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  1. 77 FR 69929 - Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation, Steven C. Hawkins and Cheryl R. Hawkins-Continuance... (United States)


    ... Railway Service Corporation, Steven C. Hawkins and Cheryl R. Hawkins--Continuance in Control Exemption--Aiken Railway Company, LLC Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation (WCRS) and Steven C. Hawkins and Cheryl R. Hawkins (the Hawkins) (collectively, Applicants) have filed a verified notice of exemption...

  2. Obituary: Gerald S. Hawkins, 1928-2003 (United States)

    Krupp, Edwin C.


    Public perceptions of human prehistory were transformed in the 1960s by astronomer Gerald Stanley Hawkins, who died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack on 26 May 2003 at Hawkridge Farm, in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. His astronomical analysis of Stonehenge, first published in "Nature" on 26 October 1963, and subsequently developed and framed with historical and cultural context in a best-selling book, "Stonehenge Decoded" (1965, in collaboration with John B. White), was also showcased internationally at the time in a one-hour CBS television documentary special, "The Mystery of Stonehenge". The high-profile, unconventional, and cross-disciplinary character of Hawkins's celestial interpretation of Stonehenge alignments and his configuration of the monument as an eclipse predictor attracted archaeological skepticism that provided the controversy desired by the makers of the television program. Antagonism was contrived between Hawkins and archaeologist Richard J.C. Atkinson by the production team to introduce conflict that would enhance audience interest in the subject, and the televised dispute troubled both men for decades. By the early 1970s, however, Hawkins had inspired others to examine the astronomical potential of ancient and prehistoric monuments in many parts of the world. He ignited modern studies of archaeoastronomy. In fact, in a second book on the subject, "Beyond Stonehenge" (1973), Hawkins reported his expanding perspective with accounts of his fieldwork on New Kingdom temples in Egypt, on the giant geoglyphs near Nazca, Peru, and at other sites. He also brought the work of other investigators to the attention of his many readers. He established methods and protocols for alignment studies and invited others to use them. Following, in a sense, the footsteps Sir J. Norman Lockyer left among the antiquities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Hawkins reexamined the alignments of several Egyptian temples, documented significant

  3. "The Word I Would Use Is 'Aesthetic'": Reading David Hawkins. (United States)

    Featherstone, Helen; Featherstone, Joseph


    Discusses the life of David Hawkins, one of the most influential educators involved in school reform in the 1960s. Focuses on the aesthetic as the center of Hawkins' vision of schooling. Compares Hawkins' perspective to Dewey's in terms of the aesthetic. (KHR)

  4. Obituary: Ben Hawkins Moore, 1921-2003 (United States)

    Moore, James F.


    Ben H. Moore, emeritus professor of physics, astronomy and earth sciences at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, died 7 November 2003, in South Padre Island, Texas. Ben was born 18 March 1921, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Fraser D. and Cora R. (Hawkins) Moore. Though his parents provided a strong guiding influence on Ben's development, Ben's career was impacted most clearly by his work as a student and research assistant for Allen Basset (Ben's father-in-law) at Park College. This relationship turned Ben's early interest in chemistry and biology toward a focus on physics. Ben received his undergraduate degree from Park College where he graduated Phi Delta Kappa. He received a MS in physics from Kansas State University. He also did post-masters work at the University of Kansas, the University of Colorado, the University of Washington and Temple University. In addition to his work as a research assistant, Ben taught at Park College as well as Washington Kansas High School, Wyandotte High School, and Kansas City Kansas Junior College before moving to St. Cloud State University in 1960. He retired from this teaching position in May 1982 but remained involved in activities of his department, including some teaching, through most of his years in retirement. Ben's accomplishments were mainly centered on his teaching. His development of courses and his rapport with students consistently brought praise from both his colleagues and his students. Above all, his work involved innovative development of the curriculum in the sciences at St. Cloud State. Soon after his arrival at the university, Ben took over the fledgling field geology course and continued to shape this offering into a program in earth sciences. The popularity of his classes, which attracted both general students and a growing number of majors, finally enabled the university to establish an earth sciences department in the late 1960's and Ben was the first chair of that department. In the mid-1960's Ben took

  5. 75 FR 45166 - Jeld-Wen, Inc., Hawkins Window Division, Including On-Site Leased Workers of Nicolet Staffing... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-71,014] Jeld-Wen, Inc., Hawkins Window Division, Including On-Site Leased Workers of Nicolet Staffing, Hawkins, WI; Notice of Negative...., Hawkins Window Division, including on-site leased workers of Nicolet Staffing, Hawkins, Wisconsin. Signed...

  6. Willingness to pay for more efficient irrigation techniques in the Lake Karla basin, Greece. (United States)

    Mylopoulos, Nikitas; Fafoutis, Chrysostomos


    Thessaly, the second largest plain of Greece, is an intensively cultivated agricultural region. The intense and widespread agriculture of hydrophilic crops, such as cotton, has led to a remarkable water demand increase, which is usually covered by the overexploitation of groundwater resources. The Lake Karla basin is a prominent example of this unsustainable practice. Competition for the limited available freshwater resources in the Lake Karla basin is expected to increase in the near future as demand for irrigation water increases and drought years are expected to increase due to climate change. Together with the Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives, the Local Organizations of Land Reclamation is planning to introduce more efficient, water saving automated drip irrigation in the area among farmers who currently use non-automated drip irrigation, in order to ensure that these farmers can better cope with drought years and that water will be used more efficiently in crop production. Saving water use in irrigated agriculture is expected to be beneficial to both farmers and the restoration of Lake Karla and its wildlife like plants and birds. The aim of this study is to understand and record the farmers' opinions regarding the use of irrigation water and the restoration of Lake Karla, and to extract valuable conclusions and perform detailed analysis of the criteria for a new irrigation method. A general choice experiment with face-to-face interviews was conducted, using a random sample of 150 open field farmers from the study area. The farmers, who use the non-automated drip irrigation method and their farms are located within the watershed of Lake Karla, were interviewed regarding their willingness to switch to more efficient irrigation techniques, such as automated and controlled drip irrigation.The most important benefits of automated drip irrigation are an increase in crop yield, as plants are given water in a more precise way (based on their needs during the

  7. [Is the Hawkins sign able to predict necrosis in fractures of the neck of the astragalus?]. (United States)

    Rodríguez-Paz, S; Muñoz-Vives, J M; Froufe-Siota, M Á


    To assess if the Hawkins sign can predict whether or not astragalus fractures of the neck will develop avascular necrosis. It is also assessed whether the occurrence of this complication is related to the displacement of the fracture, soft tissue injury, or delay in the reduction or surgery. The results were compared with those found in the literature. A retrospective study was conducted on 23 talar neck fractures recorded over a a period of thirteen years. The following variables were analysed: displacement of the fracture, soft tissue injury, delay and type of treatment, complications, observation of the Hawkins sign, and functional outcome. There were 7 type I Hawkins fractures, 11 type II, and 4 type III and 1 type IV. Four cases developed avascular necrosis (2 Hawkins type II and 2 type III). Hawkins sign was observed in 12 cases, of which none developed necrosis. Four cases with negative Hawkins sign developed necrosis. No statistically significant differences were found when comparing the development of avascular necrosis with the displacement of the fracture, soft tissue injury, or delay in treatment. Differences were found when comparing the development of avascular necrosis with the Hawkins sign (P=.03). A positive Hawkins sign rules out that the fractured talus has developed avascular necrosis, but its absence does not confirm it. © 2013 SECOT. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  8. The prognostic value of the hawkins sign and diagnostic value of MRI after talar neck fractures. (United States)

    Chen, Hao; Liu, Wenzhou; Deng, Lianfu; Song, Weidong


    The early diagnosis of avascular necrosis of the talus (AVN) and prediction of ankle function for talar fractures are important. The Hawkins sign, as a radiographic predictor, could exclude the possibility of developing ischemic bone necrosis after talar neck fractures, but its relationship with ankle function remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to illustrate the prognostic effect of the Hawkins sign on ankle function after talar neck fractures and to study the value of early MRI in detecting the AVN changes after talus fractures. Cases of talar neck fractures between November 2008 and November 2013 were evaluated. The occurrences of the Hawkins sign and AVN were studied. X-ray imaging was performed at multiple time points from the 4th to the 12th week after the fractures, and MRI examinations were used in the Hawkins sign negative group, with the time span ranging from 1.5 to 12 months. AOFAS scores of the Hawkins sign positive and negative groups were compared during the follow-up. Forty-four cases (48 feet) were evaluated. The occurrence of positive Hawkins sign was 50%, 30%, and 33.3%, the incidence of AVN was 0%, 10%, and 50%, respectively, in type I, type II, and type III and IV talus fractures, respectively. The AOFAS scores showed no statistically significant difference between Hawkins sign positive group and negative group in type I and II fractures. The Hawkins sign positive group had better AOFAS scores than the negative group in type III and IV fractures. However, there was no statistically significant difference between Hawkins sign positive and negative groups when AVN cases were excluded in type III and IV fractures. The Hawkins sign was a reliable predictor excluding the possibility of AVN. It did not have predictive value on the ankle function in low-energy fractures and may predict better ankle function in high-energy fractures. MRI can diagnose AVN during an earlier period, and we believe Hawkins sign negative patients should undergo

  9. 75 FR 53730 - Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “Richard Hawkins-Third Mind” (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7148] Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: ``Richard Hawkins--Third Mind'' SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given of the following determinations... the exhibition ``Richard Hawkins--Third Mind,'' imported from abroad for temporary exhibition within...

  10. Hawkins, Gerald (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    British-born astronomer, professor at Boston University, claimed to have `decoded' Stonehenge. He found a pattern of alignments with 12 major lunar and solar events, finding a way to predict eclipses of the Moon, the summer and winter solstice, by use of the 56 Aubrey holes, the Heel Stone, and the four Station Stones. His work was supported by astronomer FRED HOYLE and savagely criticised by ar...

  11. V/V/sub max/ test for QSOs: comments on the paper by Hawkins and Stewart

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wills, D.


    Hawkins and Stewart's interpretation of the results of the V/V/sub max/ test for QSO samples is shown to be invalid. Their suggestion that the high values of V/V/sub max/ at small redshifts result from the exclusion of nearby QSOs from the samples is examined quantitatively for the well-studied 3CR sample, and shown to have a negligible effect on the results. Their claim that the values of V/V/sub max/ at larger redshifts indicate a uniform space density of QSOs is not true after an error in their calculations is corrected. Although the V/V/sub max/ test is less sensitive to space density evolution at large redshifts, current results are in good agreement with the hypothesis that a single density evolution law describes the observations out to a redshift of at least 2.5

  12. Stan Hawkins et Sarah Niblock, Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon


    Guedj, Pauline


    Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenom constitue l’une des premières publications académiques consacrée à Prince. Ses auteurs, Stan Hawkins, musicologue et Sarah Niblock, professeur en journalisme, s’y donnent pour but de remettre le « phénomène » Prince au cœur des débats sur les cultures populaires nord-américaines et de revenir sur la figure particulière de cet artiste dans l'élaboration d'expériences musicales ancrées dans les deux dernières décennies du vingtième siècle et les dix ...

  13. [Surgical treatment for talar neck fracture of Hawkins III, IV type with compression hollow screws combined with external fixator]. (United States)

    Wang, Xian-Xun; Wan, Chang-Tao; Yu, Li


    To investigate the clinical effects of compression hollow screws combined with external fixator in treating talar neck fracture of Hawkins III, IV type. From March 2010 to August 2014, 15 patients with talar neck fractures of Hawkins III, IV type were treated by open reduction and compression hollow screws fixation complicated with external fixator fixation. Including 9 males and 6 females, aged from 17 to 65 years old with an average of 37.5 years old. There were 9 cases of Hawkins III and 6 cases of Hawkins IV type. Postoperative radiographs and CT of ankle were used to evaluate the fracture healing and talar necrosis. The function of ankle and foot were evaluated by American Society of Ankle and Foot Surgery(AOFAS). All the patients were followed up for 8 to 55 months with an average of 23.5 months and all fractures got bone healing from 13 to 38 weeks with an average of (17.99±6.81) weeks. Traumatic arthritis occurred in 7 cases and talar necrosis in 6 cases (2 cases of type III and 4 cases of type IV) after operation. The average AOFAS score was 61.80±18.75, including excellent in 4 cases, good in 2 cases, fair in 4 cases and poor in 5 cases. Talar neck fracture with Hawkins III, IV type has large possibility to develop avascular necrosis. Hollow compression screw combined with external fixation may late weight-bearing for ankle and can sufficiently guarantee bone healing time, and achieve good results for the treatment of talar neck fracture.

  14. A new look at the Hawkins classification for talar neck fractures: which features of injury and treatment are predictive of osteonecrosis? (United States)

    Vallier, Heather A; Reichard, Stephen G; Boyd, Alysse J; Moore, Timothy A


    Osteonecrosis and posttraumatic arthritis are common after talar neck fracture. We hypothesized that delay of definitive fixation would not increase the rate of osteonecrosis, but that the amount of initial fracture displacement, including subtalar and/or tibiotalar dislocations, would be predictive. We investigated the possibility of dividing the Hawkins type-II classification into subluxated (type-IIA) and dislocated (type-IIB) subtalar joint subtypes. The cases of eighty patients with eighty-one talar neck and/or body fractures who had a mean age of 36.7 years were reviewed. The fractures included two Hawkins type-I, forty-four type-II (twenty-one type-IIA and twenty-three type-IIB), thirty-two type-III, and three type-IV fractures. Open fractures occurred in twenty-four patients (30%). One deep infection, two nonunions, and two malunions occurred. After a mean of thirty months of follow-up, sixteen of sixty-five fractures developed osteonecrosis, but 44% of them revascularized without collapse. Osteonecrosis never occurred in fractures without subtalar dislocation (Hawkins type I and IIA), but 25% of Hawkins type-IIB patterns developed osteonecrosis (p = 0.03), and 41% of Hawkins type-III fractures developed osteonecrosis (p = 0.004). Osteonecrosis occurred after 30% of open fractures versus 21% of closed fractures (p = 0.55). Forty-six fractures were treated with urgent open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) at a mean of 10.1 hours, primarily for open fractures or irreducible dislocations. With the numbers studied, the timing of reduction was not related to the development of osteonecrosis. Thirty-five patients had delayed ORIF (mean, 10.6 days), including ten with Hawkins type-IIB and ten with Hawkins type-III fractures initially reduced by closed methods, and one (5%) of the twenty developed osteonecrosis. Thirty-five patients (54%) developed posttraumatic arthritis, including 83% of those with an associated talar body fracture (p Hawkins type

  15. [Surgery of ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractures via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws]. (United States)

    Zhang, P; Dong, Q R; Wang, Z Y; Chen, B; Wan, J H; Wang, L


    Objective: To explore the manual operation skills of operative treatment of ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractures via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws, and to study the clinical results. Method: From Jan 2009 to Dec 2014, the clinical data of 13 patients with ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractres via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws were retrospectively analyzed in our department.There were 10 males and 3 female, ranging in age from 20 to 60 years with an average age of 31.5 years.The fractures occurred on the right side in 9 patients and on the left side in 4 patients.Three cases had the complication of medial malleolar fracture.Ten cases had the complication of medial and lateral malleolar fracture. Totally 11 cases were made calcaneal skeletal traction, and all the were made CT with three-dimensional image reconstruction.Two cases were treated with emergency operation.Eleven cases were treated with selective operation.The operation time was 5 hours-10 days after injury. The functional results were evaluated by American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS). Result: The average duration of follow-up was 22.6 months (range, 14-65 months). There was skin necrosis in one cases, no incision infection, malunion and nonunion of the fractures and loss of reduction. At final follow-up, AOFAS ankle score was 75.2 (range, 42 to 93), higher than preoperative 39.2 (range, 23 to 60), the difference was statistically significant ( P =0.023). The result was excellent in 4 cases, good in 5 cases, fair in 3 cases and 1 cases in poor, and the overall excellent or good rate was 69.2%. Avascular necrosis occurred in 3 cases (23.1%, 3/13). Traumatic arthritis was found in 5 cases (38.5%, 5/13), involved tibial astragaloid joint in 2 cases, involved subtalar joint in 1 case, involved tibial astragaloid joint and subtalar joint in 2 cases. Conclusion: The effect of surgical treatment for ipsilateral

  16. Level II scour analysis for Bridge 17 (LYNDTH00020017) on Town Highway 2, crossing Hawkins Brook, Lyndon, Vermont (United States)

    Wild, Emily C.; Medalie, Laura


    This report provides the results of a detailed Level II analysis of scour potential at structure LYNDTH00020017 on Town Highway 2 crossing Hawkins Brook, Lyndon, Vermont (figures 1–8). A Level II study is a basic engineering analysis of the site, including a quantitative analysis of stream stability and scour (U.S. Department of Transportation, 1993). Results of a Level I scour investigation also are included in Appendix E of this report. A Level I investigation provides a qualitative geomorphic characterization of the study site. Information on the bridge, gleaned from Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTAOT) files, was compiled prior to conducting Level I and Level II analyses and is found in Appendix D.The site is in the Green Mountain section of the New England physiographic province in northeastern Vermont. The 7.7-mi2 drainage area is in a predominantly rural and forested basin. In the vicinity of the study site, the surface cover is forest on the left and right upstream overbanks. The downstream left and right overbanks are brushland.In the study area, Hawkins Brook has an incised, sinuous channel with a slope of approximately 0.02 ft/ft, an average channel top width of 78 ft and an average bank height of 7.3 ft. The channel bed material ranges from sand to boulder with a median grain size (D50) of 46.6 mm (0.153 ft). The geomorphic assessment at the time of the Level I and Level II site visit on August 4, 1995, indicated that the reach was laterally unstable with the presence of point bars and side bars.The Town Highway 2 crossing of Hawkins Brook is a 49-ft-long, two-lane bridge consisting of a 46-foot steel-stringer span (Vermont Agency of Transportation, written communication, March 27, 1995). The opening length of the structure parallel to the bridge face is 43 ft. The bridge is supported by vertical, concrete abutments with wingwalls. The channel is skewed approximately 45 degrees to the opening while the computed opening-skew-to-roadway is zero

  17. An Eight-Eyed Version of Hawkins and Shohet's Clinical Supervision Model: The Addition of the Cognitive Analytic Therapy Concept of the "Observing Eye/I" as the "Observing Us" (United States)

    Darongkamas, Jurai; John, Christopher; Walker, Mark James


    This paper proposes incorporating the concept of the "observing eye/I", from cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), to Hawkins and Shohet's seven modes of supervision, comprising their transtheoretical model of supervision. Each mode is described alongside explicit examples relating to CAT. This modification using a key idea from CAT (in…

  18. Bundeswehreinsatz im Südsudan / Carl-Wendelin Neubert

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Neubert, Carl-Wendelin


    Välismissioonidel viibivate kaitsejõudude evakueerimise rahvusvahelistest ja riigisisestest tingimustest konfliktipiirkondades ägenenud relvastatud kokkupõrgete tõttu Lõuna-Sudaani olukorra näitel; Saksa konstitutsioonikohtu nn Pegasuse lahendist (23.09.2015)

  19. RESENHA: FREDEL, Karla Maria. Arqueologia de Gênero nas cidades de Pelotas - RS - Brasil e Habana Vieja - Habana - Cuba / século XIX. Erechim, RS: Habilis Press, 2015, 214 p.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Manuel Cano Sanchiz


    Full Text Available Arqueologia de Gênero nas cidades de Pelotas - RS - Brasil e Habana Vieja - Habana - Cuba / século XIX es la publicación de la Tesis Doctoral homónima de Karla Ma Fredel, defendida en el Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas de la Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP, en octubre de 2012. La tesis se desarrolló bajo la orientación del profesor Dr. Pedro Paulo A. Funari (Laboratório de Arqueologia Pública, NEPAM/UNICAMP y la co-orientación de los profesores Dra. Lourdes Domínguez (Oficina del Historiador de La Habana; Academia de la Historia de Cuba y Dr. Lúcio Menezes Ferreira (Laboratório Multidisciplinar de Pesquisa Arqueológica, UFPel. Todos ellos han contribuido a esta nueva obra con sendos prólogo (Domínguez, prefacio (Funari y presentación (Ferreira.

  20. Ot Karla Poppera do Karla Rouva i obratno / George Soros ; tõlk. Nikolai Zhdanovitsh

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soros, George, 1930-


    USA on endiselt demokraatlik riik, kus juhindutakse põhiseadusest ja seaduse ülimuslikkuse printsiibist ning kus valitseb massiteabevahendite pluralism. Samas on ka ärevaid märke, mis viitavad totalitaalse režiimi propagandameetoditele

  1. Politické myšlení Karla Flosse

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Černý, Jan


    Roč. 46, č. 95/96 (2016), s. 312-317 ISSN 0323-2220 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA16-23046S Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Karel Floss * political thought * Platonism * Christianity Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion OBOR OECD: Philosophy, History and Philosophy of science and technology

  2. Krakatit Karla Čapka a Otakara Vávry


    Fischerová, Simona


    This thesis emphasize on the analysis of the Karel Čapek's novel "Krakatit" and its film adaptation directed by Otakar Vávra. The first part concentrates on some basic adaptation principals which comes from the relevant contemporary literature. In the next chapter the thesis focuses on problematics of the intermediary transcription and it highlights some issues of such adaptation (for example how to present an introspection). The theoretically oriented part of the thesis is completed by stati...

  3. Plaza hotell Karla katedraali külge / Tiina Jõgeda

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jõgeda, Tiina, 1962-


    Tallinna Sakala keskuse külge on plaanis ehitada 50 miljonit dollarit maksev nelja-tärni konverentsihotell. Arhitekt Raine Karbi omaaegses projektis oli ette nähtud "Estonia" teatri poolse külje täisehitamine

  4. Joyce M. Hawkins (Compiler). The South African Oxford School ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Masturbate is no longer defined with tones of judgement ("self-abuse" as my school dictionary had it); homosexual is defined quite simply as "attracted to people of the same sex", but lesbian is defined as "a homosexual woman", a definition lesbians are likely to take exception to. There are no swear words. Their inclusion is ...

  5. Karla Rodžersa terapija un kristīgā teoloģija


    Tenisone, Ilze


    Bakalaura darba mērķis ir atklāt Rodžersa terapijas principus, „es” koncepciju un salīdzināt tos ar kristīgo teoloģiju. Darbā tiek sniegts ieskats psiholoģijā un arī humānistiskajā psiholoģijā. Autore aplūko arī Rodžersa biogrāfiju - kā viņš ir ticis līdz savas terapijas izveidei, noslēgumā sniedzot teoloģisku izvērtējumu (Rodžersa uzstādījumam, ka cilvēks ir labs, kongruencei, beznosacījuma attieksmei, empātiskai sapratnei) salīdzinājumā ar psiholoģiju. Izzinot Rodžersa biogrāfiju un pēto...

  6. Obraz Karla Klostermanna v české (literární) historiografii

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hořejší, Michal


    Roč. 14, č. 27 (2017), s. 60-74 ISSN 1214-7915 Institutional support: RVO:68378092 Keywords : Karel Klostermann * Bohemian Forest * Literary History * Critical discourse analysis Subject RIV: AI - Linguistics OBOR OECD: Linguistics

  7. Tematizace avantgardy v pozdním díle Karla Teiga

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kanda, Roman


    Roč. 18, č. 2 (2014), s. 77-85 ISSN 1803-5663 Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : avant-garde * theory * epistemology * cubism * surrealism * marxism * modern art * aesthetic revolution Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  8. H09565: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-01-22 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  9. H09563: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-11-10 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  10. H09643: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-11-03 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  11. H09582: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1975-11-23 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  12. H09562: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-11-09 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  13. H09564: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-01-26 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  14. H09581: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-09-22 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  15. H09566: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Hawkins Point to Sparrows Point, Maryland, 1976-01-16 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  16. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Quasar luminosity function (Hawkins+, 1993) (United States)

    Hawkins, M. R. S.; Veron, P.


    A sample of quasars is selected from a 10-yr sequence of 30 UK Schmidt plates. Luminosity functions are derived in several redshift intervals, which in each case show a featureless power-law rise towards low luminosities. There is no sigh of the 'break' found in the recent UVX sample of Boyle, Shanks & Peterson. It is suggested that reasons for the disagreement are connected with biases in the selection of the UVX sample. The question of the nature of quasar evolution appears to be still unresolved. (1 data file).

  17. K Rybově kritice Karla Kolčavy SJ a jeho znalostí teorie dramatu

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Förster, Josef


    Roč. 140, č. 3/4 (2017), s. 429-447 ISSN 0024-4457 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Carolus Kolczawa S. J. * Neo-Latin drama in Bohemia * theory of drama Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision OBOR OECD: Literary theory

  18. "Národ nezná odpuštění". Expatriace Karla Sabiny v srpnu 1872

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Charypar, Michal


    Roč. 62, č. 2 (2014), s. 184-214 ISSN 0009-0468 Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : Sabina, Karel * 19th century * censorship * journalism Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  19. Nadpozemský rozměr lásky mladého Karla Hynka aneb O romantické mentalitě

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pokorný, Martin Z.


    Roč. 30, č. 93 (2012), s. 215-227 ISSN 0862-7045 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : romanticism * historical mentality * romantic love * the position of man in the world * the crisis in faith Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  20. Výběrová edice vzájemné korespondence Emanuela Chalupného a Karla Kramáře

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Bílek, Jan; Quagliatová, Vlasta


    Roč. 17, Suppl. 2 (2009), s. 367-383 ISSN 1210-6860. [Karel Kramář (1860-1937). Praha, 31.10.2007-02.11.2007] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70900502 Keywords : Kramář, Karel * Chalupný, Emanuel Subject RIV: AB - History

  1. Vliv Aloise Rašína a Karla Engliše na měnovou politiku Československa do roku 1929


    Pařík, Adam


    This work is focused on the currency reform in the year of 1919. The theoretical part presents opinions and concepts of Alois Rasin and Karel Englis in the field of currency politics. Starting from the introduction of the default economic and social situation before the establishment of the self-governing Czechoslovak state, the text aims on an analysis of grounds, a course of development and impacts of the currency reform. Next part investigates the influence of currency measurements on the ...

  2. Liberální politické myšlení v díle Karla Havlíčka Borovského


    Jiras, Jakub


    This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of political thought in the works of Karel Havlíček Borovský - the founder of political journalism in Bohemia. It tries to prove that there's good reason to deal with Havlíček's personality as relevant part of European liberal thought in the 19th century. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first one describes history of liberal thought till the end of 19th century. The second part characterizes Havlíček's life and puts emphasis on his journ...

  3. Kadrovske odločitve na muzikoloških katedrah po letu 1945: Ocenjevanje objav na primeru Karla Blessingerja in Wernerja Korteja

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Malkiewicz


    Full Text Available Skoraj vsi nosilci muzikoloških nazivov na univerzah in visokih šolah v Nemčiji so se po letu 1945 lahko vrnili na svoja mesta. Razlogi, zakaj je nekdo lahko ostal na svojem mestu v muzikologiji, zakaj so nekateri lahko nadaljevali svoje delo potem, ko jih je vojaška vlada za kratek čas odstavila in zakaj so bili drugi za stalno odstavljeni, so zelo različni.

  4. 75 FR 12977 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    ..., MS, Hawkins Field, ILS OR LOC RWY 16, Amdt 5 Jackson, MS, Hawkins Field, RNAV (GPS) RWY 16, Amdt 1 Jackson, MS, Hawkins Field, RNAV (GPS) RWY 34, Amdt 1 Oak Island, NC, Brunswick County, RNAV (GPS) RWY 5...

  5. V nynějším čase jsou pozoruhodny Kutnohorské epištoly Karla Havlíčka. První životopisec Karla Havlíčka Ludvík Rittersberg

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pokorná, Magdaléna


    Roč. 61, 3-4 (2016), s. 46-48 ISSN 0036-5351 Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : czech history * 19th century * history of journalism * Karel Havlíček Borovský * Ludvík Rittersberg Subject RIV: AB - History OBOR OECD: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)

  6. 77 FR 68886 - Aiken Railway Company, LLC-Lease and Operation Exemption-Lines of Norfolk Southern Railway... (United States)


    ... Carolina Railway Service Corporation (WCRS), and Steven C. Hawkins and Cheryl R. Hawkins (collectively, the Hawkins) seek Board approval to continue in control of AIKR upon AIKR's becoming a Class III rail carrier... 5, 2012. WCRS and the Hawkins are reminded that they are not authorized to control AIKR until the...

  7. Bůh Tě vyzdvihl nad ostatní, a proto musíš být moudřejší než oni: obraz Karla IV. jako mudrce na trůně

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Žůrek, Václav


    Roč. 38, č. 4 (2016), s. 18-21 ISSN 0418-5129 Grant - others: ERC (CZ) Origins of the Vernacular Mode. Regional Identities and European Networks in Late Medieval Europe Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Mirror for princes * Charles IV * Charles university * Heinrich von Mügeln * Salomon Subject RIV: AB - History

  8. Případ Karla Löbla. Ministr vlády České socialistické republiky tajným spolupracovníkem StB

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pernes, Jiří


    Roč. 26, č. 1 (2015), s. 64-82 ISSN 1804-1612 Institutional support: RVO:68378114 Keywords : Communist party of Czechoslovakia * Czechoslovak Socialist Party * Secret police * Agency network Subject RIV: AB - History

  9. Příspěvek k historii mostních staveb v Berouně: nález zbytků dřevěného mostu z doby Karla IV

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Žák, Karel; Hradilová, D.; Kyncl, T.; Světlík, Ivo


    Roč. 36, - (2010), s. 52-59 ISSN 1211-1643 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516; CEZ:AV0Z10480505 Keywords : flood * bridge history * Berounka River Subject RIV: DO - Wilderness Conservation

  10. Anorexia nervosa in light of Karl Jaspers and Erich Fromm’s ideas and social constructivism – hypotheses and thoughts [Anoreksja psychiczna z perspektywy koncepcji Karla Jaspersa, Ericha Fromma oraz nurtu konstrukcjonizmu społecznego – hipotezy i refleksje


    Talarczyk, Małgorzata


    e point of the article is to analyse and reflect on certain symptoms of anorexia nervosa in light of Karl Jaspers and Erich Fromm’s ideas and social constructivism. Contemplating the disorder in view of the philosophical ideas mentioned earlier, the author analyses such aspects of patients as: functioning on the verge of life and death, the paradoxical struggle to escape from freedom in search of independence, as well as various understandings and descriptions of anorexia in consideration of ...

  11. Lajos Kossuth a maďarská revoluce v české společnosti (s důrazem na dílo Karla Havlíčka a Ludvíka Rittersberga)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pokorná, Magdaléna


    Roč. 61, 3-4 (2016), s. 49-59 ISSN 0036-5351 Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : czech history * 19th century * history of journalism * Karel Havlíček Borovský * Lajos Kossuth Subject RIV: AB - History OBOR OECD: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)

  12. České církevní azylové právo 17. a 18. století (Případ Karla Škréty)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Adamová, Karolina; Lojek, Antonín


    Roč. 8, č. 1 (2010), s. 39-50 ISSN 1214-4878 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70680506 Keywords : right of asylum * refugee * application of the right of asylum in the Czech lands Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences

  13. 77 FR 17408 - Foreign-Trade Zone 204-Tri-Cities Area, TN/VA; Application for Reorganization Under Alternative... (United States)


    ... Technology Park, 4509 West Stone Drive, Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN; Site 9 (134 acres, expires 6/30/15.... The grantee's proposed service area under the ASF would be the Counties of Sullivan, Hawkins, Greene...

  14. 75 FR 43958 - Turlock Irrigation District and Modesto Irrigation District; Notice of Application for Amendment... (United States)


    ... to the Turlock Irrigation District's Tuolumne Substation; (2) 23-mile-long, 69-kV Don Pedro-Hawkins Line extending from the Don Pedro switchyard to the Turlock Irrigation District's Hawkins Substation...

  15. 75 FR 39143 - Airworthiness Directives; Arrow Falcon Exporters, Inc. (previously Utah State University); AST... (United States)


    ... (previously Precision Helicopters, LLC); Robinson Air Crane, Inc.; San Joaquin Helicopters (previously Hawkins... (Previously Hawkins & Powers Aviation); S.M. &T. Aircraft (Previously Us Helicopter Inc., UNC Helicopters, Inc...

  16. 75 FR 16202 - Office of New Reactors; Interim Staff Guidance on Ensuring Hazard-Consistent Seismic Input for... (United States)


    ... CONTACT: Dr. Kimberly A. Hawkins, Chief, Structural Engineering Branch 2, Division of Engineering, Office...-415-0564 or e-mail: . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The agency posts its issued...

  17. 78 FR 70494 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    ..., Rosecrans Memorial, RNAV (GPS) RWY 35, Amdt 2 Jackson, MS, Hawkins Field, RNAV (GPS) RWY 16, Amdt 2 Jackson, MS, Hawkins Field, RNAV (GPS) RWY 34, Amdt 2 Olive Branch, MS, Olive Branch, ILS OR LOC RWY 18, Amdt...

  18. 75 FR 20933 - Airworthiness Directives; Arrow Falcon Exporters, Inc. (previously Utah State University... (United States)


    ... Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Inc.); S.M.&T. Aircraft (previously US Helicopters, Inc., UNC Helicopter, Inc... Joaquin Helicopters (previously Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Inc.); S.M.&T. Aircraft (previously US...

  19. 40 CFR 81.343 - Tennessee. (United States)


    ... Hancock County X Hardeman County X Hardin County X Hawkins County X Haywood County X Henderson County X... County X Hamilton County X Hancock County X Hardeman County X Hardin County X Hawkins County X Haywood... County Hancock County Hardeman County Hardin County Hawkins County Haywood County Henderson County Henry...

  20. 77 FR 21505 - Proposed Amendment of Class D and E Airspace; Blountville, TN, and Revocation of Class E Airspace... (United States)


    ... Airport, VA (Lat. 36[deg]41'14'' N., long. 82[deg]02'00'' W.) Rogersville, Hawkins County Airport, TN (Lat... Highlands Airport and within a 7-mile radius of Hawkins County Airport, and within 7 miles each side of Runway 07/25 centerline, extending from the 7-mile radius to 12 miles east of Hawkins County Airport...

  1. 77 FR 59573 - Proposed Amendment of Class D and E Airspace; Tri-Cities, TN; Revocation of Class E Airspace; Tri... (United States)


    ... at Hawkins County Airport, Rogersville, TN, and Virginia Highlands Airport, Abington, VA. The Tri... separation of existing Class E airspace surrounding Virginia Highlands Airport, Abingdon, VA, and Hawkins... publication, the FAA reassessed the proposal to show the separation of Hawkins County Airport, and Virginia...

  2. 78 FR 7993 - Amendment of Class D and E Airspace; Tri-Cities, TN; Revocation of Class E Airspace; Tri-City, TN (United States)


    ...). The SNPRM would list Hawkins County Airport and Virginia Highlands Airport under their own designator... feet above the surface for Hawkins County Airport, Rogersville, TN, and Virginia Highlands Airport, VA... TN E5 Rogersville, TN [New] Hawkins County Airport, TN (Lat. 36[deg]27'27'' N., long. 82[deg]53'06...

  3. Environmental impact analysis of aquaculture in net cages in a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Environmental impact analysis of aquaculture in net cages in a Brazilian water reservoir, based in zooplankton communities. Maria Cristina Crispim, Karla Patrícia Ponte Araújo, Hênio do Nascimento Melo Júnior ...

  4. Vyšehrad v době Karla IV. a Václava IV. Neznámá tvář královského hradu v ikonografii z počátku 17. století

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Uličný, Petr


    Roč. 33, č. 1 (2017), s. 120-143 ISSN 0231-6056 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Prague * Vyšehrad Castle * palace * fortification * rotunda of St Martin * Giovanni Pieroni * Aegidius Sadeler * Roelandt Savery * Paulus van Vianen Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage OBOR OECD: Arts, Art history

  5. Střípky dějin – brněnské pracoviště Ústavu pro etnografii a folkloristiku ČSAV v korespondenci Karla Vetterla s Jiřím Horákem

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Bahenská, Marie; Jůnová Macková, Adéla


    Roč. 9, č. 2 (2017), s. 63-106 ISSN 1803-9448 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA15-03754S Institutional support: RVO:67985921 Keywords : Karel Vetterl * Jiří Horák * history of ethnology Subject RIV: AB - History OBOR OECD: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)

  6. Česká historizující próza mezi romantismem a realismem : rekonstrukce historické právní kauzy Henyka z Valdštejna v povídce Karla Sabiny Osudná kniha)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Charypar, Michal


    Roč. 17, č. 1 (2014), s. 87-105 ISSN 1213-2144 Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : Czech literature * historical fiction * 19th century * Sabina, Karel * realism Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  7. „Jsme spolu tak zadobré, že mi slíbil, abych se nestaral, že tomu pomůžeme a že projde.“: cenzura díla Karla Hynka Máchy

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Píša, Petr


    Roč. 66, č. 1 (2018), s. 34-69 ISSN 0009-0468 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA16-02328S Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : Karel Hynek Mácha * censorship * Czech Roman tic poetry * 19th century * history of publication Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision OBOR OECD: Specific literatures

  8. Církevní kritika výstřední módy císařského dvora Karla IV. a datování nástěnných maleb karlštejnského schodištního cyklu kolem let 1365 - 1367

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hlobil, Ivo


    Roč. 13, příl. (2006), s. 19-22 ISSN 1212-1487. [Schodištní cykly Velké věže hradu Karlštejna. Stav po restaurování. Praha, 05.05.2004-07.05.2004] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : wall painting * Karlštejn * Charles IV Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  9. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. S Hawkins. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 36 Issue 5 October 2011 pp 555-586. Phonetic perspectives on modelling information in the speech signal · S Hawkins · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. This paper reassesses conventional assumptions about the informativeness of the acoustic ...

  10. A GIS based watershed information system for water resources management and planning in semi-arid areas (United States)

    Tzabiras, John; Spiliotopoulos, Marios; Kokkinos, Kostantinos; Fafoutis, Chrysostomos; Sidiropoulos, Pantelis; Vasiliades, Lampros; Papaioannou, George; Loukas, Athanasios; Mylopoulos, Nikitas


    The overall objective of this work is the development of an Information System which could be used by stakeholders for the purposes of water management as well as for planning and strategic decision-making in semi-arid areas. An integrated modeling system has been developed and applied to evaluate the sustainability of water resources management strategies in Lake Karla watershed, Greece. The modeling system, developed in the framework of "HYDROMENTOR" research project, is based on a GIS modelling approach which uses remote sensing data and includes coupled models for the simulation of surface water and groundwater resources, the operation of hydrotechnical projects (reservoir operation and irrigation works) and the estimation of water demands at several spatial scales. Lake Karla basin was the region where the system was tested but the methodology may be the basis for future analysis elsewhere. Τwo (2) base and three (3) management scenarios were investigated. In total, eight (8) water management scenarios were evaluated: i) Base scenario without operation of the reservoir and the designed Lake Karla district irrigation network (actual situation) • Reduction of channel losses • Alteration of irrigation methods • Introduction of greenhouse cultivation ii) Base scenario including the operation of the reservoir and the Lake Karla district irrigation network • Reduction of channel losses • Alteration of irrigation methods • Introduction of greenhouse cultivation The results show that, under the existing water resources management, the water deficit of Lake Karla watershed is very large. However, the operation of the reservoir and the cooperative Lake Karla district irrigation network coupled with water demand management measures, like reduction of water distribution system losses and alteration of irrigation methods, could alleviate the problem and lead to sustainable and ecological use of water resources in the study area. Acknowledgements: This study

  11. Developed adaptive neuro-fuzzy algorithm to control air conditioning ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ... conditioning system is highly appreciated and essential in most of our daily life. ... (Hossien and Karla, 2012) presented an overview work which provides an .... energy balance for SSSF and the mass flow balance for the water in the air are ..... of Automatic Control and Electrical Engineering at Siegen University, Germany.

  12. 4 talu lilleralli / Tiina Kolk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kolk, Tiina, 1956-


    Karla külas Harjumaal Kose vallas tegid neli aiandustalu (Roosoja, Roogoja, Pearnahansu ja Sadevälja) 1. aug. väravad valla ja tutvustasid ringkäikudel huvitavaid taimi. Võõrustajad jagasid näpunäiteid roosi, elulõnga, kukerpuu ja aedhortensia kasvatamiseks

  13. Kalendar nedeli / Leta Gureli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Gureli, Leta


    Iz soderzh.: 26 ijulja 155 let so dnja rozhdenija Karla Roberta Jakobsona; 27 ijulja 1856 rodilsja Dzhordzh Bernard Shou; 27 ijulja 135 let nazad rodilsja Vazha Pshavela; 27 ijulja 155 let nazad pogib Mihail Lermontov; 27 ijulja 100 let so dnja rozhdenija Borisa Shergina

  14. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 11, No 32 (2012)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Characterization of rigor mortis of longissimus dorsi and triceps brachii muscles of male cattle carcasses · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Rafael S Costa, Fábio C Henry, Karla S Ferreira, Felipe RAF do Valle, Célia R Quirino, 8127-8132.

  15. 78 FR 55698 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    ...), Karla Costilla, Member/Manager, Application Type: New NVO & OFF License. ICAT Logistics, Inc. (OFF..., Washington, DC 20573, by telephone at (202) 523-5843 or by email at [email protected] . Abaco Logistics Corporation..., CFO, Application Type: QI Change & Add OFF Service. American General Logistics, Inc. (NVO), 626 N...

  16. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. María Teresa Magaña-Torres. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 90 Online resources 2011 pp e114-e119. Polymorphisms of seven genes involved in lipid metabolism in an unselected Mexican population · Blanca E. Ríos-González Karla E. Luévano-Ortega Ana M.

  17. Leadership Coaching for Educators:Bringing Out the Best in School Administrators (United States)

    Reiss, Karla


    In this resource, educational coach Karla Reiss helps superintendents, principals, and teachers understand the fundamentals of effective leadership coaching programs that result in long-lasting educational change. Using a balance of theory and practice, Reiss offers 11 core competencies adopted by the rapidly growing coaching profession including…

  18. Bioactivity of mangrove humic materials on Rizophora mangle and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Bioactivity of mangrove humic materials on Rizophora mangle and Laguncularia racemosa seedlings, Brazil. Leonardo Barros Dobbss, André Luiz Paier Barroso, Alessandro Coutinho Ramos, Karla Stéphanie Nunes Torrico, Fabíola Schunk de Souza Arçari, Daniel Basílio Zandonadi ...

  19. Séminaire de probabilités XLVIII

    CERN Document Server

    Lejay, Antoine; Rouault, Alain


    In addition to its further exploration of the subject of peacocks, introduced in recent Séminaires de Probabilités, this volume continues the series’ focus on current research themes in traditional topics such as stochastic calculus, filtrations and random matrices. Also included are some particularly interesting articles involving harmonic measures, random fields and loop soups. The featured contributors are Mathias Beiglböck, Martin Huesmann and Florian Stebegg, Nicolas Juillet, Gilles Pags, Dai Taguchi, Alexis Devulder, Mátyás Barczy and Peter Kern, I. Bailleul, Jürgen Angst and Camille Tardif, Nicolas Privault, Anita Behme, Alexander Lindner and Makoto Maejima, Cédric Lecouvey and Kilian Raschel, Christophe Profeta and Thomas Simon, O. Khorunzhiy and Songzi Li, Franck Maunoury, Stéphane Laurent, Anna Aksamit and Libo Li, David Applebaum, and Wendelin Werner. .

  20. Ecole d’été de probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXII

    CERN Document Server


    This is yet another indispensable volume for all probabilists and collectors of the Saint-Flour series, and is also of great interest for mathematical physicists. It contains two of the three lecture courses given at the 32nd Probability Summer School in Saint-Flour (July 7-24, 2002). Boris Tsirelson's lectures introduce the notion of nonclassical noise produced by very nonlinear functions of many independent random variables, for instance singular stochastic flows or oriented percolation. Two examples are examined (noise made by a Poisson snake, the Brownian web). A new framework for the scaling limit is proposed, as well as old and new results about noises, stability, and spectral measures. Wendelin Werner's contribution gives a survey of results on conformal invariance, scaling limits and properties of some two-dimensional random curves. It provides a definition and properties of the Schramm-Loewner evolutions, computations (probabilities, critical exponents), the relation with critical exponents of planar...

  1. Sosiale motiewe en stereotipering in verbruikers se keuse van groot ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    S Blignaut

    86). Volgens Hawkins et ... Burns en Lennon (1993) lok die sinsvoltooiingstegniek direkte reaksie by subjekte uit, dus die reaksie wat ..... FERBER, R (1974): Handbook of marketing research. New. York. McGraw-Hill. FISKE, ST & TAYLOR, SE ...


    Ranganath, Heggere S Ranganathan, J. Rao, S Raskin, Rob Raven, P H Redman, Sandra Reed, D Reed, Daniel Months Blakeslee RJ, Stewart MF, Hawkins DL, Mach DM, Wharton NA, Ranganathan J, He Y, Flynn SE, Garrett

  3. Fusion Sub-System Design From an Integrated Command, Decision Support and ISR Perspective

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Senglaub, Michael


    .... It is a hybridization of formal and temporal concept reasoning, Peircean reasoning with an instantiation of Mills canons, Modal logic and coupled to an architecture based on Hawkins model of the neocortex...

  4. 34 CFR 608.2 - What institutions are eligible to receive a grant under the HBCU Program? (United States)


    ...-Tillotson College—Austin Jarvis Christian College—Hawkins Paul Quinn College—Waco Prairie View A&M... Secretary publishes a list in the Federal Register of nationally recognized accrediting agencies and...

  5. Polarizing Ytterbium-Doped all-Solid Photonic Bandgap Fiber with 1150 micrometers2 Effective Mode Area (United States)


    RESPONSIBLE PERSON 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER Liang Dong Fanting Kong,, Guancheng Gu,, Thomas W. Hawkins ,, Joshua Parsons, Maxwell Jones,, Christopher...Dunn,, Monica T. Kalichevsky-Dong,, Benjamin Pulford,, Iyad Dajani,, Kunimasa Saitoh,, Stephen P. Palese,, Eric Cheung,, Liang Dong c. THIS PAGE The...ytterbium-doped all-solid photonic bandgap fiber with ~1150µm2 effective mode area Fanting Kong,1,* Guancheng Gu,1 Thomas W. Hawkins ,1 Joshua Parsons

  6. Třeboňský list rytíře Karla staršího Kořenského z Terešova na Komařicích a Zborově z 18. června 1619 (Příspěvek k poznání politických postojů jihočeské nižší šlechty za stavovského povstání)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Sterneck, Tomáš


    Roč. 49, č. 1 (2012), s. 26-49 ISSN 1212-0596 Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : history * Revolt of the Bohemian Estates * Karel the Elder Kořenský of Terešov Subject RIV: AB - History

  7. Commentary on: "Randomized, controlled, double-blind, cross-over trial assessing treatment preference for pazopanib versus sunitinib in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma: PISCES study." Escudier B, Porta C, Bono P, Powles T, Eisen T, Sternberg CN, Gschwend JE, De Giorgi U, Parikh O, Hawkins R, Sevin E, Négrier S, Khan S, Diaz J, Redhu S, Mehmud F, Cella D. Bernard Escudier, Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif; Emmanuel Sevin, Centre François Baclesse, Caen; Sylvie Négrier, Leon Berard Cancer Center, Lyon, France; Camillo Porta, Fondazione Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico (IRCCS) Policlinico S. Matteo, Pavia; Cora N Sternberg, San Camillo Forlanini Hospital, Rome; Ugo De Giorgi, IRCCS Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori, Meldola, Italy; Petri Bono, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland; Thomas Powles, Barts Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, London; Tim Eisen, Cambridge University Health Partners, Cambridge; Omi Parikh, Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire; Robert Hawkins, Christie Cancer Research UK, Manchester; Sadya Khan, Jose Diaz, and Faisal Mehmud, GlaxoSmithKline, Uxbridge, United Kingdom; Jürgen E Gschwend, Klinikum Rechts der Isar der Technischen Universität München, Munich, Germany; Suman Redhu, GlaxoSmithKline, Collegeville, PA; David Cella, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL.: J Clin Oncol. 2014 May 10;32(14):1412-1418; doi: 10.1200/JCO.2013.50.8267. [Epub 2014 Mar 31]. (United States)

    Trump, Donald


    Patient-reported outcomes may help inform treatment choice in advanced/metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC), particularly between approved targeted therapies with similar efficacy. This double-blind crossover study evaluated patient preference for pazopanib or sunitinib and the influence of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and safety factors on their stated preference. Patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma were randomly assigned to pazopanib 800mg per day for 10 weeks, a 2-week washout, and then sunitinib 50mg per day (4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 4weeks on) for 10 weeks, or the reverse sequence. The primary end point, patient preference for a specific treatment, was assessed by questionnaire at the end of the two treatment periods. Other end points and analyses included reasons for preference, physician preference, safety, and HRQoL. Of 169 randomly assigned patients, 114 met the following prespecified modified intent-to-treat criteria for the primary analysis: exposure to both treatments, no disease progression before cross over, and completion of the preference questionnaire. Significantly more patients preferred pazopanib (70%) over sunitinib (22%); 8% expressed no preference (P<.001). All preplanned sensitivity analyses, including the intent-to-treat population, statistically favored pazopanib. Less fatigue and better overall quality of life were the main reasons for preferring pazopanib, with less diarrhea being the most cited reason for preferring sunitinib. Physicians also preferred pazopanib (61%) over sunitinib (22%); 17% expressed no preference. Adverse events were consistent with each drug׳s known profile. Pazopanib was superior to sunitinib in HRQoL measures evaluating fatigue, hand/foot soreness, and mouth/throat soreness. This innovative crossover trial demonstrated a significant patient preference for pazopanib over sunitinib, with HRQoL and safety as key influencing factors. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. WA Smith: LP Vosloo, CH van Niekerkand FP Theron Gossypol, a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    with the semen of boars (Tso & Lee, 1981), rodents (Hahn,. Rusticus, Probst, Homm & Johnson, 1981), monkeys ... enzymes (Lee & MaIling, 1981; Tso & Lee, 1981;Kennedy, van der Ven, Straus, Bhattacharyya, Waller, ... 1973), Lindsey, Hawkins & Guthrie (1980) showed that diets supplying 24 g free gossypol per lactating ...

  9. Leaders' Views on the Values of School-Based Research: Contemporary Themes and Issues (United States)

    Bryan, Hazel; Burstow, Bob


    In 2004, McLaughlin, Black-Hawkins and McIntyre published a literature review that explored the ways in which individual teachers, whole schools and groups of networked schools were engaging in practitioner research and enquiry. In the light of significant changes to the education landscape, the empirical research in this article provides an…

  10. Vowel Formants and Angle Measurements in Diachronic Sociophonetic Studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fabricius, Anne


    is well documented in varieties of British English, such as Torgersen and Kerswill [10], including RP, as in Hawkins and Midgley [6]. The paper also demonstrates the versatility of an angle calculation method (Fabricius [3]), used in combination with F1/F2 plots, in producing replicable quantified...

  11. Assembling Aarhus West

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krogh, Mads


    of “glocalized” rap as ‘resistance vernaculars’ or ‘global noise’ (cf. Hawkins et al. 2004, Mitchell 2001) risk maintaining overly homogenous understandings of genre. In particular, I appeal to the Deleuzian concept of assemblage to highlight heterogeneity – and more specifically continuous de- and re...

  12. Losing Sleep to Watch the Night-Sky: The Relationship between Sleep-Length and Noctcaelador (United States)

    Kelly, William E.; Rose, Callie


    For most of history, humans have been watching the night-sky (Hawkins, 1983). Historically, individuals have watched the night-sky for aesthetic appreciation and to gain insights and knowledge (Brecher & Feirtag, 1979). Despite the long history of night-sky watching among humans and the apparent importance of the behavior to large groups of…

  13. Using Gaming Equipment to Teach (United States)

    Curriculum Review, 2009


    Gaming equipment (such as Nintendo's Wii[TM]) is making its way to schools and classrooms. However, most of the discussion regarding how to use this technology and integrate it into lesson plans is happening in blogs on the Internet. An advocate of interactive media in the classroom, Dr. Dawn Hawkins, a faculty member for the Art Institute of…

  14. Schools That Work--A Recommitment to Public Education. (United States)

    Jones, Steven R., Ed.


    This is the report of a conference held in March 1980, for the purposes of sharing, among black educators, experiences with successful education programs and devising strategies for improving ineffective schools. The introductory addresses by Shirley Chisholm and Augustus F. Hawkins are summarized, as are the presentations of John Algee, Mary…

  15. On possible parent bodies of Innisfree, Lost City and Prgibram meteorites. (United States)

    Rozaev, A. E.


    Minor planets 1981 ET3 and Seleucus are possible parent bodies of Innisfree and Lost City meteorites, asteroid Mithra is the most probable source of Prgibram meteorite. The conclusions are based on the Southworth - Hawkins criterion with taking into account of the motion constants (Tisserand coefficient, etc.) and minimal distances between orbits at present time.

  16. Validation of hamstrings musculoskeletal modeling by calculating peak hamstrings length at different hip angles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Krogt, M.M.; Doorenbosch, C.A.M.; Harlaar, J.


    Accurate estimates of hamstrings lengths are useful, for example, to facilitate planning for surgical lengthening of the hamstrings in patients with cerebral palsy. In this study, three models used to estimate hamstrings length (M1: Delp, M2: Klein Horsman, M3: Hawkins and Hull) were evaluated. This

  17. Motivation and Commitment: Pre-Service Teachers from Hong Kong and Mainland China at a Training Institute in Hong Kong (United States)

    Gu, Mingyue; Lai, Chun


    Research indicates that historical and social backgrounds influence individuals' motivation to teach and their commitment to teaching (Gordon, 2000; Su, Hawkins, Huang & Zhao, 2001). This article reports on a comparative study exploring the motivation to teach and the commitment to teaching among non-local prospective student teachers from…

  18. East African Journal of Public Health - Vol 8, No 1 (2011)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    AIDS care and treatment centers in urban Tanzania: a cross-sectional study · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. H Siril, LR Hirschhorn, C Hawkins, ME Garcia, MS Li, S Ismail, SG Mdingi, ...

  19. Do migrating cells need a nucleus? (United States)

    Hawkins, Rhoda J


    How the nucleus affects cell polarity and migration is unclear. In this issue, Graham et al. (2018. J. Cell Biol. show that enucleated cells polarize and migrate in two but not three dimensions and propose that the nucleus is a necessary component of the molecular clutch regulating normal mechanical responses. © 2018 Hawkins.

  20. Quasar evolution: not a deficit at low redshifts

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Avni, Y.; Schiller, N.


    We consider the recent suggestion of Hawkins and Stewart that complete quasar samples can be interpreted in terms of a (real or apparent) deficit of quasars at low redshifts. By using a larger sample and a more efficient method of analysis, we rule out this interpretation

  1. Caesarean section and mortality

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Hawkins JL, Gibbs CP, Orleans M, et al. Obstetric anesthesia work force survey, versus 1992. Anesthesiology. 1981;1997(87):135–43. 2. Bert CJ, Atrash HK, Koonin KM, et al. Pregnacy related mortality in the. United States, 1987–1990. Obstet Gynecol. 1996;88:161–7. Received: 10-08-2015 Accepted: 14-08-2015.

  2. Phototherapy — a treatment modality for wound healing and pain relief

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Phototherapy — a treatment modality for wound healing and pain relief. D Hawkins, H Abrahamse. Abstract. When applied properly, phototherapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has proved to be very efficient in relieving pain and improving wound healing. However, until recently there has been a lack of scientific

  3. On the energy emission by a Kerr black hole in the superradiant range

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Curir, A.


    A new redefined ''Unruh vacuum'' has been used in order to obtain the thermal Hawkin emission in a Kerr geometry in the superradiant range. It is also shown that a new type of vacuum is needed to obtain the global emission from a rotating black hole in the superradiant range. The formula describing such global emission is given. (orig.)

  4. The Distribution, Biological Characteristics and Vulnerability of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Hawkins, 1999; Hutchings & Reynolds 2004) and fishing threats to existing stocks (Sadovy. & Cheung, 2003; Cheung, 2007), overfishing has remained the most pervasive threat to commercial marine fishes (Pitcher, 1998). Other threats to wild fish stocks include loss of essential habitats critical to complete their life cycle ...

  5. Shelley's Greenbul Andropadus masukuensis in Kimboza Forest ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    New York: Harper & Row. Kushlan, J.A. & Hancock, J. 2005. Herons. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Payne, R.B. 1979. Ardeidae. In Mayr & Cotterell (Eds). Peters Check List of Birds of the World 2nd. Edition. Cambridge, USA: Museum of Comparative Zoology. Safford, R.J. & Hawkins, A.F.A. (Eds). 2013. The Birds of Africa.

  6. Medial peritalar fracture dislocation of the talar body

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacob B. Stirton


    Full Text Available Peritalar fracture dislocations typically involve the talar neck and are classified according to Hawkins. To our knowledge, peritalar fracture dislocation involving the talar body has not been formally reported. In this article, we describe a case of peritalar fracture dislocation of the talar body. Keywords: Peritalar dislocation, Talus fracture, Talar body fracture dislocation, Medial subtalar dislocation

  7. Challenges for extension service to render efficient post-transformer ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    generation of knowledge and information to provide back- up service to Extensionists which in turn should help their clients (Arnon, 1989; Bunting, 1986; Van den Ban & Hawkins,. 1990: 293). Furthermore Extensionists are expected to account for their performance in order to justify the investment of public funds in extension ...

  8. Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol.17 (2) December, 2013 ISSN ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    hinged on extension services by helping farmers to identify, analyze and link with research on their production problems. They also create awareness on opportunities for improvement of farm yields leading to increased income and better standard of living (Van den ban and. Hawkins, 1998; Balantyne and Bokre, 2003).

  9. R-ES-ONANCE--IMay

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    [2] Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins (Revised by Ian Stewart), Whatis. Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods, Oxford. University Press, 1996. [3] Thomas Hawkins,Lebesgue's Theory of Integration, Chelsea Publishing. Co., The Bronx, New York, 1975. [4] H ·L Royden,RealAnalysis, Prentice Hall ...

  10. The Tennessee Judicial Decision on Religion and Reading Basal Series: An Update and Implications for Reading Educators. (United States)

    Balajthy, Ernest

    Judge Thomas Hull's October 1986 decision in the "Mozert et al. versus Hawkins County Public Schools" provoked concern from a number of educators who felt that the plaintiffs, several Fundamentalist parents, who were favored in the decision, were attempting to force their religious principles on non-Fundamentalists. Judge Hull's…

  11. Discovery of Sound in the Sea 2015 Annual Report (United States)


    Harvard University Medical School, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), and Arthur N. Popper (University of Maryland). MAI and GSO make all...on Aquatic Life (Arthur N. Popper and Anthony Hawkins, eds.). Springer, New York. Vigness-Raposa, K.J., Scowcroft, G., Knowlton, C., and Worcester

  12. Hearing on Drug Abuse Prevention and Education. Hearing before the Committee on Education and Labor. House of Representatives, Ninety-Ninth Congress, Second Session. (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Education and Labor.

    The text of a hearing on drug abuse prevention and education is provided in this document. After an opening statement by Representative Augustus Hawkins which briefly describes progress that has been made towards drug abuse prevention legislation, statements are given by these witnesses: (1) Carolyn Burns of the National Federation of Parents for…

  13. Image Analysis and Modeling (United States)


    place "subgraphs" with more complicated subgraphs. There have beer many re- sults reported which extend string-grammar theorems to web grammar...W. Bacus and E. E. Gose , "Leukocyte Pattern Recognition," IEEE SMC-2. No. 2, pp. 513-536, September 1972. [4] J. K. Hawkins

  14. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology - Vol 78, No 2 (2007)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Plenary Paper Objectifs et priorités pour la conservation des oiseaux et de la biodiversité d'Afrique · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Thomas Brooks, Luciano Andriamaro, Roy Gereau, Frank Hawkins, Kim Howell, David Knox, Penny Langhammer, John F ...

  15. (De Winton, 1897) and A. namaquensis (A. Smith, 1834) (Rodentia

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mar 24, 1993 ... genus Aethornys Thomas, the present study examines non- geographic variation in ... Watson 1986; Visser & Robinson 1986; 1987; Brecd, Cox,. Leigh & Hawkins 1988) ... Verheyen & Bracke (J 966), Morris (J 972), Perrin (J 982) and Dippenaar ...... GENOWA YS, H.H. & JONES, Jr., J.K. t972. Variation and.

  16. No Child Left Behind: A Neoliberal Repackaging of Social Darwinism (United States)

    Leyva, Rodolfo


    It is widely believed that the end of Nazism, and the postwar era brought an end to academic theories and discourses regarding inherent racial inferiority. There was little tolerance Hawkins (1997) argues, for biological justifications for racism, war, and exploitation. The infamous Social Darwinism of key intellectual Herbert Spencer, and its…

  17. 75 FR 81650 - Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-United Negro... (United States)


    ..., Grambling, LA; Jackson State University, Jackson, MS; Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, TX; Johnson C... the strategic importance of HBCUs and MIs in Federal research and development; and (e) to define..., UNCFSP-RDC, in care of Engineering and Management Executive, Inc. (EME), 101 South Whiting Street, Suite...

  18. Navy Virginia (SSN 774) Class Attack Submarine Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress, by Ronald O’Rourke. 45 Stephen J. Hadley and William J. Perry, co...Generally speaking, delays in maintenance periods will impact the overall operational availability of the submarine force,” Lt. Cmdr. Tim Hawkins

  19. The Effectiveness of Title I Schoolwide Projects: A Synthesis of Findings from the First Years of Evaluation. (United States)

    Wong, Kenneth K.; Meyer, Stephen J.

    The 1988 Hawkins-Stafford Elementary and Secondary School Improvement Amendments to Chapter 1 (now Title I) have enabled broad expansion of Title I schoolwide projects. The regulatory changes provide funding to entire schools, rather than targeting services to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged subpopulations. This paper reviews what is…

  20. The Distribution of Federal Elementary-Secondary Education Grants among the States. Final Report on the Study Mandated by Congress in P.L. 100-297, Section 6207. (United States)

    Barro, Stephen M.

    In the Hawkins-Stafford Elementary and Secondary School Improvement Amendments of 1988, Congress directed the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to conduct a study of methods used to allocate federal elementary and secondary education grants among the states. This document, the final report on that study, assesses grant distribution funding…

  1. Unwrapping ADMM: Efficient Distributed Computing via Transpose Reduction (United States)


    applications of the Split Bregman method: Segmen- tation and surface reconstruction. J. Sci. Comput., 45:272– 293, October 2010. [17] Stephen Boyd and...Garcia, Gretchen Greene, Fabrizia Guglielmetti, Christopher Hanley, George Hawkins , et al. The second-generation guide star cata- log: description

  2. Adiabatic Compression Sensitivity of AF-M315E (United States)


    Brand for their technical expertise and guidance. He also wishes to thank Mr. Stephen McKim from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for his assistance...Wilson, D. B., and Stoltzfus, J. M. "Adiabatic Compression of Oxygen: Real Fluid Temperatures," 2000. 10Ismail, I. M. K., and Hawkins , T. W. "Adiabatic

  3. Training Needs in Gerontology. Hearings, Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate. Part 2. (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Special Committee on Aging.

    At the second day of hearings on training needs in gerontology the witnesses were Stephen Kurzman accompanied by Arthur S. Flemming, John Lapp, Gerald D. LaVeck; George Maddox; Elias Cohen; Wilma Donahue; Brin Hawkins with Lettie Graves and Yolanda Owens; and John B. Martin. (MS)

  4. Literacy in America. (United States)

    Graubard, Stephen R., Ed.


    This collection of essays addresses issues related to basic literacy and mathematical competence in the United States. Articles include the following: "The Roots of Literacy" (David Hawkins); "Historical Perspectives on Literacy and Schooling" (Daniel P. Resnick); "Reconciling the Literacies of Generations" (William…

  5. Marine Corps Interwar Period Innovation and Implications for the Upcoming Post Operation Enduring Freedom Period (United States)


    performance of the Pacific force’s landing operations became clear. African, Sicilian, and Italian landings suffered from hitches and delays stemming...December 2012, 10-15. Hawkins, Brian. "Amphibious Renaissance ." Marine Corps Gazette, February 2013, 64-68. Heinl, Robert Debs. Soldiers of the Sea

  6. Definite Article Usage across Varieties of English (United States)

    Wahid, Ridwan


    This paper seeks to explore the extent of definite article usage variation in several varieties of English based on a classification of its usage types. An annotation scheme based on Hawkins and Prince was developed for this purpose. Using matching corpus data representing Inner Circle varieties and Outer Circle varieties, analysis was made on…

  7. The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1976: An Analysis and Evaluation. Discussion Paper 346-76. (United States)

    Barth, Michael C.

    The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of l976, S-50, the Humphrey-Hawkins bill, is an attempt to focus the nation's attention and energy on the problem of attaining full employment. As a matter of law the nation would be committed to achieving an adult unemployment rate of 3% within four years. If those charged with the development and…

  8. Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Aging of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources. United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth Congress, Second Session on Review of Health Care Services Available for People with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia and To Review Proposals Related to the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources.

    A Senate hearing reviewing health care services available for people with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia and reviewing proposals related to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is presented in this document. Statements are given by Senators Charles E. Grassley, Albert Gore, Paula Hawkins, Howard M. Metzenbaum, Larry Pressler, and Paul…

  9. Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints and Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints: A Review of the Literature to July 1, 1936 (United States)


    determined on a machined rectangular bar. According to Bierett b1 other tests have shown that the double-sided run is no more unfavorable than the...38, Feb. 1931. 189. Hodge, J. C., Amer. Weld. Soc. Jnl. 9, 93-116, Oct. 1930. 190. Hawkins, H. W., Proc. Rugby Engg. Soc., 27, 41-65 (1), (1932-1933

  10. luminescence in coloured alkali halide crystals

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    have studied the effect of annealing in chlorine gas on the ML of X-rayed KCl crystals. ..... high temperature because of the thermal bleaching of the coloration in alkali halide ..... [31] J Hawkins, Ph.D. Thesis (University of Reading, 1976).

  11. Come together: African universities collaborate to improve bandwidth

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Feb 2, 2011 ... However, a stumbling block to realizing this vision arose: the cost of access. As Bob Hawkins, a senior education specialist at the WBI, points out, “the average African university pays 50 times more than the amount a North American university pays for Internet access.” Moreover, the bandwidth available to ...

  12. Science in the Bilingual Classroom (United States)

    Gutierrez, Patricia A.


    One in seven children in the United States speaks a language other than English at home. Their difficulties with English may seem like a barrier to science education. But science education can be the impetus they need to overcome their difficulties with English. With sidebars by Isabel Hawkins and George Musser.

  13. Kooliteater ehk "kogu maailm on lava..." / Kadri Haavajõe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Haavajõe, Kadri


    Betti Alveri luulepäevadelt tõid kolm Rakvere näitetruppi kuus preemiat. Rakvere reaalgümnaasiumi trupp Karla sai lisaks laureaaditiitlile ka parima meesosatäitja preemia, mille sai Jürgen Gansen. Osatäitmiste eest tunnustati ka Rakvere Linnanoorte Näitetrupi liiget Triinu Sikku ja Rakvere gümnaasiumi Teatriansambli noort Rainer Verner Samolbergi. Küsimusele "Miks ma näitlen" vastavad Jürgen Gansen ja Rainer Verner Samolberg



    Hrastnik, Barbara


    Diplomsko delo obravnava prvi dekadentni roman, tj. roman Proti toku (1884) francoskega pisatelja Jorisa Karla Huysmansa. Njegov protagonist Des Esseintes je na podlagi primerov iz romana označen kot tipičen dekadentni lik, s pomočjo sekundarne literature pa je obravnavan tudi kot dandy, flaneur, ekscentrik, estet, mizantrop in nadčlovek. Prikazano je nenavadno dekadentovo mišljenje, obnašanje in zunanji videz, pri čemer so nakazane podobnosti z nekaterimi pisatelji, dostojanstveniki in intel...

  15. Modelos de localización de áreas potenciales para el cultivo de palma aceitera sostenible en el ámbito Amazónico


    Glave, Manuel; Vergara, Karla


    Manuel Glave y Karla Vergara abordan el tema de la localización de áreas potenciales para el cultivo sostenible de palma aceitera en la Amazonía peruana, y proponen una metodología que permite combinar las áreas con aptitud agroecológica (características climáticas, físicas y accesibilidad que aseguren la rentabilidad del cultivo) con aquellas donde se respeten criterios ambientales, legales y sociales, definidos en base a estándares internacionales. Combinando la información espacial oficial...

  16. Estimation of crop water requirements using remote sensing for operational water resources management (United States)

    Vasiliades, Lampros; Spiliotopoulos, Marios; Tzabiras, John; Loukas, Athanasios; Mylopoulos, Nikitas


    An integrated modeling system, developed in the framework of "Hydromentor" research project, is applied to evaluate crop water requirements for operational water resources management at Lake Karla watershed, Greece. The framework includes coupled components for operation of hydrotechnical projects (reservoir operation and irrigation works) and estimation of agricultural water demands at several spatial scales using remote sensing. The study area was sub-divided into irrigation zones based on land use maps derived from Landsat 5 TM images for the year 2007. Satellite-based energy balance for mapping evapotranspiration with internalized calibration (METRIC) was used to derive actual evapotranspiration (ET) and crop coefficient (ETrF) values from Landsat TM imagery. Agricultural water needs were estimated using the FAO method for each zone and each control node of the system for a number of water resources management strategies. Two operational strategies of hydro-technical project development (present situation without operation of the reservoir and future situation with the operation of the reservoir) are coupled with three water demand strategies. In total, eight (8) water management strategies are evaluated and compared. The results show that, under the existing operational water resources management strategies, the crop water requirements are quite large. However, the operation of the proposed hydro-technical projects in Lake Karla watershed coupled with water demand management measures, like improvement of existing water distribution systems, change of irrigation methods, and changes of crop cultivation could alleviate the problem and lead to sustainable and ecological use of water resources in the study area.

  17. Cyanotoxins as the "common suspects" for the Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) deaths in a Mediterranean reconstructed reservoir. (United States)

    Papadimitriou, T; Katsiapi, M; Vlachopoulos, K; Christopoulos, A; Laspidou, C; Moustaka-Gouni, M; Kormas, K


    Toxic cyanobacterial blooms have been implicated for their negative consequences on many terrestrial and aquatic organisms. Water birds belong to the most common members of the freshwater food chains and are most likely to be affected by the consumption of toxic cyanobacteria as food. However, the contribution of cyanotoxins in bird mortalities is under-studied. The aim of the study was to investigate the likely role of cyanotoxins in a mass mortality event of the Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) in the Karla Reservoir, in Greece. Water, scum, tissues and stomach content of dead birds were examined for the presence of microcystins, cylindrospermopsins and saxitoxins by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. High abundances of potential toxic cyanobacterial species and significant concentrations of cyanotoxins were recorded in the reservoir water. All examined tissues and stomach content of the Dalmatian pelicans contained significant concentrations of microcystins and saxitoxins. Cylindrospermopsin concentrations were detected in all tissues except from the brain. Our results suggest that cyanotoxins are a plausible cause for this bird mass mortality episode in the Karla Reservoir. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Breaking down the communication barrier. (United States)

    Hawkins, R A


    Dr. Hawkins addresses the problem of how QA managers can best persuade physicians of the importance of QA programs. Since communication is the basis of educating clinicians, the author analyzes the diametrically opposite perspectives of QA managers and physicians even as they pursue the common goal of quality healthcare. While doctors are primarily loyal to patients and peers with an immediate care focus, process-oriented QA managers emphasize the institution and its longer-term goals. To overcome physician resistance to change, Dr. Hawkins offers an adult learner model that stresses understanding the medical staff's viewpoint, negotiation and respect. Physicians are enthusiastic about QA when it helps solve "the endemic daily system problems." The author concludes by recommending that QA managers join physicians on their clinical rounds to bridge the gap between their different approaches.

  19. Necklace making and placedness in Tasmania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ray Norman


    Full Text Available This paper has been written against the backdrop of John B. Hawkins’ paper, A Suggested History of Tasmanian Aboriginal Kangaroo Skin or Sinew, Human Bone, Shell, Feather, Apple Seed & Wombat Necklaces, published in Australiana, November 2008, and the research it sparked. Hawkins proffered some contentious propositions concerning unlikely and speculative connections between Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklace making and the making of so-called “Tasmanian Appleseed necklaces”. Within the acknowledgements section of his paper Hawkins said that he “[looked] forward to a response to [his] article by the museum authorities, for it is only by the cut and thrust of debate that knowledge can be further enhanced”. This paper takes up that challenge albeit from outside the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and totally independent of any institutional sponsorship.

  20. Treatment of adolescents with morbid obesity with bariatric procedures and anti-obesity pharmacological agents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Um SS


    Full Text Available Scott S Um1, Wendelin Slusser2, Daniel A DeUgarte11Department of Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA; 2Department of Pediatrics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USAAbstract: Adolescent obesity is a growing health concern that can have immense physical and psychological impact. Treatment of morbidly obese adolescents should include a multidisciplinary team to address medical comorbidities, diet, physical activity, mental health, and behavior modification. Anti-obesity pharmacologic agents have a limited role in the treatment of adolescents because of concerns with side effects, safety, and efficacy. Orlistat (GlaxoSmithKline, Moon Township, PA is the only approved medication for weight-loss in adolescents. However, it is associated with gastrointestinal side effects and its long-term efficacy is unknown. Bariatric surgery is the most effective therapy to treat morbid obesity. However, adolescents must meet rigorous criteria and have appropriate cognitive, psychological, and social clearance before being considered for surgical intervention. Gastric bypass remains the gold standard bariatric operation. The adjustable gastric band is not FDA-approved for use in patients under 18 years of age. Sleeve gastrectomy is a promising procedure for adolescents because it avoids an intestinal bypass and the implantation of a foreign body. Prospective longitudinal assessment of bariatric surgery procedures is required to determine long-term outcomes. In this manuscript, we review the treatment options, efficacy, and impact on quality of life for morbidly obese adolescents.Keywords: bariatric surgery, morbid obesity, weight loss, adolescent

  1. A Study of the Relationship between Family Communication Patterns and Adolescents’ Pre-Purchase Decision-Making Process


    Shahriar Azizi; Abasali Haji Karimi; Saedeh Haji Ebrahimi; Amin Dini


    Introduction Today's adolescents have a great influence on the family purchasing behavior. Adolescent's critical role is based on the four pillars: 1) they have more money for purchasing, 2) they are potential consumers in the future, 3) adolescents influence family purchasing decisions (Hawkins, 2006), and 4) they receive more attention from their parents. According to the last statistics of IRAN general census in 2006, adolescents (aged 15-19) composed %38.12 .of the total population. So...

  2. Cultural Resources Survey of Palmetto and Coochie Revetments, Mississippi River M-326 to 315 (United States)


    1840 - SION G. ROWAN ’WILKINSON S PAUL PANDELLY!COKTESWORTH P. SMm .- - ’WILLIAM STAMPS SCHOOL MOSES UD .P E WILLIAM STAMPS1 SECTION WIL.IA\\ -1830 /AND... Tourism , Baton Rouge. Smith, Steven D., Philip G. Rivet, Kathleen M. Byrd, and Nancy W. Hawkins 1983 Louisiana’s Comprehensive Archaeological Plan. State...of Louisiana, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism , Officer of Cultural Development, Division of Archaeology, Baton Rouge. Society of

  3. NATO Code of Best Practice for Command and Control Assessment (Code OTAN des meilleures pratiques pour l’evaluation du commandement et du controle) (United States)


    Social Sciences. Hawkins, G. (1984). Structural Variance and Other Related Topics in the SHAPE Armour /Anti- Armour Study. In R.K. Huber (Ed...threats ( SWOT ). Where an assessment uses experimentation or observation of exercises it is important to identify independent and dependent variables and...Engagement SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 10.9 CHAPTER 10 REFERENCES Kahnmann, D., Slovik, P., & Tversky, A. (Eds.). (1982

  4. Develop a Normative or Descriptive Model of the International/Domestic Civil Aviation Industry. Volume 3. (United States)


    catalyst for the work of this department is the Economics and Finance Council and its eight committees -- Corporate Accounting, Revenue Accounting...Fokker BV Dr. Jaap Kamp, General Manager, International Corporate Finance , Algemene Bank Nederland NV, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2:55 PM Questions 3:15...Hawkins, Vice President Finance & Taxation AIR SALE: Maidenhead, Berks William R. Pascall, Managing Director AIRBUS INDUSTRIE: New York, New York

  5. Medved - spetsnazu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji

  6. Diagnosis of acute atlanto-axial rotatory fixation in adults

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Stenson, Debbie


    This case report presents a case of a Fielding and Hawkins Type I AARF in an adult following trauma. It is presented to draw attention to the medical and technical details associated with the management of this rare spinal injury. The importance of imaging in the diagnosis and management of AARF is discussed. Early recognition and treatment of AARF is paramount in the avoidance of subsequent deformity and instability in these patients and are the key to the prevention of operable treatment.

  7. Les oiseaux de l'archipel de Nosy Hara, au nord nord- ouest de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Marie Jeanne Raherilalao

    1997, Hawkins et Goodman 1999,. Raherilalao et al. 2002, Raherilalao et Wilmé 2008) de sorte que les recherches récentes s'orientent davantage vers les analyses de la distribution ou les modèles d'endémisme. (Raherilalao et Goodman 2003, Raherilalao et Wilmé 2008). Rappelons aussi que la plupart des études ont ...

  8. Les fractures du Talus - a propos de 23 cas | James | Journal de la ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Douze patients (52,17%) présentaient des fractures totales classées selon Hawkins. Neuf autres (39,13%) présentaient des fractures parcellaires et deux patients (8,69%) présentaient une fracture séparation du corps. Résultats : Onze des patients présentant une fracture totale ont été traités chirurgicalement avec une ...

  9. Fourth Indo-US Workshop on Mathematical Chemistry Held in Pune, Maharastra, India on 8-12 January 2005 (United States)


    Galvez, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain Xiaofeng Guo, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang, P.R. China Douglas Hawkins, University of Minnesota... Medicina Chemisry, DIvisio of2Ezpsda11 T1whrapwtica 4 Waeb Reed Anmy nstitute of Rseacb.503 Robert CMtAv MSler $p- & NM- 20910, USA. 3D pomopm zodel...Protein Ontology. HUPO 3rd World Congress 2004, Beijing, China . [7] Sidhu, A. S., T, S. Dillon, et al. (2004). Making of Protein Ontology. The Second

  10. The Pace of Peace on the Viability of Bosnia and Herzegovina Twelve Years after Dayton (United States)


    Martin van Creveld, “Before the State: Prehistory to AD 1300,” in The Rise and Decline of the State (Cambridge University Press, 1999), 1. 12 Yale H...4, no. 1 (March 2005): 58. 55 Kirsti Samuels and Vanessa Hawkins Wyeth, “State-Building and Constitutional Design after Conflict,” IPA Report...who benefit from violent conflict. Spoilers are intrinsically destabilizing. Edward Newman contends that “at the core of this broad definition are

  11. Phipps Bend technical coordination and growth management pilot program: final report for fiscal year 1979. Report for 30 Sep 78-29 Sep 79

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hernandez, R.Y.; Patillo, L.


    Specifically, the report explains the purpose and role of the Phipps Bend Energy Growth Coordination Committee's socio-economic impact mitigation program, subsequent to Tennessee Valley Authority's development of a nuclear energy power plant in Hawkins County, Tennessee. The committee has selected seven areas for mitigation purposes. Law enforcement; solid waste; Greene County; recreation; emergency services; industrial development; and medical services. This report provides follow up information on each of the delineated areas with recommendations for improvement

  12. 21st Century Military Operations in a Complex Electromagnetic Environment (United States)


    Natalie Crawford RAND Corporation RDML Jon P. Cryer, USN (ret) Northrop Grumman Mr. Stephen Cummings Raytheon Dr. Eric Evans MIT Lincoln...Heyer U.S. Navy Ms. Leslie Litton U.S. Army Dr. Charles Perkins National Reconnaissance Office Mr. Marvin Potts U.S. Air Force Dr. Stephen ...Neil Fox Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation Ms. Hannah Freeman Strategic Analysis, Inc. Mr. Marcus Hawkins Strategic Analysis, Inc. Dr

  13. The Effects of Sediment Properties on Low Frequency Acoustic Propagation (United States)


    This work was part of graduate student Holly Clark’s Masters work and we collaborated with Ralph Stephen (WHOI). Simulations using a Time Domain...Finite Difference (TDFD) code developed by Ralf Stephen at WHOI were carried out for an environment similar to the Primer location. The water depth was...crustaceans and groundfish,” in Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II, eds. Popper, Arthur and Hawkins , Anthony, Springer, 2014 [accepted, Book Chapter]. 6

  14. The cosmological evolution of QSOs; and Reply

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wills, D.; Stewart, N.J.; Hawkins, M.R.S.


    It is stated that recently Stewart and Hawkins (Nature 276; 163 (1978)) claimed that what is usually considered strong evidence for cosmological evolution of the number density of quasi-stellar objects (QSOs) is merely a statistical sampling effect and that they found that the assumed evolution law, combined with the optical luminosity function of QSOs predicts results that conflict with the observational data from which these two functions are derived. It is here claimed that Stewart and Hawkins' result is due to several incorrect assumptions, and suggest that there is no such conflict for the largest homogeneous QSO sample available. In a reply the original authors feel that there is no essential disagreement since both agree that if one takes the evolutionary law and luminosity function for quasars widely found in the literature and models the (L, z) plot one finds a disagreement with the observations, in the sense that there is a shortage of very luminous objects. The outstanding question is why this disagreement with observations exists. Wills in his discussion makes use of a cutoff in the luminosity of quasars which Stewart and Hawkins' feel should be examined more thoroughly to see if it is really giving the right result. (UK)

  15. Internal Impingement of the Shoulder: A Risk of False Positive Test Outcomes in External Impingement Tests?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tim Leschinger


    Full Text Available Background. External impingement tests are considered as being particularly reliable for identifying subacromial and coracoid shoulder impingement mechanisms. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate if these tests are likely to provoke an internal shoulder impingement mechanism which, in cases of a pathologic condition, can lead to a positive test result. Method. In 37 subjects, the mechanical contact between the glenoid rim and the rotator cuff (RC was measured quantitatively and qualitatively in external impingement test positions using an open MRI system. Results. Mechanical contact of the supraspinatus with the posterosuperior glenoid was present in 30 subjects in the Neer test. In the Hawkins test, the subscapularis was in contact with the anterosuperior glenoid in 33 subjects and the supraspinatus in 18. In the horizontal impingement test, anterosuperior contact of the supraspinatus with the glenoid was identified in 35 subjects. Conclusion. The Neer, Hawkins, and horizontal impingement tests are likely to provoke the mechanism of an internal shoulder impingement. A posterosuperior internal impingement mechanism is being provoked predominately in the Neer test. The Hawkins test narrows the distance between the insertions of the subscapularis and supraspinatus and the anterosuperior labrum, which leads to an anterosuperior impingement mechanism.

  16. Development of a district information system for water management planning and strategic decision making (United States)

    Loukas, A.; Tzabiras, J.; Spiliotopoulos, M.; Kokkinos, K.; Fafoutis, C.; Mylopoulos, N.


    The overall objective of this work is the development of a District Information System (DIS) which could be used by stakeholders for the purposes of a district day-to-day water management as well as for planning and strategic decisionmaking. The DIS was developed from a GIS-based modeling approach, which integrates a generic crop model and a hydraulic model of the transport/distribution system, using land use maps generated by Landsat TM imagery. The main sub-objectives are: (i) the development of an operational algorithm to retrieve crop evapotranspiration from remote sensing data, (ii) the development of an information system with friendly user interface for the data base, the crop module and the hydraulic module and (iii) the analysis and validation of management scenarios from model simulations predicting the respective behavior. The Lake Karla watershed is used in this study, but the overall methodology could be used as a basis for future analysis elsewhere. Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) was used to derive monthly actual evapotranspiration (ET) values from Landsat TM imagery. Meteorological data from the archives of the Institute for Research and Technology, Thessaly (I.RE.TE.TH) has also been used. The methodology was developed using high quality Landsat TM images during 2007 growing season. Monthly ET values are used as an input to CROPWAT model. Outputs of CROPWAT model are then used as input for WEAP model. The developed scenario is based on the actual situation of the surface irrigation network of the Local Administration of Land Reclamation (LALR) of Pinios for the year of 2007. The DIS is calibrated with observed data of this year and the district parameterization is conducted based on the actual operation of the network. The operation of the surface irrigation network of Pinios LALR is simulated using Technologismiki Works, while the operation of closed pipe irrigation network of Lake Karla LALR is simulated using Watercad. Four

  17. Competição de cultivares de alface sob cultivo hidropônico 'NFT' em três diferentes espaçamentos Butterhead lettuce cultivars under 'NFT' hydroponic cultivation in three different spacings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronan Gualberto


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de avaliar o desempenho de seis cultivares de alface do tipo lisa (Babá de Verão, Brasil 303, Elisa, Karla, Lívia e Monalisa em três espaçamentos (25 x 20, 25 x 25 e 25 x 30 cm, cultivadas em sistema hidropônico 'NFT', realizou-se um experimento na Fazenda Experimental da Universidade de Marília (SP, no período de 23 de setembro a 21 de novembro de 1997. Foram avaliadas as características comprimento de caule, produção de matéria fresca por planta e por área e produção de matéria seca da parte aérea, da raiz e total. O delineamento experimental adotado foi o de blocos casualizados, em esquema fatorial 6 x 3, com três repetições. Não houve efeito significativo da interação entre cultivares e espaçamentos. As cultivares Babá de Verão, Lívia e Elisa se destacaram pela produção de matéria fresca e matéria seca total. As cultivares Monalisa e Karla mostraram-se menos suscetíveis ao pendoamento precoce, enquanto a 'Babá de Verão' foi a mais suscetível. Não foi verificada influência significativa dos espaçamentos sobre as características estudadas, exceto para a produção por área, onde independente das cultivares utilizadas, o espaçamento 25 x 20 propiciou uma produção de 4,465 Kg/m², superior aos demais espaçamentos utilizados. Assim. Produções significativamente inferiores foram obtidas nos tratamentos 25 x 25 cm e 25 x 30 cm: 3,583 e 3,304 Kg/m², respectivamente, devido à redução no número de plantas por m².An experiment was carried out at the Experimental Farm, of Marília University, from September 23th 1997 to November 21st 1997 with the objective of evaluating the performance of six butterhead lettuce cultivars (Babá de Verão, Brasil 303, Elisa, Karla, Lívia and Monalisa in three spacings (25 x 20, 25 x 25 and 25 x 30 cm, cultivated under a hydroponic system 'NFT'. Stem length, fresh matter yield per plant and per area, and aerial part and root dry matter weight were

  18. Antivaroņa arhetipa morāle Holivudas filmās: auditorijas viedokļu hermeneitiskā analīze


    Zirdziņa, Beate


    Bakalaura darba “Antivaroņa arhetipa morāle Holivudas filmās: auditorijas viedokļu hermeneitiskā analīze” mērķis ir noskaidrot kā mūsdienu supervaroņu filmās funkcionē anti-varoņa arhetips izmantojot četru filmu naratīva analīzi kā arī noskaidrot auditorijas domas un pastāvošos uzskatus par anti-varoņa arhetipu filmās. Darbā tiek analizētas filmas “Ghost Rider”, “Watchmen”, “Suicide Squad” un “Deadpool”. Bakalaura darba teorētiskie dati balstīti Džozefa Kampbela “Varoņa ceļā” un Karla Junga a...

  19. The Ins and Outs of Viral Infection: Keystone Meeting Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara W. Bird


    Full Text Available Newly observed mechanisms for viral entry, assembly, and exit are challenging our current understanding of the replication cycle of different viruses. To address and better understand these mechanisms, a Keystone Symposium was organized in the snowy mountains of Colorado (“The Ins and Outs of Viral Infection: Entry, Assembly, Exit, and Spread”; 30 March–4 April 2014, Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, Colorado, organized by Karla Kirkegaard, Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, and Eric O. Freed. The meeting served to bring together cell biologists, structural biologists, geneticists, and scientists expert in viral pathogenesis to discuss emerging mechanisms of viral ins and outs. The conference was organized around different phases of the viral replication cycle, including cell entry, viral assembly and post-assembly maturation, virus structure, cell exit, and virus spread. This review aims to highlight important topics and themes that emerged during the conference.

  20. Monitoring a newly re-born patient: water quality and cyanotoxin occurrence in a reconstructed shallow Mediterranean lake

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spyros Gkelis


    Full Text Available Lake Karla (Central Greece is a unique example - at European scale - of a shallow lake ecosystem that was dried in the 1960s and in 2009 started to be restored. The lake is listed in the network of the Greek protected areas as it is considered a vital aquatic ecosystem, in terms of biodiversity. It has, however, already been adversely affected by both agricultural and industrial land uses in the surrounding area, leading to eutrophication and shifting algal community towards bloom-forming toxic cyanobacterial species. After repeated heavy-blooms, cyanotoxin occurrence and mass fish kills, the local ecosystem management authority has implemented a water quality monitoring program (July 2013 - July 2015 to assess environmental pressures and the response of aquatic biota in the lake. Microscopic, immunological, and molecular techniques combined with physico-chemical parameters, complemented by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS, were used to monitor cyanobacteria blooms and the associated cyanotoxin production from three different sites in Lake Karla and from the adjacent Kalamaki Reservoir. Water quality was also assessed by the structure of benthic invertebrate community on the sediment. Cyanobacteria were the main phytoplankton component, representing more than 70% of the total phytoplankton abundance; dominant taxa belonged to Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Limnothrix redekei, Anabaenopsis elenkinii, and Microcystis spp. Euglenophytes (Euglena, diatoms (Nitzschia, and chlorophytes (Scenedesmus were also important phytoplankton constituents. LC-MS/MS confirmed the co-occurrence of microcystins, cylindrospermopsin, saxitoxin, neo-saxitoxin and anatoxin-a. The occurrence of cyanotoxins in relation to the persistent and dominant cyanobacteria and the impact of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms on the newly constructed lake along with the land uses and the emergent mitigation measures are discussed.

  1. Fractures of the talus: experience of two level 1 trauma centers. (United States)

    Elgafy, H; Ebraheim, N A; Tile, M; Stephen, D; Kase, J


    Fifty-eight patients with 60 talar fractures were retrospectively reviewed. There were 39 men and 19 women. The age average was 32 (range, 14-74). Eighty six percent of the patients had multiple injuries. The most common mechanism of injury was a motor vehicle accident. Twenty-seven (45%) of the fractures were neck, 22 (36.7%) process, and 11 (18.3%) body. Forty-eight fractures had operative treatment and 12 had non-operative management. The average follow-up period was 30 months (range, 24-65). Thirty-two fractures (53.3%) developed subtalar arthritis. Two patients had subsequent subtalar fusion. Fifteen fractures (25%) developed ankle arthritis. None of these patients required ankle fusion. Fractures of the body of the talus were associated with the highest incidence of degenerative joint disease of both the subtalar and ankle joints. Ten fractures (16.6%) developed avascular necrosis (AVN), only one of which had subsequent slight collapse. Avascular necrosis occurred mostly after Hawkins Type 3 and 2 fractures of the talar neck. Three rating scores were used in this series to assess the outcome: the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) Ankle-Hindfoot Score, Maryland Foot Score, and Hawkins Evaluation Criteria. The outcome was different with every rating system. However, the outcome with AOFAS Ankle-Hindfoot Score and Hawkins Evaluation Criteria were almost equivalent. Assessment with the three rating scores showed that the process fractures had the best results followed by the neck and then the body fractures.

  2. "Berlinale 2008" - küll jahe, aga lahe! / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji, Alfred Baueri auhinna sai Fernando Eimbcke "Tahoe järv"

  3. "Eliitüksus" võitis Kuldkaru Brasiilia võimude kiuste / Kristiina Davidjants

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Davidjants, Kristiina, 1974-


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji. Ka A. Wajda filmist "Katõn"

  4. Intergalactic dust and quasar distribution

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Soltan, A.


    Non-homogeneous intergalactic extinction may considerably affect the quasar distribution. Especially samples of quasars isolated on the basis of B-V colours are subject to this phenomenon. Apparent grouping and close pairs of quasars reported in the literature may be a result of intergalactic dust. Using surface distribution of faint blue objects selected by Hawkins and Reddish it is estimated that intergalactic extinction in B should reach approximately 1 mag out to the redshift of approximately 1. This is slightly larger than predicted by theory and comparable to the mean dust density derived from observations. (Author)

  5. Experiences with a new breast localisation needle

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hergan, K.; Amann, T.; Doringer, W.; Hollenstein, P.


    In view of the increasing number of biopsies of non-palpable lesions of the female breast we found an ideal localisation system in the Hawkins breast localisation needle. Localisation was successful without technical problems in 31 out of 34 patients. The special advantages of the needle are its stability in position and excellent manoeverability due to the construction of the needle. The very simple handling of the needle is an advantage not only for the radiologist but also for the surgeon. (orig.) [de

  6. Phipps Bend Nuclear Energy Project. Community impact assessment. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Snapp, P.C.; Teilhet, A.; Newsom, R.; Bond, M.; Garland, M.


    In late 1977, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) proposed to build a 2 unit nuclear plant at Phipps Bend on the Holston River east of Surgoinsville, Tennessee. Total estimated cost is 1.6 billion dollars, with a generating capacity of 2,600,000 kilowatts. The facility will have an impact on Hawkins, Greene and Sullivan counties with 2,500 construction employees, a permanent work force of 300, increased availability of energy to stimulate new capital investment and the local government will need to deal with these. This report analyzed the facilities of each community in the impacted area and recommended certain action for infrastructure acquisition or improvements

  7. Fusion rates for hydrogen isotopic molecules of relevance for ''cold fusion''

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Szalewicz, K.; Morgan, J.D. III; Monkhorst, H.J.


    In response to the recent announcements of evidence for room-temperature fusion in the electrolysis of D 2 O, we have analyzed how the fusion rate depends on the reduced mass of the fusing nuclei, the effective mass of a ''heavy'' electron, and the degree of vibrational excitation. Our results have been obtained both by accurately solving the Schroedinger equation for the hydrogen molecule and by using the WKB approximation. We find that in light of the reported d-d fusion rate, the excess heat in the experiment by Fleischmann, Pons, and Hawkins [J. Electroanal. Chem. 261, 301 (1989)] is difficult to explain in terms of conventional nuclear processes

  8. Adaptación e implementación de un programa de intervención en la escuela a través de la educación física: el programa de responsabilidad personal y social


    Marín Suelves, Diana


    En las últimas décadas ha aumentado en los padres y educadores la preocupación por el fracaso escolar y la violencia (DeBusk y Hellison, 1989; Fraser- Thomas, Côté y Deakin, 2005; Hawkins, Catalano, Kosterman, Abbot y Hill, 1999). Por ello han surgido programas para mejorar las competencias personales y sociales de sus participantes (Brustad y Parker, 2005; Gould y Carson, 2008) mediante la actividad física y el deporte (Martinek y Hellison, 1997; Petitpas, Cornelius, Van Raalt...

  9. Y. Laberge on Jazz Icons.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available (Various artists, Jazz Icons: Series 4. Reelin' In The Years Productions and Naxos, 2.108003. Box Set (8 DVDs, 2009, 10 hours. B&W. All regions (no DVD zone. 1. Coleman Hawkins- Live in '62 & '64- (w/ Sweets Edison and Jo Jones 2. Art Blakey- Live in '65- (w/ Freddie Hubbard 3.  Erroll Garner - Live in '63 & '64 4.  Jimmy Smith- Live in '69 5.  Woody Herman- Live in '64 6.  Anita O'Day- Live In '63 & '70 7.  Art Farmer- Live In '64- (w/ Jim Hall 8. Bonus performances, including excerpts...

  10. V Berline zavershilsja kinofestival / Lauri Kärk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji, Alfred Baueri auhinna sai Fernando Eimbcke "Tahoe järv"

  11. Berlinale oli ootuspäraselt ootamatu, nagu alati / Lauri Kärk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji, Alfred Baueri auhinna sai Fernando Eimbcke "Tahoe järv"

  12. 58. "Berlinale" lõppmäng / Jaak Lõhmus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lõhmus, Jaak


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji, Alfred Baueri auhinna sai Fernando Eimbcke "Tahoe järv"

  13. The Natural History of Human Language: Bridging the Gaps without Magic (United States)

    Merker, Bjorn; Okanoya, Kazuo

    Human languages are quintessentially historical phenomena. Every known aspect of linguistic form and content is subject to change in historical time (Lehmann, 1995; Bybee, 2004). Many facts of language, syntactic no less than semantic, find their explanation in the historical processes that generated them. If adpositions were once verbs, then the fact that they tend to occur on the same side of their arguments as do verbs ("cross-category harmony": Hawkins, 1983) is a matter of historical contingency rather than a reflection of inherent structural constraints on human language (Delancey, 1993).

  14. Interação genótipo x ambiente em cultivares de alface na região de Jaboticabal Interaction genotype x environment of lettuce cultivars in Jaboticabal, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo B. de Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Estudou-se a interação genótipo x ambiente de doze cultivares de alface, sendo quatro do grupo lisa (Babá de Verão, Karla, Nacional e Elisa, quatro do grupo crespa (Simpson, Hortência, Verônica e Grand Rapids e quatro do grupo americana (Laidy, Tainá, Lucy Brown e Raider. Os tratamentos foram constituídos pelo cultivo da alface em dez ambientes (casa de vegetação, túnel baixo de cultivo, túnel baixo com sombrite, agrotêxtil e campo, na presença e ausência de mulching. Foram utilizados dois períodos de cultivo, agosto a novembro de 2001 e março a junho de 2002 em Jaboticabal. Cada experimento (ambiente de cultivo foi conduzido utilizando-se o delineamento de blocos casualizados, com doze cultivares e três repetições. A análise de variância conjunta demonstrou valores de F significativos (pWe evaluated the interaction genotype x environment of twelve genotypes of lettuce (Babá de Verão, Karla, Nacional, Elisa, Simpson, Hortência, Verônica, Grand Rapids, Laidy, Tainá, Lucy Brown and Raider, cultivated under greenhouse, low tunnel, low tunnel covered with black plastic screen, floating row cover (light-weight woven and open field. All these treatments were conducted with and without mulching with ten treatments in total. The experiments were conducted in two different periods (August to November, 2001 and March to June, 2002. Each experiment (growth environment was conducted using randomized blocks and three replicates. The measured variables were dry matter, volume and number of leaves. The value of F was significant (p<0,01 for the interaction genotype x environment. For the planting period from August to November/2001, the best results were obtained with the butterhead cultivars (Babá de Verão, Karla, Nacional, Elisa, cultivated under greenhouse with mulching, low tunnel without mulching and field without mulching. All cultivars had the worst performance when cultivated under tunnel with black plastic screen with or

  15. A GIS based district information system for water resources management and planning (United States)

    Tzabiras, John; Spiliotopoulos, Marios; Kokkinos, Kostantinos; Fafoutis, Chrysostomos; Sidiropoulos, Pantelis; Vasiliades, Lampros; Loukas, Athanasios; Mylopoulos, Nikitas


    developed based on the actual situation of the surface irrigation network of the Local Administration of Land Reclamation (LALR) of Pinios river in Greece (Pinios LALR) for the year 2007. The system was calibrated with observed data of that year and the district parameterization was conducted based on the actual operation of the network. Hydraulic model output showed that the water pumped from Pinios LALR is not enough to serve irrigation requirements. Furthermore, the water evaluation and planning model (WEAP) respectively projects the same output since water demand is not covered. Four alternative scenarios were developed to be studied with the DIS: (a) Reduction of channel losses, (b) Alteration of irrigation methods (c) Introduction of greenhouse cultivation and (d) Operation of the future Lake Karla network, this network is designed to fulfil the irrigation needs of agricultural land around the reconstructed Lake Karla reservoir and the water is pumped from the Lake Karla reservoir and is being distributed through a low pressured piped network. The results showed that the water demand variants according to the scenario in study. Simulation of the four alternative scenarios indicated that the alteration of irrigation methods scenario mainly increases the efficiency of the irrigation network.

  16. Retention and Curve Number Variability in a Small Agricultural Catchment: The Probabilistic Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kazimierz Banasik


    Full Text Available The variability of the curve number (CN and the retention parameter (S of the Soil Conservation Service (SCS-CN method in a small agricultural, lowland watershed (23.4 km2 to the gauging station in central Poland has been assessed using the probabilistic approach: distribution fitting and confidence intervals (CIs. Empirical CNs and Ss were computed directly from recorded rainfall depths and direct runoff volumes. Two measures of the goodness of fit were used as selection criteria in the identification of the parent distribution function. The measures specified the generalized extreme value (GEV, normal and general logistic (GLO distributions for 100-CN and GLO, lognormal and GEV distributions for S. The characteristics estimated from theoretical distribution (median, quantiles were compared to the tabulated CN and to the antecedent runoff conditions of Hawkins and Hjelmfelt. The distribution fitting for the whole sample revealed a good agreement between the tabulated CN and the median and between the antecedent runoff conditions (ARCs of Hawkins and Hjelmfelt, which certified a good calibration of the model. However, the division of the CN sample due to heavy and moderate rainfall depths revealed a serious inconsistency between the parameters mentioned. This analysis proves that the application of the SCS-CN method should rely on deep insight into the probabilistic properties of CN and S.

  17. Partial avascular necrosis after talar neck fracture. (United States)

    Babu, Nina; Schuberth, John M


    Recently, it has been shown that avascular necrosis of the talus can occur in only a portion of the talar body. There is little information regarding the geographic location of the avascular segment and the clinical significance of an incomplete avascular process. Seven patients with partial avascular necrosis after Hawkins type II or III fracture dislocations were evaluated with magnetic resonance scans. The precise anatomic location of the avascular segment was determined and assigned to a specific quadrant of the talar body. The operative exposure, incidence of collapse, and time to operative intervention was recorded. The avascular segment of the talar body was located predominantly in the anterior lateral and superior portion in six of the seven patients. Collapse occurred in three of the patients in the area of avascular process. There were no observable trends with regard to operative exposure, Hawkins classification, incidence of collapse, or time to operative intervention to the location of the avascular segment. Partial avascular necrosis can occur after fracture dislocation of the talus. The predominant location of the avascular segment was the anterior lateral and superior portion of the talar body. This observation corresponds to regional damage to the blood supply of the talus and may help clarify the pathogenesis of partial avascular process.

  18. Applicability of meteor radiant determination methods depending on orbit type. I. High-eccentric orbits (United States)

    Svoren, J.; Neslusan, L.; Porubcan, V.


    It is evident that there is no uniform method of calculating meteor radiants which would yield reliable results for all types of cometary orbits. In the present paper an analysis of this problem is presented, together with recommended methods for various types of orbits. Some additional methods resulting from mathematical modelling are presented and discussed together with Porter's, Steel-Baggaley's and Hasegawa's methods. In order to be able to compare how suitable the application of the individual radiant determination methods is, it is necessary to determine the accuracy with which they approximate real meteor orbits. To verify the accuracy with which the orbit of a meteoroid with at least one node at 1 AU fits the original orbit of the parent body, we applied the Southworth-Hawkins D-criterion (Southworth, R.B., Hawkins, G.S.: 1963, Smithson. Contr. Astrophys 7, 261). D0.2 the fit is rather poor and the change of orbit unrealistic. The optimal methods with the smallest values of D for given types of orbits are shown in two series of six plots. The new method of rotation around the line of apsides we propose is very appropriate in the region of small inclinations. There is no doubt that Hasegawa's omega-adjustment method (Hasegawa, I.: 1990, Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan 42, 175) has the widest application. A comparison of the theoretical radiants with the observed radiants of seven known meteor showers is also presented.

  19. Mapping axel heyst's island: the limits of allegory in Conrad's Victory Mapping axel heyst's island: the limits of allegory in Conrad's Victory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Derrick


    Full Text Available Readers of Treasure Island may remember Stevenson's observation that his novel grew up around the treasure map he had one day draw in a mood of daydream. The map receeded and incited his prose, providing not only tmosphere, but stimulus for plot. Thus Jim Hawkins discovers Stevenson's map (attributed to Captain Flint in Billy Bones' tarry trunk, and the game is afoot. Having invented such places as the anchorage, the stockade, Spyglass Hill and the like, the author was at pains to connect them in a story that converges in time as well as space at the X that marks the spot of Flint's silver. Readers of Treasure Island may remember Stevenson's observation that his novel grew up around the treasure map he had one day draw in a mood of daydream. The map receeded and incited his prose, providing not only tmosphere, but stimulus for plot. Thus Jim Hawkins discovers Stevenson's map (attributed to Captain Flint in Billy Bones' tarry trunk, and the game is afoot. Having invented such places as the anchorage, the stockade, Spyglass Hill and the like, the author was at pains to connect them in a story that converges in time as well as space at the X that marks the spot of Flint's silver.

  20. Mapping axel heyst's island: the limits of allegory in Conrad's victory Mapping axel heyst's island: the limits of allegory in Conrad's victory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Derrick


    Full Text Available Readers of Treasure Island may remember Stevenson's observation that his novel grew up around the treasure map he had one day draw in a mood of daydream. The map preceeded and incited his prose, providing not only atmosphere, but stimulus for plot. Thus Jim Hawkins discovers Stevenson's map (attributed to Captain Flint in Billy Bones' tarry trunk, and the game is afoot. Having invented such places as the anchorage, the stockade, Spyglass Hill and the like, the author was at pains to connect them in a story that converges in time as well as space at the X that marks the spot of Flint's silver. Readers of Treasure Island may remember Stevenson's observation that his novel grew up around the treasure map he had one day draw in a mood of daydream. The map preceeded and incited his prose, providing not only atmosphere, but stimulus for plot. Thus Jim Hawkins discovers Stevenson's map (attributed to Captain Flint in Billy Bones' tarry trunk, and the game is afoot. Having invented such places as the anchorage, the stockade, Spyglass Hill and the like, the author was at pains to connect them in a story that converges in time as well as space at the X that marks the spot of Flint's silver.

  1. Community Mobilization and Readiness: Planning Flaws which Challenge Effective Implementation of 'Communities that Care' (CTC) Prevention System. (United States)

    Basic, Josipa


    This article reviews the experience of implementing a community approach to drug use and youth delinquency prevention based on the 'Communities that Care' (CTC) system implemented in one Croatian county consisting of 12 communities, 2002 to 2013 (Hawkins, 1999; Hawkins & Catalano, 2004). This overview explores selected critical issues which are often not considered in substance use(r) community intervention planning, implementation as well as in associated process and outcome assessments. These issues include, among others, the mobilization process of adequate representation of people; the involvement of relevant key individual and organizational stakeholders and being aware of the stakeholders' willingness to participate in the prevention process. In addition, it is important to be aware of the stakeholders' knowledge and perceptions about the 'problems' of drug use and youth delinquency in their communities as well as the characteristics of the targeted population(s). Sometimes there are community members and stakeholders who block needed change and therefore prevention process enablers and 'bridges' should be involved in moving prevention programming forward. Another barrier that is often overlooked in prevention planning is community readiness to change and a realistic assessment of available and accessible resources for initiating the planned change(s) and sustaining them. All of these issues have been found to be potentially related to intervention success. At the end of this article, I summarize perspectives from prevention scientists and practitioners and lessons learned from communities' readiness research and practice in Croatian that has international relevance.

  2. Acceptance of Swedish e-health services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary-Louise Jung


    Full Text Available Mary-Louise Jung1, Karla Loria11Division of Industrial Marketing, e-Commerce and Logistics, Lulea University of Technology, SwedenObjective: To investigate older people’s acceptance of e-health services, in order to identify determinants of, and barriers to, their intention to use e-health.Method: Based on one of the best-established models of technology acceptance, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM, in-depth exploratory interviews with twelve individuals over 45 years of age and of varying backgrounds are conducted.Results: This investigation could find support for the importance of usefulness and perceived ease of use of the e-health service offered as the main determinants of people’s intention to use the service. Additional factors critical to the acceptance of e-health are identified, such as the importance of the compatibility of the services with citizens’ needs and trust in the service provider. Most interviewees expressed positive attitudes towards using e-health and find these services useful, convenient, and easy to use.Conclusion: E-health services are perceived as a good complement to traditional health care service delivery, even among older people. These people, however, need to become aware of the e-health alternatives that are offered to them and the benefits they provide.Keywords: health services, elderly, technology, Internet, TAM, patient acceptance, health-seeking behavior

  3. Synchrony is determined by diachrony

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rijkhoff, Jan

    effect can be found in e.g. Evans and Levinson (2009: 444-5) and Moravcsik (2013: ch.7).       This paper argues that various grammatical phenomena currently observed in languages across the globe (constituency, word order correlations, scoping) can be attributed to a single diachronic process in which...... of California Press. Haiman, John. 1983. Iconic and economic motivation. Language 59, 781-819. Hawkins, J.A. 1990. A parsing theory of word order universals. Linguistic Inquiry 21, 223–261. Lehmann, W.P. 1974. Proto-Indo-European Syntax. Austin TX: University of Texas Press. Moravcsik, E.A. 2013. Chapter 7...... INTEGRITY, (ii) the PRINCIPLE OF HEAD PROXIMITY and (iii) the PRINCIPLE OF SCOPE (Rijkhoff 2015). These synchronic principles are the reflection of three distinct historical processes: GROUPING (e.g. Lehmann 1974), PROXIMATION in the narrow sense (cf. Moravcsik 2013: 251f.), e.g. concerning head...

  4. The Use of Asymptotic Functions for Determining Empirical Values of CN Parameter in Selected Catchments of Variable Land Cover

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wałęga Andrzej


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to assess the applicability of asymptotic functions for determining the value of CN parameter as a function of precipitation depth in mountain and upland catchments. The analyses were carried out in two catchments: the Rudawa, left tributary of the Vistula, and the Kamienica, right tributary of the Dunajec. The input material included data on precipitation and flows for a multi-year period 1980–2012, obtained from IMGW PIB in Warsaw. Two models were used to determine empirical values of CNobs parameter as a function of precipitation depth: standard Hawkins model and 2-CN model allowing for a heterogeneous nature of a catchment area.

  5. Outcomes of a Multi-Component Family Enrichment Project: 12-Month Follow-up

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara Anne Tompkins


    Full Text Available Previous research has established that family enrichment programs work with a variety of populations (e.g., Hawkins, Stanley, Blanchard, & Albright, 2012. It is unclear if a multi-component program focusing on a variety of family outcomes can lead to lasting change. This study used growth modeling to examine effects of relationship (i.e., Within My Reach, parenting (i.e., Making Parenting a Pleasure, and financial enrichment (i.e., Spend Some, Save Some, Share Some classes over 12 months. Results revealed improvement in family functioning at one year post for all three programs. Program specific improvements included relationship functioning and parenting alliance. Program participants reported overall satisfaction and gaining of valuable skills. Findings suggest these family enrichment programs can have long-lasting effects; potential reasons for sample success and implications are discussed.

  6. C-12/C-13 isotope ratio of the interstellar medium in the neighborhood of the sun

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hawkins, I.; Jura, M.


    Data from observations of Xi Per, P Cyg, 20 Tau, and 23 Tau, obtained at 4232 and 3957 A using a coude spectrograph and a 1872-element reticon on the 3-m Shane telescope at Lick Observatory during 1984-1985, are combined with data on Zeta Oph (Hawkins et al., 1985) and used to estimate the C isotope ratio of the ISM near the sun. The results are presented in extensive tables and graphs and characterized in detail. The (C-12)H(+)/(C-13)H(+) abundance ratios toward the five stars are found to agree to within 12 percent and shown to be representative of the C-12/C-13 ratios in the gas, strongly indicating that the local ISM is homogeneous. The difference between the ISM ratio (43 + or - 4) and the solar-system value (89) is attributed to the chemical evolution of the ISM in the 4.9 Gyr since the formation of the sun. 78 references

  7. Counts of low-Redshift SDSS quasar candidates

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zeljko Ivezic


    We analyze the counts of low-redshift quasar candidates selected using nine-epoch SDSS imaging data. The co-added catalogs are more than 1 mag deeper than single-epoch SDSS data, and allow the selection of low-redshift quasar candidates using UV-excess and also variability techniques. The counts of selected candidates are robustly determined down to g = 21.5. This is about 2 magnitudes deeper than the position of a change in the slope of the counts reported by Boyle (and others) (1990, 2000) for a sample selected by UV-excess, and questioned by Hawkins and Veron (1995), who utilized a variability-selected sample. Using SDSS data, we confirm a change in the slope of the counts for both UV-excess and variability selected samples, providing strong support for the Boyle (and others) results

  8. Analysis of noise properties of a class of exact methods of inverting the 2-D exponential radon transform

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pan, X.; Metz, C.E.


    A general approach that the authors proposed elsewhere reveals the intrinsic relationship among methods for inversion of the 2-D exponential Radon transform described by Bellini et al., by Tretiak and Metz, by Hawkins et al., and by Inouye et al. Moreover, the approach provides an infinite class of linear methods for inverting the 2-D exponential Radon transform. In the work reported here, they systematically investigated the noise characteristics of the methods in this class, obtaining analytical forms for the autocovariance and the variance of the images reconstructed by use of various methods. The noise properties of a new quasi-optimal method were then compared theoretically to those of other methods of the class. The analysis demonstrates that the quasi-optimal method achieves smaller global variance in the reconstructed images than do the other methods of the class. Extensive numerical simulation studies confirm this prediction

  9. Differentiated teaching and teacher development

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hedegaard-Sørensen, Lotte

    ). From this emphasis inclusive education has been embraced in the theoretical debate as an alternative as it suggests that local schools should provide for all leaners – regardless of differences, disabilities or other social, emotional, cultural and linguistic differences. The current debate on special...... needs education and inclusive education has a focus on teaching to diversity. The discussion is about teachers’ ability to make sense of individual differences in their teaching without relying on specific disability categories. It’s acknowledged in the research discussion that responding to differences...... between pupils involves good teaching for all (inclusive education) and at the same time, that what works for most does not work for all (Norwich & Jones, 2012; Black-Hawkins, Florian & Rouse, 2007). Differentiated instruction is defined as responsive instruction and to teachers’ proficiency...

  10. Prevention of avascular necrosis in displaced talar neck fractures by hyperbaric oxygenation therapy: A dual case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mei-Dan O


    Full Text Available Talar neck fractures are a rare injury that account for less then 2% of all foot fractures. Displaced fractures are associated with an exceedingly high rate of avascular necrosis (AVN. The incidence of AVN following Hawkins Type 3 fractures of the talar neck may approach 100%, particularly if diagnosis and reduction are delayed. Severe cases may present as pain and disability of the ankle and the subtalar joints due to a talar dome collapse, resulting in degenerative changes that usually require hind foot arthrodesis. We present two cases of traumatic displaced talar neck fractures which were treated surgically more than 2 weeks following injury due to a delay in diagnosis. Both patients underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT after the operation and neither resulted in AVN of the talus in a three-year follow-up. We suggest that this favorable result may be due to the beneficial effects of HBOT.

  11. Final performance report for Project JEM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McKinney, M.J.; Jenkins, S.


    Project JEM (Jarvis Enhancement of Males) is a pre-college program directed toward stimulating disadvantaged, talented African American males in grades four, five, and six to attend college and major in mathematics, science, computer science, or related technical areas needed by the US Department of Energy. Twenty young African American male students were recruited from Gladewater Independent School District (ISD), Longview ISD, Hawkins ISD, Tyler ISD, Winona ISD and big Sandy ISD. Students enrolled in the program range from ages 10 to 13 and are in grades four, five and six. Student participants in the 1997 Project JEM Program attended Saturday Academy sessions and a four week intensive, summer residential program. The information here provides a synopsis of the activities which were conducted through each program component.

  12. Optimal distributed control of a diffuse interface model of tumor growth (United States)

    Colli, Pierluigi; Gilardi, Gianni; Rocca, Elisabetta; Sprekels, Jürgen


    In this paper, a distributed optimal control problem is studied for a diffuse interface model of tumor growth which was proposed by Hawkins-Daruud et al in Hawkins-Daruud et al (2011 Int. J. Numer. Math. Biomed. Eng. 28 3-24). The model consists of a Cahn-Hilliard equation for the tumor cell fraction φ coupled to a reaction-diffusion equation for a function σ representing the nutrient-rich extracellular water volume fraction. The distributed control u monitors as a right-hand side of the equation for σ and can be interpreted as a nutrient supply or a medication, while the cost function, which is of standard tracking type, is meant to keep the tumor cell fraction under control during the evolution. We show that the control-to-state operator is Fréchet differentiable between appropriate Banach spaces and derive the first-order necessary optimality conditions in terms of a variational inequality involving the adjoint state variables. The financial support of the FP7-IDEAS-ERC-StG #256872 (EntroPhase) and of the project Fondazione Cariplo-Regione Lombardia MEGAsTAR ‘Matematica d’Eccellenza in biologia ed ingegneria come accelleratore di una nuona strateGia per l’ATtRattività dell’ateneo pavese’ is gratefully acknowledged. The paper also benefited from the support of the MIUR-PRIN Grant 2015PA5MP7 ‘Calculus of Variations’ for PC and GG, and the GNAMPA (Gruppo Nazionale per l’Analisi Matematica, la Probabilità e le loro Applicazioni) of INdAM (Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica) for PC, GG and ER.

  13. A concise evidence-based physical examination for diagnosis of acromioclavicular joint pathology: a systematic review. (United States)

    Krill, Michael K; Rosas, Samuel; Kwon, KiHyun; Dakkak, Andrew; Nwachukwu, Benedict U; McCormick, Frank


    The clinical examination of the shoulder joint is an undervalued diagnostic tool for evaluating acromioclavicular (AC) joint pathology. Applying evidence-based clinical tests enables providers to make an accurate diagnosis and minimize costly imaging procedures and potential delays in care. The purpose of this study was to create a decision tree analysis enabling simple and accurate diagnosis of AC joint pathology. A systematic review of the Medline, Ovid and Cochrane Review databases was performed to identify level one and two diagnostic studies evaluating clinical tests for AC joint pathology. Individual test characteristics were combined in series and in parallel to improve sensitivities and specificities. A secondary analysis utilized subjective pre-test probabilities to create a clinical decision tree algorithm with post-test probabilities. The optimal special test combination to screen and confirm AC joint pathology combined Paxinos sign and O'Brien's Test, with a specificity of 95.8% when performed in series; whereas, Paxinos sign and Hawkins-Kennedy Test demonstrated a sensitivity of 93.7% when performed in parallel. Paxinos sign and O'Brien's Test demonstrated the greatest positive likelihood ratio (2.71); whereas, Paxinos sign and Hawkins-Kennedy Test reported the lowest negative likelihood ratio (0.35). No combination of special tests performed in series or in parallel creates more than a small impact on post-test probabilities to screen or confirm AC joint pathology. Paxinos sign and O'Brien's Test is the only special test combination that has a small and sometimes important impact when used both in series and in parallel. Physical examination testing is not beneficial for diagnosis of AC joint pathology when pretest probability is unequivocal. In these instances, it is of benefit to proceed with procedural tests to evaluate AC joint pathology. Ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injections are diagnostic and therapeutic. An ultrasound-guided AC joint

  14. The Use of Asymptotic Functions for Determining Empirical Values of CN Parameter in Selected Catchments of Variable Land Cover (United States)

    Wałęga, Andrzej; Młyński, Dariusz; Wachulec, Katarzyna


    The aim of the study was to assess the applicability of asymptotic functions for determining the value of CN parameter as a function of precipitation depth in mountain and upland catchments. The analyses were carried out in two catchments: the Rudawa, left tributary of the Vistula, and the Kamienica, right tributary of the Dunajec. The input material included data on precipitation and flows for a multi-year period 1980-2012, obtained from IMGW PIB in Warsaw. Two models were used to determine empirical values of CNobs parameter as a function of precipitation depth: standard Hawkins model and 2-CN model allowing for a heterogeneous nature of a catchment area. The study analyses confirmed that asymptotic functions properly described P-CNobs relationship for the entire range of precipitation variability. In the case of high rainfalls, CNobs remained above or below the commonly accepted average antecedent moisture conditions AMCII. The study calculations indicated that the runoff amount calculated according to the original SCS-CN method might be underestimated, and this could adversely affect the values of design flows required for the design of hydraulic engineering projects. In catchments with heterogeneous land cover, the results of CNobs were more accurate when 2-CN model was used instead of the standard Hawkins model. 2-CN model is more precise in accounting for differences in runoff formation depending on retention capacity of the substrate. It was also demonstrated that the commonly accepted initial abstraction coefficient λ = 0.20 yielded too big initial loss of precipitation in the analyzed catchments and, therefore, the computed direct runoff was underestimated. The best results were obtained for λ = 0.05.

  15. Advance care planning in stroke: influence of time on engagement in the process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Green T


    Full Text Available Theresa Green1, Shreyas Gandhi2, Tessa Kleissen1, Jessica Simon1,3, Shelley Raffin-Bouchal1, Karla Ryckborst41Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada; 2Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada; 3Department of Medicine, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada; 4Calgary Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB, CanadaPurpose: Individuals who experience stroke have a higher likelihood of subsequent stroke events, making it imperative to plan for future medical care. In the event of a further serious health event, engaging in the process of advanced care planning (ACP can help family members and health care professionals (HCPs make medical decisions for individuals who have lost the capacity to do so. Few studies have explored the views and experiences of patients with stroke about discussing their wishes and preferences for future medical events, and the extent to which stroke HCPs engage in conversations around planning for such events. In this study, we sought to understand how the process of ACP unfolded between HCPs and patients post-stroke.Patients and methods: Using grounded theory (GT methodology, we engaged in direct observation of HCP and patient interactions on an acute stroke unit and two stroke rehabilitation units. Using semi-structured interviews, 14 patients and four HCPs were interviewed directly about the ACP process.Results: We found that open and continual ACP conversations were not taking place, patients experienced an apparent lack of urgency to engage in ACP, and HCPs were uncomfortable initiating ACP conversations due to the sensitive nature of the topic.Conclusion: In this study, we identified lack of engagement in ACP post-stroke, attributable to patient and HCP factors. This encourages us to look further into the process of ACP in order to develop open communication between the patient with stroke, their families, and stroke HCPs.Keywords: qualitative, engagement

  16. Emerging role of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors in the management of type 2 diabetes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernd Richter


    Full Text Available Bernd Richter, Elizabeth Bandeira-Echtler, Karla Bergerhoff, Christian LerchCochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group, Department of General Practice, Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, GermanyBackground: In type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM there is a progressive loss of β-cell function. One new approach yielding promising results is the use of the orally active dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4 inhibitors. However, every new compound for T2DM has to prove long-term safety especially on cardiovascular outcomes.Objectives: Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of sitagliptin and vildagliptin therapy on main efficacy parameters and safety.Selection criteria, data collection, and analysis: Randomized controlled clinical studies of at least 12 weeks’ duration in T2DM.Results: DPP-4 inhibitors versus placebo showed glycosylated hemoglobin A1c (A1c improvements of 0.7% versus placebo but not compared to monotherapy with other hypoglycemic agents (0.3% in favor of controls. The overall risk profile of DPP-4 inhibitors was low, however a 34% relative risk increase (95% confidence interval 10% to 64%, P = 0.004 was noted for all-cause infection associated with sitagliptin use. No data on immune function, health-related quality of life and diabetic complications could be extracted.Conclusions: DPP-4 inhibitors have some theoretical advantages over existing therapies with oral antidiabetic compounds but should currently be restricted to individual patients. Long-term data on cardiovascular outcomes and safety are needed before widespread use of these new agents.Keywords: DPP-4 inhibitors, sitagliptin, vildagliptin, systematic review, meta-analysis

  17. The genesis of a lava cave in the Deccan Volcanic Province (Maharashtra, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikhil R. Pawar


    Full Text Available Lava tubes and channels forming lava distributaries have been recognized from different parts of western Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP. Openings of smaller dimension have been documented from the pāhoehoe flows around Pune, in the western DVP. A small lava cave is exposed in Ghoradeshwar hill, near Pune. Detailed field studies of the physical characteristics, structure and morphology of the flows hosting the lava tube has been carried out. This is the first detailed documentation of a lava cave from the DVP. The lava cave occurs in a compound pāhoehoe flow of Karla Formation, characterized by the presence of lobes, toes and small scale features like squeeze-ups. Field observations and measurements reveal that the dimensions of the cave are small, with low roof and a maximum width of 108 cm. The cave morphology along the 20 m passage varies from circular to semi-circular, with a twilight zone to the north. The gentle micro-topography at Ghoradeshwar controlled the advancement of pāhoehoe lobes and toes within the sheet lobe. The pre-flow gradients towards the north led to the progression of flow from the east, where the cave opening is presently seen. Dimensions and related morphology of the lava cave suggest that it can be best described as a small sub-crustal cave formed by draining of an inflated of pāhoehoe lava lobe. At Ghoradeshwar, besides the natural lava cave, Buddhist caves carved in pāhoehoe lava flows are also observed, indicating that early man took advantage of the existing openings in pāhoehoe flows and sculpted the caves to suit their requirements.

  18. Probing the possibility of a C-12/C-13 galactic abundance gradient

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hawkins, I.


    High S/N (equal to or greater than 500) observations of interstellar CH+ with the 3.0 m telescope were performed at Lick Observatory and with the 4.0 m telescope at CTIO, of the reddened, early-type stars HD 183143, HD 24432, and HD 157038 in an effort to probe the existence of a C-12/C-13 abundance gradient in our Galaxy. Previous very high quality optical observations of interstellar CH+ toward five stars within 1 kpc of the Sun have yielded a precise weighted mean C-12/C-13 isotope ratio of 43 plus or minus 4 (1 sigma) (Hawkins, Jura, and Meyer 1985; Hawkins and Jura 1987). The isotope ratios derived toward four lines of sight in the local ISM are uniform within 12 percent. The similarity among these carbon isotope ratios determined in diffuse clouds possessing different physical conditions precludes the possibility that the CH+ molecule is suffering from isotope selective effects in these regions. The precise C-12/C-13 derivable from high quality observations of (12)CH+ and (13)CH+ provide the unique opportunity to probe the homogeneity of the ISM in a large scale and the history of nucleosynthesis in our Galaxy. Since CH+ seems to be the most sensitive probe of C-12/C-13 in the diffuse ISM, observations toward more distant stars located up to 2.5 kpc from the Sun are the best way to study the possibility of a Galactic (C-12/C-13) abundance gradient. The researcher obtained 4232 angstrom data toward all three of the stars mentioned above, 3957 angstrom data toward HD 183143 and HD 157038, and 3745 angstrom data toward HD 157038. Because of the poorer quality of the HD 24432 spectrum, and its weaker CH+ absorption lines, the satellite (13)CH+ line was not detected, and thus only a lower limit on the C-12/C-13 ratio toward this star was obtained. The results obtained from careful reduction and analysis of the data toward these stars in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are presented

  19. Proximity of the Seismogenic Dog Valley Fault to Stampede and Prosser Creek Dams Near Truckee, California (United States)

    Cronin, V. S.; Strasser, M. P.


    The M 6.0 Truckee earthquake of 12 September 1966 caused a variety of surface effects observed over a large area, but the rupture plane of the causative fault did not displace the ground surface. The fault that generated the earthquake was named the Dog Valley fault [DVF], and its ground trace was assumed to be within a zone of subparallel drainage lineaments. The plunge and trend of the dip vector for the best fault-plane solution is 80° 134° with 0° rake, corresponding to a steep NE striking left-lateral strike-slip fault (Tsai and Aki, 1970). The Stampede Dam was completed along the trend of the Dog Valley fault in 1970, just four years after the Truckee earthquake, and impounds almost a quarter-million acre-feet of water. Failure of Stampede Dam would compromise Boca Dam downstream and pose a catastrophic threat to people along the Truckee River floodplain to Reno and beyond. Two 30 m long trenches excavated across a suspected DVF trend by the US Bureau of Reclamation in the 1980s did not find evidence of faulting (Hawkins et al., 1986). The surface trace of the DVF has remained unknown. We used the Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method [SLAM] augmented with a total least squares analysis of the focal locations of known or suspected aftershocks, along with focal mechanism data from well located events since 1966, to constrain the search for the DVF ground trace. Geomorphic analysis of recently collected aerial lidar data along this composite seismo-lineament has lead to a preliminary interpretation that the DVF might extend from the Prosser Creek Reservoir near 39.396°N 120.168°W through or immediately adjacent to the Stampede Dam structure. A second compound geomorphic lineament is sub-parallel to this line 1.6 km to the northwest, and might represent another strand of the DVF. As noted by Hawkins et al. (1986), human modification of the land surface complicates structural-geomorphic analysis. Fieldwork in 2016 took advantage of drought conditions to examine

  20. Towards seasonal Arctic shipping route predictions (United States)

    Haines, K.; Melia, N.; Hawkins, E.; Day, J. J.


    should become a key component of the future Arctic observing system. Melia, N., K. Haines, and E. Hawkins (2016), Sea ice decline and 21st century trans-Arctic shipping routes, Geophys. Res. Lett., doi:10.1002/ 2016GL069315. Melia, N., K. Haines, E. Hawkins and J.J. Day, 2017, Towards seasonal Arctic shipping route predictions. Env. Res. Lett., doi:10.1088/1748-9326/aa7a60

  1. Learn, how to learn (United States)

    Narayanan, M.


    Ernest L. Boyer, in his 1990 book, "Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professorate" cites some ground breaking studies and offers a new paradigm that identifies the need to recognize the growing conversation about teaching, scholarship and research in the Universities. The use of `ACORN' model suggested by Hawkins and Winter to conquer and mastering change, may offer some helpful hints for the novice professor, whose primary objective might be to teach students to `learn how to learn'. Action : It is possible to effectively change things only when a teaching professor actually tries out a new idea. Communication : Changes are successful only when the new ideas effectively communicated and implemented. Ownership : Support for change is extremely important and is critical. Only strong commitment for accepting changes demonstrates genuine leadership. Reflection : Feedback helps towards thoughtful evaluation of the changes implemented. Only reflection can provide a tool for continuous improvement. Nurture : Implemented changes deliver results only when nurtured and promoted with necessary support systems, documentation and infrastructures. Inspired by the ACORN model, the author experimented on implementing certain principles of `Total Quality Management' in the classroom. The author believes that observing the following twenty principles would indeed help the student learners how to learn, on their own towards achieving the goal of `Lifelong Learning'. The author uses an acronym : QUOTES : Quality Underscored On Teaching Excellence Strategy, to describe his methods for improving classroom teacher-learner participation. 1. Break down all barriers. 2. Create consistency of purpose with a plan. 3. Adopt the new philosophy of quality. 4. Establish high Standards. 5. Establish Targets / Goals. 6. Reduce dependence on Lectures. 7. Employ Modern Methods. 8. Control the Process. 9. Organize to reach goals. 10. Prevention vs. Correction. 11. Periodic Improvements. 12

  2. Variation of curve number with storm depth (United States)

    Banasik, K.; Hejduk, L.


    The NRCS Curve Number (known also as SCS-CN) method is well known as a tool in predicting flood runoff depth from small ungauged catchment. The traditional way of determination the CNs, based on soil characteristics, land use and hydrological conditions, seemed to have tendency to overpredict the floods in some cases. Over 30 year rainfall-runoff data, collected in two small (A=23.4 & 82.4 km2), lowland, agricultural catchments in Center of Poland (Banasik & Woodward 2010), were used to determine runoff Curve Number and to check a tendency of changing. The observed CN declines with increasing storm size, which according recent views of Hawkins (1993) could be classified as a standard response of watershed. The analysis concluded, that using CN value according to the procedure described in USDA-SCS Handbook one receives representative value for estimating storm runoff from high rainfall depths in the analyzes catchments. This has been confirmed by applying "asymptotic approach" for estimating the watershed curve number from the rainfall-runoff data. Furthermore, the analysis indicated that CN, estimated from mean retention parameter S of recorded events with rainfall depth higher than initial abstraction, is also approaching the theoretical CN. The observed CN, ranging from 59.8 to 97.1 and from 52.3 to 95.5, in the smaller and the larger catchment respectively, declines with increasing storm size, which has been classified as a standard response of watershed. The investigation demonstrated also changeability of the CN during a year, with much lower values during the vegetation season. Banasik K. & D.E. Woodward (2010). "Empirical determination of curve number for a small agricultural watrshed in Poland". 2nd Joint Federal Interagency Conference, Las Vegas, NV, June 27 - July 1, 2010 ( 28_02_10. pdf). Hawkins R. H. (1993). "Asymptotic determination of curve numbers from data". Journal of Irrigation and Drainage

  3. Protective factors for adolescent violence against authority. (United States)

    Ibabe, Izaskun; Jaureguizar, Joana; Bentler, Peter M


    Both the family and school environments influence adolescents' violence, but there is little research focusing simultaneously on the two contexts. This study analyzed the role of positive family and classroom environments as protective factors for adolescents' violence against authority (parent abuse and teacher abuse) and the relations between antisocial behavior and child-to-parent violence or student-to-teacher violence. The sample comprised 687 Spanish students aged 12-16 years, who responded to the Family Environment Scale (FES) and the Classroom Environment Scale (CES). Structural Equation Modeling was used to test our model of violent behavior towards authority based on Catalano and Hawkins' Social Developmental Model (1996). Perceived family cohesion and organization showed an inverse association with parent abuse, suggesting that a positive family environment was a protective factor for the development of violence against parents. Family and classroom environments had direct effects on adolescents' violence against authority, and antisocial behavior showed a mediating effect in this relationship. The model accounted for 81% of the variance in violence against authority. As family environment was a better predictor of violence against authority than school environment, intervention efforts to reduce rates of adolescent violence should focus on helping parents to increase family cohesion and to manage conflictive relationships with their children.

  4. Stillbirths and male irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boice, John D. Jr. [International Epidemiology Institute, Rockville, MD (United States)]. E-mail:; Robison, Leslie L. [University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States); Mertens, Ann [University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX (United States); Stovall, Marilyn; Green, Daniel M.; Mulvihill, John J.; ); Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY (United States); University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK (US))


    Little (1999) recently reviewed the evidence that paternal preconception irradiation in the Sellafield workforce (Parker et al 1999) and among Japanese atomic bomb survivors (Otake et al 1990) might be associated with an increased risk of stillbirth. He concluded that the association reported for radiation workers was statistically incompatible with the absence of an association seen among the exposed Japanese parents. These studies and analyses illustrate the considerable difficulty in assessing stillbirths conceived by men exposed to ionising radiation at work. For example, occupational doses may not be sufficiently large to result in a detectable effect and maternal factors that are associated with stillbirths and important to adjust for may not be available. These papers also bring to focus a relevant but not well-studied public health issue, namely, what are the reproductive risks for men and women exposed to potential mutagens? We wish to emphasise here the theoretical and practical advantages of addressing this issue in persons not with low dose occupational or acute atomic bomb exposures, but with higher dose medical experiences; in particular, in survivors of cancers of childhood, adolescents, and young adulthood (Blatt 1999, Bryne et al 1998, Sankila et al 1998, Green et al 1997, Hawkins and Stevens 1996). Letter-to-the-editor.

  5. Axial-Symmetry Numerical Approaches for Noise Predicting and Attenuating of Rifle Shooting with Suppressors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shi-Wei Lo


    Full Text Available The moving bullet out of a rifle barrel is propelled by a fired explosive charge. Subsequently, a disturbed muzzle blast wave is initiated which lasts several milliseconds. In this study, axially symmetric, unsteady, Large Eddy Simulation (LES, and Ffowcs Williams and Hawkins (FWH equations were solved by the implicit-time formulation. For the spatial discretization, second order upwind scheme was employed. In addition, dynamic mesh model was used to where the ballistic domain changed with time due to the motion of bullet. Results obtained for muzzle flow field and for noise recorded were compared with those obtained from experimental data; these two batches of results were in agreement. Five cases of gunshot including one model of an unsuppressed rifle and four models of suppressors were simulated. Besides, serial images of species distributions and velocity vectors-pressure contours in suppressors and near muzzle field were displayed. The sound pressure levels (dB in far field that were post-processed by the fast Fourier transform (FFT were compared. The proposed physical model and the numerical simulations used in the present work are expected to be extended to solve other shooting weapon problems with three-dimensional and complex geometries.

  6. Force-Time Entropy of Isometric Impulse. (United States)

    Hsieh, Tsung-Yu; Newell, Karl M


    The relation between force and temporal variability in discrete impulse production has been viewed as independent (R. A. Schmidt, H. Zelaznik, B. Hawkins, J. S. Frank, & J. T. Quinn, 1979 ) or dependent on the rate of force (L. G. Carlton & K. M. Newell, 1993 ). Two experiments in an isometric single finger force task investigated the joint force-time entropy with (a) fixed time to peak force and different percentages of force level and (b) fixed percentage of force level and different times to peak force. The results showed that the peak force variability increased either with the increment of force level or through a shorter time to peak force that also reduced timing error variability. The peak force entropy and entropy of time to peak force increased on the respective dimension as the parameter conditions approached either maximum force or a minimum rate of force production. The findings show that force error and timing error are dependent but complementary when considered in the same framework with the joint force-time entropy at a minimum in the middle parameter range of discrete impulse.

  7. The initial mass function for very low mass stars in the Hyades

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hubbard, W.B.; Burrows, A.; Lunine, J.I.


    Theoretical luminosity functions at various evolutionary ages for stars and substellar objects (brown dwarfs), spanning the mass range from 0.03 to 0.2 solar mass is computed. These functions constrain the distribution of very low mass objects in a star cluster of known age. Calculations with a 1988-1989 survey of faint members of the Hyades cluster by Leggett and Hawkins (1988, 1989), a cluster whose age is 6 x 10 to the 8th yr are compared. The comparison shows that the survey does not reach sufficiently low luminosities to reveal brown dwarfs. A strong constraint on the initial mass function (IMF) for very low mass stars in the Hyades is obtained and it is inferred that its IMF does not increase with decreasing mass for the mass interval investigated here. Results imply at most a moderate contribution from brown dwarfs to the cluster mass, and to the Galaxy's mass if the Hyades are representative of the Galaxy as a whole. 10 refs


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rudha Widagsa


    Full Text Available Indonesian is the most widely spoken language in Indonesia. More than 200 million people speak the language as a first language. However, acoustic study on Indonesian learners of English (ILE production remains untouched. The purpose of this measurement is to examine the influence of first language (L1 on English vowels production as a second language (L2. Based on perceptual magnet hypothesis (PMH, ILE were predicted to produce close sounds to L1 English where the vowels are similar to Indonesian vowels. Acoustic analysis was conducted to measure the formant frequencies. This study involved five males of Indonesian speakers aged between 20-25 years old. The data of British English native speakers were taken from previous study by Hawkins & Midgley (2005. The result illustrates that the first formant frequencies (F1 which correlates to the vowel hight of Indonesian Learners of English were significantly different from the corresponding frequencies of British English vowels. Surprisingly, the significant differences in second formant (F2 of ILE were only in the production of /ɑ, ɒ, ɔ/ in which /ɑ/=p 0.002, /ɒ/ =p 0,001, /ɔ/ =p 0,03. The vowel space area of ILE was slightly less spacious than the native speakers. This study is expected to shed light in English language teaching particularly as a foreign language.

  9. Detection of interstellar (C-13)N toward Zeta Ophiuchi

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Crane, P.; Hegyi, D.J.


    Observations of a diffuse interstellar cloud toward Zeta Oph, obtained with resolution 100,000-150,000 near the 3874.608-A R(0) line of (C-12)N using a coude echelle spectrograph on the 1.4-m telescope at ESO during 1984 and 1985, are reported. Data from 54 20-min runs were fitted to Gaussian line shapes using the line center, depth, and width of the R(0) and R(1) lines of (C-12)N and the line center and depth of the R(0) line of (C-13)N as fitting parameters. The (C-13)N R(0) line, with equivalent width 0.190 + or - 0.020 mA, was detected 173.7 + or - 0.8 mA to the red of (C-12)N R(0); the corresponding isotope abundance ratio, (C-12)N/(C-13)N = 47.3 + 5.5 or -4.4, is shown to be in good agreement with previous measurements for CH(+) (Hawkins et al., 1985). 13 references

  10. Sputter fabricated Nb-oxide-Nb josephson junctions incorporating post-oxidation noble metal layers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bain, R.J.P.; Donaldson, G.B.


    We present an extension, involving other metals, of the work of Hawkins and Clarke, who found that a thin layer of copper prevented the formation of the superconductive shorts which are an inevitable consequence of sputtering niobium counter-electrodes directly on top of niobium oxide. We find gold to be the most satisfactory, and that 0.3 nm is sufficient to guarantee short-free junctions of excellent electrical and mechanical stability, though high excess conductance means they are best suited to shunted-junction applications, as in SQUIDs. We present results for critical current dependence on oxide thickness and on gold thickness. Our data shows that thermal oxide growth is described by the Cabrera-Mott mechanism. We show that the protective effect of the gold layer can be understood in terms of the electro-chemistry of the Nb-oxide-Au structure, and that the reduced quasi-particle resistance of the junctions relative to goldfree junctions with evaporated counterelectrodes can be explained in terms of barrier shape modification, and not by proximity effect mechanisms. The performance of a DC SQUID based on these junctions is described

  11. Treatment of pediatric pulmonary hypertension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amy Hawkins


    Full Text Available Amy Hawkins, Robert TullohDepartment of Congenital Heart Disease, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol UKAbstract: Pulmonary hypertension was once thought to be a rare condition and only managed in specialized centers. Now however, with the advent of echocardiography, it is found in many clinical scenarios, in the neonate with chronic lung disease, in the acute setting in the intensive care unit, in connective tissue disease and in cardiology pre- and postoperatively. We have a better understanding of the pathological process and have a range of medication which is starting to be able to palliate this previously fatal condition. This review describes the areas that are known in this condition and those that are less familiar. The basic physiology behind pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular disease is explained. The histopathologic process and the various diagnostic tools are described and are followed by the current and future therapy at our disposal.Keywords: pulmonary hypertension, congenital heart disease, pulmonary vascular resistance, pulmonary vasodilators

  12. Conventional physics can explain cold fusion excess heat (United States)

    Chubb, S. R.

    In 1989, when Fleischmann, Pons and Hawkins (FP), claimed they had created room temperature, nuclear fusion in a solid, a firestorm of controversy erupted. Beginning in 1991, the Office of Naval Research began a decade-long study of the FP excess heat effect. This effort documented the fact that the excess heat that FP observed is the result of a form of nuclear fusion that can occur in solids at reduced temperature, dynamically, through a deuteron (d)+d□4He reaction, without high-energy particles or □ rays. A key reason this fact has not been accepted is the lack of a cogent argument, based on fundamental physical ideas, justifying it. In the paper, this question is re-examined, based on a generalization of conventional energy band theory that applies to finite, periodic solids, in which d's are allowed to occupy wave-like, ion band states, similar to the kinds of states that electrons occupy in ordinary metals. Prior to being experimentally observed, the Ion Band State Theory (IBST) of cold fusion predicted a potential d+d□4He reaction, without high energy particles, would explain the excess heat, the 4He would be found in an unexpected place (outside heat-producing electrodes), and high-loading, x□1, in PdDx, would be required.

  13. Not all group hypnotic suggestibility scales are created equal: individual differences in behavioral and subjective responses. (United States)

    Barnes, Sean M; Lynn, Steven Jay; Pekala, Ronald J


    To examine the influence of hypnotic suggestibility testing as a source of individual differences in hypnotic responsiveness, we compared behavioral and subjective responses on three scales of hypnotic suggestibility: The Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A (HGSHS: A; Shor, R. E., Orne, E. C. (1962). Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility. Berlin: Consulting Psychologists Press); the Carleton University Responsiveness to Suggestion Scale (CURSS; Spanos, N. P., Radtke, H. L., Hodgins, D. C., Stam, H. J., Bertrand, L. D. (1983b). The Carleton University Responsiveness to Suggestion Scale: Normative data and psychometric properties. Psychological Reports, 53, 523-535); and the Group Scale of Hypnotic Ability (GSHA; Hawkins, R., Wenzel, L. (1999). The Group Scale of Hypnotic Ability and response booklet. Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 27, 20-31). Behavioral and subjective responses to the CURSS were significantly different than those on the HGSHS: A and GSHA. More participants were classified as "low suggestible" on the CURSS and they reported subjective experiences more similar to everyday mentation. Attitudes and expectancies of participants who received the GSHA were less predictive of responding, but rates of responding and subjective experiences were similar on the GSHA and the HGSHS: A. Discussion focuses on implications for the use of group hypnotic suggestibility scales.

  14. Impulse-variability theory: implications for ballistic, multijoint motor skill performance. (United States)

    Urbin, M A; Stodden, David F; Fischman, Mark G; Weimar, Wendi H


    Impulse-variability theory (R. A. Schmidt, H. N. Zelaznik, B. Hawkins, J. S. Frank, & J. T. Quinn, 1979) accounts for the curvilinear relationship between the magnitude and resulting variability of the muscular forces that influence the success of goal-directed limb movements. The historical roots of impulse-variability theory are reviewed in the 1st part of this article, including the relationship between movement speed and spatial error. The authors then address the relevance of impulse-variability theory for the control of ballistic, multijoint skills, such as throwing, striking, and kicking. These types of skills provide a stark contrast to the relatively simple, minimal degrees of freedom movements that characterized early research. However, the inherent demand for ballistic force generation is a strong parallel between these simple laboratory tasks and multijoint motor skills. Therefore, the authors conclude by recommending experimental procedures for evaluating the adequacy of impulse variability as a theoretical model within the context of ballistic, multijoint motor skill performance. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

  15. Polarised Black Holes in AdS

    CERN Document Server

    Costa, Miguel S.; Oliveira, Miguel; Penedones, João; Santos, Jorge E.


    We consider solutions in Einstein-Maxwell theory with a negative cosmological constant that asymptote to global $AdS_{4}$ with conformal boundary $S^{2}\\times\\mathbb{R}_{t}$. At the sphere at infinity we turn on a space-dependent electrostatic potential, which does not destroy the asymptotic $AdS$ behaviour. For simplicity we focus on the case of a dipolar electrostatic potential. We find two new geometries: (i) an $AdS$ soliton that includes the full backreaction of the electric field on the $AdS$ geometry; (ii) a polarised neutral black hole that is deformed by the electric field, accumulating opposite charges in each hemisphere. For both geometries we study boundary data such as the charge density and the stress tensor. For the black hole we also study the horizon charge density and area, and further verify a Smarr formula. Then we consider this system at finite temperature and compute the Gibbs free energy for both $AdS$ soliton and black hole phases. The corresponding phase diagram generalizes the Hawkin...

  16. A comparison of the musculoskeletal assessments of the shoulder girdles of professional rugby players and professional soccer players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Horsley Ian G


    Full Text Available Abstract Objective To identify posture types that exist in professional rugby players, and compare them with a population of non-overhead athletes in order to identify possible relationships towards the potential for shoulder injuries. Design Observational design Setting: Sports Medicine Clinic Participants: Convenience sample Methodology: Static assessment of posture was carried out in standing, active and passive range of glenohumeral motion, and isometric strength was carried out in accordance with previously recorded protocols. Interventions Nil Outcome Measures: Observational classification of posture, active and passive range of glenohumeral joint range of motion, isometric strength of selected muscle groups, selected muscle flexibility and Hawkins and Neer impingement tests. Results There was a significant difference on range of motion between the two groups (0.025–0.000, isometric middle (0.024–0.005, and lower trapezius (0.01–0.001. Conclusion: There were significant differences between strength and flexibility of muscles around the shoulder girdle between professional rugby players and a control group of professional non-overhead athletes.

  17. Talar injuries--the orthopaedic challenge. (United States)

    Lesić, Aleksandar R; Zagorac, Slavisa G; Bumbasirević, Marko Z


    Injuries of the talus represents an important part of the foot and ankle trauma. Since talar bone connect the lower limb and foot, the sequelas of its trauma could have significant influence on the function of the whole lower limb and gait. The specific vascularization of the talus results in delayed union and even in the avascular necrosis. The diagnosis of the fractures of the talus can be made on the x-rays, but sometimes real picture of the fracture pattern can be seen only in the CT scans. Ocult fractures such as osteochondral fractures and avascular necrosis can be exactly detected on MRI in aim not to be overlookded as the ankle sprain diagnosis. The precise reduction and stable internal fixation is mandatory in the treatment to enable the anatomical position of the talonavicular, talocrural and subtalar joint and to make possible early motion and rehabilitation, without weight bearing. On the other hand, crushed fractures, open fractures and the Hawkins III-IV fractures with the dislocations of the talar body sometimes needs salvage procedures like Blair or tibio-talar or tibio-calcaneal fusion.

  18. The Quality of Open-Access Video-Based Orthopaedic Instructional Content for the Shoulder Physical Exam is Inconsistent. (United States)

    Urch, Ekaterina; Taylor, Samuel A; Cody, Elizabeth; Fabricant, Peter D; Burket, Jayme C; O'Brien, Stephen J; Dines, David M; Dines, Joshua S


    The internet has an increasing role in both patient and physician education. While several recent studies critically appraised the quality and accuracy of web-based written information available to patients, no studies have evaluated such parameters for open-access video content designed for provider use. The primary goal of the study was to determine the accuracy of internet-based instructional videos featuring the shoulder physical examination. An assessment of quality and accuracy of said video content was performed using the basic shoulder examination as a surrogate for the "best-case scenario" due to its widely accepted components that are stable over time. Three search terms ("shoulder," "examination," and "shoulder exam") were entered into the four online video resources most commonly accessed by orthopaedic surgery residents (VuMedi, G9MD, Orthobullets, and YouTube). Videos were captured and independently reviewed by three orthopaedic surgeons. Quality and accuracy were assessed in accordance with previously published standards. Of the 39 video tutorials reviewed, 61% were rated as fair or poor. Specific maneuvers such as the Hawkins test, O'Brien sign, and Neer impingement test were accurately demonstrated in 50, 36, and 27% of videos, respectively. Inter-rater reliability was excellent (mean kappa 0.80, range 0.79-0.81). Our results suggest that information presented in open-access video tutorials featuring the physical examination of the shoulder is inconsistent. Trainee exposure to such potentially inaccurate information may have a significant impact on trainee education.

  19. Stonehenge: A Simple and Accurate Predictor of Lunar Eclipses (United States)

    Challener, S.


    Over the last century, much has been written about the astronomical significance of Stonehenge. The rage peaked in the mid to late 1960s when new computer technology enabled astronomers to make the first complete search for celestial alignments. Because there are hundreds of rocks or holes at Stonehenge and dozens of bright objects in the sky, the quest was fraught with obvious statistical problems. A storm of controversy followed and the subject nearly vanished from print. Only a handful of these alignments remain compelling. Today, few astronomers and still fewer archaeologists would argue that Stonehenge served primarily as an observatory. Instead, Stonehenge probably served as a sacred meeting place, which was consecrated by certain celestial events. These would include the sun's risings and settings at the solstices and possibly some lunar risings as well. I suggest that Stonehenge was also used to predict lunar eclipses. While Hawkins and Hoyle also suggested that Stonehenge was used in this way, their methods are complex and they make use of only early, minor, or outlying areas of Stonehenge. In contrast, I suggest a way that makes use of the imposing, central region of Stonehenge; the area built during the final phase of activity. To predict every lunar eclipse without predicting eclipses that do not occur, I use the less familiar lunar cycle of 47 lunar months. By moving markers about the Sarsen Circle, the Bluestone Circle, and the Bluestone Horseshoe, all umbral lunar eclipses can be predicted accurately.

  20. Results of the Treatment of Talar Neck Fractures in a West African Hospital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    AD Kacou


    Full Text Available Talar neck fractures (TNFs are complex injuries and treatment is fraught with complications. We retrospectively studied 18 patients with TNFs: 6 Hawkins type-I, 7 type-II, 4 type-III, and 1 type-IV. Five patients with type-I and 2 with type-II fractures were treated conservatively. The remaining 11 patients underwent operative treatment. Open reduction via posterolateral approach was performed in 10 patients while closed reduction was used in one patient. All operatively reduced fractures were stabilized with screws. The following postoperative complications were encountered: wound dehiscence (n=1, avascular necrosis (n=2, and post-traumatic osteoarthritis (n=12. Fifteen patients were available for final evaluation at a mean follow- up period of three years (range 10 months to 6 years. Using the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS score, the mean for type-I fracture was 96.4 points, 80.2 points for type-II, 68.5 points for type-III and 55 points for type-IV fractures. TNFs remain a devastating injury as the prognosis and outcomes of treatment continued to be hampered by the consequences of injury.

  1. Preference for different relaxation techniques by COPD patients: comparison between six techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Michael E Hyland,1 David MG Halpin,2 Sue Blake,3 Clare Seamark,3 Margaret Pinnuck,3 David Ward,3 Ben Whalley,1 Colin J Greaves,4 Adam L Hawkins,5 Dave Seamark3 1School of Psychology, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, 2Department of Respiratory Medicine, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, 3Honiton Group Practice, Honiton, 4University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter, 5GSK House, Brentford, UK Background: A review of the effectiveness of relaxation techniques for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients has shown inconsistent results, but studies have varied in terms of technique and outcome measures. Aim: To determine patient preference for different relaxation techniques. Methods: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients were presented with six techniques via a DVD and asked to rate the techniques in terms of effectiveness, rank in order of likely use, and comment. Results: Patients differed in the technique preferred and reason for that preference, but the most commonly preferred technique both for effectiveness and ease of use was “thinking of a nice place” followed by progressive relaxation and counting. Familiarity and ease of activity were commonly given reasons for preference. Conclusion: Rather than providing patients with a single technique that they might find difficult to implement, these results suggest that it would be better to give a choice. “Thinking of a nice place” is a popular but under-investigated technique. Keywords: COPD exacerbation, anxiety, relaxation techniques

  2. The effects of strength training on cognitive performance in elderly women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smolarek AC


    Full Text Available André de Camargo Smolarek,1,2 Luis Henrique Boiko Ferreira,1,2 Luis Paulo Gomes Mascarenhas,1 Steven R McAnulty,3 Karla Daniele Varela,4 Mônica C Dangui,4 Marcelo Paes de Barros,5 Alan C Utter,3 Tácito P Souza-Junior2,3 1Department of Physical Education, Biochemistry of the Exercise Laboratory, Centro Oeste University State, Irati, Parana, 2Research Group on Metabolism, Nutrition and Strength Training, Department of Physical Education, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil; 3Department of Health and Exercise Science, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, USA; 4Physical Education Department, Faculty Guairaca, Guarapuava, Parana, 5Institute of Physical Activity and Sports Science (ICAFE, Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, Brazil Abstract: Aging is a degenerative process marked by recognized functional, physiological, and metabolic impairments, such as dynapenia and diminished cognitive capacity. Therefore, the search for innovative strategies to prevent/delay these physiological and cognitive disorders is essential to guarantee the independence and life quality of an elderly population. The aim of this work is to verify the effect of a 12-week resistance exercise program on the general physical aptitude and cognitive capacities of elderly and sedentary women. Twenty-nine women (65.87±5.69 years were divided into two groups. The control group was composed of eight elderly women who met the same inclusion criteria of the study and the strength training group was composed of 29 elderly women who were subjected to a resistance exercise program defined by 12 upper and lower limb exercises combined in 3×10 repetitions with 1-minute interval between repetitions and two resting minutes between exercises (three times/week. Weight loads were fixed between 60% and 75% of the apparent 1 repetition maximum, which was estimated by the test of 10 maximum repetitions. The direct curl was performed for upper body strength evaluation with 2

  3. Women’s experiences and preferences regarding breast imaging after completing breast cancer treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brandzel S


    Full Text Available Susan Brandzel,1 Dori E Rosenberg,1 Dianne Johnson,1 Mary Bush,1 Karla Kerlikowske,2–5 Tracy Onega,6,7 Louise Henderson,8 Larissa Nekhlyudov,9,10 Wendy DeMartini,11 Karen J Wernli1 1Group Health Research Institute, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA, 2Department of Medicine, 3Department of Epidemiology, 4Department of Biostatistics, 5Department of Veterans Affairs, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 6Department of Biomedical Data Science, 7Department of Epidemiology, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Lebanon, NH, 8Department of Radiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 9Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 10Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, 11Department of Radiology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA Background: After treatment for breast cancer, most women receive an annual surveillance mammography to look for subsequent breast cancers. Supplemental breast MRI is sometimes used in addition to mammography despite the lack of clinical evidence for it. Breast imaging after cancer treatment is an emotionally charged experience, an important part of survivorship care, and a topic about which limited patient information exists. We assessed women’s experiences and preferences about breast cancer surveillance imaging with the goal of determining where gaps in care and knowledge could be filled. Participants and methods: We conducted six focus groups with a convenience sample of 41 women in California, North Carolina, and New Hampshire (USA. Participants were aged 38–75 years, had experienced stage 0–III breast cancer within the previous 5 years, and had completed initial treatment. We used inductive thematic analysis to identify key themes from verbatim transcripts. Results: Women reported various types and frequencies of surveillance imaging and a range of surveillance imaging

  4. A nonrandomized, open-label study to evaluate the effect of nasal stimulation on tear production in subjects with dry eye disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Friedman NJ


    Full Text Available Neil J Friedman,1 Karla Butron,2 Nora Robledo,2 James Loudin,3 Stephanie N Baba,3 Arturo Chayet2 1Department of Ophthalmology, Stanford University, Mid-Peninsula Ophthalmology Medical Group, Palo Alto, CA, USA; 2Codet Vision Institute, Tijuana, Mexico; 3Oculeve, Inc., South San Francisco, CA, USA Background: Dry eye disease (DED, a chronic disorder affecting the tear film and lacrimal functional unit, is a widely prevalent condition associated with significant burden and unmet treatment needs. Since specific neural circuits play an important role in maintaining ocular surface health, microelectrical stimulation of these pathways could present a promising new approach to treating DED. This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of nasal electrical stimulation in patients with DED. Methods: This prospective, open-label, single-arm, nonrandomized pilot study included 40 patients with mild to severe DED. After undergoing two screening visits, enrolled subjects were provided with a nasal stimulation device and instructed to use it at home four times daily (or more often as needed. Follow-up assessments were conducted up to day 180. The primary efficacy endpoint was the difference between unstimulated and stimulated tear production quantified by Schirmer scores. Additional efficacy endpoints included change from baseline in corneal and conjunctival staining, symptoms evaluated on a Visual Analog Scale, and Ocular Surface Disease Index scores. Safety parameters included adverse event (AE rates, visual acuity, intraocular pressure, slit-lamp biomicroscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, and endoscopic nasal examinations. Results: Mean stimulated Schirmer scores were significantly higher than the unstimulated scores at all visits, and corneal and conjunctival staining and symptom scores from baseline to day 180 were significantly reduced. No serious device-related AEs and nine nonserious AEs (three device-related were reported. Intraocular pressure remained

  5. Lettuce facing microcystins-rich irrigation water at different developmental stages: Effects on plant performance and microcystins bioaccumulation. (United States)

    Levizou, Efi; Statiris, George; Papadimitriou, Theodoti; Laspidou, Chrysi S; Kormas, Konstantinos Ar


    This study investigated the microcystins (MCs)-rich irrigation water effect on lettuce of different developmental stages, i.e. during a two months period, covering the whole period from seed germination to harvest at marketable size of the plant. We followed four lettuce plant groups receiving MCs-rich water (1.81μgl -1 of dissolved MCs), originating from the Karla Reservoir, central Greece: 1) from seeds, 2) the cotyledon, 3) two true leaves and 4) four true leaves stages, all of which were compared to control plants that received tap water. Lettuce growth, photosynthetic performance, biochemical and mineral characteristics, as well as MCs accumulation in leaves, roots and soil were measured. The overall performance of lettuce at various developmental stages pointed to increased tolerance since growth showed minor alterations and non-enzymatic antioxidants remained unaffected. Plants receiving MCs-rich water from the seed stage exhibited higher photosynthetic capacity, chlorophylls and leaf nitrogen content. Nevertheless, considerable MCs accumulation in various plant tissues occurred. The earlier in their development lettuce plants started receiving MCs-rich water, the more MCs they accumulated: roots and leaves of plants exposed to MCs-rich water from seeds and cotyledons stage exhibited doubled MCs concentrations compared to respective tissues of the 4 Leaves group. Furthermore, roots accumulated significantly higher MCs amounts than leaves of the same plant group. Concerning human health risk, the Estimated Daily Intake values (EDI) of Seed and Cotyledon groups leaves exceeded Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) by a factor of 6, while 2 Leaves and 4 Leaves groups exceeded TDI by a factor of 4.4 and 2.4 respectively. Our results indicate that irrigation of lettuce with MCs-rich water may constitute a serious public health risk, especially when contaminated water is received from the very early developmental stages (seed and cotyledon). Finally, results obtained for

  6. Do physiological measures predict selected CrossFit® benchmark performance?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Butcher SJ


    Full Text Available Scotty J Butcher,1,2 Tyler J Neyedly,3 Karla J Horvey,1 Chad R Benko2,41Physical Therapy, University of Saskatchewan, 2BOSS Strength Institute, 3Physiology, University of Saskatchewan, 4Synergy Strength and Conditioning, Saskatoon, SK, CanadaPurpose: CrossFit® is a new but extremely popular method of exercise training and competition that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Despite the popularity of this training method, the physiological determinants of CrossFit performance have not yet been reported. The purpose of this study was to determine whether physiological and/or muscle strength measures could predict performance on three common CrossFit "Workouts of the Day" (WODs.Materials and methods: Fourteen CrossFit Open or Regional athletes completed, on separate days, the WODs "Grace" (30 clean and jerks for time, "Fran" (three rounds of thrusters and pull-ups for 21, 15, and nine repetitions, and "Cindy" (20 minutes of rounds of five pull-ups, ten push-ups, and 15 bodyweight squats, as well as the "CrossFit Total" (1 repetition max [1RM] back squat, overhead press, and deadlift, maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max, and Wingate anaerobic power/capacity testing.Results: Performance of Grace and Fran was related to whole-body strength (CrossFit Total (r=-0.88 and -0.65, respectively and anaerobic threshold (r=-0.61 and -0.53, respectively; however, whole-body strength was the only variable to survive the prediction regression for both of these WODs (R2=0.77 and 0.42, respectively. There were no significant associations or predictors for Cindy.Conclusion: CrossFit benchmark WOD performance cannot be predicted by VO2max, Wingate power/capacity, or either respiratory compensation or anaerobic thresholds. Of the data measured, only whole-body strength can partially explain performance on Grace and Fran, although anaerobic threshold also exhibited association with performance. Along with their typical training

  7. Physicians’ use of computerized clinical decision supports to improve medication management in the elderly – the Seniors Medication Alert and Review Technology intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alagiakrishnan K


    Full Text Available Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan,1 Patricia Wilson,2 Cheryl A Sadowski,3 Darryl Rolfson,1 Mark Ballermann,4,5 Allen Ausford,6,7 Karla Vermeer,7 Kunal Mohindra,8 Jacques Romney,9 Robert S Hayward10 1Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine, 2Department of Medicine, 3Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, 4Chief Medical Information Office, Alberta Health Services, 5Division of Critical Care, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta, 6Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta, 7Lynwood Family Physician, 8eClinician EMR, Alberta Health Services-Information Systems, 9Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, 10Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada Background: Elderly people (aged 65 years or more are at increased risk of polypharmacy (five or more medications, inappropriate medication use, and associated increased health care costs. The use of clinical decision support (CDS within an electronic medical record (EMR could improve medication safety.Methods: Participatory action research methods were applied to preproduction design and development and postproduction optimization of an EMR-embedded CDS implementation of the Beers’ Criteria for medication management and the Cockcroft–Gault formula for estimating glomerular filtration rates (GFR. The “Seniors Medication Alert and Review Technologies” (SMART intervention was used in primary care and geriatrics specialty clinics. Passive (chart messages and active (order-entry alerts prompts exposed potentially inappropriate medications, decreased GFR, and the possible need for medication adjustments. Physician reactions were assessed using surveys, EMR simulations, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews. EMR audit data were used to identify eligible patient encounters, the frequency of CDS events, how alerts were managed, and when evidence links were followed.Results: Analysis of

  8. Er:YAG pre-treatment for bonding of orthodontic bracket: 1 year of in vitro treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Jesus Tavarez RR


    Full Text Available Rudys Rodolfo de Jesus Tavarez,1 Gisele Lima Bezerra,2 Karla Janilee de Souza Penha,3 Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres,4 Leily Macedo Firoozmand5 1Department of Dentistry, Ceuma University (UNICEUMA, 2Dentistry Program, Ceuma University (UNICEUMA, 3Dentistry Program, Federal University of Maranhão, UFMA, São Luís, MA, 4Restorative Dentistry Department, ICT UNESP University, São Paulo, 5Dentistry Department I, Federal University of Maranhão,UFMA, São Luís, MA, Brazil Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate in vitro bond strength of metal brackets bonded with: total etch, total etch with erbium: yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Er:YAG and self-etching adhesive systems, submitted to thermal-mechanical cycling, simulating 1 year of orthodontic treatment.Materials and methods: For the study, 80 bovine incisors were randomly divided into 3 experimental groups (n=16 each: XT- acid etching + Transbond XT, XT/Er:YAG- Transbond XT associated with Er:YAG laser irradiation (λ=2.94 μm, 60 mJ, 10 Hz and SEP- Transbond Plus Self Etching Primer. Samples were submitted to thermal-mechanical cycling, simulating 1 year of orthodontic treatment. Afterward, the shear bond strength test was performed in a universal test machine at a speed of 0.5mm/min. Samples were evaluated under a stereomicroscope and by scanning electron microscopy for analysis of enamel surface and adhesive remnant index. Data were analyzed using Kruskal–Wallis and Mann–Whitney (with Bonferroni correction statistical tests.Results: Statistically significant difference was observed between the groups studied (p<0.05. Groups XT and SEP showed the highest bond strength values, without statistical difference between them, while group XT/Er:YAG showed reduction in bond strength values. Higher frequency of adhesive failures between enamel and adhesive system was verified for groups XT and XT/Er:YAG.Conclusion: The conventional (XT and self-etching (SEP adhesive systems showed mean bond

  9. Integrating Smart Health in the US Health Care System: Infodemiology Study of Asthma Monitoring in the Google Era. (United States)

    Mavragani, Amaryllis; Sampri, Alexia; Sypsa, Karla; Tsagarakis, Konstantinos P


    prevalence are made available. Online behavior toward asthma can be accurately predicted, and significant correlations between online queries and reported cases exist. This method of forecasting Google queries can be used by health care officials to nowcast asthma prevalence by city, state, or nationally, subject to future availability of daily, weekly, or monthly data on reported cases. This method could therefore be used for improved monitoring and assessment of the needs surrounding the current population of patients with asthma. ©Amaryllis Mavragani, Alexia Sampri, Karla Sypsa, Konstantinos P Tsagarakis. Originally published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (, 12.03.2018.

  10. Engaging a Community for Rare Genetic Disease: Best Practices and Education From Individual Crowdfunding Campaigns. (United States)

    Ortiz, Romina Alicia; Witte, Steven; Gouw, Arvin; Sanfilippo, Ana; Tsai, Richard; Fumagalli, Danielle; Yu, Christine; Lant, Karla; Lipitz, Nicole; Shepphird, Jennifer; Alvina, Fidelia B; Cheng-Ho Lin, Jimmy


    with a higher success rate. Amplify Hope donors were more likely to support projects that were near their fundraising goals, and they found video far more effective for learning about genomics than any other medium. ©Romina Alicia Ortiz, Steven Witte, Arvin Gouw, Ana Sanfilippo, Richard Tsai, Danielle Fumagalli, Christine Yu, Karla Lant, Nicole Lipintz, Jennifer Shepphird, Fidelia B Alvina, Jimmy Cheng-Ho Lin. Originally published in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research (, 05.02.2018.

  11. Effectiveness evaluation of two volumizing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in a controlled, randomized, double-blind, split-face clinical study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerscher M


    Full Text Available Martina Kerscher,1 Karla Agsten,2 Maria Kravtsov,3 Welf Prager4 1Department of Cosmetic Science, University of Hamburg, 2SCIderm GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; 3Anteis S.A., Geneva, Switzerland; 4Prager & Partner Dermatologische Praxis, Hamburg, Germany Background: Enhancement of the midface can be achieved with volumizing hyaluronic acid (HA fillers.Objective: The objective of this study was to compare the safety and effectiveness of Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® 26 mg/mL HA gel (CPM-26 and Vycross® 20 mg/ml HA gel (VYC-20 in a controlled, randomized, evaluator-blind, split-face clinical study.Patients and methods: Subjects with moderate-to-severe malar volume loss on the Merz Aesthetics Scale (MAS received CPM-26 on one side and VYC-20 on the contralateral side of the face. Effectiveness assessments were performed by blinded evaluators including photographic and live MAS ratings and live Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS ratings. Calculations of anatomical volume variations at month 3 (M3, month 6 (M6, month 12 (M12 and month 18 (M18 were also performed.Results: Non-inferiority of CPM-26 versus VYC-20 was demonstrated at M3 (primary end point based on MAS. GAIS rating showed that significantly more subjects had better improvement with CPM-26 than with VYC-20 at month 1, M3, M12 and M18 (p=0.0032, p=0.0074, p=0.0384 and p=0.0110, respectively. Standardized evaluation of volume variations from baseline to M3, M12 and M18 showed that CPM-26 created more volume augmentation at all time points, and the difference was significant at M3.Conclusion: CPM-26 was non-inferior to VYC-20 based on MAS ratings at M3 and demonstrated a favorable safety and effectiveness profile for midfacial volume enhancement with results lasting up to M18. Keywords: cohesive polydensified matrix, hyaluronic acid fillers, Belotero® Volume, Modélis® SHAPE, Juvéderm® VOLUMA®, volumizing

  12. Precipitation patterns during channel flow (United States)

    Jamtveit, B.; Hawkins, C.; Benning, L. G.; Meier, D.; Hammer, O.; Angheluta, L.


    Mineral precipitation during channelized fluid flow is widespread in a wide variety of geological systems. It is also a common and costly phenomenon in many industrial processes that involve fluid flow in pipelines. It is often referred to as scale formation and encountered in a large number of industries, including paper production, chemical manufacturing, cement operations, food processing, as well as non-renewable (i.e. oil and gas) and renewable (i.e. geothermal) energy production. We have studied the incipient stages of growth of amorphous silica on steel plates emplaced into the central areas of the ca. 1 meter in diameter sized pipelines used at the hydrothermal power plant at Hellisheidi, Iceland (with a capacity of ca 300 MW electricity and 100 MW hot water). Silica precipitation takes place over a period of ca. 2 months at approximately 120°C and a flow rate around 1 m/s. The growth produces asymmetric ca. 1mm high dendritic structures ';leaning' towards the incoming fluid flow. A novel phase-field model combined with the lattice Boltzmann method is introduced to study how the growth morphologies vary under different hydrodynamic conditions, including non-laminar systems with turbulent mixing. The model accurately predicts the observed morphologies and is directly relevant for understanding the more general problem of precipitation influenced by turbulent mixing during flow in channels with rough walls and even for porous flow. Reference: Hawkins, C., Angheluta, L., Hammer, Ø., and Jamtveit, B., Precipitation dendrites in channel flow. Europhysics Letters, 102, 54001

  13. A Large and Pristine Sample of Standard Candles across the Milky Way: ∼100,000 Red Clump Stars with 3% Contamination (United States)

    Ting, Yuan-Sen; Hawkins, Keith; Rix, Hans-Walter


    Core helium-burning red clump (RC) stars are excellent standard candles in the Milky Way. These stars may have more precise distance estimates from spectrophotometry than from Gaia parallaxes beyond 3 kpc. However, RC stars have values of T eff and {log}g that are very similar to some red giant branch (RGB) stars. Especially for low-resolution spectroscopic studies where T eff, {log}g, and [Fe/H] can only be estimated with limited precision, separating RC stars from RGB through established methods can incur ∼20% contamination. Recently, Hawkins et al. demonstrated that the additional information in single-epoch spectra, such as the C/N ratio, can be exploited to cleanly differentiate RC and RGB stars. In this second paper of the series, we establish a data-driven mapping from spectral flux space to independently determined asteroseismic parameters, the frequency and the period spacing. From this, we identify 210,371 RC stars from the publicly available LAMOST DR3 and APOGEE DR14 data, with ∼9% of contamination. We provide an RC sample of 92249 stars with a contamination of only ∼3%, by restricting the combined analysis to LAMOST stars with S/Npix ≥ 75. This demonstrates that high-signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), low-resolution spectra covering a broad wavelength range can identify RC samples at least as pristine as their high-resolution counterparts. As coming and ongoing surveys such as TESS, DESI, and LAMOST will continue to improve the overlapping training spectroscopic-asteroseismic sample, the method presented in this study provides an efficient and straightforward way to derive a vast yet pristine sample of RC stars to reveal the three-dimensional (3D) structure of the Milky Way.

  14. A high throughput system for the preparation of single stranded templates grown in microculture. (United States)

    Kolner, D E; Guilfoyle, R A; Smith, L M


    A high throughput system for the preparation of single stranded M13 sequencing templates is described. Supernatants from clones grown in 48-well plates are treated with a chaotropic agent to dissociate the phage coat protein. Using a semi-automated cell harvester, the free nucleic acid is bound to a glass fiber filter in the presence of chaotrope and then washed with ethanol by aspiration. Individual glass fiber discs are punched out on the cell harvester and dried briefly. The DNA samples are then eluted in water by centrifugation. The processing time from 96 microcultures to sequence quality templates is approximately 1 hr. Assuming the ability to sequence 400 bases per clone, a 0.5 megabase per day genome sequencing facility will require 6250 purified templates a week. Toward accomplishing this goal we have developed a procedure which is a modification of a method that uses a chaotropic agent and glass fiber filter (Kristensen et al., 1987). By exploiting the ability of a cell harvester to uniformly aspirate and wash 96 samples, a rapid system for high quality template preparation has been developed. Other semi-automated systems for template preparation have been developed using commercially available robotic workstations like the Biomek (Mardis and Roe, 1989). Although minimal human intervention is required, processing time is at least twice as long. Custom systems based on paramagnetic beads (Hawkins et al., 1992) produce DNA in insufficient quantity for direct sequencing and therefore require cycle sequencing. These systems require custom programing, have a fairly high initial cost and have not proven to be as fast as the method reported here.

  15. Re-description of a genetically typed, single oocyst line of the turkey coccidium, Eimeria dispersa Tyzzer, 1929. (United States)

    El-Sherry, S; Ogedengbe, M E; Hafeez, M A; Sayf-Al-Din, M; Gad, N; Barta, J R


    The Briston strain of Eimeria dispersa Tyzzer, 1929 was isolated originally from a commercial turkey flock from Briston, Norfolk, UK. A single oocyst-derived line of E. dispersa was propagated and used to re-describe biological and morphological features of E. dispersa in the turkey. Oocysts of the Briston strain measured 26 ± 1.1 μm (24-28) by 21 ± 1 μm (19-23); these were larger than oocysts described originally by Tyzzer in 1929 (22.75 by 18.84 μm) but within dimensions (26.07 by 21.04 μm) reported by Hawkins (1952) in his description of E. dispersa isolated from turkeys. In the present study, endogenous development started mainly in duodenum and upper jejunum and then spread down toward the lower jejunum. A few parasites were detected in the ileum beginning 96 h post-infection; only few gamonts were observed in the cecal neck area at 120 h, and no parasites were detected in cecal pouches or rectum. Four asexual generations were observed before the start of gametogony, and only one large type of first generation meront was detected in duodenum and upper jejunum at 32 h. This strain has a prepatent period of 120 h. The Briston strain of E. dispersa is a mildly pathogenic coccidium. Duodenum and jejunum of infected birds were slightly dilated and paler in color than of uninfected controls. There was whitish green mucoid material in the lumen of the duodenum and jejunum. The mucosa looked slightly congested and edematous with a few scattered petechial hemorrhages.

  16. Annual Occurrence of Meteorite-Dropping Fireballs (United States)

    Konovalova, Natalia; Jopek, Tadeusz J.


    The event of Chelyabinsk meteorite has brought about change the earlier opinion about limits of the sizes of potentially dangerous asteroidal fragments that crossed the Earth's orbit and irrupted in the Earth's atmosphere making the brightest fireball. The observations of the fireballs by fireball networks allows to get the more precise data on atmospheric trajectories and coordinates of predicted landing place of the meteorite. For the reason to search the periods of fireball activity is built the annual distribution of the numbers of meteorites with the known fall dates and of the meteorite-dropping fireballs versus the solar longitude. The resulting profile of the annual activity of meteorites and meteorite-dropping fireballs shows several periods of increased activity in the course of the year. The analysis of the atmospheric trajectories and physical properties of sporadic meteorite-dropping fireballs observed in Tajikistan by instrumental methods in the summer‒autumn periods of increased fireballs activity has been made. As a result the structural strength, the bulk density and terminal mass of the studied fireballs that can survive in the Earth atmosphere and became meteorites was obtained. From the photographic IAU MDC_2003 meteor database and published sources based on the orbit proximity as determined by D-criterion of Southworth and Hawkins the fireballs that could be the members of group of meteorite-dropping fireballs, was found. Among the near Earth's objects (NEOs) the searching for parent bodies for meteorite-dropping fireballs was made and the evolution of orbits of these objects in the past on a long interval of time was investigated.

  17. Binary similarity measures for fingerprint analysis of qualitative metabolomic profiles. (United States)

    Rácz, Anita; Andrić, Filip; Bajusz, Dávid; Héberger, Károly


    Contemporary metabolomic fingerprinting is based on multiple spectrometric and chromatographic signals, used either alone or combined with structural and chemical information of metabolic markers at the qualitative and semiquantitative level. However, signal shifting, convolution, and matrix effects may compromise metabolomic patterns. Recent increase in the use of qualitative metabolomic data, described by the presence (1) or absence (0) of particular metabolites, demonstrates great potential in the field of metabolomic profiling and fingerprint analysis. The aim of this study is a comprehensive evaluation of binary similarity measures for the elucidation of patterns among samples of different botanical origin and various metabolomic profiles. Nine qualitative metabolomic data sets covering a wide range of natural products and metabolomic profiles were applied to assess 44 binary similarity measures for the fingerprinting of plant extracts and natural products. The measures were analyzed by the novel sum of ranking differences method (SRD), searching for the most promising candidates. Baroni-Urbani-Buser (BUB) and Hawkins-Dotson (HD) similarity coefficients were selected as the best measures by SRD and analysis of variance (ANOVA), while Dice (Di1), Yule, Russel-Rao, and Consonni-Todeschini 3 ranked the worst. ANOVA revealed that concordantly and intermediately symmetric similarity coefficients are better candidates for metabolomic fingerprinting than the asymmetric and correlation based ones. The fingerprint analysis based on the BUB and HD coefficients and qualitative metabolomic data performed equally well as the quantitative metabolomic profile analysis. Fingerprint analysis based on the qualitative metabolomic profiles and binary similarity measures proved to be a reliable way in finding the same/similar patterns in metabolomic data as that extracted from quantitative data.

  18. Promoting Strong Written Communication Skills (United States)

    Narayanan, M.


    The reason that an improvement in the quality of technical writing is still needed in the classroom is due to the fact that universities are facing challenging problems not only on the technological front but also on the socio-economic front. The universities are actively responding to the changes that are taking place in the global consumer marketplace. Obviously, there are numerous benefits of promoting strong written communication skills. They can be summarized into the following six categories. First, and perhaps the most important: The University achieves learner satisfaction. The learner has documented verbally, that the necessary knowledge has been successfully acquired. This results in learner loyalty that in turn will attract more qualified learners.Second, quality communication lowers the cost per pupil, consequently resulting in increased productivity backed by a stronger economic structure and forecast. Third, quality communications help to improve the cash flow and cash reserves of the university. Fourth, having high quality communication enables the university to justify the need for high costs of tuition and fees. Fifth, better quality in written communication skills result in attracting top-quality learners. This will lead to happier and satisfied learners, not to mention greater prosperity for the university as a whole. Sixth, quality written communication skills result in reduced complaints, thus meaning fewer hours spent on answering or correcting the situation. The University faculty and staff are thus able to devote more time on scholarly activities, meaningful research and productive community service. References Boyer, Ernest L. (1990). Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the Professorate.Princeton, NJ: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Hawkins, P., & Winter, J. (1997). Mastering change: Learning the lessons of the enterprise.London: Department for Education and Employment. Buzzel, Robert D., and Bradley T. Gale. (1987

  19. Chronic neglected irreducible atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation in adolescence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pravin Padalkar


    Full Text Available Atlantoaxial rotatory fixation (AARF is a rare condition and delayed diagnosis. We report a case of chronic neglected atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation in adolescence child that was treated by serial skull traction followed by posterior fusing by method pioneered by Goel et al. A 15-year-old male presented with signs of high cervical myelopathy 2 years after trauma to neck childhood. There was upper cervical kyphosis, direct tenderness over C2 spinous process, atrophy of both hand muscles with weakness in grip strength. Reflexes in upper and lower extremities were exaggerated. Imaging showed Type 3 (Fielding and Hawkins rotatory atlantoaxial dislocation (AAD. Treatment options available were 1. Staged anterior Transoral release & reduction followed by posterior fusion described by Govender and Kumar et al, 2. Posterior open reduction of joint and fusion, 3. Occipitocervical fusion with decompression. Our case was AARF presented to us with almost 2-year post injury. Considering complications associated with anterior surgery and posterior open reduction, we have opted for closed reduction by serially applying weight to skull traction under closed neurological monitoring. We have serially increased weight up to 15 kg over a period of 1 week before. We have achieved some reduction which was confirmed by traction lateral radiographs and computerized axial tomography scan. Residual subluxation corrected intra-operatively indirectly by using reduction screws in Goel et al. procedure. Finally performed for C1-C2 fusion to take care of Instability. We like to emphasis here role of closed reduction even in delayed and neglected cases.

  20. High-Flow, Heated, Humidified Air Via Nasal Cannula Treats CPAP-Intolerant Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea (United States)

    Hawkins, Stephen; Huston, Stephanie; Campbell, Kristen; Halbower, Ann


    Study Objectives: Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is effective but challenging for children with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). High-flow air via open nasal cannula (HFNC) as treatment in children remains controversial. We report the efficacy of HFNC in children with OSA and CPAP intolerance, a titration protocol, and a discussion of potential mechanisms. Methods: Patients aged 1 to 18 years with OSA (defined by obstructive apnea-hypopnea index [OAHI] greater than 1 event/h) and CPAP intolerance were enrolled. Routine polysomnography data obtained during 1 night wearing HFNC was compared with diagnostic data by Wilcoxon rank-sum test. Results: Ten school-age subjects (representing all patients attempting HFNC at our institution to date) with varied medical conditions, moderate to severe OSA, and CPAP intolerance wore HFNC from 10 to 50 L/min of room air with oxygen supplementation if needed (room air alone for 6 of the 10). HFNC reduced median OAHI from 11.1 events/h (interquartile range 8.7–18.8 events/h) to 2.1 events/h (1.7–2.2 events/h; P = .002); increased oxyhemoglobin saturation (SpO2) mean from 91.3% (89.6% to 93.5%) to 94.9% (92.4% to 96.0%; P Hawkins S, Huston S, Campbell K, Halbower A. High-flow, heated, humidified air via nasal cannula treats CPAP-intolerant children with obstructive sleep apnea. J Clin Sleep Med. 2017;13(8):981–989. PMID:28728621

  1. The CNO Bi-cycle in the Open Cluster NGC 752 (United States)

    Hawkins, Keith; Schuler, S.; King, J.; The, L.


    The CNO bi-cycle is the primary energy source for main sequence stars more massive than the sun. To test our understanding of stellar evolution models using the CNO bi-cycle, we have undertaken light-element (CNO) abundance analysis of three main sequence dwarf stars and three red giant stars in the open cluster NGC 752 utilizing high resolution (R 50,000) spectroscopy from the Keck Observatory. Preliminary results indicate, as expected, there is a depletion of carbon in the giants relative to the dwarfs. Additional analysis is needed to determine if the amount of depletion is in line with model predictions, as seen in the Hyades open cluster. Oxygen abundances are derived from the high-excitation O I triplet, and there is a 0.19 dex offset in the [O/H] abundances between the giants and dwarfs which may be explained by non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (NLTE), although further analysis is needed to verify this. The standard procedure for spectroscopically determining stellar parameters used here allows for a measurement of the cluster metallicity, [Fe/H] = 0.04 ± 0.02. In addition to the Fe abundances we have determined Na, Mg, and Al abundances to determine the status of other nucleosynthesis processes. The Na, Mg and Al abundances of the giants are enhanced relative to the dwarfs, which is consistent with similar findings in giants of other open clusters. Support for K. Hawkins was provided by the NOAO/KPNO Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program which is funded by the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program and the Department of Defense ASSURE program through Scientific Program Order No. 13 (AST-0754223) of the Cooperative Agreement No. AST-0132798 between the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) and the NSF.

  2. Talar Fractures and Dislocations: A Radiologist's Guide to Timely Diagnosis and Classification. (United States)

    Melenevsky, Yulia; Mackey, Robert A; Abrahams, R Brad; Thomson, Norman B


    The talus, the second largest tarsal bone, has distinctive imaging characteristics and injury patterns. The predominantly extraosseous vascular supply of the talus predisposes it to significant injury in the setting of trauma. In addition, the lack of muscular attachments and absence of a secondary blood supply can lead to subsequent osteonecrosis. Although talar fractures account for less than 1% of all fractures, they commonly result from high-energy trauma and may lead to complications and long-term morbidity if not recognized and managed appropriately. While initial evaluation is with foot and ankle radiographs, computed tomography (CT) is often performed to evaluate the extent of the fracture, displacement, comminution, intra-articular extension, and associated injuries. Talar fractures are divided by anatomic region: head, neck, and body. Talar head fractures can be treated conservatively if nondisplaced, warranting careful radiographic and CT evaluation to assess rotation, displacement, and extension into the neck. The modified Hawkins-Canale classification of talar neck fractures is most commonly used due to its simplicity, usefulness in guiding treatment, and prognostic value, as it correlates associated malalignment with risk of subsequent osteonecrosis. Isolated talar body fractures may be more common than previously thought. The Sneppen classification further divides talar body fractures into osteochondral talar dome, lateral and posterior process, and shear and crush comminuted central body fractures. Crush comminuted central body fractures carry a poor prognosis due to nonanatomic reduction, bone loss, and subsequent osteonecrosis. Lateral process fractures can be radiographically occult and require a higher index of suspicion for successful diagnosis. Subtalar dislocations are often accompanied by fractures, necessitating postreduction CT. Familiarity with the unique talar anatomy and injury patterns is essential for radiologists to facilitate

  3. Newman et la Bible Newman and the Bible

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Vaiss


    Full Text Available After his conversion in 1816, the young Newman was under the influence of evangelical teaching. He considered the Bible literally as the infallible Word of God, the only source of authority for the Christian in matters of doctrine and conduct. When he became a fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, he was taught by Hawkins, the Provost, that Christian doctrine is to be found in the traditions, creeds and formularies of the Church, the role of Scripture being confined to proving doctrine. It is clear that he did not adopt that view immediately. A close study of his unpublished sermons shows that the authority of the Bible kept its full sway over him for a long time to come. It was only on the eve of the Oxford Movement, in 1832, that he integrated Hawkins’ teaching. From then on, Newman’s spiritual itinerary was to be a quest for a final authority that would complement the Bible. On the other hand, confronted with the challenge posed by Science to Holy Scripture, he took a stand in a sermon of 1826 that he was to keep to the end of his life. He felt that there is no need to try and reconcile the Bible and Science. First because revealed religion has its own evidence, that is at least as strong as that of Science, second because scientific knowledge is so subject to change that it would be wasting one’s time and degrading to go about trying to accommodate religion to the theories of Science.

  4. Radial velocities of very low mass stars and candidate brown dwarf members of the Hyades and Pleiades, 2 (United States)

    Stauffer, John R.; Liebert, James; Giampapa, Mark


    We have determined H alpha equivalent widths and radial velocities with 1 sigma accuracies of approximately 5 km/s for approximately 20 candidate very low mass members of the Pleiades cluster and for a few proposed very low mass members of the Hyades. Most of the Pleiades targets were selected from the recent Hambly, Hawkins, and Jameson proper motion survey, where they were identified as probable Pleiades brown dwarfs with an age spread from 3 to 70 Myr. Our spectroscopic data and a reinterpretation of the photometric data confirm that these objects are indeed likely Pleiades members; however, we believe that they more likely have masses slightly above the hydrogen burning mass limit and that there is no firm evidence for an age spread amongst these stars. All of the very low mass Pleiades and Hyades members show H alpha in emission. However, the ratio of H alpha flux to biometric flux in the Pleiades shows a maximum near M(sub Bol) approximately equal to 9.5 (M approximately equal to 0.3 solar mass) and a sharp decrease to lower masses. This break occurs at the approximate mass where low mass stars are expected to become fully convective, and it is tempting to assume that the decrease in H alpha flux is caused by some change in the behavior of stellar dynamos at this mass. We do not see a similar break in activity at this mass in the Hyades. We discuss possible evolutionary explanations for this difference in the H alpha activity between the two clusters.

  5. Management Options in Avascular Necrosis of Talus. (United States)

    Dhillon, Mandeep S; Rana, Balvinder; Panda, Inayat; Patel, Sandeep; Kumar, Prasoon


    Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the talus can be a cause of significant disability and is a difficult problem to treat. The most common cause is a fracture of the talus. We have done a systematic review of the literature with the following aims: (1) identify and summarize the available evidence in literature for the treatment of talar AVN, (2) define the usefulness of radiological Hawkins sign and magnetic resonance imaging in early diagnosis, and (3) provide patient management guidelines. We searched MEDLINE and PUBMED using keywords and MESH terminology. The articles' abstracts were read by two of the authors. Forty-one studies met the inclusion criteria of the 335 abstracts screened. The interventions of interest included hindfoot fusion, conservative measures, bone grafting, vascularized bone graft, core decompression, and talar replacement. All studies were of Level IV evidence. We looked to identify the study quality, imprecise and sparse data, reporting bias, and the quality of evidence. Based on the analysis of available literature, we make certain recommendations for managing patients of AVN talus depending on identified disease factors such as early or late presentation, extent of bone involvement, bone collapse, and presence or absence of arthritis. Early talar AVN seems best treated with protected weight bearing and possibly in combination with extracorporeal shock wave therapy. If that fails, core decompression can be considered. Arthrodesis should be saved as a salvage procedure in late cases with arthritis and collapse, and a tibiotalocalcaneal fusion with bone grafting may be needed in cases of significant bone loss. Role of vascularized bone grafting is still not defined clearly and needs further investigation. Future prospective, randomized studies are necessary to guide the conservative and surgical management of talar AVN.

  6. Management options in avascular necrosis of talus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mandeep S Dhillon


    Full Text Available Avascular necrosis (AVN of the talus can be a cause of significant disability and is a difficult problem to treat. The most common cause is a fracture of the talus. We have done a systematic review of the literature with the following aims: (1 identify and summarize the available evidence in literature for the treatment of talar AVN, (2 define the usefulness of radiological Hawkins sign and magnetic resonance imaging in early diagnosis, and (3 provide patient management guidelines. We searched MEDLINE and PUBMED using keywords and MESH terminology. The articles' abstracts were read by two of the authors. Forty-one studies met the inclusion criteria of the 335 abstracts screened. The interventions of interest included hindfoot fusion, conservative measures, bone grafting, vascularized bone graft, core decompression, and talar replacement. All studies were of Level IV evidence. We looked to identify the study quality, imprecise and sparse data, reporting bias, and the quality of evidence. Based on the analysis of available literature, we make certain recommendations for managing patients of AVN talus depending on identified disease factors such as early or late presentation, extent of bone involvement, bone collapse, and presence or absence of arthritis. Early talar AVN seems best treated with protected weight bearing and possibly in combination with extracorporeal shock wave therapy. If that fails, core decompression can be considered. Arthrodesis should be saved as a salvage procedure in late cases with arthritis and collapse, and a tibiotalocalcaneal fusion with bone grafting may be needed in cases of significant bone loss. Role of vascularized bone grafting is still not defined clearly and needs further investigation. Future prospective, randomized studies are necessary to guide the conservative and surgical management of talar AVN.

  7. Timing of Surgical Reduction and Stabilization of Talus Fracture-Dislocations. (United States)

    Buckwalter V, Joseph A; Westermann, Robert; Mooers, Brian; Karam, Matthew; Wolf, Brian

    Talus fractures with associated dislocations are rare but have high rates of complications, including avascular necrosis (AVN). Management of these injuries involves urgent surgical reduction and fixation, although there are no definitive data defining an operative time frame for preserving the blood supply and preventing complications. To determine the effect of time to surgical reduction of talus fractures and talus fracture-dislocations on rates of AVN and posttraumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA), we retrospectively reviewed talus fractures surgically managed at a level I trauma center during the 10-year period 2003 to 2013. Operative reports were obtained and reviewed, and 3 independent reviewers, using the Hawkins and AO/OTA (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen/Orthopaedic Trauma Association) systems, classified the injuries on plain radiographs. Analysis of AO/OTA 81 fractures with associated tibiotalar, subtalar, or talonavicular dislocations was performed. Primary outcomes were presence of AVN/PTOA and subsequent arthrodesis of tibiotalar or subtalar joints. We identified 106 surgically managed talus fractures. Rates of AVN/PTOA were 41% for all talus fractures and 50% for talus fracture-dislocations. Mean time to surgical reduction was not significant for development of AVN/PTOA for all talus fractures (P = .45) or talus fracture-dislocations (P = .29). There was no difference in age (P = .20), body mass index (P = .45), or polytrauma (P = .79) between patients who developed AVN and those who did not. Open fractures were significantly correlated with the development of AVN/PTOA (P = .009). Talar fracture-dislocations are devastating injuries with high rates of complications. Our data suggest there is no effect of time from injury to surgical reduction of talus fractures or talus fracture-dislocations on rates of AVN and PTOA.

  8. Management Options in Avascular Necrosis of Talus (United States)

    Dhillon, Mandeep S; Rana, Balvinder; Panda, Inayat; Patel, Sandeep; Kumar, Prasoon


    Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the talus can be a cause of significant disability and is a difficult problem to treat. The most common cause is a fracture of the talus. We have done a systematic review of the literature with the following aims: (1) identify and summarize the available evidence in literature for the treatment of talar AVN, (2) define the usefulness of radiological Hawkins sign and magnetic resonance imaging in early diagnosis, and (3) provide patient management guidelines. We searched MEDLINE and PUBMED using keywords and MESH terminology. The articles' abstracts were read by two of the authors. Forty-one studies met the inclusion criteria of the 335 abstracts screened. The interventions of interest included hindfoot fusion, conservative measures, bone grafting, vascularized bone graft, core decompression, and talar replacement. All studies were of Level IV evidence. We looked to identify the study quality, imprecise and sparse data, reporting bias, and the quality of evidence. Based on the analysis of available literature, we make certain recommendations for managing patients of AVN talus depending on identified disease factors such as early or late presentation, extent of bone involvement, bone collapse, and presence or absence of arthritis. Early talar AVN seems best treated with protected weight bearing and possibly in combination with extracorporeal shock wave therapy. If that fails, core decompression can be considered. Arthrodesis should be saved as a salvage procedure in late cases with arthritis and collapse, and a tibiotalocalcaneal fusion with bone grafting may be needed in cases of significant bone loss. Role of vascularized bone grafting is still not defined clearly and needs further investigation. Future prospective, randomized studies are necessary to guide the conservative and surgical management of talar AVN. PMID:29887631

  9. Correlation of findings in clinical and high resolution ultrasonography examinations of the painful shoulder

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphael Micheroli


    Full Text Available Objective: High resolution ultrasonography is a non-painful and non-invasive imaging technique which is useful for the assessment of shoulder pain causes, as clinical examination often does not allow an exact diagnosis. The aim of this study was to compare the fi ndings of clinical examination and high resolution ultrasonography in patients presenting with painful shoulder. Methods: Non-interventional observational study of 100 adult patients suffering from unilateral shoulder pain. Exclusion criteria were shoulder fractures, prior shoulder joint surgery and shoulder injections in the past month. The physicians performing the most common clinical shoulder examinations were blinded to the results of the high resolution ultrasonography and vice versa. Results: In order to detect pathology of the m. supraspinatus tendon, the Hawkins and Kennedy impingement test showed the highest sensitivity (0.86 whereas the Jobe supraspinatus test showed the highest specifi city (0.55. To identify m. subscapularis tendon pathology the Gerber lift off test showed a sensitivity of 1, whereas the belly press test showed the higher specifi city (0.72. The infraspinatus test showed a high sensitivity (0.90 and specifi city (0.74. All AC tests (painful arc IIa, AC joint tendernessb, cross body adduction stress testc showed high specifi cities (a0.96, b0.99, c 0.96. Evaluating the long biceps tendon, the palm up test showed the highest sensitivity (0.47 and the Yergason test the highest specifi city (0.88. Conclusion: Knowledge of sensitivity and specifi city of various clinical tests is important for the interpretation of clinical examination test results. High resolution ultrasonography is needed in most cases to establish a clear diagnosis.

  10. Predictors of Facebook User Engagement With Health-Related Content for Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men: Content Analysis. (United States)

    Card, Kiffer George; Lachowsky, Nathan; Hawkins, Blake W; Jollimore, Jody; Baharuddin, Fahmy; Hogg, Robert S


    Social media is used by community-based organizations (CBOs) to promote the well-being of gay and bisexual men (GBM). However, few studies have quantified which factors facilitate the diffusion of health content tailored for sexual minorities. The aim of this study was to identify post characteristics that can be leveraged to optimize the health promotion efforts of CBOs on Facebook. The Facebook application programming interface was used to collect 5 years' of posts shared across 10 Facebook pages administered by Vancouver-based CBOs promoting GBM health. Network analysis assessed basic indicators of network structure. Content analyses were conducted using informatics-based approaches. Hierarchical negative binomial regression of post engagement data was used to identify meaningful covariates of engagement. In total, 14,071 posts were shared and 21,537 users engaged with these posts. Most users (n=13,315) engaged only once. There was moderate correlation between the number of posts and the number of CBOs users engaged with (r=.53, Puser engagement was positively associated with positive sentiment, sharing multimedia, and posting about pre-exposure prophylaxis, stigma, and mental health. Engagement was negatively associated with asking questions, posting about dating, and sharing posts during or after work (versus before). Results highlight the existence of a core group of Facebook users who facilitate diffusion. Factors associated with greater user engagement present CBOs with a number of strategies for improving the diffusion of health content. ©Kiffer George Card, Nathan Lachowsky, Blake W Hawkins, Jody Jollimore, Fahmy Baharuddin, Robert S Hogg. Originally published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (, 06.04.2018.

  11. Smelter Jobs? Societal changes and employment opportunities for women in East Iceland Er álið málið? Samfélagsbreytingar og atvinnumöguleikar kvenna á Austurlandi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tinna Kristbjörg Halldórsdóttir


    ýna að álversframkvæmdir hafa haft margt gott í för hvað varðar aukna þjónustu í samfélaginu. Þær hafa skapað ný störf, þó í meira mæli fyrir karla en konur. Skipulag vinnu, lítill sveigjanleiki starfa og langar vegalengdir er meðal þess sem oftast var nefnt sem ástæður þess að ekki fleiri konur starfa í álverinu en raunin er. Enn er til staðar verulegur kynjahalli á Austurlandi.

  12. Book reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work, by Edwidge Danticat (reviewed by Colin Dayan Gordon K. Lewis on Race, Class and Ideology in the Caribbean, edited by Anthony P. Maingot (reviewed by Bridget Brereton Freedom and Constraint in Caribbean Migration and Diaspora, edited by Elizabeth Thomas-Hope (reviewed by Mary Chamberlain Black Europe and the African Diaspora, edited by Darlene Clark Hine, Trica Danielle Keaton & Stephen Small (reviewed by Gert Oostindie Caribbean Middlebrow: Leisure Culture and the Middle Class, by Belinda E dmondson (reviewed by Karla Slocum Global Change and Caribbean Vulnerability: Environment, Economy and Society at Risk, edited by Duncan McGregor, David Dodman & David Barker (reviewed by Bonham C. Richardson Encountering Revolution: Haiti and the Making of the Early Republic, by Ashli White (reviewed by Matt Clavin Red and Black in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict, and Political Change, 1934-1957, by Matthew J. Smith (reviewed by Robert Fatton Jr. Cuba in the American Imagination: Metaphor and the Imperial Ethos, by Louis A. Pérez Jr. (reviewed by Camillia Cowling Seeds of Insurrection: Domination and Resistance on Western Cuban Plantations, 1808-1848, by Manuel Barcia (reviewed by Matt D. Childs Epidemic Invasions: Yellow Fever and the Limits of Cuban Independence, 1878-1930, by Mariola Espinosa (reviewed by Cruz Maria Nazario The Cuban Connection: Drug Trafficking, Smuggling, and Gambling in Cuba from the 1920s to the Revolution, by Eduardo Sáenz Rovner (reviewed by Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith Before Fidel: The Cuba I Remember, by Francisco José Moreno, and The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro’s Schoolmates from Revolution to Exile, by Patrick Symmes (reviewed by Pedro Pérez Sarduy Lam, by Jacques Leenhardt & Jean-Louis Paudrat (reviewed by Sally Price Healing Dramas: Divination and Magic in Modern Puerto Rico, by Raquel Romberg (reviewed by Grant Jewell

  13. Mobile Phone Apps to Improve Medication Adherence: A Systematic Stepwise Process to Identify High-Quality Apps. (United States)

    Santo, Karla; Richtering, Sarah S; Chalmers, John; Thiagalingam, Aravinda; Chow, Clara K; Redfern, Julie


    basic apps. Using the MARS instrument, we were able to identify high-quality apps that were rated as being very interesting and entertaining, highly interactive and customizable, intuitive, and easy to use and to navigate as well as having a high level of visual appeal and good-quality information. Many medication reminder apps are available in the app stores; however, the majority of them did not have many of the desirable features and were, therefore, considered low quality. Through a systematic stepwise process, we were able to identify high-quality apps to be tested in a future study that will provide evidence on the use of medication reminder apps to improve medication adherence. ©Karla Santo, Sarah S Richtering, John Chalmers, Aravinda Thiagalingam, Clara K Chow, Julie Redfern. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 02.12.2016.

  14. A Mobile Phone-Based Health Coaching Intervention for Weight Loss and Blood Pressure Reduction in a National Payer Population: A Retrospective Study. (United States)

    Mao, Alice Yuqing; Chen, Connie; Magana, Candy; Caballero Barajas, Karla; Olayiwola, J Nwando


    .28% in mean percentage weight change (Ppressure data, 112 (74.2%) had a baseline blood pressure that was above the goal (systolic blood pressure >120 mmHg); 55 out of 112 (49.1%) participants improved their blood pressure at 4 months by an entire hypertensive stage-as defined by the Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. Mobile phone app-based health coaching interventions can be an acceptable and effective means to promote weight loss and improve blood pressure management in overweight or obese individuals. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones, digital health coaching may be an innovative solution to decreasing barriers of access to much-needed weight management interventions for obesity. ©Alice Yuqing Mao, Connie Chen, Candy Magana, Karla Caballero Barajas, J Nwando Olayiwola. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 08.06.2017.

  15. SU-E-T-69: A Radiobiological Investigation of Dose Escalation in Lower Oesophageal Tumours with a Focus On Gastric Toxicity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrington, R [Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom); Staffurth, J; Spezi, E; Crosby, T [Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom); Warren, S; Partridge, M; Hawkins, M [CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, Oxford (United Kingdom); Gwynne, S [Singleton Hospital, Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom)


    Dr Partridge are supported by Cancer Research UK. Grant number: C5255/A15935. Dr Hawkins is supported by MRC grant MC-PC-12001/2.

  16. SU-D-BRA-06: Duodenal Interfraction Motion with Abdominal Compression

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Witztum, A; Holyoake, D; Warren, S; Partridge, M; Hawkins, M [CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford, Oxford (United Kingdom)


    supported by a CRUK/Nuffield Clinical Research Fellowship. Sam Warren and Mike Partridge are supported by CRUK grant C5255/A15935. Maria Hawkins received an MRC Fellowship MC-PC-12001/2.

  17. Impact of outpatient clinic ultrasound imaging in the diagnosis and treatment for shoulder impingement: a randomized prospective study.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Saeed, Aamir


    The use of musculoskeletal ultrasonography (MSUS) in guiding subdeltoid injection has been shown to improve outcome up to 6 weeks in a few small studies. A recent meta-analysis identified the need for further studies with longer-term outcome and larger sample size. This randomized prospective study assessed whether clinic-based MSUS can significantly improve diagnostic accuracy in shoulder pain and whether MSUS-guided shoulder injection results in improved long-term outcomes. One hundred consecutive patients with 125 painful shoulders were recruited. Patients were randomized to receive either sonographic assessment with consequent palpation-guided injection (Group 1, n = 66) or sonographic assessment with a MSUS-guided injection of 40 mg of methylprednisolone acetate (Group 2, n = 59). A blinded rheumatologist (ADF) performed clinical assessments at baseline, 6 and 12 weeks including shoulder function tests (SFTs) (Hawkins-Kennedy test, supraspinatus tendon tenderness), physician global assessment (PGA) and patient visual analogue scores (VAS) for pain (0-10). Eighty patients with 90 symptomatic shoulders completed 12-week follow-up. Twenty patients, 11 (20 shoulders) from the palpation-guided group and 9 (15 shoulders) from the MSUS-guided group, were excluded at 6 weeks either due to requirement for repeat injection or due to surgical referral. Mean age for patients was 57.7 years, and 65 % patients were female; mean shoulder pain duration was 18 weeks (range 14-22 weeks). SFTs, patient VAS and PGA scores for pain improved significantly from baseline in both groups with significantly greater improvements in the MSUS-guided group (44 shoulders) compared to the palpation-guided group (46 shoulders) in all parameters at 6 (p < 0.01) and 12 weeks (p < 0.05). The use of MSUS in guiding subdeltoid injection has been shown to improve outcome up to 6 weeks in a few small studies. A recent meta-analysis identified the need for further studies with longer

  18. Distributed learning process: principles of design and implementation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. N. Boychenko


    Full Text Available At the present stage, broad information and communication technologies (ICT usage in educational practices is one of the leading trends of global education system development. This trend has led to the instructional interaction models transformation. Scientists have developed the theory of distributed cognition (Salomon, G., Hutchins, E., and distributed education and training (Fiore, S. M., Salas, E., Oblinger, D. G., Barone, C. A., Hawkins, B. L.. Educational process is based on two separated in time and space sub-processes of learning and teaching which are aimed at the organization of fl exible interactions between learners, teachers and educational content located in different non-centralized places.The purpose of this design research is to fi nd a solution for the problem of formalizing distributed learning process design and realization that is signifi cant in instructional design. The solution to this problem should take into account specifi cs of distributed interactions between team members, which becomes collective subject of distributed cognition in distributed learning process. This makes it necessary to design roles and functions of the individual team members performing distributed educational activities. Personal educational objectives should be determined by decomposition of team objectives into functional roles of its members with considering personal and learning needs and interests of students.Theoretical and empirical methods used in the study: theoretical analysis of philosophical, psychological, and pedagogical literature on the issue, analysis of international standards in the e-learning domain; exploration on practical usage of distributed learning in academic and corporate sectors; generalization, abstraction, cognitive modelling, ontology engineering methods.Result of the research is methodology for design and implementation of distributed learning process based on the competency approach. Methodology proposed by

  19. Physical examination tests of the shoulder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic test performance. (United States)

    Gismervik, Sigmund Ø; Drogset, Jon O; Granviken, Fredrik; Rø, Magne; Leivseth, Gunnar


    Physical examination tests of the shoulder (PETS) are clinical examination maneuvers designed to aid the assessment of shoulder complaints. Despite more than 180 PETS described in the literature, evidence of their validity and usefulness in diagnosing the shoulder is questioned. This meta-analysis aims to use diagnostic odds ratio (DOR) to evaluate how much PETS shift overall probability and to rank the test performance of single PETS in order to aid the clinician's choice of which tests to use. This study adheres to the principles outlined in the Cochrane guidelines and the PRISMA statement. A fixed effect model was used to assess the overall diagnostic validity of PETS by pooling DOR for different PETS with similar biomechanical rationale when possible. Single PETS were assessed and ranked by DOR. Clinical performance was assessed by sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and likelihood ratio. Six thousand nine-hundred abstracts and 202 full-text articles were assessed for eligibility; 20 articles were eligible and data from 11 articles could be included in the meta-analysis. All PETS for SLAP (superior labral anterior posterior) lesions pooled gave a DOR of 1.38 [1.13, 1.69]. The Supraspinatus test for any full thickness rotator cuff tear obtained the highest DOR of 9.24 (sensitivity was 0.74, specificity 0.77). Compression-Rotation test obtained the highest DOR (6.36) among single PETS for SLAP lesions (sensitivity 0.43, specificity 0.89) and Hawkins test obtained the highest DOR (2.86) for impingement syndrome (sensitivity 0.58, specificity 0.67). No single PETS showed superior clinical test performance. The clinical performance of single PETS is limited. However, when the different PETS for SLAP lesions were pooled, we found a statistical significant change in post-test probability indicating an overall statistical validity. We suggest that clinicians choose their PETS among those with the highest pooled DOR and to assess validity to their own specific clinical

  20. Geochemical Evolution of the Louisville Seamount Chain (United States)

    Vanderkluysen, L.; Mahoney, J. J.; Koppers, A. A.; Lonsdale, P. F.


    The Louisville seamount chain is a 4300 km long chain of submarine volcanoes in the southwestern Pacific that is commonly thought to represent a hotspot track. It spans an ~80 Myr age range, comparable to that of the Hawaiian-Emperor chain (Koppers et al., G-cubed, 5 (6), 2004). The few previously dredged igneous samples are dominantly basaltic and alkalic, and have been inferred to represent post-shield volcanism (Hawkins et al., AGU Monograph, 43, 235, 1987). Their isotope and trace element signatures suggest an unusually homogenous mantle source (Cheng et al., AGU Monograph, 43, 283, 1987). Dredging in 2006, during the AMAT02RR cruise of the R.V. Revelle, was carried out in the hope of recovering both shield and post-shield samples and of exploring the geochemical evolution of the chain. Igneous rocks were recovered from 33 stations on 23 seamounts covering some 47 Myr of the chain's history. Our study, focusing on the major and trace element and Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic characteristics of these samples, shows that all are alkalic basalts, basanites and tephrites containing normative nepheline. Variations in major and trace elements appear to be controlled predominantly by variable extents of melting and fractional crystallization, with little influence from mantle source heterogeneity. Indeed, age-corrected isotopic values define only a narrow range, in agreement with long-term source homogeneity relative to the scale of melting; e.g., ɛNd varies from +4.1 to +5.7, 206Pb/204Pb from 19.048 to 19.281, and 87Sr/86Sr from 0.70362 to 0.70398. These values broadly fall within the fields of the proposed "C" or "FOZO" mantle end-members. However, small variations are present, with less radiogenic Nd and Pb isotope ratios at the older, western end of the chain, defining a trend toward a broadly EM2-like composition. Although some workers have postulated that the Louisville hotspot was the source of the ~120 Myr Ontong Java Plateau, our samples are isotopically distinct

  1. SU-D-BRA-06: Duodenal Interfraction Motion with Abdominal Compression

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Witztum, A; Holyoake, D; Warren, S; Partridge, M; Hawkins, M


    Research Fellowship. Sam Warren and Mike Partridge are supported by CRUK grant C5255/A15935. Maria Hawkins received an MRC Fellowship MC_PC_12001/2.

  2. CMOL/CMOS hardware architectures and performance/price for Bayesian memory - The building block of intelligent systems (United States)

    Zaveri, Mazad Shaheriar

    The semiconductor/computer industry has been following Moore's law for several decades and has reaped the benefits in speed and density of the resultant scaling. Transistor density has reached almost one billion per chip, and transistor delays are in picoseconds. However, scaling has slowed down, and the semiconductor industry is now facing several challenges. Hybrid CMOS/nano technologies, such as CMOL, are considered as an interim solution to some of the challenges. Another potential architectural solution includes specialized architectures for applications/models in the intelligent computing domain, one aspect of which includes abstract computational models inspired from the neuro/cognitive sciences. Consequently in this dissertation, we focus on the hardware implementations of Bayesian Memory (BM), which is a (Bayesian) Biologically Inspired Computational Model (BICM). This model is a simplified version of George and Hawkins' model of the visual cortex, which includes an inference framework based on Judea Pearl's belief propagation. We then present a "hardware design space exploration" methodology for implementing and analyzing the (digital and mixed-signal) hardware for the BM. This particular methodology involves: analyzing the computational/operational cost and the related micro-architecture, exploring candidate hardware components, proposing various custom hardware architectures using both traditional CMOS and hybrid nanotechnology - CMOL, and investigating the baseline performance/price of these architectures. The results suggest that CMOL is a promising candidate for implementing a BM. Such implementations can utilize the very high density storage/computation benefits of these new nano-scale technologies much more efficiently; for example, the throughput per 858 mm2 (TPM) obtained for CMOL based architectures is 32 to 40 times better than the TPM for a CMOS based multiprocessor/multi-FPGA system, and almost 2000 times better than the TPM for a PC

  3. Teaching and Learning Astronomy (United States)

    Pasachoff, Jay; Percy, John


    Hawkins; 25. The role of science centers and planetariums Nick Lomb; 26. Science education for the new century - a European perspective Claus Madsen; 27. Communicating astronomy to the public Charles Blue; 28. Poster highlights: public outreach in astronomy; Part IX. The Education Programs of the IAU: Preface; 29. A short overview of astronomical education carried out by the IAU Syuzo Isobe; Part X. Discussion; Index.

  4. El boto y los geoglifos de Nasca: una contribución de la investigación estética en la arqueología

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Dans cette nouvelle contribution de la recherche esthétique a l'archéologie, l'auteur expose tout d'abord l'idée que l'art et la religion se confondent en une harmonie conjuguant le fondement métaphysique du rite et la plastique que celui-ci adopte les deux éléments se mêlent dans un propos mystérieux mais également éloquent. L'art, comme dépassement des énergies, trouve ici la possibilité de réaliser, au moyen de ce reste d' 'énergie culturelle', la forme qu'exige la signification du mythe. Cette manifestation n'est pas nécessairement plastique elle peut s'exprimer par des formes artistiques différentes, telles les danses, les chants ou les actes sportifs, dans des compétitions (comme dans l' 'agon' grec se déroulant sur des espaces rigoureusement déterminés et consacrés à l'accomplissement des rites. Ce sont la les fondements du jugement critico-esthétique sur lequel s'appuie la thèse de l'auteur. L'astrologie (ou la religiosité, puisqu'il y a harmonie entre l'astre solaire et l'existence humaine se conjugue à l'art et s'exprime dans les multiples et complexes tracés rectilignes de plusieurs kilomètres parfois, au coté d'autres dessins totémiques enchevêtrés et en relation avec les tracés. L'auteur fait référence aux études antérieures sur le sujet et analyse le 'Rapport Hawkins', qui constitue l'apport scientifique le plus récent et attribue a ces tracés une date d'exécution entre 390 et 500 de l'ère chrétienne. Hawkins déclare que ces tracés 'ne semblent pas avoir de signification astronomique' ainsi tend-il a rejoindre l'hypothèse ludique de l'auteur de ces lignes en y voyant des expressions sociales ou intervient le sens du jeu et du sport religieux. Parmi les nombreux glyphes totémiques figure celui de l'orque (Orca gladiator, déjà présent dans la céramique de la première phase culturelle 'naturaliste', dont l'apogée se place durant 'la période correspondant du sous-style Nasca de

  5. Treatment of displaced talar neck fractures using delayed procedures of plate fixation through dual approaches. (United States)

    Xue, Youdi; Zhang, Hui; Pei, Fuxing; Tu, Chongqi; Song, Yueming; Fang, Yue; Liu, Lei


    Treatment of talar neck fractures is challenging. Various surgical approaches and fixation methods have been documented. Clinical outcomes are often dissatisfying due to inadequate reduction and fixation with high rates of complications. Obtaining satisfactory clinical outcomes with minimum complications remains a hard task for orthopaedic surgeons. In the period from May 2007 to September 2010, a total of 31 cases with closed displaced talar neck fractures were treated surgically in our department. Injuries were classified according to the Hawkins classification modified by Canale and Kelly. Under general anaesthesia with sufficient muscle relaxation, urgent closed reduction was initiated once the patients were admitted; if the procedure failed, open reduction and provisional stabilisation with Kirschner wires through an anteromedial approach with tibiometatarsal external fixation were performed. When the soft tissue had recovered, definitive fixation was performed with plate and screws through dual approaches. The final follow-up examination included radiological analysis, clinical evaluation and functional outcomes which were carried out according to the Ankle-Hindfoot Scale of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS), patient satisfaction and SF-36. Twenty-eight patients were followed up for an average of 25 months (range 18-50 months) after the injury. Only two patients had soft tissue complications, and recovery was satisfactory with conservative treatment. All of the fractures healed anatomically without malunion and nonunion, and the average union time was 14 weeks (range 12-24 weeks). Post-traumatic arthritis developed in ten cases, while six patients suffered from avascular necrosis of the talus. Secondary procedures included three cases of subtalar arthrodesis, one case of ankle arthrodesis and one case of total ankle replacement. The mean AOFAS hindfoot score was 78 (range 65-91). According to the SF-36, the average score of the

  6. Accurate Influenza Monitoring and Forecasting Using Novel Internet Data Streams: A Case Study in the Boston Metropolis. (United States)

    Lu, Fred Sun; Hou, Suqin; Baltrusaitis, Kristin; Shah, Manan; Leskovec, Jure; Sosic, Rok; Hawkins, Jared; Brownstein, John; Conidi, Giuseppe; Gunn, Julia; Gray, Josh; Zink, Anna; Santillana, Mauricio


    on multiple data sources, including ARGO, produced the most robust and accurate results. The observed Pearson correlations between our out-of-sample flu activity estimates and those historically reported by the BPHC were 0.98 in nowcasting influenza and 0.94 in forecasting influenza 1 week ahead of the current date. We show that information from Internet-based data sources, when combined using an informed, robust methodology, can be effectively used as early indicators of influenza activity at fine geographic resolutions. ©Fred Sun Lu, Suqin Hou, Kristin Baltrusaitis, Manan Shah, Jure Leskovec, Rok Sosic, Jared Hawkins, John Brownstein, Giuseppe Conidi, Julia Gunn, Josh Gray, Anna Zink, Mauricio Santillana. Originally published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (, 09.01.2018.

  7. Correlates of Pediatric CPAP Adherence (United States)

    Hawkins, Stephen M.M.; Jensen, Emily L.; Simon, Stacey L.; Friedman, Norman R.


    pathophysiology of and to develop adherence-promoting and alternative interventions for pediatric OSA. Citation: Hawkins SM, Jensen EL, Simon SL, Friedman NR. Correlates of pediatric CPAP adherence. J Clin Sleep Med 2016;12(6):879–884. PMID:27092702

  8. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Maximilian C. Forte; Ruins of Absence, Presence of Caribs: (PostColonial Representations of Aboriginality in Trinidad and Tobago (Neil L. Whitehead Nick Nesbitt; Voicing Memory: History and Subjectivity in French Caribbean Literature (H. Adlai Murdoch Camilla Stevens; Family and Identity in Contemporary Cuban and Puerto Rican Drama (Lydia Platón Jonathan Goldberg; Tempest in the Caribbean (Jerry Brotton Michael Chanan; Cuban Cinema (Tamara L. Falicov Gemma Tang Nain, Barbara Bailey (eds.; Gender Equality in the Caribbean: Reality or Illusion (A. Lynn Bolles Ernesto Sagás, Sintia E. Molina (eds.; Dominican Migration: Transnational Perspectives (Rosemary Polanco Christine M. Du Bois; Images of West Indian Immigrants in Mass Media: The Struggle for a Positive Ethnic Reputation (Dwaine Plaza Luis Raúl Cámara Fuertes; The Phenomenon of Puerto Rican Voting (Annabelle Conroy Philip Gould; Barbaric Traffic: Commerce and Antislavery in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World (William A. Pettigrew Laurent Dubois; Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution (Yvonne Fabella Sibylle Fischer; Modernity Disavowed: Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution (Ashli White Philip D. Morgan, Sean Hawkins (eds.; Black Experience and the British Empire (James Walvin Richard Smith; Jamaican Volunteers in the First World War: Race, Masculinity and the Development of National Consciousness (Linden Lewis Muriel McAvoy; Sugar Baron: Manuel Rionda and the Fortunes of Pre-Castro Cuba (Richard Sicotte Ned Sublette; Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo (Pedro Pérez Sarduy Frances Negrón-Muntaner; Boricua Pop: Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of American Culture (Halbert Barton Gordon Rohlehr; A Scuffling of Islands: Essays on Calypso (Stephen Stuempfle Shannon Dudley; Carnival Music in Trinidad: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Donald R. Hill Jean

  9. Graeco-Roman Astro-Architecture: The Temples of Pompeii (United States)

    Tiede, Vance R.


    Roman architect Marcus Vetruvius Pollio (ca. 75-15 BC) wrote, “[O]ne who professes himself as an architect should be…acquainted with astronomy and the theory of the heavens…. From astronomy we find the east, west, south, and north, as well as the theory of the heavens, the Equinox, Solstice and courses of the Stars.” (De Architectura Libri Decem I:i:3,10). In order to investigate the role of astronomy in temple orientation, the author conducted a preliminary GIS DEM/Satellite Imaging survey of 11 temples at Pompeii, Italy (N 40d 45', E 14d 29'). The GIS survey measured the true azimuth and horizon altitude of each temple’s major axis and was field checked by a Ground Truth survey with theodolite and GPS, 5-18 April 2013. The resulting 3D vector data was analyzed with Program STONEHENGE (Hawkins 1983, 328) to identify the local skyline declinations aligned with the temple major axes. Analysis suggests that the major axes of the temples of Apollo, Jupiter and Venus are equally as likely to have been oriented to Pompeii’s urban grid, itself oriented NW-SE on Mt. Vesuvius’ slope and hydraulic gradient to optimize urban sewer/street drainage (cf. Hodge 1992). However, the remaining nine temples appear to be oriented to astronomical targets on the local horizon associated with Graeco-Roman calendrics and mythology. TEMPLE/ DATE/ MAJOR AXIS ASTRO-TARGET (Skyline Declination in degrees) Public Lares/AD 50/ Cross-Quarter 7 Nov/3 Feb Sun Set, Last Gleam (-16.5) Vespsian/ AD 69-79/ Cross-Quarter 7 Nov/3 Feb Sun Set, LG (-16.2) Fortuna Augusta/ AD 1/ Winter Solstice Sun Set, LG (-22.9) Aesculapius/ 100 BC/ Perseus Rise (β Persei-Algol = +33.0) & Midsummer Moon Major Stand Still Set, LG (-28.1) Isis/ 100 BC/ Midwinter Moon Major Stand Still Rise, Tangent (+28.5) & Equinox Sun Set, Tangent (-0.3) Jupiter/ 150 BC/ Θ Scorpionis-Sargas Rise (-38.0) Apollo/ 550 (rebuilt 70 BC)/ α Columbae-Phact Rise (-37.1) Venus/ 150 BC (rebuilt 70 BC)/ α Columbae-Phact Rise (-37

  10. Shoulder pain in primary care: diagnostic accuracy of clinical examination tests for non-traumatic acromioclavicular joint pain (United States)


    Background Despite numerous methodological flaws in previous study designs and the lack of validation in primary care populations, clinical tests for identifying acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) pain are widely utilised without concern for such issues. The aim of this study was to estimate the diagnostic accuracy of traditional ACJ tests and to compare their accuracy with other clinical examination features for identifying a predominant ACJ pain source in a primary care cohort. Methods Consecutive patients with shoulder pain were recruited prospectively from primary health care clinics. Following a standardised clinical examination and diagnostic injection into the subacromial bursa, all participants received a fluoroscopically guided diagnostic block of 1% lidocaine hydrochloride (XylocaineTM) into the ACJ. Diagnostic accuracy statistics including sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, positive and negative likelihood ratios (LR+ and LR-) were calculated for traditional ACJ tests (Active Compression/O’Brien’s test, cross-body adduction, localised ACJ tenderness and Hawkins-Kennedy test), and for individual and combinations of clinical examination variables that were associated with a positive anaesthetic response (PAR) (P≤0.05) defined as 80% or more reduction in post-injection pain intensity during provocative clinical tests. Results Twenty two of 153 participants (14%) reported an 80% PAR. None of the traditional ACJ tests were associated with an 80% PAR (P0.05). Five clinical examination variables (repetitive mechanism of pain onset, no referred pain below the elbow, thickened or swollen ACJ, no symptom provocation during passive glenohumeral abduction and external rotation) were associated with an 80% PAR (P<0.05) and demonstrated an ability to accurately discriminate between an PAR and NAR (AUC 0.791; 95% CI 0.702, 0.880; P<0.001). Less than two positive clinical features resulted in 96% sensitivity (95% CI 0.78, 0.99) and a LR- 0.09 (95% CI 0.02, 0

  11. The Hug-up Test: A New, Sensitive Diagnostic Test for Supraspinatus Tears

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu-Lei Liu


    Full Text Available Background: The supraspinatus tendon is the most commonly affected tendon in rotator cuff tears. Early detection of a supraspinatus tear using an accurate physical examination is, therefore, important. However, the currently used physical tests for detecting supraspinatus tears are poor diagnostic indicators and involve a wide range of sensitivity and specificity values. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish a new physical test for the diagnosis of supraspinatus tears and evaluate its accuracy in comparison with conventional tests. Methods: Between November 2012 and January 2014, 200 consecutive patients undergoing shoulder arthroscopy were prospectively evaluated preoperatively. The hug-up test, empty can (EC test, full can (FC test, Neer impingement sign, and Hawkins-Kennedy impingement sign were used and compared statistically for their accuracy in terms of supraspinatus tears, with arthroscopic findings as the gold standard. Muscle strength was precisely quantified using an electronic digital tensiometer. Results: The prevalence of supraspinatus tears was 76.5%. The hug-up test demonstrated the highest sensitivity (94.1%, with a low negative likelihood ratio (NLR, 0.08 and comparable specificity (76.6% compared with the other four tests. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve for the hug-up test was 0.854, with no statistical difference compared with the EC test (z = 1.438, P = 0.075 or the FC test (z = 1.498, P = 0.067. The hug-up test showed no statistical difference in terms of detecting different tear patterns according to the position (χ2 = 0.578, P = 0.898 and size (Fisher′s exact test, P > 0.999 compared with the arthroscopic examination. The interobserver reproducibility of the hug-up test was high, with a kappa coefficient of 0.823. Conclusions: The hug-up test can accurately detect supraspinatus tears with a high sensitivity, comparable specificity, and low NLR compared with the conventional

  12. Социально-психологические теории формирования аддикций


    Цветкова, Лариса


    В статье представлен обзор зарубежных социально-психологических теорий формирования наркотизма: теория социального научения или социально-когнитивная теория (Bandura), теория социальных сетей (Needle et al.) и теория социального влияния (Ling et al.), теория стадий изменения поведения (Prochaska, DiClemente), теоретическая модель убеждений в отношении здоровья (Rosenstock), социально-экологическая теория (Hansen), теория социального контроля (Elliot), модель социального развития (Hawkins, Wei...

  13. Science and Values in Radiological Protection

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lochard, J.; Eggermont, G.; Britt-Marie, Drottz Sjoberg; Tirmarche, M.; Geard, Ch.R.; Atkinson, M.; Murith, Ch.; Grant, K.G.; Luccioni, C.; Mays, C.; Sisko, Salomaa; Kelly, N.G.; Oughton, D.; Shannoun, F.; Grant, K.G.; Cooper, J.; Mays, C.; Weiss, V.; Oughton, D.; Kazuo, Sakai; Carroll, S.


    Ohno). Session 2: Societal values and regulatory aspects: views from different perspective. Presentations: Radiation protection: societal impacts (Jill Sutcliffe); The problems of regulation of natural and medical exposures (Karla Petrova); World Nuclear Association (WNA) - WNA's views on bridging science and values in radiological protection (Sylvain Saint-Pierre). Session 3: Summary reports of Break-out sessions. Presentations: Management of radon exposure (Kazuo Sakai); Medical exposures in diagnostic and screening procedures (C. Luccioni, J. Cooper, C. Mays); Radiation-induced vascular effects. Evening session 2: Stakeholder platform opportunity. Presentation: Engaging with differing perspectives (Simon Carroll). Continuing discussions started during the Evening session 1 with focus on different aspects of NGO and society perceptions of the radiological protection regulatory framework, ways of communicating about novel scientific phenomena, and differing perceptions about the need for and effectiveness of regulatory actions, etc. Discussion is intended to be linked to introductory talk in Session 1 on Civil Society Needs. Presentation: Revitalizing radiation protection ethics (Abel Gonzales). Session 4: Plenary panel discussion on topical issues from Break-out sessions - exchange of views. Presentation: 'What if' to 'what now' (Claire Cousins). This session, arranged as a plenary panel discussion, synthesizes the main recommendations of the workshop and also provides an open platform for exchange of views. Audience members have the opportunity here to discuss openly radiation protection principles, regulatory approaches and perspectives in the context of emerging and identified scientific phenomena. (J.S.)

  14. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Carolina Press, 2000. 203 pp. -Peter Redfield, Daniel Miller ,The internet: An ethnographic approach. Oxford: Berg Publishers, 2000. ix + 217 pp., Don Slater (eds -Deborah S. Rubin, Carla Freeman, High tech and high heels in the global economy: Women, work, and pink-collar identities in the Caribbean. Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2000. xiii + 334 pp. -John D. Galuska, Norman C. Stolzoff, Wake the town and tell the people: Dancehall culture in Jamaica. Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2000. xxviii + 298 pp. -Lise Waxer, Helen Myers, Music of Hindu Trinidad: Songs from the Indian Diaspora. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998. xxxii + 510 pp. -Lise Waxer, Peter Manuel, East Indian music in the West Indies: Tan-singing, chutney, and the making of Indo-Caribbean culture. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2000. xxv + 252 pp. -Reinaldo L. Román, María Teresa Vélez, Drumming for the Gods: The life and times of Felipe García Villamil, Santero, Palero, and Abakuá. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2000. xx + 210 pp. -James Houk, Kenneth Anthony Lum, Praising his name in the dance: Spirit possession in the spiritual Baptist faith and Orisha work in Trinidad, West Indies. Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers. xvi + 317 pp. -Raquel Romberg, Jean Muteba Rahier, Representations of Blackness and the performance of identities. Westport CT: Bergin & Garvey, 1999. xxvi + 264 pp. -Allison Blakely, Lulu Helder ,Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen zonder knecht. Berchem, Belgium: EPO, 1998. 215 pp., Scotty Gravenberch (eds -Karla Slocum, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Diaspora and visual culture: Representing Africans and Jews. London: Routledge, 2000. xiii + 263 pp. -Corey D.B. Walker, Paget Henry, Caliban's reason: Introducing Afro-Caribbean philosophy. New York: Routledge, 2000. xiii + 304 pp. -Corey D.B. Walker, Lewis R. Gordon, Existentia Africana: Understanding Africana existential thought. New York; Routledge, 2000. xiii +228 pp. -Alex Dupuy, Bob Shacochis, The immaculate

  15. EDITORIAL: Invited papers from the 15th International Congress on Plasma Physics combined with the 13th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics Invited papers from the 15th International Congress on Plasma Physics combined with the 13th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics (United States)

    Soto, Leopoldo


    attended by 44 participants and 7 lecturers from 11 different countries. All participants received financial assistance from the Local Organizing Committee. The topics covered by the School were: a general description of plasmas, space and astrophysical plasmas, plasma diagnostic techniques, high temperature and fusion plasmas, and low temperature and industrial plasmas. The organizers of ICPP-LAWPP-2010 are grateful to the lecturers of the LAWPP Plasma Physics School: Luis Felipe Delgado-Aparicio (USA), Homero Maciel (Brazil), and Marina Stepanova, J Alejandro Valdivia, Victor Muñoz, Felipe Veloso and Leopoldo Soto (Chile). On 27 February 2010, Chile suffered a major earthquake, one of the worst in the recorded history of the world up to that time. Although Santiago was little affected, the region located 200 km to the south was seriously damaged. After this event, the Local Organizing Committee received many messages from members of the plasma physics community around the world expressing their concern. The Local Organizing Committee greatly appreciates the support of the participants from all over the world who decided to come to Chile to attend the Conference. Their solidarity is highly appreciated. The Chairman of ICPP-LAWPP-2010 is grateful to the members of the Local Organizing Committee for the conference: Karla Cubillos, José Moreno, Cristian Pavez, Felipe Veloso, Marcelo Zambra, Luis Huerta and Fabian Reyes, and to the members of the Program Committee for their work and commitment. The Guest Editor of this special issue is grateful to the Publishers, in particular to Caroline Wilkinson, for their excellent work and cooperation.

  16. Which physical examination tests provide clinicians with the most value when examining the shoulder? Update of a systematic review with meta-analysis of individual tests. (United States)

    Hegedus, Eric J; Goode, Adam P; Cook, Chad E; Michener, Lori; Myer, Cortney A; Myer, Daniel M; Wright, Alexis A


    To update our previously published systematic review and meta-analysis by subjecting the literature on shoulder physical examination (ShPE) to careful analysis in order to determine each tests clinical utility. This review is an update of previous work, therefore the terms in the Medline and CINAHL search strategies remained the same with the exception that the search was confined to the dates November, 2006 through to February, 2012. The previous study dates were 1966 - October, 2006. Further, the original search was expanded, without date restrictions, to include two new databases: EMBASE and the Cochrane Library. The Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies, version 2 (QUADAS 2) tool was used to critique the quality of each new paper. Where appropriate, data from the prior review and this review were combined to perform meta-analysis using the updated hierarchical summary receiver operating characteristic and bivariate models. Since the publication of the 2008 review, 32 additional studies were identified and critiqued. For subacromial impingement, the meta-analysis revealed that the pooled sensitivity and specificity for the Neer test was 72% and 60%, respectively, for the Hawkins-Kennedy test was 79% and 59%, respectively, and for the painful arc was 53% and 76%, respectively. Also from the meta-analysis, regarding superior labral anterior to posterior (SLAP) tears, the test with the best sensitivity (52%) was the relocation test; the test with the best specificity (95%) was Yergason's test; and the test with the best positive likelihood ratio (2.81) was the compression-rotation test. Regarding new (to this series of reviews) ShPE tests, where meta-analysis was not possible because of lack of sufficient studies or heterogeneity between studies, there are some individual tests that warrant further investigation. A highly specific test (specificity >80%, LR+ ≥ 5.0) from a low bias study is the passive distraction test for a SLAP lesion. This test may

  17. Primer on Use of Multi-Spectral and Infra Red Imaging for On-Site Inspections

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Henderson, J R


    . Finally, an appendix provides detail describing the magnitude and spatial extent of the surface shock expected from an underground nuclear explosion. If there is a seismic event or other data to suggest there has been a nuclear explosion in violation of the CTBT, an OSI may be conducted to determine whether a nuclear explosion has occurred and to gather information which may be useful in identifying the party responsible for conducting the explosion. The OSI must be conducted in the area where the event that triggered the inspection request occurred, and the inspected area must not exceed 1,000 square kilometers, or be more than 50 km on aside (CTBT Protocol, Part II, Paragraphs 2 and 3). One of the guiding principles for an inspection is that it be effective, minimally intrusive, timely, and cost-effective [Hawkins, Feb 1998]. In that context, MSIR is one of several technologies that can be used during an aircraft overflight to identify ground regions of high interest in a timely and cost-effective manner. This allows for an optimized inspection on the ground. The primary purpose for MSIR is to identify artifacts and anomalies that might be associated with a nuclear explosion, and to use the location of those artifacts and anomalies to reduce the search area that must be inspected from the ground. The MSIR measurements can have additional utility. The multi-spectral measurements of the ground can be used for terrain classification, which can aid in geological characterization of the Inspected Area. In conditions of where light smoke or haze is present, long-wave infrared imaging can provide better imaging of the ground than is possible with standard visible imagery.

  18. Mercury compositional units inferred by MDIS. A comparison with the geology in support to the BepiColombo mission (United States)

    Zambon, Francesca; Carli, Cristian; Galluzzi, Valentina; Capaccioni, Fabrizio; Filacchione, Gianrico; Giacomini, Lorenza; Massirioni, Matteo; Palumbo, Pasquale


    Mercury has been explored by two spatial missions. Mariner 10 acquired 45% of the surface during three Hermean flybys in 1974, giving a first close view of the planet. The recent MESSENGER mission globally mapped the planet and contributed to understand many unsolved issues about Mercury (Solomon et al., 2007). Nevertheless, even after MESSENGER, Mercury surface composition remains still unclear, and the correlation between morphology and compositional heterogeneity is not yet well understood. Thanks to the Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS), onboard MESSENGER, a global coverage of Mercury surface with variable spatial resolution has been done. MDIS is equipped with a Narrow Angle Camera (NAC), dedicated to the high-resolution study of the surface morphology and a Wide Angle Camera (WAC) with 12 filters useful to investigate the surface composition (Hawkins et al., 2007). Several works were focused on the different terrains present on Mercury, in particular, Denevi et al. (2013) observes that ~27% of Hermean surface is covered by volcanic origin smooth plains. These plains show differences in composition associated to spectral slope variation. High-reflectance red plains (HRP), with spectral slope greater than the average and low-reflectance blue plains (LBP), with spectral slope lesser than the average has been identified. This spectral variations could be correlated with different chemical composition. The X-Ray Spectrometer (XRS) data show that HRP-type areas are associated with a low-Fe basalt-like composition, while the LBP are also Fe poor but are rich in Mg/Si and Ca/Si and with lower Al/Si and are interpreted as more ultramafic (Nittler et al., 2011; Weider et al., 2012; Denevi at al., 2013, Weider et al., 2014). In these work we produce high resolution multicolor mosaic to found a possible link between morphology and composition. The spectral properties have been used to define the principal units of Mercury's surface or to characterize other globally

  19. Comparative Effectiveness of a Technology-Facilitated Depression Care Management Model in Safety-Net Primary Care Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: 6-Month Outcomes of a Large Clinical Trial. (United States)

    Wu, Shinyi; Ell, Kathleen; Jin, Haomiao; Vidyanti, Irene; Chou, Chih-Ping; Lee, Pey-Jiuan; Gross-Schulman, Sandra; Sklaroff, Laura Myerchin; Belson, David; Nezu, Arthur M; Hay, Joel; Wang, Chien-Ju; Scheib, Geoffrey; Di Capua, Paul; Hawkins, Caitlin; Liu, Pai; Ramirez, Magaly; Wu, Brian W; Richman, Mark; Myers, Caitlin; Agustines, Davin; Dasher, Robert; Kopelowicz, Alex; Allevato, Joseph; Roybal, Mike; Ipp, Eli; Haider, Uzma; Graham, Sharon; Mahabadi, Vahid; Guterman, Jeffrey


    .16; P value: supported care vs usual care=.02, technology-facilitated care vs usual care=.02); decreased prevalence of major depression (odds ratio, OR: supported care vs usual care=0.45, technology-facilitated care vs usual care=0.33; P value: supported care vs usual care=.02, technology-facilitated care vs usual care=.007); and reduced functional disability as measured by Sheehan Disability Scale scores (LSE: usual care=3.21, supported care=2.61, technology-facilitated care=2.59; P value: supported care vs usual care=.04, technology-facilitated care vs usual care=.03). Technology-facilitated care was significantly associated with depression remission (technology-facilitated care vs usual care: OR=2.98, P=.04); increased satisfaction with care for emotional problems among depressed patients (LSE: usual care=3.20, technology-facilitated care=3.70; P=.05); reduced total cholesterol level (LSE: usual care=176.40, technology-facilitated care=160.46; P=.01); improved satisfaction with diabetes care (LSE: usual care=4.01, technology-facilitated care=4.20; P=.05); and increased odds of taking an glycated hemoglobin test (technology-facilitated care vs usual care: OR=3.40, PSklaroff, David Belson, Arthur M Nezu, Joel Hay, Chien-Ju Wang, Geoffrey Scheib, Paul Di Capua, Caitlin Hawkins, Pai Liu, Magaly Ramirez, Brian W Wu, Mark Richman, Caitlin Myers, Davin Agustines, Robert Dasher, Alex Kopelowicz, Joseph Allevato, Mike Roybal, Eli Ipp, Uzma Haider, Sharon Graham, Vahid Mahabadi, Jeffrey Guterman. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 23.04.2018.

  20. 15th International Congress on Plasma Physics & 13th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics (United States)

    Soto, Leopoldo


    án Chuaqui, pioneer of experimental plasma physics in Chile participated in the meeting. Alas, Dr Luis Gomberoff, pioneer of the theoretical plasma physics in Chile could not attend. Sadly, Professor Gomberoff died in September 2010 and Professor Chuaqui in July 2012. We would like to remember them with admiration. The Chairman of the ICPP-LAWPP-2010 is grateful to the members of the Local Organizing Committee of the conference: Karla Cubillos, José Moreno, Cristian Pavez, Felipe Veloso, Marcelo Zambra, Luis Huerta, and Fabian Reyes and to the members of the Program Committee for their work and commitment. Finally, my personal apology is in order regarding the delay in publishing these proceedings due to an unfortunate sequence of personal and professional circumstances. I would like to thank the Journal of Physics: Conference Series for the fast publication of the proceedings, in particular to Ms Sarah Toms for her excellent work and cooperation. Leopoldo Soto Chairman of the ICPP-LAWPP-2010 Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, Chile Conference photograph Details of the committees are available in the PDF

  1. Special physical examination tests for superior labrum anterior-posterior shoulder tears: an examination of clinical usefulness. (United States)

    Sandrey, Michelle A


    Calvert E, Chambers GK, Regan W, Hawkins RH, Leith JM. Special physical examination tests for superior labrum anterior-posterior shoulder injuries are clinically limited and invalid: a diagnostic systematic review. J Clin Epidemiol. 2009;62(5):558-563. The systematic review focused on diagnostic accuracy studies to determine if evidence was sufficient to support the use of superior labrum anterior-posterior (SLAP) physical examination tests as valid and reliable. The primary question was whether there was sufficient evidence in the published literature to support the use of SLAP physical examination tests as valid and reliable diagnostic test procedures. Studies published in English were identified through database searches on MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane database (1970-2004) using the search term SLAP lesions. The medical subject headings of arthroscopy, shoulder joint, and athletic injuries were combined with test or testing, physical examination, and sensitivity and specificity to locate additional sources. Other sources were identified by rereviewing the reference lists of included studies and review articles. Studies were eligible based on the following criteria: (1) published in English, (2) focused on the physical examination of SLAP lesions, and (3) presented original data. A study was excluded if the article was limited to a clinical description of 1 or more special tests without any research focus to provide clinical accuracy data or if it did not focus on the topic. The abstracts that were located through the search strategies were reviewed, and potentially relevant abstracts were selected. Strict epidemiologic methods were used to obtain and collate all relevant studies; the authors developed a study questionnaire to record study name, year of publication, study design, sample size, and statistics. Validity of the diagnostic test study was determined by applying the 5 criteria proposed by Calvert et al. If the study met the inclusion and validity

  2. Chemical Achievers: The Human Face of the Chemical Sciences (by Mary Ellen Bowden) (United States)

    Kauffman, George B.


    (formal and informal, familiar and unfamiliar), caricatures, apparatus, patent drawings, models, manuscripts, memoranda, laboratories, and plants and buildings are featured. The book presents many images of chemists in the work settings where they actually made their discoveries. The quaint pictures of Chandler with his wash bottle, William H. Walker with his slide rule, Carl Djerassi peering at a flask without goggle protection, and Edward Goodrich Acheson with his omnipresent cigar evoke a bygone era that will induce nostalgia in instructors and curiosity or disbelief in students. Many of the 80 featured chemists are minority scientists; 10 are women (Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Marie Curie, Iréne Joliot-Curie, Mme. Lavoisier, Rosalind Franklin, Stephanie L. Kwolek, Ellen Swallow Richards, Alice Hamilton, Rachel Carson, and Julia Brainerd Hall, whose role in her brother Charles Martin Hall's development of the electrolytic production of metal is underappreciated), and three are African-Americans (Percy Lavon Julian, Walter Lincoln Hawkins, and Henry Aaron Hill). The book's 11 sections, each prefaced with a short, helpful summary, and the number of scientists profiled in each are Forerunners, 4; Theory and Production of Gases, 4; Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Industries, 12; The Path to the Periodic Table, 9; Atomic and Nuclear Structure, 9; Chemical Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding, 9; Pharmaceuticals and the Path to Biomolecules, 10; Petroleum and Petrochemicals, 4; Plastics and Other Polymers, 6; Chemical Engineering (most of whose practitioners were unfamiliar to me), 6; and Human and Natural Environmental Concerns, 7. An extensive bibliography (five double-column pages), arranged according to these sections, includes books, articles, dissertations, collections, and oral histories. Items as recent as 1997 and even a 1998 book in press are cited. An index (three triple-column pages) facilitates location of material. Chemical Achievers is to some extent similar

  3. Level II scour analysis for Bridge 32 (FERRTH00190032) on Town Highway 19, crossing the South Slang Little Otter Creek, Ferrisburgh, Vermont (United States)

    Ivanoff, Michael A.; Wild, Emily C.


    This report provides the results of a detailed Level II analysis of scour potential at structure FERRTH00190032 on Town Highway 19 crossing the South Slang Little Otter Creek (Hawkins Slang Brook), Ferrisburg, Vermont (figures 1–8). A Level II study is a basic engineering analysis of the site, including a quantitative analysis of stream stability and scour (FHWA, 1993). Results of a Level I scour investigation also are included in appendix E of this report. A Level I investigation provides a qualitative geomorphic characterization of the study site. Information on the bridge, gleaned from Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTAOT) files, was compiled prior to conducting Level I and Level II analyses and is found in appendix D. The site is in the Champlain section of the St. Lawrence Valley physiographic province in west-central Vermont. The 8.00-mi2 drainage area is in a predominantly rural and forested basin. In the vicinity of the study site, the surface cover consists of wetlands upstream and downstream of the bridge with trees and pasture on the wide flood plains. In the study area, the South Slang Little Otter Creek has a meandering channel with essentially no channel slope, an average channel top width of 932 ft and an average bank height of 6 ft. The channel bed material ranges from clay to sand. Sieve analysis indicates that greater than 50% of the sample is coarse silt and clay and thus a medium grain size by use of sieve analysis was indeterminate. The median grain size was assumed to be a course silt with a size (D50) of 0.061mm (0.0002 ft). The geomorphic assessment at the time of the Level I and Level II site visit on July 2, 1996, indicated that the reach was stable. The Town Highway 19 crossing of the South Slang Little Otter Creek is a 45-ft-long, twolane bridge consisting of one 42-foot concrete box-beam span (Vermont Agency of Transportation, written communication, December 11, 1995). The opening length of the structure parallel to the bridge face

  4. Obituary: Barry James LaBonte, 1950-2005 (United States)

    Rust, David Maurice


    occurrence of a large flare. His work always involved fundamental science that could possibly lead to accurate forecasts of solar activity and its effect on geospace. When he died, he was studying the three-dimensional structure of the magnetic fields and electric currents in the solar corona in order to understand the disequilibrium that produces solar eruptions. I first met Barry when he was a summer intern working with George Simon at the Sacramento Peak Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico in the early 1970s. Besides working on the solar granulation, Barry learned how to use the Doppler-Zeeman analyzer, the first of the many solar magnetographs that he used to such advantage in his productive career. We had common scientific interests, which led me to follow his career closely, although I was on the East Coast and he was in Hawaii. We had both done our thesis under Hal Zirin and our postdoc with Bob Howard and had haunted many of the same scientific meetings, so I felt I knew him well. At APL he brought a depth of understanding and quick intelligence to our little solar group that lighted up every day. Barry was more than an imaginative, witty, and productive scientist whose contributions greatly advanced solar physics. He was also a devoted father, rarely taking off from work except to be with his children. Inspired by his daughter Hillary's decision to train for an operatic career, he became an opera buff. He was an avid reader of history, especially military history, and was a member of the Hawaii Bunny Club and the Howard County Hare Raisers. He is survived by his wife, Beatrice Hawkins, and by their three children, Allan, Hillary, and Anna.

  5. Geology of the Zambales ophiolite, Luzon, Philippines (United States)

    Rossman, D.L.; Castanada, G.C.; Bacuta, G.C.


    The Zambales ophiolite of western Luzon, Philippines, exposes a typical succession of basalt flows, diabasic dikes, gabbro and tectonized harzburgite. The age established by limiting strata is late Eocene. Lack of evidence of thrust faulting and the general domal disposition of the lithologie units indicate that the ophiolitic rocks are exposed by uplift. Highly complex internal layered structures within the complex are related to processes developed during formation of the ophiolite and the Zambales ophiolite may be one of the least disturbed (by emplacement) ophiolitic masses known. The exposed mass trends north and the upper surface plunges at low angles (a few degrees) to the north and south. The chemistry and composition of the rocks in the northwest part of the Zambales area (Acoje block) is distinct from that in the southeastern segment (Coto block). The Acoje block, according to Evans (1983) and Hawkins and Evans (1983), resembles (on a chemical basis) arc-tholeiite series rocks from intra-island arcs and the rocks in the Coto block are typical back-arc basin rock series. The present writer believes that the ophiolite composes a single genetic unit and that the changes in composition are the result of changes that took place during the initial formation. The gabbro probably formed below a spreading center in an elongate, in cross section, V-shaped, magma chamber. The gabbro is estimated by the writer to be less than 2 km thick and may be less than 1 km in places. Numerous erosional windows through the gabbro in the northern and eastern side of the Zambales area show that the gabbro remaining in those areas is likely to be only a few hundred meters thick. Harzburgite is exposed to a depth of about 800 m in the Bagsit River area and this may be the deepest part of the ophiolite accessible for study on which there is any control on depth. A transitional zone, about 200 m thick lying between the gabbro and harzburgite, is composed of serpentinized dunite

  6. Collaborative Proposal: Improving Decadal Prediction of Arctic Climate Variability and Change Using a Regional Arctic System Model (RASM)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robertson, William [Univ. of Texas, El Paso, TX (United States)


    RASM is a multi-disciplinary project, which brings together researchers from six state universities, one military postgraduate school, and one DoE laboratory to address the core modeling objectives of the arctic research community articulated in the Arctic System Modeling report by Roberts et al. (2010b). This report advocates the construction of a regional downscaling tool to generate probabilistic decadal projections of Greenland ice sheet retreat, evolution of arctic sea ice cover, changes in land surface vegetation, and regional processes leading to arctic amplification. Unified coupled models such as RASM are ideal for this purpose because they simulate fine-scale physics, essential for the realistic representation of intra-annual variability, in addition to processes fundamental to long term climatic shifts (Hurrell et al. 2009). By using RASM with boundary conditions from a global model, we can generate many-member ensembles essential for understanding uncertainty in regional climate projections (Hawkins and Sutton 2009). This probabilistic approach is computationally prohibitive for high-resolution global models in the foreseeable future, and also for regional models interactively nested within global simulations. Yet it is fundamental for quantifying uncertainty in decadal forecasts to make them useful for decision makers (Doherty et al. 2009). For this reason, we have targeted development of ensemble generation techniques as a core project task (Task 4.5). Environmental impact assessment specialists need high-fidelity regional ensemble projections to improve the accuracy of their work (Challinor et al. 2009; Moss et al. 2010). This is especially true of the Arctic, where economic, social and national interests are rapidly reshaping the high north in step with regional climate change. During the next decade, considerable oil and gas discoveries are expected across many parts of the marine and terrestrial Arctic (Gautier et al. 2009), the economics of the

  7. The MESSENGER mission to Mercury: new insights into geological processes and evolution (United States)

    Head, James W., III; Solomon, Sean C.; McNutt, Ralph L., Jr.; Blewett, David T.; Chapman, Clark R.; Domingue, Deborah L.; Evans, Larry G.; Gillis-Davis, Jeffrey J.; Hawkins, S. Edward, III; Helbert, Jörn; Holsclaw, Gregory M.; Izenberg, Noam R.; McClintock, William E.; McCoy, Timothy J.; Merline, William J.; Murchie, Scott L.; Nittler, Larrz R.; Phillips, Roger J.; Prockter, Louise M.; Robinson, Mark S.; Sprague, Ann L.; Strom, Robert G.; Vilas, Faith; Watters, Thomas R.; Zuber, Maria T.


    spacecraft [1], we will be able to infer the nature and history of materials on the surface, and how the geological history fits into the larger context of Mercury's dynamic system: a liquid iron-rich outer core, coupled through a dominantly dipolar magnetic field to the surface, exosphere, and magnetosphere, all of which interact with the solar wind. References: [1] S. C. Solomon et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 3- 39. [2] S. C. Solomon et al. (2007) EPSC 2008, this meeting. [3] S. C. Solomon et al. (2008) Science, in press. [4] B. J. Anderson et al. (2008) Science, in press. [5] J. A. Slavin et al. (2008) Science, in press. [6] T. H. Zurbuchen et al. (2008) Science, in press. [7] W. E. McClintock et al. (2008a) Science, in press. [8] M. S. Robinson et al. (2008) Science, in press. [9] W. E. McClintock et al. (2008b) Science, in press. [10] S. L. Murchie et al. (2008) Science, in press. [11] M. T. Zuber et al. (2008) Science, in press. [12] R. G. Strom et al. (2008) Science, in press. [13] J. W. Head et al. (2008) Science, in press. [14] S. E. Hawkins, III, et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 247-338. [15] W. E. McClintock and M. R. Lankton (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 481-522. [16] J. F. Cavanaugh et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 451-480. [17] J. W. Head et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 41-84. [18] W. V. Boynton et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 85-104. [19] M. T. Zuber et al. (2007) Space Sci. Rev., 131, 105-132. [20] M. S. Robinson and P. G. Lucey (1997) Science, 275, 197-200.

  8. Climate data, analysis and models for the study of natural variability and anthropogenic change

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, Philip D. [Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich (United Kingdom)


    records was developed for China (Li et al., 2009). Urbanization has also been addressed for London (Jones and Lister, 2009) where two rural sites have not warmed more than a city centre site since 1900. Additionally, in Ethymiadis and Jones (2010) we show that land air temperatures agree with marine data around coastal areas, further illustrating that urbanization is not a major component of large-scale surface air temperature change. Early instrumental data (before the development of modern thermometer screens) have always been suspected of being biased warm in summer, due to possible direct exposure to the sun. Two studies (Böhm et al., 2010 and Brunet et al., 2010) show this for the Greater Alpine Region (GAR) and for mainland Spain respectively. The issue is important before about 1870 in the GAR and before about 1900 in Spain. After correction for the problems, summer temperature estimates before these dates are cooler by about 0.4°C. In Jones and Wigley (2010), we discussed the importance of the biases in global temperature estimation. Exposure and to a lesser extent urbanization are the most important biases for the land areas, but both are dwarfed by the necessary adjustments for bucket SST measurements before about 1950. Individual station homogeneity is only important at the local scale. This was additionally illustrated by Hawkins and Jones (2013) where we replicated the temperature record developed by Guy Stewart Callendar in papers in 1938 and 1961. Analyses of Daily Climate Data Work here indicates that ERA-Interim (at least in Europe, Cornes and Jones, 2013, discussed in more detail in this proposal) can be used to monitor extremes (using the ETCCDI software – see Zhang et al., 2011). Additionally, also as a result of Chinese collaboration, a new method of daily temperature homogenization has been developed (Li et al., 2014). In Cornes and Jones (2011) we assessed storm activity in the northeast Atlantic region using daily gridded data. Even though the