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  1. Kalyan Das

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Kalyan Das. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 5 Issue 12 December 2000 pp 76-76 Book Review. Linear Algebra and Linear Models · Kalyan Das · More Details Fulltext PDF ...

  2. Alfred Hansen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis, Ib; Wind, Peter; Pedersen, Henrik Ærenlund


    Nekrolog over botanikeren Alfred Hansen, leder af Dansk Herbarium på Botanisk Museum, Københavns Universitet, med gennemgang af hans videnskabelige og formidlende publikationer og indsats som samler af videnskabeligt materiale.......Nekrolog over botanikeren Alfred Hansen, leder af Dansk Herbarium på Botanisk Museum, Københavns Universitet, med gennemgang af hans videnskabelige og formidlende publikationer og indsats som samler af videnskabeligt materiale....

  3. Alfred nobel. (United States)

    Holmin, L R


    Alfred Nobel never spoke publicly about his problems of ill health, but a detailed, subjective record has recently been published in the form of 216 letters written to his mistress during an 18-year period. His descriptions of constant pain, debilitating migraine, and "paralyzing" fatigue permit a hypothesis that he might have had a long struggle with fibromyalgia. This does not preclude his having suffered other illnesses as well. He thought he had heart disease, which his physicians denied until his final years, when he was diagnosed with angina pectoris. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1896 at the age of 63. His letters describe a 30-year search for diagnosis from the best physicians in Europe. He was ridiculed by many people as a hypochondriac, and he never received a diagnosis for "the pain that will not go away." This may well have contributed to the bitterness and depression of his final years. Increasing worldwide interest and research in this elusive syndrome will hopefully prevent a repetition of the Nobel story of a century ago.

  4. Alfred Wallaces evolutionsteori

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alstrup, Aage Kristian Olsen; Winterdahl, Michael; Wang, Tobias


    I år er det hundrede år siden Alfred Wallace døde. Uafhængigt af Charles Darwin kom han på sporet af en evolutionsteori baseret på naturlig udvælgelse. Officielt blev begge teorier offentliggjort samtidigt på et møde i London i 1858, men i dag er Alfred Wallace glemt af de fleste....

  5. The Other Alfred Binet. (United States)

    Siegler, Robert S.


    Reviews the major contributions of Alfred Binet. Explains why the fame of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale was so long lasting whereas that of his other contributions was so fleeting. Discusses implications of his contributions for current efforts to formulate unified theories of cognition and cognitive development. (Author/GLR)

  6. The Canonical Alfred Hitchcock (United States)

    Lewis, Michael J.


    Alfred Hitchcock is a major figure of popular culture. He was one of the founding fathers of the cinematic art and, together with Eisenstein and Murnau, helped define its visual language. So fruitful was he that a single film could spawn an entire genre, as "Psycho" helped create the modern horror film and "North by Northwest" the style and tone…

  7. Alfred Bernhard Nobel

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    There are few inventors who could be placed in the same class as. Alfred Nobel. .... Along with the production, the safety concerns were also growing. Nobel continued ... Until World War I most of the world demand for kieselguhr was met by the mines in ... He started expanding the manufacturing activity to other countries by ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amadeo Ramos-Carranza


    Full Text Available RESUMEN Alfred Roth escribió en el año 1950 la primera edición del libro The New School. Las ediciones posteriores confirman que se trata de una de las obras literarias imprescindible para entender el debate entre arquitectura escolar y educación en aquellas décadas. Alfred Roth analiza la relación entre arquitectura y pedagogía y la importancia que tiene el medio físico en la educación y formación del niño. Los valores humanísticos y sociales se relacionan con un entorno verdadero, correcto y perfectamente realizado; la arquitectura es parte de ese entorno. Las escuelas expresan y compendian todas las posibles relaciones que pueden registrarse en una sociedad: desde el vecindario hasta el hogar. Para ello Alfred Roth realiza un pormenorizado estudio de todos los factores que deben conllevar a ello.

  9. Alfred Drury: The Artist as Curator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ben Thomas


    Full Text Available This article presents a series of reflections on the experience of curating the exhibition ‘Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture’ in 2013. In particular, it charts the evolution of the design of the exhibition, notably its central tableau based on a photograph of the sculptor Alfred Drury’s studio in 1900. This photograph records a display of Drury’s works for visiting Australian patrons, and could be said to record evidence of the artist curating his own work. The legitimacy of deriving a curatorial approach from this photographic evidence is discussed, along with the broader problem of ‘historicizing’ approaches to curating.

  10. Banerjee, Dr Kalyan

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Calcutta), FNA, FAMS, FNASc. Date of birth: 20 May 1937. Specialization: Virology, Epidemiology and Immunology of Virus Diseases Address: A-1-A/5-6, Sopan Baug, Opp. Mantri Avenue, NCL Road,, Pashan, Pune 411 008, Maharashtra Contact:

  11. Alfred Rõude sünnipäeval / Mai Levin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Levin, Mai, 1942-


    Alfred Rõudest (15.04.1896-8.09.1968) ja tema kunstikogust, mis pärast Alfred Rõude surma jäi tema abikaasa Alide Rõude (26.05.1895-14.09.1979) valdusse, siis läks Eesti Kunstimuuseumi. Nimetatud kogu töid, mis on olnud EKM-i või on Kumu püsiekspositsioonis. Autori arvates oleks Alfred Rõude suurtööle parim monument kataloogiga varustatud suur näitus

  12. Le Corbusier, Alfred Roth y el color

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelica Fernández-Morales


    Full Text Available This article discusses the relationship between Le Corbusier and Alfred Roth, a member of the Paris office between 1927 and 1928. It also deals with the influence that this period had with reference to an important factor in Roth’s professional development, as in Le Corbusier’s later works: the use of colour in his architecture. This article takes the position that Roth, given his close friendship with Mondrian, was an important figure in turning Le Corbusier’s work towards greater use of primary colours and aesthetic neoplasticism.

  13. Ceramic superconductivity research at Alfred Univ

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Snyder, R.L.


    A survey of the science and technology advances made by the research groups at Alfred will be presented. These ranges on the technology side from the first melt-textured and glass ceramic superconductors to recently demonstrating that 123 thin films can be deposited below the superconducting transition at atmospheric pressure using an aerosol plasma deposition technique. On the science side advances in understanding have come from looking at the crystal structures, high and low temperature reactions, phase equilibria, effects of doping and XRD standards. Recent advances will be summarized

  14. O estilo em Alfred Döblin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elcio Loureiro Cornelsen


    Full Text Available O objetivo do presente artigo é apresentar alguns aspectos teóricos postulados pelo escritor alemão Alfred Döblin em seus ensaios ao desenvolver sua própria concepção da obra épica na "era da técnica" à luz de questões estilísticas, propondo conceitos como "estilo cinematográfico", "despersonalização", "fantasia factual" e "fantasia cinética". Para uma delimitação conceitual em relação à noção de "estilo", serão tomadas por base as considerações de Antoine Compagnon, postuladas na obra O demônio da teoria (1999, bem como as reflexões de Walter Benjamin, presentes na resenha "A crise do romance" (1930 e no ensaio "O narrador" (1936.

  15. Alfred Õunapi 36 pedagoogiaastat / Toomas Reinpõld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Reinpõld, Toomas, 1960-


    Persoonilugu Põltsamaa Ametikooli maamajanduseriala praktilise poole kutseõpetajast Alfred Õunapist, kes pälvis Eesti Põllumajandus-Kaubanduskoja ning Maaelu Edendamise Sihtasutuse eripreemia aastatepikkuse töö eest

  16. Alfred Walter Campbell's return to Australia. (United States)

    Macmillan, Malcolm


    Alfred Walter Campbell (1868-1937) established the basic cytoarchitectonic structure of the human brain while he was working as a pathologist at the Rainhill Lunatic Asylum near Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He returned to Australia in 1905 and continued doing research while establishing a neurological practice. His research over the next 17 years focused on four topics: (a) localisation in the cerebellum, (b) the neuroses and psychoses in war, (c) localisation in the cerebral cortex of the gorilla, and (d) the causes and pathology of the mysterious Australian "X" Disease (later known as Murray Valley encephalitis). In this article, I elaborate on his research in these areas, which provided evidence (a) against Louis Bolk's thesis that variation in the size of the cerebellar cortex reflected variation in the amount of cortex controlling various groups of muscle, (b) against the view that the neuroses and psychoses in war were different from those in civilian life, (c) for a parcelation of the cortex of the gorilla brain that supported his earlier findings in the higher apes, and (d) on the cause and pathophysiology of Australian "X" disease. Much of this research was overlooked, but it remains of considerable value and historical significance.

  17. Alfred Kubin: un sognatore a vita

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simona Argentieri


    Full Text Available Il saggio considera l’opera grafica e narrativa di Alfred Kubin (1877-1959, artista boemo ai margini del movimento espressionista, che con i suoi scritti fantastici e i suoi disegni onirici ha suscitato infiniti spunti di interpretazione psicologica. Secondo l’autrice, la qualità e l’originalità delle creazioni di Kubin non si può però cercare nella decifrazione simbolica dei contenuti, considerandoli a priori spie di materiali psichici profondi sgorgati dall’inconscio. Più interessante semmai tentare di far ordine tra i diversi livelli di intenzionalità e di coscienza che si intrecciano nelle sue creazioni. Freud e Kubin sono contemporanei; vivono entrambi nel cuore della mitteleuropa, parlano la stessa lingua, respirano lo stesso fervido clima culturale, ma si sono reciprocamente ignorati. Le loro differenze sono irriducibili fin dal piano teorico, poiché per Freud il sogno è solo la via -sia pure regia- per scrutare l’inconscio, ma è in sé materia bruta, ipoevoluta. Per Kubin invece è un fenomeno ipervalutato, un principio creativo autonomo e superiore, quasi metafisico. E’ invece profondamente aderente al più moderno spirito psicoanalitico il metodo secondo il quale Kubin dice come vorrebbe essere guardato: “Il vero fruitore, così come io lo desidero, dovrà guardare i miei fogli non solo apprezzandoli e criticandoli, ma come animato da sensazioni segrete, dovrebbe rivolgere la sua attenzione anche alla ricchissima camera oscura della propria coscienza onirica.” Cioè, detto nei nostri più attuali termini psicoanalitici, lo “spazio transizionale” dell’opera è abitato da artista e fruitore, che vi attribuiscono significati potenzialmente infiniti, più o meno condivisi, ma che comunque nell’incontro con l’altro acquistano senso attivando circuiti sinestetici affettivi e cognitivi.

  18. Kurt Alfred Georg Mendelssohn 7 January 1906 - 18 September 1980

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shoenberg, D.


    The life, career and main themes of scientific achievement of Kurt Alfred Georg Mendelssohn are described in detail under the headings: early life in Germany, scientific work, early work in Germany, superconductivity, transport properties of metals, liquid helium, medical physics, Oxford and later life. (U.K.)

  19. Alfred Chandler viis äriajaloo massidesse / Harli Uljas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Uljas, Harli


    Majandusteadlane Alfred Chandler oli esimene, kes tõi kasutusse väite, et muutused strateegias saavad olla edukad vaid juhul, kui juhid suunavad ka ettevõtte toimima uutmoodi. Teda peetakse suurkorporatsiooni äriajaloo leiutajaks. Artikkel sisaldab loetelu A. Chandleri kirjutistest

  20. Alfred Jules Aver's induction and Marxian historical evolution: It's ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Alfred Jules Aver's induction and Marxian historical evolution: It's lessons for the current economic global crisis. ... Economic liberalism, political manipulation and gross capitalism have been given as the major causes of the present situation in the world economy. It is on this touchstone that we tried to examine the Marxian ...

  1. Alfred Kongo, intiimse maalilaadi meister / Juta Kivimäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivimäe, Juta, 1952-


    Alfred Kongost, tema loomingust. A. Kongo 95. sünniaastapäeva tähistav näitus Adamson-Ericu muuseumis 10. X-11. XI ja 9. XI toimub mälestusteõhtu. Näha saab Tiina Pargi 1984. a. filmi A. Kongost

  2. Apostle of Freedom: Alfred Adler and His British Disciples (United States)

    Hirsch, Pam


    The psychology of Alfred Adler is traditionally considered to be one of the three so-called in-depth or psychoanalytic therapies, the other two being the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. This article demonstrates that Adler's Individual Psychology was especially influential on teachers in Vienna between the two world wars. There…

  3. Alfred pilot wetland to treat municipal lagoon effluent - case study

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Crolla, A.; Kinsley, C.


    A constructed wetland demonstration system has been built to polish the municipal lagoon effluent from the village of Alfred. The treatment lagoons have an annual discharge in the spring and have currently reached maximum capacity; inhibiting further population growth or expansion of the local agri-food industries. The demonstration wetland system is designed to treat 15% of the municipal lagoon influent, that is, 155 m 3 /day or 23,250 m 3 /year. A three year monitoring program (2000-2002) was put in place to evaluate the wetland as a cost effective means to treat municipal lagoon wastewater for the village of Alfred. The 2000 and 2001 monitoring seasons have been completed, and the 2002 monitoring season will operate between June and October 2002. At the completion of the three year monitoring program the Alfred wetland system will be evaluated for its ability to polish the municipal lagoon effluent to meet the Spring/Summer/Fall discharge criteria, set by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), for the receiving water body (Azatica Brook). As phosphorus is the most difficult element to remove down to MOE guidelines, the Alfred research wetland includes slag phosphorus adsorption filters and a vegetated filter as phosphorus polishing systems. Once the wetland system is approved by the MOE, the village of Alfred will be able to increase its capacity for municipal wastewater treatment. Constructed wetlands are still considered innovative systems in Ontario and government ministries (MOE, OMAFRA) are insisting upon 3-4 years of monitoring data for each constructed wetland system established. There is a clear need for monitoring data to be gathered on established systems, and for this data to be evaluated with the goal of developing reliable design guidelines. Ultimately this should result in having constructed wetlands recognised as viable wastewater treatment options in Ontario. With fewer grant programs for rural municipalities, cost effective systems such

  4. Building local participation and support for ALFRED project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Apostol, M.; Constantin, M.; Diaconu, D.


    At the beginning of 2015, a Local Dialog Group (LDG) was set-up under the FP7 ARCADIA project, as an interface between the implementer of ALFRED demonstrator (Fostering ALfred CONstruction - FALCON consortium) and local community from Mioveni town. The paper discusses the current situation and the possible evolution of the group beyond the ARCADIA project (November 2016). The possible evolution could be the transformation in a Local Committee (LC), this fact leading to the extension of LDG.s actual role, towards a larger participation in decision making process (DMP). Aspects regarding LC construction elements as local context, mission and role, legitimacy, funding and resources, organizing mode, products and outputs, the interaction with other stakeholders, are presented in the paper. In order to describe the context, some general elements concerning the Local Committees (LCs) as tools for the communities. involvement in the DMP are also introduced. (authors)

  5. A biography and obituary of Alfred Traverse (1925–2015)


    Riding, James B.; Chaloner FRS, William G.; Farley, Martin B.; Rich, Fredrick J.; Strother, Paul K.


    Professor Alfred (‘Al’) Traverse passed away following a long illness at 90 years of age on September 15th 2015 at Juniper Village, State College, Pennsylvania, USA. With his death, the twin sciences of palaeobotany and palynology have lost one of their most influential and productive of practitioners and teachers. He had a stellar student career, was a coal petrologist, an industrial palynologist and held parallel positions in the Episcopal (Anglican) church. However he is principally define...

  6. Alfred Lee Loomis - last great amateur of science

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alvarex, L.W.


    Alfred Loomis may well be remembered as the last of the great amateurs of science. He had distinguished careers as a lawyer, as an Army officer and as an investment banker before he turned his full energies to the pursuit of scientific knowledge, first in the field of physics and later as a biologist. By any measure that can be employed, he was one of the most influential physical scientists of this century: he was elected to the National Academy when he was 53 years old; he received many honorary degrees from prestigious universities; and he played a crucial role as director of all NDRC-OSRD radar research in World War II

  7. Alfred Russel Wallace and the antivaccination movement in Victorian England. (United States)

    Weber, Thomas P


    Alfred Russel Wallace, eminent naturalist and codiscoverer of the principle of natural selection, was a major participant in the antivaccination campaigns in late 19th-century England. Wallace combined social reformism and quantitative arguments to undermine the claims of provaccinationists and had a major impact on the debate. A brief account of Wallace's background, his role in the campaign, and a summary of his quantitative arguments leads to the conclusion that it is unwarranted to portray Victorian antivaccination campaigners in general as irrational and antiscience. Public health policy can benefit from history, but the proper context of the evidence used should always be kept in mind.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Don Matthews


    Full Text Available In his great work The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business, Alfred Chandler argues that the modern managerial enterprise replaced the invisible hand of the market in coordinating the activities and allocating the resources of the U.S. economy. But Chandler’s view of the invisible hand of the market is much too narrow. The modern managerial enterprise is not a substitute for the invisible hand of the market but an integral part of it. The Visible Hand is actually a history of the invisible hand of the market.

  9. Assessment of the implementation risks for ALFRED demonstrator

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Constantin, M.; Diaconu, D.


    The risks related to the implementation of ALFRED demonstrator in Romania are discussed. The assessment is based on the risk matrix approach. Two groups of experts were used in the investigation: participants in FP7 ARCADIA projects and members of the FALCON consortium. The results consist of the hierarchy of the risks obtained based on the appreciations of the two groups. They are comparatively presented and discussed in terms of the identified critical risks and possible measures for prevention and mitigation. Additionally, some elements derived from the experience of similar project such as SUSEN and ELI-NP are discussed. (authors)

  10. The significance of Alfred Adler for the concept of narcissism. (United States)

    Ansbacher, H L


    Alfred Adler's significance for the concept of narcissism is presented with reference to four aspects: 1) Adler's theory of masculine protest was evidently a factor influencing Freud to turn toward the phenomenon of narcissism. 2) Present-day understanding of narcissism shows remarkable similarity to Adler's views on psychodynamics and neurotic egocentricity. 3) Some contemporary criticisms of Freud's theory of narcissism are very similar to Adler's criticism. 4) Adler's theory of social interest permits subsumption of narcissism under lack of social interest rather than acceptance of it as an expression of innate socially negative tendencies.

  11. Alfred Adler y la psicología académica / Alfred Adler and the academic psychology


    Lück, Helmut E.; Universidad de Distancia-Hagen (Alemania)


    El presente trabajo tiene como tema las conflictivas relaciones entre Alfred Adler y la psicología académica de su época. La actitud ambivalente del fundador de la psicología individual fue causada, muy probablemente, por su fracaso para conseguir el permiso oficial para dictar clases en la Universidad de Viena, y se fortaleció por las actitudes decididamente antiacadémicas de algunos de sus seguidores. En el marco del presente estudio se contrasta esto con los planteamientos de dos important...

  12. The Alfred Nobel rocket camera. An early aerial photography attempt (United States)

    Ingemar Skoog, A.


    Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), mainly known for his invention of dynamite and the creation of the Nobel Prices, was an engineer and inventor active in many fields of science and engineering, e.g. chemistry, medicine, mechanics, metallurgy, optics, armoury and rocketry. Amongst his inventions in rocketry was the smokeless solid propellant ballistite (i.e. cordite) patented for the first time in 1887. As a very wealthy person he actively supported many Swedish inventors in their work. One of them was W.T. Unge, who was devoted to the development of rockets and their applications. Nobel and Unge had several rocket patents together and also jointly worked on various rocket applications. In mid-1896 Nobel applied for patents in England and France for "An Improved Mode of Obtaining Photographic Maps and Earth or Ground Measurements" using a photographic camera carried by a "…balloon, rocket or missile…". During the remaining of 1896 the mechanical design of the camera mechanism was pursued and cameras manufactured. In April 1897 (after the death of Alfred Nobel) the first aerial photos were taken by these cameras. These photos might be the first documented aerial photos taken by a rocket borne camera. Cameras and photos from 1897 have been preserved. Nobel did not only develop the rocket borne camera but also proposed methods on how to use the photographs taken for ground measurements and preparing maps.

  13. Governing Civil Service Pay in China, by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014. xvi+236 pp

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik


    Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014.......Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014....

  14. Vertigo, poetry and creed of Alfred Hitchcock's cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael J. Pascual


    Full Text Available In this article we analyse the film Vertigo -undoubtedly one of the North-American film di- rector Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece- as an audiovisual poem we could identify with such a characteristic and defining name as film-poetry. We will try to show some elements very typical of cinema -the use of the light, colour, and music, the aesthetic treatment of image and the camera movement- they all aspects that in- fluence -as well as does plot- the rhythm, form and content in the same way as a poem does, in order to place cinema at the same level as poetry. We will try to describe in a very essential way the relations between cinema and arts such as music, painting and literature.

  15. Stroke, music, and creative output: Alfred Schnittke and other composers. (United States)

    Zagvazdin, Yuri


    Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998), a celebrated Russian composer of the twentieth century, suffered from several strokes which affected his left cerebral hemisphere. The disease, however, did not diminish his musical talent. Moreover, he stated that his illness in a way facilitated his work. The composer showed amazingly high productivity after his first and second injuries of the central nervous system. The main topic of this chapter is the effect of strokes on Schnittke's output, creativity, and style of music. A brief biography of the composer with the chronology of his brain hemorrhages is included. In addition, the influence of cerebrovascular lesions on creative potential of other prominent composers such as Benjamin Britten, Jean Langlais, Vissarion Shebalin, Igor Stravinsky, and Ira Randall Thompson is discussed. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. ALFRED: An Allele Frequency Database for Microevolutionary Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kenneth K Kidd


    Full Text Available Many kinds of microevolutionary studies require data on multiple polymorphisms in multiple populations. Increasingly, and especially for human populations, multiple research groups collect relevant data and those data are dispersed widely in the literature. ALFRED has been designed to hold data from many sources and make them available over the web. Data are assembled from multiple sources, curated, and entered into the database. Multiple links to other resources are also established by the curators. A variety of search options are available and additional geographic based interfaces are being developed. The database can serve the human anthropologic genetic community by identifying what loci are already typed on many populations thereby helping to focus efforts on a common set of markers. The database can also serve as a model for databases handling similar DNA polymorphism data for other species.

  17. Alfred Tarski early work in Poland—geometry and teaching

    CERN Document Server

    McFarland, Joanna; Smith, James


    Alfred Tarski (1901–1983) was a renowned Polish/American mathematician, a giant of the twentieth century, who helped establish the foundations of geometry, set theory, model theory, algebraic logic, and universal algebra. Throughout his career, he taught mathematics and logic at universities and sometimes in secondary schools. Many of his writings before 1939 were in Polish and remained inaccessible to most mathematicians and historians until now. This self-contained book focuses on Tarski’s early contributions to geometry and mathematics education, including the famous Banach–Tarski paradoxical decomposition of a sphere as well as high-school mathematical topics and pedagogy. These themes are significant since Tarski’s later research on geometry and its foundations stemmed in part from his early employment as a high-school mathematics teacher and teacher-trainer. The book contains careful translations and much newly uncovered social background of these works written during Tarski’s years in Poland....

  18. Kuidas Alfred Adler läks tülli Sigmund Freudiga / Aivar Kull

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kull, Aivar, 1955-


    Arvustus: Adler, Alfred. Inimesetundmine : Inimeste iseloomude peategurid ja nende areng / Tlk. Debora Hint. Tln. : Kupar, 1995. Vaata ka: Kull, Aivar. Kulli pilk. - Tartu : Ilmamaa, 2005, lk. 97-100

  19. [Alfred Ritscher. Reval an der schwelle zur neuzeit. T. 2] / Paul Kaegbein

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaegbein, Paul


    Arvustus: Ritscher, Alfred. Reval an der schwelle zur neuzeit. T. 2: Vom tode Wolters von Plettenberg bis zum Untergang des Deutschen Ordens in Livland (1535-1561). Bonn: Kulturstiftung der deutshen Vertriebenen 2001. (Historische Forschungen).

  20. Archive of Geosample Information from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI) Core Repository (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI) made a one-time contribution to the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS) database of metadata describing 1820...

  1. Alfred Adler, pioneer in prevention of mental disorders. (United States)

    Ansbacher, H L


    Alfred Adler (1870-1937) one of the four original members of what was to become the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, was the first to accept a humanistic-educational model of man in contrast to Freud's medical model of man. This was in line with his deep involvement with prevention; in fact his original interest was in medical prevention. The present paper describes how his work touched on all the points of the contemporary field of psychological prevention. He developed a personality theory most suitable for application in prevention, education and brief psychotherapy. He identified various categories of children at risk. He advocated the right to abortion partly to prevent the birth of a child severely at risk by being unwanted. He considered the then existing dominance of the male sex to be damaging to both sexes. He engaged in practical prevention work by addressing general audiences and especially teachers and by the establishment of and participation in Educational Counseling Centers. He felt that the honest psychologist for reasons of prevention is bound to social advocacy, and that a true psychology of mental health merges into a corresponding world philosophy. These points are fully documented with quotations and references.

  2. Alfred Nobel and His Prizes: From Dynamite to DNA. (United States)

    Lichtman, Marshall A


    Alfred Nobel was one of the most successful chemists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen of the late nineteenth century. In a decision later in life, he rewrote his will to leave virtually all his fortune to establish prizes for persons of any nationality who made the most compelling achievement for the benefit of mankind in the fields of chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace among nations. The prizes were first awarded in 1901, five years after his death. In considering his choice of prizes, it may be pertinent that he used the principles of chemistry and physics in his inventions and he had a lifelong devotion to science, he suffered and died from severe coronary and cerebral atherosclerosis, and he was a bibliophile, an author, and mingled with the literati of Paris. His interest in harmony among nations may have derived from the effects of the applications of his inventions in warfare ("merchant of death") and his friendship with a leader in the movement to bring peace to nations of Europe. After some controversy, including Nobel's citizenship, the mechanisms to choose the laureates and make four of the awards were developed by a foundation established in Stockholm; the choice of the laureate for promoting harmony among nations was assigned to the Norwegian Storting, another controversy. The Nobel Prizes after 115 years remain the most prestigious of awards. This review describes the man, his foundation, and the prizes with a special commentary on the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

  3. [Alfred Kohn, professor of histology at German University in Prague]. (United States)

    Nanka, O; Grim, M


    Prof. Kohn (1867-1959) was the head of the Institute of Histology at the Medical Faculty of German University in Prague for 26 years. In 2007 we commemorated his 140th birthday, and 2009 we will remember the 50th anniversary of his death. He entered the history of medicine by discovery of nature and origin of parathyroid glands and by pioneer research into chromaffin cells and sympathetic paraganglia. Kohn's papers on the pituitary, interstitial cells of testes, and ovaries are also related to endocrinology. All his studies are based on descriptive and comparative histological and embryological observations. Kohn was twice the dean of German Medical Faculty, and a member or honorary member of many important scientific societies. He was repeatedly nominated for Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. For his Jewish origin he was expelled from Deutsche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften und Künste für die Tschechoslowakische Republik in 1939 and transported to Terezin ghetto in 1943. After the war he lived in Prague. On the occasion of his 90th birthday he was elected honorary president of Anatomische Gesellschaft and awarded by the Czechoslovak Order of Labour. Alfred Kohn died in 1959. He was one of the outstanding personalities that Prague gave to the world of science.

  4. The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront as playground for Capetonians

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanette Ferreira


    Full Text Available The paper contributes to the exploration and understanding of the social geographies of public space in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V&AW in Cape Town. The aim is to understand Capetonians’ (visitors and employees perceptions of the V&AW as public, leisure, shopping and working spaces. The appropriate literature on waterfront developments in providing public, working and leisure space is reviewed. Two questionnaire surveys (visitors and employees as well as eight unstructured interviews with important role players in the tourism industry of Cape Town were conducted. Findings revealed the most important reasons for Capetonians to visit or use certain spaces in the V&AW, the public open spaces they liked and how they perceived the V&AW as an inclusive space. The research also sought the respondents’ views on how the certain public spaces can be improved; what new activities and retail shops can be introduced; their opinions about the affordability of restaurants and parking; and how the V&AW can improve to cater for the needs of the Waterfront’s employees. Recommendations are made for making the V&AW more functional and accessible to Capetonians.

  5. Confessions of a serial entrepreneur: a conversation with Alfred E. Mann. Interview by Molly Joel Coye. (United States)

    Mann, Alfred E


    In this wide-ranging interview, Alfred Mann describes the activities of several medical technology enterprises with which he is engaged. Several of them are companies that he formed; one is a nonprofit foundation, the Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering, founded to establish research-oriented institutes on a dozen university campuses and support their work in developing marketable innovations. Mann discusses the need to consider the cost implications of technology, in the context of U.S. health system reform, and describes several important innovations that have emerged from his companies over the years.

  6. Obituary: James Alfred Van Allen, 1914-2006 (United States)

    Ludwig, George H.; McIlwain, Carl Edwin


    James Alfred Van Allen, world-renowned space scientist, died 9 August 2006 at the age of ninety-one. He succumbed to heart failure after a ten-week period of declining health. Van Allen served for his entire sixty-seven-year professional career as an amazingly productive researcher, space science spokesman, inspired teacher, and valued colleague. The realization by him and his associates that charged particles are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field began a whole new field of research, magnetospheric physics. Following that initial discovery, he and his associates quickly extended their observations, first to the inner planets, and then to the rest of the planets and beyond. During his tenure at Iowa, he and his group flew instruments on more than sixty successful Earth satellites and planetary spacecraft, including the first missions to the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Van Allen's lifetime publication list numbers more than 275, of which many are widely-cited, seminal papers. He was the sole author of more than 125 of those papers. Beyond the research laboratory, Van Allen worked energetically throughout his career in establishing space research as a new branch of human inquiry. He was among the most sought-after as a committee member and adviser, working at the highest levels of government, including the White House and Congress, and at all levels of the national and international research establishments. Many presentations in the non-scientific arena helped to bring the exciting discoveries and challenges of space research to the attention of the general public. James Van Allen (Van to his many friends and colleagues) was born on 7 September 1914 on a small farm near Mount Pleasant, Iowa, the second of four sons of Alfred Morris Van Allen and Alma Olney Van Allen. After high school in Mount Pleasant, he entered Iowa Wesleyan College, majoring in physics and graduating summa cum laude. While there, he was introduced to geophysics

  7. Alfred Russel Wallace’s record of his consignments to Samuel Stevens, 1854-1861

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baker, D.B.


    An annotated facsimile of those pages of Alfred Russel Wallace’s notebook recording his consignments from the Malay Archipelago to his London agent, Samuel Stevens, is provided. Records of individual consignments are linked with the stages of Wallace’s and Charles Allen’s itineraries to which they

  8. Alfred: Dvořák’s first opera and its fate

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kratochvílová, Markéta

    -, č. 3 (2014), s. 7-11 ISSN 1211-0264 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Gerd Albrecht * Adolf Heller * Karl Theodor Körner * opera * Antonín Dvořák * Alfred Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  9. A fenomenologia social de Alfred Schutz e sua contribuicao para a enfermagem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Cristina Pinto de Jesus


    Full Text Available O cuidado de enfermagem pode ser considerado uma ação social que tem como cenário o mundo cotidiano, onde são estabelecidas relações intersubjetivas que devem ser valorizadas pelo enfermeiro nos diversos contextos em que atua. Estudo teórico que teve como objetivo destacar as principais concepções da fenomenologia social de Alfred Schütz e sua contribuição para a Enfermagem como área de conhecimento e prática profissional. As seguintes questões nortearam este estudo: qual a compreensão do cuidar em Enfermagem sob a ótica da fenomenologia social de Alfred Schütz? Como aplicar as concepções teóricas de Alfred Schütz na ação de cuidar em Enfermagem? Foram demarcadas tais concepções e a interface destas com a Enfermagem. Ao incorporar à Enfermagem conceitos da teoria da ação social elaborados por Alfred Schütz, este estudo permite ao enfermeiro valorizar e aplicar os aspectos apontados por este referencial teórico no âmbito assistencial, no ensino e na investigação científica.

  10. Alfred North Whitehead's Approach to Education: Its Value for Religious Education. (United States)

    Hill, Brennan


    Examines Alfred North Whitehead's educational theories and the value these theories possess for religious education. Outlines the application of Whitehead's theories to religious education. Expounds on Whitehead's theory of the threefold rhythm of the educational process: romance, precision, and generalization. (RW)

  11. Periodic Reactions: The Early Works of William C. Bray and Alfred J. Lotka (United States)

    Cervellati, Rinaldo; Greco, Emanuela


    Oscillating chemical reactions in the homogeneous phase have been studied intensively only since the mid-1960s, but they were known since 1920, having as forerunners the chemist William C. Bray and an "atypical" chemist Alfred J. Lotka. This contribution is the result of a careful reading of their literature and patient research into…

  12. [Studying at École de pharmacie de Lille with Alfred Giard in the XIXth century]. (United States)

    Guerriaud, Mathieu


    This article describes a pharmacy student's notebook in Lille in the 1870s. The Medical Natural History course is taught by Alfred Mathieu Giard. Following a brief biography of the latter, excerpts of the manuscript are presented, they reveal the extent of scientific knowledge of the late nineteenth century, especially in the field of Parasitology.

  13. Why Community Works: The Use of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology as a Foundational Theory. (United States)

    Glenn, Robert K.; Keith, Edwin M.


    Asserts that the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler should be used as a foundational theory for student affairs work. The success of community building programs is explained and the concepts of Individual Psychology are summarized. Also asserts that the current drive to develop programs to develop community on college campuses is firmly rooted…

  14. Contrasting Views of Emotion in Learning: Alfred North Whitehead and Jerome Bruner (United States)

    Woodhouse, Howard


    The article analyzes contrasting theories about the role of emotion in learning proposed by Alfred North Whitehead and Jerome Bruner. I argue that Whitehead's account of experience and emotion in his educational philosophy is best understood in the context of the philosophy of organism. Here he takes issue with the empiricists' view that sensa are…

  15. A Paradoxical Partnership in Higher Education: The Alliance between Alfred C. Kinsey and Herman B Wells (United States)

    Beineke, John A.


    Herman B Wells served as president of Indiana University from 1938 to 1962--from the days of the Great Depression into the turbulent 1960s. Alfred C. Kinsey was a professor, zoologist, and human sexuality researcher at Indiana University from 1920 until his death in 1956. A unique and paradoxical professional relationship existed between these two…

  16. The European Lead Fast Reactor Strategy and the Roadmap for the Demonstrator ALFRED

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alemberti, A.; De Bruyn, D.; Grasso, G.; Mansani, L.; Mattioli, D.; Roelofs, F.


    Expected impacts: → To ensure that nuclear energy remains a long-term contributor to a low carbon economy it is necessary to increase its sustainability through demonstrating the technical, industrial and economic viability of Gen IV fast nuclear reactors; → With the construction and operation of MYRRHA and ALFRED, Europe will be in an excellent position to secure the development of a safe, sustainable and competitive fast nuclear technology; → ALFRED Demonstrator Roadmap will: • play a key role by involving European industry and maintaining and developing European leadership in nuclear technologies worldwide; • allow to investigate and address the main technological issues that can be implemented in the LFR prototype (2035); • make possible commercial deployment, by the European industry, of these technologies by 2050 and beyond; • contribute significantly to the development of a sustainable and secure energy supply for Europe from the second half of this century onwards

  17. Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: their dispute over the units of selection. (United States)

    Ruse, Michael


    Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently discovered the mechanism of natural selection for evolutionary change. However, they viewed the working of selection differently. For Darwin, selection was always focused on the benefit for the individual. For Wallace, selection was as much something of benefit for the group as for the individual. This difference is traced to their different background political-economic views, with Darwin in favor of Adam Smith's view of society and Wallace following Robert Owen in being a socialist.

  18. The three faces of bounded reliability: Alfred Chandler and the micro-foundations of management theory


    Kano, Liena; Verbeke, Alain


    Alfred Chandler, the celebrated business historian, provided detailed descriptions of the reasons for failed human commitments and the managerial tools needed to prevent/remediate such failings in the context of large business firms. Chandler's historical narrative identifies three distinct “faces” of bounded reliability—opportunism, benevolent preference reversal, and identity-based discordance—as the main drivers of commitment failure. Adopting bounded reliability (BRel) as a micro-foundati...

  19. Alfred Bentz - Erdölgeologe in schwieriger Zeit, 1938-1947 (United States)

    Seibold, E.; Seibold, I.


    Alfred Bentz was the leading oil geologist in Germany during the Third Reich, the World War II and thereafter. His relevant activities are treated here mainly on the base of documents in the Geologenarchiv Freiburg. In spite of his prominent position during the Nazi Regime he can obviously not be blamed for personal guilt. As a loyal civil servant he was embedded in the tragic German fate in these years.

  20. [Alfred Adler and the psychology of aesthetic surgery in the United States]. (United States)

    Gilman, S L


    The quest for a psychological theory to explain the effects of aesthetic surgery reached its high point in the 1920s with the adoption of Alfred Adler's theory of the inferiority complex. The basis for this theory was Adler's early work in the psychological response of the body to disease and "degeneration". Aesthetic surgeons sought out the Adlerian model rather than a Freudian one as purely psychological while its roots, and their own theories, were clearly somatic in origin.

  1. Preface to The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky by Alfred Adler, MD. (United States)

    Ansbacher, H L


    This is a previously unpublished work by Alfred Adler that was written in 1936 as a preface to The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. A theory of schizophrenia is described in which characteristic prepsychotic features, especially lack of social interest and oversensitivity to real and imagined slights, lead to increasing irrationalism and preoccupation with grandiose ideas. The establishment of a cooperative therapeutic relationship and the instilling of hope are presented as central factors for successful treatment.

  2. Spanish contribution in the design of the Alfred Reactor inside the ESNII+ Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Romojaro, P.; García-Herranz, N.; Álvarez-Velarde, F.; López, D.


    Significant efforts are being devoted in order to boost R&D on advanced nuclear reactors due to their sustainability and improved safety characteristics. The main drawbacks for the industrial deployment of a Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) are the lack of operational experience and the technological uncertainties. In order to measure the robustness of the design and improve the safety characteristics of the ALFRED reactor -the demonstration reactor of the European LFR technology- a detailed analysis is envisaged within the EU FP7 ESNII+ project (project to support the European Sustainable Industrial Initiative) (ESNII+, 2013). One key research goal for ALFRED is the demonstration of favourable transient behaviour under accident conditions. Such behaviour depends primarily on the reactivity coefficients of the core. For evaluation of those coefficients, computational tools capable of providing results with a high level of accuracy are available. But the results will be affected by different sources of uncertainty, such as uncertainties on the engineering design, on the nuclear data, model uncertainties, etc. The objective of this work is to perform a sensitivity/uncertainty analysis of ALFRED reactor to assess the impact on the core reactivity of the uncertainties in nuclear data as well as the uncertainties in geometrical tolerances. This will allow having an exhaustive picture of their influence on the core performance, identifying key parameters and proposing specific R&D actions to achieve an improved safety level. (Author)

  3. The Archaeology and Pottery of Nazca, Peru. Alfred L. Kroeber's 1926 Expedition. Alfred L Kroeber and Donald Collier. edited by Patrick H. Carmichael, Walnut Creek: Altamira Press, 1998

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David L. Browman


    Full Text Available This volume is the much delayed publication of the results of the Second Marshall Field Archaeological Expedition to Peru in 1926, sponsored by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and con­ducted by Alfred Kroeber(1876-1960. It contains some useful short "history of the discipline" remarks both in the preface by Carmichael and in the draft introduction to the original manuscript by Kroeber and Collier. Donald Collier (1911-1995, was curator at the Field Museum from 1941 to 1976, and was working with Kroeber in the late 1950s to help bring the report out, but work stopped with Kroeber's death in 1960. Carmichael ran across the unfinished manuscript in the Field Museum in 1986 while do­ing research on the Nazca assemblages as a graduate student, and with Collier's permission and assis­tance, reassembled the component parts and edited the manuscript for publication.

  4. Cuidar em oncologia na perspectiva de Alfred Schütz Cuidado en oncología segundo Alfred Schütz Oncological care according Alfred Schütz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Regina Célia Popim


    Full Text Available O estudo foi realizado com enfermeiros oncológicos em seu cotidiano de trabalho. O objetivo foi compreender a ação subjetiva desses profissionais a partir de sua relação enfermeiro-doente. O referencial fenomenológico, fundamentado nas idéias de Alfred Schütz, possibilitou essa compreensão. Diante de uma questão orientadora: o que significa para você cuidar em oncologia? descreva para mim, foram obtidos depoimentos, os quais, depois de analisados, permitiram chegar ao típico da ação do cuidador enfermeiro neste cotidiano. O estudo revelou que cuidar em oncologia implica em lidar com o humano em situação de fragilidade; requer uma relação de afetividade; é um cuidado que traz consigo a gênese do desgaste profissional. O cuidado em oncologia reveste-se de grande complexidade, requerendo do profissional uma competência que vai para além da esfera técnico-científica. Nesse sentido, o enfermeiro necessita buscar por estratégias que lhe possibilitem o enfrentamento do desgaste a que é submetido em seu trabalho.El estudio fue realizado con enfermeros oncológicos en su cotidiano de trabajo. El objetivo fue comprender la acción subjetiva de esos profesionales desde la relación enfermero-enfermo. El referencial fenomenológico, fundamentado en las ideas de Alfred Schütz, posibilitó esa comprensión. Delante de una cuestión orientadora: ¿qué significa para usted el cuidado en oncología? Descríbame, se obtuvo declaraciones que, tras análisis, permitieron llegar a lo que es típico en la acción cotidiana del cuidador enfermero. El estudio reveló que cuidar en oncología implica tratar con el ser humano en situación de fragilidad; requiere una relación de afectividad; es un cuidado que trae consigo la génesis del desgaste profesional. El cuidado en oncología se reviste de gran complejidad y requiere del profesional una competencia que va más allá de la esfera técnico-científica. En ese sentido, el enfermero

  5. Alfred Rosenberg und die Nordische Gesellschaft – Der „nordische Gedanke“ in Theorie und Praxis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Birgitta Almgren; Jan Hecker-Stampehl; Ernst Piper


    Full Text Available This contribution traces the emergence, Gleichschaltung, expansion and demise of the Nordische Gesellschaft [Nordic Society] with a special focus on its leading protagonist Alfred Rosenberg. In the beginning of the article, the history of ideas and the organisa-tional foundations of the society are being set as a background. In the main part of the text the Nordische Gesellschaft’s activity during the “Third Reich” and under Rosenberg’s auspices is being analysed. Sources used comprise both archival material as well as the NG’s own publications

  6. [Doctor and poet as rivals. Sigmund Freud, Alfred von Berger and the narrative of female homosexuality]. (United States)

    Goldmann, Stefan


    Starting from a passage in the Dora case history where Freud suggests some differences between a literary and a clinical narrative of female homosexuality, this paper presents examples which he might have had in mind. Besides Balzac's "La fille aux yeux d'or" (1834/35) it is in particular Alfred v. Berger's novella "Die Italienerin [The Italian woman]" (1904) which may have served as a model and counterpoint to the literary strategies used in Freud's case history. Freud had a relationship of long standing with Berger. This newly discovered source may provide a clue for the date at which Freud finalized the Dora manscript which he had held back for years.

  7. Alfred Werner

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Suppose we were to say, "Apple pie is in itself neither good nor bad; it is the way it is used that determines its value." ... There is nothing in the Sarnoff statement that will bear scrutiny, for it ignores the nature of the medium, of any and all media, in the true Narcissus style of one hypnotized by the amputation and extension of ...

  8. Alfred. První opera Antonína Dvořáka se vrací

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kratochvílová, Markéta


    Roč. 19, č. 3 (2014), s. 6-7 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Gerd Albrecht * Adolf Heller * Karl Theodor Körner * opera * Antonín Dvořák * Alfred Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  9. Accelerating medical innovation at USC: realizing the dream of Alfred E. Mann. (United States)

    Gosset, Nathalie; Lasch, Jonathan G


    Alfred E. Mann's vision is to create organizations that will help medical innovations born in academic environments evolve into commercially fit solutions, without the risk of being abandoned under the financial pressures early stage start-ups often experience. In 1998, Mann worked with Stephen Sample, president of USC, to create the first AMI for Biomedical Engineering, an organization fueled by an endowment valued at approximately US$160 million today. Technology-acceleration centers come in different flavors. AMI USC's recipe has evolved since its creation, with edits that incorporate lessons learned and improvements brought by its expanding network of talented resource people. Its 15-member staff, consisting of three-fourths industry professionals, includes seasoned generalists and specialists in medical technology commercialization. Although the support varies with each invention, some recurring ingredients weave into the AMI approach to accelerating medical innovation.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Aristotle was concerned with the comedy genre as a kind of poetry. Its creators, the comic poets, interested him only marginally. This genological approach to its subject-matter dominated the theory and philosophy of art for subsequent centuries as evidenced by the subsequent elaborations of interpretations of Aristotle’s catharsis. The alternative approach focused instead on subjects as creators of art. As a consequence of the long-term development of anthropocentrism in the humanities, however, this approach took over. The “ performative turn” represents its more recent version. It allows one to interpret Poetics and other classical works not in the context of an object (comedy, but in the context of the acting subject. I claim that social anthropology further explores the concept of comedy and itself presumes it in its conceptual foundations and research approach. I elaborate the argument on the basis of the concept of the “spirit of comedy” coined by Alfred Gell .

  11. Algumas considerações sobre a sociologia de Alfred Schutz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Márcio Nicory Costa Souza


    Full Text Available O presente artigo apresenta algumas considerações sobre a perspectiva sociológica de Alfred Schutz. Para tal, tecemos breves considerações sobre a fenomenologia, em especial a partir das contribuições de Husserl. Trata-se, portanto, de um esforço para o entendimento de sua importância para as Ciências Sociais. Primeiramente, apresentamos as influências constitutivas do pensamento de Schutz, bem como suas principais ferramentas analíticas. Em seguida, pensando no “fazer ciência”, procedemos para reflexões analíticas da proposta de uma Sociologia Interpretativa.

  12. Alfred Russel Wallace and the road to natural selection, 1844-1858. (United States)

    Smith, Charles H


    Conventional wisdom has had it that the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and his colleague Henry Walter Bates journeyed to the Amazon in 1848 with two intentions in mind: to collect natural history specimens, and to consider evidential materials that might reveal the causal basis of organic evolution. This understanding has been questioned recently by the historian John van Wyhe, who points out that with regard to the second matter, at least, there appears to be no evidence of a "smoking gun" variety proving it so. In the present essay the circumstances of Wallace's interest in the matter are reviewed, and van Wyhe is taken to task with alternate explanations for the facts he introduces in his argument. The conclusion is that Wallace almost certainly did have the second objective in mind when he left for both the Amazon, and the Far East.

  13. Capturing the will: Imposture, delusion, and exposure in Alfred Russel Wallace's defence of spirit photography. (United States)

    Mitchell, Benjamin David


    The co-discoverer of natural selection, Alfred Russel Wallace, found himself deeply embroiled in a range of controversies surrounding the relationship between science and spiritualism. At the heart of these controversies lay a crisis of evidence in cases of delusion or imposture. He had the chance to observe the many epistemic impasses brought about by this crisis while participating in the trial of the American medium Henry Slade, and through his exchanges with the physiologist William Benjamin Carpenter and the psychical researcher Frederic Myers. These contexts help to explain the increasing value that Wallace placed on the evidence of spirit photography. He hoped that it could simultaneously break these impasses, while answering once and for all the interconnected questions of the unity of the psyche and the reliability of human observation. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Discussion of Alfred Alder's preface to The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. (United States)

    Ansbacher, H L


    In his preface to The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, Alfred Adler (1) found his theory of the dynamics of schizophrenia supported in the Diary, (2) alluded to Nijinsky's prepsychotic personality, and (3) briefly touched on the possibility and conditions of recovery. To add to the understanding of Adler's "Preface," this discussion (1) expands his theory of schizophrenia, (2) gives some concrete data of Nijinsky's prepsychotic personality, (3) describes two episodes of recovery subsequent to the "Preface," and (4) introduces an important aspect of Adler's theory, which he had to omit out of consideration for Nijinsky's wife, Romola-namely, her role in her husband's disorder. With the larger theoretical and historical context established. Adler's "Preface" can be appreciated for its predictive validity.

  15. Alfred Owre: revisiting the thought of a distinguished, though controversial, early twentieth-century dental educator. (United States)

    Nash, David A


    Many in dental education are unfamiliar with the professional life and thought of Dr. Alfred Owre, a distinguished though controversial dental educator in the early twentieth century. Owre served as dean of dentistry at both the University of Minnesota, 1905-27, and Columbia University, 1927-33. He was also a member of the Carnegie Foundation's commission that developed the report Dental Education in the United States and Canada, written by Dr. William J. Gies. Owre was a controversial leader due to his creative and original ideas that challenged dental education and the profession. His assessment and critique of the problems of dental education in his era can readily be applied to contemporary dental education and the profession, just as his vision for transformative change resonates with ideas that continue to be advocated by some individuals today. This article also documents his tumultuous relationship with Gies.

  16. The symbol between ethics and communication in Alfred Schütz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Massimo Vittorio


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the concept of symbol and tries to out- line its function as a means of communication. In order to describe the communicative qualities of symbol, it is necessary to show its ethical nature. The paper analyses the role symbols play in intersubjective rela- tions, in the construction of the individual’s reality, and in the human ability to attribute meanings and assign functions.The conceptual frame- work for the understanding of what symbol is, how it works, and how it is made is a particular combination of phenomenology and pragma- tism, which lies on the theory of ‘appresentation’, as we can find it in Alfred Schütz’s viewpoint. The paper invites a reflection on the power of symbol, particularly on its power to communicate the incommunicable.

  17. The aerial view of Cordoba drawn by Alfred Guesdon in 1853

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Gámiz Gordo


    Full Text Available The aerial views by Alfred Guesdon are considered works of special interest due to their quality and beauty. These drawings are a faithful portrait of the great cities of the period, and a mystery in terms of their creation. After reviewing some of the aerial drawings of the mid-19th century, the author considers undocumented hypotheses regarding the relationship of Charles Clifford to the drawings by Guesdon of Spanish cities, and the issues related to their elaboration by means of plans, photographs and hot-air balloons. Some light is shed on this matter thanks to the unpublished drawing of the city of Cordoba (1853, whose accuracy is evident when compared to a city plan drawn by Montis (1851. A journey through the city of Cordoba and its landmarks proves the documentary value of the drawing by Guesdon, who knew how to combine traditional drawing skills with the latest technical advances of his time.

  18. Korsakoff's Syndrome and Modern German Literature: Alfred Döblin's Medical Dissertation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roland Dollinger


    Full Text Available This essay deals with the historical and cultural interrelationships between the medical and psychiatric discourses on memory and memory disorders at the end of the nineteenth century and the invention of an abstract and highly dissociated literary style in modern German literature. An historical reading of Alfred Döblin's medical dissertation (1905 on Korsakoff's syndrome, an amnestic disorder, shows the confluence of both his psychiatric and aesthetic interests in human memory and its failures. The essay analyzes Döblin's medical dissertation less as the contribution of a young psychiatrist to his discipline but rather as an historical text that challenges us to see where some of the medical and aesthetic concerns of early twentieth-century German culture meet.

  19. Stand-alone core sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of ALFRED from Monte Carlo simulations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pérez-Valseca, A.-D.; Espinosa-Paredes, G.; François, J.L.; Vázquez Rodríguez, A.; Martín-del-Campo, C.


    Highlights: • Methodology based on Monte Carlo simulation. • Sensitivity analysis of Lead Fast Reactor (LFR). • Uncertainty and regression analysis of LFR. • 10% change in the core inlet flow, the response in thermal power change is 0.58%. • 2.5% change in the inlet lead temperature the response is 1.87% in power. - Abstract: The aim of this paper is the sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of a Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) based on Monte Carlo simulation of sizes up to 2000. The methodology developed in this work considers the uncertainty of sensitivities and uncertainty of output variables due to a single-input-variable variation. The Advanced Lead fast Reactor European Demonstrator (ALFRED) is analyzed to determine the behavior of the essential parameters due to effects of mass flow and temperature of liquid lead. The ALFRED core mathematical model developed in this work is fully transient, which takes into account the heat transfer in an annular fuel pellet design, the thermo-fluid in the core, and the neutronic processes, which are modeled with point kinetic with feedback fuel temperature and expansion effects. The sensitivity evaluated in terms of the relative standard deviation (RSD) showed that for 10% change in the core inlet flow, the response in thermal power change is 0.58%, and for 2.5% change in the inlet lead temperature is 1.87%. The regression analysis with mass flow rate as the predictor variable showed statistically valid cubic correlations for neutron flux and linear relationship neutron flux as a function of the lead temperature. No statistically valid correlation was observed for the reactivity as a function of the mass flow rate and for the lead temperature. These correlations are useful for the study, analysis, and design of any LFR.

  20. Alfred P. Southwick, MDS, DDS: dental practitioner, educator and originator of electrical executions. (United States)

    Christen, A G; Christen, J A


    The search for a modern, humane method of criminal execution was triggered by a freak accident which occurred in Buffalo, New York in 1881. Dr. Alfred P. Southwick (a former steam-boat engineer, noted dentist and dental educator) happened to witness an intoxicated man die after he inadvertently touched a live generator terminal. Southwick's initial reaction was shock. Later, as he pondered this tragic event, he concluded that electrocution was, at least, a quick and seemingly painless way to depart from this earth. As his thoughts turned to common methods of capital punishment, Alfred concluded that death by electrocution could become a more humane alternative, as compared with the more grisly methods (e.g., hanging, beheading by guillotine, garroting, suffocation and flaying). Working through the governor of New York and the state legislature, Southwick originated and successfully promoted the passage of laws which mandated electrical executions in New York and in approximately 20 other states. During 1888-1889, Southwick served on the state's three-person Electrical Death Commission, a group who reported that electrical execution was superior to all other methods. On January 1, 1889, the world's first electrical execution law went into effect. On August 6, 1890, William Francis Kemmler, who had murdered his mistress, was the first person to die in the electric chair. However, this public event became an amateurish spectacle: the initial surge of current did not cause Kemmler's immediate death and a second jolt was needed. Those who witnessed this bungled execution were stunned. Graphic and detailed criticism from both the press and the general public ran high. However, Dr. Southwick vigorously continued to support and finally achieve his goal--to humanize capital punishment through the legal use of electrical execution.

  1. Alfred Klaar: berlínské reflexe rodných končin // Alfred Klaar: Berlin Reflections on the Homeland Landscape

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michal Topor


    Full Text Available The aim of the paper is to develop at least a part of a voice which is still difficult to understand in the Czech language environment, the voice of the others, (ex-rivals, the ‘expelledʼ, and to anchor it in the work and politics of remembering, registering and writing history of one specific author (we are talking about the continuity of perspective: about fidelity to images, local mythology, its logic. For thirty years, Alfred Klaar (born as Karpeles in 1848 in Prague co-established Prague discourse in German language from various positions (as a journalist, theatre critic, representative of various societies, ceremony speaker, associate professor of the local German polytechnic etc.. When he moved to Berlin in July 1899, he was almost fifty-one years old. He left his home (both in the narrow sense of the word, as well as the wider sense of ‘Austrian homeʼ, so important to him, but he always kept the world he had lived in for so long in his mind and preserved many links with it in spite of the geographical distance. He also returned to his homeland on various occasions (funerals and other ceremonies, lectures and he also remained talked about primarily among the Prague German circles; as a piece of memorabilia he was dusted and remembered in stories, and at the same time rightfully seen and honoured as a foreign envoy and speaker of compatriot cultural and political interests. Klaar spoke about Prague, his ‘father townʼ, and the lands near the Prussian border through the history of the German-speaking enclave, while Czechs only occurred sporadically in his retrospect writing. He repeated his thesis about an environment destroyed by ‘Slavic egoismʼ and belligerence, he spoke of the role of the German community in Czech lands as a heroic cultural mission, ungratefully displaced by the dominant policy of Czechisation in the second half of the 19th century, which strived to ‘impress upon the city a unilateral Slavic character

  2. Jean-Alfred Fournier - the founder of the European venereology and dermatology (on the one hundredth death anniversary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. A. Kisteneva


    Full Text Available The article presents a life story of a great French dermatologist and venereologist, one of the founders of the theory of syphilis Jean-Alfred Fournier (1832-1914. It provides data on the published works by Jean-Alfred Fournier, some of which earned him a doctoral degree. It also provides data on Fournier’s election as a member of the French Academy of Medicine in 1879 as well as on the founding of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphiligraphy by Fournier and other French dermatologists in 1889. The article defines the contribution made by Fournier to the development of venereology and practical medicine in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century.

  3. Number 13 / Part I. Music. 11. Great Contemporary Pianists in Interpretative Dialogue: Alfred Brendel and Murray Perahia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tudor Brînduşa


    Full Text Available The choice of valuable interpretative versions is highly important for both pianists on their way to performance and teachers in their complex activity of piano training. These become real models of esthetical thinking and artistic inspiration in the approach of a musical work. We shall use Sonata in D minor D 958 by Franz Schubert as an interpretative analysis model in the view of the pianists Alfred Brendel and Murray Perahia.

  4. The prominent absence of Alfred Russel Wallace at the Darwin anniversaries in Germany in 1909, 1959 and 2009. (United States)

    Hossfeld, Uwe; Olsson, Lennart


    It is well known that the contribution of Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913) to the development of the "Darwinian" principle of natural selection has often been neglected. Here we focus on how the three anniversaries to celebrate the origin of the Darwin-Wallace theory in Germany in 1909, in 1959 in the divided country, as well as in 2009, have represented Charles Robert Darwin's and Alfred Russell Wallace's contributions. We have analyzed books and proceedings volumes related to these anniversaries, and the main result is that Wallace was almost always ignored, or only mentioned in passing. In 1909, Ernst Haeckel gave a talk in Jena, later published under the title The worldview of Darwin and Lamarck (Das Weltbild von Darwin und Lamarck), but not as the Darwin-Wallace concept. Haeckel mentions Wallace only once. In two important proceedings volumes from the 1959 anniversaries, Wallace was ignored. The only fair treatment of Wallace is given in another book, a collection of documents edited by Gerhard Heberer, for which the author selected nine key documents and reprinted excerpts (1959). Three of them were articles by Wallace, including the Sarawak- and Ternate-papers of 1855 and 1858, respectively. An analysis of the dominant themes during the celebrations of 2009 shows that none of the six topics had much to do with Wallace and his work. Thus, the tendency to exclude Alfred Russell Wallace is an international phenomenon, and largely attributable to the "Darwin industry".

  5. ‘None but Ourselves Can Free Our Minds’: Review of "A Community Life: Memoirs of Alfred M. Sears"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ann Victoria Dean


    Full Text Available Review of A Community Life: Memoirs of Alfred M. Sears: A Redemption Story from Reform School to Attorney General and Minister of Education of the Bahamas, Alfred M. Sears. I-EASE Publishack, 2017. ISBN 978-978-8201-14-4 This emotionally charged testimonial to life in the historical colonial and postcolonial Bahamas is a deeply politicized story of personal and political redemption built on Alfred Sears’ decades-long commitment to literacy and education, to the value of family and community and to the practice of speaking truth to power. Sears argues that both the health of Bahamian society and the sovereignty of the nation are dependent on its citizens being able to think for themselves and for that to happen, it is imperative to root out the legacies of colonialism. He makes recommendations for altering the Bahamian Constitution and thematically addresses concerns about government corruption, transparency, and accountability; partisan polarization; the Bahamian politic as a system of patronage and clientelism; the need for constitutional reform; political campaign finance reform; sustained economic development and participatory regionalism.

  6. The ornithologist Alfred Russel Wallace and the controversy surrounding the dinosaurian origin of birds. (United States)

    Ibrahim, Nizar; Kutschera, Ulrich


    Over many years of his life, the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) explored the tropical forests of Malaysia, collecting numerous specimens, including hundreds of birds, many of them new to science. Subsequently, Wallace published a series of papers on systematic ornithology, and discovered a new species on top of a volcano on Ternate, where he wrote, in 1858, his famous essay on natural selection. Based on this hands-on experience, and an analysis of an Archaeopteryx fossil, Wallace suggested that birds may have descended from dinosaurian ancestors. Here, we describe the "dinosaur-bird hypothesis" that originated with the work of Thomas H. Huxley (1825-1895). We present the strong evidence linking theropod dinosaurs to birds, and briefly outline the long and ongoing controversy around this concept. Dinosaurs preserving plumage, nesting sites and trace fossils provide overwhelming evidence for the dinosaurian origin of birds. Based on these recent findings of paleontological research, we conclude that extant birds indeed descended, with some modifications, from small, Mesozoic theropod dinosaurs. In the light of Wallace's view of bird origins, we critically evaluate recent opposing views to this idea, including Ernst Mayr's (1904-2005) arguments against the "dinosaur-bird hypothesis", and document that this famous ornithologist was not correct in his assessment of this important aspect of vertebrate evolution.

  7. Early East Asian art history in Vienna and its trajectories: Josef Strzygowski, Karl With, Alfred Salmony

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julia Orell


    Full Text Available In 1912 Josef Strzygowski founded the ‘Section for East Asian Art History’ at the University of Vienna, which attracted many students who would continue their careers in museums and at universities and thus established East Asian art history as an academic field. This paper examines these early art historical engagements with East Asian art: First, I discuss the role of East Asian art in Strzygowski’s agenda of broadening art history’s geographical scope beyond Europe and in his argument about the dominance of ‘Nordic’ artistic traditions in Europe and in Asia. Secondly, I introduce the work of two early students at the ‘Section for East Asian Art History’ in Vienna, Karl With and Alfred Salmony. Their respective approaches to East Asian art exemplify a range of methodological concerns of their time, from stylistic narratives, the concept of ars una, comparative frameworks, to ideas about cultural or national ‘purity’ in the arts, and an interest in cross-cultural adaption and transformation of motifs and symbolism.

  8. T. S. Eliot’s ‘Obscurity’ in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Longxing Wei


    Full Text Available T. S. Eliot's earliest verse is composed of observations, detached, ironic, and alternatively disillusioned and nostalgic in tone. Eliot's mingling of subtle observation with unexpected cliché represents a difficulty that is often magnified because too much 'obscurity' is assumed. This paper aims at clarifying the 'obscurity' by means of a stylistic analysis of the linguistic devices that the poet used to create "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and its intended meaning. Adopting the concept of style as 'foregrounding', the idea that style is constituted by departures from linguistic norms, it analyzes the poem in terms of its lexical foregrounding, and adopting the concept of style as 'choice', the idea that style is constituted by choices of linguistic devices, it analyzes the poem in terms of its syntactic choices. It claims that it is the systematic foregrounding or violation of the norm of the standard which makes possible the poetic utilization of language. Without seeing foregrounding as a poet's linguistic device, there could be no poetry for the poet or no possible understanding of poems for the reader. It also claims that stylistically significant syntactic choices by the poet serve effectively the intended meaning.

  9. Alfred Russel Wallace and the destruction of island life: the Iguana tragedy. (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Kleinhans, Simon


    The Galápagos Islands (Ecuador) are usually associated with the explorations and theoretical deductions of Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), but Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) also investigated these islands and published several reports on the living world of this unique archipelago. In contrast to Darwin, Wallace described the destruction of natural ecosystems by humans and foresaw the resulting extinction of species. Here, we outline two case studies pertinent to Wallace's prediction. First, we summarize the behavior of the predator-naive marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) on the Galápagos Islands, which are threatened by feral dogs and cats imported by humans. We also describe the unique life cycle of the spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri) from the island of Utila (Honduras), a rare species whose populations are declining because of habitat destructions. In contrast to these threatened, endemic island species, the Green iguana (Iguana iguana) is still widely distributed, although, as a result of de-forestation, in some areas of South America local populations have disappeared. We conclude that Wallace was correct in his prediction that, because of human activities, numerous species of animals and plants will be driven to extinction, notably on islands.

  10. Alfred Russel Wallace's medical libertarianism: state medicine, human progress, and evolutionary purpose. (United States)

    Flannery, Michael A


    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), naturalist and explorer of South America and the Malay Archipelago, secured his place in history by independently discovering the theory of natural selection. His letter outlining the theory was sent from Ternate in eastern Indonesia and received at Down House, according to Charles Darwin (1809-82), on June 18, 1858, prompting the now-famed evolutionist to rush his languishing manuscript to press. Wallace's contributions to evolutionary biology, biogeography, and anthropology are well known, but his medical views have received far less attention. Within the context of a strident populist antivaccination movement and an ominous elitist eugenics campaign, Wallace took his stand, which revealed itself in a libertarianism that defended traditional socialist constituencies (the working poor, the lumpenproletariat, and feminist reformers) against state-mandated medical interventions. Rather than viewing Wallace as a heterodox contrarian, this article argues that his positions were logical outgrowths of his medical libertarianism and evolutionary and social theories. © The Author 2013. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  11. Alfred Walter Campbell and the visual functions of the occipital cortex. (United States)

    Macmillan, Malcolm


    In his pioneering cytoarchitectonic studies of the human brain, Alfred Walter Campbell identified two structurally different areas in the occipital lobes and assigned two different kinds of visual functions to them. The first area, the visuosensory, was essentially on the mesial surface of the calcarine fissure. It was the terminus of nervous impulses generated in the retina and was where simple visual sensations arose. The second area, the visuopsychic, which surrounded or invested the first, was where sensations were interpreted and elaborated into visual perceptions. I argue that Campbell's distinction between the two areas was the starting point for the eventual differentiation of areas V1-V5. After a brief outline of Campbell's early life and education in Australia and of his Scottish medical education and early work as a pathologist at the Lancashire County Lunatic Asylum at Rainhill near Liverpool, I summarise his work on the human brain. In describing the structures he identified in the occipital lobes, I analyse the similarities and differences between them and the related structures identified by Joseph Shaw Bolton. I conclude by proposing some reasons for how that work came to be overshadowed by the later studies of Brodmann and for the more general lack of recognition given Campbell and his work. Those reasons include the effect of the controversies precipitated by Campbell's alliance with Charles Sherrington over the functions of the sensory and motor cortices. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Politics and naturalism in the 20th century psychology of Alfred Binet. (United States)

    Foschi, Renato; Cicciola, Elisabetta


    Alfred Binet is internationally recognized as the "father" of the first intelligence test as well as the most faithful French representative of laboratory experimentalism. A historical analysis of his work is therefore necessary to get to a thorough comprehension of 20th century psychology. The present article, starting from Binet's intellectual path and from the suggestions of the previous historical literature, aims at providing fresh insights into Binet's work by trying to capture the intersections between Binet, his naturalistic culture and the political context in which he worked in the early 20th century, when he actively tried to apply experimental psychology to the pedagogical area. In fact, it is possible to underline, with reference to those years, an evident turn towards applications in Binet's psychological production. The article reconstructs the political and institutional background of Binet's research and shows how the naturalism and experimentalism he promoted were complementary to the solidarist conceptions that were particularly prevalent among those who supported his work during the Third Republic.

  13. Neumayer III and Kohnen Station in Antarctica operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christine Wesche


    Full Text Available The Alfred Wegener Institute operates two stations in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. The German overwintering station Neumayer III is located on the Ekström Ice Shelf at 70°40’S and 08°16’W and is the logistics base for three long-term observatories (meteorology, air chemistry and geophysics and nearby research activities. Due to the vicinity to the coast (ca. 20 km from the ice shelf edge, the Neumayer III Station is the junction for many German Antarctic expeditions, especially as the starting point for the supply traverse for the second German station Kohnen. The summer station Kohnen is located about 600 km from the coast and 750 km from Neumayer III Station on the Antarctic plateau at 75°S and 00°04’E. It was erected as the base for the deep-drilling ice core project, which took place between 2001 and 2006. Since then Kohnen Station is used as a logistics base for different research projects.

  14. A CFD analysis of flow blockage phenomena in ALFRED LFR demo fuel assembly

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Di Piazza, Ivan, E-mail: [Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, C.R. ENEA Brasimone (Italy); Magugliani, Fabrizio [Ansaldo Nucleare, ANN, Corso Perrone n.25, Genova (Italy); Tarantino, Mariano [Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, C.R. ENEA Brasimone (Italy); Alemberti, Alessandro [Ansaldo Nucleare, ANN, Corso Perrone n.25, Genova (Italy)


    Highlights: • URANS simulations were performed on internal flow blockage in HLM fuel assemblies. • Comparison with RELAP results for foot blockage shows a very good agreement. • The temperature peak behind the blockage is dominant for large blockages. • A blockage of ∼15% leads to a maximum clad temperature around 800 °C in 3–4 s. • Local clad temperatures around 1000 °C are reached for blockages of 30% or more. - Abstract: A CFD study was carried out on fluid flow and heat transfer in the Lead-cooled Fuel Pin Bundle of the ALFRED LFR DEMO. In the context of GEN-IV heavy liquid metal-cooled reactors safety studies, the flow blockage in a fuel sub-assembly is considered one of the main issues to be addressed and the most important and realistic accident for LFR fuel assembly. The present paper is a first step toward a detailed analysis of such phenomena, and a CFD model and approach are presented to have a detailed thermo-fluid dynamic picture in the case of blockage. In particular the closed hexagonal, grid-spaced fuel assembly of the LFR ALFRED was modeled and computed. At this stage, the details of the spacer grids were not included, but a conservative analysis has been carried out based on the current main geometrical and physical features. Reactivity feedback, as well as axial power profile, were not included in this analysis. Results indicate that critical conditions, with clad temperatures around ∼900 °C, are reached with blockage larger than 30% in terms of area fraction. Two main effects can be distinguished: a local effect in the wake/recirculation region downstream the blockage and a global effect due to the lower mass flow rate in the blocked subchannels; the former effect gives rise to a temperature peak behind the blockage and it is dominant for large blockages (>20%), while the latter effect determines a temperature peak at the end of the active region and it is dominant for small blockages (<10%). The blockage area was placed at

  15. The core design of ALFRED, a demonstrator for the European lead-cooled reactors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Grasso, G.; Petrovich, C.; Mattioli, D.; Artioli, C.; Sciora, P.; Gugiu, D.; Bandini, G.; Bubelis, E.; Mikityuk, K.


    Highlights: • The design for the lead fast reactor is conceived in a comprehensive approach. • Neutronic, thermal-hydraulic, and transient analyses show promising results. • The system is designed to withstand even design extension conditions accidents. • Activation products in lead, including polonium, are evaluated. - Abstract: The European Union has recently co-funded the LEADER (Lead-cooled European Advanced DEmonstration Reactor) project, in the frame of which the preliminary designs of an industrial size lead-cooled reactor (1500 MW th ) and of its demonstrator reactor (300 MW th ) were developed. The latter is called ALFRED (Advanced Lead-cooled Fast Reactor European Demonstrator) and its core, as designed and characterized in the project, is presented here. The core parameters have been fixed in a comprehensive approach taking into account the main technological constraints and goals of the system from the very beginning: the limiting temperature of the clad and of the fuel, the Pu enrichment, the achievement of a burn-up of 100 GWd/t, the respect of the integrity of the system even in design extension conditions (DEC). After the general core design has been fixed, it has been characterized from the neutronic point of view by two independent codes (MCNPX and ERANOS), whose results are compared. The power deposition and the reactivity coefficient calculations have been used respectively as input for the thermal-hydraulic analysis (TRACE, CFD and ANTEO codes) and for some preliminary transient calculations (RELAP, CATHARE and SIM-LFR codes). The results of the lead activation analysis are also presented (FISPACT code). Some issues of the core design are to be reviewed and improved, uncertainties are still to be evaluated, but the verifications performed so far confirm the promising safety features of the lead-cooled fast reactors

  16. The core design of ALFRED, a demonstrator for the European lead-cooled reactors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grasso, G., E-mail: [ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4, 40129 Bologna (Italy); Petrovich, C., E-mail: [ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4, 40129 Bologna (Italy); Mattioli, D., E-mail: [ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4, 40129 Bologna (Italy); Artioli, C., E-mail: [ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4, 40129 Bologna (Italy); Sciora, P., E-mail: [CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), DEN, DER, 13108 St Paul lez Durance (France); Gugiu, D., E-mail: [RATEN-ICN (Institute for Nuclear Research), Cod 115400 Mioveni, Str. Campului, 1, Jud. Arges (Romania); Bandini, G., E-mail: [ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4, 40129 Bologna (Italy); Bubelis, E., E-mail: [KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany); Mikityuk, K., E-mail: [PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute), OHSA/D11, 5232 Villigen PSI (Switzerland)


    Highlights: • The design for the lead fast reactor is conceived in a comprehensive approach. • Neutronic, thermal-hydraulic, and transient analyses show promising results. • The system is designed to withstand even design extension conditions accidents. • Activation products in lead, including polonium, are evaluated. - Abstract: The European Union has recently co-funded the LEADER (Lead-cooled European Advanced DEmonstration Reactor) project, in the frame of which the preliminary designs of an industrial size lead-cooled reactor (1500 MW{sub th}) and of its demonstrator reactor (300 MW{sub th}) were developed. The latter is called ALFRED (Advanced Lead-cooled Fast Reactor European Demonstrator) and its core, as designed and characterized in the project, is presented here. The core parameters have been fixed in a comprehensive approach taking into account the main technological constraints and goals of the system from the very beginning: the limiting temperature of the clad and of the fuel, the Pu enrichment, the achievement of a burn-up of 100 GWd/t, the respect of the integrity of the system even in design extension conditions (DEC). After the general core design has been fixed, it has been characterized from the neutronic point of view by two independent codes (MCNPX and ERANOS), whose results are compared. The power deposition and the reactivity coefficient calculations have been used respectively as input for the thermal-hydraulic analysis (TRACE, CFD and ANTEO codes) and for some preliminary transient calculations (RELAP, CATHARE and SIM-LFR codes). The results of the lead activation analysis are also presented (FISPACT code). Some issues of the core design are to be reviewed and improved, uncertainties are still to be evaluated, but the verifications performed so far confirm the promising safety features of the lead-cooled fast reactors.

  17. Qualitative Research in Organizational Studies: Phenomenological Contributions of Alfred Schütz Pesquisa Qualitativa nos Estudos Organizacionais: Contribuições Fenomenológicas de Alfred Schütz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Gomes de Paiva Júnior


    Full Text Available Modern science is in crisis. Today, we live in a scientific paradigm transition motivated by differences and complexities. In the organizational field, qualitative research emerges as a methodological alternative to the researcher. It aids the contemporary understanding of the actor involved with the management phenomenon, as it reveals his/her impressions and feelings related to personal and professional lived experiences. The interpretative approach of Alfred Schütz's social phenomenology constitutes one of the variants of the phenomenological movement that makes knowledge of essences possible, and constitutes a type of "intelligible armor" of the organizational being's understanding, which has its structure and specific laws.

  18. Alfred Donné and Léon Foucault: the first applications of electricity and photography to medical illustration. (United States)

    Tobin, William


    The first electric projecting microscope and the first published photomicrographs harnessed recent technological developments to provide improved methods of medical illustration for educational purposes. Both projects were the work of two Frenchmen. The impetus came from the microscopist Dr Alfred Donné (1801-78), discoverer of trichomonas vaginalis and leukaemia. Implementation was primarily by his medical-student assistant, Léon Foucault (1819-68), who later gained fame as a physicist, especially with his pendulum demonstration of the Earth's rotation.

  19. A portrait of prefrontal lobotomy performed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney by Dr Rex Money. (United States)

    White, Richard T; McGee-Collett, Martin


    The objective of this article is to provide a portrait of prefrontal lobotomy performed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney by the Head of Neurosurgery Dr Rex Money and to describe Dr Money's role in the promotion of psychosurgery in Sydney. We draw attention to an oral presentation by Dr Rex Money in 1951, a journal article written by Money, archival information held at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, including Dr Money's accounts of his travels and his reports regarding neurosurgery - both internationally and in Australia. Dr Rex Money performed a series of 13 prefrontal lobotomies between 1945 and 1951, and presented the theoretical basis for his series, his operative procedures and the outcomes at the annual meeting of its medical officers' association. Notwithstanding various deficiencies in his clinical research, Money's descriptions give a relatively comprehensive account of one of the first series of prefrontal lobotomies performed in Australia. The current article also describes Dr Money's contributions to the promotion of psychosurgery in Sydney, and illustrates the participation of a senior neurosurgeon and of a major Sydney teaching hospital during the psychosurgery saga. © The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2016.

  20. James Alfred Loader: ’n Huldeblyk aan ’n krities-solidêre profeet in die eties-teologiese tradisie/James Alfred Loader: A tribute to a critical-solidary prophet in the ethical theological tradition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andries G. van Aarde


    Full Text Available This article is the introduction to the James Alfred Loader Dedication. It consists of a tribute to Professor Loader’s academic contribution to Old Testament, Middle-Eastern religio-literary studies and the Rabbinical background of the Old- and New Testament. The article is modelled after the tribute published in German in the annual publication of the Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät Wien (Vienna, Austria due to the honorary doctorate conferred on Professor Loader by the University of Pretoria (South Africa in 2009. The tribute is combined with a comprehensive curriculum vitae, in part written in German, Afrikaans and English, and consisting of referencing Professor Loader’s personal data, his role as minister of religion, his academic awards, participation in scholarly societies, professional academic positions, academic reviewing, editorial activity, presentation of academic papers and a list of publications.

  1. Book Review: McCoy, Alfred, Policing America’s Empire: The United States, the Philippines, and the Rise of the Surveillance State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salvador Santino F. Regilme, Jr


    Full Text Available Book Review of the Monograph: McCoy, Alfred (2009, Policing America’s Empire: The United States, the Philippines, and the Rise of the Surveillance State, Madison, Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press ISBN 978-0-299-23414-0, 659 pages

  2. A riposte for a fencer. The residency appointment of Alfred Edmund Finckh to Sydney Hospital in 1905. Was it just a matter of male chauvinism? (United States)

    Finckh, E S; Finckh, A S

    Alfred Finckh gained a residency at Sydney Hospital in 1905 in preference to a more academically successful female medical graduate, amid some controversy over the place of female doctors in hospitals. Here, two of his descendants argue his cause: that he was an experienced scientist with qualities that merited his selection for the post.

  3. Examining the Extent and Nature of Online Learning in American K-12 Education: The Research Initiatives of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (United States)

    Picciano, Anthony G.; Seaman, Jeff; Shea, Peter; Swan, Karen


    In 1992, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation began its "Anytime, Anyplace Learning Program", the purpose of which was to explore educational alternatives for people who wanted to pursue an education via Internet technology. Part of this grant activity was a research award to the Babson College Survey Research Group to examine online learning in…

  4. Daring to disturb the universe: Heidegger’s authenticity and The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Griffiths


    Full Text Available In Heidegger’s “Being and time” certain concepts are discussed which are central to the ontological constitution of “Dasein”. This article demonstrates the interesting way in which some of these concepts can be used in a reading of T.S. Eliot’s “The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. A comparative analysis is performed, explicating the relevant Heideggerian terms and then relating them to Eliot’s poem. In this way strong parallels are revealed between the two men’s respective thoughts and distinct modernist sensibilities. Prufrock, the protagonist of the poem, and the world he inhabits illustrate poetically concepts such as authenticity, inauthenticity, the “they”, idle talk and angst, which Heidegger develops in “Being and time”.


    Nicolas, Serge


    To date, historians of psychology have largely ignored the role of academic publishing and the editorial policies of the late nineteenth century. This paper analyzes the role played by academic publishing in the history of psychology in the specific case of France, a country that provides a very interesting and unique model. Up until the middle of the 1890s, there was no collection specifically dedicated to psychology. Alfred Binet was the first to found, in 1897, a collection of works specifically dedicated to scientific psychology. He chose to work with Reinwald-Schleicher. However, Binet was soon confronted with (1) competition from other French publishing houses, and (2) Schleicher's management and editorial problems that were to sound the death knell for Binet's emerging editorial ambitions. The intention of this paper is to encourage the efforts of the pioneers of modern psychology to have their work published and disseminated. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  6. Salud mental y ética: el concepto de sentimiento de comunidad en la psicología de Alfred Adler


    Oberst, Úrsula E.


    L'objectiu d'aquest article és presentar la figura del fundador de la psicologia individual, Alfred Adler (1870-1937). L'article se centra fonamentalment en el seu pensament de tipus filosòfic i psicològic i estudia el concepte de sentiment de comunitat (Gemeinschaftsgefühl), que és determinant en l'obra d'aquest autor.

  7. Engaging with Lyell: Alfred Russel Wallace's Sarawak Law and Ternate papers as reactions to Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology. (United States)

    Costa, J T


    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) and Charles Darwin (1809-1882) are honored as the founders of modern evolutionary biology. Accordingly, much attention has focused on their relationship, from their independent development of the principle of natural selection to the receipt by Darwin of Wallace's essay from Ternate in the spring of 1858, and the subsequent reading of the Wallace and Darwin papers at the Linnean Society on 1 July 1858. In the events of 1858 Wallace and Darwin are typically seen as central players, with Darwin's friends Charles Lyell (1797-1875) and Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911) playing supporting roles. This narrative has resulted in an under-appreciation of a more central role for Charles Lyell as both Wallace's inspiration and foil. The extensive anti-transmutation arguments in Lyell's landmark Principles of Geology were taken as the definitive statement on the subject. Wallace, in his quest to solve the mystery of species origins, engaged with Lyell's arguments in his private field notebooks in a way that is concordant with his engagement with Lyell in the 1855 and 1858 papers. I show that Lyell was the object of Wallace's Sarawak Law and Ternate papers through a consideration of the circumstances that led Wallace to send his Ternate paper to Darwin, together with an analysis of the material that Wallace drew upon from the Principles. In this view Darwin was, ironically, intended for a supporting role in mediating Wallace's attempted dialog with Lyell.

  8. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913): the forgotten co-founder of the Neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution. (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Hossfeld, Uwe


    The British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), who had to leave school aged 14 and never attended university, did extensive fieldwork, first in the Amazon River basin (1848-1852) and then in Southeast Asia (1854-1862). Based on this experience, and after reading the corresponding scientific literature, Wallace postulated that species were not created, but are modified descendants of pre-existing varieties (Sarawak Law paper, 1855). Evolution is brought about by a struggle for existence via natural selection, which results in the adaptation of those individuals in variable populations who survive and reproduce (Ternate essay, 1858). In his monograph Darwinism (1889), and in subsequent publications, Wallace extended the contents of Darwin's Origin of Species (1859) into the Neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution, with reference to the work of August Weismann (1834-1914). Wallace also became the (co)-founder of biogeography, biodiversity research, astrobiology and evolutionary anthropology. Moreover, he envisioned what was later called the anthropocene (i.e., the age of human environmental destructiveness). However, since Wallace believed in atheistic spiritualism and mixed up scientific facts and supernatural speculations in some of his writings, he remains a controversial figure in the history of biology.

  9. An existential criterion for normal and abnormal personality in the works of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kapustin S.A.


    Full Text Available This is the second in a series of four articles scheduled for publication in this journal. In the previous article I proposed a description of a new so-called existential criterion of normal and abnormal personality that is implicitly present in the works of Erich Fromm. According to this criterion, normal and abnormal personalities are determined, first, by special features of the content of their position regarding existential dichotomies that are natural to human beings and, second, by particular aspects of the formation of this position. Such dichotomies, entitatively existent in all human life, are inherent, two-alternative contradictions. The position of a normal personality in its content orients one toward a contradictious predetermination of life in the form of existential dichotomies and the necessity of searching for compromise in resolving these dichotomies. This position is created on a rational basis with the person’s active participation. The position of an abnormal personality in its content subjectively denies a contradictious predetermination of life in the form of existential dichotomies and orients one toward a consistent, noncompetitive, and, as a consequence, one-sided way of life that doesn’t include self-determination. This position is imposed by other people on an irrational basis. Abnormality of personality interpreted like that is one of the most important factors influencing the development of various kinds of psychological problems and mental disorders — primarily, neurosis. In this article I show that this criterion is implicitly present in the personality theories of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, although in more special cases. In the following articles I will show that this criterion is also implicitly present in the personality theories of Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, and Viktor Frankl.

  10. Evaluation of the current fast neutron flux monitoring instrumentation applied to LFR demonstrator ALFRED. Capabilities and limitations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lepore, Luigi; Remetti, Romolo; Cappelli, Mauro


    Among Gen IV projects for future nuclear power plants, Lead Fast Reactors (LFR) seem to be a very interesting solution due to their benefits in terms of fuel cycle, coolant-safety and waste management. The novelty of the matter causes some open issues about coolant chemical aspect, structural aspects, monitoring instrumentation, etc. Particularly hard neutron flux spectra would make traditional neutron instrumentation unfit to all reactor conditions, i.e. source, intermediate, and power range. Identification of new models of nuclear instrumentation specialized for LFR neutron flux monitoring asks for an accurate evaluation of the environment the sensor will work in. In this study, thermal-hydraulics and chemical conditions for LFR core environment will be assumed, as the neutron flux will be studied extensively by means of the Monte Carlo transport code MCNPX. The core coolant’s high temperature drastically reduces the candidate instrumentation, because only some kind of fission chambers and Self Powered Neutron Detectors can be operated in such an environment. This work aims to evaluate the capabilities of the available instrumentation (usually designed for Sodium Fast Reactors, SFRs) when exposed to the neutron spectrum derived from ALFRED, a pool-type small-power LFR project to demonstrate the feasibility of this technology into the European framework. This paper shows that such instruments do follow the power evolution, but they are not completely suitable to detect the whole range of reactor power. Some improvements are then possible in order to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, by optimizing each instrument in the range of reactor power, such to get the best solution. Some new detector designs are here proposed, and the possibilities for prototyping and testing by means of a fast reactor investigated. (author)

  11. The role of the medical examiner in mass casualty situations with special reference to the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing. (United States)

    Jordan, F B


    To describe the events that shaped the investigation by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner with regard to the terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and to provide lessons learned for reinforcement and future planning. All persons known to have been killed by the blast. Standard forensic techniques with regard to crime scene investigation, documentation, body identification and cause of death determinations were followed. Fatality injury and related evidence documentation. A total of 168 people died principally from secondary and tertiary injuries caused by projectiles, victim displacement, and crushing. Emphasis is placed on the methods of operation required to find, remove, identify, and determine cause of death in these individuals. Simultaneously, evidence must be identified and preserved in a homicide investigation of this type. Close cooperation must exist among multiple varied agencies and disciplines to accomplish the task and to prepare for subsequent analysis and courtroom testimony required by the criminal justice system. Terrorism, both foreign and domestic, is a current fact and will be a problem in many forms in the 21st century. No one is immune. The key to success is to plan ahead and be aware of available resources. Preplanning for short comings and difficult issues, and most importantly, relying on team work will allow future participants to successfully meet and complete the challenge. The investigation developed detailed injury data and mechanisms that were available for subsequent judicial proceedings and for in-depth epidemiological studies spearheaded by the Injury Prevention Service of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

  12. A Brief Discussion on the Outlook on Life and Death——A Comparative Analysis of Emily Dickinson and Alfred Tennyson

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    龚玉龙; 张华园


    Since ancient times,large numbers of poets throughout the world have elaborated their outlook on life and death through their works.Among them are Emily Dickinson and Alfred Tennyson,the outstanding poetess and poet in the 19th century,who have a unique and thorough meditation on life and death.From the comparative analysis of their view on life and death we could extract a good deal of spiritual treasure to provide a scientific guidance for people in modern society.

  13. Reflexión sobre la revisoría fiscal desde la sociología fenomenológica de Alfred Schütz


    Cuenú Cabezas, Jairo Emiro


    El presente artículo pretende realizar una reflexión sobre la revisoría fiscal, tomando como referencia la teoría socio-fenomenológica del austríaco Alfred Schütz; la cual analiza, entre otras categorías, las relaciones de alteridad en el mundo de la vida cotidiana; mundo que caracteriza como la realidad primaria o fundamental, porque en ésta se da la comunicación, la acción y la intersubjetividad. La intersubjetividad es abordada a partir de la matriz espacio-tiempo, la cual determina que cu...

  14. De la ilegibilidad de lo ajeno. lectura mágica y escritura mimética en Alfred Döblin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sven Werkmeister


    Full Text Available The article discusses and questions the concept of "cultural text" developed by anthropologists such as Clifford Geertz. The theory of culture as text opens the possibility of a semiotic reading of the cultural text, giving the anthropologist the role of hermeneutic interpreter of foreign cultures as systems of symbols. The paper shows, through analysis the literary of trilogy Amazons from German writer Alfred Dóblin, that the ethnographic approach is not always characterized by processes of understanding and interpretation, but is just the reflection of illegibility phenomena can be a fruitful basis for a cultural approach.

  15. [From Swiss herbs to the global plant system and individual use--a biographic approach to Alfred Vogel]. (United States)

    Melzer, J


    Even 100 years after the birth of Alfred Vogel there is a lack of reliable data about his life as a non-doctoral therapist in the fields of naturopathy and phytotherapy. Which documents about A. Vogel do exist, which facts do they prove about his career and which interpretations of his point of view of phytotherapy do they allow. With the methods in medical history (heuristic, critic, interpretation) video, audio and written documents from the A. Vogel Museum and A. Vogel publisher in Teufen, the A. Vogel collection in the Museum in Aesch and the Bioforce AG in Roggwil have been examined. From 1923 to 1932 A. Vogel runs a grocer's shop or a herb and health-food store in Basel and later Bern, Zürich and Solothurn. The economic success of his health-food stores and his interest in the field of naturopathy enable him to take part in a training to become a 'natural doctor' and in 1933 he is registered by the 'Natural Doctors Association of Switzerland'. From 1935 on he is working as a nutritionalist in his own spa pension in Trogen and produces plant extracts in his 'Laboratory Bioforce'. From 1937 to 1957 he has a spa hotel in Teufen and is producer of extracts from fresh plants. He is able to travel all continents of the world from 1958 on, in order to observe customs and medical habits of different tribes. He writes about his findings in his own magazine and books. His knowledge about the usage of herbs in different cultures inspires his production of herbal extracts in his company. In 1963, to meet the increasing sales of his products, he founds the where he, until the early 1990s, takes part in the adjustment of the recipes to the new pharmaceutic-medical standards. Because of his work as a 'natural doctor' A. Vogel becomes one of Switzerland's best known non-doctoral therapists in the 20th century. The publication of his collected wisdom in a lay-like language is a contribution to the tradition and popularity in this field through which, as well as through the

  16. Alfred Loisy, más allá del ruido y del humo. «Qui perdiderit animan suam salvam faciet eam (Marc, VIII, 35

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robles Muñoz, Cristobal


    Full Text Available Loisy and the modernism were identified during years. This work tries, beyond the noise and the smoke, to contribute not to loose in the forgetfulness neither the person nor the reasons of Alfred Loisy, one of the most affected by the modernist crisis. We have resorted mainly to his Mémoires. Loisy did not need to hope years to receive the tribute that deserves a person who has not betrayed itself.Loisy y el modernismo se identicaron durante años. Este trabajo pretende, más allá del ruido y del humo, contribuir a que no se pierda en el olvido ni la persona ni las razones de Alfred Loisy, uno de los más afectados por la crisis modernista. Hemos recurrido sobre todo a a sus Mémoires. Loisy no necesitó esperar años para recibir el homenaje que merece una persona que no se ha traicionado.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurelio Nieto Codina


    Full Text Available En este artículo se proponen pautas en relación a la influencia de lo audiovisual en nuestra percepción de la ciudad, seleccionando para este objetivo algunas películas de Alfred Hitchcock. La relación del cineasta con la ciudad es ambivalente, unas veces muestra la ciudad como fuente de referencias emblemáticas, mientras en otros casos no duda en estigmatizar la ciudad tradicional compacta (centros urbanos tradicionales y apostar por modelos de urbanismo extensivo (periferias urbanas. Se describe también una nueva forma de turismo urbano, que explota los escenarios que aparecen en las películas como recurso turístico.Abstract. In this paper we propose guidelines regarding the influence of the audiovisual in our perception of the city, selecting for this purpose some of Alfred Hitchcock´s movies. The filmmaker's relationship with the city is ambivalent, sometimes shows the city as a source of symbolic references, while in other cases does not hesitate to stigmatize traditional compact city (downtowns and go for extensive planning models (suburb. It also describes a new form of urban tourism that exploits the scenarios that appear in movies as a tourism resource.

  18. La estructura temporal de la intervención en el Trabajo Social. Un enfoque desde la fenomenología de Alfred Schutz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramiro Rodríguez


    Full Text Available El artículo, aborda la intervención en el Trabajo Social, situándola entre una forma de acción que se constituye en fases temporales, cuya duración se da enteramente en el flujo de conciencia de los sujetos participantes. En este sentido, la intervención, tendría su génesis, en lo que Alfred Schütz llama objeto temporal inmanente, en virtud de un continuum de retenciones y protenciones, que conforman el horizonte de pasado y futuro de la acción, pero por otro lado, la intervención sería resultante de procesos de coexistencia y simultaneidad de dos conciencias, a partir de la puesta cara a cara entre el trabajador social y el otro, y la relación social nosotros que le es subsecuente.

  19. E-government tools, claimed potentials/unnamed limitations: the case of Kalyan-Dombivli

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Martinez, J.; Pfeffer, K.; van Dijk, T.


    Contemporary cities are characterized by the inequality reflected in uneven geographies of quality-of-life conditions. When these inequalities are a matter of concern, local governments usually assert their intention to respond to citizen’s needs and deprivations. It is in this context that

  20. Continuidade ou ruptura? Uma análise de alguns aspectos da filosofia social de John Stuart Mill, Alfred Marshall e John Maynard Keynes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O artigo argumenta que é possível se falar em uma 'tradição' no campo de filosofia social e econômica unindo as obras de J.S. Mill e Alfred Marshall e J.M. Keynes. Essa 'tradição' pode ser caracterizada pelas seguintes concepções: (a pela rejeição moral aos valores aquisitivos do capitalismo; (b pela visão de que o sistema capitalista seria incapaz de resolver de forma espontânea as questões das desigualdades de renda e riqueza e da pobreza; (c pela ideia de que, por uma questão de garantia de liberdade e da diversidade, além de por questões de eficiência econômica, dever-se-ia deixar a iniciativa individual agir livremente nas esferas em que é capaz de engendrar bons resultados, mas que o Estado deveria intervir, quando essa falha, atuando em benefício da coletividade; (d pela crença de que seria possível melhorar significativamente esse sistema por meio de mudanças pontuais e graduais.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Duncan


    Full Text Available Understanding and identifying the spatial-temporal changes in the natural environment is crucial for monitoring and evaluating conservation efforts, as well as understanding the impact of human activities on natural resources, informing responsible land management, and promoting better decision-making. Conservation areas are often under pressure from expanding farming and related industry, invasive alien vegetation, and an ever-increasing human settlement footprint. This study focuses on detecting changes to the Prince Alfred Hamlet commonage, near Ceres in the Cape Floral Kingdom. It was chosen for its high conservation value and significance as a critical water source area. The study area includes a fast-growing human settlement footprint in a highly productive farming landscape. There are conflicting development needs as well as risks to agricultural production, and both of these threaten the integrity of the ecosystems which supply underlying services to both demands on the land. Using a multi-disciplinary approach and high-resolution satellite imagery, land use and land cover changes can be detected and classified, and the results used to support the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife, and protect our natural resources. The aim of this research is to study the efficacy of using remote sensing and GIS techniques to detect changes to critical conservation areas where disturbances can be understood, and therefore better managed and mitigated before these areas are degraded beyond repair.

  2. Resister's logic: the anti-vaccination arguments of Alfred Russel Wallace and their role in the debates over compulsory vaccination in England, 1870-1907. (United States)

    Fichman, Martin; Keelan, Jennifer E


    In the 1880s, Alfred Russel Wallace, the celebrated co-discoverer of natural selection, launched himself into the centre of a politicised and polarised debate over the unpopular compulsory vaccination laws in England. Wallace never wavered in his belief that smallpox vaccination was useless and likely dangerous. Six years before his death, the anti-vaccinationists successfully secured a conscience clause that effectively dismantled the compulsory vaccination laws. Several other important Victorian scientists joined Wallace in the fight to repeal compulsory vaccination arguing that widely held views on the effectiveness of vaccination and evidence for immunity were inconclusive in the light of (then) contemporary standards of evidence. This article situates Wallace's anti-vaccination logic within the broader matrix of sociopolitical and cultural reform movements of the late Victorian era. Additionally it provides the first detailed analysis of his critique of vaccination science, in particular the role statistics played in his arguments. In this period, both pro-vaccinationists and anti-vaccinationists invested great efforts in collating and analysing statistical data sets that either supported or refuted the claims of vaccination's effectiveness. While each side presented 'controlled' case studies to support their assertions, without an unambiguous test to measure or demonstrate vaccination's effectiveness, the anti-vaccinationists continued to mount credible statistical critiques of vaccination science.

  3. The excluded philosophy of evo-devo? Revisiting C.H. Waddington's failed attempt to embed Alfred North Whitehead's "organicism" in evolutionary biology. (United States)

    Peterson, Erik L


    Though a prominent British developmental biologist in his day, a close friend of Theodosius Dobzhansky, and a frequent correspondent with Ernst Mayr, C.H. Waddington did not enter the ranks of "architect" of the Modern Synthesis. By the end of his career, in fact, he recognized that other biologists reacted to his work "as though they feel obscurely uneasy"; and that the best that some philosophers of biology could say of his work was that he was not "wholly orthodox" (Waddington 1975c, 11). In this essay, I take Waddington's self-assessments at face value and explore three potential reasons why his work did not have more of a direct impact: Waddington's explicit support for the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead; a lack of institutional support; and Waddington's occasional marginalization from the core network of American neo-Darwinians. Though excluded from the Modern Synthesis in the mid-20th century, it now appears that Waddington's work does undergird the emerging evo-devo synthesis. Whether this indicates concomitant, if implicit, support for Whiteheadian philosophy is an interesting question not explored here.

  4. Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Detect Changes to the Prince Alfred Hamlet Conservation Area in the Western Cape, South Africa (United States)

    Duncan, P.; Lewarne, M.


    Understanding and identifying the spatial-temporal changes in the natural environment is crucial for monitoring and evaluating conservation efforts, as well as understanding the impact of human activities on natural resources, informing responsible land management, and promoting better decision-making. Conservation areas are often under pressure from expanding farming and related industry, invasive alien vegetation, and an ever-increasing human settlement footprint. This study focuses on detecting changes to the Prince Alfred Hamlet commonage, near Ceres in the Cape Floral Kingdom. It was chosen for its high conservation value and significance as a critical water source area. The study area includes a fast-growing human settlement footprint in a highly productive farming landscape. There are conflicting development needs as well as risks to agricultural production, and both of these threaten the integrity of the ecosystems which supply underlying services to both demands on the land. Using a multi-disciplinary approach and high-resolution satellite imagery, land use and land cover changes can be detected and classified, and the results used to support the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife, and protect our natural resources. The aim of this research is to study the efficacy of using remote sensing and GIS techniques to detect changes to critical conservation areas where disturbances can be understood, and therefore better managed and mitigated before these areas are degraded beyond repair.

  5. James Mark Baldwin with Alfred North Whitehead on Organic Selectivity: The “Novel” Factor in Evolution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adam Christian Scarfe


    -ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;}

    The aim of this paper is to show how James Mark Baldwin’s theory of Organic Selection (also known as the “Baldwin effect” can be fruitfully integrated with Alfred North Whitehead’s speculative philosophy, as part of the endeavor to develop a comprehensive process-relational evolutionary cosmology. In so doing, it provides an overview of the theory of Organic Selection and points to several concrete examples from the Galapagos Islands which elucidate Baldwin’s claim that organisms, through their selective activities and behavioral adjustments, play a causal role in directing evolutionary processes. I emphasize some of the affinities between Baldwin’s theory of Organic Selection and Whitehead’s theory of prehensions, especially focusing on the latter’s notion of “prehensive selectivity.” Overall, while Baldwin’s theory of Organic Selection provides a biological ground for a comprehensive process-relational evolutionary cosmology to be developed, illuminating the importance of Whitehead’s theory of prehensions for evolutionary theory, Whitehead’s overall speculative scheme can, in turn, strengthen the metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical foundations of Baldwin’s theory. In the course of merging the two views, I arrive at an enlarged conception of Organic Selection, placing it in context with Darwin’s principle of Natural Selection. At the end of the paper, I take up the resulting question of the ethics of selectivity in general, arguing that the merger of Baldwin’s and Whitehead’s ideas constitutes a “non-reductionistic critical pan-selectionism.” This position stands in contrast to the antagonistic standpoints of “Selectionism” and

  6. Escritos sobre Hitchcock: notas sobre dos libros : Chabrol Claude y Rohmer Eric, Hitchcock, Buenos Aires, Manantial, 2010, 216 p. Camille Paglia, Los pájaros. Alfred Hitchcock, Barcelona, Gedisa, 2006, 142 p.


    Mutchinick, Melissa


    Alfred Joseph Hitchcock falleció en Los Ángeles el 29 de abril de 1980. En el tiempo transcurrido, su trayectoria no ha dejado de alimentar un amplio caudal de publicaciones y de estudios dedicados a su obra. Figura de culto, tanto entre los cinéfilos como en el imaginario colectivo, es capaz de despertar pasiones desmedidas o rechazos acérrimos, pero difícilmente indiferencia. Gran parte de este reconocimiento se debe a los críticos de Cahiers du cinéma, quienes con sus escritos reivindic...

  7. Alfred Schütz: do referencial teórico-filosófico aos princípios metodológicos de pesquisa fenomenológica


    Zeferino,Maria Terezinha; Carraro,Telma Elisa


    Se trata de una reflexión sobre el referencial teórico-filosófico de la sociología fenomenológica, presentando los principios metodológicos de la investigación de Alfred Schütz, entendiendo que este referencial permite la composición completa de la investigación fenomenológica. Cada principio es presentado detalladamente usando la investigación que condujo a la propuesta como referencia, ejemplificando la forma en que fueron trabajadas las etapas para lograr una actitud fenomenológica. Se per...

  8. Alfred Nobel og hans priser

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Henry


    Siden 1901er der næsten hvert år blevet uddelt nobelpriser for fysik, kemi, fysiologi eller medicin, litteratur og fredsarbejde. Men hvad var det, der fik prisernes ophavsmand til at belønne netop disse fem felter? Og hvordan finder de ansvarlige i Stockholm og Oslo frem til årets prisvindere. De...

  9. [The Essen-based steel producer Alfred Krupp (1812-1887) as a reader of the flora and fauna of the Gulf of Naples. A look at the relationship of Anton Dohrn (1840-1909) to the house Krupp]. (United States)

    Müller, Irmgard


    A unfavourable notice written by industrial magnate Alfred Krupp (1812-1887) has been discovered on the posterior cover sheet of the first volume of the monumental series Fauna und Flora des Golfes von Neapel, edited by the Zoological Station at Naples (1880) Krupp's handwritten statement affords the opportunity to discuss in more detail the intricate relationship between the founder of the first marine biology station, Anton Dohrn (1840-1909), and the owner of the greatest steel factory in Europe, the Krupp-family at Essen. Although Anton Dohrn did not know about Krupp's disapproving comment he had a fine unerring instinct for the mentality of his negotiating partner, whose way of thinking rather aimed at the practical success and completion of armament factory, preventing thus a the serious rapprochement between the two personalities. Even when the Krupp-heir, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, later devoted to questions about marine biology in his new built house at Capri, and was willing to support the Zoological Station with high sponsoring, Anton Dohrn maintained a reserved attitude towards the Krupp's offer to support the marine research financially. Likewise, he remained unimpressed, when the steel magnate was shook by the smear campaign in Capri that ultimately led to Krupp's death in November 1902.

  10. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi enhance both absorption and stabilization of Cd by Alfred stonecrop (Sedum alfredii Hance) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) in a Cd-contaminated acidic soil. (United States)

    Hu, Junli; Wu, Shengchun; Wu, Fuyong; Leung, Ho Man; Lin, Xiangui; Wong, Ming Hung


    A greenhouse pot experiment was conducted to compare the phytoextraction efficiencies of Cd by hyper-accumulating Alfred stonecrop (Sedum alfredii Hance) and fast-growing perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) from a Cd-contaminated (1.6 mg kg(-1)) acidic soil, and their responses to the inoculations of two arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal strains, Glomus caledonium 90036 (Gc) and Glomus mosseae M47V (Gm). Ryegrass and stonecrop were harvested after growing for 9 and 27 wk, respectively. Without AM fungal inoculation, the weekly Cd extraction by stonecrop (8.0 μg pot(-1)) was 4.3 times higher than that by ryegrass (1.5 μg pot(-1)). Both Gc and Gm significantly increased (P soil acid phosphatase activities, and available P concentrations, and thereby plant P absorptions (except for Gm-inoculated ryegrass), shoot biomasses, and Cd absorptions (except for Gm-inoculated stonecrop), while only Gc-inoculated stonecrop significantly accelerated (P soil pH. The results suggested the potential application of hyper-accumulating Alfred stonecrop associated with AM fungi (notably Gc) for both extraction and stabilization of Cd in the in situ treatment of Cd-contaminated acidic soil. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Jane Air: The Heroine as Caged Bird in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca L’héroïne, oiseau en cage dans Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë et Rebecca d’Alfred Hitchcock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Marchbanks


    Full Text Available Dans le quatrième chapitre de son ouvrage intitulé Brontë Transformations (1996, Patsy Stoneman révèle l’importance des reprises et transformations dont a fait l’objet Jane Eyre (1847 de Charlotte Brontë dans diverses pièces de théâtre, romans et films depuis sa publication initiale. L’un des avatars les plus intéressants mentionné par P. Stoneman est Rebecca d’Alfred Hitchcock (1940 d’après le roman à succès éponyme de Daphné Du Maurier paru en 1938. Parmi les nombreux éléments communs au roman de Brontë et au film d’Hitchcock figurent l’héroïne orpheline consciente de son physique ordinaire, un personnage masculin maussade doté d’une épouse “présente-absente” et une intendante dont le tempérament influence l’atmosphère du manoir dans lequel l’héroïne réside temporairement. Un autre point commun, plus difficile à déceler car profondément intégré à chaque œuvre, est le portrait de l’héroïne en oiseau prisonnier. Ce(tte subtile trope/métaphore mérite d’être remarqué(e car non seulement l’image constitue un lien entre les deux œuvres mais elle permet aussi, dans ses diverses manifestations, de les différencier. Tandis que dans Jane Eyre, l’image de l’oiseau apparaît chaque fois que Jane s’échappe d’un lieu qui l’emprisonne, celle de la cage s’avère être l’élément dominant dans le film d’Hitchcock, imposant finalement des limites infranchissables à la liberté de l’héroïne.

  12. Alfred-Adler's Basic Concepts and Implications. (United States)

    Lundin, Robert W.

    This book presents the basic principles of Adler's psychology. The first chapter looks at Adlerian psychology as it exists today, and examines earlier influences. The second chapter examines feelings of inferiority and compensation for these feelings. The third chapter considers the nature of goals and how they are formulated. The fourth chapter…

  13. [Sigmund Freud's ambition and Alfred Adler]. (United States)

    Lebzeltern, G


    Freud never admitted to himself that he possessed a greater-than-average sense of ambition, which manifested itself in dreams, malachievement and priority problems. A completely new picture of Freud arises from such a perspective. Freud experienced childhood trauma in the form of his relationship with his nephew, John, in whom both an intimate friend and hated enemy were incorporated. This experience left a life-long impression which predetermined the neurotic element in Freud's relationship with men. Freud's own interpretation being that he had been betrayed by Breuer, Fliess, Adler and Jung. That is why the sentencing of his Uncle Joseph to a term of imprisonment had such far-reaching consequences for Freud. A further noteworthy observation is the close connection between ambition and death wishes and also between ambition and guilt feelings. Who, after all, likes to admit to harbouring such feelings? It appeared necessary to investigate the extent to which Freud's excessive ambition influenced his relationships with Breuer, Fliess and Adler. Freud was never prepared to recognize that Adler's contribution consisted of revealing the importance of the natural laws governing those layers of the psyche nearer to the conscious. The picture of the whole person emerges only by a combination of psychoanalysis and individual psychology.

  14. Benzer Sektörde Faaliyet Gösteren Kurumların Kuruluş Tarihi Sıralamasının Kurum Kültüründe Ortaya Çıkan Yansımaları: Alfred Adler Üzerinden Coca Cola ve Pepsi Kurumları Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme


    KARADOĞAN DORUK, Sevimece; SAVAŞ, Sezgin


    Çalışma, kurumların kuruluş sırası ile kurum kültürü oluşumunun bağlantısını Alfred Adler’in kavramsal yaklaşımı üzerinden ele alarak değerlendirmeyi amaçlamaktadır. Bu amaçtan hareketle çalışmanın ilk bölümünde Alfred Adler’in düşünsel pratiği ortaya konulurken, söz konusu araştırmacının özellikle doğum sırası sınıflandırması ve kompleks kavramına odaklanılmaktadır. Aynı doğrultuda ikinci bölümde de kurum kültürünün oluşumu ve bu oluşum sürecinde doğum sırası (kuruluş sırası) ve kompleksler...

  15. Orjastaja kirjutab talle sobivat ajalugu / Alfred Käärmann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Käärmann, Alfred, 1922-2010


    Venemaa versioon "ajaloolisest tõest" seoses Baltikumi lülitamisega NSVLi koosseisu ja sellele järgnevate sündmustega. Tekstilõigud on võetud Igor Põhhalovi artiklist ajalehe Spetznaz Rossii selle aasta numbrist

  16. Alfred Wegener - From Continental Drift to Plate Tectonics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    rise to such incredible heights? What makes ... pattern of land and sea throughout the geological history of the. Earth. ..... eventually reaches a level that exceeds the slipping-point of rocks on either .... Clement of Florida International. University ...

  17. On Themes of the Eagle by Alfred Tennyson

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Theme is significant to poetry.Not only music but also theme is related to poetry since its birth.Usually great poems have more than one theme.Nowadays different approaches of literary analysis are on stage.The different approaches are employed to expound the rich themes of The Eagle-in memorial of Hallam,in praise of Britain's colonial expansion and in eulogy of nature.

  18. Sir Alfred Bray Kempe – An Amateur Kinematician

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    vited talk delivered in 'The Work- shop on ... He was a true amateur academic, whom E T Bell1 called the ... of Snell's law for refraction of light ultimately proved to be correct. Though he was ... respected literary magazine of that era in Bengal.

  19. Organização empresarial em Alfred Marshall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaques Kerstenetzky


    Full Text Available Encontra-se na obra de Marshall uma abordagem ao ambiente empresarial que difere de sua tradicionalmente considerada contribuição à economia. Embora Marshall seja o fundador da vertente do equilíbrio parcial da microeconomia, seu trabalho no tema da organização empresarial é muito mais rico do que esta contribuição específica. O artigo explora a análise de cunho histórico e institucional desenvolvida por Marshall no tema da firma, dos mercados e dos ambientes empresariais. Como resultado, sugere que Marshall pode ser apontado como precursor de abordagens contemporâneas ao tema, como a abordagem das capacitações organizacionais, e da grande corporação americana, de autores como Berle e Means e Chandler.We can find in Marshall’s works an approach to business environments that is different from his traditionally accepted contribution to mainstream economics. Though Marshall is indeed the founder of the partial equilibrium analysis branch of traditional microeconomics, his work on the theme of business is much richer than his specific contribution to microeconomics. The article explores Marshall's institutional and historical analysis of firms, markets and of business environments. As an outcome, it suggests that Marshall can be pointed out as a forerunner of modern approaches to the theme, like Berle and Means’s and Chandler’s works on corporations, and the capabilities approach to the theory of the firm.

  20. School Counseling for African American Adolescents: The Alfred Adler Approach (United States)

    Sapp, Marty


    This article discusses how Adlerian counseling can be used as a form of school counseling for African American adolescents. Moreover, school counseling for African American adolescents is discussed within the context of African American culture. Due to the strength-based nature of Adlerian approach, it can capitalize on African American…

  1. Linn kui rikastav keskkond kultuuri peeglis / Sander Alfred Liivak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Liivak, Sander Alfred


    12.-13. VIII Tartu Ülikooli kunstide osakonna korraldatud rahvusvaheline seminar "Linnakultuur ja keskkonnakunst". Aasa Musta, Rein Veidemanni, Agnes Trump'i, Martti Preemi, Paulina Ahokase, Enn Siimeri, Raho Langsepa, Riitta Mänty, Irja Alakivi, Katriin Fischi, Hanna Johanssoni ettekannetest. Janna Syvänoja loomingust näidati videofilmi.

  2. Not so strangers. Patricia Highsmith according to Alfred Hitchcock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peralta, Jorge Luis


    Full Text Available In this work I propose to analyze how the cinematographic transposition of Strangers on a train has changed the suffocating amoral world of Patricia Highsmith in a typical Hitchcockian frantic suspense story, blurring the darkest edges of the characters and situations of the original novel. The aim is not to determine whether the film is «more», «better» or «worse» than the text –an unproductive enterprise– but to reflect on the operations made by the director to seize the literary work and make of it a film that responds to his own vision of the world and of cinema.

  3. Alfred P. Gage and the Introductory Physics Laboratory (United States)

    Greenslade, Thomas B., Jr.


    This article is about a late 19th-century teacher of secondary school physics. I was originally interested in the apparatus that he sold. This led me to the physics books that he wrote, and these took me to his unusual ideas about ways to use laboratory time to introduce students to the phenomena of physics. More than 100 years later educational…

  4. Väljavõtteid kunstikoguja Alfred Rõude mälestuste käsikirjast / Alfred Rõude

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rõude, Alfred


    Andrus Johanist, tema loomingust. Meenutusi A. Johani 'Pallases' õppimise ajast, Eestis 1933. ja 1936. a. koos tehtud kunstiretkedest, sel ajal A. Johanil valminud töödest. A. Johani kunstipärandist (Tallinn, aug. 1946). A. Rõude kogus süstemaatiliselt A. Johani töid

  5. A natureza e o papel da psicologia fenomenológica em Alfred Schutz = The nature and role of phenomenological psychology in Alfred Schutz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Embree, Lester


    Full Text Available O ensaio analisa como a psicologia fenomenológica pode se aproximar da fenomenologia transcendental de Edmund Husserl a fim de esclarecer os fundamentos das ciências culturais e, em seguida, explica a teoria desta psicologia implícita na obra de Schutz. Max Weber demonstrou que todos os fenômenos do mundo sociocultural originam-se na interação social e estão submetidos a ela. Segundo ele, é papel central da sociologia entender o significado que o ator confere a sua ação (o “significado subjetivo”, em sua terminologia. Mas o que é ação, o que é significado, e como é possível a compreensão de tal significado, seja por um participante da interação social, um simples observador da vida cotidiana ou um cientista social? Eu diria que qualquer tentativa de responder a estas perguntas leva imediatamente a questões com as quais Husserl mantinha interesse e que, até certo ponto, ele pode esclarecer (Schutz, 1962, p. 145

  6. Bookshelf (Neutrino Interactions with Electrons and Protons - Edited by Alfred K. Mann)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Luigi Di Lella


    Subtitled 'an account of an Experimental Program in Particle Physics in the 1980s', this book is a collection of 13 reprinted papers presenting experimental results from experiment E-734 originally proposed in 1978 to measure the elastic scattering of neutrinos and antineutrinos from electrons and protons using the neutrino beam at the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This experiment took data during the 1980s and the apparatus was dismantled in 1990. Its main results cover measurements of the weak mixing angle, and some measurements which were not in the original proposal, such as limits on the electromagnetic properties of the muon neutrino and on the mixing between electron- and muon-neutri-nos. The collaboration, with 35 physicists participating, included Osaka and KEK and was the earliest formal collaboration in high energy physics between American and Japanese institutions. This book gives only a very partial account of neutrino physics in the 1980s. Because of the relatively low neutrino energy of only few GeV, E- 734 physics did not include the study of deep inelastic scattering which has greatly contributed to the understanding of the nucleon structure in terms of quarks, antiquarks and gluons. Furthermore, because of the low event rate at the low neutrino energy, most of the E-734 results have been superseded by the more precise results obtained by higher energy neutrino experiments at CERN and Fermilab, however with the exceptions of the limits on neutrino mixing and of the measurement of the neutral current cross-section for neutrino and antineutrino elastic scattering. It is not clear to me why the American Institute of Physics has chosen to publish this book in a series 'Key Papers in Physics'.

  7. Meurtres et meurtriers dans l’œuvre d’Alfred Hitchcock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvain Palfroy


    Full Text Available Le premier plan de The Lodger, - film considéré par Hitchcock comme son véritable premier film (chronologiquement son 3e, le premier « Hitchcock picture » comme il le dit à François Truffaut  - montre en gros plan le visage d’une femme hurlant. Ce plan condense en lui une grande partie des éléments qui vont constituer la matière de l’œuvre : la femme, le sexe, le meurtre. Ce qui retient l’attention dans ce plan au-delà du cri - qui renvoie comme bien des cris cadrés par le cinéaste au célèbr...

  8. Proceedings of the second Alfred O. Nier symposium on inorganic mass spectrometry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Green, L.W.


    The proceedings are organized under the following headings: thermal ionization mass spectrometry, applications and instrumentation; inductively coupled plasma and glow discharge mass spectrometry; gases; laser resonance ionization; general. Topics of nuclear significance include: determination of trace iron in zirconium; characterization of uranium in surface waters; subpicogram quantities of technetium; measurement of isotope ratios; determination of hydrogen and deuterium in zirconium and its alloys; Kr and Xe isotopic measurements; Kr-85 detection; SIMS study of zirconium corrosion; isotopes at CEA (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique). All the papers have been abstracted separately for INIS

  9. Muusikamaailm : Pfingstfestspiele (suvistefestival) Baden Badenis. Glyndebourne'is, Leipzigis... . Strasbourg Pariisis. Alfred Brendeli juubeliks / Priit Kuusk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    H. von Karajani mälestuseks korraldatud suvistepühafestivalist Baden Badenis. Festivalidest : Glyndebourne'i ooperifestivalist, Leipzigi Bachi festivalist, Schwetzingeni lossifestivalist. Strasbourg'i ooperiteatri külalisetendustest Pariisi Chatelet' teatris. A.Brendeli 70. juubeli tähistamisest Londoni South Bank Centre'is





    Aristotle was concerned with the comedy genre as a kind of poetry. Its creators, the comic poets, interested him only marginally. This genological approach to its subject-matter dominated the theory and philosophy of art for subsequent centuries as evidenced by the subsequent elaborations of interpretations of Aristotle’s catharsis. The alternative approach focused instead on subjects as creators of art. As a consequence of the long-term development of anthropocentrism in the humanities...

  11. Symposium for Alfred Wolf's 75th birthday at American Chemical Society meeting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report contains abstracts from the symposium presented by the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology of the American Chemical Society. Sessions covered the following topics: Therapeutic radionuclides--Making the right choice; Aspects of nuclear science; Nuclear structure with large gamma-ray detector arrays and their auxiliary devices; Thirty years of research in nuclear dynamics--From fission to the quark-gluon plasma; Chelated metal ions for diagnosis and therapy; Radiochemistry--Basic and applied; and Applications of small accelerators in science and industry.

  12. Proceedings of the Alfred O. Nier symposium on inorganic mass spectrometry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rokop, D.J.


    Over 100 inorganic mass spectroscopists, including representatives from 9 different countries, attended. This proceedings contains 12 papers, 11 abstracts, and 38 poster abstracts; an author index is included

  13. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler: Toward an Adlerian Vocational Theory. (United States)

    Watkins, C. Edward, Jr.


    Presents an Adlerian vocational theory with several hypotheses and corollaries regarding: (a) life style, (b) work as life task, (c) family atmosphere and relationships, and (d) early recollections. Develops predictive vocational statements and offers the resulting framework as a stimulant to generate further study of Adlerian vocational…

  14. Accuracy of target localisation and alignment in stereotactic radiosurgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Downes, S.


    Full text: Over the last 30 years, stereotactic radiosurgery has become an effective clinical tool in the treatment of intra-cranial lesions. The use of high doses to a specific target volume in a single fraction and the proximity of critical organs requires very accurate geometric localisation of the various cranial structures (using CT, MRI and angiography imaging) and accurate alignment of the target volume prior to treatment. The purpose of this paper was to determine the accuracy of localising cranial structures using computed tomography and angiographic imaging modalities and to determine the accuracy of aligning the treatment isocentre to the specified coordinates. The sum of these two errors will give the total deviation of the treated target from the actual target. Measurements were made using an anthropomorphic (ART) phantom of an adult male and a cerrobend target. The ART phantom was immobilised using the Brown-Roberts-Wells (BRW) ring. The cerrobend target was inserted into the skull at 10 different positions. Each of these 10 positions were scanned using CT and angiographic imaging and localised using the stereotactic planning software. For each test position, the ART phantom was placed on the treatment couch and aligned to the treatment coordinates determined using localisation (CT and angiography). A-P and lateral port films were then made of the target. The distance between the centre of the cerrobend target (intended target) and the centre of radiation (actual target) was the total error in localisation and alignment of the target. For computed tomography, the measurements showed the average error in localisation and alignment of the target was ±0.7mm. In terms of coordinate axis, the average error was: A-P axis = ±0.5mm, Lateral(left-right) Axis = ±0.3mm, Vertical(inferior superior) Axis ±0.4mm. From these measurements it was shown that using the stereotactic radiosurgery planning system and hardware, cranial lesions could be localised and treated with sub-millimetre accuracy. Minor improvements in accuracy might occur as experience with the system grows particularly in alignment of the target before treatment. However overall accuracy is limited by the method of imaging used in localisation of the target

  15. Comparison of statistical evaluation of criticality calculations for reactors VENUS-F and ALFRED

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janczyszyn Jerzy


    Full Text Available Limitations of correct evaluation of keff in Monte Carlo calculations, claimed in literature, apart from the nuclear data uncertainty, need to be addressed more thoroughly. Respective doubts concern: the proper number of discarded initial cycles, the sufficient number of neutrons in a cycle and the recognition and dealing with the keff bias. Calculations were performed to provide more information on these points with the use of the MCB code, solely for fast cores. We present applied methods and results, such as: calculation results for stability of variance, relation between standard deviation reported by MCNP and this from the dispersion of multiple independent keff values, second order standard deviations obtained from different numbers of grouped results. All obtained results for numbers of discarded initial cycles from 0 to 3000 were analysed leading for interesting conclusions.

  16. The three lost millennia of the last deglaciation (Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture) (United States)

    Bard, Edouard


    Looking back more than thirty years, climate history over the last period of deglaciation was seen to portray a smooth transition between the last glacial maximum (LGM) centered around 18,000 years ago (based on radiocarbon), and the beginning of the Holocene at about 10,000 years before present. At that time, the renowned CLIMAP group used the stratigraphy available to reconstruct the glacial world by averaging paleothermometric data over a wide time window, ranging between at least 14,000 and 24,000 yr BP, over which period climate was assumed to be rather stable. Even if northern European pollen records showed several phases of vegetation shift, the exact duration and spatial coverage of these shifts was unknown and their climatic significance was not well-enough understood to be separated from other biological effects, such as plant migration following ice-sheet demise. Significant progress came from mass spectrometry developments applied to isotope geochronology in the mid- and late- 1980s. This allowed the precise analysis of radiocarbon on small samples such as foraminifera in marine sediments and enabled the measurement of U-Th ages for accurate dating of corals and speleothems. These technological improvements permitted meaningful comparisons between proxy records from the various archives originating from all latitudes and longitudes. Today, it is clear that the old LGM time window corresponds to a period of more than ten millennia during which there was significant climate variability, including a prominent cooling event at the beginning of the deglaciation. This cooling event is known as the 'Oldest Dryas' by palynologists, as 'Heinrich Event #1' (H1) by paleoceanographers, and has even been dubbed the 'Mystery Interval' by prominent authors as they puzzled while attempting to synthesize and interpret its records. The H1 drastic cooling, attributed to a pulse-like injection of ice and meltwater into the North Atlantic, was first evidenced in 1987 in sediments from the Iberian Margin. Three years later, significant improvements of the radiocarbon calibration demonstrated that about three millennia were missing from the deglaciation record. Accordingly, the LGM mean age was pushed from 18,000 to 21,000 yr BP, the midpoint of H1 was shifted from 13,500 to 16,000 yr BP, and the beginning of the Holocene was repositioned at about 11,500 yr BP. This new climate chronology was subsequently confirmed by counting 'cryovarves' within the GRIP and GISP2 Greenland ice cores. These studies have since been complemented by many other records from polar ice, marine and lacustrine sediments and cave speleothems. In addition to extending the chronology by three additional millennia, improvement also arose from the quality of the new geological archives. These archives have allowed studies at much higher resolution than was previously achieved in the framework of CLIMAP, which included many records based on deep-sea cores characterized by low sedimentation rate, and thus very susceptible to smoothing processes such as bioturbation. In addition, analytical geochemistry has only recently provided techniques adapted to the production of high-resolution time series of various proxies based on elemental ratios, on organic compounds or on stable and radiogenic isotopes. More than a dozen years after the H1 discovery, the same Iberian Margin sediments were used to show that H1 comprised at least two phases, H1a and H1b, based on ice rafted debris (IRD) and other proxies. It is now recognized that the entire H1 event (H1 sensu lato) is a three millennia-long period (ca. 17,500 to 14,500 yr BP). To illustrate the progress in this research field, I will review the key records that can be used to document the complex nature of this episode. The H1 (s.l.) included several phases of intense cooling, of precipitation changes - notably at low latitudes and in the Asian monsoon area, of retreat and decay of glacial ice-sheets - as evidenced in sediments collected in river mouths, and of sea-level rise as recorded in corals from Tahiti and Barbados. Various isotopic proxies of deep-sea ventilation have been used to identify variations during the H1 sub-phases of the Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC), indicating that ocean heat transport was involved in the observed climate fluctuations. The various records documenting different climate parameters at many locations over the Earth can also be used in meaningful comparison with numerical model simulations performed in a transient mode. Collectively, these works allow to estimate the phase relationships between the causes (insolation and the greenhouse effect) and the often abrupt responses of the various components of the climate system, such as the atmosphere, oceans and ice sheets. Although these studies concern a naturally-occurring global warming that took place over a long time period, useful parallels will be drawn with the evolution of modern climate. In fact, the phase relationships between forcings (such as greenhouse gases and solar input) and changes in regional and global temperatures are also at the heart of modern global climate change. As for early deglaciation, the ocean can modulate warming regionally, thereby delaying, or even temporarily masking, long-term changes. Climate changes over the last century have been smaller in magnitude than those of the last deglaciation. Fortunately for us, there has been no recent collapse of gigantic ice masses such as the Laurentian and Fennoscandian ice sheets. However, most climate models show a 20 to 40% reduction of the MOC during the 21st century. Even if this change exerts only a minor influence on the projected magnitude of global warming, such a slowdown in ocean circulation change is generally sufficient to reduce the simulated warming over the North Atlantic with a resulting impact on adjacent continents, including Europe.

  17. Symposium for Alfred Wolf's 75th birthday at American Chemical Society meeting

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This report contains abstracts from the symposium presented by the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology of the American Chemical Society. Sessions covered the following topics: Therapeutic radionuclides--Making the right choice; Aspects of nuclear science; Nuclear structure with large gamma-ray detector arrays and their auxiliary devices; Thirty years of research in nuclear dynamics--From fission to the quark-gluon plasma; Chelated metal ions for diagnosis and therapy; Radiochemistry--Basic and applied; and Applications of small accelerators in science and industry

  18. 78 FR 19009 - Gary Alfred Shearer, M.D.; Decision And Order (United States)


    ... 7,000 or so pages contained therein. Coupled with the factual and legal premises Respondent's... determination by the Kentucky Medical Board that his license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth should be suspended. He states that he currently is not practicing medicine and is not prescribing any controlled...

  19. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. A Rama Kalyan. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 4 Issue 1 January 1999 pp 45-52 General Article. Systems and Control Engineering - Notions of Control · A Rama Kalyan J R Vengateswaran · More Details Fulltext PDF.

  20. 'Industry, perseverance, self-reliance, and integrity'. Alfred A. Walton and mid-Victorian working-class radicalism


    Mares, Detlev


    Biography of one of the lesser-known Victorian working-class radicals, who was active in political (Chartism, electoral reform), social (O'Brienism, co-operation, trade unionism) and international (International Working Men's Association) movements in the mid-Victorian era. He also was a prolific author of pamphlets and newspaper contributions on political and social questions, esp. land reform, co-operation and working-class representation.

  1. Alfred Schütz’s writings from the perspective of a theory of action’s creativity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier L. Cristiano


    Full Text Available The article proposes a review of the work of Schütz from the question about “creativity” of social action, which was not made expressly by the author but it is in his writings an important principle of response. After positioning the subject in some coordinates of the current sociological discussion, we present four specific fields from schütz’ contributions: the ability to expand and make a creative use of “the social heritage of knowledge”, the individual and collective capacity to imagine action projects, the ability to create and use symbols, and producing with them exclusive worlds of imaginary existence, as well as the ability to give birth to new experiences. It is stated that these four fields outline the contours of a phenomenology of creativity of action, which sets out some open fields for further research.

  2. Book review - Peter Flaschel and Alfred Greiner, Flexicurity Capitalism: Foundations, Problems, and Perspectives (, New York 2012) 240 pages


    Yun K. Kim


    This book provides an important discussion of an alternative form of capitalism, flexicurity capitalism. Flexicurity capitalism emphasizes labor market flexibility such as the freedom of firms to fire and hire workers but also ensure that workers can obtain a job and income via institutional setup to avoid human degradation due to unemployment. Flexicurity capitalism could solve important economic problems such as coordination and incentive problems, the problems traditional socialist society...

  3. The Challenges of Developing a Framework for Global Water Cycle Monitoring and Prediction (Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture) (United States)

    Wood, Eric F.


    The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Water Strategy ("From Observations to Decisions") recognizes that "water is essential for ensuring food and energy security, for facilitating poverty reduction and health security, and for the maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity", and that water cycle data and observations are critical for improved water management and water security - especially in less developed regions. The GEOSS Water Strategy has articulated a number of goals for improved water management, including flood and drought preparedness, that include: (i) facilitating the use of Earth Observations for water cycle observations; (ii) facilitating the acquisition, processing, and distribution of data products needed for effective management; (iii) providing expertise, information systems, and datasets to the global, regional, and national water communities. There are several challenges that must be met to advance our capability to provide near real-time water cycle monitoring, early warning of hydrological hazards (floods and droughts) and risk assessment under climate change, regionally and globally. Current approaches to monitoring and predicting hydrological hazards are limited in many parts of the world, and especially in developing countries where national capacity is limited and monitoring networks are inadequate. This presentation describes the developments at Princeton University towards a seamless monitoring and prediction framework at all time scales that allows for consistent assessment of water variability from historic to current conditions, and from seasonal and decadal predictions to climate change projections. At the center of the framework is an experimental, global water cycle monitoring and seasonal forecast system that has evolved out of regional and continental systems for the US and Africa. The system is based on land surface hydrological modeling that is driven by satellite remote sensing precipitation to predict current hydrological conditions, flood potential and the state of drought. Seasonal climate model forecasts are downscaled and bias-corrected to drive the land surface model to provide hydrological forecasts and drought products out 6-9 months. The system relies on historic reconstructions of water variability over the 20th century, which forms the background climatology to which current conditions can be assessed. Future changes in water availability and drought risk are quantified based on bias-corrected and downscaled climate model projections that are used to drive the land surface models. For regions with lack of on-the-ground data we are field-testing low-cost environmental sensors and along with new satellite products for terrestrial hydrology and vegetation, integrating these into the system for improved monitoring and prediction. At every step there are scientific challenges whose solutions are only partially being solved. In addition there are challenges in delivering such systems as "climate services", especially to societies with low technical capacity such as rural agriculturalists in sub-Saharan Africa, but whose needs for such information are great. We provide an overview of the system and some examples of real-world applications to flood and drought events, with a focus on Africa.

  4. Sir Charles Alfred Ballance (1856-1936) and the introduction of facial nerve crossover anastomosis in 1895

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van de Graaf, Robert C.; Ijpma, Frank F. A.; Nicolai, Jean-Philippe A.

    Sir Charles Ballance (1856-1936) was the first surgeon in history to perform a facial nerve crossover anastomosis in 1895. Although, recently, several papers on the history of facial nerve surgery have been published, little is known about this historically important operation, the theoretical

  5. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 5, No 9 (2006)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SSR marker based DNA fingerprinting and diversity study in rice (Oryza sativa. L) · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. B Kalyan Chakravarthi, R Naravaneni ...

  6. The Influence of Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan upon the United States Navy through the United States Naval Institute’s Proceedings (United States)


    there was little tangible work to do on the Brazil Station “except to cruise between Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo, stopping occasionally at some...Mahan’s early childhood at West Point was marked by isolation, innocence and discovery. Steamboats from the Hudson River were the only...vessel, such as at rare intervals passed our home on the Hudson, fifty miles from the sea.”95 River access to West Point was problematic during the

  7. Hommes Fatals: Masculine Destructiveness in Alfred Hitchcock´s Rebecca (1940) and Sam Taylor-Johnson´s Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)


    Barrenetxea Guerekiz, Ane


    Femmes fatales have been and are still nowadays represented and labelled as inherently or innately evil figures who, by means of their beauty, lure and seduce men in order to deliberately destroy them. Female deadly figures were treated even in ancient times and in the Bible; even nowadays, after the film noir genre catapulted femmes fatales to fame, different representations of these characters can be seen on screen. Nevertheless, this present dissertation attempts to analyse and debate the ...

  8. Los oídos del antropólogo. La música pilagá en las narrativas de Enrique Paoavecino y Alfred Métraux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel A. García


    Full Text Available En el artículo se examinan las valoraciones efectuadas por Palavecino y Métraux sobre la música de los aborígenes pilagá. El objetivo consiste en observar cómo operan los condicionamientos de audición en la experiencia de campo y discurrir sobre la influencia del paradigma estético al cual adscribe el investigador en el desarrollo de sus rutinas de audición y observación. Además, se pone en clave de discusión cómo, a pesar de que la subjetividad es una dimensión borrada en los discursos de ambos autores, los juicios de valor sobre la música parecen ser, a diferencia de otros temas tratados, algo que escapa a un control total dentro de sus narrativas.

  9. Mutational rectification for resistance to diseases in rice and bread wheat

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chakrabarti, S.N.; Kar, G.N.; Sen, B.


    The mutation breeding programme with a view to rectify the defects of severe susceptibility to important diseases of a few varieties of rice and bread wheat was undertaken using different mutagenic treatments with radiation (X-rays and gamma rays), chemical mutagens (EMS, NMU, NEU) and combination of radiation and chemical mutagens (gamma rays + EMS). In rice two mutant strains have shown moderate resistance to helminthosporiose, one strain to both helminthosporiose and blast and five strains resistant to bacterial leaf blight under artificial epiphytotic conditions. In bread wheat, out of large M 2 population, derived from different mutagenic treatments, the frequencies of appearance of mutants resistant to rust diseases were observed to be 0.03 percent in H.D. 1944 from 0.2 percent EMS treatment, 0.06 percent in H.D. 1999 from 0.01 percent NEU treatment and 0.07 percent in Kalyan Sona from combined treatment with 20 krad gamma rays and 0.4 percent EMS. The mutants bred true for resistance upto M 6 generations. A few of the mutants, resistant to different diseases in rjce and bread wheat, proved to be very promising in yield. An early (earlier to Kalyan Sona by 25 days) mutant, derived from Kalyan Sona, topped in yield out of 49 varieties tested in 1974l75 in Delhi and Pusa. The Kalyan Sona early tested in 1974-75 in Delhi and Pusa. The Kalyan Sona early mutant is having resistance to yellow and brown rusts. (author)

  10. resonant inverter supplied interior permanent magnet (ipm)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    [5] Zhenyue Hong, “DC-voltage link resonant inverters”, Department of Electrical and. Electronic Engineering University of. Canterbury, New Zealand. [6] Kalyan Kumar Halder, Naruttam Kumar Roy and B.C. Ghosh, “Position Sensorless. Control for an Interior Permanent Magnet. Synchronous Motor SVM Drive with ANN.

  11. Essential Oil Composition of Five Collections of Achillea biebersteinii from Central Turkey and their Antifungal and Insecticidal Activity (United States)


    Suvra Mandal, Avijit Banerji, Manoj Kar, Kalyan Hazra and Julie Banerji 625 The Thai Medicinal Plant Gynura pseudochina var. hispida: Chemical...Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenols from Green and Toasted Mate Tea Patrícia de Abreu Marques Coentrão, Valéria Laneuville Teixeira and Annibal Duarte

  12. J R Vengateswaran

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    More Details Fulltext PDF. Volume 4 Issue 5 May 1999 pp 88-94 General Article. Systems and Control Engineering - Control Systems-Analysis and Design · A Rama Kalyan J R Vengateswaran · More Details Fulltext PDF. Volume 4 Issue 12 December 1999 pp 76-82 General Article. Robotics - Components and Subsystems.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ______. *Corresponding author. E-mail: SHORT COMMUNICATION. OXIDATION OF L-CYSTINE BY CHROMIUM(VI) - A KINETIC STUDY. Kalyan Kumar Adari, Annapurna Nowduri and Vani Parvataneni*. Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, School of Chemistry, Andhra University,.

  14. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of glycine by iron(III)-1,10-phenanthroline complex in perchloric acid medium · T V N Partha Sarathi A Kalyan Kumar K Krishna Kishore P Vani · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of glycine by iron(III)-1,10-phenanthroline complex has been studied ...

  15. Awadesh Kumar Mallik

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. AWADESH KUMAR MALLIK. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 38 Issue 3 June 2015 pp 717-724. Influence of growth conditions on microstructure and defects in diamond coatings grown by microwave plasma enhanced CVD · Kalyan Sundar Pal Sandip ...

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    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

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    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 4; Issue 5. Systems and Control Engineering - Control Systems-Analysis and Design. A Rama Kalyan J R Vengateswaran. General Article Volume 4 Issue 5 May 1999 pp 88-94 ...

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    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 4; Issue 1. Systems and Control Engineering - Notions of Control. A Rama Kalyan J R Vengateswaran. General Article Volume 4 Issue 1 January 1999 pp 45-52. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  19. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 4; Issue 3. Systems and Control Engineering - Basic Concepts of Systems. A Rama Kalyan J R Vengateswaran. General Article Volume 4 Issue 3 March 1999 pp 45-52. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    report signifies the importance of early management of dental problems and awareness creation about self-injurious habits to prevent any long term complications. REFERENCES. 1. Kalyan SR, Sajjan G. Endodontic management of a foreign body. Contemp Clin. Dent, 2010; 1:180-2. 2. Balto H. A radiopaque object in the.

  1. On two reports associated with James Wood-Mason and Alfred William Alcock published by the Indian Museum and the Indian Marine Survey between 1890 and 1891: implications for malacostracan nomenclature. (United States)

    Huys, Rony; Low, Martyn E Y; De Grave, Sammy; Ng, Peter K L; Clark, Paul F


    Two rare documents associated with the Indian Museum and the Indian Marine Survey for the administrative year April 1890 to March 1891 have been examined and found to have nomenclatural consequences for malacostracan crustaceans. Even though they constitute available published works according to the International Code for Zoological Nomenclature, these reports have rarely been cited. Dating these two publications is of importance as they make decapod scientific names available and, in a few instances, describe the same taxa. After searching the collections deposited in the Asian and African Room, British Library, the Administration Report of the Indian Marine for the year April 1890 to March 1891 could be dated with some degree of certainty as 25 August 1891. In contrast, dating the Indian Museum Annual Report proved more difficult because after examination of copies held by the General Library in the Natural History Museum, London, it was evident that not all of these reports were consistently published on time to meet an end of year deadline. However, the publication of volume XXII of the Indian Museum Annual Report for the year April 1890 to March 1891 appeared to be contemporary with the year printed at the bottom of the title page. As no exact date could be established with confidence, the publication date for this volume was fixed as 31 December 1891 in accordance with ICZN Art. 21.3.2. Therefore the Administration Report of the Indian Marine (published 25 August 1891) is considered to take precedence over the Indian Museum Annual Report (published 31 December 1891) and as such the names made available in the former take priority. As original copies of the Administration Report of the Indian Marine are not readily available in most libraries and few scientists have actually had access to these publications, the relevant Appendix No. XIII, in which the names of several malacostracan taxa are made available, is reproduced here. Since the appendix is not conclusively attributable to a specific author, it is considered to be written anonymously and should therefore be cited as Anonymous (1891). A number of names in Appendix No. XIII are available since they are accompanied by a brief description of the taxa they denote, and are either attributable to James Wood-Mason or remain with anonymous authorship; others are nomina nuda without a diagnosis or indication, or have been diagnosed previously in the "Natural History Notes from H.M. Indian Marine Survey Steamer Investigator". The nomenclatural implications for eight names made available in Anonymous (1891) are discussed: Glyphocrangon caeca, Glyphocrangon sculptus var. coecescens, Psalidopodidae, Psalidopus, Psalidopus mirabilis, Psathyrocaris, Psathyrocaris fragilis and Psopheticus crepitans. The nomenclatural history of various other taxa, initially denoted by unavailable names in Anonymous (1891), is also documented. The authorships of the various crustacean taxa collected by the Indian Marine Survey Steamer Investigator during the seasons 1889-1890 and 1890-1891, and published in two series of connected parts in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History, are also re-assessed and summarised. A rare document containing the list of R.I.M.S. Investigator stations for the period 1884-1913 is reproduced for the future benefit of the scientific community. 

  2. Identification of Novel Source of Resistance and Differential Response of Allium Genotypes to Purple Blotch Pathogen, Alternaria porri (Ellis) Ciferri


    Satyabrata Nanda; Subodh Kumar Chand; Purander Mandal; Pradyumna Tripathy; Raj Kumar Joshi


    Purple blotch, caused by Alternaria porri (Ellis) Cifferi, is a serious disease incurring heavy yield losses in the bulb and seed crop of onion and garlic worldwide. There is an immediate need for identification of effective resistance sources for use in host resistance breeding. A total of 43 Allium genotypes were screened for purple blotch resistance under field conditions. Allium cepa accession ?CBT-Ac77? and cultivar ?Arka Kalyan? were observed to be highly resistant. In vitro inoculation...

  3. Onshore and nearshore explorations along the Maharashtra Coast: With a view to locating ancient ports and submerged sites

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Tripati, S.; Gaur, A.S.

    . Amphorae fragments, Red Polished Ware (RPW), copper coins (Kakinis), etc. recovered from the earliest level suggest that Man and Environment XXII (2) - 1997 Rajbandar was a port with trade contacts with the Roman world (Rao 1987). It is believed... times. Schoff (1974) refers to Aurannoboas which McCrindle (1879) identified with modern Malvan. These minor ports had direct contact with Sopara and Kalyan. Shivaji, the great Maratha king constructed several coastal forts including the one...

  4. Studies on the availability of sulphur in four soil series of soil and water management project, Patiala

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sharma, Kesho Ram; Dev, G.


    Differential behaviour of four soils series (Banra, Fatehpur, Temple and Samana) for availability of S to wheat (Kalyan-sona) was studied in a pot experiment using five doses of labelled sulphur (0, 5, 10, 20 and 40 kg/ha) applied as (NH 4 ) 2 35 SO 4 . The yield, sulphur content and total removal of sulphur by plant, was found dependent upon sulphur supplying power of the soil, which was confirmed by the radioassay data as well. (author)

  5. Advance Planning Briefing for Industry: Sustaining the Warfighter through Battlespace Integration (United States)


    value, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity procurement, and consist of a base year and 4 option years. BRIEFER: COL Alfred J. Estrella ...Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity procurement, and consist of a base year plus 4 option years. BRIEFER: COL Alfred J. Estrella , Commander, US...MR. ROBERT R. LEHNES DPEO, C3S MR. DENNIS TURNER DIR, CECOM SEC COL ALFRED J. ESTRELLA COMMANDER, ISEC MRS. MAUREEN MACFARLAND DEP DIR, CECOM

  6. Eisenhower’s Pursuit of Strategy: The Importance of Understanding the Influence of Leadership Styles on Strategic Decision Makers (United States)


    343. 28Alfred D. Chandler , The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower The War Years: III, 1604-1606. 7...Whatever the conditions in other Theaters of War, the one here that we must never forget is the enemy’s 82Alfred D. Chandler , The Papers of Dwight...David Eisenhower The War Years: III, 1661-1663. 83Alfred D. Chandler Jr., The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower The War Years: III (Baltimore, MD: The

  7. In-Depth Understanding. A Computer Model of Integrated Processing for Narrative Comprehension. (United States)


    one’s body (such as eating, smoking, etc.). One expectation associated with INGEST looked for the occurrence of an edible object. When an expectation...LOST MOVIE Alfred and George both decided to go to the movies . Alfred thought that George would drive and Alfred would treat. However, George had assumed...was too late to see the movie . Here, the goal of E-ENTERTAINMENT( MOVIE ) requires a plan involving a) getting both individuals to the movie on time and

  8. Epidemiological Trends of Spine Trauma: An Australian Level 1 Trauma Centre Study


    Tee, J. W.; Chan, C. H. P.; Fitzgerald, M. C. B.; Liew, S. M.; Rosenfeld, J. V.


    Knowledge of current epidemiology and spine trauma trends assists in public resource allocation, fine-tuning of primary prevention methods, and benchmarking purposes. Data on all patients with traumatic spine injuries admitted to the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne between May 1, 2009, and January 1, 2011, were collected from the Alfred Trauma Registry, Alfred Health medical database, and Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry. Epidemiological trends were analyzed as a general cohort, with...

  9. Jõekaare elurajoon Tartus = Jõekaare housing area in Tartu / Tiit Sild

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sild, Tiit, 1977-


    Jõekaare elurajooni arhitektuurikonkursist, lahendusest, 2009. a. valminud korterelamust. Projekteerija Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger Architects, autorid Thomas Pucher ja Alfred Bramberger. Projekt 2006

  10. 21. sajandi linnavilla kvintessents / Risto Kozer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kozer, Risto


    Nihkes korrustega linnavilla Tartus Jõekaare elamurajoonis Siili t. 6. Arhitektid: Thomas Pucher, Alfred Bramberger (Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger Architects). Loetletud 8 kaasautorit. Ehituse algus 2007

  11. The discovery and early understanding of leukemia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kampen, Kim R.

    The early history of leukemia reaches back 200 years. In 1811, Peter Cullen defined a case of splenitis acutus with unexplainable milky blood. Alfred Velpeau defined the leukemia associated symptoms, and observed pus in the blood vessels (1825). Alfred Donne detected a maturation arrest of the white

  12. Field Artillery and the Combined Arms Team: A Case for the Continued Relevance of American Fire Support (United States)


    97 Alfred D. Chandler , ed., The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower, the War Years: II (Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, 1970), 1111-12...Observer on Guadalcanal.” Field Artillery Journal (August 1943): 563-68. Chandler , Alfred D., ed. The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower, the War Years

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  14. Reis Rosenbergi ajudesse / Vaapo Vaher

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaher, Vaapo, 1945-


    Lugemismuljeid raamatutest: Piper, Ernst. Alfred Rosenberg : Hitleri peaideoloog. Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2007 ; Judt, Tony. Pärast sõda. Euroopa ajalugu 1945. aastast. Tallinn : Varrak, 2007 ; Döblin, Alfred. Berliin, Alexanderplatz / tlk. Mati Sirkel. Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2007 ; Adson, Artur. Siuru-raamat. Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2007

  15. Using Web Services and XML Harvesting to Achieve a Dynamic Web Site. Computers in Small Libraries (United States)

    Roberts, Gary


    Exploiting and contextualizing free information is a natural part of library culture. In this column, Gary Roberts, the information systems and reference librarian at Herrick Library, Alfred University in Alfred, NY, describes how to use XML content on a Web site to link to hundreds of free and useful resources. He gives a general overview of the…

  16. R-ES-ONAN-CE

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Birth of Quantum Electronics - Masers. Amit Roy. 14 Numeracy for Everyone. Anil P Gore and S A ... order Compounds. Alfred Werner. Front Cover. -_. --::::::-~: Back Cover. A few eye mutants of DrosfJphila melanogasfer. (See the Classroom section for more details). Alfred Werner. (1866 - 1919). (Illustration by Anindya Das).

  17. Rock Art Glossary: A Multilingual Dictionary, Expanded Second Edition (First Edition 2001. Edited by Robert G. Bednarik, Ahmed Achrati, Tang Huisheng, Alfred Muzzolini, George Dimitriadis, Dario Seglie, Fernando Coimbra, Yakov A. Sher and Mario Consens. Australian Rock Art Research Association, Inc., Melbourne, 2010; 274 Pages, in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with Translation Tables. Price $A 38.00, ISBN 978-0-646-53471-8

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shu-Kun Lin


    Full Text Available This is the first dictionary compiled specifically for rock art research. It follows the publication of an English rock art glossary in the journal Rock Art Research in November 2000. To be adopted by the International Federation of Rock Art Organisations (IFRAO, it has been translated by some of the world’s foremost scholars in the field into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. In a discipline that has hitherto been without an agreed terminology, even communication within a single language has been difficult. The proliferation of idiosyncratic terminologies of often academically isolated researchers, many of which have been used by only one scholar, has not only retarded progress and the transference of knowledge, it has led to countless misunderstandings and even personal feuds. The purpose of this dictionary is to create a single terminological standard as well as a cross-lingual uniformity of usage. It focuses particularly on scientific aspects, technical applications and epistemological rigour. It does not set out to create a terminological straitjacket for the discipline, but a common standard of reference, particularly in areas that have in the past been susceptible to greatly differing interpretations. This dictionary comprises sections in ten languages, each listing the same terms alphabetically. It also contains a table interlinking all of these languages, listing all terms explained. This translation table is organised alphabetically according to the English terms. The volume is indispensable for scientific translators, rock art scholars, archaeologists and others concerned with aspects of pre-Historic rock art, and is also intended for the guidance of students and authors working in this field.

  18. 78 FR 24303 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus (United States)


    ... exemption applications, FMCSA exempts Christopher R. Anderson (MN), Brent T. Applebury (MO), Joseph A.... Torklidson (WI), Terry R. Washa (NE), Alfred J. Williams (VA), Scott B. Wood (ND), and James L. Zore (IN...

  19. 77 FR 41107 - Enterprise Underwriting Standards (United States)


    [email protected] . Please include ``RIN 2590- AA53'' in the subject line of the message. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M...

  20. 75 FR 52944 - Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records (United States)


    ..., on business days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M. Pollard, General Counsel, Attention...

  1. 77 FR 66566 - Stress Testing of Regulated Entities (United States)


    ...'' in the subject line of the message. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M. Pollard, General Counsel, Attention: Comments/RIN...

  2. Raamatututvustus / Teet Korsten

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Korsten, Teet, 1967-


    Tutvustus: Chandler, Charlotte. See on ainult film: Alfred Hitchcocki elulugu. - Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2008 ja Tuulik, Jüri. Räim, pisike kena kala : valitud lugusid ja toiduretsepte. - [Tallinn] : Kadmirell, c2008

  3. Next Generation Tanker: Optimizing Air Refueling Capabilities in 2030 with a Divested KC-10 Fleet (United States)


    Alfred North Whitehead This chapter analyzes the linear program results, development and procurement costs of the three proposal aircraft, and...shrinking Defense Budget. 31 Bibliography Braybrook, R. (2011). Fighter Thirst Quenchers. Armada International, 35(3), 30. Chandler , S

  4. Vitamin B1 (United States)

    ... Prize Alfred Nobel's Life and Work Teachers' Questionnaire Vitamin B1 - About The Chicken Farm educational game and ... the game window. Reading: "Christian Eijkman, Beriberi and Vitamin B1" - Who was Eijkman and why did he ...

  5. Ocean iron fertilization - Moving forward in a sea of uncertainty

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Buesseler, K.O.; Doney, S.C.; Karl, D.M.; Boyd, P.W.; Caldeira, K.; Chai, F.; Coale, K.H.; de Baar, H.J.W.; Falkowski, P.G.; Johnson, K.S.; Lampitt, R.S.; Michaels, A.F.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Smetacek, V.; Takeda, S.; Watson, A.J.

    California, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 12National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India. 13Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany. 14Department of Aquatic Bioscience, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. 15School...

  6. 75 FR 54445 - Senior Executive Service; Financial Management Service Performance Review Board (PRB) (United States)


    ..., Management (Chief Financial Officer). Alfred J. Kopec, Assistant Commissioner, Business Architecture. Sheryl... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Fiscal Service Senior Executive Service; Financial Management Service Performance Review Board (PRB) AGENCY: Financial Management Service, Fiscal Service, Treasury. ACTION: Notice...

  7. Külalisesinejate sõnavõtud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ettekandjad: Elisabeth Arnold, Dirk van der Maelen, FranciscoTorres, JiriMashtalka, Demetrios Syllouris, Karoly Lotz, Uwe Gehlen, Michael Sahlin, Tony Gregory, Roma Dovydeniene, Janusz Lewandowski, Ekkehard Pabsch, Jelko Kacir, Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Savas Tsitouridis, Alfred E. Kellermann

  8. Effect of calcination conditions of pork bone sludge on behaviour

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... bone sludge from meat plant via two essentially different calcination methods using ... tissue and suitability for further investigations intended for medical grafting. ... The Alfred Meissner Higher School of Dental Engineering and Humanities, ...

  9. Social Interest and the Core Conditions: Could It Be that Adler Influenced Rogers? (United States)

    Watts, Richard E.


    Presents primary source documentation highlighting the similarities between Alfred Adler's social interest construct and the counselor-oriented core conditions of Carl Rogers. Implications of the similarities are discussed. (Author)

  10. The Egg with Two Yellows

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    James Watson, Seymour Benzer's work and his place in the .... A graduate student, Ronald J Konopka from. Dayton, joined him, hoping .... genetics of Thomas Hunt Morgan and his student Alfred ... the findings of Franz Boas, Frank A Brown Jr,.

  11. 350 ka Organic C record of the monsoon variability on the Oman ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Oman continental margin, Arabian Sea. ALFRED N N MUZUKA ... concentration of CO2 in the water column causing the formation of organic matter that was depleted in. 13C. ... enhanced upwelling, which causes high nutrient concentrations ...

  12. Queenfish : luuraja külma sõja aegses Arktikas / William J. Broad

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Broad, William J.


    USA allveelaeva 1970. aasta polaarretkest läbi Arktika paakjää, et kaardistada seni märgistamata merepõhja, otsides ohutuid allveelaevateid. Laeva kaptenit Alfred McLarenit autasustati kangelaslikkuse eest medaliga

  13. PHYTOREMEDIATION POTENTIAL OF Vigna unguiculata IN A ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    existing information to assist fish farmers. MATERIALS AND METHODS ... J. F. Alfred-Ockiya, Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island,. Bayelsa State .... Biometrics, 11: 1- 42.

  14. Ameerika ja Nõukogude Liidu kunstivahetus sulaajal: uhketest avamistest rutakate taandumisteni = Soviet-American art exchanges during the thaw: from bold openings to hasty retreats / Simo Mikkonen

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mikkonen, Simo, 1978-


    Nõukogude Liidu valmidusest kultuurivahetuseks, vahetuste iseloomust ja nendega kaasnenud piirangutest. Ameerika ja Nõukogude kunstiprofessionaalide koostööst vahetusprojektide korraldamisel ning nende tegutsemisvabaduse määrast poliitilise surve all. Alfred Barri rollist näitustevahetuse elluviimisel.

  15. Pallas näitab teed Tartu skulptuurile / Ahti Seppet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Seppet, Ahti, 1953-


    Näitus "Pallase skulptuur" Tartu Kunstimuuseumis. Eksponeeritakse Ferdi Sannamehe, Eduard Wiiralti, Johannes Hirve, August Vommi, Martin Saksa, Roman Timotheuse, Herman Halliste, Lydia Laasi, Alfred Leiuse, Enn Roosi jt. kunstnike töid

  16. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    role in abiotic stress tolerance in plants (Review article). 385. Alfred, Quampah .... Triticum aestivum: complementary interaction between vernalization-insensitive .... Rebaï, Maha. Genetic features of thyroid hormone receptors (Review article).

  17. Jõekaare tornelamu : Siili 6, Tartu = Jõekaare residential tower : Siili 6, Tartu / Margit Mutso

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mutso, Margit, 1966-


    Jõekaare elamurajoonis esimesest austria arhitektide Thomas Pucheri ja Alfred Brambergeri (Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger Arhitects) projekti järgi 2008. a. valminud tornelamust. Sisearhitekt Ulvi Lõhmus, konstruktor Thomas Lorenz. Žürii hinnang kultuurkapitali aastapreemiale esitatud elamule

  18. 75 FR 60126 - Performance Review Board Members (United States)


    .... Childress Kenneth Y. Choe Richard M. Church Frank D. Cipolloni H. Westley Clark Henry Claypool Norris W... L. Hurst Jeanne C. Ireland Karen E. Jackson Holli B. Jaffe John S. Jarman George E. Jenkins Alfred C...

  19. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (United States)

    ... My Account Find Members Benefits American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 112 South Alfred Street Alexandria, ... Fax: (703) 838-9805 © 2002 - American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | ...

  20. Isolation and molecular identification of yeast strains from “Rabilé” a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Isolation and molecular identification of yeast strains from “Rabilé” a starter of local fermented drink. Ibrahim Keita, Marius K Somda, Aly Savadogo, Iliassou Mogmenga, Ousmane Koita, Alfred S Traore ...

  1. Gastrointestinal symptoms among swimmers following rain events at a beach impacted by urban runoff (United States)

    Gastrointestinal symptoms among swimmers following rain events at a beach impacted by urban runoff Timothy J. Wade, Reagan R. Converse, Elizabeth A. Sams, Ann H. Williams, Edward Hudgens, Alfred P. Dufour Gastrointestinal symptoms among swimmers have been associated with fecal ...

  2. The Transatlantic Essay Contest and the Planning Principles of the North African Campaign (United States)


    1941), 97. 50Dwight David Eisenhower and Alfred D. Chandler , The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower: The War Years I (Baltimore; London: the Johns...Eisenhower Library, 1943. Eisenhower, Dwight David, and Alfred D. Chandler . The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower: The War Years I. V vols. Baltimore...laid the blame for the plan’s poor chances of success at the feet of the Combined Chiefs. 55Ibid. 56Eisenhower and Chandler , The Papers of Dwight

  3. Use of Performance Measures to Evaluate, Document Competence and Deterioration of Advanced Surgical Skills Exposure for Trauma (ASSET) Surgical Skills (United States)


    Sharon Henry1, Stacy Shackelford4. 1Shock Trauma Anesthesiology Research, University of Maryland Baltimore; 2The Alfred Hospital and Swinburne...Bethesda USA, The Alfred Hospital and Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia • 6) THE ASSETS OF ASSET: IMPROVING SURGICAL PERFROMANCE...ACTIVITY 820 CHANDLER STREET FORT DETRICK MD 21702-5014 January 15, 2015 SUBJECT: BA 150077- "Refreshing Combat Surgical Skills for Vascular Control

  4. Sino-American Relations in the 21st Century: Taking a Page from the Venezuelan Crisis of 1895 (United States)


    5 A.F.K. Organski, World Politics (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1968), 376. 6 James Steinberg and...10. 14 William L. Langer, The Diplomacy of Imperialism 1890-1902, Vol 1 (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1935), 72. 15 The Washington Times article...if we can, forcibly if we must.”17 Senator Lodge’s view was not the exception, as Senator Chandler went so far to surmise, “War between England and

  5. Trust as a Currency: The Role of Relationships in the Human Domain (United States)


    2011), iv. 18David G Chandler , The Campaigns of Napoleon (New York: Scribner, 1995), 468, 502. 19Headquarters, Army Doctrine Reference Publication... Alfred Thayer Mahan’s seminal work on what he termed “sea power” analyzed specific interstate conflicts from 1660 through the American Revolution...0, Unified Land Operations, 2-1 through 2-2. 23A. T. ( Alfred Thayer) Mahan, The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783 (Mineola, NY: Dover

  6. Optimizing the Mobilization of Wireless Communications Systems for Disaster Response Efforts (United States)


    Alfred D. Chandler strategy is “the adoption of a course of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals” (1990, p...and leadership. The definitions of organizational goals and organizational structure are supported by writings from Richard L. Daft, Alfred ...2006). Organizational design: A step-by-step approach. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. Chandler , A. D. (1990). Strategy and structure

  7. Perseverance of Power: The Relevancy of Nuclear Deterrence in the Future (United States)


    3 Patrick Morgan, "The Practice of Deterrence," in International Practices, ed. Emanuel Adler and Vincent Pouliot (Cambridge New York: Cambridge...Michael Dobbs, One Minute to Midnight : Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War, 1st ed. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008), 216...Monica, CA: RAND, 2012. Dobbs, Michael. One Minute to Midnight : Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War. 1st ed. New York: Alfred A

  8. Statutory Restrictions on the Position of Secretary of Defense: Issues for Congress (United States)


    Military Policy, Post-War Military Policy, H. Rept. 1765, 78th Congress, 2nd Session. 25 Roger R. Trask and Alfred Goldberg , The Department of Defense 1947...Although the United States has utilized a variation of Truman’s proposed system of military governance for the past 60 years, there was, at the time...Feickert, CRS Specialist in Military Ground Forces. 33 Roger R. Trask and Alfred Goldberg , The Department of Defense 1947-1997: Organization and

  9. Fighting female infanticide by working with midwives: an Indian case study. (United States)

    Murthy, R K


    In many cultures throughout history, parents have preferred to conceive and bear sons rather than daughters. In May 1995, Adithi, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) working in parts of Bihar with resource-poor women, and Bal Mahila Kalyan (BMK), an NGO working with poor people in general, organized a workshop with traditional midwives on the issue of female infanticide. A prior study found that traditional midwives are often called upon to kill female infants. These women mainly belong to the dalit community, are mostly illiterate, typically live in poverty, and have little power in the community. The workshop goals were to explore gender discrimination in different caste and religious groups; to understand the history and extent of female infanticide in the area, and to examine whether the incidence varies with caste, class, religion, and birth order; and to identify strategies to combat female infanticide. 28 traditional midwives participated. This paper describes the proceedings of the workshop and examines strategies for combatting female infanticide.

  10. Root distribution pattern and nitrogen uptake of some wheat and triticale germplasms in relation to rates and methods of nitrogen application

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Meena, N.L.; Seth, Jagdish


    A field experiment was conducted under irrigated conditions with four germplasms viz. Triticale(70-2), and wheat varieties HD 4502(durum), Kalyan Sona and Moti (aestivums) at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute Farm, New Delhi, during rabi season of 1972-73. The treatments comprised of three rates of nitrogen viz. 0,60 and 120 kg/ha and two methods of nitrogen application viz. (1) soil + foliar and (2) soil. The root distribution of the four germplasms, studied by 32 P injection technique was increased both vertically and horizontally with the addition of nitrogen. Root distribution of triticale was observed to be deep and spreading in habit, while durum proved to be shallow rooted and compact in nature. The total uptake of nitrogen was significantly increased with higher rates of nitrogen in all the germplasms. The maximum uptake of nitrogen was observed in the durum wheat. (author)

  11. Phenomenology of experiential sharing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    León, Felipe; Zahavi, Dan


    The chapter explores the topic of experiential sharing by drawing on the early contributions of the phenomenologists Alfred Schutz and Gerda Walther. It is argued that both Schutz and Walther support, from complementary perspectives, an approach to experiential sharing that has tended to be overl......The chapter explores the topic of experiential sharing by drawing on the early contributions of the phenomenologists Alfred Schutz and Gerda Walther. It is argued that both Schutz and Walther support, from complementary perspectives, an approach to experiential sharing that has tended...

  12. Hitchcock e a arquitectura


    Sara Filipa Teixeira Pinto


    Qual é o contributo da arquitectura no cinema de Alfred Hitchcock? E como é que estecriou e filmou os espaços nos seus cenários de forma a gerar determinadas atmosferas eprovocar emoções fortes?Esta prova de dissertação propõe uma reflexão sobre a arquitectura do cinema, tendocomo campo de estudo a filmografia de Alfred Hithcock.Gaston Bachelard, em La Poétique de l'Espace , dizia que o maior benefício da casaera esta acomodar os sonhos, proteger o sonhador e permitir sonhar em paz. Mas esta"...

  13. Sounds of Futures Past

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Steen Ledet


    This article examines the ghost e ects in Dark Night of the Soul pro- duced by the residual media of old sonic technologies. Alfred North Whitehead’s notion of perception in the mode of causal e cacy is used to explain how materiality has agency over the listener.......This article examines the ghost e ects in Dark Night of the Soul pro- duced by the residual media of old sonic technologies. Alfred North Whitehead’s notion of perception in the mode of causal e cacy is used to explain how materiality has agency over the listener....

  14. Interaction of Porphyrins with a Dendrimer Template: Self-Aggregation Controlled by pH

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kubát, Pavel; Lang, Kamil; Janda, Pavel; Anzenbacher Jr., P.


    Roč. 21, - (2005), s. 9714-9720 ISSN 0743-7463 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA203/04/0426 Grant - others:Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Kraft Foods, Inc., and the NSF(US) NER 0304320; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Kraft Foods, Inc., and the NSF(US) SENSOR 0330267 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40400503 Keywords : TPPS * TPPP * physical chemistry Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry Impact factor: 3.705, year: 2005

  15. Heinz L. Ansbacher (1904-2006). (United States)

    Musty, Richard Rik E


    Heinz Ludwig Ansbacher was born in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 21, 1904. He died at his home in Burlington, Vermont, on June 22, 2006, at the age of 101 years. Alfred Adler's influence led Ansbacher to the field of psychology, where he began a lifelong scholarship on the psychology of Alfred Adler. Among Heinz's distinctions and honors were being named a Fulbright lecturer at the University of Kiel, Germany, and serving as president of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. Many of us will remember Professor Ansbacher as a person who lived by Adlerian principles: encouraging others while helping them to find a goal in life.

  16. General presentation of the EC FP7 SARGEN IV project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Blanc, Daniel


    SARGEN I V project: Innovative reactors with fast spectrum to be built in Europe. The ESNII roadmap includes: • the ASTRID SFR prototype supported by the French Government; • ALFRED LFR demonstrator; → Romania is interested to host the ALFRED prototype. • the ALLEGRO GFR prototype → A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed in May 2010 between UJV (Czech Republic), AEKI (Hungary) and VUJE (Slovakia) to develop ALLEGRO. • the MYRRHA experimental facility supported by the Belgian government is able to: → test the LFR technology; → provide irradiation in the fast spectrum area; → test the Accelerator Driven System (ADS) technology (not retained by the GIF)

  17. [Women in natural sciences--Nobel Prize winners]. (United States)

    Zuskin, Eugenija; Mustajbegović, Jadranka; Lipozencić, Jasna; Kolcić, Ivana; Spoljar-Vrzina, Sanja; Polasek, Ozren


    Alfred Bernhard Nobel was the founder of the Nobel Foundation, which has been awarding world-known scientists since 1901, for their contribution to the welfare of mankind. The life and accomplishments of Alfred Bernhard Nobel are described as well as scientific achivements of 11 women, Nobel prize winners in the field of physics, chemistry, physiology and/or medicine. They are Marie Sklodowska Curie, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Irene Joliot-Curie, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, Barbara McClintock, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Gertrude Elion, Christine Nusslein-Volhard and Linda B. Buck.

  18. The Land of the Orangutan and Bird of Paradise Under Threat

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boekhout van Solinge, T.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/156696207


    This chapter addresses the issue of deforestation in Indonesia and its effects on wildlife and people. It takes as a starting point the descriptions by Alfred Wallace (1869) of the Malay archipelago and then discuss the history of deforestation in Indonesia. The focus of the article is on the giant

  19. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 585 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 413,097 ... 089,212 views 4:50 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 26,032 views ...

  20. Is it possible to improve hearing by listening training?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Reuter Andersen, Karen


    confirmed these results using standardized hearing test measures. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear nose throat doctor, developed the Tomatis listening training in the 1950s. The principles of the Tomatis method are described. A literature review has been conducted to investigate, whether the Tomatis method...

  1. Personal ideas about the application of the International Rules of Nomenclature, or, as with the Rules themselves, International deliberation? II. Some denominations of Dicotyledonous Trees and Shrubs species. With a Retrospection and a set of Propositions on the Nomenclature-Rules

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Valckenier Suringar, J.


    This second Part has its origin principally in Dr. ALFRED REHDER’S “Manual of Cultivated Trees and Shrubs” 1927. That admirable work contains several revolutionary looking changes of names, which changes partly were already propagated in BAILEY’S works of the last years; and I have made a study of

  2. Upwelling and ocean structures off Algoa Bay and the south-east ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This situation is investigated off Algoa Bay and along the south-east coast to Port Alfred, where measurements demonstrate that marked temperature variability occurs at the coastline, particularly in summer when temperature structures are more intense and easterly-component winds more common. There is no indication ...

  3. Mola'a Revisited: Reef Panpipes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    The first main shoot for the Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Series in the Solomon Islands, in 1996, was seriously affected by the un- expected death of one of the main characters and partners in the project, Alfred Melotu, the paramount chief of the Aiwoo-speaking people on the island of Ngasinue...

  4. The Greatest Show on Earth

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: life on earth had evolved ... over long epochs, the pace of change was infinitesimal. ... Thanks to the work of the Japanese theoreti- cian Motoo ... pleasure-minus-expenditure balance is posi- tive. This way of ...

  5. Power laws in the information production process Lotkaian informetrics

    CERN Document Server

    Egghe, Leo


    Explains many informetric regularities, only based on a decreasing power law as size-frequency function, that is Lotka''s law. This book revives the historical formulation of Alfred Lotka and shows the power of this power law, both in classical aspects of informetrics as well as in applications such as social networks and others.

  6. 76 FR 54197 - Membership of the Office of the Secretary Performance Review Board (United States)


    ..., Director, Office of Executive Resources, Office of Human Resources Management, Office of the Director, 14th..., Office of Information Technology, Security, Infrastructure, and Technology. Ellen Herbst, Senior Advisor..., Director, Office of Civil Rights. Alfred J. Broadbent, Director, Office of Security. Economic Development...

  7. ENEA infrastructures toward the LFR development

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tarantino, M.; Agostini, P.; Del Nevo, A.; Di Piazza, I.; Rozzia, D.


    ENEA has one of the most relevant EU R&D infrastructures for HLM technological development, and it is strongly involved in the main research programs worldwide supporting the development of sub-critical (MYRRHA) and critical lead cooled reactors (ALFRED). In these frames a large experimental program ranging from HLM thermal-hydraulic to large scale experiment has been implemented

  8. Emerging Scholars: The Class of 2008 (United States)

    Forde, Dana; Lum, Lydia; Nealy, Michelle J.; Pluviose, David; Roach, Ronald; Rogers, Ibram; Rolo, Mark Anthony; Seymour, Add, Jr., Valdata, Patricia; Watson, Jamal


    This year's crop of "Emerging Scholars"--The Class of 2008--includes a math biologist who was only the second woman to receive the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in math; a geneticist who recently became one of 20 winners of the National Science Foundation's Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers; and an extensively published…

  9. Ke Ha'a La Puna i Ka Makani: Pele and Hi'iaka Mo'olelo and the Possibilities for Hawaiian Literary Analysis (United States)

    ho'omanawanui, ku'ualoha


    In 2003, the University of Hawai'i sponsored a symposium titled "Indigenizing the University." This symposium featured indigenous scholars such as Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Graham Smith, and Taiaiake Alfred, who addressed how indigenous political theory and methods of research were necessary to support indigenous research and how changes…

  10. Nobelium non-believers (United States)

    Thornton, Brett F.; Burdette, Shawn C.


    Alfred Nobel's eponymous element, nobelium, was 'first' discovered either in the 1950s or 1960s, in the USSR, Sweden or the USA. Brett F. Thornton and Shawn C. Burdette delve into the ensuing decades of internecine strife over the discovery of element 102.

  11. Globalization and Philosophy of Education (United States)

    Watras, Joseph


    The term "globalization" is relatively new. Alfred E. Eckes, Jr. and Thomas W. Zeiler credit Theodore Levitt for coining the word in 1983 in an article in the Harvard Business Review. In a short time, other authors adopted the term. Thomas Freidman, for example, used the phrase to define the 1990s. Freidman claimed that the world had entered a new…

  12. 78 FR 6042 - Availability of Non-Public Information (United States)


    ... the Guard's Desk, First Floor, on business days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M. Pollard...). [[Page 6043

  13. 76 FR 70069 - Federal Home Loan Bank Community Support Amendments (United States)


    ..., First Floor, on business days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M. Pollard, General Counsel...), requires FHFA to adopt regulations establishing standards of community investment or service for members of...

  14. 77 FR 72247 - Rules of Practice and Procedure: Enterprise and Federal Home Loan Bank Housing Goals Related... (United States)


    ... Desk, First Floor, on business days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or Other Mail Service: The mailing address for comments is: Alfred M. Pollard, General Counsel... Services of the House of Representatives, and the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs of the...

  15. The PLO: A Victory in Terrorism? (United States)


    London: Spere Books Limited, 1987. Fisher, Sydney Nettleton. The Middle East. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 1969 Hussaini, Hatem and El-Boghdady. The...1981. Kiernan, Thomas. The Arab-. London: Spere Books Limited, 1978. Kupperman, Robert and Jeff Kamen. Final Warning: Averting Disaster in the New Age

  16. Effect of calcination conditions of pork bone sludge on behaviour of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    †The Alfred Meissner Higher School of Dental Engineering and Humanities, Sloneczna 2, 43-450 Ustron, Poland .... immersion in SBF depends on structure and composition of .... X-ray diffraction method with the use of Philips X'Pert.

  17. Circumventing Therapeutic Resistance and the Emergence of Disseminated Breast Cancer Cells Through Non-Invasive Optical Imaging (United States)


    Investigator (1992-1994); National Science Foundation Young Investigator (1993-1998); E. I. DuPont de Nemours Young Faculty Award (1995-1997); Alfred P. Sloan...address of the Funding Agency’s Procuring Contracting/Grants Officer: Amber Stilh·ich U.S . Almy Medical Resem·ch Acquisition Activity, 820 Chandler

  18. Crowdsourced Geospatial Data: A Report on the Emerging Phenomena of Crowdsourced and User-Generated Geospatial Data (United States)

    2012-11-01   126   Devillers, Rodolphe, Alfred Stein, Yvan Bédard, Nicholas Chrisman, Peter Fisher, and Wenzhong Shi...Francis, Peter J. Blancher, Susan R. Drennan, Mar- shall A. Howe, Denis Lepage, Chandler . S. Robbins, Kenneth V. Rosen- berg, John R. Sauer, and

  19. Between the Rivers: Combat Action in Iraq, 2003-2005 (United States)


    Improvisation by GIs,” Washington Post, 3 August 2005, A1. See also Alfred W. McCoy, A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on...C. Martino,2005, interview by Lynne Chandler Garcia, 18 December 2005, Fort Leavenworth. On page 57 of Lundberg may be found the original list of

  20. Virksomhedshistorie mellem økonomisk historie og kunsthistorie

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holten, Birgitte


    Virksomhedshistorie er oprindeligt udsprunget af den økonomiske historie. Den er kendetegnet ved en stærk tradition præget af den mand, der mere end nogen anden har tegnet disciplinen fra den tidlige begyndelse, Alfred D. Chandler. Han har afgørende påvirket disciplinens traditionelle interesse...

  1. China’s Emerging Capabilities in Energy Technology Innovation and Development (United States)


    44(4): 823-30. Chandler , Alfred D. and Takashi Hikino (1997). The Large Industrial Enterprise and the Dynamics of Modern Growth. Big Business...and the Wealth of Nations. A. D. Chandler , F. Amatori and T. Hikino. Cambrige Cambridge University Press. Deutch, John and Edward S. Steinfeld

  2. Invited Speaker Support for SBP Conference Series (SBP 2014) held in April, 2014 in Washington, DC. (United States)


    Forest School of Medicine, for Health Sciences Chandler Johnson, Stanford, for the Behavioral Sciences Amy Silva, Charles River Associates, for...Optimization for Multi-level Networks Brandon Oselio, Alex Kulesza and Alfred Hero Break 9:50 AM Refreshments: muffins, rice cakes, fresh fruit

  3. Danish Crown Anno 1891?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Kurt


    I 1890-1891 var man tæt på at fusionere de private og de andelsejede slagterier i Danmark. Af forskellige grunde sprang andelssiden i målet og C. F. Tietgens store arbejde med at formidle samarbejdet var spildt. Der knyttes an til Alfred Chandlers begrebsapparat, som findes delvis anvendeligt til...

  4. Army Fixed-Wing Ground Attack Aircraft: A Historical Precedent and Contemporary Rationale (United States)


    retreated.83 Generaloberst Alfred Jodl, chief of Wehrmacht operations, later stated, “We still had lots of material and sent it to the front in...Michael J. Chandler , LTC, USAF, “Gen Otto P. Weyland, USAF-Close Air Support in the Korean War” (Master’s thesis, School of Advanced Air and Space

  5. Phenomenology and Symbolic Interactionism: Recommendations for Social Science Research. (United States)

    Johnson, Karen S.

    Commonalities between the philosophical perspectives of Alfred Schatz, a European phenomenologist, and George Herbert Mead, the father of symbolic interactionism, are discussed, and the two men's potential significance in social science research is examined. Both men were concerned with the question of the nature of social action, believing that…

  6. Water SA - Vol 44, No 1 (2018)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The effect of anaerobic baffled reactor effluent on nitrogen and phosphorus leaching from four soils in a laboratory column experiment · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Goitom Adhanom, Jeffrey Hughes, Alfred Odindo, 1-12.

  7. Bagatellid : maailm / Mirjam Tally

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tally, Mirjam, 1976-


    Endine lapsgeenius Elisha Abas kakskümmend neli aastat hiljem. La Scalas on streik. Arhitekt disainis klaveri. Alfred Brendel lõpetab 2008. aastal avalikud esinemised. Noored dirigendid mainekate sümfooniaorkestrite ees. Maailma suurima digitaalse orkestri debüüt. Kunstinäitus otsib muusika ja kunsti seoseid. Suri Karlheinz Stockhausen

  8. The use of logotherapeutic techniques in the identification and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl in the 1930s as the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy (the first is Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud and the second is Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler). It offers useful and effective intervention techniques which can be carried out in persons with substance use ...

  9. Fragmentation in the Governance of EU External Relations: Legal Institutional Dilemmas and the New Constitution for Europe

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wessel, Ramses A.; de Zwaan, Jaap W.; Kellermann, Alfred E.


    The European Union, an Ongoing Process of Integration contains 27 original contributions authored by prominent EU lawyers from academia and practice and concentrates on the three main areas of European integration that mark the career path of Alfred E. Kellermann: institutional and constitutional

  10. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 024 views 2:58 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 412,404 ... 2,805 views 3:13 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 25,574 views ...

  11. Contemplating Whitehead's Freedom and Discipline (United States)

    Jones, Colin


    This paper extends the previous application of Alfred Whitehead's educational ideas to the domain of enterprise education. In doing so, a unique approach to enterprise education is illustrated that links students to their reality whilst also connecting the curriculum to contemporary entrepreneurship theory. The paper reports upon past cycles of…

  12. Stock separation and life history of Argyrozona argyrozona (Pisces ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Otolith readability and growth rates varied between regions, with fish from the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred combined) having the lowest average percentage error (4.82 vs 5.33 and 7.03) and the slowest growth rates. Size-at-50% maturity (L50) varied regionally, female fish in the Eastern Cape maturing at a ...

  13. Krause mantlipärijad? / Tiit Sild

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sild, Tiit, 1977-


    Tartu Rebase tänava arhitektuurikonkursist, kutsutud oli 6 arhitektuuribürood. Lähemalt võidutööst "The River Goes Wide" (autorid austria arhitektid Thomas Pucher, Alfred Bramberger, Heidrun Steinhauser, Martin Mathy, Christa Pucher, Georg Auinger, insenerid Peter Mandl, Günther Rucher)

  14. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 585 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 412,760 ... 536,963 views 1:46 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 25,574 views ...

  15. From Weber to Parsons and Shutz: The Eclipse of History in Modern Social Theory. (United States)

    Zaret, David


    Compares the relationship between theoretical synthesis and historical research in light of research by Max Weber, Talcott Parsons, and Alfred Schutz. Traces theoretical developments within one subfield of sociology (action theory) and relates these developments to research problems confronting contemporary theoretical work in sociology. (DB)

  16. The Decisions of Elementary School Principals: A Test of Ideal Type Methodology. (United States)

    Greer, John T.

    Interviews with 25 Georgia elementary school principals provided data that could be used to test an application of Max Weber's ideal type methodology to decision-making. Alfred Schuetz's model of the rational act, based on one of Weber's ideal types, was analyzed and translated into describable acts and behaviors. Interview procedures were…

  17. Miks pole Rosenberg õnnestunud valik? / David Vseviov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vseviov, David, 1949-


    Autor avaldab arvamust seoses Eesti Ajaloo muuseumi Suurgildi hoone uue püsinäitusega „VISA HING. 11 000 aastat Eesti ajalugu", kus tuntud inimeste hulgas on kajastatud ka Tallinnas õppinud ja töötanud hilisema Saksamaa Ida-alade riigiministri Alfred Rosenbergiga seonduvat ja mille eksponeerimine keelati Eesti Vabariigi kultuuriministeeriumi poolt

  18. A Threat to Accreditation: Defamation Judgment against an Accreditation Team Member. (United States)

    Flygare, Thomas J.


    Delaware Law School founder Alfred Avins successfully sued accreditation team member James White for defamation as a result of comments made in 1974 and 1975. An appeals brief claims Avins was a "public figure," that he consented to accreditation, and that the accreditation process deserves court protection against such suits. (PGD)

  19. Summer Institute in Agricultural Mechanics Education, Southern Region, Proceedings (Blacksburg, Virginia, August 3-7, 1970). (United States)

    Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ., Blacksburg.

    This summer institute emphasizes the establishment of minimum measurable standards of attainment in agricultural engineering phases of teacher education in agriculture. Speeches presented are: (1) "Where We Are in Agricultural Mechanics Education," by Alfred H. Krebs, (2) "Research Offerings for More Effective Teaching in Agricultural Mechanics,"…

  20. ”Så griner vi heldigvis lidt af det”

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dræbel, Tania; Teglgaard Lund, Kirsten; Liveng, Anne


    The article examines changes in the relation between spouses in married couples, where one partner has a dementia diagnosis. Seven qualitative interviews with couples are analyzed with Alfred Schutz sociology of everyday life as a theoretical framework. The analysis asks the question how spouses ...

  1. “Without an Analytical Divorce from the Total Environment”: Advancing a Philosophy of the Humanities by Reading Snow and Whitehead Diffractively

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Tuin, I.


    This article develops a philosophy of the humanities by reading C.P. Snow’s famous thesis of “the two cultures” through the early work of Alfred North Whitehead. I argue that, whereas Snow refers to Whitehead’s Science and the Modern World, he ultimately paves the way for a reductive interpretation

  2. Speculative promise as a driver in climate engineering research: The case of Paul Crutzen's back-of-the-envelope calculation on solar dimming with sulfate aerosols

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Hemert, M.


    In this paper, I study the generative role of speculative promise in climate engineering research. My analysis operationalizes Alfred Nordmann's call for a 'forensics of wishing', a variety of technology assessment which scrutinizes the politics of anticipation in technoscience. Using scientific

  3. Poland's Syndrome: A Case Report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    The Poland's anomaly was first described in 1841 by Sir Alfred Poland as a syndrome presenting with absence or underdevelopment of pectoralis ... He was the second child in a family of four. There was no familial history of similar .... hypoplasia: a middle degree of Poland syndrome. Acta Radiologica 1996; 37: 759-762. 8.

  4. Bagatellid : Maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Muusikasõnumeid maailmast: Gramophone Award 2009 võitjatest. Simon Rattle jääb Berliini Filharmoonikute juurde aastani 2018. Alfred Brendel pälvis Jaapani maineka preemia. Uudiseid konkursimaailmast. Christian Thielemannist saab järgmine Dresdeni Riigikapelli peadirigent. Kõlas Preisimaa kuninga Friedrich Suure flööt

  5. The Use of Models: experience and prospects,

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Tinbergen (Jan)


    textabstractLecture to the Memory of Alfred Nobel, Oslo, December 12, 1969. Originally published in: Les Prix Nobel en 1969, The Nobel Foundation, Stockholm, 1970, pp. 243-252. Also published in: Assar Lindbeck (Ed.), Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences 1969-1980 Vol. 1, World Scientific, Singapore,

  6. A Software Hub for High Assurance Model-Driven Development and Analysis (United States)


    verification of UML models in TLPVS. In Thomas Baar, Alfred Strohmeier, Ana Moreira, and Stephen J. Mellor, editors, UML 2004 - The Unified Modeling...volume 3785 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 52–65, Manchester, UK, Nov 2005. Springer. [GH04] Günter Graw and Peter Herrmann. Transformation

  7. Austraallane näeb inglast / Maria Ulfsak-Šeripova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulfsak-Šeripova, Maria, 1981-


    Stephan Elliotti komöödiafilmist "Kerglased kombed" (Inglise-Kanada, 2008), mida võib vaadelda kui Alfred Hitchcocki 1928.a. valminud tummfilmi uusversiooni. Mõlemad põhinevad lõdvalt Noel Cowardi näidendil "Easy Virtue"

  8. Non-axisymmetric vibrations of a transversely isotropic piezoelectric cylinder with different types of electric boundary conditions

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Shatalov, MY


    Full Text Available with different types of electric boundary conditions Michael Y. Shatalov*, Arthur G. Every**, Alfred S. Yenwong –Fai*** *Sensor Science and Technology (SST) of CSIR Material Science and Manufacturing, P.O. Box 395, Pretoria 0001, CSIR, South Africa...

  9. The Role of Guidance and Counseling in Enhancing Student Discipline in Secondary Schools in Koibatek District (United States)

    Salgong, Victor Kipkemboi; Ngumi, Owen; Chege, Kimani


    The purpose of the study was to examine the role of guidance and counseling in enhancing student discipline in secondary schools in Koibatek district. The study was guided by Alfred Adler (1998) theory of personality, and humanistic theory of Albert Bandura (1995) social learning model. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design.…

  10. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 029 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 412,404 ... 081,511 views 4:50 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 25,194 views ...

  11. Význam teorie kontinentálního driftu Alfreda Wegenera

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Špičák, Aleš


    Roč. 55, č. 1 (2012), s. 3-6 ISSN 0300-4414 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30120515 Institutional support: RVO:67985530 Keywords : Alfred Wegener * continental drift * plate tectonics * history of the Earth Sciences Subject RIV: DC - Siesmology, Volcanology, Earth Structure

  12. Relationship between serum total magnesium and serum potassium ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Relationship between serum total magnesium and serum potassium in emergency surgical patients in a tertiary hospital in Ghana. Robert Djagbletey, Brenda Phillips, Frank Boni, Christian Owoo, Ebenezer Owusu-Darkwa, Papa Kobina Gyakye deGraft-Johnson, Alfred E. Yawson ...

  13. Land, botho and identity in Thomas Mofolo's novels

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    conscious aesthetic experience of land and of its features. It is an ... with inhumanity, for instance, “children lived like animals, lacking education” (Search for love .... novel announces Alfred's departure to Cape Town with other Basotho students for ... of other nations strange and as a result decides to resist “foreign influence”.

  14. Science Fiction: Serious Reading, Critical Reading (United States)

    Zigo, Diane; Moore, Michael T.


    Science fiction deserves a greater respect, serious and critical reading and a better place in high school literature classes. Some of the science fiction books by Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury and Octavia L. Butler and various activities for incorporating science fiction into the English language arts instruction classroom are…

  15. Large-scale Motion of Solar Filaments

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Large-scale Motion of Solar Filaments. Pavel Ambrož, Astronomical Institute of the Acad. Sci. of the Czech Republic, CZ-25165. Ondrejov, The Czech Republic. e-mail: Alfred Schroll, Kanzelhöehe Solar Observatory of the University of Graz, A-9521 Treffen,. Austria. e-mail:

  16. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Author Affiliations. Pavel Ambrož1 Alfred Schroll2. Astronomical Institute of the Acad. Sci. of the Czech Republic, CZ-25165 Ondřejov, The Czech Republic. Kanzelhöehe Solar Observatory of the University of Graz, A-9521 Treffen, Austria.

  17. Reflections on Leadership Characteristics Necessary To Develop and Sustain Learning School Communities. (United States)

    Diggins, Patrick B.


    Reflects on what schools must do to become genuine learning organizations. Traditional organizational culture was typically inward looking, centralized, and insular. Bureaucratic systems make schools structurally ineffective. Mintzberg's varied government and normative-control models are less suitable for education than Alfred C. Crane's…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Latuf Isais Mucci


    Full Text Available This article aims to expose the dandy soul of Oscar Wilde. His life proves extravagance events, liberty claims, and homoafects tolerance. The Picture of Dorian Gray's author even suffered a criminal process in reason of his relation with Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, called Bosie, despite Wilde being married. Other biographical issues can demonstrate the fantastic experience in the flamboyant life.

  19. Khorana, Prof. Har Gobind

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Elected: 1976 Honorary. Khorana, Prof. Har Gobind Nobel Laureate (Medicine) - 1968. Date of birth: 9 January 1922. Date of death: 9 November 2011. Last known address: Alfred P. Sloan Professor of, Biology and Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of, Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A..

  20. Reaction Formulation: A Bibliography. (United States)

    Pedrini, D. T.; Pedrini, Bonnie C.

    Reaction formation was studied by Sigmund Freud. This defense mechanism may be related to repression, substitution, reversal, and compensation (or over-compensation). Alfred Adler considered compensation a basic process in his individual psychology. Anna Freud discussed some defense mechanisms, and Bibring, Dwyer, Huntington, and Valenstein…

  1. Saddam’s War: An Iraqi Military Perspective of the Iran-Iraq War (United States)


    saddam hussein’s personality according to the theories of [ Sigmund ] Freud or [Alfred] Adler, or even [Ivan] Pavlov. We need the theories of these...psychologists because they bring in different elements: freud was the founder of the theory of the analytical method in psychology; adler is the one who

  2. Candidate gene markers for Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus for ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Madhugiri Nageswara-Rao1 2 Mike Irey3 Stephen M Garnsey1 Siddarame Gowda1. University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center, 700 Experiment Station Road, Lake Alfred, FL 33850, USA; Department of Plant Sciences, The University of Tennessee, 252 Ellington Plant Sciences, 2431 Joe Johnson ...

  3. 4847 Volume 11 No. 3 May 2011 ISOLATION AND TESTING THE ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 3, 2011 ... Alfred Mugambi Mariga, Department of Nutrition, Egerton University, PO. Box ... The specific objectives were to: isolate L. lactis bacteria from A. hybridus ... water, CO2, atmospheric nitrogen and sunlight [2]. ... and be non-pathogenic. ... removal from laboratory media by Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria [15].

  4. Faculty Retirement Transitions Revitalized (United States)

    Van Ummersen, Claire; Duranleau, Lauren; McLaughlin, Jean


    It has been almost ten years since the American Council on Education (ACE) began to raise awareness of the importance of workplace flexibility in faculty careers and to encourage colleges and universities to support faculty in better integrating their professional and personal lives. With the generous support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, ACE…

  5. The Question of the Objective Basis of Whitehead's Theory of the Rhythm of Education: Homeostasis Research and Chronobiology (United States)

    Scarfe, Adam C.


    Alfred North Whitehead's (1861-1947) theory of the rhythm of education has enjoyed much popularity and success in terms of providing a general model for conceptualizing learning, teaching, and research processes. However, in respect to the Whiteheadian notion that there is a rhythm belonging to such processes, of which educators ought to be aware,…

  6. Phenomenological Philosophy and Orthodox Christian Scientific ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    was the method taught in the schools of medieval. Europe, especially in the 12th and 14th centuries, attempting an .... church. Alfred Loisy (1857-1940) and George Tyrrell. (1861-1909) are significant representatives of this. Modernist theological thinking, and their work may be understood to consist of an existential and.

  7. Kasutamata potensiaal saatkondade arhitektuuris / Andro Mänd

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mänd, Andro


    USA ja Põhjamaade suunast saatkonnahoonete arhitektuuris. Soome saatkonnahoonest (Mikko Heikkinen, Markku Komonen, 1994) Washingtonis, Põhjamaade (Taani, Islandi, Norra, Rootsi, Soome) saatkonnakompleksist (Alfred Berger, Tiina Parkkinen, 1999) Berliinis, Rootsi saatkonnahoonest (Gert Wingardh, Tomas Hansen, 2006) Washingtonis. Eesti uutest Riia ja Pekingi saatkonnahoonetest, ruumiprogrammist, konkursi tingimustest

  8. Letni sezon : ot avangardista do "Sjurrealistov" / Boris Tuch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    Suvelavastustest: Andrus Kivirähk "Sürrealistid" Viinistus (lavastaja Hendrik Toompere jun), Mart Kivastik "Kits viiuli ja õngega" Viinistus (lavastaja Raimo Pass), Alfred Jarry "Kuningas Ubu" Teater NO99 Haapsalu Kiltsi lennuvälja angaarides (lavastajad Ene-Liis Semper ja Tiit Ojasoo), Jaan Tätte "Kaev" Tallinna Linnateatri siseõues (lavastaja Indrek Sammul)

  9. The Palgrave centenary companion to Principia mathematica

    CERN Document Server

    Linsky, Bernard


    To mark the centenary of the 1910 to 1913 publication of the monumental Principia Mathematica by Alfred N. Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, this collection of fifteen new essays by distinguished scholars considers the influence and history of PM over the last hundred years.

  10. Katalog: Malerier, skulpturer, pasteller, tegninger

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Anderberg, Birgitte


    Géricault, Eva Gonzalès, Armand Guillaumin, Constantin Guys, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Aristide Maillol, Édouard Manet, Albert Marquet, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Adolphe Monticelli, Berthe Morisot, Jean-Francois Rafaelli, Odilon Redon, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Auguste Rodin, Théodore Rousseau, Alfred...

  11. Emad kinolinal / Maria Ulfsak-Sheripova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulfsak-Šeripova, Maria, 1981-


    Filmid : Roger Mitchelli "Ema", Douglas Sirki "Kõik, mida taevas lubab", Rainer Werner Fassbinderi "Hirm närib hinge seest", Todd Haynesi "On taevas nii kaugel", Alfred Hitchcocki "Psühho", Woody Alleni "New Yorgi lood", Lars von Trieri "Idioodid", "Alieni" filmid, Pedro Almodovari "Kõik minu emast" ja Catherine Breillat' "Romanss"

  12. Self-Esteem: A Model. (United States)

    Steffenhagen, R. A.

    Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology theory is actually a theory of self-esteem psychology. For Adler the most important motivating force for behavior is a striving for superiority. A self-esteem theory of deviance was developed with the underlying proposition being that low self-esteem is the basic psychodynamic mechanism underlying deviance. For…

  13. Democracy in the Hearing Impaired Classroom (United States)

    Keller, James F.; Moore, Marian B.


    In an attempt to reduce classroom misbehavior and encourage positive accomplishments among congenitally deaf children, a democratic theoretical model based on the concepts of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs was applied with 27 deaf children (ages 4 to 9 years) in four classes. (LC)

  14. Life Style Assessment: So What! (United States)

    Aubry, William E.

    The construct life style was used by Alfred Adler to describe the characteristic way in which individuals act and think. Followers of his theories are now collecting evidence to support or validate his contentions. The assessment of client life styles serves: (1) to make the client aware of his misconceptions, (2) as a reference point for therapy,…

  15. Birth Order and Maladaptive Behavior in School-Aged Children. (United States)

    Carmichael, Karla D.

    Drawing on Alfred Adler's theories on the effect of birth order on maladaptive behavior in children, this study focused on the relationship between birth order and the referral to counseling of school-aged children with maladaptive disorder. School-aged children (N=217) with academic or behavioral problems, ages 5 to 18, were referred to the staff…

  16. Appraising Birth Order in Career Assessment: Linkages to Holland's and Super's Models. (United States)

    Leong, Frederick T. L.; Hartung, Paul J.; Goh, David; Gaylor, Michael


    Study 1 (n=159) found significant differences in vocational personality types, interests, and values depending on birth order. Study 2 (n=119) found significant differences in occupational interests by birth order. Both results support Alfred Adler's theory that birth order determines aspects of vocational behavior. (Contains 33 references.) (SK)

  17. Guiding the Family: Practical Counseling Techniques. Second Edition. (United States)

    Grunwald, Bernice Bronia; McAbee, Harold V.

    This text on principles of Adlerian Psychology is designed for use in family counseling. It begins with an overview of Alfred Adler and his basic philosophy on human relationships. Throughout the book, as the Adlerian theory is discussed, practical application of theory is explained for counselors. Counselors must have a firm theoretical basis for…

  18. Freud, Adler, and Women: Powers of the "Weak" and "Strong." (United States)

    DeVitis, Joseph L.


    This article discusses Freud's original psychoanalytic notions on women and morality and their influence on constructions of personality, power, culture, and socioeducational change. Also discussed is Freudian critic Alfred Adler's use of a larger external lens to focus women's lives in a wider context of "social interest" and social…

  19. Interventions and Strategies in Counseling and Psychotherapy. (United States)

    Watts, Richard E., Ed.; Carlson, Jon, Ed.

    This book acknowledges the contributions of Alfred Adler and illustrates the many ways in which Adlerian ideas underpin and influence contemporary therapeutic approaches. It brings together today's leading thinkers to address the practice of counseling and psychotherapy from a social-cognitive perspective. Contributors apply the basic ideas of…

  20. Active Parenting Now: Program Kit. (United States)

    Popkin, Michael H.

    Based largely on the theories of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, this parent education curriculum is a video-based interactive learning experience that teaches a comprehensive model of parenting to parents of children ages 5 to 12 years. The kit provides parents with the skills needed to help their children develop courage, responsibility, and…

  1. The Integration of Christian Spirituality and Learning in Counselor Education: A Lesson from Adler. (United States)

    McCurdy, Kenneth

    The relationship between spirituality, and counseling and psychotherapy has been given increased attention in recent years. The author suggests that the teachings of Alfred Adler may assist counselor educators in integrating faith and learning in an unimposing manner respectful of religious tenets, focusing on spirituality, which can include…

  2. Grand Strategy: Contending Contemporary Analyst Views and Implications for the U.S. Navy (United States)


    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967). 41 Charles Glaser, “Realists as Optimists: Cooperation as Self-Help,” International Security 19, no. 3, Winter...oriented towards addressing transnational challenges and 62 On security communities, see, e.g., Emanuel Adler

  3. Adlerian Counseling: A Practical Approach for a New Decade. Third Edition. (United States)

    Sweeney, Thomas J.

    This book describes the practical applications of the psychology of Alfred Adler. The first chapter provides a short introduction to Adler and his work. Chapter 2 contains a compendium of the latest research and practices on the characteristics of healthy persons as they relate to individual psychology. Chapters 3 and 4 explain dimensions and uses…

  4. Individual Education. (United States)

    Corsini, Raymond


    Paper presented at the 66th Convention of the International Association of Pupil Personnel Workers, October 20, 1980, Baltimore, Maryland, describes individual education based on the principles of Alfred Adler. Defines six advantages of individual education, emphasizing student responsibility, mutual respect, and allowing students to progress at…

  5. Adlerian Therapy with Aggressive Children. (United States)

    Kizer, Betty

    Alfred Adler devised a theory that was holistic, social, teleological, and phenomenological. Adler believed that the basis of problems with children originated in the child's inability to cooperate with society, feelings of inferiority, and a lack of a goal in life. Adler felt the child's life should be examined through the child's eyes.…

  6. Missing Data: Discovering the Private Logic of Adult-Wary Youth (United States)

    Seita, John


    In his classic book, "The Problem Child," Alfred Adler (1930) noted that if educators do not understand the "private logic" and goals of a young person, their interventions may do more harm than good. But it is not a natural process to empathize with persons who fight their well-intended efforts to help. Adults and young people are often pitted as…

  7. Adlerian Counseling: A Practitioner's Approach. Fourth Edition. (United States)

    Sweeney, Thomas J.

    Written with the practitioner in mind, this overview of the theory and practice of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology explains the dimensions and uses of natural and logical consequences--the twin bases of Adlerian/Individual Psychology. The text takes a practical approach to the topic, and covers a variety of settings (school, home, community,…

  8. Retrospect (United States)

    Weaver, Anthony


    A collection of essays on education printed in The New Era during the 1920-1930 era and written by: Beatrice Ensor, A. S. Neill, G. Bernard Shaw, Adolphe Ferriere, C. G. Jung, Martin Buber, Alfred Adler, Harold Rugg, Ovide Decroly, and Paul Langevin. (SE)

  9. Effective Discipline in the Home and School. (United States)

    Painter, Genevieve; Corsini, Raymond J.

    Based originally on the work of the Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, work which was further developed by Rudolph Dreikurs, this book Dreikurs, this book offers solutions to specific child discipline problems. Part I focuses on effective discipline in the home. These topics are covered: fundamentals of practical parenting; problems of routine…

  10. Science, Technology, and the Quest for International Influence (United States)


    Alfred T. Mahan as one of the most important attributes supporting a state‘s claim to hegemony. Even after the rise of aviation, nuclear weapons, and...International Cooperation: The Impact of Protest on U.S. Arms Control Policy (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1998); Emanuel Adler , Communitarian

  11. "The Dethronement of Yata." (United States)

    Linden, George W.


    Reflects on the Lakota myth of the winds from a psychological-sociological point of view with the purpose of destroying several false myths relating to children and family dynamics. Recounts the myth and relates it to Alfred Adler's views of the family constellation and birth order as a basis for personality determination. (RAH)

  12. An Introduction to Adlerian Psychology for the School Counsellor. (United States)

    Dunn, Alan M.

    The life and work of Alfred Adler is outlined with a listing and explanation of the five principles of his Individual Psychology: (1) social interest, (2) self-determinism, (3) goal directed behavior, (4) subjectively interpreted perception, and (5) holism. The Adlerian terms, life style and family constellation are likewise explained. There is…

  13. Communication and Mental Health: Psychiatric Forerunners. (United States)

    Brooks, Deems M.

    The connections between human communication and mental health were first noted 50 to 60 years ago by such early psychiatrists as Alfred Adler, Harry Stack Sullivan, and Karen Horney. They were concerned with understanding those communication processes and skills that make for effective, fully functioning human beings. Adler emphasized faulty…

  14. Adlerian psychology as an intuitive operant system. (United States)

    Pratt, A B


    Traditional accounts of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler tend to sentimentalize his system and obscure its functional flavor. Six basic Adlerian positions on human behavior, including Rudolf Dreikurs' "four goals of misbehavior," are interpreted as a primitive statement of operant principles. Applied techniques long used by Individual Psychology practitioners strongly resemble interventions that applied behavior analysts have developed by more systematic means.

  15. The Orthopedically Disabled Child: Psychological Implications with an Individual Basis. July 1984 Revision. (United States)

    Sigmon, Scott B.

    This study describes the implications of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler and field theory associated with Kurt Lewin in understanding orthopedically disabled children and points out that orthopedically disabled youngsters have a remarkable range of individual differences both in type of disability as well as level of adjustment.…

  16. Towards an Ecology of Participation: Process Philosophy and Co-Creation of Higher Education Curricula (United States)

    Taylor, Carol A.; Bovill, Catherine


    This article brings together the authors' previous work on co-created curricula (Bovill, 2013a, 2014; Bovill et al., 2011) and on partnership and ethics (Taylor, 2015; Taylor and Robinson, 2014), to develop the concept of co-created curricula as an ecology of participation. In doing so, it deploys Alfred North Whitehead's process philosophy to…

  17. Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Slabs (United States)


    No. S. Oct. 1968. pp. 36-51. 17. Verbeck. George J.. "Mechanisms of Corrosion of Steel in 41. Bennett. E. W., and Dave , N. J.. "Test Performances and...Orville R. Werner Paul H. Karr ’ Robert E3. Philkeo Zenon A. Zielinski Lawrence 1. Knab Mtlos Poltvka Corresponding members Alfred G. Btshara J. P. Lloyd

  18. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Early Diagenetic Alteration of Recently Deposited Organic. Matter in Coastal Marine Sediments West of Unguja Island,. Zanzibar. Alfred N. N. Muzuka. Institute ofMarine Sciences, University of Dar es salaam, P.0. Box 668, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Key words: diagenesis, organic matter, organic carbon, nitrogen, stable isotopes, ...

  19. Perspective: A Pull in Two Directions--Mothers Torn between Work and Home (United States)

    Murphy, Anne Pleshette


    This article was excerpted from the author's "The 7 Stages of Motherhood: Making the Most of Your Life as a Mom," published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2004. The author describes the experiences of several professional women, including herself, returning to work from maternity leave. The article examines the varied and sometimes ambivalent responses…

  20. Clean Hands Count

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    Full Text Available ... 585 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 413,097 ... 086,746 views 4:50 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 25,802 views ...

  1. Kunstiga Eestimaad avastamas / Mart Helme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Helme, Mart, 1949-


    Kirjastuselt "Kunst" ilmunud uued raamatud: "Eestimaa. Looduse teejuht", tekst ja fotod Tiit Hunt; "Eestimaa. Linnuste teejuht", tekst Mart Helme; "Eestimaa. Kirikute teejuht", tekst Mart Helme, fotod Peeter Säre; "Eestimaa. Kultuurituristi teejuht", koostaja Tiiu Viirand; "Eestimaa. Ranniku teejuht", tekst Tiiu Viirand; "Eestimaa mõisate teejuht", fotod Peeter Säre, tekst Mart Helme, Alfred Wells

  2. Modes of Learning: Whitehead's Metaphysics and the Stages of Education (United States)

    Allan, George


    Educators are familiar with Alfred North Whitehead's three stages of education: romance, precision, and generalization. Philosophers are familiar with his metaphysical theories about the primacy of temporal processes. In "Modes of Learning," George Allan brings these two sides of Whitehead's thought together for the first time in a book…

  3. Variable Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (United States)


    Tomazin, both Electrical Engineering. Build a digital integrator for the STM feedback loop: Kyle Drewry, Electrical Engineering. Write an AutoLisp ...program to automate the AutoCad design of UHV-STM chambers: Alfred Pierce (minority), Mechanical Engineering. Design a 32-bit interface board for the EISA

  4. Avignoni totaalne teatrifestival / Andres Keil

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Avignoni teatrifestivalil nähtust. Lähemalt Marc Wolters'i ühemeheteater "Colt Warmers", Chapelle Sainte Claire (Alfred Jarry) "Kuningas Ubu", Herman Hesse "Sidharta" mängituna India teatritrupi poolt, "Movin' Melvin Brown : Me, Ray Charles and Sammy D. Jr" ning Virgine Mirabeau koreograafial tantsuetendus "Shoult I Stay Or..." Art's Fusion esituses

  5. What Simon says

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heukelom, F.


    This paper provides an overview of the work of Herbert Simon and his ideas about rational decision making. By his own standards, Simon is an economist who works in the tradition of Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall. The central theme in Simon’s research is how human beings organize themselves in

  6. Effects of coal combustion byproduct encapsulated ammonium nitrate on wheat yield and uptake of nitrogen and metals (United States)

    Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient that is taken up in large quantity. Ammonium nitrate (AN) is used in agriculture as an N fertilizer, but it is also an ingredient in explosives. As a result of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, regulations o...

  7. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We review some recent studies about the parameter determination of top quarks, bosons, Higgs bosons, supersymmetric particles and in the ADD model of extra dimensions at a linear collider. Author Affiliations. Alfred Bartl1 Stefan Hesselbach1. Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Wien, Boltzmanngasse 5, ...

  8. Clean Hands Count

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    Full Text Available ... 453 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 413,702 ... 28,656 views 3:40 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 26,480 views ...

  9. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 362 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 412,404 ... 219,427 views 1:27 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 25,194 views ...

  10. Bagatellid : Maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Muusikasõnumeid maailmast: Tõusev täht Yuja Wang. Berliini Filharmoonikute tiigrihüpe. Alfred Brendel jättis lavaeluga hüvasti. Midem Classical Awards 2009. Leipzigi Gewandhaus-orkester streikis esmakordselt ajaloos. Charles Dutoit sai Verbier' festivaliorkestri peadirigendisks. Muusikaplaat paavst Johannes Paulus II luulest

  11. 78 FR 63007 - Suspended Counterparty Program (United States)


    ...), which is subject to a separate decision-making process. Conversely, a person that has been excluded from... response by the affected individual or institution and by the regulated entities. A final suspension order... Delivered/Courier: The hand delivery address is: Alfred M. Pollard, General Counsel, Attention: Comments/RIN...

  12. Muuseumid kaubamajadeks? / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Võib juhtuda, et Tate Gallery on sunnitud müüma teoseid oma kollektsioonist katmaks Tate Moderni loomisega kaasnenud kulusid. Sothebys tulevad 25. IV müügile 350 XX sajandi alguse Edward Steicheni, Walker Evansi, Alfred Stieglitzi, EugèneAtgeti, Man Ray fotot New Yorgi MOMA kogudest

  13. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Freud and the second is Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler). It offers useful ... interventions that focus on the spiritual aspect of the patient and the AA concept is hardly ..... Unpublished PhD Thesis of University of Ibadan, Ibadan Oyo State,.

  14. Neznámý Dvořák ze staré skříně

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kachlík, Jan; Kratochvílová, Markéta


    Roč. 2014, č. 11 (2014), s. 18-19 ISSN 1210-9525 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Antonín Dvořák * opera * Alfred * original version Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  15. Governance in Afghanistan: Context and Possibilities (United States)


    Nathaniel. Russia in Central Asia in 1889 & the Anglo-Russian Question. London: Longmans, Green , and Co., 1889. Drage, Geoffrey. Russian Affairs. New York...Richard Bentley, 1839. Gray, John Alfred. At the Court of the Amir of Afghanistan. New York: Kegan Paul, 2002. Holdich, T. Hungerford. Through Central

  16. Rule, Britannia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Jørgen Riber


    Thomas Arne’s The Masque of Alfred (1740) with a libretto by James Thomson and David Mallet was written and performed in the historical context of George II’s reign where a kind of constitutional monarchy based on the Bill of Rights from 1689 was granting civil rights to the early bourgeoisie...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mar 16, 2009 ... The KAT centre was established in an old house in Hamburg, a coastal village between East London and Port Alfred in the region of the Eastern ... from as far away as Port Elizabeth, King William's Town and. Middle Drift.

  18. Beethoven, Ludwig van: Violinkonzert D-Dur op. 61

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Uuest heliplaadist "Beethoven, Ludwig van: Violinkonzert D-Dur op. 61 (Kadenz: Alfred Schnittke). Romanzen für Violine und Orchester op. 40 und 50. Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Volmer". Globe GLO 5155, distribution Talis (CD:153F). 1996. TT:1h 01'56"

  19. Social Phenomenological Analysis as a Research Method in Art Education: Developing an Empirical Model for Understanding Gallery Talks (United States)

    Hofmann, Fabian


    Social phenomenological analysis is presented as a research method to study gallery talks or guided tours in art museums. The research method is based on the philosophical considerations of Edmund Husserl and sociological/social science concepts put forward by Max Weber and Alfred Schuetz. Its starting point is the everyday lifeworld; the…

  20. ESA CryoVEx 2011

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skourup, Henriette; Barletta, Valentina Roberta; Einarsson, Indriði

    data obtained with an airborne electromagnetic (AEM) induction sounder conducted by Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) with fixed‐wing airplane (Polar‐5, Basler BT‐67). DTU Space airborne team visited five main validation sites: Devon ice cap (Canada), Austfonna ice cap (Svalbard), the EGIG line crossing...

  1. Increasing Organizational Effectiveness through Better Human Resource Planning and Development (United States)

    Schein, Edgar H.


    Discusses the increasing importance of human resource planning and development for organizational effectiveness, and examines how the major components of a human resource planning and development system should be coordinated for maximum effectiveness. Available from Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,…

  2. Demonstration of Thermally Sprayed Metal and Polymer Coatings for Steel Structures at Fort Bragg, NC (United States)


    ER D C/ CE RL T R- 17 -3 0 DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Program Demonstration of Thermally Sprayed Metal and Polymer Coatings...and Polymer Coatings for Steel Structures at Fort Bragg, NC Final Report on Project F07-AR10 Larry D. Stephenson, Alfred D. Beitelman, Richard G...5 2.1.2 Thermoplastic polymer coating (flame spray

  3. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Akakpo, Alfred. Vol 3, No 3 (2001): - Articles The use of biopesticides to control insect pests of papaya (Carica papaya) Abstract. ISSN: 0855-3823. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms and Conditions of Use ...

  4. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 585 views 3:10 Wash 'Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video - Duration: 5:46. Jefferson Health 413,097 ... 28,656 views 3:40 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 26,032 views ...

  5. Re-Imagining the Land, North Sutherland, Scotland (United States)

    Mackenzie, A. F. D.


    This paper focuses on contemporary re-imaginings of the land in North Sutherland that counter global, modernist discourse. One narrative concerns the reinvention of the past; the other concerns the reconstruction of the present. Through both, people create what Edward Said (Culture and Imperialism. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1994) calls a…

  6. Tuxedo Park: a Wall Street Tycoon and the secret palace of science that changed the course of World War II

    CERN Multimedia

    Garvin, G


    Review of Jennet Conant's new book describing the life and work of Alfred Loomis, an investment banker turned physicist who helped win WW11 by assembling teams of researchers who developed first radar and then the atomic bomb (1/2 page).

  7. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Progress Reports 1994, Volume 32, June 1995 (United States)


    May 1993. La misura degli intervalli di attivazione muscolare durante il movimento: un metodo di detezione statistica, Bonato P, D’alessio T...Philadelphia, PA 19107; Division of Medical Sciences. Alfred I. dti Pont Institute, Wilmington, DP. 19803; Olsen Biochemistry Laboratories, South Dakota

  8. Birth Order Positions and Personality Traits. (United States)

    Tharbe, Ida Hartini Ahmad; Harun, Lily Mastura Hj.

    The growing concern for the development of teenagers has brought up issues regarding the role of the family system in shaping the personality traits of children. Alfred Adler (1870-1937), an Austrian psychiatrist who introduced the psychological/therapeutic model, "Individual Psychology," highlighted the importance of birth order…

  9. Limits to Scale and Scope

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Kurt; Sørensen, Peter


    The seminal work of Alfred Chandler was based on observations relating to the so-called second industrial revolution. They concerned the development of the large modern manufacturing company and the paths of that development. This article attempts to apply the framework to a failed Danish...

  10. First in Space: The Army’s Role in U.S. Space Efforts, 1938-1958 (United States)


    throughout testing and development. The variation in fuels derives from two sources: (1) Minutes of JPL-1 Conference, 10 September 1945, 5, JPL 64...Edited by Alfred Goldberg . Washington, DC: Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1984. Richelson, Jeffrey T. America’s Space Sentinels, The History of

  11. Zen and the Art of Higher Education Maintenance: Bridging Classic and Romantic Notions of Quality. (United States)

    Shields, Patricia M.

    Uses Robert Pirsig's ideas in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" to explore two ways of viewing quality in higher education: the romantic and the classic. Analyzes historical and contemporary literature on quality using insights of Alfred Whitehead, Pirsig, and John Dewey, urging a vision that is honest and that incorporates…

  12. Soome disainiklassika Adamson-Ericus / Kersti Koll

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koll, Kersti


    Adamson-Ericu muuseumis näitus "Soome disain 1900. Tehas "Iris", Louis Sparre ja Alfred William Finch". Näha saab ka Aito Mäkineni filmi "A. W. Finch - eurooppalainen". Koostajad ja kujundajad Marketta Tamminen, Heidi Gustafsson, Juha Jämbäck

  13. Human brain evolution, theories of innovation, and lessons from the ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences; Volume 29; Issue 3. Human brain evolution, theories of innovation, and lessons from the history of technology. Alfred Gierer. Perspectives Volume 29 Issue 3 September 2004 pp 235-244. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  14. Darwin vs. Wallace: When Poetry Dies and When Poetry Survives in the Not-so-Natural Selection of Memetic Evolution (United States)

    Christensen, Bryce


    The theory of memetic evolution--explaining the reproduction of cultural units called "memes"--illuminates the decline of poetry as a cultural presence by clarifying the contrasting attitudes towards poetry manifested by the co-discoverers of natural selection: Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Darwin's eventual indifference to poetry…

  15. El mundo del libro: Enero de 1967

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agustín Rodríguez Garavito


    Full Text Available Se presentan las reseñas de las siguientes obras y autores: -Escritos de dos economistas coloniales. De Narváez, Antonio -La cordillera de Bogotá. Hettner, Alfred -La restauración constitucional. E. Acosta, Pablo -Canciones para asumir tu vuelo. Bonilla-Naar, Alfonso -Colombia historia y estampas. Paredes Pardo y Nereo, Jaime.

  16. Hitshkok vozglavil spissok rezhissjorov-neudatshnikov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ameerika telekanali Turner Classic Movies korraldatud küsitluse põhjal on kõige suurem ebaõnn režissööridest Alfred Hitchcock'il, kes kandideeris 6 korral oma filmidega parima filmi Oscarile ja ei võitnud. Ka teistest nimekirja hääletatutest

  17. Oscaritest ilmajäänute edetabelit juhib Hitchcock

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ameerika telekanali Turner Classic Movies korraldatud küsitluse põhjal on kõige suurem ebaõnn režissööridest Alfred Hitchcock'il, kes kandideeris 6 korral oma filmidega parima filmi Oscarile ja ei võitnud. Ka teistest nimekirja hääletatutest

  18. Clean Hands Count

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... News 581,131 views 18:49 Just Good Music 24/7 ● Classic Live Radio classics. 1,406 ... 611,013 views 1:46 Hand hygiene FULL music video - Duration: 2:33. AlfredHealthTV 26,798 views ...

  19. Rwandan Journal of Education - Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Closing the gap: analytical study on leadership and demonstrated competencies among primary school head teachers in Rwanda · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Claudien Ntahomvukiye, Alfred Otara, Michael Tusiime, Robert Sengarama, Christian ...

  20. Chemistry and Explosives: An Approach to the Topic through an Artistic and Historical Contribution Made by a Spanish Global Explosives Supplier (United States)

    Pinto, Gabriel; Garrido-Escudero, Amalio


    We present ideas about how to incorporate discussion of a paintings collection in chemistry classrooms. Specifically, it is a collection of paintings that have illustrated calendars since 1900, from a traditional Spanish explosives company (founded by Alfred Nobel and now known as Maxam). The case is discussed in relation to the "chemistry in…

  1. Quality Assessment in the Primary care

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muharrem Ak


    Full Text Available -Quality Assessment in the Primary care Dear Editor; I have read the article titled as “Implementation of Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS at Primary Health Centre Durvesh” with great interest. Shrivastava et all concluded that assessment mechanism for the achievement of objectives for the suggested RKS model was not successful (1. Hereby I would like to emphasize the importance of quality assessment (QA especially in the era of newly established primary care implementations in our country. Promotion of quality has been fundamental part of primary care health services. Nevertheless variations in quality of care exist even in the developed countries. Accomplishment of quality in the primary care has some barriers like administration and directorial factors, absence of evidence-based medicine practice lack of continuous medical education. Quality of health care is no doubt multifaceted model that covers all components of health structures and processes of care. Quality in the primary care set up includes patient physician relationship, immunization, maternal, adolescent, adult and geriatric health care, referral, non-communicable disease management and prescribing (2. Most countries are recently beginning the implementation of quality assessments in all walks of healthcare. Organizations like European society for quality and safety in family practice (EQuiP endeavor to accomplish quality by collaboration. There are reported developments and experiments related to the methodology, processes and outcomes of quality assessments of health care. Quality assessments will not only contribute the accomplishment of the program / project but also detect the areas where obstacles also exist. In order to speed up the adoption of QA and to circumvent the occurrence of mistakes, health policy makers and family physicians from different parts of the world should share their experiences. Consensus on quality in preventive medicine implementations can help to yield

  2. Nitrogen management in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) using 15N-enriched fertilizer

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shivananda, T.N.; Iyengar, B.R.V.; Kotur, S.C.


    An experiment was conducted during 1991 to study nitrogen management using 15 N-enriched fertilizer, to achieve economy in fertilizer N input by reduction and postponement of the basal dose in Arka Vikas tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller nom. cons). Application of 90 kg N/ha in 3 equal splits at 10, 30 and 50 days after transplanting did not show any reduction in total N uptake, dry-matter and fruit yields compared with 120 kg N/ha applied in 3 splits (60 kg N/ha basal and 30 kg top-dressed 20 and 40 days after transplanting). Band application of the basal dose and top-dressing at 20 days after transplanting resulted in higher N derived from fertilizer (Ndff), its uptake and utilization. Top-dressing of 30 or 40 kg N/ha at 10 days after transplanting resulted in better utilization than broadcasting the basal dose of 60 kg N/ha. Application at 40-50 days after transplanting showed poor uptake and utilization of applied N. The succeeding Arka Kalyan onion (Allium cepa L.) utilized 2.95-6.37% residual N, the highest being from the split application at 40 days after transplanting. Thus there was economy in fertilizer N input and higher carry-over of residual N for determinate cultivar of tomato be delaying as well as reducing the basal dose and confining the top-dressing to 30 days after transplanting. (author)

  3. Identification of Novel Source of Resistance and Differential Response of Allium Genotypes to Purple Blotch Pathogen, Alternaria porri (Ellis) Ciferri. (United States)

    Nanda, Satyabrata; Chand, Subodh Kumar; Mandal, Purander; Tripathy, Pradyumna; Joshi, Raj Kumar


    Purple blotch, caused by Alternaria porri (Ellis) Cifferi, is a serious disease incurring heavy yield losses in the bulb and seed crop of onion and garlic worldwide. There is an immediate need for identification of effective resistance sources for use in host resistance breeding. A total of 43 Allium genotypes were screened for purple blotch resistance under field conditions. Allium cepa accession 'CBT-Ac77' and cultivar 'Arka Kalyan' were observed to be highly resistant. In vitro inoculation of a selected set of genotypes with A. porri , revealed that 7 days after inoculation was suitable to observe the disease severity. In vitro screening of 43 genotypes for resistance to A. porri revealed two resistant lines. An additional 14 genotypes showed consistent moderate resistance in the field as well as in vitro evaluations. Among the related Allium species, A. schoenoprasum and A. roylei showed the least disease index and can be used for interspecific hybridization with cultivated onion. Differential reaction analysis of three A. porri isolates ( Apo-Chiplima, Apn-Nasik, Apg-Guntur ) in 43 genotypes revealed significant variation among the evaluated Allium species ( P = 0.001). All together, the present study suggest that, the newly identified resistance sources can be used as potential donors for ongoing purple blotch resistance breeding program in India.

  4. Citricoccus zhacaiensis B-4 (MTCC 12119) a novel osmotolerant plant growth promoting actinobacterium enhances onion (Allium cepa L.) seed germination under osmotic stress conditions. (United States)

    Selvakumar, Govindan; Bhatt, Ravindra M; Upreti, Kaushal K; Bindu, Gurupadam Hema; Shweta, Kademani


    The water potential of rhizospheric soil is a key parameter that determines the availability of water, oxygen, and nutrients to plants and microbes. Recent global warming trends and erratic precipitation patterns have resulted in the emergence of drought as a major constraint of agricultural productivity. Though several strategies are being evaluated to address this issue, a novel approach is the utilization of microbes for alleviation of drought stress effects in crops. Citricoccus zhacaiensis B-4 is an osmotolerant actinobacterium isolated from banana rhizosphere on mannitol supplemented medium (-2.92 MPa osmotic potential). This isolate expressed plant growth promotion traits viz, IAA, GA3 production, phosphate, zinc solubilization, ACC deaminase activity and ammonia production under PEG induced osmotic stress and non-stress conditions. Under in vitro osmotic conditions, biopriming with the actinobacterium improved the percent germination, seedling vigour and germination rate of onion seeds (cv. Arka Kalyan) at osmotic potentials up to -0.8 MPa. Considering its novelty, osmotolerance and plant growth promoting traits, biopriming with C. zhacaiensis is suggested as a viable option for the promotion of onion seed germination under drought stressed environments.

  5. Mutation induction of protein variability in wheat and rice

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Narahari, P.; Bhatia, C.R.; Gopalakrishna, T.; Mitra, R.K.


    No high protein mutants of wheat have been obtained without depression of grain yield after screening a few thousand lines. The best wheat mutant identified in our programme so far is an erectoid mutant that has consistently shown about 1.5-2% points increase in protein over Kalyan sona for the last four years. Grain yield of the mutant is about 89% of the parent. No significant variation in amino composition is noted in the mutant. Preliminary analysis of over 200 macro mutants in three varieties of rice has resulted in identification of mutants with high protein content (10-22%) compared with 8.0 to 8.5% in the high yielding controls. The amino-acid composition of some of the mutant kernels do not show great deviation from the controls. All the high protein percentage mutants are lower in grain yield. Despite very high F 1 sterility in a cross involving the high protein genotype GMPR-51 and high yielding IR-8, several fertile F 2 plants resembling IR-8 have been isolated which on preliminary analysis have shown still higher protein content than GMPR-51, suggesting a transgressive mode of inheritance of this trait. (author)

  6. Comparison of cross culture engineering ethics training using the simulator for engineering ethics education. (United States)

    Chung, Christopher


    This paper describes the use and analysis of the Simulator for Engineering Ethics Education (SEEE) to perform cross culture engineering ethics training and analysis. Details describing the first generation and second generation development of the SEEE are published in Chung and Alfred, Science and Engineering Ethics, vol. 15, 2009 and Alfred and Chung, Science and Engineering Ethics, vol. 18, 2012. In this effort, a group of far eastern educated students operated the simulator in the instructional, training, scenario, and evaluation modes. The pre and post treatment performance of these students were compared to U.S. Educated students. Analysis of the performance indicated that the far eastern educated student increased their level of knowledge 23.7 percent while U.S. educated students increased their level of knowledge by 39.3 percent.

  7. Recepción temprana de la teoría de la deriva continental y su competencia con las teorías rivales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez-Malváez, Carlos


    Full Text Available In 1912 Alfred Lothar Wegener proposed the theory of the continental drift. Wegener thought that the displacement explained more paleontological and geophysical data than any other rival program. The great virtue of the drift theory resided in their great capacity of synthesis. Wegener appealed to the information provided by the Geology, Paleontology and Paleoclimatology.

    Alfred Lothar Wegener propuso la teoría de la deriva continental en 1912. Wegener ciertamente pensó que el desplazamiento explicaba mas datos paleontológicos y geofísicos que cualquiera de los programas de investigación establecidos. Desde luego, la gran virtud de la teoría de la deriva fue su gran capacidad de síntesis. Wegener recurrió a la información que provenía de la Geología, Geofísica, Paleontología y Paleoclimatología.

  8. Remaining stress-state and strain-energy in tempered glass fragments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Jens Henrik


    to the fragmentation process and some authors e.g. Barsom (J Am Ceram Soc 51(2):75, 1968), Gulati (Glass processing days, Tamglass Engineering Oy, Tampere, 1997), Warren (Fractography of glasses and ceramics IV, Alfred University, Alfred, 2001) and Tandon and Glass (Fracture mechanics of ceramics—active materials......When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into relatively small pieces depending on the residual stress state in the glass. This has been known for centuries and is currently used in standards for classifying whether a piece of glass is tempered or not. However, the process of fragmentation...... is complex and only a few, relatively simple, models have been suggested for predicting the fragment size. The full theoretical explanation is still to be found and this work aims at providing another brick to the puzzle. The strain-energy present in tempered glass is obviously contributing...

  9. Quand la maison devient papier, et le papier refuge

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clara Domingues


    Full Text Available Le voyageur de nulle part, un exilé dénommé Alfred, élit domicile au dernier sous-sol de l’aéroport Charles de Gaulle où il entasse des valises pleines de liasses de papiers et de journaux. Car Alfred écrit tout autant qu’il fait écrire les journalistes intrigués par son personnage, et l’intrication de son écriture et de celle des journalistes lui bâtit progressivement un refuge : refuge mental de mots et refuge physique de papiers entassés, comme autant de protections face à une société qui disloque la vie des humains au point que leur unique refuge ne soit plus que de papier, et leurs livres des mots sur des feuillets volatiles.

  10. Building competencies for New Gen IV Reactors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pavel, G.L.; Ghitescu, P.


    The Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator - ALFRED is designed and sustained by several European countries. It is a 300 MWt (125 MWe) reactor, intended to be built in Romania, near the Pitesti site. Pure lead is used as primary coolant and it is foreseen to have a 40% thermal efficiency. Secondary cycle contains superheated water steam at around 450 Celsius degrees. Through ARCADIA cooperation, 26 partners from all over Europe joined their forces to provide the necessary research support for ALFRED. In Romania, several entities are providing nuclear courses but only the University Politechnica of Bucharest is offering a complete training program for nuclear industry but targeted courses for LFR technology need to be developed and implemented. Issues like physics of breeding, coolant analysis and behavior, targeted computer codes, core design and dynamics, safety still needs to be tackled

  11. Selection and challenges for LFR reactor materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weisenburger, A.; Jianu, A.; Del Giacco, M.; Fetzer, R.; Heinzel, A.; Mueller, G. [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany). Inst. for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology


    Nuclear energy using Fast GenIV reactors can fulfil future demands concerning CO2 free, base load capability and sustainability. One of the most promising coolants especially due to its high thermal inertia is liquid lead (Pb). Since several years researches all over the world investigate this coolant and its impact on the reactor design and by that on the materials to be selected. The LEADER project, a follow up of ELSY, aims to design a prototypical demonstrator ALFRED and to continue with several design related aspects of the ELFR reactor. For a demonstrator the criteria of material selection are somewhat different to a commercial type like the ELFR. Material selection for ELFR of course considers all the aspects relevant for ALFRED plus the targeted burn up and the expected total dpa related damage especially of the fuel pins. In the past compatibility of structural material (steels like 316L, T91 and 15-15Ti (1.4970)) that can be employed for Pb cooled fast nuclear reactors were investigated in several EU projects like EUROTRANS and worldwide. Solubility of steel alloying elements like Ni, Fe, Cr is the driving force for the reduced corrosion resistance in contact with Pb. In-situ oxidation is the acknowledged measure to protect steels in Pb up to certain temperatures that are material dependent. Based on experiments and the derived temperature limits the average core outlet temperatures of ALFRED and the ELFR are set to 480 C. The most challenging conditions with respect to temperature are at the fuel assembly and the heat exchangers. For both, thin stable oxide scales with negligible reduction in heat transfer are the requested protection method. This presentation will give an overview on the selected materials for ALFRED and ELFR considering, beside pure compatibility, the influence of mechanical interaction like creep and fretting. (orig.)

  12. Oceanic archipelagos

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Triantis, Kostas A.; Whittaker, Robert James; Fernández-Palacios, José María


    Since the contributions of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, oceanic archipelagos have played a central role in the development of biogeography. However, despite the critical influence of oceanic islands on ecological and evolutionary theory, our focus has remained limited to either the i...... of the archipelagic geological dynamics that can affect diversity at both the island and the archipelagic level. We also reaffirm that oceanic archipelagos are appropriate spatiotemporal units to frame analyses in order to understand large scale patterns of biodiversity....

  13. The U.S. Army’s Sioux Campaign of 1876: Identifying the Horse as the Center of Gravity of the Sioux (United States)


    Books, 1994), 10-11; and Utley, 11, 252-253. 6Thomas Dunlay, Wolves for the Blue Soldiers: Indian Scouts and Auxiliaries with the United States Army... Yellowstone were under the overall command of General Alfred Terry, commanding the Department of the Dakotas. All three columns were attempting to find and...Annual Report, 1875, 35-48; Bourke, On the Border With Crook, 289-291. 4John F. Finerty, War-Path and Bivouac: The Big Horn and Yellowstone Expedition

  14. Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864: A Study in Operational-Level Command. Second Edition (United States)


    attack on the morning of 6 May. The tired Confederate soldiers were allowed to sleep, thus they did not build breast - works or straighten their awkward...General Alfred T.A. Torbert, who was suffering from a spinal abscess ) came down the Furnace Road to Brock Road. Gregg’s division came down Piney...penetrated the Rebel breast - works, but they were driven back shortly thereafter. The Union troops and leaders were now aware that their foe was Confederate

  15. Metabolic profiling of plasma amino acids shows that histidine increases following the consumption of pork


    Samman S; Crossett B; Somers M; Bell KJ; Lai NT; Sullivan DR; Petocz P


    Samir Samman,1 Ben Crossett,2 Miles Somers,1 Kirstine J Bell,1 Nicole T Lai,1,3 David R Sullivan,3 Peter Petocz4 1Discipline of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2Discipline of Proteomics and Biotechnology, School of Molecular Bioscience, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia; 3Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia; 4Department of Statistics, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia Abstract: Amino acid (AA) status is determined by facto...

  16. What is Mine is Yours: The Art of Operational Integration (United States)


    141 Dorn, Walkout, 67-68. 142 Stilwell, The Stilwell Papers, 77. 143 Max Hastings, Retribution (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008), 216. 144...impose the urgency of the situation in Burma on 152 Stilwell, The Stilwell Papers, 90. 153 Hastings, Retribution , 216. 154 Dorn, Walkout, 86. the Rhine, 33. 171 Tombin, With Utmost Spirit, 385,388. 172 Hastings, Retribution , 216. 173 Davies, Dragon by the Tail, 262. 174 Bagby

  17. Adlerian psychology as an intuitive operant system


    Pratt, Ann B.


    Traditional accounts of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler tend to sentimentalize his system and obscure its functional flavor. Six basic Adlerian positions on human behavior, including Rudolf Dreikurs' “four goals of misbehavior,” are interpreted as a primitive statement of operant principles. Applied techniques long used by Individual Psychology practitioners strongly resemble interventions that applied behavior analysts have developed by more systematic means.

  18. 心理学と科学方法論:ポパーと二人の心理学者(K.ビューラー.A.アドラー)


    立花, 希一; TACHIBANA, Kiichi


    There were two psychologists, Karl Buhler and Alfred Adler, who had taught Popper. Popper rarely confessed his intellectual debt, but he exceptionally said that he owed to Karl Buhler. On the other hand, Popper condemned Adler's Individual Psychology as a pseudo-science. However, as we read Adler, we are surprised to find that Popper was greatly influenced by Adler in various points such as the logic of social situation, optimism, the regulative idea of the absolute truth, the view of science...

  19. Victory celebrations mark 1945 peace

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Riia vennaskalmistul 8. mail peetud Teises maailmasõjas langenute mälestamistseremooniast võtsid osa ka Läti president Valdis Zatlers, spiiker Solvita Aboltina, kaitseminister Artis Pabriks, riiklike relvajõudude juhataja Raimond Graube ja Riia linnapea Nils Usakovs. 30 000 inimest tähistas Riias 9. mai võidupüha, kohal olid ka Euroopa Parlamendi saadikud Tatjana Zdanoka, Alfreds Rubiks ja Vladimirs Buzajevs

  20. Kunstieksperdid kiruvad võidukavandit / Villu Päärt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Päärt, Villu, 1972-


    Eesti Rahva muuseumi uue hoone arhitektuurikonkursi võidutööd: 1. preemia "Memory Field" (autorid itaalia arhitekt Dan Dorell, liibanoni arhitekt Lina Ghotmeh, jaapani arhitekt Tsuyoshi Tane); 2. preemia "Gems" (autorid soome arhitektid Juho Grönholm, Antti Nousjoki, Janne Teräsvirta, Samuli Woolston); 3. preemia "Estonia is on the verge of a new millenium" (autorid austria arhitektid Alfred Bramberger, Thomas Pucher, Heidrun Steinhauser, Martin Mathy, Christa Pucher). Lähemalt tööst "Memory Field"

  1. Biological Weapons Attribution: A Primer (United States)


    environment rich in amino acids , nucleosides, and glucose—such as that found in the blood or tissue of an animal or human host. 33 Anthrax can be found...The Grapes of Wrath and the Speckled Monster, Part III: Epidemics, Natural Disasters and Biological Terrorism-The Federal Response,” Michigan State...Control. Accessed at on March 5, 2007. Sciarrino, Alfred J. “The Grapes of Wrath and the

  2. La ética de la autoconservación y la teoría de los deberes políticos en el Leviatán de Hobbes*


    Francisco Cortéz Rodas


    “The Ethics of Self-Preservation and the Theory of Political Duties in Hobbes’ Leviathan”. In order to present the political argument in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, the author proposes an interpretation of his doctrine developed by Alfred Taylor, Howard Warrender and Michael Oakeshott. According to this interpretation, Hobbesian ethics, as developed in his theory of the laws of nature, once distinguished from his selfish psychology, shows itself as a strict deontological ethics, very close to K...

  3. Policy Options to Address Crucial Communication Gaps in the Incident Command System (United States)


    knife and study their husbands’ necks. Anything can happen.12 Raymond Chandler , Red Wind, A. CHAPTER INTRODUCTION This chapter describes the...Santa Barbara, moving southward towards Ventura, 12 Raymond Chandler , “Red Wind.” Available at http...front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Government and other responders were on the scene minutes after a massive truck bomb destroyed a federal

  4. Evaluating Courses of Actions at the Strategic Planning Level (United States)


    Normann and Ramirez 1993). • American business historian, Alfred D. Chandler in 1962, defines strategy as “the determination of the basic long...goals” ( Chandler 1962). The planning makes us prepare a better future. It helps to formulate methods or means to achieve a desired objective or goal in...Jossey-Bass, 1995. Chandler , A.D. Strategy and Structure. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1962. Evered, Roger. "So What is Strategy?" Long Range Planning 16

  5. Infrared Detector Research (United States)


    Bratt, Howard Davis, Frank Renda , Paul Chia, Arthur Lockwood. Bell Telephone Labs Leo F. Johnson, Alfred U. MacRae, Paul Norton. Texas Ins truments Werner...impurities which can "donate" their extra electron not required for bonding with the silicon atoms. When there are more acceptors than donors the material...will be p-type. The extra electrons from the donors can complete the bond missing due to the boron atoms. This process is call compensation. The

  6. Las cicatrices de la fugacidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edgar O'Hara


    Full Text Available Fernando de Szyszlo. Reproducciones en color y textos en inglés (más separata con traducción castellana de Mario Vargas Llosa, Ana Moría Escallón, Ricardo Pau-Llosa; entrevista de Ana María Escallón y cronografía de Judith Alnaís. Ediciones Alfred Wild, Bogota, 1991.

  7. Organizing the Electronic Century


    Richard N. Langlois


    This paper's title is an echo of Alfred Chandler's (2001) chronicle of the electronics industry, Inventing the Electronic Century. The paper attempts (A) a general reinterpretation of the pattern of technological advance in (American) electronics over the twentieth century and (B) a somewhat revisionist account of the role of organization and institution in that advance. The paper stresses the complex effects of product architecture and intellectual property regime on industrial organization ...

  8. Improving outcomes in lung cancer: the value of the multidisciplinary health care team


    Denton, Eve; Conron, Matthew


    Eve Denton,1 Matthew Conron2 1Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Department, Alfred Hospital, 2Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, VIC, Australia Abstract: Lung cancer is a major worldwide health burden, with high disease-related morbidity and mortality. Unlike other major cancers, there has been little improvement in lung cancer outcomes over the past few decades, and survival remains disturbingly low. Multidisciplinary care is the corner...

  9. Wallace, Darwin and Ternate 1858. (United States)

    Smith, Charles H


    Recent debates on the mailing date of Alfred Russel Wallace's 'Ternate essay' to Charles Darwin in the spring of 1858 have ignored certain details that, once taken into account, alter the matter considerably. Here, a closer look is taken at the critical question of whether Wallace's manuscript-accompanying letter represented a reply to the Darwin letter that arrived in Ternate on 9 March; it is concluded that it very probably did not.

  10. The Unbroken Chain: A Case Study in Nth Order Effects (United States)


    18 Center for Army Lessons Learned, 92. 19 Alan Munro. Arab Storm: Politics, Diplomacy behind the Gulf War (London: I. B. Tauris...Robert Fisk, The Great War for Civilisation : The Conquest of the Middle East (London: Alfred A. Knopf, 2006), 646. 45 Bush, National Security Directive...65. 91 Anonymous, 84. 92 Armstrong, 66. 93 Adam Robinson, Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2001), 87. 94

  11. Fort Jackson, a Preventive Approach to Family Life Ministry in a Military Community. (United States)


    permeability in defining the family and non-family world . 1John E. Mack and Elvin V. Temrad, "Classical Psychoanalysis , " in Comprehensive Textbook of...John E., and Temrad, Elvin V. "Classical Psychoanalysis ." In Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, pp. 269-319. Edited by Alfred Freedman and Harold...this kind of communi- cation is not just going to happen. 4. Participate in some common pursuits. Share your visions, hopes, and dreams by translating

  12. Agency privileges and immunities

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Switzerland has become the thirty-fifth Member State to be a party to the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Its Resident Representative, Ambassador Alfred Eschler, deposited his Government's instrument of acceptance on 16 September. This is the fourth such instrument to be deposited with the Agency since the beginning of this year, the others being Ecuador on 16 April, Niger on 17 June and Vietnam on 31 July. (author)

  13. Book Reviews


    Redactie KITLV


    -Greg Bankoff, Alfred W. McCoy, Lives at the margin; Biography of Filipinos obscure, ordinary and heroic. Madison, Wisconsin: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madion, v + 481 pp. -Greg Bankoff, Clive J. Christie, Ideology and revolution in Southeast Asia 1900-1980; Political ideas of the anti-colonial era. Richmond, Surrey: Curzon Press, xi + 236 pp. -René van den Berg, Videa P. de Guzman ,Grammatical analysis; Morphology, syntax, and semantics; Studies in honor of ...

  14. Review of National Work Programme on the Long Term Effects of Sustained High G on the Cervical Spine (Analyse du programme de travail national : les effets long terme sur la colonne cervicale d’un nombre de G lev et prolong ) (United States)


    Neck Muscle 6-7 Function and Symptoms of Neck Pain in UK Student Pilots 6.3.3 Other Ongoing Relevant Activities 6-9 6.4 Unclassified Reports...Prof. Karin Harms-Ringdahl, PhD, RPT Karolinska Institutet Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, and Society Division of Physiotherapy 23100...Äng Karolinska Institutet Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, and Society Division of Physiotherapy Alfred Nobels Allé 23100 SE-14183

  15. U.S. Marine Corps Operations in Iraq, 2003-2006 (United States)


    Alligators , Buffaloes, and Bushmasters:The History of the Development of the LVT Through World War II. Major Alfred Dunlop Bailey, USMC (Ret...efforts the 82d ABD paid for in blood , and complicate our campaign plan which we have not yet been given the opportuni­ ty to implement...Operation Saber (Hissam) covered the rest of July for RCT-2, an umbrella operation stressing counterinsurgency actions by each battalion in their

  16. Analysis of the Landing Ship Tank (LST) and its Influence on Amphibious Warfare During World War Two (United States)


    should be conducted. He stressed that the rapid deployment of troops from ship to shore was essential. In February 1924, the Navy and Marine Corps...Figure 12). This allowed for a more rapid loading 96Alfred Dunlop Bailey, “ Alligators , Buffaloes, and Bushmasters: The History of the Development of the...of the wounded, they were adequate for 110A. K. Demetriades, M. C. Gavalas, and J. Ryan, “D-Day On Board A Tank Landing Ship: Meat, Cheese and Blood

  17. Betsy Pugel, Tiny houses: Planetary protection-focused materials selection for spaceflight hardware surfaces


    Schriml, Lynn


    Betsy Pugel, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Tiny houses: Planetary protection-focused materials selection for spaceflight hardware surfacesOn October 10-12th, 2017 the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine co-hosting MoBE 2017 (Microbiology of the Built Environment Research and Applications Symposium) at the National Academy of Sciences Building to present the current state-of-the-science in understanding the formation and ...

  18. Premio Nobel de ciencias Económicas 1998

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sen Amartya


    Full Text Available

    La Academia Real de Ciencias de Suecia ha decidido otorgar el premio Banco de Suecia 1998 en Ciencias Económicas, en Memoria de Alfred Nobel, al Profesor Amartya Sen, del Trinity College, Reino Unido, y ciudadano indio, por sus contribuciones a la economía del bienestar.




  19. Concurrency Attacks and Defenses (United States)


    Alfred Aho. Android malware static analysis techniques. In The 10th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research (CISR) Conference, 2015. 7. Yinzhi...13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT 15. SUBJECT TERMS 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 19a... SECURITY CLASSIFICATION. Enter security classification in accordance with security classification regulations, e.g. U, C, S, etc. If this form

  20. Archaeological Reconnaissance in the 50 Year Flood Easement Lands. Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir, Missouri (United States)


    No. 14. Knoxville. Chomko, Stephen A. 1978 Phillips Spring, 23111216: A Multicomponent Site in the Western Missouri Ozarkq. Plains Anthropologist 23...Office of the State Archaeologist, Iniversity of Iowa Report 11. Iowa City. Pp. 163-166. Henry, Donald 0., Barbara Butler and Stephen A. Hall 1979 The...North America. M- Graw -Hill. New York. 1 ~168 .Iohnson, Alfred E. 1968 Archaeological Investigations in the Clinton Reservoir Area, Eastern Kansas

  1. Genetic phenomenology and potentiality: a new insight to the theory of impathy in Husserl

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael D. Barber S. J.


    Full Text Available El presente artículo tiene como propósito principal hacer una relectura de la teoría de la empatía ( Einfülung de Edmund Husserl, a través de un análisis del concepto de aprensión analogica, a partir de las críticas de Alfred Schutz en su texto El problema de la intersubjetividad trascendental en Husserl.

  2. An Analysis of Alternative Shore Activity Personnel Execution to Improve Productive Work (United States)


    Naval History and Heritage Command n.d.) 1 The Navy is also moving to align with civilian workforces, both in pay schedules and work life balance . Although...LEFT BLANK 8 III. ALTERNATIVE WORKWEEKS When considering work - life balance outcomes it is useful to delineate two dimensions of working time... life balance at non seagoing commands. The push for recognition of the Alfred P. Sloan award and their attempt to be one of the top 500 desired

  3. The Massabesic Experimental Forest (United States)

    Thomas W. McConkey; Wendell E. Smith


    White pine and fire! These two - the tree and its destroyer, fire - are keys to the history and present make-up of the research program on the Massabesic Experimental Forest at Alfred, Maine. The Forest was established in the late 1930's to study the management of eastern white pine. During World War II, it was shut down, and reopened again in 1946. Then, in 1947...

  4. Integrated Information Systems Management: A Coordinated and Cooperative Approach. (United States)


    processing system. Ergo, the telecomununications dependent era of data processing had began. 54 The era of telecomunications -dependent data processing...potential for saving costs, is the problem of the trans- ’i I portation- telecomunications tradeoff. Alfred E. Kahn and Charles A. Zielinski wrote in 1976...I dfind i, th. crt’ditblity thv telecomunications manager had S.t.;!.i ,! ,..i t t,? !.nu~vunt. Lnfortunately, this important I fe~ttuv tif otI (tcn v

  5. Final Report: Identification and Manipulation of Novel Topological Phases (United States)


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) 77 Massachusetts Ave. NE18-901 Cambridge, MA 02139 -4307 9-Aug-2015 ABSTRACT Number of Papers published in peer...Professorship (2012-2015) Plenary Speaker, 3rd. International Conference in Superconductivity and Magnetism (ICSM2012) Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (2012...transition ( MIT ) is discontinuous and occurs at temperatures greater or equal to TN , a Slater-type MIT is continuous and occurs exactly atTN .15 Therefore

  6. Decision Support Systems: Theory. (United States)


    i41-354, 1963. Lambin, I. J., "A Computer On-Line Marketing Mix Model." J. Marketing Res. 9, 119-126, May 1972. Langefors, Borge and Samuelson, Kjell...John D. C., "BRANDAID: An On-Line Marketing Mix Model," Alfred P. Sloan School Working Paper 586-72, M.I.T. , 1972. (39) Little, John D. C. and Lodish

  7. An Intensive Cultural Resources Survey and National Register Evaluation of Archaeological Sites at the Proposed River Ranch Resort in Lyman County, South Dakota (United States)


    and other wet places (Barkley ed. 1986:289). Its bark can be used for medicinal purposes and also provides tannin . The buds, leaves and twigs are...was also very candid about the interest in certain types of liquid refreshments often consumed by Alfred, namely beer, wine and whiskey. This may...complete bottles include two 4/5 quart amber bottles, two colorless glass wine flasks, and two amber glass flasks which once held alcohol. The first

  8. Scalable, Flexible and Active Learning on Distributions (United States)


    Rényi, Alfréd (1961). “On measures of entropy and information”. In: Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and...In: The Annals of Statistics 2.1, pages 39–48 (page 45). — (1980). Approximation Theorems of Mathematical Statistics . John Wiley & Sons (pages 62, 64... Applications International Corp under grants P010127116T0003, P010132891T0005, and P01032981T0006; Sandia National Laboratories under grant number

  9. The Evolution of Enterprise Organization Designs


    Jay R. Galbraith


    This article extends Alfred Chandler's seminal ideas about strategy and organizational structure, and it predicts the next stage of organizational evolution. Chandler described the evolution of vertical integration and diversification strategies for which the functional and multidivisional structures are appropriate. He also explained how the dominant structure at any point in time is a concatenation or accumulation of all previous strategies and structures. I extend Chandler's ideas by descr...

  10. The Longue Duree: Indonesia’s Response to the Threat of Jihadist Terrorism 1998-2016 (United States)


    Kunkler and Alfred Stepan (New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 2013), 127. 82 Andrew T. H. Tan , “Counter-terrorism in Southeast Asia Post-9/11,” in...chart=overtime&ob=GTDID&o d=desc#results-table. 88 Andrew Tan , “The Persistence of Armed Muslim Rebellion in Southeast Asia: Implications after...Counterinsurgency in Modern War, ed. Scott Nicholas Romaniuk and Stewart Tristan Webb (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2016), 127. 114 Arabinda Acharya

  11. Controlling Mitochondrial Dynamics to Mitigate Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (United States)


    Alfred L. Nuttall CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR 97201 REPORT DATE: October 2017 TYPE OF REPORT: 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER Oregon Health & Science...based upon the results of these studies, we have also examined additional concentrations of mdivi-1 and performed a multiple-day (5 days) mdivi-1

  12. The Relationship of Birth Order and Gender with Academic Standing and Substance Use Among Youth in Latin America


    Horner, Pilar; Andrade, Fernando; Delva, Jorge; Grogan-Kaylor, Andy; Castillo, Marcela


    Alfred Adler attempted to understand how family affects youth outcomes by considering the order of when a child enters a family (Adler, 1964). Adler’s theory posits that birth order formation impacts individuals. We tested Adler’s birth order theory using data from a cross-sectional survey of 946 Chilean youths. We examined how birth order and gender are associated with drug use and educational outcomes using three different birth order research models including: (1) Expedient Research, (2) A...

  13. Ameerika endised riigisekretärid heitsid pilgu tulevikku / Urmas Kiil

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kiil, Urmas


    Viis endist USA riigisekretäri - Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher ja Colin Powell - andsid nõu tulevasele riigi presidendile, kuidas ta peaks suhtlema Venemaaga, kuidas tuleks lahendada Iraani tuumaprogrammi küsimus ja kuidas oleks võimalik taastada Ameerika prestiizhi maailmas. Vt. samas: Henry Alfred Kissinger, Madeleine Korbel Albright, Warren Minor Chistopher, Colin Luther Powell ja James Addison Baker



    Dr. Ram Lalit


    Tracing the origin of psychoanalytical interpretation of the literary texts M.A.R. Habib writes: Critics, rhetoricians, and philosophers since Aristotle have examined the psychological dimensions of literature, ranging from an author’s motivation and intentions to the effect of texts and performances on an audience. The application of psychoanalytic principles to the study of literature, however, is a relatively recent phenomenon, initiated primarily by Freud and in other directions by Alfred...

  15. Information and Competitive Advantage: The Rise of General Motors.


    Norton, Seth W


    During the mid-1920s Alfred P. Sloan instituted a number of innovations designed to provide the operating divisions at General Motors with more accurate and more timely information regarding final consumer demand. These innovations have not received much attention in attempts to explain General Motors' remarkable rise to dominance of the U.S. domestic automobile industry. The present article reviews these events and provides statistical tests affirming the success of these innovations at the ...

  16. Taking a Quantum Leap in Cyber Deterrence (United States)


    frame an adversary‘s rationale and decision calculus. 82 Understanding a group‘s rationale helps frame a strategy for deterrence. Emanuel Adler leverage against America. 8586 Adler adds that when deterrence culture in this context is driven by religious and ethnic- nationalist beliefs...Path to the Quantum Computer. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. Kapur, S. Paul. "Deterring Nuclear Terrorists." In Complex Deterrence: Strategy in

  17. Strategic Positioning of United States Air Force Civil Engineer Contingency Equipment within the Supply Chain (United States)


    Pooled. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 45(5), 678-692. Weber, A. (1929). Alfred Weber’s Theory of Location of...chose to employ the criteria proposed by Adler and Ziglio (1996), where an expert exhibits: 1) Knowledge and experience with the matter being...the DoD which maintain a dispersed posture and are considering consolidation of critical inventories. 120 References Adler , M., & Ziglio, E

  18. Recognizing the Need For, Impacts and Benefits of Effective Delegation In the Work Place (United States)


    of decisions they make. In addition, the intricacy and consequences of the decision made increase significantly ( Adler , 2008). This Adler , N. G. (2008). International Dimension of Organizational Behavior. Mason, OH: South- Western. Anderson, M. D. (n.d...43-55. Peters, T. (1987). Thriving on Chaos. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Ricketts, A. (Jan, 2009). The do’s and don’ts of delegaton. Management at

  19. The Air University Pantheon of Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Thinkers (United States)


    Air Force would not have come as soon as it did. Learn more . . . • James J. Cooke, Billy Mitchell (Boulder, CO: L. Rienner, 2002). • Alfred F...Winter 1974): 18–25. • James Parton, “Air Force Spoken Here”: General Ira Eaker and the Command of the Air (Bethesda, MD: Adler and... Adler , 1986). 99 100 101 Dr. Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963) ♦ Father of supersonic flight ♦ Guggenheim Aeronautics Laboratory professor at the

  20. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Performing the Air Refueling Mission (United States)


    point stating that it can also be applied to program planning and administration. Adler and Ziglio (1996) support Delbeq’s et al. (1975) assertion...experts in a group decision making setting; both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used (Skulmoski et al., 2007). According to Adler and...Results and Analysis “It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.” - Alfred North Whitehead Expert Panel Composition

  1. French descriptions of Wundt's laboratory in Leipzig in 1886. (United States)

    Nicolas, Serge; Gyselinck, Valérie; Murray, David J; Bandomir, Christina A


    Translations are provided of extracts from reports by the French-speaking scholars Alfred Grafé and Emile Durkheim concerning the instructional procedures in place at Wundt's Institute for Experimental Psychology in Leipzig in the summer of 1886. It is stressed that reports such as theirs were of importance, not only to researchers, but also to teachers and administrators concerned with how the new experimental psychology should be taught, especially with respect to practical classes.

  2. Wendy J. Goodson, Microbiomes of Military Cargo Aircraft and their Connection to Biocorrosion


    Schriml, Lynn


    Wendy J. Goodson, Air Force Research Laboratory Microbiomes of Military Cargo Aircraft and their Connection to BiocorrosionOn October 10-12th, 2017 the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine co-hosting MoBE 2017 (Microbiology of the Built Environment Research and Applications Symposium) at the National Academy of Sciences Building to present the current state-of-the-science in understanding the formation and function of microbial communitie...

  3. Bagatellid : maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld, Ivo Heinloo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Muusikasõnumeid maailmast: Jiri Belohlavek naaseb Tšehhi filharmoonia peadirigendiks. Alfred Brendel 80. Sir Simon Rattle'i debüüt Metropolitan Operas. Soome raadio sümfooniaorkestri peadirigendiks saabHannu Lintu. 2012. aasta Viini uusaastakontserti juhatab Maris Jansons. Uus täht jazzitaevas - Christian Scott. Valik uusi jazziraamatuid. Itaalia muusikaajakiri Musica Jazz valis aasta parimaid jazzmuusikuid. Grammy võitjad selgunud. Michael Jackson jätkab postuumselt müügirekordite purustamist

  4. 2015 Solar Decathalon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richardson, George [Alfred Univ. and Alfred State College, NY (United States)


    A final report is submitted for the results of Team Alfred’s participation in the 2015 Solar Decathlon held in October of that year in Irvine California. More than 30 people traveled the distance from Alfred NY to Irvine to participate in the assembly and contest of the ALF house. The results of what the team learned, the experience we had, and what we would have done differently are included in this report.

  5. La modélisation de la face terrestre. Sur l'histoire des stratégies de modélisation de la dérive des continents


    Grevsmühl, Sebastian


    International audience; Korrelierte Kontinente sind nicht die Erfindung Alfred Wegeners, wenngleich er dem Modell in »Die Entstehung der Kontinente« den Status einer Ikone der Moderne bereitet hat. Der Diskurs um die Korrelation beginnt schon im 16. Jahrhundert mit den ersten kartografischen Einschreibungen der kontinentalen Küstenlinien. Doch mit Wegeners umfassender »Verschiebungstheorie« erlangt die Figur der visuellen Korrelation eine erste, wenngleich umstrittene wissenschaftliche Fundie...

  6. Cognitive continental drift: how attitudes can change the overall pattern of cognitive distances


    Claus-Christian Carbon


    By the late Carboniferous period, the continents that today make up North America and Europe collided with the southern parts of Gondwana to form the western half of the last supercontinent Pangea. From this moment on, North America and Europe have steadily been drifting apart, as was initially described by Alfred Wegener in 1915. In this paper a cognitive counterpart of this continental drift is described—which progresses much faster than the phenomenon of plate tectonics. Distance estimatio...

  7. History and Nature of Science enriched Problem-Based Learning on the origins of biodiversity and of continents and oceans


    Sousa, Cristina


    [EN] The episode of the History of Science (HOS) on the theory of continental drift proposed by Alfred Wegener has been considered an excellent example for teaching students aspects of Nature of Science (NOS) and the relation of Science with social and tecnological contexts. We implemented a NOS and HOS-enriched Problem-Based Learning environment at the middle (year 7 of the Portuguese National Curriculum) and secondary level (year 10) for teaching the origins of biodiversity and of continent...

  8. Is it Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Digambar Dashatwar


    Full Text Available Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome (VKH syndrome is named after ophthalmologists Alfred Vogt from Switzerland and Yoshizo Koyanagi and Einosuke Harada from Japan. It is an uncommon multisystem disorder characterized by chronic, bilateral, diffuse granulomatous uveitis with associated dermatological, neurological and auditory manifestations. It is an autoimmune disease directed against melanocytes. We report a case presenting with vitiligo, auditory defect with additional dextrocardia.

  9. A one-stop-shop framework for discovery


    Koppe, Roland; Gerchow, Peter; Macario, Ana; Haas, Antonie; Schäfer-Neth, Christian; Schumacher, Stefanie; Driemel, Amelie; Cornils, Astrid; Hehemann, Laura; Eilers, Janik; Rehmcke, Steven; Walter, Andreas; Düde, Tobias; Weidinger, Philipp; Schäfer, Angela

    2018-01-01 is a component of our data flow framework designed to enable a semi-automated flow of sensor observations to archives (acronym O2A). The dramatic increase in the number and type of platforms and respective sensors operated by Alfred Wegener Institute along with complex project-driven requirements in terms of satellite communication, sensor monitoring, quality control and validation, processing pipelines, visualization, and archival under FAIR principles, led us to build a gene...

  10. Streaming and monitoring solutions for near real-time data


    Koppe, Roland; Gerchow, Peter; Macario, Ana; Haas, Antonie; Schäfer-Neth, Christian; Rehmcke, Steven; Walter, Andreas; Düde, Tobias; Weidinger, Philipp; Schäfer, Angela; Pfeiffenberger, Hans

    2018-01-01 is a component of our data flow framework designed to enable a semi-automated flow of sensor observations to archives (acronym O2A). The dramatic increase in the number and type of platforms and respective sensors operated by Alfred Wegener Institute along with complex project-driven requirements in terms of satellite communication, sensor monitoring, quality control and validation, processing pipelines, visualization, and archival under FAIR principles, led us to build a...

  11. Management of heterogeneous platforms and sensors


    Koppe, Roland; Gerchow, Peter; Macario, Ana; Haas, Antonie; Schäfer-Neth, Christian; Rehmcke, Steven; Walter, Andreas; Düde, Tobias; Weidinger, Philipp; Schäfer, Angela; Pfeiffenberger, Hans

    2018-01-01 is a component of our data flow framework designed to enable a semi-automated flow of sensor observations to archives (acronym O2A). The dramatic increase in the number and type of platforms and respective sensors operated by Alfred Wegener Institute along with complex project-driven requirements in terms of satellite communication, sensor monitoring, quality control and validation, processing pipelines, visualization, and archival under FAIR principles, led us to build a g...

  12. O2A - Data Flow Framework from Sensor Observations to Archives


    Gerchow, Peter; Koppe, Roland; Macario, Ana; Haas, Antonie; Schäfer-Neth, Christian; Pfeiffenberger, Hans; Schäfer, Angela


    The Alfred Wegener Institute coordinates German polar research and is one of the most productive polar research institutions worldwide with scientists working in both Polar Regions – a task that can only be successful with the help of excellent infrastructure and logistics. Conducting research in the Arctic and Antarctic requires research stations staffed throughout the year as the basis for expeditions and data collection. It needs research vessels, aircrafts and long-term observ...

  13. Falconry (United States)


    8217 --Independent--Back cover." - 150 - Filmed as Kes by Ken Loach in 1969, Barry Hines’ novel is a modern classic, and is a set GCSE text. Lawrence...signed by Richard Leach; and biographies of Richard Leach and Alfred V. Fedak. A compact disc accompanies the volume 52. Loach , Ken . KesNew...Passion of Falconry. London: Thames & Hudson, 2008. Call Number: SK 321 .A47 2008 23. Andersen, David Eric . "Military Training and the Ecology of Raptor

  14. Background paper on aquaculture research


    Wenblad, Axel; Jokumsen, Alfred; Eskelinen, Unto; Torrissen, Ole


    The Board of MISTRA established in 2012 a Working Group (WG) on Aquaculture to provide the Board with background information for its upcoming decision on whether the foundation should invest in aquaculture research. The WG included Senior Advisor Axel Wenblad, Sweden (Chairman), Professor Ole Torrissen, Norway, Senior Advisory Scientist Unto Eskelinen, Finland and Senior Advisory Scientist Alfred Jokumsen, Denmark. The WG performed an investigation of the Swedish aquaculture sector including ...

  15. Shelf currents, lee-trapped and transient eddies on the inshore ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    An ADCP mooring at a depth of 32 m off Port Alfred indicated that the countercurrent typically lasted a few days, but at times remained in the same direction for as long as 10 days. Velocities ranged between 20 and 60 cm s–1 with maximum values of ~80 cm s–1. The S–ADCP data also highlighted the existence of cyclonic ...

  16. Hitchcock-happening friikluse võtmes / Jarmo Valkola

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valkola, Jarmo


    Alfred Hitchcockist seoses uue filmisarjaga "Ainult friikidele". Sarja juhatab sisse Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli (BFMi) Hitchcocki seminar 26.-29. veebruaril Tallinna Kinomajas. Lisatud kava. (Filmisari linastub alates 25. veebruarist igal teisel esmaspäeval kinos Sõprus ja teisipäeval Tartu Athena Keskuses. Programm vältab ligi kuus kuud, 29. juulini. Esimese hooaja teemaks on ühiskondlikud ebakõlad)

  17. Selling Schweinfurt: Targeting, Assessment, and Marketing in the Air Campaign against Germany (United States)


    Henry L. Bowen and Alfred Goldberg , 15 January 1962. 128 process of moving to Medmenham), PRU-1 at Benson, PRU-3 at Oakington, Air Ministry...believed maintaining formation integrity would improve bombing accuracy; this would shrink the bombing pattern as well as compensate for variations in...or vergeltunswaffe (“get even” weapons) included several variations , although only the V-1 “flying bomb” or “buzz bomb” and the V-2 rocket saw

  18. Air & Space Power Journal. Volume 26, Number 5. September-October 2012 (United States)


    of their air support through variations in doctrine or expansion of available options to meet the mission requirements. Envisioning mul­...Alfred Goldberg and Lt Col Donald Smith, Army–Air Force Relations: The Close Air Support Issue, R-906-PR (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, October 1971), 16...most impor­ tant near term priority” and recognizing it as “the most effective way to generate capacity, increase tempo , [and achieve] maximum

  19. Värvi triumf / Mai Levin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Levin, Mai, 1942-


    Näitus "Neoimpressionismi jälgedes. Mägi ja Finch" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis 12. septembrini 2010. Kuraator Tiina Abel, kuraatori abi Liisa Kaljula, kujundaja Inga Heamägi. Puäntillismi mõjust, Konrad Mäe pöördumisest täppiva laadi poole. Inglise päritolu belgia-soome kunstniku Alfred William Finchi avastamisest. Prantsuse ja eesti kunstnike töödest näitusel

  20. Cette étrange matière

    CERN Document Server

    Kastler, Alfred


    La matière nous est connue et jusque dans sa structure intime : l'aspect qu'offre le monde industrialisé en est une preuve suffisante, la bombe atomique ou à hydrogène, un signe spectaculaire. Pourtant, selon Alfred Kastler, dont le témoignage en pareil domaine fait naturellement autorité, la matière mérite plus encore d'être appelée "étrange".

  1. Modern oder Postmodern? Traditionalismus, Avantgarde oder Postavangarde?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kostakeva Maria


    Full Text Available (nemački Mittelpunkt des Aufsatzes sind einige methodologische Probleme bei der Betrachtung der Kunst, bzw. Musik an der Schwelle der zwei Jahrhunderten. Anhang einiger Besonderheiten im Kompositionsverfahren von vier wichtigen Komponisten (György Ligeti, Alfred Schnittke, Helmut Lachenmann, Adriana Hölszky und im Licht der führenden Ideen der modernen Philosophie und Ästhetik wird versucht, die Idiomatik unserer Epoche unter Lupe zu stellen.

  2. La astrophysiques cause de la tectonique


    Omerbashich , M


    Paper accepted for publishing on 31 Aug 2016 by Earthquake Science journal (, Editor-in-Chief: Chen Yuntai, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. (ACCEPTANCE DECISION: Author rejected the offer as part of his protest against the way he and his discoveries were treated by the scientific community that resembled the treatment of Alfred Wegener and his historic discovery.; Tectonic earthq...

  3. Research activities: magic bullet and all that

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Basten, Tony.


    The Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology is the brain-child of the University of Sydney and its campus teaching hospital, Royal Prince Alfred. At present its research portfolio includes studies of cancer, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis (in which white cells or antibodies attack our own tissues), and certain infections diseases, including leprosy and AIDS. Experiments involving radioactively labelled monoclonal antibodies in immunological and molecular biology studies are briefly presented. ills

  4. Franco: una mente mai ferma (Franco: a mind never stops

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul A. Samuelson


    Full Text Available  In questo articolo l’autore racconta alcune affettuose memorie di Franco Modigliani. Per profondità, ampiezza, originalità e umana saggezza Modigliani ha guadagnato nella classifica degli studiosi il posto più elevato del XX secolo. Grande italiano, grande economista americano, Franco è stato anche uno dei maggiori economisti mondiali. I suoi studenti e collaboratori superano numericamente quelli di Alfred Marshall e Vilfredo Pareto.   In this article the author recounts some fond memories of Franco Modigliani. For depth, breadth, originality and human wisdom, Modigliani gained in the ranking of scholars, the highest place of the twentieth century. Great Italian, great American economist, Franco was also one of the leading economists in the world. His students and employees outnumber those of Alfred Marshall and Vilfredo Pareto.  JEL Codes: A11, B31, C1, C53, D0, E2, E3, E6Keywords: Franco Modigliani, Alfred Marshall, Vilfredo Pareto, verifiche empiriche, ciclo vitale, Keynes, disoccupazione

  5. Yarbus's Conceptions on the General Mechanisms of Color Perception. (United States)

    Nikolaev, Petr P; Rozhkova, Galina I


    In the last series of papers published during 1975 to 1980, Alfred Yarbus tried to formulate general conceptions concerning the basic principles of retinal image processing in the human visual system. The original ideas of Yarbus were based on the results of his numerous and various experiments carried out with extraordinary inventiveness and great skill. Being concentrated primarily on the problems of color vision, Alfred Yarbus dreamed of elaborating a comprehensive model that would simulate visual information processing at the monocular precognitive level in the visual system of humans with normal trichromatic color perception. In this article, the most important of Yarbus' experimental paradigms, findings, statements, and conclusions are systematized and considered in relation to the classical theories of color perception and, in particular, fundamental theses of the Nyberg school. The perceptual model developed by Alfred Yarbus remained incomplete. Nevertheless, it is already evident that some intrinsic contradictions make it inadequate in terms of comprehensive modeling. However, certain partial advantages deserve more thorough appreciation and further investigation. © The Author(s) 2015.

  6. „Sprache, du heilige“: Sprachreflexionen in der deutschen Dichtung der Bukowina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petro Rychlo


    Full Text Available Der Aufsatz befasst sich mit der historischen und kulturellen Rolle der deutschen Sprache in der Bukowina, wo sie zwischen 1875 und 1918 den Status einer offiziellen Staats- und Umgangssprache hatte und sogar nach dem Zerfall der Habsburgermonarchie noch eine Zeitlang auf verschiedenen Ebenen funktionierte. Das verursachte in der Bukowina und besonders in ihrer Hauptstadt Czernowitz die Herausbildung einer deutschsprachigen Literatur, deren Anfänge in die Mitte des 19. Jahrhundert fallen. Zuerst nur als „Heimatliteratur“ begriffen, entwickelte sie sich bald, vor allem auf dem Gebiet der lyrischen Dichtung, zu einem beachtlichen literarischen Phänomen, das in der Zwischenkriegszeit im Werk solcher Dichter wie Alfred Margul-Sperber, Rose Ausländer, David Goldfeld, Alfred Kittner, Moses Rosenkranz, Immanuel Weißglas, Paul Celan, Alfred Gong, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger ihre höchste Blüte erlebte. Infolge der fortschreitenden Romanisierung des Landes und der Bedrohung des Sprachverlusts greifen um diese Zeit viele Czernowitzer deutschjüdische Dichter öfters zur Sprachproblematik, indem sie sie in ihren Gedichten im tragischen Sinne thematisieren. Nach dem Holocaust und der Emigration aus der Bukowina verwandelt sich die Muttersprache für verbannte Dichter in ein Synonym der Heimat („Mutterland Wort“. Der Artikel analysiert Sprachreflexionen der Czernowitzer Autoren als Strategie des kulturellen und existenziellen Überlebens.

  7. PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Editorial developments Editorial developments (United States)


    I am delighted to inform you that from January 2010 Professor Alfred K Louis of the University of Saarland, Germany, will be the new Editor-in-Chief of Inverse Problems. Alfred joins us with a wealth of experience and a great deal of respect from the community. He has served the journal in a number of ways as an Editorial Board member, outstanding reviewer and author. We very much look forward to working with him to continue to publish the highest quality articles in the field and build on our extremely successful special section and topical review programmes. Whilst welcoming Alfred to the position, we are also keen to thank our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Professor Bill Symes, for the fabulous job that he has done over the past five years. Under Bill's direction, Inverse Problems has gone from strength to strength. In fact, in the last year we have taken the step of moving from six to 12 issues a year, reflecting the increased number of high-quality papers submitted to the journal. During the last five years we have published a wide range of fantastic special sections and topical reviews, including a celebration of the journal's 25th year (issue 12 2009), in which Bill played a pivotal role. We are very much looking forward to 2010 and will be celebrating our 25th birthday further with a selection of highlighted articles chosen from the past 25 years. We hope that you will continue to enjoy reading the journal. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Zoë Crossman Publisher

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  9. What Hitchcock Taught Us about Whodunnits


    Sipière, Dominique


    Although he specialised in crime thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock avoided filming whodunnits: his dislike gives a clue to both readers and spectators about the nature of what could be termed a “Hitchcock-genre” and about the thrill some still get from seemingly old fashioned novels of the 1930s. Whodunnits follow a strict pattern of double narration (the inquest strives to recreate the hidden story of the crime) and of a double “game” (the “author” challenges the reader and the characters keep cha...

  10. Poet's Pen: Ulysses. (United States)


    In the nineteenth century, when poetry was more widely read and memorized, Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1833) was hugely popular, and no poem of his was more popular and better known than "Ulysses." Even today many know the rousing call to action, which closes the poem: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." Ulysses, the Roman name for Odysseus, has returned home an old man after 20 years of fighting in Troy and wandering, and he faces an existential crisis: the tension between his obligation to his wife Penelope, son Telemachus, and his kingdom and his need to continue a personal journey of discovery.

  11. Adam Smith's Concept of Labour: Value or Measure?


    Adolfo Rodriguez-Herrera


    The terminology employed by Smith to refer to value and measure of value is used in his time with imprecision, which has led to different interpretations about his position on these issues. It is no coincidence that Smith is considered the father of the labour theory of value developed by David Ricardo and Karl Marx and simultaneously of the cost-of-production theory of value developed by John Stuart Mill and Alfred Marshall. This paper reviews the concepts developed by Smith to formulate his...

  12. "Berlinale 2008" - küll jahe, aga lahe! / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Berliini 58. filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : Kuldkaru võitis Brasiilia produtsendi ja režissööri Jose Padilha mängufilm "Eliitrühm", Hõbekaru USA režissööri Errol Morrise dokfilm "Tavaprotseduur". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru läks Paul Thomas Andersonile mängufilmi "Veri hakkab voolama" eest. Parima näitleja auhinna said Sally Hawkins ja Reza Naji, Alfred Baueri auhinna sai Fernando Eimbcke "Tahoe järv"

  13. La introducción de la escala de inteligencia de Stanford-Binet en el Paraguay


    José E. García


    RESUMEN: Aunque las primeras estrategias para evaluar la habilidad intelectual encuentran antecedentes milenarios en la antigua China, los intentos de medición en el periodo moderno comienzan con el psicólogo inglés Francis Galton en la década de 1880, mediante la aplicación de medidas fisiológicas para estimar el talento humano. A comienzos del siglo XX, los psicólogos franceses Alfred Binet y Théodore Simon construyeron las primeras escalas métricas para estimar la inteligencia de los niños...

  14. Violência doméstica psicológica sob a perspectiva da mulher idosa: um enfoque na fenomenologia social


    Rafaella Queiroga Souto


    Introdução: A violência doméstica psicológica perpetrada pelo familiar contra a mulher idosa é uma importante e pouco pesquisada questão de saúde pública global. Objetivo: Compreender a experiência da mulher idosa que vivencia violência doméstica psicológica. Método: Pesquisa qualitativa ancorada pela fenomenologia social de Alfred Schütz, realizada com onze mulheres idosas identificadas nos registros de dois serviços localizados no município de Campina Grande, Paraíba e um serviço localizado...

  15. Violência contra crianças/adolescentes em sofrimento psíquico e cuidado de enfermagem: reflexões da fenomenologia social


    Freitas, Rodrigo Jácob Moreira de; Moura, Natana Abreu de; Monteiro, Ana Ruth Macêdo


    RESUMO Objetivo : Refletir sobre a violência contra crianças e adolescentes em sofrimento psíquico e o cuidado de enfermagem a partir da fenomenologia social. Métodos : Estudo teórico fundamentada nas concepções de Alfred Schütz. Resultados : O sujeito em sofrimento psíquico apresenta conflitos nas relações familiares, estando imerso em uma situação biográfica que retira sua autonomia, contribuindo para que aconteça ações violentas. Trata-se de um fenômeno social expresso por meio das rela...

  16. [Poet-physicians in German literature]. (United States)

    Perels, C


    Starting with standards arising from the relationship between medicine and art in classical antiquity, biblical tradition and teutonic-pagan antiquity, this article roams through german literature from the Middle Ages up to the 20th century, from Hildegard of Bingen to Gottfried Benn and Alfred Döblin, guided by the question, how strongly medical knowledge and medical practise are reflected in the poetry of writing physicians. Individual dispositions and epoque-specific features are discussed. Special attention is given to Paul Fleming and Angelus Silesius, Albrecht von Haller and Friedrich Schiller, romanticism and Georg Büchner.

  17. Biology and Economics: Metaphors that Economists usually take from Biology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danny García Callejas


    Full Text Available Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall, Stanley Jevons, Karl Marx, Francois Quesnay and Joseph Schumpeter all have at least one thing in common: they used biological metaphors when speaking about economics. Nonetheless, today, this relation subsists and biology and economics are viewed as complementary sciences that have a lot to gain from joint research in fields like: evolutionary economics, economic growth, cognitive economics and environmental and ecological economics, among others. This paper, divided in four sections, will show this conclusion and explain that biology and economics are more sisters than strangers

  18. Papers presented at EuroSun'96 Congress 1996 in Freiburg, Germany

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Furbo, Simon; Heller, Alfred; Shah, Louise Jivan


    A collection of presented papers at EuroSun'96 Congress in Freiburg, Germany. Four papers are presented orally, two by poster.Verbally presented papers* Furbo Simon and Shah Jivan Louise, OPTIMUM SOLAR COLLECTOR FLUID FLOW RATES.* Holck Ole, MODELLING OF MICROCLIMATE IN COLLECTORS.* Saxhof Bjarne...... and Engelund Thomsen Kirsten, TWO DIFFERENT ROWHOUSES IN KOLDING - THE EFFECT OF ORIENTATION.* Svendsen Svend, ACCELERATED TESTING OF SOLAR COLLECTOR DURABILITY.Poster session presented papers* Heller Alfred, A SIMPLE ATRIUM AIR MODEL.* Shah Jivan Louise and Furbo Simon, OPTIMISATION OF MANTLE TANKS FOR LOW...

  19. [Commentary on the Nobel Prize that has been granted in Medicine-Physiology, Chemistry and Physics to noteable investigators]. (United States)

    Zárate, Arturo; Apolinar, Leticia Manuel; Saucedo, Renata; Basurto, Lourdes


    The Nobel Prize was established by Alfred Nobel in 1901 to award people who have made outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry and medicine. So far, from 852 laureates, 45 have been female. Marie Curie was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in 1903 for physics and eight years later also for chemistry It is remarkable that her daughter Irene and her husband also received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1935. Other two married couples, Cori and Moser, have also been awarded the Nobel Prize. The present commentary attempts to show the female participation in the progress of scientific activities.

  20. From Galileo to the Z0

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    On 3 May an audience of some of the world's leading physicists gathered in a small theatre on the Italian Riviera greeted Herwig Schopper's announcement of the observation at CERN of a first Z 0 candidate with spontaneous applause. The occasion was an international nuclear physics symposium, one of six meetings under the general title of 'Science for Peace' organized with remarkable flair by Nino Zichichi and a scientific committee of Nobel Laureates and heads of research establishments, as part of linked Alfred Nobel and Galileo commemorations at San Remo and in Rome

  1. Locating Direction Finders in a Generalized Search and Rescue Network (United States)


    David A . Drake and Alfred B. Marsb. Conv-ersation at NationalI Security Agenc, 29 September 1990. 7. Daskin , Mark S. " A M-admum Fpeced Co-:efing...91 7 19 134 .flT/GORjEnSj9I-M LOCATING DIRECTION FIND’RS IN A GENERALIZED SEARCH AND RESCUE NETWORK THESIS Jean M. Steppe Captain, USAF AFIT/GOR/EN S...91-Mk-7 APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELI ASE: DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED. 1191-05734 .. 91.. .7 19 134 i i . nMIGOR4M.S/91-MI LOCATING DIRECTION FINDERS IW A

  2. Cardiopulmonary transplantation service establishment in the 1990s: Australia--a developing country? (United States)

    Esmore, D; Williams, T; Bergin, P; Rosenfeldt, F; Cochrane, A; Griffiths, A; Federman, J


    1. A National Transplantation Service has been established at the Alfred Hospital performing more than 50 transplants per year. 2. Increased access to transplantation technology has facilitated an improvement in national population servicing from 2.7 to 6.2 transplants per million population per year. National funding of A$4.062 million per year has been secured. 3. Basic research into organ preservation has facilitated transcontinental organ procurement. 4. An active lung transplantation program has been established synchronous with the cardiac transplant service activities. 5. MCS program establishment has paralleled clinical transplantation activities. 6. Budget management and cost containment has been achieved through rationalisation of management protocols.

  3. Going the whole orang

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    van Wyhe, John; Kjærgaard, Peter C.


    This article surveys the European discovery and early ideas about orangutans followed by the contrasting experiences with these animals of the co-founders of evolution by natural selection, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. The first non-human great ape that both of them interacted...... with was the orangutan. They were both profoundly influenced by what they saw, but the contexts of their observations could hardly be more different. Darwin met orangutans in the Zoological Gardens in London while Wallace saw them in the wild in Borneo. In different ways these observations helped shape their views...

  4. Darwin's legacy (United States)

    Susskind, Leonard


    Charles Darwin was no theoretical physicist, and I am no biologist. Yet, as a theoretical physicist, I have found much to think about in Darwin's legacy - and in that of his fellow naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace. Darwin's style of science is not usually thought of as theoretical and certainly not mathematical: he was a careful observer of nature, kept copious notes, contributed to zoological collections; and eventually from his vast repertoire of observation deduced the idea of natural selection as the origin of species. The value of theorizing is often dismissed in the biological sciences as less important than observation; and Darwin was the master observer.

  5. Aplicação de métodos estatísticos na otimização da densidade de empacotamento de distribuições de pós de alumina Optimization of the packing density of alumina powder distributions using statistical techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. P. Silva


    Full Text Available Fatores como a distribuição granulométrica e a morfologia condicionam as propriedades físicas de sistemas particulados (e.g. misturas de pós, pastas, concretos refratários, entre as quais a densidade de empacotamento. Podem ser encontrados, na literatura, vários modelos para a otimização da distribuição de tamanhos de partículas que maximiza o empacotamento, todos desenvolvidos para sistemas de esferas perfeitas (e.g. Furnas, Andreasen, Alfred. Neste trabalho, pós de alumina comercial (reativa e tabular foram separados em nove frações granulométricas e, recorrendo a dois procedimentos distintos, construíram-se seis sistemas ternários diferentes e complementares de tamanhos de partículas. Usando a metodologia das superfícies de resposta e técnicas de análise estatística afins (programa de cálculo Statistica obteve-se, em ambos os casos, a distribuição granulométrica que maximiza a densidade de empacotamento. Por comparação com as distribuições granulométricas teóricas, ficou demonstrada a validade do modelo teórico de Alfred para esferas perfeitas. Os resultados obtidos demonstram, assim, que o efeito prejudicial da não esfericidade das partículas pode ser, na realidade, compensado pela otimização da distribuição granulométrica global.Particle size distribution and morphology are among the factors that affect the physical properties of particulate systems (e.g. powder mixtures, pastes, castable refractories. One such property is packing density. There are, in the literature, models that optimise particle size distributions for maximum packing density, all of them derived for spherical particles (e.g. Furnas, Andreasen, Alfred. In this work, commercial alumina powders (reactive and tabular were divided into nine particle size classes. Following two different approaches, the latter were used to build six different ternary systems of complementary particle sizes. Using the response surface methodology and

  6. Racial Disparities in Palliative Care for Prostate Cancer (United States)


    1 | P a g e Award Number: W81XWH-10-1-0802 TITLE: " Racial Disparities in Palliative Care for Prostate Cancer." PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Alfred I...CONTRACT NUMBER W81XWH-10-1-0802 " Racial Disparities in Palliative Care for Prostate Cancer." 5b. GRANT NUMBER PC094372 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER...developed the tools/methods for working with SEER-Medicare. We plan to use analytic approaches and methods to explore racial disparities in the use of

  7. Edith (1869-1938) and Florence (1870-1932) Stoney, two Irish sisters and their contribution to radiology during the World War I. (United States)

    Guy, Jean M


    Edith and Florence Stoney, two sisters born in Dublin and working in London, responded to the summons of suffragists and offered themselves for medical service in World War I. Each had a strong scientific background and experience that they were able to use in setting up and running radiological services in Belgium, France, Serbia and Macedonia. The British War Office was reluctant to employ women doctors but the work Florence and her colleagues achieved persuaded Sir Alfred Keogh that Florence should be the first woman doctor to be employed in a military hospital in England.

  8. The world made by Noble prize : chemistry volume I

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This book contains two parts about items by chemistry. The first part introduces Alfred Bernhard Nodel, Pioneers without Nobel Prize, Garbage Bag, Non-sticky Frying Pan, Nylon Stockings, Plastic Electricity, Synthetic Dyestuff, Gin and Tonic, Soccer Ball, Fertilizer, DDT, Dentifrice, Kimchi, Makgeolli, Ice cream, Anodyne and Firefly. The second part lists PET-MRI, Color photo, Holography, Art diamond Incandescent lamp and Neon Sign, Imitation work, Alchemy, Nuclear Power plant, Synthetic Oil and Sugar, Freon gas, Water Car, Estate agency Mars, and winners of Nobel prize in physics.

  9. Graves' disease with special reference to radiation therapy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Seegenschmidt, M. H.; Heyd, R.; Esser, J.; Mould, R.F.


    Graves' disease, although not malignant, nevertheless can lead to serious events such as permanent loss of vision if it remains untreated. This review article describes the clinical symptoms of the disease, includes a commentary on the Graves' disease subgroup of thyroid-associated orbitipathy (TAO), and defines clinical activity scoring systems which grade the severity of the disease in patients (clinical activity, NOSPECS and LEMO scoring ). An review of radiotherapy in the 1980s is followed by a summary of the 2003 German national survey on radiotherapy for Graves' disease. Radiation therapy technique is then described and discussed. Case histories are from the Alfred Krupp Hospital in Essen. (author)

  10. On the Human Aspect of Nobel Prize (United States)

    Durand, G.


    One night, Nico invited for dinner all his postdoc and graduate students, in a German restaurant close to Harvard Square. Just before we were to pay for our meal, he told us: "Tomorrow, we shall know the Nobel prize winner. Can you people make a guess on his name?" All my colleagues nominated great physicists. In my turn, I suggested naively (and perhaps nationalistically) the name of Alfred Kastler who had been my thesis adviser. "Come on," joked Nico, "I know a lot of physicists who would deserve it much better.."

  11. Cancer and Evolution

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Guevara Pardo, Gonzalo


    First it was the luminous idea of the natural selection, proposed by Alfred Russell Wallace and Talk Darwin, the one that allowed understanding the way as the living organisms are evolve. Then they were the brilliant Francis Crick and James Watson who discovered the curvilinear molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and then it was the great explosion of the molecular biology. The cancer, illness that wakes up our deepest fears, is analyzed in this article from an evolutionary conception that could give us a road but appropriate to understand it and maybe to guide us toward better therapeutic options

  12. Positron emission tomography takes lead

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Simms, R.


    Positron emission tomography (PET)'s ability to detect functional abnormalities before they manifest anatomically is examined and some of its most common applications are outlined. It is emphasised that when PET facility and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization's national cyclotron are established at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the availability of short-lived tracers such as oxygen 15, nitrogen 13 and fluorine 18 would improve the specificity of tests(e.g. for brain tumors or cardiac viability) further. Construction of the cyclotron will start shortly and is due to be completed and operating by the end of 1991

  13. The world made by Noble prize : chemistry volume II

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This book has two parts of items related chemistry. The contents of the first part are Preface, Alfred Bemhard Nobel, Pioneers without Nobel Prize, Garbage Bag, Non-sticky Frying Pan, Nylon Stockings, Plastic Electricity, Synthetic Dyestuff, Gin and Tonic, Soccer Ball, Fertilizer, DDT, Dentifrice, Kimchi, Makgeolli, Ice cream, Anodyne, and firefly. The contents of the second part are PET-MRI, Color photo, Holography, Art diamond, an incandescent lamp and Neon Sign, Imitation works, Alchemy, Nuclear Power plant, Synthetic Oil and Sugar, Propane gas, Water Car, Estate agency Mars, and reference.

  14. Vibration-rotation spectrum of BH X1Σ+ by Fourier transform emission spectroscopy (United States)

    Pianalto, F. S.; O'Brien, L. C.; Keller, P. C.; Bernath, P. F.


    The vibration-rotation emission spectrum of the BH X1Σ+ state was observed with the McMath Fourier transform spectrometer at Kitt Peak. The 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2 bands were observed in a microwave discharge of B2H6 in He. Spectroscopic constants of the individual vibrational levels and equilibrium molecular constants were determined. An RKR potential curve was calculated from the equilibrium constants. Alfred P. Sloan Fellow; Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar.

  15. ECONOMICS NOBEL: Dealing With Biases and Discrete Choices. (United States)

    Seife, C


    This year's Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences, given in honor of Alfred Nobel, goes to two researchers who gave the field of microeconomics--the study of individuals' economic behavior--new tools to help draw conclusions from imperfect data. James Heckman of the University of Chicago wins half of this year's prize for coming up with ways to deal with selection biases. Daniel McFadden of the University of California, Berkeley, tackled a different conundrum: how to quantify discrete choices rather than continuous ones.

  16. The National Medical Cyclotron - An Australian experience in technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barnes, R K [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Lucas Heights, NSW (Australia). National Medical Cyclotron


    The establishment of the National Medical Cyclotron (NMC) in the early 1990`s was the practical outcome of a vision, held by nuclear medicine professionals, to complement the available neutron-rich radionuclides produced in Australia, with neutron-deficient radionuclides. The NMC is operated by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in collaboration with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) in Sydney where the PET department is able to use the short-lived radiotracers to good advantage. Neutron-deficient radionuclides, are also produced by the NMC laboratories. The cyclotron-generated radionuclides are used in over 70,000 patient studies per year. 7 refs., 1 tab.

  17. Self-audit as part of a research governance framework for health research. (United States)

    Crammond, Bradley R; Parker, Anna V; Brooks, Megan; Skiba, Marina; McNeil, John J


    Clinical research is an area of increasing activity for hospitals, universities and research institutions, which requires formal governance and oversight to manage risks. Monitoring research practice should be a part of research governance activities. However, formal audits have proved time consuming for researchers and auditors. To increase attention to good research practice and screen for poor practice, the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and the Alfred Research and Ethics Unit in Melbourne have developed a brief self-audit tool for researchers. We evaluated the self-audit using a questionnaire for researchers. The results were positive, with most respondents believing that it promoted good research practice.

  18. The Antiaircraft Journal. Volume 97, Number 4, July-August 1954 (United States)


    Col. Wood- row L. Nelson, Executive; Major Harry E. Bock, Jr., S2 and S3; Capt. Jesse N. Worsham, TI&E Officer; Lt. Bernard E. Reiter, Assistant S3; Lt...Major William J. Fling, S4, leaves for Hq. Fifth Army in July; Major Alfred H. Fierke, S2, for the 17th AAA Group; Major Bernard A. Gilman, for .USAR...USAFFE. {:onerly, U. E., to 758th FA Bn., Ft. Bragg. Cornwell , B. R., to AA&GM Qr., Ft. Bliss. Crews, D. J., to USAR Adv. Gp., Rock Islane, Illinois

  19. Analysis of axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric wave propagation in a homogeneous piezoelectric solid circular cylinder of transversely isotropic material

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Shatalov, MY


    Full Text Available artefacts. An elaborate discussion of these artefacts is given by Yenwong-Fai, (Yenwong-Fai, 2008). These artefacts could be simply detected and eliminated from the dispersion plots by program tools.Our algorithm, as it has been implemented, does.... Arthur G. Every and our student Alfred S. Yenwong-Fai participating in the investigation of the non-axisymmetric case of the piezoelectric cylinder vibrations (Shatalov, et al. 2009). I also want to thank Mr. Yuri M. Shatalov who investigated...

  20. Notorious: Hitchcock’s good neighbor film


    Arlindo Castro


    The New York release of Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious occurred in August 1946, one month after the Bikini atomic explosions, and one year after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Is mankind dying of curiosity?” asked a double page Time magazine ad, in the same issue that published a review of the film. “Time’s Science department noted recently,” readers were told, “that people everywhere have one great Fear: will the curiosity of nuclear physicists someday set off a giant chain reactio...