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  1. Limits of free speech to be tested / Matt Kovalick

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kovalick, Matt


    Euroopa Inimõiguste Kohtu arupärimisest Leedu justiitsministeeriumile seoses sõnavabaduse väidetava rikkumisega Danute Balsyte-Lideikiene poolt välja antud 2000. aasta Leedu kalendri konfiskeerimisel, mis levitas natsionalistlikke ideid

  2. Unustamatu aasta 1988 / ref. Urmi Reinde

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Rahvarinde 20. aastapäevale pühendatud konverentsil peetud ettekannete referaadid: Rein Ruutsoo, Dainis Ivans, Kazimiera Danute Prunskiene, Juri Afanasjev, Edgar Savisaar, Kazimieras Motieka, Kauko Sipponen

  3. Slaugytojų savęs vertinimo ir pasitenkinimo darbu sąsajos


    Balsienė, Danutė


    Danutė Balsienė. Nurses' self-esteem and job satisfaction interfaces. Master‘s degree programme “Clinical care” thesis / Thesis advisor Dr. V. Grigaliūnienė. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Medical Academy, Faculty of Nursing. Department of Nursing and Care. – Kaunas, 2017 – 72 pages. Purpose – To evaluate the connections between the self-esteem of nurses and their satisfaction with work. Tasks: 1. To analyse the self-esteem of nurses. 2. To analyse nurses‘ satisfaction with the...

  4. Bendruomenės slaugytojų pasitenkinimas darbu


    Adomavičiūtė, Dana


    SUMMARY Management of Public Health JOB SATISFACTION AMONG COMMUNITY NURSES Danutė Adomavičiūtė Supervisor Jurgita Vladičkienė, Dr.Sc., Department of Social medicine. Faculty of Public Health, Kaunas University of Medicine.- Kaunas, 2005.- P.71 Primary health care is a priority field of health care in Lithuania. Community nursing as a part of primary health care meets with development difficulties. First of all, is paid too few attention to community nurses, in primary hea...

  5. Skin-derived mesenchymal stem cells as quantum dot vehicles to tumors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dapkute D


    Full Text Available Dominyka Dapkute,1,2 Simona Steponkiene,1 Danute Bulotiene,1 Liga Saulite,3 Una Riekstina,3 Ricardas Rotomskis1,4 1Biomedical Physics Laboratory, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2Institute of Biosciences, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania; 3Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia; 4Biophotonics Group of Laser Research Center, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania Purpose: Cell-mediated delivery of nanoparticles is emerging as a new method of cancer diagnostics and treatment. Due to their inherent regenerative properties, adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs are naturally attracted to wounds and sites of inflammation, as well as tumors. Such characteristics enable MSCs to be used in cellular hitchhiking of nanoparticles. In this study, MSCs extracted from the skin connective tissue were investigated as transporters of semiconductor nanocrystals quantum dots (QDs.Materials and methods: Cytotoxicity of carboxylated CdSe/ZnS QDs was assessed by lactate dehydrogenase cell viability assay. Quantitative uptake of QDs was determined by flow cytometry; their intracellular localization was evaluated by confocal microscopy. In vitro tumor-tropic migration of skin-derived MSCs was verified by Transwell migration assay. For in vivo migration studies of QD-loaded MSCs, human breast tumor-bearing immunodeficient mice were used.Results: QDs were found to be nontoxic to MSCs in concentrations no more than 16 nM. The uptake studies showed a rapid QD endocytosis followed by saturating effects after 6 h of incubation and intracellular localization in the perinuclear region. In vitro migration of MSCs toward MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells and their conditioned medium was up to nine times greater than the migration toward noncancerous breast epithelial cells MCF-10A. In vivo, systemically administered QD-labeled MSCs were mainly located in the tumor and metastatic tissues, evading most healthy organs with the

  6. List of Posters (United States)

    List of Posters: Dark matter annihilation in the Galactic galo, by Dokuchaev Vyacheslav, et al. NEMO developments towards km3 telescope in the Mediterranean Sea. The NEMO project. Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory By Antonio Capone, NEMO Collaboration. Alignment as a result from QCD jet production or new still unknown physics at LHC? By Alexander Snigirev. Small-scale fluctuations of extensive air showers: systematics in energy and muon density estimation By Grigory Rubtsov. SHINIE: Simulation of High-Energy Neutrino Interacting with the Earth By Lin Guey-Lin, et al.. Thermodynamics of rotating solutions in n+1 dimensional Einstein - Maxwell -dilation gravity By Ahmad Sheykhi, et al.. Supernova neutrino physics with future large Cherenkov detectors By Daniele Montanino. Crossing of the Cosmological Constant Barrier in the string Inspired Dark Energy Model By S. Yu. Vernov. Calculations of radio signals produced by ultra-high and extremely high energy neutrino induced cascades in Antarctic ice By D. Besson, et al.. Inflation, Cosmic Acceleration and string Gravity By Ischwaree Neupane. Neutrino Physics: Charm and J/Psi production in the atmosphere By Liudmila Volkova. Three generation flavor transitions and decays of supernova relic neutrinos By Daniele Montanino. Lattice calculations & computational quantum field theory: Sonification of Quark and Baryon Spectra By Markum Harald, et al.. Generalized Kramers-Wannier Duality for spin systems with non-commutative symmetry By V. M. Buchstaber, et al.. Heavy ion collisions & quark matter: Nuclear matter jets and multifragmentation By Danut Argintaru, et al.. QCD hard interactions: The qT-spectrum of the Higgs and Slepton-pairs at the LHC By Guiseppe Bozzi. QCD soft interactions: Nonperturbative effects in Single-Spin Asymmetries: Instantons and TMD-parton distributions By Igor Cherednikov, et al.. Gluon dominance model and high multiplicity By Elena Kokoulina. Resonances in eta pi- pi- pi+ system By Dmitry Ryabchikov