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  1. Biotransformation and metabolic profile of Xian-Ling-Gu-Bao capsule, a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, with rat intestinal microflora by ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry analysis.

    Gao, Meng-Xue; Tang, Xi-Yang; Zhang, Feng-Xiang; Yao, Zhi-Hong; Yao, Xin-Sheng; Dai, Yi


    Xian-Ling-Gu-Bao capsule (XLGB), a well-known traditional Chinese medicine prescription, has been used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The safety and efficacy of XLGB have been confirmed based on the principle of evidence-based medicine. XLGB is usually administered orally, after which its multiple components are brought into contact with intestinal microflora in the alimentary tract and biotransformed. However, investigations on the comprehensive metabolic profile of XLGB are absent. In this study, 12 representative compounds bearing different typical structures (including iridoid glycosides, prenylated flavonol glycosides, prenylated flavonoids, triterpenoid saponins, steroidal saponins, coumarins and monoterpene phenols) were selected and then investigated for their biotransformation in rat intestinal microflora. In addition, the metabolic profile of XLGB in rat intestinal microflora was investigated by ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry. As a result, a total of 87 biotransformation components were identified from incubated solutions of 12 representative compounds and XLGB, which underwent 16 metabolic reactions (including deglycosylation, glycosylation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, oxidation, epoxidation, hydroxylation, dehydration, hydration, hydrolysis, methylation, isomerization, cyclization, pyrolysis reaction, amino acid conjugation and nucleophilic addition reaction with NH 3 ). This demonstrated that the deglycosylation reaction by cleavage of the sugar moieties is the main metabolic pathway of a variety of glycosides, including prenylated flavonol glycosides, coumarin glycosides, iridoid glycosides and saponins. In addition, compared with the biotransformation of 12 representative compounds, a different biotransformed fate was observed in the XLGB incubated samples of rat intestinal microflora. It is worth noting that the amino acid conjugation was first discovered


    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. YI LING QI. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 40 Issue 7 December 2017 pp 1329-1333. Synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity of g-C 3 N 4 hybridized CdS nanoparticles · QING YING LIU YI LING QI YI FAN ZHENG XU CHUN SONG · More Details ...

  3. [Research on the original plants of Xian Zhao Zi (Senshosi)].

    Kotaka, Shuji


    Since the Heian period, Xian Zhao Zi (Senshosi) has been used as part of the ceremony believed to help in a healthy pregnancy and safe birth. The purpose of this report is to consider which plants are original Xian Zhao Zi plants. Past research lists certain plants as Xian Zhao Zi, but it was difficult to draw any conclusions.

  4. ling af virksomheders administrative byrder

    Langsted, Lars Bo


    Selskabsstyrelsen har offentliggjort rapporten: "Rapport om måling af virksomhedernes administrative byrder ved årsregnskabsloven og rapport om revisionshonorar for B-virksomheder."......Selskabsstyrelsen har offentliggjort rapporten: "Rapport om måling af virksomhedernes administrative byrder ved årsregnskabsloven og rapport om revisionshonorar for B-virksomheder."...

  5. Radon - kilder og måling

    Rasmussen, Torben Valdbjørn; Wraber, Ida Kristina

    Når man skal vurdere en bygnings indeklima er det vigtigt at have viden om radonindholdet. Denne viden får man ved måling, da radon hverken kan ses, lugtes, høres, smages eller føles. Denne anvisning redegør for radons oprindelse og indvirkning på menneskers sundhed. Anvisningen beskriver metoder...... til måling og analyse af radonindholdet i en bygnings indeluft. Læseren får indsigt i, hvordan man relativt let med standardiserede metoder kan eftervise, om en bygning opfylder bygningsreglementets krav til radon i indeluften. Anvisningen henvender sig til bygningsejere, bygherrer, projekterende og...

  6. Bordieu e a lingüística aplicada

    Maria de Lourdes Otero Brabo Cruz


    Full Text Available

    Procura-se no presente trabalho: (a analisar as concepções de Bourdieu no que diz respeito à competência lingüística e ao tratamento dos fatos lingüísticos; (b traçar um paralelo entre essas concepções e a lingüística aplicada; e (c definir a sua postura como sendo a de um lingüista aplicado.

  7. Bordieu e a lingüística aplicada

    Maria de Lourdes Otero Brabo Cruz


    Procura-se no presente trabalho: (a) analisar as concepções de Bourdieu no que diz respeito à competência lingüística e ao tratamento dos fatos lingüísticos; (b) traçar um paralelo entre essas concepções e a lingüística aplicada; e (c) definir a sua postura como sendo a de um lingüista aplicado.

  8. ling af lydisolation og efterklangstid i praksis

    Kristensen, J.

    Meddelelsen omhandler undersøgelser af mulighederne for at forbedre reproducerbarheden ved måling af luftlydisolation, trinlydniveau og efterklangstid under betingelser, der svarer til måling i den indflytningsfærdige bygning. Der omtales resultater fra måling med to forskellige udformninger af h...

  9. 10. Temadag indenfor Koordinatmåling

    Larsen, Erik; De Chiffre, Leonardo


    Temadag om Optisk koordinatmåling, 3D digitalisering og Reverse Engineering Conference on Optical Coordinate Metrology, 3D Digitisation and Reverse Engineering Konferencemappe Oktober 2004 Editorer: Leonardo De Chiffre & Erik Larsen Institut for Produktion og Ledelse Danmarks Tekniske Universitet...

  10. ling af radon i bygninger

    Rasmussen, Torben Valdbjørn

    endvidere til at vurdere radon­eksponeringen i forhold til det nationale referenceniveau. Anvisningen dækker radonmåling i boliger og andre bygninger, fx kontorer, skoler og institutioner. Den henvender sig til bygningsejere, bygherrer, projekterende og brugere af bygninger. Desuden henvender anvisningen...

  11. [Comparison of academic viewpoints between Yun Tie-qiao and Lu Yuan-lei].

    Yang, Zhi-qing; Bi, Li-juan; Yang, Xing-lin


    Both Yun Tie-qiao and Lu Yuan-lei are medical professionals coming from the literary field with versatile and in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in medical education and clinical practice, all closely related to modern TCM development. Yun, the elder, insisted on reforming TCM and was early to advocate the academic idea of amalgamating western and traditional Chinese medicine; while Lu, the younger, insisted on the idea of "scientizing TCM" and was the representative of amalgamating western and traditional Chinese medicine in the later stage. They shared many common viewpoints, including venerating Zhang Zhongjing, stressing exogenous cold pathogens, advocating reformation and amalgamation of western medicine and TCM and objecting to the abolishment of TCM. However, there were discrepancies between them, including the relationship between the Inner Canon and the Essay on Exogenous Cold Diseases, warm disease theory, pulse theory, titles of TCM diseases and Japanese Kampo medicine. A comparison of them and noting their valuable contributions will be beneficial for the promotion of the development of TCM.

  12. El cambio lingüístico



    Full Text Available Los cambios lingüísticos son habitualmente analizados dentro del marco de una teoría del aprendizaje pero sin referencia al contexto histórico. Es el conjunto de las luchas entre los grupos sociales lo que da origen a esas transformaciones como lo muestran, por ejemplo, los cambios fonéticos observados en ciertas grandes ciudades norteamericanas, incluso si la pequeña burguesía juega en esas luchas un rol particularmente importante. Uno de los factores de la innovación social y lingüística es, en efecto, la disposición al ascenso social: todos los agentes (clases medias, mujeres, etc. socialmente inclinados a ascender contri- buyen a cambiar y a hacer cambiar en la medida misma en que hay que cambiar, a veces hasta denegarse, si es necesario, para ascender.

  13. Art, class and gender in Joseon dynasty Korea: representations of lower-class women by the scholar-painter Yun Duseo.

    Chung, Saehyang P


    This paper examines several pioneering genre paintings by the important scholar painter Yun Duseo (1668-1715), with its focus on their artistic sources which have not yet been explored so far. Painted on ramie, 'Women Picking Potherbs' is one of the most intriguing examples among Yun Duseo's oeuvre, which encompasses a broad variety of themes, including genre imagery, landscapes, portraits, dragons, and horses. Even among Yun Duseo's genre paintings, 'Women Picking Potherbs' is extraordinary, as recent scholarship regards it as the earliest independent representation of lower-class women in the history of Korean art. In particular, Yun Duseo painted two women who were working ourdoors to gather spring potherbs. In a conservative Confucian society, it was extraordinary women who were working outdoors. Hence, Yun Duseo occupies a highly important place in Korean painting. Furthermore, even though Yun Duseo came from the upper-class, he often painted images of lower class people working. It is possible that Yun Duseo was familiar with the book titled "Tian gong kai wu" (Exploitation of the Works of Nature) which was published in the 17th century. By identifying the probable body of his artistic sources in the book known as "Tian gong kai wu," it will be possible to assess the innovations and limitations found in 'Women Picking Potherbs'.

  14. Assimilation of Feng-Yun-3B satellite microwave humidity sounder data over land

    Chen, Keyi; Bormann, Niels; English, Stephen; Zhu, Jiang


    The ECMWF has been assimilating Feng-Yun-3B (FY-3B) satellite microwave humidity sounder (MWHS) data over ocean in an operational forecasting system since 24 September 2014. It is more difficult, however, to assimilate microwave observations over land and sea ice than over the open ocean due to higher uncertainties in land surface temperature, surface emissivity and less effective cloud screening. We compare approaches in which the emissivity is retrieved dynamically from MWHS channel 1 [150 GHz (vertical polarization)] with the use of an evolving emissivity atlas from 89 GHz observations from the MWHS onboard NOAA and EUMETSAT satellites. The assimilation of the additional data over land improves the fit of short-range forecasts to other observations, notably ATMS (Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder) humidity channels, and the forecast impacts are mainly neutral to slightly positive over the first five days. The forecast impacts are better in boreal summer and the Southern Hemisphere. These results suggest that the techniques tested allow for effective assimilation of MWHS/FY-3B data over land.

  15. Analizadores Multilingües en FreeLing

    Lluís Padró


    Full Text Available FreeLing es una librería de código abierto para el procesamiento multilíngüe automático, que proporciona una amplia gama de servicios de análisis lingüístico para diversos idiomas. FreeLing ofrece a los desarrolladores de aplicaciones de Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural funciones de análisis y anotación lingüística de textos, con la consiguiente reducción del coste de construcción de dichas aplicaciones. FreeLing es personalizable y ampliable, y está fuertemente orientado a aplicaciones del mundo real en términos de velocidad y robustez. Los desarrolladores pueden utilizar los recursos lingüísticos por defecto (diccionarios, lexicones, gramáticas, etc, ampliarlos, adaptarlos a dominios particulares, o –dado que la librería es de código abierto– desarrollar otros nuevos para idiomas específicos o necesidades especiales de las aplicaciones. Este artículo presenta los principales cambios y mejoras incluidos en la versión 3.0 de FreeLing, y resume algunos proyectos industriales relevantes en los que se ha utilizado.


    Sangs rgyas bkra shis སངས་རྒྱས་བཀྲ་ཤིས།


    Full Text Available Uncle Ston pa heard people talking about monks from his home community who visited such big cities as Beijing and Shanghai where they met many rich Chinese. They made a lot of money and then bought expensive cars and houses when they got back home. Uncle Ston pa thought about it and then decided to go to Zi ling by bus. When he arrived, he went to a store and bought an outfit of monk's clothes. By this time, he was very hungry and went to the area near the train station where many Tibetans operated businesses. He met a man he knew and said, "Hello! What are you doing here? Such a lucky coincidence to meet you here!"

  17. The extent and nature of television food advertising to children in Xi?an, China

    Li, Danyang; Wang, Ting; Cheng, Yue; Zhang, Min; Yang, Xue; Zhu, Zhonghai; Liu, Danli; Yang, Wenfang; Zeng, Lingxia


    Background To explore the extent and nature of television food advertising especially unhealthy food advertising to primary school children in Xi?an, China. Methods Television data were recorded for 2 weekdays and 2 weekend days between 6:00 and 22:00 during May and June in 2012 from a total of five television channels most popular with children in Xi?an. Pearson ? 2 tests and logistic regression were applied to determine differences in the proportion of healthy food, unhealthy food and misce...

  18. Algorithm and assessment work of active fire detection based on FengYun-3C/VIRR

    Lin, Z.; Chen, F.


    The wildfire is one of the most destructive and uncontrollable disasters and causes huge environmental, ecological, social effects. To better serve scientific research and practical fire management, an algorithm and corresponding validation work of active fire detection based on FengYun-3C/VIRR data, which is an optical sensor onboard the Chinese polar-orbiting meteorological sun-synchronous satellite, is hereby introduced. While the main structure heritages the `contextual algorithm', some new concepts including `infrared channel slope' are introduced for better adaptions to different situations. The validation work contains three parts: 1) comparing with the current FengYun-3C fire product GFR; 2) comparing with MODIS fire products; 3) comparing with Landsat series data. Study areas are selected from different places all over the world from 2014 to 2016. The results showed great improvement on GFR files on accuracy of both positioning and detection rate. In most study areas, the results match well with MODIS products and Landsat series data (with over 85% match degree) despite the differences in imaging time. However, detection rates and match degrees in Africa and South-east Asia are not satisfied (around 70%), where the occurrences of numerous small fire events and corresponding smokes may strongly affect the results of the algorithm. This is our future research direction and one of the main improvements requires achieving.

  19. Distribution and source analysis of aluminum in rivers near Xi'an City, China.

    Wang, Dongqi; He, Yanling; Liang, Jidong; Liu, Pei; Zhuang, Pengyu


    To study the status and source of aluminum (Al) contamination, a total of 21 sampling sites along six rivers near Xi'an City (Shaanxi province, China) were investigated during 2008-2010. The results indicated that the average concentration of total Al (Al(t)) in the six rivers increased by 1.6 times from 2008 to 2010. The spatial distribution of Al(t) concentrations in the rivers near Xi'an City was significantly different, ranged from 367 μg/L (Bahe River) to 1,978 μg/L (Taiping River). The Al(t) concentration was highest near an industrial area for pulp and paper-making (2,773 μg/L), where the Al level greatly exceeded the water quality criteria of both the USA (Criterion Continuous Concentration, 87 μg/L) and Canada (100 μg/L). The average concentration of inorganic monometric aluminum (Al(im)) was 72 μg/L which would pose threats to fishes and other aquatic lives in the rivers. The concentrations of exchangeable Al (Al(ex)) in the sediment of the Taiping River sampled were relatively high, making it to be an alternative explanation of increasing Al concentrations in the rivers near Xi'an City. Furthermore, an increasing Al level has been detected in the upstream watershed near Xi'an City in recent years, which might indicate another notable pollution source of Al.

  20. Atmospheric particle characterization, distribution, and deposition in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Central China

    Cao Zongze; Yang Yuhua; Lu, Julia; Zhang Chengxiao


    Physical characterization and chemical analysis of settled dusts collected in Xi'an from November 2007 to December 2008 show that (1) dust deposition rates ranged from 14.6 to 350.4 g m -2 yr -1 . The average deposition rate (76.7 g m -2 yr -1 ) ranks the 11th out of 56 dust deposition rates observed throughout the world. The coal-burning power was the major particle source; (2) on average (except site 4), ∼10% of the settled dusts having size 70% having size <30 μm; (3) the concentrations for 20 out of 27 elements analyzed were upto 18 times higher than their soil background values in China. With such high deposition rates of dusts that contain elevated levels of toxic elements, actions should be taken to reduce emission and studies are needed to assess the potential impacts of settled particles on surface ecosystem, water resource, and human health in the area. - Research highlights: → High atmospheric dust deposition rate in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. → Coal-burning power plan being a major source of particulate matter in Xi'an area. → High levels of toxic elements in the settled dusts. → Enrichment of heavy metals (e.g., Pb, Ni, Cu) in fine particles. - Atmospheric dust deposition rate is high and the levels of toxic elements associated with the settled dusts are elevated in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

  1. Test and application of thermal neutron radiography facility at Xi'an pulsed reactor

    Yang Jun; Zhao Xiang Feng; Wang Dao Hua


    A thermal neutron radiography facility at Xi'an Pulsed Reactor is described as well as its characteristics and application. The experiment results show the inherent unsharpness of BAS ND is 0.15 mm. The efficient thermal neutron n/gamma ratio is lower in not only steady state configuration but also pulsing state configuration and it is improved using Pb filter

  2. Herbal Fufang Xian Ling Gu Bao prevents corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head—A first multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

    Zi-Rong Li


    The translational potential of this article: The translation potential of this clinical trial is that the initially officially approved clinical indication for XLGB for treatment of osteoporosis has been now also proven to be effective for a new clinical application.

  3. Rehumanisasi Pendidikan Akuntansi melalui Pendekatan Epistemologi 3ling

    Kurnia Ekasari


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to rehumanize accounting education by employing 3ling epistemology. The method used in this research consisted of 3 steps: ngerti, ngrasa, and ngelakoni. This research concluded that dehumanization in accounting education has become accepted reality. Humanization in accounting education could be implemented by integrating ethics, moral and spirituality both in accounting and accounting education and it could be done by inserting ngrasa in learning process. Humanizing accounting education will lead to human welfare. The implementation of 3ling epistemology could change the student’s perception about accounting.

  4. Applying a Multiple Screening Program Aided by a Guideline-driven Computerized Decision Support System—A Pilot Experience in Yun-Lin, Taiwan

    Jou-Wei Lin


    Conclusion: A computer-aided screening program driven by the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations has been successfully implemented in Yun-Lin, Taiwan, and provided useful information about local epidemiology and implications for future health policy making. [J Formos Med Assoc 2007; 106(1:58-68

  5. Art as a Political Act: Expression of Cultural Identity, Self-Identity, and Gender by Suk Nam Yun and Yong Soon Min

    Caruso, Hwa Young Choi


    This cross-cultural study explored the lives of two contemporary Korean/Korean American women artists--Suk Nam Yun and Yong Soon Min--who live in Seoul, South Korea, and Los Angeles, California. The author's research focused on the artists' identity formation, artistic expression, professional achievements, and the role of art as a political act.…

  6. School-Based Intervention for Nutrition Promotion in Mi Yun County, Beijing, China: Does a Health-Promoting School Approach Improve Parents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour?

    Wang, Dongxu; Stewart, Donald; Chang, Chun


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess whether the school-based nutrition programme using the health-promoting school (HPS) framework was effective to improve parents' knowledge, attitudes and behaviour (KAB) in relation to nutrition in rural Mi Yun County, Beijing. Design/methodology/approach: A cluster-randomised intervention trial…

  7. Wu-Ling-San formula prophylaxis against recurrent calcium oxalate ...

    Wu-Ling-San (WLS) formula has been proved to prevent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis both in vitro and in vivo. This is the first prospective, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial of WLS in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis prevention. All patients who enrolled were asked to drink enough fluid to urinate at least 2 L ...

  8. Vibrationsmåling på Vilsundbroen

    Kirkegaard, Poul Henning; Hansen, Lars Pilegaard

    Denne rapport Vibrationsmåling på Vilsundbroen beskriver målinger udført i april måned 1995 for Rambøll, Hannemann & Højlund af Laboratoriet for Bærende Konstruktioner, Instituttet for Bygningsteknik, Aalborg Universitet. Målingerne er udført i relation til renoveringen af Vilsundbroen, hvor der...

  9. Ecosystem Services Insights into Water Resources Management in China: A Case of Xi'an City.

    Liu, Jingya; Li, Jing; Gao, Ziyi; Yang, Min; Qin, Keyu; Yang, Xiaonan


    Global climate and environmental changes are endangering global water resources; and several approaches have been tested to manage and reduce the pressure on these decreasing resources. This study uses the case study of Xi'an City in China to test reasonable and effective methods to address water resource shortages. The study generated a framework combining ecosystem services and water resource management. Seven ecosystem indicators were classified as supply services, regulating services, or cultural services. Index values for each indicator were calculated, and based on questionnaire results, each index's weight was calculated. Using the Likert method, we calculated ecosystem service supplies in every region of the city. We found that the ecosystem's service capability is closely related to water resources, providing a method for managing water resources. Using Xi'an City as an example, we apply the ecosystem services concept to water resources management, providing a method for decision makers.

  10. Calculation of anti-seismic design for Xi'an pulsed reactor

    Li Shuian


    The author describes the reactor safety rule, safety regulation and design code that must be observed to anti-seismic design in Xi'an pulsed reactor. It includes the classification of reactor installation, determination of seismic loads, calculate contents, program, method, results and synthetically evaluation. According to the different anti-seismic structure character of reactor installation, an appropriate method was selected to calculate the seismic response. The results were evaluated synthetically using the design code and design requirement. The evaluate results showed that the anti-seismic design function of reactor installation of Xi'an pules reactor is well, and the structure integrality and normal property of reactor installation can be protect under the designed classification of the earthquake

  11. Summertime ozone formation in Xi'an and surrounding areas, China

    T. Feng


    Full Text Available In this study, the ozone (O3 formation in China's northwest city of Xi'an and surrounding areas is investigated using the Weather Research and Forecasting atmospheric chemistry (WRF-Chem model during the period from 22 to 24 August 2013, corresponding to a heavy air pollution episode with high concentrations of O3 and PM2.5. The model generally performs well compared to measurements in simulating the surface temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction, near-surface O3 and PM2.5 mass concentrations, and aerosol constituents. High aerosol concentrations in Xi'an and surrounding areas significantly decrease the photolysis frequencies and can reduce O3 concentrations by more than 50 µg m−3 (around 25 ppb on average. Sensitivity studies show that the O3 production regime in Xi'an and surrounding areas is complicated, varying from NOx to VOC (volatile organic compound-sensitive chemistry. The industrial emissions contribute the most to the O3 concentrations compared to biogenic and other anthropogenic sources, but neither individual anthropogenic emission nor biogenic emission plays a dominant role in the O3 formation. Under high O3 and PM2.5 concentrations, a 50 % reduction in all the anthropogenic emissions only decreases near-surface O3 concentrations by about 14 % during daytime. The complicated O3 production regime and high aerosol levels pose a challenge for O3 control strategies in Xi'an and surrounding areas. Further investigation regarding O3 control strategies will need to be performed, taking into consideration the rapid changes in anthropogenic emissions that are not reflected in the current emission inventories and the uncertainties in the meteorological field simulations.

  12. [Heavy metals pollution and analysis of seasonal variation runoff in Xi'an].

    Yuan, Hong-Lin; Li, Xing-Yu; Wang, Xiao-Chang


    In order to explore heavy metals pollution situation,changes in characteristics, the correlation between each heavy mental and pollution source analysis of Xi'an various regions in different season in one year. This study collected several samples of Xi'an rainfall typical urban trunk roads throughout the year in 2013 and used inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to determine the level of Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn, Al, Cd of the samples, then, analyzed the seasonal change of heavy mental. Studies have shown that: the heavy metal of Xi'an road runoff pollutes seriously, the concentration of Fe over three times of the national standard and maintain the higher levels throughout the year, meanwhile the concentration with the intensity of human activities increases. The concentration of Mn and Zn in one year show a trends: winter > autumn > summer> spring. Pb concentration increases with the increase in traffic volume, while showing: winter > spring > summer > autumn. Factor analysis shows: Fe and Al was affected by the same sources-natural sources; Zn, Cd affected by anthropogenic sources of large; Mn, Pb affected by the larger traffic sources.

  13. Investigation and Analysis on Psychological Health Situation for Middle and Primary School Students in Xianning City

    Hong Yanping


    Full Text Available This paper is used to know about the psychological health situation for middle and primary school students in Xianning City and provide a certain empirical basis for meaningful development of psychological health education and psychological assistance. This paper uses the MHT scale prepared by Bucheng Zhou professor et al. to conduct a test for 1000 students in 7 middle and primary schools in Xianning City. The detection rate of psychological health problem accounts for 1.6% where the positive detection rate of study anxiety ranks first (43.2%. The psychological health situations have much difference in sex (t = -4. 624, P<0. 001, and it’s lower in male students than female ones. There is a significant difference between the psychological health situation for only and non-only children (t = -2. 519, P<0. 01.There is a significant difference on the psychological health situation for primary school, middle school and high school students (F = 11. 3, P<0. 001, and the psychological health situation of primary school students is better than that for middle school students. It can be concluded that the psychological health situation of middle and primary school students in Xianning City is fairly good, and the psychological health situation for male student, only children and primary school student is also fairly good.

  14. Actitudes lingüísticas en Santiago de Chile

    Darío Rojas


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de Santiago, hacia al español de Chile y hacia el español de los otros países hispanohablantes: El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Entre nuestros hallazgos, destacan los siguientes: 1 los santiaguinos muestran seguridad lingüística en comparación con variedades regionales del español de Chile, pero una gran inseguridad cuando se comparan con el habla de otros países; 2 sus actitudes se ven influenciadas tanto por características lingüísticas (modelo ideal de lengua, conservador y de raigambre colonial como por características extralingüísticas (estatus social; 3 el concepto de mayor peso dentro de la ideología lingüística de los santiaguinos es la corrección idiomática, que se articula con otros dos conceptos clave: el de unidad lingüística y el de entendimiento (o comprensión lingüística. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of Spanish speakers from Santiago, towards Spanish spoken in Chile and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 persons based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. Our main findings are the following: 1 Santiaguinos show linguistic confidence when they compare their speech to regional varieties of Chilean Spanish, but they show great insecurity when they compare their speech to those of other

  15. Source contributions of fine particulate matter during one winter haze episodes in Xi'an, China

    Yang, X.; Wu, Q.


    Long-term exposure to high levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is found to be associated with adverse effects on human health, ecological environment and climate change. Identification the major source regions of fine particulate matter are essential to proposing proper joint prevention and control strategies for heavy haze mitigation. In this work, the Comprehensive Air Quality Model with extensions (CAMx) together with the Particulate Source Apportionment Technology (PSAT) and the Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF), have been applied to analyze the major source regions of PM2.5 in Xi'an during the heavy haze episodes in winter (29, December, 2016 - 5 January 2017), and the framework of the model system is shown in Fig. 1. Firstly, according to the model evaluation of the daily PM2.5 concentrations for the two months, the model has well performance, and the fraction of predictions within a factor of 2 of the observations (FAC2) is 84%, while the correlation coefficient (R) is 0.80 in Xi'an. By using the PSAT in CAMx model, a detailed source region contribution matrix is derived for all points within the Xi'an region and its six surrounding areas, and long-range regional transport. The results show that the local emission in Xi'an is the mainly sources at downtown area, which contributing 72.9% as shown in Fig.2, and the contribution rate of transportations between adjacent areas depends on wind direction. Meanwhile, three different suburban areas selected for detailed analysis in fine particles sources. Comparing to downtown area, the sources of suburban areas are more multiply, and the transportations make the contribution 40%-82%. In the suburban areas, regional inflows play an important role in the fine particles concentrations, indicating a strong need for regional joint emission control efforts. The results enhance the quantitative understanding of the PM2.5 source regions and provide a basis for policymaking to advance the control of pollution

  16. Igualtat lingüística, una eina de la política lingüística de la Universitat de València

    Esteve, Alfons; Ramos, Rafael


    El 2011, les universitats públiques valencianes, conjuntament amb l’Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua, van publicar Els usos lingüístics a les universitats públiques valencianes, estudi que va motivar un nou impuls a la planificació lingüística en l’àmbit universitari. 

  17. Inter-satellite calibration of FengYun 3 medium energy electron fluxes with POES electron measurements

    Zhang, Yang; Ni, Binbin; Xiang, Zheng; Zhang, Xianguo; Zhang, Xiaoxin; Gu, Xudong; Fu, Song; Cao, Xing; Zou, Zhengyang


    We perform an L-shell dependent inter-satellite calibration of FengYun 3 medium energy electron measurements with POES measurements based on rough orbital conjunctions within 5 min × 0.1 L × 0.5 MLT. By comparing electron flux data between the U.S. Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites (POES) and Chinese sun-synchronous satellites including FY-3B and FY-3C for a whole year of 2014, we attempt to remove less reliable data and evaluate systematic uncertainties associated with the FY-3B and FY-3C datasets, expecting to quantify the inter-satellite calibration factors for the 150-350 keV energy channel at L = 2-7. Compared to the POES data, the FY-3B and FY-3C data generally exhibit a similar trend of electron flux variations but more or less underestimate them within a factor of 5 for the medium electron energy 150-350 keV channel. Good consistency in the flux conjunctions after the inter-calibration procedures gives us certain confidence to generalize our method to calibrate electron flux measurements from various satellite instruments.

  18. Investigation on natural radioactive nuclide contents of rock products in Xi'an construction materials market

    Zhou Chunlin; Han Feng; Shang Aiguo; Li Tiantuo; Guo Huiping; Yie Lichao; Li Guifang


    The author reports the investigation results on natural radioactive nuclide contents of rock products from Xi'an construction materials market. The products were classified according to the national standard. The results show that natural radioactive nuclide contents in sampled rock products are in normal radioactive background levels. The radio-activity ranges of 238 U, 226 Ra, 232 Th and 40 K are 2.7 - 181.8, 0.92 - 271.0, 0.63 - 148.0, 1.8 - 1245 Bq·kg -1 , respectively. According to the national standard (JC 518-93), the application of some rock products must be limited

  19. Development of source range measurement instrument in Xi'an pulsed reactor

    Wang Li


    Source range measurement instrument in Xi'an pulsed reactor is key equipment of low-side measuring in source range. At the same time, it is also weighty component of out-of-pile neutron-flux level observation system. The authors have done some researching and renovating based on the similar type devices used in nuclear reactor to improve the meter sensitivity, measuring range, noise proof features, reliability in running and maintainability which belong to the main performance index of the instrument. The design ideas, configurations, working principle, performance indexes, technique features and effect in utilizing are introduced briefly

  20. Marcas lingüísticas do narrador

    Ismael Angelo Cintra


    Full Text Available

    Faz-se uma análise do narrador a partir dos aspectos linguisticos. Tal análise c centrada, não na categoria verbal da pessoa — um elemento geralmente associado á questão do foco narrativo —, mas antes cm outros elementos verbais que colocam em jogo as relações entre o sujeito e o discurso. São também discutidos alguns problemas terminológicos relacionados com a abordagem lingüística para o estudo do loco narrativo.

  1. Regional differences analysis of land use efficiency and obstacle degree in Xianning-Yueyang-Jiujiang area

    Chengshun Song


    Full Text Available This paper established an evaluation index system for the land use efficiency from social, economic, ecological and environmental aspects, and adopted the variation coefficient TOPSIS method and obstacle degree model to analyze the regional differences of land use efficiency and obstacle degree in Xianning, Yueyang and Jiujiang. The results showed that: (1 During 2000-2010, the land use efficiency in these regions had an increasing tendency and the regional differences were small. In Yueyang and Jiujiang, there were four stages, that is low, moderate, good and excellent; while in Xianning, there were only three stages, that is low, moderate and good; (2 The economic level was the greatest obstacle factor affecting the land use efficiency in these regions, followed by the environmental quality, ecological status, social development, and the regional differences in these aspects were not so obvious; (3 Per area financial revenue, the output of comprehensive utilization of “three wastes” and per capita GDP were the top three obstacle factors and the regional differences in these aspects were not so obvious.

  2. Un vistazo a los pilares de la Lingüística Moderna: Saussure, Chomsky Y Van Dijk. Del Estructuralismo a la Lingüística textual



    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende dar un vistazo a los postulados básicos del estructuralismo, del generativismo y de la lingüística del texto - con sus principales figuras: Ferdinand de Saussure, Noam Avram Chomsky y Teun Adrian Van Dijk, puesto que estas corrientes se consideran como los grandes paradigmas de la lingüística moderna.

  3. Introducció: Lingüística forense

    Fernández Planas, Ana M.


    En l’opinió comuna, no experta, l’estudi de les llengües naturals humanes és bonic i gratificant per a l’esperit, però només capacita —a qui s’hi ha dedicat— per a l’activitat docent. A més a més, es pensa que l’estudi de la lingüística es limita al que coneixem com a lingüística interna (o microlingüística), és a dir, l’estudi dels nivells fonètic, fonològic, morfològic, sintàctic, semàntic i pragmàtic de les llengües, anant de les unitats més petites a les més grosses. El cert és que actual...

  4. University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University: Globalization of Higher Education in China

    Feng, Yi


    This essay studies the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University--the two Chinese campuses established respectively by the University of Nottingham and the University of Liverpool. They represent successful models of globalization of higher education in China; however their rationale, strategies, curricula,…

  5. Las proyecciones de la lingüística

    Tobón de Castro Lucia


    Full Text Available

    A menudo se nos pregunta qué es la ciencia, qué fenómenos deben tener lugar o que condiciones deben cumplirse para que una determinada disciplina logre la dimensión de ciencia.  Tratare de responder a estos interrogantes, dentro del campo particular de la ciencia del lenguaje. Cuando quiera que alguien se aproxime al proceso de desarrollo de la lingüística, lo encara como un hecho histórico, como el inventario de los aportes de figuras descollantes ligadas por la sucesión en el tiempo. En

    este ensayo quiero proponer como tesis que la lingüística, como toda ciencia, es una construcción de la mente humana, una creación de la humanidad y es en esa dimensión como debemos estudiar su proceso evolutivo. Por esto he seleccionado como tema las proyecciones de la lingüística dando al término proyección dos sentidos: el primero; representa los hitos que han hecho de la lingüística un proceso científico y, el segundo, las etapas que aún debe cumplir para ser a cabalidad la ciencia

    del lenguaje.  Consecuente con el

  6. Actitudes lingüísticas en Colombia

    Julio Bernal


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de Bogotá, hacia al español de Colombia y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigaciones (NRC. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 personas, estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Los resultados muestran que el habla de la capital cuenta con alto prestigio entre los bogotanos, en comparación con menor estima por las hablas de la costa del Caribe y la región nariñense, al sur del país; asimismo sienten una alta autoestima lingüística, ya que consideran el habla colombiana como parte esencial de la identidad nacional y poseedora de una corrección lingüística que supera la del español hablado en España, México y la Argentina. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Bogotá, towards Spanish spoken in Colombia and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Norwegian Research Council (NRC. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 persons, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results of the project show that Spanish spoken in the capital has higher prestige than Spanish spoken on the Caribbean coast and in Nariño, the southern region of the country; the respondents show high linguistic self-esteem for Colombian Spanish, which they consider an essential part of their national identity, the linguistic correctness of which goes beyond that of Spanish spoken in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

  7. Multi-satellites normalization of the FengYun-2s visible detectors by the MVP method

    Li, Yuan; Rong, Zhi-guo; Zhang, Li-jun; Sun, Ling; Xu, Na


    After January 13, 2012, FY-2F had successfully launched, the total number of the in orbit operating FengYun-2 geostationary meteorological satellites reached three. For accurate and efficient application of multi-satellite observation data, the study of the multi-satellites normalization of the visible detector was urgent. The method required to be non-rely on the in orbit calibration. So as to validate the calibration results before and after the launch; calculate day updating surface bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF); at the same time track the long-term decay phenomenon of the detector's linearity and responsivity. By research of the typical BRDF model, the normalization method was designed. Which could effectively solute the interference of surface directional reflectance characteristics, non-rely on visible detector in orbit calibration. That was the Median Vertical Plane (MVP) method. The MVP method was based on the symmetry of principal plane, which were the directional reflective properties of the general surface targets. Two geostationary satellites were taken as the endpoint of a segment, targets on the intersecting line of the segment's MVP and the earth surface could be used as a normalization reference target (NRT). Observation on the NRT by two satellites at the moment the sun passing through the MVP brought the same observation zenith, solar zenith, and opposite relative direction angle. At that time, the linear regression coefficients of the satellite output data were the required normalization coefficients. The normalization coefficients between FY-2D, FY-2E and FY-2F were calculated, and the self-test method of the normalized results was designed and realized. The results showed the differences of the responsivity between satellites could up to 10.1%(FY-2E to FY-2F); the differences of the output reflectance calculated by the broadcast calibration look-up table could up to 21.1%(FY-2D to FY-2F); the differences of the output

  8. The extent and nature of television food advertising to children in Xi'an, China.

    Li, Danyang; Wang, Ting; Cheng, Yue; Zhang, Min; Yang, Xue; Zhu, Zhonghai; Liu, Danli; Yang, Wenfang; Zeng, Lingxia


    To explore the extent and nature of television food advertising especially unhealthy food advertising to primary school children in Xi'an, China. Television data were recorded for 2 weekdays and 2 weekend days between 6:00 and 22:00 during May and June in 2012 from a total of five television channels most popular with children in Xi'an. Pearson χ (2) tests and logistic regression were applied to determine differences in the proportion of healthy food, unhealthy food and miscellaneous food advertisements for different channels, programs, dates, viewing periods and the use of persuasive marketing tactics. Of the 5527 advertisements transcribed, 25.5 % were for food, among which 48.1 % were considered to be unhealthy. The frequency of food advertisements was 6 per hour per channel, including 3 unhealthy food advertisements. Compared with healthy and miscellaneous food advertisements, more unhealthy food advertisements were shown during afternoon, weekends and children's non-peak viewing times as well as on children's television channels, central television channels and non-children's programmes. Unhealthy foods contributed the highest proportion of all food advertisements containing promotional characters (51.7 %) and premium offers (59.1 %). Both promotional characters and premium offers appeared more on non-children's television channels. The majority of food advertisements were for unhealthy food. More unhealthy food ads were shown in children's non-peak time and afternoon as well as non-children's channels. More children-oriented persuasive marketing tactics were used in unhealthy food ads especially in non-children's channels. Therefore, intervening in the entrance of unhealthy foods into the market and establishing regulations related to food advertising especially unhealthy food advertisements are important strategies to prevent children's exposure to unhealthy food and childhood obesity.

  9. Prevalence and risk factors of obesity among school-aged children in Xi'an, China.

    Yi, Xiaoqing; Yin, Chunyan; Chang, Ming; Xiao, Yanfeng


    The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence and the risk factors associated with obesity among school-aged children in Xi'an city. The body mass index of 6,740 children aged 7-18 years was compared with the Working Group on Obesity in China cut-off value to estimate the prevalence of obesity. A case-control study of obese and non-obese children was carried out to study risk factors for obesity. A standardized questionnaire was used to collect information on possible risk factors causing obesity. Univariate analysis was performed first to compare the distribution of risk factors between cases and controls. Conditional logistic regression analysis was used to assess independent risk factors of obesity. The results showed that the overall prevalence of obesity among school-aged children was 4.11% (4.63% for males and 3.57% for females). A total of 516 subjects (258 pairs of cases and controls) were included in the final analysis. High maternal education and a longer sleeping time were shown to be protective factors against obesity (odds ratio [OR] 0.148, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.074-0.296 and OR 0.472, 95% CI 0.342-0.652, respectively). Whereas family history of diabetes (OR 5.498, 95% CI 2.606-11.600), parental overweight (OR 3.720, 95% CI 2.068-6.689), and watching television, playing video games, and using computers (OR 1.564, 95% CI 1.133-2.159) were associated with a higher obesity risk. The prevalence of childhood obesity in Xi'an has become a concern, and sleeping time, sedentary behavior, and family factors have pronounced effects on the prevalence of obesity.

  10. Differential sensitivity of five cyanobacterial strains to ammonium toxicity and its inhibitory mechanism on the photosynthesis of rice-field cyanobacterium Ge-Xian-Mi (Nostoc)

    Dai Guozheng; Deblois, Charles P.; Liu Shuwen; Juneau, Philippe; Qiu Baosheng


    Effects of two fertilizers, NH 4 Cl and KCl, on the growth of the edible cyanobacterium Ge-Xian-Mi (Nostoc) and four other cyanobacterial strains were compared at pH 8.3 ± 0.2 and 25 deg. C. Their growth was decreased by at least 65% at 10 mmol L -1 NH 4 Cl but no inhibitory effect was observed at the same level of KCl. Meanwhile, the strains exhibited a great variation of sensitivity to NH 4 + toxicity in the order: Ge-Xian-Mi > Anabaena azotica FACHB 118 > Microcystis aeruginosa FACHB 905 > M. aeruginosa FACHB 315 > Synechococcus FACHB 805. The 96-h EC 50 value for relative growth rate with regard to NH 4 + for Ge-Xian-Mi was 1.105 mmol L -1 , which was much less than the NH 4 + concentration in many agricultural soils (2-20 mmol L -1 ). This indicated that the use of ammonium as nitrogen fertilizer was responsible for the reduced resource of Ge-Xian-Mi in the paddy field. After 96 h exposure to 1 mmol L -1 NH 4 Cl, the photosynthetic rate, F v /F m value, saturating irradiance for photosynthesis and PSII activity of Ge-Xian-Mi colonies were remarkably decreased. The chlorophyll synthesis of Ge-Xian-Mi was more sensitive to NH 4 + toxicity than phycobiliproteins. Thus, the functional absorption cross section of Ge-Xian-Mi PSII was increased markedly at NH 4 Cl levels ≥1 mmol L -1 and the electron transport on the acceptor side of PSII was significantly accelerated by NH 4 Cl addition ≥3 mmol L -1 . Dark respiration of Ge-Xian-Mi was significantly increased by 246% and 384% at 5 and 10 mmol L -1 NH 4 Cl, respectively. The rapid fluorescence rise kinetics indicated that the oxygen-evolving complex of PSII was the inhibitory site of NH 4 +

  11. FY 1999 Report on overseas geological structure surveys. Joint Japan-China Yu Xian exploitation project; 1999 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa hokokusho. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This project is based on the (agreement of the joint exploitation project for Yu Xian block in Yu Xian coal mine, Province of Hepei by Japan's NEDO and China's Coal Geological Bureau), signed on October 4, 1996. The joint project mainly comprises seismic exploitation and test drilling, Japan being mainly responsible for the former and China for the latter. The final report will be drawn jointly for the geological survey results necessary for designing coal mines. The Yu Xian block contains the Jurassic coal seams, which are covered by the Quaternary bed and not exposed to the surface. The Quaternary bed base is 50 to 400 m deep from the surface, and coal seams are 300 to 700 m deep also from the surface. A total of 11 coal seams are located in the Xiahuayuan strata as the coal-bearing strata. The first and fifth seams are most promising ones. In particular, the fifth seam is thick (0.2 to 6.91 m thick) and distributed throughout the block. It is estimated that 8 coal seams have a total coal quantity of approximately 346 million tons. (NEDO)

  12. Las ideas lingüísticas de John R. Firth

    Battaner Moro, Elena


    Esta monografía es la primera publicada a nivel nacional e internacional que describe y analiza la obra y la teoría lingüística de John R. Firth (1890-1960). John Rupert Firth (1890-1960) fue un lingüista británico que expuso sus tesis sobre el lenguaje, las lenguas y la lingüística entre los años 1930 y 1960. Desarrolló su trabajo principalmente en la Universidad de Londres; en concreto, en el Departamento de Lingüística y Fonética de la School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), cuya di...

  13. Propuesta para una lingüística del hipertexto o ciberlingüística

    Roberto Rodríguez John Alexander


    Full Text Available

    Gracias a que en la actualidad la idea del lenguaje tal y como era pensado en los comienzos de la lingüística ha evolucionado extraordinariamente para extenderse a otro tipo de manifestaciones menos convencionales, el hipertexto tiene cabida como objeto de la reflexión y de la práctica lingüísticas. El trabajo con hipertextos nos acerca al reto de dotar de una forma adecuada a los contenidos hipertextuales. La navegación, interactividad, escritura, lectura, generación, integración, representación y diseño hipertextual constituyen problemas técnicos abiertos a las prácticas lingüísticas. Todo esto nos hace ver la necesidad de una disciplina que se encargue del estudio y el desarrollo del hipertexto en cuanto unidad lingüística.

  14. Fermented Chinese formula Shuan-Tong-Ling attenuates ischemic stroke by inhibiting inflammation and apoptosis

    Zhi-gang Mei


    Full Text Available The fermented Chinese formula Shuan-Tong-Ling is composed of radix puerariae (Gegen, salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen, radix curcuma (Jianghuang, hawthorn (Shanzha, salvia chinensis (Shijianchuan, sinapis alba (Baijiezi, astragalus (Huangqi, panax japonicas (Zhujieshen, atractylodes macrocephala koidz (Baizhu, radix paeoniae alba (Baishao, bupleurum (Chaihu, chrysanthemum (Juhua, rhizoma cyperi (Xiangfu and gastrodin (Tianma, whose aqueous extract was fermented with lactobacillus, bacillus aceticus and saccharomycetes. Shuan-Tong-Ling is a formula used to treat brain diseases including ischemic stroke, migraine, and vascular dementia. Shuan-Tong-Ling attenuated H2O2-induced oxidative stress in rat microvascular endothelial cells. However, the potential mechanism involved in these effects is poorly understood. Rats were intragastrically treated with 5.7 or 17.2 mL/kg Shuan-Tong-Ling for 7 days before middle cerebral artery occlusion was induced. The results indicated Shuan-Tong-Ling had a cerebral protective effect by reducing infarct volume and increasing neurological scores. Shuan-Tong-Ling also decreased tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1β levels in the hippocampus on the ischemic side. In addition, Shuan-Tong-Ling upregulated the expression of SIRT1 and Bcl-2 and downregulated the expression of acetylated-protein 53 and Bax. Injection of 5 mg/kg silent information regulator 1 (SIRT1 inhibitor EX527 into the subarachnoid space once every 2 days, four times, reversed the above changes. These results demonstrate that Shuan-Tong-Ling might benefit cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by reducing inflammation and apoptosis through activation of the SIRT1 signaling pathway.

  15. Tesis sobre la lingüística del hablar

    Evgenia Vucheva


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} El artículo presenta un programa para la descripción del lenguaje en sus principales dimensiones ontológicas: la designación, el significado y el sentido. Se exponen de forma concisa los tres planos semánticos del hablar (universal, histórico e individual, así como las unidades y categorías que les corresponden. Asimismo se establecen las respectivas delimitaciones teóricas y metodológicas para su estudio sistemático. Nuestro objetivo principal es trazar las pautas hacia la descripción del hablar como actividad humana compleja, como el producto de la interacción de fenómenos cognitivos, lingüísticos y psicosociales. En este sentido, el trabajo es un intento de buscar el programa integral, elaborado sobre una base lingüística, para trazar las posibles vías hacia una concepción coherente del hablar como fenómeno humano singular, de naturaleza pluridimensional, pero al mismo tiempo unitaria. 

  16. Significado musical y significado lingüistico

    Fernández Rodríguez-Escalona, Guillermo


    Full Text Available The present paper deals with the problem of meaning in the field of Music from the perspective of the Theory of Language. In the author’s view, there has been an excessive use of the term “meaning” within the area of Musical Semantics, which may lead not only to a terminological lack of precision but also to a confusion of concepts which are more precise in Linguistics than in Musical Theory. Starting from the analysis of the different trends on the presence of meaning in music, as well as its similarities with the linguistic meaning, the author states that both music and language are abilities for the human being to express himself. Nonetheless, language, through its representative meaning, is able to code the experience a person may have of the world. Even though the semantic representation has nothing to do with the musical expression, the latter shares with language a modal meaning connected with the experience the subject has of himself.

    En este trabajo se aborda el problema del significado de la Música desde la perspectiva de la Teoría del lenguaje. En los estudios de semántica musical se hace un uso abusivo del término significado, lo cual lleva no solamente a imprecisiones terminológicas, sino también a confundir conceptos más matizados en la Lingüistica que en la Teoría musical. Partiendo del examen de distintas posiciones sobre la presencia del significado en la música y sus homologías con el significado lingüistico, se llega a la propuesta de que música y lenguaje forman parte de la capacidad expresiva del hombre, pero se diferencian en que el lenguaje, por medio del significado representativo, codifica la experiencia que el sujeto tiene del mundo. Y aunque la representación semántica es un procedimiento ajeno a la expresión musical, esta comparte con el lenguaje un contenido modal relacionado con la experiencia que el sujeto tiene de sí mismo.

  17. Performance Variation of Spent Resin in Mixed Bed From Water Purifying System of Xi'an Pulse Reactor

    Li Hua; Ma Yan; Xiao Yan; Liu Yueheng; Yang Yongqing


    Detailed physical and chemical characteristic analysis was performed on the spent cation and anion resins in the mixed bed from Xi'an Pulse Reactor water purifying system.The exchange performance variations of used resins and the contributions from different factors to the variation were discussed.Based on the obtained information of the impurities in the used resin, the contamination state of the water in the Xi'an Pulse Reactor water pool, the corrosion state of the structural material in the reactor was presented. The spent anion resin almost completely losses its exchange performance,while the remaining exchange capacity in the spent cation resin is still high.The radiation field from the reactor operation contributes little to the degradation of the performance of the resins. The exchange capacity loss of the spent anion resin is due to the exchange of its active groups into abundant carbonate and a certain amount of organics. The impurity amount in the anion and cation exchange resins is low,which suggests(that) the water in the Xi'an Pulse Reactor water pool is little contaminated. A certain extent of corrosion is occurred on the structural material in the swimming pool of the reactor. The results provide important referential data for the operational safety of the water purifying system of similar research reactor. (authors)

  18. [Study on pollution characteristics of carbonaceous aerosols in Xi'an City during the spring festival].

    Zhou, Bian-Hong; Zhang, Cheng-Zhong; Wang, Ge-Hui


    The samples of PM2.5 with 8 times periods were collected using Automated Cartridge Collection Unit (ACCU) of Rupprecht& Patashnick (R&P)Corporation, and monitored by R&P1400a instrument of TEOM series online during 2011 Spring Festival in Xi'an city. The organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC), water-soluble organic carbon (WSOC) and water-insoluble organic carbon (WIOC) contents of 3 h integrated PM2.5 were analyzed to evaluate the influence of firework display on the carbonaceous components in urban air. The mass concentration of PM2.5 was found increased significantly from 00:00 A. M. to 02:59 A. M. at the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve than the non-firework periods, reaching 1514.8 microg.m-3 at 01:00 A. M. The mass concentrations of OC, EC, WSOC, and WIOC during the same time period were 123.3 microg.m-3, 18.6 microg.m-3, 66.7 microg.m-3, and 56.6 microg.m-3, about 1.7, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.2 times higher than the average in normal days, respectively. Correlation analysis among WSOC, OC, and EC contents in PM25 showed that firework emission was an obvious source of carbonaceous aerosol in the Spring Festival vacation. However, it only contributes to 9. 4% for aerosol in fireworks emission.

  19. Multiple phenological responses to climate change among 42 plant species in Xi'an, China.

    Dai, Junhu; Wang, Huanjiong; Ge, Quansheng


    Phenological data of 42 woody plants in a temperate deciduous forest from the Chinese Phenological Observation Network (CPON) and the corresponding meteorological data from 1963 to 2011 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China were collected and analyzed. The first leaf date (FLD), leaf coloring date (LCD) and first flower date (FFD) are revealed as strong biological signals of climatic change. The FLD, LCD and FFD of most species are sensitive to average temperature during a certain period before phenophase onset. Regional precipitation also has a significant impact on phenophases of about half of the species investigated. Affected by climate change, the FLD and FFD of these species have advanced by 5.54 days and 10.20 days on average during 2003-2011 compared with the period 1963-1996, respectively. Meanwhile, the LCD has delayed by 10.59 days, and growing season length has extended 16.13 days. Diverse responses of phenology commonly exist among different species and functional groups during the study period. Especially for FFD, the deviations between the above two periods ranged from -20.68 to -2.79 days; biotic pollination species showed a significantly greater advance than abiotic pollination species. These results were conducive to the understanding of possible changes in both the structure of plant communities and interspecific relationships in the context of climate change.

  20. School environment factors were associated with BMI among adolescents in Xi'an City, China

    Dibley Michael J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background School environment influences students' behaviours. The purpose of this research was to identify school environment factors associated with BMI. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted among 1792 school-aged adolescents from 30 schools in six districts in Xi'an City in 2004. Height and weight were taken from students by trained field staff. School environment characteristics such as physical factors (school facilities, school shops and fast food outlets in school area, school curricula and policies were collected from school doctors using school environment questionnaire. School environment factors were identified in linear mixed effect models with BMI as outcome and adjusted for socio-demographic factors. Results After adjusted for socio-demographic factors, BMI was associated with the availability of soft drinks at school shops, the availability and the number of western food outlet in the school vicinity. School curricula such as sports-meeting and health education session were also associated with BMI. Conclusions Urgent actions are needed to address the obesogenic elements of school environments. Community and school policy makers should make efforts for students to avoid exposure to fast food outlet in school area and soft drinks at school shops, and to improve school curricula to promote healthy behaviours.

  1. Natural radioactivity in some building materials of Xi'an, China

    Lu Xinwei


    Eight kinds of building materials collected from Xi'an, China were analyzed for the natural radioactivity of 226 Ra, 232 Th and 40 K using γ-ray spectroscopy. The concentrations of 226 Ra, 232 Th and 40 K in the selected building materials ranges from 19.5 to 68.3Bqkg -1 , 13.4 to 51.7Bqkg -1 and 63.2 to 713.9Bqkg -1 , respectively. The measured activity concentrations for these natural radionuclides were compared with the reported data of other countries and with the world average activity of soil. The radium equivalent activities (Ra eq ), external hazard index (H ex ) and the internal radiation hazard index (H in ) associated with the natural radionuclides were calculated. The Ra eq values of all building materials are lower than the limit of 370Bqkg -1 , equivalent to a γ-dose of 1.5mSvyr -1 . The values of H ex and H in are less than unity

  2. Control rod drop accident analysis for the mixed core project in Ling Ao NPS

    Zhang Shishun; Zhou Zhou; Xiao Min


    AFA-2G assemblies in Ling Ao NPS (LNPS) have been replaced gradually by AFA-3G assemblies from cycle 2 and subsequent cycles. the enrichment of the fuels will be increased from 3.2% to 3.7% from cycle 3 in Ling Ao. Therefore, the study of ling Ao mixed core and increased enrichment have been performed since 2001. Lots of accidents need to be re-analyzed in Ling Ao NPS in order to verify its safety requirements for the new fuel management. Control rod drop accident for LNPS was re-analyzed in 2001 in frame of FRAMATOME ANP analytical methodology. The analytical codes used in the accident analysis include SCIENCE, ESPADON, CINEMA, CANTAL and FLICA III. The control rod drop accident analysis is performed with respect to the 10 reference cycles of the generic fuel management design for Ling Ao mixed core and increased enrichment study. The pre-drop FδH for the first transition cycles and other cycles are 1.52 and 1.55, respectively. For detected dropped rod configurations, the negative flux rate protection system actuates a reactor trip. For the non-detected dropped rod configurations, the minimum DNBR values have been evaluated with conservative analysis methodology and assumptions and the DNBR fuel design limit is respected the analytical results shows that, for all the non-detected dropped rod configurations, the minimum DNB margin is about 2% which occurs in AFA-2G fuel assembly in the first transition cycle. (author)

  3. Las actitudes hacia las lenguas y el aprendizaje lingüístico



    Full Text Available En el aprendizaje de segundas o terceras lenguas se debe destacar el importante papel que juegan las actitudes lingüísticas. En este artículo, en primer lugar nos acercamos conceptualmente a este tipo de actitudes para después centrarnos en cómo los factores actitudinales y motivacionales influyen en el aprendizaje lingüístico. De acuerdo con lo expuesto y siguiendo la terminología de Lambert, en segundo lugar nos detenemos en cómo el tipo de motivación que tienen los sujetos (instrumental o de integración determina su grado de competencia lingüística y en cómo las actitudes presentes en la familia influyen en las actitudes que desarrollan estos sujetos hacia las otras comunidades lingüísticas. Repasamos también el debate existente entorno a toda esta temática, y subrayamos las principales variables que pueden originar o cambiar las actitudes lingüísticas, realzando el papel de la familia, la escuela y los mass media. Finalmente, resumimos brevemente un estudio centrado en las actitudes ante las lenguas de los escolares de origen inmigrante en Cataluña.

  4. Lingüística de Corpus: histórico e problemática

    SARDINHA Tony Berber


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho oferece uma retrospectiva da Lingüística de Corpus, uma área de pesquisa que tem experimentado um crescimento vertiginoso nos últimos anos e que tem tido um impacto considerável na lingüística. A retrospectiva inclui tanto um painel histórico quanto um posicionamento em relação aos debates correntes e desenvolvimentos futuros da área. Os conceitos principais em voga na área são apresentados e discutidos. O trabalho ainda comenta os fatos mais marcantes na Lingüística de Corpus em relação à teoria e à prática, elencando os principais corpora em existência bem como as mais importantes contribuições no campo de programas de computador para análise e exploração desses corpora.

  5. Variability in permanent tooth size of three ancient populations in Xi'an, northern China.

    Huang, Shi-You; Kang, Ting; Liu, Dai-Yun; Duan, Yin-Zhong; Shao, Jin-Ling


    This paper compares permanent dental dimensions between three ancient populations that belonged to the same biological population throughout a temporal range of 2000 years to detect temporal trends and metric variation in dentition. The samples analysed were dental remains of 4502 permanent teeth from 321 individuals, which were excavated from three archaeological sites: Chang'an (1000-1300 years BP), Shanren (2200 years BP) and Shaolingyuan (3000 years BP) in the Xi'an region (northern China). For each tooth three standard measurements were taken: Mesiodistal (MD) diameter of crown, labiolingual or buccolingual (BL) diameter of crown and length of root (LR). Three ancient population samples generally displayed the same dental dimensions (p>0.05), whereas some tooth types varied. The Shaolingyuan had larger canine and the smallest maxillary second molars and the Chang'an had the largest mandibular first molars in the MD dimension. The Shanren had the smallest maxillary third molars and mandibular central incisors, and the Chang'an had the smallest maxillary lateral incisors in the BL dimension. In the LR measures, statistically significant differences of five tooth types showed that the Chang'an were smaller than the Shaolingyuan and the Shanren. Comparisons of coefficients of variation for teeth showed that the length of root and third molar usually displayed greater variation. Decreasing or increasing trend for crown size does not occur between the ancient populations, while changes in crown size of a few tooth types fluctuate. The root size is more variable than the crown size and is likely to reflect a degenerated trend in a few tooth types. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Schedule control in Ling Ao nuclear power project

    Xie Ahai


    Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station (LANP) is first one built up by self-reliance in China with power capacity 990x2 MWe. The results of quality control, schedule control and cost control are satisfactory. The commercial operation days of Unit 1 and Unit 2 were 28th May 2002 and 8th Jan. 2003 respectively, which were 48 days and 66 days in advance of the project schedule. This paper presents the practices of self-reliance schedule control system in LANP. The paper includes 10 sections: schedule control system; targets of schedule control; schedule control at early stage of project; construction schedule; scheduling practice; Point curves; schedule control of design and procurement; a good practice of construction schedule control on site; commissioning and startup schedule; schedule control culture. Three figures are attached. The main contents of the self-reliance schedule control system are as follows: to draw up reasonable schedules and targets; to setup management mechanism and procedures; to organize powerful project management team; to establish close monitoring system; to provide timely progress reports and statistics information. Five kinds of schedule control targets are introduced, i.e. bar-chart schedule; milesones; Point curves; interface management; hydraulic test schedule of auxiliary piping loops; EMR/EMC/EESR issuance schedules. Six levels of bar-chart schedules were adopted in LANP, but the bar-chart schedules were not satisfactory for complicated erection condition on site, even using six levels of schedules. So a kind of Point curves was developed and their advantages are explained. Scheduling method of three elements: activity, duration, logic, which was adopted in LANP, is introduced. The duration of each piping activities in LANP level 2 project schedule was calculated based on the relevant working Point quantities. The analysis and adjustment of Point curves are illustrated, i.e. balance of monthly quantities; possible production in the peakload

  7. Plant landscape design and its social service function of Shanghai Qibao GaoXian Roof Garden Market

    Dai Wenbin


    Full Text Available With the rapid development of urban social economy,the original green area of the cities has been decreasing continually. In order to meet the humanistic,natural and economic demands of the urban green space,this paper takes the Shanghai Qibao GaoXian Roof Garden Market as an example further studing the social service functions of the market such as leisure meeting,garden life,flower market,education on nature,festival exhibition and so on.

  8. Differential sensitivity of five cyanobacterial strains to ammonium toxicity and its inhibitory mechanism on the photosynthesis of rice-field cyanobacterium Ge-Xian-Mi (Nostoc)

    Dai Guozheng [College of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China); Hubei Key Laboratory of Genetic Regulation and Integrative Biology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China); Deblois, Charles P. [Department des Sciences Biologiques, TOXEN, Canada Research Chair on Ecotoxicology of Aquatic Microorganisms, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Succursale Centre-ville, C.P. 8888 Montreal, Quebec H3C 3P8 (Canada); Liu Shuwen [College of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China); Hubei Key Laboratory of Genetic Regulation and Integrative Biology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China); Juneau, Philippe [Department des Sciences Biologiques, TOXEN, Canada Research Chair on Ecotoxicology of Aquatic Microorganisms, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Succursale Centre-ville, C.P. 8888 Montreal, Quebec H3C 3P8 (Canada); Qiu Baosheng [College of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China); Hubei Key Laboratory of Genetic Regulation and Integrative Biology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei (China)], E-mail:


    Effects of two fertilizers, NH{sub 4}Cl and KCl, on the growth of the edible cyanobacterium Ge-Xian-Mi (Nostoc) and four other cyanobacterial strains were compared at pH 8.3 {+-} 0.2 and 25 deg. C. Their growth was decreased by at least 65% at 10 mmol L{sup -1} NH{sub 4}Cl but no inhibitory effect was observed at the same level of KCl. Meanwhile, the strains exhibited a great variation of sensitivity to NH{sub 4}{sup +} toxicity in the order: Ge-Xian-Mi > Anabaena azotica FACHB 118 > Microcystis aeruginosa FACHB 905 > M. aeruginosa FACHB 315 > Synechococcus FACHB 805. The 96-h EC{sub 50} value for relative growth rate with regard to NH{sub 4}{sup +} for Ge-Xian-Mi was 1.105 mmol L{sup -1}, which was much less than the NH{sub 4}{sup +} concentration in many agricultural soils (2-20 mmol L{sup -1}). This indicated that the use of ammonium as nitrogen fertilizer was responsible for the reduced resource of Ge-Xian-Mi in the paddy field. After 96 h exposure to 1 mmol L{sup -1} NH{sub 4}Cl, the photosynthetic rate, F{sub v}/F{sub m} value, saturating irradiance for photosynthesis and PSII activity of Ge-Xian-Mi colonies were remarkably decreased. The chlorophyll synthesis of Ge-Xian-Mi was more sensitive to NH{sub 4}{sup +} toxicity than phycobiliproteins. Thus, the functional absorption cross section of Ge-Xian-Mi PSII was increased markedly at NH{sub 4}Cl levels {>=}1 mmol L{sup -1} and the electron transport on the acceptor side of PSII was significantly accelerated by NH{sub 4}Cl addition {>=}3 mmol L{sup -1}. Dark respiration of Ge-Xian-Mi was significantly increased by 246% and 384% at 5 and 10 mmol L{sup -1} NH{sub 4}Cl, respectively. The rapid fluorescence rise kinetics indicated that the oxygen-evolving complex of PSII was the inhibitory site of NH{sub 4}{sup +}.

  9. Quality control of Ling'ao nuclear power station civil construction

    Lu Buliang; Ye Changyuan


    Based on the quality control model adopted during Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station construction, the author briefly introduces quality control process of some main civil construction activities (reinforced concrete, steel liner, steel works and prestressing force) of nuclear power station, and makes some descriptions on non-conformance control of civil works. These quality control processes described come from the concrete practice during civil construction of Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station, and are based on Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station construction experience

  10. Risk of loss power for ATWT in Daya Bay and Ling'ao nuclear power stations

    Guo Cheng


    In order to analyze the differences between the Anticipated Transient Without Reactor Trip (ATWT) and other reactor protection methods, this paper analyzes in detail the realizing means of ATWT and the effect of lost of power supply on the units based on Daya Bay and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Stations by system wiring diagram. Based on the comprehensive analysis,this paper proposes the sequence for powering when recovering the power source after ATWT power supply (LCC/LNE) loss for Daya Bay and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Stations. (authors)

  11. FY 2000 report on the survey of the overseas geological structure. Japan-China joint coal exploration - Yu Xian project; 2000 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa hokokusho. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    The geological survey was carried out which is needed for coal mine design in the Yu Xian coal mine area, Yu Xian coal field, Hebei province, China. The term of survey was 5 years from 1996 to 2000. Activities are mainly for seismic survey and boring survey. Japan was in charge of the seismic survey, and China in charge of the boring survey. Both attained the goal. The results of the activities were summed up in the following 7 items: 1) outline of the survey; 2) general investigation; 3) state of the exploration related materials/machinery; 4) field survey; 5) items of survey; 6) results of the survey; 7) conclusion. In 6), the geological analysis, coal quality survey and coal amount survey were conducted. In the geological analysis, analyzed were the succession of strata, geological structure, and the situation of existence of coal seams. In 7), the following were made clear: geological structure of the survey area, coal seam, coal quality, hydrological geology, other conditions of drilling technology, and coal amount. The coal amount was 328.34 million tons in a total of A/B/C class coals. The total coal amount of Nos. 1 and 5 coal seams was 259.79 million tons, which was 79.1% of the total coal amount in all area. The average thickness of Nos. 1 and 5 coal seams, which are the main minable coal seams, was 3.10m and 2.66m, respectively. (NEDO)

  12. Lingüística computacional y esteganografía lingüística. Distribuyendo información oculta con recursos mínimos

    Muñoz Muñoz, Alfonso


    Full Text Available Computational linguistics and linguistic steganography could allow to design useful systems in the protection / privacy of digital communications and digital language watermarking. However, building these systems is not always possible provided a series of conditions are not met. This article investigates whether it is possible to design procedures to hide information in natural language using minimal linguistic and computational resources. An algorithm is proposed and implemented, arguing for the usefulness and security of such proposals.La lingüística computacional puede ser aprovechada junto a la ciencia de la esteganografía lingüística para diseñar sistemas útiles en la protección/privacidad de las comunicaciones digitales y en el marcado digital de textos. No obstante, para poder llevar a cabo tal tarea se requiere de una serie de condiciones que no siempre se dan. En este artículo se investiga si es posible diseñar procedimientos que permitan ocultar información en lenguaje natural utilizando la mínima cantidad de recursos tanto lingüísticos como computacionales. Se propone un algoritmo y se implementa, razonando posteriormente a favor de la utilidad y la seguridad de propuestas de este tipo.

  13. TL dating of pottery sherds and baked soil from the Xian Terracotta Army Site, Shaanxi Province, China

    Lu Yanchou; Zhang Jingzhao; Xie Jun


    Six ceramics and two baked soil samples collected from the famous Xian Terracotta Army Site have been dated by using fine grain (2-8 μ) thermoluminescence (TL) technique. Five samples of pottery sherds exhibited peak TL at about 275 0 C and 395 0 C gave the TL age ranges from 2.13 ± 0.14 ka to 2.25 ± 0.14 ka and a mean TL age of 2.20 ± 0.15 ka, with a good plateau in the range of 290-400 0 C. Another sample, however, showed a larger peak at 365 0 C and could not be dated because of serious fading. TL ages of 1.93 ± 0.13 ka and 2.20 ± 0.19 ka have been also obtained from the baked soil samples with a plateau between 300 and 350 0 C. The TL dates of the ceramics and baked soil are consistent with C-14 dates on charcoal samples taken from the same layer in Xian Terracotta Army Site. It is consistent with other evidence that the Terracotta Army figures were made about 2200 yr ago and that the site burned down soon afterwards. (author)

  14. Cooperation Performance Evaluation between Seaport and Dry Port; Case of Qingdao Port and Xi'an Port

    Jian Li


    Full Text Available Along with the drastic competition among ports, the strive for the vast economic hinterland and the supply of goods have become strategic problems for port operators. At the same time, port enterprises are paying more and more attention to the construction of dry ports. This article establishes the port cooperation performance evaluation index based on the balanced score card method and uses the grey relational degree method to evaluate the cooperation performance between seaports and dry ports. Finally using Qingdao port and Xi'an port as an example, and Zhengzhou port and Lanzhou port as benchmarks, the application of this evaluation method is introduced in detail. The conclusion reveals that cooperation between Qingdao port and Xi'an port has deficiencies in customer satisfaction, financial cooperation and non-market tools. Alongside this, the author proposes related issues about information management in the supply chain, competition position and the scope of hinterland. This article, combined with the related theory of supply chain and performance evaluation, puts forward a set of relatively complete cooperation performance evaluations between seaports and dry ports, which provide scientific theory support for better cooperation.

  15. The spatial distribution of commuting CO2 emissions and the influential factors: A case study in Xi'an, China

    Yuan-Yuan Liu


    Full Text Available As the transport sector is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, the effect of urbanization on transport CO2 emissions in developing cities has become a key issue under global climate change. Examining the case of Xi'an, this paper aims to explore the spatial distribution of commuting CO2 emissions and influencing factors in the new, urban industry zones and city centers considering Xi'an's transition from a monocentric to a polycentric city in the process of urbanization. Based on household survey data from 1501 respondents, there are obvious differences in commuting CO2 emissions between new industry zones and city centers: City centers feature lower household emissions of 2.86 kg CO2 per week, whereas new industry zones generally have higher household emissions of 3.20 kg CO2 per week. Contrary to previous research results, not all new industry zones have high levels of CO2 emissions; with the rapid development of various types of industries, even a minimum level of household emissions of 2.53 kg CO2 per week is possible. The uneven distribution of commuting CO2 emissions is not uniformly affected by spatial parameters such as job–housing balance, residential density, employment density, and land use diversity. Optimum combination of the spatial parameters and travel pattern along with corresponding transport infrastructure construction may be an appropriate path to reduction and control of emissions from commuting.

  16. A Hydrological Tomography Collocated with Time-varying Gravimetry for Hydrogeology -An Example in Yun-Lin Alluvial Plain and Ming-Ju Basin in Taiwan

    Chen, K. H.; Cheng, C. C.; Hwang, C.


    A new inversion technique featured by the collocation of hydrological modeling and gravimetry observation is presented in this report. Initially this study started from a project attempting to build a sequence of hydrodynamic models of ground water system, which was applied to identify the supplement areas of alluvial plains and basins along the west coast of Taiwan. To calibrate the decent hydro-geological parameters for the modeling, geological evolution were carefully investigated and absolute gravity observations, along with other on-site hydrological monitoring data were specially introduced. It was discovered in the data processing that the time-varying gravimetrical data are highly sensitive to certain boundary conditions in the hydrodynamic model, which are correspondent with respective geological features. A new inversion technique coined by the term "hydrological tomography" is therefore developed by reversing the boundary condition into the unknowns to be solved. An example of accurate estimate for water storage and precipitation infiltration of a costal alluvial plain Yun-Lin is presented. In the mean time, the study of an anticline structure of the upstream basin Ming-Ju is also presented to demonstrate how a geological formation is outlined when the gravimetrical data and hydrodynamic model are re-directed into an inversion.

  17. Correction of sub-pixel topographical effects on land surface albedo retrieved from geostationary satellite (FengYun-2D) observations

    Roupioz, L; Nerry, F; Jia, L; Menenti, M


    The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau is characterised by a very strong relief which affects albedo retrieval from satellite data. The objective of this study is to highlight the effects of sub-pixel topography and to account for those effects when retrieving land surface albedo from geostationary satellite FengYun-2D (FY-2D) data with 1.25km spatial resolution using the high spatial resolution (30 m) data of the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from ASTER. The methodology integrates the effects of sub-pixel topography on the estimation of the total irradiance received at the surface, allowing the computation of the topographically corrected surface reflectance. Furthermore, surface albedo is estimated by applying the parametric BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) model called RPV (Rahman-Pinty-Verstraete) to the terrain corrected surface reflectance. The results, evaluated against ground measurements collected over several experimental sites on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, document the advantage of integrating the sub-pixel topography effects in the land surface reflectance at 1km resolution to estimate the land surface albedo. The results obtained after using sub-pixel topographic correction are compared with the ones obtained after using pixel level topographic correction. The preliminary results imply that, in highly rugged terrain, the sub-pixel topography correction method gives more accurate results. The pixel level correction tends to overestimate surface albedo

  18. Modellering og måling af metan-emission fra kvæg

    Storm, I; Hellwing, Anne Louise Frydendahl; Nielsen, N I


    Udvikling af og kendskab til de metoder, der bruges til måling af kvægs metan-emission udgør en vigtig del af forskningen indenfor området. I dette indlæg præsenteres de mest anvendte metoder til måling og estimation af kvægs metan-emission, herunder modeller, in vitro inkubation, kammer-metoder,......-metoder, SF6-metoden og CO2-metoden. De enkelte metoder beskrives og fordele, ulemper og anvendelsesområder sammenlignes. Dette er vigtig baggrundsinformation for forståelse og fortolkning af øvrige forskningsresultater og for at kunne planlægge fremtidige projekter.......Udvikling af og kendskab til de metoder, der bruges til måling af kvægs metan-emission udgør en vigtig del af forskningen indenfor området. I dette indlæg præsenteres de mest anvendte metoder til måling og estimation af kvægs metan-emission, herunder modeller, in vitro inkubation, kammer...

  19. El lingüista y las patologías del lenguaje

    Fernández Pérez, Milagros


    Se definen tres dimensiones básicas en las que la Lingüística resulta clave para aproximarse a las patologías del lenguaje, a saber, el enfoque, los procedimientos descriptivos y los sistemas de estimación de las disfunciones

  20. Los indicadores lingüísticos: un factor para medir capital intelectual en las organizaciones

    Juan Carlos Vergara Silva


    Full Text Available Se plantean las formas de interactuar con el lenguaje en la organización. Los avances en la lingüística cognitiva permiten no solo relacionar la cognición y el lenguaje de la organización, sino además, analizar el discurso organizacional que han construido las personas sobre su empresa

  1. Impact on air quality of measures to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic in Basel, Rotterdam, Xi'an and Suzhou

    Keuken, M.P.; Jonkers, S.; Verhagen, H.L.M.; Perez, L.; Truëb, S.; Okkerse, W.J.; Liu, J.; Pan, X.C.; Zheng, L.; Wang, H.; Xu, R.; Sabel, C.E.


    Two traffic scenarios to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic in two European cities (Basel and Rotterdam) and two Chinese cities (Xi'an and Suzhou) were evaluated in terms of their impact on air quality. The two scenarios, one modelling a reduction of private vehicle kilometres driven by 10% on

  2. [Models for biomass estimation of four shrub species planted in urban area of Xi'an city, Northwest China].

    Yao, Zheng-Yang; Liu, Jian-Jun


    Four common greening shrub species (i. e. Ligustrum quihoui, Buxus bodinieri, Berberis xinganensis and Buxus megistophylla) in Xi'an City were selected to develop the highest correlation and best-fit estimation models for the organ (branch, leaf and root) and total biomass against different independent variables. The results indicated that the organ and total biomass optimal models of the four shrubs were power functional model (CAR model) except for the leaf biomass model of B. megistophylla which was logarithmic functional model (VAR model). The independent variables included basal diameter, crown diameter, crown diameter multiplied by height, canopy area and canopy volume. B. megistophylla significantly differed from the other three shrub species in the independent variable selection, which were basal diameter and crown-related factors, respectively.

  3. Ciência Lingüística: da origem saussureana ao percurso sociolingüístico

    Solyany Soares Salgado


    Full Text Available

    Este artigo apresenta algumas considerações sobre as diretrizes tomadas pela ciência Lingüística na tentativa de oferecer um melhor aparato teórico para a compreensão dos fenômenos lingüísticos. Neste trabalho, as propostas teóricas originadas de reflexões feitas por autores como Saussure, Bakhtin, Chomsky e Labov são levadas em consideração para mostrar, entre outras coisas, que os lingüistas estão vendo, cada vez mais, a possibilidade de se trabalhar aspectos em comum de teorias lingüísticas diferentes para melhor explicar o objeto de estudo.

  4. The design of KRT digital system in Ling'ao Ⅱ

    Sun Yuanjun; Zhang Renyan; Zhao Weijun


    In the design of KRT system in Ling Ao Ⅱ, it requires the hardware composition shall be similar to that of Ling Ao Ⅰ. At the same time, the KRT system should be digitized and centralized. In order to realize the goal, the KRT system will be divided into the lower and upper parts. The local sensor at the lower part will transform the analog signal to digital signal in the local display unit; then the digital signals are sent to the upper part (cabinet) by RS-485; the cabinet collects the signals, saves and displays them in the server or operation workstation. or sends them to the DCS. On the other hand, the digital signals will be treated into analog or on/off signals in cabinet and transmitted to other systems. (authors)

  5. Naturaleza y origen de los demonios en la épica tibetana de Gesar de Ling

    Bertha Aceves Torres


    Full Text Available El poema épico del héroe tibetano Gesar de Ling nace de tradición oral, posteriormente es escrito en diversas lenguas, y sus interpretaciones orales, en el Tíbet, perduran hasta nuestros días. El conflicto que desata las acciones en el relato es el enfrentamiento del héroe contra los seres demoníacos, que asolan y subyugan al pueblo tibetano. La categoría de demonios en el occidente difiere de la naturaleza de los demonios en el budismo tibetano. La subyugación de los demonios por Gesar de Ling, que se efectúa en el poema, corresponde a uno de los objetivos del budismo a su llegada al Tíbet.

  6. Experience feedback of operation events in Ling'ao phase Ⅱ nuclear power plant

    Xiao Zhi; Tao Shusheng; Sun Guochen; Zhang Zengqing


    As a new operating nuclear power plant, Ling'ao Phase Ⅱ occurred 20 pieces of operational events in one year of first cycle. By analyzing the events in this paper, the causes of the events are mainly concentrated in three aspects: interface between commissioning and operating, DCS system and the management of human factors. Finally, author gives some suggestions on experience feedback, as a reference to other similar nuclear power plants. (authors)

  7. Fumigation treatment of Four Yellow Qing Ling Water with artificial tears for dry eyes

    Yan-Yan Chen


    Full Text Available AIM: To observe the clinical efficacy of fumigation treatment of traditional Chinese medicine(Four Yellow Qing Ling Waterfor dry eye, and to provide the reference for clinical treatment of dry eye. METHODS: Totally 82 patients(164 eyeswere randomly divided into two groups from June 2016 to December 2016 in Ophthalmology Department of our hospital. The patients in control group were given artificial tears; the patients in the observation group were given artificial tears and fumigation treatment of traditional Chinese(Four Yellow Qing Ling Wateronce a day. After treatment for 14d, the Schirmer Ⅰ test(SⅠt, break-up time(BUT, cornea fluorescein staining(FLand clinical efficacy of two groups were compared. RESULTS: The efficiency rate of observation group was significantly better than the control group(87.8% vs 70.7%, Pvs 6.38±2.52mm/5min, Pvs 6.35±2.29s, Pvs 1.26±0.84, PCONCLUSION: The fumigation treatment of traditional Chinese medicine(Four Yellow Qing Ling Watercombined with artificial tears for dry eyes can improve the clinical symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

  8. Dificuldades lingüísticas na aquisição da escrita e agressividade

    Fermino Fernandes Sisto

    Full Text Available Esta pesquisa estudou a relação entre dificuldades lingüísticas da escrita e agressividade em estudantes de oito a doze anos. Participaram 834 alunos de escolas estaduais e particulares. Foi aplicada a Escala de Agressividade para Crianças e Jovens, que fornece medidas de agressividade geral e nas situações familiar e escolar e o ADAPE, que consiste em um ditado composto por palavras com dificuldades lingüísticas. As dificuldades lingüísticas e as medidas de agressividade escolar indicaram grandes semelhanças nos resultados das segundas e terceiras séries, fornecendo correlações significativas e positivas, ou seja, conforme aumentaram os erros na escrita, aumentaram também as pontuações em agressividade escolar. Entretanto, com os alunos da quarta série, houve uma nítida diferenciação entre os gêneros. Enquanto que as meninas forneceram coeficientes positivos e alguns muito altos, os meninos registraram correlações negativas, indicando que conforme aumentaram os erros, diminuiu a agressividade escolar.

  9. Development of Ling-zhi industry in China – emanated from the artificial cultivation in the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS

    Saifei Li


    Full Text Available Ling-zhi is a medicinal herb that generally refers to a fungus in the genus Ganoderma. It has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. Mycologists at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS first artificially cultivated the Ling-zhi fruiting body in the late 1960s (X.J. Liu’s team. In IMCAS, different research teams have extensively studied Ling-zhi in the aspects of national resource surveys, systematic taxonomy, chemical analysis, and processing for medicinal and health applications. The research results from IMCAS have provided essential support and prompted the development of the Ling-zhi industry in China to some extent. This review aims to summarize the history of research on Ling-zhi in IMCAS and its role in the development of the Ling-zhi economy.

  10. Generalized Split-Window Algorithm for Estimate of Land Surface Temperature from Chinese Geostationary FengYun Meteorological Satellite (FY-2C Data

    Jun Xia


    Full Text Available On the basis of the radiative transfer theory, this paper addressed the estimate ofLand Surface Temperature (LST from the Chinese first operational geostationarymeteorological satellite-FengYun-2C (FY-2C data in two thermal infrared channels (IR1,10.3-11.3 μ m and IR2, 11.5-12.5 μ m , using the Generalized Split-Window (GSWalgorithm proposed by Wan and Dozier (1996. The coefficients in the GSW algorithmcorresponding to a series of overlapping ranging of the mean emissivity, the atmosphericWater Vapor Content (WVC, and the LST were derived using a statistical regressionmethod from the numerical values simulated with an accurate atmospheric radiativetransfer model MODTRAN 4 over a wide range of atmospheric and surface conditions.The simulation analysis showed that the LST could be estimated by the GSW algorithmwith the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE less than 1 K for the sub-ranges with theViewing Zenith Angle (VZA less than 30° or for the sub-rangs with VZA less than 60°and the atmospheric WVC less than 3.5 g/cm2 provided that the Land Surface Emissivities(LSEs are known. In order to determine the range for the optimum coefficients of theGSW algorithm, the LSEs could be derived from the data in MODIS channels 31 and 32 provided by MODIS/Terra LST product MOD11B1, or be estimated either according tothe land surface classification or using the method proposed by Jiang et al. (2006; and theWVC could be obtained from MODIS total precipitable water product MOD05, or beretrieved using Li et al.’ method (2003. The sensitivity and error analyses in term of theuncertainty of the LSE and WVC as well as the instrumental noise were performed. Inaddition, in order to compare the different formulations of the split-window algorithms,several recently proposed split-window algorithms were used to estimate the LST with thesame simulated FY-2C data. The result of the intercomparsion showed that most of thealgorithms give

  11. Seasonal variation, spatial distribution and source apportionment for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at nineteen communities in Xi'an, China: The effects of suburban scattered emissions in winter.

    Wang, Jingzhi; Cao, Junji; Dong, Zhibao; Guinot, Benjamin; Gao, Meiling; Huang, Rujin; Han, Yongming; Huang, Yu; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Shen, Zhenxing


    Seasonal variation and spatial distribution of PM 2.5 bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were investigated at urban residential, commercial area, university, suburban region, and industry in Xi'an, during summer and winter time at 2013. Much higher levels of total PAHs were obtained in winter. Spatial distributions by kriging interpolations principle showed that relative high PAHs were detected in western Xi'an in both summer and winter, with decreasing trends in winter from the old city wall to the 2 nd -3rd ring road except for the suburban region and industry. Coefficients of diversity and statistics by SPSS method demonstrated that PAHs in suburban have significant differences (t winter and summer in urban, which different with the suburban. The coal combustion was the main source for PAHs in suburban region, which accounted for 46.6% in winter and sharp decreased to 19.2% in summer. Scattered emissions from uncontrolled coal combustion represent an important source of PAHs in suburban in winter and there were about 135 persons in Xi'an will suffer from lung cancer for lifetime exposure at winter levels. Further studies are needed to specify the effluence of the scattered emission in suburban to the city and to develop a strategy for controlling those emissions and lighten possible health effects. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. [Study on the content and carbon isotopic composition of water dissolved inorganic carbon from rivers around Xi'an City].

    Guo, Wei; Li, Xiang-Zhong; Liu, Wei-Guo


    In this study, the content and isotopic compositions of water dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) from four typical rivers (Chanhe, Bahe, Laohe and Heihe) around Xi'an City were studied to trace the possible sources of DIC. The results of this study showed that the content of DIC in the four rivers varied from 0.34 to 5.66 mmol x L(-1) with an average value of 1.23 mmol x L(-1). In general, the content of DIC increased from the headstream to the river mouth. The delta13C(DIC) of four rivers ranged from -13.3 per thousand to -7.2 per thousand, with an average value of -10.1 per thousand. The delta13C(DIC) values of river water were all negative (average value of -12.6 per thousand) at the headstream of four rivers, but the delta13C(DIC) values of downstream water were more positive (with an average value of -9.4 per thousand). In addition, delta13C(DIC) of river water showed relatively negative values (the average value of delta13C(DIC) was -10.5 per thousand) near the estuary of the rivers. The variation of the DIC content and its carbon isotope suggested that the DIC sources of the rivers varied from the headstream to the river mouth. The negative delta13C(DIC) value indicated that the DIC may originate from the soil CO2 at the headstream of the rivers. On the other hand, the delta13C(DIC) values of river water at the middle and lower reaches of rivers were more positive, and it showed that soil CO2 produced by respiration of the C4 plants (like corn) and soil carbonates with positive delta13C values may be imported into river water. Meanwhile, the input of pollutants with low delta13C(DIC) values may result in a decrease of delta13C(DIC) values in the rivers. The study indicated that the DIC content and carbon isotope may be used to trace the sources of DIC in rivers around Xi'an City. Our study may provide some basic information for tracing the sources of DIC of rivers in the small watershed area in the Loess Plateau of China.

  13. Metal contamination in campus dust of Xi'an, China: A study based on multivariate statistics and spatial distribution

    Chen, Hao; Lu, Xinwei; Li, Loretta Y.; Gao, Tianning; Chang, Yuyu


    The concentrations of As, Ba, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, V and Zn in campus dust from kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and universities of Xi'an, China were determined by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Correlation coefficient analysis, principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis (CA) were used to analyze the data and to identify possible sources of these metals in the dust. The spatial distributions of metals in urban dust of Xi'an were analyzed based on the metal concentrations in campus dusts using the geostatistics method. The results indicate that dust samples from campuses have elevated metal concentrations, especially for Pb, Zn, Co, Cu, Cr and Ba, with the mean values of 7.1, 5.6, 3.7, 2.9, 2.5 and 1.9 times the background values for Shaanxi soil, respectively. The enrichment factor results indicate that Mn, Ni, V, As and Ba in the campus dust were deficiently to minimally enriched, mainly affected by nature and partly by anthropogenic sources, while Co, Cr, Cu, Pb and Zn in the campus dust and especially Pb and Zn were mostly affected by human activities. As and Cu, Mn and Ni, Ba and V, and Pb and Zn had similar distribution patterns. The southwest high-tech industrial area and south commercial and residential areas have relatively high levels of most metals. Three main sources were identified based on correlation coefficient analysis, PCA, CA, as well as spatial distribution characteristics. As, Ni, Cu, Mn, Pb, Zn and Cr have mixed sources — nature, traffic, as well as fossil fuel combustion and weathering of materials. Ba and V are mainly derived from nature, but partly also from industrial emissions, as well as construction sources, while Co principally originates from construction. - Highlights: • Metal content in dust from schools was determined by XRF. • Spatial distribution of metals in urban dust was focused on campus samples. • Multivariate statistic and spatial distribution were used to identify metal sources.

  14. FY 2000 survey of the geological structure overseas, etc. Japan-China joint coal exploration - Yu Xian project; 2000 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa - futai shiryoshu. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This data book summarized the proceedings and the technical report of the management committee on the Japan-China geological structure survey based on the consultation concluded between NEDO and China's bureau of coal field geology and a report meeting on the Yu Xian project. In the exploration, conducted were the boring survey of 10 boreholes, seismic survey of 2D (71 traverse lines, 180.105km) and 3D (1.5km{sup 2}), VSP (6 holes (345 shots)) and the low velocity band survey (2,072 shots). The geological structure of the area presented the syncline structure with a gentle line associated with foldings and a number of faults and was classified into the medium class or the class of a little complication in the Chinese standard. The number of the faults confirmed in this exploration totaled 57. Coal reserves by coal seam were 157.22 million tons at No. 5 seam and 102.57 million tons at No. 1 seam. The total amount of the two seams was 79.1% of the total coal amount in all area. The coal quality of Nos. 1 and 5 was brown coal - flame coal in the Chinese classification, and subbituminous coal B - subbituminous coal C in the ASTM classification. The coal, however, cannot be used for process raw coal. There is a technical potentiality of the fixed bed pressurized gasification. (NEDO)

  15. Fiscal 1998 overseas geological structure survey. Japan-China joint coal survey Mei-Xian project; 1998 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa hokokusho. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Mei-Xian project



    Japan-China joint coal survey was made through seismic prospecting by Japanese group and drilling prospecting by Chinese group. Mei-Xian mine property includes coal seams of the Jurassic period, and is covered with the quaternary period stratum without any coal seam. The base of the quaternary period stratum exists at depth of 50-400m, while the coal seams at depth of 300-700m. Among 11 existing seams, the 1st and 5th seams are main objects for prospecting. The 5th seam of 0.2-8.96m (2.95m in average) thick is the most expected important one, distributing all over the mine property. The 5th seam also has branch seams spreading over 2.5km from east to west and 1.2km from south to north in the center part of the mine property. The 1st seam of 0-8.62m (2.90m in average) thick is most thick in the south part of the mine property. The theoretical amount of coal deposits in the whole coal seam is estimated to be nearly 290,000,000t by Chinese group (nearly 50% of it in the 5th seam). That is also estimated to be nearly 346,000,000t by Japanese group (155,000,000t in the 5th seam). Both 1st and 5th seams are composed of sub-bituminous coal. (NEDO)

  16. Ling classification describes endoscopic progressive process of achalasia and successful peroral endoscopy myotomy prevents endoscopic progression of achalasia.

    Zhang, Wen-Gang; Linghu, En-Qiang; Chai, Ning-Li; Li, Hui-Kai


    To verify the hypothesis that the Ling classification describes the endoscopic progressive process of achalasia and determine the ability of successful peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) to prevent endoscopic progression of achalasia. We retrospectively reviewed the endoscopic findings, symptom duration, and manometric data in patients with achalasia. A total of 359 patients (197 women, 162 men) with a mean age of 42.1 years (range, 12-75 years) were evaluated. Symptom duration ranged from 2 to 360 mo, with a median of 36 mo. Patients were classified with Ling type I ( n = 119), IIa ( n = 106), IIb ( n = 60), IIc ( n = 60), or III ( n = 14), according to the Ling classification. Of the 359 patients, 349 underwent POEM, among whom 21 had an endoscopic follow-up for more than 2 years. Pre-treatment and post-treatment Ling classifications of these 21 patients were compared. Symptom duration increased significantly with increasing Ling classification (from I to III) ( P achalasia and may be able to serve as an endoscopic assessment criterion for achalasia. Successful POEM (Eckardt score ≤ 3) seems to have the ability to prevent endoscopic evolvement of achalasia. However, studies with larger populations are warranted to confirm our findings.

  17. La llengua catalana, pedra de toc de la diversitat lingüística europea

    Isidor Marí Mayans


    Full Text Available La UE es troba a les portes d'una ampliació que comportarà la incorporació de deu noves llengües oficials, moltes de les quals amb unes dimensions demogràfiques i una vitalitat cultural inferiors a la llengua catalana. L'article comenta que la situació actual del català a la UE és injustificable i escandalosa i que ho resultarà encara més després de l'ampliació. La previsible modificació del règim lingüístic de la UE tendirà a la reducció de les llengües de treball per raons d'eficiència, però l'ampliació de les llengües oficials hauria de permetre incloure-hi llengües com la catalana, que ja són oficials en el seu territori. Tampoc hi ha cap raó perquè el català resulti exclòs dels programes lingüístics europeus, en els quals participen fins i tot llengües de països externs a la UE. Les comunitats lingüístiques amb poders legislatius han de poder regular l'ús públic de les llengües en el seu espai igual que els estats; altrament la mateixa UE indica que sols la independència política garanteix un tracte igualitari.

  18. Nyt system til kontinuerlig måling af vejes bæreevne

    Skar, Asmus; Andersen, Mathias Bækbo; Larsen, Jack


    Med det formål at øge både sikkerheden og effektiviteten, minimere trafikforstyrrelser, samt gøre bæreevnemålinger tilgængelige for alle typer af brugere har Dynatest i samarbejde med DTU udviklet et nyt system til kontinuerlig måling af vejes bæreevne. Projektet, under navnet ”Advanced and Widel...... Available Pavement Assessment Tools for Infrastructure Evaluation” (AWAPAVE), er finansieret med støtte fra Innovationsfonden og løber over perioden 2016-2018....

  19. La lingüística en el contexto de la inteligencia artificial

    Morales Ascencio Bernardo


    Full Text Available

    En el presente artículo se reseñan algunos conceptos fundamentales sobre Inteligencia Artificial que sirven de base para reconocer la identidad y las proyecciones de la lingüística en el área de la informática, en consonancia con las exigencias de la tecnología moderna. Se destacan la posibilidad e importancia del procesamiento automático del lenguaje natural y el sentido que para ello tienen los conocimientos pragmáticos, Por último, se reseñan algunas ideas sobre las llamadas industrias de la lengua.

  20. Habilidades lingüísticas sobre nomenclatura microbiana en profesionales de la salud

    Arpajón Peña, Yunier; Rodríguez Uramis, Mónica; Sosa Pérez, Ana Ludys


    Introducción: en los programas de estudios donde se aplican la Microbiología o Parasitología Médica aparece en todos los casos como objetivo nombrar a los microorganismos. Objetivo: analizar el estado de las habilidades lingüísticas sobre taxonomía microbiana en profesionales de la salud. Métodos: se realizó un estudio descriptivo donde fueron revisados 270 trabajos científicos escritos, relacionados con estas dos especialidades médicas y se efectuaron 250 entrevistas a profesionales de las d...

  1. El ciberlenguaje como variedad lingüística Cyberlanguage like linguistic variety

    Betancourt Arango Amanda


    La presentación del ciberlenguaje como una de las variantes de la lengua incluye una discusión sobre su carácter como forma intermedia entre la oralidad y la escritura y las fuerzas responsables de los cambios lingüísticos. Por una parte, la vertiente popular que ha dado origen a la evolución constante de la lengua y, por otra, la culta que se esfuerza por recuperar la forma etimológica. Aquí se destaca el uso innovador del ciberlenguaje que deja de lado el aspecto normativo de la gramática y...

  2. Fuel management study on quarter core refueling for Ling Ao NPP

    Zhang Hong; Li Jinggang


    The fuel management study on quarter core refueling is introduced for Ling Ao NPP. Starting from the selection of the objective of fuel management for quarter core refueling, the code and method used and the analysis carried out are explained in details to reach the final loading pattern chosen. The start-up physics test results are listed to demonstrate the realized quarter core fuel management. In the end, the advantage and disadvantage after turning to quarter core refueling has been given for the power plant from the fuel management point of view. (authors)

  3. Effects of urban grass coverage on rainfall-induced runoff in Xi'an loess region in China

    Jing Li


    Full Text Available In this study, laboratory rainfall simulation experiments were conducted to investigate the regulatory effects of grass coverage on rainfall-runoff processes. A total of 80 grass blocks planted with well-grown manilagrass, together with their root systems, were sampled from an eastern suburban area of Xi'an City in the northwest arid area of China and sent to a laboratory for rainfall simulation experiments. The runoff and infiltration processes of a slope with different grass coverage ratios and vegetation patterns were analyzed. The results show that the runoff coefficient decreases with the increase of the grass coverage ratio, and the influence of grass coverage on the reduction of runoff shows a high degree of spatial variation. At a constant grass coverage ratio, as the area of grass coverage moves downward, the runoff coefficient, total runoff, and flood peak discharge gradually decrease, and the flood peak occurs later. With the increase of the grass coverage ratio, the flood peak discharge gradually decreases, and the flood peak occurs later as well. In conclusion, a high grass coverage ratio with the area of grass coverage located at the lower part of the slope will lead to satisfactory regulatory effects on rainfall-induced runoff.

  4. Analysis of heavy metals in the re-suspended road dusts from different functional areas in Xi'an, China.

    Wang, Qian; Lu, Xinwei; Pan, Huiyun


    A study on heavy metal pollution was undertaken in the re-suspended road dusts from different functional areas in Xi'an City of China to investigate the impacts of human activities and land uses on urban environment. The concentrations of Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, V, and Zn were determined using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, and their accumulations were analyzed using enrichment factor. Correlation analysis, principal component analysis, and cluster analysis, combined with the concentration property and enrichment factor, were used to identify the possible sources of heavy metals investigated. The investigated re-suspended road dusts had Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, and Zn concentrations higher than background levels. Samples from different functional areas had diverse heavy metal concentration levels. Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, and Zn presented moderate/significant enrichment in the samples. The source analyses indicated that Mn, Ni, V, Pb, and Zn had the mixed sources of nature and traffic, Cr and Cu mainly originated from traffic source, while Co was primarily derived from construction source. Traffic and construction activities had a significant impact on urban environment. This preliminary research provides a valuable basis for urban environment protection and management.

  5. Commercial sex behaviours among involuntary male bachelors: findings from a survey of migrants in Xi'an, China.

    Yang, Xueyan; Li, Shuzhuo; Attané, Isabelle; Feldman, Marcus W


    The highly male-biased sex ratio at birth has produced a severe male 'marriage squeeze' in China. However, with an imbalanced sex ratio, the marriage-squeezed or involuntary bachelors can meet their sexual needs only through ways other than marriage. To investigate the commercial sex behaviours of involuntary bachelors, we conducted a survey on reproductive health and family living among male migrant bachelors in Xi'an City, the capital of Shaanxi Province, from December 2009 to January 2010. The prevalence of commercial sex use was 37.2% among unmarried men, 30.1% among married but separated men and 17.2% among married and cohabitating men (χ(2) = 31.33; P = 0.000; df = 2). Marital status, knowledge about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), age and income were associated with the prevalence and frequency of commercial sex behaviours. Condom use was less frequent among involuntary bachelors and was significantly associated with knowledge about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, the frequency of commercial sex behaviours, marital status and age. The higher prevalence of commercial sex behaviours and the lower frequency of condom use indicate a higher risk of disease from commercial sex among involuntary bachelors, implicating both individual and public health. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Faculty of Public Health. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  6. [Effect of air pollution on pregnancy outcome of women at reproductive age in Xi'an, 2010-2013].

    Wang, L L; Bai, R H; Zhang, Q; Yan, H


    Objective: To compare the differences in the incidence of adverse pregnancy outcome in different area, and confirm if the incidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes is closely associated with air pollution. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in the central urban area and the rural-urban area of Xi'an through a questionnaire survey conducted among the local reproductive women selected through multistage stratified random sampling during 2010-2013, all the reproductive women surveyed were in pregnancy or had definite pregnancy outcomes. Results: The annual average of SO 2 concentration in the central urban area was 38-54 μg/m 3 , higher than that in the rural-urban area (29-43 μg/m 3 ). The annual average NO 2 concentration in the central urban area was 29-87 μg/m 3 , higher than that in the rural-urban area (22-42 μg/m 3 ). The incidence of birth defects was higher in the central urban area than in the rural-urban area (2.1% vs. 1.0%), the difference was significant ( P air pollution.

  7. Correlation Investigation as to the Mental Health of the Prison Guard in Xi'an Police Station

    Feng Xue


    Based on the symptom check list 90,EPQ scale and the simplified coping style questionaire,the author made a relative study on psychological health,personality character and coping style of 267 prison guard of police bureau in Xi'an city .The study shows this:   ①The mental health,personality character and coping style could be effected by many factors,such as gender,age,educational background,income,origin,satisfactory degree of working enviroment and some others.The mental health,personality character and coping style could effect each other.②The psychological health state of 267 prison guard is much worse than that of domestic common people.③The personality character of 267 prison guard shows much higher hostility and lower nervous than that of domestic common people.④The coping style of 267 prison guard often take positive coping styles.⑤Psychological health,personality character and coping style of prison guard are closely related.

  8. Internet y los recursos lingüísticos para la lengua española : diccionarios y corpus

    Polonca Kocjančič


    Full Text Available Las obras de referencia y los diversos recursos lingüísticos conforman un nexo de unión entre una lengua en su totalidad y el usuario que busca información sobre cualquier aspecto de la lengua que emplea, sea materna o extranjera. Las nuevas tecnologías han abierto un universo nuevo y representan un elemento que hay que considerar en la difusión de la información lingüística, con algunos recursos bien conocidos y otros nuevos, que investigan enfoques alternativos de la organización de la información lingüística.

  9. Diacronía y sincronía del contacto lingüístico en Patagonia sur

    Virkel, Ana Ester


    Desde su integración al Estado argentino, la región patagónica fue receptora de inmigrantes de muy diversas procedencias, quienes, integrándose con las etnias aborígenes preexistentes, configuraron un contexto multiétnico y multicultural, con la consiguiente diversidad lingüística. El propósito de este trabajo es trazar un esquemático itinerario a través de la historia lingüística de Chubut, Patagonia sur, focalizando el interés en una serie de procesos migratorios que impactan de modo sus...

  10. O campo da Lingüística Documentária

    Maria de Fátima Gonçalves Moreira Tálamo

    Full Text Available Proposição do campo da Lingüística Documentária cuja função primordial é a de estabelecer parâmetros e modelos de elaboração de códigos para o processamento da informação - construção e recuperação - com o objetivo de responder à questão, nuclear da área de Ciência da Informação, relacionada à transformação de conteúdos registrados em elementos estruturados. Para isso, enfatizam-se, tanto os traços que relacionam este campo à revolução lingüística em curso desde o século 20, como as interfaces que tal campo mantém com as disciplinas que abordam a linguagem sob os aspectos sintático, semântico, conceitual e comunicacional, definindo-se seus problemas específicos bem como discutindo seus vértices conceituais.

  11. 俳倡优伶辨略%Relationship and differences among Pai, Chang, You and Ling



    According to literature, Ling and You came into being in the Spring and Autumn Period, while Pai and Chang appeared in the Warring States Period. As to the performance function, Chang was in charge of singing and Ling making musical instrument and music rule. Both Pai and Chang were in charge of dance, but their duties had slight differences. The emergence of the four types of musicians was due to the social background of great revolution of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.%据文献记载,伶和优大致产生于春秋时代,俳和倡大致产生于战国时代,其出现有先后之别。从表演功能方面看,他们最初也颇有不同,倡主要是司唱,伶主要是司造乐器及掌管乐律,俳与倡虽同样司舞,但亦有细微的区别。此四者的出现,还与春秋战国时期大变革的社会背景有一定关系。

  12. La lingüística cognitiva y la lingüística aplicada a una ciencia para la comunicación transdisciplinar

    Flor Ángela Tobón Marulanda

    Full Text Available Se presentan los resultados de una investigación cualitativa hermenéutica sobre la lingüística cognitiva y la lingüística aplicada, relacionadas con otras ciencias en un contexto específico de la comunidad científica especializada. Desde una visión integral y holística de las ciencias biomédicas y humanas, asimismo, se estudian los lenguajes técnico-científicos de la ciencia y de la tecnología para facilitar la interrelación cognitiva entre las diferentes disciplinas. Este estudio permite crear capacidades para evaluar el acervo léxico en contexto, útil para la transmisión y la transformación del conocimiento en un lenguaje propio acorde a la exigencia del método científico. El objetivo consistió en indagar sobre la relación de la unidad léxica con su nexo cognitivo a una unidad terminológica de uso cotidiano en la información y en la comunicación académica de la práctica médico-legal forense. Los resultados establecen diferencia y precisan cierta comprensión de la significación de unidades léxicas ambiguas de mayor relevancia y frecuencia, utilizadas en este ámbito del conocimiento, en cuatro categorías de análisis; según las características propias de la disciplina en dialogo con otras ciencias en contexto. Se evidencia la importancia de educar durante el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje significativo de la disciplina en contexto, desde la metalingüística del objeto de estudio dimensionado y relacionado con otros objetos de estudio, que permita el proceso cognitivo del lenguaje técnico-científico transdisciplinar, la apropiación social y la circulación del conocimiento aplicado a las prácticas médico legales integrales en relación entre la Psicofarmacología, la Psiquiatría, la Antropología y la Psicología, con las ciencias biomédicas y humanas.

  13. Actitudes Lingüísticas en Guatemala. Creencias y actitudes lingüísticas respecto al español de los chapines capitalinos

    Ana Luisa Acevedo


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la Ciudad de Guatemala, hacia al español del país y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando una muestra de 402 personas, previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. En el artículo se presentan las actitudes cognitivas y afectivas de los guatemaltecos hacia las variantes de la lengua española en el ámbito nacional y en el de los demás países hispanohablantes; asimismo se presentan las opiniones y preferencias de los entrevistados sobre el uso de la lengua de los medios de comunicación en el país y sobre la unidad y la corrección lingüísticas. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Guatemala City towards Spanish spoken in the country and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. The article is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital, interviewing a stratified sample of 402 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. This article presents Guatemalans' cognitive and affective attitudes towards different Spanish varieties in the country and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. Their opinions and preferences are also described regarding the use of language in the media, and about language unity and linguistic correctness.

  14. Actitudes lingüísticas en México. Entre el chovinismo y el malinchismo

    Sonia Morett


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la Ciudad de México, hacia al español del país y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo hace parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando una muestra de 400 informantes previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico sobre sus preferencias y opiniones de las variantes dialectales mexicanas y del mundo hispanohablante. El análisis identifica factores lingüísticos y extralingüísticos que devienen en percepciones cognitivas y actitudes afectivas de orgullo, aceptación, rechazo y estigmatización. Se dedicó especial atención a las creencias sobre la corrección lingüística y al rol de los medios de comunicación en la propagación de estereotipos. En relación con investigaciones precedentes, la española y la mexicana se mantuvieron como las variantes más prestigiosas, aunque en varios aspectos se registró una mayor autoestima lingüística y, al mismo tiempo, una creciente conciencia y aceptación hacia la diversidad intralingüística y cultural, especialmente hacia las hablas de otros países hispanohablantes. Se concluye que las creencias sobre los grupos sociales se encuentran en la base de las actitudes lingüísticas, antes que los criterios inherentes al lenguaje. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Mexico City, towards Spanish spoken in the country, and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400

  15. Content of Heavy Metal in the Dust of Leisure Squares and Its Health Risk Assessment-A Case Study of Yanta District in Xi'an.

    Shao, Tianjie; Pan, Lihuan; Chen, Zhiqing; Wang, Ruiyuan; Li, Wenjing; Qin, Qing; He, Yuran


    Taking Yanta District in Xi'an as the research object, the present study measures the contents of Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), and Chromium (Cr) in dust samples and further assesses the health risk of heavy metals intake through dust based on the assessment method of human exposure risk proposed by U.S. EPA, with an aim to investigate the content of heavy metal in the dust of leisure squares and its exposure risk. As the results indicate, the average contents of five heavy metals are obviously higher than the soil background value in Shaanxi Province. Therefore, Cd, Ni, Cu, Pb, and Cr are obviously enriched in urban surface dust in Shaanxi Province, due to the influence of human activities. In addition, it can also be found that the non-carcinogen exposure risk in children is significantly higher than that in adults with the risk values of these five heavy metals all one order of magnitude higher than those of adults. Irrespective of whether addressing the results for children or adults, the non-carcinogen exposure doses of five heavy metals are sorted as Cr > Pb > Cu > Ni > Cd. According to the present situation, for a child, the total non-carcinogenic risk values of five heavy metals have exceeded the safety limit in 11 of the 20 leisure squares in Yanta District of Xi'an. That means the leisure squares are no longer suitable for physical and recreational activities. For the five heavy metals, the average non-carcinogenic risk value of Cr is largest, and causes the largest threat to health in Yanta District, Xi'an. The carcinogenic exposure doses of the heavy metals Cr, Cd, and Ni are very low in respiratory pathways and there is no carcinogenic health risk. In general, the Cr content in dust in domestic cities is higher than that of foreign cities; however, the Pb content is much lower.

  16. Holocene monsoon variability inferred from Targo Xian peat bog in the Tangra Yumco basin, central Tibetan Plateau

    Henkel, Karoline; Haberzettl, Torsten; Miehe, Sabine; Frenzel, Peter; Daut, Gerhard; Dietze, Elisabeth; Kasper, Thomas; Ahlborn, Marieke; Mäusbacher, Roland


    The Tibetan Plateau is the greatest plateau on Earth with an average altitude of 4,500 m asl. Due to its high elevation, large area and significant role in the formation of the Asian Monsoon Systems (e.g., Indian Ocean and East-Asian Summer Monsoon) it is considered to react very sensitive to climate variations. The numerous lake systems on the Tibetan Plateau represent excellent archives reflecting variations in the strength of the monsoon system in terms of hydrological changes expressed in lake level fluctuations. For example, terraces and lacustrine deposits around the saline lake Tangra Yumco indicate lake level highstands up to ~215 m higher than the present lake level. To study Holocene lake level variations we investigated a 3.6 m long sediment core recovered from a peat bog (near the Targo Xian settlement, 30°46'N, 86°40'E) on a recessional lake level terrace ~150 m above the present shoreline of Tangra Yumco. In particular, our analyses of sedimentological (grain size), geochemical (CNS and ICP-OES) and mineralogical (XRD) data allow a detailed and high-resolution interpretation of the hydrological conditions during the Holocene. The existence of two carbonate layers in the Targo Xian record, separated by a sand layer and intercalated in peat sequences at the bottom and top of the core, provide evidence for two stable lake stages at the coring position. Peat at the bottom of the core, which is radiocarbon-dated to 11,130 +130/-345 cal BP, indicates wetland conditions similar to the Recent situation (Miehe et al., submitted). After a transition zone, a layer of pure aragonitic lake marl gives evidence for a lake stage. During this stage, high values of the total inorganic carbon (TIC) and Ca/Ti ratios as well as low C/N ratios point to a stable lake due to wet climatic conditions. This carbonate layer can be correlated with a 2-3 m thick carbonate layer found in outcrops around the present lake Tangra Yumco presenting a high lake level until approx. 2

  17. Association between current smoking and cognitive impairment depends on age: A cross-sectional study in Xi'an, China.

    Liu, Jie; Shang, Suhang; Li, Pei; Deng, Meiying; Chen, Chen; Jiang, Yu; Dang, Liangjun; Qu, Qiumin


    Cigarette smoking is a modifiable risk factor for cognitive impairment, while the relationship between current smoking and cognitive impairment is not fully understood. The objectives were to identify a possible association between current smoking and cognitive impairment depending on age in the Chinese rural population. Data for the study consisted of 1,782 participants (40 years and older) who lived in a rural village in the vicinity of Xi'an, China. Data about smoking history and cognitive function were collected. Cognitive function was scored by the Mini-Mental State Examination. The effect of age on the relationship between current smoking and cognitive impairment was analyzed with interaction and stratified analysis by logistic regression models. Interaction analysis showed that current smoking is positively related with cognitive impairment (odds ratio [OR]=9.067; 95% confidence interval [95% CI] 1.305-62.979; P=.026). However, the interaction term, age by current smoking, is negatively related with cognitive impairment (OR=0.969; 95%CI 0.939-0.999; P=.045). Stratified logistic regression showed that in the 40-65 years of age sublayer, OR of current smoking is 1.966 (P=.044), whereas in the>65 years of age sublayer, the OR is 0.470 (P=.130). This means that the association between current smoking and cognitive impairment with age might be positive (OR>1) in lower age sublayers, but no significant difference in higher age sublayers. In conclusion, current smoking might be positively associated with cognitive impairment in the middle-aged but the relationship declines with increasing age. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  18. Prevalence and predictors of mild cognitive impairment in Xi'an: a community-based study among the elders.

    Xiangni Su

    Full Text Available Mild cognitive impairment (MCI is an intermediate stage between normal cognitive function and dementia among aging individuals. This study was designed to estimate the prevalence of MCI and explore the possible risk factors including gender disparities among community-dwelling older individuals. The study was conducted in Xi'an, China. This is a cross-sectional study. A total of 815 individuals, 60 years and older were selected by stratified random cluster sampling. Cognitive function was measured using the mini-mental status examination (MMSE, the Chinese version of the Dementia Rating Scales (CDRS was used to apply the diagnostic of non-dementia, and activities of daily living (ADL and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL systems were used to functional status. The association between sociodemographic characteristics, lifestyle, history of chronic diseases and MCI were evaluated separately for men and women using the Pearson χ²-test and binary logistic regression. Of the 815 community-dwelling individuals, 145 were found to have MCI. Overall, the prevalence of MCI was 18.5%, with a prevalence of 19.6% in women (105/535, and 15.3% (40/261 in men. The results of the binary logistical regression analysis indicated that age and history of stroke were associated with MCI in men. For women, the risk factors were lower level of educational and lack of religious attendance. Results suggested that the factors capable of influencing MCI differed profoundly between older men and older women. For this reason, different preventative measures should be adopted to delay or reverse cognitive impairment among community-dwelling older men and women.

  19. Long-lived radionuclides as chronometers and tracers of environmental processes at the Xi'an Accelerator Mass Spectrometry center

    Zhou, W.; Hou, X.; Du, Y.; Kong, X.; Cheng, P.; Zhang, L.; Fan, Y.; Zhang, L.; Niu, Z.; Dong, G.; Chen, N.; Li, M.; Zhu, Y.


    Long-lived radionuclides with half-lives ranging from 103 to 108 years have wide applications in geochronology and environmental tracer studies. A wide range of climatic, geologic, and environmental records preserved in diverse natural archives can be characterized by measuring their concentrations, using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS). Relying on the operation of the Xi'an 3 MV multi-element AMS since 2006, multi-radionuclides such as 14C, 10Be, 26Al, and 129I have been widely used for the above studies. Here some representative works on the four radionuclides can be briefly summarized as (1) we have successfully obtained temporal and spatial distribution of fossil fuel CO2 in certain cities in China by analyzing Δ14C from atmospheric CO2 and one year growth plants respectively, providing direct scientific data for government's emission cutting policy; (2) we have mathematically disentangled geomagnetic field and precipitation signals in Chinese loess 10Be, and firstly confirmed that the timing of Brunhes-Matuyama (B/M) reversal in loess was synchronous with that of marine sediments; (3) we have explored the paired in situ 10Be and 26Al double dating methodology for exposure dating, which has been successfully applied in fluvial terraces investigations in Tibet and glacial evolution tracing in East Antarctica; and (4) we have evaluated the radiation risk after Fukushima nuclear accident based on the 129I observation. All the above mentioned progress has opened up the new directions in AMS applications and we hope to show more new results in the near future.

  20. Knowledge of HIV and willingness to conduct oral rapid HIV testing among dentists in Xi'an China.

    Lirong Wang

    Full Text Available China is considered a country of low HIV prevalence (780,000 people living with HIV, however, HIV infections among high-risk populations continue to grow at alarming rates. Voluntary Counseling and Testing services were first implemented in 2003, and oral rapid HIV testing (ORHT began in 2012. Dentists, as oral health experts, would be well placed to conduct ORHT. We assessed willingness of dentists to undertake ORHT in their clinical practice.A cross-sectional, paper-based survey of dentists from the Xi'an region of China was conducted from April to June 2013. Dentists were recruited from Shaanxi Stomatological Association using a stratified sampling methodology. A 40-item survey was used to measure knowledge of HIV, attitudes toward people living with HIV and willingness to conduct ORHT.477 dentists completed the survey with a mean HIV knowledge test score of 13.2/18 (SD 1.9. If made available in the dental setting, 276 (57.9% preferred to use blood to diagnose HIV, only 190 (39.8% preferred saliva or both. Four hundred and thirty-five (91.2% thought that ORHT was needed in dental clinics. Female dentists felt more accepting of ORHT than males (93.8% vs. 87.8%; χ2=5.145; p<0.05. 42.6% of the participants who responded thought that lack of education on ORHT for dentists was the most urgent problem to solve for ORHT, 144 (31.3% thought that lack of support for ORHT from patients was the most urgent problem. There was statistically significant difference among dental hospital, dentistry and department of dentistry (χ2=24.176; p<0.05.The majority of Chinese dentists thought that ORHT was needed in the dental setting. Providing opportunities for dentists and dental students to learn about HIV testing guidelines and practices is needed as well as feasibility and implementation science research.

  1. Contamination characteristics and source apportionment of heavy metals in topsoil from an area in Xi'an city, China.

    Chen, Xiuduan; Lu, Xinwei


    As soil-extractable elements potentially pose ecological and health risks, identifying their contamination characteristics and sources is crucial. Therefore, to understand topsoil trace elements in the urban ring zone from the Second Ring Road to the Third Ring of Xi'an city in China, we determined the concentrations of Zn, Co, V, As, Cu, Mn, Ba, Ni and Pb, and analyzed the sources of the contamination. The results showed that the individual pollution indices of Pb, Co, Cu, Zn, Ba, Ni, Mn, As, and V were 1.79, 1.48, 1.41, 1.33, 1.20, 1.07, 1.04, 0.99, and 0.99, respectively. Evaluation with the aid of the pollution load index (PLI) indicated slight soil contamination by these elements in the study area. Using the positive matrix factorization (PMF) method, we identified four sources of contamination, namely (1) a natural source, (2) traffic emission source, (3) industrial emission source, and (4) mixed source. PMF is an effective tool for source apportionment of heavy metals in topsoil. The contribution rates of the natural source, traffic source, mixed source, and industrial source to the heavy metal contamination were specified as 25.04%, 24.71%, 24.99%, and 25.26%, respectively. Considering the above, any attempt to reduce the soil environmental cost of urban development, has to take into account the heavy metal contamination of the topsoil from industries, traffic, and other activities. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. An abundance estimate of ling ( Molva molva ) and cod ( Gadus morhua ) in the Skagerrak and the northeastern North Sea, 1872

    Poulsen, R.T.; Cooper, A.B.; Holm, P.


    that long-term, historical abundance estimates are relevant to the determination of biomass reference points in fisheries management. Situated within the field of historical ecology, this paper presents findings on the abundance of ling and cod in 1872. Calculations are based on historical CPUE and catch...

  3. El debate Santos – Zuluaga, el uso de formas y secuencias recurrentes como mecanismos lingüístico-discursivos

    Bayter Henry Hernández


    Full Text Available Nos proponemos analizar los mecanismos lingüístico-discursivos movilizados por los dos candidatos a las últimas elecciones colombianas de 2014. Nuestro objetivo es poner de manifiesto las diferentes estructuras discursivas utilizadas por los dos candidatos durante el debate entre la primera y la segunda vuelta del 9 de junio de 2014.

  4. ¿Qué es un déficit lingüístico?

    Montserrat Veyrat Rigat


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0cm; mso-para-margin-right:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} El punto de partida para nuestras reflexiones es la aportación del sistema lingüístico al ser humano: por una parte, la capacidad de convertir los datos analógicos y originarios que le llegan de su experiencia con la naturaleza en datos digitalizados y formalizados. Esto le permite anclarse en el mundo utilizando para ello un código lingüístico  determinado. Por otra parte, el lenguaje le confiere al mismo tiempo la capacidad para liberarse y ser creativo, como se patentiza en la creación poética, metafórica, Irónica . sin que ello suponga en ningun caso anomalía en su conducta, lingüística o de otro tipo. En el equilibrio de estas dos funciones que le atribuimos al lenguaje encontramos la "normalidad" del sistema cualquier desestabilización incontrolada en dicha nivelación funcional podría contemplarse como un déficit del lenguaje. También hemos considerado la estrecha relación entre los procesos de adquisición y aprendizaje y este aspecto funcional del lenguaje

  5. Competencia lingüística del alumnado inmigrante en un contexto bilingüe

    José Luis Navarro


    Full Text Available Es bien conocida la relevancia que en los últimos años está teniendo el fenómeno de la inmigración en Cataluña (España. En consecuencia, nuestras escuelas se han transformado en centros donde la pluralidad étnica, religiosa, cultural y lingüística es cada día más evidente. Pero, a diferencia de otros territorios del Estado español, una de las características fundamentales de nuestro Sistema Educativo es su organización bajo los parámetros de la educación bilingüe. De esta manera, además de un profundo dominio del catalán, lengua propia de Cataluña y lengua usada como vehicular y de aprendizaje en la enseñanza, se persigue un buen conocimiento de la lengua castellana. En este contexto, diferentes estudios llevados a cabo en países con larga tradición en la recepción de inmigrantes, así como los escasos trabajos desarrollados en Cataluña y en el Estado español, ponen en evidencia el papel clave del dominio de la lengua de la escuela tanto de cara a garantizar el éxito escolar como para la integración y la cohesión social.Con este marco de fondo, nos situamos en el caso del Instituto de Educación Secundaria (IES de Guissona, en la comarca de la Segarra (Cataluña, donde por circunstancias diversas el fenómeno migratorio ha sido muy importante a lo largo de la última década. El objetivo de nuestra investigación es el análisis de las competencias lingüísticas del alumnado de dicho centro, tomando como referencia el nivel de competencia lingüística de sus iguales autóctonos. En concreto, a partir de una muestra de 28 niños y niñas inmigrantes que fueron comparados con un grupo de 93 escolares autóctonos de su misma edad y nivel escolar, nuestro trabajo analiza el desarrollo de diferentes habilidades en lengua catalana y castellana.

  6. Actitudes lingüísticas en Cuba. Cambios positivos hacia la variante nacional de lengua

    Roxana Sobrino Triana


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de La Habana, frente al español de Cuba y hacia el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes, estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. El análisis está centrado en las denominaciones dadas a la lengua española, las percepciones cognitivo-lingüísticas y las actitudes, tanto positivas como negativas, que manifiestan los informantes hacia su variedad nacional y el resto de los países hispanohablantes, así como las opiniones sobre corrección y unidad lingüísticas. Entre los resultados obtenidos destaca la valoración positiva hacia la variante cubana, en relación con investigaciones anteriores. El estudio contribuye a actualizar el panorama sobre actitudes en Cuba y se suma a la serie de trabajos, que con una metodología común, se han realizado en el mundo hispánico dentro del proyecto LIAS. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Havana, towards Spanish spoken in Cuba and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The analysis addresses several issues, such as the various names given to the Spanish language in Cuba, the cognitive linguistic perceptions and the positive and negative attitudes of Cuban speakers towards Spanish, as well as their opinions

  7. Una mirada hacia las actitudes lingüísticas en Puerto Rico

    Carla M. Mojica De León


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de San Juan de Puerto Rico hacia al español del país y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 personas estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Se presentan los resultados que revelan las actitudes lingüísticas de los puertorriqueños hacia su español, las diversas creencias cognitivas y afectivas que las motivan y la percepción que muestran hacia el resto de las variedades del español. Nuestros hallazgos revelan que los puertorriqueños presentan una actitud positiva hacia su variedad y la variante peninsular, aunque rechazan algunos fenómenos lingüísticos de ambos dialectos. Se constata, además, que el habla de los grupos migratorios, representada en nuestro caso por la variedad dominicana, se percibe con menos prestigio. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from San Juan de Puerto Rico towards Spanish spoken in the country and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results of the study reveal the linguistic attitudes of Puerto Ricans toward their variety of Spanish, their cognitive and affective beliefs, and the perception they have of the other varieties of the Spanish language. Our findings confirm that Puerto Ricans have positive attitudes towards their own variety and the

  8. O curso de lingüística geral: apontamentos de uma leitura da análise do discurso

    Vanice Maria Oliveira Sargentini


    Full Text Available Leitor atento do Curso de Lingüística Geral, Michel Pêcheux, do mirante da ciência das formações sociais, procura encontrar as contradições do pensamento saussuriano para propor um conjunto de questões para a Lingüística, intervindo em seus domínios e objetos. Uma dessas contradições pode ser evidenciada no conceito saussuriano de analogia. Para Pêcheux, embora Saussure tenha se esforçado para ligar a analogia à lingua, é possível evidenciar que a 'fala' saussuriana traz novamente à tona a problemática do sujeito. Com objetivo de negar e, ao mesmo tempo, superar esse antropologismo psicologista veiculado pelo conceito saussuriano de fala, Pêcheux, entendendo que o sistema lingüístico é dotado de uma autonomia relativa em relação ao seu exterior— as classes sociais —propõe a noção de processo discursivo. Essa noção daria coita de explicar como as palavras mudam de sentido segundo as posições sustentadas por aqueles que as empregam. Nosso objetivo é refletir sobre a negação e a superação operadas por Pêcheux em relação à leitura de uma das recepções do Curso de Lingüística Geral de Saussure, evidenciando que tal gesto relaciona-se mais com o projeto politico da Análise do Discurso do que efetivamente com os escritos saussurianos presentes no Curso de Lingüística Geral.

  9. Caos, complexidade e Lingüística Aplicada: diálogos transdisciplinares

    Antônio Carlos Soares Martins


    Full Text Available Neste texto, apresentamos um panorama de estudos na área da Lingüística Aplicada que discutem questões relativas ao processo de desenvolvimento de segunda língua, bem como aspectos relacionados aos ambientes interacionais de aprendizagem na perspectiva das teorias do Caos e Complexidade. Para isso, discutimos as principais noções da perspectiva da complexidade, retomando alguns aspectos da física clássica e contemporânea.In this paper, we present a panorama of studies in the area of Applied Linguistics that discuss questions regarding second language development as well as aspects related to interactional learning environments in the light of Chaos and Complexity theories. To accomplish this, we discuss the main notions of complexity through the rethinking of some aspects of classic and contemporary physics.

  10. La cortesía lingüística en la publicidad editorial

    Hernández Asunción Escribano


    Full Text Available Todas las estrategias corteses que refuerzan la imagen o el territorio de los dos polos del proceso comunicativo, emisor y receptor, o que mitigan la vulneración de ambos, se ponen en la retórica publicitaria editorial al servicio de la venta de los productos editoriales y librescos. La cortesía es recurrida, por tanto, en este ámbito comercial como modo de acercamiento al posible comprador mediante los refuerzos valorizantes de la imagen y del territorio, propios o ajenos, y atenuadores, en el caso de los actos descorteses. En este estudio nos acercamos a ocho maneras en las que la retórica editorial recurre a la cortesía para conseguir incrementar sus ventas mediante los usos lingüísticos intensificadores o mitigadores con los que las editoriales construyen y proyectan su mejor identidad.

  11. A liderança como intersubjetividade lingüística

    Francisco Javier Uribe Rivera


    Full Text Available Este artigo traz uma síntese de várias concepções de liderança e seu objetivo é destacar a importância crescente da visão do líder como instância da aprendizagem organizacional, de base coletiva, e coordenador de processos de comunicação lingüística cujo telos é o consenso sobre a imagem, a estrutura e a dinâmica de funcionamento das organizações. Sustentamos que, além de capacidades de análise estratégica, o líder deve desenvolver competências comunicativas e apoiar a mudança para gerir com mais eficácia as relações intersubjetivas dos atores organizacionais, tornando a organização competente.

  12. Technical improvement of ATE system of Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase II

    Zhu Xingbao; Xiong Jingchuan; Liang Qiaohong


    In order to solve the problem that the content of SO 4 2- in Steam Generator significantly increased beyond the criteria after the use of the condensate treatment (ATE) system in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I, technical improvement have been conducted on the sizes of the fore cation bed and the mixed bed, water distributing devices, ion exchange resins and separation facility. The effectiveness for the ion exchange of the mixed bed is improved, the resolved substance of cation resin is decreased; it is more impossible for fragments and powder which would lead high SO 4 2- content in Steam Generator. Finally, the quality of the steam-water could be improved and ensured. (authors)

  13. Problemas psicologicos en la comunicacion lingüistica en el Perú

    Raúl Gonzales Moreyra


    Full Text Available Sustentándose en una hipótesis socio-lingüística de Alberto Escobar sobre la existencia de siete formas dialectales del español en el Perú, sehan explorado siete grupos representativos de dichos dialectos en áreas psicolingüísticas relacionadas con la percepción y producción delhabla, la memoria, las asociaciones verbales, la lectura de la redundancia. El autor halló que a las formas dialectales corresponden procesos psicológicos estadísticamente diferenciados que muestran pérdidas en el tratamiento de la información proveniente de una fuente que se expresa en la norma culta limeña. Se discute, además de los aspectos comunicacionales y psicológicos,algunas implicancias sociales y pedagógicas de estos hechos.

  14. L'antropologia lingüística : etnografia i conceptes

    Argenter, Joan A. (Joan Albert)


    Entenent que la recerca etnogràfica és pròpia de l'antropologia lingüística, l'article se centra en els treballs que n'han fet un ús metodològic i heurístic. Des d'un punt de vista conceptual s'aborden els conceptes de significat social, comunitat i context, i també la funció de la indexicalitat, en particular la no referencial. A continuació, s'identifiquen diversos fenòmens estudiats per la sociolingüística catalana sota aquest patró i se'n destaquen contribucions significatives en...

  15. Concentrations, sources and health effects of parent, oxygenated- and nitrated- polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in middle-school air in Xi'an, China

    Wang, Jingzhi; Xu, Hongmei; Guinot, Benjamin; Li, Lijuan; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Liu, Suixin; Li, Xiaoping; Cao, Junji


    Indoor and outdoor concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), oxygenated-PAHs (OPAHs), and nitro-PAHs (NPAHs) associated with PM2.5 particles were monitored in a middle-school classroom from 8 to 22 March 2012 in Xi'an, China. The total PAHs ranged from 49.6 to 140.0 ng/m3 in outdoors and 50.3 to 111.6 ng/m3 in indoors, while OPAHs and NPAHs showed averages of 19.1 and 16.4 ng/m3, 0.1039 and 0.0785 ng/m3 for outdoor and indoor air, respectively. Strong correlations were found between indoor (I) and outdoor (O), and the I/O ratios were school in Xi'an. Indoor pollutants were mostly influenced by outdoor air. Biomass burning, coal combustion, and vehicle emission were main sources for PAHs. Secondary formation was the main source for OPAHs and NPAHs. Inhalation cancer risks assessment of PAHs showed there were potential health risks for students during sampling time.

  16. Water-soluble ions in atmospheric aerosols measured in Xi'an, China: Seasonal variations and sources

    Zhang, T.; Cao, J. J.; Tie, X. X.; Shen, Z. X.; Liu, S. X.; Ding, H.; Han, Y. M.; Wang, G. H.; Ho, K. F.; Qiang, J.; Li, W. T.


    Daily PM 2.5 and water-soluble inorganic ions (Na +, NH 4+, K +, Mg 2+, Ca 2+, Cl -, NO 3- and SO 42-) were collected in Xi'an (34.23°N, 108.88°E), China from March 2006 to March 2007. PM 2.5 was collected using battery-powered mini-volume samplers. And the ions were determined by ion chromatography from the measured aerosol mass. The annual average mass concentration of PM 2.5 was found to be 194.1 ± 78.6 μg m - 3 , which exceeded substantially the international guidelines for health concerns. The seasonal average mass concentration of PM 2.5 was highest in winter (266.8 μg m - 3 ) and lowest in summer (138.6 μg m - 3 ). The three highest abundant ions were SO 42-, NO 3-, and NH 4+, with average concentrations of 35.6 ± 19.5 μg m - 3 , 16.4 ± 10.1 μg m - 3 , and 11.4 ± 6.8 μg m - 3 , which were accounted for 18.7%, 8.0%, and 5.7% of the PM 2.5 mass, respectively. The major ions were in the species of (NH 4) 2SO 4, NH 4HSO 4 and NH 4NO 3, and their concentrations were highest in winter, due to high coal combustion. The concentrations of Ca 2+ were higher in spring than other seasons, due to the higher mineral dust concentrations. Ca 2+ was strongly correlated with CO 32-, which was calculated as the difference in the measured cations minus anions. Ion balance calculations indicate that the PM 2.5 was acidic, and this result is consistent with the measurement of pH values. Sulfur oxidation ratio was higher in summer and autumn, which implies that the formation of secondary sulfate-rich particles is favored by warm and relatively moist weather. Nitrogen oxidation ratio was highest in autumn.

  17. Las actitudes lingüísticas en el español de San José, Costa Rica

    Annette Calvo Shadid


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de cuatro distritos de la capital, San José, frente al español Costa Rica y el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. La presente investigación constituye un estudio sociolingüístico cuantitativo y es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 404 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. En el artículo se abordan las actitudes lingüísticas desde tres tipos de percepciones, a saber, percepciones cognitivo-lingüísticas y actitudes afectivas sobre el español nacional, opiniones sobre la corrección lingüística y los medios de comunicación y sobre la unidad o diversidad del español; percepciones cognitivo-lingüísticas sobre el español de los otros países, y actitudes afectivas y preferencias por otras variedades lingüísticas del idioma. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of Spanish speakers from four districts of the capital, San José, towards Spanish spoken in Costa Rica and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is based on a quantitative sociolinguistic study and is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 404 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The linguistic attitudes are studied from three types of perceptions, namely, cognitive-linguistic perceptions and affective attitudes on national Spanish, opinions about the linguistic correction and the media, and about the unity or diversity of the Spanish language

  18. El aprendizaje integrado de la lengua española y los contenidos de áreas no lingüísticas en los proyectos lingüísticos de centro

    Gómez Camacho, Alejandro


    La generalización de los proyectos lingüísticos de centro implica una profunda revisión en la práctica didáctica en la lengua de instrucción para adecuarla a la nueva realidad de los programas de bilingüismo. Este artículo ofrece una propuesta concreta para incorporar la lengua española a la metodología que integra el aprendizaje de contenidos no lingüísticos y lenguas; en ámbitos como la ortografía, el trabajo sobre los géneros textuales y la comprensión lectora de textos d...

  19. Actitudes lingüísticas hacia el castellano en Bolivia. Entre la fidelidad y la conciencia lingüística

    María Juana Aguilar


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de La Paz, hacia al español de Bolivia y el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en La Paz, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. En análisis muestra, en general, una actitud positiva de parte de los hablantes bolivianos hacia su propia variedad de habla española. Se concluye también que los entrevistados son conscientes de que existen diversas variantes del español, no solamente dentro de su país, sino también fuera de este, las cuales reconocen como diferentes entre sí y las que no perciben como incorrectas o correctas, mejores o peores que otras. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from La Paz, towards Spanish spoken in Bolivia and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in La Paz, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The analysis shows, in general, that Spanish speakers in Bolivia have a positive attitude towards their own variety of the language. It is also shown that the interviewees are aware that there are other varieties of the Spanish language, not only in their country, but also in the other Spanish-speaking countries. They do not characterize these varieties as incorrect or correct, better or worse, but only consider them as different from the others.

  20. Actitudes lingüísticas en Paraguay. Identidad lingüística de los hablantes de lengua materna castellana en Asunción

    Ana Beatriz Chiquito


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la Ciudad de Asunción, hacia el español del Paraguay y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo hace parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. El artículo resalta la particularidad del bilingüismo del país y la situación de diglosia entre el guaraní y el castellano; el mayor prestigio del castellano de Asunción frente al habla de las ciudades fronterizas con Brasil y Argentina, en las cuales se hablan el portugués brasileño, el guaraní y el español argentino, además del español paraguayo. Los resultados del estudio confirman el prestigio del castellano, cuyo papel oficial se mantiene, a pesar del creciente prestigio del guaraní, impulsado por las nuevas leyes de educación bilingüe y el establecimiento de la Academia de la Lengua Guaraní. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers of Asunción, towards Spanish spoken in Paraguay and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The article highlights the special situation of bilingualism in the country and the diglosic relationship between Guarani and Spanish; the higher prestige of the Spanish variety spoken in Asunción, compared to the ones spoken in the Paraguayan cities on the border with Brazil and Argentina

  1. Actitudes lingüísticas en República Dominicana. Conciencia e identidad lingüísticas en la ciudad de Santo Domingo

    Glennys Miguelina Serverino Cerda


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de Santo Domingo hacia al español de la República Dominicana y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 401 personas, estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Los resultados muestran el nivel de identificación que tienen los dominicanos sobre su dialecto, el cual es bajo, ya que solo se prefiere ante circunstancias especiales justificadas por la necesidad de comunicarse y de que el mensaje llegue correctamente. Asimismo se observa que los capitalinos prefieren la propia variante de español y luego las de España, Colombia y Venezuela, pero también se identifican con el habla de los países caribeños vecinos, especialmente con el habla cubana. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish-speakers from Santo Domingo towards Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital, interviewing a stratified sample of 401 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results demonstrate the limited extent to which Dominicans identify with their dialect, as they prefer it only under particular circumstances justified by the necessity of communicating and in order to make sure to get the message correctly across. Similarly the observation was made that people from the capital prefer their own variant of Spanish and thereafter those of Spain, Colombia and

  2. Human Reliability analysis for digitized nuclear power plants: Case study on the LingAo II nuclear power plant

    Zou, Yan Hua; Zhang, Li [Institute of Human Factors Engineering AND Safety Management, Hunan Institute of Technology, Hengyang (China); Dai, Cao; Li, Peng Cheng; Qing, Tao [Human Factors Institute, University of South China, Hengyang (China)


    The main control room (MCR) in advanced nuclear power plants (NPPs) has changed from analog to digital control system (DCS). Operation and control have become more automated, centralized, and accurate due to the digitalization of NPPs, which has improved the efficiency and security of the system. New issues associated with human reliability inevitably arise due to the adoption of new accident procedures and digitalization of main control rooms in NPPs. The LingAo II NPP is the first digital NPP in China to apply the state-oriented procedure. In order to address issues related to human reliability analysis for DCS and DCS + state-oriented procedure, the Hunan Institute of Technology conducted a research project based on a cooperative agreement with the LingDong Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. This paper is a brief introduction to the project.

  3. Lingüística aplicada e o ensino de línguas estrangeiras no Brasil

    John Robert Schmitz


    Full Text Available

    Procura-se neste trabalho apresentar um esboço de Lingüística Aplicada e o Ensino de Línguas Estrangeiras no mundo e também no Brasil. Conclui-se que a disciplina está em pleno desenvolvimento com contribuições pertinentes para o ensino e aprendizagem de línguas, além de outras áreas de conhecimento tais como língua pátria, ensino bilíngüe, tradução, alfabetização e letramento. Destaca-se no artigo o estado da arte em Lingüística Aplicada no Brasil que atinge no momento, especialmente no campo de ensino de línguas estrangeiras, a sua maturidade após vinte anos de atividade.

  4. Analysis of direct containment heating in Ling'ao-2 nuclear power plant model With FCI-CMFD software

    Wang Xi; Yang Yanhua; Huang Xi


    Ling'ao 2 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) model was established in the paper. Three dimensional numerical calculation code MC3D was used for analyzing the potential direct containment heating (DCH) accident in the model. MC3D is a special software for fuel coolant interaction (FCI) analysis. In order to predict the accident accurately, initial conditions provided by the SBO accident calculation and the geometric model of Ling'ao 2 NPP were combined to simulate the process of the accident. The calculation gives temperature field, droplet Janume fraction field, velocity field, and the pressure variation in the containment in the case of accident. The result shows that DCH will cause the pressure rising rapidly in the containment and in some local areas temperature rises too. (authors)

  5. Human Reliability Analysis for Digitized Nuclear Power Plants: Case Study on the LingAo II Nuclear Power Plant

    Yanhua Zou


    Full Text Available The main control room (MCR in advanced nuclear power plants (NPPs has changed from analog to digital control system (DCS. Operation and control have become more automated, centralized, and accurate due to the digitalization of NPPs, which has improved the efficiency and security of the system. New issues associated with human reliability inevitably arise due to the adoption of new accident procedures and digitalization of main control rooms in NPPs. The LingAo II NPP is the first digital NPP in China to apply the state-oriented procedure. In order to address issues related to human reliability analysis for DCS and DCS + state-oriented procedure, the Hunan Institute of Technology conducted a research project based on a cooperative agreement with the LingDong Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. This paper is a brief introduction to the project.

  6. Actitudes lingüísticas en Uruguay. Tensiones entre la variedad y la identidad

    Elizabeth García de los Santos


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de los hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de Montevideo hacia al español de Uruguay y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigaciones (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Los resultados presentan el grado de identificación de los hablantes frente a su variedad del español (creencias, lealtad hacia la norma propia y las actitudes de los hablantes respecto a las variedades entendidas como de mayor o menor prestigio; se encuentran ciertas regularidades en las causas que determinan estas actitudes. El estudio analizar el grado de tolerancia a las diferencias lingüísticas de acuerdo a distintos géneros discursivos (noticias de radio y televisión, información telefónica, publicidades y los resultados muestran que el contexto y el medio de comunicación son importantes para la manera en la que el hablante reacciona al uso del lenguaje. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish-speakers from Montevideo towards Spanish spoken in Uruguay and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results describe the degree of identification of the speakers with their own variety of Spanish (beliefs, loyalty to the norm and their attitudes toward linguistic varieties of high or low prestige, and the findings

  7. Actitudes lingüísticas de los hablantes de San Salvador, El Salvador

    Erick Rivera Orellana


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de San Salvador hacia al español de El Salvador y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 personas estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Los estudios sobre actitudes lingüísticas en el país son escasos y este es el estudio que más dimensiones abarca respecto de cómo los salvadoreños que habitan en la capital se identifican con el idioma que hablan, cómo valoran o califican las formas de hablar de los habitantes de su entorno y cómo reaccionan ante formas de hablar el español en otros países, tanto de aquellos que conocen directamente como de otros con los cuales tienen una relación indirecta, principalmente a través de los medios de comunicación. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from San Salvador towards Spanish spoken in El Salvador and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. Studies of linguistic attitudes are scarce in the country and this research study is the first one with a broad scope regarding how people living in the capital identify themselves with the way they speak; how they value or characterize the way people around them speak, and how they react to the way people speak Spanish in other countries that they know personally or through

  8. Estimating PM2.5 Concentrations in Xi'an City Using a Generalized Additive Model with Multi-Source Monitoring Data.

    Yong-Ze Song

    Full Text Available Particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter <2.5 μm (PM2.5 represents a severe environmental problem and is of negative impact on human health. Xi'an City, with a population of 6.5 million, is among the highest concentrations of PM2.5 in China. In 2013, in total, there were 191 days in Xi'an City on which PM2.5 concentrations were greater than 100 μg/m3. Recently, a few studies have explored the potential causes of high PM2.5 concentration using remote sensing data such as the MODIS aerosol optical thickness (AOT product. Linear regression is a commonly used method to find statistical relationships among PM2.5 concentrations and other pollutants, including CO, NO2, SO2, and O3, which can be indicative of emission sources. The relationships of these variables, however, are usually complicated and non-linear. Therefore, a generalized additive model (GAM is used to estimate the statistical relationships between potential variables and PM2.5 concentrations. This model contains linear functions of SO2 and CO, univariate smoothing non-linear functions of NO2, O3, AOT and temperature, and bivariate smoothing non-linear functions of location and wind variables. The model can explain 69.50% of PM2.5 concentrations, with R2 = 0.691, which improves the result of a stepwise linear regression (R2 = 0.582 by 18.73%. The two most significant variables, CO concentration and AOT, represent 20.65% and 19.54% of the deviance, respectively, while the three other gas-phase concentrations, SO2, NO2, and O3 account for 10.88% of the total deviance. These results show that in Xi'an City, the traffic and other industrial emissions are the primary source of PM2.5. Temperature, location, and wind variables also non-linearly related with PM2.5.

  9. La historia lingüística andina : una visión de consenso en transformación.

    Adelaar, W.F.H.; Malvestitti, M.; Dreidemie, P.


    La investigación histórica y lingüística de las lenguas andinas ha sido el objeto de un consenso relativamente general durante varias décadas. La presente contribución se propone dar un inventario de unas propuestas recientes de carácter radical, que ponen en cuestión los fundamentos de aquel

  10. Estudio del perfil lingüístico de los jóvenes que abandonan prematuramente la escuela

    María Ángeles Jiménez Jiménez


    Full Text Available En el abandono escolar temprano influyen muchos factores, entre ellos, la competencia comunicativa del alumnado. En Melilla2, ciudad con el índice de fracaso escolar más elevado de España, se realizó una investigación cuyo objetivo era definir el perfil personal y lingüístico del joven que abandona sus estudios antes de los 24 años. Se trabajó con una metodología mixta para unir los resultados de una encuesta realizada a estos jóvenes con la información aportada por un grupo de discusión. Los resultados atienden a: características personales, familiares, escolares y capacidades lingüísticas. Como conclusión, este perfil corresponde a una persona bereber, sin género definido, de entre 16 y 17 años, que usa el español y el “tamazight” en su vida diaria, y tiene un bajo rendimiento académico; además, el nivel de estudios y socioeconómico familiar es bajo. Respecto a sus capacidades lingüísticas, su hábito lector es muy escaso y tiene dificultades en comprensión oral.

  11. La teoría del decir: la nueva lingüística según Ortega y Gasset

    Agustin, Oscar Garcia


    estudio sincrónico de la lengua. A partir de ahí, Ortega busca el sentido de la palabra en el decir. Este proceso conlleva reflexiones sobre el uso de la lengua, que entroncan con las realizadas posteriormente por la Pragmática y la Lingüística del Texto. La lengua, como producto social, deriva en...... supuestos compartidos, en parte, por el Análisis Crítico del Discurso y, como producto individual -de la necesidad de decir-, se relaciona directamente con la filosofía del lenguaje.......En diversos artículos Ortega y Gasset sugirió la necesidad de una nueva lingüística, la teoría del decir, que sorprende por la validez y actualidad de sus apreciaciones. Partiendo de la crítica a los límites de la lingüística concebida por Saussure, rebate la dicotomía entre lengua y habla y el...

  12. Nuestra variedad lingüística como variedad biológica

    Danilo Salamanca


    Full Text Available El estudio se centra en señalar problemas esenciales sobre las consecuencias culturales ante la pérdida de idiomas ancestrales, en particular referido al patrimonio lingüístico indígena centroamericano. Señala algunas relaciones entre este proceso y las discusiones sobre la protección de los ecosistemas biológicos de la región, y llama la atención sobre las políticas que existen o deberían existir, para recuperar y preservar tanto el componente cultural (los idiomas como el natural. This study examines essential problems related to the cultural consequences due to the loss of ancestral languages, especially Central American Indigenous languages. It mentions relationships between this process and discussions about the protection of biological ecosystems in the region, and addresses policies that exist, or should exist, to recover and preserve both cultural (linguistic and natural components.

  13. Application of point system in the project control of Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station

    Xie ahai


    Schedule control and cost control are very complicated issues even we set up the detail schedules and engineering measurements requirements for erection of a nuclear power project. In order to solve these problems, a Point System is used in Ling Ao (LA) Nuclear Power Project. This paper introduces the method. The Point System is a measurement system of workload. The measurement unit of any erection works is a Point only. A Point of workload is defined as the equivalent measurement quantities, which could be completed by a relevant skill worker within an hour. A set of procedure manuals for different installations has been set up. The calculation models of equipment installation, piping, cabling are addressed for example in the paper. The application of the Point System in the schedule control is shown in the paper. The following issues are highlighted: to define the duration of a piping activity in the Project Level 2 Schedule, to draught the curves of Point Schedules for different erection fields, to analyze the productive efficiency, to define erection quota of each month for different erection teams, to follow up the erection progress on site. The application of the Point System in the payment of erection contract is outlined. The calculation formula of a monthly payment is given. The advantage of the payment calculation method is discussed, for example, more accurate, very easy and clearly to check the measurement quantities completed on site, to control lump-sum cost. (authors)

  14. Microarray Analysis Reveals the Molecular Basis of Antiarthritic Activity of Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan

    Hua Yu


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is a chronic inflammatory disease of autoimmune origin. Huo-luo-xiao-ling dan (HLXL is an herbal mixture that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine over several decades to treat chronic inflammatory diseases including RA. However, the mechanism of the anti-arthritic action of this herbal remedy is poorly understood at the molecular level. In this study, we determined by microarray analysis the effects of HLXL on the global gene expression profile of the draining lymph node cells (LNC in the rat adjuvant arthritis (AA model of human RA. In LNC restimulated in vitro with the disease-related antigen mycobacterial heat-shock protein 65 (Bhsp65, 84 differentially expressed genes (DEG (64 upregulated and 20 downregulated versus 120 DEG (94 upregulated and 26 downregulated were identified in HLXL-treated versus vehicle (Water-treated rats, respectively, and 62 DEG (45 upregulated and 17 downregulated were shared between the two groups. The most affected pathways in response to HLXL treatment included immune response, inflammation, cellular proliferation and apoptosis, and metabolic processes, many of which are directly relevant to arthritis pathogenesis. These results would advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the anti-arthritic activity of HLXL.

  15. El pensamiento animal y su expresión lingüística

    Laura Danón


    Full Text Available Nuestros intentos por hallar palabras que capturen de modo preciso los contenidos de los pensamientos de los animales suelen tropezar con dificultades persistentes. En este trabajo evaluaré dos explicaciones de este fenómeno discutidas por Beck (2013: la explicación basada en el carácter poco familiar de los contenidos animales –que él rechaza– y la basada en diferencias de formato –que resulta su favorita–. En primer lugar, objetaré las razones por las cuales Beck descarta la explicación basada en el carácter poco familiar de los contenidos. En segundo lugar argumentaré que, aunque algunas dificultades para expresar lingüísticamente los pensamientos animales pueden surgir por diferencias de formato, hay otras que no parecen deberse a este factor. Luego sugeriré que, a fin de comprender adecuadamente el problema que nos ocupa, deberíamos elaborar una explicación dual que apele, en algunos casos, a las diferencias de contenido y, en otros, a las diferencias de formato.

  16. Pulau Ling: an important seabird hotspot on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

    Abdulmaula Hamza


    Full Text Available Pulau Ling is a small rocky island located to the south of Pulau Redang, forming with other southeast small islands, the Redang Archipelago, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. The island was highlighted in the early 1950s as an important seabird site, although little was then known on the status of seabirds on the island. Field visits were made between May 2015 and September 2015 to assess the importance of this small island to seabird species. Four tern species were identified: two of them, black-naped tern Sterna sumatrana and bridled tern Onychoprion anaethetus, were found to breed there, while the other two species, great crested tern Thalasseus bergii and roseate tern Sterna dougallii were found to use the island as a stopover site without any evidence of breeding. Furthermore, the Pacific Eastern Reef egret Egretta sacra (the black morph, was also found to breed on the island. Other species encountered included white-bellied sea eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster (recorded once in June 2015, soaring over the island. These preliminary data show the importance of such small rocky outcrops for tropical breeding and migrating seabirds, where food availability and lack of disturbance may be the two main drivers for diversity and survival.

  17. Application of life cycle assessment for an evaluation of wastewater treatment and reuse project--case study of Xi'an, China.

    Zhang, Q H; Wang, X C; Xiong, J Q; Chen, R; Cao, B


    In order to illuminate the benefit of a wastewater treatment and reuse project, a life cycle assessment (LCA) model was proposed by combining the process-based LCA and the input-output based LCA in one framework and using energy consumption as the sole parameter for quantitative evaluation of the project. The life cycle consumption was evaluated mainly by life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis taking into account the construction phase, operation phase and demolishment phase of the project. For evaluating the life cycle benefit of treated water reuse, attention was paid to the decrease of secondary effluent discharge and water saving. As a result of comprehensive LCA analysis of a case project in Xi'an, China, it was understood that the life cycle benefit gained from treated wastewater reuse much surpassed the life cycle energy consumption. The advantage of wastewater treatment and reuse was well shown by LCA analysis using the proposed model. 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease predicts type 2 diabetes mellitus, but not prediabetes, in Xi'an, China: a five-year cohort study.

    Ming, Jie; Xu, Shaoyong; Gao, Bin; Liu, Guocai; Ji, Yufei; Yang, Fan; Jia, Yunan; Fang, Yujie; Ji, Qiuhe


    Emerging studies have focused the association between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) but the results were inconsistent. In addition, few studies have put focus on the association between NAFLD and the risk of prediabetes. We aimed to investigate whether NAFLD diagnosed by ultrasonography could predict the risk of future T2DM and prediabetes in Chinese population. The population-based cohort study held in Xi'an, Northwestern China, was based on China National Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Survey. During a follow-up of 5 years, 508 healthy subjects were included as study sample. NAFLD was determined by abdominal ultrasonography. T2DM and prediabetes were diagnosed based on oral glucose tolerance test. Of 508 subjects, 97 (19.1%) were diagnosed as NAFLD and 411 (80.9%) were as non-NAFLD; 20 (3.9%) developed diabetes and 85 (16.7%) developed prediabetes during follow-up. The incidence of diabetes and prediabetes in the NAFLD group was 20.6 and 51.6 per 1000 person-years, respectively, whereas that in non-NAFLD group was 4.9 and 29.2 per 1000 person-years respectively. Cox proportional hazard regression showed that the multivariable-adjusted relative risk (RR) of T2DM and prediabetes in the NAFLD group was 4.462 [95% confidence interval (CI): 1.855-10.734, P liver disease was a significant predictor for future diabetes, but not for prediabetes, in Xi'an, China. More cohort studies are needed to confirm our findings. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. A UV multifunctional Raman lidar system for the observation and analysis of atmospheric temperature, humidity, aerosols and their conveying characteristics over Xi'an

    Yufeng, Wang; Qiang, Fu; Meina, Zhao; Fei, Gao; Huige, Di; Yuehui, Song; Dengxin, Hua


    To monitor the variability and the correlation of multiple atmospheric parameters in the whole troposphere and the lower stratosphere, a ground-based ultraviolet multifunctional Raman lidar system was established to simultaneously measure the atmospheric parameters in Xi'an (34.233°N, 108.911°E). A set of dichroic mirrors (DMs) and narrow-band interference filters (IFs) with narrow angles of incidence were utilized to construct a high-efficiency 5-channel polychromator. A series of high-quality data obtained from October 2013 to December 2015 under different weather conditions were used to investigate the functionality of the Raman lidar system and to study the variability of multiple atmospheric parameters in the whole stratosphere. Their conveying characteristics are also investigated using back trajectories with a hybrid single-particle Lagrangian integrated trajectory model (HYSPLIT). The lidar system can be operated efficiently under weather conditions with a cloud backscattering ratio of less than 18 and an atmospheric visibility of 3 km. We observed an obvious temperature inversion phenomenon at the tropopause height of 17-18 km and occasional temperature inversion layers below the boundary layer. The rapidly changing atmospheric water vapor is mostly concentrated at the lower troposphere, below ∼4-5 km, accounting for ∼90% of the total water vapor content at 0.5-10 km. The back trajectory analysis shows that the air flow from the northwest and the west mainly contributes to the transport of aerosols and water vapor over Xi'an. The simultaneous continuous observational results demonstrate the variability and correlation among the multiple atmospheric parameters, and the accumulated water vapor density in the bottom layer causes an increase in the aerosol extinction coefficient and enhances the relative humidity in the early morning. The long-term observations provide a large amount of reliable atmospheric data below the lower stratosphere, and can be

  20. Actitudes lingüísticas de los hablantes de Managua, Nicaragua

    Zobeyda Catalina Zamora Úbeda


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de Managua, hacia al español de Nicaragua y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico, en la capital del país. Esta investigación acerca de las actitudes lingüísticas hacia el español de Nicaragua y el de los demás países de habla hispana es la primera de su tipo en el país. Los resultados más relevantes muestran que mayoritariamente se nombra español a la lengua que se habla. El español de la capital es el que más les agrada a los entrevistados y estos lo perciben como un habla muy similar a la de la región del Pacífico. Por otro lado, el habla de la región Central se considera diferente y no gusta tanto. En lo relacionado con las variantes hispanoamericanas, consideran que el español peninsular es bastante correcto mientras que el de Costa Rica no lo es. A pesar de este hecho, los datos muestran que hay señales de que los nicaragüenses sienten una creciente autoestima por su propia variante de la lengua española. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from the city of Managua, towards Spanish spoken in Nicaragua and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Norwegian Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. This research study of language

  1. El ciberlenguaje como variedad lingüística Cyberlanguage like linguistic variety

    Betancourt Arango Amanda


    Full Text Available La presentación del ciberlenguaje como una de las variantes de la lengua incluye una discusión sobre su carácter como forma intermedia entre la oralidad y la escritura y las fuerzas responsables de los cambios lingüísticos. Por una parte, la vertiente popular que ha dado origen a la evolución constante de la lengua y, por otra, la culta que se esfuerza por recuperar la forma etimológica. Aquí se destaca el uso innovador del ciberlenguaje que deja de lado el aspecto normativo de la gramática y saca a flote la creatividad de los usuarios. El corpus para el análisis consta de algunos mensajes de texto y muestras del Chat entre adolescentes y algunas muestras del correo electrónico usual en el ambiente académico universitario. This presentation of cyberlanguage as one of language’s varieties includes a discussion about its character as an intermediate mode between written and spoken language and the powers that are responsible for linguistic change. On the one hand, we have the popular use of language that has given birth to the constant evolution of it. On the other hand, there is the educated part that makes an effort to keep the etymological form. Here we emphasize the innovative use of cyber language that leaves out the grammar facets and raises the creativity of the lingo users. The analysis corpus consists of text messages and pieces of chat dialogues used by teenagers and some e-mails examples that are used at the university environment.

  2. Convergências lexicais: a área dos olhos no Atlas Lingüístico Galego e no Atlas Lingüístico do Paraná

    Vanderci de Andrade Aguilera


    Full Text Available This article presents some points of convergence between the lexical variants of two geolinguistic corpora: volume V of the Atlas Lingüístico Galego - ALGa (García et alii 2005 and the Atlas Lingüístico do Paraná – ALPR (Aguilera 1994 together with the Atlas Lingüístico do Paraná II - ALPR II (Altino 2005. Within the Human Body semantic field, items referring to the eye area were examined. Geolinguistic and lexicological methods were used in the analysis, since we were looking for information about spatial distribution and lexical documentation of variants common to both corpora. The analysis indicated that certain variants surviving in rural Paraná speech are linked to Galician forms, and that some metonymic and lexical creation processes act similarly in both languages. We also found analogous sociolinguistic features of the lexical item capela in three different language areas: Galician, European Portuguese and Paraná dialect. This convergence is illustrated by (i the diatopic distribution of variants such as capela in the dialect of Paraná and its presence, though sparse, in Galician, (ii the attribution of more than one meaning to the same concept, such as pestana which, according to both atlases, may mean either ‘eyelid’ or ‘eyelash’, and (iii the creation of folk terms through semantic extension or the use of more generic terms such as piel ‘skin’, tapa ‘cover’, papo ‘maw’ (in ALGa and pele ‘skin’, couro ‘hide’ (in ALPR rather than the learned form pálpebra ‘eyelid.’

  3. Quantitative study on spatio-temporal change of urban landscape pattern based on RS/GIS: a case of Xi'an metropolitan area in China

    Chen, Meiwu; Zong, Yueguang; Ma, Qiang; Li, Jian


    The study on landscape pattern is an important field of urban land use and ecological change. Since 1990s, the widely accepted Patch-Corridor-Matrix model is generally used in qualitative description of landscape pattern. In recent years, quantitative evaluation on urban landscape dynamics is becoming hot in research. By making a critical review on existing research methods of landscape pattern, a new approach based on RS/GIS is put forward in this paper, comprising three steps, "General pattern characteristics - Gradient differentiation feature- Directional signature of the landscape", and we call it GGD. This method is applied to the case study of Xi'an metropolitan area in China. The result shows that the method is effective on quantitative study of urban landscape. The preparation of the method GGD is setting up research platform based on RS and GIS. By using the software of Geographical Information System (Arcgis9.0 & Erdas), the authors got the interpretation of remote sensing images of different years, and carried on the division of the landscape type of the research region. By calculating various index of landscape level with software Fragstats3.3 as an assistant tool and adopting three steps of GGD combined with landscape index, this paper can assesses the landscape spatial pattern of urban area: 1) General pattern characteristics analysis is to get transition probability of various landscape through Markov chain and to predict the landscape transformation by introducing CA model. The analysis emphasizes on total landscape structure and its change over time; 2) Gradient characteristic analysis, which makes gradient zone by taking city as a center outwardly with certain distance and contrastively analyzes the landscape index of each subarea, stresses the spatial character of landscape pattern, verifies urban morphology theories and provides the quantitative warranty for establishment of urban modality. Therefore, the analysis is useful for supervising urban

  4. Conexões entre produção textual e consciência lingüística

    Soroka, Jaqueline Golbspan


    Full Text Available Este artigo examina a conexão entre consciência lingüística e produção textual, enfatizando os mecanismos coesivos e as etapas subjacentes ao processo de organização textual. Trata-se de uma investigação interdisciplinar a tipo exploratório, baseada nos pressupostos teóricos da psicologia cognitiva, da psicolingüística e da lingüística textual. Com o objetivo de verificar se o desempenho na produção textual - em termos de uso dos mecanismos coesivos - relaciona-se positivamente com o desenvolvimento da consciência lingüística, e se escritores com déficit na escrita redacional poderiam se beneficiar com uma abordagem terapêutica que estimule suas habilidades para refletir sobre a libguagem, foi desenvolvida nesta pesquisa uma etapa de 30 sessões de tratamento psicopedagógico grupal. Três sujeitos pré-adolescentes, de 11 a 14 anos de idade, integram o grupo (um dos sujeitos encontrava-se repetindo a 5ª série e os demais cursavam a 6ª série do 1º grau. Concluímos que a estimulação das habilidades metalingüísticas podem auxiliar os sujeitos com dificuldades escolares e desenvolver proficiência na produção textual, no que diz respeito ao monitoramento do uso dos mecanismos coesivos

  5. The Species Identity of the Widely Cultivated Ganoderma, ‘G. lucidum’ (Ling-zhi), in China

    Wang, Xin-Cun; Xi, Rui-Jiao; Li, Yi; Wang, Dong-Mei; Yao, Yi-Jian


    Ling-zhi, a widely cultivated fungus in China, has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. Although the name ‘Ganoderma lucidum’, a species originally described from England, has been applied to the fungus, their identities are not the same. This study aims to clarify the identity of this medicinally and economically important fungus. Specimens of Ling-zhi from China (field collections and cultivated basidiomata of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’), G. lucidum from UK and other related Ganoderma species, were examined both morphologically and molecularly. High variability of basidioma morphology was found in the cultivated specimens of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’, while some microscopic characters were more or less consistent, i.e. short clavate cutis elements, Bovista-type ligative hyphae and strongly echinulate basidiospores. These characters were also found in the holotype of G. sichuanense, a species originally described from Sichuan, China, and in recent collections made in the type locality of the species, which matched the diagnostic characters in the prologue. For comparison, specimens of closely related species, G. lucidum, G. multipileum, G. resinaceum, G. tropicum and G. weberianum, were also examined. DNA sequences were obtained from field collections, cultivated basidiomata and living strains of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’, specimens from the type locality of G. sichuanense, and specimens of the closely related species studied. Three-gene combined analyses (ITS+IGS+rpb2) were performed and the results indicated that the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’ shared almost identical sequences with G. sichuanense. Based on both morphological and molecular data, the identity of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’ (Ling-zhi) is considered conspecific with G. sichuanense. Detailed morphological descriptions and illustrations are provided in addition to discussion of nomenclature implications. PMID:22911713

  6. Sobre la naturaleza de la investigación lingüística: Antecedentes y perspectivas

    Félix Quesada Castillo


    Full Text Available El presente artículo tiene por objeto propiciar una reflexión sobre las diferentes propuestas de explicación acerca de la naturaleza del lenguaje.Se hace un somero repaso sobre los antecedentes de la lingüística para concluir en una reflexión en torno a las perspectivas actuales.En vista de que la lengua constituye un sistema subyacente que genera las expresiones del comportamiento verbal, una teoría lingüística adecuada exige un enfoque internalista. Según esta perspectiva, el ser humano es capaz de hablar una lengua por cuanto está dotado de una facultad dellenguaje, o de un órgano de la mente/cerebro, y esta dotación genética explica el aprendizaje de una lengua y la capacidad de usar la lengua, debido a la conexión entre el módulo de la facultad del lenguaje (estado asumido al hablar una lengua cualquiera y los sistemas o módulos de la performance. Este avance alcanzado por el desarrollo de la teoría generativaactual ha conducido a proponer la biolingüística como ciencia del lenguaje, lo que conduce a integrar la lingüística con las demás ciencias del cerebro, debilitándose su vínculo con las ciencias sociales. Palabras claves: Enfoque internalista, facultad de lenguaje, mente/cerebro, biolingüística.

  7. Desarrollo de las habilidades lingüísticas en lengua inglesa a través de cuentos infantiles

    Rodríguez Rodríguez, Andrea


    Actualmente, la mayoría de los centros presentan un programa bilingüe, y el inglés es la lengua extranjera más demandada. Durante el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje de esta segunda lengua, uno de los subgéneros de la literatura infantil, el cuento, se convertirá en una perfecta herramienta de trabajo ya que, explotando todos los recursos que nos ofrece, desarrollaremos en nuestros alumnos las cuatro habilidades lingüísticas inglesas: writing, reading, listening y speaking. En este Trabajo de...

  8. Saussure e o discurso: o Curso de Lingüística Geral lido pela análise do discurso

    Carlos Piovezani


    Full Text Available

    Qual o lugar da Lingüística e, mais particularmente, de Saussure na constituição e nos desenvolvimentos da Análise do Discurso? Com vistas a refletir sobre a leitura que o grupo em torno de Michel Pêcheux fez do Curso de Lingüística Geral, não buscaremos responder sumariamente a essa questão, antes, tentaremos expor algumas de suas contingências e examinar certas respostas que a ela poderiam ser dadas, considerando as condições de sua emergência e as razões de sua formulação. No intuito de compreender certos aspectos da recepção de Saussure pela AD, recorremos a princípios discursivos e a contribuições da Historiografia lingüística francesa.

  9. Repensando la educación inicial del profesorado para la diversidad lingüística y cultural en el aula

    Elizabeth Jennifer Coelho


    Full Text Available Los sistemas educativos europeos están afrontando en las últimas décadas numerosos retos relacionados con el tratamiento de la diversidad cultural y lingüística. La necesidad de afrontar dicha diversidad requiere de planteamientos globales dirigidos al conjunto de la población en aras de construir una sociedad cohesionada lingüística, social y culturalmente. En este artículo exponemos algunos de los principales problemas que afectan a la formación inicial del profesorado por lo que se refiere a la gestión y el tratamiento de la diversidad cultural y lingüística así como diferentes proyectos y enfoques que justamente tienen por objetivo establecer su formación competencial.  

  10. The compound Chinese medicine "Kang Fu Ling" protects against high power microwave-induced myocardial injury.

    Zhang, Xueyan; Gao, Yabing; Dong, Ji; Wang, Shuiming; Yao, Binwei; Zhang, Jing; Hu, Shaohua; Xu, Xinping; Zuo, Hongyan; Wang, Lifeng; Zhou, Hongmei; Zhao, Li; Peng, Ruiyun


    The prevention and treatment of Microwave-caused cardiovascular injury remains elusive. This study investigated the cardiovascular protective effects of compound Chinese medicine "Kang Fu Ling" (KFL) against high power microwave (HPM)-induced myocardial injury and the role of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) opening in KFL protection. Male Wistar rats (100) were divided into 5 equal groups: no treatment, radiation only, or radiation followed by treatment with KFL at 0.75, 1.5, or 3 g/kg/day. Electrocardiography was used to Electrophysiological examination. Histological and ultrastructural changes in heart tissue and isolated mitochondria were observed by light microscope and electron microscopy. mPTP opening and mitochondrial membrane potential were detected by confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence analysis. Connexin-43 (Cx-43) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) were detected by immunohistochemistry. The expression of voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC) was detected by western blotting. At 7 days after radiation, rats without KFL treatment showed a significantly lower heart rate (P<0.01) than untreated controls and a J point shift. Myocyte swelling and rearrangement were evident. Mitochondria exhibited rupture, and decreased fluorescence intensity, suggesting opening of mPTP and a consequent reduction in mitochondrial membrane potential. After treatment with 1.5 g/kg/day KFL for 7 d, the heart rate increased significantly (P<0.01), and the J point shift was reduced flavorfully (P<0.05) compared to untreated, irradiated rats; myocytes and mitochondria were of normal morphology. The fluorescence intensities of dye-treated mitochondria were also increased, suggesting inhibition of mPTP opening and preservation of the mitochondrial membrane potential. The microwave-induced decrease of Cx-43 and VDAC protein expression was significantly reversed. Microwave radiation can cause electrophysiological, histological and

  11. The compound Chinese medicine "Kang Fu Ling" protects against high power microwave-induced myocardial injury.

    Xueyan Zhang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The prevention and treatment of Microwave-caused cardiovascular injury remains elusive. This study investigated the cardiovascular protective effects of compound Chinese medicine "Kang Fu Ling" (KFL against high power microwave (HPM-induced myocardial injury and the role of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP opening in KFL protection. METHODS: Male Wistar rats (100 were divided into 5 equal groups: no treatment, radiation only, or radiation followed by treatment with KFL at 0.75, 1.5, or 3 g/kg/day. Electrocardiography was used to Electrophysiological examination. Histological and ultrastructural changes in heart tissue and isolated mitochondria were observed by light microscope and electron microscopy. mPTP opening and mitochondrial membrane potential were detected by confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence analysis. Connexin-43 (Cx-43 and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS were detected by immunohistochemistry. The expression of voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC was detected by western blotting. RESULTS: At 7 days after radiation, rats without KFL treatment showed a significantly lower heart rate (P<0.01 than untreated controls and a J point shift. Myocyte swelling and rearrangement were evident. Mitochondria exhibited rupture, and decreased fluorescence intensity, suggesting opening of mPTP and a consequent reduction in mitochondrial membrane potential. After treatment with 1.5 g/kg/day KFL for 7 d, the heart rate increased significantly (P<0.01, and the J point shift was reduced flavorfully (P<0.05 compared to untreated, irradiated rats; myocytes and mitochondria were of normal morphology. The fluorescence intensities of dye-treated mitochondria were also increased, suggesting inhibition of mPTP opening and preservation of the mitochondrial membrane potential. The microwave-induced decrease of Cx-43 and VDAC protein expression was significantly reversed. CONCLUSION: Microwave radiation can

  12. Actitudes Lingüísticas en España

    Aitor Yraola


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de Madrid hacia al español de España y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. Este artículo hace parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 personas, estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Los resultados de la investigación muestran la alta autoestima de Castilla y Madrid como puntos referenciales del idioma español y la apreciación positiva de su propia variante, mientras que hacia las regiones del Norte y del Sur presentan actitudes negativas. Respecto de los países hispanoamericanos, resultaron conocidas y apreciadas las hablas de Colombia, Argentina y Chile. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Madrid towards Spanish spoken in Spain and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results presented in this article reflect the high self-esteem of Castile and Madrid as central references of the Spanish language, and the positive attitude towards their spoken variety of the language, while the regions of Northern and Southern Spain are perceived in a negative way. Regarding the Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, Spanish spoken in Colombia, Argentina and Chile is appreciated.

  13. Lingüística de interações moleculares

    Romeu Cardoso Guimarães


    Full Text Available As moléculas biológicas mais interessantes são longos polímeros. Em analogia com a linguagem humana alfabética, estes podem ser chamados de textos, e analisados, quanto à estrutura primária, como sequência de letras (monômeros; como nucleotídeos, aminoácidos, etc. ou de palavras (códigos de oligômeros, de até 5-6 letras. Considera-se que o estudo das palavras, em abordagem de tipo lingüístico, possa contribuir para o entendimento das interações (comunicações moleculares. As linguagens e dialetos, moleculares e humanos, são contrastados. A linguagem molecular se distingue peculiarmente da humana, por exemplo, por utilizar forma tridimensional, dinâmica temporal, ausência de espaçamento e pontuação, e sobreposição de significados. Apresenta-se um método matemático para descoberta, de palavras em textos. A palavra AAA (trinca de adeninas foi estudada na evolução do RNA ribossômico 5S. Observou-se que esta palavra é mais freqüente em organismos menos complexos e menos freqüente nos mais complexos, das linhagens de fungos, plantas e vertebrados. Nas duas últimas, reduziu-se também o grau de variabilidade gênica. Pelo contrário, grau moderado de freqüência da palavra persistiu em toda a linhagem dos invertebrados, com manutenção paralela de alto nível de variabilidade gênica. Nas mitocôndrias, plastídeos e micoplasmas, a freqüência da palavra AAA foi aumentada, de acordo com sua necessidade de interações com maior amplitude de variação. Esses comportamentos indicam que a palavra monótona AAA permite ambigüidade de interações. Com a evolução da complexidade orgânica e da maior especificidade molecular, as palavras ambíguas foram progressivamente evitadas.

  14. Actitudes lingüísticas en Ecuador. Una tradición normativa que subsiste

    Esthela Flores Mejía


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de Quito, hacia al español del Ecuador y hacia el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando una muestra de 395 informantes previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. El estudio presentado es el primero de esta naturaleza que se realiza en Ecuador; sus resultados muestran, de forma general, la forma de hablar de la provincia de Loja es la que cuenta con mayor prestigio, en contraste con el bajo aprecio por el habla de Guayaquil y Cuenca. Los habitantes de la Capital reconocen como similar la forma de hablar de las provincias aledañas a la suya y diferentes sobre todo a las provincias de la Costa. En líneas generales se puede establecer que, aunque hay algunas variantes del español que les agradan, como las que se hablan en España y en Colombia, el afecto y el prestigio que los ecuatorianos asignan a su propia forma de hablar es muy fuerte. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Quito, towards Spanish spoken in Ecuador and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 395 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. This research study is the first of its kind in Ecuador. Its results show that the Spanish spoken in the Loja province has high prestige, in contrast to the Spanish spoken in Guayaquil and Cuenca. Residents of Quito, the

  15. Characterization and source apportionment of atmospheric organic and elemental carbon during fall and winter of 2003 in Xi'an, China

    J. J. Cao


    Full Text Available Continuous measurements of atmospheric organic and elemental carbon (OC and EC were taken during the high-pollution fall and winter seasons at Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China from September 2003 through February 2004. Battery-powered mini-volume samplers collected PM2.5 samples daily and PM10 samples every third day. Samples were also obtained from the plumes of residential coal combustion, motor-vehicle exhaust, and biomass burning sources. These samples were analyzed for OC/EC by thermal/optical reflectance (TOR following the Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE protocol. OC and EC levels at Xi'an are higher than most urban cities in Asia. Average PM2.5 OC concentrations in fall and winter were 34.1±18.0 μg m−3 and 61.9±;33.2 μg m−3, respectively; while EC concentrations were 11.3±6.9 μg m−3 and 12.3±5.3 μg m−3, respectively. Most of the OC and EC were in the PM2.5 fraction. OC was strongly correlated (R>0.95 with EC in the autumn and moderately correlated (R=0.81 with EC during winter. Carbonaceous aerosol (OC×1.6+EC accounted for 48.8%±10.1% of the PM2.5 mass during fall and 45.9±7.5% during winter. The average OC/EC ratio was 3.3 in fall and 5.1 in winter, with individual OC/EC ratios nearly always exceeding 2.0. The higher wintertime OC/EC corresponded to increased residential coal combustion for heating. Total carbon (TC was associated with source contributions using absolute principal component analysis (APCA with eight thermally-derived carbon fractions. During fall, 73% of TC was attributed to gasoline engine exhaust, 23% to diesel exhaust, and 4% to biomass burning. During winter, 44% of TC was attributed to gasoline engine exhaust, 44% to coal burning, 9% to biomass burning, and 3% to diesel engine exhaust.

  16. Herramientas para el análisis político del plano extra-lingüístico del discurso desde la perspectiva de Ernesto Laclau

    Fair, Hernán


    La teoría del discurso de Ernesto Laclau ha relegado notablemente el análisis y la reflexividad acerca del componente extra-lingüístico del discurso, en desmedro de los factores lingüísticos. Sin embargo, existe una pluralidad de fragmentos de los textos laclonianos que destacan su importancia en los procesos políticos. El presente trabajo toma como base estas contribuciones para analizar esta dimensión central de los procesos de construcción de hegemonías. Integrando la perspectiva de Lac...

  17. Planificación lingüística y política educativa. Análisis y estudio de caso: Lituania

    Montalbán Benítez, Eva M.


    La planificación lingüística y política educativa propone soluciones a la hora de establecer el uso de las lenguas en una comunidad. Este trabajo se centra en un estudio de la delimitación de la disciplina, teniendo en cuenta la importancia de las lenguas minoritarias en Europa. A partir del estudio de caso, Lituania, vamos a comprobar las posibles repercusiones que tiene la política lingüística para la planificación de las lenguas.

  18. Opciones educativas culturalmente sensibles a la diversidad y la implementación de los derechos lingüísticos

    Luis Ernesto Behares


    Full Text Available Este trabajo analiza algunas cuestiones teóricas vinculadas a la instrumentalización de los derechos lingüísticos en contextos educativos. En particular, discute las relaciones entre las pedagogías culturalmente sensibles a la diversidad y la instrumentación escolar de derechos lingüísticos de niños y comunidades. Se estudian las tendencias de instrumentación política ligadas a los conceptos de tolerancia, promoción y herencia.

  19. N-gramas sintácticos y su uso en la lingüistica computacional

    Grigori Sidorov


    Full Text Available En este artículo, estamos introduciendo un nuevo concepto que se utilizará en la lingüística computacional, se llama n-gramas sintácticos: son n-gramas que se construyen siguiendo un árbol sintáctico. Es equivalente a introducir la información sintáctica en los métodos de aprendizaje automático, que siempre era un problema muy difícil. Discutimos los elementos que pueden formar estos n-gramas: palabras, clases gramaticales (POS tags, nombres de relaciones sintácticas, caracteres. Consideramos dos ejemplos de cómo se puede obtener los n-gramas sintácticos basándonos en un árbol sintáctico, tanto para el español como para el inglés. Adicionalmente, presentamos un modelo más utilizando de solución de problemas de la lingüística computacional, específicamente, el modelo de espacio vectorial.

  20. Problemática lingüístico-educativa de los pueblos indígenas de Venezuela

    Natalia Bondarenko Pisemskaya


    Full Text Available En este artículo se examina la situación de los pueblos indígenas de Venezuela y de sus respectivas lenguas; se presentan los antecedentes y los alcances del Régimen de Educación Intercultural Bilingüe y se analizan las implicaciones de las políticas lingüísticas del Estado venezolano en materia lingüístico-educativa. La investigación, de tipo documental, se realizó a través de una metodología cualitativa, a partir de análisis teóricos y de una entrevista focalizada semiestructurada. Se concluye que a pesar de los esfuerzos del Estado, son los propios indígenas los que deben hacerse responsables tanto de su destino como de sus lenguas, rigiéndose por el principio de la autodeterminación, sin tanta intervención por parte del Estado.

  1. Historia Funcional de Morfologías Lingüísticas y su Efecto en un Ajuste Convencional

    Nataly Yáñez Ramírez


    Full Text Available Se observó si diferentes historias funcionales construidas durante la adquisición de un conjunto de morfologías lingüísticas facilitaban un ajuste convencional. Participaron 24 estudiantes universitarios distribuidos en tres grupos, expuestos a entrenamientos construidos bajo la lógica de diferentes niveles de interacción: contextual, suplementario o selector (Ribes y López, 1985; y posteriormente se evaluó su ejecución en una tarea convencional. El entrenamiento cuyo criterio de ajuste era de tipo selector fue la que más facilitó tanto la adquisición de las morfologías lingüísticas como su uso en la tarea, efecto que pareció más evidente en los hablantes que en los escuchas. No se encontraron diferencias entre los entrenamientos contextual y suplementario. Los resultados se discuten en términos de sus implicaciones teóricas y metodológicas.

  2. Vertical distribution of optical and microphysical properties of smog aerosols measured by multi-wavelength polarization lidar in Xi'an, China

    Di, Huige; Hua, Hangbo; Cui, Yan; Hua, Dengxin; He, Tingyao; Wang, Yufeng; Yan, Qing


    In this study, a multi-wavelength polarization lidar was developed at the Lidar Center for Atmosphere Remote Sensing, in Xi'an, China to study the vertical distribution of the optical and microphysical properties of smog aerosols. To better understand smog, two events with different haze conditions observed in January 2015 were analyzed in detail. Using these data, we performed a vertical characterization of smog evolution using the lidar range-squared-corrected signal and the aerosol depolarization ratio. Using inversion with regularization, we retrieved the vertical distribution of aerosol microphysical properties, including volume size distribution, volume concentration, number concentration and effective radius. We also used the Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) model to analyze aerosol sources during the two episodes. Our results show that the most polluted area in the lower troposphere during smog episodes is located below a height of 1 km above the ground level; under more severe smog conditions, it can be below 0.5 km. In the case of severe smog, we found a large number of spherical and fine particles concentrated in the very low troposphere, even below 0.5 km. Surprisingly, a dust layer with a slight depolarization ratio was observed above the smog layer.

  3. Exploring Northwest China's agricultural water-saving strategy: analysis of water use efficiency based on an SE-DEA model conducted in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

    Mu, L; Fang, L; Wang, H; Chen, L; Yang, Y; Qu, X J; Wang, C Y; Yuan, Y; Wang, S B; Wang, Y N

    Worldwide, water scarcity threatens delivery of water to urban centers. Increasing water use efficiency (WUE) is often recommended to reduce water demand, especially in water-scarce areas. In this paper, agricultural water use efficiency (AWUE) is examined using the super-efficient data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach in Xi'an in Northwest China at a temporal and spatial level. The grey systems analysis technique was then adopted to identify the factors that influenced the efficiency differentials under the shortage of water resources. From the perspective of temporal scales, the AWUE increased year by year during 2004-2012, and the highest (2.05) was obtained in 2009. Additionally, the AWUE was the best in the urban area at the spatial scale. Moreover, the key influencing factors of the AWUE are the financial situations and agricultural water-saving technology. Finally, we identified several knowledge gaps and proposed water-saving strategies for increasing AWUE and reducing its water demand by: (1) improving irrigation practices (timing and amounts) based on compatible water-saving techniques; (2) maximizing regional WUE by managing water resources and allocation at regional scales as well as enhancing coordination among Chinese water governance institutes.

  4. A 10-year observation of PM2.5-bound nickel in Xi'an, China: Effects of source control on its trend and associated health risks.

    Xu, Hongmei; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Cao, Junji; Guinot, Benjamin; Kan, Haidong; Shen, Zhenxing; Ho, Kin Fai; Liu, Suixin; Zhao, Zhuzi; Li, Jianjun; Zhang, Ningning; Zhu, Chongshu; Zhang, Qian; Huang, Rujin


    This study presents the first long term (10-year period, 2004-2013) datasets of PM 2.5 -bound nickel (Ni) concentration obtained from the daily sample in urban of Xi'an, Northwestern China. The Ni concentration trend, pollution sources, and the potential health risks associated to Ni were investigated. The Ni concentrations increased from 2004 to 2008, but then decreased due to coal consumption reduction, energy structure reconstruction, tighter emission rules and the improvement of the industrial and motor vehicle waste control techniques. With the comparison of distributions between workday and non-workday periods, the effectiveness of local and regional air pollution control policies and contributions of hypothetical Ni sources (industrial and automobile exhausts) were evaluated, demonstrating the health benefits to the populations during the ten years. Mean Ni cancer risk was higher than the threshold value of 10 -6 , suggesting that carcinogenic Ni still was a concern to the residents. Our findings conclude that there are still needs to establish more strict strategies and guidelines for atmospheric Ni in our living area, assisting to balance the relationship between economic growth and environmental conservation in China.

  5. A 1HNMR-Based Metabonomics Study of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis and Intervention Effects of Er-Xian Decoction in Ovariectomized Rats

    Luping Qin


    Full Text Available A metabonomics method using 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1HNMR was applied to obtain a systematic view of the development and progression of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Using partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA, 26 and 34 characteristic resonances were found respectively in urine and plasma of ovariectomized rats (Variable importance, VIP value ≥1.0, and the significant altered metabolites identified in the plasma and urine were 10 and 9, respectively. Changes in these metabolites were related to the pathways of lipid, energy and amino acid metabolism, some of which involved the oxidative system. The described method was also used to analyze the therapeutic effects of Er-Xian Decoction (EXD, a traditional Chinese medicine widely used in the clinical treatment of osteoporosis in China. The results showed that EXD administration could provide satisfactory effects on osteoporosis through partially regulating the perturbed pathways of lipid, energy and amino acid metabolism and improving the anti-oxidative ability.

  6. Multiple timescale analysis of the urban heat island effect based on the Community Land Model: a case study of the city of Xi'an, China.

    Gao, Meiling; Shen, Huanfeng; Han, Xujun; Li, Huifang; Zhang, Liangpei


    Urban heat islands (UHIs) are the phenomenon of urban regions usually being warmer than rural regions, which significantly impacts both the regional ecosystem and societal activities. Numerical simulation can provide spatially and temporally continuous datasets for UHI analysis. In this study, a spatially and temporally continuous ground temperature dataset of Xi'an, China was obtained through numerical simulation based on the Community Land Model version 4.5 (CLM4.5), at a temporal resolution of 30 min and a spatial resolution of 0.05 ∘ × 0.05 ∘ . Based on the ground temperature, the seasonal average UHI intensity (UHII) was calculated and the seasonal variation of the UHI effect was analyzed. The monthly variation tendency of the urban heat stress was also investigated. Based on the diurnal cycle of ground temperature and the UHI effect in each season, the variation tendencies of the maximum, minimum, and average UHII were analyzed. The results show that the urban heat stress in summer is the strongest among all four seasons. The heat stress in urban areas is very significant in July, and the UHII is the weakest in January. Regarding the diurnal cycle of UHII, the maximum always appears at 06:30 UTC to 07:30 UTC, while the minimum intensity of the UHI effect occurs at different times in the different seasons. The results of this study could provide a reference for policymakers about how to reduce the damage caused by heat stress.

  7. Effects of modern and ancient human activities on mercury in the environment in Xi'an area, Shannxi Province, P.R. China

    Jin Yongqing; Wang Xiaojuan; Lu Julia; Zhang Chengxiao; Duan Qingbo


    Samples of water, soil, sediment, and pomegranate were collected from Xi'an and the Qinshihuang Mausoleum in Shaanxi Province, China to assess the effects of human activities on mercury in the environment. The total mercury concentrations ranged from 3.9 to 992.7 ng L -1 for the water samples, 40.6 to 2204.0 ng g -1 for the soil samples, 14.2 to 376.7 ng g -1 for the sediment samples, and 0.22 to 1.74 ng g -1 for the pomegranates samples. The higher values in the water samples collected from the rivers closer to and downstream of the city resulted from wastewater discharges. The effects of the mercury buried in the Qinshihuang Mausoleum thousands of years ago on the environment were neither significant nor widespread. Immediate actions should be taken to stop the direct and continuous discharges of industrial and residential wastewaters to prevent mercury and other pollutants from accumulating and spreading in the area. - Urban activities are sources of mercury to the environment and the pomegranates grown over the burial mound of the Qinshihuang Mausoleum are not mercury-contaminated

  8. Interactive relations of type 2 diabetes and abdominal obesity to cognitive impairment: A cross-sectional study in rural area of Xi'an in China.

    Li, Yanbo; Shang, Suhang; Fei, Yulang; Chen, Chen; Jiang, Yu; Dang, Liangjun; Liu, Jie; Ma, Louyan; Wei, Meng; Qu, Qiumin


    Type 2 diabetes and obesity, which are frequently comorbid, have been associated with cognitive impairment. We aim to examine the potential modulating effect between obesity and diabetes on cognitive impairment. We recruited 865 adults (aged ≥55years) lived in a village of Xi'an in China from October 2014 to March 2015. All participants underwent biomedical and neuropsychological assessment. Relations of diabetes and abdominal obesity to cognitive impairment were examined in multiple regression models. A total of 155 participants (17.9%) presented with the diagnosis of cognitive impairment. Diabetes or obesity alone wasn't significantly associated with cognitive impairment. Interaction analysis showed a significant interaction between abdominal obesity and diabetes on cognitive impairment. Stratified multivariate analysis revealed that the association between diabetes and cognitive impairment was positive in participants with abdominal obesity (OR 2.436, 95% CI 1.345-4.411, p=0.003, in diabetics with high WC, and OR 2.348, 95% CI 1.373-4.014, p=0.002, in diabetics with high WHR), but negative in those without abdominal obesity. Type 2 diabetes interacts with abdominal obesity to be associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment by more than two times. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. La Política Lingüística en la Nueva España La Política Lingüística en la Nueva España

    David Charles Wright Carr


    Full Text Available El dominio de la Nueva España por el Estado español produjo cambios en el uso de las lenguas. La novedad principal fue la introducción y difusión del idioma castellano. De manera paralela algunos europeos, especialmente los misioneros, estudiaban las lenguas indígenas, a la vez que muchos criollos y mestizos aprendían los idiomas nativos desde su infancia. Desde la época Prehispánica el náhuatl servía en algunas regiones de la Nueva España como lengua franca; la Iglesia y la Corona fomentaron y extendieron esta práctica. A pesar de los intentos de homogeneizar el panorama lingüístico novohispano, sin embargo, no bastaban ni el castellano ni el náhuatl para las labores misioneras y administrativas en los pueblos donde se hablaban otras lenguas. Estas comunidades lingüísticas conservaban sus hablas ancestrales. En el presente trabajo se habla de la legislación lingüística dispuesta por la monarquía española durante el periodo Novohispano, rastreando su impacto en los pueblos indígenas. The domination of New Spain by the Spanish state brought about changes in language use. The biggest change was the introduction and diffusion of the Spanish language. At the same time some Europeans, notably the missionaries, studied the indigenous languages, while many creoles and mestizos learned the native tongues during their infancy. Since pre-Hispanic times Nahuatl had served as a lingua franca in some regions of New Spain; the Catholic Church and the Spanish Crown encouraged and extended this practice. In spite of the attempts to homogenize the linguistic panorama of New Spain, however, neither Spanish nor Nahuatl were suffi cient for the missionary and administrative work in the towns where other languages were spoken. These linguistic communities preserved their ancestral tongues. In this article the linguistic legislation issued by the Spanish monarchy during the early colonial period is discussed, tracing its impact in the Indian

  10. Didáctica y Lingüística: un desafío desde la universidad para la educación básica



    Full Text Available Aunque se ha avanzado considerablemente en las orientaciones sobre la enseñanza de la lengua materna, persiste una escasez de estudios orientados, no solo al tema de la lectura y la escritura, sino a una didáctica más global que incluya la lingüística como objeto de saber, base para el desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa. Tal situación repercute en los procesos de formación de los programas de Licenciatura en Español y Literatura donde se enfatiza en la enseñanza de la teoría lingüística, más que en la búsqueda de alternativas didácticas adaptables a las necesidades del contexto y a los objetivos de enseñanza. El presente artículo reflexiona sobre la adecuación de los saberes impartidos en la formación de docentes de Español, en el marco de una transposición didáctica entre la lingüística teórica y la lingüística escolar.

  11. An Investigation on Moving Rural Secondary Schools to Town in New Countryside Construction: Taking Ling County in Shandong Province as an Example

    Li, Shuang


    Based on some problems lying in current rural secondary education taking Ling County as an example, this paper proves the necessity and feasibility of moving rural secondary schools to town in the current condition: it is an objective demand by the changes in students; it is a necessary demand to optimize resource allocation and to improve…

  12. Instrumentos lingüísticos académicos y norma estándar del español: la nueva política lingüística panhispánica

    Daniela Lauria


    Full Text Available El contexto de globalización económica y de integraciones regionales impulsó una renovación de los instrumentos lingüísticos académicos. Esta renovación vino de la mano de un aparente cambio en el interés político y teórico de la Real Academia Española capaz de representar el estatuto de lengua internacional del español. En el presente artículo examinamos los discursos que la Academia elaboró en los últimos años con el fin de convalidar sus instrumentos normativos. Para ello, analizamos la Nueva política lingüística panhispánica,documento que expresa las principales líneas de esta nueva política sobre el español, el Diccionario panhispánico de dudas y la Prepublicación de la Nueva Gramática de la Lengua Española en tanto manifestaciones concretas de dicha política. Concluimos que la nueva política lingüística panhispánicaresulta ser más una operación discursiva que otra cosa. En efecto, lejos de fomentar una distribución equitativa y multilateral de las funciones en la estructura organizativa, continúan reproduciéndose las antiguas jerarquíasen la toma de decisiones, sosteniendo una clara centralización en los procesos de estandarización en el mundo hispánico. -- The context of the economical globalization and the regional integration has promoted a renovation of the linguistic devices used by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. This renovation came along with an apparent turn in the political and theoretical interests of the Academy —institution that iscapable of representing the statute of Spanish as an international language. In this article, we examine the discourses that the Academy devised in the last few years in order to validate their normative devices. In that sense,we analyze the Nueva política lingüística panhispánica —document that depicts the principal outlines of this new policy regarding Spanish—, and the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas and the Prepublicación de la

  13. El juego lingüístico: una herramienta pedagógica en las clases de idiomas

    Ildefonso Gustavo Díaz Sandoval


    Full Text Available Linguistic games constitute instruments and techniques that used in the learning of the language, they make this a much more motivational, active and interesting process. They are pedagogic activities that should be kept in mind in the designing of the curriculum and, therefore, to be part of our daily activities in the classroom, because they are instruments of language learning. They also help the professor to be closer to the students in a pleasant way and this contributes to facilitate the teaching-learning process.The present work consists on the compilation of a total of 40 linguistic games as useful pedagogic tools for the classes of foreign language. The author of the compilation dedicates a chapter where the importance of these games for English classes is approached. Also, he offers suggestions and recommendations from the linguistic, psicopedagogic and methodological and educational point of view to reach satisfactory results when the games are applied.Los juegos lingüísticos constituyen instrumentos y técnicas que utilizados en el aprendizaje del idioma, hacen de éste un proceso más motivante, activo e interesante. Son actividades pedagógicas que deben ser tenidos en cuenta en el diseño del currículo y, por tanto, formar parte de nuestras actividades cotidianas en el aula, porque son instrumentos de aprendizaje del idioma. También ayudan al profesor a estar más cerca de los estudiantes de una forma agradable contribuyendo a facilitar el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje. El presente trabajo consiste en la compilación de un total de 40 juegos lingüísticos como herramientas pedagógicas útiles para las clases de idioma extranjero. El autor de la compilación dedica un capítulo donde se aborda detalladamente la importancia  que tienen los juegos para las clases de inglés, así como  brinda sugerencias y recomendaciones  desde el punto de vista lingüístico, psicopedagógico-metodológico y educativo para alcanzar

  14. Machine for checking the radioactive contamination of clothing (1961); Machine a controler le linge du point de vue de sa contamination radioactive (1961)

    Mimaud, R; Cottignies, S [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre de Production de Plutonium, Marcoule (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This machine is designed to check working clothes after decontamination treatment. It checks automatically for {alpha} and {beta} {gamma} The clothing is carried on a moving belt under a rack of Geiger-Muller counters followed by zinc sulphide scintillators linked to photomultipliers. During its passage under these probes two separate counting systems count the {beta} {gamma} and the {alpha} activities. If a certain fixed rate is reached, a basket reserved for contaminated linen moves into position in front of the belt to collect the clothing; if this rate is not attained the linen is collected in another basket. The starting and stopping of counting, and the return to zero, are controlled by means of 3 photoelectric cells which detect the arrival of the clothing before and after scanning, and its delivery into the baskets. (authors) [French] Cette machine est destinee a controler les vetements de travail apres le traitement de decontamination. Elle effectue automatiquement un controle en {alpha} et en {beta} {gamma}. Le linge entraine par un tapis roulant passe sous une rampe de compteurs Geiger-Muller puis sous des scintillateurs au sulfure de zinc associes a des photomultiplicateurs. Pendant son passage sous ces sondes, deux chaines de comptage distinctes comptent l'activite {beta} {gamma} et l'activite {alpha}. Si un certain taux fixe est atteint, un panier reserve au linge contamine se positionne devant le tapis pour recueillir le linge; dans le cas contraire, le linge est recueilli dans un autre panier. Les operations de debut de comptage, arret de comptage et remise a zero de l'ensemble sont commandees a l'aide de 3 cellules photoelectriques qui detectent l'arrivee du linge avant et apres les sondes, ainsi que sa retombee dans les paniers. (auteurs)

  15. The biomechanics study of rabbit osteoporosis models treated by 99Tcm-MDP combined with GuKangLing

    Gao Kejia; Zhao Guoding; Ye Zhiwei; Mei Xiaogang; Tian Yingmin; Yan Chushun; Wang Wei; Li Wei; Cai Zhengyu; Song Haiping


    Objective: To study the bone biomechanics of the rabbit osteoporosis models induced by dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection (DX) using a combined treatment modality of 99 Tc-MDP and GuKangLing. Methods: Rabbits were intramuscularly injected with DX (2 mg/kg) twice a week for 6 weeks. The animal osteoporosis model group (Group C) and normal group (Group A) were compared to confirm the model was available. Another control group (Group B), the osteoporosis control group (Group D) were set for the comparison at the end of the experiment. The 99 Tc-MDP therapy group (Group E), GuKangLing therapy group (Group F) and 99 Tc-MDP plus GuKangLing therapy group (Group G) were included in the study. The treatment lasted for 16 weeks. The bone biomechanics, cytopathology bone histomorphology, bone mineral density (BMD), X-ray, CT, bone scintigraphy and serum bone alkaline phosphatase (BALP) and P (bone gla protein) were chosen as the markers or methods to evaluate the treatment results (excellent, effective and invalid). The analysis of variance (ANOVA) and t-test were used for group comparison analysis. Results: Cytopathology result indicated that there was no bone trabecular destruction in Group A. However, there was distinct bone destruction in Group C. The bone biomechanics (left femur head (265.914 ±52.773) N, L 4 (369.671 ±94.919) N), BMD (left femur (0.238 ±0.016) g/cm 2 , L 4 (0.236 ±0.016) g/cm 2 ) and bone histomorphology ((66.230 ± 10.848)%) in Group C reduced clearly as compared with Group A ((405.343±55.410) N, (750.870±53.718) N, (0.294±0.017) g/cm 2 , (0.302±0.023) g/cm 2 , (131.500 ± 21.846)%) (t ≥4.550, all P<0.01). Radionuclide bone scan also showed that the uptake of tracers was higher by the main arthrosis in Group C than that in Group A. Vertebra was not clearly visualized on bone scan image. There were significant differences between Group A and Group C in serum BALP and P ((45.000±7.303) vs (12.485 ±1.512) U/L, (0.168±0.018) vs (0.115

  16. Fundamentos lingüísticos del lenguaje periodístico y jurídico-administrativo

    Carlos Oliva Marañón; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


    El lenguaje humano está en constante evolución y el léxico es su repertorio más mutable. El objetivo de esta investigación es el estudio del léxico de la Administración para una mejor comprensión por parte de los ciudadanos. Este lenguaje presenta una idiosincrasia definida, no sólo de léxico, gramática y estilo, sino también de teoría lingüística. Los lenguajes periodístico y jurídico-administrativo constituyen una sinergia entre la lengua global, la lengua general y el lenguaje de especiali...

  17. Alternância de código lingüístico no cotidiano de um lar

    Lima,Diógenes Cândido de


    Alternância de código é um tópico bastante controvertido. Por um lado, é visto como o aspecto mais criativo do falar bilíngüe e, por outro, como um sinal de decomposição lingüística. Comenta-se que falantes bilíngües alternam seu código porque não são capazes de aprender duas línguas de maneira adequada nem mantê-las separadamente. Este trabalho teve como objetivo observar exemplos de alternância de código que ocorreram nas conversações da informante, falante nativa da língua inglesa e fluent...

  18. Questões de linguagem: notas sobre jornalismo, história e lingüística

    Manoel Luiz Gonçalves Corrêa


    Full Text Available

    Este trabalho analisa alguns problemas lingüísticos que afetam as práticas da produção e da leitura do texto. Pela noção de deslizamento, busca-se enquadrar essas práticas no interior de uma concepção de linguagem (2º deslizamento, ao mesmo tempo em que se procura mostrar a existência, no uso da linguagem, de um processo de referencialização que oculta a coexistência e o movimento (1º deslizamento entre os fatores tradicionalmente considerados como básicos numa situação de comunicação (referente, remetente e destinatário.

  19. El cuerpo en la lingüística cognitiva. La metáfora conceptual y el embodiment

    Daniela Soledad Gonzalez


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo da cuenta del modo en el que la lingüística cognitiva aborda el tema del cuerpo en relación con el lenguaje, entendido este como un correlato del pensamiento. Uno de los ejes de abordaje del lenguaje que caracteriza a este enfoque teórico es el de la metáfora conceptual, noción postulada por Lakoff y Johnson (2001. Los autores conciben la metáfora como un fenómeno del pensamiento que se refleja en el lenguaje, que está omnipresente en la vida cotidiana y que permite la estructuración de la experiencia. La experiencia a la que hacen referencia es, fundamentalmente, corporal. La influencia de la experiencia corporal en la conceptualización recibe el nombre de embodiment o embodied mind (Lakoff, 1987: 12.

  20. A vueltas con la interculturalidad: hacia una lingüística intercultural para estudiantes alemanes de ELE

    Sánchez Castro, Marta


    Full Text Available Los estudios sobre la interculturalidad aplicados al aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras han cobrado gran importancia en las últimas décadas. Son muchas las contribuciones existentes sobre cómo incorporar el componente (intercultural, el factor social y la comunicación no verbal en la clase de ELE, pero escasas son las investigaciones que intentan promover la enseñanza de una lingüística intercultural. El presente trabajo pretende ser una propuesta de aplicación intercultural de la gramática en la clase de ELE en un contexto de enseñanza germánico con el fin de agilizar el aprendizaje y la adquisición de la competencia comunicativa en la lengua meta.

  1. Los intercambios virtuales lingüísticos y culturales en educación superior: un estudio de caso

    María Victoria Guadamillas Gómez


    Full Text Available El estudio describe una intervención docente llevada a cabo en el campo de la telecolaboración interinstitucional y con el doble objetivo de incrementar el tiempo de práctica oral para la mejora lingüística (inglés/español y favorecer la toma de conciencia intercultural entre estudiantes universitarios en los contextos español y británico. La metodología aplicada da cuenta de las percepciones de estos participantes de manera cualitativa y del grado de implicación y participación de los discentes. En primer lugar, en este estudio de caso abordamos el término telecolaboración y recogemos aportaciones recientes en este ámbito; en segundo lugar, presentamos el proyecto y sus tres fases principales: toma de decisiones, desarrollo y evaluación. A continuación, analizamos los resultados de participación y los comentarios positivos y negativos obtenidos de los universitarios, según se refieran a los aspectos lingüísticos o culturales o a otros más generales relacionados con la experiencia de participación. Por último, en la discusión y las conclusiones hablamos del éxito de esta experiencia, el cual reside en la planificación y el diseño de tareas que han originado una alta participación.

  2. Pollution characteristics and health risk assessment of phthalate esters in urban soil in the typical semi-arid city of Xi'an, Northwest China.

    Wang, Lijun; Liu, Mengmei; Tao, Wendong; Zhang, Wenjuan; Wang, Li; Shi, Xingmin; Lu, Xinwei; Li, Xiaoping


    A total of 62 urban soil samples were collected in the city of Xi'an in Northwest China, and analyzed for six U.S. Environmental Protection Agency priority phthalate esters (PAEs). Unlike earlier studies on PAEs in agricultural soil as well as urban soil in humid climates, this paper for the first time comprehensively assessed pollution characteristics and health risks of human exposure to PAEs in urban soil in a typical semi-arid climate. The total concentrations of the six PAEs (Σ6PAEs) in the urban soil varied between 193.0 and 19146.4 μg kg -1 with a mean of 1369.3 μg kg -1 . The PAEs were dominated by di-n-butyl phthalate and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate. Magnetic susceptibility and soil texture were controlling factors influencing the concentrations of PAEs in the urban soil. The concentrations of benzyl butyl phthalate, di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, and Σ6PAEs increased from the first to third ring roads, while the concentrations of di-n-octyl phthalate decreased. Relatively higher levels of PAEs were observed in industrial, traffic, and residential areas. The PAEs in the urban soil originated mainly from the application of plasticizers or additives, use of cosmetics and personal care products, emissions of construction materials and home furnishings, industrial processes, and atmospheric deposition. The concentrations of some PAEs in the urban soil exceeded soil allowable concentrations and environmental risk levels. The non-cancer and carcinogenic risks of human exposure to the PAEs were relatively low. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Ear diseases among secondary school students in Xi'an, China: The role of portable audio device use, insomnia and academic stress

    He Ya


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hearing impairment negatively impacts students' development of academic, language and social skills. Even minimal unilateral hearing loss can hinder educational performance. We investigated the prevalence of ear diseases among secondary school students in the city of Xi'an, China in order to provide a foundation for evidence-based hearing healthcare. Methods A stratified random sampling survey was conducted in 29 secondary schools. Demographics and medical histories were collected, and otologic examinations were performed. Questionnaires were administered to assess insomnia, academic stress and use of portable audio devices. Logistic regression analysis was used to identify factors associated with hearing impairment, and the association of sensorineural hearing loss with insomnia, academic stress and the use of portable audio devices was analyzed with the chi-square test. Results The percentage of students with some form of ear disease was 3.32%. External ear disease, middle ear disease and sensorineural hearing loss occurred in 1.21%, 0.64% and 1.47% of the students, respectively. Boys had a relatively higher prevalence of ear disease than girls. According to our survey, the prevalence of sensorineural hearing loss increased significantly among the students with insomnia and extended use of portable audio devices, but not among those with elevated levels of academic stress. Hearing aids and surgical treatment were needed in 1.47% and 0.89% of the students, respectively. Conclusions There is a high prevalence of ear disease among secondary school students, and this should be given more attention. Insomnia and the excessive use of portable audio devices may be related to adolescent sensorineural hearing loss. It is important to establish and comply with an evidence-based preventive strategy.

  4. 地铁隧道活塞风实测及特征分析%Subway piston wind measurement and analysis of Xi'an metro Line 2

    齐江浩; 赵蕾; 王君; 李德辉; 郭永桢; 邓保顺


    A station of Xi'an Metro Line 2 is selected as study object.The wind speed and temperature in run-ning tunnel and piston ventilation shafts of uplink and downlink is analyzed.The airflow movement,piston wind regular pattern of running tunnel and piston ventilation shafts during train running in the coldest month of winter and the hottest month of summer is also studied.According to the result,for the station with platform screen doors,piston wind greatly influence the surroundings of tunnel and piston ventilation shaft.The subway piston wind is significantly influenced by indoor and outdoor difference in temperature,structure of tunnel,the workings of train,air resistance,trains meeting and so on.%对西安地铁2号线某站上、下行线隧道以及活塞风道中的风速和温度进行监测,分析冬季最冷月和夏季最热月列车行驶过程中隧道与活塞风道内气流的运动特性及其动态变化规律.研究结果表明:对于安装有屏蔽门的车站,列车活塞风对隧道空间和活塞风道环境影响巨大,活塞风大小主要受室外与地下温度差异、隧道结构、列车运行状况、行驶空气阻力、空气与壁面之间的摩擦及列车会车情况等因素影响.

  5. El papel de la teoría y de la aplicación en la construcción de disciplinas lingüísticas. El caso de la 'Lingüística Clínica' y áreas conexas

    Fernández Pérez, Milagros


    El trabajo traza líneas de desarrollo y derroteros de la Lingüística Clínica. Desde los inicios en la terapéutica del habla y en la afasiología, con la paulatina introducción de modelos conductuales y comunicativos, hasta la actualidad del ámbito clínico consolidado como una esfera de investigación destacada en el conjunto de aplicaciones de la Lingüística.

  6. Perfil pragmático de crianças surdas em diferentes fases lingüísticas Deaf children's pragmatic profile in different linguistic phases

    Ida Lichtig


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a interferência da fase lingüística no perfil comunicativo de crianças surdas. MÉTODOS: Trinta crianças surdas participaram deste estudo, sendo 15 crianças em fase pré-lingüística e 15 em fase lingüística (independente da modalidade comunicativa - língua oral ou língua de sinais, na faixa etária de 41 a 59 meses. Foram analisadas 30 gravações das habilidades comunicativas da criança, em situação de interação com a examinadora. Foi utilizado o Protocolo do Perfil Pragmático das Habilidades Iniciais da Comunicação para identificar quais as habilidades comunicativas ocorridas e qual a sua freqüência de ocorrência. RESULTADOS: Os dois grupos apresentaram basicamente as mesmas habilidades comunicativas; entretanto, o grupo Lingüístico apresentou maior freqüência de ocorr��ncia, principalmente nas habilidades relativas a intenções comunicativas e respostas para comunicação. CONCLUSÕES: Há relação direta entre a complexidade lingüística (independente da modalidade e o perfil comunicativo da criança surda, ou seja, a criança em fase lingüística apresenta maior freqüência de ocorrência no uso das habilidades comunicativas mais complexas e elaboradas.PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to ascertain and to assess the interference of deaf children's linguistic level in their communicative abilities. METHODS:Thirty deaf children participated in this study, 15 in the pre-linguistic phase and 15 in the linguistic phase, independent of the communicative modality used - either oral or sign language. Their age ranged from 41 to 59 months. Thirty videotape recordings of the deaf children's communicative abilities assessment during their interaction with the examiner were analyzed. The Communicative Abilities Pragmatic Profile was used in order to identify the communicative abilities and their frequency of occurrence. RESULTS: Both groups basically presented the same

  7. Psicogênese da língua escrita, universais lingüísticos e teorias de alfabetização

    Luiz Antonio Gomes Senna


    Full Text Available

    O que há entre universais lingüísticos e a psicogênese da língua escrita? Neste artigo, levanto algumas questões polêmicas sobre um possível problema conceituai no uso da lingüística chomskyana numa teoria semiótica de alfabetização. Os universais de Chomsky - baseados no Dispositivo de Aquisição da Linguagem (LAD e numa mente modular - podem comprometer todo o projeto de abordagem psicogenética do desenvolvimento da língua escrita, uma vez que não existe nenhuma motivação filogenética, com base na qual se possa tratar da alfabetização de modo similar Tao empregado para explicar a aquisição da língua materna.

  8. ¿Quién necesita una lengua? Política y planificación lingüística en el departamento del Cauca

    Geny Gonzales Castaño


    El propósito de este artículo es realizar una reflexión acerca de la forma en la cual las motivaciones políticas que trazan los límites y condiciones de la planificación lingüística hoy, se establecen en relación con las políticas de reconocimiento y administración de la diversidad cultural y lingüística por parte del estado colombiano. Para este fin me centraré en el caso del proceso de fortalecimiento de lengua nam trik o namuy wam, hablada en el departamento del Cauca.

  9. Clasificación automática del registro lingüístico en textos del español: un análisis contrastivo

    John Roberto Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Las aplicaciones colaborativas como los Sistemas de Recomendación se pueden beneficiar de la clasificación de textos en registros lingüísticos. En primer lugar, el registro lingüístico proporciona información sobre el perfil de los usuarios y sobre el contexto de la recomendación. En segundo lugar, considerar las características de cada tipo de texto puede ayudar a mejorar los métodos actuales de procesamiento de lenguaje natural. En este trabajo contrastamos dos enfoques, uno morfosintáctico y el otro léxico, para categorizar textos por registro en español. Para su evaluación aplicamos 38 algoritmos de aprendizaje automático con los que obtuvimos niveles de precisión superiores al 89%.

  10. Extracción de contextos definitorios en textos de especialidad a partir del reconocimiento de patrones lingüísticos

    Gerardo Sierra


    Full Text Available La extracción automática de definiciones a partir de textos de especialidad es una tarea cada vez más demandante para diferentes aplicaciones del Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural, tales como lexicografía computacional, extracción de información, semántica computacional, sistemas pregunta-respuesta, minería de textos, Web semántica y aprendizaje automático. Este artículo presenta un panorama de los trabajos realizados en el Grupo de Ingeniería Lingüística en el tema, desde los aspectos teóricos, la revisión del estado del arte, los estudios lingüísticos sobre definiciones y contextos definitorios, la metodología para la extracción automática y hasta diversas aplicaciones. 

  11. Sobre la letra rayada. en torno a la articulación de los códigos somáticos y lingüísticos



    Se pretende considerar elproceso de inscripción en el cuerpo, de las huellas de su relación con otros cuerpos, las cuales corifigurarian un código somático primario que -en un proceso de subjetivación normal-se articularia con el código lingüístico. Si el código somático tiene comofunción la expresión del sentido, sobre el lingüístico recae lafunción de expresión de la significación. De esta manera, la palabra se plantea como el sepulcro del sentido y cuna del significado. A...

  12. Two New Members of Freshwater Red Algae in Taiwan: Compsopogon tenellus Ling et Xie and C. chalybeus Kützing (Compsopogonaceae, Rhodophyta

    Shao-Lun Liu


    Full Text Available Two freshwater red algae, Compsopogon tenellus Ling et Xie and C. chalybeus Kützing, are first reported to the freshwater algal flora of Taiwan. In this study, we describe in detail the morphology of them and compare the ecological differences of their habitats. Both of them were found in clear, warm (24-27 °C and running stream in low altitude plain areas of southern Taiwan.

  13. Analysis of hospitalization expenditures and influencing factors for inpatients with coronary heart disease in a tier-3 hospital in Xi'an, China: A retrospective study.

    Ding, Jing-Mei; Zhang, Xian-Zhi; Hu, Xue-Jun; Chen, Huo-Liang; Yu, Min


    The medical costs for inpatients with coronary heart disease (CHD) have risen to unprecedented levels, putting tremendous financial pressure on their families and the entire society. The objective of this study was to examine the actual direct medical costs of inpatients with CHD and to analyze the influencing factors of those costs, to provide advice on the prevention and control of high medical costs of patients with CHD. A retrospective descriptive analysis of hospitalization expenditures data examined 10,301 inpatients with coronary heart disease of a tier-3 hospital in Xi'an from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The data included demographic information, the average length of stay, and different types of expenses incurred during the hospitalization period. The difference between different groups was analyzed using a univariate analysis, and the influencing factors of hospitalization expenditures were explored by the multiple linear stepwise regression analysis. The average age of these patients was 60.0 years old, the average length of stay was 4.0 days, and the majority were males (7172, 69.6%). The average hospitalization expenses were $6791.38 (3294.16-9, 732.59), and the top 3 expenses were medical consumables, operation fees, and drugs. The influencing factors of hospitalization expenditures included the length of stay, the number of times of admission, the type of medical insurance schemes, whether have a surgery or not, the gender, the age, and the marriage status. The inpatients with CHD in this tier-3 hospital were mostly over 45 years old. The average medical cost of males was much higher than that of females. Our findings suggest that the solution for tremendous hospitalization expenditures should be that more attention is paid to controlling the high expense of medical consumables and that the traditional method of reducing medical expenses by shortening the length of stay is still important in nowadays. Furthermore, the type of medical

  14. Population structure and genetic diversity of Sinibrama macrops from Ou River and Ling River based on mtDNA D-loop region analysis, China.

    Zhao, Liangjie; Chenoweth, Erica L; Liu, Qigen


    In order to understand the influence of human activities such as habitat fragmentation on freshwater fish population evolution, we investigated and compared the genetic diversity and phylogeography of Sinibrama macrops populations in the Oujiang River and Ling River. Mitochondrial control region sequences (D-loop region) of 131 specimens from six populations were obtained and analyzed. The diversity of main stream in the Ou River was lower than that in Ling River. Changtan population showed the lowest diversity (H = 0.646 ± 0.077; π = 0.00060 ± 0.00820). Pairwise F ST , gene flow (Nm), and genetic distance (Da) indicated that Longquan and Changtan significantly differentiate from other populations. Nested clade phylogeographical analysis (NCPA) showed some clades and total cladogram experienced isolation by distance. In conclusion, the populations from severely fragmented Ou River have the lower diversity and more intense differentiation than that from the mainstream of Ling River, Changtan population present the lowest diversity and were isolated by the dam construction.

  15. Modified Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan Suppresses Adjuvant Arthritis by Inhibiting Chemokines and Matrix-Degrading Enzymes

    Siddaraju M. Nanjundaiah


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the joints that can lead to deformities and disability. The prolonged use of conventionally used drugs is associated with severe adverse reactions. Therefore, safer and less expensive therapeutic products are continually being sought. Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling dan (HLXL, a traditional Chinese herbal mixture, and its modified versions possess anti-arthritic activity. In this paper, we examined the influence of modified HLXL on two of the key mediators of arthritic inflammation and tissue damage, namely, chemokines and matrix-metalloproteinases (MMPs in the rat adjuvant-induced arthritis (AA model of RA. We treated arthritic Lewis rats with HLXL (2.3 g/kg by daily gavage beginning at the onset of AA. The control rats received the vehicle. At the peak phase of AA, rats were sacrificed and their draining lymph node cells (LNC and spleen adherent cells (SAC were tested. The HLXL-treated rats showed a significant reduction in the levels of chemokines (RANTES, MCP-1, MIP-1α, and GRO/KC, MMPs (MMP 2 and 9, as well as cytokines (IL-6 and IL-17 that induce them, compared to the control vehicle-treated rats. Thus, HLXL controls arthritis in part by suppressing the mediators of immune pathology, and it might offer a promising alternative/adjunct treatment for RA.

  16. Biogeochemical characteristics of Kuan-Tzu-Ling, Chung-Lun and Bao-Lai hot springs in southern Taiwan.

    Maity, Jyoti Prakash; Liu, Chia-Chuan; Nath, Bibhash; Bundschuh, Jochen; Kar, Sandeep; Jean, Jiin-Shuh; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Liu, Jiann-Hong; Atla, Shashi B; Chen, Chien-Yen


    Hot springs are the important natural sources of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth's crust. Kuan-Tzu-Ling (KTL), Chung-Lun (CL) and Bao-Lai (BL) are well-known hot springs in southern Taiwan. Fluid and mud (sediments) samples were collected from the eruption points of three hot springs for detailed biogeochemical characterization. The fluid sample displays relatively high concentrations of Na(+) and Cl(-) compared with K(+), Mg(2+), Ca(2+), NO(2) (-), and SO(4) (2-), suggesting a possible marine origin. The concentrations of Fe, Cr, Mn, Ni, V and Zn were significantly higher in the mud sediments compared with fluids, whereas high concentrations of As, Ba, Cu, Se, Sr and Rb were observed in the fluids. This suggests that electronegative elements were released during sediment-water interactions. High As concentration in the fluids was observed to be associated with low redox (Eh) conditions. The FTIR spectra of the humic acid fractions of the sediments showed the presence of possible functional groups of secondary amines, ureas, urethanesm (amide), and silicon. The sulfate-reducing deltaproteobacterium 99% similar to Desulfovibrio psychrotolerans (GU329907) were rich in the CL hot spring while mesophilic, proteolytic, thiosulfate- and sulfur-reducing bacterium that 99% similar to Clostridium sulfidigenes (GU329908) were rich in the BL hot spring.

  17. O termo estratégia: um conceito útil para a lingüística aplicada?

    John Robert Schmitz


    Full Text Available

    O termo estratégia é usado em certos casos na literatura especializada de lingüística aplicada sem muita precisão, pois, para alguns pesquisadores, ele é uma técnica; para outros, é método, de ensino e, para outros ainda, refere-se aos hábitos de estudo ou estilo cognitivo dos aprendizes. Outro problema é a pletora de estratégias propostas sem rigor na demarcação de diferenças: estratégias de comunicação (communication strategies, estratégias de aprendizagem (learning strategies, estratégias de aquisição (acquisition strategies e estratégias de ensino (teaching strategies. Apesar desses problemas, as pesquisas na área de estratégias são promissoras, já que o treinamento explícito em sua utilização ensina os aprendizes a: (i saber usar novas estratégias, (ii avaliar a eficiência de diferentes tipos; e (iii decidir quando é procedente transferir uma determinada estratégia para uma nova situação.

  18. Fundamentos lingüísticos del lenguaje periodístico y jurídico-administrativo

    Carlos Oliva Marañón


    Full Text Available El lenguaje humano está en constante evolución y el léxico es su repertorio más mutable. El objetivo de esta investigación es el estudio del léxico de la Administración para una mejor comprensión por parte de los ciudadanos. Este lenguaje presenta una idiosincrasia definida, no sólo de léxico, gramática y estilo, sino también de teoría lingüística. Los lenguajes periodístico y jurídico-administrativo constituyen una sinergia entre la lengua global, la lengua general y el lenguaje de especialidad. Los lenguajes específicos son de carácter mixto, a medio camino entre los lenguajes artificiales y las lenguas naturales con peculiaridades propias de carácter semiótico. Se concluye, por un lado, que el lenguaje administrativo es una realidad de percepción pasiva, ajena al circuito verbal de la comunicación que se da en la lengua común; y, por otro, que el lenguaje de la Administración es un código elaborado y prefijado que el ciudadano ha de aprender, aunque pierda parcialmente el control verbal. 

  19. Las lenguas inmigrantes en el IES Eclipse: un análisis desde la política lingüística de la Comunidad de Madrid

    Isabel Solís Casco


    Full Text Available La política lingüística educativa europea se caracteriza por el progresivo fomento del multilingüismo entre sus ciudadanos y el reconocimiento de la riqueza cultural de las lenguas asentadas en Europa. Sin embargo, no todas las lenguas han obtenido el mismo grado de promoción ni de reconocimiento en los sistemas educativos europeos. En el caso de las lenguas inmigrantes su estatus y grado de visibilidad apenas ha variado desde que en los setenta se publicaron las primeras normas para su regulación. A través de un estudio de caso, que forma parte de una investigación más amplia sobre la política lingüística educativa llevada a cabo en la Comunidad de Madrid, se estudia la visibilidad de las lenguas inmigrantes en un centro educativo de Secundaria y la ideología lingüística respecto a estas lenguas. Siguiendo el método etnográfico, a partir del estudio de documentos oficiales del centro y del paisaje lingüístico del instituto, se llega a la conclusión de que en el contexto educativo prevalece una ideología lingüística de invisibilización de las lenguas inmigrantes, a pesar de la normativa y de los estudios que han demostrado los beneficios de valorar las lenguas inmigrantes en la escuela. European educational language policy has moved from monolingualism to the promotion of multilingualism among Europeans and to the acknowledgement of the cultural richness of the languages found in Europe. Nevertheless, not all the languages have achieved the same degree of support or acknowledgement in European educational systems. For example, neither the status of languages spoken by immigrants nor their and their presence in classrooms has increased since the first laws governing their use in educational establishments were passed in the late seventies. In this article, through a case study forming part of a larger study regarding educational language-policy undertaken in the Madrid region, the presence of immigrant mother-tongues at a

  20. Potencial evocados corticales y evaluación lingüística de pacientes con implante coclear

    Liudis Reina


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo fue examinar la utilidad del Potencial Evocado Auditivo Cortical (PEAC como herramienta objetiva que nos permita cuantificar el proceso de rehabilitación en pacientes con implante coclear. Se conformó una muestra de 20 pacientes, 12 del sexo masculino y con edades entre 7 y 16 años. Todos portadores de un Implante Coclear (IC modelo Clarion HiRes 90K. Todas las variables mostraron una correlación estadísticamente significativa con la etapa del proceso de rehabilitación en que se encontraba cada paciente. Los PEAC registrados en pacientes con IC muestran una morfología muy similar a la que se obtiene en sujetos normoyentes, registrándose los componentes que caracterizan esta respuesta (P1, N1, P2 y N2. Se evidenció una correlación estadísticamente significativa entre las etapas de rehabilitación y la latencia de los componentes P1 y N1. También hubo correlación estadísticamente significativa entre el por ciento de fonemas erróneos calculados tras la aplicación de la prueba del Registro Fonológico Inducido y la latencia del componente P1. Contar con herramientas objetivas como el PEAC nos garantizaría un mayor y mejor aprovechamiento de la rehabilitación lingüística, así como podría ayudar a perfeccionar las técnicas de rehabilitación de los pacientes con implante coclear.

  1. The Age-Dependent Relationship between Blood Pressure and Cognitive Impairment: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Rural Area of Xi'an, China.

    Shang, Suhang; Li, Pei; Deng, Meiying; Jiang, Yu; Chen, Chen; Qu, Qiumin


    Hypertension is a modifiable risk factor for cognitive impairment, although the relationship between hypertension and cognitive impairment is not fully understood. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of age on the relationship between blood pressure and cognitive impairment. Blood pressure and global cognitive function information was collected from 1799 participants (age 40-85) who lived in a village in the suburbs of Xi'an, China, during in-person interviews. Cognitive impairment was defined as a Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score lower than the cutoff value. The effect of age on the relationship between blood pressure parameters [systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), mean arterial blood pressure (MABP), and high blood pressure (HBP, SBP≥140 mm Hg and/or DBP≥90 mm Hg)] and cognitive impairment was analyzed by logistic regression models using interaction and stratified analysis. Blood pressure and age were regarded as both continuous and categorical data. A total of 231 participants were diagnosed as having cognitive impairment based on our criteria. Interaction analysis for the total population showed that SBP (when regarded as continuous data) was positively correlated with cognitive impairment (OR = 1.130 [95% CI, 1.028-1.242] per 10mmHg, P = 0.011); however, the age by SBP interaction term was negatively correlated with cognitive impairment (OR = 0.989 [95% CI, 0.982-0.997] per 10mmHg×year, P = 0.006), indicating that the relationship between SBP and cognitive impairment was age-dependent (OR = 1.130×0.989(age-55.5) per 10mmHg,40 ≤age≤85). When the blood pressure and age were considered as binary data, the results were similar to those obtained when they were considered as continuous variables. Stratified multivariate analysis revealed that the relationship between SBP (when regarded as continuous data) and cognitive impairment was positive for patients aged 40-49 years (OR = 1.349 [95% CI: 1

  2. Impact of Gobi desert dust on aerosol chemistry of Xi'an, inland China during spring 2009: differences in composition and size distribution between the urban ground surface and the mountain atmosphere

    G. H. Wang


    Full Text Available Composition and size distribution of atmospheric aerosols from Xi'an city (~400 m, altitude in inland China during the spring of 2009 including a massive dust event on 24 April were measured and compared with a parallel measurement at the summit (2060 m, altitude of Mt. Hua, an alpine site nearby Xi'an. EC (elemental carbon, OC (organic carbon and major ions in the city were 2–22 times higher than those on the mountaintop during the whole sampling period. Compared to that in the non-dust period a sharp increase in OC was observed at both sites during the dust period, which was mainly caused by an input of biogenic organics from the Gobi desert. However, adsorption/heterogeneous reaction of gaseous organics with dust was another important source of OC in the urban, contributing 22% of OC in the dust event. In contrast to the mountain atmosphere where fine particles were less acidic when dust was present, the urban fine particles became more acidic in the dust event than in the non-dust event, mainly due to enhanced heterogeneous formation of nitrate and diluted NH3. Cl and NO3 in the urban air during the dust event significantly shifted toward coarse particles. Such redistributions were further pronounced on the mountaintop when dust was present, resulting in both ions almost entirely staying in coarse particles. On the contrary, no significant spatial difference in size distribution of SO42− was found between the urban ground surface and the mountain atmosphere, which dominated in the fine mode (<2.1 μm during the nonevent and comparably distributed in the fine (<2.1 μm and coarse (>2.1 μm modes during the dust event.

  3. Mantenimiento o sustitución de rasgos lingüísticos indexados socialmente: migrantes de zonas andinas en Lima

    Carola Mick


    Full Text Available ResumenEste artículo investiga la relación entre la formación de “mundos de vida comunicativos individuales” y la construcción de la identidad en migrantes peruanas procedentes de la zona de los Andes en Lima. A partir del análisis lingüístico y discursivo de un corpus de entrevistas semidirigidas con veintidós mujeres migrantes mostramos cómo las ideologías lingüísticas, las que menosprecian rasgos dialectales considerados como típicos de migrantes andinos y las que prestigian los “rasgos limeños”, condicionan el comportamiento lingüístico de las migrantes y se transforman en herramientas útiles para el posicionamiento discursivo individual de las informantes frente a estos estereotipos.AbstractThis article enquires the relationship between the formation of “individual communicative lifeworlds” and the construction of identity in 22 semidirective interviews with Peruvian migrant domestic workers in Lima originating from the Andean regions. With the help of a combined linguistic and discursive analysis we demonstrate the way in which language ideologies condition and enable the formation of individual communicative lifeworlds of the speakers. The stigmatization of linguistic characteristics that are considered as typical of “Andean” speakers and the high esteem of linguistic forms considered as typical for people originating in Lima favour linguistic accommodation, but in order to explain all the variation in the corpus we need to take into consideration the individual linguistic and discursive positioning of each speaker.

  4. Planificació lingüística i ensenyament a Andalusia: la dimensió intercultural dins del Pla de Foment del Plurilingüisme

    Arantza Galiardo López


    Full Text Available El Pla de Foment del Plurilingüisme a Andalusia va veure la llum el 2005 en una regió monolingüe, on no hi ha conflicte lingüístic, i ho va fer amb la pretensió d'impulsar –segons les seves pròpies paraules- «una Política Lingüística per a la societat andalusa» (PFP, 2005:1, i contribuir al desenvolupament de la competència plurilingüe i intercultural de la ciutadania andalusa mitjançant la implantació en el sistema educatiu públic de la metodologia d'Aprenentatge integrat de continguts i llengua estrangera i el currículum integrat. Malgrat ser una comunitat monolingüe, la nova societat andalusa està formada de fet per persones d'origen ètnic variat –fruit dels naturals processos migratoris– que aporten les seves llengües d'origen a un mapa lingüístic ara més ric. Aprofitant la presència d'alumnat al·lòfon i la creixent mundialització de la comunicació, el Pla aspirava a la inclusió d'aquestes altres llengües. Ens preguntarem en aquest estudi de quina forma es pretenia assolir una mesura objectiva i analitzarem de forma crítica la normativa en el seu desenvolupament en aquests deu anys després de la seva posada en funcionament.

  5. Evaluación de la inteligencia lingüística en Educación Inafanil según el modelo de Gardner

    Paíno Tesedo, Tamara


    En el presente Trabajo Fin de Grado (TFG) que exponemos se trata de una iniciación a la investigación educativa. El presente estudio pretende analizar los conocimientos y encontrar la forma de evaluar las Inteligencias Múltiples, concretamente una de las ocho propuestas por Howard Gardner, la Inteligencia Lingüística. La primera búsqueda de este trabajo es la indagación sobre los estudios e investigaciones de Howard Gardner, centrándonos esencialmente en el análisis la teoría del autor que...

  6. Especulaciones lingüísticas sobre el hebreo en la España del siglo XVI y principios del XVII

    Perea Siller, Francisco Javier


    Las especulaciones en torno a la lengua hebrea durante el siglo XVI y principios del XVII en España arrojan luz sobre algunos temas principales de la reflexión lingüística de la época: el origen del lenguaje y la identidad de la lengua primitiva, el carácter motivado o arbitrario de las lenguas, el parentesco entre las lenguas primitivas y actuales, y el problema de la lengua más antigua de España. Se han tratado estos temas, dividiendo la tesis en dos partes: la primera analiza las discusion...

  7. Discriminación lingüística y contracultura escolar indígena en la Ciudad de México

    Daniel Hernández-Rosete; Olivia Maya


    La discriminación lingüística escolar es una forma de racismo cuya resistencia está poco documentada. En este artículo analizamos las creencias que favorecen la discriminación escolar de indígenas migrantes bilingües y describimos algunas de las respuestas que además existen como mecanismos de contracultura escolar. Realizamos una investigación fenomenológica de tipo constructivista social, cuyo trabajo de campo se realizó en dos escuelas del barrio de La Merced ubicado en la Ciudad de México...

  8. De la deconstrucción del signo lingüístico a la escritura como huella en Jacques Derrida

    Barreto Ramírez, Martha Helena


    Este trabajo se compone de dos capítulos: El primero titulado: La deconstrucción del signo lingüístico y el segundo: La escritura como huella, cada capítulo esta compuesto de subtemas para una mayor comprensión del texto.En el primero, se muestran algunos rasgos de la estrategia deconstructiva que plantea Derrida a la metafísica de la escritura fonética que dirigió etnocentrismo y el fonocentrismo de la época y es tratado en tres subtemas: 1): La escritura fonética y el pensamiento metafísico...

  9. El papel de los estudios lingüísticos en la investigación psicosocial : el caso de las pasiones y los sentimientos

    Harré, Rom


    Entendiendo la conversación como el modelo principal para comprender los episodios sociales, este trabajo pretende plantear un nuevo paradigma en psicología social y explorar sus aportaciones en la investigación psicosocial. Las destrezas lingüísticas se presentan como el medio a partir del cual se construyen los episodios sociales, y conceptos como acción, acto y posición son planteados como conceptos útiles para entender la vida cotidiana. A continuación se intenta desarrollar la aplicabili...

  10. Sincretismo lingüístico lexicográfico culinario gastronómico en el dialecto “puntanerense”

    Li Chan, Elisa


    El objetivo de este estudio es describir algunos aportes sociolingüísticos, dentro del ámbito gastronómico - culinario, del dialecto chino Cantones al dialecto puntarenense. El contacto comercial constante y la integración social de inmigrantes chinos, provenientes de la parte sur de China, con la población del centro de Puntarenas; como consecuencia del contacto laboral, socio-cultural y lingüístico entres chinos y puntarenenses, debido al flujo migratorio de chinos que empezó hace 150 años ...

  11. Primeras aproximaciones a la anotación lingüístico-ontológica de documentos de Web Semántica: OntoTag

    Aguado de Cea, G.; Álvarez de Mon Rego, I.; Pareja-Lora, A.


    A instancias de lo que se ha dado en llamar la Web Semántica, la Inteligencia Artificial ha investigado exhaustivamente la anotación semántica de páginas web. La anotación (semántica) de textos se desarrolló primeramente en la Lingüística de Corpus; sin embargo, la Inteligencia Artificial, al centrarse en una anotación basada en ontologías, parece haber pasado por alto sus resultados. Este artículo muestra nuestras primeras experiencias en la integración de ambos campos, según las cuales una ...

  12. Consideraciones gráficas y lingüísticas del lenguaje cibernético: el chat y el Messenger.

    Cabedo Nebot, Adrián


    Este trabajo pretende estudiar el comportamiento lingüístico de intercambios comunicativos en plataformas cibernéticas como el chat o el Messenger. Así mismo, el planteamiento inicial es investigar si el lenguaje cibernético constituye un código particular, diferenciado del código del lenguaje habitual. This work tries to study linguistic behavior of communicative exchanges in cybernetic platforms like chat or Messenger. Likewise, the initial approach is to investigate if the cybernetic la...

  13. Actitudes lingüísticas en la Argentina. El español en Buenos Aires: Una aproximación a las representaciones de sus hablantes

    Gabriela Llull


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, hacia al español de la Argentina y el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. El procesamiento estadístico de los datos de campo recolectados arrojó resultados de interés en torno a la mayoría de los tópicos analizados y especialmente en lo referente a aspectos tales como la valoración positiva de la propia variedad lingüística; la resistencia a identificar a España como la única fuente de la norma lingüística de la lengua española; el rechazo a la unificación de la lengua y, por consiguiente, la defensa de la diversidad lingüística como portadora de riqueza cultural. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Buenos Aires City, towards Spanish spoken in Argentina and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The analysis of the data rendered interesting results on most of the analyzed topics; especially important was the positive appraisal of Argentineans' own linguistic variety; the strong resistance against identifying Spain as the only source of the linguistic norm for the Spanish language; and the rejection of language unification, defending in this way

  14. Incremento de la competencia lingüística en dos sujetos con parálisis cerebral mediante el dispositivo Makey-Makey

    Calleja-Reina, Marina; Luque-Liñán, María Luisa; Liranza Grajales, Ana Isabel


    Incremento de la competencia lingüística en dos sujetos con Parálisis Cerebral mediante el dispositivo Makey-Makey. Un estudio de caso Las personas con PC presentan un riesgo considerable de sufrir problemas de comunicación. Estos problemas de comunicación pueden surgir a consecuencia de déficits en el control motor del habla, en la cognición, en el lenguaje, en la percepción/sensación o una combinación de todos ellos (Hustad & Miles, 2010). En este trabajo se muestran dos casos de Parális...

  15. Lingüística y formación profesional: el caso de la Licenciatura en Educación Indígena de la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional-Ajusco

    Lucina García García


    Full Text Available El siguiente texto es una reflexión a partir de mi experiencia como profesora de la Licenciatura en Educación indígena de la UPN-Ajusco. A lo largo del documento hago consideraciones sobre la pertinencia de incluir contenidos lingüísticos en la formación de profesionales en el campo de la educación Intercultural Bilingüe y enfatizo la perspectiva desde la cual deben trabajarse dichos contenidos. Desde esta óptica, afirmo que es desde la lingüística aplicada que se debe considerar el trabajo con los elementos lingüísticos y que, dicha perspectiva, debemanejarse como metodología, retomando su dimensión social, perspectiva considerada en el Plan Curricular de la Licenciatura en Educación Indígena que se imparte en la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.

  16. The ScaLIng Macroweather Model (SLIMM): using scaling to forecast global-scale macroweather from months to decades

    Lovejoy, S.; del Rio Amador, L.; Hébert, R.


    On scales of ≈ 10 days (the lifetime of planetary-scale structures), there is a drastic transition from high-frequency weather to low-frequency macroweather. This scale is close to the predictability limits of deterministic atmospheric models; thus, in GCM (general circulation model) macroweather forecasts, the weather is a high-frequency noise. However, neither the GCM noise nor the GCM climate is fully realistic. In this paper we show how simple stochastic models can be developed that use empirical data to force the statistics and climate to be realistic so that even a two-parameter model can perform as well as GCMs for annual global temperature forecasts. The key is to exploit the scaling of the dynamics and the large stochastic memories that we quantify. Since macroweather temporal (but not spatial) intermittency is low, we propose using the simplest model based on fractional Gaussian noise (fGn): the ScaLIng Macroweather Model (SLIMM). SLIMM is based on a stochastic ordinary differential equation, differing from usual linear stochastic models (such as the linear inverse modelling - LIM) in that it is of fractional rather than integer order. Whereas LIM implicitly assumes that there is no low-frequency memory, SLIMM has a huge memory that can be exploited. Although the basic mathematical forecast problem for fGn has been solved, we approach the problem in an original manner, notably using the method of innovations to obtain simpler results on forecast skill and on the size of the effective system memory. A key to successful stochastic forecasts of natural macroweather variability is to first remove the low-frequency anthropogenic component. A previous attempt to use fGn for forecasts had disappointing results because this was not done. We validate our theory using hindcasts of global and Northern Hemisphere temperatures at monthly and annual resolutions. Several nondimensional measures of forecast skill - with no adjustable parameters - show excellent

  17. Actitudes lingüísticas en el Perú. Predominancia del castellano de la costa central y norte

    Ana Gloria Arias Torres


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de los hablantes nativos de español de la ciudad de Lima hacia al español del Perú y hacia el español de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes previamente estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Como conclusión se ha comprobado que la mayoría de la población identifica su forma de hablar con las variedades de las zonas de la costa central y norte. Específicamente tienen valoración positiva las hablas de Lima y Trujillo; la valoración negativa se observa en algunas hablas de la capital, la sierra sur, la sierra central, y el oriente norte, por considerarlas formas muy diferentes, con acentos muy marcados. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Lima towards Spanish spoken in Peru and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results confirm that most of the population of the capital perceive their own speech to be very similar to the Spanish spoken in the central and northern regions of the country. The Spanish variety of Lima and Trujillo are valued positively, while some dialects of the capital, the southern and central sierras and the northeastern region are considered very different due to their strong accents.

  18. Competencias lingüísticas y alumnado inmigrante en Cataluña. El caso del colectivo de origen hispanohablante

    José Luis Navarro


    Full Text Available En la actualidad se constata una presencia elevada de alumnado de origen extranjero en los centros educativos del Estado español en general y en Cataluña en particular. En este contexto, el desarrollo de niveles de competencia lingüística suficientes para poder seguir la escolaridad sea uno de los elementos que genera una mayor preocupación en la escuela. En el caso de Cataluña, tiene especial relevancia al tratarse de un sistema educativo organizado bajo los parámetros de la educación bilingüe. Con este marco de fondo, se analiza la competencia lingüística en catalán y castellano de 262 alumnos inmigrantes, atendiendo específicamente al hecho de ≪ser o no ser hispanohablante≫. Los resultados fueron comparados con 341 alumnos autóctonos de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria. Los datos resultantes de testar dicha competencia, contrastada con los obtenidos por sus iguales autóctonos, muestran diferencias a favor de estos últimos realmente importantes.

  19. Ser y estar. Fenomenología y lingüística: Un acercamiento a la comprensión de la cultura latinoamericana

    Witton Becerra Mayorga


    Full Text Available La fenomenología en la tradición del pensamiento europeo es la corriente filosófica de inflexión que permite pensar otros modos de ser de la cultura de otros pueblos, de otros ethos , como lo es el del hombre latinoamericano. En el siguiente trabajo me permito postular para el caso de América Latina una nueva forma de concebir la cultura desde las bases de la fenomenología como punto de inexión del pensamiento occi - dental que posibilita crear nuevos espacios de conformación de nuestro modo de ser. Lo primero que hago es definir las profundas separaciones entre la lingüística tradicional y positiva con una lingüística de la significación cercana a los postulados de una feno - menología del lenguaje. Luego de esto, bosquejo una legitimación del pensamiento situado para referirme al caso de la inexión de la fenomenología para pensar la cultura latinoamericana haciendo énfasis en la literatura. Y, nalmente, trato la cuestión del ser y el estar como característica gramatical y ontológica de Latinoamérica como punto eje para pensar nuestra cultura en nuestro tiempo, en una época de crisis.

  20. ¿Homo loquens neanderthalensis? En torno a las capacidades simbólicas y lingüísticas del Neandertal.

    Balari, Sergio


    Full Text Available El reciente análisis de ADN fósil de dos Neandertales procedentes de la Cueva El Sidrón (Asturias ha revelado que los Neandertales poseían las mutaciones del gen FOXP2 consideradas especificas de los humanos modernos. Dado que FOXP2 está implicado en el desarollo y uso del lenguaje, tal hallazgo está provocando una revisión de las capacidades simbólicas y comunicativas atribuidas hasta ahora a la referida especie. El objetivo de este trabajo es triple: (1 aclaramos que dichas mutaciones no pueden considerarse causa suficiente para atribuir a un organismo una facultad lingüística compleja; (2 el hallazgo no puede, por tanto, usarse para defender que los Neandertales tenían una facultad lingüistíca de tipo moderno; (3 defendemos que la asimetría comportamental entre Neandertales y humanos modernos que muestra el registro arqueológico tampoco es compatible con tal visión.

  1. Discriminación lingüística y contracultura escolar indígena en la Ciudad de México

    Daniel Hernández-Rosete


    Full Text Available La discriminación lingüística escolar es una forma de racismo cuya resistencia está poco documentada. En este artículo analizamos las creencias que favorecen la discriminación escolar de indígenas migrantes bilingües y describimos algunas de las respuestas que además existen como mecanismos de contracultura escolar. Realizamos una investigación fenomenológica de tipo constructivista social, cuyo trabajo de campo se realizó en dos escuelas del barrio de La Merced ubicado en la Ciudad de México. Encontramos que la pobreza, la condición migrante y el trabajo infantil persisten como estigmas en la vida escolar. Sin embargo la dificultad para hablar español es quizá la causa de violencia escolar más severa porque se naturaliza a través de apodos y burlas, pero paradójicamente genera un modelo de bilingüismo contracultural que fortalece las identidades lingüísticas de forma lúdica.

  2. La experiencia visual de los sordos. Consideraciones políticas, lingüísticas y epistemológicas

    Leonardo Peluso


    Full Text Available Resumen Este trabajo pretende deconstruir la concepción, largamente extendida del carácter visual de los sordos. Esta concepción supone, en general, una banalización de las relaciones que los sordos establecen con el mundo circundante y se nutre de una perspectiva discapacitológica de la sordera. En el caso de la educación, esta banalización llevaría a la idea de que el carácter visual de los sordos puede y debe ser construido pedagógicamente. Nosotros mostraremos que la relación de los sordos con lo visual cobra particular sentido cuando pensamos que la lengua del grupo discurre por el canal visual y que eso confiere particularidades a su experiencia lingüística y discursiva. Los sordos organizan el mundo lingüístico y enunciativo en el plano visual y, desde esa perspectiva, se puede considerar que el carácter visual de los sordos no les es externo, sino constitutivo de su subjetividad y de la forma en que organizan la realidad.

  3. Persuasión lingüística para la defensa de la tierra: El Título Primordial de Santiago Sula

    Marta Puente González


    Full Text Available Los pueblos de indios de la Nueva España crearon, a fines de la época colonial, una forma de  defender sus territorios ante la amenaza de colonos españoles, criollos y otros indios que usurpaban ilegalmente terrenos e intentaban rentabilizar el control de las tierras. Empezaron a producir un tipo de textos, sus Títulos Primordiales, que presentaban en los juicios para demostrar la titularidad de sus posesiones. No son textos del tipo administrativo, sino que insertan narraciones con los acontecimientos pasados más importantes para la comunidad. Pero principalmente son escritos que fueron pensados para persuadir a los receptores de la veracidad de sus argumentos. Buscaban convencer, en lo lingüístico y textual, para tener efecto en la vida real: que no se les arrebatase sus tierras. En este trabajo se abordará la aproximación a este tipo textual mediante el estudio, desde la pragmática lingüística y el análisis del discurso, del Título Primordial de Santiago Sula, un documento paradigmático del género. Con ello se quiere demostrar que el Título Primordial de Santiago Sulase caracteriza por una estructura argumentativa con un narrador que dispone de distintos tipos de argumentos y otras estrategias textuales para reforzar la única conclusión final: la defensa dela tierra.

  4. Aproximación al modelo lingüístico español: un apunte crítico

    Antonio López Castillo


    Full Text Available Este trabajo no se trata tanto de un completo desarrollo del régimen constitucional de las lenguas españolas, como de una crítica formulación de algunas de las consecuencias más notorias—así, en particular, en relación con la evolución del régimen lingüístico en el sistema público educativo— de una confluencia de políticas y derechos lingüísticos, tanto más (inequívoca, cuanto más intenso es el proceso de inmersión en la respectiva lengua propia, como bien acredita, en el tracto que va del (derogado Estatuto de 1979 al (recurrido Estatuto de 2006, la política de progresiva afirmación de la centralidad de la lengua catalana en la escuela pública.

  5. Modelo didáctico de la comprensión de textos escritos desde una perspectiva lingüistico-pedagógica

    Odalis Lorié Gonz.ález


    Full Text Available Se aborda un modelo didáctico de la comprensión de textos escritos desde una perspectiva lingüfstico-pedagógica. Se concibe a\tpartir de la preparación de los estudiantes de primer año inicial de la carrera Licenciatura en Educación Primaria, favoreciendo el desarrollo de modos de actuación profesional. Se destacanlas relaciones dialécticas que se establecen entre: la dimensión desciframiento de significados. la dimensión de orientación y la dimensión de intervención metodológica, cuyo referente teórico es el Enfoque Histórico - Culturalde Vigotsky y sus seguidores, con énfasis en la Zona de Desarrollo Próximo, y el Enfoque Cognitivo Comunicativo y Sociocultura,l de Angeilna Roméu Escobar que se fundamenta en la Lingüistica Textual.

  6. Breve recorrido histórico-lingüístico en la Sicilia de la Guerra de las Vísperas

    Salvatore Bartolotta


    Full Text Available Desde el punto de vista de la historia lingüistica, 1282 representa un cambio significativo en la vida siciliana. Además de una dirección política diferente, y por lo tanto lingüistica (hacia la Península Ibérica más que hacia Francia, que la isla empezó a experimentar y que probablemente permanecería durante algunos siglos, la consecuencia más significativa de las Vísperas, por lo que nos interesa, fue la ruptura de relaciones con la parte meridional de la península.From the point of view of linguistic history, 1282 represents a significant change in Sicilian life. Apart form a different political direction, and therefore linguistic (towards the Iberian Península more than towards Franco, that the island started to experiment and that would probably remain for a few centuries, the most significant consequence of the Vespers, as far as we are concerned, was the break-up of relations with the southern part of the península.

  7. Formas lingüisticas en inglés para la atracción, captación y persuasión del cliente 2.0 del ambito turístico

    Benavente Sánchez, Humberto


    Este trabajo versa sobre las estrategias lingüísticas utilizadas en el medio web en lengua anglosajona. Se profundiza en la promoción turística en internet y en la importancia del inglés a nivel internacional. Grado en Turismo

  8. Política, planificación y minorias lingüísticas en Europa: ¿qué porvenir para el próximo siglo?

    Soledad Pérez


    Full Text Available En Europa, las relaciones internacionales han aumentado de manera tan notable desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial que los contactos entre los pueblos de lenguas diferentes se han multiplicado gracias a los medios de transporte y de comunicación. Europa se caracteriza por una gran diversidad lingüística, consecuencia de la evolución histórica de los países, de las migraciones de poblaciones, de los flujos de refugiados. de las políticas económicas, culturales, lingüísticas y educativas. Las fronteras de las lenguas no siempre coinciden con las fronteras políticas y administrativas de los Estados, lo que puede fomentar el desarrollo de los conflictos. Las minorías lingüísticas reivindican el derecho a la enseñanza en La lengua materna. Se han encontrado, sin embargo, varias soluciones a este problema, tales como la introducción de las lenguas regionales en el currículo y/o la educación bilingüe en las regiones lingüísticas. La pregunta clave de este artículo es: ¿qué educación bilingüe (lengua materna/lengua mayoritaria del país es posible en el próximo siglo?. 

  9. La lexicografía y su relación con otras disciplinas independientes como la lingüística y la ciencia de la información

    Tarp, Sven


    los importantes resultados que se han logado dentro de otras disciplinas independientes, como p.ej. la lingüística y la ciencia de la información, ya que recomienda que se haga amplio uso de estos resultados pero solo después de hacerlos pasar por un filtro que determina lo que es relevante o...

  10. Variação lingüística e alfabetização: um estudo com crianças da primeira série do ensino fundamental

    Sylvia Domingos Barrera

    Full Text Available A pesquisa teve como objetivo investigar a influência da variação lingüística sobre a aquisição da linguagem escrita. Participaram da pesquisa 65 alunos de três classes da primeira série de uma escola pública de ensino fundamental. O material utilizado para avaliar o nível de variação lingüística das crianças foi aplicado no início do ano escolar. As provas utilizadas para avaliar os níveis de leitura e escrita foram aplicadas no início e final do ano letivo. A análise estatística mostrou correlação negativa significativa entre os níveis iniciais de variação lingüística e o desempenho final das crianças em leitura, sugerindo que a utilização de linguagem não-padrão pelos alunos pode dificultar o processo de alfabetização, sobretudo quando não trabalhada adequadamente pelas professoras. Os resultados obtidos sugerem a importância de uma efetiva difusão dos conhecimentos lingüísticos e sociolingüísticos, através dos cursos de formação de professores alfabetizadores.

  11. TEACHERS’ ACCOUNTS OF LANGUAGE VARIATIONS Relatos de Professores sobre Variações Lingüísticas Não-Padrão

    João A. Telles


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on teachers' stigmatizing perspectives of their students' nonstandard varieties of Portuguese. Theoretically, the study was grounded on Personal Construct Psychology, Perspective Transformation in Teacher Education, Transformative Bidialectalism and Critical Language Awareness. The objectives were to jointly access and assess the teachers’ implicit theories about nonstandard language and to verify to what extent these theories affected their classroom pedagogy. My research questions turned to how the participating teachers understood nonstandard language; and to how their understandings are reflected on their language teaching. The viewing of the teachers’ videotaped classes and Repertory Grid activities inspired reflective conversations with the two teacher participants on their language and classroom experiences. These conversations were audio-recorded, transcribed and their analysis followed the thematizing approach of Hermeneutic Phenomenology. The study revealed teachers’ implicit theories about language variation defining pedagogies based on deficit and standard grammar perspectives. These pedagogies are in constant interaction with the teachers’ lived experiences, the contextual restrictions of schools and the limitations of teacher education programs.O presente trabalho trata das perspectivas estigmatizantes que duas professoras de língua portuguesa trazem em relação às variações lingüísticas não-padrão de seus alunos. Teoricamente, meu estudo se embasa na Psicologia dos Construtos Pessoais, Transformação de Perspectivas na Educação de Professores, Bi-dialetalismo Transformador e Sensibilidade Crítica à Linguagem. Meus objetivos foram acessar e ponderar sobre as teorias implícitas das professoras sobre linguagem não-padrão e verificar como tais teorias afetam suas pedagogias. Suas aulas foram gravadas em vídeo e atividades com Mapas do Repertório de seus conceitos sobre língua portuguesa

  12. Nuevos modos de interacción educativa: análisis lingüístico de un foro virtual Novos modos de interação educativa: análise lingüística de um foro virtual New Modes of Educational Interaction: Linguistic Analysis of a Virtual Forum

    Alexánder Arbey Sánchez-Upegui


    Full Text Available El artículo, resultado de investigación, propone estrategias para lograr una adecuada interacción educativa entre estudiantes y docentes, a partir del análisis de un foro virtual universitario. El foro es una comunicación grupal, dialógica, temática, asincrónica y argumentativa, orientada a generar un proceso de construcción de conocimiento. El marco conceptual y metodológico de la investigación se centró en elementos del discurso especializado de carácter educativo, como: el análisis lingüístico de la interacción mediatizada por computador, la ciberpragmática, la teoría de la cortesía, la argumentación y el principio cooperativo de la comunicación. Como conclusión general, puede decirse que la formación de estudiantes y docentes en estrategias de argumentación, corrección lingüística e interacción, desde una perspectiva lingüístico-textual y ciberpragmática, es imprescindible para el desarrollo de competencias colaborativas, comunicativas y científicas en la educación superior virtual.Este artigo, resultado de pesquisa, oferece algumas estratégias para conseguir uma adequada interação educativa entre estudantes e docentes, partindo da análise de um foro virtual universitário. O foro é uma comunicação grupal, dialógica, temática, assíncrona e argumentativa, dirigida a produzir um processo de construção de conhecimento. O marco teórico e metodológico da pesquisa se fundamentou em elementos especializados do discurso educativo, como a análise lingüística da interação assistida por ordenador, a ciberpragmática, a teoria da cortesia, a argumentação e o princípio cooperativo da comunicação. Como conclusão, se afirma que a formação de estudantes e docentes em estratégias de argumentação, correção lingüística e interação, desde uma perspectiva lingüístico-textual e ciberpragmática, é indispensável para o desenvolvimento das competências colaborativas, comunicativas e cient

  13. Debate sobre la indeterminación de la traducción lingüística propuesta por W.V. Quine

    Andrzej Lukomski


    Full Text Available El presente artículo pretende invitar a una discusión frente a la pro - puesta de Quine, quien plantea la hipótesis de la indeterminación de la traducción lingüística. El debate que se libró alrededor de esta hipótesis quisiera trasladarlo al campo de las ciencias naturales con el fin de buscar la fundamentación de un nuevo sistema de racionalidad, que permite superar el modelo positivista de las ciencias naturales, el cual, con sus suposiciones reduccionistas, obstaculiza el trabajo interdisciplinar que se propone en los tiempos de globalización. En la propuesta quiniana, a mi modo de ver, podemos encontrar valiosos elementos teóricos que abren las posibilidades a nuevos paradigmas de la ciencia.

  14. Transferencia de procedimientos de investigación lingüística a la enseñanza de la lengua materna

    Gómez Prieto Ana Cristina


    Full Text Available

    A partir de la metodología de investigación adoptada para establecer el grado de desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa en lengua materna de niños en diferentes grados de escolaridad, el presente documento introduce una serie de pautas metodológicas para incrementar dicha competencia. El principio básico de esta metodología es la producción y comprensión de textos orales y escritos de diverso tipo, una vez se haya establecido el conocimiento ideativo, lingüístico y expresivo (Coseríu, 1991 que posee el niño, conjunto de saberes que constituyen su competencia comunicativa.

  15. Algunas particularidades socioculturales y lingüísticas del proceso de enseñanza – aprendizaje de ELE a inmigrantes rusohablantes en España

    Kunetsov, Georgy


    Full Text Available El presente artículo basado en la memoria final del Máster en Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera (UIMP, 2007-2008, tutora Claudia Fernández Silva trata algunos aspectos socioculturales y lingüísticos del alumnado inmigrante procedente de los países de la extinta URSS y las particularidades del proceso enseñanza – aprendizaje que influyen en el trabajo de un profesor de ELE en España. Se da un breve análisis de las principales dificultades morfológicas, sintácticas y otras, al igual que del bagaje sociocultural y emocional del inmigrante rusohablante y el papel del profesor en el proceso de integración.

  16. Fundamentos lingüísticos del lenguaje periodístico y jurídico-administrativo. Linguistic foundations of the Journalistic and Juridical-Administrative Language

    Oliva Marañón, Carlos


    El lenguaje humano está en constante evolución y el léxico es su repertorio más mutable. El objetivo de este trabajo es el estudio del léxico de la Administración para una mejor comprensión por parte de los ciudadanos. Este lenguaje presenta una idiosincrasia definida, no sólo de léxico, gramática y estilo, sino también de teoría lingüística. Los lenguajes periodístico y jurídico-administrativo constituyen una sinergia entre la lengua global, la lengua general y el lenguaje de especialidad. L...

  17. El Sesgo Lingüístico y los Estereotipos de Género: La Maternidad para las Mujeres no Madres

    Consuelo Paterna


    Full Text Available El estudio del rol maternal desde la perspectiva de género, viene confirmando la reproducción de los estereotipos sexuales. El presente estudio analiza la representación social de la maternidad y no-maternidad en una muestra de 90 mujeres no madres con empleo. Un análisis de contenido y la aplicación del modelo de categorías lingüísticas fueron usados para analizar las respuestas producidas en una tarea de asociación libre. Los datos muestran que las participantes producen un estereotipo positivo de la maternidad y negativo de la no-maternidad. Los resultados se comentan con relación a otros estudios realizados con madres en los que se obtienen datos similares

  18. La influencia de la música en la inteligencia lingüística y cinética-corporal

    Muñoz García de la Plaza, María Dolores


    El presente Trabajo de Fin de Grado trata de dar a conocer la importancia que poseen las inteligencias múltiples en la etapa de Educación Infantil. Dado al amplio abanico que estas abarcan, nos hemos centrado en la lingüística y cinética-corporal, viendo cuáles son sus repercusiones en el desarrollo de los niños. Además, se ha estudiado cómo influye la música en la etapa de Educación Infantil: La suma de las inteligencias y la educación musical imprime un carácter más completo y global ...

  19. Pensando con Bourdieu contra Bourdieu: una crítica metodológica del mercado lingüístico

    Cendales Andrés


    Full Text Available Con base en la metodología de la lógica situacional que Popper (1997 formula para las ciencias
    sociales, este artículo discute la consistencia metodológica con la cual Bourdieu (2000 usa la
    noción de mercado lingüístico en el análisis sociológico sobre el discurso. Se muestra la existencia
    de dos nociones de racionalidad económica, de tal manera que, los agentes de decisión, al mismo
    tiempo actúan con una dotación de racionalidad sustantiva y otra de racionalidad acotada.

  20. Evolution of aerosol chemistry in Xi'an, inland China, during the dust storm period of 2013 - Part 1: Sources, chemical forms and formation mechanisms of nitrate and sulfate

    Wang, G. H.; Cheng, C. L.; Huang, Y.; Tao, J.; Ren, Y. Q.; Wu, F.; Meng, J. J.; Li, J. J.; Cheng, Y. T.; Cao, J. J.; Liu, S. X.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, R.; Chen, Y. B.


    A total suspended particulate (TSP) sample was collected hourly in Xi'an, an inland megacity of China near the Loess Plateau, during a dust storm event of 2013 (9 March 18:00-12 March 10:00 LT), along with a size-resolved aerosol sampling and an online measurement of PM2.5. The TSP and size-resolved samples were determined for elemental carbon (EC), organic carbon (OC), water-soluble organic carbon (WSOC) and nitrogen (WSON), inorganic ions and elements to investigate chemistry evolution of dust particles. Hourly concentrations of Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, Na+ and Ca2+ in the TSP samples reached up to 34, 12, 180, 72 and 28 μg m-3, respectively, when dust peak arrived over Xi'an. Chemical compositions of the TSP samples showed that during the whole observation period NH4+ and NO3- were linearly correlated with each other (r2=0.76) with a molar ratio of 1 : 1, while SO42- and Cl- were well correlated with Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and K+ (r2 > 0.85). Size distributions of NH4+ and NO3- presented a same pattern, which dominated in the coarse mode (> 2.1 μm) during the event and predominated in the fine mode (hours, but both exhibited two equivalent peaks in both the fine and the coarse modes during the non-event, due to the fine-mode accumulations of secondarily produced SO42- and biomass-burning-emitted Cl- and the coarse-mode enrichments of urban soil-derived SO42- and Cl-. Linear fit regression analysis further indicated that SO42- and Cl- in the dust samples possibly exist as Na2SO4, CaSO4 and NaCl, which directly originated from Gobi desert surface soil, while NH4+ and NO3- in the dust samples exist as NH4NO3. We propose a mechanism to explain these observations in which aqueous phase of dust particle surface is formed via uptake of water vapor by hygroscopic salts such as Na2SO4 and NaCl, followed by heterogeneous formation of nitrate on the liquid phase and subsequent absorption of ammonia. Our data indicate that 54 ± 20% and 60 ± 23% of NH4+ and NO3- during the dust period

  1. Aproveitamento industrial de marisco na produção de lingüiça Shellfish industrial utilization to produce sausage

    Eliete da Silva Bispo


    Full Text Available Foram estudadas as condições do processamento e a aceitabilidade da lingüiça de vongole (Anomalocardia brasiliana, além de avaliar a estabilidade do produto congelado sob os aspectos químico, físico-químico, microbiológico e sensorial. O produto final obedeceu a seguinte formulação: 48% vongole, 5% proteína texturizada de soja, 15% água, 25% gordura suína, 3% albumina, 2% pré-mistura (sais de cura e NaCl, 1,5% condimentos e 0,5% urucum. O produto congelado ficou armazenado à temperatura de -18ºC durante três meses; periodicamente foi avaliado quanto ao pH, umidade, proteínas, lipídios, NBV, índice de peróxidos, reação de Kreiss, quanto à presença de microrganismos patogênicos e toxigênicos e quanto à aparência, aroma, sabor, textura. Os resultados apontaram que a lingüiça de vongole teve uma boa aceitação, com IA entre 78-87% para todos os atributos avaliados, especialmente em relação ao sabor e textura. As amostras foram avaliadas como sabor ideal de marisco e sabor ideal de condimentos por 66,67% e 73,33% dos provadores, respectivamente. Os resultados com o teste de atitude de intenção de compra mostraram que 46,67% dos consumidores tinham intenção provável ou certa de compra do produto. Os resultados da avaliação microbiológica, físico-química, química e sensorial da lingüiça de vongole, indicaram que o produto manteve-se estável, durante 90 dias de armazenamento a temperatura de -18ºC.It was studied the process and the acceptibility of the vongole (Anomalocardia brasiliana sausage, beyond to evaluate the stability of the frozen product as to chemical, physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory aspects. The vongole sausage had the following formulation: 48% vongole, 5% soy protein, 15% water, 25% swine fat, 3% albumin, 2% blend of cure salts and NaCl, 1.5% flavouring, 0.5% colouring. The final product was stored during three months at -18ºC, and the shelf life study included pH, moisture

  2. A multiple-dimension liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry data strategy for the rapid discovery and identification of unknown compounds from a Chinese herbal formula (Er-xian decoction).

    Wang, Caihong; Zhang, Jinlan; Wu, Caisheng; Wang, Zhe


    It is very important to rapidly discover and identify the multiple components of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula. High performance liquid chromatography with high resolution tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-HRMS/MS) has been widely used to analyze TCM formula and contains multiple-dimension data including retention time (RT), high resolution mass (HRMS), multiple-stage mass spectrometric (MS n ), and isotope intensity distribution (IID) data. So it is very necessary to exploit a useful strategy to utilize multiple-dimension data to rapidly probe structural information and identify chemical compounds. In this study, a new strategy to initiatively use the multiple-dimension LC-MS data has been developed to discover and identify unknown compounds of TCM in many styles. The strategy guarantees the fast discovery of candidate structural information and provides efficient structure clues for identification. The strategy contains four steps in sequence: (1) to discover potential compounds and obtain sub-structure information by the mass spectral tree similarity filter (MTSF) technique, based on HRMS and MS n data; (2) to classify potential compounds into known chemical classes by discriminant analysis (DA) on the basis of RT and HRMS data; (3) to hit the candidate structural information of compounds by intersection sub-structure between MTSF and DA (M,D-INSS); (4) to annotate and confirm candidate structures by IID data. This strategy allowed for the high exclusion efficiency (greater than 41%) of irrelevant ions in er-xian decoction (EXD) while providing accurate structural information of 553 potential compounds and identifying 66 candidates, therefore accelerating and simplifying the discovery and identification of unknown compounds in TCM formula. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Selección y evaluación de fuentes de información para la elaboración de un corpus lingüístico

    Valls Rodríguez, Núria


    El presente trabajo pretende analizar y seleccionar diversas fuentes bibliográficas que sirvan de ayuda para hacer un corpus lingüístico, concretamente en el ámbito de la cocina y la gastronomía. Para ello, se presenta una primera parte introductoria sobre la teoría de los corpus lingüísticos y sus elementos más destacados como por ejemplo su definición, su historia y sus particularidades más relevantes. En los siguientes capítulos, se desarrolla el análisis y selección de fuentes bibliográfi...

  4. Configuraciones retórico-lingüísticas del resumen en artículos científicos de economía: Contrastes en el interior de la disciplina

    Stagnaro, Daniela


    En las últimas décadas, la lingüística especializada ha contribuido al conocimiento del discurso académico-científico, especialmente, de las características lingüístico- retóricas de géneros centrales de la comunicación científica. Entre ellos, el artículo científico y su resumen han recibido amplia atención por su centralidad en el proceso de investigación. Sin embargo, la bibliografía tiende a tratar el discurso de cada disciplina de manera homogénea sin considerar las ramas o los posiciona...

  5. La influencia de las estancias en el extranjero en el proceso de aprendizaje de segundas lenguas: análisis de experiencias a través de los relatos de vida lingüística

    Pinar, Alex


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta un trabajo de investigación sobre la influencia de las estancias en el extranjero en el proceso de aprendizaje de una lengua y el modo en que éstas favorecen la adquisición de competencias comunicativas, el conocimiento de la dimensión cultural de la L2 y el desarrollo de habilidades y actitudes interculturales. A partir de un relato de vida lingüística se analizan las experiencias y creencias de una informante que tiene certificaciones oficiales de nivel C2 en tres idiomas para determinar de qué modo estudiar en el extranjero ha influido en su formación lingüística.

  6. Escuela e inmigración: una presentación de estudios sobre el desarrollo de habilidades lingüísticas y procesos de interdependencia entre lenguas

    Ángel Huguet


    Full Text Available Al objeto de profundizar en el debate "inmigración-lengua-escuela", el trabajo presenta algunos datos derivados de la todavía escasa investigación sobre el tópico existente hasta el momento en España, poniendo especial énfasis en el caso catalán. Para ello, a partir de una breve revisión de la incidencia demográfica del fenómeno migratorio en el conjunto del Estado, mostramos los resultados de una serie de estudios centrados en: 1 el desarrollo de habilidades lingüísticas en la lengua de la escuela, y 2 el análisis de los procesos de interdependencia lingüística. Finalmente, se discuten posibles actuaciones que persiguen optimizar y reconsiderar la práctica educativa en las aulas multilingües.

  7. El género judicial. Materiales para su uso lingüístico / The judicial genre. Materials for its Linguistic study

    Susana Ridao Rodrigo


    Full Text Available Resumen: El objetivo de este libro es contribuir al estudio del género judicial mediante la utilización de corpus orales. En el ámbito anglosajón, la lingüística forense ha sido una línea de trabajo muy cultivada por diversos investigadores, como lingüistas, sociólogos, psicólogos o traductores; pues nos encontramos ante un campo de análisis interdisciplinar. Estamos convencidos de que en español se han realizado pocos estudios sobre juicios orales debido a las dificultades que conlleva conseguir el corpus. Por ello, en este volumen nos hemos propuesto presentar las transcripciones de doce juicios. Igualmente, en la introducción facilitamos algunos datos relevantes relacionados con el devenir histórico de este género discursivo. A su vez, hacemos una breve presentación del estado de la cuestión. Dentro de la explicación de las variables sociosemióticas que configuran los juicios, destacamos los participantes y las relaciones de poder, así como la distribución del espacio y del tiempo.Abstract: The aim of the following book is to contribute to the study of the judicial genre by using oral corpus of speech. With respect to Anglo-Saxon context, forensic linguistics has been a line of work cultivated by many different researchers, including linguists, sociologists, psychologists, and translators; therefore, we find ourselves among a vast field of interdisciplinary analyses. We are convinced that there have been very few studies conducted regarding trials in Spanish due to the difficulties of obtaining the oral corpus. For that reason, in this volume we have proposed to present the transcriptions of twelve trials. Likewise, in the introduction we provide research relevant to the historic evolution of this field. Shortly after, we make a brief background. Within the explanation of the socio-semiotic variables that shape each trial, we point out the participants and the relevance of power, such as the distribution of space and time.

  8. Representaciones y creencias en torno a la evaluación lingüística del adulto mayor con trastorno cognitivo leve

    Beatriz Vallés


    Full Text Available Debido a los cambios demográficos que experimenta la población mundial cada día es más frecuente que los equipos de atención en el área de la logopedia deban atender adultos mayores con trastorno cognitivo leve (TCL, es decir, personas que presentan problemas en su memoria y otras funciones mentales, sin que los mismos interfieran con el desarrollo de sus actividades cotidianas (Speling et. al., 2011. Esta situación obliga a desarrollar acciones desde una nueva perspectiva epistemológica, ontológica y metodológica, especialmente en países en vías de desarrollo donde las personas mayores de 65 años se pueden enfrentar al aislamiento y la falta de servicios de salud pública, producto de una serie de representaciones negativas en torno al envejecimiento que atentan sobre su calidad de vida y determinan que los programas de formación profesional del logopeda deban abordar temas relacionados con el envejecimiento como proceso complejo y multifactorial. El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar las representaciones sociales que deban ser consideradas a la hora de elaborar una propuesta de evaluación lingüística dirigida al adulto mayor con TCL desde una perspectiva discursiva que permita el estudio del componente pragmático. Se plantea como alternativa el uso del análisis de la conversación entre pacientes e interlocutores claves como herramienta diagnóstica y la incorporación a los programas de formación profesional en Logopedia de contenidos sobre Psiquiatría, Lingüística Clínica, Geriatría y Gerontología a fin de alcanzar una práctica ajustada a los complejos marcos sociales donde se desarrolla actualmente la práctica logopédica en países en desarrollo.

  9. El procesamiento informático de los materiales del Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica de Tomás Navarro Tomás

    García Mouton, Pilar


    Estas páginas dan noticia de la puesta en marcha de un proyecto intramural del CSIC para elaborar y editar definitivamente, en soporte informático, los materiales del Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica, que Tomás Navarro Tomás dirigió en la primera mitad del siglo XX.

  10. Competencias lingüísticas de docentes de párvulos. Un análisis del discurso conversacional de profesionales de la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles

    Sandra Ruperta Pérez Lisboa


    Full Text Available Recibido 02 de junio de 2013 • Corregido 27 de setiembre de 2013 • Aceptado 01 de octubre de 2013 Las competencias lingüísticas de docentes de párvulos son un referente continuo en el desarrollo del lenguaje de niñas y niños. Esto, porque son un modelo, debido a que utilizan constantemente la comunicación oral para trabajar, jugar o dar instrucciones. En relación con esta premisa, esta investigación tiene por objetivo analizar las competencias lingüísticas de un grupo de educadoras de párvulos del nivel transición menor.  Con base en la observación de docentes que trabajan en la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles –de la zona poniente de la provincia de Santiago–, se realizó un estudio relativo al discurso conversacional de las profesionales. Se plantea que la posesión de mayores competencias lingüísticas, por parte de educadores, favorece el desarrollo del lenguaje oral de los párvulos.

  11. La lingüística hoy: su (reconfiguración a través de los diferentes objetos de estudio Modern linguistics: its (reconfiguration through the different obJects of study

    Miguel Ángel Mahecha Bermúdez


    Full Text Available Este trabajo se sitúa en el ámbito de la historiografía lingüística. El propósito es mostrar las condiciones extra e interdisciplinares que permiten la configuración de objetos de estudio particulares a medida que las comunidades científicas evolucionan. Se verá que la lingüística actual (cognitiva es el resultado de un largo proceso de pulimento del objeto de estudio de la lingüística general, considerada aquella no solo como campo disciplinar, sino también como una actividad "cerebral" humana.This work is located within the field of Linguistic Historiography. The goal is to show the extra and interdisciplinary conditions that allow for the configuration of a particular object of study along with the evolution of the scientific communities. It will be demonstrated that current linguistics (cognitive linguistics is the result of a long process of improvement of the object of study of general linguistics and that cognitive linguistics is not only a discipline but also an activity of the human brain.

  12. A negação: teoria da checagem e mudança lingüística Negation: checking theory and linguistic change

    Lorenzo VITRAL


    Full Text Available Esse artigo analisa o fenômeno da concordância negativa de acordo com a teoria da checagem do Programa Minimalista (Chomsky, 1995. Comparando os dados do português brasileiro com os de outras línguas, fomos levados a considerar fatos de natureza diacrônica que foram descritos através da noção de gramaticalização (Hopper & Traugott, 1993. Finalmente, fizemos a hipótese de que as etapas de mudança lingüística previstas por essa noção são "visíveis" para o sistema computacional.This paper proposes an analysis of the negative agreement phenomenon assuming the checking theory of the Minimalist Program (Chomsky, 1995. After comparing Brazilian Portuguese with other languages, it was necessary to consider some diachronic facts described through the notion of grammaticalization (Hopper & Traugott, 1993. Finally, we claim that the stages of linguistic change presupposed by this notion are "visible" to the computational system.

  13. A bibliometria na exploração de bases de dados: a importância da Lingüística

    Rogério Mugnaini

    Full Text Available A utilização das bases de dados para levantamento do estado da arte, procedimento necessário a qualquer pesquisador, exige dos mesmos a definição de estratégias para a recuperação eficaz da informação. A Bibliometria pode ser uma ferramenta útil neste processo, permitindo a filtragem de grandes quantidades de informação. Por se tratar de uma análise estatística de dados, a qualidade destes dados é de vital importância e o procedimento de indexação para representação da informação se torna essencial. Pretende-se aclarar a importância da Estatística, Lingüística e Indexação para a Ciência da Informação, focalizando alguns aspectos de suas relações e destacando a necessidade da utilização conjunta dessas disciplinas.

  14. A campo traviesa entre los Círculos Lingüísticos: la problemática de la semiótica

    Ana Goutman Bender


    Full Text Available En este artículo, la autora analiza la problemática de la semiótica a la luz de algunos de sus exponentes más descollantes (Mathesius, Jakobson, Havránek y Mukarovský, Bogatyrev, Trubetskói, Courtenay, Saussure, Carnap, Peirce así como de las escuelas que crearon (los círculos Lingüísticos de Praga, Moscú y Viena. Se parte de la hipótesis de que la problemática de la semiótica tiene que ver con la significación y con la comunicación; con el sistema de signos y con la producción de signos; con el lenguaje observado y con el lenguaje vivido así como con el modo como unos y otros se vinculan. Concluye que no hay modo de separar cultura, lengua y semiótica.

  15. Análisis de los rasgos lingüísticos de Maus y sus interferencias en la traducción al español

    Análisis de los rasgos lingüísticos de Maus y sus interferencias en la traducción al español


    Full Text Available Art Spiegelman abrió con Maus (1980-1991 un nuevo camino para la novela gráfica a nivel internacional: entrevistando a su padre, que le cuenta sus memorias sobre el Holocausto, presenta una historia de carácter confesional, inédita hasta entonces en este ámbito de manifestación artístico-literaria. Junto con la impactante representación de los personajes, destaca especialmente la historia de supervivencia en primera persona. En este trabajo, analizamos la importancia del lenguaje en Maus, y más concretamente los rasgos lingüísticos que caracterizan la forma de expresión del protagonista, cuya lengua materna no era el inglés, sino el polaco. Son numerosas las incoherencias y errores intencionados en el original (por ejemplo, “… I can tell you other stories, but such private things, I don’t want you should mention”. Para ello, trataremos de determinar si existen en estas incoherencias parámetros recurrentes y posibles influencias de otra(s lengua(s. Finalmente, analizaremos cómo han podido interferir estas pautas en la traducción al español de una de las novelas gráficas más destacadas del siglo XX y la primera ganadora del Premio Pulitzer en 1992.

  16. A tradução de marcadores culturais em Sargento Getúlio à luz da lingüística de corpus

    Elisangela Fernandes Martins


    Full Text Available Este artigo aborda a tradução de marcadores culturais em Sergeant Getulio em relação ao seu original Sargento Getúlio, ambos do escritor e autotradutor João Ubaldo Ribeiro. A fundamentação teórica apóia-se nos Estudos da Tradução baseados em corpus de Baker e de Camargo, na Lingüística de Corpus de Berber Sardinha, nos trabalhos sobre domínios culturais de Nida e de Aubert, e na proposta das modalidades tradutórias reformuladas por Aubert. Quantos aos procedimentos metodológicos, usamos as ferramentas de busca disponibilizadas pelo programa WordSmith Tools, versão 4.0. Os resultados obtidos revelam que João Ubaldo Ribeiro busca uma maior aproximação entre o leitor de língua inglesa e a mensagem do original por meio do uso de recursos da modulação, da explicitação e da adaptação ao traduzir, para o inglês, marcadores culturais específicos da realidade brasileira.

  17. Planning of decontamination and bleaching of textiles in an industrial cycle; Programmation des operations de decontamination et de blanchissage du linge dans un cycle industriel

    Boutot, Pierre; Schipfer, Pierre [Commissariat a l' energie atomique et aux energies alternatives - CEA, Centre de Production de Plutonium de Marcoule, Service de Protection contre les Radiations (France)


    This note describes the operational planning for the decontamination and bleaching of textiles (clothes, protections, etc.) worn by personnel, in industrial-type washing machines. Various tests have been conducted with contaminated cotton samples using different cleaning products (and quantities) and various temperature cycles. The performance of the washing cycle (soaking, pre-washing, washing, rinsing) is discussed in terms of decontamination and washing efficiency, textile wear and resistance to shrinkage, whiteness, etc. The experimental washing machine is described [French] Cette etude programme les operations de decontamination et de blanchissage du linge au sein d'un cycle de traitement tel qu'il apparait dans les machines a laver industrielles a fort indice de production. Les echantillons de cotonnade, contamines au moyen de produits de fission, sont de meme nature que le tissu des vetements de protection. En matiere de decontamination les meilleurs resultats sont obtenus apres un trempage faiblement acide et un prelavage au moyen d'un sequestrant. Dans le cadre du blanchissage, seule une lessive industrielle employee dans la phase de lavage peut conferer aux tissus la luminance que requiert leur bonne presentation. Les taches persistantes sont effacees par blanchiment au cours du rincage tiede. Une analyse terminale permet de constater que l'usure des vetements est davantage liee aux conditions d'utilisation qu'aux operations de lavage et de decontamination. (auteurs)

  18. Suppression of Ongoing Experimental Arthritis by a Chinese Herbal Formula (Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan Involves Changes in Antigen-Induced Immunological and Biochemical Mediators of Inflammation

    Ying-Hua Yang


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is one of the major autoimmune diseases of global prevalence. The use of the anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of RA is associated with severe adverse reactions and toxicity. This limitation has necessitated the search for novel therapeutic products. We report here a traditional Chinese medicine-based herbal formula, Huo luo xiao ling dan (HLXL, which has potent antiarthritic activity as validated in the rat adjuvant-induced arthritis (AA model. HLXL (2.3 g/Kg was fed to Lewis (RT.11 rats daily by gavage beginning at the onset of arthritis and then continued through the observation period. HLXL inhibited the severity of ongoing AA. This suppression of arthritis was associated with significant alterations in the T cell proliferative and cytokine responses as well as the antibody response against the disease-related antigen, mycobacterial heat-shock protein 65 (Bhsp65. There was a reduction in the level of the proinflammatory cytokines IL-17 and IL-1β but enhancement of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 level. In addition, there was inhibition of both the anti-Bhsp65 antibody response and the serum level of nitric oxide. Thus, HLXL is a promising CAM modality for further testing in RA patients.

  19. 專論/台灣圖書館史數位圖書館建構之研究/王梅玲;蔡明月;陳志銘;柯雲娥;蔡佳縈;陳勇汀;林怡甄 | A Digital Library Pilot Study on Taiwan Libraries' History / Mei-Ling Wang; Ming-Yueh Tsay; Chih-Ming Chen; Yun-Er Ke; Chia-Ying Tsai; Yong-Ting Chen; Yi-Jen Lin



    Full Text Available

    圖書館是保存與詮釋人類文化重要的機構,1990 年代開始,網際網路的進步,促成數位圖書館蓬勃發展,有人預測它就是未來的圖書館,因此,圖書館界與教育界積極參與相關研究。台灣地區歷經日據時期、重建 時期、成長時期及茁壯時期四階段,建設許多圖書館,有其豐富的主題與素材值得發展成為數位圖書館。政治大學圖書資訊與檔案學研究所有鑑於此,提出「『台灣 百無圖書館史』數位圖書館」的構想,並獲得政大「發展國際一流大學及頂尖研究中心計畫」經費支持。本研究計畫目的包括:(1探索以台彎圖書館事業史為主 題的數位圖書館建構模式;(2建構數位圖書館以支援圖書資訊學教育與研究;(3研訂圖書館事業史料文獻的Metadata與數位資料格式;(4將圖 書文獻與文物數位化以建構數位館藏;(5發展數位圖書館系統與技術;(6研發數位圖書館網站的瀏覽與檢索功能;(7探討數位圖書館支援數位學習的模 式。計畫成果共研訂六種 Metadata標準:建置746筆數位化資料;以Dspace系統平台,依據需求設計台灣百年圖書館史系統架構與網站,最後提出結論與建議。

    Libraries are important social institutions that preserve and communicate human culture and knowledge. From the beginning of 1990s, the digital library has grown up rapidly based on the progress of the Internet. Libraries and educational institutions should be actively involved in digital library research and development. The Taiwan libraries’ history can be divided into four stages: Japanese occupation period, reconstruction period, growth period and strong period. In these processes, many events and libraries with rich materials that can be developed into a digital library. Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies, National Chengchi University, planned the Digital Library Pilot Study on Taiwan Libraries’ History and got the university support. The pilot study objectives include: (1 exploring the digital library model on Taiwan libraries' history; (2 constructing digital library to support education and research in information and library science; (3 developing Metadata standards of library documents and heritage; (4 digitalizing documents and heritage to build digital collections (5 developing digital library systems and technology; (6 researching browsing and search functions of the digital library; (7 exploring the model of the digital library supports e-learning. In this pilot study, we developed six Metadata standards, built 746 digital resources, constructed a digital library system and web site, and proposed the conclusions and suggestions finally.


  20. Teores de colesterol de lingüiças de frango "light" e tradicionais submetidas a diferentes condições de estocagem Cholesterol content in light and traditional chicken sausages when submitted to different to storage conditions

    Marta S. Madruga


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se na presente pesquisa investigar os teores de gorduras e colesterol de lingüiças de frango processadas sob a forma "light" e "tradicional", quando submetidas a condições de estocagem sob refrigeração e congelamento. Na elaboração das lingüiças tipo frescal utilizou-se carne de frango branca, escura e pele, adicionados de condimentos naturais e antioxidantes comerciais ou ácido ascórbico. Seis tratamentos e doze formulações foram desenvolvidos, sendo que seis formulações foram de lingüiças tradicionais e seis de lingüiças "light". O tratamento 1 constou de produtos sem adição de antioxidante, denominado controle; o tratamento 2 foi formulado com o antioxidante ácido ascórbico 0,25%; os tratamentos 3, 4 e 5 foram formulados com antioxidantes comercias ("Kraki", "Duas Rodas" e "Adicon", conforme especificações dos fabricantes, e finalmente, o tratamento 6 que constou de formulação idêntica ao tratamento 5, porém adicionado de líquido defumante. As lingüiças foram estocadas a temperatura de refrigeração (5-10°C por 22 dias, e de congelamento (-20°C por 90 dias. Foram determinados na matéria-prima (carne de frango e pele e nas lingüiças armazenadas, os teores de gordura e colesterol. Os resultados mostraram que os teores de colesterol variaram em função da formulação das lingüiças tradicional e "light", apresentando estas, em relação às tradicionais, uma redução significativa destes componentes. A estocagem refrigerada e congelada influenciou significativamente (PThe present research had the purpose of investigating the percentages of fats and cholesterol on chicken sausages processed under the form "light" and "traditional", when submitted to conditions of stockpiling of cooling and freezing. In the elaboration of sausages was used white and dark chicken meat and skin, added of natural, commercial antioxidant seasonings and ascorbic acid. Six treatments and twelve formulations were

  1. Comprehensive and Holistic Analysis of HT-29 Colorectal Cancer Cells and Tumor-Bearing Nude Mouse Model: Interactions Among Fractions Derived From the Chinese Medicine Formula Tian Xian Liquid in Effects on Human Colorectal Carcinoma.

    Leigh, Annballaw Bridget; Cheung, Ho Pan; Lin, Li-Zhu; Ng, Tzi Bun; Lao, Lixing; Zhang, Yanbo; Zhang, Zhang-Jin; Tong, Yao; Sze, Stephen Cho Wing


    The Chinese medicine formula Tian Xian Liquid (TXL) has been used clinically for cancer therapy in China for more than 25 years. However, the comprehensive and holistic effects of its bioactive fractions for various antitumor therapeutic effects have not been unraveled. This is the first study to scientifically elucidate the holistic effect of Chinese medicine formula for treating colon cancer, hence allowing a better understanding of the essence of Chinese medicine formula, through the comparison of the actions of TXL and its functional constituent fractions, including ethyl acetate (EA), butanol (BU), and aqueous (WA) fractions. Tissue-specific proliferative/antiproliferative effects of these fractions on human colorectal carcinoma HT-29 cells and splenocytes were studied by using the MTT assay. Their modulations on the expression of markers of antiproliferation, antimetastasis, reversion of multidrug resistance in treated HT-29 cells were examined with real-time polymerase chain reaction and Western blot analysis, and their modulations in a xenografted nude mouse model were examined by Western blot analysis. Results revealed that EA fraction slightly inhibited the proliferation of HT-29 cells, but tissue-specifically exerted the most potent antiproliferative effect on splenocytes. On the contrary, only TXL and BU fraction tissue-specifically contributed to the proliferation of splenocytes, but inhibited the proliferation of HT-29 cells. WA fraction exerted the most potent antiproliferative effect on HT-29 cells and also the strongest inhibitory action on tumor size in the nude mouse model in our previous study. In the HT-29 model, TXL and WA fraction exerted the most pronounced effect on upregulation of p21 mRNA and protein; TXL, and EA and WA fractions exerted the effect on downregulation of G1 phase cell cycle protein, cyclin D1 mRNA and protein; EA and BU fractions exerted the most prominent anti-invasive effect on anti-invasion via downregulation of MMP-1 m

  2. Los fenómenos históricos como catalizadores del cambio lingüístico: el Inglés medieval

    María del Carmen Guarddon Anelo


    Full Text Available Conocer la verdadera naturaleza del lenguaje se enfrenta a una dicotomía clásica que se estableció en el pasado siglo y que aún sigue vigente. La cuestión es si constituye un sistema autónomo de referencia, arbitrario y regido por sus propios algoritmos o si por el contrario es una facultad más del sistema cognitivo humano, eso sí, de alta complejidad. Los estudios diacrónicos parecen proporcionar sólida evidencia a favor de la segunda opción. En concreto, el inglés medieval en la etapa que va desde los siglos XI a XV experimentó una vorágine de cambios a diversos niveles que aún hoy en día resultan sorprendentes no sólo a anglicistas sino a diacronistas en general. Está demostrado que muchos de estos cambios fueron motivados por los eventos históricos que acaecieron a esta comunidad lingüística. Esto nos indica que la lengua refleja irremisiblemente el devenir de sus usuarios y evoluciona con los mismos. Por lo tanto, su carácter autónomo no debe promulgarse más allá de las características inherentes de la anatomía de los órganos implicados en la producción y comprensión lingüísticas, así como de las propias constricciones del código.The knowledge of the true nature of language faces a long-running dichotomy which came on the scene in the last century and is still in force. The point is whether language constitutes an autonomous reference system, arbitrary and ruled by its own algorithms or, on the other hand, is one more faculty of the human cognitive system, though highly complex. Diachronic analyses seem to provide solid evidence supporting the latter option. Specifically, Medieval English, from the 11th to the 15th c. experienced an astonishing number of changes at different levels. These changes still puzzle not only experts in English philology but diachronic linguists in general. It has been proved that most of these developments were motivated by the historical events that occurred in this linguistic

  3. Los idiomas iberorrománicos en los elementos de lingüística románica de Petar Skok

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available La cultura hispánica, una de las más prestigiosas del mundo, está presente también, desde hace mucho tiempo, entre las naciones eslavas meridionales. Además de evidentes influencias literarias (véase el recientemente aparecido primer tomo de nuestra revista, un elemento de esta presencia es el conocimiento de las lenguas romanicas de la Península Ibérica, en primer lugar naturalmente del castellano. En las páginas que siguen entendemos el estudio de las lenguas iberorrománicas a nivel universitario, lo que abarca además la evolución de los tres idiomas desde el latín hasta su estado actual: es decir, su gramática histórica (el termíno es, desde hace algún tiempo, un tanto odioso, pero clara y cómodo. Más aun, el estudio histórico de las lenguas iberorromanicas incluye tambien Ia comparaci6n con otros idiomas emparentados (gramatica romanica comparativa y Ia determinacion del Iugar de los idiomas romanicos de Iberia en la Romania. Estas disciplinas, que a primera vista pueden parecer reservadas a especialistas de lingüística histórica románica, son en realidad importantes partes de la cultura de una nación, y son una de las no mínimas piedrezuelas del gran mosaico llamado Romania.

  4. Sugerencias metodológicas para realizar trabajo de campo lingüístico en la Amazonía

    David W. Fleck


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo, propongo una metodología y ofrezco algunas recomendaciones de carácter práctico para realizar trabajo descriptivo con lenguas poco estudiadas, a partir de mi propia experiencia de campo en la Amazonía occidental. Los temas desarrollados aquí incluyen la evaluación y uso de la literatura lingüística disponible, la preparación para la permanencia en el campo, el trato con los hablantes de la lengua en cuestión, las técnicas de recolección de datos y la escritura del trabajo descriptivo. El énfasis del artículo se centra en la búsqueda de estrategias para que la recolección de materiales sea lo más objetiva y rigurosa posible y para que las descripciones sean más responsables y confiables.---In this article, I propose a methodology and some practical recommendations to make descriptive fieldwork with little-described languages based on my own field experience in the Western Amazonia. The topics I develop here include the evaluation and use of the linguistic literature available, the preparation for the permanence in the field, the relationship with the language speakers, the techniques for gathering data and the process of writing a descriptive piece of work. I try to stress the importance of strategies to make the collection of the data as objective and rigorous as possible and the description as responsible and reliable as it can be.

  5. Synergism and rules from combination of Baicalin, Jasminoidin and Desoxycholic acid in refined Qing Kai Ling for treat ischemic stroke mice model.

    Jian Li

    Full Text Available Refined Qing-Kai-Ling (QKL, a modified Chinese medicine, consists of three main ingredients (Baicalin, Jasminoidin and Desoxycholic acid, plays a synergistic effect on the treatment of the acute stage of ischemic stroke. However, the rules of the combination and synergism are still unknown. Based on the ischemic stroke mice model, all different kinds of combination of Baicalin, Jasminoidin, and Desoxycholic acid were investigated by the methods of neurological examination, microarray, and genomics analysis. As a result, it confirmed that the combination of three drugs offered a better therapeutical effect on ischemic stroke than monotherapy of each drug. Additionally, we used Ingenuity pathway Analysis (IPA and principal component analysis (PCA to extract the dominant information of expression changes in 373 ischemia-related genes. The results suggested that 5 principal components (PC1-5 could account for more than 95% energy in the gene data. Moreover, 3 clusters (PC1, PC2+PC5, and PC3+PC4 were addressed with cluster analysis. Furthermore, we matched PCs on the drug-target networks, the findings demonstrated that Baicalin related with PC1 that played the leading role in the combination; Jasminoidin related with PC2+PC5 that played a compensatory role; while Desoxycholic acid had the least performance alone which could relate with PC3+PC4 that played a compatible role. These manifestations were accorded with the principle of herbal formulae of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, emperor-minister-adjuvant-courier. In conclusion, we firstly provided scientific evidence to the classic theory of TCM formulae, an initiating holistic viewpoint of combination therapy of TCM. This study also illustrated that PCA might be an applicable method to analyze the complicated data of drug combination.

  6. Distancias lingüísticas y culturales: Dios en los refraneros de espanõl y el portugués

    Germán Zárate-Sández


    Full Text Available

    El objetivo de este trabajo fue investigar el uso de la palabra Dios/Deus en los refraneros del español y el portugués. Se analizaron 917 proverbios en dos corpus, uno para cada lengua. Un primer análisis identificó un alto grado de semejanzas en las categorías temáticas en las que se agruparon los refranes, lo que se atribuye a un substrato común en el entendimiento de Dios en ambas culturas. Sin embargo, al nivel de refranes individuales, el análisis reveló un bajo nivel de coincidencias entre los dos idiomas (alrededor del 25%. Estas semejanzas están compuestas mayoritariamente por referencias generales a Dios y a la religión, mientras que las diferencias (75% surgen principalmente de refranes que contienen experiencias y valoraciones más concretas y de la vida cotidiana de cada comunidad. La estructura sintáctica y la selección léxica parecen aportar también a la diferenciación entre los dos corpus, especialmente al priorizar elementos de la forma del proverbio (tales como asonancia y uso de metáforas. Finalmente, los resultados se discuten considerando diferencias culturales y lingüísticas entre los dos idiomas, siguiendo la premisa de que los proverbios forman un género discursivo que permite estudiar sistemáticamente ciertos procesoshistóricos de una comunidad de habla (OBELKEVICH, 1987.

  7. The pilot project RiesLing. An efficient automation and innovative control system functions for grids with an enhanced amount of decentralized power generation; Das Pilotprojekt RiesLing. Effiziente Automatisierung und innovative Leitsystemfunktionen fuer Netze mit hohem Anteil an dezentraler Erzeugung

    Backes, Juergen; Jaeger, Thomas [EnBW Ostwuerttemberg Donau-Ries AG, Ellwangen (Germany); Bader, Daniel [EnBW Netzgesellschaft Ostwuerttemberg Donauries GmbH, Ellwangen (Germany); Koerner, Christian [EnBW Regional AG, Stuttgart (Germany); Kaempfer, Stefan; Kautsch, Stephan [ABB AG, Mannheim (Germany)


    The challenges imposed by the political target of an increased share of renewables in electrical energy supply are being broadly discussed. The vision is the Smart Grid - the intelligent energy system. By means of communication and information technology it seems possible to coordinate the control of the grid infrastructure as well as the power consumed or produced by the customers' facilities in a way that allows a safe and secure operation minimizing cost and providing a sustainable supply. The project RiesLing (Projekt im Ries - Leittechnik intelligent gemacht, translated ''implementation of an intelligent grid control in the Ries area'') focuses on the development and the practical test of solutions which are considered core components of a Smart Grid. The region of its implementation is the Noerdlinger Ries, a region in the north-western part of Bavaria and in close vicinity to the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. This area combines a maximum load of around 50 MW with a maximum generation of around 120 MW, mostly from Photovoltaic modules and biogas fuelled engines. The RiesLing project has been initiated in mid 2011. Its technical implementation, set up as 3 separate packages, will be finished until end of 2012. The implementation phase will be followed by a practical test phase to optimize the technical solution and to derive practical operation experience. The project thus will end by December 2013. The technical packages (TP) 1 and 2 are dealing with technical solutions for online-monitoring and remote operation of medium voltage (MV)/low voltage (LV) transformer substations. The solutions tested cover upgrading existing substations as well as renewal of MV switchgear. One of these substations integrates an electronic voltage regulation based on a series transformer (''boost transformer'') connected to an electronic converter. TP 3 takes advantage of the technical infrastructure implemented in TP 1 and TP 2

  8. Estimulación temprana y desarrollo lingüístico en niños sordos con Implante coclear: el primer año de experiencia auditiva

    Ignacio Moreno-Torres


    Full Text Available Este estudio analiza el desarrollo de un grupo de 10 niños sordos a los que se ha colocado un implante coclear (IC antes de los dos años. El objetivo es comprobar en qué medida el desarrollo post-IC se ve afectado por el grado de estimulación temprana recibida. Se obtienen datos de percepción (cuestionario parental, y producción lingüística y prelingüística (vídeos de producción espontánea y cuestionarios. Además, se realizó una valoración del grado de estimulación recibido pre y post-implante. Los resultados muestran grandes diferencias intra-grupo: 1 en el ritmo de desarrollo lingüístico (léxico productivo a los 12 meses de experiencia auditiva; y 2 en el grado de estimulación. El análisis estadístico mostró que el grado de estimulación a los 12 meses es el único factor de los estudiados que correlaciona con el desarrollo lingüístico tras 12 meses. No correlacionan: edad al implantarse, percepción a los tres meses, ni balbuceo canónico. Tales resultados confirman la gran importancia del entorno, y en particular de la familia, en la rehabilitación del niño implantado.

  9. Development of a machine for sorting laundry according to its radioactive contamination (1962); Conception et mise en oeuvre d'une machine a trier le linge en fonction de sa contamination par des produits radioactifs (1962)

    Cohendy, G; Alles, M; Pellerin, A [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre de Production de Plutonium, Marcoule (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A the Marcoule Plutonium Production Centre special clothing is worn, in the active zones. A large fraction of these clothes is contaminated and must therefore be subjected to specialised treatments during washing in order to be reintroduced subsequently without danger. Because of the large amount of clothes to be treated it has become necessary to install a special semi-automatic machine; the role of the operator is limited to placing the clothing in the machine and to removing the baskets of sorted clothes. The machine itself has been designed and built by the Mechanics Section. The Radiation Protection Service chose the sorting method which is based on {beta} radiation and uses Geiger counters actuating an appropriate electronic system; the Service also developed this system, depending on the various degrees of contamination of the treated clothing. (authors) [French] Le Centre de Production de Plutonium de Marcoule utilise des vetements speciaux pour travailler dans les zones actives. Une proportion importante de ces vetements se contamine et doit, de ce fait, subir des traitements appropries au cours du lavage, de facon a pouvoir etre reintroduits sans danger dans le circuit d'utilisation. Devant l'importance des quantites a traiter, il est apparu necessaire de mettre en place une machine speciale, semi-automatique; le role de l'operateur, consiste en effet uniquement a introduire le linge dans la machine et a extraire de celle-ci les paniers de linge trie. La Section de Mecanique a concu et realise la machine proprement dite. Le Service de Protection contre les Radiations a choisi le mode de tri qui s'effectue en {beta} a l'aide de compteurs Geiger actionnant une electronique appropriee et a assure la mise au point de cette electronique, en fonction des divers degres de contamination du linge a trier. (auteurs)

  10. Prácticas preprofesionales en la carrera de Idiomas y Lingüística de la Universidad Técnica de Manabí: fortalezas y debilidades

    Chávez Loor, María Dolores; Ortiz Cárdenas, Tania


    En este artículo se exponen los resultados de un estudio realizado en los meses de octubre y noviembre de 2015 sobre las prácticas preprofesionales que se desarrollan en la carrera de Idiomas y Lingüística de la Universidad Técnica de Manabí. Primeramente, se hizo un análisis de los documentos normativos que regulan este tipo de actividad docente y, con posterioridad, se realizó un taller con estudiantes y profesores de prácticas preprofesionales de la Facultad de Filosofía, Letras y Ciencias...

  11. Los peligros de la interpretación de las evidencias indirectas sobre la evolución del lenguaje: dextralidad y capacidad lingüística de los Neandertales

    Benítez Burraco, Antonio; Longa Martínez, Víctor Manuel


    La cuestión de las capacidades lingüísticas de Homo neanderthalensis ha sido muy debatida, y se han sostenido muy diferentes argumentos a favor de esas capacidades. Reciente-mente, Frayer & al. (2010, 2011) han defendido que los Neandertales tenían capacidades lin-güísticas similares a las de los humanos modernos. Esos trabajos son interesantes, dado que sostienen que esa idea es apoyada por diferentes evidencias (dextralidad, anatomía, conducta moderna, simbolismo o ADN fósil). El presente a...

  12. En torno a la fundamentación del enfoque lingüístico en la construcción de las tesis de maestría desde la perspectiva actual

    Odalis Lorié González


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo aborda el análisis de las argumentaciones científicas realizadas por los aspirantes en los talleres y defensas de maestrías, en las que se corroboraron algunas insuficiencias, en esta ocasión se hace referencia a imprecisiones en la fundamentación teórica del objeto de la investigación a partir del enfoque didáctico y lingüístico asumido. El propósito, entonces, es ofrecer al aspirante una herramienta de cómo fundamentar el enfoque escogido como sustento de su propuesta investigativa.

  13. En torno a la fundamentación del enfoque lingüístico en la construcción de las tesis de maestría desde la perspectiva actual

    Odalis Lorié González; Cristina Savón Leyva


    El presente trabajo aborda el análisis de las argumentaciones científicas realizadas por los aspirantes en los talleres y defensas de maestrías, en las que se corroboraron algunas insuficiencias, en esta ocasión se hace referencia a imprecisiones en la fundamentación teórica del objeto de la investigación a partir del enfoque didáctico y lingüístico asumido. El propósito, entonces, es ofrecer al aspirante una herramienta de cómo fundamentar el enfoque escogido como sustento de su propuesta in...

  14. Actitudes lingüísticas en Honduras. Un estudio sociolingüístico sobre el español de Honduras frente al de otros países de habla hispana

    Hilcia Hernández


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de Tegucigalpa, hacia al español de Honduras y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo hace parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Se muestran los resultados del análisis cualitativo y cuantitativo desde una perspectiva sociolingüística y dejan al descubierto no solo las actitudes lingüísticas positivas y negativas, sino también expresiones de lealtad por la variedad lingüística nacional, opiniones sobre la corrección lingüística y la alta estima hacia el español de Honduras en relación con el español de los demás países hispanohablantes. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Tegucigalpa, towards Spanish spoken in Honduras and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The results from the qualitative and quantities analysis are drawn using a sociolinguistic perspective and show not only the positive and negative linguistic attitudes towards specific varieties of Spanish, but also expressions of linguistic loyalty towards the national variety of the Spanish language, opinions about linguistic correctness and the high degree of appreciation towards Honduran Spanish compared to the variants of Spanish spoken in the other Spanish-speaking countries.

  15. Habilidades cognitivo lingüísticas de pensamiento social en estudiantes de la Escuela Pedro Emilio Gil a través de la enseñanza y aprendizaje del derecho de opinión

    Londoño Londoño, Saulo


    La presente investigación que tuvo como objetivo interpretar las habilidades cognitivo lingüísticas de pensamiento social que emergen de una unidad didáctica respecto al derecho de opinión en estudiantes del grado segundo. Se sitúa dentro de la metodología cualitativa, abierta, flexible y participante. Trata cuestiones relacionadas al derecho de opinión como parte de la formación del pensamiento social. La estructura metodológica que se desarrollo es el Estudio de Caso según Stake (1999) y Yi...

  16. Metáforas de Lula e Alckmin nos debates de 2006 em uma perspectiva da Lingüística de Corpus

    Tony Berber Sardinha


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é contrastar o uso de metáforas pelos dois candidatos no segundo turno das eleições presidenciais de 2006, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva e Geraldo Alckmin, para saber até que ponto Lula, que foi vitorioso nas urnas, usou metáforas de modo mais eficaz do que o outro candidato durante os debates televisados. Foi colhido um corpus de transcrições desses debates, que foi então analisado em termos da presença de metáforas lingüísticas e conceptuais. O uso de metáforas dos dois candidatos foi contrastado e a análise revelou que houve poucas diferenças entre os candidatos. Ambos usaram quantidades parecidas delas. A principal diferença entre eles foi em relação à ênfase. Alckmin pulverizou suas metáforas: colocou em cena um número maior delas, mas com poucas ocorrências de cada. Lula foi mais seletivo e o neutralizou, conseguindo concentrar seu discurso em metáforas mais afinadas com seus propósitos.The aim of this study is to contrast the use of metaphors by the two presidential contenders in the runoff of the Brazilian presidential race of 2006, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alckmin, in order to establish if Lula, who was victorious, actually used metaphors in a more effective way than his opponent on the television debates. Metaphor use by both candidates was compared, and the analysis revealed that there were few differences between the two candidates. Both used similar quantities of them. The main difference was stress. Alckmin scattered his metaphors, by putting in place a greater number of them, with few occurrences of each. Lula, on the other hand, was more selective and neutralized his opponent, thus being able to stress metaphors that were better suited to his needs.

  17. Verdad y apertura de mundo. El problema de los juicios sintéticos a priori tras el giro lingüístico

    Cristina LAFONT


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Este artículo analiza el impacto del giro lingüístico en la transformación de la concepción kantiana de los juicios sintéticos a priori. Se centra para ello en dos concepciones contemporáneas de los mismos, a saber, el a priori hermenéutico de Heidegger y el a priori contextual de Putnam, y saca a relucir expresamente tanto sus rasgos similares como sus importantes diferencias: mientras que la concepción heideggeriana mantiene el idealismo transcendental de Kant a través de la suposición hermenéutica de que el significado determina la referencia, la concepción de Putnam rompe por completo con la teoría kantiana de los juicios sintéticos a priori, según la cual éstos no pueden ser modificados por la sola experiencia, al tiempo que rechaza la suposición kantiana de que los juicios sintéticos a priori y aposteriori son dos clases permanentes de juicios. En contraste con Heidegger, Putnam es por eso capaz de mostrar que los juicios sintéticos apriori son modificables bajo condiciones especiales.ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the impact of the linguistic turn in the transformation of the Kantian conception of the synthetic a priori. It focuses on two contemporary conceptions of the synthetic apriori, namely, Heidegger's hermeneutic apriori and Putnam's contextual apriori and shows their strikingly similar features as well as their important differences: whereas Heidegger's conception retains Kant's transcendental idealism via the hermeneutic assumption that meaning determines reference, Putnam's conception breaks entirely of Kant's conception fo synthetic a priori judgments, namely, that they cannot be revised by experience alone, while rejecting the Kantian assumption that synthetic apriori and aposteriori are permanent statuses of judgments. In contradistinction to Heidegger, Putnam is thus able to show that synthetic apriori judgments are revisable under special conditions.

  18. Detección de dificultades comunicativo-lingüísticas en la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria de niños/as nacidos prematuros con un peso menor a 1501 gramos

    Alfonso Coronado Marín


    Full Text Available Esta investigación pretende contribuir al conocimiento del perfil educativo en cuanto al rendimiento e identificar nuevas morbilidades en la etapa escolar de los recién nacidos prematuros menores de 1501 gramos nacidos en el año 2000 en el Hospital Universitario La Paz de Madrid. Para ello, desde un abordaje interdisciplinar, realizamos un estudio cuasi experimental, prospectivo y de corte transversal, con una muestra de 44 participantes. Se evaluó el lenguaje mediante la prueba BLOC-SR obteniéndose unos resultados que muestran un perfil comunicativo-lingüístico bajo, además de una tasa de repetición de curso del 36%. Los datos muestran correlaciones positivas entre variables biomédicas, como peso al nacimiento, edad gestacional, talla o APGAR y variables psicoeducativas. Concluimos que los participantes en nuestro estudio muestran mayor tendencia a presentar dificultades en el área comunicativo-lingüística a esta edad cronológica. Paralelamente se ha encontrado influencia de factores biomédicos en el lenguaje, configurándolo como una de las nuevas morbilidades relacionadas con la prematuridad.

  19. Decoding Xing-Ling codes

    Nielsen, Rasmus Refslund


    This paper describes an efficient decoding method for a recent construction of good linear codes as well as an extension to the construction. Furthermore, asymptotic properties and list decoding of the codes are discussed.......This paper describes an efficient decoding method for a recent construction of good linear codes as well as an extension to the construction. Furthermore, asymptotic properties and list decoding of the codes are discussed....

  20. Reply to: Comments on “Particle Swarm Optimization with Fractional-Order Velocity”

    Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Pires, E. J. Solteiro; Couceiro, Micael S.


    We agree with Ling-Yun et al. [5] and Zhang and Duan comments [2] about the typing error in equation (9) of the manuscript [8]. The correct formula was initially proposed in [6, 7]. The formula adopted in our algorithms discussed in our papers [1, 3, 4, 8] is, in fact, the following: ...

  1. La fuerza ilocutiva en los debates medievales castellanos de controversia y su plasmación lingüística

    Elena LEAL ABAD


    Full Text Available La presencia de actos de habla indirectos en algunas tipologías de diálogos literarios medievales, especialmente en los que presentan un carácter didáctico-moralizante, no siempre obedece a la noción de cortesía. El espíritu de controversia de estos textos origina que la falta de coincidencia entre modalidad del enunciado y modalidad de la enunciación se relacione con un deseo de distanciamiento dialéctico entre los personajes de la interacción, que tratan de socavar la imagen del interlocutor a través de enunciados que pretenden deslegitimar, ridiculizar o descalificar al adversario. Estos valores descorteses de los enunciados interrogativos derivan fundamentalmente del propio contenido proposicional aunque también constituyen indicios importantes la asimetría de los personajes que intervienen y las propias características del género discursivo. No obstante, en este mismo contexto aparecen mecanismos que tratan de contrarrestar la fuerza ilocutiva de estos actos descorteses minimizando el desacuerdo. En las páginas que siguen se tratará de determinar qué formas y estrategias lingüísticas se adoptan para acometer este tipo de actos y su relación con estructuras propias de la interacción comunicativa con el objetivo de captar una posible evolución de recursos o constancia de los mismos a lo largo de la historia del español.La présence d'actes de langage indirects dans certaines typologies de dialogues littéraires médiévaux, en particulier dans ceux qui présentent un caractère didactico-moralisant, n'obéit pas toujours à la notion de courtoisie. L'esprit de polémique de ces textes engendre la mise en relation du manque de coïncidence entre modalité de l'énoncé et modalité de l'énonciation et d’un désir d'éloignement dialectique entre les personnages de l'interaction, qui essayent de miner l'image de l'interlocuteur au travers d’énoncés qui prétendent délégitimer, ridiculiser ou discréditer l

  2. Análisis lingüístico-comunicativo del tratamiento informativo de la guerra de Irak en la prensa venezolana

    Sylvia Fernández Franco


    áticas reproducen un modelo de producción y comprensión, de construcción y deconstrucción racional del conocimiento de la realidad, que presupone la formulación de argumentos y la puesta en escena de estrategias discursivas que implican una competencia comunicativa en los participantes, y para cuyo estudio resulta indispensable un acercamiento lingüístico-comunicativo. Mediante la aplicación de un modelo ecléctico de análisis del discurso, se presenta la caracterización de las estrategias argumentativas y de cortesía empleadas por periodistas venezolanos en la recontextualización de la guerra de Irak. Se proponen los lineamientos de un modelo de comprensión del tratamiento informativo del conflicto: el modelo PACEM (Pragmática, Acción Comunicativa, Estrategias y Mediación.

  3. Estimación de la inteligencia lingística-verbal y lógico-matemática según el género y la ubicación geográfica

    Aida Sandoval


    Full Text Available Este estudio forma parte del proyecto de investigación Estimación de la Inteligencia Implícita relacionada con el Género, la Educación y la Cultura del Venezolano que se está desarrollando a nivel nacional, con la finalidad de analizar de manera comparativa la estimación que sobre su propia inteligencia, realizaron los habitantes de las ciudades de Valera-La Puerta, Maracaibo, Caracas y Puerto Ordaz-Caripe, pertenecientes tanto a la zona rural como urbana y de acuerdo con las teorías implícitas de la inteligencia, lo que las personas de diferente género y ubicación geográfica, estiman sobre su funcionamiento intelectual lingístico-verbal y lógico-matemático. A tal efecto se realizó una investigación de tipo descriptiva, empírica, de campo con una muestra accidental, intencional. Basado en las teorías implícitas de la inteligencia y las teorías de las inteligencias múltiples de Gardner, se tomaron en cuenta para efectos de la investigación las inteligencias lingística-verbal y lógico-matemática de los habitantes de estas ciudades. Los datos fueron obtenidos a través de la aplicación del cuestionario Estimación de la inteligencia realizado por Añez, González, González, Lauretti, y Sandoval (2011 dirigido a padres y madres. En esta investigación se utilizó el siguiente baremo: 1 Retrasado, 2 Inteligencia Muy Baja, 3 Inteligencia Baja, 4 Inteligencia Media, 5 Inteligencia Alta, 6 Inteligencia Muy Alta, 7 Superdotado. Los resultados obtenidos reflejaron que tanto hombres como mujeres se estimaron con capacidades lingísticas-verbales y lógico-matemáticas entre los niveles de inteligencia Alta y Media, en las poblaciones estudiadas.

  4. Análisis crítico de un proyecto lingüístico de centro en la comunidad valenciana a partir de la implantación de un programa plurilingüe en castellano

    Gimeno Chorva, Cristina


    Treball Final de Màster en Comunicació Intercultural i d'Ensenyament de Llengües. Codi: SAN014. Curs: 2014/2015 Este trabajo se basa en el análisis crítico de un proyecto lingüístico de centro a partir de los supuestos establecidos en la nueva legislación valenciana en materia de plurilingüismo. Para llevar a cabo dicho análisis, se procederá a elaborar un marco teórico inicial con el fin de delimitar el concepto de plurilingüismo y aplicarlo al ámbito educativo, reflexionar so...

  5. Composição centesimal e aceitação de lingüiça elaborada com reduzido teor de gordura e adicionada de concentrados protéicos de soro de leite

    Ferreira,Ana Cláudia Brandi; Fonseca,Leorges Moraes da; Santos,Wagner Luiz Moreira dos


    Este trabalho objetivou avaliar a composição centesimal e aceitação de lingüiças de carne suína fabricadas com Concentrado Protéico do Soro (WPC) ou com concentrado protéico, com elevado teor de b-lactoglobulina, como substitutos da gordura. Foram realizados sete tratamentos, um grupo controle, contendo 20% de gordura, e seis tratamentos com reduzido teor de gordura, contendo diferentes níveis de adição de WPC ou de fração de b-lactoglobulina, a saber, três tratamentos com 10% de gordura e ad...

  6. As ações lingüístico-discursivas no discurso jurídico: uma visão sobre a imagem da mulher nos crimes contra os costumes do código penal

    Moraes, Carla Roselma Athayde; Guimarães, Gustavo Miranda; Silva, Priscilla Chantal Duarte; Marchesani, Silvana


    Este artigo propõe uma análise da imagem da mulher que se esboça em alguns artigos do Código Penal Brasileiro. Para isso, valemo-nos de algumas orientações teóricas daAnálise do Discurso, no que diz respeito às Formações Discursivas, Ação e Racionalidade e Intencionalidade. Através desse aparato teórico, o trabalho levanta algumas questões de ordem lingüístico-discursivas, fundadoras de um discurso que constrói uma determinada visão da mulher brasileira, no Código Penal.

  7. Relação processador lingüístico-gramática em perspectiva: problemas de unificação em contexto minimalista Processor-grammar relationship in perspective: unification problems in minimalist context

    Letícia Maria Sicuro Corrêa


    Full Text Available A possibilidade de uma derivação minimalista representar a computação sintática implementada em tempo real é considerada. Parte-se de um histórico da relação entre Lingüística Gerativista e Psicolingüística, ressaltando-se o que há de convergente entre esses campos a partir do Minimalismo. Duas dificuldades para a unificação processador-gramática em um único algoritmo são identificadas: a direcionalidade (ascendente da derivação ante a incrementalidade do processamento lingüístico; a necessidade de se prever movimento sintático com e sem custo. Propõe-se um modelo misto (descente/ascendente no qual a direcionalidade da computação on-line é função do modo como elementos de categorias funcionais e lexicais se relacionam com o sistema conceitual/intencional na língua em uso. Apenas movimento sintático que responde a demandas discursivas é implementado em tempo real.The possibility of a minimalist derivation to represent on-line computation is considered. The relationship between Generative Linguistics and Psycholinguistics is put in perspective in order to highlight convergent developments. Two difficulties are identified in the unification grammar-language processor in a single algorithm: The directionality of the derivation (bottom-up, vis-à-vis incremental processing; predicting costly and uncostly syntactic movement. A top-down/bottom-up model is proposed in which the directionality of the computation is a function of the relationship between elements of functional and lexical categories with the conceptual/intentional system, is actual language use. Syntactic movement that stems from discourse demands is the sole movement operation implemented on-line.

  8. El niño entre cuatro y cinco años: características de su desarrollo socioemocional, psicomotriz y cognitivo-lingüístico

    Jeanneth Cerdas Núñez


    Full Text Available Este artículo corresponde a un perfil teórico del infante costarricense cuya edad oscila entre cuatro y cinco años. Contempla algunas de las características del desarrollo socioemocional, psicomotriz y cognitivo-lingüístico de esta población. Su propósito es enriquecer el Programa de Estudio del Ciclo Materno Infantil propuesto por el Ministerio de Educación Pública, brindando al docente que atiende infantes del Grupo Interactivo II, información básica que le permita identificar la etapa del desarrollo en que se encuentran estos niños, de manera que les pueda ofrecer un proceso educativo acorde a sus necesidades e intereses. La caracterización que se expone se definió con el aporte de diversos especialistas en el campo de la salud y la educación. Razón por la cual los datos presentados no estuvieron sujetos a estandarización alguna, sino que se describen con base en el conocimiento y la experiencia de cada uno de los profesionales citados. Se complementa la información con la teoría que aporta la bibliografía existente con respecto al desarrollo del niño. Para efectos de presentación, el perfil que se describe se ha dividido en cuatro apartados: características generales del desarrollo físico, área socioemocional, área psicomotriz y área cognitivo-lingüística

  9. Desempenho cognitivo-linguístico de escolares com distúrbio de aprendizagem Rendimiento cognitivo-lingüístico de estudiantes con trastornos de aprendizaje Cognitive-linguistic performance of students with learning disabilities

    Cláudia Silva


    Full Text Available O estudo tem como objetivo caracterizar e comparar o desempenho cognitivo-linguístico de escolares com distúrbio de aprendizagem com escolares com bom desempenho acadêmico. Participaram 40 escolares de 8 a 12 anos de idade, de 2ª a 4ª séries do Ensino Fundamental de escolas municipais da cidade de Marília - SP, divididos em GI (escolares com bom desempenho acadêmico e GII (escolares com distúrbio de aprendizagem. Como procedimento foi utilizado o Teste de Desempenho Cognitivo-Linguístico, versões coletiva e individual. Os resultados evidenciaram desempenho superior do GI em relação ao GII nas habilidades de leitura, escrita, velocidade de processamento, processamento auditivo e visual. Concluiu-se que o desempenho inferior do GII nas habilidades indica uma limitação no desempenho linguístico desses escolares se comparados com os do GI, exceto na habilidade de consciência fonológica, em que, os grupos apresentaram dificuldades semelhantes, sugerindo que essa dificuldade não seja específica de escolares com distúrbio de aprendizagem.El estudio tiene como objetivo caracterizar y comparar el rendimiento cognitivo-lingüístico de estudiantes con trastornos de aprendizaje con estudiantes con buen rendimiento académico. Los participantes fueron 40 niños escolares de 8 a 12 años de edad, de 2º a 4º grados de la escuela primaria de la ciudad de Marília-SP. Fueron divididos en GI (estudiantes con buen rendimiento académico y GII (estudiantes con trastornos de aprendizaje. El procedimiento utilizado fue la prueba de rendimiento cognitivo-lingüístico, colectivo e individual. Los resultados sugieren desempeño superior del GI si comparado con GII en las habilidades de lectura, escrita, velocidad de procesamiento, procesamiento auditivo y visual. Conclusión: el rendimiento inferior de GII en las habilidades apuntando a una limitación en la actuación lingüística de los estudiantes frente al GI, excepto en la habilidad de

  10. Da análise de questões sobre concordância em provas de concursos públicos a uma reflexão sobre normativismo e política lingüística no Brasil

    Eveli Seganfredo


    Este trabalho visa a, através da análise – sob a perspectiva da sociolingüística variacionista – de questões de concordância nominal e verbal de provas de língua portuguesa de concursos públicos de nível médio, proceder a uma reflexão sobre o normativismo e a política lingüística no Brasil. Os concursos públicos são apresentados como agentes promotores de uma política lingüística aparentemente difusa. Eles vêm interferindo na e, muitas vezes, determinando a elaboração de currículos e programa...

  11. La Comprensión Lectora en el Desarrollo de las Habilidades Lingüísticas de los Idiomas Quechua e Inglés en los Estudiantes de Pregrado de la Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión

    Escudero Escudero, Melchor Epifanio; Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión; Escudero Villanueva, Yulliana de Lourdes; Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión


    Objetivo: Explicar cómo la compresión lectora influye en el desarrollo de las habilidades lingüísticas de los idiomas quechua e inglés en los estudiantes de Pregrado de la Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión. Métodos: Se aplicó un diseño preexperimental con pretest y postest para medir el cambio ocurrido desde el pretest hasta el postest de la comprensión lectora en el desarrollo de las habilidades lingüísticas de los idiomas quechua e inglés, teniendo como muestra de estudio a...

  12. Salmonella spp. em carcaças, carne mecanicamente separada, lingüiças e cortes comerciais de frango Salmonella spp. in carcasses, mechanically deboned meat, sausages and chicken meat

    Angela Cleusa de Fátima Banzatto de Carvalho


    Full Text Available Alimentos de origem animal representam papel fundamental na epidemiologia das salmoneloses humanas. Apesar dos avanços tecnológicos, a carne de frango ainda é passível de contaminação bacteriana, especialmente por microrganismos do gênero Salmonella, que podem encontrar-se albergados no trato intestinal ou em outra parte do corpo das aves. O presente trabalho objetivou pesquisar a ocorrência de Salmonella em carne de frango e derivados procedentes da região Nordeste do Estado de São Paulo. Foram analisadas, através do método convencional de cultivo, 45 amostras de carcaças, 60 de carne mecanicamente separada (CMS, 25 de lingüiça de frango, 20 de peito, e 15 de coxa e sobre-coxa. Salmonella spp. foi encontrada em 13,3% (6/45 das carcaças, 25% (15/60 das amostras de CMS, 16% (4/25 das lingüiças, 30% (6/20 dos peitos e 13,3% (2/15 das coxas e sobre-coxas analisadas. Do total de 165 amostras analisadas, 33 (20% apresentaram contaminação por Salmonella estando, portanto, impróprias para o consumo conforme legislação brasileira.Food of animal origin represents an important role in the epidemiology of human salmonellosis. In spite of the technological improvement, the chicken meat is subjected to bacterial contamination, mainly by microorganisms of the genus Salmonella that can be found in the intestinal tract or elsewhere on the chicken body. The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence of Salmonella in chicken meat and cuts from the Northeast region of São Paulo State, Brazil. By conventional cultivation microbiological methods, 45 samples of carcasses, 60 samples of mechanically deboned meat (MDM, 25 samples of chicken sausages, 20 samples of chest, and 15 samples of chicken leg and thigh. Salmonella was found in 13.3% (6/45 of the carcass, 25% (15/60 of the MDM, 16% (4/25 of the sausages, 30% (6/20 of the chests and 13.3% (2/15 of the tight analysed. The results showed that 33 (20% out of 165 samples were

  13. La reconstrucción de un pasado lingüístico através de la narrativa presente: lengua, historia e identidad en El Nacimiento de los Negros

    José Esteban Hernandez


    Full Text Available El Nacimiento de los Negros, el asentamiento más importante de los negrosmascogos, se encuentra dentro de los límites municipales de Músquiz, Coahuila,México. La lengua original y mayoritaria de la comunidad era hasta hace algunasdécadas el afroseminol, una lengua emparentada al criollo de base inglesa queaún se habla en el sureste de los Estados Unidos. En el siguiente trabajo trazola historia sociolingüística de la comunidad, basándome en las referenciashistóricas disponibles en la memoria colectiva y en la evidencia histórica conque cuenta la comunidad misma. Concilio dos fuentes que nos proporcionarándatos y pruebas que nos permitirán delinear la trayectoria lingüística del grupo.Utilizo los aspectos de la historia escrita que me son disponibles y que se centranen los principales acontecimientos que han experimentado los mascogoscomo grupo en el área fronteriza. Incorporo también el análisis de narrativasrecogidas en entrevistas sociolingüísticas que se hicieron entre informantes deedad ya muy avanzada en la comunidad que asumen una identidad mascoga porser descendientes directos de padre o madre de origen afroseminol. El análisisseñala que el desplazamiento lingüístico, como resultado del contacto culturalen Nacimiento de los Negros, inició la integración de los negros mascogos ala cultura nacional. Sin embargo, el contexto sociohistórico marcó la pautadel proceso de aculturación. En el presente trabajo ofrezco datos testimonialesque apoyan las cuatro fases sociohistóricas, que arguyo, influyeron en dichoproceso: 1 la etapa de arrendamiento militar y persecución, 2 la etapa detransición y neutralidad, 3 la etapa de fuerte integración a la cultura nacionaly 4 la etapa de integración y dependencia económica. Las etapas se distinguenentre sí por el mantenimiento del criollo de base inglesa en la primera fase, elinicio de la desplazamiento en las siguientes y el desplazamiento casi total enla última.

  14. Actitudes lingüísticas en Venezuela. Exploración de creencias hacia la variante nacional, la lengua española y el español dialectal

    Hecsil Yosibel Coello Millán


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de Caracas hacia al español de Venezuela y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo es parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 personas, estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. Se analizaron los datos cuantitativa y cualitativamente para identificar las opiniones y creencias de los hablantes y poder describir sus actitudes lingüísticas hacia el habla española de las regiones del país y de otros países hispanohablantes. Este estudio observa un cambio de actitud hacia la variante del español nacional y describe las creencias que comparten los caraqueños hacia el español Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish-speakers from Caracas towards Spanish spoken in Venezuela and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed in order to identify the opinions and beliefs of the speakers, and to be able to describe their linguistic attitudes towards the Spanish varieties of the different regions of the country. This study shows an attitudinal change towards the national variety of Spanish and describes the beliefs that caraqueños share towards the Spanish language.

  15. Efectos de la Dislexia en las Habilidades Lingúisticas del Idioma Inglés en Niños de Segundo Ciclo de Nivel Primario de Colegios Particulares Bilingues de la U.G.E.L. Norte, Arequipa 2004

    Pastor de Jones Ingrid Victoria


    El presente trabajo de investigación se denomina: EFECTOS de la DISLEXIA en las HABILIDADES LINGÜÍSTICAS DEL IDIOMA INGLES EN NIÑOS DEL SEGUNDO CICLO DEL NIVEL PRIMARIO DE COLEGIOS PARTICULARES BILINGÜES DE LA U.G.E.L. NORTE Arequipa, 2004. Las variables a investigar son: Variable independiente: Dislexia. Indicadores Dyseidesia, Dysphonesia y Dysnekinesia Variable dependiente: Habilidades lingüísticas del idioma Inglés: Indicadores: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Wri...

  16. Aplicación pedagógica de la lingüística de corpus a una clase de gramática avanzada de español como segunda lengua

    Paz, Yanira


    Full Text Available Este estudio recoge las experiencias de la enseñanza de un curso de gramática avanzada de español como segunda lengua usando la lingüística de corpus (LC como herramienta pedagógica. Si bien el uso pedagógico de LC en lenguas como el inglés ha sido ampliamente reportado, son escasos los estudios relacionados con el español. Como se desprenderá de estas experiencias, la LC permite el estudio de las estructuras de la lengua (objetivo de una clase de gramática avanzada y, al mismo tiempo, permite ver estas estructuras y sus usos en producciones reales y naturales aparte de presentarlas en contextos textuales y culturales auténticos. La LC se constituye, de esta manera, en una forma de aprendizaje mediante el uso de datos (‘data-driven learning’. El/la estudiante investigador/a usa datos, en un proceso inductivo, para llegar a la proposición de reglas gramaticales; todo lo contrario de lo que ha sido la enseñanza tradicional de la gramática del español como primera o segunda lengua.

  17. Galicia-Argentina y cómo gestionar la diversidad lingüística: las lenguas en las leyes sobre los servicios de comunicación audiovisual

    Graciana Vázquez Villanueva


    Full Text Available El objetivo del presente trabajo es analizar la función otorgada a la(s lengua(s en dos leyes sobre servicios audiovisuales: la Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual 26552 sancionada el 10/10/2009 por el Congreso nacional en Argentina y la Ley 9/2011, del 9/11/2011, de los Medios Públicos de Comunicación Audiovisual de Galicia. Realizamos una indagación glotopolitica a partir del contraste entre ambas leyes no sólo porque exponen distintas maneras de intervención del estado, sino porque otorgan a las lenguas una ubicación de privilegio (la ley argentina o de reducción (la ley gallega como consecuencia de la incidencia del proceso neoliberal. Nos detenemos en ciertos problemas que articulan fuertemente lo político y lo lingüístico en la medida en que la producción audiovisual en lengua propia se presenta como núcleo promotor de un imaginario socio-cultural, como espacio para la normalización de una lengua y como factor de cohesión social e identidad. Estudiamos, además, el discurso intelectual gallego que formula una clara resistencia a esta planificación estatal.

  18. MARIA BEATRIZ FONTANELLA DE WEINBERG, El español bonaerense. Cuatro siglos de evolución lingüistica (1 580-1980 . Buenos Aires, Hachette, 1987.174p.

    José Luis Rivarola


    Full Text Available La evolución lingüística del español de Buenos Aires ha sido materia de varios trabajos anteriores de la autora quien en este libro reúne los resultados de sus investigaciones en un panorama que abarca cuatro siglos. Hasta donde llega mi información, es el primer trabajo de conjunto que comprende todo el desarrollo histórico de un español regional americano; con esto ya queda anticipada su novedad y su importancia, pues es un hecho conocido que la historia del español de América no ha sido objeto de estudios sistemáticos de conjunto y de amplio alcance cronológico. Además, se sustenta en el examen de un amplio corpus documental, para cuya información y evaluación se ha tenido muy presente la fiabilidad de la transcripción y la representatividad sociolingüística; este corpus se completa con fuentes secundarias, especialmente ricas a partir del s. XIX (tratados preceptivos, literatura costumbrista.

  19. Interacción, uso lingüístico y construcción del saber gramatical en la educación primaria / Interaction, linguistic usage and building grammatical knowledge in Primary Education

    Mariona Casas i Deseures


    Full Text Available Resumen: Este artículo pone de relieve el papel de la interacción lingüística, entre iguales y con el apoyo del adulto, en la construcción del conocimiento gramatical. Presenta una investigación empírica que explora como 43 parejas de 3º y 6º de educación primaria de Cataluña reconocen tres valores del tiempo verbal del presente: habitual, atemporal y retrospectivo. En concreto, la investigación explora los obstáculos con que tropiezan los alumnos para reconocer estos valores y las estrategias que usan para superarlos. El estudio demuestra que para ayudar a los alumnos a comprender que el tiempo verbal del presente también se usa para expresar otros valores aparte del prototípico (simultaneidad con el acto de habla, es necesario que los aprendices reflexionen sobre estos usos. De los resultados se infiere que la interacción promueve el desarrollo de actividad metalingüística y que a partir de la reflexión se pueden establecer puentes entre el saber gramatical y los usos lingüísticos. También ponen de manifiesto que un aprendizaje escolar excesivamente formal (que construye el conocimiento sobre el verbo desde un punto de vista básicamente morfológico impide a los alumnos interpretar los tiempos verbales de acuerdo con otros criterios (semánticos, sintácticos y pragmáticos. Las conclusiones ratifican que determinadas concepciones de la práctica escolar constituyen un obstáculo para avanzar en la construcción del saber gramatical y apuntan la necesidad de revisar tanto los contenidos como las metodologías para aprender gramática en las aulas de primaria. Abstract: This article emphasizes the role of linguistic interaction, in peer-peer and peer-adult dialogue, in the construction of grammatical knowledge. Specifically, the study is part of an empirical research that explores the understanding of three uses of the present tense (habitual, timeless and retrospective by a group of students in their 3rd and 6th year of

  20. El orden de Babel: algunas notas sobre la conciencia lingüística de la clerecía letrada castellana en la primera mitad del siglo xiii

    Amaia Arizaleta


    Full Text Available Se comentan aquí una serie” de discursos redactados entre 1200 y 1250, todos ellos relacionados con el relato de la torre de Babel. Dichos textos dan fe de la existencia de un pensamiento común relativo a las lenguas y los pueblos en clérigos contemporáneos y de semejante alta cultura libresca, castellanos de origen o bien afectos a la causa de Castilla: Diego García, Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada y el anónimo de cuyo cálamo surgió el (Libro de Alexandre. Estos letrados, que participaron en permanencia de la lengua romance y la lengua latina, dieron prueba de su interés por la diversidad lingüística, e incluso propusieron algunas ideas innovadoras sobre la cuestión. Testigos y artífices de una cultura que ya no podía ser monolingüe, supieron escribir acerca del mito de la separación de las naciones.Il est ici question de quelques discours en rapport avec le récit de la tour de Babel qui furent composés entre 1200 et 1250. Leurs auteurs, Diego García, Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada et le poète anonyme auteur du (Libro de Alexandre, qui entretenaient des liens avec la cour et la chancellerie, semblent avoir partagé une pensée commune relative aux langues et aux peuples. Ces lettrés, d’origine castillane ou qui avaient épousé la cause castillane, s’intéressèrent à la diversité linguistique, et allèrent jusqu’à défendre certaines idées novatrices sur le fonctionnement d’une culture qui ne pouvait plus être monolingue.

  1. Lenguaje audiovisual y lenguaje escolar: dos cosmovisiones en la estructuración lingüística del niño Audiovisual language and school language: two cosmo-visions in the structuring of children linguistics

    Lirian Astrid Ciro


    Full Text Available En el presente texto se pretende analizar la compleja red relacional existente entre el lenguaje audiovisual (partiendo de la televisión como uno de sus soportes y el lenguaje escolar, para vislumbrar sus efectos en el lenguaje infantil. La idea es mostrar el lenguaje audiovisual como un mecanismo potencialmente educativo, por cuanto es una forma de resignificar el mundo y de socialización lingüística; tal característica hace necesario entablar una relación estratégica entre él y el lenguaje escolar. De este modo, el lenguaje infantil se instaura como un punto intermedio en donde confluyen esos distintos lenguajes, y permite al niño tener cosmovisiones abiertas y flexibles de diversas realidades. Todo esto llevará a la configuración de seres creativos, novedosos y atentos a escuchar opciones... a la estructuración de una nueva sociedad, en donde la multiplicidad de códigos (entendidos como sistemas de simbolización vayan haciendo más fácil la expresión de lo que se es y se quiere ser.This paper analyzes the complex relationship between audiovisual language (TV being one of its main supports and school language in order to observe their effects on child language. In this way, audiovisual language is a potentially educational mechanism because it is both a new way of resignifying the world and a mechanism of linguistic socialization. Hence, it is necessary to establish a strategic relationship between audiovisual language and school language. In this way, child language is an intermediate point between these two languages and it allows the child to have open and flexible views of different realities and to be willing to weigh options. In short, it is the structuring of a new society where multiplicity of codes will contribute to facilitating free expression.

  2. El enfoque pragmático en el diseño y proyección de pruebas de evaluación lingüística en edad infantil.

    Milagros Fernández Pérez


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0cm; mso-para-margin-right:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} El trabajo subraya la necesidad de aproximarse al lenguaje infantil desde presupuestos pragmáticos que permitan valorar la comunicación. Sobre todo porque (a los usos  lingüísticos se dan siempre en coordenadas de praxis; (b los patrones de lengua en niños no equivalen a los moldes codificados de los adultos; y (c los posibles trastornos y limitaciones sólo serán ponderables por su grado de eficacia comunicativa y de interacción.

  3. Ling Shu-hua’s Novels:Different Structure but Same Spirit Compared with the Soul of Era%凌叔华小说:与时代精魂异构而同质

    吴政家; 凌端明


    中国的女性自古就受到男性话语的塑造,她们自身也认同并自觉担起了这种强加在她们身上的霸权话语。直到五四时期,在西方女权思潮的吹拂下,女性才意识到了自身的主体性和独特性。凌叔华小说以其细腻、平和、不动声色的女性叙事视角,异于同时代女作家的叙事策略,为我们展现了那一时代女性如何被塑造为“女人”的事实和她们部分人的觉醒、困顿和挣扎,呈现出与五四时代精魂异构而同质的个性。%The Chinese woman are modeled by power of men continues a long time, and they agree with these attitudes and bear the hegemonic discourse voluntarily. Female realized the subjectivity and unique in themselves under the blowing of western feminism until the period of May-4th. Ling SHu-hua’s novels with its perspective of female narrative different from others writers in the period of May-4th.Her novels displayed the fact of modeled women whose awaken and struggled .Its writing personality seems present different structure but contains the same nature just as the spirit of May-4th.

  4. Análisis de las competencias lingüísticas y digitales en el marco de los estudios universitarios de turismo en España (Analysing the language and digital competences within the framework of the university tourism studies in Spain)

    López Pérez, Mª Carmen; Manjón García, Juan Vicente


    Resumen: Los estudios de turismo en España, como el resto de las titulaciones universitarias, están inmersosen la adaptación de sus Planes de estudios al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior. Las competencias, y másen concreto las competencias profesionales, captan gran parte de la atención en la reformulación pedagógica deldiseño de los Grados. En nuestro caso, las lingüísticas y las referidas a las TIC´s centran la investigación, ya queambas son imprescindibles a la hora de definir el perf...

  5. Actitudes lingüísticas en Panamá. Incursión en la percepción sociolingüística y la valoración de la lengua por los hispanohablantes panameños

    Tarahy Tinoco


    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo analiza las actitudes lingüísticas de hablantes nativos de español de la Ciudad de Panamá hacia al español del país y el de los otros países hispanohablantes. El artículo hace parte de los resultados del Proyecto LIAS (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, financiado por El Consejo Noruego de Investigación (RCN. La recolección de los datos se realizó en la capital del país, entrevistando a una muestra de 400 informantes estratificada con las variables de edad, sexo y nivel socioeconómico. La necesidad de llevar a cabo estudios sobre actitudes lingüísticas en Panamá ha resultado imperiosa, puesto que las investigaciones de esa naturaleza son escasas. Este trabajo es el primero en estudiar la percepción que tienen los panameños sobre su lengua, el español hablado en Panamá, de las variantes dialectales americanas, de la peninsular, y su conciencia lingüística sobre la unidad de la lengua española y la corrección lingüística. Abstract This article analyzes the linguistic attitudes of native Spanish speakers from Panama City towards Spanish spoken in the country, and in the other Spanish-speaking countries. It is a result of the LIAS-Project (Linguistic Identity and Attitudes in Spanish-speaking Latin America, funded by The Research Council of Norway. The data were gathered in the capital of the country, interviewing a stratified sample of 400 respondents, based on the variables of age, sex and socioeconomic status. The need to carry out studies on linguistic attitudes in Panama has been very important because this type of studies is scarce in the country. This research study is the first to analyze the perceptions of Panamanian citizens towards their own variety: Spanish spoken in Panama, as well as their perceptions of the American and peninsular varieties of Spanish, and of their awareness of language unity and linguistic correctness.

  6. La formación lingüística de los profesores en el "enfoque comunicativo de la pedagogía del francés lengua extranjera"

    Roulet Eddy


    ";,";serif";; font-size: 10pt; mso-fareast-font-family: Calibri; mso-fareast-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-ansi-language: ES; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA;">lingüísticas.

  7. Gramática y producción textual: bases lingüísticas para la intervención didáctica | Grammar and Textual production: Linguistic Bases for Educational Intervention

    Francisco Javier Perea Siller


    Full Text Available Resumen El aprendizaje de la gramática en la enseñanza secundaria continúa utilizando una metodología deductiva, a la vez que se presenta desconectada de los otros componentes de la enseñanza-aprendizaje de la asignatura Lengua castellana y literatura. Para escapar de los planteamientos deductivos, en primer lugar adoptamos un punto de vista discursivo; en segundo lugar, proponemos partir del conocimiento de la producción escrita de los estudiantes, caracterizada por la pobreza de recursos y la presencia de errores. La Lingüística de Corpus permite conocer el primer aspecto, por ejemplo, nexos para conectar partes del texto. Por su parte, el Análisis de Errores revela las incorrecciones que en mayor medida cometen los estudiantes, tales como problemas de correferencia en textos narrativos o solecismos y errores pragmáticos en textos argumentativos. Estas dificultades, situadas en contextos textuales concretos, deben proponerse como los principales objetos de aprendizaje de la gramática a la vez que deben incidir en la forma en la que el profesor afronta la gramática. Abstract Secondary schools still use a deductive approach in learning grammar. Besides, grammar learning continues to be disconnected from the other components of the teaching and learning of the subject Lengua Castellana y Literatura. To avoid the deductive approach, firstly we adopt a discursive point of view; secondly, we propose to start with the knowledge of our students’ written productions, which are characterized mainly by poverty of resources and the presence of errors. Corpus Linguistics allows us to know the first aspect, for example, links to connect parts of the text. Meanwhile, Error Analysis reveals the inaccuracies that the students produce, such as coreference problems in narrative texts or solecisms and pragmatic errors in argumentative texts. Such difficulties, situated in specific textual contexts, should be proposed as the main objects of grammar

  8. Application of 'Six Sigma{sup TM}' and 'Design of Experiment' for Cementation - Recipe Development for Evaporator Concentrate for NPP Ling AO, Phase II (China) - 12555

    Fehrmann, Henning [Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH (Germany); Perdue, Robert [Westinghouse Electric Company (United States)


    Cementation of radioactive waste is a common technology. The waste is mixed with cement and water and forms a stable, solid block. The physical properties like compression strength or low leach ability depends strongly on the cement recipe. Due to the fact that this waste cement mixture has to fulfill special requirements, a recipe development is necessary. The Six Sigma{sup TM}' DMAIC methodology, together with the Design of experiment (DoE) approach, was employed to optimize the process of a recipe development for cementation at the Ling Ao nuclear power plant (NPP) in China. The DMAIC offers a structured, systematical and traceable process to derive test parameters. The DoE test plans and statistical analysis is efficient regarding the amount of test runs and the benefit gain by getting a transfer function. A transfer function enables simulation which is useful to optimize the later process and being responsive to changes. The DoE method was successfully applied for developing a cementation recipe for both evaporator concentrate and resin waste in the plant. The key input parameters were determined, evaluated and the control of these parameters were included into the design. The applied Six Sigma{sup TM} tools can help to organize the thinking during the engineering process. Data are organized and clearly presented. Various variables can be limited to the most important ones. The Six Sigma{sup TM} tools help to make the thinking and decision process trace able. The tools can help to make data driven decisions (e.g. C and E Matrix). But the tools are not the only golden way. Results from scoring tools like the C and E Matrix need close review before using them. The DoE is an effective tool for generating test plans. DoE can be used with a small number of tests runs, but gives a valuable result from an engineering perspective in terms of a transfer function. The DoE prediction results, however, are only valid in the tested area. So a careful selection of

  9. Los monólogos humorísticos en la clase de e/le: análisis lingüístico y didáctico

    A. Re


    Full Text Available ESLos numerosos estudios en lingüística aplicada sobre motivación y enseñanza de lenguas llevados a cabo en los últimos años, juntos con el asentamiento definitivo del enfoque comunicativo en la praxis didáctica, demuestran que el empleo del texto humorístico en las clases de lengua extranjera puede convertirse en una herramienta de gran utilidad. Tanto es así que no solo la creación de manuales de español como lengua extranjera, sino también las numerosas aportaciones y contribuciones online de material didáctico se basan, cada vez más, en la explotación de textos auténticos, escritos y orales, del registro cómico y humorístico. Sin embargo, cualquier profesor de español como lengua extranjera (E/LE habrá experimentado cierto grado de frustración al “llevar a clase el humor español” sin alcanzar los resultados esperados. Las razones de aparente fracaso pueden depender de distintos factores, pero sobre todo obedecen a la variedad de contextos de aprendizaje y a los distintos tipos de alumnado. El manejo de materiales audiovisuales que incluyan prácticas de humor presenta evidentes ventajas, pero también numerosas dificultades.El objetivo de este artículo es buscar un punto de contacto entre el género humorístico y la enseñanza de E/LE. A partir de ejemplos de monólogos de programas de humor españoles, se destacarán algunos problemas y ventajas relacionados con la presentación didáctica de este tipo de textos: la inserción de unidades fraseológicas, los referentes socioculturales y la transgresión lingüística o corrección política, entre otros. De la misma manera, se subrayará la importancia de la explotación de dicho género textual en las clases de E/LE con el fin de afianzar algunas competencias o destrezas recogidas por los marcos teóricos internacionales y que, sin embargo, no se suelen incorporar a la práctica del aula. También se hará referencia a la formación del profesor y a su tarea de

  10. The LOFAR ling baseline snapshot calibrator survey

    Moldon, J.; Deller, A.T.; Wucknitz, O.; Jackson, N.; Drabent, A.; Carozzi, T.; Conway, J.; Bentum, Marinus Jan; Bernardi, G.; Best, P.; Gunst, A.W.

    Aims: An efficient means of locating calibrator sources for international LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR) is developed and used to determine the average density of usable calibrator sources on the sky for subarcsecond observations at 140 MHz. Methods We used the multi-beaming capability of LOFAR to

  11. Ling An: Linguistic analysis of NPP instructions

    Karlsson, F.; Salo, L. (Helsingfors Univ., Institutionen foer allmaen spraakvetenskap (Finland)); Wahlstroem, B. (VTT (Finland))


    The project consists of two sub-projects, 1) to find out whether the available linguistic method SWECG (Swedish Constraint Grammar) might be used for analyzing the safety manuals for Forsmark nuclear power plant, and 2) to find out whether it is possible to create a working system based on the SWECG method. The conclusion of the project is that an applicable linguistic analysis system may be realized by the company Lingsoft Inc., Aabo, Finland. (ln)

  12. Mening eller måling?

    Kruse, Tove Elisabeth


    Artiklen diskuterer med udgangspunkt i regeringens universitetspolitiske strategi og tiltag , hvad der motiverer mennesker, der arbejder på et universitet, og hvad der giver deres arbejdsliv mening, og argumenterer for, at de stadigt mere udbredte præstationsmålinger, der ensretter og sammenligne...

  13. Diccionario de lingüística

    Eduardo Miranda Nelson

    Full Text Available THEODOR LEWANDOWSKI, DICCIONARIO DE LINGUISTICA, Madrid, Ediciones Cátedra, S.A., 1982, XIV, 447 págs. Traducción del alemán por María Luz García-Denche y Enrique Bernárdez.


    Karlsson, F.; Salo, L.; Wahlstroem, B.


    The project consists of two sub-projects, 1) to find out whether the available linguistic method SWECG (Swedish Constraint Grammar) might be used for analyzing the safety manuals for Forsmark nuclear power plant, and 2) to find out whether it is possible to create a working system based on the SWECG method. The conclusion of the project is that an applicable linguistic analysis system may be realized by the company Lingsoft Inc., Aabo, Finland. (ln)

  15. Ling Tao, Ph.D. | NREL

    Conceptual process design and simulation Process integration, intensification, and synthesis Process , University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2004-2005 Patents "Continuous Production of Poly(Vinyl Butyral )," U.S. Patent No. 9,012,570 (2015) "Continuous Production of Poly(Vinyl Butyral)," E.P

  16. ling af stress hos mink

    Malmkvist, Jens


    Sammendrag Stress indgår som et element ved vurdering af dyrevelfærd. Endvidere kan stress mål anvendes i undersøgelser, hvor forskellige typer af avl, burmiljø og pasning af mink sammenlignes. Men hvad er stress egentlig og hvordan måles det? Er unormal adfærd koblet til stress hos mink? På...... temadagen præsenteres nye resultater og metoder til at vurdere stress hos mink. I en metode måles koncentrationen af nedbrydningsprodukter af hormonet cortisol i gødning fra mink. Der er en række fordele ved denne metode, frem for blodprøvetagning. Forsøg viste, at hovedparten af cortisol udskilles i fæces...... (83 %) frem for i urin (17 %), samt at omsætningen af radioaktivt mærket cortisol ikke er forskellig mellem mink med hhv. lav og høj forekomst af stereotypi. Denne viden kan bruges til bedre at forstå koblingen f.eks. unormal adfærd og stress hos mink....

  17. Aproximación al estudio de las actitudes lingüÍsticas en un contexto de contacto de español y portugués en el área urbana trifronteriza B rasil-Colombia-Perú An overview of the study of linguistic attitudes in the context of language contact between spanish and portuguese of the tri-border area, Brasil-Colombia-Perú

    Sandra Liliana Rojas Molina


    Full Text Available Este trabajo tiene como objetivo describir y analizar las actitudes lingüísticas de los habitantes de la trifrontera Brasil-Colombia-Perú frente al portugués y español del área, así como frente al fenómeno de alternancias e interferencias lingüísticas surgidas del contacto. A través de la técnica de la entrevista y la observación directa, se describen las actitudes desde sus dimensiones cognitiva, afectiva y conductual, y se descubren altos porcentajes de valoraciones y autovaloraciones negativas frente a las formas de habla estudiadas, lo cual sugiere una situación de discriminación lingüística que se suma al de discriminación social existente. Se propone, entonces, el comienzo de discusiones alrededor de políticas lingüísticas que apunten a la promoción de las formas de habla locales a través de los medios de comunicación existentes y los escenarios educativos, con el propósito de garantizar procesos de consolidación de la democratización lingüística y, en consecuencia, de equidad y justicia social.The aim of the present work is to describe and analyze the linguistic attitude of people at the tri-border among Brazil, Colombia, and Peru towards the Spanish and Portuguese varieties spoken in the area, and towards the phenomenon of codeswitching and interference resulting from linguistic contact. By means of interviews and direct observation, the article attempts to describe the linguistic attitude from three dimensions: cognitive, affective and behavioral. Data analysis shows that there is a high level of negative attitude and negative self-attitude towards these speech varieties. Results indicate a situation of linguistic stigmatization that is added to the ongoing social discrimination. Thus, the study proposes the implementation of linguistic policies that promote the local speech forms through mass media and education in order to guarantee a process of consolidation of linguistic democracy, which in turn will

  18. Q. Shen1, X. Chen1, Jiyune Yi2, DR Jiang1 & YJ Yun3

    imately six months to cover the 2-yr pulsation cycle of VX Sgr. We used a special phase referencing ... but the υ = 2 line has relatively few maser features, most of which reside in the. Southern and Northern parts. ... stronger masers of both the lines appear, among which the main features reside in the inner shell and show ...

  19. A Method of Mapping Burned Area Using Chinese FengYun-3 MERSI Satellite Data

    Shan, T.


    Wildfire is a naturally reoccurring global phenomenon which has environmental and ecological consequences such as effects on the global carbon budget, changes to the global carbon cycle and disruption to ecosystem succession. The information of burned area is significant for post disaster assessment, ecosystems protection and restoration. The Medium Resolution Spectral Imager (MERSI) onboard FENGYUN-3C (FY-3C) has shown good ability for fire detection and monitoring but lacks recognition among researchers. In this study, an automated burned area mapping algorithm was proposed based on FY-3C MERSI data. The algorithm is generally divided into two phases: 1) selection of training pixels based on 1000-m resolution MERSI data, which offers more spectral information through the use of more vegetation indices; and 2) classification: first the region growing method is applied to 1000-m MERSI data to calculate the core burned area and then the same classification method is applied to the 250-m MERSI data set by using the core burned area as a seed to obtain results at a finer spatial resolution. An evaluation of the performance of the algorithm was carried out at two study sites in America and Canada. The accuracy assessment and validation were made by comparing our results with reference results derived from Landsat OLI data. The result has a high kappa coefficient and the lower commission error, indicating that this algorithm can improve the burned area mapping accuracy at the two study sites. It may then be possible to use MERSI and other data to fill the gaps in the imaging of burned areas in the future.

  20. Period of Light Variability in BL Lac ON 231 Xu Yun Bing1, Zhang ...

    period light variability may be greater than the current observation history and needs further monitoring certification (Zhang et al. 1998). To establish the real periods of ON 231, we employ wavelet analysis and DCF method to search a periodicity in the light curves. 2. Periodicity analysis of ON231. 2.1 Light curve of ON 231.

  1. Analysis of Characteristics of Ore about Iron Deposit of Da Hong Mountain in Yun Nan Province

    Zhang Yuefeng


    Full Text Available This thesis aims to analyse the deposit characteristics about Da Hong Mountains Iron ore in Yunnan province. The texture and structure, especially the chemical composition, is different in every section of deposit after comparing. Moreover, the content of SiO2 is much higher than general iron ore. However, the content of other noble metals cannot reach the lowest industrial grade. Da Hong Mountains Iron ore has unique features because of metallogenic periods.

  2. Em busca de conforto lingüístico e metodológico no Acre indígena In search of linguistic and methodological comfort in indigenous Acre

    Terezinha Machado Maher


    Full Text Available Neste texto, pretende-se, em última instância, refletir sobre os modos como as pesquisas são, sempre, condicionadas por representações culturalmente determinadas. Para tanto, considerarei práticas discursivas em um contexto de formação continuada de professores-pesquisadores indígenas no Estado do Acre. Atualmente envolvidos com a condução de pesquisas de cunho sociolingüístico, esses professores esperam produzir conhecimento que os ajudem a formular políticas lingüísticas locais favoráveis ao fortalecimento das línguas tradicionais de suas comunidades de fala. O foco de análise recairá, especificamente, sobre algumas visões conflitantes entre os modos como esses professores e sua formadora não-indígena avaliam instrumentos de pesquisa e entendem como devem se dar os processos de geração de dados. Além de argumentar que a não consideração dessas diferenças de perspectivas podem se constituir em impedimento importante para a condução do tipo de investigação desejada, pretendo, neste texto, chamar a atenção para o fato de que, por um lado, a categoria local precisa ser sempre lida com parcimônia e, por outro, conceitos como etnocentrismo ou grafocentrismo nem sempre são suficientes para explicar todos os complexos problemas de que se investem as relações interculturais. A expectativa é que este texto possa, de alguma maneira, contribuir para a formação de professores-pesquisadores no país e, sobretudo, para a nossa compreensão da complexidade imposta, contemporaneamente, pela interculturalidade.The aim of this paper is to reflect upon the ways research processes are conditioned by culturally determined representations. In order to do so, discursive practices in an in-service indigenous teacher-researcher educational program in the state of Acre will be examined. Presently involved in local sociolinguistic research projects, these teachers hope to produce knowledge that will help them devise linguistic

  3. Detección de trastornos alimentarios en niños: adaptación lingüística y conceptual del Children's Eating Attitudes Test (CHEAT Detection of eating disorders in children: linguistic and conceptual adaptation of the Children´S Eating Attitudes Test (CHEAT

    Luciana Elizathe


    Full Text Available Este estudio tiene como objetivo presentar la adaptación lingüística y conceptual del Children`s Eating Attitudes Test (ChEAT, Maloney, McGuire, & Daniels, 1988, uno de los instrumentos de screening más utilizados internacionalmente para detectar trastornos alimentarios (TA en niños. Con este fin, se procedió a realizar una traducción del instrumento del idioma original -inglés- al idioma local-castellano-. Este primer borrador fue administrado a una primera prueba piloto con niños de entre 9 y 12 años, tras la cual se realizaron modificaciones en la mayoría de los reactivos a fin de adecuarlos al nivel de comprensión y a las expresiones lingüísticas propias de los niños de nuestro medio. A continuación, cinco expertos en TA analizaron el segundo borrador obtenido y evaluaron la adecuación de los ítems para detectar TA en niños. Por último se procedió a evaluar la versión final en una segunda prueba piloto con niños de entre 12 y 13 años. Se mantuvo dicha versión, dado que no se detectaron dificultades. Finalmente, puede concluirse que se cuenta con una adaptación lingüística y conceptualmente adecuada a niños y niñas de nuestro contexto cultural.The purpose of this work is to present the linguistic and conceptual adaptation of the Children´s Eating Attitudes Test (ChEAT, Maloney, McGuire & Daniels, 1988, one of the best known screening instruments to detect eating disorders (ED in children. With this end, a translation from the original language -english- to the local one -spanish- was performed. The first draft was tested with children between the ages of 9 to 12 years old, and after that some of the items had to be modified in order to obtain a reliable test of the understanding and linguistic expressions used by the local children. Next, five experts in ED analyzed a second draft and evaluated and assessed the adequacy of the items to evaluate ED in children. Last, a final test was conducted with children

  4. O Percurso de uma entrevista no Jornal: alguns procedimentos lingüístico-discursivos na passagem do oral para o escrito e suas conseqüências para a interpretação da enunciação

    Valéria Aparecida Galioti Silva Prado


    Full Text Available A passagem da modalidade oral para a escrita, procedimento freqüentena comunicação humana e, em especial para esta pesquisa, na imprensa escrita,produz alterações no discurso. O presente trabalho procura reconhecer algumas estratégias lingüístico-discursivas utilizadas pelos jornalistas na transmissão danotícia, analisando o percurso de uma entrevista, do seu pronunciamento oral atésua publicação no jornal, para verificar em que medida tais estratégias podem servir de instrumento de manipulação de idéias, além de buscar diferenças no trato da notícia nos dois jornais analisados, levando-se em conta o comprometimento de um deles com a fonte de informação.

  5. Foro de investigación, UBACyT F114, "Servio y la custodia de la autoridad lingüística: análisis de la especificidad genérico discursiva de Vergili Carmina Commentarii (libri I-II)

    Pégolo, Liliana


    En el marco de la conjunción genérica del tardoantiguo, el comentario resulta una práctica metatextual ejercida sobre la tradición anterior que obedecía a la formación escolar de los futuros cuerpos de la administración imperial. Los Commentarii de Servio a la Eneida de Virgilio sintetizan de manera paradigmática la mirada sincrética sobre el pasado literario, ya que se incluyen percepciones en el orden mitológico, filosófico e histórico, sin excluir lo específicamente lingüístico. La época a...

  6. "Te Enseño a Jugar": Caracterización de Movimientos Interaccionales y Formas Lingüísticas Mediante las Cuales se Regula la Interacción Lúdica "I Teach You How to Play": Description of the Interactional Movements and Linguistics Forms Used to Regulate Play Interactions

    Alejandra Stein


    Full Text Available El lenguaje regula la actividad humana, incluyendo el juego; simultáneamente, el juego constituye un medio para el desarrollo lingüístico (Katherine Nelson, 1996; Vigotsky, 1988. El juego resulta un contexto privilegiado para los usos regulativos del lenguaje y para el desarrollo del discurso instructivo (Graves, 1992. Se analiza una muestra intencional conformada por 31 situaciones de juego en las que participaron en el hogar 10 niños de 4 años de barrios marginados de Argentina. El análisis cualitativo (Strauss & Corbin, 2002 mostró distintos movimientos interaccionales (modelado, preguntas, comparaciones y formas lingüísticas de regulación de la situación (imperativos, frases verbales de obligación usados por los adultos, que pueden contribuir al desarrollo del discurso instructivo de los niños.Language regulates human activity, including play; simultaneously, play is a means for linguistic development (Katherine Nelson, 1996; Vigotsky, 1988. Play situations are a privileged context for the regulative uses of language and for the development of instructional discourse (Graves, 1992. Within this framework, in this paper a purposive sample that includes 31 play situations is analyzed. In these situations participated 10 4-year-old children from marginalized neighbourhoods in Argentina. The qualitative analysis (Strauss & Corbin, 2002 showed that adults used different interactional movements (modelling, questions, comparisons alongside with linguistic forms of regulating the situation (imperatives, verbal phrases of obligation, all of which can contribute to the development of instructional discourse in children.

  7. La situation politico-linguistique des langues régionales de France: le cas du breton (La situación político-lingüística de las lenguas regionales de Francia: el caso del bretón

    Karina Costa Morales


    Desde el punto de vista lingüístico, Francia es un país muy diverso pesar de la supremacía del francés. Para ampliar esta diversidad, algunos esfuerzos tienden a revalorizar las lenguas regionales, incluso a nivel constitucional. Un caso representativo de esta tendencia es el bretón, lengua celta hablada en el oeste de Francia. En la región de Bretaña, existen varios movimientos político culturales muy activos cuyo objetivo es oficializar la lengua bretona, extenderla y modificar su estatuto y su imagen en la sociedad francesa y bretona. Desde hace algunos lustros, se pueden palpar los resultados de sus acciones; por ejemplo: el bretón en el sistema educativo y en los medios de comunicación y el bretón en el discurso político y el mundo de la cultura. Estos hechos marcan una cierta orientación; sin embargo, las lenguas regionales, particularmente el bretón, tienen dificultades para obtener una estabilidad y su futuro es incierto.

  8. Comparação das categorias espaciais por meio de sistemas lingüístico e pictórico em pré-escolares de diferentes grupos sócio-econômico-culturais Comparison of spacial categories in preschool children by means of linguistic and pictorial methods in three different socio-economic-cultural groups

    Leonor Sclair Cabral


    Full Text Available Foi investigado um sistema discriminativo relacionado à psicolingüística a ser aplicado no Programa Centro de Educação e Alimentação de Pré-Escolar (CEAPE. Optou-se por explorar a representação espacial por meio de sistemas lingüístico e pictórico. A amostra estudada foi constituída de 105 crianças de 3 a 6 anos e meio pertencentes a três grupos: do Programa CEAPE, de um grupo controle "Não-Ceapense" e de um outro de nível sócio-econômico alto da cidade de São Paulo. Estudou-se o poder discriminativo das perguntas nos três grupos de pré-escolares. Em relação às variáveis, nível sócio-econômico-cultural e estimulação, houve diferenças significativas para testes de compreensão lingüística em favor do grupo de alto nível sócio-econômico-cultural. As percentagens de categorias dominadas por 100% dos componentes dos três grupos foram, respectivamente: 41,7% (São Paulo, 30,6% (CEAPE e, 25,0% (não CEAPE; 95% dos componentes dos três grupos dominaram, respectivamente, 50,0% (São Paulo, 47,2% (CEAPE e 36,1% (não CEAPE das categorias.A research into a system, related to psycholinguistics, which is to be applied to a CEAPE program for preschool-age children is described. The choice fell upon spacial representation through linguistic and pictorial systems. A cross-section of ages was studied (from 3 to 6. Sample children came from 3 groups: those from a CEAPE program, a control group of children not covered by CEAPE and a high level socio-economic group from the city of S. Paulo, Brazil. The differentiating power of the items was studied in the 3 groups. With regard to socio-economic-cultural level and stimulation, significant differences in linguistic understanding to the advantage of the high level socio-economic-cultural group were observed Percentages of categories in which all subjects, answered correcty were respectively: 41.7% (S. Paulo, 30.6% (CEAPE and 25.0% (non-CEAPE. Ninety-five percent of the members

  9. Antihepatoma and Liver Protective Potentials of Ganoderma Lucidum (靈芝 Ling Zhi Fermented in a Medium Containing Black Soybean (黑豆 Hēi Dòu and Astragalus Membranaceus (生黃耆 Shēng Huáng Qí

    Zheng-Yuan Su


    Full Text Available The antihepatoma activity and liver protective function of the fermentation products (5 L fermenator of Ganoderma lucidum (GL; 靈芝 Ling Zhi cultivated in a medium containing black soybean (BS; 黑豆 Hēi Dòu and Astragalus membranaceus (AM; 生黃耆 Shēng Huáng Qí at different fermentation temperatures were investigated in this study. Hep 3B cells pretreated with lovastatin were used to study the antihepatoma activity, and possible active components were analyzed by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4-induced primary rat hepatocyte injury was further used to evaluate the liver protective activity of the fermentation products. While all the GL broth filtrates do not inhibit the growth of Hep 3B cells, the ethanolic extract from GL-2 mycelia (GL-2-mE, cultivated in the medium containing BS (50 g/L and AM (20 g/L at 24 °C for 11 days showed the best antihepatoma activity (IC50 26.6 μg/mL than the other ethanolic extracts from GL mycelia, GL fruiting body, BS, and AM did. The antihepatoma activities were correlated with some unknown active components in these samples. Furthermore, GL-2-mE (100 μg/mL without harmful effect on the growth of normal primary rat hepatocytes significantly maintained cell viability, reduced lactate dehydrogenase leakage, lowered lipid peroxidation, and increased glutathione peroxidase and glutathione S-transferase activities in the CCl4-induced damaged primary rat hepatocytes.

  10. Composição centesimal e aceitação de lingüiça elaborada com reduzido teor de gordura e adicionada de concentrados protéicos de soro de leite Centesimal composition and acceptance of sausages produced with reduced tenor of fat and added of whey protein concentrates

    Ana Cláudia Brandi Ferreira


    Full Text Available Este trabalho objetivou avaliar a composição centesimal e aceitação de lingüiças de carne suína fabricadas com Concentrado Protéico do Soro (WPC ou com concentrado protéico, com elevado teor de b-lactoglobulina, como substitutos da gordura. Foram realizados sete tratamentos, um grupo controle, contendo 20% de gordura, e seis tratamentos com reduzido teor de gordura, contendo diferentes níveis de adição de WPC ou de fração de b-lactoglobulina, a saber, três tratamentos com 10% de gordura e adição de três diferentes concentrações de WPC (0,2%, 0,5% e 1,0% e três tratamentos com 10% de gordura e três diferentes níveis de concentrado protéico, com elevado teor de b-lactoglobulina (0,1%, 0,3% e 0,6%. O experimento foi realizado com cinco repetições, contendo todos os tratamentos. Foram realizadas análises em dois tempos de avaliação, um dia após a fabricação e após um período de sete dias de estocagem a aproximadamente 4°C. Foram realizadas análises de proteína (g/100g, gordura (g 100g-1, umidade (g 100g-1, estimativa de valor calórico (kcal 100g-1 e análise sensorial. Os resultados dos teores de proteína, gordura e valor calórico apresentaram diferença (P£0,05 entre o grupo controle e os demais tratamentos. Os resultados das análises de umidade e sensorial não apresentaram diferenças (P>0,05. As proteínas lácteas foram eficazes na substituição da gordura de lingüiças de carne suína, em todos os tratamentos realizados, atendendo às especificações do Regulamento Técnico de Identidade e Qualidade das Lingüiças do Ministério da Agricultura Pecuária e Abastecimento, mantendo a qualidade sensorial.The objective of the research was to evaluate the composition and acceptance of pork sausages manufactured with whey protein concentrate (WPC or with protein concentrate containing high level of b-lactoglobulin (hereof called b-lactoglobulin as fat substitutes. Seven treatments were established, a

  11. Precipitation Interpolation by Multivariate Bayesian Maximum Entropy Based on Meteorological Data in Yun- Gui-Guang region, Mainland China

    Wang, Chaolin; Zhong, Shaobo; Zhang, Fushen; Huang, Quanyi


    Precipitation interpolation has been a hot area of research for many years. It had close relation to meteorological factors. In this paper, precipitation from 91 meteorological stations located in and around Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Zhuang provinces (or autonomous region), Mainland China was taken into consideration for spatial interpolation. Multivariate Bayesian maximum entropy (BME) method with auxiliary variables, including mean relative humidity, water vapour pressure, mean temperature, mean wind speed and terrain elevation, was used to get more accurate regional distribution of annual precipitation. The means, standard deviations, skewness and kurtosis of meteorological factors were calculated. Variogram and cross- variogram were fitted between precipitation and auxiliary variables. The results showed that the multivariate BME method was precise with hard and soft data, probability density function. Annual mean precipitation was positively correlated with mean relative humidity, mean water vapour pressure, mean temperature and mean wind speed, negatively correlated with terrain elevation. The results are supposed to provide substantial reference for research of drought and waterlog in the region.

  12. Supercavitation Advances and Perspectives A collection dedicated to the 70th jubilee of YuN Savchenko


    This collection is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Yu. N. Savchenko, and presents experimental, theoretical, and numerical investigations written by an international group of well-known authors. The contributions solve very important problems of the high-speed hydrodynamics, such as supersonic motion in water, drag diminishing, dynamics and stability of supercavitating vehicles, water entry and hydrodynamic performances of hydrofoils, ventilated cavities after a disc and under the ship bottom. The  book is written for researches, scientists, engineers, and students interested in problems of hydromechanics.

  13. La enseñanza de los contenidos gramaticales a partir del análisis discursivo, en un curso de introducción a la Lingüística / The teaching of grammar from discourse analysis in an introductory course in Linguistics

    Esperanza Morales López


    Full Text Available Resumen: Este trabajo presenta la experiencia didáctica realizada en la docencia de los contenidos gramaticales de la asignatura de Lingüística (primer curso del grado de Filología usando como punto de partida el análisis de discursos diversos. La autora se inspira en la tradición funcionalista de Halliday quien defendía la necesidad de relacionar dialécticamente las funciones comunicativas y la diversidad de formas para expresarlas; asimismo, apela a la perspectiva de la complejidad para superar la tradición positivista de analizar el lenguaje descomponiéndolo en unidades más pequeñas; en su lugar, ofrece una visión holística, pero también transdisciplinaria, lo que implica no tener en cuenta la división entre las disciplinas que estudian el discurso (retórica, argumentación y semiótica, principalmente. Los ejemplos didácticos que ilustran la propuesta didáctica se organizan en torno a dos centros de atención: el análisis del discurso infantil y el análisis de discursos diversos que han ofrecido construcciones ideológicas antagónicas sobre la crisis económico-financiera actual. Abstract: This paper explains the didactic experience in teaching the subject of grammar in an introductory linguistics course (first year of Philology using as methodology discourse analysis. This experience is inspired by Halliday’s functionalist approach, which defended the need to dialectically relate the communicative functions and the variety of structures resources to express them. Also this experience appeals to the perspective of complexity to overcome the positivist tradition of analyzing language decomposing it into smaller units; instead, it offers a holistic, but also transdisciplinary vision, which means disregarding the division between the disciplines that study discourse (linguistics, rhetoric, argumentation and semiotics, mainly. Instructional examples that illustrate the didactic proposal are organized around two centers

  14. Parlament ja ringhääling / Gunnar Paal

    Paal, Gunnar, 1946-


    Autori hinnangul oleks otstarbekas fikseerida avalik-õigusliku ringhäälingu tegevuskavas kontseptuaalselt, milline on nende organisatsioonide roll riigi institutsioonide tegevuse vahendamisel avalikkusele. Tabel: Osavõtt (%) Riigikogu ja kohalikest valimistest

  15. Dos caminos del mestizaje lingüístico

    Gómez Rendón, J.


    The chapu shimi and the jopará are two mixed verieties. These are a product of a centennial contact of Spanish and an indigenous language, the Ecuadorian kichwa and the Paraguayan guaraní. The two mixed varieties, however, exhibit diametrically opposed configurations, where lexical and structural

  16. BALTJOLDS 2005 peeti Lätis / Tiit Ling

    Ling, Tiit


    Igal aastal Rootsi Reservohvitseride Föderatsiooni (SVEROF) eestvõtmisel korraldatavast seminarist BALTJOLDS (Baltic Junior Officer Leadership Development Seminar), mis 2005. aastal peeti 16.-19. juunini Riias. Õppetöö käis kolmes rahvusvaheliselt komplekteeritud töörühmas: CIMIC (civil and military co-operations), PSYOPS (psycological operations), LIAISON

  17. Agostinho: teoria lingüística dos sinais

    Horn, Christoph


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, o autor apresenta a concepção de linguagem de Santo Agostinho, sobretudo nas seguintes obras: De dialectica, De magistro e nos escritos tardios De doctrina christiana e De trinitate. É dada especial atenção à teoria agostiniana da linguagem no De magistro

  18. ling af patientsikkerhed--hvorfor og hvordan?

    Kristensen, Solvejg; Mainz, Jan; Bartels, Paul


    Patient safety measurement from e.g. indicators, audits and questionnaires is used for risk management. Five years after the Danish Act on Patient Safety came into force, it remains unknown if health care is getting safer. The perspective of implementing patient safety methods for systematic...

  19. ling af patientsikkerhed - hvorfor og hvordan?

    Kristensen, Solvejg; Mainz, Jan; Bartels, Paul


    Patient safety measurement from e.g. indicators, audits and questionnaires is used for risk management. Five years after the Danish Act on Patient Safety came into force, it remains unknown if health care is getting safer. The perspective of implementing patient safety methods for systematic...

  20. Kan isoleret måling af kalcitonin erstatte pentagastrintest?

    Frohnert, Juliana; Jönsson, Asa Lina; Christiansen, Peer


    calcitonin could replace the pentagastrin test. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty-three patients were consecutively included. Pearson correlation coefficient (r(2)) was used for calculation of calcitonin values. RESULTS: We performed 104 pentagastrin tests in 43 patients. The squared correlation coefficient (r(2...

  1. Tres apuntes sobre el signo lingüístico

    Zaranka Juozas


    Full Text Available

    En el Cratilo de Platón (428/7 - 348/7 a J.C. se plantea el problema de la exactitud del ónoma - nombre: ¿es ésta natural o convencional? es decir, ¿corresponde el nombre a la cosa por naturaleza o por convención y costumbre? En la primera parte del diálogo Sócrates trata de convencer a Hermógenes, el partidario del convencionalismo, de que el nombre, como instrumento para distinguir las cosas y enseñarlas a los demás,

    debe ser exacto por naturaleza, porque de otra manera no lograría su propósito. La parte central, que es la más extensa del dialogo, esta dedicada a las etimologías que deberían apoyar  la teoría de la exactitud natural de los nombres. Se buscan las de los nombres derivados, mientras que los nombres primitivos, según lo que expone Sócrates al terminar su conversación con Hermógenes, serian una imitación (mímema fónica de las cosas. En la parte final del diálogo, Sócrates, discutiendo con Cratilo, cambia de posición: se debe conceder mayor importancia en el lenguaje a la convención y a la costumbre; además, como los antiguos creadores de nombres pudieron equivocarse al establecer el nombre, éste no es un guía seguro en el conocimiento de la realidad. Para conocer

    las cosas hay que volver a ellas mismas.

  2. ling på alternative isoleringsmaterialer

    Rasmussen, Torben Valdbjørn; Nicolajsen, Asta

    Borup Seniorby er et demonstrationsbyggeri hvori der både er anvendt alternative isoleringsmaterialer og mineraluld. Denne rapport viser fugtophobningen i de valgte isoleringsprodukter, og redegør for hvorvidt isoleringsarbejder er udført korrekt. Ni forskellige produkter enten i form af løsfyld...

  3. Tan Silliksaar, Tõnu Ling : meie piltides ei ole mingit trikitamist ega skandaali / Tõnu Ling, Tan Silliksaar ; interv. Heli Salong

    Ling, Tõnu


    Kuressaare kultuurikeskuses ja Saaremaa kunstistuudios avati Tõnu Lingi ja Tan Silliksaare fotonäitus-müük "Maameeste maastikud". Fotod on prinditud spetsiaalsele, kunsti reprodutseerimiseks mõeldud lõuendile. Autorid oma koostööst, fotodest, lõuenditehnikast

  4. Indicadores CUIDEN de repercusión de las revistas de enfermería del área lingüística del español y del portugués CUIDEN indicators of the impact of the nursing magazines from the Spanish and Portuguese linguistic area

    Alberto Gálvez Toro


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO. Calcular los indicadores de repercusión Cuiden de un conjunto de revistas iberoamericanas de enfermería. MÉTODOS. Por su diseño de trata de un estudio bibliométrico. Se han incluido 33 revistas de enfermería publicadas en el año 2002, de las cuales 20 eran españolas, 5 brasileñas, 3 mexicanas, 2 colombianas, y una revista de Cuba, Chile y Argentina. Para el cálculo de los indicadores se han seleccionado las variables número de artículos por revista, número de citas que recibe cada revista, número de autocitas y fecha de publicación del artículo citado. Se han calculado tres indicadores de citación Cuiden®: Repercusión Histórica (Rch®, Repercusión Histórica excluyendo autocitas (Rch-a®, y Repercusión Inmediata (Rci®. RESULTADOS. De las 33 revistas 9 destacan por su Repercusión Inmediata. Por orden de importancia: Index de Enfermería (España, Enfermería Clínica (España, Enfermería Intensiva (España, Desarrollo Científico de Enfermería (México, Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem (Brasil, Matronas Profesión (España, Rol de Enfermería (España, Revista Latinoamericana de Enfermagem (Brasil y Gerokomos (España. CONCLUSIONES. El área lingüística del español y del portugués posee un número importante de revistas con amplia repercusión. Publicar en las revistas con mayor repercusión es un factor que mejora la difusión de un trabajo de investigación. Las enfermeras deben considerar este hecho y plantearse la publicación en estas revistas, sea cual sea el país en el que se publiquen. La globalización ya no impone barreras para la transferencia del conocimiento.OBJECTIVE. To calculate the impact indicators Cuiden from a great amount of Iberoamerican nursing magazines. METHODS. Because of its design, it's about a bibliometric study. Thirty - three nursing magazines, published in the year 2002, have been included; twenty of them were Spanish, five Brazilian, three Mexican, two Colombian, and one

  5. Prevalência, quantificação e resistência a antimicrobianos de sorovares de Salmonella isolados de lingüiça frescal suína Prevalence, quantification, and antimicrobial drug resistance of Salmonella serovars isolated from fresh pork sausage

    Denis Augusto Spricigo


    Full Text Available A Salmonella sp. é uma das principais causas mundiais de toxinfecção alimentar. Nos últimos anos, as preocupações têm se voltado para a carne e produtos suínos tanto no aspecto de saúde pública como na sua comercialização/exportação. O presente estudo tem como objetivos: 1 verificar a prevalência de sorovares de Salmonella sp. em lingüiças tipo frescal de matéria-prima suína comercializadas em Lages (SC, bem como o seu nível de contaminação; e 2 verificar o perfil de resistência aos antimicrobianos destes isolados. Para tanto, foram coletadas 200 amostras de nove marcas, em diferentes estabelecimentos comerciais. Foram isoladas Salmonella sp. em 27% (54, sendo o sorovar Derby o mais encontrado. Apenas uma amostra apresentou uma concentração de microorganismos maior que 1,100 NMP.g-1, valor normalmente tido como necessário para causar infecção por Salmonella do grupo não-tifóide. Posteriormente, os 60 isolados foram submetidos ao teste de susceptibilidade in vitro, frente a 14 antimicrobianos. Entre esses isolados, 56,67% apresentaram resistência a pelo menos um dos antimicrobianos testados e o perfil de multirresistência foi encontrado em 20%. A prevalência elevada de produtos positivos para Salmonella sp. pode representar um risco ao consumidor, principalmente considerando-se o alto número de isolados resistentes encontrado neste estudo.Salmonella sp. is one of the main causes of food poisoning. In the last years, the main focus has been on beef and swine products because of both public health concerns and commercialization/exportation. This study was conducted in order to: 1 verify the prevalence of Salmonella serovars in fresh pork sausages commercialized in Lages, state of Santa Catarina and analyze its level of contamination; and 2 determine the profile of antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella sp. isolates. For this purpose, 200 samples of nine brands were collected from different commercial stores

  6. Study on collaborative operation in Xi'an international inland port and airport

    Jia, Guoling


    Xi 'an international inland port and airport are the important fulcrums for Shaanxi province to implement the strategy of "One Belt One Road" and to develop its export-oriented economy. Based on the general development situation of Xi 'an international inland port and airport and analyzing their similarities and differences, the external cause and internal cause of synergy are discussed. The contents of synergy from the strategy level, tactics level and business level are explained respectively.

  7. Quality of life in rectal cancer patients with permanent colostomy in Xi'an.

    Yang, Xiuxiu; Li, Qin; Zhao, Haihong; Li, Junhua; Duan, Jiaobo; Wang, Dandan; Fang, Ningning; Zhu, Ping; Fu, Jufang


    To observe the quality of life (QOL) in rectal cancer patients with permanent colostomy in different periods after operation. A 1-,3-,6-month prospective study of QOL in 51 rectal cancer patients with permanent colostomy and 50 without permanent colostomy was assessed using European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) QOL-30 and CR38 questionnaires. The variation of QOL in different periods was "v" type. In the 1st postoperative month, these patients had the lowest quality of life scores, accompanied significantly varied functions and severe symptoms. Almost of all indexes of these patients had improved consistently in the postoperative period. The scores of global QOL even better than pre-operative level at 6th months post-operation, but the social function, body image, chemotherapy side effects and financial difficulties had not restored to the baseline level. Patients without permanent colostomy had a better score in most of categories of QOL-30 and CR38. The 1st postoperative month was crucial for patients' recovery, in which we should pay great attention to these problems which relate to the recovery of rectal cancer patients with permanent colostomy.

  8. Chemical Characterization and Mixing Sate of Ambient PM in Xi'an Winter

    Chen, Yang


    Particulate Matter influences visibility, human health (Anderson and Atkinson, 2007), and climate. The difference of mixing state of chemical species in PM affects the physical properties of PM such as hygroscopic growth (Hersey et al., 2011), Cloud Condensation Nuclei(Stocker et al., 2013) and light properties(Huang et al., 2013). Chongqing is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities in China. The whole Chongqing city is on the edge of Sichuan basin, surrounded by mountains, with the crossing of Yangtze River. As a part of Sichuan basin, Chongqing is currently suffering the heavy air pollution from both gaseous and particulate pollutants(Yang et al., 2011). The study of ambient PM chemical characterization is insufficient. Thus in this study, the study of PM using online aerosol mass spectrometer is reported. The Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer was deployed in the Atmospheric Monitoring Supersite in the south of the city. During the thirty-day campaign, a total of approx. 1 million particle were collected with valid mass spectra. After the ART-2a clustering analysis, the whole dataset were catalogued into 8 groups: EC-traffic, ECOC-coal burning, ECOC-Biomass burning, Aged Biomass burning, OC-combustion, Ca-dust, Si-Dust, Al-Dust and B-dust groups. Among them, the major clusters are from Biomass Burning, Coal burning, traffic, and dust. The secondary species, such as sulfate and nitrate were found internally mixed with above 90% of total collected particles. The secondary organic species, marked by CH3COO and COOH, were observed mainly mixed with combustion and traffic emitted particles. The diurnal analysis of the mainly group suggests that all the primary emitted particles decrease in the afternoon excluded the influence of planetary boundary layer expansion. The aging process was significant in the afternoon due to high temperature and high relative humidity, as well as the strong solar radiation. This study is helpful for understanding the chemical composition and mixing state of ambient PM in summer of Chongqing, and to provide scientific suggestion for policy makers for PM abatement. References Anderson, H. R. and Atkinson, R. W. (2007), Report to Health Department. Hersey, S. P., Craven, J. S., Schilling, K. a., Metcalf, a. R., Sorooshian, a., Chan, M. N., Flagan, R. C., and Seinfeld, J. H. (2011) Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 7417-7443. Huang, Y., Li, L., Li, J., Wang, X., Chen, H., Chen, J., Yang, X., Gross, D. S., Wang, H., Qiao, L., Chen, C., Hussein, T., Puustinen, A., Aalto, P. P., Mäkelä, J. M., Hämeri, K., and Kulmala, M.( 2013) Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 3931-3944. Stocker, T. F., Allen, S. K., Bex, V., and Midgley, P. M.(2013). IPCC. Yang, F., Tan, J., Zhao, Q., Du, Z., He, K., Ma, Y., Duan, F., and Chen, G.(2013) Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 5207-5219.

  9. Health-related quality of life among children with adenoid hypertrophy in Xi'an, China.

    Jiang, Xun; Ren, Xiaoyong; Liu, Haiqin; Tian, Jiao; Du, Chunyan; Luo, Huanan; Cheng, Ying; Shang, Lei


    The aim of this study was to investigate the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in 5-7-year-old children diagnosed with adenoid hypertrophy and the impact of adenoid hypertrophy on affected families. This is a cross-sectional case-control study evaluating 5-7-year-old children with adenoid hypertrophy (n=195), 5-7-year-old healthy children (n=156), and associated caregivers (parents and/or grandparents). A Chinese version of the PedsQL™ 4.0 Generic Core Scale was used to assess childhood HRQOL, and a Chinese version of the Family Impact Module (FIM) was used to assess the impact of adenoid hypertrophy on family members. HRQOL scores were compared between the children with adenoid hypertrophy and healthy children. In addition, a multiple step-wise regression with demographic variables of children and their caregivers, family economic status, and caregiver's HRQOL as independent variables were referenced to determine the factors that may influence HRQOL in children with adenoid hypertrophy. Children with adenoid hypertrophy showed significantly lower physical, emotional, social, and school functioning scores than healthy children (pchildren with adenoid hypertrophy also scored significantly lower than caregivers for healthy children on physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and communication functioning (pchildren also exhibited significantly higher levels of worry than healthy children (pchildren's age, children's relation with caregivers, caregiver's educational level, caregiver's own HRQOL, and the size of adenoid may all influence the HRQOL in children with adenoid hypertrophy (pchildren and their caregivers, and may negatively influence family functioning. In addition, caregivers' social characteristics may also significantly affect the HRQOL in children with adenoid hypertrophy. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Análisis de las competencias lingüísticas y digitales en el marco de los estudios universitarios de turismo en España (Analysing the language and digital competences within the framework of the university tourism studies in Spain

    López Pérez, Mª Carmen


    Full Text Available Resumen: Los estudios de turismo en España, como el resto de las titulaciones universitarias, están inmersosen la adaptación de sus Planes de estudios al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior. Las competencias, y másen concreto las competencias profesionales, captan gran parte de la atención en la reformulación pedagógica deldiseño de los Grados. En nuestro caso, las lingüísticas y las referidas a las TIC´s centran la investigación, ya queambas son imprescindibles a la hora de definir el perfil talentoso del profesional del turismo, acorde con lasnuevas demandas del sector. Saber en qué medida las competencias definidas en el Libro Blanco del grado enTurismo son requeridas para cada perfil profesional, en los diferentes segmentos de actividad del sector, nosayudará a reformular los planes de estudio y los itinerarios formativos necesarios para responder con éxito a lasnecesidades actuales del empleo en la industria turística.Los Libros Blancos, como define textualmente la propia ANECA (Agencia Nacional de evaluación de la calidad yacreditación “muestran el resultado del trabajo llevado a cabo por una red de universidades españolas, apoyadaspor la ANECA, con el objetivo de realizar estudios y supuestos prácticos útiles en el diseño de un título de Gradoadaptado al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES. Son propuestas no vinculantes, con valor comoinstrumento para la reflexión”. Los Libros Blancos recogen aspectos fundamentales como el análisis de losestudios correspondientes en el ámbito europeo, perfiles y competencias profesionales, estudio de inserciónlaboral de los titulados en la última década,…que han servido de guía de trabajo para la confección por parte delas universidades de los diferentes estudios de Grado.La metodología empleada se ha basado en la creación de una base de datos que recoge la valoración del nivelde cada competencia específica para cada ocupación existente dentro de los

  11. Estimating net surface shortwave radiation from Chinese geostationary meteorological satellite FengYun-2D (FY-2D) data under clear sky.

    Zhang, Xiaoyu; Li, Lingling


    Net surface shortwave radiation (NSSR) significantly affects regional and global climate change, and is an important aspect of research on surface radiation budget balance. Many previous studies have proposed methods for estimating NSSR. This study proposes a method to calculate NSSR using FY-2D short-wave channel data. Firstly, a linear regression model is established between the top-of-atmosphere (TOA) broadband albedo (r) and the narrowband reflectivity (ρ1), based on data simulated with MODTRAN 4.2. Secondly, the relationship between surface absorption coefficient (as) and broadband albedo (r) is determined by dividing the surface type into land, sea, or snow&ice, and NSSR can then be calculated. Thirdly, sensitivity analysis is performed for errors associated with sensor noise, vertically integrated atmospheric water content, view zenith angle and solar zenith angle. Finally, validation using ground measurements is performed. Results show that the root mean square error (RMSE) between the estimated and actual r is less than 0.011 for all conditions, and the RMSEs between estimated and real NSSR are 26.60 W/m2, 9.99 W/m2, and 23.40 W/m2, using simulated data for land, sea, and snow&ice surfaces, respectively. This indicates that the proposed method can be used to adequately estimate NSSR. Additionally, we compare field measurements from TaiYuan and ChangWu ecological stations with estimates using corresponding FY-2D data acquired from January to April 2012, on cloud-free days. Results show that the RMSE between the estimated and actual NSSR is 48.56W/m2, with a mean error of -2.23W/m2. Causes of errors also include measurement accuracy and estimations of atmospheric water vertical contents. This method is only suitable for cloudless conditions.

  12. Drets lingüístics i ordenament constitucional. Seguretat lingüística vs jerarquia lingüística. Un estudi comparat de Suïssa i Espanya

    Tasa Fuster, Vicenta


    Aquesta tesi doctoral té com a objecte l’anàlisi comparat del tractament legal que reben les diferents llengües d’Espanya i de Suïssa en les constitucions i en la legislació respectives, tot considerant que Espanya i Suïssa són dos estats plurilingües i amb una organització territorial complexa. El treball és fet dins del Dret Constitucional; però té en compte també altres ciències socials, com ara la Ciència Política, la Teoria Política, anàlisi de les polítiques públiques o la sociolingüíst...

  13. ling af ketonstoffer i urin giver et bedre udtryk for koens ketogene status end måling i mælk

    Larsen, Mogens; Engbæk, Marie; Kristensen, Niels Bastian


    I et forsøg med nykælvere ved Det Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Aarhus Universitet, var der en bedre sammenhæng mellem indholdet af ketonstoffer i blod og urin end mellem indholdet af ketonstoffer i blod og mælk. Udgivelsesdato: 22. dec 2009......I et forsøg med nykælvere ved Det Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Aarhus Universitet, var der en bedre sammenhæng mellem indholdet af ketonstoffer i blod og urin end mellem indholdet af ketonstoffer i blod og mælk. Udgivelsesdato: 22. dec 2009...

  14. Lexicografia i models lingüístics: les teories lingüístiques i el lèxic

    Toni Badia


    Full Text Available In this paper a discussion is offered of the relation between linguistic theories and lexica. It is shown that linguistic theories imply particular approaches to the lexicon from which particular ways of conceiving the lexicographer’s work can be inferred. To this end a few linguistic theoretical models are examined and their idea of the lexicon is reviewed. Obviously it is beyond the scope of this paper to discuss the approach to lexicon of all different linguistic theories developed during this century. Consequently a few models have been chosen for examination which nonetheless are quite representative of the main phases of the recent history of linguistics. After a very short discussion of the characteristics of traditional grammar, the paper starts the discussion with structuralism and then moves over to the examination of some of the linguistic theories that can be broadly considered «generative»; three basic stages in the development of Chomsky’s approach are reviewed, i.e., the ones represented by Syntactic structures, Aspects of the theory of syntax, and Lectures on government and binding; and finally the discussion ends with an examination of LFG (Lexical-functional grammar and HPSG (Head-driven phrase structure grammar which are two of the emerging theories are that have originated in the linguistic millieus most influenced by computational linguistics.

  15. Os códigos lingüísticos da rede e a paisaxe lingüística galega

    Estefanía Mosquera Castro


    Full Text Available In this study we analyze the social projection of new linguistic codes originating from technological advances, and, in particular, from computer-mediated communication systems. We aim to ascertain, on the one hand, the extent of their presence in the language of advertising, a sphere in which these linguistic practices are increasingly common, and, on the other hand, their impact on the Linguistic Landscape, a space with a high concentration of advertising and where these new writing systems are increasingly visible. This is done with several objectives in mind: firstly, to determine the degree of expansion shown by writing systems originating from the Internet and to describe their origin, the motivations which explain their use, and social attitudes towards them; secondly, to highlight the potential of these codes in certain spheres which go beyond the communicative or linguistic domain in which they originated, and, in particular, in the Linguistic Landscape of Galiza. Aside from the Galician-Spanish dichotomy and the presence of foreign languages, it would seem relevant to incorporate these uses in Linguistic Land-scape study, since they are also an indicator of linguistic vitality. To this aim, we collect a representative corpus in order to carry out a qualitative, but also quantitative, study. Through examples, we explore specific manifestations, the motivations which lie behind their use, and their social significance. The results support our initial hypotheses and demonstrate, in addition, the importance of adopting a multidisciplinary approach in order to reflect on this type of linguistic innovation and, in this way, on the (sociolinguistic reality of Galiza.

  16. Asociación de lingüística y filología de la América Latina, Alfal, lingüística

    García Nuñez Luis Fernando


    Esta publicación anual de Alfal, que dirige Humberto López Morales, aparece con un notable retraso. Sin embargo, la revista reúne una serie de artículos, resúmenes, reseñas y notas bibliográficas de especial importancia para estudiosos e interesados en temas de lexicografía, dialectología y sociolingüística, principalmente.

  17. Asociación de lingüística y filología de la América Latina, Alfal, lingüística

    García Nuñez Luis Fernando


    Full Text Available

    Esta publicación anual de Alfal, que dirige Humberto López Morales, aparece con un notable retraso. Sin embargo, la revista reúne una serie de artículos, resúmenes, reseñas y notas bibliográficas de especial importancia para estudiosos e interesados en temas de lexicografía, dialectología y sociolingüística, principalmente.

  18. FY 1999 Report on overseas geological structure surveys. Joint Japan-China Yu Xian exploitation project (Attachments); 1999 nendo kaigai chishitsu kozo nado chosa futai shiryo. Nippon Chugoku sekitan kyodo tansa Yu Xian project



    This reports provides the attachments for the report JN0041264. The contents include (1) minutes of the fourth steering committee, (2) technical reports presented to the fourth steering committee (I: report on FY 1998 joint exploitation works, and II: report on FY 1999 joint exploitation works), (3) minutes of the fifth steering committee, and (4) technical reports presented to the fifth steering committee (I: report on FY 1999 joint exploitation works, and II: report on planned FY 2000 joint exploitation works). The item (1) includes approval of the reports on FY 1998 and 1999 joint exploitation works. The item (2)-I report includes seismic exploitation test works, observation work results and quality evaluation thereof; drilling exploitation work results, quality evaluation thereof, exploitation results and evaluation thereof; exploitation results and evaluation thereof; and proposals. The item (2)-II report includes seismic exploitation, drilling exploitation, and man-hours of the workers from the both countries. The item (3) includes approval of the reports on FY 1999 joint exploitation works and planned FY 2000 joint exploitation works. The (4)-I report includes seismic exploitation work results and evaluation thereof, seismic exploitation test works, drilling exploitation work results, quality evaluation thereof, exploitation results and evaluation thereof, and proposals for the future works. The (4)-II report includes seismic and drilling exploitation plans, and numbers and periods of the workers from the both countries. (NEDO)

  19. More about "Research in Ambiguous, Conflictual, and Changing Contexts": Studying Ethnic Populations in China, Xi'an to Urumqi

    Dorsten, Linda; Li, Yuhui


    A recent article in this journal discusses ways to manage uncertainty when the research field abruptly and significantly changes on researchers working inside their own society (Kacen & Chaitin, 2006). Our essay extends this discussion by asking: How do researchers manage ambiguous, conflictual, and rapidly changing events when they engage in…

  20. Evaluering af øretemperaturmåling på en geriatrisk afdeling

    Christensen, P M; Christensen, V B; Matzen, L E


    We evaluated an infrared tympanic thermometer (Genius 3000A) by comparing it with parallel measurements with an electronic rectal thermometer (Philips HP 5316) on 121 patients admitted to a geriatric department. Rectal temperature was on average 0.14 degree C +/- (ISD) above the ear temperature. 95......% of the differences are within the interval from -1.18 degrees C to 1.46 degrees C. The coefficient of determination was only 0.30. The tympanic thermometer, Genius 3000A, cannot be recommended for daily use on a geriatric ward. Udgivelsesdato: 1998-Aug-31...

  1. Relativismo lingüístico, relativismo ontológico

    Alberto Escalera Narváez


    Full Text Available This article presents and explores some of the fundamental ideas related to the so-called linguistic (or deterministic relativism. Linguistic relativism is represented in the contemporary era by the so-called Sapir- Whorf Hypothesis. This states that there is a systematic connection between the grammatical categories of a language and the way its speakers conceive, categorize or interpret the world. What this connection may consist of and to what extent it takes place is, obviously, a matter of controversy. In addition to presenting some ideas in favor and others against this hypothesis, I will argue, in the conclusion of this article, that it is necessary to take into account not only the empirical-linguistic aspect, but also the ontological-philosophical one of this hypothesis for a better understanding of this problem.

  2. Vejledning i diagnostik af type 2-diabetes. Udredning, diagnostik og glukosemåling

    Borch-Johnsen, Knut; Beck-Nielsen, Henning; Christiansen, Jens Sandahl


    World wide the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing and 30-50% of patients are undiagnosed. Early detection and intervention may decrease the risk of late diabetic complications, and thus clear guidelines for early detection and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes are needed. We recommend those...... individuals with either previous gestational diabetes; obesity (BMI > 30 kg/m2) and/or two or more relatives with diabetes should be considered eligible for testing for diabetes. In order to make the diagnosis two diabetic glucose values on separate days are required. The diagnosis may be made using plasma...

  3. Usos, actituds i identitats lingüístics entre l’estudiantat universitari

    Ipsos Marketing


    For more than a decade, Catalan universities have been collecting information about linguistic indicators in different centres and also about the language need of the members of university communities. For the first time, an interuniversity study has enabled global data to be obtained about the attitudes, identities and language use of the students that form part of the Catalan university system. The main aim of this study is to understand the habits, attitudes, perceptions and opinions of th...

  4. Reve{a,i}ling the risks: a phenomenology of information security

    Pieters, Wolter


    In information security research, perceived security usually has a negative meaning, when it is used in contrast to actual security. From a phenomenological perspective, however, perceived security is all we have. This paper develops a phenomenological account of information security, in which a

  5. Reve{a,i}ling the risks: a phenomenology of information security

    Pieters, Wolter


    In information security research, perceived security usually has a negative meaning, when it is used in contrast to actual security. From a phenomenological perspective, however, perceived security is all we have. In this paper, we develop a phenomenological account of information security, where we

  6. Føring, læring, coaching ... føling

    Sjøstedt, Peter; Mikkelsen, Per Henrik; Knøster, Peter

    Militære operationer indeholder en høj grad af kompleksitet, og beslutninger må ofte træffes på et mangelfuldt grundlag og under et stort tidspres. Med et faldende antal større feltøvelser på brigadeniveau eller højere er der et øget behov for anvendelse af simulation for at træne stabe og førere...

  7. Fedmerelatererede sundhedsomkostninger vurderet ud fra måling af enten BMI eller taljeomkreds--sekundaerpublikation

    Højgaard, Betina; Olsen, Kim Rose; Søgaard, Jes


    circumference (WC) and body mass index (BMI). The analyses show that the combination of BMI and WC does not improve the identification of high-risk individuals compared with the use of WC alone. The health service costs increase by 1.24% in women and 2.08% in men pr. cm increase in WC above the normal range....

  8. Fedmerelatererede sundhedsomkostninger vurderet ud fra måling af enten BMI eller taljeomkreds--sekundaerpublikation

    Højgaard, Betina; Olsen, Kim Rose; Søgaard, Jes


    circumference (WC) and body mass index (BMI). The analyses show that the combination of BMI and WC does not improve the identification of high-risk individuals compared with the use of WC alone. The health service costs increase by 1.24% in women and 2.08% in men pr. cm increase in WC above the normal range...

  9. Undersøgelse af Strategier for Passiv Køling

    Kobbelgaard, A.; Heiselberg, Per

    I det nye Bygningsreglement fra 2008, er energirammen for kontorbyggeri blevet ændret. En af ændringerne består i at der er blevet lavet en særskilt energiramme for lavenergi kontorer. Ligesom den hidtidige lavenergiramme, som er baseret på 75% og 50% af energirammen for boliger, er der nu define...

  10. Metoder til kortlægning og måling af fysiske ressourcer

    Nielsen, Niels Christian


    for det. Diskussionen gik, som den nu skal, på kryds og tværs af temaer og definitioner, men jeg vil her afgrænse mig fra opgørelser af de sociale, erhvervsmæssige og økonomiske ressourcer i et lokalområde, som de to andre oplægsholdere har beskrevet. I oplægget til workshoppen udfoldedes ideen om, at en...... kort - og efterfølgende observere og sammentælle. At det ikke er helt så enkelt i virkeligheden, kommer næppe som den store overraskelse, men jeg vil i det følgende prøve at reflektere over dels hvad det egentlig vil sig at kortlægge i og omkring et lokalsamfund og dels hvilke informationer som man kan...

  11. A ironia como fenômeno lingüístico-argumentativo

    Ida Lúcia Machado


    Full Text Available Cet article expose, à vol d'oiseau, trois théories liées au phénomene de l'Argumentation:celles de Perelman, de Charaudeau et d'Anscombre & Ducrot. On tient à y montrer que l'ironie peut être utilisée aux fins argumentatives entantqu'élément de communication. Pour mieux exposer ce point de vue on appliquera les théories en question sur une chronique d'un écrivan brésilien: on y emphatisera une sorte d'argumentation qui fait I'usage et d'une ironie explicite et d'une ironie impliclte.C'est à travers I'observation des procédés defabrication de la derniere que I'on arrivera aux intentions du "sujetécrivant" ou du "sujet-communicant".

  12. Tendências recentes da lingüística textual na Alemanha e no Brasil

    Maria Lúcia da C. Victório de Oliveira Andrade


    Full Text Available The present article gives an overview of the situation of text linguistics in Brazil, in comparison with that in Europe, more specifically in Germany. Four lines of historical evolution are observed within the discipline: from theory to application, from abstract to concrete text, from micro-text to macro-text and from centripetal to centrifugal forces. In Germany, from the sixties to the eighties, major research interest centered on theoretical issues. Since te ninities, the focus has moved to questions of application. More recent research projects deal with the description of text types. The brazilian production of the eighties concentrated on the subjects of cohesion and coherence as well as on sociocognitive strategies of text processing. More recently, several researchers have engaged in studies of spoken text, in applications of text linguistics in the teaching of Portuguese as a native and/or foreign language, as well as in projects on the language of media and new communication technologies.

  13. ling af patientens sundhedskompetence kan bedre kommunikation i sundhedsvæsenet

    Nørgaard, Ole; Sørensen, Kristine; Maindal, Helle Terkildsen


    A tool for measuring health literacy is desirable when tailoring health care services to individual patients. Existing tools measure the functional aspects of health literacy whereas newly developed tools have a broader scope and measure people's knowledge, motivation and competences to access......, understand, appraise and apply health information. Two novel, international health literacy questionnaires have been translated and are being validated in a Danish context. The final questionnaires may assist Danish health professionals in shaping communication with patients and reduce health disparities....

  14. ling af patientens sundhedskompetence kan bedre kommunikation i sundhedsvæsenet

    Nørgaard, Ole; Sørensen, Kristine; Maindal, Helle Terkildsen


    A tool for measuring health literacy is desirable when tailoring healthcare services to individual patients. Existing tools measure the functional aspects of health literacy whereas newly developed tools have a broader scope and measure people’s knowledge, motivation and competences to access......, understand, appraise and apply health information. Two novel, international health literacy questionnaires have been translated and are being validated in a Danish context. The final questionnaires may assist Danish health professionals in shaping communi-cation with patients and reduce health disparities....

  15. A Lingüística de corpus: história, problemas, legitimidade

    Jacqueline Léon


    Full Text Available During the nineties, the accessibility of large corpora and the possibility of manipulation of enormous quantities of linguistic data was the origin of a renewal of interest in statistical and probability evidences that served to directly question linguistics about its objectives, methods and foundations. This interest gained increasing importance and became important currently under the name of corpus linguistics, a field of dominant research in language science. In this article we will show that the designation corpus linguistics covers considerably heterogeneous theoretical positions and research, topics. We show how corpus linguistics, originally of british origin, was later endowed with historical and theoretical legitimacy while at the same time intending to establish itself as a new paradigm in language science. Finally we distinguish two attitudes inside the british tradition: one, intending to build the studies on a corpus and in a new paradigm based on a retrospective construction of the critical works of chomsky during the years 1959 and 1960, which was intended to legitimize the studies; the other attitude involves the continuity of the tradition of british empirical linguistics.

  16. Lingüística / Literatura: um diálogo possível?

    Cavalheiro, Juciane dos Santos


    Full Text Available Este trabalho toma o silêncio de Benveniste em relação à linguagem literária como o reconhecimento de qua há uma diferença entre ela e a linguagem ordinária. Propõe-se então a buscar essa diferença, não no modo como a linguagem se apresenta do ponto de vista da forma, mas no estatutodas três pessoas (eu-tu-ele enunciativas. Apoiando-se em formulações de Bakhtin sobre a prosa, busca descrever, em relação à linguagem ordinária, os componentes de base da enunciação literária

  17. Koncept til måling af udvaskning fra markstakke af dybstrøelse

    Østergaard, Hans Spelling; Vinther, Finn Pilgaard


    Rapport om kvælstofudvaskning fra markstakke Resumé og konklusioner: Der er gennemført et projekt om kvælstofudvaskning fra markstakke. Undersøgelserne er udført med henblik på at fastsætte en metode, der kan anvendes til at påvise evt. udvaskningstab. Projektets gennemførelse Dansk Landbrugsrådg...

  18. Prospectiva de Marketing, Neuromarketing y Programación Neuro Lingüística

    Álvarez-Calderón, Jorge


    Full Text Available Enterprises as well as society are living uncertainty times and change, due to mistrust and insecurity that markets show, also by the price variation, the political, economic, and governmental factors demonstrate a deficient administrative leadership, it should be established well planned rules, which are structured with parameters of supply, demand, and certain forms of marketing that are established today; this fact causes demotivation mainly by the consumerist market trends, when receiving information by those who purchase products based on this reality. This theme intendeds to break a business paradigm aimed at creating a dynamism, to innovate and build strategic public guidelines that benefit the growth of the company and satisfaction of internal and external customers; the goal is to create a new culture based on Multiple intelligences, creative processes, integrated sensory development, and diagnostic techniques of neuroscience, highlighting the Neuromanagement, the Neuromanagement of human resources, the Neurocommunication, and the Neuromarketing mainly; in this work, the study of knowledge of the human brain is incorporated, the development of intelligence to our daily task by seeking to generate greater customer satisfaction and a better future for the company.

  19. ling af prokalcitonin kan muligvis begrænse antibiotikaforbruget ved pneumoni

    Berg, Peter; Lindhardt, Bjarne Ørskov


    with promising reductions in antibiotic use and treatment duration, but more research is needed in order to draw a final conclusion. Lack of objective diagnostic criteria, methodological challenges in research, a future focus on primary care, and the need for a cost-benefit analysis should be considered....

  20. Skalaer til måling af elevtrivsel på erhvervsuddannelserne

    Keilow, Maria; Holm, Anders

    Rapporten redegør for udviklingen af skalaer for trivsel blandt erhvervsskoleelever. På baggrund af data fra eksisterende trivselsmålinger foretaget blandt erhvervsskoleelever i 2013-2014, bidrager rapporten til udvikling af skalaer og indgår således i arbejdet med fremover at foretage valide mål...

  1. Effektmåling af ”Sikker Trafik Live” – delrapport 1

    Hansen, Helle; Sandoy, Tróndur Møller; Kristensen, Christian Li

    Trafikulykker er en af de hyppigste dødsårsager blandt unge under 25 år, og i omkring hver femte alvorlige ulykke er en 15-24-årig involveret. For at bryde denne statistik tilbyder Rådet for Sikker Trafik i samarbejde med TrygFonden undervisningsindsatsen ”Sikker Trafik LIVE”, der er et foredrag ...

  2. Yayo en los diccionarios y en los atlas lingüísticos

    Ana I. Navarro Carrasco


    Full Text Available El Diccionario de la Real Academia Española en su última edición de 1992 dice que yayo es 'abuelo'. No se especifica nada más. Nos encontramos ante una voz sin marca diatópica alguna, de lo cual deducimos que se trata de un término general. Y, sin embargo, nos preguntamos ¿está la forma difundida por toda España? ¿Ha sido siempre así la información que ha dado la Academia a propósito de yayo? En la 15a edición de 1925 del Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, aparece por primera vez la voz yayo con localización en Albacete y Aragón, y el significado de 'abuelo'.…

  3. La falacia intencional: Del New Criticism a la lingüística neurocognitiva

    José María Gil


    Full Text Available Unintended puns, Freudian slips, conceptual errors, evoke meanings that are independent from (or even incompatible with the speaker’s intention. But the philosophical and linguistic theories interested in communication and cognition deal exclusively or fundamentally with intentional meaning. I aim at showing that the “intentional fallacy” proposed by Wimsatt and Beardsley (1954, which stated that the author’s intention does not determine interpretation, serves as a solid basis in order to begin to suggest that unintentional meanings are also important in the interpretation of every type of utterance. Relational network theory (Lamb 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2013 is a neurocognitive approach that can handle unintentional meanings by means of a method that could be compared to the method suggested by representative authors of New Criticism and without disregarding the importance of unintentional meanings.

  4. Metoder til måling af ketose hos søer

    Olesen, Anja Kibsgaard; Theil, Peter Kappel; Kristensen, Niels Bastian


    kunne være en laboratoriebaseret, enzymatisk målemetode på plasma eller serum. Denne metode kræver dog, at der udtages blodprøver af søerne, samt at disse prøver sendes til et laboratorium og centrifugeres. Denne form for analyse er dermed meget ressourcekrævende, og resultaterne fås ikke samme dag. Der...

  5. Antitumor and Antibacterial Derivatives of Oridonin: A Main Composition of Dong-Ling-Cao

    Dahong Li


    Full Text Available Isodon rubescens has been used as a traditional green tea for more than 1000 years and many medicinal functions of I. rubescens are also very useful, such as its well-known antitumor and antibacterial activities. Oridonin, a bioactive ent-kaurane diterpenoid, is the major ingredient of this medicinal tea. Herein, 22 novel oridonin derivatives were designed and synthesized. The antibacterial activity was evaluated for the first time. Compound 12 was the most promising one with MIC of 2.0 μg/mL against B. subtilis, which was nearly 3-fold stronger than positive control chloromycetin. The antiproliferative property was also assayed and compound 19 showed stronger activity than taxol. The apoptosis-inducing ability, cell cycle arrest effect at S phase and influence of mitochondrial membrane potential by 19 in CaEs-17 cancer cells were first disclosed. Based on the above results, the cell apoptosis induced by compound 19 in CaEs-17 cells was most probably involved in the intrinsic apoptotic pathway.

  6. Aplicación del modelo semiolinguistico greimaciano a un corpus no-lingüistico

    Ramírez Lasso, Lilia M


    EI discurso arquitectónico como manifestación semiótica se produce mediante la implementación de una serie de mecanismos y estrategias discursivas que permiten la generación de una significación particular dentro de una obra determinada. EI estudio de la significación dentro de la arquitectura puede entonces emprenderse desde la perspectiva semiótica del modelo teórico-metodológico greimasiano, pues este enfoque semiolingüístico aporta un carácter inmanente y objetivo a...

  7. Vectores en el contacto lingüístico. Dominio hispánico

    Dan Munteanu Colán


    Full Text Available The proceses generated by the linguistics contact are not produced in a chaotic way, but according to some vectors originated by the correlation of forces among the participants, and follow, generally, the direction of the internal tendencies of development of the language/s with high status (LHS. However, the influences among the participants are mutual and the language/s with low status (LLS may leave its/their marks in the process, though not with the same strenght as the LHS.

  8. Kan Doppler-ultralyd erstatte strain gauge til måling af systolisk ankelblodtryk?

    Sørensen, T L; Perner, A; Hansen, L


    Traditionally, strain gauge technique is used in Denmark to measure ankle blood pressure, a method requiring both time and well-trained personnel. In a study involving 90 limbs in 45 patients, this method was compared with ultrasonic technique using a portable 5 MHz Doppler. The reproducibility...... of Doppler ankle pressure measurement was similar to that found in strain gauge based studies. Two consecutive measurements may differ by 20 mmHg or in terms of ankle-brachial index by 0.15 before this is considered significant. No systematic variation was found between the two methods. Increasing...... difficulties were encountered with the Doppler technique at pressures below 50 mmHg. It is concluded that Doppler is a good alternative to strain gauge for measurement of ankle blood pressure....

  9. ling af prokalcitonin kan muligvis begrænse antibiotikaforbruget ved pneumoni

    Berg, Peter; Lindhardt, Bjarne Ørskov


    Reduction of antimicrobial resistance in microorganisms is imperative. Pneumonia is important in this matter because of its high incidence, subjective diagnostic criteria, and variations in aetiology. Research has focused on the use of a procalcitonin-guided algorithm for antimicrobial stewardship...

  10. La lingüística y la acción social

    Lilia Cañon Flórez


    Full Text Available RESUMEN Un escaso número de años nos separan del siglo XXI. El tan mencionado mundo posmoderno demarca múltiples contradicciones: Grandes avances científicos en contraposición con un cada vez más creciente desasosiego del hombre. Así, los interrogantes surgen a partir  de los alcances de la redención tecnológica, pero, también, de las cada vez más difíciles relacionadas sociales: marcados niveles de desigualdad  en distintos ámbitos y la exterminación individual y colectiva como vía generalizada para la solución de conflictos o el alcance de meta. Al respecto  en su estructuración, este texto se acerca a algunos conceptos de François Lyotard. Se recuperan ciertos puntos de vista en torno a la denominada “actitud” comprometida con la nueva situación… que está exigiendo de nosotros una nueva ética y unas nuevas estrategias  políticas y educativas”.

  11. Ús lingüístic, legitimitat i discurs: consideracions weberianes

    Guillem Calaforra


    circumstances of language use, as well as the whole set of factors determining the processes by which social meanings are created and distributed. On the basis of the Weberian concept of legitimacy, this paper tries to outline the characteristics of the relationship between social discourses and the patterns of language use. It ends with some reflections on the utility and the difficulties of using critical discourse analysis in order to understand the symbolic side of language use.

  12. Fingermetastase fra brystkræft efter fingerkøling ved adjuverende kemoterapi

    Brygger, Louise; Cold, Søren


    A woman was referred to adjuvant chemotherapy after radical mastectomy. Frozen gloves were used to prevent onycholysis and neurotoxicity. Because of rapid progression of the cancer she received palliative chemotherapy. Shortly after she presented with growing subungual inflammation, first suspected...... to be a felon, but later diagnosed as a metastasis. Acrometastasis is very rare and is often mistaken for infection. The learning point is to consider acrometastasis when treatment for felon fails in patients with a history of cancer. A possible relationship between frozen gloves and acrometastasis cannot...

  13. Modelos matemáticos e substitución lingüística

    Johannes Kabatek


    Full Text Available This paper presents a critical review of several recent studies that aim to model language contact, language shift and language death mathematically. We will present the models proposed by Abrams & Strogatz 2003, Mira & Paredes 2005, Mira, Seoane & Nieto 2011, Minett & Wang 2007 and Castelló (2010, as well as Castelló et al. (2012. These papers refer to different contact situations, including Galician-Spanish language contact. The different models and corresponding algorithms will be described and critiqued, distinguishing several degrees of sophistication and adequacy. The study identifies a series of shortcomings, particularly in Abrams & Strogatz’ and Mira & Paredes’ papers: data problems, argumentative and logical errors, and also inadequate simplifications. Nevertheless, it will be argued that the more sophisticated models in particular should continue to be developed, and a “heuristic spiral” between model developers and sociolinguists ought to be pursued, in order to achieve better models and greater insight into the mechanisms involved in language change and language shift.

  14. Modelado lingüístico de fenómenos complejos

    Álvarez Álvarez, Alberto


    Actualmente, es posible adquirir y almacenar grandes volúmenes de datos sobre diferentes fenómenos complejos en muchas áreas importantes. Con el fin de ser útil, esta información debe ser explicada de la manera más comprensible posible, incluyendo los conocimientos previos disponibles sobre el fenómeno que se estudia. Estos objetivos sólo pueden lograrse mediante el uso de lenguaje natural, especialmente si la información final va a ser utilizada por personas no expertas. Por lo tanto, e...

  15. ethyle ling gr ) R. Br. d ne gly rowth o .] and drough col


    soil layers. Drought constitutes one of the most important environmental stress factors limiting plant growth. (Sivakumar, 1992). Large areas of drylands are threatened unproductive due to human activities and ... molecular weight is inert, non-ionic. They are small enough to influence the osmotic potential, but large enough ...

  16. Alargando os lím ites: Johannes Kabatek na lingüística galega

    Xosé Luís Regueira


    Full Text Available In this article, a historiographical revision of the works by Johannes Kabatek is undertaken. The focus is the Galician language, a field in which he has published extensively and to which he continues to devote constant attention. Based on the analysis of the main themes and the methods employed, the lines of continuity followed by his research are highlighted in order to demonstrate that some of the fundamental concepts of his work as a researcher emerge from and are developed on the basis of his first studies addressing Galician. The study of the process of standardisation and internal variation in contemporary Galician has therefore led to further research on the internal dynamics of languages, contact between languages and between varieties, and above all on the importance of the role of speakers as agents of linguistic dynamics, and on how they bring into play their metalinguistic ideologies, judgements and evaluations. Kabatek´s work on Galician has contributed to his development of theoretical linguistics and to the refinement and clarification of sociolinguistic concepts. In this way, in addition to contributing to the development of Galician linguistics with innovative studies and methods, he has also made an important contribution to Romance sociolinguistics and general linguistics.

  17. La retòrica i la lingüística, 1775-1900

    Joan Solà


    Full Text Available It is a well known fact that school manuals' of the 18th and 19th centuries centred on the teaching of Rhetoric are closely linked with those geared towards the study of language in general and of Grammar in particular. The article, based on the work by Marcet-Solà, shows the relevance of this especial relationship and offers illustrative material from these manuals, restricted, like the work referred to, to the Catalan speaking area.

  18. Vejledning i diagnostik af type 2-diabetes (Udredning, diagnostik og glukosemåling)

    Borch-Johnsen, K.; Beck-Nielsen, Henning; Christiansen, J.S.


    World wide the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing and 30-50% of patients are undiagnosed. Early detection and intervention may decrease the risk of late diabetic complications, and thus clear guidelines for early detection and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes are needed. We recommend those...... individuals with either previous gestational diabetes; obesity (BMI > 30 kg/m2) and/or two or more relatives with diabetes should be considered eligible for testing for diabetes. In order to make the diagnosis two diabetic glucose values on separate days are required. The diagnosis may be made using plasma...

  19. Perífrasis verbales: Una mirada desde los universales lingüísticos

    Mabel Giammatteo


    Full Text Available The main goal of this paper is to show that the different verbal periphrasis in Spanish keep a non fortuitous order, which can be derived from the one proposed by the universal hierarchy of categories (Foley and Van Valin 1984; Bybee 1985; Hengeveld 1989 and 2004, among others. Firstly, we draw a parallelism with the adverbs studied by Cinque (1999, which helps determine the different sentence domains of the periphrasis. The passive voice periphrasis, the aspectual ones referred to the phases and the event quantification, and the ones of deontic modality are placed in the innermost layer, corresponding to the VP. The inflectional layer hosts the temporo-aspectual periphrasis whereas the complementizer layer, which connects the propositional content with the illocutionary force, contains the periphrasis of epistemic modality. Once the subtypes are identified, we analyse their cyclic application possibilities, their interaction with negation and with cleft construcctions. Finally, we comment on the semantic, syntactic and morphologycal consequences of the different levels of the grammaticalization of some auxiliaries.

  20. La falacia intencional: Del New Criticism a la lingüística neurocognitiva

    José María Gil


    Unintended puns, Freudian slips, conceptual errors, evoke meanings that are independent from (or even incompatible with) the speaker’s intention. But the philosophical and linguistic theories interested in communication and cognition deal exclusively or fundamentally with intentional meaning. I aim at showing that the “intentional fallacy” proposed by Wimsatt and Beardsley (1954), which stated that the author’s intention does not determine interpretation, serves as a solid basis in order to b...

  1. Foros virtuales, ética lingüística y aspectos legales

    Xavier Laborda Gil


    Full Text Available En el artículo se presenta las situaciones comunicativas de Internet: el correo electrónico, la página web, el juego en red y la discusión de grupo. Cada una de ellas se caracteriza por unos rasgos peculiares debido a la interacción de tecnología y los géneros discursivos de la conversación y la entrevista. La discusión de grupo presenta las modalidades del chat o canal de charla, para la comunicación síncrona, y el foro de discusión o lista de distribución, para la comunicación asíncrona.. Y se analiza a continuación los rasgos discursivos de la discusión de grupo. En el chat se produce una lengua oral tecleada, que manifiesta rasgos infantiles, creativos y transgresores, mientras que en el foro de discusión se adopta un registro estándar-informal. También se considera los aspectos arbitrales o de moderación de los foros virtuales. Los contertulios están sujetos a una regulación particular – someramente comentada–, en tanto que usuarios del correo electrónico, que es su medio de conexión individual con el foro. En la parte práctica del artículo, se recoge y comenta varias muestras de mensajes de un foro de ámbito municipal y carácter social, el Foro Sant Cugat ( Estos mensajes tratan sobre las buenas maneras o netiquette.

  2. El pensament lingüístico-literari de Teodor Llorente

    Vicent Salvador


    Full Text Available The literary-linguistic thought of the father of the Renaixença in Valencia (his conception of the socio­linguistic functions of Catalan, his vision of the unity of the language, his assessment of the various literary genre, etc. forms a coherent system and can be explained by class interests which brought the Renaixença and its modernizing perspectives to a halt in Valencia.

  3. [Textual research on Chen Ye and his Jia cang jing yan fang (Family-preserved Empirical Recipes) of the Song Dynasty].

    Zhang, Xuedan; Zhang, Ruqing; Chen, Dexing


    Chen Ye, an official of the Southern Song Dynasty, also known as Chen Rihua as his styled name, was born in Changle, Fuzhou in the reign of Shaoxing, and died during the reign of Duanping. He had been consecutively in the positions of Jiang shi lang (Court Gentleman for Ceremonial Service), Zhi zhou (Prefect) of Lingding, the Ti xing (Judicial Commissioner) of Guangdong, the Zong ling (Overseer-general) of Sichuan, Shan ding (Reviser), Shu lin and other positions in Tongzhou, Yuanzhou. His works included 1 volume of Gu ling xian sheng nian pu (Mr. Guling's Chronological Biography), 1 volume of Tan xie (On Humor), 1 volume of Shi hua (Poetry), 8 volumes of Jin yuan li shu (Jin Yuan's Smart Technique), 3 volumes of Yi jian zhi lei bian (Classified Compilation of Yijian's Annals), (Zeng guang) Suo sui lu (Augmented Records of Trivial Matters), 5 volumes of Jia cang jing yan fang (Family-preserved Empirical Recipes). He also compiled the 8-volume Yin jiang zhi (Yinjiang's Annals), published the 2-volume Jia cang ji yao fang (Collected Essential Recipes from Family Preservation), and other proses and poetry. Jia cang jing yan fang was a formulary compiled by Chen Ye, which was lost. Altogether 74 of its recipes were cited in Fu ren da quan liang fang (Complete Effective Prescriptions for Women's Diseases), Shou qin yang lao shu (A Book for Pursuing Seniors' Longevity and Healthcare), Pu ji fang (Prescriptions for Universal Relief) and Yong le da dian (Yongle Encyclopedia).

  4. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Wenfeng Luo1 Xiaoxia Zhao2 Shuyuan Lv1 Haiyan Zhu1. School of Electronic Engineering, Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710121, China; School of Physics and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Xi'an University, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710065, China ...


    Yuri G. Leonov


    Full Text Available The review summary states that studies of the hierarchical subordination of geodynamic systems is top in the scientific agenda, and researches of orientation of the Earth’s surface deformation structures in relation to the elements of the stress field are important. It is noted that the proposed classification of geological objects by ranks is ambiguous, and there is a need for a geodynamic model to provide a basis for studying relationships between the fields of forces, stresses and strains on the surface and processes which take place deep in the core and mantle of the Earth.

  6. Russian olive - a suitable target for classical biological control in North America? In: Wu, Yun; Johnson, Tracy; Sing, Sharlene; Raghu, S.; Wheeler, Greg; Pratt, Paul; Warner, Keith; Center, Ted; Goolsby, John; Reardon, Richard, eds

    K. Delaney; E. Espeland; A. Norton; S. Sing; K. Keever; J. L. Baker; M. Cristofaro; R. Jashenko; J. Gaskin; U. Schaffner


    Projects to develop biological control solutions against invasive plants are midto long-term endeavors that require considerable financial support over several years. Discussions of concerns and potential conflicts of interests often occur when biological control agents are first being proposed for release into the environment. Such late discussion, which in some cases...

  7. Some Memories of my Old Friend Jiang Ding-xian and his Works%回忆往事赏读作品--怀念定仙老友



    @@ 中央音乐学院为纪念江定仙教授诞辰90周年暨逝世两周年,将于今年10月举行学术性纪念活动,约我为定仙撰文.我搜索远去的记忆,并再次赏读他的作品,又参考有关资料缀成此文,以抒友情,以志缅怀.

  8. All-cause mortality and risk factors in a cohort of retired military male veterans, Xi'an, China: an 18-year follow up study

    Li Liang S


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Risk factors of all-cause mortality have not been reported in Chinese retired military veterans. The objective of the study was to examine the risk factors and proportional mortality in a Chinese retired military male cohort. Methods A total of 1268 retired military men aged 55 or older were examined physically and interviewed using a standard questionnaire in 1987. The cohort was followed up every two years and the study censored date was June30, 2005 with a follow-up of up to 18 years. Death certificates were obtained from hospitals and verified by two senior doctors. Data were entered (double entry by Foxbase, and analysis was carried out by SAS for Windows 8.2. Multivariate Cox proportional hazard regression model was used to compute hazard ratio (HR and 95% confidence interval (CI. Results The total person-years of follow-up was 18766.28. Of the initial cohort of 1268 men, 491 had died, 748 were alive and 29 were lost to follow up. Adjusted mortality (adjusted for age, blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol, triglycerides, alcohol, exercise, and existing disease was 2,616 per 100,000 person years. The proportional mortality of cancer, vascular disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD were 39.71%, 28.10% and 16.90% respectively. Multivariate analysis showed that age, cigarettes per day, systolic blood pressure, triglyceride, family history of diseases (hypertension, stroke and cancer, existing diseases (stroke, diabetes and cancer, body mass index, and age of starting smoking were associated with all-cause mortality, HR (95%CI was1.083(1.062–1.104, 1.026(1.013–1.039, 1.009(1.003–1.015, 1.002(1.001–1.003, 1.330(1.005–1.759, 1.330(1.005–1.759, 1.444(1.103–1.890, 2.237(1.244–4.022, 1.462(1.042–2.051, 2.079(1.051–4.115, 0.963(0.931–0.996and 0.988(0.978–0.999respectively. Compared with never-smokers, current smokers had increased risks of total mortality [HR 1.369(1.083–1.731], CHD [HR 1.805 (1.022–3.188], and lung cancer [HR 2.939 (1.311–6.585]. Conclusion The three leading causes of diseases were cancer, CHD and stroke, and COPD. Aging, cigarette smoking, high systolic blood pressure, high triglyceride, family history of cancer, hypertension and stroke, existing cases recovering from stroke, diabetes and cancer, underweight, younger age of smoking were risk factors for all-cause mortality. Quitting cigarette smoking, maintaining normal blood pressure, triglyceride and weight are effect control strategies to prevent premature mortality in this military cohort.

  9. Implementation of WHO multimodal strategy for improvement of hand hygiene: a quasi-experimental study in a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Xi'an, China.

    Shen, Li; Wang, Xiaoqing; An, Junming; An, Jialu; Zhou, Ning; Sun, Lu; Chen, Hong; Feng, Lin; Han, Jing; Liu, Xiaorong


    Hand hygiene (HH) is an essential component for preventing and controlling of healthcare-associated infection (HAI), whereas compliance with HH among health care workers (HCWs) is frequently poor. This study aimed to assess compliance and correctness with HH before and after the implementation of a multimodal HH improvement strategy launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). A quasi-experimental study design including questionnaire survey generalizing possible factors affecting HH behaviors of HCWs and direct observation method was used to evaluate the effectiveness of WHO multimodal HH strategy in a hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Multimodal HH improvement strategy was drawn up according to the results of questionnaire survey. Compliance and correctness with HH among HCWs were compared before and after intervention. Also HH practices for different indications based on WHO "My Five Moments for Hand Hygiene" were recorded. In total, 553 HCWs participated in the questionnaire survey and multimodal HH improvement strategy was developed based on individual, environment and management levels. A total of 5044 observations in 23 wards were recorded in this investigation. The rate of compliance and correctness with HH improved from 66.27% and 47.75% at baseline to 80.53% and 88.35% after intervention. Doctors seemed to have better compliance with HH after intervention (84.04%) than nurses and other HCWs (81.07% and 69.42%, respectively). When stratified by indication, compliance with HH improved for all indications after intervention ( P  Implementing the WHO multimodal HH strategy can significantly improve HH compliance and correctness among HCWs.

  10. Variation of airborne bacteria and fungi at Emperor Qin's Terra-Cotta Museum, Xi'an, China, during the "Oct. 1" gold week period of 2006.

    Chen, Yi-Ping; Cui, Ying; Dong, Jun-Gang


    To stimulate the national economy, a so-called "gold week" comprising May Day and National Day has been put in force by the government, and the first golden-week holiday began on October 1, 1999. Statistical data show that about 15,000 visitors were received each day by Emperor Qin's Terra-Cotta Museum during just such a gold week period. To evaluate the effects of tourism on indoor air, airborne samples were collected by the sedimentation plate method for 5 min during the "Oct. 1" gold week period of 2006, and both composition and changes of airborne bacteria and fungi in indoor/outdoor air in the museums were investigated. Airborne microbes were simultaneously collected by means of gravitational sedimentation on open Petri dishes. Three parallel samples were collected at the same time each day, and samples were subsequently incubated in the lab. Microbiology media were prepared before each experiment by a professional laboratory. Concentrations were calculated and presented as average data of colony-forming units per cubic meter of air (CFU/m(3)). The results show that (1) 13 bacterial genera and eight genera of fungi were identified from indoor and outdoor air at Emperor Qin's Terra-Cotta Museum during "Oct. 1" gold week in 2006. The bacterial groups occupied 61%, the fungi groups occupied 36%, and others occupied 3% of the total number of isolated microorganism genera. (2) As for the comparison of indoor and outdoor samples, the average concentrations of fungi were higher during the afternoon (13:00) than for the morning (09:00). The average concentrations of bacteria in indoor air were higher during the afternoon (13:00) than for the morning (9:00), and in outdoor air, they were lower during the afternoon (13:00) than for the morning (9:00). (3) The average concentrations of five dominant groups of bacteria and three dominant groups of fungi were higher during the afternoon (13:00) than for the morning (9:00) in the indoor air, but the average concentrations of fungi were higher and those of bacteria were lower during the afternoon than for the morning, for outdoor air. (4) As for the comparison of indoor samples, the bacterial daily concentrations and fungal daily concentrations were higher during the afternoon (13:00) than those for the mornings (9:00) over the 10 days. For the comparison of outdoor samples, the bacterial concentration was lower, and the fungal concentrations were higher during the afternoon (13:00) than those for the morning (9:00) over the 10 days. The results also show that the numbers of airborne bacteria and fungi had a daily character in indoor air and were higher in the afternoon. The airborne microbe concentrations were found to be similar to residential indoor values from other reports; the indoor museum maximum of microbial concentrations was 90 CFU/m(3) and did not exceed the Chinese indoor bioaerosol guideline. However, microorganisms may fall on the surface of display items as a result of particle sedimentation and would, as such, be capable of degrading objects by way of their secretions, e.g., enzymes and organic acids. Therefore, the right steps should be taken to prevent any deterioration in the quality of displayed artifacts. The results show that museum air was affected by human activity; therefore, it is imperative that the number of visitors be strictly limited and that windows be opened regularly to avoid air pollution. The data provide a significant scientific basis for indoor air quality control and museum scientific management. It is recommended that the number of visitors be strictly limited.

  11. Feng xian tai du yu jiao yu he zhi ye xuan ze xing wei: yi ge shi yan fang fa de yan jiu an li

    Ding, X.; Sun, Y.; Hartog, J.


    An experimental study on risk attitude and choice behavior of education and career This paper introduces a research on risk attitude and choice behavior of education and career. Using the experimental methods, this study focuses on testing the reliability and validity of risk attitude measurement.

  12. Laser-fluorescence determination of trace uranium in hot spring water, geothermal water and tap water in Xi'an Lishan region

    Ma Wenyan; Zhou Chunlin; Han Feng; Di Yuming


    Using the Laser-Fluorescence technique, an investigation was made, adopting the standard mix method, on trace uranium concentrations in hot spring water and geothermal water from Lishan region, and in tap water from some major cities in Shanxi province. Totally 40 samples from 27 sites were investigated. Measurement showed that the tap water contains around 10 -6 g/L of uranium, whose concentrations in both hot spring water and geothermal water are 10 -5 g/L. Most of samples are at normal radioactive background level, some higher contents were determined in a few samples

  13. Impact on air quality of measures to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic in Basel, Rotterdam, Xi'an and Suzhou

    Keuken, Menno; Jonkers, Sander; Verhagen, Henk


    % on urban streets and the other modelling the introduction of 50% electric-powered private vehicle kilometres on urban streets, were both compared to a scenario following ?business-as-usual?: 2020-BAU. The annual average concentrations of NO2, PM2.5, PM10 and elemental carbon (EC) were modelled separately....... The urban background follows this regional trend, while near busy road traffic, air pollution will remain elevated due to the considerable growth in traffic volume. A major constraint for modelling air quality in China is access to the input data required and lack of measurements at ground level...

  14. Grense tussen kerk en staat vir die reëling van die predikantsdiens: gesien vanuit twee kerkregtradisies

    J. Smit


    Full Text Available Boundaries for church and state regarding the regulation of the ministry of the Word: seen from two church polity traditions This article focuses on the boundaries for church and state with regard to the regulation of the ministry of the Word – seen from two independent church polity traditions. Until now the South African courts have not given an indication of how these boun- daries should be understood or how these apply within the South African context. The purpose of this article is not to make a judicial comparison. The purpose is to show that two indepen- dent church polity traditions, namely the German and the reformed, developed general principles for the boundaries of church and state with regard to the regulation of a minister’s position in law. In both traditions church polity is regarded sui generis, and recognises the church’s right to regulate a minister of religion’s position independently from the state. In conclusion it is found that the boundaries between church and state for the ministry of the Word are primarily determined by the principle that church and state should not in any way influence or interfere with one another's separate mandates or duties. The ministry of the Word is the responsibility of the church and not the state. Therefore the state does not have the competency to regulate the ministry of the Word.

  15. La literatura en la frontera lingüística : el caso de la escritora italo-suiza Fleur Jaeggy

    Soria Millán, María del Pilar


    "El verdadero milagro proustiano no es que una magdalena mojada en té tenga el mismo gusto que otra magdalena mojada en té y despierte el recuerdo; es, más bien, que esa segunda magdalena resucite con ella un cuarto, una casa, una ciudad entera, y que ese lugar antiguo pueda, por espacio de un segundo, conmover la solidez del lugar actual, forzar sus puertas y hacer vacilar sus muebles." [1] Genette aporta con estas palabras la idea principal de lo que en esta tesis se pretende analizar, ...

  16. Sistema de extracción de cuerpos de texto de la web para tareas lingüísticas

    Héctor Fabio Cadavid Rengifo


    Full Text Available En este artículo se describe un sistema desarrollado para la extracción de grandes cuerpos de texto de Internet, teniendo como motivación el valor que ofrecen los ejemplos de lenguaje natural disponibles en la red para las tareas de aprendizaje no supervi- sado de dichos naturales, dado por características como su enorme volumen, permanente actualización respecto de las altera- ciones del lenguaje, y bajo costo, en tiempo y recursos, en cuanto a los mecanismos tradicionales de construcción de corpus pa- ra esas tareas de aprendizaje. Se presentan las estrategias incorporadas al sistema con el fin de maximizar el aprovechamiento de los recursos de hardware y así reducir los tiempos de extracción, al igual que se presentan las características de extensibilidad para los formatos soportados, y adaptabilidad respecto a la manera como el sistema limpia los contenidos para obtener mues- tras de lenguaje natural puras. Al final del artículo se presentan los resultados experimentales obtenidos con uno de los dominios de contenido en español más grande de Internet:, a través de los cuales se concluye sobre la validez y aplicabi- lidad de un corpus extraído directamente de la Internet para un eventual proceso de aprendizaje de morfología o sintaxis.

  17. Hacia una ecología de la revitalización lingüística

    Gómez Rendón, J.; Jarrín Paredes, G.


    This paper offers a critical o verview of the efforts of revitalization of minority languages in Ecuador and the region in the last years and questions their essentially literacy-based approach while proposing an integral semiotic model of for language revitalization anchored in domestic and

  18. A valiant champion of equity and humaneness: the legacy of Bert Röling for international criminal law

    van der Wilt, H.


    The author draws an intellectual portrait of the great Dutch international lawyer and judge. He considers in particular Röling’s contribution to international law made in his two principal works, the booklet on the ‘International Community in an Expanded World’ and The Hague lectures on the ‘Law of

  19. Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on growth course of tree seed-lings in Changbai Mountain


    One-year-old seedlings of Pinus koraiensis, Pinus sylvestriformis, Phellodendron amurense were grown in open-top chambers (OTCs) with 700 and 500 mmol/mol CO2 concentrations, control chamber and on open site (ambient CO2, about 350 mmol/mol CO2) respectively at the Open Research Station of Changbai Mountain Forest Ecosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the growth course responses of three species to elevated CO2 and temperature during one growing season was studied from May to Oct. 1999. The results showed that increase in CO2 concentration enhanced the growth of seedlings and the effect of 700 mmol/mol CO2 was more remarkable than 500 mmol/mol CO2 on seedling growth. Under the condition of doubly elevated CO2 concentration, the biomass increased by 38% in average for coniferous seedlings and 60% for broad-leaved seedlings. With continuous treatment of high CO2 concentration, the monthly-accumulated biomass of shade-tolerant Pinus koraiensis seedlings was bigger in July than in August and September, while those of Pinus sylvestriformis and Phellodendron amurense seedlings showed an increase in July and August, or did not decrese until September. During the hot August, high CO2 concentration enhanced the growth of Pinus koraiensis seedlings by increasing temperature, but it did not show dominance in other two species.

  20. Misiones y lingüística indígena a finales del siglo xix en Colombia

    Triana y Antorveza, Humberto; Internacionalista y Antropólogo, investigador de Fundación Comunidades Colombianas, FUNCOL.


    Este trabajo trata sobre la labor realizada por misioneros y comuni­dades religiosas en el Siglo XIX en el aprendizaje y estudio de las lenguas aborígenes. Enfatiza cómo a fines de éste siglo, el conoci­miento de las lenguas indígenas fue objetivo prioritario de las misiones católicas.

  1. Deslindes lingüísticos en las tierras bajas del Pacífico ecuatoriano. Primera parte

    Gómez Rendón, J.


    The knowledge of the languages spoken in the ecuadorian pacific lowlands before the spanish conquest is both partial and biased. The scarcity of data and the lack of proper linguistic methods and tools of analysis as well as the presentation of linguistic data out of their social and historical

  2. Fotografias da Lingüística Aplicada no campo de línguas estrangeiras no Brasil

    LOPES Luiz Paulo da Moita


    Full Text Available This paper presents photographs of the field of Applied Linguistics (AL in the area of foreign language (FL in Brazil in the last thirty years. The photographs focus on: the increase in the number of AL programmes, most favored dissertation and thesis topics, the foundation of FL teachers' associations and of the Brazilian Association for Applied Linguistics, the Brazilian English for Specific Purpose Project, the main periodicals and books published in the field, and the Brazilian National Parameters for FL Education. By way of conclusion, the paper presents virtual photographs of the area as a way of pointing to what is to come in the future: a multilingual foreign language education policy, the foundation of new AL programmes, research areas to be developed and theoretical and methodological approaches to be favored.

  3. Estrategias lingüísticas para la mitigación de las peticiones en gallego

    Xemma Fernández López


    Full Text Available Cet article, en partant de données obtenues par des techniques de dramatisation ( jeux de rôle, essaie d’ analyser les stratégies communicatives préférées par des parlants de galicien pour formuler des demandes, acte directif qui menace spécialement la face des interlocuteurs.

  4. Una sutil interferencia lingüística: galicismos semánticos en el español actual

    Clara Curell


    Full Text Available In comparison to most visible forms of linguistic interference such as loanwords or integral borrowings, the categories of calque and semantic loan are much less obvious and difficult to detect since their effect is limited to the meaning of the word and do not introduce foreign signifiers into the target language. In this study, we collate, systematize and analyze a representative sample of these two categories of loans from French in contemporary Spanish. To carry out the study, we drew on the main lexicographical works in both languages, along with various textual and documentation sources, among the most important of which are the data bases of the Spanish Language Academy.

  5. Os estereótipos e o viés lingüístico intergrupal

    Marcos Emanoel Pereira


    Full Text Available One of the main evidences found in recent studies on stereotypes is the that named “intergroup bias”, which indicates a tendency both to considering outgroup members more homogeneous than ingroup ones, and the related tendency to benefiting the in-group members to the detriment of the outgroup ones. This work, with an experimental feature, was for evaluating the extent of this effect in participants with a white ethnic origin and participants with an African ethnic origin who are living in Salvador, State of Bahia (Brazil. The dependable variable was related to a forced choice among four options, each of them representing a linguistic codification with a different level of abstraction (adjectives, permanent states verbs, interpretative verbs, descriptive verbs. The results, unlike those ones found in written sources, did not show any effect determined by the participant's ethnic origin, nor by the character's one, nor even by the interaction of these two variables. The conclusions of the study, however, should not be taken as an indication of an absence of racial prejudice between the participants. Rather, they should more likely be taken as a consequence determined by the limits and imperfection of the indirect instruments for measuring the stereotypes and the prejudices. Keywords: stereotypes; prejudice; intergroup linguistic bias; intergroup.

  6. Le dictionnaire de chimie en lingála pour les élèves de Kinshasa

    Résumé: Pour réaliser un dictionnaire spécialisé dans une langue bien documentée, le lexico- graphe dépouille les documents disponibles, il en extrait des termes candidats et, éventuellement, leurs définitions et des exemples pertinents. Cette approche n'est pas adaptée pour des langues dont les documents ...

  7. FIP – Et værktøj til måling af flygtninges og indvandreres arbejdsmarkedsparathed

    Thuesen, Frederik; Jakobsen, Vibeke; Sørensen, Katja Isa


    Dette dokument beskriver baggrunden for udvælgelsen af hovedkategorier og indikatorer i det spørgeskemabaserede progressionsmålingsværktøj FIP (Flygtninges og Indvandreres Progressi-on i arbejdsmarkedsparathed). Et hovedmål med integrationsindsatsen rettet mod flygtninge og indvandrere på integra...

  8. La interdicción lingüística en textos legales educativos (1986-2006

    Luisa María Armenta Moreno


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Innovación y difusión del cambio lingüístico en Madrid

    Isabel Molina


    Full Text Available In this paper I examine three phonic changes taking place in Spanish: the relaxation of /s/ in implossive position, the yeísmo, and the loss of voiced /d/ in intervocalic position. The analysis looks at the Comunidad the Madrid, a territory characterized by the exchange of linguistic influences and the crossing of linguistic borders. The perspective of the study is both dialectal and sociolinguistic. My objective is to know whether Madrid acts as a center for the spread of these southern innovations, or whether the city follows instead the northern Castilian norm.

  9. Forløsningsmåde ved underkropspraesentation. Selektion ved røntgenologisk baekkenmåling

    Krebs, L; Nilas, L; Langhoff-Roos, J


    , pelvimetry was performed in 74 women, where pelvic dimensions too small for recommendation of vaginal breech delivery were found in 30 cases. The overall rate of caesarean section was 78%, among diagnosed patients it was 84% and 64% among undiagnosed breech presentations. Rates of morbidity (low Apgar score...

  10. El problema del estatus del texto lingüístico en la rusística

    Amirova, Zhanna G.


    La rusística moderna considera el texto como un fenómeno complejo con aspectos variados. Las propiedades y los indicios del texto aún no tienen una interpretacion detallada. El artículo está dedicado a las cuestiones relacionadas con la precisión de algunas definiciones del texto y con su relación con los niveles y las unidades de la lengua.

  11. Effektmåling på handlingsplaner og Balanced Scorecards i Kvægproduktion 2010

    Clausen, Michael Fussing; Lund, Mogens

    Formålet med Working Paperet er at beskrive evalueringen af delprojekt I og IV i forskningsprojektet Kvægproduktion 2010 (KP2010). De to delprojekter er gennemført i perioden 2003 - 2007, hvor 10 landbrugsvirksomheder har været involveret i et varierende omfang.   Evalueringen af handlingsplanerne...... gennemførelsen af instruktionerne i handlingsplanerne kun begrænset betydning for målopfyldelsen.   Den gennemførte evaluering indikerer endvidere, at landbrugsbedrifterne har opnået en tilfredsstillende målopfyldelse gennem anvendelsen af Balanced Scorecards (BSC). Det største problem i anvendelsen af BSC ser...

  12. Effektmåling ved implementering af The Balanced Scorecard på kvægsbedrifter

    Olsen, Jakob Vesterlund; Lund, Mogens

    The Balanced Scorecard is used in many firms all over the world. Literature on cre-ating a Balanced Scorecard is overwhelming. The actual benefits of implementing the Balanced Scorecard are though not that well described. In Danish Dairy farming three Balanced Scorecards have been implemented...... during 2003 through a research project running from 2003 to the end of 2007. Measuring whether these dairy farms have better bottom line results is the focus of this Working Paper. The effects have been evaluated with the use of the Malmquist index. Data Envelopment Analysis is the tool that has been...

  13. Ingenierías lingüísticas y globalización de la traducción

    José Mayoralas García


    Full Text Available Como la Globalización, último avatar del Progreso, supone un conjunto de procesos acelerados que pretenden capitalizar la totalidad de discursos y la totalidad de sentidos robotizándolos mediante la llamada “traducción automática”, urge recordar que los polisistemas (lenguas naturales en sentido amplio son eminentemente simbólicos, escasamente lógicos y difícilmente homologables entre sí. A lo sumo, puede llegarse a una aproximación isomórfica. Es más, como la mayoría de los discursos se presentan ya ‘convenientemente’ (mal-tratados o (para-traducidos, el traductor in-formado debe servir de antídoto al fantasma totalizador de la (desprogramación a ultranza que capitaliza la «aldea global» con su traducción multiusos. ¿Una (sola lengua común con muchas ‘ramificaciones’ especulares repitiendo en eco más de lo mismo? ¿Es eso la globalización?

  14. ling på ikke sinusformede AC strømme og spændinger

    Nielsen, Arne Hejde


    Målinger på en- og trefasede spændinger og strømme i elforsyningen. Specielt gennemgås forholdene ved ikke symetriske systemer med overtoner i spændinger og strømme.......Målinger på en- og trefasede spændinger og strømme i elforsyningen. Specielt gennemgås forholdene ved ikke symetriske systemer med overtoner i spændinger og strømme....

  15. O conceito de racionalidade em Habermas: a 'guinada lingüística' da teoria crítica

    Carlos Eduardo Jordão Machado


    Full Text Available Este ensaio originalmente foi uma comunicação apresentada na UNICAMP. Foi escrito a propósito da visita de Habermas ao Brasil, esperada para o segundo semestre do ano passado. Seu objetivo imediato era fornecer algumas informações sobre as reflexões habermasianas mais recentes. Para isto, tentou-se inserir historicamente a proposta habermasiana de uma "razão comunicativa" no atual contexto de generalizada irrupção de formas discursivas fragmentárias relativistas e irracionalistas (o "pós-estruturalismo" francês e o "pensiero debole" italiano são os exemplos estudados. Sem pretender esgotar um tema tão complexo, tentou-se também levantar algumas questões sobre as possibilidades crítico-cognoscitivas da "guinada linguística" da filosofia de Habermas e de Apel.

  16. Reflexions al voltant de la proposta lingüística de Josep Nebot i Pérez

    Joan Rafael Ramos


    Full Text Available This article tries to outline the general background of grammatical studies in Catalan by the end of the 19th century and beginnings of the 20th century, while phocusing on the work of the Valencian grammarian Josep Nebot i Pérez, his linguistic ideology and his interesting proposal of producing two different set of grammars: a popular one, and another addressed to the more cultivated reader.

  17. Fragmentos en torno al acto didáctico a partir del acto lingüístico

    Isabel ESCUDERO


    Full Text Available Remontémonos previamente a algunos presupuestos pertinentes al origen y curso de la Didáctica, antes de abordar el tema mismo del acto didáctico. En un principio, había una especie de Arte del discurso, tradicionalmente muy ligado en el Mundo Antiguo con lo que luego sería la filosofía -sobre todo en aquel pensamiento pre-socrático y después socrático- que nunca perdía de vista lo que se iba pensando, había que soltarlo, o enseñarlo, para que en la misma transmisión, en el lenguaje en acto, creciera el pensamiento. La masa misma de este discurso era de transmisión oral y siempre actuaba como Enseñanza, o por lo menos era un discurrir pragmático, naciendo de la calle o las plazas la escuela misma. No debemos, pues, olvidar que la Pedagogía, en sentido amplio, no nace como instrucciones de saberes sabidos acumulados, sino como lenguaje que actúa; es decir, que razona hablando y así va creando el saber. Razón común frente a opinión propia.

  18. Estudio lingüístico de la fitonimia vulgar de las orquídeas en Cuba

    López Trabanco, Pedro Jesús


    Full Text Available One of the greatest efforts of modern science has been the symbolic identity and the economy of concepts in the language use at the time of classifying objects. If so, on the one hand, the common names are refused to fulfill the classification objectives. But, on the other hand, the symbolic meanings and functions which are rooted to the popular speech will be thrown over. Names are keys of a sign system or of a determined cosmovision. Thus the study object of this paper is the common orchid names taking into account mainly the naming sources and motivation in order to verify and establish criteria that solve the problem of this part of the Spanish in Cuba.

    Uno de los grandes esfuerzos de la ciencia moderna ha sido la identidad simbólica y la economía de conceptos en el uso del lenguaje a la hora de clasificar los objetos. Si bien, por un lado, el desechar los nombres vulgares cumple el objetivo de clasificación, por el otro, se tiran por la borda los contenidos simbólicos y funciones que estos nombres tienen enraizados en el habla popular. Los nombres son claves de un sistema simbólico o de una cosmovisión determinada. Este trabajo tiene como objeto de estudio los nombres vulgares de las orquídeas fundamentalmente a partir de las fuentes de nominación y la motivación para verificar y establecer criterios que resuelvan la problemática de esta parcela del español en Cuba.

  19. ling af lungefunktion hos patienter indlagt med akut forvaerring af kronisk obstruktiv lungesygdom eller astma

    Lange, Peter; Rasmussen, Lisbeth Kappelgaard; Said, Nihaya Mahmoud


    Acute exacerbation of COPD or asthma leads to many acute hospital admissions every year. Even though the pathogenesis of these diseases differs, in both cases the cardinal manifestation is increased airway obstruction, which can be measured using peak expiratory flow measurement (PEF......) or measurement of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1)....

  1. AFSC/ABL: Electronic archival tag returns for sablefish, shortspine thornyhead (SST), Greenland turbots, spiny dogfish, and ling cod

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Conventional spaghetti tags have been implanted on juvenile sablefish in Southeast Alaska, primarily in Saint John Baptist Bay, near Sitka for over 25 years. These...

  2. Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase is a novel predictor for poor prognosis in gastric cancer

    Xian Y


    Full Text Available Yun Xian,1,* Shu Zhang,2,* Xudong Wang,3 Jin Qin,2 Wei Wang,2 Han Wu4 1School of Public Health, Nantong University, 2Department of Pathology, 3Department of Laboratory Medicine, 4Department of General Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Nantong, Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHGDH acts as a key metabolic enzyme in the rate-limiting step in serine biosynthesis and plays an important role in metastasis of several cancers. The aim of this study was to investigate the prognostic value of PHGDH in gastric cancer (GC. Methods: The messenger RNA expression of PHGDH was determined in 20 pairs of cancerous and adjacent nontumor tissues by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Immunohistochemistry of PHGDH was performed on tissue microarray, composed of 482 GC and 64 matched adjacent nontumor tissues acquired from surgery, 20 chronic gastritis, 18 intestinal metaplasia, and 31 low-grade and 66 high-grade intraepithelial neoplasias acquired through gastric endoscopic biopsy. Univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazard models were used to perform survival analyses. Results: Both PHGDH messenger RNA and protein product exhibited GC tissue-preferred expression, when compared with benign tissues. The high PHGDH expression was significantly correlated with histological type (P=0.011, tumor stage (P=0.014, and preoperative carcinoembryonic antigen (P<0.001. A negative correlation was found between PHGDH expression and the 5-year survival rate of patients with GC. Furthermore, multivariate analysis indicated that PHGDH was an independent prognostic factor for outcome in GC. Conclusion: PHGDH is important in predicting patient outcomes and is a potential target for the development of therapeutic approaches to GC. Keywords: metabolism, gastric cancer, prognosis, serine biosynthesis

  3. Effects of organic additives on microstructure and mechanical ...


    State Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an 710049, P.R. China ... porosity are of interest for engineering applications, as gas filters ... Flow diagram for fabricating porous silicon nitride samples.

  4. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Fcc metals; surface segregation; modified analytic embedded-atom method and surface energy. ... College of Physics and Information Technology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xian 710062, Shaanxi, People's Republic of China; State-Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Xian Jiaotong University, Xian ...

  5. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Yuhong Zhang1 2 Keqing Lu1 Jianbang Guo1 Xuewen Long1 Xiaohong Hu1 Kehao Li1. State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academic of Sciences, Xi'an, 710119 China; School of Optoelectronic Engineering, Xi'an Technological University, ...

  6. The efficiency and safety of trastuzumab and lapatinib added to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in Her2-positive breast cancer patients: a randomized meta-analysis

    Chen ZL


    Full Text Available Zhe-Ling Chen, Yan-Wei Shen, Shu-Ting Li, Chun-Li Li, Ling-Xiao Zhang, Jiao Yang, Meng Lv, Ya-Yun Lin, Xin Wang, Jin Yang Department of Medical Oncology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, People’s Republic of China Background: The addition of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her2 therapies to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC during treatment of Her2-positive breast cancer has been proposed as an effective way to improve the prognosis. However, the treatment outcomes of adding trastuzumab, lapatinib, or both to NAC were not unequivocal in randomized clinical trials. Based on these data, a meta-analysis was performed. Objective: The main objective was to evaluate the efficiency and safety of trastuzumab and lapatinib added to NAC for treatment of Her2-positive breast cancer. Methods: and PubMed were searched for randomized clinical trials that compared trastuzumab, lapatinib, or both, added to NAC. The main endpoint was a pathologically complete response (pCR rate, in breast only or in breast and lymph nodes. The drug safety and the influence of hormone-receptor status, comparing the clinical response and the rate of breast conservation, were evaluated. Results: A total of eight publications were included in the primary analysis, designed as two or three subgroups. The cumulative cases were 2,349 and the analyses of all the clinical trials showed that the pCR rate was significantly higher in the group receiving trastuzumab than that in the group with lapatinib, either in breast only (P=0.001 or in breast and lymph nodes (P=0.0001. Similar results could be seen in comparisons of the combination versus trastuzumab group. Further studies of subgroups divided into hormone receptor-positive or-negative patients showed that the addition of trastuzumab or dual Her2-targeted therapy significantly improved the pCR rate in patients who were hormone-insensitive. Regarding the toxic

  7. Proteasome activity related with the daily physical activity of COPD patients

    Lee KY


    Full Text Available Kang-Yun Lee,1,2,* Tzu-Tao Chen,1,* Ling-Ling Chiang,1,3 Hsiao-Chi Chuang,1,3 Po-Hao Feng,1,2 Wen-Te Liu,1–3 Kuan-Yuan Chen,1 Shu-Chuan Ho1,3 1Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Medical University, New Taipei City, 2Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, 3School of Respiratory Therapy, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: COPD is a debilitating disease that affects patients’ daily lives. One’s daily physical activity (DPA decreases due to multifactorial causes, and this decrease is correlated with a poor prognosis in COPD patients. Muscle wasting may at least be partly due to increased activity of the ubiquitin proteasome pathway and apoptosis.Methods: This study investigated the relationships among DPA, circulating proteasome activity, and protein carbonyl in COPD patients and healthy subjects (HSs. This study included 57 participants (42 patients and 15 healthy subjects. Ambulatory DPA was measured using actigraphy, and oxygen saturation was measured with a pulse oximeter.Results: COPD patients had lower DPA, lower 6 min walking distance (6MWD, lower delta saturation pulse oxygenation (SpO2 during the 6MWT, and lower delta SpO2 during DPA than HSs. COPD patients had higher proteasome activity and protein carbonyl than HSs. Circulating proteasome activity was significantly negatively correlated with DPA (r=−0.568, P<0.05 in COPD patients, whereas delta SpO2 during the 6MWT was significantly positively correlated with proteasome activity (r=0.685, P<0.05 in HSs. Protein carbonyl was significantly negatively correlated with the body mass index (r=−0.318, P<0.05, mid-arm circumference (r=0.350, P<0.05, calf circumference (r=0.322, P<0.05, forced expiratory volume in the first second (r=−0.441, P<0

  8. Reconstructing the spatial pattern of historical forest land in China in the past 300 years

    Yang, Xuhong; Jin, Xiaobin; Xiang, Xiaomin; Fan, Yeting; Shan, Wei; Zhou, Yinkang


    The reconstruction of the historical forest spatial distribution is of a great significance to understanding land surface cover in historical periods as well as its climate and ecological effects. Based on the maximum scope of historical forest land before human intervention, the characteristics of human behaviors in farmland reclamation and deforestation for heating and timber, we create a spatial evolution model to reconstruct the spatial pattern of historical forest land. The model integrates the land suitability for reclamation, the difficulty of deforestation, the attractiveness of timber trading markets and the abundance of forest resources to calibrate the potential scope of historical forest land with the rationale that the higher the probability of deforestation for reclamation and wood, the greater the likelihood that the forest land will be deforested. Compared to the satellite-based forest land distribution in 2000, about 78.5% of our reconstructed historical forest grids are of the absolute error between 25% and -25% while as many as 95.85% of those grids are of the absolute error between 50% and -50%, which indirectly validates the feasibility of our reconstructed model. Then, we simulate the spatial distribution of forest land in China in 1661, 1724, 1820, 1887, 1933 and 1952 with the grid resolution of 1 km × 1 km. Our result shows that (1) the reconstructed historical forest land in China in the past 300 years concentrates in DaXingAnLing, XiaoXingAnLing, ChangBaiShan, HengDuanShan, DaBaShan, WuYiShan, DaBieShan, XueFengShang and etc.; (2) in terms of the spatial evolution, historical forest land shrank gradually in LiaoHe plains, SongHuaJiang-NenJiang plains and SanJiang plains of eastnorth of China, Sichuan basins and YunNan-GuiZhou Plateaus; and (3) these observations are consistent to the proceeding of agriculture reclamation in China in past 300 years towards Northeast China and Southwest China.

  9. Efficient delivery of Notch1 siRNA to SKOV3 cells by cationic cholesterol derivative-based liposome

    Zhao Y


    Full Text Available Yun-Chun Zhao,1 Li Zhang,2 Shi-Sen Feng,3 Lu Hong,3 Hai-Li Zheng,3 Li-Li Chen,4 Xiao-Ling Zheng,1 Yi-Qing Ye,1 Meng-Dan Zhao,1 Wen-Xi Wang,3 Cai-Hong Zheng1 1Pharmacy Department, Women’s Hospital, 2Pharmacy Department, The Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Pharmaceutic Preparation, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, 4Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Women’s Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China Abstract: A novel cationic cholesterol derivative-based small interfering RNA (siRNA interference strategy was suggested to inhibit Notch1 activation in SKOV3 cells for the gene therapy of ovarian cancer. The cationic cholesterol derivative, N-(cholesterylhemisuccinoyl-amino-3-propyl-N, N-dimethylamine (DMAPA-chems liposome, was incubated with siRNA at different nitrogen-to-phosphate ratios to form stabilized, near-spherical siRNA/DMAPA-chems nanoparticles with sizes of 100–200 nm and zeta potentials of 40–50 mV. The siRNA/DMAPA-chems nanoparticles protected siRNA from nuclease degradation in 25% fetal bovine serum. The nanoparticles exhibited high cell uptake and Notch1 gene knockdown efficiency in SKOV3 cells at an nitrogen-to-phosphate ratio of 100 and an siRNA concentration of 50 nM. They also inhibited the growth and promoted the apoptosis of SKOV3 cells. These results may provide the potential for using cationic cholesterol derivatives as efficient nonviral siRNA carriers for the suppression of Notch1 activation in ovarian cancer cells. Keywords: siRNA, cationic cholesterol derivative, Notch1, ovarian cancer cells

  10. Efficacy of atorvastatin on the prevention of contrast-induced acute kidney injury: a meta-analysis

    Liu L


    Full Text Available Ling-Yun Liu,1 Yang Liu,2 Mei-Yan Wu,2 Yan-Yan Sun,3 Fu-Zhe Ma2 1Department of Andrology, 2Department of Nephrology, the First Hospital of Jilin University, 3Department of Nephrology, the Fourth Hospital of Jilin University, Changchun, China Background: Results of studies on the efficacy of atorvastatin pretreatment on reducing the prevalence of contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CIAKI in patients undergoing coronary angiography (CAG or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI have been controversial.Objective: We undertook a meta-analysis to evaluate the efficacy of atorvastatin on contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN after CAG or PCI.Materials and methods: We undertook a systematic search of electronic databases (PubMed, Embase, and the Cochrane Library up to June 2017. A meta-analysis was carried out including randomized controlled trials (RCTs that compared atorvastatin pretreatment with pretreatment with a low-dose statin or placebo for CIAKI prevention in patients undergoing CAG. The main endpoint was CIN prevalence.Results: Nine RCTs were included in our meta-analysis. Atorvastatin pretreatment reduced the prevalence of CIN significantly (odds ratio [OR] 0.46; 95% confidence interval [95% CI] 0.27–0.79; p=0.004. The benefit of high-dose atorvastatin pretreatment was consistent when compared with the control group (OR 0.45; 95% CI 0.21–0.95; p=0.04.Conclusion: At high doses, atorvastatin pretreatment was associated with a significant reduction in the prevalence of CIAKI in patients undergoing CAG. Pretreatment with high-dose atorvastatin could be employed to prevent CIAKI. Keywords: atorvastatin, contrast-induced acute kidney injury, coronary angiography, percutaneous coronary intervention, contrast-induced nephropathy, meta-analysis

  11. Comparative effects of different enteral feeding methods in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy: a network meta-analysis

    Zhang ZH


    Full Text Available Zhihong Zhang,1,2 Yu Zhu,1 Yun Ling,3 Lijuan Zhang,1 Hongwei Wan1 1Department of Nursing, Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, 2Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, 3Department of Human Resource, Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Nasogastric tube (NGT and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy were frequently used in the head and neck cancer patients when malnutrition was present. Nevertheless, the evidence was inclusive in terms of the choice and the time of tube placement. The aim of this network meta-analysis was to evaluate the comparative effects of prophylactic percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (pPEG, reactive percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (rPEG, and NGT in the head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. Databases of PubMed, Web of Science, and Elsevier were searched from inception to October 2015. Thirteen studies enrolling 1,631 participants were included in this network meta-analysis. The results indicated that both pPEG and NGT were superior to rPEG in the management of weight loss. pPEG was associated with the least rate of treatment interruption and nutrition-related hospital admission among pPEG, rPEG, and NGT. Meanwhile, there was no difference in tube-related complications. Our study suggested that pPEG might be a better choice in malnutrition management in the head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. However, its effects need to be further investigated in more randomized controlled trials. Keywords: malnutrition, tube feeding, weight loss, treatment interruption, readmission, complication

  12. Formação do professor e representações sociais de língua(gem: por uma lingüística implicada

    Maria de Lourdes Meirelles Matencio


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the recent impact of linguistic studies on the qualification and performance of elementary and junior high school teachers, focusing mainly on the treatment given to reading, writing and linguistic analysis practices in that context. Two aspects are the object of this reflection: first, advances in the filed of linguistics are related to social transformations; then, the paper considers necessary changes in the initial and continuing qualification of teachers, so as to imprint a critical linguistic formation on elementary and junior high school education.

  13. El Caribe a comienzos del siglo XXI : composición étnica y diversidad lingüística

    Lizcano Fernández, Francisco


    La conclusión principal de este trabajo es que el Caribe, integrado por 29 entidades políticas, se debe dividir en dos regiones: la española y la germano‐francesa (integrada por tres subregiones: los Caribes inglés, francés y neerlandés). La primera (compuesta de Cuba, Puerto Rico y República Dominicana) pertenece a un área cultural más extensa, Iberoamérica. La segunda (integrada por el resto de las islas situadas entre Norteamérica y Sudamérica, así como por Bermudas y las tres Guayanas) co...

  14. Bicentenario, identidad y cambio lingüístico: El sistema verbal de referencia temporal futura en San Juan, Argentina, durante el siglo XIX

    Silvana Elizabeth Alaníz


    Full Text Available In this work framed within the functional variacionist theory that relates form, motivation and culture, we want to show how the XIX century native speaker of Spanish in San Juan, Argentina, alternates between synthetic and periphrastic devices to refer to future time according to their communicative purposes. The corpus consists of family letters written between 1837 and 1889, in the "century of political independencies and the creation of new states, in which the fight for Latin American identity begins" [Majfud, 2002]. We consider that these alternate constructions are not equivalent syntactically, semantically nor pragmatically, their use being favoured by certain parameters. Of these parameters, we analyze the one through which, we believe, the periphrastic innovation "ir a + infinitivo" started. We adhere to the fact that "the functional explanations of linguistic change do not exclude but imply cultural explanations" [Coseriu, 1977]. This pragmatic approximation to linguistic use demands at the same time a qualitative and quantitative analysis. "It will not only matter what structures language contains, but also when we recur to them, and above all, how much we use when and what structure" [García, 1995

  15. La interacción entre compañeros y el feedback lingüístico en los COMA de lenguas extranjeras

    Elena Martín Monje


    Full Text Available Este trabajo estudia las interacciones entre compañeros o interacciones peer-to-peer en el primer Curso Online Masivo y Abierto (COMA o MOOC en inglés de Inglés Profesional realizado para nativos hispanohablantes en paralelo en las plataformas en línea UNED Abierta y Miríada X, con la finalidad de fomentar la instrucción abierta en el ámbito de la educación superior de lenguas. Dadas las diferencias entre ambas plataformas, en este artículo nos centramos en el curso de la plataforma Miríada X, cuyo planteamiento se basó principalmente en una serie de actividades de lengua interculturales que buscaban la interacción y el feedback entre compañeros, con el objeto de fomentar la comunicación en línea en la lengua de destino y desviar el enorme desequilibrio en la proporción entre estudiantes (cerca de 30.000 y profesores (5: 2 curadores y 3 facilitadores y el elevado índice de abandono característico de este tipo de cursos. La información sobre el nivel de interacción alcanzado y el feedback proporcionado por los estudiantes se registró mediante la observación del seguimiento del curso y las opiniones de los estudiantes recogidas en un cuestionario final. El análisis realizado revela la necesidad de matizar algunos de los actuales criterios de calidad de estos cursos y de mejorar sustancialmente la percepción de los estudiantes de lenguas sobre la interacción con compañeros.

  16. El turista 2.0 como receptor de la promoción turística: estrategias lingüísticas e importancia de su estudio

    Francisca Suau Jiménez


    Full Text Available The traveller/tourist is the one who increasingly manages her/his trips through the Internet. A new term, that of tourist 2.0, defines this new agent. Therefore, specifi c linguistic and visual mechanisms and strategies have to be applied when constructing these promotional web sites so as to assist their generic persuasive aim. These linguistic strategies are realized through rhetorical functions such as description, exemplifi cation, suggestion, etc. and of interpersonality, the discursive interactional function that designates the relation between text sender and receiver through specific markers that vary cross-linguistically and modulate persuasion. It is then necessary to identify and analyze these strategies and their cross-linguistic differences in order to incorporate them systematically into touristic promotion web sites.

  17. L'aula d'acollida com a espai per a l'aprenentatge lingüístic: la perspectiva del professorat

    Laura Espelt


    Full Text Available This article aims to offer an understanding of the teachers' tasks in the reception classroom from their own point of view. The reception classroom is quite a new reality in Catalonia and it has been established with certain urgency because of the social demand. For this reason it is interesting to know how teachers manage communication in these multicultural classrooms and to value the usefulness of this communication for the children. The study is based on in-depth interviews with three teachers working in reception classrooms in a high school in Lleida. The analysis focuses on the impact of the teachers' specific academic background and professional experience and on their views about different aspects of their teaching practice.

  18. El canvi lingüístic i els conflictes de la naturalitat: les desinències del present de subjuntiu

    Manuel Pérez Saldanya


    Full Text Available I trace here the evolution of present subjunctive markers in Catalan and, in general, in those Romance languages where the fall of final unstressed vowels allows exemplification of the tendencies toward morphological optimization, as well as some of the naturalness conflicts produced among the different tendencies. The morphological tendencies which appear most active when it comes to a developmental explanation are, in this order, iconicity, transparency, and universality. I also analyze the etymology of the different markers and the three different types of innovations; specifically: (i the morphologization of vocalic segments which originally had merely a phonological value; (ii analogical generalization in the first conjugation of the affix characteristic of. the second and third conjugations; and (iii the reanalysis of segments belonging to the end of the root or to the root extension of some verbs of conjugations other than the first. 

  19. Los límites de la política y planificación lingüísticas

    Gérard Fernández Smith


    [EN] The following paper is intended to display an approach to theoretical concepts regarding the field of language policy and planning, by presenting a series of examples of policies in different ambits which cannot be easily related to those processes and theoretical devices fostered by the existing and generally accepted theoretical models. For that reason, it is our opinion that there is a need to redefine some of those concepts, to provide more flexibility and applications to such models...

  20. Contenidos lingüísticos y matemáticos de los tratados didácticos (siglos XIII-XV

    Josué Villa Prieto


    Full Text Available Se profundiza en el estudio de la enseñanza universitaria durante la Edad Media a partir de la lectura atenta y detenida de los tratados empleados para la práctica docente. Estas obras pueden dividirse en dos grupos: textos de la Antigüedad (Aristóteles, Euclides, Catón, Cicerón, Nicómaco, Quintiliano, Donato, Prisciano… y nuevas composiciones didácticas del Medievo (Alexandre de Villedieu, Uguccione da Pisa, Giovanni da Genova, Pedro Hispano, Robert Grosseteste, Thomas Bradwardine, Guarino da Verona, Lorenzo Valla, Juan de Pastrana, Rodolfo Agricola, Fernando de Manzanares, Angelo Poliziano, Antonio de Nebrija…. De la comparativa resultante se ofrece una descripción explicativa sobre los contenidos integrados en cada una de las siguientes disciplinas: Gramática, Lógica, Retórica, Aritmética y Geometría.

  1. Monolingüisme oficial en estats lingüísticament heterogenis. El cas de l'Estat català independent

    Albert Branchadell


    Full Text Available The goal of this paper is twofold. Firstly we shall examine the languages policies in those European countries which have become independent states since the fall of the Berlin Wall and within which more than one language is widely spoken (linguistically heterogeneous state. In this sense, we have confirmed that in most countries, official monolingualism has failed and that, both for external and internal reasons, these countries have ended up adopting linguistic policies far more pluralist. Secondly, and partly drawing from this empirical basis, we argue that official monolingualism should be discarded as an appropriate language policy for a hypothetical Catalan independent state. All recent surveys show that Catalan population would largely support a language policy in which both Catalan and Spanish languages would share an official status in a hypothetically independent Catalonia. Data from these surveys are consistent with those of previous surveys that asked citizens about the degree of agreement regarding the currently in-force official bilingualism.

  2. Therapeutic Effects of Saireito (Chai-Ling-Tang, a Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine, on Lymphedema Caused by Radiotherapy: A Case Series Study

    Aiko Nagai


    Full Text Available Despite the development of radiotherapy machines and technologies, a proportion of patients suffer from radiation-induced lymphedema. Saireito (SRT is a traditional Japanese herbal medicine that has been used for treating edema and inflammation in conditions such as nephritic disease. This study investigated the effect of SRT on lymphedema caused by radiotherapy. Four patients were treated with SRT at a dose of 9 g/day. The severity of lymphedema was evaluated using the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events version 4 and Numerical Rating Scale before and after SRT treatment. After the treatment with SRT, 2 of 4 patients (50% showed apparent improvement in lymphedema. One of the cases had difficulty in wearing the custom-made thermoplastic cast, but after SRT administration, he could wear the mask easily. One case decided to stop taking SRT 3 days after initiation because cough and fever appeared. In conclusion, it is important to control the side effects of radiotherapy, which leads to improved tumor control rates. Prospective randomized studies are necessary to confirm the findings of this case series study.

  3. Material e instrumentos ligados a la alimentación saharaui. Aspectos culturales, lingüísticos y semánticos

    Baya E., Moulay-Lahssan


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the region called Western Sahara (former Spanish Sahara and directly related to dialectology and folk traditions, we provide a study on the culinary equipment and instruments used once (although much of it remains today by the indigenous inhabitants of the region. To this end, we address key issues such as Hassaniya dialect; cooking and food preparation in the traditional survey area; instruments and vessels for the treatment of milk; tools for treatment of grain or the use and utilization of shrubs for obtaining wood, since the vast majority of wooden containers were made of some of the most representative woody species in the area. The approach is basically anthropological, with obvious semantic component, reflected in the generous use of Arab-Hassaniya terminology, with its equivalent in Spanish.En este artículo, centrado en la región denominada Sáhara Occidental (antiguo Sáhara Español, y directamente relacionado con la dialectología y las tradiciones populares, ofrecemos un estudio sobre el material y los instrumentos culinarios utilizados tradicionalmente (aunque mucho de ello se conserva hoy en día por los habitantes autóctonos de dicha región. Para ello, abordamos cuestiones principales tales como el dialecto ḥassā-niya; la cocción y preparación tradicional de los alimentos en la zona objeto de estudio; los instrumentos y vasijas para el tratamiento de la leche; los instrumentos para el tratamiento del grano o el uso y aprovechamiento de arbustos para la obtención de la madera, ya que la inmensa mayoría de los recipientes de madera se fabricaban a partir de algunas de las especies leñosas más representativas del entorno. El enfoque es, básicamente, antropológico, con un evidente componente semántico, reflejado en el uso abundante de terminología árabe ḥassā-niya, con su equivalente castellano.

  4. Analysis of Ling'ao nuclear power station unit 1 exciter No.11 bearing white metal damage and its operating temperature abnormally high

    Jia Kaili


    On the base of analyzing the type of exciter No.11 bearing white metal damage, the root cause and its solution are found. No damage was found on bearing white metal in the later time. On the base of analyzing the structure of the generator end bracket, it is pointed out that when the generator frame is full of pressed gas, the end bracket will deform, that result in the load on No.11 bearing increase, as a result causes the bearing temperature high. A proposal to this problem is presented. (author)

  5. Un caso de ‘desaparición’ lingüística: el verbo SABER y las ‘preguntas encubiertas’

    Axelle Vatrican


    Full Text Available Dans ce travail sont examinées les constructions espagnoles appelées ‘preguntas encubiertas’ (‘questions cachées’, introduites par le verbe saber, ainsi définies parce qu’elles ‘cachent’–permettent de sous-entendre– une question. On s’attachera à montrer ici que ces ‘questions cachées’ produisent deux lectures distinctes, et qu’il est nécessaire, pour tenter d’en expliquer les différences, de les analyser sous l’angle syntaxique et sémantique. Pour cela, est établie en premier lieu, une typologie des ‘preguntas encubiertas’ puis, en second lieu, sont analysés les facteurs syntaxiques et sémantiques qui déterminent la lecture de la phrase.En este trabajo, se estudian las llamadas ‘preguntas encubiertas’ introducidas por el verbo saber, es decir, los casos en que un sustantivo complemento ‘encubre’ una pregunta. Se trata de mostrar que, aunque aparezca la misma construcción, no siempre conlleva el mismo tipo de lectura; por otra parte, se pretende señalar que no sólo factores pragmáticos permiten explicar las distintas lecturas sino que también entran en juego factores sintácticos y semánticos. En primer lugar, se establece una tipología de las preguntas encubiertas, esto es, las posibles lecturas que aparecen en esta construcción; en segundo lugar, se intenta destacar los elementos sintácticos y semánticos que determinan dichas lecturas.

  6. La reconstrucció lingüística vista per un romanista . Problemes de mètode. Esguard retrospectiu. Perspectives

    Eduard Blasco Ferrer


    Full Text Available This paper presents a critical view of the primary contribution of the Neogrammarians, structuralist and generative linguistics, and language typology studies to historical linguistics. The author suggests that historical analyses would benefit from incorporating insights from sociolinguistics and dialectology.

  7. La elisión de /d/ intervocálica en el español culto de Granada: factores lingüísticos.

    Juan Antonio Moya Corral


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 En este artículo se analiza el estado en que se encuentra el proceso de elisión de /d/  intervocálica en un una comunidad de habla andaluza (Granada, España. Se intenta dilucidar si la pérdida de la sonora dental sigue unas pautas de funcionamiento similares a las registradas en la antigüedad; es decir, si está controlada por factores de carácter morfológico y léxico. Asimismo, nuestros datos apuntan a dos formas diferentes de propagarse el proceso: de forma regular, en los morfemas de las palabras, y según la teoría de la “difusión léxica”, cuando el debilitamiento tiene lugar en los lexemas. El análisis arroja unos índices de elisión moderados (23,1%, similares a los registrados en otras comunidades andaluzas, pero que se sitúan muy por encima de lo observado en el resto del mundo hispánico.

  8. El papel de los estudios lingüísticos en la investigación psicosocial: el caso de las pasiones y los sentimientos

    Harré, Rom


    Assuming conversation as the principal model for understanding social episodes, this work aims at presenting a new paradigm in social psychology, exploring its contributions to psychosocial research. Linguistic skills are presented as the way through which social episodes are constructed, and notions as action, act and position are plotted as useful notions for the understanding of daily life. Then, the application of these notions takes place through examples of emotions, passions and feelin...

  9. Samuel Gili Gaya: estudio biográfico e introducción a su obra lingüística

    Vila Rubio, María Nieves


    Las actuales tendencias de la historiografía, en general, corroboran el hecho de que el interés por la historia de una ciencia debe nacer de la voluntad de un mayor conocimiento de la ciencia misma. En realidad, estas tendencias apuntan a que la historia de una ciencia forma parte de ésta, por lo que no es posible considerar a la primera como materia marginal de la segunda, sino que precisamente gracias a la historiografía pueden llegar a comprenderse muchos de los fundamentos y etapas por la...

  10. Mejora de la Competencia en comunicación lingüística del síndrome de Moebius en Educación Infantil

    Navarro-Díaz, Ana Patricia


    El presente trabajo de fin de Grado, pretende en una primera parte hacer un análisis acerca del concepto de discapacidad junto con el concepto de Síndrome de Moebius, así como la etapa de educación infantil en el área del lenguaje. En la segunda parte se presenta una Propuesta de Intervención en el aula de Educación Infantil (5 años), en la que abordare el área del lenguaje y representación en un alumno con Síndrome de Moebius para atender a sus necesidades y mejorar su inclusi...

  11. Pesquisa de Salmonella e das condições sanitárias em frangos e lingüiças comercializados na cidade de Botucatu

    Vera Lúcia Mores Rall


    Full Text Available In the present investigation were evaluated the sanitary conditions of poultry and several types of sausages retailed in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil for the determination of the most probable number of coliforms at 45ºC/g besides the research of Salmonella using traditional methodology and PCR. In order to do so, 50 samples of poultry and 75 of sausages were collected from nine different establishments in the city, in the period of April to November of 2006. Of the 50 samples of chicken meat, 35 (70% were out of the microbiologic parameters, according to Brazilian Sanitary Resolution RDC nº12 of Anvisa (>;10(4 coliforms at 45ºC/g. In this Resolution, the research of Salmonella is not demanded, but 4 samples (8% presented the pathogen using the traditional methodology. That presence was confirmed by PCR, which was also positive in another 23, in a total of 27 positive samples (54%. Among 75 samples of sausages, 30 (40% were out of the allowed limits, with 7 positive samples for Salmonella, using traditional methodology. However, if we consider PCR test, the number of positive samples increases to 42 (56%. Adding this number to coliforms microbiological limits, 86.7% of the analyzed sausages were inappropriate for the consumption.

  12. Guía de Intervención para el Desarrollo Comunicativo - Lingüístico de los alumnos con Trastorno Del Espectro Autista

    Escribano Tébar, Inmaculada


    El presente Trabajo Fin de Grado está basado en el estudio de los Trastornos del Espectro Autista (TEA). Se realiza una revisión bibliográfica sobre el tema utilizando libros, artículos, guías y otras fuentes relacionadas con el tema, los cuales se pueden ver reflejados en la bibliografía de este trabajo. A partir de este estudio, se pretende que pueda servir de guía de intervención sobre alumnos con TEA pertenecientes al segundo ciclo de Educación Infantil y dirigida principalmente a maes...

  13. Bases teóricas para una hipótesis no canónica sobre el origen de la herramienta lingüística humana

    José Luis Guijarro Morales


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Ante los problemas que presenta la hipótesis de que el lenguaje humano es una evolución de la capacidad comunicativa del mismo (p.e., su probable aparición súbita (Chomsky, su complejidad universal (Pinker, el hecho de que infra-determine los mensajes comunicados (Sperber & Wilson, etc., se ofrece otra alternativa en la que se intenta refinar el uso terminológico de ciertos conceptos, tratando de evitar algunos de estos problemas, y proponiendo, para ello, una concepción evolutiva no sólo basada en la selección natural (Darwin, sino también en la de la endosimbiosis (Margulis.

  14. Acompañamiento al proceso de revitalización de la lengua nonuya: un caso de lucha por la supervivencia lingüística

    Romero Cruz, Isabel Victoria


    El nonuya, o nononotá, es una de las más de sesenta lenguas nativas colombianas. Es endémica y una de las que se encuentra en mayor riesgo de extinción en el país. Desde los años setenta, diferentes investigadores e instituciones han apoyado intentos de revitalización que, infortunadamente, no han logrado tener continuidad. Estos han incluido documentación (de léxico, frases, cantos) con los últimos hablantes nativos; diseño de materiales para la enseñanza de la lengua, reformu...

  15. La gramaticalización de usted: un cambio lingüístico en proceso. Evidencias en el Uruguay del siglo XIX

    Virginia Bertolotti


    Full Text Available Estudio aquí la presencia/ausencia de usted sujeto y la alternancia del sintagma a usted con lo o la objeto directo a lo largo del siglo XIX en Uruguay. El estudiodel comportamiento de los miembros de la subclase de usted se contrasta con el de lasotras posibilidades alocutivas singulares en el español en Uruguay (la subclase de tú y lasubclase de vos. La interpretación de los datos se realiza a la luz del enfoque de la gramaticalización en relación con estudios de la cortesía y muestra las características delproceso de cambio el paradigma de usted durante el siglo XIX en Uruguay.

  16. La lectura extensiva: un medio para mejorar la habilidad lingüística de la población estudiantil

    Hernández Herrero, Annabelle


    Full Text Available Resumen: El propósito de este artículo es proporcionar una guía para la implementación de la lectura extensiva en un programa de inglés como lengua extranjera. La primera parte presenta la definición y características de la lectura extensiva según personas expertas en el campo. Luego aparece una serie de actividades para ser utilizadas en un programa de lectura extensiva. La última sección es una bibliografía anotada de textos que han sido utilizados con éxito en el curso LM-1246 Comprensión de Lectura en la Escuela de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Costa Rica. Incluye el título, autor, género, nivel de dificultad, un resumen del contenido y críticas de la población estudiantil.Abstract: The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines to implement an extensive reading program in an English as a Foreign Language Program. The first section includes a definition and characteristics of extensive reading based on experts on the field. This section is followed by activities to be used in an extensive reading program. The last section is an annotated bibliography of texts which have been used successfully in the course LM-1246 Reading Comprehension at the School of Modern Languages at the University of Costa Rica. It includes the title of the book, the author, genre, level of difficulty, a summary of the book and students’ critiques.

  17. Aprendizaje lingüístico e inclusión social : combinación del enfoque comunicativo y el enfoque por tareas.

    Talens Company, Borja


    The present proposal of practical experience aims to share the good results achieved in a course of Spanish as a foreign language for immigrants carried out in ?L?Espai d?Inclusió i Formació Casc Antic? (Eicascantic) in which the communicative approach and the task-based approach were combined in order to fulfil objectives of improving the linguistic level of students and promoting their social inclusion in their new context. To this end, the sociolinguistic material of level A2 of the MCERL ...

  18. Annotated Bibliography to Accompany Anderson, Pollay, & Ling, "Taking Ad-Vantage of Lax Advertising Regulations: Reassuring and Distracting Health-Concerned Smokers" (Social Science & Medicine, 2006)

    Anderson, Stacey J Ph.D.


    We explored the evolution from cigarette product attributes to psychosocial needs in advertising campaigns for low-tar cigarettes. Analysis of previously secret tobacco industry documents and print advertising images indicated that low-tar brands targeted smokers who were concerned about their health with advertising images intended to distract them from the health hazards of smoking. Advertising first emphasized product characteristics (filtration, low tar) that implied health benefits. O...

  19. Una nueva perspectiva de las políticas lingüísticas: las lenguas indígenas del Ecuador como patrimonio cultural inmaterial

    Gómez Rendón, J.


    A new perspective to approach indigenous languages today is that of Intangible Cultural Heritage as defined by 2003 UNESCO Convention. Either as vehicle or as domain, languages are part and parcel of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. However, the concept of heritage itself is not unequivocal and may

  20. O enclave lingüístico de Xálima: unha análise sociolingüística

    Fernando Ramallo


    Full Text Available This paper presents preliminary results from research into the current sociolinguistic situation in the three areas that make up the Val de Xálima (Extremadura, Spain. Since the Middle Ages three linguistic varieties pertaining to the Galician-Portuguese language system have existed in this area. This community constitutes a sociolinguistic laboratory in which to observe the behaviour of languages in contact (i.e. the local varieties and Spanish, with regard to issues such as identity construction, social cohesion, language maintenance and loss. The aim of this paper is to present an analysis of practices, attitudes and ideologies in this linguistic community, especially among the young population, to determine what factors promote ongoing local variety maintenance. The data were collected through a questionnaire.The results of the study suggest that, unlike many community enclaves, the Valley shows very high indicators of language vitality because of continued intergenerational transmission as well as the community’s deep-rooted appreciation of local speech varieties. However, the linguistic vitality of this enclave is now challenged by accelerating economic growth and increasingly intensive trade with outside areas ensuing from structural changes in the region over the past two decades.