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  1. Interview with Karol Modzelewski

    Paola Guglielmotti


    Full Text Available The first section of this interview addresses the political and cultural milieu that shaped Karol Modzelewski’s education (in Poland and Italy, too, the relations with both his mentor Aleksander Gieysztor and the historians of the previous generation, the condition of education in Poland especially in the ’60s, his political involvement, the selection of his research interests and the development the latter underwent. Then the interview examines Modzelewski’s relations with scholars belonging to other historiographical schools, with particular attention to the issue of ethnogenesis, the methodology concerning the structure of sources to reconstruct the history of the Barbarian world in the first millennium, the matter of the “Barbaric collectivism”, the reception of his study L’Europa dei barbari (‘The Europe of the Barbarians’, 2004, and finally how research is organized and evaluated in Poland. Quotable as Intervista a Karol Modzelewski, a cura di Paola Guglielmotti e Gian Maria Varanini, "Reti Medievali - Rivista", 11, 1 (2010, p. 509-579, url: .

  2. Rite of Ordination of Fr Karol Wojtyła

    Szymon Fedorowicz


    Full Text Available The article contains the source text of the Polish translation of the rite of ordination of a bishop prepared for the episcopal ordination of Fr. Karol Wojtyła by Franciszek Małaczyński OSB. The text was found in the archives of Jacek Fedorowicz and prepared for publication by his son Szymon Fedorowicz.


    Linetty, Jakub


    Prehistoric archaeology constituted an important topic in the writings of Karol Libelt during the final stage of his work. As a result of several years' research and bringing up this subject in his texts, Libelt made notable achievements in the field of prehistoric archaeology. The most important of them are: description of archaeological discoveries in Czeszewo, participation in a dispute over prehistoric chronology with Stefan Pawlicki in 1871, and also one of the first descriptions of the Stone Age in the Polish literature. Thus Libelt should be considered as a pioneer in prehistoric research, particularly the Stone Age, in Poland. Apart from that, among his undoubted achievements was propagation of the theory of evolution, although with reservations, during the earliest stage of Darwinism's reception in Poland.




    Full Text Available The concept of self-determination is the central category of personin the understanding of Karol Wojtyła. He perceived and developed it thanks to the application of a phenomenological method so that in the full description of experience gained by man one arrives at the noumenal bases of man himself.

  5. The Common Sense Personalism of St. John Paul II (Karol Wojtyła

    Pawel Tarasiewicz


    Full Text Available The article aims at showing that the philosophical personalism of Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla stems from the common sense approach to reality. First, it presents Karol Wojtyla as a framer of the Lublin Philosophical School, to which he was affiliated for 24 years before being elected Pope John Paul II; it shows Wojtyla’s role in establishing this original philosophical School by his contribution to its endorsement of Thomism, its way of doing philosophy, and its classically understood personalism. Secondly, it identifies a purpose of Wojtyla’s use of the phenomenological method in his personalism and reconstructs Wojtyla’s possible answer to the question whether there is a link between moral sense and common sense in human experience.

  6. Karol Olszewski’s 100th anniversary of death and his contribution to cryogenics (in Polish



    Full Text Available The article briefly presents the scientific achievements of Karol Olszewski (1846–1915, who was born when Poland did not exist on the map of Europe and Polish science was developed mainly in Krakow, Lviv and at some European Universities. In 1883 Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wróblewski were the first in the world to liquefy oxygen, nitrogen and carbon oxide from the atmosphere in a stable state. In 1884 Olszewski was also the first person who liquefied hydrogen in a dynamic state, achieving a record low temperature of 225 °C (48 K. In 1895 he succeeded in liquefying argon. In January 1896 Olszewski replicated the Roentgen’s set­‑up for obtaining X­‑rays and successfully obtained this newly­‑discovered radiation for the first time in Krakow, initiating the foundation of the university’s department of radiology. Olszewski died on 25 March 1915. In March 2015 the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University organized a special celebration to commemorate the life and achievements of Karol Olszewski.

  7. Karol Wojtyla e os níveis de sentido da regra de ouro = Karol Wojtyla and the levels of meaning of the golden rule

    Salles, Sergio de Souza


    Full Text Available A regra de ouro, o princípio ético segundo o qual devemos fazer aos outros o que nós queremos que nos façam, é também conhecida na tradição cristã como regra de amor ao próximo. O objetivo do presente artigo é examinar a relação entre dois níveis de sentido da regra de ouro nas investigações filosóficas de Karol Wojtyla, anteriores ao seu pontificado. Uma vertente do atual debate sobre a regra de ouro diz respeito às suas raízes antropológicas e ao seu sentido ético. A abordagem filosófica de Karol Wojtyla da regra de ouro perpassa tanto a investigação de suas raízes antropológicas quanto de suas exigências éticas. Com efeito, há um sentido pré-ético da regra de ouro em Karol Wojtyla, que está vinculado à sua abordagem fenomenológica da pessoa humana e da vida em comunidade. Nesse nível, a regra de ouro é descrita a partir da lógica da autorrealização, que manifesta o valor personalista da ação humana. Por outro lado, há também um segundo sentido propriamente ético da regra de ouro, graças ao qual desenvolve sua perspectiva da doação de si como condição da realização de si mesmo. Nessa perspectiva wojtyliana, o que torna uma regra moral áurea é a sua capacidade de integrar e complementar a busca pela própria realização com a realização do outro mediante a doação de si mesmo

  8. The Relation between Consciousness and Emotions in the Thought of Karol Wojtyła

    Grzegorz Hołub


    Full Text Available This article presents Karol Wojtyła’s thinking on consciousness and its possible distortion called the ‘emotionalization of consciousness’. In consciousness two functions can be distinguished, namely a receptive function and an experiencing/ interiorizing function. When the emotionalization of this dual structure takes place, consciousness is weakened in registering emotional facts (in their cognitive aspect as well as in their proper experiencing (i.e. in referring them to the interiority of the subject. Wojtyła concentrates on self-knowledge as a power, which can contribute to limiting or eliminating the emotionalization of consciousness. However, he does not mention how to strengthen self-knowledge and make it more adequate for the job. Hence, in the paper, the author underlines the role of understanding and command of language, which can make self-knowledge a more efficient tool.

  9. [The issue of autonomy in medical ethics: philosophy of Karol Wojtyła].

    Niebrój, Lesław T; Olejniczak, Marek; Kruźlak, Agnieszka


    The issue of autonomy seems to play a very central and fundamental role in contemporary medical ethics. However, it should be emphasized, that there is no agreement on how the concept of autonomy ought to be understood. Although as the main intellectual framework to describe the meaning of "autonomy" is the use of philosophical system of John St. Mill or Immanuel Kant, one could identify the tendency to redefine the concept under study. The aim of this article was to find out if the philosophy of Karol Wojtyla could provide--interesting from the bioethical point of view--insights into understanding of the idea of autonomy. The Wojtyla's critique of Kant's and Mill's understanding of autonomy was shortly described and the main elements of Wojtyla's concept of autonomy were analyzed. On the basis of these considerations it was assumed that philosophical background of Wojtyla is so different from those which are used in the contemporary, especially so called Anglo-American, bioethics that introducing it "elements" of his thinking would lead to misunderstandings and indeed even serious errors. On the other hand, however, philosophical works of Wojtyla seems to be very influential in developing 'personalistic' bioethics. But this bioethics could be accepted only by people who share Wojtyla's ontological and probably also theological or religious assumptions.

  10. Evaluación del Entomopatogeno Verticillium lecanii (Zimm Viegas En el control de la escama blanda Philephedra tuberculosa Nakahara & Gill en Guanábana (Anona muricata L. Evaluation of the entomopatogenic Verticillium lecanii (Zimm. Viega5 in the control of the soft scale Philephedra tuberculosa Nakahara & Gil! in the guanabana (Anona muricata

    Cavallazi Gina


    Full Text Available Una de las alternativas del control de la escama blanda Philephedra tuberculosa Nakahara & Gillen el cultivo de la Guanábana (Anona muricata L., como parte del manejo integrado, la constituye el uso del hongo entomopatógeno Verticillium lecanii (Zimm. Viegas, el cual se consideracomo controlador natural. El presente estudio se realizó con el fin de evaluar la eficacia del entomopatógeno Verticillium lecanii, como agente controlador de esta escama. La evaluación de la eficacia del hongo entomopatógeno, aislado a partir de material coleccionado en campo,se realizó mediante ensayos bajo condiciones de laboratorio y de campo. La producción masiva del hongo estuvo a cargo de una casa especializada y productora,además del establecimiento de dosis para recomendar. La dosisde 1,8 x 107conidiaspor mililitro de suspensión resultó ser la más eficaz en el control de la escama. El análisisde los resultados permitió, de igual forma, determinar que los individuos pertenecientes al segundo  instar ninfal presentan la mayor susceptibilidad al ataque del hongo.One the alternatives in the control of the soft scale Phílephedra tuberculosa Nakahara & Gill in the crop of Guanabana (Anona murícata. within the integral management, is the enthomopathogenic fungus Vertícillium lecaníí (Zimm. Viegas, as a natural control of this scale. This study had as objective, to evaluate the efficacy of Vertícíllíum lecanií as control of this scale. The evaluation of the efficacy of the enthomopatogenic fungus, isolated from material colected in the crop, was done by means assays in laboratory and crop conditions. The masive production of the entomopatogenic fungus was done by a producer, moreover the establishment of a recomended dose (1,8 x 107 conidias/ml that resulted be the most effective in the control of the scale. The analysis of the results permited to determine that the individuals in the second nymphal instar, present most susceptibility to the


    Miguel Rumayor


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the philosophical thought of Karol Wojtyla and his idea of subjectivity. It is focused on underlying and clarifying a mistaken interpretation of this issue and its consequences upon some relevant aspects. Some phenomenologists have considered the main idea of Wojtylas’ subjectivity uniquely under the lens of Max Scheler and Immanuel Kant, completely ignoring Thomas Aquinas’ vision. This confusion has provoked an idea —far from the classical subjectum— that brings out most of the modern interpretation of person, feelings, intention, and love, elements that are, in this context, the ideological columns of modern subjectivism.

  12. Applied geology in the research of Karol Bohdanowicz and his Polish graduates in Siberia at the turn of the 20th century (in Polish

    Andrzej J. Wójcik


    Full Text Available Research in the field of applied geology (geology of deposits, engineering geology, hydrogeology at the turn of the 20th century in Siberia, was conducted by the graduates of the Institute of Mining led by Karol Bohdanowicz. The team included, among others, Stefan Czarnocki and Stanisław Doktorowicz-Hrebnicki. Their activity in Siberia became a proof that the so-called “Bohdanowicz’s school” existed and the results of their research have earned their place in the science and have become the basis for developing the mining of mineral resources.

  13. Karol Wojtyla: el surgimiento de una vocación a indagar por la verdad del hombre

    Andrés Felipe López López


    Full Text Available El incesante retorno de Karol Wojtyla al estudio del hombre y la defensa de la dignidad de la persona no son hechos producto del azar o del mero interés del pensador, sino que son resultado de la experiencia del fenómeno del totalitarismo durante el transcurso de la Segunda Guerra Mundial; además, sufrió todo el desprecio de la barbarie nazi y la posterior llegada del comunismo a su nación; estas “ideologías del mal” como él las llamó, dan cuenta de la naturaleza verdadera y radical del mal, del olvido del otro y de la desestimación sistemática por la vida humana. Este artículo es una descripción del ejercicio de poder y dominación ejecutados concretamente por Adolf Hitler a Polonia durante el paso de la guerra por ese país, tierra natal del Papa. El objeto de estudio es la comprensión, en términos de causalidad, del pensamiento de Wojtyla: personalismo y humanismo cristiano; los términos “totalitarismo”, “geopolíica”, “personalismo” y la figura de Hitler son esenciales. Los pensadores no se hacen solos, su temperamento es fruto del contexto en el que vivieron. En este análisis, para hacer más fina esa comprensión pretendida, son citados otros autores que han ampliado el horizonte de comprensión sobre el fenómeno citado, por ejemplo Hannah Arendt y Joan Carles Mélich.

  14. Der Kategorische Imperativ als Grundstein der Menschenwürde und Form der Offenbarung Gottes ... bei Immanuel Kant und Karol Wojtyla

    Zbigniew Waleszczuk


    Full Text Available The aim of this analysis is to show the categorical imperative as the cornerstone of human dignity and form of revelation of God in the work of Immanuel Kant and Karol Wojtyla. The suspicious and distant attitude of Christian philosophers, as well as the Catholic Church compared to Kant has a long history. To this day there are only a few researches that analyse from this point of view (Kantian influences the philosophical thinking of Karol Wojtyla. Though Kant identified the question of God as the cardinal question of our abstract rationality, he believed in God and future life, even in his lifetime he was underestimated, misunderstood and treated with hostility. The experience of duty is”ratio conoscendi” of freedom in Kant and Wojtyla. For the two thinkers the question of freedom is the basic category of there philosophies. Through which authority moral law challenges the human being? Kant and Wojtyla, both philosophers comprehend the highest authority as divine power which formulated the moral law before man. The “holy lawmaker” – God – reveals himself in the human act.

  15. Die Ökologie der Person – Kantische Motive des Personbegriffs in Karol Wojtyłas “Person und Tat”

    Zbigniew Waleszczuk


    Full Text Available Apart from many legitimate concerns about ecology, the most important contemporary concern should be of anthropological nature and must address the human as a person (Benedikt XVI. What is man? Are human beings free? What should human beings do? These Kantian questions also describe the main starting points of Karol Wojtyła’s philosophy in “The Acting Person”. With regard to the importance of the question (ecology of man our challenge is divided into three parts. Firstly, man is a person; secondly, his call is to liberty and lastly, responsible love is an emanation of personal dignity. In this manner the three important points in Wojtyła’s philosophy (person, liberty, love are well characterized. The essence of man is his personal dignity as a source for the possibility of free (responsible decisions – “the act”. The experience of morality is included in the experience of being a person. Wojtyła poses the question “how do I understand who I am throughout my acts?” Like Kant, the author emphasizes the importance of free will, conscientiousness as an obligation, which speaks to the conscious person. I determine myself through my own decision (person´s actions. For Wojtyła, participation in love is the basis of all human personal experiences. “Only persons participate in love”. Participation in the character of the other becomes – in the language of Wojtyła – “the choice of the other person in myself”.

  16. Personalism in the Lublin School of Philosophy (Card. Karol Wojtyła, Fr. Mieczysław A. Krąpiec

    Tomasz Duma


    Full Text Available The article presents the conception of personalism and the understanding of human person developed by two Polish philosophers: Karol Wojtyła and Mieczysław A. Krąpiec, the framers and the main representatives of the Lublin School of Philosophy. The author comes to the following conclusions: (1 Wojtyła’s and Krąpiec’s conception of personalism comes from experience and seeks verification in experience; it does not accept any a priori explanations or theses, though it does not shy away from drawing upon different branches of knowledge in its attempts to broaden experience, being aware that not everything is given to immediate experiential perception; (2 Wojtyła’s and Krąpiec’s personalism wants to draw on the whole philosophical tradition, taking into account, at the same time, the findings of different sciences of man or humanities which broaden the experience of man or contribute something to the interpretation of experience; (3 bringing together genetic empiricism and methodical rationalism, Wojtyła and Krąpiec are able to avoid radicalism in the explanation of man, making a successful attempt to join in a complementary way these aspects of personal human being which carry some opposition; (4 Wojtyła’s and Krąpiec’s conception of person does not bear any traces of antagonism since it is not directed against anyone; in the light of this conception every human person has a character of the honest good which is the unconditional good, that is the highest and the ultimate good not competing with the value of anything else; (5 Wojtyła and Krąpiec prove that the conception of human person lies at the basis of understanding society, culture, ethics, law, politics, economy, art, and even religion.

  17. / Karol Kallas

    Kallas, Karol, 1972-


    Autori sõnul peaksid Pärnu linnajuhid Mart Viisitamm ja Margus Tammekivi avalikustama oma seisukohad erakonna esimehe suhtes, kes on esinenud Eesti riigi ja rahva väärikust teotavate sõnavõttudega, rääkimata valitsusevastasest tegevusest

  18. Notes of Karol Górski in archival collections of the Archive of the General Congregation of Saint Michael the Archangel in Marki regarding Blessed Bronisław Markiewicz and his pupils

    Roman Majka CSMA


    Full Text Available Professor Karol Górski (1903-1988 was an expert on spirituality in Poland, and an author of many publications, such as An outline of the history of spirituality in Poland published in Krakow in 1986. Professor was inspired by the Michaelite spirituality, while exploring the life and work of the founder of Michaelite Fathers - Blessed Father Bronislaw Markiewicz (1842-1912. Presently, Father Markiewicz's selected academic works and research material are preserved in Archive of the General Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel in Marki near Warsaw. Among many Górski's publications is an article The inner life of fr. Bronisław Markiewicz published in the journal "Our Past", Vol. 23, 1966, p. 239-278. Remaining in the collection are notes handwritten by Górski kept as "Calendarium", which attest to his thoroughness and diligence in research. Collected materials carefully prepared with the aim to enable most accurate reconstruction of the events of the Education Service of Miejsce Piastowe describe the life and work of the Blessed Markiewicz and his first pupils. Sustained contact of Górski with Michaelite Fathers is confirmed in preserved correspondence, especially the letters of fr. Valerian Moroz CSMA (1919-2005. Professor, drawing from the history of spirituality in Poland, read the current issues of the Church and was highly respectful of family values and providing care of poor people in need of help.

  19. Filmiauhinnad ja tänavamuusikute auhinnad jagatud / Karol Kallas

    Kallas, Karol, 1972-


    Pärnu 21. dokumentaal- ja antropoloogiafilmide festivali auhindadest. Tänavamuusikute võistumängimise võitsid Pillipiigad Tahkurannast, festivali peaauhinna sai poolarežissöör Wojciech Kasperski filmiga "Seemned", Eesti Rahva Auhinna sai Iisraeli režissöör Yoram Honig filmiga "Esimene koolitund rahus". Lisatud auhinnatud filmide nimekiri

  20. IT-agentuur : Euroopa Liidu suurim infotehnoloogiline väljakutse ? / Karol Kallas

    Kallas, Karol, 1972-


    Euroopa Liidu IT-agentuuri Eestisse tuleku positiivsetest kaasmõjudest. Agentuuri põhiülesandeks on andmebaaside SIS (Schengen Information System), VIS (viisainfosüsteem) ja Eurodac (Euroopa Liidu asüülitaotlejate ja illegaalsete immigrantide sõrmejälgede andmebaas) haldamine

  1. Muusikud on koolitatud palgamõrvareiks / Kai Kallastu ; interv. Karol Kallas

    Kallastu, Kai, 1970-


    Lauljanna oma eelseisvast esietendusest : Pärnu mudaravilas esietendub täna Sven Kivisildniku audiovisuaalne ooperietendus "Topeltwagner juustuga", teostajaks lavastuse meeskond REPOO ENSEMBLE (Kivisildnik, Andrus ja Kai Kallastu, Indrek ja Leonora Palu, Rein Laos)

  2. Elavas teatris on iga näitleja kunstnik / Philip Brehse ; interv. Karol Kallas

    Brehse, Philip


    Endine New Yorgi eksperimentaalse teatritrupi Living Theatre liige selle teatri põhimõtetest. Praegu on P. Brehse Pärnus külas Non Gratal, kelle partnerorganisatsiooni Open Space Performunion liige ta on

  3. Kolm meest paadis (naisest rääkimata) / Karol Ansip

    Ansip, Karol


    Eesti Kino Suvepäevade raames esilinastusid 3. juunil TPÜ filmi ja video õppetooli mängufilmi režissööride II kursuse (juhendaja Jüri Sillart) kursusetööd-lühimängufilmid : "2.68" (Tanel Toom), "Teispool vihma" (Margus Paju), "Sünnipäev" (Kaupo Kruusiauk) ja telerežii lõpetanud Anu Auna "Liivakellade parandaja"

  4. Ühe sümptomi kirjeldus - Sillamäe Jeanne D'Arc / Karol Ansip

    Ansip, Karol


    Dokumentaalfilm Sillamäe pensionäride ühenduse aktivisti Esja Shuri võitlusest oma õiguste eest "Meeleavaldaja" : stsenarist, režissöör ja produtsent Meelis Muhu : operaator Erik Norkroos : In Ruum 2003. Lisatud andmed M. Muhu senise loomingu kohta lk. 112

  5. Erratum to Surface‐wave green’s tensors in the near field

    Haney, Matthew M.; Hisashi Nakahara,


    Haney and Nakahara (2014) derived expressions for surface‐wave Green’s tensors that included near‐field behavior. Building on the result for a force source, Haney and Nakahara (2014) further derived expressions for a general point moment tensor source using the exact Green’s tensors. However, it has come to our attention that, although the Green’s tensors were correct, the resulting expressions for a general point moment tensor source were missing some terms. In this erratum, we provide updated expressions with these missing terms. The inclusion of the missing terms changes the example given in Haney and Nakahara (2014).

  6. Luxusní karolínská průvlečka a nákončí z Kosiček, okr. Hradec Králové

    Profantová, Naďa


    Roč. 18, č. 2 (2014), s. 869-873 ISSN 1214-3553 Institutional support: RVO:67985912 Keywords : Early Middle Ages * Carolingian art * strap holder Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  7. Koncepcja dzieła sztuki Karola Irzykowskiego - aspekt estetyczny i poznawczy

    Maria Gołębiewska


    Full Text Available The text presents the main aesthetic theses of Karol Irzykowski, concerning the work of art. Karol Irzykowski (1873-1944 - the Polish writer, critic and theorist of literature, art and culture - considered the work of art as the specific object of culture, as the source of human aesthetic experience and, at the same time, of cognition. He admitted the art, first of all, as the result of intellectual action. That is why, the primary thesis of his aesthetics underlines the connection between the aesthetic and epistemological qualities in the work of art. The text characterises this connection and refers to the philosophical tradition, important for the ideas of Karol Irzykowski.

  8. Memorias Conferencia Internacional IEEE Mexico 1971, Sobre Sistemas, Redes Y Computadoras. Volumen I and Volumen II. (Proceedings of International Conference of IEEE Concerning Systems, Networks, and Computers. Volume I and Volume II.

    Concheiro, A. Alonso, Ed.; And Others

    The following papers in English from this international conference may be of particular interest to those in the field of education. T. Nakahara, A. Tsukamota, and M. Matsumoto describe a computer-aided design technique for an economical urban cable television system. W. D. Wasson and R. K. Chitkara outline a recognition scheme based on analysis…

  9. Human Injury Criteria for Underwater Blasts


    further underscored the need for this new guideline based on injury data. Conference Name: Personal Armour Systems Symposium Conference Date...29.  Cole, R., Underwater Explosion. (Dover Publications, Inc ., New York, N.Y., 1948) 30.  Nakahara, M., Nagayama, K, Mori, Y, Japanese Journal...Abstract of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc . Annual Scientific Meeting, (1976).

  10. Veider nelik jätkab!


    Arvutiga animeeritud USA koguperefilmist "Madagaskar 2" (lavastanud Tim McGrath ja Eric Darnell, eesti keeles loevad teksti Karol Kuntsel, Andero Ermel, Evelin Pang, Argo Aadli, Mait Malmsten, Raivo E. Tamm, Andrus Vaarik, Anne Reemann jt)

  11. Salt Lake City's peeti IUFRO maailmakongressi / Hardi Tullus

    Tullus, Hardi, 1956-


    Kongress toimus 6.-11. oktoobrini 2014. Eestit esindasid viis metsateadlast: Hardi Tullus, Tea Tullus ja Reimo Lutter maaülikoolist, Tartu Ülikooli vanemteadur Arvo Tullus ning keskkonnaagentuuri metsaseire osakonnajuhataja Kalle Karoles

  12. Epstein-Barr Virus Neurologic Complications

    J. Gordon Millichap


    Full Text Available Investigators at the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland, analyzed the records of 194 children diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus infection and having the viral capsid antigen IgM antibody.

  13. Südames on armastuse kodu / Lembit Peterson, Marius Peterson

    Peterson, Lembit, 1953-


    Theatrumis tuleb lavale Karol Wojtyla (Paavst Johannes Paulus II) kirjutatud näidend "Juveliiri poe ees". Lavastuses osaleb pea kogu perekond Petersonid. Laura, Marius, Mare, Maria ja Lembit Peterson endast ja peresidemetest

  14. Tom ja Anni ajavad isad-emad naerma / Kai Väärtnõu

    Väärtnõu, Kai


    ETV lastesaate "Saame kokku Tomi juures" stsenarist on Jaak Urmet ehk Wimberg. Teksti improviseerivad ka näitlejad Karol Kuntsel ja Maria Soomets. Lisaks tutvustus "Pööningule purjetab proua Õietolmutuust"

  15. Postimehe žürii hindab võistlusfilme


    Toimetuse žürii koosseisus Peeter Simm, Karol Ansip, Sakarias Lepik, Jevgenia Tirdatova ja Kris Taska hindab PÖFFil näidatavaid filme. Seekord kommenteerivad oma hinnanguid Peeter Simm ja Jevgenia Tirdatova

  16. 75 FR 58435 - Membership of the Senior Executive Service Standing Performance Review Boards



  17. Two new species of Euptychia Hübner, 1818 from the upper Amazon basin (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae).

    Neild, Andrew F E; Nakahara, Shinichi; Zacca, Thamara; Fratello, Steven; Lamas, Gerardo; Le Crom, Jean-François; Dolibaina, Diego R; Dias, Fernando M S; Casagrande, Mirna M; Mielke, Olaf H H; Espeland, Marianne


    Two new species of Euptychia Hübner, 1818 are described from the upper Amazon basin: Euptychia attenboroughi Neild, Nakahara, Fratello & Le Crom, sp. n. (type locality: Amazonas, Venezuela), and Euptychia sophiae Zacca, Nakahara, Dolibaina & Dias, sp. n. (type locality: Acre, Brazil). Their unusual facies prompted molecular and phylogenetic analyses of one of the species resulting in support for their classification in monophyletic Euptychia. Diagnostic characters for the two species are presented based on wing morphology, wing pattern, presence of androconial patches on the hindwing, and genitalia. Our results indicate that the projection of the tegumen above the uncus, previously considered a synapomorphy for Euptychia, is not shared by all species in the genus. The adults and their genitalia are documented, and distribution data and a map are provided.


    Rodrigo Guerra López


    Full Text Available Metaethics in the philosophy of Karol Wojtyla has received little attention from scholars interested in this polish author. The essays in which he enters in this field correspond to his last period of philosophical production (1969-1978. In the present investigation is analysed how Karol Wojtyla looks for the foundation of Ethics as strict science, it is exposed the way he makes a critical assimilation of some insights from kantian ethics, and it is showed the path he was following towards the constitution of Ethics as Normative Anthropology.

  19. Karolinské importy a jejich napodobování v Čechách, případně na Moravě (konec 8. - 10. století)

    Profantová, Naďa

    Suppl. 4, - (2011), s. 71-104 ISSN 1336-6637. [Karolínska doba a Slovensko. Bratislava, 23.02.2010] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80020508 Keywords : Carolingian imports * Bohemia * Early Middle Ages * military equipment * weapons * luxurious jewellery Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  20. Tartu noored kunstnikud salapärasuse vaimustuses / Margus Kiis

    Kiis, Margus


    Tartu Noorte Kunstnike Näitusest Tartu Kunstnike Majas. Iseloomustatud Priit Pajose, Lauri Pajose, Margus Pumpa, Andres Sütevaka, Kaie Luige, Maris Palgi, Külli Suitso, Kadri Kängsepa, Peeter Krossmani, Saimi Kalevi Makkoneni, Kaarel Vulla, Katri Kuuski, Väike Tomi, Meiu Mündi, Karol Kagovere, Meta Narusbeli, Aili Penti, Kene Triive ja Raivo Irdi töid

  1. Loomad räägivad sel korral eesti keeles / Jaanus Noormets

    Noormets, Jaanus


    Arvutiga animeeritud USA koguperefilmist "Madagaskar 2" (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa), mis jõuab Eesti kinodesse erinevalt filmisarja esimesest osast eesti keelde dubleerituna (loomtegelastele on oma hääle laenanud Karol Kuntsel, Andero Ermel, Evelin Pang, Mait Malmsten, Raivo E. Tamm, Andrus Vaarik jt)

  2. Svoboda 'severnõh Afin' : derptskaja Polonia / Sergei Issakov, Pavel Sigalov

    Issakov, Sergei, 1931-2013


    Korporatsioonist 'Polonia' (asut. 1828. a.) jt. poola üliõpilaste ühendustest Tartus. Tartu ülikoolis õppinud poola kirjanikest ja kirjandusteadlasest: Alfons Walicki, Aleksander Karol Groza, Edward Zheligowski, Bronislaw Zaleski, Jzef Bohdan Dzienkonski, Ludomir Gadon, Jzef Weyssenhoff, Marian Zdziechowski, Andrzej Niemojewski, Ludwik Bruner, Jerzy Jankowski

  3. STS-51J Mission Insignia


    The 51-J mission insignia, designed by Atlantis's first crew, pays tribute to the Statue of Liberty and the ideas it symbolizes. The historical gateway figure bears additional significance for Astronauts Karol J. Bobko, mission commander; and Ronald J. Grabe, pilot, both New Your Natives.

  4. Effect of an electrolyte salt dissolving in polysiloxane-based electrolyte on passive film formation on a graphite electrode

    Nakahara, Hiroshi; Nutt, Steven

    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) was performed during the first charge of a graphite/lithium metal test cell to determine the effect of an electrolyte salt on passive film formation in a polysiloxane-based electrolyte. The graphite electrode was separated from the lithium metal electrode by a porous polyethylene membrane immersed in a polysiloxane-based electrolyte with the dissolved lithium bis(oxalato) borate (LiBOB) or lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide (LiTFSI). In case of LiTFSI, the conductivity of system decreased at 1.2 V. In contrast, for the case of LiBOB, the conductivity decreased at 1.7 V. The magnitudes of charge transfer resistance and film resistance for LiTFSI were smaller than that for LiBOB. Passive films on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) after charging (lithiating) in polysiloxane-based electrolyte were inspected microscopically. Gel-like film and island-like films were observed for LiBOB [H. Nakahara, A. Masias, S.Y. Yoon, T. Koike, K. Takeya, Proceedings of the 41st Power Sources Conference, vol. 165, Philadelphia, June 14-17, 2004; H. Nakahara, S.Y. Yoon, T. Piao, S. Nutt, F. Mansfeld, J. Power Sources, in press; H. Nakahara, S.Y. Yoon, S. Nutt, J. Power Sources, in press]. However, for LiTFSI, there was sludge accumulation on the HOPG surface. Compositional analysis revealed the presence of silicon on both HOPG specimens with LiBOB and with LiTFSI. The electrolyte salt dissolved in the polysiloxane-based electrolyte changed the electrochemical and morphological nature of passive films on graphite electrode.

  5. Spectrophotometric activity microassay for pure and recombinant cytochrome P450-type nitric oxide reductase

    Garny, S


    Full Text Available spectrophotometric quantification of NADH [19]. Kaya et al. (2004) [19] demonstrated the linearly proportional relationship between the oxidation of NADH to NAD+, with the release of NO from NOC-5, but did not develop a kinetic assay for NOR activity using... this principle, the primary aim of this study. Nakahara et al. (1993) [10] determined the stoichiometry of NO reduction by NOR as 2:1:1 for NO:NADH:N2O. Therefore, for each NADH oxidized to NAD+, two molecules of NO are converted to N2O (refer Equation 1). 2...

  6. A Potentially Endangered New Species of Euptychia Hübner, 1818 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) from the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil.

    Nakahara, S; Barbosa, E P; Freitas, A V L


    A new satyrine species in the subtribe Euptychiina, Euptychia atlantica Nakahara & Freitas sp. nov., is described from the Atlantic coastal forest of Brazil. Based on the existing museum specimens, E. atlantica sp. nov. is known from the coastal montane forests of Rio de Janeiro to south Bahia, a unique biogeographical region which is undergoing rapid degradation. Illustrations of adults and their genitalia, as well as a distribution map, are provided herein, in addition to a discussion of the relationships and conservation status of the new species.

  7. Universalidad de la computación cuántica geométrica modelo de tres estados Universalidad de la computación cuántica geométrica: modelo de tres estados

    Andrés Sicard


    Full Text Available El modelo de tres estados es un modelo de computación cuántica geométrica. Se ilustra que éste es un modelo de computación cuántica universal, con base en el trabajo desarrollado por Niskanen, Nakahara y Salomaa [16]. Las universalidades U(2 y U(2n≥ 1 del modelo se obtienen a partir de la construcción de las compuertas de rotación Rx(α y R(α, y de las compuertas de Hadamard H y de fase B(η, respectivamente. Para cada compuerta, se presenta explícitamente el operador de holonomía ΓAy(γ y el ciclo γ sobre el cual es construída.The three state model is a geometric quantum computation model. We show that this one is an universal quantum computation model, with base in the work developed by Niskanen, Nakahara and Salomaa [16]. The U(2 and U(2n≥1 universalities are obtained from the construction of the rotations gates Rx(α and Ry(α, and the Hadamard gate H and the phase gates B(η, respectively. For every quantum gate, we explicitly show the holonomy operator ΓA(γ and the loop γ on which this is built.

  8. Concepts of “Aesthetics of Arts” in Slovak Aesthetics of the 19th Century and Kant’s Conception of “Harmonization”

    Jana Soškova


    Full Text Available The paper analyses three concepts of aesthetics of arts in Slovak aesthetics in the first third of the 19th century based on the ideas of three Slovak authors (Michal Greguš, Andrej Vandrák and Karol Kuzmány who all shared creative reading of Kant and transformation of the process of “harmonization” as a foundation of defining possible aesthetic potentiality of art.

  9. Community Involvement - Outreach / Development


    Tonya Aiken: Horse Program Success. Kyle Cecil: Natural Resources and the Extension Educator. Karol Dyson: Building Strong Communities through Empowerment. Lisa Dennis: "Food Smart". Theresa M. Ferrari: Community Service Experiences & 4-H Teens. t. Stacey Harper: Connecting the Youth with the Community. Joseph G. Hiller: Extension Work in Indian Country. Alice P. Kersey: Outreach to the NR Community. Carla M. Sousa: Learning from Latino Community Efforts.

  10. Application and Misapplication of the Czechoslovak STP Cipher During WWII – Report on an Unpublished Manuscript

    Porubský, Štefan


    Roč. 70, č. 1 (2017), s. 41-91 ISSN 1210-3195 Institutional support: RVO:67985807 Keywords : STP cipher * Josef Růžek * Karol Cigáň * František Moravec * Czechoslovak military cryptography * Word War II Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics OBOR OECD: Computer sciences, information science, bioinformathics (hardware development to be 2.2, social aspect to be 5.8)

  11. Kunstisuvi tulekul / Sirje Eelma

    Eelma, Sirje, 1950-


    5. juunil esitles 'Kunstisuvi' selle suve programmi Tallinna Ülemiste veepuhastusjaamas. 13. juunist kollektsioon 'Nature' (koostaja Rait Prääts) Kuressaare Raegaleriis, kollektsioon 'Ilus lugu' (koostaja Karol Kallas) Kuressaare kultuurimajas. 20. juunist näitus 'Mix' (koostaja Agur Kruusing) Haapsalu Linnagaleriis ja kultuurikeskuse saalides. Pärnu Linnagalerii näitusel 'Midigrafik' (koostaja Sirje Eelma) on eksponeeritud väikegraafikat 25 maalt

  12. Tallinnas toimus 'Kunstisuve' esitlus / Tiiu Leis

    Leis, Tiiu


    Pärnus, Kuressaares ja Haapsalus toimuva 'Kunstisuve' - Pärnu Linnagaleriis 'Midigrafik' (rahvusvaheline väikegraafika, koost. Sirje Eelmaa), Haapsalu Linnagaleriis 'Mix' (eesti maal, graafika, skulptuur, foto, installatsioon, koost. Agur Kruusing), Kuressaare Raegaleriis 'Nature' (traditsioonilisem eesti maal, graafika, skulptuur, koost. Rait Prääts), Kuressaare kultuurikeskuses 'Ilus lugu' (noorem ja mängulisem eesti kunst, koost. Karol Kallas) ئ esitlus toimus Tallinna heitveepuhastusjaama osoonimajas

  13. Kõik ei ole action / Mari Sobolev

    Sobolev, Mari, 1968-


    Noorte videoprojektidest. Marko Laimre ja Andrus Kõresaare "Egoistically Correct", ainus actionil rajanev video. Jasper Zoova "Sheeps Are Everywhere". J. Zoova ja Tarrvi Laamannni "Fuck". Karol Kallase kureeritud näitusel "Kunstnik tapab koletise" "Kullo" galeriis olnud Jan Bergi, Meelis Salujärve, Al Paldroki videod, Andrus Joonase töö põhjal tehtud Kiwa video "Kunstnik tapab koletise". Publiku soov vaatemängu järele.

  14. Recovering Philosophy as the Love of Wisdom: A Contribution of St. John Paul II

    Pawel Tarasiewicz


    Full Text Available The article aims at demonstrating that, by his teaching on human person and his action, St. John Paul II (also known as Karol Wojtyła implicitly contributed to a resolution of the most serious problem of contemporary philosophy, which consists in separating wisdom from love and substituting wisdom with understanding or knowledge. The author concludes that John Paul II makes a persuasive contribution to recover philosophy as the love of wisdom by (1 identifying truth in the area of freedom, self-fulfillment and conscience, and (2 appealing to man’s honesty and happiness.

  15. Physiotherapy in patients with rupture LCA

    Čížková, Karolína


    Author: Karolína Čížková Institution: Rehab clinic LF UK in Hradec Králové Topic of bachelor's thesis: Physiotherapy in patiens with rupture of ACL Supervisor: Mgr. Zuzana Hamarová Number of pages: 108 Number of annex: 11 Year of vindication 2012 Key words: ACL, knee, rupture of ACL, rehabilitation In general part of this bachelor's thesis is described anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics of the knee joint, mostly anterior cruciate ligament. It contents causes of injury of anterior cruciate ...

  16. Kunstisuvi 1999 / Sirje Eelma, Rait Prääts

    Eelma, Sirje, 1950-


    12. juunist näitus "Rahvusvaheline väikegraafika ja eesti väikeskulptuur" Kuressaare Raegaleriis. Koostajad ja kujundajad Sirje Eelma, Terje Ojaver. 19. juunist Haapsalu Linnagaleriis ja lisaruumides väljapanek "Motiiv". Koostajad Agur Kruusing, Sirje Eelma, Rait Prääts, kujundaja Agur Kruusing. Pärnu Linnagaleriis näitus "Minimaal". Koostaja ja kujundaja Rait Prääts. Muuseumiaidas eesti noorema kunsti väljapanek "Voolab". Koostaja Karol Kallas. Juuli lõpul Selgase dolomiidipäevad Kuressaares. Pärast põhinäituste lõppemist valiknäitus Paide Vallitornis

  17. Wisdom and love as path to sanctity. St Jadwiga the Queen in the liturgy and teachings of John Paul II

    Jan Józef Janicki


    Full Text Available In the 600th year after the birth of Jadwiga Queen of Poland, "the most beloved female character in our history", Krakow metropolitan bishop cardinal Karol Wojtyła announced in his pastoral letter issued on this occasion that "Jadwiga, her life and work exerted a huge impact on Polish history both in historical and spiritual dimension". His statement was made pending an approval by the Holy See of her worship and its extension to the entire church (i.e. the introduction of a liturgical feast, a mass and an officium venerating Blessed Jadwiga.

  18. Mujer y teología: la cuestión de la imagen de Dios

    Castilla de Cortázar, Blanca


    Full Text Available The question of the image of God, described in the book of Genesis, is a long-standing theological issue. Although there has been some progress in this regard in recent decades, particularly in relation to the theology of women, there is still work to be done. In this paper, after a brief iter on the progress on this matter, we take a closer look at Karol Wojtyla’s novel proposal in his magnum opus: The theology of the body, analyzing his method, starting points and main consequences. We conclude by pointing out the tasks ahead.La cuestión de la imagen de Dios, afirmada en el libro del Génesis, es un tema teológico con amplio recorrido, acerca del cual se ha avanzado en las últimas décadas, en relación con la teología de la mujer, tarea aún pendiente. En el presente trabajo, tras un breve iter en torno al progreso de esta cuestión, nos detendremos a analizar la novedosa propuesta de Karol Wojtyla en su obra magna: La teología del cuerpo, analizando su método, sus puntos de partida y sus principales consecuencias, para concluir señalando las tareas pendientes.

  19. Slovak Shakespeare in American Exile

    Marcinčin Matúš


    Full Text Available Ján Vilikovský’s synthesizing monograph Shakespeare u nás (2014 is a great study; however, it does not include the whole history of translations of Shakespeare’s dramas into the Slovak language. Slovak literary and theatre studies have not reflected this theme in relation to Slovak cultural exile after the year 1945. In the present contribution, the author completes the mentioned monograph by Vilikovský, he adds and deals especially with translations written in exile by Andrej Žarnov and Karol Strmeň. He pays special attention to the fragments of translations of Shakespeare’s dramas found as a manuscript in the inheritance left after the tragic death of their author Karol Strmeň. The author reconstructs the fragments and then analyses and compares them with relevant Slovak and Czech translations of Shakespeare’s works. As a result of this study, it can be concluded that the translations by Strmeň written in a modern, cultivated, although slightly archaic Slovak language would have achieved an important position in the history of Slovak translations of Shakespeare’s drama if they had been published.

  20. Exploring Jets from a Supermassive Black Hole

    Kohler, Susanna


    What are the feeding and burping habits of the supermassive black holes peppering the universe? In a new study, observations of one such monster reveal more about the behavior of its powerful jets.Beams from BehemothsAcross the universe, supermassive black holes of millions to billions of solar masses lie at the centers of galaxies, gobbling up surrounding material. But not all of the gas and dust that spirals in toward a black hole is ultimately swallowed! A large fraction of it can instead be flung out into space again, in the form of enormous, powerful jets that extend for thousands or even millions of light-years in opposite directions.M87, shown in this Hubble image, is a classic example of a nearby (55 million light-years distant) supermassive black hole with a visible, collimated jet. Its counter-jet isnt seen because relativistic effects make the receding jet appear less bright. [The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) and NASA/ESA]What causes these outflows to be tightly beamed collimated in the form of jets, rather than sprayed out in all directions? Does the pressure of the ambient medium the surrounding gas and dust that the jet is injected into play an important role? In what regions do these jets accelerate and decelerate? There are many open questions that scientists hope to understand by studying some of the active black holes with jets that live closest to us.Eyes on a Nearby GiantIn a new study led by Satomi Nakahara (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan), a team of scientists has used multifrequency Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and Very Long Array (VLA) images to explore jets emitted from a galaxy just 100 million light-years away: NGC 4261.This galaxys (relatively) close distance as well as the fact that were viewing it largely from the side, so we can clearly see both of its polar jets allows us to observe in detail the structure and intensity of its jets as a function of their distance from the black hole. Nakahara and

  1. Biological activity is the likely origin of the intersection between the photoreceptor inner and outer segments of the rat retina as determined by optical coherence tomography

    Yamauchi Y


    Full Text Available Yasuyuki Yamauchi, Hiromichi Yagi, Yoshihiko Usui, Keisuke Kimura, Tsuyoshi Agawa, Rintaro Tsukahara, Naoyuki Yamakawa, Hiroshi GotoDepartment of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Tokyo, JapanBackground: Recent research on macular diseases has prompted investigations into the condition of the intersection between the photoreceptor inner and outer segments (IS/OS and the relationship with retinal photoreceptor abnormalities. Although the origin of the IS/OS in optical coherence tomography (OCT images is unclear, it may be related to either the cellular activity of the photoreceptors or the structure of the OS disks. To address this question, we compared the IS/OS status in OCT images of rat retinas before and after euthanasia.Methods: OCT images were taken before and after euthanasia in four eyes of two Brown Norway rats. After the OCT images were taken, the rats were used for histopathological studies to confirm that retinal structures were intact.Results: Before euthanasia, the IS/OS and external limiting membrane (ELM line were clearly identifiable on the OCT images. However, after euthanasia, neither the IS/OS nor the ELM line was evident in three out of four eyes, and a faint IS/OS and an ELM line were identified in one eye. Histopathological analysis did not show any abnormalities in the retina in any of the four eyes.Conclusion: The origin of the IS/OS identified in OCT images is likely related to the biological activities of the photoreceptor cells.Keywords: IS/OS, OCT, histopathology, biological activity

  2. A simple photometric factor in perceived depth order of bistable transparency patterns.

    Fukiage, Taiki; Oishi, Takeshi; Ikeuchi, Katsushi


    Previous studies on perceptual transparency defined the photometric condition in which perceived depth ordering between two surfaces becomes ambiguous. Even under this bistable transparency condition, it is known that depth-order perceptions are often biased toward one specific interpretation (Beck, Prazdny, & Ivry, 1984; Delogu, Fedorov, Belardinelli, & van Leeuwen, 2010; Kitaoka, 2005; Oyama & Nakahara, 1960). In this study, we examined what determines the perceived depth ordering for bistable transparency patterns using stimuli that simulated two partially overlapping disks resulting in four regions: a (background), b (portion of right disk), p (portion of left disk), and q (shared region). In contrast to the previous theory that proposed contributions of contrast against the background region (i.e., contrast at contour b/a and contrast at contour p/a) to perceived depth order in bistable transparency patterns, the present study demonstrated that contrast against the background region has little influence on perceived depth order compared with contrast against the shared region (i.e., contrast at contour b/q and contrast at contour p/q). In addition, we found that the perceived depth ordering is well predicted by a simpler model that takes into consideration only relative size of lightness difference against the shared region. Specifically, the probability that the left disk is perceived as being in front is proportional to (|b - q| - |p - q|) / (|b - q| + |p - q|) calculated based on lightness.

  3. Load leveling air conditioning technology development by unused energy high-level utilization. Summary of lectures given at the achievement report meeting; Miriyo energy kodo katsuyo fuka heijunka reidanbo gijutsu kaihatsu. Seika hokokukai koen yoshishu



    This paper summarizes lectures given at the research and development achievement report meeting on load leveling air conditioning technologies utilizing unutilized energies at high levels. The lecture titled 'the current status and future problems in heat supply industries' given by the manager of the Heat Supply Industry Department at the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy explained the heat supply businesses in relation with global environment issues, electric power load leveling, and cogeneration. The lecture titled 'improvement of cities to energy saving type cities and district air conditioning systems' given by a construction official at the Ministry of Construction explained the guideline (draft) for introduction of district air conditioning systems as to their purpose, positioning, procedure for discussing the introduction, and procedure for its implementation as a business. The lecture titled 'the recent trend inside and outside the country around unutilized energies' given by Professor Tanazawa at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology described the intensification of energy problems, environment problems, and the near future measures to be taken against these problems. The lecture titled 'summarization of the achievements in development of load leveling air conditioning technologies utilizing unutilized energies at high levels' given by Professor Nakahara at the Kanagawa University explained the summary of the achievements in research and development by themes. (NEDO)

  4. Chemically-induced liquid film migration with low lattice diffusivity relative to the migration rate in Mo-Ni-(W)

    Lee, K.R.


    This paper reports that when a 90Mo-10Ni alloy (by wt) liquid phase sintered at 1400 degrees C is heat-treated at 1400 degrees C after replacing the matrix with a melt of 44Ni-34Mo-22W (by wt), the liquid films between the grains migrate, leaving behind an Mo alloy enriched with W. The ratio of the lattice diffusivity of W in Mo, D, to the initial migration velocity, v. (D/v) is estimated to be between 0.03 and 0.18 angstrom. Hence it appears that there is no lattice diffusion of W ahead of the migrating liquid film, and is such a case the driving force has been suggested to be the chemical free energy. But the observed v is approximately same as that to be expected if the driving force is assumed to be diffusional coherency strain energy. Likewise, a previous study of den Broeder and Nakahara shows that the rate of chemically-induced grain boundary migration in Cu-Ni shows a smooth variation with temperature as D/v decreases from values much larger than the interatomic spacing to values much smaller with decreasing temperature. The coherency strain energy thus appears to be a general driving force for the migration even when the apparent diffusion length indicated by D/v is smaller than the interatomic spacing

  5. Book Review. Cultural Heritage in a Changing World

    Ashika Prajnya Paramita


    Full Text Available Edited by Karol Jan Borowiecki, Neil Forbes, and Antonella Fresa, this collection of essays was developed within the RICHES Project to address the issues surrounding cultural heritage in the era of digital technologies. The 21st century has witnessed rapid developments in digital technologies that have led to major changes in all aspects of society. This book aims to reflect the relationship between cultural heritage and these changes. Written by experts from various background, this book implements an interdisciplinary approach its observations, and provides a comprehensive view of the changes that occur in the society. In various perspectives, the collection show how cultural heritage, mainly in Europe, should be preserved through digital availability and accessibility.

  6. A history of erotic philosophy.

    Soble, Alan


    This essay historically explores philosophical views about the nature and significance of human sexuality, starting with the Ancient Greeks and ending with late 20th-century Western philosophy. Important figures from the history of philosophy (and theology) discussed include Sappho, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Jerome, the Pelagians, St. Thomas Aquinas, Michel de Montaigne, Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Søren Kierkegaard, Arthur Schopenhauer, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Sigmund Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Wilhelm Reich, and Herbert Marcuse. Contemporary philosophers whose recent work is discussed include Michel Foucault, Thomas Nagel, Roger Scruton, Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), Catharine MacKinnon, Richard Posner, and John Finnis. To show the unity of the humanities, the writings of various literary figures are incorporated into this history, including Mark Twain, Arthur Miller, James Thurber, E. B. White, Iris Murdoch, and Philip Roth.

  7. Be active - eat well! Two-wheels’ safety week.


    The health campaign "Be active – eat well" was a resounding success. The campaign, which was held from 25 to 29 May 2009, was organised by the Medical Service jointly with the Restaurants Supervisory Committee, the CERN Management, the Staff Association and CHIS, with the active support of CERN’s restaurants. The campaign had a big impact: the interaction was positive and enriching, there were exchanges with visitors of all ages (children, adults, pensioners), and there were plenty of good resolutions. Highlights included Mme Dominique Gerber-Jullien using 20 placemats and dietary texts as browsing material for her French course for adults at CERN; a Scout official picking up documents for teaching purposes; the Novae-inspired idea of bringing an apple with you to work every day, in case you get a sudden snack craving; and the bicycle prize offered by DSR, won by Mr Karol Kruzelecki after making the closest guess of the numb...

  8. Forestry transformation

    Beer, G.


    State forestry company Lesy, s.p., Banska Bystrica have chosen Austrian state forestry company to operate as their restructuring advisor. 20 million Sk (0.142 mn Euro) were assigned to transformation of Lesy SR from a state enterprise to a state-owned joint-stock company. The whole process should take two years. The joint-stock company should be established at the beginning of next year. 'What we have to do first is to define the objectives and perspectives of this restructuring,' claims new director, Karol Vins. The new boss recalled all directors of the 26 branches. They were given a lot of freedom to trade with wood. The new management wants to establish a profit-making company. At the moment the company has total claims of 600 million Sk (14.59 million Eur) it will have to provision for

  9. Introduction to fluorescence

    Jameson, David M


    "An essential contribution to educating scientists in the principles of fluorescence. It will also be an important addition to the libraries of practitioners applying the principles of molecular fluorescence."-Ken Jacobson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill"An exquisite compendium of fluorescence and its applications in biochemistry enriched by a very exciting historical perspective. This book will become a standard text for graduate students and other scientists."-Drs. Zygmunt (Karol) Gryczynski and Ignacy Gryczynski, University of North Texas Health Science Center"… truly a masterwork, combining clarity, precision, and good humor. The reader, novice or expert, will be pleased with the text and will not stop reading. It is a formidable account of the fluorescence field, which has impacted the life sciences so considerably in the last 60 years."-Jerson L. Silva, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Director, National Institute of Science and Tech...

  10. Highly absorptive curcumin reduces serum atherosclerotic low-density lipoprotein levels in patients with mild COPD

    Funamoto M


    Full Text Available Masafumi Funamoto,1,2 Yoichi Sunagawa,1–3 Yasufumi Katanasaka,1–3 Yusuke Miyazaki,1,2 Atsushi Imaizumi,4 Hideaki Kakeya,5 Hajime Yamakage,2 Noriko Satoh-Asahara,2 Maki Komiyama,2 Hiromichi Wada,2 Koji Hasegawa,2 Tatsuya Morimoto1–3 1Division of Molecular Medicine, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka, Shizuoka, 2Clinical Research Institute, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center, Kyoto, 3Shizuoka General Hospital, Shizuoka, 4Theravalues Corporation, Kioicho, Tokyo, 5Department of System Chemotherapy and Molecular Sciences, Division of Bioinformatics and Chemical Genomics, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan Purpose: COPD is mainly caused by tobacco smoking and is associated with a high frequency of coronary artery disease. There is growing recognition that the inflammation in COPD is not only confined to the lungs but also involves the systemic circulation and can impact nonpulmonary organs, including blood vessels. α1-antitrypsin–low-density lipoprotein (AT-LDL complex is an oxidatively modified LDL that accelerates atherosclerosis. Curcumin, one of the best-investigated natural products, is a powerful antioxidant. However, the effects of curcumin on AT-LDL remain unknown. We hypothesized that Theracurmin®, a highly absorptive curcumin with improved bioavailability using a drug delivery system, ameliorates the inflammatory status in subjects with mild COPD.Patients and methods: This is a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group study. Subjects with stages I–II COPD according to the Japanese Respiratory Society criteria were randomly assigned to receive 90 mg Theracurmin® or placebo twice a day for 24 weeks, and changes in inflammatory parameters were evaluated.Results: There were no differences between the Theracurmin® and placebo groups in terms of age, male/female ratio, or body mass index in 39 evaluable subjects. The percent changes in blood pressure

  11. Chemical equilibration in relativistic heavy ion collisions

    Brown, Gerald E.; Lee, Chang-Hwan; Rho, Mannque


    In the hadronic sector of relativistic heavy ion physics, the ρ<-2π reaction is the strongest one, strong enough to equilibrate the ρ with the pions throughout the region from chemical freezeout to thermal freezeout when free-particle interactions (with no medium-dependent effects) are employed. Above the chiral restoration temperature, only ρ's and π's are present, in that the chirally restored A1 is equivalent to the ρ and the mesons have an SU(4) symmetry, with no dependence on isospin and negligible dependence on spin. In the same sense the σ and π are 'equivalent' scalars. Thus the chirally restored ρ<-2π exhaust the interspecies transitions. We evaluate this reaction at Tc and find it to be much larger than below Tc, certainly strong enough to equilibrate the chirally restored mesons just above Tc. When emitted just below Tc the mesons remain in the Tc+ε freezeout distribution, at least in the chiral limit because of the Harada-Yamawaki 'vector manifestation' that requires that mesonic coupling constants go to zero (in the chiral limit) as T goes to Tc from below. Our estimates in the chiral limit give deviations in some particle ratios from the standard scenario (of equilibrium in the hadronic sector just below Tc) of about double those indicated experimentally. This may be due to the neglect of explicit chiral symmetry breaking in our estimates. We also show that the instanton molecules present above Tc are the giant multipole vibrations found by Asakawa, Hatsuda and Nakahara and of Wetzorke et al. in lattice gauge calculations. Thus, the matter formed by RHIC can equivalently be called: chirally restored mesons, instanton molecules, or giant collective vibrations. It is a strongly interacting liquid

  12. The role of the dorsoanterior striatum in implicit motivation: The case of the need for power

    Oliver C Schultheiss


    Full Text Available Implicit motives like the need for power (nPower scale affective responses to need-specific rewards or punishments and thereby influence activity in motivational-brain structures. In this paper, we review evidence specifically supporting a role of the striatum in nPower. Individual differences in nPower predict (a enhanced implicit learning accuracy, but not speed, on serial-response tasks that are reinforced by power-related incentives (e.g., winning or losing a contest; dominant or submissive emotional expressions in behavioral studies and (b activation of the anterior caudate in response to dominant emotional expressions in brain imaging research. We interpret these findings on the basis of Hikosaka, Nakamura, Sakai, and Nakahara's (2002; Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 12(2, 217-222 model of central mechanisms of motor skill learning. The model assigns a critical role to the dorsoanterior striatum in dopamine-driven learning of spatial stimulus sequences. Based on this model, we suggest that the dorsoanterior striatum is the locus of nPower-dependent reinforcement. However, given the centrality of this structure in a wide range of motivational pursuits, we also propose that activity in the dorsoanterior striatum may not only reflect individual differences in nPower, but also in other implicit motives, like the need for achievement or the need for affiliation, provided that the proper incentives for these motives are present during reinforcement learning. We discuss evidence in support of such a general role of the dorsoanterior striatum in implicit motivation.

  13. EDITORIAL: Focus on Carbon Nanotubes


    planes to stable loops caused by annealing M Endo, B J Lee, Y A Kim, Y J Kim, H Muramatsu, T Yanagisawa, T Hayashi, M Terrones and M S Dresselhaus Energetics and electronic structure of C70-peapods and one-dimensional chains of C70 Susumu Okada, Minoru Otani and Atsushi Oshiyama Theoretical characterization of several models of nanoporous carbon F Valencia, A H Romero, E Hernández, M Terrones and H Terrones First-principles molecular dynamics study of the stretching frequencies of hydrogen molecules in carbon nanotubes Gabriel Canto, Pablo Ordejón, Cheng Hansong, Alan C Cooper and Guido P Pez The geometry and the radial breathing mode of carbon nanotubes: beyond the ideal behaviour Jeno Kürti, Viktor Zólyomi, Miklos Kertesz and Sun Guangyu Curved nanostructured materials Humberto Terrones and Mauricio Terrones A one-dimensional Ising model for C70 molecular ordering in C70-peapods Yutaka Maniwa, Hiromichi Kataura, Kazuyuki Matsuda and Yutaka Okabe Nanoengineering of carbon nanotubes for nanotools Yoshikazu Nakayama and Seiji Akita Narrow diameter double-wall carbon nanotubes: synthesis, electron microscopy and inelastic light scattering R R Bacsa, E Flahaut, Ch Laurent, A Peigney, S Aloni, P Puech and W S Bacsa Sensitivity of single multiwalled carbon nanotubes to the environment M Krüger, I Widmer, T Nussbaumer, M Buitelaar and C Schönenberger Characterizing carbon nanotube samples with resonance Raman scattering A Jorio, M A Pimenta, A G Souza Filho, R Saito, G Dresselhaus and M S Dresselhaus FTIR-luminescence mapping of dispersed single-walled carbon nanotubes Sergei Lebedkin, Katharina Arnold, Frank Hennrich, Ralph Krupke, Burkhard Renker and Manfred M Kappes Structural properties of Haeckelite nanotubes Ph Lambin and L P Biró Structural changes in single-walled carbon nanotubes under non-hydrostatic pressures: x-ray and Raman studies Sukanta Karmakar, Surinder M Sharma, P V Teredesai, D V S Muthu, A Govindaraj, S K Sikka and A K Sood Novel properties of 0

  14. Comparative Laser Spectroscopy Diagnostics for Ancient Metallic Artefacts Exposed to Environmental Pollution

    Łukasz Ciupiński


    Full Text Available Metal artworks are subjected to corrosion and oxidation processes due to reactive agents present in the air, water and in the ground that these objects have been in contact with for hundreds of years. This is the case for archaeological metals that are recovered from excavation sites, as well as artefacts exposed to polluted air. Stabilization of the conservation state of these objects needs precise diagnostics of the accrued surface layers and identification of original, historical materials before further protective treatments, including safe laser cleaning of unwanted layers. This paper presents analyses of the chemical composition and stratigraphy of corrosion products with the use of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS and Raman spectroscopy. The discussion of the results is supported by material studies (SEM-EDS, XRF, ion-analyses. The tests were performed on several samples taken from original objects, including copper roofing from Wilanów Palace in Warsaw and Karol Poznański Palace in Łódź, bronze decorative figures from the Wilanów Palace gardens, and four archaeological examples of old jewellery (different copper alloys. Work has been performed as a part of the MATLAS project in the frames of EEA and Norway Grants ( and the results enable the comparison of the methodology and to elaborate the joint diagnostic procedures of the three project partner independent laboratories.

  15. Les coulisses de la création

    Beffa, Karol


    Comment et d’où viennent les idées ? La liberté créatrice a-t-elle besoin de contraintes ? Quel rôle jouent les rituels de chacun dans l’élaboration de la pensée ? Karol Beffa et Cédric Villani répondent à ces questions et bien d’autres dans un dialogue à bâtons rompus abordant la création dans leurs disciplines respectives, les mathématiques et la musique, qui partagent une longue histoire commune. Au fil de cette conversation, c’est un portrait de ces deux grands esprits qui se dessine et permet d’appréhender leur personnalité, leur oeuvre et leur parcours singulier. Comment devient-on mathématicien ou compositeur ? Comment s’organise une journée type dans ces métiers ? Ils partagent leur expérience et se livrent sans détours.


    Pedro García Casas


    Full Text Available The main objective of this inquiry is to examine the reach and influence of the Unconditional Norm throughout Karol Wojtyła’s thinking in order to understand the Wojtylian personalistic norm and to propose it as the basis for all social interactions. To this end, our primary method is obtained from the study of Kant’s Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals, which exposes the theory of imperatives and in a special way is able to show, as opposed to utilitarianism, how it is that a person can never be a mere means, but is rather an end in itself. This Kantian concept had a profound impact on Wojtyła, who was also critical of utilitarian ethics and thus found great inspiration in the Kantian proposal. However, Wojtyła goes beyond the Kantian proposal because, although they coincide in many points, Wojtyła felt that the subject of experience was not sufficiently addressed, given that it had an a priori, and therefore insufficient, perspective of the personal self. Wojtyła’s Aristotelian-Thomist education, driven by the discovery of Max Scheler’s phenomenology, gave substance to a very original doctrine in both method and projection.

  17. Emotional changes occurring in women in pregnancy, parturition and lying-in period according to factors exerting an effect on a woman during the peripartum period

    Beata Pięta


    Full Text Available [b]Introduction[/b]. Pregnancy, parturition and childcare, which are important moments in a woman’s life, are connected with many emotional states of a future mother, a pregnant woman and a lying-in woman. The perinatal period is the time when the risk of psychological disorders in a pregnant woman may increase by even several times. [b]Objective.[/b] The objective of the study was recognition of the main emotional and psychological changes in pregnant women, those in labour and lying-in, according to the factors occurring during the peripartum period. [b]Material and method[/b]. The study was conducted in the form of a survey and covered a group of 108 mothers who were hospitalized in gynaecological-obstetric and obstetric wards in the Karol Marcinkowski Gynaecological-Obstetric University Hospital in Poznań. [b]Results[/b]. There are a number of factors which may exert a negative effect on the emotions of women in pregnancy, parturition, and during lying-in. The study showed that there is a close relationship between the occurrence of these factors and emotional states of the mothers after giving birth. [b]Conclusion[/b]. Special attention should be given to women in whom already during pregnancy factors arise which may have a negative impact on their mental state. Emotions during pregnancy, parturition and lying-in are often quite extreme, and achieve a high intensity, as well being very variable within a short period of time.

  18. Il futurismo polacco nella critica letteraria dell’epoca [Polish Futurism in Literary Criticism of the Early Twentieth Century

    Andrea F. De Carlo


    Full Text Available The article analyses the critical voices raised against the young poets and artists who promoted Futurism in Poland during the first half of the Twentieth century. Futurist manifestos influenced the new Polish poetry, stimulating a lively debate among intellectuals of the calibre of Stefan Żeromski and Karol Irzykowski. In general, the coeval criticism of Polish Futurism focused on three main points: the lack of originality and servile imitation of foreign literary models; the repudiation of the past and national traditions; Futurism as an expression of ideologies such as Fascism in Italy and Bolshevism in Russia. In this article, specific attention is devoted to an analysis of the essay Snobizm i postęp (Snobbery and Progress, 1923 by Żeromski. The writer, criticising Polish imitators of Russian Futurism, affirmed that Polish literature and culture, in the context of national reconstruction after three partitions of Poland, needed to maintain its natural connection with the past and at the same time, without losing its national nature, to weave some universal suggestions into the plot of purely Polish themes. The goal of this article is to reveal that Żeromski and Irzykowski’s critical stance towards the Polish Futurists, which influenced the critics of the next generation, was dictated by a shallow analysis of Futuristic works and by their inability to understand Futuristic efforts to modernise Polish art and literature.

  19. Comparative Laser Spectroscopy Diagnostics for Ancient Metallic Artefacts Exposed to Environmental Pollution

    Ciupiński, Łukasz; Fortuna-Zaleśna, Elżbieta; Garbacz, Halina; Koss, Andrzej; Kurzydłowski, Krzysztof J.; Marczak, Jan; Mróz, Janusz; Onyszczuk, Tomasz; Rycyk, Antoni; Sarzyński, Antoni; Skrzeczanowski, Wojciech; Strzelec, Marek; Zatorska, Anna; Żukowska, Grażyna Z.


    Metal artworks are subjected to corrosion and oxidation processes due to reactive agents present in the air, water and in the ground that these objects have been in contact with for hundreds of years. This is the case for archaeological metals that are recovered from excavation sites, as well as artefacts exposed to polluted air. Stabilization of the conservation state of these objects needs precise diagnostics of the accrued surface layers and identification of original, historical materials before further protective treatments, including safe laser cleaning of unwanted layers. This paper presents analyses of the chemical composition and stratigraphy of corrosion products with the use of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman spectroscopy. The discussion of the results is supported by material studies (SEM-EDS, XRF, ion-analyses). The tests were performed on several samples taken from original objects, including copper roofing from Wilanów Palace in Warsaw and Karol Poznański Palace in ŁódŸ, bronze decorative figures from the Wilanów Palace gardens, and four archaeological examples of old jewellery (different copper alloys). Work has been performed as a part of the MATLAS project in the frames of EEA and Norway Grants ( and the results enable the comparison of the methodology and to elaborate the joint diagnostic procedures of the three project partner independent laboratories. PMID:22399915

  20. Cognitive functioning and behaviour of epileptic children in parents' assessment.

    Talarska, Dorota; Steinborn, Barbara; Michalak, Michał


    Cognitive functioning and behaviour of chronically ill children are affected by many factors, including anxiety due to hospitalization, persistent symptoms of sickness and adverse side effects of medications. The aim of this work was to seek out parents' opinion concerning cognitive functioning and behaviour of children with epilepsy. The study comprised 156 children with epilepsy aged 7-18 and treated in the Department of Developmental Neurology at Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Sciences and in an outpatient clinic. The research tool used was the questionnaire Quality of Life in Childhood Epilepsy (QOLCE) completed by parents. Assessment of cognitive functioning and behaviour was based on the analysis of the areas V (cognitive processes) and VII (behaviour). Parents assessed children's functioning in the areas of cognitive processes and behaviour at a similar level - 55 points. In the area of cognitive processes, concentration while performing some tasks and reading was assessed as the worst. A significant difference in caregivers' assessment was found according to age, frequency of seizures and duration of disease. In the area analysing the child's behaviour, parents indicated getting angry easily and not being upset by other people's opinions. The display of aggression towards others got the lowest number of comments. The children's functioning was assessed by parents as rather poor in both analysed areas. Parents of children treated with polytherapy noticed more difficulties in cognitive functioning and behaviour than parents of children treated with one medication.

  1. Quality of life in healthy children and in children with tension headaches--a comparative analysis.

    Talarska, D


    The aim of this study was the assessment of the quality of life of children and adolescents with tension headaches in comparison with healthy peers. The study was conducted on 135 middle school and high school students in Poznań and on 86 children with tension headaches, that were treated in the out-patient clinic of The Chair and Clinic of Development Age Neurology of Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznań. The research tool for both groups was Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory, version 4.0 (PedsQL 4.0) questionnaire. In the analysed groups dominated 14- and 16-year-old children. Among children with tension headaches, the ailments usually appeared once or twice a week in 39 (45%) of them. With the use of the PedsQL 4.0 questionnaire the following fields of activity were analyzed: biological, emotional, social functioning and mood. The biggest discrepancies between the group of healthy children and those with headaches were noted in the field of emotional functioning and mood. Adolescents with tension headaches more frequently reported the feeling of fear and sleep disorders in comparison to healthy students. Children with headaches look at the future in a more pessimistic way and are less satisfied with their lives.

  2. Personality and music preferences: the influence of personality traits on preferences regarding musical elements.

    Kopacz, Malgorzata


    The purpose of this scientific study was to determine how personality traits, as classified by Cattell, influence preferences regarding musical elements. The subject group consisted of 145 students, male and female, chosen at random from different Polish universities. For the purpose of determining their personality traits the participants completed the 16PF Questionnaire (Cattell, Saunders, & Stice, 1957; Russel & Karol, 1993), in its Polish adaptation by Choynowski (Nowakowska, 1970). The participants' musical preferences were determined by their completing a Questionnaire of Musical Preferences (specifically created for the purposes of this research), in which respondents indicated their favorite piece of music. Next, on the basis of the Questionnaire of Musical Preferences, a list of the works of music chosen by the participants was compiled. All pieces were collected on CDs and analyzed to separate out their basic musical elements. The statistical analysis shows that some personality traits: Liveliness (Factor F), Social Boldness (Factor H), Vigilance (Factor L), Openness to Change (Factor Q1), Extraversion (a general factor) have an influence on preferences regarding musical elements. Important in the subjects' musical preferences were found to be those musical elements having stimulative value and the ability to regulate the need for stimulation. These are: tempo, rhythm in relation to metrical basis, number of melodic themes, sound voluminosity, and meter.

  3. Turtelduer?: Medier, stat og politik i Central- og Østeuropa. Medieforandring i Central- og Østeuropa: Udvikling af en analysemodel

    Karol Jacubowicz


    Full Text Available Den polske medieforsker, Karol Jakubowicz, tager os med på en rundtur i de tidligere kommunistiske lande i Øst- og Centraleuropa. Hvordan går det med pressefriheden og mediernes løsrivelse fra staten? spørger han. Han opstiller følgende kriterier for frie medier: Differentiering, professiona- lisering af journalister, demonopolisering, decentralisering og en grad af demokratisering. Ifølge Jakubowicz er der en tæt sammenhæng mellem de politiske og økonomiske reformer, et land har gennemgået, og medier- nes frigørelsesproces. De tidligere kommunistiske lande grupperes efter, hvilket stade medieudviklingen er nået til og de politiske og økonomiske forhindringer for medieudviklingen opregnes. Den gennemgående tendens i det østeuropæiske medielandskab er "italienske tilstande", dvs. udbredt statslig kontrol med medierne, stærke partitilhørsforhold og integration mellem medier og den politiske elite, konkluderer Jakubowicz. Artiklen har før været publiceret i tidsskriftet Javnost/The Public.

  4. Water flow simulation and analysis in HMA microstructure

    Can Chen


    Full Text Available This paper introduces a new method for reconstructing virtual two-dimensional (2-D microstructure of hot mix asphalt (HMA. Based on the method, the gradation of coarse aggregates and the film thickness of the asphalt binder can be defined by the user. The HMA microstructure then serves as the input to the computational fluid dynamic (CFD software (ANSYS-FLUENT to investigate the water flow pattern through it. It is found that the realistic flow fields can be simulated in the 2-D micro-structure and the flow patterns in some typical air void structures can be identified. These flow patterns can be used to explain the mechanism that could result in moisture damage in HMA pavement. The one-dimensional numerical permeability values are also derived from the flow fields of the 2-D HMA microstructure and compared with the measured values obtained by the Karol-Warner permeameter. Because the interconnected air voids channels in actual HMA samples cannot be fully represented in a 2-D model, some poor agreements need to be improved.

  5. Long term contracts signed in Slovak timber business

    Haluza, I.


    The Slovak timber business is changing. The state-owned company, SR Forests, which cuts more then 50% of Slovak timber has signed long term agreements with major domestic timber processing companies - Smrecina, the Rettenmeier Tatra Timber saw mill in Liptovsky Mikulas and two paper mills - Mondi SCP Ruzomberok and Kappa Sturovo. In the past, only quarterly contracts were signed. Now, for the first time, two-year contracts have been signed that should help the timber processing industry and the forestry sector. The General Director of Lesy SR (SR Forests), Karol Vins, hopes for better sale prices. Company headquarters wants to maintain better control of prices than under the old system of timber sales by its branches. In the opinion of the General Director of the Forestry Section at the Ministry of Agriculture, long term contracts will guarantee a stable delivery of timber to processing companies, giving investors in new production capacity a better position in negotiations with banks regarding financing. According to K. Vins, long term contracts have so far only been negotiated with major timber processing companies which are mostly controlled by foreign capital and therefore have good payment discipline. The Association of the Timber Processing Industry is unhappy regarding developments and Lesy SR has not invited domestic companies to these negotiations

  6. Comparison of the effectiveness of complex decongestive therapy and compression bandaging as a method of treatment of lymphedema in the elderly

    Zasadzka E


    Full Text Available Ewa Zasadzka,1 Tomasz Trzmiel,1 Maria Kleczewska,2 Mariola Pawlaczyk1 1Department of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland; 2Day Rehabilitation Center, Hospicjum Palium, Poznań, Poland Background: Lymphedema is a chronic condition which significantly lowers the quality of patient life, particularly among elderly populations, whose mobility and physical function are often reduced. Objectives: The aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of multi-layer compression bandaging (MCB and complex decongestive therapy (CDT, and to show that MCB is a cheaper, more accessible and less labor intensive method of treating lymphedema in elderly patients. Patients and methods: The study included 103 patients (85 women and 18 men aged ≥60 years, with unilateral lower limb lymphedema. The subjects were divided into two groups: 50 treated with CDT and 53 with MCB. Pre- and post-treatment BMI, and average and maximum circumference of the edematous extremities were analyzed. Results: Reduction in swelling in both groups was achieved after 15 interventions. Both therapies demonstrated similar efficacy in reducing limb volume and circumference, but MCB showed greater efficacy in reducing the maximum circumference. Conclusion: Compression bandaging is a vital component of CDT. Maximum lymphedema reduction during therapy and maintaining its effect cannot be achieved without it. It also demonstrates its effectiveness as an independent method, which can reduce therapy cost and accessibility. Keywords: lymphedema, elderly, therapy, compression bandaging

  7. Emotional changes occurring in women in pregnancy, parturition and lying-in period according to factors exerting an effect on a woman during the peripartum period.

    Pięta, Beata; Jurczyk, Mieczysława Urszula; Wszołek, Katarzyna; Opala, Tomasz


    Pregnancy, parturition and childcare, which are important moments in a woman's life, are connected with many emotional states of a future mother, a pregnant woman and a lying-in woman. The perinatal period is the time when the risk of psychological disorders in a pregnant woman may increase by even several times. Objective. The objective of the study was recognition of the main emotional and psychological changes in pregnant women, those in labour and lying-in, according to the factors occurring during the peripartum period. The study was conducted in the form of a survey and covered a group of 108 mothers who were hospitalized in gynaecological-obstetric and obstetric wards in the Karol Marcinkowski Gynaecological-Obstetric University Hospital in Poznań. There are a number of factors which may exert a negative effect on the emotions of women in pregnancy, parturition, and during lying-in. The study showed that there is a close relationship between the occurrence of these factors and emotional states of the mothers after giving birth. Special attention should be given to women in whom already during pregnancy factors arise which may have a negative impact on their mental state. Emotions during pregnancy, parturition and lying-in are often quite extreme, and achieve a high intensity, as well being very variable within a short period of time.

  8. Adolf Sandoz, an Orientalist Painter in Algeria

    Wójcik, Agata


    Full Text Available Adolf Karol Sandoz was a 19th-century Polish artist who spent his life and developed his artistic career in France. In Paris, he studied painting and architecture, and worked as a professional illustrator. He can also be linked with a circle of artist-travellers, who searched for new sources of inspiration in the Orient. In 1879 and 1881, Sandoz travelled in Algeria. He described his impressions from the first journey in vividly written memoires published by the Krakow journal "Czas". His travels inspired several genre paintings, including: "Interior of a house in Biskra", "Dancer from the Uled Nail tribe", "Arab woman by a cradle", "Morning in the Sahara", "Evening in the Sahara", "Oasis", "On the Oued riverbank at El Kantara oasis", and "Sheik Mistress of El Kantara". At present, his works emerge at art auctions, are known from reproductions, or only from descriptions. Sandoz exhibited in Paris, Warsaw, Krakow, and Lviv, where he was appreciated by art critics. The aim of this article is to introduce Sandoz’s journey to Algeria, analyse his paintings with exotic subject matter, and locate them within a wider context of orientalist painting. It will also present the history of artistic travel to Algeria undertaken by 19th-century painters, including those from Poland.

  9. Noninvasive monitoring of the genetic evolution of EGFR-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer by analyzing circulating tumor DNA during combination chemotherapy with gefitinib and pemetrexed or S-1

    Nakahara Y


    Full Text Available Yoshiro Nakahara,1,2 Yusuke Takagi,1,3 Yukio Hosomi,1 Akiko Kagei,4 Tomohiro Yamamoto,4 Takeshi Sawada,5 Makiko Yomota,1 Yusuke Okuma,1 Shinichiro Mikura,1,6 Tatsuru Okamura1 1Department of Thoracic Oncology and Respiratory Medicine, Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center Komagome Hospital, Tokyo, 2Department of Respiratory Medicine, Kitasato University School of Medicine, Sagamihara, 3Oncology Scientific Affairs, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp, 4GeneticLab Co., Ltd., Sapporo, 5Department of Medical Oncology, Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center Komagome Hospital, Tokyo, 6Department of Respiratory Medicine, Fujieda Municipal General Hospital, Fujieda, Japan Background: Repetitive genotyping is useful to assess the genetic evolution of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC during treatment, but the need for sampling by biopsy is a major obstacle. Digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR is a promising procedure for the detection of mutant alleles in plasma of cancer patients.Methods: This prospective study enrolled patients with NSCLC and known epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR mutations and who had experienced disease progression during ongoing EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI therapy. Eligible patients received daily gefitinib and either pemetrexed or S-1 every 3 weeks until disease progression or the development of unacceptable toxicity. Peripheral blood was collected before and after the combination therapy for digital PCR and hepatocyte growth factor measurement.Results: From May 2012 to January 2014, nine patients with a median age of 67 (range 52–80 years were enrolled. Patterns of disease progression during adjacent EGFR-TKI therapy were acquired resistance, observed in seven patients, and primary resistance, observed in two patients. Known EGFR mutations were detected in plasma samples of six (67% patients at study enrollment. Of these, T790M mutation was concurrently detected in three (50% patients

  10. Faculty of social Christian teaching at Jagiellonian University

    Stanisław Piech


    Vorlesungen Andrzej Mytkowicz, ein Geistlicher und ehemaliger Universitatsprofessor fur christliche Soziologie in Lemberg, der sie bis 1938/39 fortsetzte. Zur Zeit der deutschen Besatzung, als die Krakauer Universitat bereits geschlossen war, wurde die Katcholische Soziallehre an den Priesterseminaren den Priesterseminaren fur die Diozese Krakau und Tschenstochau von Piwowarczyk unterrichtet. Nach Kriegsende ubernahm den Lehrauftrag an der JU wieder Mytkowicz und las daruber bis 1946/47. Von 1947 bis 1952 setzte diese Vortragsreihe Piwowarczyk fort, der zu dem Zeitpunkt auch Redaktionsmitglied der katholischen Wochenschrift "Tygodnik Powszechny" war. In dem Studienjahr 1952/53 wurde Piwowarczyk von Bolesław Kominek, dem spateren Kardinal und Erzbischof-Metropolit von Wrocław abgelost. Im letzten Jahr vor der Abschaffung der Theologischen Fakultat an der UJ hielt diese Vortrage Karol Wojtyła, der spatere Krakauer Erzbischof und Papst Johannes-Paul II. Obgleich in dem Zeitraum 1910-1954 die Katholische Soziallehre an der UJ nur 15 Oahre lang an einen eigens dafur eingerichteten Lehrstuhl unterrichtet werden konnte, hatte die Theologische Fakultat das Gluck, dafur jeweils die besten Wissenschaftler zu gewinnen, die - wie Zimmermann, Piwowarczyk und nicht zuletzt auch Karol Wojtyła - bis heute sehr bekannt sind.

  11. First discovery of the charophycean green alga Lychnothamnus barbatus (Charophyceae) extant in the New World.

    Karol, Kenneth G; Skawinski, Paul M; McCourt, Richard M; Nault, Michelle E; Evans, Reesa; Barton, Martha E; Berg, Matthew S; Perleberg, Donna J; Hall, John D


    Although some species of Characeae, known as stoneworts, can be found on every continent except Antarctica, many species and some genera have limited geographic distributions. The genus Lychnothamnus , represented by a single extant species L. barbatus , was known only from scattered localities in Europe and Australasia until it was recently discovered in North America. Morphological identifications were made from specimens collected in Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA. DNA sequences were obtained for three plastid-encoded genes ( atpB , psbC , rbcL ) from seven putative Lychnothamnus samples from two states in the USA Distribution and abundance were estimated in each lake using point intercept surveys where surveyors sampled aquatic vegetation. Fourteen lakes in Wisconsin and two lakes in Minnesota, USA, were found to harbor Lychnothamnus barbatus . These represent the first report of this rare charophycean extant in the New World. The North American specimens matched the morphological description for L. barbatus and were compared directly with the neotype. Phylogenetic results using three plastid-encoded genes confirmed the identification placing New World samples with those from Europe and Australasia. Our phylogenetic analyses also confirmed the sister relationship between L. barbatus and Nitellopsis obtusa . Because this taxon is not known for aggressive invasiveness in its native range, it may have existed in heretofore-undiscovered native populations, although the possibility that it is a recent introduction cannot be eliminated. The potential for discovery of novel lineages of green algae in even well-studied regions is apparently far from exhausted. © 2017 Karol et al. Published by the Botanical Society of America. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY-NC).

  12. [Genotyping of oncogenic human papilloma viruses in women with HG SIL diagnosis].

    Kedzia, Witold; Pruski, Dominik; Józefiak, Agata; Rokita, Wojciech; Spaczyński, Marek


    Development of primary prevention of cervical cancer in other words a vaccination against selected, oncogenic HPV types, entails an increasing importance of epidemiological studies and prevalence of various types of human papilloma virus. The incidence of HPV varies depending on the geographic location of the population. The effectiveness of primary prevention against HPV 16, 18, in the context of reducing the incidence of cervical cancer will depend, among others, on the prevalence of these types in the population and virus-like antigens, which are partially cross-resistant. Identification of the most frequent, oncogenic HPV types in women with HG SIL diagnosis from Central and Western Poland to assess the merits of the development of primary prevention. For the purpose of molecular tests identifying the presence of 13 DNA oncogenic virus types, swabs were taken with the cyto-brush from 76 women diagnosed with CIN 2 or CIN 3 (HG SIL). Patients eligible for the study were diagnosed at the Laboratory of Pathophysiology of Uterine Cervix, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital of Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences. Patients came from Central and Western parts of Poland. Cell material in which the method of Amplicor HPV (Roche Diagnostics) identified the presence of DNA of oncogenic HPV types was in each case subsequently subjected to genotyping using the molecular test - Linear Array HPV Genotyping (Roche Diagnostics). Five most common oncogenic HPV types in order of detection included: 16, 33, 18, 31, 56. Together these five types of virus comprised 75.86% (88/116) of all detected HPV types. 1. In women from Central and Western Poland, diagnosed with HG SIL, the most common HPV genotypes were HPV 16, HPV33, HPV 18, HPV31, HPV56. 2. Two HPV types 16 and 18, against which vaccinations are directed, belong to the group of three genotypes of HPV most commonly identified in the evolution of CIN 2, CIN 3 diagnosed in women from Central and Western

  13. Clinically significant drug–drug interactions involving opioid analgesics used for pain treatment in patients with cancer: a systematic review

    Kotlinska-Lemieszek A


    Full Text Available Aleksandra Kotlinska-Lemieszek,1 Pål Klepstad,2,3,6 Dagny Faksvåg Haugen2,4,5 1Palliative Medicine Chair and Department, University Hospital of the Lord’s Transfiguration, Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland; 2European Palliative Care Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology,Trondheim, Norway; 3Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, Norway; 4Regional Centre of Excellence for Palliative Care, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway; 5Department of Clinical Medicine K1, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway; 6Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway Background: Opioids are the most frequently used drugs to treat pain in cancer patients. In some patients, however, opioids can cause adverse effects and drug–drug interactions. No advice concerning the combination of opioids and other drugs is given in the current European guidelines. Objective: To identify studies that report clinically significant drug–drug interactions involving opioids used for pain treatment in adult cancer patients. Design and data sources: Systematic review with searches in Embase, MEDLINE, and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials from the start of the databases (Embase from 1980 through January 2014. In addition, reference lists of relevant full-text papers were hand-searched. Results: Of 901 retrieved papers, 112 were considered as potentially eligible. After full-text reading, 17 were included in the final analysis, together with 15 papers identified through hand-searching of reference lists. All of the 32 included publications were case reports or case series. Clinical manifestations of drug–drug interactions involving opioids were grouped as follows: 1 sedation and respiratory depression, 2 other central nervous system symptoms, 3 impairment of pain

  14. Relaunch of Petrochema managed by Russians

    Beer, G.


    In February the new owners of the Petrochema Dubova refinery started the restructuring of the company. With Swiss documents and money from Russia and Ukraine. 'We will not become OMV or Slovnaft,' said the director of the company, Igor Melnikov. He is preparing a celebration for the end of May. For the first time since 2004 Petrochema will start refining oil. The reconstructed distillation column will produce petrol, heating oil and black oil. Petrochema was in need of strong owners. Neither Karol Konarik nor Alfa Trading managed to stabilize the company after privatization. The financially weak company has been on the brink of brink of bankruptcy for many years and has booked a loss each year of several million crowns. The indebtedness in 2006 reached 97%. It was closest to bankruptcy in 2005 when the freight transport company Express Slovakia 'Medzinarodna preprava' requested payment of a debt. But it was not the first time the company had got into such trouble. The Czech owner, Annectis group that had bought into the company in 2004 did not help the weak company either. Although it was very confident after the acquisition and expected that after restructuring profits could reach 180 mil. Sk (5.71 mil. EUR). But the group did not manage to find a strategic investor, nor even the oil needed to start production. Slovak groups started purchasing Petrochema's receivables - CI Holding, communicating with Banka Slovakia (now Privatbanka), and people connected to Istrokapital group. And these were more successful. They managed to acquire receivables from transport companies, VUB banka and Dexia banka and via Petroinvest Bratislava they took over the company. Invest-Kapital supported the company with short term financial assistance of a total value of around 25 mil. Sk (793,000 EUR). This amount was then taken over by Postova banka in the form of a loan to Petrochema. But the Slovaks did not succeed in signing contracts to ensure extensive oil deliveries from Kazakhstan

  15. Assessment of the risk of falling with the use of timed up and go test in the elderly with lower extremity osteoarthritis

    Zasadzka E


    Full Text Available Ewa Zasadzka,1 Adrianna Maria Borowicz,1 Magdalena Roszak,2 Mariola Pawlaczyk1 1Department of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, 2Department of Computer Science and Statistics, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland Background: Falling in the elderly results in a significant number of admissions to hospitals and long-term care facilities, especially among patients with lower extremity osteoarthritis (OA.Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the risk of falling in adults older than 60 years with OA using timed up and go (TUG test.Materials and methods: A total of 187 patients (aged >60 years were enrolled in the study. The assessment included: basic activities of daily living (ADLs, lower extremity strength with the use of the 30-second chair stand test (30 CST, and assessment of the risk of falling (TUG test. Pain intensity was evaluated with the numeric rating scale (NRS.Results: The TUG test results were significantly better in younger OA patients (aged 60–69 years, as compared with their older peers (aged 70–79 years; P<0.01 and the oldest group (aged >80 years; P<0.001. Also, the 30 CST results were significantly higher in younger OA patients (P<0.05. Subjects older than 80 years had a significantly worse ADL score (P<0.05 and P<0.001. Pain complaints were reported significantly more frequently by women than men (P<0.05. A correlation between age and the TUG test score (r=0.412; P<0.0004 as well as between the TUG test and the 30 CST scores (r=0.7368; P=0.000 was detected. In the group with the TUG test score of <13.5 seconds, the 30 CST (P<0.0001 and ADL (P<0.003 results were significantly better. A comparison of fallers vs nonfallers revealed that the number of falls was significantly higher in the group of subjects who scored $13.5 when compared to <13.5 (P=0.003. Fallers significantly more often reported pain (P<0.0001, whereas nonfallers had

  16. The carriage of potentially pathogenic β-haemolytic streptococci (β-HS in healthy adult inhabitants of Wielkopolska, Poland

    Maciej Bura


    Full Text Available Background . Acute pharyngitis is a common disease in primary health care patients. Beta-hemolytic streptococci (β-HS are a frequent etiological agent, while swab culture from the throat and palatine tonsils is the gold standard for diagnosis. Objectives. The evaluation of the prevalence of potentially pathogenic β-HS carriage in young adult inhabitants of Wielkopolska. Material and methods. The study included 205 healthy young adult (18–44 years old (29.0 ± 6.4 inhabitants (M – 95, F – 110 of Wielkopolska (Poland. Two swabs were taken from the throat: the first one was used to perform a rapid antigenic diagnostic test (RAD T for group A streptococci (GAS and the second to grow a conventional culture. If β-HS grew, isolates were serotyped according to Lancefield. In addition, simple demographic and medical data were collected from the subjects. The study was financed from funds granted within the first edition of the “Give a hand” project (Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Results . Positive throat cultures were obtained in 15.6% out of 205 persons (n = 32. The distribution of β-HS serogroup results was as follows: group C (GCS – 17 cases (53.1% of cases where β-HS was positive, group F (GFS – 9 cases (28.1%, GAS – 3 people (9.4% and group G (GGS – 3 subjects (9.4%. The growth of the discussed bacteria in cultures was moderate or high in 53% of these cases. RAD T was positive in 5 cases (but only one person had GAS in throat culture. The positive culture result was significantly more frequent in men (62.5% out of 32 cases with β-HS growth, p = 0.0460. Conclusions . 1. The possibility of β-HS carriage must be taken into account when analysing the results of throat swab cultures. 2. GAS carriage is significantly lower than non-GAS carriage. 3. GCS were the most prevalent among non-GAS. 4. Being male may predispose individuals to β-HS carriage.

  17. Value of timber continues to increase

    Haluza, I.


    The state owned company, Lesy SR (state forests) enjoys great power in the timber industry. It can influence which timber processing companies in Slovakia will be successful and which will not have easy access to the raw material. It manages half of the forests in Slovakia. It is the only seller of timber in this country. Four years ago, the former cabinet appointed banker, Karol Vins, as the director of the company. And he started making changes. He centralized the timber business and thousands of people left the company. The goal was clear -to increase quality and efficiency. The economic performance of the company improved. The company has finally managed to post a profit. Last year, the government changed and so has the director of the company The former banker was replaced by a new head from a forestry research background, Jozef Mindas. He approves of some of the changes introduced by his predecessor and plans to continue implementing them, although there also those he would like to change. The new manager is not concerned regarding the big change from research where he used to work in the past to director of a big company and rejects the allegation that he was nominated by HZDS. I was approached as an expert and I won a tender. I have never been a member of a political party, he stated. He appreciates that his predecessor managed to revitalize the company, which was assisted by the positive effect of out-sourcing. But on the other hand, during transformation forests were not divided up correctly. The division into units did not always take into account the specific requirements of forestry, i.e. some employees in forest units have too much work and some, working in another forest unit, less. We have to make sure that the workload is approximately at the same level everywhere. He is aware of the fact that Lesy SR, which controls two thirds of the timber market, effectively decides which factory will succeed and which one will not. But he adds that Lesy SR do

  18. Absenteeism movement in Greater Poland in 1840–1902

    Izabela Krasińska


    Full Text Available The article presents the origins and development of the idea of absenteeism in Greater Poland in the 19th century. The start date for the research is 1840, which is considered to be a breakthrough year in the history of an organized absenteeism movement in Greater Poland. It was due to the Association for the Suppression of the Use of Vodka (Towarzystwo ku Przytłumieniu Używania Wódki in the Great Duchy of Posen that was then established in Kórnik. It was a secular organization that came into being on an initiative of doctor De La Roch, who was a German surgeon of a French origin. However, as early as 1844, the idea of absenteeism raised an interest of catholic clergymen of Greater Poland with high ranking clergy such as Rev. Leon Michał Przyłuski, Archbishop of Gniezno and Rev. Jan Kanty Dąbrowski, Archbishop of Posen, and later on Archbishops Rev. Mieczysław Halka Ledóchowski and Rev. Florian Oksza Stablewski. They were fascinated with activities of Rev. Jan Nepomucen Fick, Parish Priest of Piekary Śląskie and several other priests on whose initiative a lot of church brotherhoods of so called holy continence were set up in Upper Silesia as early as the first half-year of 1844. It was due to Bishop Dąbrowski that 100 000 people took vows of absenteeism in 1844–1845, becoming members of brotherhoods of absenteeism. In turn, it was an initiative of Archbishop Przyłuski that Jesuit missionaries – Rev. Karol Bołoz Antoniewicz, Rev. Teofil Baczyński and Rev. Kamil Praszałowicz, arrived in Greater Poland from Galicia in 1852 to promote the idea of absenteeism. Starting from 1848, they were helping Silesian clergymen to spread absenteeism. Clergymen of Greater Poland were also active in secular absenteeism associations. They became involved in the workings of the Association for the Promotion of Absenteeism that was set up by Zygmunt Celichowski in Kórnik in 1887, and especially in the Jutrzenka Absenteeism Association

  19. State forests deal cards for future of wood-industry

    Beer, G.; Sobinkovic, B.


    A decision to be made by Director of state-owned company Lesy SR Banska Bystrica (Slovak Forests), Karol Vins and the company management will influence the development of Slovak wood-processing industry for many years to come. He has to decide who will belong to an elite group of Slovak wood-processing companies. Those will be given a strategic advantage compared to their competitors: middle-term contracts for deliveries of wood from state forests. Majority of local wood-processing companies do not have longer than quarterly contracts signed for deliveries of wood from state-owned forests. And so they would like to introduce new business rules for Lesy SR by the end of this year. But K. Vins claims that the decision about key customers has to be made by Ministries of Economy and Land Management. Lesy SR cut about 50 percent of all wood cut in Slovakia and are therefore the most important supplier of this material on the market. And so all the major companies on the market focusing on immediate processing of wood are interested in it. . In general their prices are a few percent below the level as the volumes they offer are also lower. And so consumers complain mainly about high prices and the fact that they are not allowed to sign long-term contracts for wood deliveries. They also complain that the management of Lesy SR is not able to set realistic wood prices as it does not know the actual costs of wood and cutting price per 1 cubic meter of wood. Lesy SR are facing a major transformation. The management asked for a change organisation of the company, concentration of sale of wood, decreasing the number of staff by 3 600 people. The sale of redundant property should earn the company 1,4 bn Sk (35.03 mn Eur). The final decision on how the organization and economy of the company will change has to be made by the cabinet

  20. PREFACE: International Conference on Inverse Problems 2010

    Hon, Yiu-Chung; Ling, Leevan


    Conference 2010, we wish to express our cordial thanks to all the keynote, plenary, and invited speakers and members of the Advisory Board. We would like to thank the City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Mathematical Society, the K C Wong Education Foundation, the Lee Hysan Foundation, and the Wei Lun Foundation for their generous financial support. Particularly, we wish to thank Miss Lonn Chan for her excellent administrative work in making all the arrangements for the conference. March 2011Yiu-Chung Hon, City University of Hong Kong, HKSARLeevan Ling, Hong Kong Baptist University, HKSAR Invited Keynote SpeakerH Thomas Banks, North Carolina State University, USA Invited Plenary SpeakersRyuichi Ashino, Osaka Kyoiku University, JapanAndrea Caponnetto, City University of Hong Kong, HKSARJeng-Tzong Chen, National Taiwan Ocean University, TaiwanHiromichi Itou, Gunma University, JapanHyeonbae Kang, Inha University, South KoreaMichael Klibanov, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USAKim Knudsen, Technical University of Denmark, DenmarkRainer Kress, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, GermanyJérôme Le Rousseau, University of Orleans, FranceChang-Ock Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South KoreaGui-Rong Liu, University of Cincinnati, USAShuai Lu, Fudan University, ChinaFadil Santosa, University of Minnesota, USATomoya Takeuchi, North Carolina State University, USAXiang Xu, Zhejiang University, ChinaJun Zou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR Invited SpeakersMohamed Abdel-Mooty, The American University in Cairo, EgyptKrishna Agarwal, National University of Singapore, SingaporeHui Cao, Sun Yat-sen University, ChinaWen Chen, Hohai University, ChinaJin Cheng, Fudan University, ChinaLian Duan, University of Oxford, UKMeibao Ge, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, ChinaRalf Hielscher, TU Chemnitz, GermanyGuanghui Hu, Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS), GermanyKiwan Jeon, National Institute for Mathematical

  1. PREFACE: Continuum Models and Discrete Systems Symposia (CMDS-12)

    Chakrabarti, Bikas K.


    Bardhan, Davide Bigoni, Andrej Cherkaev, Hikaru Kawamura, Subhasish Mazumder, Srutarshi Pradhan, Jacques Prost, Sriram Ramaswamy, Ping Sheng, Asok K Sen) were unable to contribute to this proceedings volume; on the other hand, although Kamal could not participate in the symposium, he contributed to the proceedings volume. We are grateful to Lucilla de Arcangelis, Kamal K Bardhan, Abhik Basu, Jayanta K Bhattacharjee, Andrej Cherkaev, Yilong Han, Alex Hansen, Takahiro Hatano, Esin Inan, Hikaru Kawamura, Pradeep K Mohanty, Akio Nakahara, Surajit Sengupta, Ping Sheng, Sujata Tarafdar and Uwe Tauber for reviewing the papers submitted to this proceedings volume. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the organizing committee and acknowledge the financial support received from the Centre for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. We look forward to meeting you all at the next event in this series, CMDS 13, to be held in 2014/2015 in Utah, USA. Bikas K ChakrabartiChairman of CMDS 12Kolkata, 8 August 2011 Editors of the proceedings Abhik Basu K Chakrabarti Kumar Chandra Institute of Nuclear Physics, Sector-I, Block - AF, Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700064, India

  2. Matrix Results and Techniques in Quantum Information Science and Related Topics

    Pelejo, Diane Christine

    sigma(1),...,sigma (k) ∈ Dm, (b) constructing a multipartite state rho having a prescribed set of reduced states rho1,..., rhor on r of its subsystems, (c) constructing a multipartite staterho having prescribed reduced states and additional properties such as having prescribed eigenvalues, prescribed rank or low von Neuman entropy; and (d) determining if a square matrix A can be written as a product of two positive semidefinite contractions. In chapter 6, we examine the shape of the Minkowski product of convex subsets K1 and K2 of C given by K1K 2 = {ab: a ∈ K1, b ∈ K2}, which has applications in the study of the product numerical range and quantum error-correction. In Karol, it was conjectured that K1K 2 is star-shaped when K1 and K2 are convex. We give counterexamples to show that this conjecture does not hold in general but we show that the set K 1K2 is star-shaped if K 1 is a line segment or a circular disk.

  3. Using ferromagnetic nanoparticles with low Curie temperature for magnetic resonance imaging-guided thermoablation

    Herynek V


    Full Text Available Vít Herynek,1 Karolína Turnovcová,2 Pavel Veverka,3 Tereza Dědourková,4,5 Pavel Žvátora,6 Pavla Jendelová,2 Andrea Gálisová,1 Lucie Kosinová,7 Klára Jiráková,2 Eva Syková2 1MR-Unit, Radiodiagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, 2Department of Neuroscience, Institute of Experimental Medicine, 3Department of Magnetics and Superconductors, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 4Department of Inorganic Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, 5SYNPO, akciová společnost, Pardubice, 6Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, 7Diabetes Center, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic Introduction: Magnetic nanoparticles (NPs represent a tool for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI-guided thermoablation of tumors using an external high-frequency (HF magnetic field. To avoid local overheating, perovskite NPs with a lower Curie temperature (Tc were proposed for use in thermotherapy. However, deposited power decreases when approaching the Curie temperature and consequently may not be sufficient for effective ablation. The goal of the study was to test this hypothesis. Methods: Perovskite NPs (Tc =66°C–74°C were characterized and tested both in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, the cells suspended with NPs were exposed to a HF magnetic field together with control samples. In vivo, a NP suspension was injected into a induced tumor in rats. Distribution was checked by MRI and the rats were exposed to a HF field together with control animals. Apoptosis in the tissue was evaluated. Results and discussion: In vitro, the high concentration of suspended NPs caused an increase of the temperature in the cell sample, leading to cell death. In vivo, MRI confirmed distribution of the NPs in the tumor. The temperature in the tumor with injected NPs did not increase

  4. Logos und etos der Heiligkeit im Licht der liturgischen Texte vom hl. Stanislaus, Bischof und Märtyrer

    Jan Józef Janicki


    Full Text Available Im Jahr 2003 feiert die Kirche in Polen das 750-jährige Jubiläum der Heiligsprechung des Bischofs Stanislaus (1030-1079, der im Jahre 1253 in Assisi, als erste Pole, kanonisiert wurde und zum Patron von ganz Polen ernannt. Der Verfasser analisiert das Messformular und Stundengebetsformular von der liturgischen Feier des hl. Stanislaus, Bischof und Märtyrer am 8 Mai und sucht dadurch die Lehre (logos über das christliche Leben und die konkrete Lebens-Konsequenzen (etos aufzuzeigen. Die erneuerten liturgischen Texte der Gebete des neuen römischen Messbuches und des Stundengebetes zeigen den Glauben der betenden Kirche nach dem alten Prinzip: legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi (oder kurz ausgedrückt: lex orandi lex credendi. Der Zweck also des hier vorgestellten Artikels ist es, den Glauben der Kirche über das heilige Leben der Christen zu demonstrieren, welches uns eine Analyse der euchologischen Texte und der Texte der Wortliturgie ermöglicht. Der Verfasser benutzte dann die Möglichkeit, diese ganze Problematik im breiten theologisch-liturgischen und pastoralen Kontext darzustellen. Dabei benutzte er die Dokumente der Kirche der letzten Jahre, insbesondere die Lehre des II. Vatikanischen Konzils wenn es um den pastoralen Dienst der Bischöfe geht, dann die pastoral-theologischen Briefe des Papstes Pius XII und des Papstes Johannes Paul II, zum 700-jährigen und zum 750-jährigen Jubiläum der Kanonisation des hl. Bischofs Stanislaus. Es geht aber auch um alles das, was Johannes Paul II und früher als Kardinal Karol Wojtyła zum Jahrestag des Märtyrertodes geschrieben hat. Die liturgischen Gebetstexte lex orandi und die Wortliturgie unterstreichen in ihrer lex credendi, dass der hl. Stanislaus in seinem Leben, in seiner Zeit und seiner Kirche, den Auftrag und die Vollmacht - die Christus den Aposteln und ihren Nachfolgern gegeben hat - alle Völker zu lehren, die Menschen in der Wahrheit zu heiligen und sie zu weiden, verwirklicht

  5. Professor Adam Stalony-Dobrzański - the Master and the Teacher of Jerzy Nowosielski

    Jarosław Szmajda


    Full Text Available When analyzing the history of Polish religious art of the XX century, we can affirm that the entire creative work of Adam Stalony-Dobrzański, professor at Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, remains in the shadow of the artistic output of Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski, his student and follower. Jerzy Nowosielski had a noticeable impact on the interest in the problems of the sacred in modern painting. The follower of Prof. Adam Stalony-Dobrzański was inspired by the art and the spirituality of Eastern Christianity. Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski filled some kind of a void in Polish religious art in the period of its evident crisis. Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski together with Prof. Adam Stalony-Dobrzański created polychrome frescoes of numerous religious buildings. The styling and the artistic accomplishments of Prof. Adam Stalony-Dobrzański are unknown for the wide audience which makes an evident gap in the history of Polish art. Polychrome frescoes and stainedglass windows can be seen in interiors of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant temples. The creative work of the Kraków artist is an example of the great and highly authentic vision of the sacred, which was stronger than communist censorship. The concept of Adam Stalony-Dobrzański’s art is not based on his theoretical conclusions but only on the analysis of correspondence of the artist with the then Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków Karol Wojtyła - now St. Pope JohnPaul II. The topic of their letters was the issues of modern art and religious art, in particular the attempt to define a way in which art should be developed to meet the current needs of the Church. In contrast to the master, Prof. Adam Stalony-Dobrzański, his follower Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski has left ample commentary on his artwork. Prof. Adam Stalony-Dobrzański was rather a practitioner than a theoretician. Thus the fact of how great an impact he had on the character and the artwork of Jerzy Nowosielski is puzzling. In the first half of the

  6. Escribir después del desastre: Violencia y testimonio en dos novelas de Álvaro Bisama

    Natalia Alejandra Anabalon


    Full Text Available La escritura del escritor y académico chileno Álvaro Bisama Mayné empieza después del desastre, puede ser un huracán que está por venir, un incendio gigantesco en algún cerro de Valparaíso o lo que queda fuera de una fotografía.   El autor ha incursionado desde crítica literaria, el ensayo, la novela y la crónica buscando evidenciar la cultura moderna como desecho, el vacío de las personas, las relaciones humanas, la degradación y la violencia. En el siguiente ensayo me propongo analizar las distintas manifestaciones de la violencia y el testimonio, para ello se escogí las novelas Estrellas Muertas (2010 y Ruido (2012 siendo la primera un espejo de los hijos de la transición política de Chile post dictadura. Mientras que en  Ruido el autor vuelve al Chile convulsionado en el horror político y social de la Dictadura Militar de Augusto Pinochet cuando entre los años de 1983 y 1988 un joven huérfano dijo comunicarse con la Virgen María, posteriormente se lo conocería a él como Karol Romanov. Aquí deseo postular que son las mujeres quienes pueden contar la historia, quienes vuelven de lugares insospechados mientras que los hombres pasan deambulando en el relato, ambas novelas entregan una particular, para ello se harán dialogar las posturas de dos investigadoras argentinas, la primera es Pilar Calveiro (“Poder y Desaparición. Los campos de concentración en Argentina”. 1998 quien permite entender esta novela como un ejercicio de memoria estableciendo que tanto mujeres como hombres tienen distintas maneras de testimoniar sosteniendo que el hombre es más preciso para dar datos como nombres y lugares y pese a lo cruento de la experiencia logra ser objetivo; por el contrario, la mujer que da información entra en vivencia iniciado el acto del recuerdo. A continuación seguirá el planteamiento de Nora Strejilevich, (“El arte de no olvidar: literatura testimonial en Chile, Argentina y Uruguay, entre los 80 y los 90

  7. [Development of forensic thanatology through the prism of analysis of postmortem protocols collected at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Jagiellonian University].

    Konopka, Tomasz


    . In the collection of more than 60 thousand autopsy protocols, the author managed to find hitherto unknown, interesting cases, e.g. that describing a victim of a fatal accident in a stone quarry, witnessed by Karol Wojtyła during WWII, a victim of an unknown assassination attempt on the life of Bolesław Bierut, as well as protocols of postmortem examinations of bodies of the People's Republic of Poland intelligence agents who died while posted abroad.

  8. Úvodník 2008/III/1

    Jana Dlouhá


    řipomínkovým řízením. V rubrice Informace uvádíme dva příklady dobré praxe zařazené do tzv. EU Inventory of innovative good practice on education for sustainable development; pokud se zajímáte o ekonomii životního prostředí, všimněte si analytického pohledu na tři kurzy Aleše Lisy a Petra Šauera. Až nakonec se dostáváme k vlajkové lodi našeho časopisu – recenzovaným textům, které jsme pro vás do tohoto čísla připravili. Pavel Žďárský píše o Frommově interpretaci dvou cest člověka, které se manifestují buď v aktivním „biofilním“ postoji a orientaci ke světu, nebo opačné „cestě smrti“. Karol Herian uvažuje nad proměnami ekologického myšlení v souvislosti s vývojem systémových konceptů organického světa; hledá přístupy neredukující jeho složitost a specifika. Jan Činčera se věnuje dvěma protikladným přístupům environmentální výchovy; na základě svých teoretických úvah vyvozuje také závěry pro konkrétní vzdělávací strategie. Tento text těsně souvisí s nerecenzovaným (protože převzatým článkem Marie Öhman & Johan Öhman: Power in action... který se na rozpory ve vzdělávacích konceptech dívá zase z jiné strany. Jiří Nečas znovu klade otázku Opravdu chceme trvale udržitelný rozvoj? Můžeme ji číst s důrazem na jednotlivá slova (Chceme? Trvale? Udržitelný? Rozvoj?, ale má i další dimenzi (Chceme-li opravdu, tedy jak?. Odpovídá (běžným sice, ale nepříliš praktikovaným názorem, že rozvoj se nám děje tak trochu nezávisle na našem chtění; a je třeba se opřít o etické imperativy, abychom jej usměrnili. Článek navíc doplňuje velmi podrobná recenze Ivana Ryndy, kterou zahajuje dialog na dané téma. Měli byste dále vědět, že článek Kateřiny Jančaříkové z minulého čísla Žákovské portfolio – vhodná forma hodnocení environmentální výchovy (3/2007 byl úspěšně recenzován a je tedy přeřazen do