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  1. Occupational Safety and Health Professionals' Training in Italy: Qualitative Evaluation Using T-LAB (United States)

    Papaleo, Bruno; Cangiano, Giovanna; Calicchia, Sara


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the evaluation of a training course on chemicals for occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals. The study aims were to assess the effectiveness of the course; to find out what type of training met these workers' needs best, as their role is vital in the management of safety at work; and to…

  2. MA TLAB/VC++ Co-programming and Its Application%MATLAB/VC++组合编程方法及其应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  3. Signal processing of image noise filtering algorithm based on MA TLAB%基于MATLAB滤波算法对图像噪声信号处理的实现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    结合中值滤波和均值滤波算法,通过MATLAB语言设计程序,对嵌入了椒盐和高斯噪声的图像进行滤波处理。结果表明,中值滤波方法适于去除椒盐噪声,同时能较好保护图像边界,均值滤波适合于去除高斯噪声。%Combination of median filter and mean filter algorithm, embedded in the image of the Salt & Pepper and Gaussian noise filtered by the MATEAB language program. The results show that Median filtering method is suitable to remove the salt and pepper noise, and better protect the image boundary, the mean filter for removal of Gaussian noise.

  4. Structural Time Domain Identification Toolbox User's Guide

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, P.; Kirkegaard, Poul Henning; Brincker, Rune

    This manual describes the Structural Time Domain Identification toolbox for use with MA TLAB. This version of the tool box has been developed using the PC-based MA TLAB version 4.2c, but is compatible with prior versions of MATLAB and UNIX-based versions. The routines of the toolbox are the so-ca......-called m-files that can be executed from the MA TLAB command line prompt or built into other m-files....


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    In rats, the glycoprotein Thy-1 is expressed on recently bone marrow (BM)-generated B cells but not on mature recirculating follicular (RF) B cells. Here we demonstrate that Thy-1(+) B cells consist of two phenotypically distinct, but developmentally related, populations: a population of newly forme


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    A small proportion of the sIg+ B lymphocytes in peripheral lymphoid organs [22% in spleen and 6% in lymph node (LN)] in rat carries the Thy-1 antigen. These Thy-1 + B cells represent newly formed bone marrow (BM) derived (or immature) B cells. In this study we investigated the kinetic behavior of Th


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    In rats, the glycoprotein Thy-1 is expressed on recently bone marrow (BM)-generated B cells but not on mature recirculating follicular (RF) B cells. Here we demonstrate that Thy-1(+) B cells consist of two phenotypically distinct, but developmentally related, populations: a population of newly forme

  8. Thymus-leukemia (TL) antigens of the mouse. Analysis of TL mRNA and TL cDNA TL+ and TL- strains



    A thymus-leukemia (TL)-specific probe, pTL1, has been generated from a TL-coding gene of BALB/c mice. Multiple species of TL mRNA were detected in TL+ cells by Northern blot analysis with pTL1, and different Tla haplotypes could be distinguished on the basis of characteristic patterns of TL mRNA. No TL-related message was found in normal or leukemic TL- cells, including thymocytes from Tlab mice. However, TL mRNA could be detected in TL+ leukemias occurring in Tlab mice. A cDNA library has be...

  9. A Study of Synchronous Machine Model Implementations in Matlab/Simulink Simulations for New and Renewable Energy Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chen, Zhe; Blaabjerg, Frede; Iov, Florin


    A direct phase model of synchronous machines implemented in MA TLAB/SIMULINK is presented. The effects of the machine saturation have been included. Simulation studies are performed under various conditions. It has been demonstrated that the MATLAB/SIMULINK is an effective tool to study the complex...

  10. A Study of Synchronous Machine Model Implementations in Matlab/Simulink Simulations for New and Renewable Energy Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chen, Zhe; Blaabjerg, Frede; Iov, Florin


    A direct phase model of synchronous machines implemented in MA TLAB/SIMULINK is presented. The effects of the machine saturation have been included. Simulation studies are performed under various conditions. It has been demonstrated that the MATLAB/SIMULINK is an effective tool to study the complex...

  11. Analysis of operation-related complications of totally laparoscopic aortoiliac surgery

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Qi Lixing; Gu Yongquan; Guo Lianrui; Li Xuefeng; Wu Yingfeng; Cui Shijun; Tong Zhu


    Background Totally laparoscopic aortoiliac surgery has been newly developed in China.It is known as the most complex laparoscopic technique to learn because of its high-risk procedures.Analysis of the operation-related complications of this surgery is supposed to be helpful for the early success of this technique.Methods Twelve male patients (56-70 years old) with aortoiliac occlusive disease underwent totally laparoscopic aortoiliac bypass surgery (TLABS) in our institute.Clinical data and operation-related complications were retrospectively analyzed.Results Of the 12 patients,TLABS succeeded in nine and conversion to open surgery occurred in three.One of the converted patients finally died of pulmonary infection.Operation-related complications included bleeding from arterial injury,perforation from colonic injury,graft embolism,residual aortic stenosis,and hydronephrosis.Bleeding in two patients and colonic perforation in one patient resulted in three conversions to open surgery.Intraoperative graft embolectomy and postoperative aortic stenting were performed to resolve the thrombus/embolus-referring complications.Left hydronephrosis,which was thought to result from intraoperative injury and treated with ureteric intubation drainage,recovered 6 months after TLABS.Conclusions Good understanding and avoidance of operation-related complications are important to guarantee the technical success of TLABS.Immediate conversion to open surgery is necessary for saving the patient's life in case of lifethreatening complications.

  12. Dispersion relations in application to chiral two-nucleon dynamics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gasparyan A.M.


    Full Text Available A novel scheme based on the chiral Lagrangian is applied to the nucleon-nucleon interaction close to threshold. Subthreshold partial-wave amplitudes are calculated in chiral perturbation theory and analytically extrapolated above threshold. The constraints imposed by analyticity and unitarity are used to stabilize the extrapolation. A reasonable description of the empirical phase shifts up to laboratory energies Tlab ≃ 300 MeV is obtained in terms of the parameters relevant at next-to-next-to-next-to-leading order. The convergence properties of the method and the comparison with the conventional potential approach are discussed.

  13. Strangelet Search in Pb-Pb Interactions at 158 GeV /c per Nucleon (United States)

    Appelquist, G.; Baglin, C.; Beringer, J.; Bohm, C.; Borer, K.; Bussière, A.; Dittus, F.; Elsener, K.; Frei, D.; Gorodetzky, Ph.; Guillaud, J. P.; Hugentobler, E.; Klingenberg, R.; Lindén, T.; Lohmann, K. D.; Moser, U.; Pal, T.; Pretzl, K.; Schacher, J.; Selldén, B.; Stoffel, F.; Tuominiemi, J.; Zhang, Q. P.


    The NA52 experiment searches for long-lived massive strange quark matter particles, so-called strangelets, produced in Pb-Pb collisions at a beam momentum of plab = 158 A GeV/c. Upper limits for the production of strangelets at zero degree production angle covering a mass to charge ratio up to 120 GeV/c2 and lifetimes tlab>~1.2 μs are given. The data presented here were taken during the 1994 lead beam running period at CERN.

  14. Strangelet search and antinuclei production studies in Pb + Pb collisions (United States)

    Ambrosini, G.; Appelquist, G.; Arsenescu, R.; Baglin, C.; Beringer, J.; Bohm, C.; Borer, K.; Bussière, A.; Dittus, F.; Elsener, K.; Frei, D.; Gorodetzky, Ph.; Guillaud, J. P.; Hess, P.; Hugentobler, E.; Kabana, S.; Klingenberg, R.; Lindén, T.; Lohmann, K. D.; Mommsen, R.; Moser, U.; Pal, T.; Pretzl, K.; Schacher, J.; Selldén, B.; Stoffel, F.; Tuominiemi, J.; Weber, M.; Zhang, Q. P.


    We searched for long-lived strange quark matter particles, so-called strangelets, and studied particle and antiparticle production in Pb + Pb collisions at 158 GeV/ c per nucleon at zero degree production angle. We give upper limits for the production of strangelets covering a mass to charge ratio up to 120 GeV/ c 2 and lifetimes tlab > 1.2 μs and plot invariant differential production cross sections as a function of rapidity for a variety of particles.

  15. Chiral potential renormalized in harmonic-oscillator space

    CERN Document Server

    Yang, C -J


    We renormalize the chiral effective field theory (EFT) potential in harmonic-oscillator (HO) model space. The low energy constants (LECs) are utilized to absorb not just the ultra-violet part of the physics due to the cutoff, but also the infrared part due to the truncation of model space. We use the inverse J-matrix method to reproduce the nucleon-nucleon (NN) scattering phase shifts in the given model space. We demonstrate that by including the NLO correction, the nucleon-nucleon scattering in the continuum could be well reproduced in the truncated HO trap space up to laboratory energy $T_{lab}=100$ MeV with number of HO basis $n_{max}$ as small as 10. A perturbative power counting starts at subleading order is adopted in this work, and how to extract the perturbative contribution is demonstrated. Our work serves as the input to perform ab-initio calculations.

  16. Pion-nucleon scattering in the P11 channel (United States)

    Morioka, S.; Afnan, I. R.


    We present a parametrization of the π-N interaction in the P11 channel in which the amplitude is the sum of a pole part and a non-pole part (t=tpole+tnp) and satisfies two-body unitarity. Here tpole has both the nucleon propagator and the πNN vertex dressed. The final amplitude fits the scattering length and low energy π-N phase shifts (Tlabπ<300 MeV). We study the effect of a resonance in tnp on the phase shifts, πNN coupling constant, and the off-shell behavior of the amplitude. NUCLEAR REACTIONS πN scattering in P11 channel, renormalization, resonance effect.

  17. 带返程的农村连锁超市物流配送优化模型研究%Study on Optimized Logistics and Distribution Model for Rural Chain Supermarket with Backhaul Considered

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周涛; 徐建国; 牛晨; 王朝立


    In this paper,considering the duo-way circulating characteristics of the logistics and distribution operations of rural chain supermarkets and on the basis of an analysis of transportation cost,time cost and backhaul cost,we set the relevant parameters,established the optimized distribution model that considered backhaul for single distribution centers with single vehicle,and used MArTLAB to apply the model to a numerical analysis.%考虑到农村连锁超市物流配送具有的正向配送货物、反向收集农副产品的双向流通特点,在分析运输成本、时间成本和返程成本的基础上,设定相关参数,构建了考虑返程的单配送中心单车配送优化模型,并运用MATLAB进行了算例分析.

  18. A Realistic Description of Nucleon-Nucleon and Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions in the SU_6 Quark Model

    CERN Document Server

    Fujiwara, Y; Kohno, M; Nakamoto, C; Suzuki, Y


    We upgrade a SU_6 quark-model description for the nucleon-nucleon and hyperon-nucleon interactions by improving the effective meson-exchange potentials acting between quarks. For the scalar- and vector-meson exchanges, the momentum-dependent higher-order term is incorporated to reduce the attractive effect of the central interaction at higher energies. The single-particle potentials of the nucleon and Lambda, predicted by the G-matrix calculation, now have proper repulsive behavior in the momentum region q_1=5 - 20 fm^-1. A moderate contribution of the spin-orbit interaction from the scalar-meson exchange is also included. As to the vector mesons, a dominant contribution is the quadratic spin-orbit force generated from the rho-meson exchange. The nucleon-nucleon phase shifts at the non-relativistic energies up to T_lab=350 MeV are greatly improved especially for the 3E states. The low-energy observables of the nucleon-nucleon and the hyperon-nucleon interactions are also reexamined. The isospin symmetry break...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Estrella Gualda


    Full Text Available In the last decade, the European Union has approved and launched measures to promote Intercultural Cities, Diversity Management and the Integration of Immigrants in Europe. Despite this European framework, we are now at a crossroads between solidarity and humanity and an important restriction of refugees’ human rights across Europe. In this paper, we try to compare the international approaches to the refugee crisis in different countries in Europe. Data were extracted from Twitter. We obtained thousands of tweets about “refugees”, using this word in six different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish from end November 2015 to 27 February 2016 as search strings. We performed a discourse analysis, focusing on the comparison between countries. A qualitative analysis with the help of both Atlas ti and T-Lab software was performed. The results showed a diversity of current discourses in Europe about refugees and the refugee crisis (from solidary to xenophobic ones, some of them very characteristic of particular countries or of local events experienced in these countries. These results allow us to reinforce the idea that we are at a key moment for the future development of Europe, especially regarding aspects concerning living together in cities and villages.

  20. HLA class I homologous transcripts in the human embryonal carcinoma cell line Tera-2. (United States)

    Rinke de Wit, T F; Struyk, L; Vloemans, S; Glazebrook, J; Boyle, J M; Stern, P L; van den Elsen, P J


    We have used the human teratocarcinoma-derived embryonal carcinoma cell line Tera-2 cl. 13 to explore the putative expression of novel HLA class I(-like) genes. Serological analyses revealed that Tera-2 cells do not express polymorphic HLA class I (-A, -B, -C) specificities, but do express HLA class I-like antigens. These phenotypic properties parallel those of certain mouse embryonal carcinoma cells. To study the expression of HLA class I(-like) genes in the Tera-2 cells two different approaches were used. Screening of a Tera-2 cDNA library with a full-length HLA class I cDNA probe under conditions that would allow for the identification of relatively distinct HLA class I-like sequences yielded 27 positive clones, all of which were of the regular HLA-A, -B, -C type. Reverse northern hybridizations of the restriction enzyme-digested Tlab region comprising cosmids with Tera-2 cDNA as the probe resulted in the identification of several putative human genes whose equivalents map within the mouse Tla region. However, none of these genes appeared to be structurally related to HLA class I. A putative H3.3 histone gene was identified in the proximal Tla region of the C57BL/10 mouse. It is concluded that no structural homologues of mouse Qa/Tla genes are expressed in the human developmental cell line Tera-2.

  1. 三电平PWM整流器控制研究%Research on the Control Strategy of Three-level PWM Rectifier

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘毅; 谭国俊; 洪书娟; 徐世周


    针对高压、大功率三电平PWM整流器进行了分析研究.提出一种优化三电平SVPWM算法,建立了三电平整流器的高频数学模型,采用虚拟磁链定向的定频直接功率控制,实现了整流器高动态性能控制.基于Matlab/Simulink搭建了仿真模型,并采用DSP2812进行了三电平整流器样机控制实验,仿真与实验结果验证了所述控制策略的正确性及有效性.%Based on the high voltage and high power considerations, the three-level PWM rectifier is analyzed. An optimized space vector pulse width modulation(SVPWM) algorithm of a three-level rectifier is proposed,and the highfrequency mathematical model is constructed. Based on the virtual flux orientation, fixed -frequency direct power control using space vector modulation (SVM-DPC) is proposed to achieve high dynamic performance control.The simulation model is built to study the strategy .The control strategy is verified correctly and validly via simulation and experimental results of prototype based upon DSP2812.

  2. Lyman- photodissociation of CH3CFCl2 (HCFC-141b): Quantum yield and translational energy of hydrogen atoms

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Almuth Laeuter; Hans-Robert Volpp; Jai P Mittal; Rajesh K Vatsa


    The collision-free, room temperature gas-phase photodissociation dynamics of CH3CFCl2 (HCFC-141b) was studied using Lyman- laser radiation (121.6 nm) by the laser photolysis/laserinduced fluorescence `pump/probe’ technique. Lyman- radiation was used both to photodissociate the parent molecule and to detect the nascent H atom products via (22P → 12S) laser-induced fluorescence. Absolute H atom quantum yield, H = (0.39 ± 0.09) was determined by calibration method in which CH4 photolysis at 121.6 nm was used as a reference source of well-defined H atom concentrations. The line shapes of the measured H atom Doppler profiles indicate a Gaussian velocity distribution suggesting the presence of indirect H atom formation pathways in the Lyman- photodissociation of CH3CFCl2. The average kinetic energy of H atoms calculated from Doppler profiles was found to be T(lab) = (50 ± 3) kJ/mol. The nearly statistical translational energy together with the observed Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity distribution indicates that for CH3CFCl2 the H atom forming dissociation process comes closer to the statistical limit.

  3. Dyadic Coping in Couple Therapy Process: An Exploratory Study. (United States)

    Margola, Davide; Donato, Silvia; Accordini, Monica; Emery, Robert E; Snyder, Douglas K


    This study aimed at moving beyond previous research on couple therapy efficacy by examining moment-by-moment proximal couple and therapist interactions as well as final treatment outcomes and their reciprocal association. Seven hundred four episodes of dyadic coping within 56 early therapy sessions, taken from 28 married couples in treatment, were intensively analyzed and processed using a mixed-methods software (T-LAB). Results showed that negative dyadic coping was self-perpetuating, and therapists tended to passively observe the negative couple interaction; on the contrary, positive dyadic coping appeared to require a therapist's intervention to be maintained, and successful interventions mainly included information gathering as well as interpreting. Couples who dropped out of treatment were not actively engaged from the outset of therapy, and they used more negative dyadic coping, whereas couples who successfully completed treatment showed more positive dyadic coping very early in therapy. Results highlight the role of therapist action and control as critical to establishing rapport and credibility in couple therapy and suggest that dyadic coping patterns early in therapy may contribute to variable treatment response. © 2017 Family Process Institute.

  4. “Does Community Make Any Sense?” A Semantic Analysis of the Term “Community” Among Albanian Immigrants and Italian Majority Residents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terri Mannarini


    Full Text Available Bridging Community Psychology and the Theory of Social Representations, the study was aimed at exploring how the concept of community and sense of belonging to various communities vary across diverse ethno-cultural groups (namely, immigrant and native-born groups and how the meanings and the experience of community affect or are affected by the relationships that each group establishes with the other group. Participants were 30 native-born Italians and 30 immigrants from Albania living in an area located in the south-east of Italy. They participated in an open-ended semi-structured interview, which was analysed using T-Lab software. Results indicated that the concept of community and sense of belonging to multiple communities do vary across diverse ethno-cultural groups and that each group is cross-cut by multiple axes of differentiation, one of which is linked to the experience of inter-cultural relations. Furthermore, the findings indicated that the functions served by the diverse communities affect the representations shared by the distinct sub-groups and that the simultaneous orientation of individuals toward multiple communities stimulate the development of a compound and even conflicting sense of attachment towards them. Implications for acculturation processes are discussed.

  5. Excitation functions of spin correlation parameters A_{NN}, A_{SS}, and A_{SL} in elastic pp scattering between 0.45 and 2.5 GeV

    CERN Document Server

    Bauer, F


    Excitation functions of the spin correlation coefficients A_{NN}(p_{lab},theta_{c.m.}), A_{SS}(p_{lab},theta_{c.m.}), and A_{SL}(p_{lab},theta_{c.m.}) have been measured with the polarized proton beam of the Cooler Synchrotron COSY and an internal polarized atomic beam target. Data were taken continuously during the acceleration for proton momenta p_{lab} ranging from 1000 to 3300 MeV/c (kinetic energies T_{lab} 450 - 2500 MeV) as well as for discrete momenta of 1430 MeV/c and above 2000 MeV/c covering angles theta_{c.m.} between 30 deg and 90 deg. The data are of high internal consistency. Whereas A_{SL}(p_{lab,}theta_{c.m.}) is small and without structures in the whole range, A_{NN} and even more A_{SS} show a pronounced energy dependence. The angular distributions for A_{SS} are at variance with predictions of existing phase shift analyses at energies beyond 800 MeV. The impact of our results on phase shift solutions is discussed. The direct reconstruction of the scattering amplitudes from all available pp...

  6. Consumption in Action. Mapping consumerism in international academic literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chiara Pattaro


    Full Text Available The consumer-citizen and more generally, the emergence of active forms of citizenship mediated by consumption point to a change in the relations of production, consumption and distribution. These forms of citizenship come to encompass opposite poles of consumption such as hedonism and social responsibility. When consumption choices are associated with the social and environmental issues connected to manufacturing and distribution processes, the space claimed by the active consumer comes to represents a form of social identity recognition. This ‘political’ sphere, made up of individual and/or collective claims mediated by consumer society comes in the wake of a long period of market de-politicization. On the basis of these assumptions, this article surveys and evaluates the topics related to critical consumption that are most discussed in the social sciences. Such forms of socially oriented consumption – enacted in the form of individual or collective consumer choices – represent a new form of political participation and are understood as practices of active-citizenship promotion. The findings of this article are based on data gathered from 478 peer-reviewed articles published between 2004 and 2013. The articles were selected from Scopus on the basis of their broad connection to critical consumerism and forms of socially oriented consumerism. A software-based content analysis run through T-Lab software was used to generate an analytical model of the main research axis of the most recent international literature on these arguments. The heterogeneous body of scholarly literature on socially oriented consumption reflects the rich diversity of perspectives adopted to understand the political and ethical role of consumers in contemporary societies

  7. Environmental health risk communication in the case "Terra dei Fuochi": content analysis of online newspaper articles. (United States)

    Barchitta, M; Fragapane, S; Quattrocchi, A; Consoli, M T; Giuffrida, G; Pennisi, C; Agodi, A


    The aim of the study is to evaluate the way in which information is conveyed by one of the major national newspapers, in its online version,, about health risks associated with the "Terra dei Fuochi". A retrospective systematic search in the online newspaper database was carried out for articles published from 1st January through 13th May 2014. The keyword used was "Terra dei Fuochi". A corpus, containing all articles included, was built in order to perform content analysis and text-mining using the T-LAB software, together with a critical interpretation. The co-occurrence analysis was performed using the keywords: environment, prevention, waste , risk and science. A total of 211 articles were retrieved, but only 188 articles met the inclusion criteria and were included in the analysis. The section of publication with the largest number of articles was represented by Repubblica Napoli edition with 50% of articles, whereas, only 2% of articles were included in the Environment section, and no article has been placed in the Health section. The most occurring lemmas were: waste, Naples, President, environmental - environment and health. Lemmas as disaster, drama, alarm and fear occur with medium frequency. Among the lemmas with less occurrence there were: remediation, cancer, people, information and recycle. However, terms as communication and risk management were absent. This study contributes to our understanding of how environmental health risks associated with the "Terra dei Fuochi" issue are presented by the newspapers to the public, which has implications for how the public may learn about risk management information.

  8. Measurement of beauty-production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA II

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kahle, B.


    This thesis presents a measurement of beauty quark production in deep inelastic scattering at the ep-collider HERA at {radical}(s)=318 GeV. The measurement is based on data collected at the ZEUS detector in the years 2003/2004, using an integrated luminosity of 39 pb{sup -1}. In the analysis presented in this thesis, events were selected that contain a scattered electron, a jet and a muon inside the jet. The fraction of events from beauty quark production was extracted using the characteristic distribution of the transverse momenta of muons relative to the associated jets. The total visible cross section was measured to be: {sigma}{sup b} {sup anti} {sup b}(ep{yields}eb anti b X{yields}e jet{mu}X')=57.9{+-}5.8(stat.){sup +3.5}{sub -8.1}(syst.) pb in the kinematic region defined by: Q{sup 2}>4 GeV{sup 2}, y>0.05 und y<0.7, one jet originating from a beauty quark with: E{sup jet}{sub t,lab}>5 GeV und -2<{eta}{sup jet}<2.5 and a muon originating from a beauty quark decay (direct or indirect) included in this jet with: p{sup {mu}}{sub t}>1.5 GeV and {eta}{sup {mu}}>-1.6. Differential cross sections were measured in p{sup {mu}}{sub t} and {eta}{sup {mu}}, in p{sup jet}{sub t} and {eta}{sup jet} and in Q{sup 2}.Furthermore double differential cross sections d{sup 2}{sigma}/dQ{sup 2}dx were measured. (Orig.)

  9. Reputação online como instrumento para melhoria de serviços: um estudo na hotelaria de Garopaba e Imbituba-Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rocio Maria Quiroga


    Full Text Available A internet representa hoje uma das principais ferramentas de pesquisa de mercado que os consumidores utilizam. Dentro do contexto turístico, por ser um serviço, os aspectos tangíveis são pontos fundamentais na análise e escolha do que consumir. Outro ponto relevante são os depoimentos que turistas inserem na internet sobre sua experiência em determinada viagem ou meio de hospedagem (MH. O conteúdo gerado pelos turistas já constrói a reputação online do MH. Assim, o objetivo desta pesquisa é analisar a reputação online de MHs de Garopaba e Imbituba com base nos preceitos da qualidade de serviços. O estudo é considerado aplicado, descritivo-exploratório e quantitativo. A amostra é composta por todos os comentários feitos por turistas no site, que tinham como sujeitos comentados os MHs de Garopaba e Imbituba. A coleta de dados aconteceu nos meses de Março e Abril de 2013. Foram analisados 325 comentários. Os dados foram analisados utilizando-se o Software SPSS 17 e para análise de textos T-LAB 4.1. Os principais resultados indicam que existe predominância de comentários positivos em ambos os municípios. Verificaram-se também a ocorrência de comentários nos idiomas português, inglês, alemão e espanhol o que demonstra certa internacionalização dos destinos. E as principais palavras ligadas aos comentários foram de sentido positivo como boa, excelente, praia, pousada. Ao final, percebe-se que os MHs de Imbituba possuem uma melhor reputação online que os de Garopaba, tendo grandes possibilidades de análise de mercado e melhoria dos serviços a pesquisa da reputação online.

  10. 基于双二阶广义积分锁频环的光伏并网发电系统仿真研究%Simulation of PV grid-connected generation system based on double second-order generalized integral frequency-locked loop

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张占锋; 樊艳芳; 王一波; 王环


    电网不对称故障时,光伏发电系统中的负序分量和谐波分量会影响并网逆变器中的锁相环及控制算法.文章提出一种具有自适应滤波的双二阶广义积分锁频环技术,用于电网电压和并网电流正负序分量的提取以及电网电压同步信号的检测,并将该技术引入到正负序双电流环控制策略,通过优化不平衡控制策略中锁相环的方法,提升光伏并网逆变器整个控制系统应对电网不对称故障的能力.通过Matlab/Simulink软件平台搭建基于DSOGI-FLL锁频环的光伏并网发电系统模型并进行了仿真研究,结果表明,文章控制策略在电网不对称故障时有助于消除有功功率的2倍频波动以及抑制并网电流中的谐波分量.%Negative sequence and harmonic components of PV power generation system had an important influence on phase locked-loop and control algorithm of grid-connected inverter under grid asymmetrical fault.Based on the above problems,in order to extract positive-negative sequence components of grid voltage and grid-connected current and detect the synchronization signal of grid voltage,this paper proposed a double second-order generalized integrator frequency-locked loop (DSOGI-FLL) technology with adaptive filtering.And the technology was introduced into the positive-negative sequence dual current control strategy.The method of optimizing phase-locked loop in unbalanced control strategy improved the whole control system's ability of PV grid-connected inverter to cope with gird asymmetric fault.The grid-connected PV power generation system based on DSOGI-FLL was simulated by using Matlab/Simulink software.The results showed thatThis method contributes to eliminate the 2 harmonic wave of active power and restrain the harmonic component of grid-connected current under grid asymmetrical fault.

  11. Baryon-Baryon Interactions ---Nijmegen Extended-Soft-Core Models--- (United States)

    Rijken, T. A.; Nagels, M. M.; Yamamoto, Y.

    options for the ESC-model. In particularly in ESC08 with single-sets of parameters excellent fits were obtained for the NN- and YN-data. For example, in the case of ESC08a'' we have: (i) For the selected 4233 NN-data with energies 0 ≤ T_{lab} ≤ 350 MeV, excellent results were obtained having chi(2/N_{data}) = 1.094. (ii) For the usual set of 35 YN-data and 3 Sigma(+p) cross-sections from a recent KEK-experiment E289 [H. Kanda et al., AIP Conf. Proc. 842 (2006), 501; H. Kanda, Measurement of the cross sections of Sigma(=p) elastic scattering, Ph. D. thesis, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, March 2007] the fit has chi(2}/YN_{data) ≈ 0.83. (iii) For YY there is a weak LambdaLambda-interaction, which successfully matches with t he Nagara-event [H. Takahashi et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 (2001), 212502]. (iv) The nuclear Sigma and Xi well-dephts satisfy U_Sigma > 0 and U_Xi < 0. The predictions for the S = -2 (LambdaLambda, Xi N, LambdaSigma, SigmaSigma)-channels are the occurrences of an S = -2 bound states in the Xi N((3S_1-^3D_1,) I = 0,1)-channels.