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  1. Vene Jacob / Elvis Kollom

    Kollom, Elvis


    Vene Jacob'i stiilist. Prantsuse mööblimeister Georges Jacob (1739-1814) kutsuti XVIII sajandi lõpukümnendil sisustama Peterburi aristokraatlikke interjööre. Jacob'i stiilis vene mööblist ja selle kättesaadavusest Eestis. Vene jacob hakkas lõpuks muutuma äravahetamiseni sarnaseks vene ampiiriga. 4 värv. ill

  2. Chandy, Dr Jacob

    Elected: 1961 Section: Medicine. Chandy, Dr Jacob MBBS (Madras), FRCS (c) Council Service: 1962-70. Date of birth: 23 January 1910. Date of death: 23 June 2007. Specialization: Neurology, Neurosurgery and Medical Education Last known address: Paarra, Matteethra, Kottayam 686 004. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook ...

  3. Maurice Jacob 1933 - 2007


    CERN theorist Maurice Jacob passed away suddenly on May 2nd, following a heart attack. Throughout his research career, Maurice was a leader in the theory of high-energy hadron physics. In his early days, he made many key contributions, together with Giancarlo Wick, to the development of the helicity formalism that is being used increasingly in modern theoretical calculations. He was an expert on diffraction physics. Together with Sam Berman, he made the crucial observation that the appearance of point-like parton structures in deep-inelastic scattering implied the existence of high-transverse-momentum processes in proton-proton collisions, as subsequently observed at the CERN ISR. He was a pioneer of the studies of inclusive hadron-production processes, including scaling and its violations. Together with Ron Horgan, he made detailed predictions for the production of jets at the CERN proton-antiproton collider, which were subsequently discovered by the UA2 and UA1 experiments. Maurice worked closely with his...

  4. Ken Jacobs and the Perverted Archival Image

    Gonçalo Pablo


    This paper analyses two recent works by American filmmaker Ken Jacobs that deal with aspects of remediation. The first is A Tom Tom Chaser, in which Jacobs records the telecine process that transforms the classic silent film Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son from chemical into electronic media. The film is riddled with poetic turns inviting the audience to rediscover the medial noise hidden by images. Moreover, Jacobs focuses on the moment of transition from a material medium (the film strip) to the ...

  5. Johann Jacob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot / Tõivo Sarmet

    Sarmet, Tõivo


    Tartu Ülikooli rektorit Johann Jacob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot loetakse Venemaa alpinismiajaloo alusepanijaks ja tema tähelepanuväärseimaks mägironimisalaseks teoks oli tõus Suur-Araratile 1829. aastal

  6. JACOB: An Enterprise Framework for Computational Chemistry

    Waller, Mark P; Dresselhaus, Thomas; Yang, Jack


    Here, we present just a collection of beans (JACOB): an integrated batch-based framework designed for the rapid development of computational chemistry applications. The framework expedites developer productivity by handling the generic infrastructure tier, and can be easily extended by user-specific scientific code. Paradigms from enterprise software engineering were rigorously applied to create a scalable, testable, secure, and robust framework. A centralized web application is used to configure and control the operation of the framework. The application-programming interface provides a set of generic tools for processing large-scale noninteractive jobs (e.g., systematic studies), or for coordinating systems integration (e.g., complex workflows). The code for the JACOB framework is open sourced and is available at: © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. PMID:23553271

  7. JACOB: an enterprise framework for computational chemistry.

    Waller, Mark P; Dresselhaus, Thomas; Yang, Jack


    Here, we present just a collection of beans (JACOB): an integrated batch-based framework designed for the rapid development of computational chemistry applications. The framework expedites developer productivity by handling the generic infrastructure tier, and can be easily extended by user-specific scientific code. Paradigms from enterprise software engineering were rigorously applied to create a scalable, testable, secure, and robust framework. A centralized web application is used to configure and control the operation of the framework. The application-programming interface provides a set of generic tools for processing large-scale noninteractive jobs (e.g., systematic studies), or for coordinating systems integration (e.g., complex workflows). The code for the JACOB framework is open sourced and is available at: Copyright © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. Ken Jacobs and the Perverted Archival Image

    Gonçalo Pablo


    Full Text Available This paper analyses two recent works by American filmmaker Ken Jacobs that deal with aspects of remediation. The first is A Tom Tom Chaser, in which Jacobs records the telecine process that transforms the classic silent film Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son from chemical into electronic media. The film is riddled with poetic turns inviting the audience to rediscover the medial noise hidden by images. Moreover, Jacobs focuses on the moment of transition from a material medium (the film strip to the immaterial (the image, the video, so that the noise brings the viewer closer to a perception or brief capture of the medium in itself. Images are both figured and disfigured along this process. The second work is The Guests, an unconventional 3D film in which Jacobs transforms a short take from a Lumière Brothers film by discovering unseen views of the original footage. In his remediation of the 3D technology, Jacobs employs the Pulfrich effect, which allows him to blur the images of the archival film and to create instances of uncertainty between the views coming from the two human eyes. As a result of this procedure, the characters in the film seem to look directly at the audience. The analysis of both films highlights the poetry of the typical manoeuvre by which Jacobs perverts the archival medium, whereupon the viewing mode between media denaturalizes the usual media gaze (framed and representational, focusing on the moment of viewing in itself. This, as a result, favours the medium for what it is and subverts the gaze that expects something representational, discursive, perhaps story-driven.

  9. Alexander von Humboldt and Coenraad Jacob Temminck

    Raat, A.J.P.


    INTRODUCTION In the archives of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie in Leiden there is a map with three letters written by Alexander von Humboldt (17691859) to the first director of the Museum, Coenraad Jacob Temminck (1778-1858). The map, the hard cover of John Gould's "Synopsis of the birds

  10. Stedelijkheid en diversiteit : Jane Jacobs in Roombeek

    Straatman, E.G.P. (Elly)


    Met de vertaling van The Death and Life of Great American Cities is in Nederland een kleine Jane Jacobs-revival ontstaan met lezingen, workshops, masterclasses en een essaybundel. Jacobs’ boek kwam in de VS uit in 1961. Het was een aanval op de toenmalige praktijk van stadsplanning. Wat maakt

  11. Corner Office Interview: Gates Foundation's Deborah Jacobs

    Miller, Rebecca


    U.S. libraries gave the world a top talent when Deborah Jacobs left her transformational role as City Librarian of Seattle in 2008 to head the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Libraries program, the international sibling to the U.S. Libraries program. The initiative fosters national-scale projects with grantees in transitioning countries…

  12. Stedelijkheid en diversiteit: Jane Jacobs in Roombeek

    Straatman, E.G.P. (Elly)


    Met de vertaling van The Death and Life of Great American Cities is in Nederland een kleine Jane Jacobs-revival ontstaan met lezingen, workshops, masterclasses en een essaybundel. Jacobs’ boek kwam in de VS uit in 1961. Het was een aanval op de toenmalige praktijk van stadsplanning. Wat maakt het boek anno 2010 nog actueel? Elly Straatman gaat in deze bijdrage in op Jacobs’ visie op vitale stadsbuurten en generatoren van stedelijkheid. Ze bekijkt hoe in de Enschedese wijk Roombeek...

  13. Irène Jacob visits CERN

    CERN Bulletin


    French actress Irène Jacob, the daughter of physicist Maurice Jacob, visited the ATLAS and CMS control rooms on Monday 17 May together with Italian theatre actor-director Pippo Delbono, in search of inspiration for a short film. The film will be screened at the “nuit des particules” event accompanying this year’s ICHEP.   Pippo Delbono et Irène Jacob discussing their project. “La nuit des particules” (night of the particles) is an event open to the general public that is being organised for the evening of Tuesday, 27 July, to accompany the 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP). ICHEP is a major highlight in every physicist’s calendar, and this year’s edition is being held in Paris from 22 to 28 July. The short film will be screened during the evening, which will include a lecture and a show at the legendary Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex, with a colossal seating capacity of 2 700 spe...

  14. Tay-Sachs disease in Jacob sheep.

    Torres, Paola A; Zeng, Bai Jin; Porter, Brian F; Alroy, Joseph; Horak, Fred; Horak, Joan; Kolodny, Edwin H


    Autopsy studies of four Jacob sheep dying within their first 6-8 months of a progressive neurodegenerative disorder suggested the presence of a neuronal storage disease. Lysosomal enzyme studies of brain and liver from an affected animal revealed diminished activity of hexosaminidase A (Hex A) measured with an artificial substrate specific for this component of β-hexosaminidase. Absence of Hex A activity was confirmed by cellulose acetate electrophoresis. Brain lipid analyses demonstrated the presence of increased concentrations of G(M2)-ganglioside and asialo-G(M2)-ganglioside. The hexa cDNA of Jacob sheep was cloned and sequenced revealing an identical number of nucleotides and exons as in human HexA and 86% homology in nucleotide sequence. A missense mutation was found in the hexa cDNA of the affected sheep caused by a single nucleotide change at the end of exon 11 resulting in skipping of exon 11. Transfection of normal sheep hexa cDNA into COS1 cells and human Hex A-deficient cells led to expression of Hex S but no increase in Hex A indicating absence of cross-species dimerization of sheep Hex α-subunit with human Hex β-subunits. Using restriction site analysis, the heterozygote frequency of this mutation in Jacob sheep was determined in three geographically separate flocks to average 14%. This large naturally occurring animal model of Tay-Sachs disease is the first to offer promise as a means for trials of gene therapy applicable to human infants. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Jacob - an animated instruction agent for virtual reality

    Evers, M.J.; Nijholt, Antinus; Tan, T.; Shi, Y.; Gao, W.


    This paper gives an overview of the Jacob project. This project in-volves the construction of a 3D virtual environment where an animated human-like agent called Jacob gives instruction to the user. The project investigates virtual reality techniques and focuses on three issues: the software

  16. Jacob: An Educational Agent in a Virtual Environment

    van den Bosch, A.; Evers, M.J.; Nijholt, Antinus; Weigand, H.


    The Jacob Project involves the construction of a virtual environment where an animated human-like agent called Jacob gives instruction to the user. The project focuses on three issues: the software engineering aspects of building a virtual reality system, the integration of natural language

  17. Jacob: a web-based learning environment using virtual reality

    Evers, M.J.; Heemskerk, S.; Nijholt, Antinus


    This paper gives an overview of the Jacob project. This project involves the construction of a 3D virtual environment where an animated human-like agent called Jacob gives instruction to the user. The project investigates virtual reality techniques and focuses on three issues: the software

  18. Dr Jacob van der Land, marine biologist extraordinary

    Bruggen, van A.C.


    This contribution is an attempt to sketch the life and works of Dr Jacob van der Land, curator of worms and chief marine biologist of the National Museum of Natural History, on the occasion of his official retirement. Born in 1935, Jacob van der Land read biology at Leiden University (1958-1964),

  19. Maurice Jacob : "Fundamental physics looks forwards Space"; symposium in honour of Maurice Jacob on 27 March 1998

    Laurent Guiraud


    On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Maurice Jacob, his friends are organizing, together with CERN, a symposium presenting some of the scinetific fields to which M Jacob has made decisive contributions during his career or in which he has a person

  20. Reassessing Jacob Strauss and the Mosaic Code

    Joel McDurmon


    Full Text Available This article reviewed claims made by modern scholars Ford Lewis Battles, G.H. Williams, and Theodore Tappert concerning the views of Jacob Strauss (1480–1530, court preacher at Eisenach, particularly in regard to the imposition of Mosaic Law upon the civil realm. Most pointedly, Battles claims Strauss proposed to replace European civil law completely with the ‘entire Mosaic code’. This study examined Strauss’s relevant writings to determine his position on Mosaic Law and civil law and demonstrated that the claims of Battles, Williams, and Tappert were not supported by the primary source evidence. Selections from Strauss’ 51 theses on usury are translated into English for the first time. To a much lesser degree, this study addressed the issue in regard to the Weimar court preacher Wolfgang Stein, against whom the same claims were made. A paucity of evidence rendered those claims dubious in his case. In the end we were left only with unsubstantiated second-hand claims against these men.

  1. Reply to Jackson, O'Keefe, and Jacobs.

    Morley, Donald Dean


    Replies to Sally Jackson, Daniel O'Keefe, and Scott Jacobs' article (same issue), maintaining that randomness requirements can not be relaxed for generalizing from message samples, since systematic samples are not truly random. (MS)

  2. Dr Jacob van der Land, marine biologist extraordinary

    Bruggen, van, A.C.


    This contribution is an attempt to sketch the life and works of Dr Jacob van der Land, curator of worms and chief marine biologist of the National Museum of Natural History, on the occasion of his official retirement. Born in 1935, Jacob van der Land read biology at Leiden University (1958-1964), where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1970 on a treatise on the Priapulida under the supervision of Prof. Dr L.D. Brongersma. In 1964 he was appointed curator of worms in the museum. Later on he took over l...

  3. Exploring resident-empowered meetingplaces in Dutch neighbourhoods : by Jane Jacobs Walking Action-research methodology

    Sanders, F.C.


    The ‘Jane Jacobs Walk’ organization as one of the Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) heritage initiative supported three Jane Jacobs Walks of certified Fred Sanders in the period 2011 - 2014 in Amsterdam neighbourhoods. These walks helped residents to explore resident-empowered meeting-places and activities in

  4. Errant life, molecular biology, and biopower: Canguilhem, Jacob, and Foucault.

    Talcott, Samuel


    This paper considers the theoretical circumstances that urged Michel Foucault to analyse modern societies in terms of biopower. Georges Canguilhem's account of the relations between science and the living forms an essential starting point for Foucault's own later explorations, though the challenges posed by the molecular revolution in biology and François Jacob's history of it allowed Foucault to extend and transform Canguilhem's philosophy of error. Using archival research into his 1955-1956 course on "Science and Error," I show that, for Canguilhem, it is inauthentic to treat a living being as an error, even if living things are capable of making errors in the domain of knowledge. The emergent molecular biology in the 1960s posed a grave challenge, however, since it suggested that individuals could indeed be errors of genetic reproduction. The paper discusses how Canguilhem and Foucault each responded to this by examining, among other texts, their respective reviews of Jacob's The Logic of the Living. For Canguilhem this was an opportunity to reaffirm the creativity of life in the living individual, which is not a thing to be evaluated, but the source of values. For Foucault, drawing on Jacob's work, this was the opportunity to develop a transformed account of valuation by posing biopower as the DNA of society. Despite their disagreements, the paper examines these three authors as different iterations of a historical epistemology attuned to errancy, error, and experimentation.

  5. Jacob Hemet. Dentist to royalty and entrepreneur extraordinaire.

    Ring, Malvin E


    One of the most prominent dentists in late-18th century London was Jacob Hemet, member of a long family of dentists. He was appointed royal dentist to Queen Charlotte, wife of George the Third, and to George's favorite daughter, Amelia, and the Prince of Wales. He advertised widely, both in this country and in several European countries, including his native France. However, what makes him noteworthy is the fact that he was the very first person to patent a dentifrice and the first to use marketing techniques similar to those used by the foremost toothpaste manufacturers of today.

  6. Jacob Stael von Holstein ja palladionism eesti arhitektuuris / Ants Hein

    Hein, Ants, 1952-


    Sõjaväeinsenerist ja arhitektist Jacob Stael von Holsteinist (1628, Pärnu-1679), tema kavandatud hoonetest ja rollist 17. sajandi II poole arhitektuuris. Fabian von Ferseni Toompeal Lossiplatsil asunud elamust (lammutati 1894) ja Maardu mõisahoonest, Hans von Ferseni Mäo mõisahoonest Järvamaal, Otto Wilhelm von Ferseni majast Toompeal, Axel von Roseni majast Tallinnas Pikk t. 28 (1670-74), Otto Reinhold von Taube majast Tartus (hävinud), J. S. von Holsteini enda hoonetest: majast Tallinnas Toompea 1, Anija mõisahoonest, elamust Riias jm. Bibliograafia lk. 452

  7. Remote Laboratory Java Server Based on JACOB Project

    Pavol Bisták


    Full Text Available Remote laboratories play an important role in the educational process of engineers. This paper deals with the structure of remote laboratories. The principle of the proposed remote laboratory structure is based on the Java server application that communicates with Matlab through the COM technology for the data exchange under the Windows operating system. Java does not support COM directly so the results of the JACOB project are used and modified to cope with this problem. In laboratories for control engineering education a control algorithm usually runs on a PC with Matlab that really controls the real plant. This is the server side described in the paper in details. To demonstrate the possibilities of a remote control a Java client server application is also introduced. It covers communication and offers a user friendly interface for the control of a remote plant and visualization of measured data.

  8. Taani viib õpilaste testimise Internetti / Jacob Wandall ; intervjueerinud Raivo Juurak ; kommenteerinud Anti Teepere

    Wandall, Jacob


    Ülevaade adaptiivtestidest ja nende rakendamise kavadest Taani põhikoolis. Vestlus Taani haridusministeeriumi koolivalitsuse peaspetsialist Jacob Wandalliga, kommenteerib REKK-i üldhariduse õppekavade ja eksamite osakonna peaspetsialist Anti Teepere

  9. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. receives architectural and engineering design contract from Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre


    "Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced that a subsidiary company won a contract from Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), to provide architectural and engineering design services for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) conventional facilities" (1/2 page)

  10. Joseph Jacobs: Apprentice to Crawford W. Long in Athens, GA; Pharmacist and Retailer of Soda Fountain Beverages in Atlanta, GA.

    Haridas, Rajesh P


    In the 1870s, Joseph Jacobs was employed as an apprentice in the Longs and Billups pharmacy in Athens, GA. Jacobs later established a chain of pharmacies in Atlanta, GA. Coca-Cola was first sold to the public on May 8, 1886, at Jacobs' Pharmacy in the Five Points district of Atlanta, GA. The soda fountain in Jacobs' Pharmacy was owned by Willis E. Venable, who was related to James M. Venable, the first patient etherized by Crawford Long in Jefferson, GA. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Bernard Schutz : "Fundamental physics looks forwards Space"; symposium in honour of Maurice Jacob on 27 March 1998

    Laurent Guiraud


    On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Maurice Jacob, his friends are organizing, together with CERN, a symposium presenting some of the scientific fields to which Maurice Jacob has made decisive contributions during his career or in which he has a

  12. Peter Landshoff : "Shared experiences in physics and publishing"; symposium in honour of Maurice Jacob on 27th March 1998

    Laurent Guiraud


    On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Maurice Jacob, his friends are organizing, together with CERN, a symposium presenting some of the scientific fields to which Maurice Jacob has made decisive contributions during his career or in which he has a

  13. Audru Püha Risti kirik / Jürgen Grablings, Jacob Greisson, Matthias Woywoden...[jt.


    välisvaade, altar; kivikirik pühitseti 1680 (ehitusmeistrid Jürgen Grablings, Jacob Greisson, Matthias Woywoden), torn valmis pärast 1695. aastat; neogooti stiilis tornikiiver ja sisustus XIX sajandil; altarimaal "Kristus ristil" (Gustav Biermann, 1872)

  14. Guest blog: Jacob Davidsen and Paul McIlvenny on Experiments with Big Video

    Davidsen, Jacob; Mcilvenny, Paul Bruce


    How good are your video records? One angle? Two? Wide-angle? Was the camera static or did you move to catch things – and miss other things? How good was the sound? All of us have occasionally been frustrated with what we find on the screen when we come to analyse it, but Jacob Davidsen and Paul M...

  15. That is where God comes in: Jacob Duym's Ghedenck-boeck as argumentative discourse

    Jansen, J.


    According to the subtitle, the Ghedenck-boeck (1606) by Jacob Duym learned the reader to forever memorize all evil and malevolence brought about by the Spaniards and their adherents, as well as the great love and fidelity, displayed to the Netherlands by the princes of the Dutch House of Nassau. In

  16. Eerst de waarheid, dan de vrede. Jacob Revius 1586-1658

    de Bruijn, H.A.


    This biography concentrates on the life, poetry and world view of the Dutch poet and theologian Jacob Revius (1586-1658). Revius was one of the most prominent Reformed opinion leaders in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic, who lived through a period of revolutionary changes in science, religion

  17. Symposium at CERN in honour of Maurice Jacob on 27th March 1998

    Patrice Loïez


    The Jacobfest at CERN was prefaced by a talk by Maurice Jacob's longtime colleague Claude Cohen-Tannoudji of the College de France and Ecole Normale Superieure, who shared the 1997 Nobel Prize with Steven Chu of Stanford and William D. Phillips, of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, for their development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light.

  18. Applications of the time-naught term in the Cooper and Jacob (1946) equation.

    Edwards, David A


    The ability to manipulate analytical expressions for aquifer drawdown can provide insights into groundwater flow processes and assist with assessing strengths and weaknesses of aquifer parameter estimation methods. In the Cooper and Jacob (1946) parameter estimation method, the antilog of the horizontal-axis intercept in a plot of drawdown vs. log(time) is referred to as time naught (t(0)), which is used for estimating storativity. This article briefly reviews traditional uses of the time-naught concept and then spends time introducing new insights and applications involving (1) time-naught/distance relationships, including ways to compensate for certain missing data; (2) use of time naught in a simple method providing a quick visual check of which data in a Cooper-Jacob plot are suitable for use in linear regression; (3) application of time naught, as determined for one well, in estimating the later minimum time for which data from a distant well can be used in the Cooper-Jacob method; (4) development of relationships between drawdown and time naught; (5) use of time naught in a simple algebraic equation to estimate drawdown at smaller times than feasible using the Cooper-Jacob method; and (6) employment of time naught and a vertical-axis intercept on a plot of drawdown vs. log(time) for evaluating storativity. This information may be useful to new hydrogeologists or others interested in further developing their analytical well hydraulics skills. © 2011, The Author(s). Ground Water © 2011, National Ground Water Association.

  19. A Jacob/Nsmf Gene Knockout Results in Hippocampal Dysplasia and Impaired BDNF Signaling in Dendritogenesis.

    Christina Spilker


    Full Text Available Jacob, the protein encoded by the Nsmf gene, is involved in synapto-nuclear signaling and docks an N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor (NMDAR-derived signalosome to nuclear target sites like the transcription factor cAMP-response-element-binding protein (CREB. Several reports indicate that mutations in NSMF are related to Kallmann syndrome (KS, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH associated with anosmia or hyposmia. It has also been reported that a protein knockdown results in migration deficits of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH positive neurons from the olfactory bulb to the hypothalamus during early neuronal development. Here we show that mice that are constitutively deficient for the Nsmf gene do not present phenotypic characteristics related to KS. Instead, these mice exhibit hippocampal dysplasia with a reduced number of synapses and simplification of dendrites, reduced hippocampal long-term potentiation (LTP at CA1 synapses and deficits in hippocampus-dependent learning. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF activation of CREB-activated gene expression plays a documented role in hippocampal CA1 synapse and dendrite formation. We found that BDNF induces the nuclear translocation of Jacob in an NMDAR-dependent manner in early development, which results in increased phosphorylation of CREB and enhanced CREB-dependent Bdnf gene transcription. Nsmf knockout (ko mice show reduced hippocampal Bdnf mRNA and protein levels as well as reduced pCREB levels during dendritogenesis. Moreover, BDNF application can rescue the morphological deficits in hippocampal pyramidal neurons devoid of Jacob. Taken together, the data suggest that the absence of Jacob in early development interrupts a positive feedback loop between BDNF signaling, subsequent nuclear import of Jacob, activation of CREB and enhanced Bdnf gene transcription, ultimately leading to hippocampal dysplasia.

  20. Extensive cortical damage in a case of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease: clinicoradiological correlations

    Bergui, M.; Bradac, G.B. [Neuroradiology, Ospedale S. G. Battista, University of Torino, Via Cherasco 15, 10126, Torino (Italy); Rossi, G. [Neuropathology Department, Istituto Neurologico C. Besta, Milano (Italy); Orsi, L. [Neurology, Ospedale S. G. Battista, University of Torino, Via Cherasco 15, 10126, Torino (Italy)


    MRI demonstrated extensive cortical involvement in a patient with pathologically proven Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. The whole brain was atrophic; some of the supratentorial cortex, putamen and caudate nucleus gave high signal on T2-weighted images; the changes were more extensive on diffusion-weighted images (DWI). Comparison of the history, and the sites of atrophy and signal change suggested that the latter predominates in regions with long-lasting damage and prevalent gliosis, while high signal on DWI indicate current neuronal loss. This case widens the range of MRI findings in patients with Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, and suggests that some information about the progression of the disease can be extracted from single MRI study. (orig.)

  1. El Debate del cálamo y la espada, de Jacob ben Eleazar de Toledo

    Alba Cecilia, Amparo


    Full Text Available In this article we offer a Spanish translation with a commentary of the fourth chapter of Sefer ha-Mešalim, a collection of tales written by Jacob ben Eleazar of Toledo (13th century in the style of Maqāmāt; this chapter, known as the Debate between the Pen and the Sword, shows, in an allegorical way, the supremacy of the arts over the arms.En el presente artículo ofrecemos la traducción y el estudio del capítulo cuarto del Sefer ha-Mešalim, colección de cuentos al estilo de las macamas compuesta por Jacob ben Eleazar de Toledo (siglo XIII; este capítulo, conocido como el Debate del cálamo y la espada, expone en forma alegórica la supremacía de las letras sobre las armas.

  2. Pragmática, sociedade (e a alma, uma entrevista com Jacob Mey

    Daniel do Nascimento e Silva


    Full Text Available Jacob Mey, o linguista que fundou (em 1977, com Hartmut Haberland o Journal of Pragmatics e autor de inúmeros livros e artigos no campo da pragmática, visitou o Brasil em novembro/dezembro de 2012, por ocasião da homenagem ao trabalho do pragmaticista Kanavillil Rajagopalan, realizada na Unicamp, onde Rajagopalan desenvolveu trabalho exemplar. A visita de Mey ao Brasil foi uma convite à reflexão sobre o objeto da pragmática, suas vizinhanças, seus principais problemas e sua agenda. Esta entrevista, realizada no Rio de Janeiro, conta a trajetória de Jacob Mey e sua visada crítica sobre os principais temas e problemas da pragmática.

  3. A discussion of the kamlet-jacobs formula for the detonation pressure

    Kazandjian, Luc; Danel, Jean-Francois [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre CEA-DIF, B. P. 12, F-91680 Bruyeres-le-Chatel (France)


    The main features of the Kamlet-Jacobs formula for the detonation pressure of C-H-N-O explosives are analytically derived from a BKW (Becker-Kistiakowsky-Wilson) equation of state of the detonation products. In the derivation, well-known typical values at the Chapman-Jouguet state, in particular the nearly constant value of the relative volume of the detonation products, are used. (Abstract Copyright [2006], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  4. A wild tree toward the north: Jacob Boehme's Theosophical vision of Islam

    Pietsch Roland


    Jacob Boehme, who was given by his friends the respectful title 'Philosophus Teutonicus', is one of the greatest theosophers and mystics at the beginning of the seventeenth century, whose influence extends to the present day. He was born in 1757 in the village Alt-Seidenberg near Görlitz, in a Protestant family of peasant background. Boehme spent most of his life in Görlitz, as a member of the Cobbler's Guild. His first mystical experience was in 1600, when he contemplated the Byss and the Ab...

  5. Creutzfeldt-Jacob-disease: The computerized tomogram in relation to clinical, electroencephalographic and neuropathological findings

    Zieger, A.; Vonofakos, D.; Vitzthum, H.


    The computerized tomogram (CT) of a senile case of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease with rapid progress, showed after an initially minor parietal dilatation of the gyri, a volume increase, predominantly on the right side, in the area of the cerebral convexity and a right-preponderant dilatation of the anterior horns. By neuropathologic examination indications for a passed cerebral oedema was found, covering the cortex atrophy, which previously had been detected by CT. Progression and local intensity of the atrophic signs in CT - in combination with clinical and electroencephalographic findings - suggest the existence of a Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and permit its delineation against other atrophying processes.

  6. The origin of the logic of symbolic mathematics Edmund Husserl and Jacob Klein

    Hopkins, Burt C


    Burt C. Hopkins presents the first in-depth study of the work of Edmund Husserl and Jacob Klein on the philosophical foundations of the logic of modern symbolic mathematics. Accounts of the philosophical origins of formalized concepts-especially mathematical concepts and the process of mathematical abstraction that generates them-have been paramount to the development of phenomenology. Both Husserl and Klein independently concluded that it is impossible to separate the historical origin of the thought that generates the basic concepts of mathematics from their philosophical meanings. Hopkins explores how Husserl and Klein arrived at their conclusion and its philosophical implications for the modern project of formalizing all knowledge.

  7. ‘A Tribute to his Exceptional Merits’: Jacob Grimm’s Reputation in the Netherlands and Belgium in the Nineteenth Century

    Schlusemann, Rita


    This paper aims to show that Jacob Grimm’s correspondence with Dutch and Belgian colleagues clearly demonstrates that Jacob Grimm and his fellow Dutch and Belgian researchers (such as H. van Wijn, H.W. Tydeman, the Society for Dutch Literature and J.F. Willems) shared an interest in specific Dutch

  8. Analysis of the bioclimatic strategies used by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Jacobs I house

    M. Beltrán-Fernández


    Full Text Available Frank Lloyd Wright is considered one of the most influential architects of modern architecture due to the spatial and aesthetic qualities of his work. However, the importance of Wright’s construction and environmental solutions has been usually overlooked. In order to evaluate these qualities, the first house that Wright designed for the Jacobs family (Wisconsin, USA, 1937 has been analyzed. This well-known building has been much studied, and its architectural value much celebrated, but without analysing the advantages of the bioclimatic principles over interior environment. But how can the influence of this bioclimatic architecture be measured in terms of thermal comfort? Does the selected orientation improve interior comfort? And what about the natural ventilation or the deep overhangs? In order to assess this, a digital model for energy simulation has been built using Revit and Design Builder.

  9. Informing Physics: Jacob Bekenstein and the Informational Turn in Theoretical Physics

    Belfer, Israel


    In his PhD dissertation in the early 1970s, the Mexican-Israeli theoretical physicist Jacob Bekenstein developed the thermodynamics of black holes using a generalized version of the second law of thermodynamics. This work made it possible for physicists to describe and analyze black holes using information-theoretical concepts. It also helped to transform information theory into a fundamental and foundational concept in theoretical physics. The story of Bekenstein's work—which was initially opposed by many scientists, including Stephen Hawking—highlights the transformation within physics towards an information-oriented scientific mode of theorizing. This "informational turn" amounted to a mild-mannered revolution within physics, revolutionary without being rebellious.

  10. "Jacob and the Other": in the Light of the Cinema (Apollo.

    Armando Escobar


    Full Text Available The relationship between Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti and the cinema is extensive and. When we analyze one of the many adaptations of his work, we have to consider that it is a relationship of double influence, since our author has also take from the cinema to develop one of the most extensive and essential works of Latin American literature. For this reason, it is increasingly common to find interpretations that propose a cinematic reading of Onetti's work. As part of a similar exercise, we propose to read the story "Jacob and the Other" (1961 in the light of his adaptation to the cinema made by Álvaro Brechner in Un mal día para pescar (2009. In doing so, Onetti's tale obtains new interpretations that can be reached by analyzing it with the eyes of the cinema.

  11. Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Müller-Maguhn, Jérémie

    Boenisch, Gilles


    En 2009, Amnesty International a attribué un prix à Julian Assange, En 2010, il a été nommé homme de l’année par Time Magazine et Le Monde ; Forbes Magazine l’a placé pour la première fois parmi les 68 personnalités les plus influentes au monde. Retranché depuis plus d’un an à l’ambassade d’Équateur qui lui a accordé l’asile politique à Londres, le fondateur de Wikileaks propose un ouvrage, fruit d’un dialogue avec Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Müller-Maguhn et Jérémie Zimmermann, tous très soucieux ...

  12. Colonial Dimensions of Dutch Women's Suffrage : Aletta Jacobs's travel letters from Africa and Asia, 1911-1912

    Bosch, Mineke


    In this article, Mineke Bosch analyzes from a postcolonial perspective the travel letters Aletta Jacobs wrote during the "world suffrage tour" she made with Carrie Chapman Catt from 1911 to 1912. Following the historical assessments of the imperialist dimension of British suffrage feminism at the

  13. Integrating International Students into Tertiary Education Using Intercultural Peer-to-Peer Training at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

    Binder, Nadine; Schreier, Margrit; Kühnen, Ulrich; Kedzior, Karina Karolina


    Increasing internationalization of higher education raises the question of how well institutions prepare their students to integrate into and benefit from cultural diversity on any university campus. The aim of this study was to assess an intercultural peer-to-peer training at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, that aims to facilitate the…

  14. Jacob van Zuden and the Early Fourteenth-Century Expansion of the Hospitallers in the Bishopric of Utrecht

    Koorn, F.W.J.; Mol, J.A.


    The protagonist in this paper is Jacob van Zuden, commander of the Hospitaller convent of Utrecht in the first two decades of the fourteenth century. During his administration six new dependent Hospitaller houses were founded in the bishopric of Utrecht, the most important of which was the convent

  15. Jacob Lorhard's ontology: A 17th century hypertext on the reality and temporality of the world of intelligibles

    Øhrstrøm, P.; Schärfe, H.; Uckelman, S.L.


    Jacob Lorhard published his ontology in 1606. In this work the term ontologia ‘ontology’ was used for the first time ever. In this paper, it is argued that Lorhard’s ontology provides a useful key to the understanding of the early 17th-century world view in Protestant Europe. Among other things,

  16. A wild tree toward the north: Jacob Boehme's Theosophical vision of Islam

    Pietsch Roland


    Full Text Available Jacob Boehme, who was given by his friends the respectful title 'Philosophus Teutonicus', is one of the greatest theosophers and mystics at the beginning of the seventeenth century, whose influence extends to the present day. He was born in 1757 in the village Alt-Seidenberg near Görlitz, in a Protestant family of peasant background. Boehme spent most of his life in Görlitz, as a member of the Cobbler's Guild. His first mystical experience was in 1600, when he contemplated the Byss and the Abyss. Published in 1612, 'Aurora: the Day-Spring (Morgenröte im Aufgang' was Boehme's first attempt to describe his great theosophical vision. It immediately incurred the public condemnation of Görlitz's Protestant Church. He was forbidden to write further. Boehme kept silent for six years and then published 'A Description of the Three Principles of the Divine Essence (Beschreibung der drei Prinzipien göttlichen Wesens' in 1619 and many other works. A large commentary of Genesis, 'Mysterium Magnum' came out in 1623, followed by 'The Way to Christ (Der Weg zu Christo' in 1624. In the same year Jacob Boehme died on November 20th in Görlitz. According to his own self-conception, Boehme's doctrine of divine wisdom (Theo-Sophia is a divine science which was revealed to him in its entirety (see Pietsch: 1999, 205-228. Boehme's extensive works are characterised by continually new approaches to the task of developing the entirety of this vision. Although his writings deeply influenced some of the most significant thinkers such as Gichtel, the Cambridge Platonists, Newton, Leibniz, Blake, Hegel, Schelling, Novalis, Franz von Baader and Berdyaev, many aspects of Boehme's thought have remained unexamined until today. That Boehme's comprehensive approach also necessitated the incorporation of a world religion such as Islam into his view of salvation history (Heilsgeschichte is a point that has not received sufficient attention. This article will summarise and


    José Altés Bustelo


    Full Text Available La primera edición de este libro apareció en 1961 en Nueva York. (Random House Inc. Edit.. Y la primera traducción en castellano, de Angel Abad, apareció en España sorprendentemente pronto, en enero de 1967, editada por Península. (Ediciones 62, Barcelona.El texto de Jane Jacobs se inicia con su ya famosa frase: "Este libro es un ataque contra las teorías más usuales sobre urbanización y reconstrucción de ciudades,..." advertencia insólita, aunque innecesaria si uno continua leyendo.Fruto de la experiencia directa, atenta, sensible, perspicaz, abierta a la observación y marcada por el amor y compromiso con su ciudad, Nueva York, y sus convecinos, y contrastada con minuciosos análisis en múltiples otras ciudades, J.J. nos desgrana una extensa cadena de reflexiones sobre la experiencia vivida de la realidad cotidiana en las distintas escalas de la ciudad: calle, barriada, distrito, sus límites y fronteras, parques y vacíos, comunicaciones, etc., y la constatación detallada del fracaso, siempre, en la acción de políticos, planificadores y arquitectos

  18. Attributing Authorship in the Noisy Digitized Correspondence of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

    Greta Franzini


    Full Text Available This article presents the results of a multidisciplinary project aimed at better understanding the impact of different digitization strategies in computational text analysis. More specifically, it describes an effort to automatically discern the authorship of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in a body of uncorrected correspondence processed by HTR (Handwritten Text Recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition, reporting on the effect this noise has on the analyses necessary to computationally identify the different writing style of the two brothers. In summary, our findings show that OCR digitization serves as a reliable proxy for the more painstaking process of manual digitization, at least when it comes to authorship attribution. Our results suggest that attribution is viable even when using training and test sets from different digitization pipelines. With regards to HTR, this research demonstrates that even though automated transcription significantly increases the risk of text misclassification when compared to OCR, a cleanliness above ≈ 20% is already sufficient to achieve a higher-than-chance probability of correct binary attribution.

  19. Authoritarianism, control and vigilance: Jacob Gorender on the aim of the repression (1940-1980

    Lucileide Costa Cardoso


    Full Text Available The purpose of the article is to demonstrate through analysis of documents of repressive nature, the elements highlighted by the Military Justice to establish the trace of persecution of the intellectuals among other social sectors which dared to challenge the Dictatorship. The complete mapping, involving the combat strategies against the “communism”, including the knowledge of the political parties and their military staff, was accumulated by police and military sectors along the 20th century. We intended to follow, through these records, the political trajectory of the intellectual Jacob Gorender. As a journalist, he got involved in the discussion about the Brazilian participation in the World War II, joined the FEB in 1943. Before that, however, Gorender became a communist, recruited by Mario Alves in 1942. In the early 60’s, he acted as a militant and coordinator of PCB, when he decided to join PCBR, founded in 1968. The historian, in the beginning of the 1964 Strike, with his life already devastated by the Information and Security Community, experienced marginalization, imprisonment, torture and censorship of his writings among other abuses that also reached his closest friends, political companions and family members. The crossing of this amount of information with the memorial documents helps to understand the political repression tricks and the different Revolutionary projects in course.

  20. Current of interacting particles inside a channel of exponential cavities: Application of a modified Fick-Jacobs equation.

    Suárez, G; Hoyuelos, M; Mártin, H


    Recently a nonlinear Fick-Jacobs equation has been proposed for the description of transport and diffusion of particles interacting through a hard-core potential in tubes or channels of varying cross section [Suárez et al., Phys. Rev. E 91, 012135 (2015)]PLEEE81539-375510.1103/PhysRevE.91.012135. Here we focus on the analysis of the current and mobility when the channel is composed by a chain of asymmetric cavities and a force is applied in one or the opposite direction, for both interacting and noninteracting particles, and compare analytical and Monte Carlo simulation results. We consider a cavity with a shape given by exponential functions; the linear Fick-Jacobs equation for noninteracting particles can be exactly solved in this case. The results of the current difference (when a force is applied in opposite directions) are more accurate for the modified Fick-Jacobs equation for particles with hard-core interaction than for noninteracting ones.

  1. Hollandi paviljon Hannoveri maailmanäitusel EXPO 2000 : Uus Loodus = Dutch Pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hannover : New Nature / Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries

    Maas, Winy


    Hollandi paviljon - näide looduse ja tehnoloogia segunemisest. Projekteerija: MVRDV. Arhitektid Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries; kaasa töötasid Stefan Witteman, Jaap van Dijk, Chrisoph Schindler, Kristina Adsersen, Rüdiger Kreiselmayer

  2. "[No] doctor but my master": Health reform and antislavery rhetoric in Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the life of a slave girl.

    Berry, Sarah L


    This essay examines Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861) in light of new archival findings on the medical practices of Dr. James Norcom (Dr. Flint in the narrative). While critics have sharply defined the feminist politics of Jacobs's sexual victimization and resistance, they have overlooked her medical experience in slavery and her participation in reform after escape. I argue that Jacobs uses the rhetoric of a woman-led health reform movement underway during the 1850s to persuade her readers to end slavery. This essay reconstructs both contexts, revealing that Jacobs links enslaved women's physical and sexual vulnerability with her female readers' fears of male doctors' threats to modesty and of their standard bleed-and-purge treatments. Jacobs illustrates that slavery damages women's health as much as heroic medicine, and thus merits the political activism of her readers. Specifically, Jacobs dramatizes her conflicts with the rapacious physician-master at moments that are crucial to women's health: marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Ultimately, this essay advances a new understanding of the role of health reform in social change: it galvanized other movements such as women's rights and abolition, particularly around issues of bodily autonomy for women and African Americans.

  3. Cutting edge SRU control : improved environmental compliance with Jacobs advanced burner control+ (ABC+)

    Molenaar, G. [Jacobs Canada Inc., Calgary, AB (Canada); Henning, A.; Kobussen, S. [Jacobs Nederland BV, Hoogvliet (Netherlands)


    Oil sands bitumen contains approximately 4 to 5 per cent sulphur by weight and the bitumen is upgraded to produce lighter fractions. During coking the bitumen is heated and cracked into lighter molecules and a mixture of kerosene, naphtha and gas oil is recovered via fractionation. Then, the vapors leaving the fractionator are processed through hydrodesulphurization, followed by removal by amine based sweetening units. The acid gas from the ASUs is sent to the sulphur recovery units (SRUs) where most of the sulphur is recovered as elemental sulphur. The oil sands industry faces many challenges with respect to environmental impact, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions including the recovery of sulphur and minimizing hydrogen sulfide (H{sub 2}S) and sulphur dioxide (SO{sub 2}) emissions from the oil sands production facilities. In order to improve the SRU control response to acid gas feed variations, Jacobs Comprimo Sulphur Solutions implemented advanced burner control+ (ABC+) at Suncor's Simonette Gas Plant's SRU in northern Alberta. This control system used an acid gas feed analyzer and dynamic algorithms to control the combustion air to the reaction furnace. The analyzer measures H{sub 2}S, total hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) and water (H{sub 2}O) accurately and quickly, which is important for having effective and fast air-to-acid gas ratio control. The paper provided background information on the Suncor Simonette Gas Plant and discussed ABC+ versus conventional control. An overview of the simplified ABC and ABC+ systems was then illustrated and presented. The ABB multiwave process photometer was also explained. Last, a dynamic simulation of the potential benefits of ABC+ was discussed and the ABC+ benefits for oil sands were presented. It was concluded that ABC+ provides improved SRU performance, reduced SO{sub 2} emissions and violations, and reduced flaring. 1 tab., 3 figs.

  4. Removing heavy fuel oil from the submerged wreck of the Jacob Luckenbach

    Moffatt, C [PCCI Inc./GPC, Williamsburg, VA (United States); Beaver, T [Global Diving and Salvage Inc., Seattle, WA (United States); Snyder, B [PCCI Inc., Alexandria, VA (United States)


    The Jacob Luckenbach cargo carrier sank in July 1953 just west of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California after being struck by another vessel. It was carrying a cargo of military vehicles and railroad parts and was topped with heavy No.6 residual oil in deep and double bottom tanks. In 2002, the sunken ship was named as the source of mystery oil spills along the California coast. In response, the United States Coast Guard contracted Titan Maritime LLC and PCCI Inc. to conduct a vessel assessment and removal available oil. Diving services were provided by Seattle-based Global Diving and Salvage. The recovery operation proved difficult due to cold-water saturation diving at depths to 55 metres, strong currents, bad weather and poor subsea visibility. Pumping the heavy residual oil from the tanks also proved to be difficult because some tanks contained oil that was much more viscous than normal No.6 fuel oil, and the tanks had to be heated to more than 78 degrees C to allow for better fluid flow. Some of the abnormal differences in fuel oil rheologies were described along with the tools used to find and recover the oil and to minimize leaks in the wreck. The project, although more difficult than expected, was successful in removing all accessible oil and mitigating the potential for a catastrophic oil release. More than 460 metric tons of heavy fuel oil and emulsified water-in-oil product was removed from the wreck. One of the most important lessons learned was that cohesiveness and a united front are very much needed when a diverse group of salvage personnel are brought together. 1 tab., 5 figs.

  5. The Unseen Déjà-Vu: From Erkki Huhtamo's Topoi to Ken Jacobs' Remakes: Commentary to Edwin Carels "Revisiting Tom Tom: Performative anamnesis and autonomous vision in Ken Jacobs' appropriations of Tom Tom the Piper's Son".

    Strauven, Wanda


    This commentary on Edwin Carels' essay "Revisiting Tom Tom : Performative anamnesis and autonomous vision in Ken Jacobs' appropriations of Tom Tom the Piper's Son " broadens up the media-archaeological framework in which Carels places his text. Notions such as Huhtamo's topos and Zielinski's "deep time" are brought into the discussion in order to point out the difficulty to see what there is to see and to question the position of the viewer in front of experimental films like Tom Tom the Piper's Son and its remakes.

  6. Serial MRI in early Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease with a point mutation of prion protein at codon 180

    Ishida, S.; Sugino, M.; Shinoda, K.; Ohsawa, N.; Koizumi, N.; Ohta, T.; Kitamoto, T.; Tateishi, J.


    We report a 66-year-old woman with histologically diagnosed Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (CJD), followed with MRI from an early clinical stage. MRI demonstrated expansion of the high cortical signal on T2-weighted images, which differs from previous MRI reports of CJD. This patient followed an atypical clinical course: 16 months had passed before she developed akinetic mutism, and periodic sharp waves had not been detected on EEG after 2 years in spite of her akinetic mutism. Brain biopsy showed primary spongiform changes in the grey matter, and a point mutation of the prion protein gene at codon 180 was discovered using polymerase chain reaction direct sequencing and Tth 111 I cutting. This is the first case with the point mutation of the codon 180 variant with an atypical clinical course and characteristic MRI findings. (orig.)

  7. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging - a new instrument in the diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease

    Romi, Fredrik; Smivoll, Alf Inge; Moerk, Sverre; Tysnes, Ole-Bjoern


    Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease (CID) is characterised by rapidly progressive dementia, ataxia, myoclonus and several other neurological deficits. It generally affects older adults and occurs in sporadic, genetic and iatrogenic forms. Death occurs usually within one year after onset of the disease. The diagnosis is based on clinical criteria, neuro physiological and radiological findings and confirmed by post mortal histopathology. During the last two years several cases of CID have been reported with diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MR) abnormalities represented by increased signal intensity indicating reduced diffusion in basal ganglia and/or cortex cerebric. These abnormalities seem to be characteristic of CID. We report a case of CID in a 54 year old woman who developed vertigo, nystagmus, ataxia, myoclonus and dementia over a period of eight months. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging showed increased signal intensity in corpus striatum and gyrus conguli. The diagnosis was post mortally confirmed with histopathology. (Author) 7 figs., 15 refs

  8. The Scriptural Cantatas "Esther" and "Jacob, et Rachel" of Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre: Historical Context and Performance Practice

    Buckley, Elizabeth M.


    This project explores two sacred cantatas of Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre, "Esther" and "Jacob, et Rachel". The cultural milieu in which the sacred cantatas of Jacquet de La Guerre were written and performed will be discussed, as well as possible venues for their original performances, including the Parisian salon, and…

  9. A Phenomenological Examination of Virtual Game Developers' Experiences Using Jacob's Ladder Pre-Production Design Tactic

    Brown-Turner, Jasmine


    Edutainment refers to curriculum and instruction designed with a clear educational purpose, including multi-faceted virtual learning game design. Tools such as the Jacob's Ladder pre-production design tactic have been developed to ensure that voices of both engineers and educators are heard. However, it is unclear how development team members…

  10. Een liefdespaar onthuld: Jacob Adriaensz Backer's zogenoemde 'David en Bathseba' opnieuw geïdentificeerd als 'Isaäk en Rebekka'

    Kok, E.


    Jacob Backer signed and dated (1640) a history piece that until now was entitled David and Bathsheba and is located in Tokyo. The image however, lacks the traditional iconographical motifs from which we can recognize this old biblical story.In this article I propose that the painting is a portrait

  11. The Critical Pedagogical Potential of Using Jacob A. Riis' Works about the Immigrant Poor in "Gilded Age" New York

    Templer, Bill


    The article seeks to contribute to working-class and social justice pedagogy by developing concrete angles on teaching/exploring some of the (a) short fiction, (b) journalistic-photographic work and (c) sociography of poverty by the Danish-born US immigrant, muckraker ( and social reformer Jacob A. Riis (1849-1914,…

  12. L’incidence des pratiques de conciliation travail–famille dans les milieux de travail canadiens : les milieux syndiqués sont-ils mieux pourvus et la situation s’améliore-t-elle ?

    Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay


    Full Text Available Comme on parle beaucoup de conciliation travail-famille depuis quelques années, il est intéressant de voir si la situation a évolué dans les milieux de travail. Dans cet article, nous analysons les données canadiennes de l’enquête sur le milieu de travail et les employés (EMTE de Statistique Canada. Nous nous demandons surtout si les milieux syndiqués sont mieux pourvus que les autres, si les hommes et les femmes disposent des mêmes mesures et si la situation s’est améliorée au fil des ans. Nous avons réalisé une analyse selon le sexe, selon que le milieu de travail est syndiqué ou non, et nous avons aussi fait une analyse comparative des données de 2002 et 2005 pour voir si la situation s’améliorait. Nous constatons que la situation est ambigüe pour ce qui est de la syndicalisation et de l’analyse selon le genre, certaines mesures étant plus accessibles que d’autres dans un cas ou l’autre et que la situation n’a pas beaucoup évolué dans le temps.Work-life and work-family issues have been high on the agenda over recent years. In this paper, we wanted to see if the situation had gotten better over recent years and analysed the Workplace and Employment Survey (WES of Statistics Canada. We ask whether unionized sectors are better off than non-unionized sector, if women and men have access to the same measures and if the measures offered have increased between 2002 and 2005. We see that the situation is ambiguous, in the sense that unionized sectors do not systematically have better measures, the gendered situation is also mixed and the percentage of workplaces offering measures has not systematically increased either.

  13. Ahead of his time: Jacob Lipman's 1930 estimate of atmospheric sulfur deposition for the conterminous United States

    Landa, Edward R.; Shanley, James B.


    A 1936 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin provided an early quantitative assessment of atmospheric deposition of sulfur for the United States that has been compared in this study with more recent assessments. In the early 20th century, anthropogenic sulfur additions from the atmosphere to the soil by the combustion of fossil fuels were viewed as part of the requisite nutrient supply of crops. Jacob G. Lipman, the founding editor of Soil Science, and his team at Rutgers University, made an inventory of such additions to soils of the conterminous United States during the economic depression of the 1930s as part of a federally funded project looking at nutrient balances in soils. Lipman's team gathered data compiled by the US Bureau of Mines on coal and other fuel consumption by state and calculated the corresponding amounts of sulfur emitted. Their work pioneered a method of assessment that became the norm in the 1970s to 1980s—when acid rain emerged as a national issue. Lipman's estimate of atmospheric sulfur deposition in the 1930 is in reasonable agreement with recent historic reconstructions.

  14. The publication strategies of Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848): negotiating national and linguistic boundaries in chemistry.

    Beckman, Jenny


    This article follows the publication strategies of the Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848). It focuses on the role of language and translation in Berzelius' efforts to strengthen his own reputation, and that of Swedish science. As an author and editor, Berzelius encouraged the translation of his own works into several languages, while endeavouring to preserve the status of Swedish as a language of scientific publication in the face of French, and increasingly German and English, dominance. Reforming the Transactions of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and launching several new scientific periodicals, Berzelius also attempted to influence the publication practices in other countries. Recent scholarship on the history of scientific publication has drawn attention to the practical difficulties of determining and getting hold of the relevant publications in one's field, the 'malleability' of the journal medium, and the common practice of reprinting and summarising papers published elsewhere. Berzelius' publication strategies highlight translation - time-consuming, unreliable and problematic in terms of authorisation and ownership - as one aspect of the wider problem of communicating across national and linguistic boundaries. Berzelius' struggles with the practicalities of communicating across borders in times of war, the choice of language and its consequences, and national standards of publication, demonstrate the importance of a transnational perspective on the history of scientific publication.

  15. Psychological vulnerability and problem gambling: an application of Durand Jacobs' general theory of addictions to electronic gaming machine playing in Australia.

    McCormick, Jessica; Delfabbro, Paul; Denson, Linley A


    The aim of this study was to conduct an empirical investigation of the validity of Jacobs' (in J Gambl Behav 2:15-31, 1986) general theory of addictions in relation to gambling problems associated with electronic gaming machines (EGM). Regular EGM gamblers (n = 190) completed a series of standardised measures relating to psychological and physiological vulnerability, substance use, dissociative experiences, early childhood trauma and abuse and problem gambling (the Problem Gambling Severity Index). Statistical analysis using structural equation modelling revealed clear relationships between childhood trauma and life stressors and psychological vulnerability, dissociative-like experiences and problem gambling. These findings confirm and extend a previous model validated by Gupta and Derevensky (in J Gambl Stud 14: 17-49, 1998) using an adolescent population. The significance of these findings are discussed for existing pathway models of problem gambling, for Jacobs' theory, and for clinicians engaged in assessment and intervention.

  16. Iconography and Politics in South Africa: the representation of Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma in cartoons of Zapiro

    Renata de Paula dos Santos


    Full Text Available Mandela’s victory in the 1994 elections in South Africa is a reference point for South African history and represented the transition from apartheid to multiracial democracy. Since then Nelson Mandela (1994-1999, Thabo Mbeki (1999-2008 and Jacob Zuma (2009 - current, occupied the post of president of the country and led, each in its own way, the new direction of the country. During the nearly twenty years of multiracial democracy, one in particular cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro, popularly known by the pseudonym Zapiro, portrayed the everyday life of this story. In this sense, the objective of this research is to analyze how Zapiro portrayed the political and social aspects, as well as the psychological characteristics of each of the three postapartheid presidents and which social representations are formed from their cartoon production. The choice of Zapiro explained by openly declared his opposition to apartheid and also for being the best known outside South African cartoonist. We elected to cartoon as an object of study because it is an iconographic object constituted by communicative humor, which adds to its constitution arguments transgression of the established order, enabling an analysis of South African history through a critical bias. As methods for the development of the work, we decided to gather historical research, the literature search and analysis of cartooon speech. Among the theoretical frameworks stand out Magnoli (1998, 2009, Jonge (1991 and Carlin (2009 in the South African question; reflections about social representations, we resort to Moscovici (2011 and Jodelet (1993, in the field the cartoon and humor, the references are Miani (2005; 2012, Romualdo (2000 and Eco (1989. With the completion of the analysis, we observed that Zapiro acts in different ways in the construction of the representation of each of the presidents in question and that the cartoonist presents Mandela as a competent leader marked by heroism and

  17. Palis, Prof. Jacob

    Date of birth: 15 March 1940. Address: Instituto de Matematica Pura e, Aplicada - IMPA, Estrada Dona Castorina 110, Jardim Botanico, 22460-320 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Contact: Office: (+55-21) 2529 5136. Residence: (+55-21) 2537 3272. Fax: (+55-21) 2529 5019. Email: YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog ...

  18. T Jacob John, Vellore


    Was the economic investment of Rupees 1000 crores per annum worth it? Many had questioned the wisdom of targeting one among the so many neglected diseases and spending so much funds. Three elements justify our investment: humanitarian, human rights, economic. Polio paralysis, especially in the numbers India ...

  19. "A new lachrymal gland with an excretory duct in red and fallow deer" by Johann jacob Harder (1694): English translation and historical perspective.

    Hillenius, Willem J; Phillips, Darryl A; Rehorek, Susan J


    The Harderian gland is an enigmatic orbital gland that has been described for many tetrapods, although a consistent definition of this structure has remained elusive. In particular, an unambiguous distinction between the Harderian gland and the nictitans gland, which may both occur in the anterior aspect of the orbit of mammals, remains problematic. These glands were first distinguished in 1694 by Johann Jacob Harder, a Swiss physician and anatomist. To facilitate a renewed examination of the anatomical and developmental relationships of the anterior orbital glands, we review the historical context of Harder's discovery, and provide Harder's original Latin text as well as an English translation.

  20. ‘El Oeste en el Este’: hacia una historia de la Història de Jacob Xalabín

    Lambros Kotsalás


    Full Text Available Resumen: Se trata de una anónima bajomedieval novela catalana de aventuras de trama por lo general oriental. En el subsuelo de dicha obra corre —como queda demonstrado a base de mi investigación del material fuente— la dramática historia de los últimos años de vida del llamado ‘condado’ de La Sola o Sálona catalano-bizantina en la región de Fócida o Fócide de Grecia central ante la invasión otomana (1394.   Palabras clave: Història de Jacob Xalabín, mentalidades catalanes y aragonesas bajomedievales, Romania y La Sálona   Abstract: An adventure romance of a mostly oriental setting written in Catalan by an anonymous author of the Late Middle Ages. As it is clear from my research carried out on the primary sources, under the surface of the literary work in question unfolds the drama of the very last years of the so-called ‘county’ of Catalan-Byzantine Sola, that is, Salona, in the central Greece region of Phocis before the ottoman invasion (1394 Keywords: Història de Jacob Xalabín, late medieval Catalan and Aragonese mentalities, Romania and Salona

  1. Monitoring Soil Erosion on a Burned Site in the Mojave-Great Basin Transition Zone: Final Report for the Jacob Fire Site

    Miller, Julianne [DRI; Etyemezian, Vic [DRI; Cablk, Mary E. [DRI; Shillito, Rose [DRI; Shafer, David [DOE Grand Junction, Colorado


    A historic return interval of 100 years for large fires in the U.S. southwestern deserts is being replaced by one where fires may reoccur as frequently as every 20 to 30 years. The shortened return interval, which translates to an increase in fires, has implications for management of Soil Corrective Action Units (CAUs) and Corrective Action Sites (CASs) for which the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office has responsibility. A series of studies was initiated at uncontaminated analog sites to better understand the possible impacts of erosion and transport by wind and water should contaminated soil sites burn. The first of these studies was undertaken at the Jacob Fire site approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) north of Hiko, Nevada. A lightning-caused fire burned approximately 200 hectares during August 6-8, 2008. The site is representative of a transition between Mojave and Great Basin desert ecoregions on the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), where the largest number of Soil CAUs/CASs are located. The area that burned at the Jacob Fire site was primarily a Coleogyne ramosissima (blackbrush) and Ephedra nevadensis (Mormon tea) community, also an abundant shrub assemblage in the similar transition zone on the NNSS. This report summarizes three years of measurements after the fire. Seven measurement campaigns at the Jacob Fire site were completed. Measurements were made on burned ridge (upland) and drainage sites, and on burned and unburned sites beneath and between vegetation. A Portable In-Situ Wind Erosion Lab (PI-SWERL) was used to estimate emissions of suspended particles at different wind speeds. Context for these measurements was provided through a meteorological tower that was installed at the Jacob Fire site to obtain local, relevant environmental parameters. Filter samples, collected from the exhaust of the PI-SWERL during measurements, were analyzed for chemical composition. Runoff and water erosion were

  2. As contribuições de Jacob Burckhardt ao Manual de História da Arte de Franz Kugler (1848

    Cássio da Silva Fernandes


    Full Text Available Entre junho e setembro de 1847, o historiador suíço Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897 trabalhou em Berlim como assistente de seu ex-professor, Franz Kugler (1808-1858, na segunda edição, revista e ampliada, do Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte de 1848. Esta obra era parte do amplo estudo histórico-artístico, iniciado por Kugler na década de 1830, que simbolizou o nascimento da moderna história universal da arte em língua alemã. No que se refere a Burckhardt, a participação no Manual de História da Arte deixou transparecer elementos de sua futura descoberta historiográfica: a Renascença italiana. Buscaremos, nas infinitas linhas da segunda edição do manual de Kugler, os traços da pena de Burckhardt, onde cintilam dois componentes:de um lado, a arte como expressão fundamental para o entendimento histórico; de outro, a passagem que conduz da Idade Média ao Renascimento e o papel da Itália nessa transformação.Between June and September of 1847, Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897 worked in Berlin as an assistant tom his former professor, Franz Kugler (1808-1858, in the second edition, revised and amplified, of Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte of 1848. This work was part of a broad historic-artistic study, started by Kugler in the 1830s.This study symbolized the birth of the modern universal art history in the German language. Related to Burckhardt, the participation in the History of Art Manual let elements of his future historiographical discovery appear: the Italian Renascence. We will try to get, therefore, in the infinite lines of the second edition of Kugler's manual, the traces of Burckhardt's words. In such traces, two components scintillate: on one side, the art as fundamental expression for the historical understanding; on the other, the passage that leads from Middle Age to Renascence and Italy's role in this transformation.

  3. 153 - 158_Jacob_Antibacterial


    A purple colour appearing at the interface indicates the presence of reducing sugar in the extract (Trease and Evans,. 2002). Test for alkaloids. Each extract (1 g) .... certain skin ailments. Terpenes help to counter stress and anxiety, improve mood, promote alertness and memory retention. For example, limonene, a major.

  4. Jacob et al (21).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    city of Kaduna, Nigeria vis-à-vis the soil physicochemical properties.The city was ... Lead and cadmium, like arsenic and ... danger of soil contamination and to evaluate the impact of waste ..... remediation study of metal contaminated soils with ...

  5. Recovery of Waterflood Residual Oil Using Alkali, Surfactant and Polymer Slugs in Radial Cores Récupération d'huile résiduelle par injection d'eau améliorée de produits alcalins, de tensio-actifs et de polymères dans des carottes radiales

    Nasr-El-Din H. A.


    composition et séquence des bouchons chimiques jouent un rôle important dans la mobilisation et la récupération des huiles résiduelles. Les bouchons qui avaient peu de contrôle de mobilité, ou une tension d'interface basse, ne formaient pas de banque d'huile et la récupération tertiaire de l'huile était moins de 20% d'huile résiduelle. Une banque d'huile importante, ainsi qu'une récupération tertiaire allant jusqu'à 70% d'huile résiduelle, furent obtenues avec les bouchons possédant un bon contrôle de mobilité ainsi qu'une tension d'interface basse. Cependant, la fraction maximale d'huile, la récupération accrue d'huile et la propagation des surfactants, se révélèrent reliées à la teneur alkaline du bouchon. La récupération accrue de l'huile, la fraction d'huile et la capacité d'injection du bouchon furent grandement améliorées lorsqu'on augmenta la concentration alkaline (carbonate de sodium des bouchons respectifs. On observa un léger retard de la percée des surfactants et une vitesse de propagation des surfactants beaucoup plus basse lorsque la concentration du carbonate de sodium était plus élevée.

  6. Improving the Modeling of Hydrogen Solubility in Heavy Oil Cuts Using an Augmented Grayson Streed (AGS Approach Modélisation améliorée de la solubilité de l’hydrogène dans des coupes lourdes par l’approche de Grayson Streed Augmenté (GSA

    Torres R.


    cependant que sa précision se dégrade rapidement pour les coupes lourdes. Une amélioration est proposée dans ce travail, basée sur l’ajout d’un terme de Flory dans le calcul du coefficient d’activité. L’étude de la solubilité de l’hydrogène dans les n-alcanes du n-C7 au n-C36 fait apparaître que la constante de Henry diminue avec la masse molaire. L’analyse de ce comportement suggère la présence d’une déviation entropique à l’idéalité non prise en compte dans le modèle des solutions régulières. L’utilisation d’une correction de Flory permet de garder l’aspect prédictif du modèle. Elle nécessite néanmoins un nouveau calage de certains paramètres de la corrélation d’origine pour l’hydrogène. Le modèle qui résulte se comporte mieux pour les composés lourds et aromatiques. La qualité du nouveau modèle de Grayson Streed Augmenté (GSA est évaluée sur des données de solubilité d’hydrogène dans des coupes pétrolières issues de Cai et al. [Cai H.Y. et al. (2001 Fuel 80, 1055-1063] ainsi que Lin et al. [Lin H.M. et al. (1981 Ind. Eng. Chem. Process Des. Dev. 20, 2, 253-256]. L’importance de la caractérisation de ces coupes est mise en avant. Une analyse de sensibilité montre qu’une perturbation du paramètre de solubilité a un effet beaucoup plus important que pour les autres paramètres. Il en résulte qu’un grand soin doit être apporté au calcul de cette grandeur. La prédiction de la solubilité de l’hydrogène dans des fractions pétrolières lourdes et dans des charbons liquéfiés a été améliorée par rapport au modèle de Grayson Streed : une déviation absolue moyenne de 30 % est obtenue pour GSA, à comparer avec 55 % avec la méthode GS, avec les données utilisées dans un domaine de 80-380 °C et 6,3-258,9 bar.

  7. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging - a new instrument in the diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease; Diffusjonsvektet magnetisk resonanstomografi - nytt i diagnostikken av Creutzfeldt-Jakobs sykdom

    Romi, Fredrik; Smivoll, Alf Inge; Moerk, Sverre; Tysnes, Ole-Bjoern


    Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease (CID) is characterised by rapidly progressive dementia, ataxia, myoclonus and several other neurological deficits. It generally affects older adults and occurs in sporadic, genetic and iatrogenic forms. Death occurs usually within one year after onset of the disease. The diagnosis is based on clinical criteria, neuro physiological and radiological findings and confirmed by post mortal histopathology. During the last two years several cases of CID have been reported with diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MR) abnormalities represented by increased signal intensity indicating reduced diffusion in basal ganglia and/or cortex cerebric. These abnormalities seem to be characteristic of CID. We report a case of CID in a 54 year old woman who developed vertigo, nystagmus, ataxia, myoclonus and dementia over a period of eight months. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging showed increased signal intensity in corpus striatum and gyrus conguli. The diagnosis was post mortally confirmed with histopathology. (Author) 7 figs., 15 refs.

  8. 2663-IJBCS-Article-Afouda Jacob Yabi


    2016 International Formulae Group. ... Les résultats révèlent que le sexe, le mode de faire-valoir des terres mises en culture, l'appartenance à un groupement et l'accès à l'engrais minéral ont .... marché ; les femmes productrices de compost,.

  9. Trier : Put k "Manderlai" / Jacob Nillindam

    Nillindam, Jacob


    Lars von Trier alustab oma ameerika triloogia teise filmiga "Manderlay", mis on film orjusest, seekord Grace'i rollis Bryce Dallas Howard. Lisatud katkend intervjuust prantsuse näitleja Jean-Marc Barr'iga

  10. 1961-IJBCS-Article- Jacob Kalawole


    Mosquitoes are known vectors for transmitting malarial parasites. To prevent proliferation of mosquito borne diseases and to improve public health, mosquito control has been employed using unfriendly synthetic insecticides. Alternative to these synthetic agents are natural products. The present study was designed to.

  11. Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease: Two Case Reports

    Aysu Şen


    Full Text Available Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD is characterised by subacute progressive dementia, cerebellar ataxia, myoclonic jerks together with pyramidal and extrapyramidal signs. It is a rare prion disease and definitive diagnosis can only be made by biopsy. It becomes progressively worse and the death is the rule. We presented two CJD cases because of their demonstrative characteristics. A 43 year-old female and a 52 year-old male patient was suspected to be CJD due to presence of subacute severe cognitive deterioration, neuropsychiatric disturbances, myoclonic jerks, ataxia, pyramidal and extrapyramidal signs and also periodic spike and wave complexes in EEG. Patients were lost in a short period of time because of the complications of disease process. Medical autopsy were done in both cases for definitive diagnosis and autopsy results displayed characteristic pathologic findings of CJD. Patients were diagnosed as definitive sporadic CJD according to Master’s, French and European criterias. CJD should be considered in patients with rapidly progressive dementia, that starts with various neuropsychiatric symptoms. Although seen very rare, CJD is a untreatable, fatal disease. Therefore we emphasize that, preventive precaution should be taken when a CJD diagnosis is suspected

  12. La pisciculture familiale améliore la qualité de vie en Amazonie ...

    Pays enclavé de l'Amérique du Sud, la Bolivie affiche le plus bas taux de consommation de poisson par habitant dans le monde, et ce malgré une grande diversité de poissons d'eau douce. Le gouvernement a reconnu récemment la contribution potentielle du poisson pour assurer la sécurité alimentaire et a mis sur pied ...

  13. La pisciculture améliore les conditions de vie des agricultrices au ...

    déclaré bénéficier d'un revenu disponible comparativement à 20 % des femmes des ménages faisant partie du groupe témoin. Contexte. L'insécurité alimentaire des ménages au Cambodge est élevée. Le régime alimentaire, principalement à base. © Bartay Photography de riz, fournit un apport énergétique suffisant, mais.

  14. L'information améliore les conditions de vie dans les Philippines ...

    Grâce à des données exactes et à jour sur leurs conditions de vie, les Philippins jouissent désormais de nombreux avantages : programmes de formation professionnelle à l'intention des jeunes de Pasay City, dans le grand Manille; nouvelles installations sanitaires et d'adduction d'eau potable à Margosatubig, dans la ...

  15. Transformation et commercialisation améliorées des produits du ...

    Ce projet vise à aborder le problème en mettant à l'essai des séchoirs solaires et en en faisant la promotion. Ces séchoirs peuvent améliorer la durée de conservation des petits poissons et la qualité du produit. Plus précisément, les chercheurs testeront des méthodes de séchage sur trois espèces de petits poissons :

  16. La pisciculture améliore les conditions de vie des agricultrices au ...

    29 avr. 2016 ... Improving women's lives in Cambodia through fish on farms. In Cambodia, rural diets typically lack protein and micronutrients, leading to high rates of stunting in children and anemia in women. View moreImproving women's lives in Cambodia through fish on farms ...

  17. Une simple trousse améliore la vie des paysans cultivant les ...

    Augmentation du rendement des producteurs de petits mils par leur participation à la sélection des variétés en Asie du Sud. En dépit du fait qu'ils ont une teneur élevée en micronutriments et en fibres alimentaires, présentent un indice glycémique faible et tolèrent le s. Voir davantageAugmentation du rendement des ...

  18. Biography versus Fiction or the Value of Testimony in Jacobs’s and Stowe’s Narratives about Slavery (Autobiographie contre fiction ou la valeur du témoignage dans les récits d’esclavages de Jacobs et de Stowe

    Anne Garrait-Bourrier


    Full Text Available Cette étude comparée a pour projet de souligner les différences culturelles qui existent entre deux genres littéraires de la période antebellum : les récits d’esclaves et la fiction abolitionniste. Via l’approche d’extraits de textes tirés de l’autobiographie d’Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl, écrite sous le pseudonyme de Linda Brent et du roman de Harriet Beecher-Stowe Uncle Tom’s Cabin, nous soulignerons le témoignage historique commun qui ressort de ces deux textes. Bien que d’essence et de sources différentes, ces deux récits – celui de l’ancienne esclave et celui de l’intellectuelle blanche – offrent une image authentique de l’histoire américaine d’avant guerre civile essentielle et dénoncent le même fléau: l’esclavage.

  19. La poesía de Porfirio Barba Jacob

    Luis Vidales


    Full Text Available Con los llamados "poetas malditos" sucede algo muy singular, cuando se trata de enfocarlos por la crítica, debido a que la simpatía que suelen despertar por encima de los márgenes de su propia calidad intrínseca, cohibe la aceptación del rigor en el análisis.

  20. Imagerie de la maladie de Creutzfeldt Jacob sporadique | Hassani ...

    Les encéphalopathies spongiformes subaiguës transmissibles (ESST) sont des maladies infectieuses, neurodégénératives et génétiques. Elles sont caractérisées par la présence d'une substance protéique : le prion. L'imagerie par résonance magnétique (IRM) encéphalique peut actuellement contribuer au diagnostic des ...

  1. What kind of twins were Jacob and Esau?

    Only two cases of multiple birth are recorded in the Bible. .... goatskins in order to fool his sight-impaired father into believing that he is Esau. Although there is much controversy about the nature/nurture theories of personality development, the.

  2. Estlandse uithaal naar oud-ambassadeur / Hans Jacobs

    Jacobs, Hans


    Hollandi ajakirjanikud küsisid president Toomas Hendrik Ilveselt arvamust endise Hollandi suursaadiku Hans Glaubitzi tagakiusamise kohta. Eestis visiidil olnud Hollandi kuninganna Beatrix'i ja president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese kohtumisest

  3. Rapidly aggravated Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease: autopsy-proven case

    Park, Seung Hyun; Kang, Hyun Koo; Yu, Hyeon; Lee, Sang Chun [Seoul Veterans Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (DJD) is one of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, which is mediated by what has been known as 'prion'. It is a rare and fatal progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the middle and old aged. There are a number of subtypes of CJD, one of which is the sporadic type characterized by rapidly progressing clinical symptoms, including progressive dementia, myoclonic jerk, and pyramidal or extrapyramidal syndrome. Patients usually end up dying within 1 to 2 years of contacting the disease. We report an autopsy-proven case of sporadic CJD with clinical symptoms that progressed within several days, along with dramatic changes on diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images.




    Feb 7, 2005 ... (modern) state faces justify an assessment of the role of religion in sustaining .... fortress and refuge, thus, God becomes his Chief security officer, a .... Houses and other places of financial mismanagement, corruption, money.

  5. [Confused Germanic blasphemy. Jacob Moleschott and materialistic medicine].

    de Liguori, Girolamo


    Starting from the reading of a recent biography of the Dutch materialistic physiologist Jacopo Moleschott (1822-1893), this article proposes a brief survey of the impact, especially in Italy, of the materialistic paradigm, not only in the field of medicine and of the natural sciences, but also in that of philosophy and of literature. From the rejection and ferocious criticisms of the Jesuits, such as Padre Previti, to the harsh ironies of Tommaseo--who, in reference to the academic lessons of Moleschott, spoke of "confused Germanic blasphemy"--, the survey proceeds to a recognition of the role and influence of Moleschott's perspective in the field of medicine, in that of science, and especially in the philosophical and epistemological debate on the relation between the experimental sciences and philosophy. The survey then proceeds to touch on the classical controversy over the Chemische Briefe of Liebig (1844), the dispute with Bufalini on the new way of thinking about the relation between physiology and pathology, and the influence exerted by the Dutch physiologist on Salvatore Tommasi. The article in the end broadens to include a rapid analysis of Moleschott's contribution to the field of literature, as well as to the more complicated debate on the natural sciences and materialism, which still today presents, beyond the outdated models of positivistic scientism, well-grounded themes of interest, if not of validity.

  6. 1304-IJBCS-Article-Rosaine N Yegbemey Jacob


    Rice producers' efficiency is widely assessed by using the Stochatistic Frontier Analysis (SFA). But because of gaps between the output(s) implied ... This indicates the sensitivity of the sector, subject to several and various interventions .... (DEA), the statistical techniques (OLS and. SFA) and the Index Number Techniques.

  7. 860-IJBCS-Article-Prof Jacob A Kalawole


    tablet), was evaluated in eight healthy male volunteers. Experiment ... analyzed for paracetamol using spectrophotometric method. The values ... intestinal movement, help regulate blood ... another drug, food, drink or environmental .... paracetamol and analyzed using the analytical method. Absorbencies were obtained and.

  8. Picturing the African Diaspora in recent fiction | Jacobs | Current ...

    Coetzee's engagement with the theme of diasporic migration in Disgrace signals an important direction in contemporary South African fiction. Coetzee himself has foregrounded immigrant cultural identities in Slow Man (2005), whereas the historical African diaspora and its continuation into the present-day dispersal of ...

  9. Rapidly aggravated Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease: autopsy-proven case

    Park, Seung Hyun; Kang, Hyun Koo; Yu, Hyeon; Lee, Sang Chun


    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (DJD) is one of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, which is mediated by what has been known as 'prion'. It is a rare and fatal progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the middle and old aged. There are a number of subtypes of CJD, one of which is the sporadic type characterized by rapidly progressing clinical symptoms, including progressive dementia, myoclonic jerk, and pyramidal or extrapyramidal syndrome. Patients usually end up dying within 1 to 2 years of contacting the disease. We report an autopsy-proven case of sporadic CJD with clinical symptoms that progressed within several days, along with dramatic changes on diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images

  10. Some implications of current therapy in leukaemia | Jacobs | South ...

    Improved survival in acute leukaemia follows aggressive combination chemotherapy based on a proper understanding of tumour cell kinetics and principles of modern pharmacology. Such cytoreduction ... Logically, patients with acute leukaemia should have the benefit of management in these units. S. Afr. Med. J., 48 ...

  11. Ruling muddies path to election law reform / Timothy Jacobs

    Jacobs, Timothy


    Euroopa Inimõiguste Kohtu lahendist, millega mõisteti välja hüvitis Ingrida Podkolzinale, kes ebapiisava riigikeele oskuse tõttu diskvalifitseeriti 1998. aasta Läti parlamendivalimiste kandidaadi kohalt

  12. 2263-IJBCS-Article-Prof Jacob A Kolawole


    Available online at ... Posology in children oral liquid medication studies in Liberia ... study surveyed children oral medications on the Liberian pharmaceutical market ... Federal (m), 502(a) and 502(£)(1) of Food,.

  13. Book Review: The art of winning wars | Jacobs | Scientia Militaria ...

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 12, No 4 (1982) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads.

  14. Barba Jacob: el poeta de la conciencia desgraciada

    Eduardo Gómez


    Full Text Available Ya desde su primera infancia Miguel Angel Osorio queda señalado por la que, con el tiempo, será característica fundamental de su existencia y de su poesía: el desarraigo respecto a todo vínculo tradicional, a toda seguridad preestablecida, a toda posibilidad de adaptación.

  15. Jacob's ladder of approximations to paraxial dynamic electron scattering

    Lubk, A.; Rusz, Jan


    Dynamical scattering theory describes the dominant scattering process of beam electrons at targets in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Hence, practically every quantitative TEM study has to consider its ramifications, typically by some approximate modeling. Here, we elaborate on a hierarchy within the various approximations focusing on the two principal approaches used in practice, Bloch wave and multislice. We reveal characteristic differences in the capability of these methods to...

  16. La macrofaune du sol améliore l'efficience de l'utilisation de l ...

    ... semi-arid zone of Burkina Faso on lixisol to evaluate the impact of soil macrofauna and ... The main plots are the plots with soil macrofauna and the plots without soil macrofauna. The secondary plots consist of four (04)-soil fertility management and one ... On the other hand, it had no significant effect on microbial biomass.

  17. La macrofaune du sol améliore l'efficience de l'utilisation de l ...


    30 juin 2017 ... Par contre, elle n'a pas eu d'effet ... agricoles pourrait améliorer la nutrition minérale des cultures à travers une ... Objectives : A study was conducted in a semi-arid zone of Burkina Faso on lixisol to ... significant increase in microbial respiration (16%) and metabolic quotient (11%). ..... Annales de l'Institut.

  18. La solidarité communautaire améliore l'hygiène et la santé à ...

    4 févr. 2011 ... Collecting fog on El Tofo. In the early 1990s, the global news media became entranced by a small town in northern Chile that started drinking the fog. View moreCollecting fog on El Tofo ...

  19. Calcul de Flux de Puissance amélioré grâce aux Processeurs Graphiques

    Marin , Manuel


    This thesis addresses the utilization of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to improve the Power Flow (PF) analysis of modern power systems. GPUs are powerful vector co-processors that have been very useful in the acceleration of several computational intensive applications. PF analysis is the steady-state analysis of AC power networks and is widely used for several tasks involved in system operation and planning. Currently, GPUs are challenged by applications exhibiting an irregular computatio...

  20. La téléphonie mobile améliore le sort des petits agriculteurs au Kenya

    27 oct. 2010 ... Au Kenya, les petits agriculteurs disposent d'un nouvel outil pour se sortir de la pauvreté et mettre un terme au recul de la productivité : le téléphone mobile. Bien qu'assurant 70 % de la production agricole du Kenya, les familles cultivant des terres de moins de un acre comptent parmi les plus pauvres du ...

  1. La recherche sur la sécurité alimentaire améliore les conditions de ...

    26 mai 2016 ... ... accroître l'accès à la terre et aux ressources pour assurer l'autonomisation des femmes et lutter contre les inégalités entre les sexes; faire connaître les technologies aquacoles et postrécoltes qui permettent aux agriculteurs d'accéder aux marchés; accroître la production et la consommation de petits mils ...

  2. Adressaadi dünaamikast Harriet Jacobsi orjanarratiivis "Incidents in a Life of a Slave Girl ja Eduard Vilde ajaloolises romaanis "Mahtra Sõda" / The Impact of Implied Reader on Harriet Jacobs' Slave Narrative Incidents in a Life of a Slave Girl and Eduard Vilde's Historical Novel Mahtra sõda

    Kadri Naanu


    influenced the reception of the work. Harriet Ann Jacobs’ autobiographical slave narrative Incidents in a Life of a Slave Girl that was published under the pseudonym Linda Brent relies on many strategies used by slave narrators who sought to find supporters for the abolitionist cause. Jacobs addresses her text to the white women in the North. As a former slave she had to take her audience’s prejudice against black people into account and try to overturn them in her narrative. In order to gain her readers’ trust, she incorporates cover letters that attest to her reliability as a reader as well as other documents. Eduard Vilde’s novel The War of Mahtra is the first part of the author’s historical trilogy that focuses on the peasant insurrections that took place in the Estonian territory after the new peasant law of 1856. The central episode of the novel is the insurgency in the Mahtra manor where the peasants revolted against the soldiers sent to discipline them. The events of the insurrection were still in the memory of the novel’s readers when Vilde published the text. For this reason it was important for the author to align his view of the insurrection with the readers’ understanding of the events. Therefore, the author relies on historical records that he cites in his novel (a narrative device not used at the time by other authors and incorporates evidence from archival documents into his text.

  3. PFGE, Lior Serotype, and Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns Among Campylobacter jejuni Isolated from Travelers and US Military Personnel with Acute Diarrhea in Thailand, 1998-2003


    dlstllb!Jtlon. and reproduction 1n any med1um, prOVIded the 01191nal w01k is propeliy Cited Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704-0188...Clin Microbial 1998, 36:1787-1789. 18. PeacockS . de Silva G. Justice A. Cowland A. Moore C. Winearls C. Day N: Comparison of multilocus sequence typing

  4. La gestion de l'eau et des déchets améliore la santé au Cameroun ...

    5 déc. 2011 ... L'équipe a conçu des récipients pour la conservation de l'eau qui réduisent la contamination, étendu le système municipal d'alimentation en eau potable, organisé la collecte locale des déchets solides, construit des latrines non polluantes et aménagé des voies piétonnes. Elle a aussi mobilisé la ...

  5. Étude des composantes du rendement de six variétés améliorées ...


    30 mars 2013 ... 2 Liaison Officer AVRDC-The World Vegetable Center AVRDC/IITA-Cameroon P.O. Box 2008 Messa Yaoundé,. Cameroon ... niébé et identifier des variétés prometteuses pour la relance de la niébé culture en Côte d'Ivoire. Méthodologie et ...... seed germination and seedling emergence. Experimental ...

  6. Des variétés de manioc améliorées accroissent la sécurité alimentaire

    un de ses pires inconvénients, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit d'assurer la survie en ... instauré par le gouvernement de l'Ouganda à Namulonge, une équipe de scientifiques a lancé une initiative d'amélioration génétique audacieuse.

  7. 34 CFR 650.4 - What definitions apply to the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program?


    ... higher education that— (1) Directly administers or supervises post-baccalaureate instruction in a... deliberate ignorance of the truth or falsity of the statement; or (3) Acts in reckless disregard of the truth...

  8. The regulatory treatment of liquidity risk in South Africa / Johann R.G. Jacobs

    Jacobs, Johann Renier Gabriel


    South Africa will be implementing Basel II on 1 January 2008. Basel II provides regulatory capital requirements for credit risk, market risk and operational risk. The purpose of capital requirements is to level the playing field for all internationally active banks and to protect consumers against these risks. Although there is an obvious threat of liquidity risk and it is important to correctly measure and manage liquidity risk, it is almost glaringly omitted from Basel II. The result of...

  9. Jane Jacobs and the Dilemma of Life and Learning in Rural Areas.

    Howley, Craig B.

    Recent work by both neoclassical and political economists suggests the scope of the influence of economic structures on rural socioeconomic conditions and rural education. In particular, dual labor-market analyses look beneath the surface of the macroeconomy--the national economy--to the underlying reality of regional or sectoral economic…

  10. Revisiting the Model of Creative Destruction: St. Jacobs, Ontario, a Decade Later

    Mitchell, Clare J. A.; de Waal, Sarah B.


    Ten years ago, the model of creative destruction was developed to predict the fate of communities that base their development on the commodification of rural heritage (Mitchell, C.J.A., 1998. Entrepreneurialism, commodification and creative destruction: a model of post-modern community development. Journal of Rural Studies 14, 273-286). Its…

  11. Agricultural retail businesses in South Africa : the higher demand on competition / Rupert Jacobs

    Jacobs, Rupert


    Since the establishment of agricultural co-operatives they have been in a privileged situation of having a captured market in the sense that farmers were shareholders in these stores which ensured some loyalty and commitment. Hardwares trade in the same product ranges as the agricultural retail businesses which imply direct competition. The main concern is seeing the rate in which these non-agricultural stores are growing in the sense of opening new stores and competitiveness compared to the ...

  12. Viimsi Püha Jaakobi kirik = Jacob's Church in Viimsi / Margit Mutso

    Mutso, Margit, 1966-


    Kirikuhoonest (Nurme tee 3, Pringi küla, Viimsi vald), mille arhitekt on Martin Aunin, kaasautor Erkki Ristoja ja konstruktor Kristjan Kaares. Žürii hinnang kultuurkapitali aastapreemiale esitatud hoonele

  13. Dispersion in two dimensional channels—the Fick-Jacobs approximation revisited

    Mangeat, M.; Guérin, T.; Dean, D. S.


    We examine the dispersion of Brownian particles in a symmetric two dimensional channel, this classical problem has been widely studied in the literature using the so called Fick-Jacobs’ approximation and its various improvements. Most studies rely on the reduction to an effective one dimensional diffusion equation, here we derive an explicit formula for the diffusion constant which avoids this reduction. Using this formula the effective diffusion constant can be evaluated numerically without resorting to Brownian simulations. In addition, a perturbation theory can be developed in \\varepsilon = h_0/L where h 0 is the characteristic channel height and L the period. This perturbation theory confirms the results of Kalinay and Percus (2006 Phys. Rev. E 74 041203), based on the reduction, to one dimensional diffusion are exact at least to {{ O}}(\\varepsilon^6) . Furthermore, we show how the Kalinay and Percus pseudo-linear approximation can be straightforwardly recovered. The approach proposed here can also be exploited to yield exact results in the limit \\varepsilon \\to ∞ , we show that here the diffusion constant remains finite and show how the result can be obtained with a simple physical argument. Moreover, we show that the correction to the effective diffusion constant is of order 1/\\varepsilon and remarkably has some universal characteristics. Numerically we compare the analytic results obtained with exact numerical calculations for a number of interesting channel geometries.

  14. Estonie : l'ombre de Moscou / Toomas Hendrik Ilves ; interv. Antoine Jacob

    Ilves, Toomas Hendrik, 1953-


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilves räägib Tõnismäe pronkssõduri ümberpaigutamisega 2007. a. aprillis kaasnenud rahutuste ajaloolistest tagamaadest, Eesti ja Venemaa suhetest, Euroopa Liidu toetusest Eestile, Vene-Saksa gaasijuhtme projektist, Eesti ja Venemaa vahelisest piirilepingust, oma noorusaastatest Ameerika Ühendriikides, võõrkeelte oskusest

  15. Spiritual alchemy from the age of Jacob Boehme to Mary Anne Atwood, 1600–1900

    Zuber, M.A.


    ‘Spiritual alchemy’ is a contested term that is often accompanied by far-reaching claims about the presumed essence of alchemy. Despite the troubled past of this term, this study reclaims ‘spiritual alchemy’ as a precisely definable category for historical research. The term stands for the practical

  16. [Anesthetic management of a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease undergoing tracheal separation].

    Kanzaki, Rieko; Hamada, Hiroshi; Fukuda, Hideki; Kawamoto, Masashi


    We gave anesthesia for tracheal separation in a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The patient, a 33-year-old woman, was bedridden and unable to communicate, and was going to undergo a tracheal separation procedure for repeated bouts of aspiration pneumonia. After a tracheostomy with local anesthesia and sedation with propofol, general anesthesia was induced and maintained with propofol (1.5-3.0 microg x ml(-1), target controlled infusion) and remifentanil (0.05-0.15 microg x kg(-1) x min(-1)). We did not use an anesthetic apparatus from the standpoint of infection control, and provided manual ventilation with a disposable Jackson-Rees circuit. During the operation, an entropy monitor indicated alternating extremely low (0-10) and high (90-100) values without circulatory change, probably due to a previously existing electroencephalographic abnormality. The surgery was uneventful, and spontaneous breathing and eyelid opening occurred about 10 minutes after discontinuation of remifentanil and propofol. In such infected patients, abnormal prion proteins can exist outside of the central nervous system throughout the period of anesthetic management. Therefore, careful infection control must be undertaken, even if the surgical site is not directly related to the central nervous system.

  17. 78 FR 54460 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program...


    ... fields in the arts, humanities, and social sciences leading to a doctoral degree or to a master's degree... Management Services, Office of Management. [FR Doc. 2013-21476 Filed 9-3-13; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 4000-01-P ...

  18. The Concept "System of Philosophy":The Case of Jacob Brucker's Historiography of Philosophy

    Catana, Leo


    In this article I shall examine and discuss the concept ‘system of philosophy’ as a methodological tool in the history of philosophy. I shall do so in two moves. First I shall analyze the historical origin of the concept in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Thereafter I shall undertake a discussion of its methodological weaknesses — a discussion, which is not only relevant to the writing of history of philosophy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but also to the writing of h...

  19. Creutzfeldt-Jacob-disease: The computerized tomogram in relation to clinical, electroencephalographic and neuropathological findings

    Zieger, A.


    The computerized tomogram (CT) of a senile case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with rapid progress, showed after an initially minor parietal dilatation of the gyri, a volume increase, predominantly on the right side, in the area of the cerebral convexity and a right-preponderant dilatation of the anterior horns. By neuropathologic examination indications for a passed cerebral oedema was found, covering the cortex atrophy, which previously had been detected by CT. Progression and local intensity of the atrophic signs in CT - in combination with clinical and electroencephalographic findings - let appear probable the existence of a Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and permit its delineation against other atrophying processes. (orig./MG) [de

  20. Een schrijfstertje van Vermeer: Jacob Oortman en de Dissius-veiling van 1696

    Grijzenhout, F.


    Until now, only five of the 21 paintings by Vermeer that were sold at the famous Dissius aucton on 16 May, 1696, in Amsterdam, could be traced during the first half of the 18th century. The 'Milkmaid' (Amsterdam), 'Woman holding a balance' (Washington), 'A maid asleep' (New York) and the 'Music

  1. Anti-aircraft artillerey in the Second World War | Jacobs | Scientia ...

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 7, No 1 (1977) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. Anti-aircraft artillerey in the ...

  2. [Biological activity of metabolites of the herb Kalanchoe diagremontania (Hamet de la Bbathie) Jacobs et Perr].

    Anisimov, M M; Gerasimenko, N I; Chaĭkina, E L; Serebriakov, Iu M


    In this study we investigated the hemolytic, antimicrobial, and phytoregulatory activity of various classes of lipids (triacylglycerols, free fatty acids (FFA), the glyceroglycolipids monogalactosyl diacylglycerol (MGDG), sulfoquinovosyl diacylglycerol (SQDG)), sterols, all of them were obtained from the medical herb Kalanchoe diagremontiana, and also pigments, phenolic compounds (FC), polysaccharides, and ethanol extract (EE) of the herbal. It was established that EE, FC, FFA, and sterols display pH-dependent membranothropic activity. FFA showed antimicrobial activity and stimulated growth of buckwheat stalk sprouts. K. diagremontiana glyceroglycolopids did not display expressed biological activity. Caroteniods displayed pH-independent membranothopic action and antibacterial activity. Chlorophylls displayed antimicrobial action, but did not influence erythrocytes and buckwheat sprouts. Polysaccharides acted against the microorganisms Safale S-04, Candida albicans, Fusarium oxysperum and buckwheat sprouts.

  3. Jacob's ladders, Riemann's oscillators, quotient of two oscillating multiforms and set of metamorphoses of this system

    Moser, Jan


    In this paper we introduce complicated oscillating system, namely quotient of two multiforms based on Riemann-Siegel formula. We prove that there is an infinite set of metamorphoses of this system (=chrysalis) on critical line $\\sigma=\\frac 12$ into a butterfly (=infinite series of M\\" obius functions in the region of absolute convergence $\\sigma>1$).

  4. 75 FR 49484 - Office of Postsecondary Education; Overview Information; Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program...


    ... debate. The selected fields in the social sciences are: Anthropology, communications and media, economics..., institution, or organization, you can obtain a TIN from the Internal Revenue Service. If you are an individual...

  5. Diffusion du matériel végétal amélioré palmier à huile en milieu villageois : l’expérience du Bénin

    Adje Isaac A.


    Full Text Available Le palmier à huile se cultive dans la région du Sud Bénin où il représente un produit populaire et de grande notoriété au sein des producteurs agricoles. Son importance socio-économique reste très marquée tant au niveau des populations qu’au niveau national. Ainsi, depuis l’époque coloniale jusqu’aux premières décennies de l’indépendance du pays, les plans de développement ont consacré d’importants financements pour sa promotion, notamment le sous-secteur industriel à travers les différentes sociétés d’État qui ont été successivement créées à cet effet [1]. Malgré ces importants efforts et l’engouement des populations, cette culture a connu un déclin parce qu’elle n’a pas pu s’adapter assez rapidement à l’évolution du climat, marquée par une chute de la pluviométrie, et à la fluctuation du marché mondial des oléagineux caractérisé par la concurrence des pays producteurs des zones écologiquement plus favorables [2]. Il s’en est suivi au Bénin une désorganisation de la filière dans toutes ses composantes (palmeraies villageoises et plantations industrielles qui a été préjudiciable à l’économie nationale. Suite à sa libéralisation, marquée par la mise en oeuvre des Programmes d’ajustement structurel (PAS, on assiste à un redressement général de l’économie nationale qui a touché aussi le secteur palmier à huile et a amené l’État à décider de la réhabilitation de cette filière. La dévaluation du franc CFA intervenue en 1994 a été un atout majeur pour justifier cette relance. Ainsi, dans le cadre de la table ronde sur le secteur rural de septembre 1995 et dans celui de la priorité accordée à la diversification agricole, l’orientation a été prise de relancer la production du palmier à huile par des actions au nombre desquelles on peut citer le « programme de développement des plantations villageoises et celui de la réhabilitation des plantations industrielles » [3]. Des moyens ont été, une fois de plus, déployés par l’État et ses partenaires au développement ainsi que par les principaux acteurs de la filière que sont les producteurs eux-mêmes pour l’exécution de ces actions. Cet article se propose de montrer l’exemple de l’organisation de la production des plants de palmier à huile à l’échelle villageoise au Bénin, avec les résultats obtenus et son impact comme atout principal de la réussite de la première phase du programme de développement des plantations villageoises.

  6. Integrér les minorités russophones en Estonie / Marek Tamm ; interv. Antoine Jacob

    Tamm, Marek, 1973-


    Autor kommenteerib vene vähemuse integratsiooniprobleeme Eestis, Eesti valitsuse otsust teisaldada Teise maailmasõja mälestusmärk Tõnismäelt ning pronkssõduri teisaldamisele järgnenud aprillirahutusi

  7. Process integration and waste heat recovery in Lithuanian and Danish industry. Case study: Chocolate factory `Kraft Jacobs Suchard`



    Kraft Jacbobs is a manufacturer of chocolate. The company is planning investments in order to improve the quality and to increase the production. In this connection they are interested energy savings, in reduction of the sewerage, and in the possibilities of water treatment. The investigation has focused on improvement of the utility system and has therefore not been a real process integration study. The existing needs for cooling and heating in the process have been used in the optimisation. The report indicates that it is possible to save up to 50% of the cold water consumption mainly by building a closed water cooling system and by simple renovation. As much as 40% reduction on the heating cost for processes may be possible by changing parameters, insulation, renovation, and automation. The total annual saving will be about 900,000 Litas if all proposals are implemented. (au)

  8. Jacob Lorhard’s Ontology: A 17th Century Hypertext on the Reality and Temporality of the World of Intelligibles

    Øhrstrøm, Peter; Schärfe, Henrik; Uckelman, Sara


    , Lorhard’s ontology reflects how the relations between scientific investigation and religious belief were seen. It is also argued that several of the conceptual choices which Lorhard made in order to establish his ontology may still be relevant for modern makers of ontological systems. In particular...

  9. The case of "Miss Jacobs": adolescent simulated patients and the quality of their role playing, feedback, and personal impact.

    Bokken, Lonneke; van Dalen, Jan; Rethans, Jan-Joost


    Adolescents as standardized patients are relatively new in medical education. Studies have mostly explored the impact of role playing on adolescents trained to perform standardized patient roles for assessment purposes. No studies were found with regard to the quality of adolescents' role playing. We evaluated the effects of performing a patient role on adolescents trained as simulated patients (SPs) for teaching purposes (in contrast to standardized patients) and evaluated the quality of adolescent SPs' role playing and feedback. Nine young women, aged 16 to 18 years, were trained to portray roles of adolescents asking their general practitioner for an oral contraceptive. Three adolescent men were trained to portray roles of some of the girls' boyfriends. Each role was developed in consultation with the individual adolescent and was largely based on her own personal experience. Students rated the quality of the adolescent SP's role playing and feedback after each SP encounter on a previously validated questionnaire (the Maastricht Assessment of Simulated Patients). Both the adolescent SPs and faculty teachers both completed questionnaires on their experiences. Three hundred forty-one students rated the quality of the SPs' role playing and feedback with a mean score of 7.5 of 10. The faculty teachers were also generally positive about the role playing and feedback. Nevertheless, there were some concerns about the quality of the feedback. Adolescent SPs reported no negative effects because of their performance. Generally, students and teachers were satisfied with the quality of the role playing and feedback provided by the adolescent SPs. The adolescent SPs experienced no negative effects related to their performance, which confirms earlier findings among adolescent standardized patients.

  10. 77 FR 41777 - Jacob Focht; Notice of Declaration of Intention and Soliciting Comments, Protests, and/or Motions...


    ... 23(b)(1) of the Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 817(b). h. Applicant Contact: Troy Hardwick, H & K Energy Solutions LLC, P.O. Box 90961, Anchorage, AK 99509; telephone: (907) 301-1641; email: www.troy...

  11. MM2-Thalamic Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease: Neuropathological, Biochemical and Transmission Studies Identify a Distinctive Prion Strain

    Moda, F.; Suardi, S.; Fede, Di G.; Indaco, A.; Limido, L.; Vimercati, C.; Ruggerone, M.; Campagnani, I.; Langeveld, J.P.M.; Terruzzi, A.; Brambilla, A.; Zerbi, P.; Fociani, P.; Bishop, T.; Will, G.W.; Manson, J.C.; Giaccone, G.; Tagliavini, F.


    In CreutzfeldtJakob disease (CJD), molecular typing based on the size of the protease resistant core of the disease-associated prion protein (PrPSc) and the M/V polymorphism at codon 129 of the PRNP gene correlates with the clinico-pathologic subtypes. Approximately 95% of the sporadic 129MM CJD

  12. Philipp Jacob Sachs von Lewenheimb (1627-1672) and his Role within Intellectual Network of the Czech Lands

    Lelková, Iva


    Roč. 50, č. 26 (2012), s. 121-140 ISSN 0231-5955 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : correspondence networks * learned society * Early Modern * observationes * scientific journal Subject RIV: AB - History

  13. Smart and intelligent sensor payload project


    Engineers working on the smart and intelligent sensor payload project include (l to r): Ed Conley (NASA), Mark Mitchell (Jacobs Technology), Luke Richards (NASA), Robert Drackett (Jacobs Technology), Mark Turowski (Jacobs Technology) , Richard Franzl (seated, Jacobs Technology), Greg McVay (Jacobs Technology), Brianne Guillot (Jacobs Technology), Jon Morris (Jacobs Technology), Stephen Rawls (NASA), John Schmalzel (NASA) and Andrew Bracey (NASA).

  14. Mayflies of the Caucasus Mountains. III. A new representative of the subgenus Rhodobaetis Jacob, 2003 (Baetidae: Baetis) from the South-Western Caucasus

    Godunko, Roman J.; Palatov, D. M.; Martynov, A. V.


    Roč. 3948, č. 2 (2015), s. 182-202 ISSN 1175-5326 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA206/08/1389 Institutional support: RVO:60077344 Keywords : Ephemeroptera * Baetinae * new species Subject RIV: EG - Zoology Impact factor: 0.994, year: 2015

  15. Kirik keset küla : Viimsi Püha Jaakobi kirik = Community and Congregation : St. Jacob's Church in Viimsi / Triin Ojari

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Luterlik pühakoda on ühtlasi kõigi merel hukkunute mälestuskirik ja pääsenute tänukirik. Maja ette on paigutatud graniitplaat parvlaeval Estonia hukkunute nimedega. Saal toimib ka galeriipinnana. Autor Martin Aunin, kaasautor Erkki Ristoja. Konstruktor Kristjan Kaares. Interjööri valgustid: Tarmo Luisk. Projekt: 1998, valmis: 2007. Asendi- ja I korruse plaan, 3 värv. välis- ja 2 sisevaadet

  16. Jutta Jacob, Swantje Köbsell, Eske Wollrad (Hg.: Gendering Disability. Intersektionale Aspekte von Behinderung und Geschlecht. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2010.

    Ulrike Schildmann


    Full Text Available Die meisten Beiträge des vorliegenden Sammelbandes sind aus einer 2009 an der Universität Oldenburg veranstalteten Tagung hervorgegangen. Im Sinne der Intersektionalitätsforschung sollen Disability Studies und Gender Studies in Beziehung zueinander gesetzt und – ergänzt durch weitere Perspektiven – neue Forschungsfelder skizziert werden. Vor allem in den theoriebezogenen Beiträgen wird Behinderung immanent weitgehend mit der Kategorie „Körper“ identifiziert, wodurch ein starker Fokus auf körperliche Beeinträchtigungen zustande kommt, während andere Beeinträchtigungen – vor allem solche des Lernens, z. B. im Rahmen des sonderpädagogischen Förderbedarfs bei Schulkindern – eher in den praxisbezogenen Beiträgen zur Geltung kommen.Most articles of this anthology are the result of a conference, held at the University of Oldenburg in 2009. For the purpose of intersectionality research, Disability Studies and Gender Studies are to be correlated to each other and – supplemented with new perspectives – new fields of research are to be outlined. Above all the theoretical articles largely identify disability with the category “body”, which results in a strong focus on bodily impairments, while other impairments – above all learning impairments, for example within the framework of special education needs for students – are addressed more in the practical articles.

  17. Van vandag af is jou naam Februarie!' Naamgewing en naam-stroping in tekste van Diana Ferrus, I. D. du Plessis en Rayda Jacobs

    Chaudhari, Shamiega


    This article examines naming as the core of identity and how the stripping of a name can lead to the loss of identity. In South African history the colonisation of the Cape Colony since 1 652 is considered the start of forced labour and slavery. Although slavery had a major impact on South African history, limited slave narratives about their personal and life experiences are available. Their identity was hardly of interest to the colonists and it is therefore not surprising that the colonist...

  18. Survival of the most transferable at the top of Jacob's ladder: Defining and testing the ωB97M(2) double hybrid density functional

    Mardirossian, Narbe; Head-Gordon, Martin


    A meta-generalized gradient approximation, range-separated double hybrid (DH) density functional with VV10 non-local correlation is presented. The final 14-parameter functional form is determined by screening trillions of candidate fits through a combination of best subset selection, forward stepwise selection, and random sample consensus (RANSAC) outlier detection. The MGCDB84 database of 4986 data points is employed in this work, containing a training set of 870 data points, a validation set of 2964 data points, and a test set of 1152 data points. Following an xDH approach, orbitals from the ωB97M-V density functional are used to compute the second-order perturbation theory correction. The resulting functional, ωB97M(2), is benchmarked against a variety of leading double hybrid density functionals, including B2PLYP-D3(BJ), B2GPPLYP-D3(BJ), ωB97X-2(TQZ), XYG3, PTPSS-D3(0), XYGJ-OS, DSD-PBEP86-D3(BJ), and DSD-PBEPBE-D3(BJ). Encouragingly, the overall performance of ωB97M(2) on nearly 5000 data points clearly surpasses that of all of the tested density functionals. As a Rung 5 density functional, ωB97M(2) completes our family of combinatorially optimized functionals, complementing B97M-V on Rung 3, and ωB97X-V and ωB97M-V on Rung 4. The results suggest that ωB97M(2) has the potential to serve as a powerful predictive tool for accurate and efficient electronic structure calculations of main-group chemistry.

  19. Jacob Mathew v. State of Punjab, the judgment stipulates the guidelines to be followed before launching a prosecution against a doctor for negligence

    Bhattaram Visweswara Subrahmanyam


    Full Text Available In a landmark judgment, the supreme court of India laid down guidelines in cases of alleged negligence against medical practitioners in India. It clearly stated that there is a need for protecting doctors from frivolous or unjust prosecution.

  20. Laverne A. Jacobs & Justice Anne L. Mactavish, eds., Dialogue Between Court And Tribunals – Essays In Administrative Law And Justice (2001- 2007

    Gerald P. Heckman


    Full Text Available “Dialogue between Courts and Tribunals,” a title that could describe the interplay between judges and decision-makers in the context of the judicial review of administrative decisions, in fact refers to a series of annual roundtables organized by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice [CIAJ].

  1. The Third Temple’s Holy of Holies: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons


    to Jerusalem to make peace.75 This position was seemingly confirmed by Sadat in a private conversation with Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Weizman...range missiles.117 Israel always has favored the long reach, whether to Argentina for Adolph Eichmann , to Iraq to strike a reactor, Entebbe for...Threat Towards the Close of the Yom Kippur War.” Jerusalem Journal of International Relations 1980 5, no. 1, 107-9. 70. Cherkashin, Nikolai, “On Moscow’s

  2. Solution Améliorée Pour La Détermination Des Contraintes d’interfaces d’une Poutre En Béton Armé Renforcée Avec Une Plaque En Composite. Improved closed-form solution to interfacial stresses in RC beams strengthened with FRP strip

    Tounsi A.


    Full Text Available Le renforcement des structures en béton armé en utilisant les matériaux composites est devenu une technique très répandue dans le domaine de la réparation et de la réhabilitation des ouvrages existants. Cependant, le décollement des plaques de renforcement par rapport à la structure renforcée empêche de profiter pleinement de cette technique. L’analyse des contraintes d’interface joue un rôle prépondérant dans la compréhension du phénomène de décollement. Dans ce travail, il est question d’étudier une poutre en flexion, simplement appuyée et renforcée par une plaque en composite en développant une nouvelle approche théorique basée sur la prise en compte de l’effet du cisaillement. En effet une distribution parabolique des contraintes de cisaillement le long des épaisseurs des adhérents est considérée. Contrairement à d’autres travaux qui reposent sur l’hypothèse d’une même courbure pour les adhérents ce travail propose une nouvelle approche considérant la moyenne des courbures au niveau de l’adhésif. Une modélisation par éléments finis est réalisée dans le but de la comparer avec le modèle analytique proposé. Les résultats de cette étude semblent concorder avec ceux de la littérature et apporte ainsi une nouvelle contribution dans le calcul des structures hybrides. The strengthening of concrete structures in situ with externally bonded fiberreinforced plastic (FRP composite sheets is increasingly being used for the repair and rehabilitation of existing structures. However, debonding along the FRP-concrete interface can lead to premature failure of the structures. The interfacial stresses have played a significant role in understanding this premature debonding failure of such repaired structures. In this paper, an improved theoretical analysis of the interfacial stresses is presented for a simply supported concrete beam bonded with a FRP plate. The shear strains of the adherends have been included in the present theoretical analysis by assuming a parabolic distribution of shear stress across their thickness. Contrary to some existing studies, the assumption that both adherends have the same curvature is not used in the present investigation. A finite element model is carried out in aim of comparing it with the analytical model suggested. The results of this numerical study are beneficial for understanding the mechanical behaviour of material interfaces and for the design of hybrid FRP-reinforced concrete structures.

  3. Prédiction des propriétés volumétriques des hydrocarbures par une translation de volume améliorée Prediction of the Volumetric Properties of Hydrocarbons with an Improved Volume Translation Method

    Ungerer P.


    Full Text Available Ce résumé contient des formules (*** qui ne peuvent s'afficher à l'écran. À la suite des travaux de Péneloux et al. (1982 , plusieurs auteurs (Soreide, 1989; Magoulas et Tassios, 1990; Coniglio, 1993 ont proposé des méthodes de translation de volume pour mieux calculer les masses volumiques des liquides au moyen des équations d'état. Le présent travail vise à améliorer ces prédictions, en particulier dans les conditions des gisements pétroliers (températures jusqu'à 200°C et pressions atteignant 120 MPa, en utilisant l'équation d'état de Peng-Robinson. Comme les méthodes existantes sont parfois incohérentes dans ces conditions (ex. coefficient d'expansion thermique négatif nous avons dû mettre au point une expression originale pour la translation de volume. Dans ce but, nous avons utilisé des mesures de masse volumique à haute pression, et non les masses volumiques du liquide à saturation. On a ainsi étudié des hydrocarbures de plusieurs familles : n-alcanes de C6 à C40 cyclohexane, monoaromatiques de C6 à C12. La translation de volume c obéit approximativement à une dépendance linéaire en température et en masse moléculaire : c(T = (0,023 - 0,00056 MWT + (-34,5 + 0,4666 MW où c est exprimé en cm³/Mol, T en K et MW en g/mol. Avec cette expression, les écarts résiduels moyens à haute pression sont faibles (inférieurs à 3 % pour les hydrocarbures C6 à C13 étudiés. Pour les hydrocarbures plus lourds, les prévisions sont sensibles au choix des paramètres critiques et l'on recommande l'expression: (*** où v(Tref, Pref désigne le volume molaire liquide calculé par l'équation d'état non translatée dans les conditions où la mesure de masse volumique (Pref est disponible. À l'exception de la région péri-critique, la précision reste bonne à basse pression. La nouvelle méthode de translation de volume permet de supprimer les incohérences des méthodes existantes et, à l'opposé de celles-ci, s'avère cohérente avec les règles de mélange quand l'on regroupe plusieurs constituants en un pseudo-constituant. Son application aux mélanges pétroliers apparaît donc prometteuse. This summary contains formulas (*** which can not be displayed on the screen. Following the work of Péneloux et al. (1982 , several attempts have been made to improve density calculations from equations of state by the use of alternative volume translation methods (Soreide, 1989; Magoulas and Tassios, 1990; Coniglio, 1993. The present work aims at improving these predictions, particularly in the case of oil and gas reservoirs (temperature up to 200°C and pressures as high as 120 MPa, using the Peng-Robinson equation of state. As volume translation methods sometimes show inconsistencies at high pressure (e. g. , negative thermal expansion coefficient we had to develop an original expression. For this purpose, we used high pressure density measurements instead of saturated liquid densities. Several pure hydrocarbons from various families were considered : C6 to C40 n-alkanes, cyclohexane, C6 to C12 monoaromatics. Within a good approximation, the volume translation c is thus shown to follow a linear dependancy with temperature and with molecular weight :c(T = (0. 023 - 0. 00056 MWT + (- 34. 5 + 0. 4666 MWwhere c is in cm³/mol, T in K and MW in g/mol. When this expression is used, average errors at high pressure are low (less than 3% for the C6 to C13 hydrocarbons investigated. For heavier hydrocarbons, its predictions are sensitive to critical properties and the following expression is recommended :(***where v(Tref, Pref is the liquid molar volume computed by the untranslated equation of state in the same conditions as those where a density measurement (pref is available. With the exception of the near-critical region, the method is still accurate at low pressure. The method does not display the inconsistencies of previous methods, and it is also shown to be consistent with mixing rules when several pure components are lumped into a single pseudo-component. As a consequence, its application to real fluids looks promising.

  4. Ainuke püsiv asi on muutumine / Anneliis Aunapuu

    Aunapuu, Anneliis


    Taani audiovideotehnikat disainivast firmast Jacob Jensen Design. Jacob Jenseni (sünd. 1926) asutatud büroo loomingut tutvustab tema poeg Timothy Jacob Jensen (sünd. 1962). Eesti disaini tasemest, Jaapani disainitoodangust. Esikaanel ja lk. B3 fotod Timothy Jacob Jensenist

  5. Original Paper Le champignon arbusculaire Glomus aggregatum ...

    Le champignon arbusculaire Glomus aggregatum améliore la nutrition minérale de ... Salinity remains a major problem for soil fertility, especially in the Sahelian zone. However, many ...... environmental gradient in the Brazilian semiarid.

  6. Qualité physico-chimique et nutritionnelle des oeufs de poule locale ...

    L'évaluation de la qualité physico-chimique et nutritionnelle des oeufs issus de poule locale et de race améliorée consommés à Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso a porté sur deux cent oeufs répartis en deux lots respectifs de 100 oeufs de race locale et 100 oeufs de race améliorée. Les valeurs des paramètres physiques ont ...

  7. Effect of ripening on the composition and the suitability for jam ...

    They contained less soluble sugars (4.04 – 7.56 g/100 g) and recorded lower viscosity values than those of the ripe mangoes. The pre-ripe Palmer and Améliorée mango varieties had high dry matter content, while the Mango and Améliorée varieties had higher soluble sugars contents. Due to their higher starch contents, ...

  8. Etude de la culture en couloirs de manioc ( Manihot esculenta ...

    L'objectif de l'étude est de recommander aux paysans un système de production de manioc à la fois rentable et préservatrice de l'environnement. Pour atteindre cet objectif, deux systèmes améliorés de culture en couloirs (manioc amélioré Yavo/soja vert (Mung bean)/Gliricidia sepium avec un apport de fumure de fond ...

  9. The Role of Science in Managed Aquifer Recharge--the Equus Beds aquifer near Wichita, Kansas Andrew Ziegler, Director Brian Kelly, Office Chief Michael Jacobs, Manager of Water Planning and Production Debra Ary, Engineer, Water Systems Planning (Invited)

    Ziegler, A. C.; Jacobs, M.; Ary, D.; Kelly, B.


    Data collection and interpretation using statistical, geochemical, and numerical simulation tools are essential parts of a long-term cooperative study between the city of Wichita, U.S. Geological Survey, and others to describe water quantity and quality conditions in a 165 square-mile part of the Equus Beds aquifer and Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers. The Equus Beds aquifer, eastern part of the High Plains Aquifer in south-central Kansas, is a vital water resource for agriculture and city of Wichita. Withdrawals for public supply began in the 1940s and agricultural irrigation began in the 1950-60s. These withdrawals led to water-level declines of up to 40 feet (historic low in 1993), a storage loss of 250,000 acre feet compared to predevelopment, and may enhance movement of chloride contamination from a past oilfield disposal area near Burrton and from natural chloride along the Arkansas River. Monitoring data and modeling show chloride near Burrton moved about 3 miles in 45 years, is about 1 mile away from the nearest public supply wells, and will continue to move for decades to centuries making the water unusable for irrigation or water supply without treatment. These concerns led to development of Wichita's 1993 integrated local water-supply plan that increased use of Cheney Reservoir and implemented aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) within the aquifer using high flows from the Little Arkansas River. ASR benefits include replacing depleted storage and slowing chloride movement. Decreased withdrawals, increased precipitation, and artificial recharge increased water levels and added 100,000 acre feet of storage through 2010, but drought since 2011 has increased withdrawals. A calibrated model will be used to simulate transport of chloride under several withdrawal scenarios using MODFLOW coupled with SEAWAT. Since 1995, water-quality data collection for more than 400 organic and inorganic compounds in surface water, treated source water for artificial recharge, and groundwater identified indicator bacteria, atrazine, chloride, sodium, nitrate, arsenic, iron, and manganese as constituents of concern exceeding water-quality criteria in baseline samples. Techniques were developed to estimate Little Arkansas River water quality in real-time for treatment. Geochemical modeling using PHREEQC and PHAST shows that groundwater quality is not changed if groundwater and recharge water are of similar redox potential. If different, calcite or metal hydroxides may precipitate and decrease water infiltration. A network of 38 locations with shallow and deep wells characterizes the recharge quantities and qualities for the city of Wichita to withdraw when needed from storage. Through 2013, the Demonstration project and Phase 1 and 2 facilities (capacity 40 MGD) have artificially recharged about 2 billion gallons. Total construction costs are about $300,000,000. Data-collection, interpretative geochemical and numerical simulations and water-quality transport modeling tools developed in the past 70 years are a scientific foundation to effectively and objectively manage this aquifer system.

  10. Using Remotely Sensed Data for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: A Collaborative Effort Between the Climate Change Adaptation Science Investigators Workgroup (CASI), NASA Johnson Space Center, and Jacobs Technology

    Jagge, Amy


    With ever changing landscapes and environmental conditions due to human induced climate change, adaptability is imperative for the long-term success of facilities and Federal agency missions. To mitigate the effects of climate change, indicators such as above-ground biomass change must be identified to establish a comprehensive monitoring effort. Researching the varying effects of climate change on ecosystems can provide a scientific framework that will help produce informative, strategic and tactical policies for environmental adaptation. As a proactive approach to climate change mitigation, NASA tasked the Climate Change Adaptation Science Investigators Workgroup (CASI) to provide climate change expertise and data to Center facility managers and planners in order to ensure sustainability based on predictive models and current research. Generation of historical datasets that will be used in an agency-wide effort to establish strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation at NASA facilities is part of the CASI strategy. Using time series of historical remotely sensed data is well-established means of measuring change over time. CASI investigators have acquired multispectral and hyperspectral optical and LiDAR remotely sensed datasets from NASA Earth Observation Satellites (including the International Space Station), airborne sensors, and astronaut photography using hand held digital cameras to create a historical dataset for the Johnson Space Center, as well as the Houston and Galveston area. The raster imagery within each dataset has been georectified, and the multispectral and hyperspectral imagery has been atmospherically corrected. Using ArcGIS for Server, the CASI-Regional Remote Sensing data has been published as an image service, and can be visualized through a basic web mapping application. Future work will include a customized web mapping application created using a JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API), and inclusion of the CASI data for the NASA Johnson Space Center into a NASA-Wide GIS Institutional Portal.

  11. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 18; Issue 1. Discrete Event Simulation. Matthew Jacob ... Keywords. Simulation; modelling; computer programming. Author Affiliations. Matthew Jacob1. Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012.

  12. The Effects of Stress on Levels of Nicotine in the Rat


    nicotine (Benowitz & Jacob, 1985; Feyerabend & Russell, 1978; Fix, Daughton & Issenberg, 1986; Matsukura, Sakamoto, Takahashi, Matsuyama...circulating levels of nicotine ( Feyerabend & Russell, 1978; Rosenberg, Benowitz, Jacob & Wilson, 1980). These studies suggest that acidification of

  13. A Short History of Probability Theory and Its Applications

    Debnath, Lokenath; Basu, Kanadpriya


    This paper deals with a brief history of probability theory and its applications to Jacob Bernoulli's famous law of large numbers and theory of errors in observations or measurements. Included are the major contributions of Jacob Bernoulli and Laplace. It is written to pay the tricentennial tribute to Jacob Bernoulli, since the year 2013…

  14. Amélioration de la qualité nutritionnelle des bouillies d'igname et ...


    31 juil. 2016 ... bouillie améliorée et celle des cendres (sels minéraux totaux) est passée de 1,44 ± 1,12g/100g de MS dans la bouillie traditionnelle à 3,64 ± 1,06g/100g de MS dans la bouillie améliorée Les résultats sur la consistance des bouillies montrent l'incorporation de malt au taux de 1% en présence de carbonate ...

  15. ¿Cómo un liderazgo pedagógico y distribuido mejora los logros académicos? Revisión de la investigación y propuesta (How educational and distributed leadership improved academic achievement? Research review and proposal (Comment un leadership pédagogique et distribué améliore les réussites académiques? Révision de la recherche et proposition (Como uma liderança pedagógica e distribuída melhora os lucros acadêmicos? Revisão da investigação e propostas

    Antonio Bolívar-Botía


    Full Text Available ResumenEl artículo hace una revisión de la literatura y de algu- nas de las experiencias internacionales más recientes sobre cómo el liderazgo pedagógico constituye un factor relevante en la mejora de resultados de los esta- blecimientos educativos. A su vez, presenta un diseño metodológico de investigación para analizar, por un lado, los factores y variables ligadas al liderazgo peda- gógico que ejercen un impacto sobre los aprendizajes del alumnado y, por otro, qué buenas prácticas de li- derazgo, no limitadas al equipo directivo, contribuyen decididamente a la mejora de la educación.AbstractThe article reviews the literature and some of the latest international experi- ence on how instructional leadership is an important factor in improving school results. Turn presents a research study design to analyze, first, the factors and variables related to educational leader- ship that have an impact on student learning, and –other– what good leader- ship practices, not limited to the man- agement team, contribute decisively to the improvement of education.RésuméDans cet article, on fait une révision de la littérature et de certaines expériences in- ternationales récentes sur la façon comme le leadership pédagogique constitue un facteur essentiel pour l'amélioration des établissements éducatifs. Or, on présente un modèle méthodologique de recherche pour analyser, d'un côté, les facteurs et les variables liées au leadership pédagogique qui exercent un impact sur les apprentis- sages des élèves et, d'un autre côté, le fait que les bonnes pratiques de leadership, qui ne soient pas limitées à l'équipe direc- tive, contribuent de énormément à l'amé- lioration de l'éducation.ResumoO artigo faz uma revisão da literatura e experiências internacionais mais recen- tes sobre como a liderança instrutiva constitui um fator relevante na melhora de resultados das escolas. A sua vez se apresenta um desenho metodológico de investigação para analisar, por um lado, os fatores e variáveis unidas à lide- rança pedagógica que exercem um im- pacto sobre as aprendizagens do corpo discente; e –por outro– que boas práti- cas de liderança, não limitadas à equipe diretiva, contribuem decididamente à melhora da educação

  16. Author Details

    Manga, Anicet. Vol 11, No 5 (2017) - Articles Le champignon arbusculaire Glomus aggregatum améliore la nutrition minérale de Acacia seyal soumis au stress salin progressif. Abstract PDF. ISSN: 1997-342X. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More ...

  17. Effet de l'incorporation de graines d' Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Oseille de ...

    Effet de l'incorporation de graines d' Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Oseille de Guinée) dans l'alimentation sur quelques paramètres d'ingestion et de croissance du poulet en aviculture traditionnelle améliorée au Burkina Faso.

  18. Application de la gestion intégrale de l'innovation dans les petites et ...

    'application d'un cadre de gestion intégrale de l'innovation destiné exclusivement aux PME. Les capacités de recherche et de mise en oeuvre seront améliorées au moyen d'une formation aux cycles supérieurs ou d'une autre nature.



    ont été étudiées à partir des isothermes d'adsorption de l'acide acétique à 30° et ... has resulted in the determination of the two types of adsorption isotherms : the Freundlich and .... zinc 60 % pendant 6 heures n'améliore pas suffisamment le.

  20. Pleins feux sur l'incidence transformatrice des technologies de l ...

    29 juil. 2016 ... L'utilisation des TIC, comme les téléphones mobiles et Internet, améliore la ... Les partenariats de recherche du CRDI travaillent en vue de combler ... Connect Initiative lors de la réunion du groupe qui a eu lieu en avril 2016, ...

  1. Résultats de recherche | Page 9 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour ...

    Adaptation aux changements climatiques grâce à une gestion améliorée des bassins versants dans le bassin du Tensift, au Maroc. Au Maroc, la croissance de la population urbaine exerce des pressions sur les réserves d'eau limitées du pays. Projet ...

  2. 2349-IJBCS-Article-Dr Mariama Dalanda Diallo


    3Department of Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology, Columbia University, New York, USA. 4Agriculture and ..... améliore la qualité du sol et la disponibilité des éléments .... Forest Ecology and Management, 207: 351-362. Faye G ...

  3. Effet de l'urée et du NPK 15-15-15 perlés et super granulés sur la ...


    31 mai 2014 ... Objectifs : La présente étude réalisée sur les sites rizicoles de Koussin et de ... pour une meilleure production des variétés améliorées de riz car ils augmentent substantiellement les ...... Nitrogen deep-placement technologies.

  4. Climate Change | Page 17 | IDRC - International Development ...

    Home · Agriculture and Environment. Climate Change. Language English. Read more about Adaptation aux changements climatiques grâce à une gestion améliorée des bassins versants dans le bassin du Tensift, au Maroc. Language French. Read more about Climate Change and Water Adaptation Options. Language ...

  5. L’exstrophie vésicale chez l’adulte: A propos de 5 cas

    I. Ziouziou


    Conclusion: l’urostomie continente à type de VICC améliore la qualité de vie et la continence des patients adultes ayant une exstrophie vésicale, mais au prix de complications stomiales à long terme.

  6. 2465-IJBCS-Article-Obafemi Ferdinand Laleye


    2Laboratoire de Biotechnologies et d'Amélioration Animale, Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques,. Université ... pour fabriquer des médicaments traditionnels améliorés grâce aux ..... extraits protéiques issus de la pulpe du fruit de Momordica ...

  7. Contribution Economique et Sociale de la pêche artisanale au Sénégal

    Dione, D.; Sy, A.B.; Ndiaye, M.S.


    Programme pour des Moyens d'Existence Durables dans la Pêche en Afrique de l'Ouest. Projet Pilote 1 "Moyens d'Existence améliorés dans le secteur post-capture de la pêche artisanale" au Cameroun, en Gambie, au Sénégal et au Tchad.

  8. 2559-IJBCS-Article-Isidore B Gnanda


    L'embouche bovine dans les élevages du Plateau Central du Burkina Faso : Résultats économiques d'une ..... différence entre le prix de vente d'un bovin et toutes les dépenses ..... démarche participative de transfert de techniques améliorées ...

  9. evaluation et selection participative des varietes ameliorees


    Le manque de semences de variétés performantes constitue au Bénin l'une des contraintes au développement de la production de ... Quatre variétés, comportant trois variétés améliorées du Burkina-Faso et ... Il est suivi du Niger avec 650.

  10. Solar chemical heat pipe

    Levy, M.; Levitan, R.; Rosin, H.; Rubin, R.


    The performance of a solar chemical heat pipe was studied using CO 2 reforming of methane as a vehicle for storage and transport of solar energy. The endothermic reforming reaction was carried out in an Inconel reactor, packed with a Rh catalyst. The reactor was suspended in an insulated box receiver which was placed in the focal plane of the Schaeffer Solar Furnace of the Weizman Institute of Science. The exothermic methanation reaction was run in a 6-stage adiabatic reactor filled with the same Rh catalyst. Conversions of over 80% were achieved for both reactions. In the closed loop mode the products from the reformer and from the metanator were compressed into separate storage tanks. The two reactions were run either separately or 'on-line'. The complete process was repeated for over 60 cycles. The overall performance of the closed loop was quite satisfactory and scale-up work is in progress in the Solar Tower. (authors). 35 refs., 2 figs

  11. [Proceedings of the VII international symposium 'Cultural heritage in geosciences, mining and metallurgy : libraries, archives, museums' : "Museums and their collections" held at the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Leiden (The Netherlands), 19-23 May, 2003 / Cor F. Winkler Prins and Stephen K. Donovan (editors)]: Johann Jacob Scheuchzer (1672-1733) und die Alpenerforschung in der Schweiz - aus den Beständen der Eisenbibliothek

    Bouheiry, A.


    A short introduction provides some information about the Iron Library, a foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd, at Schaffhausen, which was established in 1949, to enable scientists and students the study of its historic collection, which is mainly concentrated on mining and metals, but includes all other

  12. 77 FR 47882 - Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-Cooperative...


    ...; Navistar, Inc., Melrose Park, IL; Tata Motors, Ltd., Mumbai, INDIA; Toyota Motor Corp., Shizuoka, JAPAN..., Inc., Torrance, CA; Isuzu Motors Limited, Fujisawa, JAPAN; Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Bloomfield, CT...

  13. 76 FR 67402 - Performance Review Board Appointments


    ... Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific or Professional (ST) Performance Review Boards...; White, Dave. Research, Education and Economics (REE) Bartuska, Ann; Jacobs-Young, Chavonda; Woteki...

  14. Variety and regional economic growth in the Netherlands : final report to the Ministery of Economic Affairs

    Frenken, K.; Oort, van F.G.; Verburg, T.; Boschma, R.A.


    In economic theory, one can distinguish between variety as a source of regional knowledge spillovers, called Jacobs externalities, and variety as a portfolio protecting a region from external shocks. We argue that Jacobs externalities are best measured by related variety (within sectors), while the

  15. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Lifetime and latency analysis of IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN with interrupted sleep mechanism · ANIL K JACOB GEETHU M KISHORE LILLYKUTTY JACOB · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. It is of utmost importance in a wireless body area network (WBAN) to improve the lifetimes of devices, while restricting latencies within ...

  16. Series


    (American) English two years later (Wollman and Jacob. 1961). The emergence of ... Words have an important role in scientific knowledge. According to the ... we lack the right words to describe them” (quoted in Jacob et al. 1953). There is a ...

  17. Mapping strategic diversity: strategic thinking from a variety of perspectives

    Jacobs, D.


    In his influential work, Strategy Safari, Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues presented ten schools of strategic thought. In this impressive book, Dany Jacobs demonstrates that the real world of strategic management is much wider and richer. In Mapping Strategic Diversity, Jacobs distinguishes

  18. First Person Past: American Autobiographies, volume 1

    United States, literature, Benjamin Franklin, Olaudah Equino, Davy Crockett, Black Hawk, Harriet Robinson, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ulysses S. Grant, Tunis Gulic Campbell......United States, literature, Benjamin Franklin, Olaudah Equino, Davy Crockett, Black Hawk, Harriet Robinson, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ulysses S. Grant, Tunis Gulic Campbell...

  19. African Journal of Neurological Sciences 2010 - Vol. 29, No 1 70



  20. Production, consumption, and quality attributes of Lanhouin, a fish-based condiment from West Africa

    Kindossi, JM


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Jacobs_2012_ABSTRACT ONLY.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 1919 Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 stream_name Jacobs_2012_ABSTRACT ONLY.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=ISO-8859...

  1. The Ballet of the Streets: Teaching about Cities at Street Level

    McGuire, Patrick A.; Spates, James L.


    The urban scholar Jane Jacobs once described city life as "the ballet of the streets." In more than a quarter century of joint teaching, the authors have used Jacobs' metaphor to help their students understand that cities are living organisms created and maintained, for good or ill, by the people who live and work in them. At heart their…

  2. The Recycling Solution: How I Increased Recycling on Dilworth Road

    Keller, J. Jacob


    The grandson of Fred Keller, one of the founders of behavior analysis, Jacob was 10 years old when he conducted the project for his elementary school science fair. We recently contacted Jacob to learn more about his project. He told us the inspiration came from a class field trip to the county recycling center, which included seeing video footage…

  3. Alternative modalities – A Review of Graphic Encounters: Comics and the Sponsorship of Multimodal Literacy

    Aaron Scott Humphrey


    Full Text Available Research exploring the multimodal characteristics of comics has recently flourished, and Dale Jacobs has been one of the early prolific authors on this topic. Jacobs expands these ideas further in 'Graphic Encounters: Comics and the Sponsorship of Multimodal Literacy', a monograph which engages with theories of multimodality, but shifts its focus primarily to literacy sponsorship.

  4. More than Words: Comics as a Means of Teaching Multiple Literacies

    Jacobs, Dale


    Historically, comics have been viewed as a "debased or simplified word-based literacy," explains Dale Jacobs, who considers comics to be complex, multimodal texts. Examining Ted Naifeh's "Polly and the Pirates," Jacobs shows how comics can engage students in multiple literacies, furthering meaning-making practices in the classroom and beyond.

  5. A Feast Is..

    Contributions by: Aeron Bergman, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Alejandra Salinas, Cecilia Aldarondo, David Bell, David Shrigley, Francesco Pedraglio, Harald Voetman, Ida Marie Hede, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Jeuno JE Kim, Jacob Lillemose, James Wilkes, Lene Asp, Linus Elmes, Lina Selander, Media Farzin, Mathias Kr...

  6. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Matthew Jacob. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 18 Issue 1 January 2013 pp 78-86 Classroom. Discrete Event Simulation · Matthew Jacob · More Details Fulltext PDF ...

  7. Forward Air Controller: Task Analysis and Development of Team Training Measures for Close Air Support


    commandement aérien supérieur, etc.). La simulation répartie peut être un outil utile pour créer et maintenir des capacités de CAA dans les Forces canadiennes...d’objectivité de l’instrument doit être évalué et amélioré. Un instrument EEFC amélioré aidera à l’élaboration de simulations réparties de formation...scientifique ont ensuite collaboré pour réviser et élaborer 21 EEFC supplémentaires et les combiner toutes dans un instrument d’évaluation à appliquer

  8. Intégration d'un ensemble d'interventions de soins de santé ...

    Les chercheurs examineront des stratégies visant à mettre en ¿uvre des services améliorés de soins de santé maternelle et de nutrition infantile, de dépistage du cancer du col de l'utérus et de soutien en vue de l'autonomisation des femmes grâce à des activités d'interventions communautaires menées par les deux ...

  9. Santé des mères et des enfants à l'hôpital Lacor, au Soudan du Sud ...

    Les chercheurs examineront des stratégies visant à mettre en ¿uvre des services améliorés de soins de santé maternelle et de nutrition infantile, de dépistage du cancer du col de l'utérus et de soutien en vue de l'autonomisation des femmes grâce à des activités d'interventions communautaires menées par les deux ...

  10. Effet variétal et du traitement fongicide sur la sévérité de la maladie ...

    utilisation intégrée des variétés moins sensibles (PNG, PNN et TY 3396-12), des variétés fortement productives (MEX 142 et MAC 33) et du fongicide manèbe améliore la production du haricot commun. Mots clés : Variétés, taches angulaires, ...

  11. Des effets durables : Asie | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    6 juin 2014 ... Le Projet hippocampe devient un important protagoniste de la conservation de la faune marine. En savoir plus. L'Initiative pour les micronutriments : des solutions durables à la faim inapparente · L'information améliore les conditions de vie dans les Philippines · De l'eau potable dans les foyers grâce à un ...

  12. Case report


    9 mai 2016 ... correspondant à 12 g de carbonate de lithium), bien amélioré cliniquement après trois séances d'hémodialyse. Cette observation .... fréquent d'observer au cours du traitement chronique un diabète insipide néphrogénique avec ... complication au cours de tentative de suicide au lithium. Notre observation ...

  13. Evaluation des indicateurs d'alerte précoce de la résistance du VIH ...

    Pour minimiser ce risque les pratiques de prescription devraient être améliorées, un système de recherche des absents aux rendez-vous devrait être mis en place et la disponibilité constante des antirétroviraux devraient être assurée. The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;25. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE ...

  14. 109 Composition chimique et propriétés antibactériennes des huiles ...


    2Laboratoire des Produits Naturels (LPN), Département de chimie, Faculté des sciences et techniques, .... analytique, la technique a été améliorée par la mise en ligne deux colonnes capillaires de polarité différente ... couplage CPG/SM a été réalisé sur colonne capillaire en silice fondue (25 m x 0,23 x 0,25 µm) avec de.

  15. Principes redditionnels à l'intention des instituts de recherche | CRDI ...

    La dénonciation des déficits démocratiques et les crises de légitimité ont incité les institutions nationales et internationales à se pencher sur les principes redditionnels. De plus, selon des écrits récents, l'obligation de rendre des comptes améliore l'efficacité et la viabilité des organismes. Les instituts de recherche sont ...

  16. Lizzie Shumba, Malawi Intégrer la recherche au travail des ...

    9 déc. 2010 ... Des chercheurs du Malawi et du Canada — spécialistes de l'agriculture, de la nutrition et des sciences sociales —ont collaboré avec le personnel de l'hôpital et des agriculteurs pour trouver les légumineuses les plus adéquates. Ce projet, que le CRDI appuie depuis 2001, a amélioré la nutrition, des ...

  17. Effet du Pediococcus acidilactici sur le bilan lipidique sanguin du ...

    Les résultats relatifs aux performances zootechniques ont montré que l'addition du probiotique a amélioré significativement le gain de poids pendant la phase de croissance se traduisant par un indice de consommation meilleur. Les dosages du cholestérol total, des triglycérides, du HDL et du LDL ont été déterminés à la ...

  18. Renforcement de la capacité d'adaptation aux changements ...

    Ce projet vise à améliorer les mesures incitatives et les possibilités qui s'offrent aux ménages du sud de la Zambie et du sud-ouest du Zimbabwe pour composer avec les changements climatiques. Pour ce faire, les responsables investiront dans des technologies de production améliorées d'une grande valeur pratique ...

  19. Influence des sols contaminés en cuivre sur le développement de ...


    31 juil. 2017 ... 2017 Influence des sols contaminés en cuivre sur le développement de deux variétés (locale et améliorée) de légumes dans la région de Lubumbashi (RD. Congo). 11411. ABSTRACT. Objectives : In the former province of Katanga, subsistence agriculture is predominantly traditional. While these soils are ...

  20. Puiser son revenu de la forêt de Nefza | CRDI - Centre de ...

    21 avr. 2016 ... Avec l'aide du Centre de recherches pour le développement international, des chercheurs ont amélioré les techniques d'extraction, encourageant Latifa et ses voisines à accroître leurs revenus grâce à l'extraction de l'huile de lentisque et à la vente de celle-ci aux pharmacies et à d'autres acheteurs.

  1. 1607-IJBCS-Article-Halima Diadie


    L'objectif de cette étude est de tester la stabilité et l'acceptabilité du CSB++, une farine améliorée pour répondre à la ... population et de l'amélioration de l'offre des services. En réponse à cette situation, le ..... Social marketing of a nutritional.

  2. Modeling Gas Bubble Behaviour and Loading on a Rigid Target due to Close-Proximity Underwater Explosions: Comparison to Tests Conducted at DRDC Suffield


    rayon de bulle de type champ libre, d’une cible rigide. À cette distance de sécurité, l’onde de choc et la bulle de gaz contribuent de façon...produisent des prédictions d’impulsion améliorées pour les cibles rigides. DRDC Atlantic TM 2010-238 iii Executive summary Modeling...i Executive summary

  3. Etude du comportement de deux variétés de manioc en culture in ...

    Les techniques de multiplication peu améliorées du manioc associées aux problèmes de maladies bactériennes et virales participent à la régression de son rendement. Le but de cette étude est d'analyser le comportement de deux variétés de manioc en culture in vitro puis l'impact de cette technique sur la qualité de l'ADN ...

  4. 1756-IJBCS-Article-Sylvanus Yoa


    alimentaires améliore significativement la croissance et l'indice de consommation chez les porcelets (Albar et al., 2000 ; Burnham et al., 2000, Bertol et al., 2001). Ainsi, tout comme les graines précédemment citées, l'incorporation de la noix de cajou. (Anacardium occidentale) dans l'alimentation du bétail a présenté des ...

  5. Les cultures régénératrices du sol sont essentielles à l'amélioration ...

    Ce projet promouvra des manières d'encourager l'utilisation des technologies de culture des légumineuses améliorées, utilisées sur les sites pilotes, dans plusieurs régions du sud de l'Éthiopie. Il montrera l'incidence ... L'importance des services de garde d'enfants pour améliorer les possibilités économiques des femmes.

  6. Fonds canadien de recherche sur la sécurité alimentaire ...

    Les projets du FCRSAI génèrent des connaissances et des innovations telles que de nouvelles compétences et de nouveaux outils, des pratiques agricoles améliorées et de nouvelles façons d'accroître la productivité agricole durable, de favoriser les entreprises agroalimentaires dirigées par des jeunes et de diversifier les ...

  7. Les déterminants socioéconomiques de l'adoption des technologies ...

    ... 2) les taux moyens d'adoption par technologie sont de 74,9% pour les variétés améliorées, 57,2% pour les pesticides chimiques, 20% pour la combinaison fumure organique/NPK ; 21.7% pour l'engrais NPK seul, 7,4% pour les biopesticides à base de graines de Neem et 5,7% pour le respect de la densité de semis.



    l'EMBRAPA (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa. Agropecuaria). Selon Ikotun et al., (1990), des acariens appartenant à la famille des. Phytoséiides sont utilisés comme principaux agents de lutte contre les acariens verts. CONCLUSION. En définitive, pour la région d'Abengourou, les variétés améliorées IM84 et IM89, qui ont ...

  9. 273 Etude de la culture en couloirs de manioc (Manihot esculenta ...


    La culture en couloirs pourrait constituer une solution intéressante de ..... pourrait s'expliquer par le type de fumure de fond utilisé lors de la mise en place des parcelles ..... performances des variétés améliorées de manioc ont été observées dans ... Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture, Bureau ...

  10. Renforcement de la résilience à la variabilité du climat dans le ...

    27 avr. 2016 ... On a aussi constaté que les plantes indigènes constituaient une excellente source de protéines, de lipides, de cellulose brute et de minéraux. De brefs cours de formation en agroentreprise et en technologies agricoles intelligentes ont été offerts. L'accès aux marchés a été amélioré. Les collectivités ont ...

  11. Experience d'un Systeme d'Archivage et de Communication d ...

    Les radiologues et les techniciens estimaient avoir amélioré leur productivité et gagné du temps dans la réalisation des différentes modalités d'imagerie. Tous les utilisateurs nourrissent l'intention de poursuivre avec le PACS. Conclusion: Le PACS a eu un impact positif car tous les utilisateurs étaient satisfaits de cet outil ...

  12. TEHIP Case 2_f

    villageois, qui ont travaillé sur le chantier et apporté des matériaux locaux tandis que le conseil de district comblait la différence, le dispensaire d'Utunge a été amélioré en moins de six mois et 6 000 personnes ont pu bénéficier ainsi de meilleurs services de santé. Utunge se trouve dans le district de Rufiji, qui est un des.

  13. Pulse energy control through dual loop electronic feedback

    Jacobs, Cobus


    Full Text Available University of Stellenbosch WWW.LASER-RESEARCH.CO.ZA University of Stellenbosch Pulse Energy Control Through Dual Loop Electronic Feedback Cobus Jacobs, Steven Kriel Christoph Bollig, Thomas Jones Cobus Jacobs et al. Overview head2righthead2right...What is Laser Pulse Energy Control? head2righthead2rightWhy do we need it? head2righthead2rightHow do we get it? head2righthead2rightSimulation head2righthead2rightExperimental Setup head2righthead2rightResults Cobus Jacobs et al. head2righthead2right...

  14. Visualizing Conflict: Possibilities for Urban Research

    Juan Francisco Saldarriaga


    Full Text Available The Center for Spatial Research (CSR is undertaking a multiyear project investigating what we have termed Conflict Urbanism. The term designates not simply the conflicts that take place in cities, but also conflict as a structuring principle of cities intrinsically, as a way of inhabiting and creating urban space. The increasing urbanization of warfare and the policing and surveillance of everyday life are examples of the term (Graham, 2010; Misselwitz & Rieniets, 2006; Weizman, 2014, but conflict is not limited to war and violence. Cities are not only destroyed but also built through conflict. They have long been arenas of friction, difference, and dissidence, and their irreducibly conflictual character manifests itself in everything from neighborhood borders, to differences of opinion and status, to ordinary encounters on the street. One major way in which CSR undertakes research is through interrogating the world of ‘big data.’ This includes analyzing newly accessible troves of ‘urban data,’ working to open up new areas of research and inquiry, as well as focusing on data literacy as an essential part of communicating with these new forms of urban information. In what follows we discuss two projects currently under way at CSR that use mapping and data visualization to explore and analyze Conflict Urbanism in two different contexts: the city of Aleppo, and the nation of Colombia.

  15. Highly charged ions trapping for lifetime measurements; Piegeage d'ions tres charges pour la mesure de duree de vie d'etats metastables

    Attia, D


    A new experimental setup dedicated to highly charged ion trapping is presented in this work. The final goal is to perform lifetime measurement of metastable states produced by our ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) ion source. Lifetimes to be measured are in the range of a few ms and more. We have measured the lifetimes of the M1 transitions of the metastable states of Ar{sup 9+}, Ar{sup 13+} and Ar{sup 14+}. These measurements are useful to test the N-body problem in the relativistic range. The trap we have built, was designed a few years ago at the Weizman Institute in Israel, it allows ions with an energy of several keV to be trapped for lifetimes of about 1 second. This trap was originally designed to study the dynamics of excited molecules. We have shown for the first time how the trap operates and that it can operate with highly charged ions. We have studied the beam dynamics of highly charged ions and the trap has been tested with various species of ions and different charge states: from O{sup +} to O{sup 6+}, from Ar{sup 8+} to Ar{sup 13+}, and from Kr{sup 13+} to Kr{sup 20+}.

  16. Valupunktidest ja vanamuusika jõujoontest Innsbrucki rakursi alt / Saale Kareda

    Kareda, Saale, 1968-


    Vanamuusika ajastutruu esitlustraditsiooni elushoidmisest, Innsbrucki vanamuusikafestivali korraldusest - festivali kunstiline juht Rene Jacobs lahkub Innsbrucki vanamuusika festivali kunstilise juhi kohalt, korralduse võtavad üle Alessandro DeMarchi ja Crista Redik

  17. Fulltext PDF


    skeleton, doing what he did best – talking science. (Photograph ... This book came out the same year as Jacob's model of bricolage, and ... Mismeasure of Man and Ever Since Darwin were paeans to the glories of diversity, both within the.

  18. Review of Huebert’s Libertarianism Today

    Walter E. Block


    Libertarianism Today, by Jacob Huebert (Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2010), is an excellent introduction to libertarianism. In contrast to many other recent books about libertarianism, a consistent non-compromising libertarianism is defended throughout this book.

  19. Disease: H01031 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H01031 Orthostatic intolerance (OI); Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) Orthostatic intolerance...rdan J, Jacob G, Black BK, Biaggioni I, Blakely RD, Robertson D ... TITLE ... Orthostatic intolerance

  20. Does John 17:11b, 21−23 refer to church unity?



    Sep 13, 2010 ... thought. Even when doing a colon analysis, revealing the obvious time consuming, well planned rhetorical structure of ... 1984:125) and then take action to realise it (Jacobs 2007:7). ..... The fusion of Platonism and Stoicism.

  1. The Jewish contribution to medicine

    The first American Jewish hospital is a prestigious instimtion today -- the ... Pediatric Association and the American Medical Association. jacob Mendes DaCosta ... by which the soil converts animal and plant residue into humus. As a student he ...

  2. Dietary iron rural blacks overload In southern African


    Sep 15, 1990 ... suggest that iron overload from any cause may predispose to infection7 and there are .... consumption and acute inflammatory diseases. However, it ..... Addison GM, Beamish MR, Hales C ',Hodgkins M, Jacobs A, Llewellin P.

  3. Paul Dirac

    Pais, Abraham; Jacob, Maurice; Olive, David I.; Atiyah, Michael F.


    Preface Peter Goddard; Dirac memorial address Stephen Hawking; 1. Paul Dirac: aspects of his life and work Abraham Pais; 2. Antimatter Maurice Jacob; 3. The monopole David Olive; 4. The Dirac equation and geometry Michael F. Atiyah.

  4. Some Aspects of Catalase Induction in Baker's Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

    Freeland, P. W.


    Described are experiments for demonstrating essential features of substrate-induced enzyme synthesis based on the Jacob-Monod model, and for showing that the activity of certain genes can be modified by environmental temperature. (RH)




    Feb 20, 2013 ... 3Jacob School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, SHIATS, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Accepted 31 ... 2012) and salinity tolerance cultivars (Kanawapee et al., ..... Primers showing polymorphisms with their PIC value.

  6. 04 Van Vuuren 02.pmd



    Jun 23, 2009 ... Breytenbach's prison poetry is first contextualized as part of a South ... Jacobs's classification it is remarkable that the earliest work he lists, ..... his own experiences and into his own art” Breytenbach's writing becomes “master-.

  7. 78 FR 41058 - FFP Missouri 2, LLC; Notice of Proposed Restricted Service List For a Programmatic Agreement


    .... Johnnie Jacobs, Choctaw Nation of Emman Spain, Muscogee (Creek) Oklahoma, P.O. Box 1210, Durant, Nation, P... historic properties might be identified within the motion, please use a separate page and label it Non...

  8. 77 FR 51845 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus


    .... Miska (MN), Susan L. Mosel (WI), Mark T. L. Owings (KS), Jacob D. Oxford (ID), Derek W. Palmer (MA), Robert D. Regavich (NJ), Jack W. Schlichting (MN), Lonnie H. Shere (WA), Craig A. Trimmer (OH), Lisa E...

  9. Download


    Jul 24, 2009 ... were the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (43.0%) and the tricyclics ... pain (Jacob 2004:350), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Pliszka ..... to 26% males (sex was not recorded for 46.3% of patients). In.

  10. Clinical profile of cyanotic congenital heart disease in neonatal ...

    Ashraf Abou-Taleb


    Feb 1, 2016 ... rate was 100% in cases of pulmonary atresia and hypoplastic left heart syndrome ..... [10] Patton C, Hey E. How effectively can clinical examination pick up .... [33] Jacobs EGJ, Leung MP, Karlberg J. Distribution of symptomatic.

  11. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 6, No 16 (2007)

    Evaluation of post-vaccination immunity to canine distemper and parvoviruses in Benin City, Nigeria · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. NO Eghafona, J Jacob, SC Yah ...

  12. Does family structure matter? Comparing the life goals and ...

    Jacobs, 2011) stipulates that goal-setting, decision-making and career ... role in the socialisation of children, offering support and 'nutriments' towards ... in a low socio-economic environment, being socially isolated, having lower emotional.

  13. Remodelling technology transfer

    Dumont, Emmanuel L. P.


    Should inventors control the fate of their own inventions? In the US, most universities think not. But, as Emmanuel Dumont explains, the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in New York City bets otherwise.

  14. Loglines. September - October 2011


    Deputy Director, Strategic Communications Jack Hooper Loglines Staff Managing Editor Kathleen T. Rhem Editor Jacob Boyer Writer Beth Reece Writer...recommendation from a presidential commission headed by former President Herbert Hoover to coordinate procurement, storage, distribution and

  15. 76 FR 20717 - NASA Advisory Council; Space Operations Committee; Meeting.


    ...: Doubletree Hotel, 2080 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Jacob... for the meeting includes the following topics: --Space Operations Mission Directorate FY2012 Budget...

  16. 75 FR 8109 - National Register of Historic Places; Weekly Listing of Historic Properties


    .... Paul Loether, Chief, National Register of Historic Places/National Historic Landmarks Program. KEY.... Cherry Ln., Greensboro vicinity, 09000963, LISTED, 12/02/09 Leverton, Jacob and Hannah, House, 3531...

  17. A study on the risk of subaortic and pulmonic stenosis and on genetic aspects of echocardiography measurements in the Italian Boxer dog

    G. Bittante


    Full Text Available Subaortic and pulmonic stenosis are congenital cardiac defects affecting several dog breeds (Jacobs, 1990; Buchanan, 1992; Tidholm, 1997. Subaortic stenosis (SAS is characterized by a fibrous ring of tissue placed immediately below the aortic valve.

  18. Prions and neuro degenerative diseases



    Mar 28, 2011 ... scrapie (a fatal disease of sheep and goats), mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, fatal familial insomnia, kuru .... The scrapie agent is extremely resistant to heat ... movement, or the stress of handling, the animal may.

  19. Compensating Wounded Warriors: An Analysis of Injury, Labor Market Earnings, and Disability Compensation Among Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars


    dermatological; ear, nose, and throat; eye; family problems; fatigue, malaise, multisystem complaint; audiology ; gastrointestinal; genitourinary...25, 2011: article /pii/S0927537111000686 Loughran, David S., Jacob Alex Klerman, and Craig Martin, Activation and

  20. 75 FR 33659 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Request for Comments for a New Information Collection


    ..., Massachusetts, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Washington); 1 metropolitan transit authority (Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority/Metropolitan Transit Authority Bridges and Tunnels (TBTA/MTA); 3 engineering consulting firms (United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Jacobs Associates, and PB...

  1. 75 FR 77945 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision


    ... Christopher J. McCulla Dickie R. Clough Darris Hardwidge Darrell Rogers Scott A. Cole Shawn M. Hebert Karl H. Strangfeld Richard W. Futrell Milan Jokic Jacob E. Wadewitz Carlos R. Galarza Douglas Jones Stephen H. Ward...

  2. Functional adaptation and phenotypic plasticity at the cellular and ...


    directional stem or root flexure (see Knight 1811; Jacobs. 1954). .... electrical or chemical change in the cell wall or plasma membrane is, in ... Osmotic stress affects plasma membrane ... is one of the strongest biopolymers measured in tension.

  3. Patterns of referral to Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital ...

    Memorial Children's Hospital, K1ipfontein Road, Rondebosch, 7700 RSA,. Accepted 10 Apt 1990, ... of every patient referred in the study period, or recorded the folder number of ..... Council for providing a short-term grant; Mariah Jacobs of the.

  4. 26th European Congress of Arachnology in Midreshet Ben-Gurion

    Schaider, Miriam


    Early in September, 130 arachnologists and 11 accompanying persons from 27 countries from all over the world headed to Israel to attend the 26th European Congress of Arachnology hosted by the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research.

  5. Optimismi antoloogia / Tambet kaugema

    Kaugema, Tambet


    Kahest lavastusest Rakveres toimunud teatrifestivalil "Baltoscandal" - Ursula Martinezi "MY Stories Your Emails" ("Minu lood , teie e-kirjad") ja Pieter De Buysseri - Jacob Wreni "An Anthology of Optimism" ("Optimismi antoloogia")

  6. Subcutaneous emphysema

    ... PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2016:chap 84. Eckstein M, Henderson SO. Thoracic trauma. In: Marx JA, Hockberger RS, ... by: Jacob L. Heller, MD, MHA, Emergency Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA. Also reviewed by ...

  7. Collapsed lung (pneumothorax)

    ... PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2014:chap 143. Eckstein M, Henderson SO. Thoracic trauma. In: Marx JA, Hockberger RS, ... by: Jacob L. Heller, MD, MHA, Emergency Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA. Also reviewed by ...

  8. Hemothorax

    ... PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2014:1005-1009. Eckstein M, Henderson SO. Thoracic trauma. In: Marx JA, Hockberger RS, ... by: Jacob L. Heller, MD, MHA, Emergency Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA. Also reviewed by ...

  9. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa - Vol 4, No 1 (2016)

    First-year seminar intervention: Enhancing firstyear mathematics performance at the University of Johannesburg · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Melanie Jacobs, Estherna Pretorius, 77-86 ...

  10. Review of Middle Eastern Cities 1900-1950. Public Places and Public Spheres in Transformation

    Vacher, Helene


    Hans Chr. Korsholm and Jacob Skovgaard Petersen (Ed.)Middle Eastern Cities 1900-1950. Public Places and Public Spheres in Transformation.Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus I. Aarhus, Aarhus University Press, 2001......Hans Chr. Korsholm and Jacob Skovgaard Petersen (Ed.)Middle Eastern Cities 1900-1950. Public Places and Public Spheres in Transformation.Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus I. Aarhus, Aarhus University Press, 2001...

  11. Cognitive Frames of Reference and Strategic Thinking


    Elliot Jaques and T. 0. Jacobs, whose Stratified Systems Theory (SST) links leadership requirements to organizational functions. SST emphasizes the...Strategic Managers , pp. 6-14. 6. Isenberg, p. 172; Jacobs and Jaques; J. G. Hunt, Toward Leadership Paradigm Expansion. 7. C. J. Whitehead and K. B...reverse if necessary and identify by block number) Using Stratified Systems Theory and the research on expertise as a conceptual framework, this study

  12. Contribution à la conception et à la commande des machines synchrones à double excitation. Application au véhicule hybride.

    AMARA , Yacine


    This Thesis concerns the design of hybrid excited synchronous machines used for hybrid and/or electric vehicles traction.; Les travaux présentés dans ce mémoire concernent la conception et la commande des machines synchrones à double excitation. Ce concept apparaît viable et améliore les performances des machines synchrones et plus globalement les systèmes d’entraînement où elles s’intègrent.

  13. L'enrichissement des sols et des semences permet d'améliorer la ...

    6 juin 2016 ... Grâce à des sols en meilleure santé et à l'utilisation de variétés améliorées, les agriculteurs du sud de l'Éthiopie ont multiplié par deux le rendement du pois chiche. L'amélioration des méthodes de transformation et de préparation de cet aliment, conjuguée à des programmes d'éducation, s'est traduite par ...

  14. Rentabilité économique du fractionnement des engrais azotés en ...


    29 mai 2013 ... RESUME. Objectifs : Les engrais se minéralisent pendant toute la saison de végétation et la disponibilité de l'azote ne coïncide pas toujours avec le cycle de croissance des cultures. Ainsi, le fractionnement de l'azote et son application sur deux variétés améliorées de maïs, Unilu et PAN 53, a été explorée ...

  15. Perception paysanne du changement climatique et stratégies d ...

    Les résultats de l'étude indiquent que les paysans ont conscience de ce que le climat a changé, l'impact le plus net en riziculture pluviale étant la forte variation interannuelle et la faiblesse des ... Cette première approche pourra être complétée par l'introduction du matériel végétal amélioré résistant à différents stress.

  16. Sécurité alimentaire et nutrition : des innovations qui aident les plus ...

    28 oct. 2010 ... Le CRDI contribue à accroître la sécurité alimentaire et à améliorer la valeur nutritive des aliments depuis qu'il a vu le jour en 1970. Les recherches menées en vue de trouver des moyens de nourrier les populations pauvres ont permis de mettre au point des variétés végétales améliorées, d'accroître ...

  17. evaluation de l'effet de la fertilisation minerale sur la production de ...

    L'application efficace des engrais sur ces variétés améliorées de maïs pourraient contribuer à l'amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire, de l'alimentation du cheptel des exploitations agricoles et au développement durable des systèmes de production intégrés agriculture- élevage dans les zones cotonnières de l'Afrique.

  18. Enhanced wound contraction in fresh wounds dressed with honey in ...

    Resultats: Le pansement avec le miel a remarquablement amélioré le pourcentage du resserrement de la plaie pendant le dixième jour avec la valeur 79,20 ±2.94 par rapport à la valeur du groupe du contrôle de 53,50 ± 4.32 P =0,0 Le moyen de la mesure de la plaie dans le dixième jour était remarquablement en basse ...

  19. 136 Identification des risques pluviométriques sur la culture du maïs ...


    Agronomique pour le Développement (IRAD) qui a mis sur pieds des variétés améliorées de maïs en fonction des zones agroécologiques. Désormais, en plus de la variété locale, sont vulgarisées dans la zone d'étude les variétés telles que le CMS 304 et le Z 290 (variétés à cycle court) ainsi que les variétés Kasaï et Coca.

  20. Se servir de la psychologie pour réduire la violence en Afrique du Sud

    24 févr. 2015 ... Comment une approche en matière de santé publique visant à réduire la violence en Afrique du Sud peut-elle être améliorée ? Dans un récent article publié par des chercheurs qui mènent des travaux dans le cadre de l'initiative Villes sûres et inclusives, on soutient que l'intégration et la compréhension ...


    Une conservation prolongée jusqu'en juin baisse sa qualité culinaire et c'est la variété Bètè bètè qui gagne la préférence des consommateurs, après s'être améliorée en qualité en cette période de l'année. Krenglè est surtout apprécié pendant sa période de récolte au mois de janvier. Les autres variétés, Florido, Assawa et ...

  2. Résultats de recherche | Page 13 | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    ... application pour téléphone intelligent améliore l'élevage durable du bétail en Éthiopie. L'Éthiopie compte l'une des populations d'animaux d'élevage les plus élevées de l'Afrique. Le bétail représente l'un des segments des plus importants de cette population, comptant environ 50 millions d'animaux. Date de publication.

  3. Résultats de recherche | Page 12 | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    ... application pour téléphone intelligent améliore l'élevage durable du bétail en Éthiopie. L'Éthiopie compte l'une des populations d'animaux d'élevage les plus élevées de l'Afrique. Le bétail représente l'un des segments des plus importants de cette population, comptant environ 50 millions d'animaux. Date de publication.

  4. 2. L'approche fonctionnelle de la production verbale écrite. Où en sommes-nous ?

    Fayol, Michel


    Un large consensus s'est dégagé au cours des deux dernières décennies relativement à la production verbale écrite (Alamargot & Chanquoy, 2001 ; Fayol, 2002). Ce consensus porte sur cinq points. Premièrement, l'activité rédactionnelle est complexe et doit être analysée en composantes pour être étudiée et éventuellement améliorée (Hayes & Flower, 1980). Deuxièmement, en accord avec les postulats de la psychologie cognitive, ces composantes comportent à la fois des représentations (lexicales, sy...

  5. Case report


    21 sept. 2017 ... XA avait aux deux yeux, une AV à 8/10 et XB, une AV de 3/10 améliorée au trou sténopéïque à 7/10 en faveur d'une amétropie. XA présentait un ptosis bilatéral qui remontait à l'âge de 2 ans avec une action du releveur de la paupière supérieure (RPS) à 7 mm et XB, un ptosis bilatéral remontant à l'âge de ...

  6. Gasification of oil shale by solar energy

    Ingel, Gil


    Gasification of oil shales followed by catalytic reforming can yield synthetic gas, which is easily transportable and may be used as a heat source or for producing liquid fuels. The aim of the present work was to study the gasification of oil shales by solar radiation, as a mean of combining these two energy resources. Such a combination results in maximizing the extractable fuel from the shale, as well as enabling us to store solar energy in a chemical bond. In this research special attention was focused upon the question of the possible enhancement of the gasification by direct solar irradiation of the solid carbonaceous feed stock. The oil shale served here as a model feedstock foe other resources such as coal, heavy fuels or biomass all of which can be gasified in the same manner. The experiments were performed at the Weizman institute's solar central receiver, using solar concentrated flux as an energy source for the gasification. The original contributions of this work are : 1) Experimental evidence is presented that concentrated sunlight can be used effectively to carry out highly endothermic chemical reactions in solid particles, which in turn forms an essential element in the open-loop solar chemical heat pipe; 2) The solar-driven gasification of oil shales can be executed with good conversion efficiencies, as well as high synthesis gas yields; 3)There was found substantial increase in deliverable energy compared to the conventional retorting of oil shales, and considerable reduction in the resulting spent shale. 5) A detailed computer model that incorporates all the principal optical and thermal components of the solar concentrator and the chemical reactor has been developed and compared favorably against experimental data. (author)

  7. Sunlight technologies for photochemical deactivation of organic pollutants in water

    Acher, A.; Fischer, E.; Tornheim, R. [The Volcani Center, Inst. of Soils and Water, Bet Dagan (Israel); Manor, Y. [Sheba Medical Center, Central Virology Lab., Ramat Gan (Israel)


    Sensitized-photochemical oxidation methods aimed at use in water treatment technologies for deactivation of biotic (microorganisms) and/or of xenobiotic (pesticides) pollutants in water were developed using global solar radiation or concentrated sunlight (up to 250 suns). The solar global radiation was used either for detoxification of industrial waste water from a pesticide factory to allow their discharge into the urban sewer, or for disinfection of domestric effluents to be used in crop irrigation. The disinfection process was eventually carried out in an experimental pilot-scale plant, capable of disinfection up to 50 m{sup 3}/h of effluent supplied by an activated sludge sewage treatment plant located in Tel-Aviv area. The treated effluents did not show any regrowth of the microorganisms during 7 days. The solar concentrated radiation experiments performed using facilities of the Sun Tower of The Weizman Institute of Science, Rehovot. The concentrated sunlight was provided by different combination of several computer controlled heliostates, up to 8, that track the sun and focus the received sunlight onto the target situated on the roof of the sun-tower. The sunlight intensities measured on the target reached up to 200 kW/m{sup 2}. The experiments were performed either batch- or continuous-wise. The water-samples exposed to disinfection were the above effluent, filtered and supplemented with vaccine strain poliovirus or with different concentrations of an industrial potential pollutant (bromacil), MB 2 mg/L and two concentrations of dissolved oxygen (8.0 or 40.0 mg O{sub 2}/L). An exposure time of 2-3 seconds at 150 kW/m{sup 2} was decreased the microorganisms alive (counts) by five orders of magnitude. A comparison between the two above water treatment technologies is presented. (orig./SR)

  8. FCJ-120 Other Ways Of Knowing: Embodied Investigations of the Unstable, Slippery and Incomplete

    Petra Gemeinboeck


    invasion of digital surveillance and urban combat tactics in which soldiers are instructed to literally walk through private walls (Weizman, 2007.

  9. ON012380: A Non-ATP Competitive Inhibitor of BCR-ABL for the Therapy of Imatinib-Resistant CMLs


    imatinib resistance with a novel ABL kinase inhibitor. Science. 2004; 305(5682):399-401 3. Weisberg E, Manley PW, Breitenstein W, Bruggen J, Cowan-Jacob... Manley PW, Cowan-Jacob SW, Hochhaus A, Griffin JD. Second generation inhibitors of BCR-ABL for the treatment of imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid...araldehyde (5) (10 mmol), glacial acetic acid (5 mL), and a catalytic amount (100 lL ) of benzyl amine was re- fluxed for 5–8 h. After completion of

  10. La formazione di un economista



    Full Text Available The paper is a contribution to a series of recollections and reflections on the professional experiences of distinguished economists which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review started in 1979. The economic and social problems associated with the depression in the 1930s were prevalent in Don Patinkin’s neighbourhood, thus influencing him to become an economist. In his graduate studies at the University of Chicago, he was exposed to Frank Knight, Jacob Viner, Henry Simons, Jacob Marshak and Oskar Lange, professors whom he credits for his training as an economist. JEL Codes: B31 

  11. Understanding Drug Resistance to Targeted Therapeutics in Malignant B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders (B-LPDs)


    1063-70. PMC2783430. 2. Zhang J, Jima DD, Jacobs C, Fischer R, Gottwein E, Huang G, Lugar PL, Lagoo AS, Rizzieri DA, Friedman DR, Weinberg JB...Khoury, Thomas R Klumpp, Hillard M Lazarus, Victor A Lewis, Philip L McCarthy, David A Rizzieri, Mitchell Sabloff, Jeff Szer, Martin S Tallman, and...malignant human B cells identifies hundreds of novel microRNAs. Blood. 2010;116(23):e118-27 5. Zhang J, Jima DD, Jacobs C, Fischer R, Gottwein E, Huang G

  12. Application of historical Y-12 default radiological activity values to legacy waste

    Coleman, G.


    In June of 2003, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC tasked Pacific Western Technologies (PWT) to perform a comprehensive audit of the Facility Acceptance Testing/ Container Analysis Tool (FAT-CAT), which is currently administered, by Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC... During this audit, a finding was issued on the subject of assigning historic Y-12 default radiological activity values to radiological containers, having no radiological data. Analysis of default radiological values versus known real radiological values showed the default values to be conservative as a place-holder for containers with no known radiological values. (authors)


    Ramiro Anzit Guerrero


    Full Text Available O direito penal do inimigo, proposto por Günther Jacobs, representa a antítese do direito penal garantista, de cunho liberal, idealizado e desenvolvido a partir da Revolução Francesa. Contudo, para que seja possível analisá-lo a partir do texto constitucional brasileiro (proposta do presente trabalho faz-se necessária a compreensão de suas características latentes, o que significa mergulhar a fundo no pensamente de seu artífice, Günther Jacobs.

  14. Frisættelse af fødderne

    Kirkeby, Ole Fogh


    Kropskultur. Amerikansk journalist og forfatter hævder, at løb - og fødder - giver adgang til livets mening. Anmeldelse af: Christoffer McDougall: Født til løb. Oversat af Jacob Giese efter Born to Run. Forlaget Turbulenz, 400 sider.......Kropskultur. Amerikansk journalist og forfatter hævder, at løb - og fødder - giver adgang til livets mening. Anmeldelse af: Christoffer McDougall: Født til løb. Oversat af Jacob Giese efter Born to Run. Forlaget Turbulenz, 400 sider....

  15. Kuratering af Samtidskunst

    Kuratering af Samtidskunst er den første bogudgivelse i Danmark, der fokuserer på kuratering som fag og praksis. Kuratering spiller en stadig større rolle i samtidskunsten. Bogen er en introduktion til skiftende forståelser af udstillings- og kuratorpraksisser og deres udfordringer, indkredset ge...... Kofod Olsen, Teresa Gleadowe, Helle Ryberg, Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg, Malene Natascha Ratcliffe, Pelin Uran, Jacob Fabricius, Lotte Juul Petersen, Jacob Lillemose, Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Frederikke Hansen & Tone Olaf Nielsen (kuratorisk aktion) og Temporary Services....

  16. A BCR-ABL Kinase Activity-Independent Signaling Pathway in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia


    Breitenstein W, Bruggen J, Cowan-Jacob SW, Ray A, Huntly B, Fabbro D, Fendrich G, Hall-Meyers E, et al. (2005) Cancer Cell 7:129–141. 10. Druker BJ...2532–9. 15. Weisberg E, Manley PW, Breitenstein W, Bruggen J, Cowan-Jacob SW, Ray A, Huntly B, Fabbro D, Fendrich G, Hall-Meyers E, Kung AL, Mestan J...HG, Mountford JC, Holyoake TL. Punish the parent not the progeny. Blood. 2005; 105: 1862–6. 63. Pfeifer H, Wassmann B, Pavlova A, Wunderle L, Oldenburg

  17. El (reconocimiento de la madre en La mitad del alma

    Sandra J. Schumm


    Full Text Available Resumen: La mitad del alma de Carme Riera, en que C rememora a su madre, enfatiza la importancia del reconocimiento de las mujeres en la memoria histórica. Desde el mito griego de Atena, quien ignoraba a su madre Metis, la sociedad patriarcal ha excluido a la madre, lo cual promete que la hija conlleve negación también, según Amber Jacobs en On Matricide. Jacobs observa que en La Oresteia hay crímenes sancionados contra las mujeres, las hijas están deprimidas, existe incesto contra la hija, la reproducción familiar se paraliza, toda la sociedad sufre y la hija se desperdicia también cuando la madre es menospreciada. Jacobs afirma que este desprecio de la madre que transcurría en los mitos griegos continúa en la sociedad y la psicología hoy en día. En esta novela de Riera, la hija protagonista, quien desconoce a su madre, sufre de un estado depresivo, la falta de creatividad y una conexión demasiado fuerte con su padre, semejante a lo que Jacobs observa en los mitos, pero la escritura de C sobre su madre la integrará en la consciencia y mejorará la situación de la hija y, últimamente, la de toda la civilización.Summary: Carme Riera‟s La mitad del alma, in which C recollects her mother, emphasizes the importance of the recognition of women in historic memory. Ever since the Greek myth of Athena, who was ignorant of the existence of her mother, Metis, patriarchal society has excluded the mother, a fact which promises that the daughter will also experience negation, according to Amber Jacobs in On Matricide. Jacobs observes that in La Oresteia there are sanctioned crimes against women, the daughters are depressed, there is incest against the daughter, she is dishonored, family reproduction stops, and all of society suffers when the mother is not appreciated. Jacobs affirms that the distain of the mother that took place in Greek myths continues in society and psychology today. In this novel by Riera, the protagonist/daughter, who

  18. Military Nutrition (Research Study Group 8 on Nutritional Aspects of Military Feeding)


    have demonstrated that low-fat or skimmed milk reduces serum cholesterol. 222. Yogurt and whole milk at least do not seem to raise blood cholesterol...servicemen, thirty-five to forty-five years old. M.Sc. thesis, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario. 11. Jacobs, H. 1978. National Ferment in Dietary

  19. Academic Training: Summer Student Lecture Programme


    Main Auditorium, bldg. 500 DATE TIME LECTURER TITLE Monday 26 July 09:15 - 10:00 A. Pich (IFIC) The Standard Model (7/8) 10:15 - 11:00 R. Rattazzi (CERN) Beyond the Standard Model (1/3) 11:15 - 12:00 K. Jacobs (Universität Freiburg) Physics in Hadronic Colliders (1/4) DATE TIME LECTURER TITLE Tuesday 27 July 09:15 - 10:00 A. Pich (IFIC) The Standard Model (8/8) 10:15 - 11:00 R. Rattazzi (CERN) Beyond the Standard Model (2/3) 11:15 - 12:00 R. Rattazzi (CERN) A. Pich (IFIC) Discussion Session DATE TIME LECTURER TITLE Wednesday 28 July 09:15 - 10:00 K. Jacobs (Universität Freiburg) Physics in Hadronic Colliders (2/4) 10:15 - 11:00 K. Jacobs (Universität Freiburg) Physics in Hadronic Colliders (3/4) 11:15 - 12:00 R. Rattazzi (CERN) Beyond the Standard Model (3/3) 14:00 - 15:00 R. Assmann (CERN) The CLIC project DATE TIME LECTURER TITLE Thursday 29 July 09:15 - 10:00 K. Jacobs (Universität Freiburg) Physics in Hadronic ...

  20. Book Review: Evolution's Chimera: Bats and the Marvel of ...

    Abstract. Book Title: Evolution's Chimera: Bats and the Marvel of Evolutionary Adaptation. Book Author: David Jacobs. 2016, University of Cape Town Press, Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 14373, Lansdowne 7779, Cape Town, South Africa Softcover, 204 pages. ISBN 978-1-77582-212-7. Price R299 ...

  1. Wallenbergid istuvad liiga mitmel toolil / Sirje Rank

    Rank, Sirje, 1966-


    Läinud nädalal avalikustatud muudatuste järgi saab SEB nõukogu esimehest Jacob Wallenbergist Rootsi mõjukama investeerimisfirma Investor nõukogu esimees. Lisa: Investori kaudu osalus mitmes suurfirmas. Vt. samas: Mõjukas Investor

  2. An Authorization Logic with Explicit Time


    that η-logic can be used in specifying the behavior of systems with time-dependent authorization policies. In such cases, the logic can be used to...10(4):265– 310, November 1992. [26] Christopher Lesniewski-Laas, Bryan Ford, Jacob Strauss, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Robert Morris. Alpaca : extensible

  3. A Logic for Reasoning About Time-Dependent Access Control Policies


    its purpose, it is a rather coarse approximation of the behavior desired in general. It is likely that Alice wants the credential C to allow Bob...Jacob Strauss, Robert Morris, and M. Frans Kaashoek. Alpaca : Extensible authorization for distributed services. In Proceedings of the 14th ACM Conference

  4. Exploring Mathematics Teacher Education Fieldwork Experiences through Storytelling

    Elrod, Melody Jeane


    Throughout the history of teacher education, the final fieldwork experience has often been called the single most influential experience in teacher preparation programs (Burns, Jacobs, & Yendol-Hoppey, 2016; Feiman-Nemser & Buchmann, 1986; Parker-Katz & Bay, 2008). Though this experience has been expanded to include fieldwork…

  5. Boerderijen en platteland in verandering. Een onderzoek naar herbestemming van boerderijen in Friesland

    van der Vaart, J.H.P.


    Jacob H.P. van der Vaart (1999), Boerderijen en platteland in verandering; een onderzoek naar herbestemming van boerderijen in Friesland (Farm buildings and countryside in transformation; a study of the re-use of farm buildings in Friesland) Dissertation University Nijmegen, book published by Fryske

  6. Influence of preparation method on structural and magnetic ...


    Influence of preparation method on structural and magnetic properties of nickel ferrite nanoparticles. BINU P JACOB, ASHOK KUMAR†, R P PANT†, SUKHVIR SINGH† and. E M MOHAMMED*. Department of Physics, Maharaja's College, Ernakulam 681 011, India. †National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi 110 012, India.

  7. II Läänemere maade muinsuskaitsefoorum


    Teine Läänemeremaade muinsuskaitsefoorum teemal "Urban Heritage - Collective Privilege" Helsingis 7.-11. VI 2005. Põhikonverentsi jutatasid sisse Riita Nikula, Herb Stovel ja Hans Jacob Roald, kes esitasid oma nägemuse ajaloolise linnakeskonna võimalustest ja ohtudest

  8. A Rapid and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of ...


    grade oxalic acid 99 % was from the Associated Chemical Enter- prises (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, .... qualitatively observing weak signals for sulfonamides in the .... 10 W. Reybroeck, F.J. Jacobs, H.F. De Brabander and E. Daeselèire, J. Agri.

  9. Sparse Bayesian Information Filters for Localization and Mapping


    Jacob, and Kristian for the many interesting discussions that we have had. It was great to work with David in preparing and operating the AUVs for the two...Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1994. [43] D. Fox, W. Burgard, S. Thrun, and A. Cremers . Position estimation for mobile robots in dynamic

  10. Vreugde en verdriet in die huis van Jakob


    the children of their slave girls. This article focuses on the quest for happiness, which is evident in the births and name-giving in the house of Jacob. Although true happiness remains elusive, at the end both women receive their dues. God keeps a balance between the two contenders, but the birth of Rachel's son calls for a.

  11. Jacques Presser's Heritage: egodocuments in the study of history

    R.M. Dekker (Rudolf)


    textabstractIn Spanish: A mediados de los años cincuenta del siglo XX el historiador Jacob Presser introdujo una nueva palabra: egodocumento, término que venía a significar las autobiografías, memorias, diarios, cartas personales y otros textos en los cuales el autor escribe, explícitamente acerca

  12. Clumsy City by Design : A Theory for Jane Jacobs’ Imperfect Cities?

    Schmitt, Sarah-Maria; Hartmann, T.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/343441349


    How do different concepts of justice correspond with the principles of diversity in cities introduced by Jane Jacobs? This contribution connects Jane Jacobs’ ideas on the diverse city with Mary Douglas’ Cultural Theory and its concept of clumsy solutions. According to Douglas’ Cultural Theory, every

  13. Repetition and masked form priming within and between languages using word and nonword neighbors

    Dijkstra, A.F.J.; Hilberink-Schulpen, B.J.H.; Heuven, W.J.B. van


    If access to the bilingual lexicon takes place in a language independent way, monolingual repetition and masked form, priming accounts should be directly applicable to bilinguals. We tested such an account (Grainger and Jacobs, 1999) and extended it to explain bilingual ejects from L2 to L1. Dutch

  14. Operational art in the Defense: The German Abwehrschlachten in 1918


    Siegismund, 1937), 74. 21 Jacob Jung, Max von Gallwitz (1852-1937) (Osnabrück: Biblio -Verlag, 1995), 93 & 97. 22 Erich Ludendorff, Meine...Goerre-Verlag, 2003. 44 Jung, Jakob. Max von Gallwitz (1852-1937). Osnabrück: Biblio -Verlag, 1995. Kelly, Justin, and Michael J. Brennan. "The

  15. 77 FR 50102 - Application for Final Commitment for a Long-Term Loan or Financial Guarantee in Excess of $100...


    ... support the export of U.S. services and equipment to Saudi Arabia. Brief non-proprietary description of... Incorporated; Jacobs Engineering Group Incorporated; Foster Wheeler AG; Fluor Corporation. Obligor: The obligor... Being Exported The items being exported are design work, construction services, technology licenses...

  16. Projecting Grammatical Features in Nominals: Cognitive Processing Theory & Computational Implementation


    underlying linguistic theory is an adaptation of X-Bar Theory ( Chomsky , 1970; Jackendoff, 1977) called Bi- Polar Theory (Ball, 2007a). In Bi-Polar...University Press. Chomsky , N. (1970). Remarks on Nominalization. In Jacobs & Rosembaum, (Eds.), Readings in English Transformational Grammar. Waltham, MA

  17. National Strategies for Implementing Postmodern Thinking for Improving Secondary Education in Public Education in the United States of America

    Jacobs, Karen Dupre; Kritsonis, William Allan


    The purpose of this article is to discuss strategies for secondary, public school educators to implement postmodern thinking in the United States of America. Postmodernism is a set of strategic practices that erase limits or norms to abide by placed upon people in society. Jacobs and Kritsonis say the time is now for educators to be recognizant of…

  18. Õigeusu kiriku arhitektuur Eestis 16.-18. sajandil / Aleksandr Pantelejev

    Pantelejev, Aleksandr


    Tallinna Püha Nikolai kirik. Tallinnas Rootsi Mihkli, Narvas saksa Maarja (ikonostaasi teostas Jacob Leu, u. 1708) ja rootsi Jaani kiriku ümberehitamine õigeusu kirikuteks. Ikonostaaside kavandamisel osalesid Ivan Zarudnõi Tallinnas ja arvatavasti Dominico Trezzini (1670-1734) Narvas. Polgukirikud. Pärnu Püha Jekaterina õigeusu kirik (arhitekt Pjotr Jegorov, 1765-1768). Bibliograafia lk. 460

  19. Generation and Limiters of Rogue Waves


    Jacobs, 7320 Ruth H. Preller, 7300 1231 1008.3 E. R. Franchi , 7000 Erick Rogers, 7322 1. REFERENCES AND ENCLOSURES 2. TYPE OF PUBLICATION OR...wave heights do not grow unlimited. With massive amount of global wave observations available nowadays, wave heights much in excess of 30m have never

  20. Auditory Weighting Functions and TTS/PTS Exposure Functions for Marine Mammals Exposed to Underwater Noise


    male I’a nui hahai TYH WEN MUK, NOC female HF Jacobs and Hall, 1972 Kastelein et al., 2002** Kastelein, Hoek, de Jong, and Wensveen...Ridgway, S. H., D. A. Carder, T. Kamolnick, R. R. Smith, C. E. Schlundt, and W. R. Elsberry. 2001. “Hearing and Whistling in the Deep Sea: Depth

  1. Unique Information on a Seventeenth-Century Printing House in Arnhem

    op t Hof, W.J.


    Having first briefly informed the reader on the life of the Puritan Arthur Hildersham (1563-1632), author of Fonteyne des levens, and of its Dutch translator, the Reformed Pietist Arnhem minister Daniel van Laren (b. 1585), and its Arnhem publisher Jacob van Biesen (d. 1677), this article deals in

  2. Refleksioner over boligbeskatning og velfærdstab

    Skak, Morten


    I artiklen i Nationaløkonomisk Tidskrift, Boligbeskatningens teorigrundlag, Sørensen og Vastrup (2015), præsenterer Peter Birch Sørensen og Jacob Vastrup en teoretisk gennemgang af beskatningen af fast ejendom med vægt på de to beskatningsformer ejendomsværdiskat og grundskyld (ejendomsskat). Ogs...

  3. Perspectives on Moreno, Psychodrama, and Creativity

    Blatner, Adam


    An essential element in successful psychotherapy involves helping clients become more creative in their approach to their problems. While Otto Rank, one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis, loosely alluded to this as a fitting goal, it was the inventor of psychodrama, Jacob L. Moreno, MD (1889-1974), who made this an explicit objective of the…

  4. Mapping community vulnerability to poaching: A whole-of-society approach

    Schmitz, Peter


    Full Text Available in Cartography and GIScience Mapping community vulnerability to poaching: A whole-of-society approach Peter M.U. Schmitz,1,2,3 Duarte Gonçalves,4 and Merin Jacob4 1. CSIR Built Environment, Meiring Naude Rd, Brummeria, Pretoria, South Africa; pschmitz...

  5. Considerations on photochemical genotoxicity. II: Report of the 2009 International Workshop on Genotoxicity Testing Working Group

    Lynch, A.M.; Guzzie, P.J.; Bauer, D.; Gocke, E.; Itoh, S.; Jacobs, A.; Krul, C.A.M.; Schepky, A.; Tanaka, N.; Kasper, P.


    A workshop to reappraise the previous IWGT recommendations for photogenotoxicity testing [E. Gocke, L. Muller, P.J. Guzzie, S. Brendler-Schwaab, S. Bulera, C.F. Chignell, L.M. Henderson, A. Jacobs, H. Murli, R.D. Snyder, N. Tanaka, Considerations on photochemical genotoxicity: report of the

  6. Cool : karvased hipid ja sürrid hobusepead / Maris Meiesaar, Tiiu Laks



    !". PÖFFi filme programmist "Crazy Cool: Põhja-Ameerika indie-filmid" - USA mängufilm "Humboldti maa" ("Humboldt Country"), režissöörid Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs, Kanada dokumentaalfantaasia "Minu Winnipeg" ("My Winnipeg"), režissöör Guy Maddin

  7. Gender Issues and the Slave Narratives: "Incidents in the Life" and "Narrative of the Life" Compared.

    DeGout, Yasmin Y.

    The differences between early African American narratives written by women and those written by men can be seen in a comparison of Harriet A. Jacobs's "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself" and Frederick Douglass's "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave." A comparison of these works…

  8. The Unsung Past: Afro-American Women Writers of 19th Century.

    Simson, Renate

    Pointing to the widespread neglect afforded to the works of nineteenth century Afro-American women authors, this paper discusses, and presents excerpts from, the works of many of these authors to show the types of concerns they wrote about. Among the works discussed are the following: the slave narratives of Harriet Jacobs and Elizabeth Keckley;…

  9. New Fellows and Honorary Fellow

    Elected: 1976 Section: General Biology. Jacob, Prof. Tazhuthaveetil Mathai Ph.D. (Madras), FNA. Date of birth: 6 June 1927. Date of death: 6 June 2014. Specialization: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Immunology Last known address: 51, 10th Cross, II Stage, West of Chord Road, Bengaluru 560 086.

  10. Conceptualizing Gender Performance in Higher Education: Exploring Regulation of Identity Expression

    Fellabaum, Jennifer


    While many higher education scholars have considered gender (e.g., Dawson-Threat & Huba, 1996; DeLucia-Waack, Gerrity, Taub, & Baldo, 2001; Jacobs, 1995; Knox, Zusman, & Mcneely, 2004; Lackland & De Lisi, 2001; Massey & Christensen, 1990), most of the literature uses modernistic theories to examine gender roles or gendered differences among…

  11. Armeenlane Abovjan ja kaks Parrotit : Tartu kuulsad nimed / Malle Salupere

    Salupere, Malle, 1931-


    Oktoobri kekskel peeti TÜ aulas konverents-aktus TÜ kasvandiku ja Armeenia rahvavalgustaja Hatšatur Abovjani 200. sünniaastapäeva puhul. Juttu oli ka Johann Jacob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrotist, kes Abovjani Tartusse tõi ja TÜ rektor Georg Friedrich Parrotist

  12. New Lyrics for Obrecht's Liedekens

    Grijp, L.P.


    This article is about the musical settings of Dutch secular texts by the famous Flemish composer Jacob Obrecht (1457/58-1505). Most of Obrecht’s liedekens have been handed down without full text, often with just the first line. Were these compositions meant as instrumental or vocal pieces? Assuming

  13. Serological Survey of Toxoplasmosis Transvaal

    Serological Survey of Toxoplasmosis. Transvaal. P. R. MASON, M. R. JACOBS, P. J. FRIPP. •. In the. SUMMARY. Thirty-seven per cent of 605 samples of human sera col- lected from four ethnic groups in South Africa gave a positive Toxoplasma indir~ct fluorescent antibody test at a dilution 01 1/16 or higher. The incidences ...

  14. REVEAL: Reconstruction, Enhancement, Visualization, and Ergonomic Assessment for Laparoscopy


    2007) Ergonomic risk of assisting in minimally invasive surgery, Annual conference of SAGES 2008 Park AE, Meenaghan N, Lee TH, Seagull FJ, Lee G...of NOTES techniques: a study of physical and mental workload, body movement and posture Adrian Park, Gyusung Lee, Carlos Godinez, F Jacob Seagull

  15. Teacher Salary Bonuses in North Carolina. Research Brief

    National Center on Performance Incentives, 2008


    In "Teacher Salary Bonuses in North Carolina"--a paper presented at the February 2008 National Center on Performance Incentives research to policy conference--Jacob Vigdor of Duke University reviews a teacher salary bonus program operating in North Carolina. Known officially as the ABC's of Public Education, the program awards teachers…

  16. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. E Dominic Jacob1 Lopez Mathew2 Baby Thomas3. Department of Chemistry, Research Centre, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha 686 661; Department of Chemistry, Union Christian College, Aluva 683 102; Department of Chemistry, St. Dominics College, Kanjrapally 686 512 ...

  17. Fulltext PDF

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    is likely to cause great loss of life and property and severe ... been utilized and compared in recent studies (Field and Jacob .... of 1.0 to 0.2. This imposes a balance in the qua- ..... ratio technique is developed as a part of this work to handle ...

  18. Remedial action plan and site design for stabilization of the inactive uranium mill tailings sites at Rifle, Colorado: Final report


    This radiologic characterization of tho two inactive uranium millsites at Rifle, Colorado, was conducted by Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (Bendix) for the US Department of Energy (DOE), Grand Junction Projects Office, in accord with a Statement of Work prepared by the DOE Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project Technical Assistance Contractor, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. (Jacobs). The purpose of this project is to define the extent of radioactive contamination at the Rifle sites that exceeds US Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) standards for UMTRA sites. The data presented in this report are required for characterization of the areas adjacent to the tailings piles and for the subsequent design of cleanup activities. An orientation visit to the study area was conducted on 31 July--1 August 1984, in conjunction with Jacobs, to determine the approximate extent of contaminated area surrounding tho piles. During that visit, survey control points were located and baselines were defined from which survey grids would later be established; drilling requirements were assessed; and radiologic and geochemical data were collected for use in planning the radiologic fieldwork. The information gained from this visit was used by Jacobs, with cooperation by Bendix, to determine the scope of work required for the radiologic characterization of the Rifle sites. Fieldwork at Rifle was conducted from 1 October through 16 November 1984

  19. Probleme der Textauswahl fiir einen elektronischen Thesautus ...

    1. Nov. 1996 ... SPRACHE. Das im Jahr 1838 von den Briidem Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm begonnene. Deutsche Worterbuch wird seit 1960 in der Tragerschaft der Akademien in Got- tingen und Berlin im Buchstabenbereich A - F neu bearbeitet. Dem Gottinger Neubearbeitungsteil des Grimmschen Worterbuchs liegt eine.

  20. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 98 of 98 ... Issue, Title. Vol 4, No 1 (2016), First-year seminar intervention: Enhancing firstyear mathematics performance at the University of Johannesburg, Abstract PDF. Melanie Jacobs, Estherna Pretorius. Vol 5, No 2 (2017), From Inky Pinky Ponky to Improving Student Understanding in Assessment: Exploring the ...

  1. Gender Inequality at Work.

    Jacobs, Jerry A., Ed.

    These 14 papers address many dimensions of gender inequality at work. The empirical studies include examinations of original surveys, secondary analyses of large data sets, and historical reports assaying the significance of personal, family, and structural factors with regard to gender in the workplace. An introduction (Jacobs) sketches how sex…

  2. Brothers Grimm Bicentenntial: Blueprint for a Community Celebration.

    Novak, Sigrid Scholtz

    Faculty at McNeese State University (Louisiana) and local civic, educational, and cultural groups encouraged their community to commemorate the anniversary of the births of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, German scholars who recorded fairy tales, myths, legends, and folk songs that are now an important part of the western world's cultural heritage,…

  3. Impact of a Checklist on Principal-Teacher Feedback Conferences Following Classroom Observations. REL 2018-285

    Mihaly, Kata; Schwartz, Heather L.; Opper, Isaac M.; Grimm, Geoffrey; Rodriguez, Luis; Mariano, Louis T.


    Most states' teacher evaluation systems have changed substantially in the past decade. New evaluation systems typically require school leaders to observe teachers' classrooms two to three times a school year instead of once (Doherty & Jacobs, 2015). The feedback that school leaders provide to teachers after these observations is a key but…

  4. A qualitative application of Amartya Sen's 'development as freedom ...

    Put differently, Liberals, Marxists and Anarchist view the provision of social grants as an ... president Jacob Zuma once said, that the government “cannot sustain a ..... At the end of the day, stress and worry about the future is always there ...

  5. “Bible” of the hydrological sciences celebrates its 30th year

    Berkowitz, Brian

    Jacob Bear's Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media, first published by Elsevier in 1972 and re-issued by Dover in 1988 as a classic in its physics and chemistry series, has reached the age of 30. And yet, the suffix "years old" is not applicable to the book, as it continues to be heavily referenced to this day by both academics and consultants.

  6. XVII sajandi graafika rahvusraamatukogus / Jüri Hain

    Hain, Jüri, 1941-


    Kuraator J. Hain VI korruse galeriis avatud näitusest "Euroopa XVII sajandi sügavtrükigraafika Eesti Rahvusraamatukogus". Näitusel on esindatud Jacques Callot, Stefano della Bella, Salvator Rosa, Claude Vignon, Valentin Lefebvre, Jacob Matham, Crispijn (van) de Passe jt.

  7. Detonation Jet Engine. Part 1--Thermodynamic Cycle

    Bulat, Pavel V.; Volkov, Konstantin N.


    We present the most relevant works on jet engine design that utilize thermodynamic cycle of detonative combustion. The efficiency advantages of thermodynamic detonative combustion cycle over Humphrey combustion cycle at constant volume and Brayton combustion cycle at constant pressure were demonstrated. An ideal Ficket-Jacobs detonation cycle, and…

  8. Adapting to Large-Scale Changes in Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry, and Physics: The Impact of Online Teacher Communities

    Frumin, Kim; Dede, Chris; Fischer, Christian; Foster, Brandon; Lawrenz, Frances; Eisenkraft, Arthur; Fishman, Barry; Jurist Levy, Abigail; McCoy, Ayana


    Over the past decade, the field of teacher professional learning has coalesced around core characteristics of high quality professional development experiences (e.g. Borko, Jacobs, & Koellner, 2010. Contemporary approaches to teacher professional development. In P. L. Peterson, E. Baker, & B. McGaw (Eds.), "International encyclopedia…

  9. Download this PDF file

    that reports decreased in 2015/16. The three crime types that Victim Survey ... SAPS data may indicate changes in reporting, rather than in offending rates. Nevertheless, it is concerning that the ... those close to President Jacob Zuma, effectively shielding him and dirty business entities (e.g. the. Gupta business empire) from ...

  10. Manifest Destiny's Child: Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade and the Literature of American Empire

    Tunc, Tanfer Emin


    This article discusses how, following in the footsteps of United States imperial children's writers Jacob Abbott and Edward Stratemeyer, Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade (1860-1936), the original author of the "Our Little Cousins" series (1901-1905), contributed to the American culture of empire. Wade was one of the most prolific and popular…

  11. The origin of the division between Middle Platonism and Neoplatonism

    Catana, Leo


    The division of Ancient Platonism into Middle Platonism and Neoplatonism is a fairly new one. The conceptual foundation of this division was cemented in Jacob Brucker’s pioneering Historia critica philosophiae (1742-44). In the 1770s and 1780s, the term ‘Neoplatonism’ was coined on the basis of B...

  12. The historiographical concept ‘system of philosophy’

    Catana, Leo

    Jacob Brucker (1696-1770) established the history of philosophy as a philosophical discipline in the 1740s. In order to separate this new discipline from other historical disciplines, he introduced the historiographical concept ‘system of philosophy’. The historian of philosophy should use this c...

  13. Jakob auf der Couch : Kann die Psychologie uns helfen die Jakobserzählung zu verstehen?

    Dubbink, J.


    This paper investigates the possibility of a psychological reading of the biblical story of Jacob (Genesis 25-36). This kind of reading is often proposed by psychologists and psychotherapists for obvious reasons: due to the many twists and turns in the story, and the complicated relationship between

  14. 75 FR 80865 - Notice of Applications for Deregistration Under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940


    ..., SEC, Division of Investment Management, Office of Investment Company Regulation, 100 F Street, NE... Investment Counsel, LLC and Jacob Asset Management of New York, LLC, applicant's investment advisers. Filing... incurred in connection with the reorganization were paid by AFBA Investment Management Company, applicant's...

  15. Who Solved the Bernoulli Differential Equation and How Did They Do It?

    Parker, Adam E.


    The Bernoulli brothers, Jacob and Johann, and Leibniz: Any of these might have been first to solve what is called the Bernoulli differential equation. We explore their ideas and the chronology of their work, finding out, among other things, that variation of parameters was used in 1697, 78 years before 1775, when Lagrange introduced it in general.

  16. Te schepe waert. Overwegingen bij de reconstructie van een zot polyfoon lied van Clemens non Papa

    Grijp, L.P.; van Maas e.a., S.


    Clemens non Papa's vierstemmige 'Te schepe waert' is het eerste lied van de bundel Niewe Duytsche Liedekens, uitgegeven in Maastricht 1554 door Jacob Baethen. Van deze bundel ontbreekt de sopraanpartij. Louis Grijp heeft samen met Nico van der Meel de sopraan gereconstrueerd en hoopt de aldus

  17. Kunsten at skrive dagbog


    Introduktion og redaktion af tematillæg om dagbøger og dagbogslitteratur, med bidrag af Karsten Sand Iversen, Søren Mogensen Larsen, Steen Klitgård Povlsen, Jacob Lund, Jens Blendstrup, Pablo Llambías og optryk af en samtale fra 1972 mellem Walter Höllerer, Uwe Johnson, Max Frisch, Elias Canetti og...

  18. Ecology and Conservation of Acacia senegal in the Rangelands ...

    Ecology and Conservation of Acacia senegal in the Rangelands ofLuwero and Nakasongola Districts. Jacob Godfrey Agea, Joseph Obua, Sara Namirembe, Mukadasi Buyinza, Daniel Waiswa. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL ...

  19. Agroforestry potential of Acacia senegal in the rangelands of luwero ...

    Agroforestry potential of Acacia senegal in the rangelands of luwero and Nakasongola districts. Jacob Godfrey Agea, Joseph Obua, Sara Namirembe, Mukadasi Buyinza, Daniel Waiswa. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  20. Book Review | Ojong | African Review of Economics and Finance

    Microcredit's Real Revolution (La vraie révolution du microcrédit) Jean-Michel Servet. Odile Jacob, Paris, 2015, 256 pp. ISBN: 978 2 73813246 8. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for ...

  1. Center for Adaptive Optics | Center

    Astronomy, UCSC's CfAO and ISEE, and Maui Community College, runs education and internship programs in / Jacobs Retina Center Department of Psychology University of California, San Francisco Department of University School of Optometry Maui Community College Maui Community College Space Grant Program Montana

  2. Tracks in the Sand: Hooke's Pendulum "Cum Grano Salis"

    Babovic, Vukota; Babovic, Miloš


    The history of science remembers more than just formal facts about scientific discoveries. These side stories are often inspiring. One of them, the story of an unfulfilled death wish of Jacob Bernoulli regarding spirals, inspired us to look around ourselves. And we saw natural spirals around us, which led to the creation of a Hooke's…

  3. Teaching Science Rhetorically: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Natural History, 1948-1985.

    DePaolo, Charles


    Considers the different analogies used by James Rettie, Teilhard de Chardin, Robert Ardrey, Jacob Bronowski, Richard Leakey, Steven Weinberg, Heinz Pagels, and Carl Sagan to make concepts related to time and natural history accessible to the layperson. Suggests that these analogies be used at the undergraduate level in both humanities and science…

  4. Implementing a new model for on-the-job training: critical success factors.

    van Zolingen, S.J.; Streumer, Jan; van der Klink, Marcel; de Jong, Rolinda


    Post Offices Inc. in The Netherlands has developed and implemented a new instruction model for the training of desk employees. The quality of the new instruction model was assessed by means of the evaluation model of Jacobs and Jones for on-the-job training. It is concluded that the implementation

  5. Groundwater chemistry, storage and dynamics in parts of Jigawa ...

    The Sedimentary (Chad formation) and Basement complex rocks in parts of Jigawa State were investigated for groundwater suitability for drinking, efficiency in water transmission and storage using aquifer properties derived from pumping test data using the Cooper and Jacob straight line method for single well tests.

  6. Cage Compounds as Potential Energetic Oxidizers: A Theoretical Study of a Cage Isomer of N2O3


    Laboratory. References [1] P. W. M. Jacobs, H. M. Whitehead, Decomposition and Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate, Chem. Rev., 1969, 69 551- 590 . [2...and Symmetric Dinitrogen Trioxide in Nitric-Oxide Matrices by Raman and Infrared- Spectroscopy, J. Phys. Chem. 1983, 87, 1113- 1120. [14] a) X. Wang

  7. As Endowment Values Plummet, Some Institutions Consider Suing Brokers

    Masterson, Kathryn


    This article reports that as many as five colleges or charitable foundations whose endowments have suffered significant investment losses or were unable to access money in their accounts in recent months are considering legal action against their brokers or investment managers, alleging misrepresentation of risk or mismanagement. Jacob H.…

  8. Invited Reaction: Influences of Formal Learning, Personal Learning Orientation, and Supportive Learning Environment on Informal Learning

    Cseh, Maria; Manikoth, Nisha N.


    As the authors of the preceding article (Choi and Jacobs, 2011) have noted, the workplace learning literature shows evidence of the complementary and integrated nature of formal and informal learning in the development of employee competencies. The importance of supportive learning environments in the workplace and of employees' personal learning…

  9. From Access to Achievement: Strategies for Urban Institutions. Proceedings from a National Invitational Conference (Los Angeles, California, November 15-17, 1987).

    de los Santos, Alfredo G., Jr., Ed.

    An overview is provided of the discussion at the conference, as well as edited versions of the keynote address and nine commissioned papers prepared as background for the working sessions: "Achieving Quality and Equality" (Donald M. Stewart); "Financial Aid and Ethnic Minorities" (Jacob O. Stampen and Robert H. Fenske); "Minority Education…

  10. Browse Title Index

    Items 1 - 50 of 52 ... Vol 4, No 2 (2000), Asparagus Production and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Lesotho, Abstract. TA Rantšo. Vol 4, No 2 (2000), Book Review: "Changing Gender Relations in Southern Africa: Issues of Urban Life", Abstract. S Jacobs. Vol 3, No 2 (1999), Community Based Natural Resource Management ...

  11. The Effects of a Statewide Evaluation Initiative in Gifted Education on Practitioner Knowledge, Concerns, and Program Documentation

    Robinson, Ann; Cotabish, Alicia; Wood, Betty K.; O'Tuel, Fran S.


    When well-considered and grounded in current knowledge, program evaluations of services to gifted learners can be a powerful tool for increasing practitioners' knowledge and self-efficacy, and for effecting positive programmatic changes. The Arkansas Evaluation Initiative (AEI) in Gifted Education, a Jacob K. Javits-funded project, was implemented…

  12. 78 FR 68429 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to the Office of Management and Budget for...


    ...; Submission to the Office of Management and Budget for Review and Approval; Comment Request; Jacob K. Javits... undertake graduate study in selected fields in the arts, humanities, and social sciences leading to a... Collection Clearance Division, Privacy, Information and Records Management Services, Office of Management...

  13. Simulating Results of Experiments on Gene Regulation of the Lactose Operon in Escherichia coli; a Problem-Solving Exercise.

    Hitchen, Trevor; Metcalfe, Judith


    Describes a simulation of the results of real experiments which use different strains of Escherichia coli. Provides an inexpensive practical problem-solving exercise to aid the teaching and understanding of the Jacob and Monod model of gene regulation. (Author/CW)


    Jacob Mufunda received his MBChB and. MBA degrees from the. University of Zimbabwe and PhD in Physiology from Michigan State. University, Postgraduate. Certificates in. Emergency Medicine from Auckland and. Global Health Diplomacy from Geneva. He then spent. 14 years in the Department of Physiology later.

  15. Technology Takes Coaching to Scale: Investing in Innovation Grantees Show How It's Done

    Breslow, Nicole


    In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the use of video and other technology tools to support professional learning. A growing body of evidence shows how these tools are improving teachers' practice (Borko, Jacobs, Eiteljorg, & Pittman, 2008; Grant & Kline, 2010; van Es & Sherin, 2010). However, there has been less…

  16. Dying with Dignity: Difficult Times, Difficult Choices. Hearing before the Select Committee on Aging. House of Representatives, Ninety-Ninth Congress, First Session.

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Select Committee on Aging.

    This document contains witness testimonies and prepared statements from the Congressional hearing called to examine the dilemma faced by the terminally ill. Opening statements are included from Congressmen Roybal, Henry, Hughes, Gordon, Wortley, Hammerschmidt, and Snowe. Jacob Javits, former United States Senator, testifies, as a terminally ill…

  17. Assessment of Self-Reported Anger Expression in Youth.

    Musante, Linda; Treiber, Frank A.; Davis, Harry C.; Thompson, William O.; Waller, Jennifer L.


    Findings related to internal consistency, temporal stability, and principal components structures suggest that the Anger Expression Scale (C. Spielberger and others, 1985) and the Pediatric Anger Expression Scale (G. Jacobs and others, 1989), studied with a sample of 415 youth with a mean age of 14.7 years are acceptably reliable. (SLD)

  18. African Journal of Reproductive Health - Vol 3, No 2 (1999)

    An Assessment of Twelve Cases of HELLP Syndrome Treated at the King Fahad Central Hospital, Gizan, Saudi Arabia · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Jacob A Unuigbe, Poonam Misra, 68-78 ...

  19. On the correspondence between data revision and trend-cycle decomposition

    Dungey, M.; Jacobs, J. P. A. M.; Tian, J.; van Norden, S.


    This article places the data revision model of Jacobs and van Norden (2011) within a class of trend-cycle decompositions relating directly to the Beveridge-Nelson decomposition. In both these approaches, identifying restrictions on the covariance matrix under simple and realistic conditions may

  20. Occurrence of Domatia as a systematic character

    Steenis, van C.G.G.J.


    In our Bulletin no 20, pp. 1272-1273, Dr. M. Jacobs made some notes on the nature and occurrence of domatia. His full paper has now appeared (Proc. Kon. Akad. Wet. A’dam C 69, 1966, 275-316, repr. 1-44) and this means to be a great step forward in the study of these peculiar structures, which are

  1. The Economics of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines


    levels of investment by increasing engagement, with violent consequences. We have explored the economic and social benefits of counterinsurgency by the...operational incident level . 2. Felter, Joseph, Eli Berman, and Jacob Shapiro, Big Data Small Wars, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, book ...effective counterinsurgency outcomes at the operational incident level . • Elite economic structures are crucial to shaping the willingness oflocal

  2. CFD Tools for Design and Simulation of Transient Flows in Hypersonic Facilities


    enthalpy shock tunnel. The Aeronautical Journal, 95(949):324–334, 1991. [6] K. Hannemann , R. Krek, and G. Eitelberg. Latest calibration results of the HEG...K. Hannemann , P. A. Jacobs, J. M. Austin, A. Thomas, and T. J. McIntyre. Transient and steady-state flow in a small shock tube. In A. Paull et al

  3. Case series


    25 sept. 2017 ... Chernobyl nuclear accident. Statistical data and clinicomorphologic characteristics. Cancer. 1999; 86(1): 149-. 56. PubMed | Google Scholar. 3. Jacob P, Kenigsberg Y, Zvonova I et al. Childhood exposure due to the Chernobyl accident and thyroid cancer risk in contaminated areas of Belarus and Russia.

  4. Meeting 2020 Workforce Goals: The Role of Industry-College Collaboration and Goals for Instructional Design

    Yarnall, Louise


    Since the 1990s, federal programs for workforce training have aimed to transform the role of community colleges from narrow contract training to a broader role that encompasses strategic instructional program planning and innovation to support lifelong learning for a changing workforce and economic development (Jacobs & Teahen, 1996). Yet, to…

  5. An Analysis of the Motivations of Oregon's Ranchers to Diversify into Agritourism

    Fernanda de Vasconcellos Pêgas; Joanne F. Tynon


    Cattle ranches are unique American cultural icons. Unfortunately, ranching is also associated by some with the exploitation of natural resources and labeled an environmentally destructive activity motivated by greedy and neglectful livestock operators (Jacobs, 1991; Wuerthner, 1990). Some believe that livestock ranching is a major contributor to unsustainable land use...

  6. Mäss põhjusega : kortermaja Silodamil Amsterdamis / Klaske Havik

    Havik, Klaske, 1975-


    Büroo MVRDV suurim elamuprojekt. Arhitektid Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries, kaasa töötasid Frans de Witte, Willem Timmer, Eline Strijkers, Bernd Felsinger, Duzan Koepel. Viis võistlustöö kaasautorit. Hoone paikneb kai tipus, on ehitatud vette postide peale. Ill.: 7 plaani, 11 vaadet

  7. Memorial Symposium for Victor Weisskopf

    CERN. Geneva. Audiovisual Unit


    This tribute will include the following speechs: L. Maiani: Welcome J. D. Jackson: Highlights from the career and scientific works of Victor F. Weisskopf M. Hine and K. Johnsen: Working with Viki at CERN M. Jacob: Knowledge and Wonder A member of Viki's family: Reminiscences

  8. Editorial

    Gabriel Jacobs


    Full Text Available ALT-J has a new editorial team from this issue. I'm glad to say that Gabriel Jacobs will remain involved with the journal as Executive Editor. The new Editor is David Squires from King's College London but he will not be able fully to take over until the next issue. I have been appointed as Deputy Editor.

  9. Determination of hydraulic characteristics of an aquifer capacity from ...

    Constant rate, single well pumping tests were conducted using boreholes located in four communities in the study area with the aim of determining the aquifer hydraulic properties using the Cooper Jacob method. Fractured shales yielded groundwater into the wells whose depths ranged from 26 to 35m while the static water ...

  10. Hydraulic properties from pumping tests data of aquifers in Azare ...

    Pumping test data from twelve boreholes in Azare area were analysed to determine the hydraulic properties of the aquifers, and the availability of water to meet the conjugate demands of the increasing population. The values of the aquifer constants obtained from the Cooper-Jacob's non-equilibrium graphical method were ...

  11. Original Paper Caractérisation et écologie des peuplements des ...

    Richard MAHAMBA BYANIKIRO1,2*, Jacob NDJAKI NSILA2,. Alidor KANKONDA BUSANGA2, Joseph ULYELALI-PATHO2,3 et. Jean-Claude MICHA4. 1Université de Goma, Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques,. Département de Phytotechnie, B.P : 204 Goma, R .D. Congo. ²Université de Kisangani, Faculté des Sciences,.

  12. Microstructure-Based Computational Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Micro/Nano Composites


    automotive, defense, sport, civil, aerospace, health , etc.). Here, a combination of non-linear thermo-viscoelastic (Schapery’s non-linear...2001. Three-dimensional computational micro-mechanical model for woven fabric composites. Composite Structures 54, 489-496. Jacob, G.C., Starbuck

  13. Fulltext PDF

    4Jacobs University Bremen, Campus Ring 1, 28725 Bremen, Germany. ∗ .... fields of the order of 1 μG, the shock fronts are collisionless, i.e. the energy dis- ... shock area, compared to the characteristic shock transition scale, namely the proton.

  14. Using a Theoretical Framework of Institutional Culture to Analyse an Institutional Strategy Document

    Jacobs, Anthea Hydi Maxine


    This paper builds on a conceptual analysis of institutional culture in higher education. A theoretical framework was proposed to analyse institutional documents of two higher education institutions in the Western Cape, for the period 2002 to 2012 (Jacobs 2012). The elements of this theoretical framework are "shared values and beliefs",…

  15. 77 FR 21555 - Reactive Power Resources; Supplemental Notice of Technical Conference


    .... This panel will discuss: Methods used to determine the reactive power requirements for a transmission... Jenkins, Director--Utility Interconnection, First Solar Kris Zadlo, Vice President, Invenergy Richard..., Director--Utility Interconnection, First Solar Michael Jacobs, Director Market and Regulatory Policy...

  16. Sailing in Uncharted Waters: Carefully Navigating the Polio Endgame.

    Elizabeth Miller


    Full Text Available In a Perspective linked to the research article by Isobel Blake and colleagues, Elizabeth Miller and T. Jacob John discuss the path towards global polio eradication and the challenges, strategies, and necessary precautions around oral polio vaccine cessation.

  17. Functions in Contemporary Secondary Mathematics Textbook Series in the United States

    Ross, Daniel J.


    Textbooks play a central role in US mathematics classrooms (Stein, Remillard, & Smith, 2007) and functions are a key topic in secondary mathematics (Carlson, Jacobs, Coe, Larsen, & Hsu, 2002). This study presents results from an analysis of this essential topic in the latest editions of three textbook series: the Glencoe Mathematics…

  18. Law and Power in the Middle Ages

    International konferenceantologi med bidrag fra Gerd Althoff, Dominique Bauer, Bruce C Brasington, Charlotte Christensen-Nugues, Michael H Gelting, John Gillingham, Eldbjørg Haug, John Hudson, Brigitte Meijns, Hans Jacob Orning, Anne Irene Riisøy, Matthew Strickland, Jo Rune Ugulen, og Sally N Va...

  19. Great Discoveries

    Fox, Bette-Lee; Heilbrun, Margaret; Hoffert, Barbara; Katterjohn, Anna; Kuzyk, Raya; Williams, Wilda


    What's hot? That's the question everyone asks during BookExpo America (BEA), held this year at New York's Jacob Javits Convention Center May 29-31. This article presents "Library Journal's" ("LJ's") review editors on their personal favorites from the BEA show floor. These include cookbooks, genre-crossers, small presses,…

  20. The Prevalence of Overweight/Obesity and Dyslipidemia Amongst a ...

    Total serum cholesterol was determined by the method of Trinder 1969 , triglycerides by the method of Jacobs and van Demark 1960 while LDL-C and HDLC were determined by the method of Assmann, Jabs Kohnert et al 1984. Hypercholesterolemia was defined as total cholesterol 6.20mmol/L (240mg/dl), reduced HDL ...

  1. Density Deconvolution With EPI Splines


    Davis Highway, Suite 1204, Arlington, VA 22202–4302, and to the Office of Management and Budget, Paperwork Reduction Project (0704-0188) Washington DC...Patricia Jacobs, Dr. Robert Dell, Dr. Carlos Borges , and Dr. Craig Rasmussen, program officers Captain Jeffrey Hyink, Commander Thor Martinsen

  2. Leadership for the church: The shepherd model


    May 30, 2014 ... also monarchical leaders (2 Sm 5:2) and God himself (Is 40:11; Ps 23:1). The prophetic ... referred to are Abraham (Gn 12:16); Rachel (Gn 29:9); Jacob ... these functions are contrary to the shepherds of Ezekiel's era, ..... Volf, M., 1998, After our likeness: The church as the image of the trinity, Wm. B.

  3. Estonia vormelitel täitus juba pool sajandit / Tõnu Ojala

    Ojala, Tõnu, 1969-


    November tehnika ajaloos: 50 aastat möödus Estonia-1 esimesest võistlusstardist Leningradis Nevski ringrajal. 85 aastat tagasi sai Jacob Schick patendi elektrilisele habemeajamismasinale. 60 aastat tagasi konstrueeris Auguste Piccard batüskaafi. 10 aastat tagasi sai 77aastasest USA senaatorist John Glennist maailma vanim astronaut

  4. CCAA Learning Paper 1 Integrating meteorological and indigenous ...


    Mar 29, 2011 ... Contributing authors: Ignitius Chagonda; Jacob Churi; Amadou Dieye; Boris Houenou; Said Hounkponou; Eric Kisiangani; Evans Kituyi; Cromwel Lukorito; Ayub Macharia; Henry Mahoo; Amos Majule; Paul Mapfumo; Florence Mtambanengwe; Francis Mugabe; Laban Ogallo; Gilbert Ouma; Amadou Sall; ...

  5. Depression and Pain: Independent and Additive Relationships to Anger Expression


    views of anger: consensus and controversy. In: International Handbook of Anger. Edited by Potegal M, Stemmler G, Spielberger C. New York, Springer... Spielberger CD, Johnson EH, Russell SF, Crane RJ, Jacobs GA, Worden TJ: The experience and expression of anger: construction and validation of an



    Education and Training Command in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Jacob A. Martin, B.S, M.S. Civilian...such as estimating the thickness of a thin film of material on a bulk substrate, but these are outside the scope of this project and thus won’t be

  7. Browse Title Index

    Vol 107, No 11 (2017), Kaposi's sarcoma: Good outcome with doxorubicin, bleomycin and vincristine sulphate (ABV) chemotherapy and highly active antiretroviral therapy, Abstract PDF. P.B. Hesseling, E Katayi, P Wharin, R Bardin, F Kouya, D Palmer, M Glenn, M Kruger. Vol 47, No ... P. Jacobs, J.D.M. Richards. Vol 91, No ...


    Dr Oboro VO

    transmitted through blood transfusion. These include. Treponema pallidum,. Plasmodium sp., human T-lymphotrophic virus (HTLV), Babesia, Leishmania,. Trypanosoma cruzi, variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob. Disease (vCJD) agent, cytomegalovirus. (CMV)and Epstein Barr virus (EBV). Therefore, the need to render donated blood.

  9. Thomas Taylor’s dissent from some 18th-century views on Platonic philosophy

    Catana, Leo


    that Neoplatonic readings of Plato are erroneous by definition. In particular, it argues that the reviewer relied on, and tacitly accepted, ethical and theological premises going back to the historiography of philosophy developed by Jacob Brucker in his Historia critica philosophiae (1742-44). These premises were...

  10. Safewards Len Bowers egne kommentarer i årene efter udgivelsen af Safewards

    Bak, Jesper; Hvidhjelm, Jacob Christian


    Selvom professor i psykiatrisk sygepleje Len Bowers gik på pension sidste år, korrigerer han stadig psykiatriske sygeplejersker, når han ser, at Safewards interventioner misforstås. Det er også nødvendigt, at vi i Danmark forstår Safewards grundlæggende ideologi. Derfor har postdoc Jacob Hvidhjel...

  11. Unexpected Bodies and Pleasures: Sexuality and Gender in Schools

    Linville, Darla


    In this article, I argue that schools are public spaces for the public they serve--the students of that school. Access to public space and the public forum is necessary for diverse groups to create justice in a pluralistic society (Jacobs, 1961; Young, 1990). This participatory action research project examined the language and behaviors that…

  12. Comics and Scholarship: Sketching the Possibilities

    Bahl, Erin Kathleen


    Thus far, attention to comics in academia has been focused "on" comics as a subject of literary (Chute; Gardner; Hatfield), theoretical (Cohn; Groensteen, "The System of Comics" and "Comics and Narration"; Postema), or pedagogical studies (Bakis; Carter; Jacobs). There has been less emphasis on scholarly composing…

  13. The work of Daphne Hampson: The God talk of one feminist ...

    The work of Daphne Hampson: The God talk of one feminist theologian. MM Jacobs ... the rise of feminism, especially during recent decades, it has changed. In this article the work of Daphne Hampson, a British feminist theologian, is considered: Her definition and critique of Christianity, her view of the relation between the ...

  14. Nordic Branding Podcast 2


    Det er de nordiske landskaber der skaber de nordiske værdier og former den nordiske sjæl. Vi smager på det svenske landskab med professor Jacob Östberg, og undersøger hvordan 'Nordiske værdier' i Sverige bliver til Nordisk branding i mode, mad og design (men kald det endelig ikke 'NORDISK'!)....

  15. 78 FR 73865 - Announcement of the Second 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting


    ..., Nutrition and Consumer Services and Research, Education, and Economics. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: As...) opportunity for the public to give oral testimony on day 2, (c) review of Committee work since the last public.... Chavonda Jacobs-Young, Acting Administrator, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture...

  16. On Tuesday 21 July, Director General Chris Llewellyn Smith unveiled the sign naming the Route Abdus Salam on the Meyrin site

    Oliver O'Hanlon


    Photo no 02 : Also at the brief ceremony were some of those who contributed to these and subsequent physics developments at CERN, and for whom Salam's name has a special meaning : left to right - Maurice Jacob, John Ellis, Don Cundy, Chris Llewellyn Smith, Horst Wachsmuth, Luigi Di Lella, Alan Ball, Gregoire Kantardjian, Gordon Fraser, Guy Acquistapace.

  17. Logarithmic Spiral

    Switzerland) even today can see the. Archimedian spiral and the inscription under it on the tombstone of Jacob Bernoulli 1. Logarithmic Spiral in Nature. Apart from logarithmic spiral no other curve seems to have attracted the attention of scientists, ...

  18. jijimon k thomas

    JIJIMON K THOMAS. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 40 Issue 6 October 2017 pp 1171-1178. Enhanced infrared transmission characteristics of microwave-sintered Y$_2$O$_3$–MgO nanocomposite · C T MATHEW SAM SOLOMON JACOB KOSHY JIJIMON K THOMAS · More Details Abstract ...

  19. Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (16th) Held in Stanford, California on August 17-21, 1987.


    ESTIMATION FOR STOCHASTIC PROCESSES by C. C. Heyde Australian National University Canberra, Australia ABSTRACT Optimality is a widely and loosely used...Case 240 S. Australia 1211 Geneva 24 Switzerland Christopher C. Heyde Dept. of Statistics, IAS Patricia Jacobs . Australian National University...Universitat Regensburg USA Postfach D-8400 Regensburg Anatole Joffe W. Germany Dept. of Mathematics & Statatistics Frank Kelly Universite de Montreal

  20. The CHIK Team

    The CHIK Team. Arankalle VA, Mishra AC. Tandale BV Clinical. Yergolkar P, Sudeep Balan Virus Isolations. Cherian S, Walimbe A Bioinformatics. Sathe PS, Supriya Serology. Swati, Shubham, Supriya Sequence analysis. Tripathy AS Immunological. Parashar D Real time PCR. Gokhale M, Jacob George Entomological ...

  1. Detection of Low-order Curves in Images using Biologically-plausible Hardware


    the intersections of iso-eccentricity and iso-polar contours were entered into the computer via a graphics tablet . In regions where there was...functional mri . Cerebral Cortex, 7:181 – 192, 1997. [25] Jacob Feldman. Bayesian contour integration. Perception and Psychophysics, 63:1171 – 1182, 2001. [26

  2. Teacher Quality and Sorting across Traditional Public and Charter Schools in the Detroit Metropolitan Region

    Addonizio, Michael F.; Kearney, C. Philip; Gawlik, Marytza A.


    In the quest to raise student achievement in low-performing urban schools, researchers often point to the central importance of recruitment and retention of a high quality teacher workforce (Lankford, Loeb and Wyckoff 2002; Rivkin, Hanushek and Kain 2005; Jacob 2007). At the same time, advocates have proposed charter schools not only as a means to…







  5. Russian Military Politics and Russia’s 2010 Defense Doctrine


    63 Jacob W. Kipp 3. Russian Defense Doctrine .............................. 153 Alexander G. Savelyev About...DOCTRINE Alexander G. Savelyev After President Vladimir Putin of Russian Fed- eration (RF) approved the Military Doctrine in April 2000, experts and...from the Pennsylvania State University. ALEXANDER SAVELYEV has been head of the Strategic Studies Department, Center of International Security

  6. Tinkering: a conceptual and historical evaluation.

    Laubichler, Manfred D


    Francois Jacob's article 'Evolution and Tinkering' published in Science in 1977 is still the locus classicus for the concept of tinkering in biology. It first introduced the notion of tinkering to a wide audience of scientists. Jacob drew on a variety of different sources ranging from molecular biology to evolutionary biology and cultural anthropology. The notion of tinkering, or more accurately, the concept of bricolage, are conceptual abstractions that allow for the theoretical analysis of a wide range of phenomena that are united by a shared underlying process--tinkering, or the opportunistic rearrangement and recombination of existing elements. This paper looks at Jacob's analysis as itself an example of conceptual tinkering. It traces the history of some of its elements and sketches how it has become part of an inclusive discourse of theoretical biology and evolutionary developmental biology that emerged over the last 30 years. I will argue that the theoretical power of Jacob's analysis lies in the fact that he captured a widespread phenomenon. His conceptual analysis is thus an example of an interdisciplinary synthesis that is based on a shared process rather than a shared object.

  7. The Crustacea Decapoda Macrura (the Alpheidae excepted) of Easter Island

    Holthuis, L.B.


    So far the Crustacean fauna of Easter Island has received but very little attention. In most early narratives of expeditions visiting the island no mention is made of any Crustacean. Behrens (1908: 135) who accompanied Jacob Roggeveen on the voyage during which, in 1722, the island was discovered,

  8. 76 FR 18740 - Notice of Submission for OMB Review


    ... of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, authorizes the Secretary to award fellowships under the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program for graduate study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Notice of Submission for OMB Review AGENCY: Department of Education...

  9. Melancholia og endeligheden som vilkår

    Thomsen, Torsten Bøgh; Bøggild, Jacob


    I artiklen præsenterer professor Jacob Bøggild og Ph.d.-studerende Torsten Bøgh Thomsen en læsning af Lars von Triers film, Melancholia, fra 2011. Filmen udfoldes indledningsvist i forhold til Tarkovskijs film "Offeret" med inddragelse af perspektiver fra Maurice Blanchot og Søren Kierkegaard...

  10. Critical Pedagogy and Faith

    Neumann, Jacob W.


    Critical pedagogy has often been linked in the literature to faith traditions such as liberation theology, usually with the intent of improving or redirecting it. While recognizing and drawing from those previous linkages, Jacob Neumann goes further in this essay and develops the thesis that critical pedagogy can not just benefit from a connection…

  11. Mistr Jakoubek ze Stříbra a testimonia Husovy mučednické smrti z let 1415-1417

    Šmahel, František


    Roč. 62, č. 1 (2015), s. 313-323 ISSN 1803-7429 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Jacob of Mies * Jan Hus * Jerome of Prague * University of Prague * Council of Constance * communion under both kinds Subject RIV: AB - History

  12. Editorial



    This volume 11 (6) is the 50th issue of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin, and some feelings of pride and satisfaction may be allowed. The first issue of July 1947 had 150 copies, while now we have a circulation of about 600. The ongoing efforts of the various editors [Van Steenis (1947-1973), Jacobs

  13. the “first deborah” – genesis 35:8 in the literary and theological context

    among other things, the important role of Deborah in the Bethel tradition and the. Jacob Cycle, as well ... Sarna (1989:241) views the account of Deborah's passage in the verse ..... Rather he leaves clues in the narrative which allow us, the readers, ..... at the right moment (confirming Rendsburg's argument that the writer of.

  14. TMFunction data: 2097 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available H, Clantin B, Locht C, Molle G, Jacob-Dubuisson F, Saint N J Biol Chem. 2006 Jan 6;281(1):158-66 Electropho... d(221-228) ... transport ... TpsB Transporter FhaC Bordetella pertussis ... M?li AC, Hodak

  15. TMFunction data: 2122 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available d(3-206) ... transport ... TpsB Transporter FhaC Bordetella pertussis ... M?li AC, Hodak H, Clantin B, Locht C, Mol...le G, Jacob-Dubuisson F, Saint N J Biol Chem. 2006 Jan 6;281(1):158-66 Electrophore

  16. TMFunction data: 2114 [TMFunction[Archive

    Full Text Available H, Clantin B, Locht C, Molle G, Jacob-Dubuisson F, Saint N J Biol Chem. 2006 Jan 6;281(1):158-66 Electropho... d(221-228) ... transport ... TpsB Transporter FhaC Bordetella pertussis ... M?li AC, Hodak

  17. PÖFF näitab indie-Oscari nominante


    !2. PÖFFi filmide programmist "Crazy Cool: Põhja-Ameerika indie-filmid", mille raames on PÖFFi külalisteks režissöör Danny Jacobs ("Humboldti maa") ja näitleja Ross Patidge ("Kottpea"), Kanada dokumentaalfantaasia "Minu Winnipeg" ("My Winnipeg"), režissöör Guy Maddin

  18. Kuninganna Kristiina ning kunungas Karl XI : rootsiaegsed portreed raekojas = Queen Christina and King Karl XI : portraits of the Swedish period in the Town Hall / Pia Ehasalu

    Ehasalu, Pia, 1964-


    Kuninganna Kristiina portreest lapsena (1638). Arvatav autor: Rootsi tolleaegne õuekunstnik Jacob Heinrich Elbfas või tema töökoda. Rootsi kuninga Karl XI noorpõlveportreest (1670). Autor: Karl XI õuekunstnik David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (1628-1698)

  19. List of Registered Participants


    Heald, George. ASTRON Hoeft, Matthias. Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg Ishwara Chandra, C. H.. NCRA-TIFR Johnston-Hollitt, Melanie. School of Chemical & Physical Sciences. Jacob, Joe. Newman College.

  20. LHC Season 2: A stronger machine

    Dominguez, Daniel


    1) New magnets / De nouveaux aimants 2) Stronger connections / Des jonctions électriques renforcées 3) Safer magnets / Des aimants plus sûrs 4) Higher energy beams / Des faisceaux d’énergie plus élevée 5) Narrower beams / Des faisceaux plus serrés 6) Smaller but closer proton packets / Des groupes de protons plus petits mais plus rapprochés 7) Higher voltage / Une tension plus haute 8) Superior cryogenics / Un système cryogénique amélioré 9) Radiation-resistant electronics / Une électronique qui résiste aux radiations 10) More secure vacuum / Un vide plus sûr

  1. Effets des sels sur la réflectance et télédétection des sols salés

    Mougenot, Bernard


    La présence de sels dans les sols et les nappes modifie les états de surface. La télédétection facilite leur identification et améliore la cartographie des sols salés. On distingue des effets directs sur la réflectance avec la présence de sels en surface (croûtes ou efflorescences salines), et des effets indirects sur la structure (pseudosables), la végétation (stress salin, végétation spécifique) ou l'absence de végétation dans les cas extrêmes. Les caractéristiques spectrales des sels du vi...

  2. Efficacité de l'association des céréales et du niébé pour la production de grains et la lutte contre Striga hermonthica (Del.)

    Lawane , Gilbert; Sougnabé , Souapibé Pabamé; Lendzemo , Vénasius; Gnokreo , F.; Djimasbeye , N.; Ndoutamia , G.


    International audience; Les cultures faux-hôtes du striga et la limitation de la dissémination des graines de striga constituent les principales préoccupations de la recherche ces dernières années. La rotation et l'association des cultures céréalières avec des cultures faux-hôtes du striga diminuent dans une forte proportion le stock des graines de Striga hermonthica dans le sol, améliore la fertilité du sol, donc augmente leur rendement. L'objectif de cette étude est d'évaluer l'efficacité d...

  3. Les Hauts de la Réunion conquis par les loisirs

    Patrick BOUCHET


    Full Text Available En un peu plus d'une décennie, les Hauts de la Réunion sont devenus très fréquentés en raison de la conjonction d'une demande croissante et d'une offre qui s'est améliorée et diversifiée. Trop rapidement assimilée à du tourisme rural, cette conquête n'est pas homogène. L'analyse des pratiques contrastées des visiteurs permet de mettre en évidence une nouvelle organisation spatiale de l'intérieur de l'île.

  4. Étude du passage de la modélisation hydrologique de AIGA au pas de temps infra-horaire

    Organde, D.; Maire, A.; Javelle, P.


    / Dans le cadre de son action pour la prévision des inondations, le Service Central d'Hydrométéorologie et d'Appui à la Prévision des Inondations (SCHAPI) prévoit la mise en service (courant 2016) d'un système d'avertissement des crues soudaines basé sur la méthode AIGA améliorée ces dernières années pour être étendue au territoire national. Des pistes d'amélioration du système sont étudiées pour une application ultérieure. Une de ces améliorations consiste à passer le modèle hydrologique du ...

  5. Methodes non perturbatives en mecanique quantique et en theorie des champs quantiques

    Jirari, Hamza


    Nous construisons un hamiltonien effectif à partir de l'intégrale de chemin via la méthode Monte-Carlo. Cet hamiltonien décrit les phénomènes physiques dans le domaine de basse énergie. Nous déterminons le spectre d'énergie et les fonctions d'ondes de plusieurs systèmes quantiques. Les résultats obtenus montrent que cette nouvelle approche Monte-Carlo hamiltonienne fonctionne. En mécanique quantique, nous suggérons une expression analytique de l'intégrale de chemin en introduisant une action quantique avec des paramètres renormalisés. Nous présentons des résultats numériques pour quelques potentiels locaux. Cette action quantique offre la possibilité de comparer l'évolution classique et quantique et permet de quantifier les instantons classiques et éventuellement le chaos classique. Nous investiguons la QCD sur un réseau bidimensionnel en utilisant une version améliorée des fermions de Wilson. Nous montrons que la théorie améliorée conduit à une réduction significative des erreurs dues à la valeur finie du pas du réseau. Nous calculons le condensat chiral et la masse de l'état lié quark-antiquark. Nous aboutissons à une bonne concordance entre nos résultats numériques et les résultats analytiques du modèle dans le continu.

  6. Direct-contact condensation regime map for core makeup tank of passive reactors

    Lee, Sang Il; No, Hee Cheon


    The condensation regime map in the core makeup tank of passive reactors is experimentally investigated. The condensation regimes identified through the experiments are divided into three distinct ones: sonic jet, subsonic jet, and steam cavity. The steam cavity regime is a unique regime of downward injection with the present geometry not previously observed in other experiments. The condensation regime map is constructed using Froude number and Jacob number. It turns out that the buoyancy force has a large influence on the regime transition because the regime map using the Froude number better fits data with different geometries than other dimensionless parameters. Simple correlations for the regime boundaries are proposed using the Froude number and the Jacob number

  7. Effects of curved midline and varying width on the description of the effective diffusivity of Brownian particles

    Chávez, Yoshua; Chacón-Acosta, Guillermo; Dagdug, Leonardo


    Axial diffusion in channels and tubes of smoothly-varying geometry can be approximately described as one-dimensional diffusion in the entropy potential with a position-dependent effective diffusion coefficient, by means of the modified Fick–Jacobs equation. In this work, we derive analytical expressions for the position-dependent effective diffusivity for two-dimensional asymmetric varying-width channels, and for three-dimensional curved midline tubes, formed by straight walls. To this end, we use a recently developed theoretical framework using the Frenet–Serret moving frame as the coordinate system (2016 J. Chem. Phys. 145 074105). For narrow tubes and channels, an effective one-dimensional description reducing the diffusion equation to a Fick–Jacobs-like equation in general coordinates is used. From this last equation, one can calculate the effective diffusion coefficient applying Neumann boundary conditions.

  8. U.S. Department of Energy Portsmouth Annual Environmental Report for 1998



    The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS) is one of two U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-owned contractor-managed uranium enrichment facilities operating in the United States. Responsibility for implementing environmental compliance at PORTS is split between DOE, as site owner, and the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), a corporation formed by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to operate the nation's uranium enrichment business. The uranium enrichment production and operations facilities at the site are leased to USEC. Martin Marietta Energy Systems and Lockheed Martin Energy Systems were the management contractors for DOE from November 1986 through March 1998. On April 1, 1998, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC assumed responsibility as the management contractor for DOE. Bechtel Jacobs Company is responsible for environmental restoration, waste management, removal of highly enriched uranium, and operation of nonleased facilities (facilities that are not leased to USEC) at PORTS. This report does not cover USEC operations at PORTS.

  9. Churg-Strauss Syndrome: a syndrome described on clinical observation and autopsy findings

    Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos


    Full Text Available Dr. Jacob Churg (1910-2005 was born in Dolhinow, a Belarusian city that later became a part of Poland and in 1939 was ceded to Russia during the partition of Poland by Russia and Germany. Churg’s father, Wolf, was a physician, and his mother, Gita, a dentist. Jacob recalled reading his father’s medical books and pestering him with many questions. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Wilno (Poland in 1933 and started working at the Department of Internal Medicine. He realized that he was less confident dealing with patients than with “tissues.” In 1936, at the same university, he began his studies in experimental pathology.

  10. U.S. Department of Energy Portsmouth Annual Environmental Report for 1998


    The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS) is one of two U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-owned contractor-managed uranium enrichment facilities operating in the United States. Responsibility for implementing environmental compliance at PORTS is split between DOE, as site owner, and the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), a corporation formed by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to operate the nation's uranium enrichment business. The uranium enrichment production and operations facilities at the site are leased to USEC. Martin Marietta Energy Systems and Lockheed Martin Energy Systems were the management contractors for DOE from November 1986 through March 1998. On April 1, 1998, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC assumed responsibility as the management contractor for DOE. Bechtel Jacobs Company is responsible for environmental restoration, waste management, removal of highly enriched uranium, and operation of nonleased facilities (facilities that are not leased to USEC) at PORTS. This report does not cover USEC operations at PORTS

  11. Stephen Schwartz og den folkelige lyd

    Kreutzfeldt, Jacob


    Stephen Schwartz døde i foråret 2013. I denne artikel forsøger Jacob Kreutzfeldt, der gennemførte en række interviews med Schwartz gennem hans sidste år, at indkredse den æstetiske grundholdning, der prægede hans arbejde med radiomontagen i DR.......Stephen Schwartz døde i foråret 2013. I denne artikel forsøger Jacob Kreutzfeldt, der gennemførte en række interviews med Schwartz gennem hans sidste år, at indkredse den æstetiske grundholdning, der prægede hans arbejde med radiomontagen i DR....

  12. Lad os lære af nutidens private ledere - ikke fortidens

    Torfing, Jacob


    Hvis vi endelig skal lære af den private sektor en gang til, så lad os dog lære af de bedste i klassen i stedet for at kigge i bakspejlet og genopfinde ledelsestænkning fra 60’erne og 70’erne, skriver professor Jacob Torfing.......Hvis vi endelig skal lære af den private sektor en gang til, så lad os dog lære af de bedste i klassen i stedet for at kigge i bakspejlet og genopfinde ledelsestænkning fra 60’erne og 70’erne, skriver professor Jacob Torfing....

  13. Quantum Programs as Kleisli Maps

    Abraham Westerbaan


    Full Text Available Furber and Jacobs have shown in their study of quantum computation that the category of commutative C*-algebras and PU-maps (positive linear maps which preserve the unit is isomorphic to the Kleisli category of a comonad on the category of commutative C*-algebras with MIU-maps (linear maps which preserve multiplication, involution and unit. [Furber and Jacobs, 2013] In this paper, we prove a non-commutative variant of this result: the category of C*-algebras and PU-maps is isomorphic to the Kleisli category of a comonad on the subcategory of MIU-maps. A variation on this result has been used to construct a model of Selinger and Valiron's quantum lambda calculus using von Neumann algebras. [Cho and Westerbaan, 2016

  14. Nonlinear Effects in Transformation Optics-Based Metamaterial Shields for Counter Directed Energy Weapon Defense


    employs the in- variance of the Maxwell equations under coordinate transformations to convert the free- space wave solutions in a coordinate... ENERGY WEAPON DEFENSE by Jacob D. Thompson June 2016 Thesis Co-Advisors: James Luscombe Brett Borden Approved for public release; distribution is...2014 to 06-17-2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE NONLINEAR EFFECTS IN TRANSFORMATION OPTICS-BASED METAMATE- RIAL SHIELDS FOR COUNTER DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON

  15. New construction and implementation of conveyor equipment for the Jaenschwalde opencast mine; Neubau und Umsetzung von Bandanlagenausruestungen fuer den Tagebau Jaenschwalde

    Magoltz, Lothar; Reinsch, Rolf [Ecosoil Ost GmbH, Senftenberg (Germany)


    A saying: ''The path is the goal''. - This saying is attributed historically and philosophically to Confucius (around 551-479 BC). This saying was experienced in the truest meaning of the word on the Jacob's Path in Spanish Santiago de Compostela. In the case of the coal stream from the Jaenschwalde opencast mine to the Jaenschwalde power station the path is the economic goal. (orig.)

  16. Mise au point

    infections rhinosinusiennesaigue¨s de l'enfant en mal Infect 2007 ;. 37:127-52. 5. anon jB, jacobs mr, Poole mD, et al. antimicrobial treatment guidelines for acute bacterial rhinosinusitis. Otolaryngol Head neck Surg2004 ; 130:1-45. 6. ebright jr, Pace mT, nazis aF. Septic thrombosis of the cavernous sinuses.

  17. A Value Based Justification Process for Aerospace RDT and E Capability Investments


    Hypersonics Division (Tunnel 9), 10905 New Hampshire Ave. (AIAA Associate Fellow) 3 Senior Engineering Specialist, Jacobs Tidewater Operations Group , (AIAA...typically involves the same group of SMEs that supported the key capability needs analysis. Each SME is also asked to provide a high/medium/low assessment developed. Further, the assistance and counsel of SMEs with access to such information and data is essential. This is vital to the successful

  18. The World Development Report 2009: The Beginning of A Space Odyssey?

    Olivier Walther


    Full Text Available Introduction It was exactly forty years ago. The World Bank followed the recommendations of the Pearson Commission, which had been set up in order to evaluate the consequences of development aid. It was necessary to combat urbanisation, the Commission stated, by means of policies acting upon factors triggering rural migration and by supporting small regional centres (Ramsamy 2006. For her part, the urban planner Jane Jacobs published The Economy of Cities (1969, a work which reversed the ev...

  19. (Re-)construing Space as Capital: Contributions from a Study with Local Entrepreneurs

    Anderson de Souza Sant'Anna; Daniela Martins Diniz


    Taking as reference the approaches adopted by Bourdieu (2010) and Jacobs (2011), the focus of this article is to present the findings of a research effort designed to investigate the relationships between the constructs Space and Social Dynamics. In this sense, it seeks to investigate in which manner did the relationships among different social agents – emphasizing the roles played by local entrepreneurs – which, upon mobilizing different capitals – economic, social, cultural and symbolic (BO...

  20. An Analysis of the Propensity for Nontraditional Occupations Among Civilian and Navy Women


    support the structuralist theory to some extent. The theory argues that sex-segregation is an intentional result of a male-dominated labor market intent...six ratings are technical or mechanical in nature. They are also far removed from the administrative ratings women traditionally have been percent decline between 1970 and 1980 (Jacobs, 1989). Structuralists use the relative stagnation between 1910 and 1970 to support their

  1. Journal of Mormon History Vol. 33, No. 2, 2007


    CONTENTS ARTICLES --The Reed Smoot Hearings: A Quest for Legitimacy Harvard S. Heath, 1 --Senator George Sutherland: Reed Smoot’s Defender Michael Harold Paulos, 81 --Daniel S. Tuttle: Utah’s Pioneer Episcopal Bishop Frederick Quinn, 119 --Civilizing the Ragged Edge: Jacob Hamblin’s Wives Todd Compton, 155 --Dr. George B. Sanderson: Nemesis of the Mormon Battalion Sherman L. Fleek, 199 REVIEWS --Pet...

  2. Syndrome of Acute Anxiety Among Marines After Recent Arrival at High Altitude


    Naval Health Research Center Syndrome of Acute Anxiety Among Marines After Recent Arrival at High Altitude Michael K. Sracic Darren Thomas...Allen Pate Jacob Norris Marc Norman, Jeffrey H. Gertsch Report No. 13-29 The views expressed in this article are those of the authors...MEDICINE, 179, 5:559, 2014 Syndrome of Acute Anxiety Among Marines After Recent Arrival at High Altitude LT Michael K. Sracic, MC USN*; LT Darren Thomas

  3. Attitudes and beliefs of patients with chronic depression toward antidepressants and depression

    Jacob, Sabrina Anne; Ab Rahman, Ab Fatah; Hassali, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad


    Sabrina Anne Jacob,1 Ab Fatah Ab Rahman,2 Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali3 1School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia, Sunway, 2Faculty of Health Sciences, Gong Badak Campus, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Kuala Terengganu, 3School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Science Malaysia, Minden, Malaysia Background: Many patients have erroneous views with regard to depression and its management, and it was noted that these attitudes and beliefs significantly affected their adh...

  4. Reversible "Pulvinar sign" in Wernicke′s encephalopathy

    Biju Gopalakrishnan


    Full Text Available Young onset dementia is a challenge. We describe a case, where a patient presented with psychosis, dementia and MRI showing pulvinar sign, all of this typical of variant Cruetzfelt Jacob disease (CJD. Subsequent investigations lead to the diagnosis of a treatable illness and patient was improved and MRI sign reversed, underlining again the importance of search needed for treatable diseases in any "typical" case of fatal illness.

  5. La découverte de l'antihydrogène

    Jacob, Maurice René Michel; CERN. Geneva


    1. L'antimatiÂ?re. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Comment apparaÂ?t-elle? Quel est d'ores et dÂ?jÂ? son rÂ?le au CERN et ailleurs? par Maurice JACOB 2. PrÂ?sentation de l'expÂ?rience PS210 qui a conduit Â? la dÂ?couverte de l'antihydrogÂ?ne par Mario MACRI

  6. Investigation of Soil and Vegetation Characteristics in Discontinuous Permafrost Landscapes Near Fairbanks, Alaska


    ER D C TR -1 5- 7 ERDC Center-Directed Research Investigation of Soil and Vegetation Characteristics in Discontinuous Permafrost ...Characteristics in Discontinuous Permafrost Landscapes Near Fairbanks, Alaska Jacob F. Berkowitz U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC...Washington, DC 20314-1000 Under ERDC Center-Directed Research project “Integrated Technologies for Delineat- ing Permafrost and Ground-State

  7. Investigating the inter-relationship of Media Art and the Data Archive in the data-visualizations of Man Ray, Lev Manovich and Thorbjørn Lausten

    Søndergaard, Morten

    This paper investigates the relationship of media art and the data archive. I propose that a complex situation of representation emerges between art and archive, which are operating in matrices of creativity rather than with semantic connections. From being a medium of memory (Benjamin), the data...... iterations/applications of) data-visualizations of Man Ray, Lev Manovich, Jacob Kierkegaard, Eric Andersen, and Thorbjørn Lausten this paper will argue that, what may be termed as, a creative 'matrix thinking' emerges....

  8. The establishment of Catchment Management Agencies in South Africa with reference to the Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Elbe: Some practical considerations

    Meissner, Richard


    Full Text Available cause and effect constituted by causal mechanisms such as the drafting and promulgation of legislation. Governance is more complex and involves various feedback loops (e.g. Meissner and Jacobs 2014 ) in any gover- nance endeavour. Governance takes... are also linked to Treasury Regulations to ensure fi nancial viability and good gover- nance (DWA 2013 ). Catchment management agencies also have a mandate to develop a catchment management strategy. This strategy is a plan to “realise the protection...

  9. Endocrinological Responses to the Administration of Nicotine: Interactions with Drug Initiation, Conditioned Effects, and Conditions of Stress, Volume II


    Benowitz, Kuyt and Jacob, 1982; Feyerabend S Russe l l , 1978). 273 10 Measurement of hematocrit was performed as follows: 1) after centrifugation of...Incentives, Washington, D.C.: Winston. Feyerabend , C. , & Russell, M. A. H. (1978). Effect of urinary pH and nicotine excretion rate can plasma...s Feyerabend , c. (1978). Cigarette smoking: A dependence on high-nicotine boll. Drug Metabolism Review, 8_, 29-57. Russell, M. A. H. , Wilson, C

  10. Purification and Fibrillation of Full-Length Recombinant PrP

    Makarava, Natallia; Baskakov, Ilia V.


    Misfolding and aggregation of prion protein (PrP) is related to several neurodegenerative diseases in humans such as Creutzfeldt–Jacob disease, fatal familial insomnia, and Gerstmann–Straussler–Sheinker disease. Certain applications in prion area require recombinant PrP of high purity and quality. Here, we report an experimental procedure for expression and purification of full-length mammalian PrP. This protocol has been proved to yield PrP of extremely high purity that lac...

  11. Using Value-Focused Thinking to Evaluate the Practicality of Porous Pavement Parking Areas on Air Force Installations


    data for conventional systems was obtained mainly through the RS Means Assemblies Cost Data book (Balboni, 2005) while Bruce Ferguson’s Porous...Pavements book provided much of the information for porous systems (Ferguson, 2005). Additional information regarding pavement maintenance, inspection...Jacobs, M. M. J., Stet, M. J. A., & Molenaar , A. A. A. (2002). Decision model for the use of polymer modified binders in asphalt concrete for airfields

  12. A meta-synthesis on parenting a child with autism

    Ooi, Khim Lynn; Ong, Yin Sin; Jacob, Sabrina Anne; Khan, Tahir Mehmood


    Khim Lynn Ooi, Yin Sin Ong, Sabrina Anne Jacob, Tahir Mehmood Khan School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia, Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia Background: The lifelong nature of autism in a child has deep implications on parents as they are faced with a range of challenges and emotional consequences in raising the child. The aim of this meta-synthesis was to explore the perspectives of parents in raising a child with autism in the childhood period to gain an insight of the adaptations...

  13. Memorial symposium for Victor Weisskopf.

    Maximilien Brice


    A memorial symposium for Victor Weisskopf, CERN Director-General from 1961 to 1965, was held at CERN on 17 September 2002. Photo 01: L. Maiani: Welcome.Photo 02: J. D. Jackson: Highlights from the career and scientific works of Victor F. Weisskopf.Photos 05 09: M. Hine and K. Johnsen: Working with Viki at CERN.Photo 10: M. Jacob: Knowledge and Wonder.Photo 14: K. Worth (Viki's daughter): Reminiscences.

  14. Kunstihoone taanlaste päralt / Anders Härm

    Härm, Anders, 1977-


    Taani kunsti näitusest "Projekt" Tallinna Kunstihoones, kus teevad kaasa ka eesti ja läti kunstitudengid. Tutvustatakse järgmisi projekte: rühmituse N55 mobiilne moodulelamu, Lise Sattrupi ja Lene Degetti "Kohtumine", Peter Fridmani suhtluskunst, Mads Lynnerupi rockbänd, Carsten Olsen-Schmidti maaliv robot, Vibeke Mejlvangi ja Sofie Hesselholdti "Posteriprojekt", Jacob Tue Larseni "Liikumised", Lars Pederseni ja Poul Schöbli "Soul Shipping" (osalevad ka läti tudengid)

  15. Fast Algorithms for Earth Mover’s Distance Based on Optimal Transport and L1 Type Regularization I


    problem. Numerische Mathematik 84(3): 375–393, 2000. [4] Antonin Chambolle and Thomas Pock. A first-order primal-dual algorithm for convex problems with...Conference on Computer Vision, 460–467, 2009. [13] Thomas Pock and Antonin Chambolle. Diagonal preconditioning for first order primal-dual algorithms in convex... Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 36 (3): 343–354, 2009, [18] Sameer Shirdhonkar and David Jacobs. Approximate earth movers

  16. Development of a Guided-Wave Technology Capable of the Detection of Open Cracks and Microcracks in Embedded Trunnion Anchor Rods


    piezoelectric material is reported to potentially produce gains up to a factor of 8 over commercially available, high-performance PZT materials...Narrow-band signal (70-200 cycles) Concentrates energy in desired propagation mode and improves response of PZT transducer. High output/sensitivity PZT ...of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College. Christoph, P., Q-Y Kim, J. Qu, and L. J. Jacobs. 2009. Evaluation of fatigue damage using non-linear

  17. BROOKHAVEN: Lattice gauge theory symposium



    Originally introduced by Kenneth Wilson in the early 70s, the lattice formulation of a quantum gauge theory became a hot topic of investigation after Mike Creutz, Laurence Jacobs and Claudio Rebbi demonstrated in 1979 the feasibility of meaningful computer simulations. The initial enthusiasm led gradually to a mature research effort, with continual attempts to improve upon previous results, to develop better computational techniques and to find new domains of application.

  18. Journal of Mormon History Vol. 29, No. 2, 2003


    CONTENTS INMEMORIAM --Dean L. May Jan Shipps, vi --Stanley B. Kimball Maurine Carr Ward, 2 ARTICLES --George Q. Cannon: Economic Innovator and the 1890s Depression Edward Leo Lyman, 4 --"Scandalous Film": The Campaign to Suppress Anti-Mormon Motion Pictures, 1911-12 Brian Q. Cannon and Jacob W. Olmstead, 42 --Out of the Swan's Nest: The Ministry of Anthon H. Lund, Scandinavian Apostle ...

  19. Energy Absorption Mechanisms in Unidirectional Composites Subjected to Dynamic Loading Events


    integral part of commercial, recreation, and defense markets . The proliferation of applications for fiber-reinforced composite technology can be in large...soft body armors. The growth of composites in high-performance markets continues to outpace the development of new and improved physics-based...pp. 718 – 730, 2008. 16. G. C. Jacob, J. F. Fellers, S. Simunovic, and J. M. Starbuck , “Energy Absorption in Polymer Composites for

  20. CMMI(Registered) for Services, Version 1.3


    profile. The gray portion of each bar represents what has been achieved. The unshaded portion represents what remains to be accomplished to meet the...Forrester 2011 Forrester, Eileen ; Buteau, Brandon; & Shrum, Sandy. CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service, 2 nd Edition. Boston...Software Analysis/RDECOM SED Annie Combelles, DNV IT Global Services Jeff Dutton, Jacobs Technology, Inc. Eileen Forrester, Software Engineering

  1. CMMI(Registered) for Acquisition, Version 1.3. CMMI-ACQ, V1.3


    organization’s planned process improvement objectives. Figure 3.3 illustrates a combined target and achievement profile. The gray portion of each bar...Engineering (EIA/IS-632). Washington, DC, 2003. Forrester 2011 Forrester, Eileen ; Buteau, Brandon; & Shrum, Sandy. CMMI for Services: Guidelines...Cepeda, Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis/RDECOM SED Annie Combelles, DNV IT Global Services Jeff Dutton, Jacobs Technology, Inc. Eileen

  2. Bernoulli Numbers: from Ada Lovelace to the Debye Functions

    Sparavigna , Amelia Carolina


    Jacob Bernoulli owes his fame for the numerous contributions to calculus and for his discoveries in the field of probability. Here we will discuss one of his contributions to the theory of numbers, the Bernoulli numbers. They were proposed as a case study by Ada Lovelace in her analysis of Menabrea's report on Babbage Analytical Engine. It is probable that it was this Lovelace's work, that inspired Hans Thirring in using the Bernoulli numbers in the calculus of the Debye functions.

  3. Vision and Action


    Recent results from Cognitive Neurophysiology-the discipline which is concerned, among other topics, with the study of visual agnosia (a condition...and A. Newell. GPS: A Case Study in Generality and Problem Solving. Academic Press, New York, 1969. [13] M. Farah. Visual Agnosia : Diesorders of Object...A Case Study of Visual Agnosia . Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, New Jersey, 1992. [31] D. Jacobs. Space efficient 3d model indexing. In Proc. IEEE

  4. The object classification task for children: A new measure of concept generation and mental flexibility in early childhood

    Smidts, D.P.; Jacobs, R.; Anderson, V.


    In this study, the development of concept generation and mental flexibility was investigated in 84 Australian children between 3 and 7 years of age, using the Object Classification Task for Children (OCTC), a newly developed executive function test for use with young children. On this task, which was adapted from the Concept Generation Test (Levine, Stuss, & Milberg, 1995) and the Concept Generation Test for Children (Jacobs, Anderson, & Harvey, 2001), children were asked to categorize 6 plas...

  5. Urban diversity and how to measure it : An operational definition of classes and scales

    Sardari Sayyar, Sara; Marcus, Lars


    Diversity as an essential factor for liveability, economic growth, and attractiveness in cities was stressed already half a century ago by Jane Jacobs (1961, 1969). Its importance has only grown and today, diversity is stated as fundamental for current creative societies and their need for knowledge spillovers, and referred to by economists as “Jacobean externalities”. More specifically, in urban morphology and design, we can find various trends that have tried to achieve such aims under the ...

  6. A geometric model for Hochschild homology of Soergel bimodules

    Webster, Ben; Williamson, Geordie


    An important step in the calculation of the triply graded link homology of Khovanov and Rozansky is the determination of the Hochschild homology of Soergel bimodules for SL(n). We present a geometric model for this Hochschild homology for any simple group G, as B–equivariant intersection cohomology...... on generators whose degree is explicitly determined by the geometry of the orbit closure, and to describe its Hilbert series, proving a conjecture of Jacob Rasmussen....

  7. DARPA Technical Accomplishments. Volume 2. An Historical Review of Selected DARPA Projects


    without regard to biological realism ). 6 Image understanding is very different from image processing, which studies image- to-in’age transformation, note that Jacobs and Weltnma.’ brought, respectively, radar and cinematic technology orientations to the work through theit family experiences and...eed for realistic battle-engagement simulation as followE: The next issue is thati-.f putting, as well as one can, wartime realism into simulation

  8. The Saadyital Island cultural district in Abu Dhabi

    Al Hamad, Hamed; Jaffry, Shabbar Abbas; Apostolakis, Alexandros


    The concept of cultural quarters or districts is based on the seminal work by Jacobs (1970), Marshall (1920) and Schumpeter (1934). The concept, developed in the back of economic geography context (Monk and Monk 2007), has received considerable attention and has grown exponentially in terms of popularity. Essentially, cluster (or geographical district) formation and emergence can be attributed to the emphasis placed on the encouragement of industrial clusters in early 1950s as a response to d...

  9. Numerical Analysis for Stochastic Partial Differential Delay Equations with Jumps

    Li, Yan; Hu, Junhao


    We investigate the convergence rate of Euler-Maruyama method for a class of stochastic partial differential delay equations driven by both Brownian motion and Poisson point processes. We discretize in space by a Galerkin method and in time by using a stochastic exponential integrator. We generalize some results of Bao et al. (2011) and Jacob et al. (2009) in finite dimensions to a class of stochastic partial differential delay equations with jumps in infinite dimensions.

  10. Loglines. May-June 2014


    Kathleen T. Rhem Editor: Jacob Boyer Layout/Design: Paul Henry Crank Writers: Beth Reece Sara Moore Amanda Neumann Loglines is Jake Logan , a maintenance employee from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Greers Ferry Project...of their expertise. “The Joint Petroleum Seminar is designed to gather joint petroleum Defense, both incoming and incumbent, and expose them to

  11. One Hundred Years of Flight: USAF Chronology of Significant Air and Space Events, 1903-2002


    the day: 852 feet in 59 seconds. The brothers launched the airplane from a monorail track against a wind blowing slightly more than 20 miles per hour...No. 1, producing a tricycle landing gear and elim- inating the need for a launching rail or catapult. August 20: The Army’s Lt. Jacob Fickel fired a...flight, reconnoitering Turkish positions in Libya. That same day, another Italian airplane became the first to be hit by ground fire . 8 1911-12

  12. Demokrati og deltagelse - et borgerperspektiv på kvarterløft

    Agger, A.

    Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut. Derudover har jeg siddet ca. et halvt år på henholdsvis Institut for Samfundsvidenskab og Erhvervsøkonomi på Roskilde Universitetscenter og School of Urban Studies på Portland State University. Vejledere på ph.d.-afhandlingen er seniorforsker Jacob Norvig Larsen fra...... Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut og professor Peter Bogason fra Institut for Samfundsvidenskab og Erhvervsøkonomi, Roskilde Universitetscenter....

  13. Free-Piston Shock Tunnel Test Technique Development: An AEDC/DLR Cooperative Program


    Felderman Jacobs Sverdrup AEDC Group W. H. Beck and K. Hannemann DLR February 2003 Final Report for Period Ocotober 1997 — September 2001 ARNOLD ENGINEERING...Group W. H. Beck and K. Hannemann , DLR AEDC-TR-01-5 SAF/IAQ Attn: Maj. Keller 1080 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330-1080 Arnold Engineering...Canberra, 1968. 8. Hannemann , K., et al. " The Influence and the Delay of Driver Gas Contamination in HEG." AIAA 21st Aerodynamic Measurement

  14. Syndrome of Churg Strauss

    Sanchez Morales, Edgar Alberto; Saavedra Rodriguez, Alfredo; Henao Riveros, Sandra


    The Churg-Strauss syndrome denominated allergic granulomatosis and angeitis is characterized by a systemic vasculitis of small glasses, extravascular granulomas and hypereosinophilia. Initially described by Jacob Churg and Lotte Strauss, two pathologists who in 1951 they published the description of 13 patient postmortem with tisular infiltration for eosinophils, necrotizant vasculitis and extravascular granulomas. The paper includes nomenclature, classification approaches, pathogenesis, pathology, and clinical aspects and diagnostic

  15. Syndrome of Churg Strauss; Sindrome de Churg Strauss

    Sanchez Morales, Edgar Alberto; Saavedra Rodriguez, Alfredo; Henao Riveros, Sandra


    The Churg-Strauss syndrome denominated allergic granulomatosis and angeitis is characterized by a systemic vasculitis of small glasses, extravascular granulomas and hypereosinophilia. Initially described by Jacob Churg and Lotte Strauss, two pathologists who in 1951 they published the description of 13 patient postmortem with tisular infiltration for eosinophils, necrotizant vasculitis and extravascular granulomas. The paper includes nomenclature, classification approaches, pathogenesis, pathology, and clinical aspects and diagnostic.

  16. Predicting U.S. Army Reserve Unit Manning Using Market Demographics


    I would like to thank my family, especially my wife, Mya. Her support, encouragement, understanding, and love have been a key component to any...did not know what they were doing, their passion for life and unconditional love were a constant, and needed, reminder that life is more than a job...Force Foundation or Enduring Fallacy ?” Strategic Research Project. Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army War College. Klerman, Jacob A. 2009. Rethinking

  17. 03 Chaudhari WEB 02.pmd


    novel, The Slave Book by Rayda Jacobs, short stories in Drie Wêrelde [“Three Worlds”] by I. D. du Plessis and the poem, “Ons .... nie die reg gehad om te trou nie, hoewel hul wel kon saambly; hulle het nie reg tot beheer oor hul eie ..... wêreld—”baie ver van hier”—gelê: “Maar iewers lank gelede / baie ver van hier / het.

  18. Aasta 2000 : kunstimaailm / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Olulisim kunstisündmus - Londoni Tate Moderni avamine. USA muuseumide tegevuse kriitikast. Sotheby'st ja Christie'st. New Yorgi näituseelust, suurnäitusi maailmas. Arhitektuurielust (EXPO, ameerika ja inglise arhitektuur, Pritzkeri preemia). Aasta parim USA ehitis - Diamond Ranchi koolihoone Californias Pomonas (arhitekt Thom Mayne). USA Rahvusliku Kunsti ja Humanitaaria medali said Chuck Close, Claes Oldenburg, Lewis Manilow. 2000. a. surid Knud W. Jensen, Louisa Matthiasdottir, George Segal, Jacob Lawrence

  19. BEA Discoveries 2010: BEA beyond the Buzz

    Fox, Bette-Lee; Heilbrun, Margaret; Hoffert, Barbara; Katterjohn, Anna; Kuzyk, Raya; McCormack, Heather; Rogers, Michael; Williams, Wilda


    With the exhibits at New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center open just two days, the show floor at this year's BEA was a real free-for-all, with lots of traffic from the moment the doors opened on Wednesday, May 26. But for LJ's review editors, it was worth enduring stubbed toes and rattled nerves to find fresh and interesting titles. In this…

  20. Vulnerabilities


    May 1, 2006)”, (accessed 1 April 2009). 6 ibid 7 Hongo , Jun. “Japan, U.S. sign accord on forces,” The...Jacobs, G. Keith. "Guam Becoming US Pacific Linchpin." Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter 29 (2003): 38-39. Jun, Hongo . "Japan, U.S. sign accord on forces