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  1. Musculoskeletal disorders in main battle tank personnel

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nissen, Lars Ravnborg; Guldager, Bernadette; Gyntelberg, Finn


    PURPOSE: To compare the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders of personnel in the main battle tank (MBT) units in the Danish army with those of personnel in other types of army units, and to investigate associations between job function in the tank, military rank, and musculoskeletal problems......, and ankle. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: There were only 4 women in the MBT group; as a consequence, female personnel were excluded from the study. The participation rate was 58.0% (n = 184) in the MBT group and 56.3% (n = 333) in the reference group. The pattern of musculoskeletal disorders among personnel...

  2. Defeating Mechanisms of Armours for Main Battle Tanks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Manfred Held


    The fundamental protection principles of the new armours for main battle tanks against kinetic energy projectiles (KE) and chemical energy weapons (CE)--shaped charges are shortly described and their efficiency against both threats discussed. The armour topics can be split into: "perpendicular or zero-degree armours", such as rolled homogeneous armour (RHA), also with extremely high strength, ceramics, glass, liquid filled columns and explosive filled cells,"inclined armours", as spaced RHA plates with their corner effects, bulging armour, additive and integrated explosive reactive armours (ERA) and "hard kill active defence possibilities" in different defeating distances.

  3. Measurements of Gun Tube Motion and Muzzle Pointing Error of Main Battle Tanks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter L. McCall


    Full Text Available Beginning in 1990, the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC began testing a prototype cannon mounted in a non-armored turret fitted to an M1A1 Abrams tank chassis. The cannon design incorporated a longer gun tube as a means to increase projectile velocity. A significant increase in projectile impact dispersion was measured early in the test program. Through investigative efforts, the cause of the error was linked to the increased dynamic bending or flexure of the longer tube observed while the vehicle was moving. Research and investigative work was conducted through a collaborative effort with the US Army Research Laboratory, Benet Laboratory, Project Manager – Tank Main Armament Systems, US Army Research and Engineering Center, and Cadillac Gage Textron Inc. New test methods, instrumentation, data analysis procedures, and stabilization control design resulted through this series of investigations into the dynamic tube flexure error source. Through this joint research, improvements in tank fire control design have been developed to improve delivery accuracy. This paper discusses the instrumentation implemented, methods applied, and analysis procedures used to characterize the tube flexure during dynamic tests of a main battle tank and the relationship between gun pointing error and muzzle pointing error.

  4. Display implementation in the Abrams Main Battle Tank (United States)

    Wyrembelski, Rick J.


    This paper provides an overview of a major weapon system, the Abrams Main Battle Tank, as it relates to Flat Panel Display (FPD) technology. The Abrams pioneered FPD implementation in military ground vehicles in response to the integration of embedded computer systems into the tank. This major weapon system is poised to field the latest upgrade, the System Enhancement Package (SEP), with 2nd generation Flat Panel Displays. This has been accomplished by managing requirements, dynamic communication with FPD research and development programs, and aggressively leveraging those programs. The tank has progressed from implementing available FPDs to influencing the enabling of FPD technology. The experience gained offers valuable insight to following ground vehicle systems and to those diligently working to fully enable this critical technology.

  5. Interactive High Resolution Force-on-Force Model. Main Battle Processor Source Code Listing. (United States)


    aewreucoPoet04¶)WangnC25C 1. AGENCY USE ONLY (Leav’e blank) 2?. REPORT DATE 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED lApril 1994 7 Technical October 1993-March94 4...mission profile of a future main battle tank for the year 2015. However, the software is sufficiently flexible to permit the analysis of tradeoffs involving...rsc~a FACTOR IO AHGI C C 17AC SRNSCLGFACTOR FO DIORECTION COMMONiGO?40XJJ SWALE SOFACT PREACT.WACT C AACT PRITER CAIN FACTOR FOREX DIRECTION COMiOOOiSU

  6. Comparison of Balance and Out of Balance Main Battle Tank Armaments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David J. Purdy


    Full Text Available It has been commonly thought that stabilising an out of balance gun on a moving platform (tank or ship is very difficult or impossible to achieve. Using models of a balanced and out of balance gun on a main battle tank this is shown not to be the case. The models of the guns used, include the effect of non-linear friction and out of balance. To improve the stabilisation of the out of balance gun, trunnion vertical acceleration feedforward is used.

  7. Interaction among the Criteria Affecting Main Battle Tank Selection: An Analysis with DEMATEL Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz Gazibey


    Full Text Available Main battle tanks (MBTs have always been in the heart of all military campaigns and have enabled armies to fight across the full spectrum of war. Countries need to consider the complex interactions between subsystems of MBTs in the decision phase of a design process or MBT acquisition. In order to define the interaction among the subsystems of ‘system of systems’, which is MBT system for this case, this study aims to determine the criteria and their sub criteria affecting MBT selection problem and to analyse the cause and effect relations among these criteria. The criteria and the complex interaction among them have been determined by consulting a group of experts. Because of multiple complex criteria interactions in MBT selection problem, decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL method is used as a multiple criteria decision making method. DEMATEL method is applied on the main and the sub criteria separately to understand the cause and effect relations. The results show that Survivability main criterion has the strongest central role among the main criteria for MBT selection, while the followers are firepower, mobility and command and control (C2. It is also shown that, in terms of sub criteria for MBT selection, ballistic protection, a sub criterion of survivability main criterion, has the highest degree of influence over most of the other sub criteria. However, physical dimensions/silhouette, another sub criterion of survivability, is the most affected sub criteria. The top five sub criteria in terms of central role are determined as physical dimensions/silhouette, ballistic protection, power/weight ratio, ground pressure and suspension system.

  8. Potential of Aerostats for the Recovery of Disabled Main Battle Tanks and Other Heavy Military Vehicles and Equipment (United States)


    PAGE UNCLASSIFIED 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT UL 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 90 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (include area code) 301 -227-5468...investigated for use in the ISO tank design: Stainless Steel Cold Rolled ( AISI Type 302 Stainless Steel, cold rolled to 1550 Mpa tensile strength) Titanium...Battle Tanks and Other Heavy Military Equipment 75 Appendix 5: ‘Hydrogen Storage’ Information MatWeb, The Online Materials Database AISI Type 302

  9. The Yersinia pestis caf1M1A1 fimbrial capsule operon promotes transmission by flea bite in a mouse model of bubonic plague. (United States)

    Sebbane, Florent; Jarrett, Clayton; Gardner, Donald; Long, Daniel; Hinnebusch, B Joseph


    Plague is a zoonosis transmitted by fleas and caused by the gram-negative bacterium Yersinia pestis. During infection, the plasmidic caf1M1A1 operon that encodes the Y. pestis F1 protein capsule is highly expressed, and anti-F1 antibodies are protective. Surprisingly, the capsule is not required for virulence after injection of cultured bacteria, even though it is an antiphagocytic factor and capsule-deficient Y. pestis strains are rarely isolated. We found that a caf-negative Y. pestis mutant was not impaired in either flea colonization or virulence in mice after intradermal inoculation of cultured bacteria. In contrast, absence of the caf operon decreased bubonic plague incidence after a flea bite. Successful development of plague in mice infected by flea bite with the caf-negative mutant required a higher number of infective bites per challenge. In addition, the mutant displayed a highly autoaggregative phenotype in infected liver and spleen. The results suggest that acquisition of the caf locus via horizontal transfer by an ancestral Y. pestis strain increased transmissibility and the potential for epidemic spread. In addition, our data support a model in which atypical caf-negative strains could emerge during climatic conditions that favor a high flea burden. Human infection with such strains would not be diagnosed by the standard clinical tests that detect F1 antibody or antigen, suggesting that more comprehensive surveillance for atypical Y. pestis strains in plague foci may be necessary. The results also highlight the importance of studying Y. pestis pathogenesis in the natural context of arthropod-borne transmission.

  10. 陆军主战装备自主式保障系统及其评价%Study on Autonomic Logistic System of Army Main Battle Equipment and Evaluation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈春良; 陈伟龙; 魏兆磊; 刘彦; 曾治巍


    The basic framework of Autonomic Logistic System (ALS)of Army main battle equipment is and the influence factors and primary evaluation indicators of support capability of ALS are analyzed.Pri-mary evaluation indicators are optimized through Quality Function Development (QFD)and evaluation in-dex system of support capability is constructed.Evaluation model of support capability based on Group An-alytic Hierarchy Process (GAHP)and Cloud Theory (CT)is put forward and used to evaluate ALS and traditional support system.Advantages and potential problems of ALS are raised by comparative analysis, which provides a reference for further study and construction of ALS.%分析了陆军主战装备自主式保障系统的基本架构及陆军主战装备保障能力的影响因素,初选了其评价指标,并应用质量功能展开法(Quality Function Development,QFD)进行了优选,构建了评价指标体系,提出了基于群层次分析法(Group Analytic Hierachy Process,GAHP)云理论(Cloud Theory,CT)的评价模型,并应用该模型对自主式保障系统与现行保障系统的保障能力进行了评价,通过对比分析提出了自主式保障系统的优势与可能存在的问题,为自主式保障系统的研究与建设提供参考。

  11. Battle of France WWII (United States)

    Gadhath, Arpitha Rao

    The purpose of this thesis is to build an interactive Geographical Information System (GIS) tool, relating to the series of events that occurred during the Battle of France World War II. The tool gives us an insight about the countries involved in the battle, their allies and their strategies. This tool was created to use it as a one stop source of information regarding all the important battles that took place, which lead to the fall of France. The tool brings together the maps of all the countries involved. Integrated with each map is the data relevant to that map. The data for each country includes the place of attack, the strategies used during the attack, and the kind of warfare. The tool also makes use of HTML files to give all the information, along with the images from the time of the war and a footage which explains everything about the particular battle. The tool was build using JAVA, along with the use of MOJO (Map Objects Java Objects) to develop Maps of each of the countries. MOJO is developed by ESRI (Environmental Science Research Institute) which makes it easier to add data to the maps. It also makes highlighting important information easier making use of pop-up windows, charts and infographics. HTML files were designed making use of the open-source template developed by Bootstrap. The tool is built in such a way that the interface is simple and easy for the user to use and understand.

  12. Embedded battle command: a vehicle systems integrator's prospective (United States)

    Frey, Terry L.; Wyrembelski, Rick J.


    This paper provides an overview of a major weapon system, the Abrams Main Battle Tank, as it relates to the integration of EMbedded Battle Command and Control element is essential to the tanks future role in the Army as they focus more on increased organizational effectiveness and less on individual platforms. The Abrams is poised to field the Abrams System Enhancement Package with its 2nd generation of Command and Control.

  13. Airland Battle Doctrine (United States)


    follow-on forces attack ( FOFA ) doctrine. These critics believe that NATO, with the FOFA concept, already has the flexibility to carry the battle to...confusing and redundant and that it would cause the U.S. to pursue a course independent of the rest of NATO. FOFA is thought by many to address the problem of...for the processing and analysis of intelligence data, make possible "natural language" recognition, give "vision" ability to target acquisition and

  14. The Electronic Battle Box (United States)

    Gouin, Denis; Turcotte, Guy; Lebel, Eric; Gilbert, Annie


    The Electronic Battle Box is an integrated suite of planning and decision-aid tools specially designed to facilitate Canadian Armed Force Officers during their training and during their tasks of preparing and conducting military operations. It is the result of a collaborative effort between the Defence Research Establishment Valcartier, the Directorate of Army Doctrine (DAD), the Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR), the G4 staff of 1Cdn Div HQ and CGI Information and Management Consultants Inc. Distributed on CD-ROM, the Electronic Battle Box contains efficient and user-friendly tools that significantly reduce the planning time for military operations and ensure staff officers a better focus on significant tasks. Among the tools are an OrBat Browser and an Equipment Browser allowing to view and edit military organizations, a Task Browser providing facilities to prepare plans using Gantt charts, a Logistic Planner allowing to estimate supply requirements applying complex calculations, and Road, Air and Rail Movement Planners. EBB also provides staff officers with a large set of doctrinal documents in an electronic format. This paper provides an overview of the various tools of the Electronic Battle Box.

  15. Battle for natural resources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This book examines federal land management conflicts in the nation's resource battles. It begins by tracing the shift away from the 19th century policy of granting, giving, or selling lands to homesteaders, railroads, and miners toward the modern-day belief in preserving wilderness and conserving public resources through permanent government control. Subsequent chapters outline specific controversies over leasing federal energy reserves, selling timber from national forests, controlling grazing by ranchers' livestock on federally owned rangelands, and opening the public lands for prospecting and mining. The book concludes by assessing the building tensions between regions within the US over federal policies on water, public lands, and their resources. 109 references, 13 tables.

  16. Case-Studie af Fredericia Battle 1849

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konzack, Lars


    En gennemgang af hvordan oplevelsesøkomien fungerer diskursivt - med Fredericia Battle 1849 som case.......En gennemgang af hvordan oplevelsesøkomien fungerer diskursivt - med Fredericia Battle 1849 som case....

  17. Deficiencies in Current and Emerging Rear Battle Doctrine. (United States)


    CLASS. (of duoe repo"t) *Unclassified SCM EDL 1S. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT (of this Report) Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 17...resouring a third command post from active components . The VII US Corps has conducted the airland battle using a three command post concept (TAC, MAIN

  18. Remembering the Battle for Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elizabeth Rechniewski


    Full Text Available For the last two years, Australia has commemorated, on the first Wednesday in September, the ‘Battle for Australia Day’, to mark the role of Australian forces fighting the Japanese in the Pacific in WWII. The aim of this article is to identify the agents involved in the campaign for the gazetting of this day and the justifications advanced; to trace the conflicting narratives and political and historical controversies surrounding the notion of a ‘Battle for Australia’; and to outline the shifts in domestic and international politics and generational change that provide the context for the inauguration of this day.

  19. Human Factors Engineering Data Base Development for Armored Combat Vehicles and Analyses of Three NATO Tank Systems. Volume 3. Human Factors Engineering Analysis of the British Chieftain Main Battle Tank. (United States)


    Commander’s Hatch nure -’. ommanoer- ; Haiter Handle. ind Comnat .-cc:, - .. .. m - . . . . ° : - THE BDM CORPORATION BDM/ABQ-86-0608-TR U 23 inches...3, 1986 8 0MIABQ-86-0608-TR I 86 8 7 089 Smm • ’ THE BDM CORPORATION 1801 Randoiph Road, S.E, Albuquerque, NM 87106 0 (505) 848-5000 _ _. I. * HUMAN...5 % 5-| THE BDM CORPORATION BDM/ABQ-86-O608-TR TABLE OF CONTENTSR Chapter Page I HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERING ANALYSIS OF THE BRITISH CHIEFTAIN MAIN

  20. The Battling 'Bots of Bloomsburg High (United States)

    Gorman, Lynn


    In this article, the author describes how students in Kirk Marshall's industrial technology class at Bloomsburg Area High School, Pennsylvania, designed and manufactured battling robots (BattleBots) and their participation in an annual national robotics competition. According to Marshall, designing and building a complex robot would be virtually…

  1. Credibility battles in the autism litigation. (United States)

    Kirkland, Anna


    That vaccines do not cause autism is now a widely accepted proposition, though a few dissenters remain. An 8-year court process in the US federal vaccine injury compensation court ended in 2010 with rulings that autism was not an adverse reaction to vaccination. There were two sets of trials: one against the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and one against the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. The MMR story is more widely known because of publicity surrounding the main proponent of an MMR-autism link, British doctor Andrew Wakefield, but the story of thimerosal in court is largely untold. This study examines the credibility battles and boundary work in the two cases, illuminating the sustaining world of alternative science that supported the parents, lawyers, researchers, and expert witnesses against vaccines. After the loss in court, the families and their advocates transformed their scientific arguments into an indictment of procedural injustice in the vaccine court. I argue that the very efforts designed to produce legitimacy in this type of lopsided dispute will be counter-mobilized as evidence of injustice, helping us understand why settling a scientific controversy in court does not necessarily mean changing anyone's mind.

  2. Evidential Reasoning in Air Battle Systems

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Bayesian statistics assigns basic probabilities to singletons (single element sets). The Dempster-Shafer evidence theory generalizes Bayesian statistics by assigning basic probabilities to subsets to represent evidence and to develop evidential reasoning. This paper discusses what is the strength of evidence theory. As an application of evidence theory, evidential reasoning in air battle systems is discussed. In the air battle system, evidential reasoning is applied to fuse the multisensor information and identify the type of aircraft. The effectiveness of this fusion approach is evaluated by simulated data.

  3. Sea battle-filed simulation based on Vega

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Jing; CHEN Jie; GUO Mao-zu


    To study battle-field simulation methods based on Vega, a virtual battle-field simulated by an imaginary combat happened on the sea was designed. The simulation framework in the sea battle-filed included helicopter simulation, fire simulation, collision detection and detonation, and simulation of dynamic sea surface.The method to build the imulation environments and actions to them was discussed. And the simulation experiments were conducted. , It is indicated that the simulated sea battle-field based on Vega is feasible and helpful for forces and battle-field.

  4. Battle of Laurel Hill - May 1864. (United States)


    and burning furiously in every direction, and there was no suitable place for a rest. The road by which I was conducted was narrow and frequently... happy mistake they were fighting themselves. It seemed a heavy battle and we had nothing to do with it."(187> (See Figure 19) Federal accounts report

  5. "Losing Battles": The Tests of Endurance. (United States)

    Rienstra, Phillis

    The works of Eudora Welty challenge the abilities of the oral reader who wishes to interpret them properly. Her novel, "Losing Battles," requires careful attention to the narrative point of view as a guide to its various dimensions of meaning. The narrative shifts through the consciousnesses of various characters of four generations in a rural…

  6. SHRUB BATTLE: Understanding the Making of Landscape (United States)

    Depigny, Sylvain; Michelin, Yves


    Landscape changes in Europe's rural areas seem to generate a more visible impact. This trend raises new questions on rural management and brings about a conflict between farmers' land-use patterns and public expectations, which are often exclusively based on esthetics. The aim of the SHRUB BATTLE board game is to help tutors make future rural…

  7. Low-level Battle Management Language

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Alstad, A.; Mevassvik, O.M.; Nielsen, M.N.; Løvlid, R.A.; Henderson, H.C.; Jansen, R.E.J.; Reus, N.M. de


    TNO (The Netherlands) and FFI (Norway) are cooperating in extending a COTS Computer Generated Forces (CGF) tool with a Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) interface for executing C-BML orders and issuing reports. Due to the lack of satisfactory models for command and control (C2)/combat man

  8. Vukovar 1991 Battle and Cultural Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Cvikić


    Full Text Available In this paper it is argued that Vukovar 1991 Battle traumatic memory wearing away process is a social issue and cannot be simply amputated by modernist narratives from accumulated traces of the past. Instead, those traumatic memories are constantly reconstructed, repressed, or transformed in some way or another under the pressure of manipulative power politics and competing ideologies in contemporary Croatian society.  Therefore, the question this paper asks is whether war crimes and atrocities committed in Vukovar 1991 have its meaningful place in the Croatian cultural memory and whether  social research techniques into contemporary cultural memory in Croatia can afford to avoid testimonial narrations of the Vukovar 1991 Battle and war experiences since they are an integral part of the collective memory?

  9. The Gaugamela Battle Eclipse: An Archaeoastronomical Analysis (United States)

    Polcaro, V. F.; Valsecchi, G. B.; Verderame, L.

    A total lunar eclipse occurred during the night preceding the decisive Battle of Gaugamela (20th September 331 BCE), when the Macedonian army, led by Alexander the Great, finally defeated the Persian king Darius and his army. This astronomical event, well known to historians, had a relevant role on the battle outcome. The eclipse was described in detail by Babylonian astronomers, though, unfortunately, the text of their report has only partially been preserved. We have reconstructed the evolution of the phenomenon as it appeared to the observer in Babylonia, by using the positional astronomy code "Planetario V2.0". On the base of this reconstruction we suggest a number of integrations to the lost part of the text, allowing a finer astrological interpretation of the eclipse and of its influence on the mood of the armies that set against each other on the following morning.

  10. Battle of Algiers: Counter Insurgency Success (United States)


    liberty and suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis during World War 19 Two would resort to acts of torture. Once evidence of the torture tactics...1969), 31. 15 Paul Aussaresses, The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Algeria 1955-1957, ( Enigma Books, 2002), 66,77. 16 Horne...and Counterterrorism in Algeria 1955- 1957. Enigma Books, 2002. Barbour, Nevill. "The Significance of the Conflict in Algeria." African Affairs Vol. 56

  11. Battle Command: An Approach to Wickedness (United States)


    blank slate‖ ( tabula rasa – a blank mind) approach that allows the practitioner to develop a true appreciation of the unique problem without...Command describes the role of the commander in the Operations Process. 11 Commanders must understand the nature of their environment, the disposition of...Operations Process. The commander‘s role within the Operational Process is Battle Command. On Wickedness A problem, as defined by FM 5-0, is the

  12. The Decisiveness of the Battle of Midway (United States)


    Imperial Defense Policy was not shaped by, say, a Japanese National Security Strategy (as is the case in the United States today), but rather by...particular the United States) and the Japanese . Analyzing these changes will either point towards the decisiveness of the battle, towards its validity...decision making for both the Allies (and in particular the United States) and the Japanese . Analyzing these changes will either point towards the

  13. 333 World Battles; a Bibliography of Periodical Articles (Second Series). (United States)


    BATTLE 1968 “HA lO’ s Role After Czechoslovakia , ” Stanley L. Harrison, Military Review, 49:12—23 , Jul. 1969 . BRESLAU BATTLE 1945 “The Fighting of... Gladston e’ s Invasion of E~ rpt (1882) — a Revelation of Military Weakness ,” Brian Bond , Army Quarterly, 81:87— 92 , Oct. 1960. “EIGHTY MINUTE” WAR 1967...Jan . 1969 . • HUNAIN BATTlE 630 A. D. “Arab Generalship from Muhammad , the Prop h~t , to Ibn Saud , the Lord of • Arabia ,” Maj . P. G. Boxhall

  14. Muscle Activity during Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Battle Rope Exercises

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Calatayud, J.; Martin, F.; Colado, J. C.


    Calatayud, J, Martin, F, Colado, JC, Benitez, JC, Jakobsen, MD, and Andersen, LL. Muscle activity during unilateral vs. bilateral battle rope exercises. J Strength Cond Res 29(10): 2854-2859, 2015High training intensity is important for efficient strength gains. Although battle rope training is m...

  15. Philostorgius’ Account of the Battle at Mursa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alenka Cedilnik


    Full Text Available On September 28, 351 AD, Emperor Constantius II defeated the usurper Magnentius in the battle at Mursa. While the battle is described in several ancient sources, the present study focuses on the account given by Philostorgius. Philostorgius is the first known author to have included in his description of the battle the appearance of a cross in the sky, drawing on the writings of an unknown Arian historian. But for all its seemingly miraculous connotations, Philostorgius’ story is no mere figment of the imagination. It is based on a perfectly natural meteorological phenomenon, the parhelia or phantom suns, which had been observed on May 7, 351, in the sky above Jerusalem. They were interpreted at the time as the sign of Christ’s cross, and the contemporary Jerusalem bishop, Cyril, provided a detailed description in a letter to Emperor Constantius. But while the Bishop already saw this phenomenon as a sign of God’s favour to Constantius, the appearance of the cross above Jerusalem was not immediately associated with the slightly later conflict at Mursa. This connection was only established by Arian historians, who used the story of the vision before the Mursa battle to glorify Emperor Constantius, a supporter of Arianism. The earliest source known today is an anonymous Arian historian writing in the late 4th century: his work provided the basis for Philostorgius’ account of the Mursa battle. Still, the association of the visions above Jerusalem and Mursa is perhaps not to be attributed merely to the Arian authors’ partiality to Emperor Constantius. It may have been prompted by two natural but hardly everyday celestial phenomena as well: on May 28, 355, the Balkans, including Mursa, witnessed a total solar eclipse, while August 8, 351, brought a partial eclipse to an area of the Balkans (but not to Mursa. The two eclipses may have influenced Philostorgius’ account of the Mursa battle. While neither the eclipse nor the parhelia visible

  16. Lope and the Battle-Speech

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the way in which Lope de Vega conceives in his theater the pre-battle harangue, the most characteristic speech in ancient and renaissance historiography. Having this aim in mind, I have analyzed the role played by this type of speech in a group of plays dealing with historical and military subjects. These plays were written in a period when Lope was particularly interested in historical issues: La Santa Liga (1598-1603, Arauco domado (1599, El asalto de Mastrique (1595-1606 and Los Guanches de Tenerife (1604-1606.

  17. Analysis of Factors That Have Influenced Outcomes of Battles and Wars: A Data Base of Battles and Engagements. Volume 1. Main Report. Selected Battles 1600 - 1973. (United States)


    attacks by the 1st and 9th Infantry Divisions on the 10th Panzer and Centauro Divisions, 24 March-S April; and the successful withdrawil of the two Axis...8217arch-10 April 1943, states (p. 5 thaton 23a st anry vision counter-attacked by Ger.n 10th Panzer Division and elements Centauro Division. Yet, the... Centauro Division occupied an 86- Attacker, 250 In error. kilometer front due to the penetration of the US 1st Armored Division on the right flank of

  18. Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner, Monterey Bay Commandery, NOUS tickets


    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)


    Web page capture of tickets to the Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner through Eventbrite. The Monterey Bay Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States will host the 73 Battle of Midway Dining-Out on Saturday 6 June at the Naval Support Activity, Monterey, Herrmann Hall, Naval Postgraduate School. This black-tie event is open to the all active and retired service members, military faculty, and civilians. Guests holding confirmed reservations will have gate access the evenin...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    PĂTRAŞCU Dumitru-Valentin


    Full Text Available The reserch of the present study was based on original documents from the document collection of the “Alexandru Ştefulescu” Museum of Gorj County in Târgu-Jiu in regard to the scouting in Romania. This study was dedicated to the anniversary of one hundred years of scouting in Romania and also to the participation of scouts Gheorghe and Mihail Cristescu, nephews of lawyer Constantin Dumitru Brătuianu from Ţicleni, Gorj county, at the battle of Amzacea (the southern part of Dobroudja region in the autumn of 1916.

  20. Army After Next, Airland Battle 2000, Futuristic Concepts or Jules Verne? (United States)


    service or government agency. STRATEGY RESEARCH PROJECT ARMY AFTER NEXT, AIRLAND BATTLE 2000, FUTURISTIC CONCEPTS OR JULES VERNE ? BY...AIRLAND BATTLE 2000, FUTURISTIC CONCEPTS OR JULES VERNE ? by LTC Francis G. Mahon Dr. Douglas V. Johnson Project Advisor Colonel Ronald Ouellette...Battle 2000, Futuristic Concepts or Jules Verne ? FORMAT: Strategy Research Project DATE: 14 April 1998 PAGES: 67 CLASSIFICATION

  1. 78 FR 68699 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV. A favorable comment from the National Business Aviation...

  2. 78 FR 41335 - Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain...). SUMMARY: This action proposes to establish Class E airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV, to...

  3. 78 FR 58159 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... Class E airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV, to facilitate vectoring of Instrument Flight Rules...

  4. 75 FR 12975 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... establish Class E airspace at Battle Mountain, NV, to accommodate aircraft using the VHF Omni-Directional... Battle Mountain Airport. This will improve the safety and management of Instrument Flight Rules...

  5. The Battle of Moscow - Turning Point of World War II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V M Falin


    Full Text Available The article is dedicated to the Battle of Moscow in October- December, 1941. Author analyzes the causes of the failure of German army, who tries to encircle and capture Moscow, the events taking place on the outskirts of Moscow, German troops attempts to encircle Moscow. The author presents data on the speech by Adolf Hitler in Berlin on October 5, 1941, in which he acknowledged the failure of the Blitzkrieg and the Battle for Moscow and its suburbs. The researcher uses the documents of the Wehrmacht High Command, which stated that after the Battle of Moscow, German troops could not on any further stage of the war to restore the quality and morale of the armed forces, with whom Reich rushed to a campaign for world domination. The author, a prominent public and political figure of the USSR, also relies on personal recollections, interviews with prominent generals of World War II, including I. Konev.

  6. True Stories of Censorship Battles in America's Libraries (United States)

    Nye, Valerie, Ed.; Barco, Kathy, Ed.


    Intellectual freedom is a core value of librarianship, but fighting to keep controversial materials on the shelves can sometimes feel like a lonely battle. And not all censorship controversies involve the public objecting to a book in the collection--libraries are venues for displays and meetings, and sometimes library staff themselves are tempted…

  7. Operationalizing Air-Sea Battle in the Pacific (United States)


    who gets what.൲ A civilian example- Uber -is an app-based system that matches taxi riders with drivers. In military terms, commander’s intent...the-economics-<>f-the-intemet -of-things/ . See, for example, the tech magazine Uber ’Thchnology Review. 43. Van Thl et al., AirSea Battle: A Point

  8. Enacting Informal Science Learning: Exploring the Battle for Informal Learning (United States)

    Clapham, Andrew


    Informal Science Learning (ISL) is a policy narrative of interest in the United Kingdom and abroad. This paper explores how a group of English secondary school science teachers, enacted ISL science clubs through employing the Periodic Table of Videos. It examines how these teachers "battled" to enact ISL policy in performative conditions…

  9. The Battle for Crete (Operation Mercury): An Operational Analysis (United States)


    London: Hodder and Stoughton , 1981), 152. iv “Part IV. The Mediterranean Theater,” 129. v Ibid. vi Ibid., 132. vii Department of the...1941. London: Hodder and Stoughton , 1981. Spencer, John H. Battle for Crete. London: White Lion Publishers Ltd., 1976. Tata, Anthony. “The

  10. Seuss's Butter Battle Book: Is There Hidden Harm? (United States)

    Van Cleaf, David W.; Martin, Rita J.


    Examines whether elementary school children relate to the "harmful hidden message" about nuclear war in Dr. Seuss's THE BUTTER BATTLE BOOK. After ascertaining the children's cognitive level, they participated in activities to find hidden meanings in stories, including Seuss's book. Students failed to identify the nuclear war message in Seuss's…

  11. "The Butter Battle Book": Engaging Children's Thoughts of War. (United States)

    Barone, Diane


    Discusses how "The Butter Battle Book" by Dr. Seuss can be used to introduce the moral issue of war to young children. Studies the written responses of 1,187 children in grades kindergarten to 6 to the story. Notes that only the fourth- through sixth-grade students (who felt themselves beyond Dr. Seuss) understood the allegorical nature of the…

  12. The Battle Command Sustainment Support System: Initial Analysis Report (United States)


    data.  Replica of Joint- Automatic Identification technology (J-AIT) database is stored on the NEDP Oracle database.  Materialized view of the...computing environment (CPCE) Command post client Battle command sustainment support System (BCS3) Logistics ...Overview 1 Effort Summary 1 Potential Roadblocks 2 National Enterprise Data Portal Analysis 2 Feed Dependencies 3 Data Feeds 3 Logistics

  13. School Finance 2005?06. Budget Sets Off Public Battle (United States)

    Perry, Mary


    For the past year, the issue of public education funding has been particularly contentious in California. A pitched political battle between education advocates and the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger began with a December 2004 preview of the governor's budget proposal for 2005?06. The fight continued through a spring filled with…

  14. Automotive IC reliability: Elements of the battle towards zero defects

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kuper, Fred G.


    The battle towards zero defects consists of fast response to PPM signals, prevention of incidents and continuous improvement. In this paper elements of all three branches are treated. A PPM analysis tool called quality crawl charts is introduced that enables prediction of customer complaint levels b

  15. Transforming a Core Curriculum--and Minimizing the Battle Scars (United States)

    Dwyer, Patricia M.


    It is notoriously difficult to change a core curriculum. As credit hours and course requirements are revised, politics quickly come into play and turf battles arise to create obstacles. The author writes that, in her experience, there are two default approaches to curricular change. The first is simply to "tweak" an existing…

  16. Details of the battle to control Campeche Bay spill

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Details of the battle to control Campeche Bay spill from Petroleos Mexicanos' well at Ixtoc 1 are given, including the poor performance of ''Operation Sombrero'' and air and surface monitoring of spill transport, particularly by the US Coast Guard.

  17. General George S. Patton, Jr: Master of Operational Battle Command. What Lasting Battle Command Lessons Can We Learn From Him? (United States)


    each soldier receive one pair of dry socks per day. It was also during this time that the Third Army had as many non battle casualties due to the...same perspective on his units in combat if he does not see them. General Patton was notorious for slipping into subordinate headquarters and simply

  18. Turf battles in radiology: how to avoid/how to fight/how to win

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schnyder, P.; Capasso, P.; Meuwly, J.Y. [Dept. of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital, Lausanne (Switzerland)


    Turf battles have always existed in radiology although recently, we have observed an increase in their numbers and sometimes in their virulence. The main reasons for this increase include the relative plethora of physicians especially in industrialized areas, and the rapid progress and development of medical technology and minimally invasive techniques. These turf battles risk interfering with the overall medical costs of local health care systems as they will inevitably lead to an increase in the concentration of complex medical devices controlled by different specialties which, in turn, will lead to an increase in number of invasive and noninvasive, diagnostic and therapeutic examinations. The only way that radiologists can hope to maintain control of today`s techniques will be if they are willing to offer qualitative expertise in their procedures with full clinical, academic and technological backing similar, or superior to that presented by our respective clinical and surgical colleagues. Furthermore,they should be fully involved in the decisional process and actual purchase of the technological equiment of their entire institution. (orig.) With 1 fig., 1 tab., 37 refs.

  19. Textual Research on the Site of the Battle of Guandu%官渡地望考辨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    崔军红; 冯艳艳


    The battle of Guandu is one of the most famous examples in Chinese history .In the past,people generally believed that the battle of Guandu occurred in ZhongMou , Henan, seems to have nothing to do with YuanYang , Henan.In fact,according to historical documents and the early period of Ming and YuanYang local historical re -cords ,as well as YuanYang Ming dynasty stele “The royal inscriptional record” and Qing dynasty “Rebuild inscrip-tional record” found recently ,we can assume that the village Matou in YuanYang is the main battleground of the battle of Guandu .%官渡之战是中国历史上最著名的战例之一。过去,人们一般认为官渡之战发生在河南中牟,似乎与河南原阳无关。根据早期史料和明清时期原阳地方史料的记载,以及近年在原阳发现的明代石碑《皇经碑记》和清代《重修碑记》,认定原阳马头村一带,就是官渡之战的主战场。

  20. Demonstration of the Early-on Manpower Requirements Estimation Methodology: M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (United States)


    Exploration Phase estimate" of the Ml manpower require- ments could have been made using ENREM . BI. ORGANIZATION OF THIS REPORT Section 11 of this report...considered in Section 1I. We begin the application of ENREM to the Ml in Section III by reviewing the development of the mission need statement that...the largest roles. But, for future applications of ENREM to Army weapon systems, particularly those in the Concept Exploration Phase, it is plausible

  1. SIMNET M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Simulation: Software Description and Documentation (United States)


    messages onto the shared memory queues. The controls software is organized into a finite state machine model , where the three states are based on the...several turret subsystems am initialized. The reasoning behind the finite state machine model Ls that the various controls in the tank- may be

  2. Main Memory

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P.A. Boncz (Peter); L. Liu (Lei); M. Tamer Özsu


    htmlabstractPrimary storage, presently known as main memory, is the largest memory directly accessible to the CPU in the prevalent Von Neumann model and stores both data and instructions (program code). The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them. It is also called Random

  3. Main Memory


    Boncz, Peter; Liu, Lei; Özsu, Tamer, M.


    Primary storage, presently known as main memory, is the largest memory directly accessible to the CPU in the prevalent Von Neumann model and stores both data and instructions (program code). The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them. It is also called Random Access Memory (RAM), to indicate that load/store instructions can access data at any location at the same cost, is usually implemented using DRAM chips, which are connected to the CPU and other peripherals (di...

  4. Air-Sea Battle Concept: Back to the Future? (United States)


    Merill B. Twining, No Bended Knee: The Battle For Guadalcanal. (Novato, Ca: Presidio Press, 1996), 46 21 James D. Hornfischer, Neptune’s Inferno ...NY: Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company, 1978), 22 23 James D. Hornfischer, Neptune’s Inferno : The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. (New York: Random...Marine Corps University, 2011. 25 Hornfischer, James D., Neptune’s Inferno : The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. New York: Random House, Inc, 2011

  5. A quantum relativistic battle of the sexes cellular automaton (United States)

    Alonso-Sanz, Ramón; Situ, Haozhen


    The effect of variable entangling on the dynamics of a spatial quantum relativistic formulation of the iterated battle of the sexes game is studied in this work. The game is played in the cellular automata manner, i.e., with local and synchronous interaction. The game is assessed in fair and unfair contests. Despite the full range of quantum parameters initially accessible, they promptly converge into fairly stable configurations, that often show rich spatial structures in simulations with no negligible entanglement.



    Adversaries saw the success of AirLand battle and sought ways to fracture the concept. Today, as adversaries leverage technological advances... two -dimensions that the US military is accustomed to fighting in. In accordance with the projected trends occurring in the forthcoming security...capabilities and limitations of our enemy to include the terrain that we would be contending with throughout operations. There were only two viable domains

  7. The 2008 Battle of Sadr City: Reimagining Urban Combat (United States)


    security forces were exacerbated by another important factor: divided loyalties . According to Omar al-Shahery, a former intelli- gence official in the...size and population would limit U.S. options in the coming battle, but its particular brand of urban terrain provided very favorable conditions for the...The tank in question was sitting directly opposite the EFP being interrogated by the robot. The EFP itself, a matte black object shaped like a coffee

  8. The Strategic Implications of the Battle of Stalingrad (United States)


    February 2004. 6 Jukes, 156. 7 Heinz Magenheimer, Hitler’s War (London: Cassell & Co., 1997), 171. 8 Georgi K. Zhukov, Marshal Zhukov’s Greatest...35 Ibid. 36 Georgi K. Zhukov, Marshal Zhukov’s Greatest Battles (New York: Cooper Square, 2002), 106. Reproduced with permission from Rowman...this_month_in_military_history.htm>; Internet; accessed 16 February 2004. 67 McTaggart, 10. 68 Carl von Clausewitz, On War, translated by Michael Howard and Peter Paret


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Key to Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation should be placed on the FiveMajor Changes Based on analysis and forecasting on grain consumption influencing factors, production influencing factors and import influencing factors, the supply and demand of main sorts of grain in China is forecas- ted respectively, including paddy, wheat, corn and soybean. In 2020, grain consumption quantity, grain production quantity and grain import quantity of China is 693 million tons, 644 million tons and 49 million tons respectively. For grain security in future, new stratagem on food security should be im- plemented, grain import circumstance and global grain security. Father mechanism should be im- proved, and early warning and regulation on grain production capacity should be paid attention to sys- temically.

  10. The Battle of Prairie Grove: Civilian Recollections of the Civil War. Teaching with Historic Places. (United States)

    Montgomery, Don; Baker, Lea Flowers

    Julia West was 14 years old when she viewed the carnage and destruction of the battle field at Prairie Grove, Arkansas. She was not the only young spectator at the battle, but she had one of the best views of the conflict. From her home on West Hill (AK), Julia beheld the horror and splendor of battle when the men of the Union Army of the Frontier…

  11. Computer Modelling of a Tank Battle with Helicopter Support

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chatter Singh


    Full Text Available The paper attempts to model a tank versus tank battle scenario in which the defender is provided an armed helicopter unit support, against surprise advance of the attacker towards an important place. The stochastic and dynamic nature of the battle system has been handled by means of Monte Carlo simulation. In that activities like move, search, fire, hit and kill are simulated and their effects generated in the model. The game has been repeated for parameters relating to (i fire power (ii mobility (iii intervisibility (iv blind shooting (v defender/attacker force ratio and (vi helicopter unit support with the defender. Then, average numerical effects in each case have been analysed.Although the results are based on tentative data, the. trend seems to suggest that a battalion of Centurion tanks or 2 coys with a helicopter unit support stand fairly good chance to defeat the attack by M-47/48 tanks equivalent to 4 coys. Neyertheless, the methodology provides an effective basis to systematically approach realistic situations and quantitatively assess weapon systems effectiveness under tactical alternatives and battle field environments.

  12. Proficiency Evaluation and Cost-Avoidance Proof of Concept M1A1 Study Results (United States)


    tabulated by crew then, using the same metrics and as the touchstone to combat readiness skills, the LFQ scores are also tabulated by crew. For the POC...gunnery proficiency could be attributed to the three crews gaining more experience in the AGTS; however, the POC uses LFQ scores as the touchstone

  13. The Design, Development and Fabrication of M1A1 Composite Roadwheels (United States)


    18 7.3.5.-i. Predicted Fatigue Life of GDLS Design ............... 30 7.4.2.-1. Tactix 138/H41 Resin Properties .................... 33...paint. Table 7.4.2.-i Tactix 138/H41 Resin Properties Viscosity at RT (cps) 250.0 Glass Transition Temp (tg) OF 368.0 Flex Strength (Ksi) 16.0 Flex

  14. Islam’s First Arrow: The Battle of Badr as a Decisive Battle in Islamic History and Its Significance Today (United States)


    diplomatic almost to the verge of dishonesty ” to the “establishment of the worship of the One God in Medinah and all...changes to [bin Laden‟s] philosophy” throughout their relationship.50 Originally, bin Laden was uninterested and undistinguished in academic and...what academic scholars have identified as the criteria for identifying decisive battle. Of all authors, Sir Edward Creasy remains the capstone; his

  15. Trained to battle cancer with particles

    CERN Document Server


    The successful treatment of tumours with hadrons – hadron therapy – is only possible when accelerator experts, physicists, biologists and oncologists combine their efforts and share their expertises. The PARTNER project aims at training young students to become the future leaders in this field. Four of them are affiliated to CERN as fellows. The four CERN students participating in the PARTNER project. From left to right: Daniel Abler (Germany), Faustin Laurentiu Roman (Romania), Vassiliki Kanellopoulos (Greece/Germany) and Till Tobias Boehlen (Germany). Students attending the first course organised in June 2009 by the PARTNER Network in Valencia, Spain.Till (Germany), Faustin (Romania), Vassiliki (Greece/Germany) and Daniel (Germany) are the four PhD students based at CERN and working for PARTNER – a Marie Curie programme funded by the European Commission over four years. Its main goal is t...

  16. The Battle of Honey Springs: The Civil War Comes to Indian Territory. Teaching with Historic Places. (United States)

    Adkins, Mike; Jones, Ralph

    Union Army troops marched south through Indian territory on July 17, 1863, to face the Confederate Army forces in a battle that would help determine whether the Union or the Confederacy would control the West beyond the Mississippi River. The Confederate troops that these soldiers faced in the Battle of Honey Springs concealed themselves among the…

  17. Battling Obesity in K-12 Learners from an Exercise Physiology Perspective (United States)

    Rattigan, Peter; Biren, Greg


    Physical education practitioners and programs have the opportunity and obligation to help children become physically educated, healthy, and active adults. This article discusses the battle against obesity in K-12 learners from an exercise physiology perspective and focuses on the fact that practitioners have all the tools they need to battle this…

  18. 76 FR 72025 - Noise Compatibility Program Notice for W.M. Kellogg Airport, Battle Creek, MI (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Noise Compatibility Program Notice for W.M. Kellogg Airport, Battle Creek... Administration (FAA) announces its determination that the noise exposure maps submitted by the City of Battle... Safety and Noise Abatement Act, herein after referred to as ``the Act'') and 14 Code of...

  19. Battle Stations: An Analysis of Design, Development, Implementation, and Training Effectiveness. (United States)


    Positive Motivation . c. Core Values. .9 Discuss the criteria for Battle Stations failure and procedures for dealing with specifically: a. Refusal to Train...for prebriefing and debriefing each Battle Stations scenario with specific emphasis on: a. Teamwork/Team-Building. b. Positive Motivation . c. Core

  20. Air-Sea Battle And The U.S. Rebalance To The Pacific (United States)


    Jacobson . “Securing Operational Access: Evolving the Air-Sea Battle Concept.” The National Interest February 11, 2015. Accessed January 30, 2016... 12219 Nathan , Andrew J. and Andrew Scobell. China’s

  1. 3 CFR 8465 - Proclamation 8465 of December 15, 2009. 65th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009 (United States)


    ... Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009 8465 Proclamation 8465 Presidential Documents Proclamations Proclamation 8465 of December 15, 2009 Proc. 8465 65th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009By the... the Bulge, a grateful Nation remembers the fallen who gave their lives in that critical battle, and...

  2. The Social Structure of Participants of the Battle of Blore Heath (September 23, 1459

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrey G. Prazdnikov


    Full Text Available The battle of Blore Heath which took place on September 23, 1459, marked the new stage of the Wars of Roses, which led to the change of dynasties at the English throne in less than two years. As it was not the clash of the main forces of House of Lancaster and House of York, the sources contain poor information about the battle’s participants. However, the analysis different sources let identify the names of 22 participants. Prosopographic study of this group contributes to the study of social behavior models, the degree of influence of the Wars of Roses on English society, the activity of representatives of different social strata. The social structure of the group, most of which are the representatives of the English gentry, is the object of the article. There is information in the sources about the origin of the knights. The House of York under the command of Earl of Salisbury were mostly from Northern and North-Western counties (Yorkshire, Westmorland, whereas House of Lancaster formed their troops in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire. As a rule, officers in the army of the Earl of Salisbury, were in close personal or family ties with him. The study of further lives of the participants of the battle and biographies of their children showed that the adherence of the chosen dynasty was preserved by generations and change of the parties was rather a deviation from the norm. English nobility of the second half of the 15th century had a high opinion of the value of loyalty and honor.

  3. Battle of Kasserine Pass: Defeat is a Matter of Scale (United States)


    America’s First Battles, 247. 7 Ernest Harmon, Combat Commander: Autobiography of a Soldier (New Jersey: Prentice- Hall , 1970), 146. 5 ENGIMA. The...Armored Division on February 14. The 10th Panzer Division quickly destroyed the ten M3 Stuart tanks of the 2nd Battalion, 168th Regimental Combat Team...Kasserine Pass.44 He is correct if he is comparing the diminutive M3 Stuart or the cobbled together M3 Grant/Lee to the German Panzer IV. The M4 Sherman

  4. Threat to AIDS funding continues past fiscal 1996 budget battles. (United States)

    Barnes, M


    AIDS community advocates face an ongoing battle to gain funding for AIDS research, care, and prevention within the upcoming 1997 fiscal year. The level of uncertainty experienced by the advocates has never been this high. The Democrats' and Republicans' call for a balanced budget will hurt AIDS programs, and domestic discretionary spending will be severely restricted in fiscal years 1996 to 2002. The challenge to AIDS advocates is to try to preserve the integrity of vital programs and safeguard the already fragile AIDS care infrastructure.

  5. Enhanced Battle Dynamics for the Force Evaluation Model. (United States)


    34 ON AVAILABILTY 0; ABSTRACT 21 ABSTRACT SECURITY CLASSIFICATION -"" %CASSVC’jNLMiTED 0 SAME AS RPT CTIC USERS UNCLASSIFIED V " 22a ’.AME OF (7) Number of weapon categories by air missions and aircraft type. (8) Artillery munition usage table. (9) Global air munition usage table. (b... usage summary. (4) Global air munition usage summary. (5) Forward Edge of the Battle Area summary plot. (c) Reports printed at end of simulation. (1

  6. Reflections on the Legal Battles Over Prisoners with Gender Dysphoria. (United States)

    Levine, Stephen B


    Momentum has shifted in the legal battles over the provision of sex reassignment surgery (SRS) for male prisoners. In 2015, two court decisions granted the operation and were not appealed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The author, who has participated in some of these battles as an expert, analyzes the strengths and limitations of the medical illness, developmental, and minority rights paradigms for Gender Dysphoria that are used to reach psychiatric opinions about medical necessity. Courts are influenced by the recommendation of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that inmates should be treated as are individuals in the community. This is a compassionate assertion, but one not fully informed by practical experience with SRS among prisoners. Most inmates requesting SRS through litigation are serving very long or life sentences. Their backgrounds are quite unlike most transgendered individuals encountered in the community. If long-term prisoners are provided with SRS, the study of their adaptations may enable future decisions to be based on adaptation data rather than the competing opinions of experts. Gathering such data may be challenged as an experiment, however, and viewed as unethical.

  7. Culture and Remembrance of War: the Battle of Vukovar and Its Social Repercussions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateo Žanić


    of remembrance, especially the verdicts for the “Vukovar Three”(V. Šljivančanin, M. Mrkšić and M. Radić. However, when Generals A. Gotovina and M. Markač were acquitted of war crimes on 16 November 2012, many concluded that Croatia won the legal war as well, and that the truth about the aggressors and victims was finally confirmed. In the third stage, after 2013, the main aspect of the remembrance culture is the discussion of the importance of the Battle of Vukovar for national identity and inside politics. The results of the 2011 Census showed that there were 34.9% of Serbs in Vukovar. The representatives of the Independent Democratic Serb Party demanded to be allowed to use Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet on the basis of that data. That caused debates in Croatian public, because it meant that the city that had been occupied until 1998, would again have street names in Cyrillic. That led to disagreements about the implementation of The Constitutional Act on The Rights of National Minorities in the Republic of Croatia in Vukovar. The attention was mostly focused on the valuation of heroic deeds and victim suffering in the Croatian War of Independence in comparison to other national goals. The division was especially noticeable during the memorial service for the Vukovar Remembrance Day in 2013. Vukovar then became an important part of the national identity and politics, where one side believed that the biggest problem was the lack of respect towards the victims, while the other side was more concerned about the fact that the civil rights of minorities were not respected. This period is predominated by the tension surrounding the rutinization of memory. Rutinization is a process predominated by debates about whether one historical event should be reconstructed using facts and given over to institutions, or it should get wider symbolic value, important for formation or preservation of the group’s opinion about itself. Some of the participants

  8. Are we losing the battle against cardiometabolic disease? The case for a paradigm shift in primary prevention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krämer Alexander


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cardiovascular and diabetic disease are the leading and preventable causes of death worldwide. The currently prognosticated dramatic increase in disease burden over the next two decades, however, bespeaks a low confidence in our prevention ability. This conflicts with the almost enthusiastic reporting of study results, which demonstrate substantial risk reductions secondary to simple lifestyle changes. Discussion There is a case to be made for a disregard of the difference between statistical significance and clinical relevance of the reported data. Nevertheless, lifestyle change remains the main weapon in our battle against the epidemic of cardiometabolic disease. But along the way from risk screening to intervention to maintenance the compound inefficiencies of current primary preventive strategies marginalize their impact. Summary Unless we dramatically change the ways in which we deploy preventive interventions we will inevitably lose the battle. In this paper we will argue for three provocative strategy changes, namely (a the disbanding of screening in favor of population-wide enrollment into preventive interventions, (b the substitution of the current cost utility analysis for a return-on-investment centered appraisal of interventions, and (c the replacement of standardized programs modeled around acute care by individualized and perpetual interventions.

  9. The battle for centre stage: Women's football in South Africa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engh, Mari Haugaa


    . This Focus draws on academic research, media reports and interviews with national team players to highlight the struggles and victories of South African women footballers over the last 40 years. Despite numerous challenges and setbacks, womenB football has experienced immense growth over the past 15 years....... Highlighting examples of battles for power and leadership, homophobic attitudes and attempts to feminise the bodies of women footballers, this Focus illustrates the hard fought victories and disappointing losses in the history of South African women's football.......From when the first official South African Women's National Football team was established in 1993, Banyana Banyana have been 'making it happen' for women's football in South Africa. National team players have become inspirational icons and role models for thousands of South African women and girls...

  10. The "Battle" of Managing Language Barriers in Health Care. (United States)

    Steinberg, Emma M; Valenzuela-Araujo, Doris; Zickafoose, Joseph S; Kieffer, Edith; DeCamp, Lisa Ross


    Providing safe and high-quality health care for children whose parents have limited English proficiency (LEP) remains challenging. Reports of parent perspectives on navigating language discordance in health care are limited. We analyzed portions of 48 interviews focused on language barriers from 2 qualitative interview studies of the pediatric health care experiences of LEP Latina mothers in 2 urban US cities. We found mothers experienced frustration with health care and reported suboptimal accommodation for language barriers. Six themes emerged relevant to health care across settings: the "battle" of managing language barriers, preference for bilingual providers, negative bias toward interpreted encounters, "getting by" with limited language skills, fear of being a burden, and stigma and discrimination experienced by LEP families. Parents' insights highlight reasons why effective language accommodation in health care remains challenging. Partnering with families to address the management of language barriers is needed to improve health care quality and safety for LEP patients and families.

  11. The copyright wars three centuries of trans-atlantic battle

    CERN Document Server

    Baldwin, Peter


    Today’s copyright wars can seem unprecedented. Sparked by the digital revolution that has made copyright—and its violation—a part of everyday life, fights over intellectual property have pitted creators, Hollywood, and governments against consumers, pirates, Silicon Valley, and open-access advocates. But while the digital generation can be forgiven for thinking the dispute between, for example, the publishing industry and Google is completely new, the copyright wars in fact stretch back three centuries—and their history is essential to understanding today’s battles. The Copyright Wars—the first major trans-Atlantic history of copyright from its origins to today—tells this important story. Peter Baldwin explains why the copyright wars have always been driven by a fundamental tension. Should copyright assure authors and rights holders lasting claims, much like conventional property rights, as in Continental Europe? Or should copyright be primarily concerned with giving consumers cheap and easy ac...

  12. Capital versus talent. The battle that's reshaping business. (United States)

    Martin, Roger L; Moldoveanu, Mihnea C


    For much of the twentieth century, labor and capital fought bitterly for control of the industrialized economy. The titans of industry ultimately won a resounding victory over the unions, but the story doesn't end there. In today's economy, value is largely the product of knowledge and information. Companies cannot generate profits without the ideas, skills, and leadership capabilities of knowledge workers. It's these factors--not technologies, not factories, and certainly not capital--that give the most successful companies their unique advantages. As knowledge workers come to realize this, and see that the demand for their talent outstrips the supply, they are steadily wresting more and more of the profits from shareholders. This time the battle is between the sources of capital and the producers of value, and how it will end is far from clear. The roots of the current conflict lie in the twentieth-century shift from industrial to managerial capitalism and the creation of a new class of professional talent, the authors explain. Since the arrival of the information-based economy in the past decade, tensions have escalated. The dramatic rise of CEO pay--and the public fire it has drawn--is a telling symptom. With this new battle, we're also witnessing a fundamental change in the political alignment of capital. The Left is now siding with "the common shareholder" against the well-compensated top tier of the labor pool. Shareholders seeing an unprecedented proportion of the return on their investments siphoned off to employees may well ask, is there no end to it? Increasingly, it's human capital that is the basis of value, and financial capital has become far more generic than shareholders would like to believe. The growing tensions between shareholders and managers cannot be ignored, and capitalism is at a crossroads--again.

  13. Building intelligence in third-generation training and battle simulations (United States)

    Jacobi, Dennis; Anderson, Don; von Borries, Vance; Elmaghraby, Adel; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Ragade, Rammohan


    Current war games and simulations are primarily attrition based, and are centered on the concept of force on force. They constitute what can be defined as "second generation" war games. So-called "first generation" war games were focused on strategy with the primary concept of mind on mind. We envision "third generation" war games and battle simulations as concentrating on effects with the primary concept being system on system. Thus the third generation systems will incorporate each successive generation and take into account strategy, attrition and effects. This paper will describe the principal advantages and features that need to be implemented to create a true "third generation" battle simulation and the architectural issues faced when designing and building such a system. Areas of primary concern are doctrine, command and control, allied and coalition warfare, and cascading effects. Effectively addressing the interactive effects of these issues is of critical importance. In order to provide an adaptable and modular system that will accept future modifications and additions with relative ease, we are researching the use of a distributed Multi-Agent System (MAS) that incorporates various artificial intelligence methods. The agent architecture can mirror the military command structure from both vertical and horizontal perspectives while providing the ability to make modifications to doctrine, command structures, inter-command communications, as well as model the results of various effects upon one another, and upon the components of the simulation. This is commonly referred to as "cascading effects," in which A affects B, B affects C and so on. Agents can be used to simulate units or parts of units that interact to form the whole. Even individuals can eventually be simulated to take into account the affect to key individuals such as commanders, heroes, and aces. Each agent will have a learning component built in to provide "individual intelligence" based on

  14. Support for the Confederate Battle Flag in the Southern United States: Racism or Southern Pride?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Joshua D. Wright; Victoria M. Esses


    ... in the Southern United States. We evaluate these two competing views in explaining attitudes toward the Confederate battle flag in the Southern United States through a survey of 526 Southerners...

  15. New Mexico, Arkansas Kroger Stores Compete in EPAs Sixth Annual Energy Star Battle of the Buildings (United States)

    DALLAS - (July 22, 2015) Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the 2015 Energy Star Battle of the Buildings. Kroger supermarkets and warehouses across New Mexico and Arkansas are among the groups fielding 6,500 buildings nationwi

  16. The Trumpet and the Wolf: Noises of Battle in Old English Poetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alice Jorgensen


    Full Text Available Descriptions of battle in Old English poetry frequently refer to noise: clattering weapons, howling beasts, and general clamor. Noises are particularly prominent in the type-scenes of the approach to battle and the beasts of battle, and they help evoke the psychological dimension of fighting, especially the mounting excitement and terror before the clash of armies. Further, beast-cries are often depicted as song; this is heavily ironic, but it also refers self-reflexively to the role of the poet. In _Exodus_ a contrast between trumpets and wolves articulates the drama of the Israelites’ struggle of faith. Trumpets are associated with courage, initiative, and communication, wolf-song with terror, paralysis, and loss of speech. The noisiness of the poem also helps to highlight, however, the poet’s mastery of a complex allegory. An exploration of battle noises enables us to relate Old English poetry to Elaine Scarry’s comments on language and war.

  17. Pitfalls of Technology: A Case Study of the Battle on Takur Ghar Mountain, Afghanistan (United States)


    8217 fall onto Takur Ghar. Predator. Due to the availability of a Predator feed at the various Tactical Operations Centers, higher headquarters assumed...have been, and continue to be, documented at the unit level. As one of the first battles of the Twenty-first century, the story of Takur The battle itself was a story of courage and sacrifice, one in v-trch seven Americans died fighting for their country - and for each other. It

  18. Application of Operational Art - The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 (United States)


    Application of Operational Art ­ The German gth Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 A Monograph by LTC (GS) Kim Oliver Frerichs German Army...Operational Art ­ The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 Sb. GRANT NUMBER Sc. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Sd. PROJECT NUMBER...ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S)Advanced Operational Arts Studies Fellowship, Advanced Military Studies Program. 11. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S

  19. [The new directive on tobacco products: "(a Battle) ended, (Battle) is just beginning"!]. (United States)

    Ciobanu, Magdalena; Postolache, Paraschiva


    As tobacco products are sold in all the 28 member states of the European Union, they are subject of regulation of the internal common market. Thus, the Directive 2001/37/EC lays down rules at Union level concerning the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products. In order to reflect scientific, market and international developments, substantial changes have to be made and the Directive was replaced by a new Directive. The process has begun in 2009 and was finished in December 2013, with a political agreement regarding the new provisions. The final vote in the European Parliament (expected for February 2014) will mark the end of a long and difficult legislative process. The article presents the main changes of the regulation of tobacco products from the point of view of health professionals, closer to their expectations and understandings. The complete text in Romanian and English language of the new directive will be available on:

  20. The battle for meaning: A cross-national film reception analysis of The Battle Cry of Peace in Switzerland and the Netherlands during World War I

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Zwaan, K.; gerber, adrian


    This article offers a cross-national analysis of the historical reception of the American war film The Battle Cry of Peace (J. Stuart Blackton and Wilfred North/Vitagraph, 1915) in the neutral countries of the Netherlands and Switzerland during World War I. Treating propaganda as a mode de lecture,

  1. Marshal Jean Lannes in the Battles of Saalfeld, Pultusk, and Friedland, 1806 to 1807: The Application of Combined Arms in the Opening Battle (United States)


    opening battle. 117 1Britt, Wars of Napoleon, 42. 2 Chandler, Capaigns, 331. 3 Otto von Pivka , Armies of the Naooleonic Era, (New York: Taplinger...Petre, F. Loraine. NaRoleon’s Conquest of Prussia-1806. London: Lional Leventhal Limited, 1993. Pivka , Otto. Armies of the Naploeonic Era. New York

  2. The battle for meaning: A cross-national film reception analysis of The Battle Cry of Peace in Switzerland and the Netherlands during World War I

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Zwaan, K.; gerber, adrian


    This article offers a cross-national analysis of the historical reception of the American war film The Battle Cry of Peace (J. Stuart Blackton and Wilfred North/Vitagraph, 1915) in the neutral countries of the Netherlands and Switzerland during World War I. Treating propaganda as a mode de lecture,

  3. Support for the Confederate Battle Flag in the Southern United States: Racism or Southern Pride?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joshua D. Wright


    Full Text Available Supporters of the Confederate battle flag often argue that their support is driven by pride in the South, not negative racial attitudes. Opponents of the Confederate battle flag often argue that the flag represents racism, and that support for the flag is an expression of racism and an attempt to maintain oppression of Blacks in the Southern United States. We evaluate these two competing views in explaining attitudes toward the Confederate battle flag in the Southern United States through a survey of 526 Southerners. In the aggregate, our latent variable model suggests that White support for the flag is driven by Southern pride, political conservatism, and blatant negative racial attitudes toward Blacks. Using cluster-analysis we were able to distinguish four distinct sub-groups of White Southerners: Cosmopolitans, New Southerners, Traditionalists, and Supremacists. The greatest support for the Confederate battle flag is seen among Traditionalists and Supremacists; however, Traditionalists do not display blatant negative racial attitudes toward Blacks, while Supremacists do. Traditionalists make up the majority of Confederate battle flag supporters in our sample, weakening the claim that supporters of the flag are generally being driven by negative racial attitudes toward Blacks.

  4. Bullet dents – “Proof marks” or battle damage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Williams, Alan


    Full Text Available

    It is well known that the breastplates of many armours from the later 16th century and the 17th century bear the hemispherical dents generally known as proof marks. It has been taken as axiomatic that these marks were made in order to demonstrate the armours’ effectiveness against firearms. If however some of these dents are compared with dents which are the result of battle damage, it appears that they were made by energy levels of a different order of magnitude, and offer little guarantee as to the “proof” of the armour.

    Como es bien sabido, muchos petos de armaduras de finales del siglo XVI y del XVII tienen abolladuras semiesféricas conocidas como pruebas de arcabuz. Se ha considerado axiomático que estas abolladuras fueron hechas para demostrar la efectividad de las armaduras frente a las armas de fuego. Sin embargo, si se comparan con otras debidas a daños en combate, parece que fueron producidas por energías de diferente orden o magnitud, al tiempo que ofrecen pocas garantías como “pruebas” de las armaduras.

  5. Agile battle management efficiency for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) (United States)

    Blasch, Erik; Bélanger, Micheline


    Various operations such as civil-military co-operation (CIMIC) affairs require orchestration of communications, assets, and actors. A key component includes technology advancements to enable coordination among people and machines the ability to know where things are, who to coordinate with, and open and consistent lines of communication. In this paper, we explore concepts of battle management (BM) to support high-tempo emergency response scenarios such as a disaster action response team (DART). Three concepts highlighted of agile battle management (ABM) include source orchestration (e.g., sensors and domains), battle management language (BML) development (e.g., software and ontologies), and command and control (C2) coordination (e.g., people and visualization); which require correlation and de-confliction. These concepts of ABM support the physical, information, and cognitive domains for efficient command, control, communications, and information (C3I) to synchronize data and people for efficient and effective operations.

  6. Clinical Application of Shenque (CV 8) plus Eight Battle Points for Obesity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Xiao-hui; HANG Guo-qi


    In order to observe the therapeutic effect of Eight Battle Points for simple obesity.Methods:In the treatment of 98 cases of the patients with obesity by the oblique puncture of long needles into Eight Battle Points,the body weight,body weight index (BWI),waist circumference,buttock circumference and fat distribution rate of the patients were measured and assessed respectively before and after the treatments.And the changes of complications of obesity were observed before and after the treatments.Results:There were significant differences (P<0.05) in various indexes of obesity before and after acupuncture treatment.Conclusion:Acupuncture by puncturing Shenque(CV 8) plus Eight Battle Points is positive in the treatment of obesity and has a better therapeutic effect for complications of obesity.

  7. The Makings of an Event: Encountering the Battle of Kadesh through Time


    McCandless, Lindsey June


    This dissertation examines the packaging and presentation of the Battle of Kadesh as a meaningful Event to both a local Egyptian and a wider Near Eastern audience at pivotal moments in time. In 1275 BCE the Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II, faced off against the Hittite king, Muwatalli, at the northern Levantine citadel of Kadesh along the border between the two great empires. This confrontation remains one of the most well studied battles of pre-classical times as a result of the lavish attenti...

  8. Rainfall extremes: Toward reconciliation after the battle of distributions. (United States)

    Serinaldi, Francesco; Kilsby, Chris G


    results from the analysis of short time series. Citation: Serinaldi, F., and C. G. Kilsby (2014), Rainfall extremes: Toward reconciliation after the battle of distributions, Water Resour. Res., 50, 336-352, doi:10.1002/2013WR014211.

  9. Command and Control of the U.S. Tenth Army During the Battle of Okinawa (United States)


    30 Appleman, et al, 498. 31 Nichols and Shaw, 271. 32 Ibid., 261. 33 Ibid., 263. 34 Craig M. Cameron, American Samurai : Myth, Imagination...Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1987. Cameron, Craig M. American Samurai : Myth, Imagination, and the Conduct of Battle of the First Marine

  10. Which Battle of the Somme? War and neutrality in Dutch cinemas, 1914-1918

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    K. Dibbets; W. Groot


    While the Netherlands tried to maintain neutrality during World War I, the belligerent nations watched the country and its public opinion closely. At the same time, the French, English, and German authorities used propaganda to influence Dutch public opinion. The famous documentary film The Battle o

  11. Adding Reports to Coalition Battle Management Language for NATO MSG-048

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pullen, J.M.; Corner, D.; Singapogo, S.S.; Clarc, N.; Cordonnier, N.; Menane, M.; Khimeche, L.; Mevassvik, O.M.; Alstad, A.; Schad, U.; Frey, M.; Reus, N. M. de; Krom, P.P.J. de; Grand, N.P. le; Brook, A.


    The NATO Modeling and Simulation Group Technical Activity 48 (MSG-048) was chartered in 2006 to investigate the potential of a Coalition Battle Management Language for multinational and NATO interoperation of command and control systems with modeling and simulation. Its initial work in defining and

  12. Seventh Fleet field training exercise : Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo : fires initiatives final report


    Schacher, G. E.; Pilnick, Steve; Irvine, Nelson; Gallup, Shelley


    Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo was conducted during Seventh Fleet exercise Tandem Thrust 03. During the Field Training Exercise phase, testing of Time Sensitive Targets processes using the Joint Fires Network was carried out. This report contains results obtained on contributions made by the Joint Fires Network to Navy Time Sensitive Targeting and experiment lessons learned. NA

  13. An Analysis Of “The Gymnastics Battle At Stockholm Elementary Schools”



    Introduction. In order to examine the consequences that a changed view of the child had on early twentieth-century teaching in Sweden, this article analyses a battle that erupted when a proposal for new lesson content for Swedish school gymnastics was presented.

  14. Guerrilla War at UCLA: Political and Legal Dimensions of the Tenure Battle. (United States)

    Minami, Dale


    Shows how political campaigning and legal action won a three-year battle (beginning in 1986) for tenure by an Asian Pacific American professor, D. Nakanishi, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Describes the case's academic context, explains the legal alternatives, and analyzes the legal/political strategy adopted. (JB)

  15. battle on the lomba, 1987 the day a south african armoured battalion ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    navigate between perceptions and reality and to find the truth in the debate about ... such, the book focuses mostly on major events and actions augmented by ... mobile battle in the dense bushes of Angola in the absence of air superiority and.

  16. 2010 Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) Workshop: Extending BML to Crisis Management (United States)


    Functions 100% INCIDENT Increase Efficency Increase Robustness Increase Societal Functions Per M. Gustavsson MSG-079 – 2010 Coalition Battle...Administration (SNRA) • Energy Utility Companies • Local Transportation (Västtrafik) • Swedish Railway Administration (SRA) • National Defence TSUNAMI

  17. ‘Scientific’ nationalism : N-VA and the discursive battle for the Flemish nation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Maly, Ico


    This paper investigates how the discursive battle for the Flemish nation is waged in the Flemish mass media by politicians of the Flemish nationalist party, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). I focus on the ‘new nationalism’ that N-VA politicians advocate as a means to ‘banalise’ a hot Flemish nationa

  18. Which Battle of the Somme? War and neutrality in Dutch cinemas, 1914-1918

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dibbets, K.; Groot, W.


    While the Netherlands tried to maintain neutrality during World War I, the belligerent nations watched the country and its public opinion closely. At the same time, the French, English, and German authorities used propaganda to influence Dutch public opinion. The famous documentary film The Battle

  19. Battle of Konotop (1659 in the Нistoriography and the Historical Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gennady G. Matishov


    Full Text Available The successor to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the new hetman of Army of Zaporozhye Ivan Vygovsky in 1658 switched sides Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and entered into an alliance with the Crimean Khan. To suppress the rebellion came to Ukraine by Russian troops of Prince Alexey Trubetskoy. His support of the Ukrainian Cossacks. In Ukraine flared up a real civil war (Ruin. June 28, 1659, near Konotop Russian cavalry under the command of Prince Semen Pozharsky defeated. Trubetskoi had to retreat. But Vygovsky failed to take full advantage of the results of the battle. The article examines the historiography of Konotop battle about the politics of memory. Historiographical sources are pre-revolutionary, Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian, studies and textbooks of history. The authors show how one of the battles of Russian-Polish war (1654–1667 focus has been placed under the influence of political circumstances. Konotop battle was seen in Ukrainian historiography as one of the most significant victories of the Ukrainian people in the struggle for independence. This is reflected in the Ukrainian history textbooks and other forms of historical memory.

  20. RED Versus REDD: The Battle Between Extending Agricultural Land Use and Protecting Forest

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dixon, Peter; Meijl, van J.C.M.; Rimmer, Maureen; Tabeau, A.A.


    This paper analyses the complex battle between RED and REDD policies and the resulting global consequences on land use, agricultural production, international trade flows and world food prices. A key methodological challenge is the representation of land use and the possibility to convert forestry l

  1. NOVA: Spring 2003 Teacher's Guide. Battle of the X-Planes. (United States)

    WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA.

    This teacher's guide contains supplemental activities to go along with the NOVA television program on PBS. Activities include: (1) "Last Flight of Bomber 31"; (2) "Ancient Creature of the Deep"; (3) "Battle of the X-Planes"; (4) "Mountain of Ice"; (5) "Lost Treasures of Tibet"; and (6)…

  2. Japan’s Battle of Okinawa, April-June 1945 (Leavenworth Papers, Number 18) (United States)


    effect. Moreover, rice stored in the tunnels began to ferment in the sack, giving it a sour taste when served. Besides that, given the command staff...end of Okinawa in an area three to twelve miles wide and sixteen miles long: the whole battle area was honey - *Communication below battalion level was

  3. Racial Battle Fatigue for Latina/o Students: A Quantitative Perspective (United States)

    Franklin, Jeremy D.; Smith, William A.; Hung, Man


    Previous literature demonstrates that as a result of racial microaggressions and hostile campus racial climates, Latina/o students often state they experience psychological, physiological, and behavioral stress responses during and after racialized incidents on campuses. The purpose of this study is to quantitatively test the racial battle fatigue…

  4. Our Public Intellectual: Matthew Battles--Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (United States)

    Library Journal, 2004


    Many people take for granted the tools of the librarian's trade: typography, books, even the idea of a library. But when Matthew Battles looks at these things, he sees responses that evolved to meet human needs and wants to know more. What purposes were these tools put to and what do they tell people about the culture that produced them? What does…

  5. An Analysis Of “The Gymnastics Battle At Stockholm Elementary Schools”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wanneberg Pia Lundquist


    Full Text Available Introduction. In order to examine the consequences that a changed view of the child had on early twentieth-century teaching in Sweden, this article analyses a battle that erupted when a proposal for new lesson content for Swedish school gymnastics was presented.

  6. Analysis Of The Effects Of Marine Corps M1A1 Abram’s Tank Age On Operational Availability (United States)


    is International Standards Organization ( ISO ) 9001 :2008 certified and has received the prestigious Shingo bronze award in 2007 for operational...item designator number IROAN inspect and repair only as necessary ISO International Standards Organization KPP key performance parameter...United States Navy Air Systems Command NIIN national item identification number NSN national stock number NTC National Training Center O&S

  7. Applying Advanced Imaging and Visualization Technology to the Battle of the Atlantic Shipwrecks between 20110531 and 20110821 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2008, the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (MNMS) commenced a multiyear project focusing on shipwreck sites associated with the Battle of the Atlantic. During...

  8. Non-battle injuries among U.S. Army soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001-2013. (United States)

    Patel, Avni A; Hauret, Keith G; Taylor, Bonnie J; Jones, Bruce H


    Many non-battle injuries among deployed soldiers are due to occupational-related tasks. Given that non-battle injuries are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, occupational safety and health are of great concern to the military. Some of the leading causes of non-battle injuries in the military are also common in non-military occupational settings. Nationally, falls and motor-vehicle accidents are leading causes of non-fatal occupational injuries in the civilian workforce. The objective of this research is to identify the leading causes, types, and anatomic locations of non-fatal non-battle injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq. Non-battle injuries were identified from medical air evacuation records. Causes of air evacuated injuries were identified and coded using the diagnosis and narrative patient history in the air evacuation records. Descriptive statistics were used to report the air evacuated non-battle injury rates, causes, injury types, and anatomic locations. Between 2001 and 2013, there were 68,349 medical air evacuations from Afghanistan and Iraq. Non-battle injuries accounted for 31% of air evacuations from Afghanistan and 34% from Iraq. These injuries were the leading diagnosis category for air evacuations. The three leading causes of injury for Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively, were sports/physical training (23% and 24%), falls/jumps (19% and 16%), and military vehicle-related accidents (8% and 11%). The leading injury types were fractures (21%), overuse pain and inflammation (16%), and dislocations (11%). Given that over 30% of medical evacuations of soldiers result from non-battle injuries, prevention of such conditions would substantially enhance military readiness during combat. Copyright © 2016 National Safety Council and Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Technology Assessment of Advanced Propulsion Systems for Some Classes of Combat Vehicles. Volume 1. Summary and Main Text (United States)


    keeping vehicle performance constant, a vehicle weight indifference line is a close approximation to a cost indifference line. These models are rather...In terms of the propulsion system parameters specific fuel consumption and specific weight, the cuantitative results are Ii shown for main battle...of changes in this assump- tion can be estimated from the model sensitivity to changes in this cost characteristic. For armored LCVs in general it

  10. Service-Oriented Architecture for Weaponry and Battle Command and Control Systems in Warfighting

    CERN Document Server

    Bassil, Youssef


    Military is one of many industries that is more computer-dependent than ever before, from soldiers with computerized weapons, and tactical wireless devices, to commanders with advanced battle management, command and control systems. Fundamentally, command and control is the process of planning, monitoring, and commanding military personnel, weaponry equipment, and combating vehicles to execute military missions. In fact, command and control systems are revolutionizing as war fighting is changing into cyber, technology, information, and unmanned warfare. As a result, a new design model that supports scalability, reusability, maintainability, survivability, and interoperability is needed to allow commanders, hundreds of miles away from the battlefield, to plan, monitor, evaluate, and control the war events in a dynamic, robust, agile, and reliable manner. This paper proposes a service-oriented architecture for weaponry and battle command and control systems, made out of loosely-coupled and distributed web servi...

  11. Novecentism: Battle Against the Devil. Notes about Bontempelli’s Cultural and Aesthetic Project.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizia Farinelli


    Full Text Available This article, with reference to theoretical and polemical essays collected in L’Avventura novecentista (1938, retraces Bontempelli’s perspective on the project of cultural renewal (the Novecentism, which he himself promoted in the 1920’s. This article presents not only the battles he sustained and his farsightedness, but also the problems or rather the challenges of this project. Along these challenges came the utopian battle against relativism, the tendency to defend the autonomy of art and the contemporary requirement that this autonomy be open to the necessities of that time, as well the attempt to conciliate an artistic work, inclined to break the norms and expectations, with a concept of popular literature and art.

  12. Structural Integrity Analysis of a Battle Tank Gun Barrel during Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahnawaz Ahmad


    Full Text Available In the present investigation, failure assessment diagram (FAD using R6 approach has been established for structural integrity analysis of a battle tank gun barrel. FEM based modelling was carried out to evaluate maximum stresses in the barrel section during firing. A detailed sensitivity analysis of various geometres, service and material parameters has been performed to assess their criticality on overall safety of the structures. The study has been carried out using actual material and firing data of a battle tank gun barrel and therefore it can give useful insight to a designer while selecting a material and designing a similar component.Defence Science Journal, Vol. 65, No. 1, January 2015, pp.83-89, DOI:

  13. Maine's Employability Skills Program (United States)

    McMahon, John M.; Wolffe, Karen E.; Wolfe, Judy; Brooker, Carrie


    This Practice Report describes the development and implementation of the "Maine Employability Skills Program," a model employment program developed by the Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI). The program was designed to support the efforts of the chronically unemployed or underemployed. These consumers were either…

  14. Impulsivity in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gamers: Preliminary Results on Experimental and Self-Report Measures


    Nuyens, F; Deleuze, J; Maurage, P; Griffiths, MD; Kuss, DJ; Billieux, J


    Background and aims: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have become the most popular type of video games played worldwide, superseding the playing of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooter games. However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the p...

  15. The Airland Battle Doctrine and The Maritime Strategy: A Mixed Marriage, (United States)


    as its principal goal a continuance of deterrence, .. recognizing that, at this neophyte stage of the conflict, avoidance if possible is the most...most likely location of Europe or elsewhere. Throughout this phase the Maritime Strategy calls for, as necessity must dictate, continued emphasis on...communications across the Atlantic to Europe must always be protected; the Soviet Navy will most certainly attempt to interdict them. The rear battle in a

  16. Enhancement of the Logistics Battle Command Model: Architecture Upgrades and Attrition Module Development (United States)


    DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. TRAC-M-TM-17-010 January 2017 Enhancement of the Logistics ...17-010 January 2017 Enhancement of the Logistics Battle Command Model Architecture Upgrades and Attrition Module Development Nathan Parker... cost the Department of Defense approximately $191,000 expended by TRAC in Fiscal Years 15-17. Prepared on 20170106 TRAC Project Code # 060119 iii

  17. Of hopes, villains and Trojan horses – Open Access academic publishing and its battle fields


    Šimukovič, Elena


    During its growth Open Access academic publishing has become a complex construction with sophisticated terms and modalities built into it. Multiple actors and interests involved make it to a value-laden field with different ideologies and tensions or even battles between them. However, taken-for-granted assumptions are rarely questioned or made explicit. Therefore, the overall aim of the PhD project is to capture the dynamics of the Open Access movement, the role it plays in anticipated chang...

  18. What lessons did Japan learn from the Battle of Lake Khasan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kasahara K.


    Full Text Available The article is focused on one of the first biggest armed conflicts between Japan and Soviet Union, battle of lake Khasan, which took place in July, 31 - August, 11 1938. The author analyses the battle of lake Khasan from the perspective of Japanese troops, which draw some conclusions from the conflict. The author considers them as the “lessons that Japan learned”. In particular, the merits and drawbacks of the Japanese army’s actions were analyzed. Drawbacks include problems with supplies and equipment for army, command’s uncoordinated action resulted in disability of Japanese aviation to participate in that armed conflict. Among the merits, strong spirit of the Japanese troops and their capacity to seize the initiative in battle can be named. The other merits were use of the different tactics to destroy enemy’s weapons in the rear of the battlefield, heroism of the sappers, who fought face-to-face against tanks. On the whole, the findings of the Japanese military coincided with an information taken from G. S. Lyushkov (in 1938 NKVD chief in the Far East, who flew to Japan trying to escape Stalin’s Great Purge and who gave a lot of valuable information regarding the Soviet army to Japan. It should be noted that, on the one hand, the Russian historical science looks at the battle of lake Khasan as a victory of the USSR, on the other hand, in Japan historians are not inclined to believe that this armed conflict ended up with Japan’s defeat. It is believed that the USSR won primarily through the excellence in human resources and well-equipped troops, as well as due to the imperial decree on the prohibition of attacks.

  19. The Battle Command Sustainment Support System: The Army’s Command and Control System for Logistics (United States)

    2009-05-21 CISOBOX=1&REC=6 (accessed 15 Jan 09). 91 Donald Wright and Timothy Reese , On... Carol A. Wortman, ―Inefficient Battle Command Results from Unique Commanders Solutions,‖ (Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategy Research Project), http...Dissertations. 7 th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007 Wright, Donald P. and Timothy R. Reese . On point II: Transition to the new

  20. Global comparison of warring groups in 2002-2007: fatalities from targeting civilians vs. fighting battles.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Madelyn Hsiao-Rei Hicks

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Warring groups that compete to dominate a civilian population confront contending behavioral options: target civilians or battle the enemy. We aimed to describe degrees to which combatant groups concentrated lethal behavior into intentionally targeting civilians as opposed to engaging in battle with opponents in contemporary armed conflict. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We identified all 226 formally organized state and non-state groups (i.e. actors that engaged in lethal armed conflict during 2002-2007: 43 state and 183 non-state. We summed civilians killed by an actor's intentional targeting with civilians and combatants killed in battles in which the actor was involved for total fatalities associated with each actor, indicating overall scale of armed conflict. We used a Civilian Targeting Index (CTI, defined as the proportion of total fatalities caused by intentional targeting of civilians, to measure the concentration of lethal behavior into civilian targeting. We report actor-specific findings and four significant trends: 1. 61% of all 226 actors (95% CI 55% to 67% refrained from targeting civilians. 2. Logistic regression showed actors were more likely to have targeted civilians if conflict duration was three or more years rather than one year. 3. In the 88 actors that targeted civilians, multiple regressions showed an inverse correlation between CTI values and the total number of fatalities. Conflict duration of three or more years was associated with lower CTI values than conflict duration of one year. 4. When conflict scale and duration were accounted for, state and non-state actors did not differ. We describe civilian targeting by actors in prolonged conflict. We discuss comparable patterns found in nature and interdisciplinary research. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Most warring groups in 2002-2007 did not target civilians. Warring groups that targeted civilians in small-scale, brief conflict concentrated more lethal

  1. Non-battle Craniomaxillofacial Injuries from U.S. Military Operations (United States)


    Paper received 26 November 2012 Accepted 21 January 2013 Keywords: Craniomaxillofacial injury Non-battle injury Blunt trauma MVC a b s t r a c t...characterized predominantly by blunt trauma, with mechanisms including motor vehicle collisions ( MVCs ) (37%), falls and other blunt trauma (both 20%). This...devices (IEDs) and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs)) (88%), ballistics (7%) and MVCs (2%). All injury mechanisms were statistically different between

  2. AirSea Battle: A Point-of-Departure Operational Concept (United States)


    advanced foreign ASCMs available on the market. See fact_display.asp? cid =2200&tid= 200&ct=2. The US Navy had 250 nm...No. 2 (Spring 2008), pp. 79–95. AirSea Battle: A Point-of-Departure operational Concept 77 interception operations ( MIO ) against ships bound for...priority taskings, and thus would not generally be available to support MIO operations. However, Air Force bombers with their large payloads and long

  3. Investigation of Severe Craniomaxillofacial Battle Injuries Sustained by U.S. Service Members: A Case Series (United States)


    treatment options, surgical procedures, and outcomes were collected and detailed. Case Reports Patient 1 Patient 1 is a 22-year-old male soldier injured...were also placed in the temporal bone to support ear prosthesis . Patient 4 currently suffers from microstomia, recurrent ectropion, decreased...injuries ► reconstruction ► surgical complications ► surgical outcomes Abstract This case series describes craniomaxillofacial battle injuries

  4. Detecting Usability Problems with Eye Tracking in Airborne Battle Management Support (United States)


    UNCLASSIFIED Defense Technical Information Center Compilation Part Notice ADPO10701 TITLE: Detecting Usability Problems with Eye Tracking in Airborne...problems with eye tracking in airborne battle management support Frank Ole Flemisch Reiner Onken Universitdt der Bundeswehr MiInchen a ided factors analysis offering them a full mission replay in the simulator S ituation and analysis of behavior cannot including the eye tracking records

  5. The battle of DTAC in Thailand’s mobile phone operator market


    Vanasakul, Parunya; ARAYAPHONG, SUPISRA; Wankeao, Ploychompoo


    ABSTRACT Date: 2008-05-26 Program: International Marketing Course Master Thesis International Marketing (EF0705) Authors Parunya Vanasakul (830422) Ploychompoo Wankeao (850418) Supisra Arayaphong (831102) Teacher Tobias Eltebrandt Title The battle of DTAC in Thailand’s mobile phone operator market Strategic question How can DTAC gain higher market share by focusing on customers in Bangkok? Purpose The purpose of this research is to investigate, analyze current competition between DTAC and oth...

  6. The battle about the school building – the history behind the new wave of open plan schools in Norway

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erlend Vinje


    Full Text Available During the last years we have seen examples of hard battles regarding the architecture of new school buildings in Norway. In this article, I give voice to four central figures in this debate: the former Minister for Education and Research, Kristin Clemet; the leader of the teachers’ union Norsk Lektorlag, Gro Elisabeth Paulsen; the director of the Department for school buildings in Oslo, Harald Øvland; and the last voice belongs to the main safety representative for the teachers in Oslo, Knut Myhrer. These voices will shed light on questions like: who wanted the open plan schools (baseskoler, why the open plan schools were welcomed, who opposed the open plan schools, and why there was opposition. The quartet will also shed light on the eventual relation between the new curriculum reform Knowledge Promotion (Kunnskapsløftet and the new open plan schools, and also to what degree the teachers have participated in the process of developing these new school buildings.

  7. Turbine main engines

    CERN Document Server

    Main, John B; Herbert, C W; Bennett, A J S


    Turbine Main Engines deals with the principle of operation of turbine main engines. Topics covered include practical considerations that affect turbine design and efficiency; steam turbine rotors, blades, nozzles, and diaphragms; lubricating oil systems; and gas turbines for use with nuclear reactors. Gas turbines for naval boost propulsion, merchant ship propulsion, and naval main propulsion are also considered. This book is divided into three parts and begins with an overview of the basic mode of operation of the steam turbine engine and how it converts the pressure energy of the ingoing ste

  8. Maine Field Station (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — In 2000 NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service established the Maine Field Station in Orono, ME to have more direct involvement in the conservation of the living...

  9. 2004 Maine Lidar (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This metadata document describes the collection and processing of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data over an area along the coast of Maine. Data was collected...

  10. Electric scooters: batteries in the battle against ambient air pollution?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Boven, Job FM; An, Pham Le; Kirenga, Bruce J; Chavannes, Niels H.


    Ambient air pollution is a major global health threat, responsible for an estimated loss of 103 million disability-adjusted life-years in 2015,1,2 and a main contributor to numerous health problems, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.3,4 Within the traffic domain of air pollution, cars,

  11. Battle Experience; Solomon Islands Actions Information. Bulletin Number 4 (United States)


    several burning ships. The after FC radar functioned sporadically due to excessive vibration , but a range of 4,200 yards was obtained which proved...had been obscured by Savo up to this time. Main battery started tracking. Reports of vibration starboard side, frame 95j we may have hit some...of hits and splinters, this is attrib­ uted to: "» (a) Previous removal of paint and linoleum. (b) General removal of mattresses from bunks above

  12. The main cubioid (United States)

    Blokh, Alexander; Oversteegen, Lex; Ptacek, Ross; Timorin, Vladlen


    The connectedness locus in the parameter space of quadratic polynomials is called the Mandelbrot set. A good combinatorial model of this set is due to Thurston. By definition, the principal hyperbolic domain of the Mandelbrot set consists of parameter values, for which the corresponding quadratic polynomials have an attracting fixed point. The closure of the principal hyperbolic domain of the Mandelbrot set is called the main cardioid. Its topology is completely described by Thurston's model. Less is known about the connectedness locus in the parameter space of cubic polynomials. In this paper, we discuss cubic analogues of the main cardioid and establish relationships between them.

  13. Great Historical Events That Were Significantly Affected by the Weather. Part 11: Meteorological Aspects of the Battle of Waterloo. (United States)

    Neumann, J.


    The Waterloo Campaign extended from 15 to 18 June 1815, with the decisive Battle of Waterloo taking place on the 18th. The campaign involved the "Army of the North" of Napoleon on the one hand, and the Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies on the other. The latter were commanded, respectively, by the Duke of Wellington and Prince Blücher. A shallow but active low and associated warm and cold fronts crossed the battle area on the 16th and 17th.The weather had important effects on the battles. On the 16th, in a battle between part of the French army and part of the Prussian army, at the village of Ligny, about 40 km south-southeast of Brussels, thunderstorms connected with the passage of the aforementioned warm front made the use of muskets impracticable.However, the most important weather effects developed on the 17th and during the night from the 17th to the 18th. Violent thunderstorms occurred early in the afternoon of the 17th close to Ligny, while Napoleon was in the process of attacking the Anglo-Dutch force at Quatre Bras. The rains turned the ground into a quagmire, making it impossible for the French artillery and cavalry, and even for the infantry, to move across the fields in extended order, as required by the emperor. The French advance was so greatly slowed down that Wellington was able to withdraw his lighter force to a better position near Waterloo. Thus, the Anglo-Dutch force was almost completely preserved for the decisive battle of the next day.The rainshowers of the 17th and the night from the 17th to the 18th softened the ground to an extent that, on the morning of the 18th, Napoleon and his artillery experts judged that the battle-the Battle of Waterloo-could not be started before a late hour of the forenoon [1130 local standard time (LST)]. Until the arrival of the Prussian force, about 1600 LST and later, the battle tended to go in favor of the French, but the Prussians turned the tide of the fighting.The paper quotes judgments of military

  14. Long-term impact of battle injuries; five-year follow-up of injured Dutch servicemen in Afghanistan 2006-2010.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rigo Hoencamp

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Units deployed to armed conflicts are at high risk for exposure to combat events. Many battle casualties (BCs have been reported in the recent deployment to Afghanistan. The long-term impact of these combat injuries, at their five-year end point, is currently unknown. To date, no systematic inventory has been performed of an identified group of BCs in comparison to non-injured service members from the same operational theatre. DESIGN: Observational cross-sectional cohort study. SETTING: Open online survey among Dutch BCs that deployed to Afghanistan (2006-2010. PARTICIPANTS: The Dutch BCs (n = 62 were compared to two control groups of non-injured combat groups (battle exposed [n = 53], and non-battle exposed [n = 73]. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Participants rated their impact of trauma exposure (Impact of Events [IES], post deployment reintegration (Post Deployment Reintegration Scale [PDRS], general symptoms of distress (Symptom Checklist 90 [SCL-90], as well as their current perceived quality of life (EuroQol-6D [EQ-6D]. Also cost effectiveness (Short From health survey [SF-36] and care consumption were assessed (Trimbos/iMTA questionnaire. RESULTS: Over 90% of BCs were still in active duty. The mean scores of all questionnaires (IES, EQ-6D, SF-36, and SCL-90 of the BC group were significantly higher than in the control groups (p<0.05. The PDRS showed a significantly lower (p<0.05 outcome in the negative subscales. The mean consumption of care was triple that of both control groups. A lower score on quality of life was related to higher levels of distress and impact of trauma exposure. CONCLUSIONS: This study showed a clear long-term impact on a wide range of scales that contributes to a reduced quality of life in a group of BCs. Low perceived cost effectiveness matched with high consumption of care in the BC group in comparison to the control groups. These results warrant continuous monitoring of BCs.

  15. Ladybugs of Maine (United States)

    Color images are presented for the 57 species of Coccinellidae, commonly known as ladybugs, that are documented from Maine. Images are displayed in taxonomic order. Information on each species includes its genus-species name, length, and an actual-size silhouette beside a grid matched to the scale...

  16. Abstracts of Main Essays

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    On Engels'Dialectics of "Theoretical Thinking" Sun Zheng-yu The main significant contribution to Marxist dialectics of Engels is to formulate dialectics on the level of theoretical thinking. This contribution is expressed in three aspects: 1 ) generalizing thoroughly the historical evolution of the way of thinking embodied in science history, philosophy history and human history;

  17. Renovating the Main Building

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


    CERN's "Main Building" is exactly that. The Organization's central hub, with hundreds of staff and visitors passing through its doors every day, will soon be getting a well-earned facelift. Refurbishment work will proceed in phases, starting with the Salle des Pas Perdus, the concourse between the Council Chamber and the Main Auditorium. By the end of August, informal seating areas will be installed, electronic display panels will provide practical information and improved sound insulation will enhance conditions in the auditoria and surrounding meeting rooms.   In light green the area that will undergo the facelift. Work will start in July. The ground floor is home to the entrance to Restaurant No. 1, the bank, the post office, the travel agent, the Users Office, the Staff Association, the notice boards etc. Step up to the first floor to access CERN's largest lecture theatre, the Council Chamber and its "Pas Perdus" lobby. Everyone who works at or visits CERN i...

  18. Maine coast winds

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Avery, Richard


    The Maine Coast Winds Project was proposed for four possible turbine locations. Significant progress has been made at the prime location, with a lease-power purchase contract for ten years for the installation of turbine equipment having been obtained. Most of the site planning and permitting have been completed. It is expect that the turbine will be installed in early May. The other three locations are less suitable for the project, and new locations are being considered.

  19. Lodging Update: Portland, Maine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rachel J. Roginsky


    Full Text Available Each quarter, Pinnacle Advisory Group prepares an analysis of the New England lodging industry, which provides a regional summary and then focuses in depth on a particular market. These reviews look at recent and proposed supply changes, factors affecting demand and growth rates, and the effects of interactions between such supply and demand trends. In this issue, the authors summarize regional performance for 2012, offer projections for 2013, and spotlight the lodging market in Portland, Maine.

  20. Battle for the Enlightenment: Neoliberalism, Critical Theory and the Role of Circumvential Education in Fostering a New Phase of the Enlightenment (United States)

    Letizia, Angelo


    Higher education is one of the last democratic institutions in society and it is currently under attack by advocates of neo-liberalism. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how this "battle" can be framed as a battle over the direction of the Enlightenment. Critical Theory and neoliberalism both emerged from academia in response to…

  1. Battle for the Enlightenment: Neoliberalism, Critical Theory and the Role of Circumvential Education in Fostering a New Phase of the Enlightenment (United States)

    Letizia, Angelo


    Higher education is one of the last democratic institutions in society and it is currently under attack by advocates of neo-liberalism. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how this "battle" can be framed as a battle over the direction of the Enlightenment. Critical Theory and neoliberalism both emerged from academia in response to…

  2. Neutron back scattering for the search of the Battle of Anghiari

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bom, V.R. [Delft University of Technology, Department of Applied Physics, Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB Delft (Netherlands)], E-mail:; Cosentino, A.; Seracini, M. [Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 (United States); Rosa, R. [ENEA, Casaccia Research Center, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome (Italy)


    The 'Battle of Anghiari' is a wall painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci around 1505. Its present day location is unknown but some indications suggest that the mural might be concealed behind a brick wall. Test measurements are presented demonstrating that neutron back scattering (NBS) can be used to search through the wall for the painting. NBS is a non-destructive technique to establish the presence of the hydrogen contained in the painting materials that were probably used by Da Vinci.

  3. Feature Abstracting and Identification of Acoustic Target in the Battle Field Based on EMD

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CAI Shao-chuan; ZHANG Guo-wei


    The method of empirical mode decomposition(EMD) was used for the signal processing and feature abstracting of acoustic target of battle field.According to the signal's characteristics of different targets, some feature vectors in token of the target properties were constructed and abstracted.In the basis of feature abstracting and statistic analysis for large amount of sample signal of the targets, using the maximum subjection classification method based on the fuzzy synthesis judgment, the three typical acoustic target helicopter, tank and traffic vehicle were recognized.

  4. Battle of the sexes game analysis using Yang-Baxter operator as quantum gate (United States)

    López R., Juan M.


    The Battle of the Sexes game is analyzed from quantum game theory using quantum initial states as possible strategies for two players. Quantum circuits are presented as schemes of development proposing also the use of Yang-Baxter operators as quantum gates in the circuits. This formalism is implemented using a Computer Algebra Software (CAS) due to its complex and long mathematical treatment. Payoff matrices of the players are given as the results for each case shown. Biology and finances applications are also proposed.

  5. Will the Communist Party of China Be Able to Win the Anticorruption Battle?


    Jinghao Zhou


    Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012, the CPC has made great efforts to implement Xi Jinping's blueprint for achieving the “China Dream”. The on-going anticorruption campaign is part of the road map towards the “China Dream”. There has been impressive progress in fighting corruption, but the CPC recognizes that the anticorruption campaign faces a huge challenge and is at a crucial stage. The anticorruption campaign is a life-and-death battle tha...

  6. Assessing Airpower’s Effects: Capabilities and Limitations of Real-Time Battle Damage Assessment (United States)


    Ibid. 16 Ibid. 40 situation is likely to persist.17 Additionally, UAV costs are becoming a concern, and the Air Force has asked Northrop Grumman to... Northrop Grumman to Cut Cost of Global Hawk UAVs,” Aerospace Daily, 25 April 2002. 19 Real-Time Battle Damage Assessment, DARPA Special Projects Office...Week & Space Technology 151, no. 5 (2 August 1999): 59; Ronald D. Frye , “Real-Time Imagery over Voice Radios,” Global Defence Review, n.p., on-line

  7. Astronomy EPO and the 2012 Hysteria: Your Personal Guide to Joining the Battle (United States)

    Larsen, K.


    Individual members of the astronomical community have, in recent months, begun to take up the charge and rally against the vast army of pseudoscience, superstition, and snake oil salesmen that is the 2012 phenomenon. EPO specialists and facilities are in a unique and vitally important position to move to the forefront of this battle, given our long-standing dedication to improving the astronomical education of the general public. This poster documents concrete ways in which the astronomy EPO community can (and should) combat the 2012 movement.

  8. Lev Shestov as a Theologian and the Theology of the Great and Ultimate Battle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalya Bonetskaya


    Full Text Available Lev Shestov’s early period in which he developed his religious views is the subject of this article. Shestov was a well-known Russian thinker. The author sheds some light on the furtive character of his thought as well as attempts to reconstruct the sources of his religious consciousness. He was formed at the border between two religious worlds — that of Judaism and that of Christianity. Traces of Jewish free-thinking typical of the end of the nineteenth century color his Weltanschauung together with the infl uence of Nietzsche and the Bible, the last as it was interpreted by the western tradition. Shestov understands God in a way akin to that of anthropomorphic psychology, an understanding which develops the concept of the deity into a form of radical apophatic ignorance or the complete absence of the ability to know God. The author points out that Shestov’s God is not the God of life and religious experience but rather a product of a kind of radicalized rationality. This notwithstanding, the original theological perceptions of Shestov were generated by his search for an authentic philosophical life. The author concentrates her attention on two main tendencies in Shestov’s understanding of life — a holistic tendency and a personalistic tendency. From a reading of Shestov’s first book (Shakespeare and his critic Brandes published in 1898 it becomes clear that the personalistic tendency won out. The concept of rebellion takes first place in Shestov’s thought as well as that of the great and ultimate battle. As a result Shestov’s thought becomes dominated by anthopology rather than theology and the concept of God gives way to that of man as the rebel. Shestov’s thought, particularly in his works dating from the second half of the twentieth century, falls under the influence of Nietzsche and the man from the underground of Dostoevsky. His God becomes the God of Manichaeism, on the far side of neither good nor evil, and his

  9. Main Oxidizer Valve Design (United States)

    Addona, Brad; Eddleman, David


    A developmental Main Oxidizer Valve (MOV) was designed by NASA-MSFC using additive manufacturing processes. The MOV is a pneumatically actuated poppet valve to control the flow of liquid oxygen to an engine's injector. A compression spring is used to return the valve to the closed state when pneumatic pressure is removed from the valve. The valve internal parts are cylindrical in shape, which lends itself to traditional lathe and milling operations. However, the valve body represents a complicated shape and contains the majority of the mass of the valve. Additive manufacturing techniques were used to produce a part that optimized mass and allowed for design features not practical with traditional machining processes.

  10. Abstracts of Main Essays

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Feng Zi-yi


    On Deepening the Research on the Law of the Social Horizontal Development Feng Zi-yi The further development of globalization makes it urgent to deepen the research on the law of social hori- zontal development. Historical development of human society has experienced periods of isolation, multi-cen- ter, and globalization, while the truly horizontal development began from modernity. This kind of development is driven mainly by the logic of capital. The transforming process of capital, from dominating the whole process of economic development toward all aspects of social life, and from dominating nations toward the whole world, is also the logical process of capital pursuing itself and the process of social horizontal and wholly development as well. Horizontal and vertical developments of the society are interacting always. Researching on the law of social horizontal development is important for us to adapt to the historical trend consciously, to grasp the logic of capital rationally and to choose the right road of development.

  11. [War Relief of Japanese Red Cross Nurses in the Lost Battle of Burma]. (United States)

    Kawahara, Yukari


    This paper aims to reveal changes in the relief support of the Japanese Red Cross relief units dispatched to Burma during the Second World War, from the beginning of fighting in Burma to the Japanese withdrawal. Japanese Red Cross relief units began their relief support when Japan invaded Burma in February of 1942. Counterattacks by the British, Indian and Chinese armies from December 1942 caused an increase in the number of patients. There were also many cases of malnutrition and malaria due to the extreme shortage of medical supplies as a result of the Battle of Imphal, which began in March of 1944. Bomb raids became even more intense after the battle ended in July 1944, and patients were carried into bomb shelters and caves on a daily basis. Just prior to invasion by enemy troops, they were ordered to evacuate to neighboring Thailand. Nurses from the Wakayama group hid their identity as members of the Red Cross and evacuated, with 15 out of 23 dying or being reported missing in action.

  12. Reconstructing Rebellion: Digital Terrain Analysis of the Battle of Dussindale (1549

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Hodgkins


    Full Text Available On 27 August 1549, the popular East Anglian insurgency known as 'Kett's Rebellion' was defeated in a bloody confrontation with loyalist forces at the valley of Dussindale, just outside Norwich, England. Despite the battle's significance, and its vital implications for the study of mid-16th-century warfare, its exact site has yet to be determined conclusively, hampering attempts to analyse the conflict further and to record its location accurately for archaeological and heritage purposes. This article will demonstrate how geographical information systems can be utilised alongside historic maps and written sources to identify the 1549 battlefield within the modern landscape. To do this, it will employ methodologies of map regression, similar to those used at Towton (1461, Bosworth (1485, and Edgehill (1642, as a means of testing and advancing the findings of Anne Carter, who in 1984 suggested the most credible theory regarding the engagement's location. With the help of these tools, the article will not only ascertain where the battle took place, but will also reconstruct its historic terrain, fulfilling an essential requirement for considering its tactical aspects. By doing so, it will demonstrate the ways in which digital technologies can be applied to broaden and support traditional research.

  13. The Battle of Orsha – court propaganda or chivalric epic? (English version

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hucul, Volodymyr


    Full Text Available The Battle of Orsha, part of the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, an example of panel painting (1525–1535, is of paramount importance for the study of the military, as well as for the research in art history, material history, and the history of political and military elites of Central-Eastern Europe during the Renaissance. The article describes the ways Ruthenian and Lithuanian-Polish elites used material and intellectual products of chivalric culture, and tackles the problem of documentary and propagandist role of visual narrative. Since the publication of works by David Freedberg and Peter Burke the necessity to recreate the context of making, functioning, and reception of images has become evident. Daniel Arasse has further expanded methodological tools of this type of research. However, there are still numerous artworks whose historical and social context has either remained untouched by research, or has been researched insufficiently. Repeatedly, it has led to misinterpretations of such artworks in spite of their major position in culture. The Battle of Orsha is a spectacular example of this process.

  14. 78 FR 53675 - Safety Zone; Lake Erie Heritage Foundation, Battle of Lake Erie Reenactment; Lake Erie, Put-in... (United States)


    ... Lake Erie Reenactment; Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay, OH AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule... vicinity of Put-In-Bay, OH. This safety zone is intended to restrict vessels from a portion of Lake Erie during Battle of Lake Erie Reenactment near Put-In-Bay. This temporary safety zone is necessary...

  15. Staff Ride Handbook for Dade’s Battle, Florida, 28 December 1835. A Study of Leadership in Irregular Conflict (United States)


    asking if they would make good soup .” (Bemrose, 65). Clark would later write an account of the battle and his ordeal. The other survivor, Private Joseph...Ireland Private Donald Campbell Scotland Private Enoch Gates North Carolina Private Martin Cunningham Pennsylvania Private John Doughty New York Private

  16. Two North Carolina Sears Stores Among Top Finishers in EPA's Energy Star Battle of the Buildings Competition (United States)

    ATLANTA - Sears Stores in Asheville and Hickory, N.C. were recognized this week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of a top finishing team in the agency's fifth-annual Energy Star Battle of the Buildings Competition. These sto

  17. Simulacra Pugnae: The Literary and Historical Tradition of Mock Battles in the Roman and Early Byzantine Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip Rance


    Full Text Available The mock battles by which Heraclius trained the army before the Persian wars of the 620’s A.D., called an innovation by George of Pisidia, can be shown to have a long history of precedents both in practice and in military theory.

  18. Battling Data Breaches: For Higher Education Institutions, Data Breach Prevention is More Complex than for Industry and Business (United States)

    Patton, Madeline


    Data breach prevention is a battle, rarely plain and never simple. For higher education institutions, the Sisyphean aspects of the task are more complex than for industry and business. Two-year colleges have payrolls and vendor contracts like those enterprises. They also have public record and student confidentiality requirements. Colleges must…

  19. Tarnished Victory: Divided Command in the Pacific and its Consequences in the Naval Battle for Leyte Gulf (United States)


    requests for help. Halsey was unaware how 46 significantly MacArthur’s edict that all Seventh Fleet message traffic pass through Manus degraded...75, USSBS No. 378, 1945. 16 June 2009. Vego, Milan . The Battle for Leyte, 1944: Allied and

  20. Staying in the Kitchen: Notes on a Censorship Battle [and] In Case of Censorship: The Best Defense Possible. (United States)

    Boardman, Edna M.; Johnson, Pat


    The first article describes an eight-year censorship battle and offers practical advice for the personal survival of the school librarian involved in such a situation. The second offers suggestions for preparing the best possible defense, including steps to be taken before an incident occurs as well as when it occurs, and helpful resources and…

  1. Interest Groups Vie for Public Support: The Battle Over Anti-Affirmative Action Initiatives in California and Michigan (United States)

    Hinz, Serena E.


    Although affirmative action in college admissions has not been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the consideration of race in admissions has been banned in nine states--in six of them by public vote. This article analyzes the campaigns to ban affirmative action in California and Michigan as a battle between interest groups. The…

  2. Struggling for Brazil : Dutch, Portuguese and Spaniards in the 1640 Naval Battle of Paraíba

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Münch, Miranda S.; Salvado, J.P.


    Over the years the 1640 naval battle of Paraíba (Brazil) has attracted the attention of several historians, including F.A. Varnhagen, H. Wätjen and J.C. Warnsinck, who made extensive use of Dutch sources. By combining the Dutch and Portuguese accounts, C.R. Boxer and, more recently, M.J. Guedes shed

  3. The face of war: Trauma analysis of a mass grave from the Battle of Lützen (1632) (United States)

    Nicklisch, Nicole; Ramsthaler, Frank; Meller, Harald; Friederich, Susanne; Alt, Kurt W.


    Contemporary accounts of battles are often incomplete or even erroneous because they reflect the—often biased—viewpoints of the authors. Battlefield archaeology faces the task of compiling an historical analysis of a battle and of gathering all the available facts. Besides cultural historical evidence and artefacts, the human remains of those who have fallen in battle also provide invaluable information. In studying mass graves from a military context, the injury types and patterns are significant. They allow us to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the soldiers’ deaths and provide information on the hostilities that occurred on the battlefield. One such mass grave was discovered in 2011 at Lützen, Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). Based on its geographical location and on the results obtained from archaeological examinations carried out in the area, the grave could be dated to the Thirty Years War (1618–1648). Further archaeological research confirmed that the dead had been soldiers from the Battle of Lützen (1632). The mass grave was block-lifted and then comprehensively examined at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Saale). As well as osteological examinations to determine age, sex, height, state of health, i.e. diseases or injuries, imaging methods were also employed and histological and isotopic analyses carried out. The focus of this study was on the injuries sustained by the soldiers both prior to and during the battle. The results revealed that the 47 deceased had been between the ages of 15 and 50 when they died. Numerous healed injuries showed that the men had often been involved in violent encounters. Approximately three in every four soldiers had injuries that could have been fatal. Wounds inflicted by handguns, particularly to the skull, were predominant. The integrative analysis of the archaeological and anthropological data allowed us to conclude that the majority had been killed during a cavalry attack. PMID:28542491

  4. Battling Graft

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Communist Party of China intensifies anti-corruption efforts In recent years,a two-digit number of provincial-and ministerial-level officials in China have been investigated and punished on corruption charges,triggering

  5. Butter battles (United States)

    Edwards, Nick


    Your article on academia-industry collaborations ("A clean solution", January pp44-45) was extremely interesting, and I wish Durham University and Procter & Gamble every success in their challenging and worthwhile project - which, as the article described, is partly aimed at improving the formulation of biological washing powders.

  6. Battling Obesity (United States)

    Kennedy, Mike


    At the Gates Chili High School near Rochester, New York, the cafeteria and kitchen are getting an overdue overhaul. Deep fryers and the fat-soaked foods that come dripping out of them are no longer welcome in the kitchens and dining halls of a growing number of the nation's schools and universities. Likewise, heavily marketed sugary soft drinks…

  7. Anomalous finite-size effects in the Battle of the Sexes

    CERN Document Server

    Cremer, Jonas; Frey, Erwin


    The Battle of the Sexes describes asymmetric conflicts in mating behavior of males and females. Males can be philanderer or faithful, while females are either fast or coy, leading to a cyclic dynamics. The adjusted replicator equation predicts stable coexistence of all four strategies. In this situation, we consider the effects of fluctuations stemming from a finite population size. We show that they unavoidably lead to extinction of two strategies in the population. However, the typical time until extinction occurs strongly prolongs with increasing system size. In the meantime, a quasi-stationary probability distribution forms that is anomalously flat in the vicinity of the coexistence state. This behavior originates in a vanishing linear deterministic drift near the fixed point. We provide numerical data as well as an analytical approach to the mean extinction time and the quasi-stationary probability distribution.

  8. Will the Communist Party of China Be Able to Win the Anticorruption Battle?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinghao Zhou


    Full Text Available Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC in 2012, the CPC has made great efforts to implement Xi Jinping's blueprint for achieving the “China Dream”. The on-going anticorruption campaign is part of the road map towards the “China Dream”. There has been impressive progress in fighting corruption, but the CPC recognizes that the anticorruption campaign faces a huge challenge and is at a crucial stage. The anticorruption campaign is a life-and-death battle that the CPC cannot afford to lose. The critical question is: How can the CPC win the battle in the current Chinese political system? The intention of this paper is not to offer specific measures, but to discuss policy implications by elucidating why some existing anticorruption measures do not work through examining the relationship between corruption and Chinese market economy and the political system. The basic assumption of this paper is that corruption is universal, but the characteristics of China’s corruption are different from other nations due to the nature of the Chinese economic, political and cultural systems. The key to anticorruption is to find and deal with the real causes of China’s corruption in order to make effective anticorruption measures. There are two opposite perspectives concerning the causes of corruption: While one suggests that the primary source of corruption is the political system, the other contends that corruption has nothing to do with the socialist political system. This paper attempts to argue that either denying or overemphasizing the roles of the current political system in spreading corruption is one-sided.

  9. Libraries and the Pickle (PCLE) of Content Management Schemes: Survey of Pending Copyright Policy Battles and Their Implications for School Libraries, Free Speech, Access to Information, and Democracy. (United States)

    Minow, Mary; Wilson, Cicely Reed


    Explains the copyright policy battles now pending in Congress and the courts, with a discussion of what they mean for free speech, access to information, and democratic culture in school libraries. (MES)

  10. A Case for Enlisted Unmanned Aerial System Operators (United States)


    Abrams main battle tank is a very good weapons system to compare to the primary Air Force UAS, the MQ-1 Predator. The M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tank...the case of close air support targets. Given that the Army has less than 5,000 Abrams tanks in its inventory, it could also adopt a policy that only...Air Command and Staff College, April 1984. Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for FY2001. Public Law 106-398, Section 220. 114 Stat

  11. The Battle Behind the Wire: U. S. Prisoner and Detainee Operations from World War II to Iraq (United States)


    quences for U.S. military and diplomatic efforts. The Abu Ghraib scan- dal put the United States in a defensive posture , causing the focus of Yongdong-po, near Seoul, for 500 prisoners, primarily comprising farmers, laborers, clerks, merchants , and teachers. These “political education...organized Health education Basic personal hygiene and camp sanitation to help prevent disease 24 The Battle Behind the Wire (White, 1957). In March 1952

  12. The USAF F-15E (STRIKE EAGLE): Air Support for the AirLand Battle-Future Concept (United States)


    1990. Using 23 eeveral different tyMe of orInance . two teaM flying the F-15E finished first and second among all fighter aircraft competing. The F-15E...Army Times Publishing Co. Nov 5. 1990. p.29. Ulsamer. Edgar . "New Roadmap for AirLand Battle". Air Force Mweine. Vol 70, No. 3. (March 1987). pp. 108

  13. A Qualitative Exploration of Factors Affecting Group Cohesion and Team Play in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs)


    Taylor, Jacqui


    Previous research examining the social psychology of video-gaming has tended to focus on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) environments, such as World of Warcraft. Although many online group processes have been examined using this game, this genre does not enforce cooperative play and studies tend to be based on very large groups. Newer genres are being developed and played which have so far not been studied. The genre known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) ar...

  14. What caused the rise of water level in the battle of Luermen bay in 1661? Tsunami, Storm surge, or Tide? (United States)

    Wu, Tso-Ren; Wu, Han; Tsai, Yu-Lin


    In 1661, Chinese navy led by General Zheng Chenggong at the end of Ming Dynasty had a naval battle against Netherlands. This battle was not only the first official sea warfare that China confronted the Western world, but also the only naval battle won by Chinese Navy so far. This event was important because it changed the fate of Taiwan until today. One of the critical points that General Zheng won the battle was entering Luermen bay unexpected. Luermen bay was and is an extreme shallow bay with a 2.1m maximum water depth during the high tide, which was not possible for a fleet of 20,000 marines to across. Therefore, no defense was deployed from the Netherlands side. However, plenty of historical literatures mentioned a strange phenomenon that helped Chinese warships entered the Luermen bay, the rise of water level. In this study, we will discuss the possible causes that might rise the water level, e.g. Tsunami, storm surge, and high tide. We analyzed it based on the knowledge of hydrodynamics. We performed the newly developed Impact Intensify Analysis (IIA) for finding the potential tsunami sources, and the COMCOT tsunami model was adopted for the nonlinear scenario simulations, associated with the high resolution bathymetry data. Both earthquake and mudslide tsunamis were inspected. Other than that, we also collected the information of tide and weather for identifying the effects form high tide and storm surge. After the thorough study, a scenario that satisfy most of the descriptions in the historical literatures will be presented. The results will explain the cause of mysterious event that changed the destiny of Taiwan.

  15. Developing the PLA critical care medicine is critical for advancing the level of battle wound treatment in the new era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wei-qin LI


    Full Text Available Critical care medicine is an emerging unique specialty developed from the later 20th century, since then, it has been enriched with theoretical and practical experiences and becomes the most active subject in the field of clinical medicine. Critical care medicine of the PLA has attained significant achievements in the treatment and research of severe trauma, sepsis, severe heat stroke, multiple organ failure and severe acute pancreatitis. Besides, it stands in the leading position in the organ function maintenance of critically ill patients, continuous hemofiltration and nutrition support in China. Furthermore, critical care medicine plays an important role in the rescue of critically ill patients, medical support and disaster relief. As the relationship between battle wound rescue system and critical care medicine has been increasingly close, transition in the form of war in the new period brings new tasks to battle wound treatment constantly. Combined with the characteristics of information-oriented war condition in the future, developing the PLA critical care medicine and advancing the level of battle wound treatment in the new period point out the direction for the future work of critical care medicine. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2017.02.01

  16. Is Pluto a planet? Student powered video rap ';battle' over tiny Pluto's embattled planetary standing (United States)

    Beisser, K.; Cruikshank, D. P.; McFadden, T.


    Is Pluto a planet? Some creative low income Bay-area middle-schoolers put a musical spin on this hot science debate with a video rap ';battle' over tiny Pluto's embattled planetary standing. The students' timing was perfect, with NASA's New Horizons mission set to conduct the first reconnaissance of Pluto and its moons in July 2015. Pluto - the last of the nine original planets to be explored by spacecraft - has been the subject of scientific study and speculation since Clyde Tombaugh discovered it in 1930, orbiting the Sun far beyond Neptune. Produced by the students and a very creative educator, the video features students 'battling' back and forth over the idea of Pluto being a planet. The group collaborated with actual space scientists to gather information and shot their video before a 'green screen' that was eventually filled with animations and visuals supplied by the New Horizons mission team. The video debuted at the Pluto Science Conference in Maryland in July 2013 - to a rousing response from researchers in attendance. The video marks a nontraditional approach to the ongoing 'great planet debate' while educating viewers on a recently discovered region of the solar system. By the 1990s, researchers had learned that Pluto possessed multiple exotic ices on its surface, a complex atmosphere and seasonal cycles, and a large moon (Charon) that likely resulted from a giant impact on Pluto itself. It also became clear that Pluto was no misfit among the planets - as had long been thought - but the largest and brightest body in a newly discovered 'third zone' of our planetary system called the Kuiper Belt. More recent observations have revealed that Pluto has a rich system of satellites - five known moons - and a surface that changes over time. Scientists even speculate that Pluto may possess an internal ocean. For these and other reasons, the 2003 Planetary Decadal Survey ranked a Pluto/Kuiper Belt mission as the highest priority mission for NASA's newly created

  17. Battling malaria iceberg incorporating strategic reforms in achieving Millennium Development Goals & malaria elimination in India. (United States)

    Sharma, V P


    Malaria control in India has occupied high priority in health sector consuming major resources of the Central and State governments. Several new initiatives were launched from time to time supported by foreign aids but malaria situation has remained static and worsened in years of good rainfall. At times malaria relented temporarily but returned with vengeance at the local, regional and national level, becoming more resilient by acquiring resistance in the vectors and the parasites. National developments to improve the economy, without health impact assessment, have had adverse consequences by providing enormous breeding grounds for the vectors that have become refractory to interventions. As a result, malaria prospers and its control is in dilemma, as finding additional resources is becoming difficult with the ongoing financial crisis. Endemic countries must contribute to make up the needed resources, if malaria is to be contained. Malaria control requires long term planning, one that will reduce receptivity and vulnerability, and uninterrupted financial support for sustained interventions. While this seems to be a far cry, the environment is becoming more receptive for vectors, and epidemics visit the country diverting major resources in their containment, e.g. malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fevers, and Chikungunya virus infection. In the last six decades malaria has taken deep roots and diversified into various ecotypes, the control of these ecotypes requires local knowledge about the vectors and the parasites. In this review we outline the historical account of malaria and methods of control that have lifted the national economy in many countries. While battles against malaria should continue at the local level, there is a need for large scale environmental improvement. Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has provided huge funds for malaria control worldwide touching US$ 2 billion in 2011. Unfortunately it is likely to decline to US$ 1

  18. Advanced MicroObserver UGS integration with and cueing of the BattleHawk squad level loitering munition and UAV (United States)

    Steadman, Bob; Finklea, John; Kershaw, James; Loughman, Cathy; Shaffner, Patti; Frost, Dean; Deller, Sean


    Textron's Advanced MicroObserver(R) is a next generation remote unattended ground sensor system (UGS) for border security, infrastructure protection, and small combat unit security. The original MicroObserver(R) is a sophisticated seismic sensor system with multi-node fusion that supports target tracking. This system has been deployed in combat theaters. The system's seismic sensor nodes are uniquely able to be completely buried (including antennas) for optimal covertness. The advanced version adds a wireless day/night Electro-Optic Infrared (EOIR) system, cued by seismic tracking, with sophisticated target discrimination and automatic frame capture features. Also new is a field deployable Gateway configurable with a variety of radio systems and flexible networking, an important upgrade that enabled the research described herein. BattleHawkTM is a small tube launched Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with a warhead. Using transmitted video from its EOIR subsystem an operator can search for and acquire a target day or night, select a target for attack, and execute terminal dive to destroy the target. It is designed as a lightweight squad level asset carried by an individual infantryman. Although BattleHawk has the best loiter time in its class, it's still relatively short compared to large UAVs. Also it's a one-shot asset in its munition configuration. Therefore Textron Defense Systems conducted research, funded internally, to determine if there was military utility in having the highly persistent MicroObserver(R) system cue BattleHawk's launch and vector it to beyond visual range targets for engagement. This paper describes that research; the system configuration implemented, and the results of field testing that was performed on a government range early in 2013. On the integrated system that was implemented, MicroObserver(R) seismic detections activated that system's camera which then automatically captured images of the target. The geo-referenced and time-tagged Micro

  19. AB-Net Method of Protection from Projectiles (city, military base, battle-front, etc.)

    CERN Document Server

    Bolonkin, Alexander


    The author suggests a low cost special AB-Net from artificial fiber, which may protect cities and important objects from rockets, artillery and mortar shells, projectiles, bullets, and strategic weapons. The idea is as follows: The offered AB-Net joins an incoming projectile to a small braking parachute and this incoming projectile loses speed by air braking after a drag distance of 50 - 150 meters. A following interception net after the first may serve to collect the slowed projectiles and their fragments or bomblets so that they do not reach the aimpoint. The author offers the design of AB-Net, a developed theory of snagging with a small braking parachute by AB-Net; and sample computations. These nets may be used for defense of a town, city, military base, battle-front line, road (from terrorists), or any important objects or installations (for example nuclear electric station, government buildings, etc.). Computed projects are: Net to counter small rockets (for example, from Qassam), net to counter artille...

  20. Impulsivity in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gamers: Preliminary Results on Experimental and Self-Report Measures. (United States)

    Nuyens, Filip; Deleuze, Jory; Maurage, Pierre; Griffiths, Mark D; Kuss, Daria J; Billieux, Joël


    Background and aims Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have become the most popular type of video games played worldwide, superseding the playing of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooter games. However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the present study is to explore the associations between impulsivity and symptoms of addictive use of MOBA games in a sample of highly involved League of Legends (LoL, currently the most popular MOBA game) gamers. Methods Thirty-six LoL gamers were recruited and completed both experimental (Single Key Impulsivity Paradigm) and self-reported impulsivity assessments (s-UPPS-P Impulsive Behavior Scale, Barratt Impulsiveness Scale), in addition to an assessment of problematic video game use (Problematic Online Gaming Questionnaire). Results Results showed links between impulsivity-related constructs and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Findings indicated that impaired ability to postpone rewards in an experimental laboratory task was strongly related to problematic patterns of MOBA game involvement. Although less consistent, several associations were also found between self-reported impulsivity traits and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Conclusions Despite these results are preliminary and based upon a small (self-selected) sample, the present study highlights potential psychological factors related to the addictive use of MOBA games.

  1. Solving Battle Management/Command Control and Communication Problem using Modified BIONET

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Thamarai Selvi


    Full Text Available This paper proposes and implements a neural architecture to solve the weapon allocationproblem in the multi-layer defense scenario using modified BIONET neural network architecture.The presynaptic layer of the modified BIONET reduces the dimensionality of the principal stateequation by partitioning the state space. The post-synaptic layer of the modified BIONET includesthe perceptron Q-learning rule. The cortical layer incorporates L-learning scheme to providebetter exploration over action space. Thus, action selection is effectively made with quickerconvergence of training. The reward scheme in the reinforcement learning is obtained bycalculating the measure of probability of survival. The decision module has been enhanced byincorporating the features corresponding to the battle weapons for effective representation ofthe environment. Thus, the modified BIONET neural architecture is used to increase the efficiencyof assets saved in the simulation and the time complexity is reduced due to the state-spacepartitioning scheme involved in the neural network. The proposed modified BIONET isimplemented in MATLAB and the percentage of assets saved is increased. Also, the trainingtime is drastically reduced. Thus, the modified BIONET resulted in saving more assets with fasterconvergence of learning.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leopold Scholtz


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to examine the standard of research about the so-called Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. After examining what objectivity for the academic researcher should mean, two categories of researchers are looked at. The first is called the “non-researchers”. They are those who do no or virtually no real research into the events at Cuito Cuanavale, but uncritically copy what politicians and politically correct academics have to say about the subject. The focus also falls on one particular historian, Italian-American Professor Piero Gleijeses. On the basis of several articles (his book about Cuba‟s role in Africa until 1976 is judged to be good, the conclusion is that his evident admiration for Cuba and its dictator, President Fidel Castro, and his revulsion at apartheid South Africa brings about a one-sided and distorted picture of what went on at Cuito Cuanavale and the Border War in general. The last category is the “serious researchers”, whose work is based on good research. Although their work displays certain gaps in the sense that they had no access to Cuban or Angolan sources, they generally are much more reliable in their facts than the “non-researchers” and Professor Gleijeses.

  3. German battle casualties: the treatment of functional somatic disorders during World War I. (United States)

    Linden, Stefanie Caroline; Jones, Edgar


    World War I witnessed the admission of large numbers of German soldiers with neurological symptoms for which there was no obvious organic cause. This posed a considerable challenge for the military and medical authorities and resulted in an active discussion on the etiology and treatment of these disorders. Current historiography is reliant on published physician accounts, and this represents the first study of treatment approaches based on original case notes. We analyzed patient records from two leading departments of academic psychiatry in Germany, those at Berlin and Jena, in conjunction with the contemporaneous medical literature. Treatment, which can be broadly classified into reward and punishment, suggestion, affective shock, cognitive learning, and physiological methods, was developed in the context of the emerging fields of animal learning and neurophysiology. A further innovative feature was the use of quantitative methods to assess outcomes. These measures showed good response rates, though most cured patients were not sent back to battle because of their presumed psychopathic constitution. While some treatments appear unnecessarily harsh from today's perspective and were also criticized by leading psychiatrists of the time, the concentration of effort and involvement of so many senior doctors led to the development of psychotherapeutic methods that were to influence the field of psychiatric therapy for decades to come.

  4. Chronic Heart Failure: We Are Fighting the Battle, but Are We Winning the War?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John J. Atherton


    Full Text Available Heart failure represents an end-stage phenotype of a number of cardiovascular diseases and is generally associated with a poor prognosis. A number of organized battles fought over the last two to three decades have resulted in considerable advances in treatment including the use of drugs that interfere with neurohormonal activation and device-based therapies such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy. Despite this, the prevalence of heart failure continues to rise related to both the aging population and better survival in patients with cardiovascular disease. Registries have identified treatment gaps and variation in the application of evidenced-based practice, including the use of echocardiography and prescribing of disease-modifying drugs. Quality initiatives often coupled with multidisciplinary, heart failure disease management promote self-care and minimize variation in the application of evidenced-based practice leading to better long-term clinical outcomes. However, to address the rising prevalence of heart failure and win the war, we must also turn our attention to disease prevention. A combined approach is required that includes public health measures applied at a population level and screening strategies to identify individuals at high risk of developing heart failure in the future.

  5. Maximizing the outcome of early ADMET models: strategies to win the drug-hunting battles? (United States)

    Wang, Jianling; Collis, Alan


    Despite substantial changes in the drug discovery paradigm leveraged from the advancement of early ADMET technologies, an open debate remains on how full the return on investment is, along with where to balance risks to costs of lost opportunities in the clinic. Here, the recent advancement of ADMET tools, the areas where they seem to work and where their application and connection with physiology in man remain challenging are briefly reviewed. While the 'more is better' type of 'box-checking' profiling strategy is no longer viable, the key to success lies in an intelligent integration of existing in silico, in vitro and in vivo ADMET data to help generate and test hypotheses that are critical for projecting the benefits and risks of a drug candidate in the clinic. The improvement of in silico, in vitro and in vivo correlations (ISIVIVC) and best utilization of early ADMET data are far more critical and urgent than expanding capacity and portfolio in leveraging ADMET to win the drug-hunting battles in the post-genome era.

  6. Causal reasoning versus associative learning: A useful dichotomy or a strawman battle in comparative psychology? (United States)

    Hanus, Daniel


    The debate about whether or not one could/should ascribe reasoning abilities to animals has deep historical roots and seems very up-to-date in the light of the immense body of new empirical data originating from various species and research paradigms. Associative learning (AL) seems to be a ubiquitous low-level contender for any cognitive interpretation of animal behavior, mostly because of the assumed mechanistic simplicity and phylogenetic prevalence. However, the implicit assumption that AL is simple and therefore the most parsimonious mechanism to describe seemingly complex behavior can and must be questioned on various grounds. Using recent empirical findings with chimpanzees as an example, I argue that at times inferential reasoning might be the most likely candidate to account for performance differences between experimental and control conditions. Finally, a general conclusion drawn from the current debate(s) in the field of comparative psychology could be that a dichotomist battle of 2 conceptual camps-each of which is lacking a clear and homogeneous theoretical framework-is a scientific deadlock. (PsycINFO Database Record

  7. Maine Agricultural Foods. Project SEED. (United States)

    Beaulieu, Peter; Ossenfort, Pat

    This paper describes an activity-based program that teaches students in grades 4-12 about the importance of Maine agriculture in their lives. Specifically, the goal is to increase student awareness of how the foods they eat are planted, harvested, and processed. The emphasis is on crops grown in Maine such as potatoes, broccoli, peas, blueberries,…

  8. The American Eider in Maine (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The American eider, Maine's only breeding sea duck, is known to have nested on 215 coastal islands of the State in 1976. In Maine, eiders seem to prefer to nest on...

  9. Development of an Item Unique Identification Strategy for the Legacy Components of the US Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams Tank (United States)


    reform and the Chief Financial Officers Act. Public Budgeting and Finance, 12(4), 75-86. Retrieved April 1, 2008, from EBSCO Host database. Jones...PAHDD $12,804.00 6 ADAPTER AND SHAFT A 3040011528805 PADDD $3,344.00 7 ADAPTER,SPLINE 3040014251531 PAOOO $49.70 8 ADAPTOR, HOST 7010013028669 PAFDD

  10. Main Propulsion Test Article (MPTA) (United States)

    Snoddy, Cynthia


    Scope: The Main Propulsion Test Article integrated the main propulsion subsystem with the clustered Space Shuttle Main Engines, the External Tank and associated GSE. The test program consisted of cryogenic tanking tests and short- and long duration static firings including gimbaling and throttling. The test program was conducted on the S1-C test stand (Position B-2) at the National Space Technology Laboratories (NSTL)/Stennis Space Center. 3 tanking tests and 20 hot fire tests conducted between December 21 1 1977 and December 17, 1980 Configuration: The main propulsion test article consisted of the three space shuttle main engines, flightweight external tank, flightweight aft fuselage, interface section and a boilerplate mid/fwd fuselage truss structure.

  11. Remembrance, trauma and collective memory: the battle for memory in psychoanalysis. (United States)

    Bohleber, Werner


    In contemporary clinical theory in psychoanalysis, remembering life-historical events and reconstructing the past have lost the central therapeutic function that they had for Freud. The author describes this development and demonstrates the way in which trauma and its remembrance resist it. He discusses the problem of the truth status of memories. Traumatic memories are not subject to transformation by the present when they are retrieved. They constitute a kind of foreign body in the psychic-associative network, but rather than forming an exact replica of the traumatic experience they undergo specific remodellings. The author describes some of the psychic processes in this encapsulated realm. Resolving its predominant dynamics and extricating phantasy from traumatic reality require a remembrance and reconstruction of the traumatic events in the analytic treatment. The author goes on to describe the vital importance of social discourse concerning historical truth for both the individual concerned and society in connection with disasters defined as man-made. A reluctance to know often sets in here that stems from the desire to avoid confronting the crimes, the horror and the victims' suffering. With the Holocaust in particular, the further problem arises of how to avoid its subjugation in historical description to defining categories that eliminate the horror and traumatic nature of the events. Remembering crimes unfolds a special set of dynamics. The author describes both these dynamics and their transgenerational effects on post-war German society. He concludes that, in order to confront the problems posed by a multifaceted traumatic reality, it is also necessary to battle to restore memory to an appropriate place in psychoanalysis.

  12. Preliminary report on self-healing minefield (frogs) concepts and utility in battle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greenwalt, R J; Magnoli, D


    The purpose of this study is to determine battlefield effectiveness of the self-healing minefield (''Frogs'') concept system compared to basecases of the standard AP/AT (anti-personnel/anti-tank) mixed minefield, the AT (anti-tank) pure minefield, and no minefields. This involves tactical modeling where a basecase with and without mines is compared to the concept system. However, it is first necessary to establish system characteristics and behavior of the Frog mine and minefield in order to do the tactical modeling. This initial report provides emerging insights into various minefield parameters in order to allow better program definition early in the conceptual development. In the following sections of this report, we investigate the self-healing minefield's ground pattern and several concepts for movement (''jump'') of a mine. Basic enemy breaching techniques are compared for the different mine movement concepts. These results are then used in the (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation) JCATS tactical model to evaluate minefield effects in a combat situation. The three basecases and the Frogs concept are used against a North Korean mechanized rifle battalion and outcomes are compared. Preliminary results indicate: (1) Possible breaching techniques for the self-healing minefield were proposed and compared through simulation modeling. Of these, the best breaching counter to the self-healing minefield is the ''wide-lane'' breach technique. (2) Several methods for mine movement are tested and the optimal method from this group was selected for use in the modeling. However, continued work is needed on jump criteria; a more sophisticated model may reduce the advantage of the breach counter. (3) The battle scenario used in this study is a very difficult defense for Blue. In the three baseline cases (no mines, AT mines only, and mixed AT/AP minefield), Blue loses. Only in the Frog case does Blue win, and

  13. On lifting the fog of war in the battle on heart disease: Star Wars technology in pursuit of a seamless integration strategy. (United States)

    Espinosa, J A; Kosnik, L K; Kraitsik, M; Dillow, J C


    In our efforts to reduce cardiac morbidity and mortality we often use terms such as the "battle" or "war" on heart disease. If we believe efforts to reduce cardiac disease are the moral equivalent of war, then perhaps we should explore ways that military strategic and tactical metaphors can be applied through technology to the cardiac battle. In this article we explore three major areas for technological advancement: adaptation of the strategies of outcomes management and evidence-based medicine, computer simulation and animation efforts to create horizontal and vertical integration of strategic efforts, and use of interactive multimedia in "recruiting an army" through community empowerment. The overall goal is to find ways to lift "the fog of war" in the battle on heart disease, in order to further the integration of our various efforts.

  14. Gulf of Maine intermediate water

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hopkins, T.S. (Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY); Garfield, N. III


    The thermohaline dynamics of the Gulf of Maine are analyzed from the two year, eight cruise, data set of Colton, Marak, Nickerson, and Stoddard (1968). Six water masses are described: the Maine Surface Water, Maine Intermediate Water, and the Maine Bottom Water as interior water masses; and the Scotian Shelf Water, the Slope Water, and the Georges Bank Water as exterior water masses. Particular attention is given to the formation and disposition of the Maine Intermediate Water. Salt balance, T-S volume, and T-S drift analyses are used to provide transport and mixing estimates for the year 1966. The Slope Water entered at depth through the Northeast Channel at a rate of 2600 km/sup 3//yr; while the Scotian Shelf Water entered the surface and intermediate layers, mostly during winter intrusions, at a rate of 5200 km/sup 3//yr. The surface and intermediate layers exported a total of 7900 km/sup 3//yr in a 3:5 ratio, respectively. The Maine Intermediate Water tends to collect over the Wilkinson Basin during the stratified season, to exit via the Great South Channel during early spring, and to exit via the Northeast Channel during spring and summer. Comparisons are made between the estimated winter heat loss of 280 Ly/d and the observed heat losses of 230 Ly/d (surface layers) and 360 Ly/d (surface and intermediate layers). A limit for the Scotian Shelf Water contribution is about -70 Ly/d. It is concluded that the Maine Intermediate Water is produced locally and that it is exported in significant quantities.

  15. Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) 2000: Will ABDR Become the Logistics Center of Gravity by the Year 2000 (United States)


    damage repair comes from the conflict in Southeast Asia CSEA ) and data available from the Arab-Israeli 1973 Yom Kippur war. Battle damage experience data...Performance." Air Force Journal of Loglutics, Vol. VIII, No. 4. Fall 1984, p. 9. 3. Department of the A~r Forcei Headquarters U.S. Air Force. "R&M 2000...Key to Combat Strength." 1.jr Force Journal of Logistl, Winter 1988, pp. 5-6. 17. Kitfield, James. "Concern Over Composites." ° Forum, January-February

  16. Non-main Stream Plays Main Role in Shipbuilding Market

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Qin Ping


    @@ Comparing with both the major shipyards and shipping companies that were facing an market decline and hard time,the non-mainstream ship types,non-mainstream ship manufacturers and non-mainstream ship owners,as main roles,made a wonderful show of living and developing in 2009.

  17. Lithogeochemistry of Carlin-type gold mineralization in the Gold Bar district, Battle Mountain-Eureka trend, Nevada (United States)

    Yigit, O.; Hofstra, A.H.


    The Gold Bar district contains five Carlin-type gold deposits and four resources for a combined gold endowment of 1.6 M oz [50 t]. The gold deposits are hosted in Devonian carbonate rocks below parautochthonous and allochthonous Paleozoic siliciclastic rocks emplaced during the Early Mississippian Antler orogeny. The district is in the Battle Mountain-Eureka trend, a long-lived structural feature that localized intrusions and ore deposits of different types and ages. The whole-rock geochemistry of four different mineralized and unmineralized Devonian carbonate rock units (two favorable and two unfavorable) were determined and interpreted in the context of the regional geology. A combination of basic statistics, R-mode factor analysis, isocon plots, and alteration diagrams were utilized to (1) identify favorable geochemical attributes of the host rocks, (2) characterize alteration and associated element enrichments and depletions, and (3) identify the mechanism of gold precipitation. This approach also led to the recognition of other types of alteration and mineralization in host rocks previously thought to be solely affected by Carlin-type mineralization. Unit 2 of the Upper Member of the Denay Formation, with the highest Al2O3, Fe2O3 and SiO2 contents and the lowest CaO content, is the most favorable host rock. Based on the high regression coefficients of data arrays on X-Y plots that project toward the origin, Al2O3 and TiO2 were immobile and K2O and Fe2O3 were relatively immobile during alteration and mineralization. Specific element associations identified by factor analysis are also prominent on isocon diagrams that compare the composition of fresh and altered equivalents of the same rock units. The most prominent associations are: Au, As, Sb, SiO2, TI, -CaO and -LOI, the main gold mineralizing event and related silicification and decalcification; Cd, Zn, Ag, P, Ni and Tl, an early base metal event; and MgO, early dolomitization. Alteration diagrams

  18. [Turning points in world history: urological comments on pathography of famous people: did Napoleon Bonaparte have a cystitis during the battle of Waterloo and was the battle lost because of that?]. (United States)

    Hatzinger, M; Stastny, M; Haferkamp, A


    Apparently unimportant diseases of some prominent figures can have a considerable effect on the course of time at turning points in world history. It is quite conceivable that the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815 had been lost by France because Napoleon was not in full possession of his powers, because he was suffering from acute cystitis. Adverse weather conditions with continuous rain and coldness in advance of the battle, extremely primitive hygienic conditions and more than simple quarters for the night led to the development of cystitis. Based on the records of his biographers, his personal physician and the letters to his brother, we know that Napoleon was not able to give the command to attack in the early morning as intended, but in the early noon, only because of his bad general condition. This delay of several hours led, as we all know, to the intervention of Prussia and the devastating defeat of France. Thus it appears that a relatively unimportant urological disease influenced the course of world history crucially.

  19. Architectural Portfolio 2001: Main Winners. (United States)

    American School & University, 2001


    Presents descriptions and photographs of the following two American School and University Architectural Portfolio main winners for 2001: Chesterton, Indiana's Chesterton High School and Lied Library at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Included are each project's vital statistics, the architectural firm involved, and a list of designers.(GR)

  20. The four main LHC experiments

    CERN Multimedia

    AC Team


    This diagram shows the locations of the four main experiments (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb) that will take place at the LHC. Located between 50 m and 150 m underground, huge caverns have been excavated to house the giant detectors. The SPS, the final link in the pre-acceleration chain, and its connection tunnels to the LHC are also shown.

  1. Nanosecond Neutron Analysis for the search of the lost Leonardo's masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuznetsov, A.V.; Gorshkov, I.Yu.; Evsenin, A.V.; Osetrov, O.I.; Vakhtin, D.N. [Applied Science and Technology Center (APSTEC Ltd.), Office 213, Gzhatskaya, 27, Saint-Petersburg 195220 (Russian Federation); Cosentino, A., E-mail: tonycosentino@yahoo.i [CISA3, Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093-0436 (United States); Seracini, M. [CISA3, Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093-0436 (United States)


    Between 1505 and 1506 Leonardo Da Vinci painted his masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari, in Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of 500 in Florence. The unfinished mural remained visible until 1563, when architect Giorgio Vasari undertook a renovation of the Hall and all traces of the Battle of Anghiari were lost. However, scholarly interpretation and scientific evidence suggest that the mural could be on the eastern wall, hidden behind a brick wall built in 1563 by Vasari. This paper discusses the possibility of using NNA/APT (Nanosecond Neutron Analysis/Associated Particle Technique) to establish the presence of the masterpiece by identifying behind the Vasari's wall chemical elements from the gesso preparation layer of the mural and possibly from its pigments. This paper reports on the experiments run with a simple NNA/APT system and the Monte Carlo simulations that have been carried out in order to outline the experimental setup of an advanced NNA/APT able to detect and locate the tiny amount of gesso and pigments.

  2. Battling Voices: Schizophrenia as Social Relation in Abel García Roure's Una cierta verdad [A Certain Truth] (2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benjamin Fraser


    Full Text Available Director Abel García Roure studied filmmaking with Joaquim Jordà at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona, and this, his first long-form cinematic product, is a highly nuanced documentary prioritizing the interplay between the film's two privileged groups: providers and patients. The battle of voices we watch unfold on screen is a social dialogue between these two polarized groups of actors. The potential resolution of this conflict—in this Global Disability Studies reading of García Roure's film—seemingly lies outside of the clinical institutions into which we are drawn along with these necessarily social actors. This article linked the content and form of the film through an analysis that bridges its social and spatial context, previous Disability Studies work on Spanish cultural production, and the writings of Michel Foucault. Ultimately, the film suggests that it is the clinical paradigm's low tolerance for nuance and lack of precise tools that in fact perpetuates this ongoing battle of voices. The resulting picture emphasizes schizophrenia as a cognitive disability that must be understood simultaneously as a social relation.

  3. Nanosecond Neutron Analysis for the search of the lost Leonardo’s masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari (United States)

    Kuznetsov, A. V.; Gorshkov, I. Yu.; Evsenin, A. V.; Osetrov, O. I.; Vakhtin, D. N.; Cosentino, A.; Seracini, M.


    Between 1505 and 1506 Leonardo Da Vinci painted his masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari, in Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of 500 in Florence. The unfinished mural remained visible until 1563, when architect Giorgio Vasari undertook a renovation of the Hall and all traces of the Battle of Anghiari were lost. However, scholarly interpretation and scientific evidence suggest that the mural could be on the eastern wall, hidden behind a brick wall built in 1563 by Vasari. This paper discusses the possibility of using NNA/APT (Nanosecond Neutron Analysis/Associated Particle Technique) to establish the presence of the masterpiece by identifying behind the Vasari's wall chemical elements from the gesso preparation layer of the mural and possibly from its pigments. This paper reports on the experiments run with a simple NNA/APT system and the Monte Carlo simulations that have been carried out in order to outline the experimental setup of an advanced NNA/APT able to detect and locate the tiny amount of gesso and pigments.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Zečević


    Full Text Available Geological structure of the terrain as a ground for a battlefield could be a significant factor for the success or failure of a military operation. The geology of the Belgian town of Ypres was an important, maybe even crucial factor, of the failure of the WWI Allied Powers offensive military operations against German Axis forces in 1917. The Early Eocene clays found at the ground surface at Ypres, coupled with excess precipitation, turned out to be utterly inappropriate for the fortification, movement, fighting and manoeuvring of all military units, especially the armoured units that were directed towards hardly passable routes. With selecting the unsuitable and hardly passable terrain, that is the direction of the attack, the British army had losses of the available combat potential and armoured forces were ineffective during the battle. The total number of Allied casualties was 448,000 dead, wounded, imprisoned and missing. This paper offers other possible solutions that would, from a military geographic and military geological viewpoint, have made a better solution for achieving the strategic goal required by the Allies on the eve of the Third Battle of Ypres in 1917.

  5. Nurses speak out for home care: winning the last great civil rights battle. (United States)

    Halamandaris, Val J


    In closing, it is clear that home care nurses are a very special breed. They are missionaries, committed to the goal of helping vulnerable Americans manage their health care needs and to preserving the freedoms and the independence that everyone cherishes. As is clear from the vignettes above, their first and last thoughts each day are for the well-being of their patients. They are so busy providing sophisticated care for a raft of complex medical problems common to their patients and filling out Medicare forms that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. There is no doubt that they make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Historically, nurses have been reluctant to take time away from caring for patients to take part in politics. As is evident from the summaries above and the stories of nurses from all 50 states that follow, nurses have had a change of heart. They have reached the conclusion that they must advocate for the aged, infirm, disabled and dying patients because patients cannot speak out for themselves. More and more nurses are becoming involved. One out of every 44 voters today is a nurse. Nurses show up at the polls; home care nurses have made it their responsibility to help make sure that homebound person vote by absentee ballot. They are also committed to march, to speak out for home care and hospice in what more and more are coming to call The Last Great Civil Rights Battle. They are also pushing for the inclusion of home and community based long-term care as part of national health care reform. They believe that home care is the answer to keeping the 12 percent of Americans who suffer from multiple chronic diseases and generate 75 percent of U.S. health care costs out of the hospital. The historian Arnold Toynbee put all these issues in perspective when he wrote that it is possible to measure the longevity and the accomplishment of any society by a common yardstick. I heard President John F. Kennedy quote Toynbee in

  6. Effects of Rest Interval Length on Acute Battling Rope Exercise Metabolism. (United States)

    Ratamess, Nicholas A; Smith, Charles R; Beller, Noah A; Kang, Jie; Faigenbaum, Avery D; Bush, Jill A


    The purpose of this study was to quantify and compare the acute metabolic responses to battling rope (BR) exercise using 2 different rest intervals. Twelve men and 10 women (age = 20.8 ± 1.3 years) performed a control protocol and 2 BR exercise protocols on separate days (48-72 hours) in random order while connected to a metabolic system. The BR protocol consisted of 8 sets of 30-second intervals (15 seconds of single-arm waves and 15 seconds of double-arm waves) using either a 1-minute (1RI) or 2-minute (2RI) rest interval length. A metronome was used to standardize repetition number/frequency for each exercise, that is, 15 waves for each arm for single-arm waves and 15 repetitions of double-arm waves. The mean oxygen consumption (VO2) values for the entire protocol were significantly higher during the 1RI than 2RI protocol, and values in men were 11.1% (1RI) and 13.5% (2RI) higher than women, respectively, and equated to 52.8 ± 5.5% (men) and 50.0 ± 11.2% (women) of VO2max during 1RI and 40.5 ± 4.5% (men) and 37.7 ± 11.0% (women) of VO2max during 2RI. Energy expenditure values were significantly higher during the 1RI than the 2RI protocol in men (11.93 ± 1.4 vs. 8.78 ± 1.4 kcal·min) and women (7.69 ± 1.3 vs. 5.04 ± 1.7 kcal·min) with values in men statistically higher than women. Blood lactate, mean protocol minute ventilation, and heart rate were significantly higher during the 1RI protocol than the 2RI protocol, and these data were significantly higher in men compared with women. These data demonstrate that BR exercise poses a significant cardiovascular and metabolic stimulus with the mean effects augmented with the use of a short rest interval.

  7. 50 Div in Normandy: A Critical Analysis of the British 50th (Northumbrian) Division on D-Day and in the Battle of Normandy (United States)


    was slower in its adoption. Despite the efforts of armor advocates J.F.C. Fuller, Basil Liddell-Hart, and Percy Hobart, senior army leadership...Staff College, 1984. Isby, David C., ed. The German Army at D-Day. Mechanicsburg: Stackpole Books, 2004. Jackson , W.G.F.. The Battle for North

  8. Communication Interface of Dots and Boxes Battle Platform in Computer Game%点格棋计算机博弈平台通信接口

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张利群; 曹杨; 李厦


    针对传统计算机博弈方式存在的不足,构建点格棋计算机博弈平台.将点格棋计算机博弈平台和博弈程序客户端置于网络环境中,通过博弈平台中的通信接口模块完成各种信息的传送,实现博弈平台与博弈程序之间的信息交互,进而达到对博弈双方的控制,实现自动博弈.实验结果表明这种通信接口的设计安全可靠,通信性能好.%In view of the deficiencies of traditional computer games, a dots and boxes battle platform in computer game was built. The dots and boxes battle platform in computer game and the clients of computer game program are placed in network environ-ment.The transmission of all kinds of information is through the communication interface module of the battle platform in comput-er game to achieve the information interaction between the battle platform and game programs, thereby controlling both sides of the game programs and realizing the automatic game.Test results show that the design of this communication interface is safe, reliable and having a good communication performance.

  9. Centenary of the Battle of Vimy (france, 1917): Preserving the Memory of the Great War Through 3d Recording of the Maison Blanche Souterraine (United States)

    Murtiyoso, A.; Grussenmeyer, P.; Guillemin, S.; Prilaux, G.


    The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement between the Canadian Corps and the German Empire during the Great War (1914-1918). In this battle, Canadian troops fought as a single unit and won the day. It marked an important point in Canadian history as a nation. The year 2017 marks the centenary of this battle. In commemoration of this event, the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Council financed a 3D recording mission for one of the underground tunnels (souterraines) used as refuge by the Canadian soldiers several weeks prior to the battle. A combination of Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and close-range photogrammetry techniques was employed in order to document not only the souterraine, but also the various carvings and graffitis created by the soldiers on its walls. The resulting point clouds were registered to the French national geodetic system, and then meshed and textured in order to create a precise 3D model of the souterraine. In this paper, the workflow taken during the project as well as several results will be discussed. In the end, the resulting 3D model was used to create derivative products such as maps, section profiles, and also virtual visit videos. The latter helps the dissemination of the 3D information and thus aids in the preservation of the memory of the Great War for Canada.

  10. Main Elements for Upscaling Recreation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zandersen, Marianne; Termansen, Mette


    This report provides information on the main elements used to scale up modelled local visitor flow data to regional level based on recreational de-mand models. These models are described in Report #1. This report also provides information on data sources such as spatial data (e.g. land cov......-er/land use information), demographic information. The report is accom-pagnied with a spatial database for the regional case of forest recreation in Northern Zealand, Denmark. The spatial database contains forest polygons; forest attribute; estimation of total annual number of visits per site; and es...

  11. Burden in the main caregiver

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiola Yonte Huete


    Full Text Available Objectives: The main objective is to determine the degree of burden in the main caregivers of dependent patients, to analyse the profile of informal caregivers and dependent patients. Their claims and help received with caring, the influence of mental deteriorate and duration of care giving regarding the burden of caregivers.Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional observational study amongst 50 caregivers and dependents. We used descriptive statistics and correlational studies. Results: 86 % of caregivers were women, middle aged, son/daughter of the dependent, married, with basic studies, no work outside the home, the average time in the role of caregiver was 16,96 hours a day and 2,1 free hours a day. 64 % of them received family support and 68 % wish to receive economic aid. It was found that for 38 % of the caregivers there was no burden at all, 34 % of them had a minimum burden and 28 % a greater burden.Conclusion: There are some caregivers with moderate or great burden. Our caregiver wishes to receive economic help. Our research shows that the decrease of mental health and the years of evolution do not have a significant statistically influence on caregivers. It is necessary prioritize the interventions and its recipients, provide solutions for caregivers with a greater burden, trying to keep away “caregiver syndrome”.

  12. Is Lifecycle Analysis Unconstitutional? New Frontiers in the Legal Battle Over Climate Science (United States)

    Cullenward, D.; Weiskopf, D.


    Recent federal court decisions have established that judges should not second-guess government agency findings related to basic climate change science [1,2]. Nevertheless, the legal battle over climate science is far from over. In the absence of federal legislation, climate policy opponents are developing new arguments to challenge the authority of states to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation describes a recent challenge to California's climate policy and provides an example of a strategic scientific response. In December 2011, a federal district court ruled that California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard ("LCFS") is unconstitutional [3]. The LCFS regulations employ lifecycle analysis to set a limit on the carbon intensity of fuels sold in California. According to the court, however, the policy's use of lifecycle analysis "facially discriminates" against interstate commerce. Because the court found that nondiscriminatory alternatives were available, it held the policy unconstitutional. If upheld, this reasoning would severely limit the ability of states to address climate change. On appeal to the Ninth Circuit, the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic represented climate scientists [4] and lifecycle analysis scientists [5] in support of upholding the LCFS. These briefs addressed the necessity of lifecycle analysis in the context of transportation fuels, and also presented evidence from the climate impacts literature that supports the state's interest in pursuing climate policy. Although written for the court and targeted at specific legal questions, both briefs were developed in the style of scientific assessments, based on published literature [6,7] and feedback from reviewers. Because courts lack the expertise to evaluate arguments about scientific issues, there is an ongoing need for climate scientists to participate in litigation. Perhaps most importantly, an effective response requires interdisciplinary collaboration between lawyers and scientists

  13. Between History and Myth: The Figure of Ramesses II against Enemies in Reliefs and Texts of the Battle of Kadesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Héctor Horacio Gerván


    Full Text Available According to what has been called “history of sense” (Assmann, 2005, every society has a cultural form that is inherent and it is precisely in here where historical events become meaningful, understandable only through the discourses produced. The reliefs and inscriptions from Battle of Kadesh, during the reign of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC are a clear example of remembrance and manifestation of these discourses. In this paper, we propose to analyze them as examples of the construction process of the “cultural memory” (Assmann, 2008, taking as categories of analysis the postulates of semiotics of Umberto Eco (1994 [1973]; 2013 [1968] and the image analysis of Martine Joly (2012 [1993]. As a basic premise, we consider the reliefs and inscriptions accompanying them as a narrative total unity, as speeches complete and complement, to be effective.

  14. [The transformation of the dental services market and the battle over a monopoly in 19th century dental practice]. (United States)

    Carvalho, Cristiana Leite


    The article analyzes the process by which dentistry acquired the status of a profession. The setting is the mid-nineteenth-century United States, where the West's first professional dental organizations were founded, and the focus is on some aspects of the development of a dental market and on the professional disputes among practitioners of the dental trade, who wanted a monopoly within this field of knowledge. Certain outside factors played a major role in the emergence of the profession, including changes in patterns of sugar consumption (which spread dental caries disease throughout society) as well as the expansion of the dental service market. The subsequent proliferation of distinct groups of dental practitioners--both qualified and unqualified to practice dentistry--and their competition for a place in the dental market reflect the battle waged to establish jurisdiction in this field and the emergence of dentistry as a 'modern profession'.

  15. "God save us from psychologists as expert witnesses": the battle for forensic psychology in early twentieth-century Germany. (United States)

    Wolffram, Heather


    This article is focused on the jurisdictional battle between psychiatrists and psychologists over psychological expertise in legal contexts that took place during the first decades of the 20th century. Using, as an example, the debate between the psychologist William Stern, the psychiatrist Albert Moll, and the jurist Albert Hellwig, which occurred at the International Congress for Sexual Research held in Berlin in 1926, it aims to demonstrate the manner in which psychiatrists' responses to psychologists' attempts to gain admittance to Germany's courtrooms were shaped not only by epistemological and methodological objections, but also by changes to expert witnessing that had already encroached on psychiatrists' professional territory. Building upon recent work examining the relationship between psychologists and jurists prior to the First World War, this article also seeks to examine the role of judges and lawyers in the contest over forensic psychology in the mid-1920s, arguing that they ultimately became referees in the increasingly public disputes between psychiatrists and psychologists.

  16. Back to the metal age: battle for metals at the host–pathogen interface during urinary tract infection (United States)

    Subashchandrabose, Sargurunathan


    Urinary tract infection (UTI) represents one of the most common bacterial infections in humans and uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) is the major causative agent of UTI in people. Research on UPEC and other bacterial pathogens causing UTI has now identified the critical role of metal transport systems in the pathogenesis of UTI. Here we review the major effectors of metal transport in bacteria and host proteins that impair metal acquisition by bacterial pathogens. In particular, we describe the studies that identified iron, zinc and nickel import and copper export as key virulence and fitness determinants during UTI. Various metal transport systems and mechanisms that govern the expression of metal transport systems are also presented here. Specific examples from UPEC and other uropathogens, when available, are presented to depict the battle for metals at the host–pathogen interface during UTI. PMID:25677827

  17. A stochastic spatial model of HIV dynamics with an asymmetric battle between the virus and the immune system (United States)

    Lin, Hai; Shuai, J. W.


    A stochastic spatial model based on the Monte Carlo approach is developed to study the dynamics of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We aim to propose a more detailed and realistic simulation frame by incorporating many important features of HIV dynamics, which include infections, replications and mutations of viruses, antigen recognitions, activations and proliferations of lymphocytes, and diffusions, encounters and interactions of virions and lymphocytes. Our model successfully reproduces the three-phase pattern observed in HIV infection, and the simulation results for the time distribution from infection to AIDS onset are also in good agreement with the clinical data. The interactions of viruses and the immune system in all the three phases are investigated. We assess the relative importance of various immune system components in the acute phase. The dynamics of how the two important factors, namely the viral diversity and the asymmetric battle between HIV and the immune system, result in AIDS are investigated in detail with the model.

  18. A stochastic spatial model of HIV dynamics with an asymmetric battle between the virus and the immune system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lin Hai [Department of Chemical Biology, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005 (China); Shuai, J W, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005 (China)


    A stochastic spatial model based on the Monte Carlo approach is developed to study the dynamics of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We aim to propose a more detailed and realistic simulation frame by incorporating many important features of HIV dynamics, which include infections, replications and mutations of viruses, antigen recognitions, activations and proliferations of lymphocytes, and diffusions, encounters and interactions of virions and lymphocytes. Our model successfully reproduces the three-phase pattern observed in HIV infection, and the simulation results for the time distribution from infection to AIDS onset are also in good agreement with the clinical data. The interactions of viruses and the immune system in all the three phases are investigated. We assess the relative importance of various immune system components in the acute phase. The dynamics of how the two important factors, namely the viral diversity and the asymmetric battle between HIV and the immune system, result in AIDS are investigated in detail with the model.

  19. Battling a diploma mill: the early fight to preserve the osteopathic principles of A.T. Still. (United States)

    Jordan, Laura


    Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, founded the first school of osteopathy, the American School of Osteopathy (ASO), in 1892. Two graduates from the second class of the ASO, Elmer and Helen Barber, opened the "second school of osteopathy," the National School of Osteopathy (NSO), in 1895. The guiding principles of the NSO were vastly different than those of the ASO, and Still saw the Barbers as a threat to his founding osteopathic philosophy and their school as a "diploma mill." In the present article, the author uses primary historical documents to detail the battle between the ASO and the NSO and thus provides a snapshot of the early fight to gain respect within the medical community.

  20. Dravet syndrome: the main issues. (United States)

    Guerrini, Renzo


    Dravet syndrome (DS) is a severe form of infantile onset epilepsy characterized by multiple seizure types, prolonged convulsive seizures and frequent episodes of status epilepticus. Seizures precipitated by fever are a main characteristic. Affected children exhibit normal early development. Cognitive impairment, behavioral disturbances with hyperactivity and sometimes autistic traits occur after seizure onset. Seizures persist into adulthood but become less frequent. In about 85% of patients, a mutation of the SCN1A gene is present. DS fully illustrates the concept of epileptic encephalopathy. However, it is difficult to determine the causative role of the underlying sodium channel dysfunction and that of the consequent seizures in influencing cognitive outcome. An overwhelmingly high number of SCN1A mutations have been associated with DS. Intragenic or whole gene deletions, duplications and amplifications are additional rare molecular mechanisms. Most mutations are de novo, but familial mutations also occur. Somatic mosaic mutations should be considered when estimating the recurrence. MRI imaging is usually normal, and no neuropathologic signature of the condition seems to exist. In heterozygous Scn1a+/- mice, GABAergic interneurons exhibit substantially reduced sodium current density with reduced ability for sustained action potential firing. GABAergic output is reduced and excitability of downstream synaptic targets increased. Stiripentol was effective in combination with valproate and clobazam in two pivotal phase III trials. Phenytoin, carbamazepine, and lamotrigine can worsen seizures and should be avoided. Prospective studies will clarify to what extent earlier diagnosis and efforts at seizure control with the most appropriate drug combinations will reduce clinical deterioration.

  1. Main challenges of residential areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oana Luca


    Full Text Available The present article is a position paper aiming to initiate a professional debate related to the aspects related to the urban dysfunctions leading to the wear of the residential areas. The paper proposes a definition of the wear process, identify the main causes leading to its occurrence and propose a number of solutions to neutralise the dysfunctions. The three wearing phases of residential areas components are emphasized, exploring their lifecycle. In order to perform the study of urban wear, the status of the residential areas components can be established and monitored, and also the variables of the function that can mathematically model the specific wear process may be considered. The paper is considered a first step for the model adjustment, to be tested and validated in the following steps. Based on the mathematical method and model, there can be created, in a potential future research, the possibility of determining the precarity degree for residential areas/neighbourhoods and cities, by minimising the subjective component of the analyses preceding the decision for renovation or regeneration.

  2. Losing the Quality Battle in Australian Education for Librarianship: A Decade on. (An Update on the Original Article by Ross Harvey, "Losing the Quality Battle in Australian Education for Librarianship". "The Australian Library Journal", 50 No. 1, 2001: 15-22.) (United States)

    Harvey, Ross


    The Editor of "ALJ" has invited me to comment on my 2001 article "Losing the quality battle in Australian education for librarianship" (Harvey 2001). The article was prompted by a period I spent as a visiting professor in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA (the University of California Los Angeles) and was written while I was there.…

  3. Big and tall soldiers are more likely to survive battle: a possible explanation for the 'returning soldier effect' on the secondary sex ratio. (United States)

    Kanazawa, Satoshi


    It is widely known that more boys are born during and immediately after wars, but there has not been any ultimate (evolutionary) explanation for this 'returning soldier effect'. Here, I suggest that the higher sex ratios during and immediately after wars might be a byproduct of the fact that taller soldiers are more likely to survive battle and that taller parents are more likely to have sons. I analyze a large sample of British Army service records during World War I. Surviving soldiers were on average more than one inch (3.33 cm) taller than fallen soldiers. Conservative estimates suggest that the one-inch height advantage alone is more than twice as sufficient to account for all the excess boys born in the UK during and after World War I. While it remains unclear why taller soldiers are more likely to survive battle, I predict that the returning soldier effect will not happen in more recent and future wars.

  4. Application of Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) and C-BML Services to Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Simulation Environments (United States)


    training , analysis, experimentation, test and evaluation, and mission planning and rehearsal. Instead, the military needs to pull together multi- ple...DIS), the High Level Architecture (HLA), and the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA). Moreover, the military needs the ability to...Command and Control Lexical Grammar (C2LG) Specification. Technischer Bericht ITF/2010/02. Fraunhofer FKIE. July. SISO. 2006. Coalition Battle

  5. Airsea Battle to Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons: Imperative for a Continuation of a Crucial Warfighting Concept (United States)


    emerging character of an A2/AD conflict. History suggests third party interventions-which the U.S. finds itself often as the lead element-through...Putting a total or economic war with China aside, consider a contested chokepoint like the Straits of Hormuz, Malacca , Sicily, or Gibraltar...Who Authorized Preparations for War with China?” 8, no. 2 Yale Journal of International Affairs, (Summer 2013), 21. 14 AirSea Battle, on the

  6. Evaluation of Computer-Aided System Design Tools for SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) Battle Management/C3 (Command, Control and Communications) Architecture Development (United States)


    Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6000 Lee Cooper 1 copy Advanced Technology 2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 200 Arlington, VA 22202 Larry Cox I copy TRW 1950 Sunwest...Richmond Street Providence, RI 02903 " - Mr. Larry Christina, Jr. 1 copy Technology Branch, CSSD-H-SBY Battle Management Division U.S. Army Strategic...copy ’_ Advanced System Architectures Johnson House 73-79 Park Street GU 15 3PE, United Kingdom s. - .%° N. % S CSED Review Panel Dr. Dan Alpert

  7. How Can Maneuver Brigades Train and Educate Excellence in the Execution of Twenty-First Century Battle Command at Home Station? (United States)


    Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic successfully battled the much larger British Airways for market share. 136 Virgin Atlantic closely watched their...Gabel, 88. 88 Richard M. Ketcham, "Warming Up on the Sidelines for World War II," Smithsonian, Sept. 1991,100. 89 Gabel, 89. 90 Gabel, 89. 91...competition between well- established British Airways and the new and innovative Virgin Atlantic airline illustrates valuable lessons in

  8. The Evolution of Air-Sea Battle: How Army Attack/Reconnaissance Aviation Fits into the Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons (United States)


    Aviat 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER Aviation Fits into the Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons 5b. GRANT NUMBER...The evolution of the Air-Sea Battle concept into the Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons (JAM-GC) provides an opportunity...Aviation into JAM-GC to achieve better cross-domain synergy. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons , JAM-GC

  9. Women in battle / Women in fashion: Clothing practices in the post-war period in socialist Yugoslavia in the case of journals “Women in Battle” and “Our Fashion”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivana Čuljak


    Full Text Available The research is based on the reviewing the ideological construction of the concept of saving up in the context of the struggle for women’s emancipation in early socialism of the post-war period. AFŽ (Antifašistička fronta žena – women’s antifascist front as the main platform of women’s emancipation, promoted the New woman (emancipated, a political and socially aware worker through direct propaganda in the magazine Žena u borbi (Woman in battle. At the same time, the AFŽ published a very popular magazine called Naša moda (Our fashion. It was a magazine which constructed a completely different media model of women whose interests are tied to fashion and family, emphasizing the role of the woman as housewife, mother and frivolous consumer. This dichotomy is important for the further reading of the public and media construction of modest/economic dressing which was seemingly embodied by the new woman, seeing as there as a simultaneous emergence of an opposite tendency and an alternative everyday practice. Faced with the ideological construction of emancipation, women continue performing the role of housewife who is now forced to rationalize her dressing practices and adapt to new political and economic conditions.

  10. 赤壁之战后的周瑜考论%On Zhou Yu After The Chibi Battle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    周瑜等在赤壁之战获胜后发动江陵之战,并最终迫使曹仁撤走。占领南郡江陵等地使得孙权后来在与刘备就荆州问题的交涉中处于较为有利的地位。刘备赴江东谈判“都督荆州”之事,周瑜、吕范劝孙权借机留下刘备。不过孙权接受了鲁肃的建c义,对刘备采取笼络、联合的立场,但又力求从刘备那谋取一定实际利益。周瑜向孙权提出先攻取巴蜀、汉中而后进占襄阳的战略规划。他或想到刘备以后会染指益州.因此主张先西进益州,这样可挤压刘备未来的战略发展空间,实现“二分天下”的目标。他的病逝使这一战略规划未能实现。赤壁之战后的周瑜是江东方面向外扩张的急进派,而且他抓住了向荆州扩张的机会。%Zhou Yu and other commanders launched the Jiangling Battle after their victory in the Chibi Battle, and later forced Cao Ren to retreat. After occupying Jiangling and some other places in Nanjun, Sun Quan strengthened his position in the negotiation on Jingzhou with Liu Bei. Liu Bei went to Jiangdong to carry on negotiations on his controlling Jingzhou, but Zhou Yu and Lu Fan advised Sun Quan to detain him. However, Sun Quan was persuaded by Lu Su to ally with Liu Bei, though with seeking certain benefits from the latter. Zhou Yu produced a strategic planning to capture Ba, Shu and Hanzhong, and then occupy Xiangyang. Perhaps at that time he realized Liu Bei would attack Yizhou later, so he argued for marching westwards to Yizhou in advance in order to squeeze the future strategic space of Liu Bei, and achieved his objectives of "dividing the empire into two parts". This strategic planning was not carried out because of his death. Zhou Yu belonged to the radical expansionists in Jiangdong after the Chibi Battle, and he seized the chance to expand into Jingzhou.

  11. A review of the battle for food in the Barents Sea: Cod vs. marine mammals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bjarte eBogstad


    Full Text Available Cod, harp seal and minke whale are the main top predators in the Barents Sea ecosystem. In the last decade, the abundance of cod has increased considerably, and is at a record high level. In spite of this, the growth and condition of cod has remained rather stable, although some decrease is seen in size at age of large, mature cod. During the same period, the abundance of harp seals has declined whereas the minke whale stock has been at a stable level. The body condition (blubber thickness of these two mammal stocks has, however, decreased, with the strongest decrease observed for harp seals. A possible hypothesis for explaining this is that cod outperform the marine mammal stocks in the competition for food. The main advantages for cod are most likely larger availability of food (mainly capelin during winter-spring than for marine mammals, as well as a wider range of prey species being available to cod than to marine mammals. Harp seals are more dependent on prey items found close to the ice edge than the other two predator stocks are, which could partly explain why the performance of harp seals is worse than that of the two other main top predators in the area.

  12. Maine Students Learn to Appreciate Diversity. (United States)

    Flood, Pamela S.


    The Maine studies program at a rural Maine middle school begins in the sixth grade and expands through the eighth grade. Students camp out, explore Maine's geography, and learn about themselves, their state's history, and the state's diverse populations. Two multischool programs, Exchanging Maine's Cultures and the Curriculum Integration…

  13. ACE-inhibition and angiotensin II receptor blockers in chronic heart failure: pathophysiological consideration of the unresolved battle. (United States)

    Simko, F; Simko, J; Fabryova, M


    Reducing the effects of angiotensin II by blockade of AT1-receptors may be superior to inhibition of angiotensin II formation by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients. However, the results of several trials did not fulfil this expectation. In both ELITE II with symptomatic CHF patients and in OPTIMAAL involving high risk patients after acute myocardial infarction, angiotensin II type I (AT1) receptor blocker (ARB) losartan did not prove to be superior to captopril. There are several potential reasons, why ARBs did not fare better than ACE inhibitors. Although AT1-receptor blockade may block the effects of non-ACE pathways of tissue angiotensin II formation, no clinical evidence is available that a more powerful inhibition of the tissue renin-angiotensin system brings improved survival. The choice of patients for clinical trials of HF therapy is not based on the level of neurohumoral activation. Thus, the more effective attenuation of angiotensin II action with ARBs may not bring additional benefits. The potential antiremodeling effect of ARBs through the stimulation of AT2 receptors by angiotensin II could be counterbalanced by a failure of AT1-receptor blockers to enhance bradykinin, nitric oxide and prostacyclin formation with antigrowth properties. Although ACE-inhibitors seem to have slightly better results at present than AT1 blockers in the battle on heart failure patient, future trials will decide which is the definitive winner.

  14. WE-EF-BRD-02: Battling Maxwell’s Equations: Physics Challenges and Solutions for Hybrid MRI Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Keall, P. [University of Sydney (Australia)


    MRI-guided treatment is a growing area of medicine, particularly in radiotherapy and surgery. The exquisite soft tissue anatomic contrast offered by MRI, along with functional imaging, makes the use of MRI during therapeutic procedures very attractive. Challenging the utility of MRI in the therapy room are many issues including the physics of MRI and the impact on the environment and therapeutic instruments, the impact of the room and instruments on the MRI; safety, space, design and cost. In this session, the applications and challenges of MRI-guided treatment will be described. The session format is: Past, present and future: MRI-guided radiotherapy from 2005 to 2025: Jan Lagendijk Battling Maxwell’s equations: Physics challenges and solutions for hybrid MRI systems: Paul Keall I want it now!: Advances in MRI acquisition, reconstruction and the use of priors to enable fast anatomic and physiologic imaging to inform guidance and adaptation decisions: Yanle Hu MR in the OR: The growth and applications of MRI for interventional radiology and surgery: Rebecca Fahrig Learning Objectives: To understand the history and trajectory of MRI-guided radiotherapy To understand the challenges of integrating MR imaging systems with linear accelerators To understand the latest in fast MRI methods to enable the visualisation of anatomy and physiology on radiotherapy treatment timescales To understand the growing role and challenges of MRI for image-guided surgical procedures My disclosures are publicly available and updated at:

  15. Discrimination of hydrothermally altered rocks along the Battle Mountain-Eureka, Nevada mineral belt using LANDSAT images (United States)

    Krohn, M. D.; Abrams, M. J.; Rowan, L. C. (Principal Investigator)


    The author has identified the following significant results. Limonitic alteration halos associated with two copper prophyry deposits were successfully mapped at Battle Mountain. Alteration halos from both a hypogene system at Copper Canyon and a supergene system at Copper Basin are recognizable in the composite. Both copper porphyry deposits are located in sedimentary rock units that commonly have ferruginous coatings; yet, in most cases, the hydrothermally derived limonite was distinguishable in the CRC from sedimentary limonite. Large format playback images with pixel sizes from 200 to 400 micron m provided details of spatial resolution and color separation unachievable on enlargements from 70 mm film chips. Details of the alteration halos could be resolved only in the large format images. Two aspects of the alteration halos of the porphyry copper deposits were not mapped on the CRC. The optimum CRC image for the area studied consists of MSS 4/5 as blue, MSS 4/6 as yellow, and MSS 6/7 as magenta using diazo films. The disseminated gold deposits at Gold Acres are not depicted in the CRC image.

  16. Thermoregulation of individual paper wasps ( Polistes dominula) plays an important role in nest defence and dominance battles (United States)

    Höcherl, Nicole; Tautz, Jürgen


    Paper wasps, like Polistes dominula, are considered as primitively eusocial. Hence, they are often used as model species for studies about the evolution of eusociality and dominance hierarchies. However, our knowledge about basic physiological processes in these wasps remains limited. In particular, the thermoregulation of individual wasps in their natural habitat has not yet been investigated in detail. We conducted a comprehensive field study to test their ability to respond to external hazards with elevated thorax temperatures. We presented artificial threats by applying smoke or carbon dioxide simulating fire and predator attacks, respectively, and monitored the thorax temperature of wasps on the nest using infrared thermography. We found that P. dominula workers recognized smoke and CO2 and reacted almost instantaneously and simultaneously with an increase of their thorax temperature. The maximal thorax temperature was reached about 65 s after the application of both stressors, but subsequently, the wasps showed a different behaviour pattern. No rise of the thorax temperature was detectable after an air blast was applied or in wasps resting on the nest. These observations provide evidence that P. dominula is able to heat up its thorax and that thermoregulation is employed in escape and defence reactions. Additionally, we investigated the thorax temperatures of queens during dominance battles. We found that the thorax temperature of the dominant queens rose up to 5 °C compared to that of subordinate queens that attacked the former, suggesting that the dominant queen defends herself as well as her nest.

  17. Battle between influenza A virus and a newly identified antiviral activity of the PARP-containing ZAPL protein (United States)

    Liu, Chien-Hung; Zhou, Ligang; Chen, Guifang; Krug, Robert M.


    Previous studies showed that ZAPL (PARP-13.1) exerts its antiviral activity via its N-terminal zinc fingers that bind the mRNAs of some viruses, leading to mRNA degradation. Here we identify a different antiviral activity of ZAPL that is directed against influenza A virus. This ZAPL antiviral activity involves its C-terminal PARP domain, which binds the viral PB2 and PA polymerase proteins, leading to their proteasomal degradation. After the PB2 and PA proteins are poly(ADP-ribosylated), they are associated with the region of ZAPL that includes both the PARP domain and the adjacent WWE domain that is known to bind poly(ADP-ribose) chains. These ZAPL-associated PB2 and PA proteins are then ubiquitinated, followed by proteasomal degradation. This antiviral activity is counteracted by the viral PB1 polymerase protein, which binds close to the PARP domain and causes PB2 and PA to dissociate from ZAPL and escape degradation, explaining why ZAPL only moderately inhibits influenza A virus replication. Hence influenza A virus has partially won the battle against this newly identified ZAPL antiviral activity. Eliminating PB1 binding to ZAPL would be expected to substantially increase the inhibition of influenza A virus replication, so that the PB1 interface with ZAPL is a potential target for antiviral development. PMID:26504237

  18. The Battle that Weber Lost: Exploring The Fate of Weber's Contribution to the Methodenstreit

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jagd, Søren

    This paper explores the outcome of Max Weber's contribution to the Methodenstreit between teh Austrian marginal utility economists and teh German historicist economists in his methodological writings. The main conclusion is the neither economists nor sociologists have found Weber's contribution...... worth a closer look. The result is that Weber's contribution never has found its way int the methodological discussions in economics as well as into economic sociology...

  19. Massing the Third Dimension in AirLand Battle-Future: The Aviation Division (United States)


    progression to autonomous aviation units performing the tank and transport role simuitanfousIv. TUKHACHE VSKY Constoereo by some as the father or the deep...A comotnea arms torce consisting mainly or MBAVs as the major kLiilng system, wouja be, in von Senger uno Etteriin s view, a tacticaliy and logistica ...platform in close air support impinged upon its roles and mlsslons. 3 3 Howvever, Army aviation’s roie in troop and logistical transportation was seen as

  20. 航母战斗群通信作战应用及对抗策略分析%Analysis of Communication Combat Application and Countermeasures of Carrier Battle Group

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Carrier battle group is the basal formation mode of present sea battle,the requirements to communication cooperation in the combat are very strict.This paper analyzes the application modes of communication combat organization for carrier battle group,analyzes the frangibility of commu-nication systems,and puts forward the strategies to antagonize the communication systems of carri-er battle group.The analysis indicates that the dependency on communication systems is the key to attack in the carrier battle group combat,it has definite feasibility to synthetically adopt various countermeasures to destroy its combat cooperation in the actual combat.%航母战斗群是当今海战中基本的编成方式,作战中对通信协同的要求非常严格。分析了航母战斗群通信作战组织的应用方式,分析了通信系统的脆弱性,并提出对航母战斗群通信系统进行对抗的策略。分析表明,航母战斗群作战中对通信系统的依赖正是其攻击的要害,实战中综合采用各种对抗策略以破坏其作战协同具有一定可行性。

  1. 30 CFR 57.6160 - Main facilities. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Main facilities. 57.6160 Section 57.6160...-Underground Only § 57.6160 Main facilities. (a) Main facilities used to store explosive material underground... facilities will not prevent escape from the mine, or cause detonation of the contents of another storage...

  2. The battle of Old Harry; La bataille d'Old Harry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Contant, Alain


    In 1998, both Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador carried out independent seismic prospecting in the Gulf of St Lawrence. This resulted in the discovery of an oil and natural gas deposit. The government of Quebec imposed a moratorium until 2012 on hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, because of possible damage to blue whales and the ecosystems of the region. The Newfoundland and Labrador government decided to continue the exploration and in October 2010 authorised a Halifax company, Corridor Resources, to proceed with seismic work near the Old Harry deposit. Quebec reacted because of two main concerns, the effect on the environment and the risk of Newfoundland overstepping into Quebec hydrocarbon limits. By pursuing hydrocarbon exploitation, Quebec could create employment and improve its commercial balance, but it could also end up in competition with its own hydroelectricity. Old Harry will force our society to question its vision of energy, economic viability and sustainable development.

  3. Survival of classical models in Bartolomeo Facio's description of battles. Some considerations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giancarlo Abbamonte


    Full Text Available Facio's work, entitled Rerum gestarum Alphonsi regis libri decem, mainly describes the conquest of the Kingdom of Naples by the Aragonese king Alphonso the Magnanimous. However, the historical events are not only narrated on the basis of contemporary documents, but they are also shaped according to the various patterns provided by classical authors. Thus, in Alphonso's speech to the troops we can find a direct quotation of Cicero, or in Facio's preface there is a blend of arguments taken from Livy's praefatio and Cicero's well-known opinion on Caesar's style. Finally, in the episode on the siege of Gerba and the return of the fleet to Trapani, Facio depicts Alphonso's Tunisian enemies as if they were old Carthaginians, whilst the forced stop of the Aragonese fleet in Trapani allows the historian to establish a wisely disguised comparison with Aeneas' stop at Trapani/Drepanum in the 5th book of the Aeneid.

  4. Flood-inundation maps for a 15-mile reach of the Kalamazoo River from Marshall to Battle Creek, Michigan, 2010 (United States)

    Hoard, C.J.; Fowler, K.K.; Kim, M.H.; Menke, C.D.; Morlock, S.E.; Peppler, M.C.; Rachol, C.M.; Whitehead, M.T.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 15-mile reach of the Kalamazoo River from Marshall to Battle Creek, Michigan, were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help guide remediation efforts following a crude-oil spill on July 25, 2010. The spill happened on Talmadge Creek, a tributary of the Kalamazoo River near Marshall, during a flood. The floodwaters transported the spilled oil down the Kalamazoo River and deposited oil in impoundments and on the surfaces of islands and flood plains. Six flood-inundation maps were constructed corresponding to the flood stage (884.09 feet) coincident with the oil spill on July 25, 2010, as well as for floods with annual exceedance probabilities of 0.2, 1, 2, 4, and 10 percent. Streamflow at the USGS streamgage at Marshall, Michigan (USGS site ID 04103500), was used to calculate the flood probabilities. From August 13 to 18, 2010, 35 channel cross sections, 17 bridges and 1 dam were surveyed. These data were used to construct a water-surface profile for the July 25, 2010, flood by use of a one-dimensional step-backwater model. The calibrated model was used to estimate water-surface profiles for other flood probabilities. The resulting six flood-inundation maps were created with a geographic information system by combining flood profiles with a 1.2-foot vertical and 10-foot horizontal resolution digital elevation model derived from Light Detection and Ranging data.

  5. The interpretation of the Battle of Leipzig (October 16–19, 1813 in the German patriotic sermon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sterkhov Dmitry Vladimirovich


    Full Text Available The article touches upon the impact of the religion on the national consciousness of European nations in the 19th century. As an example of this impact can serve the sermons of the German protestant clergy dedicated to the victory of the German and Allied troops over Napoleon armies in the Battle of Leipzig on 16–19 October, 1813. On the battlefield of Leipzig there emerged a very powerful national myth, partly created by means of the patriotic preaching of German pastors. This myth of Leipzig, propagandized by the protestant clergy, consisted of several components; one of them was the popular idea of “God’s Judgment” which was imposed by God on Napoleon and the French nation. The salvation of Germany was thus explained by God’s direct intervention in the Liberation Wars against France. The pastors create a dark and unattractive image of Napoleon who is exposed as tyrant, theomachist and even Antichrist. Not less negative is the image of the French who are described in the sermons as unreligious and immoral. Their direct opposites are the Germans whom the protestant preachers endow with such qualities as piety and morality. In the eyes of the pastors the Germans constitute a single nation united by common features, such as the German language, the German traditions and the German religiousness. As considerable national symbols in the sermons appear the German national heroes such as Martin Luther, the Swedish King Gustav Adolph and the most notable hero Hermann, the leader of one of the ancient German tribes. Consequently the French are compared with ancient Romans who overindulged in sins and immorality and were defeated by the brave Germans with the help of God. As a result the German protestant clergy contribute to the creating of the myth of Leipzig which became a considerable symbol of the German national history.

  6. The Battle Over Abortion Rights in Brazil’s State Arenas, 1995-2006 (United States)


    Abstract This article proposes a relational approach to the study of abortion law reform in Brazil. It focuses on the interaction of pro-choice and anti-abortion movements in different state arenas and political contexts. It details the emergence of a strategic action field on abortion during the Brazilian re-democratization process and the National Constituent Assembly. We offer analysis on pro-choice and anti-abortion mobilization in state arenas—mainly in the executive and legislative powers—during the two terms of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC), 1995–1998 and 1999–2002, and the first term of President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), 2003–2006. We then map political resources for mobilization, such as legislative bills, public policy norms, and judicial decisions, and track legal continuities and changes. Finally, we analyze anti-abortion reaction, which was consolidated through an increased conservative presence in congress after 2006, and discuss how the abortion debate has migrated from congress to the Supreme Court and the public sphere. PMID:28630546

  7. Battling discrimination and social isolation: psychological distress among Latino day laborers. (United States)

    Negi, Nalini Junko


    Day labor is comprised of predominately male and recent Latino immigrants, mainly from Mexico and Central America who work in an unregulated and informal market. Three-quarters of the day labor force is undocumented and live under the federal poverty threshold as work is seasonal and highly contingent on the weather and the local economy. However, in spite of their exposure to significant health risks, little is known about the impact of Latino day laborers' (LDLs) work and life conditions on their mental health. This mixed methods study extends the literature by using the minority stress theoretical model to examine the relationship between discrimination and social isolation as well as participant identified protective factors such as religiosity and sending remittances with psychological distress. A quantitative survey with 150 LDLs was conducted and was followed by a qualitative member checking focus group to extend upon the quantitative results as well as the minority stress model with the lived experiences of these immigrant workers. Results reveal implications for prevention efforts with this hard-to-reach and marginalized population.

  8. The “Battle of Lisbon” and the Challenges of Tomorrow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iakob Attila


    Full Text Available In the last decade the European construction and the structural changes on the European Union level were forced to adapt to the new global realities in which the multi-polar competition and the economic problems shaped the form of the Lisbon treaty and created a new frame of development for the continental organization. On the other hand, these new changes adopted by the treaty may not be the real solution to the contemporary global developments in which the accelerated and interdependent contexts define the world of tomorrow. From this point of view, the Lisbon treaty may or may not be the proper response to the internal and external challenges of the European Union, but it is clearly a step to a more safer and comprehensive Europe. For this reason, the main objective of this study is to map a possible walkthrough of the tomorrow’s European construction and also the maze of issues with which the Union must deal for a successful structural construction.

  9. Utilizing power procurement strategies to win in the upcoming retail battle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Willerton, K. [TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp., Calgary, AB (Canada)


    Some strategies for municipal electric utilities (MEUs) for mitigating risk and using procurement as a tool to become more competitive, were presented. The largely unknown hazards of commodity retailing for the financial health of MEUs, and the value of strategic alliances were emphasized. Some of the risks inherent in commodity trading were outlined. The two main types of risk in energy procurement are associated with price and volume. Both are closely linked to energy supply and demand in a retailers portfolio. Details of how these impact on procurement decisions were explained with examples. The approach for contracting for energy under the request for proposal (RFP) option was strongly discouraged because it immediately places the MEU in a loss position if market prices go down. The two kinds of RFPs that could be issued are: (1) a contract for a fixed amount of energy at a fixed price, and (2) a contract to have a wholesaler to supply all the energy a retailer needs to meets its load at a fixed price. Banding together with other MEUs to purchase in bulk will not only be more cost effective, but probably essential for survival. Learning from private sector experience will favor MEUs over MEUs that fail to take advantage of the mistakes of others. 4 figs.

  10. Riigikogu maine ja armastus / Aune Past

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Past, Aune, 1954-


    Autor arutleb Riigikogu maine üle, toetudes TÜ ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni osakonna 2007. aastal tehtud uuringu tulemustele. Riigikogu liikmete maine paraneks, kui neil endil oleks selge, mis eesmärgil Toompeale mindi ja sellest siis ka rahvale kõneldaks

  11. Riigikogu maine ja armastus / Aune Past

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Past, Aune, 1954-


    Autor arutleb Riigikogu maine üle, toetudes TÜ ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni osakonna 2007. aastal tehtud uuringu tulemustele. Riigikogu liikmete maine paraneks, kui neil endil oleks selge, mis eesmärgil Toompeale mindi ja sellest siis ka rahvale kõneldaks

  12. 78 FR 34701 - Maine Disaster #ME-00037 (United States)


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00037 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a notice of an Administrative declaration of a disaster for the State of Maine dated 05/30/2013. Incident: Commercial and Residential Building Complex Fire. Incident Period: 05/03/2013. Effective Date:...

  13. 78 FR 34701 - Maine Disaster #ME-00036 (United States)


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00036 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a notice of an Administrative declaration of a disaster for the State of Maine dated 05/30/2013. Incident: Apartment Complex Fire. Incident Period: 04/29/2013. Effective Date: 05/30/2013. Physical...

  14. Maine's Employability Skills Program (United States)

    McMahon, John M.; Wolffe, Karen E.; Wolfe, Judy; Brooker, Carrie


    This Practice Report describes the development and implementation of the "Maine Employability Skills Program," a model employment program developed by the Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI). The program was designed to support the efforts of the chronically unemployed or underemployed. These consumers were either…

  15. Alcid Nesting Habitat on the Maine Coast (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Maine supports an extensive seabird population because of the abundance of relatively inaccessible rocky coastal islands which are ideal nesting grounds for many...

  16. Distributed PV Adoption in Maine Through 2021

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gagnon, Pieter; Sigrin, Ben


    NREL has used its dSolar (distributed solar) model to generate low-medium-high estimates of distributed PV adoption in Maine through 2021. This presentation gives a high-level overview of the model and modeling results.

  17. Hillshades for the main 8 Hawaiian Islands (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These hillshade datasets were derived from USGS 7.5' DEM Quads for the main 8 Hawaiian Islands. Individual DEM quads were first converted to a common datum, and...

  18. Libraries in Maine: MedlinePlus (United States)

    ... 602-2386 Lewiston Bates College Ladd Library 48 Campus Avenue Lewiston, ME 04240-6087 207-786-6471 Central Maine Medical Center Gerrish-True ...

  19. Superconducting magnets for the LHC main lattice

    CERN Document Server

    Rossi, L


    The main lattice of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will employ about 1600 main magnets and more than 4000 corrector magnets. All superconducting and working in pressurized superfluid helium bath, these impressive line of magnets will fill more than 20 km of the underground tunnel. With almost 70 main dipoles already delivered and 10 main quadrupoles almost completed, we passed the 5% of the production and now all manufacturers have fully entered into series production. In this paper the most critical issues encountered in the ramping up in such a real large scale fabrication will be addressed: uniformity of the coil size and of prestress, special welding technique, tolerances on curvature (dipoles) or straightness (quadrupoles) and of the cold mass extremities, harmonic content and, most important, the integrated field uniformity among magnets. The actual limits and the solution for improvements will be discussed. Finally a realistic schedule based on actual achievements is presented.

  20. Mercury in bird eggs from coastal Maine (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Maine's coastal islands and beaches provide important nesting habitat for piping plover (Charadrius melodus), least tern (Sterna antillarum), common tern (Sterna...

  1. Station Management Plan Maine Coastal Refuges (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This management plan outlines how four Maine refuges and twelve islands and one peninsula should be managed over the next three to five years. Plan results are...

  2. Investigation of Tidal Power, Cobscook Bay, Maine. (United States)


    240 megawatt project on the Rance River in France and a 400 kilowatt station on the Kislaya Guba Gulf in the Soviet Union. Recently, studies have taken...Tidal Power Project, Maine" October 1979. 44. Ploch, Lousi A. and Nelson L. LeRoy, "Social and Economic Consequen- ces of the Dickey- Lincoln School...Regional Planning Commission," Machias, Maine, 1977. 47. U.S. Department of Energy, Southeast Power Administration, Dickey- Lincoln School Project

  3. Molecular clusters of the main group elements

    CERN Document Server

    Driess, Matthias


    ""To summarize, Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements is certainly not a popular science book, nor is it a textbook; it is a very good, up-to-date collection of articles for the specialist. Als Fazit bleibt: Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements ist sicher kein populissenschaftliches Werk, auch kein Lehrbuch, aber eine gelungene, hoch aktuelle Zusammenstellung fen interessierten Fachmann."" -Michael Ruck, TU Dresden, Angewandte Chemie, 2004 - 116/36 + International Edition 2004 - 43/36

  4. Aneurysm of the left main coronary artery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ênio E. Guérios


    Full Text Available Aneurysm of the left main coronary artery is a rare angiographic finding, with few cases described in the international literature. We report the case of a 42-year-old male with a previous history of acute myocardial infarction, whose coronariography indicated triple vessel coronary disease and an aneurysm of the left main coronary artery. A review of the etiology, clinical aspects, and surgical management of coronary arterial aneurysm is presented.

  5. Main Development Targets for CNOOC in 2000

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ In order to obtain stable reserves and create scope economic management, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) officially put forward the main development target and main sci-tech sector target of the Ninth Five-Year Plan in July, 1995. These targets aim to make CNOOC as an international group corporation,including exploration and development of oil and gas,refining, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizer, power generation, unitizing sales network of up and down stream.

  6. Study of Battle Efficiency Evaluation of Mortar Unit on Altiplano Based on AHP%基于AHP的迫击炮分队高原作战效能评估研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘连华; 武晓雷


    In this paper, aiming at the problem of index system construction of mortar unit battle efficiency, battle efficiency evaluation model of mortar unit is set up based on AHP which means Analytic Hierarchy Process. And some type of mortar is used as the example to research battle efficiency evaluation of mortar unit in plain region and altiplano region. Then the battle efficiency evaluation result of mortar unit in these two types of region are contrasted and analyzed.%本文针对迫击炮分队作战效能指标体系的构建问题,建立了基于AHP(层次分析法)的迫击炮分队作战效能评估模型,并以某型迫击炮为例,分别在平原和高原两类典型地区对其作战效能进行评估,进而实现对比分析。

  7. Main building fire drill safely concluded

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


    Last week, a simulated fire in the stairwell of the Main Building put CERN’s emergency response procedures to the test.   Firefighters descend the stairwell in the Main Building as the simulated fire rises.   At 2 p.m. on 22 September, alarms sounded around CERN’s Main Building as an evacuation exercise got underway. A simulated fire in the  stairwell, complete with very realistic smoke, led to the evacuation of one of the busiest places at CERN. The Main Building complex includes the Carlson Wagonlit travel agency, the post office, UBS, Uniqa, the Users Office, the Staff Association and the Novae restaurant as well as the Main Auditorium, the Council Chamber and the Charpak meeting room. It was impressive to see how quickly the smoke propagated in the staircase as well as into the corridors, and equally impressive to see how smoothly, quickly and efficiently the evacuation proceeded. The...

  8. Main Coast Winds - Final Scientific Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jason Huckaby; Harley Lee


    The Maine Coast Wind Project was developed to investigate the cost-effectiveness of small, distributed wind systems on coastal sites in Maine. The restructuring of Maine's electric grid to support net metering allowed for the installation of small wind installations across the state (up to 100kW). The study performed adds insight to the difficulties of developing cost-effective distributed systems in coastal environments. The technical hurdles encountered with the chosen wind turbine, combined with the lower than expected wind speeds, did not provide a cost-effective return to make a distributed wind program economically feasible. While the turbine was accepted within the community, the low availability has been a negative.

  9. The double main sequence of Omega Centauri

    CERN Document Server

    Bedin, L R


    Recent, high precision photometry of Omega Centauri, the biggest Galactic globular cluster, has been obtained with Hubble Space Telescope. The color magnitude diagram reveals an unexpected bifurcation of colors in the main sequence (MS). The newly found double MS, the multiple turnoffs and subgiant branches, and other sequences discovered in the past along the red giant branch of this cluster add up to a fascinating but frustrating puzzle. Among the possible explanations for the blue main sequence an anomalous overabundance of helium is suggested. The hypothesis will be tested with a set of FLAMES@VLT data we have recently obtained (ESO DDT program), and with forthcoming ACS@HST images.

  10. [Risk factors of main cancer sites]. (United States)

    Uleckiene, Saule; Didziapetriene, Janina; Griciūte, Liudvika Laima; Urbeliene, Janina; Kasiulevicius, Vytautas; Sapoka, Virginijus


    Cancer prevention is a system of various measures devoted to avoid this disease. Primary cancer prevention means the identification, avoidance, or destruction of known risk factors. The main risk factors are smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, occupational factors, environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, infection, medicines, reproductive hormones, and lack of physical activity. Approximately one-third of cancers can be avoided by implementing various preventive measures. The aim of this article was to acquaint medical students, family doctors with risk factors of main cancer sites (lung, breast, colorectal, and prostate).

  11. 78 FR 42556 - Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company; Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant Issuance of Environmental... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company; Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant Issuance of Environmental..., 2011, with various implementation dates for each of the rule changes. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company... ADAMS, which provides text and image files of NRC's public documents. If you do not have access to...

  12. Battle of Britain Toolbook (United States)


    adjunct faculty member at the Judge Advocate General School at Maxwell AFB. In 1990, Major Brash was selected for the Masters of Law program in labor law . He...secured his LL.M. degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Major Brash was next assigned to the Central Labor Law Office. In January of

  13. Battle of Narratives (United States)


    definition , this thesis defines the term narrative in the following way: A narrative is a holistic combination of a subject’s verbal and nonverbal...are more important than are others. For example, for some, social security and taxes are very important while gun control and LGBT are not. For...titles of voting topics had to be transferred into concepts that already existed, such as Roe vs. Wade (abortion) or same-sex-marriage ( LGBT ). -10 -5

  14. Fredericia Battle 1849

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konzack, Lars


    Evaluering af et location-based. alternate reality, pervasive role-playing game baseret på ludologiske metoder i et oplevelsesøkonomisk perspektiv.......Evaluering af et location-based. alternate reality, pervasive role-playing game baseret på ludologiske metoder i et oplevelsesøkonomisk perspektiv....

  15. Battling Against Leprosy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    WHEN Professor Li Huanying visitedNanxing Village—one of the "lepers’villages" in Xishuangbanna DaiAutonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, sherefused to put on protective clothing, unlike manyprevious visiting doctors there. No rubber boots andgloves, no gauze mask or special clothing that isburned when out of the village. She examined thepatients’ wounds, then shook their hands. That was in 1979, when leprosy was stillconsidered an incurable disease and people tried tokeep away from those afflicted as much as possible.

  16. Pennsylvania's Retrenchment Battle. (United States)

    Mortimer, Kenneth P.


    The retrenchment experience of Pennsylvania's state college system is described. The specter of retrenchment scared the campuses into finding new nonpersonnel cuts to make; a policy of intrasystem faculty transfer was finally adopted; and although campus presidents opposed retrenchment, by 1979-80 they were convinced of its necessity. (MLW)

  17. Battle of the bedroom. (United States)


    The Philippine government's position on aggressive population management is in conflict with the Catholic Church's opposition to artificial means of birth control, particularly sterilization. The Episcopal Commission for Family Life plans to increase its campaign against contraception at their local level. The government effort through the Department of health will provide access to contraception in a network of 600 hospitals and 1500 rural health units. Government support comes from 2 Protestant churches, the Church of Christ, which is the largest independent church in the Philippines, and the United Church of Christ. Leaders of both churches gave the Minister of Health letters of support which stated that family planning (FP) was necessary to curb population growth which was too high, and China and Thailand are countries which are economically better off with population planning. The government position is similar to former President Corazon Aquino's. The new President, Fidel Ramos, is a protestant and wants economic prosperity for the Philippines; part of the formula for achieving economic growth is slowing population growth. There is limited resources in a sluggish economy and the push for zero population growth can be accomplished through effective contraception. The birth rate fuels poverty is the position of Juan Flavier, Health Secretary. Annual population growth is 2.3% and family size is 4.8/couple while agricultural growth is only 1%. The ideal family size recommended is 2 children/family. The Philippine Commission on Population in its 6-year plan is hoping to obtain 200 million in foreign aid and involve a larger network of nongovernmental organizations. Choice is the key component. Women need to be convinced that birth spacing will reduce maternal and infant mortality. Flavier has reassured Cardinal Jaime Sin of the Catholic Church that Natural methods or the rhythm method would be taught. Health experts argue that the discipline and sacrifice necessary for effective natural methods is lacking.

  18. Battling Nuclear Proliferation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    As the North Korean and Iranian nuclear issues develop and efforts to resolve them continue, global attention to anti-nuclear proliferation and the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has become even more intense. Pang Sen, Chairman of

  19. Studies in Battle Command (United States)


    e rl ure t -and other gestion t r d. r i es , i s rti ts e t -scale i s l tail f i g l e en rcises emy r r nt l ttl , r...i al pli s, -needed ts ed. er es co panying l r chutes , l yi s d oufl ge cks, ri ter r ers d, t r’s ti , l t rs ed. trols ain nt l

  20. Battle of the quarks

    CERN Multimedia

    Cho, A


    The search for QGP has sparked a war of words between rival physicists in the US and Europe. Researchers from Brookhaven reported that RHIC had show intriguing hints that it could be making the plasma. Researchers at CERN though stand by their claim that the SPS already makes the stuff (1 page).

  1. Battling for Workers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s labor pool is not running dry, but migrant workers are expecting more from cities For most of China’s 240 million farmers who leave their hometowns for manualobs in cities, the only opportunity for family reunion is the Spring Festival,or Lunar New

  2. Uphill Battle for Gillard

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Australia's ruling party, the Labor Party, in late lune installed a new prime minister and leader. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard,with the support of leaders of major factions within the Labor Party, demanded Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to step down.

  3. Battle Damage Modeling (United States)


    provision of law, no person shall be subject to a penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently...ABSTRACT SAR 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 16 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON a. REPORT unclassified b. ABSTRACT unclassified c. THIS PAGE...J.A., Introduction to hydrocodes. 2004, Amsterdam: Elsevier. [5] Dolce, F., Analisi del danno da impatto ad alta velocità su strutture composite in

  4. Army Battle Command System (United States)


    BCIS FSCS Land Warrior RAH-66 ASAS TUAV * CGS IMETS TROJAN MITT/DTES ACT Enclave AQF (Prophet) GBCS (Prophet) AFATDS Paladin FFDR MLRS (M270A1) LLDR...TROJAN SPIRIT CGS (CTT-H) UAV GRCS GBCS/ AQF TROJAN SPIRIT TRACKWOLF INTEL ALLIES USMC ADJACENT UNITS ALL MUST FIT TOGETHER!! CAPABILITY OF levels • Provides coverage over extended battlespace –Division – 120 x 200 km –Brigade – 40 x 100 km –Battalion – 20 x 50 km • Mobile

  5. Auditors' Uphill Battle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In June, Li Jinhua, Auditor General of the National Audit Office of China,submitted a report to the National People's Congress revealing widespread embezzlement of public funds in government departments.

  6. Gundam Battle Royale

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



  7. Battle of the Brands

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Mid-range retailers are flooding into China in an attempt to woo the country's new and growing class of consumers - but success is by no means guaranteed Meet Xiao Wei. Her beige handbag is a Stella McCartney knock-off but her Converse trainers are real, bought from a boutique shoe shop in west Beijing.

  8. Women Battle Inequality

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    WTTH women parliamentarians worldwide gathering in Beijing on 15 September 1996, China’s capital city was once again in the spotlight as women gathered to promote gender equality. One year after the Fourth World Conference on Women and the NGO Forum, and one day before the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held its 96th Conference, 150 women parliamentarians from more than 70 countries gathered in Beijing to attend the 96th Women

  9. Battling the Obesity Epidemic. (United States)

    Kelly, Mark; Moag-Stahlberg, Alicia


    Describes causes of overweight and obesity in children; cites research linking good nutrition and a child's capacity to learn; includes six Web-based links to resources to help principals and teachers reduce the serious problem of overweight and obese children. (PKP)

  10. The Battle Against Plagiarism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Satendra Singh


    Full Text Available Scientific literature is plagued by duplicate publications. The fight against plagiarism is about to take a crucial turn with the advent of a plethora of plagiarism detection software programmes. The one which is making biggest waves is the Virginia Innovation laboratory’s ‘Déjà vu’. This duplicate citation database devised by Garner utilizes eTBLAST, a text similarity-based search engine. Nature has published reports in the last few years where many duplicate citations have been detected, deposited in Déjà vu databases and editors have started retracting articles. The dual combination of freely available eTBLAST tool and Déjà vu database act as an ethical ombudsman and can very well be a deterrent against unethical practices.

  11. Battling the Obesity Epidemic. (United States)

    Kelly, Mark; Moag-Stahlberg, Alicia


    Describes causes of overweight and obesity in children; cites research linking good nutrition and a child's capacity to learn; includes six Web-based links to resources to help principals and teachers reduce the serious problem of overweight and obese children. (PKP)

  12. Battle Staff Integration (United States)


    Schacter, Ellertson, McBride and Gregory. 1951; Seashore, 1954; Speroff , 1968). Cohesive groups usually have strong norms; however, the important...2nd ed.), The Macmillan Company, New York, 1957b. Slim, W.J. Defeat into Victory. David McKay Co., Inc., New York, 1961. Speroff , B.J. "Sociometry

  13. A Defensive Battle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China jumps into action to counteract the fallout from the crippling U.S. financial crisis The hard-won passage of the unprec-edented $700-billion bank bailout plan in the United States has finally brought hope of an end to the coun

  14. Leadership. Half the battle. (United States)

    Alimo-Metcalfe, Beverly; Alban-Metcalfe, John


    A study of private and public sector managers, including 2,000 from the NHS, revealed consensus on the qualities of an effective leader. These included: concern for others, approachability, intellectual ability, communication skills, charisma and the ability to unite people. Integrity was seen as particularly important by public sector managers. Public sector managers were rated significantly higher by their staff than those in the private sector. The results point to the need for caution in introducing private sector managers to the NHS.

  15. Armor in Battle (United States)


    the 4th Armored Division in its slow, difficult drive toward the German border which began 10 November fran assembly areas just east of Nancy . From...over. Half his mission accomplished, Blevins still had to find the 2d Squad. By luc ~k he met them near No. 44 and delivered his message to PFC Phillip...some sign of progress, Bohn ordered one of his tank companies to strike ahead without pause, cross the St. Jean - de taye-Pont Hebert highway, and move

  16. Battles Fought in Nature

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poulsen, Dorthe Varning; Stigsdottir, Ulrika S.


    the contradiction between the large number of programs using nature-based therapy to treat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the small amount of scientific studies in the field. In order to increase knowledge in this field, a project was initiated in Denmark. The overall aim of the project was...

  17. 76 FR 59177 - Maine Disaster #ME-00029 (United States)


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00029 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a Notice of the Presidential declaration of a major ] disaster for Public Assistance Only for the... Kingsport Road, Fort Worth, TX 76155. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: A. Escobar, Office of...

  18. Kommunikatsioon ja maaelu maine / Ants Laansalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laansalu, Ants, 1938-2011


    Ilmunud ka: Agriculture and the development of rural life : overview 2004/2005. - Tallinn, 2005, lk. 156-159. Autori hinnangul mõjutas meedias EL-i põllumajanduspoliitika kohta loodud negatiivne maine oluliselt Eesti põllumajanduspoliitika kujundamist riigi tasandil kuni 2000. a. ja ettevõtlus tasandil kuni 2003. a.

  19. Water Hammer in Pumped Sewer Mains

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Torben

    This publication is intended for engineers seeking an introduction to the problem of water hammer in pumped pressure mains. This is a subject of increasing interest because of the development of larger and more integrated sewer systems. Consideration of water hammer is essential for structural...

  20. Main Strategies for Autonomous Robotic Controller Design


    Paterega, I.


    This review gives an overall introduction to the artificial evolution mechanism. It presents the main strategies for robotic controller design. It gives a review of the pertinent literature, focusing on approaches that use neural networks, evolutionary computing, and fuzzy logic. Various applications of artificial evolution in robotics are surveyed and classified.

  1. Main facts 1995; Faits marquants 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report presents the main facts of the studies carried out by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches (DER) of Electricite de France: new applications of electricity, classical and nuclear thermal power plants, electrical equipment, environment protection, monitoring and plants operations.

  2. Rotor dynamic analysis of main coolant pump

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Chong Won; Seo, Jeong Hwan; Kim, Choong Hwan; Shin, Jae Chul; Wang, Lei Tian [Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Taejon (Korea)


    A rotor dynamic analysis program DARBS/MCP, for the main coolant pump of the integral reactor, has been developed. The dynamic analysis model of the main coolant pump includes a vertical shaft, three grooved radial journal bearings and gaps that represent the structure-fluid interaction effects between the rotor and the lubricant fluid. The electromagnetic force from the motor and the hydro-dynamic force induced by impeller are the major sources of vibration that may affect the rotor system stability. DARBS/MCP is a software that is developed to effectively analyze the dynamics of MCP rotor systems effectively by applying powerful numerical algorithms such as FEM with modal truncation and {lambda}-matrix method for harmonic analysis. Main design control parameters, that have much influence to the dynamic stability, have been found by Taguchi's sensitivity analysis method. Design suggestions to improve the stability of MCP rotor system have been documented. The dynamic bearing parameters of the journal bearings used for main coolant pump have been determined by directly solving the Reynolds equation using FDM method. Fluid-structure interaction effect that occurs at the small gaps between the rotor and the stator were modeled as equivalent seals, the electromagnetic force effect was regarded as a linear negative radial spring and the impeller was modeled as a rigid disk with hydrodynamic and static radial force. Although there exist critical speeds in the range of operational speeds for type I and II rotor systems, the amplitude of vibration appears to be less than the vibration limit set by the API standards. Further more, it has been verified that the main design parameters such as the clearance and length of journal bearings, and the static radial force of impeller should be properly adjusted, in order to the improve dynamic stability of the rotor system. (author). 39 refs., 81 figs., 17 tabs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gürol PEHLİVAN (M.A.H.


    Full Text Available Recently, an important book was published by Colin Imberabout 1443-1444 Crisis, one of the critical turning points the OttomanState faced in its founding era, and the Battle of Varna, whichbrought the crisis to an end. When we examined the book, however,we noticed that two crucially important sources about that war had notbeen taken into account. These sources are Ghazavat-ı Sultan Muradby Zaifi and Gazaname-i Rum by Kasifi.In this article our aim is to display the importance of thesesources in relation to the era and the war by comparing the text thatwas used as a source in Colin Imber’s book, Anonymous Ghazavat-ıSultan Murad b. Mehemmed Han, with the ones we have mentionedabove.

  4. Sciatic nerve entrapment in the upper thigh caused by an injury sustained during World War II at the battle of Anzio. Case report. (United States)

    Oldershaw, John B; Salem, Ayman; Storrs, Bruce B; Milner, Brenton; Omer, George E


    The authors present an unusual case of sciatic nerve entrapment due to a World War II shrapnel injury to the left thigh suffered during the battle of Anzio in 1943. The patient presented for evaluation of left lower-extremity pain in the sciatic nerve distribution. Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral spine revealed a disc bulge at L5-S1 that would not explain severe sciatica. A positive Tinel sign was present in the posterior aspect of the upper thigh at the site of a scar resulting from a World War II shrapnel injury. The patient underwent exploratory external neurolysis of the area, and the sciatic nerve was released from fibrous adhesive entrapment. The patient improved dramatically following surgery. During a 3-year follow-up period, no recurrence of symptoms was noted.

  5. Survivability enhancement study for C/sup 3/I/BM (communications, command, control and intelligence/battle management) ground segments: Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This study involves a concept developed by the Fairchild Space Company which is directly applicable to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program as well as other national security programs requiring reliable, secure and survivable telecommunications systems. The overall objective of this study program was to determine the feasibility of combining and integrating long-lived, compact, autonomous isotope power sources with fiber optic and other types of ground segments of the SDI communications, command, control and intelligence/battle management (C/sup 3/I/BM) system in order to significantly enhance the survivability of those critical systems, especially against the potential threats of electromagnetic pulse(s) (EMP) resulting from high altitude nuclear weapon explosion(s). 28 figs., 2 tabs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Nowadays the industry is one of the main economic sectors, with a major contribution to achieving and maintaining a high rate of economic growth. The processing industry operation to high economic performance requires changes in structural terms, the re-engineering of processes and management. In this regard, one of the main actions taken at the level of companies in the manufacturing industry is the implementation of quality systems. Practicing quality management system not only allows businesses to react to changes taking place in business, but also to inflict them by the controlling of the future. This paper aims to analyze the principles of Total Quality Management – TQM and will highlight the advantages that organizations could obtain by applying each principle separately in the process of management.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. B. Smirnov


    Full Text Available Article tasks: defi ne main approaches to business development strategy formation. Methodology: methodological basis includes systemic, replication and dialectic general scientifi c approaches. Results: it is established that the activity approach as a leading methodology of strategy development assumes correlation between the activity category and the concepts: needs, interests, incentives, goals, refl ection (evaluation, and self-development. Systemic approach assumes to consider strategy as a system having a defi nite structure and interconnections within the system components. Conclusions/relevance: for Russian businesses the main goal in the management system is not a prompt response to current environmental changes, but formation of a strategic vision of the business’ future, elaboration of a fl exible and viable development strategy, to foresee tactical and strategic threats for the business activity, to remove them timely, as well as to use strategic management ideas in practice for sustainable growth.

  8. Spiropyran main-chain conjugated polymers. (United States)

    Sommer, Michael; Komber, Hartmut


    The first main-chain conjugated copolymers based on alternating spiropyran (SP) and 9,9-dioctylfluorene (F8) units synthesized via Suzuki polycondensation (SPC) are presented. The reaction conditions of SPC are optimized to obtain materials of type P(para-SP-F8) with appreciably high molecular weights up to M(w) ≈ 100 kg mol(-1). (13)C NMR is used to identify the random orientation of the non-symmetric SP unit in P(p-SP-F8). Ultrasound-induced isomerization of P(p-SP-F8) to the corresponding merocyanine form P(p-MC-F8) yields a deep-red solution. This isomerization reaction is followed by (1)H NMR in solution using sonication, whereby the color increasingly changes to deep red. The possibility to incorporate multiple SP units into main-chain polymers significantly broadens existing SP-based polymeric architectures.

  9. Early history of the Fermilab Main Ring

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Malamud, E.; /Fermilab


    This note is written in response to a request from Phil Livdahl for corrections, and additions to a TM he is writing on Staffing Levels at Fermilab during Initial Construction Years and to a note that Hank Hinterberger is preparing on milestones. In my spare time over the past few years I have taken the original files of the Main Ring Section, my own notes from that period, and various other collections of relevant paper, and arranged them in a set of 44 large loose leaf binders in chronological order. I call this set of volumes the 'Main Ring Chronological Archives'. In response to Phil's request I have recently skimmed through these records of the period and extracted a small subset of documents which relate to the specific questions that Phil is addressing: staffing. administration, and milestones.

  10. The geomagnetic main field and the geodynamo (United States)

    Bloxham, Jeremy; Roberts, Paul H.


    Information available on the geomagnetic main field and the geodynamo is presented. Attention is given to the process of mapping the magnetic field, the last version of International Geomagnetic Reference Field Model, and maps of the magnetic field at the core-mantle boundary and their interpretation. Particular consideration is given to the existing geodynamo theories, with special relation given to the Braginsky and Meytlis theory of core turbulence in which the turbulence differs fundamentally from classical turbulence of Kolmogorov type.

  11. DR21 Main: A Collapsing Cloud


    Kirby, Larry


    The molecular cloud, DR21 Main, is an example of a large-scale gravitational collapse about an axis near the plane of the sky where the collapse is free of major disturbances due to rotation or other effects. Using flux maps, polarimetric maps, and measurements of the field inclination by comparing the line widths of ion and neutral species, we estimate the temperature, mass, magnetic field, and the turbulent kinetic, mean magnetic, and gravitational potential energies, and present a 3D model...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. V. Lisafiev


    Full Text Available Abstract: Main innovation diffusion development theory stages are: Rogers model of moving new products to the market including characteristics of its segments; mathematic substantiation of this model by Bass; Moor model taking into account gaps between adjacent market segments; Goldenberg model making it possible to predict sales drops at new product life cycle initial stages. It is reasonable to use this theory while moving innovative products to the market.



    Oksana A. Kucheruk


    Article considers the problem of electronic linguistics. In the article it is grounded topicality of creating and using of new software tools of information and communication technologies to improve the quality of Ukrainian-language education. By the analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodological ideas we have defined the main directions of development of the domestic electronic linguistics. These areas relate to the development of electronic lexicographic works for educational purpo...

  14. Nitrogen chronology of massive main sequence stars

    CERN Document Server

    Köhler, K; Brott, I; Langer, N; de Koter, A


    Rotational mixing in massive main sequence stars is predicted to monotonically increase their surface nitrogen abundance with time. We use this effect to design a method for constraining the age and the inclination angle of massive main sequence stars, given their observed luminosity, effective temperature, projected rotational velocity and surface nitrogen abundance. This method relies on stellar evolution models for different metallicities, masses and rotation rates. We use the population synthesis code STARMAKER to show the range of applicability of our method. We apply this method to 79 early B-type main sequence stars near the LMC clusters NGC 2004 and N 11 and the SMC clusters NGC 330 and NGC 346. From all stars within the sample, 17 were found to be suitable for an age analysis. For ten of them, which are rapidly rotating stars without a strong nitrogen enhancement, it has been previously concluded that they did not evolve as rotationally mixed single stars. This is confirmed by our analysis, which fla...

  15. Isolated systems with wind power. Main report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lundsager, P.; Bindner, H.; Clausen, N.E.; Frandsen, S.; Hansen, L.H.; Hansen, J.C.


    The overall objective of this research project is to study the development of methods and guidelines rather than 'universal solutions' for the use of wind energy in isolated communities. The main specific objective of the project is to develop and present a more unified and generally applicable approach for assessing the technical and economical feasibility of isolated power supply systems with wind energy. As a part of the project the following tasks were carried out: Review of literature, field measurements in Egypt, development of an inventory of small isolated systems, overview of end-user demands, analysis of findings and development of proposed guidelines. The project is reported in one main report and four topical reports, all of them issued as Risoe reports. This is the Main Report Risoe-R-1256, summing up the activities and findings of the project and outlining an Implementation Strategy for Isolated Systems with Wind Power, applicable for international organisations such as donor agencies and development banks. (au)

  16. Use of energy piles in the Main Tower high-rise building, Frankfurt/Main; Einsatz von Energiepfaehlen am Beispiel des Main Tower im Frankfurt am Main

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hude, N. von der [Bilfinger und Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim (Germany). Service Center Technik; Kapp, C. [NEK Umwelttechnik AG, Zuerich (Switzerland)


    The ``Main Tower``, with a height of 198 m, is one of Europe`s highest and most innovative office buildings. The building has a pile foundation which is at the same time a component of the energy supply concept: The piles are equipped with heat exchanger tubes, so that the soil can be utilized for heat supply down to a depth of 50 m. There are several interfaces between foundation work and technical facilities. The number of cogeneration units required for supply of the building could be reduced accordingly. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Bankenviertel der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main entsteht eines der hoechsten und modernsten Buerogebaeude Europas. Der 198 m hohe Neubau des Main Tower zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass durch die Nutzung des Energiepotentials im Untergrund ein innovatives Energiekonzept verwirklicht wird. Das Hochhaus ist auf Grossbohrpfaehlen gegruendet. Sie dienen der Lastabtragung und sind, wie die Pfaehle der ueberschnittenen Bohrpfahlwand zur Baugrubensicherung, Bestandteil des Energiekonzeptes. Die Pfaehle wurden mit Waermetauscherrohren ausgestattet, um den Boden unterhalb des Hochhauses bis in eine Tiefe von 50 m unter Gelaendeoberkante zur umweltfreundlichen Energiegewinnung zu nutzen. Daraus ergeben sich eine Vielzahl von Schnittstellen zwischen Gruendungsarbeiten und technischer Gebaeudeausruestung. Dem Bauherrn wurde es ermoeglicht, die Zahl der erforderlichen Blockheizkraftwerke zur Versorgung des Gebaeudes nennenswert zu reduzieren. (orig.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jose Rui Figueira


    Full Text Available We present main characteristics of Electre family methods, designed for multiple criteria decision aiding. These methods use as a preference model an outranking relation in the set of actions – it is constructed in result of concordance and non-discordance tests involving a specific input preference information. After a brief description of the constructivist conception in which the Electre methods are inserted, we present the main features of these methods. We discuss such characteristic features as: the possibility of taking into account positive and negative reasons in the modeling of preferences, without any need for recoding the data; using of thresholds for taking into account the imperfect knowledge of data; the absence of systematic compensation between “gains” and “losses”. The main weaknesses are also presented. Then, some aspects related to new developments are outlined. These are related to some new methodological developments, new procedures, axiomatic analysis, software tools, and several other aspects. The paper ends with conclusions.

  18. Mass Organizations and Battle in Wanyuan in Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Region%川陕苏区群团组织与万源保卫战

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘长江; 陈显川


    The Battle in Wanyuan was a crucial fighting in the anti-"Six-road Siege" because the survival of Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet regions depended on the victory of the defense fighting. Fortunately, the Red Army won the war although the material, transportation and military force in the Red Army were weaker than the enemy. Factually, the hard-won victory had much to do with the contributions from the mass organizations. Under the leadership of CPC, the organizations actively motivated the public to produce and transport the military materials, especially to join the Red Army or to help fighting, which provided the urgently needed materials and forces for fighting. So it can be said that the supports from the mass organizations was a key factor for the victory in the Battle in Wanyuan.%万源保卫战是川陕苏区反"六路围攻"的关键之战,其胜败关乎川陕苏区的生死存亡.当时红军虽然在物资储备、运输、兵力等各个方面都处于劣势地位,但最终还是取得了战斗的胜利. 这场来之不易的胜利与群团组织的贡献密切相关. 群团组织在苏区党的领导下大力动员和组织苏区群众为红军生产和运输军需物资,积极号召群众参加红军、辅助红军战斗,为万源保卫战提供了急需的物资和兵员. 因此,群团组织的支持是万源保卫战取胜的重要因素.

  19. Period Determination of Six Main Belt Asteroids (United States)

    Ferrero, Andrea


    Observations of six main-belt asteroids (MBA) produced lightcurve parameters of: 487 Venetia, P = 13.34 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.20 mag; 684 Hildburg, P = 15.89 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.22 mag; 772 Tanete, P = 8.629 ± 0.001 h, A = 0.18 mag.; 1181 Lilith, P = 15.04 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.11 mag.; 1246 Chaka, P = 25.44 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.25 mag.; and 2834 Christy Carol, P = 12.79 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.39 mag.

  20. The main determinants affecting economic growth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florin Teodor BOLDEANU


    Full Text Available Growth theories highlight the evolution and trends in economic thought that shaped the way economic growth is perceived. From the early works of Adam Smith and Malthus to the present day researchers have tried to find the most important determinates that influence growth by formulating new and improved theories and models. In this article we try to offer our point of view in the evolution of the main factors that have an impact on economic growth. There is still not a consensus on the key determinants of growth and an all-encompassing model that includes all the influences has not yet been elaborated.

  1. Electrochemistry of Main-Group Phthalocyanines. (United States)


    to follow a linear relationship with the function r/(ze) (radius/charge). This reltionshlp may be used to facilitate the design of photocatalysts with...ze) and a function of central metal ion has been published. We have recently completed a study of the electrochemistry of main- us n i. Figure I for...SiV 54 0.074 -540 CIA 111 67.5 0.044 915 -655 1570Experimental Secfio* CiGat el 76 0.040 865 -735 1600Clintl! 94 0.032 830 -715 1545The r.-:m grUp

  2. Conceptual SPL RF Main Power Coupler design

    CERN Document Server

    Montesinos, Eric


    While the upgrade plans of the LHC injectors had to be reduced in scope in 2010, the Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL) remains a fundamental element of plans for a possible future neutrino facility. Prototyping work is therefore continuing at CERN and the current focus is on the test of a first four cavity SPL-like cryomodule with full power. This report summarizes the parameters for the Main Power Coupler design as discussed and approved within the ‘Review of SPL RF power couplers’, held at CERN in March 2010.

  3. Main Ocular Manifestations in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Saray Quignon Santana


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disease in which articular and extra articular manifestations are produced and contribute to alter the functional capacity of the individual. This study consists on performing a bibliographical review showing the main ocular manifestations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It is our purpose to give you our experiences to the students as well as the internal medicine, ophthalmology and rheumatologist residents about this topic. The ophthalmological consultation of sick patients contributes to the prevention of ocular illnesses which are characteristic of the base disease and improve the ocular health.

  4. Space shuttle main engine hardware simulation (United States)

    Vick, H. G.; Hampton, P. W.


    The Huntsville Simulation Laboratory (HSL) provides a simulation facility to test and verify the space shuttle main engine (SSME) avionics and software system using a maximum complement of flight type hardware. The HSL permits evaluations and analyses of the SSME avionics hardware, software, control system, and mathematical models. The laboratory has performed a wide spectrum of tests and verified operational procedures to ensure system component compatibility under all operating conditions. It is a test bed for integration of hardware/software/hydraulics. The HSL is and has been an invaluable tool in the design and development of the SSME.

  5. Space Shuttle Main Engine Public Test Firing (United States)


    A new NASA Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) roars to the approval of more than 2,000 people who came to John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., on July 25 for a flight-certification test of the SSME Block II configuration. The engine, a new and significantly upgraded shuttle engine, was delivered to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for use on future shuttle missions. Spectators were able to experience the 'shake, rattle and roar' of the engine, which ran for 520 seconds - the length of time it takes a shuttle to reach orbit.

  6. Impact of Main Macroeconomic Indicators on Happiness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz Agan


    Full Text Available The relationship between economic welfare and happiness has been compounded by different conceptualizations and statistical approaches. Economic conditions influence the welfare and social well-being of the society. While the literature indicates a positive relationship between income levels and life satisfaction, it indicates negative relationships between inflation, unemployment and life satisfaction. In this paper we analyze the relationship between main macroeconomic variables of unemployment, inflation, per capita GDP and life satisfaction using data from 57 countries. We make use of the standard regression analysis and conclude that our method is sufficient to examine the relations and the stated macro variables are significantly affecting life satisfaction towards expected directions.

  7. Isolated systems with wind power. Main report

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lundsager, P.; Bindner, Henrik W.; Clausen, Niels-Erik;


    approach for assessing the technical and economical feasibility of isolated power supply systems with wind energy. As a part of the project the following tasks were carried out: Review of literature, fieldmeasurements in Egypt, development of an inventory of small isolated systems, overview of end......The overall objective of this research project is to study the development of methods and guidelines rather than "universal solutions" for the use of wind energy in isolated communities. The main specific objective of the project is to develop and present amore unified and generally applicable...... for Isolated Systems with Wind Power, applicable for international organisations such as donoragencies and development banks....

  8. Impact of Main Macroeconomic Indicators on Happiness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz Agan


    Full Text Available The relationship between economic welfare and happiness has been compounded by different conceptualizations and statistical approaches. Economic conditions influence the welfare and social well-being of the society. While the literature indicates a positive relationship between income levels and life satisfaction, it indicates negative relationships between inflation, unemployment and life satisfaction. In this paper we analyze the relationship between main macroeconomic variables of unemployment, inflation, per capita GDP and life satisfaction using data from 57 countries. We make use of the standard regression analysis and conclude that our method is sufficient to examine the relations and the stated macro variables are significantly affecting life satisfaction towards expected directions

  9. A gap clearing kicker for Main Injector

    CERN Document Server

    Kourbanis, I; Biggs, J; Brown, B; Capista, D; Jensen, C C; Krafczyk, G E; Morris, D K; Scott, D; Seiya, K; Ward, S R; Wu, G; Yang, M -J


    Fermilab Main Injector has been operating at high Beam Power levels since 2008 when multi-batch slip stacking became operational. In order to maintain and increase the beam power levels the localized beam loss due to beam left over in the injection kicker gap during slip stacking needs to be addressed. A set of gap clearing kickers that kick any beam left in the injection gap to the beam abort have been built. The kickers were installed in the summer of 2009 and became operational in November of 2010. The kicker performance and its effect on the beam losses will be described.

  10. Debris disks in main sequence binary systems

    CERN Document Server

    Trilling, D E; Stapelfeldt, K R; Rieke, G H; Su, K Y L; Gray, R O; Corbally, C J; Bryden, G; Chen, C H; Boden, A; Beichman, C A


    We observed 69 A3-F8 main sequence binary star systems using the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer onboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. We find emission significantly in excess of predicted photospheric flux levels for 9(+4/-3)% and 40(+7/-6)% of these systems at 24 and 70 microns, respectively. Twenty two systems total have excess emission, including four systems that show excess emission at both wavelengths. A very large fraction (nearly 60%) of observed binary systems with small (<3 AU) separations have excess thermal mission. We interpret the observed infrared excesses as thermal emission from dust produced by collisions in planetesimal belts. The incidence of debris disks around main sequence A3-F8 binaries is marginally higher than that for single old AFGK stars. Whatever combination of nature (birth conditions of binary systems) and nurture (interactions between the two stars) drives the evolution of debris disks in binary systems, it is clear that planetesimal formation is not inhibited to a...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Design and implementation of a power control system for electron beam welder HE Shaojia, LI Jianling, MO Jinhai, LI Haibiao (School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004, China). ppl-5, 12 Abstract: Stability of output voltage of high-voltage accelerating stabilized power supply for electron beam welder (EBW) is a prerequisite to ensure the electron beam welding quality. The common power supplies have the disadvantages of circuit complexity and bulkiness. A novel control system of higholtage accelerating stabilized power supply for EBW was designed. Its main circuit is based on pulse-width modulation (PWM) buckboost converter topology. Compared with common EBW power supplies, this new power supply requires a much lower voltage grade transformer because of the converter's effect for rising voltage, so its volume is smaller and the circuit is simpler. The sys- tem main circuit characteristics and its working process were analyzed. The system circuit's small-signal mathematical model was created, and lag-lead correction compensation control was em- ployed in the system to achieve static and dynamic performance requirements. The results displayed that this unit had the characteristics of fast response, high reliability, high control precision and anti-interference capability.

  12. Forensic entomology and main challenges in Brazil. (United States)

    Gomes, Leonardo; Von Zuben, Cláudio J


    Apart from an early case report from China (13th century), the first observations on insects and other arthropods as forensic indicators were documented in Germany and France during mass exhumations in the 1880s by Reinhard, who is considered a co-founder of the discipline. After the French publication of Mégnin's popular book on the applied aspects of forensic entomology, the concept quickly spread to Canada and United States. At that time, researchers recognized that the lack of systematic observations of insects of forensic importance jeopardized their use as indicators of postmortem interval. General advances in insect taxonomy and ecology helped to fill this gap over the following decades. After World Wars, few forensic entomology cases were reported in the scientific literature. From 1960s to the 1980s, Leclercq and Nuorteva were primarily responsible for maintaining the method in Central Europe, reporting isolated cases. Since then, basic research in the USA, Russia and Canada opened the way to the routine use of Entomology in forensic investigations. Identifications of insects associated with human cadavers are relatively few in the literature of the Neotropical region and have received little attention in Brazil. This article brings an overview of historic developments in this field, the recent studies and the main problems and challenges in South America and mainly in Brazil.

  13. Main areas of the national economy modernization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeriy Anatolyevich Tsvetkov


    Full Text Available This paper shows the concept of modernization, its main areas related to the commodity sector and transport infrastructure are identified, it is proposed to consider the application in relation to the modernization of modernization of the commodity sector. The author connects the need to modernize the Russian economy with the task of doubling GDP, correcting structural imbalances, reducing the technological gap with the developed world, overcoming social polarization in income, fighting inflation and smoothing the growth of inter-regional contrasts. The aim of modernizing the Russian economy is to achieve high competitiveness of the national economy, which would put the Russian Federation in terms of living standards among the most developed countries, and would provide a decent position in the world. The fact that "breakthrough" sectors of the sixth technological structure cannot be the starting point of modernization is substantiated. The concept of national competitiveness is reviewed. The lack of a complete model of modernization in the world is highlighted. Two main areas in relation to the modernization of the Russian Federation are identified: modernization of the commodity sector, which should represent applied modernization based on the comparative advantages of the Russian economy; with respect to functionally interrelated industries (fuel and energy complex and the oil-gas and upgrading of transport infrastructure, which is so effective because of unique transit facilities and prospects of Russia.

  14. The Defeat of Sino-Japanese Naval Battle in 1894 from the Perspective of The Art of War%从《孙子兵法》看清王朝甲午海战失败

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In the Sino‐Japanese War from 1894 to 1895 ,the Beiyang Navy of the Qing Dynasty was defeated in the naval battles of Feng‐tao ,Yellow Sea and Wei‐hai Port ,which eventually led to the complete collapse of the Beiyang Navy Fleet .Reviewing the cause of the failure ,we can find that the Japanese aggressor’s conducting of war preparing and carrying out were in accordance with Sun Tzu ’s series of military principles .The main manifestation was “knowing yourself as well as the enemy” in the aspect of intelligence ,reaching full combat readiness that“fighting after assured winning” ,being adept at “deception” and combining “special and normal tactics” .However , the Qing Dynasty’s intelligence incapability ,poor war preparing ,rigid war strategy and tactics ,etc resulted in the failure of the war .%1894至1895年的甲午战争中,清朝北洋海军在丰岛、黄海及威海卫三次海战中均告失败,并最终导致北洋舰队覆灭。考察清王朝甲午海战失败原因,可以发现日本侵略者在战备与作战方面与孙子诸多军事原则相一致,主要表现在情报上做到“知彼知己”,战备充分而达成“先胜而后求战”,战法上擅用“诡道”“奇正”,而清王朝则因情报无能、战备不力、战略战术僵化等方面原因导致失败。当前,学习研究《孙子兵法》对我国建设强大的人民海军、创新发展海战战法具有极强的理论和现实意义。

  15. Water Hammer in Pumped Sewer Mains

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Torben

    This publication is intended for students and engineers seeking an introduction to the problem of water transients in pumped sewer and water mains. This is a subject of increasing interest because of the development of larger and more integrated systems. Consideration of transients is essential...... for the structural design of pipelines and for the planning of the proper function of the systems. The text is written by Torben Larsen, who is a professor of environmental hydraulics at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University. Torben Larsen has many years of experience with computer simulations...... of transients in pumped pipeline systems. This present publication can be understood as the second and revised edition of the pamphlet ”Transients in pumped sewer mains” (2006) which was published as a technical report by The EVA committee under The Danish Water Pollution Committee (The Danish Society...

  16. PS main supply: motor-generator set.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    In picture 04 the motor is on the right in the background and the main view is of the generator. The peak power in each PS cycle drawn from the generator, up to 96 MW, is taken from the rotational kinetic energy of the rotor (a heavy-weight of 80 tons), which makes the rotational speed drop by only a few percent. The motor replenishes the average power of 2 to 4 MW. Photo 05: The motor-generator set is serviced every year and, in particular, bearings and slip-rings are carefully checked. To the left is the motor with its slip-rings visible. It has been detached from the axle and moved to the side, so that the rotor can be removed from the huge generator, looming at the right.

  17. Siberian snakes for the Fermilab Main Injector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anferov, V.A.; Baiod, R.; Courant, E.D. [and others


    Appropriate Siberian snakes were designed to maintain the proton beam polarization during acceleration in the Fermilab Main Injector from 8 to 150 GeV. Various snake designs were investigated to find one fitting into the 14 m straight section spaces with the required spin rotation axis and the minimum orbit excursion. The authors studied both cold and warm discrete magnet snakes as well as warm snakes with helical magnets. For the warm discrete magnet snake, obtaining small orbit excursions required a nearly longitudinal snake axis, while axes near {+-}45{degrees} are needed when using two snakes in a ring. The authors found acceptable snakes either by using superconducting magnets or by using warm magnets with a helical dipole field.

  18. Main injector particle production experiment at Fermilab

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Sonam Mahajan; Ashok Kumar; Rajendran Raja


    The main injector particle production (MIPP) experiment at Fermilab uses particle beams of charged pions, kaons, proton and antiproton with beam momenta of 5–90 GeV/c to measure particle production cross-sections of various nuclei including liquid hydrogen, MINOS target and thin targets of beryllium, carbon, bismuth and uranium. The physics motivation to perform such cross-section measurements is described here. Recent results on the analysis of NuMI target and forward neutron cross-sections are presented here. Preliminary cross-section measurements for 58 GeV/c proton on liquid hydrogen target are also presented. A new method is described to correct for low multiplicity inefficiencies in the trigger using KNO scaling.

  19. A random walk down Main Street

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Matthew Levinson


    Full Text Available US suburbs have often been characterized by their relatively low walk accessibility compared to more urban environments, and US urban environments have been char- acterized by low walk accessibility compared to cities in other countries. Lower overall density in the suburbs implies that activities, if spread out, would have a greater distance between them. But why should activities be spread out instead of developed contiguously? This brief research note builds a positive model for the emergence of contiguous development along “Main Street” to illustrate the trade-offs that result in the built environment we observe. It then suggests some policy interventions to place a “thumb on the scale” to choose which parcels will develop in which sequence to achieve socially preferred outcomes.

  20. Eccentricity distribution in the main asteroid belt

    CERN Document Server

    Malhotra, Renu


    The observationally complete sample of the main belt asteroids now spans more than two orders of magnitude in size and numbers more than 64,000 (excluding collisional family members). We undertook an analysis of asteroids' eccentricities and their interpretation with simple physical models. We find that Plummer's (1916) conclusion that the asteroids' eccentricities follow a Rayleigh distribution holds for the osculating eccentricities of large asteroids, but the proper eccentricities deviate from a Rayleigh distribution: there is a deficit of eccentricities smaller than $\\sim0.1$ and an excess of larger eccentricities. We further find that the proper eccentricities do not depend significantly on asteroid size but have strong dependence on heliocentric distance: the outer asteroid belt follows a Rayleigh distribution, but the inner belt is strikingly different. Eccentricities in the inner belt can be modeled as a vector sum of a primordial eccentricity vector of random orientation and magnitude drawn from a Ra...

  1. Natural syntax : English interrogative main clauses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janez Oresnik


    Full Text Available Natural Syntax is a developing deductive theory, a branch of Naturalness Theory. The naturalnessjudgements are couched in naturalness scales, whichfollow from the basic parameters (or «axioms» listed at the beginning of the paper. The predictions of the theory are calculated in deductions, whose chief components are apair of naturalness scales and the rules governing the alignment of corresponding naturalness values. Parallel and chiastic alignments are distinguished, in complementary distribution. Chiastic alignment is mandatory in deductions limited to unnatural environments. The paper deals with English interrogative main clauses. Within these, only the interrogatives containing wh-words exclusively insitu constitute an extremely unnatural environment and require chiastic alignment. Otherwiseparallel alignment is used. Earlier publications on Natural Syntax: Kavcic 2005a,b, Oresnik 1999, 2000a,b, 200la-f   2002, 2003a-c, 2002/03, 2004. This list cites only works written in English.

  2. Photographic Volume Estimation of CPAS Main Parachutes (United States)

    Ray, Eric S.


    Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) flight tests regularly stage a helicopter to observe inflation of 116 ft D o ringsail Main parachutes. These side views can be used to generate 3-D models of inflating canopies to estimate enclosed volume. Assuming a surface of revolution is inadequate because reefed canopies in a cluster are elongated due to mutual aerodynamic interference. A method was developed to combine the side views with upward looking HD video to account for non-circular cross sections. Approximating the cross sections as elliptical greatly improves accuracy. But since that correction requires manually tracing projected outlines, the actual irregular shapes can be used to generate high fidelity models. Compensation is also made for apparent tilt angle. Validation was accomplished by comparing perimeter and projected area with known line lengths and/or high quality photogrammetry.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Banking ethics is a specialized set of ethical standards and rules that should be followed in the activities of financial institutions and employees of the banking sector. But despite the simplicity of the definition, in the modern world, this concept becomes complex and ambiguous. The importance of studying this subject is defined by the fact that the ethical behavior of the bank and bank employees promotes banking. At present there are several conceptions of banking ethics: general ethics, regulated ethics and ethical bank. The most common practice is to regulate internal and external relations of banks and bank workers with ethical codes. At the same time, studies show the existence of problems in the banking standards of ethics, which negatively affects the financial institution. This article is intended to reflect main tendencies and problems of banking ethics at international level and experience of Republic of Moldova in this field.

  4. Heat piles: the `MAIN TOWER` in Frankfurt on the Main; Einsatz von Energiepfaehlen am Beispiel des MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt am Main

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kapp, C. [NEK Umwelttechnik AG, Zuerich (Switzerland); Hude, N. von der [Bilfinger und Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim (Germany). Service Center Technik


    In the inner-city banking quarter of Frankfurt on the Main, one of the highest and most modern office buildings of Europe has been being erected since the summer of 1996. The intersecting rows of drill-foundation piles required to secure the deep excavation and the load-bearing piles were designed as heat piles. Thereby the harnessing of shallow geothermal energy was integrated into the overall HVAC concept, realizing a highly innovative project. Although the erection of heat piles had only been decided on when planning for a conventional energy system was completed, the decision permitted to dispense with some of the usual components in the control station. As executed simulations show, integration of the piles into the overall concept of the building is not easy because the piles are exclusively used to provide cooling energy. But the project demonstrates that heat piles can nowadays be used also on a large scale. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Bankenviertel in der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main entsteht seit dem Sommer 1996 eines der hoechsten und modernsten Buerogebaeude Europas. Die zur Sicherung der tiefen Baugrube erforderlichen Pfaehle der ueberschnittenen Bohrpfahlwand sowie diejenigen zum Lastabtrag wurden als Energiepfaehle ausgebildet. Damit wurde die Nutzung der untiefen Geothermie in das Gesamtkonzept der Haustechnik integriert und so ein innovatives Energiekonzept umgesetzt. Obwohl der Einsatz der Energiepfaehle erst dann beschlossen worden ist, als bereits eine konventionelle Energieversorgung vorgesehen und planerisch umgesetzt worden war, konnte dank der Energiepfaehle auf einige herkoemmliche Komponenten in der Energiezentrale verzichtet werden. Aufgrund der durchgefuehrten Simulationsberechnungen gestaltet sich die Einbindung ins Gesamtgebaeudekonzept nicht einfach, da die Energiepfaehle lediglich zu Kuehlzwecken verwendet werden. Trotzdem zeigt dieses Beispiel, dass heute Energiepfahlsysteme auch in grossem Massstab eingesetzt werden koennen. (orig.)

  5. Eccentricity distribution in the main asteroid belt (United States)

    Malhotra, Renu; Wang, Xianyu


    The observationally complete sample of the main belt asteroids now spans more than two orders of magnitude in size and numbers more than 64 000 (excluding collisional family members). We undertook an analysis of asteroids' eccentricities and their interpretation with simple physical models. We find that a century old conclusion that the asteroids' eccentricities follow a Rayleigh distribution holds for the osculating eccentricities of large asteroids, but the proper eccentricities deviate from a Rayleigh distribution; there is a deficit of eccentricities smaller than ∼0.1 and an excess of larger eccentricities. We further find that the proper eccentricities do not depend significantly on asteroid size but have strong dependence on heliocentric distance; the outer asteroid belt follows a Rayleigh distribution, but the inner belt is strikingly different. Eccentricities in the inner belt can be modelled as a vector sum of a primordial eccentricity vector of random orientation and magnitude drawn from a Rayleigh distribution of parameter ∼0.06, and an excitation of random phase and magnitude ∼0.13. These results imply that when a late dynamical excitation of the asteroids occurred, it was independent of asteroid size and was stronger in the inner belt than in the outer belt. We discuss implications for the primordial asteroid belt and suggest that the observationally complete sample size of main belt asteroids is large enough that more sophisticated model-fitting of the eccentricities is warranted and could serve to test alternative theoretical models of the dynamical excitation history of asteroids and its links to the migration history of the giant planets.

  6. Remotely triggered earthquakes following moderate main shocks (United States)

    Hough, S.E.


    Since 1992, remotely triggered earthquakes have been identified following large (M > 7) earthquakes in California as well as in other regions. These events, which occur at much greater distances than classic aftershocks, occur predominantly in active geothermal or volcanic regions, leading to theories that the earthquakes are triggered when passing seismic waves cause disruptions in magmatic or other fluid systems. In this paper, I focus on observations of remotely triggered earthquakes following moderate main shocks in diverse tectonic settings. I summarize evidence that remotely triggered earthquakes occur commonly in mid-continent and collisional zones. This evidence is derived from analysis of both historic earthquake sequences and from instrumentally recorded M5-6 earthquakes in eastern Canada. The latter analysis suggests that, while remotely triggered earthquakes do not occur pervasively following moderate earthquakes in eastern North America, a low level of triggering often does occur at distances beyond conventional aftershock zones. The inferred triggered events occur at the distances at which SmS waves are known to significantly increase ground motions. A similar result was found for 28 recent M5.3-7.1 earthquakes in California. In California, seismicity is found to increase on average to a distance of at least 200 km following moderate main shocks. This supports the conclusion that, even at distances of ???100 km, dynamic stress changes control the occurrence of triggered events. There are two explanations that can account for the occurrence of remotely triggered earthquakes in intraplate settings: (1) they occur at local zones of weakness, or (2) they occur in zones of local stress concentration. ?? 2007 The Geological Society of America.

  7. Is it time for elective left main percutaneous coronary intervention to become 'main stream'?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Joshua Cohen; Andrew D.Michaels


    @@ Left main (LM) stenting is considered by many to be one of the last frontiers of interventional cardiology. Beginning with the VA cooperative study published in 1976 demonstrating a mortality benefit for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), i the standard of care for treatment of left main coronary artery disease has been surgical.The most recent 2005 update of the ACC/AHA/SCAI Practice Guidelines on PCI 2 again notes that "CABG using IMA grafting is the 'gold standard' for treatment of unprotected left main disease and has proven benefit on long-term outcomes."

  8. Maine Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) Atlas, Maine - 2007, maps in portable document format (NODC Accession 0036827) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This four volume set of Environmental Vulnerability Index Maps depicts environmental resources along the coast of Maine most at risk from oil spilled into the marine...

  9. Flood of April 2007 in Southern Maine (United States)

    Lombard, Pamela J.


    Up to 8.5 inches of rain fell from April 15 through 18, 2007, in southern Maine. The rain - in combination with up to an inch of water from snowmelt - resulted in extensive flooding. York County, Maine, was declared a presidential disaster area following the event. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), determined peak streamflows and recurrence intervals at 24 locations and peak water-surface elevations at 63 sites following the April 2007 flood. Peak streamflows were determined with data from continuous-record streamflow-gaging stations where available and through hydraulic models where station data were not available. The flood resulted in peak streamflows with recurrence intervals greater than 100 years throughout most of York County, and recurrence intervals up to 50 years in Cumberland County. Peak flows for selected recurrence intervals varied from less than 10 percent to greater than 100 percent different than those in the current FEMA flood-insurance studies due to additional data or newer regression equations. Water-surface elevations observed during the April 2007 flood were bracketed by elevation profiles in FEMA flood-insurance studies with the same recurrence intervals as the recurrence intervals bracketing the observed peak streamflows at seven sites, with higher elevation-profile recurrence intervals than streamflow recurrence intervals at six sites, and with lower elevation-profile recurrence intervals than streamflow recurrence intervals at one site. The April 2007 flood resulted in higher peak flows and water-surface elevations than the flood of May 2006 in coastal locations in York County, and lower peak flows and water-surface elevations than the May 2006 flood further from the coast and in Cumberland County. The Mousam River watershed with over 13 dams and reservoirs was severely impacted by both events. Analyses indicate that the April 2007 peak streamflows in the Mousam River watershed

  10. Iraqi Perspectives Project Phase II. Um Al-Ma’arik (The Mother of All Battles): Operational and Strategic Insights from an Iraqi Perspective, Volume 1 (Revised May 2008) (United States)


    ISGQ-2003-M0003852 – Audio recording of Saddam meeting with his ministerial council on 4 August 1990. (FOUO) 83 …I would say that Saladin did liberate Jerusalem. Saddam Hussein is [carrying the] Saladin mission from Iraq in order to liberate Jerusalem and Arab occupied lands…203 A...FOUO) Saladin captured Jerusalem shortly after de- feating a combined crusader army at the Battle of Hattin on 4 July 1187 CE. 204 Harmony media file

  11. CLIC Main Beam Quadrupole Eigen Mode computation

    CERN Document Server

    Deleglise, Guillaume


    In this report, we summarise the work done on the CLIC Main Beam Quadrupole. There are about 4000 MB quadrupoles of 4 types with lengths ranging from 420mm to 1900mm. In order to obtain the desired CLIC luminosity, the MB quadrupoles have to be stable to 1nm above 1Hz. The region of interest for the study is between 0.5Hz and about 100Hz. In order to achieve the specifications, the magnet should not have any resonance peaks in this region of Interest. In addition, the magnet on its support shouldn’t have any resonance peak in the same frequency range. The first step is to determine if the designed magnet has its first resonance peak above 100Hz. We are studying the longest quadrupole more susceptible to internal resonances. In a second step, the magnet on ideal supporting points has been evaluated. The current magnet design can be seen on following figure. One can see that it is composed of 4 quadrants assembled so as to have a quadrupole magnetic field. As a last step, the mechanical model has been used to...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Koteková


    Full Text Available The method of teaching with help of four elementary skills - reading, speaking, writing and listening is definitely inconceivable to teaching any foreign language. But automatic answers following the exercise and students passive memorising does not make speaking language and its learning very natural. This has forced me to find and create the way how to make learners think and realise the point and meaning of learning itself. My paper is about special skill I have tried to apply –thinking skill. I have chosen it to complement other four which teacher normally uses when teaching foreign language (reading, speaking, listening skills. At the same time I put thinking skill into a role to support and enhance learning process. To find and use some methods how to make students think, make their own opinion and also teach them to apply their own experience to learning process was the main goal of this survey. The methods I have applied were provoking students to think before they learn.

  13. Flood inundation map library, Fort Kent, Maine (United States)

    Lombard, Pamela J.


    Severe flooding occurred in northern Maine from April 28 to May 1, 2008, and damage was extensive in the town of Fort Kent (Lombard, 2010). Aroostook County was declared a Federal disaster area on May 9, 2008. The extent of flooding on both the Fish and St. John Rivers during this event showed that the current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 1979) were out of date. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) conducted a study to develop a flood inundation map library showing the areas and depths for a range of flood stages from bankfull to the flood of record for Fort Kent to complement an updated FIS (Federal Emergency Management Agency, in press). Hydrologic analyses that support the maps include computer models with and without the levee and with various depths of backwater on the Fish River. This fact sheet describes the methods used to develop the maps and describes how the maps can be accessed.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hagen Schempf, Ph.D.


    Automatika, Inc. was contracted by the Department of Energy (DOE) and with co-funding from the New York Gas Group (NYGAS), to develop an in-pipe natural gas prototype measurement and wireless communications system for assessing and monitoring distribution networks. A prototype system was built for low-pressure cast-iron mains and tested in a spider- and serial-network configuration in a live network in Long Island with the support of Keyspan Energy, Inc. The prototype unit combined sensors capable of monitoring pressure, flow, humidity, temperature and vibration, which were sampled and combined in data-packages in an in-pipe master-slave architecture to collect data from a distributed spider-arrangement, and in a master-repeater-slave configuration in serial or ladder-network arrangements. It was found that the system was capable of performing all data-sampling and collection as expected, yielding interesting results as to flow-dynamics and vibration-detection. Wireless in-pipe communications were shown to be feasible and valuable data was collected in order to determine how to improve on range and data-quality in the future.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Sergeevich Dilkov


    Full Text Available The article considers the problem of corruption. The experience of anti-corruption activities in various countries shows convincingly that to completely get rid of corruption is impossible, as any other social evil, with solid foundations in economic, social and political system of society. You can put a question only about how to reduce the scale of corruption to the socially acceptable level. Corruption infringes upon interests and constitutional rights of citizens, undermines the rule of law and democratic principles, suggests discrediting the activities of the state apparatus, distorts the principle of legality, hinders economic reforms and therefore requires detailed investigation with the scientific side to find the most effective ways of countering this phenomenon. Corruption can be done in different ways and methods. The conclusion that corruption is not only a form of criminal enrichment bureaucratic state apparatus, it has always been the main source of criminalization of social life, its degradation.Corruption is both a prerequisite and a consequence of the functioning of the shadow economy, strengthening property differentiation of the society, the fall of morals and degradation of the socio-political life.

  16. Primary Productivity in Meduxnekeag River, Maine, 2005 (United States)

    Goldstein, Robert M.; Schalk, Charles W.; Kempf, Joshua P.


    During August and September 2005, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, specific conductance, streamflow, and light intensity (LI) were determined continuously at six sites defining five reaches on Meduxnekeag River above and below Houlton, Maine. These data were collected as input for a dual-station whole-stream metabolism model to evaluate primary productivity in the river above and below Houlton. The river receives nutrients and organic matter from tributaries and the Houlton wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Model output estimated gross and net primary productivity for each reach. Gross primary productivity (GPP) varied in each reach but was similar and positive among the reaches. GPP was correlated to LI in the four reaches above the WWTP but not in the reach below. Net primary productivity (NPP) decreased in each successive downstream reach and was negative in the lowest two reaches. NPP was weakly related to LI in the upper two reaches and either not correlated or negatively correlated in the lower three reaches. Relations among GPP, NPP, and LI indicate that the system is heterotrophic in the downstream reaches. The almost linear decrease in NPP (the increase in metabolism and respiration) indicates a cumulative effect of inputs of nutrients and organic matter from tributaries that drain agricultural land, the town of Houlton, and the discharges from the WWTP.

  17. Nature and main kinds of psychopathological mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Panagiotis Oulis


    Full Text Available The paper deals with two central issues in the philosophy of neuroscience and psychiatry, namely those of the nature and the major kinds and types of psychopathological mechanisms. Contrary to a widespread view, I argue that mechanisms are not kinds of systems but kinds of processes unfolding in systems or between systems. More precisely, I argue that psychopathological mechanisms are sets of actions and interactions between brain-systems or circuits as well as between the latter and other systems in one's body and external environment, both physical and social, involved in human psychopathology. According to the kinds of properties of the interacting systems or their component-parts, psychopathological mechanisms may be physical, chemical, biological, psychological, social, or, typically, mixed ones. Furthermore, I focus on two main kinds of psychopathological mechanisms involved in the causation of mental disorders, namely the pathogenetic and pathophysiological ones, stressing the importance of their careful distinction for the integrative understanding of otherwise disparate and apparently incommensurable psychiatric research findings. I illustrate my analysis with an example drawn from contemporary research on the mechanisms of acute psychosis. Finally, I stress the relevance of psychopathological mechanisms to a more scientifi cally-grounded classifi cation of mental disorders.

  18. Brand new hall in the main building

    CERN Multimedia

    Corinne Pralavorio


    The renovation of the UNIQA and post office premises is getting under way, with their reopening scheduled for the spring.   The renovation of the large hall in the main building (Building 500) has finally reached the home straight. As of this week, building contractors will get to work on the last part – the offices of UNIQA and La Poste. In the last week of November, the two concessions moved their offices across Route Scherrer to the same part of Building 510 where UBS was temporarily housed during the bank’s refurbishment. Their services were therefore unavailable for one day. The renovation work will last until the spring, with the new offices expected to open in May 2015. Between now and then, the windows and insulation will be completely refitted, with a view to reducing heat loss considerably, and, above all, the premises will be modernised to improve customer reception and service. For example, UNIQA’s new premises will feature a confidential area, guarantee...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orlov A. I.


    Full Text Available Controlling of statistical methods to ensure product quality is the special case of controlling organizational and economic methods of management. Today, controlling in the practice of management of Russian companies is understood as "the system of information-analytical and methodological support to achieve their goals." The controller is developing a decision-making rules, the head takes decisions on the basis of these rules. We proved the concept of "controlling of methods". Innovation in management is based, in particular, on the use of new adequate organizational-economic (as well as economicmathematical and statistical methods. Controlling in this area - is the development and application procedures of compliance management used and newly developed (implemented organizationaleconomic methods for the task. Thus, the methodology for controlling is of great practical value in any field in which the actions (operations must be carried out in accordance with certain rules (regulations, standards, guidelines, as in any such area in which we need to use development and application procedures of compliance management used and the newly established (implemented rules for solution of tasks assigned to the organization. In this article, we select a area of controlling as controlling quality, and we discuss its main issues. This is about controlling of organizational-economic methods to ensure product quality, especially about the statistical methods based on probability theory and mathematical statistics. We consider the analysis and synthesis of plans of statistical quality control, optimization options plans of statistical control, truncated plans. Are discussed the differences control plans provider and the consumer, the allocation of units formless (liquid, gas products, the selection of a random sample of the statistical quality control of products, lower estimate of the required sample size. It is established, that is not always necessary

  20. Hotel Intercontinental, en Frankfurt-Main (Alemania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Apel, Otto


    Full Text Available This building has basements, and 21 storeys above the ground. The basements are occupied with the usual services, and a garage, for clients, capable of holding 500 cars. The concierge’s office, the reception office, main hall, restaurant and services are on the ground floor. On the first floor there is a large ball room, where 600 people can assemble, as well as other reception halls. On each of the 2nd to 18th floors there are thirty rooms of one type, and eighteen of another. A luxury apartment occupies the 19th floor, and a restaurant for 200 people as well as a bar is on the top floor. This hotel, which is slab shaped, fits well with its environment and is very pleasantly proportioned.Consta de: planta de sótanos, planta baja y 20 plantas de altura. La planta de sótano contiene las distintas instalaciones; dependencias del personal, etcétera, y un garaje, reservado para los viajeros, capaz de albergar 500 coches. La planta baja comprende: la conserjería, recepción, hall, restaurantes, etc. En la planta primera existe una gran sala de baile para 600 personas, salas de reuniones, etc. Las plantas, de la 2.ª a la 18.ª contienen treinta habitaciones de un tipo y dieciocho de otro, en cada planta. En la planta 19.ª hay un apartamento de lujo. Y en la última planta se distribuyen: un restaurante para 200 personas, bar, etc. El bloque, dentro de su configuración paralelepipédica, es de forma armónica y está perfectamente encajado en el paisaje urbano circundante.

  1. Main points for 1991 family planning work. (United States)


    The main points for 1991 Family Planning (FP) Work in China are discussed as follows: 1) strengthen leadership, 2) strengthen grass roots buildup, 3 intensify population plan management and improve the responsibility system, 4) strengthen publicity and promote population and FP education in rural areas, 5) strengthen and establish the legal system for FP management, 6) provide excellent contraceptive and birth control services, 7 perform inservice training conscientiously and technical secondary education earnestly, and 8) coordinate efforts among related departments. Leadership changes involve the 2 top leaders of the Communist Party Committees and governments at each level taking personal responsibility for the implementation of their local population plans and FP work. FP work must have a prominent place on all agendas. The FP service network needs to be accelerated in countries, townships, and villages and grass roots units strengthened in urban areas. Provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities must work out their local population plans for 1991-95 and 1991-99 according to the national population target. Rational apportionment needs to be considered for prefectures and counties. The emphasis should be on timely and accurate feedback and statistical supervision. The 1990 national population census data should be used to inform everyone about the current population situation. Legal needs entail standardizing documentation and developing local laws and regulations within a comprehensive system. Improvements are needed in such areas as rules and regulations pertaining to the administration of charges for unplanned births, identification of disabled children and approval of the birth quota. Abortion and unplanned births are to be averted through prepregnancy management. The emphasis is on voluntary use of contraception by couples of childbearing age. Inservice training should improve the political, ideological, professional proficiency, and ability to

  2. Gas Main Sensor and Communications Network System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hagen Schempf


    Automatika, Inc. was contracted by the Department of Energy (DOE) and with co-funding from the Northeast Gas Association (NGA), to develop an in-pipe natural gas prototype measurement and wireless communications system for assessing and monitoring distribution networks. This projected was completed in April 2006, and culminated in the installation of more than 2 dozen GasNet nodes in both low- and high-pressure cast-iron and steel mains owned by multiple utilities in the northeastern US. Utilities are currently logging data (off-line) and monitoring data in real time from single and multiple networked sensors over cellular networks and collecting data using wireless bluetooth PDA systems. The system was designed to be modular, using in-pipe sensor-wands capable of measuring, flow, pressure, temperature, water-content and vibration. Internal antennae allowed for the use of the pipe-internals as a waveguide for setting up a sensor network to collect data from multiple nodes simultaneously. Sensor nodes were designed to be installed with low- and no-blow techniques and tools. Using a multi-drop bus technique with a custom protocol, all electronics were designed to be buriable and allow for on-board data-collection (SD-card), wireless relaying and cellular network forwarding. Installation options afforded by the design included direct-burial and external polemounted variants. Power was provided by one or more batteries, direct AC-power (Class I Div.2) and solar-array. The utilities are currently in a data-collection phase and intend to use the collected (and processed) data to make capital improvement decisions, compare it to Stoner model predictions and evaluate the use of such a system for future expansion, technology-improvement and commercialization starting later in 2006.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hagen Schempf


    Automatika, Inc. was contracted by the Department of Energy (DOE) and with co-funding from the New York Gas Group (NYGAS), to develop an in-pipe natural gas prototype measurement and wireless communications system for assessing and monitoring distribution networks. In Phase II of this three-phase program, an improved prototype system was built for low-pressure cast-iron and high-pressure steel (including a no-blow installation system) mains and tested in a serial-network configuration in a live network in Long Island with the support of Keyspan Energy, Inc. The experiment was carried out in several open-hole excavations over a multi-day period. The prototype units (3 total) combined sensors capable of monitoring pressure, flow, humidity, temperature and vibration, which were sampled and combined in data-packages in an in-pipe master-repeater-slave configuration in serial or ladder-network arrangements. It was verified that the system was capable of performing all data-sampling, data-storage and collection as expected, yielding interesting results as to flow-dynamics and vibration-detection. Wireless in-pipe communications were shown to be feasible and the system was demonstrated to run off in-ground battery- and above-ground solar power. The remote datalogger access and storage-card features were demonstrated and used to log and post-process system data. Real-time data-display on an updated Phase-I GUI was used for in-field demonstration and troubleshooting.

  4. Aqueous alteration on main-belt asteroids (United States)

    Fornasier, S.; Lantz, C.; Barucci, M.; Lazzarin, M.


    The study of aqueous alteration is particularly important for unraveling the processes occurring during the earliest times in Solar System history, as it can give information both on the thermal processes and on the localization of water sources in the asteroid belt, and for the associated astrobiological implications. The aqueous alteration process produces the low temperature (< 320 K) chemical alteration of materials by liquid water which acts as a solvent and produces materials like phyllosilicates, sulphates, oxides, carbonates, and hydroxides. This means that liquid water was present in the primordial asteroids, produced by the melting of water ice by heating sources, very probably by ^{26}Al decay. Hydrated minerals have been found mainly on Mars surface, on primitive main-belt asteroids (C, G, B, F, and P-type, following the classification scheme by Tholen, 1984) and possibly also on few transneptunian objects. Reflectance spectroscopy of aqueous altered asteroids shows absorption features in the 0.6-0.9 and 2.5-3.5-micron regions, which are diagnostic of, or associated with, hydrated minerals. In this work, we investigate the aqueous alteration process on a large sample of 600 visible spectra of C-complex asteroids available in the literature. We analyzed all these spectra in a similar way to characterize the absorption-band parameters (band center, depth, and width) and spectral slope, and to look for possible correlations between the aqueous alteration process and the asteroids taxonomic classes, orbital elements, heliocentric distances, albedo, and sizes. We find that 4.6 % of P, 7.7 % of F, 9.8 % of B, 50.5 % of C, and 100 % of the G-type asteroids have absorption bands in the visible region due to hydrated silicates. Our analysis shows that the aqueous alteration sequence starts from the P-type objects, practically unaltered, and increases through the P → F → B → C → G asteroids, these last being widely aqueously altered, strengthening thus

  5. An analysis of the Illinois Retail Rate Law and the Cook County waste-to-energy siting battles, 1987--2001 (United States)

    Sendzik, Mark Edward


    The analysis explores the environmental justice impacts of the 1998 Illinois Retail Rate Law and Cook County waste-to-energy siting proposals on the Chicago metropolitan area. Particular attention is given to the dynamics of the grassroots environmental organizations which emerged to fight the siting proposals. The organizations are examined in the context of NIMBYism, the antitoxic movement, the environmental justice movement, and mainstream environmentalism. In addition, the underlying causes for the unintended consequences of the Retail Rate Law are analyzed against the backdrop of market and government failure. Face-to-face and telephone interviews were conducted with forty-one persons familiar with the battles over the Cook County siting proposals and the efforts to repeal the Retail Rate Law. The term "environmental justice" became controversial as siting opponents and supporters both appropriated the issue to support dueling positions on the proposed sitings. However, environmental justice did not play an instrumental role in repealing the Retail Rate Law or the siting proposals. Economic concerns led to the repeal of the legislation and demise of the original siting proposals. The circumstances of the siting battles and opposition groups raise questions about the future effectiveness of the environmental justice movement. A combination of market and government failure led to the unintended consequences from the retail Rate Law. Strategic maneuvering by state legislative leaders delayed the repeal of the legislation by several years. The resulting delay placed considerable cost on individuals, communities, corporations, and the State of Illinois. A bivariate analysis was conducted to examine whether the distribution patterns of ground level concentrations from the proposed facilities would have had a disproportionate distribution in lower-income and minority populations in the Chicago metropolitan area. The statistical analysis did discover evidence that

  6. Discussion about Some Problems of Dinghai Battles in Opium War%鸦片战争定海之战几个问题的商榷

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    1840年7月,中英鸦片战争爆发,首战舟山。定海总兵张朝发殉国,舟山被占,次年2月收复。1841年9月26日起,英军再攻舟山,相持六昼夜,葛云飞、王锡朋、郑国鸿三总兵率部奋战,同日壮烈牺牲。这是鸦片战争中中国军民英勇抵抗英军最激烈的战役之一。舟山两次沦陷,时达五年多,当地军民的反英斗争,在鸦片战争史上占有突出地位。但在地方史的研究与宣传教育工作方面,存在一些问题。如双方兵力与伤亡情况,及其在同整个战争诸役相比较中所居的地位等问题,本文根据可靠史料与数据,提供商讨。%In July, 1840, when the Opium War broke out between China and Britain, the first battle took place in Zhoushan. In the following more than five years, Zhoushan Rad been captured by the British twice. The local army and people's fight against the British has an outstanding position in the history of the Opium War. However, in the study of the local history and in the aspects of propaganda and education,there are some problems about casualties of both armies and about the position compared with all the battles in the whole war, and so on. This paper, on the basis of reliable historical materials and data,put forward some problems, which I'd like to discuss with othe experts.

  7. Practice and experience on rapid expansion of field battle operation table%野战手术台快速展开的方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘凤春; 王筱君; 张亚文; 燕欣秀; 任芳影


    Objective To investigate the method of rapid expansion of operation table in field battle operation van.Methods To establish the technological process of rapid expansion of field battle operation table,staffing and equipments needed,make clear of the different division of work for circulating nurses and scrub nurses,clean operation table and put the surgical equipments in order.Results Operation table expansion costed only 5 min,operation can be started immediately.The whole process was fluent and standardized without any unnecessary repetitive motions.The process was practical and ornament and can be used as a teaching material to promote students ability to coordinate with operation practice,get overall nursing process knowledge and communicate between doctors,nurses and patients.Conclusions With time-saving,labor-saving and ensuring safety as basic principles,delicate process,skilled motion accompanied with accurate operation can create favorable conditions for providing rapid treatment to war wounds.%目的 探讨在野战手术车上迅速展开手术台的方法.方法 制定野战手术台展开流程,人力配置和物品准备到位,巡回护士和器械护士分工明确,手术器械台整齐有序,按使用顺序放置各类物品.结果 手术台展开时间较短,只需5 min,手术医生便可立即手术.护士的操作规范化、标准化,任何操作一次到位,无重复.实用性和观赏性强,是一部实用的手术流程教材,有助于培养护生手术配合护理实践能力、手术室整体护理与医护患三者沟通合作能力,开阔学生的思维.结论 以省时、省力、保证安全的方法为准则,精致的流程、娴熟的动作、准确的操作可以为战伤迅速开展手术救治创造良好条件.

  8. Description of the Main Features of the Series Production of the LHC Main Dipole Magnets

    CERN Document Server

    Savary, F; Chevret, P; de Rijk, G; Fessia, P; Liénard, P; Miles, J; Modena, M; Rossi, L; Tommasini, D; Vlogaert, J; Bresson, D; Grunblatt, G; Decoene, JF; Bressani, F; Drago, G; Gagliardi, P; Eysselein, F; Gärtner, W; Lublow, P


    The series production of the LHC main dipole magnets was completed in November 2006. This paper presents the organization implemented at CERN and the milestones fixed to fullfil the technical requirements and to respect the master schedule of the machine installation. The CERN organization for the production follow-up, the quality assurance and the magnet testing, as well as the organization of the three main contractors will be described. A description of the design work and procurement of most of the specific heavy tooling and key components will be given with emphasis on the advantages and drawbacks.

  9. The Silence of the Somme : Sound and Realism in British and Dutch Poems Mediating The Battle of the Somme

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Buelens, G.


    The place occupied in cultural memory by the First World War is chiefly determined by a handful of mainly English-speaking poems which portray the conflict as a senseless slaughter. During the war itself, opinion was strongly influenced by a film made for the propaganda arm of the British war effort

  10. Cotidiano de combate: imagens subvertidas em uma escola pública da cidade de Campinas Everyday battles: subverted images in a public school from the city of Campinas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexsandro Aparecido Sgobin


    Full Text Available Este texto procura descrever experiências realizadas em uma escola da periferia de Campinas, tendo como inspiração a pedagogia libertária, ou anarquista. Com a consciência de que a implantação da própria pedagogia libertária em escolas sob o comando do Estado e, portanto imersas em uma ideologia capitalista, é praticamente impossível sugerir práticas de aula que busquem "anarquismos": movimentos, pensares, amores, batalhas que movimentem o pensamento e abram linhas de fuga, tocando as pretensões libertárias. No caso das experiências descritas neste texto, utilizamos, como possíveis anarquismos, fotografias de pichações que sofreram manipulação digital, tornando-se uma "hiper-realidade".This paper seeks to describe experiences in a school on the outskirts of Campinas, taking as inspiration the anarchist pedagogy. With the awareness that the implementation of anarchist pedagogy in public schools (immersed in a capitalist ideology is virtually impossible, we suggest classroom practices that seek for "anarchisms": movements, thoughts, love affairs, battles that move thought and open escape routes, touching the libertarian claims. In the case of the experiments described in this paper we use as possible anarchism photographs of "graffiti", which have undergone digital manipulation, making it a "hyperreality."

  11. The Battle Era and Labor in Uruguay and U.S. Low-Intensity in Conflict Policy in Latin America (United States)


    1Martin Weinstein, Uruguay: The Politics of Failure (Westport, 1975), 92. 22Direccion General de Estadistica , Anuario Estadistica de la Republica Oriental...dominated by immigrants engaged mainly in commerce and financial activities. 32 Most immigrants, however, 30Direccion General de Estadistica , Censo...General de Estadistica , Anuario Estadistico de la Republica Oriental del Urugay, 1901-1915. Montevideo, 1902- 1917. Direccion General de Estadistica

  12. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Case Study: Near Zero Maine Home II - Vassalboro, Maine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This case study describes a DOE Zero Energy Ready home in Vassalboro, Maine, that scored HERS 35 without PV and HERS 11 with PV. This 1,200 ft2 home has 10.5-inch-thick double-walls with 3 layers of mineral wool batt insulation, an R-20 insulated slab, R-70 cellulose in the attic, extensive air sealing, a mini-split heat pump, an heat recovery ventilator, solar water heating, LED lighting, 3.9 kWh PV, and triple-pane windows.

  13. 30 CFR 75.519 - Main power circuits; disconnecting switches. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Main power circuits; disconnecting switches. 75... § 75.519 Main power circuits; disconnecting switches. In all main power circuits, disconnecting... which main power circuits enter the underground area of the mine and within 500 feet of all other...

  14. A battle lost? Report on two centuries of invasion and management of Lantana camara L. in Australia, India and South Africa.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shonil A Bhagwat

    Full Text Available Recent discussion on invasive species has invigorated the debate on strategies to manage these species. Lantana camara L., a shrub native to the American tropics, has become one of the worst weeds in recorded history. In Australia, India and South Africa, Lantana has become very widespread occupying millions of hectares of land. Here, we examine historical records to reconstruct invasion and management of Lantana over two centuries and ask: Can we fight the spread of invasive species or do we need to develop strategies for their adaptive management? We carried out extensive research of historical records constituting over 75% of records on invasion and management of this species in the three countries. The records indicate that governments in Australia, India and South Africa have taken aggressive measures to eradicate Lantana over the last two centuries, but these efforts have been largely unsuccessful. We found that despite control measures, the invasion trajectory of Lantana has continued upwards and that post-war land-use change might have been a possible trigger for this spread. A large majority of studies on invasive species address timescales of less than one year; and even fewer address timescales of >10 years. An understanding of species invasions over long time-scales is of paramount importance. While archival records may give only a partial picture of the spread and management of invasive species, in the absence of any other long-term dataset on the ecology of Lantana, our study provides an important insight into its invasion, spread and management over two centuries and across three continents. While the established paradigm is to expend available resources on attempting to eradicate invasive species, our findings suggest that in the future, conservationists will need to develop strategies for their adaptive management rather than fighting a losing battle.

  15. The Battle Between the Biometricians and the Mendelians: How Sir Francis Galton's Work Caused his Disciples to Reach Conflicting Conclusions About the Hereditary Mechanism (United States)

    Gillham, Nicholas W.


    Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin, had wide and varied interests. They ranged from exploration and travel writing to fingerprinting and the weather. After reading Darwin's On the Origin of Species, Galton reached the conclusion that it should be possible to improve the human stock through selective breeding, as was the case for domestic animals and cultivated plants. Much of the latter half of Galton's career was devoted to trying to devise methods to distinguish men of good stock and then to show that these qualities were inherited. But along the way he invented two important statistical methods: regression and correlation. He also discovered regression to the mean. This led Galton to believe that evolution could not proceed by the small steps envisioned by Darwin, but must proceed by discontinuous changes. Galton's book Natural Inheritance (1889) served as the inspiration for Karl Pearson, W.F.R. Weldon and William Bateson. Pearson and Weldon were interested in continuously varying characters and the application of statistical techniques to their study. Bateson was fascinated by discontinuities and the role they might play in evolution. Galton proposed his Law of Ancestral Heredity in the last decade of the nineteenth century. At first this seemed to work well as an explanation for continuously varying traits of the type that interested Pearson and Weldon. In contrast, Bateson had published a book on discontinuously varying traits so he was in a position to understand and embrace Mendel's principles of inheritance when they were rediscovered in 1900. The subsequent battle between Weldon and Pearson, the biometricians, and Bateson, the Mendelian, went on acrimoniously for several years at the beginning of the twentieth century before Mendelian theory finally won out.

  16. The geological origin, Galicien, of the Marabiu example (Teverga, Asturias and cultural considerations on weapon-tools classified as ''northern battle-axes'' in the NW of Iberia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Blas Cortina, Miguel A.


    Full Text Available The physical analysis of a perforated item from Asturias shows that its only presence in the Cantabric region is due to an import from Galicia (cianites of Touro, near Santiago de Compostela. The concentration of these tool-weapons in barrows of the III millenium in Galicia is a unique focus in the Iberian peninsula of a very well known phenomenon in Europe. In this article, geographic, economic and cultural arguments are offered, justifiyng the peculiar presence of these sceptres or status symbols and of their local character, although they remind us of types in the continental NW, so that the Galician perforated tools are classified as ''northern battle-axes".

    El análisis físico de un ejemplar perforado del centro de Asturias (Marabiu prueba que su solitaria presencia en la Región Cantábrica se debe a una importación desde Galicia (cianitas deTouro, al E de Santiago de Compostela. La concentración de estos útiles-arma en túmulos del III milenio en Galicia (Coruña y O de Lugo dibuja el foco único en la Península Ibérica de un fenómeno bien conocido en Europa. En el artículo se ofrecen argumentos geográficos, económicos y culturales justificativos de la presencia singular de estos "cetros" o símbolos de estatus, de su carácter local aunque se aprecien resonancias de tipos de NO continental, lo que hizo que se calificara a los perforados gallegos de "hachas de combate nórdicas".


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suat ZEYREK


    Full Text Available Bu makale Almanya’nın Çanakkale Savaşlarındaki politikasını incelemekte ve Çanakkale’de net bir politikasının olmadığı savını ileri sürmektedir. Alman General Liman von Sanders özellikle Çanakkale’nin savunulması için geldiği hâlde savaşın başlamasına kadar ciddi bir tedbir almamıştır. Osmanlı Devleti’nin 18 Mart zaferinde Almanya’nın katkısı yoktur. Kara harekâtının başlaması ihtimaline karşı Sanders, Ordu Komutanlığı’nı üstlenmiş fakat ciddi bir varlık göstermediği gibi adından övgüyle bahsedilen Alman denizaltıları da Çanakkale’de yoktur. This article examines the German strategy in the Battle of Gallipoli and presents that Germany did not take the Dardanelles campaign as serious as it should have. German commander Liman von Sanders did not take significant precautions up until the beginning of the war, much-praised German submarines did not appear in the Dardanelles and Germany did not have any serious contribution on the Ottoman victories on March 18th, 1915.

  18. A Maine romance. [Solar heating, wind power and cliff erosion control at a Maine site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adams, J.A.


    The construction of a house on the coast of Maine included terracing of the bluff for erosion control, installation of water solar collectors for space and water heating, and construction of a wind turbine for electric power generation. A total of 4,027 ft/sup 2/ of house area is heated by a system of 10 collectors and 4,000 gal water storage. Insulation values are R-19 in the walls, R-40 in the ceiling, R-26 in the floors, and R-14 in the basement. South-facing windows provide additional heat gain. The wind turbine and generator system supplies alternating current to the house and also heats auxiliary water storage when necessary. The house, collectors, and wind turbine are designed to supply 85% of the heating load.

  19. Guidance Law Decision-making under Static Initial Condition for Fighters Mid-range Air Battle%静态初始条件下的歼击机中距攻防引导方法决策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    纪军; 马培蓓; 杨士峰


    在静态初始条件下,歼击机中距攻防引导方法的选择是一个定性与定量相结合的类别划分问题,因此,将粗糙集理论与概率神经网络相结合用于该问题的解决。首先,利用粗糙集理论实现专家知识约简、空战态势信息集压缩,得到最小决策信息集;其次,利用概率神经网络进行概率决策推理;最后,通过实例分析,结果表明决策推理正确,在不确定环境下仍然有效,提高了决策过程的自动化程度。%Under static initial condition, the choice of guidance method in fighters mid⁃range air battle is a question of di⁃viding classification. In this paper, a new tactical decision method of mid⁃range air battle based on rough sets theory and probabilistic neural network is proposed. Firstly, using RS to realize expert's knowledge reduction and the air battle state in⁃formation collection compression, and gets the smallest policy decision information collection;Next, using PNN to carry on the probability policy decision inference;Finally, correctness and effectiveness of this method are validated by the result of practical examples, it is still effective even under the indeterminacy environment, the automaticity of policy decision course was raised.

  20. 实验与实战:七三一部队在诺门罕战争%Experiment and Combat:Unit 731 in Battle of Khalkhin-Gol?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    During World War II, the Japanese military developed biological weapons, which size at the time the world's advanced level.In 1939, in battle of Khalkhin-Gol, the Japanese carried out germ warfare in trench warfare for the first time.Through a comprehensive analysis of the statements of post-war criminals in germ war-fare and after-war related profiles ,it explore Unit 731 joined in Battle of Khalkhin-Gol and the historical facts of carrying out bacteriological weapons, meanwhile discusses Battle of Khalkhin-Gol reference significance that Unit 731 extend bacteria weapons research and applications of epidemic water battlefield.%第二次世界大战期间日本军大力发展细菌武器,堪称当时世界“先进武器”。在1939年的“诺门罕战争”中日军首次在阵地战中实施了细菌战。本文通过综合分析战后日本细菌战犯的口供及战后相关档案资料,探讨七三一部队参加诺门罕战争并实施细菌武器的历史事实的同时论述诺门罕战争对七三一部队扩展细菌武器研究、防疫给水战场应用的借鉴意义。

  1. 论新型作战力量战略下的脑科学军事应用体系构成研究%Military brain science factors of battle effectiveness under a new concept of operation strategies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗旭; 吴昊; 郭继卫


    Building a new concept of combat forces is an important initiative in the 12th Five-Year Plan of National Defense Strategies.In the era of biotechnology,global powers have been competing for brain control by means of accelerated development in brain science and the military theory of "Innovation to Subdue".Based on elaboration on the concepts and developments of military applications of brain science as well as on analysis of impacts on the mechanism of winning,this paper proposes the operation concepts of "pre-setting"and "bio-orientation",the combat modes of "mechanized warfare"and "idiodynamic warfare",and weapon evolution into "intellectualization"and "brain-control orientation".This paper presents a practical system design of military applications of brain science:"presetting—key technology—weapons′power source-mechanism of winning".The constitution and winning mechanism of the three-stage mode of battle effectiveness are summarized as improving the operation capability—war of super soldiers",changing the main force of operations—"war of mechanized legions",altering the principles of operations—"war of spiritual consciousness". This paper also suggests the upgradation from "damage theory"to "control theory",the shift from "informatization"to"intellectualization",and strategic breakthroughs from "independent development"to "collaborative innovation".%新型作战力量建设是我国“十二五”国防战略规划的重要举措,在“以新制胜”的军事战争理论指导下,在脑科学飞速发展的生物时代,围绕脑控权的争夺已在世界各大国间展开。该文系统阐述了脑科学军事应用的概念及发展,分析了其对战斗力生成的影响,提出了“预置化”与“生物化”的作战理念、“机械战”与“意念战”的作战样式、“智能化”与“脑控化”的作战武器发展态势;结合理论及技术发展趋势提出了“预置—关键技术—武器动力—战场制

  2. 33 CFR 334.10 - Gulf of Maine off Seal Island, Maine; naval aircraft bombing target area. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Gulf of Maine off Seal Island, Maine; naval aircraft bombing target area. 334.10 Section 334.10 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS... REGULATIONS § 334.10 Gulf of Maine off Seal Island, Maine; naval aircraft bombing target area. (a) The danger...

  3. 76 FR 32266 - Maine Northern Railway Company-Trackage Rights Exemption-Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. (United States)


    ... Surface Transportation Board Maine Northern Railway Company--Trackage Rights Exemption-- Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. Pursuant to a written trackage rights agreement, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. (MMA) has agreed to grant overhead trackage rights to the Maine Northern Railway Company (MNRC...

  4. 76 FR 32265 - Maine Northern Railway Company-Trackage Rights Exemption-Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. (United States)


    ... Surface Transportation Board Maine Northern Railway Company--Trackage Rights Exemption-- Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. Pursuant to a written trackage rights agreement, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Ltd. (MMA) has agreed to grant overhead trackage rights to the Maine Northern Railway Company (MNRC...

  5. “后婚恋时代”情感综艺节目形态分析--以《爱情保卫战》为例%"After the marriage age"emotional entertainment program form--Take"love battle"as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    “后婚恋时代”的到来,使普通百姓的情感生活得以在大众面前展现,在相亲类节目的基础上进行后续开发,延续了“相亲”这一前婚恋节目的优良传统的同时,以相亲后情侣或夫妻为主要参加对象的后婚恋情感综艺节目,也开辟另一片收视喜人的节目秀场。天津卫视《爱情保卫战》作为“后婚恋时代”情感综艺节目的代表,其节目形态有特色也有问题,从对该电视节目的节目形态的简要分析中,探析出我国情感类电视节目当前存在的问题,并展望此类节目的发展前景。%"After the marriage era", the ordinary people's emotional life unfolds in front of the public, subsequent development based on blind date type of program, the continuation of the"fine tradition dating"of the former marriage programs at the same time, to intimate couples or couples to participate in the main object after marriage emotional variety the program, also make a ratings gratifying programs show. Tianjin TV"love battle"as"after representative marriage age"emotion variety show, the program form characteristics also have problems, from a brief analysis of the program of the form, on our emotional TV program of current problems, the prospects for development and Prospect of such programs.

  6. 14 CFR 27.751 - Main float buoyancy. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 27.751 Main float buoyancy. (a) For main floats, the buoyancy necessary to support the maximum weight of the rotorcraft in...

  7. 14 CFR 29.751 - Main float buoyancy. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 29.751 Main float buoyancy. (a) For main floats, the buoyancy necessary to support the maximum weight of the rotorcraft...

  8. [Introduction to qualitative research: the main approaches and designs]. (United States)

    Ambrosi, Elisa; Canzan, Federica


    Introduction to qualitative research: the main approaches and designs. The main methods (phenomenology, ethnography, Grounded, narrative enquiry and case studies) and sampling technique of qualitative research are briefly outlined. A practical example is presented for each method.

  9. Space Shuttle Main Propulsion System Anomaly Detection: A Case Study (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The space shuttle main engine (SSME) is part of the Main Propnlsion System (MPS) which is an extremely complex system containing several sub-systems and components,...

  10. 46 CFR 182.610 - Main steering gear. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Main steering gear. 182.610 Section 182.610 Shipping...) MACHINERY INSTALLATION Steering Systems § 182.610 Main steering gear. (a) A vessel must be provided with a main steering gear that is: (1) Of adequate strength and capable of steering the vessel at all...

  11. 46 CFR 109.333 - Fire main cutoff valves. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Fire main cutoff valves. 109.333 Section 109.333... OPERATIONS Operation and Stowage of Safety Equipment § 109.333 Fire main cutoff valves. The master or person in charge shall insure that each fire main cutoff valve is open and sealed to prevent closing,...

  12. Synthesis of main-chain metal carbonyl organometallic macromolecules (MCMCOMs). (United States)

    Cao, Kai; Murshid, Nimer; Wang, Xiaosong


    Synthesis of main-chain metal carbonyl organometallic macromolecules (MCMCOMs) is difficult, mainly due to the instability of metal carbonyl complexes. Despite its challenge a number of MCMCOMs has been prepared by strategically using organometallic, organic, and polymer synthetic chemistry. Main contributions to this research field were reported by the groups of Tyler, Pannell, and Wang and are briefly summarized in this article.

  13. 14 CFR 23.753 - Main float design. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main float design. 23.753 Section 23.753... STANDARDS: NORMAL, UTILITY, ACROBATIC, AND COMMUTER CATEGORY AIRPLANES Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 23.753 Main float design. Each seaplane main float must meet the requirements of § 23.521. ...

  14. Tallinna maine ja Ülemiste vanake / Maimu Berg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Berg, Maimu, 1945-


    Tallinna maine tõstmist tuleb alustada konkreetse tööga, mitte abstraktsete projektide väljamõtlemisega. Ilmunud ka kogumikus: Berg, Maimu. Tants lahkunud isaga. Tallinn : Kirilille Kirjastus, 2003, lk. 90-92, pealk. Linna tavaline maine. Linnar Priimäe juhitavast Tallinna maine kujundamise projektist

  15. 14 CFR 27.547 - Main rotor structure. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main rotor structure. 27.547 Section 27.547 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Strength Requirements Main Component Requirements § 27.547 Main rotor...

  16. 46 CFR 108.419 - Fire main capacity. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Fire main capacity. 108.419 Section 108.419 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) A-MOBILE OFFSHORE DRILLING UNITS DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT Fire Extinguishing Systems Fire Main System § 108.419 Fire main capacity. The diameter of the...

  17. Tallinna maine ja Ülemiste vanake / Maimu Berg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Berg, Maimu, 1945-


    Tallinna maine tõstmist tuleb alustada konkreetse tööga, mitte abstraktsete projektide väljamõtlemisega. Ilmunud ka kogumikus: Berg, Maimu. Tants lahkunud isaga. Tallinn : Kirilille Kirjastus, 2003, lk. 90-92, pealk. Linna tavaline maine. Linnar Priimäe juhitavast Tallinna maine kujundamise projektist

  18. 46 CFR 58.01-35 - Main propulsion auxiliary machinery. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Main propulsion auxiliary machinery. 58.01-35 Section 58... AUXILIARY MACHINERY AND RELATED SYSTEMS General Requirements § 58.01-35 Main propulsion auxiliary machinery. Auxiliary machinery vital to the main propulsion system must be provided in duplicate unless the...

  19. 中央红军会理攻坚战述论%Presentation and Discussion on the Battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li County

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘财富; 景志明


    During the Long March period,the battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li county of Si-chuan province was an important one.Because casualties were too serious,so many criticisms occurred in the Party or the Red Army.Based on the relevant historical documents,the author thinks the military action taken by the Red Army in Hui-li county had favorable and unfavorable factors.Though the battle didn’t win,it still had positive significance in which the Red Army went north rapidly and broke though the Da Du-he river defence set by the army of Kuomingtang.%会理攻坚战是中央红军长征在四川时的一场重要战斗。因红军伤亡过大且攻城失利,所以当时党内军内非议颇多。本文通过相关史料的梳理,分析红军攻城的有利与不利因素,从而说明这次战斗的失利对于中央红军迅速北上并突破国民党大渡河防线仍有积极的影响。

  20. [Paskal Joseph Ritter von Ferro, the Reformer of the Austrian Public Health. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death in consequence of the battle of Wagram against Napoleon]. (United States)

    Flamm, Heinz


    Paskal Joseph Ferro, born on June 5th, 1753 in Bonn, Germany, in the course of his military service as a surgeon graduated medicine in 1777 in Strasbourg and Vienna. Here initially he worked as a private physician in a hospital. In 1785 he became an assistant to the leading municipal physician, in 1793 he was appointed director of the district hospitals and in 1793 medical official in charge of Lower Austria. In 1795 Ferro was the first on the now created position of "Protomedicus" (director of the health administration) of an Austrian country. His most important acts were the creation of the first medical cold water bath in Austria, the foundation of institutions for the salvation of casualties, the introduction of rooms to lay out the dead in the communities, the organization of dispersed health regulations and their publications for common knowledge and especially the introduction of the smallpox vaccination in 1799 first time outside the UK. After the battle of Wagram (north to Vienna) in the Napoleonic war (July 6th, 1809) he had to care for the wounded and 56,000 dead soldiers on the battle field. In this action he contracted typhoid fever and consequently died on August 21st, 1809.

  1. 湘江战役过程中的宣传工作--对马克思主义大众化的一点启示%On the Propaganda Work in the Battle of the Xiangjiang River

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    甘庆华; 唐凌


    During the Long March the Battle of the Xiangjiang River was one of the key battles of the Red Ar-my,who broke through the fourth blockade of the enemy,and crushed Chiang kai-shek's plot to destroy the red army in the eastern area of the Xiangjiang River.The propaganda work was indispensable to the suc-cess.The paper summarizes its successful experience so as to give some beneficial enlightenment to the pop-ularization of Marxism today.%湘江战役是红军长征中关键的一场战役,红军突破敌人第四道封锁线,粉碎蒋介石要消灭红军在湘江以东地区的阴谋,这与红军成功的宣传工作分不开。探索红军在湘江战役的宣传工作特点,总结其成功经验,能给今天马克思主义大众化一点有益启示。

  2. Constructing of Large Scale 3D Air-Battle Scene Based on OSGEarth%基于OSGEarth的大型三维空战场景的搭建

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王雷; 丁华


    This paper introduced an open source project named OSGEarth,focused on the rendering algorithm based on big data.During this project,I have researched on the air battle scene,basically including achieving,analyzing and generating the necessary data from satellite images,elevation data,and geography vector data,and Attitude presentation of the aircraft,algorithm of automatic cruise.Finally show an implementation of constructing the 3D air-battle scene based on OSGEarth whit an excellent result.%本文介绍了 OSGEarth 开源项目,并探讨海量地形数据的调度渲染算法,然后研究了三维空战场景搭建所需要的卫星影像数据、高程数据和地理矢量数据的获取及处理方法还有飞机的姿态展示方式及自动巡航算法,最后实现了基于OSGEarth的大型三维空战场景的搭建,取得了良好的效果.

  3. 14 CFR 119.47 - Maintaining a principal base of operations, main operations base, and main maintenance base... (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Maintaining a principal base of operations, main operations base, and main maintenance base; change of address. 119.47 Section 119.47 Aeronautics... operations base, and main maintenance base; change of address. (a) Each certificate holder must maintain...

  4. Organizational Communication: An Analysis of the Main Perspectives, Main Concepts and Future Directions of the Field

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuf Yüksel


    Full Text Available There is a scholarly debate since the 1980s regarding the content, theory, methodology and applications that define the scope of organizational communication and separate it from other related disciplines. This debate is critical in the sense that it enables to identity organizational communication in a rich manner and helps us define the scope of the field and its unique characteristics. Based on this main assumption, this study addressed the major theoretical/methodological dimensions of the field (functional, interpretive, and critical, conceptualization of the most critical concepts (organization, communication, culture, voice/control in these dimensions, and current gaps and future directions of the field. This study revealed that the field of organizational communication has made great improvements since the field emerged in the last three decade with its own content, methodology, and applications and generated an adequate body of research within these different perspectives. It is shown that representation of the field by different perspectives provides richness to the field compared with the time when organizational communication was solely dominated by functional, positivist research. Key words: Functional/interpretive/critical perspectives, communication, organization, culture, control, effectiveness. Örgütsel İletişim: Alanın Ana Yaklaşımları, Ana Kavramları ve Gelecek Yönelimlerinin AnaliziÖzÖrgütsel iletişim alanının kapsamı ve bu alanı ilgili displinlerden ayıracak içerik, teori, yöntem, ve uygulamalar üzerine akademik tartışmalar 1980’li yıllardan beri devam etmektedir. Bu tartışmalar, örgütsel iletişim alanının derinlemesine anlaşılması, sınırlarının belirlenmesi ve diğer disiplinlerden ayrılan özelliklerinin anlaşılması noktasında hayati öneme sahiptir. Bu temel varsayımdan hareketle, bu çalışma alandaki temel teorik/yöntemsel yaklaşımları (işlevsel, yorumlayıcı, ele

  5. Maine StreamStats: a water-resources web application (United States)

    Lombard, Pamela J.


    Maine StreamStats is a tool that any user with Internet access can use to delineate a basin on the fly and estimate a wide variety of streamflow statistics for ungaged sites on rivers and streams in Maine. Estimates are based on regression equations or are from data from similar gaged locations on the stream. Maine StreamStats is based on a national StreamStats application that can be used for streamflow estimates in many other states across the country.

  6. Post-Main Sequence Evolution of Debris Discs


    Bonsor, Amy; Wyatt, Mark


    The population of debris discs on the main sequence is well constrained, however very little is known about debris discs around evolved stars. In this work we provide a theoretical framework that considers the effects of stellar evolution on debris discs; firstly considering the evolution of an individual disc from the main sequence through to the white dwarf phase, then extending this to the known population of debris discs around main sequence A stars. It is found that discs around evolved ...

  7. Dubious battle in California Dubious battle in California

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Steinbeck


    Full Text Available In sixty years a complete revolution has taken place in California agriculture. Once its principal products were hay and cattle. Today fruits and vegetables are its most profitable crops. With the change in the nature of farming there has come a parallel change in the nature and amount of the labor necessary to carry it on. Truck gardens, while they give a heavy yield per acre, require much more labor and equipment than the raising of hay and livestock. At the same time these crops are seasonal, which means that they are largely handled by migratory workers. Along with the intensification of farming made necessary by truck gardening has come another important development. In sixty years a complete revolution has taken place in California agriculture. Once its principal products were hay and cattle. Today fruits and vegetables are its most profitable crops. With the change in the nature of farming there has come a parallel change in the nature and amount of the labor necessary to carry it on. Truck gardens, while they give a heavy yield per acre, require much more labor and equipment than the raising of hay and livestock. At the same time these crops are seasonal, which means that they are largely handled by migratory workers. Along with the intensification of farming made necessary by truck gardening has come another important development.

  8. Dubious battle in California Dubious battle in California


    John Steinbeck


    In sixty years a complete revolution has taken place in California agriculture. Once its principal products were hay and cattle. Today fruits and vegetables are its most profitable crops. With the change in the nature of farming there has come a parallel change in the nature and amount of the labor necessary to carry it on. Truck gardens, while they give a heavy yield per acre, require much more labor and equipment than the raising of hay and livestock. At the same time these crops are s...

  9. The Battle of Vukovar: The Battle That Saved Croatia (United States)


    and the transmission positioned in the back of the tank; interview with Col. Milorad Vucic , commander of a JNA mechanized infantry brigade, conducted...interview with Colonel Milorad Vucic , commander of a JNA mechanized infantry brigade, conducted by Lieutenant General (Ret) Dušan Dozet, Lt. Col. Nikola...specialties, and we were forced to adapt them as soon as possible”, quoted from the interview with Col Vucic by Dozet, “Ti divni ljudi, mladi ratnici (2

  10. 33 CFR 127.607 - Fire main systems. (United States)


    ...) WATERFRONT FACILITIES WATERFRONT FACILITIES HANDLING LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS AND LIQUEFIED HAZARDOUS GAS Waterfront Facilities Handling Liquefied Natural Gas Firefighting § 127.607 Fire main systems. (a)...

  11. Some nonlinear parameters of PP intervals of pulse main peaks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The PP intervals of pulse main peaks from healthy and unhealthy people (arrhythmia) have different nonlinear characteristics. In this paper, the extraction of PP intervals of pulse main peaks is achieved by picking up P peaks of pulse wave with wavelet transform. Furthermore, several nonlinear parameters (correlative dimensions, maximum Lyapunov exponents, complexity and approximate entropy) of the PP intervals of pulse main peaks extracted from normal and unhealthy pulse signals are calculated, with the results showing that these nonlinear parameters calculated from the main wave interval signals are helpful for analyzing human's health state and diagnosing heart diseases.

  12. Analysis of thermoelastohydrodynamic performance of journal misaligned engine main bearings (United States)

    Bi, Fengrong; Shao, Kang; Liu, Changwen; Wang, Xia; Zhang, Jian


    To understand the engine main bearings' working condition is important in order to improve the performance of engine. However, thermal effects and thermal effect deformations of engine main bearings are rarely considered simultaneously in most studies. A typical finite element model is selected and the effect of thermoelastohydrodynamic(TEHD) reaction on engine main bearings is investigated. The calculated method of main bearing's thermal hydrodynamic reaction and journal misalignment effect is finite difference method, and its deformation reaction is calculated by using finite element method. The oil film pressure is solved numerically with Reynolds boundary conditions when various bearing characteristics are calculated. The whole model considers a temperature-pressure-viscosity relationship for the lubricant, surface roughness effect, and also an angular misalignment between the journal and the bearing. Numerical simulations of operation of a typical I6 diesel engine main bearing is conducted and importance of several contributing factors in mixed lubrication is discussed. The performance characteristics of journal misaligned main bearings under elastohydrodynamic(EHD) and TEHD loads of an I6 diesel engine are received, and then the journal center orbit movement, minimum oil film thickness and maximum oil film pressure of main bearings are estimated over a wide range of engine operation. The model is verified through the comparison with other present models. The TEHD performance of engine main bearings with various effects under the influences of journal misalignment is revealed, this is helpful to understand EHD and TEHD effect of misaligned engine main bearings.

  13. Intravascular ultrasound for angiographically indeterminant left main coronary artery disease. (United States)

    Parashara, D K; Jacobs, L E; Ledley, G S; Yazdanfar, S; Oline, J; Kotler, M N


    The precise diagnosis of the presence of significant left main coronary artery disease has profound prognostic and therapeutic implications. Coronary cineangiography has shown to be imprecise and inaccurate to determine the percent stenosis of the left main coronary artery. We report a case with significant left main coronary artery disease in whom coronary cineangiography was in discordance with the clinical data and intravascular ultrasonography. Based on the intravascular ultrasound findings, the patient underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Therefore, the intravascular ultrasonography may be the procedure of choice for assessing indeterminant left main coronary artery lesions by coronary angiography.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱德仁; 钱鸣高


    A serics of physical modelings in which a main roof is considered as a Kirchhoff plate supported or clammed by Winkler elastic foundation were performed to simulate the fracturing process of the main roof in longwall mining. Based on these modelings spatial structures of the main roof after its fracture are described, blocks of the fractured main roof are classified and their behaviors are analyzed in this paper. Additionally, two stability indexes of the structures are defined, and the factors affecting stability of the structures with different boundaries and geometric conditions are discussed.

  15. Main data - RMG | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available switchLanguage; BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Data ... File size: 1 KB Simple search URL http://togodb.b... This Database Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main data - RMG | LSDB Archive ...

  16. Main - KOME | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available switchLanguage; BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Data ...ntents List of datasets Data file File name: File URL: Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main - KOME | LSDB Archive ...

  17. PRISMA/DB: A Parallel Main-Memory Relational DBMS

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Apers, Peter M.G.; Flokstra, Jan; van den Berg, Carel A.; Grefen, P.W.P.J.; Wilschut, A.N.; Kersten, Martin L.; van den Berg, C.A.


    PRISMA/DB, a full-fledged parallel, main memory relational database management system (DBMS) is described. PRISMA/DB's high performance is obtained by the use of parallelism for query processing and main memory storage of the entire database. A flexible architecture for experimenting with functional

  18. 46 CFR 28.850 - Main source of electrical power. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Main source of electrical power. 28.850 Section 28.850... FISHING INDUSTRY VESSELS Aleutian Trade Act Vessels § 28.850 Main source of electrical power. (a) Applicability: Each vessel that relies on electricity to power any of the following essential loads must have at...

  19. 46 CFR 28.355 - Main source of electrical power. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Main source of electrical power. 28.355 Section 28.355... Operate With More Than 16 Individuals on Board § 28.355 Main source of electrical power. (a) Applicability. Each vessel that relies on electricity to power any of the following essential loads must have at least...

  20. Bicyclic graphs with exactly two main signless Laplacian eigenvalues

    CERN Document Server

    Huang, He


    A signless Laplacian eigenvalue of a graph $G$ is called a main signless Laplacian eigenvalue if it has an eigenvector the sum of whose entries is not equal to zero. In this paper, all connected bicyclic graphs with exactly two main eigenvalues are determined.

  1. 14 CFR 27.753 - Main float design. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 27.753 Main float design. (a) Bag floats. Each bag float must be designed to withstand— (1) The maximum pressure differential... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main float design. 27.753 Section...

  2. 14 CFR 29.753 - Main float design. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 29.753 Main float design. (a) Bag floats. Each bag float must be designed to withstand— (1) The maximum pressure differential... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main float design. 29.753 Section...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Unggul Abdul Fattah


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine the main product out of several alternative options of small and medium industries (IKM main product in Banyumas District. The study was conducted by using in-depth interviews with respondents who were skillful experts with the authority to establish the main product in Banyumas. The criteria used in determining the main product come from 12 criteria set out in the Regulation of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Republic of Indonesia Number 9 of 2014. The establishment of criteria values was determined by using AHP and main product assessment with MPE. The results of the assessment indicate that the first priority of main product Banyumas is the coconut sugar. Coconut sugar products are supported by the abundance of natural resources of raw materials, while the other main product priorities include mendoan tempeh and getuk gerbong which are typical products of Banyumas. Both products are products that will facilitate economic growth through tourism as a specific sector for culinary products of Banyumas.Keywords: main product, small and medium industries (IKM, AHP, MPE

  4. Main Idea Comprehension: Training Teachers and Effects on Students. (United States)

    Carriedo, N.; Alonso-Tapia, J.


    Investigates the effectiveness of main idea identification training by teachers who had been successfully trained in such identification. Finds that the experimental group of students (in grades six, seven, and eight) performed better than the control group on main idea identification and knowledge of strategies related to that process. Discusses…

  5. Economic and Occupational Aspects of Recent Inmigration to Maine. (United States)

    Ploch, Louis A.

    Inmigration to Maine was found to have altered population distribution, increased the proportion of younger, highly educated persons, and provided a pool of professional/managerial persons for community involvement. Data gathered from 417 persons moving into Maine during the July through December period of either 1980 or 1983 showed inmigrants to…

  6. Velocity Estimation of the Main Portal Vein with Transverse Oscillation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandt, Andreas Hjelm; Hansen, Kristoffer Lindskov; Nielsen, Michael Bachmann


    This study evaluates if Transverse Oscillation (TO) can provide reliable and accurate peak velocity estimates of blood flow the main portal vein. TO was evaluated against the recommended and most widely used technique for portal flow estimation, Spectral Doppler Ultrasound (SDU). The main portal...

  7. 14 CFR 25.753 - Main float design. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main float design. 25.753 Section 25.753 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY AIRPLANES Design and Construction Floats and Hulls § 25.753 Main float design...

  8. Completion of Main Magnet Fabrication for CYCIAE-100

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The main magnet of CYCIAE-100, which weighs roughly 416 tons after machining, is mainly consisting of 4 pairs of sector magnets, 4 return yokes, top/bottom yoke, central plug, and shimming bars. It falls into the category of large-scale high precision device,

  9. Main - PLACE | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available [ Credits ] BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Contact us ...URL: File size: 48...97) Joomla SEF URLs by Artio About This Database Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main - PLACE | LSDB Archive ...

  10. 14 CFR 29.547 - Main and tail rotor structure. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Main and tail rotor structure. 29.547 Section 29.547 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION... Requirements § 29.547 Main and tail rotor structure. (a) A rotor is an assembly of rotating components, which...

  11. Velocity Estimation of the Main Portal Vein with Transverse Oscillation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandt, Andreas Hjelm; Hansen, Kristoffer Lindskov; Nielsen, Michael Bachmann;


    This study evaluates if Transverse Oscillation (TO) can provide reliable and accurate peak velocity estimates of blood flow the main portal vein. TO was evaluated against the recommended and most widely used technique for portal flow estimation, Spectral Doppler Ultrasound (SDU). The main portal ...

  12. 试论库尔斯克会战在第二次世界大战中的地位%The Status of the Battles of Kursk in the Second World War

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    “库尔斯克会战”是苏德战争军事上的根本转折。这次会战是在巩固东线的战略主动权和配合盟军在意大利的西西里岛登陆这样的背景下进行的。“库尔斯克会战”与“堡垒”战役发生在同一时间、同一地点,但是,不能用否定“堡垒”战役的眼光和方法来剖析“库尔斯克会战”。这两个战役无论形式和内涵都有重大区剐,不属于同一概念。“堡垒”战役是一个缺乏想象力,在计划阶段就蕴含着失败因素的战役。“库尔斯克会战”的战略定位高度是“粉碎库尔斯克突出部地域的敌人后,解放顿巴斯和整个第聂伯河东岸乌克兰地区”,而战役的实施使希特勒从苏军手中夺取战略主动权的企图彻底失败,从此,直到战争结束。德军只能进行防御作战。%The battle of Kursk is the fundamental change in Soviet -German war. Battle reflects the importance strategic guiding ideology that the Soviet should smash the prominent part of the Kursk region after the enemy, liberate Donbas and whole Dnieper River eastern region of Ukraine, from the Taman Peninsula enemy landing field, liberate the East re- gion of Belarus, and put the enemy completely out of our territory to create the conditions for. In this battle the Germans are smashed on the prominent part of the Kursk offense, out of Moscow forms tremendous menace of Orel strategic base. Kharkov recovered, the Soviets occupied to the Dnieper River across the board, and advance about German Army Group South formation surrounded by half a favorable situation.

  13. Simulation of Battle Damage Influence of Turbo-Fan Engine on Engine Performance%某涡扇发动机战伤对性能影响仿真研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡开龙; 姚武文; 涂明武; 胡永平


    A method was put forward to calculate the effect of the engine hole damage on such performance parameters of engine as thrust and fuel consumption. The gas thermodynamics process of the engine and the relation between battle damage degree and the engine section parameters were analyzed, on which basis a component-level nonlinear simulation model was established for the influence of the engine battle damage on engine performance. Through simulation experiments of typical flight status in flight envelop of a certain aircraft, it was showed that the model can effectively analyzing the engine battle damage influence on the engine performance. With the increasing of the size of the damaged hole, the fuel consumption increases and the thrust decreases, the relation between the damage size and the performance parameters is nonlinear.%针对某涡扇发动机战伤对发动机性能影响,提出了某涡扇发动机战时破孔损伤对发动机推力、耗油率等性能参数影响的定量计算方法.在分析某涡扇发动机部件气动热力过程、战伤程度与发动机截面参数关系的基础上,建立了某涡扇发动机战伤对性能影响的部件级非线性仿真模型.对某型飞机飞行包线内典型飞行状态的仿真实验结果表明,该涡扇发动机战伤模型能有效地分析发动机战伤程度对发动机性能参数的影响力,而且随着破孔损伤尺寸的增大,发动机耗油率将增大、推力将减小,损伤尺寸对性能参数的影响是一个非线性关系.

  14. Main-duct intraductal papillary mucinous adenoma of the pancreas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Takuma Kensuke


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The prevalence of carcinoma in main-duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN is high, and surgical resection is recommended for all patients with a main-duct IPMN. Results A main-duct IPMN with typical imagings including protruding lesions in the dilated main pancreatic duct was resected, but the histology was intraductal papillary mucinous adenoma of the pancreas. Discussion It has been reported that the presence of mural nodules and dilatation of MPD are significantly higher in malignant IPMNs. The presented case had protruding lesions in the dilated main pancreatic duct on endoscopic ultrasonography, but the histology was adenoma. Conclusion Preoperative distinction between benign and malignant IPMNs is difficult.

  15. Iwo Jima: The Unnecessary Battle (United States)


    Fred, Samurai ! (New York: Nelson Doubleday Inc. 1957). Schmidt, Harry Schmidt, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps, IWO JIMA, Commanding...191-202. 21 Alexander 14. 22 Alexander 14. 23 Saburo Sakai, Martin Caidan, and Fred Saito, Samurai ! (New York: Nelson Doubleday Inc. 1957), 276

  16. CTE Funding: An Uphill Battle (United States)

    Baxter, Jamie


    For the last decade, career and technical education (CTE) funding has seen some ups, but mostly downs. While it received a modest increase in 2002, that increase was swept away in 2008 due to across-the-board cuts. It was difficult for CTE to receive another increase in the early 2000s because every year the Bush Administration proposed to either…

  17. Palm Beach and Naval Battle

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laursen, Lea Louise Holst


    in a fringe area of Denmark with a declining population. Further, in the 1990s, the city of Frederikshavn went through rough times with the closing down of big industries and a following high rate of unemployment in the blue collar workforce. This focus on events and experiences shall be seen as a way out...... of this crisis - finding alternatives to a formerly great production and maritime industry. The city's key word is experience economy, and the many events and experiences are seen as a way of positioning the city on the map of Denmark - standing out from the crowd. The question is now whether it is succeeding...

  18. The Battle of the Narrative (United States)


    Gibraltar in 1993. 80The King of Hedjaz and Arab Independence, (London: Hayman, Christy and Lilly , 1917), 12. 33 Only nine months earlier on March 19...Conflict after the Cold War: Arguments on Causes of War and Peace . Columbia University: Longman, 2002. Bucktin, Chris. “Hello to All That.” In...Hedjaz and Arab Independence. London: Hayman, Christy and Lilly , 1917. 55 Kingdon, John W. Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies. Boston

  19. Measles control: a global battle. (United States)


    Measles kills about 1.4 million children each year. To bring about reductions in measles cases and deaths, WHO has made some recommendations. Public health officials at the community, district, and national levels need to achieve at least 90% measles vaccine coverage. This coverage level reduces cases and deaths, but may not stop transmission. The primary goal should be that health workers deliver at least 1 dose of measles vaccine to all children at the scheduled age. Several complementary strategies are needed within each country to achieve this high coverage. In situations where there is a high incidence of measles in a defined subgroup of older children, older children should receive extra doses of vaccine when they enter school. In-service training of hospital and clinic staff should reduce the number of missed opportunities (i.e., children who visit health facilities but who are not screened and administered needed immunizations). Public health workers need to identify reasons for high drop-out rates and take corrective action. Limited resources should be directed to high risk areas: areas with high population density, low measles immunization coverage, known vitamin A deficiency, or high reported measles incidence or death rate. Unimmunized urban poor children, underserved ethnic minorities, refugees, people in underserved border areas, children admitted to the hospital, and infants of HIV positive mothers comprise high risk groups. Measles outbreaks occur even in areas where measles immunization coverage is high. Control measures are not always effective, especially if taken late in an epidemic. At the very least, health officials should gather data on cases and death (e.g., date of onset and immunization status). They should determine why the outbreak took place. If possible, they should conduct a vaccine efficacy study. To reduce deaths from measles by 95%, immunization, treatment of measles and its complications at an early stage, and vitamin A supplementation are needed.

  20. The battle against female circumcision. (United States)


    Most of Nigeria's estimated 50 million females have suffered female genital mutilation (FGM). Those who have escaped FGM either belong to nonmutilating tribes, are members of enlightened families, or have been overlooked for some reason. Nigerian girls who undergo FGM are told that the pain the suffer will be eased when they marry, but they are not told that this will likely occur because sexual intercourse will widen their vaginal opening or else it will be surgically widened. Many who submit their children to this mutilation have no clear idea about why it is called for except to claim that it protects a family's honor by proving virginity. A Yoruba scholar claims that FGM is used in that tribe to reduce a woman's sexual desires so that she will not engage in intercourse during the 18 months she breast feeds her baby (it is believed that sperm migrates to the mother's milk and can make the baby ill). Yoruba husbands have no curb on their sexual pleasure and may marry as many wives as they can afford. Yorubas mutilate girls when they are 2-8 years old. Ibos, on the other hand, mutilate young women when they are preparing for marriage as part of an initiation ceremony. Abohs mutilate women during their first pregnancy in the belief that this aids the safe delivery of the child by protecting it from contact with the "lethal" clitoris during delivery. While some argue for maintaining FGM because it is an African tradition, other harmful customs, such as facial scarification, have been eliminated.

  1. The Final Battle Against Poverty

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



  2. Battling Truancy for School Safety (United States)

    Fiel, Patrick, Sr.


    Since the first schoolhouse was built and students came through the doors, educators have had to figure out ways to get them there on time and keep them coming back. Truancy and its sibling, tardiness, have many detrimental campus impacts that tax classroom planning and school budgets. Education is compulsory for all children in the United States.…

  3. Military Review: Airland Battle Future (United States)


    will entail taking same. In the final analysis , success will depend more risks as large areas are left uncovered. At on the ability of combined arms...the form of its FOFA (follow-on forces attack) recently by the chief of staff, doctrine is "the ba- concept. This success is a direct credit to the...will the all-source analysis system at division.eapon, UThe Army has used foreign comparative test- capabilities wit its small turbine engine. ing to

  4. The Battle for Khe Sanh (United States)


    1Apr68) Capt Henry J. M. Radcliffe (Uan68-31Mar68) Capt Henry D. Banks (lApr68) Capt Robert T. Bruner (Uan68-26Jan68) IstLt Arthur N. Mangham, Jr...15Mar68) Capt Jerome P. Rogers (16Mar68-2lMar68) IstLt Jacob W. Hughes, Jr (22Mar68-lApr68) Capt Dennis L. Pardee (Aug67-29Feb68) Capt Victor B

  5. Space and the Airland Battle (United States)


    precipitating electron spectrometer to gather solar flare effects data, and a microwave imager. Future upgrades of the DMSP satellites, known as the Block 6... Energia . It is capable of placing a 16 ton payload into LEO. This is the booster which the Australians hope to launch at Cape York; 2 12 that effort will

  6. Balkan Savaşlarının 100. Yılında Bolayır Muharebesi Ve Şarköy Çıkarması Yenilgisi ve Yapılan Tartışmalar Bolayir Battle And Şarköy Landing Defeats In The Centenary Of Balkan Wars And Debates Taken Place On Them

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ihsan Sabri BALKAYA


    Full Text Available One of the most important series of wars which accelerated thecollapse of the Ottoman Empire is the Balkan Wars after which Balkanlands were lost. The Ottoman Empire was forced to fight first timeagainst four state was born from within their own. The developmentfavor of these states the war that Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia andMontenegro were initiated in order to expand the boundaries confusedall states. The main reason for this confusion come out even Istanbul'smay be occupied. In almost every field of this war, the Ottoman Empirewas defeated and the Ottoman army was trapped to the narrow strait ofGallipoli peninsula of the Dardanelles.Of Ali Fethi and Mustafa Kemal who were charged in Bolayırregion, one of the most strategic gates of the Dardanelles opening to theSea of Marmara, Ali Fethi served as the operation chief of staff andMustafa Kemal as the operation section chief of staff of Bolayır Battlewhich was a really important battle took place in the second half of thewar.This operation recorded in the history of Balkan Wars as BolayırBattle and Şarköy Landing resulted in defeat. However, serious debateson the defeat took place and even, two works, one by Ali Fethi, werewritten about it. In fact, defeats on all fronts have a special importancethat to put forward the reasons discussed and studied since then.However, the Battle of Bolayır makes it different is that they took part inthe front and subtraction as commanders Enver Pasha, Mustafa Kemaland Ali Fethi that they are leading influential personalities of Union andProgress.The debates on the reasons of the defeats and on who wereresponsible for them, caused the commanders almost to resign theirpositions and even military occupations. Even today, newinterpretations and debates about these commanders are taking place. Osmanlı Devleti’nin çöküşünü hızlandıran savaşlar silsilesinin en önemlilerinden birisi de Rumeli topraklarının kaybedildiği Balkan Savaşlarıdır. Osmanl


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Raluca CRISTIAN


    Full Text Available The main worldwide determinants influencing in time the migration phenomenon are: external environment (international political situation, economy, population growth in the migrant’s country, armed conflicts, religious persecution and xenophobic attacks. The migration of manpower from Romania is based on a number of psychological, social, financial reasons of migrants to increase their income and improve their living conditions in another country. The main cause of migration in developed countries is the migration flows originating mainly from poor or very poor countries considered disadvantaged.

  8. Heat Transfer in the LHC Main Superconducting Bus Bars

    CERN Document Server

    Granieri, P P; Richter, D


    CERN is performing a systematic analysis of the interconnecting bus bars of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) main magnets. Their thermal, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic performances are addressed. In the frame of these studies, the heat transfer between the main superconducting (SC) bus bars and the surrounding He bath is investigated. It represents a key parameter in the comprehension of the bus bars stability and quench propagation mechanisms, thus crucial for the analysis of the 2008 incident which was triggered by a defective bus bars joint. This paper reports on the experimental tests and relative analysis aiming at describing the thermal behavior of the LHC main bus bars.

  9. Contaminant assessment of common terns in the Gulf of Maine (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — In 2001, developmental abnormalities and low productivity were reported in common tern (Sterna hirundo) chicks from three islands on the Maine coast - Stratton...

  10. Mercury assessment of Brandy Pond T39 MD, Maine (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Brandy Pond is a remote, shallow, pond in east‐central Maine. A bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nest territory has existed on the pond since the mid-1960s....

  11. Annual Narrative Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex 1994 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1994 calendar year. The report begins with...

  12. Coastal Maine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Data 1993-1997 Geodatabase (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Maine's eelgrass (SAV) meadows form an important aquatic habitat for the state. These meadows provide shelter for juvenile fish, and invertebrates. In certain...

  13. Coastal Maine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Data 1993-1997 Biotic (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Maine's eelgrass (SAV) meadows form an important aquatic habitat for the state. These meadows provide shelter for juvenile fish, and invertebrates. In certain...

  14. Assistant pullback technique for main span closure of Sutong Bridge

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chen Ming; Luo Chengbin; Wu Qihe; Zhang Yongtao; You Xinpeng


    Sutong Bridge is a cable-stayed steel box girder bridge with a main span of 1 088 m. The erection of upper structure adopts geometry control method and requires no change to the unit's size and the structure's none-stress geometry. Before main span closure, the cantilever of girder reaches 540.8 m, the structure state is noticeably influenced by external circumstances, the main span closure face great difficulty. By abstracting the advantage of the pullback method abroad and the domestic temperature-cutting method, a new assistant pullback method have put forward and bring into practice actually. In this paper, the analysis key point of practice conditions, key parameter of practice, main measures of the method and the performance is introduced.

  15. Gulf of Maine Cooperative Bottom Longline Survey Database (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This database is for a bottom longline (fixed gear) survey executed in the western and central Gulf of Maine targeting complex rocky habitats. The survey is operated...

  16. Coastal Maine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Data 1993-1997 Substrate (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Maine's eelgrass (SAV) meadows form an important aquatic habitat for the state. These meadows provide shelter for juvenile fish, and invertebrates. In certain...

  17. Analysis of Carol's Paradoxical Characters in Main Street

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵红璐; 高冰


    @@ 1. Introduction to Sinclair Lewis and Main Street Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) is regarded as one of the foremost American satirists in the early twentieth century. He cared for books more than sports and felt limited by his rural hometown. In 1925, he rejected the Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith because he felt that he deserved the prize for Main Street. In 1930, he became the first American who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Lewis was a novelist who was interested in many different aspects of American society, from business and medicine to small town life. His works were famous for insightful and critical views of the society and capitalist values. Lewis' s Main Street is considered to be his first success and his favorite work which is written in a dark tone. Main Street was published in 1920, which became a runaway bestseller.

  18. Social Justice as the Main Task of a State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Slatenkova Mariia O.


    Full Text Available Social justice always was and will be as the most significant indicator of efficiency of social development of the society being one of the fundamental grounds of the civilisation and progress. The goal of the article is justification of a necessity of application of the principle of social justice in practice of the state regulation for creation of favourable conditions of development of the society. The article considers one of the main functions of a state – social, directed at the socio-political harmonisation of social relations; justifies objective necessity of interference of the state with the problem of restoration of justice in the society. The main instrument of this interference is active social policy of the state oriented at problems of the whole population. Main instruments that regulate social relations are main spheres of the society, such as political, economic and social. Finding a balance among these social spheres would facilitate the nation’s well-being.

  19. Beam dynamics at the main LEBT of RAON accelerator

    CERN Document Server

    Jin, Hyunchang


    The high-intensity rare-isotope accelerator (RAON) of the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) in Daejeon, Korea, has been designed to accelerate multiple-charge-state beams. The ion beams, which are generated by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECR-IS), will be transported through the main Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) system to the Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ). While passing the beams through LEBT, we should keep the transverse beam size and longitudinal emittance small. Furthermore, the matching of required twiss parameter at the RFQ entrance will be performed by using electro-static quadrupoles at the main LEBT matching section which is from the multi-harmonic buncher (MHB) to the entrance of RFQ. We will briefly review the new aspects of main LEBT lattice and the beam matching at the main LEBT matching section will be presented. In addition, the effects of various errors on the beam orbit and the correction of distorted orbit will be discussed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhailushkin P. V.


    Full Text Available The article considers the main components, factors and criteria of ensuring food security of the modern state. Need of state regulation of economy as a whole and its food subcomplex in particular has been designated

  1. Maine & the Maritimes: Waterfowl breeding population survey: 2000 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey for Maine and the Maritimes during 2000. The primary purpose of the survey is to provide...

  2. The advanced main control console for next japanese PWR plants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tsuchiya, A. [Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., Sapporo (Japan); Ito, K. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Nuclear Energy Systems Engineering Center, Yokohama (Japan); Yokoyama, M. [Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Energy and Industrial Systems Center, Kobe (Japan)


    The purpose of the improvement of main control room designing in a nuclear power plant is to reduce operators' workload and potential human errors by offering a better working environment where operators can maximize their abilities. In order to satisfy such requirements, the design of main control board applied to Japanese Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) type nuclear power plant has been continuously modified and improved. the Japanese Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Utilities (Electric Power Companies) and Mitsubishi Group have developed an advanced main control board (console) reflecting on the study of human factors, as well as using a state of the art electronics technology. In this report, we would like to introduce the configuration and features of the Advanced Main Control Console for the practical application to the next generation PWR type nuclear power plants including TOMARI No.3 Unit of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. (author)

  3. Gridded bathymetry of Kohala, Hawaii, Main Hawaiian Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — 5-m grid of bathymetric data of Kohala coast of Hawaii, Main Hawaiian Islands, USA. The ASCII grids include multibeam bathymetry from the Reson 8101 multibeam sonar...

  4. Main Detector of Cosmic Rays at Yangbajing Fully Operational

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The construction of the main detector of the Astroparticle-physics Research at Ground-based Observatory Yangbajing (Yangbajain) Experiment (dubbed the YBJ-ARGO Experiment) has been completed and put into full operation recently.

  5. Water Stratification Raster Images for the Gulf of Maine (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This geodatabase contains seasonal water stratification raster images for the Gulf of Maine. They were created by interpolating water density (sigma t) values at 0...

  6. Coastal Maine National Wildlife Refuge Narrative report : Jan. - Dec. 1966 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Coastal Maine National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1966 calendar year. The report begins by...

  7. Liver Contaminants in Bald eagles Carcasses from Maine (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Fifty-one livers were extracted from bald eagle carcasses recovered in Maine between 2001 and 2007. Approximately 50% of the birds were collected during the spring...

  8. Gulf of Maine Contaminated Sediments Database (GOMCSDB shapefile) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Contaminated Sediments Database for the Gulf of Maine provides a compilation and synthesis of existing data to help establish the environmental status of our...

  9. Cassini Main Engine Assembly Cover Flight Management and Performance (United States)

    Somawardhana, Ruwan P.; Millard, Jerry M.


    The Cassini spacecraft has performed its four year Prime Mission at Saturn and is currently in orbit at Saturn performing a two year extended mission. 12Its main engine nozzles are susceptible to impact damage from micrometeoroids and on-orbit dust. The spacecraft has an articulating device known as the Main Engine Assembly (MEA) cover which can close and shield the main engines from these threats. The cover opens to allow for main engine burns that are necessary to maintain the trajectory. Periodically updated analyses of potential on-orbit dust hazard threats have resulted in the need to continue to use the MEA cover beyond its intended use and beyond its design life. This paper provides a detailed Systems-level overview of the flight management of the MEA cover device and its flight performance to date.

  10. Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS): Main Hawaiian Islands (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) 7-day, 3-hourly forecast for the region surrounding the main Hawaiian islands at approximately 4-km resolution. While...

  11. Main - AT Atlas | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available switchLanguage; BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Data List Contact us AT Atlas... Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main - AT Atlas | LSDB Archive ...

  12. Main - TP Atlas | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available switchLanguage; BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Data List Contact us TP Atlas...d License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main - TP Atlas | LSDB Archive ...

  13. Where is the main source of Jupiter family comets situated?

    CERN Document Server

    Kazantsev, A M


    An attempt to determine spatial location of the main source of short-period comet nuclei was made. There were carried out numerical calculations for orbit evolution of Jupiter family comets, comets with middle-period orbits and bodies of Centaur group. On the basis of the calculations it was shown, that orbital evolution of the solar system small bodies is mainly going in the direction of the semi-major axes increase. It belongs to the bodies which can undergo approaches the planets, and orbital evolution of which is mainly going due to the gravitational forces. Such result is confirmed by qualitative analysis of changes of small body semi-major axes under approaches the planets. The conclusion was drawn that the main source of nuclei of Jupiter family comets is apparently situated at distances from the Sun not more than 6 AU.

  14. Main - RPSD | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available switchLanguage; BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Data List Contact us RPSD...nse Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Main - RPSD | LSDB Archive ...

  15. Water Density Raster Images for the Gulf of Maine (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This geodatabase contains water density raster images for the Gulf of Maine that were interpolated from water density (sigma t or kilograms/ meters cubed) point data...

  16. Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge: Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years. This plan...

  17. Portland, Maine Tsunami Forecast Grids for MOST Model (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Portland, Maine Forecast Model Grids provides bathymetric data strictly for tsunami inundation modeling with the Method of Splitting Tsunami (MOST) model. MOST...

  18. Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS): Main Hawaiian Islands: Data Assimilating (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) 3-day, 3-hourly data assimilating hindcast for the region surrounding the main Hawaiian islands at approximately 4-km...

  19. 5m Main Belt Asteroid Population Estimation Using Vesta Imagery (United States)

    Rynders, Michael; Trilling, David E.


    The Main Belt is the largest source of Near-Earth asteroids, but objects 2 pixels in diameter that were counted in a 33km 2 region to give a crater density. By knowing the crater density and making some reasonable assumptions about the orbital distribution of asteroids and the age of Vesta's surface, an estimate of the population of small asteroids in the inner main belt was made. It was found that the inner region of the main asteroid belt contains approximately 20 billion asteroids larger than 5 m. These results agree well with the measured inner Main Belt Size distribution derived by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, WISE (Masiero et al. 2011).

  20. Post-Main Sequence Evolution of Debris Discs

    CERN Document Server

    Bonsor, Amy


    The population of debris discs on the main sequence is well constrained, however very little is known about debris discs around evolved stars. In this work we provide a theoretical framework that considers the effects of stellar evolution on debris discs; firstly considering the evolution of an individual disc from the main sequence through to the white dwarf phase, then extending this to the known population of debris discs around main sequence A stars. It is found that discs around evolved stars are harder to detect than on the main sequence. In the context of our models discs should be detectable with Herschel or Alma on the giant branch, subject to the uncertain effect of sublimation on the discs. The best chances are for hot young white dwarfs, fitting nicely with the observations e.g the helix nebula (Su et al. 2007) and 9 systems presented by Chu & Bilikova.