MD2, Physiologie et Physiopathologie en Conditions d'Oxygénations Extrêmes, Institut Fédératif de Recherche Jean Roche, Faculté de Médecine Nord, Marseille, FranceObjectives: Although human respiratory metabolism is characterized by the mitochondrial electron transport chain, some organisms present a “branched respiratory chain.” This branched pathway includes both a classical and an alternative respiratory chain. The latter involves an alternative oxidase. Though the Plasmodium falciparum alternative oxidase is not yet identified, a specific inhibitor of this enzyme, salicylhydroxamic acid (SHAM, showed a drug effect on P. falciparum respiratory function using oxygen consumption measurements. The present study aimed to highlight the metabolic pathways that are affected in P. falciparum following SHAM exposure.Design: A proteomic approach was used to analyze the P. falciparum proteome and determine the metabolic pathways altered following SHAM treatment. To evaluate the SHAM effect on parasite growth, the phenotypic alterations of P. falciparum after SHAM or/and hyperoxia exposure were observed.Results: After SHAM exposure, 26 proteins were significantly deregulated using a fluorescent two dimensional-differential gel electrophoresis. Among these deregulated proteins

  6. Laboratory and numerical simulation of internal wave attractors and their instability.

    Brouzet, Christophe; Dauxois, Thierry; Ermanyuk, Evgeny; Joubaud, Sylvain; Sibgatullin, Ilias


    .-P. A., Geometric focusing of internal waves. J. Fluid Mech, 1995,. 300, 1-41 L. R. M. Maas, D. Benielli, J. Sommeria, and F.-P. A. Lam, Nature (London) 388, 557 (1997). 2. Dauxois, Thierry; Young, W., Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 1999, vol. 390, Issue 01, p.271-295 3. Grisouard, N., Staquet, C., Pairaud, I., 2008, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 614, 1 4. Scolan, H., Ermanyuk, E., Dauxois, T., 2013, Physical Review Letters, 110, 234501 5. Mercier, Matthieu J.; Garnier, Nicolas B.; Dauxois, Thierry Reflection and diffraction of internal waves analyzed with the Hilbert transform Physics of Fluids, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp. 086601-086601-10 (2008).

  7. A first-in-man study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of pasireotide (SOM230, a multireceptor-targeted somatostatin analog, in healthy volunteers

    Golor G


    Full Text Available Georg Golor1, Ke Hu2, Matthieu Ruffin3, Alexandra Buchelt3, Emmanuel Bouillaud3, Yanfeng Wang2, Mario Maldonado31Parexel International GmbH, Berlin, Germany; 2Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, NJ, USA; 3Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, SwitzerlandAbstract: Pasireotide (SOM230 is a multireceptor-targeted somatostatin analog with high binding affinity for four of the five somatostatin receptor subtypes (sst1,2,3 and sst5, and potential clinical activity in several neuroendocrine and oncologic conditions, including acromegaly, Cushing’s disease, and neuroendocrine tumors (NET. This manuscript reports the first-in-man dose-escalation study of pasireotide, evaluating its safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics (PK in healthy male volunteers. A single dose of pasireotide 1–1200 µg was administered subcutaneously in four to eight subjects per dose level, with two additional subjects per cohort administered placebo. PK and safety evaluations were carried out over 7 days post-dose. Growth hormone (GH suppression was evaluated using a GH-releasing hormone stimulation test on Day –1 and Day 1 at 3–5 hours post-injection. Seventy-two subjects completed the study. Pasireotide was well tolerated with no serious adverse events observed at any dose. Transient elevations in blood glucose levels were observed 2–6 hours after administration of pasireotide at doses between 200 µg and 1200 µg, but this resolved without intervention by 23 hours post-dosing. The maximum tolerable dose was not established within the tested range. Pasireotide demonstrated a favorable PK profile with fast absorption (tmax: 0.25–0.5 hours, low clearance (CL/F: 8–13 L/hour, long effective elimination half-life (mean t½,ß: 7–11 hours, and a proportional dose-exposure relationship. GH suppression of 79%–96% was observed at single pasireotide doses between 200 µg and 1200 µg. In conclusion, pasireotide demonstrated favorable safety, tolerability, and PK profiles

  8. Obituary: Robert Mowbray Walker, 1929-2004

    Schoenherr, Neil T.


    Robert M. Walker, PhD, Professor of Physics in Arts & Sciences and a faculty fellow of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, died of stomach cancer Thursday, 12 February 2004, in Brussels, Belgium. He was 75. Walker worked on the frontiers of space research for more than four decades. Robert Walker was born in Philadelphia on 6 February 1929. His mother was Dorothy Potter and he considered Roger Potter his father though he was not his biological father. His early years were spent in New York City and in upstate New York. He attended the Bronx High School of Science, earned his BS in physics from Union College and in 1954, he received his PhD in particle physics from Yale University. He subsequently joined the General Electric Laboratory in Schenectady, New York where he studied the radiation effects in solids. His work on defects in irradiated copper is still regarded as the definitive work on the topic. In the early 1960s, Walker's discovery of fossil nuclear particle tracks in minerals was instrumental to new developments in geo-chronology and cosmic ray physics. In particular, his discovery of tracks from nuclei heavier than iron opened a new frontier of cosmic ray physics. He subsequently pioneered the use of plastics to detect and count such nuclei in cosmic ray balloon flights. Beginning in 1966, when he moved to Washington University and became the first McDonnell Professor of Physics, his research interests turned more toward space physics. He was the inaugural director of the McDonnell Center, which was established in 1975 by a gift from aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell. Walker was a member of the NASA committee that allocated samples of the first returned lunar materials, and his laboratory led the way in deciphering their record of lunar, solar system and galactic evolution. Together with Ghislaine Crozaz and other colleagues, Walker made path breaking laboratory studies of the first moon rocks revealing the history of solar radiation and

  9. Contribution of terrigenous rocks of South Belgian coal deposits in geological storage of CO2 : the sandstones case

    Dupont, N.; Baele, J.-M.


    were performed on forty rock samples in order to determine their mineral compositions and petrophysical properties. Mineral compositions were determined by light and cathodoluminescence petrography (CL), XRD, SEM, EDS and TOC. Effective porosity and permeability were measured by lab tests on cylindrical core samples. Effective porosities measured in sandstones is ranging between 1.5% and 6% with an average of 3.5%, which is nearly twice the value taken in the previous capacity evaluation. The neutron porosity log of the Saint-Ghislain borehole yields porosity values ranging between 5 and 20% of limestone-equivalent porosity; these values suggest higher in-situ porosity, likely due to fractures in the coal measures. Permeability was estimated from lab permeameter tests to a few milli-darcies. Nevertheless this value, which is fairly low for a conventional reservoir, is higher than that of other Westphalian lithologies. Like porosity, in-situ permeability is expected to be higher. Westphalian sandstones mineral compositions shows mainly quartz, feldspars, clay minerals, coal grains that are cemented by either quartz overgrowth or a matrix consisting of fine detrital (mainly clays) and alteration minerals (authigenic carbonates, pyrite, and clays). These results are comparable to investigations of Westphalian C and D sandstones of North Belgium (Bertier et al., 2006). In the case of Westphalian sandstones, it was observed that the effective porosity is essentially located within this fine-grained matrix, explaining their weak permeability. Results from this study show other promising insights for the sequestration of CO2 within Westphalian sandstones of South Belgium. Carbonate minerals, which occur with 2% vol. in average, could significantly increase the porosity and especially the permeability, due to their dissolution by water acidification caused by CO2 injection. Adsorption onto coal fragments and clay minerals in the sandstones has an estimated sequestration

  10. Mathieu de la Porte e a Ciência dos negociantes (1704 = Mathieu de la Porte and the book La Science des Negocians, 1704

    Hernâni O. Carqueja


    , destacan, entre otras cosas, la prolongada serie de ediciones de este libro, la claridad y esquematización de su exposición, la presentación de libros de contabilidad o la clarificación de los procedimientos para el cierre y la reapertura de cuentas y, en particular su contribución a la clasificación y a la ordenación de las cuentas.These notes are based on the survey of the observations of accredited authors and on the analysis of the book “LA SCIENCE DES NEGOCIANS ET TENEURS DE LIVRES, ou Instruction GENERALE pour ce qui se pratique dans les Comptoirs des Negocians, tant pour les affaires de Banque, que pour les Marchandises; & chez les Financiers pour les Comptes”. The first edition of this book in French was in 1704, and then it had reprints and reeditions until after 1800. The defined task is to explain the contribution of Mathieu de la Porte for the improvement and spread of the doubled entries and, especially, to register the influence in Portugal, and the borrowing of several pages in “Tratado sobre as Partidas Dobradas”, in Portuguese, edited in Turim, 1764. The influence of this author in Spain, France, and in the Italian Peninsula, is recognized respectively by Hernández Esteve (1996:548 by Anne Fortin (1998:259 and Vlaemminck (1956:131 to 132. In the accounting literature, in not Latin languages, it is not so emphatic the recognition of the influence of Matthieu de la Porte, though it is recognized, for example, in Germany by Dieter Schneider (1998: 278. The publication, in Portugal, of the “Guia de Negociantes ou Novo Tratado sobre os Livros de Contas em Partidas Dobradas”, in 1794, which is a translation of a previous book of “Mr. De la Porte” with the first publication in 1685; the quotation, a reference to justify the authorization of publication of the “Mercador Exacto” of João Baptista Bonavie, of an edition, in 1741, of “Mr. De la Porte”; the fact that many paragraphs of the “Tratado sobre as Partidas Dobradas