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  1. Refik Halit'in Hikayelerinde Değişim Changes in Stories of Refik Halit

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    Gülüzar İYİOĞLU


    Full Text Available Refik Halit Karay, born in İstanbul in 1888 and died in 1965, writer, gained fame in his time especially in humor and criticism; and The author began his literary career as a journalist. Authority of the time disturbs author’s critical writings and his exile years began in Sinop in 1914. Even though he came back to İstanbul after three years this return did’nt last long and he was exiled to Beirut in 1922. He could’nt come back to his country untill 1938. Although being well-known in humor and criticism, he is put forward by the authorities for two of his storybooks he brought to Turkish Literature in the genre of “story”: Memleket Hikâyeleri (Hometown Stories and Gurbet Hikâyeleri (Foreign Land Stories. It is unequivocally true that Refik Halit played a significant role in leading the storytelling in Turkish Literature come to gain importance today. Absolutely, Refik Halit captured the success by combining his superior talent with what he gathered in the progress our storytelling had made. Yet, the share of his two works mentioned is great for the The Turkish Story to find its own speech. In this study, it is attempted to examine and resolve what differences have arisen in terms of “language and style, place, individuals, time” between the two works when Hometown Stories and Foreign Land Stories are examined. Elements mentioned in the story of the Homeland and Foreign Land Stories, the author's handling of these elements and manner of operation, the common points and differences will be considered as comparative terms. In addition, the preparation of the article and the works of Refik Halit Karay also benefited from the ideas of the researchers on the study, the location is also mentioned to them as they arrive. 1888’de İstanbul’da doğan ve 1965’te hayata veda eden yazar Refik Halit Karay, özellikle mizah ve eleştiri konusunda kendi döneminde ün yapmış ve yaptığı korkusuz, sert eleştiriler yüzünden