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  1. JDD, Inc. Database (United States)

    Miller, David A., Jr.


    JDD Inc, is a maintenance and custodial contracting company whose mission is to provide their clients in the private and government sectors "quality construction, construction management and cleaning services in the most efficient and cost effective manners, (JDD, Inc. Mission Statement)." This company provides facilities support for Fort Riley in Fo,rt Riley, Kansas and the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field here in Cleveland, Ohio. JDD, Inc. is owned and operated by James Vaughn, who started as painter at NASA Glenn and has been working here for the past seventeen years. This summer I worked under Devan Anderson, who is the safety manager for JDD Inc. in the Logistics and Technical Information Division at Glenn Research Center The LTID provides all transportation, secretarial, security needs and contract management of these various services for the center. As a safety manager, my mentor provides Occupational Health and Safety Occupation (OSHA) compliance to all JDD, Inc. employees and handles all other issues (Environmental Protection Agency issues, workers compensation, safety and health training) involving to job safety. My summer assignment was not as considered "groundbreaking research" like many other summer interns have done in the past, but it is just as important and beneficial to JDD, Inc. I initially created a database using a Microsoft Excel program to classify and categorize data pertaining to numerous safety training certification courses instructed by our safety manager during the course of the fiscal year. This early portion of the database consisted of only data (training field index, employees who were present at these training courses and who was absent) from the training certification courses. Once I completed this phase of the database, I decided to expand the database and add as many dimensions to it as possible. Throughout the last seven weeks, I have been compiling more data from day to day operations and been adding the

  2. Mig og Judith Butler

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heede, Dag


    Essay om forfatterens akademiske og personlige møde med Judith Butler i temanummer i forbindelse med 25 års jubilæum for udgivelsen af Gender Trouble (1990).......Essay om forfatterens akademiske og personlige møde med Judith Butler i temanummer i forbindelse med 25 års jubilæum for udgivelsen af Gender Trouble (1990)....

  3. What makes men and women identify with Judith? A Jungian mythological perspective on the feminist value of Judith today

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helen Efthimiadis-Keith


    Full Text Available Inspired by her student’s overwhelmingly positive interpretation of Judith as a model for women’s liberation in diverse African contexts – despite the debate around the feminist value of Judith-Judith – the author deals with what could possibly allow men and women, particularly the latter, to interpret Judith positively today. Given her interest in Jungian individuation theory and Ancient Near Eastern (ANE mythology, the author investigates the subject matter by exploring Judith’s relation to male and female individuation patterns, the myths of the hero’s quest and Demeter-Kore, and ANE warrior-goddess myths.

  4. Ideology and intertextuality: Intertextual allusions in Judith 16 | Nolte ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article utilised the theory of intertextuality to investigate the way in which religious texts, specifically Judith 16, generate meaning in the act of the production of texts. The groundbreaking work on intertextuality done by Julia Kristeva served as the theoretical point of departure. Kristeva utilised Mikhail Bakhtin's literary ...

  5. Changing the Subject: Judith Butler's Politics of Radical Resignification. (United States)

    Olson, Gary A.; Worsham, Lynn


    Notes that Judith Butler is arguably one of the world's most influential and innovative scholars dealing with questions of difference, identity, and the role of rhetoric in subject formation. Explores Butler's views on anti-intellectualism and identity relating to sexual orientation. Presents an interview examining many of Butler's writings. (SG)

  6. A Performative View of Gender Roles: Judith Butler


    Çınar, Büşra


    This paper presented a view regarding to the concept of performativity in gender roles. This concept was supported with Judith Butler’s ideas and the embodiment of binary oppositions described in gender norms and gender roles. The normative structure of gender was determined through naturalization of norms and reproduction of these norms by society. This approval of heterosexuality in society was described with a feminist approach

  7. Judith Johnston, Victorian Women and the Economies of Travel


    Sabiron, Céline


    The theme of the journey—taken both literally when it refers to a physical travel, and metaphorically in the sense of a translation between two cultures and languages—, has already been very much studied. Yet, if Judith Johnston refers to very influential past studies by Susan Bassnett and André Lefevere (Translation, History, and Culture, 1990), James Clifford (Routes: Travel and Translation in the Late Twentieth Century, 1997), and Michael Cronin (Across the Lines: Travel, Language, Transla...

  8. Hydrogeology of the Judith River Formation in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada (United States)

    Ferris, David; Lypka, Morgan; Ferguson, Grant


    The Judith River Formation forms an important regional aquifer in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada. This aquifer is used for domestic and agricultural purposes in some areas and supports oil and gas production in other areas. As a result, the available data come from a range of sources and integration is required to provide an overview of aquifer characteristics. Here, data from oil and gas databases are combined with data from groundwater resource assessments. Analysis of cores, drill-stem tests and pumping tests provide a good overview of the physical hydrogeology of the Judith River Aquifer. Water chemistry data from oil and gas databases were less helpful in understanding the chemical hydrogeology due contamination of samples and unreliable laboratory analyses. Analytical modeling of past pumping in the aquifer indicates that decreases in hydraulic head exceeding 2 m are possible over distances of 10s of kilometers. Similar decreases in head should be expected for additional large withdrawals of groundwater from the Judith River Aquifer. Long-term groundwater abstraction should be limited by low pumping rates. Higher pumping rates appear to be possible for short-term uses, such as those required by the oil and gas industry.

  9. Cyber-Mobbing als verletzender Sprechakt im Sinne Judith Butlers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katharina Luckner


    Full Text Available Dieser Beitrag widmet sich der Frage, inwiefern Cyber-Mobbing unter Bezugnahme auf Judith Butlers sprach- bzw. diskurstheoretisches Konzept als verletzender Sprechakt verstanden werden kann. Zu diesem Zweck werden in einem ersten Schritt die Besonderheiten von Cyber-Mobbing aufgezeigt und im Anschluss daran ein für diesen Text geeigneter Cyber-Mobbing-Begriff formuliert. Daraufhin erfolgt eine interpretative Auseinandersetzung mit der Butlerschen Konzeption verletzender Sprechakte, bevor anschließend anhand wesentlicher Schnittstellen herausgearbeitet wird, inwiefern Cyber-Mobbing als ein solcher verletzender sprachlicher Akt begriffen werden kann. Resümierend werden die zentralen Ergebnisse der Ausarbeitung zusammengefasst und es wird danach gefragt, welche Konsequenzen bzw. Folgen sich hieraus für ein mögliches verändertes Verständnis von Cyber-Mobbing ergeben.This Paper argues whether cyber bullying can be understood as violating speach act with reference to Judith Butler by starting with a definition of cyber bullying (respectively the term cyber 'mobbing' which is used synonymously in German speaking countries and an outline of Butler's theory. After that, the question of a new or different understanding of cyber bullying and its consequences is discussed.

  10. Synchronized analysis of testbeam data with the Judith software

    CERN Document Server

    McGoldrick, Garrin; Gorišek, Andrej


    The Judith software performs pixel detector analysis tasks utilizing two different data streams such as those produced by the reference and tested devices typically found in a testbeam. This software addresses and fixes problems arising from the desynchronization of the two simultaneously triggered data streams by detecting missed triggers in either of the streams. The software can perform all tasks required to generate particle tracks using multiple detector planes: it can align the planes, cluster hits and generate tracks from these clusters. This information can then be used to measure the properties of a particle detector with very fine spatial resolution. It was tested at DESY in the Kartel telescope, a silicon tracking detector, with ATLAS Diamond Beam Monitor modules as a device under test.

  11. Transformaciones performativas: agencia y vulnerabilidad en Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mónica Cano Abadía


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es analizar cómo la teoría de la performatividad de Judith Butler posibilita pensar la capacidad de acción y resistencia de los sujetos. Butler propone deconstruir la categoría de identidad a través de la performatividad, que nos permite pensarnos como sujetos en el límite, interdependientes y vulnerables. Al considerarnos como seres performativos y, además, vulnerables a nuestras interacciones tanto con el contexto como con las demás personas, todo cuestionamiento de las normas sociales que nos rodean llevarán irremediablemente a una transformación del propio yo. Esta transformación que comienza en nuestras propias identidades, conduce a otra manera de entender lo humano y a otra forma de plantear nuestras agencias políticas.

  12. Abrir posibilidades. Una conversación con Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrícia Soley- Beltran


    Full Text Available Entrevista realizada a Judith Butler en París el 20 de junio de 2006 en la que se tratan diversos temas: la contribución de Butler al pensamiento de género y la materialidad del cuerpo, y su visión del feminismo de la diferencia; la regulación estatal del sistema de parentesco, la diferencia sexual y la reproducción; el matrimonio homosexual y la proliferación de prácticas sexuales y de parentesco no normativas; su lectura de la política exterior de Estados Unidos en relación al género, el feminismo y a la definición normativa de lo humano; su papel público como intelectual y activista; biopolítica y precariedad; escritura autobiográfica; art performance y performatividad; transexualidad y subversión.

  13. Judith hindab tasakaalu südame ja mõistuse vahel / Rita Puidet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Puidet, Rita


    Iisaku koguduse organistist Judith Kulverest, tema elust, õpingutest teatrikoolis, kohapealsest seltisielust, teatritegemisest ning näitlejast abikaasast Heino Kulverest, kes töötas Eesti Raadios kuuldemängude lavastajana

  14. The Awkward Academic: Why Judith Reads James in Joyce Carol Oates's "My Warszawa: 1980"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerry Sutherland


    Full Text Available Joyce Carol Oates’s short story “My Warszawa: 1980” follows the journey of well-respected academician Judith Horne as she travels to and within Poland to participate in an international conference on American culture. She has a vague connection to Poland, with remote family members who were killed in Auschwitz and a Jewish ancestry that can be seen in her features, but she considers these facts unimportant to who she is at the moment. She travels with her lover, who is as remote emotionally as her dead forbears are physically. The emotional connections she makes with the people and land begin to affect her well-ordered and controlled life, including her relationship with him. As they sit side by side on the plane to Poland, he attends to his work as journalist, typewriter on his lap, and Judith gazes at the landscape, an opened book on hers. It is Henry James’s The Awkward Age, unread, chosen by Judith with a logic she cannot recall. Why does Oates give James to Judith, and why does she choose this novel in particular to influence her? Nanda’s story is a warning to Judith, a red flag that unfolds as the younger girl’s ruin proceeds before her eyes, and Judith realizes that the man she loves will never marry her, just as Vanderbank refuses to propose to Nanda. Neither man is comfortable with a woman who is corrupted by knowledge that might undermine his need for authority in the relationship. Nanda understands her position too late, but Judith has time to reflect on her situation, and Oates leaves the story unfinished, with Judith on a plane home with Carl but not definitively resigned to the relationship.

  15. Judith Butler's theories: reflections for nursing research and practice. (United States)

    Nagington, Maurice G


    Judith Butler is one of the most influential late 20th and early 21st century philosophers in regard to left wing politics, as well as an active campaigner for social justice within the United States and worldwide. Her academic work has been foundational to the academic discipline of queer theory and has been extensively critiqued and applied across a hugely wide range of disciplines. In addition, Butler's work itself is extensive covering topics such as gender, sexuality, race, literary theory, and warfare. This article can only serve as a taster for the potential application of her work in relation to nursing, which is in its infancy. This introduction covers three of the potentially most productive themes in Butler's work, namely power, performativity, and ethics. Each of these themes are critically explored in turn, sometimes in relation to their actual application in nursing literature, but also in relation to their potential for producing novel critiques of nursing practice. Suggestions are made about how Butler's work can develop nursing research and practice. The article concludes with a short summary of Butler's key works as well as suggested reading for people interested in examining how her theories have been applied across different academic settings. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  16. Judith Husband: 'it's surprising what we can actually live without, other than air, water and food'. Interview by Laura Pacey. (United States)

    Husband, Judith


    Judith Husband speaks to the BDJ about current challenges facing dentistry, the new BDA PEC and her love of social media site Twitter. The only catch is she has accepted the challenge issued by interviewer and fellow Twitter enthusiast Laura Pacey of answering every question, in 140 characters or less. Follow on Twitter @Judith_Husband and @The_BDJ.

  17. Teaching Feminist Theory via Philosophy: Political Implications of an Ontological Inquiry in Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble." (United States)

    Artese, Brian

    Rather than begin an undergraduate class in feminist theory with the assertion that such theory is important because of its social implications--and then attempt to prove it--it is more effective to begin with a more neutral philosophical discussion that will act as a foundation for its premises. Judith Butler's essay "Gender Trouble"…

  18. Reconciling Divergent Perspectives: Judith Wallerstein, Quantitative Family Research, and Children of Divorce. (United States)

    Amato, Paul R.


    Although Judith Wallerstein's research on children with divorced parents has been influential, many quantitative family scholars have criticized her methods and conclusions. This article provides examples from the Marital Instability Over the Life Course study to illustrate the magnitude of divorce effects and concludes with a call for a…

  19. Gender Undone: Subversion, Regulation and Embodiment in the Work of Judith Butler (United States)

    Nayak, Anoop; Kehily, Mary Jane


    Judith Butler's philosophical writings on identity have provided inspiring, if occasionally "troubling", ways of rethinking gender. A key contribution has been the challenge to conventional social constructionist ideas and thinking on subjectivity. In developing a paradigm of performativity, Butler's work takes us beyond the territory of identity…

  20. Historicizing as a feminist practice : The places of history in Judith Butler’s constructivist theories

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Honkanen, K.


    The dissertation explores feminist uses of history and historicity. It discusses the way historicity is used in feminist constructivist arguments and it uses Judith Butler’s work as an example. The dissertation elaborates on the predominant theoretical requirement to historicize. It is a

  1. Judith Butler and the Public Dimension of the Body: Education, Critique and Corporeal Vulnerability (United States)

    Vlieghe, Joris


    In this paper I discuss some thoughts Judith Butler presents regarding corporeal vulnerability. This might help to elucidate the problem of whether critical education is still possible today. I first explain why precisely the possibility of critique within education is a problem for us today. This is because the traditional means of enhancing a…

  2. Reconsiderations: We Got the Wrong Gal--Rethinking the "Bad" Academic Writing of Judith Butler (United States)

    Birkenstein, Cathy


    It is hard to think of a writer whose work has been more prominently upheld as an example of bad academic writing than the philosopher and literary theorist Judith Butler. In 1998, Butler was awarded first prize in the annual Bad Writing Contest established by the journal "Philosophy and Literature," and early in 1999, was lampooned in an…

  3. Modelling of thermal shock experiments of carbon based materials in JUDITH

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ogorodnikova, O.V.; Pestchanyi, S.; Koza, Y.; Linke, J.


    The interaction of hot plasma with material in fusion devices can result in material erosion and irreversible damage. Carbon based materials are proposed for ITER divertor armour. To simulate carbon erosion under high heat fluxes, electron beam heating in the JUDITH facility has been used. In this paper, carbon erosion under energetic electron impact is modeled by the 3D thermomechanics code 'PEGASUS-3D'. The code is based on a crack generation induced by thermal stress. The particle emission observed in thermal shock experiments is a result of breaking bonds between grains caused by thermal stress. The comparison of calculations with experimental data from JUDITH shows good agreement for various incident power densities and pulse durations. A realistic mean failure stress has been found. Pre-heating of test specimens results in earlier onset of brittle destruction and enhanced particle loss in agreement with experiments

  4. Modelling of thermal shock experiments of carbon based materials in JUDITH

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ogorodnikova, O.V. [Forschungszentrum Juelich, EURATOM-Association, IWV-2, 52425 Juelich (Germany)]. E-mail:; Pestchanyi, S. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, EURATOM-Associaton, IHM, 76021 Karlsruhe (Germany); Koza, Y. [Forschungszentrum Juelich, EURATOM-Association, IWV-2, 52425 Juelich (Germany); Linke, J. [Forschungszentrum Juelich, EURATOM-Association, IWV-2, 52425 Juelich (Germany)


    The interaction of hot plasma with material in fusion devices can result in material erosion and irreversible damage. Carbon based materials are proposed for ITER divertor armour. To simulate carbon erosion under high heat fluxes, electron beam heating in the JUDITH facility has been used. In this paper, carbon erosion under energetic electron impact is modeled by the 3D thermomechanics code 'PEGASUS-3D'. The code is based on a crack generation induced by thermal stress. The particle emission observed in thermal shock experiments is a result of breaking bonds between grains caused by thermal stress. The comparison of calculations with experimental data from JUDITH shows good agreement for various incident power densities and pulse durations. A realistic mean failure stress has been found. Pre-heating of test specimens results in earlier onset of brittle destruction and enhanced particle loss in agreement with experiments.

  5. Modelling of thermal shock experiments of carbon based materials in JUDITH (United States)

    Ogorodnikova, O. V.; Pestchanyi, S.; Koza, Y.; Linke, J.


    The interaction of hot plasma with material in fusion devices can result in material erosion and irreversible damage. Carbon based materials are proposed for ITER divertor armour. To simulate carbon erosion under high heat fluxes, electron beam heating in the JUDITH facility has been used. In this paper, carbon erosion under energetic electron impact is modeled by the 3D thermomechanics code 'PEGASUS-3D'. The code is based on a crack generation induced by thermal stress. The particle emission observed in thermal shock experiments is a result of breaking bonds between grains caused by thermal stress. The comparison of calculations with experimental data from JUDITH shows good agreement for various incident power densities and pulse durations. A realistic mean failure stress has been found. Pre-heating of test specimens results in earlier onset of brittle destruction and enhanced particle loss in agreement with experiments.

  6. La nozione di performatività: un confronto tra Judith Butler e John L. Austin


    Ginocchietti, Marianna


    Judith Butler’s investigation of gender identities – and of their being socially and culturally constructed – is grounded on the concept of performativity. In this paper I outline Butler’s elaboration of gender performativity in connection with John L. Austin’s analysis of performative utterances. The aim of this paper is to highlight the gap between these two elaborations of the notion of perfomativity which are usually understood as constituting a theoretical continuum.

  7. Tra Pirandello e Judith Butler:Forma e performatività nella narrativa di Marosia Castaldi


    Giorgio, Adalgisa


    This article sets itself a number of challenges: 1. to make a daring comparison between the notions of identity and subjectivity held by Italian modernist author Luigi Pirandello and contemporary American feminist theorist Judith Butler. 2. to use the insights generated by this unusual yet entirely tenable comparison to interpret the engagement of contemporary author Marosia Castaldi with the postmodern loss of identity. 3. to bring to light some thematic lines across the oeuvre of a writer...

  8. Pensadoras de peso: o pensamento de Judith Butler e Adriana Cavarero Thinkers that matter: on the thought of Judith Butler and Adriana Cavarero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olivia Guaraldo


    Full Text Available O texto expõe o ponto de vista de duas grandes filósofas feministas da atualidade, Adriana Cavarero e Judith Butler, sobre subjetividade e relacionalidade, mostrando como ambas distanciaram-se dos temas específicos do feminismo de maneira a aprofundar e ampliar suas reflexões sobre política e ética. Questionando a tradição, Cavarero não compactua nem com o binarismo metafísico nem com a impessoalidade pós-moderna, combinando uma perspectiva feminista com a arendtiana da subjetividade embasada na relacionalidade. No entanto, diferentemente do pensamento de Cavarero, sob a perspectiva desconstrucionista de Butler a linguagem molda corpo e identidade. A subjetividade está presa às normas e valores sociais. Butler e Cavarero repensam a subjetividade, alinhando-se quanto à relacionalidade, ou seja, deslocando a política para longe do ser imune e realocando-a no ser vulnerável em relação com o outro e com os efeitos das regras e valores sociais impostos.The work presents the standpoint of two important contemporary feminist philosophers, Adriana Cavarero and Judith Butler, on subjectivity and relationality, showing how both moved away from the specific feminism motif in order to deepen and broaden their reflection on politics and ethics. Calling tradition into question, Cavarero agrees neither with the metaphysical binary, nor with the post-modern impersonality, combining a feminist and the arendtian perspectives of the subjectivity based on relationality. Contrary to Cavarero's thought, though, under Butler's deconstructionist standpoint language shapes body and identity. Subjectivity is "trapped" into social norms and values. Both Butler and Cavarero rethink subjectivity based on relationality, that is, displacing politics from the immune individual and reallocating it on the vulnerable individual in relation with the other and with the social rules and values imposed on them.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Valentim


    Full Text Available This essay aims a reading proposal of Judith Teixeira’s poetry, having as guiding bias her feminine writing under the sign of Sapho. From an ex­pression of confessed female homoeroticism, it will seek the understand­ing of his literary project, articulated in fictional creations of different masks. With this, it also aims to not only to affirm his name in the Por­tuguese modernism scenario, but also to point out a possible anticipation avant la lettre of some of the main demands of the contemporary feminist movements.

  10. Rezension zu: Judith Butler: Krieg und Affekt. Zürich u.a.: diaphanes 2009.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolf Löchel


    Full Text Available Seit einigen Jahren nimmt die gender-Theoretikerin Judith Butler in zunehmendem Maße auch Themen der politischen Ethik in den Blick. Ihre in den drei Texten des schmalen Bandes vorgetragene pazifistische Ideen und ihre Überlegungen angesichts des Irak-Kriegs, aber auch zur Burka oder der universellen Geltung von Menschenrechten sind allerdings nicht immer so originell oder gar überzeugend wie Butlers bahnbrechenden gender-theoretischen Entwürfe während der ersten Hälfte der 1990er Jahre.

  11. Vulnerability, gender norms and state violence: social ontology and sexual politics in the last Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Mattio


    Full Text Available In his recent work, Judith Butler has offered a reconsideration of “the human” that allow re-imagine the boundaries of political community. Underlining the common precariousness that characterizes “the human” and revealing the symbolic and material conditions that politically maximize that situation, Butler gives us useful tools not only to elucidate the selective mechanisms that produce "the human" but also to subvert the normative horizon that determined it. From such assumptions, I understand that one can propose some considerations that permit the design of sexual politics more responsive to the needs of the most precarious groups of LGBT collective.

  12. Solving Guzman's Problem: "An Other" Narrative of "La Gran Familia Puertorriquena" in Judith Ortiz Cofer's "The Line of the Sun" (United States)

    Waldron, John V.


    The first half of Judith Ortiz Cofer's novel "The Line of the Sun" (1989) narrates events that take place in the small fictional town of Salud, Puerto Rico, during the 1940s and 50s. In the second part of the novel, starting with chapter six, the readers see how two characters from the first half, Rafael and Ramona, and their young…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mabel Alicia Campagnoli


    Full Text Available El presente artículo rescata la noción de quiasmo, conceptualizada por Judith Butler, ya que a través de dicho concepto resulta imposible evadir el carácter corporal de la performatividad. A partir del quiasmo, realizamos una resignificación de la performatividad más atinada frente a su carácter corporal y a sus implicancias políticas. Nos concentramos en dos de éstas: una, respecto a la producción de conocimiento en ciencias sociales; otra, respecto a la participación en la vida sociopolítica. Se concluye que ambas convergen en una línea positiva de la biopolítica.

  14. El papel del travestismo en el pensamiento político de Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariela Nahir Solana


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es examinar el papel del travestismo en la obra temprana de Judith Butler. Para ello, se mostrará la importancia del análisis de las actuaciones travestis en El género en disputa en relación con su concepción de la performatividad de género y de la subversión política. A su vez, se evaluarán algunas críticas a su pensamiento político, en general, y a su tratamiento de la parodia drag, en particular, y se demostrará de qué modo ambos tópicos han evolucionado en su libro posterior

  15. An Oral History Interview with MICHAEL M. CERNEA (interviewer: Judith Freidenberg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The editors and editorial board of Human Organization are pleased to introduce readers to the following oral history interview with Michael M. Cernea, a development social scientist who has militated throughout his academic career and applied work for "putting people first", in the forefront of development projects and policies. Working for a long time for the promotion of anthropological and sociological knowledge, either in the activities of the World Bank or in the policies and programs of governments of both developed and developing countries, Dr. Cernea cleared pathways for applied social science that are sure to benefit people in development settings for many years to come. Undoubtedly many readers already know Dr. Cernea's work well, especially those of us who teach the anthropology of development or work in applied settings and organizations, but this interview embeds his broad body of work into a personal, human, and at times tragic context that opens with brushes with death, Nazi brutality, and exile. It also provides valuable insights for carrying out the work of development anthropologists within large-scale organizations and governments.This interview with Dr. Cernea was conducted by Dr. Judith Freidenberg, of the University of Maryland, on June 30, 2003, for the Society for Applied Anthropology Oral History Project, headquartered at the University of Kentucky Libraries. This Project aims to create, through the vehicle of oral histories, a record of the life, activities and experiences of number of selected scholars-anthropologists who devoted a great part of their scientific work to research, to applied work in different settings, to inducing development, including to hands-on work on crafting public social policies and actual development programs. The present transcript of the interview was reviewed by both participants for editorial purposes. Michael M. Cernea expanded some of his oral responses, for historical accuracy or to add

  16. Popis mnoha zápasů: diskurz, subjekt a moc v myšlení Judith Butlerové

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Matonoha, Jan; Górská, M.


    Roč. 56, č. 6 (2008), s. 805-829 ISSN 0009-0468 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90560517 Keywords : gender studies * Butler , Judith * discourse Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  17. The trajectories of the concept of Life in Judith Butler’s thought

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Zaharijević


    Full Text Available In this paper we propose to look into different meanings of livability and life in Judith butler’s thought. Although crucial for her early work (she points to it in her 1999 Introduction to Gender Trouble, the concept of livability as such emerges more often and in a more pronounced manner in her later books (from Undoing Gender and Precarious life to Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly. Our main question is: what is the thread that runs through different concepts of life in butler’s work? What are the links between abject, unlivable, precarious, ungrievable, jettisoned and dispossessed life? this raises further questions: the question of gradation of livability (which life matters and ‘how much’, and how to think this quantifiability of something so unquantifiable; and the question of universality (all lives matter. these questions obviously need to take into account the terms under which a life is qualified and counted as livable. such conditions encompass the norms that organize the possibility of recognition and the orders of recognizability and differential allocation of humanness. they encompass the ways in which we are constituted politically, but also in which this ‘we’ is social and bodily. the question of livable life is thus very much entangled with the issue of (individual agency, but also with what we as agents require “in order to maintain and reproduce the conditions of (our own livability” (Undoing Gender 2004: 39.

  18. On Judith Butler: A Phenomenology of Lived, narrated and Represented Embodiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olga Belmonte García


    Full Text Available In this paper we take Judith Butler’s thinking as a basis from which to consider the ideas of three authors. In our view, these authors complement Butler’s project of helping excluded people to fight for a dignified life, a “liveable life”; and specifically to the idea of using performative resignifications of discourses and practices. On one hand, we present the writings of Sarah Ahmed and Lanei Rodemeyer; they consider the spatiality and temporality of the lived body (Ahmed and the relationship between the lived body and discourse (Rodemeyer. In both cases, “pure phenomenology” (and not hermeneutics is applied to the question of sexual diversity. On the other hand, we delve into the works of Louise Bourgeois, for whom artistic creation is a way of exorcising pain and becoming free of socially constructed prisons. Starting from the paths opened by these authors, we believe that a phenomenology is possible in which there is place for what does not fit into the norm. this phenomenology would make it possible, on one side, to rend visibility to those who do not fit into the established norms and categories and, on another side, to contribute to a reformulation of discourse, such a transformation that allows the excluded to inhabit them. “Pure” phenomenology, that aims at going to “the things themselves” do not naturalise oppressions, but it is rather an ally to recognise, denounce and provide a reparation for them.

  19. Improvements in electron beam monitoring and heat flux flatness at the JUDITH 2-facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weber, Thomas, E-mail: [Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Jülich (Germany); Bürger, Andreas; Dominiczak, Karsten; Pintsuk, Gerald [Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Jülich (Germany); Banetta, Stefano; Bellin, Boris [Fusion for Energy, Josep Pla, 2, Torres Diagonal Litoral B3, 08019 Barcelona (Spain); Mitteau, Raphael; Eaton, Russell [ITER Organization, Route de Vinon-sur-Verdon, CS 90 046, 13067 St Paul Lez Durance Cedex (France)


    Highlights: • Monitoring of the much faster electron beam motion by IR camera through a synchronized frame triggering. • Estimation of the heat flux generated by electron beam guns based on calorimetry and FEM simulations. • Consideration of the inclined electron beam loading of rectangular-shaped objects. - Abstract: Three beryllium-armoured small-scale mock-ups and one semi-prototype for the ITER first wall were tested by the electron beam facility JUDITH 2 at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Both testing campaigns with cyclic loads up to 2.5 MW/m{sup 2} are carried out in compliance with the extensive quality and management specifications of ITER Organization (IO) and Fusion for Energy (F4E). Several dedicated calibration experiments were performed before the actual testing in order to fulfil the testing requirements and tolerances. These quality requests have been the motivation for several experimental setup improvements. The most relevant results of these activities, being the electron beam monitoring and the heat flux flatness verification, will be presented.

  20. Improvements in electron beam monitoring and heat flux flatness at the JUDITH 2-facility

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Weber, Thomas; Bürger, Andreas; Dominiczak, Karsten; Pintsuk, Gerald; Banetta, Stefano; Bellin, Boris; Mitteau, Raphael; Eaton, Russell


    Highlights: • Monitoring of the much faster electron beam motion by IR camera through a synchronized frame triggering. • Estimation of the heat flux generated by electron beam guns based on calorimetry and FEM simulations. • Consideration of the inclined electron beam loading of rectangular-shaped objects. - Abstract: Three beryllium-armoured small-scale mock-ups and one semi-prototype for the ITER first wall were tested by the electron beam facility JUDITH 2 at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Both testing campaigns with cyclic loads up to 2.5 MW/m"2 are carried out in compliance with the extensive quality and management specifications of ITER Organization (IO) and Fusion for Energy (F4E). Several dedicated calibration experiments were performed before the actual testing in order to fulfil the testing requirements and tolerances. These quality requests have been the motivation for several experimental setup improvements. The most relevant results of these activities, being the electron beam monitoring and the heat flux flatness verification, will be presented.

  1. Judith Butler: Die Macht der Geschlechternormen und die Grenzen des Menschlichen. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag 2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruben Marc Hackler


    Full Text Available Judith Butler beschäftigt sich in dieser Aufsatzsammlung mit den politischen und rechtlichen Anliegen von Homo- und Transsexuellen. Im Mittelpunkt stehen die Menschenrechte und die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen, durch die homosexuelle Paare bei der Familiengründung benachteiligt werden. Der Bedarf nach einer theoretisch gehaltvollen Kritik und nach praktischen Verbesserungen ist groß. Exemplarisch analysiert Butler den öffentlich verhandelten Fall einer operativen Geschlechtsveränderung, in dem weder die Kritiker/-innen noch die Befürworter/-innen ausreichend darauf eingingen, was sich die betroffene Person wünschte. Ein Schwachpunkt des Bandes liegt im vieldeutigen Gebrauch des Begriffs Gender.Judith Butler focuses in this collection of essays on the political and legal concerns of homo- and transsexuals. She concentrates on human rights and statutory provisions through which homosexual pairs are discriminated against in family planning. There exists a great need for a theoretically rich critique and for practical improvements. Butler exemplarily analyses the publically debated case of an operative sex change, in which neither the critics nor the supporters sufficiently notes the concerned person’s own wishes. The weakness of the volume lies in the ambiguous use of the term gender.

  2. Being Bodies, Thinking Bodies. Judith Butler's Critiques to the Cartesian Scepticism and Contemporary Constructivism and Some Clarifications about her Understanding of Human Existence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabel G. Gamero Cabrera


    Full Text Available In this paper, I analyse Judith Butler’s recent critics against the Cartesian scepticism and the posTmodern constructivism (indentified by Preciado and Haraway’s works, in order to explain Butler’s distance from constructivism and, at the same time, to assert the ethical and potentially universal dimension of her defence of the precarious lives.

  3. Judith Butler y Ernesto Laclau: debates sobre la subjetividad, el psicoanálisis y la política

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariela Peller

    Full Text Available Este artículo considera algunos ejes de la discusión teórica entre Ernesto Laclau y Judith Butler. En particular, se analizan los modos en que estos autores definen las categorías de sujeto y de identidad, preguntándose por las implicancias que los usos de ciertos conceptos del psicoanálisis tienen para esas definiciones. Esta pregunta por los modos de comprender la subjetividad y la identidad se enlaza con una discusión más amplia sobre la trascendencia de ciertas categorías de análisis de lo social y lo cultural. De esta forma, el artículo se enfoca en los contrapuntos teóricos entre los autores sobre categorías tales como universalidad, política e historicidad.

  4. Feminismo, identidade e gênero em Judith Butler: apontamentos a partir de “problemas de gênero”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávio Henrique Firmino


    Full Text Available Pretende-se nesse artigo acompanhar a proposta inicial de Judith Butler em Problemas de Gênero, de que o gênero não é uma essência nem uma construção social, mas uma produção do poder. Tomando o feminismo como mote para discutir inicialmente a identidade, vemos sua questão se expandir para o gênero, em geral, e chegar à própria noção de sujeito. A partir da crítica genealógica de Michel Foucault e de sua noção de poder, Butler pretende realizar uma crítica das categorias de identidade e, especificamente, da identidade enquanto fundamento da ação política do feminismo.

  5. Juditos ir Salomėjos mitologinių įvaizdžių metamorfozė: nuo antitezės iki sintezės = The metamorphosis of Judith's and Salome's mythological images: from antithesis to synthesis


    Jekentaitė-Kuzmickienė, Leonarda


    The famous representative of the Vienna Secession, Gustav Klimt, painted two pictures that show a beautiful woman holding a man’s head in her hand. The paintings are called Judith I and Judith II, but sometimes one of them is called ‘Salome’. This article uses Biblical mythology as the basis of an analysis of the paradoxical coalescing of these two different characters. Judith – a Jewish heroine – has seduced and killed Holofern to save her nation from inevitable destruction. In the Old Testa...

  6. Butler, Judith. Violencia de Estado, guerra, resistencia. Por una nueva política de la izquierda. Madrid: Katz Editores, 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio Fernández Manzano


    Full Text Available This book is the transcript of a conference that Judith Butler (Ohio, 1956 gave in Barcelona in April 2010 together with an in-depth interview. Both texts, addressed to an educated reader, not necessarily specialized in political philosophy revolve around the role the left can play in the defense of the most vulnerable in view of the present forms of oppression, exclusion and violence.

  7. A new ankylosaurine dinosaur from the Judith River Formation of Montana, USA, based on an exceptional skeleton with soft tissue preservation (United States)

    Arbour, Victoria M.; Evans, David C.


    The terrestrial Judith River Formation of northern Montana was deposited over an approximately 4 Myr interval during the Campanian (Late Cretaceous). Despite having been prospected and collected continuously by palaeontologists for over a century, few relatively complete dinosaur skeletons have been recovered from this unit to date. Here we describe a new genus and species of ankylosaurine dinosaur, Zuul crurivastator, from the Coal Ridge Member of the Judith River Formation, based on an exceptionally complete and well-preserved skeleton (ROM 75860). This is the first ankylosaurin skeleton known with a complete skull and tail club, and it is the most complete ankylosaurid ever found in North America. The presence of abundant soft tissue preservation across the skeleton, including in situ osteoderms, skin impressions and dark films that probably represent preserved keratin, make this exceptional skeleton an important reference for understanding the evolution of dermal and epidermal structures in this clade. Phylogenetic analysis recovers Zuul as an ankylosaurin ankylosaurid within a clade of Dyoplosaurus and Scolosaurus, with Euoplocephalus being more distantly related within Ankylosaurini. The occurrence of Z. crurivastator from the upper Judith River Formation fills a gap in the ankylosaurine stratigraphic and geographical record in North America, and further highlights that Campanian ankylosaurines were undergoing rapid evolution and stratigraphic succession of taxa as observed for Laramidian ceratopsids, hadrosaurids, pachycephalosaurids and tyrannosaurids.

  8. Travestismos comparados. Una aplicación etnográfica de la perspectiva de Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Cabrapán Duarte


    Full Text Available Las autoras de este artículo integramos un proyecto de investigación cuyo objetivo es analizar las articulaciones de subjetividad y agencia que se producen a partir del entramado de los clivajes étnico, de clase, de género y de edad. Partimos de entender que ninguno de estos clivajes opera separado de los demás sino que las subjetividades y las agencias emergen de una trama en la que los posicionamientos que visibilizan alguno de los clivajes implican otros que operan sin ser visibles. Tomamos como instrumentos conceptuales dos propuestas teóricas de Judith Butler. La primera de ellas tiene que ver con el debate en el campo de la teoría feminista por los supuestos etnocéntricos que subyacen al postulado de que la diferencia de género es anterior a otras diferencias y constituye una esfera autónoma de relaciones. La segunda es el uso de la metáfora del travestismo para analizar casos en los que la rearticulación de subjetividad falla en la materialización de la norma que es necesaria para completar la identificación. Con estos instrumentos teóricos analizaremos travestismos de género, clase, edad y etnicidad en Río Negro y Chubut.

  9. El ejercicio performativo de la ciudadanía a partir de la teoría de Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula Bedin


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo se abordan los aportes de Judith Butler en torno al concepto de ciudadanía. Si bien Butler no ha desarrollado una teoría sistemática de la ciudadanía se sostiene que su concepción puede ser reconstruida a partir de su propuesta de ontología social y su interpretación de la contradicción performativa. Para probar esta afirmación, en primer lugar, se realiza dicha reconstrucción. En segundo lugar, se deriva de esta reconstrucción un modo original para pensar el ejercicio de la ciudadanía en los términos de la contradicción performativa. En tercer lugar, se evaluará la conveniencia de este punto de vista para comprender las demandas ciudadanas radicales en la actualidad. Como ejemplo se analizará la demanda de la legalización del aborto en Argentina. En la medida en que esta demanda incluye la realización de abortos medicamentosos, expresa el ejercicio de un derecho que las mujeres aún no poseen legalmente.

  10. Género, cuerpo, poder y resistencia. Un diálogo crítico con Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marya Hinira Sáenz Cabezas


    Full Text Available El presente artículo dialoga críticamente con la teoría del género y el poder de Judith Butler, con el fin de indagar por las limitaciones en la comprensión de las prácticas de resistencia que se derivan de ella. Para esto se hace uso, por una parte, de la metodología de historias de vida, la cual permite que la reflexión se alimente de cinco experiencias de personas trans; y por la otra, de los desarrollos de la teoría feminista contemporánea. Se sostiene que Butler no responde satisfactoriamente a la pregunta acerca de cuál es la base material que permite la emergencia de las resistencias a las normas de género, y se propone la noción de cuerpo deseante para dar solución a este vacío y explicar por qué las prácticas de resistencia no deben ser pensadas solamente como posibilitadas por los resquicios que deja el poder.

  11. Vulnerabilität. Erläuterungen zu einem Schlüsselbegriff im Denken Judith Butlers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pistrol Florian


    Full Text Available Im neueren Denken Judith Butlers nimmt der Begriff der Vulnerabilität eine Schlüsselrolle ein. Kaum eines der vielen Themen, denen sich die US-amerikanische Autorin seit der Jahrtausendwende widmet, kann ohne Kenntnis ihrer Überlegungen zu diesem Terminus angemessen verstanden werden. Der Versuch einer Rekonstruktion ihrer Konzeption von Vulnerabilität steht allerdings vor der Schwierigkeit, dass Butlers Gedanken hierzu über zahlreiche Texte hinweg verstreut sind, wobei bisweilen unterschiedliche Aspekte betont und verschiedene Schwerpunktsetzungen vorgenommen werden. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden Butlers vulnerabilitätstheoretische Ausführungen in gebündelter Weise dargestellt und interpretiert. Dabei wird (1 die Bedeutsamkeit von Butlers Überlegungen zur Vulnerabilität für ihre Vorstellung von Körperlichkeit aufgewiesen, (2 der Zusammenhang von Vulnerabilität und Anerkennung erläutert und (3 gezeigt, welche ethischen Erwägungen Butler ausgehend von ihrer Anerkennungskonzeption und ihrem Denken der Vulnerabilität anstellt und inwiefern Vulnerabilität und politische Handlungsfähigkeit einander nicht ausschließen. Abschließend wird (4 Butlers Vulnerabilitätsverständnis mit einigen kritischen Rückfragen konfrontiert.

  12. Construindo Vera Cruz e desconstruindo gênero: aproximações entre Pedro Almodóvar e Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla Rodrigues

    Full Text Available Este artigo aproxima as proposições de desconstrução da distinção sexo/gênero tal qual proposta por Judith Butler com as questões apresentadas no filme A pele que habito, do cineasta Pedro Almodóvar. Neste diálogo, o trabalho debate questões como o diagnóstico de disforia de gênero e o problema da essencialização das categorias feminino/masculino e sua binaridade, a partir dos quais tematiza a normatividade de gênero e a autonomia do sujeito diante das normas.

  13. Judith Shakespeare – Undead or Alive? On Kajsa Dahlberg’s Artist Book A Room of One’s Own / A Thousand Libraries

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Trine Friis


    This short essay conducts a reading of Kajsa Dahlberg's artist book A Room of One's Own / A Thousand Libraries, which compiles all underlinings and marginal notes made by readers of library copies of the Swedish translation of Virginia Woolf's essay, 'A Room of One's Own', over half a century. Ri....... Riffing on thought experiments described by Derrida and Woolf, I argue that Dahlberg’s work envisions a way to accomplish what Woolf could only dream about—namely to bring back Judith Shakespeare, an imaginary sister of William Shakespeare that Woolf evokes in her essay....

  14. Butler, Judith, Undoing Gender

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anabela Rocha


    Full Text Available O conceito de “gender” de Butler (Gender Trouble, 1990 foi um forte ponto de viragem nos estudos queer uma vez que torna radicalmente claro que o género não é uma essência já feita que seria vivenciada pelos sujeitos mas sim um permanente fazer pela sua própria reiteração performativa, que poderia subverter ou não os padrões dualistas hegemónicos. Undoing Gender tem a particularidade de reflectir radicalmente sobre os riscos que correm aqueles que desconstroem esses padrões. Trata-se de uma ...

  15. Hillary Clinton / Judith Warner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Warner, Judith


    Kõige mõjuvõimsam naine maailmas - algus EA 22. veebruar 1994. May/4,11,18,25 lk. 22;22;22;21; Jun/1,8,15,22,29 lk. 21; Jul/6,13,20,27 21; Aug/3,10,17,24,31 lk. 21; Sep/7,14,21,28 lk. 21; Oct/5,12,19 lk. 21

  16. Bibliotecas y sociedad: interpretación en torno a la visión social bibliotecológica en el pensamiento de Judith Licea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Meneses Tello


    Full Text Available El enfoque interpretativo de la visión social de la bibliotecóloga mexicana Judith Licea se articuló en tres esferas: 1. bibliotecas y sociedad excluyente, 2. bibliotecas y sociedad incluyente, 3. bibliotecas y sociedad plural. Mediante dos esquemas que van de lo general a lo particular, se configuró el pensamiento de Judith Licea en torno a esas tres dimensiones. Este análisis concluye que la óptica social bibliotecológica de la autora hace posible tejer una serie de categorías asociadas a lo que hoy se denomina bibliotecología social; asimismo, que la idea homogénea en la esfera de la gestión de servicios bibliotecarios y de información debe quedar atrás para dar paso a la idea diferenciada. También se desprende del estudio que los profesionales de la biblioteca tienen un gran reto en los procesos formales, informales y continuos de enseñanza-aprendizaje.

  17. Rezension zu: Juliane Witzke: Paratext Literaturkritik Markt. Inszenierungspraktiken der Gegenwart am Beispiel Judith Hermanns. Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann 2017.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Folie


    Full Text Available Juliane Witzke untersucht am Beispiel von Judith Hermanns Œuvre (1998–2014 die paratextuellen Inszenierungsstrategien der Gegenwart. Ihre Monographie schließt nicht nur eine Forschungslücke im Hinblick auf die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit der Autorin, sondern bereichert auch die methodologische Fachdiskussion innerhalb der Literaturwissenschaften; ihr Analyseinstrumentarium ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Eine besondere Stärke der Untersuchung stellt zudem die umfassende Berücksichtigung medialer Veränderungen (z. B. Leser_innen als Kritiker_innen dar. Die immer wieder angesprochenen Genderaspekte – insbesondere die Interpretation von Hermanns gewandelter Strategie als erfolgreiche Inszenierung von ‚Natürlichkeit‘ – hätten stellenweise einer eingehenderen gendertheoretischen Reflexion bedurft.

  18. Critical Mass als performative Kritik der städtischen Verkehrspolitik? Fahrradfahren mit Judith Butler auf dem Gepäckträger

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anke Strüver


    Full Text Available Obwohl die meisten deutschen Großstädte über eine sehr schlechte Radverkehrsinfrastruktur verfügen, gewinnent innerstädtisches Radfahren und ein Engagement für das Rad als gleichberechtigtes Verkehrsmittel stark an Bedeutung. Als Indiz für dieses Engagement gelten in Hamburg die monatlichen Critical Mass Radfahrten unter dem Motto „We aren’t blocking traffic… we are traffic!“. Der Beitrag fragt vor diesem Hintergrund, inwiefern die Critical Mass als Aktionsform in Hamburg den Diskurs der autogerechten Stadt, die Straßenverkehrspolitik und die dominante räumliche Ordnung in Frage stellen kann und ob die Critical Mass als performative Kritik der normativen Ordnung im Sinne Judith Butlers verstanden werden kann.

  19. Judith Preissle: The Coming of Age of a Qualitative Researcher: The Impact of Qualitative Research in Education Past, Present, and Future

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert B. Faux


    Full Text Available This conversation centers on the development of the thought and career of Judith PREISSLE. The conversation deals with PREISSLE's formal education and training and the challenges she faced as she embarked on an academic career. In this part of PREISSLE's ac­count we are given a sense of how qualitative ap­proaches to doing research began to take shape and emerge in academics, with the attendant challenges. The conversation then focuses on PREISSLE's current work at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA. She shares her ex­periences at Georgia and the burgeoning of qual­itative research in the curriculum, and the nurturing of new students as they pursue research utilizing qualitative methods. Finally, PREISSLE shares some philosophical insights concerning qualitative research and speculates about the future. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403206

  20. The fragility of identity: about the internal experience of gender in Law N° 26.743 Reflections from Pierre Bourdieu and Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucía Inés Coppa


    Full Text Available The following article intends to approach some aspects of bourdiean thoughts in order to develop an approach to the notion of gender and the way in which – within an androcentric symbolic order and a normative heterosexual matrix – function these diagrams in the way gender makes up the subjective corporal form. From those notions, we want to reflect about the emergency of sexual identities that transgress the cultural precepts around gender founded in doxic experience. Likewise, we will sketch a brief reference among inconscient dimension across psychoanalytical tradition and performative theory across Judith Butler in the feminists debates.Through this conceptual framework we will attempt to examine how may the dominant representations of femininity, androcentric and heterosexually regulated, influence the identity formation of a feminine transsexual person, founded in the morphological ideal which has sustenance in the man-woman dichotomy, leaving the questioning open about the ways that the transgressive assumption of sex of what appears like the order of things may take in a binomic gender matrix, examining the reception of this debates in te Gender Identity Law N° 26.743

  1. Lectura crítica de Mauro Rucovsky, Martín de (2016). Cuerpos en escena. Materialidad y cuerpo sexuado en Judith Butler y Paul B. Preciado : Madrid: Egales. 209 páginas


    Campagnoli, Mabel Alicia


    El libro Cuerpos en escena brinda una exégesis de las propuestas teóricas de Judith Butler y de Paul B. Preciado sobre los cuerpos sexuados, su articulación con el género y la problemática relación entre materialidad y lenguaje. Luego de caracterizar la teoría performativa de Butler, se detiene en las críticas que Preciado le realiza al considerarla meramente discursiva y desapegada del cuerpo, para mostrar su inexactitud. Muestra, en todo caso, cómo el filósofo continúa la perspectiva ...

  2. ¿Por qué le llaman género cuando quieren decir sexo? Una aproximación a la teoría de la performatividad de Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gil Rodríguez, Eva Patricia


    Full Text Available This text pretends to be an approach from Social Psychology to Butler's theory on the performativity of gender. In contemporary feminist thinking "sex" is usually associated with "nature", and "gender" with "culture" and social dimensions o sex categories; so sex and gender are presented like opposite concepts. Judith Butler proposes in her writings a deconstruction of this dichotomy: she explains that sex is also a social construction and, in consequence, sex would have been gender all the time. This text also studies possible contributions from the theory on performativity to a theory on the subjectivity in Social Psychology; in this sense it's fundamental her defence of the "paradoxical" possibility of social transformation starting from the social categories that constitute us and, at the same time, subordinate us too.

  3. Judith Will: Familienförderung im Sozialrecht. Eine Darstellung familienfördernder Leistungen, ihrer Defizite und Reformmöglichkeiten. Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovač 2009.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arne Duncker


    Full Text Available In ihrer sehr gut strukturierten Arbeit über gegenwärtige sowie zukünftig neu zu schaffende famlienfördernde Leistungen im Sozialrecht gibt Judith Will einen ausführlichen und weitgehend vollständigen Überblick über sämtliche wesentlichen Sozialleistungen zur Familienförderung. Will untersucht außerdem eine Reihe von Reformansätzen und Lösungsmodellen, mit welchen den bestehenden Defiziten begegnet werden soll, und neigt dabei zu einer Lösung, welche auf den Ausbau von Dienstleistungen für Familien setzt, z. B. durch Ausbau und qualitative Verbesserung öffentlicher Kinderbetreuung in Kindergärten, Krippen und Horten. Dies trage auch zu verbesserten Erwerbschancen für Frauen sowie zur Vermeidung von Familienarmut bei.In her very well structured work of social justice on the existing benefits intended to support families as well as those to be created in the future, Judith Will offers a comprehensive and (for the most part complete overview of all the essential social benefits needed for family support. Will examines, moreover, a series of proposals for reform and solution models, with which the existing deficits should be approached. She leans toward a solution that banks on the expansion of family services, for example through the qualitative improvement of public childcare in kindergartens, day cares, and after school care. This would also significantly better the earning chances for women and help to avoid family poverty.

  4. ¿Por qué le llaman género cuando quieren decir sexo? Una aproximación a la teoría de la performatividad de Judith Butler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Patricia Gil Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende constituir una aproximación desde la Psicología Social a la teoría de la performatividad de género de Judith Butler. Si bien dentro del pensamiento feminista contemporáneo se ha venido asociando la categoría "sexo" al ámbito de lo natural y la categoría "género" a la dimensión cultural y socialmente construida de las categorías asociadas al sexo (siendo presentados ambos términos como un par de opuestos, Butler efectúa en su obra una deconstrucción de dicha dicotomía, mostrando como el sexo es ya de por sí una construcción social que, por tanto, ha sido género todo el tiempo. En este texto también se intenta indagar en la aportación que la teoría de performatividad puede suponer para una teoría de la subjetividad en psicología social; para ello resulta fundamental la defensa que Butler hace de la aparentemente paradójica posibilidad de transformación social a partir de las categorías sociales que, a la vez que nos conforman como sujetos, nos están subordinando.

  5. Cuerpo y género: apuntes para pensar prácticas eróticas de mujeres jóvenes. Aportes de Judith Butler y Pierre Bourdieu.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Celeste Bianciotti


    Full Text Available El artículo trabaja sobre dos conceptos: el de habitus, de Pierre Bourdieu, y el de performatividad de género, de Judith Butler, los cuales se desarrollan con el objetivo de comprender prácticas de seducción de jóvenes universitarias que viven en la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina. Los discursos de estas jóvenes respecto de sus propias prácticas eróticas se analizan bajo los aportes de cada uno de los conceptos, mientras que los mismos se desarrollan en conversación y tensión con los datos empíricos recabados. En dichas prácticas el cuerpo ocupa un rol central: el cuerpo se muestra, se estiliza, desea e intenta ser deseado, significa y (resignifica… A la par, tanto en el concepto de habitus como en el de performatividad de género, el cuerpo ocupa un rol central, siendo lugar de somatización de las relaciones de poder -en el primero-, y medio y agente de devenires identitarios -en el segundo-. Una pregunta transversaliza el ensayo: de qué formas estas jóvenes están sujetándose/sometiéndose al orden heteronormativo de dominación masculina y qué posibilidades de desobediencia y transgresión de mandatos socio-culturales tienen en el marco de sus propias prácticas de seducción, usos y disfrutes del cuerpo.

  6. Using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) to explore geochemical taphonomy of vertebrate fossils in the upper cretaceous two medicine and Judith River formations of Montana (United States)

    Rogers, R.R.; Fricke, H.C.; Addona, V.; Canavan, R.R.; Dwyer, C.N.; Harwood, C.L.; Koenig, A.E.; Murray, R.; Thole, J.T.; Williams, J.


    Laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) was used to determine rare earth element (REE) content of 76 fossil bones collected from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Two Medicine (TMF) and Judith River (JRF) Formations of Montana. REE content is distinctive at the formation scale, with TMF samples exhibiting generally higher overall REE content and greater variability in REE enrichment than JRF samples. Moreover, JRF bones exhibit relative enrichment in heavy REE, whereas TMF bones span heavy and light enrichment fields in roughly equal proportions. TMF bones are also characterized by more negative Ce anomalies and greater U enrichment than JRF bones, which is consistent with more oxidizing diagenetic conditions in the TMF. Bonebeds in both formations show general consistency in REE content, with no indication of spatial or temporal mixing within sites. Previous studies, however, suggest that the bonebeds in question are attritional assemblages that accumulated over considerable time spans. The absence of geochemical evidence for mixing is consistent with diagenesis transpiring in settings that remained chemically and hydrologically stable during recrystallization. Lithology-related patterns in REE content were also compared, and TMF bones recovered from fluvial sandstones show relative enrichment in heavy REE when compared with bones recovered from fine-grained floodplain deposits. In contrast, JRF bones, regardless of lithologic context (sandstone versus mudstone), exhibit similar patterns of REE uptake. This result is consistent with previous reconstructions that suggest that channel-hosted microfossil bonebeds of the JRF developed via the reworking of preexisting concentrations embedded in the interfluve. Geochemical data further indicate that reworked elements were potentially delivered to channels in a recrystallized condition, which is consistent with rapid adsorption of REE postmortem. Copyright ?? 2010, SEPM (Society for

  7. Point Judith, Rhode Island, Breakwater Risk Assessment (United States)


    output stations. Beach zones considered included the sandy beach to the west side of the HoR, which had significant dune features and was fronting...time dependency for crest height and wave parameters is assumed, hc = total damaged crest height of structure from toe , Lp is the local wave length...computed using linear wave theory and Tp, h is the toe depth, hc’ = total undamaged crest height of structure from toe , At = area of structure enclosed

  8. Mediationsgesetze in Südosteuropa / Judith Knieper

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Knieper, Judith


    Lepitusmenetluse seadustest Albaanias, Bosnias ja Hertsegoviinas, Makedoonias, Kosovos, Horvaatias, Montenegros ja Serbias. ELi direktiivist (2008/52) vahendusmenetluse teatavate aspektide kohta tsiviil- ja kaubandusasjades

  9. Ideology and intertextuality: Intertextual allusions in Judith 16

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Philip Nolte


    We know now that a text is not a line of words releasing a single ‘theological’ meaning (the ‘message’ of the Author-God but a multi-dimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash. The text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture. (Barthes, cited in Beal 1992:27

  10. The Voices of Women in the Night: Veronica and Judith

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shirley Walker


    Full Text Available quite often leave the radio playing all night on the bedside table; my only company in an all too empty house. It shuts out the noises of the night: the cry of the great owl in the rain-forest trees, the scurrying of possums on the roof, or the rustle of the neighbourhood carpet snake, a beautiful multi-coloured python, slithering into or out of the roof-space. I’m used to him (or her. She’s harmless —just another presence in the night.

  11. Cuerpos singulares: Una lectura desde el pensamiento de Judith Butler


    Galé Moyano, María José; Burgos Díaz, Elvira


    La aproximación que constituye este trabajo se inicia en la vacilación al respecto de la inserción del propio cuerpo, mi cuerpo, en distintos contextos vitales, de un cuestionamiento de la identidad a lo largo de la vida. Ello supondría un alejamiento de la pretendida objetividad en función de la cual el cuerpo vivo que investiga se comprende como algo ajeno a lo estudiado, una abstracción capaz de aproximarse sin una biografía previa, sin una configuración corporal concreta, a aquello que co...

  12. Judith Perera: 'Nuclear Power in Europe'-A review

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pavel, Eugeniu


    The book published by Financial Time Energy, London 1999, presents the history of nuclear power and its current status in both Eastern and Western Europe. The book extends on 370 pages and is structured in 8 chapters, annexes, a glossary of terms and references. Romanian nuclear power is represented by the Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 commissioned in December 1996. Till September 1999 the production of Cernavoda NPP amounted up to 15,271 TWh with a internal consumption lower than 8%, which covered 10-14% of the total electric energy demand of Romania, at a 12 to 14 USD/MWh production cost. The statistical data show that: - with the highest nuclear energy quota appears US, namely with 28.1% of world nuclear power production; - in a classification on countries, Lithuania and France appear on the first place, namely with 77.2% and 75.8%, respectively, as share of nuclear energy in the total national energy production. A review of the reactor types mostly used world wide show that the PWR is the most used technology in France, Japan, USA and several other countries. The chapter two presents the performances of different reactor types among which AGR, BWR and PWR, the load factor of which appears to be the highest. The problems of fuel cycles, fuel conversion, enrichment and production are treated in Chapter 3. The following chapter presents the economic aspects of nuclear power, the energy costs being a pro in the public debates on the future of nuclear energy. A detailed analysis on the environmental impact of nuclear power production is given in Chapter 6. The situation of nuclear sector throughout Europe is shown in the following chapter while the last one is devoted to the main European power companies implied in the nuclear industry. In conclusion, the prospects of nuclear energy in Europe are reviewed by taking into account factors like: public acceptance, costs, competition, waste management, fuel market, safety environmental issues, in-service life, personnel qualification

  13. Ideology and intertextuality: Intertextual allusions in Judith 16

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Oct 3, 2011 ... structures such as nature and natural phenomena, movies, music, paintings, ... redeemer God known in history' and links it to what is said ...... drama of reading, Indiana studies in biblical literature, Indiana University Press,.

  14. Thermal shock tests with beryllium coupons in the electron beam facility JUDITH

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Roedig, M.; Duwe, R.; Schuster, J.L.A.


    Several grades of American and Russian beryllium have been tested in high heat flux tests by means of an electron beam facility. For safety reasons, major modifications of the facility had to be fulfilled in advance to the tests. The influence of energy densities has been investigated in the range between 1 and 7 MJ/m 2 . In addition the influence of an increasing number of shots at constant energy density has been studied. For all samples, surface profiles have been measured before and after the experiments. Additional information has been gained from scanning electron microscopy, and from metallography

  15. Judith Butler y la formación melancólica del sujeto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patricia Romano


    Althusser respecto a los efectos psíquicos del poder y los efectos formativos de la prohibición, por considerarlos un apoyo para su tesis sobre la incorporación melancólica. Finalmente, se considera el alcance que esta autora atribuye a la identificación melancólica en la formación del género.

  16. Towards a Research Framework for Race in Education: Critical Race Theory and Judith Butler (United States)

    Chadderton, Charlotte


    There has been much debate around the extent to which post-structuralist theory can be applied to critical research. In this article, it is argued that aspects of the two approaches can be combined, resulting in productive tensions that point towards a possible new framework for researching race and racism in education in the UK. The article…

  17. "The Very Unrecognizability of the Other": Edith Stein, Judith Butler, and the Pedagogical Challenge of Empathy (United States)

    Kukar, Polina


    There is no standard definition of empathy, but the concept is assumed to be innately pro-social and teachable regardless of factors such as power dynamics or other manifestations of social injustice within a society. Such assumptions in discursive practices, whether academic, popular, or pedagogical, obscure the emergence of two important…

  18. H10788: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Point Judith, Rhode Island, 1997-11-05 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  19. Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, y los cuerpos e identidades críticas, subversivas y deconstructivas de la Intersexualidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    González Vázquez, Araceli


    Full Text Available Intersexuality is considered a critical, subversive and deconstructive tool for the categories of sex and gender, in particular from social constructivist theoretical positions well nurtured by post-estructuralist rethoric. The purpose of this article is to discuss the reception of Foucault’s thought in studies on Intersexuality, explain his concepts and how they are incorporated, and which ideas they contribute to destabilizing or reifying within the current debates.

    La Intersexualidad es considerada una herramienta de crítica, subversión y deconstrucción de las categorías sexo y género, singularmente desde posiciones ligadas al constructivismo social y muy nutridas por las retóricas postestructuralistas. La propuesta de este artículo es la de discutir la recepción del pensamiento de Michel Foucault en los estudios sobre la Intersexualidad, y explicar qué conceptos y cómo se incorporan, y qué ideas contribuyen a desestabilizar o reificar dentro de estos debates.

  20. Väär vastandus: vastus Seyla Benhabibile ja Judith Butlerile / Nancy Fraser ; tõlk. Merilin Sikk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fraser, Nancy


    Benhabibi-Butleri mõttevahetus tekitab autori arvates väära vastanduse ning ebavajalikke polarisatsioone. Feministid ei pea valima kriitilise teooria ja poststrukturalismi vahel, selle asemel võiks rekonstrueerida kumbagi lähenemist viisil, et see teisega sobituks, leiab autor

  1. The fragility of identity: about the internal experience of gender in Law N° 26.743. Reflections from Pierre Bourdieu and Judith Butler


    Coppa, Lucia Inés


    En el presente artículo se propone sobrevolar algunos aspectos del pensamiento bourdieano para realizar aproximaciones a la noción de género y al modo en que –dentro de un orden simbólico androcéntrico y una matriz normativa heterosexual- operan estos esquemas en el modo en que el género se constituye e introyecta en la formación subjetiva corporizada. A partir de dichas nociones se buscará reflexionar sobre la emergencia de identidades sexuales que disrumpen los preceptos culturales entorno ...

  2. Cuerpos en escena. Materialidad y cuerpo sexuado en Judith Butler y Paul B. Preciado de Martín De Mauro Rucovsky


    Ramírez, Antonieta


    La creciente tendencia hacia la desmaterialización de la realidad, de las relaciones y de los mismos sujetos en el mundo que habitamos es motivo suficiente para que Martín De Mauro plantee la pregunta sobre si “¿el cuerpo, o cualquier modalidad material del cuerpo es puro efecto del lenguaje?” (p. 26). Su inquietud tiene como principal motivo la “sospecha generalizada de una pérdida o menosprecio del cuerpo como realidad, naturaleza y materia sexuada” (p. 29), por lo que, para dirimir esta su...

  3. Globalization(s), privatization(s),constitutionalization, and statization: icons and experiences of sovereignty in the 21 st century / Judith Resnik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Resnik, Judith


    Uuritakse, mida saavad demokraatlikud riigid põhiseaduslikult pakkuda, milleks rahvusvahelised korporatsioonid ja ülemaailme valitsemistava võimeline pole. Valitsuse pakutavatest teenustest, mis on ühtlasi kodanike sotsiaalsed õigused

  4. Judith Butler en Argentina. Recepción y polémicas en torno a la teoría de la performatividad del género

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nayla Luz Vacarezza


    por más de dos décadas. Su recepción no fue uniforme ya que, en cada país de habla hispana, estuvo condicionada por el interés y las resistencias que generaron sus arriesgadas tesis en los feminismos y en los Estudios de Género, por los anacronismos propios de la traducción y por las dinámicas propias de la academia y de la industria editorial. En Argentina, las primeras traducciones de textos de Butler comienzan a publicarse y circular en la década del noventa en revistas que no estaban totalmente dedicadas a la teoría o al quehacer académico, pero tampoco al activismo desprovisto de conceptos y modos de pensar académicos. Este artículo explora las distintas vías de recepción, lectura y utilización de los conceptos de la teoría de la performatividad del género en Argentina, así como también las polémicas que se generaron en torno a ella, focalizando sobre las tensiones y los cruces entre el activismo y la academia, dos campos que propongo pensar como espacios de disputas con fronteras mucho más frágiles y porosas de lo que muchas veces se supone.

  5. Gaja von Sychowski: Geschlecht und Bildung. Beiträge der Gender-Theorie zur Grundlegung einer Allgemeinen Pädagogik im Anschluss an Judith Butler und Richard Hönigswald. Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann 2011.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sahra Dornick


    Full Text Available In der Veröffentlichung ihrer Habilitationsschrift geht Gaja von Sychowski das Vorhaben an, eine Allgemeine Pädagogik im Kontext poststrukturalistischen Denkens zu entwerfen. Damit greift sie nicht nur ein längst überfälliges Thema auf, es gelingt ihr zudem, dieses auf höchstem theoretischem Niveau zu bearbeiten. Die formalistische Konsequenz, mit der die Autorin ihre Forschung vorantreibt, ist dabei jedoch zwiespältig: Zwar schlägt sie durch die Reduzierung von Komplexität Brücken zwischen verschiedenen Disziplinen, andererseits verliert Geschlecht, wenn es schließlich unter Performanz subsumiert wird, an Bedeutung, und es entsteht so der Grundriss einer Allgemeinen Pädagogik, in welcher die subjektkonstituierende Macht von Geschlecht unterschlagen wird.In the publication of her professorial dissertation, Gaja von Sychowski intends to design a general pedagogy within the context of poststructuralist thinking. In doing so, she not only addresses a long overdue topic, but she also succeeds in elaborating it on a most abstract level. However, the formalistic consistency that the author uses to advance her research is ambivalent: on the one hand, the reduction of complexity bridges gaps between different disciplines, on the other hand, gender loses meaning if it is eventually subsumed under performance. Consequently, an outline of a general pedagogy, which omits the subject-constituting power of gender, emerges.

  6. Gentle Teaching: Trying to Win Friends and Influence People with Euphemism, Metaphor, Smoke, and Mirrors. (United States)

    Bailey, Jon S.


    This commentary on the use of gentle teaching with individuals with developmental disabilities examines the method's assumptions, describes its use of behavioral techniques, and criticizes its ineffectiveness. (JDD)

  7. College Preparation for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Curriculum Approach. (United States)

    Whinnery, Keith W.


    A college preparation curriculum relevant to the needs of students with learning disabilities is presented, focusing on early planning, instructional modifications, strategy instruction, and support services. (JDD)

  8. Classroom Organization: A Key to Successful Management. (United States)

    Guernsey, Marsha A.


    Suggestions are presented to increase the special education teacher's organizational efficiency, focusing on instructional planning and use of time and space as they relate to classroom organization. (JDD)

  9. Proceedings of the MICOM Logistics Research and Development Workshop (2nd) Held in Huntsville, Alabama on 27-28 August 1991 (United States)


    Robert H ................................................................ 205-842-6408 Quartullo, Judith A...301-320-7225 Weissman, Vanessa M ......................................................... 205-876-1697 Wetheral

  10. Annual Conference on Human Retrovirus Testing (7th) held in Chicago, IL on March 3-5, 1992 (United States)


    Ph.D.; Charles Sehable, M.S.; Judith Wethers , M.S.; Judith Wilber, Ph.D. This conference was supported, in part, by a firancial graot from the...Westerman Bill Roberts Judith Wethers , M.S. U Col Chester Roberts, Ph.D. Julianne Wiese Jeanette V Roman Helen Wiprud Gene F Robertson, Ph.D. JoAnn L Yee...RHgmor Thorstensson, Ph.D., National Judith Wethers , M.S., Director of Testing Bacteriological Lab Services. Retrovirology Lab.. New York Ralph

  11. 77 FR 50102 - Sunshine Act Meeting Notice (United States)


    ..., Inc. Draft Advisory Opinion 2012-30: Revolution Messaging, LLC. Audit Division Recommendation... the meeting date. PERSON TO CONTACT FOR INFORMATION: Judith Ingram, Press Officer, Telephone: (202...

  12. Promoting Error Monitoring in Middle School Students with LD. (United States)

    Shannon, Ted R.; Polloway, Edward A.


    Middle school students with learning disabilities were successfully taught the COPS monitoring strategy to revise and correct writing mistakes. Steps in the strategy include capitalization of appropriate letters, overall appearance of paper, punctuation used correctly, and spelling accuracy. (JDD)

  13. Listening to Epilepsy. (United States)

    Brunquell, Phillip J.


    This paper discusses what epilepsy is and what it is not, defines types of epileptic seizures, identifies epilepsy syndromes, discusses antiepileptic drugs, describes seizure surgery, and examines issues of quality of life. (JDD)

  14. The Assessment of Hyperactivity in Preschool Populations: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. (United States)

    Rosenberg, Michael S.; And Others


    The variety of methods available for the assessment of hyperactivity in preschool populations is reviewed. Specific procedures for assessment are presented from a multidisciplinary perspective, integrating biophysical, behavioral, cognitive, and ecological models. (Author/JDD)

  15. Special Education in Nigeria. (United States)

    Abang, Theresa B.


    This article discusses the special education system in Nigeria, focusing on integration; training of special educators; medical, health, and welfare services for children with disabilities; recreational facilities; employment opportunities; national planning; and problems and successes. (JDD)

  16. The Infant and Young Child with Spina Bifida: Major Medical Concerns. (United States)

    Shaer, Catherine M.


    This review of medical concerns in dealing with spina bifida examines neurologic and neurosurgical issues, learning issues, urological dysfunction, orthopedic issues, bowel control, latex allergy, and prenatal diagnosis and prevention. (JDD)

  17. Children with Communication Disorders. ERIC Digest #E470 (Revised #419). (United States)

    Council for Exceptional Children, Reston, VA.

    This digest defines the term "communication disorders," states prevalence rates for the condition, describes characteristics of children with communication disorders, and outlines educational implications. Thirteen publications on communication disorders and six organizational resources are listed. (JDD)

  18. Using Mini-Grants as a Resource to Enrich Gifted Programs. (United States)

    Adderholdt-Elliott, Miriam; And Others


    Guidelines are offered for accessing local grant and foundation monies to fund special and innovative activities in gifted education programs. Descriptions of six projects funded by grants from local foundations demonstrate the variety of projects that can be funded. (JDD)

  19. Learning Disabilities. ERIC Digest #407. Revised. (United States)

    ERIC Clearinghouse on Handicapped and Gifted Children, Reston, VA.

    This digest defines learning disabilities, cites their prevalence, describes typical characteristics of learning-disabled students, outlines educational implications of learning disabilities, and lists several printed and organizational resources for further information. (JDD)

  20. What's New in Software? Videocassettes for Parenting. (United States)

    Hedley, Carolyn N.


    Videocassettes useful in creating educational environments in the home are described, focusing specifically on the areas of parenting and living skills, literature for the primary and intermediate grades, and social studies. A list of 66 recommended videocassettes is included. (JDD)

  1. Strategies That Help Learning-Disabled Students Solve Verbal Mathematical Problems. (United States)

    Giordano, Gerard


    Strategies are presented for dealing with factors that can be responsible for failure in mathematical problem solving. The suggestions include personalization of verbal problems, thematic strands based on student interests, visual representation, a laboratory approach, and paraphrasing. (JDD)

  2. Integrated Assessment for an Integrated Curriculum. (United States)

    Mockrish, Rob


    In a sixth grade science classroom for able students, major grades are broken down into four categories: lab reports, projects, creative writing, and written tests. These four components of assessment structure how the curriculum content is presented. (JDD)

  3. Overview: Clinical Identification of Sexually Abused Children. (United States)

    Corwin, David L.; Olafson, Erna


    This introduction to the special issue on clinical identification of sexually abused children reviews the history of the study of child sexual abuse and describes the 14 papers included in the special issue. (JDD)

  4. Evaluation of Eight Case Studies of Facilitated Communication. (United States)

    Moore, Susan; And Others


    The ability of eight adults with mental retardation (and in some cases cerebral palsy) to communicate using facilitated communication was assessed by a multidisciplinary team. Not one of the subjects demonstrated an ability to communicate using the technique. (JDD)

  5. Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Socioemotional Functioning: A Review of Recent Literature. (United States)

    Little, Sara S.


    This article presents an overview of literature relating to a nonverbal learning disabilities subtype. The article addresses the relationship between nonverbal learning disabilities and socioemotional functioning, generalizability of research outcomes, individual differences, and treatment validity. (Author/JDD)

  6. Finding the Right Educational Software for Your Child. (United States)

    Moore, Jack


    Ideas are presented for identifying, evaluating, and selecting instructional software for children with special needs. The article notes several library research tools as sources of information and lists specific questions to consider when evaluating software. (JDD)

  7. A Review of Behavioral Conceptualizations and Treatments of Child Noncompliance. (United States)

    Houlihan, Daniel; And Others


    This review of behavioral conceptualizations and approaches to the treatment of child noncompliance includes discussion of behavioral definitions, methods of assessment, types of behavioral interventions, generalization of treatment effects, future research directions, and potential ethical concerns. (Author/JDD)

  8. Study the Problem. (United States)

    Choate, Joyce S.


    The initial step of a strategic process for solving mathematical problems, "studying the question," is discussed. A lesson plan for teaching students to identify and revise arithmetic problems is presented, involving directed instruction and supervised practice. (JDD)

  9. Using a Nonaversive Procedure to Decrease Refusals. (United States)

    Spooner, Fred; And Others


    A nonaversive technique was used to teach a severely handicapped woman to decrease her refusals. The technique employed precision teaching via precise daily measurement strategies, environmental analysis, and a focus on building appropriate behavior. (JDD)

  10. Look What Microcomputers Are Up to Now! (United States)

    Wilkins, Mary E.


    A teacher of hearing-impaired students describes commercially available software for teaching sign language and finger spelling, lists sources of information about other software programs, and offers suggestions to encourage teachers to utilize computers in their classrooms. (JDD)

  11. Planning Our Future Together. (United States)

    Ortiz, Alba A.


    This memo outlines priorities of the Council for Exceptional Children in accomplishing its mission. Priorities include increasing membership, retaining a higher percentage of current members, promoting education standards, improving professional education offerings, and influencing public policy. (JDD)

  12. Funding Sources for Visually Impaired Students in Higher Education. (United States)

    Traber, M.


    Financial aid sources available to visually handicapped students for postsecondary educational, vocational, or technical programs are outlined. Sources include national and state blindness agencies, colleges and universities, state vocational rehabilitation agencies, and the federal government. (Author/JDD)

  13. Compounding the Challenge: Young Deaf Children and Learning Disabilities. (United States)

    Mauk, Gary W.; Mauk, Pamela P.


    This paper presents a definition of deaf and hard of hearing children with learning disabilities; notes the incidence of children with both disabilities; outlines roadblocks to learning; describes screening, diagnosis, and assessment practices; and offers suggestions for educational programming. (JDD)

  14. The Status of Interpreters for Deaf Canadians. (United States)

    Schein, Jerome D.; Yarwood, Sara


    A national survey of 170 interpreters for deaf Canadians examined demographic characteristics; knowledge of sign; education; experience; employment; voluntary service; clients served; settings; earnings and fees; and opinions regarding their work, compensation, working conditions, ethics, and education. (JDD)

  15. Adapting Art Instruction for Students with Disabilities. (United States)

    Platt, Jennifer M.; Janeczko, Donna


    This article presents adaptations for teaching art to students with disabilities. Various techniques, methods, and materials are described by category of disability, including students with mental disabilities, visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and physical disabilities. (JDD)

  16. Drug and Alcohol Exposed Children: Implications for Special Education for Students Identified as Behaviorally Disordered. (United States)

    Bauer, Anne M.


    This article reviews the literature on children prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol, the potential impact on the educational and social services systems, and implications for programing for children identified as behaviorally disordered. (Author/JDD)

  17. Challenges in Math. (United States)

    Feng, Chengde


    Fourteen mathematics problems from the 1987 Chinese Primary School Mathematics Examination for fifth and sixth grade students are presented. The word problems, accompanied by answers, involve algebra, division, ratios, areas, and other mathematical processes. (JDD)

  18. Mainstreaming: Is It in the Best Interest of All Children? (United States)

    Simon, Libby


    This paper argues that the behaviorally disruptive child with aggressive tendencies might function better in a nonmainstreamed situation than in a mainstreamed classroom. Alternative options are presented. (Author/JDD)

  19. The Mathematical Equivalent of the Penalty Shoot-Out. (United States)

    Brown, Ian C.


    This article describes the City of London Polytechnic Mathematics Competition for Inner London Secondary Schools. The question design policy is specified, and examples of tie-breaker questions are given. (Author/JDD)

  20. Working with Parents of Aggressive Children: Clinical Vignettes. (United States)

    Mordock, John B.


    Seven brief clinical vignettes are presented, illustrating principles of intervention with parents of aggressive children. The vignettes describe family relationships; parents' feelings toward counselors, especially anger; counseling techniques; actions taken by counselors; and outcomes of treatment. (JDD)

  1. Policy and Validity Prospects for Performance-Based Assessment. (United States)

    Baker, Eva L.; And Others


    This article describes performance-based assessment as expounded by its proponents, comments on these conceptions, reviews evidence regarding the technical quality of performance-based assessment, and considers its validity under various policy options. (JDD)

  2. ADA: A Powerful Message for Families. Part II. (United States)

    Lipton, Diane


    This paper describes the four Titles in the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination in the areas of employment, public services, public accommodations and services operated by private entities, and telecommunications. (JDD)

  3. Constructed-Response Matching to Sample and Spelling Instruction. (United States)

    Dube, William V.; And Others


    This paper describes a computer-based spelling program grounded in programed instructional techniques and using constructed-response matching-to-sample procedures. Following use of the program, two mentally retarded men successfully spelled previously misspelled words. (JDD)

  4. Enhancing Teacher Efficacy in Special Education. (United States)

    McDaniel, Elizabeth A.; McCarthy, Holly DiBella


    A special education teacher's sense of teaching efficacy and personal teaching efficacy influences teacher motivation and effort, teacher-student interactions, and student achievement. Methods for enhancing teachers' sense of efficacy are suggested. (JDD)

  5. Research Problems in Developing Giftedness: A Worldwide Perspective. (United States)

    Passow, A. Harry; Schiff, Jacob H.


    This paper describes world perspectives on gifted education, focusing on definitions, identification procedures, and attitudes. It then examines key areas in gifted education that require further clarification and rigorous examination. (Author/JDD)

  6. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Strategies for the Classroom. (United States)

    Purvis, Johnny R.; And Others


    This article discusses classroom strategies used with students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), methods for controlling the ADHD child's behavior, and the need for consistency and collaboration between the school and home. (Author/JDD)

  7. Token Reinforcement: Effects for Reducing Tardiness with a Socially Disadvantaged Adolescent Student. (United States)

    Inkster, J. A.; McLaughlin, T. F.


    This study found that microcomputer free time was a very effective consequence in decreasing the tardiness of a middle school boy, in improving his academic achievement, and in improving the student's attitude toward school and school assignments. (Author/JDD)

  8. Bibliography of Recent Books on Creativity and Problem Solving: Supplement 31. (United States)

    Stievater, Susan M.


    This bibliography lists approximately 55 books on creativity and problem solving, published in 1992 and 1993. For each listing, bibliographic information is provided along with one or more subject descriptor terms. (JDD)

  9. Insights on Parenting. (United States)

    Barnes, Natalie


    The mother of an extremely gifted boy relates her emotional response upon learning of his giftedness, especially her excitement at his potential and her fear that his uniqueness harbors hidden pitfalls. (JDD)

  10. Reflections on "A Qualitative Analysis of Mainstreamed Behaviorally Disordered Aggressive Adolescents' Perceptions of Helpful and Unhelpful Teacher Attitudes and Behaviors." (United States)

    Crowley, E. Paula


    The author of EC 607 583 responds to questions about her research on mainstreamed behaviorally disordered aggressive adolescents' perceptions of helpful and unhelpful teacher attitudes and behaviors. Issues relevant to future research in this area are noted. (JDD)

  11. Parental Hostility and Its Sources in Psychologically Abusive Mothers: A Test of the Three-Factor Theory. (United States)

    Lesnik-Oberstein, Max; And Others


    This study of 44 psychologically abusing mothers and 128 nonabusing mothers determined that abusing mothers had higher levels of hostile feelings, associated with low marital coping skills, negative childhood upbringing, and high level of strain. (Author/JDD)

  12. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised (PPVT-R). (United States)

    Vance, H. Robert; Stone, J. E.


    The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised assesses standard American English receptive vocabulary in individuals, both handicapped and nonhandicapped, ages 2 to 40. This paper describes the test's administration, summation of data, standardization, reliability, and validity. (JDD)

  13. Is Being Gifted a Social Handicap? (United States)

    Coleman, Laurence J.; Cross, Tracy L.


    Interviews with 15 gifted/talented adolescents indicated that many of them experienced giftedness as a social handicap. Some students coped with this by managing information about themselves to minimize their visibility as gifted students to others. (Author/JDD)

  14. Increasing Academic Skills of Students with Autism Using Fifth Grade Peers as Tutors. (United States)

    Kamps, Debra; And Others


    Nonhandicapped fifth-grade students conducted tutoring sessions in math, language, and reading for two elementary-aged children with autism. Results demonstrated that normal peers could effectively increase academic behaviors of autistic students through tutoring activities. (Author/JDD)

  15. The Truth about Scores Children Achieve on Tests. (United States)

    Brown, Jonathan R.


    The importance of using the standard error of measurement (SEm) in determining reliability in test scores is emphasized. The SEm is compared to the hypothetical true score for standardized tests, and procedures for calculation of the SEm are explained. (JDD)

  16. Psychiatrist's Notebook. (United States)

    Gifted Child Today (GCT), 1988


    A child psychiatrist offers a brief introduction to learning disabilities: their causes, common signals of learning disabilities, student assessment to clarify the existence of a learning disability, and treatment with special educational services or medication. (JDD)

  17. Survival Words and Phrases for Professionals Who Work with Students Who Are Bilingual and Severely/Multiply Handicapped, and with Their Families. (United States)

    Silberman, Rosanne K.; Correa, Vivian I.


    The paper offers a rationale for bilingual special education, provides suggestions for developing bilingual lessons for severely/multiply handicapped students, and includes a list of Spanish words and phrases used most frequently by students and their parents. (JDD)

  18. Who, How, and Where: Special Education's Issues in Perpetuity. (United States)

    Bateman, Barbara D.


    Issues that are central to special education and appear destined to remain so are discussed, including professional divisions among special educators and between special and regular educators, the population to be served, individualization, and placement. (JDD)

  19. Evaluating the Whole Language Approach to Language Arts: The Pros and Cons. (United States)

    Chaney, Carolyn


    This paper defines the whole language approach and identifies its strengths and weaknesses. An integrated instructional approach is recommended, balancing meaning and exposure to literature with skills instruction and practice. (Author/JDD)

  20. The Learning Disabled, Hearing Impaired Students: Reality, Myth, or Overextension? (United States)

    Laughton, Joan


    This paper focuses on definitions, incidence, and characteristics of the multihandicapping condition known as "learning disabled, hearing impaired," in order to provide a means of identifying these children and determining whether or not they require different teaching strategies. (JDD)

  1. What's New in Software? Computers and the Writing Process: Strategies That Work. (United States)

    Ellsworth, Nancy J.


    The computer can be a powerful tool to help students who are having difficulty learning the skills of prewriting, composition, revision, and editing. Specific software is suggested for each phase, as well as for classroom publishing. (Author/JDD)

  2. A Note on Intelligence Assessment within Studies of Specific Language Impairment. (United States)

    Camarata, Stephen; Swisher, Linda


    Research procedures used to evaluate the intelligence of children with specific language impairment are reviewed. Almost half of the 167 studies did not include adequate descriptions of intelligence assessment. (Author/JDD)

  3. Supported Employment in Connecticut: An Examination of Integration and Wage Outcomes. (United States)

    Helms, Barbara L.; And Others


    Study of a sample of 93 individuals with disabilities participating in supported employment programs in Connecticut found that monthly wages and levels of integration increased significantly when compared to working situations prior to supported employment placement. (JDD)

  4. Creativity and Entrepreneurship: How Do They Relate? (United States)

    Whiting, Bruce G.


    Research reports are reviewed which illustrate the close ties between creativity and entrepreneurship. Comparisons of the characteristics and behavior typical of creative individuals and entrepreneurial individuals indicate the existence of striking similarities. (JDD)

  5. "Show-Me Bedtime Reading'" An Unusual Study of the Benefits of Reading to Deaf Children. (United States)

    Rogers, Deborah


    Nine primary-age children at a residential school for the deaf were read bedtime stories using a Total Communication approach. Every child subsequently demonstrated growth on each of several language assessments, including language comprehension and expressive language. (JDD)

  6. Management of Developmentally Disabled Children with Chronic Infections. (United States)

    Andersen, Richard D.


    The nature of chronic infections in developmentally disabled children is reviewed, along with appropriate management strategies for care providers and implications for other children. Discussed are herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B virus, and human immunodeficiency virus. (Author/JDD)

  7. Recent Development of Education for Gifted Students in Taiwan. (United States)

    Tsai, Den-Mo


    This paper reviews the historical development of special education for gifted students in Taiwan; provides an overview of three chronological stages in the development of programming; describes educational opportunities and problems; and proposes recommendations for program development. (JDD)

  8. Functional-Based Assessment of Social Behavior: Introduction and Overview. (United States)

    Lewis, Timothy J.; Sugai, George


    This introduction to and overview of a special issue on social behavior assessment within schools discusses the impact of function-based methodologies on assessment and intervention practices in identification and remediation of challenging social behaviors. (JDD)

  9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children: Suggested Intervention. (United States)

    Csapo, Marg


    This paper reviews literature-based techniques of intervention with posttraumatic stress disorder in children, including such techniques as crisis intervention, in vitro flooding, communication training, physical mastery, perspective taking, elimination of self-blame, and self-calming. (JDD)

  10. Improving Practice through Research. (United States)

    Rose, Terry L.


    The article discusses the need for communication of research findings involving exceptional individuals, the need for resolution of the research-practice dichotomy, and the types of papers which will appear in the new column. (JDD)

  11. Alternative Assessment Techniques. (United States)

    Lowenthal, Barbara


    Maintaining the precision necessary for administering norm referenced tests can be a problem for the special education teacher who is trained to assist the student. Criterion-referenced tests, observations, and interviews are presented as effective alternative assessment techniques. (JDD)

  12. "I Dread Deborah's Coming Home." Growing Children, Changing Families. (United States)

    Exceptional Parent, 1990


    A family experiences difficulty dealing with a 20-year-old daughter who establishes a pattern of criticizing her parents' lifestyle, their relationship with each other, and their relationship with their 15-year-old learning-disabled son. (JDD)

  13. Developing a Telecommunications Curriculum for Students with Physical Disabilities. (United States)

    Gandell, Terry S.; Laufer, Dorothy


    A telecommunications curriculum was developed for students (ages 15-21) with physical disabilities. Curriculum content included an internal mailbox program (Mailbox), interactive communication system (Blisscom), bulletin board system (Arctel), and a mainframe system (Compuserv). (JDD)

  14. Persuasive Talk in Social Contexts: Development, Assessment, and Intervention. (United States)

    Nippold, Marilyn A.


    This article reviews the developmental literature in spoken persuasion and discusses implications for assessment and intervention with students with language-learning disorders, in terms of persuading others, analyzing persuasive appeals, and responding to persuasive appeals. (JDD)

  15. Helping Emotionally Disturbed Children Deal with the Separation Process. (United States)

    Kreger, Robert D.; Kreger, Linda R.


    The article presents examples of emotionally disturbed children's reactions to separation from a teacher with whom they have become involved. Suggestions are offered for facilitating healthy separation from the teacher. (JDD)

  16. Strategies for Improving Maintenance and Generalization of Academic Skills--So Students "Don't Leave Class without It." (United States)

    Gable, Robert A.; And Others


    An instructional process for facilitating maintenance and generalization of academic skills is presented, using the ABCD'S (Antecedent Events, Behavior, Consequent Events, Data, and Setting Events) Generalization Intervention Model. (JDD)

  17. The High Jump: Transition Issues of Learning Disabled Students and Their Parents. (United States)

    Ness, Jean E.


    Issues that face learning-disabled students and their parents during the transition from a secondary to a postsecondary setting are explored, and recommendations are offered for consideration in resolving problems during this period. (JDD)

  18. Spelling Lessons for Gifted Language Arts Students. (United States)

    Richards, Janet C.; Gipe, Joan P.


    These strategies for teaching spelling to gifted students focus on student choice of words, personal dictionaries, cloze passages, categorizing or word sorting, words borrowed from other languages, word etymology, multiple meaning words, and onomatopoetic words. (JDD)

  19. Attaining Success for Beginning Special Education Teachers. (United States)

    McCabe, Marjorie; And Others


    Three case studies are presented that highlight problem scenarios relating to beginning special education intern teachers and explain how the teachers attained success. The cases focus on classroom management, adaptation of the core curriculum, and knowledge of instructional practices. (JDD)

  20. Class Notes for "Class-Y-News." (United States)

    Stuart, Judy L.


    A self-contained class of students with mild to moderate disabilities published a monthly newsletter which was distributed to students' families. Students became involved in writing, typing, drawing, folding, basic editing, and disseminating. (JDD)

  1. Consultation for Parents of Young Gifted Children. (United States)

    Wolf, Joan S.


    The article describes private evaluation and consultation services provided to parents of young gifted children, and discusses the benefits of private consultation and the potential role of school personnel in meeting the needs of this population. (Author/JDD)

  2. Counterpoint: Special Education--Ineffective? Immoral? (United States)

    Fuchs, Douglas; Fuchs, Lynn S.


    This counterpoint to a critique of the authors' paper, which argued against full inclusion of students with disabilities, offers evidence of the effectiveness of special education and notes court litigation that has recognized that separate is not always unequal. (JDD)

  3. Testing for Giftedness: The Pros, Cons and Concerns. (United States)

    Shaughnessy, Michael F.; Fickling, Kris L.


    This paper reviews the advantages and disadvantages of testing for giftedness, the repercussions of testing and not testing, issues concerning intelligence quotients, and the effects of labeling children. (JDD)

  4. Authentic Assessment of Special Learners: Problem or Promise? (United States)

    Choate, Joyce S.; Evans, Susan S.


    This article outlines differences between traditional assessment and authentic assessment procedures, discusses problems with each type of assessment in relation to special learners, and offers certain cautions that must be observed when implementing authentic assessment. (JDD)

  5. Prerequisites for Computer-Aided Cognitive Rehabilitation. (United States)

    Legrand, Colette


    This paper describes computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation for mentally deficient persons. It lists motor, cognitive, emotional, and educational prerequisites to such rehabilitation and states advantages and disadvantages in using the prerequisites. (JDD)

  6. Identification of Intellectually Able Disadvantaged Filipino Children. (United States)

    Naval-Severino, Teresita


    Preschool Filipino children from disadvantaged urban communities were assessed for giftedness. This article describes the identification procedures and tools used and presents a profile of the children in terms of socioeconomic, intellectual, and personality variables. (Author/JDD)

  7. Computer Technology Directory. (United States)

    Exceptional Parent, 1990


    This directory lists approximately 300 commercial vendors that offer computer hardware, software, and communication aids for children with disabilities. The company listings indicate computer compatibility and specific disabilities served by their products. (JDD)

  8. Teaching Idiomatic Expressions: A Comparison of Two Instructional Methods. (United States)

    Rittenhouse, Robert K.; Kenyon, Patricia L.


    Twenty hearing-impaired adolescents were taught idiomatic expressions using captioned videotape presentations followed by classroom discussion, or by extended classroom discussions. Improvement in understanding idioms was significantly greater under the videotape method. (Author/JDD)

  9. Devices and Desires: Integrative Strategy Instruction from a Motivational Perspective. (United States)

    Vauras, Marja; And Others


    This critique of Edwin Ellis's Integrative Strategy Instruction model comments that analyses are needed concerning the mutual social adaptations of differently disposed (cognitively, motivationally, and emotionally) students with learning disabilities and teachers within the social frames of learning environments. (JDD)

  10. Relationships of Whole Blood Serotonin and Plasma Norepinephrine within Families. (United States)

    Leventhal, Bennett L.; And Others


    This study of 47 families of autistic probands found that whole blood serotonin was positively correlated between autistic children and their mothers, fathers, and siblings, but plasma norepinephrine levels were not. (Author/JDD)

  11. Cognitive Shifting as a Predictor of Progress in Social Understanding in High-Functioning Adolescents with Autism: A Prospective Study. (United States)

    Berger, Hans J. C.; And Others


    This prospective study of 17 high-functioning residentially treated adolescents with autism found that cognitive shifting, as measured by card sorting tests, was the only significant factor in predicting progress in social understanding. (Author/JDD)

  12. Integrated Transdisciplinary Teams. (United States)

    Gallivan-Fenlon, Amanda


    This article reviews the use of transdisciplinary teaming and integrated therapy for young children with multiple disabilities. It presents examples and suggestions for implementation, in the areas of flexibility, Individualized Education Program development, and parent participation. (JDD)

  13. Teaching Culturally Diverse Students. (United States)

    Correa, Vivian; Tulbert, Beth


    Characteristics of culturally diverse students are discussed in terms of language, culture, and socioeconomic factors. Meeting the educational needs of culturally diverse students can involve interactive teaming of professionals; parent involvement; and providing appropriate services, assessment, curriculum, and instruction. (JDD)

  14. Substance Abuse among the Deaf Population: An Overview of Current Strategies, Programs and Barriers to Recovery. (United States)

    Lane, Katherine E.


    The paper analyzes the problem of alcohol and drug abuse among the deaf population focusing on: precipitating factors leading to substance abuse; barriers to recovery; and descriptions of several treatment centers, programs, and services. (JDD)

  15. Early Intervention Programs in Bangladesh. (United States)

    Lowe, Armin


    This paper discusses the incidence of hearing impairment in Bangladesh, the struggle to achieve appropriate services for this population, the establishment of the National Centre for Hearing and Speech of Children, and future plans. (JDD)

  16. Getting the Words Out: Case Studies in Facilitated Communication Training. (United States)

    Crossley, Rosemary


    Case studies are presented of three individuals with severe communication impairments who had been judged to be intellectually impaired but revealed unexpected achievements after training in nonspeech communication. The communication training used facilitation to circumvent hand function impairments. (JDD)

  17. Brief Report: Cases for an Association between Tourette Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, and Schizophrenia-Like Disorder. (United States)

    Sverd, Jeffrey; And Others


    This paper reports on two children diagnosed as having co-occurring autistic disorder, schizophrenia-like psychosis, and Tourette syndrome, and two autistic adults who had tics and episodes of schizophrenia-like psychosis. (JDD)

  18. Working with the Exceptional Student. (United States)

    Hunter, Madeline


    To work productively with all students, teachers need to examine four major determinants of human learning: neural equipment; learning history; learning strategies, such as imaging, paraphrasing, summarizing, and generating examples; and quality of teaching. (JDD)

  19. Assessing Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries: Integrating Educational and Medical Issues. (United States)

    Shaw, Steven R.; Yingst, Christine A.


    This overview of traumatic brain injuries discusses (1) incidence and prevalence; (2) characteristics; (3) the recovery process; and (4) educational/medical assessment, including premorbid functioning, current functioning, educationally relevant medical issues, and amount and type of family support. (JDD)

  20. Parameters of Emotional Processing in Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Conceptual Issues and a Battery of Tests. (United States)

    Borod, Joan C.; And Others


    Components of emotional processing (communication channel, processing mode, and emotional valence) were examined in psychiatric and neurological populations, using an experimental affect battery. The test battery exhibited good psychometric properties and discriminated among diagnostic groups. (Author/JDD)

  1. An Empirical Evaluation of Spelling Boards as a Means of Communication for the Multihandicapped. (United States)

    Klewe, Lars


    An interdisciplinary research group in Denmark examined use of facilitated communication, via spelling boards, by 17 patients with communication disorders. Meaningful communication took place only when the facilitators had access to the information to be communicated. (JDD)

  2. Commitment to Quality throughout the Continuum. (United States)

    Gillet, Pamela


    This editorial by the president of the Council for Exceptional Children indicates the organization's support of a continuum of special education placements for students with special needs and calls for improving transition of students from one placement to another. (JDD)

  3. Runaway Children in America: A Review of the Literature. (United States)

    Burke, William H.; Burkhead, E. Jane


    The paper reviews the literature regarding runaway children, defines runaway youth, and discusses predisposing factors. Suggestions are offered for further research on the etiology and treatment of runaway behavior. (JDD)

  4. Dissociative Experiences and Disorders among Women Who Identify Themselves as Sexual Abuse Survivors. (United States)

    Anderson, Geri; And Others


    Interviews with 51 female sexual abuse survivors revealed that over half had a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, and the vast majority had extensive dissociative symptomatology and related features. (Author/JDD)

  5. Writing with Computers--Imagineering: Popsicles, Poetry, and Opinions. (United States)

    Hansen, Sandra


    A summer program for gifted and talented students combined students' interests in writing and computers, as students worked together to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, using computer word processing, graphics, and publishing programs to produce the book. (JDD)

  6. Directory of National Recreation Organizations. (United States)

    Exceptional Parent, 1991


    Thirty national recreation organizations serving individuals with disabilities are listed, along with addresses and telephone numbers. Sample recreational activities covered include Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, various wheelchair sports, skiing, golfing, and horticultural therapy. (JDD)

  7. Krigens splittelse af det kropslige fællesskab

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krejberg, Kasper Green


    Judith Butlers kritik af krigen mod terror opfordrer os til at bryde med de rammer, der styrer vores tænkning og sansning......Judith Butlers kritik af krigen mod terror opfordrer os til at bryde med de rammer, der styrer vores tænkning og sansning...

  8. Gipskroppe som performance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Henrik


    Analyse af den Kgl. Afstøbningssamlings nøgne gipsfigurer og samlingens nedtur igennem historien, med Judith Butler og andres performativitetsteorietiske begrebsapparat som metode.......Analyse af den Kgl. Afstøbningssamlings nøgne gipsfigurer og samlingens nedtur igennem historien, med Judith Butler og andres performativitetsteorietiske begrebsapparat som metode....

  9. investigations on the consumption of sugar by south african

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The lower socio-economic areas were Malvern and Judith. Paarl. Parkhurst ..... Their general economic situation is higher than in Durban, where probably ..... Nicaragua. Columbia. Brazil. Uruguay. Mexico. Jamaica. Ecuador. Argentina. Chile.

  10. Search Results | Page 764 | IDRC - International Development ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Results 7631 - 7640 of 9581 ... Judith D. Mitchell, University of Victoria ... The papers in this volume were selected from presentations made in a number of ... The past 50 years, however, have seen the forests of Southeast Asia largely disappear.

  11. Vaidlused või monoloogid? / Redi Koobak, Raili Põldsaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koobak, Redi


    Arvustus: Feministlikud vaidlused : filosoofiline mõttevahetus / [Seyla Benhabib, Judith Butler, Nancy Freiser, Drucilla Cornell] ; inglise keelest tõlkinud Merilin Sikk ; [koostaja Linda Nicholson]. Tallinn : Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2006

  12. Back to basics: an introduction to statistics. (United States)

    Halfens, R J G; Meijers, J M M


    In the second in the series, Professor Ruud Halfens and Dr Judith Meijers give an overview of statistics, both descriptive and inferential. They describe the first principles of statistics, including some relevant inferential tests.

  13. [The power of religion in the public sphere] / Alar Kilp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kilp, Alar, 1969-


    Arvustus: Buthler, Judith, Habermas, Jürgen, Taylor, Charles, West, Cornel. The power of religion in the public sphere. (Eduardo Mendieta, Jonathan VanAntwerpen (eds.) Afterword by Craig Calhoun.) New York ; Chichester : Columbia University Press, 2011

  14. Out of time : the limits of secular critique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Randell-Moon, Holly


    Full Text Available A review of Talal Asad, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Saba Mahmood, 'Is critique secular? Blasphemy, injury, and free speech' and Michael Warner, Jonathan Vanantwerpen, and Craig Calhoun (eds, 'Varieties of secularism in a secular age'.

  15. Parts lubas uut muusikakooli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Peaminister Juhan Parts vastas Tallinna Muusikakeskkooli õpilase Judith Partsi kirjale Tallinna Muusikakeskkooli olukorrast lubadusega hoida silma peal Tallinna Muusikakeskkoolile, Tallinna Balletikoolile ja Georg Otsa nim. Muusikakoolile ühise hoone võimaldamisest kokkuehituseks Eesti Muusikaakadeemiaga

  16. Allikat kaitsnud ajakirjanik vabanes trellide tagant / Neeme Raud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    30. septembril vanglast vabanenud New York Times' ajakirjanik Judith Miller rõhutas pressikonverentsil, et valis vanglakaristuse aadete tõttu: tema kui ajakirjaniku jaoks oli anonüümsust palunud allika saladuses hoidmine püha

  17. Treeneri abiga edukaks / Kärt Ulman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulman, Kärt


    Coach ehk isiklik nõustaja on pühendunud oma kliendile, tagab tema arengu ja parema toimetuleku. Kommenteerivad Judith F. Chusid, Arthur Clancy, Asko Talu, Tiina Merkuljeva. Lisa: Coachingþu rahvusvaheline taust

  18. Laevaehitajad sõlmisid suurima tellimuslepingu / Veljo Kuivjõgi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuivjõgi, Veljo, 1951-


    Jaanipäeval sõlmisid Rootsis koostööleppe Baltic Workboats juhataja Margus Vanaselja ja Rootsi piirivalve peadirektor Judith Melin, millega Rootsi riik tellib Saaremaa laevaehitajatelt kuni kuus laeva kogumaksumusega ligi 300 miljonit Eesti krooni

  19. Technology for Future NASA Missions: Civil Space Technology Initiative (CSTI) and Pathfinder (United States)


    SEPTEMBER 1988 PACE Space Research and Technology Overview 1 Frederick P. Povinelli Civil Space Technology Initiative 15 Judith H. Ambrus...Peterson Peterson Pierson Pietsch Pilcher Pistole Piszczor Pittian Plotkin Portnoy Poucher Povinelli Povell Pozarovski Priebe Prior Pyle

  20. A Moment in the Auto/biographical Enterprise | Jansen | Current ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. Judith Lütge Coullie, Stephan Meyer, Thengani H Ngwenya and Thomas Olver (eds). (2006) Selves in Question: Interviews on Southern African Auto/biography. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.

  1. 75 FR 61814 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Notice of Request for Extension of Currently Approved... (United States)


    ...: Michael Koontz, 202-366-2076, Office of Natural and Human Environment, Federal Highway Administration.... Chapter 35, as amended; and 49 CFR 1.48. Issued On: September 30, 2010. Judith Kane, Acting Chief...

  2. 75 FR 42817 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Notice of Request for Extension of Currently Approved... (United States)


    ... Federal holidays. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michael Koontz, 202-366-2076, Office of Natural and.... Issued On: July 15, 2010. Judith Kane, Acting Chief, Management Programs and Analysis Division. [FR Doc...

  3. Rethinking US Security Policy for the 1980s. Proceedings of the Annual National Security Affairs Conference (7th) held 21-23 July 1980, Fort McNair, Washington, DC. (United States)


    decisions of a small number of sparsely populated states that happen to possess enormous quantities of oil. Wether or not the Western nations might have...on Military R&D," The Genesis of New Weapons, edited by F. A. Long and Judith Reppy, (Elmsford, NY: Pergamon, 1980). 7. Stephen J. Lukasik, "Military...innovation is widely perceived as adequate, and a complementary tendency tu criticize many aspects of US military programs. See F. A. Long and Judith Reppy

  4. Simulation of Be armour cracking under ITER-like transient heat loads


    Pestchanyi, S.; Spilker, B.; Bazylev, B.


    Simulation of beryllium cracking under action of multiple severe surface heatings has been performed using the PEGASUS-3D code and verified by experiments in the JUDITH 1 facility. Analysis of the results has revealed beryllium thermo conductivity degradation under action of repetitive pulsed heat load due to accumulation of the cracks in the surface layer. Thermo conductivity degradation is found to be at least 4 times after 100 pulses in JUDITH 1 facility. An analytical model for the Be cra...

  5. Study of Y and Lu iron garnets using Bethe-Peierls-Weiss method (United States)

    Goveas, Neena; Mukhopadhyay, G.; Mukhopadhyay, P.


    We study here the magnetic properties of Y- and Lu- Iron Garnets using the Bethe- Peierls-Weiss method modified to suit complex systems like these Garnets. We consider these Garnets as described by Heisenberg Hamiltonian with two sublattices (a,d) and determine the exchange interaction parameters Jad, Jaa and Jdd by matching the exerimental susceptibility curves. We find Jaa and Jdd to be much smaller than those determined by Néel theory, and consistent with those obtained by the study of spin wave spectra; the spin wave dispersion relation constant obtained using these parameters gives good agreement with the experimental values.

  6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Reaction to State-Supported Child Abuse and Neglect. (United States)

    Straker, G.; Moosa, F.


    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder developed in many youths who were exposed to multiple trauma in South Africa's black townships. A modified treatment program was developed for 60 youths, with the goals of alleviating symptoms, documenting events for court cases, and helping individuals reevaluate their position in the struggle against apartheid. (JDD)

  7. Optical Character Recognition. (United States)

    Converso, L.; Hocek, S.


    This paper describes computer-based optical character recognition (OCR) systems, focusing on their components (the computer, the scanner, the OCR, and the output device); how the systems work; and features to consider in selecting a system. A list of 26 questions to ask to evaluate systems for potential purchase is included. (JDD)

  8. Dysfunctional Families of the Student with Special Needs. (United States)

    Daniels-Mohring, Debbie; Lambie, Rosemary


    This paper outlines the changes that occur in family systems when a child is diagnosed with special needs and examines the structure of dysfunctional families in which there is a child with physical disabilities, including chronic illness; behavior disorders, including social maladjustment; learning disabilities; or mental retardation. (JDD)

  9. Effectiveness of the Mohs and Close Technique in Increasing the Efficiency of a Mohs Micrographic Surgery. (United States)

    Konda, Sailesh; Francis, Joseph; Patel, Vishal A


    Editor's note: JDD welcomes Letters to the Editor that discuss controversy surrounding a recently published article. Letters being considered for publication may be sent to the authors of the original article, who may be given the opportunity to reply. Letters will be published at the discretion of the Editors.

  10. Perspective on Giftedness. (United States)

    Taylor, Frederick E.


    Four authors present arguments and counter-arguments on issues in gifted education, including student boredom, the atrophying of abilities not used, advanced classes which focus on ability but are out of step with student interests, problems of social adjustment in grade-skipping, etc. All authors stress the importance of the whole child. (JDD)

  11. Postural Control in Children with Autism. (United States)

    Kohen-Raz, Reuven; And Others


    Postural control was evaluated in 91 autistic, 166 normal, and 18 mentally retarded children using a computerized posturographic procedure. In comparison to normal children, the autistic subjects were less likely to exhibit age-related changes in postural performance, and postures were more variable and less stable. (Author/JDD)

  12. Speech and Language Development after Infant Tracheostomy. (United States)

    Hill, Betsy P.; Singer, Lynn T.


    When assessed for speech/language development, 31 children (age 1-12) fitted with endotracheal tubes for more than 3 months beginning by age 13 months showed overall language functioning within normal limits and commensurate with cognitive ability. However, a pattern of expressive language disability was noted in the oldest group. (Author/JDD)

  13. Word Processing for All. (United States)

    Abbott, Chris


    Pupils with special educational needs are finding that the use of word processors can give them a new confidence and pride in their own abilities. This article describes the use of such devices as the "mouse," on-screen word lists, spell checkers, and overlay keyboards. (JDD)

  14. Politics and Human Welfare: Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients in South Africa. (United States)

    McKendrick, B. W.; Leketi, M.


    The study found that apartheid impacted the sociopsychological and physical circumstances of 12 African and 11 White people with retinitis pigmentosa in South Africa. Findings are discussed in terms of onset of condition, effects on subjects' lives, knowledge of social services, and needs unmet by existing services. (JDD)

  15. Teaching Task Sequencing via Verbal Mediation. (United States)

    Rusch, Frank R.; And Others


    Verbal sequence training was used to teach a moderately mentally retarded woman to sequence job-related tasks. Learning to say the tasks in the proper sequence resulted in the employee performing her tasks in that sequence, and the employee was capable of mediating her own work behavior when scheduled changes occurred. (Author/JDD)

  16. Identifying Sources of Bias in the WISC-R. (United States)

    Vance, Booney; Sabatino, David


    The issues of construct validity, predictive validity, and item content bias on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) are examined. The review concludes that most objective data have not supported the issue of bias of the WISC-R when used with children of different ethnic backgrounds. (JDD)

  17. Age and Pattern of Intellectual Decline among Down Syndrome and Other Mentally Retarded Adults. (United States)

    Gibson, David; And Others


    A study of 18 Down Syndrome and 18 other mentally retarded adults found evidence of a significant erosion of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children scores from the third to fourth decades of life. The Block Design subtest was especially vulnerable to performance decline with age in the Down Syndrome adults. (Author/JDD)

  18. Timing in Speech: A Review of Sanskrit Literature and Its Verification. (United States)

    Savithri, S. R.


    Analysis of Sanskrit sentences as spoken by 10 Sanskrit speakers supports grammarians' theory on the duration of short, long, and prolated vowel sounds, but does not provide support for the theory that all consonants are of equal duration. (Author/JDD)

  19. Women as Entrepreneurs. (United States)

    Bianchi, Antoinette


    An Afro-American woman discusses her experiences as an entrepreneur, describing the inspiration provided by her parents; the vision which enabled her to create a multi-million dollar business; the loss of her company through industrial sabotage; and her comeback as head of a seminar, speaking, and consulting firm. (JDD)

  20. Sing a Song Please: Musical Contexts and Language Learning. (United States)

    Howarth, Lisa M.; Conti-Ramsden, Gina


    Six language-impaired children, aged 4-7, were studied in two routinized contexts (a lesson without music and a singing session) and child-teacher talk was analyzed. Results showed that the addition of music to a routinized context has the potential to increase the language-impaired child's ability to interact non-verbally. (Author/JDD)

  1. Dysphonia Detected by Pattern Recognition of Spectral Composition. (United States)

    Leinonen, Lea; And Others


    This study analyzed production of a long vowel sound within Finnish words by normal or dysphonic voices, using the Self-Organizing Map, the artificial neural network algorithm of T. Kohonen which produces two-dimensional representations of speech. The method was found to be both sensitive and specific in the detection of dysphonia. (Author/JDD)

  2. Psychosocial Aspects of Adolescent Dysphonia: An Approach to Treatment. (United States)

    Beery, Quinter C.


    This paper presents an approach to voice therapy with adolescents, emphasizing the importance of psychosocial and family influences as they relate to vocal behavior. The goals of therapy for the adolescent with dysphonia usually follow an orderly sequence, first dealing with individual behavior and later with family and peer group influences. (JDD)

  3. Speech and Language Skills in Children with Early Treated Phenylketonuria. (United States)

    Ozanne, Anne E.; And Others


    The study of 29 children, age 7 months to 16 years, with early treated phenylketonuria found no significant differences on speech and/or language measures when compared with controls matched for age, sex, and socioeconomic level. Examination of individual scores, however, did reveal linguistic impairment in a small number of subjects. (Author/JDD)

  4. "Hitch-Hiking" on Creativity in Nature. (United States)

    Offner, David


    An "Introduction to Bionics" course is described, focusing on objectives, the case study method used in the course, a sample case involving the design of a self-locking spine positioner for a catfish, course coverage, idea-generating techniques, and course benefits. (JDD)

  5. Editor's Corner: The View from Treeline....Personal Observations Regarding Teacher Recruitment, Training, and Retention. (United States)

    Kopriva, Peter


    This editorial briefly explores issues in special education focusing on: teacher shortages; use of alternative certification; the need for teaching candidates to have knowledge of teaching strategies, classroom management, course planning, and student evaluation; and the need to offer support and guidance to beginning teachers. (JDD)

  6. "Nobody Appreciates What I Do." Overprotection as a Family Problem. (United States)

    Schleifer, Maxwell J., Ed.


    In counseling sessions, a family with an adolescent son who has physical and academic problems comes to realize that each parent feels unappreciated for his or her efforts and that the father is overprotecting his son by not permitting him to solve his own problems and make his own decisions. (JDD)

  7. Rain Forests: Do They Hold Up the Sky? (United States)

    Shaw, Donna Gail; Dybdahl, Claudia S.


    This paper uses the topic of rain forests to demonstrate how a meaningful and relevant Science, Technology, and Society program can be designed for intermediate-level students. Students create and immerse themselves in a tropical rain forest, explore the forest ecosystem and peoples, and consider solutions to the problem of deforestation. (JDD)

  8. Traumatic Brain Injury: An Overview of School Re-Entry. (United States)

    Tucker, Bonnie Foster; Colson, Steven E.


    This article presents a definition of traumatic brain injury (TBI); describes problem behavioral characteristics of students post-TBI and some possible solutions; examines academic, social, emotional, and cognitive factors; and outlines interventions to assist teachers in working constructively with TBI students. (JDD)

  9. Hilton College Farm School, Natal, South Africa. (United States)

    Beveridge, Sue


    The Hilton College Farm School is a primary school providing for the educational needs of children in a rural area of Natal, South Africa. Described are the school's historical development, funding sources, staffing, and development of an affiliated pre-primary school. (JDD)

  10. Arguments against the Aggressive Pursuit of Voice Therapy for Children. (United States)

    Sander, Eric K.


    A less aggressive treatment strategy is proposed in the area of children's voice disorders. Speech clinicians are urged not to be over-zealous in imposition of their own voice standards. The potential threat that vocal pathologies hold for children's larynges is felt to be largely over-rated. (Author/JDD)

  11. Dysarthria of Motor Neuron Disease: Clinician Judgments of Severity. (United States)

    Seikel, J. Anthony; And Others


    This study investigated the relationship between the temporal-acoustic parameters of the speech of 15 adults with motor neuron disease. Differences in predictions of the progression of the disease and clinician judgments of dysarthria severity were found to relate to the linguistic systems of both speaker and judge. (Author/JDD)

  12. Teachers' Perceptions of Adolescent Girls Who Wear Hearing Aids. (United States)

    Cox, Linda R.; And Others


    Females, aged 10-14, were photographed wearing a body aid, a postauricular aid, or no hearing aid. Ratings by 60 college education majors indicated that subjects pictured wearing a hearing aid were rated lower on achievement but higher on factors of appearance, personality, and assertiveness than subjects without the aid. (Author/JDD)

  13. Sexology and Social Work in a Case of Klinefelter (47,XXY) Syndrome. (United States)

    Herzog, Daniel; Money, John


    A man with mental retardation, in detention for five years because of sex offenses with preadolescent boys, was not only diagnosed as having Klinefelter syndrome when a social worker read suspected the possibility and arranged for a chromosome test. The importance of a complete medical work-up is emphasized in such cases. (JDD)

  14. Tri-District Arts Consortium Summer Program. (United States)

    Kirby, Charlotte O.


    The Tri-District Arts Consortium in South Carolina was formed to serve artistically gifted students in grades six-nine. The consortium developed a summer program offering music, dance, theatre, and visual arts instruction through a curriculum of intense training, performing, and hands-on experiences with faculty members and guest artists. (JDD)

  15. The Governor's School for the Arts and Its Graduate Internship Component. (United States)

    Cross, Jim; Uldrick, Virginia


    The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts is a summer residential program for high-school students talented in creative writing, visual arts, theatre, music, and dance. The School's internship component offers in-service education and preparation of art educators in the area of gifted education, in conjunction with Furman University. (JDD)

  16. Applying Literature in the Elementary School: Shakespeare in the Intermediate Grades. (United States)

    Halkitis, Perry N.; Hoffman, Mala


    This program, which applies William Shakespeare's works for gifted intermediate level students, involves student reading of plays, students and teachers reading together and discussing scenes, individual students rereading the plays, student projects applying their knowledge of the play, and evaluation of play productions. (JDD)

  17. The Phenomenon of Dyslexia in One Public School System. (United States)

    Salas, Beverly Ann


    One school district's effort to develop a specialized reading program for students with dyslexia is described. Discussed are: guidelines for diagnosing dyslexics; primary characteristics of 12 youngsters identified as dyslexic; and recommendations for other school districts concerning definitions, screening, referral, and service delivery. (JDD)

  18. An Essential Interrelationship: Healthy Self-Esteem and Productive Creativity. (United States)

    Yau, Cecilia


    This paper defines the term "self-image" or "self-esteem" and defines the term "creativity" from psychoanalytic and humanist interpretations. It then proposes the theory that a positive self-image enhances the possibilities for creative productivity or lifestyle. Practical implications for child rearing are offered. (JDD)

  19. Information Processing of Trauma. (United States)

    Hartman, Carol R.; Burgess, Ann W.


    This paper presents a neuropsychosocial model of information processing to explain a victimization experience, specifically child sexual abuse. It surveys the relation of sensation, perception, and cognition as a systematic way to provide a framework for studying human behavior and describing human response to traumatic events. (Author/JDD)

  20. Family Characteristics of Children with Dyslexia. (United States)

    Melekian, Badrig A.


    A retrospective review of 249 French children (ages 8-15) with severe dyslexia found that families were characterized by low occupational status and educational level for parents and predominance of high-ranking children in large sibships. Parental age and matrimonial status seemed unimportant. (Author/JDD)

  1. Toward a Descriptive Profile of the Entrepreneur. (United States)

    Solomon, George T.; Winslow, Erik K.


    Sixty-one entrepreneurs were interviewed concerning their reasons for starting their own businesses, advantages of entrepreneurship, risk taking, definitions of success, personal assets and liabilities, ideas for the future, dealing with competition, advice to potential entrepreneurs, socializing, and their hobbies and sports. (JDD)

  2. The Effect of Otitis Media on Articulation in Children with Cerebral Palsy. (United States)

    Van der Vyver, Marguerite; And Others


    A study involving 20 Afrikaans-speaking children with cerebral palsy found that recurrent otitis media in early childhood had a negative effect on articulation abilities of the 7 to 11-year-old children but that other factors such as intelligence also played a role. (JDD)

  3. The Legal Trends--Implications for Menstruation/Fertility Management for Young Women Who Have an Intellectual Disability. (United States)

    Taylor, Miriam; Carlson, Glenys


    This paper reviews Family Court of Australia cases concerning performing hysterectomies on premenarchal women who have an intellectual disability, with specific reference to relevant Australian legislation. The paper discusses the implications for women who have an intellectual disability, which may have international applicability. (Author/JDD)

  4. Sampling the Deaf Experience. (United States)

    Teller, Henry E.; And Others


    Two graduate students in deaf education wore ear plugs for two months to simulate hearing loss, and recorded their experiences and feelings. Excerpts from their journals are presented, commenting on such daily activities as shopping at a mall, watching television, driving, babysitting, and attending a football game. (JDD)

  5. Creativity Styles of Freshman Students. (United States)

    Kumar, V. K.; And Others


    First-year college students (n=182) were tested to determine their beliefs about and approaches to creative endeavors. Students self-identified as creative employed a greater number of techniques such as brainstorming and were less motivated by the goal of developing a final product, compared to those identified as least creative. (JDD)

  6. Banning Corporal Punishment: A Crucial Step toward Preventing Child Abuse. (United States)

    Moelis, Cindy S.


    Banning school corporal punishment is supported as a step towards gradually eliminating all violent actions toward children. The 39 states that allow corporal punishment are encouraged to outlaw it, to teach children that it is not socially acceptable behavior and to set an example for families' child-rearing attitudes and practices. (JDD)

  7. Conditioning and Long-Term Memory in Three-Month-Old Infants with Down Syndrome. (United States)

    Ohr, Phyllis, S.; Fagen, Jeffrey W.


    This study of 20 3-month-old infants with Down's syndrome and 20 nondisabled infants found that both groups were successfully trained to produce movement in an overhead crib mobile by kicking, and displayed long-term retention a week later. Conditioning and retention-test performance of the two groups did not differ. (Author/JDD)

  8. The Graphical User Interface: Crisis, Danger, and Opportunity. (United States)

    Boyd, L. H.; And Others


    This article describes differences between the graphical user interface and traditional character-based interface systems, identifies potential problems posed by graphic computing environments for blind computer users, and describes some programs and strategies that are being developed to provide access to those environments. (Author/JDD)

  9. Training Teachers of Visually Impaired Children in Rural Tennessee. (United States)

    Trent, S. D.


    A Tennessee program awards stipends to teachers to attend summer classes and a practicum and earn 18 hours of credit in education of children with visual impairments. The program requires that teachers have assurance from their superintendents that they will teach visually impaired students in their school systems after endorsement. (Author/JDD)

  10. Mothers of Children with Severe Mental Retardation: Maternal Pessimism, Locus of Control and Perceived Social Support. (United States)

    Rimmerman, Arie


    This study, involving 24 Israeli mothers of children (average age 3.3) with severe mental retardation, found that the mothers' locus of control and perception of social support (belonging, appraisal, tangible support, and self-esteem) serve as buffers against parental pessimism concerning their severely handicapped children. (JDD)

  11. Considerations for Serving Adolescents with Usher's Syndrome. (United States)

    Fillman, Robyn D.; And Others


    Usher's syndrome is described, with emphasis on the visual symptomatology characteristic of retinitis pigmentosa. Also discussed are the services needed by individuals with Usher's Syndrome, the syndrome's psychosocial aspects, ways to prevent self-defeating behavior, orientation and mobility, and classroom adaptations. (JDD)

  12. Early Childhood Special Educators and the Hospital Ethics Committee. (United States)

    Lowenthal, Barbara


    The paper discusses issues of concern to early childhood special educators serving on hospital ethics committees to assist families with seriously ill and handicapped infants in neonatal intensive care units. Issues include infant euthanasia and the right to life, child abuse legislation, and possible effects on families. (Author/JDD)

  13. Considerations for the Use of Rules in Academic Settings. (United States)

    Joyce, Bonnie G.; And Others


    The article presents a working definition of rule-governed behavior, describes research regarding the insensitivity of rule-governed behavior to contingency changes, and provides guidelines for the effective use of academic and conduct rules and for preventing problems associated with insensitivity to changed contingencies. (Author/JDD)

  14. Why Teachers Are Leaving Special Education: Implications for Preservice and Inservice Educators. (United States)

    Platt, Jennifer M.; Olson, Judy


    A survey was administered to 76 special education teachers to determine reasons for their leaving the special education classroom. Significant factors in leaving special education were excessive paperwork, pupil load, inadequate resources, and lack of recognition and support. (Author/JDD)

  15. Phonologic Abilities of a Preschool Child with Prader-Willi Syndrome. (United States)

    Dyson, Alice T.; Lombardino, Linda J.


    A case study follows the development of phonologic abilities in a child with Prader-Willi syndrome, during her enrollment in language and phonologic remediation from age 2:7 to 6:1. Changes in her phonetic inventory, in the set of phonemes used correctly, and in phonologic processes are described. (Author/JDD)

  16. Prader-Willi Syndrome in Two Institutionalized Older Adults. (United States)

    Goldman, Jeri J.


    Two case reports are presented of institutionalized women who were diagnosed as having Prader-Willi syndrome at the ages of 54 and 69. Implications are discussed for management of such persons and for program planning/funding for a much longer life expectancy than earlier realized. (Author/JDD)

  17. Ability Online: Promoting Social Competence and Computer Literacy in Adolescents with Disabilities. (United States)

    Lefebvre, Arlette


    Ability OnLine is a pilot electronic mail project designed to foster the self-esteem, social integration, and computer literacy of Canadian children and teens with disabilities. It is offered to both disabled and nondisabled students and their families on a Toronto, Ontario, private bulletin board system. (JDD)

  18. Anfangen, sich die Welt anders vorzustellen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabine Fuchs


    Full Text Available Der Sammelband Butler Matters bezeugt Judith Butlers außerordentliche Bedeutung für feministische und queere Studien und Forschung. In elf Beiträgen wird Butlers (frühes Werk von Gender Trouble und Bodies That Matter über Excitable Speech bis zu The Psychic Life of Power betrachtet und sein weit reichender Einfluss quer durch die wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen nachgewiesen. Dargestellt werden auch die kontroverse Rezeption von Butlers Werk sowie die politischen Wirkungen von Butlers Denken. Besonders anregend ist ein zweiteiliges Interview mit Judith Butler, in dem sie auf ein breites Spektrum von Fragen eingeht, die auch wichtige Themen ihrer aktuelleren Werke betreffen.

  19. Simulation of Be armour cracking under ITER-like transient heat loads

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Pestchanyi


    Full Text Available Simulation of beryllium cracking under action of multiple severe surface heatings has been performed using the PEGASUS-3D code and verified by experiments in the JUDITH 1 facility. Analysis of the results has revealed beryllium thermo conductivity degradation under action of repetitive pulsed heat load due to accumulation of the cracks in the surface layer. Thermo conductivity degradation is found to be at least 4 times after 100 pulses in JUDITH 1 facility. An analytical model for the Be cracking threshold under action of arbitrary heat pulses has been developed.

  20. The SME (Structure-Mapping Engine) User’s Manual (SME Version 2E) (United States)


    It is prior to this step that one might want to think about wether to modify any system parameters (e.g., print the match hypotheses, print only the...Wshington, DC 20390 Department of Psychology Carnegie-Mellon University Dr. Judith Orsanu Schenley Park Dr. Harold P. O’Neil, Jr. Basic Research Office...Pinker Baltimore, MD 21201 Department of Psychology ElO-018 Dr. Judith W. Segal MIT Dr. J. Wesley Regian OERI Cambridge, MA 02139 AFHRL/IDI 556 New

  1. Aerodynamics of Rotorcraft (L’Aerodynamique des Aeronefs a Voilure Tournante) (United States)


    appreciate wether or not the airfoil drag was liable to differ significantly from the 2-D value imposed In the CAMRAD calculation. Rotor blade boundary layer...0079, 1986 24. P.G. Wilby, M.J. Riley, Judith Miller, "Some unsteady effects on helicopter rotors." 7th European Rotorcraft and Powered Lift Forum...1981 W b 9-20 25. H.J. Riley, Judith Miller, "Pressure distributions on a helicopter swept tip from flight tests and from calculations", Paper No 9, 9th

  2. Proposed Relocation of the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing and Other Tactical Force Structure Actions (United States)


    Joseph M. Tonopah NV Merlino, Bernie Tonopah NV 3 Murphy, N. V. Tonopah NV Michols, Judith E. Tonopah NV Nye, Al Tonopah NV 3 Payne, Unda Tonopah NV...the iNavy’s weTher tFctca operate-bospeds Aof mor reqir e ient. The e iiatssinldtohe tosha ve 00m lsn per g h ou r ea an aflon tio w idr-treed, lo-rs...John B. Walker, Nevada State ClearinghoUSe Document R Kevin Von Finger, TX Document S Jim Fish, Public Lands Action Network, NM Document T Judith S

  3. Study of RE-garnets using BPW method (United States)

    Goveas, Neena; Mukhopadhyay, P.; Mukhopadhyay, G.


    The magnetic susceptibility of rare-earth (Y and Lu) iron garnets is studied using a modified Bethe-Peierls-Weiss (BPW) approximation. The modifications enable us to incorporate the three exchange parameters Jad, Jaa and Jdd necessary to describe the systems. We get excellent fits to the experimental susceptibilities from which we determined the J-values. These also give excellent agreement with the spin wave dispersion relation constant D.

  4. Levenstekens : Gekaapte brieven uit het Rampjaar 1672

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brouwer, Judith


    Seldom has the future appeared so bleak as for the inhabitants of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands in 1672, the Year of Disaster. This is revealed by letters written to family members and husbands overseas that were intercepted by British war ships. Dutch Studies specialist Judith

  5. Anfangen, sich die Welt anders vorzustellen Beginning to Imagine the World Differently

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabine Fuchs


    Full Text Available Der Sammelband Butler Matters bezeugt Judith Butlers außerordentliche Bedeutung für feministische und queere Studien und Forschung. In elf Beiträgen wird Butlers (frühes Werk von Gender Trouble und Bodies That Matter über Excitable Speech bis zu The Psychic Life of Power betrachtet und sein weit reichender Einfluss quer durch die wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen nachgewiesen. Dargestellt werden auch die kontroverse Rezeption von Butlers Werk sowie die politischen Wirkungen von Butlers Denken. Besonders anregend ist ein zweiteiliges Interview mit Judith Butler, in dem sie auf ein breites Spektrum von Fragen eingeht, die auch wichtige Themen ihrer aktuelleren Werke betreffen.The collected volume Butler Matters testifies to Judith Butler’s extraordinary importance for feminist and queer studies and for gender research. The eleven contributions examine Butler’s (early work—including Gender Trouble, Bodies that Matter, Excitable Speech, and The Psychic Life of Power—and prove its expansive influence across scholarly disciplines. The volume also portrays the controversial reception of Butler’s work as well as the political ramifications of her thinking. A two-part interview with Judith Butler, in which she approaches questions on a broad spectrum including important themes concerning her recent work, is particularly inspiring.

  6. Latina "Testimonios": A Reflexive, Critical Analysis of a "Latina Space" at a Predominantly White Campus (United States)

    Flores, Judith; Garcia, Silvia


    Judith Flores and Silvia Garcia (University of Utah) draw from the work of their mentor, Rina Benmayor and "Telling to live: Latina feminist testimonios" to establish an organization for Latinas who are staff, faculty, students, alumni, and community members at a predominantly White institution (PWI). Critical race feminism (CRF),…

  7. The Teacher and the Classroom (United States)

    Duke, Nell K.; Cervetti, Gina N.; Wise, Crystal N.


    "In Becoming a Nation of Readers" ("BNR") (1985), Richard C. Anderson, Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Judith A. Scott, and Ian A. G. Wilkinson argued that the quality of teaching is a powerful influence on children's reading development--more powerful than the influence of the general teaching approach or materials used. In this article,…

  8. Mediating Gendered Performances: Young People Negotiating Embodiment in Research Discussions (United States)

    Phoenix, Ann; Pattman, Rob; Croghan, Rosaleen; Griffin, Christine


    Gender inequalities in schools have implications for life chances, emotional well-being and educational policies and practices, but are apparently resistant to change. This paper employs Judith Butler's conceptualisation of performativity in a study of young people and consumption to provide insights into gendered inequities. It argues that how…

  9. 75 FR 6666 - Notice of Public Information Collection Being Submitted for Review and Approval to the Office of... (United States)


    .... SUMMARY: The Federal Communications Commission, as part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork... at [email protected] and to Judith B. Herman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC... accomplished through a national telephone survey of 5,000 consumers and face-to-face workshops with...

  10. "Hope in Failure": A Level Students, Discursive Agency, Post-Feminism and Feminism (United States)

    Taylor, Carol A.


    This article begins with Pollock's comment that Judith Butler "finds hope in failure" and its aim is to explore what "hope in failure" means in relation to A Level students' engagements with post-feminism and feminism. The article grounds its argument in an exploration of how post-feminism and feminism intersect with sixth form…

  11. Explaining ethnic politics in the Baltic States : reviewing the triadic nexus model / Vello Pettai

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pettai, Vello, 1968-


    Rets. rmt.: Dovile Budryte. Taming nationalism? Political community building in the post-soviet Baltic States; David J. Galbreath. Nation-building and minority politics in post-socialist states : interests, influences and identities in Estonia and Latvia; Judith G. Kelley. Ethnic politics in Europe : the power of norms and incentives. Skeemid

  12. Language Testing in Japan. (United States)

    Brown, James Dean, Ed.; Yamashita, Sayoko Okada, Ed.

    Papers on second language testing in Japan include: "Differences Between Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Tests" (James Dean Brown); "Criterion-Referenced Test Construction and Evaluation" (Dale T. Griffe); "Behavioral Learning Objectives as an Evaluation Tool" (Judith A. Johnson); "Developing Norm-…

  13. Záchranný výzkum v Praze 1 - Na Kampě 8/515

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Frolíková, Drahomíra

    Suppl. 101, - (2016), s. 40-41 ISSN 1211-992X. [Archeologické výzkumy v Čechách 2015. Praha, 05.04.2016-06.04.2016] Institutional support: RVO:67985912 Keywords : Prague * Judith Bridge * baroque buildings Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  14. Thermal shock resistance of thick boron-doped diamond under extreme heat loads

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Temmerman, G.; Dodson, J.; Linke, J.; Lisgo, S.; Pintsuk, G.; Porro, S.; Scarsbrook, G.


    Thick free-standing boron-doped diamonds were prepared by microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition. Samples with a final thickness close to 5 mm and with lateral dimensions 25 x 25 mm were produced. The thermal shock resistance of the material was tested by exposure in the JUDITH

  15. Dar Es Salaam Medical Students' Journal - Vol 19, No 1 (2012)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Eggs: clearing the charges, exploring the potential! EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Maryam Amour, Judith Boshe, 34-37. ...

  16. Bullying as an effect of intra-active material-discursive forces, anxiety of social exclusion and strategies of soothing by contempt production

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Søndergaard, Dorte Marie

    -active enactment of discursive-material phenomena, and Judith Butler’s further development of the concept of abjection, I argue bullying to be an effect of the anxiety about social exclusion. That anxiety follows intra-action among a variety of social, cultural, psychological and material forces in schools...


    A Database for Tracking Toxicogenomic Samples and Procedures with Genomic, Proteomic and Metabonomic Components Wenjun Bao1, Jennifer Fostel2, Michael D. Waters2, B. Alex Merrick2, Drew Ekman3, Mitchell Kostich4, Judith Schmid1, David Dix1Office of Research and Developmen...

  18. (Un)Necessary Toughness?: Those "Loud Black Girls" and Those "Quiet Asian Boys." (United States)

    Lei, Joy L.


    Examines the process of identity construction and its relationship to discursive and representational acts in producing students as academic and social beings. Drawing on Judith Butler's work on gender performativity, the paper highlights African American female and southeast Asian American male high school students, analyzing the symbolic and…

  19. Life in so Many Acts (United States)

    Moreira, Claudio


    In this piece, drawing from performance autoethnography, third world feminism, and postcolonial/cultural studies, the author interrogates "how do I play scholar?" The author uses Judith Butler's question "how do I play gender?" and her notions of performativity to dance around, using the voices of the "Thug" and the…

  20. Digital Media and "Girling" at an Elite Girls' School (United States)

    Charles, Claire


    In this article, I draw on Judith Butler's notion of performativity to investigate the role of digital technologies in processes of gendered subjectification (or "girling") in elite girls' education. Elite girls' schooling is a site where the potential of digital technologies in mediating student-led constructions and explorations of…

  1. Starring Students: Gender Performance at a Women's College (United States)

    Hart, Jeni; Lester, Jaime


    The purpose of this qualitative study is to better understand how gender is constructed at a women's college. Specifically, the researchers use Judith Butler's (1990) work on performativity to frame how members of the campus community perceive transgender students are integrated into the college. Through semi-structured interviews with faculty,…

  2. Jobs That Matter. Butler’s “Performativity” in the Dutch Police Force

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Halsema, J.M.


    Purpose - The purpose of this research is to examine the use that critical philosophical concepts can have within management studies. Design/methodology/approach - The paper introduces the notion "performativity" from the American philosopher Judith Butler and shows its fertility for organisation

  3. Peculiarities of Gender


    Garduno, Sylvia Aide Figueroa; Kovacova, Nikola; Arjona, Ruben Campos


    This project challenges the essentialist notions of gender in fantasy genre. The trilogy of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children will shed light on the shifting patterns of gender performativity in fantasy. To drive our analysis, we will resort to Judith Butler’s theory of gender performativity, Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and William Indick’s study of fantasy and myth.

  4. 75 FR 51518 - Office of the Secretary: Senior Executive Service Performance Review Boards Membership (United States)


    ..., James A. Conner, Clara H. Curtis, Joyce A. Elston, Debra S. Furst, Anthony T. Gee, King W. Gibbs, David..., Julius Federal Motor Carrier Administration Amos, Anna J. Gunnels, Mary D. Horan III, Charles Leone... Horn, Donald Hurdle, Lana Jackson, Ronald Jones, Mary N. Jones, Maureen A. Kaleta, Judith Knapp...

  5. A guide to innovation in informal settings | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Nov 6, 2012 ... Innovation in Informal Settings: A Research Agenda by Susan Cozzens and Judith Sutz presents a framework that can be used by researchers, ... will find this theoretical guide useful as it explores the five criteria of innovation: ...

  6. 78 FR 28163 - Zentox Corporation; Withdrawal of Food Additive Petition (United States)


    ... antimicrobial agent in poultry process chiller water. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judith Kidwell, Center... Zentox Corp., c/o Burdock Group, 801 North Orange Ave., suite 710, Orlando, FL 32801, had filed a food... safe use of monochloramine as an antimicrobial agent in poultry process chiller water. Zentox Corp. has...

  7. Show and Tell

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    /DK), Pernille With Madsen, Emil Alenius, Andrés Galeano (E/DE), Kasper Vang & Mads Forsby, Nanna Lysholt Hansen og Molly & Me (Molly Haslund & Catherine Hoffmann (UK)) Kurateret af Judith Schwarzbart og Sanne Krogh Groth Produceret af studerende ved Performance-design Programmet var støttet af Statens Kunstråd...

  8. 76 FR 24485 - Notice of Public Information Collection(s) Being Reviewed by the Federal Communications... (United States)


    .... Pursuant to section 208(b) of the E-Government Act of 2002, 44 U.S.C. 3501, in conformance with the Privacy..., including the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology, and (e) ways... Commission via e-mail to [email protected] . FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judith B. Herman, Office of Managing...

  9. 75 FR 14606 - Medicare Program; Request for Nominations to the Advisory Panel on Ambulatory Payment... (United States)


    ..., CPHQ Patrick A. Grusenmeyer, Sc.D., FACHE David Halsey, M.D. Judith T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS....D.* Daniel Pothen, M.S., RHIA, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Russ Ranallo, M.S...

  10. 76 FR 72708 - Medicare Program; Renaming and Other Changes to the Advisory Panel on Hospital Outpatient Payment... (United States)


    .... Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., M.P.H. Judith T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D.... Pothen, M.S., RHIA, CHPS, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC. Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Marianna V. Spanaki-Varela...

  11. 76 FR 68186 - Information Collection(s) Being Reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission; Comments... (United States)


    ... PRA comments to Nicholas A. Fraser, Office of Management and Budget, via fax at (202) 395-5167 or . FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judith B. Herman, Office of Managing Director, (202) 418-0214... 7302 (2008) (AT&T Cost Assignment Forbearance Order), pet. for recon. pending, pet. for review pending...

  12. 77 FR 5800 - Information Collection Being Reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission Under Delegated... (United States)


    ... comments to Nicholas A. Fraser, Office of Management and Budget, via fax at (202) 395-5167 or via Internet... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judith B. Herman, Office of Managing Director, (202) 418-0214. SUPPLEMENTARY... Opinion and Order, 23 FCC Rcd 7302 (2008) (AT&T Cost Assignment Forbearance Order), pet. for recon...

  13. Missouri Journal of Research in Music Education, 1995-2000. (United States)

    Hylton, John B., Ed.; Bergee, Martin J., Ed.; Robinson, Charles R., Ed.; Fredrickson, William E., Ed.


    This journal is devoted to the needs and interests of the school and college music teachers of Missouri and the United States. Articles in Number 32 are: "Developing Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Projects in Eighth Grade Band: An Observational Case Study" (Martin J. Bergee; Judith L. Crawford); "Student Teaching Programs in Music…

  14. Toezicht in de open samenleving : Maatschappelijke controle op multinationale ondernemingen

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Erp, J.G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/161941958


    Globalisering creëert nieuwe mogelijkheden voor het houden van toezicht op multinationale ondernemingen. Dat is de kern van de oratie die professor Judith van Erp uitsprak bij de aanvaarding van de leerstoel Publieke Instituties aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Globalisering heeft voor ondernemingen

  15. 76 FR 66931 - Medicare Program: Notice of Two Membership Appointments to the Advisory Panel on Ambulatory... (United States)


    ...., FACHE.* David A. Halsey, M.D. Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., MPH. Judith T. Kelly, R.H.I.T., R.H.I.A., C.C.S. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D. John Marshall, CRA, RCC, CIRCC, RT(R), FAHRA. Agatha Nolan, D.Ph., M.S...

  16. Cancer Control: A Look to the Future (United States)

    Judith Mackay, MB ChB, FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Lon), an international expert from Hong Kong in tobacco control, with posts as a senior advisor for the World Lung Foundation and the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, presented "Cancer Control: A Look to the Future".

  17. Plans and Activities for 1990 Decennial Census. Part 2: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Census and Population of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service. House of Representatives, Ninety-Ninth Congress, Second Session (May 1, 15, 1986). (United States)

    Congress of the U. S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

    Hearings on the 1990 Decennial Census were held on May 1, 1986, and May 15, 1986. The May 1 session focused on data processing procedures. Speakers included John G. Keane, Daniel G. Horvitz, William Eddy, Judith S. Rowe, Benjamin F. King, and Stephen E. Fienberg. Topics included automation of address files and questionnaire check-in; dissemination…

  18. Feministiske Tænkere

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    hovedbidragyder er den amerikanske professor Judith Butler, der betragtes som den mest betydningsfulde feministiske forsker  de sidste 15-20 år med indflydelse på ikke blot den kønspolitiske debat, men også på politisk filosofi og etik. Antologiens øvrige syv bidragydere er Eva Kosofsky Sedgwick, Lois Mc...

  19. "The Tempest" in an English Teapot: Colonialism and the Measure of a Man in Zadie Smith's "White Teeth" (United States)

    Gustar, Jennifer J.


    Zadie Smith's "White Teeth" argues that we can take responsibility for the future if we refuse to act in thrall to the legacies of the past, which favour one human life over another, and act instead with the conviction that all lives are "lives" (Judith Butler). "White Teeth" examines the colonial legacy of violence…

  20. Homophobia, Transphobia, Young People and the Question of Responsibility (United States)

    Rasmussen, Mary Lou; Sanjakdar, Fida; Allen, Louisa; Quinlivan, Kathleen; Bromdal, Annette


    Young people may face conflicting and confusing messages about what it means to respond well in relation to homophobia and transphobia. Consequently, we ask--What might it mean to respond well to homophobia and transphobia? This strategy, inspired by Anika Thiem and Judith Butler, is recognition of the ambivalent conditions which structure…

  1. Accountability: The Ethics of Devising a Practice-as-Research Performance with Learning-Disabled Practitioners (United States)

    Leighton, Fran


    This article discusses the dilemmas encountered by non-disabled performance researchers and practitioners working with learning-disabled people. I demonstrate how the "accounts" of empirical social scientists informed my PARIP [practice-as-research-in-performance] project, "BluYesBlu," and how Judith Butler's reformulation of the concept of…

  2. Travelling and Sticky Affects: Exploring Teens and Sexualized Cyberbullying through a Butlerian-Deleuzian-Guattarian Lens (United States)

    Kofoed, Jette; Ringrose, Jessica


    In this paper we combine the thinking of Deleuze and Guattari (1984, 1987) with Judith Butler's (1990, 1993, 2004, 2009) work to follow the rhizomatic becomings of young people's affective relations in a range of on- and off-line school spaces. In particular we explore how events that may be designated as sexual cyberbullying are constituted and…

  3. Seeking Emancipation from Gender Regulation: Reflections on Home Space for a Black Woman Academic/Single Mother (United States)

    William-­White, Lisa


    Using the work of Judith Butler on gender regulation, Black Feminist Thought (BFT), and autobiographic storytelling, this piece illustrates how essentialist notions of gender, and discourses related to gender create conflict in shaping identity construction for a Black woman academic and single mother (BWA/SM) in the United States. This piece…

  4. "Acceptance of the Limits of Knowability in Oneself and Others": Performative Politics and Relational Ethics in the Primary School Classroom (United States)

    Teague, Laura


    This paper takes up Judith Butler's calls to suspend the desire to completely know the other, and discusses these in relation to the pedagogic relationship in the classroom. It draws upon existing accounts of performative reinscription as a politics to disrupt exclusionary schooling practices and discusses these alongside Butler's theories of…

  5. Injurious Assumptions: Butler, Subjectification and Gen(d)erational Poverty (United States)

    Gowlett, Christina


    Using Judith Butler's theory of performative subjection, this paper examines the injurious attitudes of three staff members at an outer-metropolitan high school who are heavily involved in the enactment and monitoring of Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan interviews for the Queensland Certificate of Education. It is argued that teachers at…

  6. The Refugee Crisis, Non-Citizens, Border Politics and Education (United States)

    Gerrard, Jessica


    In the midst of the most serious refugee crisis since WWII, nation states are buttressing their borders. This paper explores the border politics of the nation state in response to the refugee crisis. Drawing on the work of Susan Sontag, Judith Butler and Imogen Tyler it considers the ways in which the imagery of the pain and suffering of Others is…

  7. Recognition and Accountability: Sole Parent Postgraduates in University Conditions (United States)

    Hook, Genine A.


    This paper aims to examine some of ways sole parents sought recognition as postgraduate students in Australian universities. Judith Butler's theory of recognition notes that recognition is always partial and any account we give of ourselves must be given to another. Participants articulated that supervisors were critical in the process of…

  8. Young People, Education and Unlawful Non-Citizenship: Spectral Sovereignty and Governmentality in Australia (United States)

    Rasmussen, Mary Lou; Harwood, Valerie


    This paper considers Judith Butler's discussion of the intersections between governmentality and sovereign power in "Precarious life: the powers of mourning and violence." We consider this interrelationship with a view to considering how this might enable us to expand our understanding of contemporary discourses governing young people…

  9. Livet i skolen - skolen i livet

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Lisa Rosén

    og sanset skolehverdag. Med poststrukturalistiske begreber om tidslighed og samtidighed diskuteres, hvordan fortiden forstyrrer og intensiveres i nutiden. I analyser af erindringernes både sproglige, materielle og affektive dimensioner trækkes på teorier af bl.a. Judith Butler, Karen Barad, Eelco...

  10. Advocating a Post-Structuralist Politics for Educational Leadership (United States)

    Niesche, Richard; Gowlett, Christina


    Post-structuralist discourses have usually been associated with forms of critique and deconstruction of social, cultural and philosophical phenomena. However, this article attempts to provide a generative approach to understanding educational leadership through Michel Foucault's notions of power and subjectification, and Judith Butler's notions of…

  11. Mathematics and Its Other: (Dis)locating the Feminine (United States)

    de Freitas, Elizabeth


    In this article, the author examines how school mathematics maps itself onto the body, delineating the contours of a gendered learner. The author draws on Judith Butler to discuss the process by which school mathematics contributes to the stabilising/legitimating of a cultural arbitrary like gender, and how mathematics inscribes otherness onto the…

  12. Between Native American and Continental Philosophy: A Comparative Approach to Narrative and the Emergence of Responsible Selves (United States)

    Richardson, Troy


    This essay explores some of the affinities between current theories of North American Indigenous trickster narratives and continental philosophy where they are both concerned with the question of responsibility in subject formations. Taking up the work of Judith Butler, Franz Kafka and Gerald Vizenor, the author works to show how both continental…

  13. Butler's sophisticated constructivism: A critical assessment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vasterling, V.L.M.


    This paper aims to investigate whether and in what respects the conceptions of the body and of agency that Judith Butler develops in Bodies That Matter are useful contributions to feminist theory. The discussion focuses on the clarification and critical assessment of the arguments Butler presents to

  14. "Play School," Melancholia, and the Politics of Recognition (United States)

    Rasmussen, Mary Lou


    This paper draws on Judith Butler's notion of "gender melancholia" as conceived in "The Psychic Life of Power: Theories in Subjection," and Emmanuel Levinas' notion of the face of the other mobilized in Butlers' more recent work. In particular, I will focus on gender melancholia in order to consider why non-heteronormative…

  15. Subjectivation and Performative Politics--Butler Thinking Althusser and Foucault: Intelligibility, Agency and the Raced-Nationed-Religioned Subjects of Education (United States)

    Youdell, Deborah


    Judith Butler is perhaps best known for her take-up of the debate between Derrida and Austin over the function of the performative and her subsequent suggestion that the subject be understood as performatively constituted. Another important but less often noted move within Butler's consideration of the processes through which the subject is…

  16. Regulering af jødiske kroppe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schleicher, Marianne


    på teori dels af Michel Foucault om, hvordan kultur sikrer sin egen overlevelse ved at indsamle viden om bl.a. kroppe med henblik på at regulere brugen af dem, dels af Judith Butler, der bl.a. forklarer, hvordan kultur trods alt er åben for såkaldt subversion, idet det bidrager til at udvide og...

  17. Recognising "Good at Mathematics": Using a Performative Lens for Identity (United States)

    Darragh, Lisa


    Many students do not recognise in themselves positive learner identities in mathematics and thus exclude themselves from further mathematics education, limiting their life opportunities. In this study, I use a performance metaphor for identity, drawing on G.H. Mead, Erving Goffman and Judith Butler to analyse interviews with students, taken at…

  18. Being a woman in mixed-gender prisons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mathiassen, Charlotte


    enables and restricts for imprisoned women. In doing so, I will refer to Judith Butler (2004) and her question: “What, given the contemporary order of being, can I be?” (ibid., p. 58), which, in the context of this chapter, can be re-phrased as: What kinds of lives are viable for female prisoners...

  19. Zombies and Citizens

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Isak Winkel


    on Judith Butler and Charles Taylor, the article explores the ontological interpretation going on in the movie – a kind of sovereign decision, typical for modern disaster movies, that draws a line around the political community and decides who is cast outside the social contract's circle of concern....

  20. Værk som handling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jalving, Camilla

    , er det stadig kun ved at blive en del af kunsthistoriens metode. Bogen afdækker derfor først begrebets skiftende betydninger fra J.L. Austins sprogfilosofi til Judith Butlers kønsteori og afprøver derefter, hvordan det kan bruges som metode i kunsthistorien og spores som tema i billedkunsten. Det...

  1. Teacher Identity Work in Mathematics Teacher Education (United States)

    Neumayer-Depiper, Jill


    Becoming a teacher is not developing an identity, but is developing identity as a continuous process of constructing and deconstructing understandings within the complexities of social practice, beliefs, experiences, and social norms. I take up this stance on identity as articulated in Judith Butler's (1999) work with gender identity and…

  2. Improvisation in the Disorders of Desire: Performativity, Passion and Moral Education (United States)

    Munday, Ian


    In this article, I attempt to bring some colour to a discussion of fraught topics in education. Though the scenes and stories (from education and elsewhere) that feature here deal with racism, the discussion aims to say something to such topics more generally. The philosophers whose work I draw on here are Stanley Cavell and Judith Butler. Both…

  3. Revista Interamericana de Educacion de Adultos, 2002 (Interamerican Review of Adult Education, 2002). (United States)

    Guerra, Alfonso Rangel, Ed.


    This collection of Spanish-language articles includes the following: "La Importancia del Contexto en la Alfabetizacion" (Judith Kalman); "Profesorodo y Formadores: La Formacion para la Transformation de los Distritos y las Comunidades" (Concepcion Dominquez Garrido and Antonio Medina Rivilla); "Valoracion de los Resultados…

  4. 76 FR 4258 - Occupational Radiation Protection; Revision (United States)


    ... instructions for submitting comments. E-mail: [email protected] . Include Docket Number HS- RM-09-835 and..., DC 20585. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judith Foulke, (301) 903-5865, e-mail: [email protected]hq.doe... Concentration (DAC) for Workers from External Exposure during Immersion in a Cloud of Airborne Radioactive...

  5. Sukeldumine oma ununenud ellu / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Margaret Atwood. Pinnaletõus; Christine Bückner. Pärast lahutust; Danielle Steel. Kingitus; Judith Michael. Valede võrgus; Salvador DalÍ. Geeniuse päevik; Danielle Steel. Kurjus; Vladimir Megre. Anastasia; Theodora Lau. Hiina horoskoop

  6. Transportation Systems Center Bibliography of Technical Reports, July 1970 - December 1976, (United States)


    Systems Center. AD-733-763 Judith Gertler, Herbert Glynn, Vivian Hobbs, Frederick Interim Report. June 1971. 16p. Woolfall. AD-733-764 Air Traffic Control...of Deployment Cost Analysis .. .......... FAA-76-20 Airspace Control Environmnent Simulator - Final Report.... ............ .. TSC-131.3 *All- Wether

  7. Analysis of Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricating Oils for the Formation of Trimethylolpropane Phosphate (TMP-P) (United States)


    as to whether TMP-P was actually present, or wether the result represented only a campound which co-chromatographed at the same retention time as TMP...X E 841 76. Milbrath, Dean S., Engel, Judith L., Verkade, john G., and Casida, John E. Structure-Toxicity relationsips of 1-substituted-4-alkyl-2,6,7

  8. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Explosive Detection Technology (United States)


    is not too difficult in itself. The hard pat also determine wether changing throughput affects is do n ting h madasW nd deciding which m detectim. We...unaccompanied 9. Yeaple, Judith , "The Bomb Catchers", Popular baggage is safe to load on the aircraft, must be Science, October 1991. examined in their

  9. Bagatellid : maailm / Mirjam Tally

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tally, Mirjam, 1976-


    Helilooja Judith Weir sai Briti maineka autasu. Daniel Barenboim võttis Palestiina kodakondsuse. Portos keskendutakse sel aastal Põhjamaade muusikale. Wigmore Halli resideerivaks heliloojaks sai Luke Bedford. Sony Classics annab välja Glenn Gouldi eksklusiivse "Kogutud teosed". Tõusev täht - hiina naisdirigent Xian Zhang

  10. Kunstnikud, filmiloojad, mõttetargad! Ärge magage maha tähtsaid tähtaegu! / Mark Soosaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soosaar, Mark, 1946-


    Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum ootab avaldusi osalemiseks 6. juunil avataval aktinäitusel "Mees ja naine" 1. maiks, 22. augustil avataval autoportreede salongis "Ma tunnen end paremini" 20. juuliks. 18.-22. aug. toimub rahvusvaheline nõupidamine "Tsensuur ja enesetsensuur", mida juhivad Judith Vidal ning Edward Lucie-Smith.

  11. Study of US Army Libraries. Volume 1 (United States)


    single coovdinated admimis- tretion, wether ar rut the collactis are bossed oostiguoualy, should provide sepanated data for each type at library wherever...outlines "eNo Variations is the use of the O=i syste. by Perticipating PALMI~ libraries. 60. NoP sm, Judith , ’l1bg Obio Cllege Library Ceter." Lib -arz

  12. Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report for the Proposed Marathon Industrial/Commercial Business Center Tract 5167, Hayward California. Supplement. (United States)


    National Technical Information Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA. (1982). Ayres, Judith E., Regional Administrator, EPA, written...Sernmnts (AOA) regarding: a. Wether project emissions have been considered in formulating the Seattaiment Area Plan (MP),. and awe consistent with emission

  13. Sõber raamat

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Raamatukaupluses EURO Publications pakutavate raamatute tutvustus. James Davidson, The Complete Home Lightning Book, 1997 Inglismaa ; Candace Ord Manroe. Uncluttered : Storage Room by Room ; Ruth Pretty. The Ultimate Interior Designer, Inglismaa 1997 ; Judith ja Martin Miller. Period Finishes and Effects, Londoni 1992 ; Suzanne Slesin, Stafford Cliff, Daniel Rozensztroch. Spanish Style, esmatrükk 1990.

  14. STS 51-L crewmembers during training session in flight deck simulation (United States)


    S85-46207 (December 1985) --- Shuttle Mission Simulator (SMS) scene of astronauts Michael J. Smith, Ellison S. Onizuka, Judith A. Resnik, and Francis R. (Dick) Scobee in their launch and entry positions on the flight deck. The photo was taken by Bill Bowers.

  15. "It Could Have Been so Much Better": The Aesthetic and Social Work of Theatre (United States)

    Gallagher, Kathleen; Freeman, Barry; Wessells, Anne


    In this paper, the authors consider early results from their ethnographic research in urban drama classrooms by parsing the aesthetic and social imperatives at play in the classroom. Moved by the observation that teachers and students alike seem to be pursuing elusive aesthetic and social ideals, the authors draw on Judith Butler's notion of…

  16. 75 FR 33501 - Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (United States)


    ... the OMB control number assigned for the collection of information as 0570-XXXX under the Paperwork... the reference ``0570-XXXX'' to read ``0570-0062''; and 2. On page 30158, column 3, line 6, under ``Sec. 4280.400,'' revise the reference ``0570-XXXX'' to read ``0570-0062''. Judith A. Canales, Administrator...

  17. 78 FR 58204 - Migratory Bird Hunting; Late Seasons and Bag and Possession Limits for Certain Migratory Game Birds (United States)


    ... N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA. You may obtain copies of referenced reports from the street address... attention. Therefore, it is important to note that we omit those items requiring no attention, and remaining... Colorado (east of the Continental Divide), Kansas, Montana (Blaine, Carbon, Fergus, Judith Basin...

  18. African Journal of AIDS Research - Vol 8, No 1 (2009)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Conceptions of mental health among Ugandan youth orphaned by AIDS · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD ... TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Kathleen McDavid Harrison, Johanna Claass, Paul B Spiegel, Judith Bamuturaki, Njogu Patterson, Michael Muyonga, Lillian Tatwebwa ...

  19. The History of "Zero Tolerance" in American Public Schooling. Palgrave Studies in Urban Education (United States)

    Kafka, Judith


    Through a case study of the Los Angeles city school district from the 1950s through the 1970s, Judith Kafka explores the intersection of race, politics, and the bureaucratic organization of schooling. Kafka argues that control over discipline became increasingly centralized in the second half of the twentieth century in response to pressures…

  20. Complicating Hetero-Femininities: Young Women, Sexualities and "Girl Power" at School (United States)

    Charles, Claire Elizabeth


    This paper is concerned with expanding knowledge of how femininity/sexuality intersections are constituted in secondary schools. Existing studies have drawn upon Judith Butler's notion of a "heterosexual matrix" in order to understand how intersections of femininity/sexuality are produced in schools through normative discourses of…

  1. Assessing ESA on What It Is Designed For: A Reply to Cooper and Glaesser (United States)

    Schneider, Carsten Q.; Wagemann, Claudius


    We appreciate Barry Cooper and Judith Glaesser's (henceforth CG) energy and effort put into reflecting on parts of our proposals laid out in "Set-theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences" (2012). We use our response to explain what enhanced standard analysis (ESA) is meant to achieve and what not, an issue about which CG hold erroneous…

  2. Discovery: Faculty Publications and Presentations, Fiscal Year 1981 (United States)


    Women: Mandated Change at the USAF Academy, by Judith H. Stiehm. Air University Review. (Forthcoming) d. "The Role of the Tarot in John Fowles’ The Magus...34 Second International Conference on Fantasy, Boca Raton, FL. 20 March 1981. (Presentation) T’he novel’s broken pattern of allusions to tarot cards

  3. Imagining the Future: What Anarchism Brings to Education (United States)

    Logue, Jennifer; Mayo, Cris


    The authors review Judith Suissa's provocative book, "Anarchism and Education: A Philosophical Perspective," a text that demonstrates the central role of education in anarchist theory. Suissa compellingly argues against the charges that anarchism is overly idealistic and impractical, instead seeing its potential for innovative and liberatory…

  4. Escritoras marginalizadas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Magno Santos Gomes


    Full Text Available Resumo: Este ensaio apresenta um estudo sobre a importância do resgate de escritoras marginalizadas pelo cânone para a história das Literaturas de Língua Portuguesa, destacando a importância da inserção de Judith Teixeira e Alina Paim. Essas escritoras foram atuantes no campo literário, mas esquecidas pela censura de governos ditatoriais. Metodologicamente, faz-se uma abordagem historiográfica sobre a autoria feminina a partir dos estudos de Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, Elódia Xavier e Zahidé Muzart. Palavras-chave: Historiografia; Judith Teixeira; Alina Paim. Abstract: This work presents a study about the importance of rescuing writers marginalized by canon for the history of literature in Portuguese language, emphasizing the importance of including in it Judith Teixeira and Alina Paim. These writers were active in the literary field, but forgotten by dictatorial governments’ censorship. Methodologically, it is historiographical approach about the female authorship from the studies by Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, Elodia Xavier and Zahidé Muzart. Keywords: Historiography; Judith Teixeira; Alina Paim.

  5. 75 FR 65528 - Membership of the National Science Board's Senior Executive Service Performance Review Board (United States)


    ...: Comments should be addressed to Interim Director, Division of Human Resource Management and Chief Human.... Judith S. Sunley, Interim Director, Division of Human Resource Management and Chief Human Capital Officer..., Interim Director, Division of Human Resource Management and Chief Human Capital Officer. [FR Doc. 2010...

  6. Journal of Food Technology in Africa - Vol 9, No 1 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Effects of Technological Modifications on the Fermentation of Borde, an Ethiopian Traditional Fermented Cereal Beverage · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Kebede Abegaz, Thor Langsrud, Fedadu Beyene, Judith A Narvhus, 3-12 ...

  7. 75 FR 3953 - Re-Delegation to Daniel Sreebny of the Functions and Authorities of the Coordinator, Bureau of... (United States)


    ... authority vested in me as the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs by law... Management and Resources, and the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs may at any.... Judith A. McHale, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. [FR Doc. 2010-1327 Filed 1-22...

  8. "In Honor of Excellence." (United States)

    Hughes, Anna May


    Spotlights seven outstanding secondary school theatre programs and their directors: Frank Bluestein, Germantown, TN; John Steele, Plano, TX; Joe Juliano, Hamden, CT; Jack Parkhurst, Ralston, NE; Robert Geuder (Thomas Jefferson High School) Cedar Rapids, IA; Judith Rethwisch (Affton High School) St. Louis, MO; and Henry Wicke (Packer Collegiate…

  9. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ideology and intertextuality: Intertextual allusions in Judith 16. Abstract PDF · Vol 69, No 1 (2013) - Articles The realities people live by: A critical reflection on the value of Wolfgang Iser's concept of repertoire for reading the story of Susanna in the Septuagint Abstract PDF · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL.

  10. Southeast Asia Report (United States)


    ments, including drama sketches and ä daily update of one of the prisoners, were confiscated from Sotero Huinda, Judith Pagunsan and Alicia Bade...the bodies of the Diaz brothers, Leonardo, 32, and Roland 28 were found June 28 in the corner of Torres and Lapulapu Sts one day after they were

  11. Insurrectionary Womanliness: Gender and the (Boxing) Ring (United States)

    McNaughton, Melanie Joy


    Integrating sociological theory on sport with Judith Butler's concept of insurrectionary speech, the author explores why and how womanliness is produced and problematized. In particular, this article investigates how participating in combat sport violates conventional womanliness by foregrounding physical capability and aggression. Using her…

  12. Plädoyer für eine Re-Lektüre feministischer Texte vor der ‚Butlermania‘ A Plea for Re-Reading Feminist Texts Before ‘Butlermania’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Maurer


    Full Text Available Eine wesentliche Botschaft der Textsammlung von Christiane Schmerl lautet, dass es eine mehr als unglückliche Verkürzung sei, feministischen Texten vor Judith Butlers Gender Trouble vorzuhalten, sie würden ‚Geschlecht‘ einfach nur ‚reifizieren‘. Damit – so eine Quintessenz – schneiden sich heutige Kritiken von ihrer eigenen Geschichte ab. Die Lektüre des Bandes von Christiane Schmerl zeigt, dass manche aktuellen Texte hinter ein bereits erreichtes Niveau feministischer Reflexion(smöglichkeiten oftmals zurückfallen.It is more than an unhappy reduction that feminist texts before Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble are often accused of merely reifying ‘sex.’ Contemporary critiques thus cut themselves off from their own history. A reading of the volume by Christiane Schmerl shows that some contemporary texts often fall behind feminist reflections or reflective possibilities already established.

  13. An Exploration of the Gendered Stylization of the Body in Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdol Hossein Joodaki


    Full Text Available What has been undertaken in the present study is the exploration of Caryl Churchill’s selected drama Cloud Nine(1978 with an eye to Judith Butler’s theorizations in regard to “gender performativity”.  According to Judith Butler, gender identity is a socio-political construction that achieves legitimacy and naturality via perpetual observation, repetition and “a stylized repetition of acts”. This stylized repetition of acts along with continuous surveillance, observation and correction leads to the construction of gender identity. In Cloud Nine (1978,we witness how Caryl Churchill(1938- , who occupies a lofty position in the world of theater due to her theatrical expertise, realizes Butler’s conviction and vividly portrays the stylization of gender identity under the sovereignty and hegemony of  phallocentrism and heterosexuality.

  14. Critical Reflections on Performativity and 'Un/Doing' Gender and Sexuality in Talk

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McIlvenny, Paul


    'turn' is most often traceable in the first instance to the work of the feminist philosopher Judith Butler. Butler’s (1990) troubling of how we think of gender and identity has worked through into many fields, including literary studies (Sedgwick 1993c), performance theory (Parker & Sedgwick 1995a...... of 'doing', particularly of gender and sexuality, in studies of conversation and talk-in-interaction are similar to and different from the notion of 'performativity' in the work of Judith Butler. I refer not only to her argument that gender identity "is performatively constituted by the very ‘expressions...... of the productive challenge posed by feminist and queer theories that conceive of gender (and sexuality) as something we ‘do’, not ‘are’. This view is representative of the ‘performative turn’ that can be traced in many fields and disciplines, with distinctive histories and trajectories. The source of this recent...

  15. Waterborne Transportation Lines of the United States, 1989. Annual Revision (United States)


    18.0!NONE !NY NEW YORK 1 1956 1 120.0! 36.0! 4.0! 1 - ! I ! I I I ! ! ! ! ! ’ ! ! (32) COP MARISE SERV. AT LAPLIACK ! I ! ! ! I I I I I JUDITH AN...1 29!4A46! 54.0! 15.1! 4.3! If! 3! 0.9!NONE ICY WETHERS - 1 19551 I I I 1 14.0! 15.1! 2.0! 1 20! 1 1 FIELDO (32) CONOCO, INC.! ! ! ! ! ! ! APACHE...COAST !INC. I I I T OINTERSTATE NAVIGATION CO. !I IPASSN’ERS, VEHICLES, AND FREIGHT !POINT JUDITH TO BLOCK ISLAND. Rt; PROVIDENCE, * I I INEWPOOT, BLOCK

  16. Cost Effectiveness Analysis, A DTIC Bibliography. (United States)


    lent~a’ Soluin! u FEB 77 163P Augusta.jOsepn ti. :Bryan. Judith A- ;CZ0ldir;.James E. :3nailine.Xark DESCRIPTnIVE %.CTE: Trcr~flucal rep:.. A...ConcrsCom ting and to d~eteruire wether fre=ue-cy. ano the ;:n-eral Duxic to f~tlly S:Z-O-rt uretandconven ience. and travel time prefere-ces varied in...materials. ’Fayetteville. KC Area. AC-A039 089- BRIYAN. JUDITH A. ACA3 SI C CBROW( S. S. Bu~ers XPN Exon~ueEtmtnCoftolloation of 11PEA at C AD-A037

  17. The Presence of Palestinian Absence in Narrating the Zionist Nation into Being

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annie Pfingst


    What can be seen outside the narrative of redemption and the frame set by the Temple Scroll and the Jug of Tears? Are the photographs of the Intifada and the portraits from the refugee camps in effect inserting the presence of the spectral other, as described by Judith Butler? This essay will consider the ways in which we might read these Israeli photographic insertions in the circumstance where representation and representational space is such a contested feature of the conflict.

  18. Strategies to promote adherence to nutritional advice in patients with chronic kidney disease: a narrative review and commentary


    Beto, Judith A.; Schury,Katherine; Bansal,Vinod


    Judith A Beto, Katherine A Schury, Vinod K Bansal Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Loyola University Healthcare System, Loyola University of Chicago, Maywood, IL, USA Abstract: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) requires extensive changes to food and lifestyle. Poor adherence to diet, medications, and treatments has been estimated to vary between 20% and 70%, which in turn can contribute to increased mortality and morbidity. Delivering effective nutritional advice in patients with CKD coor...

  19. Clinical Investigation Program Annual Progress Report (United States)


    The assigned staff of the Molecular Biology Service are Dr. Anthony G. Gutierrez , Chef , GSl3, Ph. D. in Molecular Genetics, and Ms. Judith O’Brien...Node-Negative Breast Cancer Patients Using a Panel of Prognostic Factors. A Companion Protocol to SWOG 8897 ................................ . 103 91...of Prog- nostic Factors. A companion protocol to 8897 (5) Start Date: 1991 (6) Est Compl Date: (7) Principal Investigator: (8) Facility: FAMC Thomas

  20. Disney - Et projekt om kønsrollers afspejling og udvikling i et udvalg af Disney film


    Pedersen, Camilla Piilmann; Jensen, Charlotte Thiemke; Aahøj, Nadja Balvig; Bjergvang, Pernille Louise


    This project wishes to examine how the multinational mass media company Disney portrays gender roles in a selection of their movies, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Tangled and Frozen, and whether or not a change within the gender roles portrayed in these movies occur. The project wishes to do so through several thorough analyses, one of which is based on the theory of Judith Butler. Her Gender Theory, which was published in her controversial...

  1. Blood pressure and control of cardiovascular risk


    Judith A Whitworth


    Judith A WhitworthJohn Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, AustraliaAbstract: Two key early 20th century notions, the first the primacy of diastolic pressure in determining risk, and the second that hypertension is a discrete disorder, have proved to be incorrect. We now recognize the primacy of systolic pressure as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and that hypertension is an arbitrary definition. In the early 21st century, we are moving a...

  2. Child Soldiers: Are U.S. Military Members Prepared to Deal with the Threat? (United States)


    killing child soldiers. Additional attention should also be invested into identifying interventions that would decrease the negative stigma of mental...AIR WAR COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY CHILD SOLDIERS: ARE U.S. MILITARY MEMBERS PREPARED TO DEAL WITH THE THREAT? by Judith Hughes, LtCol, USAF A...COVERED 00-00-2006 to 00-00-2006 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Child Soldiers: Are U.S. Military Members Prepared to Deal with the Threat? 5a. CONTRACT

  3. Gender Stereotypes in Same-Sex Relationships


    Bro, Jesper Koch; Jensen, Ditte; Stokholm, Martin Valdemar Sachse; Kristoffersen, Simone Ryegaard; Tranberg, Line Falk


    Abstract Through five qualitative interviews with people that currently are or have been in same-sex relationship, analyzed by applying the theories of social constructivism by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann and Queer theorist Judith Butler, the project explores heterosexual stereotypes in same-sex relationships. The result is a thoroughgoing analysis where it appears from the interviews as if the interviewed people reproduce heterosexual stereotypical gender roles in their relationships...

  4. You Just Keep on Pushing My Love over the Borderline: A Rejoinder

    KAUST Repository

    Simpson, Daniel


    The entire reason that we wrote this paper was to provide a concrete object around which to focus a broader discussion about prior choice and we are extremely grateful to the editorial team at Statistical Science for this opportunity. David Dunson (DD), Jim Hodges (JH), Christian Robert, Judith Rousseau (RR) and James Scott (JS) have taken this discussion in diverse and challenging directions and over the next few pages, we will try to respond to the main points they have raised.

  5. Male imitations : a look at gender performance and the representation of masculinity in The O.C.


    Tenden, Per Aubrey Bugge


    This thesis examines teen soap The O.C. s representation of gender and masculinity. The study employs a social constructivist view of gender, particularly inspired by Judith Butler s work. Moreover, theories on masculinity, masquerade and melodrama, feminist theory and the work of Camille Paglia also make up important theoretical groundwork which this thesis rests on. The main question I structure my thesis around is how gender and masculinity are represented in The O.C through the characters...

  6. Multi-parameter assessment of thrombus formation on microspotted arrays of thrombogenic surfaces




    Authors: Susanne de Witt, Frauke Swieringa, Judith Cosemans & Johan Heemskerk ### Abstract Thrombus formation by adhering and aggregating blood platelets is fundamental to hemostasis and is a prerequisite for vascular occlusion in pathological thrombosis. The parallel-plate flow chamber technique has been extensively used to measure platelet adhesion and activation in vitro at arterial or venous flow conditions. Here, we describe the use of brightfield and confocal fluorescence micros...

  7. Las cicatrices de la fugacidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edgar O'Hara


    Full Text Available Fernando de Szyszlo. Reproducciones en color y textos en inglés (más separata con traducción castellana de Mario Vargas Llosa, Ana Moría Escallón, Ricardo Pau-Llosa; entrevista de Ana María Escallón y cronografía de Judith Alnaís. Ediciones Alfred Wild, Bogota, 1991.

  8. Transkønnedes identitetsproblematikker i Danmark


    Veng-Christensen, Louise Nordtorp; Bobak, Anders Victor Rønnemoes; Sørensen, Caroline Mygind; Lausch, Line Grønborg; Larsen, Cathrine; Boldemann, Camilla Funk


    Gender identity is normally understood as binary: man or woman. Transgender people, however, transcends this binary gender discourse and thus find themselves abnormal and stigmatized. This study tries to answer the question of how transgender people put the binary understanding of gender to discussion and how this discussion impacts their options of expressing their true identity. Through methods of deduction and induction, the theories of Erving Goffman, Judith Butler and Michel Foucault...

  9. Machismo/Marianismo


    Jønsson, Liv A. H.; Siiger, Cristina N.


    Abstract This project studies gendered subject positions in Buenos Aires in relation to machismo and marianismo from a social constructionist point of view. Our scientific basis is the poststructuralist worldview, Judith Butler’s understanding of gender as constructed, and Iram Khawaja’s understanding of discourse. The project researches how machismo and marianismo is reproduced by our five informants’ way of positioning themselves and others in relation to gender. To define machismo and mari...

  10. Analysis of high heat flux testing of mock-ups

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Salavy, J.-F.; Giancarli, L.; Merola, M.; Picard, F.; Roedig, M.


    ITER EU Home Team is performing a large R and D effort in support of the development of high heat flux components for ITER. In this framework, this paper describes the thermal analyses, the fatigue lifetime evaluation and the transient VDE with material melting related to the high heat flux thermo-mechanical tests performed in the JUDITH facility. It reports on several mock-ups representative of different proposed component designs based on Be, W and CFC as armour materials

  11. A Study of Gender Performativity in Virginia Woolf's Orlando: a Mocking Biography


    M., Moslehi; N., Niazi


    The present paper aims at concentrating on Judith Butler’s theory of gender as performance and how Virginia Woolf challenges the assumptions of heterosexuality in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (1992). Woolf rebels against the traditional view of gender as two separate categories by presenting Orlando as an androgynous and bisexual character. Orlando’s transformation from male to female and exhibition of the characteristics of both feminist and masculinity expose how gender norms are socially insti...

  12. Gender blending a queer performativita ve videoklipech Lady Gaga


    Sekyrová, Karolína


    This bachelor thesis examines how queer performativity and gender blending are shown in the music video clips of Lady Gaga. The thesis attemp to find and analyse through the means of the semiotic analysis and explain their meaning. The thesis is based on theoretical gender definition and on two constructivism concepts: Doing gender by West and Zimermann and gender performativity by Judith Butler. The thesis employs the queer concept as the reconstruction of sexual minorities but also as an an...

  13. Iraq, Women’s Empowerment, and Public Policy (United States)


    48 Butler , Judith , and Joan Scott. (1992) Feminists Theorize the Political. New York and London: Routledge. Cainkar, Louise. (Spring 1993) “The... PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) Army War College,Strategic Studies Institute,122 Forbes Avenue,Carisle,PA,17013-5244 8. PERFORMING ...their attitudes toward women and gender , women’s legal rights and status in particular communities, as well as studies on war and conflict, and

  14. Kroppen og det følte køn: En undersøgelse af kønsforståelser gennem transkønnede narrativer


    Pedersen, Jesper Christian; Christensen, Peter Raunkjær; Gravesen, Ida Dal; Kongshøj, Gertrud Hjelm; Larsen, Christian; Stubager, Karen-Maria


    This project aims to discover how the narratives of transsexuals stress the importance of the material body in post structural sex-studies. With an inspiration from Judith Butler and Jay Prosser we seek to distinct the constructivist queer-theory of gender as solely a performativity. The transsexuals tell us that gender must be something relating the psysical body, which is the subject of performativity. But this performance can only be understood to the degree that there is a language and wo...

  15. Gender, Epistemology and Performativity: Pedagogical Strategies of Subversion


    Anselmo Peres Alós


    In this paper, the concept of gender is presented and discussed in its relations with the idea of performativity, according the reflexions made by Judith Butler. If gender is considered as an analytical tool in the field of pedagogical studies, we can discuss this concept giving attention to the ways in which gender is constructed by cultural pedagogies. This discussion intends to contribute to the discussion of naturalized ideas of gender and sexuality, underlining the importance of the perf...

  16. Gender, the body and organization studies: que(e)rying empirical research


    De Souza, Eloisio Moulin; Brewis, Jo; Rumens, Nick


    Even in organization studies scholarship that treats gender as performative and fluid, a certain ‘crystallization’ of gender identities as somehow unproblematic and stable may occur because of our methodological decision-making, and especially our categorization of participants. Mobilizing queer theory — and Judith Butler's work on the heterosexual matrix and performativity in particular — as a conceptual lens, we examine this crystallization, suggesting it is based on two implicit assumption...

  17. Perception Is Reality: Special Operations Forces In the Gray Zone (United States)


    are affected by their standing categorizations of a capability. Perception may be used detrimentally as a cognitive shortcut that allows...Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy, 20-21. 62 Jerome S. Bruner, “On Perceptual Readiness,” Psychological Review 64, no. 2 (1957): 123, doi...10.1037/h0043805. 28 established category. 63 Judith Goldstein and Robert Keohane observe that once an idea, group, or concept is institutionalized

  18. Denitrification activity in mangrove sediments varies with associated vegetation

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Fernandes, S.O.; Dutta, P.; Gonsalves, M.J.B.D.; Bonin, P.C.; LokaBharathi, P.A.

    . Eng.: 95; 2016; 671-681 Denitrification activity in mangrove sediments varies with associated vegetation Sheryl Oliveira Fernandes a, #, Pinky Dutta b, Maria-Judith Gonsalves a, Patricia C. Bonin c, P. A. LokaBharathi a, *  a Biological... in tropical and subtropical regions of the world (Giri et al., 2011). They provide a range of ecosystem services like soil formation, wood production, fish spawning grounds, carbon (C) storage and nutrient cycling (Murdiyarso et al., 2015). However, over...

  19. Toezicht in de open samenleving : Maatschappelijke controle op multinationale ondernemingen


    van Erp, J.G.


    Globalisering creëert nieuwe mogelijkheden voor het houden van toezicht op multinationale ondernemingen. Dat is de kern van de oratie die professor Judith van Erp uitsprak bij de aanvaarding van de leerstoel Publieke Instituties aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Globalisering heeft voor ondernemingen veel nieuwe mogelijkheden gecreëerd, maar ook nieuwe gelegenheden voor organisatiecriminaliteit. Daarom moet toezicht zich vernieuwen. In haar leerstoel wil Van Erp nieuwe toezichtinstituties onderzoe...

  20. The Death and Life of Collaborative Planning Theory


    Robert Goodspeed


    It has been over 20 years since Judith Innes proclaimed communicative action to be the “emerging paradigm” for planning theory, a theoretical perspective which has been developed into what is known as collaborative planning theory (CPT). With planning theory shifting to a new generation of scholars, this commentary considers the fate of this intellectual movement within planning. CPT never achieved the paradigmatic status its advocates desired because of its internal diversity and limited sco...

  1. Influence of recrystallization on thermal shock resistance of various tungsten grades

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Uytdenhouwen, I.; Decreton, M.; Hirai, T.; Linke, J.; Pintsuk, G.; Oost, G. van


    Thermal shock resistance of various tungsten grades (different manufacturing technologies and heat treatments) was examined under plasma disruption conditions, especially in the cracking regime, i.e. below the melting threshold. The tests have been simulated with the electron beam test facility JUDITH. The comparison of the thermal shock resistance showed that sintered tungsten appeared to be better than the deformed tungsten material and clear degradation after recrystallization was found. Damage processes linked to the mechanical properties of W are discussed

  2. Melt layer erosion of metallic armour targets during off-normal events in tokamaks

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bazylev, B.; Wuerz, H.


    Melt layer erosion by melt motion is the dominating erosion mechanism for metallic armours under high heat loads. A 1-D fluid dynamics simulation model for calculation of melt motion was developed and validated against experimental results for tungsten from the e-beam facility JEBIS and beryllium from the e-beam facility JUDITH. The driving force in each case is the gradient of the surface tension. Due to the high velocity which develops in the Be melt considerable droplet splashing occurs

  3. Melt layer erosion of metallic armour targets during off-normal events in tokamaks (United States)

    Bazylev, B.; Wuerz, H.


    Melt layer erosion by melt motion is the dominating erosion mechanism for metallic armours under high heat loads. A 1-D fluid dynamics simulation model for calculation of melt motion was developed and validated against experimental results for tungsten from the e-beam facility JEBIS and beryllium from the e-beam facility JUDITH. The driving force in each case is the gradient of the surface tension. Due to the high velocity which develops in the Be melt considerable droplet splashing occurs.

  4. Feminismo como crítica: Sujeto y universalidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Villanueva Castro


    Full Text Available Firstly, this article aims to refute some approaches of  ́difference feminism` using as a guide Chantal Mouffe and Judith Butler proposals, both linked to the defense of a women open concept. Later, also resorting to populist proposal of Ernesto Laclau, we’ll argue in favor of a political feminism understood as a possible tool of unification of various struggles for the construction of a counter-hegemony.

  5. Being with woman: claiming midwifery space. (United States)

    Hunter, Louise


    Being 'with woman' is characterised as presence, a spiritual concept which is nevertheless bound up with physical space. In this article, the work of the American philosopher Judith Butler is used to explore the interplay between space and relationships in midwifery practice. Butler argues that relationships based on mutual recognition and respect define the actions possible within physical space. In midwifery, being with woman creates a therapeutic space necessary for the wellbeing and empowerment of women and midwives alike.

  6. Portreed Chaplinis / Grete Naaber

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Naaber, Grete, 1942-


    26. augustil avati Chaplini Keskuses portreenäitus 'Ma tunnen end paremini', kus võib näha Violeta Bybelite, Maria Bengtssoni, Lieve Ulbrughsi, Edward Lucie-Smithi, Judith Vidal-Halli, Mark Soosaare, August Weizenbergi, Ants Laikmaa, Eduard Wiiralti, Evald Okase, Ene Luik Mudisti, Kaili Angela Konno töid (osa töid valmis rahvusvahelise konverentsi 'Tsensuur ja enesetsensuur' raames)

  7. Characterization of Radar Signals Using Neural Networks (United States)


    e***e*e*eeeeeeeeeeeesseeeeeese*eee*e*e************s /* Function Name: load.input.ptterns Number: 4.1 /* Description: This function determines wether ...XSE.last.layer Number: 8.5 */ /* Description: The function determines wether to backpropate the *f /* parameter by the sigmoidal or linear update...Sigmoidal Function," Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems, 2:303-314 (March 1989). 6. Dayhoff, Judith E. Neural Network Architectures. New York: Van

  8. STS 51-L crewmembers briefed during training session (United States)


    Five members of the STS 51-L crew and a backup crewmember are briefed during a training session in JSC's Shuttle mockup and integration laboratory. From left to right are Astronauts Ellison S. Onizuka, mission specialist; Ronald E. McNair, mission specialist; Gregory Jarvis, Hughes payload specialist; Judith A. Resnik, mission specialist; Sharon Christa McAuliffe, citizen observer/payload specialist representing the Teacher in Space project. Barbara R. Morgan, backup to McAuliffe, is in the right foreground.

  9. Les femmes prennent appui sur le souvenir de la guerre pour ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Selon Judith Erazo, la peur hante les survivantes, et la stigmatisation culturelle généralisée de la violence sexuelle les empêche de raconter ce qu'elles ont vécu. La violence faite aux femmes empoisonne également la vie civile. En effet, les meurtres de femmes ont augmenté de manière considérable après les accords de ...

  10. The Middle East in 2015: The Impact of Regional Trends in U.S. Strategic Planning (United States)


    iii Chapter 1 The Middle East in 2015: An Overview Judith S. Yaphe In the year 2000, two stereotypes of a “typical” Middle Easterncountry the Leader’s call were actually moonlighting , driving cabs, and working in shops and restaurants to support their families. The Iraqi government...been said that the Hollywood film industry is inca- pable of dealing with marriage in its pictures. It is good at depict- ing romance and getting people

  11. “How many sums can I do”? : Performative strategies and diffractive thinking as methodological tools for rethinking mathematical subjectivity


    Palmer, Anna


    The aim of this article is to illustrate how the understanding of mathematical subjectivity changes when transiting theoretically and methodologically from a discursive and performative thinking, as suggested by Judith Butler (1990, 1993, 1997), to an agential realist and diffractive thinking, inspired by Karen Barad’s theories (2007, 2008). To show this I have examined narrative memory stories about mathematics written by students participating in Teacher Education maths courses. I pro...

  12. Genderová analýza vybraných románů Miloše Urbana


    Husáková, Martina


    This diploma thesis A Gender Analysis of Selected Novels of Miloš Urban researches two concrete literary texts, novels Sedmikostelí and Lord Mord, which are analysed from gender perspective. By using two methods, feminist "resisting reading" and discursive analysis, there are uncovered various ways of female's characters construction, which are put in the social and cultural context. Theoretically the work is patterned on Judith Fetterley's concept, which was created during second wave of fem...

  13. Gender in Winterson's Sexing the Cherry


    Kintzele, Paul


    In his article "Gender in Winterson's Sexing the Cherry" Paul Kintzele examines the ways in which Jeanette Winterson's 1989 novel explores and critiques aspects of gender and sexuality. While acknowledging the importance of the performance theory of gender that derives from the work of Judith Butler, Kintzele contends that such an approach must be complemented with a psychoanalytic approach that insists on a particular distinction between sex and gender. Although some scholars map the sex/gen...

  14. Kommunisme i London

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Brian Benjamin; Nielsen, Kasper Porsgaard


    Begrebet ”kommunisme” var på dagsordenen, da over 800 mennesker mødtes i Birkbeck University College i London, den 13.-15. marts, 2009. En perlerække af talere var inviteret: Alain Badiou, Michael Hardt, Bruno Bosteels, Peter Hallward, Allesandro Russo, Alberto Toscano, Toni Negri, Terry Eagleton......, Jacques Rancière, Slavoj Žižek, Gianni Vattimo og Judith Balso. Her følger en rapport fra begivenheden....

  15. Der Erscheinungsraum der Geschlechter. Macht, Diskurs und Indentität bei Michel Foucault und deren Relevanz für die feministische Kritik am Geschlechterbegriff


    Dürr, Christian


    The thesis aims at the theoretical foundation of deconstructivist strategies in contemporary feminism with reference to the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault. The feminist tradition of distinguishing between the conceptions of "gender" as a culturally coded form of identity and "sex" as its supposed biological foundation has been criticized by younger feminist thinkers, such as Judith Butler, whose work is related to contemporary postmodern thinking. The work of Butler, for example, ...

  16. Transcending Frozen Gender Stereotypes


    Madsen, Troels Bo Haarh; Svanborg, Mikkel; Kühn, Lena; Lomholm Chemnitz, Marie; Barba, Clara; Howard Kitchen, Nikolaj


    This project is centered around examining the root of gender stereotyping and discrimination. It entails an account for the heteronormative matrix as an inhibiting norm that was coined by Judith Butler. This ground-giving model will be explored and then applied to Simon Baron-Cohen who participates in the project as a representation of the heteronormative matrix. Cordelia Fine allows us to understand how the matrix influences our way of thinking and performing gender. Gender neutrality is the...

  17. Integrating the Department of Defense Supply Chain (United States)


    Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures , DoD Manual 4140.01, Volumes 1 through 11, draft as of March...this is summarized in R. Glenn Richey, Jr., Anthony S. Roath, Judith M. Whipple , and Stanley E. Fawcett, “Exploring a Governance Theory of Supply...of this report, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures (Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logis- tics and Materiel Readiness, DoD Manual

  18. Program Development and Evaluation - Nutrition / Health



    Martha Archuleta: Kitchen Creations - A Cooking School for People with Diabetes. Darlene Christensen: University of Wyoming Food & Nutrition Extension Website. Judith L. Corbus: Hawaii Five-A-Day A Taste of the Tropics with Fruits and Vegetables. Luanne J. Hughes: Reaching Key Audiences with Food Safety Messages. Darlene Liesch: Pregnancy Prevention for Latino Teens. Karen Richey: Food Irradiation - Insuring your Food’s Safety. Carole Rison: Farmers Markets – Impacting Health through Economic...

  19. High Productivity Computing Systems and Competitiveness Initiative (United States)


    digital animation industry, which is drawing audiences around the world, and profits for the U.S. entertainment sector. Leonard explained to attendees... audiences in large part because a range of HPC hardware and software tools enabled filmmakers to control subtle aspects of lighting to characters’ fur and...Blackstone Group Harold J. Raveché Stevens Institute of Technology Steven S Reinemund Pepsi -Cola Company Judith Rodin University of Pennsylvania Allen B

  20. Mapping the digital panorama of precariousness. Ethnographic challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurizio Teli


    Full Text Available In the last thirty years we have witnessed the widespread adoption of digital technologies, the individualization of social relations, and the growing relevance of informational capitalism and work precarity, its preferred working arrangements1. Such social transformations have been deeply correlated with the reshaping of the territories of collective action and the diffusion of feelings of fragility of human existence, feelings that Judith Butler defines as "precariousness" (2004.

  1. Electronic structure and exchange interactions in diluted semimagnetic semiconductors (Zn,Co)Se and (Zn,Mn)Se (United States)

    Mašek, J.


    A comparative study of the electronic structure of (Zn,Co)Se and (Zn,Mn)Se is done by using a tight-binding version of the coherent potential approximation. The densities of states, relevant for a photoemission experiment, are calculated for a magnetically disordered phase. The exchange constant Jpd is obtained from the splitting of the valence band top in the ferromagnetic phase of the mixed crystal; Jdd is estimated from the energy of a spin reversal. We explain the large exchange constant in the Co-based systems as a result of efficient hybridization of the d-states with the valence band.

  2. Chemical trend of exchange coupling in diluted magnetic II-VI semiconductors: Ab initio calculations (United States)

    Chanier, T.; Virot, F.; Hayn, R.


    We have calculated the chemical trend of magnetic exchange parameters ( Jdd , Nα , and Nβ ) of Zn-based II-VI semiconductors ZnA ( A=O , S, Se, and Te) doped with Co or Mn. We show that a proper treatment of electron correlations by the local spin-density approximation (LSDA)+U method leads to good agreement between experimental and theoretical values of the nearest-neighbor exchange coupling Jdd between localized 3d spins in contrast to the LSDA method. The exchange couplings between localized spins and doped electrons in the conduction band Nα are in good agreement with experiment as well. But the values for Nβ (coupling to doped holes in the valence band) indicate a crossover from weak coupling (for A=Te and Se) to strong coupling (for A=O ) and a localized hole state in ZnO:Mn. This hole localization explains the apparent discrepancy between photoemission and magneto-optical data for ZnO:Mn.

  3. Plädoyer für eine Re-Lektüre feministischer Texte vor der ‚Butlermania‘

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Maurer


    Full Text Available Eine wesentliche Botschaft der Textsammlung von Christiane Schmerl lautet, dass es eine mehr als unglückliche Verkürzung sei, feministischen Texten vor Judith Butlers Gender Trouble vorzuhalten, sie würden ‚Geschlecht‘ einfach nur ‚reifizieren‘. Damit – so eine Quintessenz – schneiden sich heutige Kritiken von ihrer eigenen Geschichte ab. Die Lektüre des Bandes von Christiane Schmerl zeigt, dass manche aktuellen Texte hinter ein bereits erreichtes Niveau feministischer Reflexion(smöglichkeiten oftmals zurückfallen.

  4. Tumultos de género: os efeitos de Gender trouble em Portugal


    de Oliveira, João Manuel


    A publicação da obra Gender trouble – feminism and the subversion of identity, por Judith Butler, constitui um tumulto nas teorias do género existentes e futuras. Este texto visa traçar o rastro dessa passagem no quadro dos estudos de género em Portugal, analisando a recepção da obra. Este artigo debruça-se também no rastro de Gender trouble na criação contemporânea, mostrando o encontro estranhamente familiar do coreógrafo Francisco Camacho com esse tumulto de género.

  5. Frameworks of Desire and Violence: the Arab as Other in J. Butler and J. Massad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo de Eugenio Pérez


    Full Text Available This paper stands as a contribution to the debate triggered by the problem of violence and sexuality (namely homosexuality within the representation of the Other or, in this case, the Arab as Other. We shall depart from Judith Butler’s statements about the notion of theoretical framework and its political, ethic and aesthetic implications. Afterwards, we will confront this viewpoint with the criticism of J. Massad against the alleged orientalism and ethnocentrism of LGTB activist movements from the perspective of a certain cultural specificity regarding sexuality in the Arab World, as well as to analyze the polemic arosed by Massad among different interlocutors.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marianna KAPLUN


    Full Text Available This article investigates the causes of the first Russian court theater in the 1670s at the court of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov The Quietest. The history of the first Russian theater is closely related to the formation of a new court culture in the late 17th century. The first plays of Russian theater "Ahasuerus action" and "Judith" was intended not only to a certain extent, "entertain" the Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich, but also reflect the court ceremonial and the strengthening of royal authority in a transitional time in Russian history. Rich pictorial series of the plays was the basis of ceremonial esthetics and its embodiment in the stage form.

  7. Social exclusion anxiety

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Søndergaard, Dorte Marie


    . The concepts I work with are the need for belonging, social exclusion anxiety and the production of contempt and dignity by both children and adults. I develop a new definition of bullying, drawing upon Judith Butler’s (1999) concept of ‘abjection’ as well as Karen Barad’s concept of ‘intra-acting forces......’ (Barad 2007). My definition in this chapter contributed to the shorter definition of bullying in the Introduction (see page XX), but it is more fully developed here in relation to the types of mechanisms and processes involved. Barad’s term ‘intra-action’ helps draw attention to the mutually...

  8. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mrs Judith Igo-Kemenes concerning the application of procedures foreseen by Administrative Circular N§ 26 (Rev. 3). As the appellant has not objected, the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 6 to 20 June 2003. Human Resources Division Tel. 74128

  9. Estado y desarrollo de la investigación : Perspectivas sobre el lenguaje butleriano


    Di Biase, Carla Lujan


    Antes de analizar de lleno la cuestión de la intertextualidad en Judith Butler me pareció pertinente repasar la crítica existente en torno a su uso particular del lenguaje, ya que es una de las principales barreras con las que me encuentro a la hora de analizar su teoría sobre el lenguaje, la intertextualidad y la citacionalidad. Voy a comentar brevemente algunas ideas de Martha Nussbaum en su conocido artículo Profesora de la parodia (2000), de Camille Paglia, feminista crítica literaria y s...

  10. Exposiciones: A propósito del arte abstracto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos J. Medellín


    Full Text Available En el momento más álgido de una polémica entre pintores y críticos acerca de los principio y orientaciones últimamente seguidos por lo artista nuevos del país, cinco de estos, Judith Márquez, Ramírez Villamizar, Cario Rojas, Robles y Armando Villegas, reunieron en la sala de exposiciones de la Biblioteca Luis-Angel Arango alguna de su última obra abstraccionistas, técnica y estilo en los cuales ellos son los pintores más definidos y calificado.

  11. It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Riis, Helle Bach


    . The analysis focuses on the design of the dialogue meeting, in particular, the way in which the project mixes the ambassadors in teams of so-called visible and invisible minorities. This is a key feature of the design and is thought to be essential in supporting the project’s message that national identities...... are constructions. The analysis draws on participant observations and interviews, and uses Judith Butler’s concepts of subjectification and performativity to uncover ambiguous incidents in the dialogue meetings and the citational practice during which, for example, the mix of visible and invisible ambassadors seems...

  12. Gênero, Identidade, Diferença

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida


    Full Text Available O ensaio discute o desenvolvimento histórico e a situação atual dos estudos de gênero, buscando demonstrar as mudanças operadas a partir das interlocuções entre críticas feministas como Simone de Beauvoir, Judith Butler, Gayatri Spivak e Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda. Em seguida, analisa textos jornalísticos e ficcionais que abordam essa temática, em especial a escrita de Margaret Atwood.

  13. How easily slaves are made : the presence of performativity in kindred by Octavia Butler


    Lohne, Mari Sørhus


    In this thesis Octavia Butler’s Kindred is analysed with the use of Judith Butler’s theory of performativity. As the protagonist is a black woman, Kindred is especially helpful in order to understand the racializing norms Butler mentions in Bodies That Matter. The thesis analyses the transformation in the female protagonist Dana’s performativity in three stages: before the first time she is called to antebellum Maryland, while she is there, and after her final return home to California. By an...

  14. Gender, Epistemology and Performativity: Pedagogical Strategies of Subversion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anselmo Peres Alós


    Full Text Available In this paper, the concept of gender is presented and discussed in its relations with the idea of performativity, according the reflexions made by Judith Butler. If gender is considered as an analytical tool in the field of pedagogical studies, we can discuss this concept giving attention to the ways in which gender is constructed by cultural pedagogies. This discussion intends to contribute to the discussion of naturalized ideas of gender and sexuality, underlining the importance of the performative process that constitutes gender, body and heterossexuality as cultural constructs marked by historicity.

  15. The State Decides Who You Can Be

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skewes, Lea; Herold, Maria


    In this article I aim to draw out how gender has been done and is currently being done in Denmark. I do this by applying Judith Butler ́s interpretation of sex/gender as interpolative speech acts and performances, which aim to congeal certain ontological grounds for interpretations of sex/gender....... In the case study of Vera, who is a Danish transgender woman, I explore how political agencies are expressed. The exploration of sites of expressed gender agencies in this article cover names, pronouns, Danish national law, as well as Human Rights Law....

  16. The Neglect of Injustice. Two Complementary Analyzes: J. Shklar and A. Arteta.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Grijalba Uche


    Full Text Available The twentieth century has imposed a series of concepts such as violence, coercion or injustice that have not been mitigated and that make us not illusions with politics. Judith Shklar's solution, like that of Aurelio Arteta, is a rule of law and an active and combative attitude towards injustice. Knowing injustice can reduce it by influencing governments. Arteta, in similarity with this thought, considers other possibilities besides executioner and victim, since the public evils require of many that they consent by their abstention, like spectators, an opinion in line with the thought of H. Arendt. Our conformism and indifference make us complicit.





    El trabajo está dividido en dos partes. La primera parte: "Heteronormativismo y cuidado de sí", tiene como objetivo un estudio de los fundamentos filosóficos que informarían el rechazo hacia la homosexualidad y el diseño de un posible camino de salida que nos permita aceptar la homosexualidad en términos éticos. El primer objetivo se estudia en la sección que lleva por título "Teoría queer", en la cual nos centramos en las obras de Judith Butler y Monique Wittig, como principales repres...

  18. Editorial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonja Wuhrmann


    Den Bericht über die beiden Tagungen zum Gedenken an Marie Langer hat Raimund Bahr verfasst. Es folgen Rezensionen der Bücher von Emilio Modena (Hg., Leidenschaften. Paul Parin zum 90 Geburtstag, Josi Rom, Identitätsgrenzen des Ichs – Einblicke in innere Welten schizophrenie- und borderlinekranker Menschen sowie Franziska Lang und Andreas Sidler (Hg., Psychodynamische Organisationsanalyse und Beratung. Einblicke in eine neue Disziplin. Den Abschluss bilden zwei Nachrufe. Im April dieses Jahres ist in Buenos Aires Amando Bauleo im Alter von 76 Jahren gestorben, und in Zürich ist am 22. Mai Judith Le Soldat ihrer schweren Krankheit erlegen. Berthold Rothschild und Thomas von Salis gedenken ihrer.

  19. Aspekty sociální reality v období červencové monarchie ve Francii (sociohistorická analýza reprezentací společnosti v diskursech intelektuálních elit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel Sitek


    Full Text Available This research into the issue of the July Monarchy (1830-1848 discusses the discourse of the intellectual elites using an almost unknown method – sociohistory. As the primary reliable source we have used a novel written by Eugène Sue, The Mysteries of Paris. Its credibility has been supported by the studies of the correspondence between the author and his readers by French historian Judith Lyon-Caen. This text continues her work, as well as presenting our own results. The text is divided into three parts: a description of sociohistory, the historical context and the social aspects of the first half of the 19th century.

  20. Using The Official Lamaze Guide in Childbirth Education Classes (United States)

    Hotelling, Barbara A.


    Normal birth has long been promoted by Lamaze International in its mission and vision statements and by the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth. The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence, a book by Judith Lothian and Charlotte DeVries, can be used by birth educators to alter the focus from learning what to expect when one fears the worst to empowering women to understand that birth is usually a healthy, normal process. In this column, the author suggests ways in which childbirth educators can use The Official Lamaze Guide in their classes. PMID:17541460

  1. Análisis de prácticas performativas y farmacopornográficas en los relatos autobiográficos de un sujeto/cuerpo en mutación


    Mancilla Ivaca, Nastassja


    Se analiza en el contexto de la sociedad heteronormativa chilena, desde los postulados de Judith Butler (2007) y Beatriz Preciado (2008), las prácticas performativas y farmacopornográficas en los relatos autobiográficos publicados a modo de diario de vida online de una mujer transexual. Se propone que, las prácticas analizadas son respuestas a procesos de subjetivación de un sujeto/cuerpo en mutación. The performative and pharmacopornographic practices in the autobiographical stories publi...

  2. ITER baffle module small-scale mock-ups: first wall thermo-mechanical testing results

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Severi, Y.; Giancarli, L.; Poitevin, Y.; Salavy, J.F.; Le Marois, G.; Roedig, M.; Vieider, G.


    The EU-home team is in charge of the R and D related to the ITER baffle first wall. Five small-scale mock-ups, using Be, CFC and W tiles and different armour/heat-sink material joints under development, have been fabricated and thermomechanically tested in FE200 (Le Creusot) and JUDITH (Juelich) electron beam facilities. The small-scale mock-ups have been submitted to thermo-mechanical fatigue tests (up to failure using accelerating techniques). The objective was to determine the performances of the armour material joints under high heat flux cycles. (orig.)

  3. Identidad sexual y performatividad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Córdoba García, David


    Full Text Available This text intends to approach the question of sexual identity as it has been defined in queer theory, and particularly in Judith Butler's work. The notion of performativity, closely related to a conception of the social as an open field of power relations where all identity is a contingent and precarious stabilization, leads to a politicization of identity that implies a second step further from its denaturalization. Identity is the place from which we can articulate a resistance politics, and its open and incomplete character is what allows its resignification.

  4. The Political Agency of Victims in Atrocity Tales by Bartolomé de las Casas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Simonsen, Karen-Margrethe


    de las Casas, who is very often regarded as a precursor of modern human rights. I will argue that this atrocity tale is split between ethical universalism and international politics and that the image of the ‘victims’, that is, the American Indians, shifts like in a puzzle picture. The victims...... are both helpless, universalized bodies that are slaughtered by the Spanish, and in this way expose what Judith Butler has called a ‘primary vulnerability’ (Butler ) and they are potential political agents: inhabitants of defined political communities in the New World who have the right to protest against...... publication of this book in 1598....

  5. El poder como genealogía de la identidad de género

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva María Lucumí Moreno


    Full Text Available El presente artículo comunica de los resultados del trabajo investigativo de las autoras para su maestría. El escrito hace una aproximación a los postulados sobre poder y sujeto en Michel Foucault y género, sexo y subjetividad en Judith Butler. Finalmente, los lectores encontrarán una propuesta de comprensión del proceso de subjetivación generizada desde la teoría de los dos autores post estructuralistas.

  6. Whose crazy investment in sex? (United States)

    Mandlis, Lane R


    By probing the processes of exclusion of transsexuals from the political sphere, this article offers contributions to social and political theory through an examination of the processes of exclusion from the category "human." This article considers how the erasure of investment in their own embodied sex constructs a platform from which to blame others for sex/gender variance, as well as to justify that blaming. Bringing together Giorgio Agamben, Georges Bataille, Judith Butler, and Nikolas Rose with transphobia, medicalization in psychiatry, law, and ethopolitics, this article questions whose investment in sexed embodiment counts and why that investment might be seen as "crazy."

  7. Berufskrankheiten, die Schaffung am Subjekt und politische Arbeit im Talkshow-Format

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruben Marc Hackler


    Full Text Available In ihrer Analyse der Sprecherpositionen, die subalternen Frauen in Indien zugestanden wird, formuliert Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak eine Kritik am fehlenden Verantwortungsbewusstsein westlicher Intellektueller. Zugleich entwickelt sie eine anspruchsvolle Vorgabe für die Untersuchung kolonialer Herrschaftspraktiken. Während die Forderung nach Verantwortung allerdings hinter dem eigenen Anspruch zurückbleibt, die institutionellen und historischen Bedingungen akademischer Arbeit zu berücksichtigen, birgt ihre Theorie des unterworfenen Subjektes ein großes Analysepotential. Das Gespräch zwischen Spivak und Judith Butler enttäuscht hingegen die Erwartungen an eine informierte politische Öffentlichkeit.

  8. Dokfilmiparaad Tallinnas / Maria Ulfsak-Šeripova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ulfsak-Šeripova, Maria, 1981-


    29.-31. jaanuaril näidatakse Tallinnas kinos Artis ja KUMUs 17 dokumentaalfilmi. See on üheksandat aastat Helsingis toimuva filmifestivali DocPoint esmakordne "väljasõit". Lähemalt neljast filmist: "Videokraatia" (rež. Erik Gandini, Rootsi 2009), "Ameerika kardetuim mees" (rež.-id Judith Erlich ja Rick Goldsmith, USA 2009), "44500 Max" (rež. Jari Kokko, USA 2009), "Teel kooli" (rež.-id Ösgür Dogan ja Orhan Eskiköy, Türgi 2008)

  9. El olvido de la injusticia. Dos análisis complementarios: J. Shklar y A. Arteta.


    Grijalba Uche, Miguel


    El siglo XX ha impuesto una serie de conceptos como violencia, coerción o injusticia que no se han mitigado y que nos hacen no ilusionarnos con la política. La solución de Judith Shklar, como la de Aurelio Arteta, es un Estado de derecho y una actitud activa y combativa ante la injusticia. Conociendo la injusticia podemos reducirla influyendo en los gobiernos. Arteta, en similaridad con este pensamiento, considera otros posibilidades además de verdugo y víctima, ya que los males públicos requ...

  10. Review: Hanna Meißner (2010. Jenseits des autonomen Subjekts. Zur gesellschaftlichen Konstitution von Handlungsfähigkeit [Beyond Human Autonomy. The Social Constitution of Agency Based on Butler, Foucault and Marx

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa Pfahl


    Full Text Available Based on the theories of Judith BUTLER, Michel FOUCAULT, and Karl MARX, Hanna MEIßNER analyzes the historical, legal and social conditions of the emergence of subjectivity. She establishes a critical understanding of human autonomy and the potential of practices of resistance in the context of existing conditions. Both MEIßNER's analytical structure and her precise argumentation are convincing. By highlighting the relationship of individual self-determination and collective welfare, this study provides helpful links to different theoretical approaches, particularly to the emerging disciplines of disability studies and diversity studies in Germany. URN:

  11. Book Reviews


    Christien Klaufus, Book Review Editor


    The Improbable Conquest: Sixteenth Century Letters from the Rio de la Plata, por Pablo García Loaeza y Victoria L. Garrett, 2015; reseñado por Judith Farberman Urban Space as Heritage in Late Colonial Cuba: Classicism and Dissonance on the Plaza de Armas of Havana: 1754-1828, by Paul Niell, 2015; reviewed by Joseph L. Scarpaci El Jefe Político. Un dominio negociando en el mundo rural del Estado de México. 1856-1911, por Romana Falcón, 2015; reseñado por Raymond Buve Miedo negro, poder blanco ...

  12. Metic's philia: a gender approach to the Antigones of the XXth century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Porciani


    Full Text Available This essay intends to investigate interpretations and rewritings of Sofocle’s Antigone in the second half of 20th Century from a gender perspective. In particular, it analyses four thematic features departing from Sofocle’s text and aims to a progressive inclusion of gender issues into a queer point of view: the unburied dead, the conflict between Antigone and Creon, women’s ‘philia’ on stage, Antigone as a ‘metoikos’ with fluid identity. It examines works of female authors and scholars such as Judith Butler, Martha Nussbaum, Grete Weil, and María Zambrano.

  13. Constructing maturity through alcohol experience - Focus group interviews with teenagers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Demant, Jakob Johan; Järvinen, Margaretha


    Danish 14- and 15-year-olds are at the top of the European list when it comes to drinking and drunkenness. The aim of this article is to demonstrate how the struggle for social recognition–with alcohol as the central marker–transpires in groups of teenagers in Denmark. This article shows how alco...... with Danish teenagers. This article represents a close reading of two of the interviews. Theoretically, the analysis is inspired by symbolic interactionism, Erwin Goffman's dramaturgical approach to social interaction and the post-structuralist reasoning of Judith Butler...

  14. Corporeidad, identidad y cultura digital : género y sexualidad en videojuegos= Corporeality, identity and digital culture: gender and sexuality in video games


    Belmonte Ávila, Juan Francisco


    Esta tesis doctoral aborda la reproducción de los discursos sobre la identidad sexual y de género en los videojuegos utilizando metodologías del campo de los Estudios Culturales (Stuart Hall, Henry Jenkins), de los estudios de género y crítica queer (Donna Haraway, Judith Butler, Sandy Stone), y del ámbito de los Game Studies (Espen Aarseth, Ian Bogost, Wendy Chun, Jesper Juul y Gonzalo Frasca). El estudio analiza tanto los elementos representacionales que intervienen en la configuración de l...

  15. Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) members, United Kingdom, visiting the ATLAS semiconductor tracker (SCT) module tests.

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: Mr Peter Warry, PPARC Chairman, Victrex Plc, United Kingdom visiting the ATLAS SCT module tests with Dr Joleen Pater, SCT (Manchester). Photo 02: PPARC Council Members, United Kingdom, visiting the ATLAS SCT module tests. L.t to r.: Mrs Judith Scott, Chief Executive, British Computer Society, Prof. George Efstathiou, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Mr Peter Warry, PPARC Chairman, Victrex Plc, Prof. Martin Ward, Director X-Ray Astronomy, of Leicester, Prof. James Stirling, Director, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham and Prof. Brian Foster, University of Bristol.

  16. Geology and hydrology of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana (United States)

    Alverson, Douglas C.


    The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation includes an area of 970 square miles in north-central Montana. At its north edge is the Milk River valley, which is underlain by Recent alluvium of the Milk River, glacial deposits, and alluvial deposits of the preglacial Missouri River, which carved and occupied this valley before the Pleistocene Epoch. Rising gently to the south is an undulating glaciated plain broken only by three small syenite porphyry intrusions. Underlying the glacial till of the plain are Upper Cretaceous shale and sandstone of the Bearpaw and Judith River Formations. At the south end of the reservation, 40 miles from the Milk River, an intrusion of syenite porphyry in Tertiary time uplifted, tilted, and exposed the succession of sedimentary rocks overlying the Precambrian metamorphic basement. The sedimentary rocks include 1,000 feet of sandstone and shale of Cambrian age; 2,000 feet of limestone and dolomite of Ordovician, Devonian, and Mississippian age; 400 feet of shale and limestone of Jurassic age; and 3,500 feet of sandstone, siltstone, and shale of Cretaceous age. Extensive gravel terraces of Tertiary and Quaternary age bevel the upturned bedrock formations exposed around the Little Rocky Mountains. Ground water under water-table conditions is obtained at present from alluvium, glaciofluvial deposits, and the Judith River Formation. The water table ranges in depth from a few feet beneath the surface in the Milk River valley alluvium to more than 100 feet deep in the Judith River Formation. Yields to wells are generally low but adequate for domestic and stock-watering use. Quality of the water ranges from highly mineralized and unusable to excellent; many wells in the Milk River valley have been abandoned because of the alkalinity of their water. Potential sources of additional ground-water supplies are the alluvial gravel of creeks issuing from the Little Rocky Mountains and some extensive areas of terrace gravel. The uplift and tilting of the

  17. Ground water input to coastal salt ponds of southern Rhode Island estimated using 226Ra as a tracer. (United States)

    Scott, M K; Moran, S B


    The naturally occurring radionuclide 226Ra (t1/2 = 1600 years) was used as a tracer to determine ground water input to Point Judith, Potter, Green Hill and Ninigret ponds in southern Rhode Island. Measurements of 226Ra activity were made in samples collected from salt ponds, pore waters, sediments, and local ground water wells during June-August, 1997. These results were combined with a simple box model to derive ground water input fluxes of 0.1-0.3 cm3 cm-2 d-1 (2-5 x 10(7) L d-1), which are comparable to previous estimates of ground water input to these ponds.

  18. The Algebra Teacher's Guide to Reteaching Essential Concepts and Skills 150 Mini-Lessons for Correcting Common Mistakes

    CERN Document Server

    Muschla, Judith A; Muschla, Erin


    Easy to apply lessons for reteaching difficult algebra concepts Many students have trouble grasping algebra. In this book, bestselling authors Judith, Gary, and Erin Muschla offer help for math teachers who must instruct their students (even those who are struggling) about the complexities of algebra. In simple terms, the authors outline 150 classroom-tested lessons, focused on those concepts often most difficult to understand, in terms that are designed to help all students unravel the mysteries of algebra. Also included are reproducible worksheets that will assist teachers in reviewing and r

  19. Defense Science Board (DSB) Summer Study Report on Strategic Surprise (United States)


    modeling  and  simulation capabilities and test facilities.  Recommendation 15  Leveraging the Internet of Things  Department of Defense should create a...Manferdelli      Intel  Dr. Joseph  Markowitz       Private Consultant  Dr. Mark Maybury      MITRE  Hon. James Miller      Private Consultant  Hon. Judith

  20. Hjælp til selvcensur

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    du Plessis, Erik Mygind


    This paper seeks to explain silence in the workplace through an analytical perspective derived from Judith Butlers work on censorship, and in this way suggest an alternative to explanations in the existing literature on employee silence, which are often tied to the actions and motivations...... by Rhonda Byrne and The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. Theoretically, the paper applies Butlers notion of ”implicit censorship” where censorship is understood as productive in the sense of being constitutive of language. Hence, in the analysis it is shown how discursive regimes...

  1. The SWEET SPOTS study: a real-world interpretation of the 2012 American Diabetes Association Position Statement regarding individualized A1C targets


    Bieszk, Nella; Grabner, Michael; Wei, Wenhui; Bonine, Nicole G; Stephenson, Judith J


    Nella Bieszk,1 Michael Grabner,2 Wenhui Wei,1 Nicole G Bonine,2 Judith J Stephenson,2 1Sanofi US, Inc., Bridgewater, NJ, 2HealthCore, Inc., Wilmington, DE, USA Objective: To evaluate awareness of the 2012 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Position Statement among physicians and assess its effects on patient-centered glycated hemoglobin (A1C) goals in the management of type 2 diabetes (T2D). Research design and methods: The Summarizing Real-World Individualized TrEatmEnT GoalS and Potential ...

  2. Desinfección de aguas, utilizando un agente oxidante y su combinación con UV. Estudio cinético


    Flores, Marina Judith


    Fil: Flores, Marina Judith. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Facultad de Ingeniería Química; Argentina. El acceso al agua potable es primordial para la salud, uno de los derechos humanos básicos y un componente de las políticas eficaces de protección de la salud. En esta Tesis de Doctorado se aborda uno de los aspectos vacantes como es la determinación de la cinética de la inactivación para un contaminante microbiológico modelo (Escherichia coli) en aguas claras con desinfectantes alterna...

  3. Machiavelli and the liberalism of fear. (United States)

    Osborne, Thomas


    This article revisits the long-standing question of the relations between ethics and politics in Machiavelli's work, assessing its relevance to the 'liberalism of fear' in particular in the work of Judith Shklar, Bernard Williams and also John Dunn. The article considers ways in which Machiavelli has been a 'negative' resource for liberalism - for instance, as a presumed proponent of tyranny; but also ways in which even for the liberalism of fear he might be considered a 'positive' resource, above all around the issues of political necessity and prudential judgement.

  4. Machiavelli and the liberalism of fear


    Osborne, Thomas


    This article revisits the long-standing question of the relations between ethics and politics in Machiavelli’s work, assessing its relevance to the ‘liberalism of fear’ in particular in the work of Judith Shklar, Bernard Williams and also John Dunn. The article considers ways in which Machiavelli has been a ‘negative’ resource for liberalism – for instance, as a presumed proponent of tyranny; but also ways in which even for the liberalism of fear he might be considered a ‘positive’ resource, ...

  5. Doing Diversity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Just, Sine Nørholm; Christiansen, Tanja Juul


    Questions of agency in text–audience relations are less studied than other aspects of rhetorical agency. We suggest conceptualizing and analyzing the relationship between texts and audiences from the perspective of performativity, as it has been developed by Judith Butler. Thus, we argue that texts...... invite audiences to take up subject positions, understood as combinations of identity and agency. Danish diversity management rhetoric functions as an illustrative example; in analyzing this type of rhetoric we show how subjects are called into restrained positions of similarity/difference and thereby...

  6. Superexchange and spin-glass formation in semimagnetic semiconductors (United States)

    Rusin, Tomasz M.


    The Mn-Mn superexchange interaction in semimagnetic semiconductors A1-xMnxB (where A=Zn, Cd and B=S, Se, Te) is studied within the three-level model of the band structure. We focus on the dependence of the interaction on the interion distance Jdd(r)=J0f(r). In the present work, the function f(r) is obtained analytically. This, only weakly material-dependent function is found to decrease with Mn-Mn distance much slower than its Gaussian approximation derived previously. The exact form of the decay of the superexchange can be approximated by a power law J0r-8.5. This is close to an experimental result, J0r-6.8, determined on the basis of the spin-glass transition temperature on the composition.

  7. Two band model for the cuprates (United States)

    Liu, Shiu; White, Steven


    We use a numerical canonical transformation approach to derive an effective two-band model for the hole-doped cuprates, which keeps both oxygen and copper orbitals but removes double occupancy from each. A similar model was considered previously by Frenkel, Gooding, Shraiman, and Siggia (PRB 41, number 1, page 350). We compare the numerically derived model with previously obtained analytical results. In addition to the usual hopping terms between oxygens tpp and Cu-Cu exchange terms Jdd, the model also includes a strong copper-oxygen exchange interaction Jpd and a Kondo-like spin-flip oxygen-oxygen hopping term Kpdp. We use the density matrix renormalization group to study the charge, spin, and pairing properties of the derived model on ladder systems.

  8. Estimation of πd-Interactions in Organic Conductors Including Magnetic Anions (United States)

    Mori, Takehiko; Katsuhara, Mao


    Magnetic interactions in organic conductors including magnetic anions, such as λ-(BETS)2FeCl4 and κ-(BETS)2FeX4 [X = Cl and Br], are estimated from intermolecular overlap integrals; the overlaps between anions afford Jdd, and those between anions and donors give Jπ d. From this, the most stable spin alignments are decided, and such quantities as the Néel and Weiss temperatures, as well as the magnitude of spin polarization on the π-molecules are evaluated on the basis of the mean-field theory of πd-systems. The calculation is extended to several other πd-conductors, which are classified depending on the relative magnitudes of the direct dd- and indirect πd-interactions.

  9. Thermodynamic properties of antiferromagnetic ordered states of π -d interacting systems of κ -(BETS) 2Fe X4(X =Br ,Cl ) (United States)

    Fukuoka, Shuhei; Yamashita, Satoshi; Nakazawa, Yasuhiro; Yamamoto, Takashi; Fujiwara, Hideki; Shirahata, Takashi; Takahashi, Kazuko


    The results are presented for systematic heat capacity measurements of π-d interacting systems of κ -(BETS) 2Fe Br4 and κ -(BETS) 2FeC l4 [BETS = bis(ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene] performed under in-plane magnetic fields. We observed sharp thermal anomalies at 2.47 K for κ -(BETS) 2FeB r4 and at 0.47 K for κ -(BETS) 2FeC l4 at 0 T that are associated with antiferromagnetic transitions of the 3 d electrons in the anion layers. From analyses of the magnetic heat capacity data, we indicate that the two compounds show unconventional thermodynamic behaviors inherent in the π-d interacting layered system. In the case of κ -(BETS) 2FeB r4 , a small hump structure was observed in the magnetic heat capacity below the transition temperature when a magnetic field was applied parallel to the a axis. In the case of κ -(BETS) 2FeC l4 , a similar hump structure was observed at 0 T that remained in the data with magnetic fields applied parallel to the a axis. We demonstrate that the temperature dependencies of the magnetic heat capacities scale well by normalizing the temperatures with dominant one-dimensional direct interactions (Jdd/kB) of each compound. The field dependencies of the transition temperatures and the hump structures are elucidated in one simple magnetic field vs temperature (H -T ) phase diagram. These results indicate that the thermodynamic features of both κ-type BETS salts are essentially equivalent, and the observed hump structures are derived from the one-dimensional Jdd interaction characters, which are still influential for magnetic features even in the long-range magnetic ordered states.

  10. First-principles calculations of the magnetic properties of (Cd,Mn)Te nanocrystals (United States)

    Echeverría-Arrondo, C.; Pérez-Conde, J.; Ayuela, A.


    We investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of Mn-doped CdTe nanocrystals (NCs) with ˜2nm in diameter which can be experimentally synthesized with Mn atoms inside. Using the density-functional theory, we consider two doping cases: NCs containing one or two Mn impurities. Although the Mnd peaks carry five up electrons in the dot, the local magnetic moment on the Mn site is 4.65μB . It is smaller than 5μB because of the sp-d hybridization between the localized 3d electrons of the Mn atoms and the s - and p -type valence states of the host compound. The sp-d hybridization induces small magnetic moments on the Mn-nearest-neighbor Te sites, antiparallel to the Mn moment affecting the p -type valence states of the undoped dot, as usual for a kinetic-mediated exchange magnetic coupling. Furthermore, we calculate the parameters standing for the sp-d exchange interactions. Conduction N0α and valence N0β are close to the experimental bulk values when the Mn impurities occupy bulklike NCs’ central positions, and they tend to zero close to the surface. This behavior is further explained by an analysis of valence-band-edge states showing that symmetry breaking splits the states and in consequence reduces the exchange. For two Mn atoms in several positions, the valence edge states show a further departure from an interpretation based in a perturbative treatment. We also calculate the d-d exchange interactions |Jdd| between Mn spins. The largest |Jdd| value is also for Mn atoms on bulklike central sites; in comparison with the experimental d-d exchange constant in bulk Cd0.95Mn0.05Te , it is four times smaller.

  11. Infinite-range Heisenberg model and high-temperature superconductivity (United States)

    Tahir-Kheli, Jamil; Goddard, William A., III


    A strongly coupled variational wave function, the doublet spin-projected Néel state (DSPN), is proposed for oxygen holes in three-band models of high-temperature superconductors. This wave function has the three-spin system of the oxygen hole plus the two neighboring copper atoms coupled in a spin-1/2 doublet. The copper spins in the neighborhood of a hole are in an eigenstate of the infinite-range Heisenberg antiferromagnet (SPN state). The doublet three-spin magnetic polaron or hopping polaron (HP) is stabilized by the hopping terms tσ and tτ, rather than by the copper-oxygen antiferromagnetic coupling Jpd. Although, the HP has a large projection onto the Emery (Dg) polaron, a non-negligible amount of doublet-u (Du) character is required for optimal hopping stabilization. This is due to Jdd, the copper-copper antiferromagnetic coupling. For the copper spins near an oxygen hole, the copper-copper antiferromagnetic coupling can be considered to be almost infinite ranged, since the copper-spin-correlation length in the superconducting phase (0.06-0.25 holes per in-plane copper) is approximately equal to the mean separation of the holes (between 2 and 4 lattice spacings). The general DSPN wave function is constructed for the motion of a single quasiparticle in an antiferromagnetic background. The SPN state allows simple calculations of various couplings of the oxygen hole with the copper spins. The energy minimum is found at symmetry (π/2,π/2) and the bandwidth scales with Jdd. These results are in agreement with exact computations on a lattice. The coupling of the quasiparticles leads to an attraction of holes and its magnitude is estimated.

  12. Homosexuals, dykes and queers: political positions in the lesbian and gay movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coll-Planas, Gerard


    Full Text Available (English In this article I aim to explore conflicts among the variety of political projects in the lesbian and gay movement.I base the article on Alberto Mira’s (2004 proposed models for the expression of homosexuality: decadentist, homophile and camp. I discuss the main theoretical and political debates that arise from these models. Firstly, I ask whether life on the margins of mainstream social rules allows gays and lesbians to live a freer existence or merely means internalised homophobia (using Jean Genet’s and Michel Foucault’s approaches as examples. Secondly, I question whether the demand for “normality” entails the creation of new exclusions (following Judith Butler’s approach to normality: Finally, I consider whether camp culture reproduces and/or subverts gender rules (introducing a discussion between Sheila Jeffreys and Judith Butler’s positions. On the basis of this exploration of Mira's three cultural models, I develop a typology of political positions ('normalization of homosexuality', 'transformation' and 'queer', which I apply to the case study of the Catalan lesbian and gay movement.

  13. Homosexuals, dykes and queers: political positions in the lesbian and gay movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerard Coll-Planas


    Full Text Available In this article I aim to explore conflicts among the variety of political projects in the lesbian and gay movement.I base the article on Alberto Mira’s (2004 proposed models for the expression of homosexuality: decadentist, homophile and camp. I discuss the main theoretical and political debates that arise from these models. Firstly, I ask whether life on the margins of mainstream social rules allows gays and lesbians to live a freer existence or merely means internalised homophobia (using Jean Genet’s and Michel Foucault’s approaches as examples. Secondly, I question whether the demand for “normality” entails the creation of new exclusions (following Judith Butler’s approach to normality: Finally, I consider whether camp culture reproduces and/or subverts gender rules (introducing a discussion between Sheila Jeffreys and Judith Butler’s positions. On the basis of this exploration of Mira's three cultural models, I develop a typology of political positions ('normalization of homosexuality', 'transformation' and 'queer', which I apply to the case study of the Catalan lesbian and gay movement.

  14. Aaron Temkin Beck (born July 18, 1921- Biography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Fatih Yavuz


    Full Text Available he American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007. Beck is noted for his research in psychotherapy, psychopathology, suicide, and psychometrics, which led to his creation of cognitive therapy, for which he received the 2006 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI, one of the most widely used instruments for measuring depression severity. Beck is also known for his creation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale and the Beck Anxiety Inventory, and has founded the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, works. He is married with four children, Roy, Judy, Dan, and Alice. He has eight grandchildren.the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007. Beck is noted for his research in psychotherapy, psychopathology, suicide, and psychometrics, which led to his creation of cognitive therapy, for which he received the 2006 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI, one of the most widely used instruments for measuring depression severity. Beck is also known for his creation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale and the Beck Anxiety Inventory, and has founded the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, works. He is married with four children, Roy, Judy, Dan, and Alice. He has eight grandchildren.

  15. Komunitas Fujoshi Di Kalangan Perempuan Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Putri Andam Dewi


    Full Text Available This article discusses fan community of the Boys Love (BL manga among young women in Indonesia. BL manga tells a romance between fellow men. BL manga is a sub genre of shojo manga, the manga for girls and women readers in Japan. BL manga belongs to the genre for female readers because the comic artist is a woman. Both in Japan and outside Japan, the development of BL manga receives much attention from many researchers and observers of Japanese study. Using cultural-study perspective, they examine the phenomenon of BL manga and fujoshi community formed by BL fandom. This study discusses the formation of BL manga fandom community by linking the construction of gender identity using a cultural-study perspective and gender performativity concept by Judith Butler. By using Judith Butler's concept of gender performativity we can see why and how the Indonesian female teens construct their gender identity through fandom of BL manga.

  16. Martina Oster, Waltraud Ernst, Marion Gerards (Hg.: Performativität und Performance. Hamburg u.a.: LIT Verlag 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isa Wortelkamp


    Full Text Available Der Band versammelt Perspektiven unterschiedlicher wissenschaftlicher Disziplinen zur performativen Herstellung von Geschlecht in den Bereichen von Musik, Theater und Medienkultur. Ausgangspunkt und Verbindungsglied der Beiträge ist Judith Butlers Konzept zur Performativität von Geschlecht, das in seiner Relevanz für musikwissenschaftliche Frauen- und Genderforschung diskutiert wird. Im Zentrum steht die Reflexion der musikalischen Aufführung als Aufführung performativer Akte zur Konstruktion von Geschlechteridentitäten. Über die musikwissenschaftliche Perspektive hinaus liefern die verschiedenen Studien anregende und weitreichende Impulse zur Betrachtung künstlerischer Ausdrucksformen im Prozess der soziokulturellen Konstruktion von Geschlecht und Sexualität.The volume collects different disciplinary perspectives on the performative production of gender in the areas of music, theater, and media culture. The point of departure and nexus of the contributions is Judith Butler’s concept of the performativity of gender, which is discussed in its relevance for women���s and gender research in musicology. Central is the reflection on the musical performance as a performative act for the construction of gender identities. Over and beyond the perspective of musicology, the different studies provide stimulating and broad-reaching impulses for the consideration of artistic forms of expression in the process of the sociocultural construction of gender and sexuality.

  17. Weiblicher Homunculus und Medialisierung des Körpers The Female Homunculus and the Medialisation of the Body

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natascha Ueckmann


    Full Text Available Astrid Deuber-Mankowskys Studie bietet spannende Einblicke in Fragestellungen der Medien- und Cybertheorien sowie in die aktuelle Forschung der Gender Studies. Sie bedient sich des Phänomens Lara Croft, um an ihm gegenwärtige Theorien (Judith Butler, Teresa de Lauretis, Marshall McLuhan, Slavoj Žižek, Jacques Lacan zu diskutieren und auf ihre Anwendbarkeit zu erproben. Das besondere Anliegen des vorliegenden Essays ist es, neue Kommunikationsverhältnisse der postmodernen Gesellschaft aufzuzeigen, die traditionelle Geschlechterverhältnisse reproduzieren.Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky’s study of Lara Croft offers exciting insights into problems in media theory and cyber theory, as well as current research in gender studies. Deuber-Mankowsky uses the phenomenon of Lara Croft to discuss and put to the test theories by Judith Butler, Teresa de Lauretis, Marshall McLuhan, Slavoj Žižek, and Jacques Lacan. Deuber-Mankowsky focuses on analysing how new conditions of communication may reproduce traditional gender relations.

  18. La fábrica de la empatía. Del determinismo genético al origen social de la moral

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hernández Castro, David


    Full Text Available Preston and De Waal have adopted a theoretical idea known as the “Perception-Action Model” (PAM, which suggests that empathy and morality have genetic and evolutionary roots. In this paper, the author proposes a critical reading of PAM and an alternative interpretation, “the empathy factory”, which reconsiders the “Perception-Action Hypothesis” and the discovery of mirror neurons in the light of Judith Butler’s concept of performativity and the social construction of emotions. The conclusion is that the origin of the moral impulse does not lie in genetic determinism but in social relationships, language and affective communication.Preston y De Waal han adoptado una idea teórica, el Mecanismo de Percepción-Acción (MPA, que sugiere que la empatía y la moral tienen raíces genéticas y evolutivas. En este artículo analizamos críticamente el MPA y proponemos una interpretación alternativa, la fábrica de la empatía, que reconsidera la “Hipótesis de la Percepción-Acción” y el descubrimiento de las neuronas espejo bajo la luz del concepto de performatividad de Judith Butler y la construcción social de las emociones. Frente al determinismo genético, nuestra investigación apunta a las relaciones sociales y el lenguaje.

  19. Giuditta versus Oloferne. Un percorso didattico sull’oratorio musicale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Rosa De Luca


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on La Giuditta, an oratorio in vernacular composed by Alessandro Scarlatti on a libretto by Antonio Ottoboni. Based on a Bible’s deuterocanonical book, the story of the successful deeds of Judith, a beautiful Hebrew who decides to face the terrible Holofernes in order to save Israel, inspired poetic and music-dramatic features of lots of oratorios. Due to her high exemplary virtues, she is frequently represented in figurative arts, as well as in literature, where biblical memory meets poetic invention. So far, this subject gives the opportunity to structure a didactic project, relying music, considered as a point of departure, with historical, artistic and literary disciplines. Two sessions of didactics of listening based respectively on the duet Judith-Nurse, “Deh, rifletti al gran cimento”, and Holofernes’ aria “Togliti da quest’occhi”, in order to introduce the three main characters of Scarlatti’s oratorio and to illustrate two important moments of the plot.

  20. Gênero, epistemologia e performatividade: estratégias pedagógicas de subversão Gender, epistemology and performativity: pedagogical strategies of subversion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anselmo Peres Alós


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, o conceito de gênero é apresentado e discutido em suas relações com a noção de performatividade, advinda da filosofia da linguagem, na esteira das reflexões de Judith Butler. Se o gênero for considerado como uma ferramenta analítica no campo dos estudos pedagógicos, é possível discutir o conceito dando atenção às maneiras pelas quais o gênero é construído pelas pedagogias culturais. Esta discussão pretende problematizar ideias naturalizadas com relação ao gênero e à sexualidade, sublinhando a importância dos processos performativos que constituem gênero, corpo e heterossexualidade como constructos culturais marcados pela historicidade.In this paper, the concept of gender is presented and discussed in its relations with the idea of performativity, according the reflexions made by Judith Butler. If gender is considered as an analytical tool in the field of pedagogical studies, we can discuss this concept giving attention to the ways in which gender is constructed by cultural pedagogies. This discussion intends to contribute to the discussion of naturalized ideas of gender and sexuality, underlining the importance of the performative process that constitutes gender, body and heterossexuality as cultural constructs marked by historicity.

  1. “Womanspace”, Geobodies and Borderlands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Biljana Kašić


    Full Text Available It is time to radically rethink the question of the political – is how contemporary theorist Enrique Dussel explained the motive to write his Twenty (20 Theses on Politics [20 Tesis de política], almost six years ago. In one of his theses he stated that the radical transmutation of the political system is actually a “response to new interventions by the oppressed and excluded” (Dussel 112, or in other words, that it relies on other spaces and impulses of the political, namely on those which are dedicated to engaging in critical, that is, liberating actions. A year ago, in a joint public conversation between two leading feminist theorists – Judith Butler and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak – organized by the Centre for Postcolonial Theory in Frankfurt in May 2011 and devoted to critique today, the main meaning of critique was expressed neither as a method nor as a theoretical position, rather as its potency to explore “how it may be possible to think”; namely, the way “in which we pose the question of the limits of our most sure ways of knowing, doing and thinking” (Judith Butler & Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 2011 is what constitutes a sense of critique, what makes it workable.

  2. ITER-W monoblocks under high pulse number transient heat loads at high temperature

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Loewenhoff, Th.; Linke, J.; Pintsuk, G.; Pitts, R.A.; Riccardi, B.


    In the context of using a full-tungsten (W) divertor for ITER, thermal shock resistance has become even more important as an issue that may potentially influence the long term performance. To address this issue a unique series of experiments has been performed on ITER-W monoblock mock ups in three EU high heat flux facilities: GLADIS (neutral beam), JUDITH 2 (electron beam) and Magnum-PSI (plasma beam). This paper discusses the JUDITH 2 experiments. Two different base temperatures, 1200 °C and 1500 °C, were chosen superimposed by ∼18,000/100,000 transient events (Δt = 0.48 ms) of 0.2 and 0.6 GW/m 2 . Results showed a stronger surface deterioration at higher base temperature, quantified by an increase in roughening. This is intensified if the same test is done after preloading (exposure to high temperature without transients), especially at higher base temperature when the material recrystallizes

  3. Grease Cowboy Fever; or, the making of Johnny T. (United States)

    Bradford, K


    Through a mix of theory, memoir and performance narrative, this chapter examines the making of drag persona Johnny T. as part of a king movement where the dominant cultural paradigm of gender is reconsidered and remastered. As seen in Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy, pop culture icon John Travolta's particular blend of 50s greaser, faggy 70s disco, and 80s country masculinities are shown to be prime drag king conditions, particularly for a dyke who came of age during the 70s Travolta fever. While drawing from personal experience as a king, current trends in the king movement, and gender theory, this essay calls into question the lines between performing masculinity on and off the stage, inviting us to see both the work and play, the parody and realness, the struggle and liberation that make up the transgressive world of drag kinging and gender variance. Drawing upon gender theorists Judith Butler and Judith Halberstam, gender is exposed as a social construction both produced and performed, and as such, drag kinging is framed as an arena where gender is reconfigured.

  4. O que as teorias do reconhecimento têm a dizer sobre as manifestações de rua em 2013 no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Celi Regina Jardim Pinto

    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo tem como objetivo discutir as teorias do reconhecimento como instrumental para a análise das manifestações de rua ocorridas no Brasil em junho de 2013. Examina três autores: Nancy Fraser, Axel Honneth e Judith Butler, descrevendo os pontos centrais da teoria do reconhecimento de cada um deles, para assim apontar as possibilidades e os limites de sua aplicação no estudo em pauta. A hipótese que norteia o artigo é a seguinte: nas manifestações de rua de 2013, a ausência de sujeitos coletivos organizados caracterizou uma condição de dispersão e fragmentação, resultando em uma demanda por reconhecimento antipolítica e individualizada. Tendo em vista esse cenário, chegou-se à conclusão de que as teses de Judith Butler sobre reconhecimento foram as que se mostraram mais apropriadas à análise dos eventos.

  5. Hanna Meißner: Jenseits des autonomen Subjekts. Zur gesellschaftlichen Konstitution von Handlungsfähigkeit im Anschluss an Butler, Foucault und Marx. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2010.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefan Schoppengerd


    Full Text Available Die Autorin nimmt feministische und postkoloniale Problematisierungen des Subjektbegriffes auf. Diese implizieren eine grundsätzliche Infragestellung subjektiver, kritischer Handlungsfähigkeit. Um die Vorstellung einer solchen nicht gänzlich verwerfen zu müssen, rekonstruiert sie drei theoretische Perspektiven (Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, Karl Marx mit unterschiedlichen Reichweiten und Gegenständen, die aber gemein haben, subjektive Handlungsfähigkeit gerade als Effekt widersprüchlicher Strukturen zu konzeptionalisieren. Dabei fokussiert sie nicht die – durchaus vorhandenen – Widersprüche zwischen den Ansätzen, sondern stellt sie in Form einer Synopse nebeneinander.The author incorporates feminist and postcolonial problematizations of the subject concept. These imply a fundamental questioning of subjective, critical agency. In order to prevent having to completely reject this concept, she reconstructs three theoretical perspectives (Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, Karl Marx with varying range and focus, which nevertheless indeed share the conceptualization of subjective agency as an effect of contradictory structures. In doing so, she does not focus on the – certainly existing – contradictions between the approaches, but compares them in the form of a synopsis.

  6. Westliche und muslimische Geschlechter? Western and Muslim Genders?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanislawa Paulus


    Full Text Available Mihçiyazgan geht der Frage nach wie Differenzen in männlichen und weiblichen Subjektkonstutionen im Westen und im Islam empirisch erfasst werden können. Hierbei verfolgt sie eine antiessentialitische Perspektive, in der sie sich zentral auf Judith Butler und Michel Foucault bezieht. Über beide hinausgehend entwickelt sie ein Modell pluraler Diskurse, mit dessen Hilfe kulturelle bedingte Geschlechterkonstruktionen verstehbar werden. Anhand einer Untersuchung von Interviews, in der sie interaktionsanalytische und diskursanalytische Herangehensweisen verbindet, macht sie unterschiedliche Zonen des Sagbaren und Unsagbaren in westlichen und muslimischen Geschlechterdiskursen sichtbar.Mihçiyazgan approaches the question as to how differences in the constitution of the subject in men and women in the west and in Islam can be empirically measured. She takes an anti-essentialist perspective, referring primarily to Judith Butler and Michel Foucault. Going beyond both, however, she develops a model of plural discourses with which gender constructions that are contingent on culture can be understood. On the basis of interviews, in which she connects her approaches through an interactional and discursive analysis, she makes visible different zones of the speakable and the unspeakable in western and Muslim gender discourses. She points to partially discursive incongruities, referring in particular to Muslim men in marginalized positions. The model presented offers a contribution to understanding discourse analysis as an empirical method. It needs to be made more dynamic, however, in order to avoid cultural codification.

  7. La mutabilidad de los lazos de parentesco. Revisión del Complejo de Edipo y el tabú del incesto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Santiago Peidro


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este escrito es revisar los modos de parentesco tradicionales que se desprenden del complejo de Edipo y del tabú del incesto sostenidos desde el psicoanálisis freudiano como condiciones normativas de la cultura. La hipótesis aquí sostenida es que las relaciones de parentesco son variables y se actualizan conforme a los cambios sociales. De este modo, la intención de esta revisión, es entrecruzar las ideas de Judith Butler con el psicoanálisis lacaniano a fin de preguntarnos si los modos de parentesco ratificados desde el psicoanálisis son a su vez los que presuponen al sujeto en la heterosexualidad normativa, y si acaso este procedimiento es la condición para una vida simbólica o culturalmente inteligible. // The aim of this revision is to look through the traditional ways of kinship that come off from the Oedipus complex and the incest's taboo, sustained as normative conditions of Culture from the Freudian psychoanalysis point of view. The hypothesis that I propose is that kinships are variable and are based on social practices. Therefore, the intention here is to interwine Judith Butler's and Lacanian psychoanalysis´ approaches to wonder if the ways of kinship ratified by the psychoanalysis are also the ones that presuppose a subject in a normative heterosexuality and if this procedure is the condition for a symbolic or culturally intelligible life.

  8. Urban informality as a signifier: Performing urban reordering in suburban Rio de Janeiro. (United States)

    Müller, Frank I


    Urban informality is typically ascribed to the urban poor in cities of the Global South. Drawing on Judith Butler's concept of performativity and taking the case of Rio de Janeiro in the context of the 2016 Olympic Games, this article conceptualizes informality as a signifier and a procedural, relational category. Specifically, it shows how different class actors have employed the signifier informality (1) to legitimize the confinement of marginalized populations; (2) to justify the organized efforts of the upper middle class to protect their 'self-enclosed' gated communities; and (3) to warrant the formation of opposition and alliances between inhabitants, activists, and researchers on the edges of the urban order. This article offers new perspectives to better understand the relationship between informality and confinement by examining the active role that inhabitants of marginalized settlements assume in the Olympic City.

  9. Sexing Berlin? (United States)

    Dahlke, Birgit


    Berlin has always been a literary space of extremely diverse political and cultural projections. This essay investigates why after the unification of East and West Berlin the city has been imagined as a play zone of sexual self-fulfilment by authors such as Inka Parei, Tanja Dückers, Kathrin Röggla, Judith Hermann and Julia Franck. Have such erotic adventures replaced political vision in our post-utopian decade? What is the purpose of the laboured allegorisation of the fall of the wall in Durs Grünbein's essays or in the novels of Katja Lange-Müller and Thomas Hettche? The sexification of historical and political processes recalls similar stereotypes in the East German literature of the 1980s: the metropolis as a whore in works by Heiner Müller or Wolf Biermann, but also by younger authors of the independent literary scene in Berlin like Uwe Kolbe or Frank-Wolf Matthies.

  10. Stranger than fiction: Fan identity in cosplay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolle Lamerichs


    Full Text Available Academic accounts of fan cultures usually focus on creative practices such as fan fiction, fan videos, and fan art. Through these practices, fans, as an active audience, closely interpret existing texts and rework them with texts of their own. A practice scarcely examined is cosplay ("costume play", in which fans produce their own costumes inspired by fictional characters. Cosplay is a form of appropriation that transforms and actualizes an existing story in close connection to the fan community and the fan's own identity. I provide analytical insights into this fan practice, focusing on how it influences the subject. Cosplay is understood as a performative activity and analyzed through Judith Butler's concept of performativity. I specifically focus on boundaries between the body and dress, and on those between reality and fiction. I aim to show that cosplay emphasizes the personal enactment of a narrative, thereby offering new perspectives on fan identity.

  11. Trans-architecture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tim Gough


    Full Text Available Starting from the intense experience of the gay club, this paper asks whether that experience or event can be acknowledged by architectural theory. Via a reading of Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and Jacques Derrida’s Before the Law, it posits that the transing of gender can be a clue as to the transing of architecture away from essentialising ontologies. It then uses Deleuze and Guattari’s idea of an assemblage to show how this can be done, making reference to the assemblage of the gay seduction scene in Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past and the image of the interplay of orchid and wasp that is inspired by it. The paper concludes by showing how this ontology relates to a specific instance of transing architecture in the gay and SM clubs of Vauxhall, South London.

  12. Constructions of Sex and Gender

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schleicher, Marianne


    Responding to the ethical and performative call of Judith Butler not to propagate the sex- and gender-related violence of the imbedded discourse that we study, this article inquires into the discursive strategies of Jewish scripture by analysing how it orchestrates certain norms of sex and gender...... and make them serve the overall aim of securing cultural survival. Following this, it traces reflections on persons of ambiguous or indeterminate sex from rabbinic to modern Judaism so as to inquire into the rabbinic dependency on scripture when non-conforming individuals challenge its bipolar sex...... Jews and non-Jews are able to influence their own representations of sex and gender and thus liberate themselves from the normativity implied by scriptural discourse....

  13. Gender operations: the film XXY (2007 and the constitution of the body and sex as “natural”.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Fogaça Monteiro


    Full Text Available Based on Foucault’s concept of the body as the surface of inscription of history, and on the work of Judith Butler, this article questions the way that binary and normative conceptions of gender operate in the constitution of a field of intelligibility for subjects and their bodies. We analyse the film XXY (2007 that tells the story of Alex, an intersexual adolescent. We use the main character's story to see how gender norms act to shape bodies and limit their pleasures. We argue that subjects and bodies that do not correspond to the normative ideal are seen as “abject bodies”, following Butler’s definition. The argument is that gender norms operate on all bodies: the normal and the abject.

  14. Violence, borderlands and belonging: The matter of Black lives and Others

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cynthia Lytle


    Full Text Available The word “violence” usually brings to mind a harmful, physical act. This paper explores not only physical violence but also structural violence through colonial systems that has constructed the Other and have kept “them” in a perpetual state of marginalization and unbelonging, Through the concept of dispossession, as outlined by Judith Butler and Athena Athanasiou, this paper will focus on Black lives and turn to refugees and migrants crossing to Europe in the so-called refugee crisis to demonstrate the ways necropolitics and necropower, through dehumanization, disposability and death, uphold sovereignty. Although these populations are seemingly very different, both have been violently displaced through forced migration. Moreover, this paper aims to analyze the violence, which can be extended by the media, that currently affects both groups to show the need for humanizing stories that counter the grand narrative of the Other.

  15. Cuerpo y transgresión. Cindy Sherman y la visión fotográfica de la mutación humana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jesús Adrián Escudero


    Full Text Available This text focuses on the issue of human mutation within the frame of contemporary feminist aesthetics through the analysis of Cindy Sherman‚s photographic series Disastres (1986-1989 and Sex Pictures (1992. This work denounces harshly the gradual de-humanization of industrial society and questions obsolete socially established identity patterns. The theoretical discussion of Sherman‚s pieces is based on Judith Butler‚s concept of "perfomativity" and Donna Haraway's idea of the cyborg. The paper seeks a reformulation, within the context of the new technological media used in contemporary artistic practices, of the waning borders between real and virtual bodies of women and men, gays and lesbians, transvestites and transexuals. In other words, the text seeks to explain the deep transformation that affects the very concept of human.

  16. The spaces of the margin. History of Sexuality and LGBTIQ studies from an interdisciplinary perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisabetta Bini


    Full Text Available The essay offers an overview of LGBTIQ studies, by analyzing several texts that have influenced the debate and research about the history of sexuality and LGBTIQ identities. The first part examines the forms of exchange and contamination between LGBTIQ and historical studies. The author argues that, since they emerged in the 1970s, LGBTIQ studies have aimed at challenging the specific forms of discrimination carried out against gays and lesbians, by highlighting the historical and social construction of sexuality and sexual identities. The essay focuses in particular on the importance of works by Michel Foucault, Adrienne Rich, Monique Wittig, Judith Butler, Teresa de Lauretis and American “women of color,” and their influence on historical research. The second part of the essay examines the photographs taken by several artists whose work focuses on sexual identities, such as Claude Cahun, Nan Goldin, Catherine Opie and Del LaGrace Volcano.

  17. Neoliberal ideology, global capitalism, and science education: engaging the question of subjectivity (United States)

    Bazzul, Jesse


    This paper attempts to add to the multifaceted discussion concerning neoliberalism and globalization out of two Cultural Studies of Science Education journal issues along with the recent Journal of Research in Science Teaching devoted to these topics. However, confronting the phenomena of globalization and neoliberalism will demand greater engagement with relevant sociopolitical thought in fields typically outside the purview of science education. Drawing from thinkers Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Judith Butler, and Louis Althusser this paper attempts to extend some key ideas coming from Ken Tobin, Larry Bencze, and Lyn Carter and advocates science educators taking up notions of ideology, discourse, and subjectivity to engage globalization and neoliberalism. Subjectivity (and its constitution in science education) is considered alongside two relevant textbook examples and also in terms of its importance in formulating political and culturally relevant questions in science education.

  18. Ricœur et Butler: Lumières sur le débat sexe/genre, à travers le prisme de l’identité narrative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marjolaine Deschênes


    Full Text Available This article indicates a reflective paradigm generally ignored in feminist research regarding the sex/gender debate, as presented in the work of Judith Butler (Gender Trouble.  First, I address the fact that Butler’s philosophy is inscribed in the hermeneutical tradition of suspicion. Second, I put into relief the implicitly Platonic concept of mimesis, which is central to the anticipated subversion of gender, but uncriticized by Butler and others who follow her line of thought.  Third, since Butler’s feminism can’t ward off dualism, nor consider idem and ipse identity, I emphasize Paul Ricoeur ’s concept of triple mimesis and narrative identity, which allows us to depart from dichotomies and hierarchies.  Following the path of Ricoeur and Françoise Heritier, I finally defend a feminist hermeneutical point of view, which is differentialist and universal.

  19. Advocacy meets the scientific method. (United States)

    Bradford, J; Hilber, J A


    ABSTRACT Dr. Judith Bradford is a social science researcher who has been a key figure in the evolution of lesbian health research. With Caitlin Ryan, Judy was instrumental in creating the National Lesbian Health Care Survey (NLHCS) in the mid-1980s. After assuming the Directorship of the Survey and Evaluation Research Lab (SERL) at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), she became involved in the recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee process, which resulted in increased attention to lesbian health at the national level. The IOM Committee recommendations have been instrumental in lobbying efforts by Judy and others for inclusion of LBGT issues in Healthy People 2010, the United States Public Health Service blueprint used by PHS agencies nationwide. Judy's current activities include helping to develop the Lesbian Health Research Institute and serving as the part-time Director of Lesbian Health Research at Fenway Community Health in Boston.

  20. Taking nationality hostage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thorsen, Mira Skadegård

    discrimination describes discrimination that is not necessarily explicitly inscribed in laws, rules, or in other ways a result of formal processes or legal systems. It can be a result of informal institutions and practices, habit, tradition, and norms, and can have its point of departure in social, institutional...... and reproduce colonial images of Danishness and racialized others, perpetuating inequality, racial discrimination and racism. Using examples from the June 2015 election debates and campaigns in which immigration is a central theme, the article examines how such dynamics undermine democratic principles...... and Racial Studies, 21(5), 819-837. Butler, Judith; Gender Trouble, Routledge, 1990 Delgado, R., & Stefancic, J. (2001). Critical Race Theory. New York: New York University Press Gullestad, Marianne; “Blind slaves of our prejudices: Debating ‘culture’ and ‘race’ in Norway”, in Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology...

  1. Performance, gênero, linguagem e alteridade: J. Butler leitora de J. Derrida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla Rodrigues

    Full Text Available Este artigo se propõe a uma discussão teórica sobre duas proposições da filósofa Judith Butler: gênero como performance e gênero como paródia. Para isso, recupera o pensamento do filósofo Jacques Derrida e apresenta hipóteses de articulação entre os dois autores, articulações estas que contribuiriam para a compreensão dos argumentos de Butler não "contra" o feminismo, mas como uma problematização dos termos em que as reivindicações emancipatórias da política identitária se instituíram.

  2. Profiles of four women. Health and human rights activists. (United States)

    Reiner, L; Sollom, R


    This article briefly profiles four women physicians working for health and human rights around the world. Dr. Ruchama Marton, an Israeli psychiatrist and activist for peace in the Middle East, is a founder of Physicians for Human Rights/Israel. Dr. Jane Green Schaller is a US pediatrician whose 1985 trip to South Africa initiated her human rights involvement, which includes the founding of Physicians for Human Rights. Dr. Judith van Heerden, a primary care physician in South Africa, has worked for reform of prison health care, to establish hospice care, and, most recently, for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) education for medical students. Dr. Ma Thida, the only physician not interviewed for this article, is currently held in a Burmese prison because of her work on behalf of the National League for Democracy. The profiles suggest the breadth of human rights work worldwide and are a testament to what physicians can do.

  3. Masculinities in School Physical education: theoretical issues and political horizons

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leandro Teofilo de Brito


    Full Text Available Based on the recognition of the urgency of the theme of gender and sexuality within the approach of the difference inclusion in School Physical education by academic research, in this article, we focus the notion of masculinity. We present and problematize the Raewyn Connell‟s theory of hegemonic masculinity, as well as the queer perspective, theoretical references identified in the literature review, which is also exposed. Based on the proposal of Jacques Derrida‟s deconstruction and the notion of performative gender, as developed by Judith Butler, we conclude this reflection with the proposition of normalizing masculinity and queer masculinity as search operators, in the theoretical and political will to favor openness to a more radical inclusion in research and lessons of SPE.

  4. Gender and Love in Jewish Religion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schleicher, Marianne


    Luce Irigaray’s call for infinite femininity and Judith Butler’s perspective on subversion from within have inspired scholars and lay people alike within Judaism to find precedence in religious texts for tolerance of atypical manifestations of love and gender in order to enable such manifestations...... outside a patriarchal, bipolar gender taxonomy. Not disputing the immense value of such subversion, this article reflects on the risk implied in subversive uses of scripture by assessing the extent to which scriptural discourse still sanctions discursive violence in late modernity, directed at individuals...... who do not conform to normative gender and love. The first part of the article analyses biblical and rabbinical, including mystical, texts that portray human love of God and God’s love of humans in ways that are seemingly tolerant toward deviation from normative gender and love. As part...

  5. Gender Identity and Gender Performativity in Shakespeare’s Selected Plays: Macbeth, Hamlet and Merry Wives of Windsor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehdi Amiri


    Full Text Available The main argument of this article is focused on three plays by William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Hamlet and Merry Wives of Windsor. There are several points in these plays which deal with woman and their rights. This article deals with Shakespeare’s plays in relation to feminism, which pays more attention to the rights of women and their true identity. In all societies women are defined in terms of their relations to men as the center of power to which women have limited or no access. Judith Butler's performativity is significance on understandings of gender identity. Butler believes that gender is produced in society; also it can be changed in society. Feminism should aim to create a society in which, one's sexual anatomy is irrelevant to who one is, and what one does. Shakespeare’s view of a woman is shown through his representation of female characters in his plays specifically in Macbeth, Hamlet and Merry Wives of Windsor.

  6. A Study of Gender Performativity in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Mocking Biography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moslehi M.


    Full Text Available The present paper aims at concentrating on Judith Butler’s theory of gender as performance and how Virginia Woolf challenges the assumptions of heterosexuality in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (1992. Woolf rebels against the traditional view of gender as two separate categories by presenting Orlando as an androgynous and bisexual character. Orlando’s transformation from male to female and exhibition of the characteristics of both feminist and masculinity expose how gender norms are socially instituted. Woolf portrays Orlando’s attraction to both men and women. He/she loves Sasha regardless of what changes her body undergoes, but he/she marries Shelmerdine because he/she is bisexual. Woolf also shows clothing as signifiers of the social construction of gender and how characters flout this convention by using cross dressing.

  7. Sexism in the University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Araceli Mingo


    Full Text Available The notion of performativity was introduced to the feminist debate by Judith Butler, who states that gender is a symbolic production conducted through significance acts. In this article, we aim to analyze sexism in daily life at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México as a phenomenon occurring in communication processes that are carried out in face to face interactions such as speech acts and performances.  The mechanism of production and reproduction of these processes is ritualized staging. We analyze four instances of sexism to see what is at stake in cases aimed at "putting someone into her place", claiming male supremacy or reifying women as sex objects.

  8. Performativity, Precarity and Sexual Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Judith Butler


    Full Text Available Gender performativity is one of the core concepts in Judith Butler’s work. In this paper Butler re-examines this term and completes it with the idea of precarity, by making a reference to those who are exposed to injury, violence and displacement, those who are in risk of not being qualified as a subject of recognition, There are issues that constantly arise in the nation- states, such as claiming a right when there is not a right to claim, or being forced to follow certain norms in order to change these norms. This is particularly relevant in the sexual policies that are shaped within the nation-states.

  9. Teaching the teachers. (United States)

    Zavalkoff, Anne


    SUMMARY This paper presents a conceptual tool designed to help teacher education students think critically about the roots and consequences of personal, parental, community, and institutional resistance to diverse sexual identities and behaviours. To explore the roots of sexualized and gendered prejudice and ground the conceptual tool theoretically, it begins with a careful examination of Judith Butler's work on performativity. The paper then describes and illustrates the conceptual tool. The Continuum of (Subversive) Drag Performance helps stimulate critical thinking about the power implications of people's sexed and gendered performances through its six ranges: Radical, Stealth, Commercial, Passing, Mainstream, and Privileged. Because these ranges are independent of common considerations of "normalcy," they offer teacher education students a relatively unthreatening framework for analyzing conceptions of sexuality and gender that, left unexamined, can contribute to sexism, heterosexism, and homophobia.

  10. Among ironic avatars and robots in love

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Søndergaard, Dorte Marie

    , as we know them. So what happens to our doings of gender, our understandings, materializations of gender when technologies enter the equation. I bring in Judith Butler, Karen Barad and postphenolomenologists Peter-Paul Verbeek and Don Ihde to discuss whether avatars and robots as new 'companion spieces......This paper centers on the question about potential reproductions or transformations of gender that may be effected when different kinds of technologies are involved in the intra-action among the multiple forcdes that are enmeshed in the production of gender categories and gender performativity......' work as conservative and preservind forces or rather as absurd, preposterous, revealing and thereby destabilizing exposurees of rather awkward imaginaries and discursive practices in relation to gender....

  11. Gender performativity in physics: affordances or only constraints? (United States)

    Danielsson, Anna T.; Lundin, Mattias


    In this forum we engage in a dialogue with Allison Gonsalves's paper `"Physics and the girly girl—there is a contradiction somewhere": Doctoral students' positioning around discourses of gender and competence in physics'. In her paper Gonsalves uses a sociocultural approach to examine women doctoral students' stories about becoming physicists. In doing so her paper focuses on how discourses of masculinity and femininity can create available and unavailable positions for the women students. In this dialogue we do a parallel reading of two of the student narratives presented by Gonsalves, using Judith Butler's (1990) concept of discursive agency as a means to more explicitly bring the affordances for women identity constitution offered by their localized physicist context to the fore, rather focusing on its, often more visible, constraints.

  12. Toolbox for Electric Fences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa Gregg


    Full Text Available An affective dimension is often at work in constructions of political ‘reality’. Such a recognition might be seen to reinforce the value of certain legacies in cultural studies, particularly the role of articulation in public debate, and the renewed importance of such work in framing responses to volatile issues like the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. Revisiting the work of Stuart Hall on Thatcherism, and taking note of Judith Brett’s recent history of the Australian Liberal Party, I want to contemplate the prominent role language plays in political life, and, alongside Watson and others, question the priority the Left accords this key element of contemporary politics. In doing so, I use Hall as an example of what might be called scholarly affect: a voice of intervention that catalyses the Left in moments of crisis, and a voice that deploys cultural theory to make sense of concrete political problems.

  13. Orange Is The New Black: um mosaico de identidades

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tancy, Costa Mavignier


    Full Text Available Percebe-se um aumento de protagonistas femininas nas produções audiovisuais. Somado a esse fato novas histórias baseadas em personagens complexos surgem nas séries produzidas pelo Netflix, pensadas para diferentes públicos. Esse artigo pretende descobrir de que forma as personagens femininas na série Orange is the new black subvertem as identidades. Desse modo, deseja-se perceber de que modo a sexualidade atravessa as diferentes identidades étnicas e sociais, focando nas personagens Piper, Boo, Sophia, Taystee e Poussay. Utiliza-se como metodologia a análise das três temporadas da série à luz dos conceitos da subversão das identidades de Judith Butler, da mídia como retrato da sociedade de Douglas Kellner, identidades na pós-modernidade de Stuart Hall e personagem esférico de Edward Morgan Foster.

  14. Management of Long-Term Complications of HIV Disease: Focus on Cardiovascular Disease. (United States)

    Currier, Judith S


    HIV-infected individuals on effective antiretroviral therapy experience a number of non-AIDS noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, more frequently than uninfected individuals. Common pathways for such diseases are chronic immune activation and inflammation, including the prolonged inflammation associated with lower nadir CD4+ cell count. Prevention and treatment of non-AIDS conditions include treatment of traditional risk factors, lifestyle interventions, earlier initiation of antiretroviral therapy, and potentially therapies specifically targeting inflammation and immune activation (eg, statins). This article summarizes a presentation by Judith S. Currier, MD, at the IAS-USA continuing education program, Improving the Management of HIV Disease, held in New York, New York, in February 2017.

  15. Alex & I: Against Indifference

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sumugan Sivanesan


    Full Text Available This text and photo essay concerns a series of portraits made with a community of Tamil refugees living in Bangkok who refer to themselves as ‘the Bachelors.’ The project was initiated by refugee and one-time media figure, Sanjeev ‘Alex’ Kuhendrarajah who hoped his peers would tell their own stories to an ‘international community.’ With reference to Judith Butler’s Frames of War (2009, I have sought to ‘discursively frame’ the images by considering the discrimination these young single men encounter living in the margins of this South Asian metropolis, awaiting the outcomes of their re-settlement applications.

  16. Linking the Local and the Global. What Today’s Environmental Humanities Movement Can Learn from Their Predecessor’s Successful Leadership of the 1965–1975 War to Save the Great Barrier Reef

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iain McCalman


    Full Text Available For a decade from 1965–1975, an Australian poet, Judith Wright, and a Reef artist, John Busst, played a major role in helping to save the Great Barrier Reef. The Queensland State Government had declared its intention of mining up to eighty percent of the Reef’s corals for oil, gas, fertiliser and cement. The campaign of resistance led by these two humanists, in alliance with a forester, Dr. Len Webb, contributed substantively to the establishment of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in 1975 and to then to the Reef’s World Heritage listing in 1983 as ‘the most impressive marine environment in the world’. This paper explains the challenges facing today’s environmental scholars and activists as they attempt to replicate the success of their 1970s predecessors in helping to save the Great Barrier Reef from even graver and more immediate threats to its survival.

  17. Thermal load testing of erosion-monitoring beryllium marker tile for the ITER-Like Wall Project at JET

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hirai, T.; Linke, J.; Rubel, M.; Coad, J.P.; Likonen, J.; Lungu, C.P.; Matthews, G.F.; Philipps, V.; Wessel, E.


    ITER-Like Wall Project has been launched at JET in order to perform a fully integrated test of plasma-facing materials. During the next major shutdown a full metal wall will be installed: tungsten in the divertor and beryllium in the main chamber. Beryllium erosion is one of key issues to be addressed. Special marker tiles have been designed for this purpose. Test coupons of such markers have been manufactured and examined. The performance test under high power deposition was carried in the electron beam facility JUDITH. The results of material characterization before and after high heat flux loads are presented. The samples survived, without macroscopic damage, power loads of up to 4.5 MW/m 2 for 10 s (surface temperature ∼650 deg. C) and 50 cyclic loads at 3.5 MW/m 2 lasting 10 s each (surface temperature ∼600 deg. C)

  18. Mode på mode på museerne

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Riegels Melchior, Marie


    and as a consumer item. In the article, the recent exhibition Spectres: When Fashion Turns Back is highlighted because its avant-garde exhibition approach demonstrates the new developments in the field (The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, 24 February-8 May 2005, fashion curator Judith Clark).......Lately, fashion has become fashionable at both the art and the cultural historical museums. Why is that? What is the role of fashion at the museum? What is to be expected in the future? This article is a survey of the phenomenon, arguing that the reason for the current museological interest...... in fashion is due to the growing individualism of society and hereby the stronger focus on the construction of one's own identity through the use of fashion. In the museum setting, fashion is presented in different ways. This article identifies four different kinds of fashion exhibitions: the aesthetic...

  19. Comparison of the thermal shock performance of different tungsten grades and the influence of microstructure on the damage behaviour

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wirtz, M; Linke, J; Pintsuk, G; Singheiser, L; Uytdenhouwen, I


    The thermal shock performances of two new tungsten grades with 1 and 5 wt% of tantalum were characterized with the electron beam facility JUDITH 1. As a reference material, ultra-high-purity tungsten (W-UHP) with a purity of 99.9999 wt% was used. The induced thermal shock crack networks and surface modifications were analysed by a scanning electron microscope, light microscopy and laser profilometry. Damage and cracking thresholds were defined for all materials as a function of absorbed power density and base temperature. The materials showed significantly different thermal shock behaviour, which is, among others, expressed by differences in cracking patterns, i.e. crack distance and depth. These results allow us to quantify the influence of the materials' mechanical and thermal properties on the thermal shock performance. Furthermore, the specific grain structure of the materials has a significant influence on crack propagation towards the bulk material.

  20. Intelligible genders in scene: the cinema and the truth production about bodies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciene Galvão


    Full Text Available This paper aims to discuss how cinematographic language produces truths about men and women. Throughout the text, we have used to illustrate some iconic films that bring notions of masculinity and femininity. The film we have chosen are works that have a distinct esthetic and markets, they are able to raise issues related to gender and sexuality in discussions against romantic love, identity, homosexuality, violence and techniques confession of truths, among others. We analyze the films from Michel Foucault perspective concern sexuality and power relations and Judith Butler about gender intelligible. The plots of the films show that such truths are constantly negotiated and further indicate that norms about sex, desire, pleasure, masculinity and femininity are not only reproduced as its effects on private plots do not end with the end of the film.