Sample records for making die structural

  1. What contribution can the gas infrastructure make to the energy transition?; Welchen Beitrag kann die Gasinfrastruktur fuer die Energiewende leisten?

    Bothe, David; Janssen, Matthias; Poel, Sander van der [Frontier Economics, Koeln (Germany); and others


    In the long term, the sector coupling will convert other areas of consumption such as heat and transport to purely renewable energy sources. A model-based analysis of system costs across all stages of the value chain shows that the existing gas infrastructure in particular can make an important contribution to achieving a comprehensive energy turnaround at low cost. Preserving the gas networks in connection with the use of green gas as a further end energy carrier in addition to electricity leads to significantly lower overall costs than a comprehensive electrification of all end applications. This can also help overcome acceptance problems. [German] Mit der Sektorkopplung werden langfristig weitere Verbrauchsbereiche wie Waerme und Verkehr auf rein erneuerbare Energiequellen umgestellt. Eine modellgestuetzte Analyse der Systemkosten ueber alle Wertschoepfungsstufen hinweg zeigt, dass insbesondere die vorhandene Gasinfrastruktur einen wichtigen Beitrag leisten kann, eine umfassende Energiewende kostenguenstig zu erreichen. Ein Erhalt der Gasnetze in Verbindung mit der Nutzung von Gruenem Gas als weiterem Endenergietraeger neben Strom fuehrt zu deutlich niedrigeren Gesamtkosten als eine umfassende Elektrifizierung aller Endanwendungen. Zudem kann dies helfen, Akzeptanzprobleme zu ueberwinden.

  2. Dying cancer patients talk about physician and patient roles in DNR decision making.

    Eliott, Jaklin A; Olver, Ian


    Within medical and bioethical discourse, there are many models depicting the relationships between, and roles of, physician and patient in medical decision making. Contestation similarly exists over the roles of physician and patient with regard to the decision not to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) following cardiac arrest [the do-not-resuscitate or do-not-resuscitate (DNR) decision], but there is little analysis of patient perspectives. Analyse what patients with cancer within weeks before dying say about the decision to forego CPR and the roles of patient and physician in this decision. Discursive analysis of qualitative data gathered during semi-structured interviews with 28 adult cancer patients close to death and attending palliative or oncology clinics of an Australian teaching hospital. Participants' descriptions of appropriate patient or physician roles in decisions about CPR appeared related to how they conceptualized the decision: as a personal or a medical issue, with patient and doctor respectively identified as appropriate decision makers; or alternatively, both medical and personal, with various roles assigned embodying different versions of a shared decision-making process. Participants' endorsement of physicians as decision makers rested upon physicians' enactment of the rational, knowledgeable and compassionate expert, which legitimized entrusting them to make the DNR decision. Where this was called into question, physicians were positioned as inappropriate decision makers. When patients' and physicians' understandings of the best decision, or of the preferred role of either party, diverge, conflict may ensue. In order to elicit and negotiate with patient preferences, flexibility is required during clinical interactions about decision making. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  3. Optimum stamping die structure based on analytical method of die deformation during draw process; Seikei katei no kanagata henkei kaiseki ni motozuku, press kanagata kozo no saitekika

    Nakahara, T; Tamai, H [Mazda Motor Corp., Hiroshima (Japan)


    We measured an actual deformation and pressure distribution in draw process of bending cam, and analyzed deformation process of die structure, in order to eliminate adjusting work considering die deformation by stamping force. We studied die structure improvement with simulation based on analytical method. This report describes a sample of die structure improvement based on a simulation and actual measurement. 1 ref., 11 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Uncovering the decision-making work of transferring dying patients home from critical care units: An integrative review.

    Lin, Yanxia; Myall, Michelle; Jarrett, Nikki


    To understand how decisions are made to transfer dying patients home from critical care units. Many people prefer a home death, but a high proportion die in critical care units. Transferring dying patients home is recognized to be complex but transfer decision-making itself remains unclear. Integrative review. Seven bibliographic databases (origin-2015), grey literature and reference lists were searched. An integrative review method was used to synthesize data from diverse sources. Papers were selected through title and abstract screening and full-text reviewing, using inclusion and exclusion criteria derived from review questions. Following quality appraisal, data were extracted and synthesized using normalization process theory as a framework. The number of patients transferred home ranged from 1-346, with most papers reporting on the transfer of one or two patients. Four themes regarding transfer decision-making work were generated: divergent views and practice, multiple stakeholders' involvement in decision-making, collective work and limited understanding of individuals' experiences. The practice of transferring patients home to die and its decision-making varies internationally and is usually influenced by the care system, culture or religion. It is less common to transfer patients home to die from critical care units in western societies. A better understanding of the decision-making work was obtained but mainly from the perspective of hospital-based healthcare professionals. Further research is needed to develop decision-making practice guidance to facilitate patients' wishes to die at home. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Structural changes of radial forging die surface during service under thermo-mechanical fatigue

    Nematzadeh, Fardin; Akbarpour, Mohammad Reza; Kokabi, Amir Hosein; Sadrnezhaad, Seyed Khatiboleslam


    Radial forging is one of the modern open die forging techniques and has a wide application in producing machine parts. During operation at high temperatures, severe temperature change associated with mechanical loads and the resultant wearing of the die surface lead to intense variation in strain on the die surface. Therefore, under this operating condition, thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) occurs on the surface of the radial forging die. TMF decreases the life of the die severely. In the present research, different layers were deposited on a 1.2714 steel die by SMAW and GTAW, with a weld wire of UDIMET 520. The microstructure of the radial forging die surface was investigated during welding and service using an optical microscope and scanning electron microscope. The results revealed that, after welding, the structure of the radial forging die surface includes the γ matrix with a homogeneous distribution of fine semi-spherical carbides. The weld structure consisted mostly of columnar dendrites with low grain boundaries. Also, microstructural investigation of the die surface during operation showed that the weld structure of the die surface has remained without any considerable change. Only dendrites were deformed and broken. Moreover, grain boundaries of the dendrites were revealed during service.

  6. Structured decision making: Chapter 5

    Runge, Michael C.; Grand, James B.; Mitchell, Michael S.; Krausman, Paul R.; Cain, James W. III


    Wildlife management is a decision-focused discipline. It needs to integrate traditional wildlife science and social science to identify actions that are most likely to achieve the array of desires society has surrounding wildlife populations. Decision science, a vast field with roots in economics, operations research, and psychology, offers a rich set of tools to help wildlife managers frame, decompose, analyze, and synthesize their decisions. The nature of wildlife management as a decision science has been recognized since the inception of the field, but formal methods of decision analysis have been underused. There is tremendous potential for wildlife management to grow further through the use of formal decision analysis. First, the wildlife science and human dimensions of wildlife disciplines can be readily integrated. Second, decisions can become more efficient. Third, decisions makers can communicate more clearly with stakeholders and the public. Fourth, good, intuitive wildlife managers, by explicitly examining how they make decisions, can translate their art into a science that is readily used by the next generation.

  7. Influence of the supporting die structures on the fracture strength of all-ceramic materials.

    Yucel, Munir Tolga; Yondem, Isa; Aykent, Filiz; Eraslan, Oğuz


    This study investigated the influence of the elastic modulus of supporting dies on the fracture strengths of all-ceramic materials used in dental crowns. Four different types of supporting die materials (dentin, epoxy resin, brass, and stainless steel) (24 per group) were prepared using a milling machine to simulate a mandibular molar all-ceramic core preparation. A total number of 96 zirconia cores were fabricated using a CAD/CAM system. The specimens were divided into two groups. In the first group, cores were cemented to substructures using a dual-cure resin cement. In the second group, cores were not cemented to the supporting dies. The specimens were loaded using a universal testing machine at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min until fracture occurred. Data were statistically analyzed using two-way analysis of variance and Tukey HSD tests (α = 0.05). The geometric models of cores and supporting die materials were developed using finite element method to obtain the stress distribution of the forces. Cemented groups showed statistically higher fracture strength values than non-cemented groups. While ceramic cores on stainless steel dies showed the highest fracture strength values, ceramic cores on dentin dies showed the lowest fracture strength values among the groups. The elastic modulus of the supporting die structure is a significant factor in determining the fracture resistance of all-ceramic crowns. Using supporting die structures that have a low elastic modulus may be suitable for fracture strength tests, in order to accurately reflect clinical conditions.

  8. Making death 'good': instructional tales for dying in newspaper accounts of Jade Goody's death.

    Frith, Hannah; Raisborough, Jayne; Klein, Orly


    Facilitating a 'good' death is a central goal for hospices and palliative care organisations. The key features of such a death include an acceptance of death, an open awareness of and communication about death, the settling of practical and interpersonal business, the reduction of suffering and pain, and the enhancement of autonomy, choice and control. Yet deaths are inherently neither good nor bad; they require cultural labour to be 'made over' as good. Drawing on media accounts of the controversial death of UK reality television star Jade Goody, and building on existing analyses of her death, we examine how cultural discourses actively work to construct deaths as good or bad and to position the dying and those witnessing their death as morally accountable. By constructing Goody as bravely breaking social taboos by openly acknowledging death, by contextualising her dying as occurring at the end of a life well lived and by emphasising biographical continuity and agency, newspaper accounts serve to position themselves as educative rather than exploitative, and readers as information-seekers rather than ghoulishly voyeuristic. We argue that popular culture offers moral instruction in dying well which resonates with the messages from palliative care. © 2012 The Authors. Sociology of Health & Illness © 2012 Foundation for the Sociology of Health & Illness/Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  9. Structure and Style in Career Decision Making.

    Kortas, Linda; And Others


    The Career Decision Scale, Assessment of Career Decision Making, and Cognitive Differentiation Grid were administered to 598 community college students. Results indicated a relationship between decision-making styles and vocational construct structure. Poorly developed vocational schemas predispose individuals toward dependent and intuitive…

  10. What makes a crystal structure report valid?

    Spek, Anthony L.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/156517566


    Single crystal X-ray crystallography has developed into a unique, highly automated and accessible tool to obtain detailed information on molecular structures. Proper archival makes that referees, readers and users of the results of reported crystal structures no longer need to depend solely on the

  11. Multi criteria decision making of machining parameters for Die Sinking EDM Process

    G. K. Bose


    Full Text Available Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM is one of the most basic non-conventional machining processes for production of complex geometries and process of hard materials, which are difficult to machine by conventional process. It is capable of machining geometrically complex or hard material components, that are precise and difficult-to-machine such as heat-treated tool steels, composites, super alloys, ceramics, carbides, heat resistant steels etc. The present study is focusing on the die sinking electric discharge machining (EDM of AISI H 13, W.-Nr. 1.2344 Grade: Ovar Supreme for finding out the effect of machining parameters such as discharge current (GI, pulse on time (POT, pulse off time (POF and spark gap (SG on performance response like Material removal rate (MRR, Surface Roughness (Ra & Overcut (OC using Square-shaped Cu tool with Lateral flushing. A well-designed experimental scheme is used to reduce the total number of experiments. Parts of the experiment are conducted with the L9 orthogonal array based on the Taguchi methodology and significant process parameters are identified using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA. It is found that MRR is affected by gap current & Ra is affected by pulse on time. Moreover, the signal-to-noise ratios associated with the observed values in the experiments are determined by which factor is most affected by the responses of MRR, Ra and OC. These experimental data are further investigated using Grey Relational Analysis to optimize multiple performances in which different levels combination of the factors are ranked based on grey relational grade. The analysis reveals that substantial improvement in machining performance takes place following this technique.

  12. Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of Die Steel 70Kh3G2FTR

    Krylova, S. E.; Kletsova, O. A.; Gryzunov, V. I.; Fot, A. P.; Tavtilov, I. Sh.


    The effect of heat treatment parameters on the properties and structural and phase composition of a promising die steel 70Kh3G2FTR for hot deformation is studied. The temperature-and-stress state of a hammer die under a heat treatment is simulated.

  13. The dose makes the poison. Even for radiation; Die Dosis macht das Gift. Auch bei Strahlenbelastung

    Langeheine, Juergen


    The dose makes the poison, a quote by Paracelsus a doctor who lived half a millennium ago, is still valid today. Nevertheless this general accepted fact is being excluded in relation to ionizing radiation, which is wrongly considered as radioactive radiation. Here applies the LNT-Hypothesis (Linear No Threshold), agreed on by the ICRP, the Commission on Radiological Protection, a dose-to-effect relationship, which is based on the EU directives and the German Radiation Protection Ordinance. The LNT-hypothesis states, that even every smallest dose of radiation already provides a potentiality of danger and was introduced as precaution assuming that self-healing mechanisms even through weak radiation of damaged cells can be excluded and every damage caused by radiation inevitably leads to cell mutation and with it to cancer development. Without any further knowledge assumptions were made, that the same mechanism for cancer development applies for high and small doses. This assumption turned out to be wrong, as it is increasingly reported on findings which show, that smaller doses of ionized radiation demonstrably does not cause any damage, but on the contrary can even be healthy.

  14. A process chain for integrating piezoelectric transducers into aluminum die castings to generate smart lightweight structures

    Stefan Stein

    Full Text Available The application of piezoelectric transducers to structural body parts of machines or vehicles enables the combination of passive mechanical components with sensor and actuator functions in one single structure. According to Herold et al. [1] and Staeves [2] this approach indicates significant potential regarding smart lightweight construction. To obtain the highest yield, the piezoelectric transducers need to be integrated into the flux of forces (load path of load bearing structures. Application in a downstream process reduces yield and process efficiency during manufacturing and operation, due to the necessity of a subsequent process step of sensor/actuator application. The die casting process offers the possibility for integration of piezoelectric transducers into metal structures. Aluminum castings are particularly favorable due to their high quality and feasibility for high unit production at low cost (Brunhuber [3], Nogowizin [4]. Such molded aluminum parts with integrated piezoelectric transducers enable functions like active vibration damping, structural health monitoring or energy harvesting resulting in significant possibilities of weight reduction, which is an increasingly important driving force of automotive and aerospace industry (Klein [5], Siebenpfeiffer [6] due to increasingly stringent environmental protection laws. In the scope of those developments, this paper focuses on the entire process chain enabling the generation of lightweight metal structures with sensor and actuator function, starting from the manufacturing of piezoelectric modules over electrical and mechanical bonding to the integration of such modules into aluminum (Al matrices by die casting. To achieve this challenging goal, piezoceramic sensors/actuator modules, so-called LTCC/PZT modules (LPM were developed, since ceramic based piezoelectric modules are more likely to withstand the thermal stress of about 700 °C introduced by the casting process (Flössel et

  15. The Structural Reforms of the Chinese Statistical System Die Strukturreformen des chinesischen Statistiksystems

    Günter Moser


    Full Text Available The quality of statistical data covering the economic and social development of the People’s Republic of China has been questioned by international and national data users for years. The reasons for this doubt lie mainly in the structure of the Chinese system of statistics. Two parallel systems exist which operate largely autonomously: the national system of statistics and the sectoral system of statistics. In the area of the national statistical system, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS has the authority to order and collect statistics. This competence lies with the ministries and authorities below the ministerial level. This article describes and analyses these structures, the resulting problems, and the reform measures taken to date. It also aims to provide a better understanding of the statistical data about the People’s Republic of China and to enable an assessment of them within a changing structural context. In conclusion, approaches to further reforms will be provided based on the author’s long-standing experience in cooperation projects with the official Chinese statistics agencies. Die Qualität der Statistiken zur ökonomischen und sozialen Entwicklung in der Volksrepublik China ist in letzter Zeit sowohl von ausländischen wie auch von einheimischen Nutzern der Daten in Frage gestellt worden. Die Gründe dafür liegen vor allem in der Struktur des Erhebungssystems in China.

  16. die rol van die unieverdedigingsmag in die onderdrukking van die

    agv regeringsoptrede nie.39. Siotsom. In die geskiedenis van die Unieverdedigings- mag word die gebeure random die 1914-staking oorskadu deur die Rebellie en Suid-Afrika se deelname aan die Eerste Wereldoorlog. Tog was dit 'n belangrike mylpaal in die geskiedenis van die organisasie, omdat dit sy eerste optrede ...

  17. The EU electricity production structure requires a differentiated energy policy; Die Stromerzeugungsstruktur der EU erfordert eine differenzierte Energiepolitik



    For the electricity production of the EU there are differentiated structures which are based on different natural conditions, political decisions and investments of past decades. It has long been struggled committed to the ''one and correct'' energy policy. But precisely because of the differences in the individual countries, a unified energy and climate policy for the EU is not the right way. Diversity is a strength, which quite the EU Commission considered. Increased understanding of the specifics in other countries should just apply the German politics and the public that all too often judges from their own perspective. [German] Bei der Stromerzeugung in der EU bestehen differenzierte Strukturen, die auf unterschiedlichen natuerlichen Gegebenheiten, politischen Entscheidungen und Investitionen vergangener Jahrzehnte beruhen. Seit langem wird engagiert um die ''eine und richtige'' Energiepolitik gerungen. Doch gerade wegen der Unterschiede in den einzelnen Laendern kann eine vereinheitlichte Energie- und Klimapolitik fuer die EU nicht der richtige Weg sein. Vielfalt ist eine Staerke, was die EU-Kommission durchaus beruecksichtigt. Mehr Verstaendnis fuer die Spezifika in anderen Laendern sollte daher gerade die deutsche Politik und Oeffentlichkeit aufbringen, die allzu oft aus eigener Perspektive heraus urteilt.

  18. A process chain for integrating piezoelectric transducers into aluminum die castings to generate smart lightweight structures

    Stein, Stefan; Wedler, Jonathan; Rhein, Sebastian; Schmidt, Michael; Körner, Carolin; Michaelis, Alexander; Gebhardt, Sylvia

    The application of piezoelectric transducers to structural body parts of machines or vehicles enables the combination of passive mechanical components with sensor and actuator functions in one single structure. According to Herold et al. [1] and Staeves [2] this approach indicates significant potential regarding smart lightweight construction. To obtain the highest yield, the piezoelectric transducers need to be integrated into the flux of forces (load path) of load bearing structures. Application in a downstream process reduces yield and process efficiency during manufacturing and operation, due to the necessity of a subsequent process step of sensor/actuator application. The die casting process offers the possibility for integration of piezoelectric transducers into metal structures. Aluminum castings are particularly favorable due to their high quality and feasibility for high unit production at low cost (Brunhuber [3], Nogowizin [4]). Such molded aluminum parts with integrated piezoelectric transducers enable functions like active vibration damping, structural health monitoring or energy harvesting resulting in significant possibilities of weight reduction, which is an increasingly important driving force of automotive and aerospace industry (Klein [5], Siebenpfeiffer [6]) due to increasingly stringent environmental protection laws. In the scope of those developments, this paper focuses on the entire process chain enabling the generation of lightweight metal structures with sensor and actuator function, starting from the manufacturing of piezoelectric modules over electrical and mechanical bonding to the integration of such modules into aluminum (Al) matrices by die casting. To achieve this challenging goal, piezoceramic sensors/actuator modules, so-called LTCC/PZT modules (LPM) were developed, since ceramic based piezoelectric modules are more likely to withstand the thermal stress of about 700 °C introduced by the casting process (Flössel et al., [7]). The

  19. Ultrafast re-structuring of the electronic landscape of transparent dielectrics: new material states (Die-Met)

    Gamaly, E. G.; Rode, A. V.


    Swift excitation of transparent dielectrics by ultrashort and highly intense laser pulse leads to ultra-fast re-structuring of the electronic landscape and generates many transient material states, which are continuously reshaped in accord with the changing pulse intensity. These unconventional transient material states, which exhibit simultaneously both dielectric and metallic properties, we termed here as the `Die-Met' states. The excited material is transparent and conductive at the same time. The real part of permittivity of the excited material changes from positive to negative values with the increase of excitation, which affects strongly the interaction process during the laser pulse. When the incident field has a component along the permittivity gradient, the amplitude of the field increases resonantly near the point of zero permittivity, which dramatically changes the interaction mode and increases absorption in a way that is similar to the resonant absorption in plasma. The complex 3D structure of the permittivity makes a transparent part of the excited dielectric (at ɛ 0 > ɛ re > 0) optically active. The electro-magnetic wave gets a twisted trajectory and accrues the geometric phase while passing through such a medium. Both the phase and the rotation of the polarisation plane depend on the 3D permittivity structure. Measuring the transmission, polarisation and the phase of the probe beam allows one to quantitatively identify these new transient states. We discuss the revelations of this effect in different experimental situations and their possible applications.

  20. Die binding van die konfessie

    P. J. Coetzee


    Full Text Available Ons moet waak teen twee uiterstes. Aan die een kant het die dogma as onversoenlike vyand die dogmatisme en aan die ander kant die antidogmatisme — dit hou enersyds die gevaar in van verabsolutering (oorskatting, en ander- syds die gevaar van relativisme (onderskatting.

  1. Die Region braucht die Kultur - die Kultur braucht die Region

    Klemm, Ulrich


    Die Region braucht die Kultur - die Kultur braucht die Region. - In: Region in Aktion - oder: Region im Abseits? - Boxberg-Wölchingen : Eigenständige Regionalentwicklung Baden-Württemberg, 1995. - S. 25 f.

  2. Die nabyheid van die Koninkryk

    W.J. Snyman


    Full Text Available Vanweë die belangrikheid daarvan volg hier ’n breër bespreking van die proefskrif van dr. Tjaart van der Walt oor die nabyheid van die Koninkryk as wat in ’n gewone resensie kan geskied. Die vraagstuk wat onder oë gesien word is so oud as die kerk en die teologie, soms minder en soms meer op die voorgrond. Tans kan gesê word, staan dit in die middelpunt. Daarby is dit nie maar ’n akademiese vraagstuk nie, maar ’n vraagstuk waarvoor elke nadenkende leser van die Skrif te staan kom.

  3. Optical feedback structures and methods of making



    An optical resonator can include an optical feedback structure disposed on a substrate, and a composite including a matrix including a chromophore. The composite disposed on the substrate and in optical communication with the optical feedback structure. The chromophore can be a semiconductor nanocrystal. The resonator can provide laser emission when excited.

  4. Finite Element Analysis and Die Design of Non-specific Engineering Structure of Aluminum Alloy during Extrusion

    Chen, D.-C.; Lu, Y.-Y.


    Aluminum extension applies to industrial structure, light load, framework rolls and conveyer system platform. Many factors must be controlled in processing the non-specific engineering structure (hollow shape) of the aluminum alloy during extrusion, to obtain the required plastic strain and desired tolerance values. The major factors include the forming angle of the die and temperature of billet and various materials. This paper employs rigid-plastic finite element (FE) DEFORM 3D software to investigate the plastic deformation behavior of an aluminum alloy (A6061, A5052, A3003) workpiece during extrusion for the engineering structure of the aluminum alloy. This work analyzes effective strain, effective stress, damage and die radius load distribution of the billet under various conditions. The analytical results confirm the suitability of the current finite element software for the non-specific engineering structure of aluminum alloy extrusion.

  5. Die topkwark

    R. Tegen


    Full Text Available ’n Oorsig van die belangrikheid van die onlangs ontdekte topkwark by Fermilab in Chicago word gegee. Daar word aangetnon dat die topkwark belangrik is in fisika van die Oerknal, oftewel "Big Bang", en in die Standaard Model van Elementêredeeltjie-fisika. Toepaslike literatuur vir verdere studie kan van die lys van verwysings in hierdie kort, nietegniese artikel, nagegaan word.

  6. Simple die pressing for making artificial holes in single-grain Gd1.5Ba2Cu3O7−y superconductors

    Kim, K-M; Park, S-D; Jun, B-H; Kim, C-J; Ko, T K


    The presence of artificial holes in single-grain REBa 2 Cu 3 O 7−y (RE123, RE: rare-earth elements) bulk superconductors can facilitate oxygen diffusion into superconducting grains through the increased surface area. In addition to the enhancement of oxygen diffusion, the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of bulk superconductors can be improved by filling holes with a metallic conductive phase. This study presents a new and simple hole-making process for single-grain RE123 bulk superconductors. Artificial holes 3 or 5 mm in diameter were made for Gd 1.5 Ba 2 Cu 3 O 7−y (Gd1.5) powder compacts prior to the sintering/melt growth process using specially designed pressing dies. The die pressing neither induced cracking in powder compacts nor influenced thermal procedures for the Gd123 growth. Single-grain Gd1.5 bulk superconductors with holes were successfully fabricated by a top-seeded melt growth (TSMG) process using Gd1.5 powder compacts with holes. The die pressing was proven as a time-saving process in comparison with the conventional method which makes holes in sintered or melt-processed hard bodies by mechanical drilling. The detailed fabrication process of single-grain Gd1.5 bulk superconductor with holes, magnetic levitation forces, and magnetic flux density, estimated for the single-grain Gd123 bulk superconductors with holes, are reported. (paper)

  7. Knitted structures of endless fibers for gas cleaning. Pt. 2; Gestrickte Strukturen aus Endlosfasern fuer die Abgasreinigung. T. 2

    Mayer, A.; Mayer, J.; Wintermantel, E.; Buck, A.; Schmidt, R.M.; Mattes, P.; Sudmanns, H.; Bressler, H.


    Knittings based on ceramic filament yarns can be used to clean polluted air and exhaust gas efficiently up to temperatures of 1000 C. They provide interesting properties for the filtration of Diesel particles as well as for catalysis and adsorption of toxic gas components. The special knitting technology can handle any brittle fibers, producing elastic structures, which are thermochoc-resistent and can therefore even be used for preturbo applications. The first part of this paper, published in MTZ 56 (1995) 2 deals with the basic properties of this cleaning medium. This second part concentrates on Diesel particulate trop applications. These new trap and catalyst concepts are under development by Buck/Bondorf with TTM/Niederrohrdorf. Basic research is delegated to ETH Zuerich and Universitaet by Gillet/Edenkoben and, with focus on preturbo-applications by MTU/Friedrichshafen. (orig.) [Deutsch] Gestricke aus keramischen Endlosfasern sind bis zu Temperaturen um 1000 C fuer die Abluft- und Abgasreinigung einsetzbar. Sie eignen sich fuer die Filtration von Dieselpartikeln, insbesondere deren Feinstfraktionen ebenso wie fuer die Katalyse und fuer die Adsorption gasfoermiger Schadstoffkomponenten. Die Strukturen sind volumenelastisch, unempfindlich gegen Thermoschock und daher auch im motornahen Bereich risikoarm einsetzbar. In einem ersten Teilbeitrag in der Februarausgabe der MTZ wurden grundlegende Erkenntnisse dieses Abgasreinigungsmediums beschrieben. Der vorliegende zweite Teil beschreibt Anwendungen mit Schwerpunkt Dieselpartikelfilter. Diese neue Fasertechnik wird bei Buck, Bondorf, zusammen mit TTM, Niderrohrdorf, entwickelt. Forschungsarbeiten werden an der ETH Zuerich und der Universitaet Erlangen im Rahmen des BMFT-Projektes 01 VQ 9305/9 durchgefuehrt. Fragen zu motornachgeschalteten Anwendungen untersucht Gillett, Edenkoben, Moeglichkeiten der Motorintegration solcher Filter die MTU Friedrichshafen. (orig.)

  8. Interlocking multi-material components made of structured steel sheets and high-pressure die cast aluminium

    Senge, S.; Brachmann, J.; Hirt, G.; Bührig-Polaczek, A.


    Lightweight design is a major driving force of innovation, especially in the automotive industry. Using hybrid components made of two or more different materials is one approach to reduce the vehicles weight and decrease fuel consumption. As a possible way to increase the stiffness of multi-material components, this paper presents a process chain to produce such components made of steel sheets and high-pressure die cast aluminium. Prior to the casting sequence the steel sheets are structured in a modified rolling process which enables continuous interlocking with the aluminium. Two structures manufactured by this rolling process are tested. The first one is a channel like structure and the second one is a channel like structure with undercuts. These undercuts enable the formation of small anchors when the molten aluminium fills them. The correlation between thickness reduction during rolling and the shape of the resulting structure was evaluated for both structures. It can be stated that channels with a depth of up to 0.5 mm and a width of 1 mm could be created. Undercuts with different size depending on the thickness reduction could be realised. Subsequent aluminium high-pressure die casting experiments were performed to determine if the surface structure can be filled gap-free with molten aluminium during the casting sequence and if a gap-free connection can be achieved after contraction of the aluminium. The casting experiments showed that both structures could be filled during the high-pressure die casting. The channel like structure results in a gap between steel and aluminium after contraction of the cast metal whereas the structure with undercuts leads to a good interlocking resulting in a gap-free connection.

  9. Efficiency of Administrative and Policy-Making Structures

    O'Donoghue, M.; And Others


    A research program at Trinity College in Ireland is reported that focused on the decision-making process, particularly the committee structure. Described are the role of individuals within committees, centralized versus decentralized decision-making, costs, sources of rigidity, and problems of the concentration of power. (Author/LBH)

  10. Die funksie van die belydenis in die struktuur van die kerk en die ...

    Ter wille van die argument wat in hierdie voordrag na vore gebring word, word vier sodanige konstituerende elemente van die kerklike struktuur onderskei, te wete die belydenis, die teologie, die verkondi- ging (meer bepaald die prediking) en die kerkorde (kerkwet volgens ons terminologie). Ons gaan nou elkeen hiervan ...

  11. Die posisie van die Helper in die sending

    I. J. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Gedurende die aanvangsjare van die sending het die helper ’n onmisbare funksie vervul. Hulle het die onherbergsame binnelande geken, waardevolle kontakpunte vir die sendelinge geopen en hulle mense geestelik help voorlig en voorberei.

  12. The influence of structure dynamics and elasto-hydrodynamic contacts on con rod design; Einfluss von Strukturdynamik und elastohydrodynamischer Lagerung auf die Pleuelgestaltung

    Knaus, O.; Loibnegger, B.; Kreuzwirth, G. [AVL List GmbH, Graz (Austria). Advanced Simulation Technologies; Herbst, H.M. [AVL List GmbH, Graz (Austria).; TU Graz (Austria). Christian-Doppler Lab. fuer Motor- und Fahrzeugakustik


    It is essential for the numerical design of con rods to consider the interaction between structural deformation and hydrodynamics in the sliding bearings. Furthermore, the boundary conditions for the sub-system under consideration have considerable influence on the quality of the results. AVL List GmbH, as the developer of the software AVL EXCITE for the calculation of the non-linear dynamic behaviour of engines and power units, has extended the elasto-hydrodynamic bearing module by adding a mixed friction model. This leads to improved results, especially in the area of the small end bearing, and to a more realistic integration of the con rod into the simulation model of the entire system. (orig.) [German] Fuer die rechnerische Auslegung des Pleuels spielt die Beruecksichtigung der Wechselwirkung zwischen Strukturverformung und Hydrodynamik im Gleitlager eine wichtige Rolle. Aber auch die gesetzten Randbedingungen des betrachteten Teilsystems haben einen wesentlichen Einfluss auf die Qualitaet der Ergebnisse. Die AVL List GmbH als Entwickler und Anbieter der Software AVL Excite fuer die Berechnung der nichtlinearen Motordynamik hat den elastohydrodynamischen Lagermodul um ein Mischreibungsmodell erweitert. Dies ermoeglicht insbesondere im Bereich des kleinen Pleuellagers verbesserte Ergebnisse und die realitaetsnahe Einbindung des Pleuels in das Gesamtsystem. (orig.)

  13. Ink composition for making a conductive silver structure

    Walker, Steven B.; Lewis, Jennifer A.


    An ink composition for making a conductive silver structure comprises a silver salt and a complex of (a) a complexing agent and a short chain carboxylic acid or (b) a complexing agent and a salt of a short chain carboxylic acid, according to one embodiment. A method for making a silver structure entails combining a silver salt and a complexing agent, and then adding a short chain carboxylic acid or a salt of the short chain carboxylic acid to the combined silver salt and a complexing agent to form an ink composition. A concentration of the complexing agent in the ink composition is reduced to form a concentrated formulation, and the silver salt is reduced to form a conductive silver structure, where the concentrated formulation and the conductive silver structure are formed at a temperature of about C. or less.

  14. A Structured Approach to End-of-Life Decision Making Improves Quality of Care for Patients With Terminal Illness in a Teaching Hospital in Ghana.

    Edwin, Ama Kyerewaa; Johnson McGee, Summer; Opare-Lokko, Edwina Addo; Gyakobo, Mawuli Kotope


    To determine whether a structured approach to end-of-life decision-making directed by a compassionate interdisciplinary team would improve the quality of care for patients with terminal illness in a teaching hospital in Ghana. A retrospective analysis was done for 20 patients who consented to participate in the structured approach to end-of-life decision-making. Twenty patients whose care did not follow the structured approach were selected as controls. Outcome measures were nociceptive pain control, completing relationships, and emotional response towards dying. These measures were statistically superior in the study group compared to the control group. A structured approach to end-of-life decision-making significantly improves the quality of care for patients with terminal illness in the domains of pain control, completing relationships and emotional responses towards dying. © The Author(s) 2014.

  15. Dimensional control of die castings

    Karve, Aniruddha Ajit

    this study will contribute to enhancement of dimensional quality and lead time compression in the die casting industry, thus making it competitive with other net shape manufacturing processes.

  16. Structural materialization of stainless steel molds and dies by the low temperature high density plasma nitriding

    Aizawa Tatsuhiko


    Full Text Available Various kinds of stainless steels have been widely utilized as a mold substrate material for injection molding and as a die for mold-stamping and direct stamping processes. Since they suffered from high temperature transients and thermal cycles in practice, they must be surface-treated by dry and wet coatings, or, by plasma nitriding. Martensitic stainless steel mold was first wet plated by the nickel phosphate (NiP, which was unstable at the high temperature stamping condition; and, was easy to crystalize or to fracture by itself. This issue of nuisance significantly lowered the productivity in fabrication of optical elements at present. In the present paper, the stainless steel mold was surface-treated by the low-temperature plasma nitriding. The nitrided layer by this surface modification had higher nitrogen solute content than 4 mass%; the maximum solid-solubility of nitrogen is usually 0.1 mass% in the equilibrium phase diagram. Owing to this solid-solution with high nitrogen concentration, the nitrided layer had high hardness of 1400 Hv within its thickness of 40 μm without any formation of nitrides after 14.4 ks plasma nitriding at 693 K. This nitrogen solid-solution treated stainless steel had thermal resistivity even at the mold-stamping conditions up to 900 K.


    stel (kortdiensstelsel). Met die uitbreek van die oorlog in 1939 het die. Unieverdedigingsmag uit 40% Staandemag en. 60% aktiewe Burgermag bestaan. Op 22 Sept. 1939 is magtiging aan die Aktiewe Burgermag- eenhede verleen om vrywilligers vir die duur van die oorlog te aanvaar. Agv beswaar dat die Verdedigingswet.

  18. Die Formatestadt

    Günter Trojan


    Zu Zeiten von DV oder VHS (wer kennt das eigentlich noch?) war die Welt noch in Ordnung: Da hatte man eine Kassette in der Hand und wenn das passende Gerät gefunden wurde konnte man das Video auch abspielen. Günter Trojan diskutiert die Geschichte und Gegenwart unterschiedlicher Videoformate ...

  19. Die Formatestadt

    Günter Trojan


    Full Text Available Zu Zeiten von DV oder VHS (wer kennt das eigentlich noch? war die Welt noch in Ordnung: Da hatte man eine Kassette in der Hand und wenn das passende Gerät gefunden wurde konnte man das Video auch abspielen. Günter Trojan diskutiert die Geschichte und Gegenwart unterschiedlicher Videoformate ...

  20. Ion-beam enhanced etching for the 3D structuration of lithium niobate; Ionenstrahlverstaerktes Aetzen fuer die 3D-Strukturierung von Lithiumniobat

    Gischkat, Thomas


    The present thesis deals with the usage of the ion-beam enhanced etching (IBEE) for the 3D structuration of lithium niobate (LiNbO{sub 3}).Hereby the approach of the enhancement of the wet-chemical etching rate due to the irradiation with energetic ions is pursued. This method is very success promising for the realization of micro- and nanostructures with perpendicular structural walls as well as small roughnesses. The aim of this thesis consisted therein to form the foundations for the realization of three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures (for instance: Layer systems and photonic crystals) in LiNbO{sub 3} with high optical quality and to demonstrate on selected examples. Conditions for the success of the IBEE structuration technique is first of all the understanding of the defect formation under ion irradiation as well as the radiation-induced structure changes in the crystal and the change of the chemical resistance connected with this. For this the defect formation was studied in dependence on th ion mass, the ion energy, and the irradiation temperature. Thermally induced influences and effects on the radiation damage, as they can occur in intermediate steps in the complex processing, must be known and were studied by means of subsequent temperature treatment. The results from the defect studies were subsequently applied for the fabrication of micro- and nanostructures in LiNbO{sub 3}. Shown is the realization of lateral structure with nearly perpendicular structure walls as well as the realization of thin membranes and slits. The subsequent combination of lateral structuration with the fabrication of thin membranes and slits allowed the three-dimensional structuration of LiNbO{sub 3}. This is exemplarily shown for a microresonator and for a 2D photonic crystal with below lying air slit. [German] Die vorliegende Arbeit beschaeftigt sich mit der Ausnutzung des ionenstrahlverstaerkten Aetzens (IBEE: Ion Beam Enhanced Etching) fuer die 3D-Strukturierung von

  1. New approaches for the reliability-oriented structural optimization considering time-variant aspects; Neue Ansaetze fuer die zuverlaessigkeitsorientierte Strukturoptimierung unter Beachtung zeitvarianter Aspekte

    Kuschel, N.


    The optimization of structures with respect to cost, weight or performance is a well-known application of the nonlinear optimization. However reliability-based structural optimization has been subject of only very few studies. The approaches suggested up to now have been unsatisfactory regarding general possibility of application or easy handling by user. The objective of this thesis is the development of general approaches to solve both optimization problems, the minimization of cost with respect to constraint reliabilty and the maximization of reliability under cost constraint. The extented approach of an one-level-method will be introduced in detail for the time-invariant problems. Here, the reliability of the sturcture will be analysed in the framework of the First-Order-Reliability-Method (FORM). The use of time-variant reliability analysis is necessary for a realistic modelling of many practical problems. Therefore several generalizations of the new approaches will be derived for the time-variant reliability-based structural optimization. Some important properties of the optimization problems are proved. In addition some interesting extensions of the one-level-method, for example the cost optimization of structural series systems and the cost optimization in the frame of the Second-Order-Reliabiity-Method (SORM), are presented in the thesis. (orig.) [German] Die Optimierung von Tragwerken im Hinblick auf die Kosten, das Gewicht oder die Gestalt ist eine sehr bekannte Anwendung der nichtlinearen Optimierung. Die zuverlaessigkeitsorientierte Strukturoptimierung wurde dagegen weit seltener untersucht. Die bisher vorgeschlagenen Ansaetze koennen bezueglich ihrer allgemeinen Verwendbarkeit oder ihrer nutzerfreundlichen Handhabung nicht befriedigen. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist nun die Entwicklung allgemeiner Ansaetze zur Loesung der beiden Optimierungsprobleme, einer Kostenminimierung unter Zuverlaessigkeitsrestriktionen und einer

  2. Making muscle elastic: the structural basis of myomesin stretching.

    Larissa Tskhovrebova


    Full Text Available Skeletal and cardiac muscles are remarkable biological machines that support and move our bodies and power the rhythmic work of our lungs and hearts. As well as producing active contractile force, muscles are also passively elastic, which is essential to their performance. The origins of both active contractile and passive elastic forces can be traced to the individual proteins that make up the highly ordered structure of muscle. In this Primer, we describe the organization of sarcomeres--the structural units that produce contraction--and the nature of the proteins that make muscle elastic. In particular, we focus on an elastic protein called myomesin, whose novel modular architecture helps explain elasticity.

  3. Die funksie van die skeppingstradisie in die boek Jeremia

    gedeeites voor wat sterk ooreenkomste toon met die beskrywings van die skep pingsgebeure in die boek Jeremia. • Volgpns Von Rad (1957:144-146) het daar wel 'n groep bestaan wat belange ge- had liet by die oorlewering van die skeppingstradisies. Dit was waarskynlik die. Sadokitiese priesters wat om twee redes aan ...

  4. Die regsposisie van die gemolesteerde kind 1

    P.J. Schabort


    Full Text Available Hoe reik die reg uit na die seksueel gemolesteerde kind? As na die reg in wye verband gekyk word, sou dit alie wetgewing en alle gemeneregsbeginsels en alle regsprosedures insluit waardeur die Staat poog om molestering te voorkom en die gemolesteerde kind in beskerming te neem. Dit le baie wyd en sou byvoorbeeld die maatreels insluit van die Kindenvet 33 van 1960; die Wet op Egskeiding 70 van 1979; die Wet op Kindersorg 74 van 1983; die Wet op die Status van Kinders 82 van 1987 en die Wet op Bemiddeling in Sekere Egskeidingsaangeleenthede 24 van 1987. Eersdaags sal dit moontlik ook ’n Manifes vir die Regte van Kinders insluit wat vermoedelik geskoei sal wees op die W O se Konvensie vir die Regte van die Kind (1989 w a arv an die RSA tan s nog nie ’n ondertekenaar is nie.

  5. Printable semiconductor structures and related methods of making and assembling

    Nuzzo, Ralph G.; Rogers, John A.; Menard, Etienne; Lee, Keon Jae; Khang; , Dahl-Young; Sun, Yugang; Meitl, Matthew; Zhu, Zhengtao; Ko, Heung Cho; Mack, Shawn


    The present invention provides a high yield pathway for the fabrication, transfer and assembly of high quality printable semiconductor elements having selected physical dimensions, shapes, compositions and spatial orientations. The compositions and methods of the present invention provide high precision registered transfer and integration of arrays of microsized and/or nanosized semiconductor structures onto substrates, including large area substrates and/or flexible substrates. In addition, the present invention provides methods of making printable semiconductor elements from low cost bulk materials, such as bulk silicon wafers, and smart-materials processing strategies that enable a versatile and commercially attractive printing-based fabrication platform for making a broad range of functional semiconductor devices.

  6. High currents, low voltages. Low-cost, high efficiency power supply meets the requirements of Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning; Von dicken Stroemen und kleinen Spannungen. Preiswerte Stromversorgung mit hohem Wirkungsgrad erfuellt die Anforderungen des Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning

    Chen, V.W.; Guan, P.; Chen, D. [Linear Technology, CA (United States)


    The increasing demands on notebook computers have clock rates and currents and reduced voltages as CPUs are produced in increasingly smaller structural sizes. This makes high demands on power supply. [German] Die steigende Nachfrage nach Rechenleistung in Notebook-Computern hat zu einem betraechtlichen Anstieg der Taktfrequenzen und der Stromaufnahme der CPUs gefuehrt. Gleichzeitig sind die Versorgungsspannungen erheblich gesunken, da die CPUs in Prozessen mit immer kleineren Strukturgroessen hergestellt werden. Als die CPU-Taktfrequenzen 1 GHz ueberstiegen, hat die Stromaufnahme der CPU erstmals 20 A ueberschritten, und die minimale Versorgungsspannung ist auf unter 1 V gefallen. Dies stellt gewaltige Anforderungen an die Stromversorgungen. (orig.)

  7. Process to make core-shell structured nanoparticles

    Luhrs, Claudia; Phillips, Jonathan; Richard, Monique N


    Disclosed is a process for making a composite material that contains core-shell structured nanoparticles. The process includes providing a precursor in the form of a powder a liquid and/or a vapor of a liquid that contains a core material and a shell material, and suspending the precursor in an aerosol gas to produce an aerosol containing the precursor. In addition, the process includes providing a plasma that has a hot zone and passing the aerosol through the hot zone of the plasma. As the aerosol passes through the hot zone of the plasma, at least part of the core material and at least part of the shell material in the aerosol is vaporized. Vapor that contains the core material and the shell material that has been vaporized is removed from the hot zone of the plasma and allowed to condense into core-shell structured nanoparticles.

  8. Organisational Structure: Essential in Making Mechanisms Process Management

    Domnica Doina Parcalabu


    Full Text Available Although public management is a new field of management science, there are already convinced that the extension of specific principles and approaches, there is only a relative matter, but becomes animperative necessity, which determines the coordinates of the major public sector reform. Otherwise, there is increased risk of slipping into formalism, changing some general understandings and essential to thedetriment of the fundamental, meeting new public management. As a consequence, it is absolutely necessary to waive the perception and treatment of the old administrative system, public institutions in general and inparticular as bureaucratic administrative apparatus that develop rules, regulations and laws by which they are applied and the transition to new principles and regularities of public management, the administrative systemas a whole and each public institution by public managers seek an given level of managerial performance, reflected in increasing general public interest and satisfaction of specific social needs. To this we highlightthe organizational analysis and design of technology-specific organizational structure of public institutions, structures of communication within public institutions, participatory decision-making structures that are mostefficient and effective types of organizations based on structures - pyramidal and hierarchical organizations network-type organizations.

  9. Nanotube structures, methods of making nanotube structures, and methods of accessing intracellular space

    VanDersarl, Jules J.; Xu, Alexander M.; Melosh, Nicholas A.; Tayebi, Noureddine


    In accordance with the purpose(s) of the present disclosure, as embodied and broadly described herein, embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to methods of making a structure including nanotubes, a structure including nanotubes, methods of delivering a fluid to a cell, methods of removing a fluid to a cell, methods of accessing intracellular space, and the like.

  10. Structured decision making for managing pneumonia epizootics in bighorn sheep

    Sells, Sarah N.; Mitchell, Michael S.; Edwards, Victoria L.; Gude, Justin A.; Anderson, Neil J.


    Good decision-making is essential to conserving wildlife populations. Although there may be multiple ways to address a problem, perfect solutions rarely exist. Managers are therefore tasked with identifying decisions that will best achieve desired outcomes. Structured decision making (SDM) is a method of decision analysis used to identify the most effective, efficient, and realistic decisions while accounting for values and priorities of the decision maker. The stepwise process includes identifying the management problem, defining objectives for solving the problem, developing alternative approaches to achieve the objectives, and formally evaluating which alternative is most likely to accomplish the objectives. The SDM process can be more effective than informal decision-making because it provides a transparent way to quantitatively evaluate decisions for addressing multiple management objectives while incorporating science, uncertainty, and risk tolerance. To illustrate the application of this process to a management need, we present an SDM-based decision tool developed to identify optimal decisions for proactively managing risk of pneumonia epizootics in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) in Montana. Pneumonia epizootics are a major challenge for managers due to long-term impacts to herds, epistemic uncertainty in timing and location of future epizootics, and consequent difficulty knowing how or when to manage risk. The decision tool facilitates analysis of alternative decisions for how to manage herds based on predictions from a risk model, herd-specific objectives, and predicted costs and benefits of each alternative. Decision analyses for 2 example herds revealed that meeting management objectives necessitates specific approaches unique to each herd. The analyses showed how and under what circumstances the alternatives are optimal compared to other approaches and current management. Managers can be confident that these decisions are effective, efficient, and

  11. Assisted Dying in Canada.

    Schuklenk, Udo

    This paper makes an affirmative ethical case in favour of the decriminalization of assisted dying in Canada. It then proceeds to defending the affirmative case against various slippery-slope arguments that are typically deployed by opponents of assisted dying. Finally, a recent case of questionable professional conduct by anti-euthanasia campaigners cum academics is flagged as a warning to all of us not to permit the quality of the professional debate to deteriorate unacceptably, despite the personal emotional investments involved on all sides of the debate.

  12. Die rol van die blanke werker in die motivering van die swart werker

    G. J. Oosthuizen


    Opsomming Die motivering van die Swart werker kan nie in die huidige situasie in isolasie bestudeer word nie, omdat die Blanke werker steeds in die bestuursposisie is en daarom die motivering van die Swart werker kan beïnvloed. Hierdie ondersoek was daarop gerig om die rol van die Blanke werker in die motivering van die Swart werker nader te ondersoek. Die houding en die leierskapsbenadering van die Blanke werker teenoor die Swart werker is gemeet, asook die behoeftes wat volgens die Blanke werker by die Swart werker bestaan, bevredig is, of nie bestaan nie. Die behoeftes van Swart werkers, soos deur hulleself gesien, is ook ondersoek. Ten opsigte van sekere aspekte is beduidende verskille gevind.

  13. Structural factors affecting prosthodontic decision making in Japan

    Noriyuki Wakabayashi


    Full Text Available Prosthodontic treatment strategies, prosthetic designs and materials, and treatment procedures are not determined solely by the diagnosis. We discuss the major effect of structural factors surrounding prosthodontic care on treatment decisions in Japan. These structural factors are related to the dentist, such as the dentist's education, postgraduate courses, and access to the latest research, and to the health care support system, including the social insurance system. Education content from schools of dentistry has clear effects on dentists’ treatment decisions, and the specific modalities taught depend highly on the school faculty. The use of research, especially clinical studies, in treatment decisions is currently limited. Regarding the health care support system factors, the public health insurance system has a strong effect on the actual prosthodontic treatments performed in Japan. To maintain the current piecework payment system, efforts should be encouraged to preclude both overtreatment and undertreatment. New perspectives on treatment decisions associated with technological advancement and changes in health care needs should be established to ensure that the Japanese population can enjoy high-quality prosthodontic treatment that meets international standards. The development of a clinical pathway and decision-making model that adheres to academic-based clinical guidelines and the insurance system will be necessary.

  14. Die hervertolking van die paradigma in verband met die ...

    Kerkorde van De Mist en die Algemene Reglement van 1816, wat onderskeidelik vir die Kaapse Kerk en die .... Een van die eerstes was Sam Freiherr von Pufendorf (1632-1694) wat in sy werk De habitu religionis ..... Koning was weer aan bewind (vgl Diepenhorst sj:74w; De Visser 1926/1927 lll:202w). 43.1 JD Janssen ...

  15. die heidelbergse kategismus en die kategesemateriaal van die ned

    subjek, objek, leerstof en die metodiek van die senior kategese. Bloemfontein: Algemene Jeugkommissie Sondagskoolboekhandel. de rAAd oer ned ger kerken in Zuid AfrikA. 1921. De zevende vergadering: handelinge. 1925. De negende vergadering: handelinge. de villierS, d. W. 1957. Die Kategese in die Ned. Geref.

  16. die sinodale verband van die nederduitse gereformeerde kerk in die


    Strauss. Die sinodale verband van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk. 122 die Vrystaatse Sinode anti-veranderingsgesind of eerder gesond-behoudend of gereformeerd-gematig? Veral as dit .... howe) in moeilike omstandighede gebring is (NG Kerk in die OVS 1865-1912:5). In 'n brief op 8 Augustus 1864 ontken Ds.

  17. Die kerkregtelike posisie van die ouderling en diaken in die ...

    ... drie dekades die Kerkreg gevestig as 'n selfstandige vak in die teologiese curriculum, maar ook 'n baie groot rol gespeel daarin dat die beginsels van die kerk like reg beter begryp word. Naas sy wetenskaplike bydrae word met eweveel genoegdoening gedink aan sy bcsondere persoonlikheid, sy werkvermoe, sy humor-.

  18. Ein (erneuter Versuch, modernen Ungleichheitsstrukturen auf die Spur zu kommen An(other Attempt at Getting at the Core of Modern Structures of Inequality

    Irene Dölling


    Full Text Available Die Verschränkung zweier Ungleichheitsstrukturen – der ‚klassischen‘ Sozialstruktur und der Struktur der Geschlechterverhältnisse – ist für die Autorin eine Ursache dafür, dass seit Einführung der Marktwirtschaft ostdeutsche Frauen massiv vom Arbeitsmarkt verdrängt werden. Aufbauend auf Grundannahmen über die Entstehung moderner Ungleichheitsstrukturen vergleicht Schäfgen die Entwicklung von Sozialstruktur und Geschlechterverhältnissen der BRD und der DDR, die sie beide als moderne Gesellschaften versteht – leider nicht gesellschafts- bzw. modernetheoretisch begründet. Dies hat Konsequenzen: Zwar bestätigt das empirische Material das Vorhandensein ‚klassischer‘ wie auch qua Geschlecht erzeugter Ungleichheiten in beiden deutschen Staaten, aber Schäfgens Vergleich liefert leider keine Differenzierung zwischen den Ausprägungen der Moderne in BRD und DDR. Um die ‚doppelte Ungleichheit‘ in die Analyse einbeziehen zu können, entwickelt Schäfgen das ‚Modell der doppelten Vertikalität‘. Im Kern dieses Modells werden die durch ‚Geschlecht‘ produzierten Ungleichheiten in deren vertikaler Dimension verortet. Fraglich ist, ob Schäfgens Modell theoretischen und methodischen Gewinn bringt: Kann die Substantialisierung von Konzepten wie ‚Klasse‘ oder ‚Geschlecht‘ wirklich der prozessualen Erzeugung und Reproduktion sozialer Ungleichheit auf die Spur kommen?Schäfgen views the interlocking of two systems of inequality-that of ‘traditional’ social inequality and that of gender inequality-as one reason why East German women have been driven out of the labour market since the introduction of a free market economy. Starting from core assumptions about the development of modern structures of inequality, Schäfgen compares the development of social structures and gender relations in the FRG and GDR. Schäfgen merely presumes the two German states to be modern states; unfortunately, she does not explain why she

  19. Addressing wild turkey population declines using structured decision making

    Robinson, Kelly F.; Fuller, Angela K.; Schiavone, Michael V.; Swift, Bryan L.; Diefenbach, Duane R.; Siemer, William F.; Decker, Daniel J.


    We present a case study from New York, USA, of the use of structured decision making (SDM) to identify fall turkey harvest regulations that best meet stakeholder objectives, in light of recent apparent declines in abundance of wild turkeys in the northeastern United States. We used the SDM framework to incorporate the multiple objectives associated with turkey hunting, stakeholder desires, and region-specific ecological and environmental factors that could influence fall harvest. We identified a set of 4 fall harvest regulations, composed of different season lengths and bag limits, and evaluated their relative achievement of the objectives. We used a stochastic turkey population model, statistical modeling, and expert elicitation to evaluate the consequences of each harvest regulation on each of the objectives. We conducted a statewide mail survey of fall turkey hunters in New York to gather the necessary information to evaluate tradeoffs among multiple objectives associated with hunter satisfaction. The optimal fall harvest regulation was a 2-week season and allowed for the harvest of 1 bird/hunter. This regulation was the most conservative of those evaluated, reflecting the concerns about recent declines in turkey abundance among agency wildlife biologists and the hunting public. Depending on the region of the state, the 2-week, 1-bird regulation was predicted to result in 7–32% more turkeys on the landscape after 5 years. The SDM process provided a transparent framework for setting fall turkey harvest regulations and reduced potential stakeholder conflict by explicitly taking the multiple objectives of different stakeholder groups into account.

  20. Absolute symbolic addressing, a structure making time-sharing easier

    Debraine, P.


    Time-sharing of computers asks for a certain number of conditions, particularly, an efficient dynamic loading of programs and data. This paper indicates a paging method making linkages with a minimum of table-looking operations. The principle is to use associative memory registers for calling blocks of physical memory, the block address being given by the concatenation of a file number (located in a base register) and a page number (located in the instruction proper). The position within the block is given by a displacement located in the instruction. A second associated base register contains the local part (page number + displacement) of the base address. This extended base register system allows executing programs in a very large programming complex without loss of time. The addresses are fixed at assembly time and the blocks can be loaded anywhere without modification for execution. The various problems associated with the execution of complex programs are presented in this context and shown to be easily solved by the proposed system, the realization of which would be very easy starting from the computer structures existing now. (author) [fr

  1. Knitted structures of endless fibers for gas cleaning. Pt. 1; Gestrickte Strukturen aus Endlosfasern fuer die Abgasreinigung. T. 1

    Mayer, A.; Mayer, J.; Wintermantel, E.; Buck, A.; Schmidt, R.M.; Mattes, P.; Sudmanns, H.; Bressler, H.


    Filament yarns containing endless fibers of many different glass, ceramic or carbon materials are now available on the market in a great variety. Some of them provide high mechanical strength up to temperatures of 1000 C and many of them have properties which make them appropriate for submicron-filtration, heterogeneous catalysis or adsorption. A new knitting technology can handle those brittle fibers, producing elastic open pore textile structures. The overall surface of the fibers is thereby fully exposed to the medium, mass and heat exchange conditions are optimal and the capacity to store deposits is extremely high. These structures are volume-elastic, thermochoc-resistent and insensitive to vibrations and pulsations and can therefore risklessly be used even in preturbo engine-integrated designs. Experimental data confirm the deep bed behaviour of these fiber structures, good trapping efficiency even for very fine particles and degressive pressure build up. Due to their high specific surface catalytic coating without precoats has proved successful. Diesel particulate traps, catalysts and adsorption media are candidates to apply these fiber structures in the engine exhaust as well as for general air cleaning purposes. (orig.)

  2. Riglyne vir die onderwys.

    J. L. du Plooy


    Full Text Available In die afgelope vyftig jaar sedert die Unie tot stand gekom het, is veel op die gebied van onderwys tot stand gebring. Dit is heel natuurlik dat ’n mens sou vra: Wat van die toekoms?

  3. ’n Ondersoek na die bronne van werkstevredenheid en werkstres onder middelvlakbestuurders in die Wes-Kaap

    S. C. Strydom


    Full Text Available The general aim of the study is to investigate the different attitudes and perceptions of middle level managers with regard to sources of job satisfaction, sources which contribute to job dissatisfaction, and to job stress. In this regard it was decided to make use of triangulation by which qualitative and quantitative research methods are used. Thematic analysis is used on the qualitative level to identify the possible sources of job satisfaction, dissatisfaction and job stress. This method is quantitatively supported by a determination of the frequencies and percentages of subject responses by means of semi structured interviews. On the qualitative level it was found that the experience of success is rated as the most important source of job satisfaction and that interpersonal relationships are the most significant source of job dissatisfaction. Finally it seems that work expectations/ demands appear to be the major source of job stress. Opsomming Die algemene doelstelling van die studie is om ondersoek in te stel na die verskillende houdings en persepsies van middelvlak-bestuurders rakende werkstevredenheid, sowel as die bronne wat bydra tot werkstres en werksontevredenheid. In dié verband is besluit om van triangulasie gebruik te maak. Op die kwalitatiewe vlak word tematiese analise gebruik om potensiële bronne van werkstevredenheid, ontevredenheid en werkstres te identifiseer. Hierdie metode word verder kwantitatief ondersteun deur ‘n bepaling van frekwensies en persentasies van subjekte se reponse wat uit semi-gestruktureerde onderhoude verkry is. Op die kwalitatiewe vlak blyk dit dat die ervaring van sukses die grootste bron van werkstevredenheid is en dat interpersoonlike verhoudings die bron is wat die meeste bydra tot ontevredenheid. Verder blyk dit dat werksverwagtinge/-eise die grootste bron van werkstres is.

  4. Method of using triaxial magnetic fields for making particle structures

    Martin, James E.; Anderson, Robert A.; Williamson, Rodney L.


    A method of producing three-dimensional particle structures with enhanced magnetic susceptibility in three dimensions by applying a triaxial energetic field to a magnetic particle suspension and subsequently stabilizing said particle structure. Combinations of direct current and alternating current fields in three dimensions produce particle gel structures, honeycomb structures, and foam-like structures.

  5. Influence of the freezing process on the pore structure of freeze-dried collagen sponges; Einfluss des Einfriervorganges auf die Porenstruktur gefriergetrockneter Kollagenschwaemme

    Schoof, H.; Bruns, L.; Apel, J.; Heschel, I.; Rau, G. [Helmholz-Inst. fuer Biomedizinische Technik, Aachen (Germany)


    Freeze-dried sponges are used as colonisable tissue implants. As their porous structure is important for rapid colonisation it was found desirable to be able to produce homogeneous pore structures to specification. The structure of freeze-dried sponges is largely the same as the ice crystal morphology of frozen samples. In industrial manufacture suspensions are solidified in a cold bath. Freezing conditions are not stationary in this process, rendering ice crystal morphology inhomogeneous. However, studies on directed solidification as it is used in the Bridgman or the power-down method have shown that certain freezing conditions permit the production of collagen sponges of homogenous predefined pore size. [Deutsch] Gefriergetrocknete Kollagenschwaemme werden als besiedelbare Gewebeimplantate eingesetzt. Da die poroese Struktur fuer eine zuegige Besiedelung von grosser Bedeutung ist, sollen Kollagenschwaemme mit einer einstellbaren und homogenen Porenstruktur hergestellt werden. Die Struktur der gefriergetrockneten Schwaemme entspricht weitestgehend der Eiskristallmorphologie der gefrorenen Probe. Bei der industriellen Herstellung werden Suspensionen in einem Kaeltebad erstarrt. Die Einfrierbedingungen sind dabei nicht stationaer, was zu einer inhomogenen Eiskristallmorphologie fuehrt. Untersuchungen zur gerichteten Erstarrung nach dem Bridgman- und dem Power-Down-Verfahren ergaben jedoch, dass unter bestimmten Einfrierbedingungen Kollagenschwaemme mit homogener und definierbarer Porengroesse hergestellt werden koennen. (orig.)

  6. Die partypolitiek en die toekoms van die Afrikaanse volkskultuur

    A.P. Treurnicht


    Full Text Available Reeds in 1853 het die Zuid Afrikaan hom soos volg uitgelaat: „Dis ’n dwaling wat ons reeds meermale bestry het dat ons as Britse onderdane verplig sou wees, om die Britse nasionaliteit ons s’n te maak. Die Kolonis van Hollandse oorsprong kan geen Engelsman word nie, en moet ook geen Nederlander wil wees nie. Wanneer hy weet om sy standpunt te waardeer, dan sal hy as verligte kolonis die grondtrekke van die Engelse volkskarakter met dié van die Nederlandse harmonies leer verenig en daardeur word wat hy as Kapenaar moet word.”

  7. Structures for capturing CO.sub.2, methods of making the structures, and methods of capturing CO.sub.2

    Jones, Christopher W; Hicks, Jason C; Fauth, Daniel J; McMahan, Gray


    Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure, among others, include carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) sorption structures, methods of making CO.sub.2 sorption structures, and methods of using CO.sub.2 sorption structures.

  8. Die Voortrekker-Monument

    Gerard Moerdyk


    Full Text Available Die Eeufeesjaar is vir die Afrikaner ’n tydperk van besieling. Nog nooit sedert die ontstaan van ons volk het een enkele gebeurtenis soveel nasietrots gewek as die honderdjarige herdenking van die Groot Trek. Vir die eerste keer in ons geskiedenis voel ons ons nie meer Kapenaars, Vrystaters, Natalers, en Transvalers nie, maar Afrikaners, saamgesnoer deur die tradisies van ’n selfstandige kultuurvolk. Wanneer die klimaks van die Ossewatrek met die hocksteenlegging van die Voortrekker-Monument bereik word, sal die besieling nie uitsterf nie, die krag wat geskep is sal bly voortgroei tot ’n onweerstaanbare mag. Die Afrikaner sal homself vind, en as die Monument na sowat vyf jaar onthul word, sal die saad wat in hierdie jaar gesaai is, tot voile rypheid gekom het. Dan sal die Monument self tot die volk spreek; intussen egter, is dit wenslik, nee noodsaaklik selfs, om die Monument aan die Afrikaners te verklaar, om ‘n uiteensetting te gee van die noodsaaklikheid van so ’n Monument, sowel as om die motief te verduidelik wat as inspirasie gedien het vir die ontwerpdaar van.

  9. Evaluation of interlocking bond strength between structured 1.0338 steel sheets and high pressure die cast AlMg5Si2

    Senge, S.; Brachmann, J.; Hirt, G.; Bührig-Polaczek, A.


    Multi-material components open up new possibilities for functional design. Such components combine beneficial physical properties of different materials in a single component as for instance chemical resistance, high strength or low density. The challenge is a reliable bond between both materials to enable a long term usage. This paper deals with a form closure connection to ensure a solid connection between steel strips and high pressure die cast aluminium. Two different sizes of channel structures with width ratios of 1.0 and 1.35 are produced on a steel sheet. An ensuing flat rolling pass is performed to create undercuts with a width of up to 50 µm, enabling an interlocking of the molten aluminium in the concluding casting process. For both rolling processes the resulting geometry is analysed depending on the thickness reduction. In a subsequent high pressure die casting process, aluminium is applied resulting in a complete form filling for the coarser structure. Comparing structures with and without undercuts, only structures suited with undercuts remain gap-free after solidification contraction. The finer structure could not be filled completely; nevertheless these structures result in shear strength of up to 45 MPa transversal to the channel-direction.

  10. Die Britse owerheid en die onderwys op Heidelberg gedurende die ...

    The establishment of Christian National Education (CNE) Schools stimulated the concept of mother tongue education. Oor die klaskamerpraktyk en die werklike gehalte van onderrig tydens die kampskooltydperk is daar min bekend. Heidelberg wat na 1902 in 'n belangrike onderwyssentrum in Transvaal ontwikkel het, het ...

  11. Die belangrikste kenmerk van die diereproduksie- bedrywe oor die ...

    digdhede teen 1980 uit 'n kudde van 30 rnilj.skape ge- produseer moet word. Tweedens sal die faktore ... die Republiek van Suid-Mrika teen 1980 in totaal 28 milj. sal wees. Indien die produsente dit as 'n ..... Appendix Table 4 in Digestive Physiology and nutrition of ruminants Vol. 3 Ed. and Publ. D.C. Church, Oregon State ...


    aanslag op die sogenaamde "Intentional Fallacy", heelwat verder. n. Mens sou hier eintlik ook op die invloed van Lacan se toepassing van. De Sacs sure op Freud moet wys, en op Macherey se Theory of Literary. Production. Barthes is naamlik besig om repressie teen te werk, en die teks as produksieproses in stede van ...

  13. Wêreldmededingendheid en die tegnologie

    C. W. I. Pistorius


    Full Text Available Afgesien van die interne uitdagings wat die Heropbou- en Ontwikkelingsprogram (HOP aan Suid-Afrika bied, moet die land ook tred hou met die veranderende globale omgewing, spesifiek die toenemende belangrikheid van ekonomiese sekuriteit as komponent van nasionale sekuriteit. Die konsep van mededingendheid vergestalt die doelwit wat nagestreef moet word ten einde die ontluikende globale ekonomiese stryd aan te durf. As ’n belangrike drywer van ekonomiese welvaart is tegnologie een van die belangrikste sleutels tot internasionale mededingendheid. Tegnologiese innovasie is die proses wat as hefboom hiervoor gebruik moet word. Dit is egter nodig dat tegnologie, en spesifiek die proses van tegnologiese innovasie, formeel en gestruktureerd bestuur moet word, sowel op nasionale as firmavlak. Op nasionale vlak is die voorsiene Nasionale Innovasiestelsel beslis ’n stap in die regte rigting.

  14. die ontstaan en die ontwikkeling van die skoolkadette-stelsel in die rsa

    toe algemene diensplig ingestel is. Die diens- plig het intussen sy volle beslag gekry en in. Weermagkringe het die gedagte posgevat dat skoolkadette. 'n deeglike ondersoek vereis ten einde die skoolgaande seun vir sy komende nasionale diensplig te orienteer. Tydens kadetopleldlng leer die seuns al die fynere kunsles ...

  15. Van die Gasredakteur

    cherish and teach.'1. Die Fakulteit Geneeskunde van die Universiteit van die Oranje-Vrystaat het pragtig gegroei ge- durende die eerste 21 jaar van sy bestaan. Die entoesiasme, doelgerigtheid, harde werk en inisia- tiewe van 'n groot aantal persone was hiervoor verantwoordelik. 'If we see a bit more clearly than they, it is ...

  16. Halfkrone vir die Nagmaal


    die omgewing van Velddrif en Laaiplek, ook noordwaarts verby Lambertsbaai tot by. Doringbaai en Strandfontein. “Haar seeverhale is Sussie (Kotze) se belangrikste bydrae tot die Afrikaanse letterkunde”, sê Kotzé-Myburgh in die voorwoord van die versamelbundel. Die leser word herinner aan Kotze se debuutroman, ...

  17. Environmental and health policies congress: Does the environment make us sick? Collection of papers; Umwelt- und gesundheitspolitischer Kongress: ``Macht uns die Umwelt krank?``. Sammlung der Vortraege

    Horsch, F. [comp.] [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH Technik und Umwelt (Germany). Projekt Umwelt und Gesundheit (PUG)


    This lecture volume on the environmental and health policies congress ``Does the environment pose health problems?``, held on 6th December 1995 in Stuttgart, compiles scientific data on the link between different diseases and environmental pollution burdens. The following individual topics are dealt with: The notion of ``risk`` in environmental medicine, cancer genesis, allergies, respiratory system diseases, fertility disorders, environment and psyche, traffic noise and risk of mycoardial infarct (VHE). [Deutsch] Der Vortragsband des umwelt- und gesundheitspolitischen Kongresses `Macht uns die Umwelt krank ?` am 06.12.1995 in Stuttgart stellt wissenschaftliche Daten fuer den Zusammenhang zwischen verschiedenen Krankheiten und Umweltbelastungen zusammen. Einzelne Themen sind : Risikobegriff der Umweltmedizin, Krebsentstehung, Allergien, Atemwegserkrankungen, Fertilitaetsstoerungen, Umwelt und Psyche, Verkehrslaerm und Herzinfarktrisiko. (VHE)

  18. Die teologie in gesprek met die ekonomie

    (1723-1790) sy vertrekpunt neem, ontwikkel, as oorwinnaars uit die Franse Revolu .... Die onmiddellike sukses van Adam Smith se 'Wealth of Nations' was .... alle vorme van sosialisme niks anders as 'kommunisme' (Wassenaar 1977:12) nie.

  19. Photonic polymer-blend structures and method for making

    Barnes, Michael D.


    The present invention comprises the formation of photonic polymer-blend structures having tunable optical and mechanical properties. The photonic polymer-blend structures comprise monomer units of spherical microparticles of a polymer-blend material wherein the spherical microparticles have surfaces partially merged with one another in a robust inter-particle bond having a tunable inter-particle separation or bond length sequentially attached in a desired and programmable architecture. The photonic polymer-blend structures of the present invention can be linked by several hundred individual particles sequentially linked to form complex three-dimensional structures or highly ordered two-dimensional arrays of 3D columns with 2D spacing.

  20. Making Plant-Support Structures From Waste Plant Fiber

    Morrow, Robert C.; < oscjmocl. < attjew K/; {ertzbprm. A,amda; Ej (e. Cjad); Hunt, John


    Environmentally benign, biodegradable structures for supporting growing plants can be made in a process based on recycling of such waste plant fiber materials as wheat straw or of such derivative materials as paper and cardboard. Examples of structures that can be made in this way include plant plugs, pots, planter-lining mats, plant fences, and root and shoot barriers. No chemical binders are used in the process. First, the plant material is chopped into smaller particles. The particles are leached with water or steam to remove material that can inhibit plant growth, yielding a fibrous slurry. If the desired structures are plugs or sheets, then the slurry is formed into the desired shapes in a pulp molding subprocess. If the desired structures are root and shoot barriers, pots, or fences, then the slurry is compression-molded to the desired shapes in a heated press. The processed materials in these structures have properties similar to those of commercial pressboard, but unlike pressboard, these materials contain no additives. These structures have been found to withstand one growth cycle, even when wet

  1. Die dogmatiese binding van die prediking

    genoemde probleemstelling wat ons homileties na riglyne wil soek, sonder die pretensie dat finale oplossings gevind sal word. Om hierdie probleem te ontleed is dit nodig om eers kortliks 'n begripsbepaling van die begrippe dogma, binding en prediking te maak. Vanuit die begripsbepaling kan ons dan probeer vasstel wat ...


    aan dat 'n lewe onder die gesag van God tot volle vrede lei: “In coming under the rule of Yahweh, moreover, life was made whole and safe.” Dit is spesifiek in die tempel waar die volheid van God se vrede ondervind word (1997:662):. The temple is indeed the place where Israel entered into Yahweh's full zone of shalom.

  3. Make

    Frauenfelder, Mark


    The first magazine devoted entirely to do-it-yourself technology projects presents its 29th quarterly edition for people who like to tweak, disassemble, recreate, and invent cool new uses for technology. MAKE Volume 29 takes bio-hacking to a new level. Get introduced to DIY tracking devices before they hit the consumer electronics marketplace. Learn how to build an EKG machine to study your heartbeat, and put together a DIY bio lab to study athletic motion using consumer grade hardware.

  4. n Oorsig van die huidige stand van navorsing oor die


    7 Jun 2011 ... Die eerste maal wat dit as deel van die teks van 1 Johannes aangehaal word, is in die. 4de eeu in 'n Latynse teks, Liber Apologeticus (hf 4). Eers aan die einde van die 16de eeu is dit in 'n amptelike Katolieke uitgawe van die Vulgaat ingesluit. Die doel van die Johannesbriewe. Waarom is die Briewe ...

  5. Cognitive Structures in Vocational Information Processing and Decision Making.

    Nevill, Dorothy D.; And Others


    Tested the assumptions that the structural features of vocational schemas affect vocational information processing and career self-efficacy. Results indicated that effective vocational information processing was facilitated by well-integrated systems that processed information along fewer dimensions. The importance of schematic organization on the…

  6. Die Ware Buch und die Philologie

    Bernhard Hurch


    Full Text Available Die im 19. Jahrhundert sich verändernden Produktionsbedingungen für Druckwerke (Buchdruck, Satz, Papier, Bindung wirkten katalysierend auf die Fachkonstitution und Institutionalisierung der Philologien. Hier steht der tatsächliche Buchmarkt im Vordergrund der Darstellung, das Käuferpublikum und die Voraussetzungen des Vertriebs. Dazu gehören auch die Rezension als entstehende Textsorte und die rasch arbeitenden Rezensionsorgane. F.-R. Hausmann wurde in den letzten Jahren unentbehrlicher Mitarbeiter dieses im Rahmen des Grazer Schuchardt-Projekts "Netzwerk des Wissens" angesiedelten Ansatzes.

  7. Structural Inference in the Art of Violin Making.

    Morse-Fortier, Leonard Joseph

    The "secrets" of success of early Italian violins have long been sought. Among their many efforts to reproduce the results of Stradiveri, Guarneri, and Amati, luthiers have attempted to order and match natural resonant frequencies in the free violin plates. This tap-tone plate tuning technique is simply an eigenvalue extraction scheme. In the final stages of carving, the violin maker complements considerable intuitive knowledge of violin plate structure and of modal attributes with tap-tone frequency estimates to better understand plate structure and to inform decisions about plate carving and completeness. Examining the modal attributes of violin plates, this work develops and incorporates an impulse-response scheme for modal inference, measures resonant frequencies and modeshapes for a pair of violin plates, and presents modeshapes through a unique computer visualization scheme developed specifically for this purpose. The work explores, through simple examples questions of how plate modal attributes reflect underlying structure, and questions about the so -called evolution of modeshapes and frequencies through assembly of the violin. Separately, the work develops computer code for a carved, anisotropic, plate/shell finite element. Solutions are found to the static displacement and free-vibration eigenvalue problems for an orthotropic plate, and used to verify element accuracy. Finally, a violin back plate is modelled with full consideration of plate thickness and arching. Model estimates for modal attributes compare very well against experimentally acquired values. Finally, the modal synthesis technique is applied to predicting the modal attributes of the violin top plate with ribs attached from those of the top plate alone, and with an estimate of rib mass and stiffness. This last analysis serves to verify the modal synthesis method, and to quantify its limits of applicability in attempting to solve problems with severe structural modification. Conclusions

  8. Electrochemical cell structure and method of making the same

    Schick, Louis Andrew; Libby, Cara Suzanne; Bowen, John Henry; Bourgeois, Richard Scott


    An electrochemical cell structure is provided which includes an anode, a cathode spaced apart from said anode, an electrolyte in ionic communication with each of said anode and said cathode and a nonconductive frame. The nonconductive frame includes at least two components that support each of said anode, said cathode and said electrolyte and define at least one flowpath for working fluids and for products of electrochemical reaction.

  9. Exploiting risk-reward structures in decision making under uncertainty.

    Leuker, Christina; Pachur, Thorsten; Hertwig, Ralph; Pleskac, Timothy J


    People often have to make decisions under uncertainty-that is, in situations where the probabilities of obtaining a payoff are unknown or at least difficult to ascertain. One solution to this problem is to infer the probability from the magnitude of the potential payoff and thus exploit the inverse relationship between payoffs and probabilities that occurs in many domains in the environment. Here, we investigated how the mind may implement such a solution: (1) Do people learn about risk-reward relationships from the environment-and if so, how? (2) How do learned risk-reward relationships impact preferences in decision-making under uncertainty? Across three experiments (N = 352), we found that participants can learn risk-reward relationships from being exposed to choice environments with a negative, positive, or uncorrelated risk-reward relationship. They were able to learn the associations both from gambles with explicitly stated payoffs and probabilities (Experiments 1 & 2) and from gambles about epistemic events (Experiment 3). In subsequent decisions under uncertainty, participants often exploited the learned association by inferring probabilities from the magnitudes of the payoffs. This inference systematically influenced their preferences under uncertainty: Participants who had been exposed to a negative risk-reward relationship tended to prefer the uncertain option over a smaller sure option for low payoffs, but not for high payoffs. This pattern reversed in the positive condition and disappeared in the uncorrelated condition. This adaptive change in preferences is consistent with the use of the risk-reward heuristic. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Die vrede van Münster / Westfale en die betekenis daarvan vir die ...

    In die Suid-Afrikaanse kerkgeskiedenis egter is die Vrede van Münster as epogmakende gebeure tot dusver nie net in die algemeen verwaarloos nie, maar boonop is die direkte verband tussen hierdie sentrale historiese baken aan die een kant en aan die ander kant die vestiging van die VOC se verversingspos aan die ...

  11. "We Need to Remember They Died for Us": How Young People in New Zealand Make Meaning of War Remembrance and Commemoration of the First World War

    Sheehan, Mark; Davison, Martyn


    This article examines the extent to which young people in New Zealand share the dominant beliefs and assumptions that inform contemporary notions of war remembrance concerning the First World War. In particular, it considers how they make meaning of the ANZAC/Gallipoli narrative. Informed by two empirical studies, it questions whether young people…

  12. Generation und Familie – über die Ambivalenz eines multistrukturellen Verhältnisses Generation and Family—On the Ambivalence of Multi-Structural Relationships

    Vera Bollmann


    Full Text Available Der Sammelband Generationen und Familien, welcher dem Soziologen Kurt Lüscher zum 70. Geburtstag gewidmet ist, stellt eine kritische Gegenwartsdiagnose des aktuellen Theorie- und Forschungsstandes zu diesem Thema dar. Schon in ihrem Vorwort machen die beiden Herausgeber auf die Diversität und den Facettenreichtum des Familien- und Generationenkonzeptes in modernen Gesellschaften aufmerksam: familiale Generationenbeziehungen werden in ganz unterschiedlicher Weise gelebt, und je nach theoretischer Lesart ergeben sich vielfältige Deutungsmuster. Die Beiträge nähern sich der Verflechtung von Familie, Generation und Gesellschaft sowohl in theoretischer als auch in empirischer Hinsicht. Inhaltlich reihen sie sich in drei übergeordnete Themenblöcke ein: „Generationen, Generationenverhältnisse und Generationenbeziehungen“, „Familie, Alltag und Identität“ und „Soziologie, Recht und Politik”.The collected volume Generationen und Familien, which is dedicated to the sociologist Kurt Lüscher on his 70th birthday, presents a critical diagnosis of the current state of theory and research on this theme. The editors point to the diversity and multi-structural nature of the concept of family and generation in their forward to the volume: Familial relations between generations are experienced in very different ways and, depending upon the theoretical reading, they provide multiple patterns for interpretation. The contributions approach the linkage between family, generation, and society in a theoretical and an empirical manner. The contents can be divided into three general thematic blocks: “Generation, generational relations, and generational relationships,” “family, daily life, and identity,” and “sociology, law, and politics.”

  13. Tegnologie en die mens

    omgewingsbesoedeling, volgend op industrialisasie en verstedeliking, gee uit- ing tot krete van wanhoop en frustrasie. Die maatskaplike ontwrigting agv outomatisasie het die begrippe van vervreemding en naam- loosheid op die voorgrond van sosiale be- wustheid geplaas. • Die Neutrale Siening. Tegnologie was nag. 34.


    15 Mei 2010 ... Biezeveld, de Boer, Brümmer, Muis. 2001; Brown 2006; Durand 2007). ... Wanneer sal hy weer in God se teenwoordigheid verskyn (vers 3)? Dié vraag is vol onsekerheid. (Schuman 2004:8). Sy onsekerheid ... God se volk en die enkeling in die geskiedenis het al die trou van God ervaar waarop die digter ...

  15. Die ontwikkeling van die bestuursmotiveringsvraelys (BMV

    A. S. Engelbrecht


    Full Text Available The development of the Managerial Motivation Questionnaire (MMQ: Several criticisms of the psychometric suitability of existing measures of managerial motivation are reported in the literature. This study aimed at developing a new psychometrically sound instrument, the Managerial Motivation Questionnaire (MMQ. This was done on the basis of a comprehensive study of the literature on managerial motivation and the role-motivation theory. The preliminary MMQ was systematically shortened and refined until the final MMQ of 98 items was composed. This was based on social desirability and semantic appraisal, item analysis and factor analysis of the questionnaire. The results indicate that it was possible to develop a final MMQ that was relatively free of social desirability. It further demonstrated satsifactory internal consistencies on two samples (a = 0/90, N = 360; a = 0/91, N = 535, where all subscale items were found to be relatively pure measures of the isolated factors. Although some evidence was found providing support for the reliability of the MMQ, a need for further research on the construct validity of managerial motivation still exists. Opsomming In die literatuur word verskeie punte van kritiek teen die psigometriese geskiktheid van bestaande meetinstrumente van bestuursmotivering gerapporteer. Die doelstelling van hierdie studie was dus om aan die hand van die konseptuele omiyning van bestuursmotivering, en die rolmotiveringsteorie as algemene verwysingsraamwerk, 'n nuwe psigometries aanvaarbare meetinstrument, die Bestuursmotiveringsvraelys (BMV, te ontwikkel. Op grond van sosiale wenslikheids- en semantiese beoordeling, itemontleding en faktorontleding van die voorlopige BMV is die vraelys stelselmatig verkort en verfyn totdat die finale BMV van 98 items saamgestel is. Die resultate dui daarop dat hierdie studie wel daarin geslaag het om 'n finale BMV te ontwikkel wat relatief vry van sosiale wenslikheid is, bevredigende interne

  16. Varswateralge en die ekonomie

    W. E. Scott


    Full Text Available Die artikel bespreek die ekonomiese belong wat varswateralge alreeds het en hul moontlike verdere ontginning in die toekoms. Sowel gewenste as ongewenste aspekte word oorweeg en hoofsaaklik met voorbeelde uit Suid-Afrika geïllustreer. Die oormatige ontwikkeling van ongewenste alge in varswater verlaag die watergehalte dear verskeie chemiese veranderinge, wat kan wissel van smake en geure tot die produksie van verbindings wat gesondheidsgevare vir mens of dier inhou. Verwydering van ongewenste alge dra aansienlik by tot die koste van waterbehandeling. Oormatige alggroei belemmer ontspanningsgebruike en kan eiendomswaardes langs rivier- en damoewers beïnvloed.

  17. Prediking aan die hand van die metafoor van fiksieskryf


    HTS 64(3) 2008 siening van die self en waarheid. In die pre-moderne paradigma kan die dominante metafoor verstaan word aan die hand van 'n spieël wat die lig uit 'n transendente oorsprong weerkaats, terwyl die moderne paradigma uitgedruk word met die metafoor van 'n lamp wat 'n eie, oorspronklike lig binne die self.



    ENGELBRECHT ver antwoordelik vir die Ou-Testamentiese vakke en Hebreeus. Die aan stelling van 'n derde professor het noodsaaklik geword, want dit sou. 85 .... De .Spreuken ran 5a/o?no omvat die nuwe vertaling en die ekse gese van die eerste 24 hoofstukke van die Spreukeboek. Die geskoold- heid in die Semitiese ...

  19. Making peace with nature. Practical natural philosophy for a better environmental policy. Wege zum Frieden mit der Natur. Praktische Naturphilosophie fuer die Umweltpolitik

    Mayer-Abich, K M


    The publication abstracted points out a way of making peace with nature by reasonable policies. The discussion is based on the author's criticism of the anthropocentric conception of the world typical of the industrial society. He urges upon a correction of a conception making man the center of the world and leading to inadequate environmental policies. The still valid anthropocentric conception of the world should be replaced by a physiocentric view with the environment as an integral part of the world. The author juxtaposes philosophical analyses based on a practical natural philosophy and political concepts. He gives an outline of a policy which based on the present social, political and moral conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany concedes an autonomous status to nature and theenvironment. The conditions of peace developed imply the omnipresence of the changed view in all spheres of life, i.e. from fundamental research through environmental policy.

  20. Die dialogiese prinsipe

    J. J. de Klerk


    Full Text Available Met die dialogiese prinsipe word daardie beginsel bedoel, waarin die tweerigtingverkeer of kommunikasie onder, of met, of deur die mense op 'n heel besondere gesprekmatige wyse gere�l word. Tot die wese van die dialogiese prinsipe behoort "als Grundvoraussetzung das Ernstnehmen des Gesprachspartners und das darin enthaltene zuhoren-konnen. Dialog ist also etwas anderes als Disput oder Diskussion. Er setzt gegenseitiges Vertrauen und Hochachtung voraus."

  1. Reparation of damaged forging dies

    Vukić Lazić


    Full Text Available The forging dies are in exploitation exposed to elevated temperatures and variable impact loads, both compressive and shear. Steels for manufacturing of these tools must endure those loads while maintaining mechanical properties and being resistant to wear and thermal fatigue. For those reasons, the alloyed steels are used for making the forging dies, though they have less weldability, because alloying increases proneness to hardening. Any reparatory hard facing (HF of the damaged dies would require the specially adjusted technology to the particular piece. In this paper reparatory hard facing of dies used for forging pieces in the automobile industry is considered. Prior to reparatory hard facing of the real tools, numerous experimental hard facings on models were performed. All the model hard facings were done on the same steels which were used for production of the real forging dies. To define the optimal hard facing technology one needs to derive the optimal combination of the adequate heat treatment(s, to select the proper filler metals and the welding procedure. The established optimal HF technology was applied to real forging dies whose service life was further monitored in conditions of exploitation

  2. Die sestienpersoonlikheidsfaktorvraelys as hulpmiddel by die takseersentrum

    J. C. D. Augustyn


    Full Text Available The 16PF Personality Test as an aid to the assessment centre Assessment centres still remains costly and thime consuming. This study investigates the reduction of time and costs by the use of the 16 PF Personality Test as a method for measuring management dimensions. Promising results were obtained with a relatively small sample for the prediction of initiative and perseverance. Significant multiple correlations were also found for three criteria of management success. Further research may establish the use of the 16 PF as an aid to management assessment and thereby reduce the costs and time involved in assessment centres. Opsomming Takseersentrums se grootste probleem is gelee in die koste en tyd wat dit behels. Hierdie studie ondersoek die moontlikheid om beide te verminder deur die aanwending van die 16 PF Persoonlikheidsvraelys vir die meting van bestuursdimensies. Belowende resultate is met 'n relatiewe klein steekproef bevind ten opsigte van die voorspelling van inisiatiefen deursettingsvermoe. Beduidende meervoudige korrelasies is ook ten opsigte van drie kriteria van bestuursukses bevind. Verdere navorsing kan die gebruik van die 16 PF as hulpmiddel by bestuursevaluering vestig en sodoende die tydsduur en koste van takseersentrums verminder.

  3. Dying well with reduced agency: a scoping review and thematic synthesis of the decision-making process in dementia, traumatic brain injury and frailty.

    Birchley, Giles; Jones, Kerry; Huxtable, Richard; Dixon, Jeremy; Kitzinger, Jenny; Clare, Linda


    In most Anglophone nations, policy and law increasingly foster an autonomy-based model, raising issues for large numbers of people who fail to fit the paradigm, and indicating problems in translating practical and theoretical understandings of 'good death' to policy. Three exemplar populations are frail older people, people with dementia and people with severe traumatic brain injury. We hypothesise that these groups face some over-lapping challenges in securing good end-of-life care linked to their limited agency. To better understand these challenges, we conducted a scoping review and thematic synthesis. To capture a range of literature, we followed established scoping review methods. We then used thematic synthesis to describe the broad themes emerging from this literature. Initial searches generated 22,375 references, and screening yielded 49, highly heterogeneous, studies that met inclusion criteria, encompassing 12 countries and a variety of settings. The thematic synthesis identified three themes: the first concerned the processes of end-of-life decision-making, highlighting the ambiguity of the dominant shared decision-making process, wherein decisions are determined by families or doctors, sometimes explicitly marginalising the antecedent decisions of patients. Despite this marginalisation, however, the patient does play a role both as a social presence and as an active agent, by whose actions the decisions of those with authority are influenced. The second theme examined the tension between predominant notions of a good death as 'natural' and the drive to medicalise death through the lens of the experiences and actions of those faced with the actuality of death. The final theme considered the concept of antecedent end-of-life decision-making (in all its forms), its influence on policy and decision-making, and some caveats that arise from the studies. Together these three themes indicate a number of directions for future research, which are likely to be

  4. polisemie in die woordeboek - 'n

    mous items, the problem of monosemic prototype categories vs. polysemous prototype categories, ...... bv. te make met kulturele norme vir die drink van warm vloeistowwe. ..... (en nie bv. teen ander soorte water of ander soorte chemiese middele nie) gede- ...... INLIGTING VERSKAF TE WORD (EN VERW AG DIT AS SODA-.


    1 Aug 1978 ... dan ook aangebied, Agv die probleem wat ont- staan het met die gebrek aan goedgekeurde poste vir die Afdeling en as gevolg van die ver- wagte vertraging met die ondersoek van die. DOS-span, het die Afdeling Logistiek en Afde- ling Personeel oorleg gepleeg en laasgenoemde het ingestem dat die ...

  6. Ein (erneuter) Versuch, modernen Ungleichheitsstrukturen auf die Spur zu kommen An(other) Attempt at Getting at the Core of Modern Structures of Inequality

    Irene Dölling


    Die Verschränkung zweier Ungleichheitsstrukturen – der ‚klassischen‘ Sozialstruktur und der Struktur der Geschlechterverhältnisse – ist für die Autorin eine Ursache dafür, dass seit Einführung der Marktwirtschaft ostdeutsche Frauen massiv vom Arbeitsmarkt verdrängt werden. Aufbauend auf Grundannahmen über die Entstehung moderner Ungleichheitsstrukturen vergleicht Schäfgen die Entwicklung von Sozialstruktur und Geschlechterverhältnissen der BRD und der DDR, die sie beide als moderne Gesellscha...

  7. Die rol van persoonlikheidstrekke in die weerstand teen stres

    Sonja V. R. van Oudtshoorn


    Full Text Available The role of personality characteristics in resistance to stress: A study was conducted to establish whether certain personality characteristics contribute to resistance to stress. Rescue brigadesmen, performing dangerous rescue operations in the goldmining industry, served as basis for the study. The sample consisted of 63 current, 56 ex- and 50 non-brigadesmen. Results indicate that brigadesmen, on the basis of their personality structure, are better equipped to cope with stress. Scores on the 16PF show that they have a lower level of interpersonal anxiety (Factor Q4 and that they are more practical (Factor I, emotionally stable (Factor C, and conscientious (Factor G. These findings support existing knowledge of the 16PF. Opsomming Ten einde vas te stel ofdaar sekere persoonlikheidstrekke bestaan wat bydra tot weerstand teen stres, is 'n studie uitgevoer met reddingspanlede, wat lewensgevaarlike reddingsdiens in die goudmynbedryf verrig, as ondersoekgroep. Die streekproefhet uit 63 huidige, 56 oud-reddingspanlede en 50 amptenare, wat nog nooit aan die span behoort het nie, bestaan. Dit blyk dat reddingspanlede, op grond van hulle persoonlikheidstruktuur, beter toegerus is om stres te hanteer. Tellings op die 16PF toon dat hulle oor 'n laervlakvan interpersoonlike angs beskik, (Faktor Q4, dat hulle meer prakties (Faktor I, emosioneel stabiel (Faktor C en konsensieus is (Faktor G. Hierdie bevindinge sluit aan by die reeds bestaande kennis oor die 16PF.

  8. Release strategies for making transferable semiconductor structures, devices and device components

    Rogers, John A; Nuzzo, Ralph G; Meitl, Matthew; Ko, Heung Cho; Yoon, Jongseung; Menard, Etienne; Baca, Alfred J


    Provided are methods for making a device or device component by providing a multilayer structure having a plurality of functional layers and a plurality of release layers and releasing the functional layers from the multilayer structure by separating one or more of the release layers to generate a plurality of transferable structures. The transferable structures are printed onto a device substrate or device component supported by a device substrate. The methods and systems provide means for making high-quality and low-cost photovoltaic devices, transferable semiconductor structures, (opto-)electronic devices and device components.

  9. Dying with dignity.

    Madan, T N


    Death is a theme of central importance in all cultures, but the manner in which it is interpreted varies from society to society. Even so, traditional cultures, including Christian, Hindu and Jain religious traditions, exhibited a positive attitude to death and did not look upon it in a dualistic framework of good vs bad, or desirable vs undesirable. Nor was pessimism the dominant mood in their thinking about death itself. A fundamental paradigm shift occurred in the West in the eighteenth century when death was desacralized and transformed into a secular event amenable to human manipulation. From those early beginnings, dying and death have been thoroughly medicalized and brought under the purview of high technology in the twentieth century. Once death is seen as a problem for professional management, the hospital displaces the home, and specialists with different kinds and degrees of expertise take over from the family. Everyday speech and the religious idiom yield place to medical jargon. The subject (an ageing, sick or dying person) becomes the object of this make-believe yet real world. As the object of others' professional control, he or she loses the freedom of self-assessment, expression and choice. Or, he or she may be expected to choose when no longer able to do so. Thus, not only freedom but dignity also is lost, and lawyers join doctors in crisis manipulation and perpetuation. Although the modern medical culture has originated in the West, it has gradually spread to all parts of the world, subjugating other kinds of medical knowledge and other attitudes to dying and death.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  10. Die relevansie van die boek Prediker

    ook in die dogmatiek te bespeur is nie. 'n Vinnige oorsig oor die teksverwysings van. 'n paar wydgelese dogmatiekhandboeke kan dit bevestig. In Karl Barth se omvang- ryke Kirchliche Dogmatik word Prediker slegs vyf en dertig maal aangehaal en slegs sewe maal word teksgedeeltes bespreek. Emil Brunner haal Prediker ...

  11. Innovation for improvement of pedestrian protection as the challenge for the development of front-end structures of passenger cars; Innovationen zur Verbesserung des Fussgaengerschutzes als Herausforderung fuer die Entwicklung von PKW-Vorbaustrukturen

    Kramer, F.; Weidemann, W.; Jansohn, W.; Schneider, M. [EDAG Engineering and Design AG, Fulda (Germany)


    Requirements for improvement of pedestrian protection are the result of real-world accidents and test conditions, which take an important role in development of front-end structures of passenger cars at present, based on legal regulations (EU directives expected in 2005) and on car assessment programmes (application as per EuroNCAP since 1997). Styling and packaging are major considerations in conceptual realisation on a large scale. Furthermore, demands for minimisation of weight and cost have to be considered as marginal conditions. Solutions for this conflict of aims, which results from the new safety requirements and performance criteria for front-end structures, are to be represented and discussed based on concrete examples. (orig.) [German] Anforderungen zur Verbesserung des Fussgaengerschutzes resultieren einerseits aus dem Unfallgeschehen und andererseits aus Versuchsbedingungen, die derzeit auf der Basis von gesetzlichen Regelungen (erwartete EU-Richtlinie etwa im Jahr 2005) und von Sicherheitsbewertungen (Anwendung im Rahmen von EuroNCAP seit 1997) in der Vorbau-Entwicklung von Personenkraftwagen eine bedeutende Rolle einnehmen. Die konzeptionelle Umsetzung tangiert sowohl Styling als auch Packaging in erheblichem Umfang, darueber hinaus sind als Randbedingungen die Forderungen nach der Minimierung von Gewicht und Kosten zu beruecksichtigen. Die Loesungen dieses Zielkonfliktes, deren Wirkungsfeld durch die neuen Sicherheitsanforderungen und die Auslegungskriterien fuer Vorbaustrukturen aufgespannt wird, sollen anhand von konkreten Beispielen dargestellt und diskutiert werden. (orig.)

  12. Existential Needs among the Dying

    Moestrup, Lene

    meaning making. Methods: The key research question is: 1. What kind of existential needs are central to dying cancer patients and their relatives during the terminal phase in Danish hospices? Exploring this highly sensitive and complex research area entails substantial ethical responsibility during data...... based and practice relevant knowledge about the complexity of existential considerations and needs among dying cancer patients and their relatives in a secularized society as Denmark. Existential needs are seen as a multidimensional concept that encompasses religious, spiritual and secular existential...

  13. Uitdagings in die onderrig van evolusie in die lewenswetenskappeklaskamer

    Josef J. de Beer


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel skryf die outeurs oor navorsing wat hulle gedoen het oor onderwysers se siening van die onderrig van evolusie, wat in 2008 as ’n tema in lewenswetenskappe in Suid-Afrikaanse skole ingesluit is. Hierdie vernuwing in die kurrikulum is met gemengde reaksies begroet. Terwyl sommige onderwysers dit met entoesiasme onderrig, is baie gekant teen die onderrig van evolusie. Die artikel is gebaseer op ’n navorsingsprojek waarby 255 onderwysers betrek is. Vraelyste is gebruik om kwalitatiewe data, wat vir diskoers ontleed is, in te samel. Die diskoers van die onderwysers het getoon dat ’n groot getal van hulle nie hul onderrigopdrag kan versoen met hul geloof nie en konsepte oor evolusie as ‘feite’ verduidelik, maar seker maak dat evolusie as ’n teorie gediskrediteer word. Dit het verreikende implikasies vir sowel onderwyseropleiding as kurrikulumontwikkeling. Konseptuele veranderingsteorie word as ’n lens gebruik om na hierdie problematiek te kyk. Challenges in the teaching of evolution in the life sciences classroom. In this article the authors report on research that was conducted about teachers’ views on evolution, which was introduced as a theme in the school life sciences curriculum in 2008. This innovation in the curriculum has been met with mixed reactions. Whereas some teachers embrace this new theme, many teachers are opposed to the teaching of evolution. The article reports on an inquiry that was conducted amongst 255 teachers and in which survey questionnaires were used to collect qualitative data, which was analysed for its discourse. The discourse of the teachers shows that many of them cannot reconcile their religious faith with their teaching and that they may teach the ‘facts’ of evolution, but make sure that they discredit evolution as a theory. This raises serious concerns about teacher education and curriculum development. The authors examine these issues through the lens of conceptual change

  14. Structure of a Wear-Resistant Medium-Carbon Steel After Hot Deformation in Hammer Dies and Heat Treatment

    Knyazyuk, T. V.; Petrov, S. N.; Ryabov, V. V.; Khlusova, E. I.


    The structure of model specimens and articles fabricated from medium-carbon high-strength steels is studied for developing modes of forming of working members of tilling machines with cutting edges thinned without the expensive operation of electromachining. The effect of the temperature of heating of billets on the grain size of austenite is determined. The kinetics of recrystallization is studied in the temperature, rate and strain ranges typical for hot forming. A quantitative crystallographic analysis of the microstructure is performed by the EBSD technique. The degrees of distortion of the crystal lattices of structural components and the mean sizes of martensite blocks are determined.

  15. P. J. N. Smal, Die Universalisme in die Psalms. Academisch ...


    dat die historiese element in Israel se Godsopenbaring en daarmee die insig in sy betekenis te kort gedoen word. Die betekenis van die studie vir die historia revelationis is daardeur gering; as duidelike „tydlose” sistematisering van Outestamentiese gegewens oor die betrokke onder- werpe, soos die laaste hoofstuk, bl.



    DIE ONTVC'ERP VAN 'N SENDINGBELEID IN DIE. HUIDIGE SITUASIE. Sending is 'n deel van die vervulling van die apostoliese opdrag van die kerk. Dit geskied op grond van en in gehoorsaamheid aan Gods. \\C'oord. Teologiese besinning is daarom die eerste en grondliggende vereiste by die ontwerp van 'n ...



    Sy moet hierdie opdrag uitvoer deur mid del van die Prediking d.w.s. deur middel van die Woord-vorm, maar ook deur die bediening van die sakramente, dws. deur middel van die vorm van die Daad. Maar nou wil God nie hê dat die Kerk slegs één maal die Evangelie sal predik en die mense sal doop om hulle daarna.

  18. Packaged die heater

    Spielberger, Richard; Ohme, Bruce Walker; Jensen, Ronald J.


    A heater for heating packaged die for burn-in and heat testing is described. The heater may be a ceramic-type heater with a metal filament. The heater may be incorporated into the integrated circuit package as an additional ceramic layer of the package, or may be an external heater placed in contact with the package to heat the die. Many different types of integrated circuit packages may be accommodated. The method provides increased energy efficiency for heating the die while reducing temperature stresses on testing equipment. The method allows the use of multiple heaters to heat die to different temperatures. Faulty die may be heated to weaken die attach material to facilitate removal of the die. The heater filament or a separate temperature thermistor located in the package may be used to accurately measure die temperature.

  19. Die radio in Afrika

    S. de Villiers


    Full Text Available Omvang van radio-uitsendings in en na Afrika. — Redes vir die versnelde tempo van uitbreiding. — Radio as die geskikste massa-kommunikasiemiddel vir Afrika. — Faktore wat die verspreiding bemoeilik. — Skouspelagtige toename in luistertalle.Toe Plinius, wat in die jaar 79 oorlede is, in sy „Historia Naturalis” verklaar het dat daar altyd iets nuuts uit Afrika afkomstig is, kon hy nouliks voorsien het dat die „iets" negentien eeue later in die lug sou setel wat hierdie reuse-vasteland oorspan — ’n Babelse spraakverwarring en ’n ongekende, verbete woorde-oorlog in die etergolwe, onder meer daarop bereken om die harte en hoofde van derduisendes te verower.

  20. Are gay communities dying or just in transition? Results from an international consultation examining possible structural change in gay communities.

    Simon Rosser, B R; West, William; Weinmeyer, Richard


    This study sought to identify how urban gay communities are undergoing structural change, reasons for that change, and implications for HIV prevention planning. Key informants (N=29) at the AIDS Impact Conference from 17 cities in 14 countries completed surveys and participated in a facilitated structured dialog about if gay communities are changing, and if so, how they are changing. In all cities, the virtual gay community was identified as currently larger than the offline physical community. Most cities identified that while the gay population in their cities appeared stable or growing, the gay community appeared in decline. Measures included greater integration of heterosexuals into historically gay-identified neighborhoods and movement of gay persons into suburbs, decreased number of gay bars/clubs, less attendance at gay events, less volunteerism in gay or HIV/AIDS organizations, and the overall declining visibility of gay communities. Participants attributed structural change to multiple factors including gay neighborhood gentrification, achievement of civil rights, less discrimination, a vibrant virtual community, and changes in drug use. Consistent with social assimilation, gay infrastructure, visibility, and community identification appears to be decreasing across cities. HIV prevention planning, interventions, treatment services, and policies need to be re-conceptualized for MSM in the future. Four recommendations for future HIV prevention and research are detailed.


    Dit laat twee interpretasie- moontlikhede oop: "later" kan of beteken "later in Syntactic Structures. (Chomsky 1957)", of "tussen Syntactic Structures en Katz en Fodor (1963) se The Structure of a Semantic Theory". Laasgenoemde werk is naamlik die eerste wat deur De Klerk as deel van die tweede periode, "die aanloop tot.

  2. Die Erfindung des Manuskripts

    Benne, Christian

    Die Entstehung der literarischen Moderne ging seit dem 18. Jahrhundert damit einher, dass die Anzahl literarischer Manuskripte ebenso wuchs wie deren Bedeutung. Der Buchdruck hatte die Handschrift keineswegs überflüssig gemacht, sondern provozierte im Gegenteil einen neuen, am Autographen...

  3. Die begrafnisdíens

    Num 20: 1; Jos 24: 30; Hand 5: 5 - 11). Selfs van die ... Gebruike rondom die begrafnis het van geslag tot geslag gewissel. De Vaux ... der geskied deur die hoorders 'te onderrig, te vermaan, te vertroos en te bestraf, soos dit in elke geval ..... gehandhaaf hoef te word, veral in die lig van die feit dat die predikant die kerklike.

  4. Die gebruik van parallelplaatreologie vir die bepaling van die intrinsieke viskositeit van poli-etileentereftalaat

    O. C. Vorster


    Full Text Available Die bepaling van die intrinsieke viskositeit van poli-etileentereftalaat word bemoeilik deur die feit dat daar tans slegs twee metodes in gebruik is. In die eerste metode word die bepaling deur middel van oplossingsviskometrie gedoen, maar die toksisiteit van die oplosmiddel, asook die tydperk wat dit neem om die bepaling te doen, is ’n probleem. Die tweede metode word beperk deur die kompleksiteit en beskikbaarheid van die apparatuur in Suid-Afrika. In hierdie studie word ’n alternatiewe metode, gebaseer op parallelplaatreologie, voorgestel wat albei hierdie probleme oorkom en die resultate sodoende verkry, word vergelyk met dié wat met bestaande metodes verkry is.

  5. Die invloed van die neo-marxistiese kultuuranalise op die Wêreldraad van Kerke en die Gereformeerde Kerke van Nederland

    J. M. Vorster


    Full Text Available Toe die studente dwarsoor die VSA en Europa in die laat sestigerjare ’n plotselinge en radikale verset openbaar het teen die bestaande orde, het hulle die deur geopen vir ’n nuwe mededinger om die hart van die Westerse kultuur. Dit is die nou reeds bekende neo-Marxisme. Sedertdien het hierdie jongeling sy voetspore op vele vlakke van die Westerse kultuur gelaat.

  6. die pers as bron oor die geskiedenis van die eerste vrydeidsoorlog

    dood agv wonde wat hy tydens die slag opgedoen het. Dit was vir die Britse volk onaanvaarbaar dat slegs twee Boere gedood is nadat daar tussen. 20 000 en 30 000 rondtes op die Boere afgevuur is. Die pers kon net nie die ware syfers publiseer nie, want dit sou na 'n onwaarheid Iyk. Het die. Britse volk egter die Boere ...

  7. die impak van metodologie op die verstaan van die nuwe testament

    voorbeeld eers een maal deur die bril van die vorm- en redaksiekritiek na die Evangelies gekyk het, dink jy vir altyd anders oor hulle tot- standkoming. Inderdaad, nuwe metodes lei tot nuwe perspektiewe! Dit is dan ook waar die fokus van hierdie artikel val: die impak van metodologie op die verstaan van die Nuwe ...

  8. Verskuiwing in die moraal?

    S.P. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Modewoorde het ons deesdae oorgenoeg in die Christelike sedeleer en hulle kan nogal verwarring stig. U moet my vergun om met u te spreek oor een so ’n modewoord nl „verskuiwing’’ in die moraal. Dis nogal ’n mooi woord, wat so dikwels gebruik word op baie terreine en tog meer wil aandui as maar net ’n veranderde sienswyse, ’n wysiging in opvattinge of nuwe riglyne wat al gangbaar geword het in die praktyk. Die begrip wil eintlik die ewolusionêre gang beklemtoon, want dit is dan eintlik net die ou norme wat effens anders bekyk word of nie meer so nou geneem of dik onderstreep word nie. Die verskuiwing beteken dan dat alles nog dieselfde bly, net die posisie of plek het verander. Verskuiwing beteken tog plekverandering of plekwisseling en dan sekerlik nie in die sin dat die plekke ver uitmekaar lê nie. Verskuiwing beteken net maar vlak langs die vorige te staan kom. As dit dan ’n beter plek is, is dit ewolusie, ontwikkeling, verbetering.

  9. Electronic structure of epitaxial chalcopyrite surfaces and interfaces for photovoltaics; Elektronische Struktur epitaktischer Chalkopyrite und deren Heterokontakte fuer die Photovoltaik

    Hofmann, Andreas


    This thesis constitutes a comprehensive study of the surface physics of epitaxial CuInSe{sub 2} films. It comprises analyses of the surface morphology and reconstruction, electronic band structure as well as hetero-junctions relevant to photovoltaic applications. Therefore, especially the aspect of stoichiometry variation from the CuInSe{sub 2} to the copper-deficient defect phases was considered. Preparation and analysis was completely performed under ultra-high vacuum conditions in order to ensure the investigation of well-defined samples free of contaminants. For some of the analysis techniques, single-crystalline samples are indispensable: They allow for the determination of surface periodicity by low-energy electron diffraction (LEED). In combination with concentration depth profiling by angle-resolved x-ray photoemission, to types of surface reconstructions could be distinguished for the near-stoichiometric CuInSe{sub 2}(112) surface. In the copper-rich case, it is stabilized by Cu{sub In} anti-site defects and on the indium-rich side by 2 V{sub Cu} defects, as predicted by surface total energy calculations by Jaffe and Zunger. Both configurations correspond to a c(4 x 2) reconstruction of the zinc blende type (111) surface. For the defect compound CuIn{sub 3}Se{sub 5}, a sphalerite order of the surface was found, which points at a weakening or absence of the chalcopyrite order in the bulk of the material. The unusual stability of the (112) surface could also be proven by comparison with the reconstruction and surface order of (001) and (220) surfaces. The results from surface analysis were used to measure the valence band structure of the epitaxial samples by synchrotron-based angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. The CuInSe{sub 2}(001) surface gives access to the high symmetry directions {Gamma}-T and {Gamma}-N of momentum space. By contrasting the data obtained for the stoichiometric surface with the copper-poor defect compound, a reduction of the

  10. [Dying with cancer: Hollywood lessons].

    Niemeyer, Fernanda; Kruse, Maria Henriqueta Luce


    The study attempts to understand how dying from cancer is portrayed by five movies produced in Hollywood between 1993 and 2006. Based on the cultural studies and their post-structuralism version and supported by the notions of discourse and subjectivity, as proposed by philosopher Michel Foucault, we suggest one of the possible readings of the movie picture corpus. We assess how the movie picture discourse acts as a cultural pedagogy that produces ways of seeing dying with cancer: immortalizing the healthy body image, silencing death, taking care of the dead body and, finally, accepting death. Our proposal is intended to stimulate reflections that may contribute to care and education in nursing.

  11. oor die inhoud en boodskap van die heidelbergse kategismus

    Smit. Oor die Inhoud en Boodskap van die Heidelbergse Kategismus. 52. Uiteraard sal dié tema saamhang met die bedoelinge agter die opstel van die Kategismus. Ook die vraag na moontlike bedoelinge of motiewe is egter 'n ingewikkelder vraag as wat miskien gedink mag word. Uiteraard was daar agter elke kategismus ...

  12. Thomas Erastus oor die struktuur van die gemeenskap'^

    óók aansprake en regte het, is die opvatting dat sowel die burgerlike gemeenskap as die kerk 'n perfecta societas sibi sufficiens is, nié werklik aanvaar nie. Die Middeleeuse gemeenskap was die corpus christianum,. 'n gemeenskap wat nie deur fisiese of politieke grense beperk was nie. Sy grense het gelê waar die grense ...

  13. die doel en wese van opvoedende onderwys en die implikasies

    Oaar moet onderskei word tussen die doelstellings van opvoedende onderwys en die einddoel wat bereik word deur die nastrewing van hierdie doelstellings. Gunter praat van die naderliggende doelstellings (1981, b1.105). \\/at die enddoel van opvoedende onderwys bet ref, gaan die meeste opvoedkundi ges akkoord dat ...

  14. Die tug oor ampsdraers tydens die doleansie van 1886

    J. Visser


    Full Text Available In art 29 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis word bely: “Die merktekens om die ware Kerk te ken is die volgende: As die Kerk die suiwere prediking van die evangelie uitoefen, as dit die suiwer bediening van die sakramente gebruik soos Christus dit ingestel het, as die kerklike tug gebruik word om die sondes te straf.” Dit spreek vanself dat wanneer ampsdraers, aan wie Christus sy kudde toevertrou het (Hand 20 : 28, met leer en /of lewenswandel in sonde volhard en nie daarin met tug gestuit word nie, word die ware kerk nie gebou nie maar afgebreek. 0ns sal later in hierdie artikel aantoon hoedanig die suiwer tug oor ampsdraers, veral leertug, tydens die Doleansie tot skade van die kerk van Christus agterweë gebly het.

  15. How Are Distributed Groups Affected by an Imposed Structuring of their Decision-Making Process?

    Lundell, Anders Lorentz; Hertzum, Morten


    Groups often suffer from ineffective communication and decision making. This experimental study compares distributed groups solving a preference task with support from either a communication system or a system providing both communication and a structuring of the decision-making process. Results...... show that groups using the latter system spend more time solving the task, spend more of their time on solution analysis, spend less of their time on disorganized activity, and arrive at task solutions with less extreme preferences. Thus, the type of system affects the decision-making process as well...... as its outcome. Notably, the task solutions arrived at by the groups using the system that imposes a structuring of the decision-making process show limited correlation with the task solutions suggested by the system on the basis of the groups’ explicitly stated criteria. We find no differences in group...

  16. Shear structuring as a new method to make anisotropic structures from soy-gluten blends

    Grabowska, K.J.; Tekidou, S.; Boom, R.M.; Goot, van der A.J.


    The concept of shear-induced structuring was applied to concentrated blends of soy protein isolate (SPI) and wheat gluten (WG) to create novel semi-solid food textures. Concurrent simple shear deformation and heating (95 °C) of the protein blends generated original structures consisting of fibers or

  17. Bayesian updating and decision making using correlated structural health monitoring observations

    Nielsen, Jannie Sønderkær


    A Bayesian approach is often applied when updating a deterioration model using observations from expected structural health monitoring or condition monitoring. Usually, observations are assumed to be independent conditioned on the damage size, but this assumption does not always hold, especially ...... is properly modeled. In case of correlated observations, an advanced decision model using all past observations for decision making is needed to make monitoring feasible compared to only using inspections....

  18. Die metafoor by Breyten Breytenbach


    23 Jun 2009 ... metafories, of spesifiek verwysend, te werk gegaan is. Tyd sou mens die hoofmotief van die bundel noem, tyd en geheue wat verbygaan: 1 en 2; en die einde van die storie wat gekom het: “fluit-fluit my storie is uit”. (Die tema van verbygaan word weer opgeneem in 8 en 9: die stories wat nooit meer gehoor ...


    In die verband kan genoem word dat die Russe nog grotendeels gebruik maak van 'n metode waarvolgens water in die oliestratum gepomp word om 'n opwaartse druk van ru-olie te verseker; een nadeel hiervan is dat die water mettertyd deur die oliehoudende laag ontsnap en agv die drukverlies isvoortgesette ontginning.

  20. Die singulation method

    Swiler, Thomas P.; Garcia, Ernest J.; Francis, Kathryn M.


    A method is disclosed for singulating die from a semiconductor substrate (e.g. a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate or a bulk silicon substrate) containing an oxide layer (e.g. silicon dioxide or a silicate glass) and one or more semiconductor layers (e.g. monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon) located above the oxide layer. The method etches trenches through the substrate and through each semiconductor layer about the die being singulated, with the trenches being offset from each other around at least a part of the die so that the oxide layer between the trenches holds the substrate and die together. The trenches can be anisotropically etched using a Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) process. After the trenches are etched, the oxide layer between the trenches can be etched away with an HF etchant to singulate the die. A release fixture can be located near one side of the substrate to receive the singulated die.

  1. Ontsporing van die regstaatsbegrip en sy konsekwensies vir die afrikanervolk

    N. G.S. Van der Walt


    Full Text Available Die opvatting van die suiwere regstaat bring sy vraagstukke mee wanneer dit in verband gebring word met die leer van die soewereiniteit in eie kring. Laasgenoemde leer wortel in die geloof dat God die mens roep tot diens aan Hom, en dat die mens vry moet wees om ten opsigte van alle lewensaspekte God na die hoogste mate te kan dien. Hierdie verskeidenheid van aspekte is deur dr. A. Kuyper en sy volgelinge gesistemati- seer tot menslike verbande en lewenskringe, elk met ’n be- paalde sfeer waarin ander kringe nie mag inmeng nie. Elkeen is dan soewerein binne sy eie kring. Met verwysing na die staat is dan gespreek van die staatstaak as synde die hand- hawing van die reg, en omdat die staat in toenemende mate hom veral in die latere tyd ook besig gehou het met bedrywig- hede wat nouliks as van juridiese aard beskou kan word, is daar die onderskeid gemaak tussen die primêre en sekundêre taak van die staat. Die sistematiek van die wetsidee, deur prof. Dooyeweerd ontwikkel, waar die staat sy bestemmingsfunksie in die regsaspek vind, het vanselfsprekend geen plek vir so 'n dualistiese staatstaak nie, en die oplossing is deur sommige daarin gesoek om sulke staatsoptrede te vertolk as hebbende wel betrekking op die regsgemeenskap of die regsverkeer. Staatsondernemings soos paaie, spoorweë, spellingreëling, ens. word dan beskou as noodsaaklik vir die instandhouding van die regsgemeenskap en regsverkeer. Tereg wys A. M. Donner1 daarop dat so ’n vertolking eintlik neerkom op ’n oorspanning van die regsbegrip. Hy self sien dan die staatstaak in vrede- of orde-handhawing, wat in die eerste plaas wel regshandha- wing veronderstel. Onder orde word dan alles verstaan wat noodsaaklik is vir die gladde verkeer in die ontwikkelingsgang van die regsgemeenskap. Die wese van die staat het dan vol- gens hom te doen met reg, maar sy taak is meer as suiwere regshandhawing. Wat onrus verwek en die orde versteur, moet uit die openbare lewe verwyder word, en die

  2. Die sterwende kindjie

    J.T. De Jongh van Arkel


    Full Text Available The thought of a child dying appears as an antithesis and thus the feelings evoked by the dying child are stronger than when older persons are dying. Around the child’s death bed there is no place for detached spectators and all become involved in caring for and supporting him. Caregivers also have a supporting responsibility towards the members of the child’s family.

  3. Analise van die Tswanaraaisel

    S. A. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available ’n Strukturele, stilistiese en funksionele bcskrywing van die Twanaraaisel bring mee dat daar aan die volgende aspekte aandag gegee moet word: •\tWat is ’n raaisel en lioe word dit in Tswana genoem. •\tTot watter studiegebied en literere genre hoort die raaisel en watter subvorme kan vir Tswana onderskei word. •\tHoe sien die struktuur van Tswanaraaisels daar uit. •\tDeur wie, waar, wanneer en hoe word Tswanaraaisels voorgedra. •\tWatter stilistiese kenmcrke kan in Tswanaraaisels onderskei word. •\tWatter funksies vervul raaisels in ’n Tswanagcmeenskap.

  4. The Angry Dying Patient.

    Houston, Robert E.


    Over 25 years ago, Kubler-Ross identified anger as a predictable part of the dying process. When the dying patient becomes angry in the clinical setting, all types of communication become strained. Physicians can help the angry dying patient through this difficult time by using 10 rules of engagement. When physicians engage and empathize with these patients, they improve the patient's response to pain and they reduce patient suffering. When physicians educate patients on their normal responses to dying and enlist them in the process of family reconciliation, they can impact the end-of-life experience in a positive way.

  5. Moraliteit, die opdringerige en die voorwaardelike

    M.F. Heyns


    Full Text Available Morality, the obtrusive and the conditional The secularist (immanentist, historicist and pluralistic nature of current thinking disables the articulation of transcendental conditions for morality. It is ostensibly especially the constancy of a structure for morality, as transcendental condition, for morality that is disputable. However, an aggressive immanentism sees to it that a transcendent origin for morality does not even appear on the agenda of late modern thinkers, which makes the latter probably an equally serious marginalisation of transcendental considerations. In this article the (sometimes unconscious experience of some philosophers that a constant structure for morality obtrudes itself upon us, is highlighted. A further claim is that a similar obtrusion can be observed about a coherent diversity of moral sources (i.e. sources which find themselves in a transcendental position with regard to each other. The “most daring” argument is for a transcendental transcendent origin for morality.

  6. Die brein soos beskou deur die Grieke en Romeine

    Francois P. Retief


    Full Text Available In Ou Egipte is mummifikasie met uitgebreide reseksie of uitsnyding van organe geassosieer, maar geen kennis is geneem van die morfologie van die brein nie. Griekse skrywers van die sesde en vyfde eeue v.C. het die brein aanvanklik gesien as die setel van intelligensie, die orgaan van sensoriese waarneming en gedeeltelik die oorsprong van sperma. Pneuma het ’n belangrike rol in breinfunksie gespeel. Hippokrates was die eerste om die brein te beskryf as ’n dubbele orgaan, wat met harsingvlies (meninges bedek, funksioneel van pneuma afhanklik en vertolker van begrip is. Tydgenote soos Plato, Aristoteles en Diokles het tot die beskrywing bygedra, maar laasgenoemde twee het beweer dat die hart die middelpunt van intelligensie is en nie die brein nie. Gedurende die laaste helfte van die vierde eeu v.C. is disseksie van die menslike liggaam tydelik aan die mediese skool van Alexandrië toegelaat en het dit tot merkwaardige vooruitgang in die begrip van die menslike anatomie en fisiologie gelei. Herofilus en Erasistratus het uitstekende beskrywings van die struktuur en funksie van die brein gegee wat eers in die tweede eeu n.C. deur Galenus geëwenaar is.


    dien. Die planke en velie moes keer dat die assegaaie die mense tref. Voor die geveg het die vrouens en groter dogters koeels gegiet. Tydens die geveg het die seuns gehelp skiet terwyl die vrouens en dogters die gewere vir die mans gelaai het. Van die dogters soos Nellie. Botha (11 jaar oud) en haar sussie Fya (15 jaar.

  8. Die uitbouing van die Bybelse kanon in antieke Judaïsme en die ...

    31 Jul 2015 ... die oer-Christelike boodskap tot by sy Ou Testamentiese wortels, die geskrifte van Israel wat cum grano salis die 'Bybel' van die oer-Christendom geword het en die blywende verwysingspunt van die Christelike boodskap is. Erkenning. Hierdie artikel is vertaal na Afrikaans deur Prof. Jan G. van der Watt.

  9. Die opleiding van bedryfsielkundiges aan die universiteit van Fort Hare

    W. Botha


    Full Text Available Die Departement Bedryfsielkunde aan die Universiteit van Fort Hare is 'n relatiewe jong departement en het eers in 1965 tot stand gekom. Voor hierdie datum is Bedryfsielkunde as 'n kort kursus deur die departement van suiwer Sielkunde aangebied en een van die destydse dosente, Dr. W. Backer, het die inisiatief geneem om 'n selfstandige departement van Bedryfsielkunde in die Fakulteit van Ekonomiese Wetenskappe op die been te bring.

  10. Optimization of Composition and Heat Treating of Die Steels for Extended Lifetime; FINAL

    David Schwam; John F, Wallace; Quanyou Zhou


    An ''average'' die casting die costs fifty thousand dollars. A die used in making die cast aluminum engine blocks can cost well over one million dollars. These costs provide a strong incentive for extension of die life. While vacuum quenched Premium Grade H13 dies have become the most widely used in the United States, tool makers and die casters are constantly searching for new steels and heat treating procedures to extend die life. This project was undertaken to investigate the effects of composition and heat treating on die life and optimize these parameters

  11. Oor die Bybel in die Afrikaanse digkuns

    another. As a matter of fact, the development of Afri kaans, the instrument of the poet, has been significantly influenced the Afrikaans translation of the Bible. Belie ... ook gesê het: Saam met ons literatuur, so oud as hy is. Die eerste Afrikaanse digter by wie ons omvattende Bybelse invloed kry, is. Totius, een van ons vroegste ...

  12. Multi-level repair decision-making process for composite structures

    Dhanisetty, V.S.V.; Verhagen, W.J.C.; Curran, R.


    This paper details the development of a decision-making model that evaluates the multiple repair levels that a composite structure can undergo, each with its inherent achievable survivability and consequence to operations in terms of availability, costs, and scheduling. The goal of this model is to

  13. Agreement on Child Maltreatment Decisions: A Nonrandomized Study on the Effects of Structured Decision-Making

    Bartelink, C.; van Yperen, T. A.; ten Berge, I. J.; de Kwaadsteniet, L.; Witteman, C. L. M.


    Background: Practitioners investigating cases of suspected child maltreatment often disagree whether a child is subject to or at risk of abuse or neglect in the family and, if so, what to do about such abuse or neglect. Structured decision-making is considered to be a solution to the problem of subjective judgments and decisions. Objective: This…

  14. Decision making with a time limit: The effects of presentation modality and structure

    Cao, Y.; Theune, Mariet; Nijholt, Antinus; Norros, L.; Koskinen, H.; Salo, L.; Savioja, P.


    In this study, a user experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of information presentation factors (modality and structure) on decision making behavior, using a time-limited task. The time constraint required subjects to develop heuristic strategies to substitute the defined normative

  15. calvyn oor die leiding van die heilige gees in die verklaring van die

    Mittel alters, bis er zur Ruhe kommt bei den kanonischen Schriften der. Urzeit der christlichen Ära (Barth ... (ego tamen dimoveri non possum ab amore compendii, CO 10, 403). Deur die boodskap van die .... Idem ergo spiritus qui per os prophetarum loquutus est, in corda nostra penetret necesse est, ut persuadeat fideliter ...


    Acta Theologica is an accredited South. African journal publishing ... SciELO South Africa. REDAKSIE/ ... 'n persoon belydenis van geloof af wat instemming met die betrokke kerk se ...... Ek was na my ongeluk buite aksie en op Clarens. 'n Mede-lid ...... Die “formation of new confessions, change to current confessions, and.

  17. Dying with dignity

    S P Kalantri


    The concept of dignity has beeen one of the ambiguous concepts in biomedical ethics. Thus the ambiguous nature of this concept has been extended to what it means to die with dignity. This research work is an investigation into the complexity in the understanding of "dying with dignity" in Applied Ethics.

  18. The day Madiba died

    8 Apr 2016 ... shibien en ma is nie happy nie. Susan Gaigher se allegoriese fanta- sie- oftewel wetenskapsfiksieverhale. “Martine se teepot” (46–55) en “Maslow”. (56–67) is verfrissend. Gaigher is een van die min skrywers in die bundel wat 'n kenmerkende en oorspronklike stem laat klink. 'n Mens sal 'n Gaigher-verhaal.

  19. Die entwicklung, die metamorphose, die entstehung: Die konzepte des organismus von Aristoteles bis Darwin

    Kamerer Eva


    Full Text Available (nemački In diesem Aufsatz versuche ich, die Elemente verschiedener Konzepte des Organismus in der Philosophie und in der Wissenschaft zu analysieren. Die Deutungen des Organismus und der Einheit der Natur bei Aristoteles, Kant und Goethe werden als ein Beispiel der Bewegung von einem finalistischen zum antifinalistischen Bild der Natur verstanden.

  20. Paradigmas en progressie in die teologie: *n Perspektief op die ...

    Die metodologie as besinningsterrein word egter al belangriker. Gedurende die tweede week van April 1988 het teoloë van dwarsoor Suid-. Afrika by die nuwe gebou van die Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing in. Pretoria byeen gekom vir 'n kongres van amper drie dae met die tema Paradigma.'> 476. ISSN 0259 ...

  1. die korrelasie tussen die gemiddelde daaglikse toename van ...

    'n Regressielyn is uit die gegewens bereken deur 'n beswaarde regressieanaliese en die 80 persent-voorspellings- bande is bepaal. Die punte wat ver buite die normale ver- spreidingsband geval hetkon almal met goeie rede as abnor- maal beskou word (sien tabel 1) en is nie ingesluit by die statistiese berekenings nie.

  2. amp' van die ouderling in die Nuwe Testament

    Jesus self het geen kerk gestig nie en daarom, veral omdat die Jesus-beweging inter mums ten opsigte van die Joodse godsdiens van sy tyd tot stand gekom het, het ...... Die klem val dus nie op die npoTCTT0fievo<; se rang of outoriteit nie, maar op sy pastorale funksie in die huishouding of huisgemeente (kyk Reicke.

  3. Pragmatic Strategies and Linguistic Structures in Making ‘Suggestions’: Towards Comprehensive Taxonomies

    Hossein Abolfathiasl


    Full Text Available This paper analyses and upgrades taxonomies of strategies and structures for the speech act of suggesting based on existing taxonomies and classifications in the pragmatics research literature. Previous studies have focused mainly on linguistic structures used to perform the speech act of suggesting. Thus, there seems to be a need to provide a more comprehensive set of taxonomies for structures as well as strategies that can be used in EFL/ESL classrooms and for research on the speech act of suggesting. To this end, the speech act of suggesting is defined first and the features of this speech act are discussed. Second, the most recent classifications proposed for structures and linguistic realization strategies for suggestions were analysed and contrasted and a more comprehensive taxonomy of structures and linguistic realization strategies is provided, based on previous taxonomies. Finally, taxonomy of politeness strategies in making suggestions are provided, based on recent studies in cross-cultural pragmatics research.

  4. Lack of support structures in prioritization decision making concerning patients and resources. Interviews with Swedish physicians.

    Werntoft, Elisabet; Edberg, Anna-Karin


    To investigate physicians' experiences in relation to prioritization and financing in health care in order to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind their standpoints. Eighteen physicians, seven women and eleven men, aged 30 to 69 years were interviewed and the text was analyzed using an inductive approach, also described as conventional qualitative content analysis. Experience of setting healthcare priorities and difficult decision making differed widely among the physicians and seemed to be related to the number of years in professional practice. Their view of how resources should be allocated between disciplines/patients showed that they wanted politicians to make the decisions, with support from medical professions. The overwhelming impression of their reasoning showed that they lacked support structures for their decision making and could be understood under the following categories: prioritisation, easier in theory than in practice, and increasing costs threaten the Swedish welfare model. The findings of this study highlight the importance of practical national guidelines concerning vertical prioritization, also as an important measure to make prioritization more distinct and transparent. The physicians further had a need for tools to increase patients' awareness of their health. The findings of this study also showed that an awareness of the actual costs involved might increase the responsibility among both physicians and patients. The physicians' lack of support structures implies an urgent need for practical national guidelines, especially concerning vertical prioritization. This will also make prioritization appear clear and transparent for citizens.

  5. Die toekoms en ons roeping

    S. du Toit


    Full Text Available Om te weet wat ons roeping in die toekoms sal wees, moet ons eers besef wat in ons eie tyd aan die gang is en langs watter lyne die dinge beweeg. Dit is ons plig om te let op die tekens van die tye in die lig van die profetiese Woord. En dan wil ons dadelik beklemtoon dat ons in Suid-Afrika nie in die waan moet lewe dat ons hier onbekommerd en onaangetas deur die wêreldgebeure ons roeping en bestemming kan uitwerk nie.

  6. Die Hervormde Teologiese Studies na vyftig jaar

    INLEIDEND. In die tweede helfte van die jaar 1943 het die Hervormde Teologiese Studies die eerste maal verskyn. Dit was die produk van lang besinning en beplanning. Die dryfkrag agter die totstandkoming was prof dr S P Engeibrecht, 'n man wie se idealisme en toewyding aan die kerk groot dinge vir die kerk en ook die ...

  7. Die owerheidsinmenging met betrekking tot kerklike tughandelinge.

    L. Roeleveld


    Full Text Available Volgens art 29 NGB is die merktekens van die ware kerk die suiwere prediking van die Evangelie, die suiwere bediening van die Sakramente en die gebruik van die kerklike tug. Art. 32 NGB spreek uit dat die Kerkorde nie mag afwyk van wat Christus ingestel het nie. Menslike vindinge en wette om die gewetens te bind en te dwing, moet daarom verwerp word. Die ekskommunikasie of die ban moet toegepas word volgens die Woord van God.

  8. Pentateugtradisies in die boek Hosea

    om te bepaal of die verwysing na 'n gebeure te doen het met die verre verlede of met die .... Hosea 2:1-2 JHWH se trou aan sy beloftes. ... dat huile na Egipte sal terugkeer. Die presiese bedoeiing van die woorde 'huile sal terugkeer na Egipte' is omstre- de. Kommentatore soos Rudolph meen dat dit verstaan moet word as ...

  9. Die begrafnisdíens

    (De Vaux 1961:108). Was die begrafnis 'n familie of 'n kerklike aangeleentheid? Hierdie vraag word nie in die Bybel beantwoord nie. Abraham het sy vrou begrawe (Gen 23: 19-. 20). Isak en Ismael ..... ver gekom om die begrafnis 'n kerklike aangeleentheid te maak nie. Hierdie stap .... trou aan die sorg van God. * Die kerk ...

  10. Metodes in die Christelike etiek

    The basic question in Christian ethics is not primarily. 'What should I do?' The basic question is rather ' ... should therefore be accepted as being part of the method used in Christian ethics. 1. INLEIDEND ..... aan die kant van die onderdrukte' verkondig word, word die Christen opgeroep om horn te skaar aan die kant van die ...

  11. Using multi-species occupancy models in structured decision making on managed lands

    Sauer, John R.; Blank, Peter J.; Zipkin, Elise F.; Fallon, Jane E.; Fallon, Frederick W.


    Land managers must balance the needs of a variety of species when manipulating habitats. Structured decision making provides a systematic means of defining choices and choosing among alternative management options; implementation of a structured decision requires quantitative approaches to predicting consequences of management on the relevant species. Multi-species occupancy models provide a convenient framework for making structured decisions when the management objective is focused on a collection of species. These models use replicate survey data that are often collected on managed lands. Occupancy can be modeled for each species as a function of habitat and other environmental features, and Bayesian methods allow for estimation and prediction of collective responses of groups of species to alternative scenarios of habitat management. We provide an example of this approach using data from breeding bird surveys conducted in 2008 at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland, evaluating the effects of eliminating meadow and wetland habitats on scrub-successional and woodland-breeding bird species using summed total occupancy of species as an objective function. Removal of meadows and wetlands decreased value of an objective function based on scrub-successional species by 23.3% (95% CI: 20.3–26.5), but caused only a 2% (0.5, 3.5) increase in value of an objective function based on woodland species, documenting differential effects of elimination of meadows and wetlands on these groups of breeding birds. This approach provides a useful quantitative tool for managers interested in structured decision making.

  12. Die teologiese skool in die P.U.K vir C.H.O.: met die betekenis van die teologiese skool vir die Christelike wetenskap

    F. Postma


    Full Text Available Die Teologiese Skool van die Gereformeerde Kerk gedink op 29 November 1944 sy vyf-en-sewentigjarige bestaan.Die Raad en Senaat van die P.U.K. vir C.H.O. wil ook langs hierdie weg die Teologiese Skool van harte gelukwens en die versekering gee dat daar by die outoriteite van die P.U.K. ’n diepgevoelde dankbaarheid heers dat hierdie inrigting sovele jare deur onse God en Vader gedra en gespaar is.

  13. Uncommon structure making/breaking behaviour of cholinium taurate in water

    Gadžurić, Slobodan; Tot, Aleksandar; Armaković, Stevan; Armaković, Sanja; Panić, Jovana; Jović, Branislav; Vraneš, Milan


    Highlights: • Structuring of water in cholinium taurate ionic liquids was studied. • Nature of interactions were discussed. • Structure breaking properties were observed below and structure making properties above 300 K. • Molecular dynamics confirmed conclusions derived from experiments. - Abstract: Synthesis, volumetric and transport properties of the new third generation ionic liquid cholinium taurate, [Chol][Tau], are reported. Density, viscosity and electrical conductivity measurements of diluted aqueous solution of [Chol][Tau] were performed, while from the theoretical aspects density functional theory (DFT) calculations and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been applied in order to understand the nature of interactions and water structuring in the studied system. DFT approach was used to understand geometry and non-covalent interactions between [Chol] + and [Tau] − ions, while radial distribution functions (RDFs) obtained after MD simulations were applied in order to determine the parts of the ionic liquid that are most responsible for the interaction with water.

  14. Community facilitation of problem structuring and decision making processes: Experiences from the EU LEADER+ programme

    Vidal, Rene Victor Valqui


    This paper reports on the work carried out supporting a rural community in Denmark under the LEADER+ programme. This is a programme that supports development in particularly vulnerable rural regions of the European countries members of EU. It supports creative and innovative projects that can...... contribute to long-term and sustainable development in these regions. The main tasks have been the organisation and facilitation of conferences and workshops to structure the problematic situation of identifying and designing innovative projects for the development of the community and to support decision...... making processes related to the agreement on action plans. Learning to design, plan, manage and facilitate conferences and workshops have also being another central activity. The main purpose of these conferences and workshops was not only problem structuring and decision making in connection...

  15. Structuring injustice: partisan politics in the making and unmaking of James Madison University's equal opportunity policy.

    Robinson, Christine M; Spivey, Sue E


    This analysis contributes to LGBT campus climate research on the quality of campus life in higher education in the United States. We argue that public education institutions in different states face divergent impediments to improving campus climate, and that more research is needed identifying structural factors affecting campus climate. Using a social systems analysis of policymaking at one university as a case study, we illustrate how partisan politics and state regulation make Virginia colleges and universities more vulnerable to political scrutiny and control. Finally, we propose a social justice-oriented policy agenda to address structural inequalities.

  16. Making structured metals transparent for ultrabroadband electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves

    Fan, Ren-Hao; Peng, Ru-Wen; Huang, Xian-Rong; Wang, Mu


    In this review, we present our recent work on making structured metals transparent for broadband electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves via excitation of surface waves. First, we theoretically show that one-dimensional metallic gratings can become transparent and completely antireflective for extremely broadband electromagnetic waves by relying on surface plasmons or spoof surface plasmons. Second, we experimentally demonstrate that metallic gratings with narrow slits are highly transparent for broadband terahertz waves at oblique incidence and high transmission efficiency is insensitive to the metal thickness. Further, we significantly develop oblique metal gratings transparent for broadband electromagnetic waves (including optical waves and terahertz ones) under normal incidence. In the third, we find the principles of broadband transparency for structured metals can be extended from one-dimensional metallic gratings to two-dimensional cases. Moreover, similar phenomena are found in sonic artificially metallic structures, which present the transparency for broadband acoustic waves. These investigations provide guidelines to develop many novel materials and devices, such as transparent conducting panels, antireflective solar cells, and other broadband metamaterials and stealth technologies. - Highlights: • Making structured metals transparent for ultrabroadband electromagnetic waves. • Non-resonant excitation of surface plasmons or spoof surface plasmons. • Sonic artificially metallic structures transparent for broadband acoustic waves

  17. Making structured metals transparent for ultrabroadband electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves

    Fan, Ren-Hao [National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and School of Physics, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093 (China); Peng, Ru-Wen, E-mail: [National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and School of Physics, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093 (China); Huang, Xian-Rong [Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439 (United States); Wang, Mu [National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and School of Physics, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093 (China)


    In this review, we present our recent work on making structured metals transparent for broadband electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves via excitation of surface waves. First, we theoretically show that one-dimensional metallic gratings can become transparent and completely antireflective for extremely broadband electromagnetic waves by relying on surface plasmons or spoof surface plasmons. Second, we experimentally demonstrate that metallic gratings with narrow slits are highly transparent for broadband terahertz waves at oblique incidence and high transmission efficiency is insensitive to the metal thickness. Further, we significantly develop oblique metal gratings transparent for broadband electromagnetic waves (including optical waves and terahertz ones) under normal incidence. In the third, we find the principles of broadband transparency for structured metals can be extended from one-dimensional metallic gratings to two-dimensional cases. Moreover, similar phenomena are found in sonic artificially metallic structures, which present the transparency for broadband acoustic waves. These investigations provide guidelines to develop many novel materials and devices, such as transparent conducting panels, antireflective solar cells, and other broadband metamaterials and stealth technologies. - Highlights: • Making structured metals transparent for ultrabroadband electromagnetic waves. • Non-resonant excitation of surface plasmons or spoof surface plasmons. • Sonic artificially metallic structures transparent for broadband acoustic waves.

  18. Die Frage nach Gerechtigkeit.

    Martin Jäggle


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: In the first part six stages in the author’s path of life are described, which have influenced his engagement with justice. The second part gives an insight into his religious educational work, in which the issue of justice was especially significant on the example of ‘religion in the context of migration’ and of the ecumenic initiative ‘’ (school worth living. The vision of the Kingdom of God and the necessity of participation become apparent. DEUTSCH: Im ersten Teil werden sechs Stationen am Lebensweg des Autors beschrieben, die seine Auseinandersetzung mit Gerechtigkeit geprägt haben. Der zweite Teil gibt Einblick in seine religionspädagogische Arbeit, in der die Frage nach Gerechtigkeit besonders bedeutsam war am Beispiel ‚Religion im Kontext Migration‘ und der ökumenischen Initiative ‚‘. Die Vision vom Reich Gottes und die Notwendigkeit von Partizipation werden dabei deutlich.

  19. Die EG-Kabotageverordnung

    Basedow, Jürgen


    Die EG-Kabotageverordnung : e. Schritt zur Verwirklichung d. Dienstleistungsfreiheit im Straßengüterverkehr / Jürgen Basedow ; Ansgar Held. - In: Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht. 1. 1990. S. 305-308

  20. Die Bibliothek des Bezirksmuseums Josefstadt

    Maria Ettl


    Josefstadt in Wien werden die Herkunft der Bibliotheksbestände und die beengte Raumsituation beschrieben. Abschließend wird auf die Erfassung der Medien mittels der Bibliothekssoftware „Biblioweb“ eingegangen.

  1. Die verband tussen die sielkundige kontrak en organisasieverbondenheid

    K. J. Stanz


    Full Text Available The relationship between the psychological contract and organisational commitment. The aim of this study is to design a measuring instrument with acceptable metric characteristics for the strength of the psychological contract within the South African context, and to determine empirically the relation between the strength of the psychological contract and organisational commitment. The Dhammanungune Model served as foundation for the design of the Strength of the Psychological Contract Questionnaire which consists of two scales namely, a needs expectation scale and a needs fulfilment expectation scale. The items of each scale have been formulated in the manner that ensures that the respondent reacts consecutively to two instructions namely, (a the level of the expectation and (b the importance of the expectation. This questionnaire was administered together with the Organisational Commitment Questionnaire to two population groups within the military environment. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation was calculated between the strength of the psychological contract and organisational commitment and the significance of the correlations was evaluated. Opsomming Die doel van die studie is om 'n meetinstrument met aanvaarbare metriese eienskappe vir die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak vir Suid-Afrikaanse omstandighede te ontwerp en om empirics die verband tussen die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak en organisasieverbondenheid te bepaal. Die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak vraelys is op grond van die Dhammanungune-model ontwerp en het uit twee skale naamlik, die behoefteverwagting- en vervullingsverwagtingskale bestaan. Items vir eike skaal is sodanig geformuleer dat die respondent agteropeenvolgens op twee instruksies naamlik (a die vlak van die verwagting en (b die belangrikheid van die verwagting moet reageer. Die vraelys is saam met die organisasieverbondenheidsvraelys op twee populasies uit 'n militere omgewing toegepas. Die Pearson

  2. Die verband tussen werkbetrokkenheid en werkprestasie

    M. M. E. Bleeker


    Full Text Available The relationship between work involvement and work performance. The primary goal of the study was to determine whether a relationship exists between the work involvement scores and work performance ratings of employees. A secondary goal was to determine whether work involvement could predict future work performance. The ‘‘Alienation-Involvement Scale’’ together with the ‘‘Comprehensive Structured Interviewing for Potential’’, were applied to a sample of convenience of 200 employees in job levels of workers, teamleaders and managers in a large manufacturing organisation. Opsomming Die primere doel van die studie was om vas te stel of daar ’n verband bestaan tussen die werkbetrokkenheidtellings en die werkprestasie-beoordelings van werkers.’n Sekondere oogmerk was om te bepaal of werkbetrokkenheid toekomstige werkprestasie kan voorspel. Die ‘‘Alienation-Involvement Scale’’ saam met die ‘‘Comprehensive Structured Interviewing for Potential’’ is op ’n gerieflikheidsteekproef van 200 werknemers op die posvlakke vanwerkers, spanleiers en bestuurders in ’n goot vervaardigingsonderneming toegepas.

  3. Die postpolitische Stadt

    Erik Swyngedouw


    Full Text Available Die Polis ist tot, es lebe die kreative Stadt! Während die Stadt, zumindest in Teilen des städtischen Raums, blüht und gedeiht, scheint die Polis im idealisierten griechischen Sinn dem Untergang geweiht; in diesem Verständnis ist sie der Ort der öffentlichen politischen Auseinandersetzung und demokratischen Unterhandlung und somit eine Stätte (oft radikaler Abweichung und Unstimmigkeit, an der die politische Subjektivierung buchstäblich ihren Platz hat. Diese Figur einer entpolitisierten (oder postpolitischen und postdemokratischen Stadt im Spätkapitalismus bildet das Leitmotiv des vorliegenden Beitrags. Ich lehne mich dabei an Jacques Rancière, Slavoj Žižek, Chantal Mouffe, Mustafa Dikeç, Alain Badiou und andere Kritiker jenes zynischen Radikalismus an, der dafür gesorgt hat, dass eine kritische Theorie und eine radikale politische Praxis ohnmächtig und unfruchtbar vor jenen entpolitisierenden Gesten stehen, die in der polizeilichen Ordnung des zeitgenössischen neoliberalen Spätkapitalismus als Stadtentwicklungspolitik [urban policy] und städtische Politik [urban politics] gelten. Ziel meiner Intervention ist es, das Politische wieder in den Mittelpunkt der zeitgenössischen Debatten über das Urbane zu stellen. [...

  4. Simulation of Stamping Process of Automotive Panel Considering Die Deformation

    Keum, Y.T.; Ahn, I.H.; Lee, I.K.; Song, M.H.; Kwon, S.O.; Park, J.S.


    In order to see the effect of die deformation on the forming of sheet metals, the draw-ins, strains, and spring-backs of an automotive fender panels are numerically simulated considering the die deformation, which is found by the simultaneous structural analysis of press and dies. By coupling the forming analysis and the structural analysis, the die deformation is simultaneously taken into account in the forming process. Furthermore, for the consideration of load difference transferred among the upper die, punch, and blank holder due to the changes in sheet thickness, the gap elements are employed instead of the blank sheet in the structural analysis. The numerical simulation results of an automotive fender draw panel are compared with the measurements. The comparison of the forming and spring-back analysis results between the rigid die and the deformed die shows that the deformed tool provides more accurate forming and spring-back prediction

  5. Die histologie en ultrastruktuur van die hepatopankreas van die bloukurper Oreochromis mossambicus

    M. M. Nel


    Full Text Available Die histologie en ultrastruktuur van die hepatopankreas van die bloukurper Oreochromis mossambicus word beskryf. ’n Dun bindweefselkapsel omring die lewer. Die hepatosietrangskikking vertoon as lobules, met die koorde van hepatosiete wat vanaf ’n sentrale vene uitradieer en met mekaar anastomaseer. Indiwiduele lewerlohules vertoon nie duidelike grense nie, maar enkele duidelike triades word wel in die lewer van O. mossambicus aangetref. Die hepatosiete bevat ’n enkele ronde kern met ’n duidelike nukleolus en die growwe endoplasmiese retikula kom in twee of meer rye om die kerne en teen die selgrense van die hepatosiete voor. Die ander sitoplasmiese organelle kom verspreid in die hepatosietsitoplasma voor. Die eksokriene pankreasselle is om die portale venes gesetel. Die kerne van hierdie selle is rond en is hasaal in die kubies- tot silindervormige selle gelee. ’n Goedontwikkelde growwe endoplasmiese retikulum — vesikulêr, tubulêr en sirkulêr in vorm — en sektretoriese granules wat apikaal in die sel gelee is, kom voor.

  6. Die strukturele komposisie van die proloog van die Johannesevangelie heroorweeg

    J. G. van der Watt


    Full Text Available The structural composition of the Johannine Prologue reconsidered A brief summary of several efforts to describe the structure of the Prologue Is followed by a suggestion that the Prologue consists of two parts. Each part is individually structured according to its own structuring principle. These two parts are again structurally linked in order to illustrate their interdependence in transmitting the message of the pre-incarnative Logos who became flesh so that we might share in God's grace.

  7. Working with dying people: Crises and compensations

    R.C. McKay


    Full Text Available In dying and death situations health providers need to be aware of their approach toward death and their work so that they can sustain both themselves and their patterns in offering competent service. Those who work constantly with dying people need to explore (i their motives in exposing such work, (ii the vocational goals they set themselves, (iii how they regard their own and their patients’ deaths, (iv what defences they use to protect themselves from the emotional impact of dying and death, and (v what means they employ in managing stress and burnout. This article discusses these core issues and makes practical suggestions for health providers in caring for themselves and dying people.

  8. Decision-making in irrigation networks: Selecting appropriate canal structures using multi-attribute decision analysis.

    Hosseinzade, Zeinab; Pagsuyoin, Sheree A; Ponnambalam, Kumaraswamy; Monem, Mohammad J


    The stiff competition for water between agriculture and non-agricultural production sectors makes it necessary to have effective management of irrigation networks in farms. However, the process of selecting flow control structures in irrigation networks is highly complex and involves different levels of decision makers. In this paper, we apply multi-attribute decision making (MADM) methodology to develop a decision analysis (DA) framework for evaluating, ranking and selecting check and intake structures for irrigation canals. The DA framework consists of identifying relevant attributes for canal structures, developing a robust scoring system for alternatives, identifying a procedure for data quality control, and identifying a MADM model for the decision analysis. An application is illustrated through an analysis for automation purposes of the Qazvin irrigation network, one of the oldest and most complex irrigation networks in Iran. A survey questionnaire designed based on the decision framework was distributed to experts, managers, and operators of the Qazvin network and to experts from the Ministry of Power in Iran. Five check structures and four intake structures were evaluated. A decision matrix was generated from the average scores collected from the survey, and was subsequently solved using TOPSIS (Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) method. To identify the most critical structure attributes for the selection process, optimal attribute weights were calculated using Entropy method. For check structures, results show that the duckbill weir is the preferred structure while the pivot weir is the least preferred. Use of the duckbill weir can potentially address the problem with existing Amil gates where manual intervention is required to regulate water levels during periods of flow extremes. For intake structures, the Neyrpic® gate and constant head orifice are the most and least preferred alternatives, respectively. Some advantages

  9. Die gesigpunt van die verteller en die funksie van die Jerusalemgemeente binne die 'opsommings' in Handelinge

    S. J. Joubert


    The point of view of the narrator and the function of the Jerusalem congregation within the summaries in Acts This paper focusses on Luke�s presentation of the Jerusalem congregation in the summaries (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-35, and 5:12-16) and their function within the narrative framework of Acts. A brief investigation of the author-narrator�s point of view makes it clear that it is not his aim to give a comprehensive account or a biography of the Jerusalem congregation. The references to them i...

  10. Die teologiese arbeid van Antonius HJ Gunneweg

    En dis 'n klein treetjie van klagte na aanklag en na protes teen die gode, die heersers wat die mens vernietig deur hom oor sy ware lewe te bedrieg. Die ideologie eis dan ook dienooreenkomstig die bevryding en emansipasie van die mens van die gode en van God (1983: 118—119). Volgens die Jahwis is dit die slang wat, ...

  11. Numerical simulation and experiment on multilayer stagger-split die.

    Liu, Zhiwei; Li, Mingzhe; Han, Qigang; Yang, Yunfei; Wang, Bolong; Sui, Zhou


    A novel ultra-high pressure device, multilayer stagger-split die, has been constructed based on the principle of "dividing dies before cracking." Multilayer stagger-split die includes an encircling ring and multilayer assemblages, and the mating surfaces of the multilayer assemblages are mutually staggered between adjacent layers. In this paper, we investigated the stressing features of this structure through finite element techniques, and the results were compared with those of the belt type die and single split die. The contrast experiments were also carried out to test the bearing pressure performance of multilayer stagger-split die. It is concluded that the stress distributions are reasonable and the materials are utilized effectively for multilayer stagger-split die. And experiments indicate that the multilayer stagger-split die can bear the greatest pressure.

  12. Die benutting van vraelyste met die oog op meer effektiewe ...


    effektiewe stresbeheer as een van die temas te hanteer. Op grond van die navorsing deur onder andere Lawson (1985) en Taylor (1999) sou ek graag die proses van differensiasie2 ook by genoemde lys voeg as tema vir bespreking tydens huweliksvoorbereiding. 2 Differensiasie kan beskryf word as die losmaakproses ...

  13. die aard van wetgewende diskresies by die suid-afrikaanse ...


    In enige moderne demokrasie is daar een of ander vorm van skeiding van magte tussen die wetgewende, uitvoerende en regsprekende gesag. Hierdie skeiding van magte, die sogenaamde trias politica, kan sover teruggevoer word as 1215, met die ondertekening van die Magna Carta deur Koning John van Engeland.

  14. die doeltreffendheid van die afrikaanse woordelys en spelreels

    sluiting by die reel vir die verdubbeling van medeklinkers na 'n kort, be- klemtoonde klinker, woorde soos ballet, ballon, terras, terrein, dissipel en dissipline slegs met een konsonant na die eerste vokaal gespel moes word, omdat daardie voorafgaande vokaal onbeklemtoon is. Ook hierdie uit- sondering op die reel word ...

  15. Die aanspraak op Goddelike steun in 'n konfliksituasie volgens die ...

    laws, and ethical or political principles. A synchronic investigation of relevant Old ... die toneel gebring met die vraag: 'aan wie se kant is God' (vgl bv The road to. Damascus 1979:6)? Volgens .... betrekking tot die Ou Testament: Hoe moet ons vasstel wie se kant God nou regtig kies, of wie veg aan die kant van God en wie ...

  16. The influence of spatiotemporal structure of noisy stimuli in decision making.

    Insabato, Andrea; Dempere-Marco, Laura; Pannunzi, Mario; Deco, Gustavo; Romo, Ranulfo


    Decision making is a process of utmost importance in our daily lives, the study of which has been receiving notable attention for decades. Nevertheless, the neural mechanisms underlying decision making are still not fully understood. Computational modeling has revealed itself as a valuable asset to address some of the fundamental questions. Biophysically plausible models, in particular, are useful in bridging the different levels of description that experimental studies provide, from the neural spiking activity recorded at the cellular level to the performance reported at the behavioral level. In this article, we have reviewed some of the recent progress made in the understanding of the neural mechanisms that underlie decision making. We have performed a critical evaluation of the available results and address, from a computational perspective, aspects of both experimentation and modeling that so far have eluded comprehension. To guide the discussion, we have selected a central theme which revolves around the following question: how does the spatiotemporal structure of sensory stimuli affect the perceptual decision-making process? This question is a timely one as several issues that still remain unresolved stem from this central theme. These include: (i) the role of spatiotemporal input fluctuations in perceptual decision making, (ii) how to extend the current results and models derived from two-alternative choice studies to scenarios with multiple competing evidences, and (iii) to establish whether different types of spatiotemporal input fluctuations affect decision-making outcomes in distinctive ways. And although we have restricted our discussion mostly to visual decisions, our main conclusions are arguably generalizable; hence, their possible extension to other sensory modalities is one of the points in our discussion.

  17. Die faktorstruktuur van Bass se veelfaktor- leierskapsvraelys in die Suid-Afrikaanse konteks

    C .P. Ackermann


    Full Text Available The factor structure of Bass's Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire in the South African context. The aim of the study was to determine whether the factor structure of Bass's Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ, as a measure of transformational leadership, could be replicated within the South African context. The MLQ was chosen not only because it promised to be a valid and reliable measuring instrument of the construct in question, but also due to the fact that there was an urgent need for such an instrument in the management of human resources within organisations undergoing transformation. The MLQ was administered to 406 subjects within the military context and was subjected to factor analysis and item analysis. The factor analysis yielded three factors, namely transformational leadership, transactional leadership and avoidance of leadership ("laissez faire" leadership. The reliabilities of the scales were determined by means of Cronbach's coefficient alpha, and yielded coefficients of 0,944, 0,736 and 0,803 respectively. The factor structure as conceptualised by Bass (1985 was largely confirmed in the present study. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was om vas te stel of die faktorstruktuur van die Veelfaktorleierskapsvraelys (MLQ van Bass, as maatstafvan transformasionele leierskap, in die Suid-Afrikaanse konteks gerepliseer kon word. Die MLQ is gekies omdat dit belofte inhou as n geldige en betroubare meetinstrument van die onderhawige konstruk, en ook weens die feit dat daar 'n dringende behoefte bestaan aan so n instrument vir gebruik in die bestuur van menslike hulpbronne in organisasies tydens verandering. Die MLQ is op 406 proefpersone binne militêre konteks toegepas, en aan n faktorontleding en n itemontleding onderwerp. Die faktorontleding het drie faktore opgelewer, te wete transformasionele leierskap, transaksionele leierskap en vermyding van leierskap ("laissez faire"-leierskap. Die betroubaarheid van die skale is bepaal

  18. Reducing fatigue damage for ships in transit through structured decision making

    Nichols, J.M.; Fackler, P.L.; Pacifici, K.; Murphy, K.D.; Nichols, J.D.


    Research in structural monitoring has focused primarily on drawing inference about the health of a structure from the structure’s response to ambient or applied excitation. Knowledge of the current state can then be used to predict structural integrity at a future time and, in principle, allows one to take action to improve safety, minimize ownership costs, and/or increase the operating envelope. While much time and effort has been devoted toward data collection and system identification, research to-date has largely avoided the question of how to choose an optimal maintenance plan. This work describes a structured decision making (SDM) process for taking available information (loading data, model output, etc.) and producing a plan of action for maintaining the structure. SDM allows the practitioner to specify his/her objectives and then solves for the decision that is optimal in the sense that it maximizes those objectives. To demonstrate, we consider the problem of a Naval vessel transiting a fixed distance in varying sea-state conditions. The physics of this problem are such that minimizing transit time increases the probability of fatigue failure in the structural supports. It is shown how SDM produces the optimal trip plan in the sense that it minimizes both transit time and probability of failure in the manner of our choosing (i.e., through a user-defined cost function). The example illustrates the benefit of SDM over heuristic approaches to maintaining the vessel.

  19. Combining ecosystem services assessment with structured decision making to support ecological restoration planning.

    Martin, David M; Mazzotta, Marisa; Bousquin, Justin


    Accounting for ecosystem services in environmental decision making is an emerging research topic. Modern frameworks for ecosystem services assessment emphasize evaluating the social benefits of ecosystems, in terms of who benefits and by how much, to aid in comparing multiple courses of action. Structured methods that use decision analytic-approaches are emerging for the practice of ecological restoration. In this article, we combine ecosystem services assessment with structured decision making to estimate and evaluate measures of the potential benefits of ecological restoration with a case study in the Woonasquatucket River watershed, Rhode Island, USA. We partnered with a local watershed management organization to analyze dozens of candidate wetland restoration sites for their abilities to supply five ecosystem services-flood water retention, scenic landscapes, learning opportunities, recreational opportunities, and birds. We developed 22 benefit indicators related to the ecosystem services as well as indicators for social equity and reliability that benefits will sustain in the future. We applied conceptual modeling and spatial analysis to estimate indicator values for each candidate restoration site. Lastly, we developed a decision support tool to score and aggregate the values for the organization to screen the restoration sites. Results show that restoration sites in urban areas can provide greater social benefits than sites in less urban areas. Our research approach is general and can be used to investigate other restoration planning studies that perform ecosystem services assessment and fit into a decision-making process.

  20. A new powder morphology for making high-porosity nickel structures

    Cormier, Elena; Yang, Quan Min; Charles, Doug; Wasmund, Eric Bain; Renny, Les V.


    Nickel powders with a special branched chain microstructure such as CVRD Inco Limited's Type 255 trademark have been used for more than 50 years as the basis for making porous metal monoliths for applications such as the electrical backbone of nickel electrode batteries by the sinter/slurry process. The classic trade-off when making these structures is that the strength and porosity are inversely correlated. A number of adaptations to the sinter/slurry making process have been proposed to address this problem. The current approach proposes another solution, optimization of the particle microstructure. The strength and porosity relationship of battery plaques made from Type 255 trademark is compared with plaques made with the new powder and it is statistically verified that plaques made from the new powder have an improved combination of structural properties. A comparison of the rheological characteristics of metal powder slurries suggests ways that the new powder can be incorporated into existing processes. Finally, it is shown that properties such as the slurry apparent viscosity can be used as the basis for measuring and predicting the characteristics of particle microstructure that impute these benefits to the sinter/slurry process. An analysis of battery plaques made with the new powder on an industrial battery sinter/slurry production line confirms that the laboratory results are valid. (author)

  1. Die gesigpunt van die verteller en die funksie van die Jerusalemgemeente binne die 'opsommings' in Handelinge

    S. J. Joubert


    Full Text Available The point of view of the narrator and the function of the Jerusalem congregation within the summaries in Acts This paper focusses on Luke�s presentation of the Jerusalem congregation in the summaries (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-35, and 5:12-16 and their function within the narrative framework of Acts. A brief investigation of the author-narrator�s point of view makes it clear that it is not his aim to give a comprehensive account or a biography of the Jerusalem congregation. The references to them in the summaries are solely employed to support the overarching theme of Acts. As secondary characters within the broader narrative framework of Acts they therefore serve as the visible fulfilment of the first part of Christ�s promise to the apostles in chapter 1:8.

  2. Towards a single European electricity market. A structured approach to regulatory mode decision-making

    De Jong, H.M.


    This study focuses on the processes through which the rules and regulations that govern European electricity markets - and inherently, their integration process - are established. So far, European policy makers have largely followed a 'trial-and-error' approach to finding an appropriate regulatory mode (process) for dealing effectively with market integration issues. This unstructured approach to regulatory mode selection leads to several problems: - Today's trial-and-error strategy of shifting from one regulatory mode to another is time-consuming. - In the regulatory mode selection process, certain key principles of good governance are insufficiently considered. - European regulatory processes are experienced as vague, intransparent, and illegitimate by 'outside' stakeholders. This study develops a 'structured approach to regulatory mode decision-making' (STARMODE) based on the theory of decision modelling in policy management and a case study exploring three key market integration issues in the field of electricity markets: interconnector investment, congestion management and market transparency. The main objective is to present a systematic and comprehensive framework for analysing and improving regulatory mode decision-making in the context of the European Union, focusing on electricity market integration. The STARMODE approach is generally applicable to (and relevant for) European market integration issues in industries characterized by a natural monopoly and/or an essential service. The approach may also contribute to national regulatory mode decision-making and multi-state decision-making in other continents.

  3. Participation in decision making

    EG Valoyi


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study was to determine the extent to which employees would like to participate in decision making concerning various organisational issues, especially those concerning: the work itself, working conditions, human resources issues, and corporate policy and planning. The sample consisted of 146 participants, including managers, middle managers, and junior officials from a South African development corporation. A questionnaire to measure employees' desire to participate in decision making was specially constructed for this investigation. It has found that employees with higher academic qualifications were more desirous to participate in decision-making at all levels than employees with lower academic qualifications. This was also true for employees in higher job grades than in lower job grades. Men were more desirous to participate in decision making than women. The implications of the findings are discussed. Opsomming Die doel van die huidige studie was om vas te stel in watter mate werknemers sal wil deelneem aan die besluit- nameproses van organisasies, veral rakende die volgende sake: die werk self, werksomstandighede, menslike hulpbronaangeleenthede en korporatiewe beleid en beplanning. Die steekproef het uit 146 deelnemers, insluitende bestuurders, middelvlakbestuurders en junior amptenare van'n Suid Afrikaanse ontwikkelingskorporasie, bestaan. nVraelys wat die begeerte van werknemers meet om aan die besluitnameproses deel te neem, is spesiaal vir die doel van hierdie ondersoek, ontwerp. Dit is bevind dat werknemers met hoer akademiese kwalifikasies meer begerig is om aan die besluitnameproses op alle vlakke deel te neem as werknemers met laer akademiese kwalifikasies. Dit was ook waar vir werknemers in hoervlakposte vergeleke met werknemers in laervlakposte. Mans was ook meer begerig om aan die besluitnameproses deel te neem as vroue. Die implikasies van die studie word bespreek.

  4. Die huwelik as identiteitsmerker in die Ou Testament


    Gen 2:18). Uit die woorde van Genesis 2:24 dat man en vrou een sal wees, lei die derde formulier af dat dit “getuig dat die huwelik 'n allesinsluitende gemeenskap is ..... die formule gebruik word: “Hier volg die vertelling oor X se nageslag.” (Gen ..... verwys daarna as “intertwining the principal value concepts of tradition”.


    O A. Frolova


    Full Text Available The U.S. Congress plays an important role in the decision-making process at the system of American political management. First of all, it applies to formulation and coordination of different interests through the law passing process. The article examines the Congress’ structure and the different aspects of its functioning. Those aspects often play a key role in lawmaking process and later affect the forming of the US political vector. The author comes to conclusion that the existing system of subcommittees doesn’t allow the U.S. Legislature to consider many bills completely and that fact negatively impacts on political decision-making process.Purchase on > Buy now

  6. Narratiwiteit en die Ou Testament

    INLEIDING. Die literêre benadering tot die Ou-Testamentiese narratiewe word algemeen as 'n alternatiewe paradigma in die Bybelwetenskappe aanvaar. Oor die filosofiese uit- gangspunte wat hierdie nuwe paradigma ten grondslag lê, bestaan daar egter nog weinig eenstemmigheid. Heelwat probleme van filosofiese en ...

  7. Eksistensialisme in die Franse letterkunde

    A. A. Teurlinckx


    Full Text Available Nooit sou die Franse jeug — en die van Europa en verder — in dié mate deur die eksistensialisme be'invloed gewees het nie, indien hierdie filosofie in wysgerige traktate sou begrawe gelê het. Die eksistensialiste het die koning van die filosofiese verhaal, Voltaire, met sukses op sy Candide- en Zadig-pad gevolg en hulle teorieë in letterkundige werke, ver- hale, romans en ook toneelstukke kwytgeraak, wat baie gelees is en waaruit ook ander literatore kragte en inspirasie geput het. Omrede daarvan is daar inderdaad baie eksistensialisme in die Franse letterkunde, maar ’n eintlike eksistensialistiese letterkunde was daar nie, en ’n Eksistensialistiese Letterkun­ dige skool het nooit bestaan nie. Ook sit hierdie eksistensialiste nie langs dieselfde vuur nie. Die Christelike eksistensialis Gabriel Marcel het op 21 April van hierdie jaar uitgevaar teen die „Sartriane” na aanleiding van die opvoering van Les Paravents, Die W indskerms van Jean Genêt in ’n Paryse staatsondersteunde teater. „Mens mag seker wees”, skryf Marcel in Les Nouvelles Littéraires, „dat die hele sartriaanse parogie sal skreeu: groot meesterwerk”. Voortgaande op sy distansiëring kan die literêre eksistensialiste in drie groepe ingedeel word: 1. Die Sartriane; 2. Die Christelike Eksistensialiste; 3. Die Onafhanklikes.

  8. Renewable energy projects: structuring a multi-criteria group decision making framework

    Haralambopoulos, D.A.; Polatiidis, H. [UnIversity of the Aegean, Mytilene (Greece). Dept. of Environmental Studies


    This paper describes an applicable group decision-making framework for assisting with multi-criteria analysis in renewable energy projects, utilizing the PROMETHEE II outranking method. The proposed framework is tested in a case study concerning the exploitation of a geothermal resource, located in the island of Chios, Greece. The presented structure provides a serial, decomposed agenda and enhances overall process transparency. Additional, innovatory elements are the incorporation of differing levels of resource exploitation within the decision framework and the direct determination of the PROMETHEE preference thresholds. The developed methodology provides a user-friendly approach, promotes the synergy between different actors, and could pave a way towards consensus. (Author)

  9. Influence of orographically induced transport process on the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer and on the distribution of trace gases; Einfluss orographisch induzierter Transportprozesse auf die Struktur der atmosphaerischen Grenzschicht und die Verteilung von Spurengasen

    Kossmann, M.


    The influence of terrain on the structure of the atmospheric boundary-layer and the distribution of trace gases during periods of high atmospheric pressure was studied by means of meteorological and air-chemical data collected in September 1992 during the TRACT experiment in the transition area between the upper Rhine valley and the northern Black Forest. The emphasis was on the investigation of the development of the convective boundary layer, the formation of thermally induced circulation systems, and the orographic exchange between the atmospheric boundary layer and the free troposphere. Thanks to the extensive measurements, phenomena not yet described in literature could be verified by case studies, and processes that had only been established qualitatively could be quantified. (orig.)

  10. Hollow fiber structures, methods of use thereof, methods of making, and pressure-retarded processes

    Le, Lieu Ngoc; Bettahalli, Narasimha Murthy Srivatsa; Nunes, Suzana Pereira; Chung, Neal Tai-Shung


    Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for composite materials, methods of making composite materials, methods of using composite materials, and the like. In particular, the present application relates to hollow fibers and to pressure-retarded osmosis systems comprising said fibers. The hollow fibers have an inside layer and an outside layer, wherein the outside layer covers an outside surface of the inside layer, wherein the inside layer forms a boundary around the lumen, wherein the inside layer includes a bi-layer structure, wherein the bi-layer structure includes a sponge-like layer and a finger-like layer, wherein the sponge-like layer is disposed closer to the lumen of the hollow fiber and the finger-like layer is disposed on the sponge-like layer on the side opposite the lumen, wherein the outside layer includes a polyamide layer.

  11. Application of structural reliability and risk assessment to life prediction and life extension decision making

    Meyer, T.A.; Balkey, K.R.; Bishop, B.A.


    There can be numerous uncertainties involved in performing component life assessments. In addition, sufficient data may be unavailable to make a useful life prediction. Structural Reliability and Risk Assessment (SRRA) is primarily an analytical methodology or tool that quantifies the impact of uncertainties on the structural life of plant components and can address the lack of data in component life prediction. As a prelude to discussing the technical aspects of SRRA, a brief review of general component life prediction methods is first made so as to better develop an understanding of the role of SRRA in such evaluations. SRRA is then presented as it is applied in component life evaluations with example applications being discussed for both nuclear and non-nuclear components

  12. Hollow fiber structures, methods of use thereof, methods of making, and pressure-retarded processes

    Le, Lieu Ngoc


    Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for composite materials, methods of making composite materials, methods of using composite materials, and the like. In particular, the present application relates to hollow fibers and to pressure-retarded osmosis systems comprising said fibers. The hollow fibers have an inside layer and an outside layer, wherein the outside layer covers an outside surface of the inside layer, wherein the inside layer forms a boundary around the lumen, wherein the inside layer includes a bi-layer structure, wherein the bi-layer structure includes a sponge-like layer and a finger-like layer, wherein the sponge-like layer is disposed closer to the lumen of the hollow fiber and the finger-like layer is disposed on the sponge-like layer on the side opposite the lumen, wherein the outside layer includes a polyamide layer.

  13. Die afrikaner en sy pers*

    G. D. Scholtz


    Full Text Available Die versoek w at van u inrigting tot my gekom het om buitengewone professor in die Persw etenskap te word, was vir my deels vererend, m aar deels het dit my in 'n moeilike posisie gestel. Dit was vir my vererend, om dat dit gekom het van 'n universiteit m et wie se Christelik- Nasionale koers ek my ten voile kan vereenselwig. Dit was dan ook vir my vererend, om dat ek daardeur in staat gestel kan w ord om die volk w aartoe ek behoort, op 'n vir my nuwe terrein te dien. As sodanig is dit vir my im m ers m oontlik om ook ’n beskeie bydrae te lewer tot die geestelike vorm ing van die jeug van ons volk. Dit het my m oeilik geval om, w aar ek reeds die m iddeljarige leeftyd bereik het, nou vir die eerste maal as dosent op te tree, aangesien ek daarvan in die verlede nie die m inste kennis en ervaring opgedoen het nie. As joernalis rig ek my im m ers tot die breë publiek deur middel van die pen. As dosent m oet ek my deur middel van die mond tot die studente rig. Dit lê voor die hand dat die eise w at so aan my gestel word, totaal anders is as dié waar- aan ek oor 'n tydperk van m eer as 'n kw arteeu as joer­ nalis gewoond geraak het.

  14. Die vestiging van die Kerk in Natal, die Vrystaat en Transvaal na ...

    as eerste predikant van die Voortrekkers laat orden en bevestig. Daama het verskeie kerksake van tyd tot tyd aandag geniet. Met betrekking tot die bevestiging van huwelike stel Retief 'n meer ordelike reëling daar, naamlik dat die gebooie van voomemende egpa- re van nou af drie maal in die kerk afgekondig moes wrord ...

  15. Chronic motivational state interacts with task reward structure in dynamic decision-making.

    Cooper, Jessica A; Worthy, Darrell A; Maddox, W Todd


    Research distinguishes between a habitual, model-free system motivated toward immediately rewarding actions, and a goal-directed, model-based system motivated toward actions that improve future state. We examined the balance of processing in these two systems during state-based decision-making. We tested a regulatory fit hypothesis (Maddox & Markman, 2010) that predicts that global trait motivation affects the balance of habitual- vs. goal-directed processing but only through its interaction with the task framing as gain-maximization or loss-minimization. We found support for the hypothesis that a match between an individual's chronic motivational state and the task framing enhances goal-directed processing, and thus state-based decision-making. Specifically, chronic promotion-focused individuals under gain-maximization and chronic prevention-focused individuals under loss-minimization both showed enhanced state-based decision-making. Computational modeling indicates that individuals in a match between global chronic motivational state and local task reward structure engaged more goal-directed processing, whereas those in a mismatch engaged more habitual processing. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Using structured decision making to manage disease risk for Montana wildlife

    Mitchell, Michael S.; Gude, Justin A.; Anderson, Neil J.; Ramsey, Jennifer M.; Thompson, Michael J.; Sullivan, Mark G.; Edwards, Victoria L.; Gower, Claire N.; Cochrane, Jean Fitts; Irwin, Elise R.; Walshe, Terry


    We used structured decision-making to develop a 2-part framework to assist managers in the proactive management of disease outbreaks in Montana, USA. The first part of the framework is a model to estimate the probability of disease outbreak given field observations available to managers. The second part of the framework is decision analysis that evaluates likely outcomes of management alternatives based on the estimated probability of disease outbreak, and applies managers' values for different objectives to indicate a preferred management strategy. We used pneumonia in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) as a case study for our approach, applying it to 2 populations in Montana that differed in their likelihood of a pneumonia outbreak. The framework provided credible predictions of both probability of disease outbreaks, as well as biological and monetary consequences of management actions. The structured decision-making approach to this problem was valuable for defining the challenges of disease management in a decentralized agency where decisions are generally made at the local level in cooperation with stakeholders. Our approach provides local managers with the ability to tailor management planning for disease outbreaks to local conditions. Further work is needed to refine our disease risk models and decision analysis, including robust prediction of disease outbreaks and improved assessment of management alternatives.

  17. Die skool en die onderwyser as faktore in die geestesgesondheid van die kind*

    B. C. Schutte


    Full Text Available Ons hou geestesgesondheidsweke, stig beroepsentrums, samel geld in om mense wat geestelik siek is te genees, klae oor die tekort aan psigiaters, kliniese sielkundiges, bedryfsielkundiges, voorligters, skoolpsigoloë,ens. ’n Karige kwarteeu gelede het ons aan al hierdie dinge slegs akademiese aandag gewy. In hierdie kursus wordverskeie tipes kinders bespreek en geleer hoe om hulle probleme te benader.

  18. When Somebody Dies

    ... bottle became useless. The container is gone, but what's inside — the water — remains. The part of a person that's left after the body dies is often called the "soul" or "spirit." Some people believe the soul is the part ...

  19. Die Kunst des Scheiterns

    Juul, Jesper


    Menschen haben von Kindesbeinen an das Verlangen, Erfolge zu erzielen und Kompetenz zu erreichen. Computerspieler entscheiden sich jedoch fortlaufend für eine Aktivität, die oft und wiederholt zum Verlieren führen muss und ein taubes Gefühl der Unfähigkeit erzeugt. Im Kino, im Theatersaal und bei...

  20. Structural analysis of health-relevant policy-making information exchange networks in Canada.

    Contandriopoulos, Damien; Benoît, François; Bryant-Lukosius, Denise; Carrier, Annie; Carter, Nancy; Deber, Raisa; Duhoux, Arnaud; Greenhalgh, Trisha; Larouche, Catherine; Leclerc, Bernard-Simon; Levy, Adrian; Martin-Misener, Ruth; Maximova, Katerina; McGrail, Kimberlyn; Nykiforuk, Candace; Roos, Noralou; Schwartz, Robert; Valente, Thomas W; Wong, Sabrina; Lindquist, Evert; Pullen, Carolyn; Lardeux, Anne; Perroux, Melanie


    Health systems worldwide struggle to identify, adopt, and implement in a timely and system-wide manner the best-evidence-informed-policy-level practices. Yet, there is still only limited evidence about individual and institutional best practices for fostering the use of scientific evidence in policy-making processes The present project is the first national-level attempt to (1) map and structurally analyze-quantitatively-health-relevant policy-making networks that connect evidence production, synthesis, interpretation, and use; (2) qualitatively investigate the interaction patterns of a subsample of actors with high centrality metrics within these networks to develop an in-depth understanding of evidence circulation processes; and (3) combine these findings in order to assess a policy network's "absorptive capacity" regarding scientific evidence and integrate them into a conceptually sound and empirically grounded framework. The project is divided into two research components. The first component is based on quantitative analysis of ties (relationships) that link nodes (participants) in a network. Network data will be collected through a multi-step snowball sampling strategy. Data will be analyzed structurally using social network mapping and analysis methods. The second component is based on qualitative interviews with a subsample of the Web survey participants having central, bridging, or atypical positions in the network. Interviews will focus on the process through which evidence circulates and enters practice. Results from both components will then be integrated through an assessment of the network's and subnetwork's effectiveness in identifying, capturing, interpreting, sharing, reframing, and recodifying scientific evidence in policy-making processes. Knowledge developed from this project has the potential both to strengthen the scientific understanding of how policy-level knowledge transfer and exchange functions and to provide significantly improved advice

  1. Modelle in die onderrig van fisika

    J. J. A. Smit


    Full Text Available Die rol van modelle in die onderrig van fisika is sedert die vroeë tagtigerjare erken. In die onderrig word die absent op die kwantitaiewe aspekte van die vak geplaas, terwyl die kwatitatiewe aspekte min aandag kry.


    31 Okt 1977 ... stelling van 'n higiene afdeling het in 'n belang- rike behoefte voorsien. Die pligte van die SAGO het dus op hierdie stadium die ondersoek van soldate, die sanita- sie van kampe, die verpleging van pasiente in militere hospitale en die opleiding van lede be- hels. 'n Hoogtepunt was die opening van die.

  3. Die transvaalse ontwerp-ordonnansie oor die onderwys

    J. C. Coetzee


    Full Text Available In ’n Buitengewone Provinsiale Koerant van die Provinsie Transvaal is onder datum 25 Junie 1952 gepubliseer ’n „Ontwerp-Ordonnansie tot samevatting en wysiging van die Wette betreffende die Sentrale Beheer van die Onderwys, die Plaaslike Beheer van Skole, Godsdiensonderrig in Openbare Skole, Taal en die Onderwys, Onderwyspersoneel, Verpligte Onderwys, Toelating van Leerlinge tot Skole, Klasse of Inrigtings, Openbare Onderwys, Private Skole, Onderwys vir Kleurlinge en Asiate en Onderwys vir Naturelle, en om vir sake in verband daarmee voorsiening te maak” .


    v a k t a a l k w a l i £ i k a s i e s ) neem d i e I n s t i t u t t a l l e take waar ter u i t b r e i d i n g van kennis van die Duitse taal in die buiteland. Sedert 1964 publiseer die. Institut die tydskrif Deutsch als Fremdsprache met die bylae Sprachpraxis, asook 'n handboek met die titel Deutsch - eln Lehrbuch Eur Auslander (Duits.

  5. Navigating "Assisted Dying".

    Schipper, Harvey


    Carter is a bellwether decision, an adjudication on a narrow point of law whose implications are vast across society, and whose impact may not be realized for years. Coupled with Quebec's Act Respecting End-of-life Care it has sharply changed the legal landscape with respect to actively ending a person's life. "Medically assisted dying" will be permitted under circumstances, and through processes, which have yet to be operationally defined. This decision carries with it moral assumptions, which mean that it will be difficult to reach a unifying consensus. For some, the decision and Act reflect a modern acknowledgement of individual autonomy. For others, allowing such acts is morally unspeakable. Having opened the Pandora's Box, the question becomes one of navigating a tolerable societal path. I believe it is possible to achieve a workable solution based on the core principle that "medically assisted dying" should be a very rarely employed last option, subject to transparent ongoing review, specifically as to why it was deemed necessary. My analysis is based on 1. The societal conditions in which have fostered demand for "assisted dying", 2. Actions in other jurisdictions, 3. Carter and Quebec Bill 52, 4. Political considerations, 5. Current medical practice. Leading to a series of recommendations regarding. 1. Legislation and regulation, 2. The role of professional regulatory agencies, 3. Medical professions education and practice, 4. Public education, 5. Health care delivery and palliative care. Given the burden of public opinion, and the legal steps already taken, a process for assisted-dying is required. However, those legal and regulatory steps should only be considered a necessary and defensive first step in a two stage process. The larger goal, the second step, is to drive the improvement of care, and thus minimize assisted-dying.

  6. Environmental impact assessment and eco-friendly decision-making in civil structures.

    Kim, Sang-Hyo; Choi, Moon-Seock; Mha, Ho-Seong; Joung, Jung-Yeun


    This study develops two useful procedures in performing an environmental-impact assessment. One is the advanced life-cycle assessment (LCA) method, which effectively tracks the flow of materials and considers the recycling and demolition of a civil structure. The other is an eco-friendly decision-making procedure, which may effectively apply when determining the prototype of a civil structure. The advanced LCA method differs from traditional LCA procedure, as it classifies the input material prior to the impact assessment. Classification work is performed to establish independent life-cycle stages for each material. The processes of recycling and demolition are appropriately added to the life-cycle stages. The impact assessment is performed separately for the materials, and results are aggregated at the end of the analysis. The eco-friendly decision-making procedure enables designers to choose an economical, and environmentally friendly, alternative during the planning phase of the construction project. This procedure rationally amalgamates economical value and environmental effects into a single indicator. The life cycle cost (LCC) of a structure can be analysed by using conventional LCC tools, whereas the environmental impact is estimated by LCA. The results from LCC and LCA are then integrated by using either a CO2 conversion method or an analytical hierarchy process (AHP). The CO2 conversion method presents the result as a monetary value, whereas the AHP presents the result as a non-dimensional value. A practical example using a steel box girder bridge and a pre-stressed concrete (PSC) box-girder bridge is also given in order to aid the understanding of the presented procedure. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Die historiese betroubaarheid van die aartsvadervertellinge. 'n Beknopte bespreking van die huidige debat na aanleiding van die jongste publikasie

    W. Vosloo


    Full Text Available Die afgelope twintig jaar was daar �n toenemende belangstelling in die aartsvadervertellinge in Genesis. Benewens die talle tydskrifartikels het skrywers soos die volgende ook boeke oor die onderwerp die lig laat sien: A. Parrot (1962, W. M. Clark (1964, R. Kilian (1966, R. E. Clements (1967, N. Lohfink (1967, H. Weidemann (1968, R. Martin-Achard (1969, T. L. Thompson (1974, J. van Seters (1975, J. P. Fokkelman (1975, C. Westermann (1976, R. Rendtorff (1977, J. Bright (1977, W. McKane (1979 en A. R. Millard en D. J. Wiseman (1980.

  8. 'n Kwalitatiewe ondersoek na die invloed van aspekte van die ...

    S Blignaut

    ISSN 0378-5254 Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences, Vol 26: No1, 1998. 15 ...... van byvoorbeeld die televisie en gedrukte media 'n invloed op die .... fashion promotion and advertising. New York. ... Consumer behaviour to-.

  9. Modeling the Mechanical Performance of Die Casting Dies

    R. Allen Miller


    The following report covers work performed at Ohio State on modeling the mechanical performance of dies. The focus of the project was development and particularly verification of finite element techniques used to model and predict displacements and stresses in die casting dies. The work entails a major case study performed with and industrial partner on a production die and laboratory experiments performed at Ohio State.



    vergewe. Dit sou in orde gewees het as daar gestaan het, ReMomë- j^onta^is hepta?ds. wat die grieks is vir sewentig maal sewe. Die uitdrukking. heMom&ontabis heptd sien hoogswaarskynlik op Gen. 4 : 24 (LXX) waar. Lameg meedeel dat hy sewe-en-sewentig-maal gewreek sal word. Daar sit die Afr. Vert, die uitdrukking ...

  11. Evaluating trade-offs in bull trout reintroduction strategies using structured decision making

    Brignon, William R.; Peterson, James T.; Dunham, Jason B.; Schaller, Howard A.; Schreck, Carl B.


    Structured decision making allows reintroduction decisions to be made despite uncertainty by linking reintroduction goals with alternative management actions through predictive models of ecological processes. We developed a decision model to evaluate the trade-offs between six bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) reintroduction decisions with the goal of maximizing the number of adults in the recipient population without reducing the donor population to an unacceptable level. Sensitivity analyses suggested that the decision identity and outcome were most influenced by survival parameters that result in increased adult abundance in the recipient population, increased juvenile survival in the donor and recipient populations, adult fecundity rates, and sex ratio. The decision was least sensitive to survival parameters associated with the captive-reared population, the effect of naivety on released individuals, and juvenile carrying capacity of the reintroduced population. The model and sensitivity analyses can serve as the foundation for formal adaptive management and improved effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of bull trout reintroduction decisions.

  12. Die skrifbeskouing van feministiese teoloë, in die besonder dié van Fiorenza, Brenner en Van Dijk-Hemmes – beoordeel in die lig van die gereformeerde teologie

    Alta E. Swart


    Full Text Available Dit wil voorkom asof die feministiese Skrifbeskouing op die beginsel van selektiewe Skrifgesag berus. Dit beteken dat slegs dié dele in die Bybel wat met die feministiese ideologie ooreenstem, as gesaghebbend aanvaar word. Dit is veral die sogenaamde androsentriese taalgebruik wat dit vir aanhangers van hierdie benadering moeilik maak om die hele Skrif as gesaghebbend te erken. Hermeneuties vertoon hierdie benadering groot ooreenkomste met die Postmodernisme, waarin geen vaste reëls bestaan om die betekenis van tekste te bepaal nie. Gesien in die lig van die gereformeerde teologie, soos veranker in die Woord en belydenisskrifte, vertoon die feministiese teologie ernstige leemtes. Die bydraes (Skrifbeskouing van drie prominente feministiese teoloë – Fiorenza, Brenner en Van Dijk-Hemmes – word onder die loep geneem en teologies-krities geëvalueer ten einde hierdie leemtes uit te wys. It appears that the feminist view of Scripture is based on the principle of selective authority of the Scriptures, which means that only the parts of the Bible corresponding with the feminist ideology are accepted as authoritative. The use of androcentric language, in particular, makes it difficult for followers of feminism to accept the whole Bible as authoritative. Hermeneutically, their approach resembles Postmodernism, interpreting without any rules. Viewed from the paradigm of the reformed theology, which is anchored in Scripture and the articles of faith, feminist theology shows serious shortfalls. The contributions of three prominent feminist theologians – Fiorenza, Brenner and Van Dijk-Hemmes – are studied closely and evaluated critically in the light of the reformed theology, to underline these shortfalls.

  13. Film Presentation: Die Urknallmaschine

    Carolyn Lee


    Die Urknallmaschine, an Austrian film by Gerd Baldauf, narrated by Norbert Frischauf (Alpha Österreich - ORF, 2009).  In CERN’s gigantic complex particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light, brought to collision and made to divide into even smaller particles. Public opinion of CERN’s research is also divided. Sceptics fear that black holes may be created. Might the goal to study the origin of the world lead to its destruction? The Austrian researcher Norbert Frischauf worked at CERN for many years. With his guidance it is possible to explore the world’s largest research centre, get a glimpse of the fascinating work the scientists do there and take a crash course in particle physics. Die Urknallmaschine will be presented on Friday, 25 June from 13:00 to 14:00 in the Main Auditorium. Language: German

  14. Dying for security

    Buchan, Bruce


    Full Text Available If political statements and media coverage are any guide, it seems Australians today are dying for security. At no other moment in our history has the spectre of war and terrorism so haunted popular, political and scholarly perceptions of Australia’s colonial past and of its geopolitical future. And yet, debates over colonial war or genocide and contemporary terrorism have been conducted in more or less complete isolation. In this article I argue that our contemporary obsession with ‘security’ is premised on the perennial threat of ‘insecurity’. This is the problem of in/security, and it has played a central role in the development of Western political thought. More importantly, its formulation in Western political thought provided a powerful justification for the violence of the early decades of Australia’s colonisation during which Indigenous Australians could also be said to have been dying for security.

  15. Dying for Security

    Bruce Buchan


    Full Text Available If political statements and media coverage are any guide, it seems Australians today are dying for security. At no other moment in our history has the spectre of war and terrorism so haunted popular, political and scholarly perceptions of Australia’s colonial past and of its geopolitical future. And yet, debates over colonial war or genocide and contemporary terrorism have been conducted in more or less complete isolation. In this article I argue that our contemporary obsession with ‘security’ is premised on the perennial threat of ‘insecurity’. This is the problem of in/security, and it has played a central role in the development of Western political thought. More importantly, its formulation in Western political thought provided a powerful justification for the violence of the early decades of Australia’s colonisation during which Indigenous Australians could also be said to have been dying for security.

  16. Studies on Interpretive Structural Model for Forest Ecosystem Management Decision-Making

    Liu, Suqing; Gao, Xiumei; Zen, Qunying; Zhou, Yuanman; Huang, Yuequn; Han, Weidong; Li, Linfeng; Li, Jiping; Pu, Yingshan

    Characterized by their openness, complexity and large scale, forest ecosystems interweave themselves with social system, economic system and other natural ecosystems, thus complicating both their researches and management decision-making. According to the theories of sustainable development, hierarchy-competence levels, cybernetics and feedback, 25 factors have been chosen from human society, economy and nature that affect forest ecosystem management so that they are systematically analyzed via developing an interpretive structural model (ISM) to reveal their relationships and positions in the forest ecosystem management. The ISM consists of 7 layers with the 3 objectives for ecosystem management being the top layer (the seventh layer). The ratio between agricultural production value and industrial production value as the bases of management decision-making in forest ecosystems becomes the first layer at the bottom because it has great impacts on the values of society and the development trends of forestry, while the factors of climatic environments, intensive management extent, management measures, input-output ratio as well as landscape and productivity are arranged from the second to sixth layers respectively.



    aangetoon het, 'n huis in Kapernaum gehad en hierdie geskiedenis speel in Kapernaum of daar digby af. Jesus en sy dissipele het namelik, volgens 6:35 geland by Gennesaret, net suid van Kapernaum Die gevolgtrekking word ondersteun deur Joh. 6:17 waarvolgens die dissi pele na die spysiging op Kapernaum gevaar ...

  18. 'n Verkenning van die soorte vennootskappe in die Amerikaanse reg ...

    In die Amerikaanse literatuur word talle verwysings gevind na die vennootskap in mynbou ("mining partnership"), familievennootskap ("family partnership", vennootskap in vaste eiendom ("partnership in real estate") en vennootskap vir boerdery ("farming partnership"). Hierdie onderskeiding is primer gebaseer op die tipe ...

  19. Geslagsverskille in die ouditiewe ontlokte potensiaal van die brein

    Anita D Stuart


    Full Text Available Gender differences in the auditory evoked potential of the brain. Based on literature indications of an association between temperament characteristics and the evoked potential of the brain, and indications of gender differences in certain temperament traits, the purpose of this study was to ascertain whether evoked responses also differentiated between the genders. A sample of 81 male and 210 female students was randomly selected. Two auditory evoked potential procedures were applied. The results indicated statistically significant differences in evoked potential responses between the genders. The results are interpreted against the background of sensory and neurological sources of the evoked potential responses and linked to the neurophysiological foundations of temperament. Opsomming: Gegrond op aanduidings in die literatuur van ’n assosiasie tussen temperamentskenmerke en die ontlokte potensiaal van die brein, sowel as aanduidings van geslagsverskille in sekere temperamentstrekke, was die doel van die huidige studie om te bepaal of ontloktepotensiaal-response ook tussen die geslagte onderskei. ’n Steekproef van 81 manlike en 210 vroulike studente is ewekansig geselekteer. Twee ouditiewe ontloktepotensiaal- prosedures is toegepas. Die resultate het op statisties beduidende verskille tussen die geslagte gedui. Die bevindinge word teen die agtergrond van die sensoriese en neurologiese oorsprong van ontloktepotensiaal–response geïnterpreteer en verbind aan die neurofisiologiese verankering van temperament.

  20. Die 'postmoderne' stempel in die Nuwe-Testamentiese hermeneutiek

    georiënteerde teorie en kritiek wat volgens Moore opbou tot 'n herhaling binne. Bybelnavorsing. Dit het reeds by Immanuel Kant begin. Sedert Kant is dit proble- maties cm die objek van kennis te beskou as iets wat kennis objektief in sigself bevat. Objektiwisme is prys gegee. Dialektiek het in die plek daarvan gekom. Die.

  1. duele verse sowel as die somtotaal die leser

    27 Jan 2006 ... selfs 'n landkaart afgedruk) terwyl dit ter- selfdertyd ver bo die lokale uitstyg. Die digter is sterk bewus van sy omgewing, geskiedenis en tradisies, maar veral van die algemene menslike kondisie wat binne hierdie referensiekader vergestalt word. Hy gebruik 'n bekende historiese slagveld as bundeltitel (en ...

  2. Die Leben Einsteins eine Reise durch die Geschichte der Physik



    Jeder kennt die Namen Einstein, Newton oder Galilei. aber was weiss man über sie? Hier ein Porträt Einsteins anhand von sechs Meilensteinen aus der Geschichte der Physik. Einstein tritt auf als Protagonist in verschiedenen Epochen und bei verschiedenen Entdeckungen, die die Welt verändert haben.



    Die offerfees te Gibeon was 'n plegtigheid, waaraan geheel Israel deelgeneem het. Die duisend. "brandoffers" wat sowel Kon. as Kron. vermeld, sal wel opgevat moet word as „brandoffers en dankoffers", sodat daar vir die aanwesiges. *n groot feesmaaltyd aangerig is, vgl. I Kon. 3:15. n Sodanige maal- tyd verbind vors en ...

  4. Ruimtelike beplanning: die rol van die stads - en streeksbeplanner ...

    Ruimtelike beplanning: die rol van die stads - en streeksbeplanner in die saw. R Erasmus. Abstract. Since 1978 regional and town planners are employed in the SADF on a permanent basis as well as in the capacity of national service men. These men are all academically qualified and as such satisfy a need that developed ...

  5. n opinie oor die behaviouristiese siening versus die fenomenologie ...

    verband die eksperimente van Pavlov, Thorndike,. Skinner, Tolmann en Hull.) Fenomenologie. Die fenomenologie is 'n essensie-openbarende denkrigting. Dit impliseer'n denkende soektog na dit wat 'n besondere verskynsel of werklikheid maak juis dit wat dit is en nie iets anders nie. In die fenomenologiese antropologie ...

  6. Structuring and self-competence: How they can make a difference in assessing and managing risk

    Virtu Chongtham


    Full Text Available Background: Assessing risk is a mandatory part of standard mental health practice in the West, but is fraught with difficulties. Structuring and self-efficacy are important factors, but there is near absence of work on this aspect from India. This study aimed to determine how these two concepts can make a difference in assessing and managing risk. Methods: A prospective cross-sectional study over 2 months was conducted with 35 participants (dealing with patients with mental illnesses from Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College and Hospital-32, Chandigarh and 30 participants in comparison group (dealing with people with intellectual disabilities from Regional Institute of Mentally Handicapped-31, Chandigarh using Risk Assessment and Management Self-efficacy Scale (RAMSES. Results : In overall sample (n = 65, only 17% reported using a screening instrument while 62% reported use of screening questions thereby making the total prevalence of use of screening instruments and/or questions as 79%. Total RAMSES score and mean score for all three domains was 7.14 and between 7 and 8 respectively for the study group; while for the comparison group, the total RAMSES score was 7.92 and the mean score for all three domains was between 7 and 9 respectively indicating above average level of reported self-efficacy. For the individual RAMSES items, a lower competency (<7 for study group and (<8 for comparison group was reported for formal or written process related to synthesis of risk assessment and risk management. The study group showed lower self-efficacy scores on majority of individual RAMSES items, 2/3 domains and overall score. Conclusions: Indian mental health professionals of different backgrounds with varying duration of experience reported reasonable degree of competence regarding risk assessment (primarily for the risk toward self and others. Hence, we recommend that they embrace the western concept of "risk assessment" by incorporating

  7. Using structured decision making with landowners to address private forest management and parcelization: balancing multiple objectives and incorporating uncertainty

    Paige F. B. Ferguson; Michael J. Conroy; John F. Chamblee; Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman


    Parcelization and forest fragmentation are of concern for ecological, economic, and social reasons. Efforts to keep large, private forests intact may be supported by a decision-making process that incorporates landowners’ objectives and uncertainty. We used structured decision making (SDM) with owners of large, private forests in Macon County, North Carolina....

  8. Die Vier Typen von Projektmanagern

    Lund Pedersen, Carsten; Ritter, Thomas


    Bevor Sie einem Mitarbeiter die Leitung eines Projekts anvertrauen, sollten Sie sich über dessen Managementstil klar werden. Passt dieser nicht zur Art des Vorhabens, wird er scheitern. So treffen Sie die richtige Wahl....

  9. Die historiese Jesus as wondenverker

    Biblical Association, te wete 'The social sciences and second Testament exegesis'. John Pilch is die leier van die Society of Biblical Literature se 'Social sciences and ..... Hollenbach, P 1982. ... Stauffer, E 1982. Jesus ... London: Collins.

  10. Exploring the Interconnected Trauma of Personal, Social, and Structural Stressors: Making "Sense" of Senseless Violence.

    Abo-Zena, Mona M


    Although violence is a timeless characteristic of human behavior and history, its prevalence and many forms are proliferated repeatedly through the media. In particular, "senseless" violence against both random and targeted victims puzzles and petrifies onlookers and survivors. Integrating developmental psychology with critical theory, this manuscript begins with a conceptual definition of senseless violence that is coupled with a mapping of the personal, social, and structural etiologies of such violence. This inquiry explores the origins, contexts, and varied manifestations of violence, helps redirect sense-making around such violence, and informs how to cope with and possibly reduce or mitigate it. Utilizing a person-centered perspective from multiple points of view, the analysis focuses primarily on the everyday or chronic experiences of stressors and their relation to internalized and externalized types of violence (i.e., mass shootings, interpersonal violence, self-injury). The manuscript concludes with ways to reduce violence and promote justice on personal, social, and structural levels.

  11. Precision die design by the die expansion method

    Ibhadode, A O Akii


    This book presents a new method for the design of the precision dies used in cold-forging, extrusion and drawing processes. The method is based upon die expansion, and attempts to provide a clear-cut theoretical basis for the selection of critical die dimensions for this group of precision dies when the tolerance on product diameter (or thickness) is specified. It also presents a procedure for selecting the minimum-production-cost die from among a set of design alternatives. The mathematical content of the book is relatively simple and will present no difficulty to those who have taken basic c

  12. Structured decision making as a conceptual framework to identify thresholds for conservation and management

    Martin, J.; Runge, M.C.; Nichols, J.D.; Lubow, B.C.; Kendall, W.L.


    Thresholds and their relevance to conservation have become a major topic of discussion in the ecological literature. Unfortunately, in many cases the lack of a clear conceptual framework for thinking about thresholds may have led to confusion in attempts to apply the concept of thresholds to conservation decisions. Here, we advocate a framework for thinking about thresholds in terms of a structured decision making process. The purpose of this framework is to promote a logical and transparent process for making informed decisions for conservation. Specification of such a framework leads naturally to consideration of definitions and roles of different kinds of thresholds in the process. We distinguish among three categories of thresholds. Ecological thresholds are values of system state variables at which small changes bring about substantial changes in system dynamics. Utility thresholds are components of management objectives (determined by human values) and are values of state or performance variables at which small changes yield substantial changes in the value of the management outcome. Decision thresholds are values of system state variables at which small changes prompt changes in management actions in order to reach specified management objectives. The approach that we present focuses directly on the objectives of management, with an aim to providing decisions that are optimal with respect to those objectives. This approach clearly distinguishes the components of the decision process that are inherently subjective (management objectives, potential management actions) from those that are more objective (system models, estimates of system state). Optimization based on these components then leads to decision matrices specifying optimal actions to be taken at various values of system state variables. Values of state variables separating different actions in such matrices are viewed as decision thresholds. Utility thresholds are included in the objectives

  13. Die funksie van ruimte in die narratologie

    of the vehicles of the narrator's ideological/theological perspective. The function of space is expressed in the distinction between space as simply local setting and space as scope of ..... The structure of the novel. London: SCM Press. NIDA, EA ...

  14. Die teologie in gesprek met die ekonomie

    J. P. Labuschagne


    Full Text Available Theology in dialogue with economics The purpose of this essay is to explain the development of Western society and its economic foundation, and to offer a Christian ethical evaluation of the different economic structures.

  15. Die Dokter-Pasient Rolverwantskap

    17 Aug 1974 ... en as sodanig 'n ral sped in die persoon se siektegedrag en uiteindelike patroon van hulpsoeke. SIEKEROL EN SOSIALISERING IN DIE. PASIENTROL ..... more cumulative, resulting in a more gradual social and professional maturation.' Vit die voorafgaande word dit duidelik dat Dewy se pragmatiese ...

  16. prosesseringsmetodes op die voedingswaarde van

    gebring is, kon geen betekenisvolle verskille tussen die drie monsters gevind word nie. Volgens Opstvedt (1976) kan ME waardes ook dien as 'n kriteria van proteien- kwaliteit, hoofsaaklik a.g.v. die verhoogde stikstofuit- skeiding in die urine wat sal plaasvind a.g.v. beskadiging van aminosure. De Groote (1968) het gevind ...


    wei die verdediging van die landsgrense teen 'n vyand wat die orde, gesag, vrede, stabiliteit en welvaart in Suidwes-Afrika en die Republiek van. Suid-Afrika wil vernietig. Hierdie oorlog moet nie ge'lsoleerd gesien word nie, maar in perspektief geplaas word teen die agtergrond van 'n nag groter konflik, naamlik die van die ...

  18. Die Subjektiewe en Objektiewe doelwitte van Arbeid

    T. H. Veldsman


    Die artikel gee aandag aan die subjektiewe en objektiewe doelwitte van arbeid. Hul plek en funksie binne 'n voorgestelde geïntegreerde motiveringsmodel word eerstens aangedui. Vervolgens word die verwantskap tussen die twee doelwitte uitgelig, gevolg deur 'n bespreking van die aard van die objektiewe doel. Laastens word die invloed van moderne arbeid op hierdie doelwitte uitgestippel.



    Kierkegaard en Nietzsche, Max Weber en Dilthey, om maar enkeles te noem, en 5.) Jaspers se persoonlike beskouing oor die roe ping en die taak van die Filosofie, sy aanvoeling van die filosofiese problematiek en sy grondhouding teenoor die eksistensiële verbonden- hede. Die woord van Fichte, naamlik dat die Filosofie ...

  20. Die persepsies en houdings van gelowige jonggetroude egpare oor seksuele intimiteit in die huwelik

    Rinee Pretorius


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel is gebaseer op empiriese navorsing om die persepsies en houdings van gelowige, jonggetroude egpare oor seksuele intimiteit in die huwelik na te vors. Daar is gefokus op hoe die egpare die verhouding sien waarbinne seksuele intimiteit geniet en beleef mag word; wat na hulle mening die man en vrou se plig is rakende die seksuele; wat hulle persepsies is oor die vryheid wat seksuele intimiteit binne die huwelik bied, en wat eksklusiwiteit ten opsigte van seksuele intimiteit binne die huwelik vir elkeen van hulle beteken. ’n Kwalitatiewe navorsingsontwerp is gebruik en sewe gelowige egpare wat minder as twee jaar getroud was (N = 11, het aan die navorsing deelgeneem. Die navorsingsdata is uit ’n kort vraelys verkry en deur semigestruktureerde onderhoude wat met sommige van die deelnemers gevoer is. ’n Ryke oes van data is verkry en ’n hele aantal temas is identifiseer. Hierdie temas sluit goed aan by die basisteoretiese en metateoretiese perspektiewe wat as onderbou vir hierdie navorsing gedien het. The perceptions and attitudes of religious newlywedded couples regarding sexual intimacy in the marriage. This article is based on empirical research done to explore the perceptions and attitudes of religious newlywedded couples regarding sexual intimacy in the marriage. The research focused on how the couples regard a relationship in which sexual intimacy can be enjoyed and experienced; what, in their opinion, the husband and the wife’s responsibilities are towards each other regarding sex; what their perceptions are about the freedom that sexual intimacy offers in marriage, and what marital exclusivity regarding sexual intimacy means to each of the participants. A qualitative research design was used and seven religious couples that were married less than two years (N = 11 participated in this research. The research data was obtained by using a short questionnaire and semi-structured interviews which were conducted with some

  1. Influence of the cortical midline structures on moral emotion and motivation in moral decision-making.

    Han, Hyemin; Chen, Jingyuan; Jeong, Changwoo; Glover, Gary H


    The present study aims to examine the relationship between the cortical midline structures (CMS), which have been regarded to be associated with selfhood, and moral decision making processes at the neural level. Traditional moral psychological studies have suggested the role of moral self as the moderator of moral cognition, so activity of moral self would present at the neural level. The present study examined the interaction between the CMS and other moral-related regions by conducting psycho-physiological interaction analysis of functional images acquired while 16 subjects were solving moral dilemmas. Furthermore, we performed Granger causality analysis to demonstrate the direction of influences between activities in the regions in moral decision-making. We first demonstrate there are significant positive interactions between two central CMS seed regions-i.e., the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) and posterior cingulate cortex (PCC)-and brain regions associated with moral functioning including the cerebellum, brainstem, midbrain, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex and anterior insula (AI); on the other hand, the posterior insula (PI) showed significant negative interaction with the seed regions. Second, several significant Granger causality was found from CMS to insula regions particularly under the moral-personal condition. Furthermore, significant dominant influence from the AI to PI was reported. Moral psychological implications of these findings are discussed. The present study demonstrated the significant interaction and influence between the CMS and morality-related regions while subject were solving moral dilemmas. Given that, activity in the CMS is significantly involved in human moral functioning. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Where is God in My Dying?

    Moestrup, Lene; Hvidt, Niels Christian


    Despite increased focus on the role of spiritual care in palliative care, there is limited knowledge about spirituality / religiosity among dying patients in secularized cultures such as Denmark. This study aims through semi-structured interviews with Danish hospice patients and participant obser......, important faith although it was not something they knew much about, let alone discussed or practiced much....

  3. Dying means suffocating: perceptions of people living with severe COPD facing the end of life.

    Hall, Sylvie; Legault, Alan; Côté, José


    The purpose of this research was to describe the perceptions of people living with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with respect to the end of life. For this descriptive exploratory qualitative study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with six participants suffering from severe COPD hospitalized in the past year following an exacerbation episode. The data were analyzed using the method developed by Miles and Huberman (2003), which comprises three main steps: data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing/verification. The analysis yielded four themes that reflect the perceptions of participants with respect to the end of life, namely: living and seeing oneself decline, living and preparing to die, dying of COPD means suffocating, and dying in hospital surrounded by family and friends. What emerges from the study is that persons living with severe COPD wish to die without suffocating, in hospital, surrounded by family and friends, all the while hoping to go on living. This study contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the end-of-life experience. It shows the importance of accompanying these persons properly towards the end of life and at the moment of dying. The study proposes a series of avenues for future research and makes recommendations for practice.

  4. Sal die ‘ewolusie’ vanaf biologie na lewenswetenskappe ‘uitsterwing’ van die vakgebied voorkom?

    Johanna G. Ferreira


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel word die wysiging van die skoolvak van ‘biologie’ na ‘lewenswetenskappe’ bespreek, asook die gepaardgaande en verwagte implikasies van die verandering. Die vraag word gestel of die beoogde wysiging wel noemenswaardig is en of dit enigsins ‘n verskil aan die dalende belangstelling in die lewenswetenskappe op tersiêre vlak sal maak. Die wysigings in die nuwe kurrikula verhoog die relevansie van die vakinhoud vir leerders en vir die gemeenskap, maar sekere kwessies kry nie aandag nie. Voorstelle word gemaak om die kurrikulum te wysig en onderrigmetodes aan te pas om die nodige vaardighede by leerders te vestig.

  5. enkele fasette van die problematiek van die akademikus by die skryf

    Om verskeie redes het dit van die allergrootste belong geword dot 'n his- tories korrekte, wetenskaplike weerga- we van bogenoemde gebeure opge- teken moet word. Die sluier, in sommige gevalle am logiese redes toegepas, moes eenvoudig gelig word am gebeure wat die gewone man op stroot in Suid-Afrika dikwels ...

  6. Die dialektiek in die waardes van die 1996 Grondwet

    J Swanepoel


    Full Text Available In his paper The Dialectics in the Values of the 1996 Constitution Jan Swanepoel discusses various value statements in the 1996 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and focuses the attention on indications of a lack of coherence as far as these value statements are concerned.He does this against the background of some introductory perspectives on the 1996 Constitution. In this regard he points out that the 1996 Constitution, as successor to the 1993 Constitution with its set of thirty four constitutional principles, can be regarded as a document of political and ideological compromise. He points out that constitutions (and in particular the value statements in Bills of Rights generally tend to be formulated rather broadly in order to promote flexibility and adaptability. He also focuses the attention on the fact that such a dialectic of values point to the variety of interests that has to be harmonized in a modern state, something which is unmistakably the case in South Africa with its heterogeneous society.The 1996 Constitution contains a variety of "value terms". A closer study of these terms does, however, indicate that these terms (value, principle, foundation, and the like are not used in a very systematic or technical fashion.The problems regarding the value statements are, however, not only of a terminological nature. There are also some substantive problems, as becomes clear from a discussion of value terms in the Preamble and in Sections 1 and 7 of the 1996 Constitution. Swanepoel indicates that a tension exists between what can be called the "process" formulation in section 1(a and the "state of affairs" formulation of the values in section 7(1. . While section 1(a speaks of "the achievement of equality" and "the advancement of human rights and freedoms", section 7(1 simply makes mention of "equality" and "freedom". The dialectic between these two formulations is discussed with reference to other relevant sections of the 1996

  7. Die Defects and Die Corrections in Metal Extrusion

    Sayyad Zahid Qamar


    Full Text Available Extrusion is a very popular and multi-faceted manufacturing process. A large number of products for the automotive, aerospace, and construction sectors are produced through aluminum extrusion. Many defects in the extruded products occur because of the conditions of the dies and tooling. The problems in dies can be due to material issues, design and manufacturing, or severe usage. They can be avoided by maintaining the billet quality, by controlling the extrusion process parameters, and through routine maintenance. Die problems that occur on a day-to-day basis are mostly repairable and are rectified through various types of die correction operations. These defects and repair operations have not been reported in detail in the published literature. The current paper presents an in-depth description of repairable die defects and related die correction operations in metal extrusion. All major die defects are defined and classified, and their causes, preventive measures, and die correction operations are described. A brief frequency-based statistical study of die defects is also carried out to identify the most frequent die corrections. This work can be of direct benefit to plant engineers and operators and to researchers and academics in the field of metal extrusion.

  8. Die hermeneutiek van gereformeerde kerkreg

    Andries le Roux du Plooy


    Full Text Available Die artikel het op die belangrikheid en noodsaaklikheid van ‘n hermeneutiek vir die gereformeerde kerkreg gefokus. Die kerkregtelike dokument wat besonderlik ter sake was, is die kerkorde van die Gereformeerde kerke in Suid-Afrika, met sy besondere band met die Dordtse kerkorde van 1618 en 1619. Agtereenvolgens is aandag gegee aan die volgende aspekte soos (1 die eiesoortige aard van ‘n kerkorde as ‘n teologiese dokument en teks, in onderskeiding van regsdokumente; (2 die aard van die hermeneutiek van kerkreg; (3 enkele teorieë oor die interpretasie of uitleg van tekste, veral regstekste en (4 normatiewe vooronderstellings en reëls vir die interpretasie en verstaan van die teks en artikels van die kerkorde asook besluite van kerklike vergaderinge. Die gevolgtrekking was dat weinig indringende navorsing gedoen is oor die saak van hermeneutiek vir kerkreg, hoewel dit noodsaaklik is. Duidelike hermeneutiese reëls is gesuggereer en verduidelik, wat sou kon meehelp dat kerke en kerklike vergaderinge die artikels van die kerkorde asook besluite en reglemente wat daarop berus het, kan interpreteer en toepas. The hermeneutics of reformed church polity. The article focused on the importance and urgency of a design for reformed hermeneutics on church polity. The Church Order referred to in the article is the Church Order of the Reformed Churches in South Africa, which are closely related to the Church Order of Dordt of 1618 and 1619. The following aspects received attention namely (1  the unique character of a Church Order, in comparison to and distinguished from legal documents and statutes; (2 the character and nature of hermeneutics of church polity; (3 theories of interpretation in the common law tradition and their relevance to church polity and (4 normative presuppositions and marks for the interpretation and understanding of the text and articles of the Church Order, as well as the resolutions of church assemblies. It was found that

  9. Die verband tussen lokus van beheer en die werks prestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf

    E. L. Coetzer


    Full Text Available The relationship between locus of control and the work performance of black marketers in the life assurance industry. The aim of the study was to establish the relationship between locus of control and the work performance of black marketers in the life assurance industry. These constructs were selected by virtue of the lack of empirical research regarding the assumed relationship between them. The Locus of Control Scale of Schepers (1995 was used for measuring locus of control. Work performance was measured by the commission earned per month by the marketer, the number of policies generated by the marketer, as well as the percentage of lapsed policies. The relevant measurements were obtained in respect of a sample of 149 black marketing personnel. The results indicated a modest but statistically significant relationship between external locus of control and the work performance of black marketers. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was om die verband tussen lokus van beheer en die werksprestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf te bepaal. Hierdie konstrukte is gekies op grond van die gebrek aan empiriese navorsing rakende die veronderstelde verband tussen genoemde konstrukte. Die Lokus van Beheer-vraelys van Schepers (1995 is in die meting van lokus van beheer gebruik. Werksprestasie is aan die hand van kommissie per maand verdien, aantal polisse gegenereer deur 'n bemarker en die persentasie vervalde polisse, gemeet. Die tersaaklike metinge is verkry ten opsigte van 'n steekproef van 149 swart bemarkers. Die resultate toon 'n klein, dog statisties beduidende verband tussen eksterne lokus van beheer en die werksprestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf.

  10. Is die ortodoksie se verstaan van die sondeval belemmerend vir die gesprek tussen teologie en natuurwetenskap?

    Johan Buitendag


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel is betoog dat die Gereformeerde Ortodoksie se begrip van die sondeval ’n  belemmering  was  vir  die  gesprek  tussen  teologie  en  natuurwetenskap.  Die  rede hiervoor was dat dit ten eerste ’n bepaalde verstaan van liniêre tyd nahou en ten tweede dat dit ’n bonatuurlike ingryp veronderstel het. Albei hierdie aspekte het die debat onnodig problematiseer. Die argument is ontwikkel deur eerstens die probleem te definieer, gevolg deur ’n uiteensetting van die standpunte van Augustinus en Calvyn onderskeidelik oor die sondeval. As ’n heuristiese sleutel is die konsepte van infralapsarisme en supralapsarisme aangewend om die tema te ontleed. Die artikel is afgesluit met die oortuiging dat die imago Dei ’n beliggaamde menslike persoon is wat biologies in die geskiedenis in terme van selfbewussyn en morele verantwoordelikheid ontluik het. Is the Orthodoxy’s notion of the Fall inhibitory for the dialogue between theology and science? In this article it was argued that the Reformed Orthodoxy’s interpretation of the Fall had become an impediment in the dialogue between theology and science. The reason was that it assumed firstly a specific understanding of linear time and secondly a metaphysical intervention. Both events were unnecessarily problematising the debate. The argument was deployed by stating the problem, followed by an exposition of the views of Augustine and Calvin on the Fall. As a heuristic key, the concepts of infralapsarism and supralapsarism were applied respectively to analyse the topic. The article concluded with the conviction that the imago Dei is an embodied human person that had biologically emerged in history as a center of self-awareness, and moral responsibility.

  11. Sedimentêre omgewings van die Inhaca-eilandstelsel met spesiale verwysing na die petrografiese en geochemiese eienskappe van die sedimente spesiale verwysing na die petrografiese en geochemiese eienskappe van die sedimente

    Marieke Peché


    Full Text Available Die Inhaca-eilandstelsel is geleë langs die suidooskus van Mosambiek. Die oostekant van die stelsel grens aan die Indiese Oseaan en die westekant aan die Baai van Maputo. Hierdie eilandstelsel bestaan uit Inhaca- en Portugese eiland, asook ’n groep sandbanke wat van die noordlike punt van Inhaca na Portugese eiland strek. Die doel van hierdie studie is om die verskillende moderne en oer-sedimentêre omgewings op die eilandstelsel te identifiseer en te beskryf, die invloed van getye en golfaksie op die moderne sedimentêre omgewing vas te stel en die geochemiese en petrografiese samestelling van die geologiese eenhede te bepaal.

  12. Die vangnet van die woord: forensies-linguistiese getuienis in 'n ...

    Een van die redes daarvoor is waarskynlik die gepaardgaande sleurwerk verbonde aan die verwerking van die betrokke taaldata — iets wat egter deur die onlangse meteoriese vooruitgang in tegnologiese tegnieke op die agtergrond geskuif is en nuwe moontlikhede na vore laat kom het. In die lig van die kompleksiteit van ...

  13. het om die Woord van God aan die gemeente te bedien. A. D. P ont ...


    Sizoo vertel met die vlotheid van die ervare skrywer en die ver antwoordelikheid van die wetenskaplike ... Maar in stiptelike trou aan die feitelikheid, verlaat die skrywer hom uitsluitlik op die outentieke bronne om ... de leser; in sy rykdom van gegewens en wetenskaplike betroubaarheid kan dit met vrug gelees word deur die ...

  14. Die invloed van herbivorie en vuur op die oorlewing van sekere meerjarige kruide langs die Sabierivier, Kruger Nasionale Park

    H. Myburgh


    Full Text Available Die groot vloede wat in die jaar 2000 in die Kruger Nasionale Park plaasgevind het, het dierivieroewerplantegroei versteur. Dit het die geleentheid gebied om heinings op te rig langsdie Sabierivier om herbivore uit sekere gebiede uit te sluit en sodoende die herstel van die rivieroewerekosisteme te monitor.

  15. Die heelal en sy onstaan (II

    D. J. Van Rooy


    Full Text Available Ons kennis en wetenskap van die hemelliggame word volkome bepaal deur die lig wat ons van hulle ontvang, d.w.s. as ons die feite wat die Bybel daaromtrent meedeel, buite rekening laat.

  16. Versoening tussen leerders: Is parallelmediumskole die antwoord op die rassismeprobleem?

    Du Plessis, Elize; Marais, Petro


    Die Suid-Afrikaanse Grondwet stel dit duidelik dat enige vorm van diskriminasie nie toegelaat mag word nie. In ons skole beteken dit dat elke leerder ʼn reg het op goeie opvoeding en ʼn veilige skoolomgewing. Die fokus van hierdie navorsing is gerig op bestaande parallelmediumskole. Die uiteindelike vraagstuk is dus hoe multikulturele onderwys bevorder word en hoe rassisme aangespreek kan word? As teoretiese raamwerk is Kohlsberg se kognitiewe ontwikkelingsbenadering en Whitehouse se univerele ...

  17. Die ontmaskering van die bose: Eksegetiese perspektiewe op ...


    2 Yarbro Collins (1983) bied tans nog die beste agtergrond vir 'n besinning oor geweld in ..... John's grammatical howlers are intentionally designed to alert listerners ..... 26 In die Nuwe Testament word Paul se snydende opmerking teenoor die Korintiërs as ..... rnt g0r`m nh8 ldfhrs`}m du sg}u fg}u + n2sh d/m sg>}} e`ql`jdh.

  18. Die grapteks met verwysing na die interessantheidsbeginsel

    P. S. de Bruyn


    Full Text Available Jokes are special kinds of texts: they do not communicate something about the real, existing world like some other kinds of texts do, because they are worlds in themselves. These units of discourse consist of two components: a build-up and a punch line, the latter being the source of humour, mainly because it possesses elements of surprise. Although mostly fictitious, jokes do make use of an element of truth, or at least some common knowledge. They can also be seen as speech acts, acts of humour with the perlocutionary effect to amuse in mind. When De Beaugrande and Dressier's characteristics of a successful text are applied, jokes can be seen to fit the description. As in the case of other literary genres, jokes can be described as fiction because they are also special expressions with well-defined conventions. These special kinds of texts are spontaneously recognised for what they are. When those elements distinguishing jokes as such are removed, the effects jokes have are cancelled. These removed elements are thus proved to be essentials. The element of surprise, caused by the condensation of several meanings in the punch line, seems to be of vital importance in this respect. Jokes are intended to amuse. Jokes are consciously told with this purpose in mind and they are noticed because of that. It will be argued, using appropriate examples, that these special effects are achieved by means of the principle of interest. The exploitation of pragmatic means is used to attain this.

  19. Accurate defect die placement and nuisance defect reduction for reticle die-to-die inspections

    Wen, Vincent; Huang, L. R.; Lin, C. J.; Tseng, Y. N.; Huang, W. H.; Tuo, Laurent C.; Wylie, Mark; Chen, Ellison; Wang, Elvik; Glasser, Joshua; Kelkar, Amrish; Wu, David


    Die-to-die reticle inspections are among the simplest and most sensitive reticle inspections because of the use of an identical-design neighboring-die for the reference image. However, this inspection mode can have two key disadvantages: (1) The location of the defect is indeterminate because it is unclear to the inspector whether the test or reference image is defective; and (2) nuisance and false defects from mask manufacturing noise and tool optical variation can limit the usable sensitivity. The use of a new sequencing approach for a die-to-die inspection can resolve these issues without any additional scan time, without sacrifice in sensitivity requirement, and with a manageable increase in computation load. In this paper we explore another approach for die-to-die inspections using a new method of defect processing and sequencing. Utilizing die-to-die double arbitration during defect detection has been proven through extensive testing to generate accurate placement of the defect in the correct die to ensure efficient defect disposition at the AIMS step. The use of this method maintained the required inspection sensitivity for mask quality as verified with programmed-defectmask qualification and then further validated with production masks comparing the current inspection approach to the new method. Furthermore, this approach can significantly reduce the total number of defects that need to be reviewed by essentially eliminating the nuisance and false defects that can result from a die-to-die inspection. This "double-win" will significantly reduce the effort in classifying a die-to-die inspection result and will lead to improved cycle times.

  20. Die pastorale sielkundige as diakonale pastor

    A. J. Smuts


    Full Text Available In die bedieningspatroon van die Ned. Geref. Kerk het die pastorale sielkundige die afgelope aantal jare steeds meer op die voorgrond begin tree. Hy is egter 'n problematiese figuur, wie se identiteit van meer as een kant onder bespreking is. In ander lande, selfs in die VSA waar die kerk veel gebruik maak van die sielkunde, is dit moeilik om 'n presiese parallel vir hom te vind. Sowel binne as buite die kerk word hy deur sommige bevraagteken. Daarom is dit noodsaaklik om vanuit die teologie te kyk na die werk wat hy doen.

  1. Structured decision making as a proactive approach to dealing with sea level rise in Florida

    Martin, Julien; Fackler, Paul L.; Nichols, James D.; Lubow, Bruce C.; Eaton, Mitchell J.; Runge, Michael C.; Stith, Bradley M.; Langtimm, Catherine A.


    Sea level rise (SLR) projections along the coast of Florida present an enormous challenge for management and conservation over the long term. Decision makers need to recognize and adopt strategies to adapt to the potentially detrimental effects of SLR. Structured decision making (SDM) provides a rigorous framework for the management of natural resources. The aim of SDM is to identify decisions that are optimal with respect to management objectives and knowledge of the system. Most applications of SDM have assumed that the managed systems are governed by stationary processes. However, in the context of SLR it may be necessary to acknowledge that the processes underlying managed systems may be non-stationary, such that systems will be continuously changing. Therefore, SLR brings some unique considerations to the application of decision theory for natural resource management. In particular, SLR is expected to affect each of the components of SDM. For instance, management objectives may have to be reconsidered more frequently than under more stable conditions. The set of potential actions may also have to be adapted over time as conditions change. Models have to account for the non-stationarity of the modeled system processes. Each of the important sources of uncertainty in decision processes is expected to be exacerbated by SLR. We illustrate our ideas about adaptation of natural resource management to SLR by modeling a non-stationary system using a numerical example. We provide additional examples of an SDM approach for managing species that may be affected by SLR, with a focus on the endangered Florida manatee.

  2. Digilanid C by die behandeling van hartlyers

    Snyman, Hendrik Willem


    In die voorafgaande word 'n literatuur studie oor die ontwikkeling en huidige stand van die chemie en farmakologie van die Digitalis purpurea en Digitalis lanata gegee, waarin spesiaal gelet word op die chemiese samestelling en farmakologiese aktiwiteit van die Digitalis lanata glikoside. Daarna


    In 1933 belas Rykskanselier. Hitler vir. Goering, Minister van Lugvaart, in die geheim met die skepping van die Luftwaffe. Die basis in Rusland is gesluit en toekomstige vlieeniers is nou in die geheim na Italie waar hulle elke aspek van moderne oorlog- voering oefen en die Blitzkrieg-gedagte, deur op ondersteuning van 'n.


    rang. In Assiries beteken die woord “hoof-eunug”. Soos reeds vermeld (by 2), vorm die eunug 'n belangrike deel van die Assiriese burokrasie. Dokumente dui aan ... rang in die Babiloniese weermag, en so 'n amptenaar het saam met die rabsag ..... baie laat, in die inter-testamentêre periode, gebruik is vir 'n gekastreerde.

  5. Economical surface treatment of die casting dies to prevent soldering in high pressure casting

    Fraser, D.T.; Jahedi, M.Z.


    This paper describes the use of a gas oxidation treatment of H13 tool steel to develop a compact iron oxide layer at the surface of core pins to prevent soldering in high pressure die casting. The performance of oxide layers in the protection of die steel against soldering during high pressure die casting was tested in a specially designed die using removable core pins and Al-11 Si-3 Cu casting alloy. The gas oxidation treatment can be applied at low temperatures and to large areas of the die surface. In addition this process is very cost effective compared to other coating processes such as physical vapour deposition (PVD), or thermo-reactive diffusion (TRD) coatings. This work demonstrated that surface treatment producing pure magnetite (Fe 3 O 4 ) layers are more protective than oxide layers containing a combination of Fe 3 O 4 (magnetite) and Fe 3 O 3 (haematite). The magnetite layer acts as a barrier between the die steel/casting alloy interface and prevents the formation of inter-metallic phases. Optical microscopy and scanning electron microscope were used to determine the thickness of the oxide layer, while X-ray diffraction was performed to determine the oxide phase structure

  6. Die Transition zur pflegenden Tochter

    Dagmar Dräger


    Full Text Available Das Buch aus der Reihe „Studien zur Gesundheits- und Pflegewissenschaft“ beschreibt den theoretischen Hintergrund, das methodische Vorgehen und die Ergebnisse einer biografischen Untersuchung, die sich dem Übergang von der Tochter zur pflegenden Tochter widmete. Grundlage der Publikation ist die Dissertation (2002 der Autorin. Mit der Berücksichtigung biographischer und familiärer Hintergründe wird eine neue Perspektive in der Forschung zu pflegenden Angehörigen eingenommen.

  7. Maintaining Low Voiding Solder Die Attach for Power Die While Minimizing Die Tilt

    Hamm, Randy; Peterson, Kenneth A.


    This paper addresses work to minimize voiding and die tilt in solder attachment of a large power die, measuring 9.0 mm X 6.5 mm X 0.1 mm (0.354” x 0.256” x 0.004”), to a heat spreader. As demands for larger high power die continue, minimizing voiding and die tilt is of interest for improved die functionality, yield, manufacturability, and reliability. High-power die generate considerable heat, which is important to dissipate effectively through control of voiding under high thermal load areas of the die while maintaining a consistent bondline (minimizing die tilt). Voiding was measured using acoustic imaging and die tilt was measured using two different optical measurement systems. 80Au-20Sn solder reflow was achieved using a batch vacuum solder system with optimized fixturing. Minimizing die tilt proved to be the more difficult of the two product requirements to meet. Process development variables included tooling, weight and solder preform thickness.

  8. Die Rechtfertigung der Gier und die Finanzkrise

    Zbigniew Waleszczuk


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is at first to answer the question of greed (the justification of this “virtue” in the modern economic system, which is meant, in the light of Christian social ethics to be the primary cause of the present economic crisis. In the three steps of catholic social teaching (see, judge, act we want to interpret the signs of our time (present age problems in the light of the Gospel (and the teaching and tradition of the Church. The relevant question we have to pose in our statement is: Why does catholic social teaching, in opposite to the modern view of economic and political science, object to a justification of greed? The third (practical step of our explanations we can paraphrase with the question: what shall we do? The focusing on institutional reforms, the belief in arrangements which exclusively accentuate sociological key aspects and believe in changes of structures (in education, politics, economics and welfare led not only to market crisis, but also to a crisis of culture. If the human being in his/her deepest dimension (the ecology of person is suffering, then the Church cannot remain silent, because its mission and way is the person. Not until we – like king Solomon – turn to God and ask for help and the ability to judge between good and evil, just and unjust, shall we find a safe basis to lead us out of despair and disorientation into a more humane civilization of humanity and solidarity.

  9. The Analytical Pragmatic Structure of Procedural Due Process: A Framework for Inquiry in Administrative Decision Making.

    Fisher, James E.; Sealey, Ronald W.

    The study describes the analytical pragmatic structure of concepts and applies this structure to the legal concept of procedural due process. This structure consists of form, purpose, content, and function. The study conclusions indicate that the structure of the concept of procedural due process, or any legal concept, is not the same as the…

  10. Neurokognitiewe integrasie en die leerproses

    Du Preez, Johan J.


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article, "Neuro-cognitive integration and the learning process'; is to find principles and strategies for the development of brain potential and the optimal integration of subject matter. Eight neuro-cognitive systems are identified and their importance to the integration of subject matter is emphasized. These systems are cortical energy, coding, planning and controlling, as well as the verbal sequential, non-verbal holistic, physical-motor, social effective and the subconscious. The relevant principles and strategies can serve as basis for mainstream and special education, guidance as well as psychotherapy. Die doe! met hierdie artikel is om beginsels en strategiee te vind om breinpotensiaal te ontsluit en leerstof optimaal te integreer. Aan die hand van 'n neurokognitiewe model word 'n aantal beginsels en strategiee bespreek en die verband met die leerproses word aangetoon. Agt neurokognitiewe sisteme is gei'dentifiseer en die belangrike rot wat dit speel ten opsigte van die integrasie van leerstof word beklemtoon. Genoemde sisteme sluit die volgende in: kortikale energie, kodering, beplanning en kontrolering, asook die verbaal-sekwensiele, nieverbaal-holistiese, fisiek-motoriese, sosio-affektiewe en die subbewuste. Genoemde beginsels en strategiee kan oak dien as grondslag vir hoofstroomonderwys, spesialiseringsonderwys, voorligting sowel as psigoterapie.

  11. New trends in cold-chamber die casting machine design

    R. Dańko


    Full Text Available Larger and larger proportions of aluminium castings, especially those produced by the die casting process, can be observed during recent years in the automotive industry, house-hold articles and others. In case of the automotive industry, apart from the traditional elements produced by the die pressure method such as engine blocks or crank shaft bedplates, aluminium is displacing steel from structural parts of cars (‘body in white’. The current state and development directions of the structural solutions of cold-chamber die castings are analysed in this paper. These solutions drive the prospective development of these machines and die casting technology. The focus is mainly on essential functional systems such as: hydraulic drives of closing and locking units, as well as pressing in die machines of known companies present on the European market.

  12. Numerical optimization of die geometry in open die forging

    Christiansen, Peter; Hattel, Jesper Henri; Bay, Niels


    This paper deals with numerical optimization of open die forging of large metallic ingots made by casting implying risk of defects, e.g. central pores. Different material hardening properties and die geometries are combined in order to investigate, which geometry gives rise to maximum closure...

  13. die geskiedenis van die saw gedenkteken te fort klapperkop militere ...

    As gevolg van enige optrede, op enige plek, te enige tyd, deur enige vyand van die RSA of deur enige terroris(te), insurgent(e) of ander persoon of persone wat die RSA en sy volkere kwaadgesind is. h. Binne twee jaar (vyfhondred-en-dertig dae) nadat hy/sy met 'n ongeskiktheids- pensioen uit diens getree het agv siekte,.

  14. Die adversatiewe stelsel van bewyslewering en die beste belang ...

    MJM Venter

    weeg. Hierdie vraag word teen die agtergrond daarvan beoordeel dat veral dispute ..... restructuring family into the highly polarized positions of court-based dispute resolution.16. Talle alternatiewe om tekortkominge in die adversatiewe proses te ..... De Jong M "Mediation and Other Appropriate Forms of Alternative Dispute.

  15. Die teologiese debat: Die waarde of betekenis daarvan

    Ego vero hoc libro non contuli sed asservi et assero, ac penes nullum vo- lo esse iudicium, sed omnibus suadeo, ut praestent obsequium. (M Luther, De servo arbitrio, 1525). 1. INLEIDING. In ons dae is dit hoe mode om oor alles debat te voer. Een van die towerwoorde van ons tyd, veral op die politiek-staatkundige terrein, ...

  16. Die konteks vir die keuse van geriefsvoedsel van bepaalde ...


    70. Die konteks vir die keuse van geriefsvoedsel van bepaalde beroepsvroue *. Martha Kok en Priscilla Botha. ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research is to understand and describe the context in which career women choose, purchase and use convenience food (CF). A person is rarely isolated from or unaffected by.

  17. Die vlugtige taal van vergeet: Die metafoor by Breyten Breytenbach ...

    From his first book of poetry, die ysterkoei moet sweet (“the iron cow must sweat”, 1964), till his most recent one, die windvanger (“the windcatcher”, 2007), metaphor has been a central means towards the creation of meaning for Breytenbach. This article will investigate the use of metaphor particularly in this recent book.

  18. The Europeanization of German energy and climate policies. New forms of policy-making and EU multi-level-governance; Die Europaeisierung der deutschen Energie- und Klimapolitik. Neue Formen der Politikgestaltung und Steuerung im EU-Mehrebenensystem

    Fischer, Severin


    The Energy Transition (''Energiewende'') is one of the hot topics of the political debate in Germany for some years. As a consequence of ongoing European integration, EU level politics have gained growing importance. The focus of this study is on the interaction of German and EU energy and climate policies. How have German actors influenced EU policy-making processes and in how far are EU policies relevant for national policy-making in Germany? Three case studies look at processes in the fields of electricity market regulation, renewable energy policy and climate protection between 2007 and 2013.

  19. Garbage Can Decision-Making in a Matrix Structure : A Case Study of Linköping University

    Delgoshaei, Bahareh; Fatahi, Masoud


    Background: A university is characterized as organized anarchy. According to Cohen, et al. (1972) decision-making occurs in form of A Garbage Can Model (GCM) in such organizations. This model is influenced by some factors such as organizational structure. The influences of some types of organizational structure have been studied based on a computer simulation by Cohen and his colleagues in 1972. However, the study was based on numerical statistics and excluded the influence of genuine charact...

  20. Policy making structures in the EU and participating countries. Deliverable D2

    Andersson, Kjell; Lidberg, Maria; Falck, Eberhard


    The point of departure for the ARGONA project is that participation and transparency are key elements of effective risk governance. The acronym ARGONA stands for 'Arenas for Risk Governance' and the project investigates how approaches of transparency and deliberation relate to each other and also how they relate to the political system in which decisions, for example on the final disposal of nuclear waste, are ultimately taken. The project then turns to study the role played by mediators, who facilitate public engagement with nuclear waste management issues, and the 'conduct of the conduct' of public consultations. By the latter is meant the communication of models used for deliberation and transparency. Furthermore, the project investigates how good risk communication can be organized taking cultural aspects and different arenas into account. In a central part of the project major efforts are made to test and apply approaches to transparency and participation by making explicit what it would mean to use the RISCOM model and other approaches within different cultural and organizational settings. Finally, the ARGONA partners develop guidelines for the application of novel approaches that will enhance real progress in nuclear waste management programmes. The project consists of six work packages that logically starts with a description of the policy making structures that exist within the EU and in the participating countries, including EU Directives, such as Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment Directives, as well as national nuclear safety and environmental legislation. This work package (WP 1) forms the point of departure for the project, in determining the framework within which new arenas can be formed and within which the mediators are acting. A questionnaire was issued and sent to key organizations at national and local levels. The intention was that the work package should be focused on issues that set the scene for e.g. site

  1. Pylstertmotte (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae van die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin

    M. A. van den Berg


    Full Text Available 'n Totaal van 42 spesies van pylstertmotte is in die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin versamel. Die bekendste hiervan is die patatrusper (Herse convolvuli (L en die dood-skedelmot (Acherontia atropos (L. Die volgende spesies wat versamel is, se voorkoms is nog nie voorheen vir die Republiek van Suid-Afrika aangemeld nie nl. Pemba flavillacea (Walk., Praedora plagiata (R. &J., Leptoclanis basalis (Walk., Polyptychus calcareus (R. &J., Polyptychus compar (R. &J., Nephele aequivalens (Walk., Nephele peneus (Cram., Hippotion roseipennis (Butler en Xenosphingia jansei (Jord.. Die verspreiding van Oligographa juniperi (Bsd. wat langs die kusgebiede van Natal en die Oos-Kaap aangetrefword, is op verskeie plekke in die Krugerwildtuin versamel.

  2. Statues Also Die

    Pierre-Philippe Fraiture


    Full Text Available “African thinking,” “African thought,” and “African philosophy.” These phrases are often used indiscriminately to refer to intellectual activities in and/or about Africa. This large field, which sits at the crossroads between analytic philosophy, continental thought, political philosophy and even linguistics is apparently limitless in its ability to submit the object “Africa” to a multiplicity of disciplinary approaches. This absence of limits has far-reaching historical origins. Indeed it needs to be understood as a legacy of the period leading to African independence and to the context in which African philosophy emerged not so much as a discipline as a point of departure to think colonial strictures and the constraints of colonial modes of thinking. That the first (self-appointed exponents of African philosophy were Westerners speaks volumes. Placide Tempels but also some of his predecessors such as Paul Radin (Primitive Man as Philosopher, 1927 and Vernon Brelsford (Primitive Philosophy, 1935 were the first scholars to envisage this extension of philosophy into the realm of the African “primitive.” The material explored in this article – Statues Also Die (Marker, Resnais, and Cloquet, Bantu Philosophy (Tempels, The Cultural Unity of Negro Africa (Cheikh Anta Diop, and It For Others (Duncan Campbell - resonates with this initial gesture but also with the ambition on part of African philosophers such as VY Mudimbe to challenge the limits of a discipline shaped by late colonialism and then subsequently recaptured by ethnophilosophers. Statues Also Die is thus used here as a text to appraise the limitations of African philosophy at an early stage.  The term “stage,” however, is purely arbitrary and the work of African philosophers has since the 1950s often been absorbed by an effort to retrieve African philosophizing practices before, or away from, the colonial matrix. This activity has gained momentum and has been

  3. Robust and parliamentary or informal and participative? The pitfalls of decision-making processes in complex procedures; Robust-parlamentarisch oder informell-partizipativ? Die Tuecken der Entscheidungsfindung in komplexen Verfahren

    Hocke, Peter [Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe (Germany). Inst. fuer Technikfolgenabschaetzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS); Smeddinck, Ulrich [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Rechtswissenschaften


    The authors discuss the question whether the site selection decision for a final nuclear waste repository should be a parliamentary representative process or an informal pragmatic process based on public participation. In the frame of the German site selection law possibilities for innovative participation procedures were developed. The pitfalls of decision-making processes in complex procedures are discussed.

  4. Die faktore gemeenskaplik aan die selfondersoekvraelys van Holland en die nuwe Suid-Afrikaanse beroepsbelangstellingsvraelys

    C. Swanevelder


    Full Text Available The factors common to the Self Directed Search of Holland (SDS and the new South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII. The new South African Vocational Interest Inventory was locally developed with the purpose to create a single vocational interest inventory for all population groups in the RSA. In this study the common factors underlying the SDS and the SAVII were determined with the aid of interbattery factor analysis. The results indicate that there are six common factors underlying the two instruments for both the standard nine boys and girls, and that these factors agree with the six factors built into the SDS by Holland. Opsomming Die nuwe Suid-Afrikaanse Beroepsbelangstellingsvraelys (SABBV is plaaslik ontwikkel met die doel om 'n enkele beroepsbelangstellingsvraelys vir alle bevolkingsgroepe binne die RSA, daar te stel. In hierdie studie is daar ondersoek ingestel na die gemeenskaplike faktore onderliggend aan die SABBV en die Selfondersoekvraelys (SOV van Holland met behulp van 'n interbatteryfaktorontleding. Daar is bevind dat daar ses gemeenskaplike faktore onderliggend aan die twee instrumente is vir sowel standerd nege seuns as dogters, en dat hierdie faktore ooreenstem met die ses faktore wat deur Holland in die SOV ingebou is.

  5. The Effect of Incentive Structure on Heuristic Decision Making: The Proportion Heuristic

    Robert Oxoby


    When making judgments, individuals often utilize heuristics to interpret information. We report on a series of experiments designed to test the ways in which incentive mechanisms influence the use of a particular heuristic in decision-making. Specifically, we demonstrate how information regarding the number of available practice problems influences the behaviors of individuals preparing for an exam (the proportion heuristic). More importantly the extent to which this information influences be...

  6. Awareness of Dying Preface

    Barney G. Glaser, PhD, Hon. PhD


    Full Text Available Recently The New York Times reported: “VERY ILL CHILDREN TOLD OF DISEASE; Leukemia Patients at N.I.H. Not Shielded From Truth. . . . A child should always be told the truth, even when he has an incurable disease such as leukemia, according to two researchers who interviewed 51 children hospitalized at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, for treat¬ment of leukemia.” This kind of news item reflects the growing concern among researchers and public about matters which touch on morality as much as on the technical aspects of medi¬cine. The rapidly increasing proportion of elderly people in the American population presents a range of personal and social questions; not the least is how they view their newly won longevity (often including anticipated years of chronic disease as well as their attitudes toward death. In consequence, many geriatric specialists are beginning to study American attitudes toward death, while others, spurred on by what seems a sense-less prolonging of life within hospital walls by medical tech¬nology run wild, are raising questions about death and dying in American life.

  7. [Right to die with dignity?].

    Ruiz, Alvaro


    The right to die with dignity is an ill-defined concept, with multiple, often inappropriate, interpretations. The current proposition is that the physician take full responsibility for protecting the patients rights, for ensuring a rational use of resources and for overseeing the decision-making process such that the information is adequate and the steps proportioned. This responsibility extends not only to the health status of the patient situation, to the patients prognosis, and to his/her expectations and wishes, but also to the benefits foreseen and to the cost-benefit ratio. Emphasis is placed on two aspects of this relationship. First, dignity can be interpreted in many ways and sometimes, in the name of dignity, the patient is exposed (or exposes him/herself) to suffering, pain and complications that can be avoided. Second, when no reasonable probability of survival is present and a better quality of life is impossible, efforts are better redirected to offering a better quality of death.

  8. Die Parlamentswahlen 2008 in Malaysia

    Reher, Stefanie; Knirsch, Thomas


    aus diversen Parteien bestehende Oppositionsbündnis erfuhr überraschend eine klare Stärkung. Während die aus der UMNO und 13 weiteren Koalitionären bestehende BN unter dem Motto „Sicherheit, Frieden, Wohlstand” für Premier Badawi warb, führten die Oppositionsparteien DAP, PAS und PRK – letztere unter...

  9. In diens van die Kompanjie

    was ook siektes WQl Jit onvoldoende of ondoel- treffende voeding, eentonige kos en ontoerei- kende geneesmiddels voortgespruit het, terwyl behoorlike versorging dikwels ontbreek he!. Doodsoorsake tydens die seereis het voartge- vloei uit ongelukke aan boord, beperkte ruimte vir die bemanning en geringe vars lug, ...

  10. Die Mythen von der Globalisierung

    Nell, Phillip; Schmitt, Jan; Decreton, Benoit


    Der Wissensstand über den Grad und die Art der Globalisierung ist viel niedriger als angenommen. Daraus entstehen Fehleinschätzungen.......Der Wissensstand über den Grad und die Art der Globalisierung ist viel niedriger als angenommen. Daraus entstehen Fehleinschätzungen....

  11. n hoofstuk in die (outo)biografie van die predikant (pastor?) 1 ...

    biografie van die dominee (pastor?), spreek om verskeie redes boekdele. Die gebruik van die onbepaalde lidwoord is eerstens 'n bevestiging dat die artikel slegs 'n verdere bydrae (hoofstuk) tot die bestaande en steeds voortgaande gesprek (boek) oor die biografie van die dominee is (Heitink 2001). Tweedens plaas ek ...

  12. die krag van simbole en rites in die liturgie 1. probleemstelling

    uitroepe vervang met die drie keer Kyrie eleison, die drie maal Christe eleison en die drie keer Kyrie eleison-uitroepe (Albrecht 1989:43). Op die lang duur het die uitroep dus heeltemal losgeraak van die gebede en het dit 'n selfstandige liturgiese element geword (Van Rongen. 1990:35). Die Reformasie met sy nadruk op ...

  13. Vanaf die Fermat-punte na die De Villiers-punte van ’n driehoek

    Michael de Villiers


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel beskryf die ontdekking van die sogenaamde De Villiers-punte van ’n driehoek die bewyse wat betrokke is, en trek die historiese oorsprong terug na die Fermat-punte van ’n driehoek, die swaartepunt van ’n driehoek, en ’n nuttige veralgemening van die Fermat-punte van ’n driehoek.

  14. Montessori-skole: die ander kant

    Monica Viljoen


    Full Text Available Na aanleiding van die artikel “Die invloed van die New Age-beweging op die onderwysagenda van die toekoms” deur Lien van Niekerk en Corinne Meier van die Departement Historiese Opvoedkunde van Unisa (vgl. Koers, 59 (1 1994:69-84 wil ek graag ’n ander sy van Montessori-skole onder die aandag van Koers lesers bring.

  15. Mediamonitering in die bestuur van korporatiewe beeld


    M.Comm. Die waarde van hierdie ondersoek hou verband met die bemarking van 'n onderneming en die handhawing van 'n mededingende voordeel deur die projektering van 'n positiewe beeld (Anon., 1995a:92; Bateman & Zeithaml, 1993:75; Caminiti, 1992:50; Kotler & Armstrong, 1991:240). Hierdie aspek neem toe in belangrikheid soos wat die besigheidsmilieu in Suid-Afrika verander, veral wat betref die toetrede van buitelandse maatskappye tot die Suid-Afrikaanse mark.

  16. Reading Between the Panels: A Review of Barbara Postema’s Narrative Structure in Comics: Making Sense of Fragments

    Paul Fisher Davies


    Full Text Available Narrative Structure in Comics builds on Postema’s PhD thesis to present for a more general audience her focus on the ‘gap’ in comics and its place in the process of reading graphic narrative, from the detailed textual level up to the level of narrative structure overall. Postema's readings of comics texts are well-argued and illuminating; the breadth of theory brought together here, and the range of exemplars used in analysis, make Narrative Structure in Comics an invaluable reader for those interested in engaging with the practical application of medium-specific theory to comics texts themselves.

  17. Reading Between the Panels: A Review of Barbara Postema’s Narrative Structure in Comics: Making Sense of Fragments

    Paul Fisher Davies


    Full Text Available 'Narrative Structure in Comics' builds on Postema’s PhD thesis to present for a more general audience her focus on the ‘gap’ in comics and its place in the process of reading graphic narrative, from the detailed textual level up to the level of narrative structure overall. Postema's readings of comics texts are well-argued and illuminating; the breadth of theory brought together here, and the range of exemplars used in analysis, make 'Narrative Structure in Comics' an invaluable reader for those interested in engaging with the practical application of medium-specific theory to comics texts themselves.

  18. Filosofiese tendense in die wordinggeskiedenis van ons verstaan van die fisiese natuur

    D. F. M. Strauss


    Full Text Available Die ontstaan van ’n lang tradisie van natuurwetenskaplike denke is in antieke Griekeland te vind – die bakermat van die Westerse beskawing en die bron van geartikuleerde rasionele besinning. Die vroegste fases van die Griekse kultuur het reeds geboorte geskenk aan ’n teoretiese nadenke oor die heelal. Die Pythagoreërs is veral bekend vir hul klem op die verklaringskrag van getalsverhoudinge. In hul tese dat “alles getal is” het hulle egter slegs rasionale getalle (breuke erken en gevolglik uiteindelik vasgeloop in die ontdekking van irrasionale getalle wat tot die geometrisering van die Griekse wiskunde gelei het en tegelyk die bedding gevorm het van waaruit ’n magtige tradisie van ruimte-metafisika gegroei het wat die hele middeleeuse tydperk omspan het. Die vermeende statiese syn is in die mees ekstreme geval – die skool van Parmenides en die argumente van Zeno teen veelheid en beweging – tot in die uiteindelike antinomiese konsekwensies daarvan deurdink. Dit was egter eers die vroeg-moderne tyd – die voorgangers en nakomelinge van Galilei – wat naas getal en ruimte ’n waardering ontwikkel het vir die verklaringskrag van beweging (vergelyk die klassieke meganistiese wêreldbeeld van die heelal as ’n meganisme van stofdeeltjies in beweging. Maar ook hierdie meganistiese reduksie (waardeur alle fisiese verskynsels herlei is tot die beweging van al of niegelade massapunte sou uiteindelik misluk omdat dit nie van die onomkeerbaarheid van fisiese prosesse rekenskap kon gee nie. Gevolglik beliggaam eers die fisika van die 20ste eeu ’n erkenning van die deurslaggewend-stempelende rol van energie-werking (dus van die fisiese aspek in die aard van stoflike dinge en prosesse. Die artikel word afgesluit met ’n vlugtige verduideliking van die implikasies van die voorafgaande argumentasie vir ’n benadering van die misterie van die bestaan van materie.

  19. [Does the right to die with dignity exist?].

    Toro Flores, Rafael


    Death is one of the few certainties in human beings. This reality generates uneasiness regarding how death will occur especially in circumstances of loneliness or suffering which can become agony. In this report, the author first analyzes the existence of the right to die with dignity as a human right which takes on the nature of being a subjective right. In continuation, the author describes the existing problematic in the application of this right to die in relationship to the so-called double effect mechanism and euthanasia. The author concludes this article by proposing previous instructions or anticipated desires as ideal measures to make the right to die with dignity valid.

  20. Die identifisering van maatstawwe vir die navorsingsprestasie van akademici

    H. A. Labuschagne


    Full Text Available Identification of criteria for academic research performance. At South African universities, the achievement of objectives is usually measured in terms of so-called "process criteria" (e.g. pass rates, instead of performance criteria which reflect the quality of academic personnel. Stimulated by the need to identify valid indices of research performance, as a component of academic performance, this study investigated the dimensionality of several criteria, identified from empirical and literature studies. It was found that various valid criteria could be represented by six constructs, viz.: the stature of the researcher as scientist; scientific contributions; enhancement of own profession; community development; participation in research projects; and giving advice to persons or institutions outside the university. Opsomming By Suid-Afrikaanse universiteite word doelwitbereiking gewoonlik aan die hand van sogenaamde "prosesmaat-stawwe" (bv. slaagsyfers in plaas van prestasiemaatstawwe wat die gehalte van akademiese personeel weerspieel, gemeet. Na aanleiding van 'n behoefte aan die identifisering van geldige rigtingwysers vir navorsingsprestasie as 'n komponent van akademiese prestasie, is daar ondersoek ingestel na die dimensionaliteit van verskillende maatstawwe wat vooraf deur middel van empiriese- en literatuurstudies geidentifiseer is. Daar is gevind dat verskeie geldige maatstawwe deur ses konstrukte verteenwoordig word, te wete: die statuur van die navorser as wetenskaplike, wetenskaplike bydraes, uitbouing van eie professie, gemeenskapsontwikkeling, deelname aan navorsingsprojekte en advieslewering aan persone of instellings buite die Universiteit.

  1. Assessment of private homes as spaces for the dying elderly

    Tulika Bhattacharyya


    Full Text Available Aim: This study makes an assessment of end-of-life care of the elderly in private homes in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Participants and Methods: Primary data were collected from private homes which supported elder care through observation and semi-structured interviews with primary family caregivers of the elderly. Results: The study finds that the major factors preventing private homes from providing adequate care to the elderly were architecturally inadequate housing conditions, paucity of financial support, and scarcity of skilled caregivers. Besides, considerable neglect and domestic abuse of the elderly was also found in some private homes. In addition, the peripheral location of private homes within public health framework and inadequate state palliative policy, including stringent narcotic regulations, accentuated the problems of home care. Conclusion: The study concludes by questioning the rhetoric of private homes as spaces for the dying elderly in Kolkata and suggests remedial measures to improve their capacity to deliver care.

  2. Adapt or Die

    Brody, Joshua Eric; Larsen, Kasper Green


    In this paper, we study the role non-adaptivity plays in maintaining dynamic data structures. Roughly speaking, a data structure is non-adaptive if the memory locations it reads and/or writes when processing a query or update depend only on the query or update and not on the contents of previously...... read cells. We study such non-adaptive data structures in the cell probe model. This model is one of the least restrictive lower bound models and in particular, cell probe lower bounds apply to data structures developed in the popular word-RAM model. Unfortunately, this generality comes at a high cost......: the highest lower bound proved for any data structure problem is only polylogarithmic. Our main result is to demonstrate that one can in fact obtain polynomial cell probe lower bounds for non-adaptive data structures. To shed more light on the seemingly inherent polylogarithmic lower bound barrier, we study...

  3. Opportunities and challenges for the future utilization of bio methane in regional energy supply structures; Chancen und Herausforderungen fuer die zukuenftige Nutzung von Biomethan in regionalen Energieversorgungsstrukturen

    Scholwin, Frank; Nelles, Michael [Rostock Univ. (Germany). Professur Biogas/Bioenergie


    In fact, that the transition of the energy system needs a decentralisation of energy supply. Energy from biomass will play an important role for stabilisation of energy supply and compensation of fluctuating energy demand and energy supply from solar and wind power. Especially biomethane what can be stored in the natural gas grid allows high flexibility in its use. Therefore the following options are analysed: - Integration of biomethane/biogas driven CHP units in local heat supply structures - Flexible operation of biomethane/biogas driven CHP units - Synergies through utilisation of biomethane as vehicle fuel. (orig.)

  4. Diskrepanz: Die EU-Frauenpolitik zwischen Deregulierung und Gleichheitsansprüchen Internal Discrepancies: EU Women’s Policies between Deregulation and Claims to Equality

    Ingrid Biermann


    Full Text Available In von neun Autorinnen verfassten Beiträgen gibt der Band Einblicke in zentrale Felder der EU-Politik: die europäische Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion (EWWU, die Strukturpolitik, die Gleichstellungspolitik und das Gender Mainstreaming, die Osterweiterung sowie die Ausarbeitung einer europäischen Verfassung. Damit werden wesentliche Teile des Maastricht-Vertrags (1992, des Amsterdamer Vertrags (1997 und des Nizza-Vertrags (2000 behandelt. Hierdurch bildet dieser Band eine wichtige Grundlage für die Diskussion über die Frauenpolitik der EU.This anthology, consisting of nine essays written by women authors, offers insights into central areas of EU politics: the European Economic and Currency Union, structural policies, policies dealing with gender equality, the expansion of the EU, as well as the creation of a new European constitution. These policies include relevant parts of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the 1997 Treaty of Amsterdam, and the 2000 Treaty of Nizza. The information and insights presented here make this book an important basis for any discussions about EU women’s policies.

  5. Review: Christian von Scheve (2009. Emotionen und soziale Strukturen – Die affektiven Grundlagen sozialer Ordnung [Emotions and Social Structure – The Affective Foundation of the Social System

    Giulia Montanari


    Full Text Available In this work—his PhD thesis—Christian VON SCHEVE examines the connections between emotions and social structures. From a sociological viewpoint and taking into account findings from the neurosciences and cognitive psychology, he seeks to answer the question of how, on the one hand, are emotions susceptible to influences from the social environment, and on the other, do they generate social structure themselves. By presenting many empirical findings, the author succeeds in exemplifying relevant mechanisms. Although one cannot expect to find definitive answers to these questions, VON SCHEVE'S work offers a rich contribution to discussions on the micro-macro link, as well as questions of human agency. At present, research on emotions by social scientists is an emerging field, which this review seeks to illustrate. Another aim of this review is to show which discussions can be enriched by debating the elements of this work. URN:

  6. Die toepassing van die K3-model op die televisieteks Colour TV

    “OIL's approach to investigating the coloured market took place in the form of ethnographic research which ... communication strategies” (Botha 2010: 14). ... Op grond van die waarnemings, onderhoude en vraelyste het OIL tot die volgende ..... hold onto your nearest and dearest because this is going to be a kwaai mix bag.

  7. Iran, the bomb and the pursuit of security. Structured conflict analyses; Iran, die Bombe und das Streben nach Sicherheit. Strukturierte Konfliktanalysen

    Bock, Andreas M. [Akkon-Hochschule fuer Humanwissenschaften, Berlin (Germany); Henneberg, Ingo (ed.) [Freiburg Univ. (Germany). Professur fuer Governance in Mehrebenensystemen


    This volume introduces readers to the structured conflict analysis as a tool of social science research and uses this instrument exemplarily to analyze systematically and on a broad basis the various conflicts that are associated with Iran both domestically and in foreign policy - beyond popular stereotypes such as the ''bomb''. The 13 contributions draw a complex picture of the conflicts with and in Iran and reflect the various aspects of these conflicts from different perspectives and at a high methodological and theoretical level. The nuclear program is examined, inter alia through the eyes of four major theories of International Relations. In addition, the analyses are concerned with the regional security dimension, the relationship USA-Iran, the role of national preferences, and the effect of national processes to the Iranian foreign policy.

  8. Shared decision making in the Netherlands, is the time ripe for nationwide, structural implementation?

    Weijden, T.T. van der; Veenendaal, H. van; Drenthen, T.; Versluijs, M.; Stalmeier, P.F.M.; Koelewijn-van Loon, M.S.; Stiggelbout, A.M.; Timmermans, D.


    WHAT ABOUT POLICY REGARDING SDM? The Dutch health care system has been reformed in 2006 to make it more patient-oriented and demand-driven. We shortly describe four strategies of this health care reform. Although research projects are now fully spread over the country, a coordinated research agenda

  9. Novel approach to make concrete structures self-healing using porous network concrete

    Sangadji, S.; Schlangen, E.


    Many researchers proposed self healing mechanism using hollow fibres and or microcapsule containing a modifying agent dispersed in the concrete to prolong its service life and make it more durable. A novel self healing concrete concept is proposed in this paper by using porous network concrete

  10. Die kliniese kindersielkundige as diagnostikus1

    D. J. W. Strümpfer


    Full Text Available Die benaming „Kliniese Kindersielkunde” is nog onbekend en gevolglik betreklik onbemind. Dit is in 1951 die eerste keer gebruik. Die werk van die Kliniese Kindersielkunde is egter so oud as die werk van die algemene Kliniese Sielkunde, waarvan die geskiedenis gewoonlik teruggevoer word tot die begin van sielkundige toetsing vroeg in die tagtigerjare. Tot ’n aansienlike mate is hierdie vroeë werk op kinders uitgevoer, bv. dié van Galton en later die van Binet en Simon. Witmer het in 1896 die eerste sielkundige kliniek geopen en het ook die term „Kliniese Sielkunde” ingevoer; die meerderheid van sy pasiënte was egter ook kinders. Tot voor die Tweede Wêreldoorlog was klinies-sielkundige werk hoofsaaklik op kinders toegespits. Sedertdien het die kliniese sielkundige tot ’n belangrike mate toegetree tot die gebied van die diagnose en terapie van psigiese afwykings by volwassenes, tot so ’n mate dat in die gedagtes en geskrifte van baie werkers die terrein van die Kliniese Sielkunde byna tot werk met volwassenes beperk word.

  11. James Henry Greathead en die Londense Moltrein

    Laurence Wright


    Full Text Available Die artikel ondersoek die oorsprong en vroeë geskiedenis van die toestel genaamd die ‘Greathead Skild’, ‘n belangrike nuwigheid in Viktoriaanse ingenieurwetenskap, wat van deurslaggewende belang was in die konstruksie van die Londense Moltrein. Die doel is om die basis te ontleed waarop, baie jare later, ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse ingenieur wye openbare erkenning in die vorm van ‘n standbeeld vir die ‘ontwerp’ van die Skild geniet het. Uit die perspektief van kulturele studies beskou, hoe moet ons uitvinding verstaan, gegewe dat ander briljante ingenieurs ook betrokke was? Hierdie vraag word ontleed met die gebruik van die konsep ‘extelligence’ (Stewart and Cohen 1997, in samehang met ander kontemporêre en geskiedkundige weergawes, insluitend Greathead se eie rekord van sy prestasies in die verrigtinge van die Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurs en voorgelê in The City and South London Railway (1896, onder redaksie van James Forrest. Hierdie artikel is die eerste keer as referaat aangebied by die konferensie oor ‘Nuuthede en Innovasie in die Negentiende Eeu’ aan die Noordwes-Universiteit, Mei 2016.


    P.J. Strauss. DIE NAAM “NEDERDUITSE. GEREFORMEERDE KERK”. ABSTRACT. An investigation into the name of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) reveals that it is a reformed church in the ... P.J. Strauss, Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit van die Vrystaat, Suid‑Afrika. ..... Dit is so omdat die staat en sy howe die reg in die ...

  13. Abstraksie en veralgemening in die Wiskunde

    B.C. Strydom


    Full Text Available Wanneer ek tot u spreek oor abstraksie en veralgemening in die Wiskunde, wil ek u aandag vestig op die belangrikheid daarvaan vir die Wiskunde, maar u terselfdertyd daarop wys dat die wiskundige hom nie langs hierdie weg heeltemal van die werklikheid kan losmaak nie.

  14. The German lignite industry. Historical development, resources, technology, economic structures and environmental impact. Study; Die deutsche Braunkohlenwirtschaft. Historische Entwicklungen, Ressourcen, Technik, wirtschaftliche Strukturen und Umweltauswirkungen. Studie



    Lignite has a key role to play in the transformation of the energy system due to its specific structural features in terms of industry, company history, policy, economics, the environment and regional structures. Understanding these structural features of the German lignite industry is an important requirement for classifying the significance of the lignite industry up to now and for the redesigning of this industrial sector. From these environmental, economic and regulatory structural characteristics, which are interwoven in a variety of ways, the incentives arise for the mining and power plant operators to react to energy price signals or energy policy steering. The aim of this research study is to define these structural features, to compile comprehensively the basic data and information that is not always transparently available, to understand the interactions, to enable the navigation of issues that are partly very complex, and to classify into the long-term developments that are especially important for political and social processes. In 2016 approx. 12 percent of German primary energy consumption was met using lignite. At the same time, lignite has the highest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the fossil fuels; it currently accounts for approx. 19 percent of Germany's total greenhouse gas emissions as well as approx. 46 percent of the total CO2 emissions of the electricity sector. As a result of the mining of lignite and its conversion into electricity, substantial adverse impacts beyond the entry of greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere arise for other environmental media. These impacts include half of Germany's mercury emissions, approx. a third of its sulfur dioxide emissions and approx. a tenth of its nitrogen oxide emissions. Lignite mining in open-cast mines takes up a substantial amount of landscape and soil and requires huge interventions in the water balance. Relatively high costs arise for the recultivation and rehabilitation

  15. Magnetic structure and microstructure of die-upset hard magnets RE13.75Fe80.25B6 (RE=Nd, Pr): A possible origin of high coercivity

    Volkov, V.V.; Zhu, Y.


    In situ transmission electron microscopy magnetizing experiments combined with Lorentz magnetic microscopy in Fresnel endash Foucault modes were used to characterize the magnetic structure of die-upset, high energy-product hard magnets Nd 13.75 Fe 80.25 B 6 and Pr 13.75 Fe 80.25 B 6 . Experimental observations indicate a well-aligned grain structure and quasiperiodic nonaligned open-quotes extended defectclose quotes layers transverse to press direction. The local remanence of the open-quotes defectclose quotes layers is far from saturation when the external field is removed. The layers are enriched with inclusions of approximate composition Nd 7 Fe 3 , generally with a polygonal shape, and are associated with the original ribbon interfaces. They may be responsible for a high coercivity mechanism, since the motion of reverse domains can be impeded by these layers, even when they are nucleated. Thus, a delayed nucleation of reversed domains seems to be a limiting factor for magnetization reversal and coercivity force. Both Lorentz magnetic imaging and high-resolution microscopy highlight the role of magnetocrystalline anisotropy for domain wall-grain boundary interactions and pinning. Local remanence was estimated directly from magnetic moment sensitive Foucault images. copyright 1999 American Institute of Physics

  16. Die Dankesrede bei der Preisverleihung

    Elenmari Pletikos Olof


    Full Text Available Festliche Preisverleihungen sind Gelegenheiten, bei denen von den Preisträgerneine kurze Rede erwartet wird. Obwohl die Dankesrede eine kleinere Randgattung innerhalb des epideiktischen Genres ist, steht sie im Mittelpunkt des Ereignisses. Rhetorikhandbücher geben zahlreiche Ratschläge, wie eine gute Festrede vorbereitet werden soll, um zu unterhalten, zu bewegen und zu belehren. Ziel dieser Untersuchung ist es festzustellen, welche Eigenschaften der Dankesrede die Zuhörer als erwünscht oder unerwünscht wahrnehmen und welche Charakteristika am meisten zur Qualität festlicher Dankesreden beitragen. Das Korpus der gesprochenen Texte bilden 30 Dankesreden anlässlich kroatischer Preisverleihungen in den Bereichen Schauspiel, Sport, Musik, Fernsehen, Literatur und Wirtschaft. Die Audio-Aufnahmen der Dankesreden wurden einer Gruppe von Hörern zur Bewertung in folgenden Kategorien vorgelegt: interessant, geistreich, hoher Sprachstil, feierlich, emotiv, persönlich, originell, bescheiden, vorbereitet und spontan. Zusätzlich wurde zu jeder Rede die offene Frage gestellt, was dem Zuhörer an der Rede gefallen oder nicht gefallen habe. Die Resultate der Perzeptionsanalye lassen erkennen, dass die Interessantheit einer Rede mit der Eigenschaft des Geistreichen, des Originellen, des Emotionalen und des Persönlichen in Verbindung gebracht wird und die Eigenschaft des Festlichen im Wesentlichen nur mit dem hohen Sprachstil und der Vorbereitetheit des Textes korreliert. Einige Eigenschaften können sowohl erwünscht als auch unerwünscht sein, z. B. Dialekt, Persönliches und Kürze. Die besten Dankesreden haben Eigenschaften, die im Grunde schwer miteinander zu verbinden sind: Einerseits soll der Text vorbereitet sein (hoher Stil, Wortwahl, Figuren, Originalität der Geschichte, Humor, andererseits wird bei der Ausführung Spontaneität (Aufrichtigkeit, Emotionalität, Persönlichkeit erwartet.



    So ver terug as die vroeë twintigste eeu het die Appèlhof in Cassiem v Standard. Bank of SA Ltd,1 .... 838; Capital Building Society v De Jager 1963 3 SA 381 (T); Smit v Walles 1985 2 SA 189 (T). 196-198. 18 ...... moeilik kon regverdig.97. Ons howe het tot op hede gehuiwer om 'n algemene plig van goeie trou ten aansien.

  18. Seal-die of Prince Lazar from Rudnik

    Radičević Dejan


    Full Text Available The medieval settlement on the Rudnik Mountain was established, most probably, in the final decades of the 13th century. Soon it evolved into one of the best known mining and commercial centres in the Serbian state and reached its peak during the 14th and in the first half of the 15th century. The importance of Rudnik in the medieval period is confirmed by numerous material traces in the field. The most important discoveries in the course of archaeological investigations carried out since 2009 have been encountered in the area called Drenje, not far from the centre of the town of Rudnik (figs. 1, 2.Three churches (two Orthodox and one Roman Catholic, as well as many profane structures dated to the time of a thriving medieval Rudnik have so far been discovered. It indicates that in that area are the remains of the main settlement and the medieval market place of Rudnik, known from written sources. Among other structures at the site of Drenje, in the garden of S. Markovi}, the remains of rather a large building consisting, according to present data, of at least two rooms, have been investigated during the past three years (fig. 3. Important for dating the structure is a coin of the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxembourg (1387-1437, discovered on the floor. Traces of an earlier phase of life were encountered under the structure (fig. 5. Coins have been found in two earlier pits. In the soil inside pit 11 a coin of the Hungarian king Charles Robert (1308-1342 was found, while in the top level of pit 2 a coin attributed to Prince Lazar (around 1370-1389 was found. Also from pit 2 came a, so far, unique archaeological find in our territory. It has been explained as a seal-die used for producing seals (fig, 7, 8. The representation in the central field and the contents of the inscription bear witness to the fact that the seal-die belonged to Prince Lazar. A helmet with bull horns engraved on the front side is understood to be the coat of arms of Prince

  19. Parameters of leisure mobility of elder people: The importance of settlement structures and automobile availability; Bestimmungsgroessen der Freizeitmobilitaet aelterer Menschen: Die Bedeutung von Siedlungsstrukturen und Pkw-Verfuegbarkeit

    Scheiner, J. [Dortmund Univ. (Germany). Fakultaet Raumplanung, Verkehrswesen und Verkehrsplanung


    According to gerontological mobility research, car availability as well as appropriate settlement structures at the neighbourhood level are both playing a prominent role in the maintenance of mobility of elderly people. However, car availability is strongly connected to other individual attributes like age, health and gender. The paper investigates whether car availability and spatial context have an impact on leisure mobility of elderly people when socio-demographic and health factors are being controlled for. The paper is based on a standardised cross-sectional survey among n=4,500 residents of three different study areas in Germany. Leisure mobility was investigated with respect to out-of-home activity frequency, activity diversity, travel distance, existence of unfulfilled activity wishes, and leisure satisfaction. According to the results, leisure mobility is strongly associated with health, social networks, and socio-demographic characteristics. Only two mobility measures are positively associated with the availability of a private car. The spatial context does not have a significant influence on any mobility indicator. The results support the thesis that car availability is not a cause for mobility, but rather a result of a specific life situation, which is associated with a specific type of mobility. (orig.)

  20. Quantenfische die Stringtheorie und die Suche nach Weltformel

    Lüst, Dieter


    Lässt sich das Verhalten aller Dinge, von den kleinsten Teilchen bis zum Universum, einheitlich beschreiben? Der heißeste Kandidat für die Entwicklung einer Weltformel, die alle physikalischen Phänomene erklären kann, ist die Stringtheorie. Sollte sie sich als richtig erweisen, so würde das unser Verständnis über den Ursprung der Naturgesetze dramatisch verändern. Denn das von uns beobachtete Universum wäre dann vermutlich eine winzige Blase in einem viel größeren Gebilde, dem Multiversum. Um die Stringtheorie und die Idee des Multiversums plausibel zu machen, greift der international bekannte theoretische Physiker Dieter Lüst auf ein Modell zurück: das Leben von Fischen in einem Teich. Eines Tages gelingt es den Fischen, die kleinsten Teilchen zu identifizieren, aus denen alles im Fischteich besteht - eingeschlossen sie selbst. Sie nennen diese Urbausteine Quantenfische, da ihr Verhalten nahelegt, dass sie auch eine Art von Lebewesen sind. Doch der ersten folgt eine weitere Entdeckung der Fisch...

  1. Toward an Optimum Decision-Making Structure in Colleges: A Literature Review and Interpretation

    Helsabeck, Robert E.


    It seems that what is indicated for policies affecting student participation in campus governance is a mixed model, involving both communitarian structures for some decisions and a separation of powers for others. (Author)

  2. 17. Kassel symposium energy systems technology. Structures and grids for the future energy supply; 17. Kasseler Symposium Energie-Systemtechnik. Strukturen und Netze fuer die Energieversorgung von Morgen



    Within the 17th Kassel symposium from 11th to 12th October, 2012, in Kassel (Federal Republic of Germany), the following lectures were held: (1) E-Energy - the art of flexibilization between market and regulation (Michael Wedler); (2) The model region Harz (Florian Schloegl); (3) The role of IKT at the transformation of the energy supply - Chances for new business ideas (Arnold Picot); (4) Standardized connection of plants to IEC 61850 (Martin Winter); (5) Implementation of a IKT infrastructure for a virtual power plant in the model region Harz (Manuel Wickert); (6) OGEMA2.0 - Smart grid meets smart home (David Nestle); (7) Evaluation of the grid stability of a purely regenerative power supply (Kaspar Knorr); (8) Biogas plants and storage for the integration of renewable energies (Patrick Hochloff); (9) moma Architecture and functions in the intelligent energy system (Andreas Kiessling); (10) Power hub - showing the full potential of the VPP technology (Andreas Bjerre); (11) Implementation of electricity grids, heat grids and traffic grids - Potentials, requirements and efficiencies (Wolfram Wellssow); (12) Exploration of the regional distribution grid as a basis for the implementation of smart grids using the RegModHarz project as an example (Christian Roehrig); (13) New design and works management of distribution grids in decentralized supply structures (Martin Braun); (14) Advantages and challenges of the coupling of natural gas distribution systems and power distribution systems (Herbert Bauer); (15) Acceptance of renewable energies in the region Harz (Amelie Fechner); (16) Business models for a future 100 per cent supply of renewable energies (Peer Ritter).

  3. Cues and knowledge structures used by mental-health professionals when making risk assessments

    Buckingham, Christopher D.; Adams, Ann; Mace, Chris


    Background: Research into mental-health risks has tended to focus on epidemiological approaches and to consider pieces of evidence in isolation. Less is known about the particular\\ud factors and their patterns of occurrence that influence clinicians’ risk judgements in practice.\\ud Aims: To identify the cues used by clinicians to make risk judgements and to explore how these combine within clinicians’ psychological representations of suicide, self-harm, self-neglect, and harm to others.\\ud Me...

  4. Analytic studies on pollutant deposition through domestic coal combustion - influence of the current structural change on pollution in an urban region. Final report; Analytische Untersuchungen zum Schadstoffeintrag durch den Hausbrand - Auswirkungen des gegenwaertigen Strukturwandels auf die urbane Belastungssituation. Abschlussbericht

    Engewald, W.; Knobloch, T.; Asperger, A.


    In the present paper the author reports on the continuation of an OEKOR part project in which he had undertaken a chemical characterisation of emissions from domestic brown coal combustion. On the basis of a partitioning by land use of the Greater Leipzig region he initiated long-term observations of local pollution levels for the various structural types of land. The aim of the work was to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of local air quality in terms of VOC levels. The current concern about VOCs results from the toxicological risk they have been proven to pose to the human organism and from their relevance to the chemistry of the atmosphere (e.g., as precursors of ground-level ozone and other oxidising agents). The task to be accomplished was broken down into the following main steps: Development and trial of a sampling and analysis method for determining an as wide a spectrum of environmental VOCs as possible; elaboration of a measuring strategy for obtaining results of high representativeness and power; installation and operation of pollution monitoring sites in selected structural types of area characteristic of Leipzig; execution of measuring campaigns of several weeks each at selected sites during both winter and summer periods. (orig./MSK) [Deutsch] In Fortsetzung eines vom Berichterstatter bearbeiteten OeKOR-Teilprojekts zur chemischen Charakterisierung von Emissionen aus dem Hausbrand von Braunkohle galt es, auf der Basis einer an der Flaechennutzung ausgerichteten Untergliederung der Stadtregion Leipzig in unterschiedliche Strukturtypen langfristige Immissionsbeobachtungen zu beginnen mit dem Ziel, eine Zustandsanalyse des Umweltmediums Luft bezueglich des Gehalts an fluechtigen organischen Verbindungen (VOC) in ihrer gesamten Breite zu ermoeglichen. Das verstaerkte Interesse an diesen Verbindungen resultiert aus dem fuer eine Reihe von VOC belegten toxikologischen Gefahrenpotential fuer den menschlichen Organismus sowie ihrer atmosphaerenchemischen

  5. Method of making large area conformable shape structures for detector/sensor applications using glass drawing technique and postprocessing

    Ivanov, Ilia N [Knoxville, TN; Simpson, John T [Clinton, IN


    A method of making a large area conformable shape structure comprises drawing a plurality of tubes to form a plurality of drawn tubes, and cutting the plurality of drawn tubes into cut drawn tubes of a predetermined shape. The cut drawn tubes have a first end and a second end along the longitudinal direction of the cut drawn tubes. The method further comprises conforming the first end of the cut drawn tubes into a predetermined curve to form the large area conformable shape structure, wherein the cut drawn tubes contain a material.

  6. Nuwe patogene in die voedselbedryf

    M. M. Ehlers


    Full Text Available ’n “Nuwe generasie” voedselpatogene het die afgelope jare hul verskyning gemaak en kan 'n ernstige gevaar vir die voedselbedryf inhou. Hierdie organismes is uiters aanpasbaar en bestaande voedselprosesseringstegnieke, veral die verkoeling van voedsel, is nie altyd volkome effektief om hul groei te voorkom nie. Clostridium botulinum tipe E, enterotoksigeniese Eschsrichia coli. Listeria monocytogenes en Aeromonas hydrophila is in staat om in voedsel by 5 °C te groei. Campylobacter jejuni en Brucella kan weer by 5 °C oorleef en 'n derde groep organismes, naamlik Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus en Vibrio vulnificus kan by temperature tussen 5 °C en 12 °C groei en hul teenwoordigheid is ’n aanduiding dat die koueketting verbreek is.

  7. Die Last mit der Lust

    Lutz Sauerteig


    Full Text Available Robert Jütte legt mit Lust ohne Last eine umfassende, allgemeinverständliche und spannend zu lesende Geschichte der Empfängnisverhütung von der Antike bis in die unmittelbare Gegenwart vor.

  8. Die Facharztweiterbildung in Großbritannien oder die "Modernisierung der ärztlichen Karrieren" [Modernising Medical Careers

    du Moulin, Marcel


    Full Text Available [english] This paper analyses the reform of postgraduate medical education introduced in the United Kingdom in 2003 under the heading "Modernising Medical Careers“. This nationally standardised and structured postgraduate medical training was started in 2005. The analysis includes the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate education, the new responsibilities in postgraduate education, the application process and the mode of distribution of the positions and the relationship of posts with and without postgraduate training opportunities. Possible consequences for postgraduate training and for the trainees are discussed. [german] Die Arbeit beschreibt und analysiert die Reform der Facharztweiterbildung in Großbritannien, die 2003 unter dem Titel "Modernising Medical Careers“ eingeführt wurde und seit 2005 umgesetzt wird. Vorgestellt werden der Übergang von der Ausbildung zur Weiterbildung, die neuen Zuständigkeiten für die Weiterbildung, das Auswahlverfahren und der Verteilungsmodus der Weiterbildungsstellen sowie das Verhältnis von Stellen mit und ohne Facharztperspektive. Die potenziellen Folgen für die Facharztweiterbildung und für die Weitergebildeten werden diskutiert.

  9. pastorale begeleiding aan die persoon met dissosiatiewe ...

    psychological or pastoral by nature. Effective assistance to the person ... INLEIDING. Volgens die kriteria in die DSM-IV2 (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th edition) van die APA (American Psychiatric. Association 1995) ...

  10. The challenges of achieving good electrical and mechanical properties when making structural supercapacitors

    Ciocanel, C.; Browder, C.; Simpson, C.; Colburn, R.


    The paper presents results associated with the electro-mechanical characterization of a composite material with power storage capability, identified throughout the paper as a structural supercapacitor. The structural supercapacitor uses electrodes made of carbon fiber weave, a separator made of Celgard 3501, and a solid PEG-based polymer blend electrolyte. To be a viable structural supercapacitor, the material has to have good mechanical and power storage/electrical properties. The literature in this area is inconsistent on which electrical properties are evaluated, and how those properties are assessed. In general, measurements of capacitance or specific capacitance (i.e. capacitance per unit area or per unit volume) are made, without considering other properties such as leakage resistance and equivalent series resistance of the supercapacitor. This paper highlights the significance of these additional electrical properties, discusses the fluctuation of capacitance over time, and proposes methods to improve the stability of the material's electric properties over time.

  11. The efficient ones; Die Leistungsfaehigen



    The increase of output of a solar system where vacuum tube collectors replace flatbed collectors is difficult to calculate exactly. The formula for the calculation of efficiency is the basis of such calculations. Due to evacuation and better insulation the heat loss of vacuum tube collectors is smaller than that of flatbed collectors. This is also evident in the fact that the efficiency curve decreases less steeply as the temperature difference increases. Efficiency remains relatively high. Up to now vacuum tube collectors have been a niche product but more and more companies now sell these efficient collectors.(orig.). [German] Wie stark sich die Leistung der Solaranlage verbessert, wenn man Vakuumroehrenkollektoren (VRK) statt Flachkollektoren einsetzt, laesst sich nur schwer berechnen. Grundlage ist stets die Wirkungsgradformel. Aufgrund der Evakuierung und dadurch besseren Isolierung weisen die VRK deutlich geringere Waermeverluste auf als Flachkollektoren. Dies drueckt sich auch dadurch aus, dass die Wirkungsgradkurve mit wachsender Temperaturdifferenz {delta}{theta} deutlich flacher abfaellt. Der Wirkungsgrad bleibt relativ hoch. Als Hightech-Produkt hatte der Vakuumroehrenkollektor bisher eine typische Marktnische besetzt. Doch immer mehr Anbieter entscheiden sich fuer die Vermarktung dieser leistungsfaehigen Kollektoren. (orig.)

  12. Process quality of decision-making in multidisciplinary cancer team meetings: a structured observational study.

    Hahlweg, Pola; Didi, Sarah; Kriston, Levente; Härter, Martin; Nestoriuc, Yvonne; Scholl, Isabelle


    The quality of decision-making in multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTMs) depends on the quality of information presented and the quality of team processes. Few studies have examined these factors using a standardized approach. The aim of this study was to objectively document the processes involved in decision-making in MDTMs, document the outcomes in terms of whether a treatment recommendation was given (none vs. singular vs. multiple), and to identify factors related to type of treatment recommendation. An adaptation of the observer rating scale Multidisciplinary Tumor Board Metric for the Observation of Decision-Making (MDT-MODe) was used to assess the quality of the presented information and team processes in MDTMs. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and mixed logistic regression analysis. N = 249 cases were observed in N = 29 MDTMs. While cancer-specific medical information was judged to be of high quality, psychosocial information and information regarding patient views were considered to be of low quality. In 25% of the cases no, in 64% one, and in 10% more than one treatment recommendations were given (1% missing data). Giving no treatment recommendation was associated with duration of case discussion, duration of the MDTM session, quality of case history, quality of radiological information, and specialization of the MDTM. Higher levels of medical and treatment uncertainty during discussions were found to be associated with a higher probability for more than one treatment recommendation. The quality of different aspects of information was observed to differ greatly. In general, we did not find MDTMs to be in line with the principles of patient-centered care. Recommendation outcome varied substantially between different specializations of MDTMs. The quality of certain information was associated with the recommendation outcome. Uncertainty during discussions was related to more than one recommendation being considered. Time constraints

  13. die kasteel••de goede hoop" (1921.1923): die verhaal van in ...

    3. TWEE. KOMITEE-VERGADERINGS. BESLUITE a. Doel en samestelling van die komitee. Op 12 Desember 1921 stuur die Sekretans yap Verdediging uitnodigings aan sekere amptelike instansies en ander behingstd1endes waarin hy die redes vir die wenslikheid van 'n komitee en die werksaamhede uitecnsit en die ge-.

  14. Chrístologie: Die historiese Jesus en die kerugmatiese Christus by ...

    dige Here van sy kerk. Die Christelike teologie en die kerk het dus nie 'n ander oprsprong as wat die Christologiese belydenis van die oer-Christendom het nie, naamlik die paasgebeure. Schmithals (1972b:77) wil kerk en teologie aanmoedig om hierdie oorsprong in gedagte te hou en om goed te besef dat die Christus-.

  15. PROF DR FELIX V. lATEGAN: Die Boer se Roer. Die Groot ...

    PROF DR FELIX V. lATEGAN: Die Boer se. Roer. Die Groot Geweerboek van Suid-. Afrika. Tafelberg. Uitgewers. Kaapstad, pp. 209, bibliografie, register. Sonder die Boer en sy roer is die geskiede:lis van ons land feitlik ondenkbc:wr en dit is clan ook vo/kome juis gesien dat die skrywer van hierdie baanbrekerswerk die ...

  16. Die Energiesicherheit Europas in Bezug auf Erdgas und die Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung im Gassektor

    Krämer, Luis-Martín


    Die Dissertation untersucht die aktuelle Sicherheit der europaeischen Erdgasversorgung. Sie beruecksichtigt zudem die moeglichen Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung auf die europaeische Gasversorgungssicherheit. Die Arbeit besteht aus einer detaillierten empirischen Studie und darauf aufbauender Szenarioanalyse. Hierzu wird auf den Interdependenzansatz von Robert O. Keohane und Joseph Nye zurueckgegriffen. Zur Darstellung des komplexen Themenbereichs wird auf die Darstellungspraxis der Dichten ...

  17. Paulus as vredemaker. Oor die resepsie van die Brief aan Filemon ...

    7 Jul 2015 ... Inleiding. Die woord 'vrede' kom net een maal in die Filemonbrief voor, en wel in die aanhef van die brief. Kommentatore merk egter gereeld op dat 'n mens nie daaruit moet aflei dat dié begrip onbelangrik vir die verstaan van die brief is nie. Om een voorbeeld te noem: Barth en Blanke. (2002) skryf as volg:.

  18. Die berekening van vloeiing in ’n roterende annulus deur die metode van kunsmatige saamdrukbaarheid

    H. Grobler


    Full Text Available Die vloeiing van ’n onsaamdrukbare, viskeuse vloeier word ondersoek aan die hand van die numeriese oplossing van die gediskretiseerde Navier-Stokes- en kontinuiteitsbeheervergelykings. In die besonder word vloeiing in ’n annulus bestaande uit twee koaksiale silinders wat elk ten opsigte van die ander kan roteer, en met ’n voorgeskrewe drukval oor die lengte van die silinder, beskou. Die oplossings word bereken deur die toepassing van Chorin se metode van kunsmatige saamdrukbaarheid, waarin die tydonafhanklike beheervergelykings getransformeer word na tydafhanklike hulpvergelykings deur die invoering van ’n kunsmatige toestandsvergelyking. Die oplossing van die hulpvergelykings konvergeer na ’n stasionêre oplossing, wat ooreenstem met die oplossing van die oorspronklike tydonafhanklike beheervergelykings. Die gedrag van die vloeier, wanneer ten voile ontwikkelde laminêre vloeiing bereik word, is met sukses bereken. ’n Eenvoudige model vir die bepaling van ontwikkeling van vloeiing langs die annulus vir enige gegewe invloeisnelheidsprofiel word voorgestel. Die berekende resultate stem ooreen met die resultate wat uit die fisika van die probleem verwag word.

  19. Method of making quasi-grain boundary-free polycrystalline solar cell structure and solar cell structure obtained thereby

    Gonzalez, Franklin N.; Neugroschel, Arnost


    A new solar cell structure is provided which will increase the efficiency of polycrystalline solar cells by suppressing or completely eliminating the recombination losses due to the presence of grain boundaries. This is achieved by avoiding the formation of the p-n junction (or other types of junctions) in the grain boundaries and by eliminating the grain boundaries from the active area of the cell. This basic concept can be applied to any polycrystalline material; however, it will be most beneficial for cost-effective materials having small grains, including thin film materials.

  20. Science Inquiry into Local Animals: Structure and Function Explored through Model Making

    Rule, Audrey C.; Tallakson, Denise A.; Glascock, Alex L.; Chao, Astoria


    This article describes an arts- and spatial thinking skill--integrated inquiry project applied to life science concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards for fourth grade students that focuses on two unifying or crosscutting themes: (1) structure (or "form") and function and (2) use of models. Students made observations and…

  1. Chemical compositions, methods of making the chemical compositions, and structures made from the chemical compositions

    Yang, Lei; Cheng, Zhe; Liu, Ze; Liu, Meilin


    Embodiments of the present disclosure include chemical compositions, structures, anodes, cathodes, electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, fuel cells, fuel cell membranes, separation membranes, catalytic membranes, sensors, coatings for electrolytes, electrodes, membranes, and catalysts, and the like, are disclosed.

  2. Resolving the ambiguity: Making sense of intrinsic disorder when PDB structures disagree.

    DeForte, Shelly; Uversky, Vladimir N


    Missing regions in X-ray crystal structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) have played a foundational role in the study of intrinsically disordered protein regions (IDPRs), especially in the development of in silico predictors of intrinsic disorder. However, a missing region is only a weak indication of intrinsic disorder, and this uncertainty is compounded by the presence of ambiguous regions, where more than one structure of the same protein sequence "disagrees" in terms of the presence or absence of missing residues. The question is this: are these ambiguous regions intrinsically disordered, or are they the result of static disorder that arises from experimental conditions, ensembles of structures, or domain wobbling? A novel way of looking at ambiguous regions in terms of the pattern between multiple PDB structures has been demonstrated. It was found that the propensity for intrinsic disorder increases as the level of ambiguity decreases. However, it is also shown that ambiguity is more likely to occur as the protein region is placed within different environmental conditions, and even the most ambiguous regions as a set display compositional bias that suggests flexibility. The results suggested that ambiguity is a natural result for many IDPRs crystallized under different conditions and that static disorder and wobbling domains are relatively rare. Instead, it is more likely that ambiguity arises because many of these regions were conditionally or partially disordered. © 2016 The Protein Society.

  3. Semiotic Structure and Meaning Making: The Performance of English Language Learners on Mathematics Tests

    Solano-Flores, Guillermo; Barnett-Clarke, Carne; Kachchaf, Rachel R.


    We examined the performance of English language learners (ELLs) and non-ELLs on Grade 4 and Grade 5 mathematics content knowledge (CK) and academic language (AL) tests. CK and AL items had different semiotic loads (numbers of different types of semiotic features) and different semiotic structures (relative frequencies of different semiotic…

  4. Porous Network Concrete : A bio-inspired building component to make concrete structures self-healing

    Sangadji, S.


    The high energy consumption, its corresponding emission of CO2 and financial losses due to premature failure are the pressing sustainability issues which must be tackled by the concrete infrastructure industry. Enhancement of concrete materials and durability of structures (designing new

  5. Structural change, land use and the state in China : Making sense of three divergent processes

    M. Arsel (Murat); A. Dasgupta (Anirban)


    textabstractRapid economic growth involves significant changes in land use patterns. The paper uses the recent history of Chinese economic growth to highlight and interrogate the implication of such changes within the context of structural transformation. It argues that though land use change is an

  6. A Butterfly in the Making: Revealing the Near-Infrared Structure of Hubble 12

    Hora, Joseph L.; Latter, William B.


    We present deep narrowband near-IR images and moderate resolution spectra of the young planetary nebula Hubble 12. These data are the first to show clearly the complex structure for this important planetary nebula. Images were obtained at lambda = 2.12, 2.16, and 2.26 micron. The lambda = 2.12 Am image reveals the bipolar nature of the nebula, as well as complex structure near the central star in the equatorial region. The images show an elliptical region of emission, which may indicate a ring or a cylindrical source structure. This structure is possibly related to the mechanism that is producing the bipolar flow. The spectra show the nature of several distinct components. The central object is dominated by recombination lines of H I and He I. The core is not a significant source of molecular hydrogen emission. The east position in the equatorial region is rich in lines of ultraviolet-excited fluorescent H2. A spectrum of part of the central region shows strong [Fe II] emission, which might indicate the presence of shocks.

  7. Die kritiek van tradisie en die tradisie van kritiek in die Geesteswetenskappe. 'n Rekonstruksie van die debat tussen Habermas en Gadamer

    Duvenage, Pieter


    In hierdie bydrae word die bekende debat (1967-1971) tussen Jürgen Habermas en Hans-Georg Gadamer gerekonstrueer. Die debat word hier in noue samehang met die kwessie van die geesteswetenskappe gelees. Die bydrae val in vier dele uiteen. In die eerste afdeling word Habermas se opening tot die debat in vyf onderafdelings uiteengesit. Dit gaan hier oor Gadamer se verdediging van tradisie en Habermas se kritiek op die begrip (1.1). In antwoord op Gadamer se begrip van tradisie ontwerp Habermas s...

  8. Enkele opmerkings oor die intrinsieke waarde van die Latynse teks van Kodeks Bezae as herstelbron vir die Griekse teks van die Nuwe Testament

    G. J.C. Jordaan


    Full Text Available Een van die belangrikste oud-Latynse vertalings word gevind in Kodeks Bezae, ’n vyfde-eeuse manuskrip van die vier Evangelies. Kodeks Bezae bevat ’n Griekse teks (D en ’n Latynse teks (d van die Evangelies langs mekaar, die Latynse teks in ’n lettertipe wat baie aan die Griekse majuskelskrif herinner. Wat hierdie dokument so merkwaardig maak, is die feit dat dit die enigste manuskrip is wat ’n Griekse Evangelie-teks uit die Westerse teksfamilie bevat.

  9. Encapsulation of a Decision-Making Model to Optimize Supplier Selection via Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

    Sahul Hameed, Ruzanna; Thiruchelvam, Sivadass; Nasharuddin Mustapha, Kamal; Che Muda, Zakaria; Mat Husin, Norhayati; Ezanee Rusli, Mohd; Yong, Lee Choon; Ghazali, Azrul; Itam, Zarina; Hakimie, Hazlinda; Beddu, Salmia; Liyana Mohd Kamal, Nur


    This paper proposes a conceptual framework to compare criteria/factor that influence the supplier selection. A mixed methods approach comprising qualitative and quantitative survey will be used. The study intend to identify and define the metrics that key stakeholders at Public Works Department (PWD) believed should be used for supplier. The outcomes would foresee the possible initiatives to bring procurement in PWD to a strategic level. The results will provide a deeper understanding of drivers for supplier’s selection in the construction industry. The obtained output will benefit many parties involved in the supplier selection decision-making. The findings provides useful information and greater understanding of the perceptions that PWD executives hold regarding supplier selection and the extent to which these perceptions are consistent with findings from prior studies. The findings from this paper can be utilized as input for policy makers to outline any changes in the current procurement code of practice in order to enhance the degree of transparency and integrity in decision-making.

  10. Energy Saving Melting and Revert Reduction Technology (E-SMARRT): Mechanical Performance of Dies

    R. Allen Miller, Principal Investigator; Kabiri-Bamoradian, Contributors: Khalil; Delgado-Garza, Abelardo; Murugesan, Karthik; Ragab, Adham


    provided to NADCA for distribution to the industry. Power law based meta-models for predicting machine tie bar loading and for predicting maximum parting surface separation were successfully developed and tested against simulation results for a wide range of machines and experimental data. The models proved to be remarkably accurate, certainly well within the requirements for practical application. In addition to making die structural modeling more accessible, the work advanced the state-of-the-art by developing improved modeling of cavity pressure effects, which is typically modeled as a hydrostatic boundary condition, and performing a systematic analysis of the influence of ejector die design variables on die deflection and parting plane separation. This cavity pressure modeling objective met with less than complete success due to the limits of current finite element based fluid structure interaction analysis methods, but an improved representation of the casting/die interface was accomplished using a combination of solid and shell elements in the finite element model. This approximation enabled good prediction of final part distortion verified with a comprehensive evaluation of the dimensions of test castings produced with a design experiment. An extra deliverable of the experimental work was development of high temperature mechanical properties for the A380 die casting alloy. The ejector side design objective was met and the results were incorporated into the metamodels described above. This new technology was predicted to result in an average energy savings of 2.03 trillion BTU's/year over a 10 year period. Current (2011) annual energy saving estimates over a ten year period, based on commercial introduction in 2009, a market penetration of 70% by 2014 is 4.26 trillion BTU's/year by 2019. Along with these energy savings, reduction of scrap and improvement in casting yield will result in a reduction of the environmental emissions associated with the melting

  11. Die gebruik van die mite in Die werfbobbejaan van Alexander Strachan

    E. M.M. Klopper


    Full Text Available The use of myths in Die werfbobbejaan by Alexander Strachan This article focuses on the rote of Zulu myths in Alexander Strachan’s novel Die werfbobbejaan. It lakes as point of departure sources on mythology like Cuddon (1991, Baldick (1990, Grimal (1969, Levi-Strauss (1979 and Jung (1969. Die werfbobbejaan essentially recounts the story of a man (the adventurer, the academic, the writer, the hunter who also is the central character in Strachan's two preceding novels. Die werfbobbejaan focuses on the completion of an individuation process in the life of the central character, a process already begun in the preceding two novels and which in this novel finally culminates in the confrontation between hunter and baboon. The completion of this process is facilitated by the African milieu of Zululand where people give meaning to their existence by means of myths, and where no distinction is made between the mythic and rational modes of experiencing reality.

  12. 'To Philosophize is to Learn How to Die?'

    Saitya Brata Das


    Full Text Available Philosophical thinking, as it is thinking of existence, is essentially finite thinking. This is to say that as thinking of existence, philosophical thinking is essentially also thinking of finitude. This ‘also' is not the accidental relationship between existence and finitude. Rather, to think existence in its finitude, insofar as existence is finite, is to think existence in its existentiality. Philosophy that gives itself the task of thinking the relationship between existence and finitude, must in the same gesture, be concerned with its own finitude: to philosophize is not only to think the finitude of existence, but the very finitude of thinking that thinks finite existence. To philosophize is not only to philosophize the finitude of existence as such, but also in so far as philosophising itself is a task which is essentially in itself finite. To assume as the task of thinking the finitude of existence is to think the very finitude of philosophical thinking: this is the profound relationship that exists between existence and philosophy, which is that philosophizing existence and an existential philosophy are essentially finite. This is perhaps what Socrates says of philosophizing: ‘to philosophize is to learn how to die.' "To philosophize is to learn how to die": this is to say, to philosophize is to learn that philosophy and existence are essentially finite. Philosophy and existence belong to finitude and gifts of finitude; therefore to philosophize is to learn how existence is this gift. To be able to learn how existence is this gift of finitude, to be able to assume this gift that makes existence essentially finite, which is to be able to assume existence at all, is to be able to die.' Learning to die' then comes to signify the ability of dying, which is in the same gesture, the ability of existing: existence, and dying at the end must be this ability, of existing and dying. Philosophizing must provide, then, the learning of this

  13. Ironie in die Johaimesevangelie

    P. P. A. Kotzé


    Full Text Available Irony in the Gospel of John An exponent of literary theory and criticism described the shift of focus from the text to the reader as a revolution. One of the main features of irony is the intensive involvement of the reader. As far as John is concerned, some scholars are convinced that 'In the Fourth Gospel theology is irony'. This may be an exaggeration, but emphasises the need to ascertain to v/hat extent irony is used in John and what contribution the study of irony in John can make to the better understanding of the message of the Gospel. In order to answer these questions, one must first determine what irony is, how it functions and how it can be detected in a text. This article is an attempt in this direction.

  14. A modified anode/electrolyte structure for a solid oxide electrochemical cell and a method for making said structure


    -stabilised zirconium oxide electrolyte and (c) a metallic and/or a ceramic electrocatalyst in the shape of interlayers incorporated in the interface between the anode and the electrolyte. This assembly is first sintered at a given temperature and then at a lower temperature in reducing gas mixtures. These heat...... treatments resulted in a distribution of the metallic and/or ceramic interlayers in the electrolyte/anode backbone junction taking place. The structure is prepared by (a) depositing a ceramic interlayer onto one side of the electrolyte, (b) optionally applying a metallic interlayer thereon, (c) repeating...... steps (a) and (b), (d) applying a layer of the selected anode backbone onto the electrolyte with applied interlayers, (e) sintering the raw assembly and (f) infiltrating the electrocatalyst precursor into the sintered assembly and heat treating the assembly to incorporate additional electrocatalyst...

  15. Quality of dying in nursing home residents dying with dementia: does advanced care planning matter? A nationwide postmortem study.

    An Vandervoort

    Full Text Available Advance care planning is considered a central component of good quality palliative care and especially relevant for people who lose the capacity to make decisions at the end of life, which is the case for many nursing home residents with dementia. We set out to investigate to what extent (1 advance care planning in the form of written advance patient directives and verbal communication with patient and/or relatives about future care and (2 the existence of written advance general practitioner orders are related to the quality of dying of nursing home residents with dementia.Cross-sectional study of deaths (2010 using random cluster-sampling. Representative sample of nursing homes in Flanders, Belgium. Deaths of residents with dementia in a three-month period were reported; for each the nurse most involved in care, GP and closest relative completed structured questionnaires.We identified 101 deaths of residents with dementia in 69 nursing homes (58% response rate. A written advance patient directive was present for 17.5%, GP-orders for 56.7%. Controlling for socio-demographic/clinical characteristics in multivariate regression analyses, chances of having a higher mean rating of emotional well-being (less fear and anxiety on the Comfort Assessment in Dying with Dementia scale were three times higher with a written advance patient directive and more specifically when having a do-not-resuscitate order (AOR 3.45; CI,1.1-11 than for those without either (AOR 2.99; CI,1.1-8.3. We found no association between verbal communication or having a GP order and quality of dying.For nursing home residents with dementia there is a strong association between having a written advance directive and quality of dying. Where wishes are written, relatives report lower levels of emotional distress at the end of life. These results underpin the importance of advance care planning for people with dementia and beginning this process as early as possible.

  16. Die invloed van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog (1899-1902 op die Teologiese Skool Burgersdorp

    P. Krüger


    Full Text Available The influence of the Second War of Independence (1899-1902 on the Theological Seminary of Burgersdorp In this article the reasons for the War are pinpointed as England’s imperialism and the underlying motif of getting hold of the riches and gold of the ZAR. At the outbreak of the War the students and lecturers of the Burgersdorp Theological Seminary, as most Boers in the Cape Colony, had to make a decisive choice: loyalty to the Government of the Cape Colony or to their fellow kinsmen in the North (and thus siding with the latter. Varying facets of the war-torn situation are touched upon in this article: the lecturers were for example accused of treason but acquitted. The outcome of the 30 students’ situation, however, differed. Those students origally from the northern Republics returned home to join their commandos. Some of these students were taken prisoners of war. Most of the Cape students showed their solidarity with their northern compatriots by joining the Ambulance Corps. Three students and two former students eventually died (one was the son of Prof. Lion Cachet. In honour of these students a monument was erected in 1906. Only one student and three former students were rebels, as far as is presently known. At a later stage three students were able to continue their studies in the Netherlands. Two of these, J.D. du Toit and F. Postma, later returned to South Africa and committed their lives to the Theological Seminary at Potchefstroom and the Potchefstroom University for CHE.

  17. Do good and poor readers make use of morphemic structure in English word recognition?

    Lynne G. Duncan


    Full Text Available The links between oral morphological awareness and the use of derivational morphology are examined in the English word recognition of 8-year-old good and poor readers. Morphological awareness was assessed by a sentence completion task. The role of morphological structure in lexical access was examined by manipulating the presence of embedded words and suffixes in items presented for lexical decision. Good readers were more accurate in the morphological awareness task but did not show facilitation for real derivations even though morpho-semantic information appeared to inform their lexical decisions. The poor readers, who were less accurate, displayed a strong lexicality effect in lexical decision and the presence of an embedded word led to facilitation for words and inhibition for pseudo-words. Overall, the results suggest that both good and poor readers of English are sensitive to the internal structure of written words, with the better readers showing most evidence of morphological analysis.

  18. Die rol van die onderwys in die handhawing en uitbouing van ons volkskultuur

    G.J. Jordaan


    Full Text Available Op die oog af lyk dit ’n baie maklike onderwerp, maar hoe meer 'n mens daaroor nadink hoe ingewikkelder en omvangryker word die implikasies wat verband hou. Dit is veral so omdat dit hier voor alles gaan om eerste fundamentele uitgangspunte, dit wil sê, om lewens- en wêreldbeskouing. Dit geld van albei komponente — van onderwys sowel as van kultuur.

  19. Structured Decision-Making: Using Personalized Medicine to Improve the Value of Cancer Care

    Hirsch, Bradford R.; Abernethy, Amy P.


    Cancer care is often inconsistently delivered with inadequate incorporation of patient values and objective evidence into decision-making. Utilization of time limited trials of care with predefined decision points that are based on iteratively updated best evidence, tools that inform providers about a patient’s experience and values, and known information about a patient’s disease will allow superior matched care to be delivered. Personalized medicine does not merely refer to the incorporation of genetic information into clinical care, it involves utilization of the wide array of data points relevant to care, many of which are readily available at the bedside today. By pushing uptake of personalized matching available today, clinicians can better address the triple aim of improved health, lowers costs, and enhanced patient experience, and we can prepare the health care landscape for the iterative inclusion of progressively more sophisticated information as newer tests and information become available to support the personalized medicine paradigm. PMID:25562407

  20. Enzyme That Makes You Cry-Crystal Structure of Lachrymatory Factor Synthase from Allium cepa.

    Silvaroli, Josie A; Pleshinger, Matthew J; Banerjee, Surajit; Kiser, Philip D; Golczak, Marcin


    The biochemical pathway that gives onions their savor is part of the chemical warfare against microbes and animals. This defense mechanism involves formation of a volatile lachrymatory factor (LF) ((Z)-propanethial S-oxide) that causes familiar eye irritation associated with onion chopping. LF is produced in a reaction catalyzed by lachrymatory factor synthase (LFS). The principles by which LFS facilitates conversion of a sulfenic acid substrate into LF have been difficult to experimentally examine owing to the inherent substrate reactivity and lability of LF. To shed light on the mechanism of LF production in the onion, we solved crystal structures of LFS in an apo-form and in complex with a substrate analogue, crotyl alcohol. The enzyme closely resembles the helix-grip fold characteristic for plant representatives of the START (star-related lipid transfer) domain-containing protein superfamily. By comparing the structures of LFS to that of the abscisic acid receptor, PYL10, a representative of the START protein superfamily, we elucidated structural adaptations underlying the catalytic activity of LFS. We also delineated the architecture of the active site, and based on the orientation of the ligand, we propose a mechanism of catalysis that involves sequential proton transfer accompanied by formation of a carbanion intermediate. These findings reconcile chemical and biochemical information regarding thioaldehyde S-oxide formation and close a long-lasting gap in understanding of the mechanism responsible for LF production in the onion.

  1. Die vraag na ’n nuwe belydenisskrif

    J. H. van Wyk


    Full Text Available Die mees bekende reformatoriese belydenisskrifte dateer uit die sestiende en sewentiende eeue (E 16—17 en is dus almal 300 tot 400 jaar oud: Die Galliese Konfessie 1559, die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis 1561, die Heidelbergse Kategismus 1563, die 39 Articles 1563, die Tweede Helvietiese Konfessie 1566, die Dordtse Leerreëls 1619, die Westminsterse Konfessie 1646.

  2. as by die huisbesoek. HP WOLMARANS. PROF. DR. SP ...


    van 'n evangeüedienaar wat alles fei! gehad het vir die werk en werk kring waartoe God hom geroep het. Hy is dan ook werklik die eerste grondlegger van die gemeente in Zoutpansberg en die man wat dit opgewerk het. Die geskiedenis van Hofmeyer is die geskiedenis van die kerk- vereniging en die redes waarom die ...

  3. Die krisis van ongeloof in Numeri 13-14

    Die ver- haal gebruik die aanloklikheid van die land as 'n submotief om 'n groter drama uit te beeld: die konflik tussen Israel en sy God. ISSN 0259 9422 ... In aansluiting by Eksodus 34 laat die liefde en trou van die Here aan Horn die ...... langs die weg van die tema van veertig jaar dat 'de hoofdstukken 13-14 een sleutel-.

  4. Camel and bovine chymosin: the relationship between their structures and cheese-making properties

    Langholm Jensen, Jesper; Mølgaard, Anne; Navarro Poulsen, Jens-Christian; Harboe, Marianne Kirsten; Simonsen, Jens Bæk; Lorentzen, Andrea Maria; Hjernø, Karin; Brink, Johannes M. van den; Qvist, Karsten Bruun; Larsen, Sine


    Analysis of the crystal structures of the two milk-clotting enzymes bovine and camel chymosin has revealed that the better milk-clotting activity towards bovine milk of camel chymosin compared with bovine chymosin is related to variations in their surface charges and their substrate-binding clefts. Bovine and camel chymosin are aspartic peptidases that are used industrially in cheese production. They cleave the Phe105-Met106 bond of the milk protein κ-casein, releasing its predominantly negatively charged C-terminus, which leads to the separation of the milk into curds and whey. Despite having 85% sequence identity, camel chymosin shows a 70% higher milk-clotting activity than bovine chymosin towards bovine milk. The activities, structures, thermal stabilities and glycosylation patterns of bovine and camel chymosin obtained by fermentation in Aspergillus niger have been examined. Different variants of the enzymes were isolated by hydrophobic interaction chromatography and showed variations in their glycosylation, N-terminal sequences and activities. Glycosylation at Asn291 and the loss of the first three residues of camel chymosin significantly decreased its activity. Thermal differential scanning calorimetry revealed a slightly higher thermal stability of camel chymosin compared with bovine chymosin. The crystal structure of a doubly glycosylated variant of camel chymosin was determined at a resolution of 1.6 Å and the crystal structure of unglycosylated bovine chymosin was redetermined at a slightly higher resolution (1.8 Å) than previously determined structures. Camel and bovine chymosin share the same overall fold, except for the antiparallel central β-sheet that connects the N-terminal and C-terminal domains. In bovine chymosin the N-terminus forms one of the strands which is lacking in camel chymosin. This difference leads to an increase in the flexibility of the relative orientation of the two domains in the camel enzyme. Variations in the amino acids

  5. Camel and bovine chymosin: the relationship between their structures and cheese-making properties

    Langholm Jensen, Jesper [University of Copenhagen, (Denmark); Chr. Hansen A/S, Bøge Allé 10-12, DK-2970 Hørsholm (Denmark); Mølgaard, Anne; Navarro Poulsen, Jens-Christian [University of Copenhagen, (Denmark); Harboe, Marianne Kirsten [Chr. Hansen A/S, Bøge Allé 10-12, DK-2970 Hørsholm (Denmark); Simonsen, Jens Bæk [University of Copenhagen, (Denmark); Lorentzen, Andrea Maria; Hjernø, Karin [University of Southern Denmark, (Denmark); Brink, Johannes M. van den; Qvist, Karsten Bruun [Chr. Hansen A/S, Bøge Allé 10-12, DK-2970 Hørsholm (Denmark); Larsen, Sine, E-mail: [University of Copenhagen, (Denmark)


    Analysis of the crystal structures of the two milk-clotting enzymes bovine and camel chymosin has revealed that the better milk-clotting activity towards bovine milk of camel chymosin compared with bovine chymosin is related to variations in their surface charges and their substrate-binding clefts. Bovine and camel chymosin are aspartic peptidases that are used industrially in cheese production. They cleave the Phe105-Met106 bond of the milk protein κ-casein, releasing its predominantly negatively charged C-terminus, which leads to the separation of the milk into curds and whey. Despite having 85% sequence identity, camel chymosin shows a 70% higher milk-clotting activity than bovine chymosin towards bovine milk. The activities, structures, thermal stabilities and glycosylation patterns of bovine and camel chymosin obtained by fermentation in Aspergillus niger have been examined. Different variants of the enzymes were isolated by hydrophobic interaction chromatography and showed variations in their glycosylation, N-terminal sequences and activities. Glycosylation at Asn291 and the loss of the first three residues of camel chymosin significantly decreased its activity. Thermal differential scanning calorimetry revealed a slightly higher thermal stability of camel chymosin compared with bovine chymosin. The crystal structure of a doubly glycosylated variant of camel chymosin was determined at a resolution of 1.6 Å and the crystal structure of unglycosylated bovine chymosin was redetermined at a slightly higher resolution (1.8 Å) than previously determined structures. Camel and bovine chymosin share the same overall fold, except for the antiparallel central β-sheet that connects the N-terminal and C-terminal domains. In bovine chymosin the N-terminus forms one of the strands which is lacking in camel chymosin. This difference leads to an increase in the flexibility of the relative orientation of the two domains in the camel enzyme. Variations in the amino acids

  6. Structural health monitoring and damage assessment using measured FRFs from multiple sensors. Part II. Decision making with RBF networks

    Zang, C.; Friswell, M.I. [Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Univ. of Bristol, Bristol (United Kingdom); Imregun, M. [Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial Coll., London (United Kingdom)


    This paper is the second of two papers concerned with structural health monitoring and damage assessment using measured FRFs from multiple sensors, and discusses the decision making technique with radial basis function (RBF) neural networks. In PART 1 of the paper, the correlation criteria showed their capability to indicate various changes to the structure's state. PART 2, presented here, develops the methodology of decision theory to identify precisely all of the structure states. Although, the statistical approach can be used for classification, interpreting the information is difficult. Neural network techniques have been proven to possess many advantages for classification due to their learning ability and good generalization. In this paper, the radial basis function neural network is applied for function approximation and recognition. The key idea is to partition the input space (the indicators of the correlation criteria) into a number of subspaces that are in the form of hyper spheres. Then, the widely used k-mean clustering algorithm was selected as a logical approach to detecting the structure states. A bookshelf structure with measured frequency responses from 24 accelerometers was used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method. The results show the successful classification of all structure states, for instance, the undamaged and damage states, damage locations and damage levels, and the environmental variability. (orig.)

  7. Die ambivalente Bedeutung des Urheberrechts für die Gestaltung des Internets als „Klangraum“. Eine kritische Betrachtung der urheberrechtsbezogenen Aneignung von Online-Angeboten am Beispiel Musik

    Thomas Rakebrand


    Full Text Available Musik ist ein zentraler Gegenstand, mit denen sich Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene bei ihrer Identitätsbildung gezielt auseinandersetzen. Das Internet bietet ihnen dazu geeignete Strukturen, um über die Rezeption ihrer präferierten Musikinhalte hinaus kommunikativ, distributiv und produktiv-gestalterisch aktiv zu werden und sich dabei ihre Musik zu eigen zu machen. Mehr noch können die Subjekte den "Klangraum" Internet nach ihrer eigenen Facon kreieren und ihren identitätsrelevanten Sozialraum in die digitale Sphäre hinein erweitern. Doch der Aneignung von Online-Räumen sind auch Grenzen gesetzt. Insbesondere beim Thema Musik ist neben der technischen und strukturellen Rahmung der jeweiligen Online-Offerten das Urheberrecht bedeutend. Vor allem die Musikindustrie versucht seit geraumer Zeit die Interaktivität im Web 2.0 zu beschränken, respektive den Schöpfungsakt von MusikerInnen zu schützen. Es stellt sich jedoch die Frage, inwieweit dadurch auch die kreative Aneignung medialer Räume gehemmt wird. Anhand ausgewählter Untersuchungsergebnisse wird in diesem Beitrag aufgezeigt, dass die urheberrechtlichen Bestimmungen für die Gestaltung des "Klangraums" Internet eine ambivalente Bedeutung haben. Music plays a central role in young people’s identity formation. On the Internet, they find the appropriate structures to access their preferred music content as well as to communicate, distribute and productively manufacture this music to make it their own. Furthermore, the subjects of this study are able to transfer the Internet into a "sound space" of their exact preferences. By doing so, they extend their social space, which is important for their identity, into the digital area. However, the appropriation of online space is limited. Especially music does not only depend on technical und structural requirements of the online services, but also on copyright. The music industry has long tried to restrict the interactivity in Web 2

  8. Processing Fluency and Decision-Making: The Role of Language Structure

    Deckert Mikołaj


    Full Text Available This paper models conventionalisation of language structure as constitutive of processing fluency. I postulate that the difference in conventionalisation of linguistic forms used for communication significantly influences our reasoning about linguistically-expressed problems. Two studies are reported that tested this hypothesis with the use of variably conventionalised - fluent and disfluent - formulations of problem-solving tasks. Th e findings indicate that even in tasks requiring analytic reasoning, the degree to which the linguistic forms employed to communicate are conventionalised is correlated with the subjects’ performance success rate. On a more general level, this paper seeks to empirically address the nature of links between linguistic form and meaning construction.

  9. Die betekenis van die konsep land in die slot van die boek Amos

    J.L. Helberg


    Full Text Available The meaning of the concept of land in the epilogue of the book of Amos During the exilic and post-exilic eras the concept of land underwent a shift of meaning: land also acquired the meaning of city (and temple. If the epilogue of Amos is regarded as exilic or post-exilic, as most scholars think, one can expect that city rather than land shall be emphasized in the epilogue. The opposite, however, is true. This article tries to ascertain whether the concept “land” has a different place, value or meaning in the epilogue of Amos than in the rest of the book and whether this assumption casts any light on the relation between the different parts. The conclusion arrived at implies that the term used for land in the epilogue has a broader meaning than the traditional one attached to it by Israel. The epilogue makes a breakthrough to a universal approach pictured in eschatological colours but rooted in history. A correction is made to a “Zion-theology” and emphasis is laid on the land of the promise which is linked with the (true covenantal relation with Yahweh implied in the terms “my people” and “your God”. Whether dated as pre-exilic, exilix or post-exilic, the epilogue is in harmony with the essence of the rest of the book.

  10. Die etiek van termynmarkte

    R.A. Lotriet


    Full Text Available The ethics of futures markets Formal futures markets were introduced in South Africa during the beginning of the 1990s. The aim of this article is to investigate the perception that futures markets amount to gambling practices and that they should as such not be tolerated within an economy. Evidence exists of futures markets being banned in countries such as Germany and France because of the belief that these markets foster gambling. The truth in this regard, however, is that futures markets serve as an imperative for the hedging o f price risks by means of futures contracts. Price risks have always been an inherent part o f the free market economy and as such the management of this kind of risk has been making stiff demands on markets in the economy. The manifestation and rapid growth of futures markets in South Africa show that economic needs are thus satisfied. - An important distinction between futures markets and gambling concerns the benefits accruing to society as a whole. It is shown that major differences exist between futures markets and gambling. The proper functioning of a formal futures market is acceptable both on moral and ethical grounds, and thus is also compatible with a Christian philosophy of life.

  11. Is dying the earth?

    Morales Garzon, Gustavo


    December 21 of 1968, on board the capsule Apollo 8, three astronauts, James A. Lovell, Frank Borman and William Anders, went toward what would be the first orbital flight around the moon. That experience like Lovell said, it makes us realize the insignificant that we are in comparison with the vastness of the universe. With the revolution lovelockiane, the life doesn't already consist on a group of organisms only adapted to its atmosphere by a certain action for external laws. The terrestrial environment, instead of being a physical world regulated by own autonomous laws, is part of an evolutionary system that contains the life and that it should to the phenomena vital part of its rules, its mechanisms and components. The alive beings connected to each other and to the atmosphere they manufacture and they maintain of continuous their atmosphere forming an everything at planetary level, according to Ricard Guerrero (1988). The theory of the earth then, he says, it has found their owner Darwin in James lovelock. The document treats topics like the science concept that it is the life, the earth and the contemporary environment

  12. Preventing Breast Cancer: Making Progress

    ... Navigation Bar Home Current Issue Past Issues Preventing Breast Cancer: Making Progress Past Issues / Fall 2006 Table of ... 000 women will have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and nearly 41,000 women will die from ...

  13. Gallium arsenide single crystal solar cell structure and method of making

    Stirn, Richard J. (Inventor)


    A production method and structure for a thin-film GaAs crystal for a solar cell on a single-crystal silicon substrate (10) comprising the steps of growing a single-crystal interlayer (12) of material having a closer match in lattice and thermal expansion with single-crystal GaAs than the single-crystal silicon of the substrate, and epitaxially growing a single-crystal film (14) on the interlayer. The material of the interlayer may be germanium or graded germanium-silicon alloy, with low germanium content at the silicon substrate interface, and high germanium content at the upper surface. The surface of the interface layer (12) is annealed for recrystallization by a pulsed beam of energy (laser or electron) prior to growing the interlayer. The solar cell structure may be grown as a single-crystal n.sup.+ /p shallow homojunction film or as a p/n or n/p junction film. A Ga(Al)AS heteroface film may be grown over the GaAs film.

  14. The Verification of Structural Decision-Making Model for Evaluating Education on Facebook

    Kozel Roman


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to present the work of the research team who tried to construct a model that explores general opinions of students about education on Facebook and also opinions of students about education on the social page for course E-marketing by using structural equation model. Facebook has already been present at universities due to the fact that students use it as a primary source of information about news in courses, duties, and so on. The research team carried out an experiment in the course E-marketing at FE of VŠB – TUO, in which Facebook was used as a tool for communication between students and teachers. The research on the attitude of students towards education on Facebook was conducted by questioning using predefined variables. The first form of the model was designed by factor analysis with method Varimax, when six groups of factors that affect respondents´ opinions about education were defined. A structural equation model was used to verify the validity of the model. It appears that four groups of factors mainly affect respondents´ attitudes to this type of education according to the testing performed. These groups of factors are Engagement, Information and Modern Technologies, Lecturers and Scores, and Education on Facebook. The research team also determined statistically the most significant variables in these factors that affect the opinions of students about education the most.

  15. HPV vaccine decision making in pediatric primary care: a semi-structured interview study

    Feemster Kristen A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Despite national recommendations, as of 2009 human papillomavirus (HPV vaccination rates were low with Methods Between March and June, 2010, we conducted qualitative interviews with 20 adolescent-mother-clinician triads (60 individual interviews directly after a preventive visit with the initial HPV vaccine due. Interviews followed a guide based on published HPV literature, involved 9 practices, and continued until saturation of the primary themes was achieved. Purposive sampling balanced adolescent ages and practice type (urban resident teaching versus non-teaching. Using a modified grounded theory approach, we analyzed data with NVivo8 software both within and across triads to generate primary themes. Results The study population was comprised of 20 mothers (12 Black, 9 Conclusions Programs to improve HPV vaccine delivery in primary care should focus on promoting effective parent-clinician communication. Research is needed to evaluate strategies to help clinicians engage reluctant parents and passive teens in discussion and measure the impact of distinct clinician decision making approaches on HPV vaccine delivery.

  16. Separating response variability from structural inconsistency to test models of risky decision making

    Michael H. Birnbaum


    Full Text Available Individual true and error theory assumes that responses by the same person to the same choice problem within a block of trials are based on the same true preferences but may show preference reversals due to random error. Between blocks, a person{}'s true preferences may differ or stay the same. This theory is illustrated with studies testing two critical properties that distinguish models of risky decision making: (1 restricted branch independence, which is implied by original prospect theory and violated in a specific way by both cumulative prospect theory and the priority heuristic; and (2 stochastic dominance, which is implied by cumulative prospect theory. Corrected for random error, most individuals systematically violated stochastic dominance, ruling out cumulative prospect theory. Furthermore, most people violated restricted branch independence in the opposite way predicted by that theory and the priority heuristic. Both violations are consistent with the transfer of attention exchange model. No one was found whose data were compatible with cumulative prospect theory, except for those that were also compatible with expected utility, and no one satisfied the priority heuristic.

  17. Insertion of the structure of irregular geometries DICOM image-making into a cell for the simulation in MCNP

    Boia, Leonardo S.; Silva, Ademir X.


    It is possible nowadays to make changes in any digital image format due to the advancement of editing systems for images, with a little definition loss. Intending to increase the degrees of freedom on computer simulation fields, a process of integration of irregular geometries in the structure of medical DICOM images of the Anthropomorphic Rando Phantom making it so a cell is developed in this work and, therefore, the inclusion or change of the TLD's location in phantom for dosimetric studies, become a more dynamic simulation in MCNP. At first, creation and processing of the desired geometry are proceeded. It was coupled to the geometry in the study area of the DICOM image and the image's conversion into a MCNP input file was performed by software Scan2MCNP. Using the proposed computational process, a case of a clot and its ramifications was studied in Alderson Rando Phantom's left side brain area. (author)

  18. Wisselboustelsels in die Swartland

    H.C. De Kock


    Full Text Available In the Swartland region farmers do not plant wheat exclusively. There are a lot of reasons for this. The main reason is that farmers who plant only one crop will end up with a situation where they will have to buy so much fertiliser that they would not be able to make any money. Every crop influences the crops on the same land later on. It is up to the farmer to decide what the influence will be. That means it is up to the farmer to decide what crop to plant on what land. The farmer ends up rotating a certain number of crops on his land. This rotation of crops is called a rotary crop system. In this situation arises the problem of what sequence of crops should be planted to ensure an optimal income to the farmer without exhausting the land. The problem could be solved by means of linear programming (LP. This problem, however, seem to get very large as the number of crops as well as the number of years over which the problem is solved is increased. By assuming that the influence of crops are only for three years and by restricting the number of years over which the problem is solved the problem is greatly reduced. If we look at the dual of the problem we find a further reduction. The solution of the dual problem also leads to the formulation of strategies. If we formulate the problem by means of the above mentioned strategies the problem reduces to a linear programming problem with only on constraint (which is the knapsack problem. The solution of this knapsack problem with help of a little game theory is then used in a computer program to assist farmers in deciding which crops to plant.

  19. Structured decision making for conservation of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in Long Creek, Klamath River Basin, south-central Oregon

    Benjamin, Joseph R.; McDonnell, Kevin; Dunham, Jason B.; Brignon, William R.; Peterson, James T.


    With the decline of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus), managers face multiple, and sometimes contradictory, management alternatives for species recovery. Moreover, effective decision-making involves all stakeholders influenced by the decisions (such as Tribal, State, Federal, private, and non-governmental organizations) because they represent diverse objectives, jurisdictions, policy mandates, and opinions of the best management strategy. The process of structured decision making is explicitly designed to address these elements of the decision making process. Here we report on an application of structured decision making to a population of bull trout believed threatened by high densities of nonnative brook trout (S. fontinalis) and habitat fragmentation in Long Creek, a tributary to the Sycan River in the Klamath River Basin, south-central Oregon. This involved engaging stakeholders to identify (1) their fundamental objectives for the conservation of bull trout, (2) feasible management alternatives to achieve their objectives, and (3) biological information and assumptions to incorporate in a decision model. Model simulations suggested an overarching theme among the top decision alternatives, which was a need to simultaneously control brook trout and ensure that the migratory tactic of bull trout can be expressed. More specifically, the optimal management decision, based on the estimated adult abundance at year 10, was to combine the eradication of brook trout from Long Creek with improvement of downstream conditions (for example, connectivity or habitat conditions). Other top decisions included these actions independently, as well as electrofishing removal of brook trout. In contrast, translocating bull trout to a different stream or installing a barrier to prevent upstream spread of brook trout had minimal or negative effects on the bull trout population. Moreover, sensitivity analyses suggested that these actions were consistently identified as optimal across

  20. Der Nahostkonflikt und die Medien

    Carola Richter


    Full Text Available Diese Einführung in eine Themenausgabe zu den vielfältigen Rollen der Medien im Nahostkonflikt skizziert die Probleme, die sich für Medien und Journalisten als Akteure im Konflikt, Adressaten der Konfliktparteien und Anlass für Konflikt durch ihre Berichterstattung ergeben. Das Konfliktgebiet Israel und Palästina ist sowohl für Forschung über Auslandsbericht-erstattung, über transnationale Agenda Building- und Public Diplomacy-Prozesse als auch über mediensystemische Entwicklungen in Besatzer- und Besatzungsgebieten interessant. Der Artikel gibt einen Überblick über das Feld und führt dabei in die in der Themenausgabe präsentierten empirischen Studien zum Nahostkonflikt und den Medien ein.


    teen gekant was, is dit op 15 Oktober 1880 by die Kaapkolonie ingelyf.9. Gedurende sy kortstondige bestaan van minder as 'n dekade lank het die kroonkolonie Griekwa- land-Wes met talle finansiele, ekonomiese, so- siale en ander probleme te doen gehad. Een van die ernstige probleme was die bedreiging wat.

  2. Die Gereformeerde Ekumeniese Sinode en Sending 1984

    opvatting. Indien 'n mens al die kerke wat aan die Gereformeerde. Ekumeniese Sinode (GES) behoort een vir een sendingmatig sal be- studeer, sal daar waarskynlik 'n sterk differensiasie tussen sommige kerke aan die lig kom. Die GES kan dus nie verantwoordelik gehou word vir individuele kerke se sendingopvatting nie.

  3. voorgeskiedenis tot die stigting van 'n unieverdedigingsmag

    gesien nie en toe die wetsontwerp op 23 Februa- rie 1912 deur Smuts in sy hoedanigheid as Mi- nister van Verdediging ingedien is, het Beyers heelwat kritiek daarop gehad. Beyers het be- weer dat dit op vergaderings geblyk het dat die volk wou he Engeland moet steeds die verdedi- ging waarneem aangesien die Unie ...

  4. Moderne diskoerse in die teologie vandag

    J.H. van Wyk


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel word aandag gevra vir enkele moderne diskoerse in die teologie vandag. Volgens die outeur staan die vrae oor God, Jesus, die mens en die aarde in die sentrum van belangstelling en oorheers dit in ’n groot mate die teologiese debat. Die opkoms van die moderne aggressiewe ateïsme, die wetenskaplike navorsing oor die historiese Jesus, die groeiende vrae oor die mens en die menslike samelewing, asook die dreigende ekologiese krisis op aarde, sorg vir nuwe debatte van ongekende omvang. Die outeur bespreek hierdie debatte oorsigtelik, met kritiek waar nodig, en sluit af met enkele rigtingwysers van wat hy as ‘goeie teologie’ verstaan. In this article attention is paid to some modern discourses in theology today. According to the author the questions about God, Jesus, man and the earth are in the centre of interest and to a large extent dominate the theological debate. The rise of modern aggressive atheism, the scientific research on the historic Jesus, the growing questions about man and human society as well as the threatening ecological crisis on earth, provide new discourses of unparalleled magnitude. The author provides a broad summary of these discourses, with criticism where necessary, and concludes with some indicators of his view what can be called ‘good theology’.


    Die geboorte van meer as 2 lammers per ooi is egter ongewens in die Karakoelbedryf aangesien dit aanleiding gee tot kleiner pelse veral wanneer voedingstoestande nie opti- maal is nie. In stoetteling is selfs tweelinge nie gewens nie, aangesien die ware fenotipiese waarde van die lammers nie in tweelinge te voorskyn ...

  6. Calvyn en die kerklike orde: Enkele opmerkings

    Om dié saak verder te belig word ook van die latere uitsprake van Calvyn in hierdie verband in berekening gebring. Met hierdie beperkte studie word dus in die eerste plek die feit in herinnering geroep dat dit vanjaar 450 jaar gelede is dat Calvyn se. Institusie die eerste maal in Basel verskyn het. Terselfdertyd word hier-.

  7. Leerteoretiese basis van die andragogie

    C. J. A. Simpson


    Full Text Available Learning theory basis of andragogy. A cursory glance at andragogy creates the impression that humanistic learning theory plays an all encompassing role in the learner centered approach andragogy espouses. A closer look, however, reveals that Knowles (1973, after having made an intensive study of learning theory, created an extensive framework within which human resource development can take place. The fact that Knowles attracted critique from different areas, led to a need to ascertain the role different learning theories, if any, played in the emergence of andragogy. Having looked at the assumptions displayed by the andragogical approach, as well as a comparison of different learning theories and their connection with andragogy, it became clear that andragogy contains elements of various learning theories in an adapted way. These adaptations resulted in an approach to adult education in which learners are given the opportunity to be part of the learning process in such a way that they themselves contribute to the development which takes place. Opsomming Met 'n eerste oogopslag wil dit voorkom asof humanistiese leerteorie 'n oorheersende rol in die leerdergesentreerde benadering van andragogie speel. By nadere ondersoek blyk dit egter dat Knowles (1973, na 'n deeglike studie van verskillende leerteoretiese beginsels, 'n omvangryke raamwerk geskep het waarbinne, aan die hand van verskeie aangepaste leerteoretiese beginsels, menslike hulpbronontwikkeling kan plaasvind. As gevolg van die feit dat Knowles vanuit verskillende oorde kritiek op die lyf geloop het, is besluit om die rol wat verskillende leerteorieë in andragogie speel, te bestudeer. Dit blyk dat andragogie nie net elemente van verskillende leerteorieë bevat nie, maar dat toepaslike aspekte van die teoriee wat ondersoek is, benut en aangepas is om 'n geintegreerde benadering te bewerkstellig waarin veral volwassene-leerders by leergeleenthede en hulle selfontwikkeling betrek word.

  8. Die Belydenis van Belhar en die ekumene teen die agtergrond van die Drie Formuliere van Eenheid

    A. le R. du Plooy


    Full Text Available The Confession of Belhar and ecumenism against the backdrop of the Three Forms of Unity This article focuses on the Confession of Belhar and in- vestigates from an ecclesiastical and theological perspective the question whether this confession should be accepted and added as a fourth confession to the existing Three Forms of Unity. The following aspects are addressed: the origin and content of the Confession of Belhar, the ecclesiastical and theological reaction within the family of Dutch Reformed Churches as well as in the reformed ecumenical world. A critical analysis of the content is made and evaluated, and in con- clusion attention is given to a few options with regard to the place of the Confession of Belhar in the reformed ecumenical world in the future. A comparison between the Three Forms of Unity and the Confession of Belhar shows a definite difference in quality. The Confession of Belhar is not of a similar standard with regard to the theological and doctrinal content and structure of the Three Forms of Unity, and does not add quality or neglected faith-related value to these existing creeds.

  9. Method of treating tool steel die materials

    Cook, C.S.; Damon, S.


    In a method of hardening pilger dies to provide a hard case containing residual compressive stresses and tough body, the tool steel die is heated to the austenitizing temperature range, followed by selectively removing heat from the die at a predetermined faster rate in the direction of the desired case than the rate of heat removal from the balance of the die, and thereafter tempering the die. The invention provides a fully hardened and tempered case on the working surface of the die and a tough body in the balance of the die, usually of lower hardness. (author)

  10. Die «ASEAN-Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft»

    Juego, Bonn


    Seit dem Ende der 1990er-Jahre verfolgt die ASEAN die Vision einer politischen, wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Gemeinschaft. Doch wie realistisch ist die Umsetzung eines solch ambitionierten Vorhabens vor dem Hintergrund der enormen Heterogenität der Region? ASEAN vereint Staaten auf...... Entwicklungsstufen, wie sie unterschiedlicher kaum sein können. Der Autor, Bonn Juego, nimmt die ASEAN Vision 2020 sowie die Debatten, die diesbezüglich in den einzelnen Ländern geführt werden, unter die Lupe. Er geht dem Potenzial des ASEANAnsatzes zu sozialer Teilhabe und wirtschaftlicher Verteilungsgerechtigkeit...

  11. Die pastorale begeleiding van predikante van die Nederduitse ...

    21 Jan 2013 ... Stone, M.F., 1999, Coaching, counselling & mentoring: How to choose & use the right technique to boost employee performance, AMACOM, New York. Strydom, W.A., 2011, 'Pastoraat aan getraumatiseerde kinders in die intensiewesorgeenheid: 'n Gestalt benadering', DD tesis, Universiteit van Suid-. Afrika ...

  12. 'n Begronde bedieningsmodel vir die diakonia van die gemeente

    15 Feb 2012 ... At first, various angles of approach to the research on ministry in ... Lingenfelter 2005; Armour & Browning 2000) en daarmee saam die ...... Grobler, A.B. & Van der Walt, A.L., 2008, 'An assessment of the management skills.

  13. Die ontwikkeling van menslike potensiaal in die Republiek van Suid ...

    Erna Kinsey

    Dit het dus ook te doen met lewenstandaard, aangesien lewenstandaard `n bepalende faktor is met betrekking tot die optimale ontwikkeling van menslike potensiaal. Ander minder materiële aspekte van menslike potensiaal het te doen met menslike vryheid, waaronder vryheid van spraak, beweging en keuse ter sake is.


    20 van 1898 van die Kaapkolonie, getiteld The Navy Contribution. Act, i898 is a.m. ... as a contribution towards the annual expenditure by the ...... The above are inclusive of all allowances for lodging and provisions. Petty Officer Ins ...... that system we can retain full constitutional control not only in theory but also complete ...

  15. Die Korallenfauna des Perm von Timor und die permische Vereisung

    Gerth, H.


    Bei den zahlreichen Rekonstruktionen der klimatologischen Verhältnisse, die man für das Ende des Palaeozoikums gemacht hat, ist man fast immer von der Kohlenbildung, der Florenverbreitung und den Vereisungserscheinungen ausgegangen. Der marinen Tierwelt hat man bei der Behandlung dieser Fragen meist

  16. ’n Etiek van liefde: Die etiese perspektiewe van die Heidelbergse Kategismus

    Koos Vorster


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel behandel die etiese perspektiewe van die Heidelbergse Kategismus – een van die prominente belydenisskrifte in die gereformeerde tradisie. Die etiese relevansie is ingebed in die konfessie se verklaring van die tien gebooie. Die artikel verduidelik dat die etiek van die Heidelbergse Kategismus ten diepste ’n karakteretiek is en dat dit gelowiges oproep tot ’n etiek van liefde. Hierdie liefde sluit in liefde vir die verbondsgemeenskap, die bediening van die Woord, die heiligheid van God en die waardigheid van mense, die gemeenskap van die gelowiges, gesag, die lewe, die huwelik, privaatbesit en arbeid asook waarheid en geregtigheid. As gevolg van die sinekdogeekarakter van die wet is hierdie etiek van liefde vandag baie relevant. This article deals with the ethical relevance of one of the prominent confessions in the reformed tradition, namely the Heidelberg Cathechism. The ethical relevance lies in the confession’s elucidation of the ten commandments and its application to moral conduct. The article explains that the ethics of the Heidelberg Catechism is essentially a virtue ethics calling for an ethics of love. This love should include love for the covenantal communion, ministry of the Word, the holiness of God and the dignity of people, the communion of the saints, authority, life, marriage, private property and labour, and truth and justice. Due to the synecdochical character of the ten commandments this ethics of love is highy relevant in the present times.

  17. Die funksie van die belydenis en die dogma in die struktuur van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk en die implikasies daarvan vir die predikant

    A. D. Pont


    The whole question of the function of the Confession and Doctrine in the structure of the NHK is mainly a question of church order. This matter is treated, in the first place, by looking at history and the calvinist roots of the Church. Because the Confessio Belgica names the true preaching of the Word as one of the marks of the Church, it is of paramount importance for the Church to maintain true preaching. The norm by which true preaching is measured, is the regula fidei, i e the Bible and in the second place the Confession and the Doctrine. In the form of subscription by the ministers of the Word they acknowledge that Confession is in accordance with the Word and therefore a true norm for measuring true preaching. Three cases of alleged heresy committed by ministers are examined to determine in which way the Church Councils applied the mentioned norms.

  18. Die Freunde im und die Freude am Fernsehen

    Amina Ovcina Cajacob


    Full Text Available Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit besteht darin, die Wirkungen von Popstars und Popbands auf Jugendliche (13- bis 17-Jährige zu erforschen. Im Mittelpunkt der Interessen steht die Frage, welche Wirkungen aus der Rezeption von Musiksendungen (bzw. Videoclips von Musiksendern entstehen und welche Charakteristika innerhalb der aufgebauten Beziehungen zu den Stars bemerkbar sind. Andererseits wurden die Unterschiede und Parallelen zwischen parasozialen Beziehungen zu den Stars und orthosozialen Beziehungen aufgezeigt. Im Zusammenhang mit der empirischen Untersuchung bezieht sich die Autorin auf den Uses-and-Gratifications-Approach, wobei die bedürfnissbefriedigenden Wirkungen von Musikkanälen und den dazu gehörigen Popstars im Mittelpunkt stehen. Mit Hilfe des Uses-and-Gratifications-Approach wird angenommen, dass das Konsumieren der Musiksendungen und der Musikstars von den Jugendlichen gezielt zur Befriedigung bestimmter Bedürfnisse eingesetzt wird.The objective of this study is to explore the effects of pop stars on adolescents (aged between 13 and 17. The focus of interest is the question what effect music channels (i.e. video clips from music channels produce and what characteristics are noticeable from the formed relationship between adolescents and pop stars. On the other side, parallels and differences have been drawn between the para-social relationships to pop stars and ortho-social relationships. In connection with empirical study, the author also refers to Uses-and Gratification-Approach where the need satisfying effects of music channels and pop stars are in focus. With the help of Uses-and Gratification-Approach it will be assumed, that aim of watching music channels and therefore pop stars will be pointed toward the gratification of specific needs.

  19. Die WTO in Hongkong: Zwischenergebnisse einer "Entwicklungsrunde"

    Küblböck, Karin; Six, Clemens


    Die sechste Ministerkonferenz der Welthandelsorganisation (WTO), die von 13. bis 18. Dezember 2005 in Hongkong stattfand, war mit dem Anspruch angetreten, die Agenda der Doha-Entwicklungsrunde, also die B erücksichtigung der Interessen und ökonomischen Bedürfnisse der Entwicklungsländer und insbesondere der am wenigsten entwickelten Staaten, um wesentliche Schritte im Hinblick auf einen erfolgreichen Abschluss voranzubringen. Die Ergebnisse sind vor dem Hintergrund des Anspruches dieser Verha...

  20. Chirurgie in die Grieks-Romeinse era

    François P. Retief


    Full Text Available In die Grieks-Romeinse era het mediese behandeling kenmerkend uit drie elemente bestaan, naamlik regimen (dieet en gesonde leefwyse, geneesmiddels en chirurgie – laasgenoemde alleen toegepas indien regimen en geneesmiddels onsuksesvol was. Bewyse van primitiewe chirurgie dateer terug na die Bronstydperk, en in Homerus se eposse is heelwat vermelding van die chirurgiese hantering van oorlogswonde, met tussenkoms van die gode. Met die koms van empiriese geneeskunde in die 5de eeu v.C. het chirurgie in die Hippokratiese Corpus prominent gefigureer met beduidende bydraes in veral die ortopediese veld en hoofbeserings. Uitbouing van anatomiese en fisiologiese kennis, gebaseer op disseksie van menslike kadawers in Alexandrië vanaf die laat 4de eeu v.C., het chirurgie ’n hupstoot gegee. Teen die Romeinse era vanaf die 2de eeu v.C. het snykundetegnieke (en -instrumente beduidend verbeter, maar is steeds oorwegend deur Griekse geneeshere beoefen. Van geneeshere is steeds verwag om al drie bovermelde terapeutiese modaliteite te bemeester, maar chirurgie het meer aansien verwerf en daar is al meer in onderafdelings van chirurgie soos oogheelkunde, vrouesiektes en verloskunde, blaaskwale en mond- en keelsnykunde gespesialiseer. Militêre geneeskunde was in die Romeinse Ryk ’n belangrike aktiwiteit, en het veral traumachirurgie uitgebou. Betreding van die buik- en toraksholtes was nie meer noodwendig fataal nie, en veeartsenykunde het tot stand gekom. Die eerste beduidende chirurgiehandboek ná die Hippokratiese Corpus is in die 1ste eeu n.C. deur Celsus opgestel. Vanaf die 3de eeu het die chirurgieberoep min vordering gemaak, die beroepstaal het mettertyd van Grieks na Latyn verander en kundigheid is later veral deur Islam-geneeshere na die Middeleeue en later oorgedra.

  1. Bevordering van transformerende leer: Die skryf van ’n reflektiewe joernaal in die Natuurwetenskappe

    Erna R. du Toit


    Full Text Available Die doel van die artikel is om aan te toon hoe die skryf van ’n reflektiewe joernaal in die Natuurwetenskappe die perspektiewe en denke van onderwysstudente kan transformeer en/of leer kan bevorder. Die studie maak voorspraak vir die gebruik van ’n reflektiewe joernaal as ’n instrument vir studente om betekenis te gee aan die leeromgewing vanuit verskillende perspektiewe deur te leer in praktyk. ’n Kwalitatiewe navorsingsmetode is gevolg om die inskrywings in ’n joernaal te analiseer aan die hand van bepaalde indikatore. Die bevindinge toon dat die meeste studente na die praktykervaring positief was en sommiges het tot ander perspektiewe vanweë hul ervaring gekom.

  2. Die invloed van drie kruisbestuiwers op die saadinhoud van Minneola tangelo (Citrus parodist x C reticulata

    H. J. Esterhuizen


    Full Text Available Die invloed van verskillende kruisbestuiwers (Clementine, Empress en Valencia op die gemiddelde saadinhoud van Minneo­la tangelo is ondersoek. Clementine en Empress as kruisbestuiwers het die grootste invloed op die gemiddelde saadinhoud van die vrugte gehad, terwyl dié van Valencia nie noemenswaardig was nie. Die gemiddelde saadinhoud van die vrugte het afgeneem met toename in afstand vanaf die kruisbestuiwer. Indien ’n beperking op die afstand tussen kultivar en kruisbestuiwer geplaas word, sal ’n groter persentasie vrugte aan uitvoerstandaarde ten opsigte van saadinhoud voldoen.


    sedert die vroeg 1900's deur die Weermag be- heer. In 1967 was dit die eerste militere terrein wat tot privaatnatuurreservaat verklaar is. Vhembe bestaan uit 4 hoofplantgemeenskappe nl. rivieraewerbos, vloedvlaktes, ranteveld en die sandveldplato. Wildsoorte op die terrein sl!Jit rooibokke, bosbokke, waterbokke, koedoes,.

  4. Die era van Suid-Afrika se militere hoogbloei met die ...

    4 Jun 1976 ... Die Toyota 1200 bakkie is geadverteer met die woorde 'Hier kom die pantserbakkie', teen die agtergrond van 'n olifant tenk.32. Daar is ook 'n betrekking deur Thorold en van Wyk geadverteer waar militere opleiding 'n voorvereiste was.33. Daar was ook films wat weermag en polisie gebasseer is wat in die ...

  5. Riglyne vir ‘n omvattende verrykingsprogram vir die bevordering van die geestesgesondheid

    Antoinette Gmeiner


    Full Text Available In Suid-Afrika, met die snelle veranderinge in die politiek, ekonomie, lewenstyl en tegnologiese vooruitgang, gepaard met die geweld tans in die land, is die lewenskwaliteit van mense so bemvloed dat produktiwiteit en gedrag benadeel is. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  6. Etíese perspektiewe vir die bantering van konflik in die mediese ...

    mits versagtende omstandighede nie aangevoer kan word nie. Die howe oefen dan ook alleen sy regterlike funksie uit oor 'n konkrete geskil wat van daadwerklike belang vir die werklike partye is (Strauss 1982:14). Die hof laat hom lei deur die maatstaf van goeie sedes, die boni mores. Regter Mostert se verduideliking in ...

  7. ontwikkeling van die gemenereg in die lig van artikels 39(2)


    'n Mens kan met reg vra of die ius connubiorum van Brouwer en die Law of. Husband and Wife van ... AD 560 (Geheime Raad) 563. 5 Sien vir besonderhede Hahlo en Kahn SA Legal System and its Background 304. ..... Die Franse chemikus, Antoine Lavoisier, is in 1794 tydens die Franse revolusie tereggestel. Terwyl die ...

  8. Die wonders in Johannes 6 verklaar aan die hand van 'n ...

    Maar die Evangelie van Johannes gee self 'n aanduiding van wat die intensie van die geskrif is, te wete Johannes 20: 30-31: Jesus het nog baie ander wondertekens, wat nie in hierdie boek beskrywe is nie, voor sy dissipels gedoen. Maar hierdie wonder tekens is beskrywe sodat julle kan glo dat Jesus die Christus is, die.

  9. How Tycho Brahe really died

    Jacobsen, Aase Roland; Petersen, Lars


    In 2001 we commemorate the 4th centenary of the death of Tycho Brahe, perhaps the first great scientists in a modern sense.This famous Danish astronomer died in Prague on the 24th of October 1601, eleven days after he had attended a banquet at the Bohemian count of Rosenberg. Tycho was too courte...

  10. Die Suche nach den Gottesteilchen


    2008 wird der größte jemals gebaute Teilchenbeschleuniger in Betrieb genommen Anlässlich des Mathematik-Jahres 2008 hat der Experimentalphysiker der Universität Hamburg und der designierte Generaldirektor des europäischen Zentrums für Teilchenphysik CERN in Genf, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, die Bedeutung des Dialogs zwischen Naturwissenschaftlern und Philosophen hervorgehoben.

  11. When a major star dies

    Joubert, G.


    Astrologers are slowly learning what happens when a star dies. On the night of 23-24 February 1987, the light of an exploding star - a supernova with the name SN 1987A - reached the earth. In this article this astrological event of the century are discussed, and its importance for astrologers

  12. Multi-objective optimization of die geometry in ingot forging

    Christiansen, Peter; Martins, Paulo A.F.; Bay, Niels


    The soundness of an ingot after hot forging with different V-shaped lower dies is evaluated using finite element simulations.Two different modelling approaches that make use of uncoupled ductile damage and coupled ductile damage based on porousplasticity are employed. It is shown that the two...

  13. Exploring the Counselor's Role in "Right to Die" Decisions.

    Farrugia, David


    Explores issues related to "right to die." Makes case for counselors to assist clients and families with concerns related to refusal or withdrawal of medical treatment in cases of terminal illness or in cases where quality of life is severely impaired such as permanent comatose state. Presents historical, ethical, and legal perspectives.…

  14. Die verhouding tussen kerk en staat: Enkele modelle met verwysing ...

    ook ingaan op die vraag na die reg tot opstand teen die gesag van die staat soos dit in hierdie modelle beantwoord word. Ons wil eindig by die vraag na 'n teologiese model wat geskik is vir ons dag. 1. DIE TEOLOGIESE MODEL VAN DIE ROOMS-KATOLIEKE. KERK. Die Rooms-Katolieke Kerk se opvatting word bepaal ...

  15. die rol van kleurlinge in suid afrika se militere verlede

    die geval, want hierdie volks- groep het 'n lang en kleurryke historiese verbin- tenis met die miltere verlede van Suid-Afrika. Die feit dat die Kleurlinge nou op die drumpel staan van 'n nuwe tydvak in die staatkundige ontwikke- ling van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika, beteken ook nie dat hulle vir die eerste maal ten nouste.

  16. Die betekenis van die bepalings van die 1996 Grondwet: Die aanhef en hoofstuk 1

    F Venter


    Full Text Available The Preamble and Chapter 1 This contribution is intended to be the first installment of a systematic interpretation of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996.Due to the foundational and repetitive reference in the text to values, regard must constantly be had to those values when this Constitution is interpreted.Even though the preamble does not contain positive norms, is an important interpretive source of the foundations of the Constitution. An important deviation from the preamble of the 1993 Constitution, is that the term Rechtsstaat ("constitutional state" is not employed. The introduction of this notion in South African law and its meaning in general is described. With reference to relevant dicta in recent constitutional cases, the Constitutional Principles in terms of which the 1996 Constitution was formulated and the text of the Constitution itself, it is argued that this is essentially a Rechtsstaat Constitution, but that the divergence in the range of constitutional values creates the danger of the constitutional state floundering in the waters of the social state.Section 1, being the foundational provision, is not unamendable, but it is very tightly entrenched. The most profound values of the Constitution are set out in this compact formulation. The question is inevitably raised whether, where values have to compete for precedence in concrete circumstances, a hierarchy of values must be construed. An analysis of section 1 in the context of other relevant provisions of the Constitution reveals that human dignity is the primary nuclear value of the Constitution, supported by equality and freedom. Democracy, supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law are structural and procedural values of the Constitution subordinate to the nuclear values and non-racialism and non-sexism are derived values.How it is possible for a constitution to be superior law, as section 2 provides regarding the 1996 Constitution, is analysed

  17. Die stand van wiskundeonderwys in Afrikaanse skole

    Gerrit Stols


    Full Text Available Hoërordedenkvaardighede is noodsaaklike basiese vaardighede vir die een-en-twintigste eeu aangesien rekenaars berekeninge en algoritmes baie vinniger en akkurater kan doen as mense. Dit beteken dat skole leerders moet toerus om logies te dink, patrone te ontdek, bewyse te lewer, asook om nieroetineprobleme op te los. Hierdie fasette wat as hoërordedenke geklassifiseer word, is die kern van wiskundige denke en ontwikkeling. Suid-Afrika neem aan verskeie internasionaal vergelykende studies deel. Met behulp van hierdie vergelykende studies kan bepaal word hoe die Afrikaanse wiskundeleerders in Suid-Afrika se prestasie met dié van leerders in ander lande vergelyk en ook wat die tekortkominge in die wiskundeonderwys is. Volgens die 2003-TIMSS-uitslae is die probleem in Afrikaanse skole juis dié vrae wat hoërordedenke vereis. Dit beteken dat die Afrikaanse skole ’n doelbewuste poging sal moet aanwend om hoërordedenke te ontwikkel. Die 1999-TIMSS-videostudie toon dat die lande wat die beste presteer, soos Japan, tydens onderrig meer tyd wy aan die ontwikkeling van begripsvorming en aan die oplos van moeiliker probleme. Die fokus in die presterende lande is op die ontwikkeling van hoërordedenke deur probleemoplossing. Daar word dus minder tyd afgestaan aan herhaling van roetine- of soortgelyke oefeninge wat ’n rekenaar ook kan doen. Die omgekeerde hiervan is ’n tipiese verskynsel in Afrikaanse skole, waar ’n onderwyser byvoorbeeld een of meer voorbeelde op die bord doen waarna die leerders ’n hele aantal soortgelyke roetine-oefeninge doen.

  18. Die naslaanpotensiaal van lemmakandidate vir ʼn ...

    Kate H

    Afrikaans-woordeboek in die gedrukte medium plaas welbekende tradisionele beperkinge op die leksikograaf, waarvan die vernaamste dié op ruimte is. Gegee die konteks, teikengebruiker, gebruikersituasie en funksie van die woordeboek moet ...

  19. a studyof faecal of faecal coliform die coliform die coliform die-off


    COLIFORM DIE-OFF IN SEWAGE SLUDGE DRYING BED. OFF IN SEWAGE SLUDGE ..... This method was used to measure evaporation from the bed because of .... thermometer with external sensor probe, model No. ST-9283A/B/C and a ...

  20. Die spel van assosiasies in en om 'Die verlossing van die beeld' van Breyten Breytenbach

    P.A. du Toit


    Full Text Available The play of association in and around 'The liberation of the image' by Breyten Breytenbach This analysis focuses on the conjunction of memory and imagination, which is an important impulse in, and key to, Breytenbach’s work. The play with language and with associations, the foregrounding, in the short story, “Die verlossing van die beeld” (Breytenbach, 1983 with its metafictional title and apparently divergent motifs (rain/water, watch, onion, the death and burial of a grandfather acts, as it were, as an invitation to the reader to become a co-player. The reader ventures on a search for traces, intertextual links within the Breytenbach oeuvre and for already acknowledged influences such as Surrealism (which in turn casts some light on the strange title of the story and the Eastern philosophies such as Zen and the even older Taoism. The analysis also takes into account the context in which “Mouroir” was written, namely Breytenbach’s term in prison (1975-1982. Seeing that the writer had to hand in his manuscripts to the jail authorities regularly, he might have decided, consciously or by intuition, to hide some thoughts and feelings behind a screen or a mask, in, for example in “Die verlossing van die beeld”, a lighter tone and irony.

  1. Die Romeinse nastrewing van onsterflikheid deur middel van memoria

    D. R. Fouché


    Full Text Available Benewens die omvangryke en nasionale manifestasies van die oorspronklike onsterflikheidsgedagte in die Romeinse gemeenskap, vind ons by die Romein op kleiner skaal in groepe of indiwidueel ’n strewe na onsterflikheid langs die weg van memoria. Soos aangetoon sal word, verskil die pogings van die verskillende groepe radikaal van mekaar, hoewel die strewe en einddoel dieselfde bly, naamlik om deur die daarstelling van memoria op die gebied van woord of daad onsterflikheid te bekom.

  2. A Covering Type Extrusion Die with Twin Cavities for Semi-Hollow Al-Profiles

    Deng, Rurong; Huang, Xuemei


    A new structure named covering type with twin cavities in a die for the semi-hollow aluminum profiles was present. The determination of structure parameters was introduced in detail. Mainly including the selection of the machine, the arrangement of portholes, the structure design of chamber and the selection of bearing. The method of checking the die strength was introduced. According to the extrusion results, the structure of the traditional solid die, the porthole die with single cavity and the covering type structure with twin cavities were compared. The characteristics of the latter structure were simple and easy to process. The practical application shows that the new die structure can enhance the die life, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost. The high precision and the surface brightness of the profiles were obtained. The structure is worth promoting. The aim is to provide reliable data and reference for the further research and development of this technology on the extrusion die with multi-cavities in a die.

  3. Dying or living?: The double bind.

    Longhofer, J


    Describing the behaviors of terminally ill patients, their families and those charged with their care has received considerable attention during the past decade. This study of comprehensive cancer treatment and research facility indicates that the prevailing theory is limited to explanation at the intra-psychic level. In her work with hundreds of terminal cases, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross found that patients typically progress through five stages: 1) denial, 2) anger, 3) bargaining, 4) depression, and 5) acceptance. She concludes that the majority of her patients die in a stage of acceptance--a state of equanimity. Recently, scholars have claimed that this five stage scheme has limited applicability and may in fact contribute to the formalization of a dying person's behavior. This preliminary report proposes that the stage theory, if it has any descriptive validity, becomes meaningful only when used to describe behaviors occurring among patients, families, and medical practitioners. A plausible explanation of these behaviors is accomplished by examination of communication patterns containing the structure of paradox or double bind. Patients are forced to perceive realities about their physical conditions not as they appear to them, but as they are defined by those in their environment. This paper explores these communication patterns in relation to the structure of social relationships and the specific contents of messages being transmitted and received.

  4. Professionalisme met verwysing na die posisie van bedryfsielkunde en die bedryfsielkundige in Suid-Afrika

    A. van der Merwe


    Bedryfsielkunde, as relatief jong maar snelgroeiende wetenskap, word aan die hand van ses kriteria vir 'n professie evalueer. Resultate in hierdie verband dui in die algemeen daarop dat die vakgebied alreeds vir 'n aantal jare in 'n oorgangsfase tot ‘n volwaardige professie is en dat daar in hierdie proses reeds ver op die professionele kontinuum gevorder is. Verdere onder-soeke ten opsigte van professionele opleiding, die statutêre organisering van Bedryfsielkunde asook 'n professionele kode en vereniging vir die Bedryfsielkunde word bepleit ten einde die professionele posisie van die vakgebied volledig te konsolideer.

  5. Methodical development of a modular planning and decision-making model for local energy supply concepts with regard to the special conditions which prevail in the new Lands of unified Germany. Methodische Entwicklung eines strukturierten Planungs- und Entscheidungsmodells fuer die Gestaltung integrierter oertlicher Energieversorgungskonzepte unter Beruecksichtigung der besonderen Rahmenbedingungen in den neuen Bundeslaendern

    Puestow, H.D.


    An action-oriented planning and decision-making model considering individual local conditions and general aspects of energy economy is presented for the development of feasible municipal energy supply concepts. The decision-making model was given a modular structure for future knowledge-based energy-economy planning by use of personal computers. The formalized methodology and a corresponding expert system development environment help to implement the developed phase model and give better and more rapid access to the expert knowledge which is relevant to energy economy. (orig.).

  6. Killing, letting die and euthanasia.

    Husak, D N


    Medical ethicists debate whether or not the moral assessment of cases of euthanasia should depend on whether the patient is 'killed' or 'allowed to die'. The usual presupposition is that a clear distinction between killing and letting die can be drawn so that this substantive question is not begged. I contend that the categorisation of cases of instances of killing rather than as instances of letting die depends in part on a prior moral assessment of the case. Hence is it trivially rather than substantively true that the distinction has moral significance. But even if a morally neutral (ie non-question begging) distinction could be drawn, its application to the euthanasia controversy is problematic. I illustrate the difficulties of employing this distinction to reach moral conclusions by critically discussing Philippa Foot's recent treatment of euthanasia. I conclude that even if an act of euthanasia is an instance of killing, and there exists a prima facie moral duty not to kill, and no more stringent duty overrides this duty, one still cannot determine such an act to be morally impermissible.

  7. Killing, letting die and euthanasia.

    Husak, D N


    Medical ethicists debate whether or not the moral assessment of cases of euthanasia should depend on whether the patient is 'killed' or 'allowed to die'. The usual presupposition is that a clear distinction between killing and letting die can be drawn so that this substantive question is not begged. I contend that the categorisation of cases of instances of killing rather than as instances of letting die depends in part on a prior moral assessment of the case. Hence is it trivially rather than substantively true that the distinction has moral significance. But even if a morally neutral (ie non-question begging) distinction could be drawn, its application to the euthanasia controversy is problematic. I illustrate the difficulties of employing this distinction to reach moral conclusions by critically discussing Philippa Foot's recent treatment of euthanasia. I conclude that even if an act of euthanasia is an instance of killing, and there exists a prima facie moral duty not to kill, and no more stringent duty overrides this duty, one still cannot determine such an act to be morally impermissible. PMID:541821

  8. X-radiographic study of rare-earth compounds with special regardment of modulated structures. The response of the crystal structure to stoichiometry deviations; Roentgengraphische Untersuchung von Seltenerdverbindungen mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung modulierter Strukturen. Die Antwort der Kristallstruktur auf Stoechiometrieabweichungen

    Leisegang, Tilmann


    Even shortly after World War II, as large amounts of ultrapure rare earths (RE) became available for scientific research, a large reservoir of peculiar phenomena was uncovered. These had not been investigated before or were completely unknown. Examples of these phenomena are, magnetic ordering, the KONDO effect, quantum critical points, heavy fermion behaviour, as well as superconductivity. A strong influence of small variations of the chemical composition on the physical properties had been observed. The main focus of the present thesis is the detailed elucidation of the crystal structure of fundamental representatives of this class of substances, as well as the influence of dedicated variations of the chemical composition on their structure and properties. In particular, the characterisation of modulated crystals is an important facet. A large spectrum of physical methods, especially X-ray diffraction, is employed in the investigations. Results on oriented intergrowth in the Y-Ni-B-C system, incommensurately ordered vacancies in the Ce-Si system, incorporation of stacking faults as well as commensurately ordered transition metal atoms (TM) in the RE-TM-Si system and site specific occupancy in the Y-Mn-Fe-O system are presented. Their elucidation is reported for the first time. It is shown which consequences the structural peculiarities will have on the physical properties. An objective of this thesis is to give an overview of the possible ''answers'' that can be obtained with regard to the influence of the crystal structure of rare earth transition metal compounds on deviations of the chemical composition. (orig.)

  9. Die ausbildung von wertbedeutungen im schuljugendalter*

    Siegfried Heusinger


    Full Text Available Die folgenden Darlegungen stützen sich auf Untersuchungsergebnisse des Verlassers zur Sprachentwicklung in der Ontogenese. Angeregt wurde die UnterSuchung durch die besonders in den letzten Jahren in mehreren Ländern verstärkt erhobenen Forderungen, nicht nur die Sprache des Klein­ kindes, sondern vornehmlich den Entwicklungsstand der Schülersprache auf den einzelnen Klassenstufen zu erforschen und den Prozeß der Sprachentwicklung des Schülers genauer zu bestimmen. Die Forderungen sind (so z. B. in der DDR durch das Bestreben motiviert, weitere wissenschaftliche Voraussetzungen für die Verbesserung der muttersprachlichen Bildung und Erzliehung zu schaffen. Es geht also vor allem um Bedürfnisse des Muttersprachunterrichts, die aus der gesellschaftlichen Bedeutung der Sprache überhaupt und den steigenden Anforderungen an die gesellschaftliche Kommunikation insbesondere erwachsen.


    soortnaam plus soortnaam" kan albei komponente in Engels. 'n hoofletter kry, in Afrikaans slegs die eerste lid. Vergelyk Cash. Sale,. Kontantultverkoping. Uit 'n reklame-oogpunt Is die Engelse model bulgsamer, funksioneler en doelmatiger as ...

  11. [Die Gründung...] / Anders Henriksson

    Henriksson, Anders


    Rets.: Karsten Brüggemann. Die Gründung der Republik Estland und das Ende des "Einen und unteilbaren Russland" : die Petrograder Front des Russischen Bürgerkrieges, 1918-1920. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2002

  12. Die uitbeelding van die vrou in Huisgenoot (1963 en 2013: ’n Multimodale diskoersanalise

    Susann H. Marais


    Full Text Available Die standpunt dat die mens en die media in ’n verhouding van wedersydse beïnvloeding staan, sowel as die studie wat die kulturele konseptualisering van vroulikheid in twee Huisgenoot-uitgawes (1953 en 2003 ondersoek, geld as uitgangspunt vir dié studie. Hierdie studie het ten doel om te bepaal of daar ’n verskil is in die uitbeelding van die vrou in die Huisgenoot uitgawes van onderskeidelik 1963 en 2013. Volgens navorsing werk die visuele beeld en geskrewe teks saam om ’n boodskap oor te dra. Multimodale diskoersanalise (MDA word juis gebruik om beide visuele beeld en geskrewe teks te bestudeer. Sodoende word die metode van intersemiotiese komplementariteit binne MDA in hierdie studie gebruik. Die studie kom tot die gevolgtrekking dat die uitbeelding van die ideale vrou se verantwoordelikhede uitgebrei is, maar dat die vrou se rol tóg tot sekere ruimtes beperk word, soos die sigbaarheid van die moeder-stereotipe weerspieël.

  13. Die waarde van voorafopleiding deur die ouer vir pedo-oudiometrie by drie- en vierjarige kleuters

    Merisa Lodewyckx


    Full Text Available Die verkryging van akkurate, betroubare inligting aangaande die gehoorvermoë van jong kinders is van besondere belang vir die oudioloog, maar word dikwels bemoeilik aangesien die kleuter nie goeie samewerking bied in die vreemde pedo-oudiometriese situasie nie. Die oplossing hiervoor is grootliks geleë in die opleiding van die kind voor formele  gehoortoetsing en meer spesifiek  opleiding tuis deur die ouer. Die doel van hierdie studie was om 'n voorbereidende program op te stel wat die ouer tuis met die kind kan uitvoer, voordat formele  toetsing plaasvind. Die waarde en effek van hierdie program in die pedo-oudiometriese situasie is geevalueer by 'n groep drie- en vierjarige kleuters. Resultate dui daarop dat laer en meer akkurate drempels, 'n korter toetstydperk, verminderde angs en beter samewerking verkry is by die kleuters wat vooraf  opleiding ontvang het. Die opleidingsprogram kan dus in die kliniese praktyk benut word as voorafopleiding  vir pedo-oudiometrie.

  14. Die woordeboek vir meganiese ingenieurs: Vorderingsverslag

    Editorial Office


    Full Text Available Die komitee van die Nasionale Vakterminologiediens (NVD wat ’n woordeboek vir meganiese ingenieurswese saamstel en in Januarie 1986 met sy werksaamhede begin het, maak goeie vordering. Die dag-tot-dag-werk word deur 'n redaksiekomitee behartig wat twee keer maandeliks vergader en uit verteenwoordigers van universiteite, SAVD, YSKOR, SABS en ander instansies bestaan.

  15. Die Reformdiskussion in der senegalesischen Sprachplanungs- politik

    Die Reformdiskussion in der senegalesischen Sprachplanungspolitik 13 hatten afrikanische Bildungspolitiker und Kulturtheoretiker (Senghor, Nkrumah, Kenyatta, etc.) sehr früh die Rolle der Sprache und Bildung in einem zukünftigen souveränen afrikanischen Staat anerkannt. Die damals geführten staatsrechtlichen ...

  16. Taalgesindhede en die onderrig van Afrikaans

    Barbara Bosch


    Full Text Available In die onderrig aan en aanleer van Afrikaans deur nie-moedertaalsprekers behoort daar in 'n multi-kulturele omgewing met taalgesindhede rekening gehou te word: die taalaanleerder se gesindheid teenoor en stereotipiese sienswyses van die sprekers van die teikentaal en die teikentaal self beinvloed die sukses van die verskil/ende stadia van die aanleerproses. Hierdie beinvloeding vind plaas omdat gesindhede motivering beinvloed en as sosio-affektiewe filter in die taalaanleerproses kan optree. Die implikasies van heersende gesindhede teenoor Afrikaans vir die onderrig en aanleer van die taal in 'n multitalige situasie word indringend bespreek. In the teaching of Afrikaans to and the acquisition of the language by non-mother tongue speakers in a multi-lingual environment, cognizance should be taken of prevailing attitudes: the attitudes of the learner towards the target language and his/her stereotypical perceptions of the target language and its speakers which influence the success of the language learning process in various stages. This influence takes place because attitudes affect motivation and can also act as a socio-ajjective filter in the language acquisition process. The implications of existing attitudes towards Afrikaans for the teaching and acquisition of the language in a multi-lingual situation are discussed in depth.

  17. Die ontwerp van ʼn Afrikaanse taakgebaseerde rekenaaronderrig ...

    Kate H

    gelewer word, is om die moontlike ontwerp van ʼn taakgebaseerde rekenaarprogram vir die kursus. Beginner Afrikaans Vlak 1 te ... to transfer the required amount of credits back to their home universities. The Language Centre ..... 3.1.1 Die tweeledige kanaal-aanname (“dual channel assumption”). Hierdie aanname ...

  18. Leibniz und die Psychophysik des Gehirns

    S. Tuinen (Sjoerd)


    textabstract1. Das Gehirn als Medium allen Denkens Die Probleme der Philosophie sind laut Deleuze niemals von sich aus philosophisch. Bereits eine Antwort auf die Frage Was ist Philosophie? setzt ein nicht-philosophisches 'Bild des Denkens' voraus, eine Art absoluten Hintergrund, in den die

  19. uniform van die staatspresidentswag - herkoms en tradisie

    A blue uniform was inter alia proposed in 1980 but finally rejected by the Prime Minister in 1984. Instructions were issued to put forth new ideas. All the arguments in ..... In 1896 Is die rang van kommandant van die Staatsartlllerie verhoog tot die van lultenant-kolonel. Henning Pretorlus, father and first commandant of the.

  20. Straatsburg en artikel 2 van die dordtse kerkorde

    L. F. Schulze


    Full Text Available In art. 2 K.O. word daar vier soorte kerklike dienste on dcrskei, nl. „dié van die bedienaars van die Woord, dié van die professore aan die teologiese skool, die van die ouderlinge, en dié van die diakens”.

  1. Die skrywer. Esta Steyn. Kaapstad: Tafelberg, 2012. 214 pp. ISBN ...

    ningsromans in Duits, is die Christelike ele- mente en die humor. Die straatslim Anabella wat twee plaaswerkers aansê om nie die Here se naam te misbruik nie, toon kenmerke van die heldin in 'n Afrikaanse liefdesverhaal. Hierdie roman sal byval vind by lesers wat. Esta Steyn se vorige romans geniet het. Die humor in die ...

  2. Development of Integrated Die Casting Process for Large Thin-Wall Magnesium Applications

    Carter, Jon T. [General Motors LLC, Warren, MI (United States); Wang, Gerry [Meridian Lightweight Technologies, Plymouth MI (United States); Luo, Alan [General Motors LLC, Warren, MI (United States)


    The purpose of this project was to develop a process and product which would utilize magnesium die casting and result in energy savings when compared to the baseline steel product. The specific product chosen was a side door inner panel for a mid-size car. The scope of the project included: re-design of major structural parts of the door, design and build of the tooling required to make the parts, making of parts, assembly of doors, and testing (both physical and simulation) of doors. Additional work was done on alloy development, vacuum die casting, and overcasting, all in order to improve the performance of the doors and reduce cost. The project achieved the following objectives: 1. Demonstrated ability to design a large thin-wall magnesium die casting. 2. Demonstrated ability to manufacture a large thin-wall magnesium die casting in AM60 alloy. 3. Tested via simulations and/or physical tests the mechanical behavior and corrosion behavior of magnesium die castings and/or lightweight experimental automotive side doors which incorporate a large, thin-wall, powder coated, magnesium die casting. Under some load cases, the results revealed cracking of the casting, which can be addressed with re-design and better material models for CAE analysis. No corrosion of the magnesium panel was observed. 4. Using life cycle analysis models, compared the energy consumption and global warming potential of the lightweight door with those of a conventional steel door, both during manufacture and in service. Compared to a steel door, the lightweight door requires more energy to manufacture but less energy during operation (i.e., fuel consumption when driving vehicle). Similarly, compared to a steel door, the lightweight door has higher global warming potential (GWP) during manufacture, but lower GWP during operation. 5. Compared the conventional magnesium die casting process with the “super-vacuum” die casting process. Results achieved with cast tensile bars suggest some

  3. Studie: Die Generation Y und deren organisatorische Implikationen

    Klein, Helmut


    Die vorliegende Studie betrifft die Gen. Y und ihre spezifischen Anforderungen an die Unternehmensorganisation. Im Ergebnis einer durchgeführten Befragung ist festzuhalten, dass die Gen. Y die Kernkompetenzen eines Managers verstärkt einfordert und eine hohe Betreuungsintensität verlangt. Dies hat Auswirkungen auf die Führungsspanne, Planung und Kontrolle von Aufgaben, die Gestaltung der vertikalen und horizontalen Prozesse sowie die Zusammensetzung von Teamarbeitsformen. Projektarbeit sowie ...

  4. Die lewensvatbaarheid van 'n slaghuisfranchise / deur Johan Smit

    Smit, Johan


    Die Suid-Afrikaanse rooivleisindustrie is lomp en wyd. Een van die redes vir hierdie toedrag van sake is die verskeie rolspelers in die industrie. 'n Moontlike oplossing vir hierdie probleem is die vertikale integrasie-sisteem gerugsteun deur 'n lewensvatbare franchise in die kleinhandelsektor. Die studie fokus op die lewensvatbaarheid van 'n slaghuisfranchise. Daar moet egter ook bepaal word of 'n slaghuis wei gefranchise kan word, voordat die lewensvatbaarheid van 'n slaghuisfranchise be...

  5. Paleontologie en die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing vandag

    Durand, JF


    Die huidige oënskynlike ondersteuning van paleontologie deur die regering en die insluiting en beklemtoning van evolusie in die skoolleerplan word bespreek in die lig van sekere politieke ontwikkelings wat oor die laaste twee dekades in Suid-Afrika plaasgevind het. Dit sluit die regering se ondersteuning van paleontologiese ontdekkings in die media, die ontwikkeling van fossielterreine en paleotoerisme in. Ondanks hierdie positiewe inisiatiewe gedy paleontologie nie in Suid-Afrika nie en is d...



    as 'n volk in daardie sin aangemerk kon word, en in die O.T. Israel dan ook 'n paar maal, teen die reël wat ons as beginnende studente geleer het,. 1) Die leser vind hier die lesing, deur die skrywer op 29 Februarie 1956 vir die Predikante- vergadering te Pretoria gehou. Die formulering van die titel was van die skriba van.

  7. Artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis as geloofsvooronderstelling in die gesprek tussen wetenskap en geloof

    Jan A. Erasmus


    Full Text Available Artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis bely dat God deur twee middele geken word, te wete deur middel van die skepping, onderhouding en regering van die wêreld (waaronder die wetenskap en deur die heilige en goddelike Woord (die Bybel. Hierdie belydenis is van groot belang vir die gesprek tussen Wetenskap en Teologie. In hierdie artikel word gepoog om die verskille, maar ook die ooreenkomste tussen hierdie twee middele van openbaring uit te lig, elkeen tot sy reg te laat kom, maar hulle ook in balans met mekaar te stel. Die wyse waarop te werk gegaan word, is die volgende: eers word gestel wat vooronderstellings is, asook die plek wat vooronderstellings in die beoefening van wetenskap sowel as geloof inneem. Daarna word nagevors watter perspektiewe artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis as geloofsvooronderstelling vir die wetenskaps- en teologiebeoefening respektiewelik bied. Hieruit word ’n aantal gevolgtrekkings gemaak wat kan help om die problematiek in die wetenskap-geloofsgesprek op te los. Die kernbevinding van hierdie artikel is die volgende: Vanweë die verskil in die aard en die doel tussen Bybelfeite en wetenskaplike navorsingsresultate kan en sal klaarblyklike harmonieprobleme tussen die Skrif en die wetenskap ontstaan. Hierdie is egter slegs klaarblyklike probleme, omdat ’n verrekening van die verskil in die aard en die bedoeling van die wetenskapresultate en die Bybelfeite hierdie probleem sal oplos. Article 2 of the Belgic Confession as faith presupposition in the science-faith debate. Article 2 of the Belgic Confession confesses that God can be known by two means: firstly by studying the creation, preservation and government of the universe (i.e. science and secondly by studying the Word of God (the Bible. This confession is very important for the discussion between science and faith. In this article the similarities, but also the differences between these two means of revelation are researched. The aim is to

  8. Die wet is evangelie: Die Heidelbergse Kategismus steeds aktueel na 450 jaar

    Piet Strauss


    Full Text Available In die denke van Martin Luther bestaan daar spanning tussen die wet van God en die evangelie. Vir Luther is liefde die eie werk en die wet die vreemde werk van God. Daarteenoor integreer of versoen Johannes Calvyn God se wet met die evangelie. Hy vertolk die openingswoorde van die wet byvoorbeeld as liefdevol en bevrydend en daarom evangelies. Calvyn beskou die wet as die manier waarop ’n Christen sy liefde vir God uitleef en sy dankaarheid teenoor God vir sy verlossing betoon. Calvyn se siening oor die verhouding tussen die wet en die evangelie het ’n betekenisvolle invloed op die Heidelbergse Kategismus se formulering ten opsigte van hierdie saak. Volgens die Kategismus is die wet evangelie, of die vorm wat die evangelie in die lewe van die mens aanneem. In the thought of Martin Luther tension exists between the law of God and the gospel. Luther regards love as the own work of God and the law as something strange to the Lord. John Calvin, however, integrates Gods law and the gospel to the extent that the opening words of the ten commandments are regarded as words of love and redemption and therefore evangelical. To Calvin the law becomes the way in which a converted Christian lives and shows his gratitude to God for his salvation. Calvin’s view on the relationship between law and gospel had a significant influence on the way in which the Heidelberg Cathecism formulates these two concepts. For the Cathecism the law is gospel or the form in which the gospel takes shape in human life.

  9. Thermal Fatigue of Die-Casting Dies: An Overview

    Abdulhadi Hassan A.


    Full Text Available Coupled studies by experimental and numerical simulations are necessary for an increased understanding of the material behaviour as related to the interaction between the thermal and mechanical conditions. This paper focus on the mechanisms of thermal fatigue in the failure of dies and cores used in the die casting of aluminum alloys. The thermal fatigue resistance is expressed by two crack parameters which are the average maximum crack and the average cracked area. Samples of various types of H13 steel were compared with a standard H13 steel by testing under identical thermal fatigue cycles. To determine the thermal constraint developed in the sample during the test, a finite difference technique was used to obtain the temperature distribution, based on temperature measurements at the boundaries. The resulting stresses and strains were computed, and the strain calculated at the edge or weakest point of the sample was used to correlate the number of cycles to crack initiation. As the strain at the edge increased, the number of cycles to failure decreased. The influence of various factors on thermal fatigue behavior was studied including austenitizing temperature, surface condition, stress relieving, casting, vacuum melting, and resulfurization. The thermal fatigue resistance improved as the austenitizing temperature increased from 1750 to 2050ºF.

  10. Die impak van die verbond op 'n paradigma vir pastoraat: research ...

    Die verbond het 'n meer omvattende impak op pastorale sorg as ander paradigmas. Genoemde stelling word in hierdie artikel beredeneer. Daar word aangetoon dat die inhoud wat aan die gelowige gekommunikeer word, asook die tegnieke wat gebruik word, deur 'n verbondmatige paradigma vir pastorale sorg be?nvloed ...

  11. Die rol van kapitaal in die ekonomiese groei en ontwikkeling van onderontwikkelde gebiede*

    F. J. du Plessis


    Full Text Available In die teorie oor ekonomiese groei speel kapitaal ’n besonder prominente rol. Kapitaal met die daarby behorende tegnologiese ontwikkeling, word beskou as die belangrikste enkele faktor verantwoordelik vir die bereiking en instandhouding van ’n „ten voile ontwikkelde” volkshuishouding.

  12. Die taak van akademiese geletterdheid/hede binne die konteks van ...

    Opsomming. Die vestiging van Akademiese Geletterdheid by tersiêre instansies in Suid-Afrika het gegroei uit die besef dat 'n goedontwikkelde akademiese taalvermoë essensieel is vir akademiese prestasie. Gepubliseerde literatuur getuig van die belangrike verskuiwings wat oor die afgelope aantal dekades plaasgevind ...

  13. Ek wil hier graag van die geleentheid gebruik maak am die ...

    die wildlewe am van die jagters nie eers mel- ding te maak nie en in Lucas se werk kan hulle ure van genot deurbring. Wat ons veral in Lucas se publikasie interes- seer is sy deelname aan die agste grensoor~' log (1850-1853), sy aantekeninge in verband met die slag by Berea (20 Oesember 1852) en sy indrukke van ...

  14. Die dinamika van die beperkte drie-deeltjie-probleem in sterrekunde

    Keegan D. Anderson


    Full Text Available Die beperkte drie-deeltjie-probleem is een van die oudste probleme in klassieke fisika en is alvir ongeveer die afgelope honderd jaar bestudeer. Die probleem is nie oplosbaar op ‘n geslote analitiese wyse nie, alhoewel ’n oneindige reeks oplossing bestaan.

  15. Die reg van die homoseksuele ouer om beheer en toesig oor 'n kind ...


    regtens seëvier sodat die grondwetlike verbod op onbillike diskriminasie teen mense op grond van hul seksuele georiënteerdheid so .... gerig teen die homoseksueel self en die homoseksuele daad wat hy/sy beoefen, maar dat daar ook gediskrimineer ..... Die Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act,. 60 aangeneem in verskeie ...

  16. Die huwelik in die eerste-eeuse Mediterreense wêreld (III): Jesus en ...


    30 Jan 2007 ... description of what marriage, betrothal, adultery, divorce and ..... egbreuk teen wie? Wanneer daar in ag geneem word dat 'n man in die eerste- eeuse Mediterreense wêreld nie egbreuk teenoor sy vrou kon pleeg nie (kyk ... volg egbreuk teen die vrou in die huwelik beteken – al het die vrou owerspel.

  17. The similarity of twin brains; Die Aehnlichkeit von Zwillingsgehirnen

    Mohr, A.; Knauth, M.; Stippich, C.; Sartor, K. [Abt. Neuroradiologie, Univ. Heidelberg (Germany); Weisbrod, M. [Sektion Experimentelle Psychopathologie, Psychiatrische Klinik Univ. Heidelberg (Germany)


    To test the assumption underlying every morphometric twin study that the brains of monozygotic twins are almost identical. Methods: High resolution MRI of the neurocranium of 26 monozygotic twin pairs were acquired and the volumes of 36 cerebral structures were measured. The same twins served as control group after rear-ranging them into non-related pairs of same sex and matching them for age, body height and body weight. Results: For most of the examined structures the correlations within the twins were significant (R = 0,97-0,59). Except for total forebrain volume the controls showed no significant similarity. Conclusions: For almost every measured cerebral structure the assumption, that significant similarities exist between healthy monozygotic twins is correct. Therefore discordant monozygotic twins represent an excellent sample when investigating cerebral correlates of neurologic and psychiatric disorders. (orig.) [German] Pruefung der Grundannahme hirnmorphologischer Zwillingsstudien, dass die Gehirne eineiiger Zwillinge signifikant aehnlich sind. Methode: Hochaufloesende MRT-Datensaetze der Gehirne von 26 gesunden eineiigen Zwillingspaaren dienten als Grundlage der volumetrischen Vermessung von insgesamt 36 zerebralen Strukturen. Als Kontrollkollektiv wurden neue, nicht verwandte, aber gleichgeschlechtliche und nach Alter, Koerpergroesse und Koerpergewicht sehr aehnliche Paare gebildet. Ergebnisse: Fuer Hemisphaerenvolumen, graue und weisse Substanz des Frontal- und Temporallappens (R = 0,97-0,59) sowie fuer zahlreiche subkortikale Strukturen (R = 0,80-0,41) zeigten sich signifikante (p < 0,05) Korrelationen zwischen den Zwillingspaaren. Ausser fuer Grosshirnvolumen fanden sich bei den Kontrollpaaren keine signifikanten Aehnlichkeiten. Schlussfolgerung: Fuer die meisten der vermessenen zerebralen Areale ist die Annahme richtig, dass die Gehirne eineliger Zwillinge deutlich aehnlicher sind als die Gehirne nicht verwandter Personen. Bei der Suche nach

  18. Die Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling van die Pan-Afrikanisme en due implikasies daarvan

    A. J.H. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Dit was nie voor 1880 dat tropiese Afrika, dil is die grootste gedeelte van Wes-, Oos- en Midde-Afrika, deur ontdekkingsreisigers,handelaars en sendelinge tot so ’11 mate ontsluit is, dat dit in die vaarwater van die wêreldpolitiek geraak het nie. Lank voor hierdie tyd is natuurlik steunpunte aan die Wes-, Suid- en Ooskusdeur die Portugese en later die Nederlanders en Engelse eset ter wille van óf dieslawehandel en/óf as steunpunte op dielarig handelsweg na die ryke Ooste.

  19. Ouditiewe aandag by die voorskoolse kind

    Elmarie Niemand


    Full Text Available Daar is met hierdie navorsingsprojek gepoog om 'n duidelike beeld te vorm van ouditiewe aandagsprosessering by die voorskoolse kind. Aangesien ouditiewe aandagsprosessering van groot belang is vir die kind wat skool toe gaan is daar op die groep wat in die daaropvolgende jaar skool toe gaan besluit. 'n Groep van 64 kinders is geselekteer. Daar is gebruik gemaak van 'n gegradeerde ouditiefgerigte  ondersoekprogram wat so saamgestel is dat dit wetenskaplik verantwoordbaar is. In sy geheel gesien dui die navorsingsresultate daarop dat die basiese ontwikkelingsproses van ouditiewe aandagsprosessering op hierdie ouderdom (5;2 tot 5;8 voltooi is. 'n Verdere evaluering van die resultate in terme van die uiteengesette doelstellings van die navorsingsprojek dui daarop dat kinders in hierdie ouderdomsgroep nog soms moeite ondervind om aan 'n ouditiewe sei binne omgewingslawaai aandag te skenk. Bekende seine verhoog die vermoë om aandag te skenk. Daar kon egter nie vir alle aannames wat in die literatuur gemaak word, bewys gevind word nie.

  20. Die invloed van ‘n intensiewe opleidingsprogram op die Kardio Stres-indeks

    Tammy Claassen


    Full Text Available Mense ondervind baie stressors in hul alledaagse lewe, wat ‘n groot uitwerking het op daagliksefunksionering. Kardio Stres-indeks (KSI is ‘n nie-indringende mate van die stres wat die hartervaar. KSI (uitgedruk as ‘n persentasie berekeninge word gebaseer op die duur van die QRSkompleks, hart tempo, ritme en standaardafwyking van die RR-interval (RRSD spesifieke parameters.

  1. Die effek van intelligensie op die verhouding tussen lokus van kontrole en taakkompleksiteit

    F. G. de Kock


    Full Text Available The effect of intelligence on the relationship between locus of control and task complexity. The aim of the study was to establish the effects of intelligence on the relationship between locus of control and task complexity. These constructs were selected by virtue of their importance in the literature, as well as the lack of empirical research regarding the assumed relationship which exists between them. The Human Sciences Research Council's (HSRC General Scholastic Aptitude Test (ASAT was used for measuring intelligence, Duttweiler's Internal Control Index (ICI was used for determining locus of control and the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM was used as a criterion for coping with task complexity. These instruments were administered to 292 subjects to determine whether the relationship between locus of control and task complexity was effected when the effect of intelligence was controlled. The results indicated a significant relationship between locus of control and task complexity, however the relationship was no longer significant after the effect of intelligence was controlled. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was om die effek van intelligensie op die verhouding tussen lokus van kontrole en taak-kompleksiteit te ondersoek. Hierdie konstrukte is gekies na aanleiding van hulle belangrikheid in die literatuur asook die leemte in empiric se navorsing rakende die veronderstelde verband wat tussen hulle bestaan. Die Algemene Skolastiese Aanlegtoets (ASAT van die Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing (RGN is gebruik vir die meting van intelligensie, die Internal Control Index (ICI van Duttweiler is gebruik vir die meting van lokus van kontrole en die Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM van Raven is gebruik as maatstaf vir die bantering van taakkompleksiteit. Die genoemde meetinstrumente is op 292 proefpersone toegepas om te bepaal of die verband tussen lokus van kontrole en taakkompleksiteit geaffekteer word wanneer daar vir die effek

  2. Die kriminelle Frau“ – ein „Anwendungsfall“ für die Anomietheorie?

    Gabriele Schmölzer


    Die von der Verfasserin vorgenommene Bearbeitung der Anomietheorie des Soziologen Robert K. Merton zielt darauf ab, „relevante Unterschiede zwischen Frauen und Männern zu finden, die den unterschiedlichen Anteil der Geschlechter bei der registrierten Kriminalität erklären können“ (S. 223). Dies gelingt insofern, als sie strukturelle Variablen herausarbeiten kann, die per se die Wahrscheinlichkeit von strafbarem Verhalten erhöhen. Das Geschlecht spielt dabei (nur) insofern eine Rolle, als der ...

  3. What fits best minor actinides as a die material?

    Hinfray, J.


    Zirconolite might be the die material used to confine actinides definitively. Cea's teams have been investigating the ability of zirconolite to trap actinide atoms in its own crystal structure. These studies have been performed with 239 Pu that presents the same ability to set chemical links with the constituents of the die as 3 minor actinides do. Crystal materials like zirconolite are more sensitive to self irradiation than glass. The next step of the characterization of zirconolite is to evaluate its capacity to sustain self alpha irradiation. In order to do so, 238 Pu is used since its relatively short period (T = 87 years) allows an acceleration of the process : damages cumulated in the die material in 2 years will be equivalent to those produced by minor actinides for millions years. The results will be known in 2004. (A.C.)

  4. Verstaanbare prediking is eenvoudige prediking: ’n Prakties-teologiese besinning oor die styl van prediking

    Ferdinand P. Kruger


    Full Text Available Prediking is intensioneel en wil verandering bewerk. Onder die prediking vind interaksie en kommunikasie tussen prediker en hoorder plaas. Die oomblik wanneer die prediker skryf of praat, maak hy of sy van styl gebruik. Styl is vir die prediker soos die kleur wat ’n kunstenaar gebruik. Die navorsingshipotese in die artikel is dat gebrekkige styl daartoe bydra dat God nie reg gehoor word in die prediking nie. In hierdie artikel word van ’n driedeling gebruik gemaak waarin ’n analiserende beskrywing van die prakties-teologiese situasie gebied word. Aan die hand van basisteoretiese perspektiewe word die normatiewe gesigspunte gestel, waarna veranderingstrategieë voorgestel word. Vanuit die Jakobusbrief word perspektiewe na vore gebring wat die noodsaak van goeie styl in die prediking benadruk. In die metateoretiese besinning word die kontoere van die Kunsgeskiedenis asook Kommunikasiekunde verken. In die praktykteoretiese perspektiewe wat bespreek word, word die ruimte wat stylvolle prediking moet skep, aangestip. Sodoende word dit benadruk dat enige styl nie noodwendig die korrekte styl is nie. ’n Goeie styl wend die regte woorde op die regte plekke in die preek aan en daarom is goeie styl eenvoudig en verstaanbaar. Comprehensible preaching is simple preaching: A practical-theological reflection on preaching style. There is interdependence between preaching and transformation in the lives of hearers. There is a relationship of interaction and communication between preacher and hearers, exists in the act of preaching. When preachers open their mouths, style is used. Artists use colour in their paintings, but preachers use words to colour the content of their message. The research question for this investigation is therefore: What is the effect of an unclear style in sermons? The hypothesis for this research is that an unclear style in sermons does not change lives and fails to bring hearers into the presence of God. The research field is

  5. The data acquisition system PHON for the detectors of the PHOENICS experiment; Das Datenerfassungssystem PHON fuer die Detektoren des PHOENICS-Experiments

    Schneider, W.


    The PHON data acquisition system for the PHOENICS experiment at the stretcher ring ELSA in Bonn and its development is described. PHON is based on a fast parallel CAMAC readout with VME front-end processors and a VAX/VMS computer, allowing c omfortable control and programming. The current configuration of the PHON system at the PHOENICS detector uses two CAMAC branches that are read out in parallel. The data is transferred to the VAX by either the ethernet (max. rate 100 kByte/sec) or a bus coupler device (max. rate 650 kByte/sec). On the VAX the data can be stored on a harddisk and analyzed by several PHON online tasks. The harddisk limits the maximum data rate to a value of approximately 180 kByte/sec. The maximum trigger rate achieved is about 150 Hz. Two kinds of user shells are realized to control the PHON system. A command shell follows the standard of the control language of the VMS operating system and a graphic user interface uses the `X Window System`. The modular structure of the PHON system and the unique kind of creation of all PHON programs makes a further development of the system easy to do. (orig.). [Deutsch] Die vorliegende Arbeit beschreibt die Entwicklung und Funktion des Datenerfassungssystems PHON. Das System basiert auf einer parallelen Auslese von CAMAC-Branchen mit VME-Front-End-Prozessoren und einem VAX/VMS-Hauptrechner, der eine komfortable Programmsteuerung und -Entwicklung erlaubt. Momentan werden an dem PHOENICS-Detektor zwei CAMAC-Branche von jeweils einem VME-Front-End-Prozessor ausgelesen. Die Daten koennen wahlweise ueber Ethernet (max. Uebertragungsrate ca. 100 kByte/sec), oder ueber einen Buskoppler (max. 650 kByte/sec) auf den Hauptrechner (VAXStation 3200) transferiert werden. Dort koennen sie auf einer Festplatte abgespeichert und von verschiedenen Analyseprozessen verarbeitet werden. In dieser Konfiguration werden Datenraten von 180 kByte/sec erzielt. Die maximale Triggerrate betraegt etwa 150 Hz. Die Steuerung des PHON

  6. Clinical Criteria for Physician Aid in Dying.

    Orentlicher, David; Pope, Thaddeus Mason; Rich, Ben A


    More than 20 years ago, even before voters in Oregon had enacted the first aid in dying (AID) statute in the United States, Timothy Quill and colleagues proposed clinical criteria AID. Their proposal was carefully considered and temperate, but there were little data on the practice of AID at the time. (With AID, a physician writes a prescription for life-ending medication for a terminally ill, mentally capacitated adult.) With the passage of time, a substantial body of data on AID has developed from the states of Oregon and Washington. For more than 17 years, physicians in Oregon have been authorized to provide a prescription for AID. Accordingly, we have updated the clinical criteria of Quill, et al., based on the many years of experience with AID. With more jurisdictions authorizing AID, it is critical that physicians can turn to reliable clinical criteria. As with any medical practice, AID must be provided in a safe and effective manner. Physicians need to know (1) how to respond to a patient's inquiry about AID, (2) how to assess patient decision making capacity, and (3) how to address a range of other issues that may arise. To ensure that physicians have the guidance they need, Compassion & Choices convened the Physician Aid-in-Dying Clinical Criteria Committee, in July 2012, to create clinical criteria for physicians who are willing to provide AID to patients who request it. The committee includes experts in medicine, law, bioethics, hospice, nursing, social work, and pharmacy. Using an iterative consensus process, the Committee drafted the criteria over a one-year period.

  7. Why is the Liverpool care pathway used for some dying cancer patients and not others? Healthcare professionals’ perspectives

    Freemantle Alison


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Despite evidence suggesting that the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient is a structured and proficient means of supporting care delivery in the last hours or days of life, discrepancies in uptake are widespread. This exploratory study sought to understand why patients dying of cancer in oncology wards of one hospital trust were, or were not, supported by the LCP. A purposive qualitative case study design was used; each case represented a patient who had died and their most involved nurse and doctor. In-depth interviews explored both recollections of the ‘case’ and wider experiences of using the Pathway in end-of-life care. Eleven healthcare professionals were interviewed about their involvement in the end-of-life care of six patients. For four of these patients care was supported by the LCP. Findings Although doctors and nurses reported they preferred to use the Pathway to ensure comfortable death, an important factor influencing their decisions was time of death. Access to timely senior review was regarded as an essential preliminary to placing patients on the Pathway but delayed access ‘out of hours’ was commonly experienced and tensions arose from balancing conflicting priorities. Consequently, the needs of dying patients sometimes failed to compete with those receiving curative treatment. Conclusions This study suggests that greater attention should be focused on ‘out of hours’ care in hospitals to ensure regular senior review of all patients at risk of dying and to support front line staff to communicate effectively and make contingency plans focused on patients’ best interests.

  8. Die nut van kriging in gravitasie-opnames

    G. J. van Tonder


    Full Text Available Ondersoek is ingestel na die gebruik van kriging as hulpmiddel by die gravitasiemetode vir die opsporing van verweerde sones in die dolomitiese gebiede van Suid-Afrika. Na ’n kort bespreking van die basiese beginsels van kriging, word die metode toegepas op die Bouguer-anomaliewaardes, soos waargeneem op ’n deel van die Zuurbekomkompartement. Daar word getoon dat die aantal waarnemingspunte met tot soveel as 90 persent verminder kan word, sonder ’n noemenswaardige verlies van akkuraatheid in die bepaling van die geskatte volumes verweerde dolomiet.

  9. MORIR POR PLATENSE. ADVERSIDAD Y TEMPORALIDAD COMO ESTRUCTURAS PERCEPTIVAS EN UNA HINCHADA DE FÚTBOL / To die for Platense. Adversity and temporality as perceptive structures between football supporters

    Federico Czesli


    Full Text Available En este artículo me propongo analizar dos estructuras perceptivas presentes en un grupo de individuos identificado con la hinchada de Platense, equipo de fútbol de tercera división, ubicado en el norte de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. A partir de la muerte de un joven de veinte años, entre 2009 y 2011 se realizó un trabajo etnográfico en el que se estudiaron los procesos identitarios como generadores de violencia, la relación con los territorios y los discursos en torno a la muerte. En el marco de dicha indagación aparecieron elementos que permiten abordar dos estructuras perceptivas: aquella por la cual en sus vidas enfrentan permanentemente la adversidad y un poder superior, y la relación con el tiempo, en el que podemos desmitificar la habitual creencia de una preponderancia del presente y el cortoplacismo. Estos dos elementos permitieron, a su vez, acercarse a la influencia de la muerte en el modo de vivir.   Palabras clave: adversidad, temporalidad, identidad, habitus, futbolhinchadas, violencia, aguante     Abstract In this article there will be shown two different perceptive structures that appear in a group of football supporters identified with Platense, team located in the north of Buenos Aires City which currently plays at the third division. Since the death of a twenty year-old youth who belonged to the group, between 2009 and 2011 the author developed an ethnographical study in which analyzed identity as a generator of violence, their relationship with territories and discourses regarding death. Among that study it became possible to make an approach to two perceptive structures: the idea of being constantly dealing with the adversity and a strongest power, and the relationship with time. In this second case, we are able to demystify the current belief of a present preponderance. As a result, it’s also possible to make an approach to the influence of death in their ways of living.   Keywords: adversity, temporality

  10. Die poësie van Elisabeth Eybers


    26 Feb 2005 ... Eybers. “Musiek” en “Kind voor die klavier” het 'n religieuse perspektief waar die musiek verband hou met die betree van 'n ander dimensie. Die speel van Mozart se musiek op die klavier is vir die tienerkind 'n transendente ervaring: “Sy tas tot oor die rand van die gebied / waar drome klank word, klaar en ...

  11. Vom Sprechen des Unsagbaren und vom Sehen des Unsichtbaren oder die essayistische Suche nach der verlorenen Ganzheit On Speaking about the Unspeakable and Seeing the Invisible or: The Search for Lost Entirety

    Maria Marchetta


    Full Text Available Christina Scherer weist in ihrer Dissertation die strukturelle Äquivalenz zwischen einer essayistischen Filmästhetik und dem Prozess des Erinnerns auf. Ivens, Marker, Godard und Jarman thematisieren in und mit ihren Filmen die Unverfügbarkeit der Erinnerung und halten trotz ihres Zweifels an der Abbildbarkeit von Welt und ihrer Einsicht in die Uneinholbarkeit der Vergangenheit den Horizont der Möglichkeit von Erinnerung offen. In Essayfilmen sind es vor allem die selbstreflexive Selbstvergewisserung, die Einsicht in das unausweichliche Verfehlen der Vergangenheit und der melancholische Rückblick auf eine verloren gegangene Ganzheit, die einen fühlenden Verstand und ein denkendes Herz generieren.Christina Scherer’s dissertation points to the structural equivalence between the aesthetics of the essay film and the process of remembering. Ivens, Marker, Godard and Jarman make the unavailability of memory their central theme. Despite the filmmakers’ doubts about the possibility of replicating a true image of the world and their knowledge of the irretrievability of the past they nonetheless insist on the possibility of memory. Reflectively positioning oneself, acknowledging inevitable errors of the past, and looking back in melancholy on a lost entirety are some of the strategies in essay films which generate a sympathetic mind and a thinking heart.

  12. Die eerste siklus. Etienne Leroux. Kaapstad: Human & Rous- seau ...

    Ulysses) om die prys wat hy in 'n lotery gewen het op te eis. In die proses kom hy in aanraking met 'n mikrokosmiese snit van die Suid-. Afrikaanse samelewing en word hy ook gaandeweg verlos van sy illusies. Alhoewel 'n mens vandag die roman sou kon waardeer vir die wyse waarop dit Kaapstad in die vyftigerjare en ...

  13. die geometriese en riviergrense van suidwes-afrika, met spesiale ...

    tuig die" Star" oak gestuur am die Britse vlag by al die aandoenplekke langs die weskus tot so ver as Angola te ... Anderson wat oak tussen 1859 en 1867 verkenningstogte in die land onderneem het, het veral die ylbe- .... upon maps where no White man's foot has ever trod; we have been giving away mountains and rivers ...



    moet bid. Sedert die laaste oorlog is dit duidelik dat die mensheid begin het om teen sy grense aan te stoot. Dis nie meer so dat die gebeure van die wêreldgeskiedenis elke keer net 'n deel van die aarde of sekere kultuurkringe in beroering bring nie. Agter die wat in beroering gebring is, was daar nie meer ander bekende ...

  15. Hoe geregverdig is die kritiek teen 'n toeganklike vertaalteks ...

    Met die huidige demografiese verspreiding en die taalopset in ons land behoort die dienste van vertalers en tolke meer sigbaar te word en behoort hulle 'n groter rol in die samelewing te speel. Deur die ondersteuning van gekwalifiseerde vertalers, tolke en vertaalprojekte sal ons meehelp om die talige werklikheid te ...


    onder Chiang. Kaishek teen die Kommuniste onder. Mao Tse-tung. Die stryd kan verdeel word in vier fases: (1) Die stryd in Suidoos-China in dele van die provinsies Hunan, Kiangsi en. Fukien, 1928- 1934. (2) Die Lang Mars van die Kommunis- tiese stryders onder leiding van Mao van Suidoos-China na Noordwes-China.

  17. Die TAT-Z as voorspeller vir prestasiemotivering

    F. V. N. Cilliers


    Die gebruik van die TAT-Z, 'n projeksietoets vir Swartmans, word ondersoek om prestasiemotivering veral tydens die indiensnemingsituasie te voorspel. Positiewe resultate is op 3 van die 10 kaarte (nrs. 4, 6 en 9 van die TAT-Z verkry. Aanbevelings word gemaak aangaande die aanpassing van hierdie projeksietoets ten einde meer inligting oor prestasiemotivering, bloot te lê.


    grond daarvan dat Marx en Lenin niks geweet het van 'n pre-kapitalistiese gemeenskap nie en dat hulle vertroue in die klassestryd nie verband hou met die situasie in Afrika nie asook dat hulle nie die groei van kapitalisme en die mee- gaande stryd tussen die industriele proletariaat en die kapitalistiese klas meegemaak.

  19. Geskiedsfilosofie in 'n krisis: Die noodwendigheid en aktualiteit van ...

    Die filosofie is deel van die mens se lewenspraxis wat horn altyd voltrek binne die raamw^erk van wat een- maal genoem is die 'polis', en wat ons vandag breedweg kan bestempel as die politieke proses waardeur mense in staatlike en interstaatlike verband poog om iets van die goeie lewe (the good life) te verwerklik.

  20. Vacuum die attach for integrated circuits

    Schmitt, E.H.; Tuckerman, D.B.


    A thin film eutectic bond for attaching an integrated circuit die to a circuit substrate is formed by coating at least one bonding surface on the die and substrate with an alloying metal, assembling the die and substrate under compression loading, and heating the assembly to an alloying temperature in a vacuum. A very thin bond, 10 microns or less, which is substantially void free, is produced. These bonds have high reliability, good heat and electrical conduction, and high temperature tolerance. The bonds are formed in a vacuum chamber, using a positioning and loading fixture to compression load the die, and an IR lamp or other heat source. For bonding a silicon die to a silicon substrate, a gold silicon alloy bond is used. Multiple dies can be bonded simultaneously. No scrubbing is required. 1 figure.