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  1. Distribution and abundance of Least Bell’s Vireos (Vireo bellii pusillus) and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers (Empidonax traillii extimus) on the Middle San Luis Rey River, San Diego County, southern California—2017 data summary

    Allen, Lisa D.; Howell, Scarlett L.; Kus, Barbara E.


    We surveyed for Least Bell’s Vireos (LBVI) (Vireo bellii pusillus) and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers (SWFL) (Empidonax traillii extimus) along the San Luis Rey River, between College Boulevard in Oceanside and Interstate 15 in Fallbrook, California (middle San Luis Rey River), in 2017. Surveys were conducted from April 13 to July 11 (LBVI) and from May 16 to July 28 (SWFL). We found 146 LBVI territories, at least 107 of which were occupied by pairs. Five additional transient LBVIs were detected. LBVIs used five different habitat types in the survey area: mixed willow, willow-cottonwood, willow-sycamore, riparian scrub, and upland scrub. Forty-four percent of the LBVIs occurred in habitat characterized as mixed willow and 89 percent of the LBVI territories occurred in areas with greater than 50 percent native plant cover. Of 16 banded LBVIs detected in the survey area, 8 had been given full color-band combinations prior to 2017. Four other LBVIs with single (natal) federal bands were recaptured and banded in 2017. Three LBVIs with single dark blue federal bands indicating that they were banded as nestlings on the lower San Luis Rey River and one LBVI with a single gold federal band indicating that it was banded as a nestling on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (MCBCP) could not be recaptured for identification. One banded LBVI emigrated from the middle San Luis Rey River to the lower San Luis Rey River in 2017.One resident SWFL territory and one transient Willow Flycatcher of unknown subspecies (WIFL) were observed in the survey area in 2017. The resident SWFL territory, which was comprised of mixed willow habitat (5–50 percent native plant cover), was occupied by a single male from May 22 to June 21, 2017. No evidence of pairing or nesting activity was observed. The SWFL male was banded with a full color-combination indicating that he was originally banded as a nestling on the middle San Luis Rey River in 2014 and successfully bred in the survey area in 2016

  2. Maps of the Bonsall area of the San Luis Rey River valley, San Diego County, California, showing geology, hydrology, and ground-water quality

    Izbicki, John A.


    In November 1984, 84 wells and 1 spring in the Bonsall area of the San Luis Rey River valley were inventoried by U.S. Geological Survey personnel. Depth to water in 38 wells ranged from 1.3 to 38 ft and 23 wells had depths to water less than 10 feet. Dissolved solids concentration of water from 29 wells and 1 spring sampled in autumn 1983 and spring 1984 ranged from 574 to 2,370 mgs/L. Groundwater with a dissolved solids concentration less than 1,000 mgs/L was generally restricted to the eastern part of the aquifer. The total volume of alluvial fill in the Bonsall area is 113,000 acre-feet; the amount of groundwater storage available in the alluvial aquifer is 18,000 acre-feet. The alluvial aquifer is, in part, surrounded and underlain by colluvium and weathered crystalline rock that add some additional groundwater storage capacity to the system. Data in this report are presented on five maps showing well locations , thickness of alluvial fill, water level contours in November 1983 and hydrographs of selected wells, groundwater quality in spring 1960 and graphs showing changes in dissolved solids concentrations of water from selected wells with time, and groundwater quality in spring 1984. This report is part of a larger cooperative project between the Rainbow Municipal Irrigation District and the U.S. Geological Survey. The purpose of the larger project is to develop an appropriate groundwater management plan for the Bonsall area of the San Luis Rey River valley. (USGS)

  3. Distribution and abundance of Least Bell’s Vireos (Vireo bellii pusillus) and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers (Empidonax traillii extimus) on the Middle San Luis Rey River, San Diego, southern California—2016 data summary

    Allen, Lisa D.; Howell, Scarlett L.; Kus, Barbara E.


    Executive SummaryWe surveyed for Least Bell’s Vireos (LBVI) (Vireo bellii pusillus) and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers (SWFL) (Empidonax traillii extimus) along the San Luis Rey River, between College Boulevard in Oceanside and Interstate 15 in Fallbrook, California (middle San Luis Rey River), in 2016. Surveys were done from March 30 to July 11 (LBVI) and from May 18 to July 30 (SWFL). We found 142 LBVI territories, at least 106 of which were occupied by pairs. Six additional transient LBVIs were detected. Of 20 banded LBVIs detected in the survey area, 9 had been given full color-band combinations prior to 2016, although we were unable to determine the exact color combination of 1 female LBVI. Seven other LBVIs with single (natal) federal bands were recaptured and banded in 2016. Four vireos with single dark blue federal bands indicating that they were banded as nestlings on the lower San Luis Rey River could not be recaptured for identification.Three SFWL territories were observed in the survey area in 2016. Two territories were occupied by pairs and one by a male of unknown breeding status. Both pairs attempted to nest at least once, and both pairs were successful, fledging three young each. Nesting began in early June and continued into July. Brown-Headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) eggs were not observed in either nest. An additional 12 transient Willow Flycatchers of unknown subspecies were detected in 2016.Two of the five resident SWFLs were originally banded as nestlings on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. One male and one female were banded as nestlings on Camp Pendleton in 2009 and 2011, respectively. One natal male of unknown breeding status, originally banded as a nestling on the middle San Luis Rey River in 2015, was recaptured and given a unique color combination in 2016. This male was later detected on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

  4. Reye Syndrome

    Reye syndrome is a rare illness that can affect the blood, liver, and brain of someone who has recently ... a viral illness, seek medical attention immediately. Reye syndrome can lead to a coma and brain death, ...

  5. Late quaternary geology in Desaguadero river basin, San Luis, Argentina

    Chiesa, J.; Strasser, E.; Gomez, D.; De Miguel, T.


    Absolute radiocarbon datings of the sedimentary successions have come to knowledge enabling us to distinguish the Pleistocene deposits from the supra-lying Holocene ones. A palaeo-environmental evolution is proposed considering climatic fluctuations at the time, their relation with the river unloadings of the Andean glaciers and that proposed for the palaeo-lake of Salina del Bebedero. Sediments are described on the basis of a detailed field sampling, textural analysis (sieved and Bouyoucos) and laboratory geo-chemicals. Their interpretation of the geologic evolution is considered to be very important since it is the only river course on this arid-semi-arid region linked to the reduction of glaciers in the Andes. The sedimentary succession is dominated by high percentages of laminated limes and with green-yellowish to greyish-brown-reddish tones deposited in watery environments of low energy such as lacustrine basins and extended plains of flood, which is why the evolution of the deposit is characterized by the contrast of the values of insolubles (clastic sediment and carbonate) versus solubles (insoluble saline). The climatic cycles dominant and proposed for the center-east Argentine region are identified considering the influence of Andean glaciers on the river systems and the water balances in plain semi-arid environments. (author)

  6. Tectono-volcanic control of fissure type vents for the 28 Ma Panalillo ignimbrite in the Villa de Reyes Graben, San Luis PotosI, Mexico

    Tristan-Gonzalez, Margarito; Labarthe-Hernandez, Guillermo; Aguillon-Robles, Alfredo; Aguirre-DIaz, Gerardo J


    The volcano-tectonic events at the Villa de Reyes Graben (VRG), in the southern Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, include 1) a regional NNE fault system developed before 32 Ma, 2) this pre-32 Ma faulting controlled the emplacement of 31.5 Ma dacitic domes, 3) NE faulting at 28 Ma that displaced the 31.5 Ma dacitic domes and formed the VRG, as well as the oblique grabens of Bledos and Enramadas oriented NW, 4) emplacement of Panalillo ignimbrite at 28 Ma filling the VRG and erupting from fissures related to the oblique grabens, and eruption of Placa basalt apparently also from fault-controlled vents.

  7. Tectono-volcanic control of fissure type vents for the 28 Ma Panalillo ignimbrite in the Villa de Reyes Graben, San Luis PotosI, Mexico

    Tristan-Gonzalez, Margarito; Labarthe-Hernandez, Guillermo; Aguillon-Robles, Alfredo [Instituto de Geologia/DES IngenierIa, UASLP, Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 5, Zona Universitaria, C.P. 78240, San Luis PotosI, S.L.P. (Mexico); Aguirre-DIaz, Gerardo J [Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Campus Juriquilla, Queretaro, 76230 (Mexico)], E-mail:, E-mail:


    The volcano-tectonic events at the Villa de Reyes Graben (VRG), in the southern Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, include 1) a regional NNE fault system developed before 32 Ma, 2) this pre-32 Ma faulting controlled the emplacement of 31.5 Ma dacitic domes, 3) NE faulting at 28 Ma that displaced the 31.5 Ma dacitic domes and formed the VRG, as well as the oblique grabens of Bledos and Enramadas oriented NW, 4) emplacement of Panalillo ignimbrite at 28 Ma filling the VRG and erupting from fissures related to the oblique grabens, and eruption of Placa basalt apparently also from fault-controlled vents.

  8. Reye's Syndrome

    ... that contain aspirin. Some hospitals and medical facilities conduct newborn screenings for fatty acid oxidation disorders to determine which children are at greater risk of developing Reye's syndrome. ...

  9. Alfonso Reyes

    Jorge Enrique Leal G.


    Full Text Available Nos hallábamos en Méjico en 1953 cuando, con oportunidad de unas circunstanciales estrofas nuestras, se suscitó una animada controversia que encontró eco en los periódicos de Colombia, acerca del correcto uso de una expresión utilizada en alguno de los versos; fue grande nuestra preocupación y, si bien a la luz de la más exigente ortodoxia sintáctica, nos parecía que la verdad nos acompañaba, no nos dimos tregua en el afán de convicción y fue así como en amenas e instructivas conversaciones con Laura Victoria, con Julián Motta Salas y con Alfonso Reyes, comprobamos hasta la saciedad que la razón estaba de nuestra parte.

  10. Geochemistry of uranium in ground waters of the Conlara river Valley, San Luis and Cordoba provinces (Argentina)

    Nicolli, H.B.; Gamba, M.A.


    Geochemical characteristics of ground waters related with lixiviation, transport and precipitation of uranium in the Conlara river valley (provinces of San Luis and Cordoba (Argentina)) are studied. Anions and cations' distributions, together with hardness, specific conductivity, pH, Eh, and uranium and vanadium contents, have been studied. Those parameters characterize four hidrogeochemical facies along an E-W profile: a calcic strong bicarbonate facies, an alkaline-calcic bicarbonate facies, an alkaline sulfate facies, and a strong alkaline sulfate facies. An ''Interphase zone'' (transition from bicarbonate water to sulfate water), where changes in composition may define a geochemical environment capable of UO2 precipitation, has been determined. The chemical-Thermodynamic studies give a dominance of UDC and UTC complexs ions (even in sulfate waters), so they represent the 99% of present ions. Besides, the calculated values required for equilibrium with uraninite or carnotite resulted much greater than those obtained in the performed experiments. It means that the precipitation of those minerals requires either the presence of greate amounts of uranium or vanadium, or a reducing environment with Eh values smaller than the observed ones. Finally, the steps to be taken in future investigations are suggested in view to a drilling plan where: 1) Priority to the ''Interphase zone'' areas is given. 2) The deepest aquifers in Tertiary sediments of the basin have to be reached in order to get the convenient environmental conditions (i.e. smallest Eh values) for uranium or uranium-vanadium precipitation. (author) [es

  11. Cultural Resource Test Sampling Program for a Proposed Flood Control Project in the Lower San Luis Rey River Drainage, Oceanside, California.


    sand and silt have created an extremely ambiguous deposit, rendering any analysis of data based upon surface dimensions irrelevant. Nonetheless, via...1929), True (1970), Heizer and Whipple (1957), -,.]1 Hooper (1920), Kroeber (1970), Cuero (1968), Sparkman (1098:87-234), and Strong (1929). S . ’sa CH...Pioneer notes from the diartes of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875. Private printing, Los Angeles. Heizer , Robert F. and M.A. Whipple 1957 The California

  12. Algal and Cyanobacterial communities in two rivers of the province of San Luis (Argentina subjected to anthropogenic influence

    Jorgelina Daruich


    Full Text Available AIM: The use of biological indicators of pollution has increased in recent years as an alternative to the monitoring of water quality. Phytoplankton community selectively respond to different anthropogenic disturbances, such as water dams and the increase of nutrients coming from city centers, which leads to the eutrophication of the aquatic environment. The objective of this work was to evaluate the composition and the structure of the algal and Cyanobacterial communities in order to prove human influences by the presence of reservoirs with some degree of eutrophication and the impact of urbanization in two rivers at the Bebedero basin in San Luis province (Argentine. METHODS: Four sites were sampled: two of them were placed before dams and villages (V1 and (P1 and two after them (V2 and (P2. Each site was visited in every season of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Qualitative and semi-quantitative phytoplankton samples were taken, and the frequency of occurrence was determined. Variations between pairs of sampling stations were analyzed through the Jaccard similarity and complementarity indices. RESULTS: Ninety two taxa were identified, of which diatoms were the most frequent. The most affected station was P2 with high abundance, less diversity and equitability, whereas the species more tolerant to the presence of organic matter were Melosira varians, Navicula tripunctata, Oscillatoria limosa, Gomphonema parvulum and Coelastrum microporum, and some species of euglenophytas. CONCLUSION: Therefore, the structure and composition of the algal and Cyanobacterial communities allowed us to identify sections more sensitive to human-induced alterations.

  13. Hafnium and neodymium isotopes and REY distribution in the truly dissolved, nanoparticulate/colloidal and suspended loads of rivers in the Amazon Basin, Brazil

    Merschel, Gila; Bau, Michael; Schmidt, Katja; Münker, Carsten; Dantas, Elton L.


    Radiogenic isotopes in river sediments and river waters have been widely used in provenance studies, as these samples naturally integrate the geology/chemistry of the entire catchment. While the Hf and Nd isotope systems are coupled during igneous processes, they are decoupled during supergene processes at the Earth's surface, which is reflected by the isotope composition of riverine sediments. We present the first data for both Hf and Nd isotope compositions of the dissolved (0.2 μm-filtrates rich in nanoparticles and colloids, NPCs) and the truly dissolved (1 kDa-ultrafiltrates) load of rivers. Hafnium and Nd isotope compositions and concentrations of the Rare Earths and Yttrium (REY) and Hf were determined for suspended particles (>0.2 μm) as well as for the dissolved and the truly dissolved load of the Rio Solimões, the Amazon's largest tributary draining the Andes, and of the Rio Negro, an organic NPC- and particle-rich river draining the rainforest of northern Amazonia. We also analyzed the Nd isotope compositions of suspended sediments and 0.2 μm-filtered water samples from the Amazon River and its tributaries Rio Tapajos, Rio Xingu and Rio Jari. Our novel results clearly show that the decoupling of the Hf and Nd isotope systems is related to incongruent weathering processes on the continent, as this decoupling can already be observed in the different Hf and Nd pools, i.e. in the particulate, the NPC-dominated dissolved and the truly dissolved load of rivers. In the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, a strong particle size-dependent difference in Hf isotope composition is observed. Values of εHf become more radiogenic as filter poresize decreases, which can be related to the density- and size-dependent distribution of Hf-rich minerals, e.g. zircons, and their absence from the truly dissolved pool. In contrast, the Nd isotope composition of Amazonian river waters reflects that of their catchment geology. Tributaries draining the Precambrian Brazilian and

  14. CT image in Reye syndrome

    Murayama, Takashi; Sakuma, Nobuko; Ishikawa, Akashi; Saito, Yoko; Takebayashi, Takeyasu; Kuwashima, Shigeru


    In a male infant with infantile spasms which had been observed, Reye's syndrome occurred at the age of 1 year and 6 months. CT findings, before the onset of Reye's syndrome, in the acute stage of the disease, and in the recovering stage, were obtained. The features of the disease were shown as low-absorption areas in the frontal and fronto-temporal areas of the head, and also strongly degenerative findings in the same areas, even in the recovery stage. This seemed to be characteristic to Reye's syndrome, and the basis of the suggestion was discussed. (Ueda, J.)

  15. ¡Viva el-Rey! Rey imaginario y revuelta en la Galicia bajomedieval

    Carlos BARROS


    Full Text Available En el otoño de la Edad Media la representación gallega del Rey estaba condicionada por una circunstancia excepcional: Galicia era un reino sin rey propio. Desde el visigodo Leovigildo (año 585 hasta los Reyes Católicos, quitando los paréntesis altomedievales1, el Rey de los gallegos no era otro que el rey hispano occidental: Rey de Asturias, Rey de León, Rey de Castilla y León, Reyes de Castilla y Aragón.

  16. Arquitectura modernista en Palma de Mallorca : el edificio Forteza Rey

    María José Galván Mostazo


    Full Text Available El edificio Forteza Rey es un fiel exponente de la arquitectura urbana burguesa de comienzos de siglo. Por su dinámica espacial y por su sintaxis decorativa puede englobarse bajo el denominado «modernismo». Tanto la riqueza iconográfica que presenta como su peculiar proceso de construcción, donde aparecen las figuras de artista aún sin estudiar (José Forteza Rey, su hijo Luis, José Alomar otorgan a este edificio un interés especial. Ubicada en el centro urbano de Palma de Mallorca, la Casa Rey está construida sobre un área aproximada de 130 m^ con un desarrollo a partir del nivel de calle de seis plantas más dos secciones subterráneas. Cada planta tiene una distribución espacial similar, acorde con las necesidades de sus ocupantes, aunque en todos los pisos coinciden la disposición de servicios (cocina, baños, despensas, cuarto de servicio, etcétera.

  17. Dos libros sobre Alfonso Reyes

    Helcías Martán Góngora


    Full Text Available Con retardo llegó a nosotros el nobilísimo testimonio que el Instituto Iberoamericano de Gotemburgo, dedicó a don Alfonso Reyes, el ilustre escritor mexicano, con motivo de haber cumplido cincuenta años de fecundo ejercicio literario, de ejemplar unión matrimonial con los libros.

  18. CT findings in Reye syndrome

    Lee, Kil Woo; Lim, Hyo Keun; Choo, In Wook; Bae, Sang Hoon


    We present here the CT findings in 10 patients with Reye syndrome. Acute findings is diffuse cerebral swelling with or without parenchymal low density. The cerebral swelling gradually changed to atrophy. The parenchymal low density predisposes in Lt temporoparietal area. Contrast enhanced CT scan showed no additional finding, except 1 case. The hemorrhagic infarction which has not been reported previously was seen in 1 case and resulted in the most prominent sequela. The sequelae were developed in all atrophic cases. So, the brain CT may be useful in monitoring cerebral swelling, determining treatment plan in acute stage, and in presenting prognosis and sequelae on fellow up CT

  19. Structure and distribution of Hydrachnidia (Parasitengona-Acari in the sub-basin of the Grande River (Superior Basin of Quinto River. San Luis-Argentina Estrutura e distribuição dos Hidracáridos (Parasitengona-Acari na Subcuenca do Rio Grande (Conta Superior do Rio Quinto. San Luis-Argentina

    Carlos Raul Quiroga


    Full Text Available AIM: The purpose of this work was to determine genera diversity, structural attributes and distribution of the Hydrachnidia assemblages and their possible influences with certain abiotic parameters along the sub-basin of the Grande River, a 6th order stream in the province of San Luis; METHODS: four sampling sites (C1, E1, E2 and E3 were established in two different hydrological periods: high waters (HW and low waters (LW. Twenty-four samples were obtained using Surber sampler, and the hydraulic, physical and chemical characterization of the sampling sites was carried out. Density (ind.m-2, genus richness, Shannon-Wiener diversity index and Kownacki's dominance index were calculated; RESULTS: sixteen Hydrachnidia genera were observed. No significant differences were found between the abiotic parameters of each site. A positive correlation of Sperchon, Torrentícola and Neoatractides was observed in relation to flow and current velocity whereas Hygrobates showed a negative correlation. No significant differences were observed in Hydrachnidia abundances among the sites in HW and LW and between the pairs of each site in HW and LW. The genera with the highest densities were Hygrobates, Limnesia and Atractides, of which the first two were widely distributed. The rest only appeared sporadically. According to Kownacki's index Hygrobates and Limnesia were "dominant", Atractides were "subdominant" and the rest were "non dominant"; CONCLUSIONS: The found genera were distanced systematically and philogenetically. However, the specimens belonging to these genera exhibited very similar morphological characteristics, which were adaptations to rheophilous habitats. The representativity of Hygrobates and Limnesia might be due to the great abundance of their hosts and preys in the sub-basin. The decrease in the densities and the changes in the Hydrachnidia composition in E3 (post-dam site might be explained by the biotic interactions previously mentioned

  20. Golden Gate and Pt. Reyes Acoustic Detections

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This dataset contains detections of acoustic tagged fish from two general locations: Golden Gate (east and west line) and Pt. Reyes. Several Vemco 69khz acoustic...

  1. Data_files_Reyes_EHP_phthalates

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The file contains three files in comma separated values (.csv) format. “Reyes_EHP_Phthalates_US_metabolites.csv” contains information about the National Health and...

  2. Victoria Ocampo and Alfonso Reyes: Ulysses's Malady

    Doris Meyer


    Full Text Available Ocampo (Argentina, 1890-1979 and Reyes (Mexico, 1889-1959 were arguably Latin America's most influential writers and cultural catalysts in the first half of the twentieth century. They met in Argentina in 1927 and their friendship and correspondence lasted until Reyes's death. Over three decades of private and public discourse, they articulated a similar vision of Latin American identity and its future potential. Because they were both internationally known—Ocampo as founder and director of the literary review SUR, and Reyes as a diplomat and intellectual leader—their ideas found resonance in the Americas and Europe. Two dramatic works they wrote before meeting, Ifigenia cruel (Reyes and La laguna de los nenúfares (Ocampo, prefigure their approach to the Latin American condition through the themes of displacement and self-renovation. Ocampo and Reyes believed that it would be the task of an educated elite to lead Latin America toward a transnational cultural synthesis and renewal. Ulysses's malady was their metaphor for the postcolonial condition that enabled Latin American minds to be open to exploration and dialogue in search of an authentic identity.

  3. Alfonso Reyes y el cine del porvenir

    Betina Keizman


    Full Text Available Este artículo se propone situar la reflexión de Alfonso Reyes sobre el cine en el marco de las recepciones del primer cine, considerando también cómo esta reflexión se articula en relación con el pensamiento crítico del escritor mexicano. En particular, se analiza el modo en que, por vía de la especulación, Reyes ensaya posibles redefiniciones para una nueva distribución de lo sensible y de las artes, de los valores cognitivos y expresivos de la luz y de los vínculos arte-ciencia. Lo que se lee en Reyes es un esfuerzo por pensar nuevas formas de inventiva que se desprenden (o podrían desprenderse del arte cinematográfico.

  4. An atypical case of Reye's syndrome

    Maehara, Fumiaki; Goto, Katsuya; Okudera, Toshio; Mitsudome, Akihisa; Hara, Kunio; Shiraishi, Masayuki


    An atypical case of Reye's syndrome was reported with emphasis on usefulness of CT for the diagnosis and follow-up study of this disease. The patient was a 13-month-old girl who had been transferred to our hospital because of status epilepticus, a comatous state and a high temperature. She was diagnosed as having Reye's syndrome according to data of liver function tests, findings in CSF and body CT which revealed swelling of the liver with diminished attenuation value suggesting fatty infiltration. However, there were atypical features in this patient: epileptic seizures since age 5 months, no vomiting at the time of onset and no evidence of brain swelling on CT in acute phase. She was discharged 2 months later with impaired neuropsychological functions of marked degree. When she was 2 year-old, she again went into status epilepticus, was comatous and had a high temperature. She was dead when she arrived at emergency room of our hospital. Autopsy findings revealed features of Reye's syndrome as follows: abundant accumulation of small fat droplets without nuclear displacement in the liver, fatty infiltration in the kidney and myocardium, and mild swelling in the cerebral cortex with marked ventricular dilatation. The possibility of recurrence of Reye's syndrome was discussed based on the clinical and autopsy findings. The value of CT in the diagnosis and the follow-up study of this disease was emphasized. (author)

  5. Alfonso Reyes, crítico humanista

    Restrepo David, Felipe


    Uno de los conceptos más divulgados por el Ateneo de la Juventud de México en 1910 fue ''La Cultura de las Humanidades'', y dos de sus mayores exponentes fueron Pedro Henríquez Ureña y Alfonso Reyes. Este último, justamente desde las Humanidades, fundamentó su crítica literaria haciendo de ella una de las expresiones más altas de su producción escrita. Una ''crítica humanista'' que tiene como centro, a su vez, la ''concordia'': pensar la obra de los ''otros'' desde la sensibilidad y la buena ...

  6. Reye's syndrome with cortical laminar necrosis: MRI

    Kinoshita, T.; Takahashi, S.; Ishii, K.; Higano, S.; Matsumoto, K.; Sakamoto, K.; Haginoya, K.; Iinuma, K.


    Serial MRI findings are described in two patients with Reye's syndrome, demonstrating diffuse cortical and white matter changes. In the acute stage, T2-weighted images showed subtle but definite laminar high signal and contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images laminar enhancement, along the entire cerebral cortex bilaterally. In the chronic stage, unenhanced T1-weighted images showed diffuse cortical laminar high signal. These characteristic MRI features seemed very similar to those of laminar cortical necrosis in hypoxic brain damage. MRI also displayed delayed white matter changes with cerebral atrophy. (orig.)

  7. Aprende Ajedrez con Rey - Parte 2

    ESTÉVEZ MONTERO, RAÚL; Lloret Mauri, Jaime


    Es una pieza audiovisual creada con el objeto de atraer la atención de los niños de muy corta edad con el ajedrez y familiarizarlos con todas sus piezas y movimientos. Es una animación dirigida a un público infantil presentada por dibujos animados en 2D, en la que se ha intentado respetar en todo momento el argot de la comunidad ajedredística. En este video se presenta la segunda parte. Estévez Montero, R.; Lloret Mauri, J. (2016). Aprende Ajedrez con Rey - Parte 2.

  8. Aprende Ajedrez con Rey - Parte 1

    ESTÉVEZ MONTERO, RAÚL; Lloret Mauri, Jaime


    Es una pieza audiovisual creada con el objeto de atraer la atención de los niños de muy corta edad con el ajedrez y familiarizarlos con todas sus piezas y movimientos. Es una animación dirigida a un público infantil presentada por dibujos animados en 2D, en la que se ha intentado respetar en todo momento el argot de la comunidad ajedredística. En este video se presenta la primera parte. Estévez Montero, R.; Lloret Mauri, J. (2016). Aprende Ajedrez con Rey - Parte 1.

  9. Genio y figura de don Alfonso Reyes

    Eduardo Carranza


    Full Text Available Entre varias, escojo esta: por sobria y conmovida a un tiempo. La escribió Juan Fernández Figueroa para su revista " Indice", de Madrid. Nos parece ver a don Alfonso en el rellano de la escalera -al fondo, sus libros; más allá, toda su vida, noble y pura- nos parece verle por última vez, inclinado ya sobre la baranda de la muerte. Tiene la calidad y el dinamismo de unos cuantos dibujos rápidos, nerviosos, esta imagen última de don Alfonso Reyes.

  10. Luis Carlos López

    Rafael Maya


    Full Text Available Entre los poetasa del Centenario tuvo Luis Carlos López mucha popularidad en el extranjero, desde la publicación de su primer libro. Creo que su obra llamó la atención de filósofos como Unamuno y, si no estoy equivocado, Darío se refirió a ella en términos elogiosos. En Colombia ha sido encomiada hiperbólicamente por algunos, a tiemp que otros no le conceden mayor mérito.

  11. Humboldt, un prusiano en la Corte del Rey Carlos IV

    Puig-Samper, Miguel Ángel


    Full Text Available The study of Alejandro de Humboldt's transit through Spain and particularly Madrid, has been one of the forgotten aspects of his historiography. The reasons that would explain the approval by king Charles IV of his trip, involving the minister Mariano de Urquijo and the embassador of Sajonia, baron of Forell, are not sufficiently documented due to the scarce data that Humboldt himself offered in his work and to the absence of any other supporting documents. This work studies the preparation of his American trip and its approval by the Spanish court. It incorporates the Memorandum presented —which was «lost» until now—, the autobiography submitted to the authorities and the references given by Philippe de Forrell. Furthermore, it analyses his relationships with the Spanish scientific community in Madrid and the profile of the team that supported him to achieve his targets.

    El estudio del paso de Alejandro de Humboldt por España y especialmente por Madrid ha sido tradicionalmente uno de los aspectos más olvidados en la historiografía humboldtiana. La repetición de los pocos datos que él mismo ofreció en su obra y la falta de documentos ha hecho insuficiente la explicación de cómo fue aprobado su viaje por el rey Carlos IV, con la intervención del ministro Mariano Luis de Urquijo y del embajador de Sajonia, barón de Forell. En el presente trabajo se estudia la preparación de su viaje americano y su aprobación en la Corte española, aportando la Memoria presentada —abasta ahora «perdida»—, la autobiografía que elevó a las autoridades y el aval de Philippe de Forell. Asimismo se analizan sus relaciones con los científicos españoles en Madrid y el perfil del grupo que le ayudó a conseguir sus objetivos.

  12. Fire effects on the Point Reyes Mountain Beaver at Point Reyes National Seashore, California

    Fellers, Gary M.; Pratt, David; Griffin, Jennifer L.


    In October 1995, a wildlands fire burned 5,000 ha on the Point Reyes peninsula, California, USA. In most of the nonforested areas, the fire effectively cleared the ground of litter and vegetation and revealed thousands of Point Reyes mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa phaea) burrow openings. In the first 6 months after the fire, we surveyed burned coastal scrub and riparian habitat to (1) count the number of burrow openings that existed at the time of the fire, and (2) evaluate whether signs of post-fire mountain beaver activity were evident. We estimated that only 0.4–1.7% of mountain beavers within the burn area survived the fire and immediate post-fire period. We monitored mountain beaver activity for 5 years at 8 sites where mountain beavers survived, and found little or no recovery. We estimate that the mountain beaver population will take 15–20 years post-fire to recover.

  13. 76 FR 10945 - San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Thrift Supervision San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority... appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as sole Receiver for San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis...

  14. In Conversation: Celia Reyes on the importance of timely economic ...


    Feb 3, 2011 ... In Conversation: Celia Reyes on the importance of timely economic ... in particular, assessing the impact of policies and programs on poverty and equity. .... Tourism is an important driver of economic growth throughout ...

  15. Point Reyes, California Tsunami Forecast Grids for MOST Model

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Point Reyes, California Forecast Model Grids provides bathymetric data strictly for tsunami inundation modeling with the Method of Splitting Tsunami (MOST)...

  16. Effects of orientation on Rey complex figure performance.

    Ferraro, F Richard; Grossman, Jennifer; Bren, Amy; Hoverson, Allysa


    An experiment was performed that examined the impact of stimulus orientation on performance on the Rey complex figure. A total of 48 undergraduates (24 men, 24 women) were randomly assigned to one of four Rey figure orientation groups (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees ). Participants followed standard procedures for the Rey figure, initially copying it in whatever orientation group they were assigned to. Next, all participants performed a 15-20 min lexical decision experiment, used as a filler task. Finally, and unbeknownest to them, participants were asked to recall as much of the figure as they could. As expected, results revealed a main effect of Task (F = 83.92, p orientation was not significant, nor did orientation interact with task (Fs .57). The results are important from an applied setting, especially if testing conditions are less than optimal and a fixed stimulus position is not possible (e.g., testing at the bedside).

  17. Luis Alvarez, the Hydrogen Bubble Chamber, Tritium, and Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs Resources with Additional Information * Patents Luis Alvarez Courtesy Lawrence Berkeley National JFK Assassination, and the End of the Dinosaurs Memorial Tribute for Luis W. Alvarez The Fruitful and Luis Alvarez (1911 - 1988) Why Dinosaurs Are Extinct Berkeley Scientists Report First Evidence that

  18. 33 CFR 110.120 - San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. 110... ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.120 San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. (a) Area A-1. Area A-1 is the water area bounded by the San Luis Obispo County wharf, the shoreline, a line drawn...

  19. Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Habitat Assessment in the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

    Quinn, Nigel W.T.; Hanlon, Jeremy S.; Burns, Josephine R.; Stromayer, Karl A.K.; Jordan, Brandon M.; Ennis, Mike J.; Woolington, Dennis W.


    The project report describes a two year experiment to control wetland drainage to the San Joaquin River of California from the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge using a decision support system for real-time water quality management. This system required the installation and operation of one inlet and three drainage flow and water quality monitoring stations which allowed a simnple mass balance model to be developed of the seasonally managed wetlands in the study area. Remote sensing meth...

  20. Hombres: Doctor Luis Ángel Arango

    Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico Banco de la República


    Full Text Available En el documento se realiza la nota de conmemoración  del fallecimiento del Doctor Luis Ángel Arango  Esta nota tiene como fin realizar un homenaje a tan reputado ciudadano colombiano y mienbro de la comunidad de funcionarios del Banco de la República.

  1. Teresa y Luis, Luis y Teresa. Dos santos en tiempos recios

    Emilio Callado Estela


    Full Text Available El presente artículo analiza la relación entre dos grandes santos españoles de la Contrarreforma Católica, Teresa de Jesús y el dominico fray Luis Bertrán. The present article analyses the relation between two big Spanish saints of the Catholic Counterreformation, Teresa de Jesus and the Dominican monk Luis Bertrán.

  2. Adult Reye-like syndrome associated with serologic evidence of acute parvovirus B19 infection

    Paulo Sérgio Gonçalves da Costa

    Full Text Available Reye's syndrome is an infrequently diagnosed medical condition affecting mainly children. The etiology, epidemiology and natural history of Reye's syndrome have been cloudily written in footnotes of medical books and exotic papers since the initial description in early 1950s. We report here a case of adult Reye's syndrome associated with serologic evidence of parvovirus B19 infection.

  3. Do You Know the Facts about Reye's Syndrome?

    PTA Today, 1993


    Presents information on Reye's syndrome, which affects all ages, both sexes, and every race, generally following viral illnesses (with or without a fever). Aspirin products increase the risk but are not a necessary element. Symptoms include persistent vomiting, listlessness, disorientation, personality changes, combativeness, and delirium. Early…

  4. On the Shores of the Revolution: Martín Luis Guzmán in Madrid (1915

    Susana Quintanilla


    Full Text Available 1915 is considered a decisive year in world history. Underneath wartime plundering, eighteenth-century beliefs in social progress and human civilization collapsed, and other political and philosophical credos sprouted, while aesthetic avant-gardes created new forms of artistic and literary expression. That same year, from his exile in Madrid, Martín Luis Guzmán would define the coordinates that would guide his life, while trying to assimilate his recent experiences during the Mexican Revolution and make way as a writer, under the immediate protection of Alfonso Reyes and the far-away but determining one of Pedro Henríquez Ureña. Without abandoning his political vocation and remaining open to new trends, Guzmán drew up his own path, which would lead him alongside his mentors and to the forefront of literature in Spanish.

  5. Luis Alvarez - a personal approach to physics



    One of the major pioneer figures and outstanding personalities of particle physics, Luis Alvarez, died on 1 September. In addition to his numerous particle physics achievements, he became famous for his ventures in archaeology, palaeontology, and astronomy, and for his inventions. As a tribute to this remarkable man, we publish here some extracts from 'Adventures in Nuclear Physics', given as the 1962 University of California Faculty Research Lecture. According to custom, this presentation is a personalized account rather than an impersonal scientific discourse.

  6. Reye's syndrome: salicylate and mitochondrial monoamine oxidase function

    Faraj, B.A.; Caplan, D.; Lolies, P.


    It has been suggested that aspirin is somehow linked with the onset of Reye's syndrome (RS). A general feature of Reye's syndrome is severe impairment of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase (MAO) function. The main objective of this investigation was to study the effect of salicylate on platelet mitochondrial MAO activity in three groups: group A (healthy children, n = 21) and group C (healthy adults, n = 10). Platelet MAO was measured by radio-enzymatic technique with 14 C-tyramine as a substrate. The results showed that salicyclate (10 mM) had a 20 to 60 percent inhibitory effect on platelet MAO function in only 1, 3 and 2 of the subjects in group A, B and C. Furthermore, there was an association between low enzyme activity and salicylate MAO inhibitory effect in these subjects. These preliminary findings suggest that salicylate may induce deterioration in mitochondrial function in susceptible individuals and that the assessment of salicylate MAO inhibitory effect may identify those who may be at risk to develop aspirin poisoning and Reye's syndrome

  7. Luis Alvarez - a personal approach to physics



    One of the major pioneer figures and outstanding personalities of particle physics, Luis Alvarez, died on 1 September. In addition to his numerous particle physics achievements, he became famous for his ventures in archaeology, palaeontology, and astronomy, and for his inventions. As a tribute to this remarkable man, we publish here some extracts from 'Adventures in Nuclear Physics', given as the 1962 University of California Faculty Research Lecture. According to custom, this presentation is a personalized account rather than an impersonal scientific discourse

  8. Neuroimaging Features of San Luis Valley Syndrome

    Matthew T. Whitehead


    Full Text Available A 14-month-old Hispanic female with a history of double-outlet right ventricle and developmental delay in the setting of recombinant chromosome 8 syndrome was referred for neurologic imaging. Brain MR revealed multiple abnormalities primarily affecting midline structures, including commissural dysgenesis, vermian and brainstem hypoplasia/dysplasia, an interhypothalamic adhesion, and an epidermoid between the frontal lobes that enlarged over time. Spine MR demonstrated hypoplastic C1 and C2 posterior elements, scoliosis, and a borderline low conus medullaris position. Presented herein is the first illustration of neuroimaging findings from a patient with San Luis Valley syndrome.

  9. Voice and Valency in San Luis Potosi Huasteco

    Munoz Ledo Yanez, Veronica


    This thesis presents an analysis of the system of transitivity, voice and valency alternations in Huasteco of San Luis Potosi (Mayan) within a functional-typological framework. The study is based on spoken discourse and elicited data collected in the municipalities of Aquismon and Tancanhuitz de Santos in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The…

  10. 33 CFR 80.1130 - San Luis Obispo Bay, CA.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Obispo Bay, CA. 80.1130 Section 80.1130 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION RULES COLREGS DEMARCATION LINES Pacific Coast § 80.1130 San Luis Obispo Bay, CA. A line drawn from...

  11. Reliability and validity of the rey visual design learning test in primary school children

    Wilhelm, P.


    The Rey Visual Design Learning Test (Rey, 1964, in Spreen & Strauss, 1991) assesses immediate memory span, new learning and recognition for non-verbal material. Three studies are presented that focused on the reliability and validity of the RVDLT in primary school children. Test-retest reliability

  12. Validity of the rey visual design test in primary and secondary school children

    Wilhelm, P.; van Klink, M.; van Klink, M.


    The Rey Visual Design Learning Test (Rey, 1964, cited in Spreen & Strauss, 1991, Wilhelm, 2004) assesses immediate memory span, new learning, delayed recall and recognition for nonverbal material. Two studies are presented that focused on the construct validity of the RVDLT in primary and secondary

  13. Uranium series isotopes concentration in sediments at San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Méndez-García, C.; Renteria-Villalobos, M.; García-Tenorio, R.; Montero-Cabrera, M. E.


    Spatial and temporal distribution of the radioisotopes concentrations were determined in sediments near the surface and core samples extracted from two reservoirs located in an arid region close to Chihuahua City, Mexico. At San Marcos reservoir one core was studied, while from Luis L. Leon reservoir one core from the entrance and another one close to the wall were investigated. 232Th-series, 238U-series, 40K and 137Cs activity concentrations (AC, Bq kg-1) were determined by gamma spectrometry with a high purity Ge detector. 238U and 234U ACs were obtained by liquid scintillation and alpha spectrometry with a surface barrier detector. Dating of core sediments was performed applying CRS method to 210Pb activities. Results were verified by 137Cs AC. Resulting activity concentrations were compared among corresponding surface and core sediments. High 238U-series AC values were found in sediments from San Marcos reservoir, because this site is located close to the Victorino uranium deposit. Low AC values found in Luis L. Leon reservoir suggest that the uranium present in the source of the Sacramento - Chuviscar Rivers is not transported up to the Conchos River. Activity ratios (AR) 234U/overflow="scroll">238U and 238U/overflow="scroll">226Ra in sediments have values between 0.9-1.2, showing a behavior close to radioactive equilibrium in the entire basin. 232Th/overflow="scroll">238U, 228Ra/overflow="scroll">226Ra ARs are witnesses of the different geological origin of sediments from San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs.

  14. Uranium series isotopes concentration in sediments at San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Méndez-García, C.; Montero-Cabrera, M. E., E-mail: [Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados, CIMAV, Miguel de Cervantes 120, 31109, Chihuahua, Chihuahua (Mexico); Renteria-Villalobos, M. [Facultad de Zootecnia y Ecología Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, Periferico Francisco R. Almada Km 1, 31410, Chihuahua (Mexico); García-Tenorio, R. [Applied Nuclear Physics Group, University of Seville, ETS Arquitectura, Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n, 41012 Seville (Spain)


    Spatial and temporal distribution of the radioisotopes concentrations were determined in sediments near the surface and core samples extracted from two reservoirs located in an arid region close to Chihuahua City, Mexico. At San Marcos reservoir one core was studied, while from Luis L. Leon reservoir one core from the entrance and another one close to the wall were investigated. ²³²Th-series, ²³⁸U-series, ⁴⁰K and ¹³⁷Cs activity concentrations (AC, Bq kg⁻¹) were determined by gamma spectrometry with a high purity Ge detector. ²³⁸U and ²³⁴U ACs were obtained by liquid scintillation and alpha spectrometry with a surface barrier detector. Dating of core sediments was performed applying CRS method to ²¹⁰Pb activities. Results were verified by ¹³⁷Cs AC. Resulting activity concentrations were compared among corresponding surface and core sediments. High ²³⁸U-series AC values were found in sediments from San Marcos reservoir, because this site is located close to the Victorino uranium deposit. Low AC values found in Luis L. Leon reservoir suggest that the uranium present in the source of the Sacramento – Chuviscar Rivers is not transported up to the Conchos River. Activity ratios (AR) ²³⁴U/²³⁸U and ²³⁸U/²²⁶Ra in sediments have values between 0.9–1.2, showing a behavior close to radioactive equilibrium in the entire basin. ²³²Th/²³⁸U, ²²⁸Ra/²²⁶Ra ARs are witnesses of the different geological origin of sediments from San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs.

  15. Uranium series isotopes concentration in sediments at San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Méndez-García, C.; Montero-Cabrera, M. E.; Renteria-Villalobos, M.; García-Tenorio, R.


    Spatial and temporal distribution of the radioisotopes concentrations were determined in sediments near the surface and core samples extracted from two reservoirs located in an arid region close to Chihuahua City, Mexico. At San Marcos reservoir one core was studied, while from Luis L. Leon reservoir one core from the entrance and another one close to the wall were investigated. 232 Th-series, 238 U-series, 40 K and 137 Cs activity concentrations (AC, Bq kg −1 ) were determined by gamma spectrometry with a high purity Ge detector. 238 U and 234 U ACs were obtained by liquid scintillation and alpha spectrometry with a surface barrier detector. Dating of core sediments was performed applying CRS method to 210 Pb activities. Results were verified by 137 Cs AC. Resulting activity concentrations were compared among corresponding surface and core sediments. High 238 U-series AC values were found in sediments from San Marcos reservoir, because this site is located close to the Victorino uranium deposit. Low AC values found in Luis L. Leon reservoir suggest that the uranium present in the source of the Sacramento – Chuviscar Rivers is not transported up to the Conchos River. Activity ratios (AR) 234 U/ 238 U and 238 U/ 226 Ra in sediments have values between 0.9–1.2, showing a behavior close to radioactive equilibrium in the entire basin. 232 Th/ 238 U, 228 Ra/ 226 Ra ARs are witnesses of the different geological origin of sediments from San Marcos and Luis L. Leon reservoirs

  16. 76 FR 59423 - Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special-Use Permit, Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Point Reyes...


    ... commercial production, harvesting, processing, and sale of shellfish at Point Reyes National Seashore. The... Bay Oyster Company Special-Use Permit, Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Point Reyes National... Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special-use permit in Drakes Estero, Point Reyes National Seashore, California...

  17. Keisri madrusest impeeriumi esivedurijuhiks / Lui Pikkov ; kommenteerinud Hans Treimann

    Pikkov, Lui, 1935-2008


    Lui Pikkov oma onust Otto Piksarist (Pikkov), kes sündis Raplamaal Saunakülas, oli madruseks Nikolai II jahtlaeval Poljarnaja Zvezda, töötas vedurijuhina Eestis, oli Eesti NSV Ülemnõukogu saadik

  18. Port San Luis, California Tsunami Forecast Grids for MOST Model

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Port San Luis, California Forecast Model Grids provides bathymetric data strictly for tsunami inundation modeling with the Method of Splitting Tsunami (MOST)...

  19. Utopía humanista de Alfonso Reyes en Monterrey

    Jaime Villarreal


    Full Text Available Este texto discute y enmarca el proyecto humanista pensado por Alfonso Reyes para Monterrey, explora algunos ensayos donde el escritor acuña arquetipos sobre la historia, vocación y carácter de la región y de sus habitantes. La discusión se centra en su "Voto por la Universidad del Norte" (1933 en el que plantea la necesidad de renovar la tradición humanista. Esta investigación sirve también para reconstruir parte del diálogo y polémicas que han caracterizado el campo cultural regiomontano en el siglo XX.

  20. A case of clinical Reye syndrome presenting characteristic CT changes

    Hino, Tamaki; Sai, Hoshun; Morikawa, Yuji; Mizuta, Ryuzo; Okuno, Takehiko.


    A 9-month-old male infant was admitted to our hospital on the second day of cold like syndrome because of high fever, convulsion, coma, and decerebrate rigidity. Serum GOT, GPT, LDH, and CPK were markedly elevated. Serum ammonia was slightly increased, and hypoglycemia was present. The cerebrospinal fluid showed no pleocytosis, normal sugar content, but increased protein. Thus we made a diagnosis of clinical Reye syndrome according to the criteria by Yamashita, et al. A CT on the day of admission showed symmetrical low-density areas in the posterior fossa and the regions of thalamus. Ringed enhancements were seen around the areas of low density in the thalamus on the twenty-second hospital day. We consider that these lesions may represent the infarction due to obstruction of the thalamoperforant arteries caused by cerebral edema in the early stage of the disease. (author)

  1. Case of clinical Reye syndrome presenting characteristic CT changes

    Hino, Tamaki; Sai, Hoshun; Morikawa, Yuji; Mizuta, Ryuzo [Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital (Japan); Okuno, Takehiko


    A 9-month-old male infant was admitted to our hospital on the second day of cold like syndrome because of high fever, convulsion, coma, and decerebrate rigidity. Serum GOT, GPT, LDH, and CPK were markedly elevated. Serum ammonia was slightly increased, and hypoglycemia was present. The cerebrospinal fluid showed no pleocytosis, normal sugar content, but increased protein. Thus we made a diagnosis of clinical Reye syndrome according to the criteria by Yamashita, et al. A CT on the day of admission showed symmetrical low-density areas in the posterior fossa and the regions of thalamus. Ringed enhancements were seen around the areas of low density in the thalamus on the twenty-second hospital day. We consider that these lesions may represent the infarction due to obstruction of the thalamoperforant arteries caused by cerebral edema in the early stage of the disease.

  2. Geomorphic evolution of the San Luis Basin and Rio Grande in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico

    Ruleman, Chester A.; Machette, Michael; Thompson, Ren A.; Miggins, Dan M; Goehring, Brent M; Paces, James B.


    The San Luis Basin encompasses the largest structural and hydrologic basin of the Rio Grande rift. On this field trip, we will examine the timing of transition of the San Luis Basin from hydrologically closed, aggrading subbasins to a continuous fluvial system that eroded the basin, formed the Rio Grande gorge, and ultimately, integrated the Rio Grande from Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. Waning Pleistocene neotectonic activity and onset of major glacial episodes, in particular Marine Isotope Stages 11–2 (~420–14 ka), induced basin fill, spillover, and erosion of the southern San Luis Basin. The combined use of new geologic mapping, fluvial geomorphology, reinterpreted surficial geology of the Taos Plateau, pedogenic relative dating studies, 3He surface exposure dating of basalts, and U-series dating of pedogenic carbonate supports a sequence of events wherein pluvial Lake Alamosa in the northern San Luis Basin overflowed, and began to drain to the south across the closed Sunshine Valley–Costilla Plain region ≤400 ka. By ~200 ka, erosion had cut through topographic highs at Ute Mountain and the Red River fault zone, and began deep-canyon incision across the southern San Luis Basin. Previous studies indicate that prior to 200 ka, the present Rio Grande terminated into a large bolson complex in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas, and systematic, headward erosional processes had subtly integrated discontinuously connected basins along the eastern flank of the Rio Grande rift and southern Rocky Mountains. We propose that the integration of the entire San Luis Basin into the Rio Grande drainage system (~400–200 ka) was the critical event in the formation of the modern Rio Grande, integrating hinterland basins of the Rio Grande rift from El Paso, Texas, north to the San Luis Basin with the Gulf of Mexico. This event dramatically affected basins southeast of El Paso, Texas, across the Chisos Mountains and southeastern Basin and Range province, including the Rio

  3. Late Miocene-Pleistocene evolution of a Rio Grande rift subbasin, Sunshine Valley-Costilla Plain, San Luis Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

    Ruleman, C.A.; Thompson, R.A.; Shroba, R.R.; Anderson, M.; Drenth, B.J.; Rotzien, J.; Lyon, J.


    The Sunshine Valley-Costilla Plain, a structural subbasin of the greater San Luis Basin of the northern Rio Grande rift, is bounded to the north and south by the San Luis Hills and the Red River fault zone, respectively. Surficial mapping, neotectonic investigations, geochronology, and geophysics demonstrate that the structural, volcanic, and geomorphic evolution of the basin involves the intermingling of climatic cycles and spatially and temporally varying tectonic activity of the Rio Grande rift system. Tectonic activity has transferred between range-bounding and intrabasin faults creating relict landforms of higher tectonic-activity rates along the mountain-piedmont junction. Pliocene–Pleistocene average long-term slip rates along the southern Sangre de Cristo fault zone range between 0.1 and 0.2 mm/year with late Pleistocene slip rates approximately half (0.06 mm/year) of the longer Quaternary slip rate. During the late Pleistocene, climatic influences have been dominant over tectonic influences on mountain-front geomorphic processes. Geomorphic evidence suggests that this once-closed subbasin was integrated into the Rio Grande prior to the integration of the once-closed northern San Luis Basin, north of the San Luis Hills, Colorado; however, deep canyon incision, north of the Red River and south of the San Luis Hills, initiated relatively coeval to the integration of the northern San Luis Basin.Long-term projections of slip rates applied to a 1.6 km basin depth defined from geophysical modeling suggests that rifting initiated within this subbasin between 20 and 10 Ma. Geologic mapping and geophysical interpretations reveal a complex network of northwest-, northeast-, and north-south–trending faults. Northwest- and northeast-trending faults show dual polarity and are crosscut by north-south– trending faults. This structural model possibly provides an analog for how some intracontinental rift structures evolve through time.

  4. 76 FR 12719 - City of Escondido, California, and Vista Irrigation District; Notice of Application Accepted for...


    ... water delivery for consumptive purposes, including agricultural and municipal-industrial uses. The most... Reservation. Lake Wohlford stores the water obtained from the San Luis Rey River and Escondido Creek...

  5. Jorge Luis Borges at two final judgments

    Gustavo Ponciano Cunha de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Em 1988, Beatriz Sarlo propõe uma passagem entre duas poéticas em Jorge Luis Borges: de Evaristo Carriego (1930 em direção a Historia universal de la infamia (1935. Os dois textos são “insidiosos”, defende a pesquisadora, porque falsificam as biografias de seus personagens. Porém, a coletânea de 1935 opera em âmbito universal. Este movimento, afirma Sarlo, é portador de um acumulo de prerrogativas, associado à dupla inscrição de Borges: o cidadão do mundo e, simultaneamente, o de um país pensado a partir de Buenos Aires. Neste ensaio, sugerimos uma passagem anterior, evidenciada em “Sentirse en muerte” (1928: do criollismo – o poeta dos arrabaldes, dotado da capacidade de transporte sensível e instalado nos limites de sua cidade imaginada, que busca a representação poética digna de seu conceito de argentinidade – em direção à prosa que alcança o caráter argumentativo-reflexivo dos ensaios sobre o tempo e a eternidade característicos de Borges, início de sua legitimação como “percibidor abstracto del mundo”. Este movimento é também portador de um acúmulo de prerrogativas, dupla inscrição de Borges: como poeta, literato e ensaísta programático do criollismo; como meditador dedicado aos assombros contidos em nossos conceitos de vida, tempo e universo, operador de textos da Filosofia e da Teologia.

  6. Central Coherence in Eating Disorders: A Synthesis of Studies Using the Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Test.

    Katie Lang

    Full Text Available Large variability in tests and differences in scoring systems used to study central coherence in eating disorders may lead to different interpretations, inconsistent findings and between study discrepancies. This study aimed to address inconsistencies by collating data from several studies from the same research group that used the Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (Rey Figure in order to produce norms to provide benchmark data for future studies.Data was collated from 984 participants in total. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, recovered Anorexia Nervosa, unaffected family members and healthy controls were compared using the Rey Figure.Poor global processing was observed across all current eating disorder sub-groups and in unaffected relatives. There was no difference in performance between recovered AN and HC groups.This is the largest dataset reported in the literature and supports previous studies implicating poor global processing across eating disorders using the Rey Figure. It provides robust normative data useful for future studies.

  7. Effect of hydrothermal modification on the structure of REY zeolite studied by PAS

    Zhu Jun; Wang Shaojie


    The effect of temperature of the hydrothermal modification on the structure of Rare-earth Y zeolite (REY) was studied by positron annihilation spectroscopy. We measured the positron lifetime spectrum as a function of the temperature (300-800 degree C) of one hour hydrothermal modification for the REY zeolite after through pre-heated dehydration at 150 degree C. All lifetime spectra could be resolved into five components. The fifth lifetime component and its intensity were found to be related to the size and number of the secondary pores. The experimental results showed that the secondary pore in REY zeolite was produced by hydrothermal modification in some temperature range, and the largest size and the greatest quantity of the secondary pores were observed in the sample treated at 500 degree C for 1 hour. The effect of hydrothermal modification on REY zeolite without pre-heated dehydration was also discussed

  8. Entre Confucianismo y Derechos Humanos: Individuo y Rey

    Aurelio De Prada García


    Full Text Available RESUMEN En este artículo se aborda la cuestión de China y los derechos humanos  desde la perspectiva que, según opinión común, constituye la base de esa cultura: el confucianismo. Una perspectiva que es analizada tanto desde su marco contextual como en sí misma, cotejándola con el concepto de derechos humanos. El resultado de todo ello lleva a la conclusión de que los derechos humanos son ajenos al confucianismo y por ello a la cultura china. Sin embargo, no son necesariamente incompatibles con tal perspectiva hasta el punto de que cabria imaginar una síntesis basada en lo que aquí se llamará: el individuo y rey. ABSTRACT In this article we focus on the question of China and human rights from the point of view that, according to common opinion, is at the very basis of Chinese culture: Confucianism. This point of view is analyzed in its contextual frame as well as in itself and related to the human right’s concept. The conclusion is that human rights are foreign to Confucianism and, by extension, to the Chinese culture. Ultimately, however, human rights are not necessarily incompatible with that perspective. It is possible to imagine a kind of synthesis between them, what we’ll call here: the individual and king

  9. [Dr. Luis Cifuentes Delatte. Memories and teaching].

    Pérez Albacete, Mariano


    With the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Dr. Luis Cifuentes Delatte, due to his great scientific personality, we want to emphasize two features that, taken from his works and memories, we consider have not been emphasized enough: his role as historian of urology, both for the histories he narrated of his life experiences and the historical exposition of several pathologies, and also his teaching as professor of several generations of urologists, with the objective of trying to get to know his great human quality as he demonstrated over his life and showed in his writings. We review his books and works, lectures and published papers, in addition the news about his person we have collected from the media, and after analysis, mainly of his memories, we extract data reflecting his personality, and they way he thought and behaved. Since he was young he went with his father to the international urology meetings where he met a great number of personalities in the World of Urology; he extended his training with them, and later on they got to have a great relationship. He travelled around Europe and United States before and after Second World War, respectively, with stays in the most prestigious centers, which he described meticulously. He also reported his activity during the first two years he directed the Department of Urology at the Hospital La Princesa in Madrid and cited the series of collaborators he had. In his research works he made an ample description of historical development as introduction to the various pathologies he analyzed in depth. The reading of the narration of his trips, that he did in the convulse International time he lived, offers details which enable us to know firsthand the situation of urology and the human side of the actors he had relation with, and the social life they had, in addition to data about their families and daily life. As a researcher in transcendental chapters in urological pathology we emphasize his historical

  10. La sacralización del rey. Fernando VII, la insurgencia novohispana y el derecho divino de los reyes

    Landavazo, Marco Antonio


    Full Text Available This article analyzes what the author called the «process of sacralization» of King Ferdinand VII’s image in New Spain, and its political and ideological consequences in the Mexican Independence War. The people’s believes, values and attitudes towards the Monarchy were an essential part of the local political culture. These played a decisive role in the course of political and social events of the period.

    En este artículo se describe y analiza lo que he llamado el proceso de sacralización de la figura del rey Fernando VII en Nueva España y las implicaciones políticas e ideológicas que ello tuvo en el curso de la guerra de independencia mexicana, como una forma de mostrar que las creencias, los valores y las actitudes que los novohispanos poseían en torno a la institución monárquica jugaban un papel fundamental en la definición de la cultura política de la época, y condicionaron de hecho, en buena medida, el curso de los acontecimientos más relevantes del periodo.

  11. 75 FR 59285 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Permit, San Luis Obispo County, CA


    ...] Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Permit, San Luis Obispo County, CA AGENCY: U.S. Fish and... project in the community of Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, California. We invite comments from the... community of Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, California. The parcel is legally described as Assessor...

  12. 40 CFR 81.176 - San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 17 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. 81.176 Section 81.176 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED... Quality Control Regions § 81.176 San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. The San Luis Intrastate...

  13. 76 FR 6517 - San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad-Petition for a Declaratory Order


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35380] San Luis & Rio... petition filed by San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG), the Board instituted a declaratory order... proposed operation of a truck-to-rail transload facility in Antonito, Colorado. See San Luis & Rio Grande R...

  14. 75 FR 8735 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Permit, San Luis Obispo County, CA


    ...] Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Permit, San Luis Obispo County, CA AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife... Luis Obispo County, California. We invite comments from the public on the application, which includes a... Luis Obispo County, California, that will meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility...

  15. Social Integration and Health Behavioral Change in San Luis, Honduras

    McQuestion, Michael J.; Calle, Ana Quijano; Drasbek, Christopher; Harkins, Thomas; Sagastume, Lourdes J.


    This study explores the effects of social integration on behavioral change in the course of an intensive, community-based public health intervention. The intervention trained volunteers and mobilized local organizations to promote 16 key family health practices in rural San Luis, Honduras, during 2004 to 2006. A mixed methods approach is used.…

  16. Chasing Personal Meaning: Pedagogical Lessons through Luis Rodriguez's "Always Running"

    Theisen-Homer, Victoria


    In this autobiographical narrative, the author recounts her experiences teaching the novel "Always Running" by Luis Rodriguez with her English classes at a high school in a gang-heavy area. When she first started teaching, this teacher struggled to engage students. One particularly disruptive student requested to read "Always…

  17. Geologic Map of the San Luis Quadrangle, Costilla County, Colorado

    Machette, Michael N.; Thompson, Ren A.; Drenth, Benjamin J.


    The map area includes San Luis and the primarily rural surrounding area. San Luis, the county seat of Costilla County, is the oldest surviving settlement in Colorado (1851). West of the town are San Pedro and San Luis mesas (basalt-covered tablelands), which are horsts with the San Luis fault zone to the east and the southern Sangre de Cristo fault zone to the west. The map also includes the Sanchez graben (part of the larger Culebra graben), a deep structural basin that lies between the San Luis fault zone (on the west) and the central Sangre de Cristo fault zone (on the east). The oldest rocks exposed in the map area are the Pliocene to upper Oligocene basin-fill sediments of the Santa Fe Group, and Pliocene Servilleta Basalt, a regional series of 3.7?4.8 Ma old flood basalts. Landslide deposits and colluvium that rest on sediments of the Santa Fe Group cover the steep margins of the mesas. Rare exposures of the sediment are comprised of siltstones, sandstones, and minor fluvial conglomerates. Most of the low ground surrounding the mesas and in the graben is covered by surficial deposits of Quaternary age. The alluvial deposits are subdivided into three Pleistocene-age units and three Holocene-age units. The oldest Pleistocene gravel (unit Qao) forms extensive coalesced alluvial fan and piedmont surfaces, the largest of which is known as the Costilla Plain. This surface extends west from San Pedro Mesa to the Rio Grande. The primary geologic hazards in the map area are from earthquakes, landslides, and localized flooding. There are three major fault zones in the area (as discussed above), and they all show evidence for late Pleistocene to possible Holocene movement. The landslides may have seismogenic origins; that is, they may be stimulated by strong ground shaking during large earthquakes. Machette and Thompson based this geologic map entirely on new mapping, whereas Drenth supplied geophysical data and interpretations.

  18. In hora mortis. Devoción, espiritualidad y actitudes de los reyes ante la muerte

    Andrea Martignoni


    Full Text Available ¿Cómo se prepara, se vive y se pone en escena el último trance de los reyes del siglo XII entre Francia y España? Para contestar a ese interrogante se privilegian en especial modo las fuentes relacionadas a la historia de dos guras reales importantes: Luís IX y Jaime I. Se analizan entonces los comportamientos, los gestos, las palabras, los lugares y los protagonistas que participaron a la ritualización de los últimos instantes de vida buscando de llevar a la luz las singularidades atinentes al cuerpo y al destino postmortem de un rey.

  19. El confesor regio Fray Luis Aliaga y la controversia Inmaculista

    Callado Estela, Emilio


    Full Text Available The present article analyses the participation of the aragonese dominican monk Luis Aliaga (Zaragoza, 1565-† Zaragoza, 1626, last confessor of Philip III and Inquiring general of the Hispanic Monarchy from 1619, in one of the most white hot theological controversies along the 17th century: the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin MaryEl presente artículo analiza la participación del dominico aragonés fray Luis Aliaga (Zaragoza, 1565-† Zaragoza, 1626 , último confesor de Felipe III e Inquisidor general de la Monarquía Hispánica desde 1619, en una de las controversias teológicas más candentes a lo largo del siglo XVII: la Inmaculada Concepción de la Virgen María.

  20. In memory of Luis Bernardo López

    Escuela de Estudios en Psicoanálisis y Cultura


    Full Text Available In this issue of the magazine From the Garden of Freud we want to remember what the presence of Luis Bernardo López meant in the spirit of this publication. The design and the initial model were the work of Santiago Mutis, as well as the idea of inviting a plastic artist for each number and the care of the graphic part for that exercise. However, Luis Bernardo also participated in his conception, and in his birth, in 2001, since it was his first director and editor, work that continued the following year to later take back the address of the number 7 and to advance the graphic edition of the Numbers 8 to 13. In this work I knew how to give the best shape to the project of a serial publication with which we dreamed since the year 2000.

  1. Exposiciones: Capuleto en la sala "Luis Ángel Arango"

    Arístides Meneghetti


    Full Text Available La exposición del joven pintor español Francisco Capuleto, realizada en la Biblioteca "Luis Ángel Arango" el pasado mes de mayo, refresca un viejo problema en la conciencia de todo americano. Existen dos Españas diferentes, la una folclórica, de aire flamenco, majas y alegres panderetas, creada para la exportación y el turismo, a que son tan afectas las personas.

  2. Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Habitat Assessment in theSan Luis National Wildlife Refuge

    Quinn, Nigel W.T.; Hanlon, Jeremy S.; Burns, Josephine R.; Stromayer, Karl A.K.; Jordan, Brandon M.; Ennis, Mike J.; Woolington,Dennis W.


    The project report describes a two year experiment to control wetland drainage to the San Joaquin River of California from the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge using a decision support system for real-time water quality management. This system required the installation and operation of one inlet and three drainage flow and water quality monitoring stations which allowed a simple mass balance model to be developed of the seasonally managed wetlands in the study area. Remote sensing methods were developed to document long-term trends in wetland moist soil vegetation and soil salinity in response to management options such as delaying the initiation of seasonal wetland drainage. These environmental management tools provide wetland managers with some of the tools necessary to improve salinity conditions in the San Joaquin River and improve compliance with State mandated salinity objectives without inflicting long-term harm on the wild fowl habitat resource.

  3. Hydrogeologic Assessment of the East Bear Creek Unit, San LuisNational Wildlife Refuge

    Quinn, Nigel W.T.


    San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex to meetReclamation s obligations for Level 4 water supply under the CentralValley Project Improvement Act. Hydrogeological assessment of the EastBear Creek Unit of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge was conductedusing a combination of field investigations and a survey of availableliterature from past US Geological Survey Reports and reports by localgeological consultants. Conservative safe yield estimates made using theavailable data show that the East Bear Creek Unit may have sufficientgroundwater resources in the shallow groundwater aquifer to meet aboutbetween 25 percent and 52 percent of its current Level II and between 17percent and 35 percent of its level IV water supply needs. The rate ofsurface and lateral recharge to the Unit and the design of the well fieldand the layout and capacity of pumped wells will decide both thepercentage of annual needs that the shallow aquifer can supply andwhether this yield is sustainable without affecting long-term aquiferquality. In order to further investigate the merits of pumping the nearsurface aquifer, which appears to have reasonable water quality for usewithin the East Bear Creek Unit -- monitoring of the potential sources ofaquifer recharge and the installation of a pilot shallow well would bewarranted. Simple monitoring stations could be installed both upstreamand downstream of both the San Joaquin River and Bear Creek and beinstrumented to measureriver stage, flow and electrical conductivity.Ideally this would be done in conjunction with a shallow pilot well,pumped to supply a portion of the Unit's needs for the wetland inundationperiod.

  4. Geothermal resource assessment of western San Luis Valley, Colorado

    Zacharakis, Ted G.; Pearl, Richard Howard; Ringrose, Charles D.


    The Colorado Geological Survey initiated and carried out a fully integrated assessment program of the geothermal resource potential of the western San Luis Valley during 1979 and 1980. The San Luis Valley is a large intermontane basin located in southcentral Colorado. While thermal springs and wells are found throughout the Valley, the only thermal waters found along the western part of the Valley are found at Shaw Warm Springs which is a relatively unused spring located approximately 6 miles (9.66 km) north of Del Norte, Colorado. The waters at Shaws Warm Spring have a temperature of 86 F (30 C), a discharge of 40 gallons per minute and contain approximately 408 mg/l of total dissolved solids. The assessment program carried out din the western San Luis Valley consisted of: soil mercury geochemical surveys; geothermal gradient drilling; and dipole-dipole electrical resistivity traverses, Schlumberger soundings, Audio-magnetotelluric surveys, telluric surveys, and time-domain electro-magnetic soundings and seismic surveys. Shaw Warm Springs appears to be the only source of thermal waters along the western side of the Valley. From the various investigations conducted the springs appear to be fault controlled and is very limited in extent. Based on best evidence presently available estimates are presented on the size and extent of Shaw Warm Springs thermal system. It is estimated that this could have an areal extent of 0.63 sq. miles (1.62 sq. km) and contain 0.0148 Q's of heat energy.

  5. Potential human health risk by 234,238U and 210Po due to consumption of fish from the "Luis L. Leon" reservoir (Northern Mexico)

    Luna-Porres, M. Y.; Rodríguez-Villa, M. A.; Herrera-Peraza, E.; Cabral-Lares, M.; Renteria-Villalobos, M.; Montero-Cabrera, M. E.


    The Conchos River is one of the most important in northern Mexico and the main surface waterway in the arid state of Chihuahua. The Luis L. Leon dam produces the Luis L. Leon Reservoir, which is the last major reservoir before the Conchos River enters the Rio Grande at the Texas-Chihuahua border. Activity concentrations (AC) of 234,238U and 210Po in fillet and liver of three stocked fish species (Lepomis cyanellus, Cyprinus carpio and Ictalurus furcatus), as well as in water from the Luis L. Leon reservoir were determined. 238U and 234U ACs in fillet samples showed values of 0.007-0.014 and 0.01-0.02 Bq kg-1 wet weight (ww), respectively. Liver samples for Lepomis cyanellus, Cyprinus carpio and Ictalurus furcatus species, present 210Po AC of 1.16-3.26 0.70-1.13 and 0.93-1.37 Bqṡkg-1 ww. The elemental Bioaccumulation Factor (BAF) for fish tissues respect to their concentrations in water was determined. Lepomis cyanellus species showed the highest BAF for total uranium in fillet, with value 1.5. The annual effective dose for uranium in adults by fish consumption in this work ranged from 4.46×10-3 to 3.68×10-2 μSvṡyear-1. The difference in concentrations of uranium in fillet among the studied species is likely primarily due to their differences in diet and habitat.

  6. Is Reye's syndrome still a valid diagnosis? | du Toit-Prinsloo | South ...

    The exact aetiology of the syndrome is unknown, but there is an association with viral infections and the use of aspirin. There has been a sharp decline in the incidence of Reye's syndrome; the reasons for this are unclear, but may be due, in part, to the declining use of aspirin in children and to improvements in the diagnosis ...

  7. Initial and follow-up MRI in a case of early diagnosed Reye's syndrome

    Ozdoba, C.; Pfenninger, J.; Schroth, G.


    Early MRI in a case of clinically established Reye's syndrome confirmed CT findings of compressed ventricles and additionally demonstrated signal alterations in the thalamus, mesencephalon and pons. On follow-up MRI the pontine lesion had vanished by 1 week later, while the thalamic lesion persisted for more than 2 months. The patient, however, recovered without neurological sequelae. (orig.). With 3 figs

  8. Atypical case of Reye's syndrome. Usefulness of CT for diagnosis and follow-up study

    Maehara, Fumiaki; Goto, Katsuya; Okudera, Toshio; Mitsudome, Akihisa; Hara, Kunio; Shiraishi, Masayuki [Fukuoka Univ. (Japan)


    An atypical case of Reye's syndrome was reported with emphasis on usefulness of CT for the diagnosis and follow-up study of this disease. The patient was a 13-month-old girl who had been transferred to our hospital because of status epilepticus, a comatous state and a high temperature. She was diagnosed as having Reye's syndrome according to data of liver function tests, findings in CSF and body CT which revealed swelling of the liver with diminished attenuation value suggesting fatty infiltration. However, there were atypical features in this patient: epileptic seizures since age 5 months, no vomiting at the time of onset and no evidence of brain swelling on CT in acute phase. She was discharged 2 months later with impaired neuropsychological functions of marked degree. When she was 2 year-old, she again went into status epilepticus, was comatous and had a high temperature. She was dead when she arrived at emergency room of our hospital. Autopsy findings revealed features of Reye's syndrome as follows: abundant accumulation of small fat droplets without nuclear displacement in the liver, fatty infiltration in the kidney and myocardium, and mild swelling in the cerebral cortex with marked ventricular dilatation. The possibility of recurrence of Reye's syndrome was discussed based on the clinical and autopsy findings. The value of CT in the diagnosis and the follow-up study of this disease was emphasized.

  9. The eolic fluvial succession and paleoclimatic evolution of Rio Conlara, San Luis, Argentina

    Chiesa, J.


    The outcroping deposits in the ravines of the Conlara River are dominated by silt with subordinated and variable percentages of sand and clays. In the section that is described, at the south of the town of Santa Rosa del Conlara, these materials have been deposited responding generally climatic changing conditions. The base of the profile, assigned to the late Pleistocene, contains extint fauna of the Lujanense and a datation of 8950 B.P., and it is represented by fluvial sandy gravels. The overlaying succession, assigned to the Holocene, shows an intercalation of horizons generated by eolic-loessic deposits and deposits with development of pedogenetic processes. The whole succession shows characteristic of corresponding to a vegetated plain, next to the river flood plain. The discriminated horizons are the result of a detailed sampling and the representation of range parameters of the same ones, in function of the depth, this last one oscillates between 6 and 8 meters. The quaternary deposits of the region, support indistinctly as on the crystalline basement of San Luis range, as on the calcretes assigned to the Neogene [es

  10. Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges: the Concept of Justice

    Rosa Vila


    Emma Zunz, by Jorge Luis Borges, is the story of a girl who decides to kill her boss in order to avenge her father’s death, believing that her father’s version of an event that occurred years before was true. Thus, she devises a secret plan, which includes losing her virginity to a complete stranger, shortly before committing the crime, so she could argue that her boss had raped her and that she killed him in self-defense. Firstly, the text shows the contrast between formal justic...

  11. Puelles romero, Luis: Honoré Daumier: la risa republicana

    Óscar Ortega Ruiz


    Full Text Available Recientemente, Abada Editores ha puesto a disposición de sus lectores el nuevo ensayo de Luis Puelles Romero, titular de Estética y Teoría de las Artes de la Universidad de Málaga. Honoré Daumier: la risa republicana se interna en la vida y la obra de este marsellés nacido en 1808 y muerto en París en 1879, cuyo trabajo se desarrolló durante cincuenta años decisivos de la historia de Francia, desde el final del periodo legitimista hasta los inicios de la III República.

  12. Eric Bach : ilustrador de Luis de Góngora

    María Dolores Antigüedad del Castillo Olivares


    Full Text Available El pintor holandés Eric Bach [Eríurt (Alemania 1911] ha mostrado durante el año 1991 sus obras como ilustrador en sendas exposiciones celebradas en Córdoba y Madrid. El artista que reside indistintamente en Munich y Barcelona, expuso las ilustraciones que ha realizado para la edición en alemán de Los veinticuatro sonetos amorosos, heroicos y fúnebres de don Luis de Góngora, edición hecha por encargo del Sr. Rüdiger Kampmann de Munich.

  13. Directional wave and temperature data from seven buoys at Point Reyes, CA, 1996-2002 (NODC Accession 0000760)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Wave data were collected from 7 buoys in Point Reyes, California, from 06 December 1996 to 25 July 2002. Data were collected as part of the Coastal Data Information...

  14. La ley del rey es la ley de dios: el deber ser de la institucion matrimonial durante la colonia

    Tatiana Gonzalaez


    Full Text Available "La ley del rey es la ley de Dios" aborda el problema aborda el problema del deber ser de la institucion matrimonial que regia las millones de parejas en el Nuevo Mundo hasta mediados del siglo XVIII.

  15. Enlightenment and education: Baltasar de los Reyes Marrero and the Modern Philosophy program at the Universidad de Caracas, 1788

    Reinaldo Rojas


    of their study programs and the reform of academic structures in in their professorship. The clergyman Baltasar de los Reyes Marrero (1752-1809, recognized as the founder of the Modern Philosophy program at the Real y Pontiicia Universidad de Caracas, is one of these outstanding educators. Thus, this paper focuses on the general biographical features, intellectual formation and pedagogical efforts carried out in the Venezuelan university by Baltasar de los Reyes.

  16. Die dood van Genraal De la Rey | Smith | Scientia Militaria: South ...

    Road-blocks were set up to intercept the bandits' car. Already one tragedy had occurred when a certain Dr Grace had ignored a summons to halt at a road-block and had been shot dead. Unaware of the Foster-hunt, and evidently believing that the police were under orders to arrest them, Beyers and De la Rey failed to halt ...

  17. 75 FR 76726 - San Luis Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Docket No. ER11-2196-000] San Luis Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market- Based Rate Filing Includes Request for Blanket... proceeding of San Luis [[Page 76727

  18. Art as Critical Public Pedagogy: A Qualitative Study of Luis Camnitzer and His Conceptual Art

    Zorrilla, Ana; Tisdell, Elizabeth J.


    This qualitative study explored the connection between art and adult education for critical consciousness from the perspective and work of conceptual artist, Luis Camnitzer. The theoretical framework is grounded in the critical public pedagogy literature. Data collection methods included interviews with conceptual artist Luis Camnitzer and with…

  19. Ontwikkeling en demonstratie van een geintegreerd bestrijdingssysteem voor de rode luis Myzus nicotianae

    Dijken, van M.J.


    De geïntegreerde plaagbestrijding van de paprikateelt onder glas, wordt sinds 1993 verstoord door de opkomst van de rode luis, Myzus nicotianae. Deze luis is namelijk resistent tegen het selectieve chemische correctiemiddel pirimicarb en een effectieve biologische bestrijding was onvoldoende

  20. Los avisos para la muerte de Luis Ramirez de Arellano

    Inmaculada Osuna


    Full Text Available Avisos para la muerte (1634, compiled by Luis Ramírez de Arellano, gathers, along with other complementary materials (among these, two prayers written in verse for before confession and before communion, and an act of contrition in prose, thirty poems that are presented as models for prayers addressed to a crucified Christ in the moment of his death. These poems emerge from a group initiative in which notable poets from the Madrid court took part, poets such as Lope de Vega, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, José de Pellicer, José de Valdivielso, Luis Vélez de Guevara, Juan Pérez de Montalbán and Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. My article examines the social context in which this poetic collection is born, the composition of the book, its successful publishing history throughout two centuries as well as the reiterative representation in the poems of particular meditatio mortis topics (the staging of agony; the expression of repentance, love for Christ and hope for his mercy; and the contemplation of Christ’s body on the cross.

  1. Correlation Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Carlito Peña Reyes Hospital



    Full Text Available - This study evaluated the patient satisfaction and present evidences for quality services and identified the level of satisfaction of patients to hospital services in different hospital areas such as the front liners, ward/ICU, support businesses and business office: The study also determined the loyalty of patients; and established the extent of relationship of patient satisfaction and loyalty. The descriptive research design was utilized in conducting the study. The researcher used a survey questionnaire as the data gathering instrument supported by interviews and observation. Results showed that the patients at CP Reyes Hospital were very satisfied to the quality medical services they received. Complaints were also identified at CP Reyes Hospital. The researcher proposed an action plan that medical service providers must focus on how to create attractive elements that increase customer satisfaction levels and gain customer. The overall recommendation is that CP Reyes Hospital should strive to maintain the high standard in order to keep patients satisfied with the services they received.

  2. Clinical Presentation, Treatment and Prognosis in Children with Reye-like Syndrome

    Sukru Arslan


    Full Text Available We performed a retrospective study to explore the mortality rates and prognosis of the Reye like syndrome in patients treated at Konya Research and Education Hospital. Twenty two children with ages between 5 months and 7 years old were included in this study. All patients were treated with intensive supportive methods to manage body fluid, blood circulation, respiration, body temperature, and intracranial pressure. The main presenting features were history of fever (72.7%, profuse vomiting (63.6%, abnormal behavior and agitation (77.2%, and sudden onset of unconsciousness (100%. The etiologies of patients included viral illness, gastroenteritis, metabolic disorders, intoxication and hypoxia due to foreign body aspiration. No neurological deficit was seen in the children who survived the disease. In our patients the mortality rate was 31.8%. In conclusion, Reye like syndrome occurs only rarely but should be a part of the differential diagnosis of any encephalopathy of unknown origin and above all if there is a history of ingestion of drugs, previous viral infection and vomiting. Our treatment protocol is safe and effective in children with Reye like syndrome.

  3. 76 FR 41811 - Kellaway Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the Morro Shoulderband Snail, San Luis...


    ...] Kellaway Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the Morro Shoulderband Snail, San Luis Obispo... species in the community of Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, California. The applicants would implement a... Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, California. The applicants are requesting a permit for take of Morro...

  4. 75 FR 17430 - Hopper Mountain, Bitter Creek, and Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuges, Kern, San Luis Obispo...


    ...] Hopper Mountain, Bitter Creek, and Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuges, Kern, San Luis Obispo, Tulare... Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) located in Kern, San Luis Obispo, Tulare, and Ventura counties of California. We... developing a CCP for Hopper Mountain, Bitter Creek, and Blue Ridge NWRs in Kern, San Luis Obispo, Tulare, and...

  5. 78 FR 73557 - Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Obispo County, CA: Intent To Prepare a...


    ...-FF08R00000] Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Obispo County, CA: Intent To Prepare a...) for the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge located in San Luis Obispo County of... (Refuge) in San Luis Obispo County, California. This notice complies with our CCP policy to (1) advise...

  6. Application of Cs-137 techniques to problems of sediment redistribution in Sungai Lui representative basin, Selangor, Malaysia (Part 1)

    Daud bin Mohamad.


    Since the beginning of the nuclear age, Cesium-137 has become a part of the world's ecosystems. Cs-137 is carried from the atmosphere to the ground by rainfall. On reaching the earth's surface, 137 Cs becomes strongly adsorbed to soil profiles and is concentrated predominantly in the surface layer, particularly in clayey soils. Systematic measurements of Cs-137 levels will therefore permit estimates to be made of the cumulative effects of soil redistribution over the past 25 years. Sediment movement in river catchments and coastal areas is a very old problem in Malaysia. In view of rapid development of urban and agricultural areas in Malaysia it was realised tha soil loss problems are particularly serious. The Sungai Lui catchment was chosen to be the investigational site. Geologically, the area comprises of granite and granitic schist. The area is mostly covered by forest (approx. 83%) and rubber (13%), padi (2%) and others (2%). The climate is considered to be typical of Peninsular Malaysia (equatorial) characterised by uniform temperature, high humidity and high rainfall. The area is mainly drained by the Lui River. Soil samples were collected from the catchment area at 4 sampling points in April 1981. The results of analyses of Cs-137 in soil samples from Sungai Lui catchment area ranged from 1.3 to 6.8 M Bq g -1 of sample and they could still be detected even up to 20 cm depth. A general pattern of Cs-137 distribution was observed in the soil profile at each site. The highest activity being in the top 3 cm layer and then decreasing up to about 6 cm. The activity increases again up to about 9 cm layer. From there onwards, it decreases. Based on these results, the estimated rate of sediment accumulation in the area was found to be about 0.47 cm/year. Since the samples were only collected from the depositional sites, further sampling especially from erosional site should therefore be carried out in order to obtain more complete data

  7. Quando rey perdemos nunq[u]a bien nos fallamos. La muerte del rey en la Castilla del siglo XIII

    Pérez Monzón, Olga


    Full Text Available This article deals with the funeral spaces of the Castilian kings during the 13th century, and the iconography of their tombs as the reflection of a political ideational system tending toward the sanctification of the monarchy. This elevation of royalty provoked an open conflict with certain members of the nobility and the royal family, as well as a political and artistic response.

    El presente artículo trata sobre los ámbitos fúnebres de los reyes castellanos durante el siglo XIII y la particularidad iconográfica de sus monumentos tumulares como reflejo de un ideario político tendente a la sacralización de la monarquía. El encumbramiento de la realeza provocó un abierto conflicto con determinados miembros de la realeza y la familia real y una respuesta política y artística.

  8. José Luis Hidalgo, poeta de los muertos



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: La figura de José Luis Hidalgo (Torres, 1919-Madrid, 1947, poeta y pintor, ha de tomar un nuevo relieve como representante de una generación de autores montañeses que surgió en torno a los años cuarenta. Destaca en su breve obra, al igual que su corta pero intensa vida, la extrema sensibilidad de su poesía en el uso de imágenes, metáforas que acercan sus versos hacia el terreno de lo plástico y sensorial. Las preocupaciones son de profunda raigambre existencialista, al ser nuestro poeta un joven lector de pensadores como Nietzsche, Schopenhauer o Unamuno; es con este último con el que guarda una ineludible afinidad de ideas. La búsqueda que emprende José Luis Hidalgo hacia la verdad se sitúa dentro de una metafísica trascendente y una vertiente religiosa muy significativa, en un diálogo sincero y directo con Dios. Contrasta la sencillez formal de su poesía con el complejo sistema simbólico de elementos naturales, espacios... en los que se mueve dentro del marco fluctuante entre la tradición y la vanguardia; encontramos resonancias que nos llevan desde el romanticismo becqueriano, pasando por el simbolismo, hasta los movimientos vanguardistas —sobre todo el surrealismo— y el grupo poético del 27. La obra de Los muertos supone un momento culmen del dilatado periodo de posguerra.ABSTRACT: The literary figure of José Luis Hidalgo (Torres, 1919-Madrid, 1947, both a poet and a painter, achieves renown once more as a representative of a generation of writers from Cantabria (in the north of Spain which came to light around the 1940's. His work, as brief as his short but intense life, is remarkable for the great feeling of his poetry in the use of imagery and metaphors, which draw his verse near the domain of the vivid and sensorial. His concerns have deep existentialist roots; as a young man the poet was a devoted reader of great thinkers such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer or Unamuno; it is the latter with whom he has an

  9. Luis Llach : el arquitecto de Quibdó

    Luis Fernando González Escobar


    Full Text Available En el año 1907, en varias ediciones del periódico Ecos del Chocó, de la ciudad de Quibdó, apareció un anuncio en donde un tal Luis Llach Ll., ostentando el título de ingeniero civil, ofertaba sus servicios para la "Construcción de toda clase de edificios, Levantamientos de planos. elaboración de presupuestos, etc. y toda lo concerniente al ramo de ingeniería, contando para el efecto con instrumentos modernos y personal idóneo" ¿La dirección? El lado sur del Convento. ¿Quién era este "ingeniero" y cuáles eran las razones que lo condujeron a establecerse en una localidad que por esos años no era más que un villorrio con algo menos de 12.000 habitantes?

  10. La prisión de Fray Luis

    Victor Sánchez Montenegro


    Full Text Available Es una creencia general difundida por muchas historias de la literatura española y universal de que la principal causa de la prisión de Fray Luis de León en Valladolid por la Inquisición de esa ciudad, fue el haber traducido el Cantar de los Cantares, atribuidoa Salomón , es decir el Sir hassirim que los LXX tradujeron al griego Aisma Aismaton, y el Cantica Canticorum de la Vulgata. Sin embargo, como  pasaré a demostrar, no fue esa precisamente la causa de la tremenda injusticia sino otras presentarlas por sus enemigos , quienes en sus ataques hasta llegaron a probar que no descendía de Cristianos viejos sino que tenía sangre de judíos.

  11. Luis Huerta: Eugenics, Medicine and Pedagogy in Spain

    Luis Miguel LÁZARO LORENTE


    Full Text Available By comparison with the historiography of other European and Anglo-Saxon countries, the study of the origins and spread of Eugenics in Spain has not received much attention. Even less research has been done on the degree of acceptance of eugenic thought in the pedagogical domain or on the role teachers may have in the diffusion of eugenics. This paper attempts to explore the subject while focusing the analysis on the relations that were established among Medicine, Pedagogy and Eugenics in Spain during the first third of the 20th century. We will take as a point of reference and guiding line of thought the figure of the Asturian teacher Luis Huerta Naves, who was the driving force and tireless advocate of the eugenics movement in our country.

  12. Luis Patiño Camargo Maestro, Investigador, Humanista

    José Felix Patiño Restrepo


    Full Text Available

    Palabras del doctor José Félix Patiño Restrepo, Académico de Número, con motivo de la Sesión Solemne de la Academia Nacional de Medicina para conmemorar el centenario del natalicio del Profesor Luis Patiño Camargo.

    Santafé de Bogotá, noviembre 21 de 1991

    Son varias las semblanzas que distinguidas personalidades de Colombia y del exterior han escrito sobre el Profesor Luis Patiño Camargo, cuya vida ejemplar dejó honda huella en la medicina y la ciencia colombianas: Carlos Lleras Restrepo y Juan Lozano y Lozano en 1978; Augusto Gast Galvis, Fernando Serpa Flórez y Alfonso Jaram illo Salazar en 1979; Eduardo Guzmán Esponda, Remando Groot y José Francisco Socarrás en 1981; Amador Neghme, de Chile en 1987; Ernesto Andradc Valderrama en 1988, y ahora Carlos Sanmartín Barberi.

    “Bella vida y bella muerte la de Luis Patiño Camargo, pensaba yo cuando iba caminando detrás del féretro, después de los sencillos oficios en la iglesia de Iza, hacia el cementerio campesino donde él dispuso que se enterrara en medio de las tumbas de sus padres y debajo de los pinos que plantó con su propia mano”. Así inició Carlos Lleras Restrepo un sentido artículo sobre Patiño Camargo publicado en la Nueva Frontera a los pocos días de su muerte, acaecida en Sogamoso el 13 de noviembre de 1978. Porque ese fue su deseo: reposar para siempre en el cementerio que domina su bello pueblo andino, Iza, donde había nacido el 24 de noviembre de 1891.

    Dijo Gast Galvis: “El Dr. Patiño, como el cacique de Inza, después de mucho peregrinar por todo el territorio colombiano, encontró un lugar de brisas tibias, cielo siempre azul, abundantes aguas, suelo fértil, en donde se pudiera vivir y morir en paz”.

    Científico, maestro, médico, naturalista, filósofo, humanista, todo eso fue Luis Patiño Camargo, y ninguno de estos términos lo caracteriza de por sí, sino más bien el conjunto de ellos

  13. The cinephilic citation in the essay films by José Luis Guerin and Isaki Lacuesta

    Vidal, Belén


    This paper investigates the contemporary turn to cinephilia as an object of theoretical analysis and historiographical investigation through the essay films by José Luis Guerin and Isaki Lacuesta. In particular, I focus on Innisfree (José Luis Guerin 1990), Tren de sombras (Train of Shadows, José Luis Guerin 1997), Las variaciones Marker (The Marker Variations, Isaki Lacuesta 2008) and La noche que no acaba (All the Night Long, Isaki Lacuesta 2010). This work recovers and restages “cinephilic...

  14. Magnetotelluric data collected to characterize aquifers in the San Luis Basin, New Mexico

    Ailes, Chad E.; Rodriguez, Brian D.


    The U.S. Geological Survey is conducting a series of multidisciplinary studies of the San Luis Basin as part of the Geologic Framework of Rio Grande Basins project. Detailed geologic mapping, high-resolution airborne magnetic surveys, gravity surveys, magnetotelluric surveys, and hydrologic and lithologic data are being used to better understand the aquifers in the San Luis Basin. This report describes one north-south and two east-west regional magnetotelluric sounding profiles, acquired in June of 2010 and July and August of 2011, across the San Luis Basin in northern New Mexico. No interpretation of the data is included.

  15. Upper Holocene in a profile:tectonic depression of Conlara-Sierra de San Luis, San Luis, Argentina

    Strasser, E.; Chiesa, J.


    The characteristics of three column profiles belonging to eolic sediments, assignated to Upper Holocene of the Depression of Conlara and oriental edge of San Luis range, comprising loessic materials and sandy loessoides, associated to aluvio-eolic and pedogenetic levels are texturally described. Lineal graphics of expression are used to visualize the textual variations according to the deph, those graphics are built according to the curve of frequency accumulated of the distribution of the size, using the parameters of rank in phi (Q) intervals and the half diameter expressed in microns. The interpretation of the succession in ecuatorial direction allows the inferences of the decrease of the size of grain from the planicie (on the east) towards the mountain region (on the west). The values of parameters of rank and statistiral parameters are presented, of all the succession although it is proposed that the Upper Holocene corresponds to the two upper meters [es

  16. Palabras y gestos de compromiso: los reyes castellanos y sus juramentos (siglo XV



    Full Text Available Parmi les paroles prononcées par les rois au cours de leur règne, il y a celles qui expriment l’engagement : serment, promesses, vœux et hommages… Ces engagements verbaux, en tant qu’actes de paroles, se chargent d’une importante signification politique lorsqu’un roi en est l’émetteur. En raison des conditions dans lesquelles elles sont prononcées, dans un contexte public et toujours politique, et de leur efficacité rituelle, ces paroles constituent un champ privilégié pour étudier les fonctions de la parole royale. Le présent article se veut être une première approche des « paroles d’engagement » prononcées par les rois castillans au cours du XVe siècle à partir de leur mention dans les chroniques, de leur rôle dans la construction d’une image royale, des contextes qui donnent lieu à l’expression de ce type de parole royale (serments institutionnels, promesses liées à la lutte politique…, du sens de la gamme linguistique sur laquelle joue un roi pour exprimer son engagement et de la place de cette dernière dans la construction de l’autorité royale.Entre las palabras pronunciadas por los reyes a lo largo de su reinado se encuentran las que expresan compromiso: juramentos, promesas, votos, homenajes… Estos compromisos verbales, como actos de habla, se hallan plagados de sentido político cuando es el rey el emisor. Por sus condiciones de su pronunciación, en un contexto público y siempre político y por su eficacia ritual suponen un ámbito privilegiado para el estudio de las funciones del habla regia. El objetivo de este artículo es realizar una aproximación a las “palabras de compromiso” expresadas por los reyes castellanos en el siglo XV, tratando de valorar su presencia en el discurso cronístico; su relación con la construcción de la imagen del monarca; los contextos que suelen dar lugar a expresiones de este tipo de palabra regia (juramentos institucionales; promesas ligadas a la

  17. Pascua Militar: las órdenes del Rey a las Fuerzas Armadas

    Miguel Ballenilla y García de Gamarra


    Full Text Available La Pascua Militar constituye un so-lemne acto castrense presidido por S.M. el Rey al que asisten la Familia Real y las primeras autoridades del Estado. Por su carácter marca-damente institucional, el discurso del Rey es el más relevante de los que se dirigen a las Fuer-zas Armadas. En este trabajo se analiza la evo-lución del citado discurso en las últimas cuatro décadas, los elementos que centran su conteni-do, su relación con el papel que ejerce el Rey como Jefe Supremo de las Fuerzas Armadas, y los acontecimientos que afectan a los Ejércitos y la Defensa Nacional.Palabras clave: Discurso, Análisis, Pascua Mili-tar, Rey, Fuerzas Armadas, Constitución, Transi-ción, Terrorismo._______________ 800x600 Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";} The “Pascua Militar” is a solemn mili-tary ceremony presided by HM The King at-tended by the Royal Family and the highest authorities of the state. The importance of this institutional event becomes the King’s speech as the most relevant of which are addressed to the Armed Forces. In this paper we analyse the evolution of that discourse in the last four dec-ades, we identify the elements that focus their content, it relationship to the role played by the King as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the events affecting them and Na-tional Defence.Keywords: Speech, Analysis, King, Armed Forc-es, Constitution, Political change, Terrorism. Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

  18. Exposiciones 1958, presentadas en la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango

    Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico Banco de la República


    Full Text Available Se describe el desarrollo de la actividades culturales del año 1958 correspondientes a las exposiciones de arte presentadas en la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango del Banco de la República.

  19. The San Luis Project: An Attempt to Decentralize Physics in Mexico

    Will, T. A.; Valladares, A. A.


    Described is a project being conducted by the Physics Institute of the University of San Luis Potori, Mexico, in order to avoid concentrating physics education and research activities in Mexico City. (SL)

  20. Heroes of Civilization. The Amazon Region as Agricultural Export Cosmopolis in the Work of General Rafael Reyes

    Felipe Martínez Pinzón


    the isthmus led the Colombian elites to rethink other border spaces. The article analyzes the discourse of appropriation of the Amazon territory set forth by President, General, and entrepreneur Rafael Reyes (1849-1921 in speeches lectures, travel diaries, and autobiographical memoirs. On the basis of those materials, the article argues that instead of nationalizing the Amazonian territory, Reyes suggesting incorporating it into the dynamics of global capitalism through the contradictory proposal of an “agricultural export cosmopolis” aimed at exploiting the region’s wealth. The contradictions of a segregationist cosmopolis, as a narrative of globalization in the early 20th century, also led General Reyes to represent the entrepreneurs of the agricultural frontier as “heroes of civilization”, a phrase that betrays the anachronism and irrationalism inherent in the allegedly indestructible rational discourse of civilization in the tropics.

  1. Reye Syndrome

    ... Legacy Society Make Gifts of Stock Donate Your Car Personal Fundraising Partnership & Support Share Your Story Spread the Word Give While You Shop Contact Us Donate Now What Is Reye’s Syndrome? ...

  2. Reye Syndrome

    ... Liver Function Tests Clinical Trials Liver Transplant FAQs Medical Terminology Diseases of the Liver Alagille Syndrome Alcohol-Related ... the Liver The Progression of Liver Disease FAQs Medical Terminology HOW YOU CAN HELP Sponsorship Ways to Give ...

  3. Reye's Syndrome

    ... first manifestation of these errors may be an encephalopathy with liver dysfunction. These disorders must be considered in all ... first manifestation of these errors may be an encephalopathy with liver dysfunction. These disorders must be considered in all ...

  4. Reye syndrome

    ... will monitor the pressure in the brain, blood gases , and blood acid-base balance (pH). Treatments may ... 2018, A.D.A.M., Inc. Duplication for commercial use must be authorized in writing by ADAM ...

  5. En el día del bibliotecario: Homenaje al Doctor Luis Ángel Arango

    Ernesto Delgado


    Full Text Available Palabras pronunciadas por el presidente de la Asociación Colombiana de Bibliotecarios, señor Ernesto Delgado, en el Salón de Actos de la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango, el sábado 28 de abril, Día del Bibliotecario, con motivo del homenaje que dicha corporación rindió a la memoria del doctor Luis Ángel Arango.

  6. Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges: the Concept of Justice

    Rosa Vila


    Full Text Available Emma Zunz, by Jorge Luis Borges, is the story of a girl who decides to kill her boss in order to avenge her father’s death, believing that her father’s version of an event that occurred years before was true. Thus, she devises a secret plan, which includes losing her virginity to a complete stranger, shortly before committing the crime, so she could argue that her boss had raped her and that she killed him in self-defense. Firstly, the text shows the contrast between formal justice and taking justice into own hands. Secondly, the question of self-inflicted punishment, which in the story takes place before the perpetration of the crime. Finally, the issue whether truth is the version that can be inferred from the evidence presented in a trial, or the one which is kept to themselves by those involved in a crime. Emma Zunz, de Jorge Luis Borges, es la historia de una chica que decide matar a su jefe para vengar la muerte de su padre, creyendo que la versión de su padre de un hecho que ocurrió años atrás era cierta. De este modo, diseña un plan secreto, que incluye la pérdida de su virginidad con un desconocido, poco antes de cometer el crimen, para poder argumentar que su jefe la había violado y que ella lo mató en defensa propia. En primer lugar, el texto muestra el contraste entre la justicia formal y la justicia por cuenta propia. En segundo lugar, la cuestión de la pena infligida a uno mismo, lo que en la historia se produce antes de la comisión del delito. Por último, la cuestión de si la verdad es la versión que se puede inferir de las pruebas presentadas en un juicio, o la que se guardan para sí mismas las personas involucradas en un crimen. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:


    Svetlana COANDĂ


    Full Text Available În articol sunt evidenţiate etapele evoluţiei spirituale a lui Lucian Blaga, este demonstrată importanţa primei perioade de activitate a gânditorului român, perioada anilor 1914-1919, care constituie începutul activităţii filosofice a lui L.Blaga, acesta fiind deosebit de semnificativ pentru înţelegerea genezei ideilor sale, a influenţelor pe care le-a suportat, a continuităţii tematicii şi reflecţiilor filosofice, care au culminat cu elaborarea unui profund sistem filosofic. Sunt analizate în detaliu ideile filosofice centrale, temele de meditaţie din lucrările scrise şi publicate de L.Blaga între anii 1914 şi 1919: analiza şi aprecierea ideilor filosofului francez Henri Bergson, coraportul dintre filosofie şi ştiinţă, aportul specific al filosofiei la formarea concepţiei despre lume a personalităţii, rolul deosebit de important al metodelor de cercetare în asigurarea obţinerii adevărului în procesul de cunoaştere, unitatea formelor culturii etc.THE PHILOSOFICAL BEGINNINGS OF LUCIAN BLAGAThis article highlights the spiritual evolution steps of Lucian Blaga and demonstrates the importance of the first period of activity of the Romanian thinker - the period between 1914 and 1919. This time frame constitutes the beginning of his philosophical activity and it is especially significant to understand the genesis of his ideas, of his influences, the continuity of the philosophical themes and reflections that culminated with the elaboration of a profound philosophical system. Analysis is done over the central philosophical ideas, the meditation themes from the works written and published by Lucian Blaga between 1914 and 1919: the analysis and appreciation of the ideas of the French philosopher Henri Bergson, the correlation between philosophy and science, the specific input of philosophy in the formation of the world conception on personality, the extremely important role of the research methods in ensuring the

  8. [3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaric aciduria and recurrent Reye-like syndrome].

    Eirís, J; Ribes, A; Fernández-Prieto, R; Rodríguez-García, J; Rodríguez-Segade, S; Castro-Gago, M


    3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A lyase deficiency (HMG-CoA lyase) is an inborn error of ketogenesis and Leucine catabolism. HMG-CoA lyase catalyses the final step in leucine degradation, converting HMG-CoA to acetyl-CoA and acetoacetic acid. Clinical manifestations include hepatomegaly, lethargy or coma and apnoea. Biochemically there is a characteristic absence of ketosis with hypoglycemia, acidosis, hipertransaminasemia and variable hyperammoniemia. The urinary organic acid profile includes elevated concentrations of 3-hydroxy-3-isovaleric, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaric, 3-methylglutaconic and 3-methylglutaric acids. Here, we report the case of a 17-year-old girl who presented in both ten months and five years of age a clinical picture characterized by lethargy leading to apnea and coma, hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia, metabolic acidosis, hyperammoniemia, elevated serum transaminases and absence of ketonuria. Diagnostic of Reye syndrome was suggested by hystopathologic finding of hepatic steatosis and clinical and biochemical data. As of 11 years old, laboratory investigations revealed carnitine deficiency and characteristic aciduria. Confirmatory enzyme diagnosis revealing deficiency of HMG-CoA lyase was made in cultured fibroblasts. Our report constitutes an example of the presentation of HMG-CoA lyase deficiency as recurrent Reye-like syndrome.

  9. Embarazo en la adolescencia: su comportamiento en San Luis Pregnancy in adolescence: its behavior in San Luis municipality

    Dania Rangel Díaz


    Full Text Available Introducción: El embarazo en las edades tempranas, sin la adecuada preparación biológica y psicológica, trae al contraste una serie de dificultades y problemas. Objetivo: Evaluar el comportamiento del embarazo en la adolescencia en el municipio de "San Luis" durante el período 2005-2010. Material y método: Se realizó una investigación aplicada partiendo de los conocimientos teóricos y prácticos. A partir de la metodología cuantitativa se presenta un diseño longitudinal, retrospectivo, analítico y descriptivo. Se utilizó como universo (2165 todas las mujeres embarazadas desde enero de 2005 a diciembre del año 2010; la muestra la constituyeron todas las embarazadas adolescentes (405 pertenecientes al municipio San Luis. Las técnicas y procedimientos de obtención de la información fue a través de la revisión documental. Se hizo una minuciosa revisión de las historias clínicas y de la información que se guarda en archivo del departamento de genética municipal y se recolectaron datos como: la edad materna, causa del embarazo, ocupación, las enfermedades presentadas durante el embarazo, el peso al nacer y el abandono escolar. Se utilizó el método empírico empleando la media porcentual como medida de tendencia central para variables cualitativas. Resultados: Predominan las adolescentes entre 16 y 18 años de edad, todas estudiantes; la principal causa del embarazo fue el desconocimiento. Se realizó una captación precoz al mayor porciento de ellas; como la enfermedad asociada predominó la hipertensión arterial. Conclusiones: Se logró un peso adecuado al final de la gestación y en su mayoría las estudiantes no continuaron los estudios.Introduction: pregnancy in early ages, without sufficient biological and psychological preparation, brings about a series of difficulties and problems. Objective: to assess the behavior of pregnancy in adolescence in “San Luis” municipality during a five-year period (2005

  10. Luis Fayad. Dalla narrativa urbana agli innesti socioculturali. Presentazione

    Martha L. Canfield


    Full Text Available The article looks at Luis Fayad’s novel La caída de los puntos cardinales (2000 in order to foreground the influence of Arabic on the Colom- bian author whose grandparents were Lebanese. Born in Bogotá in 1945, Fayad published the novel after being identified as one of the first Colombian novelists dealing with urban literature. It represents a change of direction in his career, as Fayad narrates the entire life of six main characters, four men and two women, who decide to leave Lebanon and migrate to South America, ending up in Colombia. The analysis will focus on the importance of the circulation of the book in Italy by virtue of issues of intercultural exchange embedded in the novel. La caída de los puntos cardinales mixes Arabic tradition and Colombian customs; in the novel, Fayad achieves a cross-cultural story that may provide a successful model of integration. The Spanish-Italian translation and a critical approach to the language used by the novelist and employed by the translator will complete the essay.

  11. Luis G. Urbina: crônicas porfirianas

    Miguel Angel Castro


    Full Text Available As descrições amenas de uma cidade instável, às vezes divertida e atrativa, outras, entediante e miserável, assim como a crítica de costumes de seus habitantes, abrem um espaço original à tolerância e nele se fundamenta a natureza democrática da crônica jornalística do último quarto do século XIX e se determina o prolongamento de alguns dos seus traços literários no início do século XX. Com o intuito de conservar o valor literário de origem se constrói uma poética do gênero. Neste artigo, apresentamos algumas observações feitas a esse respeito nas crônicas que Luis G. Urbina publicou em El Mundo ilustrado entre 1899 e 1906.      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

  12. Fire effects on the Point Reyes Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa phaea) at Point Reyes National Seashore, 10 years after the Vision Fire

    Fellers, Gary M.; Osbourn, Michael


    The 1995 Vision Fire burned 5000 ha and destroyed 40% of the habitat of the Point Reyes Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa phaea). Surveys immediately post-fire and in 2000 showed that only 0.4 to 1.7% of Mountain Beavers within the burn area survived. In 2000, dense, ground-hugging Blue-blossom Ceanothus (Ceanothus thrysiflorus) appeared to make coastal scrub thickets much less suitable for Mountain Beavers even though the number of burrows at our 11 study sites had returned to 88% of pre-fire numbers. In 2005 (10 y post-fire), the habitat appeared to be better for Mountain Beavers; Blue-blossom Ceanothus had diminished and vegetation more typical of northern coastal scrub, such as Coyote Brush (Baccharis pilularis) overstory with a lower layer of herbaceous vegetation, had greatly increased; but the number of Mountain Beaver burrows had declined to 52% of pre-fire numbers and there was little change in the number of sites occupied between our 2000 and 2005 surveys. With the expected successional changes in thicket structure, Mountain Beaver populations are likely to recover further, but there will probably be considerable variation in how each population stabilizes.

  13. Specificity and false positive rates of the Test of Memory Malingering, Rey 15-item Test, and Rey Word Recognition Test among forensic inpatients with intellectual disabilities.

    Love, Christopher M; Glassmire, David M; Zanolini, Shanna Jordan; Wolf, Amanda


    This study evaluated the specificity and false positive (FP) rates of the Rey 15-Item Test (FIT), Word Recognition Test (WRT), and Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) in a sample of 21 forensic inpatients with mild intellectual disability (ID). The FIT demonstrated an FP rate of 23.8% with the standard quantitative cutoff score. Certain qualitative error types on the FIT showed promise and had low FP rates. The WRT obtained an FP rate of 0.0% with previously reported cutoff scores. Finally, the TOMM demonstrated low FP rates of 4.8% and 0.0% on Trial 2 and the Retention Trial, respectively, when applying the standard cutoff score. FP rates are reported for a range of cutoff scores and compared with published research on individuals diagnosed with ID. Results indicated that although the quantitative variables on the FIT had unacceptably high FP rates, the TOMM and WRT had low FP rates, increasing the confidence clinicians can place in scores reflecting poor effort on these measures during ID evaluations. © The Author(s) 2014.


    Lúcio Antônio Alves de Macêdo


    Full Text Available The paper presents aspects 01 the Environmental Sanitation considered on the island 01 Maranhão, lrom a historical perspective, restoring the role 01 sanitation in improving the quality 01 lile and highlighting the low leveis 01 coverage 01 water supply (56% and sanitation (12%, and the precariousness 01 the disposal 01 solid waste in the municipalities 01 São Luis, Paço do Lumiar, Raposa and São José de Ribamar. ln particular there is no more available land lar construction 01 landlills, because 01 environmental implications in areas 01 watershed protection. As a result 01 the studies showed that water pollution in major rivers 01 the island with the pollution load 0160 ton / day, committing the multiple uses 01 the river Anil, Bacanga, Patience and Tibiri, as well as high rates 01 inlectious diseases and child mortality the precariousness 01 Sanitation problems associated with the generation 01 700 t / d 01 waste. ln conclusion the study shows the need lar the implementation 01 environmental planning, ordering the use 01 space and adopting techniques 01 control and environmental health lar the population.

  15. Use of deuterium and oxygen-18 in hydrological problems at Villa de Reyes, S.L.P. Mexico

    Morales, P.; Castillo C, R.


    A survey of an initial study in order to understand the general behaviour of ground water at Villa de Reyes, S.L.P. Mexico is presented. Deuterium and oxygen results are discussed and two geothermometers were used in order to search for a geothermal area. (author)

  16. A case of Reye's syndrome developing subsequently to influenze B which was suspected of having Leigh disease on CT

    Inoue, Masakazu; Sato, Kunihiko; Nomura, Toyoki; Kojima, Masamitu; Sakurai, Nakao.


    This paper presents an autopsied three-year-old girl with Reye's syndrome. The disease developed subsequently to influenza B, and CT scanning revealed low density areas corresponding to the diencephalon and brain stem. Pathological study revealed cerebral edema and hemorrhage extending to the pallidum, especially in the bilateral thalami. (Namekawa, K.)

  17. 78 FR 37791 - In the Matter of: Jose Guadalupe Reyes-Martinez, Inmate Number #85993-279, CI Adams County...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Bureau of Industry and Security In the Matter of: Jose Guadalupe Reyes... the Internal Security Act of 1950 (50 U.S.C. 783(b)), or section 38 of the Arms Export Control Act (22... 750.8 of the Regulations states that the Bureau of Industry and Security's Office of Exporter Services...

  18. Hernández Socorro, María de los Reyes: Construcciones de Eva

    José Javier Azanza López


    Full Text Available Resulta difícil resistirse a morder la apetitosa manzana que nos ofrece la inocente a la vez que seductora Eva (1914, Colección Montesdeoca García-Sáenz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria del pintor tarraconense Julio Moisés y Fernández de Villasante, imagen icónica de la no menos tentadora propuesta concebida por María de los Reyes Hernández Socorro, catedrática de Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, que plantea las diversas interpretaciones de algo más de medio centenar de artistas (veinticinco creadoras femeninas y veintisiete creadores masculinos del ámbito canario sobre sus respectivas madres, en el marco cronológico comprendido entre 1846 y 2013.

  19. Transcriptome changes in STSV2-infected Sulfolobus islandicus REY15A undergoing continuous CRISPR spacer acquisition

    León-Sobrino, Carlos; Kot, Witold P; Garrett, Roger A


    A transcriptome study was performed on Sulfolobus islandicus REY15A actively undergoing CRISPR spacer acquisition from the crenarchaeal monocaudavirus STSV2 in rich and basal media over a 6 day period. Spacer acquisition preceded strong host growth retardation, altered transcriptional activity...... of four different CRISPR-Cas modules and changes in viral copy numbers, and with significant differences in the two media. Transcript levels of proteins involved in the cell cycle were reduced, while those of DNA replication, DNA repair, transcriptional regulation, and some antitoxin-toxin pairs...... and transposases were unchanged or enhanced. Antisense RNAs were implicated in the transcriptional regulation of adaptation and interference modules of the type I-A CRISPR-Cas system and evidence was found for the occurrence of functional coordination between the single CRISPR-Cas adaptation module...

  20. conmemoración del Rey Leopoldo de Sajonia-Coburgo-Gotha

    Jeffrey Tyssens


    Full Text Available Si el lazo del rey Leopoldo I de Bélgica con la masonería fue en el mejor de los casos lejano –fue aceptado por« comunicación » bajo los auspicios de una logia suiza aunque muy probablemente no haya puesto nunca un pieen una logia- no impidió que fuera saludado como hermano por los masones belgas. Leopoldo aceptó serprotector de la orden cuando un nuevo gran orientese estableció en el joven país en 1832-1833. No obstante,pronto Leopoldo desarrolló una hostilidad contra lapostura liberal de las logias belgas, actitud quemantuvohasta su muerte en diciembre de 1865. En febrero de1866, el Gran Oriente organizó una tenida fúnebreen honoral fallecido monarca. El ritual reflejaba el espiritualismo masónico que todavía estaba muy extendidopor aquellaépoca. El rey masón muerto fue de forma simbólica integrado en el panteón de los héroes nacionales,reinventado con cualidades míticas, instrumentalizado como un icono que probara cuán los masones no eranviles ateos. La opinión católica reaccionó de formaviolenta contra aquella recuperación del monarca.Asimismo,el ritual de 1866 trajo también una primera significativa protesta de masones que mostraban una actitud radicalcontra el espiritualismo impuesto. Estas polémicasanticipaban la secularización gradual de los ritualesmasónicos belgas de los años 1870

  1. Pensando o sujeito: um diálogo entre Castoriadis e González Rey Piensando el sujeto: un diálogo entre Castoriadis y González Rey On subject: a dialogue between Castoriadis and González Rey

    Maria Alice Alves da Motta


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar algumas categorias importantes do pensamento de Cornelius Castoriadis a fim de estabelecer um diálogo com as ideias desenvolvidas pelo psicólogo cubano Fernando González Rey. Trata-se de um estudo teórico que pressupõe existirem pontos de encontro entre os dois autores. Considera-se que algumas concepções apresentadas por Castoriadis, como, por exemplo, a questão da criatividade e, principalmente, a subjetividade como peça-chave da formação da sociedade, fornecem substrato filosófico para os estudos de González Rey sobre a subjetividade e a constituição do sujeito, uma vez que, para esse autor, toda subjetividade é social.El objetivo de este trabajo es presentar algunas categorías importantes del pensamiento de Cornelius Castoriadis para establecer un diálogo con las ideas desarolladas por el psicólogo cubano Fernando González Rey. Se trata de un estudio teórico que presupone la existencia de puntos de encuentro entre los dos autores. Se considera que algunas concepciones describidas por Castoriadis, como la cuestión de la creatividad y, principalmente, la subjetividad como punto central para la formación de la sociedad fornecen substracto filosófico para los estudios de González Rey sobre la subjectividad y la constitución del sujeto pues, para él, toda subjectividad es social.The aim of this essay is to introduce some important thoughts of Cornelius Castoriadis in order to dialogue with the ideas developed by the Cuban psychologist Fernando González Rey. It is a theoretic study that considers the relations between both. The writing regards some Castoriadis ideas like the creativity and, above all, the subjectivity as the point to create a society and how it provides the philosophical basis to González Rey studies on subjectivity and subject constitution. To González Rey every subjectivity is society based.

  2. Optical spectroscopy and luminescence quenching of LuI3:Ce3+

    Birowosuto, M.D.; Dorenbos, P.; Haas, J.T.M. de; Eijk, C.W.E. van; Kraemer, K.W.; Guedel, H.U.


    Optical spectroscopy of LuI 3 doped with Ce 3+ using ultraviolet and visible light excitation is reported. LuI 3 host excitation and emission and 4f-5d excitation and emission of Ce 3+ are observed. An empirical model based on crystal field splitting was used to estimate the energy of the highest 4f-5d excitation band. The crystal field splitting and centroid shift were compared to those of LuCl 3 :Ce 3+ and LuBr 3 :Ce 3+ . Temperature dependence of X-ray excited luminescence spectra shows thermal quenching, whereas that of the decay curve of Ce 3+ emission excited at the lowest 5d band of Ce 3+ does not indicate the presence of quenching of Ce 3+ emission for temperature below 625K. The quenching in LuI 3 :Ce 3+ therefore occurs before the 5d Ce 3+ emission takes place

  3. Magmatism and mineralization ages from northeast area of La Sierra de San Luis, Argentina

    Ulacco, Jose H


    Three igneous rock groups, characterized as pre, sin and post-kinematics, have intruded the crystalline basement of Sierra de San Luis, Argentina. The ore deposits are associated with Devonian to Carboniferous epizonal granite stocks and batholiths in an area underlain by metamorphic rocks. This granitoids are characterized as post-kinematics magmatism. Model lead ages on the ore deposits (338,8 - 292,1 Ma) are strongly supported by K-Ar ages of the intrusives. The bulk of the north Sierra de San Luis ore deposits are genetically related to late Carboniferous granite plutons. The ore bodies are tungsten veins with greisen envelopes, lead veins, epithermal fluorite veins and REE and Th deposit. A generalized scheme of ore bodies related to granites is proposed. The ore deposits and their lithotectonic setting are characteristic of Gondwana metallogenetic Epoch in the Sierra de San Luis (au)

  4. 76 FR 33362 - Request for Interest in Lease Arrangement on Federal Lands, San Luis Project, Los Banos, California


    ... facilitating environmentally appropriate renewable-energy projects involving solar, wind and waves, geothermal... Federal Lands, San Luis Project, Los Banos, California AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION... energy project(s) in a lease arrangement on existing Reclamation lands in the vicinity of the San Luis...

  5. 77 FR 21797 - Hopper Mountain, Bitter Creek, and Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuges, Ventura, Kern, San Luis...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service [FWS-R8-R-2011-N253: FXRS12650800000S3-112-FF08R00000] Hopper Mountain, Bitter Creek, and Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuges, Ventura, Kern, San Luis... acres, primarily in Kern County and extending into San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties. Blue Ridge NWR...

  6. 78 FR 16569 - Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC, Permian Basin Railways, and San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad-Corporate...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35721] Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC, Permian Basin Railways, and San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad--Corporate Family Transaction... subsidiaries Permian Basin Railways (PBR) and San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG), and Massachusetts Coastal...

  7. 76 FR 45602 - Proposed Safe Harbor Agreement for California Red-Legged Frog, at Swallow Creek Ranch, San Luis...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service [FWS-R8-ES-2011-N144; 81440-1113-0000-F3] Proposed Safe Harbor Agreement for California Red-Legged Frog, at Swallow Creek Ranch, San Luis Obispo... Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, California. Within the 620 acres of land comprising the Enrolled...

  8. 76 FR 31678 - San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad-Continuance in Control Exemption-Saratoga and North Creek Railway...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35499] San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad--Continuance in Control Exemption--Saratoga and North Creek Railway, LLC San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG), a Class III rail carrier, has filed a verified notice of exemption to continue in...

  9. Future Drinking Water Supply, Spatial Analysis and Vulnerability of the City of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Carlos Contreras Servín


    Full Text Available This paper discusses and presents the physical, social and economic circumstances that affect the overall picture and the current issues that involve the drinking water supply for the metropolitan area of San Luis Potosi. The relationship between water availability and increasing population, as well as the evolution of the groundwater extraction, are among the topics addressed here. Additionally, this research shows a diagnosis of the current situation of the drinking water supply in San Luis Potosi and the surrounding areas, as well as the likely scenario in the near future.

  10. California State Waters Map Series-Offshore of Point Reyes, California

    Watt, Janet T.; Dartnell, Peter; Golden, Nadine E.; Greene, H. Gary; Erdey, Mercedes D.; Cochrane, Guy R.; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Hartwell, Stephen R.; Kvitek, Rikk G.; Manson, Michael W.; Endris, Charles A.; Dieter, Bryan E.; Sliter, Ray W.; Krigsman, Lisa M.; Lowe, Erik; Chinn, John L.; Watt, Janet T.; Cochran, Susan A.


    This publication about the Offshore of Point Reyes map area includes ten map sheets that contain explanatory text, in addition to this descriptive pamphlet and a data catalog of geographic information system (GIS) files. Sheets 1, 2, and 3 combine data from four different sonar surveys to generate comprehensive high-resolution bathymetry and acoustic-backscatter coverage of the map area. These data reveal a range of physiographic features (highlighted in the perspective views on sheet 4) such as the flat, sediment-covered seafloor in Drakes Bay, as well as abundant “scour depressions” on the Bodega Head–Tomales Point shelf (see sheet 9) and local, tectonically controlled bedrock uplifts. To validate geological and biological interpretations of the sonar data shown in sheets 1, 2, and 3, the U.S. Geological Survey towed a camera sled over specific offshore locations, collecting both video and photographic imagery; these “ground-truth” surveying data are summarized on sheet 6. Sheet 5 is a “seafloor character” map, which classifies the seafloor on the basis of depth, slope, rugosity (ruggedness), and backscatter intensity and which is further informed by the ground-truth-survey imagery. Sheet 7 is a map of “potential habitats,” which are delineated on the basis of substrate type, geomorphology, seafloor process, or other attributes that may provide a habitat for a specific species or assemblage of organisms. Sheet 8 compiles representative seismic-reflection profiles from the map area, providing information on the subsurface stratigraphy and structure of the map area. Sheet 9 shows the distribution and thickness of young sediment (deposited over the last about 21,000 years, during the most recent sea-level rise) in both the map area and the larger Salt Point to Drakes Bay region, interpreted on the basis of the seismic-reflection data, and it identifies the Offshore of Point Reyes map area as lying within the Bodega Head–Tomales Point shelf, Point

  11. La construcción de la identidad del rey y los orígenes de su identificación con Osiris

    María Martha Sarmiento


    Full Text Available Para la sociedad del Antiguo Egipto el mito era la forma de legitimación y la explicación de porqué el mundo adquiría determinada forma y orden. El paso de una economía cazadora- recolectora a una propiamente agrícola provoca un cambio de mentalidad en donde la figura del rey aparece como garante del orden dado. En este trabajo analizaremos la construcción de la identidad del rey en el Antiguo Egipto en base a dos interrogantes: los orígenes topográficos del culto a Osiris y cómo a través del mito se produce la identificación de Osiris el rey-padre muerto con su sucesor Horus-rey-hijo-vivo, todo esto vinculado a la formación del Estado

  12. The copy of the Essays of Jean Rey, used by Bayen and Gobet, at the BIU Sante, pole Pharmacie.

    Lafont, Olivier


    The copy of the innovative book written by Jean Rey in 1630, entitied : The Essays on the reasons why the weight of stain and lead increased when they were burnt, which is nowadays kept in the BIU Sante, pole Pharmacie, proved to be the authentic copy which had been used by Pierre Bayer when he rediscovered Jean Rey's Works. It was also the same copy that Gobey used when he real- ized his new edition of the Essays in 1777. This copy first belonged to M. de Villars from La Rochelle, and then was acquired by M. de Villiers, who accepted to lend it to Bayen. The probes for this identification were detailed in the article.

  13. JST Thesaurus Headwords and Synonyms: Reye-Johnson症候群 [MeCab user dictionary for science technology term[Archive

    Full Text Available MeCab user dictionary for science technology term Reye-Johnson症候群 名詞 一般 * * * * Rey...e症候群 Reyeショウコウグン アールイーワイイーショーコウグン Thesaurus2015 200906016663424203 C LS51 UNKNOWN_2 Reye - Johnson 症候群

  14. Controls on the composition and extraction of rare earth elements and yttrium (REY) in deep sea polymetallic nodules and sediments

    Menendez Gamella, Amaya


    Rising demand for metals is driving a search for new mineral resources and mining of seafloor deposits is likely to commence in the next few years. These include polymetallic nodules and crusts that are highly enriched in Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Mo, Li and Te, and deep-sea clays that can contain high concentrations of the rare earth elements and yttrium (REY). The potential environmental impacts of mining these deposits are, however, poorly constrained and a better understanding of the processes that...

  15. Guerra y estado, un binomio indisoluble en la España de los Reyes Católicos

    Velasco de Castro, Rocío


    Reseña de: Martínez Peñas, Leandro y Manuela Fernández Rodríguez, La guerra y el nacimiento del Estado Moderno. Consecuencias jurídicas e institucionales de los conflictos bélicos en el reinado de los Reyes Católicos, Valladolid, Asociación Veritas para el estudio de la Historia, el Derecho y las Instituciones, 2014, 485 pp

  16. El Quinquenio de Rafael Reyes y la transformación del mapa político-administrativo colombiano

    Carlos Andrés Quinche Castaño


    Full Text Available Tras la expedición de la Constitución de 1886, la división políticoadministrativa del territorio colombiano permaneció invariable durante 18 años, hasta la creación del Departamento de Nariño, de acuerdo con los parámetros establecidos en la ley. Sin embargo, durante el primer año del gobierno de Rafael Reyes en 1905, fueron instituidos seis nuevos departamentos, para luego, ya en 1908, subdividir el territorio nacional en 34 secciones. El movimiento contrarreformista que siguió a la administración de Reyes en 1909 restableció la división territorial existente antes del Quinquenio, pero ciertas resistencias locales permitieron que algunos de los nuevos departamentos creados recientemente lograran subsistir. El presente artículo constituye una revisión histórica de las transformaciones que sufrió el ordenamiento territorial colombiano durante el gobierno de Reyes, todo con el fin de dar cuenta del papel que cumple el Quinquenio en la definición del mapa político administrativo del país.

  17. Missionary Pragmalinguistics: Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores’ grammar within the tradition of Philippine grammars

    Winkler, A.P.


    The grammar written in Latin, in 1668, by the Jesuit missionary Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores (1627-1672) is the oldest description we have of Chamorro, a language spoken on the Mariana islands. The grammar received a number of bad reviews and as a consequence has become neglected and almost

  18. Origen, protagonistas y alianzas. El Banco de San Luis Potosí, 1897-1916

    Moisés Gámez Rodriguez


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se expone el origen de la banca en San Luis Potosí, cuyo estudio se centra a partir de la legislación bancaria de 1897, que representa históricamente la institucionalización y modernización de la empresa bancaria mexicana. Como punto de partida se plantea que los perfiles financieros y empresariales de los involucrados en el nacimiento del Banco de San Luis Potosí, y representados en los miembros de su Consejo de Administración, son importantes para entender la configuración del sistema, y también que las redes extendidas en torno a dicha empresa muestran prácticas financieras de la economía de México en el último cuarto del siglo XIX. _________________________ This article explains the origin of banking in San Luis Potosi from the legislation in 1897, which historically represents the institutionalization and modernization of Mexican banking companies. As a starting point, it argues that financial and business profiles of those involved in the birth of Bank of San Luis Potosi and represented in the Board of Directors are important to understand the system configuration. Furthermore, the networks extended around the banking company show financial practices of Mexican economy in the last quarter of the 19th century.

  19. The nuclear industry is about to begin a new dynamic. Interview with Luis Echavarri

    Mitev, Lubomir [NucNet, Brussels (Belgium)


    The nuclear industry has changed significantly in the 17 years since Luis Echavarri became director-general of the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation's (OECD) Paris-based Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). As he approaches retirement, Mr Echavarri speaks to NucNet about the priorities for the industry as it enters the post-Fukushima era. (orig.)

  20. De la BLAA: Exposición en la Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango

    Juan Camilo Sierra


    Full Text Available Hasta febrero de 2003 la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango exhibirá una de las muestras más representativas del arte religioso internacional: 500 años de arte ruso. Iconos de la Galería Tretyakof de Moscú. Publicamos algunos apartes del plegable que acompaña la muestra.

  1. Mesquite: A multi-purpose species in two locations of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Jose Villanueva-Diaz; Augustin Hernandez-Reyna; J. Armando Ramirez-Garcia


    The mesquite woodland distributed in approximately 200,000 ha in Llanos de Angostura, and Pozo del Carmen, San Luis Potosi, represents a main source of firewood, construction material, honey, and forage for the rural people that inhabit part of the lowlands of the hydrological region RH26 and RH37. Firewood collection in this region averages 142 m3 /week. Most of this...

  2. Uranium occurrences in the pegmatite 'Las Cuevas', province of San Luis, Argentine Republic

    Daziano, C.O.; Karlsson, A.C.; Ayala, R.


    Mineral associations found in an uranium deposit of Sierras Pampeanas, San Luis, are considered in these papers. Damourite stands out among the uranium minerals related to uraninite and coffinite. Pyrite, marcasite and other sulphides are found together with apatite and gummite. Autunite is the uranium secondary mineral more abundant. A mineralization with epigenetic contribution by circulating solutions is suggested to the studied area. (Author)

  3. Making Borges. The Early Reception of Jorge Luis Borges's Work in France and the United States

    Wijnterp, L.


    This thesis analyzes the role of individual mediators in the early reception of the works of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). It focuses on a number of key mediators such as publishers, editors, translators, and critics in the translation and publication process and in criticism

  4. Luis José de Tejada y Guzmán : espejo de peregrinos penitentes

    Darío Achury Valenzuela


    Full Text Available Graciela Maturo, docta escritora argentina, ha escrito un estudio documentado y erudito bajo el rubro de Luis de Tejada y su peregrino místico, editado por el Instituto de Literatura Argentina "Ricardo Rojas", de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

  5. Black bear abundance, habitat use, and food habits in the Sierra San Luis, Sonora, Mexico

    Rodrigo Sierra Corona; Ivan A. Sayago Vazquez; M. del Carmen Silva Hurtado; Carlos A. Lopez Gonzalez


    We studied black bears to determine habitat use, food habits, and abundance between April 2002 and November 2003 in the Sierra San Luis, Sonora. We utilized transects to determine spoor presence, camera traps for abundance, and scat analysis. During 2002, bears fed principally on plant material, and for 2003 on animal matter, namely livestock. Habitat use differed...

  6. Evaluating the sustainability of a regional system using Fisher information in the San Luis Basin, Colorado

    This paper describes the theory, data, and methodology necessary for using Fisher information to assess the sustainability of the San Luis Basin (SLB) regional system over time. Fisher information was originally developed as a measure of the information content in data and is an ...

  7. Green Net Regional Product for the San Luis Basin, Colorado: An Economic Measure of Regional Sustainability

    This paper presents the data sources and methodology used to estimate Green Net Regional Product (GNRP), a green accounting approach, for the San Luis Basin (SLB). GNRP is equal to aggregate consumption minus the depreciation of man-made and natural capital. We measure the move...

  8. Blue oak plant communities of southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties, California

    Mark I. Borchert; Nancy D. Cunha; Patricia C. Krosse; Marcee L. Lawrence


    An ecological classification system has been developed for the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service. As part of that classification effort, blue oak (Quercus douglasii) woodlands and forests of southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties in Los Padres National Forest were classified into I3 plant communities using...

  9. San Luis Valley - Taos Plateau Landscape-Level Cultural Heritage Values and Risk Assessment

    Wescott, Konstance L. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Abplanalp, Jennifer M. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Brown, Jeff [Bureau of Land Management, Monte Vista, CO (United States); Cantwell, Brian [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Dicks, Merrill [Bureau of Land Management, Taos, NM (United States); Fredericks, Brian [Bureau of Land Management, Monte Vista, CO (United States); Krall, Angie [US Forest Service, Creede, CO (United States); Rollins, Katherine E. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Sullivan, Robert [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Valdez, Arnie [Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (United States); Verhaaren, Bruce [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Vieira, Joseph [Bureau of Land Management, Monte Vista, CO (United States); Walston, Lee [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Zvolanek, Emily A. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    The San Luis Valley – Taos Plateau Landscape-Level Cultural Heritage Values and Risk Assessment (hereafter referred to as cultural assessment) is a BLM pilot project designed to see whether the Rapid Ecoregional Assessment (REA) framework (already established and implemented throughout many ecoregions in the West) can be applied to the cultural environment.

  10. Emphatic or Reflexive? On the Endophoric Character of French "lui-meme" and Similar Complex Pronouns.

    Zribi-Hertz, Anne


    This study examined the referential properties of a class of complex pronouns labelled M-Pronouns, exemplified by Old English "himself," French "lui-meme," and English "his own." It is shown that M-Pronouns exhibit some properties commonly taken as characterizing reflexive anaphors, and that they also occur as…

  11. Memory factors in Rey AVLT: Implications for early staging of cognitive decline.

    Fernaeus, Sven-Erik; Ostberg, Per; Wahlund, Lars-Olof; Hellström, Ake


    Supraspan verbal list learning is widely used to assess dementia and related cognitive disorders where declarative memory deficits are a major clinical sign. While the overall learning rate is important for diagnosis, serial position patterns may give insight into more specific memory processes in patients with cognitive impairment. This study explored these patterns in a memory clinic clientele. One hundred eighty three participants took the Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT). The major groups were patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), Vascular Dementia (VD), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI) as well as healthy controls (HC). Raw scores for the five trials and five serial partitions were factor analysed. Three memory factors were found and interpreted as Primacy, Recency, and Resistance to Interference. AD and MCI patients had impaired scores in all factors. SCI patients were significantly impaired in the Resistance to Interference factor, and in the Recency factor at the first trial. The main conclusion is that serial position data from word list testing reflect specific memory capacities which vary with levels of cognitive impairment. © 2014 Scandinavian Psychological Associations and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  12. Rehearsal significantly improves immediate and delayed recall on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test.

    Hessen, Erik


    A repeated observation during memory assessment with the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) is that patients who spontaneously employ a memory rehearsal strategy by repeating the word list more than once achieve better scores than patients who only repeat the word list once. This observation led to concern about the ability of the standard test procedure of RAVLT and similar tests in eliciting the best possible recall scores. The purpose of the present study was to test the hypothesis that a rehearsal recall strategy of repeating the word list more than once would result in improved scores of recall on the RAVLT. We report on differences in outcome after standard administration and after experimental administration on Immediate and Delayed Recall measures from the RAVLT of 50 patients. The experimental administration resulted in significantly improved scores for all the variables employed. Additionally, it was found that patients who failed effort screening showed significantly poorer improvement on Delayed Recall compared with those who passed the effort screening. The general clear improvement both in raw scores and T-scores demonstrates that recall performance can be significantly influenced by the strategy of the patient or by small variations in instructions by the examiner.

  13. Survey of fishes and environmental conditions in Abbotts Lagoon, Point Reyes National Seashore, California

    Saiki, M.K.; Martin, B.A.


    This study was conducted to gain a better understanding of fishery resources in Abbotts Lagoon, Point Reyes National Seashore. During February/March, May, August, and November 1999, fish were sampled with floating variable-mesh gill nets and small minnow traps from as many as 14 sites in the lagoon. Water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, total ammonia(NH3 + NH4+), salinity, turbidity, water depth, and bottom substrate composition were also measured at each site. A total of 2,656 fish represented by eight species was captured during the study. Gill nets captured Sacramento perch, Archoplites interruptus; largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides; Pacific herring, Clupea pallasi; prickly sculpin, Cottus asper, silver surfperch, Hyperprosopon ellipticum; longfin smelt, Spirinchus thaleichthys; and striped bass, Morone saxatilis; whereas minnow traps captured Sacramento perch; prickly sculpin; and threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus. Cluster analysis (Ward's minimum variance method of fish catch statistics identified two major species assemblages-the first dominated by Sacramento perch and, to a lesser extent, by largemouth bass, and the second dominated by Pacific herring and threespine stickleback. Simple discriminant analysis of environmental variables indicated that salinity contributed the most towards separating the two assemblages.

  14. Population dynamics of tule elk at point Reyes National Seashore, California

    Howell, J.A.; Brooks, G.C.; Semenoff-Irving, M.; Greene, C.


    The presence of locally abundant wildlife raises questions about natural regulation and ecological consequences of overpopulation. We sought to establish precise information about population size, structure, and productivity to examine the role of natural regulation in a closed tule elk (Cervus elaphus nannodes) population at Point Reyes National Seashore, California, USA. We estimated an instantaneous exponential growth rate of 0.19 with an adjusted R2 = 0.98 during 1998, 20 years after the elk were introduced. We estimated annual survival for adult cows of nearly 0.95. Calf survival from birth through the rut ending during October-November was 0.85. Male calves exhibited higher mortality than female calves. Cow mortality was associated with the calving season. We measured a 42% increase in cow:calf density from 0.733 ha-1 to 1.043 ha-1 during 1996-1998. We observed a density-correlated reduction in the rate of increase and in the cow:calf ratios prior to high precipitation El Nin??o Southern Oscillation years, 1993, 1996, and 1997, precipitation >1.23 m year-1. Given the high population growth rate and model evaluation of management scenarios, park managers will need to use a suite of approaches, such as contraception and removal, to maintain the elk population at levels at or near the closed-range carrying capacity for years between El Nin??o events.

  15. Re-introduction of tule elk to Point Reyes National Seashore, California, USA

    Gogan, Peter J.; McCrea A. Cobb,; Gates, Natalie B.; Barrett, Reginald H.; Soorae, Pritpal S.


    Tule elk (Cervus elaphus nannodes), a subspecies endemic to California, was historically found in large herds throughout much of central and coastal California. Market hunting during the California Gold Rush decimated these herds, and by 1895, only two to 10 elk remained. This remnant group was protected and served as the source for early relocation efforts (McCullough, 1971). Early efforts were generally unsuccessful but did establish a herd in California’s Owens Valley, outside their historical range, in 1933. The herd grew rapidly and supported six controversial hunts between 1943 and 1969. In an effort to limit hunting, concerned preservationists formed the Committee for the Preservation of Tule Elk in 1960. Public pressure resulted in the California State Legislature passing a law in 1971 that halted hunting until either state-wide numbers reached 2,000, or no further unoccupied elk habitat existed. This law prompted the California Department of Fish and Game to begin reintroducing tule elk throughout their former range. In 1976, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution that concurred with state law and directed federal agencies to make lands available for reintroductions within the subspecies’ historical range. Point Reyes National Seashore was identified as a potential translocation site.

  16. Successful treatment of Reye's syndrome in a child (сase report

    Tsymbalista O.L.


    Full Text Available A 6-year-old child with Reye's syndrome was successfully treated in the Department of Pediatric Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. At admission to the hospital the child's condition was critical due to cerebral vascular insufficiency (semicoma, psychomotor agitation, endogenous intoxication syndrome, severe anemic syndrome (Hb — 78g/l, and coagulopathy. Due to the progression of type II respiratory failure, hepatic failure, hemorrhagic and anemic syndromes, and cerebral deficit tracheal intubation for the purpose of controlled ventilation was performed. In order to correct anemia, hypoproteinemia and hemorrhagic syndrome washed erythrocytes, a 10% albumin solution and fresh frozen plasma were transfused. Therapeutic bronchoscopy was performed due to the progression of the expectorant component secondary to ventilator!associated pneumonia. Nonspecific detoxification therapy with discrete plasmapheresis was used. On the 3rd day of treatment tracheal extubation was performed, on the 10th day the child was transferred to the gastroenterology department. On the 13th day of hospital stay in the gastroenterology department and on the 24th day of admission the child was discharged home in satisfactory condition.

  17. Diet of lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris) in El Rey National Park, Salta, Argentina.

    Chalukian, Silvia C; de Bustos, M Soledad; Lizárraga, R Leonidas


    Lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris) is the largest herbivore in the Neotropics and, in Argentina, it inhabits a variety of habitats from 100 to 2100 m asl. Lowland tapirs importantly influence their habitat structure because they are selective browsers, seed predators and long-distance seed dispersers. However, increased knowledge of tapir ecology is necessary to support the conservation and management of the species in natural and human-modified environments. Between Jun 2002 and Dec 2008 we assessed the tapir's diet in El Rey National Park, Salta, northwestern Argentina. We collected fresh feces and recorded browsing signs, and we recorded direct observations of tapirs while they were feeding. We analyzed 88 feces samples that had been dried and subsequently weighed. Feces were dominated by fibers and leaves (84.09%), while fruit parts represented a small proportion of the weight (15.91%). During the dry months, a greater percentage of seeds were found in the feces, mainly due to the availability of 3 species of Fabaceae fruits. We recorded a total of 57 plant species from 26 families. Tapirs are adapted to extreme habitats, switching their diet from frugivory to herbivory when fruits are scarce. Considering this, forest remnants and even secondary growth fields should be protected from deforestation. © 2012 Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd, ISZS and IOZ/CAS.

  18. Los Reyes Católicos en la pintura española del siglo XIX

    Rincón García, Wifredo


    Full Text Available A lo largo del siglo XIX, uno de los temas históricos más recurrentes de la pintura española será el reinado de los Reyes Católicos y los artistas se sucederán a lo largo del siglo plasmando los más diversos momentos de la vida y el gobierno de Isabel I de Castilla y Fernando II de Aragón que, tras unir sus vidas y sus coronas, unificaron también los reinos hispánicos y juntos culminaron en 1492 la larga tarea de la reconquista iniciada muchos siglos antes. Durante su reinado tuvo lugar también el Descubrimiento de América, sin lugar a dudas, otro de los hitos históricos más importantes de la pintura española y en cuya iconografía estos monarcas juegan también un papel importante.…

  19. Avaliação de parâmetros físicos e químicos e pesquisa de Vibrio parahaemolyticus em águas do estuário do rio Anil (São Luís, Estado do Maranhão - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v25i2.1978 Evaluation of physical and chemical parameters and research on Vibrio parahaemolyticus in water samples from Anil river estuary (São Luis, state of Maranhão, Brazil- DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v25i2.1978

    Adenilde Ribeiro Nascimento


    Full Text Available Avaliação dos parâmetros físico-químicos e isolamento de Vibrio parahaemolyticus em águas do estuário do rio Anil (São Luís-MA, Brasil, em bancos naturais de moluscos. Foi utilizada a técnica do Número Mais Provável (NMP com enriquecimento e subseqüente isolamento em agar tiossulfato-citrato-sacarose-sais-biliares (TCBS. Adicionalmente, foram monitorados “in situ” alguns parâmetros físico-químicos. As determinações para o pH variaram (7,25 a 7,90, O2 (0,20 a 1,2mg/L, T°C (29 a 32°C, S‰ (5 a 28,0 UPS, NH4+ (0,04 a 3,41mg/L, NO2- (0,10 a 1,91mg/L, PO43- (0,03 a 4,88mg/L. Em 56,1% na estação I e 55,4% na estação II, apresentaram positividade, para V. parahaemolyticus, com níveis entre 1,1x10 e > 1,1x105NMP/mL. Os resultados exigem uma atenção especial por parte dos órgãos de Controle Ambiental e de Saúde Pública locais, uma vez que os recursos vivos deste ecossistema são sistematicamente explorados pelas comunidades ribeirinhas para fins de consumo e comercializaçãoStudy of physical and chemical parameters and isolation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in some water samples from Anil river estuary (São Luis, state of Maranhão, Brazil at natural banks of mollusks. The technique of the most probable number (MPN with enrichment and a subsequent isolation was used in Thiosulphate citrate bile salt agar (TCBS. In addition, some physical and chemical parameters were monitored “in situ”. The determinations for pH varied (7.25 to 7.90, O2 (0.20 to 1.2mg/L, T°C (29 to 32°C, S‰, (5 to 28.0 UPS, NH4+ (0.04 to 3.41mg/L, NO2- (0.10 to 1.91mg/L, PO43- (0.03 to 4.88mg/L. The presence of V. parahaemolyticus was detected in 56.1% of station I and 55.4% of station II with levels from 1.1x10 to 1.1x105MPN/mL. The results require some special attention from the environmental control and Public Health organizations as soon as possible because the riverain communities are exploring the alive resources from that ecosystem as


    This study compares the results of Olson and Harris (1997) and Russell et al.(1997)in their work to prioritize sites for riparian restoration in the San Luis Rey River watershed. Olson and Harris defined reaches of the mainstem and evaluated the relative potential for restoration...

  1. Profesor Luis López de Mesa. Reminiscencias

    J. Hernando Ordoñez


    Full Text Available


    El 18 de Octubre pasado se cumplieron 30 años de la muerte del Profesor Luis López de Mesa, fecha luctuosa para la cultura americana. Con tal motivo quiero revivir su memoria y rendirle un cálido homenaje de gratitud y admiración, haciendo reminiscencias de hechos y anécdotas vividas gracias a la cordial amistad que me permitió apreciar la grandeza de su personalidad, que brilló con luz propia en todos los campos del saber humano, que lo llevó a escalar sitio de honor entre los grandes humanistas del continente.

    Sería un atrevimiento de mi parte, dada la poquedad de mis recursos literarios, intentar una biografía del profesor López de Mesa, tanto más, cuando eminentes autores han escrito obras magistrales relatando y exaltando las múltiples facetas de su excepcional cultura.

    Mi propósito es modesto: no he de referirme a su actuación como fundador del Colegio Máximo de las Academias Colombianas, ni de su hija “Bahía Solano”, ni del brillo con que desempeñó cargos tan importantes como Rector de la Universidad Nacional, Ministro de Educación Nacional y de Relaciones Exteriores, miembro de las más prestigiosas sociedades científicas y culturales, tanto nacionales como extranjeras, autor de numerosas obras a cual más eruditas, originales y profundas, y tantos títulos, cargos y actuaciones, que me sería largo enumerar.

    La sencillez y su modestia fueron admirables, como han sido las de los grandes genios. No conoció la vanidad ni el orgullo. Casi me atrevería a pensar que no se dio cuenta de su propia grandeza, a pesar de los múltiples y más variados elogios, honores y homenajes que le rendían tanto en el ambiente nacional como en el internacional, donde contaba con la admiración de los más brillantes exponentes de la cultura, que, distantes, se admiran recíprocamente, como de lejos se divisan y se contemplan las más elevadas cumbres de las monta

  2. Ln3+ (Ln=Ce, Tb, Dy) and Hf doping of LuI3 powders – A material and spectroscopic study

    Wiatrowska, Aneta; Keur, Wilco; Ronda, Cees


    The moisture sensitivity of LuI 3 :Ce,Hf and luminescent properties of undoped LuI 3 and LuI 3 :M (M=Ce 3+ , Tb 3+ , Dy 3+ ) powders were investigated. The possibility of improving the air and moisture stability of LuI 3 :Ce by Hf doping was tested. It was proven that the Hf contribution to the LuI 3 :Ce stability is very limited and is insignificant to render LuI 3 :Ce scintillator powders suitable for applications. Photoluminescence results of LuI 3 without dopants added on purpose showed luminescence due to a plurality of rare-earth elements' impurities. Two types of self-trapped luminescence were found. Energy transfer between host lattice, self-trapped excitons and rare-earth ions was investigated.

  3. Amphibians and reptiles of the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with comparisons with adjoining states

    Lemos-Espinal, Julio A.; Smith, Geoffrey R.; Woolrich-Piña, Guillermo A.


    Abstract A summary of the species of amphibians and reptiles of the state has been compiled, including their geographic distributions, habitats, and conservation statuses. The herpetofauna of San Luis Potosí consists of 41 species of amphibians and 141 species of reptiles. San Luis Potosí shares the highest number of species with Hidalgo and Tamaulipas, and the least number of species with Nuevo León. In San Luis Potosí, there are several taxa of particular conservation concern including salamanders, emydid and trionychid turtles, anguid and xenosaurid lizards, and natricid and colubrid snakes. PMID:29731682

  4. Amphibians and reptiles of the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with comparisons with adjoining states.

    Lemos-Espinal, Julio A; Smith, Geoffrey R; Woolrich-Piña, Guillermo A


    A summary of the species of amphibians and reptiles of the state has been compiled, including their geographic distributions, habitats, and conservation statuses. The herpetofauna of San Luis Potosí consists of 41 species of amphibians and 141 species of reptiles. San Luis Potosí shares the highest number of species with Hidalgo and Tamaulipas, and the least number of species with Nuevo León. In San Luis Potosí, there are several taxa of particular conservation concern including salamanders, emydid and trionychid turtles, anguid and xenosaurid lizards, and natricid and colubrid snakes.

  5. El Rey Costales, personaje de la narrativa oral de Zumpahuacán

    Urdapilleta Muñoz, Marco


    Full Text Available This paper studies the King of Sacks (Rey Costales, a mythical character in Zumpahuacan’s oral narrative. This so difficult to grasp character, and its protean condition, oriented the research into determining its identity. According the stories, King of Sacks is kind of a «spirit» or «Banshee », but its behavior is that of an «Air”, a Mesoamerican supernatural being. However, its high degree of individualization —as manifested in the consciousness of its pagan status as well as in the lack of links with the atmospheric phenomena affecting crops— required some clarifications. As expected, there is a conflict or symbolic-religious adjustment between Christian beliefs and vernacular beliefs, but above all, a larger cultural realignment revealing the process of looking for balance in collective imagination as a result of a community’s new circumstances, no longer mainly agrarian and indigenous. Beyond this adjustment, the narrative shows the creativity of Zumpahuacan’s inhabitants, projecting their ability to shape their experiences anchored in pre- Hispanic past, but in the light of present experiences and circumstances.

    El propósito de este artículo es el estudio del Rey Costales, un personaje mítico de la narrativa oral de Zumpahuacán. Su identidad múltiple, proteica, difícil de asir, orientó la investigación hacia el establecimiento de la identidad del personaje. En los relatos se le refiere como un «espíritu» o «alma en pena», pero su conducta permitió tipificarlo como «aire», un género de seres sobrenaturales mesoamericanos Sin embargo, su alto grado de individualización, manifiesto en la conciencia de su condición pagana, así como la falta de vínculos con los fenómenos atmosféricos que inciden en el cultivo hicieron necesarias algunas precisiones. Éstas mostraron que hay un conflicto o ajuste simbólico-religioso entre las creencias cristianas y las vernáculas, y ante todo un reacomodo


    Alejandro Hermosilla Sánchez


    Full Text Available In the entire Pitol‘s work, there is a continuous masquerade and an ungovernable fusion of the forces that link his life and his literature that has dislocated absolutely the "certainties" that we can get to own. Above all, for having been capable to improve the autobiographic genre helped by his way to understand, as Jorge Luis Borges and Marcel Schowb did, the reality as unverified and fiction as one more of many possibilities of what is "real". In this article, we will try to go deeper into the "discredit of the autobiographic and critical genre made by Sergio Pitol in La trilogía de la memoria thanks to the influence of Jorge Luis Borge´s literature.En toda la obra de Pitol hay un enmascaramiento continuo y una fusión ingobernable de las fuerzas que vinculan su vida y su literatura que ha terminado por dislocar absolutamente las "certezas" que podemos a llegar a poseer sobre ambas. Ante todo, por haber sido capaz de dar una nueva vuelta de tuerca más al género autobiográfico gracias a su manera de entender, tal y como hicieron Jorge Luis Borges y el francés Marcel Schwob, la realidad como inverificable y la ficción como una más de las muchas posibilidades de lo "real". En este artìculo, intentaremos profundizar en la desacreditación del género autobiográfico y crítico hecho por Pitol en La trilogía de la memoria o Domar a la divina garza gracias a la influencia de la literatura de Borges.

  7. Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test scores can be predicted from whole brain MRI in Alzheimer's disease

    Elaheh Moradi


    Full Text Available Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT is a powerful neuropsychological tool for testing episodic memory, which is widely used for the cognitive assessment in dementia and pre-dementia conditions. Several studies have shown that an impairment in RAVLT scores reflect well the underlying pathology caused by Alzheimer's disease (AD, thus making RAVLT an effective early marker to detect AD in persons with memory complaints. We investigated the association between RAVLT scores (RAVLT Immediate and RAVLT Percent Forgetting and the structural brain atrophy caused by AD. The aim was to comprehensively study to what extent the RAVLT scores are predictable based on structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI data using machine learning approaches as well as to find the most important brain regions for the estimation of RAVLT scores. For this, we built a predictive model to estimate RAVLT scores from gray matter density via elastic net penalized linear regression model. The proposed approach provided highly significant cross-validated correlation between the estimated and observed RAVLT Immediate (R = 0.50 and RAVLT Percent Forgetting (R = 0.43 in a dataset consisting of 806 AD, mild cognitive impairment (MCI or healthy subjects. In addition, the selected machine learning method provided more accurate estimates of RAVLT scores than the relevance vector regression used earlier for the estimation of RAVLT based on MRI data. The top predictors were medial temporal lobe structures and amygdala for the estimation of RAVLT Immediate and angular gyrus, hippocampus and amygdala for the estimation of RAVLT Percent Forgetting. Further, the conversion of MCI subjects to AD in 3-years could be predicted based on either observed or estimated RAVLT scores with an accuracy comparable to MRI-based biomarkers.

  8. Mineralogical characterization of historical portuguese wall tiles of Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil; Caracterizacao mineralogica de azulejos portugueses do Centro Historico de Sao Luis do Maranhao

    Rivas Mercury, J.M.; Vasconcelos, N.S.L.S.; Cabral, A.A., E-mail: [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia do Maranhao (IFMA), Sao Luis, MA (Brazil). Programa de Mestrado em Engenharia de Materiais; Pereira, D.J. Costa [Centro de Criatividade Odylo Costa Filho (SECMA), Sao Luis, MA (Brazil). Centro Historico; Angelica, R.S. [Universidade Federal do Para (CG/UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias


    Portuguese wall tiles from centuries, XVII, XVIII and XIX, found in Sao Luis Maranhao has been studied by X-ray diffraction, in order to interpret the possible raw material and burning temperature. The mineral phases, Quartz, Wollastonite, Calcite and Gehlenite were identified in all samples. Based on the results it is possible to affirm that the main raw materials used to manufacture this materials was probably mixtures of kaolinite clay and calcite. Based on the mineralogical information it was also possible to state that burning temperature of this wall tiles was lower than 1000 deg C. (author)

  9. Seroprevalencia de sífilis en mujeres embarazadas en San Luis Potosí Seroprevalence of syphilis in pregnant women in San Luis Potosí

    Daniel E Noyola; Octavio Malacara-Alfaro; Victoria Lima-Rogel; Abraham Torres-Montes


    OBJETIVO: Determinar la seroprevalencia de sífilis en mujeres embarazadas. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Encuesta seroepidemiológica en 1 857 mujeres que acudieron para la atención del parto a un hospital general de la ciudad de San Luis Potosí. RESULTADOS: Se diagnosticó sífilis en cinco (0.27%) mujeres al momento del parto. Los factores maternos asociados con una probabilidad superior de presentar sífilis incluyeron mayor edad materna, mayor número de embarazos previos y vivir en unión libre con su p...

  10. Estudio vulcanológico y qeoquímico del maar de la Caldera del Rey. Tenerife (Canarias

    Paradas Herrero, A.


    Full Text Available In this study a cartographic, morphological, geochemical and petrographic study is made of the ''Caldera del Rey". The "Caldera del Rey" is a volcanic structure formed by two overlapping maars, The second one (maar that was formed is of greaten dimensions and destroyed part of the first one, Both maars erupted throught a possible fracture N 35 E, which is one of the directions with regional importance in the Archipelago. The eruption, which was very explosive, has been thought to be due in part to the great importance of the gaseous phase of the salic magma and also to the steam produced during the interaction of the magma with underground water. This explosivity can be clearly seen in the cleaf resalte cul out in the "Serie Basáltica Antigua" to some extent penetrated and fragmented by the eruption, The phreatomagmatic character of the eruption is evident because of the existence of accretionary lapilli. The materials emitted are exc1usively of aerial projection: agglomerates, tuffs cinerites. There was no flow of lava. ' Some of the fragments of tuffs as cinerites and pumice are comagmatic. These correspond to salic trachytic phonolitic rocks, which represent one of the last stages of differentiation of the alkaline oceanic magmas. The geochemical character of the materials of the "Caldera del Rey" is characteristic and can be easily distinguished from other nearly salic deposits formed in different cycles.

    En este trabajo se hace el estudio cartográfico, morfológico, petrográfico y geoquímico de la Caldera del Rey. La Caldera del Reyes un edificio volcánico formado por dos maars imbricados. El que se formó en segundo lugar es de mayores dimensiones y destruyó en parte el primero. Ambos aprovecharon para hacer erupción una posible fractura de dirección N 35'"E, de importancia regional en el Archipiélago. La erupción fue de una gran explosividad, que se supone debida, en parte, a la gran importancia de la fase gaseosa del

  11. Vida y obra de Luis Jiménez Moreno (1929-2007

    Antonio Jiménez García


    Full Text Available Luis Jiménez Moreno passed away on 27 of October, 2007, 77 years old. For the last 30 years he was professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He became Full Professor. He had studied in Salamanca, Roma, Valencia and München. He got a Ph. Degree whith a tesis about Nietzsche`s Antropological Thought by leading of José Luis López Aranguren. He was High School Teacher in Andujar, Ávila and Badalona; after he was professor at Universities of Barcelona and Madrid. This article develops information about his life and his works: books, articles, essays, conferences, papers to Congress, Symposios, Scientic meetings…

  12. Commercial production of ethanol in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Final report

    Hewlett, E.M.; Erickson, M.V.; Ferguson, C.D.; Boswell, B.S.; Walter, K.M.; Hart, M.L.; Sherwood, P.B.


    The commercial feasibility of producing between 76 and 189 million liters (20 to 50 million gallons) of ethanol annually in the San Luis Valley, Colorado using geothermal energy as the primary heat source was assessed. The San Luis Valley is located in south-central Colorado. The valley is a high basin situated approximately 2316 meters (7600 feet) above sea level which contains numerous warm water wells and springs. A known geothermal resource area (IGRA) is located in the east-central area of the valley. The main industry in the valley is agriculture, while the main industry in the surrounding mountains is lumber. Both of these industries can provide feedstocks for the production of ethanol.

  13. Doctor Ramón Luis Miranda Torres, su relación con las neurociencias

    Hodelín Tablada,Ricardo


    Objetivo: en el presente trabajo se reseña la relación del doctor Ramón Luis Miranda con las neurociencias, dirigido a destacar su inclinación por estas disciplinas. Desarrollo: conocido en la historiografía médica como el médico de José Martí el apóstol cubano el doctor Ramón Luis Miranda Torres, se destacó en otros aspectos poco divulgados, por lo que opinamos que no se le ha otorgado su verdadera dimensión. Nacido en la ciudad de Matanzas, Cuba, estudió medicina en Francia y desde sus años...

  14. Commercial production of ethanol in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Final Report

    Hewlett, E.M.; Erickson, M.V.; Ferguson, C.D.; Sherwood, P.B.; Boswell, B.S.; Walter, K.M.; Hart, M.L.


    The purpose of this study is to assess the commercial feasibility of producing between 76 and 189 million liters (20 and 50 million gallons) of ethanol annually in the San Luis Valley, Colorado using geothermal energy as the primary heat source. The San Luis Valley is located in south-central Colorado. The valley is a high basin situated approximately 2316 meters (7600 feet) above sea level which contains numerous warm water wells and springs. A known geothermal resource area (KGRA) is located in the east-central area of the valley. The main industry in the valley is agriculture, while the main industry in the surrounding mountains is lumber. Both of these industries can provide feedstock for the production of ethanol.

  15. Geology and petrography of the Socoscora Sierra . Province of San Luis. Republica Argentina

    Carugno Duran, A.


    The following paper include an study geological and petrographic of the Sierra de Socoscora. San Luis, Argentina. This mountainas is a block with less elevation that the Sierra de San Luis, and it located in the west center of it. It' s formed by an crystalline basement composed by metamorphic haigh grade rocks, with a penetrative foliation of strike N-S. in this context is possible to define petrographicly the following units, migmatitic that fill a big part of the mountain, amphibolites, marbles, skarns, milonites and pegmatites. This units have amphibolitic facies assemblanges mineral and in some them, we can observe retrograde metamorphism of the greesnschist facies. The metamorphic structure is complex and evidence at least three deformation event

  16. Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey data of the Paradox and San Luis Valleys, Colorado

    Ball, Lyndsay B.; Bloss, Benjamin R.; Bedrosian, Paul A.; Grauch, V.J.S.; Smith, Bruce D.


    In October 2011, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) contracted airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys of the Paradox and San Luis Valleys in southern Colorado, United States. These airborne geophysical surveys provide high-resolution and spatially comprehensive datasets characterizing the resistivity structure of the shallow subsurface of each survey region, accompanied by magnetic-field information over matching areas. These data were collected to provide insight into the distribution of groundwater brine in the Paradox Valley, the extent of clay aquitards in the San Luis Valley, and to improve our understanding of the geologic framework for both regions. This report describes these contracted surveys and releases digital data supplied under contract to the USGS.

  17. El derecho procesal durante el reinado de los Reyes Católicos y su reflejo en "Fuenteovejuna"

    Marino de la Llana Vicente


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo versa sobre los aspectos jurídicos y procesales que figuran en la obra «Fuenteovejuna», vistos desde el sistema normativo vigente bajo el reinado de los Reyes Católicos, periodo en el cual se desarrollan los acontecimientos, y en el que nos encontramos con una Administración de Justicia en cuya cúspide figura la Justicia del Rey, y en el plano inferior conviven la Jurisdicción Ordinaria con sus distintos órganos y las Jurisdicciones Especiales, destacando entre ellas la que ejercen las Ordenes Militares y más concretamente la Orden de Calatrava y su Maestre. En los hechos relatados en dicha obra puede observarse la particularidad con la que las normas jurídicas eran entendidas y burladas, y como la sociedad de la época reaccionaba contra determinados abusos, tomando primero la justicia por su propia mano y apelando después para la solución del proceso a la Justicia del Rey.This report deals with the juñdical and procedural aspects contained in the theatre play «Fuenteovejuna», considering the legality in forcé during the Catholics Kings kingdom, the period in which the action took place, and where we find a Judicial Administration organized with the King's Justice on the top and, in a less important level, the General Jurisdiction with its different organs and the Special Jurisdictions, giving importance among them, the practico of the Military Orders, in particular, the Order of Calatrava and his Grand Master. It can be observed in this play the peculiarities of how the law was understood and finally non fulfilied; and how people reacted against certain abuses, taking first the law into one's own hands and after appealing the King's Justice.

  18. Luis Alcoriza o la mexicanización del exiliado cinematográfico republicano = Luis Alcoriza or the Mexican Nationalization of the Republican Cinematography Exile

    Jorge Chaumel Fernández


    Full Text Available Luis Alcoriza,  exiliado republicano español en México, desarrolló su carrera como  actor, guionista y director en su patria de adopción dándola algunas de sus mejores películas. En su condición de exiliado dispuso de mayor objetividad para mostrar los cambios de la sociedad mexicana y de sus principales problemas políticos. Figura imprescindible de la evolución del Cine Mexicano  de  la segunda mitad del siglo XX, se configura como uno de los principales ejemplos del  fenómeno de mexicanización de los cineastas exiliados.Luis Alcoriza, Spanish republican exile in Mexico, developed his career as an actor, writer and director in his adopted country giving her some of his best films. In his exile he had before as objective to show the changes in Mexican society and its major political problems. Essential figure in the evolution of Mexican cinema in the second half of the twentieth century stands as one of the prime examples of the phenomenon of mexicanización of exiled filmmakers.

  19. Reduced blood nrf-2 mRNA in local overweight boys at risk of metabolic complications: a study in San Luis City, San Luis, Argentina.

    Santillán, Lucas D; Moyano, Marta; Frau, Martín; Flores, Orlando; Siewert, Susana; Zirulnick, Fanny; Ramirez, Dario C; Giménez, Maria S


    Childhood overweight (OW) is a matter of public health concern because of its long-term impact on adulthood health. NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf-2) regulates the antioxidant/lipogenic response to a sustained positive energy balance that prevails during weight gain. Here we aimed at studying a possible link between OW and Nrf-2-dependent antioxidant/lipogenic response in a local population of boys at risk of metabolic complications. We measured clinical and biochemical parameters related to lipid metabolism, oxidative stress, and metabolic syndrome in a population of OW boys [body mass index (BMI) percentile ≥85(th) and Luis City, San Luis, Argentina. Compared to NW, OW boys had lower insulin sensitivity, an altered plasma lipid profile, and increased markers of oxidative stress and inflammatory fatty acids. OW boys also had a higher atherogenic index and peripheral insulin resistance than NW boys. We also found that glutathione peroxidase activity and the reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione ratio were lower in OW boys than NW boys, suggesting that OW boys may have an altered antioxidant response to oxidative stress. Finally, Nrf-2 expression negatively correlated with metabolic syndrome parameters in OW boys. Our data suggest that OW boys have a reduced antioxidant and lipogenic response to a positive energy balance, resulting in oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and risk of developing metabolic complications. Our data also provide a rationale for nutritional interventions aimed at restoring Nrf-2 expression to reduce the risk of metabolic complications in OW boys.

  20. Behemoth, Lilith e Anjos: três monstros judaicos em Jorge Luis Borges

    Marcos Fábio de Faria


    Full Text Available Análise dos verbetes de monstros judaicos recriados por Jorge Luis Borges em Manual de zoologia fantástica e O livro dos seres imaginários, a saber: Behemoth, Lilith e os anjos Haniel, Kazfiel, Azriel e Aniel. As múltiplas representações e versões desses verbetes, bem como seu diálogo com a Torah e sua inscrição na literatura.

  1. Luis Ramiro Beltrán: Semblanza de un comunicador vanguardista

    Alfonso Gumucio Dagron


    Full Text Available Luis Ramiro Beltrán es un "WAKIKI" investigador de seriedad académica reconocida, pensador que ha dado un aporte significativo a los estudios sobre la comunicación para el desarrollo en América Latina son frases de Alfonso Gumucio al hacer una semblanza de Beltrán en la que destaca su generosidad, apertura tolerancia y colaboración, amigo fiel, constante e incondicional y su creatividad.

  2. A propósito de José Luis Brea: del archivo a la RAM

    Fernando Broncano


    Full Text Available The philosopher José Luis Brea proposes a notion of memory spread around a network of connections, which reveals a conception of culture based on a RAM structure and contrary to the culture of archive. The underwent changes in the classification of disciplines caused by individual’s attitudes deriving from the new media hyperconnectivity environment will be reviewed here and the relevance in the present humanities of concepts such as exile, frontier and question without answer.

  3. "Non qua servus est, sed qua homo." Der rechtliche Status von Sklaven bei Luis de Molina

    Simmermacher, Danaë


    Luis de Molina (1535-1600) grants slaves a legal status through which they can take up a position with respect to their masters between equivalent legal entity and legal object. Here, what is decisive is the figure of the subjective right, which both for Molina and modern proponents of this legal concept describes the 'right per se'. According to Molina's definition of ius, the denial of a subjective right or the hindrance of exercising an individual right represents an injustice. The rights ...

  4. Representaciones mentales de creatividad de los maestros de básica primaria del Colegio General Rafael Reyes

    Mesa Mejía, Alba Liliana


    Tesis (Maestría en Educación y Desarrollo Humano). Universidad de Manizales. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas. CINDE, 2005 La pregunta central de esta investigación es: ¿Cuáles son las representaciones mentales de creatividad de los maestros de básica primaria del Colegio General Rafael Reyes? Solamente indagando sobre las representaciones mentales de creatividad de los maestros se podrá conocer y entender cuál es la posición y el lugar que cada uno de ellos le de a la m...

  5. Efecto de los impuestos en la competencia de redes moviles: una ampliacion del modelo de Laffont, Rey y Tirole

    Christiam M. Gonzales Chavez


    The present document has for aim analyze the impact of the introduction of taxes in the industry of mobile telephony. A common tax in this sector is the canon received to finance the activities of taxation and supervision of the use of the radio spectrum. With such an end, the competition model between mobile networks proposed by Laffont, Rey and Tirole (1998), was modified introducing three different tax structures: a tax I specify in every minute of mobile telephony (Tax Type I), a tax depe...

  6. Pionero de la comunicación (Entrevista a Luis Ramiro Beltrán

    Juan Braun


    Full Text Available Luis Ramiro es, sin lugar a dudas, el comunicador más reconocido de la América Latina. Sus ideas circulan libremente en el Norte y en el Sur. Es un líder. Pero pocos saben de su vida. Los esfuerzos que tuvo que hacer para "llegar". De sus primeros años de periodista bohemio, su lucha en la Universidad del Estado de Michigan para sobrevivir a las exigencias de Berlo, Kumata, Rogers y Miller. Y la importancia fundamental en todo esto de su madre, Mama Becha. Nos conocimos allá lejos, en Michigan. Luis Ramiro se graduaba de Doctor, terminaba su "vía crucis". El mío apenas comenzaba. Las ideas de Luis, su diagnóstico de la comunicación en América Latina, tuvieron un profundo impacto en mí que se hizo sentir años después. ¡Gracias! ¡y también alcancé a probar las empanadas de Mama Becha! El Dr. Beltrán habla sobre su vida y el pasado, presente y futuro de la comunicación en América Latina.

  7. Theoretical investigations on the high light yield of the LuI3:Ce scintillator

    Vasil'ev, A.N.; Iskandarova, I.M.; Scherbinin, A.V.; Markov, I.A.; Bagatur'yants, A.A.; Potapkin, B.V.; Srivastava, A.M.; Vartuli, J.S.; Duclos, S.J.


    The extremely high scintillation efficiency of lutetium iodide doped by cerium is explained as a result of at least three factors controlling the energy transfer from the host matrix to activator. We propose and theoretically validate the possibility of a new channel of energy transfer to excitons and directly to cerium, namely the Auger process when Lu 4f hole relaxes to the valence band hole with simultaneous creation of additional exciton or excitation of cerium. This process should be efficient in LuI 3 , and inefficient in LuCl 3 . To justify this channel, we perform calculations of density of states using a periodic plane-wave density functional approach. The second factor is the increase of the efficiency of valence hole capture by cerium in the row LuCl 3 -LuBr 3 -LuI 3 . The third one is the increase of the efficiency of energy transfer from self-trapped excitons to cerium ions in the same row. The latter two factors are verified by cluster ab initio calculations. We estimate either the relaxation of these excitations and barriers for the diffusion of self-trapped holes (STH) and self-trapped exciton (STE). The performed estimations theoretically justify the high LuI 3 :Ce 3+ scintillator yield.

  8. La “Carta abierta a Alfonso Reyes sobre Goethe” de María Zambrano: ¿un caso de irracionalismo poético?

    Andreas Kurz


    This article shows that the 1954 dispute between María Zambrano and Alfonso Reyes about Goethe has to be seen as a consequence of the studies of the Spanish philosopher in the field of the interrelation between poetry and philosophy. In the dispute, Reyes seems to represent a rational position, while Zambrano appears to follow an irrational aesthetics originated by German and English romanticism. When applying Karl Popper’s ideas about rationalism and irrationalism, the result is a different constellation: Zambrano as representative of rational and open thinking, Reyes the promoter of a poetic system based solely on the concept of “great man”, developed in literary criticism by Paul Bénichou, which enabled him to see Goethe as a personality that fuses life and work. This interpretation of Goethe is, by the way, predominant in Spanish-speaking cultures, as Udo Rukser showed in his classical study.


    Ghonghadze, M; Antelava, N; Liluashvili, K; Okujava, M; Pachkoria, K


    Administration of Aacetylsalicylic acid in children with viral infections (influence B, chickenpox) can be related with development of Reye syndrome - severe encephalopathy and liver insufficiency with mortality in 50% of cases. During Reye syndrome most important is deficiency of carnitine and hepatocyte damage. Decreased amount of carnitine impairs the energy function of mitochondria and gluconeogenesis as well as production of urea. As a result develops toxic encephalopathy and liver insufficiency. The goal of the research was assessment of efficacy of L-Carnitine, Corvitin and their combination on functional state of liver in experimental model of Reye Syndrome in rats. The study was performed on mature white male Wistar rates with body mass 150-180g. 50 rats were randomly divided into 5 groups (10 rats in each group). The model of Reye syndrome was induced in accordance with A.Vengersky's method. Intraperitoneal administration of 4-pentenoic acid was performed once daily during seven days, the used dosage was 20mg/kg. The treatment of toxic hepatitis was carried with intraperitoneal administration of L-Carnitine 300mg/kg, Corvitine 100mg/kg and concurrent administration of these drugs. Monotherapy with Corvitin and L-Carnitin successfully improved liver function and equally decreased indicators of hepatocyte's cytolyses and increased levels of glucose and urea. The markers of cholestasis was slightly more improved during use of L-Carnitine. Simultaneous use of both drugs was effective in rats with Reye syndrome, indicators of liver damage normalized and herewith, no mortality outcome was observed. The most pronounced hepatoprotective effect of concurrent administration of L-Carnitine and Corvitin may be due to synergic action of these drugs and such regime can be recommended for correction of liver function during Reye syndrome.

  10. Programa de bailoterapia para reducir el riesgo de caídas en adultos mayores del centro geriátrico "Cristo Rey"

    Durán Quituisaca, Herminio Mateo; Marín Matute, Karen Katyuzka


    El proyecto fue ejecutado en el Centro Geriátrico "Cristo Rey", con el quisimos mejorar la estabilidad del adulto mayor a través de un programa de bailoterapia para reducir el riesgo de caídas. Se aplicó el test de Tinneti Modificado a 15 adultos mayores entre 65 y 96 años de edad, obteniendo resultados positivos con una mejoría del (5,6 ± 1,2%). The project was carried out at the "Cristo Rey" Geriatric Center, with which we wanted to help improve the stability of the elderly through a dan...

  11. El satisfecho: fama y fortuna de una comedia desconocida de Luis Belmonte (El satisfecho: fame and fortune of an unknown comedy by Luis Belmonte

    Elisa Domínguez de Paz


    Full Text Available Resumen: Este artículo ofrece un estudio del manuscrito autógrafo de la comedia, El satisfecho, firmado por el dramaturgo Luis Belmonte en Sevilla, el 24 de Julio de 1634. El documento proporciona buena información acerca de su recorrido por el tiempo, desde que obtiene la licencia de representación en Lisboa, en 1639, hasta que aparece en Toro, en 1653, como propiedad de Santiago Manteca. El manuscrito resulta muy interesante por la gran cantidad de probationes pennae, de contenido variado y ajeno al asunto teatral, que contiene. Estos ejercicios de escritura, salidos todos ellos de la pluma de Santiago Manteca, revelan que el escribano es un hombre preocupado por el mundo documental y formulístico. Su poco interés por conservar limpio el documento indica, por un lado, que , tal vez, la comedia ya no tenía éxito y, por otro lado, la más que probable desconexión de Manteca del mundo teatral.Abstract: This article studies an autographic manuscript of the comedy, El satisfecho, signed by the playwright Luis Belmonte in Seville, on July 24 1634. The document provides sound information about its journey through time, from the moment when it obtained its representation permit in Lisbon, in 1639, until it appeared in Toro, property of Santiago Manteca. The interest of the manuscript is very high due to the great number of probationes pennae that it contains, of very varied content and unrelated to the world of theatre. These writing exercises, coming out of Santiago Manteca’s pen, reveal that the secretary was a man concerned about the documental and formulaic world. His lack of interest in keeping the document clean may indicate, on the one hand, that the comedy was not successful any more, and, on the other, Manteca’s likely disconnection from the theatrical world.


    Melody Celeste Vera


    Full Text Available La base fundamental de la identidad de los habitantes de la provincia de San Luis (Argentina y de su historiografía, es el axioma que el pueblo puntano se inmoló por el proyecto sanmartiniano. El Gobernador Intendente Vicente Dupuy (1814-1820 fue el principal colaborador de José de San Martin en la provincia, y el coordinador de las donaciones de bienes y vidas para la causa. Contaba con el apoyo del “cabildo sanmartiniano”, un grupo de vecinos que secundaban sus ideales, apoyaban sus iniciativas y colaboraban materialmente. Pero luego de la caída del gobierno central en 1820 no se ofrece una interpretación sobre el cambio de proyecto político que representó el nuevo Gobernador, José Santos Ortiz (1820-1829. Si se consideran conjuntamente las oposiciones de un grupo de vecinos levantadas durante el gobierno de Dupuy y el accionar de Santos Ortiz durante su mandato, cabe preguntarse: ¿los cabildantes terratenientes apoyaron la gesta sanmartiniana por convicción, o se vieron forzados a hacerlo por la imposición de un grupo en el poder? ¿Representó Santos Ortiz el proyecto de lo que el grupo terrateniente buscaba y no pudo obtener mientras se llevaba delante el plan sanmartiniano? En este trabajo se busca comparar los objetivos primarios de ambos gobernadores durante sus mandatos, con el fin de vislumbrar cuál de los planes de gobierno representaba los ideales y necesidades de los grandes terratenientes de la ciudad de San Luis.

  13. Los Reyes Católicos y la insaculación en Castila

    Regina POLO MARTIN


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Partiendo de la reconocida importancia que el sistema insaculatorio tuvo en la Corona de Aragón como mecanismo para elegir los oficios concejiles, en este artículo se analiza su difusión en Castilla durante el reinado de los Reyes Católicos, tanto desde un punto de vista geográfico, especificando las dos principales zonas en las que se extendió, como cronológico, citando las sucesivas fechas de implantación. Posteriormente, se realiza una caracterización de la insaculación castellana, distinguiendo, por una parte, los principales aspectos del procedimiento insaculatorio -modelos de elección de los electores, necesidad de confirmación regia de los elegidos, duración, día y lugar de la elección, prestación de juramento, plazo que debe transcurrir para ejercer de nuevo oficios concejiles, provisión de vacantes y aceptación de los oficios-, y por otra, los distintos cargos municipales que se eligen conforme a este procedimiento, con especial referencia a los diputados. Las consideraciones finales acerca de la insaculación, relativas a las causas y motivos; objetivos y fines; reacción de las ciudades; y el mayor o menor intervencionismo regio, que se manifiesta en la manera de instaurarse y en la necesidad o no de confirmación regia, nos permiten conocer y comprender mejor qué supuso este mecanismo en la Castilla de fines del siglo XV.ABSTRACT: This article deals with the system called insaculación, the method used in the Crown of Aragón to assign the council's occupations, and analyses its spread throughout Castile in the reign of the Catholic Monarchs. It combines a geographical analysis of the two main areas in which it spread, and a chronological analysis, which includes the dates of implementation of the system. A description of the system of insaculación shows the main aspects of the procedure (ways of electing voters; the need of royal ratification for those voters; day, place and duration of elections; oath

  14. Latest Miocene-earliest Pliocene evolution of the ancestral Rio Grande at the Española-San Luis Basin boundary, northern New Mexico

    Daniel J. Koning,; Aby, Scott B.; Grauch, V. J.; Matthew J. Zimmerer,


    We use stratigraphic relations, paleoflow data, and 40Ar/39Ar dating to interpret net aggradation, punctuated by at least two minor incisional events, along part of the upper ancestral Rio Grande fluvial system between 5.5 and 4.5 Ma (in northern New Mexico). The studied fluvial deposits, which we informally call the Sandlin unit of the Santa Fe Group, overlie a structural high between the San Luis and Española Basins. The Sandlin unit was deposited by two merging, west- to southwest-flowing, ancestral Rio Grande tributaries respectively sourced in the central Taos Mountains and southern Taos Mountains-northeastern Picuris Mountains. The river confluence progressively shifted southwestward (downstream) with time, and the integrated river (ancestral Rio Grande) flowed southwards into the Española Basin to merge with the ancestral Rio Chama. Just prior to the end of the Miocene, this fluvial system was incised in the southern part of the study area (resulting in an approximately 4–7 km wide paleovalley), and had sufficient competency to transport cobbles and boulders. Sometime between emplacement of two basalt flows dated at 5.54± 0.38 Ma and 4.82±0.20 Ma (groundmass 40Ar/39Ar ages), this fluvial system deposited 10–12 m of sandier sediment (lower Sandlin subunit) preserved in the northern part of this paleovalley. The fluvial system widened between 4.82±0.20 and 4.50±0.07 Ma, depositing coarse sand and fine gravel up to 14 km north of the present-day Rio Grande. This 10–25 m-thick sediment package (upper Sandlin unit) buried earlier south- to southeast-trending paleovalleys (500–800 m wide) inferred from aeromagnetic data. Two brief incisional events are recognized. The first was caused by the 4.82±0.20 Ma basalt flow impounding south-flowing paleodrainages, and the second occurred shortly after emplacement of a 4.69±0.09 Ma basalt flow in the northern study area. Drivers responsible for Sandlin unit aggradation may include climate

  15. Organizational Strategy Use in Children Aged 5–7: Standardization and Validity of the Rey Complex Figure Organizational Strategy Score (RCF-OSS)

    Martens, R.; Hurks, P.P.M.; Jolles, J.


    This study investigated psychometric properties (standardization and validity) of the Rey Complex Figure Organizational Strategy Score (RCF-OSS) in a sample of 217 healthy children aged 5-7 years. Our results showed that RCF-OSS performance changes significantly between 5 and 7 years of age. While

  16. Mineralogical characterization of historical portuguese wall tiles of Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

    Rivas Mercury, J.M.; Vasconcelos, N.S.L.S.; Cabral, A.A.; Pereira, D.J. Costa; Angelica, R.S.


    Portuguese wall tiles from centuries, XVII, XVIII and XIX, found in Sao Luis Maranhao has been studied by X-ray diffraction, in order to interpret the possible raw material and burning temperature. The mineral phases, Quartz, Wollastonite, Calcite and Gehlenite were identified in all samples. Based on the results it is possible to affirm that the main raw materials used to manufacture this materials was probably mixtures of kaolinite clay and calcite. Based on the mineralogical information it was also possible to state that burning temperature of this wall tiles was lower than 1000 deg C. (author)

  17. On editing the fifth stanza of El aire se serena by fray Luis

    Aquilino Suárez Pallasá


    Full Text Available Although many scholars and editors of the ode «El aire se serena» by fray Luis de León have denied or questioned the authenticity of its fifth stanza, there now seems to be a general assent to its acceptance. The reason for such a change of heart has not to do with textual criticism proper, but with literature. The sources of the ode are said to justify it. In this paper a strictly critico-textual demonstration of the authenticity of stanza 5 is proposed, placing emphasis on the cause of the diffraction displayed in the erroneous lectiones of a segment of the stanza.

  18. Las dos Celamas de Luis Mateo Díez: recuerdo y olvido

    Oscar Bazán Rodríguez


    Full Text Available El artículo reflexiona sobre el tratamiento del espacio en la trilogía de Luis Mateo Díez, El reino de Celama. Con un diverso aporte teórico y crítico explica la relación intrínseca que ocurre entre el espacio y sus habitantes en la obra, y postula que implícitamente hay una separación entre dos Celamas que, a pesar de ocupar un mismo espacio, son distintas en el tiempo, y se corresponden con los valores del recuerdo (luz y del olvido (oscuridad.

  19. Missionary Pragmalinguistics: Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores’ grammar (1668) within the tradition of Philippine grammars

    Winkler, A.P.


    The grammar written in Latin, in 1668, by the Jesuit missionary Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores (1627-1672) is the oldest description we have of Chamorro, a language spoken on the Mariana islands. The grammar received a number of bad reviews and as a consequence has become neglected and almost forgotten. The main point of criticism has been that Sanvitores used the Latin grammatical framework to explain a language that in many ways does not fit this framework. In this thesis it is argued inst...

  20. Entrevista con Luis Ramiro Beltrán Salmón

    Fanny Patricia Franco Chávez


    Full Text Available Luis Ramiro Beltrán es un personaje obligado a la hora de hablar de la relación entre la comunicación y el desarrollo. En la siguiente entrevista, conocemos la génesis de este campo a través de un personaje que nos comparte su perfil como pionero y sus experiencias iniciales en Latinoamérica para acercarnos a las primeras definiciones de este campo y a lo que debe ser esencial en la formación del perfil de un comunicador para el desarrollo social.

  1. Yacimientos de Celestina en la Plataforma Valles-San Luis Potosí

    Rocha Rocha, Macario


    En la zona de estudio, la Plataforma Valles-San Luis Potosí (PVSLP), existen depósitos de celestina; las características geotectónicas de la zona, hacen pensar que estos depósitos se asocian con evaporitas del Jurásico Superior-Cretácico Inferior. La mineralización de celestina arma en la Formación El Abra y en menor grado la Formación Indidura, en forma de vetas, mantos, zonas de brecha y cuerpos irregulares. La mineralogía consiste básicamente de celestina y algunos minerales...

  2. Introducción [Jorge Luis Borges : Translación e Historia

    de Toro, Alfonso


    El presente volumen es el resultado de una selección de las ponencias presentadas en el coloquio internacional "Jorge Luis Borges: Translación e Historia" realizado con el auspicio de la Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft en el Centro de Investigación Iberoamericana del 4 al 9 de diciembre de 2007 y pone en el centro de su reflexión a Borges como fenómeno de "translación", entendiendo por el concepto de "translación" un complejo proceso cultural, medial, social y pragmasemiótico que abarca tanto...

  3. Prevalence and spatial distribution of bovine brucellosis in San Luis and La Pampa, Argentina.

    Aznar, M N; Linares, F J; Cosentino, B; Sago, A; La Sala, L; León, E; Duffy, S; Perez, A


    Bovine brucellosis (BB) is a zoonotic disease caused by Brucella abortus. BB is endemic in Argentina, where vaccination with Brucella abortus strain 19 is compulsory for 3-to-8 month-old heifers. The objectives of this study were to quantify the prevalence of BB and to identify factors associated with its occurrence, along with the spatial distribution of the disease, in the provinces of La Pampa and San Luis. A two-stage random sampling design was used to sample 8,965 cows (3,513 in La Pampa and 5,452 in San Luis) from 451 farms (187 in La Pampa and 264 in San Luis). Cow and herd prevalence were 1.8 % (95 % CI: 1.3-2.2; n = 157) and 19.7 % (95 % CI: 17.0-22.4; n = 89), respectively. Both cow-level and herd-level prevalence in La Pampa (2.4 and 26.0 %, respectively) were significantly higher than in San Luis (1.4 and 15.5 %, respectively). There were not differences between the proportions of reactive cattle compared to that obtained in a survey conducted in 2005. However, herd prevalence in La Pampa was significantly (P < 0.05) higher compared to that study. Disease was found to be spatially clustered in west La Pampa. The lower the bovine density and the calf/cow ratio, the higher odds of belonging to the cluster. The increase of farm prevalence in the last five years suggests that the disease is spreading and that control measures should be applied in the region. The cluster of infected farms was located in the west region of La Pampa. There, farms have lower animal densities and smaller cow/calf indices compared to the rest of the province. Although western La Pampa has more infected herds, within-farm prevalence was not higher, which suggests that the control program has been relatively successful in controlling the disease at the farm level, and/or that low animal density inherently results in low disease prevalence. Our results provide baseline information on the epidemiology of BB and its potential pattern of transmission in Argentina, which will ultimately

  4. Deciphering the diagenetic alteration degree in thrombolites across the Permian-Triassic boundary and the evaluation of REY as a proxy of palaeoseawater

    Li, Rong


    The thrombolites across the Permian-Triassic boundary (PTB) are widely distributed in South China. In order to examine the utility of rare earth element and yttrium (REY) in the thrombolites as a proxy of palaeoseawater, the petrographic and geochemical (Sr, Mn, Fe, REY, δ13C, δ18O) features of thrombolites from Cili and Taiping sections are comparatively studied to determine the diagenetic alteration degrees of the thrombolites and the impact of diagenesis on REY concentrations and distribution patterns. The thrombolites from Cili section, digitate in mesoscopic morphology, are latest Permian in age. In contrast, most of the thrombolites in Taiping section are mottled and formed in the earliest Triassic. The variation in thrombolite morphology across the PTB is probably related to increasing amount of metazoan and increasing intensity of bioturbation after the end-Permian mass extinction. Compared to the thrombolites from Taiping section, those from Cili section underwent more extensive diagenetic alteration, which are characterized by more dolomitic content, lower Sr concentrations, more negative δ18O values, and higher Mn/Sr ratios. The REY concentrations are higher in the thrombolites from Taiping section (5-303 ppm, average 48 ppm) than in the thrombolites from Cili section (17-34 ppm, average 25 ppm). Shale-normalized REY distribution patterns of the thrombolites from both sites are similar to those of oxygenated seawater, which are characterized by positive La anomalies (Pr/Pr∗ = 1.1-1.5), negative Ce anomalies (Ce/Ce∗ = 0.2-0.9), and light rare earth element (LREE) depletion. The preserved seawater like REY distribution pattern indicates that diagenesis did not alter the REY distribution patterns. The thrombolite samples from Cili section, compared to the counterparts from Taiping, have less positive La anomaly and less negative Ce anomaly. For the thrombolites from Cili section, a positive correlation exists between Ce anomaly and siliciclastic

  5. Rey: a computer code for the determination of the radionuclides activities from the gamma-ray spectrum data

    Palomares, J.; Perez, A.; Travesi, A.


    The Fortran IV computer Code, REY (REsolution and Identification), has been developed for the automatic resolution of the gamma-ray spectra from high resolution Ge-Li detectors. The Code searches the full energy peaks in the spectra background as the base line under the peak and calculates the energy of the statistically significant peaks. Also the Code assigns each peak to the most probable isotope and makes a selection of all the possible radioisotopes of the spectra, according the relative intensities of all the peaks in the whole spectra. Finally, it obtains the activities, in microcuries of each isotope, according the geometry used in the measurement. Although the Code is a general purpose one, their actual library of nuclear data is adapted for the analysis of liquid effluents from nuclear power plants. A computer with a 16 core memory and a hard disk are sufficient for this code.(author)

  6. When Rey-Osterrieth’s Complex Figure Becomes a Church: Prevalence and Correlates of Graphic Confabulations in Dementia

    Oriana Pelati


    Full Text Available Verbal confabulation (VC has been described in several pathological conditions characterized by amnesia and has been defined as ‘statements that involve distortion of memories’. Here we describe another kind of confabulation (graphic confabulation, GC, evident at the recall of the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure (ROCF. In a retrospective study of 267 patients with mild-to-moderate dementia, 14 patients (4.9 % recalled the abstract ROCF as drawings with recognizable semantic meaning. VC was evident at the story recall test in 19.8% of the study participants. VC and GC were homogeneously distributed among the different types of dementia. VC has been proposed to originate from complex interactions of amnesia, motivational deficit and dysfunction of monitoring systems. On the contrary, GC seems to be the result of a deficit in visual memory replaced by the semantic translation of isolated parts of the ROCF along with a source monitoring deficit.

  7. New data on the epigraphy of Campo Real/Fillera (Sos del Rey Católico-Sangüesa



    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to present the conclusions of two new epigraphic autopsies over two latin inscriptions –unpublished the first one, the second already known but here for the first time reviewed– found in the archaeological site of Campo Real/Fillera (Sos del Rey Católico-Sangüesa, in the northeast part of ancient Vascones’ territory. Some new archaeological materials related with the history of the monumentalization process of this ancient ciuitas are also presented: specially an spectacular funerary osteotheca made of stone with glass case, an unicum in the archeology of the death in the North-East part of the Iberian Peninsula. The paper is completed with a paleoanthropological and geological characterization of some of the most important evidences presented (including two pieces of green “campán” and turkish marble.

  8. A comparison of serial MRI with X-ray CT in a patient with Reye-like syndrome

    Fujii, Yasushi; Kuriyama, Masanori; Yoshimoto, Masahiro; Konishi, Yukuo; Fujisawa, Shinichi; Sudo, Masakatsu; Hayakawa, Katsumi


    Serial MRI and X-ray CT scans were performed on a one-year 7-month old girl with Reye-like syndrome. X-ray CT scan revealed marked hemispheric brain edema in the acute stage and moderate ventricular dilatation with diffuse low density area and cortical atrophy in the chronic stage. MRI performed in the chronic stage showed marked progressive changes. Linear high intensity areas were demonstrated on T 2 weighted MRI performed 21 days after the onset. These high intensity areas increased gradually and 60 days after the onset these high intensity areas spread to the grey matter. These high intensity changes seemed to be correspond to cortical necrosis, and those in the white matter to gliosis or degeneration of myelin. (author)

  9. The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test forced-choice recognition task: Base-rate data and norms.

    Poreh, Amir; Bezdicek, Ondrej; Korobkova, Irina; Levin, Jennifer B; Dines, Philipp


    The present study describes a novel Forced-Choice Response (FCR) index for detecting poor effort on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT). This retrospective study analyzes the performance of 4 groups on the new index: clinically referred patients with suspected dementia, forensic patients identified as not exhibiting adequate effort on other measures of response bias, students who simulated poor effort, and a large normative sample collected in the Gulf State of Oman. Using sensitivity and specificity analyses, the study shows that much like the California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition FCR index, the RAVLT FCR index misses a proportion of individuals with inadequate effort (low sensitivity), but those who fail this measure are highly likely to be exhibiting poor effort (high specificity). The limitations and benefits of utilizing the RAVLT FCR index in clinical practice are discussed.

  10. El pachuco entre Octavio Paz y el trayecto para su reinvención en "Zoot Suit" de Luis Valdez

    Ochoa, Edna


    This article focuses on the figure of the pachuco in the play Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez in order to explore the most important aspects about this character. To achieve this purpose I will examine its representation in various literary texts and I will trace its history to show how the projection of the character changes from the Chicano movement in the 6os. This character is seen in a positive and memorable way, especially in the play Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez, who regards him as...

  11. Juizados Especiais e Ativismo Judicial à Luz de Luis Alberto Warat

    Zenildo Bodnar


    Full Text Available This article addresses, in a punctual way, some reflections on the judicial activism in the Special Courts camp. It seeks to evaluate the existence of a place for the conciliator in the stir that permeates the procedural and substantial models of legal proceedings. For this, as theoretical references, the postulates of Luis Alberto Warat are used, in order to overcome such dyad in favor of an effective judicial protection, without following the ways of the Free Movement of Law and Instrumentality of Process. For the development of this research, it has been used the inductive method, operated by the operational concepts and techniques of literature.Resumo: O presente artigo aborda de forma pontual algumas reflexões sobre o ativismo judicial na seara dos Juizados Especiais. Procura-se avaliar a existência de um lugar para o conciliador na celeuma que permeia os modelos procedimentalistas e substancialistas de processo jurisdicional. Para tanto, como referencial teórico utiliza-se os postulados de Luis Alberto Warat no intuito de superar a referida díade em favor de uma tutela judicial efetiva, sem que se trilhe os caminhos do Movimento do Direito Livre e da Instrumentalidade do Processo. Utilizou-se, para o desenvolvimento desta pesquisa, o método indutivo, operacionalizado pelas técnicas de conceitos operacionais e da pesquisa bibliográfica.

  12. Transient electromagnetic mapping of clay units in the San Luis Valley, Colorado

    Fitterman, David V.; Grauch, V.J.S.


    Transient electromagnetic soundings were used to obtain information needed to refine hydrologic models of the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The soundings were able to map an aquitard called the blue clay that separates an unconfined surface aquifer from a deeper confined aquifer. The blue clay forms a conductor with an average resistivity of 6.9 ohm‐m. Above the conductor are found a mixture of gray clay and sand. The gray clay has an average resistivity of 21 ohm‐m, while the sand has a resistivity of greater than 100 ohm‐m. The large difference in resistivity of these units makes mapping them with a surface geophysical method relatively easy. The blue clay was deposited at the bottom of Lake Alamosa which filled most of the San Luis Valley during the Pleistocene. The geometry of the blue clay is influenced by a graben on the eastern side of the valley. The depth to the blue clay is greater over the graben. Along the eastern edge of valley the blue clay appears to be truncated by faults.

  13. Jorge Luis Borges y Wilhem Ostwald. Notas para una alianza entre la ciencia y las humanidades

    Lothar Beyer


    Full Text Available Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986 de nacionalidad argentina, fue escritor, poeta y filósofo de fama mundial. Wilhelm Ostwald (1853-1932, de nacionalidad alemana, fue uno de los fundadores de la físicoquímica.También fue filósofo, pintor y premio Nobel de Química (1909. Los dos hombres enriquecieron el diálogo entre ciencia y humanidades gracias a sus obras y sus discursos, a pesar de que nunca se conocieron personalmente.Un simposio en la ciudad de Leipzig, en cuya universidad Wilhelm Ostwald se desempeñó durante 20 años como catedrático principal de físicoquímica, realizado en octubre de 2001, tenía el título: «Jorge Luis Borges. Ciencia y filosofía». A ese simposio el autor de este artículo contribuyó con una conferencia: «Ciencias y humanidades en diálogoconstructivo» dictada en presencia de la viuda María Kodama de Borges.

  14. Luis Buñuel: trascendiendo el tópico

    Dr. Manuel Carlos Fernández Sánchez


    Full Text Available En 1900 nace el cineasta Luis Buñuel en Calanda, Aragón. En el año 2000 se celebró en distintos ámbitos cinematográficos y televisivos de todo el mundo el centenario de su nacimiento. Festivales de cine, cadenas de televisión por satélite u onda hertziana, periódicos y revistas se hacen eco de la enorme trascendencia del lenguaje cinematográfico buñueliano. Este estudio sobre la última de sus películas rodada en Andalucía, concretamente en Sevilla, pretende aportar un nuevo análisis sobre esta obra que trascendió el tópico andaluz.ABSTRACIn 1900 the film director Luis Buñuel is born in Calanda, Aragón. In 2000, it took place the centennial of his birth in different film and television environments in all over the world. The transcendency of film languaje used by Buñuel has been anlysed in cinema festivals, television, newspapers and magazines. This study, focus on his last movies filmed in Andalusia, concretely in Seville, it seeks to contribute with a new analysis on this work that transcended the Andalusian topic.

  15. Luis Pulido

    Carlos Barreiro Ortiz


    Full Text Available En el mes de julio de 19/37 el Cenro Colombo-Americano de Bogotá inició una serie de recitnles bajo el rótulo genérico de "Compositores colombianos del siglo XX". El objetivo del proyecto era la presentación sistemática de piezas de compositores nacionales menores de 35 años, como una manera de validar ante el público los primeros esbozos de una carrera profesional que se proyectaba con incertidumbre en un escenario cultural uadicionalista y cerrado a nuevas propuestns sonoras.

  16. Brote de encefalitis de San Luis en el Área Metropolitana Buenos Aires Outbreack of St. Luis encephalitis in the Metropolitan Buenos Aires Area

    Alfredo Seijo


    Full Text Available Se describen los hallazgos epidemiológicos y clínicos de 13 enfermos con diagnóstico de infección por virus de la encefalitis de San Luis, con transmisión entre enero y marzo de 2010, en el Area Metropolitana Buenos Aires (AMBA. Los 13 enfermos, promedio de edad 38 años, tuvieron un comienzo agudo caracterizado por hipertermia y cefalea. Entre los días dos y diez de iniciados los síntomas, 7/13 enfermos tuvieron signos y síntomas de compromiso neurológico caracterizado por meningitis sin signos encefálicos en 1/7. En 6/7 los hallazgos más frecuentes fueron: rigidez de nuca, desorientación temporoespacial, fotofobia, confusión y alteración del lenguaje. Dos resonancias magnéticas y un electroencefalograma presentaron signos de afectación de lóbulos temporales. El líquido cefalorraquídeo se caracterizó por pleocitosis con predominio de células mononucleadas, glucorraquia normal y discreto aumento de proteínas. No hubo casos fatales. En 6/13 pacientes la sospecha clínica inicial fue dengue. Por la agrupación espacial y temporal de los casos puede considerarse un brote epidémico, el primero conocido en el AMBA, ya que no se había notificado previamente la circulación epidémica del virus.We describe the epidemiological and clinical findings of 13 patients with diagnosis of infection by St. Louis encephalitis virus, transmitted between January and March 2010 in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA. Thirteen patients, average age 38 years, had an acute onset with hyperthermia and headache. Between days two and ten of the onset of symptoms, 7/13 patients had signs and symptoms of neurological involvement. This was characterized by meningitis without encephalic sings in 1/7 and in 6/7 the most frequent findings were: stiff neck, disorientation, photophobia, confusion and language impairment. Two MR and one EEG revealed signs of involvement of temporal lobes. The cerebrospinal fluid showed pleocytosis with predominance of

  17. Observations on nests of Crocodylus moreletii in San Luis Potosí, Mexico Observaciones sobre nidos de Crocodylus moreletii en San Luis Potosí, México

    Armando H. Escobedo-Galván


    Full Text Available Nesting ecology of Morelet's crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii has been documented since 1940. However, only 2 nests constructed on floating vegetation have been recorded. Here, we presented additional information from a mainland population of C. moreletii in the Ciénega de Cabezas wetland, San Luis Potosí, describing 2 nests constructed on floating mats of cattails. The nests were constructed using Typha sp., close to the main channel. One nest was lost due to flooding, and contained 32 eggs. Seven eggs had a mean 72.6 ± 2.63 mm length (range = 70.0 -75.0 mm, 45.0 ± 2.30 mm width (range = 41.0-48.0 mm, and 140.7 ± 2.98 mm diameter (range = 136.0-145.0 mm. We suggest that the use of floating vegetation for nesting by C. moreletii is related to the availability of aquatic vegetation, combined with the lack of adequate nesting sites on land.La ecología de anidación del cocodrilo de pantano (Crocodylus moreletii ha sido documentada desde 1940. Sin embargo, sólo existen 2 registros de nidos construidos sobre vegetación acuática. Presentamos información adicional de 2 nidos (N1 y N2 construidos en este tipo de hábitat en una población ubicada en la Ciénega de Cabezas en el estado de San Luis Potosí. Los nidos fueron construidos sobre Typha sp., cerca del cauce principal de la ciénega. El N2 se perdió por inundación, en su interior encontramos 32 huevos, los promedios (± SD del largo, ancho y diámetro de 7 huevos fueron 72.6 ± 2.63 mm (rango = 70.0 -75.0 mm, 45.0 ± 2.30 mm (rango = 41.0-48.0 mm, 140.7 ± 2.98 mm (rango = 136.0-145.0 mm, respectivamente. Sugerimos que este tipo de sitios para anidar por parte de C. moreletii está relacionado con la disponibilidad de vegetación acuática, combinado con la ausencia de sitios adecuados en tierra firme.

  18. Luis Huerta: eugenesia, medicina y pedagogía en España Luis Huerta: Eugenics, Medicine and Pedagogy in Spain

    Luis Miguel LÁZARO LORENTE


    Full Text Available En contraste con lo observable en la historiografía de otros países europeos y anglosajones, el estudio de la introducción y difusión de los principios y prácticas de la Eugenesia, como tema de investigación, no ha contado en España con muchos cultivadores. Menos todavía han sido objeto de estudio las relaciones del pensamiento eugénico con el ámbito pedagógico para indagar la recepción que tiene entre el Magisterio, y conocer el conjunto de reacciones que provoca, así como la participación de los maestros en la potencial difusión de sus planteamientos. Se aborda aquí una aproximación a ese tema centrando el análisis en las relaciones que en la España del primer tercio del siglo XX se establecen entre Medicina, Pedagogía y Eugenesia. Para ello tomamos como referente e hilo conductor la figura y el pensamiento del maestro asturiano Luis Huerta Naves, decidido impulsor y propagandista incansable de la Eugenesia en nuestro país.By comparison with the historiography of other European and Anglo-Saxon countries, the study of the origins and spread of Eugenics in Spain has not received much attention. Even less research has been done on the degree of acceptance of eugenic thought in the pedagogical domain or on the role teachers may have in the diffusion of eugenics. This paper attempts to explore the subject while focusing the analysis on the relations that were established among Medicine, Pedagogy and Eugenics in Spain during the first third of the 20th century. We will take as a point of reference and guiding line of thought the figure of the Asturian teacher Luis Huerta Naves, who was the driving force and tireless advocate of the eugenics movement in our country.

  19. A multi-dimensional analysis of the upper Rio Grande-San Luis Valley social-ecological system

    Mix, Ken

    The Upper Rio Grande (URG), located in the San Luis Valley (SLV) of southern Colorado, is the primary contributor to streamflow to the Rio Grande Basin, upstream of the confluence of the Rio Conchos at Presidio, TX. The URG-SLV includes a complex irrigation-dependent agricultural social-ecological system (SES), which began development in 1852, and today generates more than 30% of the SLV revenue. The diversions of Rio Grande water for irrigation in the SLV have had a disproportionate impact on the downstream portion of the river. These diversions caused the flow to cease at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in the late 1880s, creating international conflict. Similarly, low flows in New Mexico and Texas led to interstate conflict. Understanding changes in the URG-SLV that led to this event and the interactions among various drivers of change in the URG-SLV is a difficult task. One reason is that complex social-ecological systems are adaptive, contain feedbacks, emergent properties, cross-scale linkages, large-scale dynamics and non-linearities. Further, most analyses of SES to date have been qualitative, utilizing conceptual models to understand driver interactions. This study utilizes both qualitative and quantitative techniques to develop an innovative approach for analyzing driver interactions in the URG-SLV. Five drivers were identified for the URG-SLV social-ecological system: water (streamflow), water rights, climate, agriculture, and internal and external water policy. The drivers contained several longitudes (data aspect) relevant to the system, except water policy, for which only discreet events were present. Change point and statistical analyses were applied to the longitudes to identify quantifiable changes, to allow detection of cross-scale linkages between drivers, and presence of feedback cycles. Agricultural was identified as the driver signal. Change points for agricultural expansion defined four distinct periods: 1852--1923, 1924--1948, 1949--1978 and 1979

  20. Revisión de registros y notas de Pingüino Rey (Aptenodytes patagonicus) y el Pingüino Penacho Amarillo (Eudyptes chrysocome) en Brasil

    Barquete, Viviane; Bugoni, Leandro; Silva-Filho, Rodolfo P.; Adornes, Andrea C.


    En este estudio se presenta una revisión de hallazgos previos y nuevos registros del Pingüino Rey (Aptenodytes patagonicus) y del Pingüino Penacho Amarillo (Eudyptes chrysocome) en la costa de Brasil. En total se registraron seis individuos de Pingüino Rey y diez de Pingüino de Penacho Amarillo. Tanto juveniles como adultos de las dos especies fueron encontrados en las playas, especialmente en Rio Grande do Sul, sur de Brasil. Los registros de Pingüino Rey están restringidos al verano, mientr...

  1. Máscaras de la lectura: Jorge Luis Borges en la obra de Mario Luzi / The masks of reading: Jeorge Luis Borges in Mario Luzi’s work

    Daniel Clemente Del Percio


    The roads that separate writers often end with a paradox, happy proximity. The nominations for the Nobel Prize for literature in 1979 came together, as in a real literary constellation, Italo Calvino, Alberto Moravia, Giorgio Bassani, Vittorio Sereni, Leonardo Sciascia and Mario Luzi, along with the argentine Jorge Luis Borges. The list reflects the richness and variety of Italian literature of the time. But beyond the storytellers, the coincidence of Luzi and Borges (and we might add, that of Odisseas Elytis, who was finally awarded the prize is a unique convergence of poets, with very different poetics, but with intense communicating vessels that unite them, often invisible and contradictory manner. While Borges never wrote about Luzi, the italian, however, did, and quite often, on the argentine, not only from the pages of literary criticism in «Il Corriere della Sera», space occupied until 1974 commenting Latin American literature (he has written about Roberto Arlt, Vargas Llosa and Juan Rulfo, among other writers, but in different interviews, where the frequent quotations that Luzi makes about Borges often installed a space for discussion and profound differences not only on the nature of poetry, but on the same link with the world and life. We propose to study these reflections that Mario Luzi made from (and on many occasions, against about the Argentine author, from the critical work of the Florentine poet, on the centenary of his birth.

  2. River engineering

    De Vries, M.


    One dimension models - basic eauations, analytical models, numberical models. One dimensional models -suspended load, roughness and resistance of river beds. Solving river problems - tools, flood mitigation, bank protection.

  3. Performance of normal adults on Rey Auditory Learning Test: a pilot study Desempenho de indivíduos saudáveis no Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT: estudo piloto

    Leila Cardoso Teruya


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to assess the performance of healthy Brazilian adults on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT, a test devised for assessing memory, and to investigate the influence of the variables age, sex and education on the performance obtained, and finally to suggest scores which may be adopted for assessing memory with this instrument. The performance of 130 individuals, subdivided into groups according to age and education, was assessed. Overall performance decreased with age. Schooling presented a strong and positive relationship with scores on all subitems analyzed except learning, for which no influence was found. Mean scores of subitems analyzed did not differ significantly between men and women, except for the delayed recall subitem. This manuscript describes RAVLT scores according to age and education. In summary, this is a pilot study that presents a profile of Brazilian adults on A1, A7, recognition and LOT subitem.O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o desempenho de adultos normais brasileiros no Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT, um teste destinado à avaliação da memória, e investigar a influência das variáveis idade, sexo e escolaridade no desempenho obtido, além de sugerir escores que possam ser utilizados na avaliação da memória segundo este instrumento. Foi avaliado o desempenho de 130 indivíduos, subdivididos em grupos de acordo com a idade e escolaridade. O desempenho geral no teste diminuiu com o aumento da idade. A escolaridade apresentou relação forte e positiva com os escores em todos os subitens analisados, exceto no aprendizado, no qual não foi verificada influência. As médias dos escores dos subitens analisados não foram estatisticamente diferentes entre homens e mulheres, exceto no subitem recordação tardia. Descrevemos os escores no RAVLT de acordo com faixa etária e escolaridade neste manuscrito.

  4. “Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae” en Amblyomma tigrinum, San Luis, Argentina

    Gabriel CICUTTIN


    Full Text Available El objetivo del estudio fue detectar especies del género Rickettsia en garrapatas de la especie Amblyomma tigrinum colectadas sobre carnívoros domésticos y en sangre de caninos domésticos de la provincia de San Luis (Argentina. Entre 2013 y 2015 se colectaron 56 garrapatas adultas de la especie A. tigrinum sobre caninos y felinos domésticos, y se obtuvieron 65 muestras sanguíneas de caninos. Tres garrapatas resultaron positivas mediante la amplificación de un fragmento del espacio intergénico 23S-5S ARNr del género Rickettsia, lográndose secuenciar uno de los productos positivos. La muestra positiva secuenciada también resultó positiva por PCRs de los fragmentos de los genes gltA y ompA. Las secuencias obtenidas resultaron tener una identidad del 100 % de identidad con “Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae”. Todas las muestras sanguíneas resultaron negativas. “Ca. R. andeanae” no ha sido asociada con enfermedad en humanos o animales, sin embargo, es necesario realizar nuevas investigaciones para lograr un mayor conocimiento del riesgo potencial de transmisión de rickettsiosis en la región. SUMMARY. “Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae” in Amblyomma tigrinum ticks from San Luis (Argentina. The aim of this study was to detect species of Rickettsia in Amblyomma tigrinum ticks collected from domestic carnivores and blood of domestic dogs of San Luis (Argentina. Between 2013 and 2015, 56 adults of A. tigrinum from dogs and cats and 65 blood from dogs were collected. Three ticks were positive by amplification of a 23S-5S rRNA fragment, and the sequence of one of the positive products was obtained. The positive sample sequenced was positive by PCRs of fragments of genes gltA and ompA. The sequences obtained were 100% identical with "Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae". All blood samples were negative. “Ca. R. andeanae” has not been associated with disease in humans or animals; however, further research is necessary to achieve greater

  5. 76 FR 414 - Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement for the Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN North) Rail...


    ... expected growth in population and resulting increases in intercity travel demand between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. As a result of this growth in travel demand, their travel delays from the growing... environmental analysis to help make corridor level decisions regarding the level of intercity passenger rail...

  6. 76 FR 39091 - San Luis Obispo Flood Control and Water Conservation District; Notice of Effectiveness of Surrender


    ... Flood Control and Water Conservation District; Notice of Effectiveness of Surrender On October 27, 1981... \\1\\ to the San Luis Obispo Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) for the Lopez... and Water Conservation District, 17 FERC ] 62,113 (1981). On October 24, 2005, the District filed an...

  7. Master Mentors: Linda Golian-Lui University of Hawaii-Hilo--George Oberle George Mason University, VA

    Library Journal, 2005


    Many movers and shakers inspire admiration and even awe, but those who inspire love are the mentors who have changed lives. That is why many grateful librarians nominated Linda Golian-Lui and George Oberle. Both of them were accidental librarians, work-study students whose supervisors encouraged them to become paraprofessionals, and then…

  8. Diagnóstico etiológico de la ceguera de Jorge Luis Borges basado en su obra literaria

    Mario Enrique de la Piedra Walter


    Conclusiones: Pese a que la miopía degenerativa es la etiología más probable de la ceguera de Jorge Luis Borges, no es posible descartar por completo otras oftalmopatías sin una exploración física adecuada. Se cumple el objetivo solo en el marco presuntivo.

  9. Una aproximación al poema “Arte Poética” de Jorge Luis Borges

    Lorena Chaves Salgado


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta una lectura del poema 'Arte poética' de Jorge Luis Borges desarrollando aspectos teóricos relacionados con el análisis poético. El poema describe la labor del poeta y que significa escribir poesía, entendido para Borges como un acto y proceso creativo.

  10. Innovations in Stream Restoration and Flood Control Design Meeting Flood Capacity and Environmental Goals on San Luis Obispo Creek

    Wayne Peterson


    Can a natural flowing creek be increased in drainage capacity to protect an adjacent community from flooding while still maintaining a natural habitat? San Luis Obispo constructed one such project on over a mile of Creek as a part of a housing development. The City found that some of the mitigation measures included in the project worked while others did not. In the...

  11. More than Meets the Eye: Adult Education for Critical Consciousness in Luis Camnitzer's Art

    Zorrilla, Ana Carlina


    The purpose of this study was to explore the connection between art and adult education for critical consciousness through the conceptual art of Luis Camnitzer. The theoretical framework grounding this research was critical public pedagogy, influenced by both critical theory and Stuart Hall's systems of representation (1997). This framework…

  12. Swordmanship as Mathematical Science: The Curious Case of Luis Pacheco de Narváez

    Felix Kurt Ernst Schmelzer


    Full Text Available From the 15th century on, the practitioners of the mechanical arts obtain a new self-confidence and do no longer want to be regarded merely as manual workers. In this context, they frequently underline the mathematical basis of their discipline in order to increase its value from the status of a mechanical to that of a liberal art. In the Spanish golden age period, the military art, amongst others, is conceived as a mathematical discipline. A particularly curious case is the Libro de las grandezas de la espada (1600 whose author, Luis Pacheco de Narváez (1570-1640, propagates the art of swordsmanship, which he names «the true skill», as a science based on the disciplines of the quadrivium. The present article outlines the arguments applied by Pacheco in a preliminary chapter in order to prove the mathematical and scientific status of his discipline.

  13. Presence of exotic birds in San Luis Potosi city, Mexican Plateau

    Ramírez-Albores, J.E.


    Full Text Available We recorded 12 exotic bird species in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and adjacent areas. Obtained data were collected during the period August 2012 to August 2013. From the total of recorded species, eight are confirmations (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus, Cairina moschata, Bubulcus ibis, Columba livia, Sturnus vulgaris, Turdus rufopalliatus, Quiscalus mexicanus and Passer domesticus and four are new records (Aratinga canicularis, Amazona oratrix, A. autumnalis and Cyanocorax yncas. Although not all exotic species represent a risk because of the lack of the necessary resources for the establishment of abundant viable populations, it is important to publicize their status in the region. Therefore, knowing the presence of exotic species in a new distribution area is important for monitoring its establishment and colonization, and defining management, control and eradication programs of these species, along with environmental education programs that would lead to a better understanding of impacts that these species can cause.




    Colombian physician Luis Benigno Patiño Camargo was one of the pioneers in the study of rickettsioses in South America, demonstrating for the first time in Colombia the presence of Rickettsia rickettsii as the etiological agent of a highly deadly exanthematic febrile syndrome in the 1930s. However, Patiño-Camargo performed other investigations from 1917-1943, which represent the first descriptions and scientific evidence of the presence of R. prowazekii and R. typhi in Colombia. Almost 60 years after the latest research conducted by Dr. Patiño-Camargo, rickettsioses were again a matter of interest and research. In the last decade over 20 research studies have been published, showing new endemic areas for R. rickettsii, as well as the description of new rickettsial species in Colombia. PMID:27074327

  15. Los hongos poliporoides de la Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí, México

    Victor I. Alvarez


    Full Text Available Se estudiaron 98 especies de hongos poliporoides basados en 358 especímenes procedentes de 15 localidades de nueve municipios de la Huasteca Potosina en el estado de San Luis Potosí. Las 98 especies se clasifican en tres órdenes de Agaricomycetes, el orden Gloeophyllales con una familia, un género y  una especie, el orden Hymenochaetales con 2 familias, 10 géneros y 33 especies, y el orden Polyporales con seis familias,  32 géneros y 64 especies. De éstas, 73 se citan por primera vez para el estado, incluidas Phellinus calcitratus, P. coffeatoporus y Ceriporia reticulata que son nuevos registros para México.Palabras clave: Gloeophyllales, Hymenochaetales, Polyporales, macrohongos xilófagos.


    Victor Dordio


    Full Text Available José Luis Andrés Sarasa y su equipo de investigadores de la Universidad de Murcia hizo un excelente análisis estructural de la producción de vino en la Región de Murcia en el marco del proyecto «Filières Innovantes» (2002-2005. Los temas del espacio y tiempo, la tipología de los productores, bajo la óptica del savoir-faire, han sido minuciosamente estudiados y presentados. Nuestra contribución a este estudio consistió en un capítulo sobre el turismo del vino, que no se trató anteriormente debido a la falta de tiempo.

  17. Survey of the University "Luis Vargas Torres" through Econometric Techniques. Comprehensive Income

    Ramón Rodríguez-Betancourt


    Full Text Available Government Programme 2013-2017 defines in higher education, the principles of the curriculum proposals of much public interest careers. In this regard the authorities of the Technical University "Luis Vargas Torres" of Esmeraldas, have taken the decision to evaluate its management and action against the development of the province and the country. Therefore, the objective of this research is the application of a survey of students of different specialties, Faculty of Engineering and Technology to explore their views on the educational process, research, outreach, culture and sport, stratified random sampling with results showing that key processes are completed by 66% on average is applied, indicating that the authority still has to set goals to overcome the short comings that have an emphasis on research.

  18. The Outreach Process in the Technical University Luis Vargas Torres, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

    Harold Oyarvide-Ramirez


    Full Text Available As part of the transformative process that takes place in the ecuadorian university is research that aims to improve the outreach model at the Technical University Luis Vargas Torres Esmeraldas developed. The need of jobs forces people to venture into small businesses, however, this process is done in an empirical way, without sufficient technical and administrative knowledge that will enable the company to manage efficiently and obtain funding sources. Hence the relevance of the study, which allows guide and train the business sector in order to conduct an efficient management and create new businesses that operate as a means for the transformation of the productive matrix. The research results are: the structure and function of outreach model, the key elements that support the creation of the Center for Business Development and Entrepreneurship Support and the socioeconomic impact achieved from the development of relations among universities, businesses and government.

  19. Saber mirar, saber contar. La narrativa cinematográfica de José Luis Borau

    Mérida Donoso, José Antonio


    Tesis doctoral inédita leída en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Departamento de Filología Española. Fecha de lectura: 29-9-2017 La presente tesis doctoral se adentra en una de las figuras fundamentales de la historia del cine español, José Luis Borau. Para ello se analiza su cine desde una perspectiva textual, atendiendo al emisor, el receptor, el contexto –de producción y sociopolítico- y el texto fílmico. Bajo este prisma se ofrece una visión del estilo...

  20. Luis Álvarez-Gaumé to speak at El Ser Creativo 2011

    Jordan Juras


    During the weekend of 19 October, 2011, Madrid will host this year’s El Ser Creativo – a three-day conference celebrating new ideas that can change the world.   Over the course of the conference, 21 speakers will have the chance to share their opinions and ideas for 21 minutes each – the estimated time that the human brain is able to maintain complete focus. Among the Nobel Prize winners, scientists, doctors, and thinkers invited to this year's conference is Luis Álvarez-Gaumé, a theoretical physicist at CERN. Having made significant contributions to the understanding of gravitation, minimal supergravity theory and supersymmetry, Álvarez-Gaumé was an obvious choice to be invited to share his thoughts about the theory and reality of current physics ideas with the conference attendees. A webcast will be available to stream the entire conference live.

  1. Un precedente de psicología conductual en la Universidad Nacional de San Luis (Argentina)

    Calabresi, Corina; Polanco, Fernando


    En 1970 un grupo de estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Psicología y Pedagogía de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina, tuvo un activo compromiso con el desarrollo de una psicología científica basada en la teoría conductual. El trabajo analiza la conformación de dicho movimiento estudiantil y la fundación, por parte del mismo, en 1974 del Centro de Estudios de Psicología Objetiva I. P. Pavlov (CEDEPO), el cual progresivamente cuestionó la hegemonía psicoanalítica en el medio académico...

  2. Masculinidad y violencia en el nuevo cine mexicano. Las películas de Luis Estrada

    Claudia Elizabeth Puente


    Full Text Available En este artículo exploraremos la conformación de las masculinidades a través de las representaciones cinematográficas en América latina, específicamente en la obra del mexicano Luis Estrada, parte fundamental del llamado Nuevo cine mexicano en sus obras exhibidas entre 1999 y 2010. Aunque el universo de estudios de masculinidades es cada vez más amplio, las representaciones cinematográficas no han sidomuy exploradas. Este artículo pretende hacer un análisis de las representaciones masculinas y su relación con las representaciones femeninas en el nuevo cine mexicano en un contexto de violencia desde una perspectiva crítica feminista.

  3. Geology and petrography of basement in south extreme in Sierra Grande de San Luis, Argentina

    Morosini, A.; Ortiz Suarez, A.


    In the south of the Sierra de San Luis is recognized a basement composed by La Escalerilla and Los Puquios granites, accompanied by schist, mylonite s and mafic-ultramafic rocks. The schists, La Escalerilla granite and the mafic -ultramafic rocks are affected by a regional metamorphism in anphibolites facies, the two first present a N-S foliation di ping to east. The mylonite s correspond to a second event of deformation, distributed in thin belts of NNE-SSO direction and inclination to east, developed in green schist to anphibolites facies. Los Puquios granite represents the more young of the basement rocks and the intrusion was associated with a shear zone. Los Puquios granite forms dikes and small plutons cutting La Escalerilla granite and micas chits in high cortical levels

  4. Offshore geology and geomorphology from Point Piedras Blancas to Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo County, California

    Watt, Janet Tilden; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Hartwell, Stephen R.; Roberts, Michelle


    Marine geology and geomorphology were mapped along the continental shelf and upper slope between Point Piedras Blancas and Pismo Beach, California. The map area is divided into the following three (smaller) map areas, listed from north to south: San Simeon, Morro Bay, and Point San Luis. Each smaller map area consists of a geologic map and the corresponding geophysical data that support the geologic mapping. Each geophysical data sheet includes shaded-relief multibeam bathymetry, seismic-reflection-survey tracklines, and residual magnetic anomalies, as well as a smaller version of the geologic map for reference. Offshore geologic units were delineated on the basis of integrated analysis of adjacent onshore geology, seafloor-sediment and rock samples, multibeam bathymetry and backscatter imagery, magnetic data, and high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles. Although the geologic maps are presented here at 1:35,000 scale, map interpretation was conducted at scales of between 1:6,000 and 1:12,000.

  5. The archaeological investigations of 1984 at Trinca “Izvorul lui Luca” site

    Oleg Leviţki


    Full Text Available The article presents the archaeological researches carried out at Trinca “Izvorul lui Luca” settlement in 1984. The paper is part of the series of articles initiated by the authors in order to include the research results of this unusual site. The discovered archaeological remains were treated in a complex way, presented on layers, complexes, categories and types. Thus, the discovered complexes were described, the pieces of inventory systematized according to the categories of materials from which they were made, while the ceramics is presented by categories, types and variants. The most relevant findings have been analysed in more detail, being related to those specific of other synchronous or partially synchronic neighbouring cultures. As a result, the existence of a set of artefacts has been established, having analogies in the Hallstattian Carpathian-Nistrian cultural environment and, respectively, in the Middle Danube area.

  6. Mineralogy of auriferous deposits of the quaternary deposits in the San Luis Province, Argentina

    Karlsson, A.; Ayala, R. . E mail:


    The objective of this work is to study the mineralogy of the sands and clays of the quaternary deposits in the San Luis Mountain, Argentina. A series of algorithms applied to the sand fraction has permitted to determine sedimentary discontinuities. The two micron fraction of the sediments has been studied by a quantification technique based on X-ray diffraction by means of oriented preparations and run with copper tube. These quaternary silts have received fluvial lateral contributions. The high cristalinidad of non expandibles and fireclay clay show the antique of the silts. The polygenic processes have generated a great variety of clay mineral species like a large quantities of illite and in lesser extend kaolinite and smectites. The illite was probably generated by diagenetic changes. The high cristalinidad of non expandibles and fireclay clay show the antique of the silts [es

  7. 1959: los intentos de derrocamiento de las dictaduras de Trujillo, Stroessner y Luis Somoza

    María Dolores Ferrero Blanco


    Full Text Available El triunfo de la revolución cubana trajo, entre sus múltiples consecuencias, la reanimación de la oposición a las tres dictaduras fuertes en 1959: la República Dominicana, Nicaragua y Paraguay. En el presente artículo se analizan las características generales de las mismas, los paralelismos y diferencias entre Trujillo, Stroessner y Somoza, al tiempo que se exponen los diversos intentos de los opositores exiliados para acabar con los regímenes tiránicos implantados en sus respectivos países. Las fuentes utilizadas proceden de los archivos nacionales y de relaciones exteriores, especialmente la documentación diplomática, que aporta una visión singular de los embajadores dependiendo de los destinos. Palabras clave: Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, Luis Somoza, Alfredo Stroessner, dictaduras iberoamericanas, revolución cubana, oposición a las dictaduras._______________________________Abstract: Cuban revolution success brought, among its multiple consequences, the liveliness of the political opposition against the three dictatorships in 1959: the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Paraguay. In the present article it is analyzed their general characteristics of the same ones, the differences between Trujillo, Stroessner and the Somoza's, as same as it is exposed the several attempts of the exiles op-ponents to end the implanted tyrannies' regimes in their respective countries. The sources used come from the national archives and foreign relations, especially the diplomatic docu-mentation, that contributes with a singular vision of the ambassadors depending on their destinies, an optics that serves us to know the relations established between the three dictators.Keywords: Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, Luis Somoza, Alfredo Stroessner, latinoamerican dictatorships, Cuban Revolution, dictatorships political opposition.    

  8. Genetic diversity of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex in San Luis Potosí, México


    Background Although epidemiologic and socioeconomic criteria and biomedical risk factors indicate high-priority for tuberculosis (TB) control in Mexico, molecular epidemiology studies of the disease in the country are scarce. Methods Complete sociodemographic and clinical data were obtained from 248 of the 432 pulmonary TB (PTB) cases confirmed from 2006 to 2010 on the population under epidemiological surveillance in the state of San Luis Potosí, México. From most PTB cases with complete data Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) isolates were recovered and their spoligotypes, lineages and families, geographic distribution and drug resistance determined. Results Pulmonary tuberculosis incidence ranged from 2.4 to 33.4 (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in the six state sanitary jurisdictions that were grouped in regions of low (jurisdictions I-II-III), intermediate (jurisdictions IV-V) and high incidence (jurisdiction VI) with 6.2, 17.3 and 33.4 rates, respectively. Most patients were poor, 50-years-median-age males and housewives. Among the 237 MTC spoligotyped isolates, 232 corresponded to M. tuberculosis (104 spoligotypes in 24 clusters) and five to M. bovis. The predominant Euro-American lineage was distributed all over the state, the East-Asian lineage (Beijing family) in the capital city, the Indo-Oceanic (Manila family) in eastern localities, and M. bovis in rural localities. Conclusions In San Luis Potosí TB affects mainly poor male adults and is caused by M. tuberculosis and to a minor extent by M. bovis. There is great genotypic diversity among M. tuberculosis strains, the Euro-American lineage being much more prevalent than the Indo-Oceanic and East-Asian lineages. The frequency of resistant strains is relatively low and not associated to any particular lineage. PMID:23635381

  9. Genetic diversity of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in San Luis Potosí, México.

    López-Rocha, Estela; Juárez-Álvarez, Julio; Riego-Ruiz, Lina; Enciso-Moreno, Leonor; Ortega-Aguilar, Francisco; Hernández-Nieto, Julián; Enciso-Moreno, José A; López-Revilla, Rubén


    Although epidemiologic and socioeconomic criteria and biomedical risk factors indicate high-priority for tuberculosis (TB) control in Mexico, molecular epidemiology studies of the disease in the country are scarce. Complete sociodemographic and clinical data were obtained from 248 of the 432 pulmonary TB (PTB) cases confirmed from 2006 to 2010 on the population under epidemiological surveillance in the state of San Luis Potosí, México. From most PTB cases with complete data Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) isolates were recovered and their spoligotypes, lineages and families, geographic distribution and drug resistance determined. Pulmonary tuberculosis incidence ranged from 2.4 to 33.4 (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in the six state sanitary jurisdictions that were grouped in regions of low (jurisdictions I-II-III), intermediate (jurisdictions IV-V) and high incidence (jurisdiction VI) with 6.2, 17.3 and 33.4 rates, respectively. Most patients were poor, 50-years-median-age males and housewives. Among the 237 MTC spoligotyped isolates, 232 corresponded to M. tuberculosis (104 spoligotypes in 24 clusters) and five to M. bovis. The predominant Euro-American lineage was distributed all over the state, the East-Asian lineage (Beijing family) in the capital city, the Indo-Oceanic (Manila family) in eastern localities, and M. bovis in rural localities. In San Luis Potosí TB affects mainly poor male adults and is caused by M. tuberculosis and to a minor extent by M. bovis. There is great genotypic diversity among M. tuberculosis strains, the Euro-American lineage being much more prevalent than the Indo-Oceanic and East-Asian lineages. The frequency of resistant strains is relatively low and not associated to any particular lineage.

  10. Sei così bella quando piangi. Lana Del Rey, voce e fenomeno della fragilità che è in noi

    Federico Zannoni


    Full Text Available Frailty is an ontological part of human experience and characterizes our times. Instability, insecurity, addictions, loneliness, difficulty in finding meaning and perspectives, desire to escape and nostalgia for an unknown and unreal past are predominant in the life of many young people and teenagers. In this context it is possible to consider the global success of the singer Lana Del Rey and of her melancholy and languid lyrics, but also of her videos and photographs, that are expression and celebration of an alleged existential frailty that allows her supporters, especially if adolescents or young women, to identify with her. The study of the phenomenon Lana Del Rey allow to move closer to those feelings of weakness and discomfort that are often hidden, unspoken, confined in the shadows for lack of courage or for shame, but that are, at the same time,  full of grace and of vital energy.  This is one of the tasks of pedagogy.

  11. ¡Viva nuestro Rey Fernando! Teatro, poder y fiesta en la ciudad colonial de Cartago, Provincia de Costa Rica (1809. Un Aporte Documental

    Guillermo Brenes Tencio


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo se transcribe el texto de la obra de teatro escrita para ser representada en la Plaza Mayor de la ciudad colonial de Cartago, con motivo de la jura y proclamación de Fernando VII como rey de España y de las Indias, en la noche del lunes 23 de enero de 1809. Esta actividad respondía a las festividades en honor del monarca y fueron registradas en el libro de actas del ayuntamiento. A pesar de que allí no apareció por ningún lugar la figura o efigie del rey cautivo en Francia, el objeto central de la puesta en escena era memorar su nombre en detrimento del de Napoleón Bonaparte.

  12. Organizational strategy use in children aged 5-7: standardization and validity of the Rey Complex Figure Organizational Strategy Score (RCF-OSS).

    Martens, R; Hurks, P P M; Jolles, J


    This study investigated psychometric properties (standardization and validity) of the Rey Complex Figure Organizational Strategy Score (RCF-OSS) in a sample of 217 healthy children aged 5-7 years. Our results showed that RCF-OSS performance changes significantly between 5 and 7 years of age. While most 5-year-olds used a local approach when copying the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF), 7-year-olds increasingly adopted a global approach. RCF-OSS performance correlated significantly, but moderately with measures of ROCF accuracy, executive functioning (fluency, working memory, reasoning), and non-executive functioning (visual-motor integration, visual attention, processing speed, numeracy). These findings seem to indicate that RCF-OSS performance reflects a range of cognitive skills at 5 to 7 years of age, including aspects of executive and non-executive functioning.

  13. Solution to the colloidal silica problem in the San Luis Potosi power plant; Solucion del problema de silice coloidal en la central termoelectrica San Luis Potosi

    Lopez Rubalcava, Humberto [Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Mexico, D. F. (Mexico); Mercado, Sergio [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico); Guerra, Protasio [Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    In June 1986 the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) made tests to raise the load of the first normalized unit of 350 MW of the San Luis Potosi Power Plant; although the new system for colloidal silica removal had not yet been installed, consisting of a hollow fibers ultra-filtration system with a capacity of 110 m{sup 3}, that for the first time would be applied in a Mexican power plant. It was decided to install this system due to the fact that the well water supplying this power plant comes from a geothermal reservoir, with water at 38 degrees Celsius and a silica content of 15 to 250 parts per billion (ppb) of colloidal silica, which makes it necessary to eliminate it in order to enable the boiler operation at its design conditions (175 bars (2573 psig) and 540 degrees Celsius). Although a demineralizing plant existed for the boiler feed water make up, the ion exchange resins were not able to retain the colloidal silica. Also, the First Unit operation was held at 25% of its rated capacity; in trying to raise the output to 50%, the silica concentration in the boiler water went over the allowed limits, resulting in a concentration of 1,500 ppb in the boiler water and 28 ppb in the steam. One the ultra-filtration plant was installed, the power plant operated at full rated capacity with silica concentrations in the steam lower than the permitted concentration, i.e. 10 ppb . By the end of 1987 the Second Unit of 350 MW was put into operation with the ultra-filtration system in operation, reaching full load without any problem. Once confirmed the efficiency of the ultra-filtration for the colloidal silica removal, CFE will apply this system in other power plants of the country having the same problem. [Espanol] En junio de 1986, la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) efectuo pruebas de elevacion de carga en la primera unidad normalizada de 350 MW de la central termoelectrica San Luis Potosi; sin embargo, aun no se terminaba de instalar el nuevo sistema para la

  14. Un paso de América: Alfonso Reyes, Victoria Ocampo y el cosmopolitismo en la década de 1930 / Un paso de América: Alfonso Reyes, Victoria Ocampo and the Cosmopolitanism in the 1930’s

    Gorica Majstorovic


    Full Text Available El artículo trata de las construcciones americanistas del cosmopolitismo (entendido en relación a la geopolítica imperial en los textos de Victoria Ocampo y Alfonso Reyes de los años treinta. Al analizar su relación con los movimientos de inmigración y la subsiguiente revalorización de la nación, el artículo postula que en Alfonso Reyes la mediación cosmopolita es «des-jerarquizada», ubicada casi siempre en una «periferia», a diferencia de Victoria Ocampo cuyas visiones cosmopolitas son mediadas desde un «centro» —ya sea París o Buenos Aires— y relacionadas con una jerarquía de valores estéticos y políticos.The article deals with Americanist constructions of cosmopolitanism (understood in relation to the imperial geopolitics in the texts of Victoria Ocampo and Alfonso Reyes in the 1930’s. Upon analyzing its relationship with immigration movements and the subsequent revaluation of the nation, the article suggests that in Alfonso Reyes cosmopolitan mediation is «dis-hierarchized», almost always located in a periphery, unlike Victoria Ocampo whose cosmopolitan visions are mediated from a «center» —either Paris or Buenos Aires— and related to a hierarchy of aesthetic and political values.

  15. Brazilian children performance on Rey’s auditory verbal learning paradigm Desempenho de crianças brasileiras no paradigma de aprendizagem auditivo-verbal de Rey

    Rosinda Martins Oliveira


    Full Text Available The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning paradigm is worldwide used in clinical and research settings. There is consensus about its psychometric robustessness and that its various scores provide relevant information about different aspects of memory and learning. However, there are only a few studies in Brazil employing this paradigm and none of them with children. This paper describes the performance of 119 Brazilian children in a version of Rey´s paradigm. The correlations between scores showed the internal consistency of this version. Also, the pattern of results observed was very similar to that observed in foreign studies with adults and children. There was correlation between age in months and recall scores, showing that age affects the rhythm of learning. These results were discussed based on the information processing theory.O paradigma de aprendizagem auditivo-verbal de Rey é utilizado em todo o mundo, tanto em pesquisa quanto na clínica. Há consenso sobre sua robustez psicométrica e de que seus vários escores fornecem informações relevantes sobre diferentes aspectos da memória e da aprendizagem. No entanto, existem apenas alguns poucos estudos no Brasil envolvendo este paradigma e nenhum deles com crianças. Este artigo descreve o desempenho de 119 crianças brasileiras em uma versão do paradigma de Rey. As correlações entre escores mostraram a consistência interna desta versão. Além disso, o padrão de resultados encontrado foi muito similar àquele observado em estudos estrangeiros com adultos e crianças. Verificou-se correlação entre idade em meses e os escores de evocação, mostrando que a idade afeta o ritmo de aprendizagem. Estes resultados foram discutidos a partir da teoria do processamento da informação.

  16. El miedo como arma de dominación: admiración, pavor y victoria en la imagen del rey guerrero en el helenismo inicial

    Molina Marín, Antonio Ignacio


    Full Text Available The King was the most important figure of all the Hellenistic period. He was an invincible warrior, wise ruler, god, general and medicine man. All these aspects of Hellenistic kingship are well known, however there is one subject that has not been studied by scholars, namely the capacity of Hellenistic kings to scare their enemies with their mere presence. In this paper we analyze stories attaching to Perdiccas, Olympias, Pyrrhus and Alexander the Great. Our opinion is that all these stories are based on the same model, the fight between Achilles and Trojans in the Iliad (XVIII 203-23. The aegis is studied as the mythical justification of the invincibility and terribleness of the kings. Furthermore, we consider the possibility that this phenomenon was associated with the Macedonian kings prior to Alexander.El rey fue la figura más importante de todo el período helenístico. Fue un guerrero invencible, un gobernante sabio, dios, general y curador. Todos estos aspectos sobre la monarquía helenística son bien conocidos, sin embargo hay una cuestión que no ha sido estudiada por los investigadores, es decir, la capacidad de los reyes helenísticos para hacer huir a sus enemigos conmoviéndolos por el miedo con su mera presencia. En este artículo analizamos historias relacionadas con Pérdicas, Olimpíade, Pirro y Alejandro Magno. Nuestra opinión es que todas estas historias están basadas en el mismo modelo, la lucha entre Aquiles y los troyanos en la Ilíada (XVIII 203-23. La égida es estudiada como la justificación mítica de la invencibilidad y terribilidad de los reyes. Además, contemplamos la posibilidad de que este fenómeno estuviese asociado con los reyes de Macedonia antes de Alejandro.

  17. Escrituras, hurtos y reelaboraciones de Luis Hurtado de Toledo (1523-1590): edición de su obra literaria y estudio de su obra impresa

    Gamba Corradine, Jimena


    [ES] La tesis doctoral «Escrituras, hurtos y reelaboraciones de Luis Hurtado de Toledo (1523-1590): edición de su obra literaria y estudio de su obra impresa» consiste en la edición de una parte del corpus literario adjudicado a Luis Hurtado de Toledo. Se editan aquí, con notas al texto, los romances en pliego resguardados en RM 259 + [260] (Romance de las notables cosas que tiene la imperial ciudad de Toledo), RM 261 + [261] y 263 (Romance nuevamente hecho por Luis Hurtado, en el qual se co...

  18. High rates of energy expenditure and water flux in free-ranging Point Reyes mountain beavers Aplodontia rufa phaea

    Crocker, D.E.; Kofahl, N.; Fellers, G.D.; Gates, N.B.; Houser, D.S.


    We measured water flux and energy expenditure in free-ranging Point Reyes mountain beavers Aplodontia rufa phaea by using the doubly labeled water method. Previous laboratory investigations have suggested weak urinary concentrating ability, high rates of water flux, and low basal metabolic rates in this species. However, free-ranging measurements from hygric mammals are rare, and it is not known how these features interact in the environment. Rates of water flux (210 ?? 32 mL d-1) and field metabolic rates (1,488 ?? 486 kJ d-1) were 159% and 265%, respectively, of values predicted by allometric equations for similar-sized herbivores. Mountain beavers can likely meet their water needs through metabolic water production and preformed water in food and thus remain in water balance without access to free water. Arginine-vasopressin levels were strongly correlated with rates of water flux and plasma urea : creatinine ratios, suggesting an important role for this hormone in regulating urinary water loss in mountain beavers. High field metabolic rates may result from cool burrow temperatures that are well below lower critical temperatures measured in previous laboratory studies and suggest that thermoregulation costs may strongly influence field energetics and water flux in semifossorial mammals. ?? 2007 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved.

  19. Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure - copy and immediate recall: Normative data for the Latin American Spanish speaking adult population.

    Rivera, D; Perrin, P B; Morlett-Paredes, A; Galarza-Del-Angel, J; Martínez, C; Garza, M T; Saracho, C P; Rodríguez, W; Rodríguez-Agudelo, Y; Rábago, B; Aliaga, A; Schebela, S; Luna, M; Longoni, M; Ocampo-Barba, N; Fernández, E; Esenarro, L; García-Egan, P; Arango-Lasprilla, J C


    To generate normative data on the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCF) across 11 countries in Latin America, with country-specific adjustments for gender, age, and education, where appropriate. The sample consisted of 3,977 healthy adults who were recruited from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and, Puerto Rico. Each subject was administered the ROCF as part of a larger neuropsychological battery. A standardized five-step statistical procedure was used to generate the norms. The final multiple linear regression models explained 7-34% of the variance in ROCF copy scores and 21-41% of the variance in immediate recall scores. Although t-tests showed significant differences between men and women on ROCF copy and immediate recall scores, none of the countries had an effect size larger than 0.3. As a result, gender-adjusted norms were not generated. The present study is the first to create norms for the ROCF in Latin America. As a result, this study will have important implications for the formation and practice of neuropsychology in this region.

  20. Reseña de Reyes, Graciela (2002. Metapragmática, lenguaje sobre lenguaje, ficciones y figuras

    M. Belén Alvarado Ortega


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0cm; mso-para-margin-right:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} Se trata de una reseña de Reyes, Graciela (2002. Metapragmática, lenguaje sobre lenguaje, ficciones y figuras.

  1. Reseña de Reyes, Graciela (2002. Metapragmática, lenguaje sobre lenguaje, ficciones y figuras.

    M. Belen Alvarado Ortega


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0cm; mso-para-margin-right:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} Se trata de una reseña de Reyes, Graciela (2002. Metapragmática, lenguaje sobre lenguaje, ficciones y figuras, Valladolid, Secretariado de Publicaciones e Intercambio Editorial Universidad de Valladolid.

  2. Magnetic properties of the germanides RE3Pt4Ge6 (RE=Y, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy)

    Eustermann, Fabian; Eilers-Rethwisch, Matthias; Renner, Konstantin; Hoffmann, Rolf-Dieter; Poettgen, Rainer; Janka, Oliver; Oldenburg Univ.


    The germanides RE 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 (RE=Y, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy) have been synthesized by arc-melting of the elements followed by inductive annealing to improve the crystallinity and allow for structural order. The compounds have been studied by powder X-ray diffraction; additionally the structure of Y 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 has been refined from single-crystal X-ray diffractometer data. It exhibits a (3+1)D modulated structure, indicating isotypism with Ce 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 . The crystal structure can be described as an intergrowth between YIrGe 2 - and CaBe 2 Ge 2 -type slabs along [100]. Temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility measurements showed Pauli paramagnetism for Y 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 and Curie-Weiss paramagnetism for Pr 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 and Nd 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 . Sm 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 exhibits van Vleck paramagnetism, while antiferromagnetic ordering at T N =8.1(1) K and T N =11.0(1) K is observed for Gd 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 and Tb 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 , respectively.

  3. Alfonso Reyes en dos tiempos. Entre el arielismo y la doble experiencia literaria: "La venganza creadora" y "La cena"

    Pablo Aparicio Durán


    Full Text Available Es sabido que Alfonso Reyes dejó una enorme impronta intelectual y literaria no sólo en la literatura de su país, Méjico, sino en toda la literatura hispanoamericana. Pero, aparte de las dimensiones de la huella dejada por el autor, lo realmente interesante es el terreno que pisa, y ese, para nosotros, es el terreno ideológico. Así, en el presente artículo ofrecemos una panorámica general sobre la significación cultural del autor mejicano, precisamente para tratar de delimitar que una cosa son las ideologías culturales explícitas y otra cosa es el inconsciente ideológico/literario implícito. En este sentido, se ha efectuado el análisis de dos cuentos del prolífico escritor de Monterrey (La venganza creadora y La cena en relación con otros dos de Edgar Allan Poe y Ernest Hemingway (Allá en Michigan y La casa Usher, respectivamente.

  4. Reabilitation of degraded area by erosion, using soil bioengineering techniques in Bacanga river basin, Sao Luis City - Maranhao State, Brazil.

    Teixeira Guerra, A. J.; Rodrigues Bezerra, J. F.; da Mota Lima, L. D.; Silva Mendonça, J. K.; Vieira Souza, U. D.; Teixeira Guerra, T.


    The aim of this paper is to assess the stages of rehabilitation of a degraded site by erosion, in Salina/Sacavém district, São Luís City, considering geomorphologic characteristics and soil bioengineering techniques. This technique has been applied in different situations to rehabilitate degraded areas, with positive results from the use of biodegradable materials (e.g. vegetal fibres, wooden stakes and re-vegetation). These techniques stabilize the soil at low cost and improve the environment. Bioengineering involves the planned and strategic application of selected materials, involving biodegradable materials, often in combination with 'hard engineering' structures constructed from stone, concrete and steel. The settlement of São Luís was established in 1612 and has evolved in distinct phases. Rapid urban growth was associated with industrialization in the second half of the 18th Century. Rapid population and urban growth has intensified problems, compounded by poor planning and improper soil use. São Luís, like many other Brazilian cities, has experienced rapid population growth in recent decades, which has created a series of socio-economic and environmental problems, including accelerated soil erosion. Sacavém is one of these communities where natural and human factors contribute to the severe gully erosion. The local lithology is mainly Tertiary sandstones and, to a lesser extent, shales, argillites and siltstones, all of which belong to the Barreiras Formation. Weathering on these rocks produces erodible soils, including lithosols, latosols, concretionary red/yellow clay soils and concretionary plinthosols. Thus, erodible soils and regolith are subject to high erosion rates, especially on steeper slopes subject to additional human interventions. Furthermore, although regional slopes are quite gentle, there is localized high relative relief. Sacavém vegetation, in the gullied area, consists of brushwood. Secondary mixed forest and brushwood are the dominant vegetal cover adjacent to the urban gullies. The local climate is humid tropical, with average annual temperatures of 26°C, reaching higher values in October to December and lower from April to June. Rainfall distribution throughout the year is irregular, marked by two very distinct seasons (rainy and dry). The highly seasonal erosive rains incise a complex series of soil erosion landforms, mainly gullies in this area. The following procedures have been carried out: fieldwork with monitoring of gully head erosion; Environmental Education Program; handcraft workshop regarding the prodution of geotextiles from Buriti fiber. The rehabilitation of this degraded site, follows these stages: 1. Acquisition of equipment and materials; 2. Contracting workers; 3. Reshaping selected gully walls; 4. Adding organic palm materials to the topsoil and ~30 kg of grass seeds; 5. Application of geotextile anchored on the ground by using wooden stakes; 6. Maintenance work with photographic records; 7. Photo comparison to measure the vegetal cover percentage, with the aid of geoprocessing software. Some of the gully walls presented steep slopes, around 90 degrees, and therefore, it was necessary to reshape them for the application of soil bioengineering techniques. It was selected a sample area of 2.000 m2 to be rehabilitated. The knowledge of soil and geomorphological characteristics was essential to understand surface runoff, considering the direction of water flows. Due to the difficulties in diverting the flows, which would require more extensive engineering works, the channel was maintained, and the base of the slopes was strengthened to support the flows. In the upper part of this area, which had ~8° slope angle, contour lines were surveyed and barriers of wooden stakes were used to retard runoff velocity from adjacent vegetated slopes. Some slopes in this part had a 45° slope angle, due to the local topography. However, this angle is considered too steep for the application of palm-mats. In some parts of gully, work was completed to reshape the gullies and construct the ~12 m high terraces using the gully material. Tractor work was impeded, because on the second terrace the tractor had difficulty in working, because of the high sand content, which made the slope unstable. These terraces are crossed by a flow convergence area, which was formed by men inserting sand bags, decomposing palm leaves and grass seeds, to form a vegetated channel after grass growth. Key-words: Rehabilitation, gully, geotextile, soil bioengineering.

  5. Provencance of the late Proterozoic to early Cambrian metaclastic sediments ot the Sierra de San Luis (Eastern Sierras Pampeanas) and Cordillera Oriental, Argentina

    Drobe, M.; López de Luchi, M.; Steenken, A.


    Provenance studies have been performed utilising major and trace elements, Nd systematics, whole rock Pb-Pb isotopes and zircon U/Pb SHRIMP data on metasedimentary rocks of the Sierra de San Luis (Nogolí Metamorphic Complex, Pringles Metamorphic Complex, Conlara Metamorphic Complex and San Luis...... is depicted for all the complexes using major and trace elements. The Pringles Metamorphic Complex shows indications for crustal recycling, pointing to a bimodal provenance. Major volcanic input has to be rejected due to Th/Sc, Y/Ni and Cr/V ratios for all units. The eNd(540 Ma) data is lower for the San Luis...... Formation and higher for the Conlara Metamorphic Complex, as compared to the other units, in which a good consistency is given. This is similar to the TDM ages, where the metapsammitic samples of the San Luis Formation are slightly older. The spread of data is largest for the Pringles Metamorphic Complex...

  6. Introduction to the Special Collection of Papers on the San Luis Basin Sustainability Metrics Project: A Methodology for Evaluating Regional Sustainability

    This paper introduces a collection of four articles describing the San Luis Basin Sustainability Metrics Project. The Project developed a methodology for evaluating regional sustainability. This introduction provides the necessary background information for the project, descripti...

  7. Expansão espacial da leishmaniose visceral americana em São Luis, Maranhão, Brasil Space expansion of the American visceral leishmaniasis in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil

    Wellington da Silva Mendes


    Full Text Available Descreve-se a ocupação espacial no município de São Luis e a expansão da leishmaniose visceral americana(LVA na mesma. Foram analisadas as fichas de registro de atendimento de casos de leishmaniose visceral da Diretoria Regional da Fundação Nacional de Saúde do Maranhão no período de setembro de 1982 a dezembro de 1996, assim como documentos oficiais sobre a ocupação espacial do município. Foi observado que os casos de LVA ao longo da evolução da epidemia em São Luis apresentaram distribuição espacial e concentração semelhantes a apresentada pelo fluxo migratório na cidade no mesmo período.The space occupation and the expansion of American visceral leishmaniasis (AVL were described in the municipality of São Luis, Maranhão, Northeast Brazil. AVL medical notes from the Fundação Nacional de Saúde as well as official documents about the space occupation were analyzed from September 1982 to December 1996. AVL cases were more likely to occur in recently settled suburbs and tended to follow the same spatial pattern observed for land occupations secondary to migratory fluxes.

  8. Charles River

    Information on the efforts of the US EPA, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the municipalities within the Charles River Watershed and nongovernmental organizations to improve the water quality of the Charles River.

  9. Ampliación de la distribución de Physalaemus biligonigerus (Cope, 1860 (Anura: Leiuperidae en la provincia de San Luis, Argentina

    Moreno, Liliana


    Full Text Available República Argentina, San Luis, Departamento Gral. Pedernera, Villa Mercedes (33º42'18,71" S 66º26'27,98" W. Fecha de colección: 29/XII/ 2006. Col: R. Gutierrez y L. Moreno. Los ejemplares están depositados en la Colección Herpetológica de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis (CH-UNSL 0389 – CH-UNSL 0390.

  10. Transient Electromagnetic Soundings Near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, San Luis Valley, Colorado (2006 Field Season)

    Fitterman, David V.; de Sozua Filho, Oderson A.


    Time-domain electromagnetic (TEM) soundings were made near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado to obtain subsurface information of use to hydrologic modeling. Seventeen soundings were made to the east and north of the sand dunes. Using a small loop TEM system, maximum exploration depths of about 75 to 150 m were obtained. In general, layered earth interpretations of the data found that resistivity decreases with depth. Comparison of soundings with geologic logs from nearby wells found that zones logged as having increased clay content usually corresponded with a significant resistivity decrease in the TEM determined model. This result supports the use of TEM soundings to map the location of the top of the clay unit deposited at the bottom of the ancient Lake Alamosa that filled the San Luis Valley from Pliocene to middle Pleistocene time.

  11. Visual Resource Analysis for Solar Energy Zones in the San Luis Valley

    Sullivan, Robert [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Environmental Science Division; Abplanalp, Jennifer M. [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Environmental Science Division; Zvolanek, Emily [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Environmental Science Division; Brown, Jeffery [Bureau of Land Management, Washington, DC (United States). Dept. of the Interior


    This report summarizes the results of a study conducted by Argonne National Laboratory’s (Argonne’s) Environmental Science Division for the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The study analyzed the regional effects of potential visual impacts of solar energy development on three BLM-designated solar energy zones (SEZs) in the San Luis Valley (SLV) in Colorado, and, based on the analysis, made recommendations for or against regional compensatory mitigation to compensate residents and other stakeholders for the potential visual impacts to the SEZs. The analysis was conducted as part of the solar regional mitigation strategy (SRMS) task conducted by BLM Colorado with assistance from Argonne. Two separate analyses were performed. The first analysis, referred to as the VSA Analysis, analyzed the potential visual impacts of solar energy development in the SEZs on nearby visually sensitive areas (VSAs), and, based on the impact analyses, made recommendations for or against regional compensatory mitigation. VSAs are locations for which some type of visual sensitivity has been identified, either because the location is an area of high scenic value or because it is a location from which people view the surrounding landscape and attach some level of importance or sensitivity to what is seen from the location. The VSA analysis included both BLM-administered lands in Colorado and in the Taos FO in New Mexico. The second analysis, referred to as the SEZ Analysis, used BLM visual resource inventory (VRI) and other data on visual resources in the former Saguache and La Jara Field Offices (FOs), now contained within the San Luis Valley FO (SLFO), to determine whether the changes in scenic values that would result from the development of utility-scale solar energy facilities in the SEZs would affect the quality and quantity of valued scenic resources in the SLV region as a whole. If the regional effects were judged to be significant, regional

  12. [Physical factors influencing the floristic relationships of pinyon pine (Pinaceae) from San Luis Potosi, Mexico].

    Romero, Angélica; Luna, Mario; García, Edmundo


    In plant communities, the species distribution patterns and their relationships with environmental factors are of central importance in ecology. In San Luis Potosí of Mexico, woodlands of Pinus cembroides and P. johannis are sympatric, but P. cembroides tends to be located in South and Southwest slopes, in more disturbed sites; unlike, P. johannis, is mostly distributed in mesic areas, in North and Northeast slopes. The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of some physical factors on the floristic similarity of pinyon pine P. cembroides and P. johannis. The study area was located in the Sierra San Miguelito, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. We selected 40 sampling units spread over an area of 50km2. In each unit, we laid out two 20m long lines perpendicular to each other, in which we recorded cover data of the plant species intercepted. We developed two data matrices, the first one including cover values of 91 species, and the second one, considering seven topographical, climatic, and solar radiation variables. We applied cluster analysis and ordination to explore the influence of environmental variables on the floristic differentiation of pinyon pine woodlands. Clustering showed six groups, the first three characterized by P. cembroides. The ordination showed that variance represented by the first three axes was 65.9%. Axis 1 was positively correlated with altitude and negatively with mean annual temperature; axes two and three, showed low correlation with the variables tested. P. cembroides woodlands and accompanying flora tend to be located in lower altitude, higher mean annual temperature, and mainly in South-Southwestern slopes. In contrast, stands of P. johannis, mixed stands of P. johannis-P. cembroides, and Quercus potosina, were usually founded in greater altitudes, mean annual temperature slightly lower, and North-Northeastern exposure. The sites of these monospecific and mixed woodlands with associated species, indicators of environmental variables


    Alexandru MAZILU


    Full Text Available Ideile lui Rousseau au avut un impact major asupra societăţii la sfârşitul sec. al XVIII-lea şi pe parcursul întregii perioade a sec. al XIX-lea. Aceste idei au imprimat un suflu modern cugetului său, fiind considerat şi un ideologist politic, o voce puternică a Revoluţiei Franceze şi un pioner al curentului romantic. În legătură cu domeniul nostru de studiu, paradoxurile concepţiei politice ale lui Rousseau se referă la contradicţia dintre aspiraţiile modernităţii şi criticile violente ale progresului social. El pune accentul pe contradicţia dintre încrede-rea deplină în ,,contractul social”, ca pattern cultural şi lipsa de încredere în ,,educaţia socială”. Unicul mod de a depăşi aceste contradicţii este abordarea noului model al filosofiei educaţiei bazat pe reforme radicale pentru a facilita autodezvoltarea individului.   THE PARADOXES OF POLITICAL CONCEPTION IN THE WORK OF JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAUHis ideas have a big impact on the society at the end of the 18th century and the whole 19th century period. These ideas transform his spirit into a modern one, as well as a political ideologist, main voice of the French Revolution and pioneer of the Romantic Movement. Related to our article subject, Rousseau's political conceptual paradoxes refer to the contradiction between moderni-ty aspiration and the violent critic of the social progress. He emphasizes the contradiction between full trust of the "social contract", as a cultural pattern and the distrust of the "social education." The only way to leave the contradictions behind is his new education philosophy pattern based on a radical reform in order for the individual to develop himself.

  14. Luis Moya y las bóvedas tabicadas en la posguerra española

    Adell, Josep Mª


    Full Text Available In the precarious economic conditions prevailing after the Spanish Civil War, tiled vault construction was resumed to economize on steel and capitalize on the cheap labour available at the time.
    Luis Moya excelled in this area, re-exploring this construction technique. Moya benefited in this regard from his thorough knowledge of the early twentieth century works of the Guastavinos in New York acquired during his visits to the U.S.A. with Professor Collins.
    His architecture featured tiled vaults with medium-sized spans, normally reinforced with exposed internal Basque tiled arches or ribbing on the extrados.
    He described his architectural experimentation in this field in a book titled "Bóvedas tabicadas" (tile vaults, one of the few extensive treatises on the subject, which surpassed the papers published earlier by Fornés-Gurrea and Bergós.

    Después de la Guerra Civil, y ante la precaria situación económica del pais, se volvió a retomar en España, la construcción tabicada como medio de encomizar acero en la edificación, y aprovechando la mano de obra barata del momento.
    Luis Moya destacó en este aspecto, reinvestigando sobre la construcción tabicada siendo perfectamente conocedor de la obra de los Guastavino en Nueva York, de principios de siglo, por sus visitas realizadas acompañadas del Profesor Collins a EEUU.
    La arquitectura de Moya destacó por aplicar soluciones de bóvedas tabicadas de mediana luz que normalmente reforzaba empleando arcos tabicados internos vistos, o bien acostillando las bóvedas por sus trasdós.
    Esta labor arquitectónica basada en su propia experimentación constructiva, la publicó en el libro "Bóvedas Tabicadas", siendo uno de los pocos tratados amplios sobre este tema existente, superando con él a lo publicado por Fornés-Gurrea y Bergós con anterioridad.

  15. Métrica y Arquitectura del Hospital de los Reyes Católicos en Santiago de Compostela

    Grande Nieto, Víctor


    Full Text Available The Catholic Kings protected several hospitals in different cities of the peninsula but promoted two directly: one in Santiago and one more in Granada, that present in its idea matrix the architectural corpus of the container well defined and isolated in that are included multitude of functions and of assistances. They are not simply hospitals, his representative function like Real building for public interest is so much important that the sanitary, it is not casual that are built in two cities in the that the Kings needed to have more presence. The grain attainment of the Crown was not so it awards his factories a decoration determined, else that they inserted in the space urban like symbolic monument of the new image of power. The analyses drawing corresponding show us a well tied building, in the that checks that Egas based in the true measures, the principle of the small whole numbers and the scale system, to apply the Arts Quadrivium to the Real Hospital and like this dignify, and the architectural discipline achieve the status of Greater Art.Aunque los Reyes Católicos protegieron varios hospitales en diferentes ciudades de la península, promovieron dos directamente: el de Santiago y el de Granada, que presentan en su idea matriz el corpus arquitectónico del contenedor bien definido y aislado en el que caben multitud de funciones y de asistencias. No son por lo tanto simplemente hospitales, su función representativa como edificio Real para interés público es tanto o más importante que la sanitaria, ya que no es casual que estén construidos en dos ciudades en las que los Reyes justamente necesitaban tener más presencia. El gran logro de la Corona no fue tanto el otorgar a sus fábricas una decoración determinada, sino el insertarlas en el espacio urbano como monumento simbólico de la nueva imagen de poder. Los análisis planimétricos correspondientes nos muestran un edificio bien trabado, en el cual se comprueba que Egas se bas

  16. Una aproximación al poema “Arte Poética” de Jorge Luis Borges

    Lorena Chaves Salgado


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta una lectura del poema 'Arte poética' de Jorge Luis Borges desarrollando aspectos teóricos relacionados con el análisis poético. El poema describe la labor del poeta y qué significa escribir poesía, entendido para Borges como un acto y proceso creativo.

  17. Fé antropológica como ponte entre fé e ideología em Juan Luis Segundo

    Alvori Ahlert


    Full Text Available Este texto busca a compreensão da ideología em sua relação com a fé na teologia latinoamericana a partir da concepção de fé antropológica na obra de Juan Luis Segundo. Acreditamos que a questão da ideología, e sua relação com a fé, continua sendo urna questão atual no pensamento cristão, face aos velhos e novos problemas humanos que o novo sáculo vem apresentando. Concentramos nossa análise nos escritos de Juan Luis Segundo, um dos principáis representantes dessa teologia, por ser este teólogo que, ao nosso ver, mais trabalhou, de forma explícita, a questão da ideología e sua relação com a fé no contexto latinoamericanoThis text searchs the understanding of the ideology in its relation with the faith in the Latin American theology from the conception of antropology faith in the workmanship of Juan Luis Segundo. We believe that the question of the ideology, and its relation with the faith, continue being a current question in the Christian thought, face to the old and new human problems that the new century comes presenting. We concentrate our analysis on the writings of Juan Luis Segundo, one of the main representatives of this theology, for being this theologian who, to ours to see, more worked, of explicit form, the question of the ideology and its relation with the faith in the Latin American context

  18. Contradictions porteñas: modernity, modernism and modernization in Jorge Luis Borges during the 1920’s

    Pedro Demenech


    Full Text Available The aim of the article is discuss the concepts of modernity, modernism and modernization from the propositions raised by Marshal Berman and Néstor García Canclini. The fierce transformation of Buenos Aires during the 1920’s will be the focus of the analysis. To this end, we use the work of argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges to comprehend the development of these processes in the urban space of Buenos Aires.

  19. El modelo ideal de interactividad es la conversación. Entrevista a José Luis Orihuela

    Juan Salvador Victoria Mas


    Full Text Available José Luis Orihuela, "profesor universitario, conferenciante y bloguer" - tal y como él mismo se define-, habla sobre la interactividad como una potencia o una capacidad de los dispositivos (ordenadores y redes que actualiza o ejecuta el usuario en la medida en que inicia acciones que generan una respuesta por parte del sistema o de otros usuarios. Tras unas preguntas para adentrarnos en dicho concepto, Orihuela relaciona interactividad con diálogo y otros conceptos.

  20. Age and education adjusted normative data and discriminative validity for Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test in the elderly Greek population.

    Messinis, Lambros; Nasios, Grigorios; Mougias, Antonios; Politis, Antonis; Zampakis, Petros; Tsiamaki, Eirini; Malefaki, Sonia; Gourzis, Phillipos; Papathanasopoulos, Panagiotis


    Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) is a widely used neuropsychological test to assess episodic memory. In the present study we sought to establish normative and discriminative validity data for the RAVLT in the elderly population using previously adapted learning lists for the Greek adult population. We administered the test to 258 cognitively healthy elderly participants, aged 60-89 years, and two patient groups (192 with amnestic mild cognitive impairment, aMCI, and 65 with Alzheimer's disease, AD). From the statistical analyses, we found that age and education contributed significantly to most trials of the RAVLT, whereas the influence of gender was not significant. Younger elderly participants with higher education outperformed the older elderly with lower education levels. Moreover, both clinical groups performed significantly worse on most RAVLT trials and composite measures than matched cognitively healthy controls. Furthermore, the AD group performed more poorly than the aMCI group on most RAVLT variables. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis was used to examine the utility of the RAVLT trials to discriminate cognitively healthy controls from aMCI and AD patients. Area under the curve (AUC), an index of effect size, showed that most of the RAVLT measures (individual and composite) included in this study adequately differentiated between the performance of healthy elders and aMCI/AD patients. We also provide cutoff scores in discriminating cognitively healthy controls from aMCI and AD patients, based on the sensitivity and specificity of the prescribed scores. Moreover, we present age- and education-specific normative data for individual and composite scores for the Greek adapted RAVLT in elderly subjects aged between 60 and 89 years for use in clinical and research settings.

  1. Visual-Constructional Ability in Individuals with Severe Obesity: Rey Complex Figure Test Accuracy and the Q-Score

    Hanna L. Sargénius


    Full Text Available The aims of this study were to investigate visual-construction and organizational strategy among individuals with severe obesity, as measured by the Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT, and to examine the validity of the Q-score as a measure for the quality of performance on the RCFT. Ninety-six non-demented morbidly obese (MO patients and 100 healthy controls (HC completed the RCFT. Their performance was calculated by applying the standard scoring criteria. The quality of the copying process was evaluated per the directions of the Q-score scoring system. Results revealed that the MO did not perform significantly lower than the HC on Copy accuracy (mean difference −0.302, CI −1.374 to 0.769, p = 0.579. In contrast, the groups did statistically differ from each other, with MO performing poorer than the HC on the Q-score (mean −1.784, CI −3.237 to −0.331, p = 0.016 and the Unit points (mean −1.409, CI −2.291 to −0.528, p = 0.002, but not on the Order points score (mean −0.351, CI −0.994 to 0.293, p = 0.284. Differences on the Unit score and the Q-score were slightly reduced when adjusting for gender, age, and education. This study presents evidence supporting the presence of inefficiency in visuospatial constructional ability among MO patients. We believe we have found an indication that the Q-score captures a wider range of cognitive processes that are not described by traditional scoring methods. Rather than considering accuracy and placement of the different elements only, the Q-score focuses more on how the subject has approached the task.

  2. Un apéndice ornamental a Reyes en el ms. M1 de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    de Azcárraga, M. J.


    Full Text Available The analysis of the ornamental masorah of folio 158a of Manuscript M1 allows the author to correct and improve the description made by Ch. D. Ginsburg in his introduction to the Bible. The author indeed agrees on the identification of the text as a masoretic appendix to the books of Kings. However, the beginning and the contents of the manuscript must be revised. Ginsburg describes only one of the four lists of the appendix, namely the one dealing with the differences between Eastern and Western recensions; the other three lists are the following: sedarim, peseqim, and words vocalized with patah, which are exceptional because they are pausal forms.

    El estudio detallado de la masora ornamental del folio 158a del manuscrito M1 me ha permitido corregir y puntualizar la descripción que hace de este folio Ch. D. Ginsburg en la Introducción a su Biblia. Por una parte, estamos de acuerdo en que se trata de un apéndice masorético a los libros de Reyes, pero no lo estamos en lo que se refiere al sitio donde comienza, ni al contenido total del mismo. Ginsburg sólo describe una lista de las cuatro que contiene, la de las diferencias entre los textos orientales y occidentales; las otras tres son: sedarîm, paseqîm y palabras vocalizadas con patah, que constituyen una excepción por estar en pausa.

  3. Moessbauer, TEM/SAED and XRD investigation on waste dumps of the Valea lui Stan gold mines

    Constantinescu, Serban Grigore, E-mail: [National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele (Romania); Udubasa, Sorin S.; Udubasa, Gheorghe [University of Bucharest, Fac. of Geology and Geophysics (Romania); Kuncser, Victor; Popescu-Pogrion, Nicoleta; Mercioniu, Ionel; Feder, Marcel [National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele (Romania)


    The complementary investigation techniques, Moessbauer spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy with selected area electron diffraction (TEM/SAED), X-ray diffraction (XRD) have been used to investigate the fate of the Valea lui Stan, Romania, gold-ore nanoscale-minerals during the long time of residence in the waste dumps. The preliminary investigations showed such waste dumps to contain significant amount of metals which cannot be identified by conventional methods. An intense research activity started up in order to evaluate the possibilities to recycle Valea lui Stan waste dumps and to recover metals by chemical or phytoextraction procedures. The waste dumps naturally show different mineral constituents with clay minerals as major phases, observed by XRD-technique. Although the waste dumps materials have whitish-yellowish colours, MOeSSBAUER technique evidences the presence of the finely dispersed iron bearing minerals. The authors are focusing to inspect and analyze Fe-compounds in the samples collected from Valea lui Stan's waste dumps in order to identify the magnetic phases by Moessbauer technique.

  4. Concentrations of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals in soil from San Luis Potosí, México.

    Perez-Vazquez, Francisco Javier; Flores-Ramirez, Rogelio; Ochoa-Martinez, Angeles Catalina; Orta-Garcia, Sandra Teresa; Hernandez-Castro, Berenice; Carrizalez-Yañez, Leticia; Pérez-Maldonado, Iván N


    The aim of this study was to assess the levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), p,p'-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), p,p'-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE), and four heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury) in soil from the city of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. In order to confirm the presence of the previously mentioned compounds, outdoor surface soil samples were collected and analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometer for PBDEs, PCBs, DDT, and DDE. Meanwhile, heavy metals were quantified using the atomic absorption spectrophotometry technique. The total PBDEs levels ranged from 5.0 to 134 μg/kg dry weight (dw), with a total mean PBDEs level of 22.0 ± 32.5 μg/kg dw (geometric mean ± standard deviation). For PCBs, the total mean level in the studied soil was 21.6 ± 24.7 μg/kg dw (range, Luis Potosí, Mexico, and considering that soil is an important pathway of exposure for people, a biomonitoring program for the surveillance of the general population in the city of San Luis Potosi is necessary.

  5. Rating the quality of the landscape of Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, Province of San Luis, Argentina

    Maero, I.; Rivarola, D.; Tognelli, G.


    The National Park Sierra de las Quijadas is located to 120 km to the northwest of the Province of San Luis, Argentina. The study area is of 24,000 hectares, that correspond to 32 % of the total surface, this surface covers the totality with the Potrero de la Aguada and the next zones, the same one was selected because it conforms at the present time the zone of greater frequency of visitors within the Park. The objective of this work is centered in the obtaining of the Total Quality of the Landscape, having compared the demand of beauty to the rest of the other natural resources, to be able to make proposals to improve the Plan of Handling that takes ahead the Administration of National Parks. The used Methodology is the described one by Cendrero et. al. (1987), it is an indirect valuation that is carried out through the components of the landscape and allows to determine the Intrinsic Visual Quality and the Fragility of each one of the Environmental Units in which the park is divided. This analysis allowed to determine 2 Total Qualities of Landscape, that have been mapped using aerial photography equipment and materials and SIG, with field control. This investigation is developed within the Project of Investigation Geology of the Neogeno and Cuaternario of the Mountain range of San Luis, Faculty of Sciences Physical, Mathematics and Natural - National University of San Luis, Argentina. (author)

  6. Modification of a Community Garden to Attract Native Bee Pollinators in Urban San Luis Obispo, California

    Robbin W. Thorp


    Full Text Available Gardens have become increasingly important places for growing nutritional food, for conserving biodiversity, for biological and ecological research and education, and for community gathering. Gardens can also be designed with the goal of attracting specific wildlife, like birds and butterflies, but pollinators, like bees, can also be drawn to specially planned and modified gardens. A community garden in San Luis Obispo, California provided the setting for modification with the goal of attracting native bee pollinators by planting known bee-attractive plants. The local gardeners participated in a survey questionnaire and focused interviews to provide their input and interest in such a project. Presentations on our work with native bees in urban environments and gardening to attract bees were also given to interested gardeners. Work of this type also benefited from a lead gardener who managed donated bee plants and kept up momentum of the project. Modification of the garden and monitoring of native bees started in 2007 and continued through the growing season of 2009. Diversity of collected and observed native bees has increased each year since 2007. To date, 40 species in 17 genera of mostly native bees has been recorded from the garden, and this number is expected to increase through time.

  7. Epidemiological profile of leprosy in municipality of Sao Luis - Ma from 2006 to 2010

    Líndia Kalliana da Costa Araújo Alves Carvalho


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Analisar o perfil epidemiológico da Hanseníase em São Luís - MA no período de 2006 a 2010. Método: Trata-se de um estudo descritivo, exploratório, quantitativo de casos de hanseníase no município de São Luis- MA, em 2006 a 2010. Os dados foram coletados no Departamento de Informática do Sistema Único de Saúde (DATASUS. Foram coletadas as informações: taxa de incidência, classificação operacional, faixa etária e forma clínica. Resultados: O presente estudo demonstrou altas taxas de incidência sendo a mais alta em 2006. A forma multibacilar foi a mais diagnosticada com ápice em 2009, quanto a faixa etária predominou os maiores de 15 anos. As formas clínicas predominantes foram a dimorfa e a tuberculóide. Conclusão: Os profissionais de saúde devem conhecer medidas profiláticas, avaliação e tratamento para evitar que esses números continuem crescendo e evitar assim incapacidades físicas.

  8. Una mirada a Donde ladrón no llega de Luis Hernáez

    Nini Johanna Sánchez Ávila


    Full Text Available En 1996 aparece publicada la obra Donde ladrón no llega, del escritor paraguayo Luis Hernáez; este trabajo plantea una nueva lectura de la experiencia de las Reducciones Jesuitas en el Paraguay. Es, precisamente, esa forma de valoración en la recreación de la historia la que motiva este texto, ya que presenta una reconstrucción y una mirada crítica sobre un proyecto utópico adelantado en América. Tal propuesta es evaluada desde las voces de aquellos que –aún siendo protagonistas directos del evento social- no tuvieron una voz que se destacara en la delimitación de esta experiencia. Así, se abordará qué tipo de visión de la historia plantea el autor y cómo esta perspectiva se desarrolla en torno a una concepción específica de la propuesta de la utopía para América Latina.

  9. Analysis of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s nonverbal communication

    Imelda Rodríguez-Escanciano, Ph.D.


    Full Text Available Aware of television’s high level of persuasion and impact, politicians have progressively adapted their messages to the guidelines of the audiovisual media in order to strongly persuade TV viewers, which are seen as potential voters. Currently, the communication, marketing and telegenicity teams of most political parties do not only train their politicians to effectively use verbal communication, but they also try to reinforce their non-verbal communications skills, because they understand that a really effective message is only created through the correct combination of both dimensions. This article presents an in-depth study of the nonverbal communication displayed by the Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, during the first quarter of 2010 when a political topic predominated in the agenda: the financial crisis. Through content analysis, and a self-developed methodology, the study aims to decipher the strategic meaning of this political leader’s kinesic behaviour in the second edition of Telediario, the news programme broadcast by Spain’s Public TV Network (Televisión Española, aka, TVE.

  10. The pastoral implications of human freedom according to Juan Luis Segundo

    Vicente de Paula Ferreira


    Full Text Available The paper aims to reflect the issue of human freedom based on the underlying principles of the Christian faith in a time of anthropological vulnerability, especially in Latin American. It holds that Christianity must insist on its proposal to promote universal goodwill, despite a human horizon marked by selfishness and lust for power and money. This approach presupposes a radical position of a listener of the divine mystery, revealed in Jesus Christ, as a way to fulfill the human condition. Theoretical framework: Liberation Theology, in the view of Juan Luis Segundo, and its well-established tradition of transforming realities of injustice through faith, comprises the core argument of this text. Findings: Christian salvation necessarily implies the kenosis (κένωσις of Jesus, i.e., Christ “emptied Himself” (Ph. 2:7, and through His humble dispossession, He broke with all closed systems of the world, and inaugurated a new venture of a liberated freedom: the agape of love. Conclusion: Christian praxis as daily care for the poorest and prophecy of forgiveness rescues the memory of the victims of all forms of human selfishness. 

  11. Corporalidad, espacio y nuevas formas de socialidad en la cinematografía de Luis Ortega

    Esteban Marcos Dipaola


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza la dimensión visual de la corporalidad tal como aparece en las estéticas, las narrativas y las imágenes de los films de Luis Ortega, Caja negra y Monobloc. Partiendo de esa exposición de la corporalidad y también de los gestos y los afectos, se busca analizar la conformación de un espacio social íntimo y cotidiano que en la cinematografía de Ortega se hace presente con la figura de los micromundos, para comprender las nuevas formas de socialidad y la nueva expresión de la experiencia social, ahora dada en la materialidad de los cuerpos como formas de vinculación. Así, las relaciones entre cuerpo y vida o entre cuerpo y dolor se conjugan en el artículo como formas de pensar las condiciones de una nueva experiencia social y cultural. Fecha de recepción: 19 de febrero de 2010. Fecha de aceptación: 14 de julio de 2010.

  12. Syntactically Silent Subjects: Luis Muñoz and the Poetry of Ellipsis

    Judith Nantell


    Full Text Available Luis Muñoz (1966 is one of contemporary Spain’s most salient poets. His work has been described as demonstrating a discourse of ellipsis; yet no study has examined in detail his masterful use of syntactic and figurative omission. In fact, even though Muñoz’s published collections to date span two centuries, no single study has been devoted to his decidedly innovative expressivity. His work has been commented on in various panoramic essays considering contemporary poetry published in Spain at this temporal intersection and a number of his poems have been gathered into noteworthy anthologies of this same era. His poetry has been nominated for prestigious awards in Spain and in 2001 Correspondencias ‘Correspondences’ received the fourth Premio Internacional de Poesía del 27 as well as the Premio de Ojo Crítico de Poesía . The present study examines Muñoz’s most recent Querido silencio (2006 ‘Dear Silence’ where ellipsis figures prominently as the poet maximizes and exploits conceptual and linguistic efficiency. In one exemplary poem, “Dejar la poesía” ‘Leave Poetry,’ two syntactically silent subjects engage in an innovative conversation concerning the nature of poetry. At the same time this intriguing dialogue also offers a unique response to the essential question framing this poem and the collection as a whole: Why is poetry an addiction?

  13. Luis G. Urbina, la definición de un género literario

    Ernesto Emiliano Romero


    Full Text Available El artículo es una aproximación crítica a las crónicas del autor mexicano Luis G. Urbina; investigación que encontró su origen en la importancia de la crónica modernista como espacio creativo y reflexivo cuyas características y alcances aún hoy generan un sinnúmero de trabajos críticos. Tanto José Martí como Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera y otros de los autores emblemáticos del modernismo, han sido escrutados y valorados a lo largo de estos años. Sin embargo, Urbina ha permanecido relegado a las historias de la literatura y a las bibliotecas, lo cual sugiere un casi nulo conocimiento de su obra. En este ensayo se analizan algunos de los textos incluidos en su libro Cuentos vividos y crónicas soñadas, publicado en 1915, para contribuir a la revalorización y difusión de su obra a 150 años de su nacimiento.

  14. Espacios Rurales ¿Crisis sistémica o brotes verdes? Entrevista con Luis Camarero.

    Luis Camarero Rioja


    Full Text Available Entrevista a Luis Camarero Rioja es Catedrático de Sociología de la UNED. Experto en sociología rural desde que iniciara en los años 90 su trayectoria como investigador en el Seminario de Estudios Rurales impulsado por Josechu Vicente-Mazariegos (UCM. Recibió el Premio Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (1993, MAPA y el Premio de Tesis Doctorales (1993, Colegio de Sociólogos. Ha dirigido distintos proyectos de investigación dedicados especialmente a la visibilización del trabajo femenino en áreas rurales y a la sostenibilidad social en el mundo rural. Autor de numerosas publicaciones de referencia como Del éxodo rural y del éxodo urbano (1993. Madrid: Ministerio de Agricultura, La población rural de España. De los desequilibrios a la sostenibilidad social (2009. Barcelona: La Caixa o “Foreigners, Neighbours, Immigrants: Translocal mobilities in rural areas in Spain” en Translocal Ruralism, obra editada por Hedberg y Carmo (2012. London: Springer.

  15. Los usos políticos del cuerpo: los dos cuerpos del rey en la filosofía política de Francis Bacon

    Silvia Manzo


    Full Text Available Como figure destacada en el complejo escenario político de la transición entre la dinastía Tudor y la dinastía Estuardo de Inglaterra, Francis Bacon (1561-1626 adoptó la teoría de los dos cuerpos del rey en sus textos políticos y jurídicos. Su uso de esta teoría tiene una estrecha conexión con conceptos centrales de su filosofía natural que testimonia la profunda conexión que Bacon encuentra entre la política y la naturaleza. En este trabajo, analizaré su utilización de la teoría medieval de los dos cuerpos del rey y la vinculación que esta tiene con el resto de la filosofía baconiana. Tomaré como eje para el análisis su discurso sobre la naturalización de los escoceses nacidos después de la subida al trono de James I, donde Bacon trata el concepto de los dos cuerpos del rey con más profundidad.As a prominent intellectual figure in the complex political arena of England, during the transition from Tudor to Stuart dinasties, Francis Bacon (1561-1626 assumes the medieval King's two bodies theory in his political and juridical writings. His use of this theory is extremely linked to central concepts of his natural philosphy, which testifies to the deep connection that Bacon finds between politics and nature. This paper addresses Bacon's use of the King's two bodies theory and its link to the rest of the Baconian philosophy. The focus of this study will be his discourse on the naturalization of Scots born after James I assumption of power, where Bacon deals more deeply with the King's two bodies theory.

  16. Efecto de los impuestos en la competencia de redes móviles: una ampliación del modelo de Laffont, Rey y Tirole

    Gonzales Chávez, Christiam M.


    El presente documento tiene por objetivo analizar el impacto de la introducción de impuestos en la industria de telefonía móvil. Un impuesto común en este sector es el canon cobrado para financiar las actividades de fiscalización y supervisión del uso del espectro radioeléctrico. Con tal fin, se modificó el modelo de competencia entre redes móviles propuesto por Laffont, Rey yTirole (1998), para lo que se introdujo tres diferentes estructuras impositivas: un impuesto específico por cada minut...

  17. Registros de zopilote rey (Sarcoramphus papa) en el área de Laguna de Términos, Campeche, México

    Mircea Hidalgo-Mihart; Fernando M. Contreras-Moreno; Luz A. Pérez-Solano


    Reportamos la presencia de dos individuos juveniles de zopilote rey, Sarcoramphus papa, en la Selva La Montaña localizada al suroeste del Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Silvestre Laguna de Términos, Campeche, México. Realizamos el registro por medio de fotografías utilizando cámaras trampa. La presencia de esta especie protegida en el área evidencia la importancia que tiene la región de la Selva La Montaña para la conservación de la biodiversidad, especialmente para especies en peligro d...

  18. Cronotopos y autobiografía epistolar como mecanismos de autorreflexión en Memoria por correspondencia, de Emma Reyes

    Trujillo Henao, Isabel Cristina


    En el libro Memoria por correspondencia (2012), la artista plástica Emma Reyes, cuenta una historia que inicia en sus primeros recuerdos y que va hasta sus 20 años, usando el género de la autobiografía epistolar -- Este análisis busca, tomando como base la teoría de cronotopos de Mijail Bajtin y del mismo género literario, encontrar y describir los diversos elementos que ayudan a dar cuenta del proceso de autorreflexión experimentado por la autora -- Así, se hallarán y describirán las herrami...

  19. Efecto de los impuestos en la competencia de redes móviles: una ampliación del modelo de Laffont, Rey y Tirole

    Christiam M. Gonzales Chávez


    El presente documento tiene por objetivo analizar el impacto de la introducción de impuestos en la industria de telefonía móvil. Un impuesto común en este sector es el canon cobrado para financiar las actividades de fiscalización y supervisión del uso del espectro radioeléctrico. Con tal fin, se modificó el modelo de competencia entre redes móviles propuesto por Laffont, Rey yTirole (1998), para lo que se introdujo tres diferentes estructuras impositivas: un impuesto específico por cada minut...

  20. Estudio de la contaminación con hidrocarburos de un ecosistema de manglar en cayo Santa María, Jardines del Rey, Cuba.

    Bermúdez Acosta, Jelvys; González Delgado, Alejandro; Castro Hernández, Yoelvis; Ortiz Guilarte, Eudalys; Núñez Moreira, Roberto; Oramas García, Julio; García García, Yaliany


    El propósito de esta investigación fue estudiar la contaminación de un ecosistema de manglar impactado con hidrocarburos en el sector centro sur de Cayo Santa María, Jardines del Rey, Cuba. Para el estudio de los indicadores microbiológicos y fisicoquímicos fue diseñado un muestreo estratificado, donde se seleccionaron dos estratos y diez estaciones de muestreo, considerando los patrones de flujos de marea en pleamar y bajamar, así como el impacto perceptible de la contaminación. La determina...


    María Cecilia Arango


    Full Text Available Las quebradas La Cristalina y La Risaralda son las fuentes que abastecen el acueducto del área urbana del municipio de San Luis, Antioquia. El propósito de este estudio fue elaborar un mapa de calidad de agua que sirva como base de comparación de la evolución de las quebradas y justifique la inversión de los recursos del Municipio en el mejoramiento prioritario de los tramos más críticos. Para establecer la calidad del agua se determinaron indicadores físicos, químicos y biológicos, entre ellos algunas características físicas de las quebradas como tipo de sustrato, cobertura de riberas y hábitats acuáticos, temperatura, conductividad, oxígeno, pH, coliformes y macroinvertebrados acuáticos. A partir de los datos colectados se calcularon los índices BMWP/Col1, ASPT, ETP, índice de dípteros y de equidad. Con los resultados obtenidos del ASPT se construyó el mapa de calidad de agua para ambas quebradas. Las quebradas están bien oxigenadas debido a la turbulencia provocada por la conformación rocosa de su lecho, que a su vez permite la diversidad de macroinvertebrados acuáticos. Sin embargo, algunos tramos de estas corrientes están sometidos a contaminación de origen doméstico y agropecuario, lo cual limita sus condiciones de uso.The streams La Cristalina and La Risaralda are the water sources for the urban area of the Municipality of San Luis, Antioquia. The intention of this study was to develop a map of water quality that serves as base as comparison of the evolution of the streams and allows the high-priority destination of the resources of the Municipality in the improvement of those more critical sections. In order to determine the quality of the water, parameters and some characteristics of the stream that can alter the quality of the water were measured, like substrate of the bed, cover of banks, aquatic habitats, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, pH, coliforms, and aquatic macroinvertebrates. The indices calculated

  2. Un bosquejo de la filosofía de Luis Felipe Alarco Larrabure (1913-2005

    Víctor S. Céspedes Agüero


    Full Text Available Nació en Lima, en 1913. Sus padres fueron Gerardo Alarco Calderón y Rosa Mercedes Larraburre y Correa. Durante cinco años, cursó Filosofíaen Alemania con Nicolai Hartmann y Martin Heidegger. De estos estudios de filosofía en universidades alemanas Luis Felipe Alarco evocará:“Mi experiencia del nazismo [...] me hizo comprender que toda forma de dictadura, cualesquiera que sean sus justificaciones –la sinrazónconvertida en furor–, constituye un retroceso en la historia y un menos en la condición humana”1. Al regresar optó el Grado de Bachiller en Humanidades con una tesis sobre El Diálogo Agonal en el Problema de la Inmortalidad (1941 y el Grado de Doctorado en Humanidades con la tesis Lo metafísico en la Filosofía de Nicolai Hartmann (1941. Fue docente en las Facultades de Letras y de Educación. Ejerció la Jefatura del Departamentode Investigaciones Pedagógicas del Instituto Psico-Pedagógico Nacional. Estuvo entre los que fundaron la Sociedad Peruana de Filosofía. Participó en el Congreso Internacional de Filosofía en Lima, que se realizó del 16 al 26 de Julio de 1951. Participó el 2 de agosto de 1994 en el Seminario El marxismo de José Carlos Mariátegui efectuado en el marco del Vº Congreso Nacional de Filosofía realizado en la Universidad de Lima y en el homenaje por el 80 aniversario de Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias realizado por la Facultad de Matemática en 1998. Falleció el quince de octubre de 2005.

  3. Brote de encefalitis de San Luis en el Área Metropolitana Buenos Aires

    Alfredo Seijo


    Full Text Available Se describen los hallazgos epidemiológicos y clínicos de 13 enfermos con diagnóstico de infección por virus de la encefalitis de San Luis, con transmisión entre enero y marzo de 2010, en el Area Metropolitana Buenos Aires (AMBA. Los 13 enfermos, promedio de edad 38 años, tuvieron un comienzo agudo caracterizado por hipertermia y cefalea. Entre los días dos y diez de iniciados los síntomas, 7/13 enfermos tuvieron signos y síntomas de compromiso neurológico caracterizado por meningitis sin signos encefálicos en 1/7. En 6/7 los hallazgos más frecuentes fueron: rigidez de nuca, desorientación temporoespacial, fotofobia, confusión y alteración del lenguaje. Dos resonancias magnéticas y un electroencefalograma presentaron signos de afectación de lóbulos temporales. El líquido cefalorraquídeo se caracterizó por pleocitosis con predominio de células mononucleadas, glucorraquia normal y discreto aumento de proteínas. No hubo casos fatales. En 6/13 pacientes la sospecha clínica inicial fue dengue. Por la agrupación espacial y temporal de los casos puede considerarse un brote epidémico, el primero conocido en el AMBA, ya que no se había notificado previamente la circulación epidémica del virus.

  4. La ética y el problema de Dios en Juan Luis Vives (1492-1540

    Alfonso Maestre Sánchez


    Full Text Available In the historical, turbulent and exciting times of the Renaissance Humanism, characterized by a return to classic Antiquity, and the renovation of all cultural manifestations, both philosophy and religion are affected from their very foundations. This scholastic crisis affects in such a way the conscience, of the individuals and the people that it demands a solution immediate although provisional solution, so that we continuing even the business of living. No wonder that among the ruins of tomist morality, some moralists arise, as that of Justus Lipsius (1547-1606, engased in renovating the stoic doctrines of Epicteto (ca. 50 to. of C. -125/138 and Séneca (ca. 4-65, and that of Pierre Gassendi (1592-1655, determined to Christianize Epicuro. For some could be a summarise of the Ethics of the Renaissance others believe that the first Ethics of modern philosophy should be considered to be a product of the Renaissance, even if it does not belong chronologically to it they meam Descartes (1596-1650, Spinoza (1632-1677 and Kant (1724-1804. However according to the opinion of some significant authors, we dont need to go back to Kant to find the authentic Ethics of the Renaissance. Juan Luis Vives published in 1524 a small booklet titled Introductio ad Sapientiam that for its internal ideological structure and its origin senequista and christan leaning occupies a privileged place within modern Ethic, and if we take accourt his content and chronology it can be considered as the Ethics of the Renaissance, at least of the Spanish Renaissance.

  5. Arsenic and cadmium exposure in children living near a smelter complex in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Diaz-Barriga, F.; Santos, M.A.; Mejia, J.J.; Batres, L.; Yanez, L.; Carrizales, L.; Vera, E.; del Razo, L.M.; Cebrian, M.E. (Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi (Mexico))


    The main purpose of this study was to assess environmental contamination by arsenic and cadmium in a smelter community (San Luis Potosi City, Mexico) and its possible contribution to an increased body burden of these elements in children. Arsenic and cadmium were found in the environment (air, soil, and household dust, and tap water) as well as in the urine and hair from children. The study was undertaken in three zones: Morales, an urban area close to the smelter complex; Graciano, an urban area 7 km away from the complex; and Mexquitic, a small rural town 25 km away. The environmental study showed that Morales is the most contaminated of the zones studied. The range of arsenic levels in soil (117-1396 ppm), dust (515-2625 ppm), and air (0.13-1.45 micrograms/m3) in the exposed area (Morales) was higher than those in the control areas. Cadmium concentrations were also higher in Morales. Estimates of the arsenic ingestion rate in Morales (1.0-19.8 micrograms/kg/day) were equal to or higher than the reference dose of 1 microgram/kg/day calculated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The range of arsenic levels in urine (69-594 micrograms/g creatinine) and hair (1.4-57.3 micrograms/g) and that of cadmium in hair (0.25-3.5 micrograms/g) indicated that environmental exposure has resulted in an increased body burden of these elements in children, suggesting that children living in Morales are at high risk of suffering adverse health effects if exposure continues.

  6. El basamento de la sierra de San Luis: Nuevas evidencias magnéticas y sus implicancias tectónicas The basement of Sierra de San Luis: New magnetic evidence and tectonic implication

    CJ Chernicoff; VA Ramos


    Los mapas aeromagnéticos disponibles de las sierras de San Luis y Comechingones en el sector sudoriental de las Sierras Pampeanas de Argentina, permiten examinar las características geológicas y estructurales de las unidades metamórficas e intrusivas del basamento de la región. A través de la aplicación del filtro de continuación ascendente a los datos del campo magnético total reducido al polo, se ha podido observar la configuración profunda de las distintas unidades. Entre ellas se destaca ...

  7. Distribución del ocelote (Leopardus pardalis en San Luis Potosí, México Distribution of the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Jesús Manuel Martínez-Calderas


    Full Text Available Para definir la distribución geográfica del ocelote en el estado de San Luis Potosí, México, se obtuvieron nuevos registros de la especie. El estudio se realizó de enero de 2007 a abril de 2009. Se obtuvieron 41 registros de ocelotes por medio de entrevistas y trampeo-fotográfico. Los registros se localizaron en comunidades vegetales de selva baja caducifolia (37%, matorral submontano (22%, bosque de encino (15%, selva mediana (10%, selva alta perennifolia, bosque mesófilo de montaña, bosque de pino-encino y matorral desértico micrófilo (10%. La presencia de ocelotes se ubicó en los municipios de Ciudad del Maíz, El Naranjo, Cerritos, Guadalcázar, San Nicolás Tolentino y Ciudad Valles en de elevaciones de 38 a 2 400 m snm. Los resultados de esta investigación sugieren una distribución del ocelote más hacia el oeste del estado respecto a su distribución original. El presente estudio definió nuevas regiones con presencia de ocelotes que pueden ser consideradas en el desarrollo de estrategias de conservación de la especie en el estado de San Luis Potosí.To determine the geographic distribution of ocelot in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, we obtained new records. The study was conducted from January 2007 to April 2009. We recorded 41 ocelot records by interviews and camera-trapping. Ocelots records were located in tropical deciduous forest (37%, semitropical thornscrub (22%, oak forest (15%, tropical forest (10%, tall tropical deciduous forest, desert scrub, pine-oak forest and clouded forest (10%. Ocelot records were located in the municipalities of Ciudad del Maíz, El Naranjo, Cerritos, Guadalcazar, San Nicolás Tolentino and Ciudad Valles where the elevation ranged from 38 to 2 400 m. The evidence of this research suggests that ocelot range is more extended to the west than its original geographical range. This study defined new regions with presence of ocelots that may be considered to develop conservation strategies

  8. Enfoque de género y políticas públicas. Una propuesta para el turismo en el destino Jardines del Rey - Cuba

    Sahyly Cotelo Armenteros


    Full Text Available El turismo es un sector importante dentro de la economía cubana por los ingresos que aporta a esta, de ahí que se realizan investigaciones en diferentes temas. Uno de estos temas es el enfoque de género, a lo que responde este trabajo, cuyo objetivo es caracterizar el enfoque de género en la actividad turística que se desarrolla en el destino Jardines del Rey. Para su realización, se parte de referentes teóricos y prácticos, con el diagnóstico de la problemática en un caso de estudio seleccionado, el empleo de métodos y técnicas de la investigación cualitativa como el diario, la entrevista, la encuesta, la historia de vida, el análisis documental, entre otros, que permiten arribar a la siguiente conclusión: la situación actual sobre el tema indica que se deben definir políticas específicas que ayuden a superar las barreras culturales de género en la selección y contratación del capital humano en el destino turístico Jardines del Rey.

  9. Una ciudad de los vascones en el yacimiento de Campo Real/Fillera (Sos del Rey Católico-Sangüesa

    Andreu Pintado, Javier


    Full Text Available The following paper deals with the detailed and preliminary study of the archaeological site of Campo Real/Fillera (Sos del Rey Católico/Sangüesa, between today Zaragoza and Navarra provinces specially focusing in its Roman period. The paper exposes a review of the archeological and epigraphical material from the site, proposes an urban condition for it and raises some hypothesis on its identification with one of the cities that ancient sources tribued to Vascones.El presente trabajo aborda el estudio detallado y preliminar del yacimiento arqueológico de Campo Real/Fillera (Sos del Rey Católico/Sangüesa, en el límite entre las actuales provincias de Zaragoza y Navarra con especial atención a su etapa romana. Se procede a la revisión del material arqueológico y epigráfico procedente del lugar, se defiende la condición de enclave urbano del yacimiento y se plantea una hipótesis respecto de su identificación con las ciudades que las fuentes antiguas atribuyen a los Vascones.

  10. Romanización y sincretismo religioso en el Santuario de Las Atalayuelas (Fuerte del Rey - Torre del Campo, Jaén

    Rueda Galán, Carmen


    Full Text Available In the year 2000, the Iberian-Roman sanctuary near the settlement of Atalayuelas (Fuerte del Rey-Torredelcampo, Jaén was discovered by accident. This sanctuary has done necessary the revision of the theories about the cult in the countryside of Jaén and Cordoba. It is characteized by two areas, one of them would be a offering place containing vessels, limestone sculptures, iron ex votes and some personal ornaments.El hallazgo fortuito de un santuario ibero-romano en el entorno del asentamiento de Las Atalayuelas en (Fuerte del Rey-Torredelcampo, Jaén ha puesto de manifiesto la existencia de un modelo de culto vinculado al proceso de romanización, presente en las campiñas jiennense y cordobesa. El santuario se caracteriza por la identificación de dos espacios, uno de los cuales funcionaría como lugar de depósito de un gran conjunto de ofrendas, entre las que destacan pequeños vasos, esculturas en piedra caliza, exvotos de hierro y un pequeño conjunto de elementos de adorno personal.

  11. Fossil content and structural relationships of the San Luis zone and the Caborca zone of NW Sonora, Mexico, suppression of the precambrian Z of Caborca

    Radelli, Luigi; Solis Weiss, Vivianne; Dorame Navarro, Miguel; De La Cruz Ortega, Lissette del Carmen; Urrutia, Jose


    In the Caborca region of western Sonora a Precambrian Z does not cover a unique Precambrian socle as previously believed. Two tectonic zones occur there instead: the San Luis Zone and the Caborca Zone. The first is comprised of the Precambrian San Luis socle of gneiss and granite, crossed by 1.1 Ga old anorthosites, the San Luis sedimentary cover, and, above it, a Lower Jurassic volcano-sedimentary sequence. The Caborca Zone consists of the Precambrian Bamori socle of parametamorphic rocks crossed by 1.1 Ga old Aibo granite, and of the Gamuza sedimentary cover. 1.1 Ga ago the two zones were far away from each other. They have been brought together by the Nevadian orogeny. Both zones are allochthonous, and the Caborca Zone is a nappe upon the San Luis Zone. The lowermost units of the Gamuza cover furnished psammocorals and a possible Pterophyllum jageri (?). Accordingly, its geological age is either Palaeozoic or Triassic.The San Luis cover furnished Nematophites [Prototaxites (?) and Nematothallus] from its lower part; Calcispongiae, Cardaicarpus' seeds, and Artisia from its upper part Thus, it is a Devono-Carboniferous unit. The study area belongs in the Baja-Borderland block, which underwent, an Eocene northwards drifting of about 900 - 1000 km, and a 30 celsius degrade to 40 celsius degrade clockwise rotation relative to the main part of Sonora.

  12. Human papillomavirus type 16 variants in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and invasive carcinoma in San Luis Potosí City, Mexico

    López-Revilla, Rubén; Pineda, Marco A; Ortiz-Valdez, Julio; Sánchez-Garza, Mireya; Riego, Lina


    Background In San Luis Potosí City cervical infection by human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) associated to dysplastic lesions is more prevalent in younger women. In this work HPV16 subtypes and variants associated to low-grade intraepithelial lesions (LSIL), high-grade intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) and invasive cervical cancer (ICC) of 38 women residing in San Luis Potosí City were identified by comparing their E6 open reading frame sequences. Results Three European (E) variants (E-P, n = 27; E-T350G, n = 7; E-C188G, n = 2) and one AA-a variant (n = 2) were identified among the 38 HPV16 sequences analyzed. E-P variant sequences contained 23 single nucleotide changes, two of which (A334G, A404T) had not been described before and allowed the phylogenetic separation from the other variants. E-P A334G sequences were the most prevalent (22 cases, 57.9%), followed by the E-P Ref prototype (8 cases, 21.1%) and E-P A404T (1 case, 2.6%) sequences. The HSIL + ICC fraction was 0.21 for the E-P A334G variants and 0.00 for the E-P Ref variants. Conclusion We conclude that in the women included in this study the HPV16 E subtype is 19 times more frequent than the AA subtype; that the circulating E variants are E-P (71.1%) > E-T350G (18.4%) > E-C188G (5.3%); that 71.0% of the E-P sequences carry the A334G single nucleotide change and appear to correspond to a HPV16 variant characteristic of San Luis Potosi City more oncogenic than the E-P Ref prototype. PMID:19216802

  13. River nomads


    sail on the Niger River between Nigeria and Mali. Crossing villages, borders and cultures, they stop only to rest by setting up camp on riverbanks or host villages. In River Nomads, we join the nomadic Kebbawa fishermen on one of their yearly crossing, experiencing their relatively adventurous...

  14. River Piracy

    There was this highly venerated river Saraswati flowing through. Haryana, Marwar and Bahawalpur in Uttarapath and emptying itself in the Gulf ofKachchh, which has been described in glowing terms by the Rigveda. "Breaking through the mountain barrier", this "swift-flowing tempestuous river surpasses in majesty and.

  15. New K-Ar ages of volcanic rocks and associated mineralization in Canada Honda district, San Luis, Argentina

    Urbina, N.E.; Oggier, F.P


    New K-Ar ages in the Late Tertiary gold-bearing volcanic belt of the Sierras Pampeanas of San Luis, Argentina are presented. At Canada Honda district, an age of 8.49±0.2 Ma yielded by Cerro del Valle andesite indicates that the dome emplacement postdates the Diente Verde eruptive event. An even younger age of 7.3±0.2 Ma was obtained for illite from hydrothermal alteration at La Reynela mineralization which is hosted by Cerro del Valle andesite (au)

  16. José Teruel, Los años norteamericanos de Luis Cernuda: una singular propuesta de lectura

    Dana Guisasola


    Full Text Available La presente reseña se aboca al reciente libro de José Teruel, Los años norteamericanos de Luis Cernuda. El crítico revisa un abundante material bibliográfico y da cuenta de  los pormenores de la vida y obra del poeta español entre 1947 -año en el que el poeta llega a Nueva Inglaterra- y 1963, año de su muerte. El libro ha sido galardonado con el Premio de Investigación Literaria Gerardo Diego en 2013.

  17. Ciudades invisibles. Tijuana en la obra de Federico Campbell, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, Francisco Morales y Heriberto Yépez

    Diana Palaversich


    This essay employs the concepts of “the haunted place” (Michel de Certeau and “the sense of place” (Kent Ryden to examine the representation of the US-Mexico border in the works of Federico Campbell, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, Francisco Morales and Heriberto Yépez. While Campbell, Crosthwaite, and Morales represent Tijuana as a place imbued with personal and collective history, Yépez, in his most recent novel, Al otro lado, offers an apocalyptic vision of this border city, defined by narcoviolence, illegal immigration, and militarization.

  18. A forgotten chapter of Mexican technology and science: Luis Gutiérrez Villegas and poliomyelitis in Mexico.

    Velázquez-Arellano, Antonio

    Two different types of vaccines were developed against poliomyelitis: The Salk vaccine using inactivated virus and the Sabin one, that was used later, after investigations assured its safety. The first one was made in Mexico with its own resources since 1957 thanks to the efforts of young researchers and technicians coordinated by Luis Gutiérrez-Villegas, M.D., who was a Clinical Pathologist, University Professor and President of the Mexican National Academy of Mexico. Copyright: © 2017 SecretarÍa de Salud.

  19. Superinfection between Influenza and RSV Alternating Patterns in San Luis Potosí State, México

    Velasco-Hernández, Jorge Xicoténcatl; Núñez-López, Mayra; Comas-García, Andreu; Cherpitel, Daniel Ernesto Noyola; Ocampo, Marcos Capistrán


    The objective of this paper is to explain through the ecological hypothesis superinfection and competitive interaction between two viral populations and niche (host) availability, the alternating patterns of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and influenza observed in a regional hospital in San Luis Potosí State, México using a mathematical model as a methodological tool. The data analyzed consists of community-based and hospital-based Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) consultations provided by health-care institutions reported to the State Health Service Epidemiology Department from 2003 through 2009. PMID:25803450

  20. Tecnología lítica y uso diferencial del espacio en Estancia La Suiza, San Luis, Argentina

    Sario, Gisela Mariela


    El trabajo pretende contribuir, desde la perspectiva de la organización de la tecnología, al conocimiento de las ocupaciones cazadoras-recolectoras que habitaron las inmediaciones de la Sierra de la Estanzuela, en la provincia de San Luis, Argentina. Se explican cómo fueron las secuencias de producción de herramientas en los sitios de la localidad arqueológica Estancia La Suiza, a partir del análisis de los materiales líticos recuperados en excavación y prospecciones sistemáticas. Las metod...

  1. Clima y compromiso organizacional en una mediana empresa manufacturera de San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.

    Crespo Bravo, Carolina


    Este trabajo tiene como objetivo principal analizar la relación que existe entre clima y compromiso organizacional y de estos con las características personales. La muestra se integró con 80 trabajadores de una mediana empresa manufacturera ubicada en la ciudad de San Luis Potosí. Se realizó un estudio empírico transversal aplicando cuestionarios para clima organizacional de Araujo et al. (2011), el cual se construyó con características inherentes a las dimensiones: a) estilo de geren...

  2. Habitat and conservation status of the beaver in the Sierra San Luis Sonora, Mexico

    Karla Pelz Serrano; Eduardo Ponce Guevara; Carlos A. Lopez Gonzalez


    The status of beaver (Castor canadensis) in northeastern Sonora, Mexico, is uncertain. We surveyed the Cajon Bonito River to assess the beaver’s status and habitat and found five colonies. Limiting factors appear to be pollution due to animal waste, deforestation of riparian trees, and human exploitation. Beavers did not appear to require habitat...

  3. Luis Felipe Fajardo (1927-2013. Su vida y su obra

    Hernando Sarasti Obregón


    Full Text Available FragmentoTeniendo en cuenta los grandes logros de este médico colombiano, en la Academia Nacional de Medicina se le rindió un homenaje a su memoria. Los ponentes de la sesión fueron los académicos Sarasti y Patiño. Por lo importante del tema, hemos querido incluir sus presentaciones en este artículo de la revista MEDICINA. El tema tocado por el doctor Sarasti fue el siguiente:El 5 de julio de 2013 falleció en los Estados Unidos en la ciudad de Palo Alto, California, el patólogo colombiano Dr. Luis Felipe Fajardo Lobo- Guerrero. Había nacido en Bogotá el 23 de enero de 1927 en el hogar de Don Luís Antonio Fajardo Suárez y Doña María Teresa Lobo-Guerrero.Se graduó como Bachiller en el Colegio de La Salle en 1944, hizo su medicatura rural en Restrepo (Meta y recibió el título de Médico en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en 1952. Inició su entrenamiento en Patología en el Hospital San Juan de Dios de Bogotá y lo continuó en los Estados Unidos en la Universidad de Yale entre 1954 y 1958. Ese mismo año fue certificado por el American Board of Pathology, contrajo matrimonio con Lorela Enterline y regresó a Colombia a ejercer su especialidad en el Hospital de la Samaritana.En noviembre de 1959 volvió a los Estados Unidos para ocupar un “locum tenens” en Connecticut en el New Britain General Hospital y regresó nuevamente a Colombia en octubre de 1960 como Profesor Asistente de Patología de la Universidad Nacional al mismo tiempo que fue Jefe del Laboratorio Clínico del Hospital San Juan de Dios.El Dr. Fajardo y el suscrito formábamos parte de la generación de médicos colombianos que hacia mediados del siglo XX viajamos a los Estados Unidos para especializarnos en diversas ramas de la Medicina.

  4. Measurement of radon concentration in old metalliferous mines in San Luis, Argentina

    Anjos, Roberto M.; Lacerda, Tiago; Rosas, Juan P. de [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Av. Gal Milton Tavares de Souza, s/no, Gragoata, 24210-346, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Da Silva, Almy A.R. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Av. Gal Milton Tavares de Souza, s/no, Gragoata, 24210-346, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Instituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, P. O. Box 66318, 05314-970, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Rizzotto, Marcos; Valladares, Diego L.; Velasco, Hugo [GEA, Instituto de Matematica Aplicada San Luis (IMASL), Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas, Ej. de los Andes 950, D5700HHW San Luis (Argentina); Yoshimura, Elisabeth M. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, P. O. Box 66318, 05314-970, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Radon levels in two old mines in San Luis, Argentina, were measured and analyzed. La Carolina gold mine and Los Condores tungsten mine are today used as tourism mines. CR-39 nuclear track detectors were used for this purpose. Measurements were performed during both winter and summer seasons. The findings show that in these environments, significant radon concentrations are subject to large seasonal fluctuations, due to the strong dependence on natural ventilation with the outside temperature variations. For both mines, high concentration values of {sup 222}Rn were observed in summer and low values in winter; with an extreme ratio of 2.5 times between summer and winter seasons for Los Condores mine. The radiation dose and environmental health risk of {sup 222}Rn concentrations to both guides and visitors were estimated for both seasons and compared with dose and action level values recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). The radon contribution to the effective dose rate for visitors has been previously assessed for the warm season. The values are 0.38±0.07 mSv y{sup -1} and 0.05±0.02 mSv y{sup -1} for La Carolina and Los Condores, respectively. These values were obtained assuming an accumulated annual time underground of 20 h. For the guides these values are 11±2 mSv y{sup -1} and 1.45±0.5 mSv y{sup -1} for La Carolina and Los Condores, respectively, assuming an accumulated annual time underground of 600 h. The occupational dose rate limit suggested by the ICRP is 20 mSv y{sup -1}. As these values indicate the dose is an order of magnitude lower in Los Condores than La Carolina mine. This is because this mine, due to its characteristics, is more ventilated than La Carolina mine. This is important because actions can be taken to lower the radon accumulation in La Carolina gold mine, for example by opening new ducts to increase air circulation. Finally, in this work, seasonal variations of the dose rate are assessed and

  5. Juegos de palabras y música en El Cortesano de Luis Milán

    Alfonso Colella


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza cómo, en El Cortesano, la música y la actuación musical se ven fuertemente afectadas por el carácter burlesco e ingenioso de todos los personajes que frecuentan las reuniones de Fernando de Aragón y de la reina Germana de Foix. Por lo tanto, el músico Milán, para cumplir con todas las expectativas de este mundo del entretenimiento y del juego, debe basarse necesariamente en una serie de opciones interpretativas que permitan actuaciones rápidas en función de las demandas de su público. Lo que emerge es una imagen del músico y de la música diferente de lo que se esperaría normalmente. En una sociedad de este tipo, no cuenta la música entendida en su estética y aspectos técnicos, sino la capacidad de gestionar las apariencias y someterse a las pruebas y los mandatos impuestos por los rituales del juego cortesano. Tenemos muchos ejemplos en que Milán se muestra con pasividad y sumisión. Pero es normal, porque esto entra en los códigos de la vida de la corte. This article takes into consideration El Cortesano (1561 by Luis Milán: in this text the musical performance is strongly influenced by the playful attitudes of the individuals who attended the court meetings of Fernando de Aragón and Germana de Foix. Therefore, the musician has to keep in mind every expectation of courtly entertainment and gaming, and morevoer he must open his interpretative options to meet also the demands of the public. What emerges is a picture of the musician and his music that is different from what one would expect in another social context. In such aristocratic society as the Duke of Calabria, music was not understood only in terms of its aesthetic values and technical aspects, but it also required that the player accepted the rituals of the courtly game.

  6. Predicting arsenic concentrations in groundwater of San Luis Valley, Colorado: implications for individual-level lifetime exposure assessment.

    James, Katherine A; Meliker, Jaymie R; Buttenfield, Barbara E; Byers, Tim; Zerbe, Gary O; Hokanson, John E; Marshall, Julie A


    Consumption of inorganic arsenic in drinking water at high levels has been associated with chronic diseases. Risk is less clear at lower levels of arsenic, in part due to difficulties in estimating exposure. Herein we characterize spatial and temporal variability of arsenic concentrations and develop models for predicting aquifer arsenic concentrations in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, an area of moderately elevated arsenic in groundwater. This study included historical water samples with total arsenic concentrations from 595 unique well locations. A longitudinal analysis established temporal stability in arsenic levels in individual wells. The mean arsenic levels for a random sample of 535 wells were incorporated into five kriging models to predict groundwater arsenic concentrations at any point in time. A separate validation dataset (n = 60 wells) was used to identify the model with strongest predictability. Findings indicate that arsenic concentrations are temporally stable (r = 0.88; 95 % CI 0.83-0.92 for samples collected from the same well 15-25 years apart) and the spatial model created using ordinary kriging best predicted arsenic concentrations (ρ = 0.72 between predicted and observed validation data). These findings illustrate the value of geostatistical modeling of arsenic and suggest the San Luis Valley is a good region for conducting epidemiologic studies of groundwater metals because of the ability to accurately predict variation in groundwater arsenic concentrations.

  7. Disseminating Evidence-Based Physical Education Practices in Rural Schools: The San Luis Valley Physical Education Academy.

    Belansky, Elaine S; Cutforth, Nick; Kern, Ben; Scarbro, Sharon


    To address childhood obesity, strategies are needed to maximize physical activity during the school day. The San Luis Valley Physical Education Academy was a public health intervention designed to increase the quality of physical education and quantity of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) during physical education class. Elementary school physical education teachers from 17 schools participated in the intervention. They received SPARK curriculum and equipment, workshops, and site coordinator support for 2 years. A pre/post/post within physical education teacher design was used to measure intervention effectiveness. System for Observing Fitness Instruction Time (SOFIT) and a physical education teacher survey were collected 3 times. MVPA increased from 51.1% to 67.3% over the 2-year intervention resulting in approximately 14.6 additional hours of physical activity over a school year and 4662 kcal or 1.33 lbs. of weight gain prevention. More time was spent on skill drills and less time on classroom management and free play. The San Luis Valley Physical Education Academy succeeded in increasing rural, low-income students' physical activity. The multicomponent intervention contributed to the program's success. However, cost-effective approaches are needed to disseminate and implement evidencebased practices aimed at increasing students' physical activity during the school day.

  8. Nobleza y expansión militar de la Corona de Aragón: La nobleza valenciana en las guerras del rey (1420-1448

    Sáiz, Jorge


    Full Text Available This article studies the role of the nobility in the XV century military expansion of the Crown of Aragon, through the particular case of the valencian nobility and the Alphonse V the Magnanimous's war cycle betwen the years 1420 and 1448. If s first analyzed the development of the royal campaigns. Then, the Valencian lineages are identified, also precising their particular degree of involvement in the royal wars. The study is based upon the registers of the Royal Treasury and Cancillery, supplemented by notarial and judicial records, and the chronicles. The militarization of the nobility was unequal. The majority of the noblemen were involved occasionally in the royal wars, more as an social obligation than a professional committment. The professionalization only attained a minority of lineages, attached to the royal household: they constituted the military king´s affinity, most of them coming from the low urban nobility —most of them also being youngers sons, bastards or belonging to secondary branches.

    El articulo estudia la vinculación de la nobleza a la expansión militar de la Corona de Aragón en el Cuatrocientos a partir de la participación de los linajes valencianos en las guerras del rey entre 1420 y 1448, en el ciclo de campañas de Alfonso el Magnánimo (en el que destaca la conquista de Nápoles y los conflictos posteriores en Italia que son objeto de una síntesis inicial. Se identifican los linajes de la nobleza valenciana en ese periodo y se documentan sus grados de participación en la guerra. Todo ello a partir de registros financieros del rey (sobre todo la Tesorería General, de la Cancillería (convocatorias militares y a Cortes, fondos notariales y judiciales y las fuentes cronísticas. La militarización nobiliaria era muy desigual. La mayor parte de la nobleza participó de forma intermitente en las campañas, más como una obligada etapa de su socialización que como una profesión. La práctica profesional

  9. CrRNA-Protospacer Recognition during CRISPR- Directed DNA Interference Sulfolobus islandicus REY 15A and Structural Studies of CRISPR Binding Proteins (CBP) of Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus

    Mousaei, Marzieh

    The CRISPR-Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats and associated proteins) is one of the important known immune mechanisms in archaea and bacteria. This adaptive immune system degrades invading genetic elements and protects the cell. Amongst 3 main types I, II and III...... of CRISPR system, two types (I and III) are found in archaea. However, in Sulfolobus species, subtypes IA, I-D, and III-B, III-D and rarely III-A are found. The model organism used for interference and structural studies is S. islandicus REY15A which carries subtypes I-A and III-B (α and β). Besides CRISPR...... ribonucleoprotein complex which is involved directly in defense, there are some less- known parts of the system including CPBs (CRISPR repeat-binding proteins) which are suggested to play a role in transcription. In the first part of my thesis, I provide a brief introduction to archaea and viruses that infect...

  10. Techniques for the Diagnosis of the Structural Behaviour of Historic Buildings. Analysis of the Dome of San Miguel de los Reyes in Valencia

    Arturo Martínez Boquera


    Full Text Available A profound study of historic masonry with today’s knowledge and without jumping to conclusions or applying modern criteria to ancient heritage is the basis of a restoration project. The case of the dome of San Miguel de los Reyes in Valencia provides the authors with an excuse to explain their approach to the problem and describe their analysis and calculation procedures. The computerised mapping of the results developed by these authors affords an immediate view of the behaviour and defects of the dome, a necessary step before seeking a solution for its structural reinforcement.

  11. Registros de zopilote rey (Sarcoramphus papa en el área de Laguna de Términos, Campeche, México

    Mircea Hidalgo-Mihart


    Full Text Available Reportamos la presencia de dos individuos juveniles de zopilote rey, Sarcoramphus papa, en la Selva La Montaña localizada al suroeste del Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Silvestre Laguna de Términos, Campeche, México. Realizamos el registro por medio de fotografías utilizando cámaras trampa. La presencia de esta especie protegida en el área evidencia la importancia que tiene la región de la Selva La Montaña para la conservación de la biodiversidad, especialmente para especies en peligro de extinción.

  12. Estrategias de Reformulación en el Capítulo El Ankus del Rey de El libro de la Selva de Rudyard Kipling

    María Carolina Zúñiga


    Full Text Available En esta investigación se identifican las estrategias de reformulación utilizadas en la adaptación del capítulo El Ankus del Rey de El libro de la Selva. Se realizó un análisis comparativo entre dos versiones del capítulo, una del año 19-- (hipotexto y otra del año 2006 (hipertexto. Se identificaron 260 estrategias de reformulación. El 56% de las modificaciones registradas correspondieron a reducciones, el 38% a variaciones y el 6% a expansiones. Los resultados muestran los cambios culturales experimentados por el texto cuando se adapta hacia una audiencia distinta y desde un contexto de producción distante y resultan de utilidad para quienes estudian estrategias traductológicas o se especializan en Literatura Infantil Juvenil.

  13. La influencia espartana en el Egeo y el mar Jónico en el periodo posterior a la Paz del Rey (386-374 a. C.

    José Pascual


    Full Text Available Este trabajo analiza la situación en el Egeo y en el mar Jónico en el período comprendido entre la Paz del Rey (386 a.C. y la batalla de Leuctra (371 a.C., e intenta modificar la visión demasiado rígida de un imperialismo espartano excesivamente centrado en Grecia continental. Lejos de ello, Esparta se preocupó por extender su hegemonía en ambos ámbitos el Egeo y el mar Jónico.This paper analyzes the situation in the Aegean and Ionic sea during the period between the King’s Peace (386 a.C. and the battle of Leuctra (371 a.C. and intends to modify the rigid view of the Spartan imperialism excessively focused in continental Greece. Far from this consideration, Sparta tried to extend its hegemony in both regions the Aegean and Ionic Sea.

  14. Estudio osteoarqueológico de la cremación romana de Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza

    M.ª Paz de MIGUEL IBÁÑEZ


    Full Text Available Presentamos el estudio osteoarqueológico de los restos humanos procedentes del enterramiento romano recuperado en Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza. Se ha procedido a la identificación y descripción de las diferentes partes anatómicas, según la metodología descrita para las incineraciones. Hemos tenido en consideración la coloración de los huesos, su estado de fragmentación, su representación dentro del conjunto, etc., como elementos informadores sobre el proceso ritual. Las características antropológicas nos indican que se trata de un individuo adulto, sometido a alta temperatura, bastante bien conservado, con artropatía en la columna vertebral, cuyo sexo, sin embargo, no ha podido ser identificado.

  15. Origen del Palacio de Pedro I en el Alcázar de Sevilla: el mirador hoy llamado de los Reyes Católicos

    Fernández Aguilera, Sebastián


    Full Text Available This study originated with the search for the possible initial site of the main door of the Old Chapel, which, following its restoration and study, turned out to be older than the rest of the Mudéjar palace of King Pedro I (Seville, 1365. During this investigation, and based on recent studies carried out as the result of several previous restorations, the author realized that this door was not relocated from another place. It had formed part of the earlier Gothic palace to which the construction of Pedro I’s palace was attached at this juncture, with several rooms from basement to upper balcony predating the Mudéjar building, thereby concluding that it must have been the work of his father, King Alfonso XI.El presente trabajo, se inicia con la búsqueda del emplazamiento que pudo tener la gran puerta de la Antigua Capilla, de la que, tras su restauración y estudio, sabemos que existía con anterioridad a la obra mudéjar del palacio de Pedro I en Sevilla en 1365. En esa búsqueda, y apoyándonos en los distintos estudios que se vienen realizando con motivo de restauraciones recientes, hemos llegado a la conclusión de que no se trata de carpintería reutilizada, sino que es toda la construcción de esa parte del palacio, adosada al anterior palacio gótico, y con distintas estancias desde el sótano hasta el Mirador, la que ya existía con anterioridad al rey Don Pedro, y con toda probabilidad obra de su padre el rey Alfonso XI, como se concluye en este artículo.

  16. Ventura Reyes Prósper (1863-1922 y la introducción de la nueva lógica en España

    Vega Reñón, Luis


    Full Text Available With a view to an unnoticed paper by Reyes Prósper (1891, «La lógica simbólica», I examine the first and unsuccessful introduction of modern logic in mathematical circles in Spain, in the end of the 19th century and beginnings of 20th. Such reception failures are usually attributed to external and/or general circumstances, ranging from personal vicissitudes to institutional and cultural conditions of Spanish learning. But here we should also pay attention at the very working of the so-called «sowers», i.e. introducing people. Some consequences concerning the study of reception are incidentally suggested.

    En atención al inadvertido artículo de Reyes Prósper (1891, «La lógica simbólica», examino la fallida introducción inicial de la lógica moderna en medios matemáticos, en España, a finales del s. XIX y principios del XX. La falta de recepción de este tipo suele atribuirse a circunstancias externas o genéricas, desde avatares personales hasta condicionamientos institucionales y culturales de nuestra España académica. Pero, en este caso, también merece atención el trabajo mismo de los llamados «sembradores», i.e. introductores. De paso, apunto algunas consecuencias para el estudio de los fenómenos de recepción.

  17. Las políticas forestales en el estado de San Luis Potosí en el porfiriato

    Julio César Errejón Gómez


    Full Text Available Las acciones y omisiones del presente en materia de política forestal pueden clarificarse si se revisan los antecedentes históricos. Por ello, el objetivo de esta investigación fue analizar la influencia del contexto internacional sobre las políticas forestales implementadas durante el régimen de Porfirio Díaz. Se amplía el panorama sobre las de uso y conservación de los bosques, así como sus repercusiones en San Luis Potosí. Para contextualizar los procesos mencionados, se realizó una consulta exhaustiva de documentos históricos y bibliográficos, y se encontró que el entorno internacional incentivó la creación de leyes e instituciones federales y locales para regular la explotación, el manejo y la conservación de los bosques. A pesar de ello, en esta entidad hubo una reducción importante en sus superficies boscosas; además, el gobierno federal y estatal no evidenció un interés por preservarlas. _______________ Current actions and omissions in forest policy can be clarified if the historical background is reviewed. Therefore, the objective of this research is to analyze the influence of the international context on forest policies implemented during the regime of Porfirio Diaz (1876-1911. In particular, it aims to broaden the outlook on government policies created for the management, use and conservation of forests and their impacts on San Luis Potosi. A thorough consultation of historical and bibliographical documents was made to understand the historical processes. It was found that the international environment encouraged the creation of laws, regulations and federal and local institutions for the purpose of regulating the exploitation, management and conservation of forests. However, the state of San Luis Potosi experienced a significant reduction in their forest areas; in addition, the federal and state governments showed no interest in applying conservation of forests in Potosi territory.

  18. Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr and K-Ar age constraints of the El Molle and Barroso plutons, western Sierra de San Luis, Argentina

    Sato, A.M.; Gonzalez, P.D; Petronilho, L.A; Llambias, E.J.; Varela, R; Basei, M.A.S


    Within the Early Paleozoic Famatinian orogeny of Southern Sierras Pampeanas (Sierra de San Luis and Sierra de Cordoba), the post-orogenic granitoids are characterized by circular intrusions. The published Rb-Sr and K-Ar ages from plutons in the Sierra de San Luis range between 408 and 320 Ma (see synthesis in Llambias et al., 1998). The El Molle and Barroso plutons (Sims et al., 1997; Gonzalez and Sato, 2000) are the two main exposures of a post-orogenic intrusive complex located in the western area of the Sierra de San Luis basement. They also exhibit an overall circular map view of almost 8 km in diameter, and are emplaced in a metamorphic complex developed through pre-Famatinian (Proterozoic? to Early Paleozoic) to Famatinian (Early Paleozoic) orogenies (Gonzalez and Llambias, 1998; von Gosen and Prozzi, 1998). We are carrying out isotopic datings of the El Molle and Barroso plutons in order to contribute to the understanding of the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of the final stages of the Famatinian orogenic cycle in the Sierra de San Luis. The first results of the Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr and K-Ar dates are here presented (au)

  19. A New Destination for "The Flying Bus"?: The Implications of Orlando-Rican Migration for Luis Rafael Sanchez's "La guagua aerea"

    Barreneche, Gabriel Ignacio; Lombardi, Jane; Ramos-Flores, Hector


    Puerto Rican author Luis Rafael Sanchez's "La guagua aerea" explores the duality, hybridity, and fluidity of US-Puerto Rican identity through the frequent travel of migrants between New York City (the traditional destination city for Puerto Rican migrants) and the island. In recent years, however, the "flying bus" has adopted a…

  20. TECNOLOGÍA LÍTICA Y USO DIFERENCIAL DEL ESPACIO EN ESTANCIA LA SUIZA, SAN LUIS, ARGENTINA / Lithic technology and differential use of space in Estancia La Suiza, San Luis, Argentina

    Gisela Sario


    Full Text Available El trabajo pretende contribuir, desde la perspectiva de la organización de la tecnología, al conocimiento de las ocupaciones cazadoras-recolectoras que habitaron las inmediaciones de la Sierra de la Estanzuela, en la provincia de San Luis, Argentina. Se explican cómo fueron las secuencias de producción de herramientas en los sitios de la localidad arqueológica Estancia La Suiza, a partir del análisis de los materiales líticos recuperados en excavación y prospecciones sistemáticas. Las metodologías propuestas para abordar este estudio corresponden al análisis nodular y más específicamente a una combinación del análisis tipológico y no tipológico. Los resultados permiten interpretar que en esta localidad hubo un uso diferencial del espacio, particularmente en dos sitios que son Estancia La Suiza 2 y Estancia La Suiza 3. Abstract This paper aims at gaining insight, from the angle of technological organization, into the hunter-gatherer communities that dwelled in the surrounding areas of Sierras de la Estanzuela, in the province of San Luis, Argentina. The sequence of tool development in the archaeological site of Estancia La Suiza is described from analysis of lithic materials from excavation and systematic surveys. The methods adopted for conducting this study form part of Minimal Nodule analysis (MANA and more specifically a combination of typological and non-typological analysis. Results indicate that this site evidences a differential use of space, more specifically found in Estancia La Suiza 2 and Estancia La Suiza 3. 

  1. Un omaggio a Giuseppe Bellini attraverso un libro a lui dedicato: cuando quiero hallar las voces, encuentro con los afectos...

    Emilia Perassi


    Full Text Available Il presente articolo si propone di tracciare il ritratto di uno dei grandi maestri di studi ispanoamericanistici, Giuseppe Bellini, attraverso una recente opera miscellanea a lui dedicata, a cura di Patrizia Spinato Bruschi e Jaime Martínez. Tale raccolta di saggi non solo restituisce le linee, i contenuti e le forme di una produzione critica monumentale ma ben mostra l’importante ruolo di studioso e di uomo che il Bellini è stato capace di esercitare, articolando attorno a sé una nutrita scuola, a partire dalla visione della letteratura come rete di dialogo e di scambio. I diversi temi affrontati dai più di cinquantacinque saggi mostrano la straordinaria capacità del Bellini di tessere una proficua rete di relazioni, di studio e di amicizia, e di promuovere l’ispanoamericanismo italiano, sempre attraverso il riconoscimento della letteratura come lezione civile e del buon vivere.

  2. Perception of the general population in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi regarding waste production in hairdressing salons

    Juan José Maldonado-Miranda


    Full Text Available Hairdressing salons offer a wide range of services including treatments for hair and skin. However, these activities result in the production of residues that are improperly discharged into drainage, generating a negative impact on the environment. This study provides results of a first stage in a project regarding the analysis of waste disposal in hairdressing salons in the municipality of Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Information gathering was conducted through a field work study by surveys given to workers in hairdressing salons in Ciudad Valles. The information presented in this study indicates that in hairdressing salons in Ciudad Valles there is no management plan for the management of waste that could be severely impacting the environment. The information presented here will be the basis for identifying priority areas for intervention, developing new research projects and setting new environmental policies. In addition, the results presented here can be extrapolated to many rural and urban areas all over Mexico.

  3. Dual electricity generation biogas-diesel in the community of Maguey, municipality of San Luis. Santiago de Cuba

    Recio Recio, Angel Amado; Palacios Barrera, Antonio; Salas Diaz, Alberto; Bertot, Romulo; Garcia Faure, Luis


    The work was developed in the rural community Magueyal, Popular Council Chamarreta of the Municipality San Luis, Santiago de Cuba province, consisting of 198 inhabitants, distributed in 75 of these 64 homes have electricity, also has a primary school and a medical clinic family. Its main activity is livestock to be located in a place where the topography is very steep, leading to not develop infrastructure networks. The electricity was supplied by diesel engine MWM-DITER, Type: D 327-2 and the supply of electricity was only 4 hours a day; it was decided to take him to eight hours using biogas, thus saving fuel. For this purposes and with funding from an international project proceeded to construction of two biogas digesters 83.04 m3 and 91.26 m3 of total volume, respectively, with which the generator feeds two reducing diesel consumption by 75% and increasing the hours of supply electricity for 4-8 hours. (author)

  4. La reescritura de La infancia en Los días ocultos de Luis Oyarzún

    Lorena Amaro Castro


    Full Text Available El filósofo Luis Oyarzún escribió dos novelas de carácter autobiográfico en que presenta las percepciones de un niño de provincia: La infancia (1940 y Los días ocultos (1955. Críticos como Roberto Hozven, Leonidas Morales y Olga Grau manifiestan que la segunda es una reelaboración de la primera. El siguiente artículo desarrolla una comparación entre ambos textos, buscando dilucidar y comprender cuáles son las diferencias entre ellos y en qué medida revelan una maduración en la escritura e inquietudes de un autor que ocupa un lugar hasta ahora marginal en la construcción canónica filosófica y literaria chilena.

  5. Marxismo y Moral. Reflexiones a partir de El marxismo como moral de José Luis López Aranguren

    Muñoz, Jacobo


    Full Text Available Starting from a critical reading of El marxismo como moral, classical work of José Luis López Aranguren, this article deals with the problem of the normative and moral foundations of marxism. In order to go in depth into the ethical dimension of Karl Marx's and the marxist tradition's thought, the text proposes several thematic lines of analysis with the aim of liberating, at the same time, the intelectual and political project of Marx from the various clichés associated to its traditional reception. The ethical field will appear as a space of mediation between knowledge and reality, disclosing itself as fundamental to marxism from a praxeological point of view. At the end of the article there is a critical dialogue with different ethical positions in the frame of contemporary marxism.A partir de una lectura crítica de El marxismo como moral, obra clásica de José Luis López Aranguren, éste artículo trata de interrogarse acerca de los fundamentos normativos y morales del marxismo. A lo largo del texto se proponen diversas líneas temáticas para profundizar en la dimensión ética del pensamiento de Karl Marx y la tradición marxista, tratando de liberar, al mismo tiempo, su proyecto intelectual y político de diversos tópicos vinculados a su recepción tradicional. El ámbito ético aparecerá como espacio de mediación entre el conocimiento y la realidad, revelándose como fundamental para el marxismo desde un punto de vista praxeológico. Al final del artículo se dialoga críticamente con algunas posiciones éticas en el marco del marxismo contemporáneo.

  6. [Future status of ischaemic heart disease in the state of San Luis Potosí: A predictive dynamic model].

    Gaytán-Hernández, Darío; Díaz-Oviedo, Aracely; Gallegos-García, Verónica; Terán-Figueroa, Yolanda

    To develop a predictive dynamic model to generate and analyse the future status of the incidence rate of ischaemic heart disease in a population of 25 years and over in Mexico, according to the variation in time of some risk factors. Retrospective ecological study performed during the period 2013-2015, in San Luis Potosí City, Mexico. Secondary databases that corresponded to the years 2000, 2005, and 2010, were used along with official indicators of the 58 municipalities of the state of San Luis Potosí. Eight indicators were analysed at municipality level, using principal components analysis, structural equation modelling, dynamic modelling, and simulation software methods. Three components were extracted, which together explained 80.43% of the total variance of the official indicators used. The second component had a weight of 16.36 units that favoured an increase of the disease analysed. This component was integrated only by the indicator AGE 60-64 and the expected stage of it increasing. The structural model confirmed that the indicators explain 42% of the variation of this disease. The possible stages for the years 2015, 2020, and 2025 are 195.7, 240.7, and 298.0, respectively for every 100,000 inhabitants aged 25 and over. An exponential increase in the incidence rate of ischaemic heart disease is expected, with the age of 60-64 years being identified as the highest risk factor. Copyright © 2017 Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez. Publicado por Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.

  7. Mortality attributable to pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Comas‐García, Andreu; García‐Sepúlveda, Christian A.; Méndez‐de Lira, José J.; Aranda‐Romo, Saray; Hernández‐Salinas, Alba E.; Noyola, Daniel E.


    Please cite this paper as: Comas‐García et al. (2011) Mortality attributable to pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 5(2), 76–82. Background  Acute respiratory infections are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Starting in 2009, pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 virus has become one of the leading respiratory pathogens worldwide. However, the overall impact of this virus as a cause of mortality has not been clearly defined. Objectives  To determine the impact of pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 on mortality in a Mexican population. Methods  We assessed the impact of pandemic influenza virus on mortality during the first and second outbreaks in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, and compared it to mortality associated with seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) during the previous winter seasons. Results  We estimated that, on average, 8·1% of all deaths that occurred during the 2003–2009 seasons were attributable to influenza and RSV. During the first pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 outbreak, there was an increase in mortality in persons 5–59 years of age, but not during the second outbreak (Fall of 2009). Overall, pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 outbreaks had similar effects on mortality to those associated with seasonal influenza virus epidemics. Conclusions  The impact of influenza A(H1N1) 2009 virus on mortality during the first year of the pandemic was similar to that observed for seasonal influenza. The establishment of real‐time surveillance systems capable of integrating virological, morbidity, and mortality data may result in the timely identification of outbreaks so as to allow for the institution of appropriate control measures to reduce the impact of emerging pathogens on the population. PMID:21306570

  8. Archosauriform remains from the Late Triassic of San Luis province, Argentina, Quebrada del Barro Formation, Marayes-El Carrizal Basin

    Gianechini, Federico A.; Codorniú, Laura; Arcucci, Andrea B.; Castillo Elías, Gabriela; Rivarola, David


    Here we present archosauriform remains from 'Abra de los Colorados', a fossiliferous locality at Sierra de Guayaguas, NW San Luis Province. Two fossiliferous levels were identified in outcrops of the Quebrada del Barro Formation (Norian), which represent the southernmost outcrops of the Marayes-El Carrizal Basin. These levels are composed by massive muddy lithofacies, interpreted as floodplain deposits. The specimens consist of one incomplete maxilla (MIC-V718), one caudal vertebra (MIC-V719), one metatarsal (MIC-V720) and one indeterminate appendicular bone (MIC-V721). The materials can be assigned to Archosauriformes but the fragmentary nature and lack of unambiguous synapomorphies preclude a more precise taxomic assignment. The maxilla is remarkably large and robust and represents the posterior process. It preserved one partially erupted tooth with ziphodont morphology. This bone shows some anatomical traits and size match with 'rauisuchians' and theropods. MIC-V719 corresponds to a proximal caudal vertebra. It has a high centrum, a ventral longitudinal furrow, expanded articular processes for the chevrons, a posteriorly displaced diapophysis located below the level of the prezygapophyses, and short prezygapophyses. This vertebra would be from an indeterminate archosauriform. MIC-V720 presents a cylindrical diaphysis, with a well-developed distal trochlea, which present resemblances with metatarsals of theropods, pseudosuchians, and silesaurids, although the size matches better with theropods. MIC-V721 has a slender diaphysis and a convex triangular articular surface, and corresponds to an indeterminate archosauriform. Despite being fragmentary, these materials indicate the presence of a diverse archosauriforms association from Late Triassic beds of San Luis. Thus, they add to the faunal assemblage recently reported from this basin at San Juan Province, which is much rich and diverse than the coeval paleofauna well known from Los Colorados Formation in the

  9. Encefalitis por virus San Luis en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires durante el brote de dengue 2009

    Horacio López


    Full Text Available Se presenta un paciente de 80 años de edad, residente en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, con diagnóstico serológico para el virus de la encefalitis de San Luis (SLE durante el brote de dengue ocurrido entre enero y mayo de 2009. Presentaba leucemia linfoide crónica en tratamiento con clorambucilo, cáncer de próstata tratado con hormonoterapia y radioterapia, e imágenes óseas compatibles con metástasis. El estudio del líquido cefalorraquídeo demostró pleocitosis con predominio de mononucleares y proteinorraquia elevada. El resultado de los cultivos para bacterias, hongos y micobacterias, así como el PCR en LCR para herpes virus, HSV, CMV y EBV, fue negativo. Se detectaron anticuerpos IgM para virus SLE tanto en LCR como en muestra de suero, con seroconversión IgG por neutralización en cultivos celulares y resultados negativos para los demás Flavivirus con circulación en Argentina. Se revisan evidencias sobre la presencia de virus de San Luis en nuestro país, y se señala la importancia de la confirmación diagnóstica y el estudio de otros Flavivirus en casos sospechosos de dengue con presentación grave o atípica. Este trabajo remarca la necesidad de fortalecer tanto la vigilancia epidemiológica del virus SLE, como el control vectorial para prevenir las diferentes infecciones transmitidas por mosquitos y conocer su efecto en Salud Pública en la Argentina.

  10. Antecedent Rivers

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 1; Issue 8. Antecedent Rivers - Ganga Is Older Than Himalaya. K S Valdiya. General Article Volume 1 Issue 8 August 1996 pp 55-63. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: ...


    principals randomly selected from one hundred secondary schools in Cross River State. The data collected ... There was no siyriificant influerlce of gender on principals' leadership styles effectiveness. ... result of the cultural stereotyping of males and females by .... schools were single sex boys, another 10 were single sex ...

  12. URJC GB dataset: Community-based seed bank of Mediterranean high-mountain and semi-arid plant species at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain).

    Alonso, Patricia; Iriondo, José María


    The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was created in 2008 and currently holds 235 accessions and 96 species. This bank focuses on the conservation of wild-plant communities and aims to conserve ex situ a representative sample of the plant biodiversity present in a habitat, emphasizing priority ecosystems identified by the Habitats Directive. It is also used to store plant material for research and teaching purposes. The collection consists of three subcollections, two representative of typical habitats in the center of the Iberian Peninsula: high-mountain pastures (psicroxerophylous pastures) and semi-arid habitats (gypsophylic steppes), and a third representative of the genus Lupinus. The high-mountain subcollection currently holds 153 accessions (63 species), the semi-arid subcollection has 76 accessions (29 species,) and the Lupinus subcollection has 6 accessions (4 species). All accessions are stored in a freezer at -18 °C in Kilner jars with silica gel. The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos follows a quality control protocol which describes the workflow performed with seeds from seed collection to storage. All collectors are members of research groups with great experience in species identification. Herbarium specimens associated with seed accessions are preserved and 63% of the records have been georreferenced with GPS and radio points. The dataset provides unique information concerning the location of populations of plant species that form part of the psicroxerophylous pastures and gypsophylic steppes of Central Spain as well as populations of genus Lupinus in the Iberian Peninsula. It also provides relevant information concerning mean seed weight and seed germination values under specific incubation conditions. This dataset has already been used by researchers of the Area of Biodiversity and Conservation of URJC as a source of information for the design and implementation of experimental designs in these plant communities. Since

  13. URJC GB dataset: Community-based seed bank of Mediterranean high-mountain and semi-arid plant species at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain

    Patricia Alonso


    Full Text Available The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was created in 2008 and currently holds 235 accessions and 96 species. This bank focuses on the conservation of wild-plant communities and aims to conserve ex situ a representative sample of the plant biodiversity present in a habitat, emphasizing priority ecosystems identified by the Habitats Directive. It is also used to store plant material for research and teaching purposes. The collection consists of three subcollections, two representative of typical habitats in the center of the Iberian Peninsula: high-mountain pastures (psicroxerophylous pastures and semi-arid habitats (gypsophylic steppes, and a third representative of the genus Lupinus. The high-mountain subcollection currently holds 153 accessions (63 species, the semi-arid subcollection has 76 accessions (29 species, and the Lupinus subcollection has 6 accessions (4 species. All accessions are stored in a freezer at -18 °C in Kilner jars with silica gel. The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos follows a quality control protocol which describes the workflow performed with seeds from seed collection to storage. All collectors are members of research groups with great experience in species identification. Herbarium specimens associated with seed accessions are preserved and 63% of the records have been georreferenced with GPS and radio points. The dataset provides unique information concerning the location of populations of plant species that form part of the psicroxerophylous pastures and gypsophylic steppes of Central Spain as well as populations of genus Lupinus in the Iberian Peninsula. It also provides relevant information concerning mean seed weight and seed germination values under specific incubation conditions. This dataset has already been used by researchers of the Area of Biodiversity and Conservation of URJC as a source of information for the design and implementation of experimental designs in these plant

  14. Espectáculo y construcción espacial en los autos de Pedro Calderón de la Barca: «La cena del rey Baltasar»

    Antonio Sánchez Jiménez


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza la construcción espectacular y espacial de un auto temprano de Calderón de la Barca, «La cena del rey Baltasar». Para ello, examina cómo funcionaban en este auto los elementos escénicos (carros, tramoya y atrezzo, así como la música, el vestuario y los espacios escénico y dramático. This article analyzes the spectacular and spacial construction of an early auto sacramental by Calderón de la Barca, «La cena del rey Baltasar». In order to do so, we examine the meaning of the different scenic elements (carros, theatrical machinery, and atrezzo, as well as the music, clothing, and scenic and dramatic spaces.

  15. Antecedent Rivers

    far north of the high NandaDevi (7,817 m) - Api Nampa. (7,132 m) range of the Himadri. The Sindhu flows northwestwards, the Satluj goes west, the Karnali takes the southerly course and the Tsangpo flows east. These rivers flow through their pristine channels, carved out at the very outset about 50 to 55 m.y (million years) ...

  16. Huerta del Rey: Edafic Characterization of a Historic Area of the Mercury Mining and Study of the Transfer of Mercury from the Soil to Plantago Major

    Suarez, C.; Manero, L.; Sierra, M. J.; Rodriguez-Alonso, M.; Millan, R.


    The main objective of this scientific-technical report is to carry out a characterization of study plot called Huerta del Rey in the mercury (Hg) mining district of Almaden. For this goal, an edaphic characterization has been performed and the Hg behavior in the soil study has been evaluated. Then, total Hg concentration and easily available Hg for plants have been determined and the absorption and distribution of Hg in Plantago major L (typical specie from the study area) have been studied. The results showed that the total Hg concentrations in the soil ranged from 530 ± 32 mg kg - 1 to 4300 ± 339 mg kg - 1 even to 12378 ± 1051mg kg - 1. It is in accordance with the normal values measured in a Hg mining area. Otherwise, the percentage of soluble Hg in soil with respect to the total Hg concentration is low ( - 1 that could mean a potential risk of pollution of groundwater by leaching process. Finally a brief description about different technologies for decreasing Hg concentration in the study soil, including phytoremediation, has been performed. (Author) 96 refs.

  17. El doctor Juan Díaz de Alcocer : apuntes biográficos de un servidor de los Reyes Católicos

    María del Pilar Rábade Obradó


    Full Text Available Uno de los pilares sobre los que se fundamenta la labor gubernativa y administrativa desarrollada por los Reyes Católicos es la acertada selección de colaboradores practicada por los soberanos, selección que les lleva a rodearse de un elenco de oficiales destacados por su eficacia y eficiencia, por su talento y aptitudes, surgiendo así un círculo áulico capaz de secundar a la perfección las iniciativas regias \\ Estos servidores de la Corona trabajan, por supuesto, en estrecha conexión con los monarcas, desempeñando tareas y labores relacionadas —en menor o mayor medida— con la administración central, participando en la construcción de uno de los períodos más apasionantes de nuestra Historia, contribuyendo en no pequeña medida a la cimentación de la España Moderna.

  18. Actividad comercial de los reyes nazaríes y su implicación con los representantes del gran comercio occidental a finales de la Edad Media



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El objetivo de este trabajo es demostrar la implicación directa de los reyes granadinos en la faceta comercial que asume la economía nazarí desde el primer momento. La presencia y actividad de la Corona y de las elites del poder nazarí en los grandes circuitos comerciales internacionales queda patente y se desarrolla gracias a la colaboración y mediación de los grandes hombres de negocios extranjeros activos en el reino, genoveses, según nuestras informaciones, cuya actuación en este sentido se podría asimilar a la de operadores comerciales de la CoronaABSTRACT: The objective of this study is to show the direct involvement of the Granadine kings in the commercial side of the Nasrid economy, which was there from the very beginning. The presence and the activity of the Crown and the elite of Nasrid power in large international commercial circuits is obvious and it was possible due to the collaboration and mediation of the important foreign businessmen active in the kingdom, the Genoese, according to our information, who acted as if they were the Crown’s commercial operators.

  19. Spanish normative studies in young adults (NEURONORMA young adults project): norms for the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (copy and memory) and Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test.

    Palomo, R; Casals-Coll, M; Sánchez-Benavides, G; Quintana, M; Manero, R M; Rognoni, T; Calvo, L; Aranciva, F; Tamayo, F; Peña-Casanova, J


    The Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) and the Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test (FCSRT) are widely used in clinical practice. The ROCF assesses visual perception, constructional praxis, and visuo-spatial memory. The FCSRT assesses verbal learning and memory. In this study, as part of the Spanish normative studies project in young adults (NEURONORMA young adults), we present age- and education-adjusted normative data for both tests obtained by using linear regression techniques. The sample consisted of 179 healthy participants ranging in age from 18 to 49 years. We provide tables for converting raw scores to scaled scores in addition to tables with scores adjusted by socio-demographic factors. The results showed that education affects scores for some of the memory tests and the figure-copying task. Age was only found to have an effect on the performance of visuo-spatial memory tests, and the effect of sex was negligible. The normative data obtained will be extremely useful in the clinical neuropsychological evaluation of young Spanish adults. Copyright © 2011 Sociedad Española de Neurología. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  20. Caracterización de la conducta suicida en el Policlínico "René Ávila Reyes". Holguín 2007-2008

    Eisy Mercedes Infantes Pérez


    Full Text Available Aborda un estudio descriptivo, de series de casos sobre el comportamiento de la conducta suicida en el Policlínico ¿René Ávila Reyes¿, Holguín .2007-2008. La muestra estuvo integrada por 52 pacientes con conducta suicida. Para la obtención de información se revisaron Historias Clínicas y discusiones de casos. En el intento suicida hubo un mayor predominio en los adolescentes, las mujeres y amas de casa. Las edades de 31 a 40 años, del sexo masculino y desocupados, se señalaron con mayor comportamiento en el suicidio. Los métodos más empleados para realizar el intento correspondieron a la ingestión de tabletas y el ahorcamiento para al suicidio. Los antecedentes patológicos familiares y personales de conducta suicida se señalaron como factor importante y el problema principal que desencadenó la conducta correspondió a la depresión marcada. Se recomendó el diseño de una estrategia de intervención comunitaria para lograr un impacto en el área de salud.

  1. Cognitive predictors of copying and drawing from memory of the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure in 7- to 10-year-old children.

    Senese, Vincenzo Paolo; De Lucia, Natascia; Conson, Massimiliano


    Cognitive models of drawing are mainly based on assessment of copying performance of adults, whereas only a few studies have verified these models in young children. Moreover, developmental investigations have only rarely performed a systematic examination of the contribution of perceptual and representational visuo-spatial processes to copying and drawing from memory. In this study we investigated the role of visual perception and mental representation in both copying and drawing from memory skills in a sample of 227 typically developing children (53% females) aged 7-10 years. Participants underwent a neuropsychological assessment and the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF). The fit and invariance of the predictive model considering visuo-spatial abilities, working memory, and executive functions were tested by means of hierarchical regressions and path analysis. Results showed that, in a gender invariant way, visual perception abilities and spatial mental representation had a direct effect on copying performance, whereas copying performance was the only specific predictor for drawing from memory. These effects were independent from age and socioeconomic status, and showed that cognitive models of drawing built up for adults could be considered for predicting copying and drawing from memory in children.

  2. Organizational and visual memory deficits in schizophrenia and bipolar psychoses using the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure: effects of duration of illness.

    Seidman, Larry J; Lanca, Margaret; Kremen, William S; Faraone, Stephen V; Tsuang, Ming T


    Verbal declarative memory deficits in schizophrenia are well documented whereas visual declarative memory is less studied. Moreover, there are limited data on whether organizational and visual memory deficits are specific to schizophrenic psychoses. We compared visual memory and organizational function in patients with chronic schizophrenia (n=79) and chronic bipolar psychotic disorder (n=14), and in healthy controls (n=84) using the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF), testing whether organizational impairments (i.e., executive dysfunctions) account for the visual memory deficit. Groups were comparable on age, handedness and expected intellectual ability (based on single word reading). Using analyses of covariance with sex, parental SES and ethnicity as co-variates, patients with schizophrenia were significantly more impaired than controls on copy accuracy, on recall accuracy, and on percent accuracy of recall. Patients with schizophrenia used a more detail-oriented style on copy and recall and had significantly worse recognition memory. After co-varying IQ, copy organization was also significantly different between the groups. Results for accuracy of copy and recall were not significantly attenuated when controlling for copy organization. Duration of illness was associated with visual memory. Bipolar patients performed at an intermediate level between controls and patients with schizophrenia. The data suggest that in schizophrenia, patients have a visual memory disorder characterized by both organizational processing impairments and retention difficulties, and that there is a decline in visual memory functions with duration of illness. Further research is required to determine whether similar mechanisms underlie the neurocognitive deficits in these psychotic disorders.

  3. Effect of Corm Density on Yield and Qualitative Traits of Saffron (Crocus sativus L. under Different Urea and Biological Fertilizers in Shahr-e-Rey Region

    Alireza pazoki


    Full Text Available To study the effect of corm density on yield and qualitative traits of saffron (Crocus sativus L. under different biological and chemical nitrogen fertilizers, a factorial experiment based on completely randomized block design with 3 replications was done in 2014 at Shahr-e-Rey region (Ghomi Abad. The experimental factors were: corm density in 3 levels (60, 120 and 180 corm per square meter and biological and chemical nitrogen fertilizers in 4 levels (without fertilizer application, 150 kg.ha-1 of Urea, 5 L.ha-1 of Nitroxin and 75 kg.ha-1 of Urea +5 L.ha-1 of Nitroxin. The results indicated that the corm density affects number of daughter corm, fresh daughter corm weight, corm diameter, dry stigma and style weight, dry and fresh flower weight significantly. Mean comparisons also indicated that by increasing corm density from 6o to 180, saffron dry yield of saffron improved by 2.7 fold. However, increasing corm density reduced corm diameter, fresh corm daughter weight and their numbers per square meter. It can be concluded that nitroxin as an organic fertilizer, increases vegetative traits and saffron dry yield (stigma + style weight to 2.08 kg.ha-1 and highly improves in qualitative traits like Safranal, Picrocrocin, and Crocin. It can be also said that combined use of nitroxin and urea would be an alternative method to reduce application of urea.

  4. Petrological and geochemical characterization of the plutonic rocks of the Sierra de La Aguada, Province of San Luis, Argentina: Genetic implications with the Famatinian magmatic arc

    E. Cristofolini


    Full Text Available This study presents a synthesis on the geology of the crystalline complex that constitute the Sierra de la Aguada, San Luis province, Argentine, from an approach based on field relations, petrologic and structural features and geochemical characteristic. This mountain range exposes a basement dominated by intermediate to mafic calcalkaline igneous rocks and peraluminous felsic granitoids, both emplaced in low to medium grade metamorphic rocks stabilized under low amphibolite facies. All this lithological terrane has been grouped in the El Carrizal-La Aguada Complex. Field relations, petrographic characterization and geochemical comparison of the plutonic rocks from the study area with those belonging to the Ordovician Famatinian suit exposed in the Sierra Grande de San Luis, suggest a genetic and temporal relation linked to the development of the Famatinian magmatic arc.

  5. Ampliación de la distribución de Teius oculatus y T. suquiensis (Sauria: Teiidae en la provincia de San Luis (República Argentina

    Guerreiro, Analía C.


    Full Text Available Teius oculatus (D'Orbigny & Bibron, 1837. Dpto. La Capital. Localidades: Daniel Donovan (33°21'S; 66°15'W UNSUCH 0098; Ciudad de San Luis (33°18'S; 66°22'W UNSL-CH 0132, 0137. Teius suquiensis Avila & Martori, 1991. Dpto. La Capital. Localidades: Daniel Dono- van, UNSL-CH 0095, 0097, 0230; Ciudad de San Luis, UNSL-CH 0118, 0120, 0141, 0172, 0214, 0221; Ruta Prov. 3 (33°15'S; 66°18'W, UNSL-CH 0231, 0232. Dpto. Cnel. Pringles: La Florida (33°08'S; 66°02'W UNSL-CH 0223. Colectores: Juan Cruz Baldoni, Ana María Brigada, Matías García, Analía C. Guerreiro y Flavio Martínez.


    Geneviève Fabry


    Full Text Available This paper aims to study the intertextual traces dell Song of Songs in the work of Luis de León, San Juan de la Cruz and Juan Gelman from a particular point of view: the resonance in the vernacular of small biblical book as founder dimension of an experience spiritual, emotional and literary time. Choosing our corpus may surprise but, for one, would like to emphasize the importance of two pivotal moments in the reception of the Song: the Spanish Renaissance, whose approach to the Bible is enriched by new currents philological and exegetical of which Luis de León is a sublime representative; the late twentieth century in which an insistent intertextuality observed with sanjuanista work in one direction often foreign to Christian spirituality, as in the case of the Argentine Juan Gelman.

  7. Inventario de recursos turísticos como base para la planificación territorial en la zona altiplano de san Luis Potosi, México

    Paloma Blanco López


    Full Text Available Este artículo aborda el análisis del potencial turístico como condición para la planificación turística. Se explica el turismo como factor de desarrollo y a la planificación como instrumento de su gestión. Se utilizan los municipios con mayor potencial turístico en la Zona Altiplano de San Luis Potosí para exponer y ejemplificar los resultados del diagnóstico de la región. Después se evalúan los instrumentos vigentes de planificación turística vigentes en San Luis Potosí y se ofrece una propuesta de aprovechamiento turístico con ayuda de un análisis FODA para los municipios seleccionados.

  8. El saxofón en la ópera de Luis de Pablo: La señorita Cristina

    Martínez García, Francisco


    Full Text Available At 82 years we will not mention the importance and influence of Luis de Pablo in the musical history of Spain in the last fifty years, but it was not what caught my attention for a PhD thesis on his music, but the the large number of works including saxophone in his catalog: 25 works upon today. It is a very high number compared to what Europeans frontline composers have produced during the twentieth century and the first decade of the 21st. From all this great production, surely excel his operas, as three of his five works dedicated to this genre, the saxophone is present and also with dramatic character roles. Then we will make an analysis of the opera La señorita Cristina, and the employment of the saxophone there, with musical contributions that eleven years after its release are certainly innovative and interesting.A sus 82 años no vamos a citar la importancia e influencia de Luis de Pablo en la historia musical de España en los últimos cincuenta años, pero no fue esto lo que me llamó la atención para realizar una tesis doctoral sobre su música1, sino la gran producción de obras con saxofón dentro de su catálogo: veinticinco obras al momento de hoy. Es un número muy alto comparándolo con lo que los compositores europeos de primera línea han llevado a cabo durante el siglo XX y primera década del XXI. De toda esta gran producción, destacan sin duda sus óperas, ya que en tres de sus cinco obras de este apartado, el saxofón está presente y además con funciones de personaje dramático. A continuación vamos a efectuar un análisis de la ópera La señorita Cristina y del empleo del saxofón en la misma, con unas aportaciones musicales que once años después de su estreno son sin duda novedosas y muy interesantes.

  9. Homoparentalidad: explorando el reconocimiento social y los derechos de los homosexuales en la ciudad de San Luis, Argentina

    Yael guadalupe Calvo Laméndola


    Full Text Available Abstract This research paper deals with the opinions of practitioners working in the field of health care, education and law in the city of San Luis on homosexual parenting, and its possible effects in the psychological development of children adopted by homosexual couples. A descriptive-exploratory study was conducted with the aim of making a preliminary approach to this issue, which made it possible to establish the common-sense knowledge referred to above. The sample was composed of 21 individuals, five pediatricians, five lawyers, five teachers and six psychologists. The purpose of this presentation is to communicate the results obtained in one of the four dimensions of the analysis. Said results were obtained before the implementation of the Egalitarian Marriage Act. The results obtained in relation to this dimension reveal that almost all homosexual couples should have the same rights as any other citizen, except that to forming a family by adopting a child. It is important to note that, when answering to the questions; many professionals did not know whether to adhere to the principles of their profession, or to their personal opinion. Resumen El presente artículo de investigación indaga por las opiniones de profesionales del ámbito de la salud, educación y jurídico de la ciudad de San Luis acerca de la homoparentalidad y sus posibles consecuencias en el desarrollo psicológico de niños adoptados por parejas homosexuales. Se realizó un estudio exploratorio de carácter descriptivo, en tanto la finalidad de esta investigación consistía en lograr un primer acercamiento a la problemática en estudio para reconocer el sentido común referido a ella. La muestra quedó finalmente conformada por 21 sujetos: cinco médicos pediatras, cinco abogados, cinco docentes y seis psicólogos. El fin concreto es difundir los resultados obtenidos en una de las cuatro dimensiones de análisis, y fueron recolectados antes de que se promulgara la Ley

  10. HPV genotype distribution and anomalous association of HPV33 to cervical neoplastic lesions in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

    DelaRosa-Martínez, Raúl; Sánchez-Garza, Mireya; López-Revilla, Rubén


    The association of human papillomavirus (HPV) types to neoplastic lesions increase as a function of their oncogenicity and the duration of the infection since lesion severity progresses from low-grade to high-grade and cancer. In an outbreak, the prevalence of the HPV type involved would increase and the proportion of the associated low-grade lesions would predominate over severe lesions. In this study, the prevalence of HPV types and their association to neoplastic lesions was determined in women subjected to colposcopy in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. DNA from high-risk (HR) and low-risk (LR) HPV types was identified by E6 nested multiplex PCR in cervical scrapes from 700 women with normal cytology, atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS), low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL), high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) or invasive cervical cancer (CC). Overall HPV-DNA prevalence was 67.7 %, that of HR-HPV was 63.1 %, and that of LR-HPV was 21.3 %. The highest prevalence (78.2 %) occurred in the 15-24 year group, whereas that of single infections was 52 % and that of multiple infections (i.e., by 2-6 HPV types) was 48 %. The most prevalent HR types were HPV33 (33.1 %), HPV16 (16.6 %), HPV18 and HPV51 (6.7 % each). HR-HPV prevalence was 29.6 % in normal cytology, 26.7 % in ASCUS, 63.3 % in LSIL, 68.2 % in HSIL, and 90.5 % in CC. Three prevalence trends for HR-HPV types were found in neoplastic lesions of increasing severity: increasing (LSIL  CC) for HPV33. Two-thirds of the women subjected to colposcopy from 2007 to 2010 in San Luis Potosí have HPV infections which predominate in the 15-24 years group. Around half of the infections are by one viral type and the rest by 2-6 types. HPV33 is the most prevalent type, followed by HPV16. Overall HR-HPV prevalence increases with the severity of neoplastic lesions. HPV33 prevalence is highest in LSIL and its U-shaped trend with progressing neoplastic lesions

  11. Association between Urine Fluoride and Dental Fluorosis as a Toxicity Factor in a Rural Community in the State of San Luis Potosi

    Jarquín-Yañez, Lizet; Mejía-Saavedra, José de Jesús; Molina-Frechero, Nelly; Gaona, Enrique; Rocha-Amador, Diana Olivia; López-Guzmán, Olga Dania; Bologna-Molina, Ronell


    Objective. The aim of this study is to investigate urine fluoride concentration as a toxicity factor in a rural community in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Materials and Methods. A sample of 111 children exposed to high concentrations of fluoride in drinking water (4.13?mg/L) was evaluated. Fluoride exposure was determined by measuring urine fluoride concentration using the potentiometric method with an ion selective electrode. The diagnosis of dental fluorosis was performed by clinica...

  12. The incidence of essential competences and the owner-director on strong growth of a manufacturing SMEs in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Molina Sánchez, Rubén


    This article is intended to analyse a group of manufacturing SMEs in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, in order to explain the characteristics which bring about their high level of growth. The context was therefore adapted to a research model sponsored by OECD, which gives pride of place to qualitative methods, well-founded theory and the use of software to analyse information given by interviewees. Categories of perception of innovation were identified (that is, control of information, essential comp...

  13. Neogene Tiporco Volcanic Complex, San Luis, Argentina: An explosive event in a regional transpressive - local transtensive setting in the pampean flat slab

    Ibañes, Oscar Damián; Sruoga, Patricia; Japas, María Silvia; Urbina, y. Nilda Esther


    The Neogene Tiporco Volcanic Complex (TVC) is located in the Sierras Pampeanas of San Luis, Argentina, at the southeast of the Pampean flat-slab segment. Based on the comprehensive study of lithofacies and structures, the reconstruction of the volcanic architecture has been carried out. The TVC has been modeled in three subsequent stages: 1) initial updoming, 2) ignimbritic eruptive activity and 3) lava dome emplacement. Interplay of magma injection and transtensional tectonic deformation has been invoked to reproduce TVC evolution.

  14. „Istoria muzicii basarabene” în sintezele lui Alexandru Boldur



    Full Text Available The subject of this study focuses on the panoramic analysis of Alexandru Boldur’s work ”Music in Bessarabia. Historical sketch”, highlighting and commenting on the musical past on the left bank of the Prut River in the period 1812–1940, noted by the author, but not well known and undeservedly avoided in the researchers’ concerns. In the course of time, certain specified and completed data, historical information, details of the musical life in the province are included on the pages of the study, as well as the aesthetic component of the Bessarabian musical phenomenon as seen through the events, the creations and the personalities that represented it. In addition, some coordinates of the artistic education, its professional attitude, have been detailed and decanted, which contributed to the evolution of Bassarabian music on an ascending line. Although the depth of the approach of the artistic and musical phenomenon bears rather the mark of some pages of musical historiography, we emphasize that the analyzed work is in fact the essence of a documentary study and, at the same time, an instrument of getting to know the music in the referred space, from which the force of this component of the spiritual life in preserving the cultural identity of the inhabitants between the Prut and the Nistru, of the ethnic ones in the first place, is visualized. Signifying the appearance of a study for recording and promoting musical events, A. Boldur’s approach denotes, at the same time, the process of initiating historical researches of the music in Moldova to the East of the Prut, against the background of its afirmation in the national culture.

  15. The tectonic significance of K/Ar illite fine-fraction ages from the San Luis Formation (Eastern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina)

    Wemmer, Klaus; Steenken, André; Müller, Stefan; de Luchi, Mónica G. López; Siegesmund, Siegfried


    The Sierra de San Luis forms the southern tip of the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas in central Argentina. Two narrow belts of low-grade phyllites and quartz arenites, i.e. the San Luis Formation, have accommodated part of the strain-related differential exhumation of the medium- to high-grade metamorphic domains that constitute to the basement complex of the sierra. Eleven phyllite samples were subjected to the K/Ar fine-fraction dating technique. Results are interpreted in relation to the Kübler index of the illites, which indicate epimetamorphic conditions for the majority of the samples. Obtained ages between 330 and 290 Ma cover a period of compressional tectonics in the late Mississippian (Visean/Serpukhovian boundary) followed by the subsidence during the formation of the Paganzo Basin in the provinces of La Rioja and San Luis. These tectonic movements are coincident with the Toco orogeny in northern Chile and southern Bolivia. This suggests that the older K/Ar ages document the compressional stage and that younger ages record the cooling of the basement during the subsequent extensional uplift of the basement.

  16. River Corridor Easements

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — A River Corridor Easement (RCE) is an area of conserved land adjacent to a river or stream that was conserved to permanently protect the lateral area the river needs...

  17. Residential and commercial space heating and cooling with possible greenhouse operation; Baca Grande development, San Luis Valley, Colorado. Final report

    Goering, S.W.; Garing, K.L.; Coury, G.E.; Fritzler, E.A.


    A feasibility study was performed to evaluate the potential of multipurpose applications of moderate-temperature geothermal waters in the vicinity of the Baca Grande community development in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The project resource assessment, based on a thorough review of existing data, indicates that a substantial resource likely exists in the Baca Grande region capable of supporting residential and light industrial activity. Engineering designs were developed for geothermal district heating systems for space heating and domestic hot water heating for residences, including a mobile home park, an existing motel, a greenhouse complex, and other small commercial uses such as aquaculture. In addition, a thorough institutional analysis of the study area was performed to highlight factors which might pose barriers to the ultimate commercial development of the resource. Finally, an environmental evaluation of the possible impacts of the proposed action was also performed. The feasibility evaluation indicates the economics of the residential areas are dependent on the continued rate of housing construction. If essentially complete development could occur over a 30-year period, the economics are favorable as compared to existing alternatives. For the commercial area, the economics are good as compared to existing conventional energy sources. This is especially true as related to proposed greenhouse operations. The institutional and environmental analyses indicates that no significant barriers to development are apparent.

  18. Blood lead concentrations in wild birds from a polluted mining region at Villa de La Paz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

    Chapa-Vargas, Leonardo; Mejia-Saavedra, Jose J; Monzalvo-Santos, Karina; Puebla-Olivares, Fernando


    This investigation was undertaken to determine the concentrations of lead in bird blood samples from a mining region in central Mexico and to compare concentrations among several different feeding guilds. The study took place in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi in a region known as "Villa de la Paz." This is one of the most intensely exploited mining regions in central Mexico and has been actively mined for over four centuries. Lead concentrations from bird blood samples taken from four polluted sites were significantly higher than those from a control, unpolluted site (F = 6.3, P birds from a highly polluted site were higher than those from a site that has intermediate pollution levels (P birds had significantly lower lead concentrations compared to granivores, frugivores-insectivores, and omnivores (F = 4.86, P = 0.004), and a large proportion of all individuals had blood lead concentrations indicative of low, sub-lethal toxic effects. Finally, in two polluted sites, remarkably small numbers of insectivore-frugivores, and granivores were trapped, and in one polluted site a large number of insectivores was trapped (X(2) = 29.9, P = 0.03), and no differences in proportions of migrants and non-migrants were found among sampling sites (X(2) = 0.6, P = 0.96). To date, it has not been determined to what extent constant exposure to these levels of pollution can influence health at the individual level, lifespan, and, therefore, population demography of birds from this region.

  19. Los rasgos de la lírica del exilio en la poética de Luis Cernuda

    Ana Martínez García


    Full Text Available La obra literaria creada en el destierro por los españoles tuvo ciertos caracteres esenciales que le llevan a formar parte de una tendencia distinta, a no ligarse a los movimientos literarios coetáneos que se manifestaban en la península. La lírica fue el género más influenciado por la situación que los exiliados estaban experimentando, razón por la que sus textos pueden dividirse en periodos, con diferentes rasgos, dependientes de la situación histórica que experimentaban: Segunda Guerra Mundial, final de la guerra y afianzamiento del Franquismo, etc. Entre los muchos autores exiliados, Luis Cernuda fue uno de los más reconocidos, donde los rasgos de la poética del destierro estaban presentes, de una forma velada, trágica y sucinta, como era propio de toda su producción.

  20. Detection of residual organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in agricultural soil in Rio Verde region of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

    Velasco, Antonio; Hernández, Sergio; Ramírez, Martha; Ortíz, Irmene


    Organochlorine pesticides were intensively used in Mexico from 1950 until their ban and restriction in 1991. However, the presence of these compounds is commonly reported in many regions of the country. The aim of the present study was to identify and quantify residual organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in agricultural soil in Rio Verde region, San Luis Potosi state, which has been identified as possibly polluted by pesticides. Composed samples from 24 zones covering an area of approximately 5,440 ha were analyzed. The most frequently found pesticides were p,p'-DDT followed by ,p,p'-DDE, heptachlor, endosulfan and γ-HCH whose frequency rates were 100, 91, 83 and 54%, respectively. The concentration of p,p'-DDT in the crops grown in these soils was in the following order: chili > maize > tomato > alfalfa. The results obtained in this study show that p,p'-DDT values are lower or similar to those found in other agricultural regions of Mexico. Methyl and ethyl parathion were the most frequent organophosphate pesticide detected in 100% and 62.5% of the samples with average concentrations of 25.20 and 47.48 μg kg(-1), respectively. More research is needed to establish the background levels of pesticides in agricultural soils and their potential ecological and human health effects in this region.

  1. [Violence against women in transnational communities in San Luis Potosí, Mexico: a public health problem].

    Flores, Yesica Yolanda Rangel


    Violence against women is a worldwide problem due to its impact on quality of life for those living under the complicity of a patriarchal culture and a state that makes such violence invisible. This article aims to give visibility to the contexts of violence affecting female "partners of migrants" in their places of origin, problematizing how such violence assaults their physical and mental health. This was a qualitative study with an interpretative anthropological focus, drawing on a sample of 21 women from rural and urban areas in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Interviews were based on daily life history and discourse analysis. According to the results, women experience more violence when their spouses migrate, new forms of violence are committed against them, and the violence occurs in both the household and the community. Violence against women is a public health problem that should be treated through a framework that is sensitive to the social and cultural dynamics characterizing the contexts in which health programs are implemented.

  2. José Rosa y La guaracha del Macho Camacho de Luis Rafael Sánchez: texto, iconotexto y palimpsesto

    Rita De Maeseneer


    Full Text Available La edición de Cátedra de La guaracha del Macho Camacho (2000 de Luis R. Sánchez lleva en su portada una reproducción incompleta de un llamativo cartel del artista puertorriqueño José Rosa. Esta obra, un iconotexto que estudiamos y reproducimos íntegramente, incorpora una rica serie de citas –falsas y verdaderas– de La guaracha. Proponemos un recorrido interpretativo de la configuración visual y textual de esta imagen, creada con otro fin que el de servir de pórtico a la novela. Con ella Rosa condensaba ya en 1977 de manera sorprendente muchos de los enfoques que los críticos literarios de Sánchez sólo desarrollarían mucho más tarde: la desacralización, el enmascaramiento racial, sexual y social, la dictadura del ocio y del consumo, el barroquismo... Como copista infiel y retozón, Rosa reinterpreta La guaracha insertando su autobiografía en ella y sobre todo insistiendo en que oigamos su trasfondo sonoro más profundo hecho de violencia, de racismo, de explotación y de exclusión.

  3. Un empresario agrícola porfirista en Morelos. El caso de Luis García Pimentel

    María Carolina Moguel Pasquel


    Full Text Available El objetivo del artículo es presentar la vida y trayectoria del empresario agrícola Luis García Pimentel, reconocido representante de la elite regional porfiriana de Morelos, propietario de dos haciendas azucareras ubicadas al oriente de la entidad, la de Santa Ana Tenango y la de Santa Clara Montefalco. El personaje se estudió desde el ámbito de la historia económica, mediante una escrupulosa investigación en siete archivos, y en bibliografía concerniente y actualizada del tema. Cabe destacar que no existen estudios similares de empresarios porfiristas de Morelos y la importancia de documentos encontrados en el Archivo de Notarias de la Ciudad de México que aportan información relevante y desconocida en fuentes secundarias. La monografía muestra cómo antes de la revolución, García Pimentel se desempeñaba exitosamente en los negocios, conocía su entorno y lo aprovechaba para aumentar sus ganancias. Tras la lucha armada, sin embargo, no pudo recuperar el auge económico anterior.

  4. Frugivorous butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae in Irmao Teodoro Luis Botanical Garden, Capao do Leao, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Janaína Madruga Silva


    Full Text Available In Rio Grande do Sul, there’s a lack of systematic information on frugivorous butterflies. This paper aimed survey the guild at Irmao Teodoro Luis Botanical Garden, an environment characterized by ecological tension between the semideciduous seasonal forest and the pioneer formations. The collections were made in three areas, each one containing five modified Van Someren-Rydon traps, baited with fermented banana. The traps remained on the field for six consecutive days per month, from September 2010 to August 2011. Within 10.800 hours of sampling effort, 453 individuals were recorded, distributed into 16 species, 15 genera, and 3 Nymphalidae subfamilies. Satyrinae was the richest and most abundant one, and two species from this group are very frequent and dominant. Richness rates indicated between 78% and 93% of the reported fauna, the species accumulation curve matches these values, and the diversity was 2.02 (H’. Prepona pylene Hewitson, [1854] and Archaeoprepona demophoon (Hübner, [1814] constitute new records for the Southern Coast of the state.

  5. Community Response to Concentrating Solar Power in the San Luis Valley: October 9, 2008 - March 31, 2010

    Farhar, B. C.; Hunter, L. M.; Kirkland, T. M.; Tierney, K. J.


    This report is about the social acceptance of utility-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) plants in the San Luis Valley, approximately 200 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado. The research focused on social factors that may facilitate and impede the adoption and implementation of CSP. During the winter of 2008-2009, interviews were conducted with a purposive sample of 25 CSP-related stakeholders inside and outside the Valley. Interviews focused on the perceived advantages and disadvantages of siting a hypothetical 100-MW CSP facility in the Valley, the level of community support and opposition to CSP development, and related issues, such as transmission. State policy recommendations based on the findings include developing education programs for Valley residents, integrating Valley decision makers into an energy-water-land group, providing training for Valley decision makers, offering workforce training, evaluating models of taxation, and forming landholder energy associations. In addition, the SLV could become a laboratory for new approaches to CSP facility and transmission siting decision-making. The author recommends that outside stakeholders address community concerns and engage Valley residents in CSP decisions. Engaging the residents in CSP and transmission decisions, the author says, should take parallel significance with the investment in solar technology.

  6. Concentrations of Environmental Chemicals in Urine and Blood Samples of Children from San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

    Perez-Maldonado, Ivan N; Ochoa-Martinez, Angeles C; Orta-Garcia, Sandra T; Ruiz-Vera, Tania; Varela-Silva, Jose A


    Human biomonitoring (HBM) is an appreciated tool used to evaluate human exposure to environmental, occupational or lifestyle chemicals. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the exposure levels for environmental chemicals in urine and blood samples of children from San Luis Potosí, Mexico (SLP). This study identifies environmental chemicals of concern such as: arsenic (45.0 ± 15.0 µg/g creatinine), lead (5.40 ± 2.80 µg/dL), t,t-muconic acid (266 ± 220 µg/g creatinine), 1-hydroxypyrene (0.25 ± 0.15 µmol/mol creatinine), PBDEs (28.0 ± 15.0 ng/g lipid), and PCBs (33.0 ± 16.0 ng/g lipid). On the other hand, low mercury (1.25 ± 1.00 µg/L), hippuric acid (0.38 ± 0.15 µg/g creatinine) and total DDT (130 ± 35 ng/g lipid) exposure levels were found. This preliminary study showed the tool's utility, as the general findings revealed chemicals of concern. Moreover, this screening exhibited the need for HBM in the general population of SLP.

  7. Confined aquifer head measurements and storage properties in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, from spaceborne InSAR observations

    Chen, Jingyi; Knight, Rosemary; Zebker, Howard A.; Schreüder, Willem A.


    Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), a remote sensing technique for measuring centimeter-level surface deformation, is used to estimate hydraulic head in the confined aquifer of the San Luis Valley (SLV), Colorado. Reconstructing head measurements from InSAR in agricultural regions can be difficult, as InSAR phase data are often decorrelated due to vegetation growth. Analysis of 17 L-band ALOS PALSAR scenes, acquired between January 2007 and March 2011, demonstrates that comprehensive InSAR deformation measurements can be recovered over the vegetated groundwater basin with an improved processing strategy. Local skeletal storage coefficients and time delays between the head change and deformation are estimated through a joint InSAR-well data analysis. InSAR subsidence estimates are transformed to head changes with finer temporal and spatial resolution than is possible using existing well records alone. Both InSAR and well data suggest that little long-term water-storage loss occurred in the SLV over the study period and that inelastic compaction was negligible. The seasonal head variations derived from InSAR are consistent with the existing well data at most locations where confined aquifer pumping activity dominates. Our results demonstrate the advantages of InSAR measurements for basin-wide characterization of aquifer storage properties and groundwater levels over agricultural regions.

  8. Luminescence dating of anthropogenic features of the San Luis Valley, Colorado: from stone huts to stone walls

    Mahan, Shannon; Donlan, Rebecca A.; Kardos, Barbara Maat


    The Snake Nest Wall site and the Crestone Stone Huts are in the northern San Luis Valley, Colorado, and provide a unique opportunity to date high-altitude archeological sites of unknown age and origin using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). We sampled sediment underlying foundation stones of these structures to establish a chronological framework for each site's construction. OSL dating of the quartz grains directly under the Snake Nest Wall suggest that the stones and, therefore, the structure was most recently emplaced between 1855 and 1890 A.D. Dating of the sediment beneath the Crestone Stone Huts suggests the construction time of these huts is between 1860 and 1890 A.D. Analysis of the equivalent dose (DE) dispersion of the OSL samples at Snake Nest Wall and the Crestone Huts shows that the majority of sediments were fully bleached prior to deposition and the low scatter suggests that short-term or shallow alluvial processes were the dominant transport for sediments. In both cases, the OSL ages show that the construction was during very recent historical times, although it is likely that the Snake Nest Wall was rebuilt in the late 19th century. Further study is warranted at the Snake Nest Wall since it shows signs of greater antiquity and a continued presence of human use. The Crestone Huts are shown to be a product of railroad building during the boomtown days of Lucky and Crestone.

  9. River Diversions and Shoaling

    Letter, Jr., Joseph V; Pinkard, Jr., C. F; Raphelt, Nolan K


    This Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note describes the current knowledge of the potential impacts of river diversions on channel morphology, especially induced sedimentation in the river channel...

  10. Monarquía y consejeros en la Crónica de tres reyes: un modelo de gobierno para el reinado de Alfonso XI

    María Fernanda NUSSBAUM


    Full Text Available En teoría, la relación política entre los consejeros y el rey debía presentarse de manera equilibrada puesto que aquellos trabajaban por el bienestar del reino y la prosperidad del soberano. Sin embargo, los hechos relatados por las crónicas demuestran lo contrario. El Consejo actuaba, en la mayoría de los casos, siguiendo su propia conveniencia a la hora de recomendar estrategias gubernamentales; lo mismo ocurría de parte de la Corona cuando debía aceptar o no un consejo que no respondía a sus propios intereses. Además, según los textos, los asesores de la realeza buscaban ocupar espacios de poder mediante la posición privilegiada que detentaban y la influencia que ejercían sobre las decisiones de la Corona.Théoriquement, la relation politique entre les conseilleurs et le roi se déroulait harmonieusement, parce que ceux-là travaillaient pour le bien être du royaume et la prospérité du souverain. Or les faits racontés par les chroniques démontrent bien le contraire. En effet, la propre convenance s’emparait du Conseil lorsque il s’agissait de recommander une stratégie pour le gouvernement. Il en allait de même lorsque la royauté devait accepter un conseil qui ne répondait pas à ses propres intérêts. En outre, d’après ces textes, les consultants de la royauté cherchaient à occuper les espaces de pouvoir à travers la position privilégiée qu’ils détenaient et l’influence qu’ils exerçaient sur les décisions royales.

  11. Magnetic properties of the germanides RE{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} (RE=Y, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy)

    Eustermann, Fabian; Eilers-Rethwisch, Matthias; Renner, Konstantin; Hoffmann, Rolf-Dieter; Poettgen, Rainer [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Anorganische und Analytische Chemie; Janka, Oliver [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Anorganische und Analytische Chemie; Oldenburg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Chemie


    The germanides RE{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} (RE=Y, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy) have been synthesized by arc-melting of the elements followed by inductive annealing to improve the crystallinity and allow for structural order. The compounds have been studied by powder X-ray diffraction; additionally the structure of Y{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} has been refined from single-crystal X-ray diffractometer data. It exhibits a (3+1)D modulated structure, indicating isotypism with Ce{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6}. The crystal structure can be described as an intergrowth between YIrGe{sub 2}- and CaBe{sub 2}Ge{sub 2}-type slabs along [100]. Temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility measurements showed Pauli paramagnetism for Y{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} and Curie-Weiss paramagnetism for Pr{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} and Nd{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6}. Sm{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} exhibits van Vleck paramagnetism, while antiferromagnetic ordering at T{sub N}=8.1(1) K and T{sub N}=11.0(1) K is observed for Gd{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6} and Tb{sub 3}Pt{sub 4}Ge{sub 6}, respectively.

  12. Muerte, despedazamiento y apoteosis de Rómulo : un estudio sobre la realidad histórica del primer rey de Roma

    Ángel Luis Casquillo Fumanal


    Full Text Available El descuartizamiento de Rómulo y su apoteosis celestial con el nombre de Quirino no son dos variantes de la muerte del primer rey de Roma, que se excluyan mutuamente, sino dos versiones que hay que armonizar. Augusto Fraschetti (2002 y Andrea Carandini (2006 y 2007 quieren reducir la historicidad del relato sobre la muerte de Rómulo sólo a su despedazamiento, que interpretan como un reparto de la soberanía de Roma entre los senadores y las curias. Pero, siguiendo la tesis de historiador antropólogo Angelo Brelich (1960, hay que recalcar que el despedazamiento del cadáver regio, lejos de tener algo que ver con el reparto de la soberanía en Roma, se remonta a un ritual de inmortalización de la función regia en la Grecia prearcaica (Dioniso y en el antiguo Egipto (Osiris.The tearing to pieces of Romulus and his apotheosis in heaven with the name Quirinus are not variants, mutually autoexcluding, of the death of the first king of Rome. Augusto Fraschetti (2002 y Andrea Carandini (2006 y 2007 reduce the historicity of the narration of the death of Romulus only to his tearing to pieces, that they interprete as an appropriation of the Rome sovereignty by the senators and the curias. But, following the thesis of the historian anthropologist Angelo Brelich (1960, it must be emphasized that the dismemberment of the royal corpse, far from being related to the distribution of the sovereignty, retroacts a ritual of immortality of the regal function in prearchaic Greece (Dionysos and Egypt (Osiris.

  13. Seguidors vencen, un grito de guerra para un rey: Un lema para la virtud de la Fortaleza en Alfonso V el Magnánimo (1423-1458

    Gema Belia Capilla Aledón


    Full Text Available La historia política de Alfonso V el Magnánimo, rey de Aragón (1416-1458 permanece asociada, indefectiblemente, a sus derechos so- bre el trono de Nápoles. Las vicisitudes que vivió desde 1423, cuando Juana II Durazzo lo destituyó como heredero de aquel reino, hasta lo- grarlo en 1442, motivaron toda una serie de elementos representativos con los que el soberano buscó legitimarse ante sus súbditos y con- temporáneos. De entre ellos, reclama la atención el posible uso que el monarca hizo del lema «Seguidors vencen». El estudio de dicho mote y su posible asociación al emblema real del Siti Perillós constituyen el objeto del presente artículo. The political history of Alfonsus V the Magnanimous, King of Aragon (1416-1458, remains associated, unfailingly, to his rights over the throne of Naples. e events that he lived since 1423, when Juana II Durazzo deposed him as heir of that, until he achieved it in 1442, gave rise to a whole series of representative elements with which the sovereign sought to legitimize himself before his subjects and contemporaries. Among them, claim our attentiveness the possible use that the monarch made of the motto «Seguidors vencen» (Followers overcome. e study of this saying and its possible association to the real emblem of the Siti Perillós (Dangerous Chair constitute the subject of this article.


    Fadi Wahab-El-Fatairi


    Full Text Available In Venezuela and in the state Anzoátegui, the pneumocystosis, is little studied. To weigh that it is an infection opportunist caused by Pneumocystis jirovecii, it causes pneumonia of high morbility and mortality. The inmunocompromised patient is those that present bigger risks of acquiring this infection. The objectives of this investigation were to determine the infection frequency for P. jirovecii in patient with breathing symptoms and immunocompromised hospitalized in the Service of Internal Medicine of the Complex Hospital University “Dr. Luis Razetti", and to describe the clinical parameters, of laboratory, radiological and epidemic. To increase the sensibility of the diagnosis etiologic of the pneumocystosis you employment the combination of microscopic methods (Giemsa and direct immunofluorescence technique. 52 samples of spontaneous sputum were studied, which were processed by fluidification -concentration. Results: 8 patients (15.38% they were positive. The most frequent clinical manifestations among the patients with pneumocystosis were the dyspnea (75%, cough (62% and bullous (50% they were the most common signs among those infected, the one infiltrated alveolar (62.5% and the spill pleural (37.5% they prevailed as radiological signs. Was the LDH presented in values 300 UI/L in 5 of the positive patients. Other common discoveries were: moderate anemia and breathing alkalosis. The evaluated epidemic aspects were the gender, occupation, smoking, accumulation and comorbidities, in this last aspect, the diabetes, hypertension and infection for the VIH was opposing comorbidities among these patients. The confirmation of the infection in the state Anzoátegui, demonstrates that in this hospital the agent exists and probably you this underdiagnosticated the pneumocystosis.

  15. Geomorphological evidences of Quaternary tectonic activities in the Santa Cruz river valley, Patagonia, Argentina

    Massabie, A.; Sanguinetti, A.; Nestiero, O.


    From Argentin lake, at west on Andean hills, to Puerto Santa Cruz on Atlantic coast, Santa Cruz river cross eastward Santa Cruz province over 250 km in Patagonia at southern Argentina. Present bed of the river has a meandering outline with first order meanders of great ratio bends and second order meanders of minor ratio bends. Principal wanderings are 45 to 55 km spaced from near Estancia La Julia or Rio Bote at west to Comandante Luis Piedrabuena at east. On river's bed middle sector these great curvatures are located at Estancia Condor Cliff and Estancia Rincon Grande. Regional and partial detailed studies allow to recognize structural control on river's bed sketch and valley s geomorphology that relates first order bends with reactivated principal faults. These faults fit well with parallel system of northwest strike of Austral Basin.On geological, geomorphologic and structural evidences recognized in Santa Cruz river, quaternary tectonic activity, related to Andean movements in southern Patagonian foreland, is postulated. (author)

  16. Geología de la parte sur de la Sierra de San Luis y granitoides asociados, Argentina

    Llambías, E. J.


    Full Text Available The lower Palaeozoic basement of the southern part of Sierra de San Luis, Argentina, is made up of metamorphic rocks, granitoids and ultramafic rocks. The metamorphic grade ranges from the lower limit of greenschist facies through the upper limit of amphibolite facies, in apparent transition. The lower grade metamorphic rocks include slates, metavolcanics, metaconglomerates, quartzites and phyllites. Rocks with intermediate metamorphism are biotite-quartz-oligoclase schists with abundant pegmatoid veins. The higher grade metamorphism is represented by gneisses, amphibolites and migmatites, to which mafic and ultramafic bodies are associated. Three deformation phases have been recognized, being the last one (D3, of ordovician age, responsible of the most marked structures.The granitoids were grouped into pre-, syn- and post-kynematic bodies respect to D3. The pre-kynematic granitoids are located within the belt of lower grade metamorphic rocks and are composed of tonalites, granodiorites and monzogranites, strongly deformed. Their age is unknown. The syn-kynematic bodies are mainly garnet-moscovite-bearing leucogranodiorites. They show low thermal and rheological contrasts respect to the country rocks, and the age is 454 ± 21 m.a. The post-kynematic granitoids are mainly monzogranites with K-feldspar megacrysts and abundant sphene. They are subcircular and discordant, and are associated with an extensional regime. Their age is comprised between 423 and 320 m.a., and corresponds to the end of the Famatinian cycle.El basamento cristalino de la parte sur de la Sierra de San Luis, de edad Paleozoico Inferior, está constituido por rocas metamórficas, granitoides y rocas ultramáficas. El grado de metamorfismo varía desde la parte baja de esquistos verdes hasta la parte alta de la facies anfibolita, siendo sus relaciones de aparente transicionalidad. Las rocas con menor grado metamórfico consisten en pizarras, metavolcanitas, metaconglomerados

  17. A la costa de Luis A. Martínez: ¿la defensa de un proyecto liberal para Ecuador?


    Full Text Available A LA COSTA DE LUIS A. MARTINEZ : LA DEFENSE D’UN PROJET LIBERAL POUR L’ÉQUATEUR ? A la Costa est souvent analysé comme une peinture de moeurs, témoignage de la réalité sociale et politique de l´Équateur de la fin du XIX et du début du XX. En effet, ce roman prétend décrire le conflit traditionnel qui oppose socialement, économiquement et politiquement les Andes et la Côte. Mais il se présente aussi et surtout comme la défense d´un projet libéral pour l´Équateur et développe une démonstration idéologique systématique. En outre, il propose une lecture du sens de la vie et une réflexion sur le devenir de l´homme dont la portée dépasse largement l´argumentation idéologique. Ce sont sans aucun doute ces nuances, introduites tout au long de la narration, qui permettent à l´oeuvre d´échapper à son statut exemplaire, simple témoignage d´une époque, pour proposer une vision personnelle et créative. Muchos han visto en A la Costa una novela de tendencia costumbrista, testimonio de la realidad social y política del Ecuador a finales del siglo XIX y comienzos del XX. En efecto, la novela pretende describir el conflicto tradicional social, económico, político entre Sierra y Costa. Pero es también, y ante todo, la defensa de un proyecto liberal para Ecuador, desarrollando una sistemática demostración ideológica. Además, propone una lectura del sentido de la vida y una reflexión sobre el porvenir del hombre cuyo alcance va más allá de la defensa de un proyecto ideológico. Sin duda son estos matices, introducidos a lo largo de la narración, los que permiten que la obra escape del estatuto de novela ejemplar y testimonial para proponer una visión autónoma y creativa. THE NOVEL A LA COSTA OF LUIS A. MARTÍNEZ: THE DEFENSE OF A LIBERAL PROJECT FOR ECUADOR? The novel A la Costa has often been analyzed as a portrait of national costumes, a testimony to the social and political realities of Ecuador at the end of

  18. [Geographic distribution of birds in the Sierra Madre Oriental of San Luis Potosi, Mexico: a regional analysis of conservation status].

    Sahagún Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Navarro, Jaime Castro; Reyes Hernández, Humberto


    The Sierra Madre Oriental region in the mexican state of San Luis Potosi is a relevant place for bird conservation at a country level. Therefore the main goal of this study was to analyze the geographic patterns of distribution and the conservation current state of the birds, to support the needs to expand the conservation areas in the future. Data was collected from various databases of zoological museums and collections, and field sampling methods conducted from January 2009 to May 2011. Potential distributions were modeled for 284 species using GARP software and then a map was developed to determine areas with favorable environmental characteristics for the distribution of species richness. Finally, the importance of conservation areas for the potential distribution of birds in the region was evaluated. A total of 359 species were recorded of which 71.4% are permanent residents, 19% are winter migrants and 4% are summer residents. From this total, 41 species were endemic, 47 were species at risk and 149 were neotropical migrants. The largest species richness correspond to oak forests, cloud forests, and tropical moist forests located at altitudes from 100m to 1 500m. Their potential distribution was concentrated towards the center and Southeast of the study area. Only 10% of areas with a high potential conservation was included in areas of priority for bird conservation (AICA) and just 3% of all potential areas were under some governmental category of protection. However, no conservation area has a management plan currently applied and monitored. The information generated is important for the development of management proposals for birds conservation in the region.

  19. Poate fi corectată atestarea lui copt, –ă (1887, DLR, pe baza CL 1699?

    Adina Chirilă


    Full Text Available În 1699, traducînd din greacă un text al lui Maxim Peloponesianul, Antim Ivireanul utilizează un cuvînt ce, la prima vedere, coincide cu un neologism atestat în limba română abia în secolul al XIX-lea, ca împrumut din limba franceză: copt, –ă, ‘Locuitor [...] al Egiptului, descinzînd din vechile secte creștine ale Euticheenilor’. Pentru a răspunde întrebării din titlu, a fost necesară analiza conținutului semantic al termenului corespunzător din textul-sursă grecesc, i.e. κόπται (și, implicit, etimologia acestuia, dat fiind faptul că, pentru perioada în care a scris Maxim Peloponesianul, lucrările lexicografice ce vizează limba greacă înregistrează clar doar forma cu îndelungată tradiție κóπτης (pl. κόπται – derivat al verbului κόπ(τω –της ‘a tăia, a lovi’, iar posibilitatea ca autorul grec de la începutul secolului al XVII-lea să fi avut în vedere acest înțeles nu putea fi eliminată ab initio. Demersul conduce spre un răspuns afirmativ și, în plus, ar putea arunca o nouă lumină asupra dinamicii lingvistice grecești în epoca post- bizantină.

  20. Jorge Luis Borges and the New Physics: the Literature of Modern Science and the Science of Modern Literature

    Mosher, Mark Robert


    By examining the works of the Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges, and the parallels it has with modern physics, literature and science converge in their quest for truth regarding the structure and meaning of the universe. The classical perception of physics as a "hard" science--that of quantitative, rational thought which was established during the Newtonian era--has been replaced by the "new physics," which integrates the so-called "soft" elements into its paradigm. It presents us with a universe based not exclusively on a series of particle-like interactions, or a "billiard-ball" hypothesis where discrete objects have a measurable position and velocity in absolute space and time, but rather on a combination of these mechanistic properties and those that make up the non-physical side of nature such as intuition, consciousness, and emotion. According to physicists like James Jeans science has been "humanized" to the extent that the universe as a "great machine" has been converted into a "great thought.". In nearly all his collections of essays and short stories, Borges complements the new physics by producing a literature that can be described as "scientized." The abstract, metaphysical implications and concerns of the new world-view, such as space, time, language, consciousness, free will, determinism, etc., appear repeatedly throughout Borges' texts, and are treated in terms that are remarkably similar to those expressed in the scientific texts whose authors include Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrodinger. As a final comparison, Borges and post-modern physicists address the question of the individual's ability to ever comprehend the universe. They share an attitude of incredulity toward all models and theories of reality simply because they are based on partial information, and therefore seen only as conjectures.

  1. Climate, streamflow, and legacy effects on growth of riparian Populus angustifolia in the arid San Luis Valley, Colorado

    Andersen, Douglas


    Knowledge of the factors affecting the vigor of desert riparian trees is important for their conservation and management. I used multiple regression to assess effects of streamflow and climate (12–14 years of data) or climate alone (up to 60 years of data) on radial growth of clonal narrowleaf cottonwood (Populus angustifolia), a foundation species in the arid, Closed Basin portion of the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I collected increment cores from trees (14–90 cm DBH) at four sites along each of Sand and Deadman creeks (total N = 85), including both perennial and ephemeral reaches. Analyses on trees conditions was common. Models for trees farther from the channel or over a deep water table explained 23–71% of SGI variability, and 4 of 5 contained a streamflow variable. Analyses using solely climate variables over longer time periods explained 17–85% of SGI variability, and 10 of 12 included a variable indexing summer precipitation. Three large, abrupt shifts in recent decades from wet to dry conditions (indexed by a seasonal Palmer Drought Severity Index) coincided with dramatically reduced radial growth. Each shift was presumably associated with branch dieback that produced a legacy effect apparent in many SGI series: uncharacteristically low SGI in the year following the shift. My results suggest trees in locations distant from the active channel rely on the regional shallow unconfined aquifer, summer rainfall, or both to meet water demands. The landscape-level differences in the water supplies sustaining these trees imply variable effects from shifts in winter-versus monsoon-related precipitation, and from climate change versus streamflow or groundwater management.

  2. Assessment of groundwater contamination by gypsum dissolution in San Luis Potosí (México) using geoelectrical characterization

    Arango-Galvan, C.; Ramos-Leal, J. A.; Yáñez-Rodríguez, M. A.; Corbo-Camargo, F.


    The Cerritos and Río Verde aquifers in San Luis Potosí (central México) make up a very complex aquifer system that is seriously affected by the overexploitation and the high concentration of sulphates. Currently, it is partially closed for extraction causing a substantial decrease in per capita drinking water availability affecting to more than 50,000 inhabitants in the region. Therefore, a very comprehensive study has been proposed in order to evaluate not only the groundwater contamination distribution but also to better know the aquifer configuration and its main hydrogeological characteristics as well. These studies include a detailed geological reconnaissance, hydrogeochemical analyses and a geoelectrical characterization. The main goal is to assess the aquifer geometry and to identify the gypsum horizons causing the presence of higher concentrations of sulphates in drinking water. A total of 26 audiomagnetotelluric soundings were measured and modelled along profiles following a perpendicular direction to the NW regional trending. Two-dimensional resistivity models suggest the presence of a shallow conductive layer (C1) with resistivity values ranging from 10 to 20 Ohm.m. It is related to the upper aquifer with a very low exploitation potential. A less conductive horizon (C2; 50 Ohm.m) underlying the shallow aquifer could be related to a very fractured limestone horizon forming a confined aquifer in the middle of the valley. A very resistive layer (R1) is observed underlying C1 and C2 units. This strata shows higher resistivity values (>100 Ohm.m) and could be associated with a reefal limestone identified as El Abra Formation. Finally, a conductive layer (<100 Ohm.m) observed beneath this horizon could be related to the oldest stratigraphic unit outcropping on the region, the Guaxcamá Formation, a gypsum-enriched unit, that contributes to the presence of sulphates in the upper aquifers by dissolution processes.

  3. DNA methylation changes in Mexican children exposed to arsenic from two historic mining areas in San Luis potosí.

    Alegría-Torres, Jorge Alejandro; Carrizales-Yánez, Leticia; Díaz-Barriga, Fernando; Rosso-Camacho, Fernando; Motta, Valeria; Tarantini, Letizia; Bollati, Valentina


    Arsenic is a carcinogen and epimutagen that threatens the health of exposed populations worldwide. In this study, we examined the methylation status of Alu and long interspersed nucleotide elements (LINE-1) and their association with levels of urinary arsenic in 84 Mexican children between 6 and 12 years old from two historic mining areas in the State of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Urinary arsenic levels were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and DNA methylation analysis was performed in peripheral blood leukocytes by bisulfite-pyrosequencing. The geometric mean of urinary arsenic was 26.44 µg/g Cr (range 1.93-139.35). No significant differences in urinary arsenic or methylation patterns due to gender were observed. A positive correlation was found between urinary arsenic and the mean percentage of methylated cytosines in Alu sequences (Spearman correlation coefficient r = 0.532, P < 0.001), and a trend of LINE-1 hypomethylation was also observed (Spearman correlation coefficient r = -0.232, P = 0.038) after adjustment for sex and age. A linear regression model showed an association with log-normalized urinary arsenic for Alu (β = 1.05, 95% CI: 0.67; 1.43, P < 0.001) and LINE-1 (β = -0.703, 95% CI: -1.36; -0.38, P = 0.038). Despite the low-level arsenic exposure, a subtle epigenetic imbalance measured as DNA methylation was detected in the leukocytes of Mexican children living in two historic mining areas. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 57:717-723, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. Review of samples of water, sediment, tailings, and biota at the Little Bonanza mercury mine, San Luis Obispo County, California

    Rytuba, James J.; Hothem, Roger L.; Goldstein, Daniel N.; Brussee, Brianne E.; May, Jason T.


    Background and Objectives The Little Bonanza mercury (Hg) mine, located in San Luis Obispo County, California, is a relatively small mine with, a historical total Hg production of about 1,000 flasks. The mine workings and tailings are located in the headwaters of the previously unnamed west fork of Las Tablas Creek (WF Las Tablas Creek), which flows into the Nacimiento Reservoir. Wasterock and tailings eroded from the Little Bonanza Hg Mine have contributed Hg-enriched mine wastes to the headwaters of WF Las Tablas Creek. The mine is located on Federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which requested that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) measure and characterize Hg and other geochemical constituents in tailings, sediment, water, and biota at and downstream from the minesite. This report is in response that request, from the lead agency which is mandated to conduct a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) - Removal Site Investigation (RSI). The RSI applies to removal of Hg-contaminated mine waste from the Little Bonanza minesite as a means of reducing Hg transport to WF Las Tablas Creek. This report summarizes data obtained from field sampling of mine tailings, wasterock, sediment, water, and biota at the Little Bonanza Mine that was completed on April 6, 2010. Conditions during sampling were dry and no rain had occurred in the watershed for several weeks. Our results permit a preliminary assessment of the mining sources of Hg and associated chemical constituents that could produce elevated levels of monomethyl mercury (MMeHg) in WF Las Tablas Creek and in biota.

  5. Embarazo, parto y puerperio: creencias y prácticas de parteras en San Luis Potosí, México Gravidez, parto e puerpério: crenças e práticas de parteiras em San Luis Potosi, México Pregnancy, delivery and puerperium: beliefs and practices of midwives in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Blanca Pelcastre


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Documentar las creencias y las prácticas de las parteras tradicionales respecto al embarazo parto y puerperio. MÉTODOS: Aprovechando un curso de capacitación de 160 parteras tradicionales locales de las regiones Media y Huasteca del Estado de San Luis Potosí, México, dos de las enfermeras-instructoras entrevistaron a 25 de los capacitandos, apoyadas por un miembro de las comunidades náhuatl y tenek. La identidad de los participantes se mantiene anónima y se obtuvo permiso para publicar los resultados mediante consentimiento informado. RESULTADOS: Las prácticas de las parteras (os tradicionales son comunes en los grupos sociales que carecen de servicios de salud. Sus funciones no están limitadas al parto e incluyen nutrición, cuidados prenatales, del puerperio y la lactancia, así como apoyo afectivo emocional de las madres parturientas y sus familiares. En este estudio se registraron varios mitos y terapias tradicionales. CONCLUSIÓN: Los recursos de la terapia tradicional y de la atención primaria de la salud de las parteras Náhuatl y Tenek son útiles y benéficos para los cuidados perinatales.OBJETIVO: Documentar as crenças e as práticas das parteiras tradicionais quanto à gravidez, parto e puerpério. MÉTODO: Aproveitando um curso de capacitação de 160 parteiras tradicionais locais das regiões Media e Huasteca do Estado de São Luís Potosi, México, duas das enfermeiras-instrutoras entrevistaram 25 participantes do curso, apoiadas por um membro das comunidades náhuatl e tenek. Foi garantido o anonimato dos participantes, que concordaram com a publicação dos resultados, mediante o termo de consentimento esclarecido. RESULTADOS: As práticas das (os parteiras (os tradicionais são comuns nos grupos sociais carentes de servicos de saúde. Suas funções não estão limitadas ao parto, compreendem nutrição, cuidados do pré-natal, do puerpério e da lactância, assim como apoio afetivo emocional das m

  6. Inteligencia emocional y rendimiento académico en estudiantes del cuarto grado de educación primaria de la institución educativa 7077 “Los Reyes Rojos” de Chorrillos, 2015

    Salazar Rivera, María


    La presente investigación tuvo como objetivo determinar la relación que hay entre la inteligencia emocional y el rendimiento académico en los estudiantes de cuarto grado de educación primaria de la institución educativa No. 7077 Los Reyes Rojos de Chorrillos, 2015. La teoría que fundamentó la variable inteligencia emocional, fue de Daniel Goleman, quién considera como dimensiones el autoconocimiento, el autocontrol, automotivación, empatía, habilidad social. El método emp...

  7. Modelos bíblicos para reyes visigodos: un estudio a partir de las Sentencias de Isidoro de Sevilla = Biblical Models for Visigothic Kings: a Study on the Sententiae of Isidore of Seville

    Dolores Castro


    Full Text Available Este artículo aborda una de las principales funciones del texto bíblico en la Edad Media, al analizar el uso de modelos bíblicos en las Sentencias (c. 633 de Isidoro de Sevilla. En rigor, un estudio de las referencias explícitas a los reyes hebreos Saúl, David y Salomón permitirán advertir cómo Isidoro, gran conocedor de las Sagradas Escrituras, apela a las personalidades bíblicas para enseñar y transmitir a las elites visigodas su propia definición de monarquía. En un contexto signado por el recuerdo de la rebelión que convirtió a Sisenando en el nuevo rey de los visigodos en 631 y la reunión, dos años más tarde, del IV concilio de Toledo, el obispo de Sevilla acentuaba a través de los ejemplos bíblicos la condición humana de todo rey, al indicar las virtudes necesarias pero también los vicios a los que debía hacer frente, con éxito, un verdadero rey.This article focuses on one of the main functions of the Biblical text in the Middle Ages, by analysing the use of biblical models in Isidore of Seville’s Sententiae (c. 633. A study of the explicit references to the Hebrew kings Saul, David and Solomon will allow us to observe how Isidore, an expert in the Sacred Scriptures, uses these biblical figures to teach and communicate to the Visigothic elites his own definition of monarchy. In a context defined by the recent memory of the rebellion that concluded in Sisenand’s rise to the throne in 631 and the Fourth Council of Toledo convened two years later, the Bishop underlines the human condition of every king by discussing the required virtues as well as the vices that a king must confront in order to be considered a true king.

  8. El personaje femenino en la novela del dictador : Un análisis de La fiesta del rey Acab y La Fiesta del Chivo con enfoque al personaje literario de la esposa

    Andersson Ramirez, Terese


    El propósito de este trabajo es investigar el personaje femenino y el papel que ocupa en dos novelas del subgénero novela del dictador. El predominio masculino es evidente tanto por lo que se refiere a los autores como a los protagonistas despóticos y el tema es poco tocado en la gran cantidad de aportes críticos sobre el subgénero. A través de un análisis de La fiesta del rey Acab (1959) de Enrique Lafourcade y La Fiesta del Chivo (2000) de Mario Vargas Llosa nos preguntamos si los personaje...

  9. Introduction to the special collection of papers on the San Luis Basin Sustainability Metrics Project: a methodology for evaluating regional sustainability.

    Heberling, Matthew T; Hopton, Matthew E


    This paper introduces a collection of four articles describing the San Luis Basin Sustainability Metrics Project. The Project developed a methodology for evaluating regional sustainability. This introduction provides the necessary background information for the project, description of the region, overview of the methods, and summary of the results. Although there are a multitude of scientifically based sustainability metrics, many are data intensive, difficult to calculate, and fail to capture all aspects of a system. We wanted to see if we could develop an approach that decision-makers could use to understand if their system was moving toward or away from sustainability. The goal was to produce a scientifically defensible, but straightforward and inexpensive methodology to measure and monitor environmental quality within a regional system. We initiated an interdisciplinary pilot project in the San Luis Basin, south-central Colorado, to test the methodology. The objectives were: 1) determine the applicability of using existing datasets to estimate metrics of sustainability at a regional scale; 2) calculate metrics through time from 1980 to 2005; and 3) compare and contrast the results to determine if the system was moving toward or away from sustainability. The sustainability metrics, chosen to represent major components of the system, were: 1) Ecological Footprint to capture the impact and human burden on the system; 2) Green Net Regional Product to represent economic welfare; 3) Emergy to capture the quality-normalized flow of energy through the system; and 4) Fisher information to capture the overall dynamic order and to look for possible regime changes. The methodology, data, and results of each metric are presented in the remaining four papers of the special collection. Based on the results of each metric and our criteria for understanding the sustainability trends, we find that the San Luis Basin is moving away from sustainability. Although we understand

  10. Violencia en estudiantes universitarios en San Luis Potosí, México: Un estudio desde la perspectiva de género Violence in college students at San Luis Potosi, Mexico: A study from gender perspective

    Yesica Yolanda Rangel Flores


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Identificar las correlaciones que se establecen entre género y autopercepción homicida y suicida en estudiantes de una universidad de la Región Media en San Luís Potosí, México. Metodología: Estudio transversal, descriptivo y correlacional; mediante muestreo probabilístico estratificado se seleccionaron 250 estudiantes a quienes se aplicó un instrumento creado ex profeso y validado (alfa=.78. Las variables de estudio fueron: agresión padecida, agresión ejercida e ideación homicida y suicida; el análisis de los resultados se realizó desde el enfoque de género. Resultados principales: El 15.6% de los estudiantes se identifican con perfil agresor, solo un 6% con perfil de víctima, los hombres más que mujeres canalizan la violencia a través de conductas agresoras hacia los demás (x2 11.262 p= .024, las mujeres practican más la ideación suicida (x2 10.832 p= .031. Conclusión: La conducta violenta se encontró relacionada al rol social de género, en los hombres dirigida hacia otros y en las mujeres en forma autoinfringida.Objective: Identify correlations between and homicidal and suicidal self-perception in student of a University in the middle region of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Methods: A cross-sectional, descriptive and correlation study took place, by means of a sampling stratified probability instrument we selected 250 students who applied a purpose-built created and validated instrument (alpha=.78. The variables were: suffered aggression, exercised aggression and to devise suicidal/homicide. Results: The study showed that 15.6% of students identified themselves with the profile of an aggressor, while only 6 percent with a victim profile, men more than women channel violence through aggressive behavior towards others (x2 11.262 p= .024, while women practice more a suicidal ideation (x2 10.832 p= .031. Conclusions: Therefore, violent behavior was found related to the social role of gender, in men directed towards

  11. Modelo sistémico de planeamiento estratégico con enfoque de sustainability Scorecard aplicado a la Universidad Nacional San Luis Gonzaga

    Cáceres Huamán, Juan Félix; Cáceres Huamán, Juan Félix; Cáceres Huamán, Juan Félix


    En el presente trabajo de investigación, se expone la concepción sistémica del planeamiento estratégico, como metodología y herramienta de gestión empresarial, a fin que la Universidad Nacional "San Luis Gonzaga", logre una gestión estratégica, académica y administrativa, eficiente, eficaz y de calidad, para alcanzar un desarrollo y crecimiento sostenible. También se plantea la estrategia del balance de sostenibilidad (Sustainability Scorecard "SSC"), que postula la integración de lo econ...

  12. Nacionalismo maya y descolonización política: Luis de Lión y El tiempo principia en Xibalbá

    del Valle Escalante, Emilio; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


    Este artículo analiza la novela El tiempo principia en Xibalbá (1985) del escritor maya kaqchikel Luis de Lión (1939-1984), considerada la primera novela escrita por un escritor maya en Guatemala. Leída como una de las primeras manifestaciones epistemológicas y políticas del llamado Movimiento Maya en Guatemala, la obra de Lión, como se argumenta en este trabajo, desmitifica y desarticula construcciones tradicionales y estereotipadas del mundo indígena en el discurso indigenista (la literatur...

  13. Water Supply: Management of Water Sources in the City of San Luis Potosí (México, 1831-1887

    Yuritzi Hernández Fuentes


    Full Text Available This paper proposes an approach about the management of water sources, hydraulic systems and the measures taken by the city government of San Luis Potosí (México concerning the need of water supply during the years 1831 to 1886. This paper examines two important projects on water management in the city: the aqueduct of La Cañada del Lobo and the policies taken by the authorities on waterways through La Corriente. Both projects faced several problems, including the outbreak of illnesses associated with bodies of water and shortage of liquid flow through the aqueduct of La Cañada del Lobo.

  14. La acción tutorial desde la perspectiva de los alumnos de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

    Rubio, Perla Patricia; Martínez, José Francisco


    Este estudio constituye una propuesta de corte cualitativo para explorar los ejes de racionalidad con que los alumnos de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP) construyen sus concepciones y expectativas, y analizan las implicaciones de la acción tutorial que los programas de tutoría implementan en su institución. De los resultados generados se encontró que los alumnos conceptualizan la acción tutorial en cinco ámbitos de atención: a) académico profesional, b) escolar y de aprendiz...

  15. Análisis de la casuística de 5 años en la Unidad de Quemados del Hospital Luis Vernaza, Guayaquil, Ecuador

    R. Guerrero-Torbay; J. Palacios-Martínez; P. Salamea-Molina; M. Gilbert-Orús; MT. Chiquito-Freile


    En el periodo comprendido entre 2006 y 2010 registramos 646 ingresos a la Unidad de Quemados del Hospital Luis Vernaza, en Guayaquil, Ecuador. El género masculino fue más afectado que el femenino (70,7% frente a 29,3%). El domicilio fue el lugar donde más ocurrieron los accidentes. La llama fué la etiología más común (n=233). El 85% de los pacientes ingresados requirió algún tipo de tratamiento quirúrgico. La estancia media hospitalaria no tuvo diferencias al comparar género o edad, pero fue ...

  16. Espetáculos e performances culturais no turismo: reflexões sobre o bumba-meu-boi em São Luis, Maranhão (Brasil

    Karoliny Diniz Carvalho


    Full Text Available This article examines the process of revitalization of cultures from the development of cultural tourism. Where the object of study, the Bumba-meu-boi in São Luis, Maranhao, discusses the major changes brought about in this play from its incorporation into the circuit of cultural production and consumption. Based on studies of performance and restoration of behavior, it is understood that the cultural events, like the Valley Celebrate event, consist of renovations on the identities of othercontexts and social spaces, and incorporating in this new meanings.

  17. Modelo de sedimentación continental para el rift cretácico de la Argentina central: Ejemplo de la sierra de las Quijadas, San Luis

    D. Rivarola; L. Spalletti


    En este trabajo se estudian las sedimentitas continentales cretácicas (Grupo del Gigante) en la sierra de las Quijadas, ubicada en el noroeste de la provincia de San Luis. La información se obtuvo mediante el relevamiento de 15 perfiles sedimentológicos de detalle que permitieron definir 21 facies sedimentarias y 12 asociaciones de facies. Las facies permitieron interpretar los principales procesos de acumulación sedimentaria, mientras que a partir de las asociaciones de facies se propusieron...

  18. Luis de León (1527-1591 y su teoría de la justicia: aspectos principales de su doctrina

    Sebastián Contreras


    Full Text Available Las investigaciones sobre Luis de León se han centrado, sobre todo, en su mística, narrativa y teoría literaria. En este trabajo, el autor intenta desarrollar los principales aspectos de su teoría jurídica. Al igual que otros grandes teólogos de la Escuela de Salamanca, también León ha estudiado el problema de la naturaleza de la ley humana y su vinculación con el derecho natural. Éste es, justamente, el tema del siguiente trabajo.

  19. Estructura y composición de la vegetación del bosque de niebla de Copalillos, San Luis Potosí, México

    Fortanelli-Martínez, Javier; García-Pérez, José; Castillo-Lara, Pedro


    Se presenta la lista florística y se describe la estructura de un bosque de niebla en Copalillos, San Luis Potosí, el cual, hasta hace muy poco tiempo estuvo ausente en la cartografía de vegetación existente. Se registraron 199 especies, correspondientes a 165 géneros y 91 familias botánicas. La estructura vertical mostró tres estratos arbóreos, uno arbustivo y otro herbáceo. Las especies dominantes en el arbóreo superior fueron Liquidambar styraciflua, Quercus germana y Q. pinnativenulosa. E...

  20. El basamento de la sierra de San Luis: Nuevas evidencias magnéticas y sus implicancias tectónicas

    CJ Chernicoff; VA Ramos


    Los mapas aeromagnéticos disponibles de las sierras de San Luis y Comechingones en el sector sudoriental de las Sierras Pampeanas de Argentina, permiten examinar las características geológicas y estructurales de las unidades metamórficas e intrusivas del basamento de la región. A través de la aplicación del filtro de continuación ascendente a los datos del campo magnético total reducido al polo, se ha podido observar la configuración profunda de las distintas unidades. Entre ellas se destaca ...

  1. Entre la escasez y la inundación. Manejo del agua en la ciudad de San Luis Potosí, 1776-1888.

    Yuritzi Hernández Fuentes


    Full Text Available This paper studies the historic connection between the hydric resources of the city of San Luis Potosí and their population during the XIX century, in special the management residual water and pluvial, and describing the demand for agricultural use, sanitation conflicts, systems of canalization failed to serve to water needs and also the population vulnerability to the floods. All this was result of the transformation of the system hydric of the catchment area and society actions to water use and this originated problems with water scarcity and floods that existed years before.

  2. Urgencias neuroquirúrgicas en el Instituto Superior de Medicina Militar "Luis Díaz Soto": Estudio de cinco años

    Felipe Morán, Armando; Quintanal Cordero, Nelson; Tápanes Domínguez, Alejandro; Pérez La O, Pablo; Fuentes Rodríguez, Nelson; Fuertes Vicente, Dania


    Se realizó un estudio prospectivo, descriptivo y longitudinal de la conducta neuroquirúrgica seguida con todos los pacientes atendidos desde enero de 1998 hasta diciembre de 2002 en el Cuerpo de Guardia del Instituto Superior de Medicina Militar “Dr. Luis Díaz Soto”. Los datos se obtuvieron en las entregas de guardia, registros médicos, historias clínicas, libro de control de intervenciones quirúrgicas y de ingresos. En total se atendieron 8 113 pacientes, de ellos el 17 % correspondió a niño...

  3. El dispositivo de concursos para cargos directivos en San Luis como facilitador u obstaculizador para la instalación de nuevos formatos escolares.

    Fratín de Samper, Alicia Celia; Chavero, Gustavo Federico; Celi Quiroga, José Carmelo


    El trabajo tiene por objetivo general analizar si el dispositivo de concursos para cargos directivos en escuelas de la provincia de San Luis se constituye en facilitador u obstaculizador para la instalación de nuevos formatos escolares. El análisis se presenta desde dos ópticas. Por un lado, desde un estudio comparativo entre las normativas ministeriales que enmarcaron los Concursos Jerárquicos 2012 (Decreto N° 3895-ME-2012 y la Resolución 211 ME-2012 en lo que refiere a la guía pa...

  4. Primeros registros del ibis blanco (Eudocimus albus en el Altiplano de San Luis Potosí, México

    Natalia de Gortari-Ludlow


    Full Text Available Reportamos dos observaciones visuales del ibis blanco (Eudocimus albus de la Laguna de Los Coyotes, un afluente natural del manantial la Media Luna que se localiza en el municipio de Rioverde, San Luis Potosí, México. Los avistamientos ocurrieron en septiembre de 2011 y febrero de 2012. Este es el primer reporte de la presencia de esta ave en dicha localidad, y es importante porque la especie ha sido escasamente encontrada en ambientes no ribereños del Altiplano Mexicano.

  5. Em torno de Michel Foucault e Luis Buñuel: saber e poder na análise de O Discreto Charme da Burguesia

    Priscila Canova Motta


    O objetivo desta pesquisa é analisar o filme O Discreto Charme da Burguesia, de Luis Buñuel (1972), por meio de alguns conceitos do referencial teórico-metodológico de Michel Foucault: saber e enunciado discursivo em suas relações com o poder e verdade, e buscar compreender o poder em seu exercício no filme, e não apenas em seus efeitos. Partindo de alguns princípios sobre saber em Foucault, mapeamos um enunciado fílmico que apareceu em algumas sequências, qual seja: O barulho que oculta a di...

  6. Huerta del Rey: Edafic Characterization of a Historic Area of the Mercury Mining and Study of the Transfer of Mercury from the Soil to Plantago Major; Huerta del Rey: Caracterizacion Edafica de una Zona Historica de la Mineria del Mercurio y Estudio de la Transferencia del Mercurio a Plantago Major

    Suarez, C; Manero, L; Sierra, M J; Rodriguez-Alonso, M; Millan, R


    The main objective of this scientific-technical report is to carry out a characterization of study plot called Huerta del Rey in the mercury (Hg) mining district of Almaden. For this goal, an edaphic characterization has been performed and the Hg behavior in the soil study has been evaluated. Then, total Hg concentration and easily available Hg for plants have been determined and the absorption and distribution of Hg in Plantago major L (typical specie from the study area) have been studied. The results showed that the total Hg concentrations in the soil ranged from 530 {+-} 32 mg kg{sup -}1 to 4300 {+-} 339 mg kg{sup -}1 even to 12378 {+-} 1051mg kg{sup -}1. It is in accordance with the normal values measured in a Hg mining area. Otherwise, the percentage of soluble Hg in soil with respect to the total Hg concentration is low (< 0.3 %) although if concentration instead of percentage is taking into account, the soluble Hg reached values up to 1.33 {+-}0.14 mg kg{sup -}1 that could mean a potential risk of pollution of groundwater by leaching process. Finally a brief description about different technologies for decreasing Hg concentration in the study soil, including phytoremediation, has been performed. (Author) 96 refs.

  7. Las culpas del Rey y de su Favorito. El proceso a Alonso Ramírez de Prado (1607-1608



    Full Text Available El enorme poder alcanzado por el letrado Alonso Ramírez de Prado en los primeros ocho años (1598-1606 del reinado de Felipe III fue resultado directodel dominio que su patrón, el duque de Lerma, ejerció sobre la corte y el joven rey. El 26 diciembre de 1606, su repentina detención puso fin a una rutilante carrera política y empezó un proceso, descuidado por mucho tiempo por los historiadores, junto al conde de Villalonga, don Pedro Franqueza. A través del análisis de la documentación oficial relativa a la causa de Ramírez de Prado, el presente trabajo pretende ilustrar las diferentes razones de la acusación y,sobre todo, los argumentos de la defensa, encargada al hijo del acusado, don Lorenzo Ramírez de Prado. El veredicto de culpabilidad emitido al final del proceso parecía anular cualquier argumento de la defensa. Sin embargo, el debate sobre la responsabilidad del soberano con respecto al poder de susfavoritos continuó a lo largo de las décadas siguientes.The huge power achieved by the jurist Alonso Ramírez de Prado in the firsteight years (1598-1606 of the reign of Philip III was a direct result of the supremacy of his patron, the Duke of Lerma, over the whole court and theyoung king. On December 26, 1606, his sudden arrest brought his brilliantcareer in politics to an end and started a trial, overlooked for a long time by historians in favor of the concurrent one against the Earl of Villalonga, PedroFranqueza. Through the analysis of the official documentation about the case of Ramírez de Prado, the article aims to illustrate the many reasons of the prosecution and, above all, the arguments of the defence, entrusted to his son, Lorenzo Ramírez de Prado. The verdict of guilty returned at the end of the process seemed to erase any argument of the defence. However, the debateabout the responsibilities of the sovereign in relation to the power of his favourites was destined to continue in the following decades

  8. a Microgravity Survey to Determine the Extent of AN Andesitic Sill that Intrudes across the Rio Grande River Basin, Rio Grande Rift Valley, Sunland Park, New Mexico

    Baker, L. A.; Shinagel, S.; Villalobos, J. I.; Avila, V.; Montana, C. J.; Kaip, G.


    In Sunland Park, NM, there is an andesite outcrop near the bank of the Rio Grande (called the River Andesite) which does not match the surrounding sedimentary deposition. Studies of the River Andesite by Garcia (1970) indicate the outcrop is petrologically similar to the Muleros Andesite of Mt. Cristo Rey located several km to the south. A limited GPR and magnetic survey conducted by UTEP students in 2008 suggested the River Andesite was part of a dike, although Garcia mapped smaller outcrops of andesite ~300 m west of the river that may be part of the same body. We have recently (June 2012) found large andesite boulders that may be the outcrops Garcia mapped, although it is uncertain whether these boulders are in-situ. We initially collected microgravity and magnetic data in a small region near the river outcrop in December 2011 to determine the extent of the outcrop. Our preliminary modeling of these data showed the river outcrop appeared to merge with a more extensive igneous body at depth. Ground conductivity data collected near the river outcrop in March 2012 suggested that the outcrop impacts groundwater flow and sediment deposition adjacent to the river. From May through July 2012 we have been collecting additional microgravity data on a grid with 100-200 m spacing extending ~ 500 m from both sides of the river outcrop to better determine the extent of the buried andesite body. We also plan to conduct GPR and magnetic surveys near the recently discovered andesite boulders to determine if these are truly in-situ and part of the same igneous body as the river outcrop. Our eventual goal is to determine how extensive the andesite unit is and how it may impact groundwater flow and flooding in this area of growing urbanization.

  9. «El inmortal» de Jorge Luis Borges: el yo, infinitos, absolutos y vocabularios finales Jorge Luis Borges's «The Immortal»: the Self, Infinites, Absolutes, and Final Vocabularies

    Jorge Sagastume


    Full Text Available Una obra frecuentemente consultada por Jorge Luis Borges fue Matemáticas e imaginación, de E. Kasner y J. Newman, en la que se discute la teoría de los conjuntos (que es la rama de la matemática que estudia la relación entre conjuntos, propuesta por Georg Cantor (1845-1918, y mediante la cual se crea la aritmética transfinita (que va más allá de la finita y se establece un sistema epistémico para representar los diversos niveles del infinito. Así, Cantor le asigna a esas ininitudes la primera letra del alfabeto hebreo, el Aleph, seguido de un determinado número, dependiendo del nivel de infinitud (Aleph-cero, Aleph-uno, etc.. Borges, de esa manera, teje varias de sus narraciones en las que se trata el tema del ininito y del absoluto: un ejemplo de ello es la colección de relatos bajo el título El Aleph, que abre con el cuento «El inmortal» y cierra con el que le da el título a la colección. El presente ensayo tiene el propósito de estudiar «El inmortal» bajo la óptica cantoriana, para hablar de un absoluto en particular: el yo, y sugerir que no es posible establecer un vocabulario inal o una deinición deinitiva sobre el tema en cuestión. Tal imposibilidad, propone Borges, está dada en parte por la finitud lingüística, mientras que por otro lado la falibilidad de la memoria juega también un papel crucial en todo intento de deinición. Sin embargo, como buen ironista, el autor a través de «El inmortal» es capaz de proveer una redescripción del tema mediante un lenguaje transinito, sin pretender establecer un vocabulario inal sobre la materia, sino, al contrario, tratando de resolver ciertas paradojas a las vez que revela otras, promoviendo así el permanente diálogo entre las distintas disciplinas. Aunque el ensayo se enfoca en el análisis de «El inmortal», a fin de desarrollar el problema propuesto, también estudia otros relatos contenidos en El Aleph, y utiliza un acercamiento teórico que se enmarca en la

  10. Petrogenesis of the postcollisional Middle Devonian monzonitic to granitic magmatism of the Sierra de San Luis, Argentina

    López de Luchi, Mónica G.; Siegesmund, Siegfried; Wemmer, Klaus; Nolte, Nicole


    Middle Devonian granitoids intruded the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas basement ca. 600 km east of the inferred proto-Pacific margin of Gondwana along which a ca. 390 Ma collisional event developed. In the Sierra de San Luis, voluminous Middle Devonian (393-382 Ma) batholiths are composed of I- to A-type hybrid Monzonite and Granite suites. Shoshonite and subordinated high-K series, stocks, synplutonic dikes and enclaves make up the Monzonite Suite; rocks are metaluminous alkali-calcic magnesian porphyritic or equigranular monzonite, quartz monzonite, monzodiorite and scarce monzogabbro. High-K and subordinated shoshonite series metaluminous to mildly peraluminous magnesian alkali-calcic to calc-alkalic porphyritic or equigranular quartz monzonite, granodiorite, monzogranite and equigranular leucomonzogranites make up the Granite Suite plutons and batholiths. Only a small group of highly evolved granites are ferroan. SiO2 (46-62%), Cr, Ni, V, Sc, LILE, LREE, Th, Zr and variable, Sr/Y, (La/Yb)N and (Tb/Yb)N, smooth Eu/Eu*, moderate Na2O (ca 3.5), and troughs at Nb and Ta for Monzonite Suite rocks suggest an subduction-related enriched lithospheric mantle source. Sm-Nd data (TDM 0.98-1.08 Ga, εNd(380 Ma) 0.66-1.47) and 87Sr/86Sri (0.703520-0.704203) are compatible with an enriched mantle source. The metaluminous porphyritic quartz monzonite-monzogranite and the mildly peraluminous equigranular biotite monzogranites of the Granite Suite are characterized by relatively moderate Al2O3, CaO, and 87Sr/86Sri, high LILE, Cr, variable Sr/Y, (La/Yb)N and Eu/Eu* and low Rb/Sr ( 1.5, ASI 1.05-1.18, and Ga/Al 2.6-3.9, εNd(380 Ma) - 3.74 to - 3.95 and (87Sr/86Sr)i 0.710743-0.712955 which would point to metasedimentary or felsic igneous crustal sources. Nevertheless their TDM 1.36-1.38 Ga is considerably younger than the mean 1.8-1.6 Ga Eastern Sierras Pampeanas crustal residence age and less radiogenic. Middle Devonian magmatism would record an episode of crustal growth by enriched

  11. Tratamiento antimicrobiano en la meningoencefalitis, Hospital Militar Central "Dr. Luis Díaz Soto", 2004-2011

    María del Carmen Jiménez Martínez

    Full Text Available Introducción: las meningoencefalitis constituyen un grupo de gran importancia dentro de las enfermedades infecciosas, en las cuales la introducción de los antibióticos hizo posible que fuese curable, pero la morbilidad y la mortalidad de esta enfermedad continúan siendo inaceptablemente altas. Objetivo: identificar la terapia antimicrobiana usada en las meningoencefalitis. Métodos: estudio descriptivo, observacional y retrospectivo. Se estudiaron 150 pacientes con diagnóstico de meningoencefalitis viral o meningoencefalitis bacteriana confirmada por cuadro clínico, estudio citoquímico del líquido cefalorraquídeo o identificación del agente etiológico. Todos se atendieron en el período comprendido entre los años 2004 y primer semestre del 2011, en los servicios de Medicina y Pediatría del Hospital Militar Central "Dr. Luis Díaz Soto". Se empleó el diseño de un estudio de utilización de medicamentos que hace uso de la indicación-prescripción y el esquema terapéutico para este tipo de paciente. Resultados: se utilizó terapia antimicrobiana en el 18,67 % de pacientes con meningoencefalitis viral (23,93 % de 117 y el 22 % con bacteriana (100 % de 33 casos. Las antibioticoterapias más usadas fueron la ceftriaxona (como único antibiótico en la meningoencefalitis viral, y asociada (ceftriaxona más vancomicina en la meningoencefalitis bacteriana. El patógeno más aislado (Streptococcus pneumoniae fue tratado en la mayoría de los casos con ceftriaxona más vancomicina. La generalidad de los tratamientos para la meningoencefalitis bacteriana duró menos de 21 días. Conclusiones: se evidenció el uso de terapia antimicrobiana en pacientes con meningoencefalitis viral y la coincidencia entre la terapia empírica y la específica en la meningoencefalitis bacteriana.

  12. Vegetation - Point Reyes [ds169

    California Natural Resource Agency — The National Park Service (NPS), in conjunction with the Biological Resources Division (BRD) of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), has implemented a program to...

  13. “Antonio Vargas Reyes y la Medicina del Siglo XIX”. Del Académico Roberto de Zubiría

    Efraim Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    La Segunda Edición de un Libro Admirable (Comentario a la 2ª Edición del libro “Antonio Vargas Reyes-La Medicina del Siglo XIX en Colombia” por el Académico Roberto de Zubiría C.-Febrero 2003


    Circunstancias ajenas a la voluntad de los protagonistas hicieron que la presentación de este libro ante la Academia Nacional de Medicina tuviera que ser postergada hasta la fecha actual. De todas maneras, persiste mi vivo agradecimiento ante las directivas de la Academia y ante el mismo autor por haberme distinguido con el honor de ser yo quien presente ante ustedes esta obra, en el momento ya con varios meses de haber sido publicada por Editorial Kimpres, en un elegante volumen de 212 páginas y que marca un hito entre los libros de historia médica publicados en el país en el año 2002.

    Efectivamente, en sus 20 capítulos, seguidos de un apéndice y del testamento del personaje aquí biografiado, además de una extensa bibliografía curiosamente referida con números romanos, Roberto de Zubiría nos entrega una visión panorámica de lo que fue, como reza el subtítulo, la medicina del siglo XIX en Colombia. Medicina que estuvo rubricada y marcada por los sucesos de la independencia, en su segunda década, a la que se siguió el cambio intelectual necesario y obligatorio que nos trocaba de un pensamiento de colonos y súbditos al de seres independientes, que debían crear o transformar las nuevas instituciones de la patria. Como lo ha dicho el historiador médico español García-Valdés a propósito de Europa, podría decirse que el siglo XIX sólo llega a la medicina colombiana a partir de 1820. Por eso el primer capítulo hace un inventario de lo que era el ambiente y las escuelas iniciales de la primera mitad de ese siglo, con los primeros intentos de establecer una cátedra por José Celestino Mutis y Miguel de Isla, a quienes el autor señala justamente como los verdaderos precursores

  14. Restauración ecológica y paisajística del Arroyo de los Quiñones. San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

    Peinado Albendea, Pedro


    Full Text Available The restoration of the Arroyo (stream de los Quiñones (San Sebastián de los Reyes poses a problem whose solution consists in neutralizing the principal sources of its degradation. These sources are: waste water discharges, an urban solid waste dump, situated in the very bed of the stream, and the intensive aggregate extraction which made the stream itself disappear at various points. This article also deals with the recuperation of the surrounding wood in a natural and landscape-friendly way, which would facilitate the access and the walk along the sides of the stream. This would lead to the clearing of other areas of a high ecological value within this municipality.

    La restauración del Arroyo de los Quiñones (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid plantea como problema resolver sus principales fuentes de degradación. Estas son los vertidos de aguas residuales, un vertedero de residuos sólidos urbanos ubicado en el cauce, y la intensiva extracción de áridos que ha llegado a hacer desaparecer el arroyo en diversas zonas. Posteriormente se plantea la recuperación del bosque ripario de una forma lo más natural paisajísticamente, facilitando el acceso y el paseo para des congestionar otras zonas de alto valor ecológico del término municipal.

  15. Vestimentas compartidas y otros cuidados: Las formas de la generosidad en el Ms. K-III-4 [Libro de Apolonio, Vida de Santa María Egipciaca, Libre dels tres reys d'Orient

    Carina Zubillaga


    Full Text Available The article undertakes a revisión of the generosity forms in the three poems of MS K-III-4 of the Library of San Lorenzo de El Escorial [Libro de Apolonio, Vida de Santa María Egipciaca, Libre dels tres reys d'Orient] to explain the unitary codicological organization, by means of the analysis of shared references, common motives and similar thematic configurationsEl artículo lleva a cabo una revisión de las formas de la generosidad presentes en los tres poemas que componen el Ms. K-III-4 de la Biblioteca de San Lorenzo de El Escorial [Libro de Apolonio, Vida de Santa María Egipciaca, Libre dels tres reys d'Orient], para dar cuenta -a través de las referencias compartidas, los motivos comunes y las configuraciones similares- de la organización unitaria del códice y de su singularidad

  16. Autenticidad y utopía: el reparto de lo sensible en Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Alfonso Reyes y Mariano Picón Salas

    Ioannis Antzus Ramos


    Full Text Available En este trabajo abordo el pensamiento cultural y estético de Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Alfonso Reyes y Mariano Picón Salas. Para ello me centro principalmente en los ensayos que los tres escritores publicaron en los años veinte y treinta del siglo pasado y destaco las afinidades entre sus planteamientos. Al analizar sus ideas sobre la cultura y la estética del continente concluyo que los tres intelectuales propusieron una misma ordenación del mundo. La utopía occidentalista que ellos anhelaban está marcada por las nociones de consenso y autenticidad y tiene implicaciones políticas. In this article, I study the cultural and aesthetic thought of Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Alfonso Reyes, and Mariano Picón Salas. In order to do this, I take into consideration the essays that the three writers published in the 1920s and 1930s, and I underline the similarities among their ideas. The analysis of their cultural and aesthetic thought shows that the three intellectuals proposed a similar order of the world. The pro-Western utopia that they longed for is marked by the notions of consensus and authenticity and has political implications.

  17. Quentin Skinner, Staten og friheten. Oslo: Res Publica, 2011. José Luis Martí and Philip Pettit, A Political Philosophy in Public Life. Civic Republicanism in Zapatero's Spain. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010 (Simon Laumann Jørgensen)

    Jørgensen, Simon Laumann


    Anmeldelse af Quentin Skinner, Staten og friheten, Oslo: Res Publica 2011, 199 NOK & José Luis Martí & Philip Pettit, A Political Philosophy in Public Life. Civic Republicanism in Zapatero’s Spain, Princeton: Princeton University Press 2010, $ 24.95......Anmeldelse af Quentin Skinner, Staten og friheten, Oslo: Res Publica 2011, 199 NOK & José Luis Martí & Philip Pettit, A Political Philosophy in Public Life. Civic Republicanism in Zapatero’s Spain, Princeton: Princeton University Press 2010, $ 24.95...


    Dubelza B. Oliva-Garza


    Full Text Available In recent years information and communication technologies are present in all sectors of our lives and the food and drink sector is no exception, so a diagnosis was made in this area in small and medium enterprises in the city of San Luis Potosí in the areas for the management and dissemination of their services, as they are currently at a disadvantage in front of large restaurant chains that have mobile applications, web pages and other applications. The research design applied is descriptive. Thirty-two MSMEs from the food and beverage sector in the city of San Luis Potosí were affiliated with the National Chamber of the restaurant and food industry (Canirac. The variables that were taken into consideration are: Use of computer equipment, ICT specialists, Internet access and use, Social Media, Electronic Commerce. The study found that most SMEs in the restaurant sector, use the social network Facebook as a means of disseminating services and promotions, However, they do not use all the potential that the social tool provides them, due to the lack of knowledge and lack of preparation to interact better with their customers and suppliers. In addition, most of the sample has the need to advertise through electronic means, through mobile phone applications.

  19. Episodic Late Holocene dune movements on the sand-sheet area, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA

    Forman, S. L.; Spaeth, M.; Marín, L.; Pierson, J.; Gómez, J.; Bunch, F.; Valdez, A.


    The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (GSDNPP) in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, contains a variety of eolian landforms that reflect Holocene drought variability. The most spectacular is a dune mass banked against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which is fronted by an extensive sand sheet with stabilized parabolic dunes. Stratigraphic exposures of parabolic dunes and associated luminescence dating of quartz grains by single-aliquot regeneration (SAR) protocols indicate eolian deposition of unknown magnitude occurred ca. 1290-940, 715 ± 80, 320 ± 30, and 200-120 yr ago and in the 20th century. There are 11 drought intervals inferred from the tree-ring record in the past 1300 yr at GSDNPP potentially associated with dune movement, though only five eolian depositional events are currently recognized in the stratigraphic record. There is evidence for eolian transport associated with dune movement in the 13th century, which may coincide with the "Great Drought", a 26-yr-long dry interval identified in the tree ring record, and associated with migration of Anasazi people from the Four Corners areas to wetter areas in southern New Mexico. This nascent chronology indicates that the transport of eolian sand across San Luis Valley was episodic in the late Holocene with appreciable dune migration in the 8th, 10-13th, and 19th centuries, which ultimately nourished the dune mass against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

  20. El proceso de negociación entre el Gobierno y ETA durante la etapa de José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2011

    Aleix Romero Peña


    Full Text Available Tras producirse el anuncio por parte de ETA del abandono de la lucha armada (20 de octubre 2011, hay que hacer balance de la política antiterrorista de José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, basada en el uso de todas las vías para hacer posible la paz, incluido el diálogo. ¿Fue una estrategia equivocada? ¿Contribuyó a la declaración de ETA? El fracaso del proceso de negociación y el ruido mediático han ocultado las consecuencias positivas que tuvo para impulsar un cambio de estrategia en la izquierda abertzale que potenciara una lucha política ajena a las armas.Palabras Clave:_________________________ After the ETA´s announcement about the end of the armed conflict (20 October 2011, it´s necessary to make an evaluation of the antiterrorist policy in terms of office of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, which was based on use of all the ways to make peace, including dialogue. Was a wrong strategy or contributed to the declaration of ETA? The failure of negociation process and mediatical controversies have concealled that this strategy had positive consequences and impelled a change in the izquierda abertzale to boost a political struggle completely alien to weapons.Keywords:

  1. «In favor of happiness»: the legacy of the Enlightenment in the poetry of Luis García Montero

    Araceli IRAVEDRA


    Full Text Available The most celebrated book of Luis García Montero, Habitaciones separadas (1994, includes a dramatic monologue starring the figure of Jovellanos. Far from an anectodal fact, the presence of the asturian intellectual in this point of the lyric biography of García Montero comes to ratify the importance that the enlightened tradition has acquired in the poetic system of the author from Granada, main theoretical mentor of the so called poetry of experience. Following the reading suggested by Luis García Montero, we systematize the enlightened foundations of this aesthetic trend, which would find its modern roots in some capital notions of the eighteen century doctrine. Furthermore, we attempt to show how far those enlightened categories finally conform an axiological canon and reinforce García Montero’s theoretical opinion in favour of the value of the trade as an effective intervention of the poet in the social order. Finally, we suggest an interpretation of the «El insomnio de Jovellanos» in the light of the enlightened reading of the Modernity that the poet postulates in his essayistic discourse, a Modernity aimed to the transformation of the present against the repeated decrees of the end of History.

  2. Hacia Jorge Luis Borges

    Harold Alvarado Tenorio


    Full Text Available La literatura, con características peculiares, comienza en hispanoamérica a partir del siglo XVII. Siglo y medio después de iniciada la Conquista, los virreinatos del Perú y México se convirtieron en los máximos centros de influencia económica y cultural de la Colonia. Los indígenas han sido diezmados poco a poco y reducidos al mestizaje. El criollo, puede decirse, hace su aparición con este soneto que establece las diferencias entre el habitante del Nuevo Mundo y el que llega de la península.

  3. Allegheny County Major Rivers

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains locations of major rivers that flow through Allegheny County. These shapes have been taken from the Hydrology dataset. The Ohio River,...

  4. Flowing with Rivers

    Anderson, Heather


    This article describes a lesson in which students compare how artists have depicted rivers in paintings, using different styles, compositions, subject matter, colors, and techniques. They create a watercolor landscape that includes a river. Students can learn about rivers by studying them on site, through environmental study, and through works of…

  5. Detection of Fracture Patterns Within the Southern Portion of a Residential Complex (Tepozanes), Los Reyes-La Paz County (Edo. de Mexico)

    Chavez, R. E.; Arango, C.; Tejero, A.; Cifuentes, G.; Hernandez, E.


    Most of the urban zone within the Valley of Mexico is built on top of the sediments of the ancient lakes of Chalco, Xochimilco, Mexico, Texcoco, Xaltocan and Zumpango. The sediments that cover this great valley are mainly composed by highly saturated clay-sandy materials; which offer a weak resistance to the constructions built on top. In addition, the increasing need of water supply for the population living in the valley (~22 million inhabitants) has weakened the main groundwater aquifers. This has lead to a differentiated subsidence and collapse of buildings, habitation units and roads. These effects put in a serious risk the inhabitants and the infrastructure of the city. As an example, we present a case of an area located in a densely populated zone, within a low-income residential complex denominated Tepozanes. This is located in the Los Reyes-La Paz County (Mexico State), towards the southeastern portion of the Valley of Mexico. The area is geologically limited by the Chimalhuacan Hill to the N, by the Santa Catarina volcanic range to the S. The previously mentioned effects are evident in the constructions of some buildings, where an exposed fracture is found in the NE-SW direction. This feature is affecting the structure of one of them in the residential complex, where the fracture runs underneath. A geophysical study was proposed to characterize the subsoil and to define the fracturing patterns in the zone. The electrical resistivity tomography (ETR) method employing the capacitive and galvanic modes was used to define the fracturing patters and the position at depth of the saturated layers, which might affect the Residential buildings. As a complement, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) profiles were carried out on the same profiles to correlate the information obtained from the ETR capacitive method which has a better resolution in the shallower zone. The computed results show that the buildings foundations were set on top of a high resistivity layer (~1000

  6. River basin administration

    Management of international rivers and their basins is the focus of the Centre for Comparative Studies on (International) River Basin Administration, recently established at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Water pollution, sludge, and conflicting interests in the use of water in upstream and downstream parts of a river basin will be addressed by studying groundwater and consumption of water in the whole catchment area of a river.Important aspects of river management are administrative and policy aspects. The Centre will focus on policy, law, planning, and organization, including transboundary cooperation, posing standards, integrated environmental planning on regional scale and environmental impact assessments.

  7. Más allá de la novela realista social: el proyecto destructivo de "Tiempo de silencio" (1961) de Luis Martín-Santos y "Don Julián" (1970) de Juan Goytisolo

    Jordana Darder, Marta


    "Tiempo de silencio" (1961) de Luis Martín-Santos y "Reivindicaciones del conde Don Julián" (1970) de Juan Goytisolo son dos novelas de un fuerte compromiso político pero que se desmarcan de los caminos tradicionales del arte compro

  8. 23 mai 2008 - Madame Micheline Calmy-Rey Conseillère fédérale, Cheffe du Département fédéral des affaires étrangères (DFAE), Confédération suisse et Dr Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research, Germany visitent le CERN

    Maximilien Brice


    23 mai 2008 - Madame Micheline Calmy-Rey Conseillère fédérale, Cheffe du Département fédéral des affaires étrangères (DFAE), Confédération suisse et Dr Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research, Germany visitent le CERN

  9. 23rd May 2008 - CERN Director-General R. Aymar with German Federal Minister of Education and Research A. Schavan, CERN Director-General Designate R. Heuer, Swiss Federal Councillor M. Calmy-Rey and CERN Deputy Director-General and Chief Scientific Officer J. Engelen.

    Maximilien Brice


    23rd May 2008 - CERN Director-General R. Aymar with German Federal Minister of Education and Research A. Schavan, CERN Director-General Designate R. Heuer, Swiss Federal Councillor M. Calmy-Rey and CERN Deputy Director-General and Chief Scientific Officer J. Engelen.

  10. Operation of river systems. The Otra river

    Harby, A.; Vaskinn, K.A.; Wathne, M.; Heggenes, J.; Saltveit, S.J.


    The purpose of the project described in this report was to prepare an operative tool for making decisions about the operation of the power system on the river Otra (Norway) with regard to how this operation might affect the various users of the river system. Above all this affects fish, outdoor life and esthetic values. The connection between water quality and volume of discharge has been examined in a sub project. How suitable parts of the river are as habitats for trout has been simulated on a computer. From field investigation it is concluded that near the Steinfoss power station the physical conditions for trout depend on the operation of the river system. Outdoor life is not much affected downstream Vikeland. 11 refs., 22 figs., 2 tabs

  11. 76 FR 51887 - Safety Zone; Patuxent River, Patuxent River, MD


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Patuxent River, Patuxent River, MD AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule. SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone during the ``NAS Patuxent River... held over certain waters of the Patuxent River adjacent to Patuxent River, Maryland from September 1...

  12. Evolución metamórfica de los gabros coroníticos de El Arenal, faja máfica-ultramáfica El Destino-Las Águilas, sierra de San Luis Metamorphic evolution of the coronitic gabbrons of the El Arenal, El Destino-Las Aguilas, mafic-ultramafic belt, Sierra de San Luis

    N. Brogioni; G. Cruciani; M. Franceschelli; O. Vaselli


    Las meta-melagabronoritas coroníticas se localizan en uno de los cuerpos de El Arenal, pertenecientes a la faja máfica-ultramáfica El Destino-Las Aguilas del flanco oriental de la sierra de San Luis. Son rocas de grano fino y representan fraccionados poco evolucionados, con alto contenido de Cr-Ni y [Mg/Mg+FeT++] comprendidas entre 0,72 y 0,75, derivados de un magma toleítico olivínico de bajo Ti, cuyo emplazamiento precedió a la deformación penetrativa y metamorfismo famatinianos. Las microe...

  13. Caracterización del nivel de información sobre ITS/VIH/sida en adolescentes de la escuela secundaria básica "José Luis Arruñada" Characterization of the information level on sexual transmission infection (STI)/HIV/aids in adolescents of the "José Luis Arruñada" basic secondary school

    Alejandro Fadragas Fernández; Maydelín Valdés Sánchez; Luis Manuel Fernández Machin


    Introducción: en Cuba, el Programa Nacional de Prevención y Control de las Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual y el VIH/sida, se inició desde 1986, con el objetivo fundamental de evitar que el proceso de la infección-enfermedad, se convirtiera en un importante problema de salud para la población cubana. Objetivo: caracterizar el nivel de información que sobre las ITS/VIH/sida, tienen los adolescentes que pertenecen a la escuela secundaria básica "José Luis Arruñada", correspondiente al municipi...

  14. Colección permanente del Banco de la República. Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango. Casa de Exposiciones

    Benhur Sánchez Suárez


    Full Text Available Desde cuando dejé mi provincia natal y me radiqué en Bogotá, con mis sueños de artista y de escritor, la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango fue uno de mis polos de atracción. Y es algo muy simple de entender: por un lado mi ansiedad visual por todo lo que fuera pintura y, por otro, porque en sus salones se realizaron gran parte de las mejores exposiciones de la época - importancia que compartió con el Museo de Arte Moderno y algunas galerías privadas- y es casi obvio que hacia ellos dirigiera mi interés, como lo hicieran tantos colombianos amantes de las artes plásticas y creyentes de nuestro desarrollo cultural.

  15. Abasto futuro de agua potable, análisis espacial y vulnerabilidad de la ciudad de San Luis Potosí, México

    Contreras Servín Carlos; Galindo Mendoza María Guadalupe


    En el presente artículo se analizan y se presentan las circunstancias físicas, sociales y económicas que en conjunto afectan al panorama y a la problemática actual del abastecimiento de agua potable de la zona metropolitana de la ciudad de San Luis Potosí. Entre los temas que se abordan se encuentra la relación entre la disponibilidad del agua y el incremento de la población, así como la evolución de la extracción de aguas subterráneas. Por otra parte, la investigación muestra un diagnóstico ...




    Full Text Available The article analyzes the fantasy „Bryul lui M. Amihalachioaie” (Amihalachioaie’s Girdle for two pianos composed by Vlad Burlea as the only example of this genre in his creative activity. This work is analyzed from the perspective of genre specificity, determined by the synthesis of the fantasy genre and the monumental miniature, revealing the interaction of variation and improvisation. The author comes to the conclusion that V. Burlea’s creation is characterized by a truthful realization of the language elements of national music, and namely that of the Moldovan dance. The article also considers the form and content of the present work, its intonation-thematic processes and the treatment of the two-piano ensemble that imitates the sound of the dulcimer.

  17. LUIS PUELLES ROMERO. Honoré Daumier. La risa republicana. Madrid: Adaba Editores, 2014, 427 págs., 154 ils.

    Miguel Ángel Gamonal Torres


    Full Text Available Hacer una aportación significativa al conocimiento de Daumier, su obra y su época, es una tarea que Luis Puelles, Profesor de Estética y Teoría de las Artes de la Universidad de Málaga, cumple de manera muy satisfactoria, sobre todo para el lector interesado que encuentra un sobresaliente ensayo en español, construido sobre la muy abundante literatura crítica e histórico-artística existente sobre el artista francés, pero también sobre el brillante dominio que el autor muestra de un sinfín de cuestiones y enfoques de índole estético-filosófico, aunque también sociológico, crítico-literario, etc. …

  18. Et certe opera Deus facit mediantibus causis secundis”: fray Luis de León y la determinación del derecho

    Sebastián Contreras Aguirre


    Full Text Available Luis de León is one of the most important figures of so called Scholastic of Salamanca. In his work, that is the culmination of the Augustinian school of the sixteenth century, are present the most different activities (jurist, prose writer, theologian, poet, etc. and the most different schools of thought (Thomism, Nominalism, Humanism, etc.. The legal philosophy of León, which is what interests us now, has been apparently overshadowed by his reputation as a writer and mystic. But this does not make his work as jurist in not valuable. On the contrary, the legal ideas of Spanish thinker represent one of principal pieces of Theological School of Salamanca

  19. El ensayo de interpretación del ser nacional: su problemática y el caso de 'Nosotros' de Luis López de Mesa

    Juan Camilo Galeano


    Full Text Available Este texto se divide en dos partes: la primera aborda el ensayo de interpretación del ser nacional, las voces que lo han desarrollado en América Latina y cuestiona la falta de reconocimiento de este género en Colombia. La segunda considera a Luis López de Mesa: partiendo de su obra De cómo se ha formado la nación colombiana, analiza las estrategias literarias de las que éste se vale en Nosotros para mostrar la identidad antioqueña como resultado de una debacle moral. En el desarrollo del análisis se encuentra que la industrialización de Antioquia hizo mundanos su valores humanos.

  20. El deterioro del Capital Social como promotor de la violencia y la delincuencia entre la población del municipio de Rioverde, San Luis Potosí

    José Guadalupe RIVERA-GONZÁLEZ


    Full Text Available El fenómeno de la violencia y la delincuencia son dos de los problemas principales que en la ac - tualidad se padecen en muchas entidades y localidades de México. Para erradicarlos es necesario partir del conocimiento particular de sus causas y efectos en las zonas afectadas. En el presente trabajo se considera fundamental conocer la relación de la violencia con uno de los principales componentes de la sociedad: el Capital Social. El material de análisis procede de una serie de entrevistas que formaron parte de un proyecto titulado: Diagnóstico local sobre la realidad so - cial, económica y cultural de la violencia y la delincuencia del municipio de Rioverde San Luis Potosí . A partir de las narraciones de algunos ciudadanos entrevistados, es posible conocer los factores que desde su punto de vista son los detonadores de la violencia.

  1. Artistas e identidades discursivas. El gran telón, el Luis Caballero de la crítica y el Caballero de Caballero

    Sergio Rodríguez


    Full Text Available En este artículo presento un análisis de las producciones discur-sivas que circularon alrededor de la obra El gran telón (1990 del artista Luis Caballero, utilizando principalmente el método de análisis del discurso en tres capas propuesto por el teórico Nor-man Fairclough. Esto con el fin de delimitar las diferencias de identificación y representación que se produjeron entre la crítica de arte de la época y el propio artista sobre su obra. Además, en un sentido más amplio, busco ejemplificar la manera como la crítica de arte se integra a un sistema social en una influencia recíproca.

  2. Gracias cortesanas en El médico de su honra: más sobre la apuesta del bufón Coquín y el rey don Pedro

    Adrián J. Sáez


    Full Text Available Muchos de los acercamientos a El médico de su honra de Calderón se han centrado en el examen de la función del gracioso Coquín en la dominante atmósfera seria y especialmente en la apuesta de los dientes con el rey don Pedro, que ha dado lugar a ciertas lecturas eróticas que conviene revisar. Tanto este chiste como el alcance y sentido general de la comicidad en el drama solo cobran sentido a la luz de la tradición bufonesca y cortesana, que se basa en un concepto del humor torpe y violento, enmarcado a la vez en la perfecta imbricación de la risa en las tragedias de Calderón.

  3. Depósitos epitermales de baja sulfuración ricos en sulfuros de metales base, distrito aurífero La Carolina, San Luis, Argentina

    Gallard-Esquivel María Cecilia


    Full Text Available Low-sulfidation epithermal base-metal sulfide-rich deposits, La Carolina gold-bearing district,San Luis, Argentina. La Carolina gold-bearing district is located at the western end of the Metallogenetic Belt of San Luis, which is spatially and genetically related to the mesosilicic volcanism of mio-pliocene age. The volcanic arc experienced an eastward migration, due to the flattening of the Nazca plate in the segment 27°-33°S, known as the Pampean flat-slab. At La Carolina, the volcanic activity occurred between 8.2 and 6.3 Ma. It encompasses lavas and pyroclastics of andesitic, dacitic, latitic and trachytic composition. The mesosilicic magmas belong to normal to high-k calc-alkaline and shoshonitic suites. Structural analysis shows that previous structures have strongly controlled the emplacement of volcanic rocks and related mineral deposits at La Carolina allowing to define a pullapart.In this gold-bearing district there are eigth small mineralized prospects. The mineralogy consists of pyrite, arsenic rich pyrite, galena, sphalerite, marcasite, melnikovite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, tennantitetetrahedrite, digenite, covellite, bornite, pyrargiryte, hessite, silvanite, pearceite, argirodite, gold, silver, greigite, boulangerite, jamesonite and electrum. The gangue consists of quartz, calcite, chalcedony and minor adularia.The hydrothermal alteration is widespread and comprise phyllic and argillic mineral assemblages characterized by sericite, illite, interstratified I/S, and silicic; propylitic alteration is also present as an outer halo. Fluid inclusions studies show that the formation temperatures range between 230º to 330º C. Boiling and mixing with meteoric water led to mineral precipitation. Based on the mineralogy, textures, hydrothermal alteration, formation temperatures,fluid chemistry and prospective geochemistry the mineralizations have been classified as low-sulfidation epithermal base-metal sulfide-rich deposits.

  4. Down to the River

    Wessels, Josepha Ivanka


    Currently there is no coherent or sustainable water cooperation among the five states—Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories and Syria—that share the Jordan River. Why do people not cooperate on sustainable river basin management, even if it seems the most rational course from the persp......Currently there is no coherent or sustainable water cooperation among the five states—Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories and Syria—that share the Jordan River. Why do people not cooperate on sustainable river basin management, even if it seems the most rational course from...

  5. Investing in river health.

    Bennett, J


    Rivers provide society with numerous returns. These relate to both the passive and extractive uses of the resources embodied in river environments. Some returns are manifest in the form of financial gains whilst others are non-monetary. For instance, rivers are a source of monetary income for those who harvest their fish. The water flowing in rivers is extracted for drinking and to water crops and livestock that in turn yield monetary profits. However, rivers are also the source of non-monetary values arising from biological diversity. People who use them for recreation (picnicking, swimming, boating) also receive non-monetary returns. The use of rivers to yield these returns has had negative consequences. With extraction for financial return has come diminished water quantity and quality. The result has been a diminished capacity of rivers to yield (non-extractive) environmental returns and to continue to provide extractive values. A river is like any other asset. With use, the value of an asset depreciates because its productivity declines. In order to maintain the productive capacity of their assets, managers put aside from their profits depreciation reserves that can be invested in the repair or replacement of those assets. Society now faces a situation in which its river assets have depreciated in terms of their capacity to provide monetary and non-monetary returns. An investment in river "repair" is required. But, investment means that society gives up something now in order to achieve some benefit in the future. Society thus has to grapple wih the choice between investing in river health and other investments--such as in hospitals, schools, defence etc. - as well as between investing in river health and current consumption--such as on clothes, food, cars etc. A commonly used aid for investment decision making in the public sector is benefit cost analysis. However, its usefulness in tackling the river investment problem is restricted because it requires all

  6. River Corridors (Jan 2, 2015)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — River corridors are delineated to provide for the least erosive meandering and floodplain geometry toward which a river will evolve over time. River corridor maps...

  7. Infección congénita por citomegalovirus en recién nacidos del estado de San Luis Potosí, México Congenital cytomegalovirus infection in newborn infants from the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Daniel E Noyola


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Determinar la prevalencia de infección congénita por citomegalovirus en recién nacidos participantes en el programa de tamiz neonatal de los Servicios de Salud de San Luis Potosí. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Se evaluó la presencia de citomegalovirus en muestras de sangre almacenadas en papel filtro. RESULTADOS. Se detectó la presencia de citomegalovirus en 10 (0.68% de 1 457 muestras estudiadas. No se encontraron diferencias en las características de los recién nacidos con infección congénita en comparación con aquéllos sin infección. CONCLUSIONES: Es necesario concientizar a los profesionales de la salud sobre la prevalencia e impacto de la infección congénita por citomegalovirus.OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of congenital cytomegalovirus infection in newborn infants included in the neonatal screening program coordinated by the State Health Services in San Luis Potosí. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We evaluated the presence of cytomegalovirus in blood samples stored in filter paper. RESULTS: Cytomegalovirus was detected in 10 (0.68% of the 1 457 samples included in the study. There were no differences in the characteristics of infants with congenital infection compared to those without infection. CONCLUSIONS: It is necessary to increase awareness of health professionals regarding the prevalence and impact of congenital cytomegalovirus infection.

  8. Inquérito soro-epidemiológico na Ilha de São Luis durante epidemia de dengue no Maranhão Seroepidemiologic survey in São Luis Island, State of Maranhão, Brazil, during a dengue fever epidemics

    Pedro Fernando da C. Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available Nos anos de 1995 e 1996, ocorreu em São Luis uma epidemia de dengue (DEN, causada pelo sorotipo DEN1. Objetivando avaliar o impacto da mesma na população da grande São Luis (municípios de Paço do Lumiar - PL, São José de Ribamar - SJR e São Luis SL, realizamos um inquérito soro - epidemiológico aleatório, onde aplicamos um questionário. Os soros foram testados por inibição da hemaglutinação (IH, e os resultados, negativo e positivo (resposta primária - RP e resposta secundária - RS, foram analisados utilizando os "software's" Lotus 123, Epi-info 6.0, Excel 5.0 e STATA. Coletaram-se 1217 amostras, (101 de PL, 100 de SJR e 1016 de SL. A positividade foi: 55,4% em PL, 28% em SJR e 41,4% em SL. Destes, 505 (41,2% amostras foram positivas sendo 96 RP (7,9% e 405 RS (33,3%. Da amostra obtida, 508 soros (227 positivos foram do sexo masculino e 709 (278 positivos do feminino, não havendo diferença estatística significativa. Houve significância (p The Island of São Luis in the State of Maranhão, constituted by the municipalities of São Luis - SL (835,428 inhabitants, São José de Ribamar - SJR (60,633 inhabitants and Paço do Lumiar - PL (80,274 inhabitants, has been suffering dengue (DEN fever epidemics since 1995, caused by DEN-1. In 1996, from August through October, an aleatory sero-epidemiologic survey was carried out in order to estimate the incidence of DEN infection and to analyze other clinical and epidemiological parameters. A questionnaire was applied and serum samples were simultaneously obtained. Serum samples were tested by hemagglutination inhibition (HI. Results were analyzed using Lotus123, Epi-info 6.0, Excel 5.0 and STATA softwares. A total of 1,217 serum samples were obtained (101 of PL, 100 of SJR and 1017 of SL. The rate of DEN was 55.4% in PL, 28% in SJR and 41.4% in SL, suggesting the occurrence of 401,933 infections. No difference was seen between males and females, but infection occurred more in the

  9. Preserving the Dnipro River

    Humanity inherited the true sense of proportion, synergy, and harmony from the natural environment. ..... In Ukraine, the middle and lower sections of the Dnipro have a drainage ... The following large cities are located in the Dnipro basin: in Russia, .... In Kherson Oblast and in river basins of some small rivers it is as high as ...

  10. Numerical modelling of river processes: flow and river bed deformation

    Tassi, P.A.


    The morphology of alluvial river channels is a consequence of complex interaction among a number of constituent physical processes, such as flow, sediment transport and river bed deformation. This is, an alluvial river channel is formed from its own sediment. From time to time, alluvial river

  11. Uranium in river water

    Palmer, M.R.; Edmond, J.M.


    The concentration of dissolved uranium has been determined in over 250 river waters from the Orinoco, Amazon, and Ganges basins. Uranium concentrations are largely determined by dissolution of limestones, although weathering of black shales represents an important additional source in some basins. In shield terrains the level of dissolved U is transport limited. Data from the Amazon indicate that floodplains do not represent a significant source of U in river waters. In addition, the authors have determined dissolved U levels in forty rivers from around the world and coupled these data with previous measurements to obtain an estimate for the global flux of dissolved U to the oceans. The average concentration of U in river waters is 1.3 nmol/kg, but this value is biased by very high levels observed in the Ganges-Brahmaputra and Yellow rivers. When these river systems are excluded from the budget, the global average falls to 0.78 nmol/kg. The global riverine U flux lies in the range of 3-6 x 10 7 mol/yr. The major uncertainty that restricts the accuracy of this estimate (and that of all other dissolved riverine fluxes) is the difficulty in obtaining representative samples from rivers which show large seasonal and annual variations in runoff and dissolved load

  12. Abastecimento futuro da água potável abate, análise espacial e da vulnerabilidade da cidade de san luis potosi, méxico

    Contreras Servín, Carlos; Galindo Mendoza, María Guadalupe


    O presente artigo discute e apresenta as condições físicas, sociais e económicas que afectam a imagem global e os problemas actuais respeito ao abastecimento de água potável da região metropolitana de San Luis Potosi. Entre os temas a abordar está a relação entre disponibilidade hídrica e aumento da população, bem como a evolução de extração de águas subterrâneas. Além disso, a pesquisa mostra um diagnóstico da situação actual de abastecimento de água potável em San Luis Potosi e áreas circun...

  13. La cofradía de la Santa Veracruz y los planos arquitectónicos más antiguos de San Luis Potosí: Un ejemplo del corporativismo novohispano a través de la arquitectura

    Hernández Soubervielle, Armando


    El presente artículo discurre por tres ejes fundamentales. El primero de ellos es aportar información obtenida de fuentes primarias, referente a la cofradía de la Santa Veracruz de San Luis Potosí, lo que sirve para dar a conocer y analizar por primera vez los planos arquitectónicos más antiguos (1620) de San Luis Potosí, mismos que hasta ahora estaban inéditos. A la luz de estos planos y su interpretación, se mostrará su relación con el tratado de arquitectura de Sebastián Serlio y de cómo e...

  14. Phenotypic and molecular detection of the bla KPC gene in clinical isolates from inpatients at hospitals in São Luis, MA, Brazil.

    Ribeiro, Patricia Cristina Saldanha; Monteiro, Andrea Souza; Marques, Sirlei Garcia; Monteiro, Sílvio Gomes; Monteiro-Neto, Valério; Coqueiro, Martina Márcia Melo; Marques, Ana Cláudia Garcia; de Jesus Gomes Turri, Rosimary; Santos, Simone Gonçalves; Bomfim, Maria Rosa Quaresma


    Bacteria that produce Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemases (KPCs) are resistant to broad-spectrum β-lactam antibiotics. The objective of this study was to phenotypically and genotypically characterize the antibiotic susceptibility to carbapenems of 297 isolates recovered from clinical samples obtained from inpatients at 16 hospitals in São Luis (Maranhão, Brazil). The study was conducted using phenotypic tests and molecular methods, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sequencing and enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (ERIC)-PCR. The nonparametric chi-square test of independence was used to evaluate the associations between the bacterial bla KPC gene and the modified Hodge test, and the chi-square adherence test was used to assess the frequency of carbapenemases and their association with the bla KPC gene. The most frequently isolated species were Acinetobacter baumannii (n = 128; 43.0%), K. pneumoniae (n = 75; 25.2%), and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (n = 42; 14.1%). Susceptibility assays showed that polymixin B was active against 89.3% of the bacterial isolates. The Acinetobacter spp. and K. pneumoniae strains were susceptible to amikacin and tigecycline, and Pseudomonas spp. were sensitive to gentamicin and amikacin. Among the 297 isolates, 100 (33.7%) were positive for the bla KPC gene, including non-fermentative bacteria (A. baumannii) and Enterobacteriaceae species. Among the isolates positive for the bla KPC gene, K. pneumoniae isolates had the highest positivity rate of 60.0%. The bla KPC gene variants detected included KPC-2, which was found in all isolates belonging to species of the Enterobacteriaceae family. KPC-2 and KPC-3 were observed in A. baumannii isolates. Importantly, the bla KPC gene was also detected in three Raoultella isolates and one isolate of the Pantoea genus. ERIC-PCR patterns showed a high level of genetic diversity among the bacterial isolates; it was capable of distinguishing 34 clones among 100 strains

  15. Phenotypic characterization and 16S rDNA identification of culturable non-obligate halophilic bacterial communities from a hypersaline lake, La Sal del Rey, in extreme South Texas (USA).

    Phillips, Kristen; Zaidan, Frederic; Elizondo, Omar R; Lowe, Kristine L


    La Sal del Rey ("the King's Salt") is one of several naturally-occurring salt lakes in Hidalgo County, Texas and is part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The research objective was to isolate and characterize halophilic microorganisms from La Sal del Rey. Water samples were collected from the lake and a small creek that feeds into the lake. Soil samples were collected from land adjacent to the water sample locations. Sample salinity was determined using a refractometer. Samples were diluted and cultured on a synthetic saline medium to grow halophilic bacteria. The density of halophiles was estimated by viable plate counts. A collection of isolates was selected, gram-stained, tested for catalase, and characterized using API 20E® test strips. Isolates were putatively identified by sequencing the 16S rDNA. Carbon source utilization by the microbial community from each sample site was examined using EcoPlate™ assays and the carbon utilization total activity of the community was determined. Results showed that salinity ranged from 4 parts per thousand (ppt) at the lake water source to 420 ppt in water samples taken just along the lake shore. The density of halophilic bacteria in water samples ranged from 1.2 × 102 - 5.2 × 103 colony forming units per ml (cfu ml-1) whereas the density in soil samples ranged from 4.0 × 105 - 2.5 × 106 colony forming units per gram (cfu g-1). In general, as salinity increased the density of the bacterial community decreased. Microbial communities from water and soil samples were able to utilize 12 - 31 carbon substrates. The greatest number of substrates utilized was by water-borne communities compared to soil-based communities, especially at lower salinities. The majority of bacteria isolated were gram-negative, catalase-positive, rods. Biochemical profiles constructed from API 20E® test strips showed that bacterial isolates from low-salinity water samples (4 ppt) showed the greatest phenotypic diversity

  16. Savannah River Plant environment

    Dukes, E.K.


    On June 20, 1972, the Atomic Energy Commission designated 192,323 acres of land near Aiken, SC, as the nation's first National Environmental Research Park. The designated land surrounds the Department of Energy's Savannah River Plant production complex. The site, which borders the Savannah River for 17 miles, includes swampland, pine forests, abandoned town sites, a large man-made lake for cooling water impoundment, fields, streams, and watersheds. This report is a description of the geological, hydrological, meteorological, and biological characteristics of the Savannah River Plant site and is intended as a source of information for those interested in environmental research at the site. 165 references, 68 figures, 52 tables

  17. Hunting camp. River Murray

    ? Bayliss, Charles, 1850-1897, photographer


    200 x 149 mm. A good photograph showing a group of aborigines (in European clothes) with two hunting dogs, holding spears and standing in front of rough wooden cabins; with the river in the background. Photograph unknown, possible Charles Bayliss.

  18. Wild and Scenic Rivers

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This map layer portrays the linear federally-owned land features (i.e., national parkways, wild and scenic rivers, etc.) of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the...

  19. Autour des “scénographies auctoriales” : entretien avec José-Luis Diaz, auteur de L’écrivain imaginaire (2007 “Authorial scenographies”: an interview with José-Luis Diaz, author of L’écrivain imaginaire (2007

    Dominique Maingueneau


    Full Text Available José-Luis, selon ta propre formulation, ton livre L’écrivain imaginaire s’insère dans une histoire des représentations de l’écrivain. Pourrais-tu nous en dire plus sur les tenants et les aboutissants de ce projet ? En particulier, dans quel sens prends-tu l’expression « écrivain imaginaire », à distinguer de la personne réelle de l’écrivain ?Au début de mes recherches, à l’heure où l’auteur était censé être mort selon le titre célèbre d’un article de Roland Barthes (1968, j’ai pensé d’emblée...


    Francisco Velásquez


    Full Text Available We analyzed the reproductive characteristics of four nets of leatherback turtles ( Dermochelys coriacea which spawned in San Luis beach, sector Los Chivos, Cumaná, Sucre State. The turtles deposited a total of 312 eggs ( =78 per nest, of which 102 eggs showed no apparent development ( = 25.50, 13 were dead embryos ( = 3.25 and 155 were coral type eggs (without fecundation ( = 38.75. Among the dead embryos (13, 84.62% had reached the late embryonic state (EETT and the rest the medium state (EEM. The average hatching success was 65.94%, with a minimum value in a turtle that laid 77 eggs (46.75 % and the maximum (91.17 % in another who laid 72 eggs. There was a high correlation between the number of eggs without apparent development (HSDA and corals, with a highly significant relationship (r = 0.97 between weight and curved carapace length in embryos.