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  1. On a theorem of Arne Persson

    Beltita, Ingrid; Cornean, Horia Decebal


    A geometrical description for the essential spectra of a large class of Schrödinger operators is presented. Perssons's formula is obtained as a corollary.......A geometrical description for the essential spectra of a large class of Schrödinger operators is presented. Perssons's formula is obtained as a corollary....

  2. Teenager vaatab tagasi / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumi asutamisest ja kümneaastasest tegevusest. Arhitektuurimuuseum asutati 1. I 1991. a. Initsiatiivgruppi kuulusid Karin Hallas (tulevane direktor), Krista Kodres ja Mart Kalm. 7. VI 1996. a. avanäitus Rotermanni soolalaos

  3. The Spin Vector of (832) Karin

    Slivan, Stephen M.; Molnar, L. A.


    We observed rotation lightcurves of Koronis family and Karin cluster member (832) Karin during its four consecutive apparitions in 2006-2009, and combined the new observations with previously published lightcurves to determine its spin vector orientation and preliminary model shape. Karin is a prograde rotator with a period of 18.352 h, spin obliquity near 41°, and pole ecliptic longitude near either 51° or 228°. Although the two ambiguous pole solutions are near the clustered pole solutions of four Koronis family members whose spins are thought to be trapped in a spin-orbit resonance (Vokrouhlický et al., 2003), Karin does not seem to be trapped in the resonance; this is consistent with the expectation that the 6 My age of Karin (Nesvorný et al., 2002) is too young for YORP torques to have modified its spin since its formation. The spin vector and shape results for Karin will constrain family formation models that include spin properties, and we discuss the Karin results in the context of the other members of the Karin cluster, the Karin parent body, and the parent body's siblings in the Koronis family.

  4. Drawings of fossils by Robert Hooke and Richard Waller

    Kusukawa, Sachiko


    The drawings of fossils by Robert Hooke and Richard Waller that were the basis of the engravings in Hooke's Posthumous works (1705) are published here for the first time. The drawings show that both Hooke and Waller were proficient draftsmen with a keen eye for the details of petrified objects. These drawings provided Hooke with a polemic edge in making the case for the organic origins of ‘figured stones’.

  5. Generalizations of an integral for Legendre polynomials by Persson and Strang

    Diekema, E.; Koornwinder, T.H.


    Persson and Strang (2003) evaluated the integral over [−1,1] of a squared odd degree Legendre polynomial divided by x2 as being equal to 2. We consider a similar integral for orthogonal polynomials with respect to a general even orthogonality measure, with Gegenbauer and Hermite polynomials as

  6. Moving ring reactor 'Karin-1'


    The conceptual design of a moving ring reactor ''Karin-1'' has been carried out to advance fusion system design, to clarify the research and development problems, and to decide their priority. In order to attain these objectives, a D-T reactor with tritium breeding blanket is designed, a commercial reactor with net power output of 500 MWe is designed, the compatibility of plasma physics with fusion engineering is demonstrated, and some other guideline is indicated. A moving ring reactor is composed mainly of three parts. In the first formation section, a plasma ring is formed and heated up to ignition temperature. The plasma ring of compact torus is transported from the formation section through the next burning section to generate fusion power. Then the plasma ring moves into the last recovery section, and the energy and particles of the plasma ring are recovered. The outline of a moving ring reactor ''Karin-1'' is described. As a candidate material for the first wall, SiC was adopted to reduce the MHD effect and to minimize the interaction with neutrons and charged particles. The thin metal lining was applied to the SiC surface to solve the problem of the compatibility with lithium blanket. Plasma physics, the engineering aspect and the items of research and development are described. (Kako, I.)

  7. Debye-Waller factors of the light actinide metals

    Lawson, A.C.; Goldstone, J.A.; Cort, B.; Sheldon, R.I.; Foltyn, E.M.


    The authors have been using time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction to determine the Debye-Waller factors of the light actinide metals. The Debye-Waller factor is a measure of the mean-square atomic displacement that arises from the thermal motion of the atoms in any solid. Its temperature dependence determines a Debye-Waller temperature, Θ DW , that is characteristic of the elastic properties of the solid. The data are obtained by Rietveld analysis of neutron diffraction powder patterns obtained at several temperatures. The authors will present results for α-U, α-Np, α-Pu and σ-Pu 0.95 Al 0.05 . The Θ DW 's are temperature dependent, and anharmonic interatomic forces seem to be required to explain the results

  8. Debye-Waller Factor in Neutron Scattering by Ferromagnetic Metals

    Paradezhenko, G. V.; Melnikov, N. B.; Reser, B. I.


    We obtain an expression for the neutron scattering cross section in the case of an arbitrary interaction of the neutron with the crystal. We give a concise, simple derivation of the Debye-Waller factor as a function of the scattering vector and the temperature. For ferromagnetic metals above the Curie temperature, we estimate the Debye-Waller factor in the range of scattering vectors characteristic of polarized magnetic neutron scattering experiments. In the example of iron, we compare the results of harmonic and anharmonic approximations.

  9. Spin vectors in the Koronis family: III. (832) Karin

    Slivan, Stephen M.; Molnar, Lawrence A.


    Studies of asteroid families constrain models of asteroid collisions and evolution processes, and the Karin cluster within the Koronis family is among the youngest families known (Nesvorný, D., Bottke, Jr., W.F., Dones, L., Levison, H.F. [2002]. Nature 417, 720-722). (832) Karin itself is by far the largest member of the Karin cluster, thus knowledge of Karin's spin vector is important to constrain family formation and evolution models that include spin, and to test whether its spin properties are consistent with the Karin cluster being a very young family. We observed rotation lightcurves of Karin during its four consecutive apparitions in 2006-2009, and combined the new observations with previously published lightcurves to determine its spin vector orientation and preliminary model shape. Karin is a prograde rotator with a period of (18.352 ± 0.003) h, spin obliquity near (42 ± 5)°, and pole ecliptic longitude near either (52 ± 5)° or (230 ± 5)°. The spin vector and shape results for Karin will constrain models of family formation that include spin properties; in the meantime we briefly discuss Karin's own spin in the context of those of other members of the Karin cluster and the parent body's siblings in the Koronis family.

  10. Bosnia ja Kosovo riigiloomise õppetunnid / Karin Maandi

    Maandi, Karin


    OSCE missiooni koosseisus Kosovos ning Bosnias ja Hertsegoviinas viibinud Karin Maandi kirjeldab aspekte, mis on olnud olulised stabiilsuse tagamisel Balkanil ja Afganistanis. Autori sõnul ei võta välismaailm konflikti sekkudes tihti arvesse, et konfliktist on puudutatud paljud valdkonnad ja et pakutud lahendused peavad sobima kohalikesse oludesse. Lisa: Õppetunnid

  11. Kuldmedal metsmaasikatele ehk austusavaldus Linnele / Karin Truverk

    Truverk, Karin


    Chelsea Flower Show'l kuldmedali pälvinud rootsi maastikuarhitekti Ulf Nordfjelli kujundatud ideeaiast "Austusavaldus Linnele". Erilisele kohale on tõstetud Karl von Linne lemmiktaimed: kirju liilia, metspipar ja harakkuljus. Metallplaatide autoriks on kunstnik Anne-Karin Furunes. Projekt, 6 värv. fotot

  12. Eesti puitarhitektuuri näitus Rotermanni soolalaos / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    1. VII-5. IX avatud näituse 'Eesti puitarhitektuur' koostasid Karin Hallas, Epi Tohvri, helitausta kujundas Ralf Tamm. Näitus on Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumi ja Riigi Muinsuskaitseinspektsiooni ühisprojekt ning osa UNESCO 'Põhjamaade puitlinnade' programmist.

  13. Precision Deployable Mast for the SWOT KaRIn Instrument

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Design and prototype a lightweight, precision-deployable mast for the Ka-band Radar Interferometer (KaRIn) antennas in the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT)...

  14. Work praises the one who has done it : bibliography prize to Karin Maria Rooleid / Kalju Tammaru

    Tammaru, Kalju, 1956-


    Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli Akadeemilises Raamatukogus toimunud 3. bibliograafiapäeval valiti auhinna vääriliseks Karin Ribenise (Karin Maria Rooleiu) koostatud "Eesti rahvaluule bibliograafia 1993-2000"

  15. Pressure effects in Debye-Waller factors and in EXAFS

    Nguyen Van Hung, E-mail: [University of Science, VNU Hanoi, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Vu Van Hung [Hanoi National University of Education, 136 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Ho Khac Hieu [University of Science, VNU Hanoi, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (Viet Nam); National University of Civil Engineering, 55 Giai Phong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Frahm, Ronald R. [Bergische Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Wuppertal, FB: 8-Physik, Gauss Strasse 20, 42097 Wuppertal (Germany)


    Anharmonic correlated Einstein model (ACEM) and statistical moment method (SMM) have been developed to derive analytical expressions for pressure dependence of the lattice bond length, effective spring constant, correlated Einstein frequency and temperature, Debye-Waller factors (DWF) or second cumulant, first and third cumulants in Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) at a given temperature. Numerical results for pressure-dependent DWF of Kr and Cu agree well with experiment and other theoretical values. Simulated EXAFS of Cu and its Fourier transform magnitude using our calculated pressure-induced change in the 1st shell are found to be in a reasonable agreement with those using X-ray diffraction (XRD) experimental results. -- Research Highlights: {yields} We have developed anharmonic correlated Einstein model and statistical moment method. {yields} The pressure effects in cumulants including DWF and in EXAFS has been investigated. {yields} Calculated pressure-dependent DWF for Kr, Cu agree with experiment and other results. {yields} Simulated EXAFS and Fourier transform magnitude of Cu agree with those using XRD data.

  16. Pressure effects in Debye-Waller factors and in EXAFS

    Nguyen Van Hung; Vu Van Hung; Ho Khac Hieu; Frahm, Ronald R.


    Anharmonic correlated Einstein model (ACEM) and statistical moment method (SMM) have been developed to derive analytical expressions for pressure dependence of the lattice bond length, effective spring constant, correlated Einstein frequency and temperature, Debye-Waller factors (DWF) or second cumulant, first and third cumulants in Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) at a given temperature. Numerical results for pressure-dependent DWF of Kr and Cu agree well with experiment and other theoretical values. Simulated EXAFS of Cu and its Fourier transform magnitude using our calculated pressure-induced change in the 1st shell are found to be in a reasonable agreement with those using X-ray diffraction (XRD) experimental results. -- Research Highlights: → We have developed anharmonic correlated Einstein model and statistical moment method. → The pressure effects in cumulants including DWF and in EXAFS has been investigated. → Calculated pressure-dependent DWF for Kr, Cu agree with experiment and other results. → Simulated EXAFS and Fourier transform magnitude of Cu agree with those using XRD data.

  17. An experimental 'Life' for an experimental life: Richard Waller's biography of Robert Hooke (1705).

    Moxham, Noah


    Richard Waller's 'Life of Dr Robert Hooke', prefixed to his edition of Hooke's Posthumous Works (1705), is an important source for the life of one of the most eminent members of the early Royal Society. It also has the distinction of being one of the earliest biographies of a man of science to be published in English. I argue that it is in fact the first biography to embrace the subject's natural-philosophical work as the centre of his life, and I investigate Waller's reasons for adopting this strategy and his struggle with the problem of how to represent an early experimental philosopher in print. I suggest that Waller eschews the 'Christian philosopher' tradition of contemporary biography - partly because of the unusually diverse and fragmentary nature of Hooke's intellectual output - and draws instead upon the structure of the Royal Society's archive as a means of organizing and understanding Hooke's life. The most quoted phrase from Waller's biography is that Hooke became 'to a crime close and reserved' in later life; this essay argues that Waller's biographical sketch was fashioned in order to undo the effects of that reserve. In modelling his approach very closely on the structure of the society's records he was principally concerned with making Hooke's work and biography accessible, intelligible and useful to the fellowship in a context familiar to them, a context which had provided the institutional framework for most of Hooke's adult life. I argue that Waller's 'Life' was also intended to make the largest claims for Hooke's intellectual standing that the author dared in the context of the enmity between Hooke and Isaac Newton once the latter became president of the Royal Society. However, I also adduce fresh manuscript evidence that Waller actually compiled, but did not publish, a defence of Hooke's claim to have discovered the inverse square law of gravity, allowing us to glimpse a much more assertive biography of Hooke than the published version.

  18. Microbiological quality of karin butter, a traditionally manufactured butter from Turkey

    Gokce, R.; Aslanalp, Y.; Nur Herken, E.


    Karin butter, which is characterized by being packaged into sheep or goat rumen (karin), is a traditional butter type. Karin used as a packaging material in the butter production and is an important factor for the butter to be more aromatic and delicious. In this study, karin butter samples collected from factories and local markets were investigated for total aerobic mesophilic bacteria, coliform bacteria, Staphilococcus aureus and mould-yeast counts. The results were evaluated with respect to the legal stipulations of Turkey and other scientific studies related to the subject. The microbiological quality of karin butter samples was found to be poor in general. (Author)

  19. An experimental ‘Life’ for an experimental life : Richard Waller's biography of Robert Hooke (1705)

    Moxham, Noah


    Richard Waller's ‘Life of Dr Robert Hooke’, prefixed to his edition of Hooke's Posthumous Works (1705), is an important source for the life of one of the most eminent members of the early Royal Society. It also has the distinction of being one of the earliest biographies of a man of science to be published in English. I argue that it is in fact the first biography to embrace the subject's natural-philosophical work as the centre of his life, and I investigate Waller's reasons for adopting thi...

  20. The Temperature Dependence of the Debye-Waller Factor of Magnesium

    Sledziewska-Blocka, D.; Lebech, Bente


    The temperature dependence of the average Debye-Waller factor for magnesium was measured by means of neutron diffraction spectrometry. The experimental results obtained in the temperature range from 5 to 256 K are compared with theoretical calculations, using the harmonic and quasi-harmonic appro......The temperature dependence of the average Debye-Waller factor for magnesium was measured by means of neutron diffraction spectrometry. The experimental results obtained in the temperature range from 5 to 256 K are compared with theoretical calculations, using the harmonic and quasi......-harmonic approximations and results of previous experiments....

  1. John Dewey and the Question of Race: The Fight for Odell Waller

    Stack, Sam F., Jr.


    In an attempt to better understand the complexity of American racism and democracy, this paper explores racism through the plight of an African American sharecropper, Odell Waller, and the reaction and involvement of John Dewey, America's most liberal democratic philosopher of the 20th century. This exploration delves into the nature of American…

  2. Tuisland. Karin Brynard. Kaapstad: Penguin Ran- dom House Suid ...

    29 Nov 2016 ... Tuisland (2016) is oud-joernalis Karin. Brynard se derde spanningsroman. Haar debuut, Plaasmoord (2009), is met die. UJ-debuutprys bekroon en haar tweede boek, Onse Vaders (2012), het die ATKV- prosaprys verower. Beide Plaasmoord. (2009) en Onse Vaders (2012) is ook met die M-Net-filmprys ...

  3. Euroopa aadel armastab ajalugu / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Organisatsioonist Europa Nostra, mille nõukokku valiti 2003. a. Karin Hallas. Tänavuste Europa Nostra preemiate kätteandmisest Münchenis ja objektidest, mille hulgas oli Leedu endise historitsistliku valitsushoone renoveerimine Kaunases (nüüd ülikooli rektoraat). Uue ilme saanud Tallinna raekoja esitamisest kandidaadiks

  4. The Mediation of Fandom in Karin Giphart's Maak me blij.

    Lamerichs, N.A.S.


    Abstract:The plot of the Dutch novel Maak me blij (Make me happy) (2005) by Karin Giphart draws from the culture of online fan communities. It describes the life of a lesbian in her late 20s, Ziggy, who has a terminally ill mother. Ziggy is an active fan who writes and reads femmeslash fan

  5. On the Debye-Waller factor in atom-surface scattering

    Garcia, N.; Maradudin, A.A.; Celli, V.


    A theory for the Debye-Waller factor in atom-surface scattering is presented, to lowest order in the phonon contributions. Multiple-scattering effects as well as the cross-correlated surface atom displacements are included. The theory accounts for experimental data without the necessity of introducing the Armand effect, which is due to the finite size of the incident atom. The work presented here implies that the Kirchhoff approximation fails when the energy of the incident particle is in the energy range of the phonon spectrum. The results of the calculation are presented in the high-temperature limit, and it is observed that the Rayleigh surface phonons contribute three-quarters of the Debye-Waller factor, while the bulk phonons account for the rest. This result is interesting because the calculation of the former contribution is simpler than that of the latter. (author)

  6. Lattice dynamical appraisal of the anisotropic Debye-Waller factors in graphite lattice

    Haridasan, T.M.; Sathyamurthy, G.


    The Debye-Waller factors in graphite for the atomic motions within the basal plane and also across the basal planes have been calculated using the various lattice dynamical models available to date and a critical comparison is made with the existing experimental data from X ray and neutron scattering studies. The present study reveals the need for further investigation on the nature of atomic motion across the basal planes. (author). 15 refs, 1 tab

  7. Modernism and Metamorphosis: Karin Kiwus' Das Chinesische Examen

    James Rolleston


    Full Text Available A Chinese examination requires one to record everything felt or recalled within a given time frame. It "tests" an entire life. Karin Kiwus' poetic tools for taking the exam are monumentality, the freezing of imagined history into the dimension of a statue—that then crumbles back into time; and metamorphosis, the subjection of moments and personae to quasi-musical structures of ceaseless variation.

  8. Who invented the dichotomous key? Richard Waller's watercolors of the herbs of Britain.

    Griffing, Lawrence R


    On 27 March 1689, Richard Waller, Fellow and Secretary of the Royal Society presented his "Tables of the English Herbs reduced to such an order, as to find the name of them by their external figures and shapes" to his assembled colleagues at a meeting of the Royal Society. These tables were developed for the novice by being color images, composed in pencil and watercolor, of selected plants and their distinguishing characteristics. The botanical watercolors for the tables are now a Turning-the-Pages document online on the website of the Royal Society. However, for the past 320 years, the scientific context for the creation of these outstanding botanical watercolors has remained obscure. These tables were developed by Waller as an image-based dichotomous key, pre-dating by almost 100 years the text-based dichotomous keys in the first edition of Flora Française (1778) by Jean Baptiste Lamarck, who is generally given priority for the development of the dichotomous key. How these large folio images were arranged to illustrate a dichotomous key is unknown, but an arrangement based on Waller's description is illustrated here as leaf-ordering for the separate hierarchical clusters (tables). Although only 24 species of watercolored dicot herbs out of a total of 65 in the set of watercolors (the others being monocots) are used in these tables, they are a "proof of concept", serving as models upon which a method is based, that of using a key composed of dichotomous choices for aiding identification.

  9. XAFS Debye-Waller Factors Temperature-Dependent Expressions for Fe+2-Porphyrin Complexes

    Dimakis, Nicholas; Bunker, Grant


    We present an efficient and accurate method for directly calculating single and multiple scattering X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) thermal Debye-Waller factors for Fe+2 -porphiryn complexes. The number of multiple scattering Debye-Waller factors on metal porphyrin centers exceeds the number of available parameters that XAFS experimental data can support during fitting with simulated spectra. Using the Density Functional Theory (DFT) under the hybrid functional of X3LYP, phonon normal mode spectrum properties are used to express the mean square variation of the half-scattering path length for a Fe+2 -porphiryn complex as a function of temperature for the most important single and multiple scattering paths of the complex thus virtually eliminating them from the fitting procedure. Modeled calculations are compared with corresponding values obtained from DFT-built and optimized Fe+2 -porphyrin bis-histidine structure as well as from experimental XAFS spectra previously reported. An excellent agreement between calculated and reference Debye-Waller factors for Fe+2-porphyrins is obtained.

  10. XAFS Debye-Waller Factors Temperature-Dependent Expressions for Fe+2-Porphyrin Complexes

    Dimakis, Nicholas; Bunker, Grant


    We present an efficient and accurate method for directly calculating single and multiple scattering X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) thermal Debye-Waller factors for Fe+2 -porphiryn complexes. The number of multiple scattering Debye-Waller factors on metal porphyrin centers exceeds the number of available parameters that XAFS experimental data can support during fitting with simulated spectra. Using the Density Functional Theory (DFT) under the hybrid functional of X3LYP, phonon normal mode spectrum properties are used to express the mean square variation of the half-scattering path length for a Fe+2 -porphiryn complex as a function of temperature for the most important single and multiple scattering paths of the complex thus virtually eliminating them from the fitting procedure. Modeled calculations are compared with corresponding values obtained from DFT-built and optimized Fe+2 -porphyrin bis-histidine structure as well as from experimental XAFS spectra previously reported. An excellent agreement between calculated and reference Debye-Waller factors for Fe+2-porphyrins is obtained

  11. [Karin Hallas. Das Tallinner Mietshaus. Vom Historismus bis zum Jugendstil] / Paul Kaegbein

    Kaegbein, Paul


    Arvustus: Karin Hallas. Das Tallinner Mietshaus. Vom Historismus bis zum Jugendstil. In: Architektur und bildende Kunst im Baltikum um 1900. Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Wien: Lang 1999. S. 173-192.

  12. The primary extinction and static Debye-Waller factor in the characterization of textured nickel by X-ray diffraction

    Kryshtab, T.; Palacios G, J.; Cadena A, A.; Kryvko, A.


    The texture analysis using X-ray diffraction (XRD) implies measurement of pole figures (Pf) from the diffracted intensities considering the model of kinematical dispersion. The extinction phenomenon results in a decrease of diffracted intensity and that in turn in a decrease of pole densities (Pds). The phenomenon appears in the kinematical theory of XRD as the primary extinction and the secondary extinction to characterize the loss of intensity of kinematical dispersion. In turn, the static Debye-Waller factor is an integral characteristic of defects in crystals that is introduced in the kinematical theory of XRD and also is used in dynamical theory of XRD. In this work the correlation between the primary extinction coefficient and the static Debye-Waller factor in the case of textured nickel was determined. The value of static Debye-Waller factor was determined from the value of the calculated primary extinction coefficient. For the evaluation there were used Pds in the maxima of Pf obtained for 111 and 200 reflections with Mo Kα radiation, and the Pds in the maxima of Pf obtained for the first and second orders of these reflections with Cu Kα and Co Kα radiations. There were calculated the dislocation densities in grains using values of static Debye-Waller factor and the extinction coefficients. The dislocation densities calculated from these two characteristics are practically equal. (Author)

  13. Laser ablation characteristics of metallic materials: Role of Debye-Waller thermal parameter

    Butt, M Z


    The interaction of a high intensity laser pulse with a solid target results in the formation of a crater and a plasma plume. The characteristics of both depend on physical properties of target material, environmental conditions, and laser parameters (e.g. wavelength, pulse duration, energy, beam diameter) etc. It has been shown for numerous metals and their alloys that plasma threshold fluence, plasma threshold energy, ablation efficiency, ablation yield, angular distribution of laser produced plasma (LPP) ions, etc. are a unique function of the Debye-Waller thermal parameter B or the mean-square amplitude of atomic vibration of the target material for given experimental conditions. The FWHM of the angular distribution of LPP ions, ablation yield, and ablation efficiency increase whereas plasma threshold fluence and plasma threshold energy decrease as B-factor of the target material increases

  14. Persson Österman, R. 2013. Förhandelsbesked i skattefrågor, 1st ed. Uppsala, Iustus Förlag Book Reviews

    Kristoffersson Eleonor


    Full Text Available Jag har fått uppdraget att recensera Roger Persson Östermans1 senaste verk. Redan inledningsvis vill jag framhålla att boken är välskriven och innehåller få redaktionella fel. Författaren ger klara uttryck för sin egen uppfattning, och därigenom blir boken särskilt läsvärd. Författaren är den förste sedan Sture Bergström (Förhandsbesked vid inkomsttaxering, Uppsala 1990 som tar ett större grepp om förhandsbeskedsfrågor.

  15. Determination of the Debye-Waller Factor of hydrogen in Palladium and Palladium Silver alloy

    Khodabakhsh, R.


    The mean square amplitude of the vibrating hydrogen in metals can be determined by using coherent elastic neutron scattering experiments, inelastic one-phonon scattering measurements. To determine the D.W.F. Debye-Waller Factor from the coherent elastic scattering measurements, information about the positions of atoms within the unit is required, and vice versa. The main difficulty concerning the determination of the D.W.F. from the inelastic experiment is in elimination of multi-phonon contribution from the measured spectrum. However, the D.W.F. of hydrogen in palladium has been usually determined by the intensity of the quasi-elastic line. An integration of the measured scattering law S(Q,W) at constant Q, over a certain energy window ΔE, results in the quasi-elastic intensity. To obtain an accurate result, this window has to be chosen large enough to comprise most of the quasi-elastic line, but sufficiently small so that the phonon contributions are small. The MARX spectrometer is ideally constructed for this type of measurement where the window is about +-1 Mev for incident neutron wavelength, =4.115 A. Thus, the quasi-elastic scattering method was considered the best method of determining the D.W.F. of hydrogen in palladium using the MARX spectrometer. However, if the acoustic part overlaps with the quasi-elastic part, one has to obtain the D.W.F. by fitting the data to a quasi-elastic model. The work to be reported here is the investigation of variations of the D.W.F. of hydrogen in Pd and PdAgsub(0.085) with temperature and extension of the available data to as high a temperature as possible. Therefore the integrated intensity of incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering by proton in polycrystallin Pd/H and PdAgsub(0.085)/H was investigated as a function of the scattering vector Q. A quasi-harmonic D.W.F. behaviour was observed at elevated temperatures. The observed Debye-Waller Factor depends strongly on the form of the amplitude weighted frequency

  16. Detection of the YORP effect for small asteroids in the Karin family

    Nesvorny, David; Carruba, Valerio; Vokrouhlicky, David


    The Karin family formed by a collisional breakup of a ~40-km parent asteroid only 5.75 Myr ago. The young age can be demonstrated by numerically integrating the orbits of Karin family members backward in time and showing the convergence of orbital elements. Previous work has pointed out that the convergence is not ideal if the backward integration only accounts for the gravitational perturbations from the Solar System planets. It improves when the thermal radiation force known as the Yarkovsky effect is accounted for. This method can be used to estimate the spin obliquities of Karin family members. Here we show that the obliquity distribution of diameter D=1-2 km asteroids in the Karin family is bimodal, as expected if the YORP effect acted to move obliquities toward extreme values (0 or 180 deg). The measured magnitude of the effect is consistent with the standard YORP model. Specifically, the strength of the YORP effect is inferred to be roughly 70% of the nominal YORP strength obtained for a collection of random Gaussian spheroids. The surface thermal conductivity is found to be 0.07-0.2 W/m/K (thermal inertia 300-500 in the SI units). These results are consistent with surfaces composed of rough and rocky regolith. The obliquity values predicted here for 480 members of the Karin cluster can be validated by the lightcurve inversion method. In broader context, the bimodal distribution of obliquities in the Karin cluster can be thought as an initial stage of dynamical evolution that later leads to a characteristically bi-lobed distribution of family members in the semimajor axis (e.g., Eos, Merxia or Erigone families).

  17. Detection of the YORP Effect for Small Asteroids in the Karin Cluster

    Carruba, V.; Nesvorný, D.; Vokrouhlický, D.


    The Karin cluster is a young asteroid family thought to have formed only ≃ 5.75 Myr ago. The young age can be demonstrated by numerically integrating the orbits of Karin cluster members backward in time and showing the convergence of the perihelion and nodal longitudes (as well as other orbital elements). Previous work has pointed out that the convergence is not ideal if the backward integration only accounts for the gravitational perturbations from the solar system planets. It improves when the thermal radiation force known as the Yarkovsky effect is accounted for. This argument can be used to estimate the spin obliquities of the Karin cluster members. Here we take advantage of the fast growing membership of the Karin cluster and show that the obliquity distribution of diameter D≃ 1{--}2 km Karin asteroids is bimodal, as expected if the YORP effect acted to move obliquities toward extreme values (0° or 180°). The measured magnitude of the effect is consistent with the standard YORP model. The surface thermal conductivity is inferred to be 0.07-0.2 W m-1 K-1 (thermal inertia ≃ 300{--}500 J m-2 K-1 s{}-1/2). We find that the strength of the YORP effect is roughly ≃ 0.7 of the nominal strength obtained for a collection of random Gaussian spheroids. These results are consistent with a surface composed of rough, rocky regolith. The obliquity values predicted here for 480 members of the Karin cluster can be validated by the light-curve inversion method.

  18. Thermal behaviour of the Debye-Waller factor and the specific heat of anharmonic crystals

    Lima, R.A.T. de; Tsallis, C.


    The influence of the cubic and quartic crystalline anharmonicity on the classical and quantum thermal behaviour of the specific heat, Debye temperaturetheta, Debye-Waller factor W, crystalline expansion and phonon spectrum is studied, within the framework of the Variational Method in Statistical Mechanics. The sistems, mainly focalized are the single oscillator, the mono-atomic linear chain and simple cubic crystal. The trial Hamiltonian is an harmonic one, therefore the various anharmonic influences are mainly absorbed into the renormalization of theta(T). Several differences between the classical and quantum results are exhibited. Satisfactory qualitative agreement with experience was obtained in the low-temperature regime, in particular in what concerns the existence of a minimum in theta(T) which has been observed in Cu, Al, Ag, Au and Pb. For the intermediate-temperature regime the customary linear behaviour of W(T) (hence theta(T) almost constant) is reobtained. Finally in the high-temperature regime, the present treatment leads to a √T - dependence for the W-factor, which implies in the wrong curvature with respect to experimental data. A possible explanation of this disagreement might be related to the melting phenomenon, which is not covered by the present theory. (Author) [pt

  19. Search for anisotropy in the Debye-Waller factor of HCP solid 4He

    Barnes, Ashleigh L.; Hinde, Robert J.


    The properties of hexagonal close packed (hcp) solid 4He are dominated by large atomic zero point motions. An accurate description of these motions is therefore necessary in order to accurately calculate the properties of the system, such as the Debye-Waller (DW) factors. A recent neutron scattering experiment reported significant anisotropy in the in-plane and out-of-plane DW factors for hcp solid 4He at low temperatures, where thermal effects are negligible and only zero-point motions are expected to contribute. By contrast, no such anisotropy was observed either in earlier experiments or in path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) simulations of solid hcp 4He. However, the earlier experiments and the PIMC simulations were both carried out at higher temperatures where thermal effects could be substantial. We seek to understand the cause of this discrepancy through variational quantum Monte Carlo simulations utilizing an accurate pair potential and a modified trial wavefunction which allows for anisotropy. Near the melting density, we find no anisotropy in an ideal hcp 4He crystal. A theoretical equation of state is derived from the calculated energies of the ideal crystal over a range of molar volumes from 7.88 to 21.3 cm3, and is found to be in good qualitative agreement with experimental data.

  20. Ab Initio Calculation of XAFS Debye-Waller Factors for Crystalline Materials

    Dimakis, Nicholas


    A direct an accurate technique for calculating the thermal X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) Debye-Waller factors (DWF) for materials of crystalline structure is presented. Using the Density Functional Theory (DFT) under the hybrid X3LYP functional, a library of MnO spin—optimized clusters are built and their phonon spectrum properties are calculated; these properties in the form of normal mode eigenfrequencies and eigenvectors are in turn used for calculation of the single and multiple scattering XAFS DWF. DWF obtained via this technique are temperature dependent expressions and can be used to substantially reduce the number of fitting parameters when experimental spectra are fitted with a hypothetical structure without any ad hoc assumptions. Due to the high computational demand a hybrid approach of mixing the DFT calculated DWF with the correlated Debye model for inner and outer shells respectively is presented. DFT obtained DWFs are compared with corresponding values from experimental XAFS spectra on manganosite. The cluster size effect and the spin parameter on the DFT calculated DWFs are discussed.

  1. X-ray Debye-Waller factor measurements of solid 3He and 4He

    Arms, D.A.; Shah, R.S.; Simmons, R.O.


    X-ray synchrotron radiation was used to measure Debye-Waller factors of helium crystals for both 3 He and 4 He in both hcp and fcc phases. To our knowledge, there are no previous measurements for 3 He. The ranges studied for 3 He and 4 He crystals were 11.52-12.82 and 10.95-12.13 cm 3 , respectively, and 11.5-18.2 and 12.0-20.3 K. With small uncertainty, only a Gaussian dependence upon momentum transfer Q was found, and no anisotropy was detected in the hcp phase. Mean square atomic deviations, 2 >, and Lindemann ratios were obtained. Large Lindemann ratios confirm that these solids are highly anharmonic. The 2 > values agree within an average 1% with computations of Draeger and Ceperley from path integral Monte Carlo methods including unusual extrapolations to the thermodynamic limit. Because the path-integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) computations exhibit a T 3 dependence for 2 >, which also depends upon molar volume, an empirical analysis was made of the present data as well as of published x-ray and neutron data on hcp 4 He. The volume dependencies are similar to those found from calorimetry, over a large volume range, and the temperature dependencies show similar systematic variations with molar volume both in x-ray data and PIMC results

  2. The mediation of fandom in Karin Giphart's Maak me blij

    Nicolle Lamerichs


    Full Text Available The plot of the Dutch novel Maak me blij (Make me happy (2005 by Karin Giphart draws from the culture of online fan communities. It describes the life of a lesbian in her late 20s, Ziggy, who has a terminally ill mother. Ziggy is an active fan who writes and reads femmeslash fan fiction—that is, lesbian interpretations of characters from mainstream series such as Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001. By providing through Ziggy a personal view of fan communities and the genres that flourish there, Maak me blij connects the romantic motives of original lesbian fiction with its underground sister, fan fiction. The novel draws from various source texts and illustrates how fans interpret texts within a wider literary landscape. I use the concept of intermediality to analyze how Maak me blij mediates different types of original fiction (lesbian romances, science fiction and fan fiction (femmeslash, Star Trek fan fiction to establish new views on fandom and its construction of gender and intimacy. These motives are not only apparent within the text itself but also within the character of Ziggy as a fan writer with her own original alien characters.

  3. Eesti funktsionalismi näitus Jyväskyläs / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    6. VIII-15. IX Alvar Aalto muuseumis Eesti Arhitekuurimuuseumi näitus "Funktsionalism Eestis". Eksponeeritakse 1930. aastate originaalprojekte, digitaliseeritud ajaloolisi fotosid ning makette. Näituse ja kataloogi on koostanud Karin Hallas-Murula, näituse kujundanud Peeter Mauer, kataloogi kujundanud Jaanus Tamme ja Jaak Peep (Tank)

  4. 1960. aastate arhitektuurist, ajast ja vaimust / Udo Ivask ; interv. Karin Hallas-Murula ja Reet Varblane

    Ivask, Udo, 1932-2017


    1960. aastatel moodsaid hooneid projekteerinud arhitekti Udo Ivaskiga vestlevad 2. septembrini Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis avatud näituse "Kuuekümnendad. Eesti moodne arhitektuur" kuraator Karin Hallas-Murula ja "Sirbi" toimetaja Reet Varblane. Udo Ivaskist (sünd. 1932), tema ehitisi

  5. Testing the Deployment Repeatability of a Precision Deployable Boom Prototype for the Proposed SWOT Karin Instrument

    Agnes, Gregory S.; Waldman, Jeff; Hughes, Richard; Peterson, Lee D.


    NASA's proposed Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission, scheduled to launch in 2020, would provide critical information about Earth's oceans, ocean circulation, fresh water storage, and river discharge. The mission concept calls for a dual-antenna Ka-band radar interferometer instrument, known as KaRIn, that would map the height of water globally along two 50 km wide swaths. The KaRIn antennas, which would be separated by 10 meters on either side of the spacecraft, would need to be precisely deployable in order to meet demanding pointing requirements. Consequently, an effort was undertaken to design build and prototype a precision deployable Mast for the KaRIn instrument. Each mast was 4.5-m long with a required dilitation stability of 2.5 microns over 3 minutes. It required a minimum first mode of 7 Hz. Deployment repeatability was less than +/- 7 arcsec in all three rotation directions. Overall mass could not exceed 41.5 Kg including any actuators and thermal blanketing. This set of requirements meant the boom had to be three times lighter and two orders of magnitude more precise than the existing state of the art for deployable booms.

  6. The Ironic Hypocrisy of Killing: How Sanctioned Counterinsurgency Policies of the Philippine War Ends in the Court-Martial of Major Littleton Waller


    Hughes whose troops were ordered to kill guerrillas and civilians alike, burn villages, destroy cops and slaughter livestock. 83 Major Littleton... slaughter his entire command. After capturing many of the ring leaders, Maj Waller would have been more than justified in executing them for their

  7. Direct in situ thermometry: Variations in reciprocal-lattice vectors and challenges with the Debye–Waller effect

    Cremons, Daniel R.; Flannigan, David J.


    Conventional in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) enables the atomic-scale study of dynamic materials processes on millisecond time scales. Specimen holders capable of being heated to over 1000 °C have provided insight into myriad processes, including nanoscale thermal transport, structural phase transitions, and catalytic reactions. In order for such studies to be accurate and precise, direct determination of the specimen temperature – rather than the heating-element temperature – is critical. Further, such methods should be versatile in that any temperature across a wide range may be measured, irrespective of single-indicator properties specific to the specimen (e.g., first-order phase transition, melting point, etc.). Here, we describe a rigorous approach to direct, in situ thermometry of TEM specimens that exploits lattice thermal expansion and the resultant decrease in diffraction-vector magnitude in reciprocal space. Via sub-pixel measurement of reciprocal-lattice-vector magnitudes, picometer increases in lattice parameters are measured over a continuous temperature range and compared to those expected from the coefficient of thermal expansion. Statistical treatment of several experimental trials conducted on nanostructured aluminum thin films shows excellent agreement with both theory and (indirect) measurement of the in situ heating holder. Additionally, we illustrate how uncontrolled, thermally-induced variation in single-crystal orientation leads to modulation of the excitation error and, therefore, the Bragg-spot intensities resulting in a convolution of heating and tilting effects, thus complicating temperature determination via the Debye–Waller effect. - Highlights: • A method for direct in situ determination of specimen temperature is described. • Specimen temperature is determined via reciprocal-lattice-vector contraction. • Statistical treatment agrees with the in situ heating-holder thermocouple reading. • Thermally

  8. The primary extinction and static Debye-Waller factor in the characterization of textured nickel by X-ray diffraction; La extincion primaria y el factor estatico de Debye-Waller en la caracterizacion de niquel con textura mediante difraccion de rayos X

    Kryshtab, T.; Palacios G, J. [Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Fisica y Matematicas, Av. IPN s/n, 07738 Mexico D. F. (Mexico); Cadena A, A. [Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Ingenieria Quimica e Industrias Extractivas, Av. IPN s/n, 07738 Mexico D. F. (Mexico); Kryvko, A., E-mail: [Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica, Unidad Zacatenco, 07360 Mexico D. F. (Mexico)


    The texture analysis using X-ray diffraction (XRD) implies measurement of pole figures (Pf) from the diffracted intensities considering the model of kinematical dispersion. The extinction phenomenon results in a decrease of diffracted intensity and that in turn in a decrease of pole densities (Pds). The phenomenon appears in the kinematical theory of XRD as the primary extinction and the secondary extinction to characterize the loss of intensity of kinematical dispersion. In turn, the static Debye-Waller factor is an integral characteristic of defects in crystals that is introduced in the kinematical theory of XRD and also is used in dynamical theory of XRD. In this work the correlation between the primary extinction coefficient and the static Debye-Waller factor in the case of textured nickel was determined. The value of static Debye-Waller factor was determined from the value of the calculated primary extinction coefficient. For the evaluation there were used Pds in the maxima of Pf obtained for 111 and 200 reflections with Mo Kα radiation, and the Pds in the maxima of Pf obtained for the first and second orders of these reflections with Cu Kα and Co Kα radiations. There were calculated the dislocation densities in grains using values of static Debye-Waller factor and the extinction coefficients. The dislocation densities calculated from these two characteristics are practically equal. (Author)

  9. Anharmonic correlated Debye model high-order expanded interatomic effective potential and Debye-Waller factors of bcc crystals

    Van Hung, Nguyen, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Hanoi University of Science, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Hue, Trinh Thi [Department of Physics, Hanoi University of Science, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Khoa, Ha Dang [School of Engineering Physics, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Vuong, Dinh Quoc [Quang Ninh Education & Training Department, Nguyen Van Cu, Ha Long, Quang Ninh (Viet Nam)


    High-order expanded interatomic effective potential and Debye-Waller factors (DWFs) for local vibrational amplitudes in X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) of bcc crystals have been studied based on the anharmonic correlated Debye model. DWFs are presented in terms of cumulant expansion up to the fourth order and the many-body effects are taken into account in the present one-dimensional model based on the first shell near neighbor contribution approach used in the derivations of the anharmonic effective potential and XAFS cumulants where Morse potential is assumed to describe the single-pair atomic interaction. Analytical expressions for the dispersion relation, correlated Debye frequency and temperature and four first temperature-dependent XAFS cumulants have been derived based on the many-body perturbation approach. Thermodynamic properties and anharmonic effects in XAFS of bcc crystals described by the obtained cumulants have been in detail discussed. The advantage and efficiency of the present theory are illustrated by good agreement of the numerical results for Mo, Fe and W with experiment.

  10. Ton H.M. van Schaik and Karin Strengers-Olde Kalter, Het Arme Roomse Leven. Geschiedenis van de katholieke caritas in de stad Utrecht

    Joost van Genabeek


    Full Text Available Ton H.M. van Schaik and Karin Strengers-Olde Kalter, Het Arme Roomse Leven. Geschiedenis van de katholieke caritas in de stad Utrecht (Hilversum: Verloren, 2016, 276 pp., isbn 978 90 8704 578 4.

  11. Uhked naised / Kozik, Eerika; Tomingas, Triin; Sepp, Karin; Liik, Kadi; Kliimask, Katrin; Saunpere, Anne ; tekst Kärt Kross


    Mille üle oled enda juures tõeliselt uhke, mida võid enda kiituseks öelda? Küsimusele vastavad Starland Salongi omanik ja Loyd Tootmine OÜ osanik Eerika Kozik, psühholoog Triin Tomingas, Kontuur Leo Burnett projektidirektor Karin Sepp, Tallinna Ülikooli õppejõud Kadi Liik, AS Koolibri turundusjuht Katrin Kliimask ja eraettevõtja Anne Saunpere

  12. Overcoming Otherness. Considerations on Intercultural Aspects in Karin Gündisch’s Novels

    Petra-Melitta Roșu


    Full Text Available Immigration, cultural identity, integration, tolerance and the ability to adapt to a new environment are issues that often come up in today’s global society. The paper focuses on the way in which cultural otherness is perceived by children and teenagers. The article is based on the analysis of Karin Gündisch’s novels. The awarded author from a migrant background offers an insight into the above mentioned problems. Gündisch’s characters are mostly East-Europeans or South-East-Europeans who try to make a living in developed countries of the Western World. The author portrays entire families, children, parents and grandparents. Thus we can discuss the different stages of integration and the different attitudes towards it. How does the comfort of “home” influence identity? How can you rediscover yourself abroad? Does cultural diversity increase prejudice? What does the idea of a “Paradise abroad” involve? These are some of the aspects, the article is trying to explore.

  13. Review: Karin Reiber (2005. Organisation im Spiegel der Regula Benedicti [Organisation in Reflection of Regula Benedicti

    Jürgen Rausch


    Full Text Available For 1500 years, the monastic life of the Benedictines has been defined by rules dating from the time of the first foundation of the order, suggesting an organizational structure that has outlasted historical upheavals and changes. Starting from a new understanding of organisational development as organisational learning, Karin REIBER has looked for clues to organisational formation and learning through a hermeneutic textual analysis of the Regula Benedicti of the 6th Century. Within a theoretical framework, REIBER develops three dimensions of organisational formation and three stages of organisational learning. In a historical reconstruction, the author analyses the text of the Regula Benedicti. In a second section, REIBER adapts and interprets the results of the hermeneutic analysis through a double three-stage theoretical model. She works out interesting aspects for organisational learning, which relate individual learning to organisational learning in favour of members of the organisation, for which consideration for individuality forms a part of the leadership concept and as a framework for social relationships, establishing an informal organisational structure beside the formal one. This illuminating work leads to an integrated concept of organisational learning, which extends the notion of tradition as a characteristic feature of an innovative organisation and which, through continuity and topicality, can hence guarantee the continued existence of modern organisations in the future. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs070174

  14. Kumutekitav arhitektuuriaasta 2005 = The Kumu-lative year in architecture 2005 / Liina Jänes, Karin Paulus

    Jänes, Liina, 1977-


    Eesti Kultuurkapitali aastapreemia 2005 - Kumu Kunstimuuseum, arhitekt Pekka Vapaavuori. Objektipreemia - büroohoone City Plaza - Alver Trummal Arhitektid (Andres Alver, Tiit Trummal, Martin Melioranski, Indrek Rünkla). Arhitektuuri ja sisekujunduse parima terviku preemia - Jõelähtme golfiklubi, arhitekt Andres Siim, sisearhitekt Juta Lember. Tegevuaspreemia - Teddy Böckler, Tallinna raekoja pikaajalise uurimis- ja restaureerimistöö, raamatu "Tallinna raekoda : uurimine ja restaureerimine 1952-2004" eest. Teadustöö preemia - Karin Hallas-Murula, kahe eesti-soome teemalise arhitektuuriuurimuse eest: "Suurlinn Tallinn: Eliel Saarineni "Suur-Tallinna" projekt, 1913" ja "Soome-Eesti - sajand arhitektuurisuhteid"

  15. Dokumentaalfilm "Maile Grünbergi värvilised maailmad" = "Maile Grünberg's colourful worlds": a documentary / Karin Paulus, Priit Põldme

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Sisearhitekt Maile Grünbergist ja 2014. aastal temast valminud dokumentaalfilmist "Maile Grünbergi värvilised maailmad". Režissöör Peeter Brambat, tegevprodutsent Priit Põldme, käsikiri Karin Paulus, Peeter Brambat, Priit Põldme. 2014. aasta Kultuurkapitali Arhitektuuripreemia kandidaat

  16. [Valitsusliidus olevad Reformierakond ning Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit on kavandatava koolireformi suhtes eri meelt] / Mailis Reps, Tiiu Kuurme, Karin Kütt

    Reps, Mailis, 1975-


    Reformierakonna ettepaneku kohta jätta omavalitsustele õiguse otsustada, kas gümnaasium ja põhikool lahutatakse või jätkatakse ühendkooliga avaldavad arvamust riigikogu liige Mailis Reps, Tallinna Ülikooli dotsent Tiiu Kuurme ja Rannu keskkooli direktor Karin Kütt

  17. Phasons modulate the atomic Debye-Waller factors in incommensurate structures: Experimental evidence in ThBr4 at 55 K

    Madariaga, G.; Perez-Mato, J.M.; Aramburu, I.


    The incommensurate displacive structure of β-ThBr 4 at 55 K has been determined from a neutron diffraction data set including main reflections and first-order satellites. The superspace group is Psub(s anti 1 s1)sup(I4 1 /amd). Final agreement factors are 0.0193, 0.0186 and 0.045 for all, main and satellite reflections, respectively. It is shown that the effect of phasons on the atomic Debye-Waller factors can be quantified by two additional structural parameters: The modulus β 11,2 Br and the phase χ 11,2 Br of a second harmonic that spatially modulates the temperature factors of Br atoms. Results are in good agreement, within the resolution of the experimental data, with the theoretically expected value for χ 11,2 Br . Crystal data for the average structure: M r =551.65, tetragonal, I4 1 /amd, a=8.919(1), c=7.902(1) A, V=628.6(2) A 3 , Z=4, D x =5.82 Mg m -3 , λ=0.84 A, wavevector q=0.32c*. (orig.)

  18. A computer program for lattice-dynamical evaluation of Debye-Waller factors and thermodynamic functions for minerals, starting from empirical force fields

    Pilati, T.; Dermartin, F.; Gramaccioli, C.M.


    A wide-purpose computer program has been written (Fortran) for lattice dynamical evaluation of crystallographic and thermodynamic properties of solids, especially minerals or inorganic substances.The program essentially consists of a routine affording first and second derivatives of energy with respect to mass weighted coordinates, properly modulated by a wave vector algorithm, so that diagonalization can immediately follow and arrive at frequencies, density of states, and eventually to thermodynamic functions and Debye-Waller parameters thorough an automatic Brillouin-zone sampling procedure. The input consists of crystallographic data (unit-cell parameters, space group symmetry operations, atomic coordinates), plus atomic charge and empirical parameters, such as force constants or non-bonded atom-atom interaction energy functions in almost any form. It is also possible to obtain the structure corresponding to the energy minimum, or even to work with partial rigid bodies, in order to reduce the order of the dynamical matrices. The program provides for automatic symmetry labelling of the vibrational modes, in order to compare them with the experimental data; there is possibility of improving the empirical functions through a minimization routine. Examples of application and transferability of force fields to a series of minerals are provided. (author)

  19. Effect of anharmonicity and Debye-Waller factor on the superconductivity of PdHsub(x) and PdDsub(x)

    Griessen, R.; Groot, D.G. de


    On the basis of existing superconducting tunnelling, neutron scattering, electrical resistivity and Raman scattering data and new thermal expansion, elastic moduli and point-contact spectroscopy data it is concluded that the anharmonicity of the proton (deuteron)-palladium potential is such that Msub(H)#betta#sub(H) 2 /(Msub(D)#betta#sub(D) 2 ) = 1.12 +- 0.05 Msub(H(D)) is the mass and #betta#sub(H(D)) the frequency of the vibration of hydrogen (deuterium). This anharmonicity is approximately 2 times too weak to reproduce the observed inverse isotope effect in the superconducting transition temperature of concentrated PdHsub(x) and PdDsub(x) alloys. Within a pseudopotential formalism it is shown that the Debye-Waller factor arising from the large zero-point amplitude of the interstitial hydrogen (deuterium) leads to a contribution to the inverse isotope effect in Tsub(c) which is as large as that of anharmonicity alone. (Auth.)

  20. Reseñas y Recensiones: Lenis, Karin. (2014). El sistema de responsabilidad penal de menores. Un estudio de las legislaciones de España y Colombia desde la teoría del Derecho Penal del Enemigo.

    Muñetones Rozo, Ingrid Bibiana


    Reseñas y Recensiones: Reseñas y Recensiones: Lenis, Karin. (2014). El sistema de responsabilidad penal de menores. Un estudio de las legislaciones de España y Colombia desde la teoría del Derecho Penal del Enemigo. Bogotá: Grupo Editorial Ibañez, 644 p.

  1. An alternative explanation of the change in T-dependence of the effective Debye-Waller factor at T{sub c} or T{sub B}

    Ngai, K. L. [Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Pisa, Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, I-56127 Pisa (Italy); CNR-IPCF, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3, I-56127 Pisa (Italy); Habasaki, J. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama 226-8502 (Japan)


    The cusp-like temperature dependence of the Debye-Waller factor or non-ergodicity parameter f{sub Q}(T) at some temperature T{sub c} above T{sub g} found by experiments in several fragile glassformers has been considered as critical evidence for validity of the ideal Mode Coupling Theory (MCT). A comprehensive review of experimental data of f{sub Q}(T) and beyond brings out various problems of the MCT predictions. For example, the molten salt, 0.4Ca(NO{sub 3}){sub 2}-0.6KNO{sub 3} (CKN), was the first glassformer measured by neutron scattering to verify the cusp-like behavior of f{sub Q}(T) at T{sub c} predicted by ideal MCT. While the fits of the other scaling laws of MCT to viscosity, light scattering, and dielectric relaxation data all give T{sub c} in the range from 368 to 375 K, there is no evidence of cusp-like behavior of f{sub Q}(T) at T{sub c} from more accurate neutron scattering data obtained later on by Mezei and Russina [J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 11, A341 (1999)] at temperatures below 400 K. In several molecular glass-formers, experiments have found at temperatures below T{sub c} that [1−f{sub Q}(T)] is manifested as nearly constant loss (NCL) in the frequency dependent susceptibility. The NCL persists down to below T{sub g} and is not predicted by the ideal MCT. No clear evidence of the change of T-dependence of f{sub Q}(T) at any T{sub c} was found in intermediate and strong glassformers, although ideal MCT does not distinguish fragile and strong glassformers in predicting the critical behavior of f{sub Q}(T) a priori. Experiments found f{sub Q}(T) changes T-dependence not only at T{sub c} but also at the glass transition temperature T{sub g}. The changes of T-dependence of f{sub Q}(T) at T{sub c} and T{sub g} are accompanied by corresponding changes of dynamic variables and thermodynamic quantities at T{sub B} ≈ T{sub c} and at T{sub g}. The dynamic variables include the relaxation time τ{sub α}(T), the non-exponentiality parameter n(T), and

  2. Rezension von: Karin Schwiter: Lebensentwürfe. Junge Erwachsene im Spannungsfeld zwischen Individualität und Geschlechternormen. Frankfurt am Main u.a.: Campus Verlag 2011.

    Heike Kahlert


    Full Text Available Karin Schwiter untersucht in der vorliegenden Studie, wie junge Erwachsene über ihre Zukunftspläne sprechen und welche Vorstellungen bezüglich ihrer Zukunft sie dabei entwerfen. Die Untersuchung zeichnet sich gegenüber älteren Forschungen zu diesem Thema unter anderem aus durch einen Geschlechtervergleich, die raumzeitliche Fokussierung auf die Deutschschweiz sowie ein diskursanalytisches Vorgehen in Anlehnung an Foucault. Das Ergebnis ist ein anregendes Buch, in dem die Autorin auf der Basis der Erzählungen von 24 jungen Frauen und Männern gesellschaftstheoretische Deutungen und Ausblicke entwickelt. Diese belegen, wie sich neoliberale Ideen von Individualität und fortbestehende Geschlechternormen miteinander so verschränken, dass Thematisierungen geschlechtlicher Ungleichheit kaum mehr möglich scheinen.

  3. Suurlinlik lukshotell / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Historitsistlikust hoonest Tallinna vanalinnas Vene tn. 9 (1874. a.), arhitekt Peter Schreiberg. Apteegi tänavale jäävast juurdeehitisest, arhitekt Martin Aunin, sisekujundajad Külli Salum ja Riina Harik

  4. Moblaga Veneetsiasse! / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaalil esindab Eestit arhitektuuribüroo Urban Mark (arhitektid Ülar Mark, Kaja Pae, Indrek Tiigi) ja Tartu Ülikooli Geograafia Instituudi (teadurid Rein Ahas, Anto Aasa, Siiri Silm) projekt. Kommenteerib Ülar Mark. Lühidalt ka teistest eestisisesel konkursil osalenud töödest

  5. Anneteparaad III / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Tutvustatakse Tartu Kõrgema Kunstikooli diplomandide lõputöid: 1. Diana Hints "Ba-Rokk", 2. Maire Rebina "Alleshoitud naeratused", 3. Liis Pihlik "Unistused ehk hingele pai", 4. Ille Agu "Pitsiring - pruudipesu kollektsioon", 5. Ingwald Koser "Chaise Longue", 6. Kaisa Paluoja installatsioon "/....../", 7. Kaidi Ploomipuu arvutiga juhitavatel telgedel kootud sisustuskangas

  6. Bruno 2016 / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Valik disainiauhinnale Bruno 2016 kandideerivatest esemetest (Gerda Retter "Jääkideta nahadisain", Raul Abner "Kummut Mix", Argo Ader ja Rain Aduson "Fitbi - spordi mugavalt!", Merili Sulg "Seinašabloon Kasemets", Rita Assor "Lugemispesa-mänguala Aas", Mare Kelpman "Terra pleedid", Henri Viljarand "Vineervalamu Gniss")

  7. Saagu valgus / Karin Tarto

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Eesti valgustikujundajatest ja valgustitest. Kas eesti disaineritel on õnnestunud leida oma nišš lambiletil. Tootjatest : OÜ "Raunto", AS "Titanus" (disaineriks Eestis elav rootslane Renni Par)-, Norrast pärineva kontserni "Glamox" tehasest Keilas, "Estoplastist" (disainerid Martin Pärn, Raido Laasing), AS "Steel Line". Valgustikujundajatest Tarmo Luisust, Aleksander Jakovlevist, Raivo Pristolist, Mait Summatavetist, Tõnis Vellamast

  8. Arhitektuurimuuseumid ehitavad / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Arhitektuurimuuseumide konföderatsiooni (ICAM) juhatuse aastakoosolekust Los Angeleses. Uusi ruume saanud või saavaid arhitektuurikeskusi. Uue muuseumikompleksi ehitamist on alustanud New Yorgi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseum (arhitekt Yoshio Taniguchi), 2002. a. valmib Münchenis Moderne Pinakothek (Stephan Braunfels), 2003. a. saab uued ruumid Berlinische Galerie (Frederik Fisher), uue maja Norra Arhitektuurimuuseum (Sverre Fehn), Arhitektuuri- ja Disainimuuseumi konkurss Soomes.

  9. Rokkivad vanadekodud / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Vanurite hooldekodude arhitektuurist. Harmoonia Maja (arhitekt Vlad Alexandru Gaivoronschi) Rumeenias, De Rokade põetus- ja hoolduskodu (Arons en Gelauff Architecten) Hollandis, büroo Andrés Jaque Arquitectos kavandatud vanadekodu Hispaanias, Atelier Zündel & Cristea projekteeritud vanadekodu Prantsusmaal

  10. Tokyo / Karin Thea

    Karin, Thea


    Tokyo vaatamisväärtused: Sky Tree teletorn, Takeshita Dori jalakäijate tänav, Asakusa linnaosa, The Gate Hotel, Tokyo metroo, Ryogoku Kokugikan, Nippon Kasgaku Miraikan ning Jaapani suurim kalaturg Tsukiji

  11. Põhjamaade aiatrendid / Karin Truverk

    Truverk, Karin


    2007. a. märtsis Stockholmis toimunud aiandusmessist Nordiska Trädgardar, mille põhiteemad olid Karl von Linne (1707-1778) ning elu sügis - surm. Rõdude ja kalmude kujundamise võistlusest, kunstnik Stina Sandbergi tööst "Rõõmus surnuaed". 2007. a. püsililleks valiti roog-sinihelmikas, 2006. a. aiaraamatuks Lotte Mölleri teos rootsi maastikuarhitektidest Per Fribergist, Gunnar Martinsonist ja Sven-Ingvar Andersonist "Kolm meistrit, kolm aeda"

  12. Several loadings and stresses of first wall of SiC with metal liner on conceptual design of moving ring reactor 'KARIN-1'

    Nishikawa, Masahiro; Tachibana, Eizaburo; Watanabe, Kenji; Fujiie, Yoichi.


    On conceptual design of moving ring reactor ''KARIN-I'' (Output: 1850 MWe), the first wall of SiC with metal liner is considered by reason that SiC ceramics has specific features of excellent radiation damage resistance in fast neutron spectra and a very low residual radioactivity, and that the thin metal liner has good compatibility with liquid lithium and good vaccum-tight, however, a extent electromagnetic interaction. The electromagnetic force applied on the metal liner and several pressure losses of liquid lithum flow are estimated, and these forces correspond to the fluid mechanical loading on SiC first wall. Thermal loading by neutron flux is calculated on the first wall to obtain temperature distributions along the flow direction and toward the wall thickness. At the outlet of the burning section, the surface temperature of SiC rises to the value of 825 0 C on plasma side and on the metal liner, it rises to the value of 540 0 C. Finally, the stress analysis is performed. The thermal stress is about one order larger than the stress induced by the fluid mechanical loading. At the inlet of the burning section, the average tensile stress of 22.4kg/mm 2 is induced on the outer side of SiC wall, and on the inner side, the average compressive stress of -26.1kg/mm 2 is induced. At the outlet of the burning section, the tensile stress is found to oscillate between 25.5kg/mm 2 and 27.3kg/mm 2 on the outer side of SiC wall by frequency of 1 Hz, and on the inner side, the compressive stress also oscillates between -21.6kg/mm 2 and -29.0kg/mm 2 by the same frequency. These stresses are within the value of fracture stress, (72.5kg/mm 2 ). Difficult residual problems on the first wall are also discussed. (author)

  13. Pargid, maapealsed paradiisid / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Arvustus: Park on paradiis looduses ja kunstis / vastutavad toimetajad Mart Külvik, Juhan Maiste. Tartu : Eesti Maaülikool, 2009. Prantsuse ja inglise pargistiilidest, vabakujunduslike parkide jõudmisest Eesti- ja Liivimaale, hiitest ja mõisaparkidest, linnaparkidest

  14. Saksamaa ida kutsub / Thea Karin

    Karin, Thea


    Endise Ida-Saksamaa aladel asuvate linnade Dessau-Rosslau ja Chemnitzi (endine Karl-Marx-Stadti) vaatamisväärsustest, s.h UNESCO kultuuripärandisse kuuluvatest Wörlitz-Dessau parkidest ja Bauhausi kompleksist

  15. Kõige kummalisemad elumajad / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Le Corbusier' proportsioonisüsteemist "Modulor", Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky ja Peter Eisenmani pakutud uudseid lahendusi arhitektuuris. Mart Kadariku projekteeritud eramust Rannamõisas; arhitektuuribüroo Künnapu & Padrik projekteeritud hoonest Triumph Plaza Tallinnas Narva maanteel; Olev Siinmaa villast Pärnus; püramiidmajadest; Gert Sarve ja Lauri Laisaare projekteeritud monoliitbetoonist eramust Tallinnas Nõmmel; KOKO Arhitektuuristuudios projekteeritud Fahle majast Tallinnas; Ülar Margi ja Indrek Tiigi projekteeritud klaasist seintega majast Tallinnas Silgu tänaval

  16. Tallinna Fotokuu 2015 / Karin Kahre

    Kahre, Karin


    Tallinna Fotokuu 2015 programmist. Näitus "Prosu(u)mer" Eesti Kaasaegse Kunsti Muuseumis, kuraator David Raymond Conroy. Näitus "Aegvõte. Time Lapse" Tallinna Kunstihoones, kuraator Anna Laarits. Näitus "Võrdlev sissevaade 1990. aastate üleminekuaja Balti fotokunsti" Tallinna Kunstihoone galeriis, kuraator Tanja Muravskaja. Duo-näitus "Leegi vari" Tartu Kunstimajas, kunstnikud Tarvo Hanno Varres ja Kirke Kangro. Näitus "Plahvatusest tasandikule. Eesti kaasaegne foto 1991-2015" Taru Kunstimuuseumis, kuraator Anneli Porri

  17. Seiklused kapitaguses maailmas / Karin Hansson

    Hansson, Karin


    C.S. Lewise 1950.a. ilmunud romaani järgi "Narnia lood : Lõvi, nõid ja riidekapp" ("Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe") valminud Andrew Adamsoni samanimelisest mängufilmist

  18. Aidsiraport tekitab kahtlusi / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Kuigi ÜRO raporti kohaselt on aidsi levik taanduma hakanud, pelgavad eksperdid, et muunduv haigus lööb näilise stabiliseerumise peagi segamini. Eesti aidsi tugikeskuse juhataja Jüri Kalikovi sõnul Eestis alust stabiliseerumisest rääkida ei ole. Lisa: Petlikud numbrid

  19. Rahu, ainult rahu / Karin Bachmann

    Bachmann, Karin, 1976-


    Eesti Kunstiakadeemia X Urbanistika ja linnamaastike päevad "Between Architecture of War and Military Urbanism" ("Sõjaarhitektuuri ja militaarurbanistika vahel") 25.-28. aprillil 2013. a. Telliskivi Loomelinnakus Tallinnas. Konverentsi peaesinejad Stephen Graham ja Steven Flusty

  20. Austria peidetud aarded / Thea Karin

    Karin, Thea


    Linzi ja Grazi vaatamisväärsustest, arhitektuurist, toidust s.h maailma vanimast tordist - Linzer torte'st. Langenloisis asuvast Wine&Spa Resort Loisium arhitektihotellist, kus Aveda Destination Spas pakutakse koostöös kosmeetikatootja Vinoble Cosmetics'iga viinamarjatoodetel põhinevaid kehahoolitsusi


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  2. Ilusa Eesti reklaamikonkurss / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Shanghai 2010. aasta EXPO Eesti paviljoni konkursitööd Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis 24. maini. Konkursist, võistlustöödest. Premeeritud tööd. Esimese koha pälvis töö "", autorid Illimar Truverk, Andres Labi, Janno Roos, Ionel Lehari, Priit Hamer ja Kristian Paljasmaa

  3. Hunnitud hütid / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Arhitektuuribüroos KOKO Arhitektid (Raivo Kotov, Andrus Kõresaar, Sten-Mark Mändmaa, Indrek Mikk, Martin Tago, Liis Uustal, Maia Grimitliht, Raili Paling, Kadri Kaldam) kavandatud puidust matkahütid Norras Skåpetis

  4. Tailastes kobrutab viha riigijuhi vastu / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 27. veebr. lk. 11. Tai peaminister Thaksin Shinawatra saatis 24. veebruaril parlamendi laiali ja kuulutas 2. aprilliks välja erakorralised üldvalimised. Lisa: Peaminister

  5. Kahe riigi õpilased elustasid legende / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu Vene Gümnaasium ja Antwerpeni Leonardo Lyceum Belgiast osalevad Comeniuse projektis "Legends Connecting Past and Present, East and West". Etendatakse legende ja muistendeid ning õpitakse eesti ja flaami keelt

  6. Globaalarhitekti uus manifest / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Hollandi arhitekt Rem Koolhaas'ist, kelle näitus "Content" Rotterdami Kunstihallis ning näitus "Start" Rotterdami Hollandi Arhitektuuriinstituudis on avatud 31. maini. Näituse "Content" kataloogist. 2000. a. sai R. Koolhaas Pritzkeri preemia, 2003. a. Praemium Imperiale, 2004. a. veebruaris RIBA kuldmedali. Kommenteerinud Andres Alver, Hanno Grossschmidt ja Inga Raukas

  7. Kinoteater tuleb tagasi / Harry Liivrand, Karin Paulus

    Liivrand, Harry, 1961-


    Tallinnas Vabaduse väljaku ääres asuvast renoveeritud kino Gloria Palace'i ehk Vene Teatri hoonest (arhitekt Fridrihs Skujinsh, fassaadireljeefide autor Jaan Koort). Renoveerimist juhtisid arhitekt Ra Luhse, sisearhitektid Aivar Oja, Riin Luuk ja Piret Bender ning sisekujundaja Margus Sulengo

  8. Tudengifilmid seavad fookusesse arhitektuuri / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu keskraamatukogus näidatakse Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli tudengite ühistööna valminud komplekti arhitektuuriteemalistest lühimängufilmidest. Filmid on Kairit Brassi "Lõunavalgus", Liva Vilnite "Sagedus", Marta Pulki "Õhk", Keidi Mäe "Uue alguse loon" ja Epp Kubu "Uustulnuk"

  9. Uudiseid ja meeldetuletusi raamatukogult / Karin Tulve

    Tulve, Karin


    2000. aastast on TPÜ raamatukokku ostetud EBSCO online andmebaasid, augustist on võimalik kasutada referaat- ja täistekstandmebaasi Academic Search FullText International 15 CD-ROM-il ja septembrist humanitaarteaduste bibliograafilist andmebaasi Sophia : European Databases in the Humanities CD-ROM-il

  10. Titanic või turist? / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Tallinnas Tartu maanteel asuva endise Turisti poe (arhitektid Peep Jänes, Henno Sepmann) asemele tahavad hoone omanikud ehitada kõrghoone nimega Titanic. Hoone ajutine võtmine muinsuskaitse alla on põhjustanud kohtuvaidluse

  11. Oma põlvkonna maskottdisainer / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Toivo Raidmetsast (sünd. 1955) ja tema loomingust. Näitus "Toivo Raidmets. Barokist dadani" Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis kuni 18. XII 2005. Loetletud valik T. Raidmetsa sise- ja näitusekujundusi, näitustel osalemised. 10 värv. ill

  12. Kasvatusstiilide rohkus ajab lapsevanemad segadusse / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Vestlusest Pärnumaa Rajaleidja keskuse psühholoogi Olga Šunjajevaga, kes uuris perekasvatuse rolli viie- kuni seitsmeaastaste lastega peredes, nüüdisaegseid peremudeleid ning millist abi vanemad lastega tegeledes vajavad. Uurimusest sündis Olga Šunjajeva magistritöö Tallinna ülikooli kasvatusteaduste instituudis. Ka vanemlusprogrammist "Imelised aastad" - koolieelikute vanematele mõeldud koolitustest

  13. Snow Show Lapimaal / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    2004. a. Rovaniemis läbiviidavast rahvusvahelisest jää- ja lumearhitektuuri üritusest, kuraator Lance Fung. Steven Holli jääplokkidest kuup - projekti pilootehitis. Osalevate arhitektide ja kunstnike osaline loetelu

  14. Kungla rahva kuldne aeg / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    1970ndal aastal Lomonossovi tänavale (praegune Gonsiori tänav) ehitatud Kungla hotellist. Arhitektid Ilmar Puumets, Herbert Rüütlane; sisearhitektid Valter Pormeister, Ingrid Pormeister, Maia Laul. Samale kohale ehitati hiljem 13-korruseline Hilton hotell

  15. Riik ja arhitektuur : prantsuse variant / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Prantsuse arhitekti Dominique Perrault' (s. 1953) näitus Rotermanni soolalaos. Kuraator Eric Messerschnidt. Arhitektist, tema loomingust, pikemalt Prantsuse rahvusraamatukogu hoonest (1996; 1997. a. Mies van der Rohe' arhitektuuripreemia) ja Berlier' tootmishoonest (1990) Pariisis, Berliini velodroomist (1998). Franȯis Mitterrand'i arhitektuuripoliitikast

  16. Igavuse mõõt / Karin Bachmann

    Bachmann, Karin, 1976-


    Tallinn astub samme elukeskkonna mitmekesisuse vähendamiseks. Üheks neist on muru pikkuse normeerimine. Lühidalt 2.-4.11.2011 Tallinnas toimuvast EFLA kongressist "Mind the Gap - Landscape for a New Era"

  17. Värske kunsti paraad / Karin Laansoo

    Laansoo, Karin, 1976-


    30. V-8. VI Rotermanni soolalaos näitus "Eesti Kunstiakadeemia lõputööd 2003", mille on kujundanud Oliver Soomets ja Kaiko Kivi. Trükised on kujundanud Maya Zerebtsova. 6. VI moeetendus. Academia Grata lõpetajate teoseid esitletakse Pärnus, meediagraafika lõputöid kaitstakse 11. VI EKA aulas

  18. Wannabe - Ameerika ja Postkontor 2 / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Uued hotellid Tallinna kesklinnas: Kaksiktornid (arhitektuuribüroo Nord Projekt, Meeli Truu, sisekujundaja Meelis Press); Forumi hotell (arhitektuuribüroo Pluss, Indrek Allmann, sisekujundajad Kaire Kemp-Tishler ja Ea Andla)

  19. Piero Castiglioni - praktilise ilu looja / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Itaalia disaineritest Castiglioni'dest, pikemalt Piero Castiglionist (sünd. 1944), kes külastas 2005. aasta märtsis Eestit. Loetletud tema tähtsamad tööd. Kommenteerivad sisearhitekt Hannes Praks, sisearhitekt Juta Lember, valgusdisainer Tarmo Luisk ja EKA professor Toivo Raidmets

  20. Linn toetab kohalikke kultuuritegijaid / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu linnavalitsuse toetuste saajate seas ka MTÜ Pärnu Kontserdibüroo, MTÜ Pärnu David Oistrahhi Festival, RE Eesti Kontsert Pärnu Kontserdimaja, MTÜ Pärnu Rahvusvaheline Koorifestival, MTÜ Jazzkaare Sõprade Ühing ja MTÜ Suupilliklubi Piccolo

  1. USA raport hoiatab tuumaterroristide eest / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    USA-s tegutseva tuumaterrori vastase organisatsiooni Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) raport kinnitab maailma edusamme tuumamaterjali turvalisuses, kuid on ka palju ohuallikaid. Analüütikud kahtlevad Venemaa ja Pakistani armee usaldusväärsuses tuumamaterjali hoidmisel. Lisa: Tuumaterrori raport

  2. Tükk demokraatlikku arhitektuuri / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Taani firma Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects koostab Tallinnasse Paljassaare poolsaarele kavandatava ECOBAY-linnaku planeeringut. Projekti kontseptsiooni kirjeldus. Taani projekteerimisfirma iseloomustus. Asutajad Morten Schmidt, Bjarne Hammer, John Lassen. Morten Holmi kommentaar

  3. Non vi sed arte / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Eesti Betooniühing valis 2006. aasta parimaks betoonehitiseks Tallinnas Tartu maantee ääres asuva Luku-Experdi büroohoone (arhitekt Hindrek Kesler, konstruktor Ago-Allan Kuddu, ehitaja Ahti Väin Konsult OÜ, betooni autor AS E-Betoonelement). Ehitaja eriauhinna pälvis "Eesti Ehitus" Muuga viadukti eest. Kommenteerib Aadu Kana

  4. Siivsalt lahendatud Skoone bastion / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Tallinna vanalinnas asuva Skoone bastioni ja sellega külgneva staadioni arendamiseks väljakuulutatud ideekonkursi võidutöödest. Peapreemia sai töö "Glassii" (autorid Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Karli Luik arhitektuuribüroost Salto). Teise preemia pälvis töö "SK-one" (autorid Timo Subbi, Mihkel Urmet, Taavi Kaldaru arhitektuuribüroost Suburb OÜ). Kolmanda preemia sai töö "Karl XI" (autorid Ott Kadarik, Villem Tomiste, Mihkel Tüür, Paco-Ernest Ulman arhitektuuribüroost Kosmos). Võistlustöödega saab tutvuda Arhitektuuri- ja Disainigaleriis. Harry Liivranna lühike ülevaade Skone bastioni ajaloost

  5. Rotermannid, sool ja soolaladu / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Christian Barthold, Christian Abraham ja Christian Ernst August Rotermannist, nende ettevõtmistest. Rotermanni kvartali kujunemisest, Rotermanni Tehastest, soolalaost (projekt Ernst Boustedt; rekonstrueerimisprojekti arhitekt Ülo Peil büroost Urbel ja Peil, sisearhitekt Taso Mähar). 6 ill

  6. Kättpidi Veneetsias / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Muljeid X rahvusvaheliselt Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalilt "Linnad. Arhitektuur ja ühiskond", kuraator Richard Burdett. Ülar Margi kureeritud projektist "Joint Space", kommenteerib Rein Ahas. Väljavõtteid Rem Koolhaasi ja Jacques Herzogi esinemisest Arsenales. Andres Sevtshuki kureeritud projektist. Kuldlõvi auhinna pälvis inglise arhitekt Richard Rogers (sünd. 1933). Bernard Tschumi elliptilise linna projekti kommenteerib Kaja Pae

  7. Läti parimad majad / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Muljeid Läti arhitektuuriauhindade jagamiselt. Peapreemia: arhitektide Uldis Lukshevics'i ja Martins Oshans'i projekteeritud eramu. Parim avalik hoone: arhitektuuribüroo Kubs projekteeritud kontorihoone Riias. Suurim Baltikumis: arhitektuuribüroo Arhis projekteeritud Ljepaja politseihoone. Parim rekonstrueerimisprojekt: arhitektuuribüroo Arhis projekteeritud avatud kontor nõukogudeaegses tööstushoones. Parim interjöör: kohvik Vanilla (Ieva Dripe, Janis Broka) ja tekstiilipood Garage (Zaiga Gaile büroo). Uldis Lukshevics'i projekteeritud suvilad, mis paiknevad postidel

  8. Austraallased huvituvad ETV toodangust / Karin Leemet

    Leemet, Karin


    ETV saadet "Simson Seakülast" näidatakse peagi Austraalia telekanalil The Special Broadcasting Service. 1995. a. valminud kunstisaade on eesti skulptorist Aivar Simsonist, saate autorid Mariina Mälk, Peeter Brambat, operaator Peep Laansalu. Mari Sobolev A. Simsoni töödest

  9. Deontiline modaalsus poliitikute arvamusartiklites / Karin Mandra

    Mandra, Karin


    Lähtudes funktsionaalse grammatika põhimõtetest analüüsitakse, missuguste tegevuste ja protsesside vajalikkust poliitikud oma arvamusartiklites rõhutavad ning kuivõrd on esindatud deontiline aspekt (ehk kellele on direktiivsus suunatud)

  10. RIBA kuldmedal Oscar Niemeyerile / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    1998. a. RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) kuldmedal anti Rio de Janeiros üle brasiilia arhitektile Oscar Niemeyerile. Kuldmedali üleandmise pidulikust tseremooniast. Miks arvukate 20. saj. modernismi klassikasse kuuluvate hoonete autorile alles nüüd RIBA kuldmedal anti. Praegu 91 aastasel vanameistril valmis 1996. a. Rio de Janeiros Niter̤i Moodsa kunsti muuseum, ehitamist ootab Rio konverentsikeskus

  11. Kõikide mugavustega õnn massidele / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Kunstiteaduse Instituudi rahvusvaheline konverents "Võistlevad õnned. Elukeskkond külma sõja perioodil". Esines Adrian Forty, Hilde Heynen Hollandist, Julian Holder Shotimaalt, Kirsi Saarikangas Soomest

  12. Effect of particle size and lattice strain on Debye–Waller factors of ...


    refrigeration system and other biological applications and catalysis ... technique for fabrication of nanocrystalline structure with improved ... used to prepare the initial sample. ... but with preferred orientation of graphite particles along. [0 0 2].

  13. Kolm inimest tuhandest kannab HI-viirust / Karin Kangro

    Kangro, Karin


    Poliitikauuringute keskus Praxis uuris aidsiennetustegevust ja selle rahastamist. Tervishoiuspetsialist Maris Jesse sõnul tehakse Eestis aidsiennetustegevuses õigeid asju, ainult alarahastatult ja liiga vähe. Eiki Nestor, Nelli Kalikova aidsiprobleemist, ennetustööst. Vt. samas: Ka Euroopa Eesti pärast mures

  14. Juhtumikorralduse põhimõtte rakendamisest kohalikus omavalitsuses / Karin Hanga

    Hanga, Karin


    27.-28. juunil 2005. a. Pedasel toimunud kohalike omavalitsuste sotsiaal- ja lastekaitsetöötajate suvepäevadel arutluse all olnud juhtumikorralduse probleemidest. Lisatud juhtumi lahendamise skeem. Kommenteerivad: Merle Linno ja Indrek Rohtla

  15. Retrovõtmes pühamu / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Tallinnasse Lasnamäele plaanitava Jumalaema kiriku arhitektuurikonkursi võidutööst arhitektuuribüroolt Z-Projekt (arhitektid Oleg Zhemtshugov, Nikolai Djatko, Jevgeni Kolomenkin). Kommenteerib kunstiteadlane Mari-Liis Paaver. Ergutuspreemiad said arhitektuuribüroo ZiZi & YoYo projekt (arhitektid Veronika Valk, Yoko Alender) ning arhitektuuribüroo Lokomotiiv (arhitektid Jüri Martson, Rasmus Reinolt, Ivo-Martin Veelma)

  16. 2008. aastal tõuseb pension 22% / Karin Kalda

    Kalda, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Tallinna Teataja : Kesklinn, Lasnamäe, Pirita, okt., 2007, lk. 3; Tallinna Teataja : Haabersti, Kristiine, Põhja-Tallinn, okt., 2007, lk. 3; Tallinnskii Vestnik, okt., 2007, lk. 3. Tallinnskii Vestnik autorita. Valitsusliit on saanud valmis uue pensioniarvestuse süsteemi, mille alusel võetakse aastahinde arvutamisel senisest enam arvesse sotsiaalmaksu laekumist. Kommenteerib Taavi Rõivas

  17. Mänguväljak rikastab linnakeskkonda / Karin Bachmann

    Bachmann, Karin, 1976-


    Mänguväljakute rajamisest ja korrashoiust Tartus, kus on olemas ülelinnaline mänguväljakute teemaplaneering. Projekt algatati 2002. a., eestvedaja Angela Männiste. Arvamust avaldavad Andres Pool ja Indrek Ranniku Tartu linnavalitsusest. Tallinnal ülelinnaline plaan mänguväljakute rajamiseks puudub, olukorrast Mustamäel ja Nõmmel. 3 ill

  18. Euroliit vaidleb Birma diktatuuri üle / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    EL-i ja Aasia riikide diplomaatilisest vaidlusest, kas lubada EL-i ja Kagu-Aasia tippkohtumisele diktatuuririiki Birmat. Kagu-Aasia maade ühenduse ASEAN seisukohtadest. Vt. samas: Birma uue põhiseaduse arutelu põlu all

  19. Kapitalistlik realism muudab Vietnami majandustiigriks jalgrattal / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 13. apr. lk. 10-11. Vietnami majanduspoliitikast, odavast tööjõust, edukatest reformidest ja majanduskasvust. Kaart: Vietnami Sotsialistlik Vabariik. Vt. samas: Sõda oli püüd takistada kommunismi

  20. Arhitektuuribiennaalil arhitektuurile mõeldes / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalist teemal "Out there : Architecture Beyond Buildings". Biennaali üldkuraator Aaron Betsky. Eestlaste gaasitoruinstallatsioonist (autorid Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Neeme Külm). Lühidalt Hispaania, Inglismaa, Prantsusmaa, Hollandi, Taani, Saksamaa, Hiina ja Poola ekspositsioonidest, pikemalt Venemaa paviljonist. Nigel Coatsi, Zaha Hadidi, Frank Gehry, Herzog & de Meuroni ja Ai Weiwei töödest biennaalil, filmist Rem Koolhaasi Bordeaux' villast. Vt. repliik: Ruudi, Ingrid. Hea Sirbi toimetus! (Sirp, 2009, 30. jaan., lk. 8)

  1. Gaasitoru, ujuv saun ning helisevad tuutud / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Veneetsia XI arhitektuuribiennaalile kandideerinud tööde tutvustus. Biennaali teemaks on "Majade taga. Arhitektuur väljaspool ehitisi". Eestit esindab projekt "Gaasitoru", autorid Maarja Kask ja Ralf Lõoke arhitektuuribüroost Salto ning skulptor Neeme Külm. Teise koha said Eve Kask, Signe Kivi ja Andrus Kõresaar tööga "Peatus". Kolmas koht läks Villem Tomiste projektile "Veealune Veneetsia"

  2. Iisraeli ja Palestiina suhted on paranemise teel / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Iisraeli valitsus kiitis heaks palestiinlastest vangide vabastamise, keda peeti president Mahmud Abbasi liitlasteks võitluses Hamasiga. Iisraeli välisminister Tzipi Livni kohtus Palestiina peaministri Salam Fayyadiga. Vt. samas: Palestiinlaste sisetüli. Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke, 10. juuli 2007, lk. 7

  3. Märgita tooted lahjendavad õlleturgu / Karin Vene

    Vene, Karin, 1983-


    Kaubandusketid tellivad tooteid oma märgi all, nn. private label'eid, õlletootjate liidu andmeil on juba kümnendik kodumaisest õlleturust niisuguste toodete käes. Balti riikide toiduainesektori analüütiku Aavo Koppeli väitel sünnib seda vähem private label'eid, mida killustunum on kaubanduskettide turg. Graafikud: Kaubanduse õllebrändid Balti turul

  4. Püüd kaevuda vaataja alateadvusse / Karin Saarepuu

    Saarepuu, Karin


    Lahatakse installatiivset keskkonnaprojekti "X arvab, et ta on Y, aga tegelikult on Z" Viljandis Kilpkonna galeriis, mis on Rotermanni soolalaos toimuva näituse nn. visiitkaart. Autoriteks on Marko Mäetamm ning Lucy Harrison ja Pete Nevin Suurbritanniast

  5. Mitte ainult jätistele : fassaadid kodututele / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Festival 'Backdoor media'99' koondnimetusega 'Fassaadid kodututele' Tallinnas. Andres Kure heliinstallatsioon, performance Tammsaare monumendi juures (kuraator Hanno Soans), Peterburi kunstnike Natalja Jegorova ja Olga Jakimanskaja videod, Silja Saarepuu kerjamiskarbid, Raoul Kurvitza video, samizdat-ajakiri.

  6. Ühe maja lugu / Kalle Vellevoog ; interv. Karin Paulus

    Vellevoog, Kalle, 1963-


    Näitusest Arhitektuuri- ja Disainigaleriis, kus eksponeeritakse Arne Maasiku fotosid Kalle Vellevoo ja ehitusarhitekt Margus Tamme (arhitektuuribüroo JVR) projekteeritud pansionaadihoonest Pärnus Seedri tänav 4. Näituse ja kataloogi kujundas Martin Pedanik

  7. Gazpromil tuleb rahast puudus kätte / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 16. juuli, lk. 7.Venemaa president Vladimir Putin ja Prantsusmaa president Nicolas Sarkozy leppisid kokku, et Gazpromi partneriks seni suurimate veealuste maagaasivarude kaevandamisel Barentsi meres asuval Shtokmani leiukohal saab Prantsuse firma Total. Lisa: Kas teate? Vt. samas: Jürgen Tamme. Läänemere põhja plaanitava gaasijuhtme tulevik on ebamäärane

  8. Seewald - kaunis koht Kunstiakadeemiale / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Seewaldi haiglakompleksi ajaloost. Maa-ala planeerimise konkursist. Osalesid arhitektuuribürood Koot ja Koot, QP arhitektid, Lokomotiiv, Urban Mark ning Andres Põime büroo Studio 3. Konkursi võitis büroo Lokomotiv (Jüri Martson, Rasmus Reinolt, Ivo-Martin Veelma). Eripreemiaga märgiti ära arhitektuuribüroo Urban Mark (autor Ülar Mark) võistlustöö

  9. Linnade lömastavast hoost / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Arhitektuuriteadlase Andres Kure abiga koostatud linnatemaatikale keskendunud "Vikerkaare" erinumbrist (2004, 4-5). Michel de Certeau, Walter Benjamini, Jean-Paul Sartre, Boris Groysi, Jan Kausi ja Mart Kalmu artiklitest, Arne Maasiku fotodest jm.

  10. Noored - tööelanikkonna tulevik / Karin Reinhold

    Reinhold, Karin, 1976-


    Espoos 20.-22. novembrini 2002. a. toimunud sümpoosionil "Noored ja töö" käsitleti kolme peateemat: õpilaste ettevalmistamine tööeluks, üleminek koolist tööle, noored töötajad ja tervislik tööelu

  11. Europa Nostra medal Tartusse / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Alvar Aalto projekteeritud Tammekannu villa (1932) Tartus pälvis Europa Nostra medali, mis antakse eriti õnnestunult renoveeritud objektile. Villa renoveeriti soome arhitekti Tapani Mustoneni projekti järgi

  12. Loodusteaduste olümpiaad tulekul / Karin Hellat

    Hellat, Karin


    Euroopa Liidu kolmas noorte loodusteaduste võistkondlik olümpiaad toimus 2005. a. Iirimaal, 2005. a. detsembris toimus teistkordselt Indoneesias rahvusvaheline loodusteaduste olümpiaad. 2006. a. toimub Euroopa Liidu 4. loodusteaduste olümpiaad Brüsselis ning 3. rahvusvaheline loodusteaduste olümpiaad leiab aset Sao Paulos. Eesti loodusteaduste olümpiaadi voorud toimuvad veebruaris ja märtsis

  13. Eesti läheb Pekingisse / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Pekingi Eesti saatkonnahoone konkursist žüriiliikme pilguga. Premeeritud ja esiletõstetud töödest. Võidutöö autorid - Lauri Vaimel, Andres Põime, Liisa Põime; II koht - Erik Nobel ja Nobel Arkitekten, Taani-Eesti; III koht - Kalle Vellevoog, Velle Kadalipp, Tiiu Truus, Martin Prommik; ostudega esiletõstetud tööde autorid - Priit Pent ja Raul Järg Bucoma OÜ-st ning Jan Skolimowski, Peeter Loo, Kaspar Kruuse ja Li Vene KAMP Arhitektide OÜ-st. Hiina ja Pekingi uusehitistest, arhitektidest

  14. Juugend - rahvusliku arhitektuuri esimene importstiil / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    12. V toimunud Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumi rahvusvahelisest art nouveau konverentsist, mis keskendus Rootsi-Soome-Eesti ja Läti vastastikustele arhitektuurimõjutustele. Esinejatest, K. Hallase ettekandest sajandialguse arhitektuurisituatsioonist. Näitus "Riia juugendarhitektuur" Rotermanni soolalaos 20. maini.

  15. Hoovigalerii : uued hooned ja rajatised / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    2003. a. korraldatud arhitektuurivõistlusest Eesti Panga hoonekompleksi erinevaid osi ühendava galerii lahenduse saamiseks. Panga juhatus palus esialgse eskiisi kallal edasi töötada arhitektuuribüroodel Schults ja Partnerid ning Urban Mark. Teostamiseks valiti Urban Marki töö. Hoovigalerii valmis 2004. a. 3 ill. konkursitöödest, 2 vaadet valminud galeriist

  16. Idast, ürgse väega / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Rändnäitus "Uue otsijad - praegune Ida-Euroopa!" Helsingi Arhitektuurimuuseumis. Eesti arhitektuuri esindavad Lootsi tänava kiilukujuline kortermaja (HG Arhitektuur), Villa V Nõmmel (3+1), Okupatsioonide muuseum (Head Arhitektid), Georg Otsa spaa (KOKO Arhitektid)

  17. Arhitektuurieurovisiooni võitjad selgunud / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    28. mail antakse Barcelonas üle 2009. a. Euroopa Liidu Mies van der Rohe nimelised kaasaegse arhitektuuri preemiad. Võitjaks tuli Oslo ooperi- ja balletiteater (arhitektuuribüroo Snohetta, arhitektid Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Tarald Lundevall, Craig Dykers). Noore arhitekti eripreemia läks Horvaatia arhitektuuribüroole Studio Up (arhitektid Lea Pelivan, Toma Plejić) gümnaasiumi "46º09'N/16º50'E" eest Koprivnicas. Kataloogi valiti Eestist KOKO Arhitektide (Andrus Kõresaar, Raivo Kotov) projekteeritud Rotermanni kvartali laudsepatöökoja rekonstruktsioon

  18. SÄSI : kes on parim? / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Eesti parima noore disaineri auhinna SÄSI näitusest Eesti Kunstiakadeemia galeriis. Eksponeeritakse nominentide Anneli Tammiku, Monika Järgi, Riho Tiiveli, Sixten Heidmetsa, Igor Volkovi ja Björn Koopi töid

  19. Euroopa parim arhitektuur : kriteeriumidest ja valikutest / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Näitus "Euroopa parim arhitektuur. Euroopa Liidu Mies van der Rohe arhitektuuripreemiad 2009" Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis 5. septembrini 2010. Valiknäitusel on väljas Euroopas aastatel 2008-2009 ehitatud hooned. Preemia määrati arhitektuuribüroo Snøhetta Oslo ooperi- ja balletiteatrile. Noore büroona tõsteti esile Studio UP Horvaatiast. Eestist on näitusel KOKO Arhitektide laudsepa töökoda Rotermanni kvartalis

  20. Olmerti lahkumine külvab segadust / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Iisraeli valitsusjuhi Ehud Olmerti tagasiastumisteade külvas kahtlusi Palestiinaga rahukõneluste jätkumise üle, kuid Jerusalem Posti andmeil üritab Olmert jõuda Palestiina liidri Mahmoud Abbasiga kokkuleppele veel enne uusi erakonnasiseseid valimisi

  1. Briti kultuuriprioriteedid - XX sajandi muuseumid / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    2002. a. novembris Londonis toimunud Briti Nõukogu korraldatud seminarist "Managing Museums and Galleries of the 21st Century", mille rõhk oli kunstimuuseumidel. Inglise muuseumidest: Tate Modern, Baltic, British Museum, Victoria & Alberti muuseum, Londoni loodusmuuseumi Darwini keskus

  2. Disainiöös on asju / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Tallinna Disainiöö 12.-18. septembrini 2016. Uuest kodumaisest disainist (näiteid Marta Mooratsi, Tarmo Luisu, Veiko Liisi, Urmas Lüüsi, Ivar Kaasiku, Krista Leesi, Mariana Laane, Margot Holtsi, Jan Plaani, Pille Ernesaksa loomingust)

  3. Lasnamäe versus Tiskre / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Uuenevast Lasnamäest. Tulevasest Paekalda elurajoonist (arhitektuurikonkursi võitis Ilmar Klammer), Valge tänava elamutest (Muru & Pere), korterelamust Spectrum Liikuri tänaval (Künnapu & Padrik), Rohelise Kalda asumist (R-Konsult), kahest Ülo Peil büroo kavandatud 8-korruselisest elamust, Mäevärava majast (arhitekt Ilmar Klammer), Jumalaema kiriku projektist (Oleg Zhemtshugov, Nikolai Djatko, Jevgeni Kolomenkin). 9 värv. ill

  4. 3000 eesti peret rootsi kardinate taha / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Jüri Mõisa ideest hoonestada Pikaliiva Rootsi kataloogimajadega Bo Klok. IKEA ja Skanska üürnike ühenduse majadest. Günther Behnischi projekteeritud, Ingolstadti ehitatavast sotsiaalmajade asumist. Olemasolevad odavate majade projektid Eestis. Arhitektuuripoliitikast

  5. Eesti saatkonna ehitamisest Riiga 1938. aastal / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Riiga Eesti saatkonna hoone rajamise katsest. Välisministeeriumi poolt Aleksander Nürnbergilt tellitud eskiisist. 1938. a. korraldatud arhitektuurikonkursist ja selle tulemustest (I preemia - Erich Jacoby ja Hermann Berg, II - Herbert Johanson ja Lorenz Johanson, 1939. aastast Lorenz Haljak, III - Elmar Lohk)

  6. Kino kui grafiti = Cinema as graffiti / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Kobarkinost Coca-Cola Plaza Tallinnas. Projekteerija: Arhitektuuristuudio Kirsima ja Niineväli. Arhitekt Andri Kirisma. Üldruumide sisekujundus: Kaire Kemp-Tisler, Ea Andla. II korruse baari kujundas Ursula Sõber. Konstruktsioonid: Marti Sein, Priit Luure Neoprojektist. Akustiline osa: Linda Madalik. Seinamaalingud: Anu Samarüütel. Projekt 1999-2001, valmis 2000-2001. 12 ill.: lõige, I ja V korruse plaanid, välis- ja sisevaated

  7. President Ilves jagas Ruila lastele aabitsaid / Karin Gustasson

    Gustasson, Karin


    Kernu valla Ruila kooli 138. õppeaasta algas piduliku aktusega, kus tervituskõnega esines president Toomas Hendrik Ilves. President andis esimesse klassi astuvale 18 õpilasele isiklikult üle aabitsad pühendusega "Õpi rõõmuga!"

  8. Pärnut ootab kirev kultuuriaasta / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu linnavalitsuse kultuuriosakonna juhataja Jana Moosari sõnul 2007. aasta kultuuriürituste toetuste saajate hulgas on: MTÜ David Oistrahhi festival, MTÜ Pärnu Kontserdibüroo, muusikafestival "Muusikamoos", MTÜ XXI Sajandi Orkester (Klaudia Taevi nim. ooperilauljate konkursi korraldamine), MTÜ Suupilliklubi Piccolo, Pärnu kontserdimaja, MTÜ Arnold Scönbergi Ühing, MTÜ Jazzkaare Sõprade Ühing

  9. Kontserdimajas kõlab brasiilia muusika / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    2. juulil Pärnu kontsedimaja kammersaalis toimuval kontserdil kavaga Musica Brasileira esineb Brasiilia duo Daniel Marques-Sergio Krakowski koos Eesti laulja-instrumentalisti Ele Raikiga, esinejatest

  10. Turistid-sõjaõhutajad : dessant Iisraeli / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Kultuuridessandist Marika Valgu ja Helle Puusepaga Iisraeli. Jeruusalemma Yad Vashemist ئ Holocausti muuseumist. Arhitekt Moshe Safdie Laste Memoriaali ja Yad Vashemi memoriaali uue hoone lahendusest. Tel Avivi ja Jeruusalemma arhitektuurist ئ funktsionalismist, praegusest arhitektuurist, arhitekte. James Turrelli kunstiteosest "Ruum, mis näeb" Jeruusalemma muuseumi pargis

  11. Kompleksi kujunemine ja tsaariaegsed ehitised / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    20. sajandi alguse Tallinna arhitektuurist. Pangakvartali kujunemise algus: Eestimaa Aadli Mõisate Krediitseltsi (Aadlipanga) hoone Estonia pst. 11 (1902-1904, arhitekt August Reinberg, ehituse järelevalve: Carl Jacoby, stukitöö, reljeefid: August Volz, vitraaž, vapid: Ernst Tode). Venemaa Riigipanga Tallinna osakonna hoone Estonia pst 13 (1907-1908, ehituse järelevalve: Aleksandr Jaron). Panga teenistujate elamu Sakala 6

  12. Käsitöö teeb asjad paremaks / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Eesti ja inglise kunstnike ühisnäitusest "Minu maailm : uus subjektiivsus kaasaegses disainis" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis. Kuraatorid Emily Campell, Andree Cook, Kai Lobjakas. Eksponeeritakse Annike Laigo, Krista Leesi, Ülle Jehe, Kärt Ojavee töid. Inglismaad esindavad 7 kunstnikku, lähemalt Danny Browni ja Alison Willoughby töödest

  13. WAF Dance etendab "Väikest printsi" / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu tantsukool WAF Dance toob 17. ja 18. juunil Endla teatris lavale Saint-Exupery "Väikese printsi". See on moodsa tantsuteatri koolitus- ja etendusprojekt. Lavastaja ja koreograaf on Kate Pringle Londonist

  14. Kunstiakadeemia lõpetajate defilee / Harry Liivrand, Karin Paulus

    Liivrand, Harry, 1961-


    Tutvustatakse 2007. aastal Eesti Kunstiakadeemia lõpetanute töid: klaasikunstnik Kristi Ringkjobi klaasobjektide komplekt "Munk"; ehtekunstnik Raili Arbuse ehted; keraamik Ann Nurga savist "Lennukid"; klaasikunstnik Lauri Kimmi "Klaas ja kivi. Muundumine"; nahakunstnik Allan Põllu kollektsioon "Coffee and Cigars. Chocolate and Cognac"; sisearhitekt Ott Kanguri lamamis/kiiktool; arhitekt Rene Sauemägi visioon Admiraliteedi basseini äärsest tühermaast; Kristiina Uslari dekoratiivobjektid; arhitekt Sander Aasa projekt "Pakri saared. Kultuurmaastiku koloniseerimine"

  15. East-to-West migration and labour market integration in the Baltic Sea region - history, current trends and potential / Lars Olof Persson, Jörg Neubauer

    Persson, Lars Olof


    Migratsioon idast läände Läänemeremaades ning selle mõjust olukorrale sealsetel tööturgudel. Sisseränne Rootsi idapoolsetest Läänemere regiooni riikidest ning selle muutustest viimase 10 aasta jooksul. Tabelid ja diagrammid

  16. The draft Geoblocking Regulation and its possible impact on B2C contracts / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Euroopa Liidu määruse eelnõust, mis käsitleb siseturul asukohapõhist piiramist ja muul viisil diskrimineerimist kliendi kodakondsuse, elukoha või asukoha alusel ja selle eelnõu võimalikest tagajärgedest

  17. Pärnu võis poeedi elule lisada viis aastat / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Pärnu keskraamatukogus toimusid Tallinna Ülikooli korraldatud David Samoilovi 95. sünniaastapäeva tähistamise üritused - seminar-raamatuesitlus ning pärnaka Viktor Perelõgini fotonäitus. Esitleti Viktor Perelõgini raamatut "David Samoilov. Fotoalbum", Tallinna Ülikooli Humanitaarteaduste instituudi vene kirjanduse professori Irina Belobrovtseva koostatud luuleraamat "Mu sõbra avatud akna all. Jaan Kross ja David Samoilov" ning Tallinna Ülikooli Vene ja Ida-Euroopa uuringute suuna juhi Aurika Meimre koostatud teost "David Samoilovi Pärnu. Teejuht. Luuletusi"

  18. Polümeerne kultuuritegemine = Polymeric Culture-making / Karin Laansoo

    Laansoo, Karin, 1976-


    Endises "Polümeeri" tehases Tallinnas 2002. aastast tegutsevast kultuuritehasest "Polymer". Hoones on töökojad, kunstistuudiod (Mare Raidma, Neeme Külm, Raul Keller), kultuuritrükikoda, tegutsevad klubid, toimuvad peod jm. 2005. a. juulist peab kultuuritehas pinnad vabastama, sest kinnisvarafirma Brem lõpetas 21. IV ühepoolselt rendilepingu

  19. Väike juveel Euroopa veere pääl / Thea Karin

    Karin, Thea


    Küprose ajaloost, seal viibinud kuulsustest (Guido von Lusignan, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Lala Mustafa Paşa, Namik Kemal, Lawrence Durrell, Francis II Rakoczi) ning vaatamisväärsustest UNESCO pärandinimekirja kuuluvas Afroditele pühendatud Paphoses, pealinnas Nikosias, Girnes ja Famagustas, kus asuvad ka Shakespeare'i inspireerinud Othello torn ja Püha Nikolause katedraal, mis nüüd on Lala-Mustafa-Pasha mošee

  20. Eesti koondas Aasia uurijad ühise mütsi alla / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Tallinna Ülikool, Tartu Ülikool ja Tallinna Tehnikaülikool lõid Aasia Uuringute Kompetentsikeskuse (AUKK), et koondada Aasia tänapäevase majanduse, poliitika ja ühiskondade teemal teadustööd tegevad teadlased Eesti ülikoolides ühte võrgustikku et pakkuda info- ja ideevahetust ülikoolide, avaliku sektori ja ettevõtjate vahel

  1. Demokraatia mitu elu / Karin Dean, Märt Läänemets

    Dean, Karin


    Demokraatiast ühiskonnas Aasia ja Ida-Euroopa riikide näitel. Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi korraldatud rahvusvahelisest konverentsist "Demokraatia mitu elu: Euroopast Aasia ja Vaikse ookeani regioonini"

  2. Hiina (ja Aasia) mõistmine pole lootusetu üritus / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Eestlaste Hiina-huvi ja mõistmise soov on tingitud paljuski Hiina turust ja majanduslikest võimalustest. Mida on vaja teada, et Hiinat (Aasiat) mõista. Aasia-teemalise hariduse võimalustest Eestis

  3. Veeprojektid lähevad taas töösse / Karin Kroon

    Kroon, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Oma Saar, 17. okt. 2007, lk. 4; Meie Maa, 17. okt. 2007, lk. 4; Valgamaalane, 18. okt. 2007, lk. 2; Nädaline, 18. okt. 2007, lk. 4; Vooremaa, 18. okt. 2007, lk. 2; Võrumaa Teataja, 18. okt. 2007, lk. 2; Severnoje Poberezhje, 18. okt. 2007, lk. 2; Hiiu Leht, 19. okt. 2007, lk. 2; Põhjarannik, 19. okt. 2007, lk. 2. Keskkonnaministeeriumi veeosakonna projektide büroo juhataja esitab ministeeriumi lahendused EL Ühtekuuluvusfondi abiga veemajanduse korrastamisprojektide lõpuleviimiseks. Ajal. Oma Saar ka tabelid: 1. 2000-2006 projektide lisaraha jagumine; Hangete kallinemise katmine 2008. aastal

  4. Ago Anderson pälvis Helmi Tohvelmani preemia / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    13. oktoobril anti Endla teatri näitlejale Ago Andersonile üle Helmi Tohvelmani auhind. Pidulik sündmus toimus Väätsa põhikoolis, Tohvelmani kodukohas. Anderson pälvis tunnustuse kui kerge kehakeelega näitleja

  5. Tallinna Planeerimine 1910. aastatel: rahvusvahelise planeerimiskonkursi ärgitajatest ja korraldajatest / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Uutest suundadest Tallinna linnavalitsemises 20. sajandi alguses. Tallinna Majaomanikkude Seltsist. Planeerimise asjatundjast varjunimega Vis. Kompetentsi küsimustest. Linnaplaani ettevalmistamise komisjonist.

  6. Maailm näkku : suurlinnalood Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaalilt / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Veneetsia X arhitektuuribiennaal "Cities. Architecture and Society". Richard Burdett'i kuraatorinäitus Arsenales. Vaatluse all on 16 maailmalinna: Tokyo, Mexico, New York, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Shangai, Los Angeles, Kairo, Istanbul, London, Bogota, Barcelona, Milano-Torino, Berliin, Johannesburg, Caracas. Arvamusi biennaali kataloogist

  7. Laenusaaja õiguste kaitse SMS-laenu lepingute puhul / Kalev Saare, Karin Sein, Mari Ann Simovart

    Saare, Kalev, 1974-


    SMS-laenu lepingutele kohaldatavad normid, laenuandja teavitamiskohustus ja tarbija võimalused lepingust taganeda. Laenuandja intressi-, viivise- ja leppetrahvinõuded, intressikokkuleppe lubatavuse piirangud

  8. Sõjavägi päästis poliitiku dzhunglist / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Colombia sõdurid vabastasid sõjaväeoperatsiooni käigus Columbiat terroriseeriva armee FARC-i geriljade käest Prantsuse-Colombia poliitiku Ingrid Betancourti, kolm ameeriklast ja 11 kohalikku. Lisa: Colombia missioon

  9. Festivalipäevik Kanutist I / Margaret Tali, Riin Kübarsepp, Karin Laansoo...[jt.


    NU Performance festivali "Continental Breakfast" Tallinn raames esinesid Kanuti Gildi saalis rootsi kunstnik Saralunden etendusega "Sweet Beat Tour", norra Baktruppen etendusega "DO & UNDO" ja soome kunstnik Tellervo Kalleinen etendusega "Let me"

  10. Pakistanis käib võitlus islamiriigi nimel / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Pakistani pealinna Islamabadi Punase mošee ümber kestva, vähemalt 16 ohvrit nõudnud vastasseisu taga on islamiäärmuslaste soov kangutada ametist Ameerika-meelne president Pervez Musharraf. Vt. samas: Sündmused; Pakistan: kaart

  11. "Improvizz" toob Tartu Ülikooli aula lavale improvisatsiooniorkestri / Karin Palo

    Palo, Karin


    Neljandast rahvusvahelisest improvisatsioonilise muusika festivalist "Improvizz" (festivali peakorraldajaks Aleksander Sünter). Kontserdid: "Opera Kit" 4. märtsil Tartu Sadamateatris, 5. märtsil Tartu Sadamateatris, 6. märtsil TÜ Ajaloomuuseumis, 6. märtsil "Ettearvamatu lõppkontsert" TÜ aulas

  12. Lähtugem ehitistest! / William J. R. Curtis ; interv. Andres Kurg, Karin Hallas, Triin Ojari

    Curtis, William J. R.


    24. apr. pidas Rotermanni soolalaos loengu arhitektuuriajaloolane William J. R. Curtis. Katkeid jutuajamisest W. Curtisega. Arhitektuurikriitikast, oma raamatust "Modern Architecture since 1900", millest W. Curtis praegu kriitikuna kirjutab, Lille'i projektist jm

  13. Sotsiaalmaja Tallinnas Ankru 1 = Social Housing in Tallinn at 1 Ankru Street / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Projekteerija Rein Murula Arhitektuuribüroo. Arhitekt Rein Murula, kaasa töötanud Martin Aunin, Margus Maiste, Karl Koosa. Konstruktsioonid: insener Tõnu Rausberg. Vanuritemaja I korrusel invakorterid. Projekt 1999, valmis 2000. 5 ill.: I korruse plaan, välisvaated

  14. On tegu ja nägu / Ralf Lõoke ; interv. Karin Paulus

    Lõoke, Ralf, 1978-


    Tartu Kesklinna kool valmis 1912. aastal arhitekt Arved Eichhorni projekti järgi. 1965. aastal valmis Udo Tiirmaa projekti järgi juurdeehitis. 2007. aastal avati kooli laiendus, autoriteks arhitektuuribüroo Salto arhitektid Maarja Kask, Karli Luik ja Ralf Lõoke

  15. Tartust pärit eurolauljate võiduvõimalused vähenesid / Karin Palo

    Palo, Karin


    Tänavusest Eesti Eurovisiooni finaalist, lauljast Laura Põldverest lauludega "Moonwalk ja "Let's Get Loud" (viimane ansambli Suntribe koosseisus)" ja Julia Bomani esitatud laulu "Nevermore Island" väljajätmisest finaalvõistlusest

  16. Abilinnapea Jaanson : kasvuruumi on küll / Karin Jaanson ; interv. Martin Shmutov

    Jaanson, Karin


    Rahanduse eest vastutav Tartu abilinnapea vastab intervjuus 2006. aasta Tartu eelarvet puudutavatele küsimustele. Diagramm, tabel: Tartu linn kulutab tuleval aastal 1 360 535 800 krooni, investeeringud

  17. Vahemere ökosüsteemi ohustab haide vähesus / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Vt. ka Postimees : na russkom jazõke 19. juuni, lk. 9. Rahvusvahelise Looduskaitseliidu (IUCN) raportist selgub, et haide arv Vahemeres on vähenenud viimase kahe sajandi jooksul 97 protsenti, seades sellega äärmiselt tõsisesse ohtu ökosüsteemi toimimise. Lisa: Vahemere haidJuuni viimasel päeval koos 28 kaaslannaga Mont Blancile ronival Anu Välbal alpinismikogemust pole

  18. Muuseumid ja mänedzhment : ICOM muuseumide maailmafoorumilt Barcelonas / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    1.-6. VII toimunud ülemaailmse muuseumide organisatsiooni ICOM konverentsist üldteemal "Museums and Management". Muuseumidest informatsiooniajastul, USA muuseumide edukusest, muuseumide tulevikust (Ken Dychtwald, Rolf Jensen) ja juhtimisest.

  19. Ekspert : Pärnul tuleks jutustada oma lugu / Anu Jürisson, Karin Klaus

    Jürisson, Anu, 1977-


    Rahvusvahelise kultuuriturismi konverentsist Pärnus ja kultuurianalüütik doktor Dragan Klaici soovitustest ning nägemusest omanäolise Pärnu kultuurielu elavdamiseks. Ants Johanson rääkis Viljandi folkmuusika festivali korraldamisest, külalised Tuula Rintala-Gardin ja Mikael Ahlerup ka teemaparkide loomisest

  20. Pangakontode arestimine pangakontode Euroopa arestimismääruse menetluses / Irina Pavlovskaja, Karin Sein

    Pavlovskaja, Irina


    Euroopa Liidus 15. mail 2014 vastu võetud määrusest nr 655/2014, millega luuakse pangakontode Euroopa arestimismääruse menetlus, et hõlbustada võlgade piiriülest sissenõudmist tsiviil- ja kaubandusasjades. Artikkel põhineb autori 2014. a kevadel Tartu Ülikooli õigusteaduskonnas kaitstud magistritööl "Pangakonto arestimine kaitsemeetmena Euroopa Liidu tasandil Euroopa pangakonto arestimise määruse valguses"

  1. Piinatud birmalased ootavad ÜRO seni jõuetut abikätt / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Buda munkade eestvedmisel toimunud massimeeleavalduste mahasurumisest Birmas. ÜRO erisaadiku Ibrahim Gambari kohtumisest nii Birma kindralite kui ka opositsiooniliidri Aung San Suu Kyiga oodatakse tulemusi ja sanktsioone Lisa: Sõjaväe haardes riik

  2. Arhitektuurimuuseum vaatab Aasiasse / Kim Sung Hong ; intervjueerinud Karin Hallas-Murula

    Kim Sung Hong


    Näituse kuraatori Kim Sung Hongiga 21. aprillini Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis avatud Lõuna-Korea kaasaegse arhitektuuri näitusest "Megacity network" ("Megalinna võrgustik"), Korea arhitektuurist, arhitektidest, muinsuskaitsest ja avalikust ruumist. Näituse kujundas Hwang Doo Jin

  3. Pärnu jätkab Europan-projektiga / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    2003. aastal toimunud arhitektuurikonkursi Europan 7 võidutöö "Teine loodus" (arhitektid Oana-Maria Bogdan, Kelly Shannon jt.) põhjal valminud eskiisprojektist Pärnus mere ning Tammsaare puiestee vahelisele krundile. Triin Ojari selgitab võistluse olemust. Arhitekt Kelly Shannon külastas Pärnut

  4. Mis toimub tudengiesinduste tagatoas pärast valimisi / Karin Pool

    Pool, Karin


    Kohtumisest Tartu Ülikooli Üliõpilasesinduse teabespetsialisti Marju Himma, Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli üliõpilasesinduse juhatuse esimehe Oliver Kallase ja Tallinna Ülikooli üliõpilaskonna volikogu spiikri Rome Tikasega, kus arutati üliõpilasesinduste tegevust valimisjärgsel ajal

  5. Mercury Oxidation over Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Catalysts - Ph.d. thesis Karin Madsen

    Madsen, Karin

    The vanadium-based SCR catalyst used for NOx-control promotes the oxidation of elemental mercury Hg0 to Hg2+ in flue gases from coal-fired power plants. Hg2+ is water soluble and can effectively be captured in a wet scrubber. This means that the combination of an SCR with a wet FGD can offer an e...

  6. Pärnu muuseumis näeb vammuseid ja pesu / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Näitus "Meie vammus" Pärnu Muuseumis, koostaja Ülli Kont. Viljandi Muuseumi rändnäitus "Need" Pärnu Muuseumis, koostajad Tiina Jürgen, Ebe-Triin Arros, Lüüli Kiik, Herki Helves. Näitused on avatud 12. septembrini

  7. Euroopa ühinev arhitektuuripoliitika : lõppes Euroopa esimene arhitektuurifestival / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Euroopa esimese arhitektuurifestivali üritustest. GAUDI (Governance, Architecture and Urbanism as Democratic Interaction) projektist. 2005. aastaks planeeritavasse GAUDI 2 projekti on Euroopa uute liikmesmaade arhitektuuriinstitutsioonide seas kutsutud Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum. Arhitektuuri välisnäitustest Eestis, eesti arhitektuuripoliitikast, 2005. a. toimuva arhitektuurinädala korraldamisest

  8. Sigrid Viir võitis PULSE Kaasaegse Kunsti messi auhinna / Karin Laansoo ; fotod: Sigrid Viir

    Laansoo, Karin, 1976-


    Laupäeval, 5. mail kuulutas PULSE Kaasaegse Kunsti messi preemiazhürii New Yorgis välja tänavuse messi peapreemia võitja - Eesti fotograafi Sigrid Viiru, keda esindas messil Temnikova & Kasela Galerii

  9. Uue aja moodne kodu ja ajaloo ringkäik / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    1927. a. Stuttgarti ehitatud Weissenhofi väikemajade elamurajoonist (Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, W. Gropius, M. Taut jt.) näituse "Weissenhof" põhjal Rotermanni soolalaos. Võrreldakse Emil Urbeli ja Indrek Ermi Aaviku küla projektiga Tiskres

  10. Paradigma muutus linnaplaneerimisideoloogias : nõukogulikust heaolumüüdist turumajandusliku diktaadini / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Kirjutis põhineb Malle Meelaku mälestusele pühendatud linnaplaneerimisalasel konverentsil Tallinna Tehnikaülikoolis 27. mail peetud ettekandel, mille eesmärk oli vaadelda eesti XX sajandi teise poole linnaplaneerimisideoloogiat muu maailma mõjusuundade kontekstis. Tallinna uuest üldplaanist, pikemalt Viru väljakust.

  11. Millest räägivad paigad? : Paikade identiteet ja sotsiaalsed konstruktsioonid Eesti saartel / Karin Lindroos

    Lindroos, Karin, 1973-


    Eesti suursaarte sotsiaalsete suhete struktuurist ja selle abil kujunevast paiga identiteedist, nende kindlaks tegemiseks ja kaardistamiseks sobilikust metoodikast ning paiga identiteedi kontseptsioonidest Hollandi geograafide Huigeni ja Meijringi kontseptsioonidele toetudes.

  12. Üleilmastumisel on linna nägu / Edward W. Soja ; interv. Karin Paulus

    Soja, Edward W.


    Ameerika linnageograaf Edward W. Soja räägib globaliseerumisest, linnastumisest, rikkuse ebaühtlasest jaotumisest, subkultuuridest, inimese identiteedi muutumisest, raamatust "Thirdspace". Lühidalt Edward W. Soja tegevusest, foto. Lisa: Kes on Edward W. Soja?

  13. Oscar Niemeyer - arhitekt ja kõiksus / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Brasiilia arhitektist Oscar Niemeyerist (s. 1907) ja tema loomingust. Niemeyeri Rio de Janeiro büroo ja Rootsi Arhitektuurimuuseumi koostöös valminud näitusel Rotermanni soolalaos on rõhuasetus idee sünnil, esimestel skitsidel. Näitust saadab film Niemeyerist

  14. Kunstiakadeemia lõpetajad 2005 / Karin Paulus, Tanel Veenre, Tõnu Kaalep

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Valik Eesti Kunstiakadeemia bakalaureusetöid: Elize Hiiobi "Nimeta ehe", Anton Kooviti uued kirjatüübid, Raili Ilmsalu kipsskulptuur "Eva", Aleksei Aljoshini "Futuristlik spordirõivas", Merle Kasoneni töö "Võimalused", Leena Lüteri draakon "Isiklik kaitsja", Ave Maseri miniatuurid "Teised", Kärt Põldmani "Punased kingad", Riho Tiiveli vetelpäästesüsteem, Ester Kannelmäe rõivakollektsioon "Ahistab", töö "Eesti rahvalaulud", Helena Vaidla mosaiik "Veesilm", Merike Estna kineetiline maal "Punamütsike: I am the Prettiest Girl in the World", Eilve Mangluse käeobjektid, Annike Oldre maal "Üksi", Eliisa Ehini töö "Närviimpulsside liikumine ajus", Veiko Vaine terrassitool "Miinimum"

  15. Juhtumipõhise võrgustikutöö käsiraamat - abiks praktikutele / Karin Kiis

    Kiis, Karin


    TÜ Pärnu Kolledzhi õppejõud töötasid välja käsiraamatu, mis põhineb juhtumipõhise võrgustikutöö koolitusel ning on mõeldud eelkõige sotsiaal-, rehabilitatsiooni-, kriminaalhoolduse- ning tööturuvaldkonnas töötavatele praktikutele

  16. Uue kunsti muuseum näitab loodus- ja lastefilmi / Karin Klaus

    Klaus, Karin


    Tutvustatakse Pärnu uue kunsti muuseumis linastuvat ameeriklase Robert Harding Pittmani keskkonnateemalist dokumentaalfilmi "Tamm nr. 41940" ja Soome režissööri Kaisa Rastimo koguperefilmi "Torm" (Myrsky), 2008

  17. Eesti talendid raadiokonkurssidel "New Talent" ja "Let the Peoples Sing" / Karin Kopra

    Kopra, Karin


    Bratislavas toimunud noorte interpreetide võistlusest "New Talent", kus osales ka pianist Mihkel Poll ning rahvusvahelisest amatöörkooride konkursist "Let the Peoples Sing" Kölnis, kus osalesid Eesti Televisiooni tütarlastekoor ja Tallinna Muusikakeskkooli lastekoor

  18. Valitsemine, riskijuhtimine ja õigusnormide järgimine kui tervik süsteem / Karin Rätsep

    Rätsep, Karin


    Ajakirja The Economist poolt 2009. aasta septembris läbiviidud üleilmse uuringu valitsemise, riskijuhtimise ja õigusnormide järgimise terviksüsteemidele hinnangu andmiseks. Uuringu olulisemad järeldused. KPMG poolt väljatöötatud valitsemise, riskijuhtimise ja õigusnormide järgimise raamistikust. Skeem

  19. KARIN: The Ka-Band Radar Interferometer for the Proposed Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Mission

    Esteban-Fernandez, Daniel; Peral, Eva; McWatters, Dalia; Pollard, Brian; Rodriguez, Ernesto; Hughes, Richard


    Over the last two decades, several nadir profiling radar altimeters have provided our first global look at the ocean basin-scale circulation and the ocean mesoscale at wavelengths longer than 100 km. Due to sampling limitations, nadir altimetry is unable to resolve the small wavelength ocean mesoscale and sub-mesoscale that are responsible for the vertical mixing of ocean heat and gases and the dissipation of kinetic energy from large to small scales. The proposed Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission would be a partnership between NASA, CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spaciales) and the Canadian Space Agency, and would have as one of its main goals the measurement of ocean topography with kilometer-scale spatial resolution and centimeter scale accuracy. In this paper, we provide an overview of all ocean error sources that would contribute to the SWOT mission.

  20. Pankrotis riik ja valusad reformid kärbivad Sarkozy senist tähelendu / Triin Oppi, Karin Volmer

    Oppi, Triin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke, 25. sept. 2007, lk. 7. Postimees : na russkom jazõke lüh. Prantsusmaa presidendi Nicolas Sarkozy plaanib riigi pankrotist väljatoomiseks mitmeid seadusemuudatusi ja uuendusi. Peaminister Francois Fillon tunnistas eelarvepuudujääki. Lisa: Toetus. Väljavõtteid ajakirjale Time antud hinnangutest Nicolas Sarkozy valitsusajale: Philip H. Gordon, Marielle de Sarnez, Dominique Moisi

  1. Koolirõõmuta kool on lapsele kui sunnitöö / Ene-Silvia Sarv ; intervjueerinud Karin Klaus

    Sarv, Ene-Silvia, 1945-


    Intervjuu Pärnus hariduskonverentsil "Õnnelik õpilane, õnnelik õpetaja" esinenud Tallinna ülikooli lektori Ene-Silvia Sarvega, kes rääkis oma ettekandes, milline paistab tänapäeva kool õpilaste silme läbi ja mis mõjutab koolikliimat kõige enam

  2. Büroohoone : Roopa 23/Tehnika 55, Tallinn = Office Building : Roopa 23/Tehnika 55, Tallinn / Karin Hallas

    Hallas, Karin, 1957-


    Kolme-, osalt neljakorruseline katuseterrassiga büroohoone, mille silikaattellistest välisvoodriga fassaade ilmestab täiendavate materjalide (vaskplekk, puitlaudis) kombineerimine. Projekteerija: Rein Murula Arhitektuuribüroo. 9 ill.: tüüpkorruse plaan, lõige, välis- ja sisevaated

  3. Ring-wall enclosure of Lipa in Prehistoric Southern Harjumaa / Marge Konsa, Valter Lang, Karin Vimberg...[jt.


    Lipa vallsulendik kuulub Eestis väikesearvuliste muististe hulka, mille iseloomulikuks tunuseks on tasasele maale ehitatud kividest või mullast madal vall, mis ringikujuliselt piirab õueala. Leitud keraamika järgi võiks asulakiht kuuluda ajavahemikku eelrooma rauaaja lõpust kuni rooma rauaaja lõpuni

  4. Opportunities and challenges in managing the process of knowledge sharing in different learning environments / Tiit Elenurm, Ly Hõbe, Karin Liikane

    Elenurm, Tiit, 1952-


    Kaanel ajak. ilmumisaeg 2002/2003. Ülevaade kaugkoolituse (sh. veebipõhise õppe) kui teadmusjuhtimise meetodi võimalustest, puudustest, kuludest ning efektiivsusest teadmiste omandamisel ja rakendamisel praktikasse, toetudes EBS-i teadmusjuhtimise kursuste ja Eesti Pangaliidu kaugõppeprogrammide kogemustele. Tabelid

  5. Konstantin Päts ja Tallinna väljaehitamine pealinnaks 1934-1940 / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Uue riikliku ehituspoliitika kujunemisest 1934. aastal. Muudatustest linnaplaanis. Pealinliku fassadi ehitamisest. Ruumilise mõjuga projektidest. Narva maanteest ja Vabaduse väljakust. Roman Tavasti maja juhtumist

  6. Vintage: suvaline eriline vastikult eklektiline rohujuure disain = Vintage: arbitrary and peculiar, obnoxiously eclectic grassroots design / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    Sisearhitekt Priit Põldme vintage stiilist. Armastusväärse kujundusega kohvikutest Eestis. Pikemalt kohvikust "Boheem" (Kopli t. 18, sisearhitekt Maris Kerge), "Kukeke" (Telliskivi t.), baarist "Pudel" (Telliskivi loomelinnak, sisekujundus: Pink) ja "Tops" (Soo t.) Tallinnas

  7. Töötajate varaline vastutus : [bakalaureusetöö] / Karin Lehari ; Tartu Ülikool, õigusteaduskond ; juhendaja: Merle Muda

    Lehari, Karin


    Kahju tekitamisest tulenev kahju hüvitamine, töötaja poolt tekitatud kahju hüvitamise tingimused - varalise kahju olemasolu, töötaja teo õigusvastasus, põhjuslik seos, süü ja süü vormid, tööandja vastutus töötaja poolt kolmandatele isikutele tekitatud kahju eest

  8. Birma sõjavägi jätkab protestide mahasurumist toore jõuga / Karin Dean

    Dean, Karin


    Sõjaväe ja meeleavaldajate kokkupõrgetest Birmas, armee rünnakutest kloostritele ja protestijatele, mille tulemusel on hukkunuid. ÜRO ja EL-i hukkamõistvast suhtumisest. Lisa: Sõjaväeline Birma

  9. Tehingu vorminõuded ja nende järgimata jätmise tagajärjed / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Tehingu vorminõuete uuendustest 2002. aasta 1. juulist kehtivas tsiviilseadustiku üldosa seaduses. Vorminõude ulatusest ja funktsioonidest. Vorminõude järgimata jätmise tagajärgedest vastavate Riigikohtu lahendite põhjal

  10. ESTO ühendab kõiki, kes tunnevad endid eestlastena / Kristel Sarrik ; fotod: Vaado Sarapuu; Kristel Sarrik; Karin Rumming

    Sarrik, Kristel


    Jaak Juhansoo ja Mart Laanemäe kõnedest, dokumentaalfilmist "Peod täis pisaraid", Kristjan Randalu ja Bodek Janke kontserdist, näitustest, sõjaveteranide kokkutulekust, kirikukonverentsist, kontserdist "Generatsioonid" jpm.

  11. Kükitajate kunst ja kõrvalhoidmise strateegiad = Squat-art and strategies of choosing the edge / Karin Laansoo

    Laansoo, Karin, 1976-


    Prantsuse kunstnikud Delphine Reist, Laurent Faulon, Sebastien Perroud ja Mathiue Werchowsky tegid Tallinnas Kalinini tehasehoones squart'näituse "Neli laulu Siivile". Kuraator Andres Lõo.Four songs for Siivi, kunstinäitus (2002 : Tallinn)

  12. Avastatud maa-alune järv võib lõpetada Darfuri kodusõja / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke, 23. juuli 2007, lk. 6. Teadlaste hinnangul võib Darfuri konflikti lõpetada Darfuris avastatud maa-alune järv, sest kodusõda araablastest karjakasvatajate ja põlluharijatest põliselanike vahel võib tingitud olla veepuudusest. Kaart: Darfuri maa-alune järv. Lisa: Darfuri konflikt

  13. From Camps to Conversations in Critical Security Studies

    Hansen, Lene


    The article reviews the book "Critical Approaches to International Security," by Karin M. Fierke......The article reviews the book "Critical Approaches to International Security," by Karin M. Fierke...

  14. Inimesed ostavad kinnisvara asemel üha rohkem teemante / Kerli Nõu

    Nõu, Kerli


    Eesti gemmoloogid Karin Eensaar ja Heli Kuulmann teemantidest kui investeeringust. Kommenteerib Karin Eensaar. Lisad: Maapõu peidab ülivanu kivikesi. Kultusehe number kaks: pärlikee; De Beers. Alrosa. BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto

  15. Lennureisija õigus saada hüvitist : Euroopa Liidu lennureisijate õiguste määrus / Karin Sein, Age Värv

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Euroopa Parlamendi ja nõukogu määrusest nr 261/2004. Reisijate õigusest rahalisele hüvitisele, lennuettevõtja hüvitise maksmise kohustusest ning kohtusse pöördumisest hüvitise nõude esitamiseks

  16. Bänd või korporatsioon? Identiteedivalikud kunstnike eneseorganiseerumisel = Band or corporation? Identity choises in the self-organisation of artists / Karin Laansoo

    Laansoo, Karin, 1976-


    Aastatuhandevahetuse ümber Eestis loodud kunstirühmitustest, nende tekkimise põhjustest ja toimimisloogikast. Sotsialismiaegsed kollektivismi ideaalid kõrvutasid end uue, kapitalistliku bränditeadlikkusega. Pikemalt rühmitustest Troubleproduction, Avangard, Multikultuurimaja

  17. Töö vastuvõtmine ja töövõtja vastutus ehitusvigade eest / Piia Kalamees, Kalev Saare, Karin Sein

    Kalamees, Piia, 1983-


    Töö vastuvõtmise kohustusest, töö valmimise ja vastuvõtmise õiguslikust tähendusest ja mõjust, töövõtja vastutuse ulatusest ja vastutusmudeli erisustest, ehitustöö valmiduse määratlemisest. Eesti ja Saksamaa seaduste ja kohtupraktika võrdlev analüüs

  18. Tähed disainiöös / Mait Summatavet, Risto Räägel, Per Mollerup...[jt.] ; interv. Karin Paulus


    Disainiöö raames avati Arhitektuuri- ja Disainigaleriis näitus "Kokkupandavad asjad" ning kuulutati välja konkursi võitjad. Peapreemia võitis läti disaineri Elina Bushmane kokkupandav teelaud, teise koha Jaana Päeva tekstiilist kott, kolmanda koha Ingrem Floreni käekott. Ära märgiti Veiko Liisi kilepiima vutlar. Disainiöö üritustest ning konkursitöödest räägivad Mait Summatavet, Per Mollerup, Simo Heikkilä, Risto Räägel

  19. Tarbijalemüügilepingu sätete kohaldatavus tarbijast liisinguvõtja ja müüja vahelises suhtes / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Liisinguvõtja õigustest liisingueseme puuduste korral ning tarbijalemüügi imperatiivsete sätete kohaldamisest. Võlaõigusseaduse § 365 lõige 1 Euroopa Liidu tarbijalemüügidirektiivi (1999/44/EÜ) kontekstis

  20. Karine Salomé, Les Îles bretonnes. Une image en construction (1750-1914), Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 472 p.

    Guigueno, Vincent


    Des îles sans histoire ? Fraîchement sorti de l’École des Ponts et Chaussées dans les années 1830, l’ingénieur Auguste Mille, est affecté à la construction du grand phare de Sein. Dans la correspondance qu’il entretient avec sa hiérarchie parisienne, voici la description qu’il fait de son séjour insulaire : « Depuis deux ans, écrit-il, j’habite sur le triste et stérile rocher de l’Île de Sein ; depuis deux ans, je n’ai connu qu’une vie de dangers et de privations, logé dans une mauvaise bara...

  1. Digitaalse infosisu lepingutingimustele vastavuse hindamine. Euroopa ühise müügiõiguse eelnõu / Karin Sein, Siiri Kuusik

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Digitaalse infosisu kvaliteedi hindamisest, ligipääsust, tehnilistest kasutuspiirangutest, koostalitlusvõimest ja ühilduvusest. Autoriõigusest tingitud kasutuspiirangutest. Puudulikust informatsioonist ja turvalisusest. Artikkel põhineb osaliselt Siiri Kuusiku 2014. aasta kevadel kaitstud magistritööl

  2. Status of Kenyan Coral Reef lagoons. Project Report to Kenya Wildlife Services, Kenya Karine and Fisheries Researoh Institute & Kenya"s Fisheries Department.

    McClanahan, T.; Muthiga, N.; Obura, D.; Mutere, J.; Mwachireya, S.


    This report presents the findings of Wildlife Conservation International's Coral Reef Conservation Project monitoring program of Kenyan coral reefs and suggest research and management plans for the coral reefs based on the findings.

  3. Kuidas hageda teises Euroopa Liidu liikmesriigis teadmata aadressil elavat võlgnikku? Kohtudokumentide kättetoimetamise ja tagaseljaotsusega seonduvad probleemid / Haide Hermet, Karin Sein

    Hermet, Haide, 1970-


    Rahvusvahelisest kohtualluvusest Eesti tsiviilkohtumenetluse seadustiku § 75 lg 1 ja Brüsseli I määruse järgi. Kohtudokumentide kättetoimetamise määrusest 1393/2007. Euroopa Kohtu lahendites kehtestatud standarditest ja Eesti kohtupraktikast

  4. Kahjustatud isiku omaosalus kahju tekkimisel : [bakalaureusetöö] / Piia Karu ; Tartu Ülikooli Õigusinstituut ; juhendaja: Karin Sein

    Karu, Piia


    Kahjuhüvitise vähendamine sõltuvalt kahjustatud isikust tulenevatest asjaoludest või ohust, mille eest kahjustatud isik vastutab ; kui kahjustatud isik aitas ise kahju tekkimisele kaasa või suurendas juba tekkinud kahju ; isiku surma põhjustamise, tema tervise kahjustamise või talle kehavigastuse tekitamise korral ; omaosaluse tagajärjed

  5. Eduard Tubina 100. sünniaastapäeva puhul toimus Stockholmis suur mälestuskontsert / Hilma Nerep-Mossin ; fotod: Karin Mickelsson

    Nerep-Mossin, Hilma


    17. aprillil 2005 Stockholmi Soome Kirikus toimunud kontserdi muusikaarvustus. Esinesid Stockholmi Eesti Segakoor, Projektmeeskoor E. Tubin 100, laulusolistid Katrin Meerits, Liine Carlsson ja Mikko Pulkkinen

  6. Tarbijate õiguste kaitse Euroopa müügiõiguse eelnõus: kas kõrgem tase Eesti tarbija jaoks? / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Euroopa Komisjoni ettepanekust luua vabatahtlik ühine Euroopa müügiõigus (EÜM) ning Eestis kehtivast regulatsioonist tulenevalt võlaõigusseadusest. Artikkel põhineb 32. Eesti õigusteadlaste päevadel peetud ettekandel, mille autor pidas Tartus 4. oktoobril 2012

  7. Välisriigis toimunud abielulahutuse tunnustamine Eestis : [magistritöö] / Rasmus Kuklane ; Tartu Ülikool, õigusteaduskond ; juhendaja: Karin Sein

    Kuklane, Rasmus


    Välisriigis toimunud lahutuse tunnustamine Eestis Euroopa Liidu liikmesriigina (Brüssel II bis määrus) või rahvusvaheliste lepingute alusel (Haagi 1970. a. konventsioon, õigusabilepingud riikide vahel), kohtupraktika analüüs

  8. Müncheni eestlased tähistasid Eesti Vabariigi 93. sünnipäeva koos president Toomas Hendrik Ilvesega / Karin Ladva-Zoller

    Ladva-Zoller, Karin, 1967-


    Münchenis Baieri resoranis Donisl toimus 6. veebr. 2011 Eesti Vabariigi 93. aastapäevale pühendatud pidu. Peol osalesid ka president Toomas Hendrik Ilves ja suursaadik Mart Laanemäe. President esines kõnega ja vastas Müncheni Eesti Kooli laste küsimustele

  9. Noored režissöörid väärtustavad eneseleidmist / Maiju Ingman, Anu Aun ; interv. Karin Klaus

    Ingman, Maiju


    Pärnus näidatakse noortefilme : soomlanna Maiju Ingmani TÜ lõputööd "Mida iganes, Aleksander" (teekonnafilm, osades Jaak Prints, Arvo Kukumägi) ja Anu Auna lühifilmi "Indigo tuba" (mängivad Mirtel Pohla, Alo Kõrve). Režissöörid oma otsingutest ja filmidest

  10. Avalik ruum - kas hambutult kaitstud ühishuvi? / Martin Allik, Külli Volmer, Riin Alatalu ... [jt.] ; intervjueerinud Karin Paulus, Mari Kodres


    Autorid selgitavad, mida tähendab nende jaoks avalik ruum, millised vastuolud võivad tekkida avalikus ruumis liikudes ja tegutsedes. Kärt Mere vastukaja on ilmunud: Eesti Kodanik, 2011, nr. 1, lk. 5, pealk.: Eakad linnaruumis

  11. Ebamäärasus kui eesmärk : "Coast Wise Europe'i" näitus ja konverents Rotermanni soolalaos / Karin Hallas

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Aprillis eksponeeritud näitusest "Coast Wise Europe" ja 17. aprillil toimunud konverentsist "Ebamäärasus". David Milleri, Mart Raukase, Kaia Lehari, Inga Raukase, Kaarel Orviku ettekannetest. Ürituse korraldaja ja Eesti-poolse "Coast'i" eestvedaja Inga Raukas.

  12. Üürilepingu erakorraline ülesütlemine üürniku makseviivituse tõttu / Kaidi Urgas, Karin Sein

    Urgas, Kaidi, 1989-


    Võlaõigusseaduse § 316 kohaldamise teoreetilistest alustest ja rakendamise praktikast Eesti kohtutes ning seaduse ajakohastamise vajadusest, et poolte õigused ja kohustused paremini tasakaalu viia. Üürileandja ülesütlemisõigus Šveitsi ja Saksa õiguses

  13. The Debate on Dominant Culture and Cultural Imperialism

    Anchan, John P.


    In this commentary, the author reviews in depth Roland S. Persson's (2012a) target article. According to him Persson (2012a) presents a convincing argument as he wove through examples and explanations. The idea of superculture connects well with the established neocolonial literature and the North-South/Centre-Periphery debate. From general to…

  14. Air pollution emission inventory along a major traffic route within ...

    Soyannwo, Olusola

    traffic emissions are the dominant source of gaseous ..... air concentrations, source profiles, and source apportionment of 71 ... heavy metals in Ibadan, Nigeria. Soil Sed. Contam. 10(6):577-591. Sjodin A, Persson K, Andreasson K, Arlander B, ...

  15. <300> GeV team

    CERN PhotoLab


    The 300 GeV team had been assembled. In the photograph are Hans Horisberger, Clemens Zettler, Roy Billinge, Norman Blackburne, John Adams, Hans-Otto Wuster, Lars Persson, Bas de Raad, Hans Goebel, Simon Van der Meer.

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    Rong Li, Artem M. Abakumov, Mark. Croft, Alexander Ignatov, Peter W Stephens, Jason P. Hodges, P?emysl Van?k, Craig J. Fennie ,, Karin M. Rabe...Brian Craig Fennie , Karin Rabe, Stanislav Kamba and M. Greenblatt, submitted to Inorg. Chem. 1-2016 14. First evidence of the multiferroicity in

  18. Vahetusüliõpilased Helsingi ülikooli ja Jyväskylä ülikooli on Gerli Jõgi, Karin Leemet, Ott Lumi, Tarmo Tuule ja Siret Voll


    Vastavalt Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli ning Helsingi ja Jyväskylä ülikooli vahel sõlmitud koostöölepingutele on igal aastal neljal-viiel üliõpilasel võimalus õppida semester partnerülikoolis

  19. Kes peab posti- või Interneti-müügi lepingust taganemisel kandma esialgsed postikulud? : Euroopa Kohtu otsus asjas Handelsgesellschaft Heinrich Heine GmbH vs. Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Euroopa Kohtu lahendist, mille kohaselt on Euroopa Liidu kaugmüügidirektiiviga vastuolus müügilepingu klauslid, mille järgi lepingust taganemise korral esialgseid postikulusid tellijatele ei tagastata

  20. Tarbijalepingute kohtualluvuse probleemid Brüsseli I määruses: milliste ohtudega peavad arvestama oma kaupu või teenuseid piiriüleselt pakkuvad ettevõtjad? / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Millal võib ühes liikmesriigis elav tarbija, kes on ostnud kauba või saanud teenuse teises liikmesriigis asuvalt ettevõtjalt, esitada ettevõtja vastu hagi oma elukohariigi kohtusse. Euroopa Kohtu lahenditest kohtuasjades Alpenhof, Mühlleitner ja Emrek

  1. Appi - tarbijast võlgnik kolis välismaale! : kommentaar Riigikohtu lahenditele asjades 3-2-1-114-12 ja 3-2-1-123-12 / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Riigikohtu lahendist 3-2-1-114-12, milles vaieldi füüsilisest isikust võlgniku pankroti väljakuulutamise kohtualluvuse üle. Lahendist 3-2-1-123-12, milles vaieldi, kas ja millistel tingimustel on Eesti kohus pädev läbi vaatama hagi Eestist lahkunud tarbijast krediidisaaja vastu

  2. Õigus oma kohtuasja arutamisele seadusega määratud kohtus kui põhiõigus ja kohtuasjade juhusliku jaotamise põhimõte : [bakalaureusetöö] / Karin Antsov ; Tartu Ülikool, õigusteaduskond ; juhendaja: Eerik Kergandberg

    Antsov, Karin, 1979-


    Õigus seadusega määratud kohtule Euroopa Inimõiguste konventsioonis (art. 6, lõige 1), Eesti Vabariigi põhiseaduses (§24, lõige 1), kohtualluvuse regulatsioon Eesti menetlusseadustikes, kohtuasjade statistiline jagamine, rahvakohtunike kaasamine

  3. Kohalike omavalitsuste investeeringud ja finantsvõimekus : olukord ja selle mõju arendustegevusele = Investments and financial capability of local governments : situation and its influence on development activities / Karin-Liis Haljaste, Rivo Noork

    Haljaste, Karin-Liis


    Eesti kohaliku omavalitsuse süsteemis on avalike ülesannete täitmise kavandamisel keskne koht valla või linna arengukaval, mille sidumist valla- või linnaeelarvega võimaldavad tegevuskava, eelarveprognoos ja -strateegia. Strateegiline kavandamine, investeeringud, analüüs. Lisatud tabelid ja graafikud

  4. Leping kinnisvaraarendaja ja kinnisasja omandaja vahel : kas müügileping või segatüüpi leping? Kommentaar Riigikohtu otsusele tsiviilasjas 3-2-1-98-09 / Karin Sein

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Riigikohtu lahendist 3-2-1-98-09: A & M Invest OÜ kassatsioonkaebus Tallinna Ringkonnakohtu 30.03.2009. a otsusele A & M Invest OÜ hagis K. Radiku ja M. Radiku vastu hüvitise 1 950 946,70 krooni väljamõistmiseks

  5. Pronksiööl küpsenud valus tõde / Gerda Kordemets ; intervjueeris Jüri Aarma

    Kordemets, Gerda, 1960-


    ETV lavastuslike saadete toimetuse juhataja meenutab Tallinna Linnateatri lavastuse "Karin ja Indrek. Tõde ja õigus" Eesti Televisioonile lindistamist aprillis 2007. Lavastaja Elmo Nüganen, aluseks Tammsaare "Tõe ja õiguse" IV osa

  6. Professor Peep Veski meie meenutustes


    Mälestusi Tartu Ülikooli Farmaatsia instituudi juhatajast Peep Veskist jagavad: Eve-Irene Lepist, Urve Paaver, Karin Kogermann, Kristian Semjonov, Jaak Koppel, Kristin Raudsepp, Imre Klebovich, Filiz Hincal, A. Atilla Hincal ja Elmar Arak

  7. Disaini abil edukaks / Bo Englund ; interv. Kai Lobjakas

    Englund, Bo


    Euroopa Disainiühenduste büroost (Bureau of European Design Association - BEDA), rahvuslikust disainipoliitikast, Rootsi-Eesti disainikonverentsist "Innovatsioon läbi disaini - disaini oma tulevik" Viinistu Kunstimuuseumis. Kommentaar Karin Pauluselt

  8. Eerosest valgustatud / Rein Veidemann

    Veidemann, Rein, 1946-


    Arvustus: Saarsen, Karin. Lõvi ja orhidee : [luuletused]. Tallinn : Eesti Raamat, 2002 ; Under, Marie. Under armastusest : [luuletused ja katkendid kirjadest] / valik ja järelsõna: Sirje Olesk. Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2002

  9. Advent Euroopa viienda õiega


    Esimesel advendil Tallinnas toimunud Taivo Pilleri jõuludemonstratsioonil osalesid edukalt ka kaks Ida-Viru lilleseadjat: Karin Lainjärv ja Marietta Rossmann; paremateks tunnistati Irmen Laving, Saale Halla, Heidi Haggi

  10. Muzei KUMU priglashajet russkih utshenikov / Andrei Babin

    Babin, Andrei


    KUMU hariduskeskuse uus projekt "Remark"aitab vene õppekeelega koolide õpilastel ja lasteaedade lastel põhjalikumalt tutvuda eesti kunstiklassikaga. Kommenteerivad projekti koordinaator Jelena Levtshenkova ja programmijuht Karin Taidre

  11. Välieluruumi ajakiri Õu = Õu, the Landscape Architecture Magazine


    Välieluruumi ajakirjast "Õu", peatoimetaja Anna-Liisa Unt, kolleegium Merle Karro-Kalberg ja Karin Bachmann, kujundaja Marje Eelmaa (Tuumik Stuudio). Maastikuarhitektuuri aastapreemia 2016 "Maastikuarhitektuuri tegu" laureaat

  12. Ot rokoko do romantizma / Jevgeni Ashihmin

    Ashihmin, Jevgeni


    Suveekskursioonide tsüklist "Eesti kunsti ajaloost" Kumus. Ekskursioonid teemadel "Rokokoost romantismini","Modernism. II Maailmasõja eelne eesti kunst" ja "Eesti kunst nõukogude perioodil". Ekskursioone juhivad kunstiteadlased Helena Risthein ja Karin Taidre

  13. Алексий II 1929-2008


    Aleksius II meenutavad: Kornelius, Tallinna ja kogu Eesti metropoliit ; Karin Jaani ; Marina Kaljurand ; Dmitri Medvedev, Venemaa president ; Helene Kamzol, Aleksius II sugulane ; Ain Seppik ; Vladimir Illjashevitsh ; Edgar Savisaar ; Jevgeni Tomberg ; Ene Ergma ; Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Eesti Vabariigi president

  14. Mereteemaline festival Melbourneìs / Sirje Jõgi

    Jõgi, Sirje


    oktoobrikuu viimasel pühapäeval Soome majas, eestlaste ühendkoor Karin Adamsoni juhatusel avas ühisfestivali. "Kirjud Vestid" esitasid Taevo Vaikma loodud laulu, "Eiderattad" esinesid kolme tantsuga

  15. Nostalgia Arhitektuurimuuseumis : kuldsed kuuekümnendad / Karen Jagodin ; interv. Ellu Maar

    Jagodin, Karen, 1982-


    Näitusest "Kuuekümnendad. Eesti moodne arhitektuur" ja sisearhitektide Väino Tamme ning Vello Asi loomingu näitusest Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis. Kuraatorid Karin Hallas-Murula ja Karen Jagodin. Eesti 1960. aastate sisearhitektuurist

  16. Oliivipuude triloogia - mõnus suvine võrkkiige-lugemine / Mari Klein

    Klein, Mari


    Tutvustus: Drinkwater, Carol. Oliiviistandus / tlk. Laine Hone. Tallinn : Varrak, 2004 ; Drinkwater, Carol. Oliivisaak / tlk. Eve-Reet Tammet. Tallinn : Varrak, 2997 ; Drinkwater, Carol. Oliivihooaeg / tlk. Lane Hone ja Karin Rita. Tallinn : Varrak, 2006

  17. Rotermanni soolalao juurde rajatakse urbanistlik park / Kertu Kalmus

    Kalmus, Kertu


    Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumi korraldatud Rotermanni soolalao esise urbanistliku pargi võistluse võitis Villem Tomiste töö "Piazza". Žürii esimees Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumi direktor Karin Hallas-Murula

  18. Raamatureisid Veneetsiasse / Margus Haav

    Haav, Margus, 1969-


    Arvustus: Girardi, Robert. Vaporetto 13 / ingl. k. tlk. Karin Suursalu. Tallinn : Kultuurileht, 2005. (Loomingu Raamatukogu) ; Raittila, Hannu. Canal Grande : [romaan] / tõlkinud Aivo Lõhmus. Tallinn : Varrak, 2003 (Moodne aeg)

  19. Saku uus logo liidab traditsioonid ja uuendusmeelsuse


    Reklaamiagentuur Divisioni loometööd juhtinud Dan Mikkin Saku Õlletehase uue logo loomisprotsessist ja stiiliraamatu kokkupanemisest. Karin Sepa kommentaar "Uus logo on avatum". Illustratsiooniks Saku õlletehase logod läbi aegade

  20. Kirgas klaas / Margit Aedla

    Aedla, Margit, 1970-


    Klaasiga saab ruumi tuua kergust ja värvilise klaasiga lisada pilkupüüdvat aktsenti. Valik klaasist riiuleid (disainerid Aziz Sariyer, Karin Rashid, Jean Nouvel), laevalgusti (disainer Michiko Nakata), seinakell, diivanilaud

  1. "Impact 4" Berliinis ja Poznanis / Vappu Thurlow

    Thurlow, Vappu, 1960-


    5.-10. IX Berliinis ja Poznanis toimunud neljandast rahvusvahelisest graafikakonverentsist "Impact" alapealkirjaga "Kontakt". Eestist osalesid Loit Jõekalda, Eve Kask, Karin Laansoo ja Vappu Thurlow. 2007. a. Tallinnas toimuva "Impact 5", alapealkirjaga "Slices of Time/Lõigutud aeg", kontseptsioon

  2. 75 FR 76482 - Federal Housing Administration (FHA): FHA Maximum Loan Limits for 2011


    ... . FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Karin B... be found at mortgagee/. Dated: November 29...

  3. ATM-dialoog Arne Maasiku ainetel / Andreas Trossek, Aleksander Tsapov

    Trossek, Andreas, 1980-


    Kuni 17. II Tallinna Kunstihoones avatud Arne Maasiku fotode näitusest (kuraator Karin Paulus, kujundaja Urmas Luure) ja fotoalbumist "Fotod : 1994-2007" (tekstide autorid Eero Epner, Peeter Laurits, Jan Kaus, kujundaja Martin Pedanik)

  4. About Nation, Race, and Ethnicity in Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries

    Hanni Jalil Paier


    Full Text Available Bibliographic outline of the following book:APPELBAUM, Nancy P., Anne S. Macpherson and Karin A. Rosemblatt (Eds. (2003. Race and Nation in Modern Latin America. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 329 pp.

  5. Decision-making framework for testing and grouping of nanomaterials

    Landsiedel, Robert


    A ‘multiple perspective’ framework for the grouping of nanomaterials Robert Landsiedel presenting the results of the ECETOC Nano Task Force (Josje H.E. Arts a, Mackenzie Hadi b, Athena M. Keene c, Reinhard Kreiling d, Delina Lyon e, Monika Maier f, Karin Michel g, Thomas Petry h, Ursula G. Sauer i, David Warheit j, Karin Wiench k, Robert Landsiedel k) a AkzoNobel, Technology and Engineering, Arnhem, Netherlands b Shell Health, Shell International B.V., The Hague, Netherlands...

  6. The Nuclear Death Domain Protein p84N5; A Candidate Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene


    hallmarks of cancer. Cell 100, 57-70, 2000. 35. Karin M, Cao Y, Greten FR, Li ZW. NF-kappaB in cancer: from innocent bystander to major culprit. Nat Rev...D., and Weinberg, R. A. (2000) Cell 100, 57-70 46. Karin, M., Cao, Y., Greten , F. R., and Li, Z. W. (2002) Nat Rev Cancer 2, 301-310 47. Cogswell, P

  7. Ideed, mis muudavad maailma


    Noorte ettevõtluskonkursi Ajujaht finalistidest: Richard Murutar (Dolphin), Andrus Purde (Achoo), Kalev Külaase, Ülane Vilumets, Rait Kapp (Kohalik Giid), Mart Raus, Vahur Mäe (Grillcube), Dmitri Kuznetsov, Anna Agronova, Julia Abolina, Anatoly Loginov (, Karin Juhe, Karin Aruots (Korsid), Raino Sinisalu, Märt Pikkani, Arkadi Tammik, Varje Papp (Raybike), Egle Loit, Kair Käsper (Pille toidukott)

  8. Two hypotheses were tested, namely:


    anthelmintic thereby indirectly controlling blowfly strike. A.J. Scholtz ... monetary terms and because of the stress associated with flystrike (Waghorn et al., 1999). Gastro- ... Barger, 1988; Waller, 1994) in combination with managerial practices.


    Shorter Menstrual Cycles Associated with Chlorination by-Products in Drinking Water. Gayle Windham, Kirsten Waller, Meredith Anderson, Laura Fenster, Pauline Mendola, Shanna Swan. California Department of Health Services.In previous studies of tap water consumption we...

  10. Library of INCA

    Bergman, Aeron


    LIBRARY OF INCA. Åpning: 25. august 2012. (18.00 til 21.00) Utstillingsperiode: 25. august - 22. september. Utstillere: Aurora Harris, Frido Evers, Lina Persson, Per-Oskar Leu, Cary Loren, Inger Wold Lund, Hamilton Poe. Kuratorer: Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas. Visningssted: INCA - Institute for Neo Connotative Action, Detroit, USA.

  11. The Scenic Route Is Not Always the Most Informative

    Freeman, Joan


    Roland S. Persson's (2012a) argument is that there is a dominant research culture in the field of gifts and talents, which must of necessity distort research and practice in cultures which are different. He ties this to the dominance of the global economy and points to the need for more cross-cultural studies. In this commentary, the author points…

  12. Association of Chlamydia serology with HIV in Nigerian women *1H ...


    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Science (December, 2016), 24(2): 15-22 ... 2Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria. [*Corresponding author: E-mail: ... genus Chlamydia which includes organisms previously ..... evaluation of tubal-factor infertility (Persson,. 2002 ...

  13. The process of producing biogas is by anaerobic fermentation of ...


    ... nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and water. Hydrogen sulfide was not detected. REFERENCES. Bauer F., Persson T., Hulteberg, C and Tamm,. D., 2013. "Biogas upgrading – technology overview, comparison and perspectives for the future" , Biofuels, Bioproducts and. Biorefining, Volume 7, Issue 5, pages. 38. A. A. ADAMU ...

  14. Genetics Home Reference: small fiber neuropathy

    ... IS, Cheng X, Han C, Ahn HS, Persson AK, Hoeijmakers JG, Gerrits MM, Pierro T, Lombardi R, Kapetis D, Dib-Hajj SD, Waxman SG. Gain-of-function Nav1.8 mutations in painful neuropathy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Nov 20;109(47):19444-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1216080109. Epub ...

  15. Defending the ICRP principles of radiation protection. An answer to Zbigniew Jaworowski

    Persson, L.; Shrader-Frechette, K.


    In an article ''Radiation Risk and Ethics'' in the September 1999 issue of Physics Today, Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski (a Polish member of UNSCEAR) makes 12 highly controversial and unsubstantiated assertions. In this reply, Lars Persson and Kristin Shrader-Frechette show why they think that the 12 assertions are both ethically and scientifically doubtful, if not false. (orig./CB) [de

  16. In the Shadows of Dominant Cultures: The Elusive Definition of Giftedness

    Polyzoi, Eleoussa; Haydey, Donna Copsey


    In this commentary, the authors contend that Persson's (2012a) paper, Cultural Variation and Dominance in a Globalised Knowledge-Economy: Towards a Culture-Sensitive Research Paradigm in the Science of Giftedness, lacks conciseness in defining the connections between the significance of cultural dominance and the definition of giftedness. However,…

  17. De-Mystifying Giftedness: An Overdue Perspective

    Campbell, R. J.; Smith, L. Mazzoli


    Campbell and Mazzoli Smith state that it is rare to find two articles, linked, as they are by concerns with both giftedness and the limits of objectivity, so different in style, in degree of cognitive challenge, and in extent of tentativeness, as those by Professor Freeman and Professor Persson in the two issues of "Gifted and Talented…

  18. Population and Community Ecology of Ontogenetic Development

    de Roos, A.M.; Persson, L.


    Most organisms show substantial changes in size or morphology after they become independent of their parents and have to find their own food. Furthermore, the rate at which these changes occur generally depends on the amount of food they ingest. In this book, André de Roos and Lennart Persson

  19. You Say Ordinary, We Say Gifted: How Ontology Can Help Mitigate Cultural Variation in the Social Sciences

    Martin, Lee; Gordon, Shaun


    Persson's (2012a) article offers a timely contribution to the science of giftedness through questioning the validity of research emerging from within this paradigm. Using evidence from a number of disciplines he demonstrates that what is regarded as gifted behaviour in one culture could be regarded as quite ordinary within another. He therefore…

  20. Autorongiga teises riigis põhjustatud liikluskahju: millise riigi õiguse järgi hinnatakse ühe kindlustusandja võimalikku tagasinõuet teise kindlustusandja vastu? Euroopa Kohtu otsus liidetud kohtuasjades C-359/14 ja C-475/14 / Karin Sein, Andru

    Sein, Karin, 1974-


    Euroopa Kohtu kohtulahenditest nr. C-359/14 ja C-475/14. Veduki ja haagise omaniku tsiviilvastutusest Saksa õiguses. Kindlustusandjate tagasinõudeõigusest veduki ja haagise Eestis kindlustamise korral

  1. 1920. aastate Eesti-Soome arhitektuurisuhetest ja Soome arhitektide töödest Pärnu supelasutuse konkursil = Suomen ja Viron arkkitehtuurin suhteista 1920-luvulla ja suomalaisarkkitehtien ehdotuksista Pärnun kylpylän kilpailussa / Karin Hallas-Mur

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    1923. a. avati Helsingis Into Saxeli ja Johan Sigfrid Sireni kavandatud mälestusmärk Eesti Vabadussõjas osalenud Soome vabatahtlikele. Monumendi konkursist. Soome arhitektide osalemisest 1923. a. Tallinna tehnikumi (I - Martti Välikangas, Hilding Ekelund) ning 1922. a. ja 1925. a. Pärnu supelasutuse konkurssidel (tuntumad osalejad Uno Ullberg, Alvar Aalto, H. Ekelund, Pauli Ernesti Blomstedt, Ragnar Ypyä, edukamad osalejad Georg Henriksson ja Otto Flodin) jm. Pikemalt A. Aalto projektist. Bibliograafia joonealustes märkustes

  2. Teatri aastaauhindade nominendid 2006. aasta loomingu eest


    Nimekiri nominentidest teatri aastaauhinnale sõna-, muusika-, balleti-, tantsulavastuste ja teatri tehnilise töötaja auhinna kategoorias. Kunstnikuauhind: Vladimir Anshon - "Nii see on (kui teile nii näib)" (Tallinna Linnateater) ja "Valged ööd" (Theatrum), Andris Freibergs - "Karin. Indrek. Tõde ja õigus. 4." (Tallinna Linnateater), Kristine Pasternaka - kostüümid lavastustele "Karin. Indrek. Tõde ja õigus. 4." ja "Nii see on (kui teile nii näib" (Tallinna Linnateater), Ene-Liis Semper - "Kuningas Ubu" (NO99), Ervin Õunapuu -"Sada aastat..." (Vanemuine).

  3. Ultrafast electron diffraction from non-equilibrium phonons in femtosecond laser heated Au films

    Chase, T. [Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 (United States); Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305 (United States); Trigo, M.; Reid, A. H.; Dürr, H. A. [Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 (United States); Li, R.; Vecchione, T.; Shen, X.; Weathersby, S.; Coffee, R.; Hartmann, N.; Wang, X. J. [SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 (United States); Reis, D. A. [Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 (United States); Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305 (United States); PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 (United States)


    We use ultrafast electron diffraction to detect the temporal evolution of non-equilibrium phonons in femtosecond laser-excited ultrathin single-crystalline gold films. From the time-dependence of the Debye-Waller factor, we extract a 4.7 ps time-constant for the increase in mean-square atomic displacements. The observed increase in the diffuse scattering intensity demonstrates that the energy transfer from laser-heated electrons to phonon modes near the X and K points in the Au fcc Brillouin zone proceeds with timescales of 2.3 and 2.9 ps, respectively, faster than the Debye-Waller average mean-square displacement.

  4. Festival 'Sünnisõnad' ئ igaühele midagi / Evi Arujärv

    Arujärv, Evi, 1953-


    29. dets. 1999 - 1. jaan. 2000 toimunud festivalist "Sünnisõnad". Lühidalt ka nonstopfilmist 'Sajand arhitektuuri. Elavad pildid' (autor Karin Hallas), arhitektuurimuuseumi näitusest 'Eesti katedraalid'. 30. XII Nyyd Ensemble esitatud Gavin Bryarsi teosest 'Titanicu hukk' (Jaan Toomiku videod) jm.

  5. An Anthropology of Learning in Epistemic Cultures

    Hasse, Cathrine


    I connect Karin Knorr-Cetina's concept of ‘epistemic cultures’ with an anthropological conceptualization of practice-based learning. The theory of practice-based learning I explore departs from the cultural psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s notion of word-meaning which can be seen as a basic unit...

  6. The End of the Six-Party Talks?


    Pyongyang is wary of Beijing’s international influence, its ability to collaborate with the United States and South Korea, its willingness to foster ...Kenneth Quinones, “ Dualism in the Bush Administration’s North Korea Policy,” Asian Perspective, XXVII, no. 1, 2003, 197-224; Karin Lee and Adam Miles

  7. Grunge kodukujunduses / Ene Vool

    Vool, Ene, 1948-


    Low-tech, campi ja grunge ehitus- ja sisustusstiilidest meil ja mujal - kommenteerivad Andro Kööp ja Ain Nurmela. Tutvustatakse ka Mari-Mira projekti Pariisis, mis kujutab endast nn. mutant-küla, putka- ja onnikultuuri koketeriid. Artikli lõpus kommenteerib kunstiteadlane Karin Paulus grungestiili muusikas, riietuses ja sisekujunduses.

  8. Adoptive T cell cancer therapy

    Dzhandzhugazyan, Karine N.; Guldberg, Per; Kirkin, Alexei F.


    Tumour heterogeneity and off-target toxicity are current challenges of cancer immunotherapy. Karine Dzhandzhugazyan, Per Guldberg and Alexei Kirkin discuss how epigenetic induction of tumour antigens in antigen-presenting cells may form the basis for multi-target therapies.

  9. Baltic beer market : close neighbours, different situations


    Baltimaade juhtivate õlletootjate marketingijuhid Martins Dzenis (Cesu Alus), Inita Drezina (Aldaris), Eriks Kalita (Livu Alus), Raimonds Kalnins (Kimmel), Dalius Rutkauskas (AB Ragutis), Dainius Smailys (Svyturis-Utenos Alus), Katrin Vernik (A. Le Coq Eesti), Karin Sepp (Saku Õlletehas) ja Härmo Põlluvee (Frederik Viru Õlu) olukorrast Baltimaade õlleturul, suurematest tarbijamängudest ja reklaamikampaaniatest. Tabelid

  10. Browse Title Index

    Items 1 - 25 of 1853 ... (Cnidaria: Actiniaria) a mobile sea anemone attacking octocorals, Abstract PDF. Karin Riemann-Zürneck, Charles L. Griffiths. Vol 35, No 2 (2000), Kroyeria deetsi n.sp. (Kroyeriidae: Siphonostomatoida), a parasitic copepod infecting gills of spinner sharks, Carcharhinus brevipinna (Müller & Henle, 1839), ...

  11. African Zoology - Vol 34, No 4 (1999)

    Korsaranthus natalensis (Carlgren, 1938) nov. comb. (Cnidaria: Actiniaria) a mobile sea anemone attacking octocorals · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Karin Riemann-Zürneck, Charles L. Griffiths, 190-196 ...

  12. TiSSA pleenum "Sotsiaaltöö kriisi ajal" : mida on sotsiaaltööl pakkuda ja kes saab sellest kasu? / Regina Lind

    Lind, Regina


    22.-27. aug. 2010 toimus Tallinna Ülikoolis TiSSA doktorantide eelkonverents ja pleenum. Pleenumil peetud sotsiaalteadlaste ettekannetest. Esinesid: Holger Ziegler, Karin Böllert, Catrin Heite, Hans van Ewijk, Walter Lorenz, Mikko Mäntysaari, Heinz Sünker, Synnöve Karvinen-Niinikoski, Olga Borodkina

  13. Sõda, viin, naised ja surm / Vaapo Vaher

    Vaher, Vaapo, 1945-


    Tutvustus: Gelassimov, Andrei. Janu / vene k. tlk. Jaan Ross. Tallinn : Kultuurileht, 2005. (Loomingu Raamatukogu) ; Austen, Jane. Mõistus ja tunded / inglise k. tlk. Karin Suursalu. Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2005 ; Kiik, Heino. Ole usin : 1948-1954. Tartu : Ilmamaa, 2005 ; Palm, August. Villem Reiman : [1861-1917]. 2., täiend. tr. Tartu : Ilmamaa, 2004

  14. Kulka aastapreemiate žürii hinnang = Comments from the panel of judges / Laila Põdra, Eva Hirvesoo, Tiit Sild, Epp Lankots ; intervjueerinud Margit Mutso


    Arhitektuuriaastast 2010. Eesti Kultuurkapitali aastapreemia - Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke, Kristiina Arusoo, Margit Argus, Pelle-Sten Viiburg (Sõmeru keskusehoone, maanteemuuseumi välialad). Arhitektuuri sihtkapitali arhitektuuripreemia - Hannes Koppel (Kuressaare rannahoone), Raul Vaiksoo (eramu), restaureerimispreemia - Jaan Jõgi (Laupa mõis), sisearhitektuuri preemia - Leila Pärtelpoeg (Röa mõis), tegevuspreemia - Karin Hallas-Murula, Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus

  15. Kattuvad hääled / Reet Varblane

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Iisraeli ja palestiina kunstnike näitus "Kattuvad hääled/Overlapping Voices" Essli muuseumis Klosterneuburgis Austrias 16. V-25. X. Kuraatorid: Tal Adler (Iisrael, juut), Amal Murkus (Iisrael, palestiinlane), Karin Schneider ja Friedemann Derschmidt (Austria). Karlheinz ja Agnes Esslile kuuluvast eramuuseumist (1991, arhitekt Heinz Tesar)

  16. 77 FR 36285 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Comment Request; Application for Fee or Roster...


    ... the FHA insurance fund. Agency form numbers, if applicable: HUD-92563I, HUD 92563A, HUD 92564-CN... to the proposal by name and/or OMB Control Number and should be sent to: Reports Liaison Officer... number for the Federal Information Relay Service (1-800-877-8339). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Karin...

  17. Moodsad näidisasumid : Weissenhof & Maasika-Vaarika : näitus Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis 21. 04.-20. 05. 2001 / Triin Ojari

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Karin Kirschi ja Tiina Tammeti koostatud näituse põhjal 1927. a. Stuttgarti rajatud Weissenhofi väikemajade elamurajoonist (arhitektid Walter Gropius, Bruno Taut, Le Corbusier jt.) ja 1931-1932 Tallinnasse ehitatud Maasika-Vaarika tänava asumit

  18. Raznõje litsa Indreka Paasa / Eteri Kekelidze

    Kekelidze, Eteri, 1944-


    Vargamäel 22 tundi kestnud maratonetendusest Tammsaare "Tõe ja õiguse" põhjal - Elmo Nüganeni lavastused "Tõde ja õigus. Teine osa", "Karin. Indrek. Tõde ja õigus. 4" ja "Wargamäe Wabariik" (III osa) ning Jaanus Rohumaa lavastus "Vargamäe kuningriik" (I ja V osa). Pikemalt "Wargamäe Wabariigi" lavastusest

  19. 8. III esitleti Adamson-Ericu muuseumis ajakirja Muuseum 2005. aasta esimest numbrit


    Tomislav Shola kirjutab "Kvaliteedist pärimusinstitutsioonides". Rahvusvaheliste konverentside kogemusi jagavad Toomas Abiline, Aino Lepp, Lea Sillart ja Karin Hallas-Murula. Eesti muuseumide olulistest tähtpäevadest kirjutavad Urmas Dresen, Mari-Ann Aimla, Marika Valk ja Merike Koppel

  20. Neueste Forschung in musiktherapeutischer Diagnostik

    Ridder, Hanne Mette Ochsner


    responsivem Verhalten. In der Musiktherapie sind mehrere Assessmentmodelle entwickelt worden, unter anderem der IAP von Kenneth Bruscia, AQR von Karin Schumacher und Claudine Calvet-Kruppa oder das Assessment von Kontaktniveaus bei Anne Steen. Nach dieser Einführung des Assessmentbegriffes werden zusätzlich...

  1. Raamat / Matis Rodin

    Rodin, Matis


    Raamatututvustus: Paulus, Karin. Tootedisain : asjad minu elus. Tallinn : Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, 2011; Vainküla, Tõnu, Pere, René. Vana mööbel korda oma kätega. [Tallinn] : Ajakirjade Kirjastus, 2012; Ruumipilt 2011 : Eesti parimad interjöörid ja disain / Eesti Sisearhitektide Liit ; toimetaja ja vastutav väljaandja Priit Põldme. Tallinn, 2012

  2. Tulumaks taas kähku riigi kätte : avansiline tulumaks seadusest kadumas / Lemmi Kann

    Kann, Lemmi


    Dividendide avansiline maksustamine võib määramata ajaks edasi lükkuda. Lisatud: kehtiv kord sunnib tulumaksu kohe maksma ; KPMG Baltics ASi maksuvaldkonna juhi Joel Zernaski ja Harju Elektri finantsdirektori Karin Padjuse kommentaarid: maksudega ei maksa mängida

  3. 1 küsimus noorele juhile : Kuidas peab keskjuht otsused töötajateni viima? / Andrus Soodla, Mairi Jüriska, Terje Pihl... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad Danske Bank AS-i kliendisuhete juht Andrus Soodla, SA Terve Eesti juht Mairi Jüriska, reklaamiagentuuri Tank töötaja Terje Pihl, audiitor- ja konsultatsioonifirma KPMG siseauditi teenusliini juht Karin Rätsep, konsultatsiooni- ja audiitorfirma Ernst & Young ärikonsultatsioonide osakonna juhataja Tarmo Toiger ning Andrese Klaasi ja Dekoori tegevjuht Gerd Veelma

  4. Leisure in a Multicultural Society

    Peters, K.B.M.


    Leisure practices and public space, second chapter. Karin Peters discusses ethnic diversity and leisure from three perspectives. She first looks at the leisure patterns in terms of ethnic participation. Based on theories of marginality and ethnicity, she argues that both socio-economic and

  5. Dying for Pain Relief (A Cup of Health with CDC)


    It’s an increasingly common story— a woman is found dead in her home from a prescription pain killer overdose. In this podcast, Dr. Karin Mack discusses the growing problem of pain killer overdoses among women.  Created: 7/4/2013 by MMWR.   Date Released: 7/4/2013.

  6. Astronaut C. Michael Foale is briefed on use of Sky Genie


    Astronaut C. Michael Foale, STS-63 mission specialist, is briefed on the use of Sky Genie device by Karin L. Porter. The device would aid in emergency egress operations aboard a troubled Space Shuttle. Porter, an employee of Rockwell International, helps train astronauts in egress procedures at JSC's Shuttle mockup and integration laboratory.

  7. Küberkiusaja käib varjuna lapse kannul / Sigrid Kõiv

    Kõiv, Sigrid


    Üle kolmandiku õpilastest on netikiusamist kogenud ja enam kui veerand õpilastest on ise selles osalenud, näitab Tartu Ülikooli magistrandi Karin Naruskovi uurmistöö. Kiusajate kõige menukamateks vahenditeks on MSN ja Rate. Kommenteerib IBM Eesti juht Valdo Randpere

  8. Puitarhitektuur ja puit arhitektuuris / Piret Lindpere

    Lindpere, Piret, 1963-


    Näitus "Eesti puitarhitektuur" Rotermanni soolalaos 12. septembrini. Koostajad Karin Hallas (stiiliajalugu) ja Epi Tohvri (väikelinnad). Kujundaja Ralf Tamm. Puitarhitektuuri säilitamisest Tallinnas ja väikelinnades. Puidu arhitektuuris kasutamise näide ئ 1998. a. valminud Linnamäe kool Läänemaal (arhitekt Tiit Trummal).

  9. Book review : Street Architecture: Work by Hans van der Heijden

    Jenniskens, D.P.H.

    The recently published book Street Architecture is the result of a collaboration between Karin Templin, currently pursuing a PhD in architecture at the University of Cambridge, and Hans van der Heijden, an Amsterdam-based architect of mainly urban renewal projects and residential architecture. The

  10. 75 FR 8677 - Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube From the People's Republic of China and Mexico...


    ... Copper Pipe and Tube From the People's Republic of China and Mexico: Postponement of Preliminary...: Karine Gziryan (the People's Republic of China) or Joy Zhang (Mexico), AD/CVD Operations, Offices 4 and 3... Tube from the People's Republic of China and Mexico. See Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube from the...

  11. Eesti Draamateater tähistas maja 100. sünnipäeva / Tiiu Laks

    Laks, Tiiu, 1984-


    18. septembril tähistati avatud uste päevaga Eesti Draamateater hoone 100. sünnipäeva. Õhtul sai teatrihoone fassaadilt vaadata Taavet Janseni, Taavi Varmi ja Andres Tenusaare videoinstallatsiooni. Esitleti raamatut "Eesti Draamateatri maja 100" (autorid Karin Hallas-Murula, Kristel Pappel, Haldja Jalajas). Avati Peeter Lauritsa fotonäitus "Pahempidi"

  12. South African Journal of Plant and Soil: Editorial Policies

    Journal Management: Combined Congress Continuing Committee. Karin Hannweg, SASHS President, ARC–Institute for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Crops, Nelspruit, South Africa Arno Janse van Vuuren, SASCP President, NWK Bpk, Lichtenburg, South Africa Piet le Roux, SSSSA Vice-President, University of the Free State, ...

  13. Rahvusvaheline erialabibliograafia sündis Eestis / Piret Voolaid

    Voolaid, Piret, 1971-


    Rets. rmt.: Internationale volkskundliche Bibliographie = International Folklore Bibliographie = Bibliographie internationale d'Ethnologie: Für das Jahr 1993 : mit Nachträgen für die vorausgehenden / herausgegeben von Karin Maria Rooleid. Bonn : Dr. Rudolf Habelt GMBH, 2004

  14. Vargamäelt leigust ei leitud / Jan Kaus

    Kaus, Jan, 1971-


    Vargamäel 21. juunil 22 tundi kestnud maratonetendusest Tammsaare "Tõe ja õiguse" põhjal - Elmo Nüganeni lavastused "Tõde ja õigus. Teine osa", "Karin. Indrek. Tõde ja õigus. 4" ja "Wargamäe Wabariik" (III osa) ning Jaanus Rohumaa lavastus "Vargamäe kuningriik" (I ja V osa)

  15. Nii hea, kui keegi mõtleb absoluudi peale


    11. I avatakse Tallinna Kunstihoones Arne Maasiku fotode näitus. Kuraator Karin Paulus, kujundaja Urmas Luure. Detsembris 2007 ilmus Urmas Luure monograafia, fotod 1994-2007, kujundaja Martin Pedanik. Lõigud Eero Epneri, Jan Kausi ja Peeter Lauritsa sissejuhatavatest kirjutistest

  16. Urmas Ott versus Pille-Riin Purje / Andry Ervald

    Ervald, Andry


    Urmas Oti intervjuuraamat väliseesti ajakirjaniku, luuletaja ja prosaisti Karin Saarseniga "Grand Hotel, Stockholm. Poola suvi" : SE&JS Kirjastus, 2006 ja Pille-Riin Purje raadiosaate "Hiirelõks" tarvis intervjuudest kokku pandud vestluste kogumik "Kuraditosin näitlejat hiirelõksus" : Varrak, 2007

  17. Like-Me Simulation as an Effective and Cognitively Plausible Basis for Social Robotics


    havior of teams from observation. In: RoboCup 2002: robot soccer world cup, Fukuoka, Japan 25. Karin-D’Arcy MR, Povinelli DJ (2002) Do chimpanzees...2001) Building a multimodal human-robot interface. IEEE Intel Syst 16:16–20 41. Povinelli DJ, Eddy TJ (1994) The eyes as a window: what young

  18. Angels and Demons in the Book of Jubilees

    Ruiten, Jacques van; Reiterer, F.V.; Nicklas, T.; Schöpflin, K.


    Jacques van Ruiten, “Angels and Demons in the Book of Jubilees,” in Angels: The Concept of Celestial Beings – Origins, Development and Reception (ed. Friedrich V. Reiterer, Tobias Nicklas, and Karin Schöpflin; Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Yearbook 2007; Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2007), 585-609.

  19. Angels and Demons in the Book of Jubilees

    Ruiten, Jacques van; Reiterer, F.V.; Nicklas, T.; Schöpflin, K.


    Jacques van Ruiten, “Angels and Demons in the Book of Jubilees,” in Angels: The Concept of Celestial Beings – Origins, Development and Reception (ed. Friedrich V. Reiterer, Tobias Nicklas, and Karin Schöpflin; Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Yearbook 2007; Berlin and New York: de Gruyter,

  20. Endogenous and exogenous factors in national development ...

    radio stations saw his performance where he was adjudged the winner at the ... influence. This is consistent with Karin Barber's position that popular culture be read not ... of the writer apparently colour the poem in the figurative language of a political type, ..... It is always constructed through memory, fantasy, narrative and.

  1. Groener drogen

    Loman, N.G.M. (Niek)


    Auteur: N.G.M. (Niek) Loman Begeleiders: Ing. H.W. (Pim) van den Dool, Discrete Technologie en Productie Automatisering, RUG I. (Ingrid) ten Have MBA, Interfac. Opleidingsinst. Technische Bedrijfskunde, RUG Drs. C.M. (Karin) Ree, Bèta Wetenschapswinkel, Science & Society Group, RUG Drs. R.W.

  2. Universal jurisdiction: state of affairs and ways ahead. : A policy paper

    L. Zegveld (Liesbeth); J.D. Handmaker (Jeff)


    textabstractOn 17 September 2010, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Leiden University and ICCO organised an expert meeting at the ISS on universal jurisdiction (UJ). The meeting was chaired in the morning by Professor John Dugard and in the afternoon by Professor Karin Arts. The

  3. Beyond Racism and Poverty : The Truck System on Louisiana Plantations and Dutch peateries, 1865-1920

    Lurvink, K.

    The truck system was a global phenomenon in the period 1865-1920, where workers were paid through the company store. In Beyond Racism and Poverty Karin Lurvink looks at how this system functioned on plantations in Louisiana in comparison with peateries in the Netherlands. In the United States, the

  4. Industrial variographic analysis for continuous sampling system validation

    Engström, Karin; Esbensen, Kim Harry


    Karin Engström, LKAB mining, Kiruna, Sweden, continues to present illuminative cases from process industry. Here she reveals more from her ongoing PhD project showing application of variographic characterisation for on-line continuous control of process sampling systems, including the one...

  5. Plaadid / Heidi Purga

    Purga, Heidy, 1975-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Jay Dee/J Dilla "Donuts", The Strokes "First Impressions Of Earth", Jools Holland & His R&B orchestra "Swinging the Blues, Dancing The Ska", "The Sound Of Music", Karin Clercq "Apres l'amour", Mest "Photographs", The Notorious B.I.G. "Duets"

  6. "Tõde ja õigus" ilmutab end prantslastele : [vestlusring A. H. Tammsaare peateose tõlkijatega] / Jean Pascal Ollivry, Eva Toulouze, Jean-Pierre Minaudier ; vestlust juhtinud Tiina Väljaste

    Ollivry, Jean Pascal


    2009. a. ilmus kirjastus Gaïa väljaandel "Tõde ja õigus" kolm esimest köidet: "La colline-du-voleur", "Indrek" (mõlemad tõlkis J. P. Ollivry) ja "Jours d'emeutes" (tlk. J.-P. Minaudier). E. Toulouze tõlgib romaani 4. osa ("Indrek et Karin") ning J. P. Ollivry 5. osa

  7. Hiigelämblik kanali kohal ehk Kuidas ERMi uus hoone lõi kired lõkkele / Tarmo Michelson

    Michelson, Tarmo, 1975-


    Eesti Rahva muuseumi uue hoone arhitektuurikonkursi võidutööst "Memory Field" (autorid itaalia arhitekt Dan Dorell, liibanoni arhitekt Lina Ghotmeh, jaapani arhitekt Tsuyoshi Tane). Kommenteerivad Jaanus Plaat, Tõnis Lukas, Karin Hallas-Murula, Raivo Palmaru, Laine Jänes, Marika Valk

  8. Dying for Pain Relief (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    It’s an increasingly common story— a woman is found dead in her home from a prescription pain killer overdose. In this podcast, Dr. Karin Mack discusses the growing problem of pain killer overdoses among women.

  9. 77 FR 65361 - Xanthan Gum From Austria and the People's Republic of China: Postponement of Preliminary...


    ... Austria and the People's Republic of China: Postponement of Preliminary Determinations of Antidumping Duty...: October 26, 2012. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Karine Gziryan (Austria) or Brandon Farlander (People's... of initiation of antidumping duty investigations of xanthan gum from Austria and the People's...

  10. Installation Service - Changes in opening hours

    GS Department


    For organizational matters, please note that, as from 15 March 2010, the Installation Service will have wen opening hours. The new schedule will be from 14:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday). Contact persons are: Martine Briant, Karine Robert and Claudia Bruggmann. The office address remains 73-3-014. Installation Service

  11. Linnapea, keda rõõmustab titekisa / Jüri Ratas ; interv. Riina Luik

    Ratas, Jüri, 1978-


    Tallinna linnapea vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad tema suhtumist opositsiooni kriitikasse, linna juhtimist, perekonda, lapsepõlve, spordiga tegelemist, sõpruskonda, eraettevõtlusest loobumist ning suhteid kirikuga. Lisa: Jüri Ratas (27). Vt. samas lühiintervjuud linnapea abikaasa Karin Ratasega. Kommenteerib Jüri Ratase endine klassijuhataja Nõmme gümnaasiumist, võrkpallitreener Raimund Pundi

  12. Labor standoff goes to Swedish court, Brussels / Aaron Eglitis

    Eglitis, Aaron


    Läti ehitusfirma Laval un Partneri pöördus Rootsi kohtusse sooviga lõpetada Rootsi ehitustööliste ettevõtte tööd takistav boikott. Läti peaminister Aigars Kalvitis ja Rootsi peaminister Göran Persson saatsid Euroopa Komisjoni presidendile Jose Manuel Barrosole kirja, milles palusid kaaluda ehitusfirma tööd blokeerinud Rootsi ametiühingu tegevuse seaduslikkust

  13. Contact mechanics for layered materials with randomly rough surfaces.

    Persson, B N J


    The contact mechanics model of Persson is applied to layered materials. We calculate the M function, which relates the surface stress to the surface displacement, for a layered material, where the top layer (thickness d) has different elastic properties than the semi-infinite solid below. Numerical results for the contact area as a function of the magnification are presented for several cases. As an application, we calculate the fluid leak rate for laminated rubber seals.

  14. Cue integration vs. exemplar-based reasoning in multi-attribute decisions from memory: A matter of cue representation

    Arndt Broeder; Ben R. Newell; Christine Platzer


    Inferences about target variables can be achieved by deliberate integration of probabilistic cues or by retrieving similar cue-patterns (exemplars) from memory. In tasks with cue information presented in on-screen displays, rule-based strategies tend to dominate unless the abstraction of cue-target relations is unfeasible. This dominance has also been demonstrated --- surprisingly --- in experiments that demanded the retrieval of cue values from memory (M. Persson \\& J. Rieskamp, 2009). In th...

  15. WA Smith: LP Vosloo, CH van Niekerkand FP Theron Gossypol, a ...

    with the semen of boars (Tso & Lee, 1981), rodents (Hahn,. Rusticus, Probst, Homm & Johnson, 1981), monkeys ... enzymes (Lee & MaIling, 1981; Tso & Lee, 1981;Kennedy, van der Ven, Straus, Bhattacharyya, Waller, ... 1973), Lindsey, Hawkins & Guthrie (1980) showed that diets supplying 24 g free gossypol per lactating ...


    Dumitru Sirbu


    Full Text Available 57Fe Mӧssbauer spectra were recorded for 1'-terpyridine ferrocenecarboxylic acid and [bis(1'-terpyridine ferrocenecarboxylic acid Fe(II]2+ in the temperature range 7 – 293 K. The temperature dependence of the Quadrupole Splitting, Isomer Shift and Debye-Waller factor are discussed. The Debye temperature for the iron nuclei in the investigated compounds was determined.


    Trihalomethane Levels in Home Tap Water and Semen QualityLaura Fenster, 1 Kirsten Waller, 2 Gayle Windham, 1 Tanya Henneman, 2 Meredith Anderson, 2 Pauline Mendola, 3 James W. Overstreet, 4 Shanna H. Swan51California Department of Health Services, Division of Environm...

  18. Moments of the Bethe surface and total inelastic x-ray scattering cross sections for H2

    Sharma, B.S.; Thakkar, A.J.


    Moments, S(j,K), of the generalized oscillator strength distribution are global properties of the Bethe surface. Apart from S(-1,K) which is related to the Waller-Hartree incoherent scattering factor, little is known about these moments for nonzero K. This paper describes high-accuracy calculations of S(1,K) and S(2,K) for molecular hydrogen. Comparison with experiment is made, and the utility of simple asymptotic approximations is confirmed. The moments are used to calculate differential cross sections for the inelastic scattering of x rays using the constant-momentum-transfer and constant-angle theories of Bonham. These cross sections differ from the Waller-Hartree cross sections at large angles thus demonstrating the importance of making corrections to the Waller-Hartree theory if the incoherent scattering factor S(K) is to be extracted from experimental inelastic cross sections. Total cross sections for scattering of 6- and 7-keV photons from H 2 are compared with synchrotron radiation scattering experiments. The calculations suggest that the Bonham constant-angle cross sections agree best with experiment. However, further experimental and theoretical work is needed to obtain firm conclusions about the limitations of Waller-Hartree theory

  19. An investigation of the chromium oxidation state of a monoanionic chromium tris(catecholate) complex by X-ray absorption and EPR spectroscopies

    Pattison, D I; Levina, A; Davies, Michael Jonathan


    The well-known monoanionic Cr tris(3,5-di-tert-butylcatecholato) complex, [Cr(DTBC)3]-, has been studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The multiple-scattering fit to the XAFS gave good correlation (R = 19.8%) and good values for all of the bond lengths, angles, and Debye-Waller factors. The p...

  20. On adaptive modified projective synchronization of a supply chain ...

    Hamed Tirandaz


    Nov 23, 2017 ... A novel adaptive modified projective synchronization method is ... bances, and so these methods are usually of no use. To ...... [53] S E Fawcett and M A Waller, J. Business Logistics 32(1), ... Research Appl. 12(5), 347 (2009).

  1. X-ray determination of crystallite size and effect of lattice strain on ...

    X-ray diffraction; lattice strain; crystallite size; Debye–Waller factor; vacancy formation energy. 1. Introduction ... In the present investigation, results of a system- atic study of .... that while milling is enough to create strains, it affects the particle ...

  2. Forest statistics for Southeast Texas counties - 1986

    William H. McWilliams; Daniel F. Bertelson


    These tables were derived from data obtained during a 1986 inventory of 22 counties comprising the Southeast Unit of Texas (fig. 1). Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Waller counties have been added to the Southeastern Unit since the previous inventory if 1975. All comparisons of the 1975 and 1986 forest statistics made in this Bulletin account for this change. The data on...

  3. Blacks in Pop Music: A Short Story.

    Rickelman, Melinda


    A short history of black pop music includes artists who have changed pop music or culture and highlights from the 1920s into the 1980s, from Fats Waller to Michael Jackson. In black pop music, there is a direct line of influence from the sharecropper to the current Top 40. (SLD)

  4. The Principle of Least Interest: Inequality in Emotional Involvement in Romantic Relationships

    Sprecher, Susan; Schmeeckle, Maria; Felmlee, Diane


    Data from a longitudinal sample of dating couples (some of whom married) were analyzed to test the aspect of Waller's (1938) principle of least interest that states that unequal emotional involvement between romantic partners has implications for relationship quality and stability. Both members of the couples were asked multiple times over several…

  5. IDRC Pre-ICN Forum on Competition and Development Tuesday 17 ...



    May 17, 2011 ... 09.15 – 10.45 Session 1: The general case for alliance building ... relationship between corporate governance and a firm's competitive behaviour, ... Spencer Weber Waller, Director, Institute of Consumer Anti-Trust Studies, Loyola University ... tools for enforcement: the case of the remittance transfer market.

  6. Muslim Prison Ministry: Hindering the Spread of the Radical, Militant, Violent and Irreconcilable Wing of Islam


    radical, militant, violent and irreconcilable wing of Islam Approved by: __________________________________ Monograph Director Timothy L . Challans, Ph.D...Honorable Harley Lapin (BOP), Dr. Michael Waller (Institute of World Politics), Mr. Paul Rogers (ACCA), and Mr. A. J. Sabree (ACCA). 78 Ibid., 12...London, United Kingdom: Verso books, 2005. Patai, Raphael. The Arab Mind, Long Island City, NY: Hatherleigh Press, 2002. Pederson , Dick. Defeating

  7. Application of maximum entropy method for the study of electron ...

    in terms of the computing power of the machine on which it runs. Since the electron ... Table 1. The Debye–Waller factors of individual atoms and the reliability indices of three sulphides. .... The size of the electron cloud indicates the size of the ...

  8. 75 FR 11884 - Pesticide Products; Registration Applications


    ... entities may include, but are not limited to: Crop production (NAICS code 111). Animal production (NAICS.... Proposed Uses: Edible podded beans, cane & bush berry, bulb onion, green onion, spinach subgroups. Contact... podded beans, cane & bush berry, bulb onion, green onion, spinach subgroups. Contact: Mary L. Waller...

  9. Freedom Food : op de bres voor het welzijn van landbouwhuisdieren in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

    Waller, B.; Heijden, van der P.G.M.


    Op 11 december 2008 gaf Bob Waller tijdens de NGVA thema-avond een presentatie met als titel "Fork naar Farm; Maatschappelijke visies op aquacultuur". Freedom Food is een organisatie die tot doel heeft het welzijnprogramma van het Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - (RSPCA), de

  10. Injury-related South African mortality children, 1981 -1985

    1474. 6880. 427. % due to injury. 8,1. 49,5. 14,4. 26,7. Rank order of injury as cause of death. 5. 1. 3 .... Eleven per cent were 'accidental' and 9% were uicide. Discussion. Deaths are known to ..... SAS Institute Inc., 1985. 18. Waller AE, Baker ...

  11. Proyectos Estratégicos Consultoría, S.C

    Equipo de trabajo: Investigadores senior. Alejandra Armesto, Carlos Silva. Asesor. Irvin Waller. Investigadores junior. Marja Alvarado, Araceli Cabrera, Lluvia Castillo, Michel Retama, Adriana Sereno. Colaboradores. Óscar Aguilar, Dulce Cerón, JuanaMa Hernández, Rosa Hernández, Mayolo Medina, Lucía. Melgar ...

  12. Leading Change in the Primary Science Curriculum

    Waller, Nicky; Baker, Chris


    Nicky Waller and Chris Baker believe that change can be a good thing and explain how their training has helped others to adjust to the new science curriculum. In September 2013, teachers across England received the definitive version of the new primary curriculum "Leading Change in the Primary Science Curriculum." This course aimed to…

  13. Conformers, Adaptors, Imitators, and Rejecters: How No-Excuses Teachers' Cultural Toolkits Shape Their Responses to Control

    Golann, Joanne W.


    In the past, sociologists have provided keen insights into the work of teaching, but classic studies by scholars like Dan Lortie and Willard Waller are now decades old. With the current emphasis on teacher evaluation and accountability, the field is ripe for new sociological studies of teaching. How do we understand the work of teaching in this…

  14. Granulopoietic Growth Factor Secretion in Ovarian Carcinoma as a Mechanism for the Emergence of Immune Suppressive Myeloid Subsets


    on “Biotherapy of Cancer: From Disease to Targeted Treatment” in Munich, Germany . Talk entitled, “Combinatorial Vaccine Strategies Employing...Bardhan, K., Paschall, A. V., Yang, D., Waller, J. L., Park, M. A., Nayak-Kapoor, A., Samuel, T. A., Abrams, S. I., and Liu, K. Deregulation of apoptotic

  15. 1790-IJBCS-Article-Victor Okombe


    pénaliser les performances zootechniques des animaux et altérer ... en mesure de s'en procurer aisément (Githiori et al., 2002 ... permettre le contrôle des parasitoses animales. (Waller, 1997a ..... complémentaire en gestion des ressources ...

  16. Recent advances in coffee berry disease (CBD) control in Uganda

    Waller & Bridge) attacks arabic a coffee in most African arabica coffee growing countries. The disease was first recorded in Uganda in 1959 and surveys on the disease indicated that up to 50% crop losses were being incurred. Most of the ...

  17. Areen küsib : mis oli aasta kultuurishokk?


    Positiivne ja negatiivne kultuurisündmus 2005. aastal. Küsimusele vastavad Juhan Maiste, Karin Hallas-Murula, Jaan Toomik, Toivo Raidmets, Maile Grünberg, Leo Lapin, Märt Väljataga, Berk Vaher, Sergei Stadnikov, Veljo Kaasik, Margit Mutso, Erkki-Sven Tüür, Mihkel Mutt, Kaarel Tarand, Priidu Beier, Hasso Krull, Jaan Pehk, Hendrik Luuk, Karlo Funk, Kristo Rajasaare, Andres Maimik, Priit Raud, Marianne Kõrver

  18. Dermal Absorption of Nanomaterials Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Based Sunscreen

    Beer, Christiane; Dokkedahl, Karin Stenderup; Wang, Jing

    at Aarhus University and has been headed by Ass.Prof. Christiane Beer as project leader and scientific manager with significant contributions by the project collaborates and associated scientists Ass.Prof. Karin Stenderup, Dr. Jing Wang, Prof. Jens Randel Nyengaard, and Ass.Prof. Duncan S. Sutherland......-2015 on Better Control of Nanomaterials and their Safety (“Bedre styr på nano”)....

  19. Acute pancreatitis: a case report

    Nafia Ozlem Kazanci


    Full Text Available Akut pankreatit cocukluk caginda heterojen ve ozgul olmayan klinik bulgularla seyreden, genellikle travma, yapisal anomaliler, ilaclar ve kronik sistemik hastalik zeminde gelisen nadir gorulen bir hastaliktir.Bu olgu sunumunda daha once saglikli oldugu bilinen, karin agrisi yakinmasi ile basvuran ve akut pankreatit tanisi konulan 4 yasinda kiz hastaya yer verildi.Akut pankreatitin idiopatik olarak gelisebildigi ve ozgul olmayan klinik bulgulari nedeniyle tanida yasanabilecek guclukler goz onunde bulundurulmalidir. [J Contemp Med 2013; 3(2.000: 129-132

  20. Kriisimängud Berliinis : "Theatertreffen 2010" / Madli Pesti

    Pesti, Madli, 1980-


    7.-24. maini Berliinis toimunud teatrifestivalist "Theatertreffen". Lavastustest "Räpased, koledad, alatud" (lav. Karin Beier), "Riesenbutzbach. Igavene koloonia" (lav. Marthaler), Dennis Kelly "Ma olen nii armunud, et võiksin oksendada" (lav. Stephan Kimmig), Roland Schimmelpfennigiti "Kuldne draakon" (lav. R. Schimmelpfennig), Peter Handke "Tund, mil me üksteist midagi ei teadnud" (lav. Viktor Bodo) ja Elfride Jelineki tekstide põhjal "Kaupmehe kontraht" (lav. Nicolas Stemann)

  1. Noorte eesti režissööride uued filmid Sõpruses / Mari Peegel

    Peegel, Mari, 1978-


    Sõpruse kinos esilinastub homme kaks eesti lühimängufilmi - "Vanameeste paradiis" : stsenaristid Ove Musting, Urmas Lennuk : režissöör Ove Musting : mängivad Tõnu Aav, Aleksander Eelmaa jt ning "Ukse taga" : stsenarist Margit Keerdo : režissöör Andrus Tuisk : osades Hele Kõre, Karin Lätsim, Kirill Käro, Igor Gavrilov

  2. Esilinastuseni jõuab kaks uut Eesti lühimängufilmi


    Sõpruse kinos esilinastub homme kaks eesti lühimängufilmi - "Vanameeste paradiis" : stsenaristid Ove Musting, Urmas Lennuk : režissöör Ove Musting : mängivad Tõnu Aav, Aleksander Eelmaa jt ning "Ukse taga" : stsenarist Margit Keerdo : režissöör Andrus Tuisk : osades Hele Kõre, Karin Lätsim, Kirill Käro, Igor Gavrilov

  3. Review of National Work Programme on the Long Term Effects of Sustained High G on the Cervical Spine (Analyse du programme de travail national : les effets long terme sur la colonne cervicale d’un nombre de G lev et prolong )


    Neck Muscle 6-7 Function and Symptoms of Neck Pain in UK Student Pilots 6.3.3 Other Ongoing Relevant Activities 6-9 6.4 Unclassified Reports...Prof. Karin Harms-Ringdahl, PhD, RPT Karolinska Institutet Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, and Society Division of Physiotherapy 23100...Äng Karolinska Institutet Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, and Society Division of Physiotherapy Alfred Nobels Allé 23100 SE-14183

  4. Hästi restaureeritud raekoda sai Euroopast kõrge tunnustuse / Askur Alas

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    Tallinna raekoda sai Euroopa Liidu ja Euroopa pärandkultuuri organisatsiooni Europa Nostra kultuuripärandi medali. Europa Nostra nõukogu liikme Karin Hallas-Murula sõnul arvestatakse auhindade jagamisel nii mälestise säilitamist kui ka kasutamist tänapäeval. Mainekas auhind on tunnustus Teddy Böcklerile, kellele raekoja restaureerimine oli elutööks. Lisatud Europa Nostra peapreemiad

  5. Perspectives on Positioning, Interaction, and Learning in Small-Group Discussion: Possibilities for Extending the Analytic Lens

    Kittleson, Julie M.; Wilson, Rachel E.


    In this forum piece, we respond to Karin Due's study of social dynamics in groups of students in physics class and gender issues that play out in this context. We discuss two threads that appear in Due's paper: one pertains to patterns of talk within groups and how these patterns open up possibilities for learning, the other pertains to…

  6. Long Term Cost Efficiency through Green Management Control Systems

    Vukania Adda, Nancy; Qin, Xiaochen


    Title: Long term cost efficiency through green management control systems.Authors: Nancy Vukania &Xiaochen QinSupervisor: Åsa Karin-EngstrandBackground: The worldwide financial crisis of 2008 has reconfigured the economic turf leading to a more uncertain and turbulent playing field – a greater challenge for business strategy and the quest for optimization- The oil price hike of 2008 (Furlong 2010)1 caused its rippling effect to affect various cost categories including energy, labor and lo...

  7. Karl Menningu (ja iseenese) päästmiseks / Ants Hein

    Hein, Ants, 1952-


    Vastuseks Karin Hallas-Murula arvustusele "Maja, mis on sümbol" (Sirp, 2007, 5. X, lk. 13) ja Mait Väljase arvustusele "Iseolemise algus arhitektuuris" (Maja, 2008, nr. 1, lk. 86-87) oma 2007. a. ilmunud raamatust "Maja kui sümbol : Eesti Üliõpilaste Seltsi hoone Tartus" kohta. Georg Hellati ja Karl Menningu osalusest EÜS-i hoone sünniloos. Frank Lloyd Wrightist kui võimalikust eeskujuandjast

  8. Ööpäeva väldanud etendused keerasid näitlejate ja publiku elurütmi pea peale / Marika Rajamäe, Merili Nikkolo

    Rajamäe, Marika, 1952-


    Vargamäel 22 tundi kestnud maratonetendusest Tammsaare "Tõe ja õiguse" põhjal - Elmo Nüganeni lavastused "Tõde ja õigus. Teine osa", "Karin. Indrek. Tõde ja õigus. 4" ja "Wargamäe Wabariik" (III osa) ning Jaanus Rohumaa lavastus "Vargamäe kuningriik" (I ja V osa). Reportaaž on tähtsamatest hetkedest alates 21. juuni kell 11.00 kuni 22. juuni 10.00-ni

  9. Proceedings of the 3rd Biennial Conference of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) 2015: advancing efficient methodologies through community partnerships and team science

    Lewis, Cara; Darnell, Doyanne; Kerns, Suzanne; Monroe-DeVita, Maria; Landes, Sara J.; Lyon, Aaron R.; Stanick, Cameo; Dorsey, Shannon; Locke, Jill; Marriott, Brigid; Puspitasari, Ajeng; Dorsey, Caitlin; Hendricks, Karin; Pierson, Andria; Fizur, Phil


    Table of contents Introduction to the 3rd Biennial Conference of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration: advancing efficient methodologies through team science and community partnerships Cara Lewis, Doyanne Darnell, Suzanne Kerns, Maria Monroe-DeVita, Sara J. Landes, Aaron R. Lyon, Cameo Stanick, Shannon Dorsey, Jill Locke, Brigid Marriott, Ajeng Puspitasari, Caitlin Dorsey, Karin Hendricks, Andria Pierson, Phil Fizur, Katherine A. Comtois A1: A behavioral economic perspective ...

  10. Trichtlinnburg tõi esile asjad, mida turist ei näe / Liina Siib

    Siib, Liina


    Ajaloolise linnaruumi säilitamist ja arendamist uuriva Euroopa kultuuriprojekti Trichtlinnburg (TLB) Tallinnas toimunud kunstiprojektidest. Sanja Ivekovici video "(If) I Lived Here", Silja Saarepuu ja Villu Plingi objekt "Plats", Anna-Karin Stjerlofi näidispostkaardid, Jüri Ojaveri projekt "Pääsla", Tiina Tammetalu projekt "Seirajad", Katrin Essensoni ja Helen Becki performance'id, David Bate'i fotosari, TLB jalutuskäigud Tallinnas

  11. Identifying and Leveraging Trust as a Key Element in the Development, Implementation and Sustainment of the Salt Lake City Fire Department’s Intelligence Program


    this amazing adventure. An education in self-exploration balanced with relentless tests of my stamina and mettle. To my classmates: Thank you for...Karin and son Scott, thank you for providing the comic relief so needed throughout this process. And most importantly, to my husband, Jeff: There...development of a fire intelligence program.190191 In her NPS Masters Thesis, Terrorism Awareness and Education as a Prevention Strategy for First

  12. Eile sai Eesti Kunstimuuseumi asutamisest 86 aastat ning Tartu Kunstimuuseumi asutamisest 65 aastat


    Kumu ettekannetepäev "Roheline, toores ja lõikamata. Noor eesti kunst uue sajandi alguses" sarjast "Lisandusi eesti kunstiloole". Esinesid Karin Laansoo, Irit Rogoff, Kaido Ole, Kristjan Mändmaa, Rael Artel. Esitleti raamatut "22 + Noored eesti kunstnikud. Young Estonian Artists". 18. XI kirjutatakse alla Jaapani valitsuse kultuuritoetusleping, mis on suunatud Kumu varustamiseks kaasaegse audiogiidi süsteemiga, esitlustehnika ja maalikonserveerimislabori tehnikaga

  13. Browse Author Index

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z All. W. Walker, Melanie · Walters, Shirley · Williams, Kevin · Winberg, Chris · Winberg, Christine · Wisker, Gina · Wolff, Karin 1 - 7 of 7 Items. ISSN: 2310-7103. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More ...

  14. Equitable PERSTEMPO - The Challenge for Long-Term Deployed Armed Forces


    substantial impact on the operational effectiveness of the Bundeswehr of the future.  Rudolf Scharping Former Federal Minister of Defense The vision...Federal Minister of Defense, Rudolf Scharping, initiated a new force planning by means of the so-called "Cornerstones Paper" on 01 June 2000, the Chief of...Annex 1) 77 Rainer Marr, Timea Biro, and Karin Steiner , Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf des Soldaten – Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen einer

  15. By Process of Elimination: Further Remarks on the Operation chú 除 in Early Imperial Mathematical Astronomy

    Morgan, Daniel Patrick


    International audience; This paper will return to the operation chu 除 (“eliminate”) as explored by Karine Chemla and myself on January 23, refining the terminology deployed, providing usage statistics, and exploring actors’ rare words of definition and expository. We will revisit how chu “eliminate” is used to prescribe (1) subtraction for a positive integer difference, (2) repeated subtraction of a single value for a positive integer remainder, i.e. modulo, (3) subtraction of a series of val...

  16. Transumanesimo, enhancement ed evoluzione. Riflessioni preliminari per una ridefinizione critica



    Full Text Available Transhumanism, enhancement and evolution. Preliminary reflections for a critical redefinition This paper aims at focusing some possible uses of evolutionary theory in transhumanist authors. In particular it is analysed the evolutionary heuristics discussed by Nick Bostrom and Anders Sandberg, the proposal of a moral bioenhancement in Julian Savulescu and Ingmar Persson and the idea itself of a self-direct evolution based on the assumption of a self-guided selection of men’s features. These ideas are discussed to bring out the critical elements which are present in some uses of a presumably Darwinian framework in transhumanist approach.

  17. Contact mechanics for poroelastic, fluid-filled media, with application to cartilage.

    Persson, B N J


    I study a simple contact mechanics model for a poroelastic, fluid-filled solid squeezed against a rigid, randomly rough substrate. I study how the fluid is squeezed out from the interface, and how the area of contact, and the average interfacial separation, change with time. I present numerical results relevant for a human cartilage. I show that for a fluid filled poroelastic solid the probability of cavitation (and the related wear as the cavities implode), and dynamical scraping (defined below and in Hutt and Persson, J. Chem. Phys. 144, 124903 (2016)), may be suppressed by fluid flow from the poroelastic solid into the (roughness induced) interfacial gap between the solids.

  18. The Role of Retinal Determination Gene Network (RDGN) in Hormone Signaling Transduction and Prostate Tumorigenesis


    PI3K/ Akt and MAPK/Erk signaling. We identified the A-type cyclin, cyclin A1 as an important downstream target of PI3K/ Akt (59); 3) autocrine IL-6...DACH1 inhibits transforming growth factor-beta signaling through binding Smad4 . J Biol Chem. 2003; 278(51):51673- 84. 33. Le Grand F, Grifone R, Mourikis...androgen receptor. Endocr Relat Cancer. 2009; 16(1):155-69. 59. Wegiel B, Bjartell A, Culig Z, Persson JL. Interleukin-6 activates PI3K/ Akt pathway

  19. Energy-Efficient Underwater Surveillance by Means of Hybrid Aquacopters


    method,” Acta Physica Polonica A , vol. 123, no. 6, 2013, pp. 1090–1093. [11] E. Dahlberg, A . Lauberts, R. K. Lennartsson, M. J. Levonen and L. Persson...those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Govemment. IRB protocol mnnber __ N/ A ...DISTRIBUTION CODE A This thesis develops algorithms in support of a prototype hybrid air-water quadcopter platform: the "AquaQuad." We consider the

  20. Microscopic view of disorder in the ordered phase of superionic RbAg4I5

    Pasternak, M.


    Moessbauer spectroscopy in 129 I was employed to verify the existence and investigate the properties of local disorder in the ''ordered'' state of the superionic conductor RbAg 4 I 5 . Studies were conducted in the temperature range of 4--180 K covering the low-temperature #betta# phase (T 129 I nucleus, produced by the neighboring Ag ions, has a continuous linear temperature dependence down to 4.2 K. The hyperfine constants and the Debye-Waller factor showed no discontinuity at T/sub c/. The anomalous existence of the single line has been attributed to a fast fluctuating efg due to local hopping of the Ag ions. This dynamic disorder is present even at low temperatures where (8--10)% of Ag ions are locally hopping, and its occurrence increases drastically at T>T/sub c/. A nonharmonic Debye-Waller factor was observed from which a linear temperature-dependent Debye temperature could be derived

  1. Arts Therapies and Progressive Illness: Nameless Dread

    Waller, Diane E.


    Arts Therapies and Progressive Illness is a guide to the use of arts therapies in the treatment of patients with diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. In the last few years arts therapies have been used in an increasingly wide range of applications with new groups of patients, such as patients in palliative care, or with learning disabilities - Diane Waller has been a driving force behind this expansion.\\ud This book covers treatment such as art therapy, dance movement therapy and mus...

  2. Out of mind - out of sight : studies on clinical and psychophysiological characteristics of dissociative identity disorder

    Dale, Karl Yngvar


    Dissociative identity disorder (DID; APA, 1994), previously labeled Multiple personality (APA, 1980) and Multiple Personality Disorder (APA, 1987), has good diagnostic validity (Gleaves, May, & Cardeña, 2001) and is supported by taxometric research, whereby two types of dissociation have been identified: Pathological dissociation, whose features are consistent with DID, and nonpathological dissociation (Waller, Putnam, & Carlson, 1996). On these grounds, we aimed to contribute to a further...

  3. Inspiring the generations: the Knitting Reference Library

    Newington, Linda


    The Knitting Reference Library (KRL) is part of the University of Southampton Library, and is located at Winchester School of Art, a campus of the University. The KRL was launched at the first In the loop conference in 2008 and is founded on the bibliographic collections of Richard Rutt, Montse Stanley and Jane Waller. Each collector possessed a serious passion for knitting, their individual approaches are illustrated through the resources they collected and established as an essential part o...

  4. [G. Baglivi and scientific European community between rationalism and enlightenment].

    Toscano, A


    The Baglivi Correspondence, kept in the Waller Collection at the University Library of Uppsala, has been published in Italy for the first time in 1999. This Correspondence kept in Sweden provides new information about the scientific Italian culture between the second half of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth. Moreover, it provides important knowledge on the diffusion the Baglivi's work in the scientific European context at that time.

  5. Dynamics of simple defect clusters in alkaline earth fluorides

    Haridasan, T.M.; Sekar, P.


    The effect of isolated F - vacancies and interstitials on the Dobye Waller Factors of their neighbours is studied. The perturbation due to the introduction of the defect is calculated using the scattering theory. The critical jump amplitude in the diffusion process is fitted to reproduce the experimental migration energy. The diffusion coefficient for the vacancy mechanism is estimated to be larger than that for the interstitialcy mechanism in the superionic region. (author). 21 refs, 8 figs, 2 tabs

  6. Obstacles to the Primary and Secondary Prevention of Breast Cancer in African-American Women.


    Lauver, D. (1994). Care-seeking behavior with breast cancer symptoms in Caucasian and African-American women. Research in Nursing and Health, 17, 421...Disorders the Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 4, 47-5 8. 181. Waller, G. & Hodgson, S. (1996). Body image distortion in anorexia and bulimia ...1996). Body image distortion in anorexia and bulimia nervosa: the role of perceived and actual control. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 184

  7. The Falls City Engineers: A History of the Louisville District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1984-2004


    been undertaken nor completed. Contract administrators Jon Fleshman and Vanessa Whitworth together with Carol Labashosky and Todd Hornback of the...Frick, Doug Shelton, Lee Anne Devine, Robert Willis, Eugene Dowell, Charles Decker, Robert Van Hoff, Steve Rager, and Ron Waller, plus the crews at...and able.28 Edward Hoagland, the resource manager, handled the transition. He arranged the transfer of personnel and projects from the Mobile

  8. Deployment Pulmonary Health


    of health and hazard data to monitor the extent and severity of occupationally-related lung disease and related workplace exposures for use in public...during pregnancy . J. Occup. Environ. Med. Jun 2012;54(6):689-697. 112. Barton CA, McGuire A, Waller M, et al. Smoking prevalence, its determinants...disease and related workplace exposures for use in public health education and in disease prevention.” 38 Department of Defense (DoD) Directive

  9. Weak coupling theory of the ripplon limited mobility of a 2-D electron lattice

    Dahm, A.J.; Mehrotra, R.


    The one ripplon-n phonon scattering contribution to the mobility of a 2D electron lattice supported by a liquid helium substrate is calculated in first order perturbation theory to all orders of n in the weak coupling limit. The Debye Waller factor is shown to limit the momentum transfer at large ripplon wave-vectors and high temperatures causing a minimum in the mobility as a function of temperature. (orig.)

  10. Contrast of HOLZ lines in energy-filtered convergent-beam electron diffraction patterns from silicon

    Lehmpfuhl, G.; Krahl, D.; Uchida, Y.


    Higher-order Laue-zone (HOLZ) lines were investigated in convergent-beam electron diffraction patterns from silicon near the low-indexed zone axes [100], [110] and [111]. The visibility of these lines depends on the effective structure potentials of the reflections from the first Laue zone depending on their Debye-Waller factor. The contrast of the HOLZ lines is strongly reduced by inelastically scattered electrons. They can be excluded by an imaging Ω filter for energy losses above 2 eV. The diffraction patterns were compared with many-beam calculations. Without absorption, an excellent agreement could be achieved for the [111] and [100] zone axes, while the simulation of the [110] zone-axis pattern needed a calculation with absorption. The reason for this observation is explained in the Bloch-wave picture. Calculations with absorption, however, lead to artefacts in the intensity distribution of the [100] HOLZ pattern. In order to obtain agreement with the experiment, the Debye-Waller factor had to be modified in different ways for the different zone axes. This corresponds to a strong anisotropy of the Debye-Waller factor. To confirm this observation, the temperature dependence of the itensity distributions of the HOLZ patterns was investigated between 50 and 680 K. At room temperature, the parameter D in the Debye-Waller factor exp(-Ds 2 ) was determined as 0.13, 0.26 and 0.55 A 2 for the zone axes [100], [111] and [110], respectively. The reliability of the conclusions is discussed. (orig.)

  11. Scinax berthae Barrio, 1962 (Anura, Hilydae. Primera cita para la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina

    Waller, Tomás


    Full Text Available Argentina: Corrientes, departamento San Martín, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, inmediaciones de la laguna Iberá (28°32'28"S - 57°10'20"W, Datum: WGS 84. Altitud: 65 m snm. 16 de octubre de 1999. Dos ejemplares macho. Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia", Buenos Aires, Argentina (MACN 37081, 37082. Colector: Tomás Waller.

  12. OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress Support


    Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 20 16), paper JT3A .41. V. Katkovnik, "Sparse phase retrieval from noisy data: variational formulation and...A. Wojdyla, G. Gunjala, J. Dong, M. Benk, A. Neureuther, K. Goldberg , and L. Waller, "Off-axis Aberration Estimation in an EUV Microscope Using...2016, (Optical Society of America, 20 16), paper JT3A.41. V. Katkovnik, "Sparse phase retrieval from noisy data: variational formulation and algorithms

  13. Avian and Herpetological Survey Results for Fairchild Air Force Base and Ancillary Properties


    declines . Certain taxa, such as reptiles and amphibians (collectively called “herpetofauna”; Gibbons et al. 2000, Stuart et al. 2004) and certain...Greene, T. Mills, Y. Leiden, S. Poppy, and C. T. Winne. 2000. The global decline of reptiles, déjà vu amphibians . BioScience. 50:653-666 Hallock, L...S. L. Rodrigues, D. L. Fishman, and R. W. Waller. 2004. Status and trends of amphibian declines and extinctions worldwide. Science 306:1783-1786

  14. "small problems, Big Trouble": An Art and Science Collaborative Exhibition Reflecting Seemingly small problems Leading to Big Threats

    Waller, J. L.; Brey, J. A.


    "small problems, Big Trouble" (spBT) is an exhibition of artist Judith Waller's paintings accompanied by text panels written by Earth scientist Dr. James A. Brey and several science researchers and educators. The text panels' message is as much the focus of the show as the art--true interdisciplinarity! Waller and Brey's history of art and earth science collaborations include the successful exhibition "Layers: Places in Peril". New in spBT is extended collaboration with other scientists in order to create awareness of geoscience and other subjects (i.e. soil, parasites, dust, pollutants, invasive species, carbon, ground water contaminants, solar wind) small in scale which pose significant threats. The paintings are the size of a mirror, a symbol suggesting the problems depicted are those we increasingly need to face, noting our collective reflections of shared current and future reality. Naturalistic rendering and abstract form in the art helps reach a broad audience including those familiar with art and those familiar with science. The goal is that gallery visitors gain greater appreciation and understanding of both—and of the sober content of the show as a whole. "small problems, Big Trouble" premiers in Wisconsin April, 2015. As in previous collaborations, Waller and Brey actively utilize art and science (specifically geoscience) as an educational vehicle for active student learning. Planned are interdisciplinary university and area high school activities linked through spBT. The exhibition in a public gallery offers a means to enhance community awareness of and action on scientific issues through art's power to engage people on an emotional level. This AGU presentation includes a description of past Waller and Brey activities: incorporating art and earth science in lab and studio classrooms, producing gallery and museum exhibitions and delivering workshops and other presentations. They also describe how walking the paths of several past earth science

  15. The Misfortunes of Moral Enhancement.

    Azevedo, Marco Antonio


    In Unfit for the Future, Ingmar Persson and Julian Savulescu present a sophisticated argument in defense of the imperative of moral enhancement. They claim that without moral enhancement, the future of humanity is seriously compromised. The possibility of ultimate harm, caused by a dreadful terrorist attack or by a final unpreventable escalation of the present environmental crisis aggravated by the availability of cognitive enhancement, makes moral enhancement a top priority. It may be considered optimistic to think that our present moral capabilities can be successfully improved by means of moral education, moral persuasion, and fear of punishment. So, without moral enhancement, drastic restrictions on human freedom would become the only alternative to prevent those dramatic potential outcomes. In this article, I will try to show that we still have reason to be less pessimistic and that Persson & Savulescu's arguments are fortunately unconvincing. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press, on behalf of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy Inc. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  16. A constrained Delaunay discretization method for adaptively meshing highly discontinuous geological media

    Wang, Yang; Ma, Guowei; Ren, Feng; Li, Tuo


    A constrained Delaunay discretization method is developed to generate high-quality doubly adaptive meshes of highly discontinuous geological media. Complex features such as three-dimensional discrete fracture networks (DFNs), tunnels, shafts, slopes, boreholes, water curtains, and drainage systems are taken into account in the mesh generation. The constrained Delaunay triangulation method is used to create adaptive triangular elements on planar fractures. Persson's algorithm (Persson, 2005), based on an analogy between triangular elements and spring networks, is enriched to automatically discretize a planar fracture into mesh points with varying density and smooth-quality gradient. The triangulated planar fractures are treated as planar straight-line graphs (PSLGs) to construct piecewise-linear complex (PLC) for constrained Delaunay tetrahedralization. This guarantees the doubly adaptive characteristic of the resulted mesh: the mesh is adaptive not only along fractures but also in space. The quality of elements is compared with the results from an existing method. It is verified that the present method can generate smoother elements and a better distribution of element aspect ratios. Two numerical simulations are implemented to demonstrate that the present method can be applied to various simulations of complex geological media that contain a large number of discontinuities.

  17. Circuit racing, track texture, temperature and rubber friction

    Sharp, R. S.; Gruber, P.; Fina, E.


    Some general observations relating to tyre shear forces and road surfaces are followed by more specific considerations from circuit racing. The discussion then focuses on the mechanics of rubber friction. The classical experiments of Grosch are outlined and the interpretations that can be put on them are discussed. The interpretations involve rubber viscoelasticity, so that the vibration properties of rubber need to be considered. Adhesion and deformation mechanisms for energy dissipation at the interface between rubber and road and in the rubber itself are highlighted. The enquiry is concentrated on energy loss by deformation or hysteresis subsequently. Persson's deformation theory is outlined and the material properties necessary to apply the theory to Grosch's experiments are discussed. Predictions of the friction coefficient relating to one particular rubber compound and a rough surface are made using the theory and these are compared with the appropriate results from Grosch. Predictions from Persson's theory of the influence of nominal contact pressure on the friction coefficient are also examined. The extent of the agreement between theory and experiment is discussed. It is concluded that there is value in the theory but that it is far from complete. There is considerable scope for further research on the mechanics of rubber friction.

  18. Four steps in the history of museum technologies and visitors' digital participation

    Jørgen Riber Christensen


        In conclusion, the article asks where the place of signification or meaning of the exhibited object has moved to in the face of the increased degree of visitor participation. The tentative answer is that the signification generating process has moved away from the historical context of the object and towards the contemporary world of the visitor. The article connects this change in cultural discourse with Karin Sander's archaeological imagination and in a wider sense with the concept of negotiation from new historicism.

  19. Rejoinder

    Dijkstra, Geske


    textabstractI want to begin by thanking Göran Holmqvist and Karin Metell Cueva for financing (on behalf of Sida) our independent research of the PRS processes in Latin America in the first place, and now in particular for taking up the challenge to respond to my doubts and criticisms of the PRS approach. They recognise that this approach has been too optimistic and, in particular, that too many goals have been attached to one single instrument. The proposal they put forward is interesting and...

  20. Uus kuum Eesti disain / Silvia Pärmann, Maris Takk

    Pärmann, Silvia


    Karl Tauli disainitud taburet "Ämblu", Aap Piho puidust ümmargune laud, Marit Ilisoni tekkmantlid kollektsioonist "Longing for Sleep/Magada tahaks", Narma vaibakollektsioon "OPEN 2015/16" (disainerid Monika Järg, Kaidi Ploomipuu), Annike Laigo vaibakollektsioon "XX", Kairi Katmanni vaip "Storytellers", Valhalla Factory kollektsiooni "Daydreamers" ripptool, Raili Keivi betoonist ja portselanist nõudekollektsioon, Tarmo Luisu valgusti "Kassett", Stella Soomlaisi käekotid, Karin Kallase ja Erik Pasti (Stuudio Nahk) disainitud jalatsid, käekotid ja ehted, Kuula + Jylhä jalatsikollektsioon, Mokoko (disainer Mari Maripuu) nahast aksessuaarid

  1. Short outlines of books by Estonian authors / Rutt Hinrikus, Janika Kronberg

    Hinrikus, Rutt, 1946-


    Kõiv, Madis. Studia memoriae I. Rännuaastad; Krull, Hasso. Luuletused 1987-1991; Krull, Hasso. Swinburne; Mihkelson, Ene. Nime vaev; Saarsen, Karin. Poola suvi; Traat, Mats. Hirm ja iha; Murutar, Kati. Naisena sündinud; Unt, Mati. Tere, kollane kass; Unt, Mati. Argimütoloogia sõnastik 1983-93; Unt, Mati. Vastne argimütoloogia; Mutt, Mihkel. Pingviin ja raisakass; Mutt, Mihkel. Rahvusvaheline mees; Teder, Tarmo. Kurat kargas pähe; Suuman, Sass. Targemat ei ole; Hirv, Indrek. Tähekerjus; Kaplinski, Jaan. Mitu suve ja kevadet; Kaplinski, Jaan. Jää ja Titanic

  2. Les parlements du peuple au Kenya

    Rasmussen, Jacob


    Despite the adoption of a new constitution in 2010, the post-election violence surrounding the flawed 2007 General Elections have fuelled on-going debates in Kenya about a state of political crisis and fragile democracy. Comparing two street parliaments from Eldoret and Nairobi in the context...... of electoral failure and constitutional reform, this paper investigates dynamics of political participation from below. The street parliaments form arenas for oral debates where speakers and participants collectively engage in the intentional shaping of spaces of speech. Inspired by the work of Karin Barber...

  3. First hoisting of the Portuguese flag at CERN

    Unknown, Unknown


    First hoisting of the Portuguese flag at CERN, following the country's membership. Photo taken on January 22 (or 23), 1986. From left to right: António Costa Lobo (Portugal's ambassador to the UN in Geneva), Gaspar Barreira, Karin Wall (José Mariano Gago's wife), José Mariano Gago (Portugal's JNICT president), Catarina Wall Gago (José Mariano Gago's daughter), João Varela, Herwig Schopper (CERN's Director-General), Eduardo Arantes e Oliveira (Portugal's Secretary of State for Science), , Margarida Nesbitt Rebelo, , Mário Pimenta, , Gustavo Castelo Branco, João Seixas, Sérgio Ramos, and Peter Sonderegger.

  4. Kui vana on kunstnik? / Anneli Porri

    Porri, Anneli, 1980-


    Rahvusvahelise kunstihariduse konverentsi "InSea on Sea" raames Kunstiakadeemia galeriis Karin Laansoo kureeritud Tallinna Kunstikooli õpilaste tööde näitus "MÄRKmed", Draakoni galeriis Mari Sobolevi kureeritud Viljandi Maagümnaasiumi kunstistuudio näitus "Sisseastumiseksam maailma", rahvusraamatukogus Anneli Porri kureeritud näitus "Kokkuvõte" EKA tänavuste lõpetajate töödest ja näitus "Leitud tagahoovist", Kullo galeriis rahvusvaheline näitus "Dialoog erinevuste vahel"

  5. Elistagem eestimaist. Abikaasade meelevallas / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Anton Nigov [Tõnu Õnnepalu]. Harjutused; Elme Väljaste. Kiusatus; Reet Kudu. Täiskuu ja tänavalatern; Vaapo Vaher. Surmakuul & seemnepurse; Jelena Skulskaja. Vene rulett; Inge Ojala. Asendusema ja olematud lapsed; Inge Ojala. Andesta - ma kasvasin tänaval; Barbara Vine. Korstnapühkija poeg; Charlotte Bingham. Suveaeg; Lisa Gardner. Täiuslik abikaasa; Wendy Northcutt. Darwini auhinnad 2; Dean Foster. Euroopa riikide etikett ja tavad; J. P. Donleavy. Naine, kellele meeldisid puhtad tualettruumid; Karin Altvegen. Kadunud hing; Grant Naylor. Punane kääbus; Dylan Evans. Emotsioon. Sentimenditeooria

  6. President tuli "koju" : President Toomas H. Ilves NY Eesti Majas


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese ja proua Evelin Ilvese külaskäigust New Yorgi Eesti Majja 23. septembril 2007. Tervitussõnavõttudega esinesid New Yorgi Eesti Haridusseltsi esimees dr. Toomas Sõrra, New Yorgi Eesti Kooli juhataja Karin Kärner. Kirjaliku tervituse saatis presidendile tema omaaegne skaudijuht Emu Saarniit. President T.H. Ilves meenutas oma sõnavõtus, et esimest korda külastas ta New Yorgi Eesti Maja 50 aastat tagasi. Pärast ametlike sõnavõttude lõppu said kõik kohaletulnud isiklikult presidenti tervitada. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikides 20.-26.09.2007

  7. Documentation to the workshop 'Cluster in the environmental protection economy'; Dokumentation zum Workshop ''Cluster in der Umweltschutzwirtschaft''



    Within the workshop 'Cluster in the environmental protection economy' at the Umweltbundesamt (Dessau-Rosslau, Federal Republic of Germany) at 27th November, 2008, the following lectures were held: (a) Which contribution can cluster and cluster politics contribute to the promotion of the environmental protection economy? (Harald Legler); (b) Cluster in the environmental protection economy: Targets and expectations (Dieter Rehfeld); (c) Demands at the management of clusters (Karin Hoerhan); (d) Demands at the cluster politics in the environmental protection economy (Bernhard Hausberg); (e) Photovoltaics in Eastern Germany (Johann Wackenbauer); (f) Automotive industry in Bergisches Land (Thomas Lemken); (g) Competence centre environment Augsburg-Schwaben (Egon Beckord).

  8. The Role of I-kappa-B Kinases in Prostate Carcinogenesis and the Effect of Their Inhibition on Survival of Prostate Tumors


    2. Karin, M., Y. Cao, F.R. Greten , and Z.W. Li. 2002. NF-kappaB in cancer: from innocent bystander to major culprit. Nat Rev Cancer 2:301-310. 3...transcriptional activity are regulated by p100. J Biol Chem 277:1405-1418. 6. Senftleben, U., Y. Cao, G. Xiao, F.R. Greten , G. Krahn, G. Bonizzi, Y...cells: evidence for the involvement of IKKalpha. Embo J 20:6805-6815. 8. Greten , F.R., L. Eckmann, T.F. Greten , J.M. Park, Z.W. Li, L.J. Egan, M.F

  9. "Neli arhitektuuri" : Eesti arhitektuurinäitusel Pariisis / Triin Ojari

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Baltimaade ja Rootsi arhitektuuribüroode töid tutvustav näitus galeriis La Galerie d'Architecture 22. X-10. XII 2000. Rootsist osales büroo White Arkitekter (arhitekt Mattias Lind), Lätist Arhis, Leedust Private Ideology, Eestist Kolm Pluss Üks (valiku tegi Karin Hallas). Kataloogi eessõna - läti arhitekt Janis Dripe. 2 ill. White Arkitekter (arhitektuuribüroo, Rootsi). Arhis (arhitektuuribüroo, Läti). Private Ideology (arhitektuuribüroo, Leedu)

  10. Die aantrekkingskrag van die see

    I. Gertenbach


    This article compares the use of oceanic symbolism in the poetry of Karin Boye, Ingrid Jonker and Sylvia Plath. Freud’s “oceanic feeling” is described and contrasted with Jung’s theory of the “great mother”. According to Jung, the “great mother” is the unconscious which is represented by water. All these elements are discussed in the poems and compared to each other in order to gain a better understanding of the poetry. Although “death” (drowning in the ocean appears to point to new life, it ends in unification with the archetypal mother. This liberates the poets symbolically, but not physically.

  11. Sajand oodatud / Kristo Mäe

    Mäe, Kristo


    Eesti Rahva Muuseumi uue hoone arhitektuurikonkursi võidutööst "Memory Field". Autorid: itaalia arhitekt Dan Dorell, liibanoni arhitekt Lina Ghotmeh ja jaapani arhitekt Tsuyoshi Tane. II preemia pälvis töö "Gems", autoriteks soome arhitektid Juho Grönholm, Antti Nousjoki, Janne Teräsvirta, Samuli Woolston, III preemia töö "Estonia is on the verge of a new millennium", autoriteks austria arhitektid Alfred Bramberger, Thomas Pucher, Heidrun Steinhauser, Martin Mathy, Christa Pucher. Krista Aru ja Karin Hallas-Murula arvamus, intervjuu Lina Ghotmet'iga

  12. Arhitektuuriuudised / Karen Jagodin

    Jagodin, Karen, 1982-


    Elamurajoon Witbrant (Jacq de Brouwer, Erna van Sambeek) Tilburgis Lõuna-Hollandis. Kaubakonteineritest kokkuopandav reisimuuseum (Shigeru Ban). Säästlik, kerge, transporditav ja vähese materjalikuluga näidismaja (Richard Horden, saksa AB Haack + Höpfner). Ristikujuline maja (Bevk Perovic Arhitektid) Ljubljanas. Onnist inspireeritud pargikeskus (Chris Thurlbourne) Taani Rahvuspargis. Eestile ja muuseumidele pühendatud Soome arhitektuuriajakirja Arkkitehti 2006. a. 3. numbrist. Autoritest nimetatud Jorma Mukala, Pekka Vapaavuori, Leonhard Lapin, Triin Ojari, Tarja Nurmi (retsensioon Karin Hallas-Murula raamatule "Soome-Eesti : sajand arhitektuurisuhted)

  13. Kui seda mammit seal jalus ei oleks... / Indrek Pajo, Heiti Riisberg, Jaana Liigand... [jt.


    Küsimusele, mida peaks noor keskjuht juhtimise osas tegema kui tunneb pärast paarikuist töötamist üha rohkem, et mõned tema alluvad, kes on temast oluliselt vanemad, töötavad talle vastu, vastavad endine Cleaner Ehitus vanemobjektijuht Indrek Pajo, Trigon Kapital pensioni- ja aktsiafondide eest hoolitsev Heiti Riisberg, konsultatsioonifirma Arikano omanik ja juht Jaana Liigand, Pharmadule OÜ personali- ja büroojuht Helen Neeve, Saku Õlletehase brändide Rock ja Carlsberg juht Karin Golubev ning Kaamos Kinnisvara juht Priit Uustulnd

  14. Maaülikooli uksed uutele tulijatele valla / Sirje Pärismaa

    Pärismaa, Sirje, 1958-


    Oma õpingutest räägivad maaülikooli tudengid: Kadi Avi (majandusarvestus ja finantsjuhtimine III), Kaiti Pilk (maastikuarhitekt III), Mart Kelk (metsatööstuse magistrantuur I), Karin Ojamäe (rakendushüdrobioloogia III), Heidi Heitur (ökonoomika ja ettevõtlus I); Margus Paesalu (metsatööstus III), Kadri Kalle ( maastikukaitse ja -hoolduse magistrantuur I), Liisi Õunapuu (loodusvarade kasutamine ja kaitse III), Laura Niemelä (veterinaarmeditsiin IV) ja Peep Teppo (metsamajanduse magistrantuur II) ning õppeprorektor Jüri Lehtsaar

  15. Simultatenous determination of diacetyl and acetoin in traditional turkish butter stored in sheep’s rumen (Karinyagi

    Gokce, R.


    Full Text Available Commercial Karinyagi (traditionally named karin is made of cows’ milk cream and is produced by filling butter in cleaned sheep’s rumen. The effect of butter storage in sheep’s rumen on the production of diacetyl and acetoin was investigated. These compounds were determined by GC-MS and they are the typical butter flavor commonly found in fermented dairy products. The modified method for the simultaneous extraction of diacetly and acetoin from butter samples was accurate and precise. The recoveries of diacetyl and acetoin were 94.7 and 110.8%, respectively, while the detection limits were 1.83 and 0.51 mg·L-1, respectively. The proposed method was applied for the monitoring of aroma compounds in Karin butter samples during different time intervals. The concentration of acetoin remained stable through 0–50 days while the concentration of diacetyl increased to 33.0 μg·g-1 up to 40 days and remained constant through 40–50 days.El Karinyagi comercial (nombre tradicional Karin está hecho de crema de leche de vaca, y producido llenando con mantequilla el rumen limpio de ovejas. Se ha investigado el efecto del almacenamiento de la mantequilla en el rumen de ovejas sobre la formación de diacetilo y acetoína. Estos compuestos son el típico flavor a mantequilla que se detecta comúnmente en los productos lácteos fermentados y han sido determinados mediante GC-MS. El método modificado para la extracción simultánea de diacetilo y acetoína en mantequilla resultó ser exacto y preciso y las recuperaciones de 94,7 y 110,8 % respectivamente, mientras que los límites de detección fueron 1.83 y 0,51 mg·L-1, respectivamente. El método propuesto se aplicó al control de compuestos aromáticos en Karin y muestras de mantequilla, durante diferentes intervalos de tiempo. La concentración de acetoína se mantuvo estable entre 0–50 días mientras que la concentración de diacetilo aumentó a 33,0 mg·g-1 hasta 40 días y se mantuvo constante

  16. Communication: Relationship between solute localization and diffusion in a dynamically constrained polymer system

    Saylor, David M.; Jawahery, Sudi; Silverstein, Joshua S.; Forrey, Christopher [Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA, Silver Spring, Maryland 20993 (United States)


    We investigate the link between dynamic localization, characterized by the Debye–Waller factor, 〈u{sup 2}〉, and solute self-diffusivity, D, in a polymer system using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations and vapor sorption experiments. We find a linear relationship between lnD and 1/〈u{sup 2}〉 over more than four decades of D, encompassing most of the glass formation regime. The observed linearity is consistent with the Langevin dynamics in a periodically varying potential field and may offer a means to rapidly assess diffusion based on the characterization of dynamic localization.

  17. Displacements and intensities of the components of hydrogenic lines of the helium atom in the presence of exterior uniform electrical and magnetic fields

    Deutsch, C.; Herman, L.; Nguyen, H.; Drawin, H.W.


    The Waller-Foster method for hydrogenic lines of neutral helium is extended in order to take into account an external magnetic field (vector K) having an arbitrary angle with an external constant electric field (vector F). The diagonal correction has been evaluated numerically taking into account recent experimental data. A Fortran IV program written for the CDC 3600 computer allows to calculate the displacements and the intensities for any hydrogenic transition. Special attention is given to the {2-4} transitions in neutral helium. (authors) [fr

  18. Higher-Order-Mode Diagnostics and Suppression in Superconducting Cavities (HOMSC12)

    Jones, Roger M.


    From the 25th of June through Wednesday lunchtime of the 27th of June 2012 the Cockcroft Institute and ASTeC hosted an ICFA supported mini workshop on Higher-Order-Mode Diagnostics and Suppression in Superconducting Cavities (HOMSC12). The local organizing committee for this international workshop was chaired by S. Buckley (ASTeC/STFC), conference administration by S. Waller (ASTeC/STFC), and the scientific program committee by R.M. Jones (Cockcroft Institute/University of Manchester).

  19. Dynamic Chemical and Structural Changes of Heterogeneous Catalysts Observed in Real Time: From Catalysis-Induced Fluxionality to Catalytic Cycles


    obtained from the fit of the “Clean Pd NCs” (Figure 5 and Table 1) under the approximation the surface atoms have a bond length and EXAFS Debye -Waller...evidence for a model in which Ar drives restructuring of under-coordinated Pd atoms, leading to an increased Pd-Pd bond length of surface Pd atoms... length expansion was calculated by taking the difference between the average NN bond length of each atom before and after being exposed to Ar. The

  20. Ultra-Flexible, Invisible Thin-Film Transistors Enabled by Amorphous Metal Oxide/Polymer Channel Layer Blends


    coordination num- bers (CNs), bond lengths , and Debye –Waller factors from Equation ( 1) : [ 45 ] ( ) ( ) sin 2 i i 0 2 i 2 i i 2 ( ) 2 j i 2 2 k N f k S...through a shadow mask (channel length L = 50 µm, channel width W = 1 mm). The newly developed In 2 O 3 : x %PVP semiconducting fi lms were fi rst...coordination numbers, In–O bond lengths , and σ 2 values for the indicated fi lms. e,f) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) of In 2 O 3 :polymer fi

  1. A contribution to the investigation of the properties of the Au-Fe system

    Vano, M.; Sitek, J.; Cirak, J.


    Moessbauer spectroscopy, an electronic microanalyzer and X-ray diffractometry were used to study the properties of an Au-Fe solid solution during its preparation by installing Fe atoms into the Au matrix by diffusion heating at a temperature from 550 to 850 degC. On the basis of such measurements, the suitable heating temperature was determined at 850 degC; the Debye-Waller factor for Au-Fe is f=0.604+-0.040 and two configurations of Fe atoms in the Au crystal lattice were found. (author)

  2. Diffusion of Hydrogen in the beta-Phase of Pd-H Studied by Small Energy Transfer Neutron Scattering

    Nelin, G; Skoeld, K


    The diffusion of hydrogen in beta-PdH has been studied by quasielastic neutron scattering. It is shown that the diffusion occurs through jumps between adjacent octahedral interstitial sites. The observed integrated quasielastic intensities cannot be described by a simple Debye-Waller factor. The phase transition from the beta-phase to the alpha-phase has also been studied. No dramatic changes in the scattering patterns were observed. It is concluded that the diffusion mechanism is remarkably similar between the low concentration alpha-phase and the high concentration beta-phase

  3. Neutron scattering by anharmonic crystals and the effect of sublattice displacements

    Viswanathan, K.S.; Phillip, Jacob


    A theory has been described for the scattering of neutrons by anharmonic crystals, for which terms of the type Vsup(3) (k 1 j 1 ;-k 1 j 1 ;aj) which contribute to the sublattice displacements are not neglected. It is shown that the sublattice displacements will modify the phase factor arising from the scattering by any atom in the unit cell, and the Debye-Waller factor also gets altered both by the sublattice displacements as well as by higher order terms arising from anharmonicity. (author)

  4. Mosaic crystal algorithm for Monte Carlo simulations

    Seeger, P A


    An algorithm is presented for calculating reflectivity, absorption, and scattering of mosaic crystals in Monte Carlo simulations of neutron instruments. The algorithm uses multi-step transport through the crystal with an exact solution of the Darwin equations at each step. It relies on the kinematical model for Bragg reflection (with parameters adjusted to reproduce experimental data). For computation of thermal effects (the Debye-Waller factor and coherent inelastic scattering), an expansion of the Debye integral as a rapidly converging series of exponential terms is also presented. Any crystal geometry and plane orientation may be treated. The algorithm has been incorporated into the neutron instrument simulation package NISP. (orig.)

  5. The milky way an insider's guide

    Waller, William H


    This book offers an intimate guide to the Milky Way, taking readers on a grand tour of our home Galaxy's structure, genesis, and evolution, based on the latest astronomical findings. In engaging language, it tells how the Milky Way congealed from blobs of gas and dark matter into a spinning starry abode brimming with diverse planetary systems--some of which may be hosting myriad life forms and perhaps even other technologically communicative species. William Waller vividly describes the Milky Way as it appears in the night sky, acquainting readers with its key components and telling

  6. Defects and disorder in the fast-ion electrode lithium-aluminum

    Susman, S; Brun, T O


    Neutron and X-ray diffraction measurements indicate no phase change in ..beta..-phase LiAl from 300 to 940 K. The thermal expansion of the lattice constant and the temperature dependence of the Debye-Waller factor Li are linear and not unusually large. The data are analyzed in the Bragg-Williams approximation with T/sub c/ = 1100 K. At elevated temperatures, LiAl approaches an order-disorder transformation. At battery operating temperatures (700 K) there are appreciable concentrations of both types of antisite defects Li/sub Al/ and Al/sub Li/, and there is appreciable Al diffusion.

  7. Co-Au core-shell nanocrystals formed by sequential ion implantation into SiO2

    Kluth, P.; Hoy, B.; Johannessen, B.; Dunn, S. G.; Foran, G. J.; Ridgway, M. C.


    Co-Au core-shell nanocrystals (NCs) were formed by sequential ion implantation of Au and Co into thin SiO 2 . The NCs were investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy and extended x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. The latter reveals a bond length expansion in the Co core compared to monatomic Co NCs. Concomitantly, a significant contraction of the bond length and a significant reduction of the effective Au-Au coordination number were observed in the Au shells. Increased Debye-Waller factors indicate significant strain in the NCs. These experimental results verify recent theoretical predictions

  8. Low temperature anomalies in the lattice parameters of rare earth compounds and UPd3

    Pluemacher, D.


    Using a low temperature diffractometer, intermediate valence effects and crystal defects can be identified from the temperature dependence of the lattice parameters and the Debye-Waller factor. For polycrystalline powder samples the measuring error are too large. For intermediate valence systems the relative change in the 4f-level population probability can be calculated together with the anisotropic effects on the lattice parameters and on the unit cell colume. Pronounced effects on the lattice parameters can be observed in the case of RE Cu 2 Si 2 compounds with crystal fields. (DG) [de

  9. Franz Kugler

    Eric Garberson


    Full Text Available Review of: Michel Espagne, Bénédicte Savoy, Céline Trautmann-Waller, Franz Theodor Kugler. Deutscher Kunsthistoriker und Berliner Dichter, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 2010. Reviews a collection of essays based on papers delivered at the Berlin conference (2008 celebrating Franz Kugler (1808-1858, a key figure in the disciplinary history of art history and an active player the cultural and intellectual life of Berlin in the mid-nineteenth century. Written by historians, art historians, and historians of literature, these essays examine Kugler’s work as an art historian, critic, journal editor, Prussian bureaucrat, poet, and member of several art and literary societies.

  10. Status and limitations of multilayer X-ray interference structures

    Kortright, J.B.


    Trends in the performance of x-ray multilayer interference structures with periods ranging from 9 to 130 (angstrom) are reviewed. Analysis of near-normal incidence reflectance data vs photon energy reveals that the effective interface with σ in a static Debye-Waller model, describing interdiffusion and roughness, decreases as the multilayer period decreases, and reaches a lower limit of roughly 2 (angstrom). Specular reflectance and diffuse scattering from uncoated and multilayer-coated substrates having different roughness suggest that this lower limit results largely from substrate roughness. The increase in interface width with period thus results from increasing roughness of interdiffusion as the layer thickness increases

  11. Convergence of the multiple scattering expansion in XAFS and XANES

    Rehr, J.J.


    The convergence of the multiple-scattering expansion of XAFS and XANES by explicit path-bypath calculations. The approach is based on the fast scattering matrix formalism of Rehr and Albers, together with an automated path finder and filters that exclude negligible paths. High-order scattering terms are found to be essential, especially at low energies. Several factors including the magnitude of curved wave scattering amplitudes, inelastic losses and multiple-scattering Debye-Waller factors control convergence of the expansion. The convergence is illustrated explicitly for the case of diatomic molecules

  12. Complex Algebraic Varieties

    Peternell, Thomas; Schneider, Michael; Schreyer, Frank-Olaf


    The Bayreuth meeting on "Complex Algebraic Varieties" focussed on the classification of algebraic varieties and topics such as vector bundles, Hodge theory and hermitian differential geometry. Most of the articles in this volume are closely related to talks given at the conference: all are original, fully refereed research articles. CONTENTS: A. Beauville: Annulation du H(1) pour les fibres en droites plats.- M. Beltrametti, A.J. Sommese, J.A. Wisniewski: Results on varieties with many lines and their applications to adjunction theory.- G. Bohnhorst, H. Spindler: The stability of certain vector bundles on P(n) .- F. Catanese, F. Tovena: Vector bundles, linear systems and extensions of (1).- O. Debarre: Vers uns stratification de l'espace des modules des varietes abeliennes principalement polarisees.- J.P. Demailly: Singular hermitian metrics on positive line bundles.- T. Fujita: On adjoint bundles of ample vector bundles.- Y. Kawamata: Moderate degenerations of algebraic surfaces.- U. Persson: Genus two fibra...

  13. Rubber friction and tire dynamics

    Persson, B N J


    We propose a simple rubber friction law, which can be used, for example, in models of tire (and vehicle) dynamics. The friction law is tested by comparing numerical results to the full rubber friction theory (Persson 2006 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 18 7789). Good agreement is found between the two theories. We describe a two-dimensional (2D) tire model which combines the rubber friction model with a simple mass-spring description of the tire body. The tire model is very flexible and can be used to accurately calculate μ-slip curves (and the self-aligning torque) for braking and cornering or combined motion (e.g. braking during cornering). We present numerical results which illustrate the theory. Simulations of anti-blocking system (ABS) braking are performed using two simple control algorithms.

  14. Die Reichstagswahl 2006 – Eine Zäsur in der schwedischen Parteiengeschichte

    Sven Jochem


    Full Text Available Sweden is the social democratic model in Europe. Despite good economic conditions, the social democratic minority government under the leadership of Göran Persson lost the election on 17th September 2006. Since then, a four party coalition headed by the conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is governing Sweden. In this contribution the electoral campaign as well as the electoral result is analysed. It will be shown that there occurred a paradigm shift in Swedish party history. A majority government has managed to overcome the programmatic differences in the bourgeois camp. It is further argued that the new government will hardly change the Swedish model at once. However, small but decisive reform steps will alter the contours of the Swedish welfare state and will make it more similar to welfare states in Continental Europe.

  15. Surgical apgar score predicts early complication in transfemoral amputees

    Wied, Christian; Foss, Nicolai Bang; Kristensen, Morten T


    AIM: To assess whether the surgical apgar score (SAS) is a prognostic tool capable of identifying patients at risk of major complications following lower extremity amputations surgery. METHODS: This was a single-center, retrospective observational cohort study conducted between January 2013...... and April 2015. All patients who had either a primary transtibial amputation (TTA) or transfemoral amputation (TFA) conducted at our institution during the study period were assessed for inclusion. All TTA patients underwent a standardized one-stage operative procedure (ad modum Persson amputation......) performed approximately 10 cm below the knee joint. All TTA procedures were performed with sagittal flaps. TFA procedures were performed in one stage with amputation approximately 10 cm above the knee joint, performed with anterior/posterior flaps. Trained residents or senior consultants performed...

  16. Is moral bioenhancement dangerous?

    Drake, Nicholas


    In a recent response to Persson and Savulescu's Unfit for the Future, Nicholas Agar argues that moral bioenhancement is dangerous. His grounds for this are that normal moral judgement should be privileged because it involves a balance of moral subcapacities; moral bioenhancement, Agar argues, involves the enhancement of only particular moral subcapacities, and thus upsets the balance inherent in normal moral judgement. Mistaken moral judgements, he says, are likely to result. I argue that Agar's argument fails for two reasons. First, having strength in a particular moral subcapacity does not necessarily entail a worsening of moral judgement; it can involve strength in a particular aspect of morality. Second, normal moral judgement is not sufficiently likely to be correct to be the standard by which moral judgements are measured. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  17. Rubber friction and tire dynamics.

    Persson, B N J


    We propose a simple rubber friction law, which can be used, for example, in models of tire (and vehicle) dynamics. The friction law is tested by comparing numerical results to the full rubber friction theory (Persson 2006 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 18 7789). Good agreement is found between the two theories. We describe a two-dimensional (2D) tire model which combines the rubber friction model with a simple mass-spring description of the tire body. The tire model is very flexible and can be used to accurately calculate μ-slip curves (and the self-aligning torque) for braking and cornering or combined motion (e.g. braking during cornering). We present numerical results which illustrate the theory. Simulations of anti-blocking system (ABS) braking are performed using two simple control algorithms.

  18. Rubber friction on road surfaces: Experiment and theory for low sliding speeds

    Lorenz, B.; Persson, B. N. J. [PGI, FZ Jülich, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Oh, Y. R.; Nam, S. K.; Jeon, S. H. [Hankook Tire Co. LTD., 112 Gajeongbuk-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-725 (Korea, Republic of)


    We study rubber friction for tire tread compounds on asphalt road surfaces. The road surface topographies are measured using a stylus instrument and atomic force microscopy, and the surface roughness power spectra are calculated. The rubber viscoelastic modulus mastercurves are obtained from dynamic mechanical analysis measurements and the large-strain effective modulus is obtained from strain sweep data. The rubber friction is measured at different temperatures and sliding velocities, and is compared to the calculated data obtained using the Persson contact mechanics theory. We conclude that in addition to the viscoelastic deformations of the rubber surface by the road asperities, there is an important contribution to the rubber friction from shear processes in the area of contact. The analysis shows that the latter contribution may arise from rubber molecules (or patches of rubber) undergoing bonding-stretching-debonding cycles as discussed in a classic paper by Schallamach.

  19. A new Herbig-Haro object in the Gum nebula and its associated star

    Graham, J.A.


    Photographic and spectroscopic observations are presented of some faint nebulosity which is associated with the strong IRAS point source 08211 - 4158. Two components are observed. One relatively compact and knotty region has a purely gaseous spectrum characteristic of a low-excitation Herbig-Haro object, while another area shows a spectrum with strong continuum radiation and superposed emission lines which suggest that it is scattering light from an embedded young star. Radial-velocity measurements show that this star is at rest with respect to its surroundings while the Herbig-Haro object has a mean velocity of -38 km/s with respect to its local standard of rest. The evidence favors but does not conclusively show that the source 1 in the area, identified by Campbell and Persson (1988), marks the position of the embedded star which powers the Herbig-Haro object. 13 refs

  20. Uued raamatud


    Constructed happiness - domestic environment in the cold war era / Võistlevad õnned - elukeskkond külma sõja perioodil (EKA, 2005; toimetajad Mart Kalm, Ingrid Ruudi, kujundajad Martin Lazarev, Tiit Lepp, Andrus Kõresaar); Ruumipilt : Eesti parimad interjöörid ja disain : konkurss 2004 / Eesti Sisearhitektide Liit (Minuskel, 2005; projektijuht Mati Veermets, kujundaja Tiiu Prisko, tekstid: Ell-Maaja Randküla); Eesti Kunstiakadeemia ajakirja 1. number (toimetajad Karolin Kuusik, Kristina Paju, kujundajad Kadri-Maria Mitt, Tuuli Aule, fotod: Tatjana Muravskaja); Eesti Kunstiakadeemia lõputööd 2005 (EKA, 2005; koostajad Karin Laansoo, Alo Paistik, kujundajad T. Aule, K.-M. Mitt, fotograafid Pelle Kalmo, Riikka Tauriainen, Anu Vahtra); Hallas-Murula, Karin. Suurlinn Tallinn : Eliel Saarineni "Suur-Tallinna" projekt. 1913 (Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum, 2005; kujundaja Tiit Jürna); Kivi, Raul-Levroit. Tartu planeerimisest ja arhitektuurist : artikleid ja mälestusi (Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum, 2005; koostajad Jaan Malin, K. Hallas-Murula); Arhitektuuriaasta 2004 : arhitektuuripreemiate nominendid (Solnessi Arhitektuurikirjastus, 2005; tekst: Epp Lankots, kujundaja Arhitektuuri Domeen); Archiprix International 2005 : world's best graduation projects (Rotterdam, 2005; EKA lõpetanud arhitektidest on publitseeritud Ralf Lõokese magistritöö "Superrand")

  1. Dynamic interaction of brakes, tyres and road surface; Dynamische Interaktion Bremse - Reifen - Strasse

    Huinink, H.; Schroeder, C.


    Rubber friction of rough surfaces is characterised by the molecular physics of the highly dynamic interaction between a polymer network and the road on nano- micrao- and macroscale length. The problems of power transmission of ALS-controlled tyres at quasi-stationary conditions (interaction tyres/braking system) are described by the grip/slip characteristics defined for the area of tyre contact, which in terms forms the basis for the interaction between material and road surface (according to Persson 1997) under the respective technical conditions of the vehicle. ALS-braking with time-dependent brake torque is a technically highly dynamic system state within the interaction of material, tyres, vehicle and road surface. New systems based on sensors such as the side-torsion-sensor made by Continental AG improve safety, comfort and economy by combining this feature with a vehicle management system which uses tyre forces and -deformation as input parameters. [Deutsch] Die Gummireibung auf rauhen Oberflaechen ist durch eine molekulare Physik der hochdynamischen Interaktion Polymernetzwerk / Fahrbahn auf nano-, mikro- und makroskaligen Laengen gekennzeichnet. Die Problematik der Kraftuebertragung bei ABS-geregelten Reifen unter quasistationaeren Bedingungen (Interaktion Reifen - Bremssystem) wird durch die in der Bodenaufstandsflaeche ortsaufgeloesten Kraftschluss - Schlupf - Kennlinien erfasst, deren Basis die Interaktion Material / Fahrbahn nach Persson (1997) unter den gegebenen technischen Bedingungen am Fahrzeug darstellt. Der ABS-Bremsvorgang bei zeitabhaengigem Bremsmoment ist ein technisch hochdynamischer Systemzustand im Wechselspiel Material - Reifen - Fahrzeug-Fahrbahn. Auf der Sensorik basierende dynamische Systemerweiterungen, wie z.B. durch den Seitenwand-Torsions-Sensor der Continental AG, verbessern Fahrsicherheit, Komfort und Wirtschaftlichkeit durch die Kombination mit einem Fahrzeugmanagementsystem, das die Reifenkraefte und -verformungen als

  2. Demonstration cultivation of Salix in northern Sweden with a focus on frost resistance; Demonstrationsodling av Salix i Norrland med frosttolerans i fokus

    Soederstroem, Yvonne


    This project is part of the Thermal Engineering Research Association's (Vaermeforsk) programme 'Crops from field to energy production' and the goal is to convince growers to begin cultivating Salix in the northern part of Sweden. The project will demonstrate whether it is possible to grow Salix and examine what type of Salix (the report refers to the different types as Tora, Karin and Gudrun) is most frost-resistant and resistant to insects, fungal infections and animals. The project is aimed primarily at landowners and energy companies. The results showed that growth at the demonstration plots was moderate and the establishment rate was considered good. Growth has been uneven across the fields. At Eriksgaard, about 75% of the plants survived the winter. Survival was determined by the number of plants missing and dead. Additional plants were planted at the sites in 2009. No major insect or leaf fungus attacks were noted at either Eriksgaard or Soergaard, but they both experienced grazing from deer and elk. The rating showed that the herbicide treatment was not sufficient on the demonstration fields. For this reason, a comparison of average lengths was performed of Gudrun in Bodum, where the weeds had not grown as much. The comparison showed that the difference in growth was not significant in the autumn 2008, but the plants in Bodum had grown more by autumn 2009. Topping was not performed in the spring 2009 so that the plants would have an opportunity to grow higher than the weeds and the plants would have an opportunity to have a growth spurt. A comparison of Tora, Karin and Gudrun in Roedoen showed moderate growth for the three types. There were variations in the rows and across the field, mostly for Tora and Karin. Gudrun had lower, but more consistent growth across the field. During the summer 2009, survival was rated for the plants in Roedoen. This rating showed that 90% of Tora, 60% of Karin and 70% of Gudrun had survived the winter. The Salix

  3. Displacements and intensities of the components of hydrogenic lines of the helium atom in the presence of exterior uniform electrical and magnetic fields; Deplacements et intensites des composantes des raies hydrogenoides de l'atome d'helium en presence de champs exterieurs electrique et magnetique uniformes

    Deutsch, C; Herman, L; Nguyen, H [Laboratoire de Recherches Physiques, 75 - Paris (France); Drawin, H W [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Association Euratom-CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The Waller-Foster method for hydrogenic lines of neutral helium is extended in order to take into account an external magnetic field (vector K) having an arbitrary angle with an external constant electric field (vector F). The diagonal correction has been evaluated numerically taking into account recent experimental data. A Fortran IV program written for the CDC 3600 computer allows to calculate the displacements and the intensities for any hydrogenic transition. Special attention is given to the {l_brace}2-4{r_brace} transitions in neutral helium. (authors) [French] La methode de perturbation de Waller et Foster est generalisee afin de tenir compte d'un champ magnetique exterieur (vecteurK) faisant un angle quelconque avec un champ electrique exterieur (vecteurF). La correction diagonale des matrices de perturbation est evaluee numeriquement a l'aide des donnees atomiques les plus recentes. Un programme ecrit pour l'ordinateur CDC 3600 permet le calcul des deplacements et des intensites pour des transitions hydrogenoides quelconques. Les transitions [2-4]d'helium neutre ont ete etudiees plus particulierement. (auteurs)

  4. Abandoning the common law: medical negligence, genetic tests and wrongful life in the Australian High Court.

    Faunce, Thomas; Jefferys, Susannah


    The Australian High Court recently found that the common law could allow parents to claim tortious damages when medical negligence was proven to have led to the birth of an unplanned, but healthy, baby (Cattanach v Melchior (2003) 215 CLR 1). In Harriton v Stephens (2006) 80 ALJR 791; [2006] HCA 15 and Waller v James; Waller v Hoolahan (2006) 80 ALJR 846; [2006] HCA 16 the High Court in a six-to-one decision (Kirby J dissenting) decided that no such claim could be made by a child when medical negligence in failing to order an in utero genetic test caused the child severe disability. In an era when almost all pregnancies will soon require patented fetal genetic tests as part of the professional standard of care, the High Court, by barring so-called "wrongful life" (better termed "wrongful suffering") claims, may have created a partial immunity from suit for their corporate manufacturers and the doctors who administer them. What lessons can be learnt from this case about how the Australian High Court is, or should be, approaching medical negligence cases and its role as guardian of the Australian common law?

  5. Multiscale weighted colored graphs for protein flexibility and rigidity analysis

    Bramer, David; Wei, Guo-Wei


    Protein structural fluctuation, measured by Debye-Waller factors or B-factors, is known to correlate to protein flexibility and function. A variety of methods has been developed for protein Debye-Waller factor prediction and related applications to domain separation, docking pose ranking, entropy calculation, hinge detection, stability analysis, etc. Nevertheless, none of the current methodologies are able to deliver an accuracy of 0.7 in terms of the Pearson correlation coefficients averaged over a large set of proteins. In this work, we introduce a paradigm-shifting geometric graph model, multiscale weighted colored graph (MWCG), to provide a new generation of computational algorithms to significantly change the current status of protein structural fluctuation analysis. Our MWCG model divides a protein graph into multiple subgraphs based on interaction types between graph nodes and represents the protein rigidity by generalized centralities of subgraphs. MWCGs not only predict the B-factors of protein residues but also accurately analyze the flexibility of all atoms in a protein. The MWCG model is validated over a number of protein test sets and compared with many standard methods. An extensive numerical study indicates that the proposed MWCG offers an accuracy of over 0.8 and thus provides perhaps the first reliable method for estimating protein flexibility and B-factors. It also simultaneously predicts all-atom flexibility in a molecule.

  6. Quantum scattering of neon from a nanotextured surface

    Levi, A C; Huang, C; Allison, W; MacLaren, D A


    Phonon exchange is the usual cause of decoherence in atom-surface scattering. By including quantum effects in the treatment of Debye-Waller scattering, we show that phonon exchange becomes ineffective when the relevant phonon frequencies are high. The result explains the surprising observation of strong elastic scattering of Ne from a Cu(100) surface nanotextured with a c(2 x 2) Li adsorbate structure. We extend a previous model to describe the phonon spectra by an Einstein oscillator component with an admixture of a Debye spectrum. The Einstein oscillator represents the dominant, high frequency vibration of the adsorbate, normal to the surface, while the Debye spectrum represents the substrate contribution. Neon scattering is so slow that exciting the adsorbate mode has a low probability and is impossible if the incident energy is below the threshold. Thus, adsorbate vibrations are averaged out. A theoretical discussion and calculation shows that under such circumstances the vibrations of a light adsorbate do not contribute to the Debye-Waller effect, with the result that Ne scattering at thermal energies is quantum mechanical and largely elastic, explaining the high reflectivity and the diffraction peaks observed experimentally.

  7. COMUNICAÇÃO DE CRISE NA PUBLICIDADE: Marcas, Prosumers e Mediações

    Lucimara Rett


    Full Text Available A comunicação de crise já está incorporada à comunicação corporativa, entretanto, mais efetivamente aplicada na assessoria de imprensa das empresas. A Professora Doutora Karine Berthelot-Guie, da Université de Paris-Sorbonne, na França, traz o conceito para a publicidade, o que desperta o interesse de investigação desse novo desafio para as marcas no cenário de convergência e cultura participativa. A título de estudo exploratório, este trabalho apresenta alguns exemplos em que a manifestação das marcas são interpeladas, nesse contexto, por diferentes tipos de mediação ressignificados pelo receptor, quais sejam: mediações espaciais, humanas e virtuais.   PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Publicidade; Marcas; Mediações; Prosumers; Comunicação de Crise.   ABSTRACT The crisis communications is already integrated to the corporate communications, although it is more effectively applied in media relations offices. PhD Professor Karine Berthelot-Guide, from Paris-Sorbonne University, in France, brings the concept to advertising, which increases the interest in this new research challenge for brands in the context of convergence and participatory culture. As an exploratory study, this paper presents some examples where the brand manifestations are challenged by different kinds of mediation reinterpreted by the receiver, namely: space, human and virtual mediations.   KEYWORDS: Advertising; Brands; Mediations; Prosumers; Crisis Communication.     RESUMEN La comunicación de crisis ya se ha incorporada a la comunicación corporativa, entretanto, se aplica efectivamente en la asesoría de prensa de las empresas. La profesora Doctora Karine Berthelot-Guie, de la Universidad de la Sorbona-Paris, en Francia, introdujo el concepto para el campo de la publicidad, lo que despierta el interés para la investigación de ese nuevo desafío para las marcas en un escenario de convergencia y cultura participativa. A modo de estudio exploratorio, este

  8. Electron-beam induced amorphization of stishovite: Silicon-coordination change observed using Si K-edge extended electron energy-loss fine structure

    van Aken, P. A.; Sharp, T. G.; Seifert, F.

    The analysis of the extended energy-loss fine structure (EXELFS) of the Si K-edge for sixfold-coordinated Si in synthetic stishovite and fourfold-coordinated Si in natural α-quartz is reported by using electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) in combination with transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The stishovite Si K-edge EXELFS spectra were measured as a time-dependent series to document irradiation-induced amorphization. The amorphization was also investigated through the change in Si K- and O K-edge energy-loss near edge structure (ELNES). For α-quartz, in contrast to stishovite, electron irradiation-induced vitrification, verified by selected area electron diffraction (SAED), produced no detectable changes of the EXELFS. The Si K-edge EXELFS were analysed with the classical extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) treatment and compared to ab initio curve-waved multiple-scattering (MS) calculations of EXAFS spectra for stishovite and α-quartz. Highly accurate information on the local atomic environment of the silicon atoms during the irradiation-induced amorphization of stishovite is obtained from the EXELFS structure parameters (Si-O bond distances, coordination numbers and Debye-Waller factors). The mean Si-O bond distance R and mean Si coordination number N changes from R=0.1775 nm and N=6 for stishovite through a disordered intermediate state (R 0.172 nm and N 5) to R 0.167 nm and N 4.5 for a nearly amorphous state similar to α-quartz (R=0.1609 nm and N=4). During the amorphization process, the Debye-Waller factor (DWF) passes through a maximum value of as it changes from for sixfold to for fourfold coordination of Si. This increase in Debye-Waller factor indicates an increase in mean-square relative displacement (MSRD) between the central silicon atom and its oxygen neighbours that is consistent with the presence of an intermediate structural state with fivefold coordination of Si. The distribution of coordination states can be estimated by


    H. Tan


    Full Text Available Elevation measurements of the continental water surface have been poorly collected with in situ measurements or occasionally with conventional altimeters with low accuracy. Techniques using InSAR at near-nadir angles to measure the inland water elevation with large swath and with high accuracy have been proposed, for instance, the WSOA on Jason 2 and the KaRIn on SWOT. However, the WSOA was abandoned unfortunately and the SWOT is planned to be launched in 2021. In this paper, we show real acquisitions of the first spaceborne InSAR of such kind, the Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter (InIRA, which has been working on Tiangong II spacecraft since 2016. We used the 90-m SRTM DEM as a reference to estimate the phase offset, and then an empirical calibration model was used to correct the baseline errors.

  10. The Popularity of Karinding among Bandung Society

    Hinhin Agung Daryana


    Full Text Available The study focuses on the impact of the karinding popularity on Bandung society. In trying to understand its focus, the study uses interdisciplinary approaches including soci- ology and anthropology. It employs qualitative research method including data collection from oral and wri!en sources. Since being played by a band called Karinding A!ack, karin- ding became popular in Bandung. Further, the popularity of karinding gave some impacts on Bandung people, both its practitioners and its audience. Some programs and activities considered as the result of the popularity of karinding include multiple activities such as tourism activities, networking development, educational activities, revitalization of tradi- tional arts other than karinding, music development, literacy development, and the develop- ment of the creative economy.   Keywords: impact, popularity, karinding, Bandung, interdisciplinary approach

  11. Persistent discourses in physics education: gender neutrality and the gendering of competence

    Gonsalves, Allison


    In her article, Karin Due presents us with a contradiction in physics: the construction of physics as a symbolically masculine discipline alongside a simultaneous discourse of the "gender-neutrality" of the discipline. Due's article makes an important contribution to the study of the gendering of physics practices, particularly in group dynamics, and how this serves to simultaneously reinforce the two competing discourses of physics as a masculine discipline, and the discourse of physics as a gender neutral discipline. Due also suggests that an implication of this contradiction is a limited number of available positions for girls in physics compared to those available to boys. I wish to take up this observation and discuss how available positions for boys and girls in physics are related quite closely to two other concepts discussed in Due's article: competence and recognition.

  12. Flamenco guitarist Paco Peña tours CERN

    Pauline Gagnon


    CERN continues to attract a wide variety of visitors. On 5 June, it was the turn of renowned flamenco guitarist Paco Peña. With a broad interest in science, Peña was here to celebrate his 60th birthday, accompanied by friends David Ashton and Chrissie Twigg, and his wife Karin.     Paco Peña during his visit to ATLAS. Paco Peña’s most famous compositions include Misa Flamenca, a Flamenco Mass, and Requiem for the Earth. In 1997, he was named Oficial de la Cruz de la Orden del Mérito Civil by King Juan Carlos of Spain. "This is truly amazing!" said Peña after seeing the ATLAS detector. His wife confessed that she had never seen him take so many pictures. The group asked numerous questions during their visit. It is not always easy to impress world travellers, but the ATLAS detector did the trick.

  13. Teaching performance in performative arts. Video conference in higher music education

    Buhl, Mie; Ørngreen, Rikke; Levinsen, Karin

    in a virtual room put apart in physical room (what we identify as the third room). The music teacher must find new ways of facilitating the performative aspects of practising music. A teaching practice of narration, metaphors and dramatization appears to be an effective mode of helping the student to play......Teaching performance in performative arts – video conference on the highest level of music education Mie Buhl, Rikke Ørngreen, Karin Levinsen Aalborg University, KILD – Communication, it and learning design & ILD – It and Learning Design Video Conferencing (VC) is becoming an increasing teaching......-learning relations take place are performed in new ways. When the performing art of music is taught on a distance, the phenomenon of performativity also materializes in new ways: in the dialogue between teachers and learners; due to the technical possibilities; as well as in the separation of being together...

  14. Italy at CERN


    Nineteen companies will present their latest technology at the industrial exhibition “Italy at CERN”. Italian industries will exhibit products and technologies related to the field of particle physics. The full event programme is available here.   Individual interviews will take place at either the companies’ exhibition stands or in the Main Building’s conference rooms. The firms will be in contact with relevant users and technicians, but anyone wishing to speak with a particular firm is welcome to visit the exhibition or to get in touch with organiser Karin Robert. Italian Industries will also be sponsoring a free concert in the Main Auditorium on Tuesday 11 October at 8:00 pm. The "Trio Poem" concert will feature music by Beethoven and A. Dvořák, with Alberto Torin on the piano, Enrico Carraro on the violin, and Davide Bernardi on the cello.

  15. An Assessment of Spaceborne Near-Nadir Interferometric SAR Performance Over Inland Waters with Real

    Tan, H.; Li, S. Y.; Liu, Z. W.


    Elevation measurements of the continental water surface have been poorly collected with in situ measurements or occasionally with conventional altimeters with low accuracy. Techniques using InSAR at near-nadir angles to measure the inland water elevation with large swath and with high accuracy have been proposed, for instance, the WSOA on Jason 2 and the KaRIn on SWOT. However, the WSOA was abandoned unfortunately and the SWOT is planned to be launched in 2021. In this paper, we show real acquisitions of the first spaceborne InSAR of such kind, the Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter (InIRA), which has been working on Tiangong II spacecraft since 2016. We used the 90-m SRTM DEM as a reference to estimate the phase offset, and then an empirical calibration model was used to correct the baseline errors.

  16. Patients with the most severe traumatic brain injury benefit from rehabilitation

    Poulsen, Ingrid; Norup, Anne; Liebach, Annette


    Patients with the most severe traumatic brain injury benefit from rehabilitation Ingrid Poulsen, Anne Norup, Annette Liebach, Lars Westergaard, Karin Spangsberg Kristensen, Tina Haren, & Lars Peter Kammersgaard Department for Neurorehabilitation, TBI Unit, Copenhagen University, Glostrup Hospital......., Hvidovre, Denmark Objectives: During the last couple of years, studies have indicated that even patients with the most severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) benefit from rehabilitation despite what initially appears to be dismal prognosis. In Denmark, all patients with severe TBI have had an opportunity......-acute inpatient rehabilitation during a 12-year period followed an intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation programme. Severity of injury was defined by Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score on rehabilitation admission and duration of post-traumatic amnesia (PTA). Patients were routinely measured...

  17. Managing knowledge management

    Lystbæk, Christian Tang


    today is that knowledge about health and health care is generated from a multitude of sources and circulated rapidly across professional and Karin Knorr Cetina (2006, 2007) stresses that to understand knowledge management practices we need to magnify the space of knowledge in action and consider......This work-in-progress focuses on the management of knowledge management and its socio-material implications. More specifically, it focuses on the management of epistemic objects and objectives in professional health care organisations. One of the main characteristics of professional health care...... the presentation and circulation of epistemic objects in extended contexts. In other words, we need to consider that the routes from research to practice – and the relation between knowledge and management – is not straightforward. First epistemic objects and objectives may lead to contrasting results...

  18. Haapsalu Piiskopilinnuse uuendamine / Lilian Hansar

    Hansar, Lilian, 1949-


    Sihtasutus Haapsalu ja Läänemaa Muuseumid koostöös Eesti Arhitektide Liiduga korraldasid arhitektuurivõistluse, et valida välja parim arhitektuurne ja kasutusfunktsioonile sobiv lahendus Haapsalu piiskopilinnuse pealinnuse rekonstrueerimiseks kaasaegseks muuseumikompleksiks. Esimese koha sai töö märgusõnaga "Salaaed" (Margit Aule, Margit Argus, Siim Karro ja Mart Kadarik arhitektuuribüroost KAOS Arhitektid). Teise koha sai töö märgusõnaga "Helevalge" (Mari Hunt, Kalle Komissorov, Silver Liiberg, Kadri Klementi, Aet Ader ja Karin Tõugu arhitektuuribüroost b210). Kolmanda koha sai töö märgusõnaga "Ristvõlv" (Indrek Laos ja Andreas Kivi arhitektuuribüroost Flux projekt)

  19. Prediction Methods for Blood Glucose Concentration

    -day workshop on the design, use and evaluation of prediction methods for blood glucose concentration was held at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. One intention of the workshop was to bring together experts working in various fields on the same topic, in order to shed light from different angles...... discussions which allowed to receive direct feedback from the point of view of different disciplines. This book is based on the contributions of that workshop and is intended to convey an overview of the different aspects involved in the prediction. The individual chapters are based on the presentations given...... in the process of writing this book: All authors for their individual contributions, all reviewers of the book chapters, Daniela Hummer for the entire organization of the workshop, Boris Tasevski for helping with the typesetting, Florian Reiterer for his help editing the book, as well as Oliver Jackson and Karin...

  20. Teater


    Vanemuise teatri draamanäitlejad tunnistasid möödunud aasta parimaks lavastuseks augustis Setumaal Obinitsas etendunud "Taarka", mille lavastas Ain Mäeots. Parimaks naispeaosatäitjaks valiti Merle Jääger, parimaks meespeaosatäitjaks Indrek Taalmaa, parimaks naiskõrvalosatäitjaks Karin Tammaru, parimaks meeskõrvalosatäitjaks Tanel Jonas. Eesti Draamateatri 2005. aasta Antsud ehk kolleegipreemiate laureaadid : Ingomar Vihmar (parim lavastaja), Ervin Õunapuu (parim kunstnik), Ülle Kaljuste (parim naisnäitleja), Ain Lutsepp (parim meesnäitleja), Väikesed Antsud pälvisid Elina Reinold ja Taavi Teplenkov, Abi-Antsuks kuulutati teatri kirjandusala juhataja Ene Paaver. Endla 2005. aasta kolleegipreemiad said Lii Tedre (parim naisnäitleja), Tambet Seling (parim meesnäitleja), Tiit Palu (parim lavastaja) ja Silver Vahtre (parim kunstnik)

  1. European Values and Practices in Post-Communist Public Administration: The Baltic States

    Pedersen, Karin Hilmer; Johannsen, Lars


    In Chapter Twelve Karin Hilmer Pedersen and Lars Johannsen look into the changes in public administration and in the identity of public servants after the breakdown of the Soviet regime. Fundamental reconstructions of the political, economic and administrative systems of the Central and East...... democracy. Public administrations have undergone complete changes in their legal environment and deep structural reorganisation, combined with a high degree of turnover among staff. This has turned previous Soviet administrations into capable modern administrations. The question highlighted in this chapter...... is whether the public servants have also returned to Europe in the sense of sharing common European values and administrative identity. Pedersen and Johannsen find that the core principles of integrity and neutrality have been internalised and many, though not all, public servants see responsiveness...

  2. Boye och "jag" : En grammatisk analys av en litterär persona

    Lindström, Elina


    I denna uppsats använder jag den interpersonella metafunktionen inom systemisk-funktionell grammatik för att undersöka sex av Karin Boyes dikter, detta med syfte att se huruvida en sådan här analys kan säga något av intresse om diktjaget. Analysen genomfördes enligt Holmberg och Karlssons modell i Grammatik med betydelse, där subjekt och finit tagits ut varpå språkhandlingar markerats och modalitet kommenterats. Dikterna är hämtade ur Boyes Samlade dikter. Av min analys framgår att jaget beha...

  3. Energy poker. How petroleum and natural gas influence the world economy; Der Energiepoker. Wie Erdoel und Erdgas die Weltwirtschaft beeinflussen

    Kneissl, K.


    Petroleum, coal and natural gas are dominating the energy market. All three of these fossil fuels are in short supply and thus costly. Geopolitical restrictions, speculations and market psychology define the energy market just as much as the law of supply and demand. Threshold countries like India and China with their rapidly increasing energy demand will bring about a dramatic price crisis already in the very near future. Since as long as 20 years ago, energy consumption worldwide is higher than the volume of newly developed petroleum deposits. This shortage causes problems that will have to be solved by industry and politics within the next few decades as the supply shortage is very dangerous for the international political balance. The author, Dr. Karin Kneissl, takes the reader into the world of energy markets. Interdependences between geopolitics, petroleum, natural gas and industry are explained in detail, and thre reader is given valuable aid in making his own decisions. (orig.)

  4. Belgian firms visiting CERN

    FP Department


    25 – 26 MAY 2009 09.00 to 17.00 Monday 25 May 09.00 to 17.00 Tuesday 26 May Individual interviews will take place in technicians’ offices. The firms will contact relevant users/technicians but any user wishing to make contact with a particular firm is welcome to use the contact details which are available from each departmental secretariat or from the GS Department web pages here. List of Companies:Automation Services and Consulting BVBA Burrick NV, (PLC) Cissoid DB Engineering Design, Drafting & Services BVBA Entelec Control Systems GILLAM-Fei S.A. HPC ICSENSE IWT – Enterprise Europe Flanders Jema SA Mecasoft SA SA Polmans Rapid-Torc Resarm Engineering Plastics SA Sentera Europa NV SLC BVBA Stocker Industrie SA Technord Tecnubel Winlock BVBA For further information please contact Caroline Laignel (GS-DI 73722) or Karine Robert (GS-SEM-LS 74407).

  5. Visit of Belgian firms to CERN

    HR Department


    25 – 26 MAY 2009 09.00 to 17.00 Monday 25 May 09.00 to 17.00 Tuesday 26 May Individual interviews will take place in technicians’ offices. The firms will contact relevant users/technicians but any user wishing to make contact with a particular firm is welcome to use the contact details which are available from each departmental secretariat or from the GS Department web pages. List of Companies: Automation Services and Consulting BVBA Burrick NV, (PLC) Cissoid DB Engineering Design, Drafting & Services BVBA Entelec Control Systems GILLAM-Fei S.A. HPC ICSENSE IWT – Enterprise Europe Flanders Jema SA Mecasoft SA SA Polmans Rapid-Torc Resarm Engineering Plastics SA Sentera Europa NV SLC BVBA Stocker Industrie SA Technord Tecnubel Winlock BVBA For further information please contact Caroline Laignel (GS-DI 73722) or Karine Robert (GS-SEM-LS 74407).

  6. Chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis

    Pereira CA


    Full Text Available Carlos AC Pereira,1 Andréa Gimenez,2 Lilian Kuranishi,2 Karin Storrer 2 1Interstitial Lung Diseases Program, 2Pulmonology Postgraduate, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Abstract: Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HSP is a common interstitial lung disease resulting from inhalation of a large variety of antigens by susceptible individuals. The disease is best classified as acute and chronic. Chronic HSP can be fibrosing or not. Fibrotic HSP has a large differential diagnosis and has a worse prognosis. The most common etiologies for HSP are reviewed. Diagnostic criteria are proposed for both chronic forms based on exposure, lung auscultation, lung function tests, HRCT findings, bronchoalveolar lavage, and biopsies. Treatment options are limited, but lung transplantation results in greater survival in comparison to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Randomized trials with new antifibrotic agents are necessary. Keywords: interstitial lung diseases, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, diffuse lung disease, lung immune response, HRCT, farmers lung

  7. Proceedings of the 28. international symposium Ahrenshoop on the theory of elementary particles

    Luest, D.; Weigt, G.


    The following topics were dealt with: elementary particle theory, string theory, algebra, group theory, symmetries, Lie groups, unified field theories, topology and theories of gravitation.ok place from August 30 to September 3, 1994 at Wendisch-Rietz near Berlin. The Symposium was organized jointly by the Institute for Elementary Particle Physics of the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University Hannover, the Section of Physics of the University Munich, and DESY Institute for High Energy Physics Zeuthen. It was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Bundesland Brandenburg, the DESY Institute for High Energy Physics Zeuthen, the Walter and Eva Andrejewski Stiftung, and last but not least the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). We also would like to thank Karin Pipke for her dedicated assistance to prepare this manuscript. (orig.)

  8. Flat-ramp vs. convex-concave thrust geometries in a deformable hanging wall: new insights from analogue modeling experiments

    Almeida, Pedro; Tomas, Ricardo; Rosas, Filipe; Duarte, Joao; Terrinha, Pedro


    Different modes of strain accommodation affecting a deformable hanging-wall in a flat-ramp-flat thrust system were previously addressed through several (sandbox) analog modeling studies, focusing on the influence of different variables, such as: a) thrust ramp dip angle and friction (Bonini et al, 2000); b) prescribed thickness of the hanging-wall (Koy and Maillot, 2007); and c) sin-thrust erosion (compensating for topographic thrust edification, e.g. Persson and Sokoutis, 2002). In the present work we reproduce the same experimental procedure to investigate the influence of two different parameters on hanging-wall deformation: 1) the geometry of the thrusting surface; and 2) the absence of a velocity discontinuity (VD) that is always present in previous similar analogue modeling studies. Considering the first variable we use two end member ramp geometries, flat-ramp-flat and convex-concave, to understand the control exerted by the abrupt ramp edges in the hanging-wall stress-strain distribution, comparing the obtain results with the situation in which such edge singularities are absent (convex-concave thrust ramp). Considering the second investigated parameter, our motivation was the recognition that the VD found in the different analogue modeling settings simply does not exist in nature, despite the fact that it has a major influence on strain accommodation in the deformable hanging-wall. We thus eliminate such apparatus artifact from our models and compare the obtained results with the previous ones. Our preliminary results suggest that both investigated variables play a non-negligible role on the structural style characterizing the hanging-wall deformation of convergent tectonic settings were such thrust-ramp systems were recognized. Acknowledgments This work was sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) through project MODELINK EXPL/GEO-GEO/0714/2013. Pedro Almeida wants to thank to FCT for the Ph.D. grant (SFRH/BD/52556/2014) under the

  9. Disorder in Ag{sub 7}GeSe{sub 5}I, a superionic conductor: temperature-dependent anharmonic structural study

    Albert, S.; Pradel, A.; Ribes, M. [CNRS Montpellier Univ., 34 (France). Inst. Charles Gerhardt Montpellier; Pillet, S.; Lecomte, C. [CNRS Nancy Univ., 54 - Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy (France). Lab. de Cristallographie et de Modelisation des Materiaux Mineraux et Biologiques


    A temperature-dependent structural investigation of the substituted argyrodite Ag{sub 7}GeSe{sub 5}I has been carried out on a single crystal from 15 to 475 K, in steps of 50 K, and correlated to its conductivity properties. The argyrodite crystallizes in a cubic cell with the F anti 43m space group. The crystal structure exhibits high static and dynamic disorder which has been efficiently accounted for using a combination of (i) Gram- Charlier development of the Debye-Waller factors for iodine and silver, and (ii) a split-atom model for Ag{sup +} ions. An increased delocalization of the mobile d{sup 10} Ag{sup +} cations with temperature has been clearly shown by the inspection of the joint probability-density functions; the corresponding diffusion pathways have been determined. (orig.)

  10. Non-equilibrium lattice dynamics of one-dimensional In chains on Si(111 upon ultrafast optical excitation

    T. Frigge


    Full Text Available The photoinduced structural dynamics of the atomic wire system on the Si(111-In surface has been studied by ultrafast electron diffraction in reflection geometry. Upon intense fs-laser excitation, this system can be driven in around 1 ps from the insulating (8×2 reconstructed low temperature phase to a metastable metallic (4×1 reconstructed high temperature phase. Subsequent to the structural transition, the surface heats up on a 6 times slower timescale as determined from a transient Debye-Waller analysis of the diffraction spots. From a comparison with the structural response of the high temperature (4×1 phase, we conclude that electron-phonon coupling is responsible for the slow energy transfer from the excited electron system to the lattice. The significant difference in timescales is evidence that the photoinduced structural transition is non-thermally driven.

  11. Theory of photoelectron spectroscopy for organic molecules and their crystals

    Fujikawa, Takashi, E-mail:; Niki, Kaori; Sakuma, Hiroto


    Highlights: • Some specific features in photoemission theory from organic solids are reviewed. • Extrinsic and intrinsic effects are discussed. • Photoemission from extended levels is compared with that from core levels. • First principle many-body theories are discussed on the basis of nonequilibrium Green's functions. - Abstract: In this short review we discuss recent progress in photoemission theory for organic molecules and their crystals. We discuss some important features in Keldysh Green's function theory for the photoemission. We briefly discuss many-body aspects in photoemission from core and extended levels. In particular phonon effects are investigated in more detail since organic solids are typically soft where electron–phonon interaction is important. Debye–Waller factor suppresses the interference effects of photoelectron waves which makes ARPES analyses useless, particularly in high energy region.

  12. Size-dependent penetrant diffusion in polymer glasses.

    Meng, Dong; Zhang, Kai; Kumar, Sanat K


    Molecular Dynamics simulations are used to understand the underpinning basis of the transport of gas-like solutes in deeply quenched polymeric glasses. As found in previous work, small solutes, with sizes smaller than 0.15 times the chain monomer size, move as might be expected in a medium with large pores. In contrast, the motion of larger solutes is activated and is strongly facilitated by matrix motion. In particular, solute motion is coupled to the local elastic fluctuations of the matrix as characterized by the Debye-Waller factor. While similar ideas have been previously proposed for the viscosity of supercooled liquids above their glass transition, to our knowledge, this is the first illustration of this concept in the context of solute mass transport in deeply quenched polymer glasses.

  13. Phonons in Solid Hydrogen and Deuterium Studied by Inelastic Coherent Neutron Scattering

    Nielsen, Mourits


    Phonon dispersion relations have been measured by coherent neutron scattering in solid para-hydrogen and ortho-deuterium. The phonon energies are found to be nearly equal in the two solids, the highest energy in each case lying close to 10 meV. The pressure and temperature dependence of the phonon...... energies have been measured in ortho-deuterium and the lattice change determined by neutron diffraction. When a pressure of 275 bar is applied, the phonon energies are increased by about 10%, and heating the crystal to near the melting point decreases them by about 7%. The densities of states, the specific...... heats, and the Debye temperatures have been deduced and found to be in agreement with the published experimental results. The Debye temperatures are 118 K for hydrogen and 114 K for deuterium. For hydrogen the Debye-Waller factor has been measured by incoherent neutron scattering and it corresponds...

  14. Experimental signatures of a nonequilibrium phase transition governing the yielding of a soft glass.

    Hima Nagamanasa, K; Gokhale, Shreyas; Sood, A K; Ganapathy, Rajesh


    We present direct experimental signatures of a nonequilibrium phase transition associated with the yield point of a prototypical soft solid-a binary colloidal glass. By simultaneously quantifying single-particle dynamics and bulk mechanical response, we identified the threshold for the onset of irreversibility with the yield strain. We extracted the relaxation time from the transient behavior of the loss modulus and found that it diverges in the vicinity of the yield strain. This critical slowing down is accompanied by a growing correlation length associated with the size of regions of high Debye-Waller factor, which are precursors to yield events in glasses. Our results affirm that the paradigm of nonequilibrium critical phenomena is instrumental in achieving a holistic understanding of yielding in soft solids.

  15. Heat capacity of ThO2

    Peng Shian


    The heat capacity C p of ThO 2 can be calculated as the phonon part of C p for other actinide dioxides used as fuel in nuclear reactors. Precise determination of the phonon part of C p of actinide dioxides is helpful to find out the contributions of other factors to C p . In this paper we have, through studying the heat capacity of ThO 2 , developed a general method applicable to the study of C p of other solids. In the developed method the three type -- different experimental measurements made on a solid-heat capacity, thermal expansion and Debye Waller factor -- can be brought together for comparison. The application of this method to the study of C p of ThO 2 has enabled us to propose a better description of C p of ThO 2 than the generally accepted expression

  16. Higher-order glass-transition singularities in systems with short-ranged attractive potentials

    Goetze, W; Sperl, M


    Within the mode-coupling theory for the evolution of structural relaxation, the A 4 -glass-transition singularities are identified for systems of particles interacting with a hard-sphere repulsion complemented by different short-ranged potentials: Baxter's singular potential regularized by a large-wavevector cut-off, a model for the Asakura-Oosawa depletion attraction, a triangular potential, a Yukawa attraction, and a square-well potential. The regular potentials yield critical packing fractions, critical Debye-Waller factors, and critical amplitudes very close to each other. The elastic moduli and the particle localization lengths for corresponding states of the Yukawa system and the square-well system may differ by up to 20 and 10%, respectively

  17. First-principles study of crystalline and amorphous Ge{sub 2}Sb{sub 2}Te{sub 5} and the effects of stoichiometric defects

    Caravati, S; Bernasconi, M [Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali, Universita di Milano-Bicocca, Via R Cozzi 53, I-20125, Milano (Italy); Kuehne, T D; Parrinello, M [Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zurich, USI Campus, Via Giuseppe Buffi 13, CH-6900 Lugano (Switzerland); Krack, M [Paul Scherrer Institut, CH-5232 Villigen (Switzerland)], E-mail:


    Based on ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, we investigated the structural, electronic and vibrational properties of cubic and amorphous Ge{sub 2}Sb{sub 2}Te{sub 5} (GST) phase change material, focusing in particular on the effects of defects in stoichiometry on the electronic properties. It turned out Ge/Sb deficiencies (excess) in the cubic phase induce a shift of the Fermi level inside the valence (conduction) bands. In contrast, the amorphous network is flexible enough to accommodate defects in stoichiometry, keeping the Fermi level pinned at the center of the bandgap (at zero temperature). Changes in the structural and electronic properties induced by the use of hybrid functionals (HSE03, PBE0) instead of gradient corrected functionals (PBE) are addressed as well. Analysis of vibrational spectra and Debye-Waller factors of cubic and amorphous GST is also presented.

  18. Structure analysis of NiAl martensite

    Noda, Y.; Shapiro, S.M.; Shirane, G.; Yamada, Y.; Fuchizaki, K.; Tanner, L.E.


    Neutron elastic scattering experiments were performed in order to investigate the structure of the low temperature martensitic phase of Ni 62.5 Al 37.5 alloy. The average structure analyzed from the integrated intensity was approximately described by the (5,-2) structure proposed by Martynov et al. Small deviation from the exact (5,-2) model in the positional parameters and the anomalously large Debye-Waller factor were obtained. The observed satellite profiles show asymmetrical broadening, and the peak positions shift from the regular reciprocal lattice points. These anomalous features of scattering profiles were tentatively interpreted by introducing spatial modulation of the strain and order parameters. 12 refs., 2 figs., 1 tab

  19. The influence of social anxiety on the body checking behaviors of female college students.

    White, Emily K; Warren, Cortney S


    Social anxiety and eating pathology frequently co-occur. However, there is limited research examining the relationship between anxiety and body checking, aside from one study in which social physique anxiety partially mediated the relationship between body checking cognitions and body checking behavior (Haase, Mountford, & Waller, 2007). In an independent sample of 567 college women, we tested the fit of Haase and colleagues' foundational model but did not find evidence of mediation. Thus we tested the fit of an expanded path model that included eating pathology and clinical impairment. In the best-fitting path model (CFI=.991; RMSEA=.083) eating pathology and social physique anxiety positively predicted body checking, and body checking positively predicted clinical impairment. Therefore, women who endorse social physique anxiety may be more likely to engage in body checking behaviors and experience impaired psychosocial functioning. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  20. PDB-NMA of a protein homodimer reproduces distinct experimental motility asymmetry

    Tirion, Monique M.; ben-Avraham, Daniel


    We have extended our analytically derived PDB-NMA formulation, Atomic Torsional Modal Analysis or ATMAN (Tirion and ben-Avraham 2015 Phys. Rev. E 91 032712), to include protein dimers using mixed internal and Cartesian coordinates. A test case on a 1.3 {\\mathringA} resolution model of a small homodimer, ActVA-ORF6, consisting of two 112-residue subunits identically folded in a compact 50 {\\mathringA} sphere, reproduces the distinct experimental Debye-Waller motility asymmetry for the two chains, demonstrating that structure sensitively selects vibrational signatures. The vibrational analysis of this PDB entry, together with biochemical and crystallographic data, demonstrates the cooperative nature of the dimeric interaction of the two subunits and suggests a mechanical model for subunit interconversion during the catalytic cycle.

  1. In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Study on Surface Melting of Bi Nanoparticles Embedded in a SiO2 Matrix

    Chen Xiao-Ming; Huo Kai-Tuo; Liu Peng


    Bi nanoparticles embedded in a SiO 2 matrix were prepared via the high energy ball milling method. The melting behavior of Bi nanoparticles was studied by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and high-temperature in situ X-ray diffraction (XRD). DSC cannot distinguish the surface melting from ‘bulk’ melting of the Bi nanoparticles. The XRD intensity of the Bi nanoparticles decreases progressively during the in situ heating process. The variation in the normalized integrated XRD intensity versus temperature is related to the average grain size of Bi nanoparticles. Considering the effects of temperature on Debye—Waller factor and Lorentz-polarization factor, we discuss the XRD results in accordance with surface melting. Our results show that the in situ XRD technique is effective to explore the surface melting of nanoparticles

  2. Pressure-induced positive electrical resistivity coefficient in Ni-Nb-Zr-H glassy alloy

    Fukuhara, M.; Gangli, C.; Matsubayashi, K.; Uwatoko, Y.


    Measurements under hydrostatic pressure of the electrical resistivity of (Ni0.36Nb0.24Zr0.40)100-xHx (x = 9.8, 11.5, and 14) glassy alloys have been made in the range of 0-8 GPa and 0.5-300 K. The resistivity of the (Ni0.36Nb0.24Zr0.40)86H14 alloy changed its sign from negative to positive under application of 2-8 GPa in the temperature range of 300-22 K, coming from electron-phonon interaction in the cluster structure under pressure, accompanied by deformation of the clusters. In temperature region below 22 K, the resistivity showed negative thermal coefficient resistance by Debye-Waller factor contribution, and superconductivity was observed at 1.5 K.

  3. Time-resolved X-ray scattering by electronic wave packets: analytic solutions to the hydrogen atom

    Simmermacher, Mats; Henriksen, Niels Engholm; Møller, Klaus Braagaard


    Modern pulsed X-ray sources permit time-dependent measurements of dynamical changes in atoms and molecules via non-resonant scattering. The planning, analysis, and interpretation of such experiments, however, require a firm and elaborated theoretical framework. This paper provides a detailed...... description of time-resolved X-ray scattering by non-stationary electronic wave packets in atomic systems. A consistent application of the Waller-Hartree approximation is discussed and different contributions to the total differential scattering signal are identified and interpreted. Moreover......, it is demonstrated how the scattering signal of wave packets in the hydrogen atom can be expressed analytically. This permits simulations without numerical integration and establishes a benchmark for both efficiency and accuracy. Based on that, scattering patterns of an exemplary wave packet in the hydrogen atom...

  4. Fungible weights in logistic regression.

    Jones, Jeff A; Waller, Niels G


    In this article we develop methods for assessing parameter sensitivity in logistic regression models. To set the stage for this work, we first review Waller's (2008) equations for computing fungible weights in linear regression. Next, we describe 2 methods for computing fungible weights in logistic regression. To demonstrate the utility of these methods, we compute fungible logistic regression weights using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (2010) Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, and we illustrate how these alternate weights can be used to evaluate parameter sensitivity. To make our work accessible to the research community, we provide R code (R Core Team, 2015) that will generate both kinds of fungible logistic regression weights. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  5. Low temperature features of the local structure of Sm1-xYxS

    Menushenkov, A. P.; Chernikov, R. V.; Sidorov, V. V.; Klementiev, K. V.; Alekseev, P. A.; Rybina, A. V.


    The particular features of the local electronic and local crystal structures of the mixed-valence compound Sm 1-x Y x S are studied by the XAFS spectroscopy methods in the temperature range 20-300 K for the yttrium concentration x = 0.17, 0.25, 0.33, and 0.45. The temperature behavior of the valence of Sm, as well as of the lengths and the Debye-Waller factors of the bonds Sm-S, Sm-Sm(Y), Y-S, and Y-Sm(Y), has been determined. The violation of the Vegard law has been observed. A model for the estimation of the energy width of the 4f level and of its position with respect to the Fermi level is proposed

  6. A summary of the low angle x-ray atomic scattering factors which have been measured by the critical voltage effect in High Energy Electron Diffraction (HEED)

    Fox, A.G.; Fisher, R.M.


    A tabulated summary of all the accurate (/approximately/0.1%) low-angle x-ray atomic scattering (form) factors which have been determined by the systematic critical voltage technique in HEED is presented. For low atomic number elements (Z/approx lt/40) the low angle form factors can be significantly different to best free atom values, and so the best band structure calculated and/or x-ray measured form factors consistent with the critical voltage measurements are also indicated. At intermediate atomic numbers Z≅40→50 only the very low-angle form factors appear to be different to the best free atom values, and even then only by a small amount. For heavy elements (Z/approx lt/70) the best free atom form factors appear to agree very closely with the critical voltage measured values and so, in this case, critical voltage measurements give very accurate measurements of Debye-Waller factors. 48 refs

  7. Theory of the particle matrix elements for Helium atom scattering in surfaces

    Khater, A.; Toennies, J.P.


    Full text.A brief review is presented for the recent development of the theory of the particle transition matrix elements, basic to the cross section for Helium and inert particle scattering at thermal energies in solid surfaces. the Jackson and Mott matrix elements are presented and discussed for surface scattering processes, habitually classified as elastic and inelastic. Modified transition matrix elements, introduced originally to account for the cut-off effects, are presented in a direct and simple manner. the Debye-Waller factor is introduced and discussed. A recent calculation for the particle transition matrix elements is presented for the specular and inelastic transition matrix elements and the corresponding inelastic scattering cross section is compared in detail to experimental data. the specular and inelastic transition matrix elements are found to be intrinsically similar owing to the intermediate role of a proposed virtual particle squeezed state near the surface

  8. Neutron powder investigations of Zr0.85Ca0.15O1.85 sinter material at temperatures up to 1100 K and with a simultaneously applied electric field

    Kahlert, H.; Boysen, H.; Frey, F.


    In situ neutron powder investigations of cubic stabilized zirconia [Zr 0.85 Ca 0.15 O 1.85 (CSZ15)] sinter material were performed at room temperature without an applied direct-current electric field and at 1100 K with and without an applied field, i.e. lasting ionic current. Experimental conditions (temperature, oxidizing atmosphere etc.) were chosen as close as possible to 'working conditions' of zirconia oxygen sensoric devices. To learn about field-induced structural changes and most probable ionic pathways, atomic displacement parameters were derived in the frame of a non-Gaussian Debye-Waller factor formalism for the oxygens. Probability-density-function maps and pseudo-potential (V eff ) maps indicate curved diffusion pathways of the oxygens close to the left angle 100 right angle directions. The action of the applied field is to lower the effective potential barriers. (orig.)

  9. Electron-lattice energy relaxation in laser-excited thin-film Au-insulator heterostructures studied by ultrafast MeV electron diffraction.

    Sokolowski-Tinten, K; Shen, X; Zheng, Q; Chase, T; Coffee, R; Jerman, M; Li, R K; Ligges, M; Makasyuk, I; Mo, M; Reid, A H; Rethfeld, B; Vecchione, T; Weathersby, S P; Dürr, H A; Wang, X J


    We apply time-resolved MeV electron diffraction to study the electron-lattice energy relaxation in thin film Au-insulator heterostructures. Through precise measurements of the transient Debye-Waller-factor, the mean-square atomic displacement is directly determined, which allows to quantitatively follow the temporal evolution of the lattice temperature after short pulse laser excitation. Data obtained over an extended range of laser fluences reveal an increased relaxation rate when the film thickness is reduced or the Au-film is capped with an additional insulator top-layer. This behavior is attributed to a cross-interfacial coupling of excited electrons in the Au film to phonons in the adjacent insulator layer(s). Analysis of the data using the two-temperature-model taking explicitly into account the additional energy loss at the interface(s) allows to deduce the relative strength of the two relaxation channels.

  10. Communication: Fast dynamics perspective on the breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein law in fragile glassformers.

    Puosi, F; Pasturel, A; Jakse, N; Leporini, D


    The breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein (SE) law in fragile glassformers is examined by Molecular-Dynamics simulations of atomic liquids and polymers and consideration of the experimental data concerning the archetypical ortho-terphenyl glassformer. All the four systems comply with the universal scaling between the viscosity (or the structural relaxation) and the Debye-Waller factor ⟨u 2 ⟩, the mean square amplitude of the particle rattling in the cage formed by the surrounding neighbors. It is found that the SE breakdown is scaled in a master curve by a reduced ⟨u 2 ⟩. Two approximated expressions of the latter, with no and one adjustable parameter, respectively, are derived.

  11. Vibron Solitons and Soliton-Induced Infrared Spectra of Crystalline Acetanilide

    Takeno, S.


    Red-shifted infrared spectra at low temperatures of amide I (C=O stretching) vibrations of crystalline acetanilide measured by Careri et al. are shown to be due to vibron solitons, which are nonlinearity-induced localized modes of vibrons arising from their nonlinear interactions with optic-type phonons. A nonlinear eigenvalue equation giving the eigenfrequency of stationary solitons is solved approximately by introducing lattice Green's functions, and the obtained result is in good agreement with the experimental result. Inclusion of interactions with acoustic phonons yields the Debye-Waller factor in the zero-phonon line spectrum of vibron solitons, in a manner analogous to the case of impurity-induced localized harmonic phonon modes in alkali halides.

  12. Theory of photoelectron spectroscopy for organic molecules and their crystals

    Fujikawa, Takashi; Niki, Kaori; Sakuma, Hiroto


    Highlights: • Some specific features in photoemission theory from organic solids are reviewed. • Extrinsic and intrinsic effects are discussed. • Photoemission from extended levels is compared with that from core levels. • First principle many-body theories are discussed on the basis of nonequilibrium Green's functions. - Abstract: In this short review we discuss recent progress in photoemission theory for organic molecules and their crystals. We discuss some important features in Keldysh Green's function theory for the photoemission. We briefly discuss many-body aspects in photoemission from core and extended levels. In particular phonon effects are investigated in more detail since organic solids are typically soft where electron–phonon interaction is important. Debye–Waller factor suppresses the interference effects of photoelectron waves which makes ARPES analyses useless, particularly in high energy region.

  13. Moessbauer Studies of Implanted Impurities in Solids


    Moessbauer studies were performed on implanted radioactive impurities in semiconductors and metals. Radioactive isotopes (from the ISOLDE facility) decaying to a Moessbauer isotope were utilized to investigate electronic and vibrational properties of impurities and impurity-defect structures. This information is inferred from the measured impurity hyperfine interactions and Debye-Waller factor. In semiconductors isoelectronic, shallow and deep level impurities have been implanted. Complex impurity defects have been produced by the implantation process (correlated damage) or by recoil effects from the nuclear decay in both semiconductors and metals. Annealing mechanisms of the defects have been studied. \\\\ \\\\ In silicon amorphised implanted layers have been recrystallized epitaxially by rapid-thermal-annealing techniques yielding highly supersaturated, electrically-active donor concentrations. Their dissolution and migration mechanisms have been investigated in detail. The electronic configuration of Sb donors...

  14. Integral Parameters of the Generalized Frequency Spectra of Moderators

    Purohit, S N


    A study of the integral quantities - M{sub 2} (the second energy transfer moment of the scattering kernel weighted by the Maxwellian distribution), (v{sigma}{sub s}){sub min} (the minimum value of the scattering cross section times velocity) and the moments of frequency spectrum including the effective temperature and Debye-Waller integrals - in terms of the frequency spectrum of the dynamical modes is presented. Numerical results for H{sub 2}O, D{sub 2}O, Be, BeO and C using the available frequency spectra have been obtained. In the estimation of M{sub 2} and (v{sigma}{sub s}){sub min} the first term of the Placzek mass expansion is obtained exactly and the correction by the Doppler approximation method. In addition, the exact results for the Doppler approximation and the gas model have also been given.

  15. He/Ar-atom scattering from molecular monolayers: C{sub 60}/Pt(111) and graphene/Pt(111)

    Yamada, Y; Sugawara, C; Satake, Y; Yokoyama, Y; Okada, R; Nakayama, T; Sasaki, M [Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan); Kondo, T; Oh, J; Nakamura, J [Institute of Material Science, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan); Hayes, W W [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634 (United States)


    Supersonic He and Ar atomic beam scattering from C{sub 60} and graphene monolayers adsorbed on a Pt(111) surface are demonstrated in order to obtain detailed insight into a gas-molecule collision that has not been studied in detail so far. The effective masses and phonon spectral densities of the monolayers seen by different projectiles are discussed based on classical models such as the hard cube model and the recently developed smooth surface model. Large effective masses are deduced for both the monolayers, suggesting collective effects of surface atoms in the single collision event. The effective Debye temperature of graphene was found to be similar to that reported in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), indicating that the graphene is decoupled well from the Pt substrate. A much smaller Debye-Waller factor was found for the C{sub 60} layer, probably reflecting the strong C{sub 60}-Pt(111) interaction.

  16. Absorptive form factors for high-energy electron diffraction

    Bird, D.M.; King, Q.A.


    The thermal diffuse scattering contribution to the absorptive potential in high-energy electron diffraction is calculated in the form of an absorptive contribution to the atomic form factor. To do this, the Einstein model of lattice vibrations is used, with isotropic Debye-Waller factors. The absorptive form factors are calculated as a function of scattering vector s and temperature factor M on a grid which enables polynomial interpolation of the results to be accurate to better than 2% for much of the ranges 0≤Ms 2 ≤6 and 0≤M≤2 A 2 . The computed values, together with an interpolation routine, have been incorporated into a Fortran subroutine which calculates both the real and absorptive form factors for 54 atomic species. (orig.)

  17. Moessbauer spectroscopy of isotope separator implanted sup(119m)Sn in FCC metals

    Larsen, A.N.; Weyer, G.


    Radioactive sup(119m)Sn has been implanted in FCC metals by means of an isotope separator. Moessbauer spectra have been measured for the 24 keV transition of 119 Sn. Large substitutional fractions are found in all cases. A correlation for substitutional lattice sites between the measured isomer shifts of the impurity atoms and the force constants of the host lattices is discussed. Debye-Waller factors determined for substitutional Sn in the host lattices are found to be smaller than values calculated by a simple mass-defect model. For some host metals indications of an influence of radiation damage on the spectra are observed. Defect sites are assigned to Sn in aluminium and lead. Qualitative conclusions on the structures of these defects are drawn from the determined Moessbauer parameters. (author)

  18. Structural anisotropy in amorphous SnO2 film probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy

    Zhu, Q.; Ma, Q.; Buchholz, D. B.; Chang, R. P. H.; Bedzyk, M. J.; Mason, T. O.


    Polarization-dependent X-ray absorption measurements reveal the existence of structural anisotropy in amorphous (a-) SnO2 film. The anisotropy is readily seen for the second neighbor interaction whose magnitude differs along three measured directions. The differences can be well accounted for by 10%-20% variation in the Debye-Waller factor. Instead of a single Gaussian distribution found in crystalline SnO2, the Sn-O bond distribution is bimodal in a-SnO2 whose separation shows a weak angular dependence. The oxygen vacancies, existing in the a-SnO2 film in the order of 1021 cm-3, distribute preferentially along the film surface direction.

  19. High pressure and high temperature EXAFS and diffraction study of AgI

    Yoshiasa, Akira; Arima, Hiroshi; Fukui, Hiroshi; Okube, Maki; Katayama, Yoshinori; Ohtaka, Osamu


    We have determined the precise P-T phase diagram of AgI by in-situ high-pressure high-temperature synchrotron experiments. X-ray diffraction and XAFS measurements were performed up to 6.0 GPa and 1100 K using a multi-anvil high-pressure device and synchrotron radiation from SPring-8. In the disordered rock-salt phase, Ag ions occupy both octahedral and tetrahedral sites and twenty percent of Ag ions occupy the tetrahedral site as a maximum value at 2 GPa. From the viewpoint of the local structure analyses, some sudden changes are recognized near broad phase transition point. Analysis of EXAFS Debye-Waller factor is useful because the force constant can be decided directly even at high pressure and high temperature. Pressure influences greatly the effective potential and anharmonicity decreases with increasing pressure. (author)

  20. Neutral Silicon-Vacancy Center in Diamond: Spin Polarization and Lifetimes

    Green, B. L.; Mottishaw, S.; Breeze, B. G.; Edmonds, A. M.; D'Haenens-Johansson, U. F. S.; Doherty, M. W.; Williams, S. D.; Twitchen, D. J.; Newton, M. E.


    We demonstrate optical spin polarization of the neutrally charged silicon-vacancy defect in diamond (SiV0 ), an S =1 defect which emits with a zero-phonon line at 946 nm. The spin polarization is found to be most efficient under resonant excitation, but nonzero at below-resonant energies. We measure an ensemble spin coherence time T2>100 μ s at low-temperature, and a spin relaxation limit of T1>25 s . Optical spin-state initialization around 946 nm allows independent initialization of SiV0 and NV- within the same optically addressed volume, and SiV0 emits within the telecoms down-conversion band to 1550 nm: when combined with its high Debye-Waller factor, our initial results suggest that SiV0 is a promising candidate for a long-range quantum communication technology.