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  1. LAND/R3B DAQ developments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Toernqvist, Hans; Aumann, Thomas; Loeher, Bastian [Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Darmstadt (Germany); Simon, Haik [GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH, Darmstadt (Germany); Johansson, Haakan [Chalmers Institute of Technology, Goeteborg (Sweden); Collaboration: R3B-Collaboration


    Existing experimental setups aim to exploit most of the improved capabilities and specifications of the upcoming FAIR facility at GSI. Their DAQ designs will require some re-evaluation and upgrades. This presentation summarizes the R3B experimental campaigns in 2014, where the R3B DAQ was subject to testing of several new features that will aid researchers in using larger and more complicated experimental setups in the future. It also acted as part of a small testing ground for the NUSTAR DAQ infrastructure. In order to allow to extract correlations between several experimental sites, new suggested triggering and timestamping implementations were tested over significant distances. Also, with growing experimental complexity comes a greater risk of problems that may be difficult to characterize and solve. To this end, essential remote monitoring and debugging tools have been used successfully.

  2. "Istun, söön..." : [luuletused] / Natasha Glebova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Glebova, Natasha


    Sisu: "Istun, söön..." / udmurdi keelest tõlkinud Aljona Vlassova, Irina Orehhova ; "Mina teda ei kutsunud..." / udmurdi keelest tõlkinud Inga Ignatjeva, Irina Orehhova ; Kas tead, kui palju..." / udmurdi keelest tõlkinud Irina Orehhova

  3. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies, Gas Warfare in World War I: The 1st Division in the Meuse-Argonne 1-12 October 1918 (United States)


    October, instead of 30 September-I October 0 On the night of the relief the .Jnemy began shelling at 10s00 porn October 1st and continued until 4s00... Juvin and Landre, out off the Argoure front, and attack in rear of the Brunhild position to effect decisive action on the Group -Argonnej." 8 7 At...attack, fired on the Son’.erance area and north of St Georges et Landres, Juvin , Marcq, and Champigxeulle. 93 Company C, 1st Gas Regiment, was ordered

  4. Neuropsychological functions in Unipolar Major Depression With and Without Co-morbid Anxiety


    Lyche, Pia Elisabeth


    List of papers. Papers I and II are removed from the thesis due to copyright restrictions. Paper I: Lyche, P., Jonassen, R., Stiles, T.C., Ulleberg, P., & Landrø, N.I. (2011). Attentional functions in MDD With and Without Co-morbid Anxiety disorder. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 26, 38-47. doi:10.1093/arclin/acq095 Paper II: Lyche, P., Jonassen, R., Stiles, T.C., Ulleberg, P., & Landrø, N.I. (2011). Verbal Memory functions in Unipolar Major Depression With and Wi...

  5. Present and future issues central to the understanding of OCD : A review of current research with an emphasis on distinguishing underlying factors linking heterogeneity, structure and treatment resistance


    Dixon, Ina Yasmin


    Sammendrag Forfatter: Ina Dixon Tittel: Sentrale utfordringer i forståelsen av OCD: En gjennomgang av eksisterende funn, med sikte på å drøfte underliggende faktorer knyttet til heterogenitet, komorbiditet og behandlingseffekt. Veileder: Nils Inge Landrø Målsetting: Målet med denne oppgaven er å undersøke og presentere eksisterende kunnskap om fenomenologi, struktur og behandling av tvangslidelse (OCD). Hovedformålet er delvis å presentere et multidimensjonalt perspektiv, og samti...

  6. [Coping with leprosy in the Dutch West Indies in the 19th century; opposing but meaningful views from Suriname]. (United States)

    Menke, Henk; Snelders, Stephen; Pieters, Toine


    Leprosy was highly prevalent among African slaves in the Dutch West Indian colony of Suriname. Largely based on observations in Suriname, Dutch physicians described the aetiology of leprosy in terms of'a substrate' to which all sorts of mixtures of infection, heredity and hygiene contributed ('seed and soil'). This explanatory model with multiple options for prevention and treatment left room for different developmental trajectories to control the spread of the disease in the various tropical colonies of the Dutch empire. In Suriname there was a growing worry in the 19th century regarding the spread of leprosy, threatening the health of slaves, settlers and colonial administrators. And this could be harmful to an already weakening plantation economy. This concern prompted the local administration to develop a rigorous policy of strict isolation of leprosy sufferers. This, in turn, intersected with a changing insight in Europe - including the Netherlands - that leprosy was non-contagious. However,'in splendid isolation' in the economically and politically marginal colony Suriname, Dutch physicians like Charles Landre and his son, Charles Louis Drognat Landré, could afford to ignore the European non-contagious approach and continue to support the strict isolation policies. Moreover, they developed a dissident radical explanation of leprosy as a disease caused only by contagion. In the absence of a receptive Dutch audience Drognat Landré published his contagion theory in French and so succeeded in inspiring the Norwegian Hansen, who subsequently discovered the culpable micro-organism. At the same time colonial administrators and physicians in the economically and politically important Dutch colonies in the East Indies adhered to the prevailing European concept and changed policies: the system of isolation was abolished. Given the rather different trajectories of leprosy health policies in the Dutch East and West Indies we point out the importance of a comparative

  7. Using graph approach for managing connectivity in integrative landscape modelling (United States)

    Rabotin, Michael; Fabre, Jean-Christophe; Libres, Aline; Lagacherie, Philippe; Crevoisier, David; Moussa, Roger


    In cultivated landscapes, a lot of landscape elements such as field boundaries, ditches or banks strongly impact water flows, mass and energy fluxes. At the watershed scale, these impacts are strongly conditionned by the connectivity of these landscape elements. An accurate representation of these elements and of their complex spatial arrangements is therefore of great importance for modelling and predicting these impacts.We developped in the framework of the OpenFLUID platform (Software Environment for Modelling Fluxes in Landscapes) a digital landscape representation that takes into account the spatial variabilities and connectivities of diverse landscape elements through the application of the graph theory concepts. The proposed landscape representation consider spatial units connected together to represent the flux exchanges or any other information exchanges. Each spatial unit of the landscape is represented as a node of a graph and relations between units as graph connections. The connections are of two types - parent-child connection and up/downstream connection - which allows OpenFLUID to handle hierarchical graphs. Connections can also carry informations and graph evolution during simulation is possible (connections or elements modifications). This graph approach allows a better genericity on landscape representation, a management of complex connections and facilitate development of new landscape representation algorithms. Graph management is fully operational in OpenFLUID for developers or modelers ; and several graph tools are available such as graph traversal algorithms or graph displays. Graph representation can be managed i) manually by the user (for example in simple catchments) through XML-based files in easily editable and readable format or ii) by using methods of the OpenFLUID-landr library which is an OpenFLUID library relying on common open-source spatial libraries (ogr vector, geos topologic vector and gdal raster libraries). OpenFLUID-landr

  8. Evaluación de dos niveles de subproducto de tortilla de maíz y chifles como alternativa de fuente de energía alimenticia en dietas en la fase de crecimiento y acabado de cerdos confinados


    Silva Miraglia, Daniel; Rodriguez, John


    La investigación fue realizada en el INIAP de Boliche, Provincia del Guayas, los objetivos de la investigación fueron la evaluación de los subproductos de tortilla de maíz y chifles como ingredientes energéticos alternativos en la alimentación de cerdos en etapa de crecimiento y acabado, se quería comprobar si su inclusión influiría en el crecimiento y finalización de los cerdos, y si traería reducción en los costos de la alimentación. Se trabajó con 18 cerdos de raza hibrida Yorshire x Landr...

  9. The Effects of Low to Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking in Early Pregnancy on Selective and Sustained Attention in Five-Year-Old Children

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Underbjerg, Mette; Kesmodel, Ulrik Schiøler; Landrø, Nils Inge


    consumption, age, body mass index (BMI), parity, home environment, postnatal smoking in the home, child's health status, and indicators for hearing and vision impairments. Main outcome measures  TEACh-5 attention scores. Results  There were no significant effects on test performance in children of mothers......Please cite this paper as: Underbjerg M, Kesmodel U, Landrø N, Bakketeig L, Grove J, Wimberley T, Kilburn T, Svaerke C, Thorsen P, Mortensen E. The effects of low to moderate alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on selective and sustained attention in 5-year-old children. BJOG...... 2012;119:1211-1221. Objective  The aim was to examine the effects of low to moderate maternal alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on children's attention at 5 years of age. Design  Prospective follow-up study. Setting  Neuropsychological testing in four Danish cities 2003...

  10. Measurement of the 92,93,94,100Mo(g,n) reactions by Coulomb Dissociation

    CERN Document Server

    Göbel, K; Altstadt, S; Alvarez-Pol, H; Aksouh, F; Aumann, T; Babilon, M; Behr, K-H; Benlliure, J; Berg, T; Böhmer, M; Boretzky, K; Brünle, A; Beyer, R; Casarejos, E; Chartier, M; Cortina-Gil, D; Chatillon, A; Pramanik, U Datta; Deveaux, L; Elvers, M; Elze, T W; Emling, H; Erhard, M; Ershova, O; Fernandez-Dominguez, B; Geissel, H; Górska, M; Heftrich, T; Heil, M; Hellstroem, M; Ickert, G; Johansson, H; Junghans, A R; Käppeler, F; Kiselev, O; Klimkiewicz, A; Kratz, J V; Kulessa, R; Kurz, N; Labiche, M; Langer, C; Bleis, T Le; Lemmon, R; Lindenberg, K; Litvinov, Y A; Maierbeck, P; Movsesyan, A; Müller, S; Nilsson, T; Nociforo, C; Paar, N; Palit, R; Paschalis, S; Plag, R; Prokopowicz, W; Reifarth, R; Rossi, D M; Schnorrenberger, L; Simon, H; Sonnabend, K; Sümmerer, K; Surówka, G; Vretenar, D; Wagner, A; Walter, S; Waluś, W; Wamers, F; Weick, H; Weigand, M; Winckler, N; Winkler, M; Zilges, A


    The Coulomb Dissociation (CD) cross sections of the stable isotopes 92,94,100Mo and of the unstable isotope 93Mo were measured at the LAND/R3B setup at GSI Helmholtzzentrum f\\"ur Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt, Germany. Experimental data on these isotopes may help to explain the problem of the underproduction of 92,94Mo and 96,98Ru in the models of p-process nucleosynthesis. The CD cross sections obtained for the stable Mo isotopes are in good agreement with experiments performed with real photons, thus validating the method of Coulomb Dissociation. The result for the reaction 93Mo(g,n) is especially important since the corresponding cross section has not been measured before. A preliminary integral Coulomb Dissociation cross section of the 94Mo(g,n) reaction is presented. Further analysis will complete the experimental database for the (g,n) production chain of the p-isotopes of molybdenum.

  11. The Effects of Low to Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking in Early Pregnancy on Executive Function in Five-Year-Old Children

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skogerbø, Åshild; Kesmodel, Ulrik Schiøler; Wimberley, Theresa


    the effects of low to moderate maternal alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on children's executive functions at the age of 5 years. Design  Follow-up study. Setting  Neuropsychological testing in four Danish cities 2003-2008. Population  A cohort of 1628 women and their children sampled...... status, family home environment, postnatal parental smoking, pre-pregnancy maternal body mass index (BMI), and the health status of the child. Main outcome measures  The BRIEF parent and teacher forms. Results  Adjusted for all potential confounding factors, no statistically significant associations......Please cite this paper as: SkogerbøÅ, Kesmodel U, Wimberley T, Støvring H, Bertrand J, Landrø N, Mortensen E. The effects of low to moderate alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on executive function in 5-year-old children. BJOG 2012;119:1201-1210. Objective  To examine...