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  1. Travels with Lynn: June 2010 (United States)

    hotel in Ottawa, June 14, 2010. DoD photo by Cherie Cullen Related Links Biography: William J. Lynn III growing, and affects national and economic security, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III said Lynn Meets With Canadian Leaders Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III takes questions from

  2. A critical review of Richard Lynn's reports on reaction time and race. (United States)

    Thomas, Drew M


    In the early 1990s, psychologist Richard Lynn published papers documenting average reaction times and decision times in samples of nine-year-olds taken from across the world. After summarizing these data, Lynn interpreted his results as evidence of national and racial differences in decision time and general intelligence. Others have also interpreted Lynn's data as evidence of racial differences in decision time and intelligence. However, comparing Lynn's summaries with his original reports shows that Lynn misreported and omitted some of his own data. Once these errors are fixed the rankings of nations in Lynn's datasets are unstable across different decision time measures. This instability, as well as within-race heterogeneity and between-race overlap in decision times, implies that Lynn's reaction time data do not permit generalizations about the decision times and intelligence of people of different races.

  3. AFSC/ABL: Lynn Canal Overwinter Acoustic Survey, 2004-2005 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The acoustic trawl database for Lynn Canals echo-trawl survey was conducted from 2001 to 2004 throughout southern Lynn Canal in southeast Alaska. Acoustic surveys...

  4. AFSC/ABL: Lynn Canal Echo-Integrated Trawl Surveys, 2001-2004 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The acoustic trawl database for Lynn Canals echo-trawl survey was conducted from 2001 to 2004 throughout southern Lynn Canal in southeast Alaska. Acoustic surveys...

  5. STS-103 Crew Interviews: Scott Kelly (United States)


    Live footage of a preflight interview with Pilot Scott J. Kelly is seen. The interview addresses many different questions including why Kelly became an astronaut, the events that led to his interest, any role models that he had, and his inspiration. Other interesting information that this one-on-one interview discusses is an explanation of the why this required mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope must take place at such an early date, replacement of the gyroscopes, transistors, and computers. Also discussed are the Chandra X Ray Astrophysics Facility, and a brief touch on Kelly's responsibility during any of the given four space walks scheduled for this mission.

  6. 33 CFR 110.27 - Lynn Harbor in Broad Sound, Mass. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Lynn Harbor in Broad Sound, Mass. 110.27 Section 110.27 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.27 Lynn Harbor in Broad Sound, Mass. North of...

  7. George Kelly: cognitive psychologist, humanistic psychologist, or something else entirely? (United States)

    Benjafield, John G


    George Kelly was regarded by some of his contemporaries as a cognitive psychologist and by others as a humanistic psychologist. Kelly himself resisted being rubricized. He did, however, name several people who had been influential in his life and work, one of whom was J.F. Herbart. A comparison of Herbart and Kelly reveals several similarities. Both shared a belief that psychology was fundamentally a mathematical discipline. Both eliminated distinctions usually taken for granted in psychology, such as emotion versus cognition. Reconstructing Kelly's relation to Herbart allows one to see more clearly why Kelly was such a unique figure in 20th century psychology.

  8. Kelly Hoppen - suurte pealkirjadega läbi elu / Ketlin Priilinn

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Priilinn, Ketlin, 1982-


    Inglise disainerist ja ruumikujundajast Kelly Hoppenist (sünd. 1962. a. Lõuna-Ameerikas, 1964. aastast elab Londonis) ning tema loomingust ja tegevusest. K. Hoppen on kirjutanud raamatuid ("Kelly Hoppen Style: The Golden Rules Of Design" jt.), 1979. a. avas ta oma disainistuudio, 2002. a. esimese poe Londonis. 5 värv. ill

  9. Interaction of hemoglobin Grey Lynn (Vientiane) with a non-deletional α(+)-thalassemia in an adult Thai proband. (United States)

    Singha, Kritsada; Fucharoen, Goonnapa; Fucharoen, Supan


    Hemoglobin (Hb) Grey Lynn is a Hb variant caused by a substitution of Phe for Leu at position 91 of α1-globin chain, originally described in individual of unknown ethnic background. This article addresses the interaction of Hb Grey Lynn with a non-deletional α(+)-thalassemia found in Thailand, a hitherto un-described condition. The proband was adult Thai woman referred for investigation of mild anemia with Hb 90 g/L. Hb analyses using low pressure liquid chromatography raised a suspicion of abnormal Hb presence, which was failed to demonstrate by cellulose acetate electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis. DNA sequencing identified a CTT (Leu) to TTT (Phe) mutation at codon 91 corresponding to the Hb Grey Lynn (Vientiane) [α91(FG3)Leu>Phe (α1) on α1-globin gene and a C deletion between codons 36 and 37 on α2-globin gene causing α(+)-thalassemia. As compared to those observed in a compound heterozygote for Hb Grey Lynn / α(0)-thalassemia reported previously, higher MCV (81.7 fL) and MCH (26.3 pg) values with a lower level of Hb Grey Lynn (19.7%) were observed in the proband. The normochromic normocytic anemia observed could be due to the interaction of Hb Grey Lynn with α(+)-thalassemia. The two mutations could be identified using PCR-RFLP and allele-specific PCR assays developed.

  10. Botanical insecticides in controlling Kelly's citrus thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on organic grapefruits. (United States)

    Vassiliou, V A


    Kelly's citrus thrips, Pezothrips kellyanus (Bagnall) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) was first recorded in Cyprus in 1996 and became an economic citrus pest. In Cyprus, Kelly's citrus thrips larvae cause feeding damage mainly on immature lemon and grapefruit fruits. Use of botanical insecticides is considered an alternative tool compared with synthetic chemicals, in offering solutions for healthy and sustainable citrus production. During 2008-2010, the efficacy of the botanical insecticides azadirachtin (Neemex 0.3%W/W and Oikos 10 EC), garlic extract (Alsa), and pyrethrins (Vioryl 5%SC) was evaluated in field trials against Kelly's citrus thrips larval stage I and II aiming at controlling the pest's population and damage to organic grapefruit fruits. In each of the trial years treatments with pyrethrins and azadirachtin (Neemex 0.3%W/W) were the most effective against Kelly's citrus thrips compared with the untreated control (for 2008: P extract showed the lowest effect from all the botanicals used compared with the untreated control.

  11. Lynn Sorbara, PhD | Division of Cancer Prevention (United States)

    Dr. Lynn Sorbara earned her PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1986. Her thesis research was in the areas of the mechanism of action of the drug, Taxol, and of multidrug resistance. After postdoctoral fellowships at the Rockefeller University and the Mount Sinai College of Medicine in Manhattan, she came to the NIH as a Senior Staff Fellow in the Diabetes Branch

  12. Blair oli ikkagi seotud Kelly nime lekitamisega / Maris Lillak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lillak, Maris, 1970-


    Suurbritannia kaitseministeeriumi relvaeksperdi David Kelly surmaga seotud asjaolusid uuriv Huttoni komisjon selgitas, et peaminister Tony Blair oli kohtumisel, kus otsustati relvaeksperdi nime avalikustamine

  13. Kádár Lynn, Katalin, ed.: " Through an American Lens, Hungary, 1938: Photographs by Margaret Bourke-White"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joyce Berczik Corbett


    Full Text Available Kádár Lynn, Katalin, ed. Through an American Lens, Hungary, 1938: Photographs by Margaret Bourke-White.Trans. Mario Fenyő. Essays by: Károly Szerencsés, Katalin Kádár Lynn, Péter Strausz. East European Monographs. Boulder: Columbia UP, Distributor, 2010.111 pp. ISBN: 978-0-88033-678-9.(Hungarian edition: Szerk.: Kádár Lynn Katalin, Szerencsés Károly esszéivel. Strausz Péter jegyzeteivel. Magyarország 1938: egy amerikai szemével, Margaret Bourke-White fotói. Budapest: L’Harmattan, Budapest, 2008. ISBN: 978-963-236-005-8 Reviewed by Joyce Berczik Corbett, Curatorial Consultant.

  14. Book Review: J. Kelly. Rethinking Industrial Relations: Mobilization ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Review: J. Kelly. Rethinking Industrial Relations: Mobilization, Collectivism and Long Waves. K. Moody. Workers in a Lean World: Unions in the International Economy. B. Nissen. Which Direction for Organized Labour? Essays on Organizing, Outreach and Internal Transformation.

  15. In vitro and in vivo growth alter the population dynamic and properties of a Jeryl Lynn mumps vaccine. (United States)

    Connaughton, Sarah M; Wheeler, Jun X; Vitková, Eva; Minor, Philip; Schepelmann, Silke


    Mumps vaccines are live attenuated viruses. They are known to vary in effectiveness, degree of attenuation and adverse event profile. However, the underlying reasons are poorly understood. We studied two closely related mumps vaccines which originate from the same attenuated Jeryl Lynn-5 strain but have different efficacies. Jeryl Lynn-Canine Kidney (JL-CK), produced on primary canine kidney cells, is less effective than RIT4385, which is produced on chicken embryo fibroblasts. JL-CK and RIT4385 could be distinguished by a number of in vitro and in vivo properties. JL-CK produced heterogeneous, generally smaller plaques than RIT4385, but gave 100-fold higher titres when grown in cells and showed a higher degree of hydrocephalus formation in neonatal rat brains. Sanger sequencing of JL-CK identified 14 regions of heterogeneity throughout the genome. Plaque purification of JL-CK demonstrated the presence of five different Jeryl Lynn-5 variants encompassing the 14 mutations. One JL-CK mutation was associated with a small plaque phenotype, the effects of the others in vitro or in vivo were less clear. Only 4% of the JL-CK population corresponded to the parental Jeryl Lynn-5 strain. Next generation sequencing of JL-CK and virus before and after growth in cell lines or neonatal rat brains showed that propagation in vitro or in vivo altered the population dramatically. Our findings indicate that growth of JL-CK in primary canine kidney cells resulted in the selection of a mixture of mumps virus variants that have different biological properties compared to the parent Jeryl Lynn-5 virus. We also report three previously unknown heterogenic regions within the N gene of the RIT4385 vaccine. Copyright © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  16. 78 FR 18849 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Saugus River, Saugus and Lynn, MA (United States)


    ... regulation governing the operation of the Route 107 temporary bridge across the Saugus River, mile 2.5, between Saugus and Lynn, Massachusetts. The bridge will not open for vessel traffic during the installation of the moveable span. This deviation allows the bridge to remain closed for six days. DATES: This...

  17. Briti minister ja Blairi nõunik lekitasid Kelly nime / Maris Lillak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lillak, Maris, 1970-


    Briti relvaeksperdi David Kelly surma uuriva Huttoni komisjon selgitas, et Briti kaitseminister Geoff Hoon ja peaministri endine kommunikatsioonidirektor Alastair Campbell olid osalised relvaeksperdi nime avaldamises ajakirjandusele

  18. Interaction of Hb Grey Lynn (Vientiane) [α91(FG3)Leu>Phe (α1)] with Hb E [β26(B8) Glu>Lys] and α(+)-thalassemia: Molecular and Hematological Analysis. (United States)

    Singha, Kritsada; Fucharoen, Goonnapa; Fucharoen, Supan


    Hemoglobin (Hb) Grey Lynn is a Hb variant caused by a mutation at codon 91 of α1-globin gene whereas Hb E is a common β-globin chain variant among Southeast Asian population. We report two hitherto undescribed conditions of Hb Grey Lynn found in Thai individuals. The study was done on two unrelated Thai subjects. Hematological parameters were recorded and Hb analysis was carried out using automated Hb analyzers. Mutations were identified by DNA analysis. Hematological features of the patients were compared with those of various forms of Hb Grey Lynn documented previously. Hb and DNA analyses identified a heterozygous Hb Grey Lynn in one patient and a double heterozygous Hb Grey Lynn and Hb E with α(+)-thalassemia in another. Interaction of α(Grey Lynn) with β(E) chains leads to the formation of a new Hb variant, namely the Hb Grey Lynn E (α(GL)2β(E)2), detectable by liquid chromatography (10.3%) but masked by Hb E on capillary electrophoresis. Interaction of these multiple globin gene defects could lead to complex hemoglobinopathies requiring combined analysis with multiple Hb analyzers followed by DNA testing to provide accurate diagnosis of the cases.

  19. University physics Arfken Griffing Kelly Priest

    CERN Document Server

    Houk, T William; Snider, John W


    University Physics: Arfken Griffing Kelly Priest covers the concepts upon which the quantitative nature of physics as a science depends; the types of quantities with which physics deals are defined as well as their nature; and the concepts of units and dimensions. The book describes the concepts of scalars and vectors; the rules for performing mathematical operations on vector quantities; the concepts of force, torque, center of gravity, and types of equilibrium. The text also describes the concepts and quantities required to describe motion; the linear kinematical relationships to describe m

  20. 76 FR 16447 - ETHICON, a Subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Temporary... (United States)


    ... workers of ETHICON, A Johnson and Johnson Company, San Angelo, Texas, separated from employment on or... Johnson & Johnson Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Temporary Services, San Angelo, TX; Amended... of ETHICON, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, including on-site leased workers from Kelly Temporary...

  1. Irradiation damage in graphite. The works of Professor B.T. Kelly

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Marsden, B.J.


    The irradiation damage produced in graphite by energetic neutrons (>100eV) has been extensively studied because of the use of graphite as a moderator in thermal nuclear reactors. In recent times, graphite has been adopted as the protective tiling of the inner wall of experimental fusion systems and property changes due to fusion neutrons have become important. The late Professor B.T. Kelly reviewed the work carried out on the irradiation behaviour of graphite since the 1940s. This work is particularly timely as the scale of research into the effects of fission neutrons has been greatly reduced and many of the active researchers have retired. In recent years, new programmes of work are being formulated for the use of graphite in both the field of high temperature reactor systems and fusion systems. It is therefore important that the knowledge gained by Professor Kelly and other workers is not lost but passed on to future generations of nuclear scientists and engineers. This paper reviews Professor Kelly's last work, it also draws on the experience gained during many long discussions with Brian during the years he worked closely with the present graphite team at AEA Technology. It is hoped to publish his work in full in the near future. (author). 13 refs, 14 figs, 3 tabs

  2. 75 FR 66795 - TTM Technologies, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Services, Aerotek, and an On-Site... (United States)


    ... follows: ``All workers TTM Technologies, including on-site leased workers from Kelly Services and Aerotek... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-64,993] TTM Technologies, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Services, Aerotek, and an On-Site Leased Worker From Orbotech...

  3. AGN X-Ray emission and black holes (Kelly+, 2008)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kelly, B. C.; Bechtold, J.; Trump, J. R.


    In this analysis we combine 169 RQQs from Kelly et al. (2007ApJ...665.1489K) with 149 RQQs from the main SDSS sample of Strateva et al. (2005, Cat. J/AJ/130/387) to create a sample of 318 RQQs. Out of these 318 sources, 276 (86.8%) are detected in the X-ray. (1 data file)....

  4. Comparative efficacy of Rubini, Jeryl-Lynn and Urabe mumps vaccine in an Asian population. (United States)

    Ong, Gary; Goh, Kee Tai; Ma, Stefan; Chew, Suok Kai


    The comparative efficacy of the three mumps vaccine strains (Jeryl-Lynn, Urabe and Rubini) was conducted in an Asian population from data arising from an epidemiological investigation of seven institutional outbreaks of mumps in Singapore. Demographic information (gender, age, ethnic group), clinical presentation and vaccination history (date and place of mumps vaccination, type of mumps vaccine received) of all children who attended the six childcare centres and one primary school where outbreaks of 20 or more cases of mumps occurred in 1999 were collected. The attack rate of the unvaccinated group and the attack rates of the vaccine groups (for each vaccine strain) were determined and the vaccine efficacy of the three vaccines calculated. The vaccine efficacy of the Jeryl-Lynn strain, Urabe strain and Rubini strain mumps vaccine were 80.7, 54.4 and -55.3%, respectively. Rubini strain mumps vaccine conferred no protection and has since been deregistered in Singapore.

  5. Richard Kelly: Pioneirismo na iluminação da arquitetura moderna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernanda Brito Bandeira


    Full Text Available Livros resenhado: NEUMANN, Dietrich; STERN, Robert A. M. The structure of light: Richard Kelly and the illumination of modern architecture. New York: Yale University Press, 2010, 214 p. ISBN: 978-0-300-16370-4

  6. Kelly D. Brownell: Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2012


    Presents a short biography of Kelly D. Brownwell, winner of the American Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology (2012). He won the award for outstanding contributions to our understanding of the etiology and management of obesity and the crisis it poses for the modern world. A seminal thinker in…

  7. John Falk and Lynn Dierking: Building the Field of Informal/Free-Choice Science Education (United States)

    Rennie, Léonie J.


    This article establishes the importance of "context", a concept that underpins the academic contributions that John Falk and Lynn Dierking have made in building the field of informal/free-choice learning in science education. I consider, in turn, the individual contributions made by each of them prior to their seminal co-authored work,…

  8. Stephanie Lynn Budin: The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity. Cambridge u.a.: Cambridge University Press 2008. Stephanie Lynn Budin: The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity. Cambridge u.a.: Cambridge University Press 2008.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julian Herbert Köck


    Full Text Available Stephanie Lynn Budin liefert mit vorliegender Studie einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Debatte um die Existenz von Tempelprostitution im Altertum. Systematisch untersucht sie die Quellen zur Tempelprostitution und kann weitgehend überzeugend darlegen, dass die betreffenden Stellen nicht für die Existenz von Tempelprostitution im Altertum sprechen, sondern nur aufgrund von tendenziösen Interpretationen so verstanden wurden. Dabei greift die Studie die Ergebnisse anderer Wissenschaftler/-innen auf, bietet aber – besonders zu Herodot und Strabon – auch neue Erkenntnisse.Stephanie Lynn Budin’s study offers up an important contribution to the debate on the existence of temple prostitution during antiquity. She systematically examines the sources on temple prostitution and can demonstrate, fairly convincingly, that the passages in question do not prove the existence of temple prostitution during antiquity, but instead have been merely understood to do so based on tendentious interpretations. In so doing, the study takes up conclusions offered by other scholars, but it also provides – especially when it comes to Herodotus and Strabo – new insights.

  9. Market Feasibility of Burberry and Gucci in Zhang Jiagang City, P.R China : Case: Introduce a New Luxury Brand into Kelly Mall


    Wang, Ning; Wu, Youran


    With the rapid development of Chinese economy, wealth has spread from largest coastal cities to smaller cities and luxury stores have started to follow. Kelly Mall is the largest high-end department store situated in Zhang Jiagang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R China. This research aims to figure out if Kelly Mall should introduce a new luxury brand, help-ing Kelly Mall’s board members make decision on taking either Burberry or Gucci or both of them into its luxury department. Theoretical framew...

  10. The Process in Completing a Nontraditional Group Dissertation in Practice for the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, the Ed.D. Educational Leadership Program at Lynn University (United States)

    Vickers, Jerome


    This study focused on how a cohort of scholarly practitioners extended the traditional Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) model at Lynn University by undertaking a nontraditional group Dissertation in Practice (DiP). The participants were a cohort of 11 scholarly practitioners known as Cohort 5 who became the first Lynn University doctoral students to…

  11. The Changing Tides of the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic-Smooth Sailing or Troubled Waters Ahead? Kelly West Award Lecture 2016. (United States)

    Gregg, Edward W


    The Kelly West Award for Outstanding Achievement in Epidemiology is given in memory of Kelly M. West, widely regarded as the "father of diabetes epidemiology," to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of diabetes epidemiology. Edward W. Gregg, PhD, of the Division of Diabetes Translation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, received the prestigious award at the American Diabetes Association's 76th Scientific Sessions, 10-14 June 2016, in New Orleans, LA. He presented the Kelly West Award Lecture, "Changing Tides of the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic-Smooth Sailing or Troubled Waters Ahead?" on Sunday, 12 June 2016. © 2017 by the American Diabetes Association.

  12. The Mean Southern Italian Children IQ Is Not Particularly Low: A Reply to R. Lynn (2010) (United States)

    Cornoldi, Cesare; Belacchi, Carmen; Giofre, David; Martini, Angela; Tressoldi, Patrizio


    Working with data from the PISA study (OECD, 2007), Lynn (2010) has argued that individuals from South Italy average an IQ approximately 10 points lower than individuals from North Italy, and has gone on to put forward a series of conclusions on the relationship between average IQ, latitude, average stature, income, etc. The present paper…

  13. Howard Atwood Kelly (1858-1943): founding Professor of Gynecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and pioneer American radium therapist

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Robison, R. F.


    To date no objective scientific medical biography has been published on Howard Atwood Kelly, one of America's foremost radium pioneers. He had become internationally known since 1889 as the founding Chief of the Gynecology Service at Johns Hopkins, well before the discovery of radium. He was also later to maintain his own hospital in Baltimore. He was a multifaceted man and his biography provides some fascinating reading about the treatment of gynaecological cancer in the USA at the end of the 19 th century and well into the 20 th century. An Appendix is included which contains extracts from Curtis Bumam's 1936 Janeway Memorial Lecture on 'Early Experiences with Radium' which was published (without quoting any references) in the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR). Bumam was probably the most important of Kelly's collaborators and he provides unique personal and scientific insights on Kelly and the trials (and) tribulations of obtaining and using radium in 1911. (author)

  14. 77 FR 32625 - William J. Stevenson, Estate of Lynn E. Stevenson, Black Canyon Bliss, LLC; Notice of Application... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Project No. 8866-010] William J. Stevenson, Estate of Lynn E. Stevenson, Black Canyon Bliss, LLC; Notice of Application for Transfer of License, and Soliciting Comments and Motions To Intervene On April 23, 2012, William J. Stevenson, Estate...

  15. Dissociations and dissociation theory in hypnosis: comment on Kirsch and Lynn (1998) (United States)

    Kihlstrom, J F


    I. Kirsch and S. J. Lynn's (1998) critique of the neodissociation theory of divided consciousness fails to consider evidence of dissociations between explicit and implicit memory and perception in hypnosis. Contrary to their conclusions, evidence that the rate of hidden observer response (like other hypnotic responses) varies with the wording of instructions does not contradict neodissociation theory; rather, it underscores the fact that hypnosis entails social interaction as well as alterations in conscious awareness. Neodissociation and sociocognitive theories of hypnosis complement each other. Each draws attention to aspects of the experience of hypnosis that the other neglects.

  16. 76 FR 43997 - N. Stanley Standal and Loretta M. Standal; Lynn E. Stevenson; Notice of Change in Docket Numbers (United States)


    ...; Project Nos. 8866-006 and 8866- 007] N. Stanley Standal and Loretta M. Standal; Lynn E. Stevenson; Notice.... Stevenson to N. Stanley and Loretta M. Standal. Shortly thereafter, on July 20, 2004, the Commission issued... transfer and amendment orders. N. Stanley and Loretta M. Standal are correctly identified as the licensees...

  17. “If You Don’t Bring No Grits, Don’t Come”: Critiquing a Critique of Patrick Kelly, Golliwogs, And Camp as A Technique of Black Queer Expression

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barnes Sequoia


    Full Text Available I have written this article in order to establish Patrick Kelly as a black forbearer of fashion. Kelly complicates our sense of fashion through his use of black memorabilia and camp to not only create something consumable but to comment on the black body as a consumable. Therefore, the role I play in acknowledging this black supernova, as Eric Darnell Pritchard calls him, is by critiquing Lewis and Fraley’s critique of Patrick Kelly and questioning why overtly expressing one’s queerness through camp has not been seen as a viable form of black expression in the mainstream narrative of black creativity. Lewis and Fraley’s complete dismissal of Kelly’s use of camp does not happen in a vacuum. Yet, I must remember that there is also the task of establishing a legacy of technique for Patrick Kelly. Who are his forbearers?

  18. 75 FR 28295 - Federal-Mogul, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Services, Summerton, SC; Amended... (United States)


    ... workers were sufficiently under the control of the subject firm to be considered leased workers. Based on... On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Services, Summerton, SC; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance In accordance with Section 223 of the Trade Act of 1974...

  19. Differences in Achievement Not in Intelligence in the North and South of Italy: Comments on Lynn (2010a, 2010b) (United States)

    D'Amico, Antonella; Cardaci, Maurizio; Di Nuovo, Santo; Naglieri, Jack A.


    Lynn (2010a, 2010b) argued that individuals from south Italy have a lower IQ than individuals from north Italy, and that these differences in IQ are at the basis of north-south gap in income, education, infant mortality, stature, and literacy. In the present paper, we discuss several theoretical and methodological aspects which we regard as flaws…

  20. Medical Movies on the Web Debuts with Gene Kelly's "Combat Fatigue Irritability" 1945 Film | NIH MedlinePlus the ... (United States)

    ... National Library of Medicine (NLM) is a World War II U.S. Navy training film directed by and starring Gene Kelly, who was then a rising Hollywood star. Combat Fatigue Irritability is a historically significant, yet ...

  1. Preliminary factor analysis of the O’Kelly Women Beliefs Scale in a US sample

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arturo Heman Contreras


    Full Text Available Using a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy framework, the O’Kelly Women Beliefs Scale (O’Kelly, in press was originally constructed in Australia to measure sex-role beliefs women may develop through sex-role stereotyping. Factor analysis of the 92 original items showed that 64 items loaded into a single component that accounted for 18.2% of the variance in a sample of 974 Australian women. The present exploratory study examined the psychometric properties of the OWBS in a sample of 202 women born and living in the US. A varimax rotation with cutoff eigenvalues of 3, showed that 37 items loaded into 3 components which accounted for 58.48% of the variance. The items were subsequently grouped into two factors: Ir- rationality, with a total of 27 items was created by merging component 1 and 3 (Pearson’s r = 0.8 between them, and Rationality, with the 10 items from component 2. Analyses indicated a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.91 for Fac- tor 1, and a Cronbach’s alpha 0.74 for Factor 2. Results indicate that this version of the instrument may be used to evaluate both the rational and irrational content of sex-role beliefs of women born in the US.

  2. C. Walker-Said and J. D. Kelly (eds), Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2015), 392 pp

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Whelan, Glen


    Book review of: Charlotte Walker-Said and John D. Kelly (eds), Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2015), 392 pp.......Book review of: Charlotte Walker-Said and John D. Kelly (eds), Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2015), 392 pp....

  3. Private I: The Protagonists in Lynne Rae Perkins' Newbery-Winning Novel Are Shy, Talented, and Extremely Thoughtful--Kind of Like the Author (United States)

    Barstow, Barb


    Lynne Rae Perkins is the author of "Criss Cross," which won the Newbery Medal, the nation's most prestigious prize for children's book. Perkins grew up in Cheswick, PA, near Pittsburgh, majored in printmaking at Penn State, and attended grad school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She moved to Leelanau County, MI, in 1987 with her…

  4. Should Community College Be Free? Forum. "Education Next" Talks with Sara Goldrick-Rab and Andrew P. Kelly (United States)

    Goldrick-Rab, Sara; Kelly, Andrew P.


    In this article, "Education Next" talks with Sara Goldrick-Rab and Andrew Kelly. President Obama's proposal for tuition-free community college, seems to have laid down a marker for the Democratic Party. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is touting his plan for free four-year public college on the primary trail; Massachusetts senator…

  5. 77 FR 9969 - Johnson Controls D/B/A Hoover Universal, Inc. Including On-Site Leased Workers from Kelly... (United States)


    ... Johnson Controls, including on-site leased workers from Kelly Services, Sycamore, Illinois. The notice was... amended notice applicable to TA-W-73,074 is hereby issued as follows: ''All workers of Johnston Controls... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-73,074] Johnson Controls D/B/A...

  6. Antibody induced by immunization with the Jeryl Lynn mumps vaccine strain effectively neutralizes a heterologous wild-type mumps virus associated with a large outbreak. (United States)

    Rubin, Steven A; Qi, Li; Audet, Susette A; Sullivan, Bradley; Carbone, Kathryn M; Bellini, William J; Rota, Paul A; Sirota, Lev; Beeler, Judy


    Recent mumps outbreaks in older vaccinated populations were caused primarily by genotype G viruses, which are phylogenetically distinct from the genotype A vaccine strains used in the countries affected by the outbreaks. This finding suggests that genotype A vaccine strains could have reduced efficacy against heterologous mumps viruses. The remote history of vaccination also suggests that waning immunity could have contributed to susceptibility. To examine these issues, we obtained consecutive serum samples from children at different intervals after vaccination and assayed the ability of these samples to neutralize the genotype A Jeryl Lynn mumps virus vaccine strain and a genotype G wild-type virus obtained during the mumps outbreak that occurred in the United States in 2006. Although the geometric mean neutralizing antibody titers against the genotype G virus were approximately one-half the titers measured against the vaccine strain, and although titers to both viruses decreased with time after vaccination, antibody induced by immunization with the Jeryl Lynn mumps vaccine strain effectively neutralized the outbreak-associated virus at all time points tested.

  7. Review of Calculation vs. Context: Quantitative Literacy and Its Implications for Teacher Education by Bernard L. Madison and Lynn Arthur Steen (Editors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maura B. Mast


    Full Text Available Madison, Bernard L. and Steen, Lynn Arthur (Eds.. Calculation vs. Context: Quantitative Literacy and Its Implications for Teacher Education. (Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 2009. 197 pp. Softcover. ISBN 978-0-88385-908-7. Available free on the MAA website at papers in Calculation vs. Context discuss the role of quantitative literacy in the K-12 curriculum and in teacher education. The papers present a varied set of perspectives and address three themes: the changing environment of education in American society; the challenges, and the necessity, of preparing teachers to teach quantitative literacy and of including quantitative literacy in the K-12 education; and cross-disciplinary approaches to quantitative literacy. While the conclusion reached by several of the authors is that the best place to teach quantitative literacy is at the college level, the book offers serious considerations of how quantitative literacy can and should inform the K-12 curriculum. The book also marks a turning point in the quantitative literacy movement as “QL explorers,” as Lynn Steen calls them, move beyond issues of definitions and content to a discussion of how to bring quantitative literacy into a broader setting.

  8. STS-114: Crew Interviews: 1. Jim Kelly 2. Charlie Camarda (United States)


    1) STS-114 Pilot James Kelly mentions his primary job as the Pilot is to back up Commander Eileen Collins all through the flight. James discusses in detail his robotics operations for all of the extravehicular activities and spacewalk work, as well as moving the logistics module back and forth, onto the station and back in the payload bay. He shares his thoughts on the Columbia, the STS-114 mission as a new chapter in space exploration, and the International Space Station. 2) STS-114 Mission Specialist Charlie Camarda discusses his major role in the mission, his feelings for this being his first Space Shuttle flight; shares his thoughts on the Columbia; mentioned that STS-114 is a baby step to what is needed to do for the next step in space exploration, and gave some examples on how the International Space Station can help pave the path to future space exploration.

  9. STS-103 Pilot Scott Kelly during TCDT activities (United States)


    STS-103 Pilot Scott J. Kelly is ready to take his turn at driving a small armored personnel carrier that is part of emergency egress training during Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) activities. Behind him (left) is Mission Specialist Jean-Frangois Clervoy of France, who is with the European Space Agency. At right is Mission Specialist Steven L. Smith. The tracked vehicle could be used by the crew in the event of an emergency at the pad during which the crew must make a quick exit from the area. The TCDT also provides simulated countdown exercises and opportunities to inspect the mission payloads in the orbiter's payload bay. STS-103 is a 'call-up' mission due to the need to replace and repair portions of the Hubble Space Telescope. Although Hubble is operating normally and conducting its scientific observations, only three of its six gyroscopes are working properly. Four EVA's are planned to make the necessary repairs and replacements on the telescope. The other STS-103 crew members are Commander Curtis L. Brown Jr. and Mission Specialists C. Michael Foale (Ph.D.), John M. Grunsfeld (Ph.D.), and Claude Nicollier of Switzerland, who also is with the European Space Agency. The mission is targeted for launch Dec. 6 at 2:37 a.m. EST.

  10. Lynn White Jr. and the greening-of-religion hypothesis. (United States)

    Taylor, Bron; Van Wieren, Gretel; Zaleha, Bernard Daley


    Lynn White Jr.'s "The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis," which was published in Science in 1967, has played a critical role in precipitating interdisciplinary environmental studies. Although White advances a multifaceted argument, most respondents focus on his claim that the Judeo-Christian tradition, especially Christianity, has promoted anthropocentric attitudes and environmentally destructive behaviors. Decades later, some scholars argue contrarily that Christianity in particular and the world's predominant religions in general are becoming more environmentally friendly, known as the greening-of-religion hypothesis. To test these claims, we conducted a comprehensive review of over 700 articles-historical, qualitative, and quantitative-that are pertinent to them. Although definitive conclusions are difficult, we identified many themes and dynamics that hinder environmental understanding and mobilization, including conservative theological orientations and beliefs about the role of divine agency in preventing or promoting natural events, whether the religion is an Abrahamic tradition or originated in Asia. On balance, we found the thrust of White's thesis is supported, whereas the greening-of-religion hypothesis is not. We also found that indigenous traditions often foster proenvironmental perceptions. This finding suggests that indigenous traditions may be more likely to be proenvironmental than other religious systems and that some nature-based cosmologies and value systems function similarly. Although we conclude White's thesis and subsequent claims are largely born out, additional research is needed to better understand under what circumstances and communication strategies religious or other individuals and groups may be more effectively mobilized to respond to contemporary environmental challenges. © 2016 Society for Conservation Biology.

  11. Cinema and the Great War - Andrew Kelly, 1997. History by Hollywood. The use and abuse of the American past - Robert Brant Toplin, 1996

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kester, Bernadette


    textabstractReview of: Cinema and the Great War. Andrew Kelly, Londen, New York (Routledge), 1997, 219 p.History by Hollywood. The use and abuse of the American past. Robert Brant Toplin, Chicago (Urbana), 1996, 267 p.

  12. Revisiting fracture gradient: Comments on “A new approaching method to estimate fracture gradient by correcting Matthew–Kelly and Eaton's stress ratio”

    KAUST Repository

    Hakiki, Farizal; Shidqi, Muizzuddin


    A study performed by Marbun et al. [1] claimed that “A new methodology to predict fracture pressure from former calculations, Matthew–Kelly and Eaton are proposed.” Also, Marbun et al.'s paper stated that “A new value of Poisson's and a stress ratio

  13. Aculturación y diferencias en las creencias irracionales sobre el rol femenino tradicional (O'Kelly Women Beliefs Scale en mujeres colombianas residentes en su país de origen y en Estados Unidos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La Escala de Creencias de las Mujeres de O'Kelly (O'Kelly Women Beliefs Scale., O'Kelly, en prensa; Ellis, 1958 fue aplicada a colombianas residentes en Cali, Colombia, colombianas residentes en el noreste de los Estados Unidos y sus contrapartes estadounidenses (20 madres y 20 hijas mayores de 17" años en cada grupo. Se encontró que existen diferencias transcultu- rales en los puntajes totales de los tres grupos. Comparaciones posthoc (LSD indicaron que las diferencias significativas seencuentran en las hijas colombianas residentes en Estados Unidos, comparadas con las madres colombianas residentes en Colombia y las madres e hijas estadounidenses. No existen diferencias entre madres e hijas colombianas residentes en Estados Unidos. Los resultados sugieren que el patrón de aculturación de los colombianos en los Estados Unidos es el de asimilación al país de adopción conservando aspectos de la tradición y la cultura del país de origen.

  14. The thermal regime and species composition of fish and invertebrates in Kelly Warm Spring, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (United States)

    Harper, David; Farag, Aida


    We evaluated the thermal regime and relative abundance of native and nonnative fish and invertebrates within Kelly Warm Spring and Savage Ditch, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Water temperatures within the system remained relatively warm year-round with mean temperatures >20 °C near the spring source and >5 °C approximately 2 km downstream of the source. A total of 7 nonnative species were collected: Convict/Zebra Cichlid (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum), Green Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii), Tadpole Madtom (Noturus gyrinus), Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), Goldfish (Carassius auratus), red-rimmed melania snail (Melanoides tuberculata), and American bullfrog tadpoles (Lithobates catesbeianus). Nonnative fish (Zebra Cichlids and Green Swordtails), red-rimmed melania snails, and bullfrog tadpoles dominated the upper 2 km of the system. Abundance estimates of the Zebra Cichlid exceeded 12,000 fish/km immediately downstream of the spring source. Relative abundance of native species increased movingdownstream as water temperatures attenuated with distance from the thermally warmed spring source; however, nonnative species were captured 4 km downstream from the spring. Fish diseases were prevalent in both native and nonnative fish from the Kelly Warm Spring pond. Clinostomum marginatum, a trematode parasite, was found in native species samples, and the tapeworm Diphyllobothrium dendriticum was present in samples from nonnative species. Diphyllobothrium dendriticum is rare in Wyoming. Salmonella spp. were also found in some samples of nonnative species. These bacteria are associated with aquarium fish and aquaculture and are generally not found in the wild.

  15. Developing a programmatic approach to investigating and remediating many unrelated comprehensive environmental response, compensation, and liability act sites at Kelly Air Force Base

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kamp, G.; Regan, P.; Ninesteel, R.; Martin, R.


    Kelly Air Force Base (AFB), which was founded in 1917, is involved in logistics and maintenance activities supporting the Air Logistics Command. In addition, Kelly AFB hosts over 50 tenant organizations representing the Air Force, Department of Defense, and other government agencies. Over the years waste disposal from this complex was conducted in a manner that led to the identification of over 30 sites to be included in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) after the Phase 1 investigation. A methodology was needed to prioritize the Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) activities for the sites. A Strategy Plan was developed that involved reviewing and interpreting existing data, identifying data voids relative to site specific RI/FS activities, and developing methodology to prioritize activities. Sites were prioritized, and a comprehensive IRP planning document was developed. One data deficiency was revealed -- the lack of understanding of the Basewide hydrogeologic conditions necessary to establish an effective restoration program. A Hydrogeologic Investigation was initiated to provide this data. This data will allow better interpretation of the interaction of the sites, particularly those in close proximity, and improved planning of remediation activities

  16. Big lie, small world: what E. Lynn Harris wanted readers to understand about the struggle for African American, homosexual males seeking to attain the American dream. (United States)

    Jackson, Lisa D


    This article will examine the social implications for African American homosexual males seeking to achieve the American Dream. Invisible Life and Just as I Am-the first two novels in a trilogy by the late E. Lynn Harris writing from a semi-autobiographical perspective in late-twentieth century America-will serve as the texts that drive this research topic. Careful analysis of these works will substantiate the assertion that the American Dream, even on the cusp of the new millennium, is just beyond the grasp of this specific subpopulation.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} La Escala de Creencias de las Mujeres de O'Kelly (O'Kelly Women Beliefs Scale., O'Kelly, en prensa; Ellis, 1958 fue aplicada a colombianas residentes en Cali, Colombia, colombianas residentes en el noreste de los Estados Unidos y sus contrapartes estadounidenses (20 madres y 20 hijas mayores de 17 años en cada grupo. Se encontró que existen diferencias transculturales en los puntajes totales de los tres grupos. Comparaciones posthoc (LSD indicaron que las diferencias significativas se encuentran en las hijas colombianas residentes en Estados Unidos, comparadas con las madres colombianas residentes en Colombia y las madres e hijas estadounidenses. No existen diferencias entre madres e hijas colombianas residentes en Estados Unidos. Los resultados sugieren que el patrón de aculturación de los colombianos en los Estados Unidos es el de asimilación al país de adopción conservando aspectos de la tradición y la cultura del país de origen.

  18. Revisiting fracture gradient: Comments on “A new approaching method to estimate fracture gradient by correcting Matthew–Kelly and Eaton's stress ratio”

    KAUST Repository

    Hakiki, Farizal


    A study performed by Marbun et al. [1] claimed that “A new methodology to predict fracture pressure from former calculations, Matthew–Kelly and Eaton are proposed.” Also, Marbun et al.\\'s paper stated that “A new value of Poisson\\'s and a stress ratio of the formation were generated and the accuracy of fracture gradient was improved.” We found those all statements are incorrect and some misleading concepts are revealed. An attempt to expose the method of fracture gradient determination from industry practice also appears to solidify that our arguments are acceptable to against improper Marbun et al.\\'s claims.

  19. STS-103 Pilot Scott Kelly and MS John Grunsfeld try on oxygen masks (United States)


    In the bunker at Launch Pad 39B, STS-103 Pilot Scott J. Kelly (left) and Mission Specialist John M. Grunsfeld (Ph.D.) (right) try on oxygen masks during Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) activities. The TCDT provides the crew with emergency egress training, opportunities to inspect their mission payloads in the orbiter's payload bay, and simulated countdown exercises. Other crew members taking part are Commander Curtis L. Brown Jr. and Mission Specialists Steven L. Smith, C. Michael Foale (Ph.D.), and Jean-Frangois Clervoy of France and Claude Nicollier of Switzerland, who are with the European Space Agency. STS-103 is a 'call-up' mission due to the need to replace and repair portions of the Hubble Space Telescope, including the gyroscopes that allow the telescope to point at stars, galaxies and planets. The STS-103 crew will be replacing a Fine Guidance Sensor, an older computer with a new enhanced model, an older data tape recorder with a solid-state digital recorder, a failed spare transmitter with a new one, and degraded insulation on the telescope with new thermal insulation. The crew will also install a Battery Voltage/Temperature Improvement Kit to protect the spacecraft batteries from overcharging and overheating when the telescope goes into a safe mode. Four EVA's are planned to make the necessary repairs and replacements on the telescope. The mission is targeted for launch Dec. 6 at 2:37 a.m. EST.

  20. Wartime Women Rape: A Means of Moral Attack and Emasculation in Lynn Nottage’s Ruined

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaff Ganim Salih


    Full Text Available Women rape at warfare was considered a consequence of war in the social, literary and political world for a long period of time. Some criminals of rape escaped justice and others were persecuted on the basis that they were involved in mass rape because it was a natural consequence of war. But, women are targeted with rape in time of war because they are the symbolic representation of a culture, ethnicity, and the unifying fabric of their people and nation. The objective of this paper is to show that war rape is not a result of war; instead it is a means of human destruction through moral attack and emasculation. It aims to show that women rape in warfare is neither a misogynist act nor a sexual violence but it is a pre-planned weapon used strategically and systematically to fulfill certain political and military agenda. The study focuses on the sexual abuse of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo in time of war in Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize play, Ruined (2007. The study applies Jonathan Gottschall’s Strategic Rape theory, which highlights war rape as a pre-planned military strategy. The enemy emasculates men and attacks them morally by raping their women. Consequently, men’s failure to protect their women causes them to give up resistance, leave their lands and families because of shame and humiliation. The study concludes that women rape in time of war is a tactic followed by conquerors intentionally to facilitate and guarantee the achievement of certain pre-planned goals as was the case of mass rape in the DRC.

  1. "When does making detailed predictions make predictions worse?": Correction to Kelly and Simmons (2016). (United States)


    Reports an error in "When Does Making Detailed Predictions Make Predictions Worse" by Theresa F. Kelly and Joseph P. Simmons ( Journal of Experimental Psychology: General , Advanced Online Publication, Aug 8, 2016, np). In the article, the symbols in Figure 2 were inadvertently altered in production. All versions of this article have been corrected. (The following abstract of the original article appeared in record 2016-37952-001.) In this article, we investigate whether making detailed predictions about an event worsens other predictions of the event. Across 19 experiments, 10,896 participants, and 407,045 predictions about 724 professional sports games, we find that people who made detailed predictions about sporting events (e.g., how many hits each baseball team would get) made worse predictions about more general outcomes (e.g., which team would win). We rule out that this effect is caused by inattention or fatigue, thinking too hard, or a differential reliance on holistic information about the teams. Instead, we find that thinking about game-relevant details before predicting winning teams causes people to give less weight to predictive information, presumably because predicting details makes useless or redundant information more accessible and thus more likely to be incorporated into forecasts. Furthermore, we show that this differential use of information can be used to predict what kinds of events will and will not be susceptible to the negative effect of making detailed predictions. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved

  2. A systematic literature review of the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wicherts, J.M.; Dolan, C.V.; van der Maas, H.L.J.


    On the basis of several reviews of the literature, Lynn [Lynn, R., (2006). Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysis. Augusta, GA: Washington Summit Publishers.] and Lynn and Vanhanen [Lynn, R., & Vanhanen, T., (2006). IQ and global inequality. Augusta, GA: Washington Summit

  3. A Systematic Literature Review of the Average IQ of Sub-Saharan Africans (United States)

    Wicherts, Jelte M.; Dolan, Conor V.; van der Maas, Han L. J.


    On the basis of several reviews of the literature, Lynn [Lynn, R., (2006). Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysis. Augusta, GA: Washington Summit Publishers.] and Lynn and Vanhanen [Lynn, R., & Vanhanen, T., (2006). IQ and global inequality. Augusta, GA: Washington Summit Publishers.] concluded that the average IQ of the…

  4. National Differences in Intelligence and Educational Attainment (United States)

    Lynn, Richard; Mikk, Jaan


    We examine the correlations between the national IQs of Lynn and Vanhanen (Lynn, R. and Vanhanen, T. (2002). "IQ and the wealth of nations". Westport, CT: Praeger. Westport, CT: Praeger, Lynn, R. and Vanhanen, T. (2006). "IQ and global inequality". Athens, GA: Washington Summit Books.) and educational attainment scores in math and science for 10-…

  5. Growth of the pectoral girdle in a sample of juveniles from the kellis 2 cemetery, Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. (United States)

    Bleuze, Michele M; Wheeler, Sandra M; Williams, Lana J; Dupras, Tosha L


    This study investigates growth patterns in the scapula and clavicle in a cross-sectional juvenile skeletal sample ranging from 20 weeks gestation to 8.5 years of age from the Kellis 2 cemetery, Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. The primary goal is to quantify growth patterns and growth velocities in the scapula and clavicle to better understand the development of the pectoral girdle. A series of low-order polynomial regression models was used to examine growth curves in clavicle diaphyseal length, scapular height, and scapular width. Incremental growth and relative percent increase were examined among successive age groups as a proxy measure of growth velocity. Scapular body proportions were assessed with the scapular index and compared across age groups using a Kruskal-Wallis test with post-hoc tests. A third-order polynomial best describes growth in clavicle diaphyseal length and scapular height, and a second-order polynomial best describes growth in scapular width. Growth velocity patterns are similar among clavicle diaphyseal length, scapular height, and scapular width particularly from birth until the end of early childhood. Clavicle diaphyseal length decelerates during middle childhood while scapular height and width accelerate during this time. With increasing age, the scapular body proportionately increases more in height than in width. The relatively narrow scapular body characteristic of adult scapulae is first evident during early childhood. Changes in scapular body shape during ontogeny may be a reflection of the greater alterations taking place in the integrated morphology of the pectoral girdle during the biomechanical shift from crawling to bipedalism. Am. J. Hum. Biol. 28:636-645, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  6. Kelly review

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    evidence that vitamin A has benefits for morbidity complexing with cellular retinol .... and direct an antibody-mediated There has been very little work on gut lymphoid ... innate pattern recognition receptors Toll-Like weekly for 8 weeks) given to ...

  7. Revisiting the theoretical basis of the endosymbiotic origin of plastids in the original context of Lynn Margulis on the origin of mitosing, eukaryotic cells. (United States)

    Sato, Naoki


    Fifty years ago, Lynn Margulis proposed a comprehensive hypothesis on the origin of eukaryotic cells with an emphasis on the origin of mitosis. This hypothesis postulated that the eukaryotic cell is a composite of different parts as a result of the symbiosis of various different bacteria. In this hypothesis, she integrated previously proposed ideas that mitochondria and chloroplasts were descendants of endosymbionts that originated from aerobic bacteria and blue-green algae (now cyanobacteria), respectively. However, the major part of her hypothesis, which she believed to be original, was the origin of mitosis. The core of her postulate involved a chromosome partition mechanism dependent on DNA-microtubule binding, which originated from a hypothetical centriole-DNA complex, with an ability to replicate. Surprisingly, her complete lack of real experimental works in the cytoskeleton, cell motility, or paleontology did not prevent this 29-year-old junior scientist from assembling archival knowledge and constructing a narrative on the evolution of all organisms. Whether the centriole-DNA complex originated from a spirochete or not was a minor anecdote in this initial postulate. Unfortunately, this hypothesis on the origin of mitosis, which she believed to be a holistic unity, testable by experiments, was entirely refuted. Despite falsification of her original narrative as a whole, her success as a founder of endosymbiotic theory on the origin of mitochondria and chloroplasts is undoubted. We will discuss the reasons for her success in terms of the historical situation in the latter half of the 20th century. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Lynn Westdal | NREL (United States)

    scientists in the Photobiology Group, which is part of NREL's Bioenergy Science and Technology Directorate . She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. Professional Experience Administrative

  9. Patologi Kekerasan dalam Berita Televisi: antara Kontroversi dan Regulasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Santi Indra Astuti


    Full Text Available Indonesia television journalism is growing rapidly, yet, a close observation has revealed a domination of violence as reflected in its content. Violence even became a kind of appeal to seduce audience and influence them to watch the whole teather of media violence. Ignoring this circumstance will led to a huge sacrifice. Studies concerning mass media impact have showed range of influences between violence content and audience’s mental state of health. In order to control the violence on journalism television, a strict law enforcement must be perpetrated. But, to do so, several arguments often recited by media in order to prevent law enforcement efforts must be identified and be replied in most sophisticated fashion by preparing ellegant counter arguments.

  10. Low Temperature Grown and Highly Non-Stoichiometric GaAs and Related Materials (United States)


    Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931 P.W. COOKE* GEO-Centers, Inc., Fort Monmouth, Operations NJ 07703 P. ASOKA -KUMAR and K.G. LYNN Department of...Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849. possible through the formation of split interstitial 1405 1406 Umlor, Keeble, Cooke, Asoka -Kumar, and Lynn Mean...drawn to guide the eye only.) 1408 Umlor, Keeble, Cooke, Asoka -Kumar, and Lynn commonly observed in our samples with the anneal Division of Materials

  11. Ametnikule kohustuslik! / Siim Sukles

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sukles, Siim


    Rets. rmt: Lynn, Jonathan, Jay, Anthony. Jah, härra minister / tlk. Juhan Kahk. Tallinn : Varrak, 2007 ; Lynn, Jonathan, Jay, Anthony. Jah, härra peaminister / tlk. Juhan Kahk. Tallinn : Varrak, 2007

  12. Reference: 498 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available Lynn Jo et al. 2007 Feb. Nature 445(7127):501-5. Stomata consist of a pair of guard cells that mediate gas ...a. 7127 501-5 17183267 2007 Feb Nature Bogenschutz Naomi L|Pillitteri Lynn Jo|Sloan Daniel B|Torii Keiko U

  13. Temperature, Skin Color, Per Capita Income, and IQ: An International Perspective (United States)

    Templer, Donald I.; Arikawa, Hiroko


    The impetus for our study was the contention of both Lynn [Lynn, R. (1991) "Race differences in intelligence: A global perspective." "Mankind Quarterly," 31, 255-296] and Rushton [Rushton, J. P. (1995). "Race, evolution and behavior: A life history perspective." New Brunswick, NJ: "Transaction"; Rushton, J.…

  14. National Intelligence and National Prosperity (United States)

    Hunt, Earl; Wittmann, Werner


    What is the relation between the cognitive competence of a national population that nation's economic prosperity? Lynn and Vanhanen [Lynn, R. & Vanhanen, T. (2002). "IQ and the wealth of nations." Westport, CT: Praeger.] presented data pointing to an exceptionally strong relationship between IQ scores and Gross Domestic Product per…

  15. Pursuing a constructivist approach to mentoring in the higher ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this article we argue that Kelly's construct psychology (Kelly 1955; 1966/2003) provides a useful framework for mentoring in the Higher Education sector in South Africa. Kelly's notion of constructive alternativism prompts practitioners to adopt a questioning attitude to life in HE; newly appointed academic staff members ...

  16. The Wonderlic Personnel Test and Elementary Cognitive Tasks as Predictors of Religious Sectarianism, Scriptural Acceptance and Religious Questioning (United States)

    Bertsch, Sharon; Pesta, Bryan J.


    Lynn, Harvey and Nyborg [Lynn, R., Harvey, J., & Nyborg, H. (in press). Average intelligence predicts atheism rates across 137 nations. "Doi:10.1016/j.intell.2008.03.004".] discovered that average intelligence (IQ) co-varies with national atheism rates. Extending this work, we investigated relationships among individual IQ scores,…

  17. Young Voices on Climate Change: The Paul F-Brandwein 2010 NSTA Lecture (United States)

    Cherry, Lynne


    Lynne Cherry Brandwein Lecture March 2010 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Young Voices on Climate Change: Inspired and Empowered Youth Tackle Climate Science and Find Climate Solutions. As a child, Lynne Cherry was profoundly connected to the natural world and a special place. She watched the destruction…

  18. Tensions in School-University Partnership and EFL Pre-Service Teacher Identity Formation: A Case in Mainland China (United States)

    He, Peichang; Lin, Angel M. Y.


    In this article, we discuss an ethnographic case study of the teaching practice (practicum) experience of a student teacher, Lynn, in a university partnership school in mainland China. Drawing on Activity Theory, we conceptualise Lynn's practicum as boundary-crossing between two different activity systems: those of the school community and the…

  19. Temperature and Evolutionary Novelty as Forces behind the Evolution of General Intelligence (United States)

    Kanazawa, Satoshi


    How did human intelligence evolve to be so high? Lynn [Lynn, R. (1991). The evolution of race differences in intelligence. Mankind Quarterly, 32, 99-173] and Rushton [Rushton, J.P. (1995). Race, evolution, and behavior: A life history perspective. New Brunswick: Transaction] suggest that the main forces behind the evolution of human intelligence…

  20. 78 FR 70027 - Senior Executive Service; Performance Review Board (United States)



  1. Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life (United States)

    Bertka, Constance M.


    1. Astrobiology in societal context Constance Bertka; Part I. Origin of Life: 2. Emergence and the experimental pursuit of the origin of life Robert Hazen; 3. From Aristotle to Darwin, to Freeman Dyson: changing definitions of life viewed in historical context James Strick; 4. Philosophical aspects of the origin-of-life problem: the emergence of life and the nature of science Iris Fry; 5. The origin of terrestrial life: a Christian perspective Ernan McMullin; 6. The alpha and the omega: reflections on the origin and future of life from the perspective of Christian theology and ethics Celia Deane-Drummond; Part II. Extent of Life: 7. A biologist's guide to the Solar System Lynn Rothschild; 8. The quest for habitable worlds and life beyond the Solar System Carl Pilcher; 9. A historical perspective on the extent and search for life Steven J. Dick; 10. The search for extraterrestrial life: epistemology, ethics, and worldviews Mark Lupisella; 11. The implications of discovering extraterrestrial life: different searches, different issues Margaret S. Race; 12. God, evolution, and astrobiology Cynthia S. W. Crysdale; Part III. Future of Life: 13. Planetary ecosynthesis on Mars: restoration ecology and environmental ethics Christopher P. McKay; 14. The trouble with intrinsic value: an ethical primer for astrobiology Kelly C. Smith; 15. God's preferential option for life: a Christian perspective on astrobiology Richard O. Randolph; 16. Comparing stories about the origin, extent, and future of life: an Asian religious perspective Francisca Cho; Index.

  2. IQ and the Wealth of States (United States)

    Kanazawa, Satoshi


    In "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" (2002), Lynn and Vanhanen estimate the mean IQs of 185 nations and demonstrate that national IQs strongly correlate with the macroeconomic performance of the nations, explaining about half of the variance in GDP per capita. I seek to replicate Lynn and Vanhanen's results across states within the United…

  3. Prediction of National Wealth (United States)

    Whetzel, Deborah L.; McDaniel, Michael A.


    In their book, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, Lynn and Vanhanen ([Lynn, R. and Vanhanen, T. (2002). IQ and the wealth of nations. Westport, CT: Praeger.]) proposed the hypothesis that "the intelligence of the populations has been a major factor responsible for the national differences in economic growth and for the gap in per capita income between…

  4. Untitled

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    MacDonald J. R. Lynn KG, Boie RA and Robbins MF 1978 Nucl. Instrum. & Methods 153 189. MacKenzie IK, Khoo TL, McDonald AB and McKee BTA 1967 Phys. Rev. Lett. 19946. Nicollian E H and Brews 1982 Metal oxide superconductor, in Physics and Technology (New York: Wiley). Nielsen B, Lynn KG, Yen C Chen and ...

  5. Review of Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling, and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kaarsholm, Preben


    Review article discussing Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling (London: Zed Books, 2009) and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow (Bodulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2009).......Review article discussing Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling (London: Zed Books, 2009) and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow (Bodulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2009)....

  6. 78 FR 1253 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ..., 2011. Department, Kelly Services and Contemporary Personnel. 82,126 Covidien Plc, Cash Mansfield, MA......... November 1, 2011. Application and Invoice Adjustments Department, Kelly Services. The following...

  7. Review: Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty, and Sorrow (2009 Buchbesprechung: Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty, and Sorrow (2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Bierschenk


    Full Text Available Review of the monograph: Pierre Englebert (2009, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty, and Sorrow, Boulder, Co. & London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-58826-646-0 (Hardcover / 978-1-58826-623-1 (Paperback, 310 pages. Besprechung der Monographie: Pierre Englebert (2009, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty, and Sorrow, Boulder, Co. & London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-58826-646-0 (Hardcover / 978-1-58826-623-1 (Paperback, 310 Seiten.

  8. With thanks to our 2016 peer reviewers (United States)


    2016 peer reviewers We are grateful to the following people for their significant contribution to Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada as peer reviewers in 2016. Their expertise ensures the quality of our journal and promotes the sharing of new knowledge among peers in Canada and internationally. Jillian Avis Sunday Azagba Sharon Bartholomew Michèle Boileau-Falardeau Jimmy Bourque Darren Brenner Robert Brison Yves Carrière Neena Chappell Guanmin Chen Yue Chen Edward Chesney Anna Chudyk Martin Cooke Erica Di Ruggiero Janet Durbin Charlene Elliott Peter Ellis Alexa Ferdinands Bradley Ferguson Lauren Fiechtner Maylene Fong Marilyn Fortin Nancy Gell Margo Greenwood Rita Henderson Erin Hobin Andrew Howell Natalie Iciaszczyk Jeff Johnson Janet Elizabeth Jull Tetyana Kendzerska Nicholas King Elaine Kingwell Victoria Kirsh Erin Kropac Liana Leach Claire Leblanc Yann Le Bodo Daniel Lebouthillier Isra Levy Elizabeth Lin Catherine Mah Loraine Marrett Caitlin McArthur Teri McComber Amy McPherson Verena Menec Leia Minaker Howard Morrison Yeeli Mui Kiyuri Naicker Tor Oiamo Scott Patten Marie-Claude Paquette Cheryl Peters Jennifer Petkovic William Pickett Michelle Ploughman Daniel Poremski Harry Prapavessis Steven Prus Jürgen Rehm Laurene Rehman Sandra Reynolds Annie Rhodes Celia Rodd Kaley Roosen Ellen Rosenberg Linda Rothman Jerry Schultz Kelly Skinner Robin Skinner Robin Somerville Becky Spencer Richard Stanwick Michael Stevenson David Streiner Laura Struik Anna Syrowatka Christopher Tait Chen Tang Kara Thompson Michelle Vine Claudio Violato JianLi Wang Stéphanie Ward Cynthia Weijs Russell Wilkins Keri Lynn Williams Renate Ysseldyk Tingting Zhang Christopher Zou

  9. The Red Dress: Getting to the Heart of Women's Health (United States)

    ... Calvin Klein (second from left), Elaine Stritch for Charles Nolan (center left), Kelly Rowland for House of ... Kelly Rowland. This year, leading celebrities and designers will debut "Celebrated Women 2007," the fifth collection of ...

  10. Otshen svojevremennoje samoubiistvo / Vladimir Abarinov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Abarinov, Vladimir


    Ilmunud ka: Den za Dnjom 25. juuli lk. 11. Suurbritannia kaitseministeeriumi relvaeksperdi David Kelly surma asjaolusid uurib lord Hutton. Peaminister Tony Blair'i ja kaitseminister Geoff Hoom'i osast Kelly nime esiletoomisel Iraagi luureskandaalis

  11. Plummer-Vinson Syndrome with Improvement After Iron Repletion

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    10.4314/aas.v13i2.11. Introduction. Plummer-Vinson syndrome (synonyms: Paterson-. Kelly Syndrome, Paterson-Brown Kelly syndrome,. Sideropenic dysphagia), is defined by the classic triad of dysphagia, iron deficiency anemia and esophageal.

  12. Portrait of an OT artist: Using Mindfulness to find Life Balance


    Lydia Royeen


    Lynn Davies, a Canadian-based occupational therapist, understands the skill set and practice required to employ a balanced work/play/leisure routine, even for an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists can easily foster this balanced routine for clients; however, they may fall short of adopting this balanced routine in their own lives. Lynn uses art and mindfulness strategies to strive for a meaningful routine. Balancing her work as a therapist and her engagement in art is an ever-evo...

  13. 76 FR 4726 - General Motors Company Formerly Known as General Motors Corporation Technical Center Including On... (United States)


    ... Technology Associates Limited, G-Tech Professional Staffing, Inc., Jefferson Wells, Kelly Services, Inc... Enterprise Services, Engineering Labs, Inc., Global Technology Associates Limited, G-Tech Professional...., Global Technology Associates Limited, G-Tech Professional Staffing, Inc., Jefferson Wells, Kelly Services...

  14. 76 FR 14691 - Delphi Steering, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Acro Service Corporation, Aerotek, Inc... (United States)


    ... Contract Services, Integrated Partners Group LLC, Kelly Services, Manpower, Inc., Rapid Global Business Solutions, Inc., TAC Worldwide, Trialon Corp., Trison Business Solutions, Wright K. Technologies, Interim... Services, Integrated Partners Group LLC, Kelly Services, Manpower, Inc., Rapid Global Business Solutions...

  15. 76 FR 32227 - DST Systems, Inc., Including On-Site Leased Workers From Comsys Information Technology Services... (United States)


    ..., Inc., Including On-Site Leased Workers From Comsys Information Technology Services, Megaforce, and Kelly Services Kansas City, MO; DST Technologies, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc., Boston... Information Technology Services, Megaforce, and Kelly Services, Kansas City, Missouri (subject firm). The...

  16. Pärnu jätkab Europan-projektiga / Karin Paulus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    2003. aastal toimunud arhitektuurikonkursi Europan 7 võidutöö "Teine loodus" (arhitektid Oana-Maria Bogdan, Kelly Shannon jt.) põhjal valminud eskiisprojektist Pärnus mere ning Tammsaare puiestee vahelisele krundile. Triin Ojari selgitab võistluse olemust. Arhitekt Kelly Shannon külastas Pärnut

  17. Spectroscopic Data for an Astronomy Data Base (United States)

    Parkinson, W. H.; Smith, Peter L.


    When we began this work, very few of the atomic and molecular data used by astronomers in the analysis of astronomical spectra were available in on-line searchable databases. Our principal goal was to: make the most useful of the atomic data files of R.L. Kurucuz (1995a,b) available on the WWW; and also to make the atomic data of R.L. Kelly for ultraviolet lines (i.e., essentially the same as the data in Kelly (1979) and Kelly (1987)) similarly available. In addition, we proposed to improve access to parameters for simple molecules of interest to astronomers.

  18. Lactose carrier protein of Escherichia coli. Structure and expression of plasmids carrying the Y gene of the lac operon. (United States)

    Teather, R M; Bramhall, J; Riede, I; Wright, J K; Fürst, M; Aichele, G; Wilhelm, U; Overath, P


    The previously described hybrid plasmid pC7 which carries lacI+O+delta(Z)Y+A+ on a 12.3 X 10(6)-Mr DNA fragment [Teather et al. (1978) Mol. Gen. Genet. 159, 239-248] was partially digested with the restriction endonuclease EcoRI under conditions reducing the recognition sequence to d(A-A-T-T) and ligated to the vector pB322. lac Y-carrying inserts of various sized (Mr 1.5-4.7 X 10(6)) were obtained. Hybrid plasmid pTE18 (2300-base-pair insert) carries part of the I (repressor) gene, the promotor-operator region, part of the Z (beta-galactosidase) gene, the Y (lactose carrier) gene and part of the A (transacetylase) gene. Upon induction of pTE18-harbouring strains the Y-gene product is expressed at a nearly constant rate for several generations and accumulates to a level of 12-16% of the total cytoplasmic membrane protein. Integration into the membrane leads to active carrier as judged by binding and transport measurements.

  19. 75 FR 3250 - Glaxosmithkline, Including On-Site Temporary and Leased Workers From Kelly Services, Kelly... (United States)


    ... subject firm. The workers are engaged in the production of penicillin-based antibiotics for humans and animals. The company reports that on-site leased workers from Dream Clean, Inc. were employed on-site at...

  20. Portrait of an OT artist: Using Mindfulness to find Life Balance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lydia Royeen


    Full Text Available Lynn Davies, a Canadian-based occupational therapist, understands the skill set and practice required to employ a balanced work/play/leisure routine, even for an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists can easily foster this balanced routine for clients; however, they may fall short of adopting this balanced routine in their own lives. Lynn uses art and mindfulness strategies to strive for a meaningful routine. Balancing her work as a therapist and her engagement in art is an ever-evolving orchestra, as she has a passion for both.

  1. 76 FR 45600 - Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Adams and Grant Counties, WA; Draft Comprehensive Conservation... (United States)


    ... message. Fax: Attn: Kelly Chase, (509) 546-8303. U.S. Mail: Kelly Chase, Refuge Manager, Columbia National... The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966 (16 U.S.C. 668dd-668ee), (Refuge... National Wildlife Refuge System, consistent with sound principles of fish and wildlife management...

  2. 75 FR 69061 - Senior Executive Service; Performance Review Board (United States)


    ..., Linda C Burrows, Charles W Buttress, Larry D Buzzard, Christine M Cadieux, Gena E Callahan, Samuel N... Bekkedahl, Larry N Bell, Melody C Berkowitz, Barry E Bieniawski, Andrew J Bishop, Clarence T Bishop, Tracey..., Douglas E Kane, Michael C Kaplan, Stan M Kearney, James H Kelly, Henry C Kelly, Larry C Kenchington, Henry...

  3. 77 FR 64967 - Senior Executive Service; Performance Review Board (United States)



  4. Search for Antihelium in the Cosmic Radiation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Streitmatter, R.E.; Barbier, L.M.; Christian, E.R.


    The balloon-borne Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (IMAX) was flown from Lynn Lake, Manitoba Canada on July 16-17, 1992. Sixteen hours of data were taken. Measurements of multiple dE/dX, rigidity, and time of flight were used to search for antihelium in the cosmic radiation. A report on the r......The balloon-borne Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (IMAX) was flown from Lynn Lake, Manitoba Canada on July 16-17, 1992. Sixteen hours of data were taken. Measurements of multiple dE/dX, rigidity, and time of flight were used to search for antihelium in the cosmic radiation. A report...

  5. Two Classification Methods for Grouping Common Environmental Sounds in Terms of Perceived Pleasantness (United States)


    NUMBER OF PAGES 24 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON Kelly Dickerson a. REPORT Unclassified b. ABSTRACT Unclassified c . THIS...ARL-TR-7960 ● FEB 2016 US Army Research Laboratory Two Classification Methods for Grouping Common Environmental Sounds in Terms...of Perceived Pleasantness by Kelly Dickerson, Brandon S Perelman, Laura Sherry, and Jeremy R Gaston Approved for public

  6. Convergence And Exploitation: Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism And The Threat To America (United States)


    and avenues of approach that could enable a terrorist attack on U.S. soil . Background Since the fall of the Soviet Union, global stability as...2014. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Communist terrorist organization established to overthrow the government of... Colombia . 4 John Kelly, “Testimony,” Senate, Posture Statement of General John F. Kelly, United States

  7. Research from the NASA Twins Study and Omics in Support of Mars Missions (United States)

    Kundrot, C.; Shelhamer, M.; Scott, G.


    The NASA Twins Study, NASA's first foray into integrated omic studies in humans, illustrates how an integrated omics approach can be brought to bear on the challenges to human health and performance on a Mars mission. The NASA Twins Study involves US Astronaut Scott Kelly and his identical twin brother, Mark Kelly, a retired US Astronaut. No other opportunity to study a twin pair for a prolonged period with one subject in space and one on the ground is available for the foreseeable future. A team of 10 principal investigators are conducting the Twins Study, examining a very broad range of biological functions including the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, gut microbiome, immunological response to vaccinations, indicators of atherosclerosis, physiological fluid shifts, and cognition. A novel aspect of the study is the integrated study of molecular, physiological, cognitive, and microbiological properties. Major sample and data collection from both subjects for this study began approximately six months before Scott Kelly's one year mission on the ISS, continue while Scott Kelly is in flight and will conclude approximately six months after his return to Earth. Mark Kelly will remain on Earth during this study, in a lifestyle unconstrained by this study, thereby providing a measure of normal variation in the properties being studied. An overview of initial results and the future plans will be described as well as the technological and ethical issues raised for spaceflight studies involving omics.

  8. Regional variation in the intensity of humpback whale predation on Pacific herring in the Gulf of Alaska (United States)

    Moran, J. R.; Heintz, R. A.; Straley, J. M.; Vollenweider, J. J.


    We modeled the biomass of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) consumed by humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) to determine if whales are preventing the recovery of some herring populations in the Gulf of Alaska. We estimated consumption, by whales, of two depressed (Lynn Canal, Prince William Sound) and one robust (Sitka Sound) herring populations during fall/winter of 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. Consumption estimates relied on observations of whale abundance, prey selection, and herring energy content along with published data on whale size and metabolic rate. Herring biomass removed by whales was compared with independent estimates of herring abundance to assess the impact of predation on each population. Whales removed a greater proportion of the total biomass of herring available in Lynn Canal and Prince William Sound than in Sitka Sound. Biomass removals were greatest in Prince William Sound where we observed the largest number of whales foraging on herring. The biomass of herring consumed in Prince William Sound approximated the biomass lost to natural mortality over winter as projected by age-structured stock assessments. Though whales also focused their foraging on herring during the fall in Lynn Canal, whales were less abundant resulting in lower estimated consumption rates. Whales were more abundant in Sitka Sound than in Lynn Canal but foraged predominately on euphausiids. Herring abundance was greater in Sitka Sound, further reducing the overall impact on the herring population. These data indicate that the focused predation in Prince William Sound can exert top-down controlling pressure, but whale populations are not a ubiquitous constraint on forage fish productivity in the Gulf of Alaska at this time.

  9. Comparison of the effectiveness of two mumps vaccines during an outbreak in Switzerland in 1999 and 2000: A case-cohort study

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Richard, Jean-Luc; Zwahlen, Marcel; Feuz, Mirjam; Matter, Hans C.


    In two recent nation-wide outbreaks of mumps in Switzerland two-thirds of young children with clinical mumps had a history of primary vaccination. On average, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination coverage is 80%. Two types of vaccine are commonly used: Jeryl-Lynn and Rubini. The effectiveness of the latter has been questioned in several publications. The authors therefore compared Rubini to Jeryl-Lynn in a case-cohort study. The study included 111 young children with clinical mumps who had been reported to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH) by primary care physicians of the Swiss Sentinel Surveillance Network (SSSN) between January 1999 and May 2000. Sentinel physicians also sampled 661 children from the same birth cohort as the cases. While we found no evidence for the effectiveness of the Rubini strain, vaccination with the Jeryl-Lynn strain was 70% effective against clinical mumps. Furthermore, children vaccinated with the Rubini strain attended primary health care more frequently with clinical mumps than those who had received Jeryl-Lynn (odds ratio: 2.4; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.3, 4.7). Restricting the analysis to laboratory confirmed cases increased the odds ratio to 18.4 (95% CI: 2.5, 811.2). Our study confirms the low effectiveness of the Rubini strain vaccine in the field. This vaccine should therefore be considered inappropriate for the control and elimination of mumps and its use should be discontinued. As other vaccines with comparable quality and safety standards and a substantially higher effectiveness are available the MMR vaccination program in Switzerland will not be compromised if the use of Rubini is no longer recommended

  10. 76 FR 25619 - Watermelon Research and Promotion Plan; Redistricting and Importer Representation (United States)


    ..., Lubbock, Crosby, Dickens, King, Yoakum, Terry, Lynn, Garza, Kent, Stonewall, the States of New Mexico..., Childress, Cochran, Collingsworth, Cottle, Crosby, Dallam, Deaf Smith, Dickens, Donley, Floyd, Garza, Gray...

  11. Program Visualization (United States)


    Scientific Computing Symposiumn an Han-Machine C om unication (1965) 57-71. 1353 Sutherland , l.3., SUICUPADs a man-machine graphical comunica- tie. systems...Institute and was held at the university’s Idylwild Campus. July 1982 Craig Fields and Clint Kelly of DARPA visited CCA on July 6. Christopher Herot and...on December 9. We gave him an extended PV slide presentation and a demonstration of the system. Clint Kelly of DARPA visited on January 13, and he

  12. 75 FR 4560 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    ...., President/Chairman of the Board. Cesar A. Benoit and Hadee Benoit dba Cesar Cargo Express 532 Chestnut Street, Lynn, MA 01904, Officers: Cesar Augusto Benoit, Partner (Qualifying Individual), Hadee Benoit...

  13. 78 FR 58992 - Notice of Request for Extension of Approval of an Information Collection; Citrus Canker... (United States)


    ... quarantined areas, contact Ms. Lynn Evans-Goldner, National Policy Manager, PHP, PPQ, APHIS, 4700 River Road..., including the validity of the methodology and assumptions used; (3) Enhance the quality, utility, and...

  14. 76 FR 40872 - Request for Extension of Approval of an Information Collection; Domestic Quarantine Notices (United States)


    ... diseases, contact Ms. Lynn Evans-Goldner, National Program Manager, Emergency and Domestic Programs, PPQ... quality, utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; and (4) Minimize the burden of the...

  15. Impact of Environmental Auditing on Environmental Pollution ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    and sustainable development, environmental pollution and healthy environment. To achieve the desired sustainable ... Dates: Received: 12February 2018; Revised: 08 April: 2018; Accepted: 16 April 2018 ..... Commerce (ICC), Paris. Lynn, R ...

  16. Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (sCJD)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

    In this podcast, Dr. Lynne Sehulster discusses Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a rare neurodegenerative disease. This disease is caused by a pathological accumulation in the brain of an abnormal protein known as prions.

  17. Putting Science FIRST: Memories of Family Science Experiences. (United States)

    Science and Children, 1996


    Presents anecdotes from prominent citizens including Bill Clinton, Alan Alda, Carl Sagan, Gerald Wheeler, JoAnne Vasquez, and Lynn Margulis in which they reminisce about interesting science experiences with their families. (JRH)

  18. Changes in specific activity of ascorbate peroxidase during seed ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Aug 16, 2010 ... compared to other three varieties during both years of study. At BBCH 77, all ... different physiological processes, including plant growth. *Corresponding ... and development, ion uptake and photosynthesis (Lynn and Chang ...

  19. 78 FR 45971 - Amended Notice of Lodging of Proposed Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental... (United States)


    ... Gammill (Mr. Gammill) and his spouse Lynn Crosby Gammill (Mrs. Gammill) on April 30, 2012. The complaint... operator of Crosby Wood Preserving Company a woodtreating facility on a portion of the Site from 1964...

  20. 78 FR 42801 - Notice of Lodging of Proposed Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response... (United States)


    ... his spouse Lynn Crosby Gammill (Mrs. Gammill) on April 30, 2012. The complaint alleged claims of the... operator of Crosby Wood Preserving Company a woodtreating facility on a portion of the Site from 1964...

  1. Social marketing ethics: report prepared for the National Social Marketing Centre


    Eagle, L.; National Social Marketing Centre


    This report has been developed by Professor Lynn Eagle from the Bristol Social Marketing Centre, Bristol Business School University of West of England with contributions from\\ud staff at the National Social Marketing Centre.

  2. Pulverizing Portraits

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elias, Camelia

    Pulverizing Portraits provides the first book-length study of contemporary American poet Lynn Emanuel. Emanuel's poetry is significant because it situates itself in relation to current debates about the state of poetry, creative writing in the academia, and the importance of drawing on interdisci......Pulverizing Portraits provides the first book-length study of contemporary American poet Lynn Emanuel. Emanuel's poetry is significant because it situates itself in relation to current debates about the state of poetry, creative writing in the academia, and the importance of drawing...... been increasingly concerned with poetry as a tool for cultural criticism which constantly redefines our poetic discourse. Elias traces the power of Emanuel's writing and looks at her subtleties in combining intrinsic and formal constraints in poetry with extrinsic and socio-historical methodologies...

  3. Letter from President Steger on community assistance


    Steger, Charles W.


    As our university community continues to grieve the losses of David Lee Metzler and Heidi Lynn Childs, we are reminded of the students, faculty, friends and colleagues whose lives we cherish and will always remember.

  4. 75 FR 65642 - Notice of Listing of Members of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2010... (United States)


    ... requires that notice of the appointment of an individual to serve as a member be published in the Federal...'s Senior Executive Service (SES) members: Kevin Fenton (Co-Chair), Lynn Austin (Co-Chair), Ed Hunter...

  5. Vandenõud kõikjal / Reet Hiiemäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hiiemäe, Reet


    Tutvustus: Barkun, Michael. A Culture of Conspiracy : Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America. Berkeley, LA : University of California Press, 2003 ; Schofield Clark, Lynn. From Angels to Aliens : teenagers, media and the supernatural. Oxford, NY : Oxford University, 2003

  6. Response to: Brief Comments on “Siddhis and Psi Research: An Interdisciplinary Analysis”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In his brief comments on “Siddhis and Psi Research: An Interdisciplinary Analysis,” Ed Kelly expresses disappointment that the paper does not mirror his worldview, which includes questioning the reality of psi—especially precognition, accepting post-mortem survival and observational evidence for macro-PK including levitation. In this brief response to Kelly, I provide arguments in support of informational psi, particularly precognition, and in favor of a physicalist, signal-based approach to psi, with brief points against the validity of micro-PK (mind-over-matter and post-mortem survival.

  7. AFSC/ABL: Southeast and Prince William Sound, Alaska Herring Microsatellite data, 2007-2008 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Herring is one of the most energy-rich fish in the Alaskan ecosystem, and when populations struggle over time, such as the Lynn Canal population, there is management...

  8. Rauakaubad endiselt moes

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Õudusfilm "Saag 4" ("Saw IV") - režissöör Darren Lynn Bousmani järg õudusfilmidele "Saag" (2004), "Saag 2" (2005) ja "Saag 3" (2006) : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. Lühidalt ka eelnevatest filmidest

  9. Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine - Vol 18, No 1 (2017)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    seropositive and seronegative patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Ahmed I. Bhigjee, Anandan A. Moodley, Izanne Roos, Cait-Lynn Wells, ...

  10. Does calcium constrain reproductive activity in insectivorous bats ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 13, 1996 ... Private Herpetological. Collection, Hillcrest; LR = Lynn Raw Private Herpetological Collec- tion, Pietermaritzburg; NM ::: Natal Museum, Pietcrmaritzburg;. NMB ::: National Museum, Bloemfontein; NMZB-UM ::: Natural. History Museum of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo; SAM::: South African. Museum, Cape Town; TM ...

  11. Maailma naised toetavad Kiikla lastekodu / Annika Poldre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Poldre, Annika


    Eestit külastasid rahvusvahelise naisteorganisatsiooni Soroptimist International president Lynn Dunning Suurbritanniast ja asepresident Kirsten Sveder Rootsist. Külaskäigu eesmärk oli tutvuda Eesti soroptimistide ettevõtmisega - Ida-Virumaale Kiiklasse rajatava noortekoduga. Lisa: Soroptimistide klubid

  12. Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (United States)

    ... Support Publications Fundraising News What is the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund? Fanconi anemia is an inherited disease that can lead to ... population. Lynn and Dave Frohnmayer started the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, in 1989 to find effective treatments ...

  13. Immunogenicity of mumps virus vaccine candidates matching circulating genotypes in the United States and China. (United States)

    Zengel, James; Phan, Shannon I; Pickar, Adrian; Xu, Pei; He, Biao


    Mumps virus (MuV) causes acute infection in humans with characteristic swelling of the parotid gland. While vaccination has greatly reduced the incidence of MuV infection, there have been multiple large outbreaks of mumps virus (MuV) in highly vaccinated populations. The most common vaccine strain, Jeryl Lynn, belongs to genotype A, which is no longer a circulating genotype. We have developed two vaccine candidates that match the circulating genotypes in the United States (genotype G) and China (genotype F). We found that there was a significant decrease in the ability of the Jeryl Lynn vaccine to produce neutralizing antibody responses to non-matched viruses, when compared to either of our vaccine candidates. Our data suggests that an updated vaccine may allow for better immunity against the circulating MuV genotypes G and F. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Deicing System Protects General Aviation Aircraft (United States)


    Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems LLC worked with researchers at Glenn Research Center on deicing technology with assistance from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Kelly Aerospace acquired Northcoast Technologies Ltd., a firm that had conducted work on a graphite foil heating element under a NASA SBIR contract and developed a lightweight, easy-to-install, reliable wing and tail deicing system. Kelly Aerospace engineers combined their experiences with those of the Northcoast engineers, leading to the certification and integration of a thermoelectric deicing system called Thermawing, a DC-powered air conditioner for single-engine aircraft called Thermacool, and high-output alternators to run them both. Thermawing, a reliable anti-icing and deicing system, allows pilots to safely fly through ice encounters and provides pilots of single-engine aircraft the heated wing technology usually reserved for larger, jet-powered craft. Thermacool, an innovative electric air conditioning system, uses a new compressor whose rotary pump design runs off an energy-efficient, brushless DC motor and allows pilots to use the air conditioner before the engine even starts

  15. Health worker attrition at a rural district hospital in Rwanda: a need ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Health worker attrition at a rural district hospital in Rwanda: a need for improved placement and retention strategies. Jackline Odhiambo, Felix Cyamatare Rwabukwisi, Christian Rusangwa, Vincent Rusanganwa, Lisa Ruth Hirschhorn, Evrard Nahimana, Patient Ngamije, Bethany Lynn Hedt-Gauthier ...

  16. 78 FR 25524 - Federal Aviation Administration (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration Notice of Request To Release Airport Property AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. ACTION: Notice of Intent to Rule on Request to... address: Lynn D. Martin, Airports Compliance Specialist, Federal Aviation Administration, Airports...

  17. Ühesugused sõnad - erinevad tähendused / Anne Kull

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kull, Anne


    Metafoorid muudavad viisi, kuidas mõeldakse probleemidest. kujutades ojekti või sündmust sarnasena mingile teisele objektile või sündmusele. Autor analüüsib näitena Lynn Randolphy maali "Laboratoorium, ehk Onkohiire kannatuslugu" (1994)

  18. Kolm Armastust ja Anarhiat. Helsingist PÖFFile / Maria Ulfsak-Šeripova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulfsak-Šeripova, Maria, 1981-


    Helsingi käesoleva aasta filmifestivali "Armastus ja Anarhia" filmidest, mis tänavu ka PÖFFile või kohalikku kinolevisse tulevad : Steven Soderberghi "The Informant!" ja "The Girlfriend Experience", Lynn Sheltoni "Humpday" ning Catherine Breillat' "Sinihabe" ("Barbe Bleue")

  19. New directions in information organization

    CERN Document Server

    Park, Jung-ran; Spink, Amanda


    New Directions in Information Organization, co-edited by Dr. Jung-ran Park and Dr. Lynne Howarth seeks to provide an overview and understanding of the future directions, leading edge theories and models for research and practice in information organization.

  20. Some determinantal inequalities for Hadamard and Fan products of matrices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaohui Fu


    Full Text Available Abstract In this note, we generalize some determinantal inequalities which are due to Lynn (Proc. Camb. Philos. 60:425-431, 1964, Chen (Linear Algebra Appl. 368:99-106, 2003 and Ando (Linear Multilinear Algebra 8:291-316, 1980.

  1. Paying tribute to florence nightingale and Mary Seacole. (United States)

    Grainger, Angela


    Lynn McDonald (letters May 16) says the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital in London are the wrong place for the proposed memorial statue to Mary Seacole, pointing out that the hospital is more associated with Florence Nightingale and her work.

  2. Forecasting of heat capacity of molecular inorganic liquids

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sladkov, I.B.; Neganov, O.S.


    On the basis of analysis of experimental material on heat capacity of liquids, covering 350 molecular inorganic compounds, atomic parts of heat capacity for 58 elements of the Periodic system were obtained. Data on the accuracy of heat capacity calculation by the Neumann-Kopp rule using the recommended atomic parts C p are presented. For the Kelli rule it is assertained that the factor of proportiomality between heat capacity and the number of atoms in compound molecule in the general case depends on the type of anion and compound coordination. The Neumann-Kopp-Kelli rules provide a satisfactory accuracy of prediction

  3. Putin võib eestlasi vihata oma isa reetmise pärast

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Venemaa presidendi Vladimir Putini Eesti-viha taga võib ajalehe "Moscow Times" endise toimetaja Lynn Berry arvates olla mälestus isast, kes käis Teise maailmasõja ajal Eestis luureoperatsioonil ja pääses eluga vaid üle noatera

  4. Advancing Globally Integrated Logistics Effort 2017 Wargame Report (United States)


    Netzer, Patricia. 2011. Foreign Disaster Relief Guidebook. CNA Corporation. CRM D0024959.A2. [77] Bell, Lauren, Jenna Davis, Ramzy Azar, Lynne...Jurgielewicz Leavitt, and Erin Rebhan. 2008. Future Strategies: Analysis of Navy Medicine Humanitarian Assistance. CNA Corporation. CRM D0019089.A2

  5. Security and Development: Critical Reflections on a Conceptual and Political Nexus

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis, Søren


    Sammelrezension: Tschirgi, Neclâ; Lund, Michael S.; Mancini, Francesco (Hrsg.): Security and Development. Searching for Critical Connections. Boulder : Lynne Rienner Publishers 2010 ISBN 978-1-58826-668-2, 449 S. Spear, Joanna; Williams, Paul D. (Hrsg.): Security and Development in Global Politics...

  6. African Journal of Reproductive Health - Vol 6, No 2 (2002)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Jennifer Smit, Lynn McFadyen, Abigail Harrison, Khangelani Zuma. Indigenous Healing Practices and Self-Medication amongst Pregnant Women in Cape Town, South Africa. Naeemah Abrahams, Rachel Jewkes, Zodumo Mvo. Tetanus Immunity among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in Dar es Salaam, ...

  7. Boekbesprekings / Book RevieW's

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    explorers. Born at King's Lynn in 1820, he first made name for himself as a war artist ... writer and talented painter, he is only now being accorded the recognition he so richly deserves for his contribution to southern Africa's pioneer- ing past.

  8. Distributed sensor networks

    CERN Document Server

    Rubin, Donald B; Carlin, John B; Iyengar, S Sitharama; Brooks, Richard R; University, Clemson


    An Overview, S.S. Iyengar, Ankit Tandon, and R.R. BrooksMicrosensor Applications, David ShepherdA Taxonomy of Distributed Sensor Networks, Shivakumar Sastry and S.S. IyengarContrast with Traditional Systems, R.R. BrooksDigital Signal Processing Background, Yu Hen HuImage-Processing Background Lynne Grewe and Ben ShahshahaniObject Detection and Classification, Akbar M. SayeedParameter Estimation David FriedlanderTarget Tracking with Self-Organizing Distributed Sensors R.R. Brooks, C. Griffin, D.S. Friedlander, and J.D. KochCollaborative Signal and Information Processing: AnInformation-Directed Approach Feng Zhao, Jie Liu, Juan Liu, Leonidas Guibas, and James ReichEnvironmental Effects, David C. SwansonDetecting and Counteracting Atmospheric Effects Lynne L. GreweSignal Processing and Propagation for Aeroacoustic Sensor Networks, Richard J. Kozick, Brian M. Sadler, and D. Keith WilsonDistributed Multi-Target Detection in Sensor Networks Xiaoling Wang, Hairong Qi, and Steve BeckFoundations of Data Fusion f...

  9. Fact or Fuzzy? On the Topology of Space Perception in Digital Architeture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Markussen, Thomas


    these architectural ideas. It should not go unnoticed, for instance, that neurobiologist David Marr’s computational theory of visual cognition (Marr, 1982) strongly indicates the existence of some underlying principles of space perception comparable to the topological surface qualities celebrated by the digital...... in particular to how it is laid out in Spuybroek’s conception of ‘motorized geometry’. Next, I introduce and apply Marr’s computational theory in my inquiries into some seminal projects by NOX and UN Studio in order to increase knowledge of the topology of space perception in digital architecture. By so doing I...... theory, Greg Lynn has claimed that through topological design a new and more profound alliance has been instigated between space, geometry and body (Lynn, 1998). In the same vein Lars Spuybroek has introduced the concept of “motorized geometry” in order to explain how interactive buildings is able...

  10. Science, ethics, and the historical roots of our ecological crisis - was White right? (United States)

    In 1967 historian Lynn White Jr. suggested that values developed and perpetuated by Christian theology permeate Western science and technology and are responsible for human's seemingly continuous abuse of the environment. Our failure to solve environmental problems is due to a belief that humans are...

  11. The Role of Leadership in Police Organizational Stress (United States)


    came from my wife, Lynn. She continues to believe in my dreams . I love her very much. vii Table of Contents Page DEDICATION...Police Organizational Stress Dr. Martin Symonds published the first study of police officer stress in 1970 in the American Journal of Psychoanalysis

  12. 75 FR 1614 - Submission for OMB Review-2010 Election Administration and Voting Survey; Comment Request (United States)


    ... ballots cast; voter registration; overseas and military voting; Election Day activities; voting technology... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Karen Lynn-Dyson or Ms. Shelly Anderson at (202) 566-3100. SUPPLEMENTARY... transmitted, returned and submitted for counting (cast), and counted; (b) Total number of UOCAVA absentee...

  13. Salvia miltiorrhiza aqueous root extract plays an important role in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    and treated. Aqueous root extract of S. miltiorrhiza was introduced intraperitoneally to the treated group. Basso, Beattie and Bresnahan rating scale (BBB) was used to ... extract has therapeutic potential for the treatment of neuronal degeneration following SCI. ..... effects of Lycium barbarum Lynn on protecting retinal.

  14. Educators' experiences of their relationships with adolescents ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Educators' experiences of their relationships with adolescents involved in drug use. Karen Lynn Walton, J Avenant, I van Schalkwyk. Abstract. Substance use amongst learners in South Africa has become a significant problem, with relationships between educators and learners being seriously challenged. Educators are ...

  15. Pop / Tristan Priimägi, Tõnu Kaalep, Aleksander T. Yostafa...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Heliplaatidest: Gorillaz "D Sides", Kronos Quartet and Wu Man, Jape "The Monkeys In The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me", These New Puritans "Beat Pyramid", Promise and the Monster "Transparent Knives", Shelby Lynn "Just A Little Iovin", Morrissey "Greatest Hits", Eels "Meet The Eels"

  16. Oral Metronomic Topotecan Sensitizes Crizotinib Antitumor Activity in ALKF1174L Drug-Resistant Neuroblastoma Preclinical Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Libo Zhang


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK inhibitor crizotinib has proven to be effective in the treatment of ALK-mutated neuroblastoma, but crizotinib resistance was commonly observed in patients. We aimed to overcome crizotinib resistance by combining with the MEK inhibitor trametinib or low-dose metronomic (LDM topotecan in preclinical neuroblastoma models. METHODS: We selected a panel of neuroblastoma cell lines carrying various ALK genetic aberrations to assess the therapeutic efficacy on cell proliferation in vitro. Downstream signals of ALK activation, including phosphorylation of ERK1/2, Akt as well as HIF-1α expression were evaluated under normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Tumor growth inhibition was further assessed in NOD/SCID xenograft mouse models. RESULTS: All NBL cell lines responded to crizotinib treatment but at variable ED50 levels, ranging from 0.25 to 5.58 μM. ALK-mutated cell lines SH-SY5Y, KELLY, LAN-5, and CHLA-20 are more sensitive than ALK wild-type cell lines. In addition, we demonstrated that under hypoxic conditions, all NBL cell lines showed marked decrease of ED50s when compared to normoxia except for KELLY cells. Taking into consideration the hypoxia sensitivity to crizotinib, combined treatment with crizotinib and LDM topotecan demonstrated a synergistic effect in ALKF1174L-mutated SH-SY5Y cells. In vivo, single-agent crizotinib showed limited antitumor activity in ALKF1174L-mutated SH-SY5Y and KELLY xenograft models; however, when combined with topotecan, significantly delayed tumor development was achieved in both SH-SY5Y and KELLY tumor models. CONCLUSIONS: Oral metronomic topotecan reversed crizotinib drug resistance in the ALKF1174L-mutated neuroblastoma preclinical model.

  17. Kimono Fusion - ultratraditsioonilisest hüpermoodsaks / Kelly Kipper

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kipper, Kelly


    Näitus "Kimono Fusion - ultratraditsioonilisest hüpermoodsaks" Stockholmis Östasiatiska muuseumis 10. jaanuarini 2010. Eksponeeritakse kimonosid ja obisid (traditsioonilised kimonovööd) ning jaapani moekunstnike loomingut. Lähemalt Shin Tanaka, Shojono Tomo, duo Takuya Angel'i (Takuya Sawada koos abikaasa Akikoga), Kunihiko Morinaga, Suzuki Takayuki loomingust

  18. Escrita científica de alunos de graduação em química: análise de relatórios de laboratório

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jane Raquel Silva de Oliveira


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to analyze written arguments found within laboratory reports by undergraduate students in a practical inorganic chemistry course. The quality of students' argumentation was analyzed based on the argumentation model developed by Kelly and Takao. Students presented scientific arguments grounded in data and building toward theoretical assertions. This indicates that students have some understanding of the rhetorical power of data in their explanations. The findings of this study also support the idea that Kelly and Takao's model is effective in other disciplines and in other rhetorical tasks distinct from those originally analyzed by them in their domain of oceanography.

  19. KSC-03PD-2333 (United States)


    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. STS-114 Pilot James Kelly talks with Bren Wade, captain of the Liberty Star, one of the SRB Retrieval Ships docked at Hangar AF on the Banana River. Kelly and other crew members Commander Eileen Collins and Mission Specialists Soichi Noguchi and Stephen Robinson toured the ships. Noguchi is with the Japanese space agency NASDA. Mission STS-114 will carry the MultiPurpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Raffaello and External Stowage Platform 2 to the International Space Station. The MPLM will contain supplies and equipment. Another goal of the mission is to remove and replace a Control Moment Gyro. Launch date for mission STS-114 is under review.

  20. Weerts to lead Physical Sciences and Engineering directorate | Argonne (United States)

    Physical Sciences and Engineering directorate By Lynn Tefft Hoff * August 10, 2015 Tweet EmailPrint Hendrik Engineering (PSE) directorate at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory. Weerts has , chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology. Weerts joined Argonne in 2005 as director of Argonne's High

  1. Principles of management of vascular problems in the diabetic foot

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    atherosclerosis is the most important principle in the management ... Lynne Tudhope is President of the Diabetic Foot Working Group of South Africa and ... functional and physiological status belies ... contrast volume is always of paramount .... the adequacy of blood circulation to ... population costs the health care system of.

  2. 77 FR 5481 - Notice of Request for Extension of Approval of an Information Collection; Special Need Requests... (United States)


    ... Plant Protection Act AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA. ACTION: Extension of...: For information on special need requests under the Plant Protection Act, contact Ms. Lynn Evans...: Special Need Request Under the Plant Protection Act. OMB Number: 0579-0291. Type of Request: Extension of...

  3. Reordering Ranganathan: Shifting User Behaviors, Shifting Priorities (United States)

    Connaway, Lynn Silipigni; Faniel, Ixchel M.


    This report suggests that Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan's "Five Laws of Library Science" can be reordered and reinterpreted to reflect today's library resources and services, as well as the behaviors that people demonstrate when engaging with them. Although authors Senior Research Scientist Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Associate Research…

  4. A communication quandry

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Frewer, L.J.


    Chemistry & Industry 25 January 2010 Comment A communication quandry If nanotechnology is to avoid the fate that befell GM crops in Europe then regulators will need to be honest with the general public about the risks & benefits, says Lynn Frewer There is increasing investment in the private

  5. An Unnecessary Divorce: Integrating the Study of Affect and Emotion in New Media (United States)

    Nelson, Julie D.


    Rhetoric and composition scholars' almost exclusive reliance on Brian Massumi's definition of affect has spurred a theoretical and practical divorce between "affect" and "emotion" in our field. This article returns to Lynn Worsham's "Going Postal" and argues that to fully scrutinize and respond to what she calls…

  6. 75 FR 17758 - Approved Recovery Plan for the Scaleshell Mussel (United States)


    ... recovery plan by sending a request to Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services.... SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background Recovery of endangered or threatened animals and plants to the point where.... Lynn M. Lewis, Assistant Regional Director, Ecological Services, Midwest Region. [FR Doc. 2010-7849...

  7. News | News (United States)

    our public newsletter Resources for Resources for Employees Researchers Job seekers Neighbors Industry dances May 8, 2018 Photo: Lynn Garren Fermilab's Folk Music Club sponsored the first Fermilab barn dance , Legal Use of Cookies Quick Links Home Contact Phone Book Fermilab at Work For Industry Jobs Interact

  8. Tips from the Classroom. (United States)

    TESOL Journal, 1993


    Seven articles on classroom icebreakers are compiled: "Picture Stories and Other Opportunities" (Joy Egbert, Deborah Hanley, Rosemary Delaney); "Hey, What's Your Name" (Janet Leamy); "Surprise!" (Lynne Burgess); "Memory Game" (Sally Winn); "Picturesque" (Margaret Beiter); "The Name Game" (Jeanne-Marie Garcia); "Exercise the Body--And the Mind…

  9. Cyber Analogies (United States)


    infamous Morris worm of 1988 and the more recent Stuxnet computer worm illustrate, there are reasons to worry about the intended and unintended...William J. Lynn, III, San Francisco, California, Tuesday , February 15, 2011.” 27 The dark specter of cyberwars generated by technologies that make

  10. U.S. Department of Energy awards $200 million for next-generation (United States)

    , U.S. Congressman Bill Foster, Cray V.P. Marketing & Development Barry Bolding, and Argonne Science and Energy Lynn Orr, U.S. Congressman Bill Foster, Cray V.P. Marketing & Development Barry details on today's announcement. Please monitor Argonne's social media channels at

  11. 77 FR 1973 - Environmental Impact Statement: In the Vicinity of the City and Borough of Juneau, AK (United States)


    ... Vicinity of the City and Borough of Juneau, AK AGENCY: Alaska Department of Transportation and Public..., in cooperation with DOT&PF, will prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) for... from Juneau within the Lynn Canal corridor to provide travel flexibility, capacity to meet demand, and...

  12. 76 FR 76980 - Notice of Listing of Members of the Food and Drug Administration's Senior Executive Service... (United States)


    ...'Tonya Davis Sheryl Lard-Whiteford David Elder Murray Lumpkin Denise Esposito William Maisel Tracy Forfa... Steven Solomon Daniel McChesney Stephen Spielberg William McConagha Roberta Wagner Patrick McGarey David... Murphy Donald Zink Melinda Plaisier Lynne Rice Mark Roh James Sigg Steven Silverman Howard Sklamberg...

  13. 37(4) All.cdr

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    LYNNE, S. and GARCIA, M.S (1999). American Society for Microbiology. Practical Guide to Diagnostic. Parasitology: 102-104. pathogenesis and disease. Microbes. Infect. 4: 1047-1058. URQUHART, G.M., ARMOUR, J.,. DUNCAN, J.L., DUNN, A.M. and. JENNINGS, F.W. (1987). Veterinary. Parasitology. UK Longman Group.

  14. Harness the Energy of Collaboration (United States)

    Lieberman, Ann; Miller, Lynne


    As they write about the Learning Communities standard in "Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Learning Communities," authors Ann Lieberman and Lynne Miller consider why communities have gained widespread attention and support and summarize the established research base about them. They also describe three contexts in…

  15. Edwin M. McMillan (United States)

    , Lynne Annette, David Michael, and Stephen Keith. Dr. Glenn Seaborg with Ion-Exchanger illusion column of (1947- 1951); William H. Nichols Medal (New York Section of the American Chemical Society, 1948); member Medical School; they have three children: Ann Bradford, David Mattison, and Stephen Walker. He attended

  16. Book Reviews | Whiffler | African Zoology

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Reviews. Lynne Whiffler, S.G. Compton, M.R. Perrin, M.D. Picker, M.R. Perrin, P.C. Magnuson, Jay O'Keefe, A.N. Hodgson, P Hewitt, S Endrödy-Younga, L.G. Underhill, H.M. Dott, R.T.F. Bernard, C.R. Brown ...

  17. Cognitive Processes in Dissociation: Comment on Giesbrecht et al. (2008) (United States)

    Bremner, J. Douglas


    In their recent review "Cognitive Processes in Dissociation: An Analysis of Core Theoretical Assumptions," published in "Psychological Bulletin", Giesbrecht, Lynn, Lilienfeld, and Merckelbach (2008) have challenged the widely accepted trauma theory of dissociation, which holds that dissociative symptoms are caused by traumatic stress. In doing so,…


    THE PUTATIVE CREATINE KINASE M-ISOFORM IN HUMAN SPERM IS IDENTIFIED AS THE 70 kDa HEAT SHOCK PROTEIN HSPA2* Gabor Huszar1, Kathryn Stone2, David Dix3 and Lynne Vigue11The Sperm Physiology Laboratory, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2 W.M. Keck Foundatio...

  19. 76 FR 57981 - National Coal Council (United States)


    ..., President of the U.S. Energy Agency. Presentation by Lynn Sprague, National Museum of Forest Service History, on reforestation and reclamation of mine lands. Council Business. Adjourn. Public Participation: The....GOV (e-mail). You must make your request for an oral statement at least 5 business days before [[Page...

  20. 78 FR 26347 - Southern Energy, Inc.; Notice of Declaration of Intention and Soliciting Comments, Protests, and... (United States)


    ... Act, 16 U.S.C. 817(b). h. Applicant Contact: Darrell Maple, President, Lynn Canal Professional... capacity, or have otherwise significantly modified the project's pre-1935 design or operation. l. Locations..., or a motion to intervene in accordance with the requirements of Rules of Practice and Procedure, 18...

  1. Comment on the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study. (United States)

    Levin, Michael; And Others


    Michael Levin argues that data from the study are consistent with a black/white IQ difference that is significantly genetic. Richard Lynn maintains that adoption by middle-class, white families has no effect on intelligence. Waldman, Weinberg, and Scarr respond to these criticisms and support the original conclusions. (SLD)

  2. Evolution, brain size, and the national IQ of peoples around 3000 years B.C.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wicherts, J.M.; Borsboom, D.; Dolan, C.V.


    In this rejoinder, we respond to comments by Lynn, Rushton, and Templer on our previous paper in which we criticized the use of national IQs in studies of evolutionary theories of race differences in intelligence. We reiterate that because of the Flynn Effect and psychometric issues, national IQs

  3. 75 FR 51104 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions (United States)


    ..., Daglren, Frostown, Mt. Tabor, and Moser Rds, Middletown, 10000575 MINNESOTA Big Stone County St. Pauli... Montgomery County Caspar Getman Farmstead, 1311 Stone Arabia Rd, Stone Arabia, 10000594 New York County Park..., Charlotte, 10000603 Polk County Lynncote, 3318 Lynn Rd, Tryon, 10000604 NORTH DAKOTA Grand Forks County R.S...

  4. How do GPs identify a need for palliative care in their patients? An interview study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Claessen, S.J.J.; Francke, A.L.; Engels, Y.; Deliens, L.


    Background: Little is known about how GPs determine whether and when patients need palliative care. Little research has been done regarding the assumption underpinning Lynn and Adamson’s model that palliative care may start early in the course of the disease. This study was conducted to explore how

  5. U.S. Overseas Military Presence: What Are the Strategic Choices? (United States)


    and objectivity. PROJECT AIR FORCE U.S. Overseas Military Presence What Are the Strategic Choices? Lynn E. Davis, Stacie L. Pettyjohn, Melanie W...2011a, 2011b, 2011c, 2011d; Blanchard, 2011. 2 Other bases were excluded from the database for other reasons: St. Helena Airfield, Klein Brogel

  6. Media Arts: A Shifting Paradigm? (United States)

    McGuire, Andrew


    The chairs of four arts education professional organizations--Jane Bonbright of the National Dance Education Organization, Michael Butera of the National Association for Music Education, Lynne Kingsley of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, and Deborah Reeve of the National Art Education Association--were individually interviewed for…

  7. 76 FR 5607 - Notice of Intent To Prepare a Resource Management Plan for the Rock Springs Field Office, Wyoming... (United States)


    .../programs/Planning/rmps/RockSprings.html ; E-mail: [email protected] ; Fax: (307) 352- 0218; or Mail... the project mailing list, contact Vera-Lynn Harrison, Project Manager, at (307) 352-0259 or Vera... address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you...

  8. Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (sCJD)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, Dr. Lynne Sehulster discusses Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a rare neurodegenerative disease. This disease is caused by a pathological accumulation in the brain of an abnormal protein known as prions.  Created: 2/3/2009 by Emerging Infectious Diseases.   Date Released: 2/3/2009.

  9. Coevolution mechanisms that adapt viruses to genetic code ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Recent work on virus × host inter- ... of long-term interdependent symbiotic relationship between them. ... Evolution in species of living organisms occurs based on the .... their parents (Francino and Ochman 1999; Lynn et al. 2002; ... dently some dozens of times. ... in the families of certain viruses, bacteria, fungi and inverte-.

  10. a segmentation approach

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    a visitor survey was conducted at the Cape Town International Jazz ... after controlling for customer education and income, and for service quality (Lynn ... US perception that black diners tip less, are confirmed or contradicted in the context ... and tipping behaviour as well as the findings from cross-cultural tipping and market.

  11. ORIGINAL ARTICLES Surgeons and HIV: South African attitudes

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Feb 1, 2009 ... Local policies and those from developed countries may not .... National Health Act 61 of 2003, such information (surgeon HIV ... specialist surgeon trainees established that 91% did not think .... 2008 Report on the Global AIDS ... Schulman KA, McDonald RC, Lynn LA, Frank I, Christakis NA, Schwartz JS.

  12. 75 FR 81949 - Disclosure of Cochineal Extract and Carmine in the Labeling of Wines, Distilled Spirits, and Malt... (United States)


    ... Extract and Carmine in the Labeling of Wines, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages; Comment Period... Extract and Carmine in the Labeling of Wines, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages, a notice of proposed... attorney Lynne J. Omlie on behalf of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Inc. (DISCUS), a...

  13. 76 FR 74070 - Endangered and Threatened Species; Permits (United States)


    ... Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.). Dated: November 21, 2011. Lynn M. Lewis...-FF03E00000] Endangered and Threatened Species; Permits AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION... permits to conduct certain activities with endangered species under the authority of the Endangered...

  14. Redox Abnormalities as a Vulnerability Phenotype for Autism and Related Alterations in CNS Development (United States)


    inflammatory response. As a marker of oxidative stress, elevated levels of nitrotyrosine have been found in alcoholics, smokers, diabetes , athero- sclerosis...Jones, J. L. Carlson, V. C. Mody , J. Cai, M. J. Lynn, and P. Sternberg, “Redox state of glutathione in human plasma,” Free Radical Biology and Medicine

  15. A Response to: Global Security, Religion and Education Development--A Crisis for the Field of Comparative and International Education? (United States)

    Ozanne, Bill


    This paper presents the author's response to "Global security, religion and education development: a crisis for the field of comparative and international education?" Prof. Lynn Davies's introduction to the Forum is interesting and provocative, and the author advances his response in the spirit of dialogue by looking at Davies's arguments, the…

  16. The Value of Place (United States)

    Dentzau, Michael W.


    This commentary seeks to expand the dialogue on place-based science education presented in Katie Lynn Brkich's article, where the connections fifth grade students make between their formal earth science curriculum and their lived experiences are highlighted. The disconnect between the curriculum the students are offered and their immediate…

  17. Relevance of Education and Intelligence at the National Level for the Economic Welfare of People (United States)

    Rindermann, Heiner


    Cognitive abilities are important for the economic and non-economic success of individuals and societies. For international analyses, the collection of IQ-measures from Lynn and Vanhanen was supplemented and meliorated by data from international student assessment studies (IEA-Reading, TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS). The cognitive level of a nation is highly…

  18. The Ventilator-Assisted Child: A Practical Resource Guide. (United States)

    Driver, Lynn E.; Nelson, Virginia Simson; Warschausky, Seth A.

    The 16 chapters comprising this manual are intended to provide a practical guide for meeting the needs of ventilator-assisted children. Chapters have the following titles and authors: (1)"Spectrum of Care" (Virginia Simson Nelson and Lynn E. Driver); (2) "Long-Term Airway Management for the Ventilator-Assisted Child" (Ann Marie…

  19. Being Right Isn't Persuasive! (United States)

    Bianchi, Lynne


    In this article, Lynne Bianchi shares a project that has proved successful with helping schools to discover and overcome their barriers. "Deep Dives" was a pilot project supported by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT), initially piloted in Sheffield, and now forms part of the continuing professional development toolkit offered by…

  20. Nime võimust : naine või artishokk / Leena Kurvet-Käosaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kurvet-Käosaar, Leena, 1969-


    Tagasivaade naisrežissööride filmifestivalile Helsingis. Lähemalt 4 mängufilmist : itaallanna Monica Stambrini "Benzina" (2001), inglanna Lynne Ramsay "Morvern Callar" (2002), prantslanna Sophie Tatscheffi "Baarilett" (1997) ja iraani päritolu rootsi režissööri Susan Taslimi "All Hell Let Loose" (2002)

  1. Primary Science Interview: Science Sparks (United States)

    Bianchi, Lynne


    In this "Primary Science" interview, Lynne Bianchi talks with Emma Vanstone about "Science Sparks," which is a website full of creative, fun, and exciting science activity ideas for children of primary-school age. "Science Sparks" started with the aim of inspiring more parents to do science at home with their…

  2. Millal laps tööle panna? / Kristiina Illak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Illak, Kristiina


    Mõni hakkab raha teenima õige varakult, teine ajab tööl käimata ülikooli lõpuni läbi. Kumb tee on õigem? Lapse töötamise ja kooli kõrvalt töötamise üle arutlevad Katrin Peitre, Toomas Kibus, Lynn Veski ja Tiina Laanem

  3. Measurement of 0.25-3.2 GeV antiprotons in the cosmic radiation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mitchell, J.W.; Barbier, L.M.; Christian, E.R.


    The balloon-borne Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (IMAX) was flown from Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada on 16-17 July 1992. Using velocity and magnetic rigidity to determine mass, we have directly measured the abundances of cosmic ray antiprotons and protons in the energy range from 0.25 to 3.2 ...

  4. Bán, Zsófia and Turai, Hedvig, eds.: "Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katalin Kádár Lynn


    Full Text Available Zsófia Bán and Hedvig Turai, eds. Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory. AICA: International Association of Art Critics: Hungarian Section: Distributed by Central European University Press, 2010, 193 pp. Reviewed by Katalin Kádár Lynn, Senior Researcher, ELTE.

  5. Proceedings of an International Symposium on Developments and Innovations in Interpreting for Deafblind People (Leeuwenhorst, Netherlands, June 1999) and Report on a Comparative Study of Roles, Training of and Rights to Interpreters for Deafblind People. (United States)

    Durham Univ. (England). Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People.

    The proceedings of a 1999 international symposium on interpreting for deafblind people presents 15 papers and a report of a survey of 20 countries and 5 organizations concerning the roles, training, and rights of interpreters for deafblind people. The papers are: "European Deafblind Comparative Study--Interim Report" (Lynne Hawcroft,…

  6. Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing of a Burial from a Romano–Christian Cemetery in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: Preliminary Indications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Eldon Molto


    Full Text Available The curse of ancient Egyptian DNA was lifted by a recent study which sequenced the mitochondrial genomes (mtGenome of 90 ancient Egyptians from the archaeological site of Abusir el-Meleq. Surprisingly, these ancient inhabitants were more closely related to those from the Near East than to contemporary Egyptians. It has been accepted that the timeless highway of the Nile River seeded Egypt with African genetic influence, well before pre-Dynastic times. Here we report on the successful recovery and analysis of the complete mtGenome from a burial recovered from a remote Romano–Christian cemetery, Kellis 2 (K2. K2 serviced the ancient municipality of Kellis, a village located in the Dakhleh Oasis in the southwest desert in Egypt. The data were obtained by high throughput sequencing (HTS performed independently at two ancient DNA facilities (Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, Dover, DE, USA and Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, USA. These efforts produced concordant haplotypes representing a U1a1a haplogroup lineage. This result indicates that Near Eastern maternal influence previously identified at Abusir el-Meleq was also present further south, in ancient Kellis during the Romano–Christian period.

  7. 77 FR 14832 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... workers from Kelly Services. 81,269 Cummins Filtration, A Cookeville, TN...... December 11, 2011...,302 American Technical Huntington Station, February 6, 2011. Ceramics New York Office, NY. AVX...

  8. North American Security Cooperation: Prospects for Growth (United States)


    to profane your ground with his step, think, oh beloved country, that heaven has given you a soldier in every son.” The remaining lyrics call for...Alistair Shepherd. Toward a European Army: A Military Power in The Making? Lynne Reinner Publishers, 2003. Singer, P.W.. Review Essay : “The War on

  9. Funding Sources for Community and Economic Development 1997: A Guide to Current Sources for Local Programs and Projects. Third Edition. (United States)


    This guide contains information on 2,086 funding programs that provide support on national, state, and local levels for economic and community development, social services, and the humanities. The guide begins with "A Guide to Proposal Planning and Writing" (Lynn E. Miner), which includes strategies for locating information on public and private…

  10. 432 püksipaari Riia kongresside palee fassaadil / Lauri Kärk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Filmifestivalil "Arsenals" sai parima režissööri kujukese Mait Laas nukufilmi "Teekond Nirvaanasse" eest, teise koha preemia Valentin Kuigi mängufilm "Lurjus" ja Riho Undi nukufilm "Saamuel internetis". Peaauhinna andis loos shoti naisrežissööri Lynne Ramsay mängufilmile "Rotipüüdja" ("Ratcatcher")

  11. Traditional African Religion: A Resource Unit. (United States)

    Garland, William E.

    This resource unit is based on research conducted by Lynn Mitchell and Ernest Valenzuela, experienced classroom teachers of African history and culture. The unit consists of an introduction by Mr. Garland and two major parts. Part I is an annotated bibliography of selected sources on various aspects of traditional African Religion useful in…

  12. 78 FR 22024 - Request To Release Airport Property at the Oakley Municipal Airport (OEL), Oakley, Kansas (United States)


    ... application may be mailed or delivered to the FAA at the following address: Lynn D. Martin, Airports... property be released for sale to Matt Mildenberger of Mitten's, Inc. for a restaurant. On March 5, 2013... application, notice and other documents determined by the FAA to be related to the application in person at...

  13. Perspectives on Communicating with the Net Generation (United States)

    Zimmerman, Lynn; Milligan, Anastasia Trekles


    Lynn Zimmerman and Anastasia Trekles Milligan examine technological communication from the perspectives of two instructors, one a digital immigrant and the other a digital native. Today's students are digital natives, reared in a world permeated by interactive technology; as a result, they are used to a model of communication that is significantly…

  14. Economic, Educational, and IQ Gains in Eastern Germany 1990-2006 (United States)

    Roivainen, Eka


    Lynn and Vanhanen (2012) have convincingly established that national IQs correlate positively with GDP, education, and many other social and economic factors. The direction of causality remains debatable. The present study re-examines data from military psychological assessments of the German federal army that show strong IQ gains of 0.5 IQ point…

  15. Biological Correlates of Northern-Southern Italy Differences in IQ (United States)

    Templer, Donald I.


    The present study was intended to provide perspective, albeit less than unequivocal, on the research of Lynn (2010) who reported higher IQs in the northern than southern Italian regions. He attributes this to northern Italians having a greater genetic similarity to middle Europeans and southern Italians to Mediterranean people. Higher regional IQ…

  16. 78 FR 78956 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    ... & OFF), 1515 Kona Drive, Compton, CA 90220, Officers: Won Rok (aka Steve) Choi, CFO (QI), Myeong H. Kim..., El Monte, CA 91731, Officers: Lynn H. Tran, Secretary (QI), Zheng Feng, CFO, Application Type: New.... 25th Street, Suite 107D, Miami, FL 33182, Officers: Sergio I. Lotero, President (QI), Stephen A. Blass...

  17. 77 FR 12361 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... Martin C. Baschab Donald Hooper Gregory Chiropolos Ronnie G. Lynn Malinda N. Parks Mark Smith Stephen C... experience driving a CMV with the vision deficiency: Joshua H. Boatright Domingo V. Perez James F. Blush Dean.... Pinson Wayne L. Green Stephen R. Marshall James A. Fassbender The following 6 applicants were denied for...

  18. Breaching the Walls of Academe: The Purposes, Problems, and Prospects of Military History (United States)

    Lynn, John A., II


    Military history faces a dire fate. Fewer and fewer colleges and universities today regard the historical study of military institutions and practices a worthy social, and therefore scholarly, charge. John Lynn enters this debate, examining the state of military history, which he defines in terms of three genres: popular, applied, and academic.…

  19. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Wells, Cait-Lynn. Vol 18, No 1 (2017) - Articles The neuromyelitis optica presentation and the aquaporin-4 antibody in HIV-seropositive and seronegative patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Abstract PDF. ISSN: 2078-6751. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors ...

  20. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. K. Kosalai. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 80 Issue 1 April 2001 pp 9-16. An automated annotation tool for genomic DNA sequences using GeneScan and BLAST · Andrew M. Lynn Chakresh Kumar Jain K. Kosalai Pranjan Barman Nupur Thakur Harish Batra Alok ...

  1. 78 FR 25305 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ..., Onin Staffing, etc. 82,617 YP Southeast Advertising & Tucker, GA March 27, 2012. Publishing LLC, YP... Enterprise Services, Policy Processing Service, Kelly Services I hereby certify that the aforementioned...

  2. Pühak Tony Blair ehk võit on võit / Maris Lillak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lillak, Maris, 1970-


    Lord Huttoni raportist, mis selgitas Briti relvaeksperdi David Kelly enesetapu asjaolusid. Raporti mõjust peaminister Tony Blairile ja meediakompaniile BBC. Vt. samas: Süüdi tunnistatud BBCd raputavad tagasiastumised

  3. 76 FR 28950 - Lynn Canal/Icy Straits Resource Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... protocol in the decision-making process and review, discuss, evaluate, and prioritize proposed projects... have rooms set up for the public to come in and listen to the call. Committee discussion is limited to... individuals will have the opportunity to address the Committee at that time. Dated: May 11, 2011. Chad Van...

  4. 76 FR 58105 - Regulated Navigation Area; Saugus River, Lynn, MA (United States)


    ... final rule. SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) on the navigable... INFORMATION: Regulatory Information The Coast Guard is issuing this temporary rule without prior notice and... Pipeline bridge poses to the navigational channel necessitates that all mariners comply with this RNA...

  5. 77 FR 55452 - Lynn Canal-Icy Strait Resource Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Federal Advisory Committee Act. The purpose of the committee is to improve collaborative relationships and... review and recommend project proposals that will meet the purposes of improving or maintaining existing...

  6. 75 FR 70294 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ...,240 Baker Hughes Oilfield Broussard, LA......... June 8, 2009. Operations, Leased Workers from Kelly... Center. 74,726 Weldco-Beales Manufacturing Tacoma, WA October 12, 2009. 74,740 Bekaert Corporation, Vista...

  7. 78 FR 34672 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ..., LLC, Automotive Electronics and Interiors, Johnson Controls, Kelly Services etc. 82,609 Tesoro Hawaii... Operating Unit. 82,707 Delphi Corporation, Electronics and Flint, MI May 6, 2012. Safety Division, Securitas...

  8. Katherine Brooke'ist / Tiina Lepiste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lepiste, Tiina


    Ameerika teleseriaali "Vaprad ja ilusad" ("The Bold and the Beautiful") osatäitja Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). Artikli aluseks on Soap Opera Weekly ajakirjaniku Linda Susmani vestlus näitlejannaga

  9. Efectividad comunitaria de las vacunas frente a la Parotiditis Infecciosa. Estudio de casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Limón Mora Juan


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTO: En nuestro país existen dos tipos de vacunas disponibles frente a la parotiditis infecciosa. En los últimos tiempos se han planteado dudas sobre la eficacia global de estas vacunas y de la eficacia comparada entre ambas (cepa Rubini y cepa Jeryl Lynn. En el distrito sanitario de A.P. "Sevilla Este" se registraron 256 casos durante 1997 (90,1 casos por 100.000 habitantes. Con este estudio se pretende aprovechar la aparición de casos de parotiditis para evaluar poblaciones afectadas e incidencia comparada según tipo de vacuna recibida durante la infancia. MÉTODOS: Análisis descriptivo de los casos (edad, distribución territorial, antecedentes vacunales,... y análisis evolutivo (tasas de incidencia anuales en el distrito sanitario y su entorno. Se evalúa la efectividad global de las vacunas frente a la parotiditis. Igualmente se estiman las tasas de incidencia de casos entre los vacunados con cepa Rubini y Jeryl Lynn. RESULTADOS: Se observan las tasas de incidencias más elevadas en niños entre 1 y 4 años. Se han estimado niveles de efectividad global para estas vacunas. Además se observa una incidencia de casos significativamente más elevada entre los niños vacunados con cepa Rubini que en los que lo hicieron con Jeryl Lynn (riesgo relativo de 6,5 con Intervalo de confianza 95% 3,6-11,8. CONCLUSIONES: La efectividad que se desprende de este estudio no parece ser tan buena como la eficacia teórica preconizada para las vacunas frente a la parotiditis. Se plantea la conveniencia de realizar otros estudios de casos según tipos de vacunas utilizadas. Igualmente son de gran interés los datos a suministrar por estudios seroepidemiológicos.

  10. New Models for Initial Teacher Education in Scotland (United States)

    Kibble, Bob


    In this article, the author responds to the recent article by Lynne Bianchi commenting on the Donaldson report, "Teaching Scotland's future" (Donaldson, 2011). He agrees that the Donaldson report has indeed been a catalyst to drive change across the entire landscape of initial teacher education (ITE) in Scotland. In fact, not only ITE:…

  11. Naturens lov

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærgård, Jonas Ross


    this equivocal concept mirrors a continuity between, on the one hand, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789), and, on the other hand, the legislation of Robespierre’s Terror regime. Hence, as opposed to recent works on the human rights of the enlightenment by scholars such as Lynn Hunt...

  12. Block Scheduling: Restructuring the School Day. Hot Topics Series. (United States)

    Flinders, David J., Ed.

    The advantages and disadvantages of block scheduling are considered in 24 articles. The editors provide an overview for each section and a conclusion for the anthology. The first section includes articles which examine issues, concepts, and cases: (1) "All around the Block" (Michael D. Rettig and Robert Lynn Canady); (2) "Block Scheduling: A Means…

  13. Parenting: An Ecological Perspective. (United States)

    Luster, Tom, Ed.; Okagaki, Lynn, Ed.

    This book examines various aspects of parenting and influences on parents, including such key contexts affecting child development as school, neighborhood, and culture. After a forward by Urie Bronfenbrenner and a preface by Tom Luster and Lynn Okagaki, which together help to introduce the topics to be discussed, the book is divided into nine…

  14. Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaal

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Veneetsia XI arhitektuuribiennaalist. Biennaali üldkuraator Aaron Betsky. Giardini parki rajatud eestlaste installatsioonist "Gaasitoru" (autorid: Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke ja Neeme Külm, kuraator Ingrid Ruudi), rahvusekspositsioonide peapreemia saanud Poola paviljonist "Hotel Polonia", Austraalia, Tšehhi ja Slovakkia ekspositsioonidest, objektipreemia pälvinud Greg Lynn'i vanadest mänguasjadest valmistatud mööblist

  15. Additional Responses to Hugh Heclo's "On Thinking Institutionally" (United States)

    Lincoln, Timothy D.; Fennell, Robert C.


    Issue 13:3 of this journal (July 2010) included a "Conversation" on Hugh Heclo's recent publication "On Thinking Institutionally" (Paradigm Publishers, 2008) with a book review by Robert Fennell and responses by Richard Ascough, Tat-siong Benny Liew, Michael McLain, and Lynne Westfield. Here we publish two additional responses to this same book.…

  16. Anatomy of a Cancer Treatment Scam

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Joshua Phillips Rohit Chopra Rebecca Kelly Slaughter Bureaus & Offices Bureau of Competition Bureau of Consumer Protection Bureau of Economics Office of Congressional Relations Office of Equal Employment Opportunity ...

  17. Composite materials for aircraft structures

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Baker, A. A; Dutton, Stuart; Kelly, Donald


    ... materials for aircraft structures / Alan Baker, Stuart Dutton, and Donald Kelly- 2nd ed. p. cm. - (Education series) Rev. ed. of: Composite materials for aircraft structures / edited by B. C. Hos...

  18. Plaadid / Mart Normet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Normet, Mart, 1979-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Kelly Osbourne "Sleeping in the Nothing", The Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business", Faith Evans "The First Lady", Joni Mitchell "Songs of a Prairie Girl", Mylene Farmer "Que L'ombre"

  19. Graafika Filharmoonias : Harry Liivrand soovitab / Harry Liivrand

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Liivrand, Harry, 1961-


    Alustatakse regulaarse kunstinäituse programmiga Estonia Kontserdisaalis. Avatakse graafikanäitus "Lähenemised" (koostaja Vappu Vabar). Osalevad Marje Üksine, Reti Saks, Maria-Kristiina Ulas, Kelli Kagovere, Naima Neidre jt

  20. A Proposal for Kelly CriterionBased Lossy Network Compression (United States)


    detection applications. Most of these applications only send alerts to the central analysis servers. These alerts do not provide the forensic capability...based intrusion detection systems. These systems tend to examine the indi- vidual system’s audit logs looking for intrusive activity. The notable

  1. Duell diktaatoriga / Juri Hashtshevatski ; interv. Kelly Grossthal, Maari Ross

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hashtshevatski, Juri


    Tallinnas linastub esimene Eesti-Valgevene ühistöö "Kalinovski väljak", dokumentaalfilm Valgevene kuulsaima režissööri pikalt kestnud ja ohtlikust konfliktist diktaator Lukashenkaga. Poliitilisest olukorrast Valgevenes, president Aleksandr Lukashenkast

  2. Elav kunstiteos : sõna otseses mõttes / Kelly Kipper

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kipper, Kelly


    Serbia kunstniku Marina Abramovići (sünd. 1946) elust ja loomingust. Performance'itest "Rütm 10", "Rütm 5", "Rütm 0", "The Artist is Present", "The Life and Death of Marina Abramović". Koostööst saksa kunstniku Ulayga (Uwe Laysiepen)

  3. Patendiinfo kasutamine teadustegevuse indikaatorina Eestis / Aleksei Kelli, Tõnis Mets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kelli, Aleksei, 1977-


    Patendiinfo kasutamisest teadustegevuse indikaatorina Eestis. Patendiinfo teadusindikaatoritest, teadustöö kvaliteeti iseloomustavast patendiinfost ja patendiinfo kasutamise regulatiivsest raamistikust

  4. Plaadid / Immo Mihkelson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mihkelson, Immo, 1959-


    Uutest plaatidest "Chicago", "1 Love", Therese "Acapulco", Soriba Kouyate "Live in Montreux", Jimi Hendrix "Blue Wild Angel", Asian Dub Foundation "Enemy Of The Enemy", Abdullah Ibrahim "African Magic", Kelly Osbourne "Shut Up"

  5. Exponential Correlation of IQ and the Wealth of Nations (United States)

    Dickerson, Richard E.


    Plots of mean IQ and per capita real Gross Domestic Product for groups of 81 and 185 nations, as collected by Lynn and Vanhanen, are best fitted by an exponential function of the form: GDP = "a" * 10["b"*(IQ)], where "a" and "b" are empirical constants. Exponential fitting yields markedly higher correlation coefficients than either linear or…

  6. Võistluskavade parimad said eile pärjatud / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    15. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali võitjatest. Parim Euraasia film "Lihtne elu" (režissöör Ann Hui, Hiina), parim režissöör Lynne Ramsay ("Me peame Kevinist rääkima", Suurbritannia). Balti filmide konkursil parim Eesti film "Surnuaiavahi tütar", parim operaator Mart Taniel ("Idioot", Eesti). Auhindade võitjad loetletud

  7. Perfektse käsitöö poeetiline realism / Aare Ermel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ermel, Aare, 1957-2013


    Rootsi filmiklassik Jan Troell (1931) ja tema filmid ning mängufilmid "Läbisegi" ("Topsy-Turvy") : režissöör Mike Leigh, "Rotipüüdja" ("Ratcatcher") : režissöör Lynne Ramsay ja "Püssirohutünn" ("Pure baruta") : režissöör Goran Paskaljevic Tallinnas III Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil

  8. Between the Rivers: Combat Action in Iraq, 2003-2005 (United States)


    Improvisation by GIs,” Washington Post, 3 August 2005, A1. See also Alfred W. McCoy, A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on...C. Martino,2005, interview by Lynne Chandler Garcia, 18 December 2005, Fort Leavenworth. On page 57 of Lundberg may be found the original list of

  9. Symposium: What Is College English? (United States)

    Bloom, Lynn Z.; White, Edward M.; Enoch, Jessica; Hawk, Byron


    This symposium explores the role(s) College English has (or has not) had in the scholarly work of four scholars. Lynn Bloom explores the many ways College English influenced her work and the work of others throughout their scholarly lives. Edward M. White examines four articles he has published in College English and draws connections between…

  10. Investigation of a Putative Estrogen-Imprinting Gene, Phosphodiesterase Type IV Variant (Pde4d4), in Determining Prostate Cancer Risk (United States)


    arrays. Methods Mol Biol 2002;200:87–100. [78] Craig JM, Kraus J, Cremer T. Removal of repetitive sequences from FISH probes using PCR-assisted affinity...Worcester, MA), David Hepps, MD, and Lynn Birch for technical contributions. Figure 5. Alterations in PDE4D4 CpG methylation and gene expression in NbE-1

  11. Technical Documentation Challenges in Aviation Maintenance: A Proceedings Report (United States)


    ATP Keith Frable - -- - -- - -- - - ASO-27 Colin Drury - -- - -- - -- - - Applied Ergonomics Lynn Pierce - -- - -- - -- - - AEG-15 Dave...Evidence-Based practices Colin Drury – Applied Ergonomics Inc. Dr. Colin Drury , President of Applied Ergonomics, Inc. and Distinguished Professor...comprehend documentation, and 4. Fail to execute steps correctly Dr. Drury reviewed a documentation example where he worked with an airline partner

  12. The Early Care and Education Teaching Workforce at the Fulcrum: An Agenda for Reform (2016). Early Childhood Education Series (United States)

    Kagan, Sharon Lynn; Kauerz, Kristie; Tarrant, Kathleen C.


    In this important new book, Sharon Lynn Kagan and her colleagues focus on the more than 2 million individuals who care for and educate nearly two thirds of the American children under age 5 participating in nonparental care. Providing the most thorough synthesis of current research on the early care and education teaching workforce to date, the…

  13. Mark Twain: A Collection of Critical Essays. Twentieth Century Views Series. (United States)

    Smith, Henry Nash, Ed.

    One of a series of works aimed at presenting contemporary critical opinion on major authors, this collection includes essays by Henry Nash Smith, Van Wyck Brooks, Maurice Le Breton, Kenneth Lynn, Leo Marx, Walter Blair, Daniel G. Hoffman, W. H. Auden, James M. Cox, Leslie Fiedler, Bernard DeVoto, and Tony Tanner--all dealing with the biography and…

  14. What Is Old Is New Again: A Systemic Approach to the Challenges of Calculus Instruction (United States)

    Carreon, Fernando; DeBacker, Stephen; Kessenich, Paul; Kubena, Angela; LaRose, P. Gavin


    In the abstract for "Calculus for a New Century: A Pump, Not a Filter," Lynn Steen wrote: "The authors agree on the forces that are reshaping calculus, but disagree on how to respond to these forces. They agree that the current course is not satisfactory, yet disagree about new content emphases. They agree that the neglect of…

  15. 76 FR 19468 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... Services and Kelly Services. 75,274 Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL....... February 14, 2010... Moines, IA........ January 28, 2010. Inc., D/B/A UPS; Des Moines Billing Site. 75,156 Abbott Point of...

  16. Exposure to biomass smoke as a risk factor for oesophageal and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Exposure to biomass smoke as a risk factor for oesophageal and gastric cancer in low-income populations: A systematic review. Violet Kayamba, Douglas C. Heimburger, Douglas R. Morgan, Masharip Atadzhanov, Paul Kelly ...

  17. Heavy Metals in Soils and Tomatoes Grown in Urban Fringe ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    4Dept. of Industrial Safety and Environmental Management, Delta State School of Marine Technology, Warri, Nigeria. ... nutrients, which are usually in short supply (Thompson and Kelly, 1990). ..... Health risk assessment of ... food chains.

  18. Pop / Mart Juur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juur, Mart, 1964-


    Heliplaatidest: The Donnas "Spend The Night", RZA "The World According To RZA", Mew "Frengers", Blur "Think Tank", Coloma "Finery", Styrofoam "I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing", R. Kelly "Chocolate Factory"

  19. Matching the reaction-diffusion simulation to dynamic [18F]FMISO PET measurements in tumors: extension to a flow-limited oxygen-dependent model. (United States)

    Shi, Kuangyu; Bayer, Christine; Gaertner, Florian C; Astner, Sabrina T; Wilkens, Jan J; Nüsslin, Fridtjof; Vaupel, Peter; Ziegler, Sibylle I


    Positron-emission tomography (PET) with hypoxia specific tracers provides a noninvasive method to assess the tumor oxygenation status. Reaction-diffusion models have advantages in revealing the quantitative relation between in vivo imaging and the tumor microenvironment. However, there is no quantitative comparison of the simulation results with the real PET measurements yet. The lack of experimental support hampers further applications of computational simulation models. This study aims to compare the simulation results with a preclinical [ 18 F]FMISO PET study and to optimize the reaction-diffusion model accordingly. Nude mice with xenografted human squamous cell carcinomas (CAL33) were investigated with a 2 h dynamic [ 18 F]FMISO PET followed by immunofluorescence staining using the hypoxia marker pimonidazole and the endothelium marker CD 31. A large data pool of tumor time-activity curves (TAC) was simulated for each mouse by feeding the arterial input function (AIF) extracted from experiments into the model with different configurations of the tumor microenvironment. A measured TAC was considered to match a simulated TAC when the difference metric was below a certain, noise-dependent threshold. As an extension to the well-established Kelly model, a flow-limited oxygen-dependent (FLOD) model was developed to improve the matching between measurements and simulations. The matching rate between the simulated TACs of the Kelly model and the mouse PET data ranged from 0 to 28.1% (on average 9.8%). By modifying the Kelly model to an FLOD model, the matching rate between the simulation and the PET measurements could be improved to 41.2-84.8% (on average 64.4%). Using a simulation data pool and a matching strategy, we were able to compare the simulated temporal course of dynamic PET with in vivo measurements. By modifying the Kelly model to a FLOD model, the computational simulation was able to approach the dynamic [ 18 F]FMISO measurements in the investigated

  20. Survey of Wastewater Discharge, Eielson AFB, Alaska, EHL(K) 73-24

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Thomas, Jerry F; Pauls, Chester F


    This report contains the results of a wastewater survey at Eielson AFB, Alaska, conducted by the USAF Environmental Health Laboratories, Kelly AFB, Texas and McClellan AFB, CA, between 22 and 27 June 1973...

  1. Synovial fluid analysis (United States)

    Joint fluid analysis; Joint fluid aspiration ... El-Gabalawy HS. Synovial fluid analysis, synovial biopsy, and synovial pathology. In: Firestein GS, Budd RC, Gabriel SE, McInnes IB, O'Dell JR, eds. Kelly's Textbook of ...

  2. Kui kapital veab alt, siis turvaliselt / Aleksander Tsapov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tsapov, Aleksander


    Kuraatorinäitus "Kapital (see veab meid alt)" Tallinna Kunstihoones. Kuraator Simon Sheikh. Fia-Stina Sandlundi, Katya Sanderi, Oliver Ressleri, Ashley Hunti ja Susan Kelly&Stephen Mortoni töödest näitusel

  3. Plaadid / Mart Normet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Normet, Mart, 1979-


    Uute heliplaatide Depeche Mode "Playing The Angel", King, B. B. "80", Ray Charles"Genius & Friends", /Queen, PaulRodgers "Return Of The Champions", Sugababes "Taller in More Ways", Kelly Clarkson ""Breakaway, Mike Oldfield "Light and Shade"

  4. The idea factory: Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gertner, Jon


    .... And at its heart this is a story about a small group of brilliant and eccentric men including Mervin Kelly, Bill Shockley, Claude Shannon, John Pierce, and Bill Baker who spent their careers at Bell Labs...

  5. Research

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    , Paul Kelly1,4. 1Tropical Gastroenterology & Nutrition Group, University of Zambia ..... 22. Valeska Portela Lima, Marcos Antonio Pereira de Lima, Angela. Rosa André, Márcia Valéria Pitombeira Ferreira, Marcos Aurélio.

  6. ÿþE k a m e n S e p t 2 0 1 0 4 A j o l . c d r

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ÿþU s e r

    1890), Kelly. (1893),Latzko (1942) .... General Five point occupational classification modified to suit our environment. A total of 4520 deliveries ... Vulval dermatitis/Vaginal Stenosis. 6. (16.2). Abdominalpains/swelling. 3. (8.1). Others. 4. (10.8).

  7. Operational research(ers) in development: Growing a new ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    working with individual stakeholders to capture their individual cognitive ..... [14] Kelly GA, 1955, The psychology of personal constructs, Norton, New York (NY). ... [26] Scavarda A, Bouzdine-Chameeva T, Goldstein S, Hays J & Hill A, 2006, ...

  8. 75 FR 44050 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ..., Mitchell L. Carmen, Christopher R. Cone, Walter O. Connelly, Stephen B. Copeland, Armando P. D'Angeli..., Andrew C. Kelly, Jason W. King, James T. Leek, Billy J. Lewis, Velmer L. McClelland, Larry McCoy, Sr...

  9. Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Environmental Toxicology (5th) Held at Fairborn, OH on 24-26 September 1974 (United States)


    naphthylamine, benzidine and derivatives, 4-biphenylamine, 4-nitrobiphenyl, auramine and magenta) Alkylating Agents (chlornaphthazlne, mustard gas...recently developed carborane-silicone columns (Willeboordse et al., 1968; Yancey and Lynn, 1974). Alkylating Agents Several alkylating agents have emerged...Magee, "Nitrosamine-Induced Carcinogenesis. The Alkylation of N-7 of Guanine of Nucleic Acids of the Rat by Diethylnitrosamine N-Ethyl-N- Nitrosourea

  10. Bookreview


    Redactie KITLV


    Marcus Wood; Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography (Lynn M. Festa) Michèle Praeger; The Imaginary Caribbean and Caribbean Imaginary (Celia Britton) Charles V. Carnegie; Postnationalism Prefigured: Caribbean Borderlands (John Collins) Mervyn C. Alleyne; The Construction and Representation of Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and the World (Charles V. Carnegy) Jerry Gershenhorn; Melville J. Herskovits and the Racial Politics of Knowledge (Richard Price)...

  11. African Zoology - Vol 23, No 4 (1988)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Reviews · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Lynne Whiffler, S.G. Compton, M.R. Perrin, M.D. Picker, M.R. Perrin, P.C. Magnuson, Jay O'Keefe, A.N. Hodgson, P Hewitt, S Endrödy-Younga, L.G. Underhill, H.M. Dott, R.T.F. Bernard, C.R. Brown, 370- ...

  12. 75 FR 60861 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Renewals; Vision (United States)


    .... Connelly, Stephen B. Copeland, Armando P. D'Angeli, Donald R. Davis, Ivory Davis, Louis A. DiPasqua, Jr..., Jesse P. Jamison, James A. Jones, Ronnie M. Jones, Andrew C. Kelly, Jason W. King, James T. Leek, Billy...

  13. 75 FR 11917 - Chrysler LLC, Technology Center, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Aerotek, Ajilon, Altair... (United States)


    ... Services, Magnasteyr, Meda Technical Services, Modern Professional Services, MSX International, Optimal, Q..., Meda Technical Services, Modern Professional Services, MSX International, Optical Q Quest Corp... Consultants, Kelly Services, Meda Technical Services, Modern Professional Services, MSX International, O/E...

  14. Disease: H00481 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available -1172-2-7 ... PMID:21552474 ... AUTHORS ... Garcia-Hoyos M, Auz-Alexandre CL, Almoguera B, Cantalapiedra D, Riveiro...-Alvarez R, Lopez-Martinez MA, Gimenez A, Blanco-Kelly F, Avila-Fernandez A, Trujillo-Tiebas MJ, Garcia-Sand

  15. Pühapäev kunsti ja muusikaga / Mari Hiiemäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hiiemäe, Mari


    Jazzkaare 20. aprillil korraldatavast kunsti ja muusika pühapäevast Niguliste muuseumis (esineb East-West Quartet), Tallinna Kunstihoones (Estonian Guitar Octet), Rotermanni soolalaos (Raivo Tafenau ja Meelis Vindi duo) ja Kumu auditooriumis (laulja Kelli Uustani plaadiesitlus)

  16. Pingelised suhted / Einar Ellermaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ellermaa, Einar, 1960-


    Ameerika teleseriaali "Vaprad ja ilusad" TV 3s näidatavate osade ja tegelaste kohta. Lisatud Brooke'i osatäitja Katherine Kelly Langi intervjuu Soap Opera Weekly'st. Sama ka Teleleht nr. 36, lk. 6-7 : ill

  17. 77 FR 46153 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    .... Carman (OH) Christopher R. Cone (GA) Walter O. Connelly (WA) Stephen B. Copeland (GA) Armando P. D'Angeli... (PA) Jesse P. Jamison (TN) Ronnie M. Jones (ID) Andrew C. Kelly (WV) Jason W. King (MT) James T. Leek...

  18. H10810: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Lynn Canal, Alaska, 1998-06-19 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  19. H10870: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Lynn Canal, Alaska, 1999-06-07 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  20. H10869: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Lynn Canal, Alaska, 1999-06-02 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  1. H10808: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Lynn Canal, Alaska, 1999-04-26 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  2. The Effect of Double Buffer Management in Packet Analysis of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Software Development ... Kelly's Scalable TCP on real networks with a set of systematic tests using ... which is widely used for Wireless LANs today, ·a 'Single queue is used in best-effort ...... support and resource allocation with timely support.

  3. 75 FR 77666 - General Motors Company, Formerly Known as General Motors Corporation, Technical Center, Including... (United States)


    ...., Global Technology Associates Limited, G-Tech Professional Staffing, Inc., Jefferson Wells, Kelly Services... Enterprise Services, Engineering Labs, Inc., Global Technology Associates Limited, G-Tech Professional... company reports that workers leased from Modern Engineering/ Professional Services were employed on-site...

  4. 30. IX kuni 31. XII 2000 toimus Makedoonia Vabariigis...

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    III rahvusvaheline graafikatriennaal "Bitola 2000" teemadel "2000 aastat kristlust" ja "Metamorfoos". Eestist osalesid Peeter Allik, Sirje Eelma, Kelli Kagovere, Avo Keerend, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Raul Meel, Benjamin Vasserman. Peapreemia - poola graafiku Mira Boczniowiczi töö "Empire Sign".

  5. Intellektuaalne emotsionaalsus / Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Mary Kelly näitus "Neli tööd dialoogis" Stockholmis Moderna Museetis 23. jaanuarini 2011. Eksponeeritud installatsioonid "Post-Partum'i dokument" (1973-1079), "Kastriot Rexhepi ballaad" (2001), "Mitmekorruseline maja" (2007) ja "Habitus" (2010) ning fotoseeria "Primapara" (1974)

  6. 76 FR 44948 - Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Actions (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water- Related Contract Actions AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY... SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michelle Kelly, Water and Environmental...

  7. YouTube onder de loep: is er plaats voor UGC platforms in de veilige havens van de e-commerce richtlijn?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Breemen, V.; Breemen, K.


    In ‘YouTube onder de loep’ onderzoeken Vicky Breemen en Kelly Breemen de positie van platformbeheerders onder de E-Commerce Richtlijn met betrekking tot auteursrechtschendende user-generated content. In het onderzoek, dat een functiegerichte benadering voorstelt, wordt het immuniteitsregime

  8. Discussing the transformative functioning of occupation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Josephsson, Staffan; Madsen, Jacob Østergaard; Aldrich,, Rebecca M.

    ), Narrative - in – action (Ricoeur, Bruner and Mattingly) Personal construct theory (eg Kelly, Sarbin, Little and Baumeister) Intrinsic motivation theory (e g,White, Bandura, Deci & Ryan, etc), and Developmental theory (Piaget, Erikson, Baltes, etc), Importance to occupational science: Occupation is used...


    Mann, Roger, Steve Jordan, Gary Smith, Kennedy Paynter, James Wesson, Mary Christman, Jessica Vanisko, Juliana Harding, Kelly Greenhawk and Melissa Southworth. 2003. Oyster Population Estimation in Support of the Ten-Year Goal for Oyster Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay: Develop...

  10. Lakk-kilpkellad Eesti Rahva Muuseumis - säilitamine ja konserveerimine / Pille Vilgota

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vilgota, Pille


    Käsitletakse lakk-kilpkellade ajalugu, nende säilitamist ja konserveerimist ning see on eeltööks kellade konserveerimise metoodika väljaarendamisel. Uurimise tulemusena täpsustus eestikeelne terminoloogia, mis võimaldab kelli täpsemalt kirjeldada ja eristada

  11. On the method of calibration of the energy dispersive EXAFS ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    samples, whose absorption edge energies are well-established. .... bend the crystal to take shape of an ellipse (Lee et al 1994). ..... Kelly S D, Hesterberg D and Ravel B 2008 Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 5, Mineralogical Methods,. Chapter ...

  12. 75 FR 14606 - Medicare Program; Request for Nominations to the Advisory Panel on Ambulatory Payment... (United States)


    ..., CPHQ Patrick A. Grusenmeyer, Sc.D., FACHE David Halsey, M.D. Judith T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS....D.* Daniel Pothen, M.S., RHIA, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Russ Ranallo, M.S...

  13. 77 FR 51542 - Medicare Program; Solicitation of Two Nominations to the Advisory Panel on Hospital Outpatient... (United States)


    ... T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS* Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D. John Marshall, CRA, RCC, RT Jim..., CHPS, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Traci Rabine Marianna V. Spanki-Varelas M.D...

  14. Poorly Responsive Celiac Disease (United States)

    ... Close Celiac Disease Understanding Celiac Disease What is Celiac Disease? Symptoms Screening and Diagnosis Treatment and Follow-Up Dermatitis ... Schuppan D, Kelly CP. Etiologies and predictors of diagnosis in nonresponsive celiac disease. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2007; 5 : 445–50. Finding ...

  15. 76 FR 10395 - BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions, Now Known as Sanmina-SCI Corporation, Division... (United States)


    ... Solutions, Now Known as Sanmina-SCI Corporation, Division Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Design and Manufacturing, a Subsidiary of Sanmina-SCI Corporation, Including On- Site Leased Workers From Kelly Services... Manufacturing Solutions, now known as Sanmina-SCI Corporation, Division Optoelectronic and Microelectronic...

  16. 76 FR 81554 - Notice of Information Collection Under Emergency Review: 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information... (United States)


    ... of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Office of Admissions (PRM/A) AGENCY: Department of State... Request: Emergency Review. Originating Office: Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Office of..., Refugees and Migration. Additional Information: Dated: December 21, 2011. Kelly A. Gauger, Deputy Director...

  17. 75 FR 42774 - Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Actions (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water- Related Contract Actions AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY... region in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michelle Kelly, Water...

  18. 76 FR 73674 - Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Actions (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water- Related Contract Actions AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY... INFORMATION CONTACT: Michelle Kelly, Water and Environmental Resources Division, Bureau of Reclamation, P.O...


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zvi H. Meiksin


    Two industrial prototype units for through-the-earth wireless communication were constructed and tested. Preparation for a temporary installation in NIOSH's Lake Lynn mine for the through-the-earth and the in-mine system were completed. Progress was made in the programming of the in-mine system to provide data communication. Work has begun to implement a wireless interface between equipment controllers and our in-mine system

  20. AFSOC Assets Beddown at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico Environmental Impact Statement (United States)


    Lovington . >< UJ :E :!!: MORTON CIMMARON OKLAHOMA TEXAS DALLAM • Dalhart HARTLEY OLDHAM DEAF SMITH TEXAS SHERMAN MOORE POTTER... Lovington . YOAKUM GAINES Andrews ANDREWS LYNN DAWSON MARTIN MIDLAND July 2007 AFSOC Assets Beddown at Cannon AFB, New Mexico EIS 5.0...Rattlesnake Draw Site Buckeye X Lea County Courthouse Lovington X X Pyburn House & Assoc. Structures Lovington X X Pecos MOA, New Mexico Lea

  1. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    L, Bellussi F, DeMitri MS. 8. O'Brien WA. 9. Daar ES, Lynn H, Donfield S, Gomperts ED,. Hilgartner MW, Hoots WK, et al. 10. KishtanovaNA. 11. Ellis LA, Brown JD, Conradie JD, Paterson. A, Sher R, Millo J, et al. 12. Halim NK. Ajayi OI. 3. Aliyu B. 14. Ayolabi CI,TawioMA,OmilabuSAAbebisi. AO, Fatoba OM. 15. Bojuwoye BJ.

  2. Cognitive Processes in Dissociation: Comment on Giesbrecht et al. (2008)


    Bremner, J. Douglas


    In “Cognitive Processes in Dissociation: An Analysis of Core Theoretical Assumptions,” published in Psychological Bulletin, Giesbrecht, Lynn, Lilienfeld, and Merckelbach (2008) have challenged the widely accepted trauma theory of dissociation, which holds that dissociative symptoms are caused by traumatic stress. In doing so the authors outline a series of links between various constructs, such as fantasy proneness, cognitive failures, absorption, suggestibility, altered information-processin...

  3. Defense Science Board 2005 Summer Study on Transformation: A Progress Assessment. Volume 2. Supporting Reports (United States)


    Banking Mr. Robert Luby, IBM Dr. Robert Lucky, Telcordia Technologies Mr. William Lynn, Raytheon Mr. Dave Oliver, EADS North America GOVERNMENT...MAY 2005 Central Command (CENTCOM) COL Peter Zielinski CENTCOM Office of Force Transformation (OFT) Review of COCOM Experimentation COL Richard...for Defense Analyses Mr. Patrick McCarthy, U.S. Joint Forces Command Mr. Stephen Moore, U.S. Joint Forces Command MAY 10, 2005 COL Peter Zielinski

  4. Three Methods for Estimating the Middle-Ear Muscle Reflex (MEMR) Using Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) Measurement Systems (United States)


    Lynne Marshall Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory Approved and Released by: S. M. WECHSLER , CAPT, MC, USN Commanding Officer...SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT A sensitive measure of the middle-ear muscle reflex (MEMR) is needed when making other sensitive audiological tests ...where activating the MEMR could confound and confuse test results. In this report we document and describe three related methods for making this

  5. The Trump Administrations March 2017 Defense Budget Proposals: Frequently Asked Questions (United States)


    The Trump Administration’s March 2017 Defense Budget Proposals: Frequently Asked Questions Pat Towell Specialist in U.S. Defense Policy and...Budget Lynn M. Williams Analyst in U.S. Defense Budget Policy April 3, 2017 Congressional Research Service 7-5700 R44806 The Trump ...8 The Trump Administration’s March 2017 Defense Budget Proposals: FAQs Congressional Research Service 1 Introduction On

  6. Calcium Imaging of Neuronal Circuits In Vivo Using a Circuit-Tracing Pseudorabies Virus




    Authors: Andrea E. Granstedt, Bernd Kuhn, Samuel S.-H. Wang and Lynn W. Enquist Corresponding author ([]()). ### INTRODUCTION Pseudorabies virus (PRV) is a neuroinvasive virus of the herpes family that has a broad host range but does not infect higher-order primates. PRV characteristically travels along chains of synaptically connected neurons and has been used extensively for elucidating neural circuits in the peripheral and central ner...

  7. Ideas as Institutions: Explaining the Air Force’s Struggle With Its Aerospace Concept (United States)


    culled from Pamela S. Tolbert and Lynne G. Zucker’s “The Institutionalism of Institutional Theory ” from the Handbook of Organization Studies, ed...The Institutionalization of Institutional Theory ,” in Handbook of Organization Studies, ed. Stewart R. Clyog, Cynthia Hardy, and Walter R. Nord...Pamela S. Tolbert, published an article in The Handbook of Organization Studies (1996), entitled “The Institutionalization of Institutional Theory .” Both

  8. Role of scanning electron microscopy in identifying drugs used in medical practice. (United States)

    Fazil Marickar, Y M; Sylaja, N; Koshy, Peter


    Several plant preparations are administered for treatment of stone disease without scientific basis. This paper presents the results of in vitro and animal experimental studies using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in the identification of the therapeutic properties of trial drugs in medicine. In the first set of the study, urinary crystals namely calcium oxalate monohydrate and calcium oxalate dehydrate were grown in six sets of Hane's tubes in silica gel medium. Trial drugs namely scoparia dulcis Lynn, musa sapiens and dolicos biflorus were incorporated in the gel medium to identify the dopant effect of the trial drugs on the size and extent of crystal column growth. The changes in morphology of crystals were studied using SEM. In the second set, six male Wistar rats each were calculogenised by administering sodium oxalate and ethylene glycol and diabetised using streptozotocin. The SEM changes of calculogenisation were studied. The rats were administered trial drugs before calculogenisation or after. The kidneys of the rats studied under the scanning electron microscope showed changes in tissue morphology and crystal deposition produced by calculogenisation and alterations produced by addition of trial drugs. The trial drugs produced changes in the pattern of crystal growth and in the crystal morphology of both calcium oxalate monohydrate and calcium oxalate dihydrate grown in vitro. Elemental distribution analysis showed that the crystal purity was not altered by the trial drugs. Scoparia dulcis Lynn was found to be the most effective anticalculogenic agent. Musa sapiens and dolicos biflorus were found to have no significant effect in inhibiting crystal growth. The kidneys of rats on calculogenisation showed different grades of crystals in the glomerulus and interstitial tissues, extrusion of the crystals into the tubular lumen, collodisation and tissue inflammatory cell infiltration. Scoparia dulcis Lynn exhibited maximum protector effect against the

  9. Jane f. Kelly and catherine l. Ward Department of Psychology ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Department of Psychology, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa ... Substance abuse and criminality are critical problems in South Africa, yet ... cial behaviour can be divided into two groups ..... Primary Prevention, 23, 483-514.

  10. 77 FR 19719 - Whirlpool Corporation Including On-Site Leased Workers From Career Solutions TEC Staffing, IBM... (United States)


    ... Logistics, Eurest, Canteen, Kelly Services, Inc., Prodriver, Arkansas Warehouse, Inc., Andrews International... information shows that workers leased from Andrews International employed on-site at the Fort Smith, Arkansas...) tax account under the name U.S. Security. Accordingly, the Department is amending this certification...

  11. Economic values for dairy production traits under different milk ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    A well-defined breeding objective forms the basis of a sound breeding programme. .... (ZAR per unit) by breed under different milk payment systems. Milk Buyer. Breed. Trait. A. B. C .... Veerkamp, R.F., Dillon, P., Kelly, A.R. & Groen, A.F., 2002.

  12. Analysis of Whole-Genome Data in a Public Health Lab

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Kelly Oakeson, a bioinformatics and genomics research analyst with the Utah Department of Health, discusses bioinformatics and genomics research.  Created: 10/17/2017 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 10/17/2017.

  13. In Praise of Progress (United States)

    ... singer Randy Owen, formerly lead singer of the band Alabama, (with his wife Kelly). Photo courtesy of NIH NIH Director Elias Zerhouni, M.D., comments at the awards dinner focused on the vital role medical research plays in improving health care for all ...

  14. Kaupuni Village: A Closer Look at the First Net-Zero Energy Affordable Housing Community in Hawai'i (Brochure)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This is the first of four Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative community brochures focused on HCEI success stories. This brochure focuses on the first LEED Platinum net-zero energy affordable housing community in Hawaii. Our lead NREL contact for HCEI is Ken Kelly.

  15. jfewr ©2017 - jfewr Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Adams Chaskda

    Lal and Stewart 1990;. Van der Warf, and Petit, 2002; Kyba et al., 2014). Also, to ..... Farris Z.J.; Golden, C.D.; Karpanty, S.; Murphy,. A.; Stauffer, D.; Ratelolahy, F. Andrianjakarivelo, V.; Holmes, C.M. and. Kelly M.J. (2015). Hunting, Exotic.

  16. 78 FR 51727 - Announcement of the Second 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting and Invitation for... (United States)


    ... current scientific knowledge in the field of human nutrition and chronic disease. Appointed Committee.... Department of Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services and Research, Education, and Economics... DFO, 2015 DGAC, Kellie (O'Connell) Casavale, Ph.D., R.D., Nutrition Advisor; Office of Disease...

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    Items 501 - 550 of 3286 ... C Opoku-Okrah, BKS Acquah, EE Dogbe ... Nancy Weathers, Jenna Ladd, Iretiola Fajolu, Christopher Esezobor, Christian Makwe, Bukola Odusanya, Rose Anorlu, Wasiu Adeyemo, Edna Iroha, Mathias Egri-Okwaji, Prisca Adejumo, Lawal Oyeneyin, Moses Abiodun, Bolaji Badejoko, Kelli Ryckman.

  18. 75 FR 51827 - Notice of a Meeting of a Working Group of the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director (United States)


    ... Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University Medical Campus. The meeting will be... between the Blue Ribbon Panel and the National Research Council Committee on Technical Input (NRC... concerning this meeting, contact Ms. Kelly Fennington, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Office of Biotechnology...

  19. 76 FR 72708 - Medicare Program; Renaming and Other Changes to the Advisory Panel on Hospital Outpatient Payment... (United States)


    .... Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., M.P.H. Judith T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D.... Pothen, M.S., RHIA, CHPS, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC. Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Marianna V. Spanaki-Varela...

  20. Plaadid / Villu Päärt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Päärt, Villu, 1972-


    Uutest heliplaatidest "The Very Best of MTV Unplugged", Der Rote Bereich "Risky Business", Jeanette "Rock My Life", Jean-Michel Jarre "Sessions 2000", Zwan "Mary Star Of The Sea", Stevie Wonder "The Definitive Collection", Vince Gill "Next Big Thing", R. Kelly "Chocolate Factory"

  1. Mani, Augustine and the vision of God

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Apr 10, 2013 ... that is addressed, the sun by day or moon by night. It is specified that the ..... We can continue this 'Manichaean reading' of Augustine's great work with the .... 1999, Copfic documentary texts from Kellis, vol. 1, Oxbow Books ...

  2. 75 FR 82066 - Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Actions (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water- Related Contract Actions AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY... CONTACT: Michelle Kelly, Water and Environmental Services Division, Bureau of Reclamation, P.O. Box 25007...

  3. 76 FR 60527 - Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Actions (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water- Related Contract Actions AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY... CONTACT: Michelle Kelly, Water and Environmental Resources Division, Bureau of Reclamation, P.O. Box 25007...

  4. CERN recognizes LHC suppliers with Golden Hadron awards

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    The recipients of CERN's first 'Golden Hadron' awards for outstanding supplier performance are the Russian institute BINP, the Belgian firm Cockerill-Sambre and the US company Wah-Chang. LHC project leader Lyn Evans (centre) with Santo Comel of Cockerill-Sambre (left) and Lynn Davis of Wah-Chang. The third recipient, Alexander Skrinsky of the Budker Institute, was unable to attend the ceremony and will collect the Institute's award in September.

  5. [Comparative evaluation of neurovirulence of domestic and foreign live mumps vaccine]. (United States)

    Maksimova, O A; Popov, V F; Bektimirov, T A; Grigor'eva, L V; Iunasova, T N; Kaplunova, O P; Sharova, O K


    Morphological and immunofluorescent study of changes in the central nervous system of monkeys with mumps was carried out in order to determine the criteria of neurovirulence of different mumps virus strains. Quantitative evaluation showed a lower residual neurovirulence of L-3 strain vs. Jeryl Lynn and Urabe Am9 strains. Use of new methodological approaches to evaluation of mumps vaccine strain neurovirulence will improve the safety control of live mumps vaccines.

  6. Graafikatriennaali peapreemia Andres Talile

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tallinna XII graafikatriennaali preemiad: grand prix - Andres Tali; 3 võrdset preemiat - Janne Laine, Leonards Laganovskis, Peeter Laurits; diplomid - Lynne Allen, Lucrecia Urbano, Vladimir Tshaika, Zora Stanè, Endi Poskovic, Päivikki Kallio; EKM preemia - Tif Bitmap; Tallinna linna preemia - Ülle Marks ja Jüri Kass; eripreemiad: - J. Laine (Eesti Pank), Vive Tolli (Paletti Eesti AS), Martins Ratniksh, Juris Boiko, T. Bitmap (Balteco AS). Žürii koosseis

  7. Waterborne Commerce of the United States Calendar Year 1987. Part 4. Waterways and Harbors Pacific Coast, Alaska and Hawaii (United States)


    AND UNAR OR DRY CARGO TANKER AN TASER DRY CARGO TUGBOAT DR CARGO RUGASO SK3G4 AY IARBOR, ALASKA..(CONTINJED) INJ8IJJND OJTBOJND 25...122 Colombia River Entrance, Oreg., and Lewis River, Wash. ---- 59, 119 Wash. ------------ 40, 115 Long Beach Harbor, Calif. ,----- 4 105...6, 105 Colombia Rsver, Portn other than Portland, Lynn Canal, blask--------5. 128 Astoria, St. Helens, Longvien, Vanvoover, and Kala -------- 4

  8. Roughness Length Variability over Heterogeneous Surfaces (United States)


    2004), the influence of variable roughness reaches its maximum at the height of local 0z and vanishes at the so- called blending height (Wieringa...the distribution of visibility restrictors such as low clouds, fog, haze, dust, and pollutants . An improved understanding of ABL structure...R. D., B. H. Lynn, A. Boone, W.-K. Tao, and J. Simpson, 2001: The influence of soil moisture, coastline curvature, and land-breeze circulations on

  9. Understanding the Anti-Access and Area Denial Threat: An Army Perspective (United States)


    65Van Tol, et al, 32-40. 66Eric V. Larson, Derek Eaton, Paul Elrick, Theodore Karasik, Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy...Davis, Lynn E., Stacie L. Pettyjohn, Melanie W. Sisson, Stephen M. Worman, and Michael J. McNerney. US Overseas Military Presence: What are the...Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy, and John Zavadil. Assuring Access in Key Strategic Regions: Toward a Long-Term Strategy

  10. Novel Si-Ge-C Superlattices for More than Moore CMOS (United States)


    Keywords: Silicon ; Germanium; Carbon; Superlattices; Direct Band-Gaps; Silicon - Photonics ; Image Sensors. Introduction Materials with direct band-gaps and...Wang Z., B. Tian, M. Pantouvaki, et al., “Room- temperature InP distributed feedback laser array directly grown on silicon ”, Nature Photonics 9, 2015...Creek Blvd. Suite 284 San Jose, CA 95129 Contact author: Abstract: The search for Silicon -based direct band-gap

  11. Determining Sources of Fecal Contamination in Two Rivers of Northumberland County, Virginia


    Szeles, Cheryl Lynne


    DETERMINING SOURCES OF FECAL CONTAMINATION IN TWO RIVERS OF NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA By Cheryl Lynne Szeles Dr. Charles Hagedorn III, Chairman Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences (ABSTRACT) The goal of monitoring the water quality of shellfish beds is to provide protection against transmission of water-borne infectious diseases. The Coan River and the Little Wicomico River contain shellfish beds that are closed to harvest due to contamination with fecal ...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zvi H. Meiksin


    Two industrial prototype units for through-the-earth wireless communication were constructed and tested. Preparation for a temporary installation in NIOSH's Lake Lynn mine for the through-the-earth and the in-mine system were completed. Progress was made in the programming of the in-mine system to provide data communication. Work has begun to implement a wireless interface between equipment controllers and our in-mine system.



    Özalp, Osman N.


    Kavramlarla ilgili bkz. Zartman, I. William (Hg.): Collapsed States: The Disintegration and Restoration of Legitimate Authority, Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 1995; Rotberg, Robert I.: The Failure and Collapse of Nation-States: Breakdown, Prevention and Repair, in: Beisheim, Marianna/Schuppert, Gunnar F.: Staatszerfall und Governance. Baden Baden: Nomos 2007, s. 59-97; Helman, Gerald B./Ratner, Steven B.: Saving Failed States, in: Foreign Policy, 1992 (89), 3-20; Schneckener, Ulrich (Ed.): Fra...

  14. 77 FR 2992 - Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Adams and Grant Counties, WA; Final Comprehensive Conservation... (United States)


    ...: Kelly Chase, Refuge Manager, (509) 488-2668 (phone); [email protected] (email). SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION... Columbia NWR in accordance with the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966 (16 U.S.C... National Wildlife Refuge System, consistent with sound principles of fish and wildlife management...

  15. Knots and Links

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    in a fashion similar to sound waves, whose medium is air. Ether was believed ..... [3] Colin C Adams, The Knot Book, W H Freeman and Company, New. York. ... [5] Kelly S Chichak, Stuart j CantriU, Antony R Pease, Sheng-Hsien. Chiu, Gareth ...

  16. 75 FR 49529 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... Workers from Express Services and Staffmark. 74,081 General Motors Vehicle Shreveport, LA....... August 28, 2010. Manufacturing, General Motors Corp., Leased Workers Aerotek and Kelly Services. The following... Imaging El Paso, TX January 12, 2009. 73,376 Wacker Neuson Corporation, Menomonee Falls, WI.. January 27...

  17. 76 FR 60934 - Proposal Review Panel for Human Resource Development; Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION Proposal Review Panel for Human Resource Development; Notice of...; Proposal Review Panel Human Resource Development ( 1199). Date/Time: November 1, 2011; 5 p.m. to 10 p.m...: Part-Open. Contact Person: Kelly Mack, Division of Human Resource Development, Room 815, National...

  18. 75 FR 56141 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... Electronics Lynchburg, VA May 27, 2009. Corporation, Leased Workers from Alpha Omega, Kelly Services, and Man...,531 Anthem Insurance Companies, Mason, OH August 13, 2009. Inc., Wellpoint, Finance Accounting, Leased Workers from Rogert Half/Accounting etc. The following certifications have been issued. The requirements...

  19. Катриона Келли, Павлик Морозов и Любянка / Юрий Дружников

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Дружников, Юрий, 1933-2008


    Catriona Kelly uurimusest "Comrade Pavlik. The rise and fall of a soviet boy hero" (2005). J. Družnikov süüdistab C. Kellyt oma raamatu "Pealekaebaja 001" ("Доносчик 001", esitrükk Londonis 1988) plagieerimises

  20. The effect of fermented milk with Bifidobacterium infantis on ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 19, 2008 ... antibiotherapy with amoxicillin and contamination with ... analysis of the stools of 120 infants who were the most affected by ..... competitiveness for sites of adherence (Kelly et al.,. 2006). .... Fingerprinting demonstrates the survival of ... precursor cell increased traffic in allergic subjects an immunology.

  1. "I work all the time- he just waits for the animals to come back": social impacts of climate changes: a Greenlandic case study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Voorst, R.


    Understanding human adaptation to climate changes is one of the most important research issues within the area of global environmental change, accounting for the fact that people worldwide are currently adapting to their changing environment (Adger and Kelly 2000: 253; Smit et al. 2008). The

  2. Single-stage repair versus traditional repair of high anorectal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    studied and were divided into two groups on the basis of a random number table. ... After clinical evaluation using the Kelly score, patients were divided into three ... All patients were subjected to MRI at the age of 3 years and the findings were ...

  3. 77 FR 65384 - Announcement of Intent To Establish the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and... (United States)


    .../or HHS Co-Executive Secretary, 2015 DGAC: Kellie (O'Connell) Casavale, Ph.D., RD; Office of Disease...; Telephone: (703) 305-7600; Fax: (703) 305-3300. USDA Co-Executive Secretary, Shanthy A. Bowman, Ph.D..., which includes physical activity; nutrient bioavailability; nutrition biochemistry and physiology; food...

  4. 78 FR 8147 - Establishment of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Alternate Designated Federal Officer, 2015 DGAC: Kellie (O'Connell) Casavale, Ph.D., RD; Office of Disease...; Telephone: (703) 305-7600; Fax: (703) 305-3300. USDA Co-Executive Secretary, Shanthy A. Bowman, Ph.D...; nutrient bioavailability; nutrition biochemistry and physiology; food processing science, safety and...

  5. 76 FR 27669 - Penske Logistics LLC, a Subsidiary of General Electric/Penske Corporation Including On-Site... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-74,897] Penske Logistics LLC, a Subsidiary of General Electric/Penske Corporation Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Temporary... workers and former workers of Penske Logistics LLC, a subsidiary of General Electric/Penske Corporation...

  6. 76 FR 17447 - Penske Logistics LLC a Subsidiary of General Electric/Penske Corporation Including On-Site Leased... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-74,897] Penske Logistics LLC a Subsidiary of General Electric/Penske Corporation Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly Temporary... (TAA) applicable to workers and former workers of Penske Logistics LLC, a subsidiary of General...

  7. 78 FR 42805 - HarperCollins Publishers Distribution Operations Including On-Site Leased Workers From Action... (United States)


    ... Distribution Operations Including On- Site Leased Workers From Action Personnel, CGA Staffing Services, Dynamic... from Action Personnel, CGA Staffing Services, Dynamic Staffing, Kelly Services, and Manpower, Scranton... (Volume 78 FR Pages 28628-28630). At the request of the State Workforce Office, the Department reviewed...

  8. Muusika DVD-d / Juhan Ulfsak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulfsak, Juhan, 1973-


    Uute DVD-de Eppu Normaali "Video jää pystyyn", Taraf de Haidouks "The Continuing Adventures Of Taraf de Haidouks, "Kraftwerk "Minimum/Maximum", Judas Priest "Rising In The East", R. Kelly "Trapped In The Closet", Deep Purple "Perihelion", Ray Charles "50 Years In Music"

  9. 76 FR 61719 - Notice of a meeting of a working group of the NIH Blue Ribbon Panel (United States)


    ... Diseases Laboratories at Boston University Medical Center. The meeting will be held Wednesday, November 2... National Research Council Committee on Technical Input will participate in this discussion and provide its... concerning this meeting, contact Ms. Kelly Fennington, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Office of Biotechnology...

  10. Blast Mitigation Sea Analysis - Evaluation of Lumbar Compression Data Trends in 5th Percentile Female Anthropomorphic Test Device Performance Compared to 50th Percentile Male Anthropomorphic Test Device in Drop Tower Testing (United States)


    Kelly Bosch, PE Proceedings of the ASME 2016 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering...imparted on the occupant • Ideal EA device would reduce peak load and duration to reduce injury probability 5th Percentile Female – 200 g Pulse

  11. Second Chance or No Chance? A Case Study of One Urban Alternative Middle School (United States)

    Kennedy-Lewis, Brianna L.


    This qualitative case study focuses on a school created to educate expelled students, specifically examining the relationships between educators' beliefs and philosophies and daily school life. At this school, Kelly's ("Last chance high." Yale University Press, New Haven, 1993) competing philosophies of "traditionalism" and…

  12. 76 FR 22923 - Wellpoint, Inc. D/B/A/Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Enterprise Provider Data Management Team... (United States)


    .../B/A/Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Enterprise Provider Data Management Team Including On-Site... & Blue Shield, Enterprise Provider Data Management Team, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Kelly... Of Kentucky, Enterprise Provider Data Management Team, Louisville, Kentucky TA-W-74,895B Wellpoint...

  13. Hypnosis, hypnotic suggestibility, memory, and involvement in films. (United States)

    Maxwell, Reed; Lynn, Steven Jay; Condon, Liam


    Our research extends studies that have examined the relation between hypnotic suggestibility and experiential involvement and the role of an hypnotic induction in enhancing experiential involvement (e.g., absorption) in engaging tasks. Researchers have reported increased involvement in reading (Baum & Lynn, 1981) and music-listening (Snodgrass & Lynn, 1989) tasks during hypnosis. We predicted a similar effect for film viewing: greater experiential involvement in an emotional (The Champ) versus a non-emotional (Scenes of Toronto) film. We tested 121 participants who completed measures of absorption and trait dissociation and the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility and then viewed the two films after either an hypnotic induction or a non-hypnotic task (i.e., anagrams). Experiential involvement varied as a function of hypnotic suggestibility and film clip. Highly suggestible participants reported more state depersonalization than less suggestible participants, and depersonalization was associated with negative affect; however, we observed no significant correlation between hypnotic suggestibility and trait dissociation. Although hypnosis had no effect on memory commission or omission errors, contrary to the hypothesis that hypnosis facilitates absorption in emotionally engaging tasks, the emotional film was associated with more commission and omission errors compared with the non-emotional film. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. approximate method for the determination of natural frequencies

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ES Obe

    c = √. Gg γ. (3). The vibration of a uniform simply supported beam (Figure 1) generates a ... c fi. (i = 1, 2, 3). (4) where fi = natural frequency of vibration of the bar in the ith mode; ..... Journal sound vibration, 96(4), 437- ... Kelly, S.G. (1993).

  15. 77 FR 25199 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... and Kelly Services. 81,293 NCO Financial Systems, Canonsburg, PA....... February 2, 2011. Inc............ October 1, 2011. Incorporated, On Site: E- Technical, Apple One, Ware Technology Services and Staffing. 81............ April 29, 2011. Shield, Wellpoint, Inc., Service Operations, Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia. 81...

  16. 76 FR 57944 - Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; Northeast Multispecies Fisheries, Small-Mesh... (United States)


    ... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Moira Kelly, Fishery Policy Analyst, (978) 281-9218, [email protected] catch (ABC) limits based on recommendations from its Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC), at its September 2011 meeting. The SSC has recommended separate ABCs by stock or stock group: Northern red hake...

  17. 76 FR 60933 - Proposal Review Panel for Human Resource Development; Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION Proposal Review Panel for Human Resource Development; Notice of..., Proposal Review Panel Human Resource Development ( 1199). Date/Time: October 17, 2011; 5 p.m. to 10 p.m... Meeting: Part-Open. Contact Person: Kelly Mack, Division of Human Resource Development, Room 815, National...

  18. Cannes : türgi eksistentsialism ja ameerika kiirtoit / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Cannes'i filmifestival. Nähtud filmidest : türklase Nuri Bilge Ceylani "Kliima", soomlase Aki Kaurismäki "Äärelinna tuled", inglase Andrea Arnoldi "Punane tänav" ("Red Road"), ameeriklase Richard Linklateri "Kiirtoidurahvas" ("Fast Food Naton") ja samuti ameeriklase Richard Kelly "Lõuna jutud" ("Southland Tales")

  19. Rescuing Dogs in the Frederick Community | Poster (United States)

    Many Frederick National Lab employees have a favorite cause to which they volunteer a significant amount of time. For Dianna Kelly, IT program manager/scientific program analyst, Office of Scientific Operations, and Courtney Kennedy, associate technical project manager, Business Enterprise Systems, that cause is dog rescue.

  20. Thumbnail Images

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thylstrup, Nanna; Teilmann, Stina


    and strategic terms; and a cultural question of how human-computer interaction design works with navigational uncertainty, both as an experience to be managed and a resource to be exploited. This paper considers two copyright infringement cases that involved search engines as defendants, Kelly v. Arriba Soft...

  1. 77 FR 51064 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... Impact date 81,646 CalAmp Wireless Waseca, MN Networks Corporation, Spherion Staffing. 81,697 Global...., Patentes Milwaukee, WI....... Talgo, S.L., Kelly Services, Triada Employment Services & Manpower. 81,791...--search--form.cfm under the searchable listing of determinations or by calling the Office of Trade...

  2. 75 FR 75699 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... Workers College Station, TX.. May 19, 2009. from Kelly Services. 74,286 Pearson Education, Glenview, IL......... June 8, 2009. Curriculum Group Division; Pearson, Inc.; Leased Workers from Corestaff. 74,675... Department. 74,722 Allied Marketing Group....... Dallas, TX. 74,739 Chapman Data Services, Inc... Dallas, TX...

  3. 75 FR 45161 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... 202(b)(1); (B) An affirmative determination of market disruption or threat thereof under section 421(b..., Indotronix and Connexion. 73,966 Nortel Networks, CVAS Test Research Triangle April 19, 2009. Organization... Gretna, VA February 3, 2009. Workers from Kelly Temporary Services. 73,680 Hirschmann Automation and...

  4. Emotional and Personality-Related Aspects of Persistent Career Decision-Making Difficulties (United States)

    Saka, Noa; Gati, Itamar


    This study focused on examining the persistent aspects of career decision-making difficulties, using the Emotional and Personality-related Career decision-making Difficulties scale ("EPCD"; [Saka, N., Gati, I., & Kelly, K.R. (in press). Emotional and personality-related aspects of career decision-making difficulties. "Journal of Career…

  5. 77 FR 32711 - 30-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: DS-234, Special Immigrant Visa Biodata Form... (United States)


    ..., Refugees, and Migration, Office of Admissions (PRM/A). Form Number: DS-234. Respondents: Iraqi and Afghan... Population, Refugees and Migration. Dated: May 14, 2012. Kelly A. Gauger, Deputy Director, Office of Admissions, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Department of State. [FR Doc. 2012-13343 Filed 5...

  6. 77 FR 47669 - Employment and Training Administration (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration TA-W-81,446, Wellpoint, Inc., NE Enrollment and Billing Division, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Aerotek, Kelly Services and Populus Group, North Haven, CT; TA-W-81,446A, Wellpoint, Inc., NE Enrollment and Billing Division, Including On...

  7. 76 FR 66931 - Medicare Program: Notice of Two Membership Appointments to the Advisory Panel on Ambulatory... (United States)


    ...., FACHE.* David A. Halsey, M.D. Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., MPH. Judith T. Kelly, R.H.I.T., R.H.I.A., C.C.S. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D. John Marshall, CRA, RCC, CIRCC, RT(R), FAHRA. Agatha Nolan, D.Ph., M.S...

  8. 78 FR 75345 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    .... Romero, President (QI). Application Type: New NVO & OFF License. F.H.L. Logistics, Inc. (NVO & OFF), 1354.... Officers: Arif H. Butt, General Manager (QI), Unni Krishnan Nair, President. Application Type: New NVO...: Stephen F. Crooks, Vice President (QI), Scott Kelly, President. Application Type: Adding NVO Service...

  9. A Commentary by Chinese Hotel Workers on the Value of Vocational Education. (United States)

    Huyton, Jeremy R.; Ingold, Anthony


    An adaptation of Kelly's Repertory Grid was completed by Chinese hotel staff. Results showed they revered higher education qualifications for the prestige and respect they commanded; secondary vocational-technical education was viewed very negatively. However, higher education is typically better funded and staffed than vocational education. (SK)

  10. An Examination of Attitudes towards Women in Leadership Positions in Public Universities in Saudi Arabia (United States)

    Alfawzan, Norah Saad


    Despite opportunities for female leadership in the field of higher education made available through gender-segregation policies, women leaders are underrepresented in Saudi Arabia (Jamjoom & Kelly, 2013). There are obstacles that Saudi women face when seeking leadership positions in higher education, including societal attitudes on gender. Due…

  11. 75 FR 65431 - Change in Disease Status of Japan Because of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (United States)


    .... Kelly Rhodes, Senior Staff Veterinarian, Regionalization Evaluation Services--Import, National Center... specialty market. Although entities that purchase beef from Japan will be affected by this rule, farms in... the list of FMD-free regions that are subject to certain import restrictions on meat and meat products...

  12. Environmental and economic benefits of sustainable development

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McKay, P.; Kelly, B.; Passmore, J.


    The panel on sustainable development was moderated by Paul McKay of the Wildside Foundation. Bryan Kelly, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at Ontario Hydro, and Jeffrey Passmore of Passmore Associates International were the panel members. Bryan Kelly described the objectives of his group's program as reducing market barriers, and get renewables on a level playing field through technological advances to ensure that ' when Ontario Hydro or its successors make decisions about new capacity, renewables will be a viable option and will not be dismissed out of hand'. To illustrate the approach, he described several ongoing research and development projects. Jeffrey Passmore reported on a study he conducted for the Canadian Wind Energy Association and Environment Canada to determine the environmental and economic benefits of wind energy in Canada. He estimated achievable wind energy potential in Canada at around 6400 MW by 2010. He stressed wind energy's potential for job creation and CO 2 reduction as the principal economic and environmental benefits

  13. A “New Irish Woman” Emerges: Subverting Femininity in Maeve Kelly’s A Life of Her Own

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángela Rivera Izquierdo


    Full Text Available Women in Irish fiction have been largely the creation of male writers, and the embodiment of religious virtues such as purity and passivity, conventionally regarded as “feminine.” Not only the Roman Catholic Church but also the State progressively contributed to the social construct of Irish womanhood as inferior and, above all, domestic. From the 1960s onwards many women writers have tried relentlessly to reimage women in their fiction. Feminist activist Maeve Kelly is an outstanding example of such writers whose work remains virtually unexplored. Very often Kelly’s protagonists are women in their conventional roles as wives and mothers who struggle for happiness and independence. This essay focuses on her collected stories A Life of Her Own (1976, and particularly on her short story “The vain woman,” in which Kelly presents us with a “new Irish woman” who is no longer the personification of the Virgin Mary, and who actively rebels against her environment.

  14. Space shuttle crew training at CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Paola Catapano

    From 13 to 16 October, the crew of NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-134 came to CERN for a special physics training programme. Invited here by Samuel Ting, they will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) detector to the International Space Station (ISS).   The STS134 crew in the Lodge at the Aiguille du Midi wearing CERN fleeces. From left to right: Captain Mark Kelly, US Navy; Pilot Gregory Johnson, USAF ret.; Mission Specialist Andrew Feustel; Mission Specialist Mike Fincke, USAF, Mission Specialist Gregory Chamitoff and Mission Specialist Roberto Vittori, ESA and Italian Air Force. Headed by Commander Mark Kelly, a US Navy captain, the crew included pilot Gregory Johnson, a US Air Force (USAF) colonel, and mission specialists Mike Fincke (also a USAF Colonel), Andrew Feustel, and Gregory Chamitoff of NASA, as well as Colonel Roberto Vittori of the European Space Agency (ESA). Two flight directors, Gary Horlache and Derek Hassmann of NASA, and the engineer responsible for the Ext...

  15. New species of Ciliates (Genus: Strombidium sp.) from hypoxic waters of the Bay of Bengal, Northern Indian Ocean

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Elangovan, S.S.; Gauns, M.

    water (125m depth). Temperature: 20˚C, Salinity: 34.8 psu Dissolved oxygen: 0.02 ml/l Key features Cell almost heart shaped, anterior cylindrical, posterior conical. Cell almost heart shaped, anterior cylindrical, posterior conical. 10 15..., including a description of Apostrombidium parakielum spec.nov. (Ciliophora, Ologotrichia), Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol., 63 (2013), 1179-1191. 7. Lynn, D.H & Montagnes D.J.C., Taxonomic descriptions of some conspicuous species of Strombilidiine...

  16. Chemical and Ceramic Methods Toward Safe Storage of Actinides

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    P.E.D. Morgan; R.M. Housley; J.B. Davis; M.L. DeHaan


    A very important, extremely-long-term, use for monazite as a radwaste encapsulant has been proposed. The use of ceramic La-monazite for sequestering actinides (isolating them from the environment), especially plutonium and some other radioactive elements (e.g., fission-product rare earths), had been especially championed by Lynn Boatner of ORNL. Monazite may be used alone or, copying its compatibility with many other minerals in nature, may be used in diverse composite combinations

  17. Seks korraks kõik: 15. PÖFF sai läbi, "Eesti film 100" ootab ees

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    15. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali võitjatest. Parim Euraasia film "Lihtne elu" (režissöör Ann Hui, Hiina), parim režissöör Lynne Ramsay "Me peame Kevinist rääkima" (Suurbritannia), parim meeesnäitleja Sven Nordin filmist "Norra pojad", parim naisnäitleja Deanie Ip filmist "Lihne elu". Elutööauhinnad said Rein Raamat, Rein Maran, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson ja Aleksandr Sokurov

  18. Clinical Investigation Program RCS-MED-300 (R1) (United States)


    deprivation noted in the history or physical. Subjects agree to participate in the study. The independent variable is touch which if present is administered...INVESTIGATORS: MAJ Lynn Whittington , MC KEY WORDS: Intubation, pediatric training Study Objective: This training is designed to teach physicians and other health...with a high stress job are medical interns. Interns are sleep deprived , eat poorly, and have a high degree of emotional stress due to the novelty of

  19. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 16, Number 7 (United States)


    Dr. Lynn Rogers 7 O A&I Mr. William Flannelly Mr. J.B. Sandifer * TABj Mr. William Flathau Dr. Richard Skop TB Dr. David Fleming Mr. David Smallwood ...Wang and A. Olabimtan A. Cabelli and I.C. Shepherd Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman , OK, Rept. No. FSEL/ Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Res. Organi...and the ability to excite structures from simple harmonic motion to ex- D.O. Smallwood pected multifrequency response-time histories are possible

  20. Investigation of Real-Time Two-Dimensional Visualization of Fuel Spray Liquid/Vapor Distribution via Exciplex Fluorescence. (United States)




    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zvi H. Meiksin


    A temporary installation of Transtek's in-mine communications system in the Lake Lynn mine was used in the mine rescue training programs offered by NIOSH in April and May 2002. We developed and implemented a software program that permits point-to-point data transmission through our in-mine system. We also developed a wireless data transceiver for use in a PLC (programmed logic controller) to remotely control long-wall mining equipment.

  2. Suitability of groundwater and surface water for drinking and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Water quality for irrigation purpose were determined by sodium absorption ratio, soluble sodium percentage (SSP), magnesium adsorption ratio (MAR), Kelly's ratio (KR), permeability index (PI), residual sodium bicarbonate (RSC) to investigate an eventual ionic toxicity of water on soil and plants. In this study, HCO3- is ...

  3. Enriching Critical Thinking and Language Learning with Educational Digital Libraries (United States)

    Lu, Hsin-lin


    As the amount of information available in online digital libraries increases exponentially, questions arise concerning the most productive way to use that information to advance learning. Applying the earlier information seeking theories advocated by Kelly (1963), Taylor (1968), and Belkin (1980) to the digital libraries experience, Carol Kuhlthau…

  4. Operational art in the Defense: The German Abwehrschlachten in 1918 (United States)


    Siegismund, 1937), 74. 21 Jacob Jung, Max von Gallwitz (1852-1937) (Osnabrück: Biblio -Verlag, 1995), 93 & 97. 22 Erich Ludendorff, Meine...Goerre-Verlag, 2003. 44 Jung, Jakob. Max von Gallwitz (1852-1937). Osnabrück: Biblio -Verlag, 1995. Kelly, Justin, and Michael J. Brennan. "The

  5. What do Polish and Dutch consumers think about dried fruit and products with them - creaiwe group discussions as a means of recognittion consumers'perception

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jesionkowska, K.; Konopacka, D.; P¿ocharski, W.; Sijtsema, S.J.; Zimmermann, K.L.


    The main aim of the study was to get insight into consumers' perception towards dried fruit and products with them, thus the exploratory study designed as a group discussion took place. While group discussions association (as one of the projective technique) and Kelly repertory grid were used to

  6. Molecular Imaging with Quantum Dots Probing EMT and Prostate Cancer Metastasis in Live Animals (United States)


    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Yuanyuan Cui, Shari Kelly and Carol Phillips for technical supports and Gary Mawyer for editing. The study was supported by R01...589-596. 47. Mendez O, Fernandez Y, Peinado MA, et al. Anti-apoptotic proteins induce non- random genetic alterations that result in selecting breast

  7. 78 FR 54643 - KC Scoby Hydro, LLC; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and Soliciting... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Project No. 14526-000] KC Scoby Hydro... Intervene, and Competing Applications On May 28, 2013, KC Scoby Hydro, LLC, filed an application for a... Contact: Kelly Sackheim, KC Scoby Hydro, LLC, 5096 Cocoa Palm Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628; phone: (301) 401...

  8. Benjamin Vassermanile preemiad

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Graafik Benjamin Vasserman pälvis kolme digitaalse graafilise lehe eest žürii kiituse Ungaris Györis toimunud biennaalil "The Master of Drawing and Graphic Arts" ning II preemia nelja lehe eest Leedus Vilniuses toimunud VI rahvusvahelisel väikegraafika triennaalil. Eestist osalesid veel Reti Saks ja Kelli Valk

  9. 78 FR 58534 - Warm Springs Irrigation District; Notice of Technical Meeting (United States)


    ... confertiflora requested by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management on June 7, 2013; the coordination of the National... Agenda: 1. Introduction. 2. Meeting objectives. 3. Plant survey discussion. 4. NEPA coordination. 5... phone. Please contact Kelly Wolcott at [email protected] or (202) 502-6480 by close of business...

  10. 77 FR 63714 - Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Airplanes (United States)


    .... ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain The Boeing... instructions and doing the work specified in those instructions. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct..., Room W12-140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kelly...

  11. 76 FR 20034 - Calvin Ramsey, M.D.; Revocation of Registration (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Drug Enforcement Administration [Docket No. 10-25] Calvin Ramsey, M.D.; Revocation of Registration On December 18, 2009, the Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Diversion... constitutional right to appointed counsel in a proceeding under 21 U.S.C. 824(a). See Goldberg v. Kelly, 397 U.S...

  12. 78 FR 78786 - Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; 2014 Commercial Summer Flounder Quota Adjustments (United States)


    ... 31, 2014. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Moira Kelly, Fishery Policy Analyst, (978) 281-9218... fisheries. Specifications in these fisheries include the acceptable biological catch (ABC) limit, various... 2014 specifications million lb mt million lb mt ABC 22.24 10,088 21.94 9,950 Commercial ACL 12.05 5,467...

  13. identification of common bean genotypes with dual leaf and pod ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)




  14. Disarming the Threat to Feminist Identification: An Application of Personal Construct Theory to Measurement and Intervention (United States)

    Moradi, Bonnie; Martin, Annelise; Brewster, Melanie E.


    Many individuals endorse feminist values but do not identify as feminist. The present set of studies tests the concept of threat, grounded in G. A. Kelly's personal construct theory of personality, as a potential factor in feminist nonidentification. Study 1 introduces the theoretically grounded "Feminist Threat Index" and evaluates its…

  15. Effect of 2 Bedding Materials on Ammonia Levels in Individually Ventilated Cages (United States)


    Koontz,1* David M Kumsher,2 Richard Kelly III,3 and Jonathan D Stallings1 This study sought to identify an optimal rodent bedding and cage-change...March 2015]. Available at: 15. Silverman J, Bays DW, Cooper SF, Baker SP. 2008. Ammonia and carbon dioxide concentrations

  16. History of the software industry: the challenge

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    G. Alberts (Gerard); A. van den Bogaard; M. Campbell-Kelly; F. Veraart


    textabstractMartin Campbell-Kelly opened a new field in the history of computing in his groundbreaking From airline reservation to Sonic the Hedgehog; a history of the software industry. The book is discussed by Adrienne van den Bogaard and Frank Veraart and by Gerard Alberts, followed by a reply by

  17. Threat and Guilt Aspects of Internalized Antilesbian and Gay Prejudice: An Application of Personal Construct Theory (United States)

    Moradi, Bonnie; van den Berg, Jacob J.; Epting, Franz R.


    Building on G. A. Kelly's (1991a, 1991b) personal construct theory, this study introduced concepts of threat and guilt as different manifestations of internalized antilesbian and gay prejudice. Results with 102 lesbian and gay participants indicated that internalized threat and guilt each accounted for unique variance in global internalized…

  18. Further Food for Thought on the "ABS Guide" (United States)

    Hussain, Simon


    This paper replies to points raised by the editors of the "ABS Guide", Huw Morris, Charles Harvey, Aidan Kelly and Michael Rowlinson (2011) "Accounting Education: an international journal", 20(6), pp. 561-573) in response to a paper published in a previous issue of "Accounting Education" (Hussain, S. (2011)…

  19. 75 FR 54957 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... highway operating conditions: Rick A. Ervin, Stephen P. Goodall, John R. Kelly, Osvaldo R. Maldonado, Frank G. Merrill, Alberto Mireles, Jr., Montie Price, Daniel R. Rosas, David M. Sims, Stephen W... pounds for all or part of the 3-year period: Adam O. Carson, Joe H. Saine, Joseph W. Schmit. One...

  20. Enhancing Authentic Leadership-Followership: Strengthening School Relationships (United States)

    Crippen, Carolyn


    Much has been written about leadership in schools, but little mention has been made of followership. The article provides an awareness and foundation for future discussions about school followership. In 1992, Robert Kelly wrote "The Power of Followership," which explains and analyses the world of followers and their relationship to…

  1. Improving Cultural Competency and Disease Awareness among Oncology Nurses Caring for Adult T-Cell Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients (United States)

    Cortese-Peske, Marisa A.


    Foreign-born residents face significant challenges accessing and receiving quality healthcare in the U.S. These obstacles include a lack of information on how to access care, fear, as well as communication and cultural barriers (Portes, Fernandez-Kelly & Light, 2012). Increasing healthcare providers' knowledge regarding a patient's…

  2. Strain partitioning in southeastern Alaska: Is the Chatham Strait Fault active? (United States)

    Brothers, Daniel; Elliott, Julie L.; Conrad, James E.; Haeussler, Peter J.; Kluesner, Jared


    A 1200 km-long transform plate boundary passes through southeastern Alaska and northwestern British Columbia and represents one of the most seismically active, but poorly understood continental margins of North America. Although most of the plate motion is accommodated by the right-lateral Queen Charlotte–Fairweather Fault (QCFF) System, which has produced at least six M > 7 earthquakes since 1920, seismic hazard assessments also include the Chatham Strait Fault (CSF) as a potentially active, 400 km-long strike slip fault that cuts northward through southeastern Alaska, connecting with the Eastern Denali Fault. Nearly the entire length of the CSF is submerged beneath Chatham Strait and Lynn Canal and has never been systematically imaged using high-resolution marine geophysical approaches. In this study we present an integrated analysis of new marine seismic reflectiondata acquired across Lynn Canal and tectonic block modeling constrained by data from continuous and campaign GPS sites. Seismic profiles cross the CSF at twelve locations spanning ∼50 km of fault length; they reveal thick (up to 300 m) packages of glaciomarine sedimentary facies emplaced on an unconformity surface that formed during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). Localized warping of post-LGM stratigraphy (∼13.9 kyr B.P. to present) appears to correlate with sediment drape on basement topography and current-controlled deposition. There is no evidence for an active fault along the axis of Lynn Canal in the seismic reflection data. Crustal block models constrained by GPS data allow, but do not require, a maximum slip rate of 2–3 mm/yr along the CSF; higher slip rates on the CSF result in significant misfit to GPS data in the surrounding region. Based on the combined marine geophysical and GPS observations, it is plausible that the CSF has not generated resolvable coseismic deformation in the last ∼13 ka and that the modern slip-rate is <1 mm/yr. We propose that models for strain

  3. Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development, Volume 7, Issue 1




    Table of Contents: (1) Takeshima, Hiroyuki: "Sensitivity of Welfare Effects Estimated by an Equilibrium Displacement Model: A Productivity Growth for Semi-subsistence Crops in a Sub-Sahara African Market with High Market Margin," pp. 1-22; (2) Garcia-Fuentes, Pablo A. and P. Lynn Kennedy: "Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Latin America and the Caribbean: Remittances and Market Size," pp. 23-42; (3) Adhikari, Shyam, Jaime E. Malaga and Eric J. Belasco: "Exchange Rate Volatility Impact on S...

  4. Mixed Signals: The Impact of International Administration on Kosovo’s Independence (United States)


    2 vols. (London: Longmans, Green , and Co., 1955), 1:122. 156 C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards, The Meaning of Meaning: A Study of the Influence of...Language upon Thought and of the Science of Symbolism, 2nd ed. (London: Kegan Paul, 1927), 10, cited in Beaulac, The Power of Language, 22. 157...ed. London: Kegan Paul, 1927. O’Neill, William G. Kosovo: An Unfinished Peace. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2002. O’Neill, William G. Interview

  5. Old Glory and the Jolly Roger: The Cultural Constraints and Strategic Imperatives of Modern Piracy (United States)


    the Americas (Santa Barbara , CA: ABC-CLIO, 1994). 42 Eda Green, "Borneo: The Land of River and Palm," Project Canterbury (1909), http...Although they nker: the ultra caling the Tan John S. Burne tnam, Inc., 20 ext remarkab d much of D ritish-owne s, which tran 300,000 to te the...and Identity in IR Theory, edited by Yosef Lapid and Friedrich Kratochwil. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 1996. LaRochelle, Dennis M., Jack A

  6. Evidence for valence neutron capture in s-wave neutron capture in 38Ar and 54Fe

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mughabghab, S.F.


    The valence and channel neutron model of Lane and Lynn remarkably account for partial radiative widths of neutron resonances in the 3p-giant resonance. Evidence is presented for valence neutron capture at and in the neighborhood of the 3s-giant resonance in target nuclei 36 Ar and 54 Fe. In addition, the variation of the correlation coefficient rho with the reduction power factor n of the γ ray energy is studied. (4 figures, 1 table) (U.S.)

  7. Novel treatment options for nonmelanoma skin cancer: focus on electronic brachytherapy


    Kasper, Michael E; Chaudhary, Ahmed A


    Michael E Kasper,1,2 Ahmed A Chaudhary3 1Department of Radiation Oncology, Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Boca Raton, 2Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, FL, 3North Main Radiation Oncology, Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University, RI, USA Abstract: Nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC) is an increasing health care issue in the United States, significantly affecting quality of life and impacting health care costs. Radiotherapy has ...

  8. War Termination: A Selected Bibliography (United States)


    UA25 .L342 2009) Mandel, Robert . The Meaning of Military Victory. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2006. 190pp. (U163 .M266 2006) Marshall, Monty G., and...Ted Robert Gurr. Peace and Conflict 2005: A Global Survey of Armed Conflicts, Self-Determination Movements, and Democracy. College Park: Center for...18pp. (AD-A468-990) Raymer , James H. In Search of Lasting Results: Military War Termination Doctrine. Fort

  9. Lõigutud aeg / Vappu Thurlow

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Thurlow, Vappu, 1960-


    Adamson-Ericu muuseumis kuni 25. XI avatud näitusest "Lõigutud aeg". Henri Bergsoni ajakäsitlusest. Töödest: Anu Juuraku "Suplejad", Ilkka Väätti "Kinaalda" ja "Ton", Aili Vahtrapuu "Vaagen vabale vaimule", Marje Üksise "Nii ma lähen", Annemie Bogaerts'i "Lõpp on vaikus", Siim-Tanel Annuse "24 tundi", Lynne Allen'i "Saak", Eve Kiileri "Ilu etalonide arhiivid", Ingrid Ledent'i "Mälu kestev olemine, mis muudab mineviku olevikuks", Raoul Kurvitza "Aeg ja lugu"

  10. 20. september 2008 - tähtis päev / Kelly Kipper

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kipper, Kelly


    Ilmunud ka: Eesti Eest = Za Estoniju : Izdanije objedinenija "Sojuz Otetshestva i Res Publica" 18. sept. lk. 7. Autor räägib Noorte Konservatiivide ja Noor-Isamaa ühinemisest ja sellest, miks seda varem pole tehtud

  11. Determinism and Underdetermination in Genetics: Implications for Students' Engagement in Argumentation and Epistemic Practices (United States)

    Jiménez-Aleixandre, María Pilar


    In the last two decades science studies and science education research have shifted from an interest in products (of science or of learning), to an interest in processes and practices. The focus of this paper is on students' engagement in epistemic practices (Kelly in "Teaching scientific inquiry: Recommendations for research and…

  12. Philanthropy and Educational Reform during the Great Depression (United States)

    Watras, Joseph


    The author discusses philanthropy and educational reform from the Great Depression to the present, contrasting the views of that time to "Making It Count" (Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Kelly Amis, 2001.) Although Finn and Amis presented their suggestions as advancing democracy, they thought that educational reform took place best when elite groups…

  13. Kontserdisari kutsub "Klavessiinisalongi"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Rakvere Kaurikooli saalis toimuvatest kontsertidest: 7. dets."iViva Espagna!" (esinevad klavessiiniduo Ene Nael - Kristiina Are ja näitleja Tarmo Song), 15. veebr. "Häälemeelne" (laulja Kelli Pärnaste ja kitarrist Tiit Korsar, klavessinist Ene Nael) ja 26. apr. "Fiori musicali" (Tallinna Vanalinna Hariduskolleegiumi, Tallinna Muusikakeskkooli ja Rakvere Kaurikooli klavessiiniõpilased)

  14. The Department of Defense and Climate Change: Initiating the Dialogue (United States)


    Edward Franchi NRL 202.404.8690 David Kriebel USNA 410.293.6432 Kelly Burks-Copes USACE... rule , the area of numerical modeling/simulations do not work well in these “tail” areas—these are the events that really “bite you.” The current

  15. Workplace Flexibility: From Research to Action (United States)

    Galinsky, Ellen; Sakai, Kelly; Wigton, Tyler


    Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai, and Tyler Wigton explore the "time famine" among American workers--the continuing sense among employees of not having enough time to manage the multiple responsibilities of work and personal and family life. Noting that large shares of U.S. employees report feeling the need for greater workplace flexibility…

  16. Let Peter Rabbit Play in the Garden: Using Beatrix Potter's Work to Integrate Ecological Literacy into Montessori Classrooms (United States)

    Johnson, Kelly


    Kelly Johnson introduces a series of lessons that incorporate literacy, observation, botany, history, place studies, writing, and art, with a long-term eco-literacy goal of connectedness and a conservation ethic. Johnson's initial idea to use Beatrix Potter as a model in the Lower Elementary classroom came after extensively researching…

  17. Effective State, Local, and Tribal Police Intelligence: The New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Enterprise -- A Smart Practice (United States)


    2008d; Kelly, 2009a, 2009b, and 2009c). (2) Jakarta, Hotel Bombings, July 17, 2009. • Synchronized bombings of JW Marriott and Ritz - Carlton ...critical response vehicles—police cars and officers—to Marriott, Ritz - Carlton , and other hotels in NYC “within 30 minutes of the attacks.” • NYPD ILU

  18. Phenotypic and genetic analysis of Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus few polyhedra mutants: Mutations in the 25K FP gene may be caused by DNA replication errors (United States)

    David S. Bischoff; James M. Slavicek


    We previously demonstrated that polyhedron formation (PF) mutants arise at a high frequency during serial passage of the Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus (LdMNPV) in the L. dispar 652Y cell line (J.M. Slavicek, N. Hayes-Plazolles, and M.E. Kelly, Biol. Control 5:251-261, 1995). Most of these PF mutants...

  19. Rühmanäitus võib olla ka kunstnike mesallianss / Anne Lõugas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lõugas, Anne, 1951-


    1.-23. III Kastellaanimajas avatud taani ja eesti graafikute ühisnäitusest "Hjorring - Tallinn". Evi Tihemets, Kelli Kagovere ja Urmas Viik eksponeerivad Taanis Hjorringis ning taanlased Maegens Larsen Stenderup, Per Borge Maltesen ja Lars Pedersen Tallinnas sügisel 2001 valminud töid. Pikemalt U. Viigi ofsettlitost "Vigala, 26. 07. 1939"

  20. 78 FR 5385 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Endangered Status for Four Central Texas... (United States)


    ...... 68 (28) 6. Hogg Hollow Spring Unit...... Private, Federal.. 68 (28) 7. Cedar Hollow Spring Unit............ Private 68 (28) 10. Avant Spring Unit Private 68 (28) 11. Buford Hollow Spring Unit... Federal, Private.... Blizzard R-Bar-B Spring Unit Private 88 (36) 11. House Spring Unit Private 68 (28) 12. Kelly Hollow Spring...

  1. [Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric anismus]. (United States)

    Ding, Shu-qing; Ding, Yi-jiang; Chen, Yong-tian; Ye, Hui


    To explore the diagnosis and treatment methods of pediatric anismus. Twenty-nine patients with idiopathic chronic constipation, diagnosed with anismus by colon barium contrast and anorectal manometry from Nov. 2001 to Nov. 2004 in our hospital, were investigated retrospectively. This group consisted of 13 men and 16 women whose mean age was (6.7+/-4.0) years. Hirschsprung diseases were excluded from the patients by colon barium contrast and rectoanal inhibitory reflex (RAIR) examination. Normal RAIR (5-10 ml elicited) was showed on 21 cases while weakened RAIR (15-30 ml elicited) was showed on 8 cases. After the diagnosis, the patients were treated by toilet training, diet regulation and laxative for 1-2 months. 4 cases were recovered, 5 cases were improved and 20 cases were relied on glycerin suppository. Four cases, relied on glycerin suppository, underwent Lynn procedure and had good results after 5-24 months follow-up. Two cases were re-examined by anorectal manometry 3 and 6 months after surgery, the resting pressure and the high pressure zone (HPZ) decreased, but the simulation defecation reflex was still abnormal. The diagnosis of pediatric anismus relies on history of constipation, combined with anorectal manometry and colon barium contrast. Lynn procedure could be chosen for the patients unsatisfied in toilet training and other non-operative treatment.

  2. Vorinostat increases expression of functional norepinephrine transporter in neuroblastoma in vitro and in vivo model systems (United States)

    More, Swati S.; Itsara, Melissa; Yang, Xiaodong; Geier, Ethan G.; Tadano, Michelle K.; Seo, Youngho; VanBrocklin, Henry F.; Weiss, William A.; Mueller, Sabine; Haas-Kogan, Daphne A.; DuBois, Steven G.; Matthay, Katherine K.; Giacomini, Kathleen M.


    Purpose Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibition causes transcriptional activation or repression of several genes that in turn can influence the biodistribution of other chemotherapeutic agents. Here, we hypothesize that the combination of vorinostat, a HDAC inhibitor, with 131I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) would lead to preferential accumulation of the latter in neuroblastoma (NB) tumors via increased expression of the human norepinephrine transporter (NET). Experimental Design In vitro and in vivo experiments examined the effect of vorinostat on the expression of NET, an uptake transporter for 131I-MIBG. Human NB cell lines (Kelly and SH-SY-5Y) and NB1691luc mouse xenografts were employed. The upregulated NET protein was characterized for its effect on 123I-MIBG biodistribution. Results Preincubation of NB cell lines, Kelly and SH-SY-5Y, with vorinostat caused dose-dependent increases in NET mRNA and protein levels. Accompanying this was a corresponding dose-dependent increase in MIBG uptake in NB cell lines. Four-fold and 2.5 fold increases were observed in Kelly and SH-SY-5Y cells, respectively, pre-treated with vorinostat in comparison to untreated cells. Similarly, NB xenografts, created by intravenous tail vein injection of NB1691-luc, and harvested from nude mice livers treated with vorinostat (150 mg/kg i.p.) showed substantial increases in NET protein expression. Maximal effect of vorinostat pretreatment in NB xenografts on 123I-MIBG biodistribution was observed in tumors that exhibited enhanced uptake in vorinostat treated (0.062 ± 0.011 μCi/(mg tissue-dose injected)) versus untreated mice (0.022 ± 0.003 μCi/(mg tissue-dose injected); p vorinostat treatment can enhance NB therapy with 131I-MIBG. PMID:21421857

  3. The Critical Role of Stewardship in Fund Raising: The Coaches vs. Cancer Campaign. (United States)

    Worley, Debra A.; Little, Jennifer K.


    Examines the critical role of stewardship in the process of fund raising. Uses the Coaches vs. Cancer campaign to illustrate the limitations of the public relations ROPE (research, objectives, planning, and evaluation) model in explaining fund raising success, and supports K.S. Kelly's contention that addition of a fifth step to the model, the…

  4. Jordanian Social Studies Teachers' Perceptions of Competency Needed for Implementing Technology in the Classroom (United States)

    Al Bataineh, Mohammad; Anderson, Sharon


    This study used a cross-sectional, ten-point Likert-type scale survey design, to examine the perception of Jordanian seventh to twelfth-grade social studies teachers of the competency needed for technology implementation in their classrooms. The instrument for this study was a modified version of a survey developed by Kelly (2003) called the…

  5. 15. juunini on tarbekunstimuuseumi galeriis...

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ühisnäitusel "Ruum ei ole tühi" osalevad tekstiilikunstnikud Eva-Liisa Kriis, Monika Järg, Liisa Kallam, Liisa Tomasberg, Tarmo Mäesalu, Keret Altpere, Ülle Saatmäe, Annike Laigo, tootedisainerid Raul Erdel, Kelly Kert, arhitekt Urmas Luure, sisearhitekt Terje Kallast, fotograaf Pelle Kalmo, graafik Mari-Liis Laanemaa, muusik Taavi Laatsit

  6. analysis of the probability of channel satisfactory state in p2p live

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    churn and bits flow was modelled as fluid flow. The applicability of the theory of probability was deduced from Kelly (1991). Section II of the paper provides the model of. P2P live streaming systems taking into account peer behaviour and expression was obtained for the computation of the probability of channel- satisfactory ...

  7. The Growing Racial and Ethnic Divide in U.S. Marriage Patterns (United States)

    Raley, R. Kelly; Sweeney, Megan M.; Wondra, Danielle


    The United States shows striking racial and ethnic differences in marriage patterns. Compared to both white and Hispanic women, black women marry later in life, are less likely to marry at all, and have higher rates of marital instability. Kelly Raley, Megan Sweeney, and Danielle Wondra begin by reviewing common explanations for these differences,…

  8. 77 FR 49384 - FMCSA Policy on the Timeliness of New Entrant Corrective Action Submissions (United States)


    ... 15 days of the date of a new entrant safety audit failure notice or within 10 days of the date of an... 20, 2012 for safety audit failure notices. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Thomas Kelly, Office of... FMCSA's New Entrant Safety Assurance Program, 49 CFR Part 385, subpart D, applies to new entrant motor...

  9. Hydrological principles for sustainable management of forest ecosystems (United States)

    Irena F. Creed; Gabor Z. Sass; Jim M. Buttle; Julia A. Jones


    Forested landscapes around the world are changing as a result of human activities, including forest management, fire suppression, mountaintop mining, conversion of natural forests to plantations, and climate change (Brockerhoff et al., 2008; Cyr et al., 2009; Johnston et al., 2010; Miller et al., 2009; Kelly et al., 2010; Palmer et al., 2010). Forests...

  10. Emblem for the first manned Skylab mission (United States)


    This is the emblem for the first manned Skylab mission. It wil be a mission of up to 28 days. The patch, designed by artist Kelly Freas, shows the Skylab silhouetted against the earth's globe, which in turn is eclipsing the Sun - showing the brilliant signet-ring pattern of the instant before total eclipse.

  11. Parametric Adaptive Radar Detector with Enhanced Mismatched Signals Rejection Capabilities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liu Bin


    Full Text Available We consider the problem of adaptive signal detection in the presence of Gaussian noise with unknown covariance matrix. We propose a parametric radar detector by introducing a design parameter to trade off the target sensitivity with sidelobes energy rejection. The resulting detector merges the statistics of Kelly's GLRT and of the Rao test and so covers Kelly's GLRT and the Rao test as special cases. Both invariance properties and constant false alarm rate (CFAR behavior for this detector are studied. At the analysis stage, the performance of the new receiver is assessed and compared with several traditional adaptive detectors. The results highlight better rejection capabilities of this proposed detector for mismatched signals. Further, we develop two two-stage detectors, one of which consists of an adaptive matched filter (AMF followed by the aforementioned detector, and the other is obtained by cascading a GLRT-based Subspace Detector (SD and the proposed adaptive detector. We show that the former two-stage detector outperforms traditional two-stage detectors in terms of selectivity, and the latter yields more robustness.

  12. The study of topics of Astronomy in Physics teaching that addresses the significant learning (United States)

    Santos Neta, M. L.; Voelzke, M. R.


    In this work are discussed the results of the case study on the oceanic tides for which it was used didactic sequences, based on the Cycle of Experience of George Kelly (Kelly 1963), applied in four groups of the first year of the integral medium teaching. The data obtained in two same tests - Pre and Post-Test - before and after the application of the didactic sequences, as well as the verification of the significant learning analysed as for the conditions of the previous knowledge considering authors Boczko (1984), Horvath (2008) and Kepler & Saraiva (2013). Also the values were analysed obtained the Post-Test II applied to the long period. The results reveal that the worked groups presented previous knowledge in conditions adapted for the understanding of the event, as well as, for they be used in the situation-problem resolution that demands the understanding. Verify also that the idea of the didactic sequence can be used as tool in the relationship teaching-learning addressed to the significant learning.

  13. The evolution model of Uppsala in light of the complex adaptive systems approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rennaly Alves da Silva


    Full Text Available The behavioral approach to the internationalization of companies explains that the movements toward external markets occur in accordance with the increasing commitment of resources to mitigate the effects of uncertainty and reduce the perception of risk. Evidence indicates that the theories and practices developed in the domestic market may not be able to explain the reality of companies that operate in international markets. Thus, the Paradigm of Complexity presents itself as a comprehensive alternative to realize the relationships within organizations and markets. Accordingly, the aim of this theoretical paper is to analyze the evolution of the Uppsala Model between years 1975 and 2010 with the understanding of the companies in the process of internationalization as Complex Adaptive Systems, in accordance with the Model Kelly and Allison (1998. Four propositions are presented that show the links between the approaches. The most surprising is the perception that the conceptual evolution of the Uppsala Model seems to accompany the evolution of complexity levels, presented in Model Kelly and Allison.

  14. A meta-synthesis on parenting a child with autism


    Ooi, Khim Lynn; Ong, Yin Sin; Jacob, Sabrina Anne; Khan, Tahir Mehmood


    Khim Lynn Ooi, Yin Sin Ong, Sabrina Anne Jacob, Tahir Mehmood Khan School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia, Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia Background: The lifelong nature of autism in a child has deep implications on parents as they are faced with a range of challenges and emotional consequences in raising the child. The aim of this meta-synthesis was to explore the perspectives of parents in raising a child with autism in the childhood period to gain an insight of the adaptations...

  15. Capabilities for Joint Analysis in the Department of Defense: Rethinking Support for Strategic Analysis (United States)


    services Risk assessment NOTES: Light and dark gray areas indicate the domain of ASSP; work in the darker area is somewhat more detailed. Policy = Ofce...Light and dark gray areas indicate the domain of ASSP; work in the darker area is somewhat more detailed. Policy = Ofce of the Under Secretary of...Economics 1981–1993 William J. Lynn Law, public affairs 1993–1997 Robert R. Soule Economics 1998–2001 Barry D. Watts History 2001–2002 Stephen A. Cambone

  16. Investigation of the paramagnetic phase of bcc iron using polarized neutron scattering

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wicksted, J.P.; Shirane, G.; Steinsvoll, O.


    Recent neutron scattering experiments on Ni and Fe (4%-Si) above T/sub c/ have demonstrated that a simple paramagnetic scattering function S(Qω) proportional to 1/(kappa 1 2 + q 2 ).GAMMA/(GAMMA 2 + ω 2 ) can explain the persistent spin wave ridges previously reported by Lynn and Mook. We present our new polarized beam results on pure Fe and describe in some detail the special problems associated with the unpolarized beam studies of magnetic cross sections at high temperatures

  17. Low Base-Substitution Mutation Rate in the Germline Genome of the Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila (United States)


    Tetrahymena thermophila, a model eukaryote. PLoS Biol. 4:e286. Farlow A, et al. 2015. The spontaneous mutation rate in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces...spontane- ous mutations in yeast . Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105:9272–9277. Lynn DH, Doerder FP. 2012. The life and times of Tetrahymena. Methods Cell...Low Base-Substitution Mutation Rate in the Germline Genome of the Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila Hongan Long1,2,y, David J. Winter3,*,y, Allan Y.-C

  18. A pilot study on the functional performance and acceptability of an innovative female condom (Wondaleaf®) in Malaysia


    Ting,Rachel Sing-Kiat; Wong,Ee Lynn; Tnay,Jessie Koh-Sing


    Rachel Sing-Kiat Ting,1 Ee-Lynn Wong,2 Jessie Koh-Sing Tnay3 1School of Sociology, China University of Political Sciences and Law, Beijing, China; 2InPsych Psychological and Counselling Services, Kuala Lumpur, 3Institute of Borneo Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Sarawak, Malaysia Background: Female condom (FC) has been available for over 30 years, but it still lacks wide acceptability. To overcome misdirection and invagination occurring in FC and to provide a wider area of protection, W...

  19. USA muusikakriitikud järjestasid aasta 2004 heliplaadid

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    New Yorgi kultuuriajakiri Village Voice avaldas muusikaküsitluse Pazz & Jop Poll tulemused: 1. Kanye West "The College Dropout", 2. Brian Wilson "SmiLE", 3. Loretta Lynn "Van Lear Rose", 4. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand", 5. Green Day "American Idiot". Aasta parimaks singliks valiti Franz Ferdinandi "Take Me Out", järgnesid Jay-Z "99 Problems" ja Usheri "Yeah". Kanye Westile ka Grammy aasta parima räpp-albumi eest ja Franz Ferdinandile kui parimale briti rockbändile Britside-Suurbritannia muusikaauhind

  20. Veneetsia 11. arhitektuuribiennaal 13.9 - 23.11.2008

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Biennaali teema: "Arhitektuur - midagi enamat kui ehitised", kuraator Aaron Betsky. Väljas oli 56 rahvusekspositsiooni. Loetletud biennaali auhinnad, žürii koosseis. Parima rahvusekspositsiooni Kuldlõvi pälvis Poola paviljon "Hotel Polonia. Majade hauatagune elu", autorid Nicolas Grospierre ja Kobas Laksa. Parima projekti Kuldlõvi sai Greg Lynn taaskasutatud mänguasjadest mööbli eest. Kuldlõvi elutöö eest pälvis ameerika arhitekt Frank O. Gehry, arhitektuuriajaloolase elutöö Kuldlõvi ameeriklane James S. Ackerman

  1. Cooperative advanced-generation breeding and testing of coastal Douglas-fir and western hemlock—strategy and implementation. (United States)

    K. J.S. Jayawickrama; G.R. Johnson; T. Ye


    As in many temperate regions of the world, forest tree improvement got underway in the Pacific Northwest of the USA in the 1950s, with a number of companies and agencies starting independent tree improvement programs. Booth-Kelly Lumber Co., Crown Zellerbach Corp., the Industrial Forestry Association, Port Blakely Mill Co., Simpson Timber Co., Timber Service Co., the...

  2. Visual Sharpness Contingency in Recognition Memory for Orientation: Mnemonic Illusion Suppressed by Sensory Signature (United States)

    Martin, Maryanne; Jones, Gregory V.


    A striking finding about human memory is that people's level of accuracy in remembering the orientation of heads on coins is often not simply at the chance level but significantly below it. However, S. W. Kelly, A. M. Burton, T. Kato, and S. Akamatsu (2001) reported that this is not so when two-alternative forced-choice visual recognition is…

  3. Carrots, Sticks, and the Bully Pulpit: Lessons from a Half-Century of Federal Efforts to Improve America's Schools (United States)

    Hess, Frederick M., Ed.; Kelly, Andrew P., Ed.


    This timely book brings together a remarkable group of authors who examine the federal role in education policy and reform during the past fifty years. As Frederick M. Hess and Andrew P. Kelly note in their introduction, the book represents a determined effort to move beyond familiar and predictable debates and instead to focus on a number of…

  4. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 1 - 50 of 59 ... Vol 62 (2013), Cape Town's central city development: A strategy of partnership and inclusion, Abstract PDF. A Fleming, B Makalima-Ngewana. Vol 66 (2015), Compiling a land audit in ... C Green, G Mans, P Schmitz, D McKelly, M te Water. Vol 60 (2012), Planning innovation for better urban communities in ...

  5. 77 FR 36041 - San Antonio Central Railroad, L.L.C.-Lease Exemption-Port Authority of San Antonio (United States)


    ... control of SAC upon SAC becoming a Class III rail carrier. As a result of this transaction, SAC will provide common carrier rail service over the rail lines owned by the Port in the East Kelly Railport (the... and operate approximately four miles of rail line owned by the Port Authority of San Antonio (the Port...

  6. The Future Online: Instructional Communication Scholars Taking the Lead. Forum: The Future of Instructional Communication (United States)

    Chatham-Carpenter, April


    As students begin using more virtual and augmented reality tools for education and entertainment, they may come to expect instructors to use similar types of technology in their teaching (Kelly, 2016). Instructors may choose to employ this type of technology in the future, to create more of a real-life feel in the online classroom. The effects of…

  7. Responses of Forest Ecosystems to Changing Sulfur Inputs (United States)

    Dale W. Johnson; Myron J. Mitchell


    There was little information on sulfur (S) cycling in forests compared with that of other nutrients (especially N) until the past two decades. Interest in S nutrition and cycling in forests was heightened with the discovery of deficiencies in some unpolluted regions (Kelly and Lambert, 1972; Humphreys et al., 1975; Turner et al., 1977, 1980) and excesses associated...

  8. CERN celebrated the first year in space for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) with a visit from the crew of the shuttle mission, STS-134, who successfully delivered AMS to the International Space Station (ISS) last year.

    CERN Multimedia

    Laurent Egli


    During the celebrations at CERN, the astronauts unveiled a commemorative plaque on the lawn outside the POCC to mark the occasion and later gave a public lecture at CERN. Picture 28 : STS-134 astronauts (left to right) Andrew Feustel, Gregory Chamitoff, Gregory Johnson, Michael Fincke and Mark Kelly in the AMS Payload Operations Centre at CERN.

  9. A Chance at Life: The Value of Legislative Action and Institutional Leadership for DACA Students (United States)

    Patel, Pooja


    Signed under the Obama administration, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) grants a working permit to those who entered the U.S. before age 16, allowing students to enroll at institutions of higher education and join the military. In June 2017, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly said that the DACA program would…

  10. A School Shooting Plot Foiled (United States)

    Swezey, James A.; Thorp, Kimberly A.


    Dinkes, Cataldi, and Lin-Kelly (2007) claims that 78% of public schools reported one or more violent incidents during the 2005/2006 school year. School shootings are a rare but real threat on school campuses. Shootings at private schools are even less frequent with only a few recorded examples in the United States. This case study examines how a…

  11. Effect of a Metal Deactivator Fuel Additive on Fuel Deposition in Fuel Atomizers at High Temperature (United States)



  12. Thoughts on Improvable Objects, Contradiction and Object/Tool Reciprocity in a Study of Zoo Educator Professional Development (United States)

    Ash, Doris B.; Kelly, Lisa-Anne DeGregoria


    In this forum we discuss three aspects designed to clarify and extend Kelly and Kassing's paper. These are the roles of improvable objects, contradiction and object/tool reciprocity. In each case we cite relevant literature and pose questions to the field. Our goal is to seed ideas for future discussions concerning the role of activity theory…

  13. A Response to Reviewer Comments Regarding the Manuscript, "Rule-Governed Behavior and Self-Control in Children with ADHD: A Theoretical Interpretation" (United States)

    Barry, Leasha M.; Kelly, Melissa A.


    The authors appreciate the opportunity to respond to the issues raised in a review of the manuscript, "Rule-Governed Behavior and Self-Control in Children with ADHD: A Theoretical Interpretation" submitted by Leasha M. Barry and Melissa A. Kelly. Many of the points brought to light in the review are indeed useful for discussion and provide…

  14. Multi-proxy monitoring approaches at Kangaroo Island, South Australia (United States)

    Dixon, Bronwyn; Drysdale, Russell; Tyler, Jonathan; Goodwin, Ian


    Interpretations of geochemical signals preserved in young speleothems are greatly enhanced by comprehensive cave-site monitoring. In the light of this, a cave monitoring project is being conducted concurrently with the development of a new palaeoclimate record from Kelly Hill Cave (Kangaroo Island, South Australia). The site is strategically located because it is situated between longer-lived monitoring sites in southeastern and southwestern Australia, as well as being climatically 'upstream' from major population and agricultural centres. This study aims to understand possible controls on speleothem δ18O in Kelly Hill Cave through i. identification of local and regional δ18O drivers in precipitation; and ii. preservation and modification of climatic signals within the epikarst as indicated by dripwater δ18O. These aims are achieved through analysis of a five-year daily rainfall (amount and δ18O) dataset in conjunction with in-cave drip monitoring. Drivers of precipitation δ18O were identified through linear regression between δ18O values and local meteorological variables, air-parcel back trajectories, and synoptic-typing. Synoptically driven moisture sources were identified through the use of NCEP/NCAR climate reanalysis sea-level pressure, precipitable moisture, and outgoing longwave radiation data in order to trace moisture sources and travel mechanisms from surrounding ocean basins. Local controls on δ18O at Kelly Hill Cave are consistent with published interpretations of southern Australia sites, with oxygen isotopes primarily controlled by rainfall amount on both daily and monthly time scales. Back-trajectory analysis also supports previous observations that the Southern Ocean is the major source for moisture-bearing cold-front systems. However, synoptic typing of daily rainfall δ18O and amount extremes reveals a previously unreported tropical connection and moisture source. This tropical connection appears to be strongest in summer and autumn, but

  15. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J Kelly Stewart


    Full Text Available The Accidental Guerilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of aBig One. By David Kilcullen.Aviation and Airport Security: Terrorism and SafetyConcerns. By Kathleen M. Sweet.Executive Measures, Terrorism and National Security: Havethe Rules of the Game Changed? By David Bonner.Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs fromCommunism to Al-Qaeda. By Robert Wallace and H. KeithMelton, with Henry Robert Schlesinger.Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels who brought Churchillto Power and Saved England. By Lynne Olson.

  16. La bandera de la cienc;a y del arte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel José Luque


    Full Text Available El Dr. Miguel Becerro de Bengoa, prestigioso cancerólogo y Director del "Boletín de lucha contra el cáncer", de Montevideo, a poco de fallecer el profesor americano Howard Kelly publicó estas palabras : "Nos inclinamos reverentes ante su desaparición y ponemos en nuestra casa, a media asta, la bandera universal de la ciencia".

  17. 76 FR 13130 - Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to... (United States)


    .... SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background Sections 101(a)(5)(A) and (D) of the MMPA (16 U.S.C. 1361 et seq.) direct... , respectively. The ringed seal status review report by Kelly et al. (2010) can be found on the Internet at: http... acoustic and non-acoustic effects. It is uncertain if the seals react to the sound of the helicopter or to...

  18. Passage Key Inlet, Florida; CMS Modeling and Borrow Site Impact Analysis (United States)


    Impact Analysis by Kelly R. Legault and Sirisha Rayaprolu PURPOSE: This Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note (CHETN) describes the...driven sediment transport at Passage Key Inlet. This analysis resulted in issuing a new Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) permit to...Funding for this study was provided by the USACE Regional Sediment Management (RSM) Program, a Navigation Research, Development, and Technology Portfolio

  19. Community Colleges Mobilize to Train Cybersecurity Workers (United States)

    Parry, Marc


    If you work at a community college that teaches cybersecurity, it pays to be located in the backyard of a spy agency. Just don't ask Kelly A. Koermer, administrator of the Anne Arundel Community College, what's inside those dark towers at Fort Meade. She points out other highlights of the restricted region: an employees-only exit off the highway,…

  20. From third degree to third generation interrogation strategies: putting science into the art of criminal interviewing (United States)


    tacitly suggest that a confession is the fastest and best way to end the interrogation .73 71 Ibid...Kelly, and Miller found approximately 45 percent of civilian interrogators use it as well.292 Because this percentage suggests the technique is...TO THIRD-GENERATION INTERROGATION STRATEGIES: PUTTING SCIENCE INTO THE ART OF CRIMINAL INTERVIEWING by Desmond S. O’Neill March 2017

  1. System Architecture of Small Unmanned Aerial System for Flight Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (United States)


    International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA 2011), 28-31 (August 2011) Maddalon Jeffrey M., Kelly J... SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE OF SMALL UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEM FOR FLIGHT BEYOND VISUAL LINE-OF-SIGHT declared a work of the U.S. Government and is not subject to copyright protection in the United States. AFIT-ENV-MS-15-S-047 SYSTEM

  2. Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (16th) Held in Stanford, California on August 17-21, 1987. (United States)


    ESTIMATION FOR STOCHASTIC PROCESSES by C. C. Heyde Australian National University Canberra, Australia ABSTRACT Optimality is a widely and loosely used...Case 240 S. Australia 1211 Geneva 24 Switzerland Christopher C. Heyde Dept. of Statistics, IAS Patricia Jacobs . Australian National University...Universitat Regensburg USA Postfach D-8400 Regensburg Anatole Joffe W. Germany Dept. of Mathematics & Statatistics Frank Kelly Universite de Montreal

  3. ISSN 2073-9990 East Cent. Afr. J. surg

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Valued eMachines Customer

    especially between 5 and 7years because fusion of the distal humeral physis peaks at age six.3 There are two major types of supracondylar humerus fractures extension (95% of cases) and flexion (5% of cases)1,2. While different ..... P.J. Walmsley, H.B. Kelly, J.E. Robb, I.H. Annan, D.E. Porter. Delay increases the need for.

  4. La bandera de la cienc;a y del arte


    Luque, Manuel José


    El Dr. Miguel Becerro de Bengoa, prestigioso cancerólogo y Director del "Boletín de lucha contra el cáncer", de Montevideo, a poco de fallecer el profesor americano Howard Kelly publicó estas palabras : "Nos inclinamos reverentes ante su desaparición y ponemos en nuestra casa, a media asta, la bandera universal de la ciencia".

  5. One physical educator's career cycle: strong start, great run, approaching finish. (United States)

    Woods, Amelia Mays; Lynn, Susan K


    This article is nested within a longitudinal project examining 6 teachers' journeys along their career cycles (Lynn & Woods, 2010; Woods & Earls, 1995; Woods & Lynn, 2001). Two participants from the initial 6 continue to teach K-12 physical education; 1 of these participants, Everett, is examined in the current study. This veteran teacher's career-cycle movement and the environmental factors that both enhanced and constrained his career development are examined through the lens of Fessler and Christensen's career cycle model (1992). Data sources included: 8 formal interviews with Everett; formal interviews with his university teacher educators, student-teacher supervisor, principal, and spouse; informal interviews; field notes; and systematic teaching observations. An interpretative framework was used to assess the perceptions and meanings Everett gave to experiences as a physical educator and coach. Several factors acutely influenced Everett's career progression, including: (a) his individual disposition, (b) the impact and continued influence of a professional preparation program, and (c) his school and community support. He entered the profession with great promise and spent most of his career in the enthusiastic and growing, and the career stability, stages before shifting into the career frustration stage where he currently remains. Everett was able to negotiate personal and organizational environmental factors that have been identified as barriers for some physical educators. Therefore, viewing his professional life through the lens of the career cycle provides insights into the areas of change necessary to motivate and retain high-quality physical educators such as Everett.

  6. Ministeeriumi kantslerid tegid kohtumisel 25 000-eurose mürtsu / Kelli Seiton

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Seiton, Kelli


    Kaitseministeeriumi korraldatud erinevate ministeeriumite kantslerite kokkusaamisest, mille käigus viidi kaitseväe keskpolügoonil läbi näidislaskmine ning lasti õhku tankitõrjerakett Milan 2, mille maksumus on väidetavalt 25 000 eurot

  7. Reproductive success in a natural population of male three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus: effects of nuptial colour, parasites and body size. (United States)

    Sparkes, T C; Rush, V; Kopp, D A; Foster, S A


    The effects of nuptial colour, parasites and body size on reproductive success were examined in a natural population of three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus. Reproductive males were collected, with the contents of their nests, during the embryo-guarding stage from Lynne Lake (Cook Inlet, Alaska, U.S.A.), and nuptial colour, infection status and body size were recorded. Regression analysis revealed that male body size was the only predictor, of those measured, of reproductive success in nature. © 2013 The Authors. Journal of Fish Biology © 2013 The Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

  8. The Telling Takes Us Home (United States)

    Lazic, G. M.


    Carl Sagan reminded us in Cosmos that we have wondered about the stars for as long as we have been human. “Star tellers” like Von Del Chamberlain and Lynn Moroney remind us that, for just as long, we have been telling stories about the stars to explain what we observed. This presentation describes methods of reuniting science and storytelling as complementary approaches to comprehending the cosmos. Examples illustrate how stories can serve as “springboards,” inspire their listeners to new awareness, and involve astronomy educators as reporters, tellers, and mediators.

  9. Revisions to the PETROS 4 Shell Response Code. (United States)


    change in the corresponding curvature tensor 𔃿’. DD(JLA) ftA cl &y()j * -. ,:"DD2(J,LA) DEL See ZETA 146,156 DELBAR 71 See ZETA 409 DELNOR See EQUIL2...Cleveland, OH 44135 1 AFML (LLN, Dr. Nicholas) 1 Bell Helicopter Textron Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433 ATTN: Mr. Nile Fischer P.O. Box 482 I ASD/ENFTV, Mr...2406A 1 Texas A&M University 1000 Western Avenue Dept Aerospace Eng West Lynn, MA 01905 ATTN: Dr. W. Haisler College Station, TX 77843 I Kaman Tempo

  10. We need to talk about Kevin (2011. Violence against parents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen M.ª VIZOSO GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available Violence against parents is considered a serious problem in health and social institutions because of its negative effects on the domestic wellbeing and the social harmony. The aim of the present report is to analyze the film We need to talk about Kevin, directed by Lynne Ramsay. Hence, the scenes, discourses, conflicts and character traits are described to explain the violence executed by a son against his mother. Besides, it is considered the value of this film as an educational tool to instruct adolescents and upcoming professionals.

  11. Strategic Shock: The Collapse of the Soviet Union: 1989 (United States)


    parce qu’elle illustre bien ce qu’est un « choc géopolitique ». Les auteurs de l’étude soutiennent que l’effondrement de l’Union soviétique a non...enfin les répercussions militaires, économiques et sociales du repli soviétique. Principaux résultats : Les auteurs de l’étude soutiennent que...Containing Fear: The Origin and Management of Ethnic Conflict.” in Michael E Brown, Owen R Cote, Sean M Lynn-Jones and Steven E Miller eds. Theories of

  12. A Qualitative Examination of the Psychosocial Adjustment of Khmer Refugees in Three Massachusetts Communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leakhena Nou


    Full Text Available This paper uses a sociological stress process model to explore the Khmer adult refugees' experience in Massachusetts. The analysis is based on the responses of three focus groups in the Khmer communities of Lowell, Lynn, and Revere, Massachusetts. The focus groups provided an in-depth understanding of sources of stress, stress mediators, and psychosocial adjustment/adaptational patterns for Khmer refugees who had experienced the Cambodian genocide. Symptoms and reactions associated with underlying causes of mental health problems had culturally specific relevance to physical illness and mental health.

  13. A Qualitative Examination of the Psychosocial Adjustment of Khmer Refugees in Three Massachusetts Communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leakhena Nou


    Full Text Available This paper uses a sociological stress process model to explore the Khmer adult refugees' experience in Massachusetts. The analysis is based on the responses of three focus groups in the Khmer communities of Lowell, Lynn, and Revere, Massachusetts. The focus groups provided an in-depth understanding of sources of stress, stress mediators, and psychosocial adjustment/adaptational patterns for Khmer refugees who had experienced the Cambodian genocide. Symptoms and reactions associated with underlying causes of mental health problems had culturally specific relevance to physical illness and mental health.

  14. Measurement of the Absolute Proton and Helium Flux at the Top of the Atmosphere using IMAX

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Menn, W.; Hof, M.; Reimer, O.


    The balloon-borne experiment IMAX launched from Lynn Lake, Canada in 1992 has been used to measure the cosmic ray proton and helium spectra from 0.2 GV to approximately 100 GV. The IMAX apparatus was designed to search for antiprotons and light isotopes using a superconducting magnet spectrometer...... with ancillary scintillators, time-of-flight, and aerogel cherenkov detectors. High resolution drift chambers and MWPCs were used as the tracking devices. Using redundant detectors, an extensive examination of the instrument efficiency was carried out. We present the absolute spectra of protons and helium...

  15. Globalism, Localism and Neo-Zapatism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Willem Assies


    Full Text Available – La otra frontera; identidades múltiples en el Chiapas poscolonial, by Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo. México: CIESAS, Miguel Ángel Porrúa, 2001. English edition: Histories and Stories from Chiapas; Border Identities in Southern Mexico. Austin: University of Texas Press. – Mayan Visions; The Quest for Autonomy in an Age of Globalization, by June C. Nash. New York and London: Routledge, 2001. – ¡Zapata Lives!; Histories and Cultural Politics in Southern Mexico, by Lynn Stephen. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2002.

  16. The Twins Study: NASA's First Foray into 21st Century Omics Research (United States)

    Kundrot, C. E.; Shelhamer, M.; Scott, G. B. I.


    The full array of 21st century omics-based research methods should be intelligently employed to reduce the health and performance risks that astronauts will be exposed to during exploration missions beyond low Earth Orbit. In March of 2015, US Astronaut Scott Kelly will launch to the International Space Station for a one year mission while his twin brother, Mark Kelly, a retired US Astronaut, remains on the ground. This situation presents an extremely rare flight opportunity to perform an integrated omics-based demonstration pilot study involving identical twin astronauts. A group of 10 principal investigators has been competitively selected, funded, and teamed together to form the Twins Study. A very broad range of biological function are being examined including the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, gut microbiome, immunological response to vaccinations, indicators of atherosclerosis, physiological fluid shifts, and cognition. The plans for the Twins Study and an overview of initial results will be described as well as the technological and ethical issues raised for such spaceflight studies. An anticipated outcome of the Twins Study is that it will place NASA on a trajectory of using omics-based information to develop precision countermeasures for individual astronauts.

  17. 40 aastat vanglat arvutivõhikluse eest / Elver Loho

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Loho, Elver


    USA-s Connecticuti osariigis Norwichi linna Kelly Põhikoolis juhtus 2004. aastal sündmus, mille tagajärjel mõisteti õpetaja Julie Amero süüdi maksimaalse karistusajaga 40 aastat. Õpetaja oli väljunud korraks klassist ja võimaldanud lastel klikata tema arviti lingile, mis käivitas pahatahtliku programmi pornograafiliste piltidega, mida võhiklik õpetaja ei osanud tagasi tulles kohe sulgeda

  18. Les pays émergents, nouveau moteur de l'aide internationale | CRDI ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    11 mars 2014 ... La contribution totale que fait un pays aux pays en développement donne donc une meilleure mesure de sa générosité que le seul montant de l'aide, a conclu Mme Adelman. La compassion est l'affaire de tous dans un pays, et pas uniquement du gouvernement. Kelly Haggart est rédactrice principale au ...

  19. Kriisimängud Berliinis : "Theatertreffen 2010" / Madli Pesti

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pesti, Madli, 1980-


    7.-24. maini Berliinis toimunud teatrifestivalist "Theatertreffen". Lavastustest "Räpased, koledad, alatud" (lav. Karin Beier), "Riesenbutzbach. Igavene koloonia" (lav. Marthaler), Dennis Kelly "Ma olen nii armunud, et võiksin oksendada" (lav. Stephan Kimmig), Roland Schimmelpfennigiti "Kuldne draakon" (lav. R. Schimmelpfennig), Peter Handke "Tund, mil me üksteist midagi ei teadnud" (lav. Viktor Bodo) ja Elfride Jelineki tekstide põhjal "Kaupmehe kontraht" (lav. Nicolas Stemann)

  20. Southeastern Virtual Institute for Health Equity and Wellness (SEVIEW), Phase 2 (United States)


    health activities. Additionally, JDOH engaged adolescents in a Leadership Program (LP), 8 which included learning about health-related careers and...launching JDOH in 2004 with the aim of teaching students in low-income schools about nutrition, exercise and health care careers . Kelli joined in... toolkit . The 68 STEER trainees were actively curious and eager to understand the attributes of the street drugs pervasive in their communities

  1. A Counter Insurgency Study: An Analysis of Local Defenses (United States)


    Terrorismo en el Peru , Printed in Sanki SA, Lima, Peru . Heigh, S., (1990), Counterinsurgency Strategies for Effective Conflict Termination...Lotus, Bangkok, Thailand. Jimenez, B. (2000); Inicio, Desarrollo y Ocaso del Terrorismo en el Peru ; Printed in Sanki, Lima, Peru Kelly, peru /libros/cv/ii/92.html Corum, J., n.d., La Guerra Aerea en El Salvador; Retrieved on 06/25/04 from

  2. The Insider Threat to Cybersecurity: How Group Process and Ignorance Affect Analyst Accuracy and Promptitude (United States)


    McCarthy, J. (1980). Circumscription - A Form of Nonmonotonic Reasoning. Artificial Intelligence , 13, 27–39. McClure, S., Scambray, J., & Kurtz, G. (2012...THREAT TO CYBERSECURITY : HOW GROUP PROCESS AND IGNORANCE AFFECT ANALYST ACCURACY AND PROMPTITUDE by Ryan F. Kelly September 2017...September 2017 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED Dissertation 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE THE INSIDER THREAT TO CYBERSECURITY : HOW GROUP PROCESS AND

  3. Browse Author Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    de Oliveira, JE · de Oliveira, JMG · de Oliveira, Kênia Borges · de Oliveira, Kelly Mari Pires · de Oliveira, Leandro Castro Matias · de Oliveira, LM · de Oliveira, Maria da Conceição F. de Oliveira, Mariana Menezes Quadros · de Oliveira, NC · de Oliveira, Nelson Geraldo · de Oliveira, NG · de Oliveira, PJ · de Oliveira, PM

  4. Stuttering and temperament


    Novšak Brce, Jerneja


    Different authors agree that stuttering is a multifactorial disorder which requires correspondingly evaluation, diagnosis and treatment (Conture 2001; Logan, Yaruss, 1999; Vanryckeghem, Brutten, 1997; Zebrowski, Kelly, 2002). The process of diagnosing stuttering should take into account the affective, behavioral and cognitive aspects of the stuttering disorder (Vanryckeghem, Brutten, 2007). Researches show that the temperament of the individual is an important factor in stuttering. In chil...

  5. Die Manichäer in ihrer Umwelt

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Nils Arne


    An attempt to interpret aspects of the Manichaeans' social history in the Roman Empire, i.a. by means of models used in M.A. Williams' "Rethinking Gnosticism" (1996), and to present some of the results of the excavations in ancient Kellis in Egypt. The article relates the Manichaean mission...... and growth in the 4th century to the expansion of Christianity at the same time....

  6. Formal Critiques and After Action Reports from Conventional Emergencies: Tools for Homeland Security Training and Education (United States)


    andragogy (Kelly, 2006). B.F. Skinner, the behavioral psychologist who discovered operant conditioning and articulated the term “reinforcement” as...Alexander Kapp first introduced the concept of andragogy in his 1833 book Planton’s Erziehungslehre (Plato’s Educational Ideas) (Peterson, 2009... Andragogy is learner focused education that encourages the adult learner to move beyond dependency to self-directed learning. Reg Revans, the pioneer of

  7. Uutest plaatidest / Tõnu Pedaru

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pedaru, Tõnu


    Uutest plaatidest Rod Stewart "Very Best Of", Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach "Painted From Memory", Aerosmith "A Little South Of Sanity", Royal Crown Revue "The Contender", Baxter "Baxter", Sheryl Crow "The Globe Sessions", Alishas Attic "Illumina", Foreigner "The Best Of Ballads", Secret Service "The Very Best Of", Eels "Electro-Shock Blues", 187 Lockdown "The World", Dub Pistols "Point Black", Kelly Family "I Will Be Your Bride"

  8. Meediakunstnike workshop polaarjoonel / Raivo Kelomees

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kelomees, Raivo, 1960-


    Rovaniemi ülikooli ning Tornio kunsti- ja meediakolledzhi juures juulis 1998 peetud 2. rahvusvahelisest meediakunsti workshopist "Polar Circuit 2". Eestist osalesid Raivo Kelomees, Tiia Johannson. Tornio kunsti- ja meediakolledzhist. Külastatud workshopidest (juhendajad Steve Bradley, Owen Kelly, Christine Stevart, Rasa Smite ja Raitis Smits). Õppetöö tase Eesti Kunstiakadeemias jätab soovida. Ilmunud ka kogumikus "Ekraan kui membraan". Tartu, 2007, lk. 46-48

  9. A Summary of the Technical Pilot Selection Literature (United States)


    Thorndike -Kelly Athletic Interest Inventory ...............................................6 Developing Apparatus-based Pilot Selection Tests—Spring, 1917...chaired by H.E. Burtt, followed by G. Stratton, and finally by E.L. Thorndike (Yerkes, 1919). This committee also included John B. Watson, Warner...World War I was the Mental Alertness Test, which was developed by E.L. Thorndike . Thorndike (1919) realized that success as a military pilot required

  10. Effects of Construction of the Digital Multipurpose Range Complex (DMPRC) on Riparian and Stream Ecosystems at Fort Benning, Georgia. Addendum (United States)


    root dynamics in riparian forests. Soil Science Society of America 69(3):729-737. Houser, J. N., P. J. Mulholland, and K. O. Maloney. 2006. Upland...Forested Wetlands, D. M. Amatya and J. Nettles (eds). New Bern, NC. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, MI...primary productivity, vegetation composition, structure, and fine root dynamics in riparian forests. Kelly O. Maloney, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

  11. Meeting of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (2nd) Held in Jacksonville, Florida on 9-13 May 1990. Programs and Abstracts (United States)


    Kelly E. Mayo. and Eye Clinic, Zurich, Switzerland, *New York State Joseph S. Takahashi. Department of Biochemistry . Psychiatric Institute, New York...30 Room 4 & 5 Clinical Biochemistry , University of Toronto. Slide Session 4 Molecular and Cellular Studies of 17:00 Circadian Rhythmicity 31 CYCLIC AMP...College, Dept. of Anatomy, MI and The University of Michigan, Dept. of Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Kinesiology , Ann Arbor, MI. and


    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    From left to right, standing: Mission Specialists Mike Fincke (USAF Colonel), Allison Bolinger (NASA training engineer), flight director Derek Hassmann (NASA), Pilot Gregory Johnson (USAF), professor Sam Ting (AMS spokesperson), Paul Collier (CERN Beams department leader), mission specialist Andrew Feustel (NASA). sitting: flight director Gary Horlache (NASA), Mission Specialist Gregory Chamitoff ( NASA), Commander Mark Kelly (US Navy), Steve Myers (CERN, Director for Accelerators), Mission Specialist Colonel Roberto Vittori (ESA and ASI).

  13. A Phase 1 Trial of an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor plus Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Patients with Inoperable Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (United States)


    with Inoperable Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Karen Kelly, MD CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: University of California...Inhibitor plus Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Patients with Inoperable Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 5b. GRANT NUMBER W81XWH-15-2-0063...immune checkpoint inhibitor MPDL3280A (atezolizumab) in early stage inoperable non-small cell lung cancer . The trial is comprised of a traditional 3 + 3

  14. Impacts of Climate Change on Dengue Risk in Brazil


    Tatiane Menezes; Paula Pereda; Denisard Alves


    Climate has relevant impacts on human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), climate-sensitive health problems kill millions of people every year and undermine the physical and psychological health of millions (WHO, 2012). In the particular case of vector-borne diseases, climate conditions assure the vectors' survival and reproduction and, consequently, the transmission of the diseases (Kelly-Hope and Thomson, 2008). Increases in heat, precipitation, and humidity can allow ...

  15. Citizen Warrior: Major General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain a Study in Command Leadership (United States)


    anticipated―challenges. The complex, fluid environment of war demands the institutionalization of this intellectual energy to affect the necessary...choosing an appropriate course of action. I believe that these characteristics of “Military Genius” are as valuable in today’s environment as they were...1999) p. 303. 44 Wallace, p. 68. 45 James E. Kelly, Generals in Bronze, ed. William B. Styple, read Patrick Cullen (Ashland, Blackstone Audio, Inc

  16. Department of Clinical Investigation Annual Research Progress Report: Fiscal Year 1990 (United States)


    Rawlings JS Hematol y Oncology 11(4): 395-401, 1989 Bower DJ Marlar RA Kelly PC Attention Deficit Disorders and Depression - Atkinson AW Reply. Pediatrics...Heparin 125 #90/35 Therapy in a Military Setting SOWRAY PC 0 Treatment of Thrombocytopenia, Hemolytic 126 #90/07 Anemia , or Neutropenia with Ascorbic...Induced Hypertension and Preeclampsia in Primigravida Women BRADY WK C Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis in 151 #87/115 Pregnancy BROWNING JB 0

  17. Kinematic and Kinetic Evaluation of High Speed Backward Running (United States)


    Designed using Perform Pro , WHS/DIOR, Oct 94 KINEMATIC AND KINETIC EVALUATION OF HIGH SPEED BACKWARD RUNNING by ALAN WAYNE ARATA A DISSERTATION...Project Manager, Engineering Division, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, 1983-86 AWARDS AND HONORS: All-American, 50yd Freestyle , 1979 Winner, Rocky...redirection #include <stdlib.h> // for exit #include <iomanip.h> // for set precision #include <string.h> // for string copy const int NUMPOINTS

  18. California Least Tern Foraging Ecology in Southern California: A Review of Foraging Behavior Relative to Proposed Dredging Locations (United States)


    additional data are necessary to understand the relationship among turbidity plumes, behavior of CLT prey fish , and CLT foraging behavior. KBC...activities. Fish actively seek out or avoid turbid waters for a number of reasons, including predator avoidance and food resources, and this...Birds 14:57-72. Atwood, J. L., and P. R. Kelly. 1984. Fish dropped on breeding colonies as indicators of Least Tern food habits. Wilson Bulletin 96: 34

  19. Small-unit Training for Adaptability and Resilience in Decision Making (STAR-DM) (United States)


    Alternatives 1 Orange Truck As the roadblock comes into the squad’s view, an orange dump truck drives away from the trash pile.  Do not...L- shape blocking position, makeshift control measures set up. A dump truck came up and wasn’t trying to plow through, but did cross control...Co-PI) 407-706-0977, Subcontractors/Consultants: Cognitive Performance Group (CPG), Pacific Science & Engineering

  20. Kurdistan: The State That Cannot Be (United States)


    arm-kurdish-forces. 2 Graham E . Fuller, “The Fate of the Kurds,” Foreign Affairs, 72, no. 2 (Spring, 1993), pp. 108-121. 2 US has enabled...Sperl (London: Routledge, 1992), 10-11. 6 Vera Eccarius-Kelly, The Militant Kurds: A Dual Strategy for Freedom (Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2011), 178-181...fighting has caused the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, including civilians, Turkish 22 Vera Eccarius