Sample records for jeonbuk province 1979-1980

  1. Basic trends for geological exploration in the Volga-Ural oil and gas province in 1979-1980

    Vaynbaum, F.Ya.; Kaz' min, L.L.; Khachatryan, R.O.; Konovalenko, F.F.; Polyakov, V.A.; Surovikov, Ye.Ya.; Tkachenko, I.S.


    Features are examined of the condition of geological exploration for oil and gas and potential hydrocarbon resources for oil extracting regions of the Volga-Ural oil and gas province. Basic trends are isolated for geological-geophysical and prospecting-exploration work which guarantee an increase in hydrocarbon reserves in the planned period and which create reserves for the subsequent period. The outlook for further increase in effectiveness of geological exploration in the Volga-Ural oil and gas province were indicated.

  2. Embryo culture in teratological surveillance and serum proteins in development. Progress report, 1979-1980

    Klein, N.W.


    Research progress for the period 1979-1980 is reported. The feasibility of using rat embryo cultures to test the teratogenic activity of serum was studied. The mechanisms regulating the synthesis of serum proteins were investigated. (ACR)

  3. Performance of passive-solar space-heating systems. Comparative report, 1979-1980 heating season

    Pollock, E.O.; Sersen, S.J.; Miller, P.C.


    Data and information are provided on three passive space heating sites of the NSDN. In addition to the three systems monitored for the full 1979/1980 heating season, nine other passive sites were instrumented and some data collected during this period. Detailed analysis and comparison of the three fully monitored sites, and qualitative analysis of the other sites are presented. General comments on system performance and problems are included.

  4. Summary of Research Activities, Academic Departments, 1979-1980.


    several characteristics are almost universally accepted. These include joy, freedom, and creativity. As a tool of literary criticism, play theory will take...elucidate some of our most problematic fictions and to expand the parameters of literary criticsm. Using the resources of play theory , which include the...a way that Ford’s text encourages, is to use Freudian psychological theory of human behavior. The psychological complexity of Ford’s characterization

  5. Summary of Research Activities. Academic Departments, 1979-1980.


    Conqresso di Storia Americana: Italia e Stati Uniti Dall’ Independenza ad Oggi; 1776-1976, Genova: Tilgher, 1978, pp. 91-102. As Commander of U.S. Naval...transition began when he published a group of fictional works termed by literary critics as "prose-essays." The first work in this category, Historia Universal

  6. Trace elements in oil shale. Progress report, 1979-1980

    Chappell, W R


    The purpose of this research program is to understand the potential impact of an oil shale industry on environmental levels of trace contaminants in the region. The program involves a comprehensive study of the sources, release mechanisms, transport, fate, and effects of toxic trace chemicals, principally the trace elements, in an oil shale industry. The overall objective of the program is to evaluate the environmental and health consequences of the release of toxic trace elements by shale and oil production and use. The baseline geochemical survey shows that stable trace elements maps can be constructed for numerous elements and that the trends observed are related to geologic and climatic factors. Shale retorted by above-ground processes tends to be very homogeneous (both in space and in time) in trace element content. Leachate studies show that significant amounts of B, F, and Mo are released from retorted shales and while B and Mo are rapidly flushed out, F is not. On the other hand, As, Se, and most other trace elements are not present in significant quantities. Significant amounts of F and B are also found in leachates of raw shales. Very large concentrations of reduced sulfur species are found in leachates of processed shale. Very high levels of B and Mo are taken up in some plants growing on processed shale with and without soil cover. There is a tendency for some trace elements to associate with specific organic fractions, indicating that organic chelation or complexation may play an important role. Many of the so-called standard methods for analyzing trace elements in oil shale-related materials are inadequate. A sampling manual is being written for the environmental scientist and practicing engineer. A new combination of methods is developed for separating the minerals in oil shale into different density fractions. Microbial investigations have tentatively identified the existence of thiobacilli in oil shale materials such as leachates. (DC)

  7. Passive test-cell experiments during the winter of 1979-1980

    Hyde, J.C.


    During the winter of 1979-80 the performance of a variety of passive solar heating configurations in 14 passive test cells were monitored. The cells included attached greenhouses, masonry and water walls with black-chrome absorber surfaces, night insulation, and phase-change thermal storage walls. The results of these side-by-side tests were used to make quantitative comparisons of the delivered performance of these configurations for the conditions under which they were tested.

  8. Biological Surveys in the Firth-Mancha Research Natural Area, Alaska, 1979-1980

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — At Mancha Creek, an area within the foresttundra ecotone, five major habitat types were identified and studied intensively for aspects of vegetation composition,...

  9. Recent Advances in the Edge-Function Method 1979-1980


    Accordingly,each solution zr_.-4_des a Mathematical Model for the given physical problem- R.M.S. values provide a practical criterion for the enai--er to...I €I FINAL SCIENT.I.FIC. REPORT "RECENT ADVANCES IN THE EDGE-FUNCTION "METHOD 1979-80" by Patrick M. Quinlan Professor Maths. Physics University...ACCESSION No. 3 RECIpIENT’S CATALOG NUMBER A.k-C (and S.. ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ _ Recent Advances in The 𔃻 Fnal Fun+i4 7o- Metho Recent0 Ede-until

  10. Studies in iodine metabolism. Progress report and publications, 1979-1980

    Van Middlesworth, L


    Research programs for the years 1978-1980 is reported. The following subject areas are discussed: (1) iodine 131 monitoring in thyroids of sheep, cattle and humans; (2) radium monitoring in cattle thyroids; (3) the relationship of thyroid function to seizures in rats; (4) the effect of KSCN on thyroglobulin in mice; and (5) studies on excessive iodide intake. (ACR)

  11. Trident Biological Surveys: Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Washington (1979, 1980 & 1981) Summary Report. Supplement 3


    Relationships in the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) to Detect Heavy Metal Pollution, Water Research, vol 7, p 451 -460, 1973 43Jenkins, DW...Metal Pollution, Water Research, vol 7, p 451 -460, 1973. 86 43. Jenkins, DW, Biological Monitoring of Toxic Trace Metals: Biological Monitoring and...when water temperatures are favorably warm (usually about 67 degrees Farenheit ). For normal growth of oyster larvae during the fast several weeks of

  12. Production of sugarcane and tropical grasses as renewable energy source. Third annual report, 1979-1980


    Research continued on tropical grasses from Saccharum and related genera as sources of intensively-propagated fiber and fermentable solids. Candidate screening for short-rotation grasses was expanded to include six sorghum x Sudan grass hybrids developed by the Dekalb Company. Sugacane and napier grass yield trends in year 3 include: (1) Increased yields with delay of harvest frequency; (2) lack of response to close spacing; (3) a superiority of napier grass over sugarcane when harvested at intervals of six months or less; and (4) a general superiority of the sugarcane variety NCo 310 over varieties PR 980 and PR 64-1791. Delayed tasseling of a wild, early-flowering S. spontaneum hybrid enabled three crosses to be made in December using commercial hybrids as female parents. Approximately 1000 seedlings were produced. The first field-scale minimum tillage experiment was completed. Sordan 77 produced 2.23 OD tons/acre/10 weeks, with winter growing conditions and a total moisture input of 4.75 inches. Mechanization trials included successful planting of napier grass with a sugarcane planter, and the mowing, solar-drying, and round--baling of napier grass aged three to six months. Production-cost and energy-balance studies were initiated during year 3 using first-ratoon data for intensively propagated sugarcane. Preliminary cost estimates for energy cane (sugarcane managed for total biomass rather than sucrose) were in the order of $25.46/OD ton, or about $1.70/mm Btus.

  13. Environment Health & Safety Research Program. Organization and 1979-1980 Publications



    This document was prepared to assist readers in understanding the organization of Pacific Northwest Laboratory, and the organization and functions of the Environment, Health and Safety Research Program Office. Telephone numbers of the principal management staff are provided. Also included is a list of 1979 and 1980 publications reporting on work performed in the Environment, Health and Safety Research Program, as well as a list of papers submitted for publication.

  14. Biological surveys in the Firth-Mancha Research Natural Area, Alaska, 1979-1980

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — At Mancha Creek, an area within the forest-tundra ecotone, five major habitat types were identified and studied intensively for aspects of vegetation composition,...

  15. Evaluation of Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Programs 1979-1980. Technical Summary, Report No. 8130.

    McKinney, John

    Evaluation of parent involvement in the following ten early childhood programs in the Philadelphia school district is presented: (1) Child Care (CC); (2) Head Start (HS); (3) Parent Nursery (PN); (4) Get Set (GS); (5) Durham Child Development Center (DCD); (6) Preschool Child Development Project (PCD); (7) Original Follow Through (OFT); (8) Follow…

  16. Analysis of the structural parameters that influence gas production from the Devonian shale. Annual progress report, 1979-1980. Volume II. Data repository and reports published during fiscal year 1979-1980: regional structure, surface structure, surface fractures, hydrology

    Negus-De Wys, J.; Dixon, J. M.; Evans, M. A.; Lee, K. D.; Ruotsala, J. E.; Wilson, T. H.; Williams, R. T.


    This volume comprises appendices giving regional structure data, surface structure data, surface fracture data, and hydrology data. The fracture data covers oriented Devonian shale cores from West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The subsurface structure of the Eastern Kentucky gas field is also covered. (DLC)

  17. Analysis of the structural parameters that influence gas production from the Devonian shale. Annual progress report, 1979-1980. Volume III. Data repository and reports published during fiscal year 1979-1980: production, unsponsored research

    Negus-De Wys, J.; Dixon, J. M.; Evans, M. A.; Lee, K. D.; Ruotsala, J. E.; Wilson, T. H.; Williams, R. T.


    This document consists of the following papers: inorganic geochemistry studies of the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; lithology studies of upper Devonian well cuttings in the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; possible effects of plate tectonics on the Appalachian Devonian black shale production in eastern Kentucky; preliminary depositional model for upper Devonian Huron age organic black shale in the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; the anatomy of a large Devonian black shale gas field; the Cottageville (Mount Alto) Gas Field, Jackson County, West Virginia: a case study of Devonian shale gas production; the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field: a geological study of the relationships of Ohio Shale gas occurrences to structure, stratigraphy, lithology, and inorganic geochemical parameters; and a statistical analysis of geochemical data for the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field.

  18. Investigation of free-forced convection flows in cavity-type receivers. Final yearly report, 1979-1980

    Humphrey, J.A.C.


    A summary is provided of the first of three years of experimental and theoretical research on free-forced convection flows in cavity-type solar receivers. New experimental and theoretical results are presented and discussed. The implication of these findings, with respect to the future thrust of the research program, is clarified as well as is possible at the present time. Following various related conclusions a summary and tentative schedule of work projected for year two of research are presented.

  19. Progress report on research program in elementary particle theory, 1979-1980. [Univ. of Texas at Austin

    Sudarshan, E.C.G.; Ne' eman, Y.


    A qualitative description is given of research in the following areas: particle physics in relativistic astrophysics and cosmology; phenomenology of weak and electromagnetic interactions; strong interaction physics and quark-parton physics; quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and fundamental problems; and groups, gauges, and grand unified theories. Reports on this work have already been published, or will be, when it is completed. (RWR)

  20. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  1. Refractory Minerals in Henan Province

    JIN Qinguo; LI Jing; LIU Jiehua; LIU Yanjun


    Henan province is very rich in refractory minerals of many varieties including silica, dolomite, graphite,pearlite, sepiolite, olivine, and sillimanite group minerals, besides the abundant reserves of fireclay and bauxite,which lay a good foundation for the development of the refractories industry of the province. The paper introduces the reserves, distribution and character of the refractory minerals in Henan province.

  2. Nine Provinces Submerged



    @@ After being plagued with severe drought earlier this year,the southern part of China has been ravaged by heavy rainfall since May. According to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA),from June 23-25 a new round of storms swept the southern part of the country including all nine provinces in the south.It was the 11th round of storms since May 5,said CMA.

  3. Silicic Large Igneous Provinces

    Scott Bryan


    @@ Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are the end-product of huge additions of magma to the continental crust both at the surface and at depth. Since the first categorisation of LIPs by Coffin & Eldholm (1994), it has been recognised that LIPs are more varied inform, age and character, and this includes the recognition of Silicic LIPs. Silicic LIPs are the largest accumulations of primary volcaniclastic rocks at the Earth's surface with areal extents >0.1 Mkm2 and extrusive and subvolcanic intrusive volumes >0.25 Mkm3. The Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic Silicic LIP events are the best recognised and are similar in terms of their dimension, crustal setting, volcanic architecture and geochemistry.

  4. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


    @@ Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.

  5. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


      Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.……

  6. Fjve Ways to Revive Liaoning Province


    Construction of development zones along the Liaoning Province coastline could be the next big attraction for multinational investors Though the infrastructure is still under construction, Li Wancai, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, is highly confident about the future of

  7. Validez predictiva del exámen de admisión al Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica 1979-1980.


    Proyecto de Investigación Cuando se utilizan pruebas psicológicas para medir rasgos o conductas específicas, se hace necesario evaluarlas periódicamente para determinar si continúan o no cumpliendo con los objetivos para los cuales han sido construidas. El propósito de este trabajo empírico es el de evaluar la capacidad predictiva del examen de admisión utilizado por el TEC en la selección de estudiantes nuevos para el curso lectivo de 1981.

  8. Resource assessment of low- and moderate-temperature geothermal waters in Calistoga, Napa County, California. Report of the second year, 1979-1980

    Youngs, L.G.; Bacon, C.F.; Chapman, R.H.; Chase, G.W.; Higgins, C.T.; Majmundar, H.H.; Taylor, G.C.


    Phase I studies included updating and completing the USGS GEOTHERM file for California and compiling all data needed for a California Geothermal Resources Map. Phase II studies included a program to assess the geothermal resource at Calistoga, Napa County, California. The Calistoga effort was comprised of a series of studies involving different disciplines, including geologic, hydrologic, geochemical and geophysical studies.

  9. Yihuang Opera of Jiangxi Province


    JIANGXI Province hosts many mountains and rivers. Wherever you stroll on the winding mountain passes or sail along rivers, you will hear a kind of local opera similar to the sounds of Beijing opera. That is Yihuang opera. In fact, Jiangxi is considered a birth-place of Chinese opera. Opera was at its

  10. Geologic Provinces of the Arctic, 2000 (prvarcst)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe Arctic portion of the U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the World in 2000.

  11. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Jiangsu Province, China

    LIAN Bin; DONG Yuan-Rong; HOU Wei-Guo; TONG Li-Hua; YUAN Sheng


    A survey was conducted for about 3 years to study the abundance and diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in Jiangsu Province, China. The identification of the fungal species was based on the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies. About 126 species of EMF were found in Jiangsu Province. These fungi were largely categorized into three orders (of 121 species), four families (of 96 species), and six genera (of about 86 species).

  12. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huang, Huide; ZHANG, Wanzhen; Liu, Enping; ZHANG, Xizhu


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution, member scale, production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province, and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification, this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations, such as joint production of banana cooperatives, ...

  13. Economic Periodicity Analysis of Shandong Province

    Liu Zhaode; Yao Lili; Sun Jinfang; Yu Wei


    The paper analyses the periodical characteristics of the economic development of Shandong Province by using the mini-mum variation analysis model. The analysis shows that the eco-nomic development process of Shandong Province has short, medium and long cycles respectively for 6, 12, 19 years, and the fluctuation of the economic development becomes gentler with time passing by. The fluctuation of macro-control policy, invest-ment and consumption are the main reasons of the economic fluc-tuation.

  14. An ethnobotanical survey on hormozgan province, Iran

    Omid Safa


    Full Text Available Objective: The present study is based on an ethnobotanical research project conducted in Hormozgan province that is located in south of Iran, bordering waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. This survey was carried out in order to recover the ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal knowledge of the residents of this province. They are using medicinal and functional plants for treating or preventing several diseases. Materials and Methods: Ethnobotanical data sheets were run with the native inhabitants and people of the province by arranging frequent field trips to different parts of the province and direct interviews with them especially those who were more familiar with the plants and their usage.Results: A total of 150 plant species belonging to 53 families were recorded for their ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal uses among the people of province. The records were developed by scientific names, family names, local names, medicinal parts used, different ways of their application, and traditional uses of the plants. There was high compliance in the use of plants in painful disorders, gastrointestinal, and dermatological diseases.Conclusion: This study revealed that the people of Hormozgan province have a rich knowledge of natural resources. The use and consumption of medicinal plants are still important parts of their life. Rational use of native medicinal plants may benefit and improve their living standards and quality of life. The results of this study can be used as a basis for selecting herbs for further pharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacognostical studies.

  15. Intestinal acariasis in Anhui Province

    Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang


    The mites found in stored food and house comprise a large group of subclass Acari, belonging to the suborder Acardida of the order Acarifornes. They can be found in dust and vacuum samples from floors, furniture, mattresses, Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, and bedding. These mites are nidicolous and feed on organic debris, including sloughed human skin, fungi, spilled food, pollen, etc. These mites are particularly prevalent in Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, beds, though carpeted floors near beds or couches may also have large numbers. The most common species are Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae , Dermatophagoides farinae , D . pteronyssinus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G. Ornatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, etc. The viability of mites in storage is quite strong and they can invade and parasitize the intestines of humans[1 -15]. They can cause pulmonary acariasis[16-25] , urinary acariasis[26-33] and so on. The dejecta of mites is a quite strong allergen and can cause different allergic diseases[34-44]. Intestinal acariasis can be caused by some mites related to the way of diet intake and invading against intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle[45-5a]. The first report of intestinal acariasis caused by these mites was made by Hinman et al (1934)[45]. From then on, all kinds of studies on the disease have been reported gradually. In order to make an epidemiological survey of intestinal acariasis the investigation of the disease was taken in some areas of Anhui Province from 1989 to 1996.

  16. Thematic cartography in Tigrai Province

    Marini, A.; Melis, Maria T.


    Tigre Province is in northern Ethiopia between Eritrea on the north and east, and Begemdir and Wollo on the south. The area is comprised of five main physiographic units: Danakil Depression, Escarpment, Tigre and Eritrea Plateau, Semien Mountains and the Western Lowlands. The first two drain into the closed drainage basin of Dallol whilst the other three drain into the Nilo Through the Tezeke, Mareb and Barka River. Three main rock complexes build up the prospect area. The metamorphic and intrusive rocks of the Precambrian basement, the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Sediments and Tertiary Trap Volcanics, and the Young Sedimentary and Volcanic Rocks of the Danakil Depression. The only existing geological data on this area is represented by maps assembled from different sources on very large scale. Thanks to interactive computer processing, it is becoming possible to trace, on the relief as it appears on the display unit, lithological boundaries and the faults which affect them, measuring each of their geometric characteristics. Image processing coupled with pattern recognition programs has made it possible to take into consideration landscape units combining morphological, botanical and geological signatures, and more generally to quantify the morphological elements. Satellite images (Landsat TM and Spot XS) have been processed to produce thematic maps.

  17. Epidemiology of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hamadan Province

    Fatemeh Shobeiri


    Full Text Available Background: The blastocyst implantation in any place other than uterus cavity endometrium is called ectopic pregnancy. The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy is different in various countries. This study has been conducted to investigate the epidemiology of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010.Materials and Methods: The present study is a retrospective descriptive study. The data on 872 ectopic pregnancies were extracted by questionnaires from the files in the records department of hospitals and delivery centers in Hamadan province during 2000-2010. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the obtained data were analyzed using SPSS-16 software.Results: The frequency of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010 was averagely 2.6 per 1000 pregnancies. Tubal pregnancy with 95.2% is the most prevalent type of ectopic pregnancy most of which had occurred in the right tube (52.4%. Most ectopic pregnancies (52.2% were in the age group of 25-34.Conclusion: The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during the mentioned years has been 2.6 in 1000 pregnancies, which is lower compared to many existing data. However, the prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in this province has increased over time, so that it has become 3.3 times as much from 2000-2010.

  18. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huide; HUANG; Wanzhen; ZHANG; Enping; LIU; Xizhu; ZHANG


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution,member scale,production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province,and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification,this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations,such as joint production of banana cooperatives,timely planting of banana,brand management,and improvement of production and operation technical level.


    Christina GOMULKA


    Full Text Available Polish-Russian Cooperation of Pomorskie Province commenced in 1999 and was based on the intergovernmental agreements. The new agreement, executed between the authorities of the Pomeranian Province and Kaliningrad Oblast in 2002, provided for cooperation in many areas. The contacts between the partners were dominated by economic cooperation. The Polish–Russian cooperation stopped with Polish accession to the Schengen zone. Cooperation resumed when in 2011 and agreement on small cross-border traffic was signed and then ratified in 2012. 

  20. [Terrestrial gastropods from Misiones Province, Argentina].

    Gregoric, Diego Eduardo Gutiérrez; Núñez, Verónica; Vogler, Roberto Eugenio; Beltramino, Ariel Aníbal; Rumi, Alejandra


    The Atlantic Forest represents one of the global priority eco-regions for biodiversity conservation. In Argentina, this is represented by the Paranense Forest, which occupies much of the Misiones Province. In this paper, an updated list of land mollusks from Misiones Province is presented, and its species richness was evaluated comparing protected and unprotected areas. For this, we reviewed La Plata Museum Mollusk Collection, updated the literature review, and developed some field work between 2009 and 2010. For the areographic work, a grid (50 x 50 km) was applied to a Misiones province map. In this region, large areas of native vegetation constituting the Paranaense Forest still persist, and include protected areas such as the Iguazú National Park and Puerto Peninsula Provincial Park. These areas have been the most explored at the malacological level (both terrestrial and aquatic environments), a fact that is consistent with the greater number of records found, which may also be the explanation for the highest number of species recorded in the region. A database containing 497 records was compiled. The number of species occurring in this Province was increased from 28 to 56; 11 of which were exotic species. A total of 38 of the species occurred in protected areas and 53 in unprotected areas; and 25 species were micro-mollusks. Orthalicidae was the family with the highest species number (10) and the widest distribution, occupying 16/20 sampling units. Megalobulimus was the genus found in a greater number of sampling units (14/20). The highest values of specific richness of land gastropods were found in Northern Misiones (R=32). This richness was similar to that previously reported for the Tucumán Province, although species occurring in both provinces were mostly different. The richness in Misiones Province border areas, as the Republic of Paraguay and the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), was about twice that found in the province. The present study showed the

  1. Geologic Provinces of the Caribbean Region, 2004 (prv6bg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes a modified subset of polygon features that describe U.S. Geological Survey's defined geologic provinces of the World. Each province has a set...

  2. Comprehensive Evaluation of Circular Economic Development in North Anhui Province

    Hu, Shuheng; Zhang, Simei; Chen, Guangzhou; Xu, Min


    In view of the characteristics of north Anhui Province, an index system was constructed for evaluating the development level of circular economy according to relevant principles, Principal Component Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process were adopted to evaluate the circular economic development in north Anhui Province, and corresponding measures were put forward to promote the circular economy in north Anhui Province.

  3. USMC Rethinking Coin in Helmand Province Afghanistan


    2010 and the introduction of the United States Marines and their brand of counter insurgency (COIN) did the people of Helmand province fully embrace the...incapable of operating a shadow government. They encountered a society in upheaval with cultural baggage attached to century old battles at Maiwand

  4. Human rabies in Zhejiang Province, China

    Jiangping Ren


    Conclusions: The majority of rabies cases occurred among 40–65-year-old male residents of northern, mid-west, and southeast Zhejiang Province. Further health education is needed to increase the coverage of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP in people exposed to possible rabid animals and rabies vaccine use in household animals.

  5. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 2012.

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling; Zhang, Yonghui


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate.

  6. Two Mysteries of Nature in Liaoning Province


    JUST to the north of Shenyang,the capital of Liaoning Province,motorists along the Harbin-Dalian highway will encounter apeculiar slope khat is much easier to ascend than to descend.Theslope,approximately 90 meters long and 15 meters wide,slants abouttwo degrees toward the west.

  7. Investigation on Atmospheric Corrosiveness in Hainan Province


    According to the results of four-year exposure tests for carbon steel samples in Hainan province, the influences of meteorological factors and Cl- on atmospheric corrosion were investigated. The feature of atmospheric corrosion in this area was summarized. A corrosive map for the area was drawn. The corrosion products on carbon steel at some typical places were analyzed by XRD and XPS.

  8. Metallogenetic and geochemical provinces : book review

    Schuiling, R.D.


    In November 1972 a symposium on metallogenetic and geochemical provinces was organized in Leoben by Prof. W.E. Petrascheck; the proceedings of this symposium have now appeared. The book is recommended to all those who want to combine their interest in economic geology with a somewhat wider outlook i

  9. The Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Independent Innovation in Liaoning Province

    Guimin; WANG; Haixian; XIA


    Through the vertical and horizontal analysis of agricultural export data in Liaoning Province during the period 2006-2010,we can find that Liaoning Province has already a major exporter of agricultural products,but there is no significant increase in many indicators with great fluctuation or declining trend. Meanwhile,compared with other provinces,the competitive advantages of agricultural export in Liaoning Province are not obvious,lacking competitive potential. Analysis shows that it is a strenuous task for Liaoning Province to transform from a major exporter of agricultural products to strong export province; during the course,relying on independent innovation is the fundamental guarantee. Liaoning Province should rely on independent innovation,to create new agricultural varieties,lead the international standards of agricultural products,form the brand agriculture,and improve the agricultural industry chain.

  10. A Glance at Bohai Bay Oil Province

    Gao Shoubai


    @@ Chinese oil industry keeps on developing in 1994. The oil production of Bohai Bay Oil Province located in East China also keeps on growing. Geologically,the total area of Bohai Bay Basin is about 200 000 km2 and the main structural units are: Liaohe Depression, Huanghua Depression,Jizhong Depression, Linqing Depression, Jiyang Depression, Changwei Depression, Bozhong Depression,Chengning Uplift and Cangjing Uplift (see figure 1). Area of the main structural units is listed in following:

  11. JPRS Report, China, Work Reports: Northeast Provinces.


    cultural market . [passage omitted] county and township People’s Congresses throughout the province. By conscientiously performing functions and III...nationalities," thus promoting the work concerning cultural market by deeply waging the antipornography minority nationalities. We actively promoted the...pornography" or enhance the mechanism of having leading personnel thoroughly, and further purify the cultural market . be responsible for the family planning

  12. US Local Government Delegation Visits Sichuan Province

    Chuan; You


    A 12-member US Local Government Delegationled by Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch visited Sichuan Province December 11-13 at the invitation of the CPAFFC.Consisting of lieutenant governors,state legislators,mayors,government officials of cities and counties from eight states—Wisconsin,Washington,New York,Colorado,Illinois,Tennessee,Kansas and Missouri—the delegation was organized by the China-United States Exchange Foundation(CUSEF).Established in Hong Kong in 2008

  13. Curie surface of Borborema Province, Brazil

    Correa, Raphael T.; Vidotti, Roberta M.; Oksum, Erdinc


    The Curie surface interpreted from magnetic data through spatial frequency domain techniques is used to provide information on the thermal structure of Borborema Province. The Borborema Province is part of the neoproterozoic collision of an orogenic system situated between the São Francisco-Congo and São Luís-West Africa cratons, which formed the Gondwana Supercontinent. The Curie surface of Borborema Province varies from 18 to 59 km, which reveals the complexity in the crustal composition of the study area. The thermal structure shows different crustal blocks separated by the main shear zones, which corroborates the evolution model of allochthonous terranes. The Curie surface signature for the west portion of Pernambuco Shear Zone may indicate processes of mantle serpentinization, once the Curie isotherm is deeper than Mohorovic discontinuity. In this region, the amplitude of Bouguer anomaly decreases, which corroborates long wavelength anomaly observed in the magnetic anomaly. We interpreted this pattern as evidence of the Brasiliano-Pan-Africano's subduction/collision event. Earthquakes in the region are concentrated mainly in shallow Curie surface regions (less resistant crust) and in transition zones between warm and cold blocks. We calculated the horizontal gradient of the Curie depth to emphasize the signature of contact between the thermal blocks. These regions mark possible crustal discontinuities, and have high correlation with orogenic gold occurrence in the study area.

  14. Rodent consumption in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

    Suwannarong, Kanokwan; Chapman, Robert S


    Rodents are important reservoirs of rodent-borne infections worldwide, including Southeast Asia and Northeast Thailand (Isaan), where rodent consumption may be a source of rodent-borne diseases. The behavior of consuming rodents is related to a population's traditions, knowledge, cultural, and household contexts, among other factors. This cross-sectional survey was conducted in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand during November-December 2011. It aimed to elicit information about rodent consumption among residents of this province, and to identify factors associated with rodent consumption there. Multiple logistic regression analysis indicated that male gender, large family size, and use of rainwater as the main source of drinking water were positively associated with reported rodent consumption in this province, while having proper knowledge/attitudes towards animal-borne disease was negatively associated. These results provide evidence-base information for further studies, such as participatory ac- tion research, to further explore how people interact with rodents in different contexts. Further research is also needed to characterize risk of zoonotic diseases in relation to rodent consumption.

  15. Simulated water productivity in Gansu Province, China

    Zhan, Jinyan; Sun, Zhongxiao; Wang, Zhan; Chen, Jiancheng; Li, Zhaohua

    Economic value of water and economic analysis of water use management in Gansu Province of China have attracted widespread public attention. With the socioeconomic development, research on water resources has become more important than before. In this study, we define "water productivity" as the changes of economic production outputs of sectoral activities in every cubic meter of water input, which is also the technical coefficient of water resource use in each sector. According to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, based on the Input-Output Table 2007 and water resources bulletin of Gansu Province, we introduced the water into the ORANI-G (A Generic Single-Country Computable General Equilibrium model) model through the nested constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function to analyze the changes of economic productions caused by water supply changes. We then examined water productivity in different sectors. Empirical results showed that current water productivity is underestimated. Agricultural water productivity is lower than that of the secondary and tertiary industries, even although agricultural water use is the largest part of water use in Gansu Province, and therefore improving agricultural water productivity can greatly mitigate the water shortage. Simulation results indicate that industrial transformation and development of water-saving industries will also mitigate water scarcity. Moreover, sensitivity analysis shows that the empirical results are robust under different scenarios. The results also show that higher constant elasticity of substitution rate (CES) between water and other production factors will contribute to sustainable development.

  16. Empirical Analysis of the Vegetable Industry in Hebei Province


    We first introduce the status quo of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province,and then conduct empirical analysis of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province.Further,we analyze the development advantage of the vegetable industry in Hebei Province using SAI(Scale Advantage Indices) and SCA(Symmetric Comparative Advantage),drawing the conclusion that the vegetable industry in Hebei Province has much room for development;at the same time,we analyze the factors influencing vegetable consumption of residents in Hebei Province through the regression model,drawing the conclusion that the vegetable consumer price index is the main factor affecting the consumption.Finally we make recommendations for the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province as follows:increasing financial input,promoting policy guarantee capacity;implementing brand strategy,promoting the competitiveness of products;improving the ecological environment,promoting industrialization of pollution-free vegetables.

  17. Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province

    Ren Ziping; Luo Qishan; Wang Yanchun; Deng Hongbing; Zhao Jingzhu


    Based on the indicator system of Sustainable Development ( SD ), Shandong Province was selected as an example for assessment with AHP method and the standard year was 1978. The conclusion was that Shandong Province' s ability of SD was being strengthened step by step, and there were also some restrictive factors, and according to the basic conditions of Shandong Province, countermeasures and strategy of SD were put forward.

  18. CBERS-2B Monitored Forest Fires In Yunnan Province



    @@ Several forest fires hit Yunnan Province,in the southwest of China from April 6 to 9.Two disastrous fires happened near Shangri-La County,Yunnan Province.According to the requirement of the Land and Surveying Department of Yunnan Province,the China Center for Resources Satellite Data & Application (CRESDA) provided satellite monitoring images to detect the events.The processed CBERS-2B images were delivered to the related departments for decision making and disaster relief.

  19. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  20. Assessing Hospital Disaster Preparedness of Bushehr province

    Hakimeh Vahedparast


    Full Text Available Background: In disasters, large number of causalities rash into the hospitals in order to get health facilities. So, hospitals are the reference point for delivering the health services in all levels for helping to the most percent of injured people. Aim of study was to assess hospital disaster preparedness of Bushehr province. Maretial and Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study which has been done in all Bushehr province hospitals. In order to collect data, we used 210 questions checklist with 10 different aims each aim had consisted of 6 different domains (equipment, working stuff, physical space, structure, protocols and functional chart. The checklists were completed by direct observation and evaluation of equipment, programs and documents based on their domains with different people. Results: The hospital preparedness in traffic base was very poor with mean number of 19/04±16/10 evaluation of security education and management domain with mean number 35/29±26/52, 38/65±19/46, 36/36±24/05, respectively were poor. In logistics, workforce, communications, excused transportation and addition to the hospitals with the mean number of 53/26±26/31, 49/65±27/61, 45/53±18/29, 43/33±19/72, and 40/47±20/37 were estimated as average. The most number was belonged to the emergency with the mean number of 53/80±19/18. Conclusion: The Bushehr province hospitals have not enough preparation against unexpected disasters and cannot be a good supporter for disaster happening, and in the occasions of happenings so many serious problems will occur. It will be suggested that the hospital managers should pay more attention to the unexpected disasters.

  1. Colorectal cancer trends in Kerman province, the largest province in Iran, with forecasting until 2016.

    Roya, Nikbakht; Abbas, Bahrampour


    Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers. The aim of this study is determination its trends in Kerman province and individual cities separately until year 2016. This analytical and modeling study was based of cancer registry data of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, collected during 2001-2010. Among 20,351 cancer case, 792 were colorectal cancer cases in age group 18-93 years with a mean of 59.4 and standard deviation of 15.1. By applying time series and data trends, incidences were predicted until 2016 for the province and each city, with adjustment for population size. In colorectal cases, 413 (52%) were male, and 379 (48%) were female. The annual increasing rate in Kerman province overall was and can be expected to be 6%, and in the cities of the province Rafsanjan, Bardsir, Bam, Kerman, Baft, Sirjan, Jiroft, Kahnuj and Manujan had an increasing range from 5 to 14% by the year 2016. But in Ravar, Zarand and Shahrbabak reduction in rates of at least 2% could be predicted. The time series showed that the trend of colorectal cancer in female will increase 15% and in male 7% by year 2016. Given the trend of this cancer is increasing so that resources will be consumed in the treatment of the patients, efforts shoudlbe focused on prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. Screening could have an important role leading to improved survival.

  2. Payenia volcanic province, southern Mendoza, Argentina

    Søager, Nina; Holm, Paul Martin; Llambias, Eduardo Jorge


    The Pleistocene to Holocene Payenia volcanic province is a backarc region of 60,000 km2 in Mendoza, Argentina, which is dominated by transitional to alkaline basalts and trachybasalts. We present major and trace element compositions of 139 rocks from this area of which the majority are basaltic...... basalts, trace element variations suggest a significant contribution from lower crustal melts, possibly up to 70% in the most extreme cases. The contaminating lower crustal rocks must have been depleted mafic rocks with a plagioclase component. The extensive melting of lower crust is probably related...

  3. Hydrogeologic Provinces for California based upon established groundwater basins and watershed polygons.

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Ten hydrogeologic provinces of California are represented by a region- class feature called "provinces" within this digital data set. These provinces were identified...

  4. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory



    A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the wholecountry, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,

  5. The polypores of Guizhou Province I


    Thirty five species of polypores (Basidiomycetes,Aphyllophorales) from Guizhou Province are found from a field trip in Kuankuoshui Nature Reserve and Mt. Qianling, among which 6 species are new to China and 19 species are new to Guizhou. Three taxa in Antrodiella and Perenniporia were identified to genus, but no names were found for them in the literature, and they are evidently previously unkown species. Fomitopsis pinicola ( Sw.: Fr. ) P. Karst., Ganoderma applanatum (pers. ) Pat., Ganoderma tsunodae (Lloyd) Trott. and Rigidoporus lineatus (Pers. :Fr. ) Ryvarden are the pathogens on several trees of angiosperms in the province.%对贵州省宽阔水自然保护区和黔灵山的多孔菌进行了初步研究,共发现多孔菌35种,其中中国新纪录种6个,贵州新记录种19个.3个分类单位只鉴定到属,它们明显是中国以前未报道的种类,或为新种.松生层孔菌Fomitopsispinicola(Sw.:Fr.)P.Karst.,树舌灵芝Ganoderma applanatum(pers.)Pat.,粗皮灵芝Ganodermatsunodae(Lloyd)Trott.和平丝硬孔菌Rigidoporus lineatus(Pers.:Fr.)Ryvarden为树木病原菌.

  6. A Low-Li Geochemical Province in the NE Atlantic

    Bailey, J. C.; Gwozdz, R.


    Lithium was analysed in 392 basalts and related igneous rocks from the North Atlantic Tertiary-Recent province using activation analysis and Čerenkov counting. Monotonous Li values of 5.5±2 ppm in NE Atlantic basalts define a low-Li geochemical province which has persisted for 60 million years...

  7. Hainan Province Obtained 61 Exploration Rights in Multiple Countries


    <正>According to news sources from Hainan Province Land and Resources Department, Hainan Province actively implemented geological prospecting "Walking out" strategy, up till now Hainan geological prospecting units and enterprises have acquired 61 exploration rights, and 4 mining rights in Mozambique, Madagascar,

  8. Integrated Coastal Management in the Province Ca Mau - Vietnam

    Stoop, B.; Bouziotas, D.; Hanssen, J.L.J.; Dunnewolt, J.; Postma, M.G.


    The province of Ca Mau is the southernmost part of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. The water system of Ca Mau faces multiple challenges, both in its coastal zone and in its inland regions. the coastal zone in the province. In view of this, this study presents an integrated approach for combined coasta

  9. The Development Model of Agricultural Insurance in Anhui Province

    Pu; YOU


    The agricultural economy in Anhui Province is developing so fast,but farmers are severely affected by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. The current agricultural insurance mode is not suitable,therefore,the research on agricultural insurance modes of Anhui Province helps to promote the steady development of the agricultural production. Starting from situation of agricultural insurance in Anhui Province,learning from both experience of foreign country and the latest successful domestic modes,we try to put forward agricultural insurance mode framework which is suitable for Anhui Province. Based on the actual situation of Anhui Province,it is necessary to adopt the mode of government leading combined with agricultural mutual aid rather than copy the existing mode.

  10. Developmental Strategies of Betel Nut Industry in Hainan Province


    The developmental status of the betel nut industry is introduced, including cultivation situation, processing and development situation, and consumer market situation. The result shows that the cultivation of betel nut in Hainan Province develops rapidly and the primary processing of betel nut has formed certain scale, but the deep processing of betel nut is backward. Except for the mino amount of the betel nuts consumed by Hainan Island, a large majority of the betel nuts are processed into dry fruit to sell to Hunan Province to reprocess. The problems exist in the development of betel nut industry in Hainan Province are analyzed, covering blind cultivation, extensive management, backward processing, lagged new product development and the single and concentrated consumer market. The strategic choice of developing the betel nut industry of Hainan Province is analyzed as well. Hainan Province should carry out the green, sustainable, diversified, cooperative and export-oriented industrial developmental strategy.

  11. Dengue virus serotype in Aceh Province



    Full Text Available WHO estimated 50 million dengue infections happen every year in the world. In Indonesia, there were 90,245 DHF cases on 2012 with 816 deaths. In the Province of Aceh, 2,269 cases happened in the same year. This study aimed to identify dengue virus serotype in Aceh. Sampling was done in Kota Banda Aceh Hospital, Kota Lhokseumawe Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Barat Hospital, and Kabupaten Simeulue Hospital between May to December 2012. This was a clinical laboratory research with observation design using cross sectional approach. Research’s population was sample from patients with dengue clinical symptom. Using purposive sampling technique, we have collected 100 samples from the five hospitals (20 samples from each hospital. From RT-PCR, we found 16 positive samples (9 samples were DENV-4, 3 samples were DENV-1, 2 samples were DENV-2, and 2 samples were DENV-3.

  12. Agricultural Investment Environment in Shaanxi Province


    The features of ageing,low educational level and female domination on the part of agricultural labor forces,determine that the sustainable development of agriculture can not rely entirely on farmers,who are engaged in dispersed planting and small-scale operation,therefore,improving agricultural investment environment,and taking positive measures to promote diversification of the main body of agricultural investment,is the key to the healthy development of agriculture.From four aspects(the industrial base of agriculture,arable land resource conditions,capital investment capacity,input of means of production),this article establishes evaluation indicator system of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi Province,and based on this,make recommendations for improvement of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi.

  13. The Path Analysis of Farmers’ Income Structure in Yunnan Province

    Yongtian; XIAO; Yu; CUI; Lijia; HU


    The problem of farmers’ income growth is the key of issues concerning agriculture,countryside and farmers,so the farmers’ income growth is the fundamental starting point for agricultural and rural economic development. In this paper,we use the statistics concerning farmers’ income in Yunnan Province from 1995 to 2012,to perform the path analysis of components of farmers’ income in Yunnan Province,study the path of influence of components of farmers’ income on farmers’ net income,and then set forth the policy recommendations for increasing farmers’ income in Yunnan Province.

  14. Contribution on the Tabanidae (Diptera Fauna of Antalya Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available In this study, carried out 35 species in Antalya province. Totally 35 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Silvius alpinus, Chrysops viduatus, Atylotus loewianus, Tabanus atropathenicus, T. bifarius, T. cordiger, T. darimonti, T. glaucopis, T. leleani, T. lunatus, T. maculicornis; T. miki, T. portschinski, T. prometheus, T. spodopteroides, T. tinctus, T. sudeticus, Hemotopota italica, H. ocelligera, H. pallens, and H. subcylindrica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Antalya province reaches to 52 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  15. Strategic Ideas of Greenway Construction in Ecological Zhejiang Province

    LIUBinyi; XUWenhui


    This article grasps the implication of ecology based on the theory of greenway, With the purpose of making Zhejiang Province become an ecological province, it points out that the problems exist in the greenway construction and makes it clear that the greenway construction is very important. Furthermore, in combination with the linear green open spaces, such as greening passages, tourist areas, and administration facilities in Zhejiang Province, this article puts forward the strategic ideas of the greenways construction and the strategies, measures to apply the greenways construction.

  16. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #5

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  17. Geologic Provinces of the Far East, 2000 (prv3al)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the Far East (China, Mongolia, North and...


    JIANG Hui-ming; GU Li-li


    Jilin Province is one of the main grain-producing provinces of China, which has dominant position in maize production, by the view of its advantages in policy, location, breed and market. And after entering WTO,some measures have been taken to enhance maize competitive ability. But there are some difficulties in concentrating production to maize advantaged areas. This paper expounds the basis that Jilin Province becomes the advantage area of maize, analyzes the problems and puts forward the supporting policy. Some strategic measures are proposed,as developing comparable advantages, carrying out the strategy of un-equilibrium development and cultivating advantaged product areas of maize to rapidly improve the international competitive ability and productivity of maize in Jilin Province, cast the agricultural predicament off and promote the agricultural development into a new stage.

  19. Alumina Producers in Shandong Province Allied to Win Negotiation


    <正>Faced with the soaring bauxite price,five alu- mina producers in Shandong Province jointly established Shangdong Bauxite Import Compa- nies Club to gain a better position in price ne- gotiation with foreign counterparts by getting

  20. Comparative Study on Property Income of Farmers in Shaanxi Province

    DONG Hong


    According to statistic data of Shaanxi Province during 1997 to 2010,I conducted a comparative analysis on farmers’ property income from region,urban and rural factors and structure,established regression model,and studied the relationship between farmers’ property income and gross income.Results show that the growth of average property income of farmers in Shaanxi Province is clearly slow,and the gap is widening from the average national level;except 2001 and 2002,the average property income of urban and rural residents of Shaanxi Province kept a great difference;the proportion of rural residents’ property income is very small,basically not higher than 3%;there is a significant correlation between the property income and gross income of farmers in Shaanxi Province.Energetically developing rural economy and increasing farmers’ property are favorable to growth of farmers’ property income.

  1. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  2. Geologic Provinces of Southeast Asia, 2000 (prv3bl)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia,...

  3. South America Province Boundaries, 1999 (prv6ag)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — South America is part of Region 6 (Central and South America) for the World Energy Assessment. South America was divided into 107 geologic provinces as background...

  4. Development Strategy of Sugarcane Industry in Guangdong Province

    CHEN Yue-gui; WU Jian-tao; YANG Jun-xian; LI Qi-wei; XIE Jing; PAN Fang-yin; WU Wen-long; LIU Fu-ye; DENG Hai-hua; QI Yong-wen


    Guangdong Province is one of the main producing areas of sugarcane in China, and one of China’s three regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, having good basis and conditions for developing sugarcane industry. In this research, using the SWOT-AHP method, we set 20 assessment indicators (such as the regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, huge demand for domestic sugar, increased production costs and backward system of sugarcane), to analyze the development strategy of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of sugarcane industrial development in Guangdong Province. The results show that in order to promote the development of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, it is necessary to adopt the SO development strategy (relying on its own strengths and using favorable external environment), to achieve the rapid development.

  5. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids, #1

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  6. SWOT Analysis of Vinegar Export of Shanxi Province



      This article is based on the SWOT theory, and analyze the vinegar export situations of Shanxi province. Finding out the opportunities and challenges the vinegar plants confronts is this article’s main purpose.

  7. Geologic provinces of Iran, 2000 (prv2cg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set includes arcs, polygons, and polygon labels for geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by R.M. Pollastro based on numerous...

  8. Highlights from Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


    Although the extraction of mineral wealth has been the major influence in the history of Johannesburg and the surrounding Witwatersrand regions (with about 45% of all gold ever mined coming from there), the discovery of now-famous hominid fossils at the Sterkfontein Caves, and the convening of the world's largest-ever conference on environment and development, are setting a new stage for the future. The United Nations began the second Development and Environment Conference in Johannesburg on August 26, 2002. This meeting addresses the implementation of international goals to fight poverty and protect the global environment that were established at the first such conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Johannesburg summit involves about forty thousand participants, and perhaps 100 world leaders. One of several official opening ceremonies for the conference was held at the Sterkfontein Caves to recognize the outstanding universal value of the paleo-anthropological fossils found there.These views from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) highlight a number of the land use, vegetation, and geological features found within Gauteng Province (including the urban center of Johannesburg and the capital city Pretoria) and parts of the North West and Free State Provinces. The image on the right displays vegetation in red hues and is a false-color view utilizing data from MISR's near-infrared, red and blue bands. Both the natural-color view (left) and the false-color version were acquired by MISR's nadir camera on June 16, 2002. The urban areas appear as gray-colored pixels in the natural-color view, and exhibit colors corresponding with the relative abundance of vegetation found in the urban parts of this arid region.The mountains trending east-west near the center of the images extend from Pretoria in the east to Rustenberg in the west. These ranges, the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg, separate the low-lying, hotter bushveld to the north from the cooler

  9. Developing Potential of Low-carbon Agriculture in Heilongjiang Province

    Yang Hui; Li Cui-xia; Chen Yao; Fu Rao


    Based on the trace of origin and development process of low-carbon economy, the paper defined the concept of low- carbon agriculture. As a case, the development of low-carbon advantage and disadvantage of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province made a systematic analysis of factors; it based on the empirical and comparative analysis of low-carbon development in Heilongjiang Province and put forward countermeasures and suggestions of agriculture. At last, the low-carbon agriculture was prospected in the future.

  10. Pharmacovigilance in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba

    Bárzaga Arencibia, Z.; López Leyva, A.; Mejías Peña, Y.; González Reyes, A.R.; Fernández Manzano, E.; Choonara, Imti


    Purpose: Our aim was to describe the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) detected following increased education about pharmacovigilance and drug toxicity in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba. Methods: Over a period of 24 months (January 2009 to December 2010), all reports of suspected ADRs in children to the Provincial Pharmacovigilance Centre in Camagüey Province were analysed. ADRs were classified in relation to causality and severity. Results: There were 533 reports involvi...

  11. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta) in the Opole Province (Poland)

    Stebel Adam


    Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  12. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta in the Opole Province (Poland

    Stebel Adam


    Full Text Available Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp. Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  13. ICT Strategic Planning for Mazandaran Province

    Mohammad Reza Shojaie


    Full Text Available Today, regarding rapid changes in the environment, any organization, institution or country that overlooks its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, will face real challenges. Strategic planning in organizations is a common response to these challenges which also facilitate achieving goals in an organization. Today, the importance of ICT is increased, which necessitates ICT strategic planning to use ICT in organizations. So, this study aimed to propose ICT strategic plans for Mazandaran province. For this end, at first using stakeholders' viewpoints, the vision, mission and goals are provided. Then, Internal & External Matrix was suggested and identified factors were ranked using Analytic Network Processing (ANP. Then, concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and using SWOT analysis, ICT strategies were provided. Finally, using QSPM matrix, the strategies were ranked. Regarding this ranking, dedicated budget to ICT in governmental organizations, using integration architecture, developing organizational and inter-organizational information systems, developing mechanisms to absorb national and local financial resources for extending ICT infrastructures and finally concerning ICT trainings for managers and people, were in the top of the list.

  14. Church Tourism in Batangas Province, Philippines



    Full Text Available Church tourism has clearly increased over the past ten years. Churches are an important part of the tourism product of many parts of the country. This study aimed to determine the contribution of the churches in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects of the place, to identify the problems encountered in the promoting church tourism and propose plan of action to sustain the tourism of the Province of Batangas through churches. The researchers used the descriptive method of research and utilized self-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument of the study. The respondents were consisting of 5 people in the offices of the pilgrim churches from Batangas City and 10 churchgoers. The respondents agree that pilgrim churches contribute to tourism in terms of social and economics aspect while they strongly agree in term of cultural aspect. The most commonly experienced problems were the accessibility of the transportation and an action plan was proposed to address the problems encountered. The recommendation addressed that roving guards should be provided to ensure the safety and security of the tourists during their visit in the church. The church personnel may provide creative and command activities that will encourage people. Also they may have a briefing about the history of the church so that if visitor needs information it easy for them to answer and an action plan may be implemented to solve the problem encountered.

  15. Crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China based on seismic ambient noise tomography

    Pang, Guanghua; Feng, Jikun; Lin, Jun


    We imaged the crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China with fundamental mode Rayleigh waves recorded by 60 broadband stations deployed in the region. Surface-wave empirical Green's functions were retrieved from cross-correlations of inter-station data and phase velocity dispersions were measured using a frequency-time analysis method. Dispersion measurements were then utilized to construct 2D phase velocity maps for periods between 5 and 35 s. Subsequently, the phase-dispersion curves extracted from each cell of the 2D phase velocity maps were inverted to determine the 3D shear wave velocity structures of the crust. The phase velocity maps at different periods reflected the average velocity structures corresponding to different depth ranges. The maps in short periods, in particular, were in excellent agreement with known geological features of the surface. In addition to imaging shear wave velocity structures of the volcanoes, we show that obvious low-velocity anomalies imaged in the Changbaishan-Tianchi Volcano, the Longgang-Jinlongdingzi Volcano, and the system of the Dunmi Fault crossing the Jingbohu Volcano, all of which may be due to geothermal anomalies.

  16. Edible Macrofungi of Çorum Province

    Sinan Alkan


    Full Text Available According to the scientists, the world's population by 2050 is estimated to exceed 9 billion, in order to meet the nutritional needs of people, it is expected that in the future to need more food production than today. Therefore in the world, food organizations, institutions and communities various action plans provide in the reports published. In these plans, diversification of the production, fast, quick and easy way to produce food, less harmful farming practices to the nature and the environment, and etc. topics are included. In line these plans with last years, the greater the number of species used as food and with ease of cultivation, mushrooms and mushroom cultivations are gaining importance. For this purpose, the determination of the diversity of edible mushrooms in nature and investigation that how can be taken to culture, it will also provide support to the production of different species of mushrooms. In the field studies performed between 2011 and 2013, after taking pictures on their habitats mushroom samples, collected within the Çorum province limits, were brought to the laboratory wrapped in aluminum foil properly. After measuring and studying on special structures under a microscope in the laboratory, they were identified according to the literature. Fungarium tag were prepared for identified mushrooms. These mushrooms, made into the Fungarium materials, were stored in Fungarium of the Directorate of Mushroom Application and Research Centre of Selçuk University. In conclusion, according to the literature four taxa belong to Ascomycota and 52 taxa belong to Basidiomycota, in totally of 56 taxa were found to be edible feature. These 56 taxa were represented by two divisio, four ordo and 14 families. The localities of identified species in the provincial boundaries are given. The names of species known among people with ethno mycological research, done during field studies, also were detected.

  17. Landscape Analysis of Geographical Names in Hubei Province, China

    Xixi Chen


    Full Text Available Hubei Province is the hub of communications in central China, which directly determines its strategic position in the country’s development. Additionally, Hubei Province is well-known for its diverse landforms, including mountains, hills, mounds and plains. This area is called “The Province of Thousand Lakes” due to the abundance of water resources. Geographical names are exclusive names given to physical or anthropogenic geographic entities at specific spatial locations and are important signs by which humans understand natural and human activities. In this study, geographic information systems (GIS technology is adopted to establish a geodatabase of geographical names with particular characteristics in Hubei Province and extract certain geomorphologic and environmental factors. We carry out landscape analysis of mountain-related geographical names and water-related geographical names respectively. In the end, we calculate the information entropy of geographical names of each county to describe the diversity and inhomogeneity of place names in Hubei province. Our study demonstrates that geographical names represent responses to the cultural landscape and physical environment. The geographical names are more interesting in specific landscapes, such as mountains and rivers.

  18. Environmental factors of urinary stones mineralogy, Khouzestan Province, Iran

    Zarasvandi, Alireza; Carranza, E. J. M.; Heidari, Majid; Mousapour, Esmaeil


    Urinary stone diseases in the Khouzestan province (southwest Iran) are growing in number and it required extensive studies on various factors of the urinary stones formation in this province. In this research, in addition to distribution of urinary stones in different areas of province, the role of bioenvironmental (race), climate (temperature) and geology (water hardness) factors in urinary stones diversity has been studied. Mineralogical studied using X-ray diffraction showed that uricite and whewellite are the most frequency mineral phases. Struvite, Cystine, hydroxyapatite, weddellite, and Niahite can be observed as urinary stones, too. These data show that the urinary stone in the Khouzestan province can divide into 7 groups: calcium oxalate, phosphate, calcium oxalate/ phosphate, Urate, Urate/calcium, Urate/calcium oxalate/phosphate, Cystine/calcium oxalate. Also the results which attained from temperature effect investigation on the mineralogy of urinary stones, confirms that from Mediterranean sub-humid climates (northeastern area) to warm and dry climates (south and southwest area), calcium oxalate stones and urate stones concentration decreases and increases respectively. Comparison of data related to the drinking water hardness and mineralogy of urinary stones in different areas of Khouzestan province show that the combination of drinking water (especially water hardness) affects mineralogy of urinary stones in some areas (such az Ramhormoz and Hendijan). Finally, the data suggest that frequency of calcium oxalate in women is more than that of men. Moreover, there is direct relationship between the age (>45 years) and the increase in frequency of Urate minerals.

  19. [Emergy analysis of ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province].

    Liu, Hao; Wang, Qing; Li, Xiu-Juan; Song, Yang; Li, Guang-Jun


    By the methods of emergy analysis, this paper studied the emergy flow in the ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province in 1990-2005, and the relationships between the environmental stress caused by resources' input, output and consumption and the sustainable development of the Province. The results showed that in Liaoning Province, the non-renewable resources occupied over 74% of the total consumed emergy, and the realistic population in 2005 was 3.26 times higher than the supportable population. In 1990-2005, the emergy yield ratio decreased from 65.40 to 10.13, emergy loading ratio increased from 2.72 to 7.18, and emergy sustainable index decreased from 24.03 to 1.41. The rapid economic growth in Liaoning Province was chiefly supported by the consumption of vast non-renewable resources, which caused the pressure of economic development on ecosystem getting more and more intense, the economic development increasingly depending on exogenous resources, and the sustainable development of Liaoning ecological-economic system having a continuing decrease. To realize the sustainable development in Liaoning Province, the principles of reduction, reutilization and recycling should be taken as the guidelines for promoting the reuse of wastes and the closed fine circulation of resources to minimize the discharge of wastes.

  20. Spatial distribution of cancer in Kohgilooyeh and Boyerahmad province

    M Fararouei


    Full Text Available Spatial distribution of cancer is one of the powerful tools in epidemiology of cancer. The present study is designed to understand the geographical distribution of most frequent types of cancer in K&B province. Methods: All registered cases of cancer are reviewed and duplicate cases were removed. The data was analyzed using Arcgis software. Results: Of all registered cases, 1273  remained for analysis of which 57% were residences of urban areas. Cities including  Sisakht, Yasuj and Dehdsasht were shown to have highest incidence rates among the Urban areas. Dena, Sepidar and Kohmare Khaleghi had the highest rates among the rural areas in the province. Skin cancer was the most common type of cancer which had the highest rates of incidence in Sisakht and Dehdasht and Dena and Sepidar among urban and rural areas respectively. Conclusion: The distribution of cancer was not even in the province. Attitude and consumption of wild and regional plants are introduced as the potential risk factors for such a spatial distribution of the common cancers I the province. The results of this study could be used for further analytical studies to understand the regional etiology of cancer in the province.

  1. Hydrocarbon provinces and productive trends in Libya and adjacent areas

    Missallati, A.A. (Agip (N.A.M.E.)Ltd., Tripoli (Libya))


    According to the age of major reservoirs, hydrocarbon occurrences in Libya and adjacent areas can be grouped into six major systems which, according to their geographic locations, can be classified into two major hydrocarbon provinces: (1) Sirte-Pelagian basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from middle-late Mesozoic to early Tertiary, and (2) Murzog-Ghadames basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from early Paleozoic to early Mesozoic. In the Sirte-Pelagian basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped in structural highs or in stratigraphic wedge-out against structural highs and in carbonate buildups. Here, hydrocarbon generation is characterized by the combined effect of abundant structural relief and reservoir development in the same hydrocarbon systems of the same age, providing an excellent example of hydrocarbon traps in sedimentary basins that have undergone extensive tensional fracturing in a shallow marine environment. In the Murzog-Ghadames basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped mainly in structural highs controlled by paleostructural trends as basement arches which acted as focal points for oil migration and accumulation.

  2. Urbanization of Jilin Province and Its Spatial Pattern

    WANG Bo; GUO Qinghai; Dou Sen


    Urbanization is a crucial criterion of assessing a nation's or a particular region's level of modernization. It has been accelerated all over the world in the 21th century. The main purpose of this research is to provide a strategy of spatial pattern ofurbanization for rural areas in Jilin Province based on the reality of economic development in Jilin and the imbalance of natural resources distribution. The strategy divides the nine central cities of Jilin Province into three economic circles. The outer economic circle, open circle, includes Yanbian, Baishan, Tonghua and Baicheng, covering the eastern and western parts of Jilin Province. The middle one includes Jilin, Liaoyuan, Siping and Songyuan. The inner one, centring as Changchun, includes Gongzhuling, Yitong, Nong'an, Jiutai and Dehui. It needs to centre as Changchun which has the good foundation of economic development and more economic increase, then by economic effect extending out gradually, other areas develop subsequently. To construct Jilin as a green ecological province, cultivation in the outer circle should be controlled, with the main aim to recover grassland. Large population should be moved to other places by developing labor economy. From economy and ecology, to decrease the load of the land can reduce the loss of the resources and benefit the balance of ecology. Subsequently, the whole province's economy will be developed sustainably.

  3. Epidemiology of cancer in Mazandaran province 2006

    Faezeh Norouzi Nejad1


    Full Text Available (Received 11 April, 2009 ; Accepted 8 July, 2009AbstractBackground and purpose: Cancer is the second most common cause of death in developed countries and third in less developed countries. The incidence of the different histological types of cancer varies greatly between various populations and is attributed to occupational, social, cultural, racial, and geographic influences. The objective of this study was to determine and register all cases of cancer among population of Mazandaran province, during the year of .Materials and methods: Characteristics of all registered malignancies were obtained from records in histopathology and radiology clinical, hospitals and deaths certificated in Mazandaran using the International Classification of Disease (ICD, with data being analyzed using ASR, Excel and spss soft ware.Results: A total of . patients with cancers were found during this study. These, .. were males and . (.% females. Age standardized rate (ASR for all cancers in males and females were 1. and . Respectively. The most common malignancies among females were breast (. skin (., colon and rectum cancers (..In men, stomach (42.41, skin (. and esophagus (. were the most common cancers respectively. Infiltrating duct carcinoma, was the most common histopathological types of tumors (69. in breast cancer. The most common morphology in stomach cancer was adenocarcinoma, (..Conclusion: Distribution of malignant disorders in our population is different from other regions. Therefore, it appears necessary to have a valid health policy for prevention. Consequently, it is necessary to have a valid health policy for prevention and control of this problem.Key words: J Mazand Univ Med

  4. Political Ideology and Economic Freedom across Canadian Provinces

    Bjørnskov, Christian; Potrafke, Niklas

    This paper examines how political ideology influenced economic freedom in the Canadian provinces. We analyze the dataset of economic freedom indicators compiled by the Fraser Institute in 10 Canadian provinces over the 1981-2005 period and introduce two different indices of political ideology: go...... leftist and rightwing governments concerning the role of government in the economy and (2) indicates that ideological polarization concerns governments but less parliamentary fractions in the Canadian provinces. ......: government and parliament ideology. The results suggest that government ideology influenced labor market reforms: market-oriented governments promoted liberalization of the labor market. Parliamentary ideology did not influence economic liberalization at all. This finding (1) identifies differences between...

  5. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Shaanxi Province


    This article analyses the agricultural production efficiency of all cities and areas in Shaanxi Province in the period 2006-2009 using data envelopment analysis method,and compares the agricultural production efficiency between all cities and areas.The results show that the agricultural production efficiency and scale efficiency of agriculture of Shaanxi Province are high on the whole,but the efficiency of agricultural technology is very low,agricultural development still relies on factor inputs,and the driving role of technological progress is not conspicuous.Finally the following countermeasures are put forward to promote agricultural productivity in Shaanxi Province:improve the construction of agricultural infrastructure,and increase agricultural input;accelerate the project of extending agricultural technology into households,and promote the conversion and use rate of agricultural scientific and technological achievements;establish and improve industrial system of agriculture,and speed up the building of various agricultural cooperative economic organizations.

  6. Contribution to the Tabanidae (Insecta: Diptera Fauna of Kayseri Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available As a result of study in Kayseri province subfamily Pangonine depending 1 species, subfamily Chrysopsinae depending 3 species and subfamily Tabaninae depending 36 species. Totally 40 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Chrysops caecutiens, Atylotus fulvus, Atylotus loewianus, Hybomitra acuminata, Tabanus armeniacus, Tabanus atropathenicus, Tabanus autumnalis, Tabanus cordiger, Tabanus eggeri, Tabanus glaucopis, Tabanus holtzianus, Tabanus indrae, Tabanus prometheus, Tabanus quatuornatatus, Tabanus regularis, Tabanus rupium, Tabanus spodopterus, Tabanus tergestinus, Tabanus tinctus, Haematopota crassicornis, Haematopota grandis, Haematopota pallens, Haematopota subcylindrica, Dasyrhamphis carbonarius and Philipomyia aprica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Kayseri province reaches to 42 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  7. [Malignant pustule in province of Milan, Italy (author's transl)].

    Gelosa, L


    Preliminary the statistical data are reported about human malignant pustule denounced in Italy in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Correlatively the outbreaks and cases of haematic anthrax in animals declared in Italy, in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Then the outbreaks of malignant pustule in Province of Milan are related in 1975-1977 period in the resident population where is considerable concentration of the leather manufactures. The epidemiological and microbiological researches have determined the relation among the outbreak of malignant pustule and the working of the hides imported from African Countries (Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Burundi-Kenya, Uganda) containing the spores of b. anthrax. The spores besides to cause infections of the workmen employed in the hide manufacture (industrial anthrax) through the effluents and solid refuses from the tanneries, are dispended upon the tiled ground and determine outbreak the haematic anthrax in the animals and agricultural coutaneus anthrax in the men.

  8. Health Technology Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Shanxi Province

    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Assess the current status of MRI in Shanxi province by health technology assessment method to provide suggestion and guidelines for future government decisions on the procurement and installation of new high-tech medical equipments. All of the 21 hospitals installed MRIs were surveyed.The results showed that 1 ) Diffusion of MRI is consistent with the economic development in different regional districts and hospital levels in Shanxi province. 2) There are better monetary returns of MRI in higher level hospitals than lower level hospitals. 3) Most MRIs in Shanxi province had been running at a loss, and the first class tertiary level hospitals had been making profit from providing MRI services to patients. 4) Better cost-benefit accorded with higher hospital level, more patients serviced etc. 5 ) The biggest investment risk is the initial purchase and installation of MRI. 6) Positive rates and veracity of MRI diagnosis were higher. 7) MRI is a safe equipment.

  9. The Mycetophagidae (Coleoptera of the Maritime Provinces of Canada

    Christopher Majka


    Full Text Available The Mycetophagidae (hairy fungus beetles of the Maritime Provinces of Canada are surveyed. Seven species in the genera Mycetophagus, Litargus, and Typhaea are found in the region. Six new provincial records are reported including Mycetophagus punctatus and Mycetophagus flexuosus, whichare newly recorded in the Maritime Provinces. The distribution of all species is mapped, colour habitus photographs of all species are figured, and an identification key to species is provided. The discussion notes that four of the species found in the region are apparently rare, possibly due to the history of forest management practices in the region; a situation similar to that of a significant proportion of other saproxylic beetles found in the Maritime Provinces.

  10. The application of environmental certification to the Province of Siena.

    Ridolfi, R; Andreis, D; Panzieri, M; Ceccherini, F


    The SPIn-Eco project has provided very broad and precise data collection regarding the Province of Siena. These data and their elaborations have also been developed as a basis for the environmental certification of this organization. In this way, the Administration of the Province of Siena (the first Province in Italy) has reached its goal of obtaining better knowledge of the state of the system and of constructing its environmental management system (EMS) according to the environmental aspects directly and indirectly arising from the organization's activities. Indirect aspects are mainly related to the territorial monitoring and planning. Indicators based on the classical pressure-state-response approach, as well as more complex ones based on CO(2) balance, emergy and ecological footprint analyses, have been used to assess the environmental performance of the EMS. This paper presents how this EMS is constructed, as well as the indicators that are used to analyze the system, paying particular attention to sustainability indicators.

  11. Thermodynamic analysis of the province of Ravenna (Italy).

    Bastianoni, Simone; Marchettini, Nadia; Panzieri, Margherita; Ridolfi, Roberto


    This is a thermodynamic analysis of the Province of Ravenna (Italy) and its districts (Ravenna, Faenza and Lugo) and an evaluation of entropy waste production based on a balance sheet of greenhouse gases. The method used is energy analysis. The results show that the Province and Ravenna are characterized by a heavy exploitation of local non renewable resources, Faenza strikes a good balance between economic development and environment conservation and Lugo is less sustainable than the others. The greenhouse gas balance shows that the Province emits 10.5 times the quantity of greenhouse gases that it adsorbs and that the emissions reduction is required in the energy sector, which is responsible for 92% of the total.

  12. Note on Cladonia species (lichenized Ascomycota from Ardahan province (Turkey

    Piotr Osyczka


    Full Text Available This paper is the first report on Cladonia species from Ardahan, a north-eastern province of Turkey. A circumpolar boreal-low arctic species, Cladonia acuminata, rarely reported from Asia, and the recently described Cladonia monomorpha are reported as new for Turkey. Their detailed descriptions and taxonomical remarks are provided. Localities of other ascertained Cladonia species in the province supplement the knowledge of their distribution patterns in the country. In addition, the typically corticolous/lignicolous species Vulpicida pinastri is mentioned as also growing on primary squamules and podetia of C. pyxidata.

  13. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn

    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used for co...... are striking. A ‘one size fits all' approach to credit policy in Vietnam would be inappropriate......This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used...

  14. Quaternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina

    Søager, Nina

    The extensive Quaternary volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Mendoza, Argentina, is investigated in this study by major and trace element analyses, Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb-isotopic analyses and Zr-Hf isotope dilution data on samples from almost the entire province. The samples are mainly...... in basalts from all the studied volcanic fields in Payenia is signs of lower crustal contamination indicating assimilation of, in some cases, large amounts of trace element depleted, mafic, plagioclase-bearing rocks. The northern Payenia is dominated by backarc basalts erupted between late Pliocene to late...

  15. RTG resource book for western states and provinces: Final proceedings



    The Western Interstate Energy Board held a workshop and liaison activities among western states, provinces, and utilities on the formation of Regional Transmission Groups (RTGs). Purpose of the activities was to examine the policy implications for western states and provinces in the formation of RTGs in the West, the implications for western ratepayers and utilities of the RTG formation and potential impacts of RTGs on the western electricity system. The workshop contributed to fulfilling the transmission access and competition objectives of Title VII of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

  16. Genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake in Yunnan Province

    SHA Tao; ZHANG HanBo; DING HuaSun; LI ZongJu; CHENG LiZhong; ZHAO ZhiWei; ZHANG YaPing


    To investigate the genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake, we studied ITS and IGS1 sequences and PCR polymorphism of a retrotransposon in 56 fruit bodies collected from 13 counties of 9 regions in Yunnan Province. We found one and three haplotypes based on ITS and IGS1 sequences, respectively.Moreover, there was no significant difference in PCR polymorphism of the retrotransposon among different populations. Compared with Jilin Province (China) and Japanese populations, although Yunnan was highly homogenous to Japanese populations, Iow genetic diversity of T. matsutake in Yunnan did not support the view that this species originated from Yunnan.

  17. Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province, China


    Status of economic development in Shaanxi Province is analyzed, showing that Shaanxi Province has achieved the fast and stable economic growth; and total GDP and fixed assets investment have shown a sustainable growth. According to the time series statistics of Shaanxi Province in the years 1978-2008, Cobb-Douglas Function is used to carry out the empirical analysis on the contribution of fixed assets investment and labor input to economic growth of Shaanxi Province, China. Result shows that capital and labor input are the major driving forces for the economic growth of Shaanxi Province. In other words, economic growth mode of Shaanxi Province is still extensive. Economic growth of Shaanxi Province is increasingly dependent on capital investment and technological progress. Contribution rates of capital and labor to economic growth are 66.9% and 33.1%, respectively. Therefore, investment is a source of economic growth in Shaanxi Province through the reform and opening up in the last three decades.

  18. Geologic Provinces of the Former Soviet Union, 2000 (prv1ec)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data represent geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by the authors and based on numerous literature and map resources. Geologic province...

  19. Study on the Driving Forces of Rocky Desertification in Guizhou Province Based on Variation Coefficient Method


    [Objective] The aim was to study the driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province. [Method] Based on GIS and RS technology, the main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were analyzed by means of correlation analysis and variation coefficient method, and then the distribution of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province was assessed synthetically. [Result] The main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were vegetation cover, rainfall, peasant incom...

  20. Actuality and Influencing Factors of Integrated Production Capacity of Foodstuff in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhou Hui-qiu; Zhang De-hua


    Heilongjiang Province is an important marketable grain depot in China. Since the reform and opening up, Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff is increasingly growing into a new level. This paper started with the actuality of Heilongjiang Province integrated production capacity of foodstuff, and analyzed its major factors empirically through the mathematical model, then proposed some measures to enhance Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff which ensured China foodstuff security

  1. The marine mollusk fauna of the Virginian area as a basis for defining Zoogeographical provinces

    Coomans, H.E.


    The marine fauna of the American Atlantic coast between Cape Cod and Cape Hatteras, the Virginian area, is placed by zoogeographers in different provinces: in the Transatlantic, or in the Boreal province. It is sometimes considered to be a province of its own, or only a transition between the Boreal

  2. China's Most Populous Province to Ban Fetus Sex Identification


    Henan, the most populous province in central China,is plagued by an excessively high sex ratio imbalance at birth in certain parts of the province. To ameliorate the situation, the province will enact regulations to ban non-medically necessary fetus gender identification and sex-selective abortions.

  3. The Emeishan large igneous province: A synthesis

    J. Gregory Shellnutt


    Full Text Available The late Permian Emeishan large igneous province (ELIP covers ∼0.3 × 106 km2 of the western margin of the Yangtze Block and Tibetan Plateau with displaced, correlative units in northern Vietnam (Song Da zone. The ELIP is of particular interest because it contains numerous world-class base metal deposits and is contemporaneous with the late Capitanian (∼260 Ma mass extinction. The flood basalts are the signature feature of the ELIP but there are also ultramafic and silicic volcanic rocks and layered mafic-ultramafic and silicic plutonic rocks exposed. The ELIP is divided into three nearly concentric zones (i.e. inner, middle and outer which correspond to progressively thicker crust from the inner to the outer zone. The eruptive age of the ELIP is constrained by geological, paleomagnetic and geochronological evidence to an interval of ≤3 Ma. The presence of picritic rocks and thick piles of flood basalts testifies to high temperature thermal regime however there is uncertainty as to whether these magmas were derived from the subcontinental lithospheric mantle or sub-lithospheric mantle (i.e. asthenosphere or mantle plume sources or both. The range of Sr (ISr ≈ 0.7040–0.7132, Nd (ɛNd(t ≈ −14 to +8, Pb (206Pb/204Pb1 ≈ 17.9–20.6 and Os (γOs ≈ −5 to +11 isotope values of the ultramafic and mafic rocks does not permit a conclusive answer to ultimate source origin of the primitive rocks but it is clear that some rocks were affected by crustal contamination and the presence of near-depleted isotope compositions suggests that there is a sub-lithospheric mantle component in the system. The silicic rocks are derived by basaltic magmas/rocks through fractional crystallization or partial melting, crustal melting or by interactions between mafic and crustal melts. The formation of the Fe-Ti-V oxide-ore deposits is probably due to a combination of fractional crystallization of Ti-rich basalt and fluxing of CO2-rich fluids

  4. Some Environmental Consequences of Large Igneous Provinces

    Coffin, M. F.


    The formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)—continental flood basalts, ‘volcanic’ margins, and oceanic plateaus—may impact the atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere by rapidly releasing huge amounts of particulates, magmatic volatiles (CO2, SO2, Cl, F, etc.), and potentially volatiles (CO2, CH4, SO2, etc.) from intruded sediments (e.g., carbonates, organic-rich shales, evaporites). A key factor affecting the magnitude of volatile release is whether eruptions are subaerial or marine; hydrostatic pressure inhibits vesiculation and degassing of relatively soluble volatile components (H2O, S, Cl, F) in deep water submarine eruptions, although low solubility components (CO2, noble gases) are mostly degassed even at abyssal depths. Directly or indirectly, such injections may cause changes in the atmosphere/ocean system that can lead to perturbations of atmosphere/ocean chemistry, circulation, ecology, and biological productivity. These changes can be global in extent, particularly if environmental conditions were at or near a threshold state or tipping point. LIPs may have been responsible for some of the most dramatic and rapid changes in the global environment. For example, between ~145 and ~50 Ma, the global ocean was characterized by chemical and isotopic variations (especially in C and Sr isotope ratios, trace metal concentrations, and biocalcification), relatively high temperatures, high relative sea level, episodic deposition of black shales (oceanic anoxic events), high production of hydrocarbons, mass extinctions of marine organisms, and radiations of marine flora and fauna. Temporal correlations between the intense pulses of igneous activity associated with LIP formation and environmental changes suggest more than pure coincidence. The 1783-84 eruption of Laki on Iceland provides the only historical record of the type of volcanism that constructs transient LIPs. Although Laki produced a basaltic lava flow representing only ~1% of the volume of a typical

  5. Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China.

    Guang-Hui Zhao

    Full Text Available The present study examined the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi province, China. A total of 2071 fecal samples (847 from Qinchuan cattle and 1224 from dairy cattle were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts, and 70 samples (3.4% were C. andersoni-positive and those positive samples were identified by PCR amplification of the small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA and the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP genes. C. andersoni was the only species found in the examined cattle in this province. Fifty-seven C. andersoni isolates were characterized into 5 MLST subtypes using multilocus sequence typing analysis, including a new subtype in the native beef breed Qinchuan cattle. All of these C. andersoni isolates presented a clonal genetic structure. These findings provide new insights into the genetic structure of C. andersoni isolates in Shaanxi province and basic data of Cryptosporidium prevalence status, which in turn have implications for controlling cryptosporidiosis in this province.

  6. Rice quality in relation to market prices in Yunnan Province

    CHENLijuan; FANXingming


    Factors affecting rice quality and their impacts on market price were investigated in this study. On-farm survey and market survey was undertaken in three selected sites namely Kunruing, Dali, and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province, China. Market sampling was conducted to determine important rice quality characteristics.

  7. From Friendship Provinces to University Teacher/Student Exchange

    Kao-Walter, Sharon; Huang, Yayu


    The establishment of the province friendship between Blekinge (Sweden) and Yunnan (China) has lead to a coperation agreement between two local Universities: Blekinge Institute of Technology and Kunming University of Science and Technology. It leads to the development of the cooperation of two provices in the fields of culture, business and education.

  8. Epidemiology of malt fever in Kermanshah province in 2011

    Yazdan Hamzavi


    Full Text Available Background: Brucellosis is a zoonotic, chronic and infectious disease in many developing countries, including Iran. This study investigated some of the epidemiological features of the disease in Kermanshah province in 2011. Methods: In this descriptive study, all of the patients with brucellosis reported to the health center of the province during the year 2011 were studied. The demographic and some epidemiologic parameters of the disease were recorded in the questionnaires. All collected data were analyzed using SPSS (version19 software. Results: Totally, 777 cases of brucellosis were reported to the health center of the province in 2011. The lowest incidence of brucellosis in the province was 40.8/100000 .The highest and lowest incidence rates were seen in Dalahoo (215.2/100 000 and Javanrood (12.6/100 000 districts, respectively. 47.4% of the patients were female and about half of the patients were under 30 years old. Raw milk was the most common cause of the disease consumed by 81.9% of the cases. Also, 87.6% of the patients were living in rural areas and the peak of disease was seen in the spring and summer months. Conclusion: Despite the significant reduction, it seems that the incidence of disease in some rural areas of the districts such as Dalahoo and Sarpol-e-Zahab are very high.

  9. A biogenic volatile organic compounds emission inventory for Yunnan Province

    WANG Zhi-hui; BAI Yu-hua; ZHANG Shu-yu


    The first detailed inventory for volatile organic compounds(VOC) emissions from vegetation over Yunnan Province, China was presented. The spatially and temporally resolved inventory was developed based on a geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing(RS) data and field measurement data, such as digitized land-use data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVl) and temperature data from direct real-time measurement. The inventory has a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km and a time resolution of 1 h.Urban, agriculture, and natural land-use distributions in Yunnan Province were combined with biomass factors for each land-use category to produce a spatially resolved biomass inventory. A biogenic emission inventory was developed by combining the biomass inventory with hourly emission rates for tree, shrub and ground cover species of the study area. Correcting for environmental factors, including light intensity and temperature, a value of 1.1 × 1012 gC for total annual biogenic VOC emissions from Yunnan Province, including 6.1 × 1011 gCfor isoprene, 2.1 × 1011 gC for monoterpenes, and 2.6 × 1011 gC for OVOC was obtained. The highest VOC emissions occurred in the northwestern, southwestern and north region of Yunnan Province. Some uncertainties were also discussed in this study.

  10. [Epidemiology of caprine and ovine brucellosis in Formosa province, Argentina].

    Russo, Ana M; Mancebo, Orlando A; Monzón, Carlos M; Gait, Juan J; Casco, Rubén D; Torioni de Echaide, Susana M


    An epidemiological study of brucellosis was carried out in 516 goats and mixed flocks (goat/sheep) from the three agro-ecological regions of Formosa province, Argentina. Serum samples from a total of 25401 goats and 2453 sheeps were analyzed using buffered plate agglutination test (BPAT) and complement fixation test (CFT). Bacteriological and PCR analyses on milk samples from goats in three flocks with a history of brucellosis and recent abortions were also performed. Brucellosis was detected in four of the nine departments of the province with an overall prevalence of 2% and an intra-flock prevalence ranging between 1% and 40%. The proportion of infected flocks was 3.6%, 12% and 36% for the eastern, central and western regions, respectively. Brucella melitensis bv. 1 was isolated efrom goats for the first time in the province. The expected fragments of 827bp from the omp2ab gene (Brucella spp.) and 731bp from the insert IS711 (B. melitensis) were amplified by PCR. Detection of antibodies by BPAT and FCT in sheep cohabiting with goats suggests that infections could have been caused by B. melitensis, posing an additional risk to public health. Control and eradication programs for brucellosis should consider mixed flocks as a single epidemiological unit. The results indicate that brucellosis by B. melitensis bv1 is highly endemic in the central and western regions of Formosa province.

  11. Economic and nutritional conditions at settlement schemes in Coast Province

    Hoorweg, J.


    This report is concerned with land distribution and rural development and presents the final results of a survey carried out in 1985-1986 in four settlement schemes: Diani and Ukunda in Kwale District and Roka and Mtwapa in Kilifi District, Coast Province, Kenya. In each scheme 100 households were v

  12. Nutritional aspects of rice cultivation in Nyanza province, Kenya

    Niemeijer, R.


    Leiden [etc.] : African Studies Centre [etc.] (FNSP Report, no. 14), p. 156, 1985.Based on a survey conducted in 1984, the authors discuss the nutritional conditions prevailing among farming households engaged in irrigated rice cultivation in the Kano plain, Nyanza Province, Kenya. The survey covere

  13. Peste des petits ruminants virus in Heilongjiang province, China, 2014.

    Wang, Jingfei; Wang, Miao; Wang, Shida; Liu, Zaisi; Shen, Nan; Si, Wei; Sun, Gang; Drewe, Julian A; Cai, Xuehui


    During March 25-May 5, 2014, we investigated 11 outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants in Heilongjiang Province, China. We found that the most likely source of the outbreaks was animals from livestock markets in Shandong. Peste des petits ruminants viruses belonging to lineages II and IV were detected in sick animals.

  14. [Preliminary investigation on Paragonimus in Lvchun county of Yunnan province].

    Yang, Bin-Bin; Zhou, Ben-Jiang; Li, Ru-Qing; Bai, Zhong-Wen; Wu, Ou-Bao; Gao, Xiu-Fang


    69 crabs were collected from Daxing, Gekui and Niukong townships of Lvchun county, Yunnan Province in 2006 and excysted metacercariae were only obtained from crabs of Niukong. The infection rate was 27.6% (8/29) with an average metacercaria number of 2.25 each crab. No encysted metacercariae were found. The excysted metacercariae were morphologically identified as Paragonimus proliferus.

  15. Identification of mantle plumes in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province

    Yi-Gang Xu; Jifeng Xu; Yue-Jun Wang; Bin He; Xiaolong Huang; Zhenyu Luo; Sun-Lin Chung; Long Xiao; Dan Zhu; Hui Shao; Wei-Ming Fan


    @@ The plume hypothesis has been recently challengedlargely because some fundamental aspects predicted bythe modeling of plumes are found to be lacking in someclassic hotspot regions. This review paper summarizesrecent achievements made in the late Permian Emeishan continental flood basalt province in southwest China.

  16. Artifacts Attest to the Glorious Ancient Culture of Hunan Province



    HUNAN is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the south of Dongting Lake. In Chinese, hu means lake and nan, south. The Xiangjiang River valley, which flows through the province from south to north, is the most developed region in the areas of politics, the economy and culture. Thus, Hunan is also called Xiang for short.

  17. Textile & Garment Export Situation from five Provinces in Nov


    Guangdong:The Decline Trend of Export Growth Rate Slowered In the first 11 months of 2008,the export of textile and garment in Guangdong province reached 30.8 billion USD,down 19.7%on the same periond of previous

  18. Large-Scale Survey for Tickborne Bacteria, Khammouan Province, Laos

    Vongphayloth, Khamsing; Vongsouvath, Malavanh; Grandadam, Marc; Brey, Paul T.; Newton, Paul N.; Sutherland, Ian W.; Dittrich, Sabine


    We screened 768 tick pools containing 6,962 ticks from Khammouan Province, Laos, by using quantitative real-time PCR and identified Rickettsia spp., Ehrlichia spp., and Borrelia spp. Sequencing of Rickettsia spp.–positive and Borrelia spp.–positive pools provided evidence for distinct genotypes. Our results identified bacteria with human disease potential in ticks in Laos. PMID:27532491

  19. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota of soils of the Lubuskie province

    Sławomir Kowalczyk


    Full Text Available In the year 2003, the occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF of the phylum Glomeromycota in cultivated and uncultivated soils of the Lubuskie province was investigated. The occurrence of AMF was examined based on 56 root and rhizosphere soils collected under 7 species of cultivated and uncultivated plants growing in 28 localities. Spores of AMF were isolated from both field-collected samples and trap cultures. They were revealed in 100% of field soils and 93.8% of trap cultures and represented 7 of the 8 recognized genera of the Glomeromycota. The arbuscular fungi occurring distinctly more frequently in the soil and root samples examined were members of the genus Glomus. The species of AMF most frequently occurring in cultivated soils of the Lubuskie province were G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola and G. mosseae, whereas G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola, G. mosseae, and S. dipurpurescens were more frequently found in uncultivated sites. The analysis of similarity of the species composition of AMF populations in sites of the Lubuskie province and the Western Pomeranian province earlier examined showed that (1 the occurrence in Poland of most taxa of these fungi detected in the study presented here is even and does not change with time, (2 the communities of AMF area are stable, despite the arduousness resulting from the agricultural and chemical practices conducted, and (3 the species diversity of the plants cultivated in a long period of time has no influence on the species composition of populations of AMF.

  20. Child Maltreatment among School Children in the Kurdistan Province, Iran

    Stephenson, Rob; Sheikhattari, Payam; Assasi, Nazilla; Eftekhar, Hassan; Zamani, Qasem; Maleki, Bahram; Kiabayan, Hamid


    Objective: This study examines the determinants of three types of child maltreatment: physical maltreatment, mental maltreatment, and child neglect among school children in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. The analysis examines the impact of socioeconomic, familial, demographic, and household dynamic factors on the three child maltreatment…

  1. Malaria Epidemiology in Mersin Province, Turkey from 2002 to 2011



    Full Text Available Background: Malaria is an infectious disease caused by Plasmodium spp. with high morbidity and mortality in human in tropical and subtropical regions. In recent years, number of malaria cases has been significantly reduced because of fight with the disease in Turkey. This study intended to investigate the malaria epidemiology in Mersin Province from 2002 to 2011 using data from the provincial Public Health Directorate.Methods: Over ten years, 303573 blood samples were taken from the people by active and passive surveillance methods and blood smears were prepared. Smears were stained with Giemsa and examined under the microscope.Results: Totally, 73 people including 44 male and 29 female were positive in terms of Plasmodium spp. It was determined that P. vivax observed in 67 cases while P. falciparum in 6 cases. Cases were mainly observed in 15 to 44 years old range, showed an increase between June-September periods and a significant decrease after 2006. Out of the 73 malaria cases, 54 cases were from Mersin Province and 13 cases were imported from another province of Turkey. Six cases were transmitted from abroad.Conclusion: These results provide information about malaria epidemiology in an endemic area in Turkey and contribute its prevention in Mersin Province

  2. Characterizing preventive activity in Camagüey province

    Hernández, María


    Full Text Available The article describes the characteristic features of preventive activities within the System of Education at Camaguey province. This information herein gathers results from a research investigation project and might be of interest for teachers, principals and investigators as a professional tool.

  3. Remediation of Legacy Arsenic Mining Areas in Yunnan Province, China

    Ian H. von Lindern


    Conclusions. The success of the demonstration project was recognized and has provided direction and momentum for a wider effort by the Province to address mining pollution and water contamination challenges. It demonstrates the success of using known techniques for environmental remediation in the US, with local partners in China responding to their communities’ health and environmental problems.

  4. An Epidemiological Study of Psychiatric Disorders in Hamadan Province , 2001

    M.R. Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The burden of psychiatric disorders in the developed countries has been identified by the screening questionnaires and standard clinical interviews at a high level, but the epidemiological studies of psychiatric disorders in our country are brief and their numbers are few. Planning for providing essential mental health services to the people requires us to be knowledgeable about the present status of psychiatric disorders in the society. The objective of this research was to carry out the epidemiological study of the psychiatric disorders in the individuals 18 years and above in urban and rural areas of Hamadan province. 664 individuals selected through randomized clustered and systematic sampling methods among the existing families of Hamadan province and the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (SADS questionnaires completed by the clinical psychologist. The diagnosis of the disorders was based on DSM-IV classification criteria.The results of the study showed that the overall prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province was 11.28% (17.2% in women , 5.8% in men. The anxiety and mood disorders with 5.87 and 2.71% respectively had the highest prevalence in the province. The prevalence of psychotic disorders in this study was 0.60% , neuro- cognitive disorders 1.35% and dissociative disorders 0.75%. In the group of mood disorders, major depression with 2.56% and in the group of anxiety disorders, phobia with 2.56% had the higher prevalence. This study showed that 8.13% of studied individuals suffered from at least one of the psychiatric disorders. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province among the individuals in the age group of 66 years and above was 13.33%, individuals whose spouses had passed away 18.75%, urban residents of province 9.81%, illiterate individuals 12.80% and housewife individuals 12.31% was more than other individuals in the sample. Being aware of this matter reveals the responsibility of the

  5. Seroprevalence of Toxocariasis in Children in East- Azerbaijan Province, Iran

    Yagoob Garedaghi


    Full Text Available Purpose: Toxocariasis is a zoonotic disease caused by the ascarid of dogs and cats, the main representative of which is a Toxocara canis. Distribution of the disease is world wide and is more prevalent in children. The present study was carried out in children of East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, to determine the toxocariasis seropositivity. Material and Methods: For the present seroepidemiological study, blood samples were collected at random from children of all the five districts of the East Azerbaijan Province. A total of 336 children, 187 males and 149 females in age group of 0-15 years were selected for the present study. ELISA was used for detection of IgG antibodies against Toxocara excretory secretary antigen. A questionnaire interview was conducted to obtain the data concerning their age, sex and habits. The particular points in the questionnaire asked were recorded on the format right on the spot. Results: Gender was found to be a significant risk factor for the Toxocara infection in children population. Male children were found more infected (41.71% as compared to females (24.16%. The total seroprevalence of T. canis antibodies in children of East Azerbaijan Province was 29.46 %. The risk factors that were found associated with the infection of toxocariasis in children population of East Azerbaijan Province include family back ground, status of living conditions, awareness, etc. Conclusion: The present study reveals high prevalence of T. canis infection in children of East Azerbaijan Province. It is important to raise the awareness of health professionals, public and educators to the fact that toxocariasis is a public health problem. Health promotion by means of a school based educational approach, diagnosis and continuous programme of treatment are necessary. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(4.000: 581-586

  6. First description of Trypanosoma cruzi human infection in Esmeraldas province, Ecuador.

    Guevara, Ángel; Moreira, Juan; Criollo, Hipatia; Vivero, Sandra; Racines, Marcia; Cevallos, Varsovia; Prandi, Rosanna; Caicedo, Cynthia; Robinzon, Francisco; Anselmi, Mariella


    Chagas disease was described in Ecuador in 1930 in the province of Guayas and thereafter in various provinces. Triatomine were reported in the province of Esmeraldas but no human infection has been described. Here we report the first evidence that the disease does exist in the province of Esmeraldas. In indigenous Awá communities located in the northwest jungle of the Esmeraldas province, 144 individuals were tested using ELISA and PCR for T.cruzi of which 5 (3.47%) were positive. Twenty eight triatomine were collected, 27 were Triatoma dispar and 1 Pastrongylus rufotuberculatus, T.cruzi was detected in 11 (42.3%) of 26 insects.

  7. A Mesoproterozoic continental flood rhyolite province, the Gawler Ranges, Australia: the end member example of the Large Igneous Province clan

    M. J. Pankhurst


    Full Text Available Rhyolite and dacite lavas of the Mesoproterozoic upper Gawler Range Volcanics (GRV (>30 000 km3 preserved, South Australia, represent the remnants of one of the most voluminous felsic magmatic events preserved on Earth. Geophysical interpretation suggests eruption from a central cluster of feeder vents which supplied large-scale lobate flows >100 km in length. Pigeonite inversion thermometers indicate eruption temperatures of 950–1100 °C. The lavas are A-type in composition (e.g. high Ga/Al ratios and characterised by elevated primary halogen concentrations (~1600 ppm fluorine, ~400 ppm chlorine. These depolymerised the magma such that temperature-composition-volatile non-Arrhenian melt viscosity modelling suggests they had viscosities of <3.5 log η (Pa s. These physicochemical properties have led to the emplacement of a Large Rhyolite Province, which has affinities in emplacement style to Large Basaltic Provinces. The low viscosity of these felsic magmas has produced a unique igneous system on a scale which is either not present or poorly preserved elsewhere on the planet. The Gawler Range Volcanic Province represents the erupted portion of the felsic end member of the family of voluminous, rapidly emplaced terrestrial magmatic provinces.

  8. A mesoproterozoic continental flood rhyolite province, the Gawler Ranges, Australia: the end member example of the Large Igneous Province clan

    M. J. Pankhurst


    Full Text Available Rhyolite and dacite lavas of the Mesoproterozoic upper Gawler Range Volcanics (GRV (>30 000 km3 preserved, South Australia, represent the remnants of one of the most voluminous felsic magmatic events preserved on Earth. Geophysical interpretation suggests eruption from a central cluster of feeder vents which supplied large-scale lobate flows >100 km in length. Pigeonite inversion thermometers indicate eruption temperatures of 950–1100 °C. The lavas are A-type in composition (e.g. high Ga/Al ratios and characterised by elevated primary halogen concentrations (~1600 ppm Fluorine, ~400 ppm Chlorine. These depolymerised the magma such that temperature-composition-volatile non-Arrhenian melt viscosity modelling suggests they had viscosities of <3.5 log η (Pa s. These physicochemical properties have led to the emplacement of a Large Rhyolite Province, which has affinities in emplacement style to Large Basaltic Provinces. The low viscosity of these felsic magmas has produced a unique igneous system on a scale which is either not present or poorly preserved elsewhere on the planet. The Gawler Range Volcanic Province represents the erupted portion of the felsic end member of the family of voluminous, rapidly emplaced terrestrial magmatic provinces.

  9. Sediment provenance and province of the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from light mineral

    WANGKunshan; SHIXuefa; JIANGXiaoli


    The distribution for percent content of light mineral is divided in detail to emphasize distributional trends of higher and lower contents by using 222 samples of light mineral in the southern Yellow Sea. 5 mineral provinces are divided, and they are Ⅰ -north mineral province of the southern Yellow Sea, the sediment dominantly derived from the Yellow River; Ⅱ-mixed mineral province, the sediment derived from both the Yellow River and Yangtze River; Ⅲ-middle mineral province, the sediment derived mainly from the Yellow River and a part of sediment derived from Yangtze River; Ⅳ-province east of Yangtze River mouth, the sediment derived dominantly from Yangtze River; and Ⅴ-south mineral province, sediment was affected by relict sediment and modern sediment of Yangtze River. In this paper, the assemblage of dominant mineral and diagnostic mineral for the five provinces are discerned.

  10. Sediment provenance and province of the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from light mineral


    The distribution for percent content of light mineral is divided in detail to emphasize distributional trends of higher and lower contents by using 222 samples of light mineral in the southern Yellow Sea. 5 mineral provinces are divided, and they are Ⅰ-north mineral province of the southern Yellow Sea, the sediment dominantly derived from the Yellow River; Ⅱ-mixed mineral province, the sediment derived from both the Yellow River and Yangtze River; Ⅲ- middle mineral province, the sediment derived mainly from the Yellow River and a part of sediment derived from Yangtze River; Ⅳ-province east of Yangtze River mouth, the sediment derived dominantly from Yangtze River; and Ⅴ- south mineral province, sediment was affected by relict sediment and modern sediment of Yangtze River. In this paper, the assemblage of dominant mineral and diagnostic mineral for the five provinces are discerned.

  11. 数字省建设技术体系研究%Technology Framework of Digital Province

    池天河; 王雷; 王钦敏; 陈崇成


    The construction of Digital Province and Digital City is the base and important factor of Digital Earth. During the construction of Digital Province,the technology framework of digital province is one of the key problems. This paper summarizes current construction status of digital province technology framework and content and key technology of digital fujian.

  12. Demand Response in the West: Lessons for States and Provinces

    Douglas C. Larson; Matt Lowry; Sharon Irwin


    OAK-B135 This paper is submitted in fulfillment of DOE Grant No. DE-FG03-015F22369 on the experience of western states/provinces with demand response (DR) in the electricity sector. Demand-side resources are often overlooked as a viable option for meeting load growth and addressing the challenges posed by the region's aging transmission system. Western states should work together with utilities and grid operators to facilitate the further deployment of DR programs which can provide benefits in the form of decreased grid congestion, improved system reliability, market efficiency, price stabilization, hedging against volatile fuel prices and reduced environmental impacts of energy production. This report describes the various types of DR programs; provides a survey of DR programs currently in place in the West; considers the benefits, drawbacks and barriers to DR; and presents lessons learned and recommendations for states/provinces.

  13. Atmospheric PCO₂ perturbations associated with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province.

    Schaller, Morgan F; Wright, James D; Kent, Dennis V


    The effects of a large igneous province on the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (PCO₂) are mostly unknown. In this study, we estimate PCO₂ from stable isotopic values of pedogenic carbonates interbedded with volcanics of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) in the Newark Basin, eastern North America. We find pre-CAMP PCO₂ values of ~2000 parts per million (ppm), increasing to ~4400 ppm immediately after the first volcanic unit, followed by a steady decrease toward pre-eruptive levels over the subsequent 300 thousand years, a pattern that is repeated after the second and third flow units. We interpret each PCO₂ increase as a direct response to magmatic activity (primary outgassing or contact metamorphism). The systematic decreases in PCO₂ after each magmatic episode probably reflect consumption of atmospheric CO₂ by weathering of silicates, stimulated by fresh CAMP volcanics.

  14. Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars.

    Michalski, Joseph R; Bleacher, Jacob E


    Several irregularly shaped craters located within Arabia Terra, Mars, represent a new type of highland volcanic construct and together constitute a previously unrecognized Martian igneous province. Similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes, these low-relief paterae possess a range of geomorphic features related to structural collapse, effusive volcanism and explosive eruptions. Extruded lavas contributed to the formation of enigmatic highland ridged plains in Arabia Terra. Outgassed sulphur and erupted fine-grained pyroclastics from these calderas probably fed the formation of altered, layered sedimentary rocks and fretted terrain found throughout the equatorial region. The discovery of a new type of volcanic construct in the Arabia volcanic province fundamentally changes the picture of ancient volcanism and climate evolution on Mars. Other eroded topographic basins in the ancient Martian highlands that have been dismissed as degraded impact craters should be reconsidered as possible volcanic constructs formed in an early phase of widespread, disseminated magmatism on Mars.

  15. Large Igneous Province Volcanism, Ocean Anoxia and Marine Mass Extinction

    Ruhl, Micha; Bjerrum, Christian J.; Canfield, Donald


    Past global marine mass extinction events are often linked to terrestrial Large Igneous Province (LIP) volcanism, but exact mechanisms driving extinction are often not well constrained. We studied two of Earth’s largest mass extinction events, at the Triassic-Jurassic (~201.4 Ma) and Permian......-Triassic (~252 Ma) boundaries, which coincide with Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) and Siberian Trap volcanism, respectively. The Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction is often contributed to carbon release driven ocean acidification while the Permian-Triassic mass extinction is suggested to be related...... to widespread ocean anoxia. We compare Permian-Triassic and Triassic-Jurassic ocean redox change along continental margins in different geographic regions (Permian-Triassic: Greenland, Svalbard, Iran; Triassic-Jurassic: UK, Austria) and discuss its role in marine mass extinction. Speciation of iron [(FeHR/ Fe...

  16. Development Prospect of Aromatherapy Industry in Yunnan Province

    Ziyun; PENG; Dantong; LI; Rui; CHEN; Min; QIAN; Yiqi; CHEN; Hongjun; YANG


    This paper firstly introduced domestic and foreign supply of products processed by aromatherapy plant. On the basis of predicting market demand of aromatherapy plant,it analyzed current development situation of the plant in Yunnan Province. It arrived at the conclusion that the industry has broad market prospect. Then,it analyzed competitive advantages and risk factors of aromatherapy plant in Yunnan Province. There are climate,location and price advantages,but due to lack of product standard,it is difficult to guarantee quality,and there are certain market risks. Finally,it put forward recommendations for development of aromatherapy industry:( 1) taking full advantage of preferential policies to set up leading enterprises and realize radiated development;( 2) bringing into play of resource advantages and introducing capitals and technologies;( 3) Fostering market and driving the industrial development.

  17. Supervolcanoes Within an Ancient Volcanic Province in Arabia Terra, Mars

    Michalski, Joseph. R.; Bleacher, Jacob E.


    Several irregularly shaped craters located within Arabia Terra, Mars represent a new type of highland volcanic construct and together constitute a previously unrecognized martian igneous province. Similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes, these low-relief paterae display a range of geomorphic features related to structural collapse, effusive volcanism, and explosive eruptions. Extruded lavas contributed to the formation of enigmatic highland ridged plains in Arabia Terra. Outgassed sulfur and erupted fine-grained pyroclastics from these calderas likely fed the formation of altered, layered sedimentary rocks and fretted terrain found throughout the equatorial region. Discovery of a new type of volcanic construct in the Arabia volcanic province fundamentally changes the picture of ancient volcanism and climate evolution on Mars. Other eroded topographic basins in the ancient Martian highlands that have been dismissed as degraded impact craters should be reconsidered as possible volcanic constructs formed in an early phase of widespread, disseminated magmatism on Mars.

  18. Origin of Quaternary Red Clay of Southern Anhui Province



    The particle-size distribution,heavy mineral constituents and rare earth elements(REE) characteristics of the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province were studied to explore the origin of the clay.The results showed that the clay had some properties of areolian deposits,which could be compared with,those of the loess in North China ;and its chondrite-normalized curves of REE were similar to those of the Xiashu loess implying tha they shared the same orighin.It was concluded in combination with the results rported by other researchers that the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province originated from aolian deposts, and this could reveal the cycles of warm and cold climates in the area during the Quaternary period.

  19. Checklists of Parasites of Farm Fishes of Babylon Province, Iraq

    Furhan T. Mhaisen


    Full Text Available Literature reviews of all references concerning the parasitic fauna of fishes in fish farms of Babylon province, middle of Iraq, showed that a total of 92 valid parasite species are so far known from the common carp (Cyprinus carpio, the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella, and the silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix as well as from three freshwater fish species (Carassius auratus, Liza abu, and Heteropneustes fossilis which were found in some fish farms of the same province. The parasitic fauna included one mastigophoran, three apicomplexans, 13 ciliophorans, five myxozoans, five trematodes, 45 monogeneans, five cestodes, three nematodes, two acanthocephalans, nine arthropods, and one mollusc. The common carp was found to harbour 81 species of parasites, the grass carp 30 species, the silver carp 28 species, L. abu 13 species, C. auratus one species, and H. fossilis one species. A host-parasite list for each fish species was also provided.

  20. A key to the Soricidae, Macroscelididae, Gliridae and Muridae of Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province, South Africa

    Christia H. Newbery


    Full Text Available A practical key to the shrews, elephant-shrews, dormice, rats and mice based on external field characteristics is presented. Size, tail features and lengths, dorsal and ventral body colour, etc. are the important characteristics, while habitat and distribution are also incorporated. The small mammals included in the key are from Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province.

  1. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    Zhang Yu; Cui Peng; Li Fa-bin; Wang Qing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environmental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  2. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    ZhangYu; CuiPeng; LiFa-bin; WangQing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environrnental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  3. Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

    MR Abai


    Full Text Available "nAbstract "nBackground: The aims of this study was to analysis the current situation of malaria and to find the distribution of anopheline mosquitoes, as probable vectors of the disease, in Qom Province, central Iran. "nMethods: This study was carried out in two parts. First stage was data collection about malaria cases using recorded documents of patients in the Province health center, during 2001–2008. The second stage was entomological survey conducted by mosquito larval collection method in 4 villages with different geographical positions in 2008. Data were analyzed using Excel software. "nResults: Of 4456 blood slides, 10.9% out were positive. Most of cases were imported from other countries (90.4%, mainly from Afghanistan (56.5% and Pakistan (16.3%. Slide positive rate showed a maximum of 16.9% and a minimum of 2.9% in 2008 and 2007, respectively. Plasmodium vivax was causative agent of 93.75% of cases, fol­lowed by P. falciparum (6.25%. More than 15 years old age group contained the most malaria reported cases (66.7%. Two Anopheles species, An. superpictus and An. claviger were collected and identified. This is the first report of Anopheles claviger in Qom Province. "nConclusion: Malaria is in the control stage in Qom Province. The rate of local transmission is very low (only 1 case, shows Anopheles superpictus, as the main malaria vector of central part of Iran, can play its role in malaria transmission in the area. "n  "nKeywords: Malaria, Iran, Epidemiology

  4. Beijing Specialists Give Free Medical Treatment in Yunnan Province


    <正>To help improve the physical conditions of the people in the Hui ethnic minority areas of Yunnan Province, from December 6 to 11,2005, a 10-member medical team of specialists from the Capital went to the Weishan Yi and Hui Ethnic Minority Autonomous County of Dali Prefecture and Xundian Hui and Yi Ethnic Minority Autonomous County of Kunming City to give free medical treatment for 6 days. This activity was

  5. Development of Low Permeability Oilfields in Shengli Oil Province

    Wang Binhai; Fan Naifu


    @@ Shengli oil province,complicated in geology and rich in resources, is the second largest oil production basin of China. Except for some big/medium sized oil/gas field with high and medium permeability which have already been put into production. There are 11oil fields at great depth with low permeability of less than 50 ×10-3 μm2 have been discovered with 12. 2% of the total proved original oil in place.

  6. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn


    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used for consumption smoothening. Interest rates fell from 1997 to 2002, reflecting increased market integration. Moreover, the determinants of formal and informal credit demand are distinct. While credit ration...

  7. A Miocene ostrich fossil from Gansu Province, northwest China

    HOU Lianhai; ZHOU Zhonghe; ZHANG Fucheng; WANG Zhao


    @@ A pelvic skeleton, recognized as a large terrestrial bird in the field, was recently collected by our paleomammalogist colleagues from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology from the late Miocene sandy mudstones in the Linxia Basin in Gansu Province, northwest China. We have further referred this bird to as an early representative of ostrich. Ostrich fossils usually coexisted with the famous Hipparion Fauna from the Miocene to Pliocene.

  8. Evaluation of Health Care System Reform in Hubei Province, China


    This study established a set of indicators for and evaluated the effects of health care system reform in Hubei Province (China) from 2009 to 2011 with the purpose of providing guidance to policy-makers regarding health care system reform. The resulting indicators are based on the “Result Chain” logic model and include the following four domains: Inputs and Processes, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. Health care system reform was evaluated using the weighted TOPSIS and weighted Rank Sum Ratio met...

  9. Strategic Marketing Plan for Huishang Bank in Anhui Province

    Qian, Yani


    Huishang Bank Corporation Limited Company was founded on December 28, 2005, and it has operated since January 1, 2006. Before it was established, it merged with six cities' commercial banks and seven urban credit banks in Anhui Province. It then became the first regional bank which had developed from city commercial bank in China. In the last five years, Huishang bank has already got significant progress, and it entered top 500 global banks in 2010. This thesis focuses on the strategic m...

  10. Influencing Factors on Farming System Development in Shandong Province


    The developmental situation of the farming system in Shandong Province is introduced.At present,Shandong Province is at the semi-intensive,semi-commercial and semi-sufficiency level of farming system.Eastern coast and central Shandong agricultural zones are moving in the direction of modern farming system,having formed a preliminary new pattern of the coordinated development of grain,feedstuff,economic and other crops.Influencing factors on the development of farming system in Shandong Province is analyzed,which are agricultural production condition and input level,population and food,policy measures,development of natural resources and regions,agricultural industrialization and urbanization level,and scientific and technological level.Total population will be within 100 million at the year 2020;per capita annual share of grain will be 475 kilograms;and there is great pressure on grain production.Therefore,we must change the pattern of agricultural development and accelerate the establishment of modern farming system.Agricultural machinery,water conservancy projects,and chemical fertilizer application have greatly affected the development of farming system.Improvement of production conditions has promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure,increased the planting ratio of winter wheat-summer maize,and improved multiple-cropping index.Development of agricultural industrialization has promoted the transfer of rural labor force and the establishment of modern farming system;while the unbalanced development of cities has restricted the establishment of modern farming system.Therefore,the appropriate policy,scientific and rational regional distribution,and advanced science and technology can help to set up the modern farming system in Shandong Province.

  11. Patients' satisfaction evaluation with the health center of elis province.

    Karavida, Angeliki; Stamouli, Maria-Aggeliki; Balis, Charalampos


    Patient satisfaction related to the provided health services is a key indicator of the quality of the health sector. The SERVQUAL model was employed as a way of measuring the level of patient satisfaction with the services of the Health Center of Elis Province. Although certain aspects such as "Assurance" and "Empathy" meet the users' needs, improvements like a detailed medical record and an overhaul of the equipment need to be introduced.

  12. Social capital and the innovative performance of Italian provinces

    Crescenzi, Riccardo; Gagliardi, Luisa; Percoco, Marco


    Social capital has remained relatively underexplored in innovation literature due to the lack of consensus on the most suitable operationalisation for the analysis of innovative dynamics. This paper aims to fill this gap by looking at social capital as propensity towards civicness and prosocial behaviour that facilitates the circulation of nonredundant knowledge among otherwise disconnected groups. The quantitative analysis of the innovative performance of Italian provinces shows that social ...

  13. Traffic Perception in Eskişehir Province

    Karacasu, Murat; Altin, Arzu Yavuz; Ergül, Bariş; Berkhan Akalin, Kadir


    With the rapid growth of the world population that is becoming increasingly the use of motor vehicles. Also, due to technological advances that have become more accessible to a case having a motor vehicle. However, these developments have led to the emergence of some problems. Especially, highways of serious accidents occurred in transportation, to investigate measures that can be taken and identification of the problem is an important issue in Turkey. First, you need to identify the individual's perception of traffic. This process is important to identify gaps in the application. This study was planned and carried out in order to measure the traffic perceptions of living in Eskisehir Province. For this purpose, a questionnaire aimed at determining demographic and socio-economic characteristics and attitudes of the individual's perception of traffic was prepared. Data sets were analysed by factor analysis known as one of the most known multivariate statistical analysis techniques. The result of analysis obtained over the dimensions, traffic perceptions of individual's in Eşkisehir Province modelled. Looking for solutions for the traffic problem in institutions of the Eşkisehir Province has obtained a series of results that could benefit in creating attitudes and behaviours about traffic.


    YU Shu-xia; SHANG Jin-cheng; GUO Huai-cheng


    The main purpose of this study is to give evaluation of ecological services of Jilin Province,Northeast China.To take this value into decision-making and GDP accounting system is considered to be one of the economic solutions for ecological problems.The evaluation is based on the methods proposed by COSTANZA et al.,and some modifications about unit value of forest and cropland system were made according to the real characters of ecosystem,climate,natural conditions etc.,in Jilin Province.Total value of ecosystem services is about 554.404×109yuan(RMB)/a,which is about 4.9 times of GDP of the corresponding period.The results of this study could be used as a fundamental work for the construction of ecological province,which was carried out from 2001,and could provide ecological information for decision-making.Furthermore,the necessities for the further studies on the evaluation of ecological services and natural capital were discussed.

  15. Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

    B Farzinnia


    Methods: This study was carried out in two parts. First stage was data collection about malaria cases using recorded documents of patients in the Province health center, during 2001–2008. The second stage was entomological survey conducted by mosquito larval collection method in 4 villages with different geographical positions in 2008. Data were analyzed using Excel software. Results: Of 4456 blood slides, 10.9% out were positive. Most of cases were imported from other countries (90.4%, mainly from Afghanistan (56.5% and Pakistan (16.3%. Slide positive rate showed a maximum of 16.9% and a minimum of 2.9% in 2008 and 2007, respectively. Plasmodium vivax was causative agent of 93.75% of cases, fol­lowed by P. falciparum (6.25%. More than 15 years old age group contained the most malaria reported cases (66.7%. Two Anopheles species, An. superpictus and An. claviger were collected and identified. This is the first report of Anopheles claviger in Qom Province. Conclusion: Malaria is in the control stage in Qom Province. The rate of local transmission is very low (only 1 case, shows Anopheles superpictus, as the main malaria vector of central part of Iran, can play its role in malaria transmission in the area.

  16. alpha-thalassemia mutations in Khuzestan Province, Southwest Iran.

    Zandian, Khodamorad; Nateghi, Jamal; Keikhaie, Bijan; Pedram, Mohammad; Hafezi-Nejad, Nima; Hadavi, Valeh; Oberkanins, Christian; Azarkeivan, Azita; Law, Hai-Yang; Najmabadi, Hossein


    Although alpha-thalassemia (alpha-thal) is the most common hereditary hemoglobin (Hb) disorder in Iran, no comprehensive data are so far available on the prevalence of the disease in the province of Khuzestan in Southwest Iran. This study investigates the spectrum of alpha-thal mutations in this region. One hundred and twenty-one subjects from Khuzestan Province, Iran, were initially tested for the three most common Iranian alpha-thal mutations (- alpha3.7, -alpha4.2, and --MED) by gap-polymerase chain reaction (gap-PCR). Reverse hybridization test strips and DNA sequencing were used to identify additional alpha-globin mutations. A total of 131 mutated alpha-globin alleles were identified in these patients. Of the 13 mutations that were detected in Khuzestan Province, Iran, the - alpha3.7 single gene deletion was the most frequently identified variant, representing 62.6% of the total; we also observed significant numbers of individuals with compound heterozygous mutations. On the basis of our results, we strongly recommend screening for the most common mutations to improve the molecular diagnosis of anemia in this region.

  17. Research on Farmers’ Property Income in Jiangsu Province


    Relying on the statistics,the property income status of Jiangsu Province is expounded.In the first place,farmers’ property income takes a low proportion to the total income for its small cardinal number;in the second place,although farmers’ property income has increased continuously,the growth fluctuates;in the third place,the growth tempo of farmers’ property income is faster than the growth tempo of net income;in the fourth place,per capita property income of farmers is obviously lower than that of urban residents.The reasons that affect the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are analyzed,which cover low income level of rural residents,imperfect land system,imperfect rural financial system,imperfect rural housing system and imperfect rural social security system.On the basis of the above analysis,the targeted measures on improving the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are put forward.Firstly,the government should improve farmers’ income and lay solid foundation for property income;secondly,the government should clarify land property rights and explore the land transfer situation;thirdly,the government should accelerate rural financial system reform and perfect rural financial system;fourthly,the government should vigorously implement the transfer of houses in rural collective residents and perfect rural housing rent market;fifthly,the government should promote the reform of rural social security system and solve farmers’ worries.

  18. Molecular Identification of Nosema species in East Azerbaijan province, Iran

    Razmaraii, N.


    Full Text Available Nosema is a genus of microsporidia, which have significant negative impacts on honeybees. The aim of thisstudy is the epidemiological evaluation and molecular characterization of Nosema spices in various countiesof East-Azerbaijan province (Northwest of Iran. 387 samples were collected from colonies maintained invarious counties of East-Azerbaijan province. Samples after preparation were examined by a lightmicroscope for presence of Nosema spores. PCR method (SSUrRNA gene was used to differentiatebetween Nosema apis (N. apis and N. ceranae. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Totalinfection prevalence of the microscopic evaluation and PCR tests were 225 (58.1% and 260 (67.1%respectively, total validity of PCR test against the microscopic test was computed equal to 1.1 in this case.Disease distribution in various counties of study area was variable and N. ceranae was the only Nosema species found to infect honeybees. The one species presence and different distribution of Nosema positive samples in various counties of East-Azerbaijan province may be due to multiple reasons. Furthermore,epidemiological information helps us to improve disease management practices in the studied area, apply new hygiene policy and reduce extra costs of production.

  19. [Prevalence of mental subnormality recorded in the province of Jaen].

    Delgado Rodríguez, M; Moreno de la Casa, A; Rodríguez-Contreras Pelayo, R; Sillero Arenas, M; López Gigosos, R; Gálvez Vargas, R


    It is done a cross-sectional study of the prevalence of mental retardation in the province of Jaén (Spain), based on the cumulated cases reported to the Institute of Social Services of the Social Security (INSERSO) until January 1, 1984. The main objective of this research is to know the prevalence of mental retardation in our province, and to analize its relationship with some sociodemographic variables. The prevalence obtained has been 4.09%, being a 59.27% of the prevalence due to endogenous/unexplained etiology. Mild subnormality constitutes a 8.4% of cases, being closely related with the size of the locality (municipio). Prevalence of mental subnormality showed a significative linear association with the size of the locality (r = -0.904, p less than 0.05), and with the population growth (r = -0.929, p less than 0.01). This relationship was not observed neither with the level of per capita income nor the altitude of the locality. A multiple regression analysis is made for every etiology of mental retardation and several social and geographic variables. We conclude that the figures for mental retardation in our province show a direct relationship with local development parameters.

  20. Research on the Industrial Ecologicalization in Yunnan Province


    By using ecological carrying capacity, ecological footprint method and shift-share analysis and the data from Yunnan Statistical Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook, the status quo of industrial ecologicalization development in Yunnan Province is analyzed from the aspects of consumption of resources and environment, production technology and industrial pollution and industrial structure. The results show that the economic growth in Yunnan Province is based on the huge consumption of resources; the consumption of natural environment has surpassed its carrying capacity; the production technology is relatively backward and the comprehensive use efficiency of the "three wastes" is low; the solid waste emission of the ten thousand GDP far exceeds the average level of the whole county; the total emissions of industrial waste gas and domestic sewage are increasing; the efficiency of industrial structure is bad. On the strength of the analysis, the relevant measures on ecological industrial development in Yunnan Province is put forward, covering strengthening the awareness of saving resources and protecting environment; establishing energy-saving type national economy and social system; actively adjusting industrial structure; strengthening ecological construction of the three major industries.

  1. XML Parasitic Contamination of Consumed Vegetables in Golestan Province, 2012

    This paper should be cited as: Rahimi - Esboei B, Pagheh A, Fakhar M, Pagheh S, Dadimoghadam Y . [ Parasitic Contamination of Consumed Vegetables in Golestan Province, 2012 ]. mljgoums . 201 4 ; 8 ( 3 : 82 - 89 [Article in Persian] Rahimi - Esboei, B. (MSc


    Full Text Available Background and Objective: The Outbreak of human parasitic diseases associated with the consumption of raw vegetables often occurs in both developing and developed countries. This study aimed to evaluate parasitic contamination of edible vegetables in Golestan Province. Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out in the cities of Golestan Province for six months, 2012. The samples (N = 100 were randomly chosen among different vegetables (parsley, lettuce, radish, and cress, and examined for the presence of helminthic and protozoan parasitic contaminations following washing, centrifuging and sedimentation. Results: Thirty-seven (37% were found to have parasitic contamination, and of these 30 (81.1% and 7 (18.9% were helminths and protozoa, respectively. The highest rate of contamination was detected in parsley (37.9%, and the lowest in radish (12.0%. Moreover, free living larva with 58.6% and Hymenolepis nana ova with 5.1% were the highest and lowest contaminated rates, respectively. Conclusion: Based on our results, consumed vegetables in Golestan Province is considered as a potential risk for some human parasitic infections.

  2. Petroleum systems of the Malay Basin Province, Malaysia

    Bishop, Michele G.


    The offshore Malay Basin province is a Tertiary oil and gas province composed of a complex of half grabens that were filled by lacustrine shales and continental clastics.These deposits were overlain by clastics of a large delta system that covered the basin.Delta progradation was interupted by transgressions of the South China Sea to the southeast, which finally flooded the basin to form the Gulf of Thailand.Oil and gas from the Oligocene to Miocene lacustrine shales and Miocene deltaic coals is trapped primarily in anticlines formed by inversion of the half grabens during the late Miocene.Hydrocarbon reserves that have been discovered amount to 12 billion barrels of oil equivalent.The U.S. Geological Survey assessment of the estimated quantities of conventional oil, gas and condensate that have the potential to be added to reserves by the year 2025 for this province is 6.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BBOE) (U. S. Geological Survey World Energy Assessment Team, 2000).

  3. Natural Gamma Radiation in Primary Schools of Zanjan Province

    Faranak Saghatchi


    Full Text Available Background: Environmental gamma ray refers to the gamma radiation from terrestrial sources and building materials. In enclosed spaces radiation can become a health hazard leading to potential increase in the rates of lung cancer. The goal of this study is to assess the exposure to natural gamma radiation of children in the schools of Zanjan province. Method: The natural gamma radiation was assessed in 46 primary schools of Zanjan province. A total number of 75 classrooms were studied. The measurements were performed in classrooms and schoolyards using a Geiger–Muller detector (RDS-110. Alongside radiation measurements, all the data corresponding to the characteristics of each school building were collected. Results: The results showed that the outdoor dose rate ranged from 82 to 106nSv h-1 while gamma dose rate due to inside classrooms ranged from 106 to 137nSvh-1. The findings represented that the highest indoor gamma dose rate belonged to the buildings of more than 30 years and metal frame and brick (P<0.05. Conclusion: We concluded that the effective dose due to gamma radiation from terrestrial sources and building materials for students of primary schools in Zanjan province (0.83 mSv was higher than worldwide average of the annual effective dose (0.48 mSv.

  4. Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Leptospirosis in Guilan Province, Iran

    Nia, A. Mohammadi; Alimohammadi, A.; Habibi, R.; Shirzadi, M. R.


    The most underdiagnosed water-borne bacterial zoonosis in the world is Leptospirosis which especially impacts tropical and humid regions. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the number of human cases is not known precisely. Available reports showed that worldwide incidences vary from 0.1-1 per 100 000 per year in temperate climates to 10-100 per 100 000 in the humid tropics. Pathogenic bacteria that is spread by the urines of rats is the main reason of water and soil infections. Rice field farmers who are in contact with infected water or soil, contain the most burden of leptospirosis prevalence. In recent years, this zoonotic disease have been occurred in north of Iran endemically. Guilan as the second rice production province (average=750 000 000 Kg, 40% of country production) after Mazandaran, has one of the most rural population (Male=487 679, Female=496 022) and rice workers (47 621 insured workers) among Iran provinces. The main objectives of this study were to analyse yearly spatial distribution and the possible spatial clusters of leptospirosis to better understand epidemiological aspects of them in the province. Survey was performed during the period of 2009-2013 at rural district level throughout the study area. Global clustering methods including the average nearest neighbour distance, Moran's I and General G indices were utilized to investigate the annual spatial distribution of diseases. At the end, significant spatial clusters have been detected with the objective of informing priority areas for public health planning and resource allocation.

  5. Incidence of Childhood Cancers in Golestan Province of Iran

    Abbas Moghaddami


    Full Text Available Objective: This paper presents the incidence rates of childhood cancers using the data obtained from Golestan population based cancer registry (GPCR between 2004 and 2006.Methods: GPCR registers only primary cancers based on standard protocols of the international association of cancer registries (IACR. We collect data on newly diagnosed (incident cancer cases from all public and private diagnostic and therapeutic centers of the whole province. CanReg-4 software was used for data entry and analysis.Findings: Totally 5076 cancer cases (all ages were diagnosed in GPCR between 2004 and 2006. Of these, 139 (2.74 % were children (aged 0-14 years with mean (±SD age of 8.06 (±4.48 years. The age standardized incidence rates for childhood cancer were 119.8 and 78.3 per 1000000 person-years in male and female children, respectively. Leukemia was the most common childhood cancer in Golestan province of Iran. Lymphomas and central nervous system tumors were the second and third ones, respectively.Conclusion: The incidence rates of childhood cancers were relatively high in Golestan province of Iran. So, controlling of childhood cancers should be mentioned as an important issue in health policy making in this area.

  6. Incidence of Childhood Cancers in Golestan Province of Iran

    Moradi, Abdolvahab; Semnani, Shahryar; Roshandel, Gholamreza; Mirbehbehani, Narges; Keshtkar, Abbasali; Aarabi, Mohsen; Moghaddami, Abbas; Cheraghali, Fatemeh


    Objective This paper presents the incidence rates of childhood cancers using the data obtained from Golestan population based cancer registry (GPCR) between 2004 and 2006. Methods GPCR registers only primary cancers based on standard protocols of the international association of cancer registries (IACR). We collect data on newly diagnosed (incident) cancer cases from all public and private diagnostic and therapeutic centers of the whole province. CanReg-4 software was used for data entry and analysis. Findings Totally 5076 cancer cases (all ages) were diagnosed in GPCR between 2004 and 2006. Of these, 139 (2.74 %) were children (aged 0–14 years) with mean (±SD) age of 8.06 (±4.48) years. The age standardized incidence rates for childhood cancer were 119.8 and 78.3 per 1000000 person-years in male and female children, respectively. Leukemia was the most common childhood cancer in Golestan province of Iran. Lymphomas and central nervous system tumors were the second and third ones, respectively. Conclusion The incidence rates of childhood cancers were relatively high in Golestan province of Iran. So, controlling of childhood cancers should be mentioned as an important issue in health policy making in this area. PMID:23056726

  7. Field test of new poplar clone in Shangdong Province

    QIN Guang-hua; JIANG Yue-zhong; QIAO Yu-ling; B.Nottola


    Poplar is one of the dominant tree species for the establishment of fast growing plantations in Shandong Province. Eighteen poplar clones belonging to Populus aigeiros section were introduced from Italy, Turkey and domestic regions. Populus deltoides cv. 'Lux' I-69/55 (I-69), which was widely used in Shandong Province, China, was taken as control clone (I-69). Following a randomized complete block design, seedling test and controlled afforestation trials were carried out at Juxian County, Caoxian County and Laiyang City. The results showed that the poplar clone (Populus × euramericana cv. '102/74'), namely 102/74, performed well both in terms of adaptability and growth rate. The mean height of 13.9 m (H), diameter at breast height of 18.0 cm (DBH) and volume growth of 0.1445 m3 (V) were 2.2 %, 21.6% and 52.9 % higher than those of I-69 (CK), respectively, at the age of 5 years at three experimental sites. Moreover, the clone can be propagated easily and showed high resistance to poplar disease, pest as well as salinity and had longer growing period. Furthermore, wood basic density and fiber length of new poplar clone (102/74) were as same as I-69 (CK). It was concluded that the selected clone (102/74) was ideal for the establishment of fast-growing poplar plantations, especially for the pulpwood plantations in Shandong Province.


    Guang-hui Liu; Rong-fei Zhu; Wei Zhang; Wen-jing Li; Zhong-xi Wang; Huan Chen


    Objective To study the genera and seasonal distribution of airborne pollen in Hubei province of China,and its relationship with pollinosis.Methods From November 2003 to October 2004,an airborne pollen investigation was performed in 16 chosen areas in 12 cities of Hubei province using gravity sedimentation technique.Meanwhile,univalent skin prick tests of pollens were performed and the invasion season was studied on 2 300 patients with pollinosis.Among them,352 eases underwent the airway responsiveness measurements,and the correlation between airway responsiveness and results of pollen count was analyzed.Results A total of 61 pollen genera were observed and 257 520 pollens were collected.The peak of airborne pollen distribution occurred in two seasons each year:spring (March and April) and autumn (from August to October).The attack of pollinosis corresponded to the peak of pollen distribution.There was a significantly negative relationship between the provocation dose causing a 20% decrease of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) from baseline and airborne pollen concentration (r=-0.6829,P<0.05).Conclusion This study provides useful information for airborne pollen epidemiology of Hubei province,and it provides important insights to clinical prevention,diagnosis,and treatment of pollen-related allergic diseases.

  9. English Language Teaching in Yunann Province: Opportunities & Challenges%English Language Teaching in Yunann Province:Opportunities&Challenges

    Fengqin Liu


    With the development of the relations between China and ASEAN, English language learning and teaching is playing a more and more important role -- especially, the importance of location of Yunnan province as a"major bridgehead" for international relations with Southeast Asia. Because of the policy of making English an official language in ASEAN,'Opportunities and Challenges' shall be discussed in this article. Also, some suggestions to enhance teacher training would be proposed.

  10. Research on Consumption Structure of Rural Residents in Gansu Province Based on ELES Model


    By using cross-section data on consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province in 2007 and 2008,this paper adopts ELES model to conduct empirical analysis on consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province.It indicates that in the current consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province,food expenditure is still at the most important and basic level;the overall consumption level of rural residents in Gansu Province is not high;at present,the consumption of rural residents in Gansu Province still hinges in a large measure on income,vulnerable to the price fluctuation.Consequently,increasing farmers’ income and stabilizing the level of commodity price,turns out to be a foundation as well as an important approach to improve consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province.

  11. Agricultural water-saving potential and feasibility of developing semi-dryland farming in Henan Province

    Huang Xiuqiao; Wang Jinglei


    Based on the collected data in the current status of developing and utilizing water resources and imple-menting water-saving agriculture in Henan Province,and taking into account the influence of engineering,agro-nomic and management measures,the water-saving potential in past years and the feasibility of implementing semi-dryland farming were analyzed in Henan Province. Finally,specific technical measures of developing semi-dryland farming in different areas of Henan Province were proposed.

  12. Simulation Calculation and Distribution Characteristics of Terrain Reflected Radiation in Fujian Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the distribution characteristics of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province.[Method] Based on solar radiation data,digital elevation model (DEM) and surface meteorological observation data in Fujian Province,plus surface albedo obtained by using remote sensing inversion method,the distribution of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province from 1988 to 2007 was simulated,and then its temporal and spatial distribution characteristics was studied.[Result] The simulat...

  13. Simulation of Change Trend of Drought in Shaanxi Province in Future Based on PRECIS Model


    [Objective] The aim was to predict the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in future. [Method] Based on the regional climate model PRECIS from Hadley Climate Center, British Meteorological Bureau, taking precipitation anomaly percentage as assessment index, the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in reference years (1971-1990) was simulated, and the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province from 2071 to 2100 was predicted. [Result] The simulated value of drought frequency in reference year...

  14. Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency of Regional Technical Innovation Jiangsu Province

    龚荒; 王新宇


    The target system was built to evaluate the efficiency of technical innovation for 13 cities and three regions in Jiangsu province based on the data envelopment analysis. This paper comparatively analyzed the efficiency of innovation and scaling return for each region in Jiangsu province. The projection analysis on production frontier face for inefficient regions was also performed. Evolving rules and regional difference of technical innovation system of Jiangsu province were explored. Some important results and suggestion were obtained.

  15. Fish faunal provinces of the conterminous United States of America reflect historical geography and familial composition.

    Matamoros, Wilfredo A; Hoagstrom, Christopher W; Schaefer, Jacob F; Kreiser, Brian R


    Although the conterminous USA has a long history of ichthyological exploration, the description of biogeographical provinces has been ad hoc. In this study we quantitatively determined fish faunal provinces and interpreted them in the context of the geological history of North America. We also evaluated influences of major river basin occupancy and contemporary environmental factors on provincial patterns. Our data set comprised 794 native fishes, which we used to generate a presence and absence matrix for U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) four-digit hydrologic units. Three nested data sets were analysed separately: primary freshwater families, continental freshwater families (including primary and secondary families) and all freshwater families (including primary, secondary and peripheral families). We used clustering analysis to delimit faunal breaks and one-way analysis of similarity (ANOSIM) to determine significance among clusters (i.e. provinces). We used an indicator-species analysis to identify species that contributed most to province delineations and a similarity-percentage (SIMPER) analysis to describe the relative influence of representatives from each category (i.e. primary, secondary, peripheral) on provincial boundaries. Lastly, we used a parsimony redundancy analysis to determine the roles of historical (i.e. major river basin) and contemporary environmental factors in shaping provinces. Analysis of the nested data sets revealed lessening provincial structure with inclusion of more families. There were 10 primary freshwater provinces, 9 continental freshwater provinces and 7 all freshwater provinces. Major basin occupancy, but not contemporary environmental factors, explained substantial variance in faunal similarities among provinces. However, provincial boundaries did not conform strictly to modern river basins, but reflected river-drainage connections of the Quaternary. Provinces represent broad-scale patterns of endemism and provide a starting point

  16. Soybean's Scientific Research and Production Development in Hunan Province These 50 years


    @@There are three ecotypes of soybean cultivar in Hunan Province: spring soybean, summer soybean and autumn soybean. Spring soybean has become the leading cultivar used in soybean's commercial production in Hunan these 30-40 years along with the growing improvement of the double-cropping of rice in the province which has reduced the area of the summer and autumn soybean gradually. Soybean produced in the province is almost consumed as processed food.

  17. Study on Improving Development Strategies of New Rural Social Pension Insurance System in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhang Qi-wen; Li Hui-fang; Gao Li-na


    Since 2009, the new rural pension insurance in Heilongjiang Province has obtained certain achievements, but the effects are not obvious. Reflection on the development process, we find that there are a lot of problems. Therefore, in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of new rural social pension insurance work in Heilongjiang Province, this paper combined with the reality to provide several suggestions for improving the new rural social pension insurance system in Heilongjiang Province.

  18. Analysis on the Climate Variation Characteristics of Frost in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The research aimed to study the climate variation characteristics of frost in Shandong Province. [Method] The daily minimum surface temperature ≤ 0 ℃ in autumn or spring was as the frost index. Based on the daily minimum surface temperature data in 67 meteorological observatories of Shandong Province during 1961-2008, the variation characteristics of first, last frost dates and frost-free period in Shandong Province were analyzed by using the climate diagnosis analysis method. [Result] The clima...

  19. Climatic Characteristics of Hail Disaster and Division of Defense Region in Guizhou Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the climatic characteristics of hail disaster from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province,China.[Method] Through statistical analysis,the climatic characteristics and disaster characteristics of hail from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province were annalyzed and compared with previous results,then the classification standards of hail disaster were established,finally the defense zoning map of hail disaster in Guizhou Province was made.[Result] According to the statistical analysis on th...

  20. [Monitoring the Microtus fuscus plague epidemic in Sichuan province during 2000 - 2008.

    Wang, Li-Mao; Song, Xiao-Yu; Zhu, Xiao-Ping


    OBJECTIVE: To analyze the epidemic tendency of Microtus fuscus plague during 2000 - 2008 in Sichuan province. METHODS: To investigate the plague each year according to "overall Plan of the Plague in the Whole Nation" and "Surveillance Program of Sichuan Province Plague". RESULTS: There were plague...... of fleas, Callopsylla sparsilis, Amphipsylla tutua tutua and Rhadinopsylla dahurica vicina, with the overall infection rate as 0.054%. CONCLUSION: Plague among Microtus fuscus showed a continuous epidemic in Sichuan province during 2000 - 2008....

  1. Estimation on the Total Quantity of Biomass Energy and Its Environmental Benefit Analysis in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The aim was to estimate the total quantity of biomass energy and analyze its environmental benefit in Shandong Province.[Method] Based on the data from the statistics yearbook of Shandong Province in 2010,the total quantity of biomass resources and biomass energy in Shandong Province in 2009 was estimated,and its environmental benefit was analyzed.[Result] Biomass resources in Shandong Province mainly refer to crop residues,forest residues,grassland changed from degraded land.If degraded land be...

  2. Analysis on the Climatic Characteristics of Temperature in "24 Solar Terms" in Liaoning Province


    [Objective] The aim was to analyze the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province.[Method] Based on the daily temperature data from 56 stations in Liaoning Province from 1951 to 2009,the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province in recent 59 years were analyzed.[Result] The time series of average temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province showed quasi normal distribution from 1951 to 2009,namely single peak type.Great Hea...

  3. Strengths,Problems,and Recommendations of Potato Staple Food Development in Zhejiang Province

    Weifang; FAN; Aiping; LAI; Guoquan; LU


    China launched the potato staple food strategy in 2015. The potato staple food strategy focuses on increasing potato consumption and promoting potato production through processing and use of potato staple food. This provides new opportunity for development of potato in Zhejiang Province. This paper analyzed development strengths and existing problems of the potato industry in Zhejiang Province. On this basis,it came up with pertinent recommendations for potato staple food development in Zhejiang Province,so as to guide consumption with nutrition,and guide production with consumption,to provide theoretical foundation for development of potato industry in Zhejiang Province.

  4. Antimicrobial Resistance among Salmonella and Shigella Isolates in Five Canadian Provinces (1997 to 2000

    Leah J Martin


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To describe rates of antimicrobial resistance (AMR among Salmonella and Shigella isolates reported in five Canadian provinces, focusing on clinically important antimicrobials.

  5. Main Clay Minerals in Soils of Fujian Province,China



    The clay minerals of more than 200 soil samples collected from various sites of Fujian Province were studied by the X-ray diffraction method and transmission electron microscopy to study their distribution and evolution.Montmorillonite was found in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit,and some lateritic red soil,red soil and yellow soil with a low weathering degree.Chlorite existed mainly in coastal solonchak and paddy soil developed from marine deposit.1.4nm intergradient mineral appeared frequently in yellow soil,red soil and lateritic red soil.The content of 1.4nm intergradient mineral increased with the decrease of weathering degree from lateritic red soil to red soil to yellow soil.Hydrous micas were more in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit.and puple soil from purple shale than in other soils.Kaolinte was the most important clay mineral in the soils iun this province.The higher the soil weathering degree,the more the kaolinite existed.From yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil,kaolinite increased gradually,Kaolinite was the predominant clay mineral accompanied by few other minerals in typical lateritic red soil. Tubular halloysite was a widespread clay mineral in soils of Fujian Province with varying quantities.The soil derived from the paent rocks rich in feldspar contained more tubular halloysite.Spheroidal halloysite was found in a red soil and a paddy soil developed from olivine basalt gibbsite in the soils in this district was largely“primary gibbsite” which formed in the early weathering stage.Gibbsite decreased with the increase of weathering degree from yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil.Goethite also decreased in the same sequence while hematite increased.

  6. Chronic patient care at North West Province clinics

    Claire van Deventer


    Full Text Available Background: Chronic illnesses are a significant burden to the health services in South Africa. There is a specific national health plan whereby chronically ill patients who are acceptably controlled should be managed at clinic level. The perception has emerged that the management of primary care has not been optimal in the Southern District of the North West Province. This provided the motivation to initiate this research, namely consideration of chronic patient care at clinics in the North West Province of South Africa.Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out at four randomly selected clinics covering four sub-districts in the Southern District (North West Province. This was done using charts and registers at the clinics. Inclusion criteria were patients older than 18, and presenting with the following chronic illnesses: asthma/chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD, hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy. The major focus areas were the regular assessment of the patients, the level of control of the illness and the use of the Essential Drugs List and Standard Treatment Guidelines (EDL/STG.Results: In the cases of all the chronic illnesses it was found that regular assessments were poorly done, with asthma (peak flow measurements being the most poorly done. Control was generally less than 50% for all the illnesses, although the EDL was followed fairly well by the personnel at the clinics.Conclusion: In the light of the burden of chronic illness the results give cause for great concern about the quality of care for chronically ill patients, and reasons were sought for some of the poor results. A subsequent decision was taken to carry out comprehensive quality improvement projects on each of the illnesses over the following five years.

  7. Assessment of HCV genotypes in Yunnan Province of Southwest China.

    Li, Qiongfen; Yao, Yufeng; Shen, Yunsong; Cao, Danfeng; Li, Yalin; Zhang, Shuqiong; Cun, Wei; Sun, Mingbo; Yu, Jiankun; Shi, Li; Dong, Shaozhong


    Recently, we reported that the frequency of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes and subtypes has rapidly changed among intravenous drug users (IDUs) in Yunnan Province over the last 5 years; this is especially true for subtype 6a which has increased in frequency from 5 to 15%. Here, we assessed 120 HCV-positive plasma samples from the general population (GP). HCV NS5B fragments were amplified and sequenced by PCR. We identified four HCV genotypes (1, 2, 3 and 6) and seven HCV subtypes (1b, 2a, 3a, 3b, 6a, 6n, and 6k) in this population. Genotype 3 was predominant, with a distribution frequency of 0.484, followed by genotype 1 (0.283), genotype 6 (0.133) and genotype 2 (0.100). HCV subtypes 3b (frequency 0.292) and 1b (frequency 0.283) were the most common subtypes. A comparison of the current data with previous results reported for IDUs showed that the distribution frequencies of genotypes 1, 2 and 6 were significantly different between patients in the GP and IDUs (P HCV subtypes, the distribution frequencies of 1b, 2a, 6a, and 6n were significantly different between patients in the GP and IDU groups (P HCV subtype 6a strains isolated from IDUs and the GP were intermixed and not separately clustered. HCV subtype 6a was predominant not only among IDUs but also among those in the GP in the Guangdong Province and Vietnam. However, HCV subtype 6a was predominant only among IDUs and not among those in the GP in the Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces. Our results indicate that the HCV subtype 6a could rapidly spread across China.


    Sh. Sarafraz, M. R. Khani, K. Yaghmaeian


    Full Text Available Hospital wastewaters are one of the most contaminating wastewaters and need to be paid more attention due to containing infectious agents. In this study, which had been conducted in a period of one year, 7 public hospitals were selected out of 12 public hospitals in Hormozgan Province of Iran. For studying quality of wastewater in hospitals, both influent and effluent wastewaters of treatment plant, if any, were sampled once in each season and totally 30 mixed samples were obtained. In order to determine the quality of hospital wastewaters in all samples, parameters such as pH, BOD5, COD, TSS and temperature were measured. Results of investigation on annual water consumption indicated that average water consumption in hospitals of the province was 194m3/d., considering water-to-wastewater conversion ratio of 0.8 and green yard ratio of 0.3. Wastewater production rate had been estimated to be 47m3/d and 0.362 m3/d.bed. Results indicated that in 7 hospitals of Hormozgan province, mean values of BOD5 ,COD ,TSS in raw wastewater were 242.25 mg/L, 628.1 mg/L and 231.25 mg/L, respectively, pH=7.42 and temperature=30.17 ºC. In Khalij-e-Fars hospital which had wastewater treatment plant, values of these parameters in effluent were 12.53 mg/L and 51.7 mg/L, 19.68 mg/L, respectively, with pH=7.39 and temperature=26.1 ºC. Comparison between values of influent and effluent wastewaters indicated that in understudy cases, contamination rate was higher than determined limits, as compared to environmental standards of the country and it was necessary to establish appropriate treatment plants in these units.

  9. Healthcare Services Expenditure: A Case Study in Isfahan Province, Iran



    Full Text Available Background Determining and understanding of healthcare costs and its financing method is one of the most important subjects understatement of which can cause such major problems as excessive health costs for households due to the high rate of out-of-pocket expenses. Objectives The current study aimed to analyze the healthcare costs and determine the share of Isfahan province, Iran, from the total healthcare costs of the country from 2006 to 2011. Materials and Methods It was a retrospective and descriptive-analytical study. The required statistical data were gathered from statistical yearbooks of the country and the province, the website of the World Bank, the statistics provided by the Healthcare Department of Isfahan and Kashan Universities of Medical Sciences and the statistical data provided by Iran Statistics Center in 2011, all covering the period of six years from 2006 to 2011. Excel software was used for data analysis and computations of the research. Results During this period, the annual growth average of healthcare and treatment costs were 12% and 20%, respectively. The share of the healthcare sector declined from 33% in 2006 to 25.4% in 2011. In other words, healthcare cost per capita, being about one second of the treatment cost per capita, reduced to a third of treatment per capita in 2011. Conclusions Efficient allocation of financial resources in the healthcare system based on specific goals and strategies, coordination of public and private sectors in providing healthcare services, the rising share of the healthcare sector in GDP of the province and the country, and the preference of prevention over treatment measures can affect achieving the healthcare system goals and surmount challenges such as pay-out-of-pocket and rising healthcare costs, particularly the costs of integrated treatment with full performance.

  10. The Magellan mound province in the Porcupine Basin

    Huvenne, V. A. I.; Bailey, W. R.; Shannon, P. M.; Naeth, J.; di Primio, R.; Henriet, J. P.; Horsfield, B.; de Haas, H.; Wheeler, A.; Olu-Le Roy, K.


    The Magellan mound province is one of the three known provinces of carbonate mounds or cold-water coral banks in the Porcupine Seabight, west of Ireland. It has been studied in detail using a large and varied data set: 2D and 3D seismic data, sidescan sonar imagery and video data collected during ROV deployment have been used to describe the mounds in terms of origin, growth processes and burial. The aim of this paper is to present the Magellan mounds and their setting in an integrated, holistic way. More than 1,000 densely spaced and mainly buried mounds have been identified in the area. They all seem to be rooted on one seismic reflection, suggesting a sudden mound start-up. Their size and spatial distribution characteristics are presented, together with the present-day appearance of the few mounds that reach the seabed. The underlying geology has been studied by means of fault analysis and numerical basin modelling in an attempt to identify possible hydrocarbon migration pathways below or in the surroundings of the Magellan mounds. Although conclusive evidence concerning the processes of mound initiation proves to be elusive, the results of both fault analysis and 2D numerical modelling failed to identify, with confidence, any direct pathways for focused hydrocarbon flow to the Magellan province. Diffuse seepage however may have taken place, as drainage area modelling suggests a possible link between mound position and structural features in the Hovland-Magellan area. During mound development and growth, the interplay of currents and sedimentation seems to have been the most important control. Mounds which could not keep pace with the sedimentation rates were buried, and on the few mounds which maintained growth, only a few corals survive at present.

  11. Endometriosis in the north Italian province of South Tyrol.

    Steinkasserer, Martin; Engl, Bruno


    Here, we report regarding the health status and medical support for patients suffering from endometrioisis in South Tyrol, which is a politically autonomous province in the north of Italy containing three different ethnic groups. The health service is administered largely by the autonomous regional government. Because of the establishment of a centre for reproductive medicine and the introduction of laparoscopy as a prime surgery method, the gynaecological department of the hospital in Bruneck developed into a reference centre for diagnosis and surgical treatment for endometriosis. The planned future social, health care and insurance developments on local and national level regarding this illness will be discussed.

  12. Recent Trends of Epidemic Hypertension in Guangdong Province


    Hypertension survey was carried out in Guangdong Province in 1991, according to a national sampling survey program. 42 899 urban and rural men and women aged ≥ 15 were involved in the survey. The results revealed that the standardized prevalence rate of hypertension was 8.99% (definite 4. 24%, borderline 4.75% ) . It was higher in men than in women, in urban than in rural samples.Compared with the survey in 1979, the prevalence rate increased by 90% and the curve of aged- prevalence rates shifted leftward. This article also discuss the possible factors that lead to the increase of hypertension.

  13. Current Development Situation and Prospects of Blueberry in Guangdong Province

    Lixia; GAO; Hualan; XIAO; Sen; LI; Fengmin; LIU; Aiqiong; MO


    With high nutrition and health value,blueberry receives much concern in recent years. Blueberry experts in the world are cultivating new blueberry varieties. They have come up with constructive theoretical support and planting technology researches and are constantly devoted to expanding blueberry planting latitudes. This paper elaborated researches of blueberry at home and abroad,current development situation of blueberry in China and Guangdong Province,analyzed strengths of planting blueberry in Guangdong. Besides,it came up with recommendations for development of blueberry industry. Finally,it discussed development prospects of blueberry planting in Guangdong.

  14. Hydrobios and Control of Eutrophication in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province


    The Hydrobios in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province, mainly includes phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic animals, fishes and hydrophytic vascular plants. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the restrictive factors for the growth and propagation of hydrophyta, therefore the key to the prevention and control of eutrophication in lakes lies in the control of the contents of the two elements in the water. Artificial fishing of algae can reduce the concentrations of trophic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the water bodies, and biological measures may decrease the contents of these trophic substances in the bottom sediments and the water bodies, thereby playing an active role in modifying the eutrophication of the lake.

  15. Natural Gas Gathering and Transporting Pipeline Networks in Sichuan Province

    Zhou Xuehou


    @@ It is over 30 years since Baxian-Chongqing Gas Transmission Pipeline has been put into operation in 1960s. So far approximately 8 000 km pipelines of various kinds have been built in Sichuan, among which about 1 800 km are gas pipelines (the maximum diameter of 720 mm ),therefor a gathering pipeline system has been established which connects more than 80 gas fields over ten of major industrial cities in Sichuan, such as Chengdu, Chongqing,Zigong, Luzhou, Daxian, Deyang, Mianyang, Nanchong,and more than 600 large and medium size end-users and the chemical fertilizer manufacturing bases in the neighboring provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou.

  16. On Translation of Tourist Attractions of Gansu Province



    Tourism develops and improves quickly as the more communication with foreign countries. Seas of tourists from different backgrounds and cultures come to China for sightseeing. So the translation of tourist attractions is vital and essential. The qualities of translation of tourist attractions will make different impressions on tourists. Based on the current situation of scenic spots translation in Gansu Province, this thesis tries to analyze the existing problems on translation of the names from the persepective of functionalist theory, then some suggestions are proposed on how to revise and correct them.

  17. Problems in Food Safety of Hunan Province and Countermeasures

    Fanfan; OUYANG; Fangming; DENG


    In recent years,serious food safety accidents are of frequent occurrence. Although government has taken many practical and feasible measures to contain food safety accidents,new food safety accidents still emerge in large numbers. In this situation,food safety control is a long-term and arduous task to be performed jointly by many government departments. Finally,it presents corresponding countermeasures and recommendations on the basis of current situations of food safety in Hunan Province,problem causes,in combination with control measures related to food safety both at home and abroad.

  18. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn

    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used...... for consumption smoothening. Interest rates fell from 1997 to 2002, reflecting increased market integration. Moreover, the determinants of formal and informal credit demand are distinct. While credit rationing depends on education and credit history, in particular, regional differences in the demand for credit...

  19. On Translation of Tourist Attractions of Gansu Province



    Tourism develops and improves quickly as the mor communication with foreign countries. Seas of tourists from different backgrounds and cultures come to China for sightseeing So the translation of tourist attractions is vital and essential. Th qualities of translation of tourist attractions will make differen impressions on tourists. Based on the current situation of sceni spots translation in Gansu Province, this thesis tries to analyz the existing problems on translation of the names from th persepective of functionalist theory, then some suggestions ar proposed on how to revise and correct them.

  20. The Burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Yazd Province - Iran

    Mahmood Vakili


    Full Text Available Objectives: To estimate the Disabled-adjusted Life Years (DALYs of Road Traffic Accidents in patients referred to hospitals in Yazd Province, central Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Yazd province during 2010. To calculate the Years of Life Lost (YLL due to premature death and to calculate the incidence of non-fatal injuries and Years Lost due to Disability (YLD, the data were collected from Yazd death registration system and hospital records. The causes of death and nature of non-fatal injuries were classified using International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10. We estimated Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs on the guidelines of the Global Burden of Disease Study (discount rate: 0.03, age weight: 0.04, constant age weight correction factor: 0.165. Age and sex composition was taken from the National Statistical Center for the year 2010. Results: During 2009, 483 deaths were caused by traffic accidents in Yazd Province, 382 (79.09% of which were males, and 101 (20.91% were females. The mortality rates for males and females were 70.98 and 20.15 in 100,000, respectively. The years of life lost due to premature deaths were 15.84/1000 in men and 4.75/1,000 in women. Total YLLs caused by traffic accidents were 10,908 years . The injuries caused by traffic accidents were calculated as 15.21 and 3.73/1,000 in males and females, respectively. The total YLDs was calculated 1.51/1,000. The total burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Yazd province was 12478 years (DALYs, 87.41% of which was due to premature death, and 12.59% was related to disability. Also, 78.32% was lost in males. The age specific peak of burden was in 15-29 year. Conclusion: This study showed that traffic accidents in Yazd impose a high burden. It seems that it is one of the health sector priorities. It is recommended to revise laws on use of motorcycles, especially on helmet use for motorcyclists, enforce strict laws in residential areas, and review social

  1. Surface Water Resources Response to Climate Changes in Jilin Province


    [Objective] The response of surface water resources on climate changes was studied.[Method] By dint of monthly average temperature and precipitation in 45 meteorological stations in Jilin Province from 1960 to 2000,monthly runoff in 56 hydrological stations in Songhuajiang and Liaohe region,the surface runoff change and the response of surface water resources to climate change in 41 years were expounded.[Result] The runoff of Songliao region was limited during 1960s and 1970s.It began to increase slowly in ...

  2. Development Situation and Future Tendency of Liaohe Oil Province

    Cao Weigeng


    @@ Liaohe Oil Province is the third largest one stably developing in China. It's composed of more than 20 oil and gas fields with complicated geological conditions. It has various types of reservoir developing 14 sets of oil-bearig horizon with multi-types of crude oil (light oil,heavy oil and high pour-point oil). From 1970 to the end of 1993, there were 22 oilfields which have been put into exploitation, including Huaxiling Oilfield etc. More, Shuangnan and Kailu Oilfields are now on trial production. Since 1984,the annual incremental production of crude oil from these fields reached over 85× 104 t (see Fig. 1).

  3. Agro-ecosystem Emergy Evolution and Trend in Hunan Province


    Using the emergy analysis method, we conduct trend analysis of changes in the total emergy, input and output structure, various emergy indicators of agro-ecosystem in Hunan Province during the period 1999-2008. The results show that during the study period, total emergy input basically remained stable, but the emergy input structure was constantly optimized, of which the input of non-renewable industrial assistant emergy increased by 38.4%, from 4.00E+22 sej to 5.53E+22 sej, and the input of ...

  4. Analysis of an Abrupt Rainstorm Process in Central Hunan Province


    [Objective] The aim is to expound the abrupt rainstorm in the central Hunan Province on May 6 in 2010.[Method] By dint of NCEP 1°×1° reanalysis data,routine observation data,auto-station precipitation and FY-2C satellite data,the large-scale circulation background and physical condition during the large rainstorm period from the night on May 5 to 6 in 2010 were analyzed.The large scale environment,meso-scale characteristics and potential causes for the formation of large precipitation were revealed.By dint ...

  5. Poliomyelitis surveillance in Shandong Province, China, 1990-92.

    Chiba, Y.; Xu, A.; Li, L.; T. Lei; Takezaki, T.; Hagiwara, A.; Yoneyama, T.; T Fujiwara; Hara, M.; Yamamoto, T


    In Shandong Province, China, programmes were initiated in 1991 for mass immunization against poliomyelitis and for the immediate reporting of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The incidence of non-poliomyelitis AFP was found to be 0.46-0.61 cases per 100,000 children per annum. It appeared that illness resembling the Guillain-Barré syndrome was underreported. The incidence of such illness peaked among children aged 2-3 years. Although laboratory investigations have improved, in 1992 they were st...

  6. Ranking and Clustering of the Economic Status of Rural Residents in 31 Provinces and Regions in China


    In order to rank and cluster the economic status of rural residents in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the MATLAB software is used and the component analysis and the cluster analysis are conducted on the data reflecting the economic status of each area. The results show that the provinces or cities with high comprehensive , scores are Shanghai Municipality, Beijing Municipality, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Tianjin Municipality, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Shandong Province and Liaoning Province according to priority; the provinces or autonomous regions with low comprehensive scores are Gansu Province, Guizhou Province , Tibet, Uygur autonomous region and Yunnan Province. The economic status of rural residents in the 31 provinces and autonomous regions are partly parallel with the comprehensive economic development. The improvement of the economic status of rural residents is helpful for the overall economic elevation. Therefore, the government should coordinate the economic development of urban and rural areas, industry and agricultural, developed region and undeveloped region, and coastal areas and central and western areas to maximize the social welfare of the whole nation.

  7. Prevalence of OV infection in Yasothon Province, Northeast Thailand.

    Saengsawang, Phubet; Promthet, Supannee; Bradshaw, Peter


    A liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrrini (OV), is the major cause of the high incidence of cholangiocarcinoma in Thailand. The prevalence of OV infection remains high in various parts of the country, especially in Northeast Thailand and particularly in wetland rural areas where a large proportion of the community work in agriculture and continue the traditional practice of eating raw or undercooked cyprinoid fish products. The national control program seems to have had little impact in many of these areas, and it has been difficult to make precise assessments of the overall effectiveness of the program. This paper is the first report of prospective research project designed to monitor the impact of the national control program in rural communities located in a northeastern province and at high risk of OV infection. The participants in this initial survey were 1,569 villagers, aged 20-65 years, living in two subdistricts of Yasothon Province. Stool examinations showed that 38.68% were infected with OV. Males were slightly more likely to be infected than females, but the difference was not statistically significant. Infection was found to be positively associated with age in both males and females. The preliminary data indicate that the population selected for study is suitable for the purpose of the monitoring project.

  8. Consanguineous marriages in the province of Antalya, Turkey.

    Alper, O M; Erengin, H; Manguoğlu, A E; Bilgen, T; Cetin, Z; Dedeoğlu, N; Lüleci, G


    To assess the trends in the frequency and the medical effects of consanguinity in the south coast of Turkish population using local and national data in the last 11 years. This cross-sectional study was carried out in Manavgat province, which is a major tourism center on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The authors studied consanguineous marriages in rural and urban population in the Mediterranean coast, Manavgat province, Turkey, via a 1500 random survey sample of married couples. There has been a significant increase in the incidence of consanguineous marriages in rural areas (40.7%) since 1989 in the southern population of Turkey. The results showed that the most frequent type of marriage was between the first cousins. It is found that there is no statistically significant difference between the consanguineous and non-consanguineous marriages in the different age groups. The results were discussed on the basis of educational status, reasons for having consanguineous marriages and the general medical effects as well as with the relation of congenital malformations. The custom of consanguineous unions in the Mediterranean population of Turkey is still extremely high, and preventive measures should be done to decrease its frequency and associated complications.

  9. Epidemiology of assaultive injuries in areas of Sichuan province, China

    DENG Zheng-hua; LI Lei-bo; ZHOU Xiao-rong; CHANG Yun-feng; CHEN Xiao-gang


    Objective: To scrutinize the epidemiologicalcharacteristics of assaultive injuries in Sichuan province,China.Methods: A survey of all cases of assaultive injuries reported by police was performed during 8 years in eight counties of Sichuan province, China. A total of 2862victims and 2856 offenders were registered.Results: The majority of victims and offenders were young men at the age of 20-39 and only received an education at secondary school or primary school. The largest fraction of these cases took place at farm or by-place during 10. 00-11.00 o'clock, 16.00-17.00 o'clock and 20.00-21.00 o'clock. The tangles caused by trifles were the most common factors inducing assaultive injuries and accounted for 42.1 percent of the causes of assaults. Blunt injuries were mainly caused by punching (40%) and kicking ( 17. 2 %). About 37.3 % of the lesions seriously happened in the regions of face and head. Open wounds accounted for 40.3 % of these different injuries.Conclusions: It is valuable to take some specific measures to prevent and control assaultive injuries according to their territorial characteristics.

  10. A probe into reasons for international migration in Fujian Province.

    Zhu, G


    In this paper, the author discusses the extent of international migration from China's Fujian Province and considers the reasons behind the migration. The most recent estimates place China's overseas population at 22.1 million, 19 million (88%) of which are concentrated in Southeast Asia. According to the author's calculations, at least 7 million of the Chinese overseas population are of Fujian descent. Indonesia alone holds some 3.3 million Fujianese. Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines account for most of the remaining Fujianese overseas population. Having established the extent of international migration from the Fujian Province, the author attempts to establish the reasons behind it. The author first considers the historical origins of Fujianese international migration, from its early states (end century B.C.-17th century) to modern times *18-early 20th century) to the current period (1949-present). The author then examines the reasons behind the migration, primarily the social environment and individual behavior. Finally, the author provides categories of international migration, stressing that these categories often overlap or coincide. Most of the early migration was "spontaneous" -- essentially, an unplanned occurrence. During the modern period, most migration was "forced" by the contract labor system instituted by colonialists. Political and social upheaval also prompted "provoked" international migration. And following the Chinese Revolution, "free" migration allowed many to return home or to join relative abroad.

  11. Malaria incidence in Limpopo Province, South Africa, 1998–2007

    Grobusch Martin P


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Malaria is endemic in the low-altitude areas of the northern and eastern parts of South Africa with seasonal transmission. The aim of this descriptive study is to give an overview of the malaria incidence and mortality in Limpopo Province for the seasons 1998–1999 to 2006–2007 and to detect trends over time and place. Methods Routinely collected data on diagnosed malaria cases and deaths were available through the provincial malaria information system. In order to calculate incidence rates, population estimates (by sex, age and district were obtained from Statistics South Africa. The Chi squared test for trend was used to detect temporal trends in malaria incidence over the seasons, and a trend in case fatality rate (CFR by age group. The Chi squared test was used to calculate differences in incidence rate and CFR between both sexes and in incidence by age group. Results In total, 58,768 cases of malaria were reported, including 628 deaths. The mean incidence rate was 124.5 per 100,000 person-years and the mean CFR 1.1% per season. There was a decreasing trend in the incidence rate over time (p Conclusion Information from this study may serve as baseline data to determine the course and distribution of malaria in Limpopo province over time. In the study period there was a decreasing trend in the incidence rate. Furthermore, the study addresses the need for better data over a range of epidemic-prone settings.

  12. Agricultural Development Mode Transformation and Government Functions in Guizhou Province


    Based on the brief account of the connotation of transforming economic development pattern and government functions,the thesis will introduce the development status of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province:firstly,single agricultural industrial structure;secondly,large gap between urban and rural development;thirdly,low-level utilization of agricultural science and technology;fourthly,fierce contradiction between agricultural mode of production and ecological environment.Then it analyzes the basic requirements for government functions in transforming the development pattern of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province:the first one is the function to guide sustainable development and the structural adjustment of agricultural production;the second is the function to coordinate urban-rural development and equally supply basic public goods;the third is the function to input science and technology to serve agriculture;the fourth one is the dominant function to promote the harmonious development of man and nature as well as to reduce the number of peasants.In order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and maintain the sound and rapid economic development,some corresponding measures and suggestions are proposed from the perspective of government functions:firstly,promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure;secondly,the government should take the lead in providing rural public goods;thirdly,strengthening the skills training and technological education of rural labor force;fourthly,reducing the number of farmers and retaining the farmers.

  13. Adsorption of mercury on laterite from Guizhou Province, China

    YU Xiaohong; ZHU Lijun; GUO Baiwei; HE Shouyang


    The adsorption behaviors of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite from Guizhou Province, China, were studied and the adsorption mechanism was discussed. The results showed that different mineral compositons in the laterite will cause differences in the adsorption capacity of latedte to Hg(Ⅱ). Illite and non-crystalloids are the main contributors to enhancing the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(Ⅱ). The pH of the solution is an important factor affecting the adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite. The alkalescent environment (pH 7-9) is favorable to the adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ). The amount of adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) increases with increasing pH. When the pH reaches a certain value, the amount of the adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) will reach the maximum level. The amount of adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) decreases with increasing pH. The optimal pHs of laterite and kaolinite are 9 and 8, respectively. The optimal initial concentrations of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite and kaolinite are 250 and 200μg/ml, respectively. The adsorption isotherms were described by the Langmuir model. The adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite is a quick process while that of Hg(Ⅱ) on kaolinite is a slow reaction. Laterite from Guizhou Province is a promising environmental material which can be used in the removal of Hg(Ⅱ) from wastewater.

  14. Adsorption of mercury on laterite from Guizhou Province, China.

    Yu, Xiaohong; Zhu, Lijun; Guo, Baiwei; He, Shouyang


    The adsorption behaviors of Hg(II) on laterite from Guizhou Province, China, were studied and the adsorption mechanism was discussed. The results showed that different mineral compositons in the laterite will cause differences in the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(II). Illite and non-crystalloids are the main contributors to enhancing the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(II). The pH of the solution is an important factor affecting the adsorption of Hg(II) on laterite. The alkalescent environment (pH 7-9) is favorable to the adsorption of Hg(II). The amount of adsorbed Hg(II) increases with increasing pH. When the pH reaches a certain value, the amount of the adsorbed Hg(II) will reach the maximum level. The amount of adsorbed Hg(II) decreases with increasing pH. The optimal pHs of laterite and kaolinite are 9 and 8, respectively. The optimal initial concentrations of Hg(II) on laterite and kaolinite are 250 and 200 microg/ml, respectively. The adsorption isotherms were described by the Langmuir model. The adsorption of Hg(II) on laterite is a quick process while that of Hg(II) on kaolinite is a slow reaction. Laterite from Guizhou Province is a promising environmental material which can be used in the removal of Hg(II) from wastewater.

  15. Helminths of guineafowls in Limpopo Province, South Africa

    K. Junker


    Full Text Available Between July 2005 and November 2006 the gastro-intestinal helminths of 15 Helmeted guineafowls and a single Crested guineafowl from Musina, Limpopo Province were examined, and in July and August 2005 helminths were collected from five Helmeted guineafowls from Mokopane in the same province. The acanthocephalan Mediorhynchus gallinarum, the cestodes Abuladzugnia gutterae, Davainea nana, Hymenolepis cantaniana, Numidella numida, Octopetalum numida, Ortleppolepis multiuncinata, Porogynia paronai, Raillietina angusta, Raillietina pintneri, Raillietina steinhardti and Raillietina sp. and the nematodes Ascaridia numidae, Cyrnea parroti, Gongylonema congolense, Hadjelia truncata, Sicarius caudatus, Subulura dentigera, Subulura suctoria, Subulura sp., Tetrameres numida and an unidentified subulurid were recovered. A single trematode species, Dicrocoelium macrostomum, was present in the liver. Mediorhynchus gallinarum, A. gutterae, O. multiuncinata, H. truncata and S. caudatus are recorded for the first time from Helmeted guineafowls, as well as from South Africa. South Africa is a new geographic record for D. macrostomum, G. congolense and D. nana. Subulura suctoria, G. congolense and H. truncata from the Crested guineafowl constitute new host-parasite associations.

  16. [Genomic characteristics of coxsakievirus A16 isolated in Henan Province].

    Huang, Xue-Yong; Xu, Yu-Ling; Wei, Hai-Yan; Wu, Jing-Fu; Kang, Kai; Wang, Yan-Xia; Chen, Hao-Min; Xu, Bian-Li


    To reveal the genomic sequence characteristics of coxsackievirus A16 (CoxA16) strain isolated from patients with hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) in Henan province. A total of 406 samples were detected by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and cell-culture-based isolation of coxsackievirus A16. The whole genome of CoxA16 isolate was amplified using 10 pairs of primers, the sequences were analyzed and phylogenetic tree was generated by bioinformatics software. The full length of HN1162/HN/CHN/2010 genome was 7411bp. Compared with the other CoxA16 strains released in GenBank, the nucleotide similarities were 87.0-97.9%, 77.0%-95.4%, 80.3%-96.9%, 77.9% 96.2%, 80.5-100% in 5'UTR, P1, P2, P3, 3'UTR region, respectively; The similarities of nucleotide and amino acid sequences in VP1 region were 91.4%-96.4% and 99.3%-99.7%, respectively. Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that CoxA16 strains isolated from Henan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Fujian belonged to the same cluster. The newly isolated CoxA16 from Henan province belonged to subgenotype C2/B-2. These results will have great significance in monitoring CoxA16 and for prevention and control of hand-foot-mouth disease.

  17. Liquefaction Susceptibility in the Northern Provinces of Thailand

    Supot Teachavorasinskun


    Full Text Available Problem statement: There are quite a few active faults recently found in the western and northern parts of Thailand, which could possibly induce earthquakes of magnitude (ML of 5.5-6.5. Although seismic design code has been enforced in the area since 1980, the fundamental knowledge on dynamic soil behavior has not been extensively attained. Approach: Collection of existing borehole information in the targeted areas to form a typical subsoil profile. This borehole information, together with analytical result obtained from logistic regression based on worldwide liquefaction database was used to conduct an effective stress analysis. Result: Literature reviews of the existing boreholes from the two largest provinces in the north, Chiang-Mai and Chiang-Rai, revealed that the areas were underlain by layers of loose to medium dense sand found at shallow depths. The corrected SPT N-value of those sand layers varies in the range of 5-20. A simple tool correlating the liquefaction probability, which correlated excess pore water pressure and peak ground acceleration, was proposed for the studied areas. Conclusion: The proposed correlation provided preliminary tool to evaluate risk of the shallow foundation from partial liquefaction in the two northern provinces of Thailand.

  18. Studying surface water balance in Kurdistan province using GIS

    Nader Fallah


    Full Text Available The study of water exchange in a region or area, which emphasizes the principle of conservation of matter in the water cycle, is called balance. Investigating their balance is the basis for managing the rivers’ water management, the results of which refer to the change rate in surface water supply and can efficiently be used in decision making and optimal use of water resources. The present study was carried out in order to investigate the surface water balance in Kurdistan province using GIS. In so doing, digital topographic maps, soil map of the area, and meteorological data retrieved from the regional stations were used to prepare layers of precipitation, evaporation and infiltration of rainwater into the soil. Discharge-arearegion comparative method was employed to measure the amount of runoff and base flow for each sub-basin in raster form saved per unit area which was subsequently overlapped based on balance equation, and the balance of the region was displayed in a graphical mode. The results indicated that more surface water is wasted in the southeast and central area of the province.

  19. Neurological ct Scan Value for Ictus in Cienfuegos Province

    Idaylí Pérez Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Backgrounds: CT scan constitutes a very important technique in the diagnosis of the cerebrovascular disease. The impact this transcendental event had and will continue having in the medicine area is impossible to state in terms of dimensions during the next years. Objective: To determine the neurological CT scan value for ictus in our milieu. Methods: A retrospective, prospective, longitudinal study of a series of cases performed during a review of statistical reports as well as that of Stroke data base which stores information of patients with neurocitus in our province, and which is based on others aspects founds by means of neurological CT scan. Results: CT scan allowed us to diagnose the type of cerebrovascular event (75.55 % ischemic events, 24.45% hemorrhagic events. It also contributed to the necessary data such as the localization (with predominium of 35.55% in more than one area, and 7.40 % in the parietal area. The presence of cerebral edema was verified in 16.29% of the cases as well as displacement of the midline in 7.40 % both associated to a torpid evolution. It incorporated the Fisher and Le Roux scales showing their prognosis value with elevated measures for deceased patients and decreased values for survivors without disability. Conclusions: The diagnosis and prognosis value were proved as well as CT scan behavior in our milieu. These aspects permit the reliable introduction of new therapeutic modalities in our province.

  20. Ecological Construction Based on Land Use Zoning of Anhui Province

    Xin; YE; Zhongxiang; YU


    Anhui Province is divided into 6 zones according to land use. This paper firstly introduces ranges, characteristics and problems of land use zoning in Anhui Province. On these bases, it presents the respective ecological construction mode. Huaibei Plain Zone should focus on agriculture and implement water conservancy project, ecological shelterbelt project and mining subsidence area control works. Jianghuai Hilly Zone should make breakthrough in transforming slope land, speed up restoring forest, grass and vegetation, and implement water-saving agriculture and prevention and control of soil erosion. The Yangtze River Side Plain Zone should take the opportunity of agricultural structural adjustment to implement the ecological construction mode of "reconverting farmland to forests, wetland and lakes". Western Anhui Dabie Mountain Zone should concentrate on setting apart hills for tree growing and transforming slope land, restoring and expanding forest, grass and vegetation, and implementing prevention and control of soil erosion. Southern Anhui Mountain Zone should focus on protecting natural forest, setting apart hills for tree growing, conceding the land to forestry and developing eco-tourism. Residential area should pay close attention to new urbanization construction, center on citizenship of agricultural population, push forward integration of industry and city, coordination of urban and rural areas, and interactive development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

  1. Evaluation of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Fars Province, Iran

    Hamdollah Karamifar


    Full Text Available Objective: In Iran thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH based neonatal screening program is included in health care services from 2005 for detection of patients with primary congenital hypothyroidism (CH. This study was performed for a critical evaluation of the screening program primary congenital hypothyroidism in Fars province,Iran.Methods: From November 2006 to September 2007, TSH serum concentrations of 63031 newborns, 3 to 5 days old born in Fars province, were measured by heel prick. The newborns with TSH ≥5mIU/L were recalled for measurement of serumT4 and TSH in venous blood samples Findings: Of 127 recalled subjects, 43 were confirmed to be hypothyroid, showing a prevalence of 1:1465 with F:M ratio of 1.05:1. The most common clinical and radiological findings were prolonged jaundice (73%, large anterior fontanel (56%, wide posterior fontanel (55%, absence of distal femoral epiphysis (20%, andumbilical hernia (11%. Scintigraphy of the thyroid with 99mTC revealed eutopia (67.4%, hypoplasia (23.3%,agenesis (4.7% and ectopia (2.3%.Conclusion: It is concluded that a cut off value of TSH≥5mIU/L overestimates recalling the number of patientswith CH. The most common cause of congenital hypothyroidism is not dysgenesis of the gland and perhaps dyshormonogenesis in Iran is more common than what is reported in other countries.

  2. The Characteristics of Earthquake Swarms in and around Jiangsu Province

    Huang Yun; Tian Jianming; Miao Ali


    This paper systematically analyzed 36 earthquake swarms in and around Jiangsu Province, summarized their characteristics and discussed the relationship between earthquske swarms and subsequent strong earthquakes. It also analyzed the judgment criteria for precursory earthquake swarms. Earthquake swarms in Jiangsu Province are concentrated in several areas. Most of them were of magnitude ML2. 0 ~ 3. 9. For most earthquake swarms, the number of earthquakes was less than 30. Time duration for about 55% of earthquake swarms was less than 15 days. The biggest magnitude of one earthquake swarm was not proportional to the number of earthquakes and time duration. There are 78% of earthquake swarms corresponded to the forthcoming earthquakes of M 〉 4. 6 in which there're 57% occured in one year, This shows a medium- and short-term criterion. Distance between earthquake swarm and future earthquake was distributed dispersedly. There were no earthquakes occurring in the same location as earthquake swarms. There was no good correlation between the magnitude and the corresponding rate of future earthquakes and the intensity of earthquake swarms. There was also no good correlation between the number of earthquakes in an earthquake swarm and the corresponding rate. The study also shows that it's better to use U-p or whole-combination to determine the type of earthquake swarm.

  3. Agro-ecosystem Emergy Evolution and Trend in Hunan Province

    ZHU Yu-lin; LI Ming-jie; HOU Mao-zhang; LI Sha; LONG Yu-zi; WANG Mao-xi


    Using the emergy analysis method,we conduct trend analysis of changes in the total emergy,input and output structure,various emergy indicators of agro-ecosystem in Hunan Province during the period 1999-2008.The results show that during the study period,total emergy input basically remained stable,but the emergy input structure was constantly optimized,of which the input of non-renewable industrial assistant emergy increased by 38.4%,from 4.00E +22 sej to 5.53E +22 sej,and the input of renewable organic emergy declined from 1.32E +23 sej to 1.20E + 23 sej;total emergy yield and yield efficiency of this system were promoted dramatically,and in 2008,the total emergy yield reached 1.69E +23 sej,increasing by 23.8% as against that in 1999,the net emergy yield ratio rose from 0.79 to 0.96;since the environmental loading ratio also tended to rise constantly,from 1.12 to 1.79,the sustainability index of this system also experienced the slow downward trend,from 0.71 to 0.54,always less than 1,indicating that the agriculture in Hunan Province is the high consumption-driven ecosystem in general,with obvious features of extensive development.

  4. Epidemiology of gastroenterologic cancer in Henan Province,China

    Jian-Bang Lu; Xi-Bin Sun; Di-Xin Dai; Shi-Kuan Zhu; Qiu-Ling Chang; Shu-Zheng Liu; Wen-Jie Duan


    AIM: To estimate the mortality rates of gastroenterologic cancers for the period between 1974 and 1999, in Henan Province, China and its epidemiologic features.METHODS: Information on death of patients with cancer was provided by the county-city registries. Population data were provided by the local police bureau. All the deaths of cancer registered were classified according to the threedigit rubric of the ICD-9. Cancer mortality rates reported herein were age-adjusted, using the world population as standard and weighted piecewise linear regression analysis.RESULTS: Total cancer age-adjusted mortality rates were 195.91 per 100 000 for males and 124.36 per 100 000 for females between 1996 and 1998. During the period of 19741999, a remarkable decrease took place in esophageal carcinoma, stomach cancer remained essentially stable and liver cancer, a moderate increase. Colorectal cancer was slightly increased over the last two decades.CONCLUSION: The population-based cancer registry can give an accurate picture of cancer in Henan Province, by providing a set of analyses of selected cancer mortality data as a source of reference for researchers in cancer, public health and health care services.

  5. Dietary intake of zinc in the population of Jiangsu Province, China.

    Yu, Q.; Boonstra, A.; Shi, Z.; Pan, X.; Yuan, B.; Dai, Yue; Zhao, J.; Zimmermann, M.B.; Kok, F.J.; Zhou, M.


    Objectives: To evaluate dietary zinc and other divalent minerals intake among the population of Jiangsu Province. Methods: 3,867 subjects aged 4-89 years were representatively sampled in two urban and six rural areas of Jiangsu Province. Dietary intake was assessed using 24-hour recalls on three con

  6. Research on Rural Consumer Demand in Hebei Province Based on Principal Component Analysis


    By selecting the time sequence data concerning influencing factors of rural consumer demand in Hebei Province from 2000 to 2010,this paper uses the principal component analysis method in multiplex econometric statistical analysis,constructs the principal component of consumer demand in Hebei Province,conducts regression on the dependent variable of consumer spending per capita in Hebei Province and the principal component of consumer demand so as to get principal component regression,and then conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis on the principal component.The results show that total output value per capita (yuan),employment rate,and income gap,are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province positively;consumer price index,upbringing ratio of children,and one-year interest rate are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province negatively;the ratio of supporting the elderly and medical care spending per capita are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province positively.The corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward to promote residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province as follows:develop county economy in Hebei Province and increase rural residents’ consumer demand;use industry to support agriculture and coordinate urban-rural development;improve rural medical care and health system and resolve actual difficulties of the masses.

  7. Earthquakes clustering based on the magnitude and the depths in Molluca Province

    Wattimanela, H. J., E-mail: [Pattimura University, Ambon (Indonesia); Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia); Pasaribu, U. S.; Indratno, S. W.; Puspito, A. N. T. [Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia)


    In this paper, we present a model to classify the earthquakes occurred in Molluca Province. We use K-Means clustering method to classify the earthquake based on the magnitude and the depth of the earthquake. The result can be used for disaster mitigation and for designing evacuation route in Molluca Province.

  8. A Case Study of a Joint Virtual Reference Network in Jiangsu Province, China

    Bing Wang


    Full Text Available This study discusses the development of a collaborative digital reference service in Jiangsu Province, China. 13 city and 6 county libraries have participated in the Joint Reference Network of Public Libraries in Jiangsu Province hosted by Nanjing Library.

  9. Recommendations for Construction and Management of Ecological Public Welfare Forest in Hainan Province

    Yang XUE; Renhui HONG; Dunxi LI; Zhipan LIN; Xiaoyan WANG; Shaofeng SU


    This paper firstly evaluated ecological service functions of ecological public welfare forest in Hainan Province. Then,it introduced value structure and existing problems of ecological service functions. Focusing on optimization and adjustment of scale and distribution of ecological public welfare forest,it came up with recommendations for construction and management of ecological public welfare forest in Hainan Province.

  10. Risk Assessment and Zoning of Agricultural Drought Disaster in Heilongjiang Province

    ZHENG Kai; CHEN Hong; ZHANG Li-juan; GAO Yu-hong


    In this study, we first zoned the drought degree in the years from 1971 to 2000 in Heilongjiang Province by using precipitation anomaly equation as an indicator, and analyzed the temporal distribution characteristics and laws of arid disaster in different periods. Using the method of human being habitat risk assessment, we further studied and zoned the drought disaster risk index(DDRI) of maize cultivated in 74 stations in Heilongjiang Province via GIS software. The results showed that (1) the occurrence frequency of moderate and heavy drought in Heilongjiang Province was 1970s >1990s > 1980s, and (2) the high risk area of drought disaster for maize production mainly assembled in Qiqihar and Daqing regions in west Heilongjiang Province, where agricultural drought should be highly concerned, while low risk and slight risk areas mainly distribute in middle areas and east plain areas in Heilongjiang Province. Our study provided basis for the defense of agricultural drought disaster.

  11. The Analysis of Development Condition of Taekwondo Dan System in Hebei Province

    Cao Shen


    Full Text Available This article made use of the literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics method for the Taekwondo practitioners and coaches in Hebei province to carry out investigation, analysis on the development situation of Dan system of Taekwondo, to influence and implement Dan system development of Taekwondo in Hebei province. The results showed, most road museums are organizing assessment of Dan System, but there is still half of the practitioners are willing to participate in grading system of examination and did not participate in. The results show that the development of grading system of Taekwondo in Hebei province, however, there are still some problems. The research of this paper provides a theoretical basis for the development of Hebei province, but also to contribute to the promotion of Taekwondo Dan made better development in Hebei province.

  12. China Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation by Fusion of Inventory and Remote Sensing Data: 1st results from Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province

    Pang, Y.; Li, Z.; Huang, G.; Sun, G.; Cheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, G.


    Forests play an irreplaceable role in maintaining regional ecological environment, global carbon balance and mitigating global climate change. Forest aboveground biomass (AGB) is an important indicator of forest carbon stocks. Estimating forest aboveground biomass accurately could significantly reduce the uncertainties in terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle. LIDAR provides accurate information on the vertical structure of forests (Lefsky et al., 2007; Naesset et al., 2004; Pang et al., 2008). Combining airborne LiDAR and spaceborne LiDAR for regional forest biomass retrieval could provide a more reliable and accurate quantitative information in regional forest biomass estimate (Boudreau et al., 2008; Nelson et al., 2009; Pang et al., 2011; Saatchi et al., 2011). The Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province are rich in forest resources and suffers intensive forest management activities for timber products. The Heilongjiang Province is typical in temperate forest and the Yunnan Province contains multiple forest types including tropical forest. These two provinces also have good ground inventory system with thousands of permanent field plots. Two campaign consists of in-situ measurement, airborne Lidar data and spaceborne data fusion were designed and implemented. First results show that i). Both spaceborne lidar and forest inventory data are useful for AGB mapping at province level. ii). The combination of spaceborne lidar and forest inventory data gave better biomass estimation with less bias. iii). A pixel level bias mapping was also proposed and gave spatial explicit map of estimation uncertainties. This method will be investigated further with more reference data and tested in other area.

  13. An Empirical Analysis of the Export Competitiveness of Agricultural Products in Hubei Province Based on Inter-provincial Comparison

    Ling WANG


    With the six provinces of Central China and China’s six major provinces of exporting agricultural products as the reference objects,this paper uses revealed comparative advantage index and export growth advantage index to perform the empirical analysis and comparison on the export competitiveness of agricultural products in Hubei Province,and finally makes the corresponding policy recommendations in order to enhance the export competitiveness of agricultural products in Hubei Province.

  14. Characteristics of Droughts in South Africa: A Case Study of Free State and North West Provinces

    Christina M. Botai


    Full Text Available The Free State (FS and North West (NW Provinces are often hard hit by droughts with impacts on water availability, farm production and livestock holdings. The South African government declared the two Provinces drought disaster areas in the 2015/2016 hydrological year. This is a major drawback, since both the Provinces play an important role to South African economy as they are a haven to agricultural production and have major water reservoirs in South Africa. This study was undertaken to investigate the historical evolution of drought within the FS and NW Provinces over the past 30 years. The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI and Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI calculated based on monthly meteorological data from 14 weather/climate stations within the FS and NW Provinces were used to explore and characterize variation in drought intensity, duration, frequency and severity in FS and NW Provinces during 1985–2015. Results indicate that there exist localized positive and negative trends with spatial dependence across the selected stations. In particular, about 60% of the weather stations exhibiting a decreasing trend are located in FS Province, suggesting that FS has being experiencing increasing drought during the analyzed period compared to NW Province. Results from the analysis of drought evaluation indicators (DEIs calculated from SPEI suggest that drought severity and frequency was more pronounced in FS while the intensity of the drought was more in NW Province during 1985–2015. In addition, based on SPEI calculations, moderate drought occurrences increased during 1985–1994 and 1995–2004 periods and decreased thereafter (2005–2015 in both Provinces. Drought classification based on parameters derived from SPEI produced similar results for mild drought occurrences during the same time scales.

  15. Assessment of Wind Energy Potential in Golestan Province of Iran

    Mehdi Hashemi-Tilehnoee


    Full Text Available Renewable energy sources are estimated to have a thriving future in many countries as well as Iran. The aim of this work is the evaluation of wind energy potentiality for the five counties of Golestan province in the northern region of Iran. A long term data source, consisting of  30 years in Gorgan, 22 years in Gonbade-e Qabus, 21 years in Maraveh Tappeh, 9 years in Aliabad, and 7 years in Bandar-e Turkaman of eight-hourly mean wind data, was adopted and analyzed. Mean wind power based on quantified data, Weibull distribution function, the relative percentage error (RPE and wind direction between obtaining values of wind power has been considered. According to these data, it was found that the numerical values of the shape parameter and scale parameter for Golestan varied a tight range. Annual values of ‘‘k’’ ranged from 2.7 to 4.7 where it is constant in different elevation because of better performance of this method in estimating wind energy potential, while annual values of ‘‘c’’ were in the range of 2.6 m/s in 10 m and 7.6 m/s in 40 m. Wind power densities have been estimated and relatively low for large wind turbines. The consequences indicate that in some months Maraveh Tappeh and Bandar-e Turkaman has best wind energy potential, as class 2, in order to establish some small wind turbine models for the sustainable development of Golestan province. Article History: Received Sept 13, 2015; Received in revised form Dec 27, 2015; Accepted January 17, 2016; Available online How to Cite This Article: Babayani, D., Khaleghi, M. and Hashemi-Tilehnoee, M. (2016 Assessment of Wind Energy Potential in Golestan Province of Iran. Int. Journal of Renewable Energy Development, 5(1, 25-31. 

  16. Overexploitation of Abalone at Libong Island, Trang Province, Southern Thailand

    Chanyut Sudtongkong


    Full Text Available Abalone is generally known as a fishery resource of high economic value. The wild abalone from Libong Island iswidely known for its potential as a cocktail-size and high-quality broodstock for hatcheries. The high market price andexternal demand have encouraged local fisherman to catch the wild abalone without proper management, resulting in a nearextinction crisis in the abalone population in this area. The present evaluation of abalone management at Libong Island,Trang Province, Thailand, was conducted using local user perceptions. Sixteen performance indicators included effectiveness indicators, equity indicators, and sustainable indicators. These were measured to determine whether the abalonemanagement activities had achieved the set objectives in terms of better conditions for abalone cultivation and sustainability.The results revealed that the abalone population has undergone degrading and decline due to lack of proper managementmeasures in this area. The findings suggest that practical management is needed for the abalone population at Libong Island.

  17. Improvement of Ecological Footprint Method and Application in Henan Province

    Niu Shuhai; Jin Fengjun; Liu Yi


    The measure of sustainable development has always been an important and difficulty subject,and the major evaluation model has three types:indicators based on system theory and methods,indicators relied on economic valuation of the environment, sustainability indicators including biophysical assessments. The ecological footprint analysis initiated by William E. Rees, one of the indicators including biophysical assessments, gets rid of the defects of the other models. Ecological footprint has gradually become popular on account of the measuring indexes based on scientific theory,innovative thought-way and its wide adaptability.This paper introduces the conception and computation method, making a progress and making up for the method of ecological footprint, and finally,makes an application analyses through Henan province regional sustainable development.

  18. Molecular epidemiological characteristics of norovirus gastroenteritis outbreaks in Guangdong province



    The purpose of this work is to study the molecular epidemiological characteristics of norovirus gastroenteritis outbreaks in Guangdong. During October 2003 and December 2004, fecal and anal swabs specimens collected from 13 outbreaks of non-bacterial gastroenteritis were tested for norovirus. Specimens were detected by RT-PCR and sequenced. The descriptive data were also collected. Eight in 13 outbreaks of gastroenteritis were positive for norovirus. All of 8 virus strains were identified as genogroup Ⅱ but belonged to 3 genotypes. Six strains were G Ⅱ-4 genotype. Norovirus is a major cause of outbreaks of nonbacterial gastroenteritis in Guangdong province and has a wide distribution. The illness happended from late autumn to winter. The prevalent strains were genogroup Ⅱ virus.

  19. Vegetation of Doi Tung, Chiang Rai Province, Northern

    J. F. Maxwell

    Full Text Available The climate of Doi Tung, Chiang Rai Province, is monsoonal with three distinctseasons, viz. cool-dry, hot-dry, and rainy. The elevation ranges from c. 350-1525m and mostof the bedrock is limestone and granite. Vegetation below c. 1000m is mostly deciduous,while above this it is evergreen. A mixed evergreen + deciduous facies is present on thelimestone peaks (up to 1425m. Forest destruction as well as settlements are widespread,thus creating increasingly severe problems with water resources, soil quality and stability, andbiodiversity. The planting on pine monocultures in deforested areas 20 years ago in uplandgranite areas has resulted in much environmental degradation which requires immediaterectification.

  20. Natural radioactivity in soil in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan.

    Mujahid, S A; Hussain, S


    The measurements of natural radioactivity and the assessment of radiological hazards in the soil samples of Baluchistan province of Pakistan have been carried out using HPGe detector. The soil gas radon activities in these areas have also been measured using lucas cell technique. The measured activities of (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K were found in the range of 15-27, 20-37 and 328-648 Bq kg(-1), respectively. The calculated absorbed dose rate in air and the annual effective dose were in the range of 35-59 nGy h(-1) and 0.17-0.29 mSv, respectively. Radon activity in the soil gas was found in the range of 357-2476 Bq m(-3).

  1. Helminth parasites of small mammals in Kerman province, southeastern Iran.

    Fasihi Harandi, Majid; Madjdzadeh, Seyed Massoud; Ahmadinejad, Mohammad


    Fifty-one specimens of small mammals were collected from different locations of Kerman province, southeastern Iran during 2007 and 2009. They constitute six species of rodents (Meriones persicus, Meriones libycus, Tatera indica, Dryomys nitedula and Mus musculus), one species of Erinaceomorpha (Paraechinus hypomelas) and one species of hare (Lepus europeus). The rate of helminthic infection was 45.1 % among all trapped specimens. In 28 out of 51 hunted specimens no intestinal helminth parasite was found. Of all mammals examined, 15 (29.4 %) had nematodes, 5 (9.8 %) had cestodes, and 3 (5.9 %) were infected with Acanthocephala. Five different species of parasites were isolated: Trichuris muris, Moniliformis moniliformis, Hymenolepis diminuta, Hymenolepis nana, and Mastophorus muris. Results of the present study indicate the potential of small mammals in the transmission of zoonotic helminthic infection.

  2. Impacts of Climate Change on Droughts in Gilan Province, Iran

    Ladan Kazemi Rad


    Full Text Available Drought as a complex natural hazard is best characterized by multiple climatological and hydrological parameters and its assessment is important for planning and managing water resources. So understanding the history of drought in an area is essential like investigating the effects of drought. In this study at first climate parameters affecting the drought have downscaled by LARS-WG stochastic weather generator over Gilan province in Iran. After choosing a suitable model, the outputs were used for assessing the drought situation in the period of 2011-2030. Assessing the drought was done by TOPSIS method during 2 periods (present and future. After validation of the method, zoning the drought was performed by IDW method in GIS. Results showed that the expanse of situations with lower drought index will increase. Also we will expect more droughts in these regions for the future.

  3. Identifying sports cultural opportunity – Case Study of Mazandaran Province

    Ahmad Ahmadzadeh


    Full Text Available Sport is an important tool to draw the national attention. Sport is a big assembly to make identity. Also, sport is a cause for identity and unity. The purpose of this study is to identify the cultural opportunity of sport in the province of Mazandaran in Iran. The research method was mixed. Sequential exploratory mixed method of the first method is qualitative and quantitative methods. The study included all the Mazandaran managers, coaches, experts, judges and athletes at the national level. The results show that directors, judges and experts believe that people's happiness and euphoria in winning the sports events is the most sport important cultural opportunity in Mazandaran (All kinds of sport were included. A lot of money is spent on TV programs and movies to fill the people's free time.

  4. [The prevalence of acute vascular optic neuropathies in Donetsk Province].

    Antonova, A I


    The analysis of the wide-spread nature of acute vascular pathology of the optic nerve in Donetsk Province, according to applications for the period of 10 years--from 1978 to 1987, has shown a continuing growth of this pathology in the general structure of optic nerve diseases, being considerably greater in a young (30-44 years) and a middle-aged (45-59 years) age groups. The highest level of the wide-spread nature of the disease has been and remains in persons above 60 years of age. At the present time, the most critical age for development of acute vascular optic neuropathies is a middle-aged group. Among the patient of this age group women prevail and among men with this pathology prevail unskilled workers and employers.

  5. Geochemistry of carbonatites in Maoniuping REE deposit, Sichuan Province, China

    许成; 黄智龙; 刘丛强; 漆亮; 李文博; 管涛


    Carbonatites in the Maoniuping REE deposit, Sichuan Province, which are spatially and temporally associated with rare earth mineralization, were emplaced at the time of Himalayan. The rocks are carbonatite-syenite complexes, with the mineral assemblages of calcite-aegirine-acmite- arfvedsonite-mica-orthoclase. The rocks are characterized by the enrichment in incompatible elements, such as Sr, Ba and REE, with C and O isotopic compositions of the "primary igneous carbonatites", relatively high initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios and low ??Nd values. All of these suggest that the rocks were derived from the metasomatic enriched mantle. It is demonstrated by geological and geochemical evidence that the mixing of the Himalayan subducting crustal materials with mantle source EM1 is probably the main factor responsible for the formation of carbonatites. The carbonatite-syenite complexes were generated from liquid immiscibility of CO2-rich alkalic silicate magma, which was derived from partial melting of the metasomatic mantle.

  6. The Analysis of Economic Growth Cycle in Henan Province


    According to the data of practical GDP time sequences from 1978 to 2009 provided by Henan Statistical Yearbook of every year,Hodrick-Prescott filter model is established,and it is disintegrated into tendency component(potential yield)and fluctuation component(yield gap).The critical division loci of filter model are 4 wave crest years(1980,1988,1996 and 2007),and 3 trough years(1984,1992 and 2002).Thus since the opening up and reform,the economic growth fluctuation of Henan can be divided into 3 complete cycles and 2 incomplete cycles.Based on the economic situation and background within and without province,we preliminarily conclude the stage-characteristics of all growth cycles and the probable reasons of fluctuation.On the whole,the economic growth cycle of Henan takes on astringency to some extent,and sustainability and stability are reinforced,showing the characteristics of growth-type cycle increasingly.

  7. International immigration, internal migration, and homicide in Canadian provinces.

    Andresen, Martin A


    The relationship between immigration and crime is politically charged and often fueled by the presence (or lack) of xenophobia. Many theoretical and empirical assessments of this relationship indicate that immigration does indeed lead to increased crime, but more recent (and very early) research investigating homicide calls this finding into question. The current analysis investigates the relationship between immigration and homicide using multiple measures of migration and Canadian provinces as the unit of analysis. It is found that the link between immigration and homicide is complex and dependent on the measure of migration used. Generally speaking, the results presented here are consistent with the more recent and very early research. Immigration, in and of itself, does not increase homicide. Rather it is the increase in the most criminogenic subpopulation that matters, that is young males.

  8. "Seroepidemiological Survey of Brucellosis Among Animal Farmers of Yazd Province"

    MH Salari


    Full Text Available Brucellosis has remained a great problem of health in most of countries, which have failed in control of zoonosis infections. This disease is caused by species of Brucella and usually is transferred from animals to humans. The purpose of this study was to investigate the seroprevalence of brucellosis among animal farmers of Yazd province. In this descriptive study, 933 animal farmers were investigated by serological tests and blood culture method. Then the data were analyzed by SPPS statistical program. The results showed that the frequency distribution of seropositive cases by MAT and STAT were 35 (3.2%; 25 (2.7% males and 10 (1.1% females. The highest and lowest incidences of seropositive cases were among age group of 21-30 (1% and more than 60 (0.3% years old, respectively. Of the 35 seropositive cases, 2MET positive were 5 (0.5%, while all blood cultures were negative.

  9. Rural sewage treatment processing in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province

    Wang, W. H.; Kuan, T. H.


    Issues regarding water pollution in rural areas of China have garnered increased attention over the years. Further discussion on the circumstances and results of existing domestic sewage treatment methods may serve as an appropriate reference in solving these important issues. This article explored the current conditions of water contamination in rural areas of China, introduced the characteristics and effects of applicable sewage treatment technology, and summarized the results of the planning, installation, and operation of rural sewage treatment facilities in Yongjia County in Zhejiang Province. However, relying on a single technical design rule is not adequate for solving the practical problems that these villages face. Instead, methods of planning rural sewage treatment should be adapted to better suit local conditions and different residential forms. It is crucial, ultimately, for any domestic sewage treatment system in a rural area to be commissioned, engineered, and maintained by a market-oriented professional company.


    ZHANG Hui-min; JIANG Hui-ming


    With the rapid development of agricultural informalization in the world, the demand of agricultural information has been a focus in the international agriculture and information fields. Based on the investigation, this paper presented the four characteristics of the demand of agricultural information in China, including regionality, seasonality, great potential demand and variation in kind and level. The factors influencing the demand of agricultural information were analyzed by the Optimized Less Square (OLS) method. The result shows that, of all factors influcing agricultural information demand, the most important one is economy, the second is facility of information pass,and knowledge and education of user, credit of agricultural information service system and production situation follow. Taking Jilin Province as an example, this article also elaborated the agricultural information demand status, and deduced the regression model of agricultural information demand and verified it by the survey in rural Jilin.

  11. Estimating methane emissions from mangrove area in Ranong Province, Thailand

    Suwanchai Nitisoravut


    Full Text Available This study aimed to estimate methane emissions from the mangrove area of Ranong Province andto explore the factors affecting the emissions, as part of an attempt to evaluate methane contribution to the global methane budget. Methane was measured by using a closed chamber technique and analyzed by a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID. The results showed that the annual estimated methane emission was released at approximately 157.32 mg/m2. The amount of methane emission from this mangrove area was lower than in other previously studied areas. Emission rates varied seasonally with the highest rate in the rainy season followed by summer and cold seasons, during which the values were 0.52, 0.27, and 0.19 mg/m2/day, respectively. Seasonal variations of methane emission was related to several factors depending upon field conditions such as water conductivity, soil temperature, and water level.

  12. Goechemical and Hydrogeochemical Properties of Cappadocia Geothermal Province

    Furkan Sener, Mehmet; Sener, Mehmet; Uysal, Tonguc


    In order to determine the geothermal resource potential of Niǧde, Nevşehir and Aksaray provinces in Central Anatolian Volcanic Province (CAVP), geothermal fluids, surface water, and alteration rock samples from the Cappadocia volcanic zone in Turkey were investigated for their geochemical and stable isotopic characteristics in light of published geological and tectonic studies. Accordingly, the Cappadocia Geothermal Province (CGP) has two different geothermal systems located along tectonic zones including five active and two potential geothermal fields, which are located between Tuzgölü Fault Zone and Keçiboyduran-Melendiz Fault and north of Keçiboyduran-Melendiz Fault. Based on water chemistry and isotope compositions, samples from the first area are characterized by Ca-Mg-HCO3 ve Ca-HCO3 type mineral poor waters and Ca-Na-SO4 and Ca-Mg-SO4 type for the cold waters and the hot waters, respectively, whereas hot waters from the second area are Na-Cl-HCO3 and Ca-Na-HCO3 type mineral poor waters. According to δ18O and δ2H isotope studies, the geothermal waters are fed from meteoric waters. Results of silica geothermometer indicate that the reservoir temperature of Dertalan, Melendiz Mount, Keçiboyduran Mount, Hasan Mount (Keçikalesi), Ziga, Acıgöl, and Derinkuyu geothermal waters are 150-173 oC, 88-117 oC, 91-120 oC, 94-122 oC, 131-156 oC, 157-179 oC; 152-174 oC and 102-130 oC, respectively. The REE composition of geothermal fluids, surface water, and mineral precipitates indicate that temperature has a strong effect on REE fractionation of the sampled fluids. Eu- and Ce- anomalies (Eu/Eu*, Ce/Ce*) are visible in several samples, which are related to the inheritance from the host reservoir rocks and redox-controlled fractionation of these elements during water-rock interactions. REE and Yttrium geochemistry results of altered rock samples and water samples, which were taken from same locations exhibited quite similar features in each system. Hence, it was

  13. Bryophytes of beach forests in Chon Buri Province, Thailand

    Phiangphak Sukkharak


    Full Text Available An investigation of bryophyte diversity of three beach forests including Had Tung Prong, Had Tein Talay, and the beach forest in Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum in Chon Buri Province, Thailand, was carried out. From 137 enumerated specimens, 16 species (6 mosses, 10 liverworts in 12 genera (5 mosses, 7 liverworts and eight families (5 mosses, 3 liverworts were found. Among those the most common families of mosses are Fissidentaceae (2 species and the most common families of liverwort are Lejeuneaceae (8 species. A comparison of species richness among the three areas revealed that the highest species richness of bryophytes was found in Had Tung Prong. Moreover, of all bryophyte species found, Weissia edentula Mitt. was the most common one.

  14. Activity of gammaglutamiltransferase in addicts of Dnipropetrovsk province

    E. B. Motorya


    Full Text Available Change of GGT activity is studied in patients using alcohol and narcotic substances. 2878 residents of the Dnipropetrovsk province are examined. The increase of GGT activity is marked in 528 cases (18.3 %. It may be caused by increasing synthesis as a result of activating enzymes which ensure this process. The activation may be initiated by alcohol and medicines, by the damage of cellular membranes under the action of toxic agents, under ischemia and infection-induced liver injury, and by the detachment of enzymes from cellular membranes affected by detergent bile acids under the cholestasis. Ordinary values for major part of examined patients (81.7 % may be explained by only episodic taking alcohol and narcotic drugs, which was not affect the liver parenchyma, and also by effective treatment normalized the enzyme’s activity.

  15. Carrying Capacity of Marine Region in Liaoning Province


    Carrying capacity is one of important studies on coordinating development of population, resources, and environment. At present, the researches on it mainly concentrate on the carrying capacity for population and economy,such as the water resources carrying capacity, the land resources carrying capacity, the environment carrying capacity,etc. Based on the related theories and methods, this paper creatively proposed the concept and meaning of carrying capacity of marine region, and formed the appraisal system. According to the developing situation of marine economy of Liaoning Province in recent years, and by employing the method of the state space, this paper also measured the cartying capacity and carrying state of marine region and discussed the sustainable problems of marine economy of Liaoning. The research results show that the carrying state of marine region of Liaoning is in the state of overloading at present, but taking a favorable turn.

  16. Changes in Ecosystem Service Values in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province

    Guowei Li


    Full Text Available Variation in ecosystem services value across land-use scenarios in Fuxin City of Liaoning Province were explored in the study. Two-period land use survey data (1996 and 2010 were used to estimate changes in the size of seven land use categories and the most recently published value equivalent was used to estimate changes in the values of ecosystem services. The total value of ecosystem services in Fuxin City was 17674.75 million Yuan in 1996 and 19077.59 million Yuan in 2010, with an increase of 1402.84 million Yuan mainly due to the inclining areas of forestland and grass land, which indicated the eco-environment in Fuxin City has been becoming better and better. However, agricultural land including farmland and orchard showed the tendency of decrease, which indicated food security has been facing with challenge in Fuxin City.

  17. Ultramafic xenoliths in Mesozoic diorite in west Shandong Province

    CHEN Lihui; ZHOU Xinhua


    Ultramafic xenoliths are common in Tietonggou intrusion, Laiwu, Shandong Province. Peridotite xenoliths develop two-stage metasomatism popularly: (i) The early metasomatism is characterized by intergranular clinopyroxene and phlogopite; (ii) The later metasomatism is characterized by orthopyroxene veins with a few plagioclases and amphiboles. These ultramafic xenoliths are thought to be mostly from the crust-mantle transitional zone on the basis of their combination, mineral chemistry, equilibrium temperature, and metasomatic characteristics. Major elements, rare earth elements, and Sr-Nd isotopic composition of the ultramafic xenoliths indicate that there is a petrogenetic relationship between the silica-enriched xenoliths and their host diorites. We propose that such silica enrichment might be an indicator of melt-rock interactions in the Mesozoic lithosphere beneath western Shandong.

  18. Factors associated with preterm labor in Hormozgan province in 2013

    Roozbeh, Nasibeh; Moradi, Soheila; Soltani, Shirin; Zolfizadeh, Fatemeh; Hasani, Mehdi Tadris; Yabandeh, Asiyeh Pormehr


    Introduction Preterm labor is the main cause of infants’ death, and the main reason for undesirable consequences of pregnancy which still occur in some births, despite all of the interventions in this regard. The aim of this study was to evaluate every preterm birth and determine its maternal risk factors in Hormozgan province in 2013. Methods This case-control study was conducted in 2013 on the health and hospital records of 735 pregnant mothers with preterm labor (20–37 weeks) which were located in Bandar Abbas in southeast Iran. The sampling method would be multi-stage cluster sampling. The data collecting tool was a valid questionnaire by the Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education, which included 5 components (demographic information, checking the current pregnancy of the mother, the maternal factors related to preterm labor in the previous pregnancy, evaluating the fetal factors associated with preterm labor in the current pregnancy and other additional information related to the factors associated with prematurity). Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, regression and Chi-square tests Results The prevalence of preterm labor in Hormozgan province in 2013 was 5.5%. In our study and among the effective factors on preterm labor, revealed genital-urinary tract infections during pregnancy were (35.8%), PROM (30.3%), history of abortion (19.9%) and unplanned pregnancy (18.1%) in between pregnant women with preterm labor. Our study showed that most mothers had delivered in 33 to 37 weeks among the mothers who had preterm labor in 2013 (75%) and the statistic of very preterm labor (less than 32 weeks) in Hormozgan was 5%. Conclusion Identification of the prevalence and associated factors with preterm labor can reduce the mortality rate and infants’ complications of it in addition to help find a way to prevent this problem.

  19. Genetic diversity of natural Hepatacodium miconioides populations in Zhejiang Province

    LI Junmin; JIN Zexin


    Hepatacodium miconioides is the Class Ⅱ protected plant species in China.This paper studies the genetic diversity and differentiation of its nine natural populations in Zhejiang Province by using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique.Twelve random primers were selected in the amplification,and 164 repetitive loci were produced.The percentage of polymorphic loci in each H.miconioides population ranged from 14.60% to 27.44%,with an average of 20.73%.Among the test populations,Kuochangshan had the highest percentage of polymorphic loci,Simingshan took the second place,and Guanyinping had the lowest percentage.As estimated by Shannon index,the genetic diversity within H.miconioides populations accounted for 27.28% of the total genetic diversity,while that among H.miconioides populations accounted for 72.72%.The genetic differentiation among H.miconioides populations as estimated by Nei index was 0.715,7.This figure was generally consistent with that estimated by Shannon index,i.e.,the genetic differentiation among populations was relatively high,but that within populations was relatively low.The gene flow among H.miconioides populations was relatively low (0.198,7),and the genetic similarity ranged from 0.655,7 to 0.811,9,with an average of 0.730,6.The highest genetic distance among populations was 0.422,9,while the lowest was 0.208,3.All the results showed that there was a distinct genetic differentiation among H.miconioides populations.The genetic distance matrix of nine test populations was calculated using this method,and the clustering analysis was made using the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA).The cluster analysis suggested that the ninepopulations of H.miconioides in Zhejiang Province could be divided into two groups,the eastern Zhejiang group and the western Zhejiang group.

  20. Molecular Identification of Giardia duodenalis Isolates from Fars Province, Iran.

    Mohammad Rayani


    Full Text Available Giardia duodenalis is one of the most common human intestinal protozoan parasites worldwide and is endemic throughout the world with a vast range of mammalian hosts. The present study aimed to identify the prevalence of G. duodenalis isolates and determine the most common of its assemblages in the patients referring to health centers and hospitals in Fars province, Iran that will be subjected to further molecular investigation.We collected 1000 human fecal samples from health centers and hospitals in Shiraz, Iran in a one year period from September 2009 to August 2010. Microscopic examination for the presence of G. duodenalis cysts and trophozoites was performed by direct wet mount before and after the concentration techniques. Extraction of DNA was performed by Phenol-Chloroform-Isoamylalcohol (PCI. G. duodenalis-positive specimens were analyzed by PCR. A fragment of the SSU-rDNA (292 bp gene was amplified by PCR using the forward primer RH11 and the reverse primer RH4. Genotyping was performed using sequence analysis of G. duodenalis glutamate dehydrogenase gene using primers GDHeF, GDHiF, and GDHiR.The prevalence of Giardia infection was 10.7% (107/1000 examined based on microscopic examination. PCR identified 80% (40/50 of the samples as positive for G. duodenalis based on SSU-rDNA amplification on sucrose gradient samples. Besides, genotyping results indicated 32 isolates (80% as assemblage AII and 8 isolates (20% as assemblage BIII and BIV based on the DNA sequence analysis of the glutamate dehydrogenase locus of G. duodenalis.The findings of this study emphasize that Iran (Fars Province is a favorable area for giardiasis with an anthroponotic infection route.


    LONG Jiang-zhi


    Strengthening the regional tourism cooperation is the requirement of both tourism development and tourist competition drive. On the one hand, resources, products, market and infrastructure in tourism are characteristics of half-public goods, which are the externalities. On the other hand, tourism competition has evolved from individual scenic spot, or firm competition to regional competition, which also requires urgent regional tourism cooperation. In recent years, the regional economic cooperation has been becoming popular in the world. The triangle tourism zone of Liaoning Province, constituted by Shenyang, Dalian and Dandong, is the core region of Liaoning tourism system. This regional tourism cooperation has been raised for a long time, but has not made substantial progress as yet. In recent years, the strategic cooperation among them has been becoming urgent, along with the change of tourism competition models, as well as the desire for building a Northeast Asia tourist economy circle. Based on literature, this paper establishes a conceptual frame of regional tourism cooperation and applies it in the analysis of the strategic tourism cooperation of Liaoning Province's golden triangle zone. This paper firstly examines both qualifications and motives concerning with cooperation among the three cities, and believes that the biggest difficulties involve traditional ideas, administrative institutions, communications, economic performances, time constraints, and more overlap among their tourist markets. Then this paper continues to construct a cooperating mechanism, including participant arrangements, construction of operating mechanism and construction of assisting mechanism. At last, this paper proposes approaches to the strategic cooperation such as introducing Xiuyan County, strategic integration and developing differentiated and complemented tourism products.

  2. Numerical Simulation on a Heavy Rainfall Event over Jiangxi Province

    ZHOU; Zu-gang; JIANG; Yong-qiang; ZHANG; Gao-ying; ZHANG; Wen-jun; WANG; Cheng-lin


    [Objective]The aim was to discuss the heavy rainfall formation mechanism and to reveal the causes of rainstorm. [Method] Based on the conventional observational data, a numerical simulation and diagnosis analyses have been carried on heavy rainfall event over Jiangxi province from 16 June to 20 June 2010, with a meso-scale REM model. The results showed that this rare rainstorm was a typical heavy rainfall over Meiyu front. The cold air flow behind the 500 hPa East Asia trough and 700 hPa North China vortex joined up the southwestern flow located in the northwest part of the strong and stable subtropical high, thus the cold air and warm air converged and maintained over the northern part of Hunan and Jiangxi province. Since the area that cold air and warm air joined up was stable and the southwestern warm and wet flow was abnormally strong, the vapor, dynamical, and thermodynamic conditions was leading to the trigger development of meso-scale convection systems. The extraordinary rainstorm was caused by the interaction of many factors such as strong vapor and convergence ascending motion, weak cold air activities in middle-levels, the strengthening of southwestern low-level jet, the formation and maintenance of southwestern vortexes, etc. The simulated precipitation of the high resolution model was very similar with the observational rainfall. The model had a good predictive skill for the location, intensity and center of heavy rainfall. By diagnosing the physical variables, it found that the distribution characteristic of the physical variables had an obvious indication for precipitation forecast. [Conclusion] The study provided reference to improve rainstorm forecast.

  3. Hepatitis B Infection in Hemodialysis Patients in Tehran Province, Iran

    Mitra Mahdavimazdeh


    Full Text Available Background and Aims: Hemodialysis (HD patients seem to be at considerable risk of acquiring HBV infection. This study was carried out to determine the seroprevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV infection in hemodialysis patients living in the province of Tehran and to investigate the association between viral hepatitis B and the probable risk factors for HD patients..Methods: From June to August 2005, this study was done on the entire HD population of the province of Tehran (2630 patients; 1505 males and 1125 females, mean age: 53.4 years. Social and demographic data, date of onset of HD, length of time receiving HD services, history of a kidney transplant, multiple sex partners, and other probable risk factors were evaluated. Blood samples were tested for liver enzyme levels as well as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV 1, HIV 2, hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs, and hepatitis C antibody (anti-HCV..Results: A total of 64 patients were HBsAg positive (2.4%. The male-to-female ratio was 45/19 for HBsAg-positive patients and 1462/1104 for the remaining patients (P = 0.03, respectively. Except for nationality (P < 0.001, previous kidney transplants (P < 0.001, age (P < 0.001, and transient HD (P < 0.001, no association was found between HBV infection and probable risk factors..Conclusions: Common erythropoietin administration, blood testing for transfusion purposes, implementation of universal precaution in dialysis units as well as the use of dedicated machines for HBV-infected patients has led to a decreasing trend of HBV infection. Periodic surveillance of HBV infection among patients undergoing hemodialysis is strongly recommended.

  4. Characterizing wetland change at landscape scale in Jiangsu Province, China.

    Xu, Chi; Sheng, Sheng; Zhou, Wen; Cui, Lijuan; Liu, Maosong


    Human activities produced great impacts on wetlands worldwide. Taking Jiangsu Province, China, as a representative wetland region subject to extensive human activities, the aim of this study is to understand the conversion trajectory and spatial differentiation in wetland change from a multi-scale perspective. Based on multi-temporal Landsat images, it was found that the natural wetlands decreased by 11.2% from 1990 to 2006 in Jiangsu Province. Transition matrices showed that the conversion of natural wetlands to human-made wetlands (mostly aquaculture ponds) was the major form of natural wetland reduction, accounting for over 60% of the reduction. Percentage reduction and area reduc tion of natural wetlands were respectively quantified within different wetland cover zones using a moving window analysis. Average percentage reduction showed a decreasing tendency with increasing wetland cover. The high-cover and mid-cover zone presented the largest area reduction at the scales of 1-2 km and 4-8 km, respectively. Local hotspots of natural wetland reduction were mapped using the equal-interval and quantile classification schemes. The hotspots were mostly concentrated in the Lixiahe marshes and the coastal wetland areas. For the area reduction hotspots, the quantile classification presented larger area and more patches than the equal-interval classification; while an opposite result was shown for the percentage reduction hotspots. With respect to the discontinuous distribution of the natural wetlands, area reduction could be more appropriate to represent reduction hotspots than percentage reduction in the study area. These findings could have useful implications to wetland conservation.

  5. Oil and Gas Resources of the Arctic Alaska Petroleum Province

    Houseknecht, David W.; Bird, Kenneth J.


    The Arctic Alaska Petroleum Province, encompassing all the lands and adjacent Continental Shelf areas north of the Brooks Range-Herald arch, is one of the most petroleum-productive areas in the United States, having produced about 15 billion bbl of oil. Seven unitized oil fields currently contribute to production, and three additional oil fields have been unitized but are not yet producing. Most known petroleum accumulations involve structural or combination structural-stratigraphic traps related to closure along the Barrow arch, a regional basement high, which has focused regional hydrocarbon migration since Early Cretaceous time. Several oil accumulations in stratigraphic traps have been developed in recent years. In addition to three small gas fields producing for local consumption, more than 20 additional oil and gas discoveries remain undeveloped. This geologically complex region includes prospective strata within passive-margin, rift, and foreland-basin sequences. Oil and gas were generated from multiple source rocks throughout the region. Although some reservoired oils appear to be derived from a single source rock, evidence for significant mixing of hydrocarbons from multiple source rocks indicates a composite petroleum system. Both extensional and contractional tectonic structures provide ample exploration targets, and recent emphasis on stratigraphic traps has demonstrated a significant resource potential in shelf and turbidite sequences of Jurassic through Tertiary age. Recent estimates of the total mean volume of undiscovered resources in the Arctic Alaska Petroleum Province by the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Minerals Management Service are more than 50 billion bbl of oil and natural-gas liquids and 227 trillion ft3 of gas, distributed approximately equally between Federal offshore and combined onshore and State offshore areas.

  6. Epidemiology of Japanese–B– encephalitis infection in pigs in Riau and North Sumatera Provinces

    Indrawati Sendow


    Full Text Available Epidemiology study on Japanese-B-Encephalitis (JE was conducted in Riau and North Sumatera Provinces. A total of 190 pig sera from Riau Province and 164 pig sera from North Sumatera were tested using competitive ELISA (C-ELISA to detect antibodies against JE virus. Insect collection was also conducted using several methods near pig farms in those provinces and identified into species to gain more information on its role to distribute JE infection. Serological results indicated that 70% pig in Sumatera and 94% pig in Riau had antibodies against JE virus. The highest prevalence of reaktor was detected in pig of more than 4 months age in both Provinces. The results of insect collection showed that Culex tritaeniorchynchus and Culex quinquefasciatus were the most dominant species in both provinces. Based on serological testing, indicated that JE virus infected pig in Sumatera and Riau Provinces, and higher reactor was obtained in older pig. Culex tritaeniorchynchus and Culex quinquefasciatus were the dominant insect species in both provinces, hence those species had a possibility to play an important role of JE transmission.

  7. Distribution of endemic and introduced tick species in Free State Province, South Africa

    Ivan G. Horak


    Full Text Available The distributions of endemic tick vector species as well as the presence of species not endemic to Free State Province, South Africa, were determined during surveys or opportunistic collections from livestock, wildlife and vegetation. Amongst endemic ticks, the presence of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus was confirmed in the north of the province, whilst Rhipicephalus decoloratus was collected at 31 localities mostly in the centre and east, and Ixodes rubicundus at 11 localities in the south, south-west and centre of the province. Amongst the non-endemic species adult Amblyomma hebraeum were collected from white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum on four privately owned farms, whilst the adults of Rhipicephalus microplus were collected from cattle and a larva from vegetation at four localities in the east of the province. The collection of Rhipicephalus evertsi mimeticus from a sheep in the west of the province is the second record of its presence in the Free State, whereas the presence of Haemaphysalis silacea on helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris and vegetation in the centre of the province represents a first record for this species in the Free State. The first collection of the argasid tick, Ornithodoros savignyi, in the Free State was made from a domestic cow and from soil in the west of the province. The localities at which the ticks were collected have been plotted and the ticks’ role in the transmission or cause of disease in domestic livestock and wildlife is discussed.

  8. Quantitative Analysis of Contribution of Industrial Structure to Economic Growth in Jiangsu Province


    The industrial structure in Jiangsu Province realizes the transformation from "secondary industry-primary industry-tertiary industry" to "tertiary industry-secondary industry-primary industry". However, the effectiveness of this model of industry-dominate industrial structure and the role of industrial structure pattern in promoting regional economic growth are yet to be researched. By using shift-share analysis method, we judge the importance of factors of industrial structure in regional economic growth of Jiangsu Province, and point out that factors of industrial structure are not the dominant forces in economic growth of Jiangsu Province; among the contributions of three industries to economic growth of Jiangsu Province, the contribution of the primary industry is greatest, followed by the contribution of secondary industry and the contribution of tertiary industry successively; real estate industry makes the greatest contribution to economic growth of Jiangsu Province; financial industry and construction industry make relatively small contributions; the potential of industry needs to be further developed. In the process of economic development of Jiangsu Province, the industrial structure is yet to be further optimized so as to give play to the role of industry in promoting the development of Jiangsu Province.

  9. Ranking provinces based on development scale in agriculture sector using taxonomy technique

    Shahram Rostampour


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to determine comparative ranking of agricultural development in different provinces of Iran using taxonomy technique. The independent variables are amount of annual rainfall amount, the number of permanent rivers, the width of pastures and forest, cultivated level of agricultural harvests and garden harvests, number of beehives, the number of fish farming ranches, the number of tractors and combines, the number of cooperative production societies, the number of industrial cattle breeding and aviculture. The results indicate that the maximum development coefficient value is associated with Razavi Khorasan province followed by Mazandaran, East Azarbayjan while the minimum ranking value belongs to Bushehr province.

  10. An Empirical Study on Telecommunication Development in the Rural Areas of China's 12 Western Provinces

    WU Hong


    This paper studied rural telecom markets in China's 12 western provinces with Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) models. Using two regress analysis of telecom business income and rural telephone permeation rate in 12 western provinces, we got some new conclusions such as, the installation and usage of telephones among farmers are affected by several variables, and income is only one of them. According to our data analysis, variables influencing the installation and usage of telephones are not the same. Different variables exert different degrees of influence in the provinces.

  11. Evaluation of the Development of Circular Agriculture in Sichuan Province Based on the Coefficient of Variation

    Fangying; ZHOU; Shunqiang; SUN; Joseph; J.Molnar


    Circular agriculture helps to solve the drawbacks of traditional agricultural production and achieve unified economic and ecological benefits,consistent with the concept of sustainable development.Based on the theoretical perspective of circular agriculture,this paper builds the evaluation indicator system for circular agriculture in Sichuan Province,and uses the coefficient of variation to evaluate the current situation of development of circular agriculture in Sichuan Province from 2000 to 2012.Then it analyzes the obstacles to the development of circular agriculture in Sichuan Province in 2012,and sets forth the targeted recommendations.

  12. GIS-based Risk Zone of Flood Hazard in Anhui Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the flood disaster risks in Anhui Province based on GIS. [Method] Taking country as basic unit, the 1∶ 250 000 basic geographic data in Anhui Province as basis, from the angle of flood disaster hazard and economic vulnerability, and by dint of the calculation of the weight of each impact factor with entropy-based fuzzy AHP method, flood risk assessment model was established to study the flood disaster risks zoning in Anhui Province. Using nearly 10 years of disaster informat...

  13. Record of the Pacific Large Low Shear Velocity Province Upwellings Preserved in the Cretaceous Large Igneous Provinces

    Madrigal, P.; Gazel, E.; Flores, K. E.; Bizimis, M.; Jicha, B. R.


    As the surface expression of deep mantle dynamics, Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are associated with the edges of large low shear velocity provinces (LLSVP) rooted at the core-mantle boundary. Instabilities in the LLSVP can cause periodic upwellings of material in the form of mantle plumes, which impact the lithosphere forming LIPs. However, the time frames of these massive lava outpourings are still uncertain. While continental LIPs are more readily accessible, oceanic LIPs have only been studied through drilling and sampling of fragments accreted to continental margins or island arcs, hence, they are relatively less understood. The impact of oceanic LIPs on oceanic biota is conspicuously recorded in global occurrences of black shale deposits that evidence episodes of anoxia and mass extinctions shortly after the formation of LIPs that ultimately can affect life on the entire planet. Our new geochemical and geochronological data of accreted Pacific LIPs found in the coasts of Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica record three LIP pulses possibly reflecting upwelling periods of the LLSVP at 140, 120 and 90 Ma. In order to test different models of origin of these LIPS, we created a complete reconstruction of the Pacific Plate configuration from the Mid-Jurassic to Upper-Cretaceous to show the existing correlation between upwelling pulses at edges of the Pacific LLSVP, oceanic anoxic events and the age from Pacific LIPs. We propose that since the formation of the Pacific plate at circa 175-180 Ma, a series of upwellings that interacted with mid-ocean ridge systems separated by 10-20 Ma have affected the planet periodically forming oceanic LIPs that still can be found today on the Pacific seafloor and accreted along the plate margins.

  14. Volcanostratigraphic Sequences of Kebo-Butak Formation at Bayat Geological Field Complex, Central Java Province and Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia

    Sri Mulyaningsih


    Full Text Available Bayat Complex is usually used as a work field for students of geology and other geosciences. The study area is located in the southern part of the Bayat Complex. Administratively, it belongs to Central Java Province and Yogyakarta Special Province. The lithology of Bayat is very complex, composed of various kinds of igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and volcanic rocks. Most of previous researchers interpreted Bayat as a melange complex constructed within a subduction zone. Kebo-Butak is one of formations that forms the Bayat field complex. The formation is composed of basalt, layers of pumice, tuff, shale, and carbonaceous tuff. Most of them are known as volcanic rocks. These imply that volcanic activities are more probable to construct the geology of Bayat rather than the subducted melange complex. The geological mapping, supported by geomorphology, petrology, stratigraphy, and geological structures, had been conducted in a comprehensive manner using the deduction-induction method. The research encounters basalt, black pumice, tuff with basaltic glasses fragments, zeolite, argilic clay, as well as feldspathic- and pumice tuff. Petrographically, the basalt is composed of labradorite, olivine, clinopyroxene, and volcanic glass. Black pumice and tuff contain prismatic clinopyroxene, granular olivine, and volcanic glasses. Feldspathic tuff and pumice tuff are crystal vitric tuff due to more abundant feldspar, quartz, and amphibole than volcanic glass. Zeolite comprises chlorite and altered glasses as deep sea altered volcanic rocks. The geologic structure is very complex, the major structures are normal faults with pyrite in it. There were two deep submarine paleovolcanoes namely Tegalrejo and Baturagung. The first paleovolcano erupted effusively producing basaltic sequence, while the second one erupted explosively ejecting feldspathic-rich pyroclastic material. The two paleovolcanoes erupted simultaneously and repeatedly.

  15. Attributes for NHDPlus Catchments (Version 1.1) for the Conterminous United States: Physiographic Provinces

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset represents the area of each physiographic province (Fenneman and Johnson, 1946) in square meters, compiled for every catchment of NHDPlus for the...

  16. Special Data Collection System (SDCS) event report, Southern Sinkiang Province, 27 October 1975

    Hill, K.J.; Dawkins, M.S.; Baumstark, R.R.; Gillespie, M.D.


    A report is given of seismic data from the Special Data Collection System (SDCS) and other sources for the Southern Sinkiang Province event on 27 October 1975. Published epicenter information from seismic observations is given.

  17. On Competitiveness of Agricultural Industrial Clusters in Hubei Province Based on GEM Model

    CHEN De-gang


    Firstly, this paper summarizes concept of the agricultural industrial cluster and GEM model. Then, it analyzes the competitiveness of agricultural industrial clusters in Hubei Province from three aspects, namely, the foundation, enterprises and market. In the aspect of the foundation, Hubei Province has superior geographical location, rich natural resources, abundant human resources, diversified capital sources, and hardware and software facilities. In the aspect of enterprises, agricultural suppliers (farmers) are relatively scattered in Hubei Province, organizational level of relevant enterprises is constantly improved, and structure and strategy of enterprises are constantly innovated. In the aspect of market, the competition of agricultural products is fierce in local market, and it is difficult to explore external market. Finally, it presents countermeasures to improve the competitiveness of agricultural industrial clusters in Hubei Province, including building agricultural industrial park and cultivating key leading enterprises, strengthening innovation management, and increasing financial support.

  18. Review and Prospect on Japonica Hybrid Rice Research in Anhui Province, China

    LI Cheng-quan; WANG Shou-hai; WANG De-zheng; LUO Yan-chang; ZHANG Pei-jiang; WU Shuang; DU Shi-yun; XU Chuan-wan


    The breeding history and commercial exploitation of japonica hybrid rice in Anhui Province, China over the last threedecades were reviewed. Besides, the bottleneck problems restricting the development of japonica hybrid rice in China weresummarized, and corresponding technological countermeasures were proposed.

  19. Superfund GIS - Physiographic Provinces, Aquifer Outcrops and Recharge Rates in Tennessee

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset is a coverage of the physiographic provinces, aquifer outcrops and recharge rates for Tennessee. Each polygon is attributed with its associated...

  20. Epidemiology investigation of initial hemodialysis patients in Shanxi province during 2010-2011



    Objective To investigate the incidence,primary disease and vascular access of the initial hemodialysis patients in Shanxi province during 2010-2011.Methods A total of 3434 chronic renal failure(CRF) patientsstarting

  1. Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces of the Former Soviet Union

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This map service includes geology, center points of oil and gas fields, geologic provinces, and political boundaries in the Former Soviet Union. This compilation is...

  2. Map Service Showing Geology and Geologic Provinces of the Asia Pacific Region

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This map service includes geology, major faults, geologic provinces, and political boundaries in the Asia Pacific Region. This compilation is part of an interim...

  3. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Uinta-Piceance Province (020) Maturation Contours

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The maturation contours show vitrinite reflectance trends and ranges for five key petroleum system horizons within the Uinta-Piceance Province. The horizons are the...

  4. Prevalence of Opisthorchis viverrini-Like Fluke Infection in Ducks in Binh Dinh Province, Central Vietnam.

    Dao, Thanh Thi Ha; Abatih, Emmanuel Nji; Nguyen, Thanh Thi Giang; Tran, Ha Thi Lam; Gabriël, Sarah; Smit, Suzanne; Le, Phap Ngoc; Dorny, Pierre


    Following the first report of Opisthorchis viverrini infection in a domestic duck in Phu My District of Binh Dinh Province, Central Vietnam, many other cases were observed in the province. We determined the infection rate and intensity of O. viverrini infection in ducks in 4 districts of the province. A total of 178 ducks were randomly selected from 34 farms for examination of flukes in the liver and gall bladder. An infection rate of 34.3% (range 20.7-40.4% among districts) was found; the intensity of infection was 13.8 worms per infected duck (range 1-100). These findings show the role of ducks as a host for O. viverrini, duck genotype, which is sympatric with the human O. viverrini genotype in this province. It also stresses the need for investigations on the zoonotic potential and the life cycle of this parasite.

  5. Assessment of Permian coalbed gas resources of the Karoo Basin Province, South Africa and Lesotho, 2016

    Schenk, Christopher J.; Brownfield, Michael E.; Tennyson, Marilyn E.; Klett, Timothy R.; Mercier, Tracey J.; Hawkins, Sarah J.; Gaswirth, Stephanie B.; Marra, Kristen R.; Finn, Thomas M.; Le, Phuong A.; Leathers-Miller, Heidi M.


    Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated undiscovered, technically recoverable mean resources of 5.27 trillion cubic feet of coalbed gas in the Karoo Basin Province.

  6. Assessment of shale-gas resources of the Karoo Province, South Africa and Lesotho, Africa, 2016

    Brownfield, Michael E.; Schenk, Christopher J.; Klett, Timothy R.; Pitman, Janet K.; Tennyson, Marilyn E.; Gaswirth, Stephanie B.; Le, Phuong A.; Leathers-Miller, Heidi M.; Mercier, Tracey J.; Finn, Thomas M.


    Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated undiscovered, technically recoverable mean resource of 44.5 trillion cubic feet of shale gas in the Karoo Province of South Africa and Lesotho, Africa.

  7. Epidemiological survey on the hepatitis C virus and its genotyping analysis in Henan province in 2012



    Objective To investigate the prevalence and distribution of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes in Henan province in 2012.Methods A total of 32 203 permanent residents (1 to 74 years old) in Henan were recruited

  8. Twenty six cases of human Fasciola gigantica infection in Dali,Yunnan province



    Objective To investigate the epidemic situation,clinical symptom,diagnosis and epidemiological characteristics of human Fasciola gigantica infection in Dali,Yunnan province. It will also provide a scientific basis for fasciolosis control and prevention. Methods Epidemic

  9. 76 FR 80870 - Notice of Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina


    ... additional areas as pest-free areas for Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) in Argentina. We... that, in addition to the pest-free status for C. capitata, the Mendoza province of Argentina also...

  10. Diseases and treatment reported by shrimp and tilapia farmers in Guangdong Province, China

    Li, Kang; Liu, Liping; Clausen, Jesper Hedegaard;

    Guangdong province is the most important region for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) culture in China that meet demands from both national consumers and export markets. However, the intensified production has brought increased disease problems, antibiotics and other...

  11. Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Timan-Pechora Basin Province, Russia, 2008

    Schenk, C.J.; Bird, K.J.; Charpentier, R.R.; Gautier, D.L.; Houseknecht, D.W.; Klett, T.R.; Moore, T.; Pawlewicz, M.J.; Pittman, J.; Tennyson, M.E.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently assessed the undiscovered oil and gas potential of the Timan-Pechora Basin Province in Russia as part of the USGS Circum-Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Appraisal program. Geologically, the Timan-Pechora Basin Province is a triangular-shaped cratonic block bounded by the northeast-southwest trending Ural Mountains and the northwest-southeast trending Timan Ridge. The northern boundary is shared with the South Barents Sea Province (fig.1). The Timan-Pechora Basin Province has a long history of oil and gas exploration and production. The first field was discovered in 1930 and, after 75 years of exploration, more than 230 fields have been discovered and more than 5,400 wells have been drilled. This has resulted in the discovery of more than 16 billion barrels of oil and 40 trillion cubic feet of gas.

  12. Near-infrared spectroscopy and pattern-recognition processing for classifying wines of two Italian provinces

    Mignani, A. G.; Ciaccheri, L.; Gordillo, B.; Mencaglia, Andrea A.; González-Miret, M. L.; Heredia, F. J.; Cichelli, A.


    This paper presents an experiment making use of the near-infrared spectrum for distinguishing the wines produced in two close provinces of Abruzzo region of Italy. A collection of 32 wines was considered, 18 of which were produced in the province of Chieti, while the other 14 were from the province of Teramo. A conventional dual-beam spectrophotometer was used for absorption measurements in the 1300-1900 nm spectroscopic range. Principal Component Analysis was used for explorative analysis. Score maps in the PC1-PC2 or PC2-PC3 spaces were obtained, which successfully grouped the wine samples in two distinct clusters, corresponding to Chieti and Teramo provinces, respectively. A modelling of dual-band spectroscopy was also proposed, making use of two LEDs for illumination and a PIN detector instead of the spectrometer. These data were processed using Linear Discriminant Analysis which demonstrated satisfactory classification results.

  13. Significance of vulnerability assessment in establishment of Hainan provincal disaster medical system

    Min Li; Yunjun Zhang; Chuanzhu Lu; Wei Son; Junhong Miao; Yipeng Ding; Longhe Li; Leilei Zhang; Nin Zhao; Bijiang Hu


    Hainan is an island province in south China with a high frequency of unconventional emergencies due to its special geographic location and national military defense role.Given the limited transportation route from Hainan to the outside world, self-rescue is more important to Hainan Province than other provinces in China and it is therefore imperative to establish an independent, scientific as well as efficient provincal disaster medical system in Hainan. The regulatory role for vulnerability analysis/assessment has been demonstrated in establisment of disaster medical system in varoius countries and or regions. In this paper, we attempt to describe/propose how to adopt vulnerability assessment through mathematical modeling of major biophysical social vulnerability factors to establish an independent, scientific, effieicnt and comprehensive provincial disaster medical system in Hainan.

  14. Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of the Arctic

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The digitally compiled map includes geology, oil and gas field centerpoints, and geologic provinces of the Arctic (North Pole area encircled by 640 N Latitude). The...

  15. Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of Africa

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This map service includes geology, oil and gas field centerpoints, and geologic provinces of Africa with some of these components extended into geographically...

  16. Assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources of the Lusitanian Basin Province, Portugal, 2016

    Schenk, Christopher J.; Tennyson, Marilyn E.; Klett, Timothy R.; Finn, Thomas M.; Mercier, Tracey J.; Gaswirth, Stephanie B.; Marra, Kristen R.; Le, Phuong A.; Hawkins, Sarah J.; Leathers-Miller, Heidi M.; Paxton, Stanley T.


    Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S. Geological Survey assessed mean undiscovered, technically recoverable resources of 121 million barrels of oil and 212 billion cubic feet of gas in the Lusitanian Basin Province, Portugal.

  17. Application of NURE data to the study of crystalline rocks in the Wyoming uranium province

    Rush, S. M.; Anderson, J. R.; Bennett, J. E.


    The Wyoming uranium province study is a part of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program conducted by Bendix Field Engineering Corporation for the US Department of Energy. The ultimate objective of the entire project is the integration of NURE and other data sources to develop a model for a uranium province centered in Wyoming. This paper presents results of the first phase of the Wyoming uranium province study, which comprises characterization of the crystalline rocks of the study area using NURE hydrogeochemical and stream-sediment data, aerial radiometric and magnetic data, and new data generated for zircons from intrusive rocks in the study area. The results of this study indicate that the stream-sediment, aerial radiometric, aerial magnetic, and zircon data are useful in characterization of the crystalline rocks of the uranium province.

  18. Geologic provinces of Europe including Turkey, 2000 (prv4_2l)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of Europe including Turkey. (Albania,...

  19. Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of Europe including Turkey

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This digitally compiled map includes geology, oil and gas fields, and geologic provinces of Europe. The oil and gas map is part of a worldwide series released on...

  20. Experimental waterfowl breeding population survey Maine, the Maritime provinces, and Central Quebec: 1997

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey for Maine, the Maritime provinces, and Central Quebec during 1997. The primary purpose of...

  1. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Florida Peninsula Province (050) Positive Structural Elements

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Positive Structural Elements coverage maps, in the form of polygons, are known structural highs within the province that commonly define a basin proper or...

  2. Assessment of coalbed gas resources of the Central and South Sumatra Basin Provinces, Indonesia, 2016

    Schenk, Christopher J.; Klett, Timothy R.; Tennyson, Marilyn E.; Mercier, Tracey J.; Brownfield, Michael E.; Pitman, Janet K.; Gaswirth, Stephanie B.; Finn, Thomas M.


    Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated a mean of 20 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered, technically recoverable coalbed gas resource in the Central and South Sumatra Basin Provinces of Indonesia.

  3. Geologic Provinces of Australia and New Zealand, 2000 (prv3cl)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the Australia and New Zealand area...

  4. Comparative Analysis of the Utilization Efficiency of Major Agricultural Resources in Hebei Province

    Yajuan; TIAN; Li; ZHEN


    The utilization efficiency of resources is one of the important factors affecting the development of modern agriculture. Using production function method and ratio analysis method,we carry out the horizontal comparison of the utilization efficiency of major agricultural resources such as arable land,agricultural machinery power and chemical fertilizer in Hebei Province and the national level,and the vertical comparison of the utilization efficiency of major agricultural resources between the prefecture-level cities in the province. The results show that the utilization efficiency of agricultural resources in Hebei Province is below the national average,and there are significant differences in the utilization efficiency of agricultural resources between the prefecture-level cities in the province.

  5. Geologic Provinces of the Circum-Arctic, 2008 (north of the Arctic Circle)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This shapefile includes arcs and polygons that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined 33 geologic provinces of the Circum-Arctic (north of the Arctic Circle). Each...

  6. Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of South America

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This digitally compiled map includes geology, oil and gas fields, and geologic provinces of South America. The oil and gas map is part of a worldwide series released...

  7. Intelligent control system for mass wind power in Gansu Province went into operation


    On March 12, the intelligent control system for mass wind power went into operation in Gansu Province, which brings the transmission capacity of the two 330-kV lines in Gansu Corridor into full play, and increases the utilization

  8. Evidence of Coxiella burnetii in Punjab province, Pakistan.

    Shabbir, Muhammad Zubair; Akram, Sidra; Hassan, Zia Ul; Hanif, Kashif; Rabbani, Masood; Muhammad, Javed; Chaudhary, Muhammad Hamid; Abbas, Tariq; Ghori, Muhammad Taslim; Rashid, Haroon; Jamil, Tariq; Islam, Zia-Ul-; Rasool, Haisem; Bano, Asghari; Ahmad, Arfan; Ali, Muhammad Asad; Yaqub, Tahir; McVey, Walt; Jayarao, Bhushan M


    Coxiella burnetii causes query (Q) fever, an important zoonotic disease with worldwide significance. The role of environment in the ecology of C. burnetti, and its influence on seroconversion in animals has not been elucidated in Pakistan. We carried out a cross-sectional study in Punjab province to (1) determine the prevalence and distribution of C. burnetii in soil using an ISIIII gene-based real time-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay, (2) analyze association between the occurrence of C. burnetii in soil and its predictors i.e. soil characteristics (macro- and micro-nutrients) and several likely risk factors including the seroconversion in small ruminants at places where its genome had or had not been detected, and (3) predict homology and genetic diversity of the identified strains using sequences originated from different hosts worldwide. A total of 2425 soil samples from nine districts of Punjab province were processed. C. burnetii DNA was detected in 47 samples (1.94%, 95% CI: ±0.55) originating from 35 villages of studied districts (7.22%, 95% CI: ±2.30). The highest prevalence was found in Attock (7.11%, 95% CI: ±3.36), followed by Lahore (4.83%, 95% CI: ±3.49), Sahiwal (4.70%, 95% CI: ±2.6), Dera Ghazi Khan (2.33%, 95% CI: ±2.02), Faisalabad (1.35%, 95% CI: ±1.18) and Sheikhupura (0.68%, 95% CI: ±0.94). The odds of detecting bacterial DNA in soil was increased with a unit increase in organic matter [2.511 (95% CI: 1.453-4.340), p=0.001] and sodium [1.013 (95% CI: 1.005-1.022), p=0.001], whereas, calcium [0.984 (95% CI: 0.975-0.994), p=0.002] and potassium [0.994 (95% CI: 0.990-0.999), p=0.011] had protective effect where a unit increase in each analyte decreased odds for its occurrence by 1.0% approximately. Likewise, for categorical variables (risk factors), the odds of detecting C. burnetii were higher at locations >500m away from a main road [1.95 (95% CI: 1.06-3.78), p=0.04]. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA

  9. Malaria prevalence in Nias District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

    Laowo Idaman


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Nias district of the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia has long been known to be endemic for malaria. Following the economic crisis at the end of 1998 and the subsequent tsunami and earthquake, in December 2004 and March 2005, respectively, the malaria control programme in the area deteriorated. The present study aims to provide baseline data for the establishment of a suitable malaria control programme in the area and to analyse the frequency distribution of drug resistance alleles associated with resistance to chloroquine and sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine. Methods Malariometric and entomology surveys were performed in three subdistricts. Thin and thick blood smears were stained with Giemsa and examined under binocular light microscopy. Blood blots on filter paper were also prepared for isolation of parasite and host DNA to be used for molecular analysis of band 3 (SAO, pfcrt, pfmdr1, dhfr, and dhps. In addition, haemoglobin measurement was performed in the second and third surveys for the subjects less than 10 years old. Results Results of the three surveys revealed an average slide positivity rate of 8.13%, with a relatively higher rate in certain foci. Host genetic analysis, to identify the Band 3 deletion associated with Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis (SAO, revealed an overall frequency of 1.0% among the 1,484 samples examined. One hundred six Plasmodium falciparum isolates from three sub-districts were successfully analysed. Alleles of the dhfr and dhps genes associated with resistance to sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine, dhfr C59R and S108N, and dhps A437G and K540E, were present at frequencies of 52.2%, 82.5%, 1.18% and 1.18%, respectively. The pfmdr1 alleles N86Y and N1042D, putatively associated with mefloquine resistance, were present at 31.4% and 2%, respectively. All but one sample carried the pfcrt 76T allele associated with chloroquine resistance. Entomologic surveys identified three potential anopheline vectors in

  10. Vitamin A status of children in five Ecuadorian provinces.

    Rodriguez, A; Guamán, G; Nelson, D P


    In mid-1993 Ecuador's Health Research Institute conducted a survey to evaluate the general nutrition and vitamin A status of children in five provinces (three in the mountains and two on the coast) containing pockets of extreme poverty. The survey enrolled 1555 children 12-59 months old who constituted a multi-phased stratified cluster sample obtained by random selection methods. Among its other aims, the survey sought to assess all or part of the study subjects' serum retinol levels, dietary vitamin A intake and ocular signs of vitamin A deficiency, and to weigh the influence on vitamin A status of age, sex, parental (maternal) education, residence in a rural or urban area, and the ethnic background of the residence area. Questionnaire interviews were conducted to gather information about each survey child's identify, diet, pathologic history, and breast-feeding history; a blood sample was obtained; and the child was weighed, measured, and given a complete physical examination (including an eye examination). Of the 1232 survey children whose serum retinol levels were measured, 18% and 2% were found to have levels below 0.7 and 0.35 mumol/L, respectively. Low serum retinol levels were more common among children of mothers who had relatively little education and resided in rural areas. The presence of Bitot's spots was confirmed in two of the study children. Interviews conducted with 39% of the study children's families to assess the children's diets showed the risk of insufficient vitamin A intake to be greater in the mountain provinces and among Indian populations, children born to mothers with no formal education, children living in rural areas, and underweight and stunted children. Forty-eight percent of the study population had serum retinol levels between 0.70 and 1.05 mumol/L, indicating marginal vitamin A deficiency. It would therefore appear that dietary supplementation would cause a substantial part of the Ecuadorian population to improve its vitamin A

  11. Measles outbreak investigation in Zaka, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, 2010

    Pomerai Kufakwanguzvarova W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A measles outbreak was detected at Ndanga Hospital in Zaka district Masvingo Province on the 5th of May 2010 and there were five deaths. Source of infection was not known and an investigation was carried out to determine factors associated with contracting measles in Zaka district. Materials and methods A 1:1 unmatched case control study was conducted. A case was a person residing in Zaka district who developed signs and symptoms of measles or tested IgM positive from 06 May 2010 to 30 August 2010. A control was a person residing in the same community who did not have history of signs and symptoms of measles during the same period. A structured interviewer administered questionnaire (translated into shona was used to solicit information from cases and controls. Ethical consideration like written consent from all participants, respect and confidentiality were observed. Permission to carry out the study was obtained from the medical research Council of Zimbabwe and the provincial Medical Directors Masvingo. Epi info was used to calculate frequencies, odds ratios and perform logistic regression to control for confounding variables. Findings A total of 110 cases and 110 controls were recruited. Most cases (63.03% were from the apostolic sect while 44.7% of controls were from orthodox churches. Contact with a measles case [AOR= 41.14, 95% CI (7.47-226.5],being unvaccinated against measles [AOR= 3.96, 95%CI (2.58-6.08] and not receiving additional doses of measles vaccine [AOR 5.48, 95% CI (2.16-11.08] were independent risk factor for contracting measles. Measles vaccination coverage for Zaka district was 75%. The median duration for seeking treatment after onset of illness was three days (Q1=2; Q3=7. There were no emergency preparedness plans in place. Conclusion This outbreak occurred due to a large number of unvaccinated children and a boarding school that facilitated person to person transmission. We recommend mandatory

  12. Social Situation Of Diyarbakir Province Throughout The Ottoman Domination



    Full Text Available Social Stratification can be described as “differentiation of a certain population hierarchically, namely, classes being located one after another in social terms”. As at present time, in the past periods as well, one of the most important factors that affected the social stratification was the posts of the persons, that is to say, the occupations and economic power they had. In Ottoman State, human communities living in cities were composed of different groups in general. It has been possible to arrange human groups especially with respect to their jobs or their economical situations and educational positions. As in the other Ottoman cities, in the city and the province of Diyarbakır, those groups constituted the social stratums. In this study, about social stratification in Diyarbakir city and state are given. Family and women issues form the main core of these layers are discussed in detail. Of the pillars of society throughout history and despite being one of the cornerstones of the nuclear family; this aspect of women in various cultures and periods or have been denied or ignored by hovering, has been reduced to a passive position. Islamic period, together with the woman, a former compared to a more realistic status gained Although, many Muslim states and cultures, traditions from a Ways must be, the status of women of Islam aiming at the level could be reached. In this study, which is expected to serve as an example to the status of women in the family and provincial organizations, in Diyarbakir Province were discussed between the situation of women in the social structure.Diyarbakir şeriyye sicils, social history and family gives important information about the woman. However, other resources will also be made. However, the issue constitutes the main source of şeriyye sicils. Diyarbakir when dealing with the family’s location in the social structure; first marriage and the family traditions and handled accordingly; Formation of

  13. Diagnostic Analysis on a Regional Rainstorm Weather in North-central Henan Province


    [Objective] The research aimed to analyze a regional rainstorm weather process in north-central Henan Province. [Method] Based on the conventional meteorological observation data and the rainfall data of Henan Meteorological Station, the diagnostic analysis of atmospheric thermodynamics and dynamics on a rainstorm weather process in north-central Henan Province on July 19, 2010 was carried out. The characteristics of physical quantity field and the evolution of weather situation in north-central Henan Provi...

  14. Epidemiologic Evaluation of Child Abuse and Neglect in School-Aged Children of Qazvin Province, Iran

    Mahram, Manoochehr; Hosseinkhani, Zahra; Nedjat, Saharnaz; Aflatouni, Ali


    Objective This study was carried out to detect the prevalence of child abuse in three domains of physical, psychological and neglect among elementary school aged children of Qazvin Province, Iran. Methods In this descriptive-analytic and cross-sectional study, 1028 elementary school aged children of Qazvin Province selected through multistage cluster sampling were assessed for child abuse in all domains, except for sexual abuse through a researcher-made questionnaire. The questionnaire was st...

  15. Occurrence of cavernicolous ground beetles in Anhui Province, eastern China (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae

    Jie Fang


    Full Text Available Two new species of anophthalmic ground beetles belonging to the subfamily Trechinae are described: Cimmeritodes (Zhecimmerites parvus Tian & Li, sp. n. and Wanoblemus wui Tian & Fang, gen. n., sp. n. Both were discovered in the limestone caves of Anhui Province in eastern China. C. (Z. parvus was found in caves Ziwei Dong, Xianren Dong and Qingtai Dong, whereas W. wui was discovered in cave Baiyun Dong. This is the first record of cavernicolous ground beetles in Anhui Province, eastern China.

  16. Comprehensive Assessment of Eco-environment Vulnerability in Hebei Province Based on ArcGIS


    [Objective] This study aimed to assess the vulnerability of ecological environment in Hebei Province.[Method] Based on ArcGIS,by using the dominant factor and maximum limits factor method,we established the sensitivity-reality indicator system and assessment model of the eco-environment vulnerability in Hebei Province to quantitatively evaluate its eco-environment vulnerability,and analyzed its spatial distribution.[Result] The status quo of environmental degradation was inconsistent with the sensitivity of...

  17. Permafrost in Qinghai Province:Characterization and impact on transportation construction

    JianHong Fang; AnHua Xu


    Through a long-term summary of highway construction in the permafrost regions of Qinghai Province, the formation conditions and distribution characteristics of permafrost and their impact on transportation construction are analyzed. Research achievements on the stability of highways and urgent technical problems in the transportation construction in permafrost regions are discussed, and new development directions of highway construction in permafrost regions of Qinghai Province are introduced to provide cold regions engineering researchers with valuable references.

  18. Evaluation on Ecological Agriculture Benefit and Coordinated Development Level in Henan Province


    [Objective] The aim was to establish theevaluation index system of ecological agriculture benefit in Henan Province to assess its ecological agriculture benefit and coordinated development level. [Method] Based on the existing evaluation index system of ecological agriculture, the evaluation index system of ecological agriculture benefit in Henan Province was established by means of factor analysis from the aspects of economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit, so as to assess the ecological ag...

  19. Analysis of the Dependence of Power Outages on Lightning Events within the Ijebu Province, Nigeria

    J.O. Adepitan; E.O. Oladiran


    The study aimed at developing a model for lightning-induced outages in Nigeria from results obtained on determining the proportion and rate of lightning-induced outages out of the total power outages experienced in Ijebu province of Nigeria. Power outage records for Ijebu province, comprising Ijebu-Ode and Sagamu areas, Ogun state, Nigeria for the years 2002-2006 were collected from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Unintentional stochastic outages were separated from those due to deli...

  20. Ecosystem Health and Comprehensive Ecological Benefit Assessment of an Artificial Wetland in Western Jilin Province


    [Objective] This research aimed to assess the state of ecosystem health and comprehensive ecological benefit of an artificial wetland in western Jilin Province. [Method] To investigate the effects of reclaimed water from Yingtai Oil Production Plant on the wetland ecosystem, a comprehensive ecological assessment index of an artificial wetland in the west of Jilin Province was established to measure the ecological economic and social benefits. The quantitative evaluation on the ecosystem health and comprehen...

  1. Molecular characteristics and antibiotic resistance of Vibrio cholerae O139 in Shandong province



    Objective To investigate the molecular epidemiological characteristics and antibiotic resistance profiles of Vibrio cholerae O139 in Shandong province.Methods A total of 13 strains of V.cholerae O139(9 clinical strains and 4 environmental strains)isolated from cholera epidemics in Shandong province since 1997 were recovered and confirmed with serum agglutination and biochemical reaction.Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis(PFGE)was carried out for molecular subtyping.Virulence genes and

  2. New features of fascioliasis in human and animal infections in Ilam province, Western Iran

    Abdi, Jahangir; Naserifar, Razi; Nejad, Mohammad Rostami; Mansouri, Vahid


    Aim The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of human and animal fascioliasis in Ilam Province, Iran. Background Fascioliasis, caused by Fasciola hepatica, is one of the most important zoonotic diseases. Snails are an intermediate host. Human infection with the parasite can led to hypertrophy and hyperplasia in bile duct. It also economic importance and further information is essential about the epidemiology of the parasite in Ilam province. Patients and methods The study on an...

  3. Influence of Factor Input on Forestry Economic Growth of Jilin Province

    Yufen XU; Miao WANG


    Forestry is a fundamental industry of national economy. In social development of human beings,forestry plays an essential role in expanding employment,realizing rural prosperity and safeguarding ecological safety. This paper firstly introduced current development situations of forestry in Jilin Province. Then,it analyzed influence of factor input on forestry economic growth of Jilin Province by linear regression analysis method. Finally,it came up with pertinent recommendations.

  4. Promotion of Agricultural Products Competitive Power in Heilongjiang Province with Modern Logistics


    The paper studied the competitive power of agricultural products in Heilongjiang Province by analyzing the revealed comparative advantage,and drew the conclution that agricultural products' competitive power was decreasing in Heilongjiang Province.There were three main reasons for this status: firstly,the cost of circulation of agricultural products was increasing;secondly,the commodity rate of agricultural products was low;thirdly,the marketing power of agricultural product was weak because of lacking the ...

  5. The integrated risk assessment and zoning of meteorological disaster in Heilongjiang Province of China


    This paper describes studies on the integrated risk assessment and zoning of meteorological disaster in Heilongjiang Province,in northeastern China,by using information-diffusion theory and cluster method with 35 years of summer temperature and precipitation data from 74 meteorological stations from 1971 through 2005.The information-diffusion theory has been used extensively in risk assessment,yet almost no one has done research about risk assessment by information-diffusion theory based on meteorological disaster standards.Some research results are as follows:the risk probability of low temperature and cold damage in the northern region is higher than that in the southern region;the risk probability of general low temperature and cold damage in the southwestern region is the highest;the risk probability of serious low temperature and cold damage in the northern region is the highest,followed by the central and southeast region;the high-risk region of arid disaster in Heilongjiang Province was primarily located in the southwestern,central,and southern parts of the province;the high-intensity arid disaster was located in the south-eastern region;the high-risk region of flood in Heilongjiang Province was primarily located from the southwest and then across the central part to the western part of Heilongjiang Province;the high-intensity flood disasters were located in almost every part of Heilongjiang Province.We can conclude from the integrated meteorological disaster risk zoning that the high-risk region of mete-orological disaster is primarily located in the southern and northern part of the province,the moderate-risk region is distributed in the central southern region and western region,the low-risk region is located in the eastern part,and the light-risk region is located in the central western part of Heilongjiang Province.

  6. Access to antiepileptic drug therapy in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba

    Bárzaga Arencibia, Zeina; López Leyva, Alberto; Mejías Peña, Yordanka; González Reyes, Alba Rosa; Acosta Nápolez, Maurilys; Carbonell Perdomo, Demetrio; Fernández Manzano, Edita; Choonara, Imti


    bjective  To describe access to antiepileptic drug therapy and estimate the prevalence of epilepsy in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba. Methods  All the community pharmacies in the province were visited and information collected about the number of children receiving antiepileptic drugs in 2009. Availability and cost of each antiepileptic drug were determined. The prevalence of epilepsy was estimated by determining the number of children receiving antiepileptic drugs. Results  Ther...

  7. Current Situations and Countermeasures of Development of Kiwifruit Industry in Guizhou Province

    HUANG Wei; WAN Ming-chang; YANG Sheng-jun; ZHANG Xue; QIAO Rong


    On the basis of current development situations of planting, scientific research and processing of kiwifruit industry in Guizhou Province, the paper analyzes main factors restricting development of kiwifruit industry, including lack of unified planning, standardized planting specifications, and backward management of kiwifruit orchard. In accordance with current development situations and restricting factors, the paper presents some countermeasures for development of kiwifruit industry in Guizhou Province, including scientific planning, optimizing variety structure, management of cultivation technology, training of kiwifruit farmers, as well as marketing.

  8. Assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources of the Dnieper-Donets Basin Province and Pripyat Basin Province, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, 2010

    Klett, T.R.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, using a geology-based assessment methodology, estimated mean volumes of technically recoverable, conventional, undiscovered petroleum resources at 84 million barrels of crude oil, 4.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 130 million barrels of natural gas liquids for the Dnieper-Donets Basin Province and 39 million barrels of crude oil, 48 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 1 million barrels of natural gas liquids for the Pripyat Basin Province. The assessments are part of a program to estimate these resources for priority basins throughout the world.

  9. Evaluation of Ecological Carrying Capacity of Henan Province under the Sustainable Development


    Based on the overview of social economy of Henan Province,I probe into the concept and evaluation of ecological carrying capacity.By using the ecological footprint analysis and the data of various kinds of land supply of Henan Province from 2000 to 2008,the ecological carrying capacity of Henan Province is analyzed.It is unveiled that inharmonious population,natural resources and economic resources affect the efficiency of the sustainable development of ecological carrying capacity of Henan Province;the underdeveloped economy of Henan Province impacts the sustainable development of ecological carrying capacity of Henan Province and the overburdened population lead to the insufficiency of ecological carrying capacity.Around protecting the threshold of ecological system,the countermeasures are put forward,which cover forming the idea of ecological economy and circular economy and promoting the transformation of economy growth mode;taking the development road of using resources intensively and performing the strategy of sustainable utilization of resources;strictly control population growth and strengthening people’s crisis awareness of resources and environment.

  10. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Sows in Hunan Province, China

    Ying Xu


    Full Text Available Toxoplasma gondii infections are prevalent in animals and humans worldwide. Although the prevalence of T. gondii has been reported in many animals in China, little is known of T. gondii infection in sows. Antibodies to T. gondii in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China, were examined using indirect hemagglutination test (IHAT. Overall, 31.3% (373/1191 of the examined sows were seropositive for T. gondii. Among 11 representative regions of Hunan province, the seroprevalence ranged from 14.8% to 45.1%. In addition, the T. gondii seroprevalence was higher in summer (37.4% and autumn (34.9% than in spring (24.6% and winter (23.9%. Regarding different antibody titers, the seroprevalence ranged from 1.8% (titer ≥ 1 : 1024 to 17.4% (titer = 1 : 64. The findings of the present investigation revealed the high seroprevalence of T. gondii in sows in Hunan province, China, which poses a potential risk for T. gondii infection in humans and animals in this province. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to prevent and control toxoplasmosis of pigs in this province. This is the first report of the comprehensive survey of T. gondii seroprevalence in sows in Hunan Province, subtropical China.

  11. Spatial Analysis of the Evolvement of Urban and Rural Economic Disparity in Yunnan Province,China


    The per capita disposable income of urban households and the per capita net income of rural households in Yunnan Province are selected as the variable indices.Data are from the Yunnan Statistical Yearbook and the Yunnan Statistical Yearbook.Theil index and RHL value are used to carry out quantitative research on the occurrence,development and change of urban and rural economic disparity in Yunnan Province,China.Regression analysis on the evolvement trend of urban and rural economic disparity and spatial analysis on the convergence and divergence of urban and rural disparity caused by economic growth in Yunnan Province are carried out.Result shows that cities in Yunnan Province show a downward convergence;while rural areas show a downward divergence in the years 1978-2007,causing the economic disparity between urban and rural areas.Therefore,urban and rural disparity increases in Yunnan Province and the development of rural areas lags far behind the development of urban areas.Urban and rural economic disparity in Yunnan Province shows an inverted "U" shape of Kuznets Curve.In order to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural economy,suggestions are put forward,such as adopting the unbalanced development strategy,accelerating the overall economic development,promoting the development of small and medium-sized cities,enhancing the integration of urban and rural economics,appropriately supporting rural areas under poverty,and fully exerting the comparative advantage.

  12. Findings of the fertility survey in Beijing municipality and other five provinces.


    The findings of the 2nd Chinese Fertility Survey, conducted in Beijing Municipality and the provinces of Liaoning, Shandong, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Gansu, indicate progress in the postponement of age at 1st marriage as well as increasing marital stability. The divorce rate ranged from 0.2-0.6% in the areas studied. Median age at 1st marriage is 3 years higher among women 25-29 years of age than among women 45-49 years of age. Among these younger women, median age at 1st marriage now stands at 23 years in Beijing Municipality and Liaoning, Shandong, and Guangdong Provinces and at 21-22 years in Guizhou and Gansu Provinces. The average. At present, the average number of children born is 1.63 in Beijing Municipality, 1.97 in Liaoning Province, 2.19 in Shandong, 2.67 in Guangdong, 2.79 in Gansu, and 3.47 in Guizhou Province. All the women surveyed were able to cite 4-7 birth control methods and have themselves used 1-2 methods (a low of 1 method in Guizhou and Gansu Provinces to a high of 1.7 in Beijing). Overall, 70% of the women of childbearing age surveyed were using contraceptive method at present. The highest contraceptive prevalence rate (84%) exists in Beijing Municipality.

  13. Study on Balanced Development of Industrialization,Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization in Henan Province


    This article expounds the connotation of balanced development of " industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization",and points out the problems thwarting balanced development of " industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization" in Henan Province as follows:the level of industrialization is not high;the general level of urbanization is low;the agricultural foundation is weak and there are many institutional barriers.The goal of balanced development of " industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization" in Henan Province is to take a road of industrialization and urbanization,not at the expense of agriculture and food.Based on this,the measures are put forward for balanced development of " industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization " in Henan Province as follows:keep to the new road of industrialization with characteristics of Henan Province,promote the development of industry and accelerate the transformation of pattern;keep to the road of new urbanization with characteristics of Henan Province,and promote the rapid change in urban development pattern;adhere to the road of agricultural modernization with characteristics of Henan Province,and promote the rapid change in pattern of agricultural development.

  14. Geologic Assessment of Undiscovered Gas Resources of the Eastern Oregon and Washington Province

    U.S. Geological Survey Eastern Oregon and Washington Province Assessment Team, (compiler)


    The purpose of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Oil and Gas Assessment is to develop geology-based hypotheses regarding the potential for additions to oil and gas reserves in priority areas of the United States, focusing on the distribution, quantity, and availability of oil and natural gas resources. The USGS has completed an assessment of the undiscovered oil and gas potential of the Eastern Oregon and Washington Province of Oregon and Washington (USGS Province 5005). The province is a priority Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) province for the National Assessment because of its potential for oil and gas resources. The assessment of this province is based on geologic principles and uses the total petroleum system concept. The geologic elements of a total petroleum system include hydrocarbon source rocks (source rock maturation, hydrocarbon generation and migration), reservoir rocks (stratigraphy, sedimentology, petrophysical properties), and hydrocarbon traps (trap formation and timing). In the Eastern Oregon and Washington Province, the USGS used this geologic framework to define one total petroleum system and two assessment units within the total petroleum system, and quantitatively estimated the undiscovered gas resources within each assessment unit.

  15. Fauna and Larval Habitats of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae of West Azerbaijan Province, Northwestern Iran.

    Farahnaz Khoshdel-Nezamiha


    Full Text Available Several important diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes. Despite of the potential of the occurrence of some mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile, dirofilariasis and malaria in the region, there is no recent study of mosquitoes in West Azerbaijan Province. The aim of this investigation was to study the fauna, composition and distribution of mosquitoes and the characteristics of their larval habitats in this province.Larvae and adult collections were carried out from different habitats using the standard methods in twenty five localities of seven counties across West Azerbaijan Province.Overall, 1569 mosquitoes including 1336 larvae and 233 adults were collected from 25 localities. The details of geographical properties were recorded. Five genera along with 12 species were collected and identified including: Anopheles claviger, An. maculipennis s.l., An. superpictus, Culex pipiens, Cx. theileri, Cx. modestus, Cx. hortensis, Cx. mimeticus, Culiseta Longiareolata, Ochlerotatus caspius s.l., Oc. geniculatus and Uranotaenia unguiculata. This is the first record of Oc. geniculatus in the province.Due to the geographical location of the West Azerbaijan Province, it comprises different climatic condition which provides suitable environment for the establishment of various species of mosquitoes. The solidarity geographical, cultural and territorial exchanges complicate the situation of the province and its vectors as a threat for future and probable epidemics of mosquito-borne diseases.

  16. The housing loss assessment of rural villages caused by earthquake disaster in Yunnan Province

    WANG Ying; SHI Pei-jun; WANG Jing-ai


    Based on the assessment report of destructive housings caused by more than 20 earthquakes occurred in Yunnan Province in 1990~2004, the vulnerability models of 4 types housings of rural residents in Yunnan Province are setup. The scenario earthquake disaster loss model is used to simulate the housing loss if the historical earthquakes that occurred since A.D. 886 in Yunnan Province reoccur in 2002. The analyses show the simulation deviation of the usual earthquakes is less than 30% and the method is of high practicality. Meanwhile, the simulation result of 398 historical earthquakes in Yunnan Province shows that the annual economic loss caused by the earthquakes is about RMB 410 million Yuan that accounts for 0.18% of GDP of Yunnan Province for the year. Because the per capita living area and the price of the housing increases year by year, if the historical destructive earthquake reoccurs today, the loss of Yunnan Province will be greater than in those years.

  17. [Microcystin contamination of fish on Poyang Lake in Jiangxi province].

    Xu, Haibin; Sun, Ming; Sui, Haixia; Li, Jianping; Yan, Weixing


    In order to investigate the level of microcystin contamination of fish and its dynamic change in fish body, samples of freshwater as well as fish were collected from Poyang lake in Jiangxi province in July and October in 2000 respectively. Microcystin were tested for all samples via ELISA method. The results showed that: all freshwater samples collected in July and October contained blue-green alga and it has become a dominant alga. Microsystin content was higher in freshwater collected in October than that of in July. The average content level of microcystin in freshwater of river bank and Yongxiu river was 888.8 ng/ml, being ten times higher than that of water of Bang lake 1, Bang lake 2 and Big lake pool (83.6 pg/ml). The highest level of microcystin was 1036.9 pg/ml in freshwater of Yongxiu river. Microcystin could be detected in all samples of fish muscle and fish liver. The level of microcystin in muscle of fish collected in October was 1.2 to 2.0 times higher of that collected in July, and microcystin in liver of fish collected in October was 2.0 to 20 times higher of that collected in July. The average level of microcystin in fish liver in river bank and Yongxiu river was 27.2 ng/g, being significantly higher than that of in Bang lake1, Bang lake 2 and Big lake pool (2.8 ng/g).

  18. Evaluation of Tourism Industry Development Strategies Factors in Guilan Province

    Fatholah Keshavarz Shal


    Full Text Available Iran due to its unique condition in terms of tourist attractionand because of the specific location and a variety of naturalresources and human Phenomena, that different regions of thecountry including Guilan province has a typical position interms of tourism which attracts a lot of tourists. By itself, ecological,environmental, cultural, historical and religious attractionin the north, we will see more development in the tourismindustry by formulating and scientific solutions and preservationof cultural values and the environment. In this research, a descriptive– analytical approach has been taken in order toachieve mentioned goals. Also major sources of tourism areidentified by field and library (Book, Magazines, Relevant documentstudy and with SWOT pattern, strengths, weakness,threats and opportunities will be specified and analyzed. Thepresent research with fundamental question that whether tourismdevelopment reduces the effects of economic sanctions? Basedon this assumption that, the development of tourism can reducethe effects of economic sanctions and we can use tourismindustry as a means to deal with economic sanctions and createemployment opportunities, distribution of income, foreign exchangeincrease, reducing migration, raising the living standard,regional balancing, transferring value to unprivileged area, developmentof rural and urban communities and the cultural andethnic unity for the attainment of national unity.

  19. Location of Road Emergency Stations in Fars Province, Using Spatial

    Ali Goli


    Full Text Available Objectives: To locate the road emergency stations in Fars province based on using spatial multi-criteria decision making (Delphi method. Methods: In this study, the criteria affecting the location of road emergency stations have been identified through Delphi method and their importance was determined using Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP. With regard to the importance of the criteria and by using Geographical Information System (GIS, the appropriateness of the existing stations with the criteria and the way of their distribution has been explored, and the appropriate arenas for creating new emergency stations were determined. In order to investigate the spatial distribution pattern of the stations, Moran’s Index was used. Results: The accidents (0.318, placement position (0.235, time (0.198, roads (0.160, and population (0.079 were introduced as the main criteria in location road emergency stations. The findings showed that the distribution of the existing stations was clustering (Moran’s I=0.3. Three priorities were introduced for establishing new stations. Some arenas including Abade, north of Eghlid and Khoram bid, and small parts of Shiraz, Farashband, Bavanat, and Kazeroon were suggested as the first priority. Conclusion: GIS is a useful and applicable tool in investigating spatial distribution and geographical accessibility to the setting that provide health care, including emergency stations

  20. Volcanic calderas delineate biogeographic provinces among Yellowstone thermophiles.

    Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina; Mitchell, Kendra; Jackson-Weaver, Olan; Reysenbach, Anna-Louise


    It has been suggested that the distribution of microorganisms should be cosmopolitan because of their enormous capacity for dispersal. However, recent studies have revealed that geographically isolated microbial populations do exist. Geographic distance as a barrier to dispersal is most often invoked to explain these distributions. Here we show that unique and diverse sequences of the bacterial genus Sulfurihydrogenibium exist in Yellowstone thermal springs, indicating that these sites are geographically isolated. Although there was no correlation with geographic distance or the associated geochemistry of the springs, there was a strong historical signal. We found that the Yellowstone calderas, remnants of prehistoric volcanic eruptions, delineate biogeographical provinces for the Sulfurihydrogenibium within Yellowstone (chi(2): 9.7, P = 0.002). The pattern of distribution that we have detected suggests that major geological events in the past 2 million years explain more of the variation in sequence diversity in this system than do contemporary factors such as habitat or geographic distance. These findings highlight the importance of historical legacies in determining contemporary microbial distributions and suggest that the same factors that determine the biogeography of macroorganisms are also evident among bacteria.

  1. An outbreak of canine aflatoxicosis in Gauteng Province, South Africa

    Luke F. Arnot


    Full Text Available Sporadic outbreaks of aflatoxicosis occur in dogs when they consume contaminated dog food. During 2011, low-cost brands of pelleted dog food were contaminated with very high concentrations of aflatoxins. Approximately 100 dogs were presented to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital. Clinically, the dogs were depressed to collapsed and icteric, with haematemesis, melaena and haematochezia. The most common pathological findings were icterus, gastro-enterorrhagia and hepatosis. On histopathological examination, fatty hepatosis and bile duct proliferation were observed. A consistent, very characteristic finding was the presence of a blue-grey granular material within the bile ducts. A total of 124 samples of the dog food fed to the affected dogs was analysed to determine aflatoxin concentrations. Concentrations ranged from below the limit of quantification (< 5 μg/kg to 4946 μg/kg and six samples were submitted to determine the ratio of aflatoxins in the feed. It is estimated that well over 220 dogs died in the Gauteng Province of South Africa as a result of this aflatoxin outbreak.

  2. Energy drinks consumption in male construction workers, Chonburi province.

    Pichainarong, Natchaporn; Chaveepojnkamjorn, Wisit; Khobjit, Pattama; Veerachai, Viroj; Sujirarat, Dusit


    This unmatched case-control study aimed to determine the relationship among caffeine drinks consumption known as "energy drinks consumption", drug dependence and related factors in male construction workers in Chonburi Province. It was conducted during December 15, 2001 and February 15, 2002. Data were collected using interview questionnaires. The logistic regression was used to control possible confounding factors. The subjects consisted of 186 cases who had consumed energy drinks for more than 3 months and 186 controls who had given up for more than 3 months. They were frequency/group matched by age group. There was statistically significant association among energy drinks consumption and overtime work, motivation from advertisements, positive attitude of energy drinks consumption, alcohol drinks, smoking and ex-taking Kratom behavior. Multivariate analyses revealed that only 5 factors were related to energy drinks consumption: marital status (OR = 1.88, 95%CI: 1.14, 3.11), overtime work (OR = 2.84, 95%CI: 1.73, 4.64), motivation from advertisements (OR = 2.72, 95%CI: 1.67, 4.42), positive attitude of energy drinks consumption (OR = 4.06, 95%CI: 1.65, 10.01) and ex-taking Kratom behavior (OR = 2.77, 95%CI: 1.19, 6.44). As a result, construction workers should be provided with the knowledge of energy drinks consumption, the effect of drug dependence behavior, and the advantages of safe and healthy food that is cheap, readily available, and rich in nutrients.

  3. Male Participation in Contraception in an Eastern Province of Turkey

    Nevin Hotun Sahin


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study was to determine men’s knowledge, attitudes and practice towards family planning in a province of north-eastern Turkey. Materials and Methods: This descriptive research was carried on 801 volunteers amongst men of reproductive age living in a city with a total population of 80,000 men. Data were gathered using a self-administered questionnaire that addressed men’s roles, attitudes and behaviors towards family planning. Results: The most commonly used contraceptives were condom (36.8% and withdrawal (27.3% methods in single men. Married men reported relying more on female methods and they were more satisfied with the method they used. The idea of shared responsibility in family planning was more appreciated by single men. The role of family as a source of knowledge about family planning was low in both groups. Married men were more against vasectomy and condom while single men had more negative attitudes towards using hormone pills for men if produced in the future.Conclusion: Comprehensive projects are needed to improve male participation in family planning, especially in male dominant cultures. This must be seen as a golden key in the reproductive health programs.

  4. Microbial characteristics of food preparations in Benevento province

    Vittoria Ricci


    Full Text Available The aim of this preliminary study was to determine the microbiological quality of pastry products and gastronomic preparations served in food service establishments in Benevento province, Southern Italy. A total of 125 samples were collected from food service establishments. Parameters investigated were: aerobic plate counts (APCs, total Coliform bacteria counts, beta-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia (E. coli counts, Enterobacteriaceae counts, coagulase-positive Staphylococci counts, isolation of Salmonella spp., Bacillus (B. cereus counts, and isolation of Listeria (L. monocytogenes. The microbiological quality was good, with absence of the pathogens L. monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. and extremely rare presence of E. coli. The fresh pastry and the uncooked gastronomy products were the most contaminated groups; also, cooked cold-served gastronomy products were susceptible to microbiological risk, as a result of the inadequate reheating and the interruption of the warm chain. On the contrary, dried pastry and cooked warm-served gastronomy products showed an excellent hygienic profile. In fact, the amount of compliant samples was 74.4%.

  5. Trace Element Geochemistry of Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks in Shandong Province

    陈道公; 李彬贤; 等


    The Cenozoic volcanic rock of Shandong Province are mainly alkalic and strongly alkalic basaltic rocks.The Contents of major and trace elements including transitional,incompatible and rare-earth elements were determined.The chemical characterisitics of major and trace elements indicate that these basaltic rocks were derived from a mantle source and probably represent a primary magma,I,e.,unmodifiecd partical melts of mantle peridotite in terms of Mg values,correlatione between P2O5 and Ce,Sr,Ni and Rb concentrations,mantle xenoliths,etc.The abundances of trace elements vary systematically from west to east.The compatible transition elements such as Co,Ni,and Cr show a remarkable depletion,whereas the incompatible and rare-earth elements are abundant as viewed from the chondrite-nor-malized patterns.The chemical composition and correlation are consistent with the tectonic setting.According to the batch and fractional partial melting theory,the trace element contents of Shandong volcanic rocks can be calculated from the two-component mixing model.

  6. Silicate Adsorption in Paddy Soils of Guangdong Province, China

    HUANG Li-Yuan; LI Hua-Xing; ZHANG Xin-Ming; LU Wei-Sheng; LIU Yuan-Jin


    Silicate adsorption in eight paddy soils developed from four different parent materials in Guangdong Province, China was examined to obtain fundamental knowledge of silicate adsorption to improve the efficacy of silicate fertilizer use in these areas. A correlation analysis showed that silicate adsorption did not obey the Langmuir equation (r = -0.664-0.301) but did obey the Freundlich and Temkin equations (P ≤ 0.01, r = 0.885-0.990). When the equilibrium silicate concentration (Ci) was less than 45 mg SiO2 kg-1, the adsorption capacity was in the following decreasing order of paddy soils: basalt-derived > Pearl River Delta sediment-derived > granite-derived > sand-shale-derived. Stepwise regression and path analysis showed that for the investigated paddy soils amorphous MnO and Al2O3 were the two most important materials that affected silicate adsorption. Moreover, as Ci increased, amorphous Al2O3 tended to play a more important role in silicate adsorption, while the effects of amorphous MnO on silicate adsorption tended to decrease.

  7. Thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies in Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Vietnam.

    Nguyen, Hoa Van; Sanchaisuriya, Kanokwan; Nguyen, Dung; Phan, Hoa Thi Thuy; Siridamrongvattana, Sirivara; Sanchaisuriya, Pattara; Fucharoen, Supan; Fucharoen, Goonnapa; Schelp, Frank P


    A community-based assessment of thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies was conducted at the Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Vietnam. By cluster sampling, a total of 410 pregnant women attending the antenatal care service at 30 commune health centers were recruited consecutively from September 2011 to June 2012. Hemoglobin (Hb) analysis was performed using an automated Hb analyzer. α-Thalassemia (α-thal) genes were identified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based techniques. Out of the 410 pregnant women, 2.7% carried α(0)-thal and 1.2% were β-thal carriers. One woman with the - -(THAI) deletion was also found. Among the females under survey, structural Hb variants with 3.2% Hb E [β26(B8)Glu→Lys, GAG>AAG; HBB: c.78G>C] and 3.7% Hb Constant Spring [Hb CS; α142, Term→Gln, TAA>CAA (α2); HBA2: c.427T>C] were found. Assessing the frequency of thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies by ethnicity, Kinh (Vietnamese) and ethnic minority groups, Hb CS with a high frequency of 24.0% was observed in the ethnic minority groups. These results provide basic population-based information, are useful not only for implementing measures for prevention and control of thalassemias in the region but also for studying the importance of thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies in ethnic minorities within Southeast Asia.

  8. Management of flood victims: Chainat Province, central Thailand.

    Wisitwong, Anchaleeporn; McMillan, Margaret


    This article focuses on the processes of flood management and the experiences of flood victims in Chainat Province, central Thailand, so as to develop knowledge about the future handling of such disasters. A phenomenological qualitative approach was used to describe the processes of providing assistance to flood victims. In-depth interviews and observation were used to collect the data. Criterion sampling was used to select 23 participants. Content analysis of the data revealed that some flood victims could predict flooding based on prior experiences, so they prepared themselves. The data revealed six themes that demonstrated that those who could not predict how floods would impact on them were unprepared and suffered losses and disruption to their daily life. Damaged routes meant people could not go to work, resulting in the loss of income. There was a lack of sanitary appliances and clean drinking water, people were sick, and experienced stress. At the community level, people helped one another, making sandbags and building walls as a defense against water. They formed support groups to enable the processing of stressful experiences. However, later, the water became stagnant and contaminated, creating an offensive smell. The government provided assistance to cut off electricity services, food and water, toilets and health services, and water drainage. In the recovery phase, the victims needed money for investment, employment opportunities, books for children, extra time to pay off loans, reconnection of electricity, surveys of damage, and pensions to deal with damage and recovery.

  9. Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Jiroft, Kerman Province, Iran

    BARKHORI MAHNI, Maryam; REZAEIAN, Mostafa; KIA, Eshrat Beigom; RAEISI, Ahmad; KHANALIHA, Khadijeh; TARIGHI, Fatemeh; KAMRANRASHANI, Bahare


    Background: Intestinal parasitic infections have a worldwide distribution. High prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in individuals with low socioeconomic status and environmental conditions was found. No study has ever been conducted on the prevalence of these infections in Jiroft. Therefore, in this study prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections was evaluated in Jiroft, Kerman Province, Iran. Methods: A total of 1060 individuals from rural and urban areas of Jiroft were sampled accidentally, during 2013–2014. Fresh stool samples were collected from all individuals and examined by formalin ether concentration and agar plate culture. Direct examination was performed on watery samples. Results: Out of 1060 individuals, 563 (53.1%) and 497 (46.9%) people were from rural and urban areas, respectively. In general, 297 individuals (28%) were infected with intestinal parasites. The prevalence of infection for protozoa and helminthes infections were 27.4% and 1.8%, respectively. The most prevalent protozoans were Blastocystis hominis (13.7%) and Giardia lamblia (7.8%), and that of helminth was Hymenolepis nana (1.1%). Conclusion: Intestinal protozoan parasites were more prevalent than helminth parasites. Source of water supply and personal hygiene were important factors in the distribution of parasites in the study area. PMID:28096858

  10. Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Jiroft, Kerman Province, Iran



    Full Text Available Background: Intestinal parasitic infections have a worldwide distribution. High prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in individuals with low socioeconomic status and environmental conditions was found. No study has ever been conducted on the prevalence of these infections in Jiroft. Therefore, in this study prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections was evaluated in Jiroft, Kerman Province, Iran.Methods: A total of 1060 individuals from rural and urban areas of Jiroft were sampled accidentally, during 2013-2014. Fresh stool samples were collected from all individuals and examined by formalin ether concentration and agar plate culture. Direct examination was performed on watery samples.Results: Out of 1060 individuals, 563 (53.1% and 497 (46.9% people were from rural and urban areas, respectively. In general, 297 individuals (28% were infected with intestinal parasites. The prevalence of infection for protozoa and helminthes infections were 27.4% and 1.8%, respectively. The most prevalent protozoans were Blastocystis hominis (13.7% and Giardia lamblia (7.8%, and that of helminth was Hymenolepis nana (1.1%.Conclusion: Intestinal protozoan parasites were more prevalent than helminth parasites. Source of water supply and personal hygiene were important factors in the distribution of parasites in the study area.

  11. Environmental Consequences of Rapid Urbanization in Zhejiang Province, East China

    Xuchao Yang


    Full Text Available Since reforms carried out in the late 1970s, China has experienced unprecedented rates of urban growth. Remote sensing data and surface observational data are used to investigate the urbanization process and related environmental consequences, focusing on extreme heat events and air pollution, in Zhejiang Province (ZJP, East China. Examination of satellite-measured nighttime light data indicates rapid urbanization in ZJP during the past decade, initially forming three urban clusters. With rapid urban sprawl, a significant Urban Heat Island (UHI effect has emerged. During extreme heat events in summer, the UHI effect significantly exacerbates nocturnal heat stress in highly urbanized areas. Taking a long-term view, urbanization also causes additional hot days and hot degree days in urban areas. Urbanization also imposes a heavy burden on local and regional air quality in ZJP. Degraded visibility and an increase in haze days are observed at most meteorological stations, especially in the three urban clusters. The results show that urbanization has led to serious environmental problems in ZJP, not only on the city scale, but also on the regional scale. Maintaining a balance between the continuing process of urbanization and environmental sustainability is a major issue facing the local government.

  12. Investigation of anaplasmosis in Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, China

    Lijuan Zhang; Feng Cui; Lingling Wang; Lingling Zhang; Jingshan Zhang; Shiwen Wang; Shuxia Yang


    Objective:To investigate the situation of anaplasmosis in Yiyuan county, Shandong Province. Methods:A total of 26 blood samples from febrile patients suspected of anaplasmosis,48 blood samples from healthy farmers,8 from dogs, and10 from goats and170 ticks were collected in the same area during2005-2007, and detected by serological and molecular methods.Results:Eight confirmed cases and6probable cases were determined using serologic and molecular methods. The seroprevalence ofAnaplasma phagocytophilum (A. phagocytophilum) was26.7%in healthy cases. Nine out of10sheep samples and7 out of8 dog samples reacted positively to theA. phagocytophilumantigen.PCR amplification and sequencing of the16SrRNA ofA. phagocytophilum gene showed that some samples from patients, goats and ticks were100% identical. The seroprevalence ofRickettsia typhi was22.9%,Orientia tsutsugamushi6.3%, Rickettsia sibirica27.1%,Coxiella burnetii18.8%,Bartonella henselae31.3%, andBorrelia burgdorferi41.6%.Conclusions: It is important to make differential diagnosis of febrile patients and to apply treatment with specific antibiotics. It is needed to enforce essential prevention and control measures including tick control and to improve sanitation conditions.

  13. Photovoltaic generating systems in rural schools in Neuquen Province, Argentina

    Lawand, T.A.; Campbell, J. [Brace Research Institute, Quebec (Canada)


    During the period 1994-95, solar photovoltaic systems were installed at a number of schools in Neuquen Province, Argentina, by the Provincial electric utility, Ente Provincial de Energia del Neuquen. This was undertaken with funds provided by the Inter-American Development Bank. In all, there are 12 schools that have had photovoltaic generating systems installed. These generating systems are designed to provide electricity for the basic needs at the schools: primarily for lighting, and to operate small electrical appliances such as communication radios, televisions, VCR`s, AM/FM and short-wave radios. They do not provide enough energy to operate large consumption appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, power tools, etc. The program of provision of PV systems was supplemented with training on simple systems for cooking food or drying fruit, etc. These techniques are primarily intended for demonstration at the schools thus serving an educational role with the hope that they will be transmitted in time to the families of the students where the need is manifested the most.

  14. Spatial distribution of plankton in Riau islands province, Indonesia

    Ayu, I. P.; Pratiwi, N. T. M.; Iswantari, A.; Hariyadi, S.; Mulyawati, D.; Subhan, B.; Arafat, D.; Santoso, P.; Sastria, M.


    Riau Islands which is located at 4ºLU – 1ºLS and 104ºBT – 107ºBT, consist of around 3200 islands. It has high marine biodiversity, especially micro-plankton. Biodiversity of marine phytoplankton is usually dominated by diatom and zooplankton by micro-crustacean and early stage of marine biota. Nowadays, biodiversity of micro-plankton is an important study to identify their origin and potential as alien and invasive species. The aim of this research was to determine the biodiversity of marine micro-plankton in Riau Islands. This research was conducted in 14 small islands (Karanggerih, Pemping, Panjang, Melur, Palantuah, Dendun, Mantang, Bunut, Kelong, Mercusuar, Tokong Hiu Kecil, Tokong Hiu Besar, Karimun, Penyengat) in Riau Islands Province. Samples of micro-plankton were collected from surface water using plankton net. Samples were observed under light microscope and identified morphologically. Biodiversity index was calculated. There were found 20-34 taxa of phytoplankton and 10-17 taxa of zooplankton in all sites. Phytoplankton was dominated by Bacillariophyceae group and zooplankton by Crustacean and Protozoa groups. This result is expected for biodiversity bank information and further research.

  15. Leptospirosis in Cattle From Markets of Almaty Province, Kazakhstan

    Kirkimbayeva Zhumagul


    Full Text Available This paper is the first study of the prevalence of leptospirosis in the cattle at slaughter from a rural area of Kazakhstan. Five hundred and seventy three samples of serum, urine, and kidneys from cattle of Alatau, Kazakh white and Auliyekol breed, aged from 2 to 5 years (unknown vaccination status, from the province of Almaty in the South-Eastern region were collected during four years (March 2010 to October 2013. The serological, bacteriological, and molecular analyses were performed. Serum samples were tested with 14 reference Leptospira serovars by microscopic agglutination test (MAT. MAT results showed that 89 (15.53% serum samples had detectable antibodies against seven serovars of L. interrogans at a dilution of ≥1:100. Serovars: Pomona (38.2%, Tarassovi (27.2%, and Kabula (18.8% were the most prevalent and their titres ranged from 100 to 1200. The spirochetes were detected in 11 samples of urine and nine samples of kidneys under dark-field microscope observation. The pure cultures were obtained from three samples. PCR technique confirmed leptospirosis in 23 out of 89 urine samples from cows, which showed the presence of leptospiral antibodies in microagglutination test. The high disease prevalence in cows indicates the high Leptospira contamination in this area. It was concluded that the bovine leptospirosis is an endemic and locally widespread disease in Kazakhstan, and that it may play a role in zoonotic transmission to humans.

  16. Forest biomass at Xiaolong Mountain in Gansu Province,China


    In order to accurately estimate the size of the carbon pool and the capacity of the carbon sink in the forested areas of Xiaolong Mountain in Gansu Province,we have established regression equations of organ biomass of eight tree species.We measured and investigated the biomass of different forest stand types based on data from 1259 standard sample plots and 836 standard sample trees.for eight types of forest stands on Xiaolong Mountain,are as follows:Quercus aliena var.acuteserrata 84.05,Pinus tabulaeformis 62.44,Quercus variabilis 81.77,Populus sp.and Betula sp.combined 77.44,Larix sp.69.00,Pinus armandii 70.07,Picea sp.96.49 and Abies sp.98.72.We also looked at other broad-leaved mixed forests.Our study shows that the biomass of a single tree of each tree species is closely related to the diameter at breast height (DBH) and to tree height.The biomass of single trees as well as stand volumes is closely related to average DBH,average tree height and to stand density.

  17. Molecular diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains indifferent provinces of Iran.

    Mohadese Mozafari


    Full Text Available Molecular epidemiology tools are widely used in determining epidemiology of tuberculosis. Spoligotyping is a molecular epidemiology method that is used for characterization and typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains. The method is based on polymorphism of the chromosomal DR locus consisting of identical 36-bp DRs alternating with 35-41 unique spacers. The objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence of M. tuberculosis spoligotypes in different provinces of Iran.M. tuberculosis strains were isolated from TB patients of Mycobacteriology Research center (MRC. DNA was extracted from patient's clinical samples. PCR was performed by using of specific primers for DR region. The amplified DNA was hybridized to the spoligotyping Membrane. Hybridized DNA was detected with ECL detection kit and by exposing ECL Hyperfilm to the membrane. The obtained result was entered to a binary format and was analyzed using SpolDB4 database.Spoligotyping resulted in 136 different patterns. Out of 1242 M. tuberculosis strains, 1165 strains (93.8% were classified into 59 clusters and the remaining strains (6.2 % were singleton.The results of present study showed that strains of CAS family were more prevalent than other strains in Iran. Other prevalent families were Haarlem, T and Beijing, respectively.

  18. Phytotoponymy and Synphytotoponymy in Western Granada Province (Andalusia, Spain

    Benítez Cruz, Guillermo


    Full Text Available Within the framework of a research project on the ethnobotany of the western section of the province of Granada, in southern Spain, a detailed study was made of place names derived from names related to plants (phytotoponyms and synphytotoponyms. The information —gathered from the Territorial Land Registry of Granada, the Regional Government of Andalusia and field work— has been included in a database written with the Microsoft Excel program. References to a total of 98 plant species were found in as many as 593 place names of the area. The authors comment on the environmental, paleophytogeographic and ethnobotanical significance of the species represented in the place names.

    En el marco de la investigación etnobotánica desarrollada en el poniente granadino, se ha realizado un estudio sobre la toponimia de la comarca con atención a los apelativos de origen vegetal (fitotopónimos y sinfitotopónimos. La información —obtenida de la Gerencia Territorial del Catastro de Granada, de la Junta de Andalucía y de nuestro trabajo de campo— se ha incluido en una base de datos con el programa Microsoft Excell®. Un total de 98 especies vegetales se encuentran representadas en la toponimia local, dando nombre a 593 lugares del territorio. Se aportan comentarios sobre el significado ecológico, paleofitogeográfico y etnobotánico de las especies reflejadas en la toponimia.

  19. Chronic arsenic toxicity in sheep of Kurdistan province, western Iran.

    Keshavarzi, Behnam; Seradj, Afsaneh; Akbari, Zahra; Moore, Farid; Shahraki, Alireza Rahmani; Pourjafar, Mehrdad


    After the detection of arsenic (As) toxicity in sheep from Ebrahim-abad and Babanazar villages in Kurdistan province, the concentration of this element in drinking water, cultivated soil, alfalfa hay, wool, and blood samples was evaluated. Total As concentrations ranged from 119 to 310 μg/L in drinking water, 46.70-819.20 mg/kg in soil 1.90-6.90 mg/kg in vegetation 1.56-10.79 mg/kg in sheep's wool, and 86.30-656 μg/L in blood samples. These very high As contents, in all parts of the biogeochemical cycle, exceed the recommended normal range for this element compared with a control area. Results indicate that As has moved through all compartments of the biogeochemical cycle by way of direct or indirect pathways. The present investigation illustrated decreased packed cell volume and hemoglobin in sheep from the As-contaminated zone. It was concluded that sheep from the contaminated areas suffer from anemia. Chronic As exposure of the liver was determined by liver function tests. For this purpose, blood aspartate transaminase (AST) and alanine transaminase (ALT) were measured. The results show that serum ALT and AST activities are increased significantly (p < 0.01) in the sheep population exposed to As in the contaminated zone. Moreover, chronic As exposure causes injury to hepatocytes and damages the liver.

  20. [Emergy analysis of agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi Province].

    Wang, Run-Ping; Rong, Xiang-Min


    By the methods of emergy, this paper studied the input and output, working efficiency, and environmental loading of the agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi Province in 2005. The results showed that in 2005, the agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi still stayed in the period of traditional agriculture, which mainly depended on manpower and environmental resources. The emergy investment ratio (EIR) was 1.07, emergy yield ratio (EYR) was 0.99, and environmental loading ratio (ELR) was 6.55. In the structural adjustment of agriculture, stockbreeding had made great strides forward, but grain crops other than rice and wheat, vegetables, and fruits still had smaller emergy yield and were far from becoming dominant industry. The efficiency of the agro-ecolomic system was lower, and its environmental loading press was bigger. For the future, the surplus labors in agriculture in Shanxi should be shifted continually to other industries, and the high quality emergy such as agricultural science and technology should be increased to improve the use efficiency of environmental resources and the input and output of the system emergy.


    GE Ying; PU Ying-xia; YAO Shi-mou


    Agglomeration economies are the important factors for the regional development. However, the common indicators to measure them, such as Gini Coefficients neglect the spatial ingredient of data, leading to a-spatial estimates. In order to assess spatial neighbor effects of agglomeration economies, this study makes the new attempts by applying a series of techniques of spatial autocorrelation analysis, specifically, measuring the economies of urbanization and localization at the county level in the secondary and tertiary industries of Jiangsu Province in 1999 and 2002. The conclusions in this study reveal that on the whole, the localization effects on the economies of the secondary industry might be stronger than urbanization effects for that period, and highly agglomerative economies were limited within the southern Jiangsu and parts of middle along the Changjiang (Yangtze) River. Moreover, the tertiary industry has been strong urbanization rather than localization economies in the whole Jiangsu. Unlike the secondary industry, the tertiary industry held the high levels of agglomeration economies can be also found in the poor northern Jiangsu, and then the spatial clusters of trade and services might be basically seen in each of urban districts in 13 cities. All in all, spatial autocorrelation analysis is a better method to test agglomeration economies.

  2. Environmental consequences of rapid urbanization in zhejiang province, East china.

    Yang, Xuchao; Yue, Wenze; Xu, Honghui; Wu, Jingsheng; He, Yue


    Since reforms carried out in the late 1970s, China has experienced unprecedented rates of urban growth. Remote sensing data and surface observational data are used to investigate the urbanization process and related environmental consequences, focusing on extreme heat events and air pollution, in Zhejiang Province (ZJP, East China). Examination of satellite-measured nighttime light data indicates rapid urbanization in ZJP during the past decade, initially forming three urban clusters. With rapid urban sprawl, a significant Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect has emerged. During extreme heat events in summer, the UHI effect significantly exacerbates nocturnal heat stress in highly urbanized areas. Taking a long-term view, urbanization also causes additional hot days and hot degree days in urban areas. Urbanization also imposes a heavy burden on local and regional air quality in ZJP. Degraded visibility and an increase in haze days are observed at most meteorological stations, especially in the three urban clusters. The results show that urbanization has led to serious environmental problems in ZJP, not only on the city scale, but also on the regional scale. Maintaining a balance between the continuing process of urbanization and environmental sustainability is a major issue facing the local government.

  3. Price Analysis of Used Tractors in Çanakkale Province

    S. Ozpinar


    Full Text Available The control of machinery costs is a key factor in improving the profitability of a farm. On many farms 30-40% of the fixed costs can be allocated to farm machinery. For this reason, the purchase of a tractor is one of the most important decisions to be made on any farm. A correct decision will benefit the business considerably but the wrong decision will be an expensive mistake to be regretted for many years. There are two different way to purchase the tractors in any farm. One of them is purchasing the tractor as new one, the other one is purchasing the he tractors as used or second hand. are purchased as new in some farms instead of purchasing he tractor as second hand or used.The used tractor prices and market conditions should be evaluated for the correct agricultural machinery management decisions. Price analysis of the used tractors has to be used in hiring or purchasing decision. In addition to that, Optimum equipment size calculations require the price data of used tractors.In the scope of this research, second hand tractor price data gathered from the showrooms in the Çanakkale province were evaluated. Before all else, general structure of second hand tractor market were defined by applying a comprehensive questionnaire to showroom owners. In addition, second hand tractor prices were arranged according to brand-model, age and power category.


    ZHANG Gui-bin


    Based on the latest data, the features of spermatophytic flora of Henan Province located in Central China Plain (the heart region of China) are summarized and demonstrated in this paper. They are as follows: 1)Plant species are rich, with 2953 wild species in 896 genera of 152 families, putting Henan in front rank in the northern areas of China. 2) Its origin is from far ancientry, and there exist many primitive families and genera as well as many relic species. 3) The character of transition is very conspicuous with complex and varied geographical elements, but the temperate type being the dominant. There are 15 types and 18 variants of distribution types at the genera level, the typical Temperate, Tropic and East Asia elements respectively make up 47.9%, 29.5% and 14.5%.4) It is rich in species endemic to China, with 1514 species, ranking first in the northern areas in China. 5) The floristic spatial differentia is obvious. The southeastern Henan belongs to East China plant region, the southwestern to Central China, the northern and the central to North China.


    Zhang, Hai-Fang; Hua, Hai-Yong; Wang, Wei


    Ocular toxocariasis is caused by migration of a Toxocara larva through the posterior eye. We report the first case of pediatric ocular toxocariasis caused by T. canis in Jiangsu Province, eastern China. A 6-year-old girl presented to Suzhou Municipal Children's Hospital with a complaint of right eye redness, minimal white discharge, no photophobia, eye pain, visual impairment, fever or arthralgia. She was initially diagnosed as having conjunctivitis; however, a 2-month treatment with lomefloxacin 0.3% eye drops gave no improvements. The diagnosis was made based on medical history (contact with dogs), clinical features and detection of T. canis IgG antibodies with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Anthelmintic therapy with albendazole in combination with prednisolone resulted in improvement of the ocular symptoms. Ocular toxocariasis is rarely reported in China. However, the rapid economic development in China, could mean an increase in pet dogs with the potential increased risk of contracting toxocariasis if no control measures are taken. Disposal of pet litter, deworming of infected pets, complete cooking of meats, thorough rinsing of fruits and vegetables, and good hand-washing may help prevent human infections. Ocular toxocariasis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with conjunctivitis that does not resolve with treatment.

  6. Microbiological Quality of Cream-Cakes Sold in Tekirdag Province

    A. M. Konyalı


    Full Text Available This study was aimed to determine the microbiological qualities of totally 120 cream cakes including chocolate and fruit type, purchased from 30 randomly selected pastry shops in Tekirdağ province. Based on the Turkish Food Codex Microbiological Criterias Communique; 59, 50, 16 and 53 out of 60 chocolate cake samples tested were found to be potentially hazardous/unacceptible respectively for total mesophilic aerobic bacteria (98.3% of the total >105 cfu/g, coliform bacteria (83.3%of the total >102 cfu/g, Staphylococcus aureus (26.6% of the total >102 cfu/g and yeast and mould (88.3% of the total >103 cfu/g. On the other hand, 60, 56, 19 and 55 out of 60 fruit cake samples tested were found to be potentially hazardous/unacceptible respectively for total mesophilic aerobic bacteria (100 % >105 cfu/g, coliform bacteria (93.3%of the total >102 cfu/g, Staphylococcus aureus (31.6% of the total >102 cfu/g and yeast and mould (91.6% of the total >103 cfu/g. Salmonella were not detected in any of the chocolate and fruit cake samples. Obtained results showed that the microbiological qualities of cakes were poor due to poor hygiene and poor food handling practices in pastry shops.

  7. Assessment of the agricultural sustainability of Shaanxi Province, China

    Lu Qian; Zhao Xueping


    It is significant for the study on the sustainable development of regional agriculture to monitor and measure the trend of agricultural development with an effective method. The sustainable development of regional agriculture should accord with regional population, rural economic development, social progress, resource and environmental support. This paper establishes the evaluating indicators system of sustainable development of regional agriculture,evaluates the agricultural sustainable development in Shaanxi Province with a comprehensive multi-indicator method,analyzes the support of resource and environment for regional agriculture by the resource-development index and the environment-development index, and gets the conclusion that the indicators, such as education level, the income gap between urban and rural residents, the per capita area under cultivation and the consumption of pesticides and chemical fertilizers per hectare, are the main factors to restrict agricultural sustainability, and that the pressure of the development of subsystems of population, economy and society on the subsystems of resource and environment turns out to be stronger and stronger. Agricultural environment gets better, but resource becomes one of the important factors to restrict the development of regional agriculture. In a word, this paper highlights the potentials and limitations of sustainable agriculture of Shaanxi and helps identify the development direction in the future.

  8. Prevalence of Three Shrimp Viruses in Zhejiang Province in 2008

    Xiao-wei Yu; Jian-ping Wang; Wei Zhang; Zheng-li Shi


    White spot syndrome virus(WSSV), Taura syndrome virus(TSV)and Infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus(IHHNV)are three shrimp viruses responsible for major pandemics affecting the shrimp farming industry. Shrimps samples were collected from 12 farms in Zhejiang province, China, in 2008 and analyzed by PCR to determine the prevalence of these viruses. From the 12 sampling locations, 8 farms were positive for WSSV, 8 for IHHNV and 6 for both WSSV and IHHNV. An average percentage of 57.4% of shrimp individuals were infected with WSSV, while 49.2% were infected with IHHNV. A high prevalence of co-infection with WSSV and IHHNV among samples was detected from the following samples: Bingjiang(93.3%), liuao(66.7%), Jianshan(46.7%)and Xianxiang(46.7%). No samples exhibited evidence of infection with TSV in collected samples. This study provides comprehensive information of the prevalence of three shrimp viruses in Zhejiang and may be helpful for disease prevention control in this region.

  9. Landslides susceptibility mapping in Guizhou province based on fuzzy theory

    WANG Wei-dong; XIE Cui-ming; DU Xiang-gang


    The purpose of this study was to assess the susceptibility of landslides around the area of Guizhou province based on fuzzy theory. In first instance, slope, elevation, lithology, proximity to tectonic lines, proximity to drainage and annual precipitation were taken as independent, causal factors in this study. A landslide hazard evaluation factor system was established by classifying these factors into more subclasses according to some rules. Secondly, a trapezoidal fuzzy number weighting (TFNW) approach was used to assess the importance of six causal factors to landslides in an ArcGIS environment. Thirdly, a landslide susceptibility map was created based on a weighted linear combination model. According to this susceptibility map, the study area was classified into four categories of landslide susceptibility: low, moderate, high and very high. Finally, in order to verify the results obtained, the susceptibility map and the landslide inventory map were combined in the GIS. In addition, the weighting procedure showed that TFNW is an efficient method for weighting causal landslide factors.

  10. Characteristics of tailings from metal mines in Hunan Province, China

    LIU Yun-guo; ZHANG Hui-zhi; ZENG Guang-ming; HUANG Bao-rong; LI Xin; XU Wei-hua


    The tailing soils were from 10 mining areas in Hunan Province. To predict the potential impact of tailings on nearby environments, the characteristics such as the pH value, loss on ignition, cation exchange capacity, and the concentration and speciation of heavy metals in the tailings were investigated. Based on these characteristics, the pollution index and danger index were calculated so as to evaluate the priorities of remediation. The results show that the concentrations of Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn exceed the tolerable levels of the phytotoxicity in the most tailings. The large proportion of heavy metals exists in the form of residual fraction in most tailings, followed by sulfides/organic and Fe/Mn oxide fractions, and a little in the exchangeable and carbonate fraction. The calculated pollution indices for the tailing samples range from 1.41 to 83.42, which indicates that all the tailings contain heavy metals at a level that causes toxicity to the ecosystem. The danger indices for the tailing samples range from 0.06 to 387.00. The highest value of the danger indices is that of Yongzhou sample, reaching 387.00; the lowest one is that of Xikuangshan sample, only 0.06. Considering the results of pollution index and danger index in combination, the priority of remediation is determined to be Yongzhou, Baoshan, Xiangtan and Lengshuijiang.

  11. Outsourcing Agricultural Production: Evidence from Rice Farmers in Zhejiang Province

    Ji, Chen; Guo, Hongdong; Jin, Songqing; Yang, Jin


    China has recorded positive growth rates of grain production for the past eleven consecutive years. This is a remarkable accomplishment given that China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization has led to a vast reduction of arable land and agricultural labor to non-agricultural sectors. While there are many factors contributing to this happy outcome, one potential contributing factor that has received increasing attention is the emergence of agricultural production outsourcing, a new rural institution that has emerged in recent years. This study aims to contribute to the limited but growing literature on agricultural production outsourcing in China. Specifically, this study analyzes factors affecting farmers’ decisions to outsource any or some production tasks using data from rice farmers in Zhejiang province. Results from a logistic model show that farm size and government subsidy encourages farmers to outsource while ownership of agricultural machines and land fragmentation have negative effects on farmers’ decisions to outsource production tasks. Results also showed that determinants of outsourcing decisions vary with the production tasks that farmers outsourced. PMID:28129362

  12. Development Status and Countermeasures of Kiwifruit Industry in Sichuan Province

    Meiyan; TU; Guoliang; JIANG; Dong; CHEN; Hongjiang; XIE; Jingcheng; DU; Shuxia; SUN; Jing; LI


    The kiwifruit industry is one of the dominant agricultural industries in Sichuan province. A kiwifruit industrial zone with Cangxi county,Dujiangyan city,Shifang city,Pengzhou city,Pujiang county,Qionglai city and Dayi county as the core; An county,Beichuan county, Ya’an city,Wenchuan county et al. as radiation zone has been developed during the last 30 years. The kiwifruit cultivation area has reached to 2. 97 × 10 4 hm 2 with an annual fresh kiwifruit output of 1. 3 × 10 5 t; and the production value was nearly 110 million RMB in 2011. The production acreage and yield ranked the second over the country. Advice and ideas were proposed based on the circumstance and problems of kiwifruit industry in Sichuan. According to the advantages of developing kiwifruit industry in Sichuan,measures including strengthening scientific and reasonable planning,optimizing industrial layout,speeding up the breeding,adjusting product structure,standardizing demonstration garden, integrating and innovating the key technology,setting up research alliances,and fostering the leading enterprises were put forward.

  13. Joint malaria surveys lead towards improved cross-border cooperation between Savannakhet province, Laos and Quang Tri province, Vietnam

    Pongvongsa Tiengkham


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In Savannakhet province, Laos and Quang Tri province, Vietnam, malaria is still an important health problem and most cases are found in the mountainous, forested border areas where ethnic minority groups live. The objectives of this study were to obtain a better joint understanding of the malaria situation along the border and, on the basis of that, improve malaria control methods through better cooperation between the two countries. Methods Fourteen villages in Savannakhet and 22 villages in Quang Tri were randomly selected within 5 km from the border where a blood survey for microscopic diagnosis (n = 1256 and n = 1803, respectively, household interviews (n = 400, both sides and vector surveys were conducted between August and October 2010. Satellite images were used to examine the forest density around the study villages. Results Malaria prevalence was significantly higher in Laos (5.2% than in Vietnam (1.8% and many other differences were found over the short distance across the border. Bed net coverage was high (> 90% in both Laos and Vietnam but, while in Laos more than 60% of the nets were long-lasting insecticide-treated, Vietnam used indoor residual spraying in this area and the nets were untreated. Anopheles mosquitoes were more abundant in Laos than in Vietnam, especially many Anopheles dirus were captured in indoor light traps while none were collected in Vietnam. The forest cover was higher around the Lao than the Vietnamese villages. After this study routine exchange of malaria surveillance data was institutionalized and for the first time indoor residual spraying was applied in some Lao villages. Conclusions The abundance of indoor-collected An. dirus on the Laos side raises doubts about the effectiveness of a sole reliance on long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in this area. Next to strengthening the early detection, correct diagnosis and prompt, adequate treatment of malaria infections, it is

  14. Differentiation characteristics and influencing factors of ecological land rent among provinces in China

    LONG Kaisheng; ZHAO Yali; ZHANG Honghui; CHEN Ligen; LU Fangfang; GU Yuanyuan


    Ecological land rent is the excess profit produced by resource scarcity,and is also an important indicator for measuring the social and economic effects of resource scarcity.This paper,by calculating the respective ecological land rents of all the provinces in China for the years 2002 and 2007,and with the assistance of the software programs ArcGIS and GeoDA,analyzes the spatial differentiation characteristics of ecological land rent; then,the influencing factors of ecological land rent differentiation among the provinces are examined using the methods of traditional regression and spatial correlation analysis.The following results were obtained:First,ecological land rent per unit of output in China shows stable distribution characteristics of being low in the southwestern and northeastern provinces,and high in Hebei and Henan provinces.There is also an increasing tendency in the central and western provinces,and a decreasing one in the eastern provinces.In general,the spatial distribution of ecological land rent per unit of output in China is quite scattered.Second,the total ecological land rent shows significant spatial aggregation characteristics,in particular the provinces in China possessing high total amounts of ecological land rent tend to be adjacent to one another,as do those with low total amounts,and the spatial difference characteristics of the eastern,central and western provinces are distinguished.The Bohai Rim,Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are shown to be highly clustering regions of total ecological land rent,while the western provinces have very low ecological land rent in terms of total amount.Third,population distribution,economic level and industrial structure were all important influencing factors influencing ecological land rent differentiation among provinces in China.Furthermore,population density,urbanization level,economic density,per capita consumption level and GDP per capita were all shown to be positively related to total

  15. Explaining the evaporation paradox in Jiangxi Province of China: Spatial distribution and temporal trends in potential evapotranspiration of Jiangxi Province from 1961 to 2013

    Xianghui Lu


    Full Text Available Evaporation acts as an important component and a key control factor in land hydrological processes. In order to analyze the trend of change on potential evapotranspiration from 1961 to 2013 and to discuss the existence of the evaporation paradox in Jiangxi province, China, monthly meteorological data spanning the years 1961–2013 were analyzed in this study, where the data were collected from 15 national meteorological stations in Jiangxi Province. The Penman–Monteith equation was employed to compute the potential evapotranspiration (ET0. Spatial interpolation and data mining technology were used to analyze the spatial and temporal changes of ET0 and air temperature, with the effort to explain the evaporation paradox. By solving the total differential and the partial derivatives coefficients of the independent variables in Penman–Monteith equation, the cause of the paradox was quantitatively evaluated. The results showed that the annual ET0 had been decreasing significantly in Jiangxi Province since 1979, whereas the air temperature had been rising significantly, presenting the evaporation paradox. The decreases in sunshine duration and wind speed reduced ET0 by 0.207 mm and 0.060 mm, respectively, accounting for 92.3% and 26.7% of the total ET0, respectively. It is concluded that sunshine duration and wind speed are the main causes to the decrease in potential evapotranspiration in Jiangxi Province.

  16. Spa Services In Hotel Facilities In The Lublin Province The Importance Of Hotel Facilities In The Provision Of Spa Services In The Lublin Province

    Świeca Andrzej


    Full Text Available Introduction. Apart from basic services, the modern hotel industry provides a number of additional services, including those having to do with wellness. This article attempts to provide a general description of spa services in selected hotel facilities in the Lublin Province in Poland.

  17. Trend of cutaneous leishmaniasis in kermanshah province, west of iran from 1990 to 2012.

    Yazdan Hamzavi


    Full Text Available This study was conducted to explain the trend of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL in Kermanshah Province, western Iran from 1991-2012.In this analytical-descriptive study, all of the patients suspected to CL in Kermanshah Province were studied. Smears were prepared from most of them, stained with Giemsa, and examined microscopically for Leishman bodies. A few of the patients were diagnosed according to physician diagnosis and response to glucantime. Questionnaires were completed for all of them. Collected data were analyzed using SPSS-21 and Spearman and Kendall tests.From 1991 to 2012, 1684 cases of CL were recorded. In the years 2011-12 the frequency of CL in the province reached to 7.4/100,000, which showed a remarkable increase in the frequency of new cases CL in the province. In the years 2011-12 about 47% of total cases of CL in the province, was seen in Ghasr-e-Shirin district,which the frequency of CL in this district reached to 264.5/100,000. Frequency of CL in males and females was 57% and 43% respectively. The most cases of CL were seen in housewives (32.1% and age groups of 20 to 29 years old (19.9%. In addition, the most cases of disease were seen in winter (41.8% and fall (28.9%.CL is increasing remarkably in warm climates of the province, and Ghasr-e-Shirin must be of particular interest, as the most infected district in the province.

  18. Embodied water analysis for Hebei Province, China by input-output modelling

    Liu, Siyuan; Han, Mengyao; Wu, Xudong; Wu, Xiaofang; Li, Zhi; Xia, Xiaohua; Ji, Xi


    With the accelerating coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, regional economic integration is recognized as a national strategy. As water scarcity places Hebei Province in a dilemma, it is of critical importance for Hebei Province to balance water resources as well as make full use of its unique advantages in the transition to sustainable development. To our knowledge, related embodied water accounting analysis has been conducted for Beijing and Tianjin, while similar works with the focus on Hebei are not found. In this paper, using the most complete and recent statistics available for Hebei Province, the embodied water use in Hebei Province is analyzed in detail. Based on input-output analysis, it presents a complete set of systems accounting framework for water resources. In addition, a database of embodied water intensity is proposed which is applicable to both intermediate inputs and final demand. The result suggests that the total amount of embodied water in final demand is 10.62 billion m3, of which the water embodied in urban household consumption accounts for more than half. As a net embodied water importer, the water embodied in the commodity trade in Hebei Province is 17.20 billion m3. The outcome of this work implies that it is particularly urgent to adjust industrial structure and trade policies for water conservation, to upgrade technology and to improve water utilization. As a result, to relieve water shortages in Hebei Province, it is of crucial importance to regulate the balance of water use within the province, thus balancing water distribution in the various industrial sectors.

  19. Analysis on Features of Agricultural Structure Change and Agricultural Competitiveness in Hubei Province


    The output data of crop farming,forestry,animal husbandry and fishery in the Hubei Statistical Yearbook-2009 is used to analyze the features of agricultural structure change in Hubei Province since 1983;according to the relevant data in Hubei Statistical Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook in 2005 and 2009,and adopting the shift-share analysis model,the difference in agricultural economic growth between Hubei and other provinces in Central China as well as the difference among the 17 regions of Hubei Province during 2004-2008 are analyzed.Results show that,the agriculture in Hubei Province shows significant overall advantages in central China and has stronger competitiveness,but its crop farming and fishery structure are not quite reasonable,and the competitive advantages of its fishery and agricultural services still need to be strengthened;the agricultural structure within Hubei Province sees an obvious regional differences,viewed from the total deviation,Huanggang,Jingmen and Yichang enjoy competitive edge in the whole province,from the viewpoint of industrial sectors,Huanggang is the most competitive in its planting,forestry and animal husbandry,while Jingmen is the strongest in fishery and Xiangfan has a competitive edge over others in its agricultural services.Based on those results above,it is proposed that Hubei Province should fully recognize its natural conditions,resources endowment and current differences in the economic status of each places,work out measures to suit local conditions,take full use of its advantages,extend its production chain and go on the development road with regional characteristics.

  20. Root rot of sugarbeet in the Vojvodina Province

    Stojšin Vera B.


    Full Text Available Large changes introduced in the sugar beet production technology in the Vojvodina Province over last 40 years resulted in changes in the etiology and harmfulness of different agents of sugar beet root diseases. Improvements in cultivation practices reduced the harmfulness of some diseases while increased the harmfulness of others. Some disease agents became obsolete, but others gained importance. New agents of root diseases were found. The most frequent damages, persisting over long periods of time were caused by seedling damping-off, Fusarium root rot, charcoal root rot, parasitic (Rhizomania and non-parasitic root bearding. The parasitic damping-off caused by several fungal species but most frequently by Phoma betae occurred at the time when multigerm seeds were used in combination with extensive cultural practices. The agents of seedling diseases completely lost their significance as the consequence of switching to fungicide - treated monogerm seeds, earlier planting and improved soil tillage. In the period of intensive use of agricultural chemicals, seedling damping-off occurred frequently due to the phytotoxic action of chemicals (insecticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers. In some years, frosts caused damping- off of sugar beet seedlings on a large scale in the Vojvodina Province. Poor sugar beet germination and emergence were frequently due to spring droughts. Sometimes they were due to strong winds. The occurrence of Fusarium root rot and charcoal root rot intensified on poor soils. Fusariosis symptoms were exhibited as plant wilting and different forms of root rot. In recent years root tip rot has occurred frequently in the first part of the growing season causing necrosis and dying of plants. Lateral roots tended to proliferate from the healthy tissue, giving the root a bearded appearance similar to Rhizomania. Fusarium oxysporum was the most frequent agent of this fusariosis. F. graminearum, F. equiseti, F. solani have also been

  1. Petroleum systems and geologic assessment of oil and gas in the Uinta-Piceance Province, Utah and Colorado



    The purpose of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Oil and Gas Assessment is to develop geology-based hypotheses regarding the potential for additions to oil and gas reserves in priority areas of the United States, focusing on the distribution, quantity, and availability of oil and natural gas resources. The USGS has recently completed an assessment of the undiscovered oil and gas potential of the Uinta-Piceance Province of northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado (USGS Province 5020). The Uinta- Piceance Province is a priority province for the National Assessment because of its potential for significant natural gas resources.

  2. Rationalisation of Nursing Education in Limpopo province: Nurse educators’ perspectives

    T.R. Makhuvha


    Full Text Available Nursing education institutions are facing a challenge of realigning its functioning according to the changes that are taking place within the country. The intention of the government post apartheid was to correct the imbalances which were brought about by the apartheid government and the following regulations and policies influenced the change in nursing education, that is, Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP, White Paper on Higher Education (WPHE, and the National Qualification Framework (NQF (South Africa, 1995:6. In 1996 the government introduced the first democratic constitution of the Republic of South Africa (RS A according to Act 108 of 1996. In the light of those increasing changes in nursing education, led by political change, the experiences of nurse educators is a critical issue facing nursing campuses. The purpose of this study was two-fold; namely: to explore and describe the experiences of nurse educators with regard to the rationalisation of nursing education and to use information obtained to describe guidelines for the effective rationalisation of a nursing college in the Limpopo Province. A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual research design was used. Qualitative interviews were conducted with nurse educators who worked in nursing colleges before and after 1994. Measures to ensure trustworthiness were applied and ethical issues were adhered to throughout the research process. Data was analysed following Tesch’s method (Creswell 1994:154-155. The research established that nurse educators experienced dissatisfaction in several areas relating to the rationalization of nursing education. Support was also expected from bureaucracy at higher level. This study developed guidelines to policy makers and nurse educators to ensure effective rationalisation process.

  3. Natural radioactivity in the area of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

    Nuanjing, P.


    Full Text Available This research work aims to study the specific activity of natural radioactivity in soil, rock, construction sand and shallow well water samples in the area of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Totally 161 samples were collected and analysed using gamma-ray spectrometry technique. The specific activities of Ra-226, Th-232 and K-40 in soil samples ranged from 8 to 203 (mean 96±18 Bq/kg, 12 to 236 (mean 88±23 Bq/kg and 21 to 1191 (mean 524±127 Bq/kg, in rock samples ranged from 11 to 113 (mean 46±14 Bq/kg, 3 to 113 (mean 47±16 Bq/kg and 18 to 1305 (mean 472±187 Bq/kg, in sand samples ranged from 3 to 91 (mean 42±5 Bq/kg, 14 to 91 (mean 50±5 Bq/kg and 102 to 966 (mean 509±57 Bq/kg, respectively. The radium equivalent activity of soil samples in 2 districts was found to be higher than 370 Bq/kg. The radiation hazard indices calculated for assessment of the radiation hazards arising due to the use of these rock and sand samples in the construction of dwellings were within the safety limits recommended by UNSCEAR. The mean estimated outdoor dose rates in soil and rock samples were 119±23 and 70±21 nGy/h, respectively. The mean estimated indoor dose rate in sand samples was 134±9 nGy/h. The specific activities of Ra-226 in well water samples ranged from 2 to 179 (Mean 17±7 mBq/l. Only one water sample from Muang District had the Ra-226 specific activity of 179 mBq/l, which was higher than the maximum contaminant level (111 mBq/l.

  4. [Vibrational spectra of Caesious nephrite from Qinghai Province].

    Chen, Quan-li; Xu, Ya-lan; Ai, Su-jie; He, An-qi; Yin, Zuo-wei


    Qinghai caesious nephrite is discovered in the 1990s in the Golmud area of Qinghai Province. The conventional gemological testing methods, electron microprobe, infrared absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy were used in this study to analyze the chemical composition and infrared spectra characteristics of the caesious nephrite, selected from the jade mine of Xiaozhaohuo river in Golmud area. The results show that, the gemological physical properties of the Qinghai caesious nephrite are similar to other origin nephrite. Electron microprobe analysis indicates that the MgO, CaO and SiO2 are the major and stable composition for the caesious nephrite. The content of MgO and CaO are 18. 572%-23.603% and 12.333%-12.807% respectively. Moreover, the content of SiO2 is 56.799%-59.926%. In addition, it also contains a higher content of FeOr(Wt%: 1.924%-8.699%) and an amount of Al2O3, TiO2 and Na2O. Infrared absorption and Raman spectra show that the Qinghai caesious nephrite has a characteristic spectral features of tremolite indicating it is mainly composed of tremolite. The different frequency of the infrared absorption bands is due to the difference of Mg--Fe2+ isomorphous substitutionand Fe2+ content of the caesious nephrite. Comprehensive analysis of chemical composition and vibrational spectroscopy indicate that the color of dark gray blue for the Qinghai nephrite is mainly related to its high content of FeOr, and the Fe is a main coloring element.

  5. Impacts of shoreline erosion on coastal ecosystems in Songkhla Province

    Nipaporn Chusrinuan


    Full Text Available Songkhla Province is located on the eastern coast of the southern Thai Peninsula, bordering the Gulf of Thailand for approximately 107 km. Most of the basin’s foreshores have been extensively developed for housing, tourism and shrimp farming. The beaches are under deteriorating impacts, often causing sediment transport which leads to an unnaturally high erosion rate. This natural phenomenon is considered to be a critical problem in the coastal areas affected by the hazard of coastal infrastructure and reduced beach esthetics for recreation. In this study, shoreline changes were compared between 1975 and 2006 using aerial photographs and Landsat imageries using Geographic Information System (GIS. The results revealed that 18.5 km2 of the coastal areas were altered during the period. Of this, 17.3 km2 suffered erosion and 1.2 km2were subjected to accretion. The most significant changes occurred between 1975-2006. Shoreline erosion was found at Ban Paktrae, Ranot District, with an average erosion rate of 5.3 m/year, while accretion occurred at Laem Samila, MuangSongkhla District with an average accretion rate of 2.04 m/year. The occurrences of shoreline erosion have contributed to the degradation of coastal soil and water quality, destruction of beach and mangrove forests, loss of human settlements and livelihood.These processes have led to deterioration of the quality of life of the residents. Prevention and mitigation measures to lessen economic and social impacts due to shoreline erosion are discussed.

  6. Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Gansu province of China

    TIAN Li-li; ZHU Bing-dong; SI Hong-yan; MU Tao-jun; FAN Wen-bing; WANG Jing; JIANG Wei-min; LI Qing; YANG Biao; ZHANG Ying


    Background Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units-variable number tandem repeat (MIRU-VNTR) and Beijing family typing based on detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence are two common genotyping methods used to study the molecular epidemiologic characteristics of Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis.We collected 218 strains of M.tuberculosis between 2004 and 2006 in the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu province in Northwest China.Methods MIRU-VNTR analysis and Beijing family typing based on detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence were used to type the 218 strains,and their typing power was evaluated to look for practical and efficient genotyping methods suitable for the region.Results The MIRU typing yielded 115 distinct genotypes,including 98 unique isolates and 17 different clusters containing 120 isolates (55.05%); the cluster rate was 47.25%.By detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence,188 of 218 (86.23%) isolates belonged to Beijing family.Combination of Beijing family typing and MIRU typing yielded 118 distinct patterns,including 101 unique isolates and 17 clusters containing 117 isolates (54.13%).The largest cluster contained 58 strains with MIRU genotype of 223325173533 which contained 50 strains belonging to Beijing family and 8 strains belonging to non-Beijing family.Conclusions The Beijing family strains occupied a large proportion and the Beijing family MIRU genotype 223325173533 is a dominant strain in Linxia of Gansu.Combining detecting the deletion of RD105 and MIRU typing together provides a simple,fast,and effective method which is low in cost and might be practical and suitable for M.tuberculosis genotyping in China.

  7. Birth weight in Kohkilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, 1999

    Goshtasbi Nasab A


    Full Text Available The newborn's weight at birth is an important measure for newborn's health in all communities. Among developed countries, 70 percent of low birth weight (LBW newborns are preterm. The corresponding figure for undeveloped countries is only 30 percent, there are also evidence of intra-uterine growth retardation among these countries. Among effective factors on LBW, maternal related factors have important role in promotion and improvement of infants and mother's health. This study is a descriptive-analytic one and was conducted cross-sectionally through a questionnair. The study population determined by simple random sampling from newborns under coverage of urban health centers in Kohgiloye and Boyerahmad province. Necessary data collected from existing medical and health records filed in the health centers. Among 285 newborns, 88.4 percent considered with normal weight, 4 percent with IBW and 11.6 percent with more than normal weight. 7.4 percent of cases were immature. 85.3 percent of the mothers in study population were in immune range of age for pregnancy and 7.6 percent of them were illiterate. Except the sex of newborn (P=0.0008 and gestational age at birth (P<0.001 none of the variables demonstrated a significant statistical relation with the birth weight. The results of this study confirm other research's findings and reveal that with improving material factors such as mother's age, employment and literacy, the factors which are effective on birth weight, will be dependent on physiological factors such as sex of newborn and gestational age at birth.

  8. Cretaceous gastropods: contrasts between tethys and the temperate provinces.

    Sohl, N.F.


    During the Cretaceous Period, gastropod faunas show considerable differences in their evolution between the Tethyan Realm (tropical) and the Temperate Realms to the north and south. Like Holocene faunas, prosobranch, gastropods constitute the dominant part of Cretaceous marine snail faunas. Entomotaeneata and opisthobranchs usually form all of the remainder. In Tethyan faunas the Archaeogastropoda form a consistent high proportion of total taxa but less than the Mesogastropoda throughout the period. In contrast, the Temperate faunas beginning in Albian times show a decline in percentages of archaeogastropod taxa and a significant increase in the Neogastropoda, until they constitute over 50 percent of the taxa in some faunas. The neogastropods never attain high diversity in the Cretaceous of the Tethyan Realm and are judged to be of Temperate Realm origin. Cretaceous Tethyan gastropod faunas are closely allied to those of the 'corallien facies' of the Jurassic and begin the period evolutionarily mature and well diversified. Three categories of Tethyan gastropods are analyzed. The first group consists of those of Jurassic ancestry. The second group orginates mainly during the Barremian and Aptian, reaches a climax in diversification during middle Cretaceous time, and usually declines during the latest Cretaceous. The third group originates late in the Cretaceous and consists of taxa that manage to either survive the Cretaceous-Tertiary crisis or give rise to forms of prominence among Tertiary warm water faunas. Temperate Realm gastropod faunas are less diverse than those of Tethys during the Early Cretaceous. They show a steady increase in diversity, primarily among the Mesogastropoda and Neogastropoda. This trend culminates in latest Cretaceous times when the gastropod assemblages of the clastic provinces of the inner shelf contain an abundance of taxa outstripping that of any other part of the Cretaceous of either realm. Extinction at the Cretaceous

  9. [The Analysis of Traditional Lime Mortars from Zhejiang Province, China].

    Liu, Xiao-bin; Cui, Biao; Zhang, Bing-jian


    The components of ancient mortars have always been an important research field in historic building conservation. It has been well known that using traditional mortars in conservation projects have many advantages, such as compatibility and stability. So, developing new binding materials based on traditional mortar has become an international study hotspot. With China's economic development, the protection of ancient buildings also began to put on the agenda, but the understanding on Chinese traditional mortar is limited, and rare literatures are reported. In the present work, the authors investigate seven ancient city wall sites in Zhejiang Province in situ, and subsequently laboratory analysis were carried out on collected mortar samples. The characterizations of mortar samples were made by multi-density gauge, XRD, FTIR, TG-DSC and wet chemical analysis. The experimental results showed that: the main component of masonry mortars is calcium carbonate, the content between 75% - 90%, and they should be made from relatively pure lime mortar. The raw materials of mortar samples were mainly calcareous quick lime, and sample from Taizhou city also contained magnesium quick lime. There are four city walls were built by sticky-rice mortars. It suggests that the technology of adding the sticky rice soup into mortar was universal in the Ming Dynasties. These mortars have lower density between 1.2 and 1.9 g x cm(-3); this outcome should be the result of long-term natural erosion. We have also analyzed other chemical and physical characteristics of these masonry mortars. The results can afford the basic data for the future repairmen programs, development of new protective materials, and comparative study of mortars.

  10. Integrated Geophysical Studies in the East-Indian Geothermal Province

    Baranwal, V. C.; Sharma, S. P.


    Integrated geophysical surveys using vertical electrical sounding (VES), very low frequency (VLF) EM, radiation counting, total magnetic field and self-potential (SP) measurements are carried out to characterize the geothermal area around a hot spring in the Nayagarh district, Orissa, India that lies in the East Indian geothermal province. The study was performed to delineate the fracture pattern, contaminated groundwater movement and possible heating source. VES interpretations suggest a three- to four-layer structure in the area. Resistivity survey near the hot spring suggests that weathered and fractured formations constitute the main aquifer system and extend to 60 m depth. Current flow measured at various electrode separations normalized by the applied voltage suggests that fractures extend to a greater depth. Detailed VLF study shows that fractures extend beyond 70 m depth. VLF anomaly has also very good correlation with the total magnetic field measured along the same profiles. Study results suggest that a gridded pattern of VLF survey could map the underground conductive fracture zones that can identify the movement of contaminated groundwater flow. Therefore, precautionary measures can be taken to check further contamination by delineating subsurface conducting structures. Self potential (SP) measured over the hot spring does not show a large anomaly in favor of the presence of a sulphide mineral body. A small positive (5 15mV) SP anomaly is measured which may be streaming potential due to subsurface fluid flow. A high radiation is measured about four kilometers from the hot spring, suggesting possible radiogenic heating. However, the exact nature of the heating source and its depth is not known in the area. Deep resistivity followed by a magneto-telluric survey could reveal the deeper structures.

  11. The prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Jeonbug Province

    Rhee, S. J.; Moon, M. C.; Song, H. Y.; Choi, K. C. [Jeonbug Natinal University College of Medicine, Jeonju (Korea, Republic of)


    A photofluorographic mass survey of P-A chest had been done to the 13136 residents (male 6264, female 6872) in Jeonbug province, Korea for about 2 years from May 5, to Dec.19, 1978 and from Mar. 5, to Dec. 22, 1979. The results are as follows: 1. The prevalence rate of all active pulmonary tuberculosis is 5.3%. 2. The prevalence rate of male(8.8%) is 4.2 times higher than that of female (2.1%). 3. The prevalence rates of all old age groups above fifty years are higher than that of remainder under fifty years of age. Of these, 61-70 years old age group is highest in prevalence rate. 4. According to extent of active pulmonary tuberculosis, 77.5% is minimal, 15.4% is moderately advanced, and 7.1% is far advanced. Inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are 39 cases (0.3% to objective population). 5. In the incidence of the involved side, right side is about 2 times higher than the left, and involvement of both sides is increased in moderately and far advance pulmonary tuberculosis. In all pulmonary tuberculosis, one or both upper lung fields are most commonly involved. The incidences of cavity in moderately and far advanced pulmonary tuberculosis show no significant difference. 6. The incidences of other intrathoracic lesions are as follows: suspected hypertensive heart disease 2.4%, dextrocardia with situs inversus 0.04%, pleural calcification 0.4%, pleural thickening 0.2%, pleural effusion 0.1%, pneumonia 0.02%, bronchiectasis 0.1%, lung abscess 0.02%, C.O.P.D. 0.2%, suspected lung tumor 0.06%, pneumothorax 0.0076%, and suspected mediastinal tumor 0.02%.

  12. Survey of Dogs’ Parasites in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

    GhR Razmi


    Full Text Available "nBackground: Dog is known to act as definitive host for some parasites that cause important diseases in man and animals. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of Neospora caninum and other intestinal parasites in dogs in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran. "nMethods: A cross-sectional study was done concerning frequency of N. canium and other in­testinal parasites in dogs in Mashhad area. Totally, 174 fecal samples from 89 farm dogs and 85 household dogs were collected from 2006 to 2007. Fecal samples were examined for de­tecting intestinal parasites by Mini Parasep®SF faecal parasite concentrator in Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran "nResults: The overall prevalence of other intestinal parasites in farm dogs and household dogs were 29.21% and 14.11%, respectively. Seven parasites were found in farm dogs as follows: Toxocara canis 17.9%, Taenia sp. 10.1% , Strongyloides stercoralis 5.6%, Hammondia Neo­spora-like oocysts (HNLO 4.4% , Isospora sp. 7.8 %, Sarcocystis sp. 7.8 % and   Giardia sp. 1.1%  and four parasite in housed dogs:  Toxocara. 4.4%, Taenia sp. 3.3 % , Isospora sp. 2.3 % and  Sarcocystis sp. 4.7 %.  The fecal samples with HNLO were examined by N. caninum -specific PCR, and two of samples were positive for N. caninum. "nConclusion: The farm and household dogs are the source of some important zoonotic and non-zoonotic diseases in Iran .

  13. Induced Institutional Transition of Contract Farming in Shandong Province


    This article describes the process of institutional transition of contract farming in Shandong Province. The changes in preparatory stage of contract farming express in: One, the information asymmetry of the two sides of the contract is reducing; Two, the security system of contract farming tends to be perfection; Three, the organizational form of contract farming tends to be simplification. The measures taken in production stage of agricultural product are as follows: The first is investment in means of production; The second is perfection of field management; The third is soundness of quality test. The measures taken in purchase stage of agricultural product are as follows: First, product is developing from preliminary working to intensive processing; Second, leading enterprises develop to large-scale and standard. The changes in profit distribution stage of contract farming are as follows: First, the profit relationship between enterprises and peasant households turns from opposition to mutual benefit. Second, the means of default issues turn from emotional self-discipline to rational self-discipline. Performance of contract farming is analyzed: First is putting forward the transformation of agricultural operational form; Second is reducing the uncertainty; Third is truly realizing the risk sharing and participation of interest. The defect of institutional transition of contract farming is discussed: First is no longer the operational form that benefits many farmers; Second is still the typically incomplete contract; Third is expansion of capability gap of business game between leading enterprises and farmers; Fourth is the still existence of information asymmetry; Fifth is informal institution falling behind formal institutional arrangement. The corresponding countermeasures are put forward: First is developing professional cooperation; Second is completing land circulation system; Third is constructing honest information system; Fourth is building social

  14. Soil Enzyme Activities under Agroforestry Systems in Northern Jiangsu Province

    Wan Fuxu; Chen Ping


    The authors presented the enzyme characteristics of catalase, sucrase, urease and alkaline phosphatase under agroforestry systems in northern Jiangsu Province. The results show that soil enzyme activities reduce gradually from top to bottom layer of the soil profile, and the fluctuations of catalase and urease are smaller than those of sucrase and alkaline phosphatase. Soil enzyme activities differe significantly in different samples, and the order is arranged as poplar-crop intercropping segment (A, D) > paulownia-crop intercropping segment (B, C) > CK. Furthermore, soil enzyme activities increase with intercropping age. On the other hand, in the same plot, there are closer relationships between enzymes in the soil samples. Catalase, alkaline phosphatase and urease are negatively related, while alkaline phosphatase and urease are positively related (except in samples B and C). In addition, the enzyme activities have a close relationship with the fertilizers. Catalase is positively correlated with the soil pH value (r = 0.854, 0.804, 0.078 and 0.082, respectively), and is negatively correlated with total N (r = -0.201, -0.529, -0.221 and -0.821, respectively), total P (r = -0.143, -0.213, -0.362 and -0.751, respectively) and available P (r = -0.339, -0.351, -0.576, and -0.676, respectively). Sucrase, urease and alkaline phosphatase are negatively correlated with the pH value, while positively correlated with the other fertilizers (r ≈ 1). The authors suggest that enzyme activity will be a great potential as an indicator of soil quality.

  15. Two kinds of silicalites in Mount Ailao belt, Yunnan Province


    Two kinds of radiolarian silicalites at the bottom and top of the ophiolite in the Mount (Mt.) Ailao belt, Yunnan Province, are dealt with in this work in terms of geology, micro-paleontology, isotope and REE. The first kind of silicalite was defined as the turbidite formation. In this category, the radiolarian species lived in the Late Devonian (D3). The corresponding ecologic assemblage, composed of δ 30Si (0.4‰-0.5‰, average 0.03‰), δ Ce (0.77- 0.97, average 0.85) and LaN /YbN (0.77-1.06, average 0.96) of silicalite, shows that it occurred in the abyssal environment. The second kind of silicalite was defined as the mud-siliceous formation. Contacting conformably with the basalt of the ophiolite suit, the radiolarian silicalite at the top of ophiolite was in the category of the component units of the ophiolite in the Mt. Ailao belt. In this category, the radiolarian species lived in the Early Carboniferous (C1-). The corresponding ecologic assemblage, composed of d 30Si (0.2‰-1.3‰, averaging 0.7‰), dδCe (0.88- 0.92, averaging 0.90) and LaN /YbN (0.77-1.45, averaging 1.22), of silicalites indicate that it occurred in the bathyal environment. All these facts domonstrate that the Mt. Ailao must have been a small ocean basin at that time.

  16. Geological characteristics of large gas provinces and large gas fields in China


    Based on the examination of the global researches on oil and gas provinces and large gas fields and the analysis of the features,attributes and distribution of large gas provinces and gas fields,this paper puts forward three indicators of determining large oil and gas provinces:spatial indicator,reservoir-forming indicator and resource indicator.It classifies the gas accumulated areas and large gas provinces in China and analyzes the controlling factors on the distribution of large gas provinces and large gas fields:the lateral distribution is mainly controlled by high-energy sedimentary facies and constructive diagenetic facies,palaeo-highs and their periclinal zones,deep faults,etc,and the vertical distribution is mainly controlled by unconformities,series of evaporates and deep low-velocity highly-conductive beds,etc.It also reveals the main geological characteristics of large gas provinces and large gas fields in China.Large gas fields in four-type basins have their own characteristics and onland large gas fields are dominantly developed in foreland basins and craton basins;there are three types of gas sources,of which,coal is the main source with high gas generating intensity and varying origins;reservoir rocks of the large gas fields(provinces)are of various types and dominated generally by low-middle permeability and porosity pore-type reservoirs;structural traps and litho-stratigraphic traps coexist in Chinese large gas fields and form dense high abundance and large-area low and middle-abundance large gas fields;most of the large gas fields have late hydrocarbon-generation peaks and reservoir formation,and experienced the process of multiple-stage charging and late finalization; large gas provinces(fields)have good sealing and preservation conditions,and evaporates seals are largely developed in large and extra-large gas fields.This paper intends to shed light on the exploration and development of large gas fields(provinces)through analyzing their

  17. Emergence of rabies in the Gauteng Province, South Africa: 2010–2011

    Claude T. Sabeta


    Full Text Available Canine rabies is enzootic throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, including the Republic of South Africa. Historically, in South Africa the coastal provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape were most affected. Alarmingly, outbreaks of canine rabies have been increasingly reported in the past decade from sites where it has previously been under control. From January 2010 to December 2011, 53 animal rabies cases were confirmed; these were mostly in domestic dogs from southern Johannesburg, which was previously considered to be rabies free. In addition, one case was confirmed in a 26-month old girl who had been scratched by a pet puppy during this period. The introduction of rabies into Gauteng Province was investigated through genetic analysis of rabies positive samples confirmed during the outbreak period. In addition, the nucleotide sequences of incidental cases reported in the province for the past ten years were also included in the analysis. It was found that the recent canine rabies outbreak in the Gauteng Province came from the introduction of the rabies virus from KwaZulu-Natal, with subsequent local spread in the susceptible domestic dog population of southern Johannesburg. The vulnerability of the province was also highlighted through multiple, dead-end introductions in the past ten years. This is the first report of a rabies outbreak in the greater Johannesburg area with evidence of local transmission in the domestic dog population.

  18. Aflatoxins, Fumonisins and Zearalenone Contamination of Maize in the Southeastern and Central Highlands Provinces of Vietnam

    Nguyen Hieu Phuong


    Full Text Available A survey of the contamination of maize with aflatoxins, fumonisins and zearalenone was carried out in the Southeastern and Central Highland provinces in Vietnam. Four provinces were chosen for sampling maize: Dong Nai (22, Binh Phuoc (25, Dak Lak (30 and Dak Nong (20. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1, B2 (AFB2, G1 (AFG1, G2 (AFG2, fumonisin B1 (FB1, fumonisin B2 (FB2 and zearalenone (ZEA were analysed by HPLC in 97 maize kernel samples. Fumonisins were the most common toxins found in all samples (67%, followed by aflatoxins (55.7% and zearalenone (27.8%. The incidence of aflatoxin positive samples (61.7% in the Southeastern provinces was higher than in the Central Highlands (50%, while fumonisins and zearalenone incidences were higher in the Central Highlands. The mean level of fumonisin B1 in samples from the Central Highlands provinces (1757 µg/kg was significantly greater (p < 0.05 than in the Southeastern provinces (740 µg/kg. Importantly, the percentage of positive samples (about 70% that had over 20 µg/kg (ppb aflatoxin was very high. Moreover, many samples (53% contained more than one mycotoxin and this result highlights the difficulty of diagnosing mycotoxicoses in the field and the need for ongoing research to reduce the occurrence of mycotoxins in Vietnamese maize.

  19. Prevalence of Balantidium coli infection in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China.

    Yin, De-Ming; Lv, Cong-Cong; Tan, Lei; Zhang, Tie-Niu; Yang, Cheng-Zhi; Liu, Yi; Liu, Wei


    Balantidium coli is a cosmopolitan parasitic-opportunistic pathogen that can be found throughout the world. However, little information is available about prevalence of B. coli in pigs in China. In the present study, the prevalence of B. coli in pigs was investigated in Hunan province, subtropical China, between January 2012 and August 2014. A total of 3925 diarrheic fecal samples from nine representative administrative regions in Hunan province, subtropical China, were examined for the presence of B. coli cysts and/or trophozoites using microscopy after sedimentation with water. The overall prevalence of B. coli in pigs was 36.9 % (1450/3925). The present survey revealed high circulation of B. coli in pigs in Hunan province, subtropical China, which poses potential threats to human health. The results of the present investigation have important implications for the control of B. coli infections in pigs in Hunan province, subtropical China. To our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive report of B. coli prevalence in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China.

  20. Geographical mapping and Bayesian spatial modeling of malaria incidence in Sistan and Baluchistan province, Iran

    Farid Zayeri; Masoud Salehi; Hasan Pirhosseini


    Objective:To present the geographical map of malaria and identify some of the important environmental factors of this disease in Sistan and Baluchistan province, Iran.Methods:We used the registered malaria data to compute the standard incidence rates (SIRs) of malaria in different areas of Sistan and Baluchistan province for a nine-year period (from 2001 to 2009). Statistical analyses consisted of two different parts: geographical mapping of malaria incidence rates, and modeling the environmental factors. The empirical Bayesian estimates of malaria SIRs were utilized for geographical mapping of malaria and a Poisson random effects model was used for assessing the effect of environmental factors on malaria SIRs.Results:In general, 64 926 new cases of malaria were registered in Sistan and Baluchistan Province from 2001 to 2009. Among them, 42 695 patients (65.8%) were male and 22 231 patients (34.2%) were female. Modeling the environmental factors showed that malaria incidence rates had positive relationship with humidity, elevation, average minimum temperature and average maximum temperature, while rainfall had negative effect on malaria SIRs in this province.Conclusions:The results of the present study reveals that malaria is still a serious health problem in Sistan and Baluchistan province, Iran. Geographical map and related environmental factors of malaria can help the health policy makers to intervene in high risk areas more efficiently and allocate the resources in a proper manner.

  1. Natural and artificial radioactivity distribution in soil of Fars Province, Iran.

    Faghihi, R; Mehdizadeh, S; Sina, S


    Fars province is a large populated large province located in the southwest of Iran. This work presents a study of natural and radioactivity levels in soil samples of this province. For this purpose, 126 samples were gathered from different regions of the province and analysed by gamma spectroscopy to quantify radioactivity concentrations of radionuclides using a high-purity germanium detector and spectroscopy system. The results of this investigation show the average concentrations of 271 ± 28 Bq kg(-1), 6.37 ± 0.5 Bq kg(-1), 14.9 ± 0.9 Bq kg(-1) and 26.3 ± 1.9 Bq kg(-1) for (40)K, (137)Cs, (232)Th and (238)U in soil, respectively. Finally, baseline maps were established for the concentrations of each of the radionuclides in different regions. The absorbed dose rate and the annual effective dose (AED) were also calculated for the radionuclides according to the guidelines of UNSCEAR 2000. The average AED from the radioactivity content of soil in this province was found to be 39.9 ± 1.8 μSv.

  2. On arable land changes in Shandong Province and their driving forces


    The decrease of total cultivated area and the lower per capitaavailable arable land resource are now serious problems in Shandong Province, a major agricultural province in China. These problems will become more serious along with the further development of economy. In this paper,based on the statistical information at provincial and county levels, the changes of arable land in Shandong Province and their driving forces during the last 50 years are analyzed. The general changing trends of arable land and per capita available arable land are reducing, and the trends of decrease will continue when the economy is developing. The result of GIS spatial analysis shows that the change of the arable land use in Shandong Province has a regional difference. Eight variables having influences on cultivated land change are analyzed by principal component analysis. The results show that the dynamic development of economy, pressure of social system and progress of scientific techniques in agriculture are the main causes for cultivated land reduction. The principal factors which can be considered as driving forces for arable land change include per capita net living space, total population and per ha grain yield. By using regressive equation, along with analysis on population growth and economic development, cultivated areas in Shandong Province in 2005 and 2010 are predicted respectively. The predicted cultivated areas in Shandong will be 6435.47 thousand hain 2005 and 6336.23 thousand ha in 2010 respectively.

  3. An Epidemiological study of malignancies in Jammu province, India a retrospective study (1999-2003

    Gupta Rushali


    Full Text Available Research Question: -To Study the magnitude, pattern and inter district variation of Malignancies in different regions of Jammu Province from January 1999 to Dec. 2003. Setting : - Entire Population of Jammu Province. Study Design: - A Hospital based retrospective study. Methodology: -The study was carried out retrospectively from January 1999 to December 2003. The year wise data was collected from the medical case files maintained year wise in the Department of Radiotherapy and medical record section of the associated hospitals. All the new cases from Jammu province reporting for the first time in the five year time period were included. Only the primary tumors were recorded. In case of multiple primary cancer in same person they were all counted as new. Results: : - The total of 4507 new cases from Jammu province were registered in five year time period. Maximum cases 2541 (56.37% were from Jammu District. Among males from Kathua, Jammu, Doda , Udhampur and Rajouri Respiratory system and Intrathoracic organs were at the top (40.40%, 37.47%, 37.25%, 36.97% and 33.74% resp.. Female Genital organs followed by Breast cancer were the leading site in female patients from Kathua and Jammu District (41.31% and 16.90% for Kathua and 33.39% and 18.41% for Jammu. Conclusion : -The leading Site of Malignancies among Male and Females varied in different districts of Jammu province. This could be attributed to various cultural dietary and environmental factors.

  4. Risk Analysis of Underestimate Cost Offer to The Project Quality in Aceh Province

    Rani, Hafnidar A.


    The possibility of errors in the process of offer price determination could be enormous, so it can affect the possibility of project underestimate cost which can impact and reduce the profit if being implementing. Government Equipment/Service Procurement Policy Institution (LKPP) assesses that the practices of cheaper price in the government equipment/service procurement are still highly found and can be potential to decrease the project quality. This study aimed to analyze the most dominant factors happened in underestimate cost offer practice, to analyze the relationship of underestimate cost offer risk factors to road construction project quality in Aceh Province and to analyze the most potential factors of underestimate cost offer risk affecting road construction project quality in Aceh Province. Road construction projects observed the projects which have been implemented in Aceh Province since 2013 - 2015. This study conducted by interviewing Government Budget Authority (KPA), and distributing the questionnaire to the road construction contractors with the qualification of K1, K2, K3, M1, M2 and B1. Based on the data from Construction Service Development Institution (LPJK) of Aceh Province on 2016, the populations obtained are 2,717 constructors. By using Slovin Equation, the research samples obtained are 97 contractors. The most dominant factors in underestimate cost offer risk of the road construction projects in Aceh Province is Contingency Cost Factor which the mean is 4.374.

  5. Analysis of the Economic and Welfare Impacts of Establishing Irrigation Water Market in Qazvin Province


    Full Text Available In this study economic and welfare impacts of establishing irrigation water market in Qazvin province as well as potentiality of irrigation water transfer under stress irrigation conditions in the cities of Qazvin province were analyzed. To achieve the above objectives, Positive Mathematical Programming model and State Wide Agricultural Production functions were used. To achieve applicable results, the production function with a constant elasticity of substitution and cost function with an exponential form were included into the Positive Mathematical Programming model was imported. The study data for the year 2011-2012 was collected by asking the relevant offices in each city of Qazvin province. The proposed model was solved in six successive stages using the GAMS software. After solving the model, amount changes in the area of irrigated crops, farmer's gross profit and labor surplus under the two conditions of “existence of water market” and “lack of water market “at the regional level were calculated. The results showed that establishing irrigation water market increases total irrigated lands for 1/2 percent, total farmer’s gross profit for 1/86 percent and total labor force employed in agriculture for 1/8 percent in the province. Ultimately, considering the supportive and constructive role of regional water markets, it is recommended to provide necessary conditions and tools to establish an optimal use of such a mechanism associated with the type of market in Qazvin province.

  6. Spatio-temporal Evolution on Geographic Boundaries of HFRS Endemic Areas in Shandong Province, China

    LIU Yan Xun; WANG Zhi Qiang; GUO Jing; TANG Fang; SUN Xiu Bin; XUE Fu Zhong; KANG Dian Min


    Objective To take effective strategies and measures for the prevention and control of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) endemic areas by investigating its dynamic geographical boundaries in Shandong Province, China. Methods The incidence of HFRS from 1982 to 2008 in Shandong Prvince, China, was detected with inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation based on geographical information system (GIS). Dynamic geographical boundaries of HFRS endemic areas in Shandong Province, China, were analyzed by geographical boundary analysis. Results The HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Linyi City in phase 1 (1982-1986), the SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Jining City in phase 2 (1987-2003), and the endemic areas of HFRS in Jining City gradually disappeared and the endemic areas of HFRS with mixed-types of reservoir rodents were located in Linyi City in phase 3 (2004-2008). Meanwhile, new endemic areas emerged in the northwestern Shandong province, China. Conclusion The SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS are located in western Shandong Province, China, and the HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS are located eastern Shandong Province, Chin, indicating that the endemic areas of HFRS should be vaccinated and rodents should be controlled.

  7. Industrial Restructuring and the Selection of Pillar Industries in Qinghai Province, China


    Based on the data from the Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2009, the evolution course of industrial structure and the developmental status of pillar industries is analyzed. The pillar industries in Qinghai Province are analyzed and revaluated from four aspects, which cover demand and income elasticity, location quotient, contribution rate and interrelationship between industries. Through analyzing the problems and causes of the industrial structure of Qinghai Province, we know that the output structure of the three main industries has seriously departed from the employment structure; the pillar industries mainly concentrated on the fields of resource exploitation and primary processing; the interrelationship between the industries is low; and the development between the light and heavy industries are imbalanced. With the globalization and the further implementation of national preferential policies on western development, Qinghai Province follows the following principles in the restructuring of industrial structure in order to carry out the scientific thought of development and the "Ecological province" strategy. Firstly, the restructuring of industrial structure should be guided by market and scientific and technological progress. Secondly, it should fully display the regional advantages. Thirdly, it should attach importance to the developmental status and prospect of relevant accessory industries. Fourthly, the restructuring should be helpful to the labor transfer and reemployment of rural surplus labor forces. Suggestions on the selection of pillar industries and optimization of industrial structure are put forward. Qinghai Province should accelerate the restructuring of industrial structure, strengthen the support on pillar industries and lay stress on the introduction of the capitals, technologies and talents.

  8. Spatial-Temporal Analysis of the Economic and Environmental Coordination Development Degree in Liaoning Province

    Hui Wang


    Full Text Available This study selects 20 indices of economic and environmental conditions over 15 years (1996–2010 for 14 cities in Liaoning province, China. We calculate the economic score and environmental score of each city by processing 4200 data points through SPSS 16.0 and establish synthesis functions between the economy and the environment. For the time dimension, we study the temporal evolution of the economic and environmental coordination development degree . Based on Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA techniques and using GeoDa, we calculate Moran's index of local spatial autocorrelation and explore the spatial distribution character of in Liaoning province through a LISA cluster map. As we found in the temporal dimension, the results show that of the 14 cities has been rising for 15 years and that increases year by year, which indicates that the economic and environmental coordination development condition has been improving from disorder to highly coordinated. A smaller gap between economic strength and environmental carrying capacity in Liaoning province exists, which means that economic development and environmental protection remain synchronized. In the spatial dimension, the highly coordinated cities have changed from a scattering to a concentration in the middle-south region of Liaoning province. Poorly coordinated cities are scattered in the northwestern region of Liaoning province.

  9. Iodine content in salt sold in sea coastal province, Thailand:quality reflection

    Sora Yasri; Viroj Wiwanitkit


    Objective: To call for attention that the problem of iodine deficiency and low salt quality can still be seen in sea coastal province.Methods:province of Thailand were collected. All samples were passed to the laboratory for the analysis of iodine content. The basic screening tool was I-KIT test (Mahidol University, Thailand), which was the standard test used in previous survey.Results:A total of 225 salt samples from each available marine salt shop in the sea coastal iodine content (100 mg/L). It gave the iodine content failure rate equal to 0%. Of overall 225 samples, there was no sample that could pass the acceptable criteria of Conclusions: Intensive research of the iodine content in salt sold and available in a sea coastal province of Thailand shows that the salt sold in salt shop in this sea coastal province is not locally available from marine salt field but from the dirt salt field from remote provinces because of the higher cost of marine salt. As a result, the control of salt quality in any areas is still needed. The use of iodine fortification should be applied to any areas, sea coastal or non sea coastal.

  10. Benjarong Sanitary Ware: Design and development for commerce in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand

    Wanchai Sama


    Full Text Available This investigation has three primary aims: 1 to study the traditional knowledge of Benjarong in Samut Sakhon Province; 2 to study designs and the production process of Benjarong sanitary ware in Samut Sakhon Province; 3 to develop Benjarong sanitary ware for commerce in Samut Sakhon Province. The research area for this investigation was purposively selected as Samut Sakhon Province. Data was gathered by document study, survey, participant and non-participant observation, structured and non-structured interview, focus group discussion and workshop. Results show that Benjarong sanitary products have been inherited from generation to generation in Samut Sakhon Province and continue to provide local jobs. Benjarong sanitary ware production uses a high budget because of the high price of colour inks, gold and electricity, so there are problems securing adequate funding. There are also problems with the management process and a lack of expert craftsmen to write and design modern patterns in harmony with contemporary art and Thai social identity. Moreover, many Thai people do not realize the value of cultural heritage and Benjarong inheritance is at risk. Benjarong sanitary ware can reflect local knowledge and traditional handicrafts. The researchers propose patterns for three types of Benjarong sanitary ware: washbasins, wall tiles and soap ledges. Development of these products will increase functionality and aesthetics, whilst maintaining Thai heritage.

  11. Research and Prediction of Ecological Security in Jiangsu Province Based on the Ecological Footprint


    According to the 2000-2010 Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook,per capita ecological footprint and per capita ecological carrying capacity in Jiangsu Province in the years 2001-2009 are analyzed starting from the ecological footprint model.Per capita ecological deficit is measured,as well as the pressure index of ecological footprint in order to judge the grade of ecological security and to objectively evaluate the ecological security of Jiangsu Province.GM(1,1) grey forecasting model is used to forecast the ecological security of Jiangsu Province in the years 2010-2014.Research shows that in the next 5 years,both the per capita ecological footprint and the pressure index of ecological footprint will increase by 4% and 3.7% each year,respectively.And the ecological status in Jiangsu Province will be extremely unsafe.To achieve the coordinated development of ecological security and economy of Jiangsu Province,we should strictly control the population growth,rationally utilize the land resources,and strengthen the ecological restoration and construction.

  12. Studies of geothermal waters in Jiangxi Province using iso-tope techniques

    孙占学; 李学礼


    Isotope hydrogeological studies of thermal waters conducted in the Lushan hotspring area, northern Jiangxi Province, the Maanping hotspring area, central Jiangxi, and the Henjing hotspring area, southern Jiangxi Province show that the local meteoric water line of Jiangxi Province is similar to the Craig line. The SD and δ18O values of geothermal waters in the province are roughly in accord with the local meteoric line, which implies that the thermal waters are of meteoric origin. Variations of isotopic composition of natural waters in the study areas reveal that the recharge areas of the geothermal fields are the adjacent mountains. The ages of geothermal waters measured by different dating methods, such as Ra/Rn dating and tritium dating, range from several decades to several hundred years in the Province which suggests that the geothermal waters are undergoing active circulation. The 3He/4He ratios of gases from the hotsprings in the Hengjing hotspring area show that the hotspring gases originate from

  13. Application of K-Means Algorithm for Cluster Analysis on Poverty of Provinces in Indonesia

    Albert Verasius Dian Sano


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to apply cluster analysis or also known as clustering on poverty data of provinces all over Indonesia.The problem is that the decision makers such as central government, local government and non-government organizations, which involve in poverty problems, need a tool to support decision-making process related to social welfare problems. The method used in the cluster analysis is k-means algorithm. The data used in this study were drawn from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS or Central Bureau of Statistics on 2014.Cluster analysis in this study took characteristics of data such as absolute poverty of each province, relative number or percentage of poverty of each province, and the level of depth index poverty of each province in Indonesia. Results of cluster analysis in this study were presented in the form of grouping of clusters' members visually. Cluster analysis in the study could be used to identify more quickly and efficiently on poverty chart of all provinces all over Indonesia. The results of such identification can be used by policy makers who have interests of eradicating the problems associated with poverty and welfare distribution in Indonesia, ranging from government organizations, non-governmental organizations, and also private organizations.

  14. Coal Consumption Reduction in Shandong Province: A Dynamic Vector Autoregression Model

    Chun Deng


    Full Text Available Coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from coal combustion in China are attracting increasing attention worldwide. Between 1990 and 2013, the coal consumption in Shandong Province increased by approximately 5.29 times. Meanwhile, the proportion of coal consumption of Shandong Province to China rose from 7.6% to 10.8%, and to the world, it rose from 1.8% to 5.5%. Identifying the drivers of coal consumption in Shandong Province is vital for developing effective environmental policies. This paper uses the Vector Autoregression model to analyze the influencing factors of coal consumption in Shandong Province. The results show that industrialization plays a dominant role in increasing coal consumption. Conversely, coal efficiency is the key factor to curtailing coal consumption. Although there is a rebound effect of coal efficiency in the short term, from a long-term perspective, coal efficiency will reduce coal consumption gradually. Both economic growth and urbanization have a significant effect on coal consumption in Shandong Province. In addition, the substitution effect of oil to coal has not yet met expectations. These findings are important for relevant authorities in Shandong in developing appropriate policies to halt the growth of coal consumption.

  15. Indicators for Environment Health Risk Assessment in the Jiangsu Province of China

    Shujie Zhang


    Full Text Available According to the framework of “Pressure-State-Response”, this study established an indicator system which can reflect comprehensive risk of environment and health for an area at large scale. This indicator system includes 17 specific indicators covering social and economic development, pollution emission intensity, air pollution exposure, population vulnerability, living standards, medical and public health, culture and education. A corresponding weight was given to each indicator through Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP method. Comprehensive risk assessment of the environment and health of 58 counties was conducted in the Jiangsu province, China, and the assessment result was divided into four types according to risk level. Higher-risk counties are all located in the economically developed southern region of Jiangsu province and relatively high-risk counties are located along the Yangtze River and Xuzhou County and its surrounding areas. The spatial distribution of relatively low-risk counties is dispersive, and lower-risk counties mainly located in the middle region where the economy is somewhat weaker in the province. The assessment results provide reasonable and scientific basis for Jiangsu province Government in formulating environment and health policy. Moreover, it also provides a method reference for the comprehensive risk assessment of environment and health within a large area (provinces, regions and countries.

  16. [Emergy evaluation and dynamic measurement analysis of agro-ecosystems in Sichuan Province of Southwest China].

    Zhang, Ying-Cong; Du, Shou-Hu


    Agro-ecosystem is the most basic system for human beings survival, while the analysis of the structure and function of the system is the key to solve the problems of agro-ecological environment. In this paper, emergy theory and related economic measurement methods including data envelopment analysis, cointegration test, and error correction model were applied to quantitatively analyze the operation dynamics, environmental loading, operation efficiency, and input-output relation of the agro-ecosystems in Sichuan Province and its 21 cities in 1997-2009. In the study period, Sichuan Province was in the transition period from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The agricultural mechanization level of the Province improved constantly, resources utilization efficiency enhanced continually, overall structural dominant degree was better, but the over-reliance on economic emergy input caused the sustainability of the system weakened gradually. The development status of the agro-ecosystems in the Province varied among regions. Chengdu Plain and Western Sichuan Highland were either in overexploited or in underutilized, while the hilly areas were full of vitality and development potential, tended to be the important areas for the future development of Sichuan agriculture. Generally, the operation efficiency of the agro-ecosystems in the Province was relatively low, with the situation differed in different regions due to the lower technical efficiency or improper scale. There was a long-term equilibrium between the economic emergy indices and output emergy, but the short-term emergy input didn't reach the ideal output.

  17. Biostratigraphy and geochronology of the late Cenozoic of Córdoba Province (central Argentina)

    Cruz, Laura Edith


    In the last twenty years, several geological and stratigraphical studies have been undertaken in Córdoba Province, and they have provided useful bases for biostratigraphic work in the late Cenozoic. However, paleontological contributions have been limited to preliminary analyses of mammal assemblages, or specific discoveries. The aim of this work is to contribute to biostratigraphic knowledge of Argentina through the study of late Cenozoic mammals from Córdoba Province. Five localities have been analyzed: San Francisco, Miramar, Río Cuarto, Isla Verde, and Valle de Traslasierra. Through biostratigraphic analysis the first records of several taxa were established, and mammal assemblages with the description and correlation of the sedimentary strata were confirmed. Finally, three Assemblage Zones (Biozonas de Asociación) were proposed: 1) Neosclerocalyptus paskoensis-Equus (Amerhippus) assemblage zone with type area and profile based on the San Francisco locality, referred to the Lujanian (late Pleistocene-early Holocene), and comparable to the Equus (Amerhippus) neogeus Biozone of Buenos Aires Province; 2) Neosclerocalyptus ornatus-Catonyx tarijensis assemblage zone with type area and profile based on the San Francisco locality, referred to the Ensenadan (early Pleistocene) and comparable to the Mesotherium cristatum Biozone of Buenos Aires Province, and 3) Nonotherium hennigi-Propanochthus bullifer assemblage zone with type area and profile based on the Los Sauces river, Valle de Traslasierra, referred to the Montehermosan-Chapadmalalan interval (Pliocene), and comparable to the Trigodon gaudryi, Neocavia depressidens and/or Paraglyptodon chapadmalensis Biozones of Buenos Aires Province.

  18. High seroprevalence of Chlamydia infection in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China.

    Zhang, Xiao-Xuan; Li, Run-Cheng; Liu, Guo-Hua; Cong, Wei; Song, Hui-Qun; Yu, Xing-Long; Zhu, Xing-Quan


    Chlamydia spp. are Gram-negative obligate intracellular bacteria, which are responsible for significant public health problems in humans and have major economic impact on animals. In the present study, the seroprevalence of Chlamydia infection in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China, was examined using indirect hemagglutination assay (IHA). Antibodies to Chlamydia were detected in 747 of 1,191 (62.7%, 95% CI 60-65.5) serum samples (IHA titer ≥ 1:16). The Chlamydia seroprevalence ranged from 35% (95% CI 25.7-44.4) to 77.1% (95% CI 69.1-85.2) among different regions in Hunan province, and the differences were statistically significant (P Chlamydia infection in sows was higher in summer (75.7%, 95% CI 71.3-80) and spring (63.2%, 95% CI 57.5-68.8) than in autumn (56.9%, 95% CI 51.5-62.3) and winter (48.6%, 95% CI 42-55.3), and the differences were statistically significant (P Chlamydia infection in sows in Hunan province, subtropical China, which poses a potential risk for human infection with Chlamydia in this province. This is the first report of Chlamydia seroprevalence in sows over the last two decades in Hunan province, subtropical China.

  19. Empirical Study on the Relationship between Income and Consumption of Rural Residents in Hebei Province


    Based on the relevant data of the actual income and consumption of rural residents in Hebei Province from 1983 to 2007,the relationship between actual income and consumption of rural residents was tested by applying the co-integration theory and Granger causality test.The result shows that there is long-term stable equilibrium relationship between the net Income per capita and consumption expenditure per capita of rural residents in Hebei Province from 1983 to 2007;the result of Granger causality test shows that the actual Income of rural residents in Hebei Province has significant impact on the actual consumption,but the impact is weakened gradually;in short term,the impact of the actual consumption on the actual income is not so significant,but the impact will become significant gradually as time goes on.During the process of the mutual impact and function of the actual income and consumption of rural residents in Hebei Province,the impact of the actual income of rural residents on the actual consumption is mainly represented in short term;in middle term,the interactions between the actual Income and actual consumption are significant;in long term,the impact of the actual consumption on the actual income is mainly displayed.According to the result,in short term the government in Hebei Province can expand consumption through increasing the income of rural residents,while in long term the government can drive the economic growth by expanding domestic demands.



    Based on the monthly mean temperature, the changing processes and tendencies of temperature during1951-2000 in Jilin Province, which is in Northeast China, are analyzed. And the spatial characteristics of the changeare submitted. In the past 50 years the temperature of Jilin Province was increasing just like the other areas in the world.Since 1990, the increasing of temperature has been more obvious than that in the previous 40a. From the west to theeast, the province has larger temperature rising. According to Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of temperature field,Jilin Province is divided into 3 regions and the degree of becoming warmer is different from region to region. During theperiod of 1951 to 2000, the annual temperature in Jilin Province has been rising, so has the temperature in winter andsummer. The average temperature in the 1990s was 0. 5-2. 0℃ higher than that in the 1950s. From the west to theeast, the increasing of temperature became smaller.

  1. Late Permian basalts in the Yanghe area, eastern Sichuan Province, SW China: Implications for the geodynamics of the Emeishan flood basalt province and Permian global mass extinction

    Li, Hongbo; Zhang, Zhaochong; Santosh, M.; Lü, Linsu; Han, Liu; Liu, Wei


    We report the finding of a ∼20 m thick sequence of massive pyroxene-plagioclase-phyric basalt lava flows in the Yanghe area of the northeastern Sichuan Basin, within the Yangtze craton of SW China, which were previously considered to be located outside the Emeishan flood basalt province. This basaltic sequence above the middle Permian Maokou Formation (Fm.) is overlain by the late Permian Longtan Fm. Thus, the Yanghe basalts should be stratigraphically correlated with the Emeishan flood basalts. The Yanghe basalts show typical oceanic island basalt (OIB) affinity, and geochemically resemble Emeishan basalts, especially in the case of high-Ti (HT) basalts from the eastern domain of the Emeishan flood basalt province. The rocks have low age-corrected (87Sr/86Sr)t (t = 260 Ma) ratios (0.704158-0.704929) and Pb isotopic ratios [206Pb/204Pb(t) (18.264-18.524), 207Pb/204Pb(t) (15.543-15.58), and 208Pb/204Pb(t) (38.147-38.519)], and positive εNd(t) values (+3.15 to +3.61), suggesting that the lavas have not undergone any significant crustal contamination. The crystallization temperature of clinopyroxene is estimated to be 1368-1420 °C, suggesting anomalously thermal inputs from a mantle source and a possible plume-head origin. The fractionation of middle rare earth elements (MREE) to heavy REE (HREE) suggests that these rocks were produced by small degrees of partial melting of mantle peridotite within the garnet-spinel transition region. The stratigraphic relationships and similar geochemical signatures with the Emeishan flood basalts suggest that the Yanghe basalts are part of the Emeishan flood basalt province and can be considered as the northeastern limit of the Emeishan flood basalt province. Our finding extends the diameter of the Emeishan flood basalt province to ∼1200-1400 km, covering an area of up to ∼7 × 105 km2, two times more than previously estimated. The larger areal extent and giant eruption volume, incorporating the Sichuan Basin, lend support

  2. Acute mercury poisoning among children in two provinces of Turkey.

    Carman, Kursat Bora; Tutkun, Engin; Yilmaz, Hinc; Dilber, Cengiz; Dalkiran, Tahir; Cakir, Baris; Arslantas, Didem; Cesaretli, Yildirim; Aykanat, Selin Aktaş


    Elemental mercury exposure occurs frequently and is potentially a toxic, particularly in children. Children are often attracted to elemental mercury because of its color, density, and tendency to form beads. Clinical manifestations of elemental mercury intoxication vary depending on its form, concentration, route of ingestion, and the duration of exposure. We present data on 179 pediatric cases of elemental mercury poisoning from exposure to mercury in schools in two different provinces of Turkey. Of all patients, 160 children had both touched/played with the mercury and inhaled its vapors, while 26 children had only inhaled the mercury vapor, two children reported having tasted the mercury. The median duration of exposure was 5 min (min 1-max 100), and 11 (6 %) children were exposed to the mercury for more than 24 h at home. More than half of the children (51.9 %) were asymptomatic at admission. Headache was the most common presenting complaint. The results of physical and neurological examinations were normal in 80 (44.6 %) children. Mid-dilated/dilated pupils were the most common neurological abnormality, and this sign was present in 90 (50.2 %) children. Mercury levels were measured in 24-h urine samples daily, and it was shown that the median urinary level of mercury was 29.80 μg/L (min, 2.40 μg/L; max, 4,687 μg/L). A positive correlation was also found between the duration of exposure and urinary mercury levels (r = 0.23, p = 0.001). All patients were followed up for 6 months. On the first follow-up visit performed 1 month after discharge, the neurological examinations of all patients were normal except for those patients with peripheral neuropathy and visual field defects. On the last follow-up visit at the sixth month, only two children still experienced visual field defects. In conclusion, this study is one of the largest case series of mercury intoxication of students in schools. Elemental mercury exposure can be potentially toxic, and its

  3. Study on Mineralization Age of Xiaoban Gold Deposit, Fujian Province


    The Xiaoban gold deposit is a large-size deposit recently found in middle area of Fujian Province. It belongs to magmatic hydrothermal type occurred in Mayuan Group metamorphic rocks of Middle Proterozoic and is controlled by low angle fault (detachment) structures. The contents of Au in Mayuan Group metamorphic rocks, Caledonian-Indosinian deformed granite and early Yanshanian granite are higher with Au enrichment coefficient of 2.06-5.68, 5.11 and 6.67 than those in other geological bodies. And the higher enrichment coefficients (>2) of Ag, S, Sn and Te are similar to those of gold ore. Meanwhile, the distribution of Au in Mayuan Group metamorphic rocks and early Yanshanian granite with a low D-value (0.58 and 0.67) is favorable to gold mineralization. REE characteristics of gold ore, ratios of (LREE/HREE), (La/Sm)n, (Yb/Lu)n, (La/Tb)n and (Sm/Nd)n are similar to Mayuan Group metamorphic rocks, only non or little normal Eu abnormal of ore is dissimilar to metamorphic rocks. The δ(34S) of the gold ore, with a high homogenization, is (-4.7×10-3)-(-2.7×10-3). The study of inclusion indicates 180-249 ℃ of mineralization temperature, 3.69 %-11.81 % of salinities and 0.869-0.991 g/cm3 of densities of mineralization fluid. Based on hydrogen and oxygen isotope (δ(18O)=11.0×10-3-11.7×10-3, δ(D)=(-48×10-3)-(-62×10-3)) and initial w(87Sr)/w(86Sr) =0.715,combining to the analysis of geological history, regional metamorphism and magamtic activity, the authors confirm that the source for the ore fluid was mainly from magmatic, partly from metamorphic water, and with a little influence of meteoric water. Isotopic dating made on Rb-Sr isochron age of 182 Ma, by using alteration minerals of gold-ores from the deposit, indicates that the mineralization occurs in early Yanshanian epoch. This is close to the age of 187 Ma of the Anchun magmatite with a similar alteration and gold mineralization to the Xiaoban gold deposit. The age of early Yanshanian epoch of the Xiaoban

  4. Formation conditions of the Rudny Altai metallogenic province

    Kozlov, M. S.


    The results of previous geological, petrochemical, and metallogenic surveys conducted from the 1960s to the 1990s provide the geological and tectonic basis of this study. The unique mineral deposits of the Rudny Altai metallogenic province were formed in the Middle Paleozoic (S2-C1) at the junction between different structures of the Altai-Mongolian terrane: the Alei-Charysh-Tigirek rift (in the north) with the Korgon-Markakol' island arc and Belaya Uba-Maimyr intra-arc trough (in the southwest). The Rudny Altai structural-formational zone that formed at the junction between these structures evolved as a magmatic arc and was characterized by the formation of granite-greenschist arches, volcanoplutonic magmatism and high heat and fluid flow (greenschist-facies metamorphism of Upper Silurian-Upper Devonian rocks and deposition of pyrite-bearing hydrothermal-sedimentary horizons, VMS and copper-VMS deposits and isolated base-metal ore bodies). The tectonomagmatic history of the Rudny Altai zone can be subdivided into several stages: Ludlow-Emsian, Late Emsian-Givetian, Frasnian-Early Famennian, Middle Famennian-Early Visean, and Late Visean-Serpukhovian. The island arc is represented by volcanic rocks of the andesite-dacite-rhyolite (early stage), basalt-rhyolite (Late Emsian-Eifelian), and basalt-andesite-rhyolite series (Late Visean). Volcanosedimentary strata (until the Givetian age) and turbidites up to 3-5 km thick were deposited in the interarc trough. Because of their metastable behavior, the volcanic rocks became actively involved in ion-exchange reactions with the formational waters, whereas the differences in hydraulic head between arches and troughs created favorable conditions for the transport of the metamorphic fluids, and the thermal gradient promoted thermodiffusion of divalent species of Mg, Pb, Zn, Cu, etc. toward the high-temperature zone and development of the high-Mg metamorphic-metasomatic alteration with a VMS-base-metal mineralization. As a

  5. Epidemiological survey of cryptosporidiosis in Anhui Province China

    Ke-Xia Wang; Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang; Bo-Rong Pan


    AIM: To provide scientific evidence for prevention and controlling of cryptosporidiosis, the infection of Cryptosporidium parvum and its epidemiological characteristics were studied in some areas of Anhui Province.METHODS: The oocyst of Cryptosporidium parvum in 5421fresh stool samples from eleven areas of Anhui Provincewas tested by auramine-phenol stain and improved anti-acidstain respectively. The specific antibody of IgG, IgM and Tsubsets of 41 patients with positive Cryptosporidium parvumin stools were detected by ELISA and biotin-streptavidin(BSA) respectively.RESULTS: The total infective rate of Cryptosporidiumparvum was 1.33 % (74/5421). Among them, the positiverates of oocyst in the areas of Huaibei (1. 82 % ) and Fuyang( 1. 80 % ) were higher. The positive rates of oocyst in stoolsof infants, pupils, middle school students, collegestudents, adults, patients with diarrhea, and those withimmunodeficiency were 3.15 % (28/889), 0.82 % (9/1098), 0.82 %(9/1092), 0.83 %(8/969), 0.85 % (9/1095), 2.88 %(8/27g) and 8.33 %(3/36) % respectively. The positive rates ofoocyst in infants and the patients with diarrhea andimmunodeficiency were significantly higher than those incontrols ( P < 0.01 ). The positive rate of oocyst in maleswas similar to that in females ( P> 0.05). The positive rateof oocyst in urban areas ( 1. 13 %) was significantly lowerthan those in rural areas ( 1. 72 %, P < 0.01 ). The positiverates of specific IgG, IgM and IgG + IgM in sera of thepatients with positive oocyst in stool were 63.4 % ( 26/41 ),17.1% (7/41), 19.5 % (8/41) respectively. The numberfractions of T subsets of CD3 + , CD4 + , CD8 + and CD4 +/CD8 + of the patients were 0.66 ± 0.07, 0.44 ± 0.06, 0.28 ± 0.04 and 1. 58 ± 0.32 respectively. The difference between thepatients and the controls was significant ( P < 0. 05). Themain manifestations of the patients were subclinicalinfection, in forms of slight abdominal pain, mild diarrhea,and loose stool.CONCLUSION: There are

  6. Spatial analysis of dengue fever in Guangdong Province, China, 2001-2006.

    Liu, Chunxiao; Liu, Qiyong; Lin, Hualiang; Xin, Benqiang; Nie, Jun


    Guangdong Province is the area most seriously affected by dengue fever in China. In this study, we describe the spatial distribution of dengue fever in Guangdong Province from 2001 to 2006 with the objective of informing priority areas for public health planning and resource allocation. Annualized incidence at a county level was calculated and mapped to show crude incidence, excess hazard, and spatial smoothed incidence. Geographic information system-based spatial scan statistics was conducted to detect the spatial distribution pattern of dengue fever incidence at the county level. Spatial scan cluster analyses suggested that counties around Guangzhou City and Chaoshan Region were at increased risk for dengue fever (P dengue fever were found in Guangdong Province, which allowed intervention measures to be targeted for maximum effect.


    Clainos Chidoko


    Full Text Available Zimbabwe is basically endowed in agricultural resources. As a result agricultural activities have a large bearing on developmental issues in the country. Employment is one such economic issue that hinges much on agricultural development. Over the past decade employment levels have reduced as a result of low investment in the country. Masvingo Province has not been spared. This scenario has seen many youths being out of employment as the sector employed less labour. The study found out that economic woes that Zimbabwe experienced over the past half decade have contributed significantly to youth unemployment in agriculture in Masvingo Province as a result of low investment in the sector. The study recommends that heavy investment be put in agriculture and agriculture related projects to enhance employment levels of the Zimbabwean youths in Masvingo province.

  8. The Industrial Structure Efficiency of Gansu Province since the Start of Reform and Opening up


    According to the time series data of relevant industries from 1978 to 2008 in Gansu Province,the industrial structure efficiency of Gansu Province is studied from different perspectives based on the overview of the analysis methods and by applying the analysis models including comparative labor productivity,deviation degree of industrial structure and shift-share analysis model.The results show that,in Gansu Province,the comparative labor productivity is low in the primary and tertiary industries,while that in the second industry is high;the deviation coefficient of industrial structure is big and the industrial structure and employment structure is extremely asymmetric;the proportion of sunrise industry is large and has great contribution to economic growth.However,the competiveness of the three main industries is relatively weak and need further improvement.

  9. The Evolution of Public Views of the Black Sea Province During the First World War

    Lyubov G. Polyakova


    Full Text Available The article discusses the evolution of public views of the Black Sea province during the First World War. The materials of pre-revolutionary periodicals of the Black Sea province became the main source of work. This article employs the records of personal origins. As a result of study, the authors come to the conclusion the First World War began for Russian society with massive patriotic speeches, but at the end of 1916 year for both in Russia in general and in the Black Sea province comes a complex social process that can be described as war weariness. To the reasons for war weariness the authors referred: the protracted war, and as a consequence – the complexity of an economic nature.

  10. Decentralisation and convergence in health among the provinces of Spain (1980-2001).

    Montero-Granados, Roberto; Jiménez, Juan de Dios; Martín, José


    This study measures the process of convergence in the state of health among the provinces and regions of Spain during 1980-2001 in order to analyse the possible influence of the decentralisation of healthcare management to the regions in this period. Sigma and beta convergence models, traditionally employed in macroeconomics, have been used, taking Life Expectancy at Birth (LEB) and Infant Mortality (IM) as health indicators. The analysis was carried out at two territorial levels: provinces and regions. The results reveal that the process of decentralisation either does not affect convergence or leads to divergence in health. Indeed, in the case of IM the so-called change of role scenario seems to have occurred. Thus, certain provinces with initially poor indicators have improved, overtaking those that were originally in a better position. The final result, however, is of greater dispersion than initially.

  11. Performance Evaluation of Rural Cooperative Economic Organizations in Hunan Province Based on Structural Equation

    Naman; YANG


    Using the method of structural equation and balanced scorecard,this paper establishes the evaluation indicators and evaluation model for the performance of 21 rural cooperative economic organizations in X City of Hunan Province,and analyzes the relationship between indicators and dimensions of performance evaluation indicators,in order to find the influencing factors,obstacles and successful experience concerning the development of rural cooperative economic organizations. According to model analysis and conclusions,this paper sets forth the recommendations for promoting the development of rural cooperative economic organizations in Hunan Province,in order to provide a scientific basis for the institutional design and mechanism innovation of rural cooperative economic organizations in Hunan Province.

  12. Establish Albumin-creatinine Ratio Reference Value of Adults in the Rural Area of Hebei Province

    Qiao-jing Liang; Wen Huang; Guo-juan Zhang; Ning-li Wang


    Objective To establish albumin-creatinine ratio (ACR) reference value of the rural population in Hebei province. Methods This study enrolled 5154 participants. By excluding subjects with hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and overweight condition, as well as those with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) Results The normal upper limit of ACR was 28.71 mg/g (3.25 mg/mmol) for males and 31.85 mg/g (3.60 mg/mmol) for females. Based on this ACR reference value, the age-gender standardized prevalence of albuminuria in the rural areas of Hebei province was 12.9%. Conclusion The ACR reference value in the rural of Hebei province is higher than that of the Western population.

  13. Mine land reclamation and eco-reconstruction in Shanxi province I: mine land reclamation model.

    Bing-yuan, Hao; Li-xun, Kang


    Coal resource is the main primary energy in our country, while Shanxi Province is the most important province in resource. Therefore Shanxi is an energy base for our country and has a great significance in energy strategy. However because of the heavy development of the coal resource, the ecological environment is worsening and the farmland is reducing continuously in Shanxi Province. How to resolve the contradiction between coal resource exploitation and environmental protection has become the imperative. Thus the concept of "green mining industry" is arousing more and more attention. In this assay, we will talk about the basic mode of land reclamation in mine area, the engineering study of mine land reclamation, the comprehensive model study of mine land reclamation, and the design and model of ecological agricultural reclamation in mining subsidence.

  14. Evaluation on the Development of Circular Agriculture in Guizhou Province Based on Entropy Method

    Shuo; CAO; Shunqiang; SUN


    Vigorously developing agricultural circular economy is an effective way to achieve sustainable agricultural development,and a strategic measure to ease the pressure on agricultural resources,protect ecological and clean resources,and promote sustainable agricultural and rural economic development. From the theoretical perspective of circular agriculture,this paper builds the evaluation indicator system for circular agriculture,and uses entropy method to carry out the comprehensive evaluation of the development level of agricultural circular economy in Guizhou Province from 2003 to 2012. At the same time,this paper analyzes the obstacles to the development of agricultural circular economy in Guizhou Province in 2012,and sets forth the relevant recommendations based on these limitations,in order to improve the development level of circular agriculture in Guizhou Province.

  15. The Income Gap among Rural Residents in Shaanxi Province,China


    According to the analysis on the current status of the income gap among rural residents in Shaanxi Province,it is found out that the income of rural residents in Shaanxi Province of China is not only lower than the average income level of China,but also far lower than the income level of urban residents and the income level of rural residents in developed areas.The low income is mainly caused by the increasing income gap among income groups and the income gap among rural residents in different areas.Based on this,causations for the income gap among rural residents are analyzed from three aspects of the cultural difference,the regional economic difference,and the industrial structure difference.Countermeasures for narrowing the income gap and increasing the farmers’ income in Shaanxi Province are put forward,such as vigorously developing the rural economy and speeding up the transfer of rural surplus labor forces in China.

  16. Record of massive upwellings from the Pacific large low shear velocity province

    Madrigal, Pilar; Gazel, Esteban; Flores, Kennet E.; Bizimis, Michael; Jicha, Brian


    Large igneous provinces, as the surface expression of deep mantle processes, play a key role in the evolution of the planet. Here we analyse the geochemical record and timing of the Pacific Ocean Large Igneous Provinces and preserved accreted terranes to reconstruct the history of pulses of mantle plume upwellings and their relation with a deep-rooted source like the Pacific large low-shear velocity Province during the Mid-Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous. Petrological modelling and geochemical data suggest the need of interaction between these deep-rooted upwellings and mid-ocean ridges in pulses separated by ~10-20 Ma, to generate the massive volumes of melt preserved today as oceanic plateaus. These pulses impacted the marine biota resulting in episodes of anoxia and mass extinctions shortly after their eruption.

  17. Record of massive upwellings from the Pacific large low shear velocity province

    Madrigal, Pilar; Gazel, Esteban; Flores, Kennet E.; Bizimis, Michael; Jicha, Brian


    Large igneous provinces, as the surface expression of deep mantle processes, play a key role in the evolution of the planet. Here we analyse the geochemical record and timing of the Pacific Ocean Large Igneous Provinces and preserved accreted terranes to reconstruct the history of pulses of mantle plume upwellings and their relation with a deep-rooted source like the Pacific large low-shear velocity Province during the Mid-Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous. Petrological modelling and geochemical data suggest the need of interaction between these deep-rooted upwellings and mid-ocean ridges in pulses separated by ∼10–20 Ma, to generate the massive volumes of melt preserved today as oceanic plateaus. These pulses impacted the marine biota resulting in episodes of anoxia and mass extinctions shortly after their eruption. PMID:27824054

  18. Analysis of the potential for hydrogen production in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, from wind resources

    Rodriguez, C.R.; Santa Cruz, R.; Aisa, S. [Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21, Monsenor Pablo Cabrera s/n calle, 5000 Cordoba (Argentina); Riso, M.; Jimenez Yob, G.; Ottogalli, R. [Subsecretaria de Infraestructuras y Programas, Ministerio de Obras y Servicios Publicos del Gobierno de la Provincia de Cordoba, Av. Poeta Lugones 12, 2do. Piso, 5000 Cordoba (Argentina); Jeandrevin, G. [Instituto Universitario Aeronautico, Avenida Fuerza Aerea km 6 1/2, 5022 Cordoba (Argentina); Leiva, E.P.M. [INFIQC, Unidad de Matematica y Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Haya de la Torre s/n, 5010 Cordoba (Argentina)


    The potential for hydrogen production from wind resources in the province of Cordoba, second consumer of fossil fuels for transportation in Argentina, is analyzed. Three aspects of the problem are considered: the evaluation of the hydrogen resource from wind power, the analysis of the production costs via electrolysis and the annual requirements of wind energy to generate hydrogen to fuel the vehicular transport of the province. Different scenarios were considered, including pure hydrogen as well as the so-called CNG plus, where hydrogen is mixed with compressed natural gas in a 20% V/V dilution of the former. The potential for hydrogen production from wind resources is analyzed for each department of the province, excluding those regions not suited for wind farms. The analysis takes into account the efficiency of the electrolyzer and the capacity factor of the wind power system. It is concluded that the automotive transportation could be supplied by hydrogen stemming from wind resources via electrolysis. (author)

  19. Development Path for Rural Tourism of Henan Province from the Perspective of Innovation

    Yanling LUO


    According to innovation theory and research on innovation of rural tourism development,innovation theory is of great guiding significance for rural tourism development of Henan Province. At present,rural tourism development in Henan Province has made outstanding achievements,but there are still problems: innovation concept of rural tourism is not scientific; product lacks consolidation,industrial chain is not perfect,and public service level of tourism is relatively low. In order to realize optimization and upgrade of rural tourism in Henan Province,it is recommended to make innovation of development path and take development paths such as innovation of development concept,product innovation,industrial structure innovation of rural tourism,and public service innovation for rural tourism.

  20. Development of County Economy in Hubei Province Based on Factor Analysis


    According to the 2008 Statistics Bulletin of the National Economic and Social Development of Hubei Province, factor analysis method is used to study on the development of county economy in Hubei Province. Result shows that there are great differences in the economic development and the development is imbalanced. The 76 counties (cities, districts) in Hubei Province are divided into three types of F>1, 0

  1. Comprehensive Assessment on Tourism Eco-environment of Gansu Province Based on Spatial Data

    Wang Lili; Dong Suocheng; Li Yu; Wang Peixian; Qi Xiaoming


    The article studies tourism eco-environment of 14 cit-ies of Gangsu Province, China, based on GIS with many kinds of multi-subject spatial database, such as remote sensing data, obser-vation data and literature data. The research results were as fol-lows. First, spatial features of ]4 cities' tourism eco-environment are displayed with five levels of vulnerability respectively. The vulnerability in Gansu becomes worse from Gannan City, located in southern Gansu to Hexi Corridor which lies in northwestern Gansu. Second, the areas of above the middle vulnerability level make up 75% of the total areas of Gansu Province. Third, more than 70% of high-level human and natural tourism resources are in the areas with high vulnerability eco-environment. Fourth, it is crucial to develop comprehensive tourism industry in order to im-prove the harmonious development between tourism industry and eco-environment in Gansu Province.


    Karaman, Ülkü; Kolören, Zeynep; Enginyurt, Özgür; Çolak, Cemil


    Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis are common ectoparasites in humans. Demodex parasite infestations have not been determined in the province of Ordu. We determined the prevalence of Demodex species among humans in Ordu Provience, Turkey. Seven hundred ninety-nine subjects (438 males and 361 females) aged ≥ 18 years living in the central districts of Ordu Province, Turkey, were selected using the World Health Organization cluster sampling method. A superficial skin biopsy of the face was obtained from each subject. Six hundred sixty-nine subjects (83.7%) had a Demodex parasite. Factors significantly associated with the presence of Demodex infestation were: female gender, employment in the private sector, people who only occasionally wash their face and district of residence. Since Demodex ectoparasites were common in Ordu Province, it is suggested that the diagnosis and treatment of this ectoparasite should be carried out in the hospitals of this region.

  3. Water and food security in China: virtual water trade associated with crop trade between Chinese provinces

    Dalin, C.; Hanasaki, N.; Qiu, H.; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I.


    China's water resources are under increasing pressure from socio-economic development, diet shifts and climate change. Water availability presents a significant spatial heterogeneity in the country. We use a general equilibrium welfare model and a linear programming optimization to model inter-provincial crop trade in China. We combine these trade simulations with province-scale estimates of Virtual Water Content of these crops, from the H08 hydrological model to build the domestic virtual water trade network of China. We find that there is a wide heterogeneity in water-use efficiency among Chines provinces, with a few of the least water efficient provinces using disproportionately high amounts of irrigation water versus rainwater for crop production. We study the food trade patterns and the virtual water flows and savings associated with it.

  4. Problems and Countermeasures in the Supply Chain Management of Flower Industry in Yunnan Province


    On the basis the elementary theory of supply chain management,the features and problems in the supply-chain management of flowers in Yunnan Province are analyzed.The problems include poor image of flowers caused by low-end package,imperfect supply-chain structure,and weak processing section after harvesting flowers,hard to launch the cold chain transportation and inadequate awareness of enterprises on consumers.The countermeasures are put forward,which include perfecting various kinds of supply chain structure;intensifying the information system management of flowers in Yunnan Province;developing the cold chain logistics and cultivating and supporting the third-party logistics of flower industry in Yunnan Province.

  5. Dynamic Relation between Rural Human Capital and Farmers’Income in Henan Province


    We use relevant economic and labor force data from 1990 to 2009 of Henan Province to analyze the dynamic relation between stock of rural human capital and farmers’ income.Results indicate that a certain causal relationship and long-run equilibrium relation exist between rural human capital and farmers’ income,but their interaction shows some lagging characteristic.Increase of farmers’ income in Henan Province increases the stock of rural human capital in this province for a short term.However,in the long run,this accumulation effect will decline along with renewal and aging of knowledge.The positive promotion action of rural human capital on farmers’ income will appear after a long lag time.Therefore,the policy of strengthening rural human capital input should be long-term and continuous.

  6. The contribution of renewable energy resources on the electrification and development at the Guantanamo Province

    Perez, S.; Angel, J. [CUBASOLAR, Guantanamo (Cuba); Moreno Figueredo, C. [Centro de Estudio de Tecnologias Energeticas Renovables (Cuba); Montesinos Larrosa, A. [Sociedad Cubana para la Promocion de las Energias Renovables (Cuba)


    Cuba's Guantanamo province is a leader in the application of renewable energy technologies. This paper discussed the socio-economic impact of renewable energy projects that are underway in the Guantanamo province to improve the standard of living in rural areas. More than 400 rural schools and 70 rural medical offices get their electricity from photovoltaic systems. Hydropower provides the energy needs to 3000 rural houses with 11,000 inhabitants. Other applications include remote community solar systems, improved woodstoves for community kitchens, solar cookers and solar dryers. This paper demonstrated how the high penetration of these renewable energy technologies has contributed to the sustainable development of the province. The lessons learned in energy management by the local governments and research institutions were also outlined. 1 tab.

  7. Trend Prediction and Decomposed Driving Factors of Carbon Emissions in Jiangsu Province during 2015–2020

    Decai Tang


    Full Text Available According to the economic and energy consumption statistics in Jiangsu Province, we combined the GM (1, 1 grey model and polynomial regression to forecast carbon emissions. Historical and projected emissions were decomposed using the Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI approach to assess the relative contribution of different factors to emission variability. The results showed that carbon emissions will continue to increase in Jiangsu province during 2015–2020 period and cumulative carbon emissions will increase by 39.5487 million tons within the forecast period. The growth of gross domestic product (GDP per capita plays the greatest positive role in driving carbon emission growth. Furthermore, the improvement of energy usage efficiency is the primary factor responsible for reducing carbon emissions. Factors of population, industry structure adjustment and the optimization of fuel mix also help to reduce carbon emissions. Based on the LMDI analysis, we provide some advice for policy-makers in Jiangsu and other provinces in China.

  8. Current Development Situation,Problem and Countermeasures on Tilapia Seed Industry in Fujian Province

    Gaozhong; JIANG; Fei; SUN; Qun; LI; Quanfu; ZHONG


    As one of the four main production areas of China’s tilapia farming,Fujian province plays a critical role in China’s tilapia industry development."Quality seed makes the industry a half success",therefore,the study on seed industry has a very important significance for the development of tilapia industry.Based on the field survey,study and analysis,we found that there is abroad prospect of the seed industry development in Fujian province.However,in recent years,some problems has emerged during the development process,such as the serious germplasm degeneration,frequent disease occurrence,etc.,which to some extent has restricted its further development.Establishment of tilapia seed production base,financial support and quality and security system should be strengthened,so that the tilapia seed industry in Fujian province will get better development.

  9. Investigation of environmental activity levels of bone-coal mining area in five provinces

    YE Ji-Da; KONG Ling-Li; LI Ying; JIANG Shan; ZHANG Liang; SHI Jin-Hua; WU Zong-Mei


    During 1991-1993,the activity levels of the bone-coal mines were investigated in Zhejiang,Hubei,Hunan,Jiangxi and Anhui Province,respectively,where the reserve of bone-coal is about 90% of our country's total reserve.The average of γ radiation doserate level measured for bone-coal, bone-coal cinder (BCC)and bone-coal cinder brick (BCCB) in these provinces is about 500 nGy/h,400 nGy/h and 700 nGy/h respectively, while that for fields,roads and houses made of BCCB in corresponding regions of these provinces is about 200 nGy/h, 260 nGy/h and 300nGy/h respectively.It is shown that the environmental activity level of bone-coal mining area is about 3 times higher than the reference spots.

  10. Province-based self-remediation efficiency of the Tha Chin river basin, Thailand.

    Thaipichitburapa, P; Meksumpun, C; Meksumpun, S


    The Tha Chin River Basin located in the great central basin of Thailand is used for water supply, aquaculture, transportation, and recreation as well as a sink for wastewater discharges. Because of gradual deterioration of water quality and fishery resources, this study aimed to explain recent status of the river self-remediation efficiency that was influenced by nutrient inputs and outputs from the river system. Field surveys were carried out during May 2007 (early rainy season) and October 2007 (late rainy season) within the Tha Chin River located in 4 provinces; Chainat, Suphan Buri, Nakhon Pathom, and Samut Sakhon. The nutrient budgets in each province section were analyzed. Results indicated that the river was in eutrophic condition all year round. High nitrogen and phosphorus loads from surrounding agricultural land use, agro-industry, and community continuously flew into the river system. Those nutrient concentrations were higher in the early rainy season than the late rainy season. The lowest river zone (in Samut Sakhon province) indicated highest dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and orthophosphate phosphorus (P) discharges of 145.54 and 36.14 tons/day, respectively. The highest remediation efficiency of the river (ca 60% of the total input) was found in the uppermost area of Suphan Buri province. The lowest remediation efficiency (ca 12%) was found in Samut Sakhon province. From the overall view, long term monitoring of river and estuarine DIN and P should be conducted. To make better condition of aquatic environment and fishery resource in each province-based section, the controls of DIN and P remediation efficiencies (e.g. by effective management of flow speed) at 20 and 50%, respectively, were recommended.

  11. Cluster Analysis of Indonesian Province Based on Household Primary Cooking Fuel Using K-Means

    Huda, S. N.


    Each household definitely provides installations for cooking. Kerosene, which is refined from petroleum products once dominated types of primary fuel for cooking in Indonesia, whereas kerosene has an expensive cost and small efficiency. Other household use LPG as their primary cooking fuel. However, LPG supply is also limited. In addition, with a very diverse environments and cultures in Indonesia led to diversity of the installation type of cooking, such as wood-burning stove brazier. The government is also promoting alternative fuels, such as charcoal briquettes, and fuel from biomass. The use of other fuels is part of the diversification of energy that is expected to reduce community dependence on petroleum-based fuels. The use of various fuels in cooking that vary from one region to another reflects the distribution of fuel basic use by household. By knowing the characteristics of each province, the government can take appropriate policies to each province according each character. Therefore, it would be very good if there exist a cluster analysis of all provinces in Indonesia based on the type of primary cooking fuel in household. Cluster analysis is done using K-Means method with K ranging from 2-5. Cluster results are validated using Silhouette Coefficient (SC). The results show that the highest SC achieved from K = 2 with SC value 0.39135818388151. Two clusters reflect provinces in Indonesia, one is a cluster of more traditional provinces and the other is a cluster of more modern provinces. The cluster results are then shown in a map using Google Map API.

  12. Subtype and sequence analysis of HIV-1 strains in Heilongjiang Province

    WANG Fu-xiang; ZHOU Hui; LING Hong; ZHOU Hai-zhou; LIU Wei-hua; SHAO Yi-ming; ZHOU Jin


    Background Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) is divided into two types, HIV-1 (groups M, N and O) and HIV-2.Heilongjiang Province located in the northeast of China, and the feature of the subtype distribution and sequence characteristics of HIV-1 strains prevalent in Heilongjiang Province is still uncertain. The aim of this study was to investigate the subtype distribution and genetic characteristics of HIV-1 strains in one hospital in Heilongjiang Province.Methods HIV-1 env gene was amplified by nested-PCR from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from 19 HIV-1 seropositive individuals in Heilongjiang Province. The C2-V3 region was sequenced. Aligned the nucleotide sequence of 19 samples with CLUSTAL W (BioEdit) software, results were acquired and used for phylogenetic tree analysis after artificial adjustment. Reference sequence, downloaded from Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database,was used to identify the subtype of obtained sequence. Genetic distance between sequences was assessed using the software MEGA 3.1 Kimura 2-parameter, and the Phylogenetic tree was reestablished with Neighbor-Joining method.Results Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that 19 Heilongjiang strains clustered closely to subtype B strain from Thailand and were far from other international subtype reference strains. Statistical test showed no significant discrepancy between the genetic distance of interclass and intra-class (P>0.05). The analysis of V3 loop amino sequence of 19 Heilongjiang B strains revealed that V3 tip motif of 10 samples (52.63%) was GPGQ, and of 4 samples (21.53%) was GPGR.Conclusions The subtype of 19 HIV-1 seropositive individuals in Heilongjiang Province is B', and it is introduced from He'nan Province. V3 tip motifs of the HIV-1 isolates are mainly GPGQ and GPGR.

  13. Agricultural Ecological Zoning Plan of Old Industrial Bases in Liaoning Province, China


    On the basis of brief description of current situation of old industrial bases and primary industry of Liaoning Province, the paper introduces the general situation of agriculture-ecological zoning plan in Liaoning Province. First, the ecological bases of agricultural zoning plan are introduced through various topographic and geomorphic types, regional climate differences and imbalanced distribution of natural resources; Second, in accordance with the theory of comparative advantage, distribution of production and resource economics, on the basis of comprehensive evaluation of agricultural natural resources, with the principle of fully excavating economic function of different natural resources, and in order to improve allocation efficiency of the two resources of market and government, the formation of ecological zoning plan of agriculture in Liaoning Province is analyzed; Third, according to Regional Layout Planning of Characteristic Agricultural Products of Liaoning Province (2006-2010), the paper describes basic layout of agriculture-ecological zoning plan in Liaoning Province. The policy support of agriculture-ecological zoning plan in Liaoning Province is analyzed from three aspects-support policy of functional zone major in producing grain, support policy of other characteristic agriculture-ecological zone and support measures of development of agriculture-ecological zone. The paper also analyzes experiences of agricultural development of old industrial bases in ecological zoning plan: First, agriculture-ecological zoning plan is a effective way of the revitalization of old industrial bases; Second, scientificity of plan is the basis of improving competitiveness of regional agriculture; Third, multi-input mechanism guiding by government is the key of agricultural packing effect; Fourth, integrated agricultural industrial chain is guarantee of realizing industrialization in ecological zone.

  14. Quantitative Appraisement on Ecological Cawing Capacity in Coastal Rapid Developing Region of Hainan Province

    Zhang Fugang; Liu Yansui


    The ecological carrying capacity, an important indica-tor to evaluate the sustainable development of the ecosystem, means the potential ability of the natural ecosystem to carry so-cioeconomic development while the ecosystem is healthy. It is limited by the carrying capacity of natural resources and environ-merit and the elasticity of the ecosystem. It will be greatly signifi-cant to study the ecological carrying capacity of Hainan Province, the first ecological province admitted by the State Environmental Protection Administration in China. Not only is the natural eco-system reflected, but also the effects of human activities are em-phasized by integrating the ecosystem health analysis into the ecological carrying capacity research. The research results, using the Factor Analysis tools of software SPSS, indicate that the eco-logical carrying capacity of Hainan Province fluctuated obviously from 1996 to 2005. The level of the ecological carrying capacity of Hainan Province was relatively high in 1996, and reached into trough from 1997 to 1999. It has steadily ascended to be above the middle level since the 21st century. The results also show that policy factors, especially the implementation of the 'Ecological Province' strategy, were important driving forces to influence the ecological carrying capacity. With the population rapidly increas-ing, the land and water resources per capita have decreased quickly. The amount of the ecological carrying capacity was pro-rooted remarkably by socioeconomic development especially economic growth and technology applications. All of these will provide useful suggestions to establish and enact regional devel-opment policies, especially for protecting and reconstructing the ecology and environment of Hainan Province.

  15. The epidemic characteristics and changing trend of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Hubei Province, China.

    Yi-Hui Zhang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS is caused by different hantaviruses within the Bunyaviridae family. HFRS is a fulminant, infectious disease that occurs worldwide and is endemic in all 31 provinces of China. Since the first HFRS case in Hubei Province was reported in 1957, the disease has spread across the province and Hubei has become one of the seriously affected areas in China with the greatest number of reported HFRS cases in the 1980's. However, the epidemic characteristics of HFRS in Hubei are still not entirely clear and long-term, systematic investigations of this epidemic area have been very limited. METHODS: The spatiotemporal distribution of HFRS was investigated using data spanning the years 1980 to 2009. The annual HFRS incidence, fatality rate and seasonal incidence between 1980 and 2009 were calculated and plotted. GIS-based spatial analyses were conducted to detect the spatial distribution and seasonal pattern of HFRS. A spatial statistical analysis, using Kulldorff's spatial scan statistic, was performed to identify clustering of HFRS. RESULTS: A total of 104,467 HFRS cases were reported in Hubei Province between 1980 and 2009. Incidence of and mortality due to HFRS declined after the outbreak in 1980s and HFRS cases have been sporadic in recent years. The locations and scale of disease clusters have changed during the three decades. The seasonal epidemic pattern of HFRS was characterized by the shift from the unimodal type (autumn/winter peak to the bimodal type. CONCLUSIONS: Socioeconomic development has great influence on the transmission of hantaviruses to humans and new epidemic characteristics have emerged in Hubei Province. It is necessary to reinforce preventative measures against HFRS according to the newly-presented seasonal variation and to intensify these efforts especially in the urban areas of Hubei Province.

  16. Prevalence of β-thalassemia trait and abnormal hemoglobins in Sanliurfa Province in southeast Turkey.

    Incebiyik, Adnan; Genc, Ahmet; Hilali, Nese Gul; Camuzcuoglu, Aysun; Camuzcuoglu, Hakan; Kilic, Avni; Vural, Mehmet


    Thalassemia is one of the most common hereditary disorders in Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean region of the country. The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of the β-thalassemia (β-thal) trait and abnormal hemoglobins (Hbs) in couples who applied for premarital screening in Sanliurfa Province, in the southeastern region of Turkey, a province with the first reported incidence of β-thal and abnormal Hbs. In the present study, in order to detect the prevalence of the β-thal trait and abnormal Hbs in Sanliurfa Province, Turkey, a total of 37,962 couples who applied for premarital screening were analyzed. From January 2011 through March 2014, red blood cell (RBC) counts and Hb fractionation were carried out by a cell counter and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), respectively. The prevalence of β-thal with high Hb A2 (>3.5%) values was found at rates of 2.44% (n = 1853) in Sanliurfa Province. Additionally, the abnormal Hb rate was 1.57% (1193/75,924), and Hb S (HBB: c.20T > A), Hb C (HBB: c.19G > A) and Hb D-Punjab (HBB: c.364G > C) were reported as 0.50, 0.38 and 0.69, respectively. This study is the first to establish the frequency of β-thal and abnormal Hbs in Sanliurfa Province, which has the highest birth frequency. We report that the frequency of the β-thal trait is at a high-risk level compared to other cities in Turkey. Due to the high risk of β-thal in Sanliurfa Province, a premarital screening program would be of great value in informing parents about offspring with β-thal.

  17. A ten years (2000–2009 surveillance of resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Zhejiang Province, China

    Rong Zhang


    Full Text Available Objective: In Zhejiang Province, there are several highly developed cities near the coast and several relatively under-developed mountain areas. Analysis of the composition of bacteria isolated from patients as well as their antibiotic resistance profile from various areas of this province, and tracing of such data year-by-year, will help to delineate the bacterial resistance profile of these areas and to understand how the stage of socio-economical development impacts on the composition of clinical micro-flora and their resistance profile. Methods: In order to investigate variation in resistance rates and isolation rates of Enterobacteriaceae, from 2000 to 2009 in Zhejiang Province, China, Enterobacteriaceae isolated from 15 hospitals located in different regions of the province were surveyed. Results: The total numbers of the Enterobacteriaceae isolated increased more than 20-fold from 2000 to 2009. Among the Enterobacteriaceae, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae were the dominant isolates. The percentage of E. coli and K. pneumoniae that produced detectable extended-spectrum ?-lactamases (ESBLs increased from 2000 to 2007, and then declined slightly in 2008 and 2009. The percentages of K. pneumoniae and E. coli that were resistant to ceftazidime increased sharply from 2000 to 2009. There were remarkable increases in the carbapenem resistant rates during the decade, but they were much higher for the isolates from the developed cities than from the rural areas. In 2002, carbapenem-resistant E. coli was first found in Hangzhou, one of the highly developed cities in Zhejiang Province. By 2009, carbapenem-resistant bacteria were found for all species of Enterobacteriaceae surveyed in almost all areas of the province, although they were more frequently identified in developed areas than in rural areas. Conclusion: Much restrictive actions have to be taken in terms of rational use of antibiotics and nosocomial control to prevent the further

  18. Spatiotemporal analysis of indigenous and imported dengue fever cases in Guangdong province, China

    Li Zhongjie


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dengue fever has been a major public health concern in China since it re-emerged in Guangdong province in 1978. This study aimed to explore spatiotemporal characteristics of dengue fever cases for both indigenous and imported cases during recent years in Guangdong province, so as to identify high-risk areas of the province and thereby help plan resource allocation for dengue interventions. Methods Notifiable cases of dengue fever were collected from all 123 counties of Guangdong province from 2005 to 2010. Descriptive temporal and spatial analysis were conducted, including plotting of seasonal distribution of cases, and creating choropleth maps of cumulative incidence by county. The space-time scan statistic was used to determine space-time clusters of dengue fever cases at the county level, and a geographical information system was used to visualize the location of the clusters. Analysis were stratified by imported and indigenous origin. Results 1658 dengue fever cases were recorded in Guangdong province during the study period, including 94 imported cases and 1564 indigenous cases. Both imported and indigenous cases occurred more frequently in autumn. The areas affected by the indigenous and imported cases presented a geographically expanding trend over the study period. The results showed that the most likely cluster of imported cases (relative risk = 7.52, p  Conclusions This study demonstrated that the geographic range of imported and indigenous dengue fever cases has expanded over recent years, and cases were significantly clustered in two heavily urbanised areas of Guangdong province. This provides the foundation for further investigation of risk factors and interventions in these high-risk areas.

  19. Responses of Ecosystem Service to Land Use Change in Qinghai Province

    Ze Han


    Full Text Available Qinghai Province has a very fragile ecological environment and is an important component of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. To understand the disturbance caused by human activities to the local ecological system, it is necessary to evaluate the response of ecological service functions to land use change in Qinghai Province and to uncover the sensitivity of ecological service functions to land use change. This study uses a proxy-based method and proposes a sensitivity index to describe the degree of ecological service function response to the land use change in Qinghai Province. The findings were as follows. (1 From 1988 to 2008, the area of cultivated land, construction land and water in Qinghai Province increased, and forest land and grassland continuously decreased. The agricultural economy and the development of urbanization are the main driving factors in land use change in this area. Policies and eco-environmental engineering, such as the grain-for-green project, the Three-North shelterbelt project and the natural forest protection project, have certain effects on controlling the expansion of cultivated land. (2 The value of ecosystem services in Qinghai Province was 157.368 billion yuan, 157.149 billion yuan and 157.726 billion yuan in 1988, 2000 and 2008, respectively, decreasing and then increasing again. (3 The average sensitivity index values of ecological services in Qinghai Province for the periods 1988–2000 and 2000–2008 was 0.693 and 1.137, respectively. This means that for every 1% increase in land use change, the ecological service value fluctuated by 0.693% and 1.137% in those periods.

  20. SWOT Analysis of Agricultural Product Logistics Development——A Case Study of Shaanxi Province


    SWOT method is used to analyze strengths and weaknesses in internal environment and opportunities and threats in external environment of development of agricultural product logistics in Shaanxi Province. The research indicates that the logistic development strategy of agricultural products in Shaanxi Province should bring into full play strengths in traffic, production, labor force, and science and technology. Besides, it is required to overcome weaknesses in information mechanism and management mode. Furthermore, we should take full advantage of domestic and international resources to develop famous, excellent and special products, to achieve high-efficient, rapid, and convenient development of logistics for agricultural products.

  1. Study on the Change of Land Use and Landscape Pattern in Anhui Province


    Based on the statistical data concerning land use in Anhui Province from 1995 to 2005, this paper conduct comprehensive analysis on change of land use structure, change of land use degree, and landscape pattern change of land use in Anhui Province from 1995 to 2005 using statistical analysis and mathematical model. The results show that the land use structure has changed significantly; the rate of land use change is quick; the land use degree is not high; the spatial pattern of land use tends to be reasonable and gradually develops toward the equilibrium state.

  2. Overview of the Northeast States and Eastern Canadian Provinces mercury study: A framework for action

    Round, M. [Consultant to the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, Boston, MA (United States)


    An overview and update of the Northeast States and the Eastern Canadian Provinces Mercury Study was provided, including compilation of mercury levels in fish in the Northeast states, inventory of contemporary sources of mercury emissions, analyses of public health approaches designed to address consumption of mercury contaminated fresh water fish, and regulatory control strategies to reduce mercury release to the environment. Detailed findings of this research project are contained in a comprehensive report, published in February 1998. Related activities in the eastern provinces of Canada are also summarized.

  3. Spread of Phlebotominae in temperate climates: province of Córdoba, Argentina

    Visintin, Andrés Mario; Beranek, Mauricio Daniel; Amieva, Maria José; Rosa, Juan Ramón; Almirón, Walter Ricardo; Salomón, Oscar Daniel


    We report the presence of the competent vector for Leishmaniaspp, Migonemyia migonei, and theEvandromyia cortelezzii-sallesi complex south of its known distribution in the central temperate region of Argentina, in the province of Córdoba. The persistence of this phlebotomine in the northern border of the province, its association with a case of cutaneous leishmaniasis, and the new record in the outskirts of the city of Córdoba, the second most populated in the country, strengthens the need for regular vector surveillance and a case detection-sensitive health system in vulnerable regions, even in temperate climates. PMID:26814647

  4. Seismic hazard assessment of Western Coastal Province of Saudi Arabia: deterministic approach

    Rehman, Faisal; El-Hady, Sherif M.; Atef, Ali H.; Harbi, Hussein M.


    Seismic hazard assessment is carried out by utilizing deterministic approach to evaluate the maximum expected earthquake ground motions along the Western Coastal Province of Saudi Arabia. The analysis is accomplished by incorporating seismotectonic source model, determination of earthquake magnitude ( M max), set of appropriate ground motion predictive equations (GMPE), and logic tree sequence. The logic tree sequence is built up to assign weight to ground motion scaling relationships. Contour maps of ground acceleration are generated at different spectral periods. These maps show that the largest ground motion values are emerged in northern and southern regions of the western coastal province in Saudi Arabia in comparison with the central region.

  5. Emission Flux and Carbon Isotopic Composition of Methane from Rice Paddies in Guizhou Province

    李金华; 曹景蓉; 等


    Methane emission flux from rice paddies in Guizhou province shows obvious three stage diurnal variations;It is relatively low from the morning to the noon,then successively increases in the afternoon and at night,and finally follows a gradual decrease.The δ13C values of trace methane emitted from rice paddies in Guizhou Province range from-64.5‰to -54.1‰ with an average of -60.7‰,very close to the reported values from America or Kenya.

  6. Hiring Costs and Temporary Work Agencies. An explication of regional disparities across Spanish provinces

    Pedro García-del-Barrio


    Full Text Available The Temporary Work Agencies (TWA industry experienced continuous growth throughout the 90s, and now represents around 15% of temporary hiring in Spain. More interestingly, are markable regional disparity in this sector exists across Spanish provinces. By developing a simple theoretical model and using panel data methodology, this article examines the Spanish caseand suggests that the costs of recruiting, training and screening could explain a large part of the regional disparity. This result is supported by the empirical fact that the TWA firms have greater success in markets with low unemployment rates, where the average duration of unemploymen tis longer, and in provinces with higher concentrations of urban population, respectively.

  7. Les infrastructures et équipements locaux dans la province de Saragosse (1985-2010

    Fernando Tricas Lamana


    Full Text Available Cet article est consacré à l'évolution d'un ensemble d'infrastructures dans les communes de la province de Saragosse (Espagne entre 1985 et 2010. On y présente aussi un appareillage cartographique qui mobilise les indicateurs territoriaux issus de l'Enquête sur les infrastructures et équipements locaux (EIEL, et qui constitue une aide à la décision technique et politique visant à une distribution équitable des fonds publics et à une hiérarchisation des besoins des municipalités de la province.

  8. History of Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony and Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province in Poland

    Zdzisław Gogola


    Full Text Available An attempt to show the history of the Franciscan Friars in Poland originated in the 13th century. The development o f the order in Slavonic territories, initiated by a provincial of Germany Jan of Pian del Carpini, was going through different organizational stages and experienced its ups and downs. Franciscan Friars arrived in Poland in 1234. From the start they witnessed and participated in consolidating Christianity in Poland; they were promoters of art and social development. Dialectic between continuity and up-dating their presence in the Polish socio-cultural and ecclesiastical context required constant verification of the way of experiencing their own identity as well as the criteria, owing to which they became a strong impulse in the evangelisation of the young Polish church and in the establishing new church structures in borderland areas. Since that time the borders have been changed many times and so has the organization of the order and the borders of the province. The growing importance o f Franciscan Friars resulted in taking up new pastoral and missionary initiatives. Franciscan Friars established Calvaries in Poland and Lithuania, introduced the tradition of Christmas crčches and penitential services. Last but not least, they evoked the cult of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Since World Wbi* ÎĎ St. Anthony End the Blessed Jskub Strzemię Province hsts been developing steadily. A growing number of Franciscan Friars testifies to this development. In 1996 the Province had 423 professed monks, including 238 priests, 36 brothers, 28 clerics who have taken solemn vows. In St. Anthony and the Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province Franciscan monasteries are located in 24 places and 17 are abroad. The average age is slightly over 45 years. The Province of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, which is based in Warsaw, has also noted a steady growth and so has a new province that developed from it - St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Province with the seat in Gda

  9. Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources of the Laptev Sea Shelf Province, Russian Federation

    Klett, Timothy R.


    The Laptev Sea Shelf Province was assessed for undiscovered crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids/condensates resources (collectively referred to as petroleum) as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's Circum-Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Appraisal. Using a geology-based methodology, the USGS estimates the mean undiscovered, conventional petroleum resources in the province to be approximately 9,300 million barrels of oil equivalent, including approximately 3,069 million barrels of crude oil, 32,252 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 861 million barrels of natural gas liquids.

  10. Investigation and Analysis of Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics and Its Development Strategy in Heilongjiang Province

    Xin; SHEN; Li; LIU; Zhipeng; HUANG


    Accelerating the development of agricultural cold chain logistics is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products,increase rural incomes and ensure food security. The present situation and main problems of agricultural cold chain logistics in Heilongjiang Province were analyzed from five aspects,such as the scale of construction,infrastructure,status quo of cold chain logistics technology,cold chain logistics enterprises and development environment,and proposed that Heilongjiang Province should focus on the development of poultry,fruit and vegetable,aquatic products,and processed food cold chain,then the strategic implementation measures for above areas were put forward.

  11. Research on the Development of Economy and Farmers' Income Growth in Heilongjiang Province

    LIU Rui


    Nowadays, increasing farmers' income is not only related to the development of rural economy, the improvement of farmers' lives and countryside stability but also related to the overall situation of economy and social development. Heilongjiang is a big agricultural province, however, the increase of farmers' per capital net income is rather slow in the last few years. On the basis of Lewis dual economic structure theory and our province's actual situation, the paper proposed the concrete countermeasures to increase farmers' income, so as to promote the development of economy.

  12. Study on Eco-climate Type Regionalization of Wheat Growing Areas in Yunnan Province

    Yongxin; LU; Limin; CAO; Zhongping; ZHANG; Hongbo; LI


    In order to provide an objective and scientific theoretical basis for rational distribution of wheat growth in Yunnan Province,according to the relationship between Yunnan weather conditions and wheat growth adaptability,a study on eco-climate type regionalization of wheat growing areas in Yunnan was conducted using principal component analysis and GIS technology. The results show that Yunnan Province could be divided into four types,namely southern warm and humid wheat growing area,central semi-arid wheat growing area,central semi-humid wheat growing area and north-central cold wheat growing area.

  13. An Analysis of Spatial Distribution Differences in Rural Leisure Tourist Destination Resources in Liaoning Province

    Liang ZHAO; Xiaoxiao QI


    From the perspective of tourism resources elements,we use abundance and geographic concentration methods to analyze the spatial distribution differences in the resources of 149 rural leisure tourist destinations in Liaoning Province. The results show that most of Liaoning’s rural leisure tourist destination resources are mainly concentrated in the central,southern and eastern regions of Liaoning Province; in the main category of rural leisure tourism resources,water scenery,geological landform and mountain ecosystem concentrate,while agricultural resources and rural scenic view present balanced distribution; rural leisure tourism resources are highly concentrated in Shenyang,Dalian,Anshan,Benxi,Liaoyang and Dandong.

  14. [Population projection and its principal components: the future model of population in the province of Alicante].

    Norman Mora, E


    "In this article we analyze the different demographic patterns defining the population in the province of Alicante [Spain]. The behaviour of the demographic factors in the past and in the present is studied here, and a series of models are put into practice in order to foresee the future pattern of population.... The result shows either the effect of a possible ageing in an already aged population, as is the case of the province of Alicante, or what the job market would have to endure if the above mentioned ageing took place, increased by the possibility of an inmigration of an older population." (SUMMARY IN ENG AND FRE)

  15. Analysis on Governance Structure of Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives in Sichuan Province

    Juan; ZHANG; Xiumin; WU; Cheng; TANG


    In this paper, 87 farmers’ specialized cooperatives in Sichuan Province were investigated firstly, and then their governance structure was analyzed from the aspects of authority, decision-making mechanism, supervision mechanism and executive body based on the corporative governance structure in narrowest sense, finally corresponding policy suggestions for improving the governance structure of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in Sichuan Province were put forward. It is concluded that human control is serious within farmers’ specialized cooperatives; inner supervision is effective; council has great effects on governance structure; the cooperatives give limited incentive to managers.

  16. Evaluation of Water Resource Potential in Anhui Province Based on Allocation Model

    Zhenyu; XU; Yanlin; ZHOU


    The nature of water resources can be divided into four categories:water for life,water for agriculture,water for industry,and water for ecology.On this basis,the regional right allocation model for water resources is built,and to make the model more operable,we calculate the weight of the key factors of model(four different types of water use:life,agriculture,industry,ecology),using analytic hierarchy process(AHP).Finally,based on the amount of available water resources in Anhui Province,we evaluate the water resource potential in Anhui Province according to the principle of rational allocation.

  17. Current Situation of Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives in Hainan Province and Development Strategies

    Wanzhen; ZHANG; Huide; HUANG


    This paper introduces the distribution, membership structure and industrial structure of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in Hainan Province, and points out some problems in farmers’ specialized cooperatives in Hainan Province, such as small scale, low ability to resist risks, lack of standardization in operation, and generally low quality of cooperative members. Finally the following development strategies are put forth: promoting the large scale and standardized development of farmers’ specialized cooperatives; enhancing institutionalized education and training for members; encouraging university graduates to work in the cooperatives; providing conventional credit support to cooperatives; increasing fiscal efficiency to support cooperatives.

  18. Comparative analysis of physical recreation of Chinese youth as a means of Anhui Province sports tourism

    Cheng Shouling


    Full Text Available Purpose: to analyze the recreational facilities of Anhui Province, contributing to the development of the sports tourism in China. Material and Methods: analysis and generalization of literature and electronic sources, official web-sites, survey. Results: revealed the interest of young people to cultural and leisure activities in Anhui Province and the increase in the number of tourists at different ages. Development of sports tourism indicates an increase in mass and popularity among the population. Conclusions: addressing public interest in the development of sports tourism in China leads to the enhancement of the role of cultural holiday in physical development and rehabilitation of youth.

  19. Exploration and Innovation of Regional Urban System Planning: A Review and Analysis on the Urban System Plan of Jiangsu Province


    Through the analysis on the main problems existing in the urban development of Jiangsu Province, this paper points out the limitations of traditional urban system planning. It also introduces the exploration and innovation in the compilation of the Urban System Plan of Jiangsu Province, and puts forward the specific countermeasures.

  20. Epidemic characteristics and viral antibody level among healthy people of Japanese B encephalitis in Henan province in 2010



    Objective To understand the epidemic characteristics and viral antibody level among healthy people of Japanese B encephalitis (JE) in Henan province in 2010. Methods A total of 433 selected JE cases in Henan province in 2010 were analyzed by descriptive epidemiological method