Sample records for l2-5 porovnani vysledku

  1. RELAP5/MOD3.2 post-test analysis and CIAU uncertainty evaluation of LOFT experiment L2-5

    Alessandro Petruzzi; Walter Giannotti [DIMNP, Universit y of Pisa, Via Diotisalvi 2, 56126 Pisa (Italy); Francesco D' Auria [DIMNP, Universit y of Pisa, Via Diotisalvi 2, 56126 Pisa (Italy)


    Full text of publication follows: The paper deals with the activity performed at University of Pisa in the framework of the participation to the Phase II and III of the BEMUSE (Best Estimate Methods - Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation) Programme. The scope of the Programme is to perform Large Break Loss-Of-Coolant Accident (LBLOCA) analyses making reference to experimental data and to a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in order to address the issue of 'the capabilities of computational tools' including scaling/uncertainty analysis. The justification for such an activity comes from the consideration that a wide spectrum of uncertainty methods applied to Best Estimate codes exist and are used in research laboratories, but their practicability and/or validity is not sufficiently established to support general use of the codes and acceptance by industry and safety authorities. The consideration of the Best Estimate codes and uncertainty evaluation for Design Basis Accident (DBA), by itself, shows the safety significance of the proposed activity.The Phase II of BEMUSE Programme is connected with the reanalysis of the Experiment L2 -5 performed in the LOFT (Loss Of Fluid Test) facility in June 1982. The LOFT facility, installed at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), is a 50 MWth Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) system with instruments that measure and provide data on the system thermal-hydraulic and nuclear conditions. The operation of the LOFT is typical of large ({approx}1000 MWe) commercial PWR. For the performance of Experiment L2-5, the LOFT facility was configured to simulate a double-ended 200 % cold leg break in a four-loop PWR operating at nominal conditions. Assumption of loss of offsite power and atypical primary coolant pump coast down were incorporated into the simulation to create core flow stagnation. The light water reactor transient analysis code Relap5/Mod3.2 has been used to simulate this experiment and the standard procedure

  2. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of 1-D Chain Copper(Ⅱ) Complex:[Cu(L)Cl2]n(L = 2,5-Di-2-pyridyl-1,3,4-oxodiazole)

    李建荣; 郭国聪; 卜显和; 黄锦顺


    The title complex, [Cu(L)Cl2]n (L = 2,5-di-2-pyridyl-1,3,4-oxodiazole) 1, has mixture solvent of CH3CN and CH2Cl2 (L is generated from the metal-assisted hydrolysis reaction of bptz) and structurally characterized. It crystallizes in space group C2/c of monoclinic system with cell parameters: a = 9.812(2), b = 12.679(3), c = 1 1.111(2) A, β = 103.92(3)°, V = 1341.6(5)A3, Z = 4, Dc = 1.776 g/cm3, Mr= 358.66, F(000) = 716, μ = 2.024 mm-1 and S = 1.004. The final R = 0.0346 and wR = 0.0938 for 1011 observed reflections with I > 2σ(I). The Cu( Ⅱ ) ion is six-coordinated by four N atoms of two L ligands and two Cl- ions in a distorted octahedral geometry. The ligand L acts as a bis-bidentate ligand to bridge the Cu( Ⅱ ) ions, resulting in an infinite chain structure.

  3. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Profile Data V2-01

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  4. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V2-01

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  5. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V1-10

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  6. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V3-01

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  7. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Profile Data V3-02

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  8. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V1-20

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  9. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V3-30

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  10. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Profile Data V3-01

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  11. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Profile Data V2-02

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  12. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V2-02

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  13. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Layer Data V3-02

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  14. CALIPSO Lidar L2 5 km Cloud Profile Data V3-30

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) was launched on April 28, 2006 to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on the Earth’s...

  15. A case study of storm commencement and recovery plasmaspheric electric fields near L=2.5 at equinox

    H. F. Balmforth (*

    Full Text Available Data from the VLF Doppler experiment at Faraday, Antarctica (65° S, 64° W are used to study the penetration of the high-latitude convection electric field to lower latitudes during severely disturbed conditions. Alterations of the electric field at L-values within the range 2.0 - 2.7 are studied for two cases at equinox (10 - 12 September 1986 and 1 - 3 May 1986. The recovery of the electric field is found to be approximately an exponential function of time. Values for the equatorial meridional E×B drift velocity, inferred from the data, are used as inputs to a model of the plasmasphere and ionosphere. The model and experimental results are used to investigate the post-storm alteration of ionospheric coupling processes. The magnitude of the effect of ionosphere-plasmasphere coupling fluxes on NmF2 values and the O+-H+ transition height is dependent on the local time of storm commencement, and on the orientation of the electric field. The coupling fluxes appear to have a maximum influence on ionospheric content during the main phase of geomagnetic activity that produces outward motion of plasmaspheric whistler ducts.

  16. Výskum spokojnosti českých bankových klientov a porovnanie so situáciou na Slovensku

    Jaroslav Belás


    Full Text Available The satisfaction of banking clients determines their loyalty and willingness to buy product of the commercial bank. Many of researches and knowledge of banking practices show that there is a big group of dissatisfied customers. The aim of this article was compare the overall level of satisfaction of Czech and Slovak banks’ customers and quantify the most significant factors of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of these customers.Next aim was to define current trends of customers’ satisfaction in relation with the financial performance and the competitiveness of commercial banks. The research about satisfaction of retail customers in Czech and Slovak Republic has been realized through the questionnaire survey. Our research has confirmed that between Czech and Slovak republic exist very similar trends in the area of an overall satisfaction and partial reasons of satisfaction, respectively dissatisfaction of banks’ clients. The most significant reason of customers’ satisfaction is the possibility to use e-banking in both countries. For Czech banking clients is this reason more important than for the Slovak one. The most significant reason of dissatisfaction of banks’ clients is the price policy of banking products and services. The level of dissatisfied clients with this reason is approximately the same in both countries. Customers in both countries feel a low level of acceptance of their financial needs during the sales process. An interesting trend has been observed that satisfied clients use fewer amounts of banks and the value of cross-selling is lower than in the case of dissatisfied clients. A current situation on the Czech and Slovak banking market means, that banks have enough sales opportunities, if they are able to increase a customers’ satisfaction. Purpose of the article: The aim of this article was to quantify and compare the overall satisfaction between Czech and Slovak banks‘customers. Purpose of this article was to define the most important factors of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of banks‘customers and current trends in the area of customers‘satisfaction. Methodology/methods: The research of customers‘satisfaction in Czech and Slovak Republic has been conducted through the questionnaire survey. Set scientific hypothesis has been verified by Pearson chi/square test statistics to determine dependencies in the Pivot table. Methods of descriptive statistics and the weighted average have been used. Scientific aim: Scientific aim was to quantify and compare the overall satisfaction and the most significant reasons of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of Czech and Slovak banks‘clients. Next aim was to examine the impact of clients‘satisfaction on the usage of banking products and banks and to determine the change of the approach of commercial during the crisis. Findings: The overall customers‘satisfaction in Czech Republic and Slovakia is approximately on the same level. The most important reasons of customers‘satisfaction are the possibility to use e-banking in both countries. This trend is more important for Czech banking customers than for Slovak one. The most important dissatisfaction of customers is the price policy of banking products and services. The level of dissatisfied clients with this factor is the same in both countries. Czech and Slovak clients intensively feel the fact that bank just want to sell them their product and earn money and they are not interested in real solution of their financial issue anymore. However, customers of commercial banks still think that banks‘approach has been improved during the crisis. Our research has found out that commercial banks offer their products with low intensity in both countries. Satisfaction of customers significantly determines the amount of used banks. Conclusions: A satisfaction of banks‘customers represents a key parameter of financial performance and competitive ability of a commercial bank. Despite this fact, there exist a big group of dissatisfied clients and many activities of the banks which are not sufficient at all. Our research has been conducted on the sample of representative respondents and has brought some interesting notices which are going to be as the topics of our next researches and are going to be examined more specifically. In the same time, some opportunities to increase the satisfaction of customers which are able to be done in a short period and at minimal cost, has been presented. The very important possibility to increase a customers‘satisfaction is the growth of employees‘satisfaction in the bank.

  17. Porovnanie vývoja vybraných jedľobukových porastov vo výskumno-účelovom objekte „Komárnik"

    Štefančík Igor


    Full Text Available The paper presents results of a long-term observation focused on the growth of two selected fir-beech stands in the area of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, which were established in the past to investigate the effect of different management treatments on the growth and structure of the stands. Attention was paid to changes in the tree species proportion, vertical and horizontal structure, the quantitative production and dead wood. The results of the monitoring of approximately 60-year stands development suggested a reduction of the fir proportion and an increase proportion of beech and maple in the natural conditions. Production characteristics (wood stock, above ground biomass, carbon stock, and dead wood have reached higher values on the control area. The results suggested that the close-to-nature management of these forest stands has a beneficial effect on their structure and overall development.

  18. Organické polovodiče a jejich aplikace

    Galbička, Tomáš


    Práca sa zaoberá problematikou organických polovodičov, kde sú popísané základné princípy prenosu náboja a vysvetlením ich základných štruktúr. Popísaná základná činnosť a vrstvenie jednoduchých organických súčiastok predovšetkým organickej diódy. V práci sú ďalej prakticky testované elektrické vlastnosti dvoch rôznych polymérnych diód PLED. Kde v tejto experimentálnej časti sú uvedené vlastné charakteristiky súčiastok, tak ich porovnanie pri rôznom osvetlení a vzájomné porovnanie diód. Ba...

  19. Využití návrhového vzoru Model-View-Controller ve webových aplikacích

    Margai, Ladislav


    Obsah práce je zameraný na využitie návrhového vzoru Model-View-Controller vo webových aplikáciach. Práca je rozdelená do niekoľkých kapitol. V prvej kapitole je vysvetlený model MVC ako taký a nutné úpravy interpretácie pre použitie vo webových aplikáciach. V druhej kapitole je popísaný vývoj od konceptu webových formulárov až po MVC a porovnanie týchto dvoch technológií. Tretia kapitola sa zameriava na prácu s Razor engine. Posledné tri kapitoly popisujú samostatný vývoj aplikácie. Conte...

  20. Návrh a optimalizace obchodní strategie založené na technické analýze na trhu forex

    Višňovský, Marko


    Táto práca sa zaoberá teoretickými aj praktickými aspektami obchodovania na devízových trhoch a snaží sa vytvoriť podrobný popis obchodnej stratégie optimalizovanej na konkrétne menové páry. Hlavným cieľom tejto práce je návrh obchodnej stratégie založenej na technickej analýze obchodovanej do trendu. Dôležitou časťou práce je návrh vhodnej optimalizácie vybraných parametrov stratégie s cieľom maximalizácie zisku a stability a nakoniec porovnanie a vyhodnotenie výsledkov pred a po optimalizác...

  1. Legal Regulation of Direct Payments in EU and Slovak Republic in Programming Period 2014-2020 / Právna Úprava Priamych Platieb V Eú A Slovenskej Republike V Programovom Období 2014-2020

    Palšová Lucia


    Full Text Available Priame platby patria k jedným z hlavných podporných nástrojov poľnohospodárskeho sektora v EÚ, pričom predstavujú príjmovú podporu poľnohospodárov. V novom programovom období (2014- 2020 dochádza k prechodu od úplného oddelenia platieb od produkcie k tzv. zacieleniu priamych platieb. Silný dôraz sa bude klásť predovšetkým na environmentálne aspekty, ktoré sú súčasťou konceptu “ozeleneňovania”. Cieľom článku je popísať a recenzovať právnu úpravu priamych platieb na úrovni EÚ aj SR. Ďalej je zhodnotené porovnanie výšky priamych platieb v rokoch 2007-2013 a 2014-2020. V závere sú priblížené a diskutované vybrané problémy v systéme implementácie priamych platieb

  2. Abundance, distribution and trend of the lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina breeding population in Slovakia

    Dravecký Miroslav


    pokles -1 (20-49 %. Vychádza z troch spôsobov odhadovania: 1 porovnanie poctu hniezdnych párov vo vybraných chránených vtácích územiach k roku 2000 a 2014 - poukazuje na pokles -26 %; 2 porovnanie poctu hniezdnych párov v piatich dlhodobo monitorovaných územiach orografických celkov Vihorlatské vrchy, Laborecká vrchovina, Volovské vrchy a regiónov Orava a Horné Ponitrie v 90- tych rokoch 20. storocia a k roku 2014 - poukazuje na pokles -20 %; 3 porovnanie poctu hniezdnych párov k roku 1997 vo vybraných územiach v hraniciach súcasných chránených vtácích území s poctom hniezdnych párov v tých istých chránených vtácích územiach k roku 2014 - poukazuje na pokles -23 %. V 8 vybraných chránených vtácích územiach bol štatisticky odhadnutý pokles pocetnosti hniezdnej populácie A. pomarina ešte výraznejší, a to až na úrovni mediánového trendu -35 % v 95 %-nom intervale spolahlivosti od -54 % do +25 %. Odhad k roku 1997 zapadá do vzostupného trendu vývoja publikovaných odhadov pocetnosti hniezdnej populácie druhu na Slovensku v rokoch 1955-2002. Odhad k roku 2014 ukazuje už menší pocet hniezdnych párov v porovnaní s odhadom k roku 2000 a prvýkrát v histórii sa zaznamenáva klesajúci trend. K roku 2014 sa hniezdny areál orla kriklavého na Slovensku rozprestiera na ploche ca 28935 km2 a pri odhadovanom pocte 600-800 hniezdnych párov je denzita priemerne 2,1-2,8 hniezdnych párov.100 km-2.

  3. 46 CFR 181.500 - Required number, type, and location.


    ... lb). Machinery Space 1 B-II, C-II located just outside exit CO2 6.8 kg (15 lb). Dry chemical 4.5 kg (10 lb). Open Vehicle Deck 1 for every 10 vehicles B-II Foam 9.5 L (2.5 gal). Halon 4.5 kg (10 lb..., Pantry, Concession Stand 1 A-II, B-II Foam 9.5 L (2.5 gal). Dry Chemical 4.5 kg (10 lb). (b) A...

  4. [A patient who refused treatment after self-poisoning with paracetamol

    Kramers, C.; Jansman, F.G.A.; Droogleever Fortuyn, H.A.


    Two patients, a 20-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, were admitted with paracetamol poisoning. Both patients refused treatment initially but eventually complied. The man had a paracetamol concentration of 47.5 mg/l 2.5-5.0 h after ingestion, so antidote treatment was not considered necessary. Th

  5. Modeling of Uniform/Non-Uniform Doping Effects for MOSFET Based on BSIM

    ZHAOYang; PARKEStephen; BURKEFranklyn


    In this paper the vertical uniform and nonuniform doping effects for long-channel device (L=2.5μm) of MOSFET are researched where BSIM Model is employed for parameter extraction of doping effects. Further,the description of experiment is introduced to show the process of modeling. Results show that the model and experimental result are in good compliance.

  6. Lack of postoperative pain relief after hysterectomy using preperitoneally administered bupivacaine

    Kristensen, Billy Bjarne; Christensen, D S; Østergaard, Mette


    bupivacaine (15 mL 2.5 mg/mL) every 4 hours for 48 hours via each catheter starting in the operating room. The placebo group (n = 19) received saline in a like manner. Postoperative pain was evaluated using a visual analog scale (VAS) and verbal rating scale (VRS) twice a day for 2 days at rest...

  7. Inter- and intra-annual dynamics of height increment in young beech and spruce stands in relation to tree size and weather conditions

    Konôpka Bohdan


    Full Text Available Počas rokov 2009-2013 sme sledovali sezónnu dynamiku výškového prírastku, ako aj celoročný výškový prírastok v bukových a smrekových mladinách rastúcich na totožnom stanovišti. Výsledky naznačili, že medziročné zmeny základných porastových charakteristík, a to najmä hustota porastu, boli výraznejšie v smrečine než v bučine. Omnoho vyššia stromová mortalita v smrečine sa vysvetlila nižšou intenzitou svetla pod korunovou vrstvou smrekov, resp. vyššou toleranciou buka na zatienenie. Veľké medzidruhové rozdiely sa zaznamenali v „načasovaní“ výškového prírastku. Konkrétne výškový prírastok bukov začal každoročne skôr ako výškový prírastok smrekov. Ďalej, terminál smrekov rástol dlhšie (približne 70 dní v porovnaní s bukmi (45 dní. Porovnanie priebehov výškových prírastkov vzhľadom na prostredie naznačilo, že principiálny vplyv mala globálna radiácia. V bučine bola maximálna intenzita výškového prírastku počas dní s maximálnou úrovňou globálnej radiácia, a to v rokoch 2009 a 2011, zároveň pokles intenzity sa objavil simultánne s poklesom globálnej radiácie počas roku 2012. V smrečine intenzita výškového prírastku predstavovala jednovrcholovú krivku - s najvyššou intenzitou prírastku v dňoch maximálnych hodnôt globálnej radiácie počas 2009 a 2012. Na druhej strane sa zaznamenal dvojvrcholový výskyt maxím intenzity výškového prírastku smrekov v 2010 a 2011. Tento jav súvisel s dočasným poklesom globálnej radiácie v týchto rokoch. Medzidruhové rozdiely v načasovaní výškového prírastku môžu mať relevanciu v prípade výskytu nepriaznivých poveternostných podmienok. Napríklad pri epizódach sucha v polovici vegetačného obdobia, keďže výškový prírastok je vtedy už ukončený pri bukoch avšak na smrekoch ešte prebieha

  8. Sub-natural width resonances in Cs vapor confined in micrometric thickness optical cell

    Cartaleva, S.; Krasteva, A.; Sargsyan, A.; Sarkisyan, D.; Slavov, D.; Vartanyan, T.


    We present here the behavior of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT), Velocity Selective Optical Pumping (VSOP) resonances and Velocity Selective Excitation (VSE) resonances observed in Cs vapor confined in а micrometric optical cell (MC) with thickness L = 6λ, λ = 852nm. For comparison of behavior of VSE resonance another conventional optical cell with thickness L=2.5 cm is used. Cells are irradiated in orthogonal to their windows directions by probe beam scanned on the Fg = 4 → Fe= 3, 4, 5 set of transitions and pump beam fixed at the Fg = 3 → Fe = 4 transition, on the D2 line of Cs. The enhanced absorption (fluorescence) narrow VSOP resonance at the closed transition transforms into reduced absorption (fluorescence) one with small increase of atomic concentration or light intensity. A striking difference appears between the VSE resonance broadening in L = 6λ and conventional L = 2.5cm cells.

  9. Fermentation of corn fiber hydrolysate to lactic acid by the moderate thermophile Bacillus coagulans.

    Bischoff, Kenneth M; Liu, Siqing; Hughes, Stephen R; Rich, Joseph O


    A strain of Bacillus coagulans that converted mixed sugars of glucose, xylose, and arabinose to L: -lactic acid with 85% yield at 50 degrees C was isolated from composted dairy manure. The strain was tolerant to aldehyde growth inhibitors at 2.5 g furfural/l, 2.5 g 5-hydroxymethylfurfural/l, 2.5 g vanillin/l, and 1.2 g p-hydroxybenzaldehyde/l. In a simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process, the strain converted a dilute-acid hydrolysate of 100 g corn fiber/l to 39 g lactic acid/l in 72 h at 50 degrees C. Because of its inhibitor tolerance and ability to fully utilize pentose sugars, this strain has potential to be developed as a biocatalyst for the conversion of agricultural residues into valuable chemicals.

  10. πK scattering in full QCD with domain-wall valence quarks

    Beane, Silas R.; Bedaque, Paulo F.; Luu, Thomas C.; Orginos, Kostas; Pallante, Elisabetta; Parreño, Assumpta; Savage, Martin J.


    We calculate the π+K+ scattering length in fully-dynamical lattice QCD with domain-wall valence quarks on MILC lattices with rooted staggered sea-quarks at a lattice spacing of b = 0.125 fm, lattice spatial size of L = 2.5 fm and at pion masses of mπ ~ 290, 350, 490 and 600 MeV. The lattice data, an

  11. Aeroballistic Research Facility Data Analysis System (ARFDAS)


    Sea Level Temp. (Deg F) 5 - Hind Range (fps, +-down range) 6 - Cross Wind (fps, +«left) 7 - Vertical Wind (fps, +«up) 8 - Muzzle Velocity...determine which estimates may be modified by the program during the data fitting: Aerodynamic Modification Fit Flags 1 - Natation vector [Kl] 2...Precession vector [K2] 3 - Natation damping exponent [LI] 4 - Precession damping exponent [L2] 5 - Natation vector orientation [PI] 6 - Precession

  12. Design and Realization of Immediate Quenching Process Control System of Rail Section Plant of Pangang%攀钢轨梁余热淬火过程控制系统设计与实现



    为了实现余热淬火线与整体产销和新轨梁L2.5系统间的信息集成,解决余热淬火线的信息孤岛问题,提出建立轨梁100m余热淬火过程控制系统.通过对数据库技术、插件技术、多线程技术和OPC技术的综合应用,成功建立余热淬火过程控制系统.该过程控制系统的建立,不仅实现了余热淬火与整体产销和新轨梁L2.5信息的无缝集成,生产数据的实时共享,生产过程的在线监视,而且对于提升轨梁厂的信息化水平具有重要作用.%In order to implement the information integration of residual heat quenching production line, integral produce and sale, new beam-and-rail L2.5 system, solving the problem of information isolated island in immediate quenching production line, an immediate quenching process control system along with 100 meter beam-and-rail was proposed. The above system was successfully established with the combination of database, plug-in, multithread and OPC technology. The establishment of this process control system not only realizes seamless integration of information from immediate heat quenching, integral produce and sale, new beam-and-rail L2.5 system, sharing production data in real time, on line monitoring of production process, but also plays a vital role for promoting the informationi level in rail section plant.

  13. Itraconazol, an Antifungal and a Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor for Treatment of Prostate Cancer


    containing MTT solution [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol- 2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide] for 2 hours. Metabolically intact cells cleave tetrazolium salts... cell ith indicate 8 hours. Aft essed for ce s were l)-2,5- Metabolical uccinate- mazan cryst is the...growth and metastasis of human PCa cells representative of the advanced disease; the effect of the combination, on the growth and metastasis of human

  14. Kemampuan Larva Oryctes Rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Menularkan Cendawan Metarhizium Anisopliae Ke Larva Sehat Di Pertanaman Kelapa Sawit

    Perabu Jaya Sitepu


    Perabu Jaya Sitepu, Kemampuan larva Oryctes rhinoceros menularkan Metharizium anisopliae ke larva sehat di pertanaman kelapa sawit. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui kemampuan larva O. rhinoceros menularkan M. anisopliae ke larva O. rhinoceros yang lain di lapangan. Penelitian ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK) Non Faktorial yang terdiri dari 4 perlakuan dan enam ulangan yaitu : L1 (kontrol), L2 (5 larva dilumuri M. anisoplioae), L3 (10 larva dilumuri M. anisoplioae), L4 (15 la...

  15. Soluble serum Klotho levels in healthy subjects

    Pedersen, Lise Mariager; Pedersen, Susanne Møller; Brasen, Claus Lohman


    OBJECTIVE: Soluble serum Klotho, is a new biomarker linked to chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This study describes the evaluation and comparison of two different immunoassays and establishment of assay specific reference intervals in adults. Design and methods Serum...... of serum Klotho. RESULTS: Serum Klotho levels were significantly higher in time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRF) compared to an ELISA (IBL) and no correlation were found between the assays. No signal was obtained in either assay when the standard curve was switched between the two different...... immunoassays. The median serum Klotho concentration using TRF was 61ng/mL (2.5-97.5% reference limits; 11-181ng/mL) for males and 99ng/mL (2.5-97.5% reference limits; 19-316ng/mL) for females while the ELISA gave a mean value of 472pg/mL (2.5-97.5% reference limits; 204-741pg/mL) with no difference between...

  16. Post-Buckling, Damage Tolerance and Manufacturing Techniques for Advanced Composite Materials.


    ADVAN. J DUGUNDJI ET AL. UNCLASSIFIED AuG 96 TELA-96-23 RMRIL-TR-87-4006 F/G 11/4 MI L2.5 11111 . L6 5 8Wo1 ~E 13.2 12 LooI 1111 1111.4 11.6...MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES FOR ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS 00 NN John Dugundji , Paul A. Lagace, James W. Mar, Theodore H.H. Pian CO Massachusetts Institute...describing the experimental results and correlations is in preparation: Wang, Pian, Dugundji and Lagace [5]. 8 - N ~N - - --~ 4 - :)AMAGE. T111H - FPIRURJD

  17. High-dose metoclopramide + lorazepam versus low-dose metoclopramide + lorazepam + dehydrobenzperidol in the treatment of cisplatin-induced nausea and vomiting

    Herrstedt, Jørn; Hannibal, J; Hallas, Jesper;


    In a randomized double-blind, cross-over trial of 34 patients receiving cisplatin-based chemotherapy (20-100 mg/m2), the antiemetic effect of high-dose metoclopramide (HDM) (10 mg/kg iv. loading dose + 7 hours continuous infusion) + lorazepam (L) (2.5 mg x 4 po) was compared with low.......01). Sedation was seen in all but 1 patient, and was graded as severe in 6 patients receiving the HDM and in 2 patients receiving the LDM regimen. No extrapyramidal adverse reactions were seen. We conclude that high-dose metoclopramide + lorazepam is a safe antiemetic regimen and significantly superior to low...

  18. Formation and Decay of the Inner Electron Radiation Belt


    two 1.5mm Si wafers . The front detector, R1, is divided into two active areas, but in this work their data are combined as if it were a single detector...energies (46 and 66 MeV) the main peak is near L = 1.5 and a secondary bump in the profile appears near L = 2.5. These observations are readily...increases with energy. Secondary peaks, or bumps in the radial profiles, were caused by more recent solar proton injections that have not yet diffused

  19. Temporal variation in the new proton belt created in March 1991 observed using the CREAM & CREDO experiments

    Dyer, C. S.; Sims, A. J.; Truscott, P. R.; Peerless, C.; Underwood, C.

    The Cosmic Radiation Environment & Activation Monitor (CREAM) was carried in high inclination (57.1 deg) orbits on Shuttle missions STS-48 in September 1991 (altitude 570 km) and STS-53 (altitude 325 to 385 km) in December 1992. On both occasions the instrument observed an excess of counts due to protons of greater than 30 MeV in energy in the region off of South Africa where field lines of L = 2.5 intersect low earth orbit. Meanwhile the Cosmic Radiation Environment and Dosimetry Experiment (CREDO) carried to 840 km, 98.7 deg orbit on UOSAT-3 has continued to sample the high field portions of the L-shells around L = 2.5 from April 1990 until the present time. When careful subtraction of cosmic-ray contributions is made it can be seen that the March 91 enhancement persisted for approximately 8 months and explains the STS-48 observation. There would appear to have been a further increase produced by the 31 October 1992 flare event and seen by STS-53.

  20. Enraizamento de estacas de azaléia Rhododendron indicum: cultivar terra nova tratadas com ácido indolbutírico, com o uso ou não de fixador

    Juliano Tadeu Vilela de Resende


    Full Text Available O experimento teve como objetivo avaliar o enraizamento de estacas de Azaléia – cultivar Terra Nova – tratadas com ácido indol-butírico, com o uso ou não de gelatina como fixador. Foram avaliados os tratamentos 1,5 g AIB/L; 1,5 g AIB/L e fixador; 2,0 g AIB/L; 2,0 g AIB/L e fixador; 2,5 g AIB/L; 2,5 g AIB/L e fixador. Não foram detectadas diferenças significativas para doses de ácido indol-butírico e uso ou não de fixador para as características de enraizamento avaliadas.

  1. Control de inventarios en una Pyme de indumentaria femenina

    Balduini Salman, Maximiliano


    1. INTRODUCCIÓN - 1.1 PROBLEMA - 1.2 MARCO TEÓRICO - 1.3 METODOLOGÍA - 1.4 OBJETIVOS DEL TRABAJO - 1.4 LÍMITES O ALCANCE DEL TRABAJO - 2. REVISIÓN BIBLIOGRÁFICA - 2.1 INVENTARIOS - 2.2 ITEMS INDIVIDUALES O STOCK KEEPING UNITS - 2.3 COSTOS DEL INVENTARIO - 2.4 OTROS FACTORES DE IMPORTANCIA - 2.4.1 Demanda - 2.4.2 El tiempo de reposición (Lead Time) (L) - 2.5 SISTEMAS DE INVENTARIOS - 2.5.1 Modelo de inventario para un solo período - 2.5.2 Sistemas de inventarios para varios períodos - 2.5.3 Mo...

  2. Micropolarizer of Ordered Ni Nanowire Arrays Embedded in Porous Anodic Alumina Membrane

    PANG Yan-Tao; MENG Guo-Wen; SHAN Wen-Jun; FANG Qi; ZHANG Li-De


    A micropolarizer of nickel nanowire arrays within an anodic alumina membrane (AAM) was fabricated by an-odization of pure Al and electrodeposition of Ni, respectively. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and transmission-electron microscopy reveal that the nanowires are polycrystal and have an average diameter of 70 nm. Spectrophotometer measurements show that the nickel nanowire arrays embedded in the AAM can only transmit polarized light vertical to the wires. An extinction ratio of 25 to 30 dB and an average insertion loss of 1.07dB in the wavelength range of l-2.5fj.rn were obtained, respectively. Thus, Ni nanowire/AAM can be used as a wire grid type micropolarizer.

  3. Improved FFTBM by signal mirroring as a tool for code assessment

    Andrej, Prosek; Matjaz, Leskovar [Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (Slovenia)


    Comparison between experimental measurements and calculated results is very important for thermal-hydraulic code qualification. Recently the original fast Fourier transform based method (FFTBM) intended for quantitative assessment of code calculations was applied to severe accident FPT1 test (International Standard Problem ISP-46) calculations. It was observed that FFTBM favors certain trends when an edge (difference) is present in the signal between the first and the last data point of the time signal. The purpose of the present study was therefore to improve the FFTBM in this respect. This was achieved by signal mirroring. The improved FFTBM by signal mirroring was demonstrated on the LOFT L2-5 test calculations performed in the frame of the Best-Estimate Methods Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation (BEMUSE) program and the ISP-46 calculation. The results show that the improved FFTBM judges the accuracy in a consistent way. (authors)

  4. High resolution spectroscopy of Cs vapor confined in optical cells of few-micron thicknesses

    Cartaleva, S.; Krasteva, A.; Sargsyan, A.; Sarkisyan, D.; Slavov, D.; Vartanyan, T.


    We present here the new behavior of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT), Velocity Selective Optical Pumping (VSOP) and Velocity Selective Excitation (VSE) resonances observed in Cs vapor confined in unique cells with thicknesses L = 1.5λ and L = 6λ. It is shown experimentally that in both cells, the EIT resonance is significantly narrower than would be expected from the ground state dephasing rate due to atomic collisions with the cell windows. The enhanced absorption (fluorescence) narrow VSOP resonance at the closed transition transforms into reduced absorption (fluorescence) one with small increase of atomic concentration or light intensity. A striking difference appears between the VSE resonance broadening due to excited atom thermalization, in L = 6λ and conventional L = 2.5 cm cells.

  5. 采用Fe2+/NaClO处理乐果废水的研究%Study on Treatment of Dimethoate Wastewater by Fe2+/NaClO

    胡玲; 杨嘉谟



  6. The SNO+ Scintillator Purification Plant and Projected Sensitivity to Solar Neutrinos in the Pure Scintillator Phase

    Pershing, Teal; SNO+ Collaboration


    The SNO+ detector is a neutrino and neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment utilizing the renovated SNO detector. In the second phase of operation, the SNO+ detector will contain 780 tons of organic liquid scintillator composed of 2 g/L 2,5-diphenyloxazole (PPO) in linear alkylbenzene (LAB). In this phase, SNO+ will strive to detect solar neutrinos in the sub-MeV range, including CNO production neutrinos and pp production neutrinos. To achieve the necessary detector sensitivity, a four-part scintillator purification plant has been constructed in SNOLAB for the removal of ionic and radioactive impurities. We present an overview of the SNO+ scintillator purification plant stages, including distillation, water extraction, gas stripping, and metal scavenger columns. We also give the projected SNO+ sensitivities to various solar-produced neutrinos based on the scintillator plant's projected purification efficiency.

  7. Adsorption of Anthraquinone Dyes from Aqueous Solutions by Penicillium Terrestre

    XIN Bao-ping; LIU Xiao-mei


    Penicillium terrestre was used for removing four anthraquinone dyes from aqueous solution. The experiments were performed in Erlenmeyer flasks and spore suspension was used for inoculation. The results show that the mechanism of dye removal by penicillium terrestre is biosorption and the growing pellets exhibit higher adsorptive capacity than the resting or dead ones. The maximum removals of disperse blue 2BLN, reactive brilliant blue KN-R, acid anthraquinone blue and bromamine acid at the concentration of 120 mg/L by biosorption of growing pellets are 100 %, 100 %, 96 % and 91%, respectively. The 100.0 % and 91.4 % KN-R removals are achieved respectively at the much higher concentration of 250 and 400 mg/L. 2.5 g/L glucose is sufficient for 100% KN-R removal by growing pellets. Salinity (NaC1) increase from 0 to 2% (W/V) moderately accelerates both mycelium growth and KN-R removal.

  8. Analysis list: TCF7L2 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available TCF7L2 Blood,Breast,Digestive tract,Liver,Pancreas,Prostate,Uterus + hg19 http:...//,,,http:

  9. Anti-RAGE antibody attenuates isoflurane-induced cognitive dysfunction in aged rats.

    Shi, Chengmei; Yi, Duan; Li, Zhengqian; Zhou, Yongde; Cao, Yiyun; Sun, Yan; Chui, Dehua; Guo, Xiangyang


    Several animal studies demonstrated that the volatile anesthetic isoflurane could influence the blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity, which involved the cognitive impairment. Increasing evidence has also shown that the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) played a major role in maintaining the integrity of BBB. The present study aimed to determine whether the RAGE-specific antibody protects against BBB disruption and cognitive impairment induced by isoflurane exposure in aged rats. 108 aged rats were randomly divided into four groups: (1) control group (Control); (2) 4h of 2% isoflurane exposure group (ISO); (3) RAGE antibody (20μL, 2.5μg/μL) treated+4h of 2% isoflurane exposure group (anti-RAGE+ISO); (4) RAGE antibody (20μL, 2.5μg/μL) treated group (anti-RAGE). The isoflurane anesthesia resulted in the upregulation of hippocampal RAGE expression, disruption of BBB integrity, neuroinflammation, and beta-amyloid (Aβ) accumulation in aged rats. In addition, significant cognitive deficits in the Morris water maze test was also observed. The antibody pretreatment resulted in significant improvements in BBB integrity. Furthermore, the expression of RAGE and proinflammatory mediators, as well as, Aβ accumulation were attenuated. Moreover, the antibody administration attenuated the isoflurane-induced cognitive impairment in aged rats. These results demonstrate that RAGE signaling is involved in BBB damage after isoflurane exposure. Thus, the RAGE antibody represents a novel therapeutic intervention to prevent isoflurane-induced cognitive impairment. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Limiting nuclearity in formation of polynuclear metal complexes through [2 + 3] cycloaddition: synthesis and magnetic properties of tri- and pentanuclear metal complexes.

    Saha, Manideepa; Nasani, Rajendar; Das, Mriganka; Mahata, Arup; Pathak, Biswarup; Mobin, Shaikh M; Carrella, Luca M; Rentschler, Eva; Mukhopadhyay, Suman


    A tridentate ligand p-chloro-2-{(2-(dimethylamino)ethylimino)methyl}phenol (HL) was used to generate an octahedral nickel complex [Ni(L)Cl(H2O)2] 1 which was further converted into a square-planar nickel complex [Ni(L)(N3)] 2. The [2 + 3] cycloaddition reaction between metal coordinated azide 2 and different organonitriles under microwave irradiation afforded tri- and pentanuclear nickel(II) complexes 4a-4c. Reaction with benzonitrile and 3-cyano pyridine furnished the trinuclear species [Ni3L2(5-phenyltetrazolato)4(DMF)2] 4a and [Ni3L2{5-(3-pyridyl)-tetrazolato}4(DMF)2]·2H2O 4b, respectively. The nickel centers were found to be linearly disposed to each other and the complex is formed by a 2,3-tetrazolate bridge and a phenoxo bridge between central and terminal nickel atoms. Compound 2 when treated with 1,2-dicyanobenzene under identical conditions furnished a pentanuclear complex [Ni5L4{5-(2-cyanophenyl)-tetrazolato}4(OH)2(H2O)2]·3H2O·DMF 4c. In this pentanuclear compound two dimeric nickel units are connected to the central nickel center by a μ3-hydroxo bridge and a tetrazolate ligand operating via a relatively rare 1,2,3-bridging mode. The compounds were characterized by IR, elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and single crystal X-ray crystallography. The magnetic susceptibility data for compounds 4a-4c show dominant antiferromagnetic interactions between the nickel centers for all the complexes. DFT calculations were performed to investigate the magnetic parameter in one of the complexes 4b by a broken symmetry approach.

  11. Efeito fitotóxico do óleo volátil de Cleome guianensis Aubl. sobre o crescimento inicial de Senna occidentalis L.



    Full Text Available RESUMO Aleloquímicos são substâncias liberadas por certas espécies vegetais no ambiente que influenciam a germinação e o desenvolvimento de outras plantas. O objetivo desse estudo foi avaliar o potencial fitotóxico de Cleome guianensis Aubl., bem como determinar o grau de estresse oxidativo causado em Senna occidentalis L. Para isso, o óleo das folhas de C. guianensis, nas concentrações 0,5 µg/mL, 1,0 µg/mL, 2,5 µg/mL e 5,0 µg/mL, em solução de 5 ml foi testado em bioensaios de germinação e de crescimento da raiz primária e do hipocótilo de S. occidentalis. Os indivíduos de S. occidentalis foram macerados, homogeneizados e submetidos a ensaios de quantificação da catalase, peroxidase, SOD e de peroxidação lipídica. Os resultados indicam que todas as concentrações do óleo volátil causaram um efeito negativo sobre a germinação e crescimento de S. occidentalis. Na concentração 5,0 µg/mL, houve 56% de inibição da germinação e 83% de inibição de crescimento do hipocótilo. Ainda, o óleo aumentou a atividade das enzimas induzidas pelo estresse oxidativo catalase, peroxidase e superóxido dismutase (SOD. Quanto à peroxidação lipídica, o óleo nas concentrações 1,0 µg/mL, 2,5 µg/mL e 5,0 µg/mL aumentou a produção de malondialdeído. Sendo assim, conclui-se que C. guianensis apresenta aleloquímicos que influenciam na germinação e no crescimento de S. occidentalis, além de aumentar a atividade das enzimas catalase, peroxidase, SOD e a produção de malondialdeído em S. occidentalis. Dessa forma, sugere-se a realização de estudos sobre o perfil químico do óleo a fim de descobrir as substâncias responsáveis por tais resultados e consolidar o potencial fitotóxico de C. guianensis.

  12. Investigation on apoptosis of neuronal cells induced by Amyloid beta-Protein

    罗本燕; 徐增斌; 陈智; 陈峰; 唐敏


    Objective: To construct a PC12 cell strain with neuronal differentiation, and observe the apoptosis and pro-liferation activity effects induced these cells by Amyloid beta-Protein (Aβ3-43). Methods: 1) PC12 cells in logarithmic growth phase were subcultured for 24 h. After the culture fluid was changed, the cells were treated with Rat-β-NGF and cultured for 9 days. 2) Neuronal differentiation of PC 12 cells in logarithmic growth phase were divided into four groups:control group (0), experimental group (1), experimental group (2) and experimental group (3). The concentrations of Aβ in the four groups were 0 μmol/L, 1.25 μmol/L, 2.5 μmol/L and 5 μmol/L, respectively. The cells were harvested at 24, 48 and 72 h later and stained with AnnexinV-FITC/PI after centrifugation and washing. Then flow cytometry was conducted to examine the apoptosis percentage. 3) NGF-induced PC12 cells were selected and Aβ with different concentrations was added. The final concentrations of Aβ were 0 μmol/L, 1.25 μmol/L, 2.5 μmol/L and 5 μmol/L, respectively. After the cells were incubated in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 at 37 ℃ in an incubator for 72 h, the OD values were examined. Results: 1)Neuronal differentiated PC12 cell lines were successfully established. 2) Flow cytometric examination indicated that Aβ(1.25, 2.5, and 5.0 μmol/L) could effectively induce apoptosis of neuronal-differented cells at the 24 h, 48 h and 72 h time points. 3) Aβ (0-5.00 μmol/L) had no obvious effect on proliferation or restraining of the neuronal differentiation of the PC 12 cells after a 72 h interacting process. Conclusion: This investigation revealed successful neuronal differentiation of the PC12 cell strain. The induction of apoptosis of the neurocytes by various concentrations of Aβ was observed and the in-fluence of Aβ on induced proliferation of PC 12 cells by Rat-β-NGF was revealed. This study may provide basis for future research on the molecular cure of AD and interdiction of AD

  13. Effect of different final irrigation methods on the removal of calcium hydroxide from an artificial standardized groove in the apical third of root canals.

    Capar, Ismail Davut; Ozcan, Erhan; Arslan, Hakan; Ertas, Huseyin; Aydinbelge, Hale Ari


    The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of conventional syringe, ultrasonic, EndoVac (Discus Dental, Culver City, CA), and Self-Adjusting File (SAF) (Re-Dent-Nova, Ra'nana, Israel) irrigation systems in removing calcium hydroxide (Ca[OH]2) from simulated root canal irregularities. The root canals of 88 extracted single-rooted teeth were prepared using ProTaper rotary instruments (Dentsply Maillefer, Ballagiues, Switzerland) up to size F4. The roots were split longitudinally, and a standardized groove was prepared in the apical part of 1 segment. The root halves were reassembled, and Ca(OH)2 medicament was placed into the root canals using a Lentulo spiral. The roots were randomly divided into 4 experimental groups and 2 control groups according to the different irrigation systems used: conventional syringe irrigation, continuous passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI), EndoVac irrigation, and SAF irrigation. Each group was then divided into 2 subgroups (n = 10) according to the irrigation protocol: subgroup 1: 10 mL 2.5% NaOCl and subgroup 2: 10 mL 17% EDTA + 10 mL 2.5% NaOCl. The amount of remaining medicament was evaluated under a stereomicroscope at 30× magnification using a 4-grade scoring system. The influences of the different Ca(OH)2 medicament removal methods and irrigation protocols were statistically evaluated using 2-way analysis of variance and Tukey post hoc tests. In the NaOCl-irrigated groups, PUI removed significantly more Ca(OH)2 medicament than the other techniques (P .05). In the EDTA/NaOCl-irrigated groups, the SAF and PUI removed significantly more Ca(OH)2 than the other techniques (P < .05). The use of the SAF system with the combination of EDTA and NaOCl enhanced Ca(OH)2 removal when compared with the use of only NaOCl irrigation with the SAF. Continuous PUI and SAF were more effective than EndoVac, and conventional syringe irrigation in the removal of the Ca(OH)2 medicament from an artificial standardized groove in the apical part of

  14. Magellan adaptive optics first-light observations of the exoplanet β PIC b. I. Direct imaging in the far-red optical with MagAO+VisAO and in the near-IR with NICI {sup ,}

    Males, Jared R.; Close, Laird M.; Morzinski, Katie M.; Skemer, Andrew J.; Kopon, Derek; Follette, Katherine B.; Hinz, Philip M.; Rodigas, Timothy J. [Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Wahhaj, Zahed [European Southern Observatory, Alonso de Cordova 3107, Vitacura, Casilla 19001 Santiago (Chile); Liu, Michael C.; Nielsen, Eric L.; Chun, Mark [Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, 2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822 (United States); Puglisi, Alfio; Esposito, Simone; Riccardi, Armando; Pinna, Enrico; Xompero, Marco; Briguglio, Runa [Arcetri Observatory/INAF, Largo E. Fermi 5, I-50125-Firenze (Italy); Biller, Beth A. [Institute for Astronomy, The University of Edinburgh, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ (United Kingdom); Hayward, Thomas L., E-mail: [Gemini Observatory, Southern Operations Center, c/o AURA, Casilla 603, La Serena (Chile); and others


    We present the first ground-based CCD (λ < 1 μm) image of an extrasolar planet. Using the Magellan Adaptive Optics system's VisAO camera, we detected the extrasolar giant planet β Pictoris b in Y-short (Y{sub S} , 0.985 μm), at a separation of 0.470 ± 0.''010 and a contrast of (1.63 ± 0.49) × 10{sup –5}. This detection has a signal-to-noise ratio of 4.1 with an empirically estimated upper limit on false alarm probability of 1.0%. We also present new photometry from the Gemini Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imager instrument on the Gemini South telescope, in CH {sub 4S,1%} (1.58 μm), K{sub S} (2.18 μm), and K {sub cont} (2.27 μm). A thorough analysis of our photometry combined with previous measurements yields an estimated near-IR spectral type of L2.5 ± 1.5, consistent with previous estimates. We estimate log (L {sub bol}/L {sub ☉}) = –3.86 ± 0.04, which is consistent with prior estimates for β Pic b and with field early-L brown dwarfs (BDs). This yields a hot-start mass estimate of 11.9 ± 0.7 M {sub Jup} for an age of 21 ± 4 Myr, with an upper limit below the deuterium burning mass. Our L {sub bol}-based hot-start estimate for temperature is T {sub eff} = 1643 ± 32 K (not including model-dependent uncertainty). Due to the large corresponding model-derived radius of R = 1.43 ± 0.02 R {sub Jup}, this T {sub eff} is ∼250 K cooler than would be expected for a field L2.5 BD. Other young, low-gravity (large-radius), ultracool dwarfs and directly imaged EGPs also have lower effective temperatures than are implied by their spectral types. However, such objects tend to be anomalously red in the near-IR compared to field BDs. In contrast, β Pic b has near-IR colors more typical of an early-L dwarf despite its lower inferred temperature.

  15. 万寿菊SS-PCR反应体系的优化%Optimization in SSR-PCR Reaction System of Marigold

    杨帆; 曾丽; 赵子刚; 张嫔; 龚霄雯


    实验材料为色素万寿菊雄性不育两用系'9901AB',通过对SSR-PCR反应体系中的主要因素dNTPs、引物及模板DNA进行最优条件筛选,建立了适合于万寿菊雄性不育两用系的SSRPCR反应体系:2.5μL 10×buffer、40 ng模板DNA、2μL 10μmol·μL1引物、1.0 U Taq酶、1.2μL2.5 mmol·μL-1dNTP,ddH2()补足体系至25μL;P(R循环程序为:94℃预变性2 min;38个循环(94℃变性30 s、56℃退火30 s、72℃延伸1 min),72℃延伸10 min.采用优化后的SSR-PCR体系,将已公布的向日葵15对引物运用于万寿菊雄性不育两用系材料上,结果表明万寿菊与向日葵之间可以共享部分SSR引物信息.%The experimental material is marigold yellow pigment male sterile line '9901AB'. The SSR-PCR was established within 25 μL reaction volumes containing 2. 5 μL 10 × PCR amplification buffer, 40 ng template DNA,2 μL 10 μmol · μL-1 primers, 1.0 U Taq DNA polymerase, 1.2 μL 2. 5 mmol ·μL-1 dNTP and made to volume with sterile double-distilled water by screening the optimal main factors that dNTP,primers and template DNA in SSR-PCR reaction system. The SSR-PCR was built using the conditions: 94 ℃ for 2 min; 38 cycles of 94 ℃ for 30 s,56 ℃ for 30 s,72 ℃ for 1 min; 72 ℃ for 10 min. Results show that some of the SSR primers developed from sunflower (Helianthus annuus ) could be directly used in marigold genome study.

  16. 米醋中蜡状芽孢杆菌DNA提取及其ERIC-PCR体系建立%Extraction of Bacillus cereus DNA in Vinegar and the Establishment of ERIC-PCR System

    廖永红; 任文雅; 孙宝国; 徐瑾; 沈晗


    以蜡状芽孢杆菌(Bacillus cereus)为试验材料,比较细菌基因组DNA的提取方法.将ERIC-PCR应用于醋液分离菌的研究,对此反应体系的主要因素进行优化,最终建立了适合于此菌种的ERIC-PCR体系.采用改良的传统细菌基因组DNA提取方法,所提取的DNA质量较高,能够满足ERIC-PCR反应的需要.反应体系:25μL反应体积10×扩增缓冲液(含Mg2+)2.5 μL,20 pmol/μL ERIC-PCR引物E1 1μL,20 pmol/μL ERIC-PCR引物E2 1μL,DNA模板2μL,2.5 mmol/LdNTPs混合液2.0 μL,taq聚合酶1.1 μL,双蒸水补齐;PCR反应程序为:94℃变性3min,1个循环;94℃变性30 s,55℃退火40 s,72℃延伸1min,30个循环;72℃延伸4min.%Bacillus cereus was used as experimental materials. Hie method of genomic DNA extraction was studied in Bacillus and the conditions of ERIC-PCR. Finally, ERIC-PCR reaction system suitable for our lab was established. The results showed that high-grade genomic DNA which could meet the requirements of PCR reaction was obtained by the modified methods. The established ERIC-PCR reaction system was as follows: 10×Buffer (Mg2+) 2.5 μL, 20 pmol/μL primer E1 1 μL, 20 pmol/μL primer E2 1 μL, DNA template 2 μL, 2.5 mmol/L dNTPs 2 μL, Taq polymerase 1.1 μL, ddH2O 15.4 μL, 25 μL reaction volume. The reaction program of PCR was devised as follows: 3 min degeneration at 94 ℃ (one cycle), then 30s degeneration at 94 ℃, 40s annealing at 55 ℃, and 1 min extension at 72 ℃(30cycles), and then 4min final extension at 72 ℃.

  17. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Novel Manganese Coordination Polymer: 2,5-Bis(4-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-2,4-hexadiene

    CHEN Man-Sheng; DENG Yi-Fang; ZHANG Chun-Hua; KUANG Dai-Zhi; FENG Yong-Lan; PENG Yun-Lin


    A new manganese coordination polymer 1, [Mn(H2O)4(L)]n(ClO4)2n.2nH2O.3nL (L= 2,5-bis(4-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-2,4-hexadiene), has been synthesized and structurally characterized.The crystal structure was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystal is of monoclinic, space group Pn with a = 13.9176(8), b = 15.4754(9), c = 15.9670(9) (A), β =99.5010(10)°, V = 3391.8(3) (A)3, Z = 2, C56H68Cl2MnN16O14, Mr= 1315.10, Dc = 1.288 g/cm3, μ =0.344 mm-1, F(000) = 1374, R = 0.0733 and wR = 0.2035. In the crystal the manganese atom is six-coordinated by two nitrogen atoms from 2,5-bis(4-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-2,4-hexadiene and four oxygen atoms from water molecules, completing an octahedral geometry. The title complex exhibits a novel supramolecular layer architecture sustained by the concurrence of coordination bonds,hydrogen bonds, and π-π stacking interactions.

  18. Sympathetic radiofrequency neurolysis for unilateral lumbar hyperhidrosis: a case report.

    Aşik, Züleyha Soytürk; Orbey, Başak Ceyda; Aşik, Ibrahim


    Patients with hyperhidrosis suffer from physical, social and mental discomfort which often cannot be treated sufficiently using conservative measures. A new percutaneous approach to sympathectomy using radiofrequency denervation has seemed to offer longer duration of action and less incidence of post sympathetic neuralgia. This article reports the authors' experience with sympathetic RF neurolysis in a 35 year old male with right unilateral lumbar hyperhidrosis. Under scopy guided localization of the lumbar spine sympathetic blockade with local anesthetics to L2-5 vertebral levels were performed as a diagnostic block. Lesion effectiveness is monitored by bilateral feet skin temperature measurement. Clinical effects produced by the first sympathetic ganglion block were sustained for 1 week and then RF neurolysis of lumbar sympathetic ganglion was performed to the same levels for a longer effect. The procedure was accomplished within 30 minutes and the patient was discharged within 2 hours after the procedure. Hyperhidrosis was relieved after the procedure and there were no postsympathectomy neuralgia and sexual dysfunction. The patient obtained improvement of lumbar hyperhidrosis at his first month of follow- up and was satisfied with the outcome. In conclusion, RF neurolysis of lumbar sympathetic ganglions is a safe and effective palliative procedure with minimal invasiveness for relieving excessive sweat secretion in patients with localized hyperhidrosis.

  19. Optical and Infrared photometry of the type IIn SN 1998S Days 11-146

    Fassia, A; Vacca, W D; Kemp, S N; Walton, N A; Pollacco, D L; Smartt, S J; Oscoz, A; Aragón-Salamanca, A; Bennett, S; Hawarden, T G; Alonso, A; Alcalde, D; Pedrosa, A; Telting, J H; Arevalo, M J; Deeg, H J; Garzón, F; Gómez-Roldán, A; Gómez, G; Gutíerrez, C; López, S; Rozas, M; Serra-Ricart, M; Zapatero-Osorio, M R


    We present contemporaneous optical and infrared photometric observations of the type IIn SN 1998S covering the period between 11 and 146 days after discovery. The infrared data constitute the first ever infrared light curves of a type IIn supernova. We use blackbody and spline fits to the photometry to examine the luminosity evolution. During the first 2--3 months, the luminosity is dominated by the release of shock-deposited energy in the ejecta. After $\\sim$100 days the luminosity is powered mostly by the deposition of radioactive decay energy from 0.15$\\pm$0.05 M$_{\\odot}$ of $^{56}$Ni which was produced in the explosion. We also report the discovery of an astonishingly high infrared (IR) excess, $K-L'=2.5$, that was present at day 130. We interpret this as being due to thermal emission from dust grains in the vicinity of the supernova. We argue that to produce such a high IR luminosity so soon after the explosion, the dust must be {\\it pre-existing} and so is located in the circumstellar medium of the pro...

  20. Oxidation of hydrogen peroxide by [NiIII(cyclam)]3+ in aqueous acidic media

    Sankaran Anuradha; Venkatapuram Ramanujam Vijayaraghavan


    The kinetics of oxidation of H2O2 by [NiIII(cyclam)]3+, [NiIIIL1], was studied in aqueous acidic media at 25°C and I = 0.5M (NaClO4). The [NiIIIL1] to [NiIIL1] reduction was found to be fast in the presence of Cu(II) ion than the oxidation of the cyclam ligand by ·OH. The rate constant showed an inverse acid dependence on H+ ion at the pH range 1-1.5. The presence of sulphate retards the reaction. Macrocylic ligand oxidation was followed spectrophotometrically by examining the oxidation of nickel(II) complexes of macrocyclic ligands such as 1,8-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-1,3,6,8,10,13-hexaazacyclotetradecane (L2), -5,7,7,12,14,14-hexamethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane (L3), rac-Me6[14]-4,11-dieneN4 (L4) by reaction with hydrogen peroxide. The rate constant for the cross reaction is discussed in terms of Marcus relationship.

  1. Effect of irrigation technique for removal of triple antibiotic paste on bond strength of MTA to root dentin.

    Dumani, Aysin; Yilmaz, Sehnaz; Yoldas, Oguz; Bek, Zeliha Gonca


    This study evaluated the bond strength of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) to root canal dentin after the performance of various irrigation procedures to remove triple antibiotic paste (TAP). A total of 56 single-rooted human mandibular premolars were instrumented using a rotary system to size 40 and divided randomly into a control group (no intracanal dressing) and three experimental groups (TAP application for 28 days). TAP was then removed by rinsing with 10 mL 2.5% NaOCl using three irrigation systems (Vibringe sonic irrigation, CanalBrush, and syringe irrigation). The coronal and middle parts of root canals were then obturated with MTA. After storage for 1 week, each specimen was embedded in an acrylic block and sectioned horizontally (2-mm-thick slices) at two levels (coronal and middle). Bond strength of MTA to root canal dentin was assessed in 28 samples per group via push-out test using a universal testing machine. Data from the four groups were compared using one-way analysis of variance. Tukey's test was used for multiple comparisons. Push-out bond strength values were significantly higher in the control and Vibringe groups than in the CanalBrush and syringe irrigation groups (p irrigation system may increase the push-out bond strength of MTA compared with the use of the CanalBrush or syringe irrigation.

  2. HD 106906 b: A planetary-mass companion outside a massive debris disk

    Bailey, Vanessa; Reiter, Megan; Morzinski, Katie; Males, Jared; Su, Kate Y L; Hinz, Philip M; Kenworthy, Matthew; Stark, Daniel; Mamajek, Eric; Briguglio, Runa; Close, Laird M; Follette, Katherine B; Puglisi, Alfio; Rodigas, Timothy; Weinberger, Alycia J; Xompero, Marco


    We report the discovery of a planetary-mass companion, HD 106906 b, with the new Magellan Adaptive Optics (MagAO) + Clio2 system. The companion is detected with Clio2 in three bands: $J$, $K_S$, and $L^\\prime$, and lies at a projected separation of 7.1'' (650 AU). It is confirmed to be comoving with its $13\\pm2$ Myr-old F5 host using Hubble Space Telescope/Advanced Camera for Surveys astrometry over a time baseline of 8.3 yr. DUSTY and COND evolutionary models predict the companion's luminosity corresponds to a mass of $11\\pm2 M_{Jup}$, making it one of the most widely separated planetary-mass companions known. We classify its Magellan/Folded-Port InfraRed Echellette $J/H/K$ spectrum as L$2.5\\pm1$; the triangular $H$-band morphology suggests an intermediate surface gravity. HD 106906 A, a pre-main-sequence Lower Centaurus Crux member, was initially targeted because it hosts a massive debris disk detected via infrared excess emission in unresolved Spitzer imaging and spectroscopy. The disk emission is best fit...

  3. Mixotrophic Cultivation of Botryococcus Braunii for Biomass and Lipid Yields with Simultaneous CO2 Sequestration

    K. Pooja


    Full Text Available In the present study an attempt has been made to utilize glucose as a carbon source to cultivate Botyrococcusbrauniimixotrophically with CO2 inputs to achieve biomass and lipid yields along with CO2 reduction. Experiments were carried out in laboratory culture flasks using different glucose concentrations (1g/L, 1.5g/L, 2g/L, 2.5g/L, 3g/L, 3.5g/L, 4g/L, 4.5g/L and 5g/L with 6% CO2 inputs at a flow rate of 0.1vvm at different time intervals of CO2 aeration (1hr/d, 2hr/d, 4hr/d, 6hr/d, 8hr/d, 10h/d, 12h/d and 24hr/d. The maximum biomass and lipid yields of 2.43g/L and 1.29g/L respectively were obtained at the glucose concentration of 2.5g/L. On the other hand the CO2 removal efficiency reached upto 75%. Hence in the present study it was observed that the microalgaeB. bauniigrew efficiently in the mixotrophic cultivation mode utilizing the glucose and CO2 as carbon source for its growth to achieve CO2reduction and in turn it produced biomass and lipids yields efficiently.

  4. Comparative Research on Multiplication of Two Types of Shoots from Bougainvillea glabra Micropropagation%三角梅两种植株再生途径丛生芽增殖比较研究



    以紫花三角梅和紫红重瓣三角梅为外植体,进行丛生芽增殖比较研究,以期筛选出丛生芽诱导和增殖的最佳培养基.结果表明:愈伤组织丛生芽增殖最佳培养基为MS+BA2.0 mg/L(2.5 mg/L)+IBA 0.2 mg/L+GA3 1.0 mg/L,增殖系数达7.7以上;侧芽途径丛生芽的增殖最佳培养基为MS+BA 3.0 mg/L+IBA 0.1 mg/L,增殖系数达4.0以上.考虑生产成本和生产周期,侧芽途径优于愈伤组织途径.

  5. A series of novel metal-organic coordination polymers constructed from the new 5-(4-imidazol-1-yl-phenyl)-2H-tetrazole spacer and aromatic carboxylates: Synthesis, crystal structures, and luminescence properties

    Sun, Jiayin; Zhang, Daojun; Wang, Li; Zhang, Renchun; Wang, Junjie; Zeng, Ying; Zhan, Jinling; Xu, Jianing; Fan, Yong


    Using bifunctional organic ligand 5-(4-imidazol-1-yl-phenyl)-2H-tetrazole (HL) and different aromatic carboxylates as secondary ligands, four novel metal-organic coordination polymers, [Zn(L)(1,4-bdc)0.5] (1), [Zn1.5(L)(2,5-pydc)] (2), [Zn(HL)(1,2,4,5-btec)0.5] (3), and [Cd(HL)(1,2,4,5-btec)0.5] (4) (1,4-bdc, 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate; 2,5-pydc, 2,5-pyridinedicarboxylate; 1,2,4,5-btec, 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylate) have been successfully synthesized and analyzed. Compound 1 features the 2D [Zn(L)]n layers built by μ3-L bridging ligands and Zn(II) ions, which are further linked by pillared 1,4-bdc2- ligands to form a 2-fold interpenetrating dmc framework. The 3D network of compound 2 can be simplified as a rare 2-nodal (3,6)-connected rtl (rutile) topology. Compound 3 possesses a 2D layer structure which is accomplished by connecting ladder-chains to L ligands. Compound 4 exhibits 2D [Cd(1,2,4,5-btec)] layers with infinite Cd-O-Cd rods and the adjacent 2D networks are further pillared by L with terminal bidentate coordination mode to generate the final 3D structure. The solid-state luminescent studies show that compounds 1-4 display intense fluorescent emissions.

  6. Evaluating the effect of dissolved oxygen on simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in polyurethane foam contact oxidation reactors.

    Tan, Chong; Ma, Fang; Li, Ang; Qiu, Shan; Li, Jianzheng


    The effects of dissolved oxygen on simultaneous nitrification and denitrification were evaluated in polyurethane foam contact oxidation reactors in a municipal wastewater treatment process. It was observed that nitrate could be removed at low dissolved oxygen levels, but the removal rate was gradually reduced as the dissolved oxygen concentration increased to a higher level of 6.0 mg/L. Nitrogen removal remained optimal within the dissolved oxygen range of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/L. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) analysis revealed that the diversity of the microbial community changed accompanying dissolved oxygen values of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/L, 2.5 to 3.5 mg/L, 6.0 to 6.5 mg/L, and 10.0 to 12.0 mg/L, in turn, which was supported by the Shannon-Wiener index of 1.56, 1.71, 1.43, and 1.56, accordingly. Both DGGE profiling and phylogenetic analysis confirmed that the nitrifiers in reactors that are responsible for nitrification during the experiment include Nitrosospira sp., Nitrosomonas sp., and Nitrospira sp.

  7. Optimization of ITS Reaction System of Lamiaceae Based on Orthogonal Design%正交设计优化唇形科植物ITS反应体系

    沈文华; 陈业; 李娅迪; 江辉; 关萍


    采用改良的CTAB法提取16种唇形科植物总DNA,利用正交设计L9(34)探讨Mg2、dNTP、引物及Taq DNA聚合酶4因素对益母草ITS-PCR反应的影响.正交试验结果采用方差分析与直观分析相结合,建立唇形科植物益母草的ITS-PCR反应体系(25 μL):2.5 μL 10×Buffer,1.5 UTaq聚合酶,2.0 mM Mg2+,0.15 mM dNTP,0.4 μM引物;最适退火温度为53.6℃.应用该优化体系,对16种唇形科植物进行ITS-PCR.验证表明,优化后的反应体系具有较高的稳定性,可用于唇形科植物的ITS扩增.

  8. Multiplex PCR System Optimization with Potato SSR Markers

    Wang Shao-peng; Liu Shang-wu; Li Yong; Liu Wei-ting; Lv Dian-qiu


    Potato variety Kexin18 was used as testing materials in this research to study the influence on main components in multiplex PCR system, different primer ratios and annealing temperatures in SSR marker amplification. Concentration and gradient experiments for four components (enzyme, MgCl2, DNA template and dNTPs) in PCR system were used in the research with the concentration of the other component remained the same; the orthogonal design L9 (34) was applied in the optimization of four sets of primers (STM0014, Pat, SSI, and UGP) in the reaction system at three levels; the temperature gradient selection was used to find out the optimum annealing temperature for the primer. The optimized multiplex PCR system of potato SSR marker with a total volume of 20 μL : 2.5 μL 25 mmol.L-1 MgCl2, 0.6 μL 10 mmol·L-1 dNTPs, 0.8 U Taq, 80 ng DNA template was ultimately established through the comparison and analysis of test results; the ratio of four pairs of 4 mmol. L1 primers was 2 : 1 : 2 : 3, and the annealing temperature was 54.7℃. The optimized reaction system could be repeated stably; and the stable and reliable amplification results were able to clearly distinguish different potato varieties. This research built the solid foundation for the further study of genetic diversity of potato germplasms and construction of DNA fingerprinting..

  9. Quantitative assessment with improved fast Fourier transform based method by signal mirroring

    Prosek, Andrej [Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)], E-mail:; Leskovar, Matjaz; Mavko, Borut [Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)


    The comparison of calculated results to experimental measurements is very important for thermal-hydraulic code qualification. Recently, it was observed that the fast Fourier transform based method (FFTBM) favors certain trends when an edge (difference) is present in the signal between the first and the last data point of the investigated time signal. Namely, the discrete Fourier transform used for the code accuracy calculation views the time domain signal as an infinite periodic signal. The purpose of the present study was therefore to improve the FFTBM regarding the unphysical edge impact. This was achieved by signal mirroring. In the demonstration it was shown how the improved FFTBM by signal mirroring works. Besides two case studies also the code accuracy of the LOFT L2-5 test calculations performed in the frame of the Best-Estimate Methods Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation (BEMUSE) program was assessed. The results show that the improved FFTBM by signal mirroring judges the accuracy in a consistent and unbiased way.

  10. Synthesis, characterization and structural determination of some nickel(II) complexes containing imido Schiff bases and substituted phosphine ligands.

    Kianfar, Ali Hossein; Ebrahimi, Mostafa


    Some new tridentate ONN Schiff base complexes of [NiL(PR3)] (where L=Salicylidene2-amino4-nitrobenzene (L(1)), 5-BrSalicylidene2-amino4-nitrobenzene (L(2)), 5-NO2Salicylidene2-amino4-nitrobenzene (L(3)), 5-MeOSalicylidene2-amino4-nitrobenzene (L(4)) and 3-MeOSalicylidene2-amino4-nitrobenzene (L(5)), R=Bu and Ph (with L(1))) were synthesised and characterized by IR, UV-Vis, (1)H NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The geometry of [NiL(1)(PPh3)] was determined by X-ray crystallography. It indicated that the complex had a planar structure and four coordinates in the solid state. The thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermoanalysis (DTA) of the synthesized complexes were carried out in the range of 20-600°C, leading to the decomposition of L(1)-L(3) type in three stages and of L(4)-L(5) and [NiL(1)(PPh3)] type in four stages. Thermal decomposition of the complexes was closely the dependent upon the nature of the Schiff base ligands and proceeded via the first order kinetics.

  11. Selected clinical, biochemical, and electrolyte alterations in anesthetized captive tigers (Panthera tigris) and lions (Panthera leo).

    Reilly, Sabrina; Seddighi, M Reza; Steeil, James C; Sura, Patricia; Whittemore, Jacqueline C; Gompf, Rebecca E; Elliott, Sarah B; Ramsay, Edward C


    A prospective study to assess changes in selected plasma biochemistry and electrolyte values, plasma insulin and aldosterone concentrations, and electrocardiography (ECG) was performed on eight female captive tigers (Panthera tigris) and three lions (Panthera leo) undergoing general anesthesia for elective laparoscopic ovariectomy. Each animal was sedated with medetomidine (18-25 microg/kg) and midazolam (0.06-0.1 mg/kg) intramuscularly, and anesthesia was induced with ketamine (1.9-3.5 mg/kg) intramuscularly and maintained with isoflurane. Venous blood samples were collected and analyzed for plasma biochemistry parameters and insulin and aldosterone concentrations. An ECG was recorded at the time of each blood sample collection. Mean plasma potassium, glucose, phosphorus, and aldosterone concentrations increased during anesthesia (P < or = 0.05). One tiger developed hyperkalemia (6.5 mmol/L) 2.5 hr after anesthetic induction. Plasma insulin concentrations were initially below the low end of the domestic cat reference interval (72-583 pmol/L), but mean insulin concentration increased (P < or = 0.05) over time compared with the baseline values. Three tigers and two lions had ECG changes that were representative of myocardial hypoxemia. Based on these results, continuous monitoring of clinical and biochemical alterations during general anesthesia in large nondomestic felids is warranted, and consideration should be given to reversal of medetomidine in these animals should significant changes in electrolytes or ECG occur.

  12. Strong-Isospin Violation in the Neutron-Proton Mass Difference from Fully-Dynamical Lattice QCD and PQQCD

    Silas Beane; Konstantinos Orginos; Martin Savage


    We determine the strong-isospin violating component of the neutron-proton mass difference from fully-dynamical lattice QCD and partially-quenched QCD calculations of the nucleon mass, constrained by partially-quenched chiral perturbation theory at one-loop level. The lattice calculations were performed with domain-wall valence quarks on MILC lattices with rooted staggered sea-quarks at a lattice spacing of b = 0.125 fm, lattice spatial size of L = 2.5 fm and pion masses ranging from m{sub {pi}} {approx} 290 MeV to {approx} 350 MeV. At the physical value of the pion mass, we predict M{sub n}-M{sub p}|{sup d-u} = 2.26 {+-} 0.57 {+-} 0.42 {+-} 0.10 MeV where the first error is statistical, the second error is due to the uncertainty in the ratio of light-quark masses, {eta} = m{sub u}/m{sub d}, determined by MILC, and the third error is an estimate of the systematic due to chiral extrapolation.

  13. Self-assembled silver polyhedra with embedded acetylide dianion stabilized by perfluorocarboxylate and 4-hydroxyquinoline ligands.

    Zhao, Xiao-Li; Wang, Quan-Ming; Mak, Thomas C W


    Four new silver(I) double salts (L(2)H)(4)[Ag(10)(C(2))(CF(3)CO(2))(12)(L)(2)].5H(2)O (1), [Ag(8)(C(2))(CF(3)CO(2))(6)(L)(6)] (2), [(Ag(2)C(2))(AgC(2)F(5)CO(2))(6)(L)(3)(H(2)O)].H(2)O (3), and (L.H(3)O)(2)[Ag(11)(C(2))(2)(C(2)F(5)CO(2))(9)(H(2)O)(2)].H(2)O (4) incorporating the hitherto unexplored ligand 4-hydroxyquinoline (L) have been synthesized by the hydrothermal method. Compound 1 features an unprecedented bicapped square-antiprismatic Ag(10) silver cage with an embedded C(2)(2-) moiety, whereas the discrete supermolecule 2 bears a rhombohedral Ag(8) core similar to that previously found in Ag(2)C(2).6AgNO(3). Compound 3 contains a discrete supramolecular complex whose core is a (C(2))(2)@Ag(16) double cage constructed from the edge-sharing of two monocapped square antiprisms, which is completely surrounded by 12 pentafluoropropionate, 6 4-hydroxyquinoline, and 2 aqua ligands. The layer structure in 4 is constructed from a sinuous anionic silver column composed of fused irregular monocapped trigonal antiprisms each encapsulating a C(2)(2-) dianion, with L.H(3)O(+) species serving as hydrogen-bond connectors to adjacent columns.

  14. Differentiation of Erwinia amylovora and Erwinia pyrifoliae strains with single nucleotide polymorphisms and by synthesis of dihydrophenylalanine.

    Gehring, I; Geider, K


    Fire blight has spread from North America to New Zealand, Europe, and the Mediterranean region. We were able to differentiate strains from various origins with a novel PCR method. Three Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Erwinia amylovora genome were characteristic of isolates from North America and could distinguish them from isolates from other parts of the world. They were derived from the galE, acrB, and hrpA genes of strains Ea273 and Ea1/79. These genes were analyzed by conventional PCR (cPCR) and quantitative PCR (qPCR) with differential primer annealing temperatures. North-American E. amylovora strains were further differentiated according to their production of L: -2,5-dihydrophenylalanine (DHP) as tested by growth inhibition of the yeast Rhodotorula glutinis. E. amylovora fruit tree (Maloideae) and raspberry (rubus) strains were also differentiated by Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism analysis. Strains from the related species Erwinia pyrifoliae isolated in Korea and Japan were all DHP positive, but were differentiated from each other by SNPs in the galE gene. Differential PCR is a rapid and simple method to distinguish E. amylovora as well as E. pyrifoliae strains according to their geographical origin.

  15. Human Pharmacokinetics of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine in Mahuang Tang by GC-MS%GC-MS法研究麻黄汤中麻黄碱、伪麻黄碱的人体内过程

    贺丰; 罗佳波; 陈飞龙; 余林中


    目的建立用于同时测定麻黄碱( ephedrine, E)、伪麻黄碱( pseudoephedrine, PE)血药浓度的气相色谱-质谱法( GC-MS),并探讨二者在人体内的药代动力学.方法用 GC-MS法测定人血药浓度,所得数据用 WinNonlin4.0.1药代动力学程序处理,求出有关参数.结果 E、 PE分别在 5~ 1000 ng/mL, 2.5~ 500 ng/mL的范围内线性关系良好(R2=0.9985,r2=0.9994) ,加样回收率分别为 107.5 %~ 96.2 % , 102.5 %~ 93.9 %.两者日内、日间精密度的RSD < 5 %,血浆样品 60 d内稳定,符合生物样本分析要求.结论该方法稳定、准确,灵敏度高,适于 E、 PE的血药浓度测定.

  16. Primary Study on Systemic Action of Novel Neonicotiniod Insecticide IPP-10

    Yuan Huizhu; Song Xiaoyu; Wu Zhongyan; Huang Qingchun; Qi Shuhua


    IPP-10 was one novel kind of neonicotinoid insecticide developed in recent years. The systemic action was studied by bioassay method in this paper. The results showed that IPP-10 had excellent translocation activity. It could be taken up by plant and further disttibuted acropetally with good root-systemic action. Wheat plants were cultured by IPP-10 solutions at concentrations of 1.0μg/mL, 5μg/mL, 10μg/mL, 25μg/mL and 50μg/mL, respectively. The control efficacy to wheat aphid was 94%, 98%, 100%, 100% and 100% at 24 hours later, respectively. The control efficacies to wheat aphids by root treatment were significantly better than that by spray method at the same concentration. These phenomena indicated that IPP-10 had good root-systemic action in wheat plant. Moreover, cotton seedlings were cultured with IPP-10 solution at concentration of 1.0μg/mL, 2.5μg/mL, 10μg/mL, 25μg/mL and 50μg/mL, respectively, their control efficacy to Bemisia tabaci adult was 3.8%, 7.3%, 42.1%, 78.0% and 88.5% at 72 hours later, respectively. These resuhs also indicated that IPP-10 had good root-systemic action in cotton plant.

  17. Multi-year air monitoring of legacy and current-use brominated flame retardants in an urban center in northeastern China.

    Li, Wen-Long; Huo, Chun-Yan; Liu, Li-Yan; Song, Wei-Wei; Zhang, Zi-Feng; Ma, Wan-Li; Qiao, Li-Na; Li, Yi-Fan


    The occurrence and temporal trends of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and non-PBDE brominated flame retardants (NBFRs) were investigated in an urban atmosphere of Northeast China in consecutive six years (2008-2013). Among all chemicals, BDE-209, l,2,5,6,9,10-hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), and decabromodiphenylethane (DBDPE) were the three most dominant compounds. During the period, the levels of pentabromodiphenyl ethers in the gas-phase and octabromodiphenyl ethers in the particle-phase significantly decreased, while the levels of BDE-209 and NBFRs increased in either the gas-phase or particle-phase. Ambient temperature was the most significant variable that influenced the gas-phase and particle-phase concentrations of BFRs, followed by wind speed and relative humidity. A stronger temperature dependence of the atmospheric concentrations was found for lower mass BFRs. Gas-particle partitioning studies suggested PBDEs in the urban atmosphere of Northeast China were at steady-state. Steady-state equation can also well describe the partitioning behavior for NBFRs, suggesting that the atmospheric partitioning behaviors of NBFRs were similar to those of PBDEs.

  18. Modeling and optimization of anaerobic codigestion of potato waste and aquatic weed by response surface methodology and artificial neural network coupled genetic algorithm.

    Jacob, Samuel; Banerjee, Rintu


    A novel approach to overcome the acidification problem has been attempted in the present study by codigesting industrial potato waste (PW) with Pistia stratiotes (PS, an aquatic weed). The effectiveness of codigestion of the weed and PW was tested in an equal (1:1) proportion by weight with substrate concentration of 5g total solid (TS)/L (2.5gPW+2.5gPS) which resulted in enhancement of methane yield by 76.45% as compared to monodigestion of PW with a positive synergistic effect. Optimization of process parameters was conducted using central composite design (CCD) based response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) coupled genetic algorithm (GA) model. Upon comparison of these two optimization techniques, ANN-GA model obtained through feed forward back propagation methodology was found to be efficient and yielded 447.4±21.43LCH4/kgVSfed (0.279gCH4/kgCODvs) which is 6% higher as compared to the CCD-RSM based approach. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Guaranteeng Of Ecological Safety Of Wastewater Tretment By Phytoremediation

    Nefedieva, E. E.; Kartushina, Yu N.; Zheltobryukhov, V. F.; Sevriukova, G. A.; Baybakova, E. V.


    This article is devoted to the experimental identification of the copper ions (II) uptake by the remediation plant. Wheat and barley were used as plants for phytoremediation. They were cultivated in the aqueous culture on the Hellriegel nutritive medium prepared without phosphorus. The copper was dissolved in the medium in the concentration 0 mg/l (control variant), 0.5 mg/l, 1.0 mg/l, 2.5 mg/l, 5 mg/l, 10 mg/l, 20 mg/l. The concentrations of the copper were identified in solutions by the ion meter in 2 weeks of cultivation. The moving arrangement with a plant as a biological bed is elaborated for phytofiltration. That is a technology for decontamination and final treatment of the wastewater from pollutants using plants. Particularly it is possible to remove ions of heavy metals. The device will be inexpensive, simple and easy for exploitation at the enterprise. It is offered to complete standard rectangular settler by the mentioned device.

  20. Chromium(VI)—induces Production of Reactive Oxygen Species,Change of Plasma Membrane Potential and Dissipation of Mitochondria Membrane otential in Chinese Hamster Lung Cell Cultures



    Objective:To examine whether Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS) is generated,and whether plasma membrane potential and mitochnodrial membrane potential are depolarized in Chinese Hamster Lung(CHL)cell lines exposed to Cr(VI),Methods:CHL Cells were incubated with Cr(VI) at 10 umol/L,2.5umol/L,0.65umol/L for 3 and 6 hours,respectively.The rpoduction of ROS was performed by using 2,7-dichlorofluorescin discetate;The changes in plasma membrane potential were performed by using 2,7-dichlorofluorescin discetate;The changes in plasma membrane potential were performed by using 2,7-dichlorofluorescin diacetate;The changes in plasma membrane potential were estimated using fluorescent cationic dye DiBAC4;And the changes in mitochondria membrane potential were estimated using fluorescent dye Rhodamine 123,Results:The ROS levels in CHL cells increased in all treated groups compared with the control group(P<0.01);The plasma membrane potential and mitochondrial membrane potential in CHL cells dissipated after incubated with Cr(VI) at 10umol/L for 3 hours and 6 hours(P<0.01),at 2.5umol/L for 6 hours(P<0.01 or 0.05),Conclusion:Cr(VI) causes the dissipation of plasma membrane potential and mitochnodrial membrane otential in CHL cell cultrues,and Cr(VI)-induced ROS may play a role in the injuries.

  1. Chromium(VI)-induced Production of Reactive Oxygen Species, Change of Plasma Membrane Potential and Dissipation of Mitochondria Membrane Potential in Chinese Hamster Lung Cell Cultures


    Objective To examine whether Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is generated, and whether plasma membrane potential and mitochondrial membrane potential are depolarized in Chinese Hamster Lung (CHL) cell lines exposed to Cr (VI). Methods CHL cells were incubated with Cr(VI) at 10 μmol/L, 2.5 μmol/L, 0.65 μmol/L for 3 and 6 hours, respectively. The production of ROS was performed by using 2,7_dichlorofluorescin diacetate; The changes in plasma membrane potential were estimated using fluorescent cationic dye DiBAC4; And the changes in mitochondria membrane potential were estimated using fluorescent dye Rhodamine 123. Results The ROS levels in CHL cells increased in all treated groups compared with the control group (P<0.01); The plasma membrane potential and mitochondrial membrane potential in CHL cells dissipated after incubated with Cr(VI) at 10 μmol/L for 3 hours and 6 hours (P<0.01), at 2.5 μmol/L for 6 hours (P<0.01 or 0.05). Conclusion Cr(VI) causes the dissipation of plasma membrane potential and mitochondrial membrane potential in CHL cell cultures, and Cr(VI)_induced ROS may play a role in the injuries.

  2. The redshift evolution of early-type galaxies in COSMOS: Do massive early-type galaxies form by dry mergers?

    Scarlata, C; Lilly, S J; Feldmann, R; Kampczyk, P; Renzini, A; Cimatti, A; Halliday, C; Daddi, E; Sargent, M T; Koekemoer, A; Scoville, N; Kneib, J P; Leauthaud, A; Massey, R; Rhodes, J; Tasca, L; McCracken, H J; Mobasher, B; Taniguchi, Y; Thompson, D; Ajiki, M; Aussel, H; Murayama, T; Sanders, D B; Sasaki, S; Shioya, Y; Takahashi, M


    ABRIDGED: We study the evolution since z~1 of the rest-frame B luminosity function of the early-type galaxies (ETGs) in ~0.7 deg^2 in the COSMOS field. In order to identify ALL progenitors of local ETGs we construct the sample of high-z galaxies using two complementary criteria: (i) A morphological selection based on the Zurich Estimator of Structural Types, and (ii) A photometric selection based on the galaxy properties in the (U-V)-M_V color-magnitude diagram. We furthermore constrain both samples so as to ensure that the selected progenitors of ETGs are compatible with evolving into systems which obey the mu_B-r_{hl} Kormendy relation. Assuming the luminosity evolution derived from studies of the fundamental plane for high-z ETGs, our analysis shows no evidence for a decrease in the number density of the most massive ETGs out to z~ 0.7: Both the morphologically- and the photometrically-selected sub-samples show no evolution in the number density of bright (~L>2.5L*) ETGs. Allowing for different star format...

  3. Lumbar spine and pelvic posture between standing and sitting: a radiologic investigation including reliability and repeatability of the lumbar lordosis measure.

    De Carvalho, Diana E; Soave, David; Ross, Kim; Callaghan, Jack P


    Sitting has been identified as a cause of mechanical low back pain. The purpose of this study was to use plain film x-rays to measure lumbar spine and pelvic posture differences between standing and sitting. Eight male subjects were radiographed standing and sitting in an automobile seat. Measures of lumbar lordosis, intervertebral disk angles, lumbosacral angle, lumbosacral lordosis, and sacral tilt were completed. One-way analysis of variance (alpha = .05) was conducted on the variables stated above. A Bland-Altman analysis was conducted to assess agreement and repeatability of the lumbar lordosis angle using 2 raters. Lumbar lordosis values in standing (average, 63 degrees +/- 15 degrees ) and sacral inclination (average, 43 degrees +/- 10 degrees ) decreased by 43 degrees and 44 degrees , respectively, in sitting. Intervertebral joint angles in sitting underwent substantial flexion (L1/L2-5 degrees [+/-3 degrees ], L2/L3-7 degrees [+/-3 degrees ], L3/L4-8 degrees [+/-3 degrees ], L4/L5-13 degrees [+/-3 degrees ], and L5/S1-4 degrees [+/-10 degrees ]). Measures of lumbar lordosis; intervertebral disk angles between L2/L3, L3/L4, and L4/L5; lumbosacral lordosis; lumbosacral angle; and sacral tilt were significantly decreased between standing and sitting (P posture should be investigated because they may play a role in preventing injury and low back pain. Copyright 2010 National University of Health Sciences. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. 库尔勒香梨mRNA差异显示技术体系的建立%Establishing the System of Korla Fragrant Pear mRNA Differential Display Technology

    张飞; 牛建新; 叶春秀; 刘娜; 高静涛; 朱天丁


    In this study,DDRT-PCR was used to study the nature of calyx leaving and persistent from fruit of Korla fragrant pear. We chose the flowers of early full bloom,and total RNA was extracted from the second flowers and the fourth flowers of the same inflorescence of the same tree at the same time. PCR reactions (20μL) were performed with 2.0μL RT reaction first strand, 10 μmol/L anchor primer 2.0μL, 10μmol/L arbitrary primer 2.0μL,2.5 mmol/L dNTPs 2.0 μL, 5 U/μL Taq DNA polymerase 0. 25 μL, 10 × PCR buffer 2.5μL,ddH2O 9.25 μL. The PCR product was confirmed by 6 % non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by silver staining,access to a relatively clear-cut difference between bands,and then recovering differential bands and cloning,preliminary isolating and getting some of differential genes between the second flowers and the fourth flowers. Finally,the Korla fragrant pear mRNA differential display was established, so this research laid a foundation for cloning full length of relative cDNAs.%为了研究库尔勒香梨萼片脱落与宿存的本质,试验以库尔勒香梨盛花前期的同一时间同一棵树同-花序的第2位序花和第4序位花为试验材料,采用mRNA差异显示的方法进行研究.扩增体系为20μL:cDNA 2.0μL,10μmol/L锚定引物2.0 μL,10μmol/L随机引物2.0μL,2.5 mmol/L dNTPs 2.0μL,5 U/μLTaq 0.25μL,10×PCR buffer 2.5μL,ddH2O 9.25 μL.结果显示,扩增产物经6%的非变性聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳、银染,获得了比较清晰的差异条带,回收并克隆差异条带,分离得到一些差异表达的片段,优化了库尔勒香梨mRNA差异显示技术,为克隆差异表达基因的全长cDNA奠定了良好基础.

  5. 硫酸钙骨水泥强化骨质疏松绵羊腰椎的生物力学研究%Biomechanical study on augmentation of osteoporotic sheep vertebrae with calcium sulfate cement:in vivo study

    张军华; 张炼


    目的 评价硫酸钙骨水泥(CSC)强化骨质疏松绵羊腰椎力学强度的效果.方法 成年雌性绵羊4只,行去势手术后饲养1年,测量去势前后腰椎骨密度.取L2~5共16个椎体,分为CSC组和对照组,每组8个椎体.CSC组经椎弓根向椎体内注射CSC(2.0 ml),对照组不给于任何处理.CSC组于术后12周测量L2~5单个椎体的骨密度,然后处死绵羊.取出椎体行压缩实验,测量各组中椎体的最大压缩应力(σult)和能量吸收值(EAV).结果 去势1年后绵羊腰椎骨密度显著下降,与去势前比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),骨质疏松绵羊模型建立成功.注射CSC 12周后椎体骨密度(BMD)、σult、EAV均高于对照组(P<0.05),且椎体的σult和EAV均与BMD成正相关关系(P<0.05).结论 CSC可以提高骨质疏松椎体的BMD,强化骨质疏松椎体的力学强度,有利于避免或减少骨质疏松椎体骨折的风险.%Objective To evaluate biomechanical performance of osteoporotic lumbar vertebral body augmented with calcium sulfate cement ( CSC ) in ovariectomized sheep. Methods Four female adult sheep were treated with bilateral ovariectomy. Bone mineral density ( BMD ) of lumbar vertebrae of all sheep was measured before the treatment and one year after of the treatment. L2 ~ L5 of each sheep and total 16 vertebrae were grouped into CSC and blank group with 8 vertebrae in each group. In CSC group, vertebrae were augmented with CSC( 2. 0 ml ) through transpedicular approach. There was no augmentation in blank group. Each vertebra BMD of L2 ~ L5 in CSC group was measured 12 weeks later. Then all sheep were killed and L2 ~ L5 were prepared for compression test. The ultimate compared stres-ses( (σult )and energy absorption value( EAV )of each group were recorded. Results There was a significant decrease in average BMD of lumbar one year after ovariectomy( P < 0. 05 ). The osteoporotic lumbar vertebral experiment was successful. 12 weeks after augmentation with CSC

  6. Affinity partitioning of malate dehydrogenase with triton X-100modified by cibacron blue F3G-A%三嗪染料修饰曲通X-100亲和分离苹果酸脱氢酶

    杨梅; 唐江涛; 李步海; 唐尹萍


    三嗪染料(Cibacmn blue F3G-A)的蒽醌部分结构类似于腺嘌呤,可以用于亲和分离以NAD+(NADP+)和FAD为辅酶的脱氢酶.三嗪染料通过亲核取代反应修饰曲通X-100,形成的三嗪染料-曲通X-100与成相聚合物吐温80、磷酸钾盐构成液-固亲和萃取体系.从猪心肌匀浆液纯化苹果酸脱氢酶的条件:三嗪染料-曲通X-100浓度为1.2%(W/V),吐温舳浓度9%(V/V),猪心肌匀浆液0.25 mL(2.5%),pH8.0,加入成相磷酸钾终浓度1.6 mol/L,形成液固两相,固相酶活力平均收得率为81.01%,纯化倍数为4.93.固相30℃保温溶解,加入成相盐磷酸钾,终浓度为0.7mol/L,二次成相.低盐浓度条件下,近80%的酶反萃回液相,简化了苹果酸脱氢酶后续加工工艺.%Due to the structure of anthraquinone of triazine-dye( Cibacron blue F3G-A,short as Cb)similar as adenine.Cb could be used to purify enzymes whose coenzyme was NAD+( NADP+)or FAD with affinity partitioning method. Triton X-100 modified by Cb through nucleophilic substitution reaction,Tween 80 and potassium phosphate constituted the liquid-solid affinity partitioning system. The optimal malate dehydrogenase( short as MDH) purification system from porcine cardiac muscle homogenate condition consists of triton X-100 modified by Cb 1.2% ( W/V) .phase-forming polymer Tween 80 9% ( V/V) .porcine cardiac muscle homogenate 0.25 mL(2.5% ) .and the final concentration of phase-forming potassium phosphate 1.6 mol/L.pH 8.0. The enzyme recovery in solid-state(Tween 80 phase)was 81.01% .and the purification fold was 4.93. After the solid-state dissolved by incubation at 30℃ ,and then the concentration of potassium phosphate adjusted to 0.7 mol/L, the dissolved solid-state re-forms the liquid-solid two phase system with the enzyme recovery of near 80%in salt aqueous phase,which simplified the following processing of MDH.

  7. 山苍子AFLP反应体系的建立及其引物筛选%Primer Screening and AFLP Amplification Reaction System of Litsea cubeba

    田胜平; 汪阳东; 陈益存; 占志勇; 斯林林


    The effect of DNA extraction was analyzed by comparing the young leaf, terminal bud and flower of Litsea cubeba. The time of DNA digestion and several key factors affecting the PCR selective amplification such as Mg2 + concentration, dNTPs concentration and the mount of the selective amplification primer were also trialed. An optimized AFLP reaction system of Litsea cubeba was established. The results showed that the high quality genomic DNA as a PCR template could be isolated from the bud tissue; genomic DNA could be digested in a hour by 5 U EcoR I and 5 U Mse I; The optical selection amplification system was 20 (jlL reaction mix containing 1.0 U rTaq polymer-ase, 2.0 μL 10 xPCR buffer, 1.8 μL25 mmol ·L-1MgCl2, 1.4 μL2.5 mmol · LT-1dNTP, 100 ng · μ-1 primer each 1.0 μL. Clear and stable amplification band patterns can be obtained and 10 pairs of AFLP primers with good genetic diversity were selected according to the optimized reaction system. The results will be an effective protocol for further studying the genetic structure and differentiation of Litsea cubeba population.%通过对山苍子幼嫩叶片、顶芽、花蕾3种组织的DNA提取效果分析和对影响酶切及选择性扩增效果的4个主要因素(酶切时间、Mg2+浓度、dNTPs浓度、引物浓度)的比较研究,建立了适合于山苍子AFLP分析的技术体系.结果表明,山苍子的顶芽是较好的DNA提取材料;山苍子基因组DNA经5 UEcoRI和5 UMseI酶切lh即可完全酶切;最佳的选择性扩增体系为20 μL反应体系中含有1.0U rTaq聚合酶、2.0 μL 10×PCR缓冲液、1.8 μL 25mmol·L-1MgCl2、1.4 μL 2.5 mmol·L-1dNTP、100 ng·μL-1引物各1.0 μL.使用该反应体系获得了清晰、稳定的DNA指纹图谱,并筛选出10对多态性较好的AFLP引物组合,为利用AFLP标记技术进一步开展山苍子种群遗传结构、遗传分化等研究奠定了基础.

  8. Mn(II) complexes containing the polypyridylic chiral ligand (-)-pinene[5,6]bipyridine. Catalysts for oxidation reactions.

    Rich, Jordi; Rodríguez, Montserrat; Romero, Isabel; Vaquer, Lydia; Sala, Xavier; Llobet, Antoni; Corbella, Montserrat; Collomb, Marie-Noëlle; Fontrodona, Xavier


    A series of mononuclear and dinuclear chiral manganese(II) complexes containing the neutral bidentate chiral nitrogen ligand (-)-pinene[5,6]bipyridine, (-)-L, were prepared from different manganese salts. The chirality in these complexes arises from the pinene ring that has been fused to the 5,6 positions of one pyridine group of the bipyridine ligand. These complexes have been characterized through analytical, spectroscopic (IR, UV/Vis, ESI-MS) and electrochemical techniques (cyclic voltammetry). Single X-ray structure analysis revealed a five-coordinated Mn(II) ion in [{MnCl((-)-L)}2(mu-Cl)2] (2), [{Mn((-)-L)}2(mu-OAc)3](PF6) (3) and [MnCl2(H2O)((-)-L)] (4) and a six-coordinated one in [MnCl2((-)-L)2] (5), [Mn(CF3SO3)2((-)-L)2] (6) and [Mn(NO3)(H2O)((-)-L)2)](NO3) (7). The magnetic properties of the binuclear compounds 2 and 3 have been studied. Both compounds show a weak antiferromagnetic coupling (2, J = -0.22 cm(-1); 3, J = -0.85 cm(-1)). The catalytic activity of the whole set of complexes has been tested with regard to the epoxidation of aromatic alkenes with peracetic acid. In the particular case of styrene, good selectivities and moderate enantioselectivities were obtained. Furthermore, total retention of the initial cis configuration was achieved when epoxidizing cis-beta-methylstyrene with the chloride complexes. In general, the epoxidation activity of these manganese complexes is strongly dependent on the steric encumbrance of the substrates employed.

  9. Luminescence enhancement of terbium(III) perchlorate by 2,2'-dipyridyl on bis(benzylsulfinyl)methane complex and luminescence mechanism.

    Feng, Shu-Yan; Li, Wen-Xian; Guo, Feng; Cao, Xiao-Fang


    A novel ternary complex, Tb(2)L4 · L'·(ClO4)6 · 8H2O, has been synthesized using bis(benzylsulfinyl)methane as the first ligand L and 2,2'-dipyridyl as the second ligand L'. The ternary complex was characterized by element analysis, molar conductivity, coordination titration analysis, infrared, thermogravimetric-differential scanning calorimetric and ultraviolet spectra. The results indicated that the composition of the complex was Tb2 L4 · L'·(ClO4)6 · 8H2O (L = C(6)H(5)CH(2) SOCH(2)SOCH(2)C(6)H(5); L' = Dipy). Fourier transform infrared results revealed that the perchlorate group was bonded with the Tb(III) ion by the oxygen atom, and the coordination was bidentate. The fluorescent spectra illustrated that the complex displayed characteristic fluorescence in the solid state. After the introduction of the second ligand, 2,2-dipyridyl, the relative emission intensity and fluorescence lifetime of the ternary complex Tb(2)L(4) · L'·(ClO(4))(6) · 8H2O were enhanced compared to the binary complex TbL(2.5)(ClO4)3 · 3H2O. This indicated that the presence of both organic ligand bis(benzylsulfinyl)methane and the second ligand 2,2-dipyridyl could sensitize the fluorescence intensity of Tb(III) ion, and introduction of the 2,2-dipyridyl group resulted in an enhancement of the fluorescence of the Tb(III) ternary rare earth complex. The strongest characteristic fluorescence emission intensity of the ternary complex was 9.36 times that of the binary complex. The phosphorescence spectra and fluorescence lifetime of the complex were also measured.

  10. Senyawa Brusein-A dari Buah Makasar (Brucea javanica (L. Merr. sebagai Antiproliferasi terhadap Sel Kanker Payudara T47D



    Full Text Available Breast cancer is currenly the number one cancer of all cancers attacking women, especially those who live in developing countries including Indonesia. Therefore, the pursuit of drugs for breast cancer is still needed. The aim of this study was to determine the anti proliferative activity of brucein-A against breast cancer T47D cells in vitro. Bruceine-A was isolated from “buah makasar” (Brucea javanica (L. Merr and the structure of the isolated compound was elucidated by spectral data. The activities of anticancer were evaluated from the antiproliferative effects on T47D breast cancer cell line . The antiproliferative effects were examined in cultured cells stained with sulforhodamin B. Each well contained 30,000 cells, which was treated with bruceine-A in 10 concentration variations of 0.04 µg/mL, 0.08 µg/mL, 0.16 µg/mL, 0.31 µg/mL, 0.63 µg/mL, 1.25 µg/mL, 2.5 µg/mL, 5 µg/mL, 10 µg/mL, and 20 µg/mL for 72 hours. The experiment was replicated twice and the inhibitory percentage of cells was then calculated. The results showed that the IC50 value of bruceine-A on T47D cells as anantiproliferative effect was0.54 µg/mL with cisplatin 0.43 µg/mL as the positive control. In conclusion, bruceine-A has an antiproliferative activity on T47D breast cancer cell line.

  11. The effects of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, peracetic acid, and etidronic acid on the tissue dissolution capacity of sodium hypochlorite: in vitro

    Özgür İlke Atasoy Ulusoy


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 18% ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA, 2% peracetic acid (PAA, and 9% etidronic acid (HEBP on the organic tissue dissolution activity of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl. Materials and Method: Sixty samples with similar weight and dimensions were obtained from bovine muscle tissue. The tissue samples were blotted dry on filter paper and weighed with a precision balance. The specimens were immersed in following solutions: (1 2 mL 2.5% NaOCl, (2 1 mL 5% NaOCl + 1 mL 18% EDTA, (3 1 mL 5% NaOCl + 1 mL 2% PAA, (4 1 mL 5% NaOCl + 1 mL 9% HEBP. The specimens were then dried and weighed again. The weight loss of each specimen incubated in the test solutions was measured at 30 and 60 min. The data were statistically analyzed with one-way ANOVA and post-hoc Tukey tests. Results: Use of NaOCl (5% together with 18% EDTA resulted in minimal tissue dissolution capacity compared to the other groups at both time points (p<0.001. The tissue dissolution capacity of NaOCl was also affected by 9% HEBP. The greatest tissue weight reduction values were obtained in the NaOCl+PAA group at 30 minutes (p<0.001. At 60 min, NaOCl and NaOCl+PAA groups exhibited the greatest tissue dissolution capacity (p<0.001; no significant difference was found between these two groups (p=0.169. Conclusion: EDTA and HEBP decreased the tissue dissolution capacity of NaOCl, whereas PAA did not have any negative effect on the ability of NaOCl to dissolve the organic tissue.

  12. Determination of bromate in drinking water by zone electrophoresis-isotachophoresis on a column-coupling chip with conductivity detection.

    Bodor, Róbert; Kaniansky, Dusan; Masár, Marián; Silleová, Katarína; Stanislawski, Bernd


    The use of capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) on-line coupled with isotachophoresis (ITP) sample pretreatment (ITP-CZE) on a poly(methylmethacrylate) chip, provided with two separation channels in the column-coupling (CC) arrangement and on-column conductivity detection sensors, to the determination of bromate in drinking water was investigated. Hydrodynamic and electroosmotic flows of the solution in the separation compartment of the chip were suppressed and electrophoresis was a dominant transport process in the ITP-CZE separations. A high sample load capacity, linked with the use of ITP in this combination, made possible loading of the samples by a 9.2 microL sample injection channel of the chip. In addition, bromate was concentrated by a factor of 10(3) or more in the ITP stage of the separation and, therefore, its transfer to the CZE stage characterized negligible injection dispersion. This, along with a favorable electric conductivity of the carrier electrolyte solution, contributed to a 20 nmol/L (2.5 ppb) limit of detection for bromate in the CZE stage. Sample cleanup, integrated into the ITP stage, effectively complemented such a detection sensitivity and bromate could be quantified in drinking water matrices when its concentration was 80 nmol/L (10 ppb) or slightly less while the concentrations of anionic macroconstituent (chloride, sulfate, nitrate) in the loaded sample corresponding to a 2 mmol/L (70 ppm) concentration of chloride were still tolerable. The samples containing macroconstituents at higher concentrations required appropriate dilutions and, consequently, bromate in these samples could be directly determined only at proportionally higher concentrations.

  13. Toxic effects of heavy metals (Cd, Cr and Pb) on seed germination and growth and DPPH-scavenging activity in Brassica rapa var. turnip.

    Siddiqui, Maryam Mehmood; Abbasi, Bilal Haider; Ahmad, Nisar; Ali, Mohammad; Mahmood, Tariq


    Toxicity of heavy metal is a wide spread environmental problem affecting all life forms including plants. In the present study the toxic effects of heavy metals, cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr) and lead (Pb) on seed germination rate (%), germination index (G-index) and growth (mm) of Brassica rapa var. turnip have been investigated. The seeds were soaked either in distilled water (control) or in aqueous solutions of Cd, Cr and Pb (1 g/l, 2.5 g/l and 5 g/l) at 4°C in dark for 24 hours. Prior to inoculation onto MS0 medium, the soaked seeds were either washed with sterile distilled water or inoculated without washing on solidified MS0 medium at 25 ± 2°C with 16/8-hour photoperiod in a growth chamber to germinate in vitro. Such stress conditions revealed that by increasing the concentration of heavy metals, the germination rate (%), G-index value and growth (mm) decreased significantly, suggesting their toxic effect on B. rapa var. turnip. This study further revealed that experiment with seed washing resulted in less toxicity of selected heavy metals on germination and growth of B. rapa var. turnip, as compared to experiment without washing. However, the resulting toxicity order of the selected heavy metals remained the same (Cd > Cr > Pb). Significant decrease has been observed in seed viability and germination potential and finally heavy metals completely ceased further growth and development of plants. The 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH)-scavenging activity revealed that significantly higher activity was observed in control plants without heavy metals treatment. Furthermore, the Cd-treated plants showed decreased antioxidant activity. Cr and Pb were less toxic as compared to Cd (control > Pb > Cr > Cd). This study revealed that selected heavy metals not only affected plant development but also disturbed plant metabolic pathways.

  14. The influence of supplement feed preparation on the fatty acid composition of carp and Chironomidae larvae in a semi-intensive production system

    Živić Ivana


    Full Text Available In order to examine how extruded and pelleted feed affects the fatty acid composition of carp meat and Chironomidae larvae, two-month-old carp specimens were set in two fishponds (L1 and L2. The fatty acid composition of extruded and pelleted feed is characterized by a significantly higher content of ω-3 fatty acids and higher ω-3 to ω-6 fatty acids ratio (ω-3/ω-6 in extruded (11.34±0.12% and 0.315±0.005, respectively compared to pelleted feed (7.72±0.08%, 0.180±0.001, respectively. The fatty acid composition of carp meat is characterized by higher ω-3 fatty acid content and ω-3/ω-6 in carp fed with extruded feed (L1, 6.98±0.53% and 0.295±0.022, respectively compared to carp fed with extruded feed (L2, 5.46±0.07% and 0.232±0.009, respectively. Chironomidae larvae from the fishpond L2 had significantly higher ω-3 fatty acid content (8.22±0.89%, and therefore higher ω-3/ω-6 (0.81±0.09 in comparison to Chironomidae from the L1 fishpond where these parameters were 4.48±0.06% and 0.21±0.01, respectively. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. TR 31075 i br. 173040

  15. Recombinant Bcl-xL attenuates vascular hyperpermeability in a rat model of hemorrhagic shock

    Tharakan, B; McNeal, SI; Hunter, FA; Sawant, DA; Smythe, WR; Childs, EW


    Following hemorrhagic shock (HS), vascular hyperpermeability, that is, the leakage of fluid, nutrients and proteins into the extravascular space occurs primarily due to the disruption of the endothelial cell–cell adherens junctional complex. Studies from our laboratory demonstrate that activation of the mitochondria-mediated ‘intrinsic’ apoptotic signaling cascade has a significant role in modulating HS-induced hyperpermeability. Here we report the novel use of recombinant Bcl-xL, an anti-apoptotic protein, to control HS-induced vascular hyperpermeability. Our results corroborate involvement of vascular hyperpermeability and apoptotic signaling. HS (the mean arterial pressure (MAP) was reduced to 40 mm Hg for 60 min followed by resuscitation to 90 mm Hg for 60 min) in rats resulted in vascular hyperpermeability as determined by intravital microscopy. Treatment of Bcl-xL (2.5 µg/ml of rat blood in non-lipid cationic polymer, i.v.) before, during and even after HS attenuated or reversed HS-induced vascular hyperpermeability significantly (P<0.05). Conversely, treatment using Bcl-xL inhibitors, 2-methoxy antimycin (2-OMeAA) and ABT 737, significantly increased vascular hyperpermeability compared with sham (P<0.05). Bcl-xL treatment also decreased the amount of fluid volume required to maintain a MAP of 90 mm Hg during resuscitation (P<0.05). HS resulted in an increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species formation, reduction of ΔΨm, mitochondrial release of cytochrome c and significant activation of caspase-3 (P<0.05). All of these effects were significantly inhibited by Bcl-xL pre-treatment (P<0.05). Our results show that recombinant Bcl-xL is effective against HS-induced vascular hyperpermeability that appears to be mediated through the preservation of ΔΨm and subsequent prevention of caspase-3 activation. PMID:27042339

  16. Accuracy of serum IgE concentrations and papule diameter in the diagnosis of cow's milk allergy.

    Franco, Jackeline M; Pinheiro, Ana Paula S G; Vieira, Sarah C F; Barreto, Íkaro Daniel C; Gurgel, Ricardo Q; Cocco, Renata R; Solé, Dirceu


    To compare serum concentrations of specific IgE and mean papule diameters induced in the immediate skin reactivity test with cow's milk (CM) and its fractions with results of the oral challenge test (OCT), and to establish cutoff points capable of predicting clinical reactivity to CM in patients treated at a referral service. One hundred and twenty-two children (median of 17 months) with a history of immediate reactions to CM and presence of specific IgE for CM and/or its fractions (positive skin and/or IgE serum tests) were submitted to open OCT with CM. The OCT was positive in 59.8% of the children, 49% of whom were males. Serum levels of specific IgE, as well as mean CM papule diameters, were significantly higher in allergic patients (medians: 3.39kUA/L vs. 1.16kUA/L, 2.5mm vs. 0mm). The optimal cutoff points (Youden's index) of serum IgE specific for CM and its fractions capable of predicting CM reactivity (positive OCT) were: 5.17kUA/L for CM, 0.95kUA/L for α-lactalbumin, 0.82kUA/L for β-lactoglobulin, and 0.72kUA/L for casein, whereas for papule diameters the cutoff points were 3.5mm for CM and 6.5mm, 9.0mm, and 3.0mm for the α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, and casein fractions, respectively. The cutoff points capable of predicting clinical reactivity to CM were: 5.17kUA/L for serum-specific IgE and 3.5mm for papule diameter measurement, values considered discriminatory for the diagnosis of CM allergy. Copyright © 2017 Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.

  17. [Prevalence and clinical characteristics of subclinical hypothyroidism in an opportunistic sample in the population of Castile-León (Spain)].

    Mariscal Hidalgo, Ana Isabel; Lozano Alonso, José E; Vega Alonso, Tomás


    To describe the distribution of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) values and to estimate the prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in the adult population of Castile and León (Spain). An observational study was conducted in an opportunistic sample of 45 primary care centers in Castile and León. TSH was determined in people aged ≥35 years that attended a primary care physician and had a blood test for any reason. Confirmatory analysis included free thyroxine and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody determination. A total of 3957 analyses were carried out, 63% in women. The mean age was 61.5 years. The median TSH value was 2.3 μIU/mL (2.5 μIU/mL in women and 2.1 μIU/mL in men), with a rising trend with age. TSH values were higher in undiagnosed or untreated subclinical hypothyroidism than in patients under treatment. The lowest levels were found in euthyroidism. The prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism was 9.2% (95%CI: 8.3-10.2), and hypothyroidism was three times higher in women than in men (12.4% versus 3.7%). Hypothyroidism increased with age, reaching a peak of 16.9% in women aged 45 to 64 years. The prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in our sample was high and in the upper limits of values found in previous studies. Proper diagnosis and treatment are important because of the risk of progression to hypothyroidism and the association with multiple diseases and other risk factors. Copyright © 2014 SESPAS. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  18. Structure and Photochemical Properties of r-l, c-2, t-3, t-4-1,3-Bis[ 2-( 5- R- benzoxazolyl ) ]-2,4-di( 4- R'- phenyl ) cyclobutane

    ZHANG, Wen-Qin; ZHUANG, Jun-Peng; LI, Chun-Bao; YUAN, Xue-Nimg


    r-l, e-2, t-3, t-4-1,3-Bis [ 2- (5-R-benzoxazolyl) ]-2, 4-da (4-R'phenyl)cyclobutane (Ha: R=R'=H; Ⅱb: R--Me, R'=H;Ⅱc: R=Me, R' =OMc) was synthesized with high stereo-selectivity by the photodimerization of trans-l-[2-(5-R-benzoxazolyl)]-2-(4-R'-phenyl)ethene (Ia: R=R'=H; lb: R=Me,R'=H; Ic: R=Me, R'=OMe) in sulfuric acid. TThe structmres of Ⅱa-—Ⅱc were identified by elemental mnalysis, IR,UV, 1H NMR,13C NMR and MS. The molecular and crystalstrncture of Ⅱc has been deternmined by X-ray diffractionmethod.The crystal of Ⅱc (C34H30N2O4 .0.5C2H5HH) ismonoclinic,space group p21/n with cell dimensins of a =1.5416(3), b = 0.5625(1), c=1.7875(4) mn, β = 91.56(3)°, V=1.550(1) mn3, Z--2. The structure shows that themolecule of Ⅱc is centrosymmetric, which indicates that thedimerizaion process is a head-to-tmail fashion. The selectivityof the photodimerization Ia--Ic has been enhanced by usingacidic solvent amd the reaction speed would be decreased whenelecton donating group was introduced in the 4-position of thephenyl group. That the photodimerization is not affected bythe presence of oxygen as well as its high stereo-selectivitydemonstrated that the reaction thoceeded an exaltedsinglet. It was also found fund that under irradiation of slortwavelength UV, these dimers underwent photolysis comp1etelyto reproduce its trans-monomers, and then the new formedspecies changed into their cis-isomers through trans-cis isomerzation.

  19. Metal-specific interactions of H2 adsorbed within isostructural metal-organic frameworks.

    FitzGerald, Stephen A; Burkholder, Brian; Friedman, Michael; Hopkins, Jesse B; Pierce, Christopher J; Schloss, Jennifer M; Thompson, Benjamin; Rowsell, Jesse L C


    Diffuse reflectance infrared (IR) spectroscopy performed over a wide temperature range (35-298 K) is used to study the dynamics of H(2) adsorbed within the isostructural metal-organic frameworks M(2)L (M = Mg, Mn, Co, Ni and Zn; L = 2,5-dioxidobenzene-1,4-dicarboxylate) referred to as MOF-74 and CPO-27. Spectra collected at H(2) concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 H(2) per metal cation reveal that strongly red-shifted vibrational modes arise from isolated H(2) bound to the available metal coordination site. The red shift of the bands associated with this site correlate with reported isosteric enthalpies of adsorption (at small surface coverage), which in turn depend on the identity of M. In contrast, the bands assigned to H(2) adsorbed at positions >3 Å from the metal site exhibit only minor differences among the five materials. Our results are consistent with previous models based on neutron diffraction data and independent IR studies, but they do not support a recently proposed adsorption mechanism that invokes strong H(2)···H(2) interactions (Nijem et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc.2010, 132, 14834-14848). Room temperature IR spectra comparable to those on which the recently proposed adsorption mechanism was based were only reproduced after contaminating the adsorbent with ambient air. Our interpretation that the uncontaminated spectral features result from stepwise adsorption at discrete framework sites is reinforced by systematic red shifts of adsorbed H(2) isotopologues and consistencies among overtone bands that are well-described by the Buckingham model of molecular interactions in vibrational spectroscopy. © 2011 American Chemical Society

  20. Replacement of an oxo by an imido group in oxotransferase model compounds: influence on the oxygen atom transfer.

    Mösch-Zanetti, Nadia C; Wurm, Dietmar; Volpe, Manuel; Lyashenko, Ganna; Harum, Bastian; Belaj, Ferdinand; Baumgartner, Judith


    Treatment of [MoO(N-t-Bu)Cl(2)(dme)] (dme = dimethoxyethane) with 2 equiv of the potassium salts of Schiff base ligands of the type KArNC(CH(3))CHC(CH(3))O afforded oxo imido molybdenum(VI) compounds [MoO(N-t-Bu)L(2)] {1, with Ar = phenyl (L(Ph)), 2 with Ar = 2-tolyl (L(MePh)), 3 with Ar = 2,6-dimethylphenyl (L(Me2Ph)) and 4 with Ar = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl (L(iPr2Ph))}. We have also prepared related bisimido complexes [Mo(N-t-Bu)(2)L(2) (5 with L = L(Ph), 6 with L = L(MePh), and 7 with L = L(Me2Ph)) by treatment of [Mo(N-t-Bu)(2)Cl(2)(dme)] with 2 equiv of the potassium salt of the respective ligand. 1, 3, 5, and 6 were characterized via single crystal X-ray diffraction. The oxo imido complexes exhibit oxygen atom transfer (OAT) reactivity toward trimethyl phosphine. Kinetic data were obtained for 1 and 3 by UV/vis spectroscopy revealing decreased OAT reactivity in comparison to related dioxo complexes with the same Schiff base ligands and decreased reactivity of 1 versus 3. Cyclic voltammetry was used to probe the electronic situation at the molybdenum center showing reversible reduction waves for 3 and [MoO(2)(L(Me2Ph))(2)] at comparable potentials while 1 exhibits a significant lower potential. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations showed a higher electron density on oxygen in the oxo imido complexes.

  1. β-cyclodextrin complex containing Lippia grata leaf essential oil reduces orofacial nociception in mice - evidence of possible involvement of descending inhibitory pain modulation pathway.

    Siqueira-Lima, Pollyana S; Araújo, Adriano A S; Lucchese, Angélica M; Quintans, Jullyana S S; Menezes, Paula P; Alves, Péricles B; de Lucca Júnior, Waldecy; Santos, Marcio R V; Bonjardim, Leonardo R; Quintans-Júnior, Lucindo J


    The treatment of orofacial pain remains a major challenge for modern medicine. Thus, we prepared and physicochemically characterized a new β-cyclodextrin complex containing Lippia grata leaf essential oil (β-CD/EO) to investigate their possible antinociceptive activity in animal models of orofacial pain. The results of Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and Thermogravimetry/derivative thermogravimetry (TG/DTG) showed that the products prepared by Slurry complexation (SC) method were able to incorporate greater amounts of EO. In the X-ray diffractogram, it was shown that complex between EO and β-CD was formed. Male Swiss mice were pre-treated with β-CD/EO (6, 12 or 24 mg/kg, per os, gavage, p.o.), morphine (5 mg/kg, i.p.) or vehicle (distilled water, p.o.) 1 hr before treatment with formalin (20 μL, 2%), capsaicin (20 μL, 2.5 μg) or glutamate (40 μL, 25 μM) into the right upper lip. Our results demonstrated that p.o. treatment with β-CD/EO was significantly (p nociceptive face-rubbing behaviour in both phases of the formalin test. β-CD/EO-treated mice were also significantly (p nociception induced by capsaicin and glutamate. For the action in the central nervous system (CNS), ninety minutes after the treatment, the mice were perfused, the brains collected, crioprotected, cut in a criostate and submitted to an immunofluorescence protocol for Fos protein. The immunofluorescence protocol demonstrated that the β-CD/EO significantly activated (p pain.

  2. Postpartum osteoporosis and vertebral fractures in two patients treated with enoxaparin during pregnancy.

    Ozdemir, D; Tam, A A; Dirikoc, A; Ersoy, R; Cakir, B


    Postpartum osteoporosis (PPO) is a rare disease associated with pregnancy and lactation period. Here, we report severe PPO and multiple vertebral compression fractures in two patients treated with enoxaparin--low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH)--throughout their pregnancy. A 34-year-old woman who has delivered her second baby 3 months ago presented with severe low-back pain. She was treated with enoxaparin 40 mg/day for 8 months during her pregnancy. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) showed low T- and Z-scores in lumbar (L) vertebras. In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), severe height losses in thoracic (T) 12, L1, and L2 vertebras were detected. She was diagnosed to have severe PPO and multiple vertebral compression fractures and was prescribed risedronate 35 mg/week, calcium, and vitamin D. The other patient was a 36-year-old woman diagnosed with PPO and vertebral fractures at the third week postpartum. She was also treated with enoxaparin 60 mg/day during her pregnancy. Severe osteoporosis in L vertebras and height losses indicative for compression fractures in T5-8, T11-12, and L2-5 vertebras were detected by DEXA and MRI, respectively. She was treated with calcitonin 200 U/day, calcium, and vitamin D. These findings suggest that vertebral compression fractures and PPO may be one of the causes of severe back pain in postpartum patients. Treatment with LMWH during pregnancy might be considered as a new risk factor for this rare condition.

  3. 环境水样中痕量铜的浊点萃取-火焰原子吸收光谱测定法%Determination of trace copper in environmental water sample by flame atomic absorption spectrometry with cloud point extraction

    钟怡洲; 王梅; 张泽华; 杨冰仪; 黄林玉


    目的 建立环境水样中痕量铜的浊点萃取(cloud point extraction,CPE)-火焰原子吸收光谱(flame atomic absorption spectrometry,FAAS)测定法.方法 样品在pH 9.5的条件下,加入0.4 ml的1 mmol/L 2-(5-溴-2-吡啶偶氮)-5-二乙氨基酚(5-Br-PADAP)溶液,0.1%氯化钙溶液0.1 ml,5%(W/V)Triton X-114溶液0.8 ml,40℃加热15 min后离心,采用火焰原子吸收光谱法进行检测.结果 在2~240 μg/L的线性范围内,所得回归方程为A=0.0027c+0.0246,r=0.9958.以3倍信噪比计算,方法的检出限为0.62 μg/L,富集倍数为36.58倍,平均加标回收率为96.28%~98.08%,RSD为1.67%~3.13%.结论 该方法简单、灵敏,具有良好的重现性,适用于环境水样中痕量铜的测定.

  4. Production of gelatinase enzyme from Bacillus spp isolated from the sediment sample of Porto Novo Coastal sites

    Shanmugasundaram Senthil Balan; Rajendiran Nethaji; Sudalayandi Sankar; Singaram Jayalakshmi


    Objective: In this study, gelatinase producing bacteria were probed from sediment samples of Porto Novo Coastal sites, India. Screening and identification of potential strain were done followed by optimization of physico-chemical parameters; bulk production and gelatinase extraction were carried out. Methods: For probing of gelatinase potential producer primary and secondary screening was carried out for qualitative and quantitative estimation. Optimization of physico-chemical parameters for improved production of gelatinase enzyme and large scale of gelatinase was produced. Gelatinase precipitation was standardized using different saturation rates of ammonium sulphate from 10 to 100% at 4℃.Results: There were 8 morphologically different gelatinase producing bacteria were initially delved through primary screening tests. Bacillus spp produced maximum gelatinase activity (2.1U/mL) in secondary screening test. Optimizing its abiotic and biotic factors, maximum enzyme activity was achieved at 48h incubation period (2.2U/mL), 2.5 pH (2.5U/mL), 35℃ temperature (2.55U/mL), 0.8% lactose (2.6U/mL), 1.4% gelatin (2.9U/mL) as the ideal carbon source and nitrogen source, 1% salinity (2.9U/mL) and 3ml of inoculum containing 5.6×106/ mL (3.3U/mL). From the optimized factors, bulk production was carried out and saturation rate of 40% ammonium sulphate, precipitated out maximum enzyme with lowered dry weight indicates its enzyme purity and recovered enzyme showed 4.1U/mg of activity. Conclusion: The study revealed that the isolated strain Bacillus spp has its potentiality for industrial scale production and the results will stand as a base line data for the application of gelatinase in future.

  5. Unprecedented Reaction Pathway of Sterically Crowded Calcium Complexes: Sequential C-N Bond Cleavage Reactions Induced by C-H Bond Activations.

    Yang, Yang; Wang, Haobing; Ma, Haiyan


    Five bis(quinolylmethyl)-(1H-indolylmethyl)amine (BQIA) compounds, that is, {(quinol-8-yl-CH2 )2 NCH2 (3-Br-1H-indol-2-yl)} (L(1) H) and {[(8-R(3) -quinol-2-yl)CH2 ]2 NCH(R(2) )[3-R(1) -1H-indol-2-yl]} (L(2-5) H) (L(2) H: R(1) =Br, R(2) =H, R(3) =H; L(3) H: R(1) =Br, R(2) =H, R(3) =iPr; L(4) H: R(1) =H, R(2) =CH3 , R(3) =iPr; L(5) H: R(1) =H, R(2) =nBu, R(3) =iPr) were synthesized and used to prepare calcium complexes. The reactions of L(1-5) H with silylamido calcium precursors (Ca[N(SiMe2 R)2 ]2 (THF)2 , R=Me or H) at room temperature gave heteroleptic products (L(1, 2) )CaN(SiMe3 )2 (1, 2), (L(3, 4) )CaN(SiHMe2 )2 (3 a, 4 a) and homoleptic complexes (L(3, 5) )2 Ca (D3, D5). NMR and X-ray analyses proved that these calcium complexes were stabilized through Ca⋅⋅⋅C-Si, Ca⋅⋅⋅H-Si or Ca⋅⋅⋅H-C agostic interactions. Unexpectedly, calcium complexes ((L(3-5) )CaN(SiMe3 )2 ) bearing more sterically encumbered ligands of the same type were extremely unstable and underwent C-N bond cleavage processes as a consequence of intramolecular C-H bond activation, leading to the exclusive formation of (E)-1,2-bis(8-isopropylquinol-2-yl)ethane. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  6. Effects of aging on the recycling via the pentose cycle and on the kinetics of glycogen and protein metabolism in various organs of the rat.

    Niedermüller, H


    The rate of metabolic kinetics and the frequency of biological cycles may be correlated with the rate of aging and the maximum life-span potential. Therefore, investigations either into changes with age of such parameters within one species or into differences between species may give some information about the genetic programming of the aging process. Male Sprague-Dawley rats aged 3.5, 7, 12, 17, 23 and 33 months (m) were used to determine the changes with age of those metabolic pathways mentioned in the title, using the liver, kidney, brain, heart and the skeletal muscle. The maximum percentage of glucose utilization via the pentose pathway, compared to the total glucose utilization, was calculated after intravenous administration of D-[1-14C]- and D-[6-14C]glucose by the determination of the trioses (as lipids) 3 hours after the application. Glycogen kinetics was determined analogously. Total protein metabolism was observed using the essential amino acid L-[2,5-3H]histidine. The results indicate a decrease in the glucose utilization via the pentose pathway in the course of aging in liver, kidney, heart and skeletal muscle and a decrease from 3.5 months on in brain, a small but not significant change of the kinetics of glycogen metabolism (a lower turnover), and a reduced rate of protein synthesis in liver, kidney, heart and brain through an age of 23 months, followed by an elevated rate. Brain did not show any changes. The reduction of the pentose pathway may possibly be the cause of higher lipofuscin accumulation in the cells of some organs, lacking sufficient reduction equivalents for lipid metabolism. Furthermore, there could exist a connection with the reduced protein turnover, because less riboses are provided for the synthesis of nucleic acids.

  7. Intrahippocampal LSD accelerates learning and desensitizes the 5-HT(2A) receptor in the rabbit, Romano et al.

    Romano, Anthony G; Quinn, Jennifer L; Li, Luchuan; Dave, Kuldip D; Schindler, Emmanuelle A; Aloyo, Vincent J; Harvey, John A


    Parenteral injections of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a serotonin 5-HT(2A) receptor agonist, enhance eyeblink conditioning. Another hallucinogen, (±)-1(2, 5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane hydrochloride (DOI), was shown to elicit a 5-HT(2A)-mediated behavior (head bobs) after injection into the hippocampus, a structure known to mediate trace eyeblink conditioning. This study aims to determine if parenteral injections of the hallucinogens LSD, d,l-2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, and 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine elicit the 5-HT(2A)-mediated behavior of head bobs and whether intrahippocampal injections of LSD would produce head bobs and enhance trace eyeblink conditioning. LSD was infused into the dorsal hippocampus just prior to each of eight conditioning sessions. One day after the last infusion of LSD, DOI was infused into the hippocampus to determine whether there had been a desensitization of the 5-HT(2A) receptor as measured by a decrease in DOI-elicited head bobs. Acute parenteral or intrahippocampal LSD elicited a 5-HT(2A) but not a 5-HT(2C)-mediated behavior, and chronic administration enhanced conditioned responding relative to vehicle controls. Rabbits that had been chronically infused with 3 or 10 nmol per side of LSD during Pavlovian conditioning and then infused with DOI demonstrated a smaller increase in head bobs relative to controls. LSD produced its enhancement of Pavlovian conditioning through an effect on 5-HT(2A) receptors located in the dorsal hippocampus. The slight, short-lived enhancement of learning produced by LSD appears to be due to the development of desensitization of the 5-HT(2A) receptor within the hippocampus as a result of repeated administration of its agonist (LSD).

  8. A Simple Slow-Sand Filter for Drinking Water Purification

    K. O. Yusuf


    Full Text Available Water-borne diseases are commonly encountered when pathogen-contaminated water is consumed. In rural areas, water is usually obtained from ponds, open shallow wells, streams and rain water during rainy season. Rain water is often contaminated by pathogens due to unhygienic of physical and chemical conditions of the roofs thereby making it unsafe for consumption. A simple slow sand filter mechanism was designed and fabricated for purification of water in rural areas where electricity is not available to power water purification devices. Rain water samples were collected from aluminum roof, galvanized roof and thatched roof. The waters samples were allowed to flow through the slow sand filter. The values of turbidity, total dissolved solids, calcium, nitrite, faecal coliform and total coliform from unfiltered water through thatched roof were 0.92 NTU, 27.23 mg/l, 6 mg/l, 0.16 mg/l, 5cfu/100ml and 6.0 cfu/100ml, respectively while the corresponding values for slow sand filter from thatched roof were 0.01 NTU, 0.23 mg/l, 2.5 mg/l, 0.1 mg/l, 0 cfu/100ml and 0 cfu/100ml, respectively. The values of turbidity, total dissolved solid, nitrite, calcium, faecal coliform and total coliform from unfiltered water for aluminum roof were 0.82 NTU, 23.68 mg/l, 2.70 mg/l, 1.0 mg/l, 4 cfu/100ml and 4cfu/100ml, respectively while the corresponding values for slow sand filter were 0.01 NTU, 0.16 mg/l, 0.57 mg/l, 0.2 mg/l, 0 cfu/100ml and 0 cfu/100ml, respectively. The values obtained for galvanized roof were also satisfactory. The slow sand filter is recommended for used in rural areas for water purification to prevent risk of water-borne diseases.

  9. Architecture Design of Trigger and DAQ System for Fermilab CKM Experiment



    The Fermilab CKM (E921) experiment studies a rare kaon decay which has a very small branching ratio and can be very hard to separate from background processes.A trigger and DAQ system is required to collecto all necessary unformation for background rejection and to maintain high reliability at high beam rate.The unique challenges have emphasized the following guiding concepts:(1) Collecting background is as important as collecting good events.(2) A DAQ "event" should not be just a "snap shot" of the detector.It should be a short history record of the detector around the candidate event. The hit history provides information to understand temporary detector blindness,which is extremely important to the CKM experiment.(3) The main purpose of the trigger system should not be "knocking down trigger rate" or "throwing out garbage events" .Instead,it should classify the events and select appropriate data collecting straegies among various predefined ones for the given types of the events.The following methodologies are epmployed in the architecture to fulfill the experiment requirements without confronting unnecessary technical difficulties.(1) Continuous digitization near the detector elements is utilized to preserve the data quality.(2) The concept of minimum synchronization is adopted to eliminate the needs of time matching signal paths.(3) A global level 1 trigger performs coincident and veto functions using digital timing information to avoid problems due to signal degrading in long calbes.(4) The DAQ logic allows to collect chronicle records around the interesting events with different levels of detail of ADC information,so that very low energy particles in the veto systems can be best detected.(5) A re-programmable hardware trigger(L2.5)and a software trigger(L3) sitting in the DAQ stream are planned to perform data selection functioins based on full detector data with adjustability.

  10. A glimpse at quasar host galaxy far-UV emission using damped Lyα's as natural coronagraphs

    Cai, Zheng; Fan, Xiaohui; Wang, Ran; McGreer, Ian, E-mail: [Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Noterdaeme, Pasquier; Finley, Hayley; Petitjean, Patrick [Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS-UPMC, UMR7095, 98bis bd Arago, F-75014 Paris (France); Carithers, Bill [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA (United States); Bian, Fuyan [Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University, Canberra, Weston Creek, ACT, 2611 (Australia); Miralda-Escudé, Jordi [Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats, Barcelona (Spain); Pâris, Isabelle [Departamento de Astronomia, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 36-D, Santiago (Chile); Schneider, Donald P. [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 (United States); Zakamska, Nadia L. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218 (United States); Ge, Jian [Department of Astronomy, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (United States); Slosar, Anze [Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973 (United States)


    In merger-driven models of massive galaxy evolution, the luminous quasar phase is expected to be accompanied by vigorous star formation in quasar host galaxies. In this paper, we use high column density damped Lyα (DLA) systems along quasar sight lines as natural coronagraphs to directly study the far-UV (FUV) radiation from the host galaxies of luminous background quasars. We have stacked the spectra of ∼2000 DLA systems (N {sub H} {sub I} > 10{sup 20.6} cm{sup –2}) with a median absorption redshift (z) = 2.6 selected from quasars observed in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey. We detect residual flux in the dark troughs of the composite DLA spectra. The level of this residual flux significantly exceeds systematic errors in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey fiber sky subtraction; furthermore, the residual flux is strongly correlated with the continuum luminosity of the background quasar, while uncorrelated with DLA column density or metallicity. We conclude that the flux could be associated with the average FUV radiation from the background quasar host galaxies (with medium redshift (z) = 3.1) that is not blocked by the intervening DLA. Assuming that all of the detected flux originates from quasar hosts, for the highest quasar luminosity bin ((L) = 2.5 × 10{sup 13} L {sub ☉}), the host galaxy has an FUV intensity of 1.5 ± 0.2 × 10{sup 40} erg s{sup –1} Å{sup –1}; this corresponds to an unobscured UV star formation rate of 9 M {sub ☉} yr{sup –1}.

  11. Enhancement of orofacial antinociceptive effect of carvacrol, a monoterpene present in oregano and thyme oils, by β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex in mice.

    Silva, Juliane C; Almeida, Jackson R G S; Quintans, Jullyana S S; Gopalsamy, Rajiv Gandhi; Shanmugam, Saravanan; Serafini, Mairim Russo; Oliveira, Maria R C; Silva, Bruno A F; Martins, Anita O B P B; Castro, Fyama F; Menezes, Irwin R A; Coutinho, Henrique D M; Oliveira, Rita C M; Thangaraj, Parimelazhagan; Araújo, Adriano A S; Quintans-Júnior, Lucindo J


    Orofacial pain is associated with diagnosis of chronic pain of head, face, mouth, neck and all the intraoral structures. Carvacrol, a naturally occurring isoprenoid with diverse class of biological activities including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antitumor and antioxidant properties. Now, the antinociceptive effect was studied in mice pretreatment with carvacrol (CARV) and β-cyclodextrin complex containing carvacrol (CARV-βCD) in formalin-, capsaicin-, and glutamate- induced orofacial nociception. Mice were pretreated with vehicle (0.9% Nacl, p.o.), CARV (10 and 20mg/kg, p.o.), CARV-βCD (10 and 20mg/kg, p.o.) or MOR (10mg/kg, i.p.) before the nociceptive behavior induced by subcutaneous injections (s.c.) of formalin (20μl, 2%), capsaicin (20μl, 2.5μg) or glutamate (20μl, 25μM) into the upper lip respectively. The interference on motor coordination was determined using rotarod and grip strength meter apparatus. CARV-βCD reduced the nociceptive during the two phases of the formalin test, whereas CARV did not produced the reduction in face-rubbing behavior in the initial phase. CARV-βCD (20mg/kg, p.o.) produced 49.3% behavior pain while CARV alone at 20mg/kg, p.o, produced 28.7% of analgesic inhibition in the second phase of formalin test. CARV, CARV-βCD and Morphine (MOR) showed a significant reduction against nociception caused by capsaicin or glutamate injection. Thus the encapsulation of carvacrol in β-cyclodextrin can acts as a considerable therapeutic agent with pharmacological interest for the orofacial pain management.


    Bailey, Vanessa; Reiter, Megan; Morzinski, Katie; Males, Jared; Su, Kate Y. L.; Hinz, Philip M.; Stark, Daniel; Close, Laird M.; Follette, Katherine B.; Rodigas, Timothy [Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, 933 North Cherry Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Meshkat, Tiffany; Kenworthy, Matthew [Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, P.O. Box 9513, 2300 RA Leiden (Netherlands); Mamajek, Eric [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-0171 (United States); Briguglio, Runa; Puglisi, Alfio; Xompero, Marco [Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Largo Enrico Fermi 5, I-50125 Firenze (Italy); Weinberger, Alycia J., E-mail: [Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, 5241 Broad Branch Road NW, Washington, DC 20015 (United States)


    We report the discovery of a planetary-mass companion, HD 106906 b, with the new Magellan Adaptive Optics (MagAO) + Clio2 system. The companion is detected with Clio2 in three bands: J, K{sub S} , and L', and lies at a projected separation of 7.''1 (650 AU). It is confirmed to be comoving with its 13 ± 2 Myr F5 host using Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys astrometry over a time baseline of 8.3 yr. DUSTY and COND evolutionary models predict that the companion's luminosity corresponds to a mass of 11 ± 2 M {sub Jup}, making it one of the most widely separated planetary-mass companions known. We classify its Magellan/Folded-Port InfraRed Echellette J/H/K spectrum as L2.5 ± 1; the triangular H-band morphology suggests an intermediate surface gravity. HD 106906 A, a pre-main-sequence Lower Centaurus Crux member, was initially targeted because it hosts a massive debris disk detected via infrared excess emission in unresolved Spitzer imaging and spectroscopy. The disk emission is best fit by a single component at 95 K, corresponding to an inner edge of 15-20 AU and an outer edge of up to 120 AU. If the companion is on an eccentric (e > 0.65) orbit, it could be interacting with the outer edge of the disk. Close-in, planet-like formation followed by scattering to the current location would likely disrupt the disk and is disfavored. Furthermore, we find no additional companions, though we could detect similar-mass objects at projected separations >35 AU. In situ formation in a binary-star-like process is more probable, although the companion-to-primary mass ratio, at <1%, is unusually small.

  13. Nacnac‐Cobalt‐Mediated P4 Transformations

    Spitzer, Fabian; Graßl, Christian; Balázs, Gábor; Mädl, Eric; Keilwerth, Martin; Zolnhofer, Eva M.; Meyer, Karsten


    Abstract A comparison of P4 activations mediated by low‐valent β‐diketiminato (L) cobalt complexes is presented. The formal Co0 source [K2(L3Co)2(μ2:η1,η1‐N2)] (1) reacts with P4 to form a mixture of the monoanionic complexes [K(thf)6][(L3Co)2(μ2:η4,η4‐P4)] (2) and [K(thf)6][(L3Co)2(μ2:η3,η3‐P3)] (3). The analogue CoI precursor [L3Co(tol)] (4 a), however, selectively yields the corresponding neutral derivative [(L3Co)2(μ2:η4,η4‐P4)] (5 a). Compound 5 a undergoes thermal P atom loss to form the unprecedented complex [(L3Co)2(μ2:η3,η3‐P3)] (6). The products 2 and 3 can be obtained selectively by an one‐electron reduction of their neutral precursors 5 a and 6, respectively. The electrochemical behaviour of 2, 3, 5 a, and 6 is monitored by cyclic voltammetry and their magnetism is examined by SQUID measurements and the Evans method. The initial CoI‐mediated P4 activation is not influenced by applying the structurally different ligands L1 and L2, which is proven by the formation of the isostructural products [(LCo)2(μ2:η4,η4‐P4)] [L=L3 (5 a), L1 (5 b), L2 (5 c)]. PMID:28032678

  14. Highly resolved effects of whistler-mode hiss waves in March 2013

    Ripoll, J. F.; Santolik, O.; Reeves, G. D.; Kurth, W. S.; Kletzing, C.


    We present a simulation of effects of whistler-mode waves on radiation belt electrons for the entire month of March 2013. Frequency dependent wave intensities as well as ambient plasma density are obtained from the EMFISIS Waves instrument onboard the Van Allen Probes using fine temporal (8 hours) and spatial (0.1L) resolutions. Pitch angle diffusion that produces electron scattering is computed using the Lyons et al. [1972] model, from L=1.8 to L=5.5 and energy in [0.05, 6] MeV. Electron lifetimes are deduced from the steady state of electron pitch angle diffusion. Such a computation requires 4000 thousands processors during 10 hours. It leads to a fine description of the hiss effects in the plasmasphere and in its exterior neighborhood. Losses follow a complex and dynamic filamentary structure, imposed by the wave properties (mainly frequency and amplitude), that sculpts the slot as such. Their daily structure in the (E-L) plane is characteristic [Lyons & Thorne, 1973], dynamic, and similar to recent slot observations from the Van Allen probes [Reeves et al., 2015]. Low energy electrons are less influenced by intense hiss scattering below L=4, which favors their travel down to the vicinity of the Earth, explaining thus the existence of a wide inner belt. On the other hand MeV electrons evolve in a more hostile environment that will depopulate them as they migrate from L~5 down to L~2.5. Ultra-relativistic electrons are not sensible to hiss waves before two and three Earth radii.

  15. Solvent dependent reactivities of di-, tetra- and hexanuclear manganese complexes: syntheses, structures and magnetic properties.

    Yang, Hua; Cao, Fan; Li, Dacheng; Zeng, Suyuan; Song, You; Dou, Jianmin


    An unusual solvent effect on the synthesis of five manganese complexes [Mn2(L1)2(Py)4](), [Mn2(L1)2(DMSO)4](), [Mn4(L2)4(OH)4](), [Mn4(L3)2(DMSO)7(H2O)](), and [Mn6O2(L4)4(OAc)2(OMe)2(DMSO)4]·MeOH] (), (H3L1 = 5-(2-oxyphenyl)-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid; H2L2 = 5-(2-oxyphenyl)-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid amide; H4L3 = di-[5-(2-oxyphenyl)-pyrazole]-3-hydroxamic ether; and H2L4 = 5-(2-oxyphenyl)-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid methyl ester) has been reported. Five complexes have been characterized by X-ray single crystal diffraction, IR, element analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and UV-vis spectra. The analysis reveals that complexes and are isostructural with a bimetallic six-membered ring and L1 from the decomposition of the original H4ppha (H4ppha = 5-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-pyrazole-3-hydroxamic acid) ligand. Complexes and are two tetranuclear clusters, and possesses an aza12-metallacrown-4 core with L2 from the amide functionalization of the decomposition L1; while represents a novel linear [Mn4N8O2] core with L3 from the condensation of L1 and H4ppha. Complex is the first Mn6 cluster linked by two stacked, off-set 8-azametallacrown-3 subunits with [M-N-N-M-N-N-M-O] connectivity, and L4 derived from the esterification of L1. The magnetic behaviour of complexes show the dominant antiferromagnetic interactions between metal centers, whereas complex further reveals the coexistence of antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic interactions, and slow magnetic relaxation at T < 6 K with S = 4 ground state, as well as field induced magnetization saturation.

  16. Synthesis, photophysical and preliminary investigation of the dye-sensitized solar cells properties of functionalized anthracenyl-based bipyridyl and phenanthrolyl Ru(II) complexes

    Adewale O Adeloye; Peter A Ajibade; Frances R Cummings; Lukas J Le Roux; Sampson N Mamphweli; Edson L Meyer


    Four new amphiphilic ligands: 4-(2,3-dimethylacrylic acid)-2,2'-bipyridine (L1), 4-(9-anthracenyl-10-(2,3-dimethylacrylic acid)-2,2'-bipyridine (L2), 5-(2,3-dimethylacrylic acid)-1,10-phenanthroline (L3) and 5-(9-anthracenyl-10-(2,3-dimethylacrylic acid)-1,10-phenanthroline (L4), with their corresponding homonuclear ruthenium(II) complexes formulated as cis-[Ru-(L1)3(PF6)2] (C1), cis-[Ru-(L2)3(PF6)2] (C2), cis-[Ru-(L3)3(PF6)2] (C3) and cis-[Ru-(L4)3(PF6)2] (C4), have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, 1H- and 13C- NMR, FT-IR, UV-Vis and photoluminescence spectroscopy. The complexes exhibit broad and intense metal-to-ligand charge transfer (MLCT) transition bands in the visible region (400-700 nm), and red light emitting properties at room temperature. By comparison however, complexes C1 and C2 bipyridine moiety gave lower molar absorptivity coefficient at relatively similar wavelength characteristics (410-520 nm) when compared to C3 and C4 with phenanthroline based molecules. Cyclic voltammograms of the complexes revealed complex C4 with most reduction potential which might be due to increase in the conjugation of the anthracene functionalized units. Preliminary investigation of the solar cell efficiency of the complexes on TiO2 nanocrystalline films gave the best result with efficiency of 0.103% for C1 under illumination at 1000 W/m2 AM 1.5. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) technique however, revealed the charge transfer resistances (Rct) of the electrons on the TiO2 semiconductor.

  17. The Effects of Intrathecal Fentanyl on Sedation Depth and Postoperative Recovery Room Delirium

    Ozgur Bulent Tuzun


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Intrathecal anaesthesia has been shown to increase sedation level. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of intrathecal applied fentanyl with levobupivacaine on intraoperative sedation and recovery room delirium. Materials and Methods. The study included 68 patients, ASA I–III, 55–85 years. One day preoperatively, the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM and the Mini Mental Status Test (MMST were applied and patients were separated into two groups. In Group L 2.5 mL levobupivacaine and in Group LF 2 mL levobupivacaine and 0.5 mL fentanyl were applied intrathecally. In a supine position, following a propofol IV 1 mg kg−1 bolus to obtain Bispectral Index (BIS of 70–85, propofol infusion was started (1 mg kg−1 st−1. With observation of SpO2, BIS, and the Observer Assessment and Alertness/Sedation Scale (OAA/SS with the haemodynamic values, the total propofol amount was calculated. Evaluations were made of pain severity (VAS, analgesic use, transfusion requirement, and recovery room delirium. Results. In the comparison within the groups, a significant decrease was determined in HR and MAP compared to the initial values (p<0.05. A positive correlation was found between the BIS and OAA/SS values. The amounts of propofol used were similar between the groups. Conclusions. Intrathecal fentanyl and levobupivacaine had the same effect on sedation or BIS and fentanyl did not cause delirium.

  18. A Biosensor-CMOS Platform and Integrated Readout Circuit in 0.18-μm CMOS Technology for Cancer Biomarker Detection

    Alhoshany, Abdulaziz


    This paper presents a biosensor-CMOS platform for measuring the capacitive coupling of biorecognition elements. The biosensor is designed, fabricated, and tested for the detection and quantification of a protein that reveals the presence of early-stage cancer. For the first time, the spermidine/spermine N1 acetyltransferase (SSAT) enzyme has been screened and quantified on the surface of a capacitive sensor. The sensor surface is treated to immobilize antibodies, and the baseline capacitance of the biosensor is reduced by connecting an array of capacitors in series for fixed exposure area to the analyte. A large sensing area with small baseline capacitance is implemented to achieve a high sensitivity to SSAT enzyme concentrations. The sensed capacitance value is digitized by using a 12-bit highly digital successive-approximation capacitance-to-digital converter that is implemented in a 0.18 μm CMOS technology. The readout circuit operates in the near-subthreshold regime and provides power and area efficient operation. The capacitance range is 16.137 pF with a 4.5 fF absolute resolution, which adequately covers the concentrations of 10 mg/L, 5 mg/L, 2.5 mg/L, and 1.25 mg/L of the SSAT enzyme. The concentrations were selected as a pilot study, and the platform was shown to demonstrate high sensitivity for SSAT enzymes on the surface of the capacitive sensor. The tested prototype demonstrated 42.5 μS of measurement time and a total power consumption of 2.1 μW.

  19. 预阳极化碳糊电极同时测定对乙酰氨基酚和多巴胺%The simultaneous determination of acetaminophen and dopamine at a pre-anodized carbon paste electrode

    孙瑶; 上官恩波; 李晶; 李全民


    A pre-anodized carbon paste electrode was prepared by cyclic voltammetry.The electrochemical behaviors of acetaminophen and dopamine were investigated on the modified electrode.The experimental results showed that the electrode had excellent electrocatalytic activity to acetaminophen and dopamine.The oxidation peak currents were proportional to the concentrations of acetaminophen and dopamine both in the range of 2.0 ×106-5.0 × 104mol/L,and the detection limits were 6.3 × 10-7moL/L and 2.5 × 10-7mol/L,respectively.The proposed method was applied to the determination of acetaminophen and dopamine in commercial pharmaceutical samples with satisfactory results.%采用循环伏安法制备了预阳极化碳糊电极,研究了对乙酰氨基酚和多巴胺在该修饰电极上的电化学行为.结果表明,预阳极化碳糊电极对对乙酰氨基酚和多巴胺的电化学行为具有良好的电催化作用.对乙酰氨基酚和多巴胺的氧化峰电流与其浓度在2.0×10-6~5.0×10-4mol/L的范围内呈良好的线性关系,检出限分别为6.3×10-7 mol/L,2.5×10-7 mol/L.方法已用于药物样品中对乙酰氨基酚和多巴胺的测定.

  20. Pain and efficacy of local anesthetics for central venous access

    William C Culp Jr


    Full Text Available William C Culp Jr1, Mohammed Yousaf2, Benjamin Lowry1, Timothy C McCowan3, William C Culp21Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, Scott and White Hospital, The Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Temple, TX, USA; 2Division of Interventional Radiology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, USA; 3Department of Radiology, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS, USAPurpose: To compare pain during injection and efficacy of analgesia of local anesthetics during central venous line placement.Methods: Sixty-two patients were studied in a randomized, double-blinded prospective fashion. Patients received 1% lidocaine (L, buffered 1% lidocaine (LB, or 2% chloroprocaine (CP injected around the internal jugular vein for procedural analgesia for central venous access. Patients reported pain via a standard linear visual analog scale, with 0 representing no pain and 10 being the worst pain imaginable.Results: Overall patient perception of pain was better with CP and L than LB with mean scores of CP 2.4, L 2.6, LB 4.2. Pain with injection mean scores were CP 2.1, L 2.5, LB 3.2. Pain with catheter placement scores were CP 2.5, L 1.7, LB 3.4. Operator assessment of overall pain values were CP 1.9, L 2.2, LB 3.4. LB consistently scored the worst, though compared with CP, this only reached statistical significance in overall patient pain and pain at catheter insertion compared with L.Conclusion: Though chloroprocaine scored better than lidocaine in 3 of 4 parameters, this trend did not achieve statistical significance. Adding sodium bicarbonate to lidocaine isn’t justified in routine practice, nor is routine replacement of lidocaine with chloroprocaine.Keywords: local anesthesia, analgesia, central venous access, lidocaine, chloroprocaine

  1. Phenyl vs Alkyl Polythiophene: A Solar Cell Comparison Using a Vinazene Derivative as Acceptor

    Woo, Claire H.


    The solar cell performance of poly[3-(4-n-octyl)-phenylthiophene] (POPT) and poly(3hexylthiophene) (P3HT) are compared in devices using 4,7-bis(2-(l-(2-ethylhexyl)-4,5-dicyanoimidazol-2-yl)vinyi)benzo[c][l,2,5] -thiadiazole (EV-BT) as the electron acceptor. Despite their reduced light absorption, POPT:EV-BT devices generate higher photocurrents in both bilayer and bulk heterojunction (BHJ) architectures than analogous P3HT:EV-BT devices. Optimized POPT:EV-BT BHJ devices achieve 1.4% average efficiency, whereas the analogous P3HT devices only reach 1.1%. Morphology does not account for the large difference in performance as AFM studies of the active layer suggest, comparable levels of phase separation in the two systems. Reverse bias analysis demonstrates that P3HT devices have a higher maximum potential than POPT devices, but P3HT devices appear to be more severely limited by recombination losses under standard operating conditions. A possible explanation for the superior performance in POPT devices is that the pendant phenyl ring in POPT can twist out-of-plane and increase the separation distance with the acceptor molecule. A larger donor/acceptor separation distance can destabilize the geminate pair and lead to more efficient charge separation in POPT:EV-BT devices. Our results emphasize the importance of donor/acceptor pair interactions and its effect on charge separation, processes in polymer solar cells. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

  2. Effect of morphine on synaptic long-term potentiation in spinal dorsal horn evoked by electric stimulation of sciatic nerve in rats%吗啡对电刺激坐骨神经诱发大鼠脊髓背角突触长时程增强的影响

    吴江; 黄德樱; 程洁; 上官守琴; 胡祁生


    Objective To evaluate the effect of morphine on synaptic long-term potentiation (LTP) in the spinal dorsal horn evoked by electric stimulation of sciatic nerve in rats. Methods Twenty-seven healthy male SD rats aged 60-90 d weighing 180-200 g were randomly divided into 4 groups: group Ⅰ control (group C, n=7), group Ⅱ morphine (group M, n=7), group Ⅲ naloxone (group N, n=6), and group Ⅳ morphine + naloxone (group MN, n=7). The animals were anesthetized with intraperitoneal 10% urethane 1 g/kg, intubated and then mechanically ventilated. The bipolar insulated stainless steel recording electrode (impedance 0.5-1 MΩ, diameter 0.1 mm) was inserted into the left side of the spinal dorsal horn at T13-L1 to stimulate the left side of the sciatic nerve. Single square pulses (15 V, 0.5 ms, 1/60 Hz for 30 min) was applied to evoke spinal field potentials. Normal saline 10 μl, morphine 10 μl (15 μg/μl), naloxone 10 μl (2.5 μg/μl), and the mixture 10 μl of naloxone 5 μl (2.5 μg/μl) and morphine 5 μl (15 μg/μl) was gradually instilled over 2 rain in the 4 groups respectively. Five minutes later, high-frequency and intensity tetanic stimulation (30-40 V, 0.5 ms, 100 Hz, given in 4 trains of 1-s duration at 10-s intervals) was used to induce LTP. Then single square stimuli (15 V, 5 ms, 1/60 Hz) were applied to the sciatic nerve for 210 min. The amplitude and latency period of the field potential were recorded 30 min before tetanic stimulation, and 0-30, 35-60, 65-120 and 125-210 min after titanic stimulation. Results Compared with group C, the amplitude of the field potential was significantly decreased and the latency period prolonged in group M and MN, but there was no significant difference in the above indices between group N and C. Compared with group M, the amplitude of the field potential was significantly increased and the latency period shortened in group MN. Compared with those 30 min before the tetanic stimulation, the amplitude of the field

  3. 南方红豆杉ISSR -PCR反应体系的建立与优化%An orthogonal design to optimize ISSR-PCR reaction system for Taxus wallichiana var.chinensis

    廖盼华; 汪庆; 李亚; 姚淦; 杨如同; 王淑安


    Several important parameters influencing ISSR-PCR amplification on DNA from Taxus wallichiana var. Chinensis were studied with an orthogonal design by four factors and four levels to establish the optimum ISSR reaction system. The optimal ISSR-PCR reaction system was established as a total volume of 20μL consisting of 60ng template DNA, 10 x PCR buffer 2. 0μX, 25 mmol/L MgCl2 l.0μX, 2.5 mmol/L dNTPs l.0μL, 10μmol/L primer 1.0 uX and Taq DNA polymerase 0.2U. The suitable PCR procedure is one cycle denaturing at 94℃ for 4min,then, 41 cycles which involves denaturing at 941 for 30s,annealing at 54.5℃ for 45s and extending at 72℃ for 80s, one cycle extending at 72℃ for 5 min.and kept at4℃o%以南方红豆杉DNA为模板,采用正交试验设计对影响南方红豆杉ISSR -PCR扩增的参数进行了优化.结果表明较佳的南方红豆杉ISSR-PCR的反应体系(20 μL)为模板DNA 60 ng,10×PCR buffer 2.0μL,25 mmol/L的MgCl2 1.0 μL,2.5 mmol/L的dNTPs 1.0 μL,10μmol/L的引物1.0 μL和反应酶0.2U.适宜的扩增条件为94℃预变性4 min,41个PCR循环(94℃变性30 s,54.5℃退火45 s),72℃延伸80 s,72℃延伸5 min,4℃保存.

  4. Separation of chemical constituents from three plant medicines by counter-current chromatography using a three-phase solvent system at a novel ratio.

    Wu, Xiaoyi; Chao, Zhimao; Wang, Chun; Yu, Li


    A solvent system of n-hexane, methyl acetate, acetonitrile, and water at a novel volume ratio of 4:3:4:4 forms three layers, i.e. upper phase (UP), middle phase (MP), and lower phase (LP), with a volume ratio of 1:1.20:1.42 at room temperature (25°C). All three two-phases from this three-phase solvent system were successfully used to separate some chemical constituents from three plant medicines with counter-current chromatography (CCC). Eight coumarins (B1-B8) were obtained from petroleum ether extract of fresh roots of Angelica dahurica (Baizhi) with a stationary phase of UP and a mobile phase of LP. Six diarylheptanoids (L1-L6) were obtained from petroleum ether extract of dried rhizomes of Alpinia officinarum (Liangjiang) with a stationary phase of UP and a mobile phase of MP. Three chemical constituents (Z1-Z3) were obtained from ethyl acetate extract of fresh rhizomes of Anemarrhena asphodeloides (Zhimu) with a stationary phase of MP and a mobile phase of LP. Preparative HPLC was used for further purification if necessary. Seventeen chemical constituents were identified as oxypeucedanin hydrate (B1), byakangelicin (B2), byakangelicol (B3), bergapten (B4), oxypeucedanin (B5), imperatorin (B6), phellopterin (B7), isoimperatorin (B8), 5-hydroxy-7-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-1-phenyl-3-heptanone (L1), 7-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-1-phenyl-4E-en-3-heptanone (L2), 5-hydroxy-1,7-diphenyl-3-heptanone (L3), 1,7-diphenyl-4E-en-3-heptanone (L4), 5-hydroxy-1,7-diphenyl-4E,6E-dien-3-heptanone (L5), isomers of 1,7-diphenyl-3,5-heptandione and 5-hydroxy-1,7-diphenyl-4E-en-3-heptanone (L6), mangiferin (Z1), timosaponin A-III (Z2), and 2,6,4'-trihydroxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone (Z3) by means of MS, (1)H and (13)C NMR studies. Five compounds of B3, L3, L5, L6, and Z3 were isolated by CCC for the first time.

  5. Transionospheric Propagation of VLF Transmitter Signals

    Cohen, M.; Inan, U. S.; Lehtinen, N. G.


    Ground based Very Low Frequency (VLF, 3-30 kHz) radio transmitters may play a significant role in precipitation of inner belt (L<2.5) energetic Van Allen electrons. Initial analyses of the total contribution of VLF transmitters utilized models of transionospheric propagation, but some recent studies have suggested that those models may overestimate (by 20-100 dB) the VLF energy reaching the magnetosphere. One possible cause of this discrepancy was suggested to be conversion of wave energy into electrostatic modes in the D, E, and F regions, from ionospheric density irregularities, either natural or generated by the transmitter heating itself. The DEMETER satellite built a six year history of continuous and global survey mode data which, when combined, yields detailed pictures of the radiation pattern from many transmitters into space at 680 km, with 25 km resolution, and clear features like the interference pattern on the ground mapped upwards. With both E and B survey mode data, we can also directly approximate the total power injected into the magnetosphere from each transmitter, separately for day and night, as well as the power arriving at the conjugate region. We find no detectable variation of signal intensity with geomagnetic conditions. We find evidence of transmitter heating affecting the transionospheric propagation of other transmitters. We find that the power reaching the conjugate region is a large fraction of the power injected above the transmitter. We then employ a full wave model to simulate VLF transmitter transionospheric propagation, calculating the electromagnetic fields and power flux injected into the magnetosphere. Although the model does not include ionospheric irregularities, the radiation pattern largely matches the observed one, and the total power calculated is within 6 dB of observations for every transmitter, both day and night, and across a range of low to middle latitudes and transmitter powers. We thus conclude that the effect of

  6. Optical and Near-infrared Spectra of σ Orionis Isolated Planetary-mass Objects

    Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Peña Ramírez, K.


    We have obtained low-resolution optical (0.7-0.98 μm) and near-infrared (1.11-1.34 μm and 0.8-2.5 μm) spectra of 12 isolated planetary-mass candidates (J = 18.2-19.9 mag) of the 3 Myr σ Orionis star cluster with the aim of determining the spectroscopic properties of very young, substellar dwarfs and assembling a complete cluster mass function. We have classified our targets by visual comparison with high- and low-gravity standards and by measuring newly defined spectroscopic indices. We derived L0-L4.5 and M9-L2.5 using high- and low-gravity standards, respectively. Our targets reveal clear signposts of youth, thus corroborating their cluster membership and planetary masses (6-13 M Jup). These observations complete the σ Orionis mass function by spectroscopically confirming the planetary-mass domain to a confidence level of ˜75%. The comparison of our spectra with BT-Settl solar metallicity model atmospheres yields a temperature scale of 2350-1800 K and a low surface gravity of log g ≈ 4.0 [cm s-2], as would be expected for young planetary-mass objects. We discuss the properties of the cluster’s least-massive population as a function of spectral type. We have also obtained the first optical spectrum of S Ori 70, a T dwarf in the direction of σ Orionis. Our data provide reference optical and near-infrared spectra of very young L dwarfs and a mass function that may be used as templates for future studies of low-mass substellar objects and exoplanets. The extrapolation of the σ Orionis mass function to the solar neighborhood may indicate that isolated planetary-mass objects with temperatures of ˜200-300 K and masses in the interval 6-13 M Jup may be as numerous as very low-mass stars.

  7. A型肉毒杆菌毒素治疗面肌痉挛、 睑肌痉挛68例报告%Treatment of hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm with botudinum toxin A: clinical report of 68 cases



    Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of Botulinum toxin A for hemifacial spasm and for the facialspasm and blepharospasm. Methods: a total of 68 individuals were enrolled in the clinical study. TheBotulinum Toxin A was locally injected into the involved muscles. The dosage for each injection was 1~2 ng/mL(2.5~50 U/mL). Results: The overall successful rate of relief of spasm was 100%. Amongthem, 85.3% of patients had excellent improvement on the spasm intensity scale, while the rest 14.7%of patients had moderate improvement. The beneficial effect began at the 4 h to 3days after the injection,and the duration of beneficial effects was 12~30 weeks. Only local side effects appeared in some pa-tients, but it was mild and reversible. Conclusion: Botulinum toxin A injection is an effective, safe andsimple therapeutic method for patients with hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm, and may be consideredas the first choice for the treatment of patients with hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm.%目的:探讨A型肉毒杆菌毒素治疗面肌痉挛和睑肌痉挛的效果。方法:应用A型肉毒杆菌毒素局部肌肉注射治疗共68例,药物浓度为0.1~0.2mg/ml(25~50 U/mL)。结果:有效率为100%,其中完全缓解85.3%,明显缓解及部分缓解14.7%,显效时间4 h~3 d,作用持续时间12~30周。无过敏和全身中毒反应。局部副作用轻微、可逆。结论:A型肉毒杆菌毒素治疗面肌痉挛和睑肌痉挛安全、简便,有效,可作为治疗面肌痉挛和睑肌痉挛的首选药物。

  8. 金纳米粒子比色探针检测牛奶及鸡蛋中的三聚氰胺%Gold Nanoparticles-based Colorimetric Sensing of Melamine in Milk and Eggs

    孙春燕; 张民伟; 李宏坤; 李岩松; 平红; 郭佳佳; 张铁华


    三聚氰胺能诱导金纳米粒子(AuNPs)团聚,溶液颜色由酒红色变为紫色或蓝灰色.以AuNPs作为比色探针,建立了快速检测牛奶和鸡蛋中三聚氰胺的方法.实验优化得最佳反应条件为:AuNPs粒径13 min、pH=7、反应时间10 min和温度为室温.对样品中常见物质进行了干扰实验.样品经10%三氯乙酸和氯仿提取、离心分离后可直接测定,本方法对牛奶和鸡蛋中三聚氰胺的检出限分别为0.1和2.5 mg/L(S/N=3),加标回收率分别为95.0%~105.0%和98.0%~104.0%.%Melamine could rapidly induce the aggregation of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), thereby resulting in red-to-purple (even blue) color change. Thus, a rapid detection method for melamine in milk and eggs using AuNPs as colorimetric probe has been established. The experimental conditions was optimized in detail, ultimately, the analysis was carried out using 13 nm AuNPs in the media of pH 7, and the reaction was perfomed for 10 min at room temperature. Moreover, the effects of interfering substances in the samples were investigated. The melamine can be detected after extraction and centrifugation separation with 10% trichloroacetic acid and chloroform. The proposed method could be used to detect melamine in milk and eggs with a detection limit of 0. 1 mg/L, 2. 5 mg/L (S/N=3), and the recovery are 95.0% -105.0% , 98.0% -104.0% respectively.

  9. A technique system of IRAP marker on mei(Prunus mume)%梅(Prunus mume)IRAP分子标记技术体系的建立

    沈玉英; 高志红; 王飞; 佟兆国; 房伟民; 章镇


    Based on the Tyl-copia retrotransposons LTR sequences of Mei, primers for IRAP were designed. Studied on five factors L16 (45), four levels complete random orthogonal test, the various PAGE concentrations, etc., the final optimal system of IRAP marker technique is established. The results showed that the optimal system for IRAP was total in 25 μL, composed of template DNA 30 ng, 25 mmol.L-1 MgC12 2.0 μL, 2.5 mmol·L-1 dNTPs 2.5μL, 10×PCR Buffer 2.5 μL, Taq DNA polymerase 1.0 U, 10 μmol·L-1 LTR primer 1.0 μL, and ddH2O added to 25 μL. PAGE with the concentration of 6.0% and 8.0% non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel could present genetic diversity.%基于梅Ty1-copia类逆转座子的长末端重复序列信息设计IRAP引物,通过五因素四水平L16(45)的完全随机正交试验、不同浓度PAGE胶等的研究,建立了适合梅IRAP标记的技术体系.结果表明,体系总体积25μL,其中基因组DNA 30 ng、25 mmol·L-1MgCl2 2.0 μL、2.5 mmo1·L-1dNTPs 2.5μL、1O×PCR Buffer 2.5μL、TaqDNA聚合酶1.O U、10μmol·L-1LTR引物1.0μL,加ddH2O至25μL为最优IRAP的PCR反应体系,以及6.O%和8.O%浓度的非变性PAGE胶均适于IRAP多态性检测.这为进一步利用IPAP分子标记研究梅的遗传多样性和亲缘关系等奠定坚实的基础.

  10. Deduction of the rates of radial diffusion of protons from the structure of the Earth's radiation belts

    Kovtyukh, Alexander S.


    From the data on the fluxes and energy spectra of protons with an equatorial pitch angle of α0 ≈ 90° during quiet and slightly disturbed (Kp ≤ 2) periods, I directly calculated the value DLL, which is a measure of the rate of radial transport (diffusion) of trapped particles. This is done by successively solving the systems (chains) of integrodifferential equations which describe the balance of radial transport/acceleration and ionization losses of low-energy protons of the stationary belt. This was done for the first time. For these calculations, I used data of International Sun-Earth Explorer 1 (ISEE-1) for protons with an energy of 24 to 2081 keV at L = 2-10 and data of Explorer-45 for protons with an energy of 78.6 to 872 keV at L = 2-5. Ionization losses of protons (Coulomb losses and charge exchange) were calculated on the basis of modern models of the plasmasphere and the exosphere. It is shown that for protons with μ from ˜ 0.7 to ˜ 7 keV nT-1 at L ≈ 4.5-10, the functions of DLL can be approximated by the following equivalent expressions: DLL ≈ 4.9 × 10-14μ-4.1L8.2 or DLL ≈ 1.3 × 105(EL)-4.1 or DLL ≈ 1.2 × 10-9fd-4.1, where fd is the drift frequency of the protons (in mHz), DLL is measured in s-1, E is measured in kiloelectronvolt and μ is measured in kiloelectronvolt per nanotesla. These results are consistent with the radial diffusion of particles under the action of the electric field fluctuations (pulsations) in the range of Pc6 and contradict the mechanism of the radial diffusion of particles under the action of sudden impulses (SIs) of the magnetic field and also under the action of substorm impulses of the electric field. During magnetic storms DLL increases, and the expressions for DLL obtained here can change completely.

  11. A long-lived refilling event of the slot region between the Van Allen radiation belts from Nov 2004 to Jan 2005

    Yang, X.


    A powerful relativistic electron enhancement in the slot region between the inner and outer radiation belts is investigated by multi-satellites measurements. The measurement from Space Particle Component Detectors (SPCDs) aboard Fengyun-1 indicates that the relativistic electron (>1.6MeV) flux began to enhance obviously on early 10 November with the flux peak fixed at L~3.0. In the next day, the relativistic electron populations increased dramatically. Subsequently, the flux had been enhancing slowly, but unceasingly, until 17 November, and the maximum flux reached up to 7.8×104 cm-2·sr-1·s-1 at last. The flux peak fixed at L~3.0 and the very slow decay rate in this event make it to be an unusual long-lived slot region refilling event. We trace the cause of the event back to the interplanetary environment and find that there were two evident magnetic cloud constructions: dramatically enhanced magnetic field strength and long and smooth rotation of field vector from late 7 to 8 November and from late 9 to 10 November, respectively; solar wind speed increased in 'step-like' fashion on late 7 November and persisted the level of high speed >560 km·s-1 for about 124 hours. Owed to the interplanetary disturbances, very strong magnetic storms and substorms occurred in the magnetosphere. Responding to the extraordinarily magnetic perturbations, the plasmasphere shrank sharply. The location of plasmapause inferred from Dst indicates that the plasmapause shrank inward to as low as L~2.5. On account of these magnetospheric conditions, strong chorus emissions are expected near the earth. In fact, the STAFF on Cluster mission measured intensive whistler mode chorus emissions on 10 and 12 November, corresponding to the period of the remarkable enhancement of relativistic electron. Furthermore, we investigate the radial profile of phase space density (PSD) by electron flux from multi-satellites, and the evolution of the phase space density profile reveals that the local

  12. 2,5-Dioxido-1,4-benzoquinonediimine (H2L2-), a hydrogen-bonding noninnocent bridging ligand related to aminated topaquinone: different oxidation state distributions in complexes [{(bpy)2Ru}2(mu-H2L)]n (n=0,+,2+,3+,4+) and [{(acac)2Ru}2(mu-H2L)]m (m=2-,-,0,+,2+).

    Kar, Sanjib; Sarkar, Biprajit; Ghumaan, Sandeep; Janardanan, Deepa; van Slageren, Joris; Fiedler, Jan; Puranik, Vedavati G; Sunoj, Raghavan B; Kaim, Wolfgang; Lahiri, Goutam Kumar


    The symmetrically dinuclear title compounds were isolated as diamagnetic [(bpy)2Ru(mu-H2L)Ru(bpy)2](ClO4)2 (1-(ClO4)2) and as paramagnetic [(acac)2Ru(mu-H2L)Ru(acac)2] (2) complexes (bpy=2,2'-bipyridine; acac- = acetylacetonate = 2,4-pentanedionato; H2L = 2,5-dioxido-1,4-benzoquinonediimine). The crystal structure of 22 H2O reveals an intricate hydrogen-bonding network: Two symmetry-related molecules 2 are closely connected through two NH(H2L2-)O(acac-) interactions, while the oxygen atoms of H2L2- of two such pairs are bridged by an (H2O)8 cluster at half-occupancy. The cluster consists of cyclic (H2O)6 arrangements with the remaining two exo-H2O molecules connecting two opposite sides of the cyclo-(H2O)6 cluster, and oxido oxygen atoms forming hydrogen bonds with the molecules of 2. Weak antiferromagnetic coupling of the two ruthenium(III) centers in 2 was established by using SQUID magnetometry and EPR spectroscopy. Geometry optimization by means of DFT calculations was carried out for 1(2+) and 2 in their singlet and triplet ground states, respectively. The nature of low-energy electronic transitions was explored by using time-dependent DFT methods. Five redox states were reversibly accessible for each of the complexes; all odd-electron intermediates exhibit comproportionation constants K(c)>10(8). UV-visible-NIR spectroelectrochemistry and EPR spectroscopy of the electrogenerated paramagnetic intermediates were used to ascertain the oxidation-state distribution. In general, the complexes 1n+ prefer the ruthenium(II) configuration with electron transfer occurring largely at the bridging ligand (mu-H2Ln-), as evident from radical-type EPR spectra for 13+ and (+. Higher metal oxidation states (iii, iv) appear to be favored by the complexes 2m; intense long-wavelength absorption bands and RuIII-type EPR signals suggest mixed-valent dimetal configurations of the paramagnetic intermediates 2+ and 2-.

  13. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease in One Patient: The Extremes of Thyroid Dysfunction Associated with Interferon Treatment

    R. H. Bishay


    Full Text Available Autoimmune thyroid disease associated with interferon therapy can manifest as destructive thyroiditis, Graves’ Hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune (often subclinical hypothyroidism, the latter persisting in many patients. There are scare reports of a single patient developing extremes of autoimmune thyroid disease activated by the immunomodulatory effects of interferon. A 60-year-old man received 48 weeks of pegylated interferon and ribavirin therapy for chronic HCV. Six months into treatment, he reported fatigue, weight gain, and slowed cognition. Serum thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH was 58.8 mIU/L [0.27–4.2], fT4 11.1 pmol/L [12–25], and fT3 4.2 pmol/L [2.5–6.0] with elevated anti-TPO (983 IU/mL [<35] and anti-TG (733 U/mL [<80] antibodies. He commenced thyroxine with initial clinical and biochemical resolution but developed symptoms of hyperthyroidism with weight loss and tremor 14 months later. Serum TSH was <0.02 mIU/L, fT4 54.3 pmol/L, and fT3 20.2 pmol/L, with an elevated TSH receptor (TRAb, 4.0 U/L [<1.0], anti-TPO (1,163 IU/mL and anti-TG (114 U/mL antibodies. Technetium scan confirmed Graves’ Disease with bilateral diffuse increased tracer uptake (5.9% [0.5–3.5%]. The patient commenced carbimazole therapy for 6 months. Treatment was ceased following spontaneous clinical and biochemical remission (TSH 3.84 mIU/L, fT4 17pmol/L, fT3 4.5 pmol/L, and TRAb <1 U/L. This raises the need to monitor thyroid function closely in patients both during and following completion of interferon treatment.

  14. Synthesis and Characterization of Azofurazan and Azoxyfurazan%偶氮及氧化偶氮呋咱化合物的合成与表征

    高莉; 杨红伟; 汤永兴; 程广斌; 吕春绪


    3.8 '-Diamino-4 ,4 '-azofurazan (DAAF) was synthesized by using the oxidant NaCK) from the start material 3,4-diaminofurazan (DAK). 3 ,3'-Diamino-4 ,4 'azoxyfurazan (DAOAF) can be obtained by using OXONETM as a stronger oxidant than NaCK) from DAF. Then, DAAF was nitrated with 100% nitric acid to generate 3,3'dinit-ramino-4,4' -azofurazan (DNAAF). 3, 3' -Diazido-4, 4' -azofurazan (DADAF) and 3-amino-3 azido-4, 4 -azoxyfurazan (AAAF) were prepared from diazonium salt of DAAF and DAOAF respectively by treatment with sodium azide. After storing for several days at room temperature, DADAF was transformed to 5-[4-azido-furazan]-5H-[l, 2,3]triazolo[4,5-c][l ,2,5]furazan (I) easily. These compounds were characterized by H NMR, 13C NMR, IK and MS. Their TG and DSC curves were also analyzed.%以3,4二氨基呋咱(DAF)为原料,次氯酸钠为氧化剂合成出 3,3 '二氨基-4,4'偶氮呋咱(DAAF);用相对较强的氧化剂过硫酸氢钾的复合盐(OXONETM)氧化DAF得到3,3'-二氨基4,4'-氧化偶氮呋咱(DAOAF);以100%硝酸为硝化剂硝化DAAF制得3,3'-二硝氨基-4,4'-偶氮呋咱(DNAAF);DAAF和DAOAF分别经重氮化叠氮取代得到3,3'二叠氮基-4,4'偶氮呋咱(DADAF)和3氨基3'-叠氮基4,4'氧化偶氮呋咱(AAAF);DADAF久置一段时间完全转化成5[4-叠氮基呋咱基]-5H-[1,2,3]三唑并[4,5 c][1,2,5]呋咱内盐(Ⅰ).采用红外、质谱、核磁等分析手段对所合成化合物进行表征.

  15. 生化检验中三大常见干扰物的比较研究与消除

    严达刚; 周泓君; 华毅; 赵碧华; 陈菊丽


    Objective To understand three big and familiar interference things are concrete interference circumstances inbiochemistry examine and it's the dest eliminate way.Methods Three specimens of the serious hemolytic and the serious jaundice and the serious milk blood are different.diluted by physiology brine ( 0.9%NaCL ) and distilled water ( DH2O ) Every kind of items is examined under establishing the blank of sample and reagent , and analysis comparison result.To put a normal specimen into adopt artificial hemolytic.To determine potassium ( K ) and hemoglobin ( Hg ) in the serum of different hemolytic degree , and them analysis results. Results On OLYMPUS AU-400, when TG>37.04mmol/L and CHO>25.59mmol/L, T-BIL>398.7~tmol/L and D- BIL>60.81μmol/L and Hg>51.2g/L, the results can not be detected.Most items have comparison relation between It' s 1 : 3 to 1 :8.But TBA Lpa is 1 : 4 to l : 6 and Ca P is l : 1.5 to l : 2.5.Determining results have not comparison relation when the dilute times are larger than 1 : l0 and smaller than 1 : 3.Both results have not significant difference within having comparison relation after the specimen is diluted by 0.9%NaCl and distilled water ( P>0.05 ).But Lpa has significant difference( P0.05 ) .So is Na Cl CO2 BUN Ca Cre for the serious hemolytic specimen .But Ca Cre and K have significant difference ( P0.05 ) .Conclusion Three kinds of familiar interference substances havs interference for biochemistry examining.Different instrument and reagent and methods cause different degree interference.The result is the best way to diluted by 0.9% NaCI.The dilute degree is decided by oncself laboratory results.It's diluted by distilled water that electrolyte is determined.Return to retum to handle demolytic specimen can roughly scquire density of K inserum before sample sample is hemolytic (intercept) .According to our deducing the formula [ KAH= (1-Hgs*RBC*MCV/Hg*10-15) KBH+Hgs*RBC*118/Hg*10-15] can compute result of K in serum before sample is

  16. 丙烯醛诱导大鼠脉络膜新生血管的形成%The formation of rats’ choroidal neovascularization induced by acrolein

    王观峰; 邹秀兰; 李东豪; 王琛; 李文立; 皮荣标


    目的::探讨丙烯醛( AC)诱导大鼠脉络膜新生血管( CNV)的形成。方法:选取远交群大鼠( SD)12只,随机将大鼠分为三组,即空白组,AC诱导4wk组和AC诱导8wk组,其中空白对照组每日200μL新鲜自来水灌胃,实验组为200μL AC溶液(2.5 mg/kg/d)每日灌胃,分为诱导4wk组和8wk组,取材后视网膜组织石蜡包埋,切片及HE染色。结果:空白对照组及AC诱导4 wk组均见RPE-Bruch膜连续性完整,未见明显异常;AC 诱导8 wk 组发现 RPE-Bruch膜连续性缺失,脉络膜新生血管长入视网膜神经上皮层内。结论:长期使用AC可以诱导大鼠脉络膜新生血管形成。%AlM:To investigate the formation of rats′ choroidal neovascularization ( CNV) induced by acrolein.METHODS:Twelve Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into three groups. Acrolein 200μL (2. 5 mg/kg/d) was poured into the rats′stomach for 4wk as acrolein 4wk and for 8wk as acrolein 8wk group. The same volume of fresh water was also done to the rats as the control group. Remove all eye balls and embed into paraffin with HE staining.RESLUTS:The RPE-Bruch membrane was intact with no obvious abnormality in the control group and acrolein 4wk group. Lost in the continuity of RPE and the movement of choroidal neovascularization were found in the acrolein 8wk.CONCLUSlON:The long time use of acrolein can induce the formation of choroial neovascularization in rats.

  17. Methodological issues in the biological monitoring of urinary benzene and S-phenylmercapturic acid at low exposure levels.

    Fustinoni, Silvia; Campo, Laura; Mercadante, Rosa; Manini, Paola


    Biological monitoring of low level exposure to pollutants is a very challenging analytical activity, and the quality of results is difficult to assess, especially when a certified reference material is unavailable. The aim of this work was to evaluate the reliability of the assays used to measure urinary benzene (Benz-U) and S-phenylmercapturic acid (SPMA), by applying an internal quality control protocol. Urine spot samples from 705 subjects who were either members of the general urban population, gasoline station attendants, or refinery plant workers were assayed for Benz-U and SPMA, using GC/MS and LC/MS/MS, with quantification limits of 15 ng/L and 0.10 μg/L. The median Benz-U concentration was 263 ng/L (60-2789 ng/L, 5th-95th percentile), and the median SPMA concentration was 0.19 μg/L (<0.1-2.5 μg/L, 5th-95th percentile). Linearity of both assays was good, but a less-than-proportional response was found for SPMA concentrations below 1 μg/L. Between-run precision and accuracy for Benz-U concentration determination were assessed using quality controls at 120 ng/L and 1000 ng/L and were 10.3% and 4.8%, and 104.8% and 98.9%, respectively; while the precision and accuracy for SPMA concentration determination at 0.3 μg/L, 2.5 μg/L, and 20 μg/L were 40.3%, 6.2%, and 6.2%, and 48.3%, 96.3%, and 98.8%, respectively. Precision, estimated using duplicates of unknown samples, was 13.4% for Benz-U and 26.5% for SPMA analyses. Control charts for the means of the slope of the linear calibration curve of Benz-U showed good stability of the means over a five-year period. For SPMA, a two-laboratory comparison revealed acceptable agreement between ln-transformed data pairs, with a slope of the linear regression of 0.863 (confidence interval 0.774-0.952), null intercept, and a Pearson's r value of 0.844. Reliable results were obtained for Benz-U analyses over the entire concentration range, and for high and medium SPMA levels. However, the determination of SPMA

  18. A series of novel metal–organic coordination polymers constructed from the new 5-(4-imidazol-1-yl-phenyl)-2H-tetrazole spacer and aromatic carboxylates: Synthesis, crystal structures, and luminescence properties

    Sun, Jiayin [State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130012 (China); Zhang, Daojun, E-mail: [College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anyang Normal University, Anyang 455002 (China); Wang, Li [State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130012 (China); Zhang, Renchun; Wang, Junjie; Zeng, Ying; Zhan, Jinling [College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anyang Normal University, Anyang 455002 (China); Xu, Jianing [State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130012 (China); Fan, Yong, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130012 (China)


    Using bifunctional organic ligand 5-(4-imidazol-1-yl-phenyl)-2H-tetrazole (HL) and different aromatic carboxylates as secondary ligands, four novel metal-organic coordination polymers, [Zn(L)(1,4-bdc){sub 0.5}] (1), [Zn{sub 1.5}(L)(2,5-pydc)] (2), [Zn(HL)(1,2,4,5-btec){sub 0.5}] (3), and [Cd(HL)(1,2,4,5-btec){sub 0.5}] (4) (1,4-bdc, 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate; 2,5-pydc, 2,5-pyridinedicarboxylate; 1,2,4,5-btec, 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylate) have been successfully synthesized and analyzed. Compound 1 features the 2D [Zn(L)]{sub n} layers built by μ{sub 3}-L bridging ligands and Zn(II) ions, which are further linked by pillared 1,4-bdc{sup 2−} ligands to form a 2-fold interpenetrating dmc framework. The 3D network of compound 2 can be simplified as a rare 2-nodal (3,6)-connected rtl (rutile) topology. Compound 3 possesses a 2D layer structure which is accomplished by connecting ladder-chains to L ligands. Compound 4 exhibits 2D [Cd(1,2,4,5-btec)] layers with infinite Cd–O–Cd rods and the adjacent 2D networks are further pillared by L with terminal bidentate coordination mode to generate the final 3D structure. The solid-state luminescent studies show that compounds 1–4 display intense fluorescent emissions. - Graphical abstract: Using bifunctional organic ligand 5-(4-imidazol-1-yl-phenyl)-2H-tetrazole (HL) and different aromatic carboxylates as secondary ligands, four novel metal-organic coordination polymers have been obtained. All compounds show good luminescence properties at room temperature. Display Omitted - Highlights: • Four Zn(II)/Cd(II)-MOCPs have been successfully prepared with the rigid bifunctional ligand 5-(4-imidazol -1-yl-phenyl) -2H-tetrazole and different aromatic carboxylates mixed ligands. • Compound 2 is a 2-nodal rtl (rutile) net and compound 4 is a binodal (5, 6)-connected net with yav topology. • Compounds 1-4 display intense fluorescent emissions at room temperature.

  19. 静注人免疫球蛋白致严重过敏反应1例%One Case of Severe Allergic Reaction Caused by Intravenous Immunoglobulin

    张金连; 贾书平; 雷招宝


    A female patient at age of 25 years,with primary immune-related infertility was given 50 mL(2.5 g) of intravenous human immunoglobulin(PH4)by intravenous drip at a rate of 20 drops / min. Systemic skin rash, most of which in neck and face,appeared 5 mins,while the symptoms such as sudden screaming,abdominal pain, feeling of shit,systemic skin flushing,rash(especially in neck and face)and shortness of breath,10 mins after drip,which was considered as allergic reaction caused by intravenous immunoglobulin. The symptoms were relieved 30 mins and disappeared 1 h after the drip was stopped immediately and anti-anaphylaxis therapy was adopted. It suggests that the allergic reactions caused by intravenous immunoglobulin shoud be cautioned.%1例25岁女性患者,因原发性不孕症(免疫相关性)就诊,予静注人免疫球蛋白(PH4)50 mL(2.5 g)静脉滴注(滴速20滴/min),5 min后患者出现全身皮肤点状皮疹(以颈部、脸部多见),至10 min时患者突然出现尖叫、腹痛、便意、全身皮肤发红、皮疹(以颈部、面部为甚,皮疹高出皮肤)、呼吸急促等症状。考虑为静注人免疫球蛋白(PH4)所致的过敏反应。立即停药,予抗过敏治疗,30 min后症状缓解,1 h后恢复正常。提示应警惕静注人免疫球蛋白的过敏反应。

  20. Development of a surface plasmon resonance biosensing approach for the rapid detection of porcine circovirus type2 in sample solutions.

    Jiandong Hu

    Full Text Available A sensitive and label-free analytical approach for the detection of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2 instead of PCV2 antibody in serum sample was systematically investigated in this research based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR with an establishment of special molecular identification membrane. The experimental device for constructing the biosensing analyzer is composed of an integrated biosensor, a home-made microfluidic module, and an electrical control circuit incorporated with a photoelectric converter. In order to detect the PCV2 using the surface plasmon resonance immunoassay, the mercaptopropionic acid has been used to bind the Au film in advance through the known form of the strong S-Au covalent bonds formed by the chemical radical of the mercaptopropionic acid and the Au film. PCV2 antibodies were bonded with the mercaptopropionic acid by covalent -CO-NH- amide bonding. For the purpose of evaluating the performance of this approach, the known concentrations of PCV2 Cap protein of 10 µg/mL, 7.5 µg/mL, 5 µg/mL, 2.5 µg/mL, 1 µg/mL, and 0.5 µg/mL were prepared by diluting with PBS successively and then the delta response units (ΔRUs were measured individually. Using the data collected from the linear CCD array, the ΔRUs gave a linear response over a wide concentration range of standard known concentrations of PCV2 Cap protein with the R-Squared value of 0.99625. The theoretical limit of detection was calculated to be 0.04 µg/mL for the surface plasmon resonance biosensing approach. Correspondingly, the recovery rate ranged from 81.0% to 89.3% was obtained. In contrast to the PCV2 detection kits, this surface plasmon resonance biosensing system was validated through linearity, precision and recovery, which demonstrated that the surface plasmon resonance immunoassay is reliable and robust. It was concluded that the detection method which is associated with biomembrane properties is expected to contribute much to determine the PCV2

  1. Development of a surface plasmon resonance biosensing approach for the rapid detection of porcine circovirus type2 in sample solutions.

    Hu, Jiandong; Wang, Tingting; Wang, Shun; Chen, Mingwen; Wang, Manping; Mu, Linying; Chen, Hongyin; Hu, Xinran; Liang, Hao; Zhu, Juanhua; Jiang, Min


    A sensitive and label-free analytical approach for the detection of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) instead of PCV2 antibody in serum sample was systematically investigated in this research based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) with an establishment of special molecular identification membrane. The experimental device for constructing the biosensing analyzer is composed of an integrated biosensor, a home-made microfluidic module, and an electrical control circuit incorporated with a photoelectric converter. In order to detect the PCV2 using the surface plasmon resonance immunoassay, the mercaptopropionic acid has been used to bind the Au film in advance through the known form of the strong S-Au covalent bonds formed by the chemical radical of the mercaptopropionic acid and the Au film. PCV2 antibodies were bonded with the mercaptopropionic acid by covalent -CO-NH- amide bonding. For the purpose of evaluating the performance of this approach, the known concentrations of PCV2 Cap protein of 10 µg/mL, 7.5 µg/mL, 5 µg/mL, 2.5 µg/mL, 1 µg/mL, and 0.5 µg/mL were prepared by diluting with PBS successively and then the delta response units (ΔRUs) were measured individually. Using the data collected from the linear CCD array, the ΔRUs gave a linear response over a wide concentration range of standard known concentrations of PCV2 Cap protein with the R-Squared value of 0.99625. The theoretical limit of detection was calculated to be 0.04 µg/mL for the surface plasmon resonance biosensing approach. Correspondingly, the recovery rate ranged from 81.0% to 89.3% was obtained. In contrast to the PCV2 detection kits, this surface plasmon resonance biosensing system was validated through linearity, precision and recovery, which demonstrated that the surface plasmon resonance immunoassay is reliable and robust. It was concluded that the detection method which is associated with biomembrane properties is expected to contribute much to determine the PCV2 in sample

  2. 4-(2-吡啶偶氮)间苯二酚分光光度法测定酸泥中铌%Determination of niobium in acid sludge by 4- (2-pyridylazo)-resorcinol spectrophotometry



    The conditions for color reaction of 4-(2-pyridineazo)-resorcinol (PAR) with niobium was investigated, and a method for the determination of niobium in acid sludge (which was expressed as niobium pentoxide) by spectrophotometry was developed. The results showed that in the solution at pH 5. 6-6. 0, a red ternary complex was formed by PAR with the complex anion of niobium tartrate in the presence of beryllium salt and tartaric acid, and its maximum absorption wavelength was 550 nm with apparent molar absorptivity (ε) of 2. 6×104 L · mol-1 · cm-1. Under the optimum experimental conditions, there was a good linear relationship between the niobium pentoxide concentration within the range of 0. 02 to 0. 8 μg/mL and its corresponding absorbance, the correlation coefficient (r) was 0. 998 8 and the detection limit was 0. 004 8 μg/mL. The method was used for the determination of niobium in acid sludge. The results were in accordance with those obtained by chlorosulphophenol S spectrophotometry, and the relative standard deviations were 2. l%-2. 5%.%研究了4-(2-吡啶偶氮)间苯二酚(PAR)与铌的显色条件,建立了测定酸泥中铌(以五氧化二铌来表示)含量的分光光度法.结果表明,在pH5.6~6.0的溶液中,在铍盐和酒石酸存在下,PAR与酒石酸铌的络阴离子形成红色三元络合物.该络合物最大吸收波长为550nm,表观摩尔吸光系数ε=2.6×104 L·mol-1·cm-1,在最佳实验条件下,五氧化二铌的浓度与其对应的吸光度在0.02~0.8 μg/mL范围内呈良好的线性关系,相关系数r=0.998 8,检出限为0.004 8μg/mL.方法用于酸泥中铌的测定,结果与氯代磺酚S光度法一致,相对标准偏差为2.1%~2.5%.

  3. Asparaginase-associated concurrence of hyperlipidemia, hyperglobulinemia, and thrombocytosis was successfully treated by centrifuge/membrane hybrid double-filtration plasmapheresis.

    Wang, Taina; Xu, Bin; Fan, Rong; Liu, Zhihong; Gong, Dehua


    Asparaginase-associated concurrence of hyperlipidemia, hyperglobulinemia, and thrombocytosis is a rare complication requiring aggressive lipoprotein apheresis, but no one of currently available lipoprotein apheresis methods can simultaneously resolve the 3 abnormalities. Herein, we reported a construction of double-filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP) using a combination of centrifugal/membranous plasma separation techniques to successfully treat a patient with hyperlipidemia, hyperglobulinemia, and thrombocytosis. A male presented with severe hyperlipidemia, hyperglobulinemia, and thrombocytosis during asparaginase treatment for NK/T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma and was scheduled to receive lipoprotein apheresis. To simultaneously remove lipoproteins, immunoglobulin, and deplete platelets from blood, a centrifuge/membrane hybrid DFPP was constructed as following steps: plasma and part of platelets were separated first from whole blood by centrifugal technique and then divided by a fraction plasma separator into 2 parts: platelets and plasma components with large size, which were discarded; and those containing albumin, which were returned to blood with a supplement of extrinsic albumin solution. DFPP lasted 240 minutes uneventfully, processing 5450-mL plasma. The concentrations of plasma components before DFPP were as follows: triglycerides 38.22 mmol/L, total cholesterols 22.98 mmol/L, immunoglobulin A (IgA) 15.7 g/L, IgG 12.7 g/L, and IgM 14.3 g/L; whereas after treatment were 5.69 mmol/L, 2.38 mmol/L, 2.5 g/L, 7.7 g/L, and 0.4 g/L, respectively. The respective reduction ratio was 85.1%, 89.6%, 83.9%, 39.4%, and 96.9%. Platelet count decreased by 40.4% (from 612 × 10(9)/L to 365 × 10(9)/L). Centrifuge/membrane hybrid DFPP can simultaneously remove lipoproteins, immunoglobulin, and deplete platelets, with a success in treatment of asparaginase treatment-induced hyperlipidemia, hyperglobulinemia, and thrombocytosis, and may be useful for patients

  4. Retroperitoneal oblique corridor to the L2-S1 intervertebral discs in the lateral position: an anatomic study.

    Davis, Timothy T; Hynes, Richard A; Fung, Daniel A; Spann, Scott W; MacMillan, Michael; Kwon, Brian; Liu, John; Acosta, Frank; Drochner, Thomas E


    Access to the intervertebral discs from L2-S1 in one surgical position can be challenging. The transpsoas minimally invasive surgical (MIS) approach is preferred by many surgeons, but this approach poses potential risk to neural structures of the lumbar plexus as they course through the psoas. The lumbar plexus and iliac crest often restrict the L4-5 disc access, and the L5-S1 level has not been a viable option from a direct lateral approach. The purpose of the present study was to investigate an MIS oblique corridor to the L2-S1 intervertebral disc space in cadaveric specimens while keeping the specimens in a lateral decubitus position with minimal disruption of the psoas and lumbar plexus. Twenty fresh-frozen full-torso cadaveric specimens were dissected, and an oblique anatomical corridor to access the L2-S1 discs was examined. Measurements were taken in a static state and with mild retraction of the psoas. The access corridor was defined at L2-5 as the left lateral border of the aorta (or iliac artery) and the anterior medial border of the psoas. The L5-S1 corridor of access was defined transversely from the midsagittal line of the inferior endplate of L-5 to the medial border of the left common iliac vessel and vertically to the first vascular structure that crosses midline. The mean access corridor diameters in the static state and with mild psoas retraction, respectively, were as follows: at L2-3, 18.60 mm and 25.50 mm; at L3-4, 19.25 mm and 27.05 mm; and at L4-5, 15.00 mm and 24.45 mm. The L5-S1 corridor mean values were 14.75 mm transversely, from midline to the left common iliac vessel and 23.85 mm from the inferior endplate of L-5 cephalad to the first midline vessel. The oblique corridor allows access to the L2-S1 discs while keeping the patient in a lateral decubitus position without a break in the table. Minimal psoas retraction without significant tendon disruption allowed for a generous corridor to the disc space. The L5-S1 disc space can be

  5. Optical Imaging of Tumors with Copper-Labeled Rhodamine Derivatives by Targeting Mitochondria

    Xin Yan, Yang Zhou, Shuang Liu


    Full Text Available In this study, we evaluated Cu(L1 in two xenografted tumor-bearing (U87MG and MDA-MB-435 animal models to prove the concept that Cu(II-labeled rhodamine derivatives, Cu(L (L = L1 - L4 are useful as selective fluorescent probes for tumor imaging. We found that both multidrug resistance (MDR negative U87MG gliomas and MDR-positive MDA-MB-435 breast tumors could be visualized. Because of tissue attenuation, accurate quantification of tumor uptake was difficult by optical methods. Therefore, 64Cu(L (L = L1 - L4 were evaluated to compare their biodistribution properties. It was found that all four 64Cu radiotracers had a high glioma uptake (64Cu(L1: 5.71± 1.43 %ID/g; 64Cu(L2: 5.98 ± 2.75 %ID/g; 64Cu(L3: 4.28 ± 1.45 %ID/g; and 64Cu(L4: 6.25 ± 3.42 %ID/g with 64Cu(L1 showing the highest tumor/background ratios. In athymic nude mice bearing MDA-MB-435 breast cancer xenografts, 64Cu(L4 showed almost identical normal organ uptake to that in the glioma-bearing animals, but its breast tumor uptake (1.26 ± 0.10% ID/g was significantly lower (p < 0.001 than that in the glioma (6.25 ± 3.42% ID/g because of MDR Pgps (P-glycoproteins and MRPs (multidrug resistance-associated proteins overexpressed in the xenografted MDA-MB-435 breast tumors. Results from cellular staining assays showed that both Cu(L2 and Cu(L4 were able to localize in mitochondria of U87MG cells, and their tumor selectivity was caused by the elevated negative mitochondrial potential in U87MG glioma cells as compared to that in human fibroblast cells. On the basis of these results, it was concluded that Cu(L (L = L1 - L4 are useful as selective fluorescent probes for cellular staining assays and optical tumor imaging while 64Cu(L (L = L1 - L4 have the potential as PET radiotracers for tumor imaging. This study represents a good example of dual modality imaging (PET and optical using two agents, 64Cu(L and Cu(L, with identical chemical composition. Future research will focus on developing

  6. Actividad biológica de extractos de Melia azedarach sobre larvas de Spodoptera eridania (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae Biological activity of extracts of Melia azedarach on larvae of Spodoptera eridania (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae

    María R. Rossetti


    Full Text Available En la búsqueda de compuestos botánicos con potencial uso insecticida, se evaluó la actividad de extractos de fruto maduro y hojas senescentes de Melia azedarach L. (2, 5 y 10%, sobre larvas de Spodoptera eridania Cramer (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae especie polífaga considerada plaga esporádica de importantes cultivos. Mediante pruebas de elección, se registró el consumo y se calculó un índice de inhibición alimentaria. En pruebas sin posibilidad de elección se estimó el consumo, la mortalidad, el peso de larvas y excretas, y se calcularon índices nutricionales. Cuando las larvas pudieron optar, se observó un fuerte efecto antialimentario de los extractos. En los ensayos de alimentación obligada, los extractos de fruto y hoja redujeron fuertemente el consumo y peso larval respecto al control, excepto la menor dosis de fruto. Ninguna oruga llegó a pupar al entregarle alimento rociado con extracto de hoja o con extracto de fruto en las dosis más altas. Los índices nutricionales corroboraron la actividad antialimentaria, revelando efectos negativos de los extractos sobre las tasas relativas de consumo y crecimiento, y sobre la eficiencia de utilización del alimento ingerido y digerido, aunque la digestibilidad no fue afectada. Los resultados sugieren que los extractos de M. azedarach podrían ser incorporados en programas de manejo de este insecto plaga.In the course of searching for plant chemicals with potential insecticide properties, the activity of Melia azedarach L. senescent leaf and ripe fruit extracts (2, 5 and 10% was evaluated on larvae of Spodoptera eridania Cramer (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae. This polyphagous species is considered a sporadic pest on many important crops. Food consumption was assessed and an antifeedant index was calculated through choice tests. Also, food consumption, larval mortality, weight and depositions were recorded and nutritional indices were calculated in no-choice tests. Results from choice tests

  7. Evaluation of reliability and validity of three dental color-matching devices.

    Tsiliagkou, Aikaterini; Diamantopoulou, Sofia; Papazoglou, Efstratios; Kakaboura, Afrodite


    To assess the repeatability and accuracy of three dental color-matching devices under standardized and freehand measurement conditions. Two shade guides (Vita Classical A1-D4, Vita; and Vita Toothguide 3D-Master, Vita), and three color-matching devices (Easyshade, Vita; SpectroShade, MHT Optic Research; and ShadeVision, X-Rite) were used. Five shade tabs were selected from the Vita Classical A1-D4 (A2, A3.5, B1, C4, D3), and five from the Vita Toothguide 3D-Master (1M1, 2R1.5, 3M2, 4L2.5, 5M3) shade guides. Each shade tab was recorded 15 continuous, repeated times with each device under two different measurement conditions (standardized, and freehand). Both qualitative (color shade) and quantitative (L, a, and b) color characteristics were recorded. The color difference (ΔE) of each recorded value with the known values of the shade tab was calculated. The repeatability of each device was evaluated by the coefficient of variance. The accuracy of each device was determined by comparing the recorded values with the known values of the reference shade tab (one sample t test; α = 0.05). The agreement between the recorded shade and the reference shade tab was calculated. The influence of the parameters (devices and conditions) on the parameter ΔE was investigated (two-way ANOVA). Comparison of the devices was performed with Bonferroni pairwise post-hoc analysis. Under standardized conditions, repeatability of all three devices was very good, except for ShadeVision with Vita Classical A1-D4. Accuracy ranged from good to fair, depending on the device and the shade guide. Under freehand conditions, repeatability and accuracy for Easyshade and ShadeVision were negatively influenced, but not for SpectroShade, regardless of the shade guide. Based on the total of the color parameters assessed per device, SpectroShade was the most reliable of the three color-matching devices studied.

  8. Vitamin B12 and ketorolac on pain in Long Evans rats

    Mizanur Rahman


    Full Text Available Background: Effects of vitamin B12 on pain have been demonstrated in different animal and humanstudies. But comparison of these effects with similar effects of ketorolac tromethamine (KT and theircombination have not been established. Objective: To assess the effects of vitamin B12 on pain andalso to compare them with those of the combinations of vitamin B12 with KT in rat models. Methods:This experimental study was conducted in the Department of Physiology, Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibMedical University (BSMMU, Dhaka, from March 2015 to February 2016. For this, 20 (twentyLong Evans rats (215±35 gm of both sexes were divided into control (A, with 5 ml/kg normal salineand experimental (B1, with 15 mg/kg B12; B2, with 10 mg/kg KT; B3, with B12+KT groups with 5rats in each group. All the drugs and vitamin were administered intraperitoneally in a single dose justone hour before formalin test. To evaluate the treatments’ effect on nociceptive pain, early phase (1st-5th minutes; on central analgesic system, interphase (6th-15th minutes; and on inflammatory pain,late phase (16th-60th minutes of the formalin test, were observed. In all phases, total frequency ofjerking and total duration of flexing and licking of the right hind paw were counted after administrationof subcutaneous formalin (50 μl, 2.5% injection. Statistical analysis was done by ANOVA, followedby Bonferroni post hoc test. In the interpretation of results, p≤0.05 was considered as significant.Results: B12 lowered only the jerking frequency and KT lowered both jerking frequency and flexinglicking duration significantly (p≤0.001 in the late phase of formalin test. On the other hand, combinationof B12 and KT significantly (p≤0.001 lowered both the study variables in all 3 phases of formalintest. Conclusion: From this study it may be concluded that, vitamin B12 possess analgesic effects andcombination of B12 with KT is more effective than those of their individual administration.

  9. Storage of osmotically treated entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae



    The infective juveniles (IJs) of Steinernema carpocapsae 'All' were osmotically stressed by a mixture of ionic (fortified artificial seawater) and non-ionic (3.2 mol/Lglycerol) solutions to establish a method for osmotic storage of entomopathogenic nematodes.Seven combinations (termed solution A to G) with different proportions of these two solutions were tested, with sterile extra pure water (sepH2O, termed solution H) as a control. The mortality of the IJs at a concentration of 5 × 105 IJ/mL in the solutions A to G, and H were 13.2%,16.2%, 16.7%, 13.5%, 25.2%, 31.6%, 44.6%, and 1.0%, respectively, after 21 days storage at 25℃. Most of the IJs shrunk and stopped motility after 6-9 hours incubation at 25℃ in solutions A to D. Based on the results, solutions A to D and H were chosen to further test the osmotic survival of the IJs at different IJ concentrations (5×105, 2.5 × 105, 2000 IJ/mL) and incubation temperature (30℃, 25℃, 10℃). The resulting IJs were exposed to a high temperature assay (45℃ for 4 h, HTA). Osmotically stressed IJs showed improved heat tolerance. The mortality of the IJs increased with the increasing concentrations of the test IJs and the storage temperatures after exposing to the HTA. More than 88.4%, 62.3% or 2.4% of the treated IJs died at the above three IJ concentrations, respectively. At the three IJ concentrations (2 000 IJs/mL, 2.5 × 105 IJs/mL or 5 × 105 IJs/mL), the highest mortality was recorded in solution D (11.6%, 85.9% or 98.0%, respectively), and the lowest mortality in solution B (2.4%, 62.3% or 86.6%, respectively). No untreated IJs survived after the heat treatment. During 42 days storage at 10℃, the IJs mortality in the solutions A to D and H were 7.19%, 5.97%,4.41%, 4.34%, and 4.34% respectively, and showed no significant differences. In conclusion,solutions enhances the heat tolerance. The mortality of the IJs after HTA increased with the increasing concentrations of the test IJs and the storage

  10. Crustal Deformation Associated with Glacial Fluctuations in the Eastern Chugach Mountains, Alaska

    Sauber, Jeanne; Plafker, George; Molnia, Bruce F.; Bryant, Mark A.


    The changes of the solid Earth in south central Alaska in response to two major glacial fluctuations on different temporal and spatial scales have been estimated and we evaluated their influence on the stress state and ongoing tectonic deformation of the region. During the recent (1993-1995) Bering Glacier surge, a large transfer of ice from the Bagley Ice Field to the Bering Glacier terminus region occurred. We estimated the elastic displacement of the solid Earth due to ice mass redistribution from Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements at sites near the surging glacier. We can account for these displacements by transfer of an ice volume of about 14 cubic km from the surge reservoir area to the terminus region. We examined the background seismicity (M(sub L) > 2.5) before, during, and after the surge. We found that the occurrence of small earthquakes (M(sub L) surge reservoir region increased during the surge time interval possibly in response to a decrease in ice mass. This suggests that a small decrease in the vertical stress, o,3, could be enough to modulate the occurrence of small, shallow earthquakes in this dominantly thrust fault setting. During this century the southern Alaska coastal glaciers have been undergoing an overall decrease in volume. Based on our compilation of changes in the extent and thickness of the coastal glaciers between the Malaspina and Bering, we calculated surface displacements due to the Earth's viscoelastic response to annual thinning and to the cumulative retreat over the last 100 years. The uplift of the region due to an average annual thinning rate of 1-6 m/yr in the ablation region is 1-12 mm/yr. For our reference model with a viscosity of 5 x 10(exp 19) Pa s for depths between approximately equal 40 and 200 km the total viscoelastic response due to the retreat over the last century may be as much as a couple of meters within the coastal ablation zone near Icy Bay. The maximum decrease in sigma(sub V) between 0 and 10 km

  11. 模拟L4,5椎间盘脱出前路植入两种椎间融合器压缩应力应变的分析%Analyzing Compression Stress-strain by Analoging Implanting Two Interbody Fusion through L4,5 Disc Prolapse Anterior

    吴丹凯; 李新颖; 李鹏


    To research the straining ..stressing distribution law of each measuring point of adjacent segment through implanting two kinds of inter - vertebral fusion cage into L4.5 inter - vertebral space in strain electrical measurement method, we could comparatively analyze the influence to the stress and strain of adjacent segments after implanting two inter - body fusion into L4.5 intervertebral space. 15 specimens of 3 months old 、body weight 90 - 100kg calf lumbar vertebrae ( L2.5) were token, then randomly divided into 5 normal control group 、5 L4.5 inter - vertebral disc implantation of xenogeneic bone cylindrical interbody fusion device group and 5 L4.5 inter -vertebral disc implantation of xenogeneic bone flat square inter - vertebral fusion device group. After resistance strain gauges being pasted in different parts of adjacent segments of each specimen L4.5 gap (front and rear) , we measured all straining value of each group specimen measuring point in a compressed state. The value of stress from the group of implanting xenograft bone cylindrical inter - body fusion and the group of implanting xenograft bone flat square column inter - body fusion were greater than that of normal control group ( P <0.05 ). The straining、 stressing value from the group of implanting xenograft bone cylindrical inter - body fusion device were greater than the group of implanting xenograft bone flat square intervertebral fusion device ( P < 0. 05 ) . After implanting inter - vertebral disc inter - vertebral fusion device, under compressive stressing, the value of adjacent segment changed. The implantation of inter -vertebral fusion device has played a great limited role in variation of adjacent segment stress. After implanting inter - body fusion, the variation of adjacent segment stress is an important reason to the degeneration of adjacent segments.%以应变电测量的方法研究二种椎间融合器植入L4.5椎间隙后,相邻节段各测点的应变、应力分布规

  12. CYP2D6*10等位基因多态性对文拉法辛血药浓度的影响%Effect of CYP2D6*10 gene polymorphism on blood concentration of venlafaxine

    杨丽蓉; 刘天龙; 刘小雷


    group C: [ CYP2D6*l (*2 ) /*5 ]. After oral administration of 225 mg venlafaxine, blood concentration of venlafaxine and O-desvenlafaxine was detected by HLPC to study the effect of different genotypes on blood concentration of venlafaxine. The therapeutic and adverse effects of venlafaxine on the 65 patients were evaluated by HAMD and TESS. Results The 65 patients included 29 (44.6%) with CYP2D6*10 /*14, and the percentage of patients with [ CYP2D6*1 (*2 ) /*14 ] and [ CYP2D6*l (*2 ) /*5 ] were 26.1% and 29.3% respectively. The concentration of venlafaxine (CVL) , O-desvenlafaxine (CODVL) and CODVL/CVL among the 3 groups had significant difference (P < 0.05). According to CODVL/CVL, metabolism types of group A, group B and group C were EM, IM and PM respectively. TESS and HAMD among the groups had significant difference (P < 0.05). Conclusion The metabolism of venlafaxine is controlled by different CYP2D6*10 genotypes, and the blood concentration of venlafaxine is affected accordingly.

  13. Thrombin generation by exposure of blood to endotoxin: a simple model to study disseminated intravascular coagulation.

    Stief, T W


    Pathologic disseminated intravascular coagulation (PDIC) is a serious complication in sepsis. In an in-vitro system consisting of incubation of fresh citrated blood with lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or glucans and subsequent plasma recalcification plasmatic thrombin was quantified. Five hundred microliters of freshly drawn citrated blood of healthy donors were incubated with up to 800 ng/mL LPS (Escherichia coli) or up to 80 microg/mL Zymosan A (ZyA; Candida albicans) for 30 minutes at room temperature (RT). The samples were centrifuged, and 30 microL plasma were recalcified with 1 volume or less of CaCl(2) (25 micromoles Ca(2+)/mL plasma). After 0 to 12 minutes (37 degrees C), 20 microL 2.5 M arginine, pH 8.6, were added. Thirty microliters 0.9 mM HD-CHG-Ala-Arg-pNA in 2.3 M arginine were added, and the absorbance increase at 405 nm was determined. Fifty microliters plasma were also incubated with 5 microL 250 mM CaCl2 for 5, 10, or 15 minutes (37 degrees C). Fifty microliters 2.5 M arginine stops coagulation, and 50 microL 0.77 mM HD-CHG-Ala-Arg-pNA in 2.3 M arginine starts the thrombin detection. The standard was 1 IU/mL thrombin in 7% human albumin instead of plasma. Arginine was also added in the endotoxin exposure time (EET) or in the plasma coagulation reaction time (CRT). Tissue factor (TF)-antigen and soluble CD14 were determined. LPS at blood concentrations greater than 10 ng/mL or ZyA at greater than 1 microg/mL severalfold enhance thrombin generation, when the respective plasmas are recalcified. After 30 minutes EET at RT, the thrombin activity at 12 minutes CRT generated by the addition of 200 ng/mL LPS or 20 microg/mL ZyA is approximately 200 mIU/mL compared to approximately 20 mIU/mL without addition of endotoxin, or compared to about 7 mIU/mL thrombin at 0 minutes CRT. Arginine added to blood or to plasma inhibits thrombin generation; the inhibitory concentration 50% (IC 50) is approximately 15 mM plasma concentration. Endotoxin incubation of blood

  14. 矿井工作面地质异常综合探测技术应用%Application of Integrated Detection Techniques for Geologic Anomaly in Coalmine Working Faces

    杨华忠; 邱德生; 陈兴海; 宋清波


    矿井工作面内煤层厚度变化、异常体、小构造等地质问题是煤炭回采过程中迫切需要解决的关键问题.以淮南某矿1410(1)工作面探测煤层变薄带为例,介绍了综合利用无线电波透视技术和地震槽波技术圈定煤层厚度异常区域的方法.解释结果与工作面回采揭露的煤层变薄区域进行对比,结果表明综合物探方法探测的异常区域与实际揭露的煤层变薄区域较为吻合,特别是无线电波解释的异常区域1、2、3、5与实际揭露的变薄异常区域1、2、5、6吻合较好,而地震槽波解释的1、2号异常区域与实际揭露的1、2、3号异常在位置上也较吻合,且异常区域的大小差别也较小.在该探测实例中,无线电波透视技术以吸收系数0.04作为异常边界、地震槽波以波速2200m/s作为异常边界进行解释时,其结果较为准确,且地震槽波技术分辨力较无线电波透视技术更为细致.%Issues of coal seam thickness variation, anomalous bodies and minor structures in coalmine working faces are the key problems actively demanded to be solved during coal winning. Taking the detection of coal seam thinning zone in the No.1410 (1) working face in a Huainan coalmine as an example, introduced a method of integrated radio-wave penetration and in-seam seismic techniques to delineate coal thickness abnormal area. The contrast of interpreted result and the coal thinning zone revealed by working face winning has shown both are rather tally with. Especially the abnormal areas Nos.l, 2, 3 and 5 interpreted by radio-wave penetration tally with actually revealed thinning areas Nos.l, 2, 5 and 6 better; while in-seam seismic interpreted abnormal areas Nos. 1 and 2 tally with practically revealed thinning areas Nos.l, 2 and 3 better on location, and less area differences. In the example, when radio-wave penetration takes the absorption coefficient 0.04 as the boundary of anomaly, in-seam seismic takes well

  15. Assessment of the CATHARE 3-D module for LBLOCA simulation

    Pascal Bazin; Isabelle Dor; Christophe Morel [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, CEA - GRENOBLE, 17 rue des Martyrs, 38054 GRENOBLE cedex 9 (France)


    Emergency Core Cooling (ECC) water bypassed to the break and of all the cross-flows between the fuel rod assemblies is of prime importance for the whole transient and particularly for the peak clad temperature prediction. Therefore this paper illustrates the CATHARE 3-D module assessment in this context. The separate effect tests and the system effect tests tend to cover all the main phenomena occurring during a LB LOCA and the following assessment results are presented and discussed: - blowdown phase, lower plenum voiding: Prediction of the lower plenum water level assessed against PIERO experiment. - refilling phase: The counter-current flow occurring in the annular downcomer and the amount of ECC water bypassed to the break prediction are assessed against UPTF downcomer refill tests. - reflooding phase: The prediction of the 3-D effects (presence of cross-flows) observed in the core is assessed with the PERICLES 2D experiment. At last, in order to verify the consistency and adequacy of the CATHARE code, the LOFT L2-5 experiment calculation is presented and analysed. (authors)

  16. Glycine-aspartic _ acid-serine-leucine esterase Xcc_ est from Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris 8004 and its esterase domain: gene expression in Escherichia coli, refolding and characterization%野油菜黄单胞菌8004甘天丝亮特征序列酯酶及其酯酶结构域在大肠杆菌中的表达,包涵体复性及性质

    王建军; 杨柳; 曹燕萍; 郑国钧


    [目的]了解野油菜黄单胞菌(Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris)8004 GDSL(蛋白序列中甘氨酸、天冬氨酸、丝氨酸和亮氨酸特征序列)酯酶的性质.[方法]利用PCR方法扩增Xcc _ est及其不同结构域的基因,这些基因以组氨酸标签融合蛋白的形式在大肠杆菌中获得表达.融合蛋白通过镍亲和色谱纯化.[结果]部分纯化的Xcc _ est在催化对硝基苯丁酸酯时,最适pH值为8.0,最适温度为52℃.Xcc _ est对于对硝基苯丁酸酯的Km值和Vmax值分别是47.6±4.6 μmol/L,和67.6±7.8 U/mg,Xcc _ est的酯酶结构域(Xcc _ estN1-334)对于同一底物的Km值和Vmax值分别是469.4±9.8 μmol/L和2.5±0.9 U/mg.Xcc _ est的成熟结构域(Xcc _ estN26-606)可以获得成功复性,但是成熟酯酶结构域(Xcc _ estN26-334)不能获得复性.复性后的Xcc - estN26-606底物谱较广,在室温下具有较高稳定性.[结论]复性的成熟结构域蛋白(Xcc _ estN26-606)具有一定的生物转化应用前景.%[Objective] To characterize the GDSL (glycine, aspartic acid, serine and leucine motif in protein sequence) esterase Xcc_ est from Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris (Xcc) 8004. [Methods] Xcc _ est gene and different domains of Xcc _ est gene were PCR amplified and expressed in Escherichia coli, the HIS-Tagged fusion proteins were pttrified by Ni-NTA chromatography. [Results] The optimum pH and temperature of partly purified Xcc_ est were 8.0 and 52℃ when pNPB (4-nitrophonylbutyrate) was used as substrate. The Km and Vmax value of Xcc _ est and the passenger domain (Xcc _ estN1-334) for pNPB were 47.6±4.6 mol/L, 67.6±7.8 U/mg and 469.4 ±9.8 mol/L, 2.5±0.9 U/mg respectively. Inclusion bodies of mature domain Xcc _ est (Xcc _ estN26-606) could be refolded but inclusion bodies of the passenger domain (Xcc _ estN26-334) could not be refolded. Refolded mature domain had broad substrate spectrum and showed higher stability than Xcc_ est when stored at 25 ℃. [Conclusions

  17. Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion combined unilateral pedicle screw fixation for upper lumbar disc herniation%经椎间孔融合联合单侧椎弓根钉内固定治疗高位腰椎椎间盘突出症

    付松; 邵诗泽; 荣晓玲; 侯海涛; 孙秀琛; 刘海军; 王龙强; 王欢; 黄相鹏


    Objective To evaluate the clinical effect of unilateral transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) combined unilateral pedicle screw fixation for the treatment of upper lumbar disc herniation.Methods From Mar 2006 to December 2008,23 cases with upper lumbar disc herniation undewent laminectomy,transforamina discectomy and lumbar interbody fusion were reviewed retrospectively.The involved level included L1/L2 in 5 cases,L2/L3 in 8 cases and L3/L4 in 10 cases.All cases were treated by single cage combined unilateral pedicle screw placement.Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA) scores (29 scores) were used to assesse the clinical outcome and the excellent rate,improve rate and fusion status were reviewed retrospectively.Results Complications included dural tear(1 cases) and pedicle screw deviating(1 cases).The mean follow-up time was 40.2 months(24 ~ 52 months).The preoperative JOA score was 10.04 ± 2.12,and 24.13 ± 3.39 at 23 months postoperative.excellent rate was 91.3%.Bone fusion rate was 95.8%.Conclusion Unilateral transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion combined unilateral pedicle screw fixation has the advantages of small incision,little bleeding,no destruction of the contralateral structure,short operating time or hospital stay,low medical device expenses and good recovery.%目的 观察经椎间孔融合(transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion,TLIF)联合单侧椎弓根钉内固定治疗高位腰椎椎间盘突出症的临床疗效.方法 2006年3月~2008年12月收治且获得随访的单间隙高位腰椎椎间盘突出症患者23例,其中L1/L2 5例,L2/L3 8例,L3/L4 10例.均采用经椎间孔单枚Cage植骨融合并单侧椎弓根螺钉内固定术治疗.根据日本骨科学会(Japanese Orthopaedic Association,JOA)(29分)评分法评估术后疗效,计算改善率和优良率,观察植骨融合情况.结果 1例硬脊膜撕裂,1例椎弓根螺钉位置偏斜.随访23~52个月,平均40.2个月,JOA评分由术前10.04±2.12提高到随访23

  18. Effect of recombinant murine erythropoietinon injected into mice with multiple myeloma on their immune function%多发性骨髓瘤小鼠注射重组鼠源促红细胞生成素后对免疫功能的影响

    汤海玲; 范丽梅


    Objective To investigate the effect of recombinant human erythropoietin on immune function in mice with multiple myeloma.Methods Multiple myeloma model mice were divided randomly into control group and treatment groups (low,middle and high doses).The rats in treatment groups were injected with recombinant human erythropoietin 100 μL (2.5,5.0 and 10 mg/kg)via the tail vein for 30 days,and the rats in control group were injected isotonic saline solution of the same volume instead.After the experiment,the colorimetric MTT assay,neutral red method and ELISA kit were used to evaluate the proliferation of B and T lymphocytes,the phagocytic ability of macrophages and the content of serum TNF-α.Results Compared with those in control group,different doses of recombinant human erythropoietin could significantly increase the proliferation of lymphocytes,increase the phagocytosis of macrophages and improve the production of serum TNF-α(P < 0.05 ). Conclusion Recombinant human erythropoietin can significantly improve immunoregulation of mice with multiple myeloma.%目的:探讨重组人红细胞生成素(rhEPO)对多发性骨髓瘤小鼠免疫功能的影响。方法建立多发性骨髓瘤小鼠模型,随机分为4组,即对照组和高、中、低剂量治疗组,治疗组分别给予尾静脉注射重组人源促红细胞生成素2.5、5、10 mg/kg,容量为100μL,连续给药30 d,对照组给予尾静脉注射等体积生理盐水。实验结束后,采用 MTT 法测定各组小鼠 T、B 淋巴细胞增殖能力,中性红实验测定巨噬细胞吞噬能力和 ELISA 试剂盒测定小鼠血清中 TNF-α含量。结果与对照组相比,不同剂量 rhEPO 治疗组小鼠 B、T 淋巴细胞增殖能力、巨噬细胞吞噬能力和血清中 TNF-α含量均显著提高(P <0.05)。结论重组人红细胞生成素可显著改善多发性骨髓瘤小鼠免疫调节能力。

  19. Transient diabetes insipidus in pregnancy

    Gunawardana, Kavinga; Grossman, Ashley


    Summary Gestational diabetes insipidus (DI) is a rare complication of pregnancy, usually developing in the third trimester and remitting spontaneously 4–6 weeks post-partum. It is mainly caused by excessive vasopressinase activity, an enzyme expressed by placental trophoblasts which metabolises arginine vasopressin (AVP). Its diagnosis is challenging, and the treatment requires desmopressin. A 38-year-old Chinese woman was referred in the 37th week of her first single-gestation due to polyuria, nocturia and polydipsia. She was known to have gestational diabetes mellitus diagnosed in the second trimester, well-controlled with diet. Her medical history was unremarkable. Physical examination demonstrated decreased skin turgor; her blood pressure was 102/63 mmHg, heart rate 78 beats/min and weight 53 kg (BMI 22.6 kg/m2). Laboratory data revealed low urine osmolality 89 mOsmol/kg (350–1000), serum osmolality 293 mOsmol/kg (278–295), serum sodium 144 mmol/l (135–145), potassium 4.1 mmol/l (3.5–5.0), urea 2.2 mmol/l (2.5–6.7), glucose 3.5 mmol/l and HbA1c 5.3%. Bilirubin, alanine transaminase, alkaline phosphatase and full blood count were normal. The patient was started on desmopressin with improvement in her symptoms, and normalisation of serum and urine osmolality (280 and 310 mOsmol/kg respectively). A fetus was delivered at the 39th week without major problems. After delivery, desmopressin was stopped and she had no further evidence of polyuria, polydipsia or nocturia. Her sodium, serum/urine osmolality at 12-weeks post-partum were normal. A pituitary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed the neurohypophyseal T1-bright spot situated ectopically, with a normal adenohypophysis and infundibulum. She remains clinically well, currently breastfeeding, and off all medication. This case illustrates some challenges in the diagnosis and management of transient gestational DI. Learning points Gestational DI is a rare complication of

  20. Preparation of CF-1 mouse embryonic fibroblast feeder layers%CF-1小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞饲养层的制备

    卢海; 张志; 赵毅超; 饶小惠; 江金群; 孟镔; 艾民; 潘明新; 高毅


    其增殖情况.将人诱导多潜能干细胞或胚胎干细胞在丝裂霉素C 处理过的饲养层上培养,观察细胞集落生长情况.结果与结论:制备CF-1 小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞饲养层的最佳胎龄为13.0~14.0 d.丝裂霉素C 抑制CF-1 小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞增殖的最佳浓度及作用时间为10 mg/L,2.5 h,成纤维细胞饲养层可以维持5~7 d.诱导多能性干细胞与胚胎干细胞在经10 mg/L 丝裂霉素C 处理2.5 h 后饲养层上能发育成典型的"鸟巢"状干细胞集落.

  1. Use of Capillary Electrophoresis with Conductivity Detection to Anions%四种阴离子的毛细管电泳电导检测

    郑妍鹏; 莫金垣; 谢天尧


    采用柠檬酸-柠檬酸钠作为缓冲体系,使用负高压,对Cl-,NO3-,HCO3-和H2PO4-等4种常见阴离子进行了分离检测,研究了缓冲剂的种类、浓度、pH值及操作电压对分离的影响.在选定的条件下,4种离子的定量线性范围:Cl- 5.0×10-5 mol/L~2.5×10-3 mol/L,NO3- 6.0×10-5 mol/L~2.0×10-3 mol/L,HCO3- 5.0×10-6 mol/L~2.0×10-4 mol/L,H2PO4- 6.0×10-5 mol/L~1.0×10-3 mol/L;检出限:Cl- 1.5×10-5 mol/L,NO3- 3.0×10-5 mol/L,HCO3- 1.0×10-6 mol/L,H2PO4- 2.0×10-5 mol/L;峰面积的RSD(n=6):Cl- 3.1%,NO3- 3.3%,HCO3- 2.6%,H2PO4- 2.9%.并应用选定条件对自来水样品进行了分析.%Capillary electrophoresis with conductivity detection was used to separate and detect chloride (Cl-), nitrate (NO3-), bicarbonate (HCO3-) and dihydric phosphate (H2PO4-) ions. The proposed method was carried out by using citric acid and sodium citrate as buffer solution, under the condition of a -10 kV high voltage power supply. The effects of various buffers, concentrations, pH values and running voltages on separation were investigated. Under the chosen conditions, the linear ranges of Cl-, NO3-, HCO3-, and H2PO4- were 5.0×10-5 mol/L-2.5×10-3 mol/L, 6.0×10-5 mol/L-2.0×10-3 mol/L, 5.0×10-6 mol/L-2.0×10-4 mol/L and 6.0×10-5 mol/L-1.0×10-3 mol/L respectively. The detection limits were 1.5×10-5 mol/L, 3.0×10-5 mol/L, 1.0×10-6 mol/L, 2.0×10-5 mol/L and the relative standard deviations (RSD) of migration time were 3.1%, 3.3%, 2.6% and 2.9% respectively. Tap water was analyzed under the same conditions.

  2. 海底蚀变玄武岩中次生组分去除实验研究%Leaching Experiments of Secondary Components in Altered Submarine Basalts

    卜文瑞; 李力; 朱爱美; 张辉; 张俊; 崔菁菁


    选择有大量次生方解石沉淀的海底蚀变玄武岩为研究对象,研磨、均一化后将粉末样品分为49份,其中48份分别以0.25,0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5 mol/L 6种浓度的足量HCl溶解0.5,1,2,4,8,16,32,64 h,选取溶解残渣测定其主要氧化物和特征微量元素含量,研究确定HCl溶解法去除海底玄武岩中次生组分的浓度—时间组合。结果表明,1.0 mol/L-0.5 h,1.0 mol/L-1 h,1.0 mol/L-2 h,1.0 mol/L-4 h,1.5 mol/L-0.5 h,1.5 mol/L-1 h,2.0 mol/L-0.5 h,2.0 mol/L-1 h和2.5 mol/L-0.5 h等9种HCl浓度—时间组合是可供去除海底蚀变玄武岩中次生碳酸盐的理想方案。%Altered submarine basalts with rich secondary calcites were graded,homogenized,and divided into 49 subsamples.48 subsamples were leached with hydrochloric acid(HCl) of different concentrations(0.25 mol/L,0.5 mol/L,1.0 mol/L,1.5 mol/L,2.0 mol/L,2.5 mol/L) for different time periods(0.5 hour,1 hour,2 hours,4 hours,16 hours,32 hours and 64 hours).The main oxides and trace elements in the leached residuals were analyzed to determine the preferred HCl concentration-time combinations for leaching secondary components in altered submarine basalts.The result indicates that there are 9 optimal schemes as preferred HCl concentration-time combinations to leach secondary components in altered submarine basalts,which are 1.0 mol/L-0.5 hours,1.0 mol/L-1 hour,1.0 mol/L-2 hours,1.0 mol/L-4 hours,1.5 mol/L-0.5 hours,1.5 mol/L-1 hour,2.0 mol/L-0.5 hours,2.0 mol/L-1 hour and 2.5 mol/L-0.5 hour.

  3. New family of ferric spin clusters incorporating redox-active ortho-dioxolene ligands.

    Mulyana, Yanyan; Nafady, Ayman; Mukherjee, Arindam; Bircher, Roland; Moubaraki, Boujemaa; Murray, Keith S; Bond, Alan M; Abrahams, Brendan F; Boskovic, Colette


    Seven new di-, tri-, tetra-, and hexanuclear iron complexes that incorporate a polydentate Schiff base and variously substituted catecholate ligands have been synthesized from the trinuclear precursor [Fe(3)(OAc)(3)(L)(3)] (1), where LH(2) = 2-[[(2-hydroxyethyl)imino]phenylmethyl]-phenol. These were isolated as the compounds [Fe(3)(OAc)(Cat)(L)(3)] (2), [Fe(6)(OAc)(2)(Cat)(4)(L)(4)] (3), [Fe(4)(3,5-DBCat)(2)(L)(4)] (4), [Bu(4)N][Fe(4)(OAc)(3,5-DBCat)(4)(L)(2)] (5a, 5(-) is the complex monoanion [Fe(4)(OAc)(3,5-DBCat)(4)(L)(2)](-)), [Fe(4)(OAc)(3,5-DBCat)(3)(3,5-DBSQ)(L)(2)] (6), [Fe(2)(Cl(4)Cat)(2)(L)(LH(2))(H(2)O)] (7), and [Et(3)NH](2)[Fe(2)(Cl(4)Cat)(2)(L)(2)] (8a, 8(2-) is the complex dianion [Fe(2)(Cl(4)Cat)(2)(L)(2)](2-)), where CatH(2) = catechol; 3,5-DBCatH(2) = 3,5-di-tert-butyl-catechol; 3,5-DBSQH = 3,5-di-tert-butyl-semiquinone, and Cl(4)CatH(2) = tetrachlorocatechol. While compounds 2-4, 5a, 7, and 8a were obtained by directly treating 1 with the appropriate catechol, compound 6 was synthesized by chemical oxidation of 5a. These compounds have been characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction, infrared and UV-visible spectroscopy, voltammetry, UV-visible spectroelectrochemistry, and magnetic susceptibility and magnetization measurements. An electrochemical study of the three tetranuclear complexes (4, 5(-), and 6) reveals multiple reversible redox processes due to the o-dioxolene ligands, in addition to reductive processes corresponding to the reduction of the iron(III) centers to iron(II). A voltammetric study of the progress of the chemical oxidation of compound 5a, together with a spectroelectrochemical study of the analogous electrochemical oxidation, indicates that there are two isomeric forms of the one-electron oxidized product. A relatively short-lived neutral species (5) that possesses the same ligand arrangement as complex 5(-) is the kinetic product of both chemical and electrochemical oxidation. After several hours, this species

  4. 补肾解毒方中马钱苷和黄芩苷含量的高效液相色谱测定%Determination of loganin and baicalin in Bushen Jiedu recipe by HPLC



    AIM:To study the determination method of loganin and baicalin in Bushen Jiedu Recipe by HPLC.METHODS:HPLC was used with Agilent TC-C18 (4.6 mm ×250 mm,5 μm, Agilent) as the analytical column.Baicalin:mobile phase was acetonitrile,Methanol and 1 mL/L Phosphate (10∶10∶80),the UV decective wave length was at 236 nm.Loganin:mobile phase was Methanol and 1 mL/L Phosphate (40∶60),the UV decective wave length was at 280 nm.The flow rate was 1 .0mL/min;The sample volume was 10 μL.RESULTS:Baicalin and Loganin showed good linear relationship with in the range of 5 .0 ~200 mg/L,2.5 ~100 mg/L,precision and reproducibility were good;the average sample recovery rate was 98.89% and 99.22% re-spectively.CONCLUSION:This method is simple,with high specificity and good reproducibility,which can be used for the quality evaluation.%目的:探讨研究高效液相色谱法测定补肾解毒方中马钱苷和黄芩苷含量.方法:色谱柱:Agilent TC-C18柱(4.6 mm ×250 mm,5μm,Agilent).马钱苷:流动相为乙腈∶甲醇∶1 mL/L磷酸水溶液(10∶10∶80),检测波长为236 nm;黄芩苷:流动相为甲醇∶1 mL/L磷酸水溶液(40∶60),检测波长为280 nm,流速为1.0 mL/min,进样量为10μL.结果:马钱苷和黄芩苷分别在5.0~200 mg/L、2.5~100 mg/L范围内线性关系良好;精密度和重现性均为良好;平均加样回收率分别为98.89%和99.22%.结论:本研究所得方法操作简单,方法专属性高、重现性好,能准确测定补肾解毒方中马钱苷和黄芩苷含量,可用于补肾解毒方的质量评价.

  5. Radiographic, biomechanical, and histological evaluation of rhBMP-2 in a 3-level intertransverse process spine fusion: an ovine study.

    Toth, Jeffrey M; Wang, Mei; Lawson, Joshua; Badura, Jeffrey M; DuBose, Kimberly Bailey


    OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate bone grafts consisting of rhBMP-2 on an absorbable collagen sponge with a ceramic composite bulking agent, rhBMP-2, directly on a ceramic-collagen sponge carrier or iliac crest bone graft (ICBG) in combination with local bone graft to effect fusion in a multisegmental instrumented ovine lumbar intertransverse process fusion model. METHODS Thirty-six sheep had a single treatment at 3 spinal levels in both the right and left intertransverse process spaces. Group 1 sheep were treated with 7.5 cm(3) of autograft consisting of ICBG plus local bone for each intertransverse process space. For Groups 2-4, 4 cm(3) of local bone was placed within the intertransverse process space followed by 4.5-5 cm(3) of the rhBMP-2 graft material. Group 2 animals received 1.5 mg/cm(3) rhBMP-2 on an absorbable collagen sponge with a commercial bone void filler consisting of Type I lyophilized collagen with a biphasic hydroxyapatite/β-tricalcium phosphate ceramic with local bone. Group 3 animals received 0.75 mg/m cm(3) of rhBMP-2 on a collagen ceramic sponge carrier with local bone. Group 4 animals received 1.35 mg/cm(3) of rhBMP-2 on the same collagen ceramic sponge carrier with local bone. Sheep were euthanized 6 months postoperatively. Manual palpation, biomechanical testing, CT, radiography, and undecalcified histology were performed to assess the presence of fusion associated with the treatments. RESULTS All animals in Groups 2-4 that received grafts containing rhBMP-2 achieved radiographic and CT fusion at all 3 levels. In Group 1 (bone autograft alone), only 19% of the levels demonstrated radiographic fusion, 14% resulted in possible radiographic fusion, and 67% of the levels demonstrated radiographic nonfusion. Biomechanical testing showed that Groups 2-4 demonstrated similar stiffness of the L2-5 segment in all 6 loading directions, with each of the 3 groups having significantly greater stiffness than the autograft-only group

  6. Biomechanical evaluation of lateral lumbar interbody fusion with secondary augmentation.

    Reis, Marco T; Reyes, Phillip M; Bse; Altun, Idris; Newcomb, Anna G U S; Singh, Vaneet; Chang, Steve W; Kelly, Brian P; Crawford, Neil R


    OBJECTIVE Lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) has emerged as a popular method for lumbar fusion. In this study the authors aimed to quantify the biomechanical stability of an interbody implant inserted using the LLIF approach with and without various supplemental fixation methods, including an interspinous plate (IP). METHODS Seven human cadaveric L2-5 specimens were tested intact and in 6 instrumented conditions. The interbody implant was intended to be used with supplemental fixation. In this study, however, the interbody was also tested without supplemental fixation for a relative comparison of these conditions. The instrumented conditions were as follows: 1) interbody implant without supplemental fixation (LLIF construct); and interbody implant with supplemental fixation performed using 2) unilateral pedicle screws (UPS) and rod (LLIF + UPS construct); 3) bilateral pedicle screws (BPS) and rods (LLIF + BPS construct); 4) lateral screws and lateral plate (LP) (LLIF + LP construct); 5) interbody LP and IP (LLIF + LP + IP construct); and 6) IP (LLIF + IP construct). Nondestructive, nonconstraining torque (7.5 Nm maximum) induced flexion, extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation, whereas 3D specimen range of motion (ROM) was determined optoelectronically. RESULTS The LLIF construct reduced ROM by 67% in flexion, 52% in extension, 51% in lateral bending, and 44% in axial rotation relative to intact specimens (p < 0.001). Adding BPS to the LLIF construct caused ROM to decrease by 91% in flexion, 82% in extension and lateral bending, and 74% in axial rotation compared with intact specimens (p < 0.001), providing the greatest stability among the constructs. Adding UPS to the LLIF construct imparted approximately one-half the stability provided by LLIF + BPS constructs, demonstrating significantly smaller ROM than the LLIF construct in all directions (flexion, p = 0.037; extension, p < 0.001; lateral bending, p = 0.012) except axial rotation (p = 0

  7. Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Bacteriostatic Activity of M (M=Co^2+,Cd^2+,Mn^2+) Complex with 2,5-Bis(3,5- dimethylpyrazol-4-thio)-3,4-thiadiazole%新型含2,5-二-(3,5-二甲基吡唑-4-巯基)-1,3,4-噻二唑-M(M=Co^2+,Cd^2+,Mn^2+)配合物的合成、晶体结构及其抑菌活性研究

    张奇龙; 袁泽利; 张云黔; 朱必学


    将配体L[2,5-二-(3,5-二甲基吡唑-4-巯基)-1,3,4-噻二唑]与Co(NO3)2 6H2O,Cd(NO3)2 4H2O和MnCl2 4H2O进行配位反应,得到三个配合物[Co(L)2(H2O)4](NO3)2 4(CH3CH2OH)(1),[Cd(L)2(H2O)4](NO3)2 4(CH3CH2OH)(2),[Mn(L)2(Cl)2(CH3OH)2]2(CH3OH)(3),并用元素分析,FT-IR和X射线单晶衍射进行了表征.分析结果表明,配体L呈"U"形,配合物1~3呈"S"形.配合物中Co(II),Cd(II),Mn(II)的配位环境均为扭曲八面体,每个金属离子同时和两个配体进行配位.配体和配合物体外抑菌活性研究结果表明,配体及其配合物都有一定的抑菌活性.%Three complexes [Co(L)2(H2O)4](NO3)2·4(CH3CH2OH)(1), [Cd(L)2(H2O)4](NO3)2·4(CH3CH2- OH) (2) and [Mn(L)2(Cl)2(CH3OH)2]·2(CH3OH) (3) were synthesized from the reaction of 2,5-bis(3,5- dimethylpyrazol-4-thio)-3,4-thiadiazole with Co(NO3)2·6H2O, Cd(NO3)2·4H2O and MnCI2.4H2O, and characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The results of structural analysis indicate that the ligand (L) was adopted "U" configuration, and each complex shows a "S" conformation. In three complexes, the coordination environment of each metal center show a distorted octahedral geometry, and each metal ion was coordinated with two ligands. The bacteriostatic activity results indicated that both of the ligand and complexes possess some bacteriostatic effect.

  8. Effect of intrathecal rapamycin on diabetic neuropathic pain in rats%鞘内注射雷帕霉素对大鼠糖尿病神经痛的影响

    何万友; 王汉兵; 杨承祥; 贺俭; 赵伟成; 张文璇


    Objective To evaluate the effect of intrathecal rapamycin on diabetic neuropathic pain in rats.Methods Thirty adult male Sprague-Dawley rats,weighing 180-220 g,in which IT catheters were successfully implanted,were randomly divided into 5 groups (n =6 each) using a random number table:control group (group C),diabetic neuropathic pain group (group DN),rapamycin 1 μg group (group R1),rapamycin 3 μg group (group R3) and rapamycin 10 μg (group R10).Diabetes mellitus was induced by intraperitoneal streptozotocin (STZ) 60 mg/kg on 5 days after IT catheters were implanted in DN,R1,R3 and R10 groups.Citric acid-sodium citrate buffer 6 ml/kg was injected intraperitoneally in group C.In R1,R3 and R10 groups,rapamycin (dissolved in 10 μl 4% dimethyl sulfoxide) 1,3 and 10 μg were intrathecally injected,respectively,once a day for 7 consecutive days starting from day 21 after STZ injection,while the equal volume of 4% dimethyl sulfoxide was given instead in C and DN groups.Paw withdrawal threshold (PWT) to yon Frey filament stimulation was measured before IT catheters were implanted,before STZ injection,on 7,14 and 21 days after STZ injection,and on 1,3,5 and 7 days after rapamycin administration.After measurement of PWT,the rats were sacrificed and L2-5 segments of the spinal cord were removed for determination of the expression of mTOR and phosphorylated mTOR (p-mTOR),S6K and phosphorylated S6K (p-S6K) (by Western blot) and expression of mTOR mRNA and S6K mRNA (by RT-PCR).Results Compared with group C,MWT was significantly decreased at 14 and 21 days after STZ injection in DN,R1,R3 and R10 groups,and the expression of mTOR,p-mTOR,S6K,p-S6K,mTOR mRNA and S6K mRNA was up-regulated in group DN (P < 0.01).Compared with group DN,MWT was significantly increased at 5 and 7 days after rapamycin administration in group R1,at 3,5 and 7 days after rapamycin administration in group R3,and at 1,3,5 and 7 days after rapamycin administration in group R10,and the expression of m

  9. Anatomy and radiology of the back zone of acetabular posterior column%髋臼后柱后区的解剖学和影像学研究

    赖剑强; 曹生鲁; 汪祎然; 冯凯; 王钢


    目的 探讨髋臼后柱后区的解剖学和影像学特点及其对后柱拉力螺钉固定的指导意义. 方法 收集10例(20侧)正常成年男性患者(年龄为24 ~ 67岁,平均36.1岁)的骨盆核磁共振轴位片,在坐骨棘尖平面(P1)和坐骨棘尖上5 mm平面(P2)用线1~5模拟三方位(髋臼正位、闭孔斜位和髂骨斜位)透视.线2和线3分别与后柱后骨面交于A、B点,线1与线2、线3分别交于D、C点.E为CD中点,过E作CD的垂线与后柱后面交于F点.在P1、P2平面上测量AD长度(a1、a2)和EF长度(b1、b2),以及坐骨神经前缘至后柱后骨面的距离(L1、L2).统计坐骨神经与四边形“ABCD”的位置关系. 结果 “ABCD”盲区参数:a1=(11.62±2.29) mm,b1=(9.24±1.64) mm;a2=(13.63±1.85) mm,b2=(9.01±1.94) mm.坐骨神经前缘至后柱后骨面的距离:L1 =(7.42±1.90) mm,L2=(5.83±1.93) mm.在P1平面,坐骨神经位于“盲区”内的比例为85%,其中R1区内40%,R1/R2交界区内为45%;而仅有15%位于“盲区”外.在P2平面,85%的坐骨神经位于R1区内,也仅有15%位于“盲区”外. 结论 髋臼后柱后侧面骨性结构不规则,且坐骨神经紧邻后柱骨面,是坐骨神经被拉力螺钉损伤的解剖学基础.仅依靠三方位透视不足以评估后柱拉力螺钉的位置,增加后柱切线位透视或导航有助于螺钉的准确置入.%Objective To characterize the clinical anatomy and radiology of the acetabular posterior column and to explore their significance for lag screw fixation of the acetabular posterior column.Methods This study was carried out on the axial magnetic resonance imaging of 20 right and left pelves of 10 adult males,aged from 24 to 67 years (mean,36.1 years).The parameters were measured on the plane of the ischial spine apex (P1) and the plane 5 millimeters above P1 (P2).Five lines were drawn to simulate the fluoroscopy at the anteroposterior,iliac oblique and obturator oblique views.Line 2 and line 3 intersected

  10. Effects of sodium nitrite on Trichophywsis rubrum%亚硝酸钠对红色毛癣菌形态学的影响

    佟盼琢; 谢红霞; 杨云; 杨晓亮; 冯琴; 王冰心


    Objective: To observe the morphological changes of cultured Trichophytosis rubrum treated by sodium nitrite in vitro. Methods: MTT [3-(4, 5-dimethylthia zol-2-yl)-2,5-diphen- yltetrazolium bromide] microdilution method was used to evaluate the inhibition of Trichophyton rubrum by sodium nitrite in vitro, according to the recommendations of the CLSI(M38-A). The ultrastructural morphology of the fungal strains before and after the sodium nitrite treatment was observed under the scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope. Results: As the concentrations of sodium nitrite as 160 mmol/L, 80 mmol/L, 40 mmol/L, 20 mmol/L,10 mmoi/L, 5 mmol/L, 2.5 mmol/L, or 1.25 mmol/L, the inhibition rates of Trichophyton rubrum were 73.62% ± 9.7%, 71.93% ±1.47%, 73.53% ± 1.14%, 70.80% ± 1.50%, 68.67% ± 1.27%, 41.76% ± 1.53%, 29.59% ± 1.90%, or 16.98% ± 1.82%, respectively.With the concentrations of sodium nitrite decreased, a statistically gradual reduction in the inhibition rate of Trichophyton rubrum was seen (P <0.05). The scanning electron microscopy showed the hyphae were damaged and broken, the surface of the hyphae became rough and shrunken, with many destructive fissures and small holes on it. The transmission electron microscopy showed the hyphae became deformed and irregular, the cell wall was roughly and loosely, the cytoplasm texture obscured and cellular nucleus was of syneresis and quassation. Conclusions: The growth of Trichophytosis rubrum could be inhibited by sodium nitrite in vitro and the morphology of Trichophytosis rubrum could be changed.%目的:观察亚硝酸钠对红色毛癣菌生长的抑制作用.方法:应用美国临床实验室标准化委员会(CLSI)制订的M38-A方案,采用四甲基偶氮唑蓝(MTT)微量稀释法测定亚硝酸钠对红色毛癣菌的体外抑制率.将亚硝酸钠作用前、后的红色毛癣菌制成标本.分别在扫描电子显微镜(扫描电镜)和透射电子显

  11. 经脐单孔腹腔镜与传统腹腔镜胆囊切除术的疗效对比观察%Efficacy of umbilical hole laparoscopic and conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy:a comparative study

    卢茂松; 黄钲焘; 曾鹏飞


    OBJECTIVE To comparatively study of laparoscopic and conventional single hole through umbilical laparoscopic cholecystectomy patients. METHODS A total of selective 139 cases with cholecystectomy surgical indications were randomly divided into treatment group (82 cases )and control group (57 cases), were carried out by the umbilical hole laparoscopic cholecystectomy with conventional laparoscopic; of the operation timet blood loss, get active time, postoperative hospital stay (d) and complication ratesi the satisfaction of the patients with abdominal wounds were investigated after 1 month and statistically analyzed. RESULTS The operation time (min) , blood loss (ml), get active time (h) , postoperative hospital stay (d) and complication rates were (52. 1±6. 7) and (33. 8±7. 2),(39. 2±l2. 5) and (42. 7±11.9), (14. 3±6. 5) and (12. 6±6. 7), (5. 7±1.3 )and (5. 2±1. 1), the incidence rates of the complications were 2. 44% and 1. 75% which showed significant difference on the treatment group increased operative time (P0. 05) ; 1-month follow-up two patients after abdominal wounds were very satisfied with the degree of 96. 34% and 8. 77% > the difference between them was statistically significant (P<0. 05). CONCLUSION The clinical efficacy of the umbilical hole laparoscopic cholecystectomy is similar to conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy except the increased operation time with the good wound healing and scars hidden ? Which can make the abdominal wall wounds actually achieve the beautiful effect.%目的 对照研究经脐单孔腹腔镜与传统腹腔镜胆囊切除术的疗效.方法 选择具有择期胆囊切除术手术指征者139例随机分治疗组82例、对照组57例,分别进行经脐单孔腹腔镜与传统腹腔镜胆囊切除术;分析其手术时间、术中出血量、下床活动时间、术后住院天数及并发症发生率;1个月后对患者进行腹壁创口满意度调查;并进行统计分析.结果治疗者与对


    Raimundo Nonato Braga Lobo


    Full Text Available

    To evaluate the behavior and productive performance of sheep maintained in tanzania grass (Panicum maximum pastures under rest periods (RP corresponding to the time necessary for the expansion of 1.5 (1.5L, 2.5 (2.5L or 3.5 (3.5L new leaves/tiller, this research was carried out. Aspects as the time the animals spent under shade and the time spent for grazing, ruminating and in idleness, beyond the number of times defecating, urinating and ingesting water or salt per day as well as tax of bits (TXB were evaluated. For evaluation of the productive performance, the average daily gain (ADG and the stock-ing rate expressed in number of animals for hectare (NAH, beyond the production for hectare, express in kg of alive weight ( PLW were determined. the animals maintained in pastures under 3.5L RP spent 21% of the time between 5 and 18 o’clock under shade. the animals in the paddocks with 2.5L RP spent minor time percentage grazing, indicat-ing that in this condition the animals got to ingest greater amount of forage in a lesser interval time. in relation to the TXB, there were no differences in the periods from 8 to 11 o’clock and from 17 to 18 hours. For the 2.5L RP, there were no differences among the evaluated intervals, but its TXB was higher than the 3.5L RP. in terms of the productive performance, it was observed that the animals maintained in the 1.5L PD showed the greater gmd, however its cor-responding paddocks showed the minor nAh and Auh, comparing to the 3.5L RP paddocks. on the other hand, the 1.5L and the 2.5L pastures presented similar PLW which, in turn, was superior to the 3.5L RP pastures. one concludes that the pastures of tanzania grass must be managed under RP of 2.5 leaves/tiller, as it promotes satisfactory PLW and allow the animals to consume more forage in a minor time interval.

    Key-words: grazing pressure, ingestive behavior, turnover tissue.

  13. 舒尼替尼一线治疗转移性肾细胞癌的临床观察%Clinical observation of Sunitinib as first line treatment in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

    陈映霞; 秦叔逵; 王琳; 刘秀峰; 华海清; 朱静; 韩凝


    目的:观察舒尼替尼一线治疗转移性肾细胞癌的有效性及安全性.方法:16例未经治疗的转移性肾细胞癌患者接受舒尼替尼治疗.14例患者口服舒尼替尼50 mg/d,服用4周休息2周,6周重复;2例患者口服37.5 mg/d,持续服用.结果:16例患者均可评价疗效和毒性.PR 5例,SD 9例,PD 2例;ORR为31.3%(5/16),DCR为87.5%(14/16).中位PFS和OS分别为10.5(95%CI:1.5~19.5)和17.5个月(95%CI:1.6~33.4).常见非血液学不良反应为手足综合征(12/16,75.0%)、乏力(11/16,68.8%)、口腔炎(8/16,50.0%)、高血压(8/16,50.0%)、纳差(9/16,56.3%)以及蛋白尿(6/16,37.5%);血液学主要不良反应为白细胞下降(10/16,62.5%)、血小板下降(9/16,56.3%).3~4级不良反应主要有口腔炎(3/16,18.8%)、高血压(2/16,l2.5%)、手足综合征(2/16,12.5%)、白细胞减少(2/16,12.5%)和血小板减少(2/16,12.5%).结论:舒尼替尼对未经治疗的中国人晚期肾细胞癌疗效确切,毒副反应可预见、可控制和可逆转,值得临床推荐使用.%ORJECTIVEiTo observe the effectiveness and safety of sunitinib as first line treatment in metastatic renal cell carcinoma. METHODS: Sixteen patients with previously untreated metastatic renal cell carcinoma were treated with sunitinib. Forteen patients received sunitinib 50 mg daily for \\ weeks,followed 2 weeks off, every 6 weeks repeat; and 2 patients received sunitinib 37. 5 mg daily continuously. RESULTS: Sixteen patients were included in efficacy and toxicity analyses. Five patients achieved PR, nine patients achieved SD, 2 patients PD, the ORR was 31. 3% (5/16), and the DCR was 87. 5%(14/16). The median PFS and median OS were 10. 5 months (95%CI: 1. 5- 19. 5) and 17. 5 months (95%CI: 1.6 - 33.4). Common non-hematological toxicities included hand-foot syndrome (12/16,75.0%), fatigue (11/16,68.8%), stomatitis (8/16,50.0%), hypertension (8/16,50.0%), anorexia (9/16,56.3%) and proteinuria (6

  14. 他汀类药物对外周血内皮祖细胞的影响%Statins contribute to enhancement of the number and the function of endothelial progenitor cells from peripheral blood

    朱军慧; 陶谦民; 陈君柱; 王兴祥; 朱建华; 尚云鹏


    (1 μmol/L) or a vehicle for the respective time points (6, 12, 24 and 48 h). EPCs were characterized as adherent cells double positive for DiLDL-uptake and lectin binding by direct fluorescent staining under a laser scanning confocal microscope. EPCs were further documented by demonstrating the expression of KDR,VEGFR-2 and AC133 with flow cytometry. EPCs proliferation, migration andin vitro vasculogenesis activity were assayed by MTT assay,modified Boyden chamber assay and in vitro vasculogenesis kit, respectively. EPCs adhesion assay was performed by replating it on fibronectin-coated dishes, and the adherent cells were then counted. In addition, we also studied EPCs culture assay of peripheral blood from fluvastatin-treated animals in vivo. Incubation of isolated human MNCs with fiuvastatin dose- and time-dependently increased the number of EPCs, while reached the maximum 24 h after the administration at 1 μmol/L, (2.5-fold increase, P<0.05). Moreover, treatment of rats with fluvastatins elevated the number of EPCs (3-fold increase, P<0.05), thus extending the in vitro data. In addition, fluvastatin also promoted EPC proliferation, migration, adhesion and in vitro vasculogenesis in a concentration-dependent manner. The effects of fluvastatin on EPCs were compared with those of simvastatin at the same concentration (1 μmol/L), with a result of no statistical difference. The results of the present study define a novel mechanism of the action of statins: the augmentation of EPCs with enhanced functional activity.

  15. Citicoline pretreatment protects rats against spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury%胞二磷胆碱预处理对大鼠脊髓缺血再灌注损伤的影响

    曾小华; 刘丹彦; 安民


    employed for L2-5 spinal cord pathological changes, TUNEL method for calculation apoptosis cells, and immunohistochemical assay for Bcl-2, Bax, caspase-9 expression. The ratio of Bcl-2 to Bax (Bcl-2/Bax) was calculated. Results Compared to Sham group, group IR and group citi showed significantly lower neurological function scores, obvious pathological injury, increased apoptotic nerve cells, enhanced expression of caspase-9,Bax and Bcl-2, and significantly lower Bcl-2/Bax ratio(P <0. 01). However, citi pretreatment resulted in better outcomes in above items compared to group IR(P <0. 01). Conclusion Citicoline pretreat-ment attenuates spinal cord IR injury, improves neurological function through up-regulating Bcl-2, down-regula-ting Bax and caspase-9, and thus reducing neuronal apoptosis.

  16. Relative factors of coronary artery disease in middle-aged and elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis%中老年类风湿关节炎患者合并冠状动脉粥样硬化性心脏病的发病风险及相关因素研究

    慈维苹; 潘丽丽; 万瑾; 廖华; 王天


    investigate the relative factors of coronary artery disease (CAD) in middle-aged and elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).Methods Clinical data of 136 middle-aged and elderly patients with RA from January 2013 to December 2014,including 76 cases with CAD (observation group) and 60 cases without CAD (control group),were analyzed retrospectively.The gender,age,cause of RA,hypertension,diabetes mellitus,dyslipidemia,smoking and medications were recorded;the body mass index (BMI),systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP),the serum levels of triglyceride,total cholesterol,high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C),low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C),fasting blood glucose (FBG),high-sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and homocysteine (Hcy) were detected.Above indexes were compared between groups,and multivariate Logistic regression analysis was performed to aaalyze the independent predictors of CAD in middle-aged and elderly patients with RA.Results The course of RA was significantly longer,the proportion of hypertension was significantly higher,the usage rates of glucocorticoid hormone and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were significantly lower in observation group than those in control group [(15 ± 9) years vs (10±10) years,65.8% (50/76)vs41.7% (25/60),23.7% (18/76)vs46.7% (28/60),5.3% (4/76)vs 23.3% (14/60),P < 0.01].The serum levels of total cholesterol,LDL-C,HDL-C was significantly lower,the level of Hcy was significantly higher in observation group than those in control group [(4.2 ± 1.0) mmol/L vs (4.8±0.9) mmol/L,(2.5 ±0.8) mmol/L vs (2.9±0.8) mmol/L,(1.06±0.30) mmol/L vs (1.20± 0.33) mmol/L,(17 ±8) μmol/L vs (14 ±7) μmol/L] (P <0.01 or P <0.05).Logistic regression analysis showed that the cause of RA and hypertension were independent risk factors of CAD,the usage of HCQ was a protective factor of CAD in middle-aged and elderly patients with RA [odds ratio:1.054,2.629,0.118;95% confidence interval:1

  17. Effect of electroacupuncture on synaptic transmission in dentate gyrus of the hippocampus in cerebral ischemic injured rats

    Haibo Yu; Zhuoxin Yang; Ling Wang; Min Pi; Jiawei Zhang


    BACKGROUND: Some studies suggest that the long-term potentiation (LTP) of synaptic transmission may be the basis for the neural synaptic plasticity of hippocampus, but can be evoked by various factors including electroacupuncture.OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect of electroacupuncture on the activities of basic synaptic transmission in dentate gyrus of hippocampus and the changes of high frequency stimulation (HFS) induced activity of synaptic transmission in cerebral ischemic injured rats.DESIGN: A randomized control trial.SETTING: Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.MATERIALS: Sixty healthy male Wistar rats, weighing 150-250 g, were provided by the Experimental Animal Center of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The experiment began after adaptation of environment for 1 week under standard experimental environment. The main experimental instruments included the programming electrical acupuncture apparatus (PCEA, product of the Institute of Acupuncture and Meridians, Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and multichannel physiologic recorder (RM-86, Nihon Konden).METHODS: The experiment was carried out in Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine between July 2003 and July 2004. ① Embedding of brain electrodes: In reference of the Pellegrino's rat brain atlas, the bipolar electrode stimulator was embedded into the perforant path (PP) anterior to the entorhinal area with location coordinates of AP 7.5 mm, L 4.2 mm and H 3.0 mm, that is, 7.5 mm posterior to the anterior fontanelle, 4.2 mm laterally on the right side and 3.0 mm under the subcortex. The subcortex recorder electrode coordinates are AP 3.8 mm, L 2.5 mm and H 3.5 mm, located in the granular cell layer of the unilateral dentate gyrus (DG) of hippocampus, at the site of which an opening with the diameter of 1.5 mm was drilled for the purpose of embedding of the stimulating and recording

  18. 5-HT2C受体亚型参与易化大鼠内嗅区-海马通路的突触传递:平面微电极阵列记录技术研究%Facilitation of synaptic transmission and connections of entorhinal-hippocampal pathway by 5-HT2C receptor subtype: multi-electrode array recordings

    许燕; 金建慧; 王燕; 王蕊蕊; 李震; 陈军


    Using 64-channels (8 × 8) multi-electrode array technique (MED-64 system), the modulatory actions of 5-hydroxytryptam-ine (5-HT) 2C receptor subtype on the entorhinal (EC)-hippocampal synaptic transmission and connections were studied. One of freshly dissociated acute hippocampal slices of rats which was placed on the MED-64 probe, was subject to constant perfusion with oxygenated artificial cerebrospinal fluid (ACSF, 95% O2 and 5% CO2). Two hours after ACSF incubation, simultaneous multi-site electrophysiological recordings were performed. One electrode was selected to be used for perforant path (PP) stimulation, and the remaining 63 electrodes were used for recordings of network field excitatory postsynaptic potentials (fEPSPs) within both CA1 and dentate gyms (DG) that have been previously proved to be mediated by glutamate non-NMDA receptors. After stability of network fEPSPs was achieved, (±)-l(2, 5-Dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane hydrochloride (DOI, an agonist of 5-HT2C receptor subtype), or SB242084 (6-Chloro-2,3-dihydro-5-methyl-N-[6-[(2-methyl-3-pyridinyl)oxy]-3-pyridinyl]-lH-indole-l-carboxyamide dihy-drochloride hydrate) (a selective antagonist of 5-HT2C receptor subtype) was applied for 10 min perfusion, respectively. Two-dimensional current source density (2D-CSD) analysis was also transformed by bilinear interpolation at each point of the 64 electrodes for spatial imaging of the fEPSP network responses. Based upon the polarities of fEPSP and 2D-CSD imaging, it was clearly shown that synaptic activations were evoked to occur within the molecular layer of DG and pyramidal cell layer of CA1 by the PP stimulation in which negative-going field potentials and current sink (blue) could be recorded. While, positive-going field potentials and current source (yellow) were mainly localized within the granule cell layer and hilus of DG and alveus of CA1, reflecting spread of electrical signals derived from depolarized region toward CA3 area or subiculum

  19. 血清Dickkopf-1与原发性痛风性关节炎骨破坏的相关性%Relation of serum Dickkopf-1 with bone destruction in patients with gouty arthritis

    赵卫; 高辉; 朱佳鑫; 张学武; 栗占国


    -resis-tant acid phosphatase 5b (TRAP5b) in gouty arthritis. Methods; Blood serum DKK-1 and TRAP5b were assessed by ELJSA method. The serum samples were collected from 150 patients with gouty arthritis, 100 with hyperuricemia and 100 healthy controls. Of the 150 gouty arthritis patients, 40 were diagnosed as acute gout (joint rash and pain), and the other 110 as chronic gout. At the time of serum sampling, variousclinical and laboratory parameters were assessed. The correlations of DKK-1 or TRAP5b and clinical/laboratory parameters were analyzed. Results: ( 1) The serum levels of DKK-1 were elevated in the patients with gouty arthritis [ (2 574.8 ±997.9) ng/L] and with hyperuricemia [ (2 009.4 ±756.9) ng/L] compared with the healthy controls [ (981. 8 ±770. 7 ) ng/L], F = 49. 59, P < 0. 001. (2) The serum levels of TRAP5b in the three groups were (3. 2 ±1. 4) U/L, (2. 5 ±1. 4) U/L and (0.2±0.2)U/L, respectively. F = 103.039, P<0.001. (3) A significant difference of DKK-1 was observed between the patients with gouty arthritis and with hyperuricemia (t = 3.998, P <0.001). Similarly, a significant difference of TRAP5b was observed between the patients with gouty arthritis and with hyperuricemia (t =3.391, P =0.004). (4) In the patients with gouty arthritis, there was a positive correlation between DKK-1 and TRAP5b(r =0. 47, P <0. 001 ) , while the levels of DKK-1 were not related with age, disease duration, body mass index or serum uric acid(r = -0. 153, -0. 123, 0. 158, 0.00,P=0. 126, 0.509, 0. 381, 0.926). (5) In the patients with gouty arthritis, the serum levels of TRAP5b were elevated in the patients with tophi compared with the patients without tophi [ (8.4 ?.4) U/L vs. (4. 0 ?1. 6) U/L, t = - 2. 938, P - 0. 007 ]. The level of TRAP5b was associated with the disease duration (r =0.455 ,P =0.01) , while there was no correlation between TRAP5b and age, body mass index or serum uric acid(r =0.135, 0.278, 0. 144,P =0.595, 0. 117,0. 132). Conclusion; In the patients with gouty

  20. Changes in plasma cholesterol level and risk factors of death in patients with sepsis%脓毒症患者血浆胆固醇水平变化特点 及死亡危险因素分析

    白静; 林瑾; 庄海舟; 郭冬晨; 杨晓卫; 段美丽


    Objective To analyze the characteristics of change in plasma cholesterol level in patients with sepsis, and to explore its relationship with prognosis and its clinical significance. Methods A retrospective analysis was conducted. 568 patients with sepsis admitted to Department of Critical Care Medicine of Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University from August 2013 to August 2015 were enrolled, and 475 patients without sepsis hospitalized in the same period served as the control. The basic clinical data of the two groups were collected, and the results of blood fat and biochemical parameters were compared. The patients with sepsis were divided into death group and survival group, and risk factors influencing the prognosis of patients with sepsis were analyzed with multivariate logistic model regression analysis. Results Compared with non-sepsis patients, the levels of plasma total cholesterol (TC) and high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) in the patients with sepsis were significantly lower [TC (mmol/L): 2.5±1.2 vs. 3.4±1.4, t = 4.274, P = 0.021; HDL-C (mmol/L): 1.6±0.9 vs. 2.5±0.8, t = 3.413, P = 0.018], and that of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) showed no statistically significant difference (mmol/L: 1.9±0.9 vs. 2.1±0.9, t = 0.749, P = 0.614). In the patients with sepsis, the patients in death group (n = 227) were older than those of the survival group (n = 341, years: 74.3±15.5 vs. 65.5±17.5, t = 4.037, P = 0.012), serum creatinine (SCr) was higher than that of survival group (μmol/L: 251.0±115.6 vs. 167.4±108.7, t = 3.254, P = 0.023), the levels of plasma TC, HDL-C and LDL-C were significantly lower than those of survival group [TC (mmol/L): 2.2±1.6 vs. 2.9±1.1, t = 3.057, P = 0.023; HDL-C (mmol/L): 1.4±0.8 vs. 1.9±0.8, t = 4.692, P = 0.016; LDL-C (mmol/L): 1.7±0.7 vs. 2.0±0.8, t = 2.541, P = 0.038]; there was no significant difference in the proportion of male, body mass index (BMI), based disease

  1. Ultrastructural changes of gastric mucosa of rats with atrophic gastritis caused by hot water%热水致大鼠萎缩性胃炎胃黏膜超微结构变化

    张沥; 张玲霞; 陶梅; 王春梅; 江梅; 杨家骥; 宋瑛


    Objective To observe the ultrastructural changes of gastric mucosa of rats with atrophic gastritis caused by hot water and investigate the pathogenesis of atrophic gastritis and the relationship between chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) and hot diet. Methods The rat atrophic gastritis model was induced by gavage with hot water(55℃, 150g/mL, 2.5mL/d x 32 weeks). Histopathological methods were used to examine the selected gastric glands and antrum of rat. The ultrastructure of gastric mucosa were observed under scanning electromicroscope. Results (1) The optical microscope observation showed that the surface of the gastric mucosa was smooth and no erosion could be observed there in control group. There was no inflammatory infiltration in lamina propria. Nor was there edema in submucous layer or inflammatory infiltration in muscular layer. In hot water group, when hot water was given 24 weeks, the body of gastric gland of rat's gastric mucosa shrank obviously. The smooth muscle in muscular layer of mucosa had hyperplasia and got into the lamina propria of mucosa. The glandular epithelium in the up 1/3~2/3 part of the gland was atrophic. The lumen of the glards became broadened and the width of mucosa in the neck of gastric pit became narrowed. (2) The scanning electromicroscope observation showed that, in control group, the gastric mucosa was compartmentalized by crisscross grooves into many micro gastric areas, in the shape of reticulation. The epithelium was lined regularly and covered with laminar mucus. In hot water group, when hot water was given for 24 weeks, the gastric mucosa cells became atrophic. The lumen of gland was broadened and bleeding could be observed . When hot water was given for 32 weeks, besides the atrophic gastric mucosa and more broadened lumen of gland, much exfoliation of epithelium, the breakage of the cells and the focal erosion of mucosa were also found. (3) The transmission electromicroscope observation showed that the body of gland

  2. A Novel Endometriosis Inducing Factor In Women with Endometriosis

    Ramzy A,


    detection of Annexin-1 gene expression: Total RNA was extracted from co-cultured cells using RNeasy Purification kit (Qiagen, Valencia, CA, and then 1 μg RNA was reverse transcribed with AMV reverse transcriptase for 30 min at 42 °C in the presence of oligo-dT primer. PCR amplification was performed using the following primer; forward 5’ GCAGGCCTGGTTTATTGAAA-3’, and reverse primer 5’-GCTGTGCATTGTTTCGCTTA-3’. For PCR reaction, 4 µl cDNA was added to 30.5 µ l water, 4 µl 25 mM MgCl2,1 µ l dNTPs (10 mM , 5 µl 10× PCR buffer, 0.5 µ l (2.5 U Taq polymerase and 2.5 µl of each primer containing 10 pmol. The amplification profile was, denaturation at 95 °C for 30 s, annealing at 55°C for 30 s, and elongation at 72 °C for 1 min; for 35 cycles with final extension for 10 min at 72 °C. To exclude the possibility of contaminating genomic DNA, PCRs were also run without RT. The PCR product was separated by electrophoresis using 1% agarose gel. The presence of RNA in all tissues was assessed by analysis of the “house-keeping” gene -actin according to Chun-yan L, et al 27. The β- Actin gene expression was carried out to the sera of the control and study groups to confirm the integrity of RNA.Results: There was no statistical significant difference between the two groups as regards the mean age (29.2 ± 4.5 vs. 31.7 ±3.8; P=0.2, duration of infertility (3 ± 0.8 vs. 2.5 ± 0.6; P=0.1 or their hormonal profile levels as FSH, LH and Progesterone (Table 1.

  3. Factors influencing the effect of gastric bypass surgery on type-2 diabetes mellitus%影响胃转流术治疗2型糖尿病疗效的相关因素分析

    闫洪涛; 汤礼军; 陈涛; 蒋利; 李运明; 胡睿东; 崔建峰; 田伏洲


    5) mmol/L,(20 ± 6) mmol/L,(18 ±13) U/L and (17 ± 12) U/L for patients with improved condition,and (71 ± 12) kg,(24 ± 3) kg/m2,(1.6 ±0.6)nmol/L,(2.2±0.9)nmol/L,(2.8 ±l.3)nmol/L,(2.8 ±l.0)nmol/L,(2.5 ±l.4)nmol/L,(17±5)mmol/L,(20 ± 4) mmol/L,(17 ± 10) U/L and (24 ± 16) U/L for patients who were unaffected,with significant differences between the 3 groups (F=3.989,5.328,5.860,4.315,7.504,5.208,4.512,3.341,8.154,3.456,3.514,P <0.05).Conclusion The body weight,BMI,fasting,30 minutes and 1-,2-,3-hour postprandial C-peptide,30 minutes and 1-hour postprandial glucose,30 minutes and 1-hour postprandial insulin are factors influencing the effect of gastric bypass surgery on type-2 diabetes mellitus.%目的 探讨影响胃转流术治疗2型糖尿病疗效的相关因素.方法 回顾性分析2009年3月至2010年3月成都军区总医院行胃转流术治疗且获得1年随访的99例2型糖尿病患者的临床资料.连续观察患者术前和术后1年口服葡萄糖耐量试验(OGTT)、C肽释放试验和胰岛素释放试验结果,并检测糖化血红蛋白,计算胰岛素抵抗指数及身高体质量指数(BMI)等指标.胃转流术后不再需要任何降糖措施,可长期保持随机血糖< 11.1 mmol/L、空腹血糖<7.0 mmol/L、OGTT 2 h血糖<11.1 mmol/L、糖化血红蛋白<6.5%者判定为完全缓解(完全缓解组);术后所需药物量明显减少或饮食调整即可控制血糖至正常者判定为好转(好转组);不符合上述完全缓解和好转标准者均视为无效(无效组).术后各时相点检测指标与术前比较采用重复测量设计方差分析,组间各指标比较采用单因素方差分析,多重比较采用LSD-t检验.结果 80%(79/99)的患者症状完全缓解,9% (9/99)的患者症状好转,11% (11/99)的患者无效.完全缓解组术前体质量,BMI,空腹及餐后30 min、1、2、3hC肽,餐后30 min和1h血糖,餐后30 min和1h胰岛素分别为(75±14) kg、(27±4)kg/m2、(2.1 ±0.8) nmol