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  1. Orbital Mechanics near a Rotating Asteroid Yu Jiang1,2,∗ & Hexi ...

    The Hamilton function can then be written as (Yu & Baoyin 2012a). H = 1. 2 .... The symplectic structure is a differential exterior 2-form defined on a ..... The disadvantage of Poisson-bracket, Poisson and cohomology forms is unavailable for ...

  2. The Historical Thought of Jiang Mengyin

    于文杰[1; Xu Sangyi[2


    Jiang Mengyin (蒋孟引) (1907–1988), originally named Jiang Deheng (蒋德恒), also known as Baihuan (百幻),was a renowned Chinese historian. He was born in 1907 at Changping Village, Gaoqiao Town, Xinning County, Hunan Province. Studying in an old–style private school in his youth, Jiang showed his talents and special interests in history, as he frequently discussed historical issues with his tutor and formulated his own opinions. He then took historical research as his life–long pursuit. In 1928, Jiang was enrolled in the Department of History at National Central University.

  3. [Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu] / Ago Künnap

    Künnap, Ago, 1941-


    Arvustus: Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu = Chinese language and languages of northern Europe. Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2008

  4. Jiang Shuqin: a devoted family planning worker.

    Zhu, H


    This article describes the family planning activities of a barefoot doctor, Jiang Shuqin, who has delivered family planning and other medical services to poor local farmers in China over the past 20 years. The once backward township of Kulongshan in Fengning Manchu Nationality Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province in North China, where she works, has advanced. Her efforts were recognized at the 1997 National Conference on Family Planning Work. Her first success was in treating a poor woman's sick child, which resulted in such gratitude that her initial reluctance to accept contraception was overcome and she agreed to terminate her pregnancy. Another case involved an elder sister who became pregnant for her infertile sister; when the latter was diagnosed and treated for gynecological disease and subsequently conceived herself, the older sister was convinced to abort her pregnancy. One woman was counseled to delay a pregnancy until treatment for tuberculosis was completed and was happy to avoid birth defects and enjoyed having a healthy baby 3 years later. Ms. Shuqin was known to quickly respond to a home delivery and difficult labor and even saved a baby whose supply of oxygen was limited during a difficult labor. She even performed an operation to stop massive hemorrhaging from a retained placenta while in her 8th month of pregnancy and being barely able to stand on her swollen and painful legs; she completed the operation on her knees. She wrote a paper to county officials on rice production on reclaimed paddy fields that benefitted hundreds of farmers. Her practice expanded to include treatment of animals. Her family complains about her absences, but everyone in the township appreciates her services. The township is proud to be one with no unplanned births.

  5. Metaproteomics of Microbiota in Naturally Fermented Soybean Paste, Da-jiang.

    Zhang, Ping; Zhang, Pengfei; Xie, Mengxi; An, Feiyu; Qiu, Boshu; Wu, Rina


    Da-jiang is a typical traditional fermented soybean product in China. At present, the proteins in da-jiang are needed to be explored. The composition and species of microbial proteins in traditional fermented da-jiang were analyzed by metaproteomics based on sodium dodecyl sulfonate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The results showed that the number and variety of microbial proteins in the traditional fermented da-jiang from different regions were different. The production site influences the fermentation in da-jiang. Then we analyzed the functions of the microbial proteins identified in da-jiang, and found that they were mainly involved in the process of protein synthesis, glycometabolism and nucleic acid synthesis. In addtion, we compared the proteins composition in different da-jiang. There are 51 common proteins of naturally fermented da-jiang, and 25 common microbial sources. The main commonly microbial sources of fungal proteins are Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces; the main commonly microbial sources of bacterial proteins are Enterococcus faecalis, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Bacillus subtilis. These common microbes play the predominant role in da-jiang fermentation. The present results help us to understand the fermentation of da-jiang and improve the quality and safety of final products in the future. The study illustrated metaproteome of microbiota in traditional fermented soybean paste, da-jiang, by sodium dodecyl sulfonate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). A method of extracting metaproteome from microbiota in da-jiang was attempted. The findings help to understand the fermentation of da-jiang and improve the quality and safety of da-jiang in fermented industry. © 2018 Institute of Food Technologists®.

  6. Bulb turbine operating at medium head: XIA JIANG case study

    Loiseau, F; Desrats, C; Petit, P; Liu, J


    With lots of references for 4-blade bulb turbines, such as these of Wu Jin Xia (4 units – 36.1 MW per unit – 9.2 m rated head), Chang Zhou (15 units – 46.7 MW per unit – 9.5 m rated head) and Tong Wan (4 units – 46.2 MW per unit – 11 m rated head), ALSTOM Power Hydro is one of the major suppliers of bulb turbines operating under medium head for the Chinese market. ALSTOM Power Hydro has been awarded in November 2010 a contract by Jiang Xi Province Xia Jiang Water Control Project Headquarters to equip Xia Jiang's new hydropower plant. The power dam is located on the Gan Jiang river, at about 160 km away from Nan Chang town in South Eastern China. The supply will consist in 5 bulb units including the furniture of both the turbine and its generator, for a total capacity of 200 MW, under a rated net head of 8.6 m. The prototype turbine is a 7.8 m diameter runner, rotating at 71.4 rpm speed. For this project, ALSTOM has proposed a fully new design of 4-blade bulb runner. This paper outlines the main steps of the hydraulic development. First of all, a fine tuning of the blade geometry was performed to enhance the runner behaviour at high loads and low heads, so that to fulfill the demanding requirements of efficiencies and maximum output. The challenge was also to keep an excellent cavitation behaviour, especially at the outer blade diameter in order to avoid cavitation erosion on the prototype. The shape of the blade was optimized by using the latest tools in computational fluid dynamics. Steady state simulations of the distributor and the runner were performed, in order to simulate more accurately the pressure fields on the blade and the velocity distribution at the outlet of the runner. Moreover, draft tube computations have been performed close to the design point and at higher loads. Then, a model fully homologous with the prototype was manufactured and tested at ALSTOM's laboratory in Grenoble (France). The model test results confirmed the predicted

  7. Bulb turbine operating at medium head: XIA JIANG case study

    Loiseau, F.; Desrats, C.; Petit, P.; Liu, J.


    With lots of references for 4-blade bulb turbines, such as these of Wu Jin Xia (4 units - 36.1 MW per unit - 9.2 m rated head), Chang Zhou (15 units - 46.7 MW per unit - 9.5 m rated head) and Tong Wan (4 units - 46.2 MW per unit - 11 m rated head), ALSTOM Power Hydro is one of the major suppliers of bulb turbines operating under medium head for the Chinese market. ALSTOM Power Hydro has been awarded in November 2010 a contract by Jiang Xi Province Xia Jiang Water Control Project Headquarters to equip Xia Jiang's new hydropower plant. The power dam is located on the Gan Jiang river, at about 160 km away from Nan Chang town in South Eastern China. The supply will consist in 5 bulb units including the furniture of both the turbine and its generator, for a total capacity of 200 MW, under a rated net head of 8.6 m. The prototype turbine is a 7.8 m diameter runner, rotating at 71.4 rpm speed. For this project, ALSTOM has proposed a fully new design of 4-blade bulb runner. This paper outlines the main steps of the hydraulic development. First of all, a fine tuning of the blade geometry was performed to enhance the runner behaviour at high loads and low heads, so that to fulfill the demanding requirements of efficiencies and maximum output. The challenge was also to keep an excellent cavitation behaviour, especially at the outer blade diameter in order to avoid cavitation erosion on the prototype. The shape of the blade was optimized by using the latest tools in computational fluid dynamics. Steady state simulations of the distributor and the runner were performed, in order to simulate more accurately the pressure fields on the blade and the velocity distribution at the outlet of the runner. Moreover, draft tube computations have been performed close to the design point and at higher loads. Then, a model fully homologous with the prototype was manufactured and tested at ALSTOM's laboratory in Grenoble (France). The model test results confirmed the predicted ones: the

  8. Memory Consolidation of Attended Information Is Optional: Comment on Jiang et al. (2016)

    Wyble, Brad; Chen, Hui


    Attribute amnesia is a phenomenon in which information about a stimulus that was just recently used to perform a task is poorly remembered in a surprise test (Chen & Wyble, 2015a). In a recent article by Jiang, Shupe, Swallow, and Tan (2016), this effect was replicated but with an additional priming measure that revealed some carryover memory…

  9. Construction Strategies of Social Security System for Wan-jiang Urban Belt’s Migrant Workers


    Theoretical debate and practice exploration on social security of migrant workers were introduced.The political direction and security layer on social security for migrant workers in Wan-jiang urban belt were analyzed:the first layer is to implement wage payment guarantee and employment injury insurance;the second layer is to emphasize serious disease insurance and endowment insurance;the third layer is unemployed insurance and social assistance.The primary strategy of building a social security system for migrant workers in Wan-jiang urban belt was put up:wage payment guarantee system that is united in certain regions should be promoted;employment injury insurance system that is undertaken by enterprises should be built;a social health care system for serious diseases should be set up;multi-layers endowment insurance system for migrant workers should be created;vocational training and training in how to start a business should be built as well as the unemployment insurance system;social assistant system based on the basic cost of living allowances should be set up.

  10. Jing Tong Yu Shu , a traditional Chinese medicine, suppresses IL ...

    Purpose: To evaluate the effect of a traditional Chinese medicine, Jing Tong Yu Shu (JTYS) on endometriosis in a rat surgical model. Methods: Endometriosis was induced in 40 female rats. The rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: three JTYS groups given different doses of the drug, and a saline group. After four ...

  11. [Autobiography of modern acupuncturist Yu Shu-zhuang].

    Li, Jia-jian' i; Guo, Jing; Yu, Zhen-zhong; Wang, Lin-peng


    Professor YU Shu-zhuang is a distinguished acupuncturist in China. He has practiced the TCM acupuncture-moxibustion clinical, educational and scientific research for 60 years in his life. In clinic, he summarized the experiences "five-ming first"; in treatment, he insisted "dredging" and "regulating", protecting the function of spleen and stomach, and needles should be less but specific. In the meanwhile, he made a deep study on the function and clinical effects of specific acupoints, and used the research results of propagated sensation along channel to guide clinical treatment, forming his special academic points. Professor YU has educated a great number of acupuncture-moxibustion talents in China and foreign countries, making great contribution to the popularization of acupuncture-moxibustion in the worldwide.

  12. Case 3. "Jiang Tao v. Chengdu Branch, People's People's Bank of China": Opinion by the People's Court in Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

    Chinese Education and Society, 2006


    This article presents the decision of the People's Court in Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province on the Jiang Tao v. Chengdu Branch, People's People's Bank of China case. Jiang Tao, the plaintiff, claimed that the defendant Chengdu Branch placed an announcement in the "Chengdu Business Daily" to "recruit tellers for Chengdu…

  13. Dynamics analysis of fractional order Yu-Wang system

    Bhalekar, Sachin


    Fractional order version of a dynamical system introduced by Yu and Wang (Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, 2, (2012) 209-215) is discussed in this article. The basic dynamical properties of the system are studied. Minimum effective dimension 0.942329 for the existence of chaos in the proposed system is obtained using the analytical result. For chaos detection, we have calculated maximum Lyapunov exponents for various values of fractional order. Feedback control method is then used to control chaos in the system. Further, the system is synchronized with itself and with fractional order financial system using active control technique. Modified Adams-Bashforth-Moulton algorithm is used for numerical simulations.

  14. [Analysis of clinical characteristics of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Professor Jiang Liangduo's theory of "sanjiao meridian stasis"].

    Wang, Hai-Yan; Jiang, Liang-Duo; Ma, Qing; Xu, Dong; Tang, Shi-Huan; Luo, Zeng-Gang


    In the clinical practice, Professor Jiang Liangduo, a national senior Chinese medicine doctor, has created the theory of "sanjiao meridian stasis" from the theory of meridian dialectics and from the overall state. In this paper, the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine clinical characteristics of sanjiao meridian stasis theory which is often used by Professor Jiang Liangduo in the treatment of out-patient syndrome differentiation, were first studied and summarized to investigate its inherent regularity. First, the source of data and research methods were introduced, and then the Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance Support System was used with the method of data mining to retrospectively analyze the disease characteristics of Chinese and Western medicine in 279 patients with sanjiao meridian stasis diagnosed by Professor Jiang in 2014. Then the following main conclusions were made after research: sanjiao meridian stasis was more common in women as well as young and middle-aged population. Often manifested by prolonged treatment course, red tongue with yellowishfur, with good correlation between modern Western medicine diagnosis and TCM differentiation syndrome. The symptoms of sanjiao meridian stasis syndrome are mostly of heat syndromes, and middle-aged patients are the most common patients with stasis and stasis of sanjiao. Related information of Western medicine diagnosis can help to diagnose the "sanjiao meridian stasis". Copyright© by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

  15. Diagenetic differences of the Zhenzhuchong Member of Ziliujing Formation in the Jiulongshan–Jiange area, Sichuan Basin

    Mingcai Hou


    Full Text Available The rocks of the Zhenzhuchong Member of the Ziliujing Formation, Jiulongshan–Jiange area in the Sichuan Basin, were analyzed by petrography, XRD, and SEM techniques to investigate their diagenetic history and properties, such as authigenic mineral types, evolution of mixed-layer illite–smectite minerals, the clay assembly, and the fraction of mixed-layer clay minerals. The results revealed that the Zhenzhuchong Member has experienced several important episodes of diagenetic alteration since the deposition, including compaction (pressure-solution, cementation, metasomatism, dissolution, fracturing, and infilling of caves and cracks. It was also observed that diagenetic properties of the Jiulongshan area were significantly different from those of the Jiange area. The rock samples from the Jiulongshan area were characterized by the composition of siliceous and calcareous cements, varying amounts of detrital grains, clay matrix and kaolinite replaced by calcites, a certain amount of rarely dissolved early-stage kaolinite, dickite, and infillings by late-stage calcite. On the other hand, for the rock samples from the Jiange area, the dissolution is a common phenomenon with features of abundant aluminosilicates-dissolution pores or components, but the replacement phenomenon has rarely been seen. These rock samples were characterized by the presence of clay mineral cements, quartz, and dolomite infillings. It indicated that there was a great difference of diagenesis between the two areas in the types, phase, and temperature of diagenetic fluids. Revealing the difference would provide theoretical and practical implications for the exploration of high quality oil and gas reservoirs.

  16. Land cover of oases and forest in XinJiang, China retrieved from ASTER data

    Buhe, Aosier; Tsuchiya, K.; Kaneko, M.; Ohtaishi, N.; Halik, Mahmut

    ASTER aboard NASA’s satellite Terra is a high-resolution multispectral radiometer of 14 bands. The spatial resolution is 15 m in VNIR, 30 m in SWIR and 90 m in TIR spectra, respectively. With the data observed with ASTER, the land cover classification is produced for the Tarim Diversifolious Poplar Protection Area along the Tarim River in the northern Tarim Basin (Taklamakan Desert) in XinJiang, China. The classification of the vegetation (plants) in the arid and semiarid regions using remote-sensing technology is very difficult. Because the cause has low vegetable cover density and the influence of reflection from background soil is large. ASTER data are effective in studying the spectrum characteristics of land cover in arid and semiarid regions. The sensor has several bands in the shortwave infrared wavelength region that is designed for exploration of earth resources and study of the arid and semiarid region natural environment. However, we are not clear combination of which band is the most effective in research of the arid region like the Taklamakan desert in the data of 14 bands of ASTER. The optimum index factor (OIF), based on total variance within bands and correlation coefficient between bands, is a statistical approach to rank all possible three-band combinations. In the process of analyzing the data, the pixel sizes of all the data are converted (layer stacking and re-sampling) into consistent same size of 15 m. The three-band composite with the largest OIF value will have most information (as measured by variance) with the least amount of duplication (as measured by correlation). We used the OIF technique to rank all three-band combinations of ASTER original 14-band data over Tarim River Poplar Protection Area. Our study indicates that RGB color overlay using atmospheric corrected ASTER original bands 2, 3 (VNIR), and 6 (SWIR) has the highest OIF. When NDVI is considered as one ASTER band, highest OIF will have by carrying out bands 3 (VNIR), 4

  17. Yu.S. Osipov's work in mathematical control theory

    Kryazhimskiy, Arkady A


    This paper gives an overview of Yu.S. Osipov's work in mathematical control theory, including development of the theory of positional differential games for control systems with time delay; analysis of the phenomenon of infinite dimensionality of the state space of a dynamical system in the context of differential games; development of the theory of dynamical inversion (dynamical regularization) for finite- and infinite-dimensional control systems; applications of methods of the theory of positional differential games beyond the scope of the theory itself; work on new differential-game methods and on methods of control under incomplete information. The author of this overview is the first student of Osipov, and also his longstanding colleague.

  18. Dr. Yu Wang, Director, Natural Science Division, National Science Council, Taiwan

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: L. to r.: Dr. Philippe Bloch, CERN CMS ECAL Deputy Project Manager, Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Etiennette Auffray, CERN, responsible of the CERN ECAL Regional Centre. Photo 02: L. to r.: Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Philippe Bloch, Dr. Apollo GO, National Central University, Taiwan, Dr. Etiennette Auffray.

  19. Comments on Yu N Parkhomenko's paper 'Role of aberration effects in dispersive cavities'

    Anokhov, S P


    The legitimacy of the approach, proposed by Yu N Parkhomenko for dealing with the operation of solid-state lasers with dispersive cavities, is discussed. Additional information is provided on the neodymium glass laser, used in the present author's experiment. Comment on A Yu N Parkhomenko 1998 Quantum Electron. 28 1102. (discussion)

  20. [Analyze prescription rules of Professor Jiang Liangduo treatment for abdominal mass based on traditional Chinese medicine inheritance platform].

    Lian, Xiao-Xiao; Guo, Xiao-Xia


    To investigate the herbal prescription rules of Professor Jiang Liangduo in the treatment of abdominal mass based on the traditional Chinese medicine inheritance support system software (TCMISS) of version 2.5, find out new herbal formulas for the treatment of abdominal mass, and then provide new reference to its traditional Chinese medicine therapy. By the method of retrospective study, one hundred and thirty-two outpatient prescriptions of Professor Jiang for the treatment of abdominal mass were collected to establish a typical database with TCMISS. Four properties, five tastes, channel tropism, frequency count, Chinese herbal prescriptions rules and the new prescriptions were analyzed so as to dig out the prescription rules. There were 57 herbs with a frequency>=15, and then 91 core combinations of 2-5 herbs were evolved and 9 new prescriptions were created. It was found out that these drugs mainly had the effects of liver nourishing and soothing, soft-moist and dredging-tonifying, supporting right and dispeling evil, cooperating with the method of calming the liver and resolving hard lump according to the actual situation. It reflected the thought of treatment based on syndrome differentiation in TCM, and provided a new reference for its clinical treatment and research. Copyright© by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

  1. Orbital Picture of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov Multiplets

    Heinrich, Benjamin W.; Ruby, Michael; Franke, Katharina J.; Peng, Yang; von Oppen, Felix

    Magnetic impurities on an s-wave superconductor induce Yu-Shiba-Rusinov (YSR) bound states within the excitation gap of the superconductor. Here, we investigate single manganese (Mn) atoms adsorbed on different surface orientations of superconducting lead (Pb) and the nature of their YSR states. Depending on the adsorption site and surface, we detect a distinct number and characteristic patterns of YSR states around the Mn atoms. We show that the YSR states inherit their properties from the Mn d levels, which are split by the surrounding crystal field. The periodicity of the long-range YSR oscillations allows us to identify a dominant coupling of the d states to the outer Fermi sheet of the two-band superconductor Pb. The long-range and directional nature of the states are promising for the design of coupled adatom structures, which could bear topological phases. We acknowledge funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through Grant No. FR2726/4 and through collaborative research Grants No. Sfb 658, No. CRC 183, and No. SPP 1666, as well as by the European Research Council through Consolidator Grant NanoSpin.

  2. Lipid-lowering and antioxidant activities of Jiang-Zhi-Ning in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Chen, Jianxin; Zhao, Huihui; Yang, Ying; Liu, Bing; Ni, Jian; Wang, Wei


    Jiang-Zhi-Ning (JZN) is composed of four Chinese herbs, i.e., Fleeceflower Root, Fructus Crataegi, Folium Nelumbinis and Semen Cassiae. It was used to strengthen blood circulation of coronary artery, arrhythmia and hyperlipidemia. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate lipid-lowering and antioxidant activities of extract and effective fraction of JZN by using in vitro experiments on hyperlipidemic rats. Moreover, in vivo experiments on cells were performed to investigate lipid-lowering and antioxidant activities of effective fraction and active constituents of JZN. Wistar rats with high fat diet-induced hyperlipidemia were used as in vitro models to study biological effects of lipid-lowering and antioxidant activities of extract and effective fraction of JZN. Serum total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), Coronary Index and Atherogenic Index were investigated to evaluate lipid-lowering effects of extract and effective fraction of JZN. Serum total nitric oxide synthase (NOS), nitric oxide (NO), endothelin-1 (ET-1), malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC) were detected to measure antioxidant effects of extract and effective fraction of JZN. Furthermore, oxidized low-density lipoprotein (Ox-LDL) injured human umbilical vein endothelial cell (HUVEC) model was employed as in vivo experiment to study lipid-lowering and antioxidant effects of effective fraction and active constituents of JZN. NO, ET-1, MDA SOD and T-AOC in HUVECs or culture media were investigated to evaluate antioxidant activity of effective fraction and active constituents of JZN. Using human hepatoma cell line Bel-7402, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology was performed to investigate cholesterol metabolism effects of effective fraction and active constituents of JZN. Expressions of low density lipoprotein receptor (LDL

  3. Yu Kilchun’s Concept of Reform of the Tax System in the Korean Empire

    Jinah Yang


    Full Text Available Yu Kilchun in “Semubu (Tax Department” criticizes the trend of the tax system, in which the authority to impose and collect taxes had been taken away from the local magistrates and the isŏ class (composed of hyangni, local functionaries, and sŏri, petty clerks during the Kabo Reform was once again returned to them. Yu Kilchun devised a concept of tax system reform on the premise of the reorganization of the administrative districts into the chu-kun-hyang-ri (state-county-district-village system. Yu’s idea was to make myŏn (hyang, district a governing administrative unit, placed under direct government control. To fund the operation of local governments, Yu proposed to create local taxes, chu taxes and hyang. Tax amounts were to be determined by local assemblies, chuhoe and hyanghoe, which were given the authority to deliberate on budget. The authority to review tax sources, levy and collect taxes was given to hyang, a small unit of administrative division. By imbuing this authority to hyang, Yu Kilchun planned to exclude local magistrates and the isŏ class in the tax collection process. Since “Semubu” discusses the reorganization of administrative divisions and local tax administration, as well as local tax system reform, the discovery of this text is significant, as it expands the range of the reform ideas proposed by Yu Kilchun, and furthermore the Enlightenment Party.

  4. Origin of stratiform sediment-hosted manganese carbonate ore deposits: Examples from Molango, Mexico, and TaoJiang, China

    Okita, P.M.; Shanks, Wayne C.


    Carbonate and sulfide minerals from the Molango, Mexico, and TaoJiang, China, Mn deposits display similar and distinctive ??34S and ??13C patterns in intervals of manganese carbonate mineralization. ??13C-values for Mn-bearing carbonate range from -17.8 to +0.5??? (PDB), with the most negative values occurring in high-grade ore zones that are composed predominantly of rhodochrosite. In contrast, calcite from below, within and above Mn-carbonate zones at Molango has ??13C???0??? (PDB). Markedly negative ??13C data indicate that a large proportion of the carbon in Mn-carbonates was derived from organic matter oxidation. Diagenetic reactions using MnO2 and SO2-4 to oxidize sedimentary organic matter were the principle causes of such 12C enrichment. Pyrite content and sulfide ?? 34S-values also show distinctive variations. In unmineralized rocks, very negative ??34S-values (avg. < -21??? CDT) and abundant pyrite content suggest that pyrite formed from diagenetic, bacteriogenic sulfate reduction. In contrast, Mn-bearing horizons typically contain only trace amounts of pyrite (e.g., <0.5 wt% S with ??34S-values 34S-enriched, in some cases to nearly the value for contemporaneous seawater. 34S-enriched pyrite from the Mn-carbonate intervals indicates sulfide precipitation in an environment that underwent extensive SO2-4 reduction, and was largely a closed system with regard to exchange of sulfate and dissolved sulfide with normal seawater. The occasional occurrence of 34S-depleted pyrite within Mn-carbonate zones dominated by 34S-enriched pyrite is evidence that closed-system conditions were intermittent and limited to local pore waters and did not involve entire sedimentary basins. Mn-carbonate precipitation may have occluded porosity in the surficial sediments, thus establishing an effective barrier to SO2-4 exchange with overlying seawater. Similar isotopic and mineralogic characteristics from both the Molango and TaoJiang deposits, widely separated in geologic time and

  5. YU Ren-cun(郁仁存)——A Famous Oncologist in Integrative Medicine


    @@ YU Ren-cun was born on August 1,1934.After graduating from Jiangxi Medical College in 1955,he took part in the very first Western Doctors' Class for Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) held in Beijing from March 1959 to December 1961.Prof.YU systematically learned TCM while taking this class.Since 1962,he has been working in the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,eventually being promoted to a Chief Physician by the Beijing Municipal Government in May of 1981.In 1997,Prof.YU was selected as a well-known veteran for the National TCM Doctor Inheritance Work by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM).The State Council of China has awarded him a special subsidy every month for his excellent work.

  6. Jing Tong Yu Shu, a traditional Chinese medicine, suppresses IL-1β ...

    Zhang et al. 2953. Tropical ... Purpose: To evaluate the effect of a traditional Chinese medicine, Jing Tong Yu Shu (JTYS) on endometriosis in a ..... Flower A, Liu JP, Chen S, Lewith G, Little P. Chinese ... Mol Hum Reprod 2000; 6: 269-275. 18.

  7. The simulation research of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus non-point source pollution in Xiao-Jiang watershed of Three Gorges Reservoir area.

    Wu, Lei; Long, Tian-Yu; Li, Chong-Ming


    Xiao-jiang, with a basin area of almost 5,276 km(2) and a length of 182.4 km, is located in the center of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, and is the largest tributary of the central section in Three Gorges Reservoir Area, farmland accounts for a large proportion of Xiao-jiang watershed, and the hilly cropland of purple soil is much of the farmland of the watershed. After the second phase of water storage in the Three Gorges Reservoir, the majority of sub-rivers in the reservoir area experienced eutrophication phenomenon frequently, and non-point source (NPS) pollution has become an important source of pollution in Xiao-jiang Watershed. Because dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus non-point source pollution are related to surface runoff and interflow, using climatic, topographic and land cover data from the internet and research institutes, the Semi-Distributed Land-use Runoff Process (SLURP) hydrological model was introduced to simulate the complete hydrological cycle of the Xiao-jiang Watershed. Based on the SLURP distributed hydrological model, non-point source pollution annual output load models of land use and rural residents were respectively established. Therefore, using GIS technology, considering the losses of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus in the course of transport, a dissolved non-point source pollution load dynamic model was established by the organic coupling of the SLURP hydrological model and land-use output model. Through the above dynamic model, the annual dissolved non-point source nitrogen and phosphorus pollution output as well as the load in different types were simulated and quantitatively estimated from 2001 to 2008, furthermore, the loads of Xiao-jiang Watershed were calculated and expressed by temporal and spatial distribution in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. The simulation results show that: the temporal changes of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus load in the watershed are close to the inter-annual changes of rainfall runoff, and the

  8. [Temperature modifies the acute effect of particulate air pollution on mortality in Jiang'an district of Wuhan].

    Zhu, Y H; Wu, R; Zhong, P R; Zhu, C H; Ma, L


    To analyze the temperature modification effect on acute mortality due to particulate air pollution. Daily non-accidental mortality, cardiovascular mortality, and respiratory mortality data were obtained from Jiang'an District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Daily meteorological data on mean temperature and relative humidity were collected from China Meteorological Data Sharing Service System. The daily concentration of particulate matter was collected from Wuhan Environmental Monitoring center. By using the stratified time-series models, we analyzed effects of particulate air pollution on mortality under different temperature zone from 2002 to 2010, meanwhile comparing the difference of age, gender and educational level, in Wuhan city of China. High temperature (daily average temperature > 33.4 ℃) obviously enhanced the effect of PM10 on mortality. With 10 μg/m(3) increase in PM10 concentrations, non-accidental, cardiovascular, and respiratory mortality increased 2.95% (95%CI: 1.68%-4.24%), 3.58% (95%CI: 1.72%-5.49%), and 5.07% (95%CI: 2.03%-9.51%) respectively. However, low temperature (daily average temperature respiratory mortality with 3.31% (95% CI: 0.07%-6.64%) increase. At high temperature, PM10 had significantly stronger effect on non-accidental mortality of female aged over 65 and people with high educational level groups. With an increase of 10 μg/m(3), daily non-accidental mortality increased 4.27% (95% CI:2.45%-6.12%), 3.38% (95% CI:1.93%-4.86%) and 3.47% (95% CI:1.79%-5.18%), respectively. Whereas people with low educational level were more susceptible to low temperature. A 10 μg/m(3) increase in PM10 was associated with 2.11% (95% CI: 0.20%-4.04%) for non-accidental mortality. Temperature factor can modify the association between the PM10 level and cause-specific mortality. Moreover, the differences were apparent after considering the age, gender and education groups.

  9. Comprehensive geological report on Yu Hsien mining area, Yu Hsien coalfield, Hopeh Province in the People's Republic of China



    This is a detailed geological survey report on Yu Hsien coalfield for the period beginning in 1987 and ending in March, 2001. The survey elucidated the structures, beds, coal seams, coal property, hydro-geological features, and other mining technological conditions in Beiyang Zhuang mining area. In addition, as a result of coal reserves calculation, the total of A, B and C class coal reserves was 328.34 million tons, of which No.1 and No.5 coal seams were 259.79 million tons, taking 79.1% of the entire reserves. The average coal seam thickness of the No.1 and No.5 coal seams, which are the principal minable coal seams, are each 3.10 m and 2.66 m, with the existing depth usually 300-711 m; the coal properties are classified into low-medium ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, and medium heating value. The coal category is long flame coal, with the use applicable to cement, electric power, gasification, etc. As the infrastructure, Beiyang Zhuang mining area is one of the three mines for which development has been decided in Yu Hsien coalfield. with the planned coal output scheduled for 1.8 million tons, and with a road or a dedicated railroad for coal maintained leading to large and medium cities such as Changkiakow, Suanhwa and Beijing. Further, railway construction is in progress, so that transportation conditions are extremely favorable. Preliminary investigation of industries and construction of coal pits should be considered. (NEDO)

  10. Development of the SONIX software for the YuMO instrument at the IBR-2 reactor

    Kirilov, A.S.; Litvinenko, E.I.; Astakhova, N.V.; Murashevich, S.M.; Petukhova, T.B.; Yudin, V.E.; Gordelij, V.I.; Islamov, A.Kh.; Kuklin, A.I.


    The main results of the modernization of the software complex of the YuMO spectrometer are described. The comparison of the previous MS-DOS based software and new OS-9 based one is carried out. The advantages and disadvantages of each program are described. The main features of the new software complex and the results of its long-term operation are presented. It is shown that the software upgrade essentially improved the spectrometer control. (author)

  11. The Near-Earth Encounter of Asteroid 308635 (2005 YU55): Thermal IR Observations

    Lim, Lucy F.; Emery, J. P.; Moskovitz, N. A.; Busch, M. W.; Yang, B.; Granvik, M.


    The near-Earth approach (0.00217 AU, or 0.845 lunar distances) of the C-type asteroid 308635 (2005 YU55) in November 2011 presented a rare opportunity for detailed observations of a low-albedo NEA in this size range. As part of a multi-telescope campaign to measure visible and infrared spectra and photometry, we obtained mid-infrared ( 8 to 22 micron) photometry and spectroscopy of 2005 YU55 using Michelle [1] on the Gemini North telescope on UT November 9 and 10, 2011. An extensive radar campaign [2] together with optical lightcurves [3,4] established the rotation state of YU55. In addition, the radar imaging resulted in a shape model for the asteroid, detection of numerous boulders on its surface, and a preliminary estimate of its equatorial diameter at 380 +/- 20 m. In a preliminary analysis, applying the radar and lightcurve-derived parameters to a rough-surface thermophysical model fit to the Gemini/Michelle thermal emission photometry results in a thermal inertia range of approximately 500 to 1500 J m-2 s-1/2 K-1, with the low-thermal-inertia solution corresponding to the small end of the radar size range and vice versa. Updates to these results will be presented and modeling of the thermal contribution to the measured near-infrared spectra from Palomar/Triplespec and IRTF/SpeX will also be discussed. The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of observatory staff and the support of the NASA NEOO program (LFL and JPE), the Carnegie fellowship (NAM), and NASA AES, NSF, and the NRAO Jansky Fellowship (MWB). [1] De Buizer, J. and R. Fisher, Proc. Hris (2005), pp. 84-87. [2] Busch, M.W. et al., ACM (2012), abstract #6179. [3] Warner, B., MPBull 39 (2), 84 [4] Pravec, P.

  12. S.Yu. Witte's Customs Policy and Regulation of State Import of Industrial Equipment

    Антон Юрьевич Петров


    Full Text Available The article considers state import of industrial equipment in the context of the customs regulation of Russia’s foreign trade under S.Yu. Witte as the Minister of Finance (1892–1903. The analysis of archival data reveals the motives which drove various ministries of the Russian empire when they gave preference to foreign producers rather than domestic ones. In the 1890s the Ministry of Finance, on the one hand, and other ministries, on the other hand, were debating the necessity of orders for foreign industrial equipment made by the Russian governmental bodies. The article studies the course and results of this interdepartmental struggle.

  13. [Textual research on Guang dong xin yu (New Sayings of Guangdong) quoted in Ben cao gang mu shi yi (Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica].

    Zhang, Ruixian; Zhang, Wei; Li, Jian; Liang, Fei


    Altogether 15 terms for Guang dong xin yu (New Sayings of Guangdong) were used in Ben cao gang mu shi yi (Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica), including Yue yu (Cantonese sayings), Chong yu (Sayings from Insect Drug), Jie yu (Sayings from Crustacean Drug), Xin yu (New Sayings), Yue hai xiang yu (Fragrant Sayings from Cantonese Region), Yue zhi mu yu (Sayings from Plants in Cantonese Annals), Guang dong suo yu (Trivial Sayings from Guangdong), Yue shan lu (Records of Cantonese Mountains), Yue lu (Cantonese Records), Jiao guang lu (Joint Guangdong Records), Yue cao zhi (Records of Cantonese Grasses), Guang guo lu (Records of Guangdong Fruits), Nan yue suo ji (Trivial Records of Southern Canton), Guang zhi (Guangdong Records), Yue zhi (Cantonese Records) etc. dealing with 57 sorts of drugs (with individual overlapping ones), the author of Xin yu was Qu Dajun, a surviving fogy of the Ming Dynasty actively involved in the activities to restore the old dynasty and resist the Qing Dynasty, and was persecuted in the literary inquisition in which his works were burnt so that Zhao Xuemin, when quoting his texts, had to go in a roundabout way.

  14. Comparison of congener profiles of polychlorinated biphenyls between Yu-cheng children and a potential food source

    Lung Shih-Chun Candice [Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan); Guo Yu-Liang Leon; Chang Ho-Yuan [Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, Coll. of Medicine, National Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan (Taiwan)


    In 1979, about two thousand people in central Taiwan were intoxicated by consumption of the rice oil that was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). This ''Yu-cheng'' incident was one of the two human tragedies which people ingested substantial amounts of PCBs within a short period of time. Some of the follow-up epidemiological studies focused on the children born to the exposed mothers, the Yu-cheng children, since they could be exposed to PCBs via breast-feeding or transplacental transfer. This report presents the results of the serum PCB levels of the 21 Yu-cheng children with a congener-specific analysis. On the other hand, fish consumption is thought to be the single most important exposure route to PCBs to the general public; thus, it is crucial to understand PCB exposure from fish consumption. In a separated study to assess PCB contamination in fish, PCB congener concentrations in tilapia (Oreochromis hybrids), the most popular fish in Taiwan, were evaluated. The consumption quantity of tilapia is the highest throughout the Island. It is mostly farmed in fresh water but can also be bred in saltwater. This report presents the concentrations and profiles in the serums of the Yu-cheng children. The congener profile is compared with PCB profile in the serum of Yu-cheng women reported previously and that in one of the potentially significant exposure source, tilapia, conducted in a separated work. Remarkable similarity between the profile of Yu-cheng children and that of the tilapia is revealed and discussed.

  15. La fuerza expresiva del deseo en Lan Yu de Stanley Kwan .

    David L. Eng


    Full Text Available Stanley Kwan's Lan Yu configures the emergence of homosexuality in contemporary China far beyond its validation in recognizably Western identitarian terms: the affirmation of an existing but misrecognized minority population; the defense of sexual "perversion"; the positing of sexual freedom, legal recognition, and political rights; the justification of a bourgeois consumer lifestyle, or even the expression of a universalizing and bindingtove bringing togethertwo abstract individuáis. Instead, in Kwan's film, homosexuality and its expressive desire mark the emergence of a new humanism in (postsocialist China under the shadows of global capitalism and neoliberal development. Gays and lesbians, that is, are harbingers of a new modernity, helping to situate China in its proper place within a cosmopolitan globalized world. From this perspective, homosexuality functions as a critical tool for organizing and evaluating the historical continuities and ruptures among China's (semicolonial past, its revolutionary aspirations for a socialist modernity, and its present investments in a neoliberal capitalist world order.

  16. Formation of the oil composition of the Yu0 Bazhenov formation, Salym oil field

    E.V. Soboleva


    Full Text Available The Bazhenov horizon of Western Siberia has been studied in considerable detail from different perspectives and different methods, a large number of studies have been devoted to a wide range of issues related to the lithological composition of rocks, their reservoir properties, the study of organic matter, properties and composition of oil at various analytical levels, and many others. This work is devoted to restoring conditions for the formation of oil properties and composition of the Yu0 Salym oil field, based mainly on the geochemical aspects of the study of oil changes both in area and in the section within the productive layer of Salym structure, using some geological data, such as structural plan for the reflecting horizon B (the roof of the Bazhenov formation, having a complex configuration, reservoir temperatures and pressure, well flow rates, and others. There is no single reservoir at the Salym field in the Yu0 formation. For the conclusions of the geological-geochemical interpretation, a sampling of 61 samples of oil from exploration, appraisal and production wells of the initial stages of production was used, since in the future when oil is extracted, the ecology in the deposits changes, and 21 samples of oil from other fields in the West Siberian oil and gas basin. Conventionally, three types of oils are distinguished, differing in their physicochemical parameters, group hydrocarbon and molecular composition. It was suggested that in addition to the own organic matter of the Bazhenov formation, hydrocarbon fluids of the Vasyugan, Tyumen formations and possibly Paleozoic rocks were involved in the formation of the oil composition. The flow of light liquid hydrocarbons and gases occurred along the zones of faults of different genesis and duration of existence.

  17. PREFACE: SANS-YuMO User Meeting at the Start-up of Scientific Experiments on the IBR-2M Reactor: Devoted to the 75th anniversary of Yu M Ostanevich's birth

    Gordely, Valentin; Kuklin, Alexander; Balasoiu, Maria


    The Second International Workshop 'SANS-YuMO User Meeting at the Start-up of Scientific Experiments on the IBR-2M Reactor', devoted to the 75th anniversary of the birth of Professor Yu M Ostanevich (1936-1992), an outstanding neutron physicist and the founder of small-angle neutron scattering (field, group, and instrument) at JINR FLNPh, was held on 27-30 May at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics. The first Workshop was held in October 2006. Research groups from different neutron centers, universities and research institutes across Europe presented more than 35 oral and poster presentations describing scientific and methodological results. Most of them were obtained with the help of the YuMO instrument before the IBR-2 shutdown in 2006. For the last four years the IBR-2 reactor has been shut down for refurbishment. At the end of 2010 the physical launch of the IBR-2M reactor was finally realized. Nowadays the small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique is applied to a wide range of scientific problems in condensed matter, soft condensed matter, biology and nanotechnology, and despite the fact that there are currently over 30 SANS instruments in operation worldwide at both reactor and spallation sources, the demand for beam-time is considerably higher than the time available. It must be remembered, however, that as the first SANS machine on a steady-state reactor was constructed at the Institute Laue Langevin, Grenoble, the first SANS instrument on a 'white' neutron pulsed beam was accomplished at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at the IBR-30 reactor, beamline N5. During the meeting Yu M Ostanevich's determinative and crucial contribution to the construction of spectrometers at the IBR-2 high-pulsed reactor was presented, as well as his contribution to the development of the time-of-flight (TOF) small-angle scattering technique, and a selection of other scientific areas. His leadership and outstanding scientific achievements in applications of the

  18. Teachers' Use of a Pedagogical Framework for Improvement in Mathematics Teaching: Case Studies from YuMi Deadly Maths

    Carter, Merilyn; Cooper, Tom; Anderson, Robyn


    This paper describes the pedagogical framework used by YuMi Deadly Maths, a school change process used to improve mathematics teaching and thus enhance employment and life chances for socially disadvantaged students. The framework, called the RAMR cycle, is capable of being used by mathematics teachers for planning and delivering lessons and units…

  19. Serum concentrations and profiles of polychlorinated biphenyls in Taiwan Yu-cheng victims twenty years after the incident

    Lung, S.-C. Candice [Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115 (China); Guo, Y.-L.L. [Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, 138 Sheng-Li Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 70428 (China); Chang, H.-Y.[Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, 138 Sheng-Li Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 70428 (China)]. E-mail:


    In 1979, about 2000 people in central Taiwan were intoxicated via rice oil consumption that was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). This 'Yu-cheng' incident was one of the two known major human PCB intoxication episodes. Twenty years after the intoxication, serum samples of 435 Yu-cheng victims, 414 adults and 21 children, were collected. Sixteen PCB congeners were analyzed with a gas chromatograph-electron capture detector. We found the median concentration of total PCBs in the adult serum was 1500 ng/g lipid, still substantially higher than that of the general population in Taiwan (3.7-fold) and most seafood consumers in the world. Most of analyzed PCB congeners in children were below or around the detection limits. Congener no. 138, however, had the highest concentrations, approximately accounting for 55% and 29% in the child and adult groups, respectively. Given that PCBs are persistent organic pollutants and endocrine disruptors, the concentrations and congener-specific profiles regarding the Yu-cheng victims provide valuable information for the investigation of such chemicals in humans. - Total serum PCBs in the Yu-cheng adult victims twenty years after the incident were still higher than that of the general population in Taiwan.

  20. The genome and structural proteome of YuA, a new Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage resembling M6.

    Ceyssens, Pieter-Jan; Mesyanzhinov, Vadim; Sykilinda, Nina; Briers, Yves; Roucourt, Bart; Lavigne, Rob; Robben, Johan; Domashin, Artem; Miroshnikov, Konstantin; Volckaert, Guido; Hertveldt, Kirsten


    Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage YuA (Siphoviridae) was isolated from a pond near Moscow, Russia. It has an elongated head, encapsulating a circularly permuted genome of 58,663 bp, and a flexible, noncontractile tail, which is terminally and subterminally decorated with short fibers. The YuA genome is neither Mu- nor lambda-like and encodes 78 gene products that cluster in three major regions involved in (i) DNA metabolism and replication, (ii) host interaction, and (iii) phage particle formation and host lysis. At the protein level, YuA displays significant homology with phages M6, phiJL001, 73, B3, DMS3, and D3112. Eighteen YuA proteins were identified as part of the phage particle by mass spectrometry analysis. Five different bacterial promoters were experimentally identified using a promoter trap assay, three of which have a sigma54-specific binding site and regulate transcription in the genome region involved in phage particle formation and host lysis. The dependency of these promoters on the host sigma54 factor was confirmed by analysis of an rpoN mutant strain of P. aeruginosa PAO1. At the DNA level, YuA is 91% identical to the recently (July 2007) annotated phage M6 of the Lindberg typing set. Despite this level of DNA homology throughout the genome, both phages combined have 15 unique genes that do not occur in the other phage. The genome organization of both phages differs substantially from those of the other known Pseudomonas-infecting Siphoviridae, delineating them as a distinct genus within this family.

  1. Maps of Relocation and Poems of Tang Dynasty Poets: Li Bai, Du Fu, and Han Yu

    羅鳳珠、白璧玲、廖泫銘、范毅軍 、鄭錦全 Feng-Ju Lo,Pi-Ling Pai,Hsiung-Ming Liao,I-Chun Fan,Chin-Chuan Cheng


    Full Text Available Geographic environments affect literary contents and genre and thus, since ancient times, geographical area has been used to classify Chinese literature. In 1936 Liang Qichao was keenly aware of the relationship between literature and geography and brought up the idea of “literarygeography”. In 1979 Professor Chen Zhengxiang produced maps of birthplaces of Tang and Song poets to show the shift of Chinese cultural center from north to south. Furthermore, in the pastdecade, the attention to research in literary geography and geographical distribution of writersgradually increased. However, most studies focused on geographical distribution of birthplaces of writers and very few focused on the relationship between poets’ journey and the contents of their writings and their geographic environment. Meanwhile, geographic information system and aerialphotography have developed quickly and have become useful tools for the study of literary geography.Since then, the academic circles in Taiwan have built a solid foundation in this area. While Li Baiand Du Fu were called poetic immortal and poetic sage of the middle and end periods of the heydayof Tang Dynasty, respectively, Han Yu advocated the classical Chinese movement and becameone of the eight great authors of Tang and Song dynasties. Han Yu was also the best representative of Middle Tang poets. While the styles of these three poets differed from each other, they held key positions in the development and evolution of Tang poetry. Their footprints spread all over the countryand greatly affected later developments and contemporary of poetry. This project makes use of the digital Tang Dynasty maps by Tan Qixiang, Tang Dynasty transportation route maps by Yan Gengwang,aerial maps, the All Tang Poems, and chronicles of the poets to build the three poets’ relocation maps and study their poetic literature, language, geography, and interactions with others, in hopesof opening a new research direction

  2. Fabrication of welded pipes of the KhN45Yu alloy

    Lyapunov, A.I.; Krichevskij, E.M.; L'vov, V.N.; Kozlov, N.N.; Kireeva, T.S.


    A highly heat-resistant KhN45Yu (EP 747) alloy has been developed; the alloy is designed to withstand prolonged service in the temperature range of 1000-1300 deg C, or short-term service at 1300-1400 deg C. The satisfactory ductility and good weldability of the alloy have made it possible to obtain sheets and pipes (32 x 2.0 mm) by argon arc welding. The ductility of pipes from EP 747 alloy exceeds that of pipes from KhN78T (EI 435) alloy by 5.10%, the strength being approximately equal. In regard to strength the welded joint differs little from the base metal. The ductility characteristics up to 900 deg C are also equal, since failure occurs in the base metal. At higher temperatures the welded joint fails in the metal of the weld, and its ductility drops sharply. The grain size of the base metal corresponds to No. 3-4. The welded joint has a cast structure with a grain size larger than No. 1, but its ductility characteristics are satisfactory. This structure ensures an increased long-term strength of the material at 1000-1200 deg C

  3. Kondo Effect of U Impurities in Dilute (YU)2Zn17

    Takagi, Shigeru; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Anzai, Kousuke


    Extending previous work on single-site properties of U ions in (LaU)2Zn17, we have investigated, from ρ(T), χ(T) and Cp(T) on single crystals, (Y1-xUx)2Zn17 with x=0.025 and 0.050, which has almost the same unit-cell volume as an antiferromagnetic heavy-electron compound U2Zn17. Remarkable features in the dilute-impurity limit have been clarified, which include Kondo behavior of ρ(T), large and almost isotropic χimp(T), and strongly enhanced Cimp(T)/T with gigantic γimp=2.02 2.05 J/K2·mole-U as T→0 due to a low characteristic energy-scale of the system. It is shown that gross features of the data are explained in terms of the conventional Kondo effect in the presence of the crystal field with the U3+ \\varGamma6 doublet ground state. It is also shown that the variation of γ with the unit-cell volume in related systems is not explained as a volume effect on TK and that even the behavior of fictitious “paramagnetic” U2Zn17 is not described as a collection of U impurities in dilute (YU)2Zn17.

  4. FY 1999 Report on overseas geological structure surveys. Joint Japan-China Yu Xian exploitation project; 1999 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa hokokusho. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This project is based on the (agreement of the joint exploitation project for Yu Xian block in Yu Xian coal mine, Province of Hepei by Japan's NEDO and China's Coal Geological Bureau), signed on October 4, 1996. The joint project mainly comprises seismic exploitation and test drilling, Japan being mainly responsible for the former and China for the latter. The final report will be drawn jointly for the geological survey results necessary for designing coal mines. The Yu Xian block contains the Jurassic coal seams, which are covered by the Quaternary bed and not exposed to the surface. The Quaternary bed base is 50 to 400 m deep from the surface, and coal seams are 300 to 700 m deep also from the surface. A total of 11 coal seams are located in the Xiahuayuan strata as the coal-bearing strata. The first and fifth seams are most promising ones. In particular, the fifth seam is thick (0.2 to 6.91 m thick) and distributed throughout the block. It is estimated that 8 coal seams have a total coal quantity of approximately 346 million tons. (NEDO)

  5. Study on Restriction Contract in Huizhou during Qing Dynasty-48 Pieces of Restriction Contract in Huizhou of Yu Jiang's Collection%论清代徽州禁约合同--以俞藏48件徽州禁约文书为中心

    陈云朝; 童旭


    Restriction contract is a kind of contract documents in which the clansmen and fellow villagers covenant and negotiate penalty provisions to prohibit stealing and chopping trees,protecting Lailong, Shuikou and other affairs.It has a broad application scope and diverse types;meanwhile the main contrac-ting body is generally a clan,an association or a union of people with different surnames.The contents trend to embody compulsory regulations on prohibition and punishment.The validity of restriction contract is guaranteed by self protection or “submitting to the government for treatment.”As the necessary comple-ment and extension of the national law,it plays an important role in the construction of the basic social or-ders.%禁约合同是同族、同村人等为禁止盗窃、砍伐树木、保护来龙与水口等事务,共同立约承诺并议定罚则的合同文书。其适用领域广泛,类型多样,订立主体多为宗族、会社以及数姓的联合;内容上更多地体现为禁止、惩罚等强制性规范。对违禁行为进行私力救济或“呈官究治”,保证了禁约合同效力的实施。作为国家法的必要补充和延伸,禁约合同在基层社会秩序的构建中扮演了十分重要的角色。

  6. Language Personality of the Publicist: Rhetorical and Stylistic Canon (Yu. Senkevich “To “Ra” Across the Atlantic”

    Olga V. Shatalova


    Full Text Available In article the communicative and linguistic parameters of the speech of the publicist of the XX century Yu. Senkevich which are declared as a sample for formation of the language personality in the conditions of development of the modern information and communicative environment are designated. On the example of the analysis of the book «On “Ra” through Atlantic» locates the fact of that Yu.N. Senkevich’s creativity corresponds to the main criteria of popular scientific journalism: high degree of reliability, authoritativeness of the publicist; dynamism, dramatic nature, intelligence of a statement. The unostentatious enlightenment based on updating of scientific knowledge for the addressee and a dialogization of a publicistic discourse, the high level of psychological and philosophical generality, the declaration of humanistic values form specific rhetoric which is supported by the formal and grammatical organization of the speech of the publicist. Priority of syntactic designs of a certain type, stylistic ladders and figures – dynamism of a statement and scale of representation of material define. The humour and easy self-irony as significant characteristics of the language personality define a basis of the rhetorical and stylistic canon realized in publicistic works Yu.N. Senkevich – «the human view of people and society» that in the modern information and communicative environment becomes a necessary reference point.

  7. M.Yu. Lermontov’s linguistic/literary personality through perspective of linguistic personality perception by philologist V.V. Vinogrado

    Larisa N. Kuznetsova


    Full Text Available The article considers M.Yu. Lermontov’s linguistic / literary personality through perspective of linguistic personality perception by Great Russian scientist-philologist and linguist, Academician V.V. Vinogradov.

  8. Explicit and exact nontraveling wave solutions of the (3+1)-dimensional potential Yu-Toda-Sasa-Fukuyama equation

    Yuan, Na


    With the aid of the symbolic computation, we present an improved ( G ‧ / G ) -expansion method, which can be applied to seek more types of exact solutions for certain nonlinear evolution equations. In illustration, we choose the (3 + 1)-dimensional potential Yu-Toda-Sasa-Fukuyama equation to demonstrate the validity and advantages of the method. As a result, abundant explicit and exact nontraveling wave solutions are obtained including two solitary waves solutions, nontraveling wave solutions and dromion soliton solutions. Some particular localized excitations and the interactions between two solitary waves are researched. The method can be also applied to other nonlinear partial differential equations.

  9. Supercavitation Advances and Perspectives A collection dedicated to the 70th jubilee of YuN Savchenko


    This collection is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Yu. N. Savchenko, and presents experimental, theoretical, and numerical investigations written by an international group of well-known authors. The contributions solve very important problems of the high-speed hydrodynamics, such as supersonic motion in water, drag diminishing, dynamics and stability of supercavitating vehicles, water entry and hydrodynamic performances of hydrofoils, ventilated cavities after a disc and under the ship bottom. The  book is written for researches, scientists, engineers, and students interested in problems of hydromechanics.

  10. FY 2000 report on the survey of the overseas geological structure. Japan-China joint coal exploration - Yu Xian project; 2000 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa hokokusho. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    The geological survey was carried out which is needed for coal mine design in the Yu Xian coal mine area, Yu Xian coal field, Hebei province, China. The term of survey was 5 years from 1996 to 2000. Activities are mainly for seismic survey and boring survey. Japan was in charge of the seismic survey, and China in charge of the boring survey. Both attained the goal. The results of the activities were summed up in the following 7 items: 1) outline of the survey; 2) general investigation; 3) state of the exploration related materials/machinery; 4) field survey; 5) items of survey; 6) results of the survey; 7) conclusion. In 6), the geological analysis, coal quality survey and coal amount survey were conducted. In the geological analysis, analyzed were the succession of strata, geological structure, and the situation of existence of coal seams. In 7), the following were made clear: geological structure of the survey area, coal seam, coal quality, hydrological geology, other conditions of drilling technology, and coal amount. The coal amount was 328.34 million tons in a total of A/B/C class coals. The total coal amount of Nos. 1 and 5 coal seams was 259.79 million tons, which was 79.1% of the total coal amount in all area. The average thickness of Nos. 1 and 5 coal seams, which are the main minable coal seams, was 3.10m and 2.66m, respectively. (NEDO)

  11. Yuánmíng Yuán en el siglo XVIII: Arte entre la diplomacia y la filosofía; entre Europa y Pekín

    Pedro Luengo


    Full Text Available Este estudio pretende probar que el Yuánmíng Yuán fue diseñado como una representación del macrocosmos imperial a partir de la filosofía de la China de Qianlong. Para ello se valorará la función simbólica de los palacios de estilo europeo a partir de las descripciones de embajadas orientales y occidentales. Esta información se pondrá en relación con las diferentes representaciones pictóricas del jardín, conservadas tanto en grabados o acuarelas como en pinturas murales. A partir de toda esta información se pretende valorar su utilización en las visitas de diferentes legados diplomáticos extranjeros. En concreto, se intenta comprobar que los palacios europeos se utilizaron eminentemente para impresionar a las misiones orientales, y no tanto a las occidentales.

  12. Review on the Book: Pochekaev R.Yu. The Golden Horde Law (Kazan, 2009. 260 p. » 231

    E.G. Sayfetdinova


    Full Text Available This paper contains a review of the R.Yu. Pochekaev’s book “The Golden Horde Law”. The reviewer points out that the Pochekaev’s book is a significant academic research in both the study of the Golden Horde history and the law system of the Eurasian Turkic-Mongol peoples. This book is published by the Center for Research on the Golden Horde Civilization at the Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. For several years, the author of this book, R.Yu. Pochekaev, has been concerned with the the history of the Golden Horde State and its law system. He has published a number of works on this topic, the main conclusions of which are reflected in this generalizing work. The study is based on a wide range of sources (annals and chronicles, memoirs of contemporaries, bureaucratic and numismatic materials and numerous studies including the works of foreign specialists in the original language. In his book, the author organically combines the latest achievements of research on both the Golden Horde history and theory and history of law. The book will be of interest to experts of the Golden Horde history and Orientalists, who are often faced with the legal aspects of the material under study.

  13. Transcriptomic Profiling Reveals Complex Molecular Regulation in Cotton Genic Male Sterile Mutant Yu98-8A.

    Weiping Fang

    Full Text Available Although cotton genic male sterility (GMS plays an important role in the utilization of hybrid vigor, its precise molecular mechanism remains unclear. To characterize the molecular events of pollen abortion, transcriptome analysis, combined with histological observations, was conducted in the cotton GMS line, Yu98-8A. A total of 2,412 genes were identified as significant differentially expressed genes (DEGs before and during the critical pollen abortion stages. Bioinformatics and biochemical analysis showed that the DEGs mainly associated with sugars and starch metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, and plant endogenous hormones play a critical and complicated role in pollen abortion. These findings extend a better understanding of the molecular events involved in the regulation of pollen abortion in genic male sterile cotton, which may provide a foundation for further research studies on cotton heterosis breeding.

  14. III International Conference on Small Angle Neutron Scattering dedicated to the 80 anniversary of Yu.M. Ostanevich


    Preface “Among the many well-known fundamental and applied consequences of neutron discovery, one of the first was the emergence of structural neutron diffraction - one of the methods for studying the spatial structure of condensed matter at the atomic level. Investigating the dynamics of biological macromolecules by neutron diffraction methods is an area that is almost untouched. We believe that also in this direction one should expect rapid progress.” Yu.M.Ostanevich and I.N.Serdyuk Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk (1982) More than 30 years after Ostanevich and Serdyuk reviewed the then 50 years from the neutron discovery, we are happy to support their statement and prediction by reporting on the further progress in the field of neutron scattering research. Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics has organized the III International Conference on Small Angle Neutron Scattering (YuMO2016) that was – not coincidently – dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ostanevich. Yuriy Mechislavovich Ostanevich (1936–1992) has had a determinative and crucial contribution to the construction of spectrometers at the pulsed reactor IBR in Dubna, Russia. He contributed in particular to the development of time-of-flight small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique, and the selection of advanced scientific areas for its application. The SANS instrument at the IBR-2 reactor is called YuMO in his honour. The Ostanevich’s leadership and outstanding scientific achievements in SANS studies of polyelectrolytes, small molecules, fractals, metallic glasses, macromolecules, polymers, etc., were recognized also by a number of awards including the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2000. To this end of course, we should not forget mentioning the contribution of close collaborators of Ostanevich: Laszlo Cser, Josef Plestil as well as Alexander Kunchenko, Vadim Bezzabotnov and Nikolay Gorski. The YuMO2016 conference focused on providing opportunities to discuss various possibilities of

  15. FY 2000 survey of the geological structure overseas, etc. Japan-China joint coal exploration - Yu Xian project; 2000 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa - futai shiryoshu. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This data book summarized the proceedings and the technical report of the management committee on the Japan-China geological structure survey based on the consultation concluded between NEDO and China's bureau of coal field geology and a report meeting on the Yu Xian project. In the exploration, conducted were the boring survey of 10 boreholes, seismic survey of 2D (71 traverse lines, 180.105km) and 3D (1.5km{sup 2}), VSP (6 holes (345 shots)) and the low velocity band survey (2,072 shots). The geological structure of the area presented the syncline structure with a gentle line associated with foldings and a number of faults and was classified into the medium class or the class of a little complication in the Chinese standard. The number of the faults confirmed in this exploration totaled 57. Coal reserves by coal seam were 157.22 million tons at No. 5 seam and 102.57 million tons at No. 1 seam. The total amount of the two seams was 79.1% of the total coal amount in all area. The coal quality of Nos. 1 and 5 was brown coal - flame coal in the Chinese classification, and subbituminous coal B - subbituminous coal C in the ASTM classification. The coal, however, cannot be used for process raw coal. There is a technical potentiality of the fixed bed pressurized gasification. (NEDO)

  16. Real space mapping of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states of an extended magnetic scatterer on a conventional superconductor

    Etzkorn, Markus; Eltschka, Matthias; Jaeck, Berthold; Topp, Andreas; Ast, Christian R. [Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, 70569 Stuttgart (Germany); Kern, Klaus [Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, 70569 Stuttgart (Germany); Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland)


    The interaction of a local magnetic impurity with a superconductor causes the formation of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov (YSR)states in the vicinity of the impurity. These have recently received increasing attention in the context of Majorana Fermions and other exotic states that might be created from the mutual interplay. YSR states have been extensively studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and so far have been discussed mainly in the limit of point scattering impurities. Here we present our investigations of the local properties of single magnetic Copper-Phthalocynane molecules on the (5x1) reconstructed, superconducting V(100) surface measured at 15 mK temperature. We find very intense YSR states with energies that depend on the precise absorbtion geometry of the molecule. At the same time we find no indication of a local suppression of the superconducting gap around the impurity. We follow the state evolution in real space for about 3 nm corresponding to about three orders of magnitude in spectral intensity. The spectra display rich structure with local variations in the electron-hole asymmetries. The observed intensity changes in the spectra can not be described on the basis of a single point like scattering potential.


    О. В. Полевщикова


    Full Text Available The professor of Novorossiysky (Odessa University I. Yu. Timchenko (1863-1939 managed to collect a remarkable library on the history of Mathematics which contained primarily antiquarian books including incunabula and 16th century editions. Various aspects of this valuabe book collection have been studied lately. Books from this dispersed collection have been revealed and examined de visu. Their cataloguing incudes the description of individual book copies in view of their provenance. The purpose of the article is to provide the information on a complex of owners’ recordings and dedicatory inscriptions as well as bookplates left on the books making an attempt to trace the fate of the copies incorporated in the library of the Odessa mathematician. The information collected is considered in the context of the history of Mathematics. Many may characterise both direct and indirect expressions of the readers’ interests in books and reading. The study of provenance records demonstrate that the copies acquired by professor Timchenko used to be in the libraries of a number of men of science – mathematicians, physicists, philologists, etc. The findings of this article enable to enlarge the database of provenance making the practical value and results of the research.

  18. Influence of Jiang Tang Bu Shen Fang on expression of IKKβ mRNA in diabetic rats%降糖补肾方对糖尿病大鼠IKKβ mRNA表达的影响

    范冠杰; 孙晓泽; 唐咸玉; 孙璐; 曾星; 罗广波; 卢绮韵; 温建炫


    目的 观察降糖补肾方对小剂量链脲佐菌素(STZ)加高脂饲料诱导的糖尿病模型大鼠肌肉组织IKK激酶β(IKKβ)信使核糖核酸(mRNA)表达的影响.方法 雄性SD大鼠高脂饲料喂养4周后注射小剂量STZ,1周后测大鼠空腹血糖,血糖值>11.1 mmoL/L者为造模成功的大鼠,将造模成功的大鼠随机分为模型组和降糖补肾方干预组,另设阿司匹林对照组和空白对照组,药物干预4周,取大腿肌肉组织,采用聚合酶链反应逆转录RT-PCR技术检测IKKβ mRNA表达水平.结果 模型组IKKβ mRNA表达明显高于空白对照组,是空白对照组的5.098倍(P0.05.结论 降糖补肾方在一定程度上能抑制糖尿病大鼠IKKβ mRNA基因,这可能是降糖补肾方抑制炎症信号通路的传导而发挥其改善胰岛素抵抗治疗糖尿病的机制之一.%Objective To observe the influence of Jiang Tang Bu Shen Fang on the expression of I kappa P kinase (IKKp) mRNA in muscular tissue in diabetic rats induced by low-dose streptozotocin ( STZ) and high-fat diet (HFD). Methods Male SD rats were fed HFD for 4 weeks, and then injected low-dose STZ. After one week the level of fasting plasma glucose was detected in rats and those with higher than 11. 1 mmol/L of level of fasting plasma glucose were successfully modeled. The rats were randomly divided into the model group, low-dose, mid-dose and high-dose Jiang Tang Bu Shen Fang groups (low-dose, mid-dose and high-dose groups), aspirin group and blank group. All groups were intervened by relevant medicinal for 4 weeks. The expression of IKKp mRNA in muscular tissue was detected by using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Results The expression of IKKp mRNA in the model group was significantly higher than that in the blank group (5.098 times, P 0. 05 compared with that in the model group. Conclusion Jiang Tang Bu Shen Fang can inhibit IKK(3 mRNA to some extent in diabetic rats, which may be one of mechanisms of the

  19. Book review of “Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering” edited by Y Hanry Yu and Nur Aida Abdul Rahim

    Brey, Eric Michael


    This article is a review of the book “Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering” (ISBN-13: 978-1439848036, $149.95, 298 Pages, 114 Illustrations) edited by Y Hanry Yu and Nur Aida Abdul Rahim published by the CRC Press (Taylor&Francis) in 2013. The contents of the book and its relevance to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are discussed in this invited review.

  20. Acknowledgements [3. international conference on small angle neutron scattering dedicated to the 80 anniversary of Yu.M. Ostanevich, Dubna (Russian Federation), 6-9 June 2016


    The Organizers of the III International Conference on Small Angle Neutron Scattering dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of Yu. M. Ostanevich, acknowledge the financial support from the Grants of the Governmental Plenipotentiary Representatives of Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, scientific projects of the Cooperation Programmes JINR-Romania. Special gratitude to the JINR and FLNP administration and staff is expressed. The conference is also dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. (paper)

  1. Identifying the candidate genes involved in the calyx abscission process of 'Kuerlexiangli' (Pyrus sinkiangensis Yu) by digital transcript abundance measurements.

    Qi, Xiaoxiao; Wu, Jun; Wang, Lifen; Li, Leiting; Cao, Yufen; Tian, Luming; Dong, Xingguang; Zhang, Shaoling


    'Kuerlexiangli' (Pyrus sinkiangensis Yu), a native pear of Xinjiang, China, is an important agricultural fruit and primary export to the international market. However, fruit with persistent calyxes affect fruit shape and quality. Although several studies have looked into the physiological aspects of the calyx abscission process, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain unknown. In order to better understand the molecular basis of the process of calyx abscission, materials at three critical stages of regulation, with 6000 × Flusilazole plus 300 × PBO treatment (calyx abscising treatment) and 50 mg.L-1GA3 treatment (calyx persisting treatment), were collected and cDNA fragments were sequenced using digital transcript abundance measurements to identify candidate genes. Digital transcript abundance measurements was performed using high-throughput Illumina GAII sequencing on seven samples that were collected at three important stages of the calyx abscission process with chemical agent treatments promoting calyx abscission and persistence. Altogether more than 251,123,845 high quality reads were obtained with approximately 8.0 M raw data for each library. The values of 69.85%-71.90% of clean data in the digital transcript abundance measurements could be mapped to the pear genome database. There were 12,054 differentially expressed genes having Gene Ontology (GO) terms and associating with 251 Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) defined pathways. The differentially expressed genes correlated with calyx abscission were mainly involved in photosynthesis, plant hormone signal transduction, cell wall modification, transcriptional regulation, and carbohydrate metabolism. Furthermore, candidate calyx abscission-specific genes, e.g. Inflorescence deficient in abscission gene, were identified. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to confirm the digital transcript abundance measurements results. We identified candidate genes that showed highly dynamic changes in

  2. Influence of Magnetic Ordering between Cr Adatoms on the Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States of the β -Bi2Pd Superconductor

    Choi, Deung-Jang; Fernández, Carlos García; Herrera, Edwin; Rubio-Verdú, Carmen; Ugeda, Miguel M.; Guillamón, Isabel; Suderow, Hermann; Pascual, José Ignacio; Lorente, Nicolás


    We show that the magnetic ordering of coupled atomic dimers on a superconductor is revealed by their intragap spectral features. Chromium atoms on the superconductor β -Bi2Pd surface display Yu-Shiba-Rusinov bound states, detected as pairs of intragap excitations in tunneling spectra. By means of atomic manipulation with a scanning tunneling microscope's tip, we form Cr dimers with different arrangements and find that their intragap features appear either shifted or split with respect to single atoms. These spectral variations are associated with the magnetic coupling, ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic, of the dimer, as confirmed by density functional theory simulations. The striking qualitative differences between the observed tunneling spectra prove that intragap Shiba states are extremely sensitive to the magnetic ordering on the atomic scale.

  3. Influence of Partial Dam Removal on Change of Channel Morphology and Physical Habitats: A Case Study of Yu-Sheng River

    Hao Weng, Chung; Yeh, Chao Hsien


    The rivers in Taiwan have the characteristic of large slope gradient and fast flow velocity caused by rugged terrain. And Taiwan often aces many typhoons which will bring large rainfall in the summer. In early Taiwan, river management was more focus on flood control, flood protection and disaster reduction. In recent years, the rise of ecological conservation awareness for the precious fish species brings spotlight on the Taiwan salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus) which lives in the river section of this study. In order to make sure ecological corridor continuing, dam removal is the frequently discussed measure in recent years and its impact on environmental is also highly concerned. Since the dam removal may causes severe changes to the river channel, the action of dam removal needs careful evaluation. As one of the endangered species, Taiwan salmon is considered a national treasure of Taiwan and it was originally an offshore migration of the Pacific salmon. After the ice age and geographical isolation, it becomes as an unique subspecies of Taiwan and evolved into landlocked salmon. Now the Taiwan salmon habitats only exists in few upstream creeks and the total number of wild Taiwan salmon in 2015 was about 4,300. In order to expand the connectivity of the fish habitats in Chi-Jia-Wan creek basin, several dam removal projects had completed with good results. Therefore, this paper focuses on the dam removal of Yu-Sheng creek dam. In this paper, a digital elevation model (DEM) of about 1 kilometer channel of the Yu-Sheng creek dam is obtained by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Using CCHE2D model, the simulation of dam removal will reveal the impact on channel morphology. After model parameter identification and verification, this study simulated the scenarios of three historical typhoon events with recurrence interval of two years, fifteen years, and three decades under four different patterns of dam removal to identify the the head erosion, flow pattern, and

  4. Identification and Functional Analysis of microRNAs Involved in the Anther Development in Cotton Genic Male Sterile Line Yu98-8A

    Xiaojie Yang


    Full Text Available Hybrid vigor contributes in a large way to the yield and quality of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum fiber. Although microRNAs play essential regulatory roles in flower induction and development, it is still unclear if microRNAs are involved in male sterility, as the regulatory molecular mechanisms of male sterility in cotton need to be better defined. In this study, two independent small RNA libraries were constructed and sequenced from the young buds collected from the sporogenous cell formation to the meiosis stage of the male sterile line Yu98-8A and the near-isogenic line. Sequencing revealed 1588 and 1536 known microRNAs and 347 and 351 novel miRNAs from male sterile and male fertile libraries, respectively. MicroRNA expression profiles revealed that 49 conserved and 51 novel miRNAs were differentially expressed. Bioinformatic and degradome analysis indicated the regulatory complexity of microRNAs during flower induction and development. Further RT-qPCR and physiological analysis indicated that, among the different Kyoto Encyclopedia Gene and Genomes pathways, indole-3-acetic acid and gibberellic acid signaling transduction pathways may play pivotal regulatory functions in male sterility.

  5. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering study of the healing of radial fractures treated with or without Huo-Xue-Hua-Yu decoction therapy

    Chen, Weiwei; Huang, Hao; Chen, Rong; Feng, Shangyuan; Yu, Yun; Lin, Duo; Lin, Jia


    This study aimed to assess, through surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy, the incorporation of calcium hydroxyapatite (CHA ~960 cm-1) and other biochemical substances in the repair of complete radial fractures in rabbits treated with or without Huo-Xue-Hua-Yu decoction (HXHYD) therapy. A total of 18 rabbits with complete radial fractures were randomly divided into two groups; one group was treated with HXHYD therapy and the other without therapy acted as a control. The animals were sacrificed at 15, 30 and 45 d after surgery. Specimens were routinely prepared for SERS measurement and high quality SERS spectra from a mixture of bone tissues and silver nanoparticles were obtained. The mineral-to-matrix ratios from the control and treated groups were calculated. Results showed that both deposition content of CHA measured by SERS spectroscopy and the mineral-to-matrix ratio in the treated group were always greater than those of the control group during the experiment, demonstrating that HXHYD therapy is effective in improving fracture healing and that SERS spectroscopy might be a novel tool to assess fracture healing.

  6. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering study of the healing of radial fractures treated with or without Huo–Xue–Hua–Yu decoction therapy

    Chen, Weiwei; Huang, Hao; Yu, Yun; Lin, Duo; Chen, Rong; Feng, Shangyuan; Lin, Jia


    This study aimed to assess, through surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy, the incorporation of calcium hydroxyapatite (CHA ∼960 cm −1 ) and other biochemical substances in the repair of complete radial fractures in rabbits treated with or without Huo–Xue–Hua–Yu decoction (HXHYD) therapy. A total of 18 rabbits with complete radial fractures were randomly divided into two groups; one group was treated with HXHYD therapy and the other without therapy acted as a control. The animals were sacrificed at 15, 30 and 45 d after surgery. Specimens were routinely prepared for SERS measurement and high quality SERS spectra from a mixture of bone tissues and silver nanoparticles were obtained. The mineral-to-matrix ratios from the control and treated groups were calculated. Results showed that both deposition content of CHA measured by SERS spectroscopy and the mineral-to-matrix ratio in the treated group were always greater than those of the control group during the experiment, demonstrating that HXHYD therapy is effective in improving fracture healing and that SERS spectroscopy might be a novel tool to assess fracture healing. (letter)

  7. A response to Yu et al. "A forward-backward fragment assembling algorithm for the identification of genomic amplification and deletion breakpoints using high-density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array", BMC Bioinformatics 2007, 8: 145.

    Rueda, Oscar M; Diaz-Uriarte, Ramon


    Yu et al. (BMC Bioinformatics 2007,8: 145+) have recently compared the performance of several methods for the detection of genomic amplification and deletion breakpoints using data from high-density single nucleotide polymorphism arrays. One of the methods compared is our non-homogenous Hidden Markov Model approach. Our approach uses Markov Chain Monte Carlo for inference, but Yu et al. ran the sampler for a severely insufficient number of iterations for a Markov Chain Monte Carlo-based method. Moreover, they did not use the appropriate reference level for the non-altered state. We rerun the analysis in Yu et al. using appropriate settings for both the Markov Chain Monte Carlo iterations and the reference level. Additionally, to show how easy it is to obtain answers to additional specific questions, we have added a new analysis targeted specifically to the detection of breakpoints. The reanalysis shows that the performance of our method is comparable to that of the other methods analyzed. In addition, we can provide probabilities of a given spot being a breakpoint, something unique among the methods examined. Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods require using a sufficient number of iterations before they can be assumed to yield samples from the distribution of interest. Running our method with too small a number of iterations cannot be representative of its performance. Moreover, our analysis shows how our original approach can be easily adapted to answer specific additional questions (e.g., identify edges).

  8. Qing-Xin-Jie-Yu Granules in addition to conventional treatment for patients with stable coronary artery disease (QUEST Trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

    Li, Shengyao; Guo, Ming; Mao, Huimin; Gao, Zhuye; Xu, Hao; Shi, Dazhuo


    Recurrent cardiovascular event remains high in stable coronary artery disease (SCAD), especially in patients with multiple risk factors, despite a high rate of use conventional treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a promising complementary and alternative medicine for treating SCAD, while evidence for its effect on long-term survival is limited. This study was designed to test if Chinese herbal medicine in addition to conventional treatment is more effective than conventional treatment alone in reducing major adverse cardiac event (MACE) for SCAD patients with multiple risk factors during a 1-year follow-up. This is a multicenter, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, randomized controlled clinical trial. A total of 1500 patients are randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive the Qing-Xin-Jie-Yu Granules (QXJYG) or the placebo granules, twice daily for 6 months. The primary outcome is the combined outcomes including cardiac death, nonfatal myocardial infarction and revascularization. The secondary outcome is the combined outcomes including all-cause mortality, re-admission for acute coronary syndrome (ACS), heart failure, malignant supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmia influencing hemodynamics, ischemic stroke, and other thromboembolic events during 1-year follow-up. The assessment is performed at baseline (before randomization), 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after randomization. This is the first multicenter trial sponsored by the national funding of China to evaluate TCM in combination with conventional treatment on 1-year survival in high-risk SCAD patients. If successful, it will provide an evidence-based complementary therapeutic approach for reducing MACE from SCAD. The trial was registered in the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry on December 28, 2013. The registration number is ChiCTR-TRC-13004370 .

  9. Xue-fu-Zhu-Yu decoction protects rats against retinal ischemia by downregulation of HIF-1α and VEGF via inhibition of RBP2 and PKM2.

    Tan, Shu-Qiu; Geng, Xue; Liu, Jorn-Hon; Pan, Wynn Hwai-Tzong; Wang, Li-Xiang; Liu, Hui-Kang; Hu, Lei; Chao, Hsiao-Ming


    Retinal ischemia-related eye diseases result in visual dysfunction. This study investigates the protective effects and mechanisms of Xue-Fu-Zhu-Yu decoction (XFZYD) with respect to retinal ischemia. Retinal ischemia (I) was induced in Wistar rats by a high intraocular pressure (HIOP) of 120 mmHg for 1 h, which was followed by reperfusion of the ischemic eye; the fellow untreated eye acted as a control. Electroretinogram (ERG), biochemistry and histopathology investigations were performed. Significant ischemic changes occurred after ischemia including decreased ERG b-wave ratios, less numerous retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), reduced inner retinal thickness, fewer choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) labeled amacrine cell bodies, increased glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) immunoreactivity and increased vimentin Müller immunolabeling. These were accompanied by significant increases in the mRNA/protein concentrations of vascular endothelium growth factor, hypoxia-inducible factor-1α, pyruvate kinase M2 and retinoblastoma-binding protein 2. The ischemic changes were concentration-dependently and significantly altered when XFZYD was given for seven consecutive days before or after retina ischemia, compared to vehicle. These alterations included enhanced ERG b-wave amplitudes, more numerous RGCs, enhanced inner retinal thickness, a greater number of ChAT immunolabeled amacrine cell bodies and decreased GFAP/vimentin immunoreactivity. Furthermore, decreased mRNA levels of VEGF, HIF-1α, PKM2, and RBP2 were also found. Reduced protein concentrations of VEGF, HIF-1α, PKM2, and RBP2 were also demonstrated. Furthermore, there was an inhibition of the ischemia-associated increased ratios (target protein/β-actin) in the protein levels of VEGF, HIF-1α, PKM2, and RBP2, which were induced by Shikonin, JIB-04 or Avastin. XFZYD would seem to protect against well-known retinal ischemic changes via a synergistic inhibition of RBP2 and PKM2, as well as down-regulation of HIF-1

  10. Review of the Monograph: Seleznev Yu.V. Russkie knyaz’ya pri dvore khanov Zolotoy Ordy (Russian Princes at the Court of the Golden Horde Khans

    Nesin M.A.


    Full Text Available This article contains a review of the monograph by Yu.V. Seleznev published in early 2017 and dedicated to the relations of Russian princes with the Golden Horde’s khans and their status among the Golden Horde’s nobility. This work is the first comprehensive study in the historiography of this issue for all two and a half centuries of the Tartar domination. The monograph was published for the first time in 2013 and served as the basis for a doctoral dissertation, which Seleznev defended in 2015. The book was reprinted with certain changes in 2017. The book commendably contains an abundance of factual material through the use of diverse sources and strands of historiography. Seleznev examines the social terminology of Golden Horde-Russian relations, the structure of the Golden Horde’s nobility and the trips of princes to the Horde, drawing attention not only to the status of the great Vladimir and Moscow princes, but also that of other great and appanage princes. He makes a significant contribution to the resolving the debate regarding the nature of the Golden Horde’s domination in Rus’ by examining in detail the relationship of the Russian princes with the Golden Horde’s authorities in different years. The book’s author proposed to divide the Golden Horde’s “yoke” into seven periods characterized by “changes in the degree of sovereignty and jurisdiction of the khan in relation to Russian principalities”. The author of this review agrees with the main conclusions of the book under review, but at the same time he notes some reservations and criticisms, which do not, however, reduce the academic caliber of the monograph.

  11. Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang exerts effects on a rat model of postpartum depression by regulating inflammatory cytokines and CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells

    Li JY


    Full Text Available Jingya Li,1,* Ruizhen Zhao,1,* Xiaoli Li,1 Wenjun Sun,1 Miao Qu,1 Qisheng Tang,1 Xinke Yang,1 Shujing Zhang2 1Third Affiliated Hospital, 2School of Basic Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: Shen-Qi-Jie-Yu-Fang (SJF is composed of eight Chinese medicinal herbs. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating postpartum depression (PPD. Previous studies have shown that SJF treats PPD through the neuroendocrine mechanism. Aim: To further investigate the effect of SJF on the immune system, including the inflammatory response system and CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (Treg cells. Materials and methods: Sprague Dawley rats were used to create an animal model of PPD by inducing hormone-simulated pregnancy followed by hormone withdrawal. After hormone withdrawal, the PPD rats were treated with SJF or fluoxetine for 1, 2, and 4 weeks. Levels of Treg cells in peripheral blood were measured by flow cytometry analysis. Serum interleukin (IL-1β and IL-6 were evaluated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and gene and protein expressions of IL-1RI, IL-6Rα, and gp130 in the hippocampus were observed by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction and Western blot. Results: Serum IL-1β in PPD rats increased at 2 weeks and declined from then on, while serum IL-6 increased at 1, 2, and 4 weeks. Both IL-1β and IL-6 were downregulated by SJF and fluoxetine. Changes in gene and protein expressions of IL-1RI and gp130 in PPD rats were consistent with changes in serum IL-1β, and were able to be regulated by SJF and fluoxetine. The levels of Treg cells were negatively correlated with serum IL-1β and IL-6, and were decreased in PPD rats. The levels of Treg cells were increased by SJF and fluoxetine. Conclusion: Dysfunction of proinflammatory cytokines and Tregs in different stages of PPD was attenuated by SJF and fluoxetine through

  12. Sheng-ji Hua-yu formula promotes diabetic wound healing of re-epithelization via Activin/Follistatin regulation.

    Kuai, Le; Zhang, Jing-Ting; Deng, Yu; Xu, Shun; Xu, Xun-Zhe; Wu, Min-Feng; Guo, Dong-Jie; Chen, Yu; Wu, Ren-Jie; Zhao, Xing-Qiang; Nian, Hua; Li, Bin; Li, Fu-Lun


    Sheng-ji Hua-yu(SJHY) formula is one of the most useful Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment of the delayed diabetic wound. However, elucidating the related molecular biological mechanism of how the SJHY Formula affects excessive inflammation in the process of re-epithelialization of diabetic wound healing is a task urgently needed to be fulfilled. The objectives of this study is to evaluate the effect of antagonisic expression of pro-/anti-inflammatory factors on transforming growth factor-β(TGF-β) superfamily (activin and follistatin) in the process of re-epithelialization of diabetic wound healing in vivo, and to characterize the involvement of the activin/follistatin protein expression regulation, phospho-Smad (pSmad2), and Nuclear factor kappa B p50 (NF-kB) p50 in the diabetic wound healing effects of SJHY formula. SJHY Formula was prepared by pharmaceutical preparation room of Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Diabetic wound healing activity was evaluated by circular excision wound models. Wound healing activity was examined by macroscopic evaluation. Activin/follistatin expression regulation, protein expression of pSmad2 and NF-kB p50 in skin tissue of wounds were analyzed by Real Time PCR, Western blot, immunohistochemistry and hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining. Macroscopic evaluation analysis showed that wound healing of diabetic mice was delayed, and SJHY Formula accelerated wound healing time of diabetic mice. Real Time PCR analysis showed higher mRNA expression of activin/follistatin in diabetic delayed wound versus the wound in normal mice. Western Blot immunoassay analysis showed reduction of activin/follistatin proteins levels by SJHY Formula treatment 15 days after injury. Immunohistochemistry investigated the reduction of pSmad2 and NF-kB p50 nuclear staining in the epidermis of diabetic SJHY versus diabetic control mice on day 15 after wounding. H&E staining revealed that SJHY Formula

  13. Therapeutic effects of Qian-Yu decoction and its three extracts on carrageenan-induced chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome in rats.

    Zhang, Keda; Zeng, Xiaobin; Chen, Yonggang; Zhao, Rong; Wang, Hui; Wu, Jinhu


    Qian-Yu decoction (QYD) is a traditional Chinese medicinal recipe composed of Radix astragali (Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bunge var. mongholicus (Bunge) P.K. Hsiao, Fabaceae ), Herba epimedii (Epimedium brevicornum Maxim., Berberidaceae), Herba leonuri (Leonurus japonicus Houtt., Lamiaceae), Cortex phellodendri (Phellodendron chinense Schneid., Rutaceae) and Radix achyranthis bidentatae (Achyranthes bidentata Bl., Amaranthaceae). This study aimed to evaluate the therapeutic activity of QYD against carrageenan-induced chronic prostatic/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) in rats and further elucidate its effective components. Three types of components, total polysaccharides, total flavonoids and total saponins were separately extracted from QYD. Carrageenan-induced CP/CPPS rats were intragastrically administered with lyophilized product of QYD, individual extracts and all the combined forms of extracts for three weeks. Prostatic index (PI) was determined and histopathological analysis was performed. The levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β), cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and prostaglandin E2 (PEG2) in rat prostate tissues were measured using ELISA. The production of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) was evaluated by an enzymatic activity assay, and the release of nitric oxide (NO) was determined by a nitrate/nitrite assay. Treatment with QYD significantly ameliorated the histological changes of CP/CPPS rats and reduced the PI by 44.3%, with a marked downregulation of TNF-α (42.8% reduction), IL-1β (45.3%), COX-2 (36.6%), PGE2 (44.2%), iNOS (54.1%) and NO (46.0%). Each of three extracts attenuated the symptom of CP/CPPS, but much more weakly than QYD. The combined administration of three extracts showed efficacy comparable to that of QYD while better than that of any combination of two extracts. A principal component analysis of the six inflammatory mediators as variables indicated that the effects of TS on CP

  14. Potential effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine Yu ping feng san for adult allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

    Luo, Qiulan; Zhang, Claire Shuiqing; Yang, Lihong; Zhang, Anthony Lin; Guo, Xinfeng; Xue, Charlie Changli; Lu, Chuanjian


    Chinese herbal medicine formula Yu ping feng san (YPFS) is commonly used for allergic rhinitis (AR). Previous review had summarized the effectiveness and safety of YPFS, however without any subgroup analysis performed to provide detailed evidence for guiding clinical practice. YPFS was recommended for the management of AR by Chinese medicine clinical practice guideline, but the treatment duration of YPFS was also not specified. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of YPFS in treating adult AR with the most recent evidence, and attempt to specify the duration of utilisation through subgroup meta-analyses. Seven databases were searched from their inceptions to September 2017. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating YPFS for adult AR were included. Methodological quality of studies was assessed using the Cochrane risk of bias tool. Meta-analysis and subgroup meta-analyses were conducted for evaluating the effectiveness of YPFS. The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) approach was used for rating the quality of evidence. Twenty-two RCTs involving 23 comparisons were included in this review. YPFS was compared to placebo, pharmacotherapy, and used as an add-on treatment compared to pharmacotherapy. Meta-analyses were feasible for the outcomes of four individual nasal symptom scores and "effective rate". Four individual nasal symptom scores decreased after YPFS' combination treatment: itchy nose (MD-0.46, 95% CI[-0.50, -0.42]), sneezing (MD-0.41, 95% CI[-0.47, -0.35]), blocked nose (MD-0.46, 95% CI[-0.54, -0.39]) and runny nose (MD-0.42, 95% CI[-0.58, -0.26]). Based on "effective rate", meta-analysis showed that YPFS did not achieve better effect than pharmacotherapy (RR1.07, 95%CI [0.94, 1.22), but its combination with pharmacotherapy seemed more effective than pharmacotherapy alone (RR1.27, 95%CI [1.19, 1.34]) (low quality). Subgroup analysis suggested that YPFS was not superior to the second

  15. Validation of the YuWell YE690A upper-arm blood pressure monitor, for clinic use and self-measurement, according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010.

    Chen, Qi; Lei, Lei; Li, Yan; Wang, Ji-Guang


    The present study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of the automated oscillometric upper-arm blood pressure monitor YuWell YE690A for blood pressure measurement according to the International Protocol of the European Society of Hypertension revision 2010. Systolic and diastolic blood pressures were measured sequentially in 33 adult Chinese (12 women, 44.2 years of mean age) using a mercury sphygmomanometer (two observers) and the YE690A device (one supervisor). A total of 99 pairs of comparisons were obtained from 33 participants for judgments in two parts with three grading phases. All the blood pressure requirements were fulfilled. The YuWell YE690A device achieved the targets in part 1 of the validation study. The number of absolute differences between device and observers within 5, 10, and 15 mmHg was 79/99, 96/99, and 97/99, respectively, for systolic blood pressure and 72/99, 95/99, and 98/99, respectively, for diastolic blood pressure. The device also fulfilled the criteria in part 2 of the validation study. Thirty-one and 25 participants for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respectively, had at least two of the three device-observer differences within 5 mmHg (required ≥24). No participant for systolic and two participants for diastolic blood pressure had all the three device-observer comparisons greater than 5 mmHg. The YuWell blood pressure monitor YE690A has passed the requirements of the International Protocol revision 2010 and hence can be recommended for blood pressure measurement in adults.

  16. 文化漫游与精神家园——当代中国文化散文的公共语境 (Cultural Tours and the Spiritual Home: On Yu Qiuyu and Contemporary Chinese Cultural Essays

    Yi Zheng


    Full Text Available The essay explores the public social dimension of the “great cultural essays” as a popular post-socialist genre. It looks into the genre’s emergence and popularity as part of the making of a middleclass taste in contemporary China and its claim to a re-imagined cultural national inheritance. In particular, the discussion focuses on the example of essayist Yu Qiuyu and examines the implications of his successful transformation of an obsolete historical “Culture” into a desirable commodity that offers spiritual home to the aspiring and successful of a “Greater China”.

  17. A New Book on the Law System of the Golden Horde: Pochekaev R.Yu. Legal Culture of the Golden Horde (Historical and Legal Essays) (Moscow: Yurlitinform, 2015. 312 p.)

    D.V. Nefedov


    This book is a study at the intersection of such academic disciplines as general history, history of state and law and source study. The subcect of R.Yu. Pochevalev’s book appears very relevant since the interest of the scientific community and readership toward the Golden Horde and its role in the history of the Russian state remains traditionally high for several centuries. However, the author is trying to take a fresh look at this state and refute the stereotype of the Golden Horde as a...

  18. Exotic aspects of black holes: an astronaut near the horizon (on the methodological note by A A Grib and Yu V Pavlov 'Is it possible to see the infinite future of the Universe when falling into a black hole?')

    Cherepashchuk, Anatolii M


    We comment on the methodological note by A A Grib and Yu V Pavlov [Phys. Usp. 52 257 (2009)] to show that its authors are incorrect in understanding a passage that they quote from A M Cherepashchuk's book Black Holes in the Universe (Fryazino: Vek-2, 2005, p.7) and which supposes an astronaut to be at rest in the vicinity of the horizon (not to fall freely into a black hole!). With this error corrected, Grib and Pavlov's note is quite useful methodologically. (letters to the editors)

  19. Analysis of neutron spectra and fluxes obtained with cold and thermal moderators at IBR-2 reactor: experimental and computer modeling studies at small-angle scattering YuMO setup

    Kuklin, A.I.; Rogov, A.D.; Gorshkova, Yu.E.; Kovalev, Yu.S.; Kutuzov, S.A.; Utrobin, P.K.; Rogachev, A.V.; Ivan'kov, O.I.; Solov'ev, D.V.; Gordelij, V.I.


    Results of experimental and computer modeling investigations of neutron spectra and fluxes obtained with cold and thermal moderators at the IBR-2 reactor (JINR, Dubna) are presented. The studies are done for small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) spectrometer YuMO (beamline number 4 of the IBR-2). The measurements of neutron spectra for two methane cold moderators are done for the standard configuration of the SANS instrument. The data from both moderators under different conditions of their operation are compared. The ratio of experimentally determined neutron fluxes of cold and thermal moderators at different wavelength is shown. Monte Carlo simulations are done to determine spectra for cold methane and thermal moderators. The results of the calculations of the ratio of neutron fluxes of cold and thermal moderators at different wavelength are demonstrated. In addition, the absorption of neutrons in the air gaps on the way from the moderator to the investigated sample is presented. SANS with the protein apoferritin was done in the case of cold methane as well as a thermal moderator and the data were compared. The perspectives for the use of the cold moderator for a SANS spectrometer at the IBR-2 are discussed. The advantages of the YuMO spectrometer with the thermal moderator with respect to the tested cold moderator are shown

  20. Molecular diversity analysis of Tetradium ruticarpum (WuZhuYu) in China based on inter-primer binding site (iPBS) markers and inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers.

    Xu, Jing-Yuan; Zhu, Yan; Yi, Ze; Wu, Gang; Xie, Guo-Yong; Qin, Min-Jian


    "Wu zhu yu", which is obtained from the dried unripe fruits of Tetradium ruticarpum (A. Jussieu) T. G. Hartley, has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of headaches, abdominal colic, and hypertension for thousands of years. The present study was designed to assess the molecular genetic diversity among 25 collected accessions of T. ruticarpum (Wu zhu yu in Chinese) from different areas of China, based on inter-primer binding site (iPBS) markers and inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers. Thirteen ISSR primers generated 151 amplification bands, of which 130 were polymorphic. Out of 165 bands that were amplified using 10 iPBS primers, 152 were polymorphic. The iPBS markers displayed a higher proportion of polymorphic loci (PPL = 92.5%) than the ISSR markers (PPL = 84.9%). The results showed that T. ruticarpum possessed high loci polymorphism and genetic differentiation occurred in this plant. The combined data of iPBS and ISSR markers scored on 25 accessions produced five clusters that approximately matched the geographic distribution of the species. The results indicated that both iPBS and ISSR markers were reliable and effective tools for analyzing the genetic diversity in T. ruticarpum. Copyright © 2018 China Pharmaceutical University. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  1. Characterization and photocatalytic activity of boron-doped TiO2 thin ...


    Chen Daimai, Wang Dong Yang and Jiang Zhongyi 2006 Ind. Eng. Chem. 45 4110. Cheng Jen-hao 2003 A study on photocatalytic oxidation of aque- ous chlorobenzene solution by nanostructured film of TiO2,. Master Thesis, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. Deki S, Henin Yu Yu Ko, Fujita T, Akamatsu K, Mizuhata ...

  2. Download this PDF file



    Nov 10, 2017 ... ts of alkyl chain length on particles morphology were primarily studied ..... [3] Li Z, Yu L, Zheng L, Li N, Han S, Li G. Characterization studies on the ionic ... [4] Chiang YD, Lian HY, Leo SY, Wang SG, Yamauchi Y, Wu KC. ... [20] Yu YJ, Xing JL, Pang JL, Jiang SH, Lam KF, Yang TQ, Xue QS, Zhang K, Wu P.

  3. A New Book on the Law System of the Golden Horde: Pochekaev R.Yu. Legal Culture of the Golden Horde (Historical and Legal Essays (Moscow: Yurlitinform, 2015. 312 p.

    D.V. Nefedov


    Full Text Available This book is a study at the intersection of such academic disciplines as general history, history of state and law and source study. The subcect of R.Yu. Pochevalev’s book appears very relevant since the interest of the scientific community and readership toward the Golden Horde and its role in the history of the Russian state remains traditionally high for several centuries. However, the author is trying to take a fresh look at this state and refute the stereotype of the Golden Horde as a some kind of bunch of nomads who lived only by plundering neighboring sedentary peoples. He succeeds in this by studying such an important part of the Golden Horde history as its law and legal culture. The book examines a number of questions on the history of state and law of the Golden Horde, which have not previously been the subject of a special study (for example, possessions of the Golden Horde in other uluses, dualism of power in different states, relations between authorities and traders, etc.. On some other issues that have already been studied by experts, he proposes new interpretations in the framework of historical and legal approach (for example, the causes of intestine strife in the Golden Horde in the mid-14th century, yarliks of the Golden Horde khans granted to the Russian Chruch, relations of the Golden Horde rulers and Italian colonies in the Northern Black Sea region. The author examines to a great extent the themes of state and legal regulation of economic relations: status of merchants in the Golden Horde and post-Golden Horde states, role of economic sanctions in the resolution of political conflicts. In other essays contained in the book, the author also emphasizes the role of the economic component of the political and legal relations. For example, R.Yu. Pochekaev convincingly shows that relations of the Golden Horde with other states of the Mongol Empire was based on the principle of mutual provision of possessions to the rulers of

  4. Qian Yang Yu Yin Granule-containing serum inhibits angiotensin II-induced proliferation, reactive oxygen species production, and inflammation in human mesangial cells via an NADPH oxidase 4-dependent pathway.

    Ding, Kang; Wang, Yan; Jiang, Weimin; Zhang, Yu; Yin, Hongping; Fang, Zhuyuan


    Qian Yang Yu Yin Granule (QYYYG), a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has been indicated for renal damage in hypertension for decades in China, but little remains known regarding its underlying molecular mechanism. Therefore, we performed the current study in order to investigate the underlying molecular mechanism of QYYYG in the treatment of hypertensive renal damage. We hypothesize that QYYYG relieves hypertensive renal injury through an angiotensin II (Ang II)-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAPDH)-oxidase (NOX)-reactive oxygen species (ROS) pathway. In this study, we investigated the effects of QYYYG-containing serum (QYGS) in human mesangial cells (HMCs) against Ang II-induced cell proliferation, ROS production, and inflammation through the seropharmacological method. We found that QYGS could inhibit cell proliferation in Ang II-treated HMCs. In addition, QYGS considerably suppressed production of ROS, decreased mRNA and protein expression of NAPDH-oxidase 4 (NOX4), p22 (phox) , and activated Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (GTP-Rac1); as well as counteracted the up-regulation of inflammatory markers including tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) p65, and interleukin 6 (IL-6). These effects were further confirmed in HMCs transfected with specific small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting NOX4. Taken together, these results suggest that a NOX4-dependent pathway plays an important role in regulating the inhibitory effect of QYGS. Our findings provide new insights into the molecular mechanisms of QYYYG and their role in the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy.

  5. Magnetic Field Strength Evaluation Yu. S. Yefimov

    physical task is to evaluate the strength and topology of magnetic field in blazars and related ... polarization, spectral index of radiation, ratio of apparent velocity of the motion of matter along .... A detailed analysis of the evaluation of physical.

  6. Laule : [luuletused] / Li Yu ; tlk. Jaan Kaplinski

    Yu, Li


    Sisu : "Vahused lained kui kuhjaksid kokku lund..."; "Õhtuks mingitud näo ja ihu valendus..."; "Kirkad lilled, hämus kuu, udu hõljuv loor..."; "Pool kevadet lahkumisest..."; "Sõnatult astun läänekambrisse..."; "metsapuilt on pudenenud kevadevärvid..."; "Vihmasabin kardina taga..."; "Möödunut võib ainult leinata..."; "Öö oli rajune-vihmane...";"Kevadlilled, sügisekuu - kaua veel..."

  7. Chuangzaoli xinlixue yu jiechu rencai peiyang

    Shi, Jiannong; Chen, N.; Du, Xiangyun


    as individual’s personal characteristics rather as the results of active interaction of creative individual and the environment. Creativity is a process of accumulation from quantitative changes to qualitative changes during a period of time. Meanwhile the authors discuss issues about individual’s creativity......The authors emphasize the importance of systemic perspectives for understanding human creativity after briefly introducing and commenting different theories or perspectives on creativity. It is emphasized that the manifestation of creativity or excellent achievement should not be treated...

  8. Selected papers of Yu. I. Manin

    Manin, Yu I


    The book is a collection of research and review articles in several areas of modern mathematics and mathematical physics published in the span of three decades. The ICM Kyoto talk "Mathematics as Metaphor" summarises the author's view on mathematics as an outgrowth of natural language.

  9. Effect of Yi-nao-jie-yu decoction on γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor in the hippocampus and serum inflammatory factors in a rat model of poststroke anxiety

    Zhang W


    Full Text Available Wen Zhang,1 Ruizhen Zhao,1 Xiaoli Li,1 Xia Cui,1 Zijun Zhao,1 Yingqiu Mao,2 Fengzhi Wu,3 Qisheng Tang1 1Department of Encephalopathy, The Third Affiliated Hospital, 2Center of Scientific Research, 3Center of Journals, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China Background: The Yi-nao-jie-yu decoction (YNJYD is a herbal preparation widely used in the clinics of traditional Chinese medicine and has been recently used as an important new therapeutic agent in poststroke anxiety (PSA. The neuroendocrine–immune system plays an important role in PSA mechanisms, although the modulating effects of YNJYD remain unknown. This study investigated the potential effects of YNJYD on the neuroendocrine–immune system in a rat model of PSA.Materials and methods: The PSA model was induced by injecting collagenase (type VII into the right globus pallidus, accompanied by empty water bottle stimulation for 2 weeks. The sham group and the PSA model group were gavaged with saline, while the treatment groups received buspirone (BuSpar or YNJYD. Behavior was evaluated with the open field test and elevated plus maze once a week. Pathological changes were observed by hematoxylin and eosin staining. Serum levels of tumor necrosis factor, interleukin (IL-6, adrenocorticotropic hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone, free triiodothyronine, free thyroxine, IL-1α, and cortisol were detected by radioimmunoassay. Expression of the γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor (GABAAR α2 subunit was examined by Western blot and real-time polymerase chain reaction.Results: YNJYD-treated rats exhibited significantly better recovery than BuSpar-treated rats at 21 days and 28 days in the open field test and elevated plus maze. Hematoxylin and eosin staining revealed neural repair in the hippocampus in the treatment groups. Serum levels of IL-1α in the YNJYD group were significantly less than those in the model group and the Bu

  10. Multichannel time-analyser with an electrostatic memory tube; Analyseur en temps a plusieurs canaux, avec memoire a potentioscopes; Mnogokanal'nye vremennye analizatory s pamyat'yu na potentsialoskopakh; Analizador multicanal de tiempo con tubo de memoria electrostatico

    Ignat' ev, K G; Kirpichnikov, I V; Sukhoruchkin, S I


    forma de graficos y de datos numericos en fichas perforadas. (author) [Russian] V ITEHF AN SSSR byli so z d a ny dva mnogokanal'nykh vremennykh analizatora impul'sov s ''pamyat'yu'' na potentsialoskopakh JIH-4. V nastoyashchee vremya oni ISPOL'ZUYUTSYA V razlichnykh izmereniyakh i imeyut sleduyushchie kharakteristiki: chislo kanalov - 1024 i 2048; vremennaya shirina kanalov ot 0,2 mksek. i bol'she; emkost' kanalov - 4096 imp i 1024 imp; chastota zapuska analizatoroa do 1000 raz v sek; velichina zagruzki do 1000 imp/sek. Rezul'taty izmerenij vydayutsya analizatorami v vide grafikov i chislovykh dannykh na perfokartakh. (author)

  11. Effect of XingPiJieYu decoction on spatial learning and memory and cAMP-PKA-CREB-BDNF pathway in rat model of depression through chronic unpredictable stress.

    Wang, Chunye; Guo, Jianyou; Guo, Rongjuan


    Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood and loss of pleasure or interest in usual activities, and often results in cognitive dysfunction. The disturbance of cognitive processes associated with depression, especially the impairment of learning and memory, exacerbates illness and increases recurrence of depression. XingPiJieYu (XPJY) is one of the most widely clinical formulas of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and can improve the symptoms of depression, including learning and memory. However, its regulatory effects haven't been comprehensively studied so far. Recently, some animal tests have indicated that the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-protein kinase A (PKA)-cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB)-brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) signaling pathway in hippocampus is closely related to depression and the pathogenesis of cognitive function impairments. The present study was performed to investigate the effect and mechanism of XPJY on depression and learning and memory in animal model. The rat model of depression was established by chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) for 21 days. The rats were randomly divided into six groups: control group, CUS group, CUS + XPJY (1.4 g/kg, 0.7 g/kg and 0.35 g/kg) groups, and CUS + sertraline (10 mg/kg) group. The sucrose preference, open field exploration and Morris water maze (MWM) were tested. The expression of cAMP, CREB, PKA and BDNF protein in hippocampus was examined with Elisa and Western Blot. The mRNA level of CREB and BDNF in hippocampus was measured with PCR. The results demonstrated that rats subjected to CUS exhibited decreases in sucrose preference, total ambulation, percentage of central ambulation, rearing in the open field test and spatial performance in the MWM. CUS reduced the expression of cAMP, PKA, CREB and BDNF in hippocampus of model rats. These effects could be reversed by XPJY. The results indicated that XPJY can improve depression and

  12. LETTERS TO THE EDITORS: Exotic aspects of black holes: an astronaut near the horizon(on the methodological note by A A Grib and Yu V Pavlov "Is it possible to see the infinite future of the Universe when falling into a black hole?")

    Cherepashchuk, Anatolii M.


    We comment on the methodological note by A A Grib and Yu V Pavlov [Phys. Usp. 52 257 (2009)] to show that its authors are incorrect in understanding a passage that they quote from A M Cherepashchuk's book Black Holes in the Universe (Fryazino: Vek-2, 2005, p.7) and which supposes an astronaut to be at rest in the vicinity of the horizon (not to fall freely into a black hole!). With this error corrected, Grib and Pavlov's note is quite useful methodologically.

  13. dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation with spatially

    Hong-Yu Wu


    Aug 16, 2017 ... HONG-YU WU. ∗ and LI-HONG JIANG ... Our present work provides a detailed answer to these questions. ... with the self-consistency condition |Y(θ,ϕ)|2 = 1. Equation (4) .... [4] L Q Kong and C Q Dai, Nonlinear Dyn. 81, 1553 ...

  14. Sensing of polymeric sensor-based rhodamine B derivative for metal ...

    TONG-MOU GENG1 XIE WANG1 FENG ZHU1 HUI JIANG1 YU WANG2. Collaborative Innovation Center for Petrochemical New Materials, Anhui Key Laboratory of Functional Coordination Compounds, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anqing Normal University, Anqing 246011, People's Republic of China ...

  15. Genomewide identification, classification and analysis of NAC type ...

    Supplementary data: Genomewide identification, classification and analysis of NAC type gene family in maize. Xiaojian Peng, Yang Zhao, Xiaoming Li, Min Wu, Wenbo Chai, Lei Sheng, Yu Wang, Qing Dong,. Haiyang Jiang and Beijiu Cheng. J. Genet. 94, 377–390. Table 1. Detailed information of NAC proteins in maize.

  16. Scalable Algorithms for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation Systems in Multicore Environments


    consolidated at the sender side. At the receiver side, the messages are deconsolidated and delivered to the appropriate thread. This approach bears some...Jiang, S. Kini, W. Yu, D. Buntinas, P. Wyckoff, and D. Panda . Performance comparison of mpi implementations over infiniband, myrinet and quadrics

  17. Studies on middle silkgland proteins of cocoon colour sex-limited ...

    Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences; Volume 29; Issue 1. Studies on middle silkgland proteins of cocoon colour sex-limited silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Yuan-Xiang Jin Yu-Yin Chen Meng-Kui Xu Yong-Huang Jiang. Articles Volume 29 Issue 1 March 2004 pp 45- ...

  18. A novel missense mutation in collagenous domain of EDA gene in a ...

    Supplementary data: A novel missense mutation in collagenous domain of EDA gene in a. Chinese family with X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Daxu Li, Ran Xu, Fumeng Huang, Biyuan Wang, Yu Tao, Zijian Jiang, Hairui Li, Jianfeng Yao,. Peng Xu, Xiaokang Wu, Le Ren, Rui Zhang, John R. Kelsoe and Jie Ma.

  19. Color in packaging design : Case: ZheJiang JinSheng packaging Co,Ltd

    Hu, Cuicui


    Color occupies an important position in packaging design, with the improvement of living standard, the higher requirement of color design in packaging. The aim of this thesis was to discuss key issues concerning aesthetics of packaging design. Topics will include an overview of the packaging design, the influence factor of packaging design, and introduce the aesthetics from packaging aspect. This thesis will also identify common problems of the production process, and list the phases of ho...

  20. Q. Shen1, X. Chen1, Jiyune Yi2, DR Jiang1 & YJ Yun3

    imately six months to cover the 2-yr pulsation cycle of VX Sgr. We used a special phase referencing ... but the υ = 2 line has relatively few maser features, most of which reside in the. Southern and Northern parts. ... stronger masers of both the lines appear, among which the main features reside in the inner shell and show ...

  1. Jiang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(S):45-51 ...

    Background: To explore the effects of Zhi-Bai-Di-Huang-Wan (ZBDHW), a classic formula of Chinese medicinal herbs in relieving menopausal symptoms in British and Chinese women. Methods and Materials: Between May 2011 and May 2013, 224 Chinese and British women were divided into a ZBDHW group with 115.

  2. The production of radioisotopes with a betatron using an internal bombarding technique; Production de radioisotopes par bombardement interne dans un betatron; Proizvodstvo radioizotopov s pomoshch'yu betatrona s ispol'zovaniem metoda vnutrennej bombardirovki; Obtencion de radioisotopos por bombardeo interno en el betatron

    Morinaga, H [Department of Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)


    pueden servir para la obtencion de isotopos. Con frecuencia es conveniente emplear isotopos de periodo corto debido a su rapida desintegracion, al hecho de que emitan radiaciones de alta energia y a la facilidad con que pueden obtenerse incluso sin necesidad de poseer conocimientos especiales. (author) [Russian] Razrabotan i uspeshno ispol'zuetsya novyj metod proizvodstva radioizotopov s vysokoj udel'noj aktivnost'yu s pomoshch'yu betatrona. Podvergaemye aktivatsii materialy pomeshchayutsya vnutr' vakuumnoj kamery betatrona v kontse slepogo tsilindra, ustanovlennogo izvne; takim obrazom, proby podvergayutsya bombardirovke pri odnoj atmosfere neposredstvenno za mishen'yu tormoznogo izlucheniya, gde intensivnost' radiatsii chrezvychajno vysoka. Aktivnost' pri nasyshchenii Cu{sup 62}, vyzvannaya v nebol'shoj chastitse medi, prevyshala 1 millikyuri, i poluchaemaya naivysshaya udel'naya aktivnost' priblizitel'no v 500 raz prevyshala aktivnost', vyzvannuyu v obychnom ustrojstve. Do sikh por ehtot metod vnutrennej misheni ispol'zuetsya tol'ko dlya rabot v oblasti yadernoj spektroskopii; bylo ustanovleno vosem' novykh vidov radioaktivnykh izotopov (Co{sup 63}, Ga{sup 75}, As{sup 81}, In{sup 121}, In{sup 123}, Tm{sup 173}, Tm{sup 175} i Ac{sup 231}). Gibkost' takogo metoda bombardirovki otkryvaet novye vozmozhnosti, t.k. meditsinskij, promyshlennyj, a takzhe issledovatel'skij betatrony mogut ispol'zovat'sya dlya proizvodstva izotopov. Korotkozhivushchie izotopy, kotorye chasto yavlyayutsya bolee udobnymi pri razlichnykh vidakh primeneniya vsledstvie ikh bystrogo raspada i obychno vysokoj ehnergii radiatsii, mogut byt' bystro polucheny bez kakogo-libo dopolnitel'nogo umeniya. (author)

  3. Ertong Zaoqi Jingxi Dongzuo Jineng yu Renzhi Fazhan de Guanxi

    Geng, Da; Zhang, Xingli; Shi, Jiannong


    Fine motor skills refer to any movement where an individual uses the small muscles or muscle areas of the hands and fingers; these movements serve to development of muscle while also improving the cognitive recognition of the object. Automatic fine motor skills can save limited attention resources...... for advanced cognition tasks as required by an individual; in the development of fine motor skills and cognition, the two abilities interact, some motor skills are the prerequisite for some cognition and the practice of cognition. Fine motor skills also can predict the academic performance of young students....... The two abilities are inter-related because they share common areas of the brain: the prefrontal lobe and the cerebellum. As a result, some cognition disorders could be treated through fine motor skill training and exercises....

  4. Meet Paris in Yu Xi's Documentaries



    "This is a documenfary porlrayal of cultural celebrities.All the 60 interviewees have devoted themselves to the greal cause of China-France cultural exchange.Today,it is highly important to stress the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity and make

  5. Pseudo-istorija/arheologija i globalizacija: primer ex Yu prostora

    Vesna Manojlović Nikolić


    Full Text Available U radu se diskutuje povezanost procesa globalizacije i pseudonaučnih tumačenja prošlosti. Istaknuta je dvostruka veza između efekata procesa globalizacije i pseudoistorijskog/pseudoarheološkog izmišljanja prošlosti. Prva je tendencija da se nezadovoljstvo kulturnom globalizacijom kompenzuje verovanjem u drugačiju i lepšu prošlost, dok se druga odnosi na upotrebu savremenih sredstava komunikacije u prenošenju pseudonaučnih tumačenja prošlosti širokoj javnosti. Pomoću primera sa područja bivše SFR Jugoslavije ukazano je da proces tranzicije ka globalnom društvu, koji se desio posle perioda eskalacije nacionalizama, doprinosi osećaju krize nacionalnih, regionalnih i lokalnih identiteta i prouzrokuje težnju ka stvaranju izmišljenih prošlosti. Takođe, skrenuta je pažnja da pseudoistoričari i pseudoarheolozi obilato koriste globalna sredstva masovne komunikacije, pre svega internet, čime njihova tumačenja postaju dostupna velikom broju ljudi i prete da postanu jedan od glavnih (iako zabludnih izvora za oblikovanje stavova o prošlosti i sadašnjosti.

  6. Manufacture of Wood-Plastic Combinations by Use of Gamma Radiation; Fabrication de combinaisons bois-matiere plastique a l'aide des rayons gamma; Proizvodstvo drevesno-plastmassovykh sostavov s pomoshch'yu gamma-izlucheniya; Impregnacion de maderas con materiales plasticos en presencia de radiaciones gamma

    Kent, J. A.; Winston, A.; Boyle, W.; Updyke, L. [Engineering Experiment Station, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia (United States)


    maderas de pino albar, encina blanca, encina roja, alamo, abedul, haya, abeto y arce sacarino. Se indica el efecto de la intensidad de dosis sobre las velocidades de polimerizacion en esas combinaciones, algunas de las cuales son incompatibles. Por ejemplo, la secoya no permite la polimerizacion del acetato de vinilo o del metacrilato de metilo, en tanto que el pino albar imposibilita la polimerizacion del acetato de vinilo. Los autores estudiaron diversos agentes de reticulacion con miras a determinar su eficacia para acelerar la polimerizacion y, con ello, conseguir ciclos mas breves, y exponen los resultados obtenidos para el acrilato de alilo, el dimetacrilato de etilenglicol, el dimetacrilato de polietilenglicol, el titanato de tetra-isopropilo, el metacrilato de alilo y (en el caso del estireno) el divinilbenceno. Los ensayos mecanicos realizados con maderas impregnadas ponen de manifiesto una mejora de propiedades tales como la dureza, el limite de elasticidad en la compresion y la estabilidad dimensional. Por lo general, se registra un aurpento de la fragilidad respecto de la madera natural. En la memoria se incluyen datos sobre la dureza, el limite de elasticidad en la compresion, la estabilidad en la compresion, la estabilidad dimensional, asi como la resistencia a la flexion y al cizallamiento. (author) [Russian] Opisan promyshlennyj metod polucheniya drevesno-plastmassovykh ''splavov'' s pomoshch'yu gamma-izlucheniya. Protsess sostoit iz dvukh chastej: propitki otobrannoj drevesiny neobkhodimym monomerom i polimerizatsii monomera v meste nakhozhdeniya .s pomoshch'yu gamma-luchej. Izucheno vliyanie razlichnykh faktorov na proniknovenie monomera v drevesinu. Provedennye ispytaniya pokazali, chto na praktike osushchestvimo khoroshee raspredelenie polimera v konechnom produkte. Odnu chast' obraztsov tolshchinoj 10 cm i dlinoj 150 cm podvergli propitke i issledovali na pronikanie monomera, v to vremya kak druguyu chast' obraztsov takoj zhe tolshchiny uspeshno

  7. The Radiation Induced Graft Copolymerization of Methacrylic Acid to Nylon; Copolymerisation par greffe de l'acide methacrylique sur le nylon, provoquee par irradiation; Obluchenie vyzyvaet graft-kopolimerizats yu metakrilovoj kisloty v nejlone; Injerto del acido metacrilico en el nylon por copolimerizacion radioinducida

    Roberts, R; Thomas, J K


    metakrilovoj kisloty v nejlon putem podgotovki k oblucheniyu. Skorost' prosachivaniya otnositel'no bol'she, chem skorost' komopolimerizatsii. Ne sushchestvuet prostoj svyazi mezhdu skorost'yu reaktsii i vsej dozoj. Temperaturnaya zavisimost' skorosti prosachivaniya v volokno, podgotovlennoe k oblucheniyu v vozdukhe, ukazyvaet, chto nachalo prosachivaniya, po-vidimomu, proiskhodit putem razlozheniya peroksidnykh grupp, obrazovannykh posle oblucheniya. Izmereniya ehlektricheskogo soprotivleniya na obluchennom volokne ukazyvayut, chto razlozhenie umen'shaetsya na koehffitsient 10. (author)

  8. Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with photo-diode array and quadrupole/time-of-flight mass spectrometry based chemical profiling approach to evaluate the influence of preparation methods on the holistic quality of Qiong-Yu-Gao, a traditional complex herbal medicine.

    Xu, Jin-Di; Mao, Qian; Shen, Hong; Zhu, Ling-Ying; Li, Song-Lin; Yan, Ru


    Qiong-Yu-Gao (QYG), consisting of Rehmanniae Radix (RR), Poriae (PO) and Ginseng Radix (GR), is a commonly used tonic traditional complex herbal medicine (CHM). So far, three different methods have been documented for preparation of QYG, i.e. method 1 (M1): mixing powders of GR and PO with decoction of RR; method 2 (M2): combining the decoction of RR and PO with the decoction of GR; method 3 (M3): decocting the mixture of RR, GR and PO. In present study, an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with photo-diode array and quadrupole/time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-PDA-QTOF-MS/MS) based chemical profiling approach was developed to investigate the influence of the three preparation methods on the holistic quality of QYG. All detected peaks were unambiguously identified by comparing UV spectra, accurate mass data/characteristic mass fragments and retention times with those of reference compounds, and/or tentatively assigned by matching empirical molecular formula with that of known compounds, and/or elucidating quasi-molecular ions and fragment ions referring to information available in literature. A total of 103 components, mainly belonging to ginsenosides, phenethylalcohol glycosides, iridoid glycosides and triterpenoid acids, were identified, of which 5 degraded ginsenosides were putatively determined to be newly generated during preparation procedures of QYG samples. Triterpenoid acids and malonyl-ginsenosides were detected only in M1 samples, while degraded ginsenosides were merely detectable in M2/M3 samples. The possible reasons for the difference among chemical profiles of QYG samples prepared with three methods were also discussed. It could be concluded that preparation method do significantly affect the holistic quality of QYG. The influence of the altered chemical profiles on the bioactivity of QYG needs further investigation. The present study demonstrated that UHPLC-PDA-QTOF-MS/MS based chemical profiling approach is efficient and

  9. Paraganglioma of the vagina: a case report and review of the literature

    Cai, Tao; Huang,Yu; Li,Yucong; Jiang,Qingming; Wang,Dong


    Tao Cai,1 Yucong Li,2 Qingming Jiang,3 Dong Wang,2 Yu Huang2 1Department of Dermatology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, 2Department of Gynecologic Oncology, 3Department of Pathology, Chongqing Cancer Research Institute, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Vaginal paraganglioma is a rare and unusual tumor occurring in the vaginal wall. It is a solitary primary paraganglioma, especially in atypical sites. Herein, we report an unusual case o...

  10. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of VEGFR-targeted macromolecular MRI contrast agent based on biotin?avidin-specific binding

    Liu, Yongjun; Wu, Xiaoyun; Sun, Xiaohe; Wang, Dan; Zhong, Ying; Jiang, Dandan; Wang, Tianqi; Yu, Dexin; Zhang, Na


    Yongjun Liu,1 Xiaoyun Wu,1 Xiaohe Sun,1 Dan Wang,1 Ying Zhong,1 Dandan Jiang,1 Tianqi Wang,1 Dexin Yu,2 Na Zhang1 1School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University, 2Department of Radiology Medicine, Qilu Hospital, Jinan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents with high relaxivity and specificity was essential to increase MRI diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy. In this study, the MRI contrast agent, vascular endotheli...

  11. Tracer Experiments on Food Exchange in Ants and Termites; Emploi des radioindicateurs dans l'etude de la trophallaxis chez les fourmis et les termites; Izuchenie s pomoshch'yu indikatorov obmena pishchej u murav'ev i termitov; Empleo de indicadores radiactivos para estudiar la trofalaxia en las hormigas y los termites

    Gosswald, K.; Kloft, W. [Institute of Applied Zoology, University of Wurzburg, Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    murav'i, medonosnye pchely i termity yavlyaetsya ikh stremlenie k trofollakticheskomu obmenu pishchej, kotoryj mokhet byt' khorosho izuchen s pomoshch'yu mechennoj radioaktivnymi veshchestvami pishchi. Pri sravnitel'nom izuchenii samaya vysokaya skorost' obmena byla obnaruzhena u medonosnykh pchel, v to vremya kak u razlichnykh podsemejstv murav'ev ona byla chrezvychajno raznoobraznoj, chto dolkhvo byt' uchteno pri provedenii polevykh ehksperimentov s primeneniem indikatorov. Samoe sil'noe stremlenie k trofollakticheskomu obmenu my obnaruzhili u podsemejstva Camponotlnae. Usilenno izuchalis' murav'i Genus Formica.osobenno Formica polyctena (Forst.), i rodstvennye poligennye i polycalous vidy, kotorye igrayut vakhnuyu rol' v predupreditel'noj biologicheskoj bor'be s nasekomymi-vreditelyami lesa. Ustanovleno, chto skorost' obmena pishchej v odnom muravejnike obuslovlena temperaturoj, vremenem, kolichestvom osobej i nasyshcheniem. Drugoj problemoj yavlyaetsya vopros o tom, sushchestvuet li obmen pishchej mekhdu razlichnymi muravejnikami kolonii murav'ev odnogo vida. Pometiv otdel'nye muravejniki s pomoshch'yu vneseniya radioaktivnoj pishchi, my smogli obnaruzhit' intensivnyj obmen pishchej mekhdu razlichnymi muravejnikami kolonii, otstoyashchimi drug ot druga na rasstoyanie do 200 m. Analogichnye rezul'taty my poluchili dlya trekh razlichnykh kolonij v razlichnye gody. Sushchestvovanie takogo dal'nego obmena pishchej yavlyaetsya ochen' vakhnym dlya otsenki reguliruptsego dejstviya poleznykh vidov murav'ev v otnoshenii nasekomykhvreditelej. Lelo v tom, chto obmen prepyatstvuet bystromu nasyshcheniyu populyatsii lyubogo muravejnika vsledstvie mestnoj massovoj invazii nasekomykh v ikh predydushchem gnezde. Kak pokazali ehksperimenty s primeneniem indikatorov, sobrannaya pishcha popadaet v bol'shinstvo okruzhayushchikh muravejnikov kolonii murav'ev. Poehtomu kolonii ehtikh poleznykh lesnykh murav'ev dejstvuyut kak slokhnaya sistema s vysokoj ehkologicheskoj ehffektivnost'yu. S

  12. 原住民完全中學的實施現況與挑戰:以蘭嶼高級中學為例 The Implementation and the Challenges Involved in Indigenous Integrated Secondary Schools in Taiwan: A Case Study of Lan-Yu High School

    張如慧Ju-Hui Chang


    Full Text Available 建立以原住民為主體,符合原住民需求的教育體系,是原住民社區本位教育的重要理念,而此理念亦納入我國的《原住民族教育法》中。本研究以全國第一所原住民完全中學―蘭嶼高級中學為例,進行個案研究,希望由原住民社區本位教育的理論觀點出發,瞭解在地師生及居民的經驗和想法,重新解讀該校在完全中學原訂目標上的實施現況,及其面臨的挑戰。研究時間為2007年8月至2008 年7月,蒐集資料的方法以師生和社區人士的訪談為主,並輔以部分時間的田野觀察。研究結果發現,蘭嶼成立完全中學的成效包括:提供最弱勢學生的升學和學習機會;透過完全中學經費的溢注,提高城鄉高中教育均衡發展的可能性;以及透過文化融入課程與相關活動,促進學校社區化等。然而因為社區和在地參與 仍有限,所以官方的政策或經費運用,無法完全符合當地真正的需求,更遑論激發社區對教育的主體性和能動性。 Indigenous community-based education argues that indigenous peoples are the subject of educational systems and institutions whose needs should be fulfilled. This concept is also reflected in Indigenous Education Law in Taiwan. This case study is based on the theory of indigenous community-based education and focuses on the first indigenous integrated secondary school in Taiwan, Lan-Yu High School, trying to understand the implementation of the school and the challenges it faced. The research was conducted from August 2007 to July 2008. Its data was collected through interviews with teachers, students, and community members, as well as by participant observation. The findings showed that the integrated secondary school improved educational equality for the most disadvantaged students, that the financial subsidies helped to promote balanced development of secondary education, and that

  13. Comment on "Fault Tolerant analysis for stochastic systems using switching diffusion processes' by Yang, Jiang and Cocquempot

    Schiøler, Henrik; Leth, John-Josef


    Results are given in [Yang et. al. 2009] regarding the overall stability of switched diffusion processes based on stability properties of separate processes combined through stochastic switching. This paper argues two main results to be empty, in that the presented hypotheses are logically...

  14. Some Cherished Memories of My Old Friend Jiang Dingxian%缅怀老友江定仙




  15. Chuancheng yu gengxin: Liu Mei sheng yu Minguo shiqi de shixue%传承与更新:留美生与民国时期的史学



    @@ As it has long been acknowledged that historians do not simply write objectivehistories, but are themselves products of Specific times and places, there is littlequestion that histories of historiography can provide important insights. ProfessorLi Chunlei, of Tianjin Polytechnic University, contributes to our understandingof the origins of the modem discipline of history in China by focusing on theimportant role of returned students from the U.S. in fostering its developmentand shaping its direction.

  16. Technology Education and Technology Teacher Education in Taiwan, R.O.C. = Zhong Hua Min Guo Ke Ji Jiao Yu Ji qi shi zi Jiao Yu.

    Lee, Lung-Sheng Steven; Wang, Cheng-Pin Peter; Wang, Yen-chao; Shih, Neng-Mu; Yeh, Chung-ching

    Technology education in Taiwan begins with craft work at the elementary school level, and the most important point is the practical application. All junior high school students are required to take the Living Technology course. Content includes technology and life, information and communication, construction and manufacturing, and energy and…

  17. Feng xian tai du yu jiao yu he zhi ye xuan ze xing wei: yi ge shi yan fang fa de yan jiu an li

    Ding, X.; Sun, Y.; Hartog, J.


    An experimental study on risk attitude and choice behavior of education and career This paper introduces a research on risk attitude and choice behavior of education and career. Using the experimental methods, this study focuses on testing the reliability and validity of risk attitude measurement.

  18. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Chemical properties of red MSX sources (RMSs) (Yu+, 2016)

    Yu, N.; Xu, J.


    Our molecular line data come from the Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team Survey at 90GHz (MALT90) (e.g., Foster+ 2011, J/ApJS/197/25; Jackson+ 2013PASA...30...57J). This project is performed with Mopra, a 22m single-dish radio telescope located near Coonabarabran in New South Wales, Australia. The angular resolution of Mopra is 38", with a beam efficiency between 0.49 at 86GHz and 0.42 at 115GHz. The pointing accuracy of the main MALT90 maps is about 8", and the absolute flux uncertainty is in the range of 10%-17% depending on the transition in question. The target clumps of this survey are selected from the 870um Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL; Schuller+ 2009A&A...504..415S; Contreras+ 2013, J/A+A/549/A45; superseded by J/A+A/568/A41). Using Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Urquhart+ (2007, J/A+A/461/11) observed radio emissions of 826 Red Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) Sources (RMSs) in the southern sky. We also have checked our sources with the data taken from the Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS) carried out at 843MHz with the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST; Mauch+ 2003, VIII/81). See section 2 for further explanations. (5 data files).

  19. Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in phase-biased superconductor-quantum dot-superconductor junctions

    Kirsanskas, Gediminas; Goldstein, Moshe; Flensberg, Karsten


    supercurrent, and the differential conductance as measured by a normal-metal tunnel probe. In absence of a phase difference only one linear combination of the superconductor lead electrons couples to the spin, which gives a single YSR state. With finite phase difference, however, it is effectively a two...

  20. A New Book: Minnegulov Kh.Yu. Kazan-Tatar Turkological School

    A.V. Aksanov


    Full Text Available This book describes the history and current state of the Kazan-Tatar Turkological school. Its author analyzes the development of global and domestic Turkology, points out interrelations between various academic centers and specifies the convention of their separation. According to him, the Tatars played a significant role in the development of the Russian Oriental studies, since already from the 18th century, they collaborated with leading Russian Orientalists. The establishment of the University of Kazan in 1804 was a milestone in the development of Kazan School of Turkic Studies. The 1820–50s were a time of the highest development of Oriental studies in the University of Kazan. In addition to personnel training, the University created textbooks, dictionaries, scholarly works, collected manuscripts and established extensive international contacts. Soviet and modern periods were mainly related to the development of the historical and philological direction within the walls of educational institutions and the University of Kazan. In 2011, their Tatar faculties were united into the Institute of Philology and Arts of Kazan Federal University. Formation and development of the history of Tatar literature as an independent branch of literary science became one of the most important achievements of this stage. Great work on the collection, publication and study of Tatar folklore done in the last century was another important achievement.

  1. *Corresponding author. E-mail:


    content in real samples such as tap water, wastewater and a synthetic water sample ... KEY WORDS: Copper(II), Solid phase extraction, Activated carbon, Flame atomic ... ability to adsorb organic compounds and organic metal complexes as ...

  2. Complete genome sequence of Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens type strain (Yu37-1T)

    Pitluck, Sam [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Sikorski, Johannes [DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany; Zeytun, Ahmet [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Lapidus, Alla L. [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Nolan, Matt [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Lucas, Susan [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Hammon, Nancy [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Deshpande, Shweta [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Cheng, Jan-Fang [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Tapia, Roxanne [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Han, Cliff [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Goodwin, Lynne A. [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Liolios, Konstantinos [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Pagani, Ioanna [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Ivanova, N [U.S. Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute; Mavromatis, K [U.S. Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute; Pati, Amrita [U.S. Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute; Chen, Amy [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Palaniappan, Krishna [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Hauser, Loren John [ORNL; Chang, Yun-Juan [ORNL; Jeffries, Cynthia [Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Detter, J. Chris [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Brambilla, Evelyne-Marie [DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany; Ngatchou, Olivier Duplex [HZI - Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germany; Rohde, Manfred [HZI - Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germany; Spring, Stefan [DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany; Goker, Markus [DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany; Woyke, Tanja [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Bristow, James [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Eisen, Jonathan [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Markowitz, Victor [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Hugenholtz, Philip [U.S. Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute; Kyrpides, Nikos C [Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, California; Klenk, Hans-Peter [DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany; Land, Miriam L [ORNL


    Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens Iino et al. 2008 is the type species of the genus Calditerrivibrio. The species is of interest because of its important role in the nitrate cycle as nitrate reducer and for its isolated phylogenetic position in the Tree of Life. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. This is the third complete genome sequence of a member of the family Deferribacteraceae. The 2,216,552 bp long genome with its 2,128 protein-coding and 50 RNA genes is a part of the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project.

  3. Yu šien yuan cha dzu czha t šia lie kutí

    Chen, W.; Křížek, Michal


    Roč. 39, č. 15 (2009), s. 159-194 ISSN 1000-0984 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR(CZ) IAA100190803 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10190503 Keywords : uniform partition * superconvergence * Céa's lemma Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics

  4. Tong and Yu et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1 ...


    Serial dilution was undertaken using sterile distilled water and the inoculated normal saline. ... A multiple disc containing the antibiotics was placed on the surface of the agar. The multi ... sanitary risk there may be by hand contact with patients.

  5. Xinjiang Keji Rencai dui Chuangxin Huanjin de Neiyin Pingjia Moxing Goujian yu Shizheng Yanjiu

    Tan, Chunping; Tang, ChaoYing; Jiannong, Shi


    Innovation environment is the key factor to give full play to the dynamic role of the scientific talents. The article has investigated and analyzed the environmental factors and the degree of satisfaction of Xinjiang scientific talents in innovation activities by implicit theory, and structured...

  6. Analysis of Psychological Growth of the Main Character in Chenlun by Yu Dafu

    Xuc Lin


    Full Text Available Article discusses the psychological aspect of the main character in the novel “Chen Lun”. The feelings of inferiority and loneliness are his initial mental states. The latter is caused by two factors: the social and personality factors while the former is caused by the political condition in China at that time and the fact that the Japanese underestimate the Chinese people. The writer uses Freud’s theory on the structure of personality and conflict, anxiety, and the defense mechanism to analyze the process of the psychological development of the main character. In the end of the story, the main character commits suicide since “he” cannot only solve the problem of his loneliness and inferiority but also he feels guilty of his wrongdoing which crushes his-ideal-self. The guilty feeling haunts him in such a way that he even denies himself.

  7. Ozhirenie sredi bol'nykh, obrativshikhsya za meditsinskoy pomoshch'yu (dannye krupnogo otechestvennogo epidemiologicheskogo issledovaniya


    Full Text Available Research objective: to study obesity among 10541 patients in therapeutic, neurologik and cardiologikal practices in 29 cities of the Russian Federation from St.-Petersburg to Vladivostok (COMPASS program. All patients are divided on two groups: with obesity (average BMI=33,7+4,1 kg/m2, and without this disease (average BMI=24,4+3,0 kg/m2. Groups were compared under demographic characteristics; features of a medical route; somatic and mental state. 20% from all patients in mentioned practices in various cities of Russia have obesity. Patients with obesity are predominantly women (middle age 54,0+12,0 year. For these patients low social and economic status (with low educational level, absence of employment, loneliness etc. are characteristic. Patients with obesity are more often observe in cardiological practice. They suffer from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. The hypothesis about obesity formation within mental disorders (depression, food addiction - dependence on food is presented. Possibility of treatment of patients with the help of sibutramine is discussed.

  8. Yu et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med., (2017) 14 (6): 1-9


    10.21010/ajtcam.v14i6.1. 1 .... Sigma-Aldrich Chemical Co. (St. Louis, MO, USA). Bornyl acetate ... For the precision of the developed method, the prepared samples were analyzed for six replicates within one day, and calculated relative standard ...

  9. Yu et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2013) 10(6):551-554 ...


    the cell survival rate was calculated according to the following formula: Cell survival rate = (OD value of the experimental group - OD value of the blank control group) / (OD value of the control group - OD value of the blank control group) x 100%. Four replicate wells were set up for each concentration at each time point, the ...

  10. Some Memories of my Old Friend Jiang Ding-xian and his Works%回忆往事赏读作品--怀念定仙老友



    @@ 中央音乐学院为纪念江定仙教授诞辰90周年暨逝世两周年,将于今年10月举行学术性纪念活动,约我为定仙撰文.我搜索远去的记忆,并再次赏读他的作品,又参考有关资料缀成此文,以抒友情,以志缅怀.

  11. Violence Against Women: Injuries and Deaths in Rhode Island Yongwen Jiang, PhD; Deborah Debare, MMHS; Lynne-Marie Shea, BA; Samara Viner-Brown, MS.

    Jiang, Yongwen; DeBare, Deborah; Shea, Lynne-Marie; Viner-Brown, Samara


    Violence against women is a public health issue. Monitoring assault-related injury and homicide death among women is imperative for understanding this public health issue. We used data from the 2014 Rhode Island emergency department (ED), hospital discharge (HD), and 2004-2014 Rhode Island violent death reporting system (RIVDRS) to provide a broad picture for violence against women injuries and deaths in Rhode Island. ED visit and HD data show that the majority of female assault injuries occurred among women aged 25-44, resided in the core cities, and had public insurance. RIVDRS data showed that over half of the homicides among women were aged 25-64; nearly two in five were non-Hispanic black or Hispanic. Precipitating circumstances include intimate partner violence, a preceding argument or a conflict, and precipitated by another crime. Evidence-informed interventions need to target high-risk populations and urban areas to effectively reduce violence against women. [Full article available at].

  12. Multi-channel recording of a pulse spectrum on the screen of a Williams tube used with a ferrite memory analyser; Enregistrement du spectre d'impulsion sur l'ecran d'un tube de Williams au moyen d'un analyseur multicanal a memoire en ferrite; Zapis' spektra impul'sov na ehkrane ehlektronno-luchevoj trubki mnogokanal'nogo analizatora s ferritovoj pamyat'yu; Registro multicanal del espectro de los impulsos en la pantalla del tubo electronico, en un analizador con memoria de ferrita

    Rumler, Shtirad [Institut Yadernogo Issledovannya Chekhoslovatskoj Akldemii Nauk, Rzhezh Chekhoslovatskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika (Czech Republic)


    promedio de impulsos es reducido. La causa reside en el dispositivo descifrador de la informacion leida en el canal directamente a partir de los circuitos sumadores y de los circuitos direccionales con registro inmediato en la pantalla. La ineptitud del registro inmediato es debida al bajo promedio y al tiempo estadistico de distribucion de los impulsos. El dispositivo propuesto resulta mas eficaz en este caso porque la calidad del registro no depende de la forma del espectro ni de la velocidad del recuento de los impulsos. Se utiliza este dispositivo en un analizador de 256 canales con una memoria de ferrita cuyo tiempo muerto es igual a 15 {mu}s. Los ciclos de la representacion oscilografica alternan periodicamente, con una frecuencia de repeticion de 50 Hz, con el ciclo de analisis del espectro medido. El tiempo de inscripcion del oscilografo es aproximadamente igual a 4 ms, es decir, un 20 por ciento de la duracion ordinaria del ciclo de trabajo del analizador. En analizadores cuyo numero de canales es menor y el tiempo muerto de memoria es mas corto, el tiempo del registro oscilografico representa apenas un pequeno porcentaje de la duracion del ciclo de. trabajo del analizador. (author) [Russian] V doklade budet opisana blok-skhema programmnykh tsepej, pozvolyayushchikh osushchestvlyat' mnogokanal'nuyu zapis' vozrastayushchego spektra anali- ziruemykh IMPUL'SOV na ehkrane ehlektronno-luchevoj trubki, v kombinatsii so staticheskoj ferritovoj pamyat'yu. Obshcheprinyatye sposoby neposredstvennoj zapisi na ehlektronno-luchevoj trubke yavlyayutsya v nekotorykh sluchayakh nesovershennymi v analizatorakh ukazannogo tipa. Zapis' okazyvaetsya nedostatochno chetkoj osobenno pri analize vremennykh ''kaskadov'' impul'sov s nizkoj chastotoj povtoreniya i s nizkim srednim chislom impul'sov. Prichinoj yavlyaetsya deshifrovka otchityvaemoj informatsii v kanale pryamo iz summiruyushchikh tsepej i iz adresnykh tsepej s neposredstvennoj zapis'yu na ehkrane. Neprigodnost

  13. FY 1999 Report on overseas geological structure surveys. Joint Japan-China Yu Xian exploitation project (Attachments); 1999 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa futai shiryo. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This reports provides the attachments for the report JN0041264. The contents include (1) minutes of the fourth steering committee, (2) technical reports presented to the fourth steering committee (I: report on FY 1998 joint exploitation works, and II: report on FY 1999 joint exploitation works), (3) minutes of the fifth steering committee, and (4) technical reports presented to the fifth steering committee (I: report on FY 1999 joint exploitation works, and II: report on planned FY 2000 joint exploitation works). The item (1) includes approval of the reports on FY 1998 and 1999 joint exploitation works. The item (2)-I report includes seismic exploitation test works, observation work results and quality evaluation thereof; drilling exploitation work results, quality evaluation thereof, exploitation results and evaluation thereof; exploitation results and evaluation thereof; and proposals. The item (2)-II report includes seismic exploitation, drilling exploitation, and man-hours of the workers from the both countries. The item (3) includes approval of the reports on FY 1999 joint exploitation works and planned FY 2000 joint exploitation works. The (4)-I report includes seismic exploitation work results and evaluation thereof, seismic exploitation test works, drilling exploitation work results, quality evaluation thereof, exploitation results and evaluation thereof, and proposals for the future works. The (4)-II report includes seismic and drilling exploitation plans, and numbers and periods of the workers from the both countries. (NEDO)


    Yuri G. Leonov


    Full Text Available The review summary states that studies of the hierarchical subordination of geodynamic systems is top in the scientific agenda, and researches of orientation of the Earth’s surface deformation structures in relation to the elements of the stress field are important. It is noted that the proposed classification of geological objects by ranks is ambiguous, and there is a need for a geodynamic model to provide a basis for studying relationships between the fields of forces, stresses and strains on the surface and processes which take place deep in the core and mantle of the Earth.

  15. Response to Dr Yu's paper: A survey of radon properties in underground railway stations in Hong Kong

    Frommer, G.


    This letter criticizes the results of a radon survey performed in underground railway stations in Hong Kong. The authors of the survey concluded that the radon dose received by the night time maintenance worker is not insignificant. However, it is the opinion of the Mass Transit Railway Corporation that this radon dose value is at best a crude estimate based on a limited number of non-representative short-term radon measurements. (UK)

  16. «The Light Thaw» at times of P.Yu. Shelest: myth or reality?

    V. V. Ivanenko


    The central point of the issue is the phenomenon of «ukrainofilstvo» (the utmost love to Ukraine, which this outstanding but controversial official kept to. We specifically study the essence, components and consequences of the historical process known as «the light thaw» of P. Shelest. This process was particularly obvious in very concrete though discrepant steps done by the official towards Ukrainian national interests and rights protection. Among the priorities were the basics of the Ukrainian identity, such as the language, education and culture. As a devoted communist, a supporter of the Soviet Union’s «brotherhood» and a determined bearer of the communist ideas and ideals (especially in the struggle against dissidence, the Ukrainian leader, at the same time, opposed as he could the Kremlin dictatorship in particular segments of humanitarian and economical policy. It partly prevented extensive implementation of the Russian language, which had a tendency to substitute Ukrainian (the process of Russification, as well as resisted to total destruction of the Ukrainian national landscape uniqueness for the sake of Moscow’s political and ideological pressure. Simultaneously we stress, that existing myths about «autonomy», «national communism» or the program of the so called «second Ukrainisation» of P. Shelest are not proved by documents, which means these facts do not correspond to the real state of events at the mentioned historical period.

  17. VizieR Online Data Catalog: UY UMa and EF Boo compiled time of minima (Yu+, 2017)

    Yu, Y.-X.; Zhang, X.-D.; Hu, K.; Xiang, F.-Y.


    In order to construct the (O-C) diagram to analyze the period change of UY UMa, we have performed a careful search for all available times of light minima. A total of 76 times of light minima were collected and listed in Table 2. >From the literatures and two well-known databases (i.e., the O-C gateway ( and the Lichtenknecker database of the BAV (, we have collected a total of 75 available times of light minima for EF Boo, which are summarized in Table 3. (3 data files).

  18. The Pulkovo Observatory in the last 50 years through the eyes of its Learned Secretary Yu. I. Vitinsky.

    Zhukov, V. Yu.; Soboleva, T. V.

    A solar physicist, a Pulkovo astronomer, Yury Ivanovich Vitinsky (1926-2003) was the author of 210 scientific papers known in both Russia and abroad. He worked in the Observatory for about half a century (1953-2002) and held the office of the Learned Secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences Main Astronomical Observatory for 35 years (1965-2000). In the last years of his life, Vitinsky brought his recollections that he titled "My Pulkovo" to the Main Astronomical Observatory Archive. His memoirs narrate about problems of the astronomical science, staff members and deeds of Pulkovo, things he thought of an events he was through. This is the half-a-century history of the Pulkovo Observatory in biographies of persons. The writer of the Recollections mentions the names of fifty persons most of whom are the Main Astronomical Observatory staff members that he worked with side by side. The memoirs provide accurate descriptions that are brief yet rather capacious of the author's Pulkovo colleagues, as well as other astronomers. The language of Vitinsky's recollection is good and clear. His memoirs contain moderate balanced views of people and events and provide objective and trustworthy data. "My Pulkovo" is an indispensable biographical source for the historian of the astronomical science, the Pulkovo Observatory and its scholarly staff members of the most recent decades. It is also just an interesting human document. In 2006, Yury Ivanovich would have been eighty.

  19. Crude oil pricing in Asia and future problems; Asia no gen`yu pricing to kongo no kadai

    Kato, T. [The Institute of Energy Economics, Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper describes pricing factors of crude oil for Asia and future problems. Price of the Middle East crude oil for Asia is determined by linking the spot price of Dubayy crude oil using as a marker. Factors affecting the pricing of marker crude oil include the information dispatching functions for prices of spot market and paper market of marker crude oil, the presence of competitive crude oil, and the correlation between market of oil products and price of crude oil. The paper market of Dubayy crude oil with a small scale of trading provides poor impact and transparency. In Asia, there is no strong competitive crude oil except the Middle East crude oil. There is only a weak price linking between crude oil and products. These are the background that the price of Middle East crude oil stays at the high level and the price adjusting functions are hard to work. The marker crude oil should be changed to another except Dubayy crude oil, and information should be dispatched from purchasers based on the stable standard crude oil. The real paper market should be created, and the force of speaking to oil producing countries should be enhanced by concentrating forces of major oil consuming countries in Asia. It is necessary to find out competitive crude oils. 5 figs., 6 tabs.

  20. Development of fuel economy 5W-20 gasoline engine oil; Teinenpi 5W-20 gasoline engine yu no kaihatsu

    Akiyama, K; Ueda, F; Kurono, K; Kawai, H; Sugiyama, S [Toyota Motor Corp., Aichi (Japan)


    A 5W-20 gasoline engine oil which improves vehicle fuel efficiency by more than 1.5% relative to a conventional 5W-30 gasoline engine oil was newly developed. Its high fuel economy performance lasts 10,000 km. The viscosity was optimized to satisfy both fuel economy and antiwear performances. Thiadiazole was used to retain the initial fuel economy performance provided by MoDTC. 5 refs., 7 figs., 2 tabs.

  1. Design, synthesis, and antifungal activities of novel triazole derivatives containing the benzyl group

    Xu K


    Full Text Available Kehan Xu,1,* Lei Huang,1,* Zheng Xu,2 Yanwei Wang,1,3 Guojing Bai,1 Qiuye Wu,1 Xiaoyan Wang,1 Shichong Yu,1 Yuanying Jiang1 1School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, 2Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, 3Number 422 Hospital of PLA, Zhanjiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: In previous studies undertaken by our group, a series of 1-(1H-1,2,4-triazole-1-yl-2-(2,4-difluorophenyl-3-substituted-2-propanols (1a–r, which were analogs of fluconazole, was designed and synthesized by click chemistry. In the study reported here, the in vitro antifungal activities of all the target compounds were evaluated against eight human pathogenic fungi. Compounds 1a, 1q, and 1r showed the more antifungal activity than the others. Keywords: triazole, synthesis, antifungal activity, CYP51

  2. Jiang Tang Xiao Ke Granule Play an Anti-diabetic Role in Diabetic Mice Pancreatic Tissue by Regulating the mRNAs and MicroRNAs Associated with PI3K-Akt Signaling Pathway

    Fang-Fang Mo


    Full Text Available Purpose: To investigate the effect of JTXK granule on the expression pattern of miRNA in pancreatic tissue of KKAy diabetic mice, and to explore the molecular mechanism and pathways of JTXK granule in anti-diabetic effect.Methods: We used high fat diet (HFD to induce the KKAy diabetic mice and screened the differentially expressed miRNAs (DEMs between JTXK-treated group (n = 6 and the diabetic group (n = 6 using MicroRNA (miRNA Microarray. C57BL/6J mice were given a normal diet as the control group (n = 6. Subsequently, miRNA target gene prediction, GO and Pathway analysis were used to explore the function of DEMs. Finally, the mechanism of anti-diabetic effects of JTXK granule was tested by in vitro INS-1 pancreatic β-cell experiment.Results: The blood glucose and body weight of JTXK-treated group was significantly lower compared with the model group. Moreover, a total of 45 miRNAs with significant differences were detected in the model group and the JTXK-treated group (P ≤ 0.05, Fold Change > 2. Further, miRNA-mRNA analysis showed that the differential expression of mmu-miR-192-5p, mmu-miR-291a-3p, mmu-miR-320-3p, mmu-miR-139-5p and mmu-miR-378a-3p are closely related to pancreatic histological changes. In addition, pathway analysis showed that the DEMs were closely related to PI3K-Akt Signaling Pathway. Furthermore, the levels of serine/threonine-protein kinase (Akt, phosphorylated Akt (p-Akt and phosphorylated forkhead transcription factor O1 (p-Foxo1 in INS-1-FOXO1 overexpressing model cells were lower than those in normal group, while JTXK granules could increase the expression of Akt, p-Akt and p-Foxo1.Conclusions: The results showed that JTXK granule could play an anti-diabetic role by regulating the mRNA and miRNAs associated with PI3K-Akt pathway in diabetic mice pancreatic tissue.

  3. Comment on "Electron impact excitation of N-like ions from the ICFT R-matrix calculation" by HB Wang, G Jiang, XF Li, and ZC He in At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 120 (2018) 373-429

    Aggarwal, Kanti M.


    The paper "Electron impact excitation of N-like ions from the ICFT R-matrix calculation" by Wang et al. [1] lacks details of calculations, presents only limited data, and has a few anomalies, as listed below.

  4. FITTER. The package for fitting experimental data of the YuMO spectrometer by theoretical form factors. Version 1.0. Long write-up and user's guide

    Solov'ev, A.G.; Stadnik, A.V.; Islamov, A.Kh.; Kuklin, A.I.


    FITTER is a C++ code aimed to fit a chosen theoretical multi-parameter function through a set of data points. The method of fitting is chi-square minimization. Moreover, the robust fitting method can be applied. FITTER was designed for a small-angle neutron scattering data analysis, using respective theoretical models. Commonly used models (Gaussian and polynomials) are also implemented for wider applicability

  5. Can yu rid guat ay rot? A Developmental Investigation of Cross-Linguistic Spelling Errors among Spanish-English Bilingual Students

    Howard, Elizabeth R.; Green, Jennifer D.; Arteagoitia, Igone


    This study contributes to the literature on cross-linguistic literacy relationships for English language learners, and in particular, the Spanish-influenced spelling patterns of Spanish-English bilinguals. English spelling, reading, and vocabulary assessments were administered to 220 students in four TWI programs over a three-year period, from…

  6. TattooYU: Tattooed Souvenirs from the Yugoslav People’s Army and Regimes of Memory of the Body Inscribed with Socialism

    Sandi Abram


    Full Text Available The paper focuses on the first mass imprints on the body in the entire region of the former Yugoslavia, which eternally marked members of its armed forces. Through bodies permanently imprinted with socialist history and narrations of tattooed solders from the Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA, I install tattoos from YPA in-between the subversion of power and the incorporation of the dominant ideology, in the antithesis between uniformity and subjectivity. Above all, tattoos from YPA function as a mnemotechnical practice of recollection of the cultural memory, which awakens narrations and the regimes of memory as well as the regimes of memorization of the YPA, socialism and the period of (post transition. Whereas the collected ethnographical material will sustain the claims made above, the situations in which the ethnography was impossible will be discussed further. Rejection, reflex silence or refusals of collaboration are all peculiar modes through which the paper emphasises the importance of the “ethnography of absent” (Telban. In this vein, they represent a fertile springboard to discuss notions of productive oblivion (Kuljić, forgetting (Ricoeur and the “eloquent reticence”. The recollection of negative sentiments (as a way of activating the past did not only materialize in tattooees’ non-responses. Tattoos from YPA also triggered practices of extreme permanent tattoo concealment (e.g. cicatrisation, cauterization that do not fit into the classical anthropological milieu as practices of embellishment, rites of passage, strengthening the pain-tolerance threshold, etc. Instead, I see these practices as a preliminary phase of oblivion and as ways of “deideologization”. Furthermore, the paper supplements Connerton's “habitual memory” preserved in the body and conserving the past in the memory, with its material constitutional side on the body – the tattoo.

  7. The Analysis of Differences and Similarities of Eastern and Western Women’s Images in Liang Sanbo Yu Zhu Yingtai and Romeo and Juliet Novel

    Yenny Yenny


    Full Text Available Sanpek Engtay and Romeo Juliet are the two famous classic love novels from Eastern and Western countries. They are liked by many generation of eastern and western readers. Both novels describe the image of women at each decade. Engtay represents the image of women at feudalism era while Juliet represents it Renainsance era. In this article, the writer did research at education, marriage, love, women's personality, and women's position at each decade. Library research was done in this study with the purpose of letting people know the differences and similarities of women's images between those two decades It can be concluded that in both writings, they have some similarities when describing love, mindset, and women's personality. The differences are about education, marriage, and women's position at feudalism and Renainsance decades.

  8. Problems concerning abolishment of the ban on exportation of Alaskan crudeoil. Alaska gen'yu no yushutsu kaikin mondai no yukue


    The ban on exhortation of Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude oil is being vigorously discussed on its maintenance or abolishment. The Department of Energy of the U.S. published the report which emphasized merits by abolishing the ban on ANS crude-oil exporting. The American Crew Union asserts that the Union will agree to the abolishment if ANS crude oil is transported by the Johns Act ships, which mean tankers built in the U.S., having the U.S. nationality, and plied by operation of the U.S. crews. The federal government of the U.S. declares that the government will not support the abolishment unless the items to restrict the transportation within Johns Act ships are deleted. It is said that British Petroleum, the largest producer of ANS crude oil, is sounding for the method in which use of the U.S. ships and employment of the U.S. crews for the transportation are guaranteed by direct contracts with the tanker owners and crews of the U.S. In any case, employment of U.S. crews is considered to the point to realize the abolishment of the bat on exportation of ANS crude oil.

  9. Radiation defect production in quartz crystals with various structure perfectness degree; Radiatsionnoe defektoobrazovanie v kristallakh kvartsa s razlichnoj stepen`yu sovershenstva struktury

    Khushvakov, O B


    Radiation defects production processes in pure and doped quartz crystals with various structure defectness, caused by preliminary irradiation with neutrons, protons, deuterons and {alpha}-particles, during various electron excitation densities were investigated. The distribution of colour centres along the thickness of irradiated quartz crystals was measured. It was supposed that colour centres are produced on account of inelastic energy losses as the result of collective decay of two or more interacting excitons. It was shown that in quartz crystals under the actions of protons with overthreshold energy 18 MeV and electrons with subthreshold energy 100 keV the same structure defects are formed. It was established that radiation defect production process has two stages. The first stage reveals radiation defects produced by preliminary irradiation. The second one reveals additional intrinsic defects formed under the action of gamma-rays and electrons. The probability dependence of defect production on neutron fluence and masses of incident particles was studied. It was supposed that the creation of additional defects in preliminary irradiated crystals is due to non-radiative decay of electron excitations near radiation-induced defects. It was shown that increase of impurity concentration leads to rate growth of accumulation of radiation induced defects. (A.A.D.) 15 refs. 4 figs.

  10. Radiation Disinfestation of Grain and Seeds; Radiodesinsection des Cereales et des Semences; Obezzarazhivanie zerna i semyan s pomoshch'yu oblucheniya; Desinfestacion de Granos y Semillas por Irradiacion

    Golumbic, C.; Davis, D. F. [Market Quality Research Division, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Hyattsville, MD (United States)


    Current interest in radiation treatment of grain and seeds mainly revolves about its efficacy for control of insect infestations in these products. The recent literature on this subject is reviewed and gaps still existing in the fundamental and practical knowledge of radiation disinfestation.are pointed out. Research programmes in the United States Department of Agriculture that are under way, or planned for the immediate future, are discussed in detail. Current studies are being directed toward establishing minimum effective doses for sexual sterilization and mortality, influence of environmental factors on dose requirements, and potential for the development of biological resistance. In May 1966 the scope of the work expanded as a new grain products irradiator became operative and applied studies were initiated. An integral part of this, research is a study of the effect of irradiation on the quality of food and feed grains and on cereal products, at the doses for both insect control and fungal disinfection. This paper examines critically the results of research in this area and estimates future research, needs. (author) [French] A'.l'heure actuelle, l'interet que suscite le traitement par les rayonnements des cereales et des semences est du avant tout a son efficacite pour la desinsection. Les auteurs analysent les recentes publications dans ce domaine et. signalent les lacunes, qui subsistent encore dans les connaissances fondamentales ou pratiques relatives a la radiodesinsection, ' Ils examinent en detail les programmes de recherches du Departement de l'agriculture des Etats-Unis qui sont actuellement mis.en oeuvre ou projetes pour l'avenir immediat. Les etudes actuelles concernent la determination de la dose minimale necessaire pour la sterilisation sexuelle et de la dose mortelle, l'influence des facteurs ambiants sur les doses requises, et les possibilites de developpement de la resistance biologique. En mai 1966, les travaux se sont elargis a la suite de la mise en service d'une nouvelle installation d'irradiation des.cereales qui permet d'entreprendre des etudes appliquees. Ce programme comprend l'etude des effets de l'irradiation aux doses insecticides et fongicides sur la qualite des cereales destinees a la consommation humaine et animale et sur celle des produits derives. Le memoire procede a un examen critique des resultats des recherches entreprises et evalue les besoins, futurs a cet egard. (author) [Spanish] El interes que suscita el tratamiento de granos y semillas por irradiacion radica principalmente en su eficacia en la lucha contra la infestacion de esos productos por insectos. Los autores examinan las publicaciones mas recientes sobre esta cuestion y senalan las lagunas que todavia existen en los conocimientos basicos y practicos de la radiodesinfestacion. Exponen detenidamente los programas de investigacion del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos que se estan ejecutando o que se proyecta ejecutar en un futuro inmediato. Los estudios actuales estan orientados hacia el establecimiento de valores minimos de dosis eficaces para la esterilizacion sexual y para provocar la muerte de los insectos, la influencia de los factores ambientales sobre las dosis necesarias y las posibilidades de desarrollo de una resistencia biologica. En mayo de 1966 se amplio el alcance de estos trabajos con la entrada en servicio de una nueva instalacion de cereales y derivados y se iniciaron estudios de aplicacion. Como parte integrante de esas investigaciones se lleva a cabo un estudio de los efectos de la irradiacion sobre la calidad del grano destinado a la alimentacion humana o utilizado como pienso, y sobre los productos derivados de los cereales. Esa irradiacion se efectua con las dosis que se precisan en la lucha contra los insectos y con las empleadas para la eliminacion de hongos. Los autores hacen un estudio critico de los resultados de las investigaciones que se realizan en este sector y evaluan las futuras necesidades en materia de investigacion. (author) [Russian] V nastojashhee vremja obrabotka zerna i semjan s pomoshh'ju obluchenija predstavljaet interes glavnym obrazom s tochki zrenija opredelenija ee jeffektivnosti v dele obespechenija kontrolja za zarazheniem jetih produktov parazitami. Rassmatrivaetsja sovremennaja literatura po jetomu voprosu i ukazyvajutsja vse eshhe sushhestvujushhie problemy v oblasti fundamental'nyh i prakticheskih znanij o sposobah obezzarazhivanija s pomoshh'ju obluchenija. Podrobno rassmatrivajutsja nauchno-issledovatel'skie programmy ministerstva sel'skogo'hozjajstva SShA, kotorye nahodjatsja v stadii vypolnenija ili planirujutsja na blizhajshee budushhee. Provodimye v nastojashhee vremja issledovanija napravleny na ustanovlenie minimal'nyh jeffektivnyh doz dlja polovoj sterilizacii i smertnosti, vlijanija okruzhajushhih faktorov na dozovye potrebnosti i vozmozhnosti dlja razvitija biologicheskoj soprotivljaemosti. V mae 1966 goda ob{sup e}m rabot budet rasshiren, tak kak budet vvedena v jekspluataciju novaja ustanovka po oblucheniju zernovyh produktov i nachnutsja prikladnye issledovanija. Sostavnoj chast'ju jetih nauchno-issledovatel'skih rabot javljaetsja izuchenie vlijanija obluchenija na kachestvo pishhi i furazha, a takzhe produktov iz hlebnyh zlakov pri dozah, obespechivajushhih kontrol' za parazitami i unichtozhenie gribkov. V dannom doklade kriticheski rassmatrivajutsja rezul'taty nauchno-issledovatel'skoj raboty v jetoj oblasti i opredeljajutsja potrebnosti v nauchnyh issledovanijah v budushhem. (author)

  11. The radiation age of meteorites; L'age des meteorites; Opredelenie vozrasta meteoritov s pomoshch'yu radiatsii; Edad de los meteoritos

    Goebel, K; Schmidlin, P [European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland)


    Radioisotopes produced by cosmic radiation in meteorites while travelling through space can be used to trace the history of these meteorites. The radioisotopes and the accumulated daughter-elements in the meteorite must be determined in order to evaluate how long the meteorite was exposed to cosmic radiation. (It must be assumed for this calculation that the flux of the cosmic radiation is constant with time.) Most often gaseous isotopes have been used for these measurements as they can be easily separated from the meteoric substance. In the reported work tritium and argon have been mainly used. From the ratio H{sup 3}/He{sup 3}, radiation ages from a few millions to several hundred millions of years have been found. The recent measurements made at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) agree in principle with results from other sources. The probable errors from diffusion-losses of gas and the influence of shielding in the pre-atmospheric meteorite are discussed in the paper. By taking into consideration the measured cross-section for tritium production in the elements which form the meteorite, the values of the cosmic-ray flux in outer space can be determined. (author) [French] Les radioisotopes produits par les rayonnements cosmiques dans les meteorites circulant dans l'espace peuvent servir a reconstituer l'histoire de ces corps. Il faut mesurer les radioisotopes et les produits de filiation accumules dans la meteorite pour evaluer le temps pendant lequel la meteorite a ete exposee aux rayonnements cosmiques. (On considere alors que le flux des rayonnements cosmiques ne varie pas dans le temps.) Pour ces mesures, on se fonde le plus souvent sur les isotopes gazeux parce qu'il est facile de les separer de la substance meteorique. Dans les recherches qui font l'objet du present memoire, il s'agissait surtout du tritium et de l'argon. En partant du rapport {sup 3}H/{sup 3}He, on a pu evaluer des ages allant de quelques millions a plusieurs centaines de millions d'armees. Les mesures recemment effectuees au C E R N concordent en principe avec les resultats auxquels ont abouti d'autres auteurs. Le memoire traite des erreurs probables qui peuvent resulter des pertes de gaz par diffusion, et de la protection dont la meteorite beneficie dans la preatmosphere. E n tenant compte de la section efficace pour la production de tritium dans les elements qui constituent la meteorite, on peut determiner les valeurs du flux des rayons cosmiques dans l'espace extra-atmospherique. (author) [Spanish] Los radioisotopos formados por la accion de los rayos cosmicos sobre los meteoritos durante el recorrido de estos a traves del espacio pueden utilizarse para reconstruir el historial de estos cuerpos. Para evaluar el tiempo durante el cual el meteorito estuvo expuesto a los rayos cosmicos, es preciso determinar cuantitativamente los radioisotopos y los elementos descendientes que se han acumulado en el mismo. (A fin de poder efectuar el calculo, hay que suponer que el flujo de rayos cosmicos ha permanecido constante en el tiempo.) Estas mediciones se basan con frecuencia en los isotopos gaseosos, y a que estos pueden separase con facilidad del resto de la materia meteoritica. E n los trabajos objeto de este informe, se han empleado principalmente el tritio y el argon. A partir de la razon {sup 3}H/{sup 3}He se han podido calcular edades que abarcan de algunos millones a varios cientos do millones de anos. Las mediciones recientemente efectuadas en el CERN concuerdan esencialmente con los resultados obtenidos por otros investigadores. Los autores discutiran los errores probables debidos a las perdidas de gases por difusion, asi como el efecto de blindaje del meteorito en su recorrido preatmosferico. Si se tienen en cuenta los valores medidos de la seccion eficaz para la produccion de tritio a partir de los elementos de que se compone el meteorito, es posible determinar el flujo de rayos cosmicos en el espacio sideral. (author) [Russian] Radioizotopy, voznikayushchie v rezul'tate kosmicheskoj radiatsii v meteoritakh vo vremya ikh dvizheniya v kosmose, mogut byt' ispol'zovany dlya togo, chtoby prosledit' istoriyu ehtikh tel. Radioizotopy i akkumulirovannye dochernie ehlementy v meteorite dolzhny byt' opredeleny dlya vyrazheniya vremeni, v techenie kotorogo meteorit podvergalsya kosmicheskoj radiatsii. (Dlya vychisleniya neobkhodimo dopustit', chto potok radiatsii yavlyaetsya postoyannym v techenie vsego vremeni). Dlya izmereniya obyknovenno ispol'zuyutsya izotopy gazov, poskol'ku oni mogut byt' legko otdeleny ot samogo meteorita. V dannom issledovanii ispol'zovany, glavnym obrazom, tritij i argon. Po koehffitsientu radiatsii H3{sup /}He{sup 3} opredelyalsya vozrast meteorita ot neskol'kikh millionov let do neskol'kikh soten let. Poslednie izmereniya v TSERNe v printsipe soglasuyutsya s rezul'tatami drugikh issledovanij. V rabote obsuzhdayutsya voprosy vozmozhnykh otklonenij vvidu diffuzionnykh poter' gaza i vliyaniya ehkranirovki v atmosfernom meteorite. Velichina potoka kosmicheskikh luchej vo vneshnem prostranstve mozhet byt' opredelena, esli prinyat' vo vnimanie zamerennoe poperechnoe sechenie produktov tritiya v ehlementakh, kotorye obrazuyut meteorit. (author)

  12. Noel Maurer and Carlos Yu.  The Big Ditch:  How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal

    Joseph Michael Gratale


    Full Text Available In 1959, William Appleman Williams published The Tragedy of American Diplomacy.  It was a book that boldly set out to trace the contours of America’s imperial trajectory from the late nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century.  Williams’ approach to U.S. foreign policy put him in the vanguard of what would become New Left historical revisionism during the 1960s.  His reassessment of American history which in part involved his deployment of such concepts as imperialism and empi...

  13. Correction: Yu, Q., et al. Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China. Remote Sens. 2014, 6, 8986-9013

    Remote Sensing Editorial Office


    Full Text Available Due to a technical error at the Editorial Office, Figure 8 of manuscript [1] is missing in the published paper. The correct version of the figure is reproduced below. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to authors or readers of Remote Sensing.[...


    MAO Wen-shu; WANG Qian-qian; PENG Jun; LI Yong-hua


    Based on the precipitation data of Meiyu at 37 stations in the valleys of Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers from 1954 to 2001, the temporal-spatial characteristics of Meiyu precipitation and their relationships with the sea surface temperature in northern Pacific are investigated using such methods as harmonic analysis, empirical orthogonal function (EOF), composite analysis and singular value decomposition (SVD). The results show that the temporal evolution and spatial distribution of Meiyu precipitation are not homogeneous in the Yangtze-Huaihe Rivers basins but with prominent inter-annual and inter-decadal variabilities. The key region between the anomalies of Meiyu precipitation and the monthly sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA) lies in the west wind drift of North Pacific, which influences the precipitation anomaly of Meiyu precipitation over a key period of time from January to March in the same year. When the SST in the North Pacific west wind drift is warmer (colder) than average during these months, Meiyu precipitation anomalously increases (decreases) in the concurrent year. Results of SVD are consistent with those of composite analysis which pass the significance test of Monte-Carlo at 0.05.

  15. 平生足悲吒----論韓愈詩的憂憤悲懷/The Sadness of Life-Han Yu's Poetry of Grief and Sorrow

    Ming-chang LIN


    This paper is a study of the element of melancholy apprehension in Han Yu’s poetry. Han’s apprehension of melancholy, which up to now has received very little attention, is discussed in three aspects: (1 the fear of old age and sickness, (2 the fear of hunger and cold, and (3 the fear of death. Against the background of Han Yu’s unstable and uncertain life and career, the new reading and analysis show that melancholy lies at the very heart of his personality and writing.




    Full Text Available Despite high prevalence and severity of complications, osteoporosis (OP in Russia is still not recognized as a socially significant disease and there are no common standards for prevention of OP and associated fractures. The aim of the study was to investigate the adherence of healthy females to prevention measures of OP and the affecting it factors to develop the principles governing the preventive strategy of OP. Methods. The study is performed in Moscow Region (MR in a form of a questionnaire survey in the population of adult healthy women aged >20 years. The data are obtained using "Questionnaires on osteoporosis prevention" and "The test of knowledge in the field of osteoporosis" developed in Clinical Research Institution of Moscow Region named after M.F. Vladimirsky. Study comprised 1712 female aged from 20 till 87 years (median 55,0 years [45,0; 44,0] living in 16 districts and 11 cities of MR. Taking into account the quality of the filling of questionnaires, data provided by 1631 women were included in the statistical analysis. Results. It is established that 31% of female inhabitants of MR are engaged in OP prevention, using for this purpose mainly calcium-containing drugs (64,3% and increased consumption of calcium in food (59,8%. 93% of these women get preventive therapy at their own expense, spending on them on the average 200 rub a month, and preventive medication has appeared more saving than non-pharmacological preventive measures. Socially active working women at the age of 50-69 years are motivated on prevention of OP better than others. Level of the OP awareness and undertaking densitometry screening also directly influence adherence to OP prevention.

  17. Battling coal and rock dust in mines. Bor'ba s ugol'noi i porodnoi pyl'yu v shakhtakh

    Petrukhin, P.M.; Grodel, G.S.; Korenev, A.P.; Krivokhizha, B.M.; Kul' bachnyi, A.N.; Lyubimova, A.I.; Medvedev, E.N.; Yaremachenko, P.P.; Zhilyaev, N.I.


    The problems of comprehensive removal of dust from the atmosphere in mines are discussed. Physical and pnysicochemical properties of mine dust are described, which are important for estimating the processes of its formation, spread, and suppression. Presented are the results of theoretical and natural studies of dust aerodynamics of mines. Modern methods for battling coal and rock dust in mines, as well as means of monitoring the dust level of the air are outlined. Technical descriptions are given for new instruments for changing the dust level of the air. Brief reports are given on the preliminary wetting of coal in the massif, and theoretical and practical problems are discussed concerning hydrological methods of dust removal, dust suppression by foam, and dust trapping during the operation of mining equipment, and also on removal of dust from the air at the surface complex of a mine.

  18. Control of coal-dust in mines. Second edition. Bor'ba s ugol'noi i porodnoi pyl'yu v shakhtakh

    Pemrukhin, P.M.; Grodel, G.S.; Zhilyaev, N.I.; Korenev, A.P.; Krivokhizha, B.M.; Kul' bachnyi, A.N.; Lyubimoba, A.I.; Medvedev, E.N.; Yaremachenko, P.P.


    An examination is made of problems concerned with over-all removal of dust from the air in mines. A description is given of physical and physico-chemical properties of ore mine dust that are of importance to evaluating processes in the formation, propagation and suppression of dust. Results are given for theoretical and on-site studies of dust aerodynamics in mines. A presentation is made of contemporary measures for controlling coal and rock dust in mines as well as means and methods of controlling air dust-level. Technical characteristics are given for new instruments for measuring air dust level. Brief data are given on preliminary wetting of coal in a massif, and a discussion is made of theoretical and practical problems related to hydro-dedusting, dust suppression, and dust removal during the operation of mining machinery as well as instruments for dedusting air on the surface complex of a mine. The book is intended for engineering-technical personnel in coal mines, design-planning and scientific-research institutes. 52 references, 61 tables.

  19. Opyt primeneniya ingibitora angiotenzinprevrashchayushchego fermenta spiraprila u bol'nykh gipertonicheskoy bolezn'yu v sochetanii s sakharnym diabetom 2 tipa

    A F Tushova


    Full Text Available Цель. Оценка влияния иАПФ спираприла на плазменно-тромбоцитарный гемостаз, углеводный обмен и липидный профиль у больных ГБ, ассоциированной с СД 2. Материалы и методы. Под динамическим наблюдением находилось 33 больных СД 2 и ГБ (1-я ст. ? 2 (6,06%, 2-я ст. ? 9 (27,27%, 3-я ст. ? 22 (66,67% больных. Контрольную группу составили 35 больных гипертонической болезнью (1-я ст. ? 4 (11,43 %, 2-я ст. ? 14 (40 %, 3-я ст. ? 17 (48,57% без СД. Антропометрическое исследование включало измерение массы тела, объема талии (ОТ и бедер (ОБ, расчет ОТ/ОБ, индекса массы тела (ИМТ. Содержание глюкозы в крови определялось глюкозооксидазным методом в капиллярной крови натощак, через 1 и 2 часа в ходе стандартного перорального глюкозотолерантного теста с 75 г глюкозы. Исследовались липидный спект, экскреция альбумина, коагуляцинное звено гемостаза, тромбоцитарное звено гемостаза. Результаты. МАУ (экскреция альбумина >20 мг/л исходно диагностирована у 28 больных (84,85%. Через 4 недели лечения спираприлом у 93,94% больных отмечалось уменьшение уровня экскреции альбумина с мочой. У обследованных больных СД 2 с ГБ отмечены нарушения во всех звеньях гемостаза, но, в отличие от контрольной группы, были менее выражены нарушения спонтанной агрегации тромбоцитов. У больных СД с ГБ гиперкоагуляция наблюдалась преимущественно по внешнему пути свертывания крови. Заключение. У больных СД и ГБ повышен тромбогенный потенциал крови. В результате лечения спираприлом отмечена положительная динамика ? активация фибринолитической системы, снижение спонтанной агрегации тромбоцитов и нормализация в коагуляционном звене гемостаза. На фоне терапии спираприлом наблюдается улучшение показателей углеводного и липидного обмена. Спираприл обладает нефропротективным эффектом, что проявилось снижением уровня МАУ. Лечение спираприлом не влияло на динамику массы тела, ИМТ, отношения ОТ/ОБ.

  20. Study of effects of engine oil additives on the properties of fluorelastomers; Fusso gomu ni oyobosu engine yu tenkazai no eikyo chosa

    Kurono, K; Owaki, M; Suzuki, Y; Akiyama, K; Shionoya, M [Toyota Motor Corp., Aichi (Japan)


    Fluoroelastmers are well known for their resistance to heat and fluids and have become major material for crankcase oil sealers. On the other hand new additive formulations are developed for engine lubricants used for fuel economic gasoline engines. In this paper the effects of those additives on properties of fluoroelastmers are investigated. The results of the immersion tests of both test plaques and oil sealer products indicates that dithiocarbamates friction modifier have hardening effects on fluoroelastomers. The fluoroelastmer deterioration mechanism is presumed by analysis of elastmer samples after immersion in oil. 6 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  1. The 2nd International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2016

    Zhouli Liu


    Full Text Available Table of contents 01 The eco-toxicological effects of cadmium stress on five ornamental plants Zhouli Liu, Wei Chen, Xingyuan He, Shuai Yu, Weihang Ding 02 Study on the formation and release mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide in Longtan coal mine Jianjun Liu, Yuliang Wu, Kaixiang Fan 03 Coral bleaching in the North Reef of China’s Xisha Islands in 2014 Yuanchao Li, Xinqing Zheng, Shiquan Chen, Haiqun Xie 04 Soil chemical characteristics in a Cunninghamia lanceolata stand suffering from ice-snow damage Jie Li, Zhuomin Wang, Li Xue 05 Diversity of understory vegetation was under a Cunninghamia lanceolata stand suffering from ice-snow damage Zhiyang Lie, Weilong Huang, Tongtong Zhou, Li Xue 06 The effect of water, nitrogen and harvesting time on yield and biomass allocation of Helianthus tuberosus L. Kai Gao, Tiexia Zhu 07 The vertical variation of microbial communities in the sediment of sea cucumber pond Weiteng Mao, Pei Yu, Xinfang Lv, Yunchun Li 08 Indicating significances of alpine plant functional groups to environmental change Peixi Su, Rui Shi 09 Research on the daily CH4 fluxes of soil in summer mangrove community at Yingluogang of Guangxi, China Yong Jiang, Xingbin Chen, Shichu liang 10 Beach protection structures in middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Junfeng Xu 11 Social responsibility management of large dam project with owner as core: an empirical case in China Jiwei Zhu, Zhao Zhai, Linan Zhou, Yun Le, Li Cao 12 The ecological function value assessment analysis of urban waterfront Jiwei Zhu, Ping Lu, Zhiqian Huang, Bei Zhou 13 Mechanism of diurnal osmotic potential changes and adjustment of three Caragana species in different habitats of the Inner Mongolia Plateau Zhirong Zheng, Shihai Lv, Chaoyang Feng 14 Biodiversity of phytoplankton and environmental influences analysis of Longfeng Wetland, China Nan Song, Yan Liu, Xinxin Lu, Yawen Fan 15 The effect of human activities on culturable soil microbes from Yaoquan Mountain in

  2. 真實性與主體性的追求:本土主義和多元文化主義影響下的臺灣原住民儀式展演 (Zhenshixing yu zhutixing de zhuiqiu: bentu zhuyi yu duoyuan wenhua zhuyi yingxiang xia de Taiwan yuanzhumin yishi zhanyan)

    Rudolph, Michael


    展演理論的擁護者強調展演對於社會組織和權威的模式存在建設性和變革性的潛在影響。對於他們來說,「儀式不僅意味深長,且具有實際用途,尤其在建構與題寫權力關系方面」(Bell 1997)。本篇論文側重於儀式展演在台灣後殖民意識形成中的角色, 以及在政治權力和社會權威認證(authentication)中的主要作用。自從20世紀90年代中期,原住民的展演開始在島內盛行,政府為了試圖宣揚台灣的本土和多元化文化取向,紛紛慷慨資助,原住民菁英們不僅公開崇拜先祖神靈,在所謂 「復振」的公共儀式中還使用動物祭祀,並在這種場合,向過去的漢族殖民者彰顯原住民的原生力。然而,在許多情況下,這些被復振的儀式與原住...

  3. Selective Neoplasm Localization with Mercury-197 Neohydrin; Localisation Selective de Neoplasmes a l'aide de la Neohydrine Marquee avec {sup 197}hg; Obnaruzhenie opukholej s pomoshch'yu neogidrina, mechennogo rtut'yu-197; Localizacion Selectiva de Neoplasmas con Neohidrina - {sup 197}hg

    Sodee, D. B. [Doctors Hospital and Renner Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Heights, OH (United States)


    Hg{sup 197} a low-energy X- and gamma- ray emitter (2.7-d half-life, 69-keV conversion X-rays, 77-keV gamma-rays) was tested as a scanning agent in a large series of patients. Five hundred patients suspected of neuro-surgical disease were scanned with Hg{sup 197}-Neohydrin. Utilizing photoscanning techniques that brought out vascular lesions as well as tumours, this procedure had a 96% correlation with the final diagnostic evaluation. This screening procedure was done before all other diagnostic tests. As an outgrowth of this brain-scanning procedure, we have found localization of Hg{sup 197}-Neohydrin in lymphomas as well as in carcinomas. There seems to be selective deposition of the radioactive substance intercellularly. Areas of increased uptake of radioactivity can easily be delineated with standard commercial scanners. Hg{sup 197}-Neohydrin was also found to be useful as a screening agent in thc differentiation of eye tumours in a series of 88 patients and recently this low-energy radiopharmaceutical was found to concentrate in naso- pharangeal tumours which could then be delineated by photoscanning. The diagnostic dose of Hg{sup 197}-Neohydrin for brain scanning delivers a radiation dose of 3 rad to the kidneys as compared to the 70 rad delivered to the kidneys by that of Hg{sup 203}-Neohydrin. The high counting efficiency and ease of collimation of Hg{sup 197} make this isotope far better for scanning purposes than all other standard diagnostic scanning agents. (author) [French] Le mercure-197, emetteur de rayons X et de rayons gamma de faible energie (periode de 65 h, rayons X de 69 keV, rayons gamma de 77 keV), a ete essaye comme agent d'exploration scintigraphique sur un grand nombre de patients. On a utilise la neohydrine marquee avec {sup 197}Hg pour la scintigraphie de 500 cas de neurochirurgie. Par des procedes de photoscintigraphie qui permettaient la visualisation des lesions vasculaires aussi bien que celle de tumeurs, on a obtenu des resultats confirmes dans 96% des cas par le diagnostic final. La scintigraphie etait toujours faite avant tous les autres tests. L'application de cette methode de scintigraphie du cerveau a permis, en outre, de constater que la neohydrine marquee avec {sup 197}Hg etait localisee aussi bien dans les lymphomes que dans les carcinomes. Il semble y avoir depot selectif de la substance radioactive au niveau intercellulaire. Les zones de fixation accrue de la radioactivite peuvent etre aisement delimitees avec des agents scintigraphiques courants. Des essais sur 88 patients on montre que la neohydrine marquee avec {sup 197}Hg etait egalement utile comme agent de detection pour differencier les tumeurs des yeux; enfin, on a constate tout recemment qu'elle se concentrait dans les tumeurs rhino-pharyngiennes, que l'on pouvait alors delimiter par photoscintigraphie. La quantite de neohydrine marquee avec {sup 197}Hg necessaire a une scintigraphie du cerveau delivre au reins une dose de 3 rad, contre 70 rad pour la neohydrine marquee avec {sup 203}Hg, Du fait de la grande efficacite de comptage et de la facilite de collimation, {sup 197}Hg convient mieux que tous les autres agents classiques de diagnostic par scintigraphie. (author) [Spanish] El autor ensayo como agente de exploracion el {sup 197}Hg, emisor de rayosX y gamma de baja energia (periodo: 2,7 d; rayos X de conversion: 69keV; rayos gamma: 77keV). Quinientos pacientes, que presentaban sintomas de afecciones neuroquirurgicas, fueron examinados mediante neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg. Aplicando tecnicas de fotoexploracion que revelan tanto las lesiones vasculares como los tumores, se comprobo que entre los resultados asi obtenidos y el diagnostico definitivo habla una correlacion del 96%. Ese procedimiento de examen se aplico antes de proceder a las demas pruebas diagnosticas Como resultado de la aplicacion de ese procedimiento de exploracion del cerebro, el autor descubrio localizaciones de neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg en linfomas y carcinomas. Al parecer, la sustancia radiactiva tiende a depositarse selectivamente en regiones intercelulares. Con los aparatos de exploracion de. tipo comercial se pueden delinear facilmente las zonas de mayor absorcion de radiactividad. Tambien se comprobo la utilidad de la neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg para la diferenciacion de tumores oculares en una serie de 88 pacientes - recientemente se ha observado que este compuesto radiofarmaceutico de baja energia se concentra en los tumores nasofaringeos que luego pueden delinearse por fotoexploracion. La dosis diagnostica de neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg administrada para la exploracion del cerebro entrafla la absorcion de 3 rad por el riflon; la de neohidrina-{sup 203}Hg entrafla la absorcion de 70 rad por este ultimo organo. El elevado rendimiento de recuento del {sup 197}Hg y la facilidad con que se coliman las radiaciones que emite, hacen que este isotopo resulte mucho mas util para la exploracion gammagra-fica que cualquier otro de los agentes habitualmente empleados. (author) [Russian] RtuT'-197-izluchatel' rentgenovskih i gamma-luchej maloj jenergii (period poluraspada 2,7 dnja, konversionnoe rentgenovskoe izluchenie moshhnost'ju 69 kjev, gamma-izluchenie 77 kjev) byl oprobovan v kachestve skennirujushego sredstva v bol'shogo kolichestva bol'nyh. U 500 bol'nyh s predpolagaemymi nervohirurgicheskimi zabolevanijami proizvedeno skennirovanie po izlucheniju neogidrina, mechennogo Hg{sup 197}. S pomoshh'ju metoda fotOskennirovanija udalos' vyjavit' porazhenie sosudov i opuholi, prichem jeta metodika v 96% obespechivala korreljaciju s okonchatel'nym diagnozom. Jeta metodika rentgenologicheskogo issledovanija predshestvovala vsem drugim vidam diagnosticheskogo obsledovanija. S pomoshh'ju metoda skennirovanija golovnogo mozga avtory obnaruzhili lokalizaciju Neogidrina-Hg{sup 197} kak v limfomah, tak i v karcinomah. Po-vidimomu, imeet mesto mezhkletochnoe selektivnoe otlozhenie radioaktivnogo veshhestva. Uchastki usilennogo pogloshhenija radioaktivnosti mozhno legko opredelit' s pomoshh'ju standartnyh imejushhihsja v prodazhe skennirujushhih ustrojstv. Neogidrin, mechennyj Hg{sup 197}, okazalsja prigodnym sredstvom dlja radiologicheskogo issledovanija pri ustanovlenii differencial'nogo diagnoza glaznyh opuholej u 88 bol'nyh. Nedavno bylo obnaruzheno, chto jetot radiofarmacevticheskij preparat s mjagkim izlucheniem koncentriruetsja v opuholjah nosoglotki, kontur kotoryh mozhno zatem opredelit' s pomoshh'ju fotoskennirovanija. Diagnosticheskaja doza neogidrina - Hg{sup 197} dlja skennirovanija golovnogo mozga sozdaet dozu obluchenija pochek, ravnuju 3 rad, v to vremja kak diagnosticheskaja doza neogidrina -Hg{sup 203} sozdaet dozu obluchenija v 70 rad. Blagodarja vysokoj jeffektivnosti scheta i legkosti kollimacii Hg{sup 197}, jetot izotop v gorazdo bol'shej stepeni otvechaet celjam skennirovanija, chem vse drugie standartnye sredstva diagnosticheskogo skennirovanija. (author)

  4. Renal Scintiscanning with Hg{sup 209}-Neohydrin in Urologic Diseases; Scintigraphy du Rein dans les Maladies des Voies Urin Aires au Moyen de Neohydrine Marquee avec {sup 203}Hg; Stsintillyatsionnoe skennirovanie pochek s pomoshch'yu neogidrina,mechennogo Rtut'yu-203, pri urologicheskikh zabolevaniyakh; Exploracion Centelleografica del Rinon con Neohydrina - {sup 203}hg en las Afecciones Urologicas

    Bollini, V.; Tori, G. [Radiology Institute of the University of Bologna (Italy)


    Renal scintiscanning has been carried out using Hg{sup 203} - labelled Neohydrin. The equipment used is the Nuclear Chicago Isotope Scanner Type 1700 with 2 x 2 - i n crystal and a 7 - cm focal-length honeycomb collimator. Usually the scintigrams are registered both on paper and on photographic film. Hg{sup 203} - labelled Neohydrin is usually employed in doses of 120 - 160 {mu}c (about 2 {mu}c/kg). The scanning examination starts about 2 h after the injection and lasts about 40-50 min. The selective storage of labelled Neohydrin at the level of the renal cortex makes it possible to obtain a graphic representation of the two kidneys and to identify their position, orientation and shape, and the homogeneity of the actively functioning parenchyma. In some cases, autoradiographic investigations have been carried out on diseased kidneys after surgical removal. By this method anomalies in position and orientation, both congenital and acquired, can be ascertained. As regards shape, the limits of the renal patterns are the mote clearly defined as the renal function is better. Technical aspects such as the width of the crystal, type of collimator (whose focal plane should pass through the transverse medial plane of the kidneys), and dose - which should be not too high not too low - are essential conditions for a correct graphic reproduction of the renal patterns. Failure in tabular activity in the parenchyma is shown by a lack in the uptake of radioactivity. The position, extent and shape of such defects in uptake vary according to the entity of the renal structures and their derangement due to various pathological processes: tumours, cysts, hydronephrosis, tuberculosis etc. In normal subjects a homogeneous scintigram is usual, although a clearer hilar region is not a rare occurrence. Any circumscribed decrease of scintigraphic density outside the hilum is the expression of a less actively functioning zone. Among kidney patterns larger than normal, the homogeneous ones which point to a compensatory hypertrophy should be distinguished from the dishomogeneous and irregular ones. These last pictures suggest the presence of large hydronephroses, tumours or multiple cysts. In renal vascular disease, the character of the uptake in the two kidneys can be of significant value in assessing the reduced function and in differentiating unilateral from bilateral diseases. Renal scintiscanning thus shows promise of proving a useful clinical technique, particularly if combined with radiological examination of the kidneys by traditional means (urography, ascending pyelography, retropneumoperitoneum, tomography, aortography, etc.). (author) [French] Les auteurs ont procede a des scintigraphies du rein au moyen de neohydrine marquee avec {sup 203}Hg. Ils ont utilise le dispositif de scintigraphie 'NuclearChicago', type 1700, a cristal de 5 x 5 cm et collimateur alveolaire de 7 cm de distance focale. En general, les scintigrammes sont enregistres a la fois sur papier et sur film photographique; la neohydrine marquee avec {sup 203}Hg est administree en doses de 120 a 160 {mu}c (environ 2 {mu}c/kg). L'examen scintigraphique commence deux heures environ apres l'injection et dure de 40 a 50 min. Le fait que la neohydrine marquee se fixe selectivement au niveau du cortex renal permet d'obtenir une representation graphique des deux reins et de determiner leur position, leur orientation et leur forme, ainsi que le degre d'homogeneite du parenchyme normal. Dans certains cas, des examens autobiographiques ont ete effectues sur des reins malades, apres ablation. Cette methode permet de determiner les anomalies, congenitales ou acquises, dans la position et l'orientation des reins. En ce qui concerne la forme de l'organe, les contours de l'image du rein sont d'autant plus nets que la fonction renale est meilleure. Des caracteristiques techniques telles que la largeur du cristal, le collimateur (dont le plan focal doit couper le plan median transversal des reins) et la dose (qui ne doit etre ni trop elevee ni trop faible) representent les conditions determinantes d'une reproduction graphique correcte de la structure renale. Une mauvaise fixation de la radioactivite denote une insuffisance de l'activite tubulaire dans le parenchyme. La position, l' la forme des zones de mauvaise fixation varient suivant le degre d'integrite des structures renales et leur alteration sous l'effet de divers processus pathologiques: tumeurs, kystes, hydro- nephrose, tuberculose, etc. Chez des sujets normaux, le scintigramme est generalement homogene, bien qu'il ne soit pas rare d'observer une plus faible densite dans la region du hile. Toute tache plus claire en dehors du hile indique une zone ou la fonction renale n'est pas normale. Parmi les images du rein plus grandes que la normale, il convient d'etablir une distinction entre les images homogenes, qui denotent une hypertrophie compensatoire, et les images non homogenes et irregulieres. Ces dernieres semblent indiquer une forte uronephrose ou la presence de tumeurs ou de kystes multiples. Dans les affections reno-vasculaires, le caractere de la fixation de la radioactivite dans les deux reins peut beaucoup aider a evaluer la diminution de la fonction renale et a etablir si un seul rein ou les deux sont atteints. On peut donc s'attendre que la scintigraphie du rein constituera une methode interessante d'exploration clinique, surtout en association avec l'examen radiologique des reins par les methodes classiques (urographie, pyeiographie ascendante, retropneumoperitoine, tomo- graphie, aortographie, etc.). (author) [Spanish] Los autores han efectuado exploraciones centelleograficas del rinón empleando neohidrina marcada con {sup 203}Hg. Para ello, utilizaron el Nuclear Chicago Isotope Scanner, tipo 1100, con un cristal de 2 x 2 pulg y un colimador alveolar de 7 cm de distancia focal. Los centelleogramas se registran generalmente simultaneamente en papel y pelicula fotografica. La neohidrina marcada con {sup 203}Hg suele administrarse en dosis de 120 a 160 {mu}c (aproximadamente 2 {mu}/kg). La exploracion se empieza unas dos horas despues de la inyeccion y dura de 40 a 50 min. La concentracion selectiva de la neohidrina marcada en la corteza renal permite obtener una representacion grafica de ambos rinones, comprobar su posicion, orientacion y forma, y verificar la homogeneidad del parenquima en actividad. En algunos casos se han efectuado investigaciones autorradiograficas en rifiones despues de extirparlos quirurgicamente. Gracias a ese metodo se pueden determinar anomalias, congenitas o adquiridas, en la posicion y la orientacion. Por lo que respecta a la forma, los limites del diagrama quedan mas claramente definidos cuanto mejor es la funcion renal. Ciertas condiciones tecnicas tales como la anchura del cristal, el tipo de colimador (cuyo plano focal debe cortar el plano transversal mediano de los rinones) y la dosis (que no debe ser ni excesiva ni demasiado baja) son esenciales para obtener un centelleograma correcto. Las deficiencias en la actividad tubular del parenquima dificultan la captacion de radioactividad. La situacion, la extension y la forma de esos defectos de la captacion varian en funcion de las estructuras renales y segun los procesos patologicos que los determinan: tumores, quistes, hidronefrosis, tuberculosis, etc. Para las personas sanas se obtienen centelleogramas homogeneos, aunque no es raro que la region hilar aparezca mas clara. Cualquier disminucion circunscrita de la densidad centelleografica fuera del hilio indica una zcna de actividad atenuada. Cuando los rinones aparecen dilatados hay que distinguir entre los homogeneos, que indican una hipertrofia compensatoria, y los no homogeneos e irregulares. Estos ultimos sugieren la presencia de hidronefrosis extensas, de tumores o de quistes multiples. Cuando se trata de enfermedades vasculares, el caracter de la captacion en ambos rinones puede contribuir considerablemente a determinar una disminucion de la funcion renal y a diferenciar los casos unilaterales de los bilaterales. Asi, la centelleografia del rinon constituye al parecer una tecnica clinica de gran utilidad, especialmente si se combina con el examen radiologico por medios tradicionales (urogtafia, pielografia ascendente, retroneumoperitoneo, tomografia, aorto- grafia, etc.). (author) [Russian] Dlja scintilljacionnogo skenirovanija pochek ispol'zovalsja neogidrin, mechennyj rtut'ju-203. Byl primenen jaderncj Chikagskij izotopnyj skenner tipa 1700 s kristallom 5 h 5 sm i kollimator ''Hanikoum'' s fokusnym rasstojaniem 7 sm. Obychno scintigrammy registrirujutsja odnovremenno na bumage i na fotoplenke. Neogidrin, mechennyj rtut'ju-203, primenjaetsja obychno v dozah 120 - 160 mkkjuri (okolo 2 mkkjuri/kg). Skennirovanie nachinajut spustja 2 chasa posle in{sup e}kcii i prodolzhajut 40 - 50 minut. Selektivnoe skoplenie mechenogo neogidrina v korkovom sloe pochek daet vozmozhnost' poluchit' graficheskoe izobrazhenie obeih pochek i opredelit' ih polozhenie, orientaciju i formu, a takzhe gomogennost' aktivno funkcionirujushhej parenhimy. V nekotoryh sluchajah byli provedeny avtoradiograficheskie issledovanija porazhennyh pochek posle hirurgicheskogo udalenija. S pomoshh'ju takogo metoda mozhno diagnoscirovat' kak vrozhdennye, tak i priobretennye anomalii polozhenija i orientacii. Chto kasaetsja formy, to granicy pochek mozhno opredelit' tem tochnee, chem luchshe funkcioniruet pochka. Takie tehnicheskie aspekty, kak shirina kristalla, tip kollimatora (fokal'naja ploskost' kotorogo dolzhna prohodit' cherez srednjuju poperechnuju ploskost' pochek) i doza, kotoraja ne dolzhna byt' slishkom vysokoj ili slishkom maloj, sostavljajut sushhestvennoe uslovie dlja pravil'nogo graficheskogo vosproizvedenija ochertanij pochek. Narushenie dejatel'nosti kanal'cev v parenhime opredeljaetsja blagodarja narusheniju pogloshhenija radioaktivnosti. Polozhenie, razmery i forma takih defektov pogloshhenija kolebljutsja v sootvetstvii s harakterom pochechnoj struktury i ee narushenij vsledstvie razlichnyh patologicheskih processov: opuholej, kist, gidronefroza, tuberkuleza i t.d. U zdorovyh ljudej obychno poluchajut odnorodnye scintigrammy, hotja poluchenie bolee chetkoj oblasti vorot organa ne javljaetsja redkim sluchaem. Kakoe-libo ogranichennoe umen'shenie scintigraficheskoj plotnosti vne vorot predstavljaet soboj funkcionirujushhuju menee aktivno zonu. Pri bolee krupnyh razmerah pochek, po sravneniju s normal'nymi, sleduet otlichat' odnorodnye skennogrammy, kotorye ukazyvajut na kompensatornuju gipertrofiju, neodnorodnyh i imejushhih nepravil'nuju formu. Izobrazhenija jetih poslednih ukazyvajut na nalichie krupnyh uchastkov gidronefroza, opuholej ili mnozhestvennyh kist. Pri pochechnyh sosudistyh zabolevanijah opredelenie haraktera pogloshhenija v obeih pochkah predstavljaet bol'shuju cennost' dlja ocenki snizhenija ih funkcii i dlja razgranichenija odnostoronnih i dvustoronnih porazhenij. Takim obrazom, scintilljacionnoe skennirovanie pochek obeshhaet dat' poleznye klinicheskie metody, osobenno v sochetanii s radiologicheskim issledovaniem pochek tradicionnymi sredstvami (urografija, voshodjashhaja pijelografija, retropnevmoperitoneum, tomografija, aorto- grafija it.d,),. (author)

  5. The advertisement calls of Quasipaa shini (Ahl, 1930) (Anura: Dicroglossidae).

    Kong, Shen Shen; Zheng, Rong Quan; Zhang, Qi Peng


    The genus Quasipaa (Family Dicroglossidae) is currently composed of 11 species distributed in China and Southeast Asia: Quasipaa acanthophora (Dubois & Ohler 2009), Q. boulengeri (Günther 1889), Q. courtoisi (Angel 1922), Q. delacouri (Angel 1928), Q. exilispinosa (Liu & Hu, 1975), Q. fasciculispina (Inger 1970), Q. jiulongensis (Huang & Liu, 1985), Q. shini (Ahl 1930), Q. spinosa (David 1875), Q. verrucospinosa (Bourret 1937), Q. yei (Chen, Qu & Jiang 2002) (Frost 2016). These species are morphologically similar, and their taxonomy is subject to controversy (Che et al. 2009). Analyses of nuclear and mitochondrial genes suggest the genus likely encompass additional cryptic species (Ye et al. 2013). Bioacoustics has contributed to studies on the taxonomy of the genus (Ye et al. 2013; Shen et al. 2015), however, to date, only the advertisement calls of Q. spinosa are known (Yu & Zheng 2009; Chen et al. 2012; Shen et al. 2015). Here, we describe the advertisement calls of Q. shini, which inhabits streams in the southern part of central China(Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi and Jiangxi) and is characterized by the presence of keratinized skin spines on the lateral surfaces of the body.

  6. Paraganglioma of the vagina: a case report and review of the literature

    Cai T


    Full Text Available Tao Cai,1 Yucong Li,2 Qingming Jiang,3 Dong Wang,2 Yu Huang2 1Department of Dermatology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, 2Department of Gynecologic Oncology, 3Department of Pathology, Chongqing Cancer Research Institute, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Vaginal paraganglioma is a rare and unusual tumor occurring in the vaginal wall. It is a solitary primary paraganglioma, especially in atypical sites. Herein, we report an unusual case of a 17-year-old woman who had not experienced vomiting, or hypertension. She was found to have an immobile solid mass in the right side of her vaginal wall. Positron emission tomography/computed tomography scans revealed a well-defined solid ovoid mass adjacent to the bladder and pelvic floor. Tumor markers were within the normal range. A transient blood pressure increase occurred during the biopsy. After oral administration of antihypertensive drugs, surgery was performed to completely remove the mass. Histopathological examination indicated that it was a paraganglioma of the vagina. Repeat computed tomography examination did not reveal any local recurrence or distant metastasis during the 12-month follow-up period. Keywords: vaginal paraganglioma, neuroendocrine tumor, clinical features, treatment

  7. Advances in the targeted therapy of liposarcoma

    Guan Z


    Full Text Available Zhonghai Guan,1 Xiongfei Yu,1 Haohao Wang,1 Haiyong Wang,1 Jing Zhang,1 Guangliang Li,2 Jiang Cao,3 Lisong Teng1 1Department of Surgical Oncology, First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, 2Department of Medicine Oncology, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, 3Clinical Research Center, The 2nd Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Liposarcoma (LPS is the most common type of soft-tissue sarcoma. Complete surgical resection is the only curative means for localized disease; however, both radiation and conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy remain controversial for metastatic or unresectable disease. An increasing number of trials with novel targeted therapy of LPS have provided encouraging data during recent years. This review will provide an overview of the advances in our understanding of LPS and summarize the results of recent trials with novel therapies targeting different genetic and molecular aberrations for different subtypes of LPS. Keywords: well-/dedifferentiated, myxoid/round cell, pleomorphic, soft-tissue sarcoma

  8. Novel free paclitaxel-loaded poly(L-γ-glutamylglutamine–paclitaxel nanoparticles

    Danbo Yang


    Full Text Available Danbo Yang1, Sang Van2, Xinguo Jiang3, Lei Yu1,21Biomedical Engineering and Technology Institute, Institutes for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2Biomedical Group, Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, Oceanside, CA, USA; 3School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: The purpose of this study was to develop a novel formulation of paclitaxel (PTX that would improve its therapeutic index. Here, we combined a concept of polymer–PTX drug conjugate with a concept of polymeric micelle drug delivery to form novel free PTX-loaded poly(L-γ-glutamylglutamine (PGG–PTX conjugate nanoparticles. The significance of this drug formulation emphasizes the simplicity, novelty, and flexibility of the method of forming nanoparticles that contain free PTX and conjugated PTX in the same drug delivery system. The results of effectively inhibiting tumor growth in mouse models demonstrated the feasibility of the nanoparticle formulation. The versatility and potential of this dual PTX drug delivery system can be explored with different drugs for different indications. Novel and simple formulations of PTX-loaded PGG–PTX nanoparticles could have important implications in translational medicines.Keywords: paclitaxel, polymeric micelle, poly(L-γ-glutamylglutamine–paclitaxel, nanoconjugate, nanoparticles

  9. 基于游客感知的江南园林旅游容量探讨--以扬州个园为例%A Discussion of Tourism Carrying Capacity of JiangNan Gardens---Take Yangzhou Ge Garden for Instance



    通过访谈调研和问卷调查两种形式,对近年来扬州个园景区的基于游客感知的旅游容量的具体情况进行了实际评估和探讨研究,得出一些关于个园旅游容量的实际问题,找出影响个园旅游容量的一些主客观因素,并有针对性地提出可行性措施和建议。%This paper highlights the practical evaluation and argumentative survey of the specific condition , which based on the tourists ’ perceptional capacity of tourism through the interview survey and questionnaire survey for Yangzhou Ge Garden in recent years .Moreover , the survey gets some conclusions about the practical question of capacity of tourism .In the meanwhile , this paper also found out some subjective factors which can affect the capac-ity of the tourism and suggests some practical measures and suggestion to the specific aspects .

  10. Enhancement of radiotherapy efficacy by miR-200c-loaded gelatinase-stimuli PEG-Pep-PCL nanoparticles in gastric cancer cells

    Cui FB


    Full Text Available Fang-bo Cui,1,* Qin Liu,1,* Ru-Tian Li,1 Jie Shen,1 Pu-yuan Wu,1 Li-Xia Yu,1 Wen-jing Hu,1 Feng-lei Wu,2 Chun-Ping Jiang,1 Guo-feng Yue,2 Xiao-Ping Qian,1 Xi-Qun Jiang,3 Bao-Rui Liu11The Comprehensive Cancer Center of Drum-Tower Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University and Clinical Cancer Institute of Nanjing University, Nanjing, 2Nanjing Medical University, 3Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry and Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: Radiotherapy is the main locoregional control modality for many types of unresectable tumors, including gastric cancer. However, many patients fail radiotherapy due to intrinsic radioresistance of cancer cells, which has been found to be strongly associated with cancer stem cell (CSC-like properties. In this study, we developed a nanoparticle formulation to deliver miR-200c, which is reported to inhibit CSC-like properties, and then evaluated its potential activity as a radiosensitizer. miR-200c nanoparticles significantly augmented radiosensitivity in three gastric cancer cell lines (sensitization enhancement ratio 1.13–1.25, but only slightly in GES-1 cells (1.06. In addition to radioenhancement, miR-200c nanoparticles reduced the expression of CD44, a putative CSC marker, and the percentage of CD44+ BGC823 cells. Meanwhile, other CSC-like properties, including invasiveness and resistance to apoptosis, could be suppressed by miR-200c nanoparticles. CSC-associated radioresistance mechanisms, involving reactive oxygen species levels and DNA repair capacity, were also attenuated. We have demonstrated that miR-200c nanoparticles are an effective radiosensitizer in gastric cancer cells and induce little radiosensitization in normal cells, which suggests that they are as a promising candidate for further preclinical and clinical evaluation

  11. Different-ligand boron complexes with gluconate-ions and pentaerythritol and gluconatoborates with B-O-B bridge bond. Raznoligandnye kompleksy bora s glyukonat-ionami i pentaehritritom i glyukonatoboraty s mostikovoj V-O-V svyaz'yu

    Tel' zhenskaya, P N; Shvarts, E M; Vitola, I M [AN Latvijskoj SSR, Riga (USSR). Inst. Neorganicheskoj Khimii


    Borogluconates differing in structure of the complex dimeric borogluconate ion from the described earlier have been synthesized. The results of physicochemical measurements (chemical and thermal analysis, IR-spectroscopy, titration according to Fisher, conductometry) allowed to propose formulas for the studied compounds.

  12. 胡阿祥:《东晋南朝侨州郡县与侨流人口研究》%Axiang Hu, Dongjin Nanchao Qiao zhoujunxian yu qiaoliu renkou yanjiu



    @@ The epoch of the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern dynasties was perhaps the most chaotic and complicated era in Chinese history, in terms of regime instability. Except for a short period of unification under the Western Jin, this era was marked by continuous division and confrontation. Accordingly, professional historians and amateur history lovers alike prefer to examine the unified and the powerful Han and Tang dynasties and are often unwilling to deal with this discordant and tumultuous time.However,the furious conflicts of this era actually promoted ethnic amalgamations,territorial exploits,cultural transmission and intellectual communication,therefore,an in-depth study of this period is not only worthwhile,but necessary.

  13. Potential denitrification rates of subsurface soil under paddy fields receiving ground water with high nitrate concentration; Konodo shosantai chisso gan`yu chikasui no ryunyusuru suiden kasodo ni okeru dacchitsu kassei

    Toda, H [Shizuoka Agricultural Experiment Station, Shizuoka (Japan); Hidaka, S [Saitama Agricultural Experiment Station, Saitama (Japan)


    It is well known that the concentration of nitrate nitrogen in the surface water decreases as it flows downward in rice paddies irrigated with water high in nitrate nitrogen concentration. The decrease is attributed to absorption by rice plants and algae adherent thereto and denitrification in the reduction layer well developed in the rice paddy surface soil. In paddy fields downstream of the Kushibiki plateau in the northwestern part of Saitama Prefecture, it is occasionally observed that nitrate nitrogen concentration in the ground water decreases as it flows down (farther from the plateau) not only in the flooded period but also in the non-flooded period. This suggests that in the said paddy field denitrification takes place not only in the rice paddy surface layer soil but also in the lower layer soil. Under the circumstances, the denitrification rate in the rice paddy lower layer soil was measured using the acetylene inhibition method under anaerobic and added nitrate conditions. A denitrification rate of 0.4-46ngN/g{sup -1} wet soil/h{sup -1} was obtained from a 40-150cm deep layer soil, smaller by the order of 1-2 than that in the surface layer soil. This suggests that the lower layer soil contributes to denitrification. 17 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  14. Pancreas Scanning with Se{sup 75}-Selenomethionine; Scintigraphie du Pancreas avec de la Selenomethionine Marquee au Selenium-75; Skennirovanie podzheludochnoj zhelezy s pomoshch'yu selenometionina, mechennogo Selenom-75; Exploracion del Pancreas con Selenometionina-{sup 75}Se

    Blau, M. [Department of Nuclear Medicine, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, NY (United States)


    Amino-acids show a high degree of localization in the pancreas during the first few hours after administration. This specificity is related to the rapid synthesis and turnover of the digestive enzymes. Since none of the elements in the structure of amino-acids (C,H, N,0 and S) have suitable gamma-emitting isotopes, they cannot be used for scanning. Several I{sup 131} derivatives of amino-acids were prepared and tested, but the pancreas-localizing property of the original amino-acid was lost in every case. The chemical similarity of selenium and sulphur suggested that the selenium analogue of methionine might resemble methionine closely enough to take its place in protein synthesis. Se{sup 75} (halflife, 128 d; principal gamma-ray, 0.27 MeV) is suitable for scanning. Selenium-75-selenomethionine was prepared by yeast biosynthesis. The yeast was grown on a low sulphur medium containing high specific activity Se{sup 75} as selenite. After extraction with ether and hot trichloracetic acid, the protein residue was hydrolysed with hydrochloric acid The resulting amino-acid mixture was separated by column chromatography. Selenium-75-selenomethionine prepared in this manner showed biological properties of a natural aminoacid. The uptake in pancreas was about 7% of the administered dose and the concentration in a gramme of pancreas was seven times that in a gramme of liver. Blood and other organs had even lower uptakes. The clinical usefulness of pancreas scanning is now being evaluated. Tumours of the pancreas have been found as areas of decreased uptake. There is no concentration of selenomethionine in cases of acute pancreatitis. It is too early to give a statistical estimate of our ability to find tumours of the pancreas by this technique. The estimated total body dose from this procedure is less than 1 rad. The selenium dose is only a. few microgrammes and represents no toxicity hazard. (author) [Spanish] Los aminoacidos tienden a localizarse en el pancreas durante las primeras horas que siguen a su administracion. Esta especificidad esta relacionada con la rapidez de la sintesis y de la renovacion de las enzimas digestivas. Como ninguno de los elementos que componen los aminoacidos (C, H, N, O y S) tiene isotopos emisores de rayos gamma apropiados, no es posible recurrir a ellos para la exploracion centelleografica. Los autores prepararon y ensayaron varios derivados de aminoacidos marcados con 131I, pero en todos los casos comprobaron la desaparicion de la propiedad de localizarse en el pancreas caracteristica del aminoacido original. La semejanza qufmica entre el selenio y el azufre sugirio a los autores la posibilidad de que el analogo seleniado de la metionina se pareciese a esta lo suficiente para poder sustituirla en la sintesis proteica. El selenio-75 (periodo: 128 d; rayos gamma principales: 0,27 MeV) es adecuado para la exploracion. La selenometionina-75Se fue preparada biosinteticamente mediante levaduras. Estas levaduras se cultivaron en un medio con poco azufre que contenia de alta actividad especifica, en forma de selenito. El residuo protefnico extraido con eter y acido tricloracetico en caliente, se hidrolizo con acido clorhidrico. La mezcla de aminoacidos obtenida se separo por cromatografia en columna. La selenometionina-{sup 75} asi preparada tiene las propiedades biologicas de un aminoacido natural. El pancreas absorbio el 7%, aproximadamente, de la dosis administrada y la concentracion por gramo de tejido fue siete veces mayor en el pancreas que en el higado. Menor aun que en este fue la concentracion en la sangre y en otros Organos. Los autores estan ahora evaluando la utilidad clinica de la exploracion del pancreas. Han comprobado que los tumores del pancreas constituyen zonas de absorcion disminuida. En los casos de pancreatitis aguda no se produce concentracion de selenometionina. Seria prematuro estimar estadisticamente la posibilidad de aplicar esta tecnica para descubrir tumores del pancreas. Se estima que la dosis corporal total imputable a la aplicacion de este procedimiento es inferior a 1 rad. La dosis de selenio es de algunos microgramos solamente y no entrana ningun riesgo de toxicidad. (author) [Russian] Obnaruzhena vysokaja stepen' koncentracii aminokislot v podzheludochnoj zheleze v techenie pervyh neskol'kih chasov posle vvedenija. Jeta osobennost' svjazana s bystrym sintezom i krugooborotom pishhevaritel'nyh fermentov. Poskol'ku ni odin iz jelementov v strukture aminokislot (C,H,N i S) ne imeet sootvetstvujushhih gamma- izluchajushhih izotopov, ih nel'zja ispol'zovat' dlja skennirovanija. Byli podgotovleny i ispytany neskol'ko proizvodnyh aminokislot -jod-131, no v kazhdom sluchae terjalos' svojstvo ishodnoj aminokisloty sosredotochivat'sja v podzheludochnoj zheleze. Himicheskoe shodstvo selena i sery daet osnovanie schitat', chto selenovyj analog meteonina blizok k metioninu po stroeniju v dostatochnoj stepeni, chtoby zanjat' ego mesto pri sinteze belka. Selen-75 (period poluraspada 128 dnej, osnovnye dannye: gamma-luchi, 0,27 Mjev) prigoden dlja skennirovanija. Prigotavlivalsja selenometionin - selen-75 s pomoshh'ju biosinteza drozhzhej. Drozhzhi vyrashhivali na srede s nizkim soderzhaniem sery i vysokoj udel'noj aktivnost'ju selena-75 v vide selenita. Posle jekstragirovanija jefirom i gorjachej trihloruksusnoj kislotoj belkovyj ostatok podvergali gidrolizu s pomoshh'ju soljanoj kisloty. Rezul'tirujushhuju smes' aminokislot razdeljali metodom hromatografii na kolonke. Selenometionin -selen-75, podgotovlennyj takim obrazom, imel biologicheskie svojstva prirodnyh aminokislot. Pogloshhenie v podzheludochnoj zheleze sostavljalo okolo 7%vvedennoj dozy, a koncentracija na gramm podzheludochnoj zhelezy byla v 7 raz bol'she chem na gramm pecheni. Pogloshhenie v krovi i drugih organah bylo eshhe nizhe, pecheni. Pogloshhenie v krovi i drugih organah bylo eshhe nizhe. V nastojashhee vremja proizvoditsja klinicheskaja ocenka metodov skennirovanija podzheludochnoj zhelezy. Opuholi podzheludochnoj zhelezy predstavljali uchastki s men'shim pogloshheniem. Ne nabljudalos' koncentracii selenometionina v sluchajah ostrogo pankreatita. Eshhe slishkom rano davat' statisticheskuju ocenku jetogo metoda obnaruzhenija opuholej podzheludochnoj zhelezy. Predpolagaemaja obshhaja doza, poluchaemaja organizmom v rezul'tate jetoj procedury, sostavljaet menee 1 rada. Doza selena sostavljaet neskol'ko mikrogramm i ne predstavljaet opasnosti v otnoshenii toksichnosti. (author)

  15. Changed of the working capacity of CMOS integrated circuits under ionizing radiations effect of low and high dose rate; Izmeneniya rabotosposobnosti KMOP integral`nykh mikroskhem pri vozdejstvii ioniziruyushchikh izluchenij s nizkoj i vysokoj intensivnost`yu

    Bogatyrev, Yu V; Korshunov, F P


    Results of experimental investigations into the working capacity of different types of integrated CMOS circuits under effect of electron and gamma radiation are presented. Methods for evaluating IC CMOS under low irradiation intensity using the microcircuit testing under hugh intensity or at increased temperature with regard to the processes of parameter reconstruction after irradiation are proposed.

  16. Pochekaev R.Yu. Chinggis Khan’s Great Yasa in the Mongol Empire and Chinggisid States of the 13th–14th centuries: Legal Code or Ideal “Law and Order”?

    R.Yu. Pochekaev


    Full Text Available Research objective of the article is clarifying of the nature of the Greta Yasa of Chinggis Khan: was it legal code or set of specific edicts, regulations and principles? Research materials include Arabian and Persian historical sources which already were used by another researchers of the Great Yasa (D. Ayalon, D.O. Morgan, as well as new sources on the history of the Mongol Empire, the Golden Horde, Yuan Empire, Chaghataid state recently introduced into scholarly circulation. Research results of the article consist in getting of arguments that the Great Yasa, in fact, was a set of specific principles and rules established by Chinggis Khan, and their observance provided a harmony in the Mongol Empire and the states of Chinggisids, i.e. the Great Yasa was a kind of “law and order” but not a legal code. Research novelty of the article is represented by analysis of the level of the legal development of the Mongols of the 13th–14th cc. when they didn’t need a special codification to regulate their legal relations, that’s why no one authentic source mentioned the Great Yasa as code of laws and it is characterized in this way only by representatives of the “written legal culture” (European, Caucasus, Arabian, etc..

  17. Relationship between surface structure of silicon containing steel and adhesion of hot dip galvanized coating; Si gan'yu koban no hyomen kozo to yoyu aen mekki micchakuseino kankei

    Tsuchiya, Y.; Hashimoto, S.; Ishibashi, Y. [Kokan Keisoku K.K., Kawasaki (Japan); Inagaki, J. [NKK Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Fukuda, Y. [Shuibuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan)


    The surface of the annealed steel and the exfoliated interface of the coating for the hot dip galvanized Si containing steel sheets was characterized by using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), AES (Auger Electron Spectroscopy) and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy). The adhesion of the coatings have depended on the Si content of the steel. It have been found that MnSiO{sub 3} particles are formed at the surface of the annealed steels having high Si content and that two types of grain having different distribution of the oxide exist in the steels. Large oxide particles have been formed in one type of grain and small particles are formed in the other type of grain. The different type of Fe-Zn alloy are formed on two types of grains. It have been observed that the oxide particles exist at the interface of exfoliated coatings after the adhesion test for the steels with high Si content. The distribution of the oxide particles observed at the bottom of the exfoliated coating is quite similar to that of the surface oxide of the annealed steel. From these results, the exfoliation of the coating has initiated at the oxide particles of the steel surface that has been not reduced during the hot dip galvanizing. (author)

  18. Fitter. The package for fitting a chosen theoretical multi-parameter function through a set of data points. Application to experimental data of the YuMO spectrometer. Version 2.1.0. Long write-up and user's guide

    Solov'ev, A.G.; Stadnik, A.V.; Islamov, A.N.; Kuklin, A.I.


    Fitter is a C++ program aimed to fit a chosen theoretical multi-parameter function through a set of data points. The method of fitting is chi-square minimization. Moreover, the robust fitting method can be applied to Fitter. Fitter was designed to be used for a small-angle neutron scattering data analysis. Respective theoretical models are implemented in it. Some commonly used models (Gaussian and polynomials) are also implemented for wider applicability

  19. Problems of the agriculture radiology and radiobiology at the environment contamination by the young mixture of the nuclear fission products; Problemy sel'skokhozyajstvennoj radioehkologii i radiobiologii pri zagryaznenii okruzhayushchej sredy molodoj smes'yu produktov yadernogo deleniya

    Prister, B S


    The basic problem on population radiation safety and the farm production at the environment contamination by the young mixture of the nuclear fission products are considered. In the field experiments, the conformities of the out of root plant contamination, kinetics of the irradiation absorbed doses and the biological effect of the NFP on the plants during the different ontogenesis phases are investigated. The kinetics of the nuclear fission product accumulation and drawing out from the cattle organisms of the most movable radionuclides in the biological systems; the distribution and kinetics of the absorbed irradiation doses formation and the nuclear fission products biological effect on the cattle organism is studied. The comparative quantitative assessment of the meaning of the basic formation factors of the radiation situation is produced.

  20. Synthesis of Graft Copolymers by Small Doses of Irradiation; Synthese des copolymeres greffes au moyen de petites doses de rayonnements; Sintez privitykh sopolimerov s pomoshch'yu malykh doz oblucheniya; Sintesis de copolimeros de injerto mediante pequenas dosis de radiacion

    Dobo, J; Somogyi, M; Kiss, L


    In addition to grafting, there is often an undesirable alteration in the properties of the original polymer when polymer monomer mixtures are irradiated. As a result of irradiation, grafting occurs not only on the original polymeric backbone, but also on the already grafted side-chains. The result is an acceleration of grafting. The effect is especially pronounced in the case of preformed polymers, if irradiation is carried out intermittently. The grafting of styrene can be accelerated by the addition of some solvents which suppress the protective effect of the styrene on the polymer. Grafting can be accelerated by other additives. The swelling properties of the irradiated films were investigated. (author) [French] Lorsque des melanges de polymeres et de monomeres sont soumis a des rayonnements, il se produit souvent, en meme temps que la greffe, une alteration facheuse des proprietes du polymere original. L'irradiation provoque une reaction de greffage, non seulement sur le polymere original, mais aussi sur les chaines laterales deja greffees. Il en resulte une acceleration du processus de greffage. L'effet est particulierement marque dans le cas des polymeres preformes, lorsque l'irradiation est effectuee par intermittence. On peut accelerer le processus de greffage du styrolene en ajoutant certains solvants qui suppriment l'action protectrice du styrolene sur le polymere. On peut aussi accelerer le processus a l'aide d'autres additifs. Les auteurs ont etudie les proprietes de gonflement des pellicules irradiees. (author) [Spanish] Simultaneamente con el injerto, bajo la accion de las radiaciones se produce frecuentemente una alteracion de las propiedades del polimero original, efecto que convendria evitar. Por lo tanto, quiza ofrezcan interes los elevados grados de injerto obtenidos en nuestros laboratorios con pequenas dosis de radiacion. La irradiacion no solo provoca una reaccion de injerto en la estructura polimerica original, sino tambien en las cadenas laterales injertadas. Ello se traduce en una aceleracion, del proceso de injerto. Este efecto es especialmente pronunciado en el caso de los polimeros preformados, cuando la irradiacion es intermitente. El injerto de las moleculas de estireno puede acelerarse anadiendo algunos solventes que suprimen la accion protectora ejercida por el estireno sobre el polimero. Asimismo, el proceso puede acelerarse agregando otras sustancias. Al injertar moleculas de metacrilato de metilo en el polietileno, hemos conseguido un injerto de 6 400 por ciento con una dosis de 31 400 roentgens. Hemos examinado la estructura de los copolimeros asi obtenidos. (author) [Russian] Grafting (privivanie ) chasto soprovozhdaetsya nezhelatel'nym izmeneniem svojstv pervonachal'nogo polimera pri obluchenii monomernykh smesej polimera. Pod vozdejstviem oblucheniya grafting proiskhodit ne tol'ko v pervonachal'noj polimernoj osnove, no takzhe v bokovoj tsepi, uzhe podvergnuvshejsya graftingu. Grafting v rezul'tate ehtogo uskoryaetsya. EHtot ehffekt osobenno yarko vyrazhen v tverdykh polimerakh, esli obluchenie proizvoditsya periodicheski. Grafting stirola mozhet byt' uskoren dobavleniem nekotorykh rastvoritelej, kotorye blokiruyut zashchitnoe vozdejstvie stirola na dannyj polimer. Grafting mozhet byt' uskoren i drugimi additivami. Issleduyutsya kachestva nabukhaniya obluchennoj plenki. (author)

  1. Disinfestation of Dried Figs by Gamma Radiation; Desinsectation des figues seches par les rayons gamma; Dezinfestatsiya sushenogo inzhira s pomoshch'yu gamma-izlucheniya'; Desinfestacion de higos secos mediante rayos gamma

    Papadopoulou, C. P. [Department of Biology, Democritus Nuclear Research Centre, Aghia Paraskevi, Attica (Greece)


    Research has been carried on for many years on the disinfestation of stored agricultural products. Recently gamma radiation has been successfully applied in such investigations. Dried figs are among the main export products of Greece. Serious damage is caused by insect attack each year. The research work aimed at: (1) Determining the doses of radiation required to destroy certain species of insects attacking dried figs at their various stages of development, or to destroy their eggs and thus prevent reproduction; and (2) Determining the physical and chemical changes of the texture of dried figs caused by radiation. Studies have been made on the following species: Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia cautella, Carpophilus hemipterous, Oryzaephilus surinamensis and Lasioderma serricorne. The optimum doses required are discussed. At these doses, irradiation damage does not become apparent in the texture of the figs. (author) [French] Des recherches sur la desinsectation des produits agricoles en magasin sont en cours depuis de nombreuses annees. On a recemment utilise avec succes les rayons gamma dans ces etudes. Les insectes font chaque annee de grands ravages dans les figues seches, qui sont l'un des principaux produits d'exportation de la Grece. L'objet des recherches etait le suivant: 1. Determiner les doses de rayonnements necessaires pour detruire certaines especes d'insectes qui, a differents stades de leur developpement, attaquent les figues, ou detruire leurs oeufs et les empecher ainsi de se reproduire; 2. Determiner les modifications physiques et chimiques que les rayonnements produisent dans la texture de la figue seche. Les travaux ont porte sur les especes suivantes: Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia cautella, Carpophilus hemipterous, Oryzaephilus surinamensis et Lasioderma serricorne. Le memoire etudie les dises optimum d'irradiation, qui ne provoquent aucun dommage visible dans la texture de la figue. (author) [Spanish] Des hace muchos anos se estan efectuando investigaciones sobre la desinfestacion de los productos agricolas almacenados. En esas investigaciones se han utilizado recientemente con exito los rayos gamma. Los higos secos constituyen uno de los principales productos de exportacion de Grecia y los insectos ocasionan perdidas importantes. Las investigaciones tenian las siguientes finalidades: a) determinar las dosis de radiacion necesarias para destruir ciertas especies de insectos que atacan los higos en diversas fases de su desarrollo, o destruir sus huevos impidiendo asi que se reproduzcan; b) determinar las modificaciones fisicas y quimicas que las radiaciones producen en la contextura de los higos secos. Se han estudiado las especies siguientes: Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia cautella, Carpophilushemipterous, Oryzaephilus surinamensis y Lasioderma serricorne. En la memoria se estudian las dosis optimas de radiacion que no producen dafios aparentes en la contextura de los higos. (author) [Russian] V techenie mnogikh let provodyatsya issledovaniya to voprosam dezinfestatsii sel'skokhozyajstvennykh produktov v khranilishchakh. Nedavno gamma-izluchechie bylo uspeshno primeneno pri provedenii takikh issledovanij. Sushenyj inzhir sostavlyaet odin iz osnovnykh produktov ehksporta Gretsii. Ezhegodno nasekomye nanosyat ser'eznyj ushcherb ehtomu produktu. Tsel' issledovaniya: 1) opredelenie doz izlucheniya, neobkhodimykh dlya unichtozheniya nekotorykh vidov nasekomykh, porazhayushchikh sushenyj inzhir, na razlichnykh stadiyakh ikh razvitiya, i dlya unichtozheniya ikh yaits i predotvrashcheniya takim obrazom ikh razmnozheniya; i 2) opredelenie fiziko-khimicheskikh izmenenij tekstury sushenogo inzhira pod dejstviem izlucheniya. Issledovaniya provodilis' so sleduyushchimi vidami: Plodia Interpunctella, Ephestia coutella, Carpophilus hemipterous, Gryzaephllus surinamensis i Lasioderma serricorne. Obsuzhdayutsya neobkhodimye optimal'nye dozy. Pri ehtikh dozakh ne nablyudaetsya vidimogo narusheniya tekstury inzhira pod dejstviem oblucheniya. (author)

  2. Achievement report for fiscal 2000 on development of technology related to new recycled products. Research and development of simultaneous recovery of chlorine contained in waste plastics and alkali contained in waste glass bottles; 2000 nendo shinki recycle seihin nado kanren gijutsu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Hai plastic gan'yu enso to hai glass bin gan'yu alkali no doji kaishu ni kakawaru kenkyu kaihatsu



    Researches have been made on a technology to have alkali contained in waste glass bottles reacted with chlorine contained in waste plastics to separate and remove salt, and reuse the residues as a resource for cement raw material. This paper summarizes the achievements in fiscal 2000. In the research, glass powder pulverized to 5 to 10 {mu} m, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, and alumina were used to prepare raw material for the ordinary Portland cement. Vinyl chloride pulverized to 3 mm was added into this cement raw material so that chlorine-alkali equivalent ration will be 1.0, and the material was sintered in a rotary kiln at 800 to 1,400 degrees C. As a result, it was discovered that salt is produced from the alkali in glass and the chlorine in vinyl chloride, whereas the produced salt volatilizes when heated to 1,200 degrees C or higher, and clinker containing low chlorine and alkali can be produced. The test result reveals that the control range of the chlorine and alkali ratio is from 1.0 to 1.1. The remaining problems are measures against carbon monoxide and dioxin contained in the exhaust gas, and treatment of dust containing salt. (NEDO)

  3. Nuclear Materials Management and its Relationship to Nuclear Safety and Criticality Control; La Gestion des Matieres Nucleaires et ses Rapports avec la Securite Nucleaire et le Controle de la Criticite; Obrashchenie s yadernymi materialami i ego svyaz' s yadernoj bezopasnost'yu i kontrolem nad kritichnost'yu; La Administracion de Materiales Nucleares y sus Relaciones con la Seguridad Nuclear y el Control de la Criticidad

    Tingey, F. H. [Phillips Petroleum Company, Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    The preclusion of those conditions which would result in an inadvertent collection of fissionable material in quantity, geometry and environment to produce a neutron chain reaction is of fundamental importance to all those actively engaged in the nuclear industry. It is of particular concern to those individuals who are. responsible for the handling, transfer and storage of the fissionable materials in the performance of their various tasks. These same people are part of the nuclear materials management (NMM) system. They are the individuals who are primarily responsible for generating and receiving the SS accountability data channelled through the NMM office and as such must depend upon that office for valid and timely information in discharging their responsibility. Basically the responsibility for preventing inadvertent criticality in any area of plant operation lies with line supervision. In devising preventative measures at least three different types of problems need be considered. These are: (a) The scientific or technical problems connected with evaluating the hazard presented by a proposed quality of fissile material in a given geometry and environment; (b) The engineering problems presented by the restrictions dictated from the scientific or technical considerations; (c) The purely administrative problems presented in implementing the restrictions and requirements imposed from the technical and engineering considerations. To assist the supervisor in the successful discharge of this responsibility, some organizations provide certain groups or committees specialized in particular areas. Usually the technical problems are submitted to criticality specialists, commonly called a Nuclear Safety Committee, who are familiar with the experimental data of critical systems and can by theoretical calculation extend this experience to the problems at hand. Support in the engineering problems is given by plant engineering groups made cognizant of the requirements dictated by the technical considerations and familiar with the operational limitations. The administrative problems are solved through procedural restrictions placed by the supervisor. The NMM office can be most valuable in further support to the supervisor in these activities. The primary responsibility of this office is to alert responsible supervision to potentially hazardous situations as indicated either from information made available through the routine processing of accountability data or from material balance calculations. Any information pertaining to criticality studies as requested from the NMM office must be accurate and precise. A vigorous inventory management policy must be pursued to lessen the problems presented by accumulation of fissile materials. Internal audit by the NMM staff of inventory holdings can also serve to verify adherence to safeguard procedures. A vigorous orientation programme can be implemented by the NMM staff in its dealing with those individuals handling nuclear materials to make them more aware of the hazards involved. The integration of the NMM group into the general criticality safeguard problems at the NRT and has provided an effective system for assisting the line supervision in discharging this very important responsibility. (author) [French] Il est essentiel pour tous ceux qui travaillent dans l'industrie nucleaire de savoir comment eviter que des matieres nucleaires ne se trouvent rassemblees en quantites, selon une geometrie ou dans un milieu tels qu'elles puissent donner lieu a une reaction neutronique en chaine. Ceci interesse tout particulierement ceux qui, dans l'exercice de leurs fonctions, sont responsables de la manipulation, du transfert et de l'entreposage des matieres fissiles. Ces memes personnes participent au systeme de gestion des matieres nucleaires. Elles ont au premier chef la responsabilite de fournir et de recevoir les donnees comptables par l'intermediaire du service de gestion des matieres nucleaires; elles dependent donc de ce service pour les renseignements precis dont elles ont besoin pour assumer leurs responsabilites. C'est en premier lieu a la personne chargee de la surveillance generale du circuit qu'il incombe de veiller a ce qu'en aucun point les matieres nucleaires ne puissent, par inadvertance, atteindre l'etat critique. Pour mettre au point des mesures preventives, il faut tenir compte d'au moins trois categories de problemes, a savoir: a) Les problemes scientifiques et techniques lies a l'evaluation des risques que presente une certaine quantite de matieres fissiles disposee selon une certaine geometrie dans un certain endroit; b) Les problemes materiels souleves par les restrictions qu'imposent les considerations scientifiques ou techniques; c) Les problemes purement administratifs a resoudre pour respecter les restrictions et les conditions particulieres imposees par les considerations techniques et materielles. Pour aider le responsable de la surveillance a s'acquitter de sa tache, certaines organisations prevoient des groupes ou des comites specialises dans des domaines particuliers. Les problemes techniques sont le plus souvent soumis a des specialistes de la criticite, generalement constitues en comites de securite nucleaire, qui connaissent bien les donnees experimentales des systemes critiques et peuvent, par le calcul, exploiter cette experience pour resoudre les problemes qui se posent. En ce qui concerne les problemes materiels, ils sont soumis a des groupes de techniciens que l'on met au courant des conditions particulieres qu'imposent les facteurs techniques et qui connaissent bien les limites de fonctionnement de l'installation. Quant aux problemes administratifs, le responsable de la surveillance se charge de les resoudre' en reglementant les activites en consequence. Le service de gestion des matieres nucleaires peut apporter une aide precieuse au responsable de la surveillance. C'est tout d'abord a ce service qu'il incombe d'alerter le service de surveillance en lui signalant les conditions presentant un danger potentiel qu'il a pu deceler par l'etude des donnees comptables ou par le bilan matieres. Tous les renseignements demandes au service de gestion des matieres nucleaires au sujet de la criticite doivent etre exacts et precis. Un systeme efficace de controle de l'inventaire doit etre applique pour limiter les problemes que pose l'accumulation de matieres fissiles. En faisant proceder par le personnel du service de gestion des matieres nucleaires a une verification interne des matieres consignees dans l'inventaire, on peut egalement s'assurer que les mesures de securite sont bien appliquees. Le service de gestion des matieres nucleaires peut aussi assurer la formation du personnel charge de la manipulation des matieres nucleaires afin de lui faire prendre devantage conscience des risques encourus. En associant le service de gestion des matieres nucleaires aux specialistes de la prevention des etats critiques, la National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS) dispose d'un systeme efficace pour faciliter la tache du responsable de la surveillance du circuit matieres. (author) [Spanish] Para las personas que desempenan funciones importantes en la industria nuclear es de suma importancia evitar las acumulaciones accidentales de material fisionable en cantidades, medios y disposiciones que puedan ocasionar una reaccion neutronica en cadena. Esto concierne especialmente a los encargados de la manipulacion, la transferencia y el almacenamiento de dichos materiales. Estas personas forman parte del sistema de administracion de materiales nucleares y son fundamentalmente responsables de facilitar y recibir, por conducto de los servicios de administracion, datos contables relativos a los materiales basicos y a los materiales fisionables especiales; para que puedan desempenar satisfactoriamente sus funciones, es preciso que los servicios dispongan de informacion valida en el momento oportuno. Basicamente, la prevencion de los accidentes de criticidad en cualquier etapa del funcionamiento de una planta es una de las funciones inherentes a la inspeccion de las operaciones. Al proyectar las medidas preventivas hay que considerar, por lo menos, tres grupos distintos de problemas: a) Los problemas cientificos y tecnicos relativos a la evaluacion de los riesgos que presenta la acumulacion de materiales fisionables en cantidades, disposiciones y medios determinados; b) Los problemas de ingenieria que plantean las restricciones basadas en consideraciones de caracter cientifico o tecnico; c) Los problemas puramente administrative' que suscitan las limitaciones impuestas por cuestiones tecnicas y de ingenieria. Para facilitar el desempeno de las funciones de los inspectores algunas organizaciones han constituido comites especializados en determinados aspectos de la cuestion. Por lo general, los problemas tecnicos se someten a especialistas en criticidad, comunmente agrupados en un comite de seguridad nuclear, quienes conocen los datos experimentales de los sistemas criticos y pueden por calculo teorico extender ese conocimiento a los problemas especificos de la planta. Para los problemas de ingenieria se cuenta con la cooperacion de los grupos de ingenieros, a los cuales se mantiene informados de las necesidades impuestas por consideraciones tecnicas y de las limitaciones operativas. Los problemas administrativos se resuelven mediante restricciones de procedimiento dictadas por el inspector. Los servicios de administracion de materiales nucleares pueden facilitar en gran medida las tareas de inspeccion. En primer lugar, estos servicios tienen el deber de alertar a los inspectores cuando la informacion de que disponen gracias a la sistematizacion de los datos contables o a calculos basados en el balance de materiales revela la existencia de una situacion que puede resultar peligrosa. Toda la informacion referente a cuestiones de criticidad facilitada por los servicios de administracion de materiales nucleares debe ser exacta y precisa. Es necesario seguir una politica rigida de administracion de existencias a fin de limitar los problemas que suscita la acumulacion de materiales fisionables. La comprobacion interna de las existencias por el personal de los servicios de administracion puede servir tambien para verificar si se aplican los procedimientos de salvaguardia. Este personal puede llevar a cabo una importante labor de orientacion informando a los encargados de manipular los materiales fisionables sobre los peligros que sus actividades implican. La orientacion de los servicios de administracion de materiales nucleares hacia los problemas relativos a la prevencion de la criticidad aumenta considerablemente la eficacia de las inspecciones. (author) [Russian] Dlja vseh, aktivno rabotajushhih v oblasti jadernoj promyshlennosti, chrezvychajno vazhno ne dopuskat' sozdanija takih uslovij, kotorye mogli by privesti k nepredusmotrennomu skopleniju rasshhepljajushhih materialov v takih kolichestvah, geometrii i okruzhenii, kotorye mogut vyzvat' cepnuju reakciju nejtronov. Jeto osobenno vazhno dlja teh, na kom lezhit otvetstvennost' za pogruzochno-razgruzochnye raboty, peremeshhenie i hranenie rasshhepljajushhihsja materialov v hode vypolnenija razlichnyh zadanij. Jeti-zhe lica vhodjat v sistemu administrativno-hozjajstvennogo ucheta jadernyh materialov. Na objazannosti jetih lic lezhit v pervuju ochered' otvetstvennost' za sostavlenie i poluchenie dannyh statisticheskoj otchetnosti, napravljaemyh cherez Upravlenie po administrativnohozjajstvennomu uchetu jadernyh materialov, i v kachestve takovyh pri vypolnenii svoih objazannostej oni dolzhny obrashhat'sja v ukazannoe Upravlenie za predostavleniem im pravil'noj i svoevremennoj informacii. V osnovnom otvetstvennost' za nedopushhenie nepredusmotrennoj kritichnosti v ljuboj zone jekspluatacii ustanovki lezhit na rukovoditele rabot. Pri vyrabotke predupreditel'nyh meroprijatij sleduet uchityvat' po men'shej mere tri razlichnyh vida problem, a imenno: a) problemy nauchnogo ili tehnicheskogo haraktera, svjazannye s opredeleniem stepeni opasnosti, voznikajushhej v rezul'tate sosredotochenija v opredelennoj geometrii i okruzhenii namechaemyh kolichestv rasshhepljajushhihsja materialov; b) tehnologicheskie problemy, vytekajushhie iz diktuemyh nauchnymi i tehnicheskimi soobrazhenijami ogranichenij; v) chisto administrativjaye problemy, voznikajushhie pri osushhestvlenii ogranichenij i trebovanij, nalagaemyh po tehnicheskim i tehnologicheskim soobrazhenijam. Dlja okazanija sodejstvija rukovoditelju v celjah uspeshnogo vypolnenija im jetih funkcij nekotorye organizacii sozdajut opredelennye gruppy ili komitety, specializirovannye v opredelennyh oblastjah. Obychno tehnicheskie problemy predstavljajutsja na rassmotrenie specialistov po kritichnosti, ob{sup e}dinjaemyh v tak nazyvaemye Komitety po jadernoj bezopasnosti, kotorye horosho oznakomleny s jeksperimental'nymi dannymi kriticheskih sistem i v sostojanii raschetnym putem primenit' svoj opyt k dannoj konkretnoj probleme. Pomoshh' v tehnicheskih voprosah predostavljaetsja tehnicheskim personalom predprijatija, oznakomlennym s trebovanijami, diktuemymi tehnicheskimi soobrazhenijami, i horosho osvedomlennym otnositel'no jekspluatacionnyh ogranichenij. Administrativnye problemy razreshajutsja putem nalagaemyh rukovoditelem procedurnyh ogranichenij. Upravlenie po administrativno-hozjajstvennomu uchetu jadernyh materialov mozhet okazyvat' rukovoditelju dal'nejshuju podderzhku v ego rabote v jetoj oblasti. Prezhde vsego i glavnym obrazom na jetom Upravlenii lezhit objazannost' svoevremenno preduprezhdat' rukovodjashhie organy o vozmozhnosti sozdanija opasnyh polozhenij, kotorye mogut vyjasnit'sja libo na osnovanii svedenij, postupajushhih v rezul'tate povsednevnoj obrabotki dannyh otchetnosti, libo na osnovanii material'nyh raschetnyh balansov. Ljubye zaprashivaemye ot Upravlenija po administrativno-hozjajstvennomu uchetu jadernyh materialov svedenija, kasajushhiesja izuchenija kritichnosti, dolzhny byt' pravil'nymi i tochnymi. Dlja oblegchenija polozhenija, voznikajushhego v rezul'tate nakoplenija rashhepljajushhihsja materialov, sleduet strogo osushhestvljat' raspolozhenie material'nymi zapasami. Dlja proverki sobljudenija pravil bezopasnosti mozhet sluzhit' vnutrennjaja revizija inventarnyh zapisej personalom Upravlenija po administrativno-hozjajstvennomu uchetu jadernyh materialov. Dlja lic, imejushhih delo s jadernymi materialami, personal jetogo upravlenija mozhet provodit' intensivnuju programmu obluchenija dlja luchshego ponimanija imi svjazannoj s kritichnost'ju opasnosti. Na nacional'noj reaktornoj ispytatel'noj stancii vkljuchenie personala jetogo Upravlenija v razreshenie obshhih problem kritichnosti privelo k sozdaniju jeffektivnoj organizacii po okazaniju pomoshhi rukovodstvu v vypolnenii otvetstvennoj raboty. (author)

  4. Management of osteoporosis with calcitriol in elderly Chinese patients: a systematic review

    Liao RX


    Full Text Available Ruo-xi Liao, Miao Yu, Yan Jiang, Weibo XiaDepartment of Endocrinology, Key Laboratory of Endocrinology, Ministry of Health, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: Osteoporosis, a skeletal disorder characterized by a reduction in bone strength, is becoming a major public health problem in the People's Republic of China, with a rapid increase observed among the population. Chinese guidelines particularly recommend use of active vitamin D in managing osteoporosis. 1,25-(OH2D3 (calcitriol is an active vitamin D metabolite. It plays a role in many biological processes, especially in bone metabolism and muscle function, and is mediated by vitamin D receptors. Osteoporosis in elderly men and women is characterized by uncoupled bone remodeling, which is induced by sex hormone deficiencies, somatopause, vitamin D deficiency, reduced synthesis of D hormone, and lack of receptors or receptor affinity for D hormone in target organs. Reviewed here are six randomized controlled trials on calcitriol monotherapy and five on calcitriol therapy combined with other antiosteoporotic agents. Evidence from these trials shows that calcitriol monotherapy can improve bone mineral density in elderly osteoporotic Chinese patients but may be insufficient for long-term treatment. Calcitriol can also decrease bone turnover markers and bring about significant improvements in muscle strength. Further, calcitriol in combination with other therapeutic bone agents was shown to be well tolerated and capable of additional bone-preserving effects compared with use of calcitriol alone in areas including bone mineral density, bone turnover markers, bone pain improvement, and fracture incidence. Hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria, the most common side effects of calcitriol therapy, were not documented in the trials reviewed, and might have been the result of the low dosages used. One study showed that

  5. IL-13 regulates human nasal epithelial cell differentiation via H3K4me3 modification

    Yu L


    Full Text Available Lei Yu,1 Na Li,1 Jisheng Zhang,2 Yan Jiang1 1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, 2Key Laboratory of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, Qingdao, China Introduction: Epigenetic regulation has been shown to play an important role in the development of inflammatory diseases, including chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps. The latter are characterized by epithelial mis-differentiation and infiltration of inflammatory cytokines. H3K4me3 has been shown to be involved in regulating lineage commitment. However, the underlying mechanisms, especially in human nasal epithelial cells (HNEpC, remain underexplored. The objective of this study was to investigate the role of H3K4me3 in HNEpC differentiation treated with the Th2 cytokine IL-13. Patients and methods: The expression levels of mRNA and proteins were investigated using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR assays and Western blot in nasal polyp tissues and human nasal epithelial cells respectively. We measured these levels of H3K4me3, MLL1 and targeted genes compared with control subjects.Results: We demonstrate that expression of H3K4me3 and its methyltransferase MLL1 was significantly upregulated in IL-13-treated HNEpC. This elevation was also observed in nasal polyps. Expression of cilia-related transcription factors FOXJ1 and DNAI2 decreased, while goblet cell-derived genes CLCA1 and MUC5a increased upon IL-13 treatment. Mechanistically, knockdown of MLL1 restored expression of these four genes induced by IL-13. Conclusion: These findings suggest that H3K4me3 is a critical regulator in control of nasal epithelial cell differentiation. MLL1 may be a potential therapeutic target for nasal inflammatory diseases. Keywords: IL-13, H3K4me3 modification, nasal epithelial cell, differentiation 

  6. Synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluation of poly(L-γ-glutamyl-glutamine-paclitaxel nanoconjugate

    Sang Van


    Full Text Available Sang Van1, Sanjib K Das1, Xinghe Wang1, Zhongling Feng1, Yi Jin1, Zheng Hou1, Fu Chen1, Annie Pham1, Nan Jiang1, Stephen B Howell2, Lei Yu11Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, Oceanside, CA, USA; 2Moores Cancer Center, University of California, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, USAAbstract: The purpose of this study was to develop a novel, highly water-soluble poly(L-γ-glutamyl-glutamine-paclitaxel nanoconjugate (PGG-PTX that would improve the therapeutic index of paclitaxel (PTX. PGG-PTX is a modification of poly(L-glutamic acid-paclitaxel conjugate (PGA-PTX in which an additional glutamic acid has been added to each glutamic side chain in the polymer. PGG-PTX has higher water-solubility and faster dissolution than PGA-PTX. Unlike PGA-PTX, PGG-PTX self-assembles into nanoparticles, whose size remains in the range of 12–15 nm over the concentration range from 25 to 2,000 µg/mL in saline. Its critical micellar concentration in saline was found to be ~25 µg/mL. The potency of PGG-PTX when tested in vitro against the human lung cancer H460 cell line was comparable to other known polymer-PTX conjugates. However, PGG-PTX possesses lower toxicity compared with PGA-PTX in mice. The maximum tolerated dose of PGG-PTX was found to be 350 mg PTX/kg, which is 2.2-fold higher than the maximum tolerated dose of 160 mg PTX/kg reported for the PGA-PTX. This result indicates that PGG-PTX was substantially less toxic in vivo than PGA-PTX.Keywords: nanoconjugates, poly(L-glutamic acid, poly(L-γ-glutamyl-glutamine-paclitaxel, nanoparticles, anticancer

  7. Polyethylene glycol–polylactic acid nanoparticles modified with cysteine–arginine–glutamic acid–lysine–alanine fibrin-homing peptide for glioblastoma therapy by enhanced retention effect

    Wu J


    Full Text Available Junzhu Wu,1,2,* Jingjing Zhao,1,3,* Bo Zhang,1 Yong Qian,1 Huile Gao,1 Yuan Yu,1 Yan Wei,1 Zhi Yang,1 Xinguo Jiang,1 Zhiqing Pang1 1Key Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, Ministry of Education, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2School of Pharmacy, Dali University, Xiaguan, 3School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: For a nanoparticulate drug-delivery system, crucial challenges in brain-glioblastoma therapy are its poor penetration and retention in the glioblastoma parenchyma. As a prevailing component in the extracellular matrix of many solid tumors, fibrin plays a critical role in the maintenance of glioblastoma morphology and glioblastoma cell differentiation and proliferation. We developed a new drug-delivery system by conjugating polyethylene glycol–polylactic acid nanoparticles (NPs with cysteine–arginine–glutamic acid–lysine–alanine (CREKA; TNPs, a peptide with special affinity for fibrin, to mediate glioblastoma-homing and prolong NP retention at the tumor site. In vitro binding tests indicated that CREKA significantly enhanced specific binding of NPs with fibrin. In vivo fluorescence imaging of glioblastoma-bearing nude mice, ex vivo brain imaging, and glioblastoma distribution demonstrated that TNPs had higher accumulation and longer retention in the glioblastoma site over unmodified NPs. Furthermore, pharmacodynamic results showed that paclitaxel-loaded TNPs significantly prolonged the median survival time of intracranial U87 glioblastoma-bearing nude mice compared with controls, Taxol, and NPs. These findings suggested that TNPs were able to target the glioblastoma and enhance retention, which is a valuable strategy for tumor therapy. Keywords: CREKA peptide, nanoparticles, retention effect, paclitaxel, glioblastoma

  8. Involvement of poly(ADP-ribose polymerase-1 in development of spinal cord injury in Chinese individuals: a Chinese clinical study

    Meng Q


    Full Text Available Qing-Tao Meng,* Guang Yang,* Ren-Bo Li, Jing-Xin Nie, Wei Zhou, Hong-De Yu, Bo Chen, Li Jiang, Jing-Bo Shang Department of Spine Surgery, The Third People’s Hospital of Dalian, Dalian, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Objective: We aimed to evaluate whether the polymorphism of poly(ADP-ribose polymerase-1 (PARP-1 is involved as potential risk factor in the development of spinal cord injury (SCI among Chinese individuals.Patients and methods: Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of SCI (other than traumatic injury and healthy individuals with no clinical symptoms of SCI were enrolled at Spinal Cord Injury Care Center, The Third People’s Hospital of Dalian, China. Genetic polymorphisms were studied in plasma samples by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism assay.Results: A total of 130 Chinese patients with SCI and 130 healthy Chinese individuals were included. We found that patients with the GG genotype (odds ratio [OR]: 4.09, 95% confidence interval [CI] 2.42–6.90, P<0.001 and carriers of the G allele (OR 3.96, 95% CI 2.33–6.74, P<0.0001 were at high risk of developing SCI. A del/ins polymorphism of the NF-κB1 gene (OR 3.32, 95% CI 1.96–5.61, P<0.001 was also found to be associated with SCI.Conclusion: Our study suggests that PARP-1 polymorphisms are involved in the development of SCI in Chinese individuals. Thus, PARP-1 polymorphisms can be considered as one of the potential risk factors for developing SCI. Keywords: spinal cord injury, poly(ADP-ribose polymerase-1, polymorphism 

  9. Triazole derivatives with improved in vitro antifungal activity over azole drugs

    Yu S


    Full Text Available Shichong Yu,1,* Xiaoyun Chai,1,* Yanwei Wang,1 Yongbing Cao,2 Jun Zhang,3 Qiuye Wu,1 Dazhi Zhang,1 Yuanying Jiang,2 Tianhua Yan,4 Qingyan Sun11Department of Organic Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 2Drug Research Center, School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 3Overseas Education Faculty of the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China; 4Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: A series of triazole antifungal agents with piperidine side chains was designed and synthesized. The results of antifungal tests against eight human pathogenic fungi in vitro showed that all the compounds exhibited moderate-to-excellent activities. Molecular docking between 8d and the active site of Candida albicans CYP51 was provided based on the computational docking results. The triazole interacts with the iron of the heme group. The difluorophenyl group is located in the S3 subsite and its fluorine atom (2-F can form H-bonds with Gly307. The side chain is oriented into the S4 subsite and formed hydrophobic and van der Waals interactions with the amino residues. Moreover, the phenyl group in the side chain interacts with the phenol group of Phe380 through the formation of π–π face-to-edge interactions.Keywords: synthesis, CYP51, molecular docking, azole agents

  10. Application of a lipid-coated hollow calcium phosphate nanoparticle in synergistic co-delivery of doxorubicin and paclitaxel for the treatment of human lung cancer A549 cells

    Wu C


    Full Text Available Chao Wu, Jie Xu, Yanna Hao, Ying Zhao, Yang Qiu, Jie Jiang, Tong Yu, Peng Ji, Ying Liu Pharmacy School, Jinzhou Medical University, Jinzhou, China Abstract: In this study, we developed a lipid-coated hollow calcium phosphate (LCP nanoparticle for the combined application of two chemotherapeutic drugs to human lung cancer A549 cells. Hydrophilic doxorubicin (DOX was incorporated into the hollow structure of hollow calcium phosphate (HCP, and a lipid bilayer containing hydrophobic paclitaxel (PTX was subsequently coated on the surface of HCP. The study on combinational effects demonstrated that the combination of DOX and PTX at a mass ratio of 12:1 showed a synergistic effect against A549 cells. The particle size, zeta potential, and encapsulation efficiency were measured to obtain optimal values: particle size was 335.0 3.2 nm, zeta potential -41.1 mV, and encapsulation efficiency 80.40%±2.24%. An in vitro release study indicated that LCP produced a sustained drug release. A549 cells had a better uptake of LCP with good biocompatibility. Furthermore, in vitro cytotoxicity experiment, apoptosis analysis, in vivo anti-tumor efficacy and protein expression analysis of Bax, Bcl-2, and Caspase-3 demonstrated that the co-delivery system based on LCP had significant synergistic anti-tumor activity. All conclusions suggested that LCP is a promising platform for co-delivery of multiple anti-tumor drugs. Keywords: doxorubicin, paclitaxel, co-delivery, lipid, hollow calcium phosphate, lung cancer cell

  11. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of VEGFR-targeted macromolecular MRI contrast agent based on biotin–avidin-specific binding

    Liu YJ


    Full Text Available Yongjun Liu,1 Xiaoyun Wu,1 Xiaohe Sun,1 Dan Wang,1 Ying Zhong,1 Dandan Jiang,1 Tianqi Wang,1 Dexin Yu,2 Na Zhang1 1School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University, 2Department of Radiology Medicine, Qilu Hospital, Jinan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI contrast agents with high relaxivity and specificity was essential to increase MRI diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy. In this study, the MRI contrast agent, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR-targeted poly (l-lysine (PLL-diethylene triamine pentacetate acid (DTPA-gadolinium (Gd (VEGFR-targeted PLL-DTPA-Gd, VPDG, was designed and prepared to enhance the MRI diagnosis capacity of tumor. Biotin-PLL-DTPA-Gd was synthesized first, then, VEGFR antibody was linked to biotin-PLL-DTPA-Gd using biotin–avidin reaction. In vitro cytotoxicity study results showed that VPDG had low toxicity to MCF-7 cells and HepG2 cells at experimental concentrations. In cell uptake experiments, VPDG could significantly increase the internalization rates (61.75%±5.22% in VEGFR-positive HepG2 cells compared to PLL-DTPA-Gd (PDG (25.16%±4.71%, P<0.05. In MRI studies in vitro, significantly higher T1 relaxivity (14.184 mM-1 s-1 was observed compared to Magnevist® (4.9 mM-1 s-1; P<0.01. Furthermore, in vivo MRI study results showed that VPDG could significantly enhance the tumor signal intensity and prolong the diagnostic time (from <1 h to 2.5 h. These results indicated that macromolecular VPDG was a promising MRI contrast agent and held great potential for molecular diagnosis of tumor. Keywords: MRI, contrast agent, VEGFR, biotin–avidin reaction, relaxivity

  12. Commentary on "Optimal schedule of bacillus Calmette-Guérin for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: A meta-analysis of comparative studies." Zhu S, Tang Y, Li K, Shang Z, Jiang N, Nian X, Sun L, Niu Y, Department of Urology Tianjin Institute of Urology, 2nd Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, People's Republic of China.: BMC Cancer 2013; 13:332. doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-332.

    See, William A


    To explore the necessity of maintenance, efficacy of low-dose and superiority of various combination therapies of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) in treatment of superficial bladder cancer (BCa). Comprehensive searches of electronic databases (PubMed, Embase, and the Cochrane Library), were performed, then a systematic review and cumulative meta-analysis of 21 randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) and 9 retrospective comparative studies were carried out according to, predefined inclusion criteria. Significantly better recurrence-free survivals (RFS) were observed respectively in patients who received BCG maintenance, standard-dose and BCG plus epirubicin therapy comparing to those received induction, low-dose and BCG alone. BCG maintenance therapy was also associated with significantly better progression-free survival (PFS), but there were more incidences of adverse events. Pooled results showed no remarkable advantage of BCG combined with Mitomycin C or with interferon α-2b in improving oncologic outcomes. Sensitivity-analyses stratified by study-design and tumor stage led to very similar overall results and often to a decrease of the between-study heterogeneity. Our data confirmed that non-RCT only affected strength rather than direction of the overall results. All patients with superficial BCa should be encouraged to accept BCG maintenance therapy with standard-dose if well tolerated. Patients can benefit from BCG combined with epirubicin but not from BCG combined with Mitomycin C or interferon α-2b. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Random Coefficient Logit Model for Large Datasets

    C. Hernández-Mireles (Carlos); D. Fok (Dennis)


    textabstractWe present an approach for analyzing market shares and products price elasticities based on large datasets containing aggregate sales data for many products, several markets and for relatively long time periods. We consider the recently proposed Bayesian approach of Jiang et al [Jiang,

  14. Effect of temperature on structure and corrosion resistance for ...

    The effect of plating temperatures between 60 and 90◦C on structure and corrosion resistance for elec- troless NiWP coatings ..... which helps to form fine grain. At 80 .... [23] Zhang W X, Jiang Z H, Li G Y and Jiang Q 2008 Surf. Coat. Technol.

  15. An anti-ferromagnetic terephthalate-bridged trigonal prismatic ...

    M. Scheme 1. Possible coordination modes of terephthalate. (tp). 2. ..... W and Atwood J L 2009 In Supramolecular Chemistry .... (a) Jiang Z Q, Zhao Z, Jiang G Y, Hou D C, Kang Y ... (a) Li H, Eddaoudi M, O'Keeffe M and Yaghi O M 1999.

  16. Spectroscopic classification of PTSS-18ecg (SN 2018bhb) as a type Ia supernova around maximum

    Zhang, Jujia; Ding, Xu; Wang, Xiaofeng; Li, Wenxiong; Li, Bin; Xu, Zhijian; Tan, Hanjie; Zhao, Haibin; Wang, Lifan; Li, Zhitong


    We obtained an optical spectrum (range 350-890 nm) of PTSS-18ecg (SN 2018bhb), discovered by the PMO-Tsinghua Supernova Survey (PTSS,, on UT 2018 May 10.7 with the Li-Jiang 2.4 m telescope (LJT+YFOSC) at Li-Jiang Observatory of Yunnan Observatories.

  17. Investigations of Tissue-Level Mechanisms of Primary Blast Injury Through Modeling, Simulation, Neuroimaging and Neuropathological Studies


    2007;25(1):97-98. [19] Stewart C. Blast Injuries. Colorado Springs: USAF Academy Hospital; 2006. 88 p. [20] Cernak I, Wang Z, Jiang J, Bian X, Savic J...Wang Z, Jiang J, Bian X, Savic J. Ultrastructural and Functional Characteristics of Blast Injury- Induced Neurotrauma. Journal of Trauma: Injury

  18. Biological and Clinical Characterization of Novel lncRNAs Associated with Metastatic Prostate Cancer


    Matthew K. Iyer, Yang Shi, Xia Jiang, June Escara-Wilke, Rachell Brendenis, Dmitry Borkin, Anastasia K. Yocum, Dattatreya Mellacheruvu, Yuanyuan... Anastasia Yocum, Anton Poliakov, Vishal Kothari, Xiaojun Jing, Harika Gundlapalli, Xuhong Cao, Xiaoju Wang, Rohit Malik, PhD...Yuanyuan Qiao, Anton Poliakov, Anastasia K. Yocum, Yong Li, Wei Chen, Xuhong Cao, Xia Jiang, Arun Dahiya, Clair Harris, Felix Y. Feng, Sundeep Kalantry

  19. Catalytic Oxidation by Transition Metal Ions in Zeolites.


    exotic schemes were developed. It was previously demonstrated that MoCI5 may be reacted with a HYu (here Yu denotes a steam-stabilized or...34ultrastable" zeolite) to form a MoYu zeolite and HC1 which is removed from the system.1 In this study, MoYu zeolites have been prepared by reacting HYu with Mo

  20. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Properties of ternary NiFeW alloy coating by jet electrodeposition · J K YU J ZHAO M Q YU ... Article ID 43. Effects of static electricity and fabrication parameters on PVDF film properties ..... PING YANG JUN HU YOUCHUN YU BIN WANG ... Studies of thermally assisted interactions of polysulphide polymer with ionic liquids.


    P. A. Chebukin


    cultivation in Primoriye region have been identified to meet all customers’ requirements. For small production and farming ‘Yin Jiang Yi Hao’, ‘Zi San Chi’, ‘Zi San Chi’, ‘Yu Yan San Chi Lv’, ‘Xue Long Yi Hao’, ‘Zao Chun’, ‘Xin Jang’, ‘Zao Chun Jiang Dou’ were recommended, while the accessions ‘k-818’ and ‘k-797’ from China, ‘s. Tan Kim’ from Vietnam were regarded for industrial proposes: cannery and deep freezing.

  2. The correlation between emotional distress and aging males’ symptoms at a psychiatric outpatient clinic: sexual dysfunction as a distinguishing characteristic between andropause and anxiety/depression in aging men

    Chen CY


    Full Text Available Ching-Yen Chen,1,4,5 Chin-Pang Lee,1,4 Yu Chen,2,4,5 Jun-Ran Jiang,3,4,5 Chun-Lin Chu,1,4,5 Chun-Liang Chen3,4,5 1Department of Psychiatry, 2Department of Urology, 3Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4Men’s Health Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou, Taiwan; 5School of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan Background: Andropause and psychiatric disorders are associated with various symptoms in aging males and are part of the differential diagnosis of depression and anxiety. This study was designed to investigate the relationship between symptoms of aging, anxiety, and depression, and to determine if sexual dysfunction could be a differentiating characteristic in the psychiatric outpatient clinic. Methods: One hundred seventy-six male psychiatric outpatients participated in the study and completed self-reported measures assessing symptoms of aging, depression, and anxiety. Symptoms of aging were assessed by the Aging Males’ Symptoms scale. Anxiety and depression were measured by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Erectile dysfunction was considered if a response to item 15 on the Aging Males’ Symptoms scale (impaired sexual potency was rated with 4 or 5 points. Affective disturbance was assessed by the total scores of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Results: Age was correlated with less anxiety and more sexual symptoms. Anxiety and depression were associated with more severe symptoms of aging, and depression was associated with more sexual symptoms than was anxiety. Impaired sexual potency was the only sexual symptom not significantly associated with depression and anxiety. Depression was associated with an interspousal age gap of ≥6 years. The point prevalence of erectile dysfunction was 28.4%, and age and affective disturbance were associated with the risk of erectile dysfunction. Conclusion: Impaired sexual potency should raise the suspicion of androgen deficiency rather than depression

  3. Decreased survival in patients with carcinoma of axillary tail versus upper outer quadrant breast cancers: a SEER population-based study

    Gou ZC


    Full Text Available Zong-Chao Gou,1,2,* Xi-Yu Liu,1,2,* Yi Xiao,1,2 Shen Zhao,1,2 Yi-Zhou Jiang,1,2 Zhi-Ming Shao1–3 1Department of Breast Surgery, Cancer Institute, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Oncology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 3Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: Carcinoma of the axillary tail of Spence (CATS is a poorly studied type of breast cancer. The clinicopathological characteristics and prognostic features of CATS are unclear. Methods: Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database, we identified 149,026 patients diagnosed with upper outer quadrant breast cancer (UOBC (n=146,343 or CATS (n=2,683. The median follow-up was 88 months. The primary and secondary outcomes were breast cancer-specific survival (BCSS and overall survival. The survival outcomes of UOBC and CATS were compared using competing risks analysis, log-rank test, Cox proportional hazards regression model, and propensity score matching method. Multivariate logistic regression was utilized to present the relationship between CATS and lymph node (LN metastasis. Results: CATS presented a higher grade, higher negative hormone receptor rate, and more positive nodal metastasis. The 10-year BCSS rate was worse for CATS than for UOBC (85.1% vs 87.3%, P=0.001. The multivariate Cox analysis showed a higher hazard ratio (HR for CATS over UOBC (BCSS: HR =1.20, P=0.001; overall survival: HR =1.11, P=0.019. The difference in the BCSS was also observed in a 1:1 matched cohort (BCSS P=0.019. A subgroup analysis revealed the inferior outcomes of CATS in the metastatic LN subgroup and the hormone receptor-negative subgroup. The multivariate logistic regression indicated that CATS is an independent contributing factor to LN metastasis. Conclusion: CATS

  4. Reevaluation of the post-marketing safety of Shuxuening injection based on real-world and evidence-based evaluations

    Wang C


    Full Text Available Can Wang,1,2 Qing-ping Shi,1,2 Feng Ding,2 Xiao-dong Jiang,1,2 Wei Tang,3 Mei-Ling Yu,1,2 Jian-Hua Zhu2 1Department of Pharmacy, The First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College, Bengbu, People’s Republic of China; 2Faculty of Pharmacy, Bengbu Medical College, Bengbu, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Pharmacy, Huaiyuan County Hospital of TCM in Anhui, Bengbu, People’s Republic of China Aim: To evaluate the factors influencing suspected hypersensitivity and adverse systemic reactions after Shuxuening injection and to provide innovative ideas and methods for the reevaluation of post-marketing safety of Shuxuening.Methods: This study used a prospective, nested case–control study design, combined with a prescription sequence analysis design method. It classified patients who exhibited trigger signals after administration of Shuxuening injection as suspected allergic patients and made comparisons with patients who did not report adverse effects to calculate the correlation between relevant risk factors and suspected allergic reactions. Randomized controlled studies and cohort studies of the adverse drug reaction (ADR of Shuxuening were performed using a computer database. Data retrieval was carried out by the foundation governing the individual database. Meta-analysis was performed by using R3.2.3 software to evaluate the ADRs of Shuxuening.Results: The results of real-world study showed that administration of Shuxuening in combination with potassium aspartate and magnesium, atorvastatin calcium, Shengmai injection, pantoprazole sodium, or high-dose medication was a risk factor for suspected allergic reactions. Meta-analysis showed that the incidence of adverse events was 5.84% (95% CI 0.0499; 0.0674, and serious adverse reaction rate was 4.36% (95% CI 0.0188; 0.0760 when Shuxuening was used in combination with these drugs. The incidence of allergic reaction was also influenced by the vehicle, duration of treatment, single

  5. Preparation and characteristics of lipid nanoemulsion formulations loaded with doxorubicin

    Jiang SP


    Full Text Available Sai-Ping Jiang,1,2,* Sai-Nan He,3,* Yun-Long Li,2,3 Da-Lin Feng,2 Xiao-Yang Lu,1 Yong-Zhong Du,2 He-Yong Yu,3 Fu-Qiang Hu,2 Hong Yuan2 1Department of Pharmacy, The First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 2College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 3Women's Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: Safe and effective lipid nanoemulsion (LNE formulations for the antitumor delivery of doxorubicin is designed. Methods: LNEs composed of medium-chain triglyceride, soybean oil, lecithin, and doxorubicin are prepared by a solvent-diffusion method in an aqueous system. The effects of lipid material composition and polyethylene glycol (PEGylation on the size, drug encapsulation efficiency, and stability of LNEs are investigated. Based on in-vitro cytotoxicity and cellular uptake tests of A549 (human lung carcinoma cells, in-vivo biodistribution, antitumor activity, and cardiac toxicity are further examined using nude mouse bearing A549 tumor. Results: The LNE size decreases from 126.4 ± 8.7 nm to 44.5 ± 9.3 nm with increased weight ratio of medium-chain triglyceride to soybean oil from 1:4 to 3:2, whereas the encapsulation efficiency of doxorubicin is slightly reduced from 79.2% ± 2.1% to 71.2% ± 2.9%. The PEGylation of LNE by 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-[carboxy(PEG2000] (DSPE-PEG 2000 does not significantly change the size and drug encapsulation efficiency. Three-month storage at room temperature and lyophilization process does not affect the drug encapsulation efficiency, whereas the size slightly increases to almost 100 nm. The in-vitro drug-release profiles of LNEs suggest that the present formulation can prolong drug release for 48 hours. LNEs can be internalized into tumor cells in vitro and efficiently accumulate in tumor tissues in vivo by passive targeting

  6. Radiation dose reduction for patients with extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma with complete response after initial induction chemotherapy

    Wang L


    Full Text Available Liang Wang,1,2,* Xi-wen Bi,1,3,* Zhong-jun Xia,1,2 Hui-qiang Huang,1,3 Wen-qi Jiang,1,3 Yu-jing Zhang1,4 1State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, Collaborative Innovation Center for Cancer Medicine, 2Department of Hematologic Oncology, 3Department of Medical Oncology, 4Department of Radiation Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Previous studies have found that radiotherapy (RT dose less than 50 Gy resulted in inferior outcomes for early stage extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma (ENKTL. Nowadays, induction chemotherapy (CT followed by RT consolidation is often used. For patients who get complete response (CR after CT, whether RT dose can be safely reduced or not remains unknown. This retrospective study compared the survival outcomes between patients who received higher dose (>50 Gy and lower dose (≤50 Gy RT after CR was attained by CT. One hundred and forty four patients of early stage ENKTL got CR after induction CT and received RT consolidation. Thirty-one patients received lower dose RT (median 46 Gy, range, 36–50 Gy, and 113 patients received higher dose RT (median 56 Gy, range, 52–66 Gy. In univariate survival analysis, age >60, local tumor invasion, and non-asparaginase-based CT were associated with inferior progression-free survival (PFS and overall survival (OS. However, there were no differences in PFS and OS between patients treated with higher and lower dose RT, which was confirmed in the multivariate survival analysis. Furthermore, reduced dose RT did not affect local control rate. Most common RT-related side effects were grade 1/2 mucositis and dermatitis, and the incidence rate of grade 3 mucositis or dermatitis was lower in patients treated with reduced dose RT (9.7% vs 15.0% for mucositis, and 6.5% vs 17.7% for dermatitis. In conclusion, this study found that RT dose could be safely reduced without

  7. Development of solid lipid nanoparticles containing total flavonoid extract from Dracocephalum moldavica L. and their therapeutic effect against myocardial ischemia–reperfusion injury in rats

    Tan ME


    Full Text Available Mei-e Tan,1–3,* Cheng-hui He,3,* Wen Jiang,4 Cheng Zeng,2–4 Ning Yu,3 Wei Huang,2 Zhong-gao Gao,2 Jian-guo Xing3 1Key Laboratory of Xinjiang Endemic Phytomedicine Resources of Ministry of Education, School of Pharmacy, Shihezi University, Shihezi, 2State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Substance and Function of Natural Medicines, Department of Pharmaceutics, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, 3Xinjiang Key Laboratory of Uighur Medicines, Xinjiang Institute of Materia Medica, 4Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Total flavonoid extract from Dracocephalum moldavica L. (TFDM contains effective components of D. moldavica L. that have myocardial protective function. However, the cardioprotection function of TFDM is undesirable due to its poor solubility. In order to improve the solubility and efficacy of TFDM, we developed TFDM-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (TFDM-SLNs and optimized the formulation of TFDM-SLNs using central composite design and response surface methodology. The physicochemical properties of TFDM-SLNs were characterized, and the pharmacodynamics was investigated using the myocardial ischemia–reperfusion injury model in rats. The nanoparticles of optimal formulation for TFDM-SLNs were spherical in shape with the average particle size of 104.83 nm and had a uniform size distribution with the polydispersity index value of 0.201. TFDM-SLNs also had a negative zeta potential of -28.7 mV to ensure the stability of the TFDM-SLNs emulsion system. The results of pharmacodynamics demonstrated that both TFDM and TFDM-SLN groups afforded myocardial protection, and the protective effect of TFDM-SLNs was significantly superior to that of TFDM alone, based on the infarct area, histopathological examination, cardiac enzyme levels and inflammatory factors in serum. Due to the optimal

  8. Helicobacter pylori infection is not associated with failure to thrive: a case–control study

    Chiu NC


    Full Text Available Nan-Chang Chiu,1,2,* Chien-Yu Lin,3,* Hsin Chi,1 Chun-Yan Yeung,1,2 Wei-Hsin Ting,1 Wai-Tao Chan,1 Chuen-Bin Jiang,1 Sung-Tse Li,3,4 Chao-Hsu Lin,3 Hung-Chang Lee1,2 1Department of Pediatrics, MacKay Children’s Hospital, 2Department of Medicine, MacKay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management, Taipei, 3Department of Pediatrics, Hsinchu MacKay Memorial Hospital, Hsinchu City, 4Department of Statistics and Information Science, Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei, Taiwan *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: The long-term impact of Helicobacter pylori infection is complex, and concerns about the need for eradication exist. We conducted this case control study to investigate the association between H. pylori infection and failure to thrive (FTT.Patients and methods: From January 2009 to December 2011, 53 children with FTT group and matched children with the same sex and age and similar socioeconomic status without FTT (control group were enrolled. A questionnaire was administered to the parents/guardian, and a 13C-urea breath test was performed to detect H. pylori infection.Results: We found that the total prevalence of H. pylori infection was 29.2% and that there was no association between FTT and H. pylori infection (FTT group: 32%; control group: 26.4%; P=0.67. Short stature was more common in the FTT group and abdominal pain in the control group (FTT group: 37.7%; control group: 11.3%; P=0.003. In a comparison between the H. pylori-positive and -negative groups, abdominal pain (87.1% vs 64%; P=0.032 and the frequency of endoscopy (74.2% vs 32%; P<0.001 were significantly more common in the H. pylori-positive group.Conclusion: We found that children with H. pylori infection are at an increased risk for abdominal pain and that FTT is not associated with H. pylori infection. The decision for eradication should be evaluated carefully and individualized. Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, 13C-urea breath test, failure

  9. Synthesis, characterization, and in vivo efficacy evaluation of PGG–docetaxel conjugate for potential cancer chemotherapy

    Jiang X


    Full Text Available Danbo Yang1, Sang Van2, Yingyi Shu1, Xiaoqing Liu1, Yangfeng Ge1, Xinguo Jiang3, Yi Jin2, Lei Yu1,21Biomedical Engineering and Technology Institute, Institutes for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Biomedical Group, Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, CA, USA; 3School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of ChinaAim: This work is intended to develop and evaluate a biopolymeric poly(L-γ-glutamyl-glutamine (PGG–docetaxel (DTX conjugate that can spontaneously self-assemble in aqueous solutions to become nanoparticles.Methods: DTX was covalently attached to hydrophilic PGG by direct esterification, and the conjugate was characterized by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, molecular weight gel permeation chromatography, solubility, size distribution and morphology, and hemolysis. Conjugated DTX was found to have 2000 times improved water solubility compared with free DTX. Dynamic light scattering, transmission electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy revealed the particle size, distribution and morphology of the PGG–DTX conjugate. In addition, the conjugate was further tested for in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo antitumor efficacy on the human non-small cell lung cancer cell line NCI-H460.Results: Conjugated DTX was found to have 2000 times improved water solubility compared with free DTX. The conjugate formed nanoparticles with an average diameter of 30 nm in spherical shape and unimodal particle size distribution. The conjugate exhibited about 2% hemolysis at 10 mg/mL, compared with 56% for Tween 80® at 0.4 mg/mL, and 33% for Cremophor EL® at 10 mg/mL. In addition, the conjugate was further tested for in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo antitumor efficacy on the human non-small cell lung cancer cell line NCI-H460. As expected, conjugated DTX exhibited lower cytotoxicity compared to that of free DTX, in concentration

  10. Intracellular disposition of chitosan nanoparticles in macrophages: intracellular uptake, exocytosis, and intercellular transport

    Jiang LQ


    Full Text Available Li Qun Jiang,1 Ting Yu Wang,1 Thomas J Webster,2 Hua-Jian Duan,1 Jing Ying Qiu,1 Zi Ming Zhao,1 Xiao Xing Yin,1,* Chun Li Zheng3,* 1Jiangsu Key Laboratory of New Drug Research and Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA; 3School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Biodegradable nanomaterials have been widely used in numerous medical fields. To further improve such efforts, this study focused on the intracellular disposition of chitosan nanoparticles (CsNPs in macrophages, a primary cell of the mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS. Such interactions with the MPS determine the nanoparticle retention time in the body and consequently play a significant role in their own clinical safety. In this study, various dye-labeled CsNPs (about 250 nm were prepared, and a murine macrophage cell line (RAW 264.7 was selected as a model macrophage. The results showed two mechanisms of macrophage incorporation of CsNPs, ie, a clathrin-mediated endocytosis pathway (the primary and phagocytosis. Following internalization, the particles partly dissociated in the cells, indicating cellular digestion of the nanoparticles. It was proved that, after intracellular uptake, a large proportion of CsNPs were exocytosed within 24 h; this excretion induced a decrease in fluorescence intensity in cells by 69%, with the remaining particles possessing difficulty being cleared. Exocytosis could be inhibited by both wortmannin and vacuolin-1, indicating that CsNP uptake was mediated by lysosomal and multivesicular body pathways, and after exocytosis, the reuptake of CsNPs by neighboring cells was verified by further experiments. This study, thus, elucidated the fate of CsNPs in macrophages as well as identified cellular disposition

  11. Fabrication and characterization of nuclear localization signal-conjugated glycol chitosan micelles for improving the nuclear delivery of doxorubicin

    Zhao J


    Full Text Available Jingmou Yu,1 Xin Xie,1 Meirong Zheng,1 Ling Yu,2 Lei Zhang,1 Jianguo Zhao,1 Dengzhao Jiang,1 Xiangxin Che11Key Laboratory of Systems Biology Medicine of Jiangxi Province, College of Basic Medical Science, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang, 2Division of Nursing, 2nd Affiliated Hospital, Yichun University, Yichun, People's Republic of ChinaBackground: Supramolecular micelles as drug-delivery vehicles are generally unable to enter the nucleus of nondividing cells. In the work reported here, nuclear localization signal (NLS-modified polymeric micelles were studied with the aim of improving nuclear drug delivery.Methods: In this research, cholesterol-modified glycol chitosan (CHGC was synthesized. NLS-conjugated CHGC (NCHGC was synthesized and characterized using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering, and fluorescence spectroscopy. Doxorubicin (DOX, an anticancer drug with an intracellular site of action in the nucleus, was chosen as a model drug. DOX-loaded micelles were prepared by an emulsion/solvent evaporation method. The cellular uptake of different DOX formulations was analyzed by flow cytometry and confocal laser scanning microscopy. The cytotoxicity of blank micelles, free DOX, and DOX-loaded micelles in vitro was investigated by 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT assay in HeLa and HepG2 cells.Results: The degree of substitution was 5.9 cholesterol and 3.8 NLS groups per 100 sugar residues of the NCHGC conjugate. The critical aggregation concentration of the NCHGC micelles in aqueous solution was 0.0209 mg/mL. The DOX-loaded NCHGC (DNCHGC micelles were observed as being almost spherical in shape under transmission electron microscopy, and the size was determined as 248 nm by dynamic light scattering. The DOX-loading content of the DNCHGC micelles was 10.1%. The DOX-loaded micelles showed slow drug-release behavior within 72 hours in vitro. The DNCHGC micelles exhibited greater

  12. Report on the survey of the project on the environmentally friendly type energy community field test. Investigative project for development and commercialization of recycle technology of waste edible oil; 2001 nendo kankyo chowa gata energy community field test jigyo chosa hokokusho. Hai shokuryo yu no recycle gijutsu kaihatsu to jitsuyoka no tameno chosa jigyo



    An investigative study was made of the use of waste edible oil as fuel and recycle use of residual food in the food service business. As to the existence/recovery of edible oil, it was found out that waste edible oil of 15.9g/meal per capita was discharged at multiple wide-area distributed shops and that the total amount reached 1,861kl/y in the country. Concerning the technology for using it as biodiesel fuel, Ronford Co., which has the most actual results of the technology, recovers waste edible oil in Kyoto City, refines it and uses it as fuel for the City's garbage truck. About the use of waste edible oil as boiler use fuel, there are examples in Sapporo Grand Hotel, which has been contributing to energy conservation for more than five years. In the assessment of the profitability as project, for the direct combustion for boiler fuel use, the same/large heat supply system is a prerequisite, and for the hot stove loaded type direct combustion, there is an element of the technology development. Therefore, the use as bio-diesel fuel is most expected, though there is a taxation problem. (NEDO)

  13. Ultrasonic Inspection following Heat Treatment of Uranium Alloys; Controle des Traitements Thermiques d'Alliage d'Uranium par Ultrasons; Kontrol' termicheskoj obrabotki uranovykh splavov s pomoshch'yu ul'trazvuka; Control Ultrasonico de los Tratamientos Termicos de Aleaciones de Uranio

    Destribats, Marie-Therese; Cherpentier, C.; Papezik, F.; Pigeon, M. [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires Desaclay (France)


    To improve the behaviour of low uranium alloys in reactors it is often necessary to reduce grain size by heat treatment. It has proved essential to provide for inspection of the whole element and the entire output in order to discover the exact quality of the fuel used. This inspection cannot be made by micrography because of the time required and the fact that the data obtained are incomplete. The inspection system adopted is based on the principle of absorption of ultrasonic waves by materials. This absorption depends on the structure of the medium. If {lambda} is small in relation to grain size G, absorption is low; whereas if G is of the order of {lambda}/2, absorption is very high. The tests were made first in air, using the multiple-echo system, then by measuring the height of the first echo, and finally by transmission in water, the height of the transmitted echo being compared with that of the initial signal. In industrial use, the amplitude of the echo transmitted by the material is compared with the echo obtained from a standard of the same characteristics and shape. Inspection takes place in a special machine in which the materials are rotated by rollers and adjustable transducers move over the element. The helicoidal scanning is carried out with a pitch of less than 5 mm. The ultrasonic generator includes a control system ensuring a constant reference echo. The paper quotes a series of records showing the results obtained with various alloys and in particular the faults observed in elements treated by induction upon linear displacement. The arrangement can detect faulty treatment zones of less than 1 cm{sup 2}. The system is at present used to inspect all low alloy uranium fuels of the G2, EL3, EDF1, EDF2 and INCA reactors, i.e. rods and tubes with diameters between 20 and 95 mm. (author) [French] Afin d'obtenir une meilleure tenue des alliages d'uranium faiblement allies dans les reacteurs, un affinage du grain par traitements thermiques est souvent necessaire. Il s'est avere indispensable de pouvoir effectuer un controle sur l'ensemble de l'element et la totalite d'une production afin de connaitre exactement la qualite du combustible utilise. Ce controle ne pouvait etre envisage par micrographie en raison de la duree trop longue des operations et de leurs resultats partiels. Le controle auquel les auteurs ont procede est base sur le principe de l'absorption des ultrasons par les materiaux. L'absorption est fonction de la structure du milieu. Si {lambda} est petit par rapport a la taille du grain G, elle est faible; si G est de l'ordre de {lambda}/2, elle est tres grande. Les tout premiers essais ont ete faits dans l'air, par echos multiples, puis en mesurant la hauteur du premier echo, ensuite par transmission dans l'eau, en comparant la hauteur de l'echo transmis a celle de l'echo initial. Dans le controle industriel, on compare l'amplitude de l'echo transmis par le materiau a l'echo obtenu avec un etalon bien traite de meme nuance et de meme forme geometrique. L'examen se fait dans une machine speciale; les materiaux sont entraines en rotation par des galets et les traducteurs orientables se deplacent le long de l'element. L'exploration helicoiedale s'effectue avec un pas inferieur a 5 mm. Le generateur d'ultrasons comporte un systeme de regulation qui maintient l'echo de reference constant. On montrera, une serie d'enregistrements obtenus sur divers alliages, en particulier des defauts observes sur les elements traites par induction au defile. Des zones mal traitees inferieures a 1 cm{sup 2} sont detectees. Actuellement, on controle ainsi tous les combustibles en uranium faiblement allies des divers reacteurs G2, EL3, EDF1, EDF2 et INCA, c'est-a-dire des barres et tubes de diametre compris entre 20 et 95 mm. (author) [Spanish] Con el fin de aumentar en los reactores la estabilidad de las aleaciones con bajo contenido de uranio resulta a menudo necessario afinar el grano mediente tratamientos termicos. Para conocer ia calidad del combustible utilizado se considera indispensable controlar el conjunto del elemento y la totalidad de la produccion. Este control no puede realizarse por micrograffa debido al tiempo prolongado que esta requiere y a sus resultados de caracter parcial. El metodo de control adoptado se basa en el principio de la absorcion de ondas ultrasonicas por los distintos materiales. Dicha absorcion es funcion de la estructura del medio. Si {lambda} es pequena en comparacion col el tamano del grano G, la absorcion resultara debil mientras que si G es del orden de {lambda}/2, la absorcion sera muy considerable. Los primeros ensayos se efectuaron en aire, utilizando ecos multiples y midiendo la altura del primer eco; los siguientes se realizaron por transmision en agua, comparando la altura del eco transmitido con la del inicial. En el control industrial, se compara la amplitud del eco transmitido por el material con la del obtenido usando una probeta patron sometida al tratamiento correcto, de la misma composicion y de igual forma geometrica. La inspeccion se realiza en una maquina especial; los materiales se hacen girar mediante roldanas y los transductores orientables se desplazan a lo largo del elemento. La exploracion helicoidal se lleva a cabo con un paso inferior a 5 mm. El generador de ondas ultrasonicas comprende un sistema de regulacion que mantiene constante la intensidad del eco de referencia. Se presenta una serie de registros obtenidos con diversas aleaciones y, en particular, defectos observados en elementos tratados por induccion durante el avance lineal. Se detectan zonas de tratamiento deficiente, de area inferior a 1 cm{sup 2}. En la actualidad se controlan de esta manera todos los combustibles aleados de bajo contenido de uranio destinados a los reactors G2, EL3, EDF1, EDF2 e INCA, es decir, barras y tubos con diametros comprendidos entre 20 y 95 mm. (author) [Russian] Chtoby dobit'sja luchshego rezhima raboty reaktorov, v kotoryh ispol'zujutsja slegka legirovannye splavy urana, chasto voznikaet neobhodimost' izmel'chat' zerna termicheskoj obrabotkoj. Pri jetom okazalos' neobhodimym osushhestvljat' kontrol' za vsemi jelementami i za vsem proizvodstvom, chtoby tochno znat' kachestvo ispol'zovannogo topliva. Jetot kontrol' nevozmozhno osushhestvljat' cherez mikrografiju, tak kak on zanimaet mnogo vremeni i ne daet polnyh rezul'tatov. Kontrol prinjatyj v jadernom centre, osnovan na principe pogloshhenija ul'trazvukov materialami. Dannoe pogloshhenie svjazano so strukturoj sredy. Esli znachenie Xmalo po sravneniju s velichinoj zerna {lambda}, to pogloshhenie slaboe, a esli G sostavljaet porjadka {lambda}/2, to pogloshhenie ochen' sil'noe. Vse pervye opyty provodili v vozduhe na osnove analiza mnogokratnyh jeho i zatem izmerjali vysoty pervogo jeha. Dalee izmerenie provodili v vode. Pri jetom sravnivali vysoty propushhennogo i pervonachal'nogo jeha. Pri promyshlennom kontrole sravnivaetsja amplituda jeha, propushhennogo cherez material, s jehom, poluchennym na horosho obrabotannom jetalone togo zhe tipa i toj zhe geometricheskoj formy. Ispytanie provodili v special'noj ustanovke, kogda materialy zapuskali v rotaciju s pomoshh'ju rolikov, a napravljaemye preobrazovateli peremeshhali vdol' jelementa. Vintovoe skennirovanie osushhestvljali pri shage menee 5 mm. V ul'trazvukovom generatore imeetsja sistema regulirovanija,kotoraja podderzhivaet kontrol'noe jeho. Privoditsja serija zapisej po razlichnym splavam, i v chastnosti govoritsja o defektah, nabljudaemyh u jelementov, kotorye byli obrabotany indukciej vo vremja prohozhdenija. Obnaruzhivajutsja ploho obrabotannye uchastki razmerom menee 1 sm{sup 2} . V nastojashhee vremja podobnym obrazom osushhestvljaetsja kontrol' za vsemi tipami topliva v vide slegka legirovannyh uranovyh splavov, primenjaemyh v reaktorah G2 EL3,EF1 EdF2 i INCA, inymi slovami, kontrolirujutsja vse sterzhni i trubki s diametrom mezhdu 20 i 95 mm. (author)

  14. Pulsed Neutron Studies of BeO-Natural Uranium Lattices; Etudes de Reseaux Uranium Naturel-Glucine, par la Methode des Neutrons Pulses; Issledovanie reshetok BeO-prirodnyj uran s pomoshch'yu impul'snykh nejtronov; Estudio de Reticulados de Beo-Uranio Natural con Ayuda de Neutrones Pulsados

    Joshi, B. V.; Nargundkar, V. R.; Subbarao, K. [Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay, Bombay (India)


    The use of the pulsed neutron method for determination of the diffusion parameters and multiplication constants of lattices is described. The diffusion parameters and multiplication constants of BeO-natural uranium lattices are obtained by this method. The uranium rods used were 2.92 cm diameter clad in aluminium 0.072 cm thick and were arranged vertically in channels of square cross-section 5 cm x 5 cm, in a square lattice of pitch 15 cm. The neutron bursts were produced from a cascade accelerator by pulsing the ion source and using the Be(d,n) reaction. The detectors were enriched boron trifluorfde proportional counters. The space and time harmonics were eliminated as described by the authors in another paper at this Symposium. The decay constant of the fundamental mode was determined for several bucklings, far from criticality. In these calculations the effect of diffusion cooling and anisotropy was taken into account. All the diffusion and multiplication constants were determined by the method of least squares fit by three different approaches. The prompt critical buckling was determined by solving the decay constant equation for {lambda} = 0. The final results are: Diffusion length L = 15.2 cm Absorption constant {lambda}{sub 0} = 762.5 s{sup -1}. Diffusion coefficient D = 1.761 x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s Diffusion cooling constant C = -8.766 x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s Age {tau} = 150.7 cm{sup -2} Infinite multiplication factor k{sub {infinity}} = 1.126 Prompt critical buckling B{sup 2} = 3.00 x 10{sup -4} cm{sup -2}. (author) [French] Les auteurs decrivent l'utilisation de la methode des neutrons puises pour la determination des parametres de diffusion et des constantes de multiplication des reseaux. Cette methode permet d'obtenir les parametres de diffusion et les constantes de multiplication du reseau uranium naturel-glucine. Les barres d'uranium utilisees avaient un diametre de 2,92 cm et un gainage'd'aluminium d'une epaisseur de 0,072 cm elles etaient disposees verticalement dans des .canaux de section carree 5 x 5 cm dans un reseau carre dont le pas etait de 15 cm. Les bouffees de neutrons etaient produites par la reaction Be(d,n), la source de deuterons puises etant un accelerateur a cascade. Les detecteurs etaient des compteurs proportionnels au BF{sub 3}. Les harmoniques du lieu et du temps ont ete eliminees de la facon decrite par les auteurs dans un autre memoire presente au meme colloque. Les auteurs ont determine la constante de decroissance du mode fondamental pour plusieurs laplaciens, loin de l'etat critique. Dans ces calculs, ils ont tenu compte de l'effet de refroidissement par diffusion et de l'anisotropie. Ils ont determine toutes les constantes de diffusion et de multiplication en ajustant les donnees de trois manieres differentes par la methode des moindres carres. Ils ont obtenu le laplacien pour l'etat critique instantane en resolvant l'equation de la constante de decroissance pour {lambda} = 0. Les resultats definitifs qu'ils ont obtenus sont les suivants: Longueur de diffusion L = 15,2 cm Constante d'absorption {lambda}{sub 0} = 762, 5 s{sup -1} Coefficient de diffusion D = 1,761 * 105 cm{sup 2}/s Constante de refroidissement par diffusion C = -8,766 * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s Age {tau} = 150,7 cm{sup 2} Facteur de multiplication infini k{sub {infinity}} = 1,126 Laplacien pour l'etat critique instantane B{sup 2} = 3,00 * 10{sup -4} cm{sup -2}. (author) [Spanish] Los autores describen el empleo del metodo de los neutrones pulsados para determinar los parametros de difusion y las constantes de multiplicacion de diversos reticulados. Empleando este metodo, han obtenido los parametros de difusion y las constantes de multiplicacion en reticulados de BeO-uranio natural. Las barras de uranio empleadas medfan 2,92 cm de diametro, estaban revestidas de una capa de aluminio de 0,072 cm de espesor, y se hallaban colocadas verticalmente en canales de seccion cuadrada de 5 cm de lado, en un reticulado cuadrado de 15 cm de paso. Las rafagas de neutrones se produjeron con un acelerador de cascada pulsando la fuente de iones y empleando la reaccion Be(d, n). Como detectores se emplearon contadores proporcionales de BF{sub 3} enriquecido. Los armonicos espaciales y temporales se eliminaron por el metodo descrito por Joshi y sus colaboradores en otra memoria presentada en este simposio. Se determino la constante de decrecimiento del modo fundamental para diversos laplacianos cuando la criticidad estaba muy lejos de alcanzarse. En estos calculos se tuvo en cuenta el efecto del enfriamiento por difusion, asi como el de la anisotropic. Todas las constantes de difusion y de multiplicacion se determinaron mediante ajuste por cuadrados minimos siguiendo tres procedimientos distintos. El laplaciano crftico inmediato se obtuvo resolviendo la ecuacion de la constante de decrecimiento para {lambda} = 0. Los resultados finales fueron los siguientes: Longitud de difusion L = 15,2 cm. Constante de absorcion {lambda}{sub 0} = 162,5 s{sup -1}. Coeficiente de difusion D = 1,761 * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s. Constante de enfriamiento por difusion C = -8,766 * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s. Edad {tau} = 150,7 cm{sup 2} Factor de multiplicacion infinita k{sub {infinity}}= 1,126. Laplaciano crftico inmediato B{sup 2} = 3,00 * 10{sup -4} cm{sup -2}. (author) [Russian] Opisyvaetsja primenenie metoda impul'snyh nejtronov dlja opredelenija dif- fuzionnyh parametrov i postojannyh razmnozhenija reshetok. S pomoshh'ju jetogo metoda po- lucheny diffuzionnye parametry i postojannye razmnozhenija dlja reshetok VeO-prirodnyj uran. Ispol'zovavshiesja uranovye sterzhni imeli v diametre 2,92 sm i byli pokryty alju- miniem tolshhinoj v 0,072 sm. Oni byli raspolozheny vertikal'no v kanalah, imejushhih kva- dratnoe sechenie 5 h 5 sm v kvadratnoj reshetke s shagom 15 sm. Impul'sy nejtronov polu- chali s pomoshh'ju kaskadnogo uskoritelja v rezul'tate pul'sirovanija istochnika ionov i is- pol'zovanija reakcij Be (d,n). Detektorami sluzhili proporcional'nye schetchiki iz oboga- shhennogo trehftoristogo bora. Prostranstvennye i vremennye garmoniki byli ustraneny s pomoshh'ju metoda, opisannogo Dzhoshi i drugimi v 1965 godu. Postojannaja raspada osnov- nogo sostojanija opredelena dlja neskol'kih laplasianov pri sostojanii, dalekom ot kriti- cheskogo. V jetih vychislenijah prinimali v raschet jeffekt diffuzionnogo ohlazhdenija i ani- zotropii. Vse postojannye diffuzii i razmnozhenija opredeljali metodom approksimacii naimen'shih kvadratov tremja razlichnymi podhodami. Mgnovennyj kriticheskij laplasian opredelen putem razlozhenija uravnenija postojannoj raspada dlja {lambda} = 0 . Okonchatel'nymi re- zul'tatami javljajutsja: Diffuzionnaja dlina L = 15,2 sm. Postojannaja absorbcii {lambda}{sub 0} = 762,5 sek{sup -1} . Diffuzionnyj kojefficient D = 1,761 * 10{sup 5} sm{sup 2} sek{sup 1} . Postojannaja diffuzionnogo ohlazhdenija C = -8,766 * 10{sup 5} sm{sup 4} sek{sup -1}. Vozrast {tau} = 150,7 sm{sup 2}. Kojefficient neogranichennogo razmnozhenija k{sub {infinity}} = 1,126. Mgnovennyj kriticheskij laplasian V{sup 2} = 3,00 - 10{sup -4} sm{sup -2}. (author)

  15. Diffusion Parameters of BeO by the Pulsed Neutron Method; Calcul des Parametres de Diffusion de BeO par la Methode des Neutrons Pulses; Opredelenie diffuzionnykh parametrov BeO s pomoshch'yu metoda impul'snykh nejtronov; Determinacion de los Parametros de Difusion en el BeO por el Metodo de los Neutrones Pulsados

    Joshi, B. V.; Nargundkar, V. R.; Subbarao, K. [Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay, Bombay (India)


    The use of the pulsed neutron method for the precise determination of the diffusion parameters of moderators is described. The diffusion parameters of BeO have been obtained by this method. The neutron bursts were produced from a cascade accelerator by pulsing the ion source and using the Be (d, n) reaction. The detector was an enriched boron trifluoride proportional counter. It is shown that by a proper choice of the counter position arid length, and the source position, most of the space harmonics can be eliminated. Any constant background can be accounted for in the calculation of the decay constant. Very large bucklings were not used to avoid time harmonics. Any remaining harmonic content was rendered ineffective by the use of adequate time delay. The decay constant of the fundamental mode of the thermal neutron population was determined for several bucklings. Conditions to be satisfied for an accurate determination of the diffusion cooling constant C are discussed. The following values are obtained for BeO: {lambda}{sub 0} = absorption constant = 156.02 {+-} 4.37 s{sup -1} D = diffusion coefficient = (1.3334 {+-} 0.0128) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s C = diffusion cooling constant = (-4.8758 {+-} 0.5846) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s. The effect of neglecting the contribution of the B{sup 6} term on the determination of the diffusion parameters was estimated and is shown to be considerable. The reason for the longstanding discrepancy between the values of C obtained for the same moderator by different workers is attributed to this. (author) [French] Les auteurs decrivent l'emploi de la methode des neutrons puises pour la determination precise des parametres de diffusion des ralentisseurs. Ils ont calculi ceux de la glucine par cette methode. Des deuterons puises au moyen d'un accelerateur a cascade produisaient les bouffees de neutrons par la reaction Be (d, n). Le detecteur etait constitue par un compteur proportionnel au BF{sub 3} enrichi. En choisissant convenablement la position et la longueur du compteur d'une part, la position de la source d'autre part, il est possible d'eliminer la plupart des harmoniques spatiaux. Il est egalement possible de tenir compte de n'importe quel bruit de fond constant pour le calcul de la constante de decroissance. Il faut eviter les laplaciens tres eleves afin de ne pas avoir d {sup h}armoniques du temps. Tous les harmoniques qui restent sont rendus inoperants par un retard en temps adequat. Les auteurs ont determine la constante de decroissance du mode fondamental de la population de neutrons thermiques pour plusieurs laplaciens. Ils discutent les conditions a remplir pour une determination exacte de la constante du refroidissement par diffusion C. Pour la glucine, ils ont obtenu les constantes suivantes: {lambda}{sub 0} (constante d'absorption) = 156, 02 {+-} 4, 37 s{sup -1}. D (coefficient dediffusion) = (1,3334 {+-} 0,0128) * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s, C (constante du refroidissement de diffusion) = (-4,8758 {+-} 0,5846) * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s. Les auteurs ont etudie le role que peut jouer, dans la determination des parametres de diffusion, le fait que la contribution du terme en B{sup 6} est neglige; ils montrent qu'il est considerable. Ce serait la probablement la cause des ecarts entre les valeurs de C obtenues pour un meme ralentisseur par differents chercheurs. (author) [Spanish] Los autores describen el empleo del metodo de los neutrones pulsados para determinar con precision los parametros de difusion en moderadores. Con ayuda de este metodo, han obtenido los parametros de difusion en el BeO. Las rafagas de neutrones se generaron mediante un acelerador en cascada pulsando la fuente ionica y empleando la reaccion Be (d, n). Como detector se utilizo un contador proporcional de BF{sub 3} enriquecido. Los autores demuestran que por seleccion adecuada de la posicion y longitud del contador y de la ubicacion de la fuente, pueden eliminarse la mayoria de los armonicos espaciales. En el calculo de la constante de decrecimiento, fue posible tener en cuenta toda actividad de fondo constante. Para evitar armonicos temporales se prescindio de los laplacianos de valor muy elevado. Se elimino el efecto de todo contenido armonico remanente mediante el empleo de un retardo adecuado. Se determino, para varios laplacianos, la constante de decrecimiento del modo fundamental de la poblacion de neutrones termicos. Los autores examinan las condiciones que han de satisfacerse para determinar con precision la constante C de enfriamiento por difusion. Los valores obtenidos para el BeO fueron los siguientes: {lambda}{sub 0} = constante de absorcion = 156, 02 {+-} 4,37 s{sup -1}, D = coeficiente de difusion = (1,3334 {+-} 0,0128) * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s, C = constante de enfriamiento por difusion = (-4,8758 {+-} 0,5846) * 10{sup 5} cm{sup 4}/s. Los autores calcularon el efecto de despreciar la influencia del termino B{sup 6} sobre la determinacion de los parametros de difusion, demostrando que es considerable. Atribuyen a ese efecto la persistente discrepancia entre los valores de C obtenido para el mismo moderador por distintos investigadores. (author) [Russian] Opisyvaetsja primenenie metoda impul'snyh nejtronov dlja toch- nogo opredelenija diffuzionnyh parametrov zamedlitelej. S pomoshh'ju jetogo metoda byli polucheny diffuzionnye parametry VeO. Impul'sy nejtronov poluchalis' s pomoshh'ju kas- kadnogo uskoritelja v rezul'tate pul'sirovanija istochnika ionov i ispol'zovanija reakcii Be (d, n). Detektorom sluzhil proporcional'nyj schetchik iz obogashhennogo grehftoristogo bora. Pokazano, chto pri pravil'nom vybore polozhenija i dliny schetchika, a takzhe polozhenija istochnika, mozhno ustranit' bol'shuju chast' prostranstvennyh garmonik. Ljuboj postojannyj fon mozhet byt' uchten pri raschete postojannoj raspada. Chtoby izbezhat' vremennyh garmo- nik, ochen' bol'shie laplasiany ne ispol'zovalis'. Vse ostavshiesja garmoniki byli svedeny na net blagodarja ispol'zovaniju pravil'nogo vremeni zapazdyvanija. Postojannaja raspada osnovnogo sostojanija plotnosti teplovyh nejtronov Oyla opredelena dlja neskol'kih lapla- sianov. Rassmatrivajutsja te uslovija, kotorye dolzhny byt' sobljudeny dlja tochnogo opre- delenija konstanty diffuzionnogo ohlazhdenija (S). Dlja VeO polucheny sledujushhie velichiny: {lambda}{sub 0} = postojannaja pogloshhenija = 156,02 {+-} 4,37 sek{sup -1}, D = kojefficient diffuzii = (1,3334 {+-} 0,0128) {+-} 10{sup 5} sm2/sek, S = postojannaja diffuzionnogo ohlazhdenija = (-4,8758 {+-} 0,5846) * 10{sup 5} sm{sup 4}/sek. Vyjavleny posledstvija prenebrezhenija V{sup 6} pri opredelenii diffuzionnyh parametrov, pokazano, chto jeti posledstvija javljajutsja znachitel'nymi i ob{sup j}asnjajut sushhestvovavshee v teche- nie dlitel'nogo vremeni rashozhdenie mezhdu znachenijami S, poluchennymi dlja odnogo i togo zhe zamedlitelja razlichnymi issledovateljami. (author)

  16. Diagnosis of Massive Pulmonary Embolism in Man by Radioisotope Scanning; Diagnostic par Scintigraphy de l'Embolie Pulmonaire Massive chez l'Homme; Diagnostika massivnoj legochnoj ehmbolii u cheloveka s pomoshch'yu radioizotopnogo skennirovaniya; Diagnostico de la Embolia Pulmonar Masiva en el Hombre por Exploracion Radioisotopica

    Wagner, Jr., H. N.; Sabiston, Jr., D. C.; Iio, M.; Langan, J. K. [Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD (United States)


    Macroaggregated human-serum albumin particles labelled with either I{sup 131} or chromium-51 have been utilized to determine regional blood flow to the lungs in dogs and man. Following intravenous injection, the particles accumulated in the lung, permitting clear delineation of the lung fields by scintillation scanning. In patients with lung abscess, pneumonia, atelectasis, tumours and thromboembolic disease of the lung, there was a decreased accumulation of the radioactivity in the regions of the lungs involved. The technique was found to be clinically useful in the diagnosis of massive pulmonary emboli in man and in the demonstration of vascular occlusion in certain patients with cor pulmonale. Studies in dogs made possible the determination of the rate at which revascularization occurred following experimental pulmonary emboli. Scintillation scanning was carried out at various times after the removal of the experimental emboli. The circulation was restored through the lungs within a period of several weeks after the removal of chronic pulmonary emboli in dogs. Although aggregated human-serum albumin retained its antigenicity in rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, extensive studies failed to reveal any antigenicity of the particles to man. Because of the rapid metabolism of the macroaggregated albumin particles, the radiation to the patient was well within permissible levels. The use of albumin of high specific activity permitted injections of small chemical quantities; consequently no cardiovascular effects, such as increases in pulmonary artery pressure, changes in electrocardiogram or respiratory rate, were noted. (author) [French] Pour determiner chez le chien et chez l'homme le flux sanguin vers les poumons, on a utilise des macroparticules d'albumine de serum humain marquee avec {sup 131}I ou {sup 51}Cr. A la suite d'une injection intraveineuse, les particules s'accumulaient dans les poumons, permettant ainsi de delimiter nettement les regions pulmonaires par scintigraphie. Chez les sujets atteints d'abces pulmonaires, de pneumonie, d'atelectasie, de tumeurs ou dethrombo- embolie des poumons, on observait une accumulation moins intense de la radioactivite dans les regions pulmonaires affectees. Du point de vue clinique, cette methode s'est revelee utile pour le diagnostic des embolies pulmonaires massives chez l'homme et pour la mise en evidence d'une occlusion vasculaire chez certains sujets atteints de coeur pulmonaire. Les etudes sur des chiens ont permis de determiner le rythme auquel une vascularisation nouvelle se produisait a la suite d'embolies pulmonaires induites. On a fait des scintigraphies a diverses reprises apres embolectomie. Chez les chiens, la circulation dans les poumons etait retablie dans les quelques semaines qui suivaient l'embolectomie. Si les macroparticules d'albumine de serum humain gardaient leur caractere antigene chez les lapins, les cobayes et les chiens, des etudes tres poussees n'ont pu deceler un tel caractere chez l'homme. Par suite du metabolisme rapide des macroparticules d'albumine, la dose de radioactivite recue par les sujets restait bien en deca des niveaux admissibles. L'emploi d'albumine a forte activite specifique permettait de faire des injections de petites quantites de produit chimique; de ce fait, on n'a pas releve d'effets cardio-vasculaires, tels que des augmentations de la tension dans l'artere pulmonaire, des modifications de l'electro-cardiogramme ou du rythme respiratoire, etc. (author) [Spanish] Los autores utilizaron macroagregados de particulas de seroalbumina humana marcada con {sup 131}I o con {sup 51}Cr para determinar el caudal sanguineo regional que afluye a los pulmones en el perro y en el hombre. Inyectadas por via intravenosa, las particulas se acumulan en el pulmon y permiten delinear claramente los campos pulmonares por exploracion centelleografica. En pacientes con absceso del pulmon, neumonia, atelectasia, tumores y tromboembolias pulmonares, se observo una acumulacion disminuida de radiactividad en las regiones afectadas. Se comprobo la utilidad clinica de esta tecnica para diagnosticar embolias pulmonares masivas en el hombre y para descubrir oclusiones vasculares en ciertos pacientes afectados de cor pulmonale. Los estudios en perros permitieron determinar la rapidez con que progresa la revascularizacion despues de una embolia pulmonar experimental. Se efectuaron varias exploraciones centelleograficas una vez retirados los embolos experimentales. La circulacion se restablecio en todo el pulmon algunas semanas despues de haber eliminado los embolos pulmonares cronicos en los perros. Los agregados de seroalbumina humana han conservado su poder antigenico en los conejos, los cobayos y los perros, pero los estudios realizados no han permitido comprobar que las particulas tengan poder antigenico alguno en el hombre. Gracias al rapido metabolismo de los macroagregados, la dosis de radiacion recibida por el paciente se mantiene bastante inferior a los valores admisibles. El empleo de albuminas de elevada actividad especifica permite limitar considerablemente las cantidades inyectadas; no se observan, por lo tanto, efectos cardiovasculares tales como aumentos de presion en la arteria pulmonar, ni alteraciones del electrocardiograma o del ritmo respiratorio. (author) [Russian] Krupnye chasticy al'bumina syvorotki cheloveka, mechennye jodom-131 ili hromom-51, ispol'zovalis' dlja opredelenija regional'nogo toka krovi v legkih u sobak i cheloveka. Posle vnutrivennogo vvedenija chasticy, nakaplivajushhiesja v legkih, dajut chetkoe izobrazhenie konturov legkih pri scintilljacionnom skenniro- vanii. U pacientov s legochnymi abscessami, pnevmoniej, atelektazom, rakom legkih i trombojembolicheskoj bolezn'ju legkih nabljudalos' ponizhenie nakoplenija radioaktivnosti v porazhennyh uchastkah. Byl najden metod, kotoryj budet prigoden v klinike dlja diagnostiki massivnoj legochnoj jembolii u cheloveka i demonstracii zakuporki sosudov u nekotoryh pacientov s ''cor pulmonale''. Issledovanija na sobakah sdelali vozmozhnym opredelenie skorosti revaskuljarizacii posle jeksperimental'noj legochnoj jembolii. Scintilljacionnoe skennirovanie provodilos' v razlichnye periody vremeni posle udalenija jeksperimental'nogo jembola. Cirkuljacija krovi v legkih u sobak vosstanavlivalas' v techenie neskol'kih nedel' posle udalenija hronicheskogo legochnogo jembola. Hotja krupnye chasticy al'bumina syvorotki cheloveka sohranjali svoi antigennye svojstva dlja krolikov, morskih svinok i sobak, shirokie issledovanija ne priveli k obnaruzheniju kakih-libo antigennyh svojstv jetih chastic dlja cheloveka. Vvidu bystrogo metabolizma krupnyh chastic al'bumina doza obluchenija pacienta nahodilas' v predelah dopustimyh doz. Ispol'zovanie al'bumina s vysokoj udel'noj aktivnost'ju pozvoljalo vvodit' nebol'shie himicheskie kolichestva; vposledstvii ne otmecheno kakih-libo izmenenij so storony serdechno-sosudistoj sistemy, kak povyshenija davlenija v legochnoj arterii, izmenenija jelektrokardiogrammy ili chastoty dyhanija.

  17. 面对文字的历史:仪式之"乐"与身体记忆%Another Kind of Memory: In Search of Alternative History Through the Meaning of Yue (Music) in Ritual ( miandui wenzi de iishi: yishi zhi "yue" yu shenti jiyi)




  18. FY 1998 annual report on the research on the possibility of introducing a usable chemical substance manufacturing system by utilizing natural gas containing CO2; CO{sub 2} gan'yu tennen gas den katsuyo ni yoru yuyo kagaku busshitsu seizo system donyu kanosei ni kansuru chosa kenkyu 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho



    The trends of effective use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields are surveyed, and usable chemical substance manufacturing systems which utilize natural energy are investigated, evaluated and analyzed, to extract promising systems for effective use of CO2-containing natural gas and thereby to promote its effective use. Chapter 1 outlines possibility of integrated use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields and natural gas energy. Chapter 2 describes the research trends in the CO2 conversion reactions for using unexploited CO2 as the carbon source. Chapter 3 describes natural energy utilization technology applicable to gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields. Chapter 4 describes performance of chemical manufacturing systems utilizing natural gas containing CO2. The energy balances and CO2 emission coefficients are estimated, based on the above. The evaluation is implemented in the order of (1) conventional steam reforming, (2) steam reforming in which heat is supplied by a solar furnace, (3) examination of the exhaust gases from a methanol synthesis process, and (4) examination of CO2-mixed reforming. Chapter 5 describes summary and proposals. (NEDO)

  19. Achievement report for fiscal 1999. Joint verification research on use for power generation of Omani superhigh-viscosity crude oil remaining unexploited; 1999 nendo Oman koku ni okeru miriyo chokonensei gen'yu no denryoku riyo ni kansuru kyodo jissho kenkyu seika hokokusho



    A Mukhaizna oil field remains to be exploited in Oman, with an estimated reserve of 2.4-billion barrels of very heavy oil with an API (American Petroleum Institute) specific gravity of 15.3. The viscosity of the oil is so high as to be over 100-thousand cP (at 15 degrees C). The extremely high viscosity causes its exploitable rate to be so low as 3%, and makes shipment by pipeline quite difficult. In this survey, a method using water emulsion is proposed for viscosity reduction, which aims to reduce the Mukhaizna crude oil viscosity to 200mm2/s or less. In an experiment using the water emulsion method, oil is mixed with water at a rate of 72 to 28 in a shearing mixer for the production of a water emulsion of crude oil. It is found that a certain degree of stability is acquired using a surface active agent available on the market. Using this emulsion method, the crude oil is converted into a power generator fuel with a heating value of 6,775kcal/kg. The crude oil-turned product is a fine fuel superior to Orimulsion which is a fuel of the same type in terms of viscosity, amount of ash, and vanadium concentration. (NEDO)

  20. Optimization of Gamma-Ray Counting and Spectrometry in Biomedical Tracer Studies; Optimisation du Comptage et de la Spectrometrie des Rayons Gamma dans des Etudes Biomedicales Faites a l'Aide de Traceurs; Optimizatsiya gamma-scheta i spektrometrii gamma-luchej v biomeditsinskikh issledovaniyakh s pomoshch'yu indikatorov; Optimizacion del Recuento y de la Espectrometry Gamma en los Estudios Biomedicos con Indicadores

    Guinn, V. P. [General Dynamics Corporation, San Diego, CA (United States)


    In biomedical tracer studies, especially in man and even more so in children and pregnant women, it is important to operate at the lowest possible level of administered radioisotope that is commensurate with the required precision and accuracy of the subsequent radioassay measurements. Similarly, with administered stable elements (as specified compounds) or enriched stable isotopes (again, in compound form), followed by radioactivation analysis of resulting samples, it is important from the toxicological standpoint to minimize the amounts of administered element. The problem of optimization of counting of one, two and three gamma-emitting radioisotopes, by Nal(Tl) scintillation counting, single-channel spectrometry and multichannel spectrometry, has been considered in some detail in these laboratories, with particular attention to single-, double-, or triple-tagging tracer studies with radioisotopes frequently used in biomedical studies: {sup 51}Cr, {sup 198}Au, {sup 75}Se, {sup 197}Hg, {sup 64}Cu, {sup 76}As, {sup 82}Br, {sup 59}Fe, {sup 60}Co, {sup 42}K, and {sup 24}Na. The same considerations apply to the widely-used thermal-neutron activation analysis determinations of the corresponding elements or enriched stable isotopes, so the results of these counting optimization calculations have a double usefulness. The calculations are based on a few reasonable assumptions made on practical biomedical considerations, namely: (1) small samples ({<=} 10 ml), (2) moderate counting periods (s 20 minutes), (3) modest allowable decay periods ({<=} 3 days) and (4) use of commercially available counting equipment and shielding. On this basis, the most sensitive methods of counting each of the aforementioned radioisotopes, and a number of pairs and trios of them, have been ascertained. The counting variables included in the considerations are: (1) type of Nal(Tl) crystal, i.e., solid or well-type, (2) size of Nal(Tl) crystal, up to a 5 in x 5 in size, (3) type of measuring equipment: simple scalar, single-channel pulse-height analyser, or multichannel pulse-height analyser. The minimum detectable sample specific activity has been computed for each optimum counting situation, as well as the levels needed for statistical accuracies (expressed as standard deviations) of {+-} 20%, {+-} 10%, {+-} 5%, and {+-} 2%. In a number of illustrative cases, the calculated limits have been compared with experimentally determined values. Special attention has been devoted to the best conditions for minimization of contributions from lead X-rays, backscattered gamma-rays, escape peaks, sample beta-particles, and Bremsstrahlung. (author) [French] Lorsqu'on fait des etudes biomedicales a l'aide de radioindi- cateurs, notamment chez l'homme et plus particulierement chez les enfants et les femmes enceintes, il importe de limiter autant que possible la quantite de radioisotopes administres au minimum necessaire pour assurer la precision et Texactitude des mesures ulterieures de la radioactivite des specimens biologiques. De meme, il importe, du point de vue toxicologique, de reduire au minimum la quantite d'elements stables (sous forme de composes specifies) ou de radioisotopes stables enrichis (egalement sous forme de composes) administres en vue de faire l'analyse par radioactivation des echantillons ulterieurement preleves. Les auteurs ont etudie de maniere assez approfondie, en laboratoire, le probleme de l'optimisation du comptage des radioisotopes emettant un, deux et trois rayons gamma, au moyen de scintillateurs a Nal(Tl), de spectrometres a un canal et de spectrometres multicanaux, et on s'est attache plus particulierement aux etudes avec marquage au moyen de un, deux ou trois traceurs en utilisant les radioisotopes d'usage frequent dans les etudes biomedicales: {sup 51}Cr, {sup 198}Au, {sup 75}Se, {sup 197}Hg, {sup 64}Cu, {sup 76}As, {sup 82}Br, {sup 59}Fe, {sup 60}Co, {sup 42}K, et {sup 24}Na. Les memes considerations valent pour la methode bien connue d'analyse par activation avec neutrons thermiques des elements ou des radioisotopes stables enrichis correspondants, de sorte que les resultats de ces calculs d'optimisation du comptage presentent une double utilite. Les calculs sont faits sur la base de quelques hypotheses raisonnables elles-memes fondees sur des constatations biomedicales pratiques: 1. emploi d'echantillons de dimensions reduites ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 10 ml), 2. duree moyenne des temps de comptage ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 20 min), 3. emploi de radioisotopes dont la periode de desintegration est assez breve ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 3) et 4. utilisation d'ensembles de comptage et de blindage en vente dans le commerce. Sur ces bases, on a determine les methodes de comptage les plus sensibles pour chacun des radioisotopes ci-dessus et pour des groupes de deux ou trois d'entre eux. Pour le comptage,. les variables sont les suivantes: 1. type du cristal de Nal(Tl), c'est-a-dire cristal normal ou cristal a puits, 2. dimensions du cristal de Nal(Tl), qui peuvent atteindre 13 x 13 cm, 3. type des appareils de mesure: echelle de comptage simple, analyseur d'amplitude a un seul canal ou a plusieurs canaux. On a calcule l'activife specifique minimale decelable des echantillons pour chaque situation optimale ainsi que les quantites necessaires pour atteindre le degre d'exactitude qu'exigent les statistiques: ecarts types de {+-} 20%, {+-} 10%, {+-} 5% et {+-} 2%. L'auteur compare dans plusieurs exemples les valeurs limites theoriques aux valeurs determinees experimentalement. Une attention particuliere a ete accordee aux meilleures conditions permettant de reduire au minimum la radioactivite des rayons X emis par le plomb, des rayons gamma retrodiffuses, des pics de fuite, des particules beta emises par les echantillons et du rayonnement de freinage. (author) [Spanish] En los estudios biomedicos con indicadores, especialmente cuando se efectuan en el hombre y, sobre todo, en el nino y en la mujer embarazada, es importante administrar la menor cantidad de radioisotopos compatible con una medicion suficientemente precisa de la radiactividad. Lo mismo sucede, por razones toxicologicas, cuando se administran elementos estables (en torma de compuestos) o isotopos estables enriquecidos (tambien en forma de compuestos) y se analizan por radiactivacion las muestras correspondientes. El autor ha estudiado con cierto detalle el problema de la optimizacion del recuento de uno, dos y tres radioisotopos emisores gamma por centelleo con Nal(Tl) y espectrometria mono y multicanal, prestando especial atencion a los estudios efectuados por marcacion simple, doble o triple con los radioisotopos mas frecuentemente usados en los estudios biomedicos: {sup 51}Cr, {sup 198}Au, {sup 75}Se, {sup 197}Hg, {sup 64}Cu, {sup 76}As, {sup 82}Br, {sup 59}Fe, {sup 60}Co, {sup 42}K, y {sup 24}Na. Como las mismas consideraciones son aplicables al analisis corriente por activacion con neutrones termicos de los elementos correspondientes o de los isatopos estables enriquecidos, los resultados de los calculos de la optimizacion del recuento tienen una utilidad doble. Esos calculos parten de unas pocas suposiciones razonables basadas en consideraciones biomedicas practicas: a) muestras pequenas ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 10 cm{sup 3}) ; b) tiempos de recuento de mediana duracion ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 10 minutos) ; c) cortos perfodos de espera antes de la medicion ( Less-Than-Or-Equal-To 3 dias) y d) empleo de equipo de recuento y blindaje de tipo comercial. Partiendo de esta base se ha determinado cuales son los metodos mas sensibles de recuento para los mencionados radioisotopos y para algunas combinaciones de dos o tres de ellos. El recuento se ha estudiado en funcion de las siguientes variables: a) tipo del cristal de Nal(Tl), macizo o de cavidad; b) tamafio del cristal de Nal(Tl), hasta 5 x 5 pulg; c) equipo de medicion: escalfmetro simple, analizador de amplitudes de impulso monocanal o multicanal. Para cada circunstancia Sptima de recuento se ha calculado la actividad especifica minima detectable de la muestra, asi como los niveles requeridos para las precisiones estadfsticas (expresadas como desviaciones tipo) de {+-} 20%, {+-} 10%, {+-} 5% y {+-}2% En varios casos se han comparado los limites calculados con valores experimentales. Se ha prestado especial atencion a las mejores condiciones para reducir al mfnimo las contribuciones de los rayos X generados en el plomo, de los rayos gamma retrodispersos, de los maximos de escape, de las particulas beta de las muestras y de las radiaciones de frenado. (author) [Russian] V biomedicinskih issledovanijah s pomoshh'ju indikatorov, osobenno ljudej i, tem bolee, detej i beremennyh zhenshhin, vazhno rabotat' pri naimenee nizkom urovne vvodimyh radioizotopov, naskol'ko jeto sovmestimo s trebuemoj tochnost'ju i pravil'nost'ju posledujushhih izmerenij radioaktivnosti. Analo- gichnym obrazom, v sluchae vvedenija v organizm stabil'nyh jelementov (v vide opredelennyh soedinenij) ili obogashhennyh stabil'nyh izotopov (opjat'-taki v vide soedinenij) dlja dal'- nejshego radioaktivacionnogo analiza poluchennyh prob, s tochki zrenija toksikologii vazhno sokrashhat' do minimuma kolichestvo vvodimogo jelementa. V laboratorijah byla tshhatel'no izuchena problema optimizacii otschityvanija odnogo, dvuh n treh gamma-izluchajushhih radioizotopov pri pomoshhi scintilljacionnyh schetchikov s kristallom NaJ(Tl), odnokanal'noj i mnogokanal'noj spektrometrii, prichem osoboe vni- manie udeljalos' issledovanijam pri pomoshhi mechenija odnim, dvumja ili tremja indikatorami, naibolee chasto ispol'zuemymi v bnomedicinskih issledovanijah, a imenno: hrom-51, zoloto-198, selen-75, rtut'-197, med'-64, mysh'jak-76, brom-82, zhelezo-59, kobal't-60, kal'cij-42 i natrij-24. Odinakovye soobrazhenija otnosjatsja k opredeleniju pri pomoshhi shiroko ispol'zuemogo aktivacionnogo analiza teplovymi nejtronami sootvetstvujushhih jelementov ili obogashhennyh stabil'nyh izotopov, tak chto rezul'taty jetih raschetov opti- mizacii otschityvanija imejut dvojnuju pol'zu. V osnovu raschetov byli polozheny prostye gipotezy, osnovannye prakticheskih bio- medicinskih soobrazhenijah: 1) malyj razmer prob (ne bolee 10 ml); 2) ogranichennoe vremja' otschityvanija (ne bolee 20 min); 3) nebol'shie dopustimye periody raspada (ne bolee treh sutok) i 4) ispol'zovanie imejushhegosja v prodazhe oborudovanija dlja otscheta i zashhity. Na jetoj osnove byli opredeleny naibolee chuvstvitel'nye metody otscheta dlja kazhdogo iz vysheupomjanutyh radioizotopov, a takzhe dlja ih par i troek. Uchityvalis' sledujushhie peremennye velichiny otscheta: 1) tip kristalla NaJ (T1), a imenno cel'nyj ili s kanalom, 2) razmer kristalla NaJ (T1)-do5h 5 djujmov i 3) tip izmeritel'nyh priborov: prostaja pereschetnaja shema, odnokanal'nyj i mnogokanal'nyj analizator amplitudy impul'sov. Dlja kazhdogo optimal'nogo uslovija otscheta podschitany minimal'naja ulovimaja udel'naja aktivnost' proby, a takzhe urovni ee, neobhodimye dlja sobljudenija statisticheskoj pra- vil'nosti (vyrazhennoj v vide standartnyh otklonenij) v predelah {+-}20, {+-}10, {+-}5 i {+-}2% . Dlja celogo rjada pokazatel'nyh sluchaev raschetnye predely byli sopostavleny s jeksperi- mental'nymi. Osoboe vnimanie udeljalos' nailuchshim uslovijam ponizhenija do minimuma doli izluchaemyh svincom rentgenovskih luchej, obratnogo rassejanija gamma-luchej, pikov utechki, chisla beta-chastic v probe i tormoznogo izluchenija. (author)

  1. Achievement report for fiscal 1999. Joint verification research on use for power generation of Omani superhigh-viscosity crude oil remaining unexploited; 1999 nendo Oman koku ni okeru miriyo chokonensei gen'yu no denryoku riyo ni kansuru kyodo jissho kenkyu seika hokokusho



    A Mukhaizna oil field remains to be exploited in Oman, with an estimated reserve of 2.4-billion barrels of very heavy oil with an API (American Petroleum Institute) specific gravity of 15.3. The viscosity of the oil is so high as to be over 100-thousand cP (at 15 degrees C). The extremely high viscosity causes its exploitable rate to be so low as 3%, and makes shipment by pipeline quite difficult. In this survey, a method using water emulsion is proposed for viscosity reduction, which aims to reduce the Mukhaizna crude oil viscosity to 200mm2/s or less. In an experiment using the water emulsion method, oil is mixed with water at a rate of 72 to 28 in a shearing mixer for the production of a water emulsion of crude oil. It is found that a certain degree of stability is acquired using a surface active agent available on the market. Using this emulsion method, the crude oil is converted into a power generator fuel with a heating value of 6,775kcal/kg. The crude oil-turned product is a fine fuel superior to Orimulsion which is a fuel of the same type in terms of viscosity, amount of ash, and vanadium concentration. (NEDO)

  2. Actual situation investigation utilizing a crude oil tanker for the air pollution in the Persion Gulf due to Kuwaiti oil field fire. Gen'yu tanker wo riyoshita Kuwait yusei kasai ni yoru Perushawan no taiki osen no jittai chosa

    Tanaka, S. (Keio University, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science and Technology)


    Very serious air pollution was brought about by the fire in oil fields at the end of February, 1991 after the Middle East Gulf War had come to an end. The present report explained the investigation result of actual air pollution situation obtained through measurement by implements mounted on board of the Japan Violet, crude oil tanker which made navigation in the Persian Gulf from 17 to 29 August, 1991. Non-marine salinity sulfate and nitrate in the dust particulates which are representative substances for the air pollution were 10.5 and 3.7[mu]g/m[sup 3], respectively in mean atmospheric content. Such a content level was nearly equal to that in the air-polluted land area and very high for the offshore air. It is judged to be resultant from the particulate formation of non-marine salinity salt from SO2 and NOx which were abundantly emitted, dispersed in the Persian Gulf and oxidized. However as a result of the neutralization by Ca contained in high content sanddust in the atmosphere of the Persian Golf, the acidity of sanddust was not so high. 7 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Stabilization by Shear and Negative V''; Stabilisation au Moyen du Croisement de Lignes de Champ et de l'Emploi d'un V'' Negatif; Stabilizatsiya spomoshch'yu shira i otritsatel'nogo V{sup ;} Estabilizacion por Cizallamiento y Empleo de V'' Negativa

    Furth, H. P.; Killeen, J. [Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, CA (United States); Rosenbluth, M. N. [General Atomic Division, General Dynamics Corporation and University of California (San Diego), La Jolla, CA (United States); Coppi, B. [University of California (San Diego), La Jolla, CA (United States)


    A criterion is derived for the stability against gravitational interchange of toroidal systems by using the hydrodynamic equation with finite resistivity. The stability depends on an expression that reduces to the sign of the second derivative of the volume per unit flux (V'') in the case that the plasma does not surround any ''floating'' conductors. If this condition is violated, then a ''rapid'' resistive instability results. If the condition is satisfied, then both the resistive growth rate and the critical {beta} against ''ballooning'' modes depend on a figure of merit rR{sub c}/L{sup 2} where r is plasma radius, L is length along field lines between ''good'' and ''bad'' regions, Re the mean radius of curvature and {gamma} is a shape factor depending on the design. A similar consideration applies to ''kinking'' modes. Using the results of numerical calculations, we will discuss the structure, stability properties and figure of merit of several ''stagnation-point'' solutions having the negative-V'' property. The principle here is to create directions of favorable {Delta}B, then cause the rotational transform to be weakened in the favorable regions (reaching a null at the stagnation point). The negative contributions to V'' are then weighted heavily, becoming infinite at the stagnation point. We consider three types of solution: (1) Linear periodic-multipole arrays, by using helical Script-Small-L = 2 and 4, or Script-Small-L = 3 ''shaping fields'' with natural stagnation points; and by superimposing Script-Small-L = 0 and 2, Script-Small-L = 1 and 3, or Script-Small-L = 0 and 3 ''corrugating fields'', to create favorable {Delta}B regions. (2) Helical equilibria, by using gross helical curvature to create the favorable VB regions and stagnating the rotational transform by means of a current on an axial conductor, around which the helical equilibrium flux-tube is wound. (3) Toroidal equilibria, by using the gross toroidal curvature to create the favorable {Delta}B regions. The rotational transform is generated by a helical Script-Small-L = 2 winding and stagnated by an auxiliary poloidal field. (author) [French] Les auteurs etablissent un critere de stabilite a l'egard de l'interchange gravitationnel dans les dispositifs torriidaux a l'aide de l'equation hydrodynamique dans laquelle on tient compte d'une reistivite finie. La stabilite depended'une expression qui se reduit au signe de la derivee seconde du volume par unite de flux (V'') lorsque le plasma n'entoure pas de conducteurs . Si cette condition n'est pas remplie, il se produit une instabilite resistive 'rapide'. Si elle l'est, le taux de croissance de l'instabilite resistive ainsi que la valeur critique de {beta} au-dela de laquelle se produit le mode de 'ballonnement' dependent d'un nombre caracteristique a (rR{sub c}/L{sup 2}) y ou r est le rayon de plasma, L la distance separant les 'bonnes' et les 'mauvaises' regions mesuree le long des lignes de forces, R{sub c} le rayon moyen de courbure et {gamma} un facteur de forme qui depend des details de la configuration. Des considerations semblables s'appliquent a des 'modes en serpentements ' . En se fondant sur les resultats de calculs numeriques, les auteurs etudient la structure, les proprietes de stabilite, ainsi que le nombre caracteristique de plusieurs solutions a 'points de stagnation ' pour lesquelles V'' est negatif. La methode consiste, dans ce cas, a creer des directions ou {Delta}B est favorable et a provoquer ensuite l'affaiblissement de la transformee rotationnelle dans les regions favorables (pour atteindre la valeur zero au point de stagnation). Les facteurs contribuant a rendre V'' negatif sont alors fortement ponderes et deviennent infinis au point de stagnation. Les auteurs examinent trois types de solutions: 1. Des dispositifs lineaires a multipoles periodiques, au moyen de 'champs modelants' helicoiedaux (du type Script-Small-L = 2 et 4 ou Script-Small-L = 3) presentant des points de stagnation naturels auxquels on superpose des 'champs de gaufrants' (du type Script-Small-L = 0 et 2, Script-Small-L = 1 et 3 ou Script-Small-L = 0 et 3), pour creer les regions a {Delta}B favorable. 2. Des equilibres helicoiedaux au moyen de la courbure heli'cbidale globale pour creer des regions a {Delta}B favorable, la stagnation de la transformee rotationnelle etant obtenue a l'aide d'un courant circulant sur un conducteur axial, autour duquel s'enroule le tube de flux en equilibre dont la forme est helicoiedale. 3. Des equilibres toroiedaux, au moyen de la courbure toroiedale globale, pour creer les regions a {Delta}B favorable. La transformee rotationnelle est engendree par un enroulement helicoiedal du type Script-Small-L = 2. Sa stagnation est obtenue par un champ poloiedal auxiliaire. (author) [Spanish] Se establece en la presente memoria un criterio de estabilidad respecto del intercambio gravitatorio en los sistemas toroidales, usando la ecuacion hidrodinamica en la cual se tiene en cuenta una resistividad finita. La estabilidad depende de una expresion que se reduce al signo de la derivada segunda del volumen por unidad de flujo (V'') en el caso de que el plasma no rodee a ningun conductor 'flotante'. Si esta condicionlno se cumple aparece una inestabilidad resistiva rapida mientras que, en caso contrario, tanto el indice de aumento de la inestabilidad resistiva como el valor critico de {beta} mas alla del cual se manifiesta el modo de 'inflacion' depende de un valor caracteristico Tilde-Operator rRc {gamma}/L{sup 2}, donde r es el radio del plasma, L la distancia que separa las zonas 'buenas' {gamma} 'malas', medida a lo largo de las lineas de fuerza, R{sub c} el radio de curvatura medio, y {gamma} un factor de forma que depende de detalles de la configuracion. Analogas consideraciones se aplican a los modos 'serpenteados'. Sobre la base de los resultados de los calculos numericos, los autores analizan la estructura, las propiedades de estabilidad y el valor caracteristico de varias soluciones de 'punto de estancamiento' para las cuales V'' es negativa. El metodo consiste en crear direcciones en que {Delta}B es favorable y debilitar luego la transformada rotacional en las regiones favorables (para alcanzar el valor cero en el punto de estancamiento). Los factores que contribuyen al valor negativo de V'' se ponderan entonces marcadamente, llegando a ser infinito en el punto de estancamiento. Los autores consideran tres tipos de solucion: 1) Disposiciones lineales de multipolos periodicos, mediante campos 'modeladores' helicoidales (del tipo Script-Small-L = 2 y 4 o Script-Small-L = 3) que presentan puntos de estancamiento naturales a los que se superponen 'campos de acanaladura' (del tipo Script-Small-L = 0 y 2, Script-Small-L s 1 y 3, o bien Script-Small-L = 0 y 3) pata crear regiones de {Delta}B favorable. 2) Equilibrios helicoidales, empleando la curvatura helicoidal de caracter global para crear las regiones de {Delta}B favorable y estancando la transformada rotacional mediante una corriente que circula por un conductor axial, alrededor del cual se arrolla el tubo de flujo en equilibrio, de forma helicoidal. 3) Equilibrios toroidales empleando la curvatura toroidal de caracter global para crear las regiones de {Delta}B favorable. La transformada rotacional se genera mediante un devanado helicoidal del tipo Script-Small-L = 2 y se logra el estancamiento mediante un campo poloidal auxiliar. (author) [Russian] Dlja ustojchivosti otnositel'no gravitacionnoj zhelobkovoj neustojchivosti toroidal'nyh sistem vyvoditsja kriterij putem ispol'zovanija gidrodinamicheskogo priblizhenija s konechnym udel'nym soprotivleniem. Ustojchivost' zavisit ot vyrazhenija, kotoroe svoditsja k znaku vtoroj proizvodnoj velichiny ob''ema na edinicu potoka (V''); v tom sluchae, kogda plazma ne okruzhena kakimi-libo ''plavajushhimi'' provodnikami. Esli jeto uslovie narushaetsja, to voznikaet ''bystraja'' rezistivnaja neustojchivost'. Esli jeto uslovie vypolnjaetsja, to kak dissipativnyj inkrement, tak i kriticheskoe {beta} dlja ''balonnyh'' mod zavisjat ot velichiny Tilde-Operator rRc {gamma}/L{sup 2} , gde g - radius plazmy, L - dlina vdol' linij polja mezhdu ''horoshimi'' i ''plohimi'' oblastjami, R{sub c} srednij radius krivizny i, nakonec, {gamma} formfaktor, zavisjashhij ot detal'noj konstrukcii. Podobnye soobrazhenija rasprostranjajutsja i na vintovye mody. Ispol'zuja rezul'taty chislennyh raschetov, my obsudim strukturu, ustojchivost' i preimushhestva neskol'kih reshenij so ''stacionarnoj tochkoj'', imejushhih otricatel'noe V''. Princip sostoit v tom, chtoby sozdat' napravlenija blagoprijatnogo VB, a zatem sozdat' vrashhatel'noe preobrazovanie, oslabljaemoe v blagoprijatnyh oblastjah (dostigaja 0 v stacionarnoj tochke). Otricatel'nye vklady v velichinu V'' priobretajut bol'shoj ves, stanovjas' beskonechnymi v stacionarnoj tochke. Rassmatrivajutsja tri tipa reshenija: 1) Linejnye periodicheski-mul'tipol'nye rjady S ispol'zovanija vintovyh 1 = 2 i 4, ili 1=3 ''formirujushhih polej'' s estestvennymi stacionarnymi tochkami; i putem nalozhenija 1 = 0 i 2, 1 = 1 i 3, ili 1 = 0 i 3 ''gofrirujushhih polej'', dlja togo, chtoby sozdat' blagoprijatnye oblasti {Delta}B. 2) Vintovoe ravnovesie putem ispol'zovanija bol'shoj vintovoj krivizny s cel'ju sozdanija blagoprijatnyh oblastej {Delta}B i ostanovki vrashhatel'nogo preobrazovanija s pomoshh'ju toka na osevom provodnike, vokrug kotorogo navita vintovaja trubka dlja ravnovesnogo potoka. 3) Toroidal'noe ravnovesie s ispol'zovaniem bol'shoj toroidal'noj krivizny dlja sozdanija blagoprijatnyh oblastej {Delta}B. Vrashhatel'noe preobrazovanie sozdaetsja s pomoshh'ju spiral'nyh vitkov 1 =2 i stacionarnaja tochka obrazuetsja blagodarja vspomogatel'nomu poloidal'nomu-polju. (author)

  4. Quality Selection of Zircaloy-2 Canning Tubes by Ultrasonic Testing on Small Defects; Controle de la Qualite des Gaines en Zircaloy-2: Detection de Petits Defauts par les Ultrasons; Achestvennyjotb ortrub chatykh obolochek iz tsirkalloya-2 putem vyyavleniya nebol'shikh defektov s pomoshch'yu ul'trazvuka; Control de Calidad de los Revestimientos de Zircaloy-2 por Localizacion Ultrasonica de Pequenos Defectos

    Van Der Linde, A. [Reactor Centrum Nederland, Petten (Netherlands); Deraad, J. A. [Roentgen Technische Dienst N.V., Rotterdam (Netherlands)


    Zircaloy-2 canning tubes, 10.20 mm I.D. x 0.90 mm wall x 1500 mm length, destined for testing as fuel-rod cladding in a high temperature. 330 Degree-Sign C, in-pile pressurized water loop, were tested ultrasonically for defects to get an impression of the tubes' quality. The tested tubes were delivered by manufacturers in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Our requirement that all delivered tubes should be free from defects with a length greater than 500- 1000 {mu}m and/or with a depth greater than 50-25 {mu}m was not completely accepted by the manufacturers. They could guarantee that defects longer than 1000 {mu}m and/or with a depth greater than 50 {mu}m should be absent. Because only two of the 93 tested tubes had defects with a depth greater than 50 {mu}m it was decided to apply a more severe test by which defects with a depth in the range 10-50 {mu}m could be detected. To detect and record such small defects, longitudinal as well as transverse, a semi-automatic ultrasonic pulse equipment was used in combination with gating systems and a multiple-channel recorder. The adjustment of the scanning system was such that inner and outer defects of the same size were indicated with equal amplitudes. Calibration of the equipment was made on artificial defects. Longitudinal defects were detected with a separated transmitter-receiver system using a focused beam. Transverse defects were scanned by a single probe acting as transceiver. To obtain the sensitivity required the tests were carried out in immersion at a frequency of 4 MHz whereby the tubes were rotated with 120 rpm. A description is given of the mechanical device, the general set-up and the difficulties encountered. The result was that from the 93 tested tubes 21 had defects in the transverse direction with a depth between 10 and 50 {mu}m. Thus a relative qualification of the tubes was obtained. (author) [French] Des gaines en Zircaloy-2, ayant un diametre interieur de 10, 20 mm, une epaisseur de 0,90 mm et une longueur de 1500 mm, destinees a des essais en pile (dans une boucle a eau sous pression , a la temperature de 330 Degree-Sign C) en vue de leur utilisation pour le gainage de barreaux de combustible, ont ete soumises a un controle au moyen d'ultrasons pour detecter leurs defauts et evaluer leur qualite. Les gaines soumises aux essais avaient ete livrees par des fabricants des Etats-Unis, du Royaume-Uni et des pays scandinaves. D'apres les specifications, toutes les gaines devaient etre exemptes de failles ayant plus de 500 a 1000pm de longueur et plus de 50 a 25 {mu}m de profondeur, mais les fabricants n'avaient pas accepte de repondre pleinement a ces exigences. Ils pouvaient simplement garantir qu'il n'y aurait pas de failles ayant plus de 1.000 pm de longueur et plus de 50 {mu}m de profondeur. Comme seulement deux des 93 gaines controlees presentaient des failles ayant plus de 50 {mu}m de profondeur, on a decide de faire un controle plus severe pour detecter des failles de 10 a 50 {mu}m de profondeur. Pour detecter et enregistrer des defauts aussi minimes, on a utilise un dispositif semi-automatique a impulsions ultrasonores, en meme temps que des conditionneurs et un enregistreur multicanal. L'appareil d'exploration etait regle de telle facon que des defauts de meme taille etaient indiques avec la meme amplitude, qu'ils soient interieurs ou exterieurs. L'etalonnage du meteriel a ete fait au moyen de defauts artificiels. Les defauts longitudinaux ont ete detectes au moyen d'un emetteur-recepteur distinct, a faisceau focalise. Les defauts transversaux ont ete detectes par une sonde unique faisant office de traducteur. Pour obtenir la sensibilite voulue, les essais ont ete effectues en immersion, avec une frequence de 4 MHz, les tubes tournant a 120 t/min. Le memoire decrit le dispositif mecanique, l'ensemble des operations et les difficultes rencontrees. On a constate que, sur 93 gaines controlees, 21 presentaient des defauts transversaux profonds de 10 a 50 {mu}m. On avait donc obtenu un classement qualitatif des gaines. (author) [Spanish] Se han efectuado ensayos ultrasonicos con tubos de revestimiento de Zircaloy-2 (diametro interno 10, 20 mm, espesor 0,90 mm, longitud 1 500 mm) con objeto de determinar su calidad y localizar posibles defectos. Los tubos se destinan a proteger las barras de combustible a la temperatura de 330 Degree-Sign C en un circuito de agua a presion en el interior del ractor. Los tubos procedian de fabricantes de Estados Unidos, Reino Unido y Escandinavia, que no llegaron a aceptar por completo la condicion que se les impuso de que aquellos careciesen de defectos con dimensiones superiores a 500-1 000 {mu}m de longitud y 50-25 {mu}m de profundidad. Lo que garantizaron fue que los tubos no tendrian defectos superiores a 1 000 {mu}m de largo y 50 {mu}m de profundidad. Como unicamente dos de los 93 tubos verificados tenian defectos de profundidad superior a 50 {mu}m, se decidio someterlos a una prueba mas estricta que permitiese localizar defectos de 10 a 50 {mu}m. Para localizar y registrar fallas longitudinales y transversales tan pequenas se utilizo un equipo semiautomatico de impulsos ultrasonicos en combinacion con circuitos de desbloqueo y registradores multicanales. El sistema de exploracion se ajusto de manera que resultaran indicados con identica amplitud defectos internos y externos de iguales proporciones. Para calibrar el equipo, se usaron tubos con defectos artificiales. Los defectos longitudinales se localizaron con un sistema independiente transmisor-receptor y un haz enfocado. Los transversales se detectaron con una sonda que funcionaba como transceptor. Para lograr la sensibilidad necesaria, los ensayos se efectuaron por inmersion a una frecuencia de 4 MHz, estando los tubos animados de un movimiento de rotacion de 120 revAnin. Se incluye en la memoria una descripcion de la instalacion mecanica y de las dificultades que hubo que superar. Segun los resultados obtenidos, de los 93 tubos ensayados, 21 presentaban defectos transversales de 10 a 50 {mu}m de profundidad. Por consiguiente, puede afirmarse que el procedimiento indicado permite clasificar los tubos con arreglo a su calidad. (author) [Russian] Trubchatye obolochki iz cirkalloja-2 s vnutrennim diametrom 10,20 mm, tolshhinoj stenok 0,90 mm i dlinoj 1500 mm, prednaznachennye dlja proverki v kachestve pokrytija toplivnyh sterzhnej pri temperature 330 Degree-Sign S v reaktornoj petle s vodoj pod davleniem ispytyvalis' s pomoshh'ju ul'trazvuka s cel'ju obnaruzhenija defektov. Ispytyvaemye trubchatye obolochki byli postavleny izgotoviteljami v SShA, soedinennom Korolevstve i v Skandinavii. Nashe trebovanie, chtoby vse postavlennye trubki byli svobodny ot treshhin i drugih defektov razmerom svyshe 500 - 1000 mikron po dline i svyshe 25 - 50 mikron po glubine, ne bylo prinjato polnost'ju izgotoviteljami. Oni mogli garantirovat' tol'ko otsutstvie treshhin velichinoj svyshe 1000 mikron po dline i svyshe 50 mikron po glubine. V svjazi s tem, chto iz 93 ispytannyh trub tol'ko u dvuh byli obnaruzheny treshhiny velichinoj svyshe 50 mikron po glubine, reshili provodit' bolee stroguju proverku, v rezul'tate kotoroj mozhno bylo by obnaruzhivat' defekty velichinoj porjadka 10 - 50 mikron po glubine. Dlja obnaruzhenija i registracii takih nebol'shih defektov primenjalos' poluavtomaticheskoe ul'trazvukovoe impul'snoe oborudovanie, dejstvujushhee kak v prodol'nom, tak i v poperechnom napravlenijah, v kombinacii s sistemami propuskanija i mnogokanal'nym registratorom. Sistema razvertki byla otregulirovana takim obrazom, chto vnutrennie i naruzhnye defekty odnogo i togo zhe porjadka i razmera ukazyvalis' s odinakovymi amplitudami. Kalibrovanie oborudovanija proizvodili na iskusstvennyh defektah. Defekty, obrazovavshiesja v prodol'nom napravlenii, obnaruzhivalis' s pomoshh'ju razdel'noj sistemy datchik-priemnik s primeneniem fokusirovannogo puchka. Defekty, obrazovavshiesja v poperechnom napravlenii, skennirovalis' s pomoshh'ju edinichnogo zonda, rabotavshego v kachestve priemoperedatchika. Dlja dostizhenija neobhodimoj chuvstvitel'nosti ispytanija provodilis' v sostojanii pogruzhenija s chastotoj 4 Mgc,v to vremja kak trubki vrashhalis' so skorost'ju 120 ob/min. Daetsja opisanie mehanicheskogo pribora, obshhej ustanovki i voznikavshih trudnostej. V rezul'tate iz 93 proverennyh trubok u 21 byli obnaruzheny defekty v poperechnom napravlenii velichinoj ot 10 do 50 mikron po glubine. Takim obrazom, byla sostavlena otnositel'naja kvalifikacija trubok. (author)

  5. Report on the survey of the project on the environmentally friendly type energy community field test. Separate volume - reference data. Investigative project for development and commercialization of recycle technology of waste edible oil; 2001 nendo kankyo chowa gata energy community field test jigyo chosa hokokusho. Hai shokuryo yu no recycle gijutsu kaihatsu to jitsuyoka no tameno chosa jigyo (Bessatsu - Sanko shiryo)



    For the purpose of promoting the effective utilization of biomass resource, an investigative study was made on the development of recycle technology of waste edible oil. In the survey, the following were carried out and the results were summarized: promotion measures for biodiesel oil by the EU, promotion measures for biodiesel oil by other countries including Canada, promotion measures for biodiesel oil by the US's Department of Energy (DOC), actual results of the use of biodiesel oil in Kyoto City, reference data on biodiesel oil in Japan, and tackling toward the promotion of BDF in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. As to the transportation use fuel in the EU in the coming 20 years, biofuel, natural gas and hydrogen seem to be selected. If measures are positively taken, biofuel is expected to be 2%, 6%, 7% and 8% in FY 2005, FY 2010, FY 2015 and FY 2020, respectively. Also, natural gas is expected to be 2% in FY 2010, 5% in FY 2015 and 10% in FY 2020, and hydrogen is expected to be 2% in FY 2015 and 5% in FY 2020. (NEDO)

  6. Study of pentane and cyclopentane radiolysis with the aid of radioactive iodine; Etude de la radiolyse du pentane et du cyclopentane a l'aide d'iode radioactif; Issledovanie radioliza pentana i tsiklopentana s pomoshch'yu radioaktivnogo joda; Estudio de la radiolisis del pentano y del ciclopentano con ayuda de yodo radiactivo

    Dauphin, J [Laboratoire de Chimie-Physique, Faculte des Sciences de Paris (France)


    Irradiation of hydrocarbons by ionizing radiation such as Co{sup 60} gamma-rays produces, inter alia, free radicals. Analysis of these radicals may lead to at least a partial explanation of the phenomena occurring. For analysis, the ''isotopic dilution'' method is used: the iodine used for taking up the radicals is labelled with iodine-131, resulting in a whole series of labelled iodides when the reaction is completed. Separation is affected by means of distillation on a microcolumn after inactive carriers have been added and the mineral iodine has been extracted. The activity of each fraction is measured directly it leaves the column. A control is used to obtain absolute G values from the counting. Precautions are taken to prevent isotopic exchange during separation. This method has been applied to cyclopentane and n-pentane and has yielded a detailed radiolysis spectrum. (author) [French] Les hydrocarbures irradies par des rayonnements ionisants tels que les {gamma} du cobalt-60 produisent entre autres entites des radicaux libres, dont l'analyse peut amener a decouvrir une explication au moins partielle des phenomenes. Pour effectuer cette analyse, on utilise la technique de la : l'iode servant de capteur est marque par de l'iode-131, ce qui a pour resultat de donner toute une serie d'iodures marques en fin de reaction. La separation se fait par distillation sur une microcolonne, apres addition d'entraineurs inactifs et extraction de l'iode mineral. L'activite de chaque fraction est mesuree directement a la sortie de la colonne. Un temoin permet l'obtention de valeurs absolues de G a partir des comptages. Des precautions sont prises pour eviter l'echange isotopique en cours de separation. Appliquee au cyclopentane et au n-pentane, cette methode a permis d'obtenir un spectre detaille de radiolyse. (author) [Spanish] La exposicion de los hidrocarburos a la accion de radiaciones ionizantes tales como los rayos gamma del {sup 60}Co da lugar a la formacion de radicales libres. Es posible que el analisis de estos radicales permite explicar, por lo menos parcialmente, los fenomenos observados. El autor efectua el analisis por : el yodo empleado como receptor se marca con yodo-131, por lo que al final de la reaccion se obtiene toda una serie de yoduros marcados. Lleva a cabo la separacion por destilacion en una microcolumna despues de haber anadido portadores inactivos y extraido el yodo inorganico. La actividad de cada fraccion se mide directamente a la salida de la columna. Los valores absolutos del coeficiente G se determinan por recuento de la actividad de una muestra testigo. El autor adopta las precauciones necesarias para evitar el intercambio isotopico durante la separacion. El metodo se aplico al ciclopentano y al n-pentano, habiendose obtenido un espectro de radiolisis detallado. (author) [Russian] Uglevodorody, obluchennye ioniziruyushchimi luchami, takimi, kak gamma-luchi kobal'ta-60, sredi drugikh veshchestv dayut svobodnye radikaly. Analiz ehtikh radikalov mozhet privesti k chastichnomu ob{sup y}asneniyu yavlenij. CHtoby osushchestvit' ehtot analiz, primenyayut metod ''izotopnogo razbavleniya'': jod, sluzhashchij ulovitelem, metyat jodom-131, chto privodit k tomu, chto v kontse reaktsii poluchaetsya tselaya seriya mechenykh jodidov. Razdelenie osushchestvlyaetsya peregonkoj na mikrokolonnom apparate posle dobavleniya neaktivnykh nositelej i izvlecheniya svobodnogo joda. Aktivnost' kazhdoj fraktsii izmeryaetsya pryamo posle vykhoda iz kolonki. Znak daet vozmozhnost' poluchit' absolyutnye znacheniya G ot nachala scheta. Byli prinyaty mery predostorozhnosti, chtoby izbezhat' izotopnogo obmena vo vremya razdeleniya. EHtot metod primenyalsya k tsiklopentanu i k p-pentanu i pozvolil poluchit' podrobnyj spektr radioliza. (author)

  7. The Possibility of Making a Quantitative Study of the Precipitin Reaction by Gamma-Radioactive Tracers; Possibilite d'une Etude Quantitative de la Reaction de Precipitation par Marquage a l'Aide d'Emetteurs Gamma; Vozmozhnost' kolichestvennogo opredeleniya reaktsii osazhdeniya s pomoshch'yu gamma-radioaktivnykh indikatorov; Estudio Cuantitativo de la Reaccion de Precipitacion con Ayuda de Indicadores Gamma

    Bonev, L.; Todorov, S.; Robev, S. [Nauchno-Issledovatel' skij Institut Radiologii i Radiacionnoj Bezopasnosti, Sofija (Bulgaria)


    The paper presents the first results of the quantitative determination of the precipitin reaction (formation of an antigen-antibody complex) by labelling the precipitating components with gamma-radioactive tracers which do not chemically interact with albuminous molecules. As tracers it is possible to use chrome-manganese and nickel-copper compounds, whose tendency to hydrolyze permits the fixation of the radioactive tracer on the antigen and antibody respectively. The radioactivity of the components is determined by a multichannel pulse-height analyser. The results obtained show that the precipitation curve, plotted on the basis of radiometric data, closely corresponds to the curve plotted by the well-known quantitative methods used to determine albumin. The paper discusses the possibilities of using the method described. (author) [French] Les auteurs communiquent les premiers resultats d'une etude quantitative qu'ils ont faite de la reaction de precipitation (formation du complexe antigene-anticorps) en marquant les composants du precipites avec des emetteurs gamma qui ne reagissent pas chimiquement avec les molecules d'albumine. Pour le marquage, on peut utiliser des composes de chrome/manganese ou de fer qui subissent facilement l'hydrolyse et assurent de ce fait la fixation de la substance radioactive sur l'antigene et, partant, sur l'anticorps. La radioactivite des composants est determinee a l'aide d'un selecteur d'amplitudes a plusieurs canaux. Les resultats montrent que la courbe de precipitation obtenue avec les donnees radiometriques concorde parfaitement avec celle que l'on obtient par les methodes quantitatives connues servant au dosage de l'albumine. Les auteurs discutent les possibilites d'application de la methode etudiee. (author) [Spanish] Los autores presentan los primeros resultados de un estudio cuantitativo de la reaccion de precipitacion (formacion del complejo antigeno-anticuerpo) que efectuaron marcando los componentes de precipitacion con indicadores gamma que no reaccionan quimicamente con las moleculas de albumina. Como indicadores pueden utilizarse ciertos compuestos de cromo, manganeso y hierro que, por su teridencia a hidrolizarse, permiten fijar el indicador radiactivo en el antigeno y en el anticuerpo, respectivamente. La radiactividad de los componentes se determino con ayuda de un analizador multicanal de amplitud de impulsos. Los resultados obtenidos demuestran que la curva de precipitacion, trazada sobre la base de los datos radiometricos, concuerda con la que se obtiene por los metodos cuantitativos corrientemente empleados en la valoracion de la albumiRa. Los autores examinan las posibilidades de aplicacion del metodo descrito. (author) [Russian] Soobshhajutsja pervye rezul'taty kolichestvennogo opredelenija reakcii osazhdenija (obrazovanija kompleksa antigen-antitelo) posredstvom mechenija precipitacionnyh komponentov gamma-radioaktivnymi indikatorami, ne vstupajushhimi v himicheskoe vzaimodejstvie s belkovymi molekulami. V kachestve indikatorov mogut byt' ispol'zovany hromomargancevye soedinenija i soedinenija zheleza, sklonnost' kotoryh k gidrolizu obespechivaet fiksaciju radioaktivnogo indikatora na antigene sootvetstvenno i na antitelo. Opredelenie radioaktivnosti komponentov proizvoditsja posredstvom mnogokanal'nogo amplitudnogo analizatora. Poluchennye rezul'taty pokazyvajut, chto precipitacionnaja krivaja, postroennaja na osnovanii radiometrichnyh dannyh, nahoditsja v blizkom sootvetstvii s krivoj, postroennoj izvestnymi kolichestvennymi metodami, sluzhashhimi dlja opredelenija belka. Rassmatrivajutsja vozmozhnosti primenenija jetogo metoda na praktike. (author)

  8. Excitation of Neutron Waves by Modulated And Pulsed Sources; Excitation d'Ondes Neutroniques au Moyen de Sources Modulees et Pulsees; Vozbuzhdenie nejtronnykh voln s pomoshch'yu modulirovannykh i impul'snykh istochnikov; Excitacion de Ondas Neutronicas Mediante Fuentes Moduladas y Pulsadas

    Perez, R. B.; Booth, R. S. [University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (United States)


    Placement of either a sinusoidally modulated or pulsed source of thermal neutrons at one of the boundaries of a nuclear assembly creates a disturbance which can be analysed in terms of wave components, propagating away from the localized source with frequency-dependent attenuation factors and wave velocities. The dispersive properties of the assembly are expressed through the dispersion relation, connecting the inverse complex relaxation length (or complex wave number). {rho}({omega}), to the frequency of the excitation and the nuclear parameters of the system. It will be shown that the dispersion relation is of the form {rho}{sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(even)} B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n} + i {Sigma}{sub n(odd}) B{sup (n)} {omega}{sup n} (1) where the coefficients B{sup (n)} are related to matrix elements of the various operators in moderating and multiplicative media. In a neutron wave experiment one measures the attenuation factor {alpha}({omega}) and the phase shift per unit length {delta}({omega}), which satisfy the relationships {alpha}{sup 2}({omega}) - {delta}{sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(even)} B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (2) 2{alpha}({omega}){delta}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(odd)} B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (3) One has then the advantage over the conventional pulsing with fast neutrons of measuring two independent magnitudes (real and imaginary part of the wave number) from which more information can be extracted about the nuclear properties of interest. Experiments were performed using graphite as the moderating material. Two different sources of thermal neutrons were used. In one case 14-MeV neutrons generated by a Cockcroft-Walton machine were thermalized in a tank containing several layers of iron, lead and graphite immersed in water. Lately the University of Florida 4-MeV Van de Graaff accelerator produced 29-keV neutrons from the (Li-p) reaction which were thermalized in a few inches of paraffin. In both instances the ion beams could be modulated sinusoidally or pulsed. Fourier analysis of the slow pulses showed very good agreement with the results obtained from the sinusoidal excitation of the waves. The range of frequencies studied was between zero and 1200 c/s Least-squares fits of the experimental data with equations (4) and (5) yielded the results B{sup (0)} = B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} + a{sub 1}/L{sub 0} = (6.6 {+-} 0.1) 10{sup -3} (cm{sup -2}) (4) B{sup (1)} = a{sub 2}/D{sub 0} = (4.38 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -6} (cm{sup -2}) (5) B{sup (2)} = {Sigma}{sub {gamma}} H{sub 0{gamma}}/ Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} = (2.5 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -10} ({gamma} = 0, 1, 2, .....10) B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} = Transverse buckling (cm{sup -2}) = 5.96 x 10{sup -3} cm{sup -2} (6) where a{sub 1}, a{sub 2}, H{sub 0{gamma}} and Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} are related to matrix elements of the diffusion and thermalization operators. From Eq. (5) a value of D{sub 0} = (2.2 {+-} 0.1) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s was found in agreement with conventional pulsed neutron measurements. Theoretical calculations using various kernels also agree with the experimental results. (author) [French] En placant une source de neutrons thermiques puisee sinusoldalement a l'une des frontieres d'un assemblage nucleaire, on provoque une perturbation que l'on peut analyser sous forme de composantes d'onde, se propageant a partir de la source avec des facteurs d'attenuation et des vitesses variables selon la frequence. Les caracteristiques de dispersion de l'ensemble sont exprimees par la relation de dispersion qui relie l'inverse de la longueur de relaxation complexe (ou nombre d'onde complexe), {rho}({omega}), a la frequence de l'excitation et aux parametres nucleaires du systeme. Les auteurs montrent que la relation de dispersion se presente sous la forme {rho}{sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(pair}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n} + i {Sigma}{sub n(impair}) B{sup (n)} {omega}{sup n} (1) dans laquelle les coefficients B{sup (n)} dependent des elements de matrice des differents operateurs dans les milieux ralentisseurs et multiplicateurs. Dans les experiences sur les ondes neutroniques, on mesure le facteur d'attenuation {alpha}({omega}) et le dephasage par unite de longueur Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}), qui satisfont aux relations {alpha}{sup 2}({omega}) - Greek-Small-Letter-Delta {sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(pair}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (2) 2{alpha}({omega}) Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(impair}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (3) Par rapport a la methode classique des bouffees de neutrons rapides, cette facon de proceder donne alors l'avantage de mesurer deux grandeurs independantes (la partie reelle et la partie imaginaire du nombre d'otfde) dont on peut extraire davantage de renseignements sur les proprietes nucleaires qui presentent un interet. Les experiences ont ete effectuees en utilisant le graphite comme ralentisseur et deux sources differentes de neutrons thermiques. Dans l'un des cas, des neutrons de 14 MeV produits par une machine Cockcroft-Walton ont ete thermalises dans un reservoir contenant plusieurs couches de fer, de plomb et de graphite immerges dans l'eau. Recemment, l'accelerateur Van de Graaff (4 MeV) de l'Universite de Floride a produit a partir de la reaction (Li-p) des neutrons de 29 keV, qui ont ete thermalises dans quelques centimetres de paraffine. Dans les deux cas, on pouvait moduler sinusoldaleme; it ou puiser les faisceaux d'ions. Les auteurs ont trouve que les resultats de l'analyse de Fourier des bouffees de neutrons lents etaient en tres bon accord avec les resultats obtenus par excitation sinusoiedale des ondes. La gamme de frequence etudiee allait de zero a 1200 Hz. L'application de la methode des moindres carres aux donnees experimentales dans les equations (4) et (5) donne les resultats suivants: B{sup (0)} = B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} + a{sub 1}/L{sub 0} = (6.6 {+-} 0.1) 10{sup -3} (cm{sup -2}) (4) B{sup (1)} = a{sub 2}/D{sub 0} = (4.38 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -6} (cm{sup -2}) (5) B{sup (2)} = {Sigma}{sub {gamma}} H{sub 0{gamma}}/ Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} = (2.5 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -10} ({gamma} = 0, 1, 2, .....10) B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} = Laplacien transversal (cm{sup -2}) = 5.96 x 10{sup -3} cm{sup -2} (6) dans lesquels a{sub 1}, a{sub 2}, H{sub 0{gamma}} and Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} dependent des elements de matrice des operateurs de diffusion et de thermalisation. A partir de l'equation (5), on a trouve une valeur D{sub 0} = (2.2 {+-} 0.1) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s qui concorde avec les mesures classiques au moyen des neutrons puises. Les calculs theoriques au moyen de divers noyaux concordent egalement avec les resultats experimentaux. (author) [Spanish] La colocacion de una fuente de neutrones termicos modulada o pulsada sinusoidalmente en uno de los limites de un conjunto nuclear crea una perturbacion que puede analizarse como si se operase con componentes de una onda que, al propagarse, se aleja de la fuente localizada, con factores de atenuacion y velocidades de onda dependientes de la frecuencia. Las propiedades de dispersion del conjunto se expresan mediante la relacion de dispersion, que vincula la inversa de la longitud de relajamiento compleja (o niimero de onda complejo), {rho}({omega}), con la frecuencia de la excitacion y con los parametros nucleares del sistema. Los autores senalan que la relacion de dispersion presenta la forma {rho}{sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(par}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n} + i {Sigma}{sub n(impair}) B{sup (n)} {omega}{sup n} (1) expresion en la que los coeficientes B{sup (n)} estan relacionados con elementos matriciales de diversos operadores en medios moderadores y multiplicadores. En un experimento sobre ondas neutronicas se miden el factor de atenuacion, {alpha}({omega}), y el desplazamiento de fase por unidad de longitud, Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}), que satisfacen las relaciones {alpha}{sup 2}({omega}) - Greek-Small-Letter-Delta {sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(par}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (2) 2{alpha}({omega}) Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(impair}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (3) De esta forma se tiene la ventaja, sobre el empleo del metodo tradicional de los neutrones rapidos pulsados, de poder medir dos magnitudes independientes (partes real e imaginaria del numero de onda) de las cuales puede obtenerse mas informacion sobre las propiedades nucleares de interes. Los autores realizaron experimentos empleando grafito como moderador, y neutrones termicos procedentes de dos fuentes distintas. En uno de los casos termalizaron en un tanque que contenia varias capas de hierro, plomo y grafito emergiendo parcialmente del agua, neutrones de 14 MeV generados por un aparato Cockcroft- Walton. Con el acelerador Van de Graaff de 4 MeV de la Universidad de Florida se obtuvieron, en virtud de la reaccion Li-p, neutrones de 29 keV que se termalizaron en una capa de parafina de algunas pulgadas de espesor. En ambos casos, fue posible pulsar o modular sinusoidalmente los haces ionicos. El analisis por el metodo de Fourier de los impulsos de neutrones lentos dio resultados que concordaron con los obtenidos partiendo de la excitacion sinusoidal de las ondas. El intervalo de frecuencias estudiado estuvo comprendido entre 0 y 1200 Hz. El ajuste de los datos experimentales a las ecuaciones (4) y (5) por el metodo de los cuadrados minimos dio los siguientes resultados: B{sup (0)} = B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} + a{sub 1}/L{sub 0} = (6.6 {+-} 0.1) 10{sup -3} (cm{sup -2}) (4) B{sup (1)} = a{sub 2}/D{sub 0} = (4.38 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -6} (cm{sup -2}) (5) B{sup (2)} = {Sigma}{sub {gamma}} H{sub 0{gamma}}/ Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} = (2.5 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -10} ({gamma} = 0, 1, 2, .....10) B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} = Laplaciano transversal (cm{sup -2}) = 5.96 x 10{sup -3} cm{sup -2} (6) en donde a{sub 1}, a{sub 2}, H{sub 0{gamma}} y Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} estan relacionados con elementos matriciales de los operadores de difusion y terma- lizacion. Partiendo de la ecuacion (5), se hallo un valor de D{sub 0} = (2.2 {+-} 0.1) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/s crri/s que concuerda con los resultados de las mediciones realizadas por el metodo tradicional de los neutrones pulsados. Los resultados de calculos teoricos realizados empleando diversos nucleos concuerdan tambien con los datos experimentales. (author) [Russian] Esli postavit' sinusoidal'no modulirovannyj ili impul'snyj istochnik teplovyh nejtronov na odnu iz granic jadernoj sborki, to jeto sozdaet narushenie, kotoroe mozhno proanalizirovat' s tochki zrenija volnovyh komponentov, rasprostranjajushhihsja iz lokalizovannogo istochnika s kojefficientami oslablenija, zavisjashhego ot chastoty, i s volnovymi skorostjami. Dispersionnye svojstva sborki vyrazhajutsja s pomoshh'ju dispersionnogo sootnoshenija, svjazyvajushhego obratnuju volnu kompleksnogo zatuhanija (ili kompleksnoe volnovoe chislo), {rho}({omega}), s chastotoj vozbuzhdenija i jadernymi parametrami sborki. Dispersionnoe sootnoshenie imeet sledujushhij vid: {rho}{sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(chetnye}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n} + i {Sigma}{sub n(nechetnye}) B{sup (n)} {omega}{sup n} (1) gde kojefficienty B{sup (n)} svjazany s matrichnymi jelementami razlichnyh operatorov v zamedljajushhih i razmnozhajushhih sredah. Pri jeksperimente s nejtronnoj volnoj izmerjaetsja kojefficient oslablenija {alpha}({omega}) i sdvig fazy na edinicu dliny Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}), kotorye udovletvorjajut sootnoshenijam: {alpha}{sup 2}({omega}) - Greek-Small-Letter-Delta {sup 2}({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(chetnye}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (2) 2{alpha}({omega}) Greek-Small-Letter-Delta ({omega}) = {Sigma}{sub n(nechetnye}) B{sup (n)}{omega}{sup n}. (3) Takim obrazom poluchajut preimushhestvo po sravneniju s obychnym metodom s ispol'zovaniem pul'sacii s bystrymi nejtronami, kotoroe zakljuchaetsja v izmerenii dvuh nezavisimyh velichin (dejstvitel'noj i mnimoj chast'ju volnovogo chisla), blagodarja kotorym mozhno poluchit' bol'she informacii o jadernyh svojstvah, predstavljajushhih interes. Pri provedenii jeksperimentov v kachestve zamedlitelja ispol'zovali grafit. Ispol'zovali dva razlichnyh istochnika teplovyh nejtronov. V odnom sluchae nejtrony s jenergiej 14 Mjev, poluchennye s pomoshh'ju uskoritelja Kokrofta-Uoltona, byli termalizovany v bake, soderzhashhem neskol'ko sloev zheleza, svinca i grafita, pogruzhennyh v vodu. Pozdnee s po* moshh'ju imejushhegosja vo Floridskom universitete uskoritelja Van de Graafa moshhnost'ju 4 Mjev byli polucheny nejtrony s jenergiej 29 kjev iz reakcii ( Li -r) , kotorye byli termalizovany v neskol'kih djujmah parafina. V oboih sluchajah ionnye puchki mogli byt' sinusoidal'no modulirovannymi ili pul'sirujushhimi. Rezul'taty analiza Fur'e, provedennogo s medlennymi impul'sami, prekrasno soglasujutsja s rezul'tatami, poluchennymi pri sinusoidal'nom vozbuzhdenii voln. Issleduemye chastoty byli v diapazone ot nulja do 1200 gc. V rezul'tate aproksimacii jeksperimental'nyh dannyh sposobom naimen'shih kvadratov s primeneniem uravnenij (4) i (5) byli polucheny sledujushhie rezul'taty: B{sup (0)} = B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} + a{sub 1}/L{sub 0} = (6.6 {+-} 0.1) 10{sup -3} (cm{sup -2}) (4) B{sup (1)} = a{sub 2}/D{sub 0} = (4.38 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -6} (cm{sup -2}) (5) B{sup (2)} = {Sigma}{sub {gamma}} H{sub 0{gamma}}/ Empty-Set {sub {gamma}{gamma}} = (2.5 {+-} 0.2) 10{sup -10} ({gamma} = 0, 1, 2, .....10) (6) B{sup 2}{sub Up-Tack} = poperechnyj laplasian (cm{sup -2}) = 5.96 x 10{sup -3} cm{sup -2} otnosjatsja k matrichnym jelementam diffuzionnyh i termalizacionnyh operatorov. S pomoshh'ju uravnenija (5) opredeleno, chto znachenie D{sub 0} = (2.2 {+-} 0.1) x 10{sup 5} cm{sup 2}/sek-l soglasuetsja s obychnymi izmerenijami impul'snyh nejtronov (5). Teoreticheskie raschety s ispol'zovaniem razlichnyh modelej jadra takzhe soglasujutsja s jeksperimental'nymi rezul'tatami. (author)




    Full Text Available Болезнь Крона (БК - тяжелое аутоиммунное заболевание желудочно-кишечного тракта, влияющее на качество жизни, развитие ребенка и характеризующееся высоким риском инвалидизации. Изменения состояния костной ткани у пациентов с БК являются нередкими и проявляются задержкой линейного роста, снижением показателей минерализации скелета, изменениями костного метаболизма, повышенным риском низкоэнергетических переломов. Изменения костной ткани обусловлены сочетанием факторов болезни (мальабсорбция, терапия кортикостероидами, дефицит витамина D, низкая двигательная активность, дефицит инсоляции, задержка полового развития и генетических факторов, регулирующими костный метаболизм. Цель: проанализировать наличие ассоциации между показателями костного метаболизма и носительством полиморфных генетических маркеров генов VDR, COL1A1, TNFa. Материал и методы. В исследование включено 44 ребенка с БК (25 мальчиков и 19 девочек в возрасте от 3 до 17 лет. Исследование минерализации скелета осуществлялось методом двуэнергетической рентгеновской абсорбциоме-трии поясничного отдела позвоночника L1-L4 (денситометр Hologic QDR 4500C, оснащенный педиатрической референтной базой. Молекулярно-генетические исследования: определение 1546G/T полиморфизма гена al цепи коллагена I типа (COL1A1, TaqI полиморфизма гена рецептора витамина D (VDR, -308G/A полиморфизм гена фактора некроза опухолей-a (TNF-a осуществлялось методом полимеразной цепной реакции с последующим рестрикционным анализом. Оценивались показатели минеральной плотности кости (МПК, оцениваемые при помощи Z критерия (МПК-Zscore, дефицит МПК в процентах, частота низкой МПК (НМПК, которая определялась как МПК-Zscore < - 2 SD. Результаты. При изучении частот распределения полиморфных генотипов изученных генов у детей с НМПК и без, не было выявлено достоверных различий в общей группе, а также среди мальчиков и девочек. В показателях МПК-Zscore среди носителей TaqI полиморфных генотипов гена VDR в общей группе (р=0,51, группе мальчиков (р=0,7 и девочек (р=0,68. Среди носителей полиморфных 1546G/T генотипов гена (COL1A1 также не было выявлено различий в показателях МПК-Zscore в общей группе (р=0,79, группе мальчиков (р=0,42 и девочек (р=0,95. При изучении ассоциации -308 G/A полиморфизма гена TNF-a выявлено, что, пациенты, носители гетерозиготного генотипа m/n по сравнению с носителями гомозиготного генотипа n/n имели более низкие показатели МПК: МПК-Zscore = -2,35 SD (-3,4; -1,35 и -1,4 SD (-2,3; -0,5, p=(0,1, соответственно и дефицит МПК: -28,0% (-43,0; -15,5 и -11,5% (-22,5; -6,0, (р=0,034, соответственно Выводы. Выявлена ассоциация гетерозиготного полиморфного генотипа m/n гена -308 G/A TNF-a с более выраженными нарушениями МПК у детей с БК. Требуется продолжение исследований для уточнения роли полиморфных маркеров генов в реализации нарушений МПК у детей с БК.

  10. Pulsed Source Measurements on a Uranium-Water Subcritical Assembly; Mesures Faites sur un Assemblage Sous- Critique Uranium-Eau Ordinaire a l'Aide d'une Source Pulsee; Izmereniya s pomoshch'yu istochnikov impul'snykh nejtronov na urano-vodnoi podkriticheskoi sborke; Mediciones con Fuentes Pulsantes en un Conjunto Subcritico Uranio-Agua

    Gibson, I. H.; Walker, J. [Department of Physics, University of Birmingham, Birmingham (United Kingdom)


    An unreflected assembly of natural uranium and light water has been used in conjunction with a pulsed source of neutrons for decay-time measurements at different bucklings. Four different lattice pitches over the range 3.94 cm to 5.08 cm were obtained by using different pairs of accurately machined lattice plates and in each case the uranium was in the form of bars 109.8 cm long and 3.0 cm diameter. The fuel- was mounted horizontally and loadings up to approximately 6 t were involved. Spatial harmonics were eliminated or selected by appropriate placing of a small scintillation detector. Experimental results showing the dependence of decay constant on buckling are presented and compared with theoretical values. (author) [French] On a utilise conjointement un assemblage sans reflecteur uranium naturel-eau ordinaire et une source puisee en vue de mesurer le temps de decroissance pour differents laplaciens. - Plusieurs paires de plaques de reseau usinees avec precision ont permis d'adopter quatre differents pas de reseau allant de 3,94cm a 5,08 cm; dans chaque cas, l'uranium etait sous forme de barres de 109,8 cm de long et de 3,0 cm de diametre. Le combustible etait monte horizontalement et le chargement a atteint parfois jusqu'a pres de 6 t. Grace a un petit detecteur a scintillations convenablement place, on a pu eliminer les harmoniques spatiaux ou les selectionner. Les auteurs presentent des resultats d'experiences qui montrent les variations de la constante de desintegration en fonction du laplacien, et les comparent avec les valeurs theoriques. (author) [Spanish] Los autores utilizaron un conjunto de uranio natural y agua ligera, sin reflector, juntamente con una fuente neutronica pulsante, para efectuar determinaciones del tiempo de desintegracion en correspondencia con diferentes valores del laplaciano. En este conjunto se pueden establecer cuatro diferentes espaciamientos del reticulado, desde 3,94 cm hasta 5,08 cm. utilizando diferentes pares de placas de reticulado rectificadas con precision; en todos los casos el uranio adopta la forma de barras de 109,8 cm de largo por 3,0 cm de diametro. El combustible se monta horizontalmente, alcanzando el peso de las cargas hasta unas 6 t. Se eliminan, o eligen a voluntad, los armonicos espaciales ubicando convenientemente un pequeno detector de centelleo. Los autores presentan resultados experimentales que indican la relacion de dependencia existente entre la constante de desintegracion y el laplaciano y los comparan con los valores hallados teoricamente. (author) [Russian] Sborka na prirodnom urane i legkoj vode bez otrazhatelja ispol'zuetsja sovmestno s istochnikom impul'snyh nejtronov dlja izmerenija vremeni raspada pri razlichnyh znachenijah laplasiana. Chetyre razlichnyh shaga reshetki na otrezke 3,94 - 5,8 sm byli polucheny putem ispol'zovanija razlichnyh par horosho obrabotannyh plastinok reshetki, v kazhdom sluchae uran byl v vide sterzhnej dlinoj 109,8 i diametrom 3,0 sm. Sterzhni ustanavlivalis' gorizontal'no, ves zagruzok sostavljal priblizitel'no 6 t. Prostranstvennye kolebanija ustranjalis' ili vydeljalis' putem sootvetstvujushhego ustanovlenija nebol'shogo scintilljacionnogo detektora. Budut predstavleny i sravneny s teoreticheskimi dannymi rezul'taty opytov, pokazyvajushhie zavisimost' postojannoj raspada ot laplasiana. (author)

  11. Industrial Ultrasonic Inspection of Stainless-Steel Claddings for the EL4 Reactor; Controle Industriel par Ultrasons des Gaines en Acier Inoxydable du Reacteur EL4; Promyshlennyj kontrol' obolochechnykh trub iz nerzhaveyushchej stali reaktora dlya EL4 s pomoshch'yu ul'trazvukovogo metoda; Metodos Ultrasonicos para Control Industrial de las Vainas de Acero Inoxidable del Reactor EL4

    Prot, A. C.; Foulquoer, H. E.; Peyrot, J. P. [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (France)


    Improved reactor performance requires the use of accurately fabricated and carefully inspected components. One inspection relates to the quality of the cladding tubes, whose mechanical reliability is essential for economic reactor operation. The choice and development of a method is a difficult matter and the authors explain the main factors involved. Once the choice has been made and the method has been developed in the laboratory, two new problems arise: Adaptation to meet industrial requirements; and The need to reconcile the quality standards attainable with the manufacturing process at any given stage and the somewhat arbitrarily defined specifications for the finished product. In practice, this involves a statistical study of batches of tubes from various sources and their classification in relation to more or less strict thresholds. The number of tubes which have to be inspected is much larger than originally expected. This has led to the design of an automatic inspection device geared both to the output rates involved and to the requirements of the type of inspection adopted; the latter are generally mechanical and impose particularly careful product fabrication. These various characteristics are now embodied in a device whose capacity can already easily meet the requirements of a fuel-element production line. The potentialities of the device are closely dependent on the characteristics of the inspection equipment used, especially the performances of the electronic part of ultrasonic inspection instruments and of the transducers. This study shows that standard equipment is not very suitable and that immediate thought should be given to special instruments for this type of inspection. (author) [French] L'accroissement des performances des reacteurs necessite l'utilisation de materiaux finement elabores et soigneusement controles. L'un des aspects de ce controle est celui de la qualite des tubes de gainage utilises, dont la tenue mecanique est un facteur essentiel de rentabilite du reacteur. Il s'avere que le choix de la methode a utiliser et a mettre au point est delicat; le memoire en donne les elements essentiels. Ce choix etant fait, apres mise au point en laboratoire, deux nouveaux problemes se posent: - la transposition dans le domaine industriel; - la necessite de tenir compte de la qualite permise, a un instant determine, par les procedes de fabrication, en relation avec les normes de reception definies de maniere plus ou moins arbitraire. Ceci se traduit en fait par la necessite d'une etude statistique sur des lots de tubes de diverses provenances, et leur classement par rapport a des seuils plus ou moins severes. On verra que le nombre de tubes a controler est tres superieur a celui prevu initialement. Cela conduit a l'etude d'une machine de controle automatique, capable de satisfaire a la fois les exigences de cadence et celles propres au type de controle choisi: ces dernieres sont generalement d'ordre mecanique et necessitent une construction particulierement soignee. L'ensemble de ces considerations a conduit a concevoir une machine dont la cadence peut des maintenant couvrir sans difficulte les besoins d'une chaihe de fabrication d'elements combustibles. Les possibilites de cette machine sont etroitement liees aux caracteristiques du materiel de controle choisi, en particulier aux performances de l'electronique des appareils de controle par ultrasons et a celles des traducteurs utilises. Il resulte d'ailleurs de cette etude que le materiel standard ne repond que tres imparfaitement au probleme et que l'on doit envisager des maintenant un appareillage particulier pour ce type de controle. (author) [Spanish] Las mayores exigencias a que se someten los reactores obligan a utilizar materiales elaborados y controlados con sumo cuidado. Un aspecto de tal control se refiere a la calidad de las vainas empleadas, cuyas propiedades mecanicas ejercen una influencia decisiva sobre la rentabilidad del reactor. La eleccion del metodo a utilizar representa un proceso delicado, cuyas consideraciones fundamentales se exponen en el presente trabajo. Una vez elegido el metodo y puesto a punto en el laboratorio, surgen dos nuevos problemas: Transposicion a escala industrial. Necesidad de tener siempre presente la calidad que puede alcanzarse en la industria, en relacion con normas de aceptacion definidas de manera mas o menos arbitraria. En la practica, ello obliga a realizar un estudio estadistico sobre partidas de tubos de diversos origenes y clasificarlos teniendo en cuenta umbrales de aceptacion de distintos grados de severidad. Como se ve en el trabajo, el numero de tubos a controlar es muy superior al previsto inicialmente. Este hecho indujo a estudiar una maquina de control automatico, capaz de satisfacer al mismo tiempo las exigencias de la cantidad y las propias del tipo de control seleccionado; estas ultimas son por lo general de orden mecanico y requieren una construccion especialmente esmerada. El conjunto de estas consideraciones llevo a concebir una maquina capaz de satisfacer sin dificultad las necesidades de una cadena de fabricacion'de elementos combustibles. Las posibilidades de esta maquina estan estrechamente ligadas a las caracteristicas del material descontrol escogido, sobre todo al rendimiento de los circuitos electronicos correspondientes a los aparatos de control por metodos ultrasonicos y al de los transductores utilizados. Se deduce del presente estudio, por otra parte, que el material corriente no responde al problema sino de manera muy imperfecta, y que se debe encarar desde ya el proyecto de un aparato especial para este tipo de control. (author) [Russian] Uluchshenie rabochih harakteristik reaktorov trebuet primenenija tshhatel'no razrabotannyh i strogo kontroliruemyh materialov. Odnim iz aspektov jetogo kontrolja javljaetsja kachestvo ispol'zuemyh pokrytij dlja trub, mehanicheskoe sostojanie kotoryh predstavljaet soboj sushhestvennyj faktor rentabel'nosti reaktorov. Podtverzhdaetsja, chto vybor metoda, kotoryj sleduet primenjat' i razrabatyvat', javljaetsja trudnym. Privodjatsja osnovnye momenty. Posle togo, kak v rezul'tate laboratornyh rabot sdelan vybor, voznikajut dve novye problemy: D) vnedrenie v promyshlennost' neobhodimost' ucheta dopustimogo kachestva v opredelennyj moment metodami izgotovlenija v svjazi s ustanovlennymi bolee ili menee proizvol'nym obrazom normami dlja priema. Jeto, v dejstvitel'nosti, obuslavlivaetsja neobhodimost'ju v statisticheskom issledovanii komplektov trub razlichnogo izgotovlenija i ih klassifikacii po otnosheniju k bolee ili menee strogim normam. Vidno, chto kolichestvo podlezhashhih kontrolju trub znachitel'no prevyshaet pervonachal'no namechennoe. Jeto vedet k izucheniju avtomaticheskogo kontrol'nogo mehanizma, sposobnogo udovletvorit' odnovremenno i trebovanijam tempa, i trebovanijam, vytekajushhim iz vybrannogo tipa kontrolja: poslednie obychno svodjatsja k mehanicheskomu kontrolju i nuzhdajutsja v osobenno tshhatel'no razrabotannoj konstrukcii. Sovokupnost' jetih soobrazhenij privela k razrabotke ustrojstva, temp raboty kotorogo uzhe sejchas mozhet bez truda pokryt' potrebnosti vsego cikla proizvodstva toplivnyh jelementov. Vozmozhnosti jetogo ustrojstva tesno svjazany s harakteristikami podobrannogo oborudovanija navedenija i kontrolja, v osobennosti so svojstvami jelektroniki priborov kontrolja po ul'trazvuku i so svojstvami ispol'zuemyh preobrazovatelej. K tomu zhe iz jetogo issledovanija javstvuet, chto standartnoe oborudovanie daleko ne sootvetstvuet probleme i chto uzhe sejchas sleduet predusmotret' osoboe ustrojstvo dlja dannogo tipa kontrolja. (author)

  12. Analysis of Scan Records with a Recording Densitometer - The ''Re-Scanner''; Etude d'un Grand Collimateur a Focalisation et Fort Pouvoir de Resolution: Resultats; Analiz skenogramm s pomoshch'yu registriruyushchego densitometra - ''re-skenner''; Diseno y Funcionamiento de un Gran Colimador Enfocado de Alto Poder de Resolucion

    Harris, C. C.; Bell, P. R.; Satterfield, M. M.; Ross, D. A.; Jordan, J. C. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN (United States)


    The impact of improvements in scanning equipment has not been fully felt at the clinical level, largely because of deficiencies in scan recording. In an attempt to improve visualization and contrast in scan records, various instrumental methods of analysis have been devised. We have devised a simple and comparatively inexpensive recording densitometer for ''re-scanning'' scan records. A light-sensor scans the record just as a scanner scans a patient. The output of the device is a pulse rate proportional to the opacity (or transmission) of the record, and may be used to make a new, or ''re-scan'', record. The area of the record over which information is integrated is set by sensor aperture. The wide range of output pulse-rates (zero to 15 000 parts/s) causes large and adjustable contrast amplification. A threshold control provides any ''cut-off level'' of choice. Operation is rapid, and a record can be re-scanned in a small fraction of the time required to obtain the original record. Studies on clinical scans of almost every organ or area of interest show that the re-scanner reveals information not at first evident in original scan records. It has been particularly useful in determining the statistical significance of small variations in counting rate in a scan record. In scan records of large dynamic range where no single cut-off level satisfactorily shows all regions of interest, re-scans at several cut-off levels were once necessary. A two-region sensor, that views a region of the record around the field of view of the main sensor, has been used in an attempt to overcome this difficulty. At least three modes of operation are possible with the two-region sensor: (1) ''normal'' operation; (2) ignoring general record density and responding only to small variations, thus setting its own cut-off level; and (3) reporting only abrupt changes in record density. Other modes seem to be possible. This relatively simple and inexpensive device is proving to be of valuable assistance in the interpretation of scan records. (author) [French] U s perfectionnements des appareils de scintigraphie n'ont pas eu d'effet comparable sur le plan clinique, surtout en raison des imperfections des enregistrements scintigraphiques. En vue d'ameliorer la visualisation et le contraste des scintigrammes, on a mis au point divers appareils d'analyse. Les auteurs ont concu un densitometre enregistreur, assez simple et relativement peu couteux, qui permet de 'scintigraphier' les scintigrammes. Une cellule photoelectrique explore le scintigramme, tout comme un detecteur ascintillation explore le patient. Les impulsions a la sortie de l'appareil sont proportionnelles a la densite du scintigramme et elles peuvent etre utilisees pour etablir un nouvel enregistrement. La surface du scintigramme pour laquelle on integre les informations est determinee par l'ouverture de la c ellule . La gamme etendue des impulsions a la sortie (de zero a 15 000 impulsions/s) permet d'amplifier fortement et a volonte le contraste. Un dispositif special permet de choisir a l'avance un ' seuil de coupure' L'operation est rapide, si bien qu'un scintigramme peut etre explore en une fraction du temps qui avait ete necessaire pour l'etablir. L*etude de scintigrammes cliniques de presque tous les organes ou regions interessants a permis de constater que le densitometre enregistreur revele des informations qui n'apparaissaient pas clairement sur le scintigramme. Cet appareil a ete particulierement utile pour determiner la signification statistique de legeres variations du taux de comptage dans un scintigramme. Pour les scintigrammes representant de fortes variations de la radioactivite, ou un seul seuil de coupure du densitometre ne donne pas une image satisfaisante de toutes les zones interessantes, il fallait autrefois faire plusieurs explorations avec differents seuils de coupure. Pour surmonter cette difficulte, on a eu recours a une c ellule a deux plages qui explore le scintigramme autour du champ de vision de la c ellule principale. On peut l 'utiliser d'au moins trois manieres: a) normalement; b) sans tenir compte de la densite generale du sci ntigramme, pour n 'accuser que de faibles variations de la densite (en fixant alors son propre seuil de coupure); c) pour n'enregistrer que de brusques variations de la densite du scintigramme. Il semble que d'autres modes d'utilisation soient egalement possibles. Cet appareil, relativement simple et peu couteux, se revele extremement utile pour l'interpretation des scintigrammes. (author) [Spanish] El perfeccionamiento de los aparatos de centelleografia no ha repercutido como debiera en los estudios clinicos debido, en gran parte, a las deficiencias de los centelleogramas. Para mejorar la visualizacion y acentuar el contraste se han estudiado diversos metodos instrumentales de analisis. Los autores han ideado un densitometro registrador sencillo y poco costoso para 'reexplorar' centelleogramas. Un elemento fotosensible analiza el centelleograma de la misma manera que el detector explora al paciente. Ese elemento responde con impulsos de frecuencia proporcional a la opacidad (o capacidad de transmision) del registro y puede utilizarse para hacer otro nuevo (registro de ' reexploracion'). El area del registro respecto a la cual se integra la informacion, se determina fijando la apertura del elemento fotosensible. El amplio margen de la frecuencia de los impulsos de salida (entre 0 y 15 000 impulsos/s) da lugar a un gran aumento del contraste, que es posible graduar. Un regulador de umbral permite preseleccionar cualquier ' nivel de corte' . La operacion es rapida y es posible reexplorar un registro en una pequena fraccion del tiempo que se necesito para obtenerlo. El estudio de centelleogramas clinicos de casi todos los organos o zonas de interes maestra que la reexploracion proporciona datos que no eran evidentes en los centelleogramas originales. Ese metodo resulta especialmente util para determinar la significacion estadistica de pequenas variaciones del fndice de recuento en un centelleograma. Con los centelleogramas de intervalo dinamico muy amplio, en los que un solo nivel de corte no revela todas las regiones de interes, era preciso anteriormente trabajar a diversos niveles. Para allanar esta dificultad, los autores han tratado de emplear un elemento fotosensible bizonal que analiza una region del centelleograma situada alrededor del campo de vision del elemento principal. Este dispositivo se puede emplear, por l'o menos, de tres maneras diferentes: a) de manera ' n o rm a l' ; b) prescindiendo de la densidad general del registro y respondiendo solamente a pequenas variaciones, fijando asi su propio nivel de corte; c) indicando solamente cambios bruscos de densidad. Tambien parecen posibles otros procedimientos de empleo. Ese dispositivo relativamente sencillo y poco costoso es sumamente util para la interpretacion de centelleogramas. (author) [Russian] Vlijanie usovershenstvovanij v skennirujushhem oborudovanii ne chuvstvovalos' polnost'ju na klinicheskom urovne v znachitel'noj mere vvidu nedostatkov registracii skenn ogram m. Dlja uluchshenija izobrazhenija i kontrastnosti pri skenniorovanii byli razrabotany razlichnye instrumental'nye metody analiza. Avtory sozdali prostoj i sravnitel'no nedorogostojashhij registrirujushhij densitometr dlja ''povtornogo skennirovanija'' skennogramm. Legkij chuvstvitel'nyj jelement skenniruet diagrammu tochno t akzhe, kak skenner pacienta. Moshhnost' ustrojstv a javljaetsja ravnoj kojefficientu impul'sa, proporcional'nomu neprozrachnosti (ili peredache) izobrazhenija i mozhet i sp ol' zov at' sja dlja togo, chtoby sdelat' novoe ili ''reskennirovannoe'' i zobrazhenie. Ploshhad' diagrammy, s kotoroj obobshhaetsja informacija, ustanavlivaetsja otverstiem, snabzhennym chuvstvitel'nym jelementom. Shirokij diapazon kojefficientov moshhnosti impul'sov (ot 0 do 15 000 impul'sov v sekundu) vyzyvaet znachitel'noe i reguliroemoe uvelichenie kontrastnosti. Porogovyj kontrol' d a et ljuboj ''sokrashhennyj uroven'' vybora. Rabota provoditsja bystro, i diagramma mozhet byt' reskennirovana v techenie nebol'shogo promezhutka vremeni, neobhodim ogo dlja poluchenija pervonachal'nogo izobrazhenija. Issledovanija v oblasti klinicheskogo skennirovanija pochti ljubogo organa ili rajona., predstavljajushhego interes, pokazyvajut, chto rerazvertyvatel' daet informaciju, ne vidimuju snachala na di agram mah pri pervonachal'nom skennirovanii. Jeto bylo osobenno poleznym pri opredelenii st atisticheskogo znachenija nebol'shih izmenenij v kojefficiente scheta pri skennirujushhem izobrazhenii. . Pri diagrammah, poluchennyh metodom skennirovanija, bol'shogo dinamicheskogo diapazo n a , gle nikakoj otdel'nyj sokrashhennyj urov en' udovletv orit el'no ne pokazy vaet vse rajony, predstavljajushhie interes, vnov' byli neobhodimy rerazvertyvateli na nekotoryh sokrashhennyh urovnjah. V popytke preodolet' je t u trudnost' ispol'zovalsja dvuhdiapazonnyj chuvstvitel'nyj jel em en t , kotoryj ohvatyvaet rajon registracii vokrug o bl a sti nabljudenija glavnogo chuvstvitel'nogo jel em en t a . Po krajnej m er e , vozmozhny tri vida jek s pluatacii pribora s dvuhdiapazonnym chuvstvitel'nym jelemen tom: 1) ''normal'naja'' je k s pluatacija; 2) ignorirovanie obshhej plotnosti izobrazhenija i reakcija tol'ko na nebol'shie izmenenija, ustanavlivaja takim obrazom svoj sobstvennyj sokrashhennyj uroven'; 3) soobshhenie tol'ko o vnezapnyh izmenenijah v plotnosti registracii. Po-vidimomu, vozmozhny takzhe drugie vidy. Jeto sravnitel'no prostoj i nedorogostojashhij pribor obespechivaet okazanie cennoj pomoshhi v interpretacii diagramm, proizvedennyh metodom skennirovanija. (author)

  13. The Design and Performance of a Large High resolution Focusing Collimator; Etude d'un Grand Collimateur a Focalisation et Fort Pouvoir de Resolution: Resultats; Konstruktsiya i kharakteristika krupnogo fokusiruyushchego kollimatora s vysokoj stepen'yu razresheniya; Diseno y Funcionamiento de un Gran Colimador Enfocado de Alto Poder de Resolucion

    Harris, C. C.; Bell, P. R.; Satterfield, M. M.; Ross, D. A.; Jordan, J. C. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN (United States)


    The primary reason for use of a ''focusing collimator'' is to permit the use of a large detector giving increased counting rate without loss of spatial resolving power. Since many apertures aimed at a common point are used, a sort of ''focusing'' effect is achieved. Because the septa between the apertures are necessarily thin, penetration of these walls by gamma rays causes a loss of spatial resolution. Tungsten and gold have been used (for 3-in-diam. detectors) to reduce this penetration as compared with lead. Reducing penetration by using a longer lead collimator damages the main design objective, that of increased counting rate, unless a larger detector is also used. We have designed and constructed a 91-hole lead collimator for use with a 5.25-in (13. 5 cm) by 3-in (7.5 cm) NaI(Tl) detector. The focal point is 9.5 in (24 cm) from the detector, and the solid angle of ac ceptance is the same as focusing collimators in common use with 3 -in detectors. The maximum length is 6.5 in (16.5 cm); normal design length is 5.5 in (14 cm). At these lengths, the optical ''circles of resolution'' are 0.476 in (1.2 cm) and 0. 304 in (0.77 cm) respectively. The designs achieved the following: (1) A longer focal distance with an increase of counting efficiency due to the larger phosphor; (2) a lead collimator with a resolving power comparable with shorter gold c o llimators (a scan of a point source of Cs-Ba{sup 137} appears only 7 mm in diam.); (3) a high-resolution collimator for human and small animal scanning; (4) a basic assembly design for use with larger-solid-angle collimators for increased counting efficiency. Total-body scans have been made with Au{sup 198} and I{sup 131}. The scans indicate the increased efficiency and resolution of the 5.5-in collimator. A scan (Au198) of a dog with the 6.5 - in collimator showed well a concentration of activity apparently less than 1/4 in (6 mm) in diam.; the activity was only five times ''body background'' but was clearly separated by 1/4 in from a |- in diam. source about 50 times more intense. (author) [French] Le collimateur a focalisation a pour principal avantage de permettre l'emploi d'un grand detecteur pour augmenter le taux de comptage sans diminuer la resolution dans l 'espace. Un grand nombre d 'orifices etant orientes vers un point unique, on obtient une sorte d'effet ' d e focalisation ' Etant donne que les parois entre les orifices sont obligatoirement minces, la penetration de ces parois par les rayons gamma provoque une diminution de la resolution dans l'espace. Afin d'attenuer cette penetration, on a utilise, au lieu de plomb, le tungstene et l 'or pour les detecteurs de 7,5 cm de diametre. A moins d'utiliser aussi un plus grand detecteur, le fait d'utiliser un collimateur en plomb plus long pour reduire la penetration compromet l 'objectif essentiel de l 'etude de l 'appareil; qui est d'augmenter le taux de comptage. Les auteurs ont etudie et construit un collimateur en plomb, a 91 orifices, destine a etre utilise avec un detecteur a NaI(Tl) de 13,5 cm sur 7,5 cm. Le foyer est a 24 cm detecteur, et l'angle solide d'acceptation est le meme que pour les collimateurs a focalisation utilises couramment avec des detecteurs de 7,5 cm. La longueur maximum est de 16,5 cm; la longueur normale de l 'appareil etudie est de 14 cm. A ces longueurs, les 'cercles de resolution'optiques sont de 1,2 cm et 0,77 cm, respectivement. Les resultats de l 'etude sont les suivants: a) distance focale plus longue et augmentation de l 'efficacite de comptage, grace a l'emploi d'un scintillateur de plus grandes dimensions; b) collimateur en plomb, avec resolution comparable a c elle de collimateurs en or, plus courts (sur le scintigramme, l'image d'une source ponctuelle de Cs-{sup 137}Ba ne mesure que 7 mm de diametre); c) collimateur a fort pouvoir de resolution, pour la scintigraphie de l'homme et des petits animaux; d) ensemble standard destine a etre utilise avec des collimateurs a plus grand angle solide, en vue d'augmenter l'efficacite de comptage. Des scintigrammes de l'organisme entier ont ete obtenus au moyen de '{sup 198}Au et de {sup 131}I. Ces scintigrammes montrent que le collimateur de 14 cm a une plus grande efficacite et une plus grande resolution. Sur un scintigramme ({sup 198}Au) de chien obtenu au moyen du collimateur de 16,5 cm, on a discerne nettement une zone active d'un diametre apparent inferieur a 6 mm; l'activite n'etait que cinq fois superieure au bruit de fond du aux tissus, mais la zone active etait nettement separee par un espace d 0,6 cm d'une source environ cinquante fois plus intense ayant un diametre de 1,8 cm. (author) [Spanish] Los 'colimadores enfocados' permiten utilizar detectores de grandes dimensiones que dan un indice de recuento mayor sin perdida del poder de resolucion espacial. Como estos colimadores tienen muchos canales dirigidos hacia un mismo punto se obtiene con ellos una especie de efecto 'de enfoque'. Los tabiques de esc' canales son necesariamente delgados y, por consiguiente, le' rayos gamma los atraviesan en detrimento de la resolucion espacial. A fin de reducir esa penetracion se han empleado, para detectores de 3 pulg de diametro, colimadores de wolframio y oro, de preferencia a los de plomo. Si se reduce la penetracion empleando un colimador de plomo mas largo se malogra la finalidad perseguida ya que el indice de recuento disminuye, a no ser que se emplee tambien un detector de mayores dimensiones. Los autores han disenado y construido un colimador de plomo de 91 canales para emplearlo con un detector de Nal(Tl) de 5,25 pulg (13,5 cm) por 3 pulg (7,5 cm). El foco esta situado a 9,5 pulg (24 cm) del detector, y el angulo solido de admision es igual al de los colimadores enfocados que se emplean corrientemente con detectores de 3 pulg. La longitud maxima es de 6,5 pulg (16 ,5 cm); la normal es de 5,5 pulg (14 cm). Para estas longitudes, los 'circulos de resolucion' opticos son, respectivamente, de 0.476 pulg (1,2 cm) y 0,304 pulg (0,77 cm). Se han logrado las siguientes mejoras: a) un incremento de la distancia focal con un aumento de la eficacia de recuento debida al empleo de un cristal de mayores dimensiones; b) un colimador de plomo con un poder de resolucion comparable al de los colimadores de oro mas cortos (la imagen de una fuente puntiforme de Cs-137 Ba tiene solo 7 mm de diametro) ; c) un colimador de alto poder de resolucion para la exploracion en seres humanos y animales pequenos; d) una estructura basica disenada de modo que permite emplear co limadores de angulo solido mayor para incrementar la eficacia de recuento. Se han efectuado exploraciones del organismo entero con oro-198 y yodo-131. Las imagenes indican una mejora de la eficacia y del poder de resolucion del colimador de 5 ,5 pulg. La imagen de un perro obtenida con el colimador de 6,5 pulg en una exploracion efectuada con oro-198 mostro muy bien una concentracion de actividad de un diametro aparentemente de menos de 0,25 pulg (6 mm); la actividad era solo cinco veces mayor que el 'fondo corporal', pero quedaba claramente separada por 0,25 pulg de una fuente de 0,75 pulg de diametro unas 50 veces mas intensa. (author) [Russian] Osnovnaja prichina ispol'zovanija ''fokusirujushhego kollimatora'' svoditsja k t om u , chtoby pozvolit' ispol'zovat' krupnyj d et ek t or , dajushhij povyshennuju skorost' scheta b e z poteri prostranstvennoj razreshajushhej sp o so bn o s ti . Poskol'ku ispol'zuetsja neskol'ko apertur, napravlennyh na odnu obshhuju tochku, dosti ga et sja horoshij ''okusirujushhij'' jeffekt. Vvidu neobhodimosti imet' tonkuju peregorodku mezhdu aperturami, proniknovenie skvoz' jeti stenki gamma-luchej vyzyvaet poterju prostranstvennogo razreshenija. Byli ispol'zovany vol'fram i zoloto (dlja detektorov diametrom 7,5 sm) dlja togo, chtoby umen'shit' jeto , chto dalo vozmozhnost' provesti proniknovenie po sravneniju s t em , kogda primenjaetsja svinec. Umen'shenie proniknovenija za schet primenenija udlinennogo svincovogo kollimatora nanosit ushherb osnovnym konstrukcionnym celjam iz - z a uvelichenija skorosti sch et a , esli ne ispol'zuetsja takzhe krupnyj det ek tor. Avtory sproektirovali i sozdali svincovyj kollimator s 91 otverstiem dlja ispol'zovanija s d et ektorom NaJ (T 1 ) r a zm er om 13,5 h 7,5 s m . Fokus nahoditsja na rasstojanii 24 sm ot d et ek tora , a prostranstvennyj ugol vosprijatija analogichen uglam fokusirujushhih kollimatorov pri odnovremennom ispol'zovanii ih s detektorami na 7,5 sm . Maksimal'naja dlina sostavlja et 16,5 sm ; obychnaja dlina konstrukcii sost avlja et 14 sm . Pri dannyh velichinah dliny opticheskie ''okruzhnosti razreshenija'' sostavljajut sootvetstvenno 1,2 i 0,77 sm . Jeti konstrukcii dajut sledujushhee: 1 . Bol e e dlinnoe fokusnoe r a s stojan i e s odn o vremennym uvelicheniem jeffektivnosti scheta blagodarja b ol e e krupnomu ljuminoforu. 2 . Svincovyj kollimator s razreshajushhej sposobnost'ju, kotoruju mozhno sravnit' s bolee korotkimi kollimatorami iz zolot a (skennogramma t ochechnogo istochnika C s-V a 137 imeet di ametr v sego 7 m m ) . 3. Kollimator s vysokoj stepen'ju razreshenija dlja skennirovanija chelovecheskogo organizma i melkih zhivotnyh. 4. Osnovnaja konstrukcija sborki dlja ispol'zovanija kollimatorov s bolee krupnym prostranstvennym uglom dlja uvelichenija jeffektivnosti scheta. Polucheny skennogrammy v sego organizma s primeneniem zolota -198 i jod a -131. Obnaruzhena vozrosshaja jeffektivnost' i razreshenie 14-sm kollimatora. Na skennogramme sobaki s 16,5 sm kollimatorom horosho vidna koncentracija aktivnosti, imejushhaja, ochevidno, v Diametre menee 6m m; aktivnost',lish' v 5 raz prevyshajushhaja ''fon organizma'', vse zhe byla chetko otdelena rasstojaniem 6 mm ot istochnika diametrom 1,8 sm s bolee vysokim (v 50 raz) urovnem aktivnosti. (author)

  14. Report on the survey of the project on the environmentally friendly type energy community field test. Separate volume - reference data. Investigative project for development and commercialization of recycle technology of waste edible oil; 2001 nendo kankyo chowa gata energy community field test jigyo chosa hokokusho. Hai shokuryo yu no recycle gijutsu kaihatsu to jitsuyoka no tameno chosa jigyo (Bessatsu - Sanko shiryo)



    For the purpose of promoting the effective utilization of biomass resource, an investigative study was made on the development of recycle technology of waste edible oil. In the survey, the following were carried out and the results were summarized: promotion measures for biodiesel oil by the EU, promotion measures for biodiesel oil by other countries including Canada, promotion measures for biodiesel oil by the US's Department of Energy (DOC), actual results of the use of biodiesel oil in Kyoto City, reference data on biodiesel oil in Japan, and tackling toward the promotion of BDF in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. As to the transportation use fuel in the EU in the coming 20 years, biofuel, natural gas and hydrogen seem to be selected. If measures are positively taken, biofuel is expected to be 2%, 6%, 7% and 8% in FY 2005, FY 2010, FY 2015 and FY 2020, respectively. Also, natural gas is expected to be 2% in FY 2010, 5% in FY 2015 and 10% in FY 2020, and hydrogen is expected to be 2% in FY 2015 and 5% in FY 2020. (NEDO)

  15. 16-channel analyser with high time-resolution for multiple coincidence experiments; Selecteur a 16 canaux a temps de resolution eleve pour experiences de coincidences multiples; Ispol'zovanie shestiadtsatikanal'nogo analizatora s bol'shoj razreshayushchej sposobnost'yu po vremeni dlya opytov s mnogokratnymi sovpadeniyami; Analizador de 16 canales de elevado poder temporal de resolucion para experimentos de coincidencias multiples

    Brandt, B; Cappeller, U [University of Marburg, Marburg, Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    In usual slow-fast-coincidence experiments such events are counted which are selected in pulse-height by means of single-channel analysers. It is desirable to extend these techniques to a simultaneous energy-analysis of the pulses, selecting pulse-heights by means of multi-channel analysers. Multi-channel analysers used to perform such multiple coincidence experiments should give information about the amplitudes of arriving pulses at a well defined time-interval after the rising of the analysed pulse. A 16-channel pulse-height analyser is described which permits the generation of a pulse-height signal 2.5 x 10{sup -6} s after pulse-rising with an uncertainty of less than {+-} 2 x 10{sup -8} s. The resolving-time is less than 5 x 10{sup -6} s, controlled by an inspector-circuit to avoid distortions arising from the pile-up of pulses. The channel width is controlled by a window-amplifier, adjustable from 1 V to 7 V. The channel-height may be selected from 7 V to 103 V in steps of 0.5 V. (author) [French] En general, dans les experiences de coincidences lentes-rapides, on compte des evenements traduits sous forme d'impulsions dont l'amplitude est selectionnee a l'aide de selecteurs a un seul canal. Il est souhaitable d'etendre cette technique a l'analyse simultanee de l'energie des impulsions, en selectionnant les amplitudes au moyen de selecteurs a canaux multiples. Les selecteurs multi-canaux utilises pour ces experiences de coincidences multiples devraient fournir une indication sur les amplitudes des impulsions d'entree a un intervalle de temps bien defini, apres la montee de l'impulsion analysee. Les auteurs decrivent un selecteur d'amplitude a 16 canaux, qui delivre un signal 2,5 {center_dot} 10{sup -6} s apres l'etablissement de l'impulsion avec une erreur inferieure a {+-} 2 {center_dot} 10{sup -8} s. Le temps de resolution, inferieur a 5 {center_dot} 10{sup -6} s, est commande par un circuit special pour eviter les derangements qui resulteraient de l'empilement des impulsions. La largeur du canal est commandee par un amplificateur a fenetre, ajustable entre 1 V et 7 V. La hauteur du canal peut etre reglee entre 7 V et 103 V, de 0,5 V en 0,5 V. (author) [Spanish] En los experimentos de coincidencia lenta-rapida se cuentan generalmente sucesos cuya amplitud de impulso ha sido seleccionada por medio de analizadores de un solo canal. Resulta conveniente lograr que estas tecnicas permitan analizar simultaneamente las energias de varios impulsos, seleccionando sus amplitudes por medio de analizadores de canales multiples. Los analizadores que se emplean en los experimentos de coincidencia multiple deben informar sobre las amplitudes de los impulsos incidentes (ordenandolos en canales de amplitud) tras un intervalo de tiempo bien definido despues de establecido el impulso que se analiza. Se describe un analizador de amplitudes de impulso de 16 canales que permite generar una senal de amplitud de impulso 2,5 x 10{sup -6} s despues de establecido este, con un error inferior a 2 x 10{sup -8} s. El tiempo de resolucion es menor de 5 x 10{sup -6} s y esta controlado por un circuito inspector para evitar distorsiones debidas a la acumulacion de impulsos. La anchura del canal, controlada por un amplificador de ventana, es ajustable entre 1 y 7 V. La posicion del canal puede variarse entre 7 y 103 V a intervalos de 0,5 V. (author) [Russian] Pri obychnykh opytakh s medlennymi i bystrymi sovpadeniyami proizvoditsya otschet velichin, kotorye vybirayutsya po amplitude impul'sov pri pomoshchi odnokanal'nykh analizatorov. Predstavlyaetsya zhelatel'nym rasprostranit' ehti metody na odnovremennyj analiz ehnergii impul'sov, putem otbora impul'sov po amplitude pri pomoshchi mnogokanal'nykh analizatorov. Mnogokanal'nye analizatory, primenyaemye dlya proizvodstva takogo roda opytov s mnogokratnymi sovpadeniyami, dolzhny davat' svedeniya otnositel'no amplitudy postupayushchikh impul'sov (raspredelyaya ikh po amplitudnym kanalam) v tochno opredelennye promezhutki vremeni posle narastaniya issleduemogo impul'sa. Opisyvaetsya shestikanal'nyj amplitudnyj analizator impul'sov, pozvolyayushchij proizvodit' signaly amplitudy impul'sa cherez 2,5 x 10{sup -6} sekundy posle narastaniya impul'sa s predelom pogreshnosti menee, chem {+-} 2 x 10{sup -8} sekundy. Vremya razresheniya ne prevyshaet 5 x 10{sup -6} sekund; vo izbezhanie iskazheniya v rezul'tate nakopleniya impul'sov ehto vremya reguliruetsya kontrol'nym konturom. SHirina kanala reguliruetsya usilitelem s oknom, kotoryj mozhet regulirovat'sya v intervale ot 1 v do 7 v. Vysota kanala mozhet vybirat'sya cherez kazhdye 0,5 v v intervale ot 7 v do 103 v. (author)

  16. Report on the survey of the project on the environmentally friendly type energy community field test. Investigative project for development and commercialization of recycle technology of waste edible oil; 2001 nendo kankyo chowa gata energy community field test jigyo chosa hokokusho. Hai shokuryo yu no recycle gijutsu kaihatsu to jitsuyoka no tameno chosa jigyo



    An investigative study was made of the use of waste edible oil as fuel and recycle use of residual food in the food service business. As to the existence/recovery of edible oil, it was found out that waste edible oil of 15.9g/meal per capita was discharged at multiple wide-area distributed shops and that the total amount reached 1,861kl/y in the country. Concerning the technology for using it as biodiesel fuel, Ronford Co., which has the most actual results of the technology, recovers waste edible oil in Kyoto City, refines it and uses it as fuel for the City's garbage truck. About the use of waste edible oil as boiler use fuel, there are examples in Sapporo Grand Hotel, which has been contributing to energy conservation for more than five years. In the assessment of the profitability as project, for the direct combustion for boiler fuel use, the same/large heat supply system is a prerequisite, and for the hot stove loaded type direct combustion, there is an element of the technology development. Therefore, the use as bio-diesel fuel is most expected, though there is a taxation problem. (NEDO)

  17. Compilation of the ``Atlas of Gamma-rays from the Inelastic Scattering of Reactor Fast Neutrons'' (1978DE41) by A.M. Demidov, L.I. Govor, Yu. K. Cherepantsev, M.R. Ahmed, S. Al-Najjar, M.A. Al-Amili, N. Al-Assafi, and N. Rammo

    Hurst, Aaron M. [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States); Bernstein, Lee A. [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States); Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Chong, Su-Ann [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    A Structured Query Language (SQL) relational database has been developed based on the original (n,n'gamma) work carried out by A.M. Demidov et al., at the Nuclear Research Institute in Baghdad, Iraq [``Atlas of Gamma-Ray Spectra from the Inelastic Scattering of Reactor Fast Neutrons'', Nuclear Research Institute, Baghdad, Iraq (Moscow, Atomizdat 1978)] for 105 independent measurements comprising 76 elemental samples of natural composition and 29 isotopically-enriched samples. The information from this ATLAS includes: gamma-ray energies and intensities; nuclide and level data corresponding to where the gamma-ray originated from; target (sample) experimental-measurement data. Taken together, this information allows for the extraction of the flux-weighted (n,n'gamma) cross sections for a given transition relative to a defined value. Currently, we are using the fast-neutron flux-weighted partial gamma-ray cross section from ENDF/B-VII.1 for the production of the 847-keV transition from the first excited 2+ state to the 0+ ground state in 56Fe, 468 mb. This value also takes into account contributions to the 847-keV transition following beta(-) decay of 56Mn formed in the 56Fe(n,p) reaction. However, this value can easily be adjusted to accommodate the user preference. The (n,n'gamma) data has been compiled into a series of ASCII comma separated value tables and a suite of Python scripts and C modules are provided to build the database. Upon building, the database can then be interacted with directly via the SQLite engine or accessed via the Jupyter Notebook Python-browser interface. Several examples exploiting these utilities are also provided with the complete software package.

  18. Scanning Study of 700 Livers Evaluation of Existing Diagnostic Procedures; Etude Scintigraphique de 700 Foies (Evaluation des Procedures Actuelles de Diagnostic); Issledovanie pecheni 700 bol'nykh s pomoshch'yu skennirovaniya; Exploracion Hepatica de 700 Pacientes (Evaluacion de los Metodos Actuales De Diagnostico); Exploracion Hepatica de 700 Pacientes (Evaluacion de los Metodos Actuales de Diagnostico)

    Czerniak, P. [Radium and Isotope Institute, Government Hospital, Tel-Hashomer (Israel)


    The livers of 700 patients have been examined. Clinical studies, laboratory tests, roentgenographic examinations and liver-scanning studies were performed. The patients were followed up and finally an objective diagnostic confirmation was obtained in most cases. In this way an evaluation of the performed tests was established. The liver scanning was done using Au{sup 198}, I{sup 131}-Rose Bengal and I{sup 131} PVP. Apart from the classical AP technique, special techniques were utilized, such as tri- or bi-plane stereoscanning and combined isotope studies with Au{sup 198} and I{sup 131}-Rose Bengal leading to a determination of the RLC (radioisotope liver coefficients). The patients were divided into eight clinical groups and the diagnostic data were accordingly compiled and evaluated. A summary of the results of this study is presented. Each clinical group was separately analysed. For example, a space-occupying lesion was detected in 95% of the 65 cases of Echinococcus disease. X-ray examination detected calcifications in only 35% of these cases, but also in 14% of other liver diseases. Weinberg and Casoni reactions were positive in 64% of the cases of Echinococcus, but also in 22% of other diseases. In hepatic malignancy, a space-occupying lesion was detected in 44% of cases, a foggy scan in 30% and morphological changes in 29%. In two of the 158 tumour cases the scan falsely appeared to be normal, but in 40% of the same cases the laboratory results were negative. By using the bi- and tri-plane stereoscanning technique, new and supplementary information on the state of the liver was obtained in 45% of cases. Liver scanning was also used in the follow-up study. It was found that: (1) After Echinococcotomy, a definite scar persists as a space-occupying lesion; (2) Three months after a treated amoebic abscess, complete regeneration occurs; (3) After a porto-caval shunt, the liver scan becomes smaller and the spleen larger - even when the general condition is satisfactory; (4) Cytostatic agents may be temporarily effective in some diffuse hepatic lesions; (5) A rescanned suspected lesion may reappear as a space-occupying lesion or disappear. Thus the time of scanning may affect the diagnosis. Conclusions: (1) Liver scanning can be considered as a very useful method for clinical, morphological and topographical diagnosis in hepatopathology; and (2) The results may be improved by (a) advanced instrumentation and the use of stereoscanning techniques and (b) good collaboration between the internists and surgeons. (author) [French] On a examine les foies de 700 malades (etude clinique, analyses en laboratoire, examens radiographiques, explorations scintigraphiques). Onacontinuea les malades apres ces examens; on a pu avoir la confirmation objective du diagnostic dans la plupart des cas et evaluer les resultats de la campagne. Pour la scintigraphie du foie, on a utilise l'or-198, le rose bengale marque avec {sup 131}I et le polyvinylpyrrolidone egalement marque avec {sup 131}I. On a applique, non seulement la methode classique, mais aussi des methodes particulieres comme l'exploration stereographique dans deux plans ou trois plans et l'emploi combine de l'or-198 et du rose bengale marque a l'iode-131 pour determiner les coefficients relatifs de fixation de ces radioisotopes dans le foie. Les sujets avaient ete repartis en huit groupes cliniques aux fins de compilation et devaluation des resultats du diagnostic, qui sont presentes succinctement dans le memoire. Chaque groupe clinique a ete analyse separement. Par exemple, on a detecte une lesion en volume dans 95% des 65 cas d'echinococcose. La radiographie a permis de constater des calcifications dans 35% seulement de ces cas, mais aussi dans 14% des autres cas de maladies hepatiques. Les reactions de Weinberg et Casoni ont ete positives dans 64% des cas d'echinococcose, mais aussi dans 22% des autres cas. En ce qui concerne le cancer du foie, on a detecte une lesion en volume dans 44% des cas, on a obtenu un scintigramme voile dans 30% des cas et on a constate des modifications morphologiques de l'organe dans 29% de cas. Dans deux des 158 cas de tumeurs malignes, le scintigramme semblait faussement normal, mais dans 40% de ces memes cas les resultats obtenus au laboratoire etaient negatifs. Par la technique d'exploration stereographique dans deux ou trois plans, on a obtenu dans 45% des cas des renseignements nouveaux ou complementaires sur l'etat de l'organe. On a egalement utilise la scintigraphie pour le controle ulterieur des resultats. On a fait les constations suivantes: 1. Apres extirpation du kyste hydatique, une cicatrice caracterisee persiste sous forme de lesion en volume; 2. Trois mois apres le traitement d'un abces amibien, une regeneration complete intervient; 3. Apres une derivation porto-cavale, le scintigramme du foie devient plus petit et celui de la rate plus grand - meme lorsque l'etat general est satisfaisant; 4. Les agents cytostatiques peuvent etre momentanement efficaces pour certaines lesions hepatiques diffuses; 5. Il arrive qu'une lesion dont on n'avait pu affirmer la presence avec certitude devienne macroscopique ou qu'elle cesse totalement d'etre visible; par consequent, le moment de l'exploration peut affecter le diagnostic. L'auteur tire les conclusions suivantes: 1. On peut considerer la scintigraphie comme une methode tres utile pour le diagnostic clinique, morphologique et topographique en hepatopathologie. 2. On peut ameliorer les resultats: a) en utilisant des appareils perfectionnes ou en ayant recours aux techniques d'exploration stereographiques; b) par une bonne collaboration entre le clinicien et le chirurgien. (author) [Spanish] El autor ha examinado el higado de 700 pacientes (estudios clinicos, analisis de laboratorio, examenes roentgenograficos y exploraciones centelleograficas), ha seguido la evolucion clinica de los pacientes y ha podido obtener en la mayoria de los casos una confirmacion objetiva del diagnostico. Esto ha permitido evaluar los ensayos realizados. Para la exploracion del higado se utilizo 198Au, Rosa Bengala marcado con {sup 131}I y polivinilpirrolidona marcada tambien con {sup 131}I. Ademas de la exploracion anteroposterior, se recurrio a tecnicas especiales como la exploracion estereoscopica en dos o tres planos y al empleo combinado del {sup 198}Au y el Rosa Bengala marcado con {sup 131}I para determinar los coeficientes relativos de fijacion de estos radioisotopos en el hfgado. Los pacientes habfan sido distribuidos en ocho grupos clinicos con miras a la compilacion y evaluacion de los resultados del diagnostico. En la memoria se presenta un resumen de estos resultados. Cada grupo clfnico se analizo por separado. Por ejemplo, se detecto una lesion macroscopica en el 95% de los 65 casos de equinococosis. La radiografia solo permitio descubrir calcificaciones en el 35% de estos casos, pero tambien en el 14% de los otros casos de afecciones hepaticas. Las reacciones de Weinberg y Casoni fueron positivas en el 64% de los casos de equinococosis, pero tambien en el 22 por ciento de las otras enfermedades. En loque respecta al cancer del hfgado, se detecto una lesion macroscopica en el 44% de los casos, se obtuvo un centelleograma velado en el 30% y se observaron modificaciones morfologicas en el 29%. En dos de los 158 casos de tumores malignos, el centelleograma parecia falsamente normal, pero en el 40% de estos mismos casos los resultados obtenidos en el laboratorio fueron negativos. Con la tecnica de exploracion estereoscopica en dos o tres planos se obtuvieron datos nuevos o complementarios sobre el estado del higado en el 45% de los casos. La centelleografia se utilizo tambien para el control ulterior de los resultados. Se han hecho las siguientes observaciones: 1. Despues de una equinococotomia persiste una cicatriz caracteristica en forma de lesion macroscopica. 2. Tres meses despues del tratamiento de un absceso amebico, se produce una regeneracion completa. 3. Despues de una derivacion porta-cava, la imagen del higado es mas pequena y la del bazo mas grande, incluso cuando el estado general es satisfactorio. 4. Los agentes citostaticos pueden ser momentaneamente eficaces para ciertas lesiones hepaticas difusas. 5. Ha ocurrido a veces que al explorar de nuevo una lesion dudosa esta ha aparecido como una lesion macroscopica o ha desaparecido totalmente. Por tanto, la epoca en que se efectua la exploracion puede afectar al diagnostico, . Conclusiones: 1. La exploracion hepatica puede considerarse como metodo muy util para el diagnostico clfnico, morfologico y topografico en hepatopatologia. 2. Los resultados pueden mejorarse: a) utilizando aparatos perfeccionados o tecnicas de exploracion estereoscopica, y b) estableciendo una eficaz colaboracion entre el clinico y el cirujano. (author) [Russian] Provodilis' klinicheskie issledovanija, laboratornye analizy, rentgenograficheskoe obsledovanie i skennirovanie pecheni 700 bol'nyh. Za bol'nymi bylo ustanovleno nabljudenie, i v bol'shinstve sluchaev v konechnom itoge diagnoz podtverdilsja. Takim obrazom byla dana ocenka provedennym issledovanijam. Skennirovanie pecheni proizvodilos' s pomoshh'ju bengal'skoj rozy i polivinilpirolidona, mechennyh zolotom-198 i jodom-131 . Pomimo klassicheskogo AR-metoda dlja opredelenija ra- dioizotopnyh kojefficientov pecheni primenjalis' special'nye metody, takie kak treh ili dvuhploskostnoe stereoskennirovanie i kombinirovannoe izotopnoe issledovanie s pomoshh'ju mechennoj zolotom-198 i jodom-131 bengal'skoj rozy. Bol'nye byli razdeleny na vosem' klinicheskih grupp, i sootvetstvenno proizvodilsja sbor i ocenka diagnosticheskih dannyh. Daetsja kratkoe izlozhenie rezul'tatov jetogo issledovanija. V kazhdoj klinicheskoj gruppe analizy provodilis' otdel'no. Naprimer, v 95%iz 65 sluchaev jehinokokkovoj bolezni byl obnaruzhen ogranichennyj uchastok porazhenija. Rentgenovskoe obsledovanie vyjavilo obizvestvlenie tol'ko v 35%jetih sluchaev, a takzhe v 14% sluchaev drugih zabolevanij pecheni. Reakcii Vajnberga i Kasoni byli polozhitel'ny v 64% sluchaev jehinokokkovoj bolezni, a takzhe v 22%sluchaev drugih zabolevanij. Pri zlokachestvennyh zabolevanijah pecheni ogranichennyj uchastok porazhenija byl obnaruzhen v 44% sluchaev, nejasnaja skennogramma v 30%, morfologicheskie izmenenija -v*29%. V dvuh iz 158 sluchaev skennogramma oshibochno okazalas' normal'noj, odnako v 40% jetih zhe sluchaev laboratornye rezul'taty byli otricatel'nymi. Blagodarja primeneniju metoda dvuh i trehploskostnogo stereoskennirovanija v 45% sluchaev byli polucheny novye i dopolnitel'nye dannye o sostojanii pecheni. Skennirovanie pecheni primenjalos' takzhe pri posledujushhih issledovanijah. Bylo obnaruzheno, chto: 1) posle jehinokokkotomii ostaetsja otchetlivyj rubec kak ogranichennyj uchastok porazhenija; 2) cherez tri mesjaca posle izlechenija amebnogo abscessa proishodit polnaja regeneracija; 3) posle sozdanija porto-kaval'nogo anastomoza razmer skennogrammy pecheni umen'shaetsja , a selezenki -uvelichivaetsja, dazhe pri udovletvoritel'nom obshhem sostojanii; 4) pri nekotoryh diffuznyh porazhenijah pecheni citostaticheskie agenty mogut byt' vremenno jeffektivny; 5) pri povtornom skennirovanii predpolagaemoe zabolevanie mozhet okazat'sja ogranichennym uchastkom porazhenija ili ischeznut'. Takim obrazom diagnoz zavisit ot vremeni skennirovanija. Vyvody: 1. Skennirovanie pecheni mozhet schitat'sja ochen' poleznym metodom klinicheskogo, morfologicheskogo i topograficheskogo diagnoza pri patologicheskih izmenenijah pecheni. 2. Rezul'taty mogut byt' uluchsheny putem: a) uluchshenija apparatury i primenenija metodov stereoskennirovanija, b) luchshego sotrudnichestva mezhdu terapevtami i hirurgami. (author)

  19. Compounds Labelled with Low-Energy Gamma-Ray Emitters for Medical Isotope Scanning; Gammagraphie au Moyen de Composes Marques avec des Emetteurs Gamma de Faible Energie; Soedineniya, ispol'zuemye pri meditsinskom izotopnom skennirovanii, mechennye s pomoshch'yu gamma-izluchatelej nizkoj ehnergii; Compuestos Marcados con Emisores Gamma de Baja Energia para la Exploracion Medica Mediante Isotopos

    Scheer, K. E.; Zum Winkel, K.; Georgi, M. [Czerny-Krankenhaus der Universitat Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    Low-energy gamma emitters have a special merit for medical scintillation scanning for the following reasons: (1) The lead shielding of the collimators is much more effective. Multiple focusing thin-walled hole collimators can therefore be used, making a higher geometrical resolution possible and, therefore, the detection of smaller lesions. (2) The absorption of the radiation within the body tissue limits the depth of visibility of lesions. In extended organs like the liver, the superposition of radiation originating from the back of the organ is avoided. This allows a better detection of more superficial lesions. The most important low-energy gamma-emitting nuclide is I{sup 125}. For thyroid scanning, it is used in the form of iodide. A suitable compound for liver scanning is I{sup 125}-labelled Rose Bengal. An alternative compound is I{sup 125} -CAI (heat denatured albumin). For kidney scanning I{sup 125}-Hippuran was found to be suitable when injected intramuscularly with hyaluronidase to ensure a uniform level of radioactivity in the kidneys. Another useful low-energy gamma-emitting nuclide for medical scanning is Hg{sup 197} which may be used as chloride for kidney and spleen scanning. Special precautions must be taken to avoid overlying of kidney and spleen. A higher quality scan is obtained with Hg{sup 197}-labelled Neohydrin. This compound is also useful for brain-tumour localization. Typical scans of thyroid, liver, spleen, kidney and brain tumours obtained with low-energy gamma emitters and conventional nuclides and compounds are presented and the merits of the former are discussed. (author) [French] Les emetteurs gamma de faible energie presentent un interet particulier en gammagraphie, pour les raisons suivantes: 1. L'ecran en plomb des collimateurs est beaucoup plus efficace. On peut donc utiliser des collimateurs a focalisation a canaux multiples, et a parois minces, qui permettent d'avoir un excellent pouvoir de resolution et, par consequent, de detecter de petites lesions. 2. L'absorption du rayonnement par les tissues limite la profondeur a laquelle les lesions sont 'visibles'. Dans de grands organes comme le foie, on evite la superposition des rayonnements provenant de la partie posterieure de l'organe, d'ou une meilleure detection des lesions superficielles. Le plus important emetteur gamma de faible energie est l'iode-125. Pour l'exploration de la thyroiede on l'utilise sous forme d'iodure. Pour le foie, le rose bengale marque avec {sup 125}I convient parfaitement, mais on peut aussi utiliser de l'albumine alteree par la chaleur et marquee avec {sup 125}I. Pour le rein, on a constate que l'hippuran marque avec {sup 125}I donne de bons resultats en injection intra-musculaire, si on le melange a de l'hyaluronidase pour assurer un niveau uniforme de radioactivite dans cet organe. Un autre emetteur gamma de faible energie tres utile en gammagraphie est le mercure-197, qui peut etre utilise sous forme de chlorure pour l'exploration du rein et de la rate. On doit prendre des precautions speciales pour eviter la superposition de ces organes. On obtient un meilleur scintigramme avec de la neo- hydrine marquee avec {sup 197}Hg; ce produit peut servir aussi a localiser les tumeurs du cerveau. Les auteurs donnent des details sur des cas typiques d'exploration de tumeurs de la thyroiede, du foie, de la rate, du rein et du cerveau, d'une part avec des emetteurs gamma de faible energie et d'autre part avec des nucleides et des composes classiques; ils comparent les resultats obtenus. (author) [Spanish] Los emisores gamma de baja energia presentan ventajas especiales para la exploracion medica por centelleografia. He aquilas razonest . 1. El blindaje de plomo de los colimadores es mucho mas eficaz. Por tanto, pueden utilizarse colimadores enfocados con canales de tabiques delgados, lo que da un mayor grado de resolucion geometrica y permite, por consiguiente, detectar lesiones'mas pequenas. 2. La absorcion de la radiacion por los tejidos del cuerpo limita la profundidad a que las lesiones pueden ser visualizadas. En organos de grandes dimensiones, como el higado, se evita la superposicion de las radiaciones procedentes de la parte posterior del organo, lo que permite detectar mejor las lesiones superficiales. El. emisor,gamma de baja energia mas importante es el {sup 125}I. Para la exploracion de la tiroides se utiliza en forma de yoduro. El Rosa Bengala marcada con {sup 125}I es un compuesto adecuado para la exploracion del higado. Tambien puede utilizarse albumina desnaturalizada por el calor, marcada con {sup 125}I. Para la exploracion del rinon se ha comprobado que el hipuran marcado con {sup 125}I da buenos resultados cuando se inyecta por via intramuscular con hialuronidasa a fin de lograr un nivel uniforme de radiactividad en este organo. Otro emisor gamma de baja energia muy util para la exploracion medica es el {sup 197}Hg que puede utilizarse en forma de cloruro para la exploracion de los rinones y el bazo. Deben tomarse precauciones especiales para evitar la superposicion del rinon y el bazo. La exploracion da mejores resultados si se utiliza {sup 197}Hg marcado con neohidrina. Este compuesto puede emplearse tambien para la localizacion de tumores del cerebro. Los autores presentan centelleogramas tipicos de tumores de la tiroides, del higado, del bazo, del rinon y del cerebro obtenidos con emisores gamma de baja energia y con nuclidos y compuestos tradicionales, y examinan las ventajas que ofrecen los primeros. (author) [Russian] Gammaizluchateli nizkoj jenergii imejut osobye preimushhestva pri ispol'zovanii ih dlja medicine - skogo scintilljacionnogo skennirovanija po dvum prichinam: 1. Svincovaja zashhita kollimatorov znachitel'no jeffektivnee. Pojetomu mozhno primenjat' tonkostennye kollimatory s mnogokratnoj fokusirovkoj, dobivajas' pri jetom naibol'shego geometricheskogo razreshenija, i v svjazi s jetim- vozmozhnosti obnaruzhenija nebol'shih porazhenij. 2. Pogloshhenie izluchenija v tkanjah organizma ogranichivaet glubinu obnaruzhenija povrezhdeg nij. V krupnyh organah, naprimer v pecheni, ustranjaetsja nalozhenie izluchenija ot zadnego otdela organa. Jeto pozvoljaet luchshe obnaruzhivat' bolee poverhnostnye porazhenija. Naibolee vazhnym gamma-izluchajushhim radioizotopom nizkoj jenergii javljaetsja jod-125, pri skennirovanii shhitovidnoj zhelezy on ispol'zuetsja v forme iodida. Sootvetstvujushhim soedineniem dlja skennirovanija pecheni javljaetsja mechennaja jodom-125 bengal'skaja roza. Drugim soedineniem javljaetsja jod-125 -CAI (denaturirovannyj pri vysokoj temperature al'bumin). Ustanovleno, chto pri skennirovanii pochek naibolee podhodjashhim soedineniem dlja vnutrimyshechnogo vvedenija vmeste s gialuronidazoj s cel'ju obespechenija ravnomernogo urovnja radioaktivnosti v pochkah javljaetsja jod-125-gippuran. Drugim poleznym gamma-izluchajushhim radioizotopom nizkoj jenergii, kotoryj primenjaetsja pri medicinskom skennirovanii, javljaetsja rtut'-197, kotoryj mozhno ispol'zovat' v vide hlorida pri skennirovanii pochek i selezenki. Neobhodimo predprinimat' osobye mery predostorozhnosti, chtoby izbezhat' perekryvanija pochek i selezenki. Pri ispol'zovanii neogidrina, mechennogo rtut'ju-197, poluchajut bolee vysokokachestvennye skennogrammy. Jeto soedinenie primenjaetsja takzhe dlja ustanovlenija lokalizacii mozgovyh opuholej. Obsuzhdajutsja tipichnye skennogrammy shhitovidnoj zhelezy, pecheni, selezenki, pochek i mozgovyh opuholej, poluchennye s pomoshh'ju gamma-izluchatelej nizkoj jenergii, i obychnyh radioizotopov i soedinenij, a takzhe dostoinstva pervyh. (author)

  20. Autofluorography with an X-Ray Image Amplifier; Autofluorographie a l'Aide d'un Amplificateur d'Images a Rayons X; Avtofl u orografiya s pomoshch'yu usilitelya rentgenovskogo izobrazheniya; Autofluorografia con un Amplificador de Imagen de Rayos X

    Ter-Pogossian, M. M.; Eichling, J. O. [Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (United States)


    The visualization of organs containing radioactive isotopes emitting X- or gamma-ray photons with energies between 20 and about 100 keV can be achieved by converting the radiation emerging from the organ into light by means of an X-ray image amplifier of conventional design. The apparatus designed for this purpose consists of the following elements: (1) A collimator, the specifications of which are determined by the resolution and by the operating distance desired. (2) An electrostatic focusing X-ray image amplifier, which converts the collimated X- or gamma-ray photons into an optical image of high brightness. (3) A large aperture lens system which projects the image into: (4) A ''Polaroid'' camera loaded with fast (10 000 ASA), high-contrast film. The performance of this apparatus for low-energy photons is superior to that of conventional scintiscanners. The usefulness of this apparatus for the visualization of brain tumours and kidneys and the thyroid gland is discussed. (author) [French] Pour permettre la visualisation d'organes contenant des radioisotopes emetteurs de rayons X ou gamma ayant une energie de 20 a 100 keV, on peut convertir en lumiere le rayonnement provenant de l'organe examine au moyen d'un amplificateur d'images a rayons X du type classique. Le dispositif concu a cet effet comprend les elements suivants: 1. Un collimateur dont les caracteristiques sont determinees par la resolution et la distance source-detecteur souhaitables; 2. Un amplificateur d'images a rayons X, electrostatique et focalisant, qui transforme les rayons X ou gamma collimates en une image optique de forte luminosite; 3. Un ensemble de lentilles a grand angle d'ouverture, qui projette l'image dans l'appareil photographique ci-dessous; 4. Un appareil photographique 'Polaroid' charge d'un film rapide (10 000 ASA) a fort contraste. Les performances de ce dispositif en presence de photons de faible energie sont superieures a celles des scintigraphes classiques. Les auteurs traitent de l'utilite de ce dispositif pour la visualisation des tumeurs du cerveau, des reins et de la thyroide. (author) [Spanish] La visualizacion de organos que contienen isotopos radiactivos emisores de fotones (rayos X o gamma) de energia comprendida entre 20 y 100 keV aproximadamente, puede lograrse convirtiendo en luz, mediante un amplificador de imagen de rayos X de tipo corriente, la radiacion emitida por el organo. El aparato construido con esta finalidad esta constituido por los siguientes elementos: 1. Un colimador, cuyas caracteristicas vienen determinadas por el poder de resolucion y la distancia a que debe operar. 2. Un amplificador de imagen de rayos X de enfoque electrostatico, que convierte los rayos X o gamma colimados en una imagen optica muy brillante. 3. Un sistema de lentes de gran apertura que proyecta la imagen en la camara mencionada a continuacion. 4. Una camara 'Polaroid' cargada con pelicula rapida (10 000 ASA) de gran contraste. El rendimiento de este aparato para fotones de baja energia es superior al de los exploradores centelleograficos de tipo tradicional. Los autores examinan su utilidad para visualizar tumores cerebrales, renales y tiroideos. (author) [Russian] Vizual'noe nabljudenie organov, soderzhashhih radioaktivnye izotopy, kotorye i z luchajut rentgenovskie kvanty ili gamma-kvanty s jenergijami v predelah ot 20 do 100 kjev, do stiga et sja za schet prevrashhenija radiacii organa v svechenie s pomoshh'ju usilitelja rentgenovskogo izobrazhenija obychnogo tipa. Skonstruirovannyj dlja jetoj celi apparat sostoit iz sledujushhih jelementov: 1 . Kollimatora, harakteristiki kotorogo opredeljajutsja razreshajushhej sposobnost'ju i zh e laemym rabochim rasstojaniem. 2 . Jelektrostaticheskogo fokusirujushhego usilitelja r ent genov skogo izobrazhenija, kotoryj prevrashhaet kollimirovannye rentgenovskie kvanty ili gamma-kvanty v opticheskoe izobrazhenie, imejushhee bol'shuju jarkost'. 3 . Ob{sup e}ktiva s bol'shoj diafragmoj, kotoryj proeciruet izobrazhenie na kameru. 4 . Kamera ''Polaroid'', zarjazhennaja vysokochuvstvitel'noj (10.000 ASA) plenkoj s vysokoj kontrastnost'ju. Po kachestvam raboty s fotonami maloj jenergii jetot apparat luchshe, chem obychnye scinti- skennery. i Obsuzhdaetsja prigodnost' jet ogo apparata dlja vizual'nogo nabljudenija opuholej mozga pochek i shhitovidnoj zhelezy . (author)

  1. Contrast Enhancement by Multicolour Print-Out of Thyroid, Kidney, Liver and Brain Scans; Accentuation des Contrastes dans les Scintigrammes Polychromes du Cerveau, du Foie, du Rein et de la Thyroide; Kontrastnoe usilenie s pomoshch'yu mnogotsvetnogo otpechatka skennogramm shchitovidnoj zhelezy, pochek, pecheni i golovnogo mozga; Aumento del Contraste en los Centelleogramas Policromos de la Tiroides, el Rinon, el Higado y el Cerebro

    Hine, G. J.; Patten, D. H.; Burrows, B. A. [Radioisotope Service, Veterans Administration Hospital Boston University School of Medicine Boston, MA (United States)


    Quantitative information can be obtained from a scan if the colour of the print-out changes with the count-rate. The printing pattern shows then the radioisotope distribution and the printing colour serves as a code for a digital evaluation of the scan. This can delineate areas with small differences in count-rate more clearly than other read-out methods. A stylus hits one of several coloured typewriter ribbons mounted on a common carriage. Its movement is controlled by a count-rate meter with a time constant of 0.3 s. The first ribbon covering the lowest countrate interval is uninked. This suppresses coloured prints at count-rates of less than 12.5% of the 100% maximum adjusted for each scan when eight coloured ribbons are used. However, all counts are preserved in black on carbon copies. The clinical advantage of the colour scan is to recognize immediately differences in count-rate which outline areas of varying radioisotope concentration. The colour cut-off at low count-rates yields an improved visualization of areas such as brain lesions, which are difficult to localize due to high tissue background. The colour scan outlines the contours corresponding to the thickness of functioning liver tissue which are not easily seen otherwise. Compared with normal liver scans, areas of fibrosis and tumour infiltration are more readily recognized. The same is true for kidney scans where a change in colour may indicate ischemic, cystic or tumour areas. For thyroid scans, the colour print-out provides semi-quantitative comparison of radioiodine uptake in different areas. (author) [French] Un scintigramme peut fournir des renseignements quantitatifs si la couleur de l'epreuve photographique varie suivant le taux de comptage. Le dessin de l'epreuve indique alors comment se repartit le radioisotope, et sa coloration est utilisee comme code pour l'evaluation numerique du scintigramme. Cette technique permet de determiner, plus clairement que d'autres methodes de lecture, le contour de zones ou les differences de taux de comptage sont faibles. Des rubans de machines a ecrire de diverses couleurs sont montes sur un chariot unique; un stylet, dont le mouvement est commande par un debitmetre, avec une constante de temps de 0 ,3 s, frappe l'un des rubans. Le premier ruban, qui correspond a la gamme des taux de comptage la plus basse, n'est pas encre; ainsi, il n'y a pas de marques colorees pour les taux de comptage inferieurs a 12, 5% du maximum, qui est ajuste pour chaque scintigramme lorsque les huit rubans colores sont utilises en meme temps. Toutefois, tous les coups sont enregistres en noir sur des copies carbone. Du point de vue clinique, le scintigramme polychrome a l'avantage de faire apparaitre immediatement les differences de taux de comptage qui delimitent des zones oue la concentration du radioisotope n'est pas la meme. La suppression de la couleur, pour les taux de comptage peu eleves, permet de mieux distinguer certaines zones difficiles a localiser par suite de l'intensite du bruit de fond du aux tissus, par exemple les lesions cerebrales. Le scintigramme polychrome fait apparaitre les contours correspondant a l'epaisseur du tissu hepatique qui participe aux fonctions du foie et qu'il est difficile de voir autrement. Il permet d'identifier plus aisement les zones de fibrose et d'infiltration neoplasique, en le comparant avec des scintigrammes de foies normaux. Il en est de meme pour des scintigrammes de reins, oiei une modification de la couleur peut indiquer la presence de zones ischemiques, cystiques ou tumorales. Le scintigramme polvchrome de la thyroiede permet de proceder a des comparaisons semi-quantitatives de la fixation du radioiode entre les differentes zones. (author) [Spanish] Un centelleograma puede proporcionar datos cuantitativos si el color de la impresion varia segun el indice de recuento. La estructura de la impresion indica entonces la reparticion de los radioisotopos; su color sirve de clave para la evaluacion numerica del centelleograma. Esta tecnica permite delimitar mas claramente que otros metodos de lectura las zonas en que las diferencias del indice de recuento son muy reducidas. En un mismo carro se montan cintas de maquina de escribir de diferentes colores; un punzon, cuyo movimiento esta regido por un integrador, con una constante de tiempo de 0,3 s, golpea una de las cintas. La primera, que corresponde al intervalo mas bajo del indice de recuento, no tiene tinta; asi, no hay senales en color para los indices de recuento inferiores al 12,5 por ciento del valor maximo, que se ajusta para cada centelleograma cuando se utilizan las ocho cintas de color. Sin embargo, todos los impulsos quedan registrados en copias sacadas con papel carbon. Desde el punto de vista clinico, el centelleograma policromo tiene la ventaja de que hace aparecer inmediatamente las variaciones del indice de recuento que delimitan zonas con concentraciones de radioisotopos distintas. La supresion del color para los indices de recuento poco elevados permite distinguir mejor ciertas zonas que son dificiles de visualizar a consecuencia de la intensidad de la actividad de fondo debida a los tejidos, por ejemplo, las correspondientes a lesiones cerebrales. Los centelleogramas policromos hacen aparecer los contornos correspondientes al espesor del tejido hepatico que participa en las funciones del higado y que dificilmente pueden observarse de otra manera. Permiten identificar mejor las zonas de fibrosis y de infiltracion tumoral comparandolos con centelleogramas de tipo corriente. Lo mismo puede decirse de los centelleogramas del rinon en los que un cambio de color puede indicar la presencia de zonas isquemicas, cisticas o tumorales. Los centelleogramas policromos de la tiroides permiten proceder a una comparacion semicuantitativa de la concentracion del yodo radiactivo en las diferentes zonas. (author) [Russian] S pomoshh'ju skennogrammy mozhno poluchit' kolichestvennuju informaciju, esli cvet snimka i zm e njaetsja vmeste s intensivnost'ju scheta. Obrazcy snimkov pokazyvajut raspredelenie radioizotopov, a cvetnye otpechatki sluzhat v kachestve koda dlja cifrovoj ocenki skennogrammy. Jeto da et vozmozhnost' ustanovit' ochertanija uchastkov s nebol'shimi rashozhdenijami v sk o rosti scheta gor a zd o luchshe, chem pri drugih metodah snjatija pokazanij. Pero ostavljaet sled na odnoj iz neskol'kih cvetnyh lent pishushhej mashinki, smontirovannyh na obshhej k ar etk e. Ego dvizhenija kontrolirujutsja izmeriteljami skorosti scheta s postojannoj vremeni v 0,3 sekundy. Na pervuju lentu, sootvetstvujushhuju samoj nizkoj skorosti scheta , chernila ne n anosjatsja. Jeto iskljuchaet cvetnoj otpechatok pri skorosti scheta men'shej 12,5%ot maksimuma v 100%dlja kazhdoj skennogrammy, so otvetstv ujushh e go ispol'zovaniju 8 cvetnyh l en t . Odnako, v sevychislenija sohranjajutsja na kopijah v chernom c vete. Klinicheskoe preimushhestvo cvetnoj skennogrammy zakljuch aetsja v nep osr edstven n om opredelenii razlichij v skorosti sch et a , kotorye opredeljajut rajony razlichnoj koncentracii radioizotopov. Vypadenie cveta pri nizkoj skorosti scheta uluchshaet vozmozhnost' nabljudenija v takih rajonah, kak uchastki porazhennogo golovnogo mozga, kotorye trudno lokalizovat' vrezul't at e vysokogo fona tkanej. Cvetnaja skennogramma opredelja et kontury v sootvetstvii s tolshhinoj funkcionirujushhej tkani pecheni, kotoruju inache trudno uvidet'. Pri sravnenii normal'nyh skennogramm pecheni uchastki fibroza opuholevoj infil'tracii ra s poznajutsja gor azdolegche. Jeto spravedlivo i dlja skennogramm pochek, g d e izmenenija cveta mogut ukazat' na ishemicheskie, kistoznye ili opuholevye uchastk i . Chto ka sa et sja skennogramm shhitovidnoj zhelezy, to cvetnye otpechatki dajut vozmozhnost' provesti polukolichest-vennoe sravnenie pogloshhenija radiojoda v razlichnyh uchastkah. (author)

  2. Ultrasonic Water-Gap Measurements in MTR Fuel Elements; Mesure par Ultrasons des Espaces Intercalaires dans les Elements Combustibles des Reacteurs d'Essai de Materiaux; Izmereniya vodyanogo zazora v teplovydelyayushchikh ehlementakh dlya materialovedcheskogo reaktora s pomoshch'yu ul'trazvuka; Medicion Ultrasonica de la Capa de Agua en Elementos Combustibles para Reactores de Ensayo de Materiales

    Deknock, R. [Metallurgy Department, S.C.K./C.E.N., Mol (Belgium)


    The high thermal fluxes, which are usual in the latest materials testing reactors, impose suitable paths for uniform heat transfer and a reliable heat removal avoiding bulk-vapour formation. Furthermore, to control the over-all swelling and reactor fuel behaviour, water-gap measurements will also be performed in post-irradiation experiments on spent fuel elements. For that purpose, a probe for measuring the 3-mm water-gap of the BR-2 fuel element over a 1-m length, based on the principle of ultrasonics, has been developed. In the case of post-irradiation experiments, the measuring probe should operate in a fuel element by being immersed in a water pool at a depth of at least 6 m. The probe can withstand prolonged immersion in water and is not affected by normal gamma-irradiation doses. Although operating on the usual pulse-reflection method, the system allows emitted and reflected pulses to be separated by a 10-MHz ferro-electric crystal with high inherent energy dissipation. Oscilloscope read-out can be used, whereby the time is displayed on the horizontal axis, the scanning speed being adjusted to bear a direct relation to the velocity of wave propagation, i.e. the gap distance. This type of read-out Is satisfactory where the number of measurements is restricted, but chart recorder read-out is obviously desirable. In this case, emitted and reflected pulses are shaped and fed to a time-voltage converter using transistor logic techniques. The instrument allows continuous adjustment of output zero for any arbitrary gap distance between 2 and 4 mm thereby permitting zero-centre recording. Furthermore, any desired 100-{mu}m gap distance variation can give a stable 1-V output voltage to a recorder. An accuracy of 5-{mu}m gap-distance variation is easily obtained. Several fuel elements have been measured. The results and reproducibility were very satisfactory. (author) [French] Etant donne que dans les plus recents reacteurs d'essai de materiaux les flux thermiques sont generalement eleves, il est indispensable de prevoir un transfert de chaleur uniforme et un refroidissement regulier empechant toute formation massive de vapeur. En outre, pour determiner le gonflement et le comportement general du combustible dans le reacteur, il faudra mesurer les espaces intercalaires dans les elements combustibles au cours de controles apres irradiation. A cette fin, on a mis au point une sonde fondee sur le principe des ultrasons, qui permet de mesurer les espaces intercalaires de 3 mm sur 1 m de long dans les elements combustibles du reacteur BR-2. Lorsqu'on procede a des experiences apres irradiation, la sonde doit pouvoir fonctionner dans un element combustible immerge dans un reservoir d'eau a une profondeur de 6 m au minimum. La sonde peut resister a une immersion prolongee dans l'eau et n'est pas endommagee par une irradiation gamma a des doses normales. Bien que le systeme soit fonde sur la methode classique de la reflexion des impulsions, il permet de separer les impulsions emises des impulsions reflechies au moyen d'un cristal ferroelectrique de 10 MHz a pouvoir eleve de dispersion de l'energie. Les resultats des mesures peuvent etre lus directement sur un oscilloscope: le temps est indique sur l'axe horizontal et la vitesse d'exploration est reglee de maniere a se trouver en relation directe avec la vitesse de propagation de l'onde, c'est-a-dire avec la distance intercalaire. Ce mode de lecture est satisfaisant lorsqu'on procede a un nombre limite de mesures, mais il est evidemment preferable d'enregistrer les resultats sur un graphique. Dans ce cas, les impulsions incidentes et les impulsions reflechies sont transmises a un convertisseur temps-tension au moyen d'un circuit logique transistorise. Cet appareil permet un ajustement continu du zero de sortie pour toute distance intercalaire choisie arbitrairement entre 2 et 4 mm, grace a quoi on peut obtenir un enregistrement autour d'un axe zero. En outre, toute variation de 100 {mu}m de la distance intercalaire fournit a un enregistreur une tension stable de sortie de 1 V. Il est facile de mesurer les variations des distances intercalaires avec une precision de 5 {mu}m. Les mesures ont ete faites pour plusieurs elements combustibles. Les resultats et la reproductibilite sont tres satisfaisants. (author) [Spanish] Los elevados flujos termicos que suelen alcanzarse en los recientes reactores de ensayo de materiales, exigen recorridos adecuados para lograr una transmisiun uniforme de calor y una disipacion segura del mismo, evitando asf la formacion de vapor en la masa. Ademas, a fin de controlar el hinchamiento y el comportamiento del combustible en el reactor, tambien debe medirse la capa de agua en experimentos realizados despues de la irradiacion, con elementos combustibles agotados. A tal efecto se ha disenado una sonda ultrasonica destinada a medir, en una longitud de 1 m el espesor de 3 mm de agua correspondiente al elemento combustible BR-2. En el caso de los experimentos posteriores a la irradiacion, es necesario trabajar con el elemento combustible sumergido en un tanque de agua, a profundidad no menor de 6 m. La sonda puede resistir una prolongada inmersion en agua, y no le afectan las dosis normales de radiacion gamma. Aunque proyectado conforme al metodo usual de reflexion de impulsos, el sistema permite separar pulsos emitidos y reflejados, usando un cristal ferro-electrico de 10 MHz, con elevada disipacion inherente de energia. Puede usarse un osciioscopio para la lectura, en cuyo caso el tiempo se representa en el eje horizontal, regulandose la velocidad de barrido de manera que sea directamente proporcional a la velocidad de propagacion de la onda, es decir, al espesor de la capa de agua. Este tipo de representacion da resultados satisfactorios cuando setrata de un numero limitado de mediciones, pero sin duda resulta mas conveniente el registro grafico. En este caso, se da a los impulsos emitidos y reflejados la forma deseada y se les inyecta en un convertidor tiempo-tension con circuitos logicos transistorizados. El instrumento permite un ajuste continuo del cero para cualquier espesor-arbitrario de la capa de agua entre 2 y 4 mm, con lo cual posibilita un registro con el cero en el centro de la escala. Ademas, cualquier intervalo deseado de 100 {mu}m puede dar una tension estable de 1 V a la salida para accionar un registrador. Se puede medir facilmente cualquier variacion en el espesor del agua con una precision de 5 {mu}m. Se han medido con este metodo varios elementos combustibles, y los resultados y la reproducibilidad fueron muy satisfactorios. (author) [Russian] Sil'nye potoki teplo- vyh nejtronov, kotorye obychno voznikajut v novejshih reaktorah dlja ispytanija materialov, javljajutsja podhodjashhim s r e d s t v om ravnomernoj teploperedachi i nadezhnogo otvoda tepla, s pomoshh'ju kotorogo mozhno izbezhat' obrazovanija para v bol'shih ob{sup e}mah. Krome togo, v celjah kontrolja nad obshhim raspuhaniem i povedeniem reaktornogo topli- va izmerjajut vodjanoj zazor pri jeksperimentah posle obluchenija s otrabotannymi teplovy- deljajushhimi jelementami. S jetoj cel'ju byl razrabotan zond dlja izmerenija 3 - m m vodjanogo zazora teplovydeljaju- shhego jelementa ispytatel'nogo reaktora BR-2 dlinoj bolee 1 m , v osnovu kotorogo polozhen princip ul'trazvuka. Pri jeksperimentah posle obluchenija izmeritel'nyj zond dolzhen dej- stvovat' v teplovydeljajushhem jelemente, pogruzhennom v bassejn na glubinu ne menee 6 m . Zond mozhet vyderzhat' pogruzhenie v vodu prodolzhitel'nyj period vremeni, i on ne podver- gaetsja vozdejstviju obychnyh doz gamma-obluchenija. Hotja sistema dejstvuet na osnove obychnogo metoda otrazhenija impul'sov, ona pozvo- ljaet razdeljat' ispuskaemye i otrazhennye impul'sy s pomoshh'ju 10 Mgc ferrojelektriches- kogo kristalla, kotoromu svojstvenno bol'shoe rassejanie jenergii. Mozhno ispol'zovat' zapis' pokazanij oscilloskopa, v kotorom vremja registriruetsja na gorizontal'noj osi, skorost' skennirovanija podbiraetsja v sootvetstvii so skorost'ju rasprostranenija volny, t,e.s velichinoj zazora. Takaja zapis' pokazanij javljaetsja udovletvoritel'noj v otnoshenii ogranichennogo chisla izmerenij, odnako javno celesoobrazno imet' zapis' pokazanij samopisca. V jetom sluchae ispuskaemye i otrazhennye impul'sy formirujutsja i podajutsja v preobrazovatel' vremja- naprjazhenie s pomoshh'ju logicheskoj shemy s ispol'zovaniem tranzistora. S pomoshh'ju jetogo pribora mozhno nepreryvno podbirat' nulevoe znachenie vyhoda dlja ljuboj proizvol'noj ve- lichiny zazora mezhdu 2 i 4 mm, chto pozvoljaet ispol'zovat' nulevoj metod zapisi. Krome togo, putem ljubogo zhelatel'nogo izmenenija velichiny zazora na 100 mk mozhno poluchit' ustojchivoe vyhodnoe naprjazhenie 1 vol't dlja registratora. Mozhno legko kontrolirovat'' izmenenie velichiny zazora s tochnost'ju do 5 mk. Izmereno neskol'ko teplovydeljajushhih jelementov. Rezul'taty i vosproizvodimost' javljajutsja ves'ma udovletvoritel'nymi. (author)

  3. Measurements with a Pulsed and Modulated Source in a Reactor; Mesures au Moyen d'une Source Pulsee et Modulee dans un Reacteur; Izmereniya v reaktore s pomoshch'yu impul'snogo i moduliruemogo is tochnika; Mediciones Efectuadas en Reactor con una Fuente Pulsada y Modulada

    Rotter, W. [Centre d' Etude de l' Energie Nucleaire, Mol (Belgium)


    A generator with a neutron level variable in terms of any time factor has been developed by Philips Research Laboratories. Its practical use. in reactor physics has been demonstrated through a series of measurements carried out in the BRO2 reactor when subcritical. The stability of this generator, and the possibility of introducing sharp variations in the neutron intensity and of pulsing the flux or modulating it sinusoidally, makes it a very versatile instrument. It enables reactivity ({rho} = {Delta}k/{beta}) and neutron lifetime ( Script-Small-L /{beta}) to be determined by different independent methods. An exact comparison can be made of these methods since they can be employed without changing the conditions under which measurements are carried out. The following were determined: (1) {rho} based on delayed neutrons, by a sudden reduction of neutron level, (2) {rho} based on prompt neutrons by neutron pulses, (3) ( Script-Small-L /{beta}) by a combination of (1) and (2) for 0.5$ < {rho} < 2$; and (4) Script-Small-L /{beta} based on the transfer function of the reactor for a modulated source. The transfer functions for a reactivity oscillator and for a sinusoidally modulated source are discussed. It is shown that the measurement of Script-Small-L /{beta} is possible for 0.1 $ < {rho} < 10 $ by using a modulated source. The same method also gives the reactivity on the basis of the ratio of prompt neutrons to delayed neutrons for an optimal frequency, practically independently of the data for delayed neutrons and of the value of Script-Small-L /{beta}. By accumulating a large number of cycles in the multi-channel analyser, better statistics for each method can be obtained. Since the neutron level from the generator is in fact sinusoidal, the response of the reactor may be integrated over each quarter of a period, as the measurement sequence is controlled by the generator; measurement time is then minimal. Observations recorded on a perforated tape are analysed by a digital computer [French] Un generateur dont le debit neutronique est variable selon une fonction du temps quelconque a ete mis au point par les Laboratoires de recherches Philips. Son utilite pratique dans le domaine de la physique des reacteurs a ete demontree par une serie de mesures effectuees dans le reacteur BRO2 a fotat sous-critique. Sa bonne stabilite, la possibilite de faire varier brusquement l'intensite neutronique, de puiser le debit ou de le moduler sinusoldalement, rend ce generateur tres souple. Il permet de determiner la reactivite ({rho} = {Delta}k/{beta}) et le temps de vie des neutrons ( Script-Small-L /{beta}) d'apres differentes methodes independantes. Une comparaison exacte de ces methodes est possible puisqu'elles peuvent etre employees sans modifier les conditions de mesure. On a determine: a) {rho} sur la base des neutrons retardes, par une reduction instantanee du debit de neutrons; b) {rho} sur la base des neutrons instantanes par des bouffees de neutrons; c) Script-Small-L /{beta} par combinaison de a) et b) pour 0,5 $ < {rho} <2 $; d) Script-Small-L /{beta} sur la base de la fonction de transfert du reacteur pour une source modulee. Les fonctions de transfert pour un oscillateur de reactivite et pour une source modulee sinusoldalement sont discutees. Il est montre que la mesure de Script-Small-L /{beta} est possible pour 0,1 $ < {rho} < 10 $ en utilisant une source modulee. La meme methode fournit aussi la reactivite a l'aide du rapport des neutrons instantanes aux neutrons retardes pour une frequence optimale, pratiquement independamment des donnees relatives aux neutrons retardes et de la valeur de f Script-Small-L /{beta}. Par accumulation d'un grand nombre de cycles dans l'analyseur multicanal, la statistique peut etre amelioree pour chaque methode. Le debit du generateur etant bien sinusoiedal, la reponse du reacteur peut etre integree sur chaque quart d'une periode, etant donne que la chafhe de mesure est pilotee par le generateur: le temps de mesure est donc minimum. Les observations enregistrees sur bande perforee sont depouillees par une calculatrice numerique. (author) [Spanish] Los laboratorios de investigacion Philips han construido un generador neutronico de flujo variable en funcion del tiempo. Con una serie de mediciones efectuadas en el reactor BRO2 en estado subcrftico, se ha demostrado su utililidad practica en la esfera de la fisica de los reactores. El funcionamiento del generador es muy flexible debido a su alta estabilidad, a la posibilidad de variar bruscamente la intensidad neutronica, y de pulsar el flujo o modularlo de manera sinusoidal. El generador permite determinar la reactividad ({rho} = {Delta}k/{beta}) y la vida media de los neutrones ( Script-Small-L /{beta}) segun varios metodos independientes. Es posible proceder a una comparacion exacta de esos metodos, dado que pueden aplicarse sin modificar las condiciones de medicion. El autor ha calculado los siguientes valores: a) p, sobre la base de los neutrones retardados, por reduccion instantanea del flujo neutronico; b) p, sobre la base de los neutrones inmediatos, por impulsos neutronicos; c) Script-Small-L /{beta}, combinando 1) y 2), cuando 0, 5 dolares < {rho} < 2 dolares, y d) Script-Small-L /{beta}, sobre la base de la funcion de transferencia del reactor para una fuente modulada. En la memoria se examinan las funciones de transferencia correspondientes a un oscilador de reactividad y a una fuente de modulacion sinusoidal. Se demuestra que es posible medir Script-Small-L /{beta}, cuando 0,1 dolar < {rho} < 10 dolares utilizando una fuente modulada. Por el mismo metodo se obtiene tambien la reactividad partiendo de la razon neutrones inmediatos/neutrones retardados para una frecuencia optima que es practicamente independiente de los datos relativos a los neutrones retardados y del cociente Script-Small-L /{beta}. La precision estadistica de cada metodo puede aumentarse acumulando un gran numero de ciclos en el analizador multicanal. Como el flujo del generador es perfectamente sinusoidal, la respuesta del reactor puede integrarse en cada cuarto de perfodo, puesto que el circuito de medicion esta gobernado por el generador; por consiguiente, el tiempo de medicion es minimo. Los datos registrados sobre cinta perforada se analizan con ayuda de una calculadora numerica. (author) [Russian] Generator, vyhod nejtronov kotorogo izmenjaetsja v zavisimosti ot funkcii kakogo-to vremeni, byl razrabotan v issledovatel'skih laboratorijah Filipsa. Ego prakticheskaja pol'za v oblasti fiziki reaktorov byla prodemonstrirovana na serii izmerenij, provedennyh v reaktore BR-O 2 v podkriticheskom sostojanii. Horoshaja ustojchivost', vozmozhnost' proizvodit' rezkie izmenenija intensivnosti nejtronnogo potoka, impul'sirovat' vyhod ili modulirovat' ego sinusoidal'no, - vse jeto delaet takoj generator ochen' gibkim. On pozvoljaet ustanavlivat' reaktivnost' ({rho} = {Delta}k/{beta}) i vremja zhizni nejtronov ( Script-Small-L /{beta}) po razlichnym nezavisimym metodam. Tochnoe sravnenie jetih metodov vozmozhno, poskol'ku poslednie mogut byt' ispol'zovany bez izmenenija uslovij izmerenija. Ustanovleno: 1) {rho} na osnove zapazdyvajushhih nejtronov putem mgnovennogo umen'shenija vyhoda nejtronov; 2) {rho} na osnove mgnovennyh nejtronov putem ispol'zovanija impul'sov nejtronov; 3) Script-Small-L /{beta} putem soedinenija 1) i 2) dlja 0,5 $ < {rho} < 2 $ ; 4) Script-Small-L /{beta} na osnove peredatochnoj funkcii reaktora dlja moduliruemogo istochnika. Obsuzhdajutsja peredatochnye funkcii dlja oscilljatora reaktivnosti i dlja sinusoidal'no moduliruemogo istochnika. Pokazano, chto izmerenie Script-Small-L /{beta} vozmozhno dlja 0,1 $< {rho} < $ s uchetom primenenija moduliruemogo istochnika. Tot zhe metod takzhe daet reaktivnost' s pomoshh'ju otnoshenija mgnovennyh nejtronov k zapazdyvajushhim nejtronam dlja optimal'noj chastoty, prichem na praktike jeto proishodit nezavisimo ot dannyh, otnosjashhihsja k zapazdyvajushhim nejtronam, i ot znachenija Script-Small-L /{beta}. Statistika mozhet byt' uluchshena dlja kazhdogo metoda v rezul'tate nakoplenija bol'shogo kolichestva ciklov v mnogokanal'nom analizatore. Esli vyhod s generatora dostatochno sinusoidalen, to chuvstvitel'nost' reaktora mozhet byt' integrirovana dlja kazhdoj chetverti perioda pri uslovii, chto cep' izmerenij upravljaetsja generatorom; pojetomu vremja izmerenija minimal'no. Zaregistrirovannye na perforirovannoj lente nabljudenija rasshifrovyvajutsja na cifrovom vychislitel'nom ustrojstve. (author)

  4. Study of inclusions and segregation in metals by autoradiography; Etude autoradiographic des inclusions et de la segregation dans les metaux; Izuchenie primesej i usadki metalla s pomoshch'yu avtoradiografii; Estudio autoradiografico de las inclusiones y de la segregacion en los metales

    Makin, S M [Wantage Research Laboratory, Wantage, Berks (United Kingdom)


    Three applications of radioisotope techniques to metallurgy are described. During the course of this work, new autoradiographic techniques are developed. These include the irradiation and autoradiography of extraction replicas, similar to those used in electron microscopy, and a two-colour dye-transfer process in which colour prints of autoradiographs are shown with the corresponding micrographs superposed. These methods are applied to the study of inclusions in steel and uranium and to an investigation of the segregation of sulphur and phosphorus in welds in stainless steel. (author) [French] Le memoire decrit trois applications des radioisotopes en metallurgie. Au cours de ces travaux, l'auteur a mis au point de nouvelles techniques d'autoradiographie. Celles-ci comportent l'irradiation d'empreintes pour autoradiographie et d'empreintes d'extraction, semblables a celles qui sont employees dans la microscopie electronique, et font appel a un procede de transfert en deux couleurs dans lequel on superpose des autoradiographies en couleur et les microphotographies correspondantes. Ces methodes sont appliquees a l'etude des inclusions dans l'acier et l'uranium ainsi qu'aux recherches sur la segregation du soufre et du phosphore dans les pieces soudees en acier inoxydable. (author) [Spanish] Se describen tres aplicaciones de las tecnicas de los radioisotopes en la metalurgia. En el curso de los experimentos se han perfeccionado nuevas tecnicas autorradiograficas, que comprenden la irradiacion de replicas de autorradiografia y extraccion, analogas a las utilizadas en la microscopia electronica y un procedimiento de impresion a dos colores que permite obtener autorradiografias superpuestas a las correspondientes micrografias. Estos metodos se aplican al estudio de inclusiones en el acero y el uranio y a una investigacion de la segregacion del azufre y del fosforo en soldaduras hechas en acero inoxidable. (author) [Russian] Daetsya opisanie trekh sposobov primeneniya radioizotopov v metallurgii. V khode ehtoj raboty byli sozdany novye avtoradiograficheskie metody. Oni vklyuchayut obluchenie i avtoradiografiyu ehkstraktsionnykh modelej, podobno ispol'zuemym v ehlektronnoj mikroskopii, i protsess dvukhtsvetnogo perekhoda, pri kotorom tsvetnye kopii chertezhej avtoradiografa pokazyvayutsya s sootvetstvuyushchimi nalozhennymi dannymi mikrografov. EHti metody ispol'zuyutsya pri izuchenii primesej v stali i urane i pri issledovanii segregatsii sery i fosfora pri svarke v nerzhaveyushchej stali. (author)

  5. Taiwan zhanhou chuqi wenxue changyu chongjian : Shuwei renwen gangfa de yunyong yu shilie fenxi 台灣戰後初期文學場域重建:數位人文方法的運用與實例分析

    Dluhošová, Táňa; Chen, A.Ch.-H.

    -, č. 27 (2015), s. 113-152 ISSN 1608-1692 Grant - others:AV ČR(CZ) MOST/2014/0004 Program:Bilaterální spolupráce Institutional support: RVO:68378009 Keywords : Early Post-war Literature * Digital Humanities * Literary Field * Multivariate analysis * Literary Autonomy Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  6. FY 1998 annual report on the research on the possibility of introducing a usable chemical substance manufacturing system by utilizing natural gas containing CO2; CO{sub 2} gan'yu tennen gas den katsuyo ni yoru yuyo kagaku busshitsu seizo system donyu kanosei ni kansuru chosa kenkyu 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho



    The trends of effective use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields are surveyed, and usable chemical substance manufacturing systems which utilize natural energy are investigated, evaluated and analyzed, to extract promising systems for effective use of CO2-containing natural gas and thereby to promote its effective use. Chapter 1 outlines possibility of integrated use of gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields and natural gas energy. Chapter 2 describes the research trends in the CO2 conversion reactions for using unexploited CO2 as the carbon source. Chapter 3 describes natural energy utilization technology applicable to gas containing CO2 from natural gas fields. Chapter 4 describes performance of chemical manufacturing systems utilizing natural gas containing CO2. The energy balances and CO2 emission coefficients are estimated, based on the above. The evaluation is implemented in the order of (1) conventional steam reforming, (2) steam reforming in which heat is supplied by a solar furnace, (3) examination of the exhaust gases from a methanol synthesis process, and (4) examination of CO2-mixed reforming. Chapter 5 describes summary and proposals. (NEDO)

  7. Control Rods in high-Flux Swimming-Pool Reactors; Les Barres de Controle dans les Piles Piscines a Haut Flux; Reguliruyushchie sterzhni dlya reaktorov bassejnovogo tipa s vysokoj plotnost'yu nejtronnogo potoka; Las Barras de Control en los Reactores Tipo Piscina de Flujo Elevado

    Ageroni, P.; Blum, P.; Denielou, G.; Denis, P.; Meunier, C. [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble (France)


    Control-rod problems in open swimming-pool high-flux and high specific power research reactors are examined in the light of the calibrations and experiments made during the construction of the SILOE reactor. Control-rod operating experience for this reactor at 13 MW is also described. 2. The following are considered in turn: (a) Reactivity balances and reactivity values for the different types of rod tested (cadmium, B4C , rare earths and combinations of these different elements). (b) Flux peaks set up in the core by the presence of the control rods, their incidence on the specific power, the fast fluxes that can be obtained and means of increasing them. (c ) The technological problems involved in constructing the rods. (d) In-pile cooling, vibration, deformation and scram-time problems. 3. In conclusion, current studies on control rods in open swimming-pool reactors operating in the 10 - 30 1W range are briefly summarized. (author) [French] 1. Les problemes poses par les barres de controle dans les reacteurs de recherche de type piscine ouverte a haute puissance specifique et haut flux sont examines a la lumiere des calculs et des experiences effectues pendant la construction du reacteur SILOE. Les resultats de l'experience de fonctionnement a 13 MW de ce reacteur sont egalement presentes en ce qui concerne les barres de controle. 2. On examine successivement: a) les bilans de reactivite et les valeurs en reactivite des differents types de barres qui ont ete essayes (Cadmium, B 4C , terres rares et combinaisons de ces differents elements). b) Les pics de flux crees dans le coeur par la presence de barres de controle, leur incidence sur la puissance specifique, et les flux rapides que l'on peut obtenir ainsi que les moyens correspondants d'accroitre ces flux. c) Les problemes technologiques poses par la construction des barres. d) Les problemes de refrigeration, de vibration, de deformation, de temps de chute en pile. 3. En conclusion on decrit sommairement les etudes en cours sur les barres de controle des piles piscine a coeur ouvert fonctionnant dans la bande de 10 a 30 MW. (author) [Spanish] La memoria examina los problemas planteados por las barras de control en los reactores de investigacion de tipo piscina abierta, de alta potencia especifica y elevado flujo, basandose en calculos y experimentos efectuados durante la construccion del reactor SILOE. Expone asimismo la experiencia adquirida con las barras de control mientras el reactor funcionaba a 13 MW. Examina sucesivamente: a) Los balances de reactividad y los valores de esta para los diversos tipos de barras de control que se han ensayado (cadmio, B4C, tierras raras, y combinaciones de estas sustancias); b) los picos de flujo que la presencia de barras de control crea en el cuerpo del reactor, su influencia sobre la potencia especifica, los flujos rapidos que se pueden obtener y los medios para incrementarlos; c) los problemas tecnologicos planteados por la construccion de las barras; d) los problemas de refrigeracion, vibracion, deformacion y tiempo necesario para introducirlos en el reactor. Para terminar, describe someramente loe estudios que se estan realizando con las barras de control de reactores de tipo piscina de cuerpo abierto cuando funcionan en el intervalo de potencias comprendido entre 10 y 30 MW. (author) [Russian] 1. V svete raschetov i jeksperimentov, provedennyh pri postrojke reaktora STLOE , rassmatrivajutsja problemy, voznikajushhie v svjazi s regulirujushhimi sterzhnjami dlja issledovatel'skih reaktorov otkrytogo bassejnovogo tipa s bol'shoj udel'noj moshhnost'ju i s vysokoj plotnost'ju nejtronnogo potoka. Privodjatsja takzhe rezul'taty ispytanija jetogo reaktora pri .moshhnosti 13 mgvt v svjazi s razlichnymi regulirujushhimi sterzhnjami. 2. Posledov atel'no rassmatrivajutsja sledujushhie problemy: a) balans reaktivnosti i reaktivnaja sposobnost' podvergnutyh ispytanijam regulirujushhih sterzhnej razlichnyh tipov (kadmij, B{sub 4}C , redkie zemli i kombinacii jetih razlichnyh jelementov); b) piki potokov, sozdavaemyh v aktivnoj zone prisutstviem regulirujushhih sterzhnej, iz vlijanie na udel'nuju moshhnost', potoki bystryh nejtronov, kotorye mogut byt' polucheny takim obrazom, a takzhe sposoby usilenija jetih potokov; v) tehnologicheskie problemy, voznikajushhie v svjazi s izgotovleniem regulirujushhih sterzhnej; g) problemy ohlazhdenija, vibracii, deformacii i vremeni bystrogo zakrytija na dejstvujushhem reaktore. 3. V zakljuchenie daetsja kratkij obzor provodimogo v nastojashhee vremja izuchenija regulirujushhih sterzhnej dlja reaktorov bassejnovogo tipa s otkrytoj aktivnoj zonoj, rabotajushhih v diapazone moshhnostej 10 - 30 mgvt. (author)

  8. Identification and estimation ot carbohydrates using radioisotopic methods; Identification et dosage des hydrates de carbone a l'aide des radioisotopes; Identifikatsiya i opredelenie karbogidratov s pomoshch'yu radioizotopnykh metodov; Identificacion u valoracion de hidratos de carbono con ayuda de radioisotopos

    Phillips, G O; Criddle, W J [Department of Chemistry, University College, Cardiff (United Kingdom)


    Isotope-dilution methods have been developed to identify and estimate the small amount of products formed when carbohydrates are irradiated in aqueous solution with Co{sup 60} gamma-radiation. Conventional analytical methods proved inadequate. After irradiation of C{sup 14}-sugar solutions, the autoradiographs prepared after paper chromatography indicated extensive degradation. Using a reverse isotope-dilution procedure involving the addition of known carriers, and conversion of the fragments into crystalline derivatives, various constituents were quantitatively determined. It is possible to distinguish between d- and Z-isomers, and estimate each isomer independently. The method is applicable to other analytical problems in carbohydrate chemistry. A new method for scanning and recording the radioactivity along paper-chromatogram strips, which involves an inexpensive modification to conventional counting equipment, is described. (author) [French] On a mis au point des methodes de dilution isotopique destinees a identifier et a doser les menues quantites de produits qui se forment lorsque des hydrates de carbone en solution aqueuse sont irradies par les rayons gamma du cobalt-60. A cet egard, les methodes d'analyse classiques se sont revelees inadequates. Apres irradiation de solutions de sucre marque au carbone-14, les autoradiogrammes etablis a la suite d'une chromatographic sur papier indiquaient une forte degradation. En recourant a une methode de dilution isotopique inverse, avec adjonction d'entraineurs connus, et en operant une conversion des fragments en derives cristallins, on a pu determiner quantitativement plusieurs elements constitutifs. Il est possible de distinguer les isomeres dextrogyres des isomeres levogyres et de doser chaque isomere independamment. La methode peut etre appliquee a d'autres problemes d'analyse dans la chimie des hydrates de carbone. Le memoire decrit une nouvelle methode permettant d'explorer et d'enregistrer la radioactivite de chromatogrammes sur bandes de papier; elle n'exige qu'une modification peu couteuse du materiel de comptage traditionnel. (author) [Spanish] Dado que los metodos analiticos clasicos no permiten obtener resultados satisfactorios, los autores han perfeccionado unos metodos de dilucion isotopica para identificar y valorar los productos que se forman en pequenas cantidades al exponer hidratos de carbono en solucion acuosa a las radiaciones gamma del {sup 60}Co. Las autorradiografias de cromatogramas sobre papel, obtenidos despues de irradiar soluciones de azucares marcados con {sup 14}C, revelan una considerable degradacion molecular. Gracias a un metodo de dilucion isotopica inverso basado en la adicion de portadores conocidos, y en la obtencion de derivados cristalizados de los fragmentos, los autores han podido determinar cuantitativamente los siguientes constituyentes. El metodo descrito por los autores permite distinguir entre estereoisomeros y valorar cada lino de ellos por separado. Asimismo puede utilizarse para resolver otros problemas de orden analitico que plantea la quimica de los hidratos de carbono. Los autores describen un nuevo metodo de exploracion y registro de la radiactividad a lo largo de las tiras de papel en las que se ha desarrollado el cromatograma. Este metodo solo requiere una modificacion poco onerosa del equipo de recuento corriente. (author) [Russian] Dlya identifikatsii i otsenki nebol'shikh kolichestv obrazovavshikhsya produktov pri obluchenii karbogidratov v vodnom rastvore gamma-aktivnym kobal'tom-60 byli razrabotany metody razbavleniya izotopov. Obychnye zhe analiticheskie metody okazalis' nedostatochnymi. Po obluchenii rastvorov S14-sakhar podgotovlennye avtoradiografii posle khromatografii na bumage ukazyvayut na znachitel'noe snizhenie. Ispol'zovanie protsedury obratnogo izotopnogo rastvora, svyazannoj s dobavkoj izvestnykh nositelej i preobrazovaniem oskolkov v derivaty kristallov, byli opredeleny kolichestvennye razmery sleduyushchikh sostavnykh chastej : Mozhno razlichit' d- i i-izomery i proizvesti individual'nuyu otsenku kazhdogo iz nikh. EHtot metod primenyaetsya pri reshenii drugikh analiticheskikh problem v khimii karbogidratov. V doklade daetsya opisanie novogo metoda graficheskogo izobrazheniya i zapisi radio- aktivnosti po liniyam khromogrammy na bumage, chto vozmozhno osushchestvit' pri neznachitel'nykh zatratakh na modifikatsiyu obychnogo schetnogo oborudovaniya. (author)

  9. FY 1999 report on the results of a feasibility study on a system for producing useful chemical substances by utilizing CO2-containing natural gas fields. II; 1999 nendo CO{sub 2} gan'yu tennen gas den katsuyo ni yoru yuyo kagaku busshitsu seizo system donyu kanosei ni kansuru chosa kenkyu. 2



    The paper studied the solar energy use methanol synthesis using CO2 as raw material in the natural gas field with which a large quantity of CO2 is associated. This is a report on the FY 1999 survey. It was found that comparatively many natural gas fields containing CO2 exist also in Asia/Oceania regions. It was also found that when considering the climate and the transportation to Japan, Australia has more advantages in terms of the effective desert area, etc. and is the best site for solar system construction. Various solar concentrating/collecting methods now under development are roughly viewed to extract characteristics and developmental conditions. As to the reforming reaction furnace, it is necessary not only to absorb the world technology, but to develop Japan's original one. The conceptual design and assessment of the system were conducted. About the associated CO2, a limit of the concentration for use was estimated at 25%. In the study of elements of system structure, examined was the thermally combined simulation of heat flow and chemical reaction in the solar heat reaction furnace, and simple models were calculated and subjects were extracted. In a comparison with the conventional methanol synthesis method, this system was found to be excellent in conservation of fossil fuel resources and reduction in CO2 emissions. (NEDO)

  10. Propuesta de metodología para la estimación de la resistencia del hormigón en un punto de una estructura a través de ensayos de información, en éste y/u otros puntos

    Buxade Ribot, Carlos


    Full Text Available The destructive character of the extraction of test specimens, which at present is the only test that provides trustworthy data with regard to strength, makes it necessary to assign a strength to areas in the structure that are at a greater or lesser distance from the extraction points. The variables of the problem are the number of extractions and their emplacement. At one end we would have the case in which samples are taken from all the structural parts at the risk of weakening the structure, above all during the sampling process itself, as well as the negative financial and time factors, that this procedure would imply. At the other far end we would place the case of evaluating the strength in a great structural area on the basis of the results from breaking a small quantity of test pieces, by way of an extrapolation without the required guarantees. Naturally, the number of test and their emplacement situates the problem in between the two above mentioned extremes. The necessary extrapolation of some results that by nature are not exhaustive, is then carried out with greater or lesser guarantee with regard to advance knowledge of the execution of the work: the greater this knowledge is, the easier it is to establish the strength relation between the specimens and the pieces, which without being represented directly by samples, can adapt themselves to their characteristics, either by proximity or known execution rhythm. The most important problem arises when there is not enough knowledge on how the work was carried out, so that it is impossible to relate the strength of the test specimens with the actual strength of the rest of the structure under investigation. In this case it does not seem possible to establish the relation between two points in the structure other than on the basis of the actual physical distances and the results obtained through the test specimens. This report dealts with the application of the Information theory to quantify these relations and to group the points at which the concrete strength is estimated.El carácter destructivo de la extracción de probetas testigo, actualmente el único ensayo de información que facilita datos de partida fidedignos desde el punto de vista resistente, obliga a asignar una resistencia a zonas de la estructura más o menos lejanas de los puntos de extracción. Las variables del problema son el número de extracciones y su localización. En un extremo tendríamos el caso de la obtención de testigos en todas las piezas estructurales, con el consiguiente riesgo de debilitación de la estructura, sobre todo durante las operaciones necesarias para ello, y el gravoso factor económico y de tiempo que este planteamiento lleva aparejado. En el otro extremo se situaría el caso de la evaluación de la resistencia de una gran zona de estructura en base a los resultados de la rotura de un mínimo número de probetas, a través de una extrapolación sin las necesarias garantías. Naturalmente, el número de ensayos de Información y su localización sitúa el problema en una región intermedia entre los dos extremos expuestos. La necesaria extrapolación de unos resultados, forzosamente no exhaustivos, se realiza, entonces, con una mayor o menor garantía en función del conocimiento previo de la ejecución de la obra: cuanto mayor es este conocimiento más fácilmente se podrá establecer la relación de resistencias entre los testigos y las piezas que, sin tener probetas que los representen directamente, puedan, por proximidad o ritmo de ejecución conocido, asimilarse a las características de dichos testigos. El problema más grave se plantea cuando el desconocimiento de la ejecución de la obra no permite establecer nexos de conocimiento entre los resultados obtenidos en determinados testigos y el resto de la zona de estructura cuya capacidad resistente se trata de evaluar. En este caso no parece posible el establecimiento de relaciones entre dos puntos de la estructura más que basándose en las distancias físicas y los resultados obtenidos en los testigos ensayados. Este trabajo trata de la aplicación de la teoría de la información para cuantificar estas relaciones y agrupar los puntos en los cuales el hormigón es objeto de estimación resistente.

  11. Scintillation Scanning of the Spleen with Red Cells Labelled with Cr{sup 51}; Scintigraphie de la Rate au Moyen d'Hematies Marquees au Chrome-51; Stsintillyatsionnoe skennirovanie selezenki s pomoshch'yu ehritrotsitov mechennykh Khromom-51; Exploracion Centelleografica del Bazo Mediante Eritrocitos Marcados con Cromo-51

    Spinelli-Ressi, F. [Istituto di Radiologia e Medicina Nucleare, Ospedale Maggiore, Milan (Italy)


    Satisfactory scintiscans of the spleen have been obtained using chromium-51-labelled red cells, modified by two methods. Initially red cells were sensitized in vitro by coating with incomplete anti-D antibody. In this method the concentration of sensitized red cells in the spleen is proportional to the volume of anti- D serum employed in the sensitization procedure. Satisfactory scintiscans were obtained using 0.50 ml of a 1:128 dilution of anti-D serum, having an original titre of 1: 512/ml of red cells. In spite of good results, the sensitization method, utilizable only in Rh positive patients, has been replaced by the method using red cells modified by heating, which is technically easier and may be used also in Rh negative patients. The image of the spleen is clearly delineated in all the cases, without interference from hepatic radioactivity. The spleen: liver ratio ranges between 5:1 and 10:1. To date scintillation scans of the spleen have been performed in about 60 patients. No immediate or delayed clinical reactions have been observed in the patients after the injection of sensitized or heated red cells. Since the radiation dose delivered to the patient is lower than the dose delivered in many radiological and clinical examinations with radioactive isotopes, the scanning procedure has been widely used in the differential diagnosis of the masses of the left abdomen. Among the cases studied, it is worth while mentioning two cases of splenomegaly associated with a tumour of the left kidney, one case of Banti's disease in a patient, in which a neoplasm of descending colon was suspected and a case of neuroblastoma in a patient two years old, in which the scintiscan of the spleen and that of the kidneys were of great help in making the right diagnosis. Further, the scintiscan has been of unique utility to rule out an accessory spleen and to demonstrate the spleen in congenital malformations, like situs inversus viscerum. In patients affected by chronic leukaemia the scanning procedure has been used in objectively demonstrating modifications in spleen size after roentgen- ray therapy. (author) [French] L'auteur a obtenu des scintigrammes satisfaisants de la rate au moyen d'hematies marquees au chrome-51, alterees suivant deux methodes differentes. La methode utilisee en premier lieu consistait a sensibiliser les hematies in vitro en les revetant d'anticorps anti-D incomplet. Avec cette methode, la concentration dans la rate des hematies sensibilisees est proportionnelle au volume de serum anti-D utilise pour la sensibilisation. L'auteur a obtenu des scintigrammes satisfaisants en utilisant, par ml d'hematies, 0,50 ml de serum anti-D dilue a 1:128, dont le titre initial etait de 1:512. Bien qu*elle ait donne de bons resultats, la methode de sensibilisation, qui ne peut etre utilisee que chez des patients a Rh positif, a ete remplacee par une autre methode dans laquelle les hematies sont alterees thermiquement; cette seconde methode est techniquement plus facile et peut egalement etre appliquee chez des patients a Rh negatif. L'image de la rate est nettement delimitee dans tous les cas, sans interference due a la radioactivite hepatique. Le rapport rate:foie varie entre 5 et 10. A ce jour, l'auteur a etabli des scintigrammes de la rate pour une soixantaine de patients. Aucune reaction clinique, immediate ou differee, n*a ete observee a la suite de l'injection d'hematies sensibilisees ou alterees thermiquement. La dose de rayonnement delivree au patient etant inferieure a la dose administree dans de nombreux examens radiologiques et cliniques au moyen des radioisotopes, cette methode scintigraphique est largement utilisee a l'hopital de l'auteur pour le diagnostic differentiel des masses de la partie gauche de l'abdomen. Parmi les cas etudies, il convient de citer deux cas de splenomegalie associee a une tumeur du rein gauche, un cas de maladie de Banti chez un sujet presentant les symptomes d'un neoplasme du colon descendant et un cas de neuroblastome chez un enfant de deux ans, que la scintigraphie de la rate et des reins a beaucoup aide a diagnostiquer correctement. En outre, la scintigraphie peut seule permettre d'ecarter l'hypothese d'une rate accessoire et de visualiser la rate dans les malformations congenitales telles que l'inversion viscerale. Chez les sujets atteints de leucemie chronique, la scintigraphie a permis d'obtenir une preuve objective des modifications de la taille de la rate apres roentgentherapie. (author) [Spanish] El autor ha obtenido centelleogramas satisfactorios del bazo empleando eritrocitos marcados con cromo-51, modificados por dos procedimientos. Al principio, sensibilizaba los eritrocitos in vitro recubriendolos con un anticuerpo incompleto anti-D. Con este procedimiento la concentracion en el bazo de eritrocitos sensibilizados resulta proporcional al volumen del suero anti-D empleado para su sensibilizacion. Con 0,50 mi de una solucion de suero anti-D, diluida al 1:128 a partir de un titulo inicial de 1: 512, por milimetro de eritrocitos, se han conseguido centelleogramas satisfactorios. Pese a sus buenos resultados, este procedimiento de sensibilizacion, que solo puede aplicarse a pacientes con Rh po: itivo, fue sustituido por un metodo basado en el empleo de eritrocitos modificados por la accion del calor, metodo que es mas facil de utilizar y que puede aplicarse tambien a pacientes con Rh negativo. En todos los casos la imagen del bazo aparece claramente delineada, sin ninguna interferencia de la radiactividad hepatica. La razon bazo/higado varia entre 5:1 y 10:1. Hasta ahora el autor ha procedido a la exploracion centelleografica del bazo de unos 60 pacientes. No ha observe do en estos ultimos ninguna reaccion clinica inmediata ni retardada despues de la inyeccion de los eritrocitos sensibilizados o calentados. Como la dosis de radiacion recibida por el paciente es inferior a la que se administra en muchos examenes radiologicos y clinicos efectuados mediante isotopos radiactivos, este procedimiento de exploracion ha sido muy utilizado para el diagnostico diferencial de las masas de la mitad izquierda del abdomen. Entre los casos estudiados, cabe mencionar dos de esplenomegalia acompanada de tumor del rinon izquierdo, uno de enfermedad de Banti en el que se sospechaba la presencia de un neoplasma del colon descendente, y otro de neuroblastoma en un nino de dos anos, cuyo diagnostico fue facilitado por el centelleograma del bazo y de los rinones. La exploracion centelleografica ha sido, ademas, de suma utilidad para descartar la existencia de un bazo suplementario y senalar malformaciones congenitas del bazo, tales como un situs inversus viscerum. En pacientes afectados por leucemia cronica este procedimiento de exploracion ha servido para demostrar objetivamente la existencia de modificaciones del tamano del bazo causadas por una aplicacion terapeutica de rayos X. (author) [Russian] Udovletvoritel'nye scintigrammy selezenki byli polucheny pri ispol'zovanii jeritrocitov, mechennyh hromom-51, chto osushhestvljalos' dvumja sposobami. Pervonachal'no jeritrocity sensibilizirovali in vitro putem vozdejstvija nepolnogo anti-D antitela. Pri takom metode koncentracija sensibilizirovannyh jeritrocitov v selezenke proporcional'na ob{sup e}mu primenjaemoj v processe sensibilizacii syvorotki anti-D . Udovletvoritel'nye scintigrammy byli polucheny pri ispol'zovanii 0,50 ml syvorotki anti-D v razbavlenii 1: 128, pri pervonachal'nom titre 1:512, na 1 ml jeritrocitov. Nesmotrja na horoshie rezul'taty, metod sensibilizacii, primenimyj lish' u rezus-polozhitel'nyh bol'nyh, byl zamenen metodom s ispol'zovaniem jeritrocitov, vidoizmenennyh posredstvom nagrevanija, kotoryj v tehnicheskom otnoshenii gorazdo proshhe i mozhet ispol'zovat'sja i u re- zus-otricatel'nyh bol'nyh. Izobrazhenie selezejki imelo chetkuju konfiguraciju vo vseh sluchajah bez kakih libo pomeh za schet radioaktivnosti pecheni. Sootnoshenie selezenka-pechen' kolebletsja v predelah mezhdu 5: 1 i 10: 1 . K nastojashhemu momentu scintigrammy pecheni polucheny pochti u 60 bol'nyh. U bol'nyh posle in{sup e}kcii sensibilizirovannyh ili podogretyh jeritrocitov ne nabljudalos' neposredstvennyh ili otdalennyh klinicheskih reakcij. Poskol'ku doza radiacii, poluchennaja bol'nym, men'she dozy, poluchaemoj pri mnogih radiologicheskih i klinicheskih issledovanijah za schet radioaktivnyh izotopov, to procedura skennirovanija shiroko ispol'zovalas' dlja differencial'noj diagnostiki obrazovanij v levoj polovine brjushnoj polosti. Sredi izuchavshihsja sluchaev zasluzhivajut upominanija dva sluchaja splenomegalii, sochetavshiesja s opuhol'ju levoj pochki, odin sluchaj bolezni Banti u bol'nogo, gde predpolagalos' nalichie novoobrazovanija v nishodjashhej petle tolstoj kishki, a takzhe sluchaj nenroblastomy u dvuhletnego rebenka, pri kotoroj scintigramma selezenki i pochek okazyvajut bol'shuju pomoshh' dlja postanovki pravil'nogo diagnoza. Krome togo, scintigramma javilas' unikal'nym metodom dlja iskljuchenija dobavochnoj selezenki i dlja demonstracii selezenki pri vrozhdennyh anomalijah, podobnyh obratnomu raspolozheniju vnutrennostej. U bol'nyh hronicheskoj lejkemiej skennirovanie ispol'zovalos' dlja ob{sup e}ktivnoj demonstracii izmenenija razmerov selezenki posle rentgenoterapii. (author)

  12. Erratum: Quantum corrections and black hole spectroscopy

    Jiang, Qing-Quan; Han, Yan; Cai, Xu


    In my paper [Qing-Quan Jiang, Yan Han, Xu Cai, Quantum corrections and black hole spectroscopy, JHEP 08 (2010) 049], there was an error in deriving the black hole spectroscopy. In this erratum, we attempt to rectify them.

  13. Effects of over-expression of allene oxide cyclase on camptothecin ...



    Mar 22, 2012 ... biosynthetic pathway genes and higher yields of nicotine. (Jiang et al., 2009). ... EXPERIMENTALS. Construction of CaAOC expression vector ... and rinsed thoroughly five times in sterile distilled water. Then, the wounded ...

  14. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Lihua Jiang1 Aiyi Zhu1 Jianse Zhang1 Changwen Wu1. National Engineering Research Center of Marine Facilities Aquaculture, College of Marine Science, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan 316022, China ...

  15. The effect of drought stress and exogenous abscisic acid on growth ...



    Aug 17, 2011 ... and Zhang, 2001). .... and APX (Jiang and Zhang 2002). According to Keleo .... improve drought tolerance of fine grain aromatic rice (Oryza sativa. L.). ... Structure and differential response to abscisic acid of two promoters.

  16. to view fulltext PDF


    analysis of yeast and Arabidopsis indicates that these species do not have lamins .... accompanied by insulin-resistant diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerotic ..... V, Mohr A, Meta M, Genant H, Jiang Y et al 2002 Zmpste24 deficiency in ...

  17. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Fang Dong1 Jiang Chenning1 Zhu Ting1 Yang Jinming1. Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yancheng Teachers University, 50 Kai Fang Da Dao, Yancheng 224002, Jiangsu, P. R. China ...

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    Jun 3, 2015 ... Introduction. In the framework of material sciences, a nano-object refers to any structure whose ... improve the quality of nanomanufacturing processes. ..... [8] J Z Jiang, J S Staun Olsen, L Gerward and S Morup, Europhys. Lett.

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  1. Association between ALDH 2 Glu504Lys polymorphism and ...

    : a meta-analysis. Jiang Xinhua, Zhao Yanfei. Abstract. Background: The findings from studies on the relationship between aldehyde dehydrogenases(ALDH) gene Glu504Lys polymorphism and colorectal cancer(CRC) were inconsistent.

  2. Distribution of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated ...



    Apr 30, 2015 ... compartments of the environment (soil, water, air.) (Wu et al., 1999, Jiang ... toxicity and bioaccumulation through the food chain and their long-range ... they are used for fisheries, aquaculture, touristic and transport activities.

  3. Dysregulated microRNA activity in Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome


    Products Publications, conference papers, and presentations Joyce CE, Saadatpour A, Jiang L, Ruiz-Gutierrez M, Vargel Bolukbasi O, Hofmann I...Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2016. Joyce CE, Li S, Hofmann I, Nusbaum C, Sieff C, Mason CE, Novina CD. “Single cell transcriptomic analysis of...hematopoietic dysfunction in Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome”. Poster, Keystone Hematopoiesis, Keystone, CO, 2015. Joyce CE, Jiang L, Hofmann I, Nusbaum C

  4. Looking closer at the Congo

    Jansson, Johanna; Jiang, Wenran


    An NGO report on Chinese investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo opens a vital debate, but its methodology leaves the reader wanting a fuller version of the facts, write Johanna Jansson and Jiang Wenran.......An NGO report on Chinese investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo opens a vital debate, but its methodology leaves the reader wanting a fuller version of the facts, write Johanna Jansson and Jiang Wenran....

  5. Call for Papers and Announcement Joint International Conference of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IE&EM'2002)And International Conference on Electronic Commerce Engineering (ICECE'2002)%“2002年工业工程与工程管理国际会议(IE&EM’2002)”暨“2002年电子商务工程国际会议(IceCE’2002)”征文通知


    Metropolitan University, UK Members: (in alphabetic order) Fukuda Shuichi (Japan) Ning Ruxin (China) Qi Ershi (China) Mitchell M. Tseng (HK) G. Doumeingts (France) Richard Harrison (UK) Jim Browne (Ireland) F.-L Krause (Germany) Lei Yuanzhong (NSFC, China) Li Ming (NSFC, China) Li Peigeng (China) Liu Fei (China) Lin Zhongqin(863/automation, China) Roddy MacLeod (UK) Chris McMahon (UK) Martin Moltrecht(Germany) Sun Jiaguang (863/automation, China) Tang Xiaoqing (China) Wang Ruigang (CMES, China) Wang Yingluo(China) Wen Yuping (Tsinghua, Taiwan) Xia Guoping (China) Yan Junqi (China) Organizing Committee Chairman: Zheng Li, Tsinghua University (China) Co-Chairmen: Kai Cheng (UK) Jiang Pingyu (China) Guoquan Huang (Hong Kong) Li Congdong (China) Members: (in alphabetic order) Richard Bateman (UK) Liu Dacheng (China) Pan P.Y. (UK) Jeremy Toussaint (UK) Wu Shu(China) Yu Ming (China)Secretariat: General Secretary: Yu Ming (China) Members: Cai Linning (China) Jiang Zhibin (China) Yi Shuping (China) Zeng Haiming(China) Zhang Wei (China) Zhao Huanmai (China) Submissions Submitted papers should be in English and will be accepted in two types: regular papers limited to 8 pages, after that S|100 per additional page, but no more than 12 pages, and short papers limited to 4 pages. Papers submitted should be in MS Word or its compressed (zip) form. The format of submitted papers is: A4, 20mm margin at left side and 28mm at right side; double column, each 81mm wide with a 8mm space between columns; 18pt Times New Roman for the title; 10.5pt Times New Roman for text, author(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es) and e-mail address(es); the space between lines is single space and the space between words is standard. On the first page, the top 50mm of both columns should be reserved for the title, author(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es) and email address(es), which should be centered across both columns; on the second and subsequent pages, the text or illustrations should begin at the top

  6. Bibliography of Soviet Laser Developments, Number 86, November - December 1986.


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  7. 78 FR 44806 - Amendments to Regulation D, Form D and Rule 156


    ... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Charles Kwon, Special Counsel or Ted Yu, Senior Special Counsel, Office of... Efficiency, Competition and Capital Formation X. Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act XI...

  8. Summaries of Research, 1 July - 31 December 1965

    Watten, R



  9. Technical and Economic Considerations in the Preservation of Meats and Poultry by Ionizing Radiation; Considerations d'Ordre Technique et Economique sur la Conservation des Viandes et de la Volaille par les Rayonnements Ionisants; Tekhnicheskie i ehkonomicheskie soobrazheniya otnositel'no'konservatsii myasa i ptitsy s pomoshch'yu ioniziruyushchikh izluchenij; Consideraciones Tecnicas y Economicas Acerca de la Conservacion de Carnes y Volateria por Irradiacion

    Urbain, W. M. [Department of Food Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (United States)


    Radiation-sterilized meats and poultry can be of a quality better than that obtained with thermal processing. Where the normal method of preservation of meat and poultry during distribution is refrigeration, radiation at sterilizing levels is not likely to replace it. A principal reason for this is cost. In such a civilian market, radiation-sterilized meats will serve primarily as convenience foods. Radiation-pasteurization could provide a significant product life extension for fresh meats and poultry by delaying microbial spoilage, especially in the centralized preparation of retail cuts. Other factors of meat spoilage of a chemical or physical nature, however, are not controlled by radiation; and until they are, there is no real marketing value in the use of radiation. For fresh or frozen poultry there is the possibility of Salmonella control, should this be needed. Costs for sterilization and pasteurization are estimated and are presented in a form to permit selection of specific conditions within a range for certain important variables. From a commercial viewpoint, it is important to determine the consumer acceptance of radiation- sterilized meats and poultry. The usual approach to such a determination is to market the products in question in a limited manner and to measure the acceptance under such market conditions. To accomplish this with radiation-sterilized foods, the next step appears to be to obtain a production capability to supply the products for test marketing. (author) [French] Les viandes et la volaille sterilisees par les rayonnements peuvent etre de meilleure qualite que celle obtenue par un traitement thermique; Lorsqu'on utilise la refrigeration comme methode normale de conservation de la viande et de la volaille en cours de distribution, il est peu probable qu'on lui substitue l'irradiation a des doses sterilisantes. La principale raison eri est le cout eleve de l'irradiation. Dans un marche destine a repondre aux besoins civils, les viandes radiosterilisees seront utilisees comme appoint. La radiopasteurisation pourrait prolonger sensiblement la duree de conservation des viandes et volailles fraiches en retardant la deterioration par les bacteries, notamment dans les grandes installations de debitage pour la vente au detail. Par contre, les rayonnements n'influent pas sur certains autres facteurs chimiques ou physiques de la corruption des viandes; tant que cela ne sera pas le cas, l'emploi des rayonnements ne presentera pas d'interet commercial reel. Dans le cas de la volaille fraiche ou congelee, on pourrait, le cas echeant, appliquer un traitement contre la Salmonella. Des estimations des prix de revient de la radiosterilisation et de la pasteurisation sont presentees de maniere a permettre le choix de conditions particulieres et une certaine latitude pour tenir compte de variations importantes. Du point de vue commercial, il importe de savoir dans quelle mesure le.consommateur accepte les viandes et la volaille radiosterilisees. La methode habituelle a cette fin consiste a ne mettre sur le marche qu'une quantite limitee des produits en question et a ' mesurer' l'acceptation dans de telles conditions du marche. S'il s'agit de denrees alimentaires radiosterilisees, il faut encore assurer une capacite de production suffisante pour l'essai de commercialisation. (author) [Spanish] La calidad de las carnes y la volateria radioesterilizadas puede ser. superior a la que se obtiene sometiendolas a tratamiento termico. Cuando la refrigeracion es el metodo normalmente empleado para conservar la carne y la volateria durante su distribucion, hay pocas probabilidades de que sea sustituida por la radioesterilizacion. La razon principal estriba en los costos. En estas condiciones, las carnes radioesterilizadas se utilizaran en el mercado sobre todo como recurso excepcional. La radiopasteurizacion podria prolongar considerablemente el periodo de conservacion de las carnes y la volateria frescas, puesto que retarda la accion destructiva de los microbios, sobre todo en la preparacion centralizada de piezas para detallistas. Pero las radiaciones no eliminan otros agentes de naturaleza fisica o quimica tambien nocivos para la carne; mientras dure tal situacion, la irradiacion carece de autentico valor comercial. En lo que se refiere a la volateria fresca o congelada, las radiaciones, si es necesario, permiten eliminar la Salmonella. Se calculan los costos de la esterilizacion y de la pasterizacion, y se presentan de forma que permite seleccionar condiciones especificas en un intervalo de valores de ciertas variables importantes. Desde el punto de vista comercial, es importante conocer la aceptacion que tendran las carnes y la volateria radioesterilizadas. Para ello el procedimiento habitualmente seguido consiste en poner en venta una cantidad limitada de productos y observar su acogida en el mercado. Es por consiguiente necesario lograr una capacidad de produccion adecuada a las necesidades de ese estudio. (author) [Russian] Mjaso i ptica, sterilizovannye s pomoshh'ju izluchenij, mogut byt' luchshego kachestva po sravneniju s tem, kotoroe dostigaetsja termicheskoj obrabotkoj. Tam, gde obychnym metodom konservirovanija mjasa i pticy vo vremja raspredelenija javljaetsja zamorazhivanie, obluchenie, dostigajushhee urovnej sterilizacii, vrjad li zamenit jetot metod. Glavnaja prichina jetogo zakljuchaetsja v stoimosti. Na takom rynke sterilizovannoe s pomoshh'ju obluchenija mjaso budet sluzhit' glavnym obrazom v kachestve polufabrikata . Pasterizacija s pomoshh'ju obluchenija mogla by znachitel'no uvelichit' srok sohrannosti svezhego mjasa i pticy putem predohranenija ih ot porchi mikrobami, osobenno pri centralizovannoj razdelke dlja prodazhi v roznicu. Tem ne menee obluchenie ne ustranjaet drugie prichiny porchi mjasa, kotorye imejut himicheskij ili fizicheskij harakter; do teh por, poka jeti prichiny sushhestvujut, primenenie obluchenija ne budet davat' zhelaemyh jeffektov pri realizacii. V sluchae neobhodimosti dlja svezhej ili morozhenoj pticy mozhno primenit' kontrol' v otnoshenii salmonelly. Orientirovochno opredeleny rashody, svjazannye so sterilizaciej i pasterizaciej, kotorye predstavleny v takoj forme, kotoraja pozvoljaet vybrat' konkretnye uslovija v ramkah opredelennyh osnovnyh peremennyh. S kommercheskoj tochki zrenija mozhno opredelit' priemlemost' dlja potrebitelja sterili zovannyh s pomoshh'ju obluchenija mjasa i pticy. Obychnym sposobom reshenija takogo voprosa javljaetsja razmeshhenie na rynke opredelennyh produktov v ogranichennyh kolichestvah i oprede lenie intensivnosti sprosa na nih v takih uslovijah rynka. Sledujushhim shagom na puti realizacii sterilizovannyh s pomoshh'ju obluchenija produktov javitsja, po-vidimomu, dostizhenie proizvodstvennyh vozmozhnostej dlja postavok produktov dlja kontrol'noj realizacii. (author)

  10. Determination of D{sub 2}O-2% Enriched Uranium Lattice Parameters by Means of a Critical System; Determination des Parametres d'un Reseau Uranium Enrichi a 2%-Eau Lourde au Moyen d'un Ensemble Critique; Opredelenie s pomoshch'yu kriticheskoj sistemy parametrov reshetki s 2%-nym obog ashcheniem Urana i s zamedlitelem D{sub 2}O; Determinacion, Mediante un Conjunto Critico, de los Parametros de un Reticulado de D{sub 2}O y Uranio Enriquecido al 2%

    Raisic, N.; Takac, S.; Markovic, H.; Bosevski, T. [Boris Kidric Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia)


    The paper describes a series of experiments performed to determine the basic parameters of a D{sub 2}O-2% enriched-uranium lattice. The fuel elements were hollow cylinders, canned in aluminium and wetted by heavy water both on the inside and outside. The experiments were performed on the RB critical assembly of the Boris Kidric Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Belgrade. The clean geometry of this system enables a rather simple theoretical interpretation of experimental results, and straightforward comparison with two-group diffusion-theory calculations. Measurements performed for ten different lattice configurations included determination of buckling, water-level reactivity coefficient and disadvantage factors for thermal-and epithermal-neutron flux inside a reactor cell. Techniques for these measurements are described. The experimental data are then used to derive the lattice parameters defined by the four-factor formula and two-group diffusion-theory treatment of the reactor core. The results are compared with the standard calculations of the same parameters for measured lattice configurations. Deviations are found in the value of n and resonance integral for U{sup 238}. In conclusion, an analysis is made of the usefulness and accuracy of information obtained from critical experiments for design and exploitation of a research reactor, composed of D{sub 2}O and enriched uranium. (author) [French] Les auteurs decrivent une serie d'experiences qu'ils ont faites pour determiner les parametres fondamentaux d'un reseau uranium enrichi a 2%-eau lourde. Les elements combustiblesetaient des cylindres creux, gaines d'aluminium et baignant'dans l'eau lourde, a l'interieur comme a l'exterieur. Ils se sont servis de l'assemblage critique RB de l'Institut Boris Kidric des sciences nucleaires a Belgrade. La geometrie de cet assemblage non empoisonne a permis d'interpreter le resultat experimental a l'aide d'une theorie assez simple et de le comparer directement aux calculs faits par la theorie de la diffusion a deux groupes. Les mesures, pour dix configurations de reseau differentes, comportaient la determination du laplacien, du coefficient du niveau d'eau et des facteurs de desavantage pour le flux de neutrons thermiques et epither- miques a l'interieur d'une cellule. Le memoire decrit les methodes de mesure. Les auteurs utilisent ensuite les donnees experimentales pour en deduire les parametres de reseau determines par le calcul du coeur du reacteur au moyen de la formule des quatre facteurs et dans une theorie de diffusion a deux groupes. Ils comparent ces resultats avec les calculs classiques des memes parametres pour des configurations de reseau ayant fait l'objet de mesures. Ils ont constate des ecarts dans la valeur de n et de l'integrale de resonance pour {sup 238}U. En conclusion, les auteurs analysent l'utilite et l'exactitude des informations recueillies a l'aide des montages critiques en vue de l'etude et de l'exploitation d'un reacteur de recherche a uranium enrichi et eau lourde. (author) [Spanish] En la memoria se describe una serie de experimentos efectuados con objeto de determinar los parametros basicos de un reticulado de D{sub 2}O y uranio enriquecido al 2% Los elementos combustibles consistian en cilindros huecos, revestidos de aluminio, con agua pesada en el interior y en el exterior. Los experimentos se realizaron en el conjunto critico RB del Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares 'Boris Kidric' (Belgrado). La geometria sencilla de este conjunto facilita la interpretacion teorica de los resultados experimentales, asi como la comparacion directa con calculos efectuados segun la teoria de difusion de dos grupos. Entre las mediciones efectuadas para diez configuraciones diferentes de reticulado, figuraban la determinacion del laplaciano, del coeficiente de reactividad del nivel de agua y de los factores de desventaja para un flujo de neutrones termico y epitermico dentro de una celda del reactor. En la memoria se describen las tecnicas utilizadas en las mediciones. Los datos experimentales sirvieron a continuacion para deducir los parametros del reticulado, dennidos por la formula de cuatro factores y el estudio matematico del cuerpo del reactor con arreglo a la teoria de difusion de dos grupos. Los resultados obtenidos se comparan con los valores corrientemente asignados a los mismos parametros para configuraciones de reticulados medidos. Se presentan las desviaciones halladas en el valor de n y en la integral de resonancia para el {sup 238}U. En conclusion, se analiza la utilidad y precision de los datos obtenidos con los experimentos criticos para la construccion y explotacion de un reactor de investigacion de D{sub 2}O y uranio enriquecido. (author) [Russian] Daetsja opisanie serii opytov, vypolnennyh s cel'ju opredelenija osnovnyh parametrov reshetki s 2%-nym obogashheniem urana i s zamedlitelem v vide D{sub 2}O. Toplivnye jelementy predstavljali soboj polye cilindry, pokrytye aljuminiem i smochennye kak snaruzhi, tak i iznutri vodoj. Opyty provodilis' na kriticheskoj sborke RB Instituta jadernyh nauk im. Boris Kidric v Belgrade. Udobooptekaemaja geometricheskaja forma jetoj sistemy daet vozmozhnost' sravnitel'no prosto teoreticheski ob'jasnit' rezul'taty opytov i provesti neposredstvennoe gotovoe sravnenie s raschetami dvuhgruppovoj teorii diffuzii. Izmerenija, vypolnennye dlja desjati razlichnyh konfiguracij reshetki, vkljuchali opredelenie laplasiana, kojefficienta reaktivnosti urovnja vody i blok-jeffekta dlja potoka teplovyh i nadteplovyh nejtronov vnutri kamery reaktora. Opisyvaetsja metodika ctih izmerenij. Dannye opytov ispol'zujutsja dlja vyvedenija parametrov reshetki, opredeljaemyh po formule chetyreh somnozhitelej i pri primenenii k aktivnoj zone reaktora dvuhgruppovoj teorii diffuzii. Rezul'taty sravnivajutsja so standartnymi raschetami teh zhe parametrov dlja izmerjaemyh konfiguracij reshetki. Otmechajutsja otklonenija v velichine p i rezonansnogo integrala U-238. V zakljuchenie provoditsja analiz poleznosti i tochnosti poluchennoj v re zul'tate provedenija kriticheskih jeksperimentov informacii dlja proektirovanija i jekspluatacii issledovatel'skogo reaktora ja obogashhennom urane s tjazhelovodnym zamedlitelem. (author)

  11. A Procedure for the Determination of Alpha-Emitting Plutonium in Urine Using a Solid-State Counter; Methode de Determination du Plutonium Emetteur Alpha Present dans l'Urine, au Moyen d'un Compteur a Semi-Conducteurs; Metod opredeleniya al'fa-izlucheniya plutoniya v moche s pomoshch'yu poluprovodnikovogo schetchika; Procedimiento para Determinar la Actividad Alfa del Plutonio en la Orina con Ayuda de un Contador de Estado Solido

    Sandalls, F. J.; Morgan, A. [Health Physics and Medical Division, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell (United Kingdom)


    A method for the routine determination of alpha-emitting plutonium in urine is described. In evolving this procedure various techniques for concentrating, purifying and electro depositing plutonium were compared, and these investigations are summarized. In the procedure finally adopted, urine is wet-ashed and the residue dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Plutonium (IV) is co-precipitated with iron cupferride from this solution and extracted into chloroform. After evaporation of the chloroform, the residue is oxidized, dissolved in hydrochloric acid and the iron extracted into di-isopropyl ether. The aqueous phase containing the plutonium is evaporated and dissolved in an acid ammonium sulphate solution from which the plutonium is electrodeposited onto stainless steel. Quantitative recoveries are obtained over the electrodeposition stage and on overall recovery of 84 {+-} 7%. The electrodeposited plutonium is counted with a solid-state (silicon junction diode) detector in a counter developed for this purpose. The low inherent background of this type of counter is effectively reduced still further by counting only those alpha particles with energy in the 4.2 - 5.4 MeV range. The good resolution which can be obtained with thin electrodeposited sources of plutonium enables this narrow channel to be used with only small losses in counting efficiency. By counting over this restricted energy range, the blank activity arising from reagents and incomplete removal of alpha-emitting contaminants in urine is also reduced by a factor of two, to just over 0.01 pc/24-h sample. The limit of detection with this method is about 0.025 pc of Pu{sup 239}. (author) [French] Les auteurs exposent une methode pour la determination courante du plutonium emetteur alpha present dans l'urine. Pour mettre au point cette methode, ils ont compare diverse procedes de concentration, de purification et de depot electrolytique du plutonium; les resultats de ces recherches sont resumes dans le memoire. La methpde qu'ils ont finalement adoptee consiste a incinerer l'urine et a dissoudre le residu dans de l'acide chlorhydrique. A partir de cette solution,' le plutonium (IV) est coprecipite avec du cupferrate de fer et extrait au moyen de chloroforme. Apres evaporation de celui-ci, le residu est oxyde et dissous dans l'acide chlorhydrique, puis le fer est extrait au moyen d'ether di-isopropy- lique. La phase aqueuse contenant le plutonium est evaporee et dissoute dans une solution de sulfate acide d'ammonium, d'ou le plutonium est depose par electrolyse sur de l'acier inoxydable. Au stade du depot . electrolytique, on recueille dans l'ensemble 84 {+-} 7% du plutonium contenu. Le plutonium depose par electrolyse est mesure au moyen d'un detecteur a semi-conducteur (diode a jonction au silicium) dans un compteur concu a cette fin. Le faible mouvement propre de ce type de compteur est encore efficacement reduit si l'on ne compte que les particules alpha ayant des energies comprises entre 4,2 et 5,4 MeV. La bonne resolution que l'on peut obtenir avec de minces couches de plutonium deposees par electrolyse permet d'utiliser ce canal etroit en ne faisant que de faibles pertes de rendement de comptage. En ne comptant que dans cette gamma d'energies peu etendue, l'activite due a la presence de reactifs et d'autres agents de contamination emetteurs alpha residuels dans l'urine, qui n'est pas entierement decontaminee, se trouve egalement reduite de moitie et atteint un peu plus de 0,01 pc par echantillon preleve sur les urines recueillies pendant 24 h. La limite de detection a l'aide de cette methode est d'environ 0, 025 pc de {sup 239}Pu. (author) [Spanish] La memoria describe un metodo para determinaciones corrientes de plutonio en la orina. Tambien resume las investigaciones que llevaron a establecer este procedimiento y en las que se compararon diversas tecnicas de concentracion, purificacion y deposito electrolitico del plutonio. Con arreglo al procedimiento adoptado en definitiva, la orina se calcina en humedo y el residuo se disuelve con acido clorhidrico. El plutonio (IV) presente en la solucion asi obtenida se coprecipita con cupferrato de hierro y se extrae con cloroformo. Una vez evaporado este,, se oxida el residuo, se disuelve en acido clorhidrico y el hierro se extrae con eter diisopropflico. Seguidamente se evapora a sequedad la fase acuosa que contiene, al plutonio y se disuelve en una solucion acida de sulfato amonico desde la cual se separa el plutonio por deposito electrolitico sobre acero inoxidable. El rendimiento de esta ultima etapa es cuantitativo, siendo de 84 {+-} 7% para el proceso en conjunto. . El plutonio electrodepositado se recuenta con un detector de estado solido (diode de union de silicio) en un contador especialmente construido para este fin. La baja actividad de fondo inherente de este tipo de contadores puede disminuirse aun mas contando solamente las particulas alfa de energia comprendida entre 4.2 y 5,4 MeV. El buen poder de resolucion que se obtiene con capas delgadas de plutonio electrodepositado permite emplear un canal tan estrecho sin que la eficacia de recuento disminuya apreciablemente. Al efectuar el recuento en este intervalo restringido, la actividad de fondo debida a los reactivos y a la eliminacion incompleta de las impurezas de emisores alfa de la orina queda reducida tambien a la mitad, esto es, a un valor del orden de 0,01 pcuries por muestra de 24 horas. El limite de deteccion mediante este metodo es aproximadamente de 0,025 pc de {sup 239}Pu. (author) [Russian] Opisan metod prakticheskogo'opredelenija al'fa-izluchenija plutonija v moche. Pri razrabotke jetogo metoda sravnivalis' razlichnye metody koncentrirovanija, ochistki i jelektroliticheskogo osazhdenija plutonija ; podvoditsja itog jetih issledovanij. Soglasno prinjatomu v konechnom itoge metodu mochu podvergajut vlazhnomu ozoleniju, osadok rastvorjajut v soljanoj kislote. Plutonij (IV) podvergajut sovmestnomu osazhdeniju s kupferronatom zheleza iz jetogo rastvora i jekstragirujut hloroformom. Posle vyparivanija hloroformom osadok okisljajut, rastvorjajut v soljanoj kislote i jekstragirujut zhelezo di- izopropilovym jefirom. Vodnuju fazu, soderzhashhuju plutonij, vyparivajut i rastvorjajut v kislom sul'fate ammonija, iz kotorogo plutonij osazhdajut jelektroliticheski na nerzhavejushhej stali. Kolichestvennye vosstanovlenija na stadii jelektroliticheskogo osazhdenija dali 84 {+-} 7% Osazhdennyj plutonij podschityvali s pomoshh'ju diodnogo (tverdogo s kremnevym soedineniem) schetchika,sozdannogo dlja jetoj celi. Nizkij estestvennyj fon schetchika jetogo tipa byl jeffektivno snizhen putem podscheta lish' teh al'fa-chastic, kotor''ge imejut jenergiju 4.2 - 5,4 Mjev. Horoshee razreshenie, poluchaemoe s pomoshh'ju tonkogo jelektroosazhdennogo istochnika plutonija3obespechivaet vozmozhnost' ochen' malyh poter' jeffektivnosti scheta v jetom uzkom kanale. Pri schete vne'jetoj ogranichennoj oblasti jenergii kontrol'naja aktivnost', sozdavaemaja reaktivami i nepolnoj ochistkoj ot drugih al'fa-izluchatelej v moche, takzhe snizhaetsja na faktor porjadka 2, nemnogo vyshe 0,01 mkmkkjuri v-techenie 24 chasov. Predel obnaruzhenija s pomoshh'ju jetogo metoda sostavljaet okolo 0,025 mkmkkjuri plutonija-239. (author)

  12. A Low-Background Liquid-Scintlllation Counter for the Assay of Low-Specific Activity Tritiated Water; Compteur a scintillations a liquides, a faible mouvement propre, pour le dosage d'eau tritiee en faible activite specifique; ZHidkostnyj stsintillyatsionnyi schetchik s nizkim fonom dlya analiza nasyshchennoj tritiem vody s nizkoj udel'noj aktivnost'yu; Contador de centelleador liquido de reducida actividad de fondo para el analisis de agua pritiada de baja actividad especifica

    Boyce, I S; Cameron, J F [Wantage Research Laboratory, Wantage (United Kingdom)


    In liquid-scintillation counting of tritiated water single photomultiplier counters and coincidence systems offer comparable sensitivities. To investigate low level counting a coincidence system was selected to avoid Uncertainties in the background due to single photon events arising from phosphorescence and chemiluminescenc e in the solution. With this system the background was found to be due largely to light originating in the photomultiplier photocathode. Using two photomultipliers with ''Pyrex'' photocathodes in contact in an 8 in thick iron shield experiments were conducted to determine the relative importance of the following possible courses of background : (a) Ionization and excitation of residual gas and of the semi-conductor dynode surfaces, particularly in regions where the current density is greatest. (b) Sparking, electroluminescence and field emission. (c) Positive ion feedback to the photocathode causing secondary electron emission. (d) Operation of the photocathode window itself as a phosphor for cosmic radiation, K{sup 40} beta particles or radiation from uranium daughter products. In particular it was found that contribution (c) was significantly lower than was previously supposed. Methods of minimizing these effects, including the use of quartz photocathodes, and special photomultipliers were investigated. In the finished design of counter the minimum detectable specific activity with a counting time of 30 min. is 6x10{sup 7} {mu}c/ml. (author) [French] Dans le dosage de l'eau tritiee au moyen d'un compteur a scintillations a liquides, les compteurs a photomultiplicateur unique et les ensembles a coincidences presentent une sensibilite du meme ordre. Pour faire des recherches sur la mesure des faibles activites, les auteurs ont choisi un dispositif monte en coincidence, afin d'eviter les incertitudes dans le mouvement propre causees par l'apparation de photons isoles, dus a la phosphorescence et a la chimioluminescenc e de la solution. Dans ce dispositif, on a constate que le mouvement propre provient surtout de la lumiere qui emane de la photocathode du photomultiplicateur. En utilisant deux photomultiplicateurs a photocathode en pyrex, en contact dans une protection en fer de 20 cm, on a procede a des experiences pour determiner l'importance relative des phenomenes ci-apres pouvant constituer le mouvement propre: a) Ionisation et excitation des gaz residuels et des surfaces des dynodes a semi-conducteurs, notamment aux endroits ou la densite du courant est la plus elevee; b) Production d'etincelles, electroluminescence et emission du champ; c) Retroaction positive des ions vers la photocathode, provoquant une emission d'electrons secondaire; d) Fenetre de la photocathode jouant elle-meme le role de scintillateur pour les rayons cosmiques, les particules beta du {sup 40}K et les rayonnements emis par les produits de filiation de l'uranium. Les auteurs ont notamment etabli que le facteur c) avait sensiblement moins d'importance qu'on ne l'avait suppose precedemment. Ils ont fait des recherches sur les methodes permettant de reduire ces effets au minimum, notamment en utilisant des photocathodes en quartz et des photomultiplicateurs speciaux. Avec l'ensemble de comptage concu par les auteurs, l'activite specifique minimum decelable est de 6x10{sup 7} {mu}c/ml, le temps de comptage etant de 30 minutes. (author) [Spanish] Cuando se trata de efectuar el recuento de agua tritiada dor centelleo de liquidos, los contadores de fotomultiplicador unico y los dispositivos de coincidencias presentan sensibilidades comparables. Con el fin de efectuar estudios sobre la medicion fe bajas actividades, los autores eligieron un sistema de coincidencias para evitar la incertidumbre en lo que respecta a la actividad de fondo debida a fotones aislados emitidos en virtud de la fosforescencia y quimioluminiscenci a de la solucion. Los autores comprobaron que, en este sistema, la actividad de fondo proviene principalmente de la luz que emana del fotocatodo del fotomultiplicador. Utilizando dos fotomultiplicadores con fotocatodos de pyrex en contacto, encerrados en un blindaje de hierro de 20 cm de espesor, hicieron experimentos para determinar la importancia relativa de las siguientes posibles causas de la actividad de fondo: a) Ionizacion y excitacion del gas residual y de las superficies del dinodo semiconductor, especialmente en las regiones en que la densidad de corriente es maxima; b) Formacion de chispas, electroluminiscencia y emision de campo; c) Realimentacion de iones positivos al fotocatodo, que provoca una emision de electrones, secundarios ; d) Funcionamiento de la propia ventana fotocatodica en caracter de ''fosforo'' para la radiacion cosmica, las particulas del {sup 40}K o las radiaciones de los productos de filiacion del uranio. Los autores comprobaron que, en particular, el factor c) interviene en una proporcion mucho menor que lo que se habia supuesto. Estudiaron metodos para reducir a un minimo estos efectos, incluyendo el uso de fotocatodos de cuarzo y fotomultiplicadores especiales. Con el dispositivo disenado por los autores, la minima actividad especifica detectable, con un tiempo de recuento de 30 min, asciende a 6 x 10{sup 7}{mu}c/ml. (author) [Russian] Pri schege zhidkostnykh stsintillyatsij nasytsennoj tritiem vody schetchiki s odnim fotoumnozhitelem i sistemy sovpadenij dayut pokazaniya sravnitel'noj chuvstvitel'nosti. Dlya issledovaniya scheta izlucheniya maloj intensivnosti byla primenena sistema sovpadenij dlya togo, chtoby izbezhat' neopredelennosti v fone, vyzyvaemom izmeneniemi odnogo fotona v rezul'tate fosforestsentsii i khimicheskoj lyuminestsentsii v rastvore. Bylo obnaruzheno, chto vozniknovenie fona v ehtoj sisteme ob{sup y}asnyaetsya glavnym obrazom dejstviem sveta, iskhodyashchego iz fotokatoda fotoumnozhitelya. Byli provedeny ksperimenty s primeneniem dvukh fotoumnozhitelej s fotokatodami Pireks v kontakte s zheleznym ehkranom tolshchinoj v 8 dyujmov dlv opredeleniya otnositel'noj vazhnosti sleduyushchikh vozmozhnykh faktorov fona: a) Ionizatsiya i vozbuzhdenie ostatochnogo gaza i poverkhnostej poluprovodnikovogo dinoda, osobenno v tekh zonakh, gde imeetsya samaya bol'shaya plotnost' potoka; b) Iskroobrazovanie , ehlektrolyuminestsentsiya i avtozlektronnaya ehmissiya; c) Obratnaya svyaz' polozhitel'nykh ionov s fotokatodom, chto vyzyvaet vtorichnuyu ehlektronnuyu emissiyu; d) Samostoyatel'noe dejstvie fotokatodnogo okna podobno lyuminoforu kosmicheskoj radiatsii, beta-chastitsam K{sup 40} ili radiatsii dochernikh produktov urana. V chastnosti, bylo obnaruzheno znachitel'no men'shee vozdejstvie faktora, chem ranee predpolagalos'. Byli issledovany metody umen'sheniya ehtikh vozdejstvij, vklyuchaya ispol'zovanie kvartsevykh fotokatodov i spetsial'nykh fotoumnozhitelej. V okonchatel'noj konstruktsii schetchika miiimal'nayaobiaruzhim aya udel'naya aktivnost' so vremenem scheta v 30 minut sostavlyaet 6 x 10{sup 7} mikrokyuri na milillitr. (author)

  13. Carbon-14 and Hydrogen-3 Measurement by Means of a Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer: Colour Quenching; Mesure du Carbone-14 et du Tritium a l'Aide d'un Spectrometre a Scintillateurliquide: Extinction Chromatique; Izmerenie soderzhaniya Ugleroda-14 i Vodoroda-3 s pomoshch'yu zhidkostnogo stsintillyatsionnogo spektrometra. oslablenie tsveta; Influencia de la Extincion Cromatica en la Medicion del Carbono-14 y del Hidrogeno-3 por Espectrometria del Centelleo Liquido

    Iwakura, T.; Kasida, Y. [National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba (Japan)


    An attempt was made to correlate colour quenching and wavelength of the absorption maximum in liquid scintillators. Attempts were also made to find a difference in discriminator ratio versus counting efficiency curves between chemical and colour quenching. Fourteen photosensitive cyanine dyes were used as colouring agents in alcohol solution. The concentration of the dye in the counting samples ranged from 0.5 to 10 x 10{sup -6} M to give the desired absorbance in the liquid scintillator medium. Toluene-1-{sup 14}C and toluene-{sup 3}H were used as the internal standards. Counting was carried out with a Packard TRI-CARB Model 314 EX2 liquid scintillation spectrometer. Discriminator settings were 100-1000 divisions for the red channel and 186-1000 divisions fox the green channel. The high voltage applied to the photomultiplier was selected to give balance point operation in the red channel in an unquenched sample. Concentration of dyes against extent of quenching was examined. Because of the characteristic wavelengths of light emitted by the scintillator systems and the response of the photomultipliers (S-11 response), it was expected that red and yellow solutions which have maximum absorption at 400-500 nm would show the greatest quenching effect. To evaluate the total colour quenching, the following relationship was used to define the total absorption coefficient: A = ({Sigma}A{sub i}W{sub i})/({Sigma}W{sub i}) where W{sub i} is the relative photomultiplier sensitivity for light within the spectral range i nm, and A{sub i} is the absorbance of light within the spectral range i nm used. Total absorbance was calculated for each 40 nm range. 360-400, 400-440 etc., to 520-560 nm. The reciprocal absorbance 1/A versus the counting efficiency shows a linear relationship over a wide range of counting efficiencies. The curves of the discriminator ratio versus counting efficiency show that when colour quenching becomes strong, the colour quenching curve separates from the chemical quenching curve in {sup 14}Ccounting. On the other hand, similar measurements made in counting {sup 3}H do not show a separation of the two quenching curves. (author). (author) [French] On s'est efforce de trouver une correlation entre l'extinction chromatique et la longueur d'onde d'absorption maximale des scintillateurs liquides. On a egalement cherche a trouver une difference entre les courbes exprimant l'efficacite du comptage en fonction du rapport du discriminateur, selon qu'il s'agit d'extinction chimique ou d'extinction chromatique. On a utilise comme colorants 14 cyanines photosensibles en solution alcoolique. On a fait varier la concentration de teinture dans les echantillons de comptage de 0,5 a 10x10{sup -6} M, de maniere a obtenir le pouvoir absorbant voulu dans le scintillateur liquide. Du toluene-1- 14C et du toluene-3 H ont servi d'etalons internes. On a procede au comptage avec un spectrometre a scintillateur liquide Packard TRI-CARB, modele 314 EX2. Les reglages du discriminateur etaient les suivants: 100 a 1000 divisions pour le canal rouge et 186 a 1000 divisions pour le canal vert. La haute tension appliquee au photomultiplicateur a ete choisie de maniere a obtenir le point d'equilibre dans le canal rouge pour un echantillon non eteint. On a etudie les concentrations des teintures en fcuction du degre d'extinction. En raison des longueurs d'onde caracteristiques de la lumiere emise par le scintillateur et de la reponse des photomultiplicateurs (reponse S-ll), on s'attendait que les solutions rou,geb et jaunes qui accusent une absorption maximale a 400-500 nm donnent l'effet d'extinction le plus prononce. En vue de calculer l'extinction chromatique totale, on a utilise la formule suivante pour determiner le coefficient d'absorption totale: A = ({Sigma}A{sub i}W{sub i})/({Sigma}W{sub i}), dans laquelle W{sub i} est la sensibilite relative du photomultiplicateur pour une lumiere emise sur une longueur d'onde de i nm et A{sub i} est le coefficient d'absorption de la lumiere emise sur la longueur dlonde de i nm dans la bande spectrale utilisee. On a calcule le coefficient d'absorption totale pour chaque bande de 40 nm soit 360-400, 400-440, etc. jusqu'a 520-560 nm. Le graphique de l'inverse du coefficient d'absorption 1/A en fonction de l'efficacite du comptage revele une relation lineaire pour un large intervalle d'efficacite de comptage. Les courbes donnant le rapport du discriminateur en fonction de l'efficacite de comptage montrent que, lorsque l'extinction chromatique devient forte, la courbe qui la represente se separe de la courbe d'extinction chimique dans le comptage de {sup 14}C. Au contraire, des mesures analogues faites avec {sup 3}H ne font pas apparaitre cette separation entre les courbes d'extinction. (author) [Spanish] Los autores procuraron establecer una relacion entre la extincion cromatica y la longitud de onda en el maximo de. absorcion de centelleadores liquidos. Asimismo intentaron hallar una diferencia en la razon de discriminacion en funcion de las curvas del rendimiento de recuento entre la extincion qufmica y la cromatica. Utilizaron 14 colorantes fotosensibles a base de cianina en solucion alcoholica. La concentracion del colorante en las muestras que se querfan analizar estaba comprendida entre 0,5 y 10 x 10{sup -6} M fin-de obtener la absorcion deseada en el centelleador liquido. Como patrones internos emplearon tolueno-1- {sup 14}C y tolueno-{sup 3}H. El recuento se efectuo con un espectrometro de centelleo liquido Packard TRI-CARB, modelo 314 EX2. El discriminador se graduo en 100 a 1000 divisiones para el canal rojo y en 186 a 1000 divisiones para el canal verde. El valor de la alta tension aplicada al fotomultiplicador se eligio con miras a conseguir un funcionamiento en el punto de equilibrio del canal rojo para una muestra sin extintor. Los autores estudiaron la concentracion de colorantes en funcion del grado de extincion. Debido a la longitud de onda caracteristica de la luz emitida por los centelleadores y la respuesta del fotomultiplicador (S-ll), se supuso que la solucion roja y amarilla, que tiene un poder maximo de absorcion a 400-500 nm, ejerceria el efecto de extincion mas acusado. Para evaluar la extincion cromatica total el coeficiente de absorcion total se definio mediante la expresion A = ({Sigma}A{sub i}W{sub i})/({Sigma}W{sub i}), donde W{sub i} es la sensibilidad relativa del fotomultiplicador a luz de una longitud de onda i nm y A{sub i} es la absorbencia de luz de longitud de onda i nm en el intervalo espectral empleado. La absorbencia total se calculo para una serie de intervalos de 40 nm (360 a 400 , 400 a 440, etc., hasta 520 a 560 nm). La inversa de la absorbencia (1/A) es proporcional al rendimiento de recuento de un amplio intervalo de valores de este. En el recuento del {sup 14}C, las curvas de la razon de discriminacion en funcion del rendimiento de recuento ponen de manifiesto que a medida que se intensifica la extincion cromatica, la curva correspondiente se separa de la curva de extincion qufmica. Por otra parte, mediciones similares efectuadas durante el recuento de {sup 3}H no revelan separacion de las dos curvas de extincion. (author) [Russian] Byla sdelana popytka ustanovit' sootnoshenie mezhdu oslableniem cveta i dlinoj volny maksimuma pogloshhenija v zhidkostnyh scintilljatorah. Byla takzhe sdelana popytka opredelit' razlichija krivyh zavisimosti kojefficienta diskriminatora ot jeffektivnosti scheta dlja himicheskogo oslablenija i oslablenija cveta. Chetyrnadcat' fotochuvstvitel'nyh cianinovyh krasok bylo ispol'zovano v kachestve krasjashhih agentov v rastvore spirta. Koncentracija kraski v izmerjaemyh obrazcah menjalas' ot 0,5 do 10-10{sup 6} molja, chtoby poluchit' trebujushheesja pogloshhenie v zhidkoj scintilljacionnoj srede. V kachestve vnutrennih standartov ispol'zovalis' toluol-1-uglerod-14 i toluol- vodorod-3. Schet proizvodili s pomoshh'ju zhidkostnogo scintilljacionnogo spektrometra Pakard TRI-CARB, model' 314 EH2. Nastrojka diskriminatora sostavljala 100-1000 delenij dlja krasnogo kanala i 186-1000 delenij dlja zelenogo. Vysokoe naprjazhenie, primenjaemoe dlja fotoumnozhitelja, vybrali dlja togo, chtoby obespechit' uravnoveshennuju tochechnuju rabotu v krasnom kanale pri neoslablennom obrazce. Koncentracija krasok byla izuchena po stepeni oslablenija. Vsledstvie harakternosti dliny voln sveta, ishodjashhego iz scintilljatornyh sistem i reakcii fotoumnozhitelej (reakcija S-I), predpolagalos', chto krasno-zheltyj rastvor, kotoryj imeet maksimum pogloshhenija pri 400 - 500 mmk budet imet' samyj bol'shoj jeffekt oslablenija. Chtoby ocenit' obshhee oslablenie cveta dlja opredelenija kojefficienta obshhego pogloshhenija ispol'zovalos' sledujushhee otnoshenie: A = ({Sigma}A{sub i}W{sub i})/({Sigma}W{sub i}), gde W{sub i} - otnositel'naja chuvstvitel'nost' fotoumnozhitelja k svetu s dlinoj volny i mmk; a A{sub i} - pogloshhenie sveta s dlinoj volny i mmk v predelah ispol'zuemogo spektra. Obshhee pogloshhenie bylo rasschitano dlja kazhdogo intervala v 40 mmk, naprimer dlja 360 - 400, 400 - 440 i t.d. do 520 - 560 mmk. Jekvivalentnoe pogloshhenie 1/A v zavisimosti ot jeffektivnosti scheta pokazyvaet linejnuju zavisimost' v shirokom diapazone jeffektivnosti scheta. Krivye zavisimosti kojefficienta diskriminatora ot jeffektivnosti scheta pokazyvajut, chto, kogda oslablenie cveta stanovitsja sil'nym, krivaja oslablenija cveta otdeljaetsja ot krivoj himicheskogo oslablenija pri schete ugleroda-14. S drugoj storony, proizvedennye pri schete vodoroda-3 analogichnye izmerenija ne pokazyvajut razdelenija dvuh krivyh oslablenija. (author)

  14. The Determination of Components of Radioactive Decay Mixtures by Computer Analysis of Count-Rate Data; Determination des Composants de Melanges Radioactifs en Decroissance par Analyse a l'Ordinateur des Resultats du Comptage; Opredelenie komponentov smesej radioaktivnogo raspada posredstvom analiza dannykh skorostej scheta s pomoshch'yu schetno-reshayushchego ustrojstva; Determinacion de los Componentes de Mezclas Radiactivas por Analisis de los Datos de Recuento Mediante Calculadoras

    Airman, W. D.F.; Tyler, S. A.; Dipertand, M. H.; Sedlet, J. [Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (United States)


    The components of a mixture of n radioactive isotopes can be determined from the change in activity with time provided that the activity of at least n-1 components changes significantly during the period of observation, either by direct decay or by the growth of decay products. ft is possible to predict a set of possible components for each mixture encountered, based on considerations such as the origin and history of the mixture and the separation chemistry and counting technique(s) used. If such considerations are properly applied, the set of possible components will include all of the actual components in the mixture. The appropriate growth and/or decay equations can then be formulated and solved simultaneously to obtain each component, or the mixture can be resolved graphically by extrapolations of the linear portions of the total decay-growth curve. However, when the number of components is large and/or when complex decay schemes are involved, these two techniques either cannot be applied or the errors associated with the estimates cannot be assessed. Selection of decay components by a least-squares procedure provides better estimates than solution by simultaneous equations alone. Consequently, a least-squares Fortran computer programme (designated CORD) has been developed which solves the general problem: given the times and counts per unit time from a sample, the possible radioisotopic parents and decay schemes and all associated decay constants and detection efficiencies compute the amount of each parent actually present at a predetermined zero time. In addition, the programme yields the amounts of the parents and daughters present at all data times. Initially used with bioassay and environmental samples, the programme has been specifically designed for analysing count-rate data obtained by non-spectroscopic alpha- or beta-counting. However, it should be adaptable to total gamma and spectroscopic data, provided the energy ranges over which these measurements are made permit correlations between the data obtained and the total decay and growth rates. The development of the programme and the results obtained from theoretical and experimental data used to test it are discussed. (author) [French] Les composants d'un melange de n radioisotopes peuvent etre determines d'apres les variations de l'activite avec le temps, a condition que l'activite d'au moins n-1 elements se modifie de maniere appreciable au cours de la periode consideree, soit par la decroissance directe, soit par la croissance des produits de desintegration. Pour chaque melange, il est possible de predire un ensemble d'elements d'apres des facteurs tels que l'origine et l'evolution anterieure du melange et les techniques de separation chimique et de comptage utilisees. Si ces facteurs sont appliques de maniere convenable, l'ensemble suppose contiendra tous les elements que comporte effectivement le melange. On peut alors, soit formuler les equations de croissance ou de decroissance et les resoudre simultanement pour obtenir chaque element, soit determiner le melange sous forme graphique par extrapolation des parties lineaires de la courbe totale decroissance-croissance. Toutefois, lorsque le nombre d'elements est eleve ou que des schemas complexes de decroissance entrent en ligne de compte, il est impossible, soit d'appliquer l'une ou l'autre de ces techniques, soit d'evaluer les erreurs inherentes aux previsions. L'application de la methode des moindres carres permet d'identifier plus exactement les elements en decroissance que la methode consistant a n'utiliser que des equations simultanees. Les auteurs ont donc mis au point un programme d'ordinateur Fortran, fonde sur la methode des moindres carres (designe par le vocable CORD) et destine a resoudre le probleme general, a savoir: etant donne le taux de comptage pour un echantillon, les precurseurs et les schemas de decroissance possibles, toutes les constantes de decroissance et les caracteristiques de detection, calculer la quantite de chaque precurseur effectivement present a un moment zero fixe a l'avance. En outre, le programme iournit les quantites de precurseurs et de produits de filiation presents a tous les moments ob des mesures sont faites. D'abord applique a des specimens biologiques et a des echantillons du milieu ambiant, le programme est essentiellement destine a l'analyse des taux de comptage fournis par les mesures non spectroscopiques des rayonnements alpha ou beta. Toutefois, ce programme devrait permettre de traiter l'ensemble des donnees relatives aux rayonnements gamma et des donnees spectroscopiques pourvu que les gammes d'energie dans lesquelles les mesures sont effectuees permettent d'etablir une correlation entre les donnees obtenues et les taux de decroissance et de croissance totales. Les auteurs decrivent la mise au point du programme et analysent les resultats des essais qui ont ete effectues, a partir de donnees theoriques et de donnees experimentales, pour en verifier l'efficacite. (author) [Spanish] Es posible determinar los componentes de una mezcla de n isotopos radiactivos basandose en la variacion temporal de la actividad, siempre que la actividad de n-1, por lo menos, de los componentes, varfe apreciablemente durante el periodo de observacion, bien por desintegracion directa o bien por acumulacion de los productos de desintegracion. Fundandose en consideraciones tales como el origen, los antecedentes de la mezcla y los metodos de separacion quimica y de recuento aplicados, es posible predecir para cada mezcla una. serie de componentes posibles. Si esas consideraciones se aplican correctamente, la serie de posibles componentes comprendera todos los componentes reales de la mezcla. Entonces pueden formularse las ecuaciones pertinentes de crecimiento y/o desintegracion y resolverse simultaneamente para obtener cada componente, o bien se puede resolver la mezcla graficamente por extrapolacion de las partes lineales de la curva global de desintegracion-crecimiento. De todas formas, cuando el numero de componentes es elevado o cuando se trata de esquemas de desintegracion complejos, es imposible aplicar estas dos tecnicas o evaluar los errores inherentes al calculo. La determinacion de los componentes de desintegracion por cuadrados minimos da mejores resultados que la solucion por ecuaciones simultaneas exclusivamente. Por tanto, se ha preparado un programa de computo Fortran basado en el metodo de los cuadrados minimos (denominado CORD) que resuelve el problema general: Dados los tiempos y el numero de cuentas por unidad de tiempo correspondientes a una muestra, los precursores radioisotopicos y esquemas de desintegracion posibles, asi como todas las constantes de desintegracion y los rendimientos de deteccion asociados, calcular la cantidad de cada precursor realmente presente en un tiempo cero preestablecido. Ademas, el programa permite conocer las cantidades de precursores y descendientes presentes en cada momento de toma de datos. Utilizado en un principio para la determinacion de muestras biologicas y tomadas del medio ambiente, el programa se ha concebido especialmente para analizar los datos de recuento obtenidos en la medicion de actividades alfa o beta por procedimientos distintos de los espectroscopicos. Sin embargo, deberia poder adaptarse a la medicion de la actividad gamma total y al analisis de los datos obtenidos por metodos espectroscopicos, siempre que los intervalos de energia en que estas mediciones se efectuen permitan correlacionar los datos obtenidos y las velocidades totales de desintegracion y crecimiento. Se estudian el perfeccionamiento del programa y los resultados obtenidos con datos teoricos y experimentales utilizados para ensayarlo. (author) [Russian] Predstavljaetsja vozmozhnym opredelit' komponenty smesi, sostojashhej iz p radioaktivnyh izotopov, na osnovanii izmenenija aktivnosti v zavisimosti ot vremeni, odnako pri uslovii, chto aktivnost' po men'shej mere p-1 komponentov izmenjaetsja znachitel'nym obrazom za period vremeni nabljudenija, libo v rezul'tate neposredstvennogo raspada, libo vsledstvie narastanija produktov raspada. Dlja kazhdoj novoj smesi predstavljaetsja vozmozhnym predskazat' sostav vozmozhnyh komponentov na osnovanii takih soobrazhenij, kak proishozhdenie i posledujushhaja jevoljucija smesi, harakter himii otdelenija i metod ili metody scheta. Esli takogo roda soobrazhenija primenjajutsja nadlezhashhim obrazom, to sostav vozmozhnyh komponentov vkljuchit vse dejstvitel'nye komponenty smesi. V takom sluchae mozhno sostavit' nadlezhashhie uravnenija narastanija i raspada i reshit' ih odnovremenno dlja poluchenija kazhdogo komponenta, ili zhe smes' mozhet byt' razlozhena na sostavnye chasti graficheski putem jekstrapoljacii linejnyh otrezkov krivoj obshhego raspada i narastanija. Odnako v sluchae bol'shogo chisla komponentov, esli rech' idet o kompleksnyh shemah raspada, jeti dva metoda libo okazyvajutsja nepriemlemymi, libo ne predstavljaetsja vozmozhnym opredelit' velichiny pogreshnostej, svjazannyh s vychislenijami. Otbor komponentov raspada po metodu naimen'shih kvadratov daet luchshuju ocenku, chem samo po sebe odnovremennoe reshenie uravnenij. Pojetomu na osnovanii metoda naimen'shih kvadratov byla vyrabotana programma po fortranu dlja schetno-reshajushhego ustrojstva (oboznachennaja po kodu {sup K}ORD{sup )}, kotoraja razreshaet sledujushhuju obshhuju problemu: zadajutsja momenty vremeni i otschety za edinicu vremeni dlja proby, vozmozhnye ishodnye radioizo- ' topy i shemy ih raspada, a takzhe vse sootvetstvujushhie konstanty raspada i jeffektivnosti obnaruzhenija; trebuetsja podschitat' kolichestvo kazhdogo ishodnogo izotopa, dejstvitel'no prisutstvujushhego v zaranee opredelennoe nulevoe vremja. V dopolnenie k jetomu programma daet kolichestvo ishodnyh i dochernih produktov v ljuboj moment registracii dannyh. Ispol'zovannaja pervonachal'no dlja bioanalizov i dlja analiza vzjatyh iz okruzhajushhej sredy prob, jeta programma byla zatem special'no prisposoblena k analizu dannyh skorostej al'fa- i beta-scheta, poluchennyh nespektroskopicheskimi metodami. Odnako jetu programmu mozhno prisposobit' dlja obrabotki obshhih gamma- i spektroskopicheskih dannyh pri uslovii, chto diapazony jenergij, v predelah kotoryh delajutsja jeti izmerenija, dajut vozmozhnost' ustanovit' korreljaciju mezhdu jetimi dannymi i skorostjami polnogo raspada i narastanija. Obsuzhdajutsja podrobnosti vyrabotki jetoj programmy, a takzhe rezul'taty, poluchennye na osnovanii teoreticheskih i jeksperimental'nyh dannyh i posluzhivshie dlja proverki jetoj programmy. (author)

  15. FY 2000 report on the basic survey to promote Joint Implementation, etc. Feasibility study of the effective utilization of by-product high-sulfur concentration petroleum coke at Fujian Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Fujian Province, China; 2000 nendo kyodo jisshi nado suishin kiso chosa hokokusho. Chugoku sekiyu kako shudan koji fukusei ren'yu kako yugen koji Fujian koio nodo sekiyu cokes no yuko riyo ni kansuru F/S chosa



    For the purpose of conserving energy and reducing greenhouse effect gas emission, an investigational study was conducted for the project on the effective utilization of high-sulfur petroleum coke at Fujian Petrochemical Co., Fujian Province, China. In the project, IGCC (integrated gasification combined cycle) power generation facilities are introduced to the refinery of Fujian Petrochemical Co. By gasifying the residues produced from the refinery as raw material, the gas clean the same as natural gas is produced and is used as power generation use fuel. As a result of the study, the energy conservation amount was 94,300 toe/y, and was 1,414,500 toe in cumulative amount during 15 years. Further, the amount of greenhouse effect gas reduction was 291,600 t-CO2/y, and was 4,374,000 t-CO2 in cumulative amount during 15 years. The construction cost of the project is approximately 29.7 billion yen. The annual profit to be obtained from the project is approximately 8.66 billion yen, which is indicated by difference between before and after the implementation of the project. The calculated years required for return of investment were 3.4. (NEDO)

  16. Fiscal 2000 project of inviting proposals for international joint research - invitation for international proposal (Power generation No.14). Achievement report on joint research for utilizing Russia's now-unused high-viscosity crude oil as fuel for power generation; 2000 nendo kokusai kyodo kenkyu teian kobo jigyo - kokusai teian kobo (hatsuden No.14). Russia miriyo konensei gen'yu no denryoku nenryo riyo kyodo kenkyu chosa seika hokokusho



    The Russkoye high-viscosity oil field is located in the western part of Siberia, Russia. Joint research is under way to develop a technology for reducing the viscosity for the collection of crude oil through the utilization of a gas condensate discharged by a neighboring gas field. This report comprises eight chapters, namely, (1) the background, purpose, and contents of the research, (2) Russia's oil resources and oil industry, (3) high-viscosity oil fields in Russia, (4) analysis of Russkoye crude oil and gas condensates yielded in Russia, (5) methods for viscosity reduction, (6) evaluation of combustibility, (7) scenario for developing the Russkoye oil field, and (8) research results as summarized and future tasks. Studied in chapter (5) are approaches to viscosity reduction, methods for emulsification, and a method for viscosity reduction by use of a gas condensate. These are tested and the results after analysis clearly show that the Russkoye crude oil, when blended with a gas condensate, will turn transportable and will provide a fuel equivalent to fuel oil C. (NEDO)

  17. Fiscal 2000 project of inviting proposals for international joint research - invitation for international proposal (Power generation No.2). Achievement report on development of high-efficiency low-temperature power generation device using SOFC containing yttria-doped ceria layer; 2000 nendo kokusai kyodo kenkyu teian kobo jigyo - kokusai teian kobo (hatsuden No.2). Yttria gan'yu ceria so wo yusuru SOFC kokoritsu teion sadogata hatsuden sochi no kaihatsu seika hokokusho



    Efforts continue to develop a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) capable of consuming methane, propane, and the like, as fuel directly and of operation at 650 degrees C or lower. The efforts in concrete terms involve the development of an anode material, an electrolyte, and a cathode material not to suffer carbon precipitation and the evaluation of power generation performance of a hydrocarbon fueled single cell. Activities are conducted in the five domains of (1) the fabrication of an SOFC single cell and a preliminary study, (2) evaluation of solid electrolyte thermal stability using X-ray diffraction, (3) anodic carbon precipitation test and single cell performance test, (4) survey of technical trends overseas, and (5) the goal and self-management. In domain (1), technologies are developed to form thin film anodes of Ni-GDC (gadolinium-doped ceria), Cu-GDC, Ni-YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia), and the like, for which the ultrasonic spray method and slurry coat method are used. In the study of cell manufacturing, the anode support method and cathode support method are investigated. The anode support method is used to fabricate a thin film, a thin YSZ film is successfully fabricated for typical Ni-YSZ. (NEDO)

  18. A Quick Method of Measuring and Analyzing {beta} Emitters in Solution of Very Low-Level Specific Activity; Remarques sur une technique rapide de mesure et d'analyse d'emetteurs {beta} en solution de tres faible activite specifique; Zamechaniya o bystroj tekhnike izmereniya i analize izluchatelej {beta}-chastits v rastvore s ochen' slaboj spetsificheskoj aktivnost'yu; Observaciones sobre un metodo rapido de medicion y analisis de emisores {beta} en soluciones de muy baja actividad especifica

    Le Gallic, Y; Grinberg, B; Thenard, M [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (France)


    1. Description of a measuring instrument with a low-level background, for measuring radioactive materials in liquid form. Essentially the instrument consists of two flat counters, each with one hole, and one flat counter with two holes, mounted parallel to each other and enclosed in a casing of counters mounted in anti-coincidence with the inner counter. 2. Possible applications of the method: a) To measure much lower-level specific activities than with liquid counters, and particularly soft {beta} emitters; b) To detect radioactive impurities within a radionuclide (e. g. 2/10,000 of P{sup 32} in S{sup 35}); c) For most radionuclides, to measure, without previous concentration, specific activities corresponding to the tolerance limits permitted at present. (author) [French] 1. Description d'un dispositif de mesure a faible mouvement propre, destine a la mesure de produits radioactifs sous forme liquide, et qui comprend essentiellement 2 compteurs plats a une fenetre, et un compteur plat a deux fenetres, disposes parallelement et enfermes a l'interieur d'une gaine de comp- teurs montes en anticoincidence avec les premiers. 2. Possibilites et domaines d'utilisation de la methode: a) permet de mesurer des activites specifiques beaucoup plus faibles qu'avec les compteurs a liquides, particulieremen t avec les emetteurs {beta} mous; b) permet de deceler des impuretes radioactives au sein d'un radioelement (ex. 2/10.000 de P{sup 32} dans S{sup 35}); c) permet, pour la plupart des radioelements, de mesurer, sans concentration prealable, des activites specifiques egales respectivement aux limites de tolerance aujourd'hui admises. (author) [Spanish] 1. Los autores describen un dispositivo de medicion poco sensible a la actividad de fondo, destinado a medir la radiactividad de sustancias liquidas. El dispositivo consta fundamentalment e de dos contadores planos provistos de una ventana y de un contador plano con dos ventanas, disquestos paralelamente en el interior de una vaina de contadores conectados en anticoincidencia con los primeros. 2. Ademas enumeran las posibilidades y campos de utilizacion del metodo que: a) especialmente en el caso de los emisores {beta} blandos, permite medir actividades especificas mucho mas bajas que cuando se utilizan contadores para liquidos; b) permite descubrir las sustancias radiactivas presentes como impurezas en determinados radioelementos (por ejemplo, 2/10 000 de P{sup 32} en S{sup 35}); c) para la mayor parte de los radioelementos permite medir, sin necesidad de proceder a una concentracion previa, actividades especificas de igual orden de magnitud que los limites de tolerancia actualmente admitidos. (author) [Russian] 1. Opisanie mekhanizma izmereniya so slabym fonom prednaznachennog o dlya izmereniya radioaktivnykh produktov v zhidkom sostoyanii, kotoryj sostoit v osnovnom iz dvukh ploskikh schetchikov s odnim oknom i odnogo ploskogo schetchika s dvumya oknami, raspolozhenny kh parallel'no drug k DRUGU i izolirovanny kh vnutri zashchitnoj obolochkoj schetchikov, vstavlen- nykh takim obrazom, chtoby oni ne sovpadali s pervymi. 2. Vozmozhnosti i oblasti ispol'zovaniya metoda: a) ehtot metod pozvolyaet izmerit' gorazdo bolee slabuyu spetsificheskuyu aktivnost', chem ehto vozmozhno s zhidkotnymi schetchikami, v chastnosti s izluchatelyami ne zhestkikh {beta}-chastits; b) ehtot metod pozvolyaet obnaruzhivat' radioaktivnye primesi vnutri radioehlementa (napr. 2/10 OOO R{sup 32} v S{sup 35}); s) ehtot metod pozvolyaet dlya bol'shinstva radioehlemento v izmeryat' bez predvaritel'no j kontsentratsii spetsificheskuyu aktivnost' sootvetstvenno ravnuyu prinyatym v nastoyashchee v nastoyashchee vremya predel'nym dopuskam. (author)

  19. FY 1999 Report on results of development of high-efficiency energy system technologies for transportation and domestic use. R and D of polymer electrolyte fuel cells, power system technologies, and several kW class domestic power systems operating at normal pressure; 1999 nendo un'yu minseiyo kokoritsu energy system gijutsu kaihatsu, kotai kobunshigata nenryo denchi no kenkyu kaihatsu, hatsuden system gijutsu kaihatsu, joatsu sadogata su kW kyu kateiyo dengen system no kaihatsu



    Described herein are the FY 1999 results of the research and development project aimed at development of fuel cell systems for power source systems suitable for domestic use. The programs for development of fuel cell body include improvement of the anode forming method for increasing its CO tolerance, enhancing cell performance at 0.5mg-metal/cm{sup 2} as the catalyst quantity to a level almost comparable to that obtainable at 0.9mg-metal/cm{sup 2}. The programs for development of the fuel supply system include studies on endurance of the elements, e.g., starting-up/shutting-down of the Ru/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} catalyst, using a microreactor, confirming that it is serviceable for at least 1,000 hours. The natural gas reformer is developed and operated, on a trial basis, achieving stable supply of steam and fuel, and thermal efficiency of 82.7%. The operation researches include development and operation of a 1kW class module, achieving the performance surpassing the FY 1999 targets (average cell voltage: 0.70V, output: 1.27kW) with a simulated reformate gas at an air utilization rate of 20% and current density of 0.3A/cm{sup 2}. (NEDO)

  20. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Yu-Song Guo Zhong-Duo Wang Cheng-Zhong Yan Yu-Lan Zhang Jin-Nan Zheng Yuan-Min Xu Tao Du Chu-Wu Liu · More Details Fulltext PDF ... Aifu Yang Dapeng Sun Shikai Liu Ying Dong Zhong Chen Zunchun Zhou · More Details Fulltext ...

  1. Fluorescence of Er3+:AlN Polycrystalline Ceramic


    Refractive Index of Air,” Metrologia 2(2), 71–80 (1966). 31. V. Yu. Davydov, Yu. E. Kitaev, I. N. Goncharuk, A. N. Smirnov, J. Graul, O. Semchinova, D...sieve and stored in a vacuum desiccator. The size distribution of the powders was measured using a Horiba LA -910 Light Scattering Particle Size

  2. DNA pattern recognition using canonical correlation algorithm


    Sep 28, 2015 ... were considered as the two views, and statistically significant relationships were established between these two ... Canonical correlation analysis is to find two sets of basis ..... Jing XY, Li S, Lan C, Zhang D, Yang JY and Liu Q 2011 Color ... Yu S, Yu K, Tresp V and Kriegel HP 2006 Multi-output regularized.

  3. Brain-Based Devices for Neuromorphic Computer Systems


    Science. 233(4771):1416-9. Goldman-Rakic, P.S. (1995). Cellular basis of working memory. Neuron. 14(3):477-85. Haider, B., Krause, M.R., Duque , A., Yu...Haider, B., Krause, M. R., Duque , A., Yu, Y., Touryan, J., Mazer, J. A., and McCormick, D. A. (2010). Synaptic and network mechanisms of sparse and

  4. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. YU-HUI HOU. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 130 Issue 1 January 2018 pp 6. Efficient click reaction towards novel sulfonamide hybrids by molecular hybridization strategy as antiproliferative agents · DONG-JUN FU YU-HUI HOU SAI-YANG ZHANG ...

  5. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics; Volume 95; Issue 1. Novel NPHS1 gene mutations in a Chinese family with congenital nephrotic syndrome. Fengjie Yang Yaxian Chen Yu Zhang Liru Qiu Yu Chen Jianhua Zhou. Research Note Volume 95 Issue 1 March 2016 pp 161- ...

  6. Exact solitary ion acoustic waves in a magnetoplasma

    Ray, D.


    Solitary ion acoustic waves in a magnetoplasma have been studied by Shukla and Yu [J. Math. Phys. 19, 2506 (1978)]. A more rigorous study confirms the conditions that Shukla and Yu said would be necessary for humps. However, it is shown that a density cavity is also possible in the limiting case

  7. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. R G Veliyev1 Mir Hasan Yu Seyidov1 2 E M Kerimova1 R Z Sadykhov1 Yu G Asadov1 F M Seyidov1 N Z Gasanov1. Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Az 1143, Baku, Azerbaijan; Department of Physics, Gebze Institute of Technology, Gebze 41400, Kocaeli, Turkey ...

  8. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences; Volume 122; Issue 6. Theoretical study of nucleophilic halogenalkylation of propylene oxide with halogenmethane and dihalogenmethane anion. Tao Liu Xiang-Chen Yin Guo-Dong Liu Zhang-Yu Yu. Full Papers Volume 122 Issue 6 November 2010 pp 901-909 ...

  9. Development of a Whole Slide Imaging System on Smartphones and Evaluation With Frozen Section Samples.

    Yu, Hong; Gao, Feng; Jiang, Liren; Ma, Shuoxin


    public. The image quality is reliable and throughput is approximately 1 FoV per second, yielding a 15-by-15 mm slide under 20X object lens in approximately 30-35 minutes, with little training required for the operator. The expected cost for setup is approximately US $100 and scanning each slide costs between US $1 and $10, making sWSI highly cost-effective for infrequent or low-throughput usage. In the clinical evaluation of sample-wise diagnostic reliability, average accuracy scores achieved by sWSI-scan-based diagnoses were as follows: 0.78 for breast, 0.88 for uterine corpus, 0.68 for thyroid, and 0.50 for lung samples. The respective low-sensitivity rates were 0.05, 0.05, 0.13, and 0.25 while the respective low-specificity rates were 0.18, 0.08, 0.20, and 0.25. The participating pathologists agreed that the overall quality of sWSI was generally on par with that produced by high-end scanners, and did not affect diagnosis in most cases. Pathologists confirmed that sWSI is reliable enough for standard diagnoses of most tissue categories, while it can be used for quick screening of difficult cases. As an ultra-low-cost alternative to whole slide scanners, diagnosis-ready VS quality and robustness for commercial usage is achieved in the sWSI solution. Operated on main-stream smartphones installed on normal optical microscopes, sWSI readily offers affordable and reliable WSI to resource-limited or infrequent clinical users. ©Hong Yu, Feng Gao, Liren Jiang, Shuoxin Ma. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 15.09.2017.

  10. PEG-b-(PELG-g-PLL nanoparticles as TNF-α nanocarriers: potential cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury therapeutic applications

    Xu G


    Full Text Available Guangtao Xu,1,2 Huan Gu,1,3 Bo Hu,4 Fei Tong,2 Daojun Liu,1 Xiaojun Yu,1 Yongxia Zheng,1,2 Jiang Gu1 1Department of Pathology and Chemistry, Provincial Key Laboratory of Infectious Diseases and Immunopathology, Collaborative and Creative Center, Molecular Diagnosis and Personalized Medicine, Shantou University Medical College, Shantou, Guangdong, 2Department of Pathology, Provincial Key Discipline of Pharmacology, Jiaxing University Medical College, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Annapolis, MD, USA; 4Department of Chemical Pathology, Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Brain ischemia/reperfusion (I/R injury (BI/RI is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. However, the outcome of pharmacotherapy for BI/RI remains unsatisfactory. Innovative approaches for enhancing drug sensitivity and recovering neuronal activity in BI/RI treatment are urgently needed. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the protective effects of tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α-loaded poly(ethylene glycol-b-(poly(ethylenediamine l-glutamate-g-poly(l-lysine (TNF-α/PEG-b-(PELG-g-PLL nanoparticles on BI/RI. The particle size of PEG-b-(PELG-g-PLL and the loading and release rates of TNF-α were determined. The nanoparticle cytotoxicity was evaluated in vitro using rat cortical neurons. Sprague Dawley rats were preconditioned with free TNF-α or TNF-α/PEG-b-(PELG-g-PLL polyplexes and then subjected to 2 hours ischemia and 22 hours reperfusion. Brain edema was assessed using the brain edema ratio, and the antioxidative activity was assessed by measuring the superoxide dismutase (SOD activity and the malondialdehyde (MDA content in the brain tissue. We further estimated the inflammatory activity and apoptosis level by determining the levels of interleukin-4 (IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10

  11. Menatetrenone versus alfacalcidol in the treatment of Chinese postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: a multicenter, randomized, double-blinded, double-dummy, positive drug-controlled clinical trial

    Jiang Y


    Full Text Available Yan Jiang,1,* Zhen-Lin Zhang,2,* Zhong-Lan Zhang,3 Han-Min Zhu,4 Yi-Yong Wu,5 Qun Cheng,4 Feng-Li Wu,5 Xiao-Ping Xing,1 Jian-Li Liu,3 Wei Yu,6 Xun-Wu Meng11Department of Endocrinology, Key Laboratory of Endocrinology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, 2Metabolic Bone Disease and Genetic Research Unit, Department of Osteoporosis and Bone Disease, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Affiliated Sixth People's Hospital, Shanghai, 3Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, Beijing, 4Department of Geriatrics, Shanghai Huadong Hospital, Shanghai, 5Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Beijing Hospital, Ministry of Public Health, Beijing, 6Department of Radiology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, People's Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workObjective: To evaluate whether the efficacy and safety of menatetrenone for the treatment of osteoporosis is noninferior to alfacalcidol in Chinese postmenopausal women.Method: This multicenter, randomized, double-blinded, double-dummy, noninferiority, positive drug-controlled clinical trial was conducted in five Chinese sites. Eligible Chinese women with postmenopausal osteoporosis (N=236 were randomized to Group M or Group A and received menatetrenone 45 mg/day or alfacalcidol 0.5 µg/day, respectively, for 1 year. Additionally, all patients received calcium 500 mg/day. Posttreatment bone mineral density (BMD, new fracture onsets, and serum osteocalcin (OC and undercarboxylated OC (ucOC levels were compared with the baseline value in patients of both groups.Results: A total of 213 patients (90.3% completed the study. After 1 year of treatment, BMD among patients in Group M significantly increased from baseline by 1.2% and 2.7% at the lumbar spine and trochanter, respectively (P<0.001; and the percentage increase of BMD in Group A was 2

  12. The prevalence and correlates of the positive Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (ADAM questionnaire among psychiatric outpatients: a cross-sectional survey of 176 men in a general hospital in Taiwan

    Lee CP


    Full Text Available Chin-Pang Lee,1,2 Yu Chen,2–4 Kun-Hao Jiang,2,4,5 Chun-Lin Chu,1,2,4 Shih-Chieh Hsu,1,2,4 Jiun-Liang Chen,2,4,5 Ching-Yen Chen1,2,41Department of Psychiatry, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan; 2Men’s Health Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan; 3Department of Urology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan; 4School of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan; 5Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, TaiwanIntroduction: The Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (ADAM questionnaire is widely used to screen for late-onset hypogonadism. The positive response to the ADAM questionnaire (positive ADAM has been associated with depression and poorer quality of life in a number of studies. It is unclear whether there is any value of the ADAM questionnaire in psychiatric populations. In this study, we aimed to determine the utility of the ADAM questionnaire in a convenient sample of male psychiatric outpatients.Methods: One hundred and seventy-six men (mean age: 54.3 years; standard deviation: 10.7 years; range: 40–80 years completed the ADAM questionnaire, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS, and the Aging Males’ Symptoms (AMS scale. Anxiety was defined as a HADS anxiety subscore ≥8; depression as a HADS depression subscore ≥8; and moderate/severe impairment of health-related quality of life (HQoL as AMS ≥37. ADAM, anxiety, and depression was used to model the moderate/severe impairment of HQoL.Results: One hundred and sixty-four (93% men had positive ADAM. Positive ADAM was associated with a lower body mass index (P<0.05 and moderate/severe impairment of HQoL (P<0.001, but was not associated with anxiety or depression (P>0.05. Positive ADAM was associated with five symptoms of the AMS scale: “decline of one’s feeling of general well-being”, “depressive mood”, and three sexual symptoms. In regression analysis, positive ADAM was associated with

  13. Naringenin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles: preparation, controlled delivery, cellular uptake, and pulmonary pharmacokinetics

    Ji P


    Full Text Available Peng Ji, Tong Yu, Ying Liu, Jie Jiang, Jie Xu, Ying Zhao, Yanna Hao, Yang Qiu, Wenming Zhao, Chao WuCollege of Pharmacy, Liaoning Medical University, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, People’s Republic of ChinaAbstract: Naringenin (NRG, a flavonoid compound, had been reported to exhibit extensive pharmacological effects, but its water solubility and oral bioavailability are only ~46±6 µg/mL and 5.8%, respectively. The purpose of this study is to design and develop NRG-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (NRG-SLNs to provide prolonged and sustained drug release, with improved stability, involving nontoxic nanocarriers, and increase the bioavailability by means of pulmonary administration. Initially, a group contribution method was used to screen the best solid lipid matrix for the preparation of SLNs. NRG-SLNs were prepared by an emulsification and low-temperature solidification method and optimized using an orthogonal experiment approach. The morphology was examined by transmission electron microscopy, and the particle size and zeta potential were determined by photon correlation spectroscopy. The total drug content of NRG-SLNs was measured by high-performance liquid chromatography, and the encapsulation efficiency (EE was determined by Sephadex gel-50 chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography. The in vitro NRG release studies were carried out using a dialysis bag. The best cryoprotectant to prepare NRG-SLN lyophilized powder for future structural characterization was selected using differential scanning calorimetry, powder X-ray diffraction, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The short-term stability, 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyl-tetrazolium bromide (MTT assay, cellular uptake, and pharmacokinetics in rats were studied after pulmonary administration of NRG-SLN lyophilized powder. Glycerol monostearate was selected to prepare SLNs, and the optimal formulation of NRG-SLNs was spherical in shape, with a particle

  14. Interface engineering in inorganic hybrid structures towards improved photocatalysis (Conference Presentation)

    Xiong, Yujie


    Designing new photocatalytic materials for improving photoconversion efficiency is a promising route to alleviate the steadily worsening environmental issues and energy crisis. Despite the invention of a large number of catalytic materials with well-defined structures, their overall efficiency in photocatalysis is still quite limited as the three key steps - light harvesting, charge generation and separation, and charge transfer to surface for redox reactions - have not been substantially improved. To improve each step in the complex process, there is a major trend to develop materials based on inorganic hybrid structures. In this case, interface engineering holds the promise for boosting the overall efficiency, given the key roles of interface structures in charge and energy transfer. In this talk, I will demonstrate several different approaches to designing inorganic hybrid structures with improved photocatalytic performance via interface engineering. The typical demonstrations include semiconductor-plasmonics systems for broad-spectrum light harvesting, metal-semiconductor interfaces for improved charge separation, semiconductor-MOF (metal-organic framework) configurations for activated surface reactions. It is anticipated that this series of works open a new window to rationally designing inorganic hybrid materials for photo-induced applications. References: (1) Bai, S.; Yang, L.; Wang, C.; Lin, Y.; Lu, J.; Jiang, J. and Xiong, Y.*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 14810-14814 (2015). (2) Bai, S.; Jiang, J.; Zhang, Q. and Xiong, Y.*, Chem. Soc. Rev. 44, 2893-2939 (2015). (3) Bai, S.; Li, X.; Kong, Q.; Long, R.; Wang, C.; Jiang, J. and Xiong, Y.*, Adv. Mater. 27, 3444-3452 (2015). (4) Bai, S.; Ge, J.; Wang, L.; Gong, M.; Deng, M.; Kong, Q.; Song, L.; Jiang, J.;* Zhang, Q.;* Luo, Y.; Xie, Y. and Xiong, Y.*, Adv. Mater. 26, 5689-5695 (2014). (5) Li, R.; Hu, J.; Deng, M.; Wang, H.; Wang, X.; Hu, Y.; Jiang, H. L.; Jiang, J.;* Zhang, Q.;* Xie, Y. and Xiong, Y.*, Adv. Mater

  15. PREFACE: The 15th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS15)

    Wu, Z. Y.


    Committees and Staff Chair of the Conference Ziyu Wu International Advisory Committee Adam Hitchcock, Canada Adriano Filipponi, Italy Alain Manceau, France Alexander Soldatov, Russia Andrea Di Cicco, Italy Britt Hedman, USA Bruce Bunker, USA Calogero R. Natoli, Italy Christopher T. Chantler, Australia Frank M. F. De Groot, Netherlands Hiroyuki Oyanagi, Japan Ingolf Lindau, USA J. Mustre de Leon, México James E Penner-Hahn, USA Joaquin Garcia Ruiz, Spain John Evans, UK John J. Rehr, USA Kiyotaka Asakura, Japan Majed Chergui, Switzerland Mark Newton, UK Shiqiang Wei, P. R. China Tsun-Kong Sham, Canada Ziyu Wu, P. R. China International Program Committee Antonio Bianconi, Italy Augusto Marcelli, Italy Emad Flear Aziz, Germany Jinghua Guo, USA Joly Yves, France Masaharu Nomura, Japan Maurizio Benfatto, Italy Pieter Glatzel, France Shiqiang Wei, China Tiandou Hu, China Toshihiko Yokoyama, Japan Way-Faung Pong, Taiwan Xinyi Zhang, China Yi Xie, China Yuying Huang, China Zhonghua Wu, China Ziyu Wu, China Local Organizing Committee Bo He Fengchun Hu Haifeng Zhao Jing Zhang Meijuan Yu Qin Yu Shuo Zhang Wangsheng Chu Wei He Wei Xu Wensheng Yan Xiaomei Gong Xing Chen Yang Zou Yi Xia Zheng Jiang Zhi Xie Zhihu Sun Zhiyun Pan Additional Staff Chengxun Liu

  16. On an Objective Basis for the Maximum Entropy Principle

    David J. Miller


    Full Text Available In this letter, we elaborate on some of the issues raised by a recent paper by Neapolitan and Jiang concerning the maximum entropy (ME principle and alternative principles for estimating probabilities consistent with known, measured constraint information. We argue that the ME solution for the “problematic” example introduced by Neapolitan and Jiang has stronger objective basis, rooted in results from information theory, than their alternative proposed solution. We also raise some technical concerns about the Bayesian analysis in their work, which was used to independently support their alternative to the ME solution. The letter concludes by noting some open problems involving maximum entropy statistical inference.

  17. Fast Multiscale Algorithms for Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Environments


    Leslie Greengard, Thomas Hagstrom, Shidong Jiang . Extension of the Lorenz–Mie– Debye method forelectromagnetic scattering to the time-domain, Journal of...Φ ∂z +ΣΦ = 0, where Φ is a vector of length m(p+1) for a boundary condition order of p and a hyperbolic system with m independent variables. Here...exterior of a sphere. J. Comput. Phys., 274:191–207, 2014. [19] L. Greengard, T. Hagstrom, and S. Jiang. Extension of the Lorenz-Mie- Debye method for

  18. Water Activated Doping and Transport in Multilayered Germanane Crystals


    Justin Young, Basant Chitara , Nicholas Cultrara , Maxx Q Arguilla , Shishi Jiang, Fan Fan , Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Joshua E Goldberger 611102 c...Crystals Justin R Young1, Basant Chitara2, Nicholas D Cultrara2, Maxx Q Arguilla2, Shishi Jiang2, Fan Fan2 Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin1, Joshua E...Optoelectronics ACS Nano 7 5660-5 [9] Zhang Y, Tan Y-W, Stormer H L and Kim P 2005 Experimental observation of the quantum Hall effect and Berry’s phase in

  19. Vatuximab(Trademark): Optimizing Therapeutic Strategies for Prostate Cancer Based on Dynamic MR Tumor Oximetry


    159: 621-631, 2003. 37. Bourke , V. A., Zhao, D., Gilio, J., Chang, C.-H., Jiang, L., Hahn, E. W., and Mason, R. P. Correlation of Radiation...probe: comparison with a paired survival assay. Radiat Res, 158, 167-73 (2002) 27. Gu, Y. Q., V. A. Bourke , J. G. Kim, A. Constantinescu, R. P. Mason...Res. 1998; 150: 549–556. 10. Bourke VA, Zhao D, Gilio J, Chang C-H, Jiang L, Hahn EW, Mason RP. Correlation of radiation response with tumor oxygen

  20. Advanced Materials and Processing 2010

    Zhang, Yunfeng; Su, Chun Wei; Xia, Hui; Xiao, Pengfei


    Strain sensors made from MWNT/polymer nanocomposites / Gang Yin, Ning Hu and Yuan Li -- Shear band evolution and nanostructure formation in titanium by cold rolling / Dengke Yang, Peter D. Hodgson and Cuie Wen -- Biodegradable Mg-Zr-Ca alloys for bone implant materials / Yuncang Li ... [et al.] -- Hydroxyapatite synthesized from nanosized calcium carbonate via hydrothermal method / Yu-Shiang Wu, Wen-Ku Chang and Min Jou -- Modeling of the magnetization process and orthogonal fluxgate sensitivity of ferromagnetic micro-wire arrays / Fan Jie ... [et al.] -- Fabrication of silicon oxide nanowires on Ni coated silicon substrate by simple heating process / Bo Peng and Kwon-Koo Cho -- Deposition of TiOxNy thin films with various nitrogen flow rate: growth behavior and structural properties / S.-J. Cho ... [et al.] -- Observation on photoluminescence evolution in 300 KeV self-ion implanted and annealed silicon / Yu Yang ... [et al.] -- Facile synthesis of lithium niobate from a novel precursor H[symbol] / Meinan Liu ... [et al.] -- Effects of the buffer layers on the adhesion and antimicrobial properties of the amorphous ZrAlNiCuSi films / Pai-Tsung Chiang ... [et al.] -- Fabrication of ZnO nanorods by electrochemical deposition process and its photovoltaic properties / Jin-Hwa Kim ... [et al.] -- Cryogenic resistivities of NbTiAlVTaLax, CoCrFeNiCu and CoCrFeNiAl high entropy alloys / Xiao Yang and Yong Zhang -- Modeling of centrifugal force field and the effect on filling and solidification in centrifugal casting / Wenbin Sheng, Chunxue Ma and Wanli Gu -- Electrochemical properties of TiO[symbol] nanotube arrays film prepared by anodic oxidation / Young-Jin Choi ... [et al.] -- Effect of Ce additions on high temperature properties of Mg-5Sn-3Al-1Zn alloy / Byoung Soo Kang ... [et al.] -- Sono-electroless plating of Ni-Mo-P film / Atsushi Chiba, Masato Kanou and Wen-Chang Wu -- Diameter dependence of giant magneto-impedance effect in co-based melt extracted amorphous

  1. Projects of Earth Sciences Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China


    -shou 40001019\tGenetic Algorithm Approach to Automation and Intelligence of Map Name Placement\tFAN Hong 40001020\tEnvironmental Magnetic Study of Sedimentary Iron Cycling during Early Diagnoses\tZHANG Wei-guo 40001021\tModeling of Nitrogen and Water Input-yield-leaching Loss Response and the Nitrogen Transformation and Transportation\tZHANG Guo-liang 40001022\tThe Study on the Regional Differentiation of Lake Environment Response to Southwest Monsoon Climate\tPENG Jin-lan 40001023\tCritical Loads of Acid Deposition for Ecosystems and Their Exceedance in Regions Suffered from Acid Deposition in China\tTAO Fu-lu 40031010\tRegional Environmental Processes of Typical Trace Organic Pollutants\tTAO Shu 40061001\tAnalysis on the Structure of Karst Watershed and the Characteristics of Low Flow\tLIANG Hong 40061002\tThe Development Feature, Dynamic Mechanism and Coordination Research of Urban Concentric Region in West of Yunnan Province and Its Demonstration to Undeveloped, Minority Concentric Region of China\tWU Qi-yan 40061003\tThe REE Background Value and Its Influence on Soil Fertility in Laterite in the Hainan Island\tBI Hua 40061004\tStudies on the Mechanism of Soil Fertility Degradation and Techniques of Fertilization Under Arable Soils Condition in the "One-Jiang River and Two-He River" Region in Tibet\tCAI Xiao-bu 40061005\tA Study on Major Factors, Countermeasures and Mechanism of Bahia Grass Later-stage Degeneration at Rare-earth Tailings\tDONG Wen-da 40061006\tStudy on Soil Erosion and Land Use Security Pattern in Jinsha River Basin of Yunnan\tYANG Zi-sheng 40061007\tA Study on Environment Dynamic Chart of Southern Mountain Area of Ningxia under Eco-Restoration and Wide Development in West China\tSUI Yu-zhu 40061008\tThe Site Study of Environment Carrying Capacity for Tourism in Bita Reserve, Northwestern Yunnan\tYANG Gui-hua 40071001\tResearch on Sedimentary Processes and Varve Records of Lake Environment for Meromictic Lake on the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau\tLI Shi

  2. Identification of Genes and Genetic Variants Associated with Poor Treatment Response in Patients with Prostate Cancer


    gene DAL-1 (Jiang and Newsham, 2006). The gene NELL1 ( Homo sapiens NEL-like 1) may be involved in cell growth regulation and differentiation by...interval for the pedigree linked to chromosome 11 occurs approximately 34-46 cM. This region contains 13 currently documented genomic features , several

  3. Erratum: Back reaction, emission spectrum and entropy spectroscopy

    Jiang, Qing-Quan; Cai, Xu


    In our paper [Qing-Quan Jiang and Xu Cai, Back reaction, emission spectrum and entropy spectroscopy, JHEP 11 (2010) 066], there was an error in using the first law of black hole thermodynamic and the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization rule. In this erratum, we attempt to rectify them.

  4. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Jiandong Wu1 Xiaolei Jin1 Yang Zhao1 Qing Dong1 Haiyang Jiang1 Qing Ma1. Key Laboratory of Crop Biology of Anhui Province, School of Life Sciences, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, People's Republic of China ...

  5. Bulletin of Materials Science | News

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 39; Issue 5. Effects of size on mass density and its influence on mechanical and thermal properties of ZrO 2 nanoparticles in different structures. BOTAN JAWDAT ABDULLAH QING JIANG MUSTAFA SAEED OMAR. Volume 39 Issue 5 September 2016 pp 1295-1302 ...

  6. L2 Chinese: Grammatical Development and Processing

    Mai, Ziyin


    Two recent books (Jiang, 2014, "Advances in Chinese as a second language"; Wang, 2013, "Grammatical development of Chinese among non-native speakers") provide new resources for exploring the role of processing in acquiring Chinese as a second language (L2). This review article summarizes, assesses and compares some of the…

  7. AMULET: A MUlti-cLuE Approach to Image Forensics


    celebrities have been substituted in the other two pictures. 3.2.5 Choice of reliability properties Let us now apply the BBA mapping approach proposed in...Jiang, and L. Ma, “Ds evidence theory based digital image trustworthiness evaluation model,” in MINES 2009, International Conference on Multimedia

  8. Nutrition Research Agenda in the Context of Nutrition Problems in ...


    Apr 2, 2010 ... health metrics are used to assess overall food. Nutrition Research ... or dietary planning although use of a diet quality ...... Jiang, Y., Jolly, P.E., Preko, P., Wang, J.S.,. Ellis, W.O. ... Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Article.

  9. Evolution of the defensin-like gene family in grass genomes

    . Jiandong Wu, Xiaolei Jing, Yang Zhao, Qing Dong, Haiyang Jiang and Qing Ma. J. Genet. 95, 53–62. Table 1. Information about DEFL genes in B. distachyon, O. sativa, S. bicolor and Z. mays. Species. Gene name. Gene identifer. ORF (aa).

  10. Ecohealth Field-building Leadership Initiative in Southeast Asia ...

    Institution. Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences as represented by Sun Hang. Institution Country. China. Project Leader. Dr Fang Jing. Institution. Kunming Medical University as represented by Jiang Runsheng. Institution Country. China. Institution Website. Project Leader.

  11. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Haiyang Dai1 Changyong Zhan2 Hui Jiang2 Ningkang Huang2. Department of Technology and Physics, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou 450002, P. R. China; Key Laboratory of Radiation and Technology of Education Ministry of China, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Sichuan University, ...

  12. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences


    Jan 27, 2016 ... Author Affiliations. J. B. Su1 Z.-Q. Shen1 X. Chen1 Jiyune Yi2 D. R. Jiang1 Y. J. Yun3. Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200030, China. Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daejeon 305-348, South Korea. Department of Physics and Astronomy, ...

  13. Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    The discreteness of isometry groups in complex hyperbolic space is a fundamental problem. In this paper, the discreteness criteria of a -dimensional subgroup of S U ( n , 1 ) are investigated by using a test map which may not be in . Author Affiliations. Huani Qin1 2 Yueping Jiang1. College of Applied Mathematics, ...

  14. Quantum tunneling, adiabatic invariance and black hole spectroscopy

    Li, Guo-Ping; Zu, Xiao-Tao [University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, School of Physical Electronics, Chengdu (China); Pu, Jin [University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, School of Physical Electronics, Chengdu (China); China West Normal University, College of Physics and Space Science, Nanchong (China); Jiang, Qing-Quan [China West Normal University, College of Physics and Space Science, Nanchong (China)


    In the tunneling framework, one of us, Jiang, together with Han has studied the black hole spectroscopy via adiabatic invariance, where the adiabatic invariant quantity has been intriguingly obtained by investigating the oscillating velocity of the black hole horizon. In this paper, we attempt to improve Jiang-Han's proposal in two ways. Firstly, we once again examine the fact that, in different types (Schwarzschild and Painleve) of coordinates as well as in different gravity frames, the adiabatic invariant I{sub adia} = circular integral p{sub i}dq{sub i} introduced by Jiang and Han is canonically invariant. Secondly, we attempt to confirm Jiang-Han's proposal reasonably in more general gravity frames (including Einstein's gravity, EGB gravity and HL gravity). Concurrently, for improving this proposal, we interestingly find in more general gravity theories that the entropy of the black hole is an adiabatic invariant action variable, but the horizon area is only an adiabatic invariant. In this sense, we emphasize the concept that the quantum of the black hole entropy is more natural than that of the horizon area. (orig.)

  15. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 35 (2011)

    Interspecific hybridization between Mauremys reevesii and Mauremys sinensis: Evidence from morphology and DNA sequence data · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. X Xia, L Wang, L Nie, Z Huang, Y Jiang, W Jing, L Liu, 6716-6724 ...

  16. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 7 (2011)

    Effects of deoxycycline induced lentivirus encoding FasL gene on apoptosis of Th1 cells · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. H Luo, T Wang, A Luo, J Wang, Y Zhao, H Jiang, Q Shi, 1081-1087 ...



    Two different zinc(II)-aqua complexes held up by a metal-oxide based ... simple conversion to metal-carbon composites 579. De G see Medda S K. 565. Dey Shantanu .... electrode for the determination of trace Cr(VI) 493. Liu F see Jiang W.

  18. Manyame River Basin, Zimbabwe


    Jan 1, 2016 ... an important driver of ecosystem structure and functions in reservoirs. ..... In Lake. Chivero, silt/clay consisting of fine organic substrates was the ..... LAI X, HUANG Q, ZHANG Y and JIANG J (2014) Impact of lake inflow and the ...

  19. Browse Title Index

    Items 501 - 550 of 1309 ... HH Tamboura, B Bayala, M Lompo, IP Guissou, L Sawadogo ... X Wang, Y-G Chen, L Ma, Z-H Li, J-Y Li, X-G Liu, J-L Zou, J-H Wu. Vol 11, No 2 ... Zhi-Jiang Wang, Wei Xu, Jian-Wen Liang, Cai-Sheng Wang, Yani Kang.

  20. Investigation of the Effects of Expectation Values for Radii on the ...

    mation (NCA) wave functions to calculate expectation values of radii. The transition probability ... 1. Introduction. The optical properties of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms are important in both atmospheric and ...... Zheng, N. W. 1988a, A new outline of atomic theory (Jiang Su Education Press). Zheng, N. W. 1988b, Chin.

  1. Mixed contaminant interactions in soil: Implications for bioavailability ...


    Liu H, Zhang D, Li M, Tong L, Feng L (2013b). Competitive adsorption and transport of phthalate esters in the clay layer of JiangHan plain,. China. Chemosphere 92(11):1542-1549. Loffredo E, Senesi N (2006). Fate of anthropogenic organic pollutants in soils with emphasis on adsorption/desorption processes of endocrine.

  2. Quantum tunneling, adiabatic invariance and black hole spectroscopy

    Li, Guo-Ping; Pu, Jin; Jiang, Qing-Quan; Zu, Xiao-Tao


    In the tunneling framework, one of us, Jiang, together with Han has studied the black hole spectroscopy via adiabatic invariance, where the adiabatic invariant quantity has been intriguingly obtained by investigating the oscillating velocity of the black hole horizon. In this paper, we attempt to improve Jiang-Han's proposal in two ways. Firstly, we once again examine the fact that, in different types (Schwarzschild and Painlevé) of coordinates as well as in different gravity frames, the adiabatic invariant I_adia = \\oint p_i dq_i introduced by Jiang and Han is canonically invariant. Secondly, we attempt to confirm Jiang-Han's proposal reasonably in more general gravity frames (including Einstein's gravity, EGB gravity and HL gravity). Concurrently, for improving this proposal, we interestingly find in more general gravity theories that the entropy of the black hole is an adiabatic invariant action variable, but the horizon area is only an adiabatic invariant. In this sense, we emphasize the concept that the quantum of the black hole entropy is more natural than that of the horizon area.

  3. Comment on 'Modelling of surface energies of elemental crystals'

    Li Jinping; Luo Xiaoguang; Hu Ping; Dong Shanliang


    Jiang et al (2004 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 16 521) present a model based on the traditional broken-bond model for predicting surface energies of elemental crystals. It is found that bias errors can be produced in calculating the coordination numbers of surface atoms, especially in the prediction of high-Miller-index surface energies. (comment)

  4. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 5, No 11 (2006)

    Seperation, identification and analysis of pigment (melanin) production in Streptomyces · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. SG Dastager, WJ Li, A Dayanand, S-K Tang, X-P Tian, X-Y Zhi, L-H Xu, C-L Jiang ...

  5. Persistent use of a shorebird staging site in the Yellow Sea despite severe declines in food resources implies a lack of alternatives

    Zhang, Shou-Dong; Ma, Zhijun; Choi, Chi-Yeung; Peng, He-Bo; Bai, Qing-Quan; Liu, Wen-Liang; Tan, Kun; Melville, David S.; He, Peng; Chan, Ying-Chi; Piersma, Theunis; van Gils, Jan A.


    Many shorebird populations are in decline along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. The rapid loss of coastal wetlands in the Yellow Sea, which provide critical stop-over sites during migration, is believed to be the cause of the alarming trends. The Yalu Jiang coastal wetland, a protected area in

  6. Identification and Classification of Player Types in Massive Multiplayer Online Games Using Avatar Behavior


    Kuan-Ta, Jhih-Wei Jiang, Polly Huang, Hao-Hua Chu, Chin-Laung Lei, and Wen-Chin Chen, “Identifying MMORPG Bots: A Traffic Analysis Approach”, MMORPGs ”, Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views – Worlds in Play Loeffelholz, Bernard, Earl Bednar, Kenneth W. Bauer, “Predicting

  7. Anti-Thrombotic Effect of Carthamus tinctorius Linn Extracts in Rats


    Safflower, Carthamus tinctorius Linne). Neurochem. Res. 2009; 34: 795–. 805. 8. Zhang SQ, Jiang LD. Effect of safflower injection on cardiac energy charge and anti-apoptosis gene bcl-2 in rats' heart.Chin. J. Integr. Tradit. West. Med. 2004;.


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    Spectra-physics SP8810 HPLC, equipped with UV detector; N-1NW revolving evaporator (Tokyo Physics and Chemistry Company, Japan); high-speed homogenizer (German. IKA Company); HY-4 timing multi-oscillator (JiangSu JinSheng Apparatus Factory); T500 electronic balance (ChangShu Testing Apparatus Factory); ...

  9. Contextual Cueing in Multiconjunction Visual Search Is Dependent on Color- and Configuration-Based Intertrial Contingencies

    Geyer, Thomas; Shi, Zhuanghua; Muller, Hermann J.


    Three experiments examined memory-based guidance of visual search using a modified version of the contextual-cueing paradigm (Jiang & Chun, 2001). The target, if present, was a conjunction of color and orientation, with target (and distractor) features randomly varying across trials (multiconjunction search). Under these conditions, reaction times…

  10. On the dual symmetry between absorbing and amplifying random ...

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    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Zhang Lei. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 34 Issue 1 February 2011 pp 161-167. Characterization on strength and toughness of welded joint for Q550 steel · Jiang Qinglei Li Yajiang Wang Juan Zhang Lei · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. Q550 high ...

  12. Molecular Profiles for Lung Cancer Pathogenesis and Detection in US Veterans


    receptor blockade and knockdown reduced metastasis in animal models 81. Thus, blocking the COX-2-dependent PGE2 production or activity by targeting the... overpopulation during colon tumorigenesis. Cancer Res 2009;69:3382-3389 107. Jiang F, Qiu Q, Khanna A, et al. Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 is a tumor

  13. Moment convergence rates in the law of the logarithm for dependent ...

    Inspired by Chow [3] and Jiang et al [6], here we consider the exact convergence rates in the law of the logarithm and Chung-type law of the logarithm for negatively associated. (NA) random variables including partial sums and the maximum of the partial sums. First, we shall give the definition of negatively associated ...

  14. Yi Tan

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Yi Tan. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 38 Issue 5 September 2015 pp 1429-1433. Evaluation on electrical resistivity of silicon materials after electron beam melting · Hafiz Muhammad Noor Ul Huda Khan Asghar Shuang Shi Dachuan Jiang Yi Tan.

  15. An analysis of various scholarly approaches to the acquisition of Chinese characters by students of Chinese as a foreign language

    Ptaszynski, Signe Overgaard


    Wang Bixia et al. (1997) and Jiang Liping (1998) investigated what learning strategies students of Chinese as a foreign language employ when learning Chinese characters. On the basis of their research they suggest what pedagogical methods the teacher should apply in order to make the task easier...

  16. Anti-tumor activity of polysaccharides extracted from Senecio ...

    *, Bao Zhang, Mingming Han, Xin Jin, Liyuan Sun and Tao Li. Department of ..... Yang J, Li X, Xue Y, Wang N, Liu W. Anti-hepatoma activity and mechanism of corn ... Peng W, Wu JG, Jiang YB, Liu YJ, Sun T, Wu N, Wu CJ. Antitumor activity of ...

  17. X-ray structure, hydrogen bonding and lattice energy analysis of (2E ...

    tion data for both the compounds were collected on an X'Calibur CCD area detector diffractometer (Oxford Diffrac- tion) using MoKa .... (Oxford Diffraction make, U.K.) ..... [4] Wang L, Chen G, Lu X, Wang S, Han S, Li Y, Ping G, Jiang. X, Li H ...

  18. Influences of protective atmosphere on the characterization and ...

    tective atmosphere on the characterization and properties of the ceramics were investigated. All the ceramics showed ... Tian-Hang Zhang et al temperature and ..... Soc. 24 3731. 20. Wang Y, Zhang Y C, Hu Z J, Gao X, Guo X F and Jiang Y J.

  19. Symplocaceae

    There are only few reports on the chemical composition of ... However, literature searches have shown no report on ..... Jiang J, Feng Z, Wang Y, Zhang P. New phenolics from the roots of ... Song J, Li N, Xia Y, Gao Z, Zou SF, Kong L, Yao YJ, Jiao. YN, Yan YH ... Han YH, Kee JY, Park J, Kim HL, Jeong MY, Kim DS,. Jeon YD ...

  20. A new characterization of L2 (p) by NSE

    In this paper we give a new characterization of simple group 2() with a prime by both its order and (2()), the set of numbers of elements of 2() with the same order. Author Affiliations. Qinhui Jiang1 Changguo Shao1. School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Jinan, 250022 Shandong, China. Dates.

  1. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative ...

    Li-Long Liu, Kai Xu, Lu-Mei Kang, Shu-Ping Jiang, Qing-Hua Wang, Lei Zhang, Shao-Gui Wan, Hong-Ping Chen, 113-121 ... Cytological effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields and static magnetic fields induced by a therapeutic device on in vivo exposed rats · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT

  2. AMACR is not applicable as a diagnostic tool in hepatocellular carcinoma

    Willemoe, Gro Linno; Vainer, Ben


    that the demonstration of AMACR expression or its pattern of distribution is useful in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (Jiang et al., Hum Pathol 2003;34, Guzman et al., Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol 2006;14, Li et al., J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2008;27). The aim of the present study was to evaluate...

  3. Monitoring of uncultured Dunaliella sp. in an Egyptian solar saltern ...



    Aug 21, 2013 ... salinity, pH, light intensity and temperature. The characterization of economically important algae in solar salterns has become a key focus for many research groups all over the world (Chen and Jiang, 2009). Dunaliella species that are living in these fields, have an economic importance due to its highly ...

  4. Lnc-ing inflammation to disease

    Magagula, L


    Full Text Available by RNAi more than by antisense oligonucleotides. Nucleic Acids Res. 44, 863–877 doi:10.1093/nar/gkv1206 75 Zhen, S., Hua, L., Liu, Y.-H., Sun, X.-M., Jiang, M.-M., Chen, W. et al. (2017) Inhibition of long non-coding RNA UCA1 by CRISPR/Cas9 attenuated...

  5. The Voice of Feedback: A Study of Asynchronous Audio Communication in the Online Classroom

    Johnson Van Den Elzen, Jolene M.


    The interaction between learners and the instructor in an online learning environment has been shown to contribute to increases in learning through promotion of a cooperative and collaborative environment, which allows students to learn from course materials, the instructor, and each other (Jiang & Ting, 2000; Jung et al., 2002; Kollock, 1998;…

  6. Stress Controlled Catalysis via Engineered Nanostructures


    Copenhagen Nicholas Dee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Francsico Schunk Brown University Ronald Dunn Brown University Bo Shen Brown University...Institute of Technology Zheng Jie Tan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Daniel Janda Brown University Andre D. Taylor Yale University Rongzhong Jiang U.S

  7. Electrochemical behaviour of superhydrophobic coating fabricated ...

    ties make it useful in household and industrial fields such as marine, automotive and ... are its simplicity, more cost effectiveness and less complex condition to .... Li M, Zhai J, Liu H, Song Y, Jiang L and Zhu D 2003 J. Phys. Chem. B 107 9954.

  8. Exploring and Listening to Chinese Classical Ensembles in General Music

    Zhang, Wenzhuo


    Music diversity is valued in theory, but the extent to which it is efficiently presented in music class remains limited. Within this article, I aim to bridge this gap by introducing four genres of Chinese classical ensembles--Qin and Xiao duets, Jiang Nan bamboo and silk ensembles, Cantonese ensembles, and contemporary Chinese orchestras--into the…

  9. Verification of the utility of molecular markers linked to the multiple ...



    Aug 30, 2010 ... Feng Hui*, Wang Lili, Wei Peng, Liu Zhiyong, Li Chengyu, Wang Yugang, Ji Ruiqin and Zhang. Huaqing ..... Chin. Agric. Sci. Bull. 22: 377-379. Li CY, Feng H, Wei P, Wang LL, Zhang J, Yang HN, Jiang N (2009). Directional transfer of the genic multiple allele inherited male sterile line in Chinese cabbage.

  10. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Yan Jiang1 2 Bo Tian1 2 Pan Wang1 2 Kun Su1 2. State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876, China; School of Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876, China ...

  11. China to Step up Supervision of Futures Market


    China will intensify its supervision and regulation of the futures market,and severely crack down on insider trading and market manipulation,according to the country’ssecurities regulator. Jiang Yang,Assistant to Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC),said Friday at the sixth International

  12. Chronic inflammatory cells and damaged limbal cells in pterygium



    Sep 3, 2013 ... Objective: To explain chronic inflammation in pterygium, and to clarify whether damaged limbal basal epithelial cells were ..... Jiang Y, Goldberg ID, Shi YE. Complex roles of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in cancer. Oncogene 2002; 21: 2245-2252. 6. Kato S, Aoshima H, Saitoh Y, Miwa N. Fullerene-.

  13. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics; Volume 93; Issue 1. Molecular characterization and differential expression of two duplicated odorant receptor genes, AcerOr1 and AcerOr3, in Apis cerana cerana. Huiting Zhao Pengfei Gao Haiyan Du Weihua Ma Songhao Tian Yusuo Jiang. Research Article Volume 93 Issue 1 April ...

  14. from the Giant Panda



    Jun 3, 2009 ... 1College of Life Science, China West Normal University, 44# Yuying Road, 637002, Nanchong, China. 2Zhan Jiang educational ... in Escherichia coli and the RPS28 protein fusioned with the N-terminally GST -tagged protein gave rise ... long Conservation Center of the Giant Panda, Sichuan, China. The.

  15. Download this PDF file


    Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei 230031, China, 3Department of Clinical of Pharmacy, Lishui People's Hospital, Zhe Jiang. 323000, China ... Conclusion: XJEK therapy in the 2K1C hypertensive rats affects the rise in blood pressure and ameliorates the severity of kidney injury. The protective effect is ...

  16. Evaluation of insulin-like growth factor-I gene polymorphism in ...

    Tuoyo Aghomotsegin


    Nov 30, 2016 ... African Journal of Biotechnology. Full Length ... nucleotide sequences of alleles C and G in sheep and goat were submitted to GenBank with the accession ... reproduction traits in farm animals (Jiang et al., 2002;. Arora and ..... Characterization of small ruminant breeds in West Asia and North. Africa, Luis ...

  17. Modulation of Stat3 Alternative Splicing in Breast Cancer


    using morpholino oligonucleotides covalently linked to an octaguanidine dendrimer (vivo- morpholinos) [54]. Since delivery of vivo-morpholino oligos...Li, and S. Jiang, Vivo-Morpholinos: a non-peptide transporter delivers Morpholinos into a wide array of mouse tissues. Biotechniques, 2008. 45(6

  18. Do cheaters in the lab also cheat in the field?

    Potters, Jan; Stoop, J.T.R.

    In this paper, we study the correlation between cheating in the lab and cheating in the field. We conduct a laboratory experiment using a variant of the Mind game (Jiang, 2013). Payoffs above a certain threshold are indicative of cheating behavior. Subjects are paid their earnings by bank transfer.

  19. Critical responses of photosynthetic efficiency in Campsis radicans ...


    and annual accumulated temperature over 10°C is 2750°C The soil is classified as brown and cinnamon soil, with inferior development and severe water and soil erosion. The vegetation type is forest- steppe and shrub zones with little shrub species and most of woodland is open forest with low stability. Jiang-bao et al.

  20. C‑reactive Protein and Disease Outcome in Nigerian Sickle Cell ...

    Sillesen H, Nordestgaard BG. Genetically elevated C‑reactive protein and ischemic vascular disease. N Engl J Med. 2008;359:1897‑908. 18. Walter PB, Fung EB, Killilea DW, Jiang Q, Hudes M, Madden J, et al. Oxidative stress and inflammation in iron‑overloaded patients with beta‑thalassaemia or sickle cell disease. Br J.

  1. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... compounds: Part 15. Synthesis, anisochronism and the relationship between crystallographic and spectral data of monotopic spiro-crypta phosphazenes .... Hydrolytic cleavage of bis(-nitrophenyl) phosphate by Schiff base Mn complexes containing morpholine pendants in Gemini 16-6-16 micelles · Weidong Jiang Bin ...

  2. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 41; Issue 2. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study. H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 Article ID 51 ...

  3. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 35; Issue 4. CuO/TiO2 nanocrystals grown on graphene as visible-light responsive photocatalytic hybrid materials. Yuan Fang Rijing Wang Guohua Jiang He Jin Yin Wang Xinke Sun Sheng Wang Tao Wang. Volume 35 Issue 4 August 2012 pp 495-499 ...

  4. Saturation mapping of QTL region determining resistance specificity ...



    Sep 1, 2009 ... S, Ni L, Zhu F, Chen W, Lan L, Lai Y, Cheng Z, Gu M, Jiang J, Li J,. Hong G, Xue Y, Han B ... Katagiri F, Markus Lange B, Moughamer T, Xia Y, Budworth P,. Zhong J, Miguel T, ... Gen. Genet. 261: 58-63. Marrs KA (1996).

  5. Research


    16 oct. 2017 ... Hong Jiang, Xu Qian, Guillermo Carroli and Paul Garner. Selective versus routine use of episiotomy for vaginal birth. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017 February 8; 2: CD000081. Google Scholar. 17. Louis Kuhne. L'origine de la méthode Bain Detox in Bain de · désintoxication. Consulté le 15 avril 2017.

  6. Weixiong You

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. WEIXIONG YOU. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 36 Issue 7 December 2013 pp 1147-1151. Yb and Er co-doped Y2Ce2O7 nanoparticles: synthesis and spectroscopic properties · Honghui Jiang Weixiong You Xiaolin Liu Jinsheng Liao Ping Wang Bin ...

  7. Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy after a quarrel.

    Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy after a quarrel. Dong-Mei Jiang1,a, Ze-Wei Sunc2,a, Jie Han2. 1. Department of Cardiology, Biomedical research (therapy) center, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital,. College of ... acterized by (1) sudden onset of chest pain or shortness of breath; (2) ... In the present report, we de- scribe a case of ...

  8. Prevalence and associated factors of late HIV diagnosis in north ...


    Moreover, there is still a lack of studies addressing the risk factors ..... Jiang, H., Yin, J., Fan, Y., Liu, J., Zhang, Z, Liu, L. & Nie, S. (2015) Gender difference in advanced HIV disease ... Incidence of HIV-associated tuberculosis among individuals taking combination antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

  9. Hormonal Resistance and Metastasis: ER-coregulator-Src Signaling Targeted Therapy


    Pestell RG, Hinds PW, Dowdy SF, Brown M, Ewen ME. Cyclin D1 stimulation of estrogen receptor transcriptional activity independent of cdk4. Mol Cell Biol...Wright, J. A., Wu, K., Rui, H., Vadlamudi, R. K., Jiang, J., Kumar, R., Wang, C., and Pestell , R. G. (2009) The cell fate determination factor DACH1

  10. Modeling of Engine Parameters for Condition-Based Maintenance of the MTU Series 2000 Diesel Engine


    particles in the analysis of engine oil samples (Jiang and Yan 2008). Lee monitors the exhaust gas temperature of the diesel engine for a roll-on...roll-off-passenger commercial vessel (Lee 2013). Jardine, Lin and Banjevic note other monitoring parameters, such as acoustic, moisture , humidity...expressed in terms of a constant y- intercept , , a disturbance, , an independent variable, , their past, −

  11. Cichorium intybus L



    Mar 14, 2011 ... production (Baumhardt et al., 2009; Po et al., 2009), ... therefor, it can be use as both health care food and ... 2009),effects of the biological activities (Jiang et al., ...... 210. URL:

  12. 78 FR 36820 - Notice of Application for Special Permits


    ... aircraft, in remote areas of the US only, without being subject to hazard communication requirements... acid in non-DOT specification one-time use HDPE plastic drums. (mode 1) 15873-N JiangXi Oxygen Plant 49... aircraft, in remote areas of the US only, without being subject to hazard communication requirements...

  13. Short communication Validation of the 50k Illumina goat SNP chip in ...



    Mar 12, 2015 ... Genet. App. Livest. Prod. Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014. Poster presentation, 882. Davis, N.A., Pandey, A. & McKinney, B.A., 2011. Real-world comparison of CPU and GPU implementations of SNPrank: a network analysis tool for GWAS. Bioinformatics 27, 284-285. Dong, Y., Xie, M., Jiang, Y., Xiao, N., Du, ...

  14. Comparison of response formats and concurrent hedonic measures for optimal use of the EmoSensory® Wheel

    Schouteten, Joachim J.; Gellynck, Xavier; De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse


    The study of emotional and sensory profiling with food products is gaining momentum in the field of sensory research. These methods can be applied in order to obtain a broader consumer perspective on product performance beyond traditional hedonic measurements (Jiang, King, & Prinyawiwatkul, 2014;...

  15. Colloquium: Quantum Networks with Trapped Ions


    observed be- tween two ions held in the same trap Eichmann et al., 1993; DeVoe and Brewer, 1996. Type-II links have the advantage of being less sensitive...Childress, E. Jiang, J. Togan, J. Maze, F. Jelezko, A. S. Zibrov, P. R. Hemmer, and M. D. Lukin, 2007, Science 316, 1312. Eichmann , U., J. C. Bergquist

  16. Nanomechanics of materials and structures

    Chuang, T.-J


    ... On the Tensile Strength of a Solid Nanowire Tze-jer Chuang ······························· 67 Fracture Nucleation in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes H. Jiang, Y. Huang , P...

  17. Bacterial Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology: Combating Pathogens


    extremely high genome sequence similarity between non-pathogenic and pathogenic strains by targeting small sequence variations present in the...Microbiol 2011, 14(5):524-531. 46. Bikard D, Euler CW, Jiang W, Nussenzweig PM, Goldberg GW, Duportet X, Fischetti VA, Marraffini LA: Exploiting

  18. In situ Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Formation of Graphene from Urea and Graphite Oxide


    pp. 075404, Aug., 2006. [5] K. S. Novoselov, Z. Jiang, Y. Zhang, S. Morozov, H. Stormer , U. Zeitler, J. Maan, G. Boebinger, P. Kim, and A. Geim...Room-temperature quantum hall effect in graphene.” Science, vol. 315, no. 5817, pp. 1379, Mar., 2007. [6] Y. Zhang, Y. W. Tan, H. L. Stormer , and

  19. Electron Transport in Graphene From a Diffusion-Drift Perspective


    Tung, M.E. Schwartz, M. Takita, Y.-J. Wang, P. Kim, and H.L. Stormer , “Cyclotron resonance in bilayer graphene,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 087403 (2008...Dec. 2004. [3] K. I. Bolotin, K. J. Sikes, Z. Jiang, M. Klima, G. Fudenberg, J. Hone, P. Kim, and H. L. Stormer , “Ultrahigh electron mobility in

  20. Neural Control of Rising and Falling Tones in Mandarin Speakers Who Stutter

    Howell, Peter; Jiang, Jing; Peng, Danling; Lu, Chunming


    Neural control of rising and falling tones in Mandarin people who stutter (PWS) was examined by comparing with that which occurs in fluent speakers [Howell, Jiang, Peng, and Lu (2012). Neural control of fundamental frequency rise and fall in Mandarin tones. "Brain and Language, 121"(1), 35-46]. Nine PWS and nine controls were scanned. Functional…

  1. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science. Ju Wei. Articles written in Journal of Earth System Science. Volume 125 Issue 5 July 2016 pp 1021-1031. Tectonic stress accumulation in Bohai–Zhangjiakou Seismotectonic Zone based on 3D visco-elastic modelling · Ju Wei Sun Weifeng Ma Xiaojing Jiang Hui.

  2. Cloning, chromosome localization and features of a novel human ...


    Math2 may have the same functions in the nervous system. [Guo L., Jiang M., Ma Y., Cheng ... from a human foetal brain cDNA library, and its localiza- tion in the human ... using the BLASTN,. BLASTP and BLASTX algorithms on the NCBI web.

  3. China's Policymaking for Regional Economic Cooperation

    Jiang, Yang

    Yang Jiang opens the black box of China's policymaking for free trade agreements and key regional financial initiatives. Using first-hand interview data, she sheds light on the key trends of China's trade and financial politics after its WTO entry in 2001. In particular, she highlights...

  4. Download this PDF file

    Dan Jiang 1*, Jian-Hong Zhou 2*, Jue Zhou 3 , Ying-Er Gu 2, Dong-Xia Yang 4, Qing .... Women were informed about the short- and long-term benefits of HRT. .... Current employment status .... randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of a Chinese herbal formula (Er-Xian decoction) for menopausal symptoms in Hong Kong.

  5. Response of Oncomelania snail distribution on land use in Sichuan ...

    Response of Oncomelania snail distribution on land use in Sichuan, China. Q Sun, Z Peng, J Zhang, J Jiang. Abstract. Schistosomiasis is one of the four major infectious diseases that require prevention and control in China. It is mainly distributed along the middle and downstream areas of the Yangtze River and some hilly ...

  6. Morphological evolution in single-crystalline Bi2Te3 nanoparticles ...

    to have ZT exceeding 5 (Lin et al 2000). ... as nanoparticles (NPs) (Jiang and Zhu 2007; Cao et al. 2008a, b) ... als, semimetals, alloys and other compounds (Chen and ..... Cao Y Q, Zhao X B, Zhu T J, Zhang X B and Tu J P 2008a Appl. Phys.

  7. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Lingchen Guo. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 81 Issue 1 April 2002 pp 13-17 Perspectives. Cloning, chromosome localization and features of a novel human gene, MATH2 · Lingchen Guo Min Jiang Yushu Ma Haipeng Cheng Xiaohua Ni Yangsheng Jin Yi Xie Yumin ...

  8. Micro-Photoluminescence (micro-PL) Study of Core-Shell GaAs/GaAsSb Nanowires Grown by Self-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy


    U.S. Army Research Office P.O. Box 12211 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211 GaAsSb, Core Shell Nanowires, Micro Photoluminescence...34 Nanotechnology , vol. 24, no. 40 , 2013 . [6] H. Joyce, P. Parkinson , N. Jiang, C. Docherty, Q. Gao, H. Tan, C. Jagadish, L. Herz and M. Johnston

  9. Radiology examination as a diagnostic aid in presentations with ...

    Radiology examination as a diagnostic aid in presentations with wide differential diagnoses: Case report of new Hodgkin's lymphoma on a background of poorly controlled HIV. Rachel Hubbard, Jalpa Kotecha, Thomas Nash, Yu Jin Lee, Nasir Khan, Farhat Kazmi ...

  10. How should we buy books today? A librarian’s view of collection development

    Yu, Haixian


    Mr. YU Haixian, East China Normal University Library, presented at the International Forum "Developments in Publishing and their Implications for Library Resource Building" (Session 2), Chinese Library Annual Conference, November 7, 2013.

  11. Scymnus camptodromus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) larval development and predation of hemlock woolly adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae)

    Samita Limbu; Melody A. Keena; David Long; Nancy Ostiguy; Kelli. Hoover


    Development time and prey consumption of Scymnus (Neopullus) camptodromus Yu and Liu (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) larvae by instar, strain, and temperature were evaluated. S. camptodromus, a specialist predator of hemlock woolly adelgid Adelges tsugae (Annand) (Hemiptera:...

  12. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Jing-Ping Wang1 Hong-Yu Niu1 Jing-Yang Niu1. Institute of Molecular and Crystal Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan 475001, PR China ...

  13. Probability to produce animal vaccines in insect baculovirus ...



    Sep 7, 2011 ... The insect baculovirus expression system is a valuable tool for the production of vaccine. .... vaccine expression/delivery vehicle (Yu-Chen et al., ... baculoviruses are applied in cell-based assays for drug ... Intramuscular.

  14. Graph-based unsupervised feature selection and multiview ...


    Sep 28, 2015 ... is presented by Yu et al. (2010) to retrieve biomedical ... dimensional microarray data, still require further research to be done in this topic .... relatively aggressive and require therapy soon after diagnosis or else patient dies ...

  15. 1,6-Diaminoperylene bisimide with a highly twisted perylene core

    ... KEW-YU CHEN. ∗. Department of Chemical Engineering, Feng Chia University, 40724 Taichung, Taiwan, Republic of China ... chromic materials,6 and organic field-effect transis- ..... Wasielewski M R 2012 Competition between singlet fis-.

  16. Effects of the Consortium of Pseudomonas, Bacillus and ...


    Microbiology Department, Anambra State University, Uli. Abstract. The effect ... physical parameters of crude oil (Atlas, 1981). It is known that ..... Ecology, ASTM, Philcidelphia, PA.pp. 196-204. ... Wang, X., X. Yu, and Bartha, R. (1990). Effect of.

  17. Stress in Humanitarian Workers


    recognized as one of the most serious occupational health hazards reducing workers' satisfaction and productivity,. 1-3 ... Using a self- ... Kan D, Yu X. Occupational Stress, Work-Family. Conflict and Depressive Symptoms among Chinese.

  18. Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Jizheng Huang1 Yu Liu2. College of Sciences, North China University of Technology, Beijing 100144, People's Republic of China; School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China ...

  19. Christianity and Community development in Igboland, 1960-2000


    developed countries with inadequate impact assessment locally and the lack of appropriate entry ... corporations at the cost of poor society.Fundamentally, least ...... Crime and Delinquency, volume 41, number 2, pp.180-213. Yu, P. (2010).

  20. 75 FR 69158 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G


    ... Lenore Louit Nicolas Paul Low Elizabeth Lowrie Marcia Lu Chun Ching Luntz Reagan Mather Lusser Christoph... Chi Tan Yenny Jacques G. Yenny Monique Y. Yokokawa Jun Yu Pearl Zang Wenyi Zedan Mohamed F. Zeinalzade...

  1. Significant improvement of electrochemical performance of Cu ...

    LiVPO4F cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. YU ZHANGa,∗, XIAOLAN BAIb ... and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). ... Analysis of electrochemical impedance spectra (EIS) ... studied with a SEM (JSM-7500F, Japan) equipped with.

  2. 86 Optimisation du dimensionnement des systèmes photovoltaïques ...


    This paper is treated a comparison of the energy received by solar panels using two ..... [20] - TAO YU and GUO WENCHENG, Study on tracking strategy of automatic ... on CPV Generation, 2010 International Conference on Intelligent System ...

  3. Hiina naiskunstnike näitus / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Hongkongis avatud näitus "Hiina kunstilaval" keskendub hiina naiskunstnike Yu Cheni, Wang Jingi, Yuen Nimchi ja Hao Li loomingule ning on esimene samm võitluses hiina naiskunstnike soolise diskrimineerimise vastu.

  4. Multiple oncogenic roles of nuclear ß-catenin

    Raju Kumar


    Oct 26, 2017 ... mote tumour growth in prostate cancer (Pearson et al. 2009;. Yu et al. ... scriptional induction of specific genes involved in both melanocyte and ..... infiltration response against tumour antigens in mouse model of melanoma ...

  5. Enhancement of Diosgenin Production in Plantlet and Cell Cultures ...

    Enhancement of Diosgenin Production in Plantlet and Cell Cultures of Dioscorea zingiberensis by Palmarumycin C13 from the Endophytic fungus, Berkleasmium sp. Dzf12. Y Mou, K Zhou, D Xu, R Yu, J Li, C Yin, L Zhou ...

  6. 英文摘要


    Monetary Policy, Excessive Investment and Financial Distress Ran Yu Li Bingcheng (Accounting School, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics; School of Accounting, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law)

  7. Antibacterial and antifungal effect of high pH and paraffin wax ...



    Mar 19, 2007 ... Determination of antibacterial and antifungal activity of the combined treatments was achieved by ... or control the growth and activities of spoilage microor- .... Kawo AH, Bassey SE, Aliyu YU (2005): Bacteriological Quality of.

  8. On the Lp affine isoperimetric inequalities

    surface area measure on convex bodies. We also establish the reverse version of -Petty projection inequality and an affine isoperimetric inequality of − p K . Author Affiliations. Wuyang Yu1 Gangsong Leng2. Institute of Management Decision ...

  9. Genes involved in sex determination process and the influence of ...



    Feb 4, 2015 ... Key words: Next-generation sequencing, simple sequence repeats, Rhamdia sp. .... individual genotypes were defined according to the standards of the bands. ..... Wang J, Yu X, Zhao K, Zhang Y, Tong J, Peng Z (2012).

  10. Depression among Congestive Heart Failure Patients: Results of a Survey from Central China



    Full Text Available Tabish Hussain, Li Yu Shu, Xiang Cheng, Tumenjavkhlan Sosorburam, A.Seid Adji, Sara Tajammul, Aamra Sartaj (Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Sciences and Technology, Wuhan, China (pages 38-42

  11. A study of formation of iron nanoparticles in aluminium matrix with helium pores

    Kichanov, S.E.; Kozlenko, D. P.; Belushkin, A.V.; Reutov, V.F.; Samoilenko, S.O.; Jirák, Zdeněk; Savenko, B. N.; Bulavin, L. A.; Zubavichus, Y.V.


    Roč. 351, č. 1 (2012), "012013-1"-"012013-5" ISSN 1742-6588. [International Workshop on SANS-YuMO User Meeting at the Start-up of Scientific Experiments on the IBR-2M Reactor - Devoted to the 75th anniversary of Yu M Ostanevich's Birth /2./. Dubna, 27.05.2011-30.05.2011] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10100521 Keywords : iron nanoparticles * aluminium matrix * helium pores Subject RIV: BM - Solid Matter Physics ; Magnetism

  12. Right Sizing the People’s Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of China’s Military


    Diyuan yu Zhongguo Haijun Jianshe” (“Stratgeic Geography and the Development of China’s Navy”), Shijie Jingji yu Zhengzhi (World Economics and...on conventional [missile forces] (hechang jianbei, yi chang wei zhu ); • Bring out focal points, put priority on quality (tuchu zhongdian, zhiliang...Juece” [“2nd Artillery Command & Control Decision- Making During a Joint Campaign”], Junshi Xueshu, July 2004, p. 65. 30. Shang Yi, “ Zhu Chenghu

  13. Right-Sizing the People’s Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of China’s Military


    yu Zhongguo Haijun Jianshe" ("Stratgeic Geography and the Development of China’s Navy"), Shijie Jingji yu Zhengzhi (World Economics and Politics...They are: "* Maintain conventional and nuclear [missile forces], but put priority on conventional [missile forces] (hechang jianbei, yi chang wei zhu ...Zuozhan Zhihui Juece" [Ŗnd Artillery Command & Control Decision- Making During a Joint Campaign"], Junshi Xueshu, July 2004, p. 65. 30. Shang Yi, " Zhu

  14. The promise of cyborg intelligence.

    Brown, Michael F; Brown, Alexander A


    Yu et al. (2016) demonstrated that algorithms designed to find efficient routes in standard mazes can be integrated with the natural processes controlling rat navigation and spatial choices, and they pointed out the promise of such "cyborg intelligence" for biorobotic applications. Here, we briefly describe Yu et al.'s work, explore its relevance to the study of comparative cognition, and indicate how work involving cyborg intelligence would benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration between behavioral scientists and engineers.

  15. Prompt Global Strike: China and the Spear


    Network Centric Warfare), Feihang Daodan (Winged Missiles Journal), Issue 11, November 2006, pp. 18-21; Ou Nancheng, Feng Shuxing, and Cao Yuhua are...affiliated with China’s Liberation Army Equipment Institute. Ou Nancheng, Feng Shuxing, and Cao Yuhua , “Kuaisu quanqiu daji xitong yu kongtian xinxi...Shuxing, and Cao Yunhua are affiliated with the PLA Armaments Institute. Ou Nancheng, Feng Shuxing, and Cao Yuhua , “Kuaisu quanqiu daji xitong yu

  16. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of oral antioxidant supplement therapy in patients with dry eye syndrome

    Huang, Jehn-Yu; Yeh, Po-Ting; Hou, Yu-Chih


    Jehn-Yu Huang, Po-Ting Yeh, Yu-Chih Hou Department of Ophthalmology, National Taiwan University Hospital, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of oral antioxidant supplementation in the treatment of patients with dry eye syndrome (DES). Methods: A prospective, randomized, double-blinded study compared the effects of an antioxidant supplement (containing anthocyanosides, astaxanthin, vitamins A, C, and E, and several herbal extract...

  17. Are Hydrostatic Models Still Capable of Simulating Oceanic Fronts


    Hydrostatic Models Still Capable of Simulating Oceanic Fronts Yalin Fan Zhitao Yu Ocean Dynamics and Prediction Branch Oceanography Division FengYan Shi...OF PAGES 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT Are Hydrostatic Models Still Capable of Simulating Oceanic Fronts? Yalin Fan, Zhitao Yu, and, Fengyan Shi1 Naval...mixed layer and thermocline simulations as well as large scale circulations. Numerical experiments are conducted using hydrostatic (HY) and

  18. JPRS Report Science & Technology USSR: Life Sciences.


    Hydrophylic Properties [V. Y. Razumas, Yu. Yu. Kulis, et al.; BIOFIZIKA, Jul-Aug 89] 3 Epidemiology Update on Chernovtsy Alopecia Cases [A...8217 22 Laser Bioeffects Future Laser Applications in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy [A. Maslov; PRA VDA UKRAINY, 13 Sep 89] . 23 Medicine First Soviet...Medicine Shortage in RSFSR Nonchernozem Zone [V. Kurasov; IZVESTIYA, 22 Oct 89] 54 Alopecia at Ukrainian Military Base Linked to Pollution [V

  19. The γ-gliadin-like γ-prolamin genes in the tribe Triticeae

    Supplementary data: The γ-gliadin-like γ-prolamin genes in the tribe Triticeae. Peng-Fei Qi, Cheng-Xing Le, Zhao Wang, Yu-Bin Liu, Qing Chen, Zhen-Zhen Wei, Bin-Jie Xu, Zheng-Yuan Wei,. Shou-Fen Dai, Yu-Ming Wei and You-Liang Zheng. J. Genet. 93, 35–41. Table 1. The γ-prolamin genes of diploid Triticeae species.

  20. Representative Structural Element - A New Paradigm for Multi-Scale Structural Modeling


    9,10,11]. Prof. Yu was invited to give a seminar with the same title of this project at AFRL WPAFB (Nov. 4, 2013). The host is Dr. Steve Clay of...Aerospace System Directorate. Prof. Yu also had frequent interaction with Dr. Clay regarding damage modeling of composite laminates. He has kindly... viscosity parameter is adopted to yield close predictions of the specimen responses. The load rate and the specimen mass density are properly selected to

  1. Reconciling late Quaternary transgressions in the Bohai Sea, China to the global sea level changes, and new linkage of sedimentary records to three astronomical rhythms

    Yi, Liang


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  2. Nuclear Materials Management in Relation to Safety and Criticality Control: A Study of Non-Inherently Safe Systems; La Gestion des Matieres Nucleaires dans ses Rapports avec la Securite et le Controle de la Criticite; Etude des Systemes a Securite Non Inherente; Obrashchenie s yadernymi materialami s uchetom bezopasnosti i kontrolya za kritichnost'yu. izuchenie sistem dopolnitel'noj avarijnoj zashchity; La Administracion de Materiales Nucleares y sus Relaciones con la Seguridad y el Control de la Criticidad; Estudio de los Sistemas de Seguridad No Inherente

    Fruchard, Y. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Marcoule (France)


    The production, utilization and handling of certain fissionable materials are associated with a particular type of danger, the risk of criticality. The engineer must try to avoid this risk, at the least possible expense, without hindering too much the work of production or conversion. Roughly speaking, there are three ways of eliminating this risk: limitation of solution concentrations, limitation of mass, and judicious choice of geometries. The tendency is to employ the third method as much as possible, i.e. to operate with inherently safe systems. Nevertheless, non-inherently safe systems are still common in nuclear installations and recourse sometimes has to be had to the first or second procedure. These methods are bound up with nuclear materials management. In installations where small quantities of fissionable materials are handled it is often possible to ensure nuclear safety if the mass of fissionable material permitted in each room is less than the minimum critical mass. In larger installations this type of control, based entirely on materials management, becomes impossible. The paper considers the relation between management and nuclear safety in the special case of a plant for the aqueous processing of irradiated fuels (the fuels are based on natural uranium). From the point of view of criticality control such a plant comprises, broadly speaking, three sections: In the first section, where fairly dilute solutions are treated, the type of control required is that over concentration. This control (based on analysis and the use of neutron counters) is easy to carry out but it is difficult to ensure that no deposits are formed. Although experience has shown that there is no particular reason for fearing such deposits, the existence of a deficit in the material balance gives rise to apprehension in respect of criticality. In this section, materials management, still imperfectly carried out, is of prime importance for safety. The second section is where concentrated solutions and wet precipitates are treated. This is the realm of safe geometry. Materials management is of less direct interest here but is still an important factor as far as safety is concerned (where special action, cleaning of equipment, etc. is necessary). In the third section, for the treatment of dry products, control by mass is required and materials management presents no particular difficulty. An additional field which, although less, obvious, is nevertheless of paramount importance from the point of view of safety is that of recycling and waste processing. A look at the list of criticality accidents in the United States of America is sufficient to show that five out of six accidents were connected more or less directly with waste processing. If we examine these accidents in greater detail, we can observe that in most cases one of the contributory causes to a criticality accident was faulty management of fissionable materials. The ''over-all'' importance of the relation between safety and nuclear materials management should also be stressed. Although this management may not always form the basis of ''primary'' criticality control, it is still indispensable throughout any process since what is done in this respect in one section of a plant is of significance with regard to the safety of neighbouring sections, especially that concerned with waste processing. (author) [French] La production, la mise en oeuvre et la manutention de certaines matieres fissiles comportent un type de danger particulier qui est le risque de criticite. L'art de l'ingenieur est d'eviter ce risque, au moindre prix, sans trop gener le travail de production ou de transformation. Pour ecarter ce risque, il existe, en premiere approximation, trois methodes preventives; une limitation de la concentration des solutions, une limitation de la masse, un choix judicieux des geometries. La tendance est d'employer au maximum la troisieme methode, autrement: dit de fonctionner avec des systemes a securite inherente. Toutefois, les systemes a securite non inherente restent nombreux dans les installations nucleaires et le recours a l'une ou l'autre des deux premieres methodes devient necessaire. Ces methodes sont liees a la gestion des matieres nucleaires. Dans les installations ou sont manipulees de petites quantites de matieres fissiles, il est souvent possible d'assurer la securite nucleaire en admettant dans chaque salle une masse de matiere fissile inferieure a la masse ciritique minimale. Pour des installations plus importantes, un tel controle, qui repose entierement sur la gestion des matieres, devient impossible. L'auteur examine, dans le cas particulier d'une usine oe traitement de combustibles irradies par voie aqueuse (les combustibles sont a base d'uranium naturel), comment se presente la liaison entre gestion et securite nucleaire. Une telle usine comprend grossierement trois parties au point de vue du controle de la criticite: Dans la premiere partie, traitant des solutions assez diluees, le controle qui s'impose est celui de la concentration. Si ce controle est aise (analyse et compteurs neutrons), il est difficile de s'assurer qu'il ne se forme pas de depots: bien que l'experience ait montre qu'ils n'etaient pas tellement a craindre, le fait bien connu d'un bilan matieres deficitaire reste un souci en matiere de criticite. Dans cette partie, la gestion des matieres, encore imparfaitement realisee, est de premiere importance pour la securite. La deuxieme partie traite des solutions concentrees et des precipites humides. C'est le domaine de la geometrie sure. La gestion des matieres l'interesse moins directement mais reste un facteur de securite important (en cas d'intervention, de nettoyage des appareils, etc.). Un controle par la masse s'impose dans la troisieme partie qui traite des produits secs. La gestion ne presente pas de difficulte particuliere. A ce schema se superpose une partie moins spectaculaire mais qui sur le plan surete est de toute premiere importance: c'est la partie relative aux recyclages et au traitement des dechets. Il suffit de se rapporter a la liste des accidents de criticite survenus aux Etats-Unis pour constater que sur six accidents, cinq ont trait plus ou moins directement au traitement de dechets. Si l'on examine plus en detail ces accidents, on constate que dans la plupart des cas, parmi les causes qui se conjuguent pour creer un accident de criticite, l'une d'elles est un defaut dans la gestion des matieres fissiles. Il est bon enfin de souligner l'importance de la liaison entre securite et gestion des matieres nucleaires; en effet, si cette gestion n'est pas toujours la base du controle de la criticite, elle reste indispensable tout au long d'un procede, car la gestion des matieres dans une partie d'usine interesse la securite des parties voisines et tout specialement de la partie relative au traitement des dechets. (author) [Spanish] La produccion, el empleo y la manipulacion de ciertos materiales fisionables entranan el riesgo decriticidad. El ingeniero tiene que evitar este riesgo del modo mas economico posible y sin entorpecer demasiado las operaciones de produccion o de transformacion. Para ello puede hacer tres cosas: limitar la concentracion de las soluciones, limitar la masa o elegir juiciosamente las geometrias. La tendencia es emplear lo mas posible el tercer metodo, es decir, operar con sistemas de seguridad inherente. De todas formas, los sistemas de seguridad no inherente siguen siendo numerosos en las instalaciones nucleares y obligan a recurrir a uno u otro de los dos primeros metodos. Ambos van unidos a la administracion de los materiales nucleares. En las instalaciones donde los materiales fisionables se manipulan en pequenas cantidades se puede con frecuencia garantizar la seguridad nuclear admitiendo en cada sala una masa de materiales fisionables inferior a la masa critica minima. En instalaciones mas importantes esta forma de control, enteramente basada en la administracion de los materiales, resulta imposible. Examinemos las relaciones que existen entre la administracion y la seguridad nuclear en el caso especial de una planta de tratamiento por via acuosa de combustibles irradiados (combustibles a base de uranio natural). Desde el punto de vista del control de la criticidad, una planta de esta clase puede dividirse en tres partes: En la primera, donde se tratan soluciones bastante diluidas, lo que hay que controlar es la concentracion. Este control es facil (analisis y contadores neutronicos) pero resulta en cambio dificil asegurarse de que no se forman depositos: aunque la experiencia haya demostrado que no son muy peligrosos, el hecho bien conocido de un balance de materiales deficitario sigue siendo una preocupacion en lo que respecta a la criticidad. En esta primera parte, la administracion de los materiales, aun imperfecta, tiene una importancia primordial para la seguridad. En la segunda parte se tratan soluciones concentradas y precipitados humedos. Es la parte donde debe aplicarse una geometria segura. La administracion de los materiales tiene menos interes directo pero sigue siendo un factor importante de seguridad (en caso de intervencion, de limpieza de los aparatos, etc.). En la tercera parte, donde se tratan productos secos, es preciso controlar la masa. La administracion no presenta dificultades especiales. A este esquema se superpone una parte menos espectacular pero que desde el punto de vista de la seguridad tiene muchisima importancia: es la parte donde se efectuan los reciclados y el tratamiento de los desechos. Basta examinar la lista de los accidentes de criticidad en los Estados Unidos para comprobar que de cada seis, cinco estan mas o menos directamente relacionados con el tratamiento de desechos. Si examinamos estos accidentes con mas atencion comprobaremos que en la mayoria de los casos una de sus causas ha sido un defecto en la administracion de los materiales fisionables. Por ultimo, conviene subrayar la importancia 'global' de las relaciones que existen entre la seguridad y la administracion de los materiales nucleares; en efecto, si esta administracion no constituye siempre la base del control 'primario' de la criticidad, sigue siendo indispensable a lo largo de todo un proceso, ya que la administracion de los materiales en una parte de la planta repercute en la seguridad de las partes vecinas, en particular de la destinada al tratamiento de los desechos. (author) [Russian] Proizvodstvo, ispol'zovanie i obrabotka nekotoryh deljashhihsja materialov predstavljajut bol'shuju opasnost', osobenno opasnost', svjazannuju s kritichnost'ju. Umenie inzhenera zakljuchaetsja v tom, chtoby izbezhat' jetu opasnost' s naimen'shej cenoj i ne meshaja slishkom rabote, svjazannoj s proizvodstvom ili pererabotkoj jadernyh materialov. Dlja ustranenija jetoj opasnosti sushhestvujut,na pervyj vzgljad, tri profilakticheskih metoda: ogranichenie koncentracii rastvorov, ogranichenie massy, tshhatel'nyj vybor geometrij. Tendencija sostoit v maksimal'nom ispol'zovanii tret'ego metoda, inache govorja, v rabote s sistemami dopolnitel'noj avarijnoj zashhity. Odnako na jadernyh ustanovkah imeetsja mnogo sistem dopolnitel'noj avarijnoj zashhity, i primenenie togo ili drugogo iz dvuh metodov stanovitsja neobhodimym. Jeti metody imejut otnoshenie k obrashheniju s jadernymi materialami. Na ustanovkah, gde rabotajut s nebol'shimi kolichestvami deljashhihsja materialov, zachastuju mozhno obespechit' jadernuju bezopasnost', dopuskaja dlja kazhdogo pomeshhenija takuju massu deljashhegosja materiala, kotoraja nizhe minimal'noj kriticheskoj massy. V otnoshenii bolee krupnyh ustanovok podobnyj kontrol', kotoryj polnost'ju osnovan na obrashhenii s materialami, stanovitsja nevozmozhnym. Izuchim, kak vygljadit svjaz' mezhdu obrashheniem i jadernoj bezopasnost'ju na zavode po obrabotke obluchennogo topliva vodnym metodom (toplivo na osnove prirodnogo urana). Takoj zavod sostoit, v osnovnom, iz treh chastej s tochki zrenija kontrolja za kritichnost'ju. V pervoj chasti, gde obrabatyvajutsja dovol'no razbavlennye rastvory, neobhodim kontrol' za koncentraciej. Esli jetot kontrol' i udoben (analiz i nejtronnye schetchiki), to voznikaet trudnost' v ujasnenii togo, chto pri jetom ne obrazujutsja otlozhenija: hotja opyt i pokazal, chto ne sleduet bojat'sja jetih otlozhenij, no horosho izvestnym iz deficitnogo material'nogo balansa momentom javljaetsja zabota o kritichnosti. V jetoj chasti obrashhenie s materialami, eshhe ne polnost'ju dostignutoe, imeet pervostepennoe znachenie dlja bezopasnosti. Vo vtoroj chasti obrabatyvajutsja koncentrirovannye rastvory i syrye osadki. Geometrija materialov imeet zdes' osnovnoe znachenie. Obrashhenie s materialami imeet men'shee znachenie, no ostaetsja sushhestvennym faktorom bezopasnosti (v sluchae prinjatija special'nyh mer, chistki apparatury i t.p.). Kontrol' po masse osushhestvljaetsja v tret'ej chasti, gde obrabatyvajutsja suhie produkty. Obrashhenie ne predstavljaet soboj kakuju-libo osobuju trudnost'. Po jetoj sheme na pervoe mesto vydvigaetsja menee jeffektnyj moment, kotoryj, odnako, v plane bezopasnosti priobretaet pervostepennoe znachenie; jetot moment otnositsja k povtornym ciklam i k obrabotke othodov. Dostatochno soslat'sja na perechen' avarij, svjazannyh s kritichnost'ju, imevshih mesto v Soedinennyh Shtatah, chtoby ukazat' na to, chto iz shesti avarij pjat' imejut bolee ili menee prjamoe otnoshenie k obrabotke othodov. Esli my bolee podrobno izuchim jeti avarii, to otmetim, chto v bol'shinstve sluchaev odnoj iz prichin, kotorye privodjat k avarijam, svjazannym s kritichnost'ju, javljajutsja nedostatki v obrashhenii s deljashhimisja materialami. Sleduet takzhe podcherknut' ''global'noe'' znachenie svjazi mezhdu bezopasnost'ju i obrashheniem s jadernymi materialami; dejstvitel'no, esli jeto obrashhenie ne vsegda javljaetsja osnovoj ''pervichnogo'' kontrolja za kritichnost'ju, to ono neobhodimo na protjazhenii vsego processa, poskol'ku obrashhenie s materialami na odnoj chasti zavoda imeet otnoshenie k bezopasnosti sosednih chastej i, prezhde vsego, toj chasti, gde obrabatyvajutsja othody. (author)

  3. EDITORIAL: Multitasking in nanotechnology Multitasking in nanotechnology

    Demming, Anna


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  4. Extreme soil erosion rates in citrus slope plantations and control strategies. A literature review

    Cerdà, Artemi; Ángel González Peñaloza, Félix; Pereira, Paulo; Reyes Ruiz Gallardo, José; García Orenes, Fuensanta; Burguet, María


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  5. PREFACE International Symposium on Spintronic Devices and Commercialization 2010

    Du, You-wei; Judy, Jack; Qian, Zhenghong; Wang, Jianping


    very successful indeed. We are also grateful to the Advisory Committee, the Conference Chairs, the Excutive Chairs, the Academic Committee, the Organization Committee and the Secretariat for their fruitful work. We would especially like to thank all the organizers listed below for their support in all aspects of the conference. We would like to express our thanks to all the authors for their time and genuine efforts, and to the reviewers for their fruitful comments during the preparation of this volume. ISSDC'2010 ORGANIZATION Advisory Committee Chialing Chien, USAJunhao Chu, ChinaBernard Dieny, FranceKoichiro Inomata, Japan Liangmo Mei, ChinaJohn Sivertsen, USAMingjing Tu, ChinaDingsheng Wang, China Zhanguo Wang, ChinaQikun Xue, ChinaWenshan Zhan, China Conference Chairs Jack Judy, USAYouwei Du, China Executive Chairs Zhenghong Qian, USAJianping Wang, USA Organization Committee ChairJiyan Luo, China Vice ChairsGuilin Duan, ChinaLingling Sun, ChinaBaogen Shen, China MembersTiecheng Lu, ChinaDa Ma, ChinaYe Tian, China Jinsong Xu, ChinaQiuling XuChangmao Yang, China Guanghua Yu, ChinaYi Yan, China Academic Committee ChairsZhenghong Qian, USAYongbing Xu, UK Vice ChairsSeongtae Bae, SingaporeYong Jiang, ChinaDexin Wang, USA Huaiwu Zhang, ChinaJianhua Zhao, China MembersJianwang Cai, ChinaXiangdong Chen, ChinaHaifeng Ding, China Chunhong Hou, USAGunther Baubock, USABin Hu, USA Jungchun Huang, TaiwanDexuan Huo, ChinaYoon H Jeong, Korea Chihuang Lai, TaiwanRunwei Li, ChinaWei Liu, China Jing Shi, USAYasushi Takemura, JapanMark Tondra, USA Shan X Wang, USADi Wu, ChinaDesheng Xue, China Minglang Yan, USAShishen Yan, ChinaXiaofei Yang, China Chun Yeol You, KoreaWei Zhao, ChinaShiming Zhou, China Jianguo Zhu, China Secretariat Secretary-generalChangmao Yang, China Vice Secretary-generalJunli Wang, ChinaJinsong Xu, ChinaYe Tian, China MembersRu Bai, ChinaHongliang Zhan, China ISSDC' 2010 Organizers Department of Science and Technology, CSIC, China SpinIC Inc., China Hangzhou

  6. Genomes to Life Project Quartely Report October 2004.

    Heffelfinger, Grant S.; Martino, Anthony; Rintoul, Mark Daniel; Geist, Al; Gorin, Andrey; Xu, Ying; Palenik, Brian

    2005-02-01 Acknowledgment We want to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the GTL Project Team as follows: Grant S. Heffelfinger1*, Anthony Martino2, Andrey Gorin3, Ying Xu10,3, Mark D. Rintoul1, Al Geist3, Matthew Ennis1, Hashimi Al-Hashimi8, Nikita Arnold3, Andrei Borziak3, Bianca Brahamsha6, Andrea Belgrano12, Praveen Chandramohan3, Xin Chen9, Pan Chongle3, Paul Crozier1, PguongAn Dam10, George S. Davidson1, Robert Day3, Jean Loup Faulon2, Damian Gessler12, Arlene Gonzalez2, David Haaland1, William Hart1, Victor Havin3, Tao Jiang9, Howland Jones1, David Jung3, Ramya Krishnamurthy3, Yooli Light2, Shawn Martin1, Rajesh Munavalli3, Vijaya Natarajan3, Victor Olman10, Frank Olken4, Brian Palenik6, Byung Park3, Steven Plimpton1, Diana Roe2, Nagiza Samatova3, Arie Shoshani4, Michael Sinclair1, Alex Slepoy1, Shawn Stevens8, Chris Stork1, Charlie Strauss5, Zhengchang Su10, Edward Thomas1, Jerilyn A. Timlin1, Xiufeng Wan11, HongWei Wu10, Dong Xu11, Gong-Xin Yu3, Grover Yip8, Zhaoduo Zhang2, Erik Zuiderweg8 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed ( 1. Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM 2. Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA 3. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 4. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 5. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 6. University of California, San Diego 7. University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign 8. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 9. University of California, Riverside 10. University of Georgia, Athens 11. University of Missouri, Columbia 12. National Center for Genome Resources, Santa Fe, NM Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.

  7. EDITORIAL: Enhancing nanolithography Enhancing nanolithography

    Demming, Anna


    interfering laser beams. The interference gave rise to a periodic line-like pattern in the intensity distribution of the incident field. In addition, the silica spheres cause enhancements to the incident field that result in the formation of patterns of craters, cavities and holes in the PEDOT-PSS. The researchers confirm the viability of their fabrication process with Mie scattering theory calculations. The technique has a number of advantages over previous methods for creating nanoporous structures in PEDOT-PSS, including efficiency, high-resolution and low cost as a clean room is not required. The stage is set for more technological developments as innovations in lithography and combinations with other techniques continue to play a leading role in high-resolution patterning and fabrication at the nanoscale. References [1] Grigorescu A E and Hagen C W 2009 Nanotechnology 20 292001 [2] Lin B J 1975 J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 12 1317-20 [3] Yuan D, Lasagni A, Hendricks J L, Martin D C and Das S 2012 Nanotechnology 23 015304 [4] Kim S H, Lee K-D, Kim J-Y, Kwon M-K and Park S-J 2007 Nanotechnology 18 055306 [5] Yu J, Ippolito S J, Wlodarski W, Strano M and Kalantar-Zadeh K 2010 Nanotechnology 21 265502 [6] Yang Y, Tanemura M, Huang Z, Jiang D, Li Z-Y, Huang Y-P, Kawamura G, Yamaguchi K and Nogami M 2010 Nanotechnology 21 325701 [7] Cade N I, Ritman-Meer T, Kwakwa K A and Richards D 2009 Nanotechnology 20 285201

  8. Selection of high quality male sterility line of Indica rice by field-free magnetic space inducement and its characters

    Yu Qiucheng; Huang Baocai; Zhang Zhiming; Liu Luxiang; Xu Guozhan


    The sterility lines Yu-08A was developed through the treatment of free-magnetic field for one year and selection by back-crossing with its parent in vitro and in the field from 1995 to 2000. The abortive fertility of sterility (Yu-08A) was stable and free-setting was 100%. The propagation yield of Yu-08A was 58.1% higher than that of Zhensan 97A, and the hybrid propagation of Yu-08A crossing-over with 97-066 was 62.6% higher than that of Zhensan 97A crossing-over with Minghui 63 in the same season and the same field. The yield of hybrid (Yuyou No.1, obtained from Yu-08A crossing-over with 97-066) was 5%8% higher than Zhensan 97A crossing-over with Minghuei 63. the rice quality of hybrid Yuyou No.1 reaches the second grade high-quality standard issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. (authors)

  9. Les présidents chinois et suisse visitent le CERN

    CERN Press Office. Geneva


    Le vendredi 26 mars 1999, Jiang Zemin, Président de la République populaire de Chine, et Ruth Dreifuss, Présidente de la Confédération suisse, ont visité le Laboratoire européen pour la physique des particules, le CERN . Ils ont été accueillis par le Directeur général, Luciano Maiani, sur les lieux de l'expérience L3. En 1985, Jiang Zemin, alors maire de Shanghai, avait contribué à organiser la production de cristaux de BGO à l'Institut de céramique de Shanghai, cristaux qui jouent aujourd'hui un rôle essentiel dans l'expérience L3

  10. Publisher Correction: A Co3O4-CDots-C3N4 three component electrocatalyst design concept for efficient and tunable CO2 reduction to syngas.

    Guo, Sijie; Zhao, Siqi; Wu, Xiuqin; Li, Hao; Zhou, Yunjie; Zhu, Cheng; Yang, Nianjun; Jiang, Xin; Gao, Jin; Bai, Liang; Liu, Yang; Lifshitz, Yeshayahu; Lee, Shuit-Tong; Kang, Zhenhui


    The original HTML version of this Article omitted to list Yeshayahu Lifshitz as a corresponding author and incorrectly listed Shuit-Tong Lee as a corresponding author.Correspondingly, the original PDF version of this Article incorrectly stated that "Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to X.J. (email:, or to Y.L. (email:, or to S.-T.L. (email:, or to Z.K. (email:", instead of the correct "Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to X.J. (email:, or to Y. Liu (email:, or to Y. Lifshitz (email:, or to Z.K. (email:".This has now been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions of the Article.

  11. Calibration of Chaboche Model with a Memory Surface

    Radim HALAMA


    Full Text Available This paper points out a sufficient description of the stress-strain behaviour of the Chaboche nonlinear kinematic hardening model only for materials with the Masing's behaviour, regardless of the number of backstress parts. Subsequently, there are presented two concepts of most widely used memory surfaces: Jiang-Sehitoglu concept (deviatoric plane and Chaboche concept (strain-space. On the base of experimental data of steel ST52 is then shown the possibility of capturing hysteresis loops and cyclic strain curve simultaneously in the usual range for low cycle fatigue calculations. A new model for cyclic hardening/softening behaviour modeling has been also developed based on the Jiang-Sehitoglu memory surface concept. Finally, there are formulated some recommendations for the use of individual models and the direction of further research in conclusions.

  12. 奥运短讯


    Olympic Games FounderRemembered A seminar to mark the birthday ofPierre de Coubertin,founder of themodern Olympic Games,was held inBeijing on January 1.Jiang Xiaoyu,vice president of theBeijing Olympic Games OrganizingCommittee,senior IOC member HeZhenliang and Olympic historian SunBaoli delivered speeches in memory ofMr.Coubertin who Was born OnJanuary 1,1863.

  13. Purification and in vitro antioxidant activities of tellurium-containing phycobiliproteins from tellurium-enriched Spirulina platensis

    Chen, Tianfeng; Yang,Fang; Wong,Ka-Hing; Yang,Yufeng; Li,Xiaoling; Jiang,Jie; Wu,Hualian; Zheng,Wenjie


    Fang Yang,1 Ka-Hing Wong,2 Yufeng Yang,3 Xiaoling Li,1 Jie Jiang,1 Wenjie Zheng,1 Hualian Wu,1 Tianfeng Chen1 1Department of Chemistry, Jinan University, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China; 3Institute of Hydrobiology, College of Life Science and Technology, Jinan University, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Tellu...

  14. Distributed Cooperative Control of Multiple Nonlinear Systems with Nonholonomic Constraints and Uncertainty


    this testbed, there are four P3-AT mobile robots. Each robot is equipped with a camera and a laser sensor. Between robots, there is wireless...shows the formation tracking of the 4 followers, the blue spots represent each follower robot, the black spot represent the trajectory of centroid of...P. Jiang, “Lyapunov design of global state and output trackers for nonholonomic control systems,” Int. J. of Control, pp. 744–761, 2000. [97] Y. P

  15. TWSTFT Data Treatment for UTC Time Transfer


    BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DES POIDS ET MESURES ORGANISATION INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE DE LA CONVENTION DU [UTC-UTC(k)],” Metrologia , 43, 278-286. [4] BIPM Circular T 244, Section 6, May 2008, [5] D. Piester, A. Bauch, L... Metrologia , 45, 185-198. [6] F. Arias, Z. Jiang, G. Petit, and W. Lewandowski, 2005, “BIPM Comparison of Time Transfer Techniques,” in Proceedings

  16. English-Chinese Cross-Language IR Using Bilingual Dictionaries


    specialized dictionaries together contain about two million entries [6]. 4 Monolingual Experiment The Chinese documents and the Chinese translations of... monolingual performance. The main performance-limiting factor is the limited coverage of the dictionary used in query translation. Some of the key con...English-Chinese Cross-Language IR using Bilingual Dictionaries Aitao Chen , Hailing Jiang , and Fredric Gey School of Information Management

  17. H CHEN

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. H CHEN. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 pp 51. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study · H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG · More Details ...

  18. Y H DING

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Y H DING. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 pp 51. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study · H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG · More Details ...

  19. w zhang

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. W ZHANG. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 pp 51. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study · H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG · More Details ...

  20. p zhang

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. P ZHANG. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 pp 51. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study · H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG · More Details ...

  1. X Q TANG

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. X Q TANG. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2018 pp 51. Effect of oxygen vacancies on Li-storage of anatase TiO 2 (001) facets: a first principles study · H CHEN Y H DING X Q TANG W ZHANG J R YIN P ZHANG Y JIANG · More Details ...

  2. Optimal Mass Transport for Statistical Estimation, Image Analysis, Information Geometry, and Control


    advances on formulating and solving optimal transport problems on discrete spaces (networks) while ensuring robustness of the transportation plan. This...Metric Uncertainty for Spectral Estimation based on Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation, (with J. Karlsson) Intern. Symp. on the Math . Theory of Networks and...Systems, Melbourne 2012. 22. Geometric tools for the estimation of structured covariances, (with L. Ning, X. Jiang) Intern. Symposium on the Math . Theory

  3. Magnetic resonance-guided regional gene delivery strategy using a tumor stroma-permeable nanocarrier for pancreatic cancer

    Wang, Xiaolin; Wang,Qingbing; Li,Jianfeng; An,Sai; Chen,Yi; Jiang,Chen


    Qingbing Wang,1,2 Jianfeng Li,3 Sai An,3 Yi Chen,1 Chen Jiang,3 Xiaolin Wang1,2 1Department of Interventional Radiology, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, 2Shanghai Institute of Medical Imaging, 3Key Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, Ministry of Education, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Background: Gene therapy is a very promising technology for treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarci...

  4. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 100 of 1309 ... Li-Long Liu, Kai Xu, Lu-Mei Kang, Shu-Ping Jiang, Qing-Hua Wang, ... CR Sewani-Rusike, JE Iputo, EJ Ndebia, M Gondwe, DR Kamadyaapa ... K-M Man, W-C Chen, H-M Wang, H-Y Chen, J-L Shen, L-D Chen, F-J Tsai, ...

  5. Orbit Estimation of Non-Cooperative Maneuvering Spacecraft


    using calculus of variations [145:1-43]. For several of the topics reviewed, there are specific works that use optimization routines in coordination...Jiang et al. and Han et al. use the approach of optimizing a cost function with gradients to adaptively change the process noise covariance [69; 146...forward network with sigmoid and output neurons is used to classify cases. The network is trained using the scaled conjugate gradient back propagation

  6. A homotopy method based on WENO schemes for solving steady state problems of hyperbolic conservation laws


    27] introduced a new smoothness indicator, which removed the slight post- shock oscillations and improved the convergence . A Newton- iteration method... Gauss - Seidel algorithm for steady Euler equation on unstructured grids, Numer. Math. Theor. Meth. Appl., Vol. 1, pp. 92–112, (2008). [14] G.-S. Jiang...was adopted to solve the steady two dimensional Euler equations [10, 11, 13]. The matrix-free Squared Preconditioning is applied to a Newton iteration

  7. Global temperature estimates in the troposphere and stratosphere: a validation study of COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 measurements

    Kishore, P


    Full Text Available and Communications Technology, Tokyo, Japan 3Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA 4National Laser Centre, CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa 5Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria, South Africa Received: 13 November... and Communications Technology (NICT), for their financial support. J. H. Jiang thanks the support by Microwave Atmospheric Science Team at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with NASA. Edited by: W. Conant References...

  8. Modulation of PPAR-Gamma Signaling in Prostatic Carcinogenesis


    more prominent nucleoli , compatible with lesions previously categorized as mouse prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) I in genetically engineered...differentiation. Nuclear enlargement with chromatin clumping and prominent nucleoli was noted (Figure 1). No foci of invasive carcinoma were identified in...of PPARc results in autophagy and mPIN M Jiang et al 6 Cell Death and Differentiation abnormal features. There were enlarged nuclei with large nucleoli

  9. Contextual cueing based on the semantic-category membership of the environment



    During the analysis of a visual scene, top-down processing is constantly directing the subject's attention to the zones of interest in the scene. The contextual cueing paradigm developed by Chun and Jiang (1998) shows how contextual regularities can facilitate the search for a particular element via implicit learning mechanisms. In the proposed study, contextual cueing task with lexical displays was used. The semantic-category membership of the contextual words predicted the location of the t...

  10. Two (or three) is one too many : testing the flexibility of contextual cueing with multiple target locations

    Zellin, Martina; Conci, Markus; von Mühlenen, Adrian; Müller, Hermann J.


    Visual search for a target object is facilitated when the object is repeatedly presented within an invariant context of surrounding items ("contextual cueing"; Chun & Jiang, Cognitive Psychology, 36, 28-71, 1998). The present study investigated whether such invariant contexts can cue more than one target location. In a series of three experiments, we showed that contextual cueing is significantly reduced when invariant contexts are paired with two rather than one possible target location, whe...

  11. Contextual cueing based on specific and categorical properties of the environment

    Goujon , A.; Didierjean , A.; Marmeche , E.


    During the analysis of a visual scene, top-down processing is constantly directing the subject's attention to the zones of interest in the scene. The contextual cueing paradigm developed by Chun and Jiang (1998) shows how contextual regularities can facilitate the search for a particular element via implicit learning mechanisms. The study presented here reports three experiments that used this paradigm. Experiment 1 showed that regularities in the specific elements of the context can act as c...

  12. Passive Mode Carbon Nanotube Underwater Acoustic Transducer


    Acoustical transducer arrays can reflect a sound signal in reverse to the sender which can be used for echo location devices. [0008] In Jiang...States Patent No. 8,494,187) a sound wave generator is disclosed which includes a carbon nanotube structure and an insulating reinforcement structure... acoustic device that includes an electrode layer and a sound wave generator. The sound wave generator is disposed on a surface of the electrode

  13. Short Communication


    Short Communication. QTL analysis of production traits on SSC3 in a Large White×Meishan pig resource family. B. Zuo. 1. , Y.Z. Xiong. 1#. , Y.H. Su. 2. , C.Y. Deng. 1. , M.G. Lei. 1. , F.E. Li. 1. , R. Zheng. 1 and S.W. Jiang. 1. 1 Key Laboratory of Swine Genetics and Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture & Key Lab of Agricultural ...

  14. Multiscale Mathematics for Nano-Particle-Endowed Active Membranes and Films


    graduated and move on to either continue their postdoc training or working in universities and industries . The team has been very productive during...6402. 21. Hua Jiang, Hao Yang, Jun Zeng, Zhiyuan Zhou, Jin Peng, Qi Wang, Analytic Oncology, Electron J Metab Nutr Cancer,Jun. 2015,Vol. 2, No. 2, 26...approved for public release. 6 Hill, July 2016-present 2. Norazaliza Mond Gamil, PhD May 2015, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2015- present 3. Chen

  15. Given the Absence of Established Doctrine, are there Concepts and Doctrinal Guidance Available from Varying Sources, Which are Relevant to Shaping the Capabilities of the Jamaica Defence Force to Achieve its Mission in the 21st Century


    the ruling People’s National Party (PNP) and Fidel Castro, communist leader of Cuba . The opposition party at the time was the Jamaica Labour Party...Sea. It is approximately, 145 kilometers (90 miles) south of Cuba . Its coastline extends for 1,022 kilometers (634 miles). Jamaica practices a...Qin, Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin. The foundation principles of Marxism are revered and built upon by the respective military

  16. Facile synthesis of new thermally stable and organosoluble ...

    Hamciuc E, Hamciuc C and Bruma M 2007 Eur. Polym. J. 43 4739. 31. Sponton M, Mercado L A, Ronda J C, Galia M and. Cadiz V 2008 Polym. Degrad. Stabil. 93 2025. 32. Zhang W, Li X, Jiang Y and Yang R 2013 Polym. Degrad. Stabil. 98 246. 33. Ren H, Sun J, Wu B and Zhou Q 2007 Polym. Degrad. Stabil. 92 956. 34.

  17. Salidroside pretreatment attenuates apoptosis and autophagy during hepatic ischemia?reperfusion injury by inhibiting the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in mice

    Feng, Jiao; Zhang, Qinghui; Mo, Wenhui; Wu, Liwei; Li, Sainan; Li, Jingjing; Liu, Tong; Xu, Shizan; Fan, Xiaoming; Guo, Chuanyong


    Jiao Feng,1,* Qinghui Zhang,2,* Wenhui Mo,3,* Liwei Wu,1 Sainan Li,1 Jingjing Li,1 Tong Liu,1 Shizan Xu,4 Xiaoming Fan,5 Chuanyong Guo1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, 2Department of Clinical Laboratory, Kunshan First People’s Hospital Affiliated to Jiangsu University, Kunshan, JiangSu, 3Department of Gastroenterology, Minhang Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, 4Department of Gastroenter...

  18. Regional impairment of intrinsic functional connectivity strength in patients with chronic primary insomnia

    Huang, Suhua; Zhou, Fuqing; Jiang, Jian; Huang, Muhua; Zeng, Xianjun; Ding, Shan; Gong, Honghan


    Suhua Huang,1 Fuqing Zhou,2,3 Jian Jiang,2,3 Muhua Huang,2,3 Xianjun Zeng,2,3 Shan Ding,1 Honghan Gong2,3 1Department of Radiology, Jiangxi Province Children’s Hospital, 2Department of Radiology, The First Affiliated Hospital, Nanchang University, 3Jiangxi Province Medical Imaging Research Institute, Nanchang, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Several neuroimaging studies have suggested that brain impairment and plasticity occur in patients with chronic primary insomn...

  19. Network Interdependency Modeling for Risk Assessment on Built Infrastructure Systems


    required for this research. In the early stages of model development, simulated data was used in order to test the mathematical constructs for the...degraded service and increased cost. Finally, correlating decay and risk is no easy endeavor. Unlike actuaries in the insurance industry...Jiang (2001) and Haimes (2009) provide further details on the derivation of the IIM. Although mathematically sound, the IIM suffers from two

  20. Zhong et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2014) 11(1):1-14


    Yunqing Zhong*1, Xiufeng Wang2, Guanglan Xu,1, Bing Mao3, Wei Zhou3, Jie Min3, Hongli Jiang3, Xiang Diao4 , ..... due to COPD exacerbations, and 1 experienced a cerebrovascular accident. ..... the body (Makino T., 2005b; Hong et al., 2011). ... An, X., Zhang, A.L., Yang, A.W., Lin, L., Wu, D., Guo, X., Shergis, J.L., Thien, ...

  1. Author Index

    Huang, Y., 53. Hudec, L., 121. Hudec, R., 91, 121. Hughes, P. A., 5. Iguchi, S., 61. Jia, L. W., 309. Jiang, D. R., 261. Jorstad, S. G., 233, 239. Kang, H., 301. Kardashev, N. S., 105. Kong, M. Z., 209. Kovacs, Z., 189. Krichbaum, T. P., 29, 57. Krishan, V., 265. Kurtanidze, O., 67. Lähteenmäki, A., 105, 233, 239. Larinov, M. G., 105,.

  2. Rapid Identification of Vector-Borne Flaviviruses by Mass Spectrometry


    Eastern, and Siberian subtypes [9]. Several tick-borne flaviviruses can also cause hemorrhagic disease. Important examples of these viruses include...assay. Identical base compositions within a column are the same color. Unique base compositions are shown with white backgrounds. (For interpretation...States, 1999e2005. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis 2008;8:733e40. [18] Hofstadler SA, Sampath R, Blyn LB, Eshoo MW, Hall TA, Jiang Y, et al. TIGER : the

  3. A Reduced-Order Model for Evaluating the Dynamic Response of Multilayer Plates to Impulsive Loads


    A REDUCED-ORDER MODEL FOR EVALUATING THE DYNAMIC RESPONSE OF MULTILAYER PLATES TO IMPULSIVE LOADS Weiran Jiang, Alyssa Bennett, Nickolas...innovative multilayer materials or structures to optimize the dynamic performance as a mechanism to absorb and spread energy from an impulsive load...models. • Optimizing the structural weight and levels of protection of the multilayer plates with a good combination of materials. Technical Approach 2016

  4. Automated Support for Rapid Coordination of Joint UUV Operation


    Figure 20. MOOS -IvP Simulation Test Run Using the pMarineViewer Graphical User Interface, from [9...Global Positioning System ISR intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance MAUV multiple AUVs Mbps megabits per second MOOS -IvP mission to UUV coordination. D. Jiang et al. used the mission-oriented operating suite interval programming ( MOOS -IvP) architecture (open source) and a

  5. Fundamental Studies of Transient, Atmospheric-Pressure, Small-Scale Plasmas


    C. Jiang, R. Heller, J. Lane, and K. H. Schoenbach, " Ozone -free nitric oxide production using an atmospheric pressure surface discharge – a way to...Electrostatic modeling and energy-dependent studies showed that the direct and indirect electron-induced processes in the pulsed plasma jet are responsible for...Coupled sliding discharges : a scalable nonthermal plasma system utilizing positive and negative streamers on DISTRIBUTION A: Distribution

  6. Object-Based Benefits without Object-Based Representations

    Alvarez, George Angelo; Fougnie, Daryl; Cormiea, Sarah M


    The organization of visual information into objects strongly influences visual memory: Displays with objects defined by two features (e.g. color, orientation) are easier to remember than displays with twice as many objects defined by one feature (Olson & Jiang, 2002). Existing theories suggest that this ‘object-benefit’ is based on object-based limitations in working memory: because a limited number of objects can be stored, packaging features together so that fewer objects have to be remembe...

  7. Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthase in Prostate Cancer by Orlistat, a Novel Therapeutic


    substrate specificity have been investigated by several groups. Chemical cross - linking, complementation and cryo-EM studies have led to proposals of loop exists within these pathways [20, 34]. In addition, there may be a cross -talk with another type of lipid as evidence suggests that...American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 25, 1397–1404. 219. Jiang, Z., Li, C. Z., Fischer, A., Dresser , K., & Woda, B. A. (2005). Using an AMACR (P504S

  8. Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitors Engage the Cell Death Program Through the Endoplasmic Reticulum


    cross - linking, complementation and cryo-EM studies have led to proposals of the domain interactions within FAS10,11,16,17. The recent crystal structure...156 feedback loop exists within these pathways [20, 34]. In 157 addition, there may be a cross -talk with another type of lipid 158 as evidence...prostate carcinoma. American Journal of 1592 Surgical Pathology, 25, 1397–1404. 1593 219. Jiang, Z., Li, C. Z., Fischer, A., Dresser , K., & Woda, B. A. 1594

  9. Spartans in Darkness: American SIGINT and the Indochina War, 1945-1975. Series 6, Volume 7 (REDACTED)


    all colo- nial financial , industrial, and agricultural activi- ties. As elsewhere in Asia, the primary economic activity was agriculture and was...were mired in China, and no end to the fighting was in sight. Jiang Jieshi refused to surrender, and the war was bleeding Japan dry financially . CU...istration was perplexed by the Ngo family’s shenanigans in Saigon. In the previous month there had been rumors of a coup by Diem’s broth- er, Nhu. On 11

  10. Horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands for mitigation of ...


    Dec 22, 2008 ... Results indicated that 39% of the total initially added amount of ametryn ... characteristics (Table 1), may result in the detection of poten- ... Water solubility at 20oC (g∙m-3) 204 ... culture, part of the resident liquid in CWs was lost, therefore ..... LIN T, WEN y, JIANG L, LI J, yANG S and ZHOu Q (2008) Study.

  11. Human Infection with Rickettsia felis, Kenya


    Human Infection with Rickettsia felis, Kenya Allen L. Richards, Ju Jiang, Sylvia Omulo, Ryan Dare, Khalif Abdirah~a~, P:bdile Ali, Shanaaz K...infection with obligate intracellular rickettsiae , which are transmitted to humans by arthropod vectors (e.g., lice, fleas, ticks, and mites... Rickettsiae are associated with arthropods for a least a part of their life cycle and are passed to other arthropods by transovarial transmission or

  12. Rickettsia parkeri in Gulf Coast Ticks, Southeastern Virginia, USA


    Rickettsia parkeri in Gulf Coast Ticks, Southeastern Virginia, USA Chelsea L. Wright, Robyn M. Nadolny, Ju Jiang, Allen L. Richards, Daniel E...Virginia. We found that 43.1% of the adult Gulf Coast ticks collected in the summer of 2010 carried Rickettsia parkeri, suggesting that persons living in...or visiting southeastern Virginia are at risk for infection with this pathogen. Rickettsia parkeri is an obligate intracellular bacterium belonging

  13. Detecting Rickettsia parkeri Infection from Eschar Swab Specimens


    Detecting Rickettsia parkeri Infection from Eschar Swab Specimens Todd Myers, Tahaniyat Lalani, Mike Dent, Ju Jiang, Patrick L. Daly, Jason D...Maguire, and Allen L. Richards The typical clinical presentation of several spotted fever group Rickettsia infections includes eschars. Clinical...diagnosis by using an eschar swab specimen from patients infected with Rickettsia parkeri. Until 2004, all confirmed cases of tick-borne spotted

  14. Molecular Detection of Rickettsia amblyommii in Amblyomma americanum Parasitizing Humans


    Detection of Rickettsia amblyommii in Amblyomma americanum Parasitizing Humans Ju Jiang~ Tamasin Yarina~ Melissa K. Miller,2 Ellen Y. Stromdahl? and...protein B gene (ompB) of Rickettsia amblyommii was employed to assess the threat of R. amblyommii exposure to humans parasitized by Amblyomma americanum...infection of and possibly disease in humans. Key Words: Amblyomma americanum-Lone star ticks-Real-time PCR- Rickettsia amblyommii. Introduction R

  15. Unbiased Combinatorial Genomic Approaches to Identify Alternative Therapeutic Targets within the TSC Signaling Network


    endonuclease. Nat Biotechnol. 2013;31(3):230-2. Cong L, Ran FA, Cox D, Lin S, Barretto R, Habib N, et al. Multiplex genome engineering using CRISPR/Cas systems...Res 42, e89 (2014)10.1093/nar/gku289). 13. L. Cong, F. A. Ran, D. Cox, S. Lin, R. Barretto, N. Habib , P. D. Hsu, X. Wu, W. Jiang, L. A. Marraffini

  16. Intranasal delivery of Huperzine A to the brain using lactoferrin-conjugated N-trimethylated chitosan surface-modified PLGA nanoparticles for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

    Meng,Qingqing; Wang,Aiping; Hua,Hongchen; Jiang,Ying; Wang,Yiyun; Mu,Hongjie; Wu,Zimei; Sun,Kaoxiang


    Qingqing Meng,1,* Aiping Wang,1,2,* Hongchen Hua,1 Ying Jiang,1 Yiyun Wang,1 Hongjie Mu,1 Zimei Wu,1 Kaoxiang Sun1 1School of Pharmacy, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Drug Delivery System and Biotech Drugs in Universities of Shandong, Yantai University, Yantai, People’s Republic of China; 2State Key Laboratory of Long-Acting and Targeting Drug Delivery System, Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Yantai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contribute...

  17. Flexible SERS Substrates: Challenges and Opportunities


    are still widely used due to the ease with which silver and gold nanoparticles can be produced. Nanoparticle inks are colloidal suspensions of...interactions between the analyte, silver nanoparticles, and a salt. This system has also been applied to detection of trace antibiotics for food safety...Cleanable SERS Substrates Based on Silver Nanoparticle Decorated Electrospun Nano-fibrous Membranes Chaoyang Jiang Porous electrospun nanofibrous

  18. Computing handbook computer science and software engineering

    Gonzalez, Teofilo; Tucker, Allen


    Overview of Computer Science Structure and Organization of Computing Peter J. DenningComputational Thinking Valerie BarrAlgorithms and Complexity Data Structures Mark WeissBasic Techniques for Design and Analysis of Algorithms Edward ReingoldGraph and Network Algorithms Samir Khuller and Balaji RaghavachariComputational Geometry Marc van KreveldComplexity Theory Eric Allender, Michael Loui, and Kenneth ReganFormal Models and Computability Tao Jiang, Ming Li, and Bala

  19. Recent Research in Behind-Armor Blunt Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury


    Injury. Natl. Tech. Inf. Serv. 2006, ADA481896. 20. Cernak, I.; Wang, Z.; Jiang, J.; Bian, X.; Savic , J. Ultrastructural and Functional Characteristics...Malicevic, Z.; Savic J. Experimental Magnesium Depletion in Adult Rabbits Caused by Blast Overpressure. Magnes. Res. 1995, 8 (4), 249–259. 34. Cernak, I... Savic , J.; Malicevic, Z.; Zunic, G.; Radosevic, P.; Ivanovic, I.; Davidovic, L. Involvement of the Central Nervous System in the General Response

  20. Feature Binding and the Hebb Repetition Effect

    Barrett, Maeve


    Previous studies have found no evidence that long-term learning of integrated objects and individual features benefit visual short term memory tasks (Logie, Brockmole, & Vandenbroucke, in press; Olson & Jiang, 2004; Treisman, 2006). These findings may have been due to stimulus interference as a restricted number of features were utilised in these studies to form objects in the stimulus arrays. In these studies, participants would have needed to break apart the features of several objects in a...

  1. Advertising execution styles as a reflection of culture : Cross-cultural analysis of messaging app advertising preferences in South Korea and China

    Kivinen, Sofia


    Increased globalization and the thought of converging values has lead marketing practitioners and academics to consider more standardized approaches to marketing and advertising strategies. Even though cultures seem to evolve closer to each other, cultural diversity still exists. Advertising reflects and influences our cultural values and therefore it cannot be ignored when building effective advertising. Results show that culture impacts execution more than creative strategy (Wei & Jiang...

  2. Security analysis and improvement of a privacy authentication scheme for telecare medical information systems.

    Wu, Fan; Xu, Lili


    Nowadays, patients can gain many kinds of medical service on line via Telecare Medical Information Systems(TMIS) due to the fast development of computer technology. So security of communication through network between the users and the server is very significant. Authentication plays an important part to protect information from being attacked by malicious attackers. Recently, Jiang et al. proposed a privacy enhanced scheme for TMIS using smart cards and claimed their scheme was better than Chen et al.'s. However, we have showed that Jiang et al.'s scheme has the weakness of ID uselessness and is vulnerable to off-line password guessing attack and user impersonation attack if an attacker compromises the legal user's smart card. Also, it can't resist DoS attack in two cases: after a successful impersonation attack and wrong password input in Password change phase. Then we propose an improved mutual authentication scheme used for a telecare medical information system. Remote monitoring, checking patients' past medical history record and medical consultant can be applied in the system where information transmits via Internet. Finally, our analysis indicates that the suggested scheme overcomes the disadvantages of Jiang et al.'s scheme and is practical for TMIS.

  3. The KdV—Burgers equation in a modified speed gradient continuum model

    Lai Ling-Ling; Ge Hong-Xia; Cheng Rong-Jun; Li Zhi-Peng


    Based on the full velocity difference model, Jiang et al. put forward the speed gradient model through the micro-macro linkage (Jiang R, Wu Q S and Zhu Z J 2001 Chin. Sci. Bull. 46 345 and Jiang R, Wu Q S and Zhu Z J 2002 Trans. Res. B 36 405). In this paper, the Taylor expansion is adopted to modify the model. The backward travel problem is overcome by our model, which exists in many higher-order continuum models. The neutral stability condition of the model is obtained through the linear stability analysis. Nonlinear analysis shows clearly that the density fluctuation in traffic flow leads to a variety of density waves. Moreover, the Korteweg-de Vries—Burgers (KdV—Burgers) equation is derived to describe the traffic flow near the neutral stability line and the corresponding solution for traffic density wave is derived. The numerical simulation is carried out to investigate the local cluster effects. The results are consistent with the realistic traffic flow and also further verify the results of nonlinear analysis

  4. A secure chaotic maps and smart cards based password authentication and key agreement scheme with user anonymity for telecare medicine information systems.

    Li, Chun-Ta; Lee, Cheng-Chi; Weng, Chi-Yao


    Telecare medicine information system (TMIS) is widely used for providing a convenient and efficient communicating platform between patients at home and physicians at medical centers or home health care (HHC) organizations. To ensure patient privacy, in 2013, Hao et al. proposed a chaotic map based authentication scheme with user anonymity for TMIS. Later, Lee showed that Hao et al.'s scheme is in no provision for providing fairness in session key establishment and gave an efficient user authentication and key agreement scheme using smart cards, in which only few hashing and Chebyshev chaotic map operations are required. In addition, Jiang et al. discussed that Hao et al.'s scheme can not resist stolen smart card attack and they further presented an improved scheme which attempts to repair the security pitfalls found in Hao et al.'s scheme. In this paper, we found that both Lee's and Jiang et al.'s authentication schemes have a serious security problem in that a registered user's secret parameters may be intentionally exposed to many non-registered users and this problem causing the service misuse attack. Therefore, we propose a slight modification on Lee's scheme to prevent the shortcomings. Compared with previous schemes, our improved scheme not only inherits the advantages of Lee's and Jiang et al.'s authentication schemes for TMIS but also remedies the serious security weakness of not being able to withstand service misuse attack.

  5. New microbial resource: microbial diversity, function and dynamics in Chinese liquor starter.

    Huang, Yuhong; Yi, Zhuolin; Jin, Yanling; Zhao, Yonggui; He, Kaize; Liu, Dayu; Zhao, Dong; He, Hui; Luo, Huibo; Zhang, Wenxue; Fang, Yang; Zhao, Hai


    Traditional Chinese liquor (Baijiu) solid state fermentation technology has lasted for several thousand years. The microbial communities that enrich in liquor starter are important for fermentation. However, the microbial communities are still under-characterized. In this study, 454 pyrosequencing technology was applied to comprehensively analyze the microbial diversity, function and dynamics of two most-consumed liquor starters (Jiang- and Nong-flavor) during production. In total, 315 and 83 bacterial genera and 72 and 47 fungal genera were identified in Jiang- and Nong-flavor liquor starter, respectively. The relatively high diversity was observed when the temperature increased to 70 and 62 °C for Jiang- and Nong-flavor liquor starter, respectively. Some thermophilic fungi have already been isolated. Microbial communities that might contribute to ethanol fermentation, saccharification and flavor development were identified and shown to be core communities in correlation-based network analysis. The predictively functional profile of bacterial communities showed significant difference in energy, carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism and the degradation of aromatic compounds between the two kinds of liquor starters. Here we report these liquor starters as a new functionally microbial resource, which can be used for discovering thermophilic and aerobic enzymes and for food and feed preservation.

  6. [The system of biomedical scientific information of Serbia].

    Dacić, M


    Building of the System of biomedical scientific information of Yugoslavia (SBMSI YU) began, by the end of 1980, and the system became operative officially in 1986. After the political disintegration of former Yugoslavia SBMSI of Serbia was formed. SBMSI is developed according to the policy of developing of the System of scientific technologic information of Serbia (SSTI S), and with technical support of SSTI S. Reconstruction of the System is done by using former SBMSI YU as a model. Unlike the former SBMSI YU, SBMSI S owns besides the database Biomedicina Serbica, three important databases: database of doctoral dissertations promoted at University Medical School in Belgrade in the period from 1955-1993, database of Master's theses promoted at the University School of Medicine in Belgrade from 1965-1993; A database of foreign biomedical periodicals in libraries of Serbia.

  7. Review of a report on diffusion and sorption properties of radionuclides in compacted bentonite

    Ochs, M. [BMG Engineering Ltd (United Kingdom)


    The present report encompasses the discussion of data uncertainties of the revised report prepared by Yu and Neretnieks (1977). Uncertainties of the reference system, in particular the porewater chemistry relevant for compacted bentonite, are illustrated with the help of a thermodynamic model. Uncertainties regarding the chemistry of the critical elements considered by Yu and Neretnieks (1977) are reviewed, and ranges of validity with regard to the extrapolation of sorption and diffusion data are indicated, where appropriate. The data selection made by Yu and Neretnieks (1977) is reviewed for each critical element, and uncertainties associated with these data are discussed. Possibilities on how to handle such uncertainties are discussed, and very briefly, the use of thermodynamic models for sensitivity analyses is illustrated using Cs. 33 refs.

  8. Global analysis studies and applications

    Gliklikh, Yuri; Vershik, A


    This volume (a sequel to LNM 1108, 1214, 1334 and 1453) continues the presentation to English speaking readers of the Voronezh University press series on Global Analysis and Its Applications. The papers are selected fromtwo Russian issues entitled "Algebraic questions of Analysis and Topology" and "Nonlinear Operators in Global Analysis". CONTENTS: YuE. Gliklikh: Stochastic analysis, groups of diffeomorphisms and Lagrangian description of viscous incompressible fluid.- A.Ya. Helemskii: From topological homology: algebras with different properties of homological triviality.- V.V. Lychagin, L.V. Zil'bergleit: Duality in stable Spencer cohomologies.- O.R. Musin: On some problems of computational geometry and topology.- V.E. Nazaikinskii, B.Yu. Sternin, V.E.Shatalov: Introduction to Maslov's operational method (non-commutative analysis and differential equations).- Yu.B. Rudyak: The problem of realization of homology classes from Poincare up to the present.- V.G. Zvyagin, N.M. Ratiner: Oriented degree of Fredholm...

  9. Pediatrics Department of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education and Moscow Research Clinical Institute of Pediatry and Children Surgery – half century hand in hand

    I. N. Zakharova


    Full Text Available The long-term cooperation of the two scientific institutions contributing to the professional development of pediatricians is based on the long-term scientific relations of the Department of Pediatrics of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education and the Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery (now the Research Institute of Pediatrics named after Academician Yu.E.Veltischev. The role of remarkable pediatric scientists – G.N. Speransky, Yu.E. Veltstschev, M.S. Ignatova, N.A. Korovina in the development of these links and pediatric science in Russia. 

  10. The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions

    Pickover, Clifford A


    Humanity's love affair with mathematics and mysticism reached a critical juncture, legend has it, on the back of a turtle in ancient China. As Clifford Pickover briefly recounts in this enthralling book, the most comprehensive in decades on magic squares, Emperor Yu was supposedly strolling along the Yellow River one day around 2200 B.C. when he spotted the creature: its shell had a series of dots within squares. To Yu's amazement, each row of squares contained fifteen dots, as did the columns and diagonals. When he added any two cells opposite along a line through the center square, like 2 a

  11. New Products from 1,5-Anhydro-D-fructose

    Andreassen, Mikkel; Lundt, Inge

    1,5-Anhydro-D-fructose 1 (AF) is now available in larger amounts by enzymatic degradation of starch, and thus the utility of AF is the basis of the NEPSA project . A review covering the chemistry and biochemistry of AF has recently been published . In our ongoing research to use AF as a chiral...... investigation. EU-program : NEw Products from Starch derived Anhydro-D- fructose Andersen, S.; Lundt, I.; Marcussen, J.; Yu, S. Carb.Res. 2002, 337, 873-880 Andersen, S.; Isak, T.; Jensen, H. M.; Marcussen, J.; Yu, S. Anti-oxidant. PCT Int. Patent WO 0056838, 2000...

  12. Turbulent structure at the midsection of an annular flow

    Ghaemi, S.; Rafati, S.; Bizhani, M.; Kuru, E.


    The turbulent flow in the midsection of an annular gap between two concentric tubes at Reynolds number of 59 200-90 800 based on hydraulic diameter (dh = 57 mm) and average velocity is experimentally investigated. Measurements are carried out using particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) and planar particle image velocimetry (PIV) with spatial resolution of 0.0068dh (size of the binning window) and 0.0129dh (size of the interrogation window), respectively. Both PTV and PIV results show that the location of maximum mean streamwise velocity (yU) does not coincide with the locations of zero shear stress (yuv), minimum streamwise velocity fluctuation (yu2), and minimum radial velocity fluctuation (yv2). The separation between yU and yuv is 0.013dh based on PTV while PIV underestimates the separation distance as 0.0063dh. Conditional averages of turbulent fluctuations based on the four quadrants across the annulus demonstrate that the inner and outer wall flows overlap in the midsection. In the midsection, the flow is subject to opposing sweep/ejection events originating from both the inner and outer walls. The opposite quadrant events of the two boundary layers cancel out at yuv while the local minimum of spatial correlation of u (maximum mixing of the two wall flows) occurs at yU. Investigation of the budget of Reynolds shear stress showed that production and advection terms act towards the coincidence of the yU and yuv while the dissipation term works against the coincidence of the two points. The location of max also overlaps with zero dissipation of . The production of turbulent kinetic energy is slightly negative in the narrow region between yU and yuv. This negative production acts towards smoothing the mean velocity profile at the joint of the two wall flows by equalizing its curvature (∂2/∂y2) on the two sides of yU. The small separation distance of the yU and yuv is associated with slight deviation from the fully developed condition.

  13. Comparisons of hydrodynamic beam models with kinetic treatments

    Boyd, J.K.; Mark, J.W.; Sharp, W.M.; Yu, S.S.


    Hydrodynamic models have been derived by Mark and Yu and by others to describe energetic self-pinched beams, such as those used in ion-beam fusion. The closure of the Mark-Yu model is obtained with adiabatic assumptions mathematically analogous to those of Chew, Goldberger, and Low for MHD. The other models treated here use an ideal gas closure and a closure by Newcomb based on an expansion in V/sub th//V/sub z/. Features of these hydrodynamic beam models are compared with a kinetic treatment

  14. Developing models for simulation of pinched-beam dynamics in heavy ion fusion. Revision 1

    Boyd, J.K.; Mark, J.W.K.; Sharp, W.M.; Yu, S.S.


    For heavy-ion fusion energy applications, Mark and Yu have derived hydrodynamic models for numerical simulation of energetic pinched-beams including self-pinches and external-current pinches. These pinched-beams are applicable to beam propagation in fusion chambers and to the US High Temperature Experiment. The closure of the Mark-Yu model is obtained with adiabatic assumptions mathematically analogous to those of Chew, Goldberger, and Low for MHD. Features of this hydrodynamic beam model are compared with a kinetic treatment

  15. Understanding and Appreciative Friends


    During the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476B.C.).there was a man whose name was Yu Boya.Yu boya famous music master at that time,having a good command of the temperament and superb skills in playing the musical instrument.He was bright and eager to learn when he was young.He had formally acknowledged several experts as his teachers,and his skills in playing the musical instrument had already reached a fairly high level.But he still felt that he could not superbly express the various things which had deeply ...

  16. RETRACTED: Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population.

    Zhong, Weiqiang; Jiang, Zongpei; Zhou, Tian-Biao


    This article has been included in a multiple retraction: Weiqiang Zhong, Zongpei Jiang, and Tian-Biao Zhou Association between the ACE I/D gene polymorphism and T2DN susceptibility: The risk of T2DM developing into T2DN in the Asian population Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314566019, first published on January 26, 2015 doi: 10.1177/1470320314566019 This article has been retracted at the request of the Editors and the Publisher. After conducting a thorough investigation, SAGE found that the submitting authors of a number of papers published in the Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System ( JRAAS) (listed below) had supplied fabricated contact details for their nominated reviewers. The Editors accepted these papers based on the reports supplied by the individuals using these fake reviewer email accounts. After concluding that the peer review process was therefore seriously compromised, SAGE and the journal Editors have decided to retract all affected articles. Online First articles (these articles will not be published in an issue) Wenzhuang Tang, Tian-Biao Zhou, and Zongpei Jiang Association of the angiotensinogen M235T gene polymorphism with risk of diabetes mellitus developing into diabetic nephropathy Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470320314563426, first published on December 18, 2014 doi: 10.1177/1470320314563426 Tian-Biao Zhou, Hong-Yan Li, Zong-Pei Jiang, Jia-Fan Zhou, Miao-Fang Huang, and Zhi-Yang Zhou Role of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in