Sample records for kernfysisch versneller instituut

  1. Improved and new uses of natural radioactivity in mineral exploration and processing

    de Meijer, R.J.; Stapel, C.; Jones, D.G.; Roberts, P.D.; Rozendaal, A.; Macdonald, W.G.

    Measurement of natural radioactivity has been used in both a qualitative and a quantitative way in mineral exploration, particularly in the search for uranium. In the last five years, the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI) and British Geological Survey (BGS) have designed, built and tested a new

  2. Calculation of A (x) for the Proton-Deuteron Breakup Reaction at 135 MeV

    Eslami-Kalantari, M.; Mehmandoost-Khajeh-Dad, A. A.; Shafaei, M. A.; Amir-Ahmadi, H. R.; Biegun, A.; Gasparic, I.; Joulaeizadeh, L.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Kistryn, St.; Kozela, A.; Mardanpour, H.; Messchendorp, J. G.; Moeini, H.; Ramazani Moghaddam Arani, Ahmad; Shende, S. V.; Stephan, E.; Sworst, R.

    Observables in proton-deuteron scattering are sensitive probes of the nucleon-nucleon interaction and three-nucleon force effects (3NF). Several facilities in the world, including Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI), allow a detailed study a few-nucleon interaction below the pion-production

  3. Detection of radioactive particles offshore by mu-ray spectrometry - Part I : Monte Carlo assessment of detection depth limits

    Maucec, M.; de Meijer, RJ; Rigollet, C; Hendriks, Peter; Jones, DG


    A joint research project between the British Geological Survey and Nuclear Geophysics Division of the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Groningen, the Netherlands, was commissioned by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority to establish the efficiency of a towed seabed gamma-ray spectrometer for

  4. "small ACCELERATORS" 24 May - 2 June 2005


    CERN Accelerator School and Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI) Groningen, the Netherlands announce a course on "Small Accelerators", Hotel Golden Tulip Drenthe, Zeegse, the Netherlands, 24 May - 2 June 2005. This specialised course is dedicated to the physics and the main applications of small accelerators. The course will review the different accelerator types as well as their specificities in terms of accelerator physics.

  5. Mobiele apparaten en apps als versnellers van Open Educational Resources

    De Vries, Fred; Thuss, Frank


    De Vries, F., & Thuss, F. (2013). Mobiele apparaten en apps als versnellers van Open Educational Resources? In R. Jacobi, H. Jelgerhuis, & N. van der Woert (Eds.), Trendrapport Open Educational Resources 2013 (pp. 51-54). Utrecht: SURF Foundation - Special Interest Group Open Educational Resources SURF.

  6. Mobiele apparaten en apps als versnellers van Open Educational Resources

    De Vries, Fred; Thuss, Frank


    De Vries, F., & Thuss, F. (2013). Mobiele apparaten en apps als versnellers van Open Educational Resources? In R. Jacobi, H. Jelgerhuis, & N. van der Woert (Eds.), Trendrapport Open Educational Resources 2013 (pp. 51-54). Utrecht: SURF Foundation - Special Interest Group Open Educational Resources

  7. Mälu Instituut uurib inimõiguste rikkumisi


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese eestvedamisel asutati 20. sajandi teisel poolel Eestis toimunu põhjalikumaks uurimiseks Eesti Mälu Instituut. Ilmunud ka: Eesti Päevaleht (Stockholm) 14. veebr. 2008, lk. 2, pealk.: Mälu Instituut alustas tegevust; Vaba Eesti Sõna 7. veebr. 2008, lk. 12, pealk.: Under the leadership of President Ilves, the Memory Institute was established

  8. Annual Report 1981


    This Annual Report covers the activities at the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI) during the year 1981. It contains 74 short reports grouped under the headings: inelastic scattering studies, transfer and charge-exchange reactions, breakup reactions and fission studies, heavy-ion reactions, gamma, electron and X-ray spectroscopy, hyperfine interactions and nuclear orientation, weak interactions, IBA related studies, other theoretical studies, cyclotron and beam lines, data acquisition and data analysis, instrumentation and electronics and medical physics. Details are also presented of the personnel, scientific publications, internal reports, and attended and internal conferences and seminars. (C.F.)

  9. Testing and assessment of a large BGO detector for beach monitoring of radioactive particles

    Graaf, E.R. van der; Rigollet, C.; Maleka, P.P.; Jones, D.G.


    The Beach Monitoring Steering Group (BMSG) was set up by UKAEA to explore whether improved systems for beach monitoring of radioactive particles are available. The BMSG commissioned the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the Nuclear Geophysics Division of the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI/NGD), and other companies, to test their most sensitive system. This paper presents the results of trials in a specially created test facility at UKAEA Harwell with a large BGO detector. The detector's size and weight mean that it would be suitable for vehicle deployment but would be too large and heavy to carry in areas that could not be accessed by a vehicle. However, it would be possible to use the same methodology that is described here with a smaller detector capable of being carried in a backpack, albeit with reduced sensitivity for particle detection. The approach that we present is also applicable, with modifications, to the detection of offshore particles using a towed seabed detector

  10. TRI mu P - a radioactive isotope trapping facility under construction at KVI

    Berg, G P; Dermois, O; Harakeh, M N; Hoekstra, R; Jungmann, Klaus; Kopecky, S; Morgenstern, R; Rogachevskiy, A; Timmermans, R; Willmann, L; Wilschut, H W


    At the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut a new facility (TRI mu P) is under development which aims to investigate fundamental interactions using radioactive ions. A spectrum of radioactive isotopes will be produced in inverse-kinematics and fragmentation reactions using heavy-ion beams from the superconducting cyclotron AGOR. The reaction products will be separated from the primary beam in a dual-mode recoil and fragment separator. The beam of isotopes of interest will be transformed into a low-energy, high-quality, bunched beam and, after neutralization, stored in an atom trap. The emphasis will be put on studying the origin of parity violation via beta-nu angular correlations and the search for permanent electric dipole moments of atoms and nuclei. The facility will be open to outside users; suggestions for collaborations to extend the scientific program are encouraged.

  11. Calculation of Ax for the Proton–Deuteron Breakup Reaction at 135 MeV

    Eslami-Kalantari, M.; Amir-Ahmadi, H.R.; Biegun, A.; Joulaeizadeh, L.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Mardanpour, H.; Messchendorp, J.G.; Moeini, H.; Shende, S.V.; Ramazani-Moghaddam-Arani, A.; Shafaei, M.A.; Mehmandoost-Khajeh-Dad, A.A.; Gašparic, I.; Kistryn, St.; Sworst, R.; Kozela, A.; Stephan, E.


    Observables in proton–deuteron scattering are sensitive probes of the nucleon-nucleon interaction and three-nucleon force effects (3NF). Several facilities in the world, including Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI), allow a detailed study a few-nucleon interaction below the pion-production threshold exploiting polarized proton and deuteron beams. In this contribution we explored 3NF effects in the break-up scattering process by performing a measurement of differential cross section and the analyzing power, especially the x component of the analyzing power, using a 135 MeV polarized-proton beam impinging on a liquid-deuteron target. The proton–deuteron breakup reaction leads to a final state with three free particles and a rich phase space that allows us to study observables for continuous set of kinematical configurations of the outgoing nucleons. The results are interpreted with the help of state-of-the-art Faddeev calculations. (author)

  12. Siim Nestor soovitab : Rulers of the Deep. Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut. Väliskülalised / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Duo Rulers of the Deep heliplaadi "Next Evolution" esitlustest 28. apr. Ranna klubis Sillamäel, 29. apr. klubis Hollywood Tallinnas, 30. apr. Rakvere teatrikohvikus, 5. mail klubis Privé Tallinnas, 6. mail klubis Illusion Tartus. Ansambli Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut esikalbumi "Madise margikogu" esitlusest 29. apr. Sõbra Majas Tartus. James Mowbray 28. apr. klubis Privé Tallinnas ja 29. apr. klubis Illusioon, Maga Mo peol "Bassikultuur" 28. apr. Von Krahlis Tallinnas

  13. Study of the pygmy dipole resonance in {sup 94}Mo using the (α,α{sup ′}γ) coincidence technique

    Derya, V., E-mail: [Institut für Kernphysik, Universität zu Köln, Zülpicher Straße 77, 50937 Köln (Germany); Endres, J.; Elvers, M. [Institut für Kernphysik, Universität zu Köln, Zülpicher Straße 77, 50937 Köln (Germany); Harakeh, M.N. [Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA Groningen (Netherlands); Pietralla, N.; Romig, C. [Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt, Schlossgartenstraße 9, 64289 Darmstadt (Germany); Savran, D. [ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI and Research Division, GSI, Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt (Germany); Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies FIAS, Ruth-Moufang-Straße 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Scheck, M.; Siebenhühner, F. [Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt, Schlossgartenstraße 9, 64289 Darmstadt (Germany); Stoica, V.I. [Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA Groningen (Netherlands); Department of Sociology/ICS, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Grote Rozenstraat 31, 9712 TG Groningen (Netherlands); Wörtche, H.J. [Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA Groningen (Netherlands); and others


    The (α,α{sup ′}γ) reaction at E{sub α}=136 MeV was used to study the electric dipole response in the open-shell vibrational nucleus {sup 94}Mo below the neutron-separation threshold. The coincidence experiment has been performed at the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut in Groningen, The Netherlands, exploiting the Big-Bite Spectrometer and an array of large volume High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors. Due to the excellent energy resolution and high selectivity to transitions stemming from the pygmy dipole resonance, singles α-scattering cross sections could be determined for individual electric dipole excitations between 4 and 8 MeV. For three of the excited low-lying J{sup π}=1{sup −} states in {sup 94}Mo a γ-decay branch into the J{sup π}=2{sub 1}{sup +} state could be observed. The experiment extends the systematic studies of the pygmy dipole resonance by real-photon scattering (γ,γ{sup ′}) experiments and (α,α{sup ′}γ) experiments. Recently, a (γ,γ{sup ′}) experiment on {sup 94}Mo was performed at the Darmstadt High-Intensity Photon Setup at the S-DALINAC in Darmstadt, Germany, permitting the comparison of B(E1)↑ strength distribution and α-scattering cross sections.

  14. Detector Unit


    Original detector unit of the Instituut voor Kernfysisch Onderzoek (IKO) BOL project. This detector unit shows that silicon detectors for nuclear physics particle detection were already developed and in use in the 1960's in Amsterdam. Also the idea of putting 'strips' onto the silicon for high spatial resolution of a particle's impact on the detector were implemented in the BOL project which used 64 of these detector units. The IKO BOL project with its silicon particle detectors was designed, built and operated from 1965 to roughly 1977. Detector Unit of the BOL project: These detectors, notably the ‘checkerboard detector’, were developed during the years 1964-1968 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by the Natuurkundig Laboratorium of the N.V. Philips Gloeilampen Fabrieken. This was done in close collaboration with the Instituut voor Kernfysisch Onderzoek (IKO) where the read-out electronics for their use in the BOL Project was developed and produced.

  15. Akadeemilised üksused : koolimuusika instituut / Kristi Kiilu

    Kiilu, Kristi, 1974-


    Anti välja artiklikogumik "Denkkulturen, Selbstwerdung des Menschen, Erziehungskulturen : Festschrift für Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Heino Liimets". Tallinnas ja Narvas toimus üritus "Koolimuusika päevad. In memoriam Heino Klajuste 85", Heino Klajuste stipendiumid pälvisid Ene Üleoja ja kaja Kaus.

  16. Werkregels voor innovatiemanagers : Vernieuwing in het hoger beroepsonderwijs in een versnelling

    Coppoolse, R.


    Stagnation in educational innovations is an important cause for the lack of results. The stagnation is the result of two core problems in educational innovation: (1) A basic linear reasoning that does not meet the difficulty to predict course of educational innovation. (2) The innovation ignores the

  17. Studie of decoratie? : Schilderijen van oude meesters in het Kunsthistorisch Instituut te Utrecht, 1923-1974

    Hoogenboom, A.M.E.L.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/06908047X


    During the years 1923-1974 the Utrecht Institute for Art History at the Drift housed a collection of about 65 old master paintings. The objects were loans from the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch Art Property (Stichting Nederlandsch Kunstbezit) that curated objects which came into public ownership after the

  18. Het Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde te Antwerpen: een overzicht

    Roland Baetens


    Full Text Available The Prince Léopold Institute for tropical medicine in Antwerp: an overview The struggle against the sleeping sickness in Congo was the major reason for the opening of a School of Tropical Medicine (1906. The edition of new statutes in 1931 at the moment of the transfer to Antwerp conformed the autonomous and neutral character of the Institute. On the other hand, as the person responsible to the community represented by the Ministry of Colonies and – later – the Ministry of Education, she had to publish an annual report on their activities and finances. After the independence of the colony (1960 the teaching and research policy accentuated development aid, and in particular the fight against tropical disease (malaria, sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis ... and HIV (AIDS and Tuberculosis. The Institute delivers postgraduate and master's degrees. Each year, two hundred doctors and nurses attend its classes, and around a hundred students from over the world prepare for their medical degree. The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp is a ‘center of excellence’ and an important component in an international network that aims for ‘Health for All’.

  19. Kollektiivne turgu valitsev seisund - uus instituut Eesti konkurentsiõiguses / Hent Kalmo

    Kalmo, Hent, 1979-


    Euroopa ühenduste kohtute praktikast seoses kollektiivse turgu valitseva seisundi kuritarvitamisega. Selle instituudi mõistest ja kolmest põhiosisest: kollektiivsusest, turgu valitsevast seisundist ja kuritarvitamisest

  20. Pärijavaldus : kas vastuvõtusüsteemi sobimatu instituut? / Urve Liin

    Liin, Urve, 1952-


    Pärijavalduse tekkemomendist, olemusest, sisust ja lõppemisest. Pärimisseaduse eelnõust, mille üks oluline muudatus kehtiva pärimisseadusega võrreldes on praegusel pärandi omandamisel kehtiva nn vastuvõtusüsteemi asendamine Saksa õiguse eeskujul nn loobumissüsteemiga

  1. Usuteaduse Instituut Eesti ja Soome luterlike kirikute suhetes 1946-1986 / Kristel Engman

    Engman, Kristel


    Toimus piiratud ja kontrollitud suhtlus kahe maa kirikute vahel. Akadeemiline koostöö, salajane vaimuliku kirjanduse toimetamine läbi Soome Eestisse ja püüe saata tudengeid õppima Euroopa ülikoolidesse toimus sageli ka tänu headele isiklikele kontaktidele

  2. Tartu Ülikooli Füüsika Instituut = University of Tartu Institute of Physics


    Tartu Ülikooli Füüsika Instituudi hoone Tartus Viljandi mnt. 43, valminud 2014. Arhitektid Ott Kadarik, Mihkel Tüür, Kadri Tamme (Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ), Villem Tomiste (Stuudio Tallinn), insener Hugo Olak (AS Tari). Eesti Kultuurkapitali Arhitektuuri sihtkapitali aastapreemia 2014

  3. Development of Detector Systems for Internal and Fixed Target Heavy Ion Physics Experiments

    Golubev, Pavel


    This thesis deals with intermediate energy heavy ion reactions with the particular aim to study the nuclear matter equation of state which defines the relation between statistical parameters of a fermionic system. The development of equipment for two experiments, CA47 at The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden and R16 at Kernfysisch Versneller Inst. (KVI), Groningen, The Netherlands, are described. CA47 contains the CHICSi detector, a modular, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible, multi-detector system, covering a solid angle of 3pi sr around the collision point. Together with two auxiliary detector systems CHICSi is placed at the cluster-jet target chamber of the CELSIUS storage ring. This thesis gives a technical overview of the detector and the development carried out in order to achieve the desired detection performance. Some laboratory and in-beam tests are described and the analysis of the first experimental results is discussed. The nuclear intensity interferometry experiment (R16) was performed in a dedicated beam-line of the AGOR superconducting cyclotron. Small-angle two-particle correlations were measured for the E/A = 61 MeV 36 Ar + 27 Al, 112 Sn, 124 Sn reactions, together with singles spectra. The experimental energy distributions of neutrons and light charged particles for the 36 Ar + 27 Al reaction have been analyzed with a Maxwellian multi-source prescription. These results, together with correlation function data, are used to extract information on the size of the emitting sources and their time evolution

  4. Development of Detector Systems for Internal and Fixed Target Heavy Ion Physics Experiments

    Golubev, Pavel


    This thesis deals with intermediate energy heavy ion reactions with the particular aim to study the nuclear matter equation of state which defines the relation between statistical parameters of a fermionic system. The development of equipment for two experiments, CA47 at The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden and R16 at Kernfysisch Versneller Inst. (KVI), Groningen, The Netherlands, are described. CA47 contains the CHICSi detector, a modular, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible, multi-detector system, covering a solid angle of 3pi sr around the collision point. Together with two auxiliary detector systems CHICSi is placed at the cluster-jet target chamber of the CELSIUS storage ring. This thesis gives a technical overview of the detector and the development carried out in order to achieve the desired detection performance. Some laboratory and in-beam tests are described and the analysis of the first experimental results is discussed. The nuclear intensity interferometry experiment (R16) was performed in a dedicated beam-line of the AGOR superconducting cyclotron. Small-angle two-particle correlations were measured for the E/A = 61 MeV {sup 36}Ar + {sup 27}Al, {sup 112}Sn, {sup 124}Sn reactions, together with singles spectra. The experimental energy distributions of neutrons and light charged particles for the {sup 36}Ar + {sup 27}Al reaction have been analyzed with a Maxwellian multi-source prescription. These results, together with correlation function data, are used to extract information on the size of the emitting sources and their time evolution.

  5. [Setomaa. Traditsioonilise arhitektuuri põhijooni ; Setomaa. Unique and genuine] / Hannu Oittinen

    Oittinen, Hannu, 1959-


    Tutvustus: Setomaa : traditsioonilise arhitektuuri põhijooni / [tekst: MTÜ Vanaajamaja ja Ahto Raudoja. [Värska] : [Seto Instituut], 2014 ; Setomaa : unique and genuine / SA Seto Instituut ; Paul Hagu jt. [Värska] : Seto Instituut, 2014

  6. Tallinna Ülikooli Infoteaduste Instituut avab 2014. aastal bakalaureuse- ja magistriõppes uued õppesuunad / Aira Lepik, Aile Möldre, Tiiu Reimo

    Lepik, Aira, 1958-


    Magistriõppes avatakse infoteaduse, digitaalraamatukogunduse ja dokumentaalse kultuuripärandi haldamise õppesuunad, bakalaureuseõppes saab õppida infoteadust, raamatukogu- ja infotööd ning veebisisu loomist ja korraldust

  7. Pärimisseaduses kehtestatud sundosa instituut. Vastavus põhiseadusele Riigikohtu üldkogu 22. veebruari 2005. a otsusest lähtuvalt / Urve Liin

    Liin, Urve, 1952-


    Töövõimetusest kui sundosa saamise tingimusest Eesti kohtu- ja notariaalpraktikas, pärimisseaduse vastavusest põhiseadusele. Mõiste "töövõimetus" tõlgendamisest. Riigikohtu üldkogu otsusest ja kohtunike eriarvamusest

  8. Values of Development and Educational Goals. Verhandelingen no. 8, tevens publikatie no. 21 van het Sociografisch Instituut der Universiteit van Amsterdam.

    Fortuijn, A. B. Droogleever; Oud, P. J.

    This paper examines the concept of national development in terms of the realization of values; it is intended to serve as the basis for a research project focused on the formulation of a development strategy for developing countries, with special attention to the role of education in the development process. Chapter 1 briefly summarizes the…

  9. Rapportages pro Justitia van het Nederlands Instituut voor Forensische Psychiatrie en Psychologie in retrospectief; toepassingen van genetische en neurowetenschappelijke inzichten, in 2000 en 2009

    ter Harmsel, J.F.; Molendijk, T.; van El, C.G.; M'Charek, A.; Kempes, M.; Rinne, T.; Pieters, T.


    BACKGROUND: Developments in neurosciences and genetics are relevant for forensic psychiatry. AIM:"To find out whether and how genetic and neuroscientific applications are being used in forensic psychiatric assessments, and, if they are, to estimate to what extent new applications will fit in with

  10. Ülevaade uuemast õpitarkvarast : [Eesti murdeplaat (Eesti Keele Instituut). Autor Jüri Viikberg, tehniline teostus Marko Petron, kujundus Kalle Toompere] / refereerinud Britta Hansmann


    CD-ROM "Eesti murdeplaat" on põhikooli viimasele klassile ja gümnaasiumi klassidele mõeldud õppematerjal, mis koosneb 12 valikmurraku kuuldelistest jutustustest koos visuaalselt jälgitavate tekstidega

  11. Adel en heerlijkheden in Québec: De opkomst en het voortleven van een sociale groep en een feodaal instituut (ca. 1600-- 2000)

    Verstegen, S.W.; Grenier, Benoît


    The colonization of French Canada started in the late sixteenth century. In Québec a seigneurial system was implemented, dominated by nobles. Not all seigneurs were noble though. A few of the bigger seigneuries belonged to the clergy and others to non- noble bourgeois families or even farmers. In

  12. Kohtuvõimu sõltumatus Euroopa Liiduga ühinemise protsessis. Kohtute sõltumatus Eestis / tõlkinud õigustõlkebüroo Interlex OÜ ... [jt.] ; Avatud Ühiskonna Instituut, Euroopa Liiduga liitumise seireprogramm


    Eesti osa autor: Jaan Ginter. - Originaali tiitel: Judicial independence in Estonia : [elektrooniline teavik] // Monitoring the EU accession process: judicial independence. Open Society Institute, 2001 -

  13. Diagnostiek en behandeling van 39 patiënten met halskliermetastasen van plaveiselcelcarcinoom van onbekende primaire origine, verwezen naar het Nederlands Kanker Instituut/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis, 1979/'98

    Klop, W. M.; Balm, A. J.; Keus, R. B.; Hilgers, F. J.; Tan, I. B.


    Evaluation of diagnostic procedures and treatment results in patients with lymph node metastases of squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck region with an unknown primary. Retrospective, descriptive. In 1979-98, 39 patients (30 male, 9 female; mean age 59 years; range: 39-88) were treated for

  14. Omandi sundvõõrandamise instituut Eesti Vabariigi ja Saksamaa Liitvabariigi õiguskordades : (võrdlev käsitlus) : [bakalaureusetöö] / Mait Laaring ; Tartu Ülikool, õigusteaduskond ; juhendaja: Kalle Merusk

    Laaring, Mait, 1979-


    Sundvõõrandamise instituudi ajaloolisest arengust, mõistest, omandigarantii olemusest, sundvõõrandamisest ja sotsialiseerimisest (natsionaliseerimisest), sundvõõrandamise õiguspärasuse eeldustest, tagajärgedest, kohtulikust vaidlustamisest

  15. Eesti Raamatu Aasta kajastusi Ungaris : lühikroonika : 1. Ungari-Eesti Selts ja Szombathely Pedagoogikaülikool ; 2. Ungari Eesti Instituut ja Eesti Raamatu Aasta / Mai Kiisk-Bereczki

    Kiisk-Bereczki, Mai


    Kokkuvõte inglise k. lk. 95-96. Ka Ungaris välja antud eesti luuleantoloogiast "Kellade hellus" (koost. Mai Kiisk-Bereczki, Szombathely, 2000). Mais 2000 viibis Ungari Eesti Instituudi kutsel Budapestis Jaan Kaplinski

  16. "Zonering en herkenbaarheid" en "Rood-licht discipline" : notitie betreffende onderzoek uitgevoerd in het kader van de herziening van het Reglement Verkeersregels en Verkeerstekens RVV door het Instituut voor Zintuigfysiologie IZF TNO TM te Soesterberg.

    Levelt, P.B.M.


    The Institute for Perception-TNO carried out two studies on the categorisation and recognition of roads within built-up areas and on "red-light discipline". These studies are reported in IRRD abstracts 811578, 811596 and 816368. In the report presented here these studies are commented upon. Special

  17. Search for the p{sub 1/2{sup -}} resonance in {sup 7}He with the {sup 7}Li(d,{sup 2}He) reaction and measurement of the deuteron electrodisintegration under 180 at the S-DALINAC

    Ryezayeva, N.


    The present work contains two parts, both devoted to the investigation of light nuclei. In the first part of the thesis the structure of the exotic {sup 7}He nucleus is studied. The disappearance of the usual magic numbers in extremely neutron-rich nuclei implies a considerable modification in the spin-orbit interaction. Recent experiments yield contradictory results about a possible existence of the p{sub 1/2{sup -}} spin-orbit partner of the {sup 7}He ground state with a dominant p{sub 3/2{sup -}} single-particle character. In order to clarify this question a study of the {sup 7}Li(d,{sup 2}He){sup 7}He reaction has been performed using a 171 MeV deuteron beam provided by the cyclotron at Kernfysisch Versneller Insituut (KVI) in Groningen. The experiment was carried out in April 2003. The setup at KVI offers a resolution {delta}E {approx} 150 keV (FWHM) in the measured spectra, better than the line width of the ground state of {sup 7}He. The unbound {sup 2}He system was identified by detecting coincidences between two protons with small relative energy. The data were taken over the angular range {theta}{sub cm}=0 -11.3 . A possible resonance at an excitation energy E{sub x}=(1.45{sub -0.5}{sup +0.7}) MeV with a width {gamma}=(2.0{sub -1.1}{sup +1.0}) MeV is suggested by a decomposition of the spectrum using known resonances, the breakup behaviour of {sup 7}He and quasifree charge-exchange contributions, taking into account the cluster structure of {sup 7}Li. Gamow-Teller strengths for transitions to the lowest states in {sup 7}He are in remarkable agreement with results from ab initio Quantum Monte Carlo calculations. The neutron spectroscopic factor S{sub n}=0.64{+-}0.09 of the {sup 7}He ground state ({sup 7}He={sup 6}He x n) is extracted by an R-matrix analysis. In the second part of the thesis the deuteron breakup has been studied in the {sup 2}H(e,e{sup '}) reaction at {theta}=180 . The present measurements were performed in March and April 2006 at the

  18. Search for the p1/2- resonance in 7He with the 7Li(d,2He) reaction and measurement of the deuteron electrodisintegration under 180 deg at the S-DALINAC

    Ryezayeva, N.


    The present work contains two parts, both devoted to the investigation of light nuclei. In the first part of the thesis the structure of the exotic 7 He nucleus is studied. The disappearance of the usual magic numbers in extremely neutron-rich nuclei implies a considerable modification in the spin-orbit interaction. Recent experiments yield contradictory results about a possible existence of the p 1/2 - spin-orbit partner of the 7 He ground state with a dominant p 3/2 - single-particle character. In order to clarify this question a study of the 7 Li(d, 2 He) 7 He reaction has been performed using a 171 MeV deuteron beam provided by the cyclotron at Kernfysisch Versneller Insituut (KVI) in Groningen. The experiment was carried out in April 2003. The setup at KVI offers a resolution ΔE ∼ 150 keV (FWHM) in the measured spectra, better than the line width of the ground state of 7 He. The unbound 2 He system was identified by detecting coincidences between two protons with small relative energy. The data were taken over the angular range Θ cm =0 -11.3 . A possible resonance at an excitation energy E x =(1.45 -0.5 +0.7 ) MeV with a width Γ=(2.0 -1.1 +1.0 ) MeV is suggested by a decomposition of the spectrum using known resonances, the breakup behaviour of 7 He and quasifree charge-exchange contributions, taking into account the cluster structure of 7 Li. Gamow-Teller strengths for transitions to the lowest states in 7 He are in remarkable agreement with results from ab initio Quantum Monte Carlo calculations. The neutron spectroscopic factor S n =0.64±0.09 of the 7 He ground state ( 7 He= 6 He x n) is extracted by an R-matrix analysis. In the second part of the thesis the deuteron breakup has been studied in the 2 H(e,e ' ) reaction at Θ=180 . The present measurements were performed in March and April 2006 at the superconducting Darmstadt electron linear accelerator S-DALINAC at an incident electron energy E 0 =27.8 MeV and 74 MeV. At low momentum transfer (q=0

  19. Shifting renewable energy in transport into the next gear. Developing a methodology for taking into account all electricity, hydrogen and methane from renewable sources in the 10% transport target; Hernieuwbare energie in transport naar een hogere versnelling. Ontwikkeling van een methode dat rekening houdt met alle elektriciteit, waterstof en methaan uit hernieuwbare bronnen in de 10% transportdoelsteling

    Kampman, B.; Leguijt, C.; Bennink, D. [CE Delft, Delft (Netherlands); Wentrup, K.; Dreblow, E.; Gruenig, M. [Ecologic Institute, Berlin (Germany); Schmidt, P.; Wurster, R.; Weindorf, W. [Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik, Muenchen-Ottobrunn (Germany)


    The European Union has set a 10% target of renewable energy use in the transport sector for 2020 in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED, 2009/28/EC). This directive also defines the associated calculation methodologies, for biofuels and renewable electricity used in transport. Regarding biofuels, only those biofuels can contribute that are actually used in the transport sector. The contribution of electricity from renewable sources is treated somewhat differently, as it is typically taken from the electricity grid, where the exact source of the energy used is not monitored: Member States should use the average share of renewable electricity production in their calculations. The RED required the European Commission to present, if appropriate, a proposal to consider the whole amount of the electricity from renewable sources used to power electric vehicles, as well as a methodology to include the contribution of hydrogen from renewable sources in the transport sector. At the same time, there is the question how biomethane injected into the natural gas grid should be counted towards the transport target if vehicles are filled from that same grid - a similar route to that of electricity use in transport. DG Energy of the Commission needs to be supported in the decision making process related to these three routes: renewable electricity, hydrogen and biomethane use in transport, where distribution is taking place via national grids. The result is a comprehensive report in which different methodological options are designed and assessed, and conclusions are drawn, both for the short to medium term (until 2020) and the longer term (post-2020). In the short term, where the contribution of these routes is still limited, a relatively simple approach will be sufficient, but more sophisticated monitoring methodologies may be needed in the future, depending on the way these routes develop [Dutch] In de Richtlijn Hernieuwbare Energie (RED, 2009/28/EC) heeft de Europese Unie vastgesteld dat 10% van alle in de transportsector gebruikte energie in 2020 uit hernieuwbare bronnen moet komen. De richtlijn schrijft ook voor welke berekeningsmethoden in deze context gebruikt dienen te worden voor de biobrandstoffen en hernieuwbare elektriciteit die door voertuigen worden gebruikt. Bij biobrandstoffen worden alleen die brandstoffen in de berekening meegenomen die feitelijk in de transportsector worden gebruikt. Voor de bijdrage van elektriciteit uit hernieuwbare bron wordt een iets anders methode gebruikt, omdat deze gewoonlijk aan het elektriciteitsnet wordt onttrokken, waarbij de precieze herkomst van de gebruikte energie niet wordt bijgehouden: in hun berekeningen worden lidstaten daarom geacht het gemiddelde aandeel van hernieuwbare elektriciteit hiervoor te gebruiken. De Richtlijn schrijft ook voor dat, wanneer dat nodig mocht blijken, de Europese Commissie een voorstel moet presenteren waarin wordt aangegeven hoe de totale hoeveelheid door elektrische voertuigen gebruikte hernieuwbare elektriciteit berekend dient te worden en een methodologie wordt gegeven om de bijdrage van waterstof uit hernieuwbare bronnen in de transportsector op te nemen. Daarnaast is er de vraag hoe biomethaan dat in het aardgasnet wordt ingebracht in de 10%-transportdoelstelling moet worden verdisconteerd wanneer voertuigen uit datzelfde net worden gevuld - via een route die vergelijkbaar is met die van elektriciteitsgebruik in de transportsector. Door DG Energie van de Commissie zijn CE Delft, Ecologic Institute en Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) gevraagd ondersteuning te bieden bij het besluitvormingstraject rondom de drie genoemde routes voor transportenergie: hernieuwbare elektriciteit, waterstof en biomethaan, waarbij distributie via landelijke netten plaatsvindt. Dat heeft geleid tot een uitgebreid rapport waarin verschillende methodologische opties worden uitgewerkt en beoordeeld en conclusies worden getrokken voor zowel de korte en middellange termijn (tot 2020) als de langere termijn (daarna). Voor de korte termijn, waarin de bijdrage van deze routes nog beperkt zal blijven, zal een relatief eenvoudige aanpak voldoen, maar afhankelijk van hoe de routes zich ontwikkelen zullen in de toekomst meer verfijnde monitoringsmethodieken wellicht nodig zijn.

  20. Ballast Water Treatment Corrosion Scoping Study


    NANPCA Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act NaCl Sodium Chloride NIOZ Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee NISA National...Based Testing Report on the Ecochlor System performed by Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee (NIOZ) (Veldhuis, 2008), ballast water treated...and the Relevant IMO Guideline. Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee (NIOZ). Den Burg: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Volkening

  1. Vene teoloogia eripärast XX sajandil / Tauno Teder

    Teder, Tauno


    Vene teoloogia keskustest Välis-Venes: Püha Sergiuse Instituut Pariisis ja Püha Vladimiri Instituut Ameerika Ühendriikides. Liberaalsest ja konservatiivsest koolkonnast välisvene teoloogias. Eestist pärit usuteadlastest Aleksander Schmemannist ja Joann Meyendorffist

  2. Pyridine alcohols and thiols : Synthesis, properties and applications

    Koning, Bartjan


    Enzymen spelen in het leven van mens, dier en plant een enorm grote rol. Enzymen zijn biologische katalysatoren dwz. versnellers van (bio)chemische processen die zich in levende organismen afspelen. Enzymen zijn eiwitten die opgebouwd zijn uit aminozuren. Om meer inzicht te krijgen in de werking van

  3. Politiekennis in gebruik. Een onderzoek naar het gebruik van het Politie Kennis Net

    Bakker, G.D.; Gellevij, M.R.M.; de Hoog, Robert; Kooken, J.P.; Krommendijk, M.


    I. Bakker, M. Gellevij, R. de Hoog, J. Kooken , M. Krommendijk (IPIT, Instituut voor Maatschappelijke Veiligheidsvraagstukken en vakgroep Instructietechnologie, faculteit Gedragswetenschappen, Universiteit Twente) P&W Verkenningen, Politie en Wetenschap, Apeldoorn ISBN: 90-78764-02-3 AbstractHet

  4. Ervaringen met beeldverwerking.

    Meuleman, J.


    Verslag van een werkbezoek aan het Franse instituut Cemagref, met nadruk op beeldverwerking. Toepassingen van beeldverwerking zijn onder andere: een plukrobot voor appels; het detecteren van oppervlaktebeschadigingen bij appels; het detecteren van breuk in eieren; remote sensing

  5. Roger Mitchell : Maailma päästmine pole vaid teadlaste asi / Roger Mitchell ; interv. Silvia Lotman

    Mitchell, Roger


    Earthwatch Instituut on ülemaailmne organisatsioon, mille missiooniks on kaasata vabatahtlikke ja teadlasi, levitamaks säästva arengu sõnumit. Instituuti tutvustab teaduse ja hariduse osakonna direktor Roger Mitchell

  6. Eesti Instituudi, välisministeeriumi, Londoni suursaatkonna, kultuuriministeeriumi...


    1. XI algasid Eesti päevad Shotimaal. Shoti parlamendis on avatud Endel Grensmanni aerofotode näitus "Linnu Eesti". Eesti Instituut andis välja eriväljaande "de cultu civili estonico/Estonian Culture"

  7. Eestlased murdsid end Ameerika raadiojaama


    Minneapolises tegutseva DJ Christian Fritzi vinüülplaadil "Super Split Single" ka ansambli Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut looming, USA raadiojaam WGBH lasi Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituudi laulu "Reis ümber maailma"

  8. Grammatika soome-eesti suursõnaraamatus / Ülle Viks

    Viks, Ülle


    Võimalustest leida grammatilisi andmeid sõnastikus: Soome-eesti suursõnaraamat=Suomi-viro suursanakirja. 1. A-Q ; 2. R-Ö. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Instituut ; Helsinki : Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus, 2003

  9. K. Linda Kivi autoriõhtu Tartu College´is / Eda Sepp ; fotod: Eda Sepp

    Sepp, Eda


    19. jaanuaril 2006, Linda Kivi kolmanda raamatu "The Inner Green: Exploring Home in the Columbia Mountains" raamatuesitlusest. Korraldajateks Toronto Ülikooli Eesti Õppetool, Tartu Instituut, Tartu College´i laenuraamatukogu

  10. Moodsa meditsiini verstapost


    2010. aasta Nobeli auhinna meditsiinis ja füsioloogias otsustas Karolinska instituut anda ainuisikuliselt Briti teadlasele Robert G. Edwardsile kehavälise viljastamise ehk IVFi (in vitro fertilization) kui meetodi väljaarendamise eest

  11. Ettevõtja staatust näitab auto ja telefoni omamine / Sulev Oll

    Oll, Sulev, 1964-


    Fafo Rakenduslike Sotsiaaluuringute instituut Norras viis läbi elutingimuste uuringu Eesti leibkondade seas. Uuringu järgi oli ettevõtjatest eelmise aasta lõpus auto 70%, töötajaist aga alla 50%. Diagrammid

  12. Saksa maaligeenius Kumus


    Gerhard Richteri (sünd. 1932) maalinäitus Kumu Kunstimuuseumis, koostaja Saksa Välissuhete Instituut. Tõnis Saadoja näitus "Mainstream" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis, kus eksponeeritakse segatehnikas portreesid, mis on inspireeritud G. Richteri sarjast "48 portreed"

  13. Mälu sildistamine / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese üleskutsest moodustada Mälu Instituut Eesti lähimineviku uurimiseks. Autori arvates on Vene propaganda taustal raske uurida ajalugu sine ira et studio ("ilma viha ja eelarvamusteta"), nagu soovitas president

  14. De kloof tussen wetenschap en praktijk dichten Carel hulshof

    Putten, D. van


    Carel Hulshof is per 1 mei 2011 benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar Arbeids- en Bedrijfsgeneeskunde aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam bij het Coronel Instituut voor Arbeid en Gezondheid van het Academisch Medisch Centrum.

  15. Euroopa Liidu 7. Raamprogrammi projekt FLAVOURE / Marge Malbe

    Malbe, Marge, 1968-


    2009. a sai Eesti Maaviljeluse Instituut 843,270.00 € suuruse Euroopa Liidu finantseeringu 3 aastat kestva projekti FLAVOURE (Food and Feed Laboratory of Varied and Outstanding Research in Estonia) läbiviimiseks ja koordineerimiseks

  16. Tenth CRL-Salmonella interlaboratory comparison study on typing of Salmonella spp.

    Korver H; Maas HME; Ward LR; Mevius DJ; Mooijman KA; MGB


    Het tiende ringonderzoek voor de typering van Salmonella werd in maart 2005 georganiseerd door het Communautair Referentie Laboratorium voor Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella, Bilthoven, Nederland) in samenwerking met de Health Protection Agency (HPA, Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk) en het Centraal Instituut

  17. Sierteelt op zand

    Janmaat, L.


    Informatiepagina van Wageningen UR en het Louis Bolk Instituut. over het onderzoek aan een biologisch bedrijfssysteem met bloembollen, vaste planten, zomerbloemen en sierheesters in de Bollenstreek, met extra aandacht voor de bodemkwaliteit

  18. Arulage arvepidamine / Jaan Puhvel

    Puhvel, Jaan, 1932-


    Arvustus: Eesti kirjanduse biograafiline leksikon / Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Keele ja Kirjanduse Instituut ; toimetanud E. Nirk ja E. Sõgel. Tallinn : Eesti Raamat, 1975. Ilmunud: Books Abroad, 1976, nr. 50, lk. 440-441, pealkirjata

  19. Visserij op kleine pelagische soorten in de EEZ van Oman: overzicht en aanbevelingen

    Zeeberg, J.J.; Grift, R.E.


    Tussen 9 en 14 december 2005 bezocht het Nederlands Instituut voor Visserijonderzoek (RIVO) verschillende instellingen in Muscat, Oman, om de mogelijkheden voor pelagische diepzeevisserij in de EEZ van Oman te verkennen en bestandsgegevens te verzamelen.

  20. [Musikwissenschaftliche Literatur] / Kristel Pappel

    Pappel, Kristel, 1961-


    Tutvustus: Urve Lippus (toim.). Music history writing and national culture. Proceedings of a seminar : Tallinn, Detsember 1-3, 1995. Eesti muusikaloo toimetised 1. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Instituut, 1995

  1. Chomsky filmi sees


    Tartu Saksa Kultuuri Instituut näitab täna filmiõhtute sarja "Elav mõte" raames dokumentaalfilmi "Nõustumise tootmine : Noam Chomsky ja meedia" : autorid Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick : Kanada 1992

  2. Концепции мировой литературы в эпоху глобализации / Нафтолий Бассель

    Бассель, Нафтолий, 1932-2016


    Kirjandusteaduslikust konverentsist Budmerices, korraldajaks Slovaki Teaduste Akadeemia Maailmakirjanduse Instituut. Konverents oli pühendatud slovaki kirjandusteadlasele Dionýz Ďurišinile. N. Bassel esines ettekandega "Väikerahvaste kirjandus globaliseerumisprotsessis"

  3. Vastutuse piiramise instituudi kujunemine ja roll kaasaegses mereõiguses : [bakalaureusetöö] / Merle Vänikver ; Tartu Ülikooli Õigusinstituut ; juhendaja: Heiki Lindpere

    Vänikver, Merle


    Vastutuse piiramise instituut, 1924. a. konventsioon merelaevade omanike vastutuse piiramise reeglite ühtsustamise kohta, 1957. a. konventsioon merelaevade omanike vastutuse piiramise kohta, 1976. a. konventsioon merinõuete korral vastutuse piiramine, selle 1996. a. protokoll

  4. Läti Henrik meets Riia Arsenals, anno Domini 2006 / Lauri Kärk

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Arsenalsi filmifestivalist Riias, kus rahvusvahelises võistlusprogrammis osalenud Õ-Fraktsiooni mängufilm "Malev" sai auhinnaks 10 000 USA dollarit. Mati Küti "Une instituut" tunnistati Balti parimaks animatsiooniks

  5. Läänemeresoome eeposte ümarlaud / Marin Laak

    Laak, Marin, 1964-


    F. R. Kreutzwaldi "Kalevipoja" täisteksti esmailmumise puhul prantsuse keeles korraldas Prantsuse Kultuuri Instituut ümarlaua teemal """Kalevipoeg" ja "Kalevala" : rahvuseeposte tõlkimine ja retseptsioon"

  6. "Ametniku soovitussõnastik" / Tuuli Rehemaa

    Rehemaa, Tuuli, 1974-


    Tutvustus: Ametniku soovitussõnastik [Võrguteavik] / Eesti Keele Instituut ; koostanud ja toimetanud Tiina Paet, Tuuli Rehemaa, Argo Mund. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2014. -

  7. Kaks lõunamaist lugemikku / Sander Liivak

    Liivak, Sander


    Arvustus: Võrokiilne lugõmik / toim. Marju Kõivupuu, Jüvä Sullõv. 2. tr. Võru Instituut, 1996; Valimik ungari kirjandusest / Toim. Péter Pomozi, Inga Kukk. 2. tr. Trt., 1996. (Tartu hungaroloogia vihikud; 5)

  8. Electric transport in the Netherlands. Highlights 2012; Elektrisch vervoer in Nederland. Highlights 2012



    Businesses, social and educational institutions and governmental institutes work together to accelerate electric transport and to discover and exploit economic opportunities. In 2012, many activities were carried out and results achieved, of which the highlights are presented in this brochure [Dutch] Bedrijfsleven, maatschappelijke- en kennisinstellingen en overheden werken samen aan versnelling van elektrisch vervoer en het ontdekken en benutten van economische kansen. In 2012 werden veel activiteiten uitgevoerd en resultaten geboekt, waarvan in deze brochure verslag wordt gedaan.

  9. Teismeliste vaimne tervis / Virve Liivanõmm

    Liivanõmm, Virve


    Tallinna 19 üldhariduskooli osaleb Euroopa Komisjoni tellitud õpilaste vaimse tervise uuringus, mis hõlmab 12 riiki. Projekti koordineerib Rootsi Karolinska instituut koos Eesti-Rootsi vaimse tervise ja suitsidoloogia instituudiga, mida juhib psühhiaatriaprofessor Airi Värnik

  10. Kelle valiks riigimees think-tank'i juhiks? / Roman Ubakivi

    Ubakivi, Roman, 1945-


    Autor kritiseerib Eestis loodud süsteemi, kus on olemas nii Välispoliitika Instituut kui ka Kaitseuuringute Keskus, ent tema arvates riigikaitse toimimine sõltub sellest, kas välis- ja kaitseministriks on riigimees või politikaan

  11. Töötervishoid 21 : Kuhu lähed, Eestimaa? / Eda Merisalu

    Merisalu, Eda, 1955-


    Symposium in the University of Tartu. Occupational Health 21st century: Where are you going, Estonia? lk. 22.Tartu Ülikool. Arstiteaduskond. Tervishoiu instituut.Töötervishoid 21 : Kuhu lähed, Eestimaa?, sümpoosion (2002 : Tartu)

  12. Sakslased tulevad! Ärevad ajad Tallinnas Von Krahli Teatris


    Von Krahli Teater ja Showcase Beat Le Mot valmistuvad oma esimeseks koostööprojektiks - lavastuseks "Pirates", kus osalevad mõlema teatri näitlejad ja tehnikud. Ühisprojekti toetavad Goethe Instituut, Hamburgi Linnavalitsus ja Eesti Kultuurkapital

  13. Seminar of contemporary Estonian literature and translation in Hungary


    Sept-st 2002 töötab Budapesti ülikoolis soome-ugri kateedri juures tänapäeva eesti kirjanduse ja tõlkimise seminar, asutatud ülikooli ja Eesti Instituudi koostöö tulemusena. Põhiorganisaatoriks oli Eesti Instituut Ungaris

  14. Patiëntveiligheid in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg en verslavingszorg: een eerste verkenning naar zorggerelateerde onbedoelde schade.

    Peeters, M.; Langelaan, M.; Kok, I.; Wagner, C.


    Ook in GGZ en Verslavingszorg gaat het soms onbedoeld mis. Het Trimbos-instituut en het NIVEL hebben een eerste stap gezet naar patiëntveiligheidsonderzoek in deze sector. Veiligheidsonderzoek is al langer geaccepteerd en ingevoerd in de ziekenhuizen. In de geestelijke gezondheidszorg en

  15. Põhjalik koguteos Rootsi võidust / Kaarel Vanamölder

    Vanamölder, Kaarel, 1981-


    Arvustus: Enn Küng, Margus Laidre, Ivar Leimus, Aivar Põldvee, Anti Selart, Marten Seppel, Kai Tafenau, Ülle Tarkiainen, Enn Tarvel. Eesti ajalugu III: Vene-Liivimaa sõjast Põhjasõjani. Tartu : Tartu Ülikooli Ajaloo ja arheoloogia instituut, 2013

  16. Spring in the Arab Spring

    Borg, G.J.A.


    Column Gert Borg | Spring in the Arab Spring door dr. Gert Borg, onderzoeker bij Islam en Arabisch aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en voormalig directeur van het Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut Caïro Spring If, in Google, you type "Arab Spring" and hit the button, you get more than

  17. Nasionale beplanning en kodrdinering van veekundige

    en riglyne aanvaa.r word, is dit duidelik dat diereproduksie in die toekoms nog aansienlik sal moet ontwikkel as .... die Streek dus prim€r'n gemeenskap dien en 'n bepaalde gebied ontwikkel, bedien die Instituut 'n bedryf of 'n vak en .... :Projek. Entiteit+Studieveld+Plan. :Subprojek. Entiteit + Studieveld + Plon + Aksie : Faset.

  18. Elav kaart viib Margi ja Ahase Veneetsiasse


    Komisjon (liikmed loetletud) valis Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaalil "Meta-linn" Eestit esindama sotsiaalse positsioneerimise meetodi. Väljapaneku loovad AB Urban Mark (arhitektid Ülar Mark, Kaja Pae, Indrek Tiigi) ja Tartu Ülikooli geograafia instituut (teadurid Rein Ahas, Anto Aasa, Siiri Silm). Avalikule ideekonkursile laekus 9 projekti

  19. Eestit esindab Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalil sotsiaalset positsioneerimist käsitlev installatsioon


    Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaalil "Meta-linn" Eestit esindavaks väljapanekuks valis komisjon (liikmed loetletud) reaalajas toimiva linnaplaneerimise keskkonna projekti. Väljapaneku loovad arhitektuuribüroo Urban Mark (arhitektid Ülar Mark, Kaja Pae, Indrek Tiigi) ja Tartu Ülikooli geograafia instituut (teadurid Rein Ahas, Anto Aasa, Siiri Silm). Ideekonkursile laekus 9 näituseprojekti

  20. Assessing crop water productivity from field to regional scale

    Wesseling, J.G.; Feddes, R.A.


    As previous co-workers of Dr. Jans Wesseling, who headed the Department of Water Management of the Institute for Land and Water Management Research, i.e. the `Instituut voor Cultuurtechniek en Waterhuishouding¿ (ICW), Wageningen from 1959 to 1987, we have written the present review article. We start

  1. Vabadus teeb rikkaks / Andres Arrak

    Arrak, Andres, 1958-2017


    Autor analüüsib Eesti majandusvabadust kahe edetabelipõhjal: ühte koostab alates 1996. aastast Kanadas asuv Frazeri Instituut, teist USA-s asuv Heritage Foundation ja majandusajakiri The Wall Street Journal. Diagramm: Majandusvabaduse indeksi muutus mullu Euroopa Liidus

  2. UT joins ACSI project / Ella Karapetyan

    Karapetyan, Ella


    Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduste instituut alustas rahvusvahelise projektiga Artifact-Centric Service Interpretation (ACSI), mille eesmärk on vähendada erialaspetsiifiliste e-teenuste väljatöötamise kulusid 40% võrra

  3. Riigi võimalused (vahendid) ettevõtete konkurentsivõime tõstmisel / Leev Kuum

    Kuum, Leev


    Lausanne Juhtimise Arendamise Instituut (IMD) tutvustab oma väljaandes "World Competitiveness Yearbook 2005" mitmeid riikidele edu toonud võimalusi. Konjunktuuriinstituudi poolt läbiviidud ekspertide-majandusanalüütikute küsitlus andis Eesti jaoks suurima eelistuse "paindliku riigi" (kompetentsi mitmekesistamise) mudelile

  4. [Eesti ajalugu III: Vene-Liivimaa sõjast Põhjasõjani] / Kalle Kroon

    Kroon, Kalle, 1966-


    Arvustus. Enn Küng, Margus Laidre, Ivar Leimus, Aivar Põldvee, Anti Selart, Marten Sepepl, Kai Tafenau, Ülle Tarkiainen, Enn Tarvel. Eesti ajalugu III: Vene-Liivimaa sõjast Põhjasõjani. Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Ajaloo ja Arheoloogia Instituut, 2013

  5. STAMINA - Model description. Standard Model Instrumentation for Noise Assessments

    Schreurs EM; Jabben J; Verheijen ENG; CMM; mev


    Deze rapportage beschrijft het STAMINA-model, dat staat voor Standard Model Instrumentation for Noise Assessments en door het RIVM is ontwikkeld. Het instituut gebruikt dit standaardmodel om omgevingsgeluid in Nederland in kaart te brengen. Het model is gebaseerd op de Standaard Karteringsmethode

  6. Interview Vincent de Waal over zijn proefschrift: De vooruitgeschoven middenvelder. De innovatiekracht van middenmanagers van welzijnsorganisaties met het oog op actief burgerschap

    Vincent de Waal; Eveline Bolt


    Vincent de Waal (1951) promoveerde in 2014 aan de Universiteit voor Humanistiek. Hij is werkzaam als docent- onderzoeker bij Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), Instituut Social Work. Sinds 2002 is hij onderzoeker binnen het Kenniscentrum Sociale Innovatie van de HU en vanaf 2012 betrokken bij de

  7. Gerhard Richteri looming Kumus / Inga Leomar

    Leomar, Inga


    Saksa maalikunstniku Gerhard Richteri (s. 1932) tööde näitusest "Ülevaade" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis, koostaja Saksa Välissuhete Instituut. Mainitud ka Tõnis Saadoja näitus "Mainstream" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis, kus eksponeeritakse segatehnikas portreesid, mis on inspireeritud G. Richteri sarjast "48 portreed"

  8. Omastehooldajate hoolduskoormus ja toimetulek / Krista Tammsaar, Lauri Leppik, Taimi Tulva

    Tammsaar, Krista


    Tallinna Ülikooli sotsiaaltöö instituut koos Helsinki Arcada kõrgkooliga viisid aastatel 2009-2011 läbi projekti "Omastehooldajate ja hooldatavate toetamine Eestis ja Soomes", mille eesmärk oli välja selgitada eakate pereliikmete hooldajate elukvaliteet ning toetusvajadus, koolitada omastehooldajaid ja arendada nende tugisüsteemi

  9. IPV v2.0 : upgrading the established inactivated polio vaccine production process

    Thomassen, Y.E.


    The first vaccine against poliovirus (PV), the causative agent of poliomyelitis, was developed in the 1950s by Jonas Salk. The vaccine (IPV) consists of an injected dose of purified and inactivated wild-type PVs (all three serotypes). Soon after this discovery, at the Rijks Instituut voor de

  10. Hamburg: privaatrechtelijk paradijsje aan de Aussenalster

    Hondius, E.H.


    In dit verslag wil ik mij beperken tot een beschrijving van mijn ervaringen aan het Max Planck Institut te Hamburg. Dat instituut telt een kleine honderd 'vaste' juridische onderzoekers, voornamelijk uit Duitsland, maar ook uit Frankrijk, Griekenland, Iran, Italië en Rusland. Nederlandse

  11. Eesti animafilmid Ottawas / M. L.

    M. L.


    Ottawa rahvusvahelisel animafilmifestivalil 20.-24. sept. võistlesid Eesti poolt Mati Küti "Une instituut" ja "Vulcain.Cricet", Priit Tenderi "Sõnum naabritele", Ülo Pikkovi "Elu maitse" ja Mait Laasi "Generatsioon". Eesti auhindu ei saanud. Peaauhind täispika animatsiooni eest läks inglasele Phil Mulloy'le filmi "Christied" eest

  12. Tõutervishoiust ja sundsteriliseerimisest Eestis / Ken Kalling

    Kalling, Ken, 1963-


    Eugeenika õpetamisest Tartu Ülikoolis 1920.-30. aastatel, 1927. ja 1935. a. Eesti Rahvusliku Kasvatuse kongressidest ning 1937. a. sundsteriliseerimise seadusest. 1939.a. loodi Tartu Ülikooli juurde Eugeenika Instituut. Steriliseerimise eetiline ja meditsiiniline külg

  13. Respiratoire infecties in Nederland: voorlopige resultaten NIVEL/RIVM surveillance Winter 1999/2000.

    Heijnen, M.L.A.; Pronk, J.D.D.; Bartelds, A.I.M.; Wilbrink, B.


    Vanaf winter 1992/93 voeren het NIVEL (Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek van de Gezondheidszorg) en het RIVM samen virologische surveillance van acute respiratoire infecties uit. Hier rapporteren we de voorlopige resultaten van deze surveillance voor winter 1999/2000. (aut.ref.)

  14. Naar meer bruto nationaal sportgeluk? Verkenning van de rol van sport in geluk

    Dool, R. van den; Breedveld, K.


    Op verzoek van NOC*NSF heeft het Mulier Instituut, met financiële steun van het ministerie van VWS, een verkenning uitgevoerd naar de relatie tussen sport en geluk. NOC*NSF en de Nederlandse sportbonden streven, als onderdeel van het 'transitietraject', ernaar om duidelijker voor het

  15. Homme kell 13 avatakse Y-galerii hoovis linnafestivali "Eclectica" raames...


    Performance'ikunsti ja kunstipärase rokkmuusika ühisfestival "In/Out". Esinevad Tartu Popi & Roki Instituut, Maris Palgi, Eva Orav, Kaie Luik, Maia Möller, Trikotaaž, Enn Tegova, Ruumi Trummid, Fashist Lendas Üle ja Avangard (Sandra Jõgeva & Margus Tamm). Festival päädib Erkki Hüva LP "Varjust rambini" esitlusega

  16. Kõrge majandusauhind Mart Laarile / Martin Hanson

    Hanson, Martin, 1984-


    Cato instituut premeeris Mart Laari majandusteadlase Milton Friedmani nimelise auhinnaga ja üle 6 miljoni krooniga. Vt. samas: Mart Laari varasemad autasud; Milton Friedmani auhind anti kätte kolmandat korda. Kommenteerivad: Ivari Padar, Tiit Vähi, Tiit Tammsaar, Linnar Viik ja Andres Lipstok

  17. Kas õpetajate professionaalne areng saab toimuda e-toel? / Piret Luik

    Luik, Piret, 1967-


    Õpetajate professionaalne areng on tõusnud päevakorda kogu Euroopas ja viinud õpetajakoolituse reformimiseni. Tartu ülikooli haridusteaduste instituut koostöös partneritega Euroopa ülikoolidest kutsus personaalsemate e-kursuste loomiseks 2013. aastal ellu Lifelong Learningi projekti „Social Networks in Teacher Education” (SoNetTE)

  18. Põltsamaa muuseumis avati esmakordselt rahvusvaheline näitus / Ülle Lätte

    Lätte, Ülle, 1955-


    Põltsamaa linna muuseumis avati rahvusvaheline näitus "Johann Christoph Brotze joonistusi ja käsikirju Eesti- ja Liivimaast". Näituse korraldajateks on Läti akadeemiline raamatukogu, Läti Suursaatkond Tallinnas, Tallinna Ülikooli kunstide instituut ja Põltsamaa Muuseum. Suurteost "Johann Christoph Brotze. Estonica" esitles trükise vastutav toimetaja ajaloodoktor Raimo Pullat

  19. Higgs production at next-to-next-to-leading order

    Instituut-Lorentz, University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands. Abstract. We describe the calculation of inclusive Higgs boson production at hadronic colliders at next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) in perturbative quantum chromody- namics. We have used the technique developed in ref. [4]. Our results agree with those.

  20. Gezondheidsschade door calamiteiten met gevaarlijke stoffen

    Weger, D. de; Feron, V.J.; Zwart, A.; Vrijer, F. de


    Door de Afdeling Industriële Veiligheid van IMET-TNO (Instituut voor Milieu- en Energietechnologie, Hoofdgroep Milieu en Energie te Apeldoorn) en de Afdeling Biologische Toxicologie van ITV-TNO (Instituur voor Toxicologie en voeding, Hoofdgroep Voeding te Zeist) is het project 'Gezondheidsschade

  1. Universiteedi instituudid / Peep Nemvalts ; kommenteerivad Peeter Vihma, Hagi Šein, Andi Kivinukk

    Nemvalts, Peep


    Tallinna ülikooli struktuuri muutustest ning terminite instituut, teaduskond ja osakond kasutusest, sisaldab sotsioloogia magistrandi, Rahvusvaheliste ja Sotsiaaluuringute Instituudi riigiteaduste osakonna assistendi Peeter Vihma, Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli direktori Hagi Šeini, matemaatika-loodusteaduskonna dekaani Andi Kivinuki kommentaare

  2. Klimaatneutraal in de praktijk : ervaringen en resultaten van de deelnemers van

    Dubbeldam, R.; Wijnands, F.G.; Asperen, van P.; Monteny, A.


    De huidige landbouw draagt bij aan het broeikaseffect en daarmee aan de klimaatverandering. Tegelijk heeft de landbouw goede mogelijkheden om de broeikasgasemissies te verminderen. Zestien agrariërs laten in het project samen met Wageningen UR en het Louis Bolk Instituut zien hoe

  3. Plaadid / Priit Juurmann

    Juurmann, Priit


    Uutest heliplaatidest Daft Punk "Musique Vol 1", Madlib the Beat Conducta "Movie Scenes 1-2", Dudley Perkins "Expressions", Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut "Madise margikogu", Secret Machines "Ten Silver Drops", graham Coxon "Love Travels At Illegal Speeds", Mark Knopfler "All The RoadRunning"

  4. Fotorealismi pool sajandit ehk ühe "-ismi" mitu lainet = Half a century of photorealism, or several waves of one "-ism" / Tiiu Parbus

    Parbus, Tiiu, 1989-


    Rahvusvaheline näitus "Fotorealism. 50 aastat hüperrealistlikku maali" Kumus eksponeerib algupärase fotorealismi superstaare. Koostanud Tübingeni Kultuurivahetuse Instituut, kuraator Otto Letze. Eesti hüperrealismi seoseid Ameerika algupärandiga

  5. Alexander Claver, Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java. Colonial Relationships in Trade and Finance, 1800-1942

    Kwee Hui Kian


    Full Text Available Alexander Claver, Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java. Colonial Relationships in Trade and Finance, 1800-1942 (Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 291; Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2014, xxiv + 442 pp., ISBN 978 90 04 25657 6.

  6. NPR 5001 maakt einde aan begripsverwarring rond arbozorg : praktijkrichtlijn vastgesteld

    Zwetsloot, G.


    Het artikel gaat over de Nederlandse Praktijkrichtlijn (NPR) 5001, Model voor een Arbo-managementsysteem, die bij het Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NNI) is verschenen. Met deze richtlijn kunnen bedrijven meer samenhang aanbrengen in hun arbomanagement, zich verzekeren van continuïteit en het

  7. [Andreeva, E. and Belobrovtseva, I. "Tol'ko Vy poimete sleduiushchii tekst..."] / Avril Pyman

    Pyman, Avril


    Arvustus: Andreeva, E. and Belobrovtseva, I. "Tol'ko Vy poimete sleduiushchii tekst...". Perepiska N. E. Andreeva i L. F. Zurova. Baltiiskii arkhiv: Russkaia kult'tura v Pribaltike, 13. Tallinna Ülikooli Slaavi Keelte ja Kultuuride Instituut, Tallinn, 2013

  8. "Religioon on poliitikute ambitsioonide tööriist" / Moataz el Fegiery ; interv. Brigitta Davidjants

    Fegiery, Moataz el


    Egiptuse inimõiguslane ja demokraatia eest võitleja vastab küsimustele, millest tulenevad probleemid demokraatiaga Araabia maades, kuidas on demokraatiaga Egiptuses, milline on president Gamal Abdel Nasseri poliitiline pärand, millist lahendust ta näeb Palestiina ja Iisraeli ning Darfuri konfliktile, kas Egiptuses diskrimineeritakse kristlasi, millega tegeleb Kairo inimõiguste uuringute instituut

  9. Haalbaarheidsstudie recidivemeting Forensische Zorg

    Schönberger, H.J.M.; Wartna, B.S.J.


    Door de Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI) wordt een integraal informatiesysteemvoor de forensische zorg  (IFZO) ontwikkeld. Alle instanties die forensische zorg indiceren of leveren worden op dit systeem aangesloten. Vanaf 2010 is dat het geval voor het Nederlands Instituut voor Forensische

  10. Eesti arhitektide Veneetsia-läkitus Tallinnas / Ave Randviir

    Randviir, Ave, 1981-


    28.12.2006 avatakse Arhitektuuri- ja Disainigaleriis Tallinnas ekspositsioon "Joint Space", mis esindas Eestit Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaalil 2006. a. Arhitektuuribüroo Urban Mark, Tartu Ülikooli Geograafia Instituut ja arendusettevõte Positium eksponeerivad sotsiaalse positsioneerimise meetodil linnaruumi uuringuid

  11. Redaksioneel Hervormde Teologiese Studies Ortografiese vereistes

    Die ortografiese vereistes is opgestel aan die hand van Kilian, J 1989. Form and style in theological texts: A guide for the use o f the Harvard Reference system. 2nd rev ed. Pretoria: University of. South Africa. Form and style is 'n publikasie van die Instituut vir Teologiese Navorsing, UNISA. Erkenning word hiermee aan die ...

  12. Raplamaal analüüsitakse koos teadlastega valdade koostöö- ja ühinemisvõimalusi / Silvi Ojamuru

    Ojamuru, Silvi


    Raplamaa Omavalitsuste Liit on koostöös Tallinna Ülikooli ja Price Waterhouse Coopersi asjatundjatega käivitanud arendusprojekti "Raplamaa omavalitsuste jätkusuutlikkuse suurendamine nende võimekuse konsolideerimise kaudu". Projekti juhtivkonsultant on Tallinna Ülikooli Riigiteaduste Instituut professor Georg Sootla eestvedamisel

  13. Schroeien of scheren? Ontharen van uier veroorzaakt amper stress

    Ybema, A.S.; Sinnige, P.A.; Beerda, B.; Tol, van der, P.P.J.


    Om te voorkomen dat koeienuiers vervuilen met aanklevende mest verwijderen veel veehouders het haar van de uiers. De bekende werkwijze is scheren, vrij nieuw is het wegschroeien van uierhaar. Studenten van het Van Hall Instituut inventariseerden, in samenwerking met onderzoekers van ASG, de diervriendelijkheid van deze methoden

  14. Schroeien of scheren? Ontharen van uier veroorzaakt amper stress

    Ybema, A.S.; Sinnige, P.A.; Beerda, B.; Tol, van der P.P.J.


    Om te voorkomen dat koeienuiers vervuilen met aanklevende mest verwijderen veel veehouders het haar van de uiers. De bekende werkwijze is scheren, vrij nieuw is het wegschroeien van uierhaar. Studenten van het Van Hall Instituut inventariseerden, in samenwerking met onderzoekers van ASG, de

  15. TeSLA presentatie voor medewerkers van AMN

    Janssen, José


    Presentatie over Online toetsen voor medewerkers van AMN ( Topics: assessment onderzoek Welten-instituut en meer in het bijzonder het TeSLA project waarin instrumenten voor authenticatie en auteurschap verificatie worden gecombineerd om betrouwbaar toetsen op afstand mogelijk te maken.


    H. Steyn


    Full Text Available

    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In this article, traditional project management methods such as PERT and CPM, as well as fast-tracking and systems approaches, viz. concurrent engineering and critical chain, are reviewed with specific reference to their contribution to reducing the duration of the execution phase of engineering projects. Each of these techniques has some role to play in the acceleration of project execution. Combinations of approaches are evaluated by considering the potential of sets consisting of two different approaches each. While PERT and CPM approaches have been combined for many years in a technique called PERT/CPM, new combinations of approaches are discussed. Certain assumptions inherent to PERT and often wrong are not made by the critical chain approach.

    AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: In hierdie artikel word tradisionele projekbestuurbenaderings soos PERT en CPM asook projekversnelling en stelselbenaderings, naamlik gelyktydige ingenieurswese, en kritiekeketting-ondersoek met betrekking tot die bydrae wat elk tot die versnelling van die uitvoeringsfase van ingenieursprojekte kan lewer. Elk van hierdie benaderings kan ‘n spesifieke bydrae tot die versnelling van projekte lewer. Kombinasies, elk bestaande uit twee verskillende benaderings, word geëvalueer. Terwyl PERT en CPM reeds baie jare lank in kombinasie gebruik word, word nuwe kombinasies ook hier bespreek. Sekere aannames inherent aan die PERT-benadering is dikwels foutief. Hierdie aannames word nie deur die kritieke-ketting-benadering gemaak nie.

  17. Book Reviews

    Janet Rodenburg; H. Steinhauer; Ger P. Reesink; Karl G. Heider; Ger P. Reesink; Peter Carey; J.J. Ras; J.H. Galloway; Gert Oostindie; Veronika Gorog-Karady; J.G. Oosten; Taro Goh; J. Noorduyn; Dieter Bartels; W. Manuhutu


    - Leonard Y. Andaya, H.A. Poeze, Excursies in Celebes; Een bundel bijdragen bij het afscheid van J. Noorduyn als directeur-secretaris van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde. Leiden: KITLV Uitgeverij, 1991, 348 pp., P. Schoorl (eds.) - Anne Booth, Adrian Clemens, Changing economy in Indonesia Volume 12b; Regional patterns in foreign trade 1911-40. Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute, 1992., J.Thomas Lindblad, Jeroen Touwen (eds.) - A.P. Borsboom, James F. Weiner, The emp...

  18. Patiëntveiligheid in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg en verslavingszorg: een eerste verkenning naar zorggerelateerde onbedoelde schade.

    Peeters, M.; Langelaan, M.; Kok, I.; Wagner, C.


    Ook in GGZ en Verslavingszorg gaat het soms onbedoeld mis. Het Trimbos-instituut en het NIVEL hebben een eerste stap gezet naar patiëntveiligheidsonderzoek in deze sector. Veiligheidsonderzoek is al langer geaccepteerd en ingevoerd in de ziekenhuizen. In de geestelijke gezondheidszorg en verslavingszorg is dat nog niet het geval. Via het Landelijk Actieprogramma Kwaliteit in de GGZ/VZ van ZonMw werd subsidie gegeven voor een eerste verkennend onderzoek, analoog aan eerder onderzoek naar de om...

  19. Säästva arengu haridusest Eestis / Anne Kivinukk

    Kivinukk, Anne


    Läänemere Agenda 21 haridussektori strateegiat ja tegevuskava ette valmistades koostati ülevaade säästvat arengut toetava hariduse olukorrast ja vajadustest, mida esitlesid 13. sept.̀2001 üldhariduse ja täiskasvanute hariduse töörühma liikmed Imbi Henno (Riiklik Eksami- ja Kvalifikatsioonikeskus) ja Kaja Peterson (Säästva Eesti Instituut). Järgnes arutelu, millest on artiklis esitatud kokkuvõte

  20. Book Reviews

    Jan Michiel Otto; Bernhard Dahm; Niels Mulder; Michael Young; J. Kommers; Annette Claben; Marijke J. Klokke; Frederick Errington; Paul van der Grijp; H.U.E. Thoden van Velzen; Silvia W. de Groot; R. de Ridder; James J. Fox; Selwyn H.H. Carrington; P.C. Emmer


    - Martin A. van Bakel, C.B. Wilpert, Südsee Inseln, Völker und Kulturen. Hamburg: Christians, 1987. - Leonard Blussé, Leo Suryadinata, The ethnic Chinese in the Asean states: Bibliographical essays, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian studies, 1989. 271 pages. - G. Bos, Cees Koelewijn, Oral literature of the Trio Indians of Surinam, Dordrecht-Providence: Foris, 1987. [Koniniklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, Leiden, Caribbean series 6.] 312 pp., Peter Riviere (eds...

  1. Tervislikud vähemlevinud teraviljad / Ilmar Tamm, Ilme Tupits, Reine Koppel, Pille Sooväli

    Tamm, Ilmar, 1961-


    ELi 7. raamprogrammi projekti "Tervislikud vähemlevinud teraviljad" eemärk on Euroopas vähemlevinud teraviljade nagu rukki, kaera, spelta ning ühe- ja kahetera nisu geneetilise baasi mitmekesistamine sordiaretuseks, nende stressitaluvuse suurendamine, agrotehnika parandamine ning toiteväärtuse ja toiduviljaks töötlemise kvaliteedi tõstmine. Projekti koordineerib Tšehhi Põllukultuuride Uurimisinstituut, selles osaleb partnerina ka Eesti Taimekasvatuse Instituut

  2. Polution of the environment by heavy metals

    Houtman, J.P.W.


    An overview is given of the problems caused by pollution of the environment by heavy metals and the important role played by nuclear examination methods such as activation analysis and particle induced X-ray emission. A number of examples taken from work initiated by the interuniversitair Reactor Instituut, demonstrate that this research should be continued and extended, particularly in relation to the expected increase in the use of coal for energy generation in electricity centres. (C.F.)

  3. Fascist past, present and future? The multiple usages of the Roman Empire in Mussolini’s Italy

    Pepijn Corduwener


    Full Text Available Review of: Jan Nelis, From ancient to modern: the myth of romanità during the ventennio fascista: The written imprint of Mussolini’s cult of the ‘Third Rome’, Brussels/Rome, Belgisch Historisch Instituut te Rome/Institut Historique Belge de Rome, Brepols, 2011, 242 p., ISBN 9789074461740. € 35,00.

  4. Loitsumees ja salapärane autojuht / Mare Müürsepp

    Müürsepp, Mare, 1958-


    Artikkel on kirjutatud Sandra Rannastiku magistritöö põhjal (Tallinna Ülikool, kasvatusteaduste instituut, algõpetuse osakond, 2014). Magistritöö põhineb uuringul, mille jaoks valiti välja kümme raamatut, et uurida milliseid ootusi üks või teine raamat lastes tekitab ja viidi läbi 72 neljanda klassi õpilase hulgas

  5. The Molybdenum titanium Phase Diagram Evaluated from Ab initio Calculations


    solid solution, therefore occurs at lower temperatures and is more complex than previously anticipated. 1. Introduction The demand for permanent...and relatively low elastic moduli [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]. Titanium alloys with low Young’s moduli inhibit the stress shielding effect and thus...Instituut Voor Kern-en Stralingsfysica, K. U. Leuven, Belgium), 2002, ISBN 90- 807215-1-4 (http://www, textbooks ). 36 J. P. Desclaux

  6. Comparison of thermal behavior of different PWR fuel rod simulators for LOCA experiments

    Casal, V.; Malang, S.; Rust, K.


    For experimental investigations of a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) of a PWR electrical heater rods are applied as thermal fuel rod simulators. To substitute heater rods from the SEMISCALE program by INTERATOM-KfK heater rods in a current experimental program at the Instituut for Energiteknikk-(OECD-Halden), the thermodynamic behavior of different heater rods during a LOCA were compared. The results show, that SEMISCALE-heater rods can be replaced by those fabricated by INTERATOM. (orig.) [de

  7. Cradle to cradle in practice. New building NIOO. Experimental garden for ecotechnology; Cradle to cradle in de praktijk. Nieuwbouw NIOO. Proeftuin voor ecotechnologie

    Bijma, R [DWA installatie- en energieadvies, Bodegraven (Netherlands)


    The new building of the Dutch Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is a prime example of sustainability. With the materialization and the installation techniques the choice was made for solutions that fit the cradle to cradle philosophy. The most striking example is the high temperature storage. [Dutch] Het nieuwe gebouw van het Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW) is een schoolvoorbeeld van duurzaamheid. Bij de materialisatie en de installatietechniek is gekozen voor oplossingen die aansluiten bij de cradle to cradle filosofie. Het meest in het oog springend is de hoogtemperatuuropslag.

  8. Animafestivali võit Saksamaale


    23. nov. PÖFFi raames toimuval animafilmifestifalil "Animated Dreams" peavõidu sai sakslane Andreas Hykade filmiga "Äbarik" ("Der Kloane"), eriauhinna said portgallanna Regina Pessoa "Traagiline õnneliku lõpuga lugu" ja tšehh Milos Tomici film "Savist tuvi". Parim lugu oli rootslase Jonas Odelli "Eales pole enam nii, kui esimesel korral!", parim disain oli inglase Run Wrake'i filmil "Jänes". Balti- ja Põhjamaade Anoba auhinna sai Ami Lindblomi "Vastupandamatu naeratus" ("Ilo irti"). Järgmisele Anobale nomineeriti Mati Küti "Une instituut"

  9. Riiklikud autasud


    Vabariigi presidendi Lennart Meri autasud Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli õppejõududele: Valgetähe III klass - Heldur Palli (ajaloolane, Demograafia Instituut), Valgetähe IV klass - Mati Heidmets (psühholoogia professor), Valdek Pall (keeleteadlane, emeriitprofessor), Jaan-Mati Punning (geoökoloogia professor), Valgetähe V klass - Toomas Liiv (eesti kirjanduse professor), Viivi Maanso (emakeeleõppejõud), Valgetähe medal - Hergi Karik (keemik, emeriitprofessor), Mare Lott (raamatuteadlane, emeriitprofessor), Evi Rannap (infoteadlane, emeriitprofessor), Eesti Punase Risti IV klass - Taimi Tulva (sotsiaaltöö professor)

  10. Real-world innovation in rural South Africa

    Mulder, I


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Mulder_2008.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 46126 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name Mulder_2008.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 The Electronic Journal for Virtual... Organizations and Networks Volume 10, “Special Issue on Living Labs”, August 2008 REAL-WORLD INNOVATION IN RURAL SOUTH AFRICA Ingrid Mulder1,2, Walter Bohle3, Shela Boshomane4, Chris Morris4, Hugo Tempelman5, & Daan Velthausz1,6 1Telematica Instituut...

  11. Elukestev õpe Euroopas / Raivo Juurak

    Juurak, Raivo


    Tallinna Ülikooli andragoogide ja sotsioloogidega kohtus täiskasvanuhariduse teoreetik ja filosoof professor Peter Jarvis. Peter Jarvis külastas Eestit kuna, TLÜ Rahvusvaheliste ja Sotsiaaluuringute Instituut koordineerib 13 riiki hõlmavat projekti "Towards Life-long Learning Society in Europe : the Contribution of Educational System" ("Haridussüsteemi roll elukestval õppel põhineva ühiskonna rajamisel"), lühidalt LLL2010. LLL2010 on Euroopa Liidu 6. raamprogrammi integreeritud projekt, millega tahetakse saada ülevaadet täiskasvanuharidusest Euroopas

  12. Comparative evaluation of trace elements in blood

    Goeij, J.J.M. de; Tjioe, P.S.; Pries, C.; Zwiers, J.H.L.


    The Interuniversitair Reactor Instituut and the Centraal Laboratorium TNO have carried out a common investigation on neutron-activation-analytical procedures for the determination of trace elements in blood. A comparative evaluation of five methods, destructive as well as non-destructive, is given. The sensitivity and reproducibility of the procedures are discussed. By combining some of the methods it is possible, starting with 1 ml blood, to give quantitative information on 14 important trace elements: antimony, arsenic, bromine, cadmium, cobalt, gold, copper, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, rubidium, selenium, iron and zinc. The methods have also been applied to sodium, chromium and potassium

  13. Expanding of balancing options for renewable energy. The impact on economic development and government income; Verruimen salderingsmogelijkheden voor hernieuwbare energie. Wat is de impact op economische groei en overheidsinkomsten?

    Franken, R.; Van Melle, T.


    Small-scale production of renewable electricity by households and businesses can be balanced with electricity purchased from the grid. This prevents that these energy producers pay energy taxes for electricity they supply back to the grid. The balancing option, however, is limited to a maximum of 5000 kWh per year, which also limits the size of cost-effective renewable electricity generation systems. By expanding the balancing option and under specific conditions, investment in larger systems can also be cost-effective. This would accelerate the market introduction of renewable electricity generation for households and smaller businesses [Dutch] Kleinschalige hernieuwbare elektriciteitsproductie bij huishoudens en bedrijven kan gesaldeerd worden met elektriciteit die wordt afgenomen van het net. Dit voorkomt dat deze producenten energiebelasting betalen over elektriciteit die zij uiteindelijk weer terugleveren. De mogelijkheid om te salderen is echter beperkt tot een maximum van 5000 kWh per jaar, waarmee ook de grootte van rendabele hernieuwbare opweksystemen beperkt wordt. Met een verruiming zouden, onder bepaalde omstandigheden, investeringen in grotere systemen ook rendabel kunnen worden. Dit zou een versnelling in de marktintroductie kunnen geven van hernieuwbare opwek bij huishoudens en kleinere bedrijven. In deze studie worden de effecten in kaart gebracht.

  14. Energy on the Move. Recommendations to stimulate consumers to save energy. Final report of the Dutch National ThinkTank 2009. Creating knowledge without constraints; Energie in beweging. Adviezen om consumenten aan te zetten tot energiebesparing. Eindrapport De Nationale Denktank 2009. Kennismaken zonder kaders



    In this report the Dutch National ThinkTank shows that the consumer plays a crucial role in realizing the cabinet targets of 20% energy saving in 2020 and in increasing support for the climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The question with regard to how consumers can be given the opportunity to save energy is answered with a coherent package of 22 concrete advices to make energy saving and sustainable energy generation easier, more affordable and more fun for the consumer. The government and the market can jointly speed up the savings of consumers. [Dutch] De Nationale Denktank toont in dit rapport aan dat de consument een cruciale rol speelt om de kabinetsdoelstelling van 20% energiebesparing in 2020 te realiseren en het draagvlak voor de klimaatconferentie in Kopenhagen, Denemarken, te vergroten. De vraag hoe de consument in staat gesteld kan worden om energie te besparen wordt beantwoordt in de vorm van een samenhangend pakket van 22 concrete adviezen die energiebesparing en duurzame energieopwekking door de consument makkelijker, betaalbaarder en leuker maken. Overheid en markt kunnen hiermee samen zorgen voor een versnelling van het besparen door de consument.

  15. Book Reviews

    Peter Pels


    Full Text Available - Freek Colombijn, Hisao Furukawa, Coastal wetlands of Indonesia; Environment, subsistence and exploitation. Translated by Peter Hawkes. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 1994, vii + 219 pp., tables, figures, index. - C. van Dijk, Virginia Matheson Hooker, Culture and society in New Order Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1993, xxiii + 302 pp. - M.R. Fernando, Frans van Baardewijk, The cultivation system, Java 1834-1880, Changing Economy in Indonesia 14. Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute, 1993, 327 pp. - Bernice D. de Jong Boers, Jacqueline Vel, The Uma-economy; Indigenous economics and development work in Lawonda, Sumba (Eastern Indonesia. PhD thesis Landbouwuniversiteit Wageningen, 1994, viii + 283 pp. Maps, tables, photographs, glossary. - Marijke J. Klokke, Lydia Kieven, Arjunas Askese; Ihre Darstellung im altjavanischen Arjunawiwaha und auf ausgewählten ostjavanischen Reliefs. Kölner Südostasien Studien Bd. 2. Bonn: Holos, 1994, 154 pp. - Marijke J. Klokke, Edi Sedyawati, Ganesa statuary of the Kadiri and Sinhasari periods; A study of art history. Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 160. Leiden: KITLV Press 1994. - Gijs Koster, Annabel Teh Gallop, The legacy of the Malay letter - Warisan warkah Melayu. With an essay by E. Ulrich Kratz. London: British Library for the National Archives of Malaysia, 1994, 240 pp. - Stephen Markel, Marijke J. Klokke, Ancient Indonesian Sculpture, Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 165. Leiden: KITLV Press 1994, vii + 210 pp., Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer (eds. - Anke Niehof, Ingrid Rudie, Visible women in East coast Malay society; On the reproduction of gender in ceremonial, school and market. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, 1994, xi + 337 pp. - Peter Pels, Nicholas Thomas, Colonialism’s culture; Anthropology, travel and government. Cambridge: Polity Press, 1994, xi + 238 pp. - Peter Pels, Nicholas B

  16. Areeni aastaalbumid 2006. Personaalsed esiviisikud / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Heliplaatidest: Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit "1", Köök "Telegramm", Burial "Burial", TV on the Radio "Return to Cookie Mountain", Shelton San "Spontaneous Black", Sonic Youth "Rather Ripped", Gnarls Barkley "St. Elsewhere", The Rapture "Pieces of the People We Love", Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut "Madise margikogu", Scott Walker "The Drift"Pia Fraus "Nature Heart Software", Arctic Monkeys "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", Mastodon "Blood Montain", Muse "Black Holes and Revelations", J Dilla "Donuts", Joanna Newsom "Ys", Morrissey "Ringleader of the Tormentors", Kosmikud "Pulmad ja matused", Yo La Tengo "I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass", X-Press 2 "Makeshift Feelgood", Flaming Lips "At War with the Mystics"

  17. 1st National Mechanics Congress

    Nieuwstadt, F


    The Department of Applied Mechanics of the Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs) organised on April 2-4, 1990 the first National Applied Mechanics Congress about the theme: "Integration of Theory and Applications in Applied Mechanics" The idea behind this initiative was to bring together the Applied Mechanics communities in The Netherlands and Belgium and to create an environment in which new developments in the field could be discussed and in which connections to other disciplines could be established. Among an extensive list of possible subjects the following were selected as congress topics: - non-linear material behaviour, - chaos, - mechatronics, - liquid-solid interactions, - mathematics and applied mechanics, - integration of Applied Mechanics and other disciplines. Applied Mechanics comprises both solid mechanics and fluid mechanics. These can be subdivided further into: rheology, plasticity, theory of plates and shells, theory of elasticity, multibody...

  18. An analysis of SALT in practice

    Ludolph Botha


    Full Text Available This paper analyses the use of SALT/Suggestopedia for the teaching of beginners' German to students at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Two experimental groups and a control group are involved to determine, amongst others, whether SALT is viable in South African conditions and whether it really accelerates the learning of a foreign language. This study is approached pragmatically and on a relatively small scale to ensure a sound basis. A number of challenges have been encountered of which the most important are the rigid system at a university (for example the timetable and the difficulty of producing convincing, quantitative results. Qualitatively the students show an early competence and spontaneity not experienced before, in comparison with the control group. The most promising aspect is the fact that the lecturers of the experimental groups are convinced that Suggestopedia offers and satisfies the students as well as the lecturers much more than any other conventional method used by them. In hierdie artikel word die gebruik van SALT/Suggestopedagogiek vir die aanlecr van Duits op beginnersvlak geanaliseer, soos gei"mplementeer aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Twee eksperimentele groepe sowel as 'n kontrolegroep is betrek om ondcr meer te bepaal of SALT lewensvatbaar is in Suid-Afrikaanse omstandighede en of dit werklik die aanleer van 'n vreemde taal versnel. Hierdie studie is pragmatics aangepak en op 'n relatiewe klein skaal om 'n gesonde basis te verseker. 'n Aantal struikelblokke moes oorkom word, soos die onbuigbare sisteem aan 'n Universiteit (die rooster en die probleem om oortuigende kwantitatiewe resultate te ewer. Kwalitatief gesproke, vertoon die studente 'n vroee bekwaamheid en 'n spontanei"teit wat nog nooit tevore ondervind is nie. Die belowendste aspek is egter dat die lektore van die eksperimentele groep oortuig is dat Suggestopedagogiek meer te bied het, en lektore sowel as stildente meer bevredig as enige

  19. Liberalisation of the Dutch energy market

    Cace, J.; Zijlstra, G. J.


    The process of liberalisation of the Dutch energy market started in 1998 and will be completed in 2004 by opening the energy market to households and small enterprises. The fundaments of the open market are determined by the Electricity Law from 1998 and the Gas Law from 2000. The green electricity market was opened in July 2001 as a part of the environment protection package. A number of additional legal regulations, codes, procedures and agreements were developed in order to guarantee equal opportunities for all participants, create the market transparency, guarantee the continuity of supply and protect the consumer. These documents were developed by the 'Platform Versnelling Energieliberalisering', PVE (Platform for the acceleration of the liberalisation process). All relevant players from the energy market, including the major consumers, are represented in this advisory body. In the new market situation, the grid operators carry the essential responsibilities within the energy supply system. They are providing the technical security, registering the energy exchange through their grid and are generating the billing and the balance control information for suppliers and transport system operators respectively. The suppliers are the primary contact for the consumers. The complexity of the energy market liberalisation is aggravated by the difference in fundamental choices for the electricity and gas market. Electricity market is based on regulated third party access (TPA) and gas market is based on negotiated TPA. A lack of awareness of the necessity of an adequate information system appeared to be the most the most significant hurdle in establishing the open energy market. (author)


    M. L. J. Jürgens


    Full Text Available

    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This project is part of a program to establish mechatronics knowledge and skills in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. A low-cost, but accurate mechatronic application was developed by automating a pipe-bending machine. Accelerating software development through object-oriented programming was also investigated. The object-oriented software was developed with a structure that increases the independence between the application object and the data acquisition system. A teach-pendant and large, multicolour displays with interactive buttons were developed to ensure a user-friendly machine. .The positioning of the headstock was controlled by a pulsing control algorithm, which achieved an accuracy of ±0.15 degrees and a repeatability of ±0.24 degrees. The design of the machine and software and experimental results are discussed in this paper.

    AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie projek vorm deeI van 'n program om kennis en vaardighede in die aanwending van megatronika in die Departement Bedryfsingenieurswese van die Universiteit van Stellenbosch te vestig. 'n Lae koste, maar akkurate megatronika toepassing is ontwikkel deur 'n pypbuigmasjien te outomatiseer. Versnelling van sagteware-ontwikkeling deur die toepassing van objek-georienteerde programmering is ook ondersoek. Die objek-georienteerde sagteware is ontwikkel met 'n struktuur wat onafhanklikheid tussen die toepassings-objek en die dataver-samelingstelsel bevorder. 'n Handkontrole eenheid en groot veelkleurige rekenaarvertoonskerms met interaktiewe drukknoppe om 'n gebruikersvriendelike masjien te vereker is ontwikkel. Die posisionering van die kopstuk word beheer deur 'n puls-algoritrne wat 'n akkuraatheid van ±O.l5 grade en 'n herhaalbaarheid van ±0.24 grade lewer. Die ontwerp van die masjien en sagteware en eksperimentele resultate word in hierdie artikel bespreek.

  1. The Pallas business case between dreams and reality; De Pallas business case tussen droom en werkelijkheid

    Van der Keur, H.


    This report provides an overview of government policies in Canada and the Netherlands and international policies for securing the supply of medical isotopes. LAKA comments these policies with findings from own research. LAKA also identifies production methods - accelerators or research reactor - for the short and longer term that show the most benefit for recovery and ensure continuity in the supply of medical isotopes. This report also is an attempt to restart the debate on the future of medical isotope production in the Netherlands. According to LAKA the business case for the Pallas reactor is based on unrealistic positive assumptions and concludes that the Pallas reactor should not secure the supply of medical isotopes but the future of nuclear energy in the Netherlands [Dutch] Dit rapport geeft een overzicht van zowel het overheidsbeleid in Canada als in Nederland, en het internationale beleid voor het veiligstellen van de aanvoer van medische isotopen. Het voorziet deze van commentaar met bevindingen uit eigen onderzoek en stelt vast welke productiemethode - versnellers of onderzoeksreactor - op de korte en de langere termijn het meeste profijt biedt voor herstel en waarborging van de continuïteit in de aanvoer van medische isotopen. Met dit rapport wil de stichting Laka een poging doen om alsnog een debat op gang te brengen over de toekomst van medische isotopenproductie in Nederland. Volgens Laka is de business case voor de Pallas reactor gebaseerd op onrealistische positieve aannames en concludeert dan ook dat de Pallas reactor niet de aanvoer van medische isotopen maar de toekomst van kernenergie in Nederland veilig moet stellen.

  2. Camelid Single-Domain Antibodies: Historical Perspective and Future Outlook

    Mehdi Arbabi-Ghahroudi


    Full Text Available Tremendous effort has been expended over the past two and a half decades to understand many aspects of camelid heavy chain antibodies, from their biology, evolution, and immunogenetics to their potential applications in various fields of research and medicine. In this article, I present a historical perspective on the development of camelid single-domain antibodies (sdAbs or VHHs, also widely known as nanobodies since their discovery and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these unique molecules in various areas of research, industry, and medicine. Commercialization of camelid sdAbs exploded in 2001 with a flurry of patents issued to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB and later taken on by the Vlaams Interuniversitair Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB and, after 2002, the VIB-founded spin-off company, Ablynx. While entrepreneurial spirit has certainly catalyzed the exploration of nanobodies as marketable products, IP restrictions may be partially responsible for the relatively long time span between the discovery of these biomolecules and their entry into the pharmaceutical market. It is now anticipated that the first VHH-based antibody drug, Caplacizumab, a bivalent anti-vWF antibody for treating rare blood clotting disorders, may be approved and commercialized in 2018 or shortly thereafter. This elusive first approval, along with the expiry of key patents, may substantially alter the scientific and biomedical landscape surrounding camelid sdAbs and pave the way for their emergence as mainstream biotherapeutics.

  3. The EFQM excellence model: European and Dutch experiences with the EFQM approach in health care. European Foundation for Quality Management.

    Nabitz, U; Klazinga, N; Walburg, J


    One way to meet the challenges in creating a high performance organization in health care is the approach of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The Foundation is in the tradition of the American Malcolm Baldrige Award and was initiated by the European Commission and 14 European multi-national organizations in 1988. The essence of the approach is the EFQM Model, which can be used as a self-assessment instrument on all levels of a health care organization and as an auditing instrument for the Quality Award. In 1999 the EFQM Model was revised but its principles remained the same. In The Netherlands many health care organizations apply the EFQM Model. In addition to improvement projects, peer review of professional practices, accreditation and certification, the EFQM Approach is used mainly as a framework for quality management and as a conceptualization for organizational excellence. The Dutch National Institute for Quality, the Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit, delivers training and supports self-assessment and runs the Dutch quality award programme. Two specific guidelines for health care organizations, 'Positioning and Improving' and 'Self-Assessment', have been developed and are used frequently. To illustrate the EFQM approach in The Netherlands, the improvement project of the Jellinek Centre is described. The Jellinek Centre conducted internal and external assessments and received in 1996, as the first health care organization, the Dutch Quality Prize.

  4. THERMOS, Space-Dependent Thermal Flux in 1-D Slab or Cylinder

    Honeck, Henry C.


    1 - Nature of physical problem solved: Computes the scalar thermal neutron spectrum as function of position in a one-dimensional slab (THERMOS-1) or cylindrical cell (THERMOS-2). Isotropic neutron scattering in the laboratory system is assumed. The slowing down source is computed from elastic scattering of the neutrons in a 1/E epithermal flux. Either a reflecting or vacuum boundary can be chosen. 2 - Method of solution: The velocity and space variables are replaced by discrete values. Scattering and collision probability matrices are computed and the neutron balance equation is solved by iterative techniques. A combination of a Gauss iteration, renormalization and extrapolation is used to accelerate convergence. 3 - Restrictions on the complexity of the problem: Maximum 30 velocity groups, 20 space points, 5 mixtures (assigned arbitrarily to the space points) composed of maximum 10 isotopes. An additional 10 isotopes can be specified for activation calculations and cross section averaging. The Library has received the 7090 version of this programme through the CETIS programmotheque. The 7040 version was written by the Universite libre de Bruxelles. ALGOL version was offered by Delft (Reactor Instituut Delft, Netherlands). A version for ICL computer was received from Central Research Institute for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, Hungary

  5. On multiplying methods in the field of research evaluation

    Derrick, G.; Molas-Gallart, J.; De Rijcke, S.; Meijer, I.; Van der Weijden, I.; Wouters, P.


    This special session forms part of a larger program aimed at the multiplication and integration of methodological approaches in the research evaluation and innovation policy field. The session builds on previous initiatives by Gemma Derrick and colleagues at CWTS, INGENIO, the Rathenau Instituut and SPRU, exploring the advantages of qualitative methodological tools at the STI/ENID conference in Lugano, and an international workshop in London in October 2015. The program is highly topical: the research evaluation field is currently reconsidering its methodological foundations in light of new research questions arising from policy initiatives regarding a) the move toward open science; b) a reconceptualization of research excellence to include societal relevance; c) diversification of academic careers, and d) the search for indicators showcasing responsible research behavior and innovation. This new special session at STI2016 will advance and broaden the scope of previous initiatives by building bridges between cutting edge research involving quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodological research designs. Bringing together leading experts and promising researchers with distinctive methodological skill-sets, the session will demonstrate the advantages of cross-fertilization between ‘core’ and ‘peripheral’ methodological approaches for the research evaluation and science indicators field. (Author)

  6. The background of the climate problem; De achtergrond van het klimaatprobleem

    Strengers, B.; Meyer, L. [Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving PBL, Den Haag (Netherlands); Van Dorland, R. [Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut KNMI, De Bilt (Netherlands)


    Climate change is a much discussed topic, both in science and in the public domain. A major difference is that in the public domain questions are frequently addressed which are barely an issue anymore in the scientific domain. These are usually issues of a more general nature such as the question whether the earth is truly warming up and if man is the main causer. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute jointly wrote this note, in which recent literature is used to outline what the current status quo of climate science is in a number of crucial areas. It is also indicated with which degree of certainty certain statements can be made [Dutch] Er is veel discussie over klimaatverandering, zowel in de wetenschap als in het publieke domein. Een belangrijk verschil is dat er in het publieke domein regelmatig vragen aan de orde komen die in het wetenschappelijke domein nauwelijks meer een issue zijn. Dit zijn veelal meer algemene issues zoals de vraag of de aarde echt wel opwarmt en of de mens de belangrijkste veroorzaker. Het PBL (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) en het KNMI (Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut) hebben bovenstaande notitie geschreven, waarin op basis van recente literatuur wordt gepoogd om in hoofdlijnen aan te geven wat de huidige stand van de klimaatwetenschap is op een aantal cruciale terreinen. Daarbij wordt aangegeven met welke mate van zekerheid bepaalde uitspraken gedaan kunnen worden.

  7. Book Reviews

    Judith Nagata


    Full Text Available - Matthias Stiefel, W.F. Wertheim, Matthias Stiefel, Rejoinder to Duller’s review in BKI 142-I, with comments by H.J. Duller., W.F. Wertheim (eds. - K.A. Adelaar, James T. Collins, The historical relationship of the languages of central Maluku, Indonesia, Pacific Linguistics Series D, No. 47, 1983. - J.G. de Casparis, Antoinette M. Barrett Jones, Early tenth-century Java from the inscriptions. A study of economic, social and administrative conditions in the first quarter of the century, Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde No. 107, Dordrecht/Cinnaminson 1984. XI + 204 pp. - P.J. Drooglever, L. de Jong, Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog, deel 11a, Nederlands-Indië I, eerste en tweede helft, Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden 1984, 1199 pp., kaarten, foto’s. - David T. Hill, Julie Southwood, Indonesia: Law, propaganda and terror, with foreword by W.F. Wertheim, Zed press, 1983, 272 pp., Patrick Flanagan (eds. - V.J.H. Houben, C.Ch. van den Haspel, Overwicht in overleg. Hervormingen van justitie, grondgebruik en bestuur in de Vorstenlanden op Java 1880-1930, VKI 111, Dordrecht: Foris publications, 1985. - Maarten Kuitenbrouwer, J. van Goor, Imperialisme in de marge. De afronding van Nederlands-Indië, Utrecht 1985. - Harry A. Poeze, Hansje Galesloot, De Nederlandse vakbondsperiodieken van het IISG; Systematisch overzicht. Amsterdam: Stichting Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, 1985, xiv + 241 pp., Tom van der Meer (eds. - Harry A. Poeze, Frits G.P. Jacquet, Sources of the history of Asia and Oceania in the Netherlands. Part II: Sources 1796-1949. München etc.: Saur, 1983, 547 pp. - Harry A. Poeze, Mies Campfens, De Nederlandse archieven van het Internationaal Instituut voor sociale geschiedenis te Amsterdam. Amsterdam: Van Gennep, 1984, 294 pp. - Harry A. Poeze, Henk Hondius, Inventaris van het archief van de Sociaal-Democratische arbeiders partij (SDAP 1894-1946. Amsterdam

  8. Home media server content management

    Tokmakoff, Andrew A.; van Vliet, Harry


    With the advent of set-top boxes, the convergence of TV (broadcasting) and PC (Internet) is set to enter the home environment. Currently, a great deal of activity is occurring in developing standards (TV-Anytime Forum) and devices (TiVo) for local storage on Home Media Servers (HMS). These devices lie at the heart of convergence of the triad: communications/networks - content/media - computing/software. Besides massive storage capacity and being a communications 'gateway', the home media server is characterised by the ability to handle metadata and software that provides an easy to use on-screen interface and intelligent search/content handling facilities. In this paper, we describe a research prototype HMS that is being developed within the GigaCE project at the Telematica Instituut . Our prototype demonstrates advanced search and retrieval (video browsing), adaptive user profiling and an innovative 3D component of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which represents online presence. We discuss the use of MPEG-7 for representing metadata, the use of MPEG-21 working draft standards for content identification, description and rights expression, and the use of HMS peer-to-peer content distribution approaches. Finally, we outline explorative user behaviour experiments that aim to investigate the effectiveness of the prototype HMS during development.

  9. James Henry Greathead en die Londense Moltrein

    Laurence Wright


    Full Text Available Die artikel ondersoek die oorsprong en vroeë geskiedenis van die toestel genaamd die ‘Greathead Skild’, ‘n belangrike nuwigheid in Viktoriaanse ingenieurwetenskap, wat van deurslaggewende belang was in die konstruksie van die Londense Moltrein. Die doel is om die basis te ontleed waarop, baie jare later, ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse ingenieur wye openbare erkenning in die vorm van ‘n standbeeld vir die ‘ontwerp’ van die Skild geniet het. Uit die perspektief van kulturele studies beskou, hoe moet ons uitvinding verstaan, gegewe dat ander briljante ingenieurs ook betrokke was? Hierdie vraag word ontleed met die gebruik van die konsep ‘extelligence’ (Stewart and Cohen 1997, in samehang met ander kontemporêre en geskiedkundige weergawes, insluitend Greathead se eie rekord van sy prestasies in die verrigtinge van die Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurs en voorgelê in The City and South London Railway (1896, onder redaksie van James Forrest. Hierdie artikel is die eerste keer as referaat aangebied by die konferensie oor ‘Nuuthede en Innovasie in die Negentiende Eeu’ aan die Noordwes-Universiteit, Mei 2016.

  10. Scope of activities and organization of an interuniversity reactor institute

    de Bruin, M.


    The Reactor Instituut Delft was founded in 1958 and was at that time part of the Delft University of Technology. In 1969, the institute was converted into an interuniversity institute, owned and directed by the combined Dutch universities. Since 1987, the institute has again constituted part of the Delft University of Technology, still continuing its role as an interuniversity institute and with provisions in the organizational structure to secure this role. The major facility of the institute is the Hoger Onderwijs reactor, a 2-MW swimming pool reactor operated 24 h/day, 5 days/week. The reactor is used in neutron beam studies, reactor physics research, and for isotope production, neutron activation analysis (NAA), and commercial irradiation. The institute's 3-MeV Van de Graaff electron accelerator is mainly used for radiation chemistry. It can deliver subnanosecond high-current pulses and is provided with fast optical and conductivity measuring equipment. The variable energy positron source is being used for the study of defects at metal surfaces and interfaces. The experience obtained with this source is used in the development of a much stronger source as the basis of a positron microbeam in one of the reactor beam tubes

  11. Book Reviews

    James F. Weiner


    Full Text Available - A.P. Borsboom, Fredrik Barth, Cosmologies in the making; A generative approach to cultural variation in Inner New Guinea, Cambridge studies in social anthropology, Cambridge University Press, 1987, 99 pp., - H.J.M. Claessen, Paul van der Grijp, Sporen in de Antropologie; Liber Amicorum voor Jan Pouwer, Nijmegen: Instituut voor Kulturele en Sociale Antropologie, 1987. Bibl., tab., ill. 330 pp., Ton Lemaire, Albert Trouwborst (eds. - Simon Kooijman, Adrian Horridge, Outrigger canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia, Bishop museum special bulletin 77, Honolulu: Bishop museum press, 1987. xii + 178 pp., 4 maps, 1 colour photograph, 19 black and white photographs, 71 line drawings. - Jelle Miedema, D.K. Feil, The evolution of highland Papua New Guinea societies, Cambridge: University Press, 1987, xii + 313 pp. - Jelle Miedema, James F. Weiner, Mountain Papuans; Historical and comparitive perspectives from New Guinea fringe highlands societies. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 1988, 230 pp. - Jetta Wille, Paulus M.F. van der Grijp, Produktie en denkwijzen in Polynesië; Sociale asymmetrie, ideologie en verandering op de Tonga-eilanden, Proefschrift Nijmegen, 1987.

  12. Contra-expertise on determination of radioactivity of waste water and ventilation air of Urenco Nederland B.V. Period 2011; Contra-expertise op bepalingen van radioactiviteit van afvalwater en ventilatielucht van Urenco Nederland BV. Periode 2011

    Kwakman, P.J.M.; Overwater, R.M.W.


    } activiteit aanwezig is. De totaal {alpha} en totaal {beta} resultaten in afvalwater komen redelijk tot goed overeen, zo ook in 2011. De radioactiviteit in ventilatielucht ligt zeer dicht bij het niveau van de hoeveelheid radon die van nature in buitenlucht aanwezig is. Voor totaal {alpha} is een activiteitsconcentratie van 0,007 - 0,13 mBq.m{sup -3} gevonden en voor totaal {beta} 0,026 - 0,5 mBq.m{sup -3}. De overeenstemming met de meetwaarden van Urenco was doorgaans goed. Gebaseerd op de natuurlijke totaal-{beta} activiteit die veroorzaakt wordt door radon-dochters en de verhouding tussen de totaal {alpha} en totaal {beta} activiteit, is er in twee gevallen bij SP4 mogelijk een kleine vrijzetting voorgekomen van uraan in ventilatielucht. Het RIVM heeft in acht afvalwatermonsters en 40 monsters van ventilatielucht, die verspreid over het jaar 2011 door Urenco zijn afgenomen, de totaal {alpha} en totaal {beta} activiteit bepaald. Deze bepaling is een snelle manier om een eventuele lozing van uraan naar het milieu aan te tonen. Opdrachtgever is de Kernfysische Dienst van de Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu.

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  14. Inactivated polio vaccine development for technology transfer using attenuated Sabin poliovirus strains to shift from Salk-IPV to Sabin-IPV.

    Bakker, Wilfried A M; Thomassen, Yvonne E; van't Oever, Aart G; Westdijk, Janny; van Oijen, Monique G C T; Sundermann, Lars C; van't Veld, Peter; Sleeman, Eelco; van Nimwegen, Fred W; Hamidi, Ahd; Kersten, Gideon F A; van den Heuvel, Nico; Hendriks, Jan T; van der Pol, Leo A


    Industrial-scale inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) production dates back to the 1960s when at the Rijks Instituut voor de Volksgezondheid (RIV) in Bilthoven a process was developed based on micro-carrier technology and primary monkey kidney cells. This technology was freely shared with several pharmaceutical companies and institutes worldwide. In this contribution, the history of one of the first cell-culture based large-scale biological production processes is summarized. Also, recent developments and the anticipated upcoming shift from regular IPV to Sabin-IPV are presented. Responding to a call by the World Health Organization (WHO) for new polio vaccines, the development of Sabin-IPV was continued, after demonstrating proof of principle in the 1990s, at the Netherlands Vaccine Institute (NVI). Development of Sabin-IPV plays an important role in the WHO polio eradication strategy as biocontainment will be critical in the post-OPV cessation period. The use of attenuated Sabin strains instead of wild-type Salk polio strains will provide additional safety during vaccine production. Initially, the Sabin-IPV production process will be based on the scale-down model of the current, and well-established, Salk-IPV process. In parallel to clinical trial material production, process development, optimization and formulation research is being carried out to further optimize the process and reduce cost per dose. Also, results will be shown from large-scale (to prepare for future technology transfer) generation of Master- and Working virus seedlots, and clinical trial material (for phase I studies) production. Finally, the planned technology transfer to vaccine manufacturers in low and middle-income countries is discussed. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Vadja sõnaraamat kui kunstiteos / Kristiina Ross

    Ross, Kristiina, 1955-


    Arvustus: Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 1 / toimetanud Elna Adler, Merle Leppik. Tallinn : AE Signalet, 1990 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 2, [K -küüttöseltšä] = Словарь водского языка. 2 / toimetanud Elna Adler, Merle Leppik. [Tallinn] ; [Tallinn] : Teaduste Akadeemia Kirjastus, 1994 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 3, L - müüäG] = Словарь водского языка / toimetanud Elna Adler, Merle Leppik. [Tallinn] ; [Tallinn] : Eesti Keele Instituut, 1996 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 4, [N - P] = Словарь водского языка. 4, [N - P] / toimetanud: Elna Adler, Merle Leppik. [Tallinn] : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2000 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 5, [R-S] = Словарь водского языка. 5, [R-S] / toimetanud Silja Grünberg. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2006 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 6, [Š-T] = Словарь водского языка. 6, [Š-T] / toimetanud Silja Grünberg. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2010 ; Vadja keele sõnaraamat. 7 = Словарь водского языка / toimetanud Silja Grünberg. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2011

  16. An exploration of synthetic biology: A preliminary Christian ethical assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic biology

    Riaan A.L. Rheeder


    ’n Verkenning van sintetiese biologie: ’n Voorlopige Christelik-etiese beoordeling van die voor- en nadele van sintetiese biologie. Op 20 Mei 2010 het die Venter-instituut (in Amerika aangekondig dat hulle die genoom van die organisme Mycoplasma mycoides ten volle in vitro gesintetiseer het (deur middel van ’n rekenaar, gekoppel aan ’n masjien wat gene sintetiseer. Die berig het verder gelei dat die genoom daarna teruggeplaas is in die omhulsel van ’n ander organisme (Mycoplasma capricolum − en dat die gesintetiseerde genoom en organisme normaal gefunksioneer het. Hierdie gesintetiseerde organisme word gerekonstrueer om as minuskule fabriek te funksioneer met die doel om brandstof en medisyne te produseer en te sekreer − wat nie die natuurlike funksie van die organisme is nie. Aan hierdie tegnologie is daar ook bepaalde potensiële gevare verbonde. Wetenskaplikes is bang dat hierdie tegnologie mens, dier en omgewing kan kontamineer of infekteer en op dié wyse groot skade kan aanrig − en selfs tot mense se dood kan lei. Ander wetenskaplikes is weer bekommerd dat hierdie tegnologie deur terroriste gebruik kan word om onskuldige burgers dood te maak. Sommige etici is oortuig dat die gevolge van sintetiese biologie tans onvoorspelbaar, en daarom riskant is. Teenoor die potensiële gevare moet gestel word dat sintetiese biologie inderdaad omvangryke positiewe uitkomste soos die vervaardiging van biobrandstof en medisyne tot gevolg kan hê. Meeste wetenskaplikes en etici is van mening dat die potensiële gevare verbonde aan sintetiese biologie beoordeel moet word in die lig van die feit dat genetiese manipulasie in die afgelope 30 jaar geen biologiese ramp veroorsaak het nie. Uit ’n Christelike oogpunt word voorlopig geoordeel dat sintetiese biologie nie ’n onverantwoordelike wetenskap en tegnologie is nie.

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  19. Electric transport in the Netherlands in an international perspective. Benchmark electric driving 2012; Elektrisch vervoer in Nederland in internationaal perspectief. Benchmark elektrisch rijden 2012

    Kroon, P.; Weeda, M. [ECN Beleidsstudies, Petten (Netherlands); Appels, D. [Agentschap NL, Utrecht (Netherlands)


    effects on employment and economy are being monitored by Statistics Netherlands as part of the 'Economic Radar of the Sustainable Energy Sector'. [Dutch] De benchmark elektrisch rijden is een vervolg op de internationale vergelijking die in 2010 is gepubliceerd als onderdeel van het plan van aanpak elektrisch vervoer 2011-2015, 'Elektrisch Rijden in de Versnelling'. In dit plan is op basis van literatuur een eerste internationale vergelijking gemaakt tussen Nederland en een tiental andere landen, die op het gebied van elektrisch rijden vooruitstrevend zijn. Hierbij is gekeken naar de ambities op het gebied van het aantal voertuigen en de laadinfrastructuur; internationale samenwerking/interessante projecten en het overheidsinstrumentarium. In deze tweede benchmark zijn dezelfde punten nogmaals, maar nu twee jaar later, opgenomen. Ook zijn nu de realisaties in de diverse landen zowel wat betreft voertuigen als laadinfrastructuur bekeken.

  20. In beweging! Over de ontwikkeling en handhaving van de identiteit van een kennisorganisatie in een veranderende context

    Marian ter Haar


    Full Text Available On the move! About organizational identity formation in a changing context How does the identity of an organization develop in a permanently changing environment on which it depends and with which it is intertwined through networks? This question forms the subject of a case study performed by the Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity (NISB. Tackling problems and attaining goals requires the exchange and combination of goods, services and expertise. To achieve that, organizations work together in networks. Social problems, however, tend to be complex because they involve different parties with different backgrounds and different interests. Moreover, constant changes in the environment constantly require a response from organizations to safeguard their position. Confronted with changes, organizations are faced with dilemmas. These dilemmas reveal value contrasts that organizations have to deal with and that lead them to constantly reconsider their identity. Dilemmas and decision-making have been selected as the starting point for data collection in the study, the results of which show that, in order to preserve its mission, the NISB is constantly adapting its identity to suit the environment. In other words, a robust working method and a stable mission constantly create a new interactive identity. In beweging! Over de ontwikkeling en handhaving van de identiteit van een kennisorganisatie in een veranderende context Hoe ontwikkelt de identiteit van een organisatie zich in een permanent veranderende omgeving waarmee zij via netwerken verweven is en waarvan zij afhankelijk is? Deze vraag is onderwerp van een casestudy, uitgevoerd bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen (NISB. Bij de aanpak van problemen en het realiseren van doelstellingen is uitwisseling en bundeling van goederen, diensten en expertise noodzakelijk. Daartoe werken organisaties samen in netwerken. Maatschappelijke problemen zijn dikwijls complex omdat

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  4. Cultuurtransfer en het tijdschriftenonderzoek

    Marjet Brolsma


    Full Text Available Cet article considère la notion de transfert culturel comme le point de départ d’une approche transnationale pour l’étude des périodiques. La perspective des transferts culturels permet de situer des discussions nationales dans un contexte européen. L'approche peut être utilisée aussi bien pour l’examen des rapports entre différents périodiques que pour l’analyse du processus d’acculturation à l’intérieur de ces périodiques. Tout d’abord, les bases de la théorie du transfert culturel ainsi que ses développements concrets seront discutés. Ensuite, les mérites et les imperfections de l'approche seront indiqués. Enfin, l’article propose une réflexion sur la manière dont le concept de transfert culturel peut s’appliquer concrètement à l’étude des périodiques.In the current article the concept of cultural transfer is explored as a transnational approach for the study of periodicals. Cultural transfer is a useful perspective to situate national debates in a larger, European context. The approach is valuable for researching both the processes of cultural transfer and of acculturation within periodicals. In the first two sections the development and core assumptions of cultural transfer and the concept histoire croisée or ‘entangled history’ will be discussed and criticized. In what follows the relevant insights for the study of periodicals will be designated and subsequently translated into to a workable methodology.In dit artikel wordt aan de hand van het concept cultuurtransfer geïnventariseerd hoe een transnationale benadering van het tijdschriftenonderzoek er in de praktijk uit kan zien. De cultuurtransfer is een nuttige invalshoek om debatten uit de vaderlandse kaders te halen en in een grotere, Europese context te plaatsen. De benadering is zowel geschikt om het proces van culturele overdracht en het periodiek als instituut te bestuderen, als voor een onderzoek naar de inhoud en de toe-eigening van

  5. Book Reviews

    Anthony Reid


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  6. EMSO: European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory

    Favali, P.; Partnership, Emso


    Tecnologia Marina - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain, ref. Juan Jose Danobeitia); UGOT-Goteborgs Universitet (Sweden, ref. Per Hall); HCMR-Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece, ref. Vasilios Likousis); NOCS-National Oceanography Centre Southampton (United Kingdom, ref. Henry A. Ruhl); UiT-University of Tromsø (Norway, ref. Jürgen Mienert); FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal, ref. Jorge Miguel Alberto de Miranda); ITU-Istanbul Teknik Universitesi (Turkey, ref. Namik Çagatay); NIOZ-Stichting Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Zeeonderzoek (The Netherlands, ref. Tjeerd C.E. van Weering).

  7. EMSO: European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory

    Favali, Paolo


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  10. Hearing voices: does it give your patient a headache? A case of auditory hallucinations as acoustic aura in migraine

    Van der Feltz-Cornelis CM


    Full Text Available Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis1–3, Henk Biemans1, Jan Timmer11Clinical Centre for Body, Mind and Health, GGz Breburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands; 2Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands; 3Trimbos Instituut, Utrecht, The NetherlandsObjective: Auditory hallucinations are generally considered to be a psychotic symptom. However, they do occur without other psychotic symptoms in a substantive number of cases in the general population and can cause a lot of individual distress because of the supposed association with schizophrenia. We describe a case of nonpsychotic auditory hallucinations occurring in the context of migraine.Method: Case report and literature review.Results: A 40-year-old man presented with imperative auditory hallucinations that caused depressive and anxiety symptoms. He reported migraine with visual aura as well which started at the same time as the auditory hallucinations. The auditory hallucinations occurred in the context of nocturnal migraine attacks, preceding them as aura. No psychotic disorder was present. After treatment of the migraine with propranolol 40 mg twice daily, explanation of the etiology of the hallucinations, and mirtazapine 45 mg daily, the migraine subsided and no further hallucinations occurred. The patient recovered.Discussion: Visual auras have been described in migraine and occur quite often. Auditory hallucinations as aura in migraine have been described in children without psychosis, but this is the first case describing auditory hallucinations without psychosis as aura in migraine in an adult. For description of this kind of hallucination, DSM-IV lacks an appropriate category.Conclusion: Psychiatrists should consider migraine with acoustic aura as a possible etiological factor in patients without further psychotic symptoms presenting with auditory hallucinations, and they should ask for headache symptoms when they take the history. Prognosis may be

  11. Intercomparison Contracted Partner Institutes for Nuclear Emergency 2007; Ringonderzoek waakvlaminstituten kernongevallenbestrijding 2007

    Overwater-van Buuren, R.M.W.; Glastra, P.; Tukker, K.


    de kernramp in Tsjernobyl. Het RIVM coordineert de activiteiten van de WVI's. De Waakvlaminstituten worden tweejaarlijks getest in de vorm van ringonderzoeken. Hierin wordt beoordeeld of de analyseresultaten op tijd zijn aangeleverd en of ze binnen de afgesproken grenzen overeenkomen. Het lukte de meeste WVI's om de resultaten voor de luchtmonsters binnen twee uur aan te leveren en de resultaten voor de watermonsters binnen 24 uur. De metingen aan de luchtmonsters vielen voor een instituut buiten de gestelde marge. Voor het onderzoek zijn vier monsters aangemaakt: een aerosolfilter, een koolfilter, een koolpatroon en een watermonster. Ze waren alle vier voorzien van radionucliden die voor kernongevallen karakteristiek zijn.


    O. Wessel


    Full Text Available

    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The final car assembly lines at Volkswagen’s production sites in Germany and South Africa are analysed to determine the best automation level based on cost, productivity, quality, and flexibility for a plant location. The methodology used is proposed by the Fraunhofer Institute. The final assembly processes are analysed and classified according to the automation level. The operations are evaluated at every level of automation based on information from existing factories. If the best levels of automation for all the parameters correspond, the optimal level of automation for a plant is reached. Otherwise, improvements and/or additional considerations are required to optimise the automation level. The result of the analysis indicates that the highest automation level is not necessarily the best in terms of cost and quality, and some de-automation is required. The analysis also shows that a low automation level can result in poor product quality and low productivity. The best automation strategy should be based on the analysis of all the aspects of the process in the local context.

    AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die finale monteerlyne by Volkswagen se aanlegte in Duitsland en Suid-Afrika is ontleed om die beste outomatisasievlak te bepaal gebaseer op koste, produktiwiteit, gehalte en aanpasbaarheid gegee die ligging. Die metodologie wat gevolg is, word voorgestel deur die Fraunhofer Instituut. Die finale monteerprosesse is ontleed volgens outomatisasievlak. Die aktiwiteite is ontleed teen elke vlak van outomatisasie gebaseer op inligting van bestaande vervaardigingsaanlegte. Indien die beste outomatisasievlakke vir alle parameters ooreenstem, dan is die optimale vlak van outomatisasie bereik. Indien nie, is verbeterings en/of addisionele oorwegings nodig om die outomatisasievlak te optimiseer. Die resultaat van die ontleding toon dat die grootste mate van outomatisasie nie noodwendig die beste is in terme van koste en gehalte nie

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    Janet Rodenburg


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  17. Book Reviews

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    Harry A. Poeze


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  19. A framework for crafting and implementing a congregational strategy in the local congregations of the Reformed Churches of South Africa

    Aldeon B. Grobler


    Full Text Available The church is not like any other institution or organisation in society. Although the church is primarily invisible and spiritual, it is a visible organisation in the world, and it spans across borders of nations, languages and countries. John Calvin strongly rejected the notion that the church is only a spiritual organisation of which the visible administrative side is downplayed. The fellowship of the church must not only be seen as a mystical relation with Jesus Christ. During 2010, an empirical study was done on the extent to which congregations of the Reformed Churches of South Africa (RCSA adhere to the request to have a well-designed congregational strategy. The knowledge gained from a literature study on the science of Strategic Management and the results of the empirical study was combined into a framework for crafting and executing a congregational strategy. This framework can be used by congregational leaders to guide them through their own process of crafting and executing their unique congregational strategy.  The research was concluded with a recommendation that the Theological School of the RCSA should consider including a course on Strategic Management in the training syllabus of aspiring ministers. Considering that Strategic Management is a specialised management science, and external Strategic Management consultants tend to be expensive, the research also recommended that the Administrative Bureau of the RCSA consider employing their own Strategic Management consultant for the RCSA with the specific assignment of assisting and guiding all congregations with their congregational strategy. ’n Raamwerk vir die ontwerp en implementering van ’n gemeentestrategie in die plaaslike gemeentes van die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika. ’n Kerk is ’n unieke organisasie. Die kerk is primêr onsigbaar en geestelik van  aard. Tog  funksioneer dit as ’n instituut in die wêreld en moet dit doelmatig en doeltreffend bestuur word

  20. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  1. Cost-utility of collaborative care for the treatment of comorbid major depressive disorder in outpatients with chronic physical conditions. A randomized controlled trial in the general hospital setting (CC-DIM

    Goorden M


    Full Text Available Maartje Goorden,1 Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis,2,3 Kirsten M van Steenbergen-Weijenburg,4 Eva K Horn,5 Aartjan TF Beekman,6,7 Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen1 1Institute of Health Policy and Management (iBMG/Institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, 2Tranzo Department, Tilburg University, 3Clinical Centre of Excellence for Body, Mind and Health, GGzBreburg, Tilburg, 4Trimbos Instituut, Utrecht, 5Viersprong Institute for Studies on Personality Disorders, Halsteren, 6Department of Psychiatry, 7EMGO+ Research Institute VUmc, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Purpose: Major depressive disorder (MDD is highly prevalent in patients with a chronic physical condition, and this comorbidity has a negative influence on quality of life, health care costs, self-care, morbidity, and mortality. Research has shown that collaborative care (CC may be a cost-effective treatment. However, its cost-effectiveness in this patient group has not yet been established. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the cost-utility of CC for the treatment of comorbid MDD in chronically ill patients in the outpatient general hospital setting. The study was conducted from a health care and societal perspective.Patients and methods: In this randomized controlled trial, 81 patients with moderate-to-severe MDD were included; 42 were randomly assigned to the CC group and 39 to the care as usual (CAU group. We applied the TiC-P, short-form Health-Related Quality of Life questionnaire, and EuroQol EQ-5D 3 level version, measuring the use of health care, informal care, and household work, respectively, at baseline and at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months follow-up.Results: The mean annual direct medical costs in the CC group were €6,718 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 3,541 to 10,680 compared to €4,582 (95% CI: 2,782 to 6,740 in the CAU group. The average quality-adjusted life years (QALYs gained were 0.07 higher

  2. Towards Horizon 2020: challenges and advances for clinical mental health research – outcome of an expert survey

    van der Feltz-Cornelis CM


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  9. Book Reviews

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  10. PREFACE: 31st European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics

    Dendy, Richard


    chaired by Henry Hutchinson (RAL, Chilton), and to the Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion journal team (Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol), for their work on this conference. At the 2004 European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, plenary invited speakers whose talks spanned the entire field were followed, each day, by multiple parallel sessions which also included invited talks. Invited speakers in both these categories were asked to contribute papers to this special issue (the contributed papers at this conference, and at all recent conferences in this series, are archived at The Programme Committee is very grateful to the many invited speakers who have responded positively to this request. Invited papers appear here in their order of presentation during the week beginning 28 June 2004; this ordering provides an echo of the character of the conference, as it was experienced by those who took part. Programme Committee 2004 Professor Richard Dendy UKAEA Culham Division, UK Chairman and guest editor Dr Jean-Luc Dorier Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas, Lausanne, Switzerland (Co-ordinator of dusty plasmas and guest editor) Professor Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching, Germany (Co-ordinator of laser-plasma interaction and beam plasma physics and guest editor) Dr Peter Norreys Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, UK (Scientific Secretary and guest editor) Dr Emilia R Solano CIEMAT Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión, Madrid, Spain ( Co-ordinator of magnetic confinement fusion and guest editor) Dr Shalom Eliezer Soreq Nuclear Research Centre, Israel Dr Wim Goedheer FOM-Instituut voor Plasmafysica, Rijnhuizen, Netherlands Professor Henry Hutchinson Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, UK Professor John Kirk Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany Dr Raymond Koch Ecole Royale Militaire/Koninklijke Militaire School, Brussels, Belgium Professor Gerrit Kroesen Technische

  11. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  12. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  13. Stellar students win fantastic prizes


    School students and teachers across Europe and around the world are discovering today who has won fantastic prizes in "Catch a Star", the international astronomical competition run by ESO and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE). CAS2008 artwork ESO PR Photo 14/08 One of the winning artworks "We were extremely impressed by the high quality of the entries, and the number of participants was even higher than last year. We wish to congratulate everybody who took part," said Douglas Pierce-Price, Education Officer at ESO. "'Catch a Star' clearly shows astronomy's power to inspire and excite students of all ages," added Fernand Wagner, President of the EAAE. The top prize, of a week-long trip to Chile to visit the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Paranal, was won by students Roeland Heerema, Liesbeth Schenkels, and Gerben Van Ranst from the Instituut Spijker in Hoogstraten, Belgium, together with their teacher Ann Verstralen. With their "story of aged binary stars... Live and Let Die", they take us on a vivid tour of the amazing zoo of binary stars, and the life and death of stars like our Sun. The students show how state-of-the-art telescopes, particularly those at ESO's sites of La Silla and Paranal, help us understand these stars. They take as an illustrative example the binary star system V390 Velorum. In the last phases of its life, V390 Velorum will shed its outer shell of gas and dust, turning from a celestial chrysalis into a beautiful cosmic butterfly. The students also involved other pupils from their school, showing them how to test their eyesight by observing the binary star system of Alcor and Mizar. But perhaps the most important discovery they made is that, as they write in their report, "Astronomy lives! Discoveries are being made each day and there is still very much to be found and learned by astronomers!" The team will travel to Chile and visit the ESO VLT - the world's most advanced optical/infrared telescope. At Paranal, they

  14. Book Reviews

    H.J.M. Claessen


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  15. List of Participants


    Davide CassaniLaboratoire de Physique Théorique, École Normale Supérieure, Paris Alejandra CastroUniversity of Michigan Claudio Caviezel Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München Alessio Celi Universitat de Barcelona Anna Ceresole Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Università di Torino Athanasios ChatzistavrakidisNational Technical University of Athens Wissam ChemissanyCentre for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen Eugen-Mihaita CioroianuUniversity of Craiova Andres CollinucciTechnische Universität Wien Paul CookUniversità di Roma, Tor Vergata Lorenzo CornalbaUniversità di Milano-Bicocca Aldo CotroneKatholieke Universiteit Leuven Ben Craps Vrije Universiteit, Brussel Stefano Cremonesi SISSA, Trieste Riccardo D'AuriaPolitecnico di Torino Gianguido Dall'AgataUniversity of Padova Jose A de AzcarragaUniversidad de Valencia Jan de BoerInstituut voor Theoretische Fysica, Universiteit van Amsterdam Sophie de BuylInstitut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette Marius de LeeuwUtrecht University Frederik De RooVrije Universiteit, Brussel Jan De Rydt Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and CERN, Geneva Bernard de WitInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University Stephane DetournayIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Milano Paolo Di Vecchia Niels Bohr Institute, København Eugen DiaconuUniversity of Craiova Vladimir Dobrev Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia Nick DoreyUniversity of Cambridge Hajar Ebrahim NajafabadiIPM, Tehran Federico Elmetti Università di Milano Oleg Evnin Vrije Universiteit, Brussel Francesco Fiamberti Università di Milano Davide Forcella SISSA, Trieste and CERN, Geneva Valentina Forini Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Angelos Fotopoulos Università di Torino Denis Frank Université de Neuchâtel Marialuisa Frau Università di Torino Matthias Gaberdiel Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zürich Diego Gallego SISSA/ISAS, Trieste Maria Pilar Garcia del

  16. Book Reviews

    C. Salmon


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  17. Gebiedsgericht Voorraadbeleid van Woningcorporaties; Een analyse van planningsbenaderingen in Vogelaarwijken

    Arne van Overmeeren


    approach has explicit methods to deal with different interests and to recognize conflicting interests and societal problems. Human dimension is about the attention for subjective considerations and implications of planning, for example for personal, psychological, ideological, political and cultural considerations and consequences. Finally, selfreflective concerns the room a process provides for reflection and criticism. In this thesis the housing association is understood as a social enterprise. Social enterprises are organizations that are designed as private entities and operate in a market situation, that simultaneously use their resources to pursue a societal goal that is intertwined with (or is partially parallel to the public interest, that produces goods and services and which financial surplus or profit is not distributed, but is fully utilized to achieve the social goal that they pursue (Toonen et al., 2003; Wetenschappelijk Instituut voor het CDA, 2005. Social enterprises have a hybrid position between state, market and society. However, the following shared normative characteristics can be identified that typify the behavior of the social enterprise (Dees, 2001:4: Social enterprises: • have a mission to create and sustain social value; • recognize and pursue new opportunities to contribute to the mission; • are in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation and learning, • act boldly without being hindered by the current own resources; • show a great responsibility for the outcomes of their activities to the groups they serve. Suppositions The fact that there is no planning approach that makes a positive contribution to the process on all the criteria and that planning approaches differ in the contribution they make to the area-based asset management process, leads to the following supposition: 1. Area-based asset management of housing associations is the result of a mixture of planning approaches and elements. By applying a mixture of planning