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  1. Jean-Louis Borloo presents the road map issued by the 'Grenelle Environnement' forum on France's energy infrastructures


    The French Minister of Environment (J.L. Borloo) has presented the road map (issued from the 'Grenelle Environment' forum) concerning the energy infrastructures in France for the next ten years. The 'Grenelle Environnement' will place France on the road to 'Factor 4' (i.e. to divide by 4 France's greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2050); multi-annual programs for electricity and gas are focused on the reduction of energy consumption and give priority to non carbon energies. Development of renewable energies is one of the keys of the energy transition, and one of the responses to climatic change. Thermal power plants will be deeply modernized and less CO 2 emitting; two third generation EPR-type nuclear reactors will be launched by 2020; gas infrastructures will be granted accelerated investments; renewable heat and district heating networks will be encouraged

  2. Jean-Louis Brachet (1789-1858). A forgotten contributor to early 19th century neurology.

    Walusinski, O


    Specialists of the history of hysteria know the name of Jean-Louis Brachet (1789-1858), but few realise the influence of this physician and surgeon from Lyon, a city in the southeastern part of France. Not only a clinician, he was also a neurophysiology researcher in the early 19th century. Along with his descriptions of meningoencephalitis, including hydrocephalus and meningoencephalitis, he elucidated the functioning of the vegetative nervous system and described its activity during emotional states. He also helped describe the different forms of epilepsy and sought to understand their aetiologies, working at the same time as the better-known Louis-Florentin Calmeil (1798-1895). We present a biography of this forgotten physician, a prolific writer, keen clinical observer and staunch devotee of a rigorous scientific approach. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  3. Jean-Louis Déotte, Walter Benjamin et la forme plastique. Architecture, technique, lieux

    Brabant, Dominik


    Une longue fréquentation de Walter Benjamin a permis à Jean-Louis Déotte de construire, progressivement, par touches successives et motifs récurrents sans cesse repris et retravaillés, une figure de l’œuvre qui n’en soit pas la simple exégèse toujours recommencée, mais bien la reconfiguration constante de son lieu, du site de son avoir-lieu, si l’on considère l’œuvre-Benjamin à l’image d’un événement. Walter Benjamin et la forme plastique constitue à cet égard une étape importante, sans postu...

  4. Jean-Louis Guereña (éd.), La sexualidad en la España contemporánea (1808-1950)

    Heras, Beatriz de las


    Interesante compilación de artículos que incluye la edición a cargo de Jean-Louis Guereña y el servicio de publicaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz. Un volumen que, partiendo de la historia social y cultural (el editor señala que «esta historia social de la sexualidad ha de ser al mismo tiempo una historia cultural de la sexualidad»), se acerca a un tema tradicionalmente olvidado por los historiadores españoles, que no por la academia francesa o anglosajona: la sexualidad en los siglos xix y ...

  5. [Jean-Louis-Paul Denucé (1824-1889): A forgotten pioneer of plastic surgery].

    Marck, K W; Martin, D


    The authors propose to define as main characterization of plastic reconstructive surgery the conceptual thinking that leads to a rational choice of an operative treatment. Conceptual thinking in plastic surgery started halfway the nineteenth century with the first schematic representations of the operative procedures available at that time, in which Von Ammon and Baumgarten, Szymanowski and Denucé played a prominent role. These four authors and their works are presented with special attention for the less known of them, Jean-Paul Denucé, surgeon in Bordeaux. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  6. “The Shame of the Nation”: The Force of Re-Enslavement and the Law of “Slavery” under the Regime of Jean-Louis Ferrand in Santo Domingo, 1804-1809

    Graham Nessler


    Full Text Available From 1804 to 1809, the slaveholding Napoleonic regime of General Jean-Louis Ferrand attempted to erase the gains of the era of French Republican emancipation (1793-1802 by re-enslaving thousands of individuals in Santo Domingo (modern Dominican Republic. This article examines the aims and methods of the Ferrand regime, situating it within the contexts of the birth of independent Haiti and the resurgence of institutionalized racism and slavery in the French world. Using governmental correspondence, notarial acts, and other sources, I argue that those targeted by Ferrand’s racist laws and efforts to re-impose slavery devised innovative means of carving out their own versions of freedom. The article centers on the ways in which “slaves” and colonial officials negotiated the meanings of slavery in a context in which the institution’s legality was unclear.

  7. Compte rendu de Juan Carlos Garrot, Jean-Louis Guereña, Mónica Zapata (dir., Figures de la censure dans les mondes hispanique et hispano-américain

    Emilie Mendonça


    Full Text Available Publicada en el 2009, esta compilación prolonga el trabajo llevado a cabo por el grupo de investigación francés CIREMIA (Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche sur l’Education et la Culture dans le Monde Ibérique et Ibéro-Américain en su colección «Études hispaniques», cuyos últimos volúmenes analizaban texto e imagen en el ámbito escolar, literario y cultural. Bajo la coordinación de Juan Carlos Garrot, Jean-Louis Guereña y Mónica Zapata, estas Figures de la censure dans les mondes hispaniq...

  8. Estonia mulls own nuclear power plant


    Andrus Ansip ja Matti Vanhanen kirjutasid alla strateegilise koostöö leppele. Võimalik ka ühise tuumaelektrijaama ehitus. Prantsuse energia- ja arenguminister Jean-Louis Borloo kohtus majandusminister Juhan Partsiga

  9. "Open skies" talks to begin this autumn / Jean-Louis Doublet

    Doublet, Jean-Louis


    Euroopa Liidu ja Ameerika Ühendriikide valmisolekust alustada 2003. aastal kõnelusi transatlantilise lennundusturu liberaliseerimiseks, mis võimaldaks Euroopa Liidu lennukompaniidel sooritada siselende USA-s ja vastupidi

  10. Chapitre 14. Jean-Louis Derouet : Logique industrielle et compromis d’établissements

    Boucher-Petrovic, Nathalie; Combès, Yolande


    International audience; En 1989, lorsqu’il publie l’article dont sont tirés les extraits ci-dessous, J.-L. Derouet est professeur de sociologie à l’Institut National de la Recherche Pédagogique (INRP), où il dirige le Groupe d’études sociologiques. Ses recherches portent sur les transformations du système éducatif et il s’intéresse plus particulièrement à l’organisation des établissements d’enseignement, à leur mode de fonctionnement et à qu’il nomme leur statut « d’entreprise composite ». À ...

  11. Reaalsust taltsutades / Jean-Louis Poitevin ; tõlk. Mailis Seero

    Poitevin, Jean-Louis


    Läti, leedu ja eesti kunstnike ühisnäitus Pariisi Cite Internationale des Arts'is kuni 26. X. Kuraatorid: Aili Vahtrapuu, Liena Bondare, Birute Pankunaite. Miks Mitrevicsi, Inta Brunina, Laura Garbshtiene, Reiu Tüüri, Anu Kalmu, Peeter Alliku, Urmas Viigi, Anu Põdra, Jüri Ojaveri, Jaanus Samma, Ene-Liis Semperi, Mari-Liis Tammi, Angelika Schneideri ja Virge Jõekalda töödest

  12. Presentations


    The presented materials consist of presentations of international workshop which held in Warsaw from 4 to 5 October 2007. Main subject of the meeting was progress in manufacturing as well as research program development for neutron detector which is planned to be placed at GANIL laboratory and will be used in nuclear spectroscopy research

  13. Presentations


    The PARIS meeting held in Cracow, Poland from 14 to 15 May 2007. The main subjects discussed during this meeting were the status of international project dedicated to gamma spectroscopy research. The scientific research program includes investigations of giant dipole resonance, probe of hot nuclei induced in heavy reactions, Jacobi shape transitions, isospin mixing and nuclear multifragmentation. The mentioned programme needs Rand D development such as new scintillations materials as lanthanum chlorides and bromides as well as new photo detection sensors as avalanche photodiodes - such subjects are also subjects of discussion. Additionally results of computerized simulations of scintillation detectors properties by means of GEANT- 4 code are presented

  14. Presentation

    Eduardo Vicente


    Full Text Available In the present edition of Significação – Scientific Journal for Audiovisual Culture and in the others to follow something new is brought: the presence of thematic dossiers which are to be organized by invited scholars. The appointed subject for the very first one of them was Radio and the invited scholar, Eduardo Vicente, professor at the Graduate Course in Audiovisual and at the Postgraduate Program in Audiovisual Media and Processes of the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP. Entitled Radio Beyond Borders the dossier gathers six articles and the intention of reuniting works on the perspectives of usage of such media as much as on the new possibilities of aesthetical experimenting being build up for it, especially considering the new digital technologies and technological convergences. It also intends to present works with original theoretical approach and original reflections able to reset the way we look at what is today already a centennial media. Having broadened the meaning of “beyond borders”, four foreign authors were invited to join the dossier. This is the first time they are being published in this country and so, in all cases, the articles where either written or translated into Portuguese.The dossier begins with “Radio is dead…Long live to the sound”, which is the transcription of a thought provoking lecture given by Armand Balsebre (Autonomous University of Barcelona – one of the most influential authors in the world on the Radio study field. It addresses the challenges such media is to face so that it can become “a new sound media, in the context of a new soundscape or sound-sphere, for the new listeners”. Andrew Dubber (Birmingham City University regarding the challenges posed by a Digital Era argues for a theoretical approach in radio studies which can consider a Media Ecology. The author understands the form and discourse of radio as a negotiation of affordances and

  15. Constantinople Confidential: News and Information in the Diary of Jean-Louis Rigo (c.1686-1756), Secretary of the Dutch Embassy in Istanbul

    Baars, R.


    Over the last decades, the focus of diplomatic history has shifted from political relations to the cultural and social history of diplomacy. New Diplomatic History looks at topics such as rituals, borders, networks and families of diplomats. For this kind of research, Ottoman-European diplomacy has

  16. Violence begets violence ... but how? A decision making perspective on the victim-offender overlap / Margit Averdijk, Jean-Louis van Gelder, Manuel Eisner ... [et al.


    Seosed vägivallaohvrite ja vägivallakuritegude toimepanijate vahel. Nagu uuringud näitavad võivad vägivalla ohvrid ka ise sageli toime panna vägivallaakte ja vastupidi, vägivallakuritegude sooritajatel on suur tõenäosus langeda ise vägivalla ohvriks

  17. The French Language in the Americas.

    Valdman, Albert, Ed.

    The annual bulletin of the French 8 section of the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association of America is presented with the texts of papers read at both the 1969 and 1970 sessions. The 1970 papers, in French, include Jean Louis Darbelnet's "Etude Sociolinguistique des contacts entre 1'Anglais et le Francais au Canada et en…

  18. Ionizing radiation sources: very diversified means, multiple applications and a changing regulatory environment. Conference proceedings; Les sources de rayonnements ionisants: des moyens tres diversifies, des applications multiples et une reglementation en evolution. Recueil des presentations



    This document brings together the available presentations given at the conference organised by the French society of radiation protection about ionizing radiation source means, applications and regulatory environment. Twenty eight presentations (slides) are compiled in this document and deal with: 1 - Overview of sources - some quantitative data from the national inventory of ionizing radiation sources (Yann Billarand, IRSN); 2 - Overview of sources (Jerome Fradin, ASN); 3 - Regulatory framework (Sylvie Rodde, ASN); 4 - Alternatives to Iridium radiography - the case of pressure devices at the manufacturing stage (Henri Walaszek, Cetim; Bruno Kowalski, Welding Institute); 5 - Dosimetric stakes of medical scanner examinations (Jean-Louis Greffe, Charleroi hospital of Medical University); 6 - The removal of ionic smoke detectors (Bruno Charpentier, ASN); 7 - Joint-activity and reciprocal liabilities - Organisation of labour risk prevention in case of companies joint-activity (Paulo Pinto, DGT); 8 - Consideration of gamma-graphic testing in the organization of a unit outage activities (Jean-Gabriel Leonard, EDF); 9 - Radiological risk control at a closed and independent work field (Stephane Sartelet, Areva); 10 - Incidents and accidents status and typology (Pascale Scanff, IRSN); 11 - Regional overview of radiation protection significant events (Philippe Menechal, ASN); 12 - Incident leading to a tritium contamination in and urban area - consequences and experience feedback (Laurence Fusil, CEA); 13 - Experience feedback - loss of sealing of a calibration source (Philippe Mougnard, Areva); 14 - Blocking incident of a {sup 60}Co source (Bruno Delille, Salvarem); 15 - Triggering of gantry's alarm: status of findings (Philippe Prat, Syctom); 16 - Non-medical electric devices: regulatory changes (Sophie Dagois, IRSN; Jerome Fradin, ASN); 17 - Evaluation of the dose equivalent rate in pulsed fields: method proposed by the IRSN and implementation test (Laurent Donadille

  19. Delivery presentations

    Pregnancy - delivery presentation; Labor - delivery presentation; Occiput posterior; Occiput anterior; Brow presentation ... The mother can walk, rock, and try different delivery positions during labor to help encourage the baby ...

  20. Lecture Presentations


    The Heavy-Ion Collisions in the LHC workshop held in Cracow from 18 to 18 May 2007. The main subject of the workshop was to present the newest results of research provided at CERN LHC collider. Additionally some theoretical models and methods used for presented data analysis were discussed


    Eriksen, Kaare; Tollestrup, Christian; Ovesen, Nis


    An important competence for designers is the ability to communicate and present ideas and proposals for customers, partners, investors and colleagues. The Pecha Kucha principle, developed by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, has become a widely used and easy format for the presentation of new concepts...

  2. Workshop presentations

    Sanden, Per-Olof; Edland, Anne; Reiersen, Craig; Mullins, Peter; Ingemarsson, Karl-Fredrik; Bouchard, Andre; Watts, Germaine; Johnstone, John; Hollnagel, Erik; Ramberg, Patric; Reiman, Teemu


    An important part of the workshop was a series of invited presentations. The presentations were intended to both provide the participants with an understanding of various organisational approaches and activities as well as to stimulate the exchange of ideas during the small group discussion sessions. The presentation subjects ranged from current organisational regulations and licensee activities to new organisational research and the benefits of viewing organisations from a different perspective. There were more than a dozen invited presentations. The initial set of presentations gave the participants an overview of the background, structure, and aims of the workshop. This included a short presentation on the results from the regulatory responses to the pre-workshop survey. Representatives from four countries (Sweden, Canada, Finland, and the United Kingdom) expanded upon their survey responses with detailed presentations on both regulatory and licensee safety-related organisational activities in their countries. There were also presentations on new research concerning how to evaluate safety critical organisations and on a resilience engineering perspective to safety critical organisations. Below is the list of the presentations, the slides of which being available in Appendix 2: 1 - Workshop Welcome (Per-Olof Sanden); 2 - CSNI Working Group on Human and Organisational Factors (Craig Reiersen); 3 - Regulatory expectations on justification of suitability of licensee organisational structures, resources and competencies (Anne Edland); 4 - Justifying the suitability of licensee organisational structures, resources and competencies (Karl-Fredrik Ingemarsson); 5 - Nuclear Organisational Suitability in Canada (Andre Bouchard); 6 - Designing and Resourcing for Safety and Effectiveness (Germaine Watts); 7 - Organisational Suitability - What do you need and how do you know that you've got it? (Craig Reiersen); 8 - Suitability of Organisations - UK Regulator's View (Peter

  3. CERN presentations

    CERN. Geneva


    Presentation by CERN (10 minutes each) Rolf Landua - Education and Outreach Salvatore Mele - Open Access Jean-Yves Le Meur - Digital Library in Africa Francois Fluckiger - Open Source/Standards (tbc) Tim Smith - Open Data for Science Tullio Basiglia - tbc

  4. Delivery presentations

    ... has entered the pelvis. If the presenting part lies above the ischial spines, the station is reported ... M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health ...

  5. Information Presentation

    Holden, K.L.; Boyer, J.L.; Sandor, A.; Thompson, S.G.; McCann, R.S.; Begault, D.R.; Adelstein, B.D.; Beutter, B.R.; Stone, L.S.


    The goal of the Information Presentation Directed Research Project (DRP) is to address design questions related to the presentation of information to the crew. The major areas of work, or subtasks, within this DRP are: 1) Displays, 2) Controls, 3) Electronic Procedures and Fault Management, and 4) Human Performance Modeling. This DRP is a collaborative effort between researchers at Johnson Space Center and Ames Research Center.

  6. Voting Present

    James Lo


    Full Text Available During his time as a state senator in Illinois, Barack Obama voted “Present” 129 times, a deliberate act of nonvoting that subsequently became an important campaign issue during the 2008 presidential elections. In this article, I examine the use of Present votes in the Illinois state senate. I find evidence that Present votes can largely be characterized as protest votes used as a legislative tool by the minority party. Incorporating information from Present votes into a Bayesian polytomous item-response model, I find that this information increases the efficiency of ideal point estimates by approximately 35%. There is little evidence of significant moderation by Obama when Present votes are accounted for, though my results suggest that Obama’s voting record may have moderated significantly before his subsequent election to the U.S. Senate. My results also suggest that because legislative nonvoting may occur for a variety of reasons, naive inclusion of nonvoting behavior into vote choice models may lead to biased results.

  7. Lecture Presentations


    The Symposium on Physics of Elementary Interactions in the LHC Era held in Warsaw from 21 to 22 April 2008. The main subject of the workshop was to present the progress in CERN LHC collider project. Additionally some satellite activities in field of education, knowledge and technology transfer in the frame of CERN - Poland cooperation were shown

  8. Presentation Technique

    Froejmark, M.


    The report presents a wide, easily understandable description of presentation technique and man-machine communication. General fundamentals for the man-machine interface are illustrated, and the factors that affect the interface are described. A model is presented for describing the operators work situation, based on three different levels in the operators behaviour. The operator reacts routinely in the face of simple, known problems, and reacts in accordance with predetermined plans in the face of more complex, recognizable problems. Deep fundamental knowledge is necessary for truly complex questions. Today's technical status and future development have been studied. In the future, the operator interface will be based on standard software. Functions such as zooming, integration of video pictures, and sound reproduction will become common. Video walls may be expected to come into use in situations in which several persons simultaneously need access to the same information. A summary of the fundamental rules for the design of good picture ergonomics and design requirements for control rooms are included in the report. In conclusion, the report describes a presentation technique within the Distribution Automation and Demand Side Management area and analyses the know-how requirements within Vattenfall. If different systems are integrated, such as geographical information systems and operation monitoring systems, strict demands are made on the expertise of the users for achieving a user-friendly technique which is matched to the needs of the human being. (3 figs.)

  9. Technical presentation

    FI Department


    RADIOSPARES, the leading catalogue distributor of components (electronic, electrical, automation, etc.) and industrial supplies will be at CERN on Friday 3 October 2008 (Main Building, Room B, from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.) to introduce its new 2008/2009 catalogue. This will be the opportunity for us to present our complete range of products in more detail: 400 000 part numbers available on our web site (Radiospares France, RS International, extended range of components from other manufacturers); our new services: quotations, search for products not included in the catalogue, SBP products (Small Batch Production: packaging in quantities adapted to customers’ requirements); partnership with our focus manufacturers; demonstration of the on-line purchasing tool implemented on our web site in conjunction with CERN. RADIOSPARES will be accompanied by representatives of FLUKE and TYCO ELECTRONICS, who will make presentations, demonstrate materials and answer any technical questio...

  10. Technical presentation

    FP Department


    07 April 2009 Technical presentation by Leuze Electronics: 14.00 – 15.00, Main Building, Room 61-1-017 (Room A) Photoelectric sensors, data identification and transmission systems, image processing systems. We at Leuze Electronics are "the sensor people": we have been specialising in optoelectronic sensors and safety technology for accident prevention for over 40 years. Our dedicated staff are all highly customer oriented. Customers of Leuze Electronics can always rely on one thing – on us! •\tFounded in 1963 •\t740 employees •\t115 MEUR turnover •\t20 subsidiaries •\t3 production facilities in southern Germany Product groups: •\tPhotoelectric sensors •\tIdentification and measurements •\tSafety devices

  11. Virtual Presenters: Towards Interactive Virtual Presentations

    Nijholt, Antinus; Cappellini, V.; Hemsley, J.


    We discuss having virtual presenters in virtual environments that present information to visitors of these environments. Some current research is surveyed and we will look in particular to our research in the context of a virtual meeting room where a virtual presenter uses speech, gestures, pointing

  12. Making your presentation fun: creative presentation techniques



    What possesses someone to volunteer and go through hoops and red tape to make a presentation at a conference? For that matter, why does anyone ever present anything to anyone? Actually, presentations are a fact of life and there are many reasons for doing a presentation and doing it well. New and existing staff need training and orientation to the way things are done here. Handing all of them a manual and hoping they read it is pretty much a waste of paper. On the other hand, an effective, entertaining and upbeat presentation on the relevant topics is more likely to stick with those people. They will even have a name and face to remember and seek out when they have an issue on or with that topic. This can be a very effective beginning for networking with new peers. The presenter is seen as knowledgeable, as a source of information on company topics and possibly evaluated as a potential mentor or future manager. Project staff and/or peers benefit from clear, concise, presentations of topical knowledge. This is one way that a group working on various aspects of the same project or program can stay in touch and in step with each other. Most importantly, presentations may be the best or only door into the minds (and budgets) of management and customers. These presentations are a wonderful opportunity to address legal and compliance issues, budget, staffing, and services. Here is a chance, maybe the only one, to demonstrate and explain the wonderfulness of a program and the benefit they get by using the services offered most effectively. An interactive presentation on legal and compliance issues can be an effective tool in helping customers and/or management make good risk management decisions.

  13. Develop your presentation skills

    Theobald, Theo


    Going beyond handling nerves and presenting PowerPoint slides, the third edition of "Develop Your Presentation Skills "offers practical advice on developing a captivating presentation, constructing compelling content, and boosting self-confidence. The book includes three new chapters on delivering a "stripped down"presentation, using new media to engage with the audience, and handling being asked to present on short notice."

  14. Subpart DD Training Presentations

    EPA has produced the following training presentation(s) for reporters subject to this subpart. Generally, these presentations explain the rule or show how to use the reporting system e-GGRT to submit annual GHG reports to EPA.

  15. Subpart AA Training Presentations

    EPA has produced the following training presentation(s) for reporters subject to this subpart. Generally, these presentations explain how to use the reporting system e-GGRT to submit annual GHG reports to EPA.

  16. Subpart W Training Presentations

    EPA has produced the following training presentation(s) for reporters subject to this subpart. Generally, these presentations explain the rule or show how to use the reporting system e-GGRT to submit annual GHG reports to EPA.

  17. Rotating Poster Presentations

    Lagares, Manuel; Reisenleutner, Sandra


    Oral presentations are a common practice in foreign language classes, often used to assess students' speaking skills. Usually, the presentations are delivered by students in front of the class, often with PowerPoint slides or Prezi as support. However, frequently the audience does not engage with the presentation and thus, the benefits of this…

  18. Presenting Food Science Effectively

    Winter, Carl K.


    While the need to present food science information effectively is viewed as a critical competency for food scientists by the Institute of Food Technologists, most food scientists may not receive adequate training in this area. Effective presentations combine both scientific content and delivery mechanisms that demonstrate presenter enthusiasm for…

  19. 10. international mouse genome conference

    Meisler, M.H.


    Ten years after hosting the First International Mammalian Genome Conference in Paris in 1986, Dr. Jean-Louis Guenet presided over the Tenth Conference at the Pasteur Institute, October 7--10, 1996. The 1986 conference was a satellite to the Human Gene Mapping Workshop and had approximately 50 attendees. The 1996 meeting was attended by 300 scientists from around the world. In the interim, the number of mapped loci in the mouse increased from 1,000 to over 20,000. This report contains a listing of the program and its participants, and two articles that review the meeting and the role of the laboratory mouse in the Human Genome project. More than 200 papers were presented at the conference covering the following topics: International mouse chromosome committee meetings; Mutant generation and identification; Physical and genetic maps; New technology and resources; Chromatin structure and gene regulation; Rate and hamster genetic maps; Informatics and databases; and Quantitative trait analysis.

  20. Innovative presentations for dummies

    Anthony, Ray


    Be the speaker they follow with breakthrough innovative presentations Innovative Presentations For Dummies is a practical guide to engaging your audience with superior, creative, and ultra-compelling presentations. Using clear language and a concise style, this book goes way beyond PowerPoint to enable you to reimagine, reinvent, and remake your presentations. Learn how to stimulate, capture, and hold your audience in the palm of your hand with sound, sight, and touch, and get up to speed on the latest presentation design methods that make you a speaker who gets audiences committed and acting

  1. Alarm filtering and presentation

    Bray, M.A.


    This paper discusses alarm filtering and presentation in the control room of nuclear and other process control plants. Alarm generation and presentation is widely recognized as a general process control problem. Alarm systems often fail to provide meaningful alarms to operators. Alarm generation and presentation is an area in which computer aiding is feasible and provides clear benefits. Therefore, researchers have developed several computerized alarm filtering and presentation approaches. This paper discusses problems associated with alarm generation and presentation. Approaches to improving the alarm situation and installation issues of alarm system improvements are discussed. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technology on alarm system improvements is assessed. (orig.)

  2. Behavioural present value

    Krzysztof Piasecki


    Impact of chosen behavioural factors on imprecision of present value is discussed here. The formal model of behavioural present value is offered as a result of this discussion. Behavioural present value is described here by fuzzy set. These considerations were illustrated by means of extensive numerical case study. Finally there are shown that in proposed model the return rate is given, as a fuzzy probabilistic set.

  3. Conns' syndrome - atypical presentations

    Kumar, K V S Hari; Modi, K D; Jha, Sangeeta; Jha, Ratan


    Primary hyperaldosteronism (Conns' syndrome) commonly presents with a combination of clinical features of hypokalemia and hypertension. Atypical presentations like normotension, normokalemia and neurological ailments are described in few cases. We encountered two such cases, the first presenting with acute neurological complaint and second case having insignificant hypertension. Both the patients had a characteristic biochemical and imaging profile consistent with primary hyperaldosteronism and responded to surgical resection of adrenal adenoma. (author)

  4. CERN Electronics Pool presentations


    The CERN Electronics Pool has organised a series of presentations in collaboration with oscilloscope manufacturers. The last one will take place according to the schedule below.   Time will be available at the end of the presentation to discuss your personal needs. The Agilent presentation had to be postponed and will be organised later. -     Lecroy: Thursday, 24 November 2011, in 530-R-030, 14:00 to 16:30.

  5. Presentation skills for nurses.

    Foulkes, Mark


    This article emphasises the importance of effective presentation skills. Such skills allow nurses to share knowledge and expertise and to communicate clearly in a range of workplace scenarios. Nurses are increasingly being asked to present in formal and informal situations, such as conferences, poster presentations, job interviews, case reports and ward-based teaching. This article explores the principles underpinning the development of these skills, discusses the situations in which they could be applied and demonstrates how nurses might improve and develop as presenters.

  6. Creating meaningful multimedia presentations

    Hardman, H.L.; Ossenbruggen, van J.R.


    Finding relevant information is one step in the chain of understanding information. Presenting material to a user in a suitable way is a further step. Our research focuses on using semantic annotations of multimedia elements to increase the "presentability" of retrieved information. We investigate

  7. Unusual presentation of sunburn.

    Verma, Gopalkrishna G; Dave, Dhaval; Byrne, Eileen


    We present three cases of sunburn to the head, presenting with oedema of the face in children aged 6, 9 and 13 years. Oedema was predominantly on the forehead and temporal region; a direct effect of gravity was associated with erythema of the scalp. Sunburn healed without any complications.

  8. Presentation to the symposium

    Goodhead, D.


    A novel theory, the Second Event theory, advanced by Chris Busby, suggested that certain man-made radioisotopes could bypass cellular genetic repair mechanisms and cause cancer at very low dose. The present paper, after some introductory comments on the effects of particle tracks on cells, goes on to present the author's own perception of this Second Event theory. (UK)

  9. Conjugando el presente

    Héctor Rojas Herazo


    Full Text Available La añoranza suele ser, casi siempre, la línea critica de menor resistencia. El lema de que "todo tiempo pasado fue mejor" tiene un poco la culpa. En cualquier orden del conocimiento el pasado sigue el verdadero presente. Ese presente en que nos gusta respirar y vivir. Nada de compromiso circundante. Nada de inmediatez.

  10. The presentation and treatment


    tion of single collocations proposals are made for an implicit presentation of complex ... function lexicographers often include items to illustrate the typical use of the ... they have no items explicitly addressed at them to elevate them to treatment.



  12. Fostering oral presentation performance

    Ginkel, van Stan; Gulikers, Judith; Biemans, Harm; Mulder, Martin


    Previous research revealed significant differences in the effectiveness of various feedback sources for encouraging students’ oral presentation performance. While former studies emphasised the superiority of teacher feedback, it remains unclear whether the quality of feedback actually differs

  13. Present status of dibaryons

    Locher, M.P.


    In the present notes the author tries to assess the situation regarding dibaryons in the various channels with baryon number two, emphasizing the problems and discussing in greater detail the most recent developments since the Versailles Conference. One of the motivations for the present search of B=2 states is the possibility of colored subclusters for systems with six quarks which cannot occur for ordinary baryons or mesons. (Auth.)

  14. Presenting New Grammar

    WU Cai-ling; WANG Xi


    More and more researchers have now agreed upon the necessity of teaching grammar, but it still remains controversial as how to teach the forms, with the central consideration of not to harm the meaning-focused communicative teaching method. In this essay, one of the issues in grammar teaching will be discussed as how to present new grammar to learners, through evaluating and modifying a particular presentation activity in a grammar-teaching textbook.

  15. Stellar Presentations (Abstract)

    Young, D.


    (Abstract only) The AAVSO is in the process of expanding its education, outreach and speakers bureau program. powerpoint presentations prepared for specific target audiences such as AAVSO members, educators, students, the general public, and Science Olympiad teams, coaches, event supervisors, and state directors will be available online for members to use. The presentations range from specific and general content relating to stellar evolution and variable stars to specific activities for a workshop environment. A presentation—even with a general topic—that works for high school students will not work for educators, Science Olympiad teams, or the general public. Each audience is unique and requires a different approach. The current environment necessitates presentations that are captivating for a younger generation that is embedded in a highly visual and sound-bite world of social media, twitter and U-Tube, and mobile devices. For educators, presentations and workshops for themselves and their students must support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Common Core Content Standards, and the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative. Current best practices for developing relevant and engaging powerpoint presentations to deliver information to a variety of targeted audiences will be presented along with several examples.

  16. Keisriportree kui ajalooteos / Aleksandra Murre

    Murre, Aleksandra


    Näitusest "Vene valitsejad" Kadrioru kunstimuuseumis ja Mikkeli muuseumis. Venemaa valitsejast Paul I-st ja temast maalitud portreedest. Peeter III portreest. Prantsuse kunstniku Jean Louis Voille' (1744 - u. 1806) elust ja loomingust

  17. Nedelja võsokoi modõ v Parizhe


    Kõrgmoenädalast Pariisis: tutvustatakse kollektsioone sügis-talv 2002/03 tuntud disaineritelt Rose Mett-Torrente (Torrente moemaja), John Galliano (Dior), Christian Lacroix, Rita Berri (Jean-Louis Scherreri moemaja), Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) ja teistelt

  18. Milk: Past and Present

    Bulajić, S.; Đorđević, J.; Ledina, T.; Šarčević, D.; Baltić, M. Ž.


    Although milk/dairy consumption is part of many cultures and is recommended in most dietary guidelines around the world, its contribution to overall diet quality remains a matter of controversy, leading to a highly polarized debate within the scientific community, media and public sector. The present article, at first, describes the evolutionary roots of milk consumption, then reviews the milk-derived bioactive peptides as health-promoting components. The third part of the article, in general, presents the associations between milk nutrients, disease prevention, and health promotion.

  19. Book Presentation | 27 February

    The CERN Library


    "A caccia del bosone di Higgs. Magneti, governi, scienziati e particelle nell'impresa scientifica del secolo" by Luciano Maiani and Romeo Bassoli, published by Mondadori. On Wednesday 27 February Luciano Maiani will present the book "A caccia del bosone di Higgs. Magneti, governi, scienziati e particelle nell'impresa scientifica del secolo". More information here. The presentation will take place in the Council Chamber at 16.00 and will be followed by a debate and book signing. The book will be on sale. You are cordially invited.

  20. Renewable Electricity Futures (Presentation)

    Mai, T.


    This presentation library summarizes findings of NREL's Renewable Electricity Futures study, published in June 2012. RE Futures investigated the challenges and impacts of achieving very high renewable electricity generation levels in the contiguous United States by 2050. It was presented at the 2012 RE AMP Annual Meeting. RE-AMP is an active network of 144 nonprofits and foundations across eight Midwestern states working on climate change and energy policy with the goal of reducing global warming pollution economy-wide 80% by 2050.

  1. Hera presentation generator (Poster)

    Frasincar, F.; Houben, G.J.P.M.; Barna, P.; Ellis, A.; Hagino, T.


    Semantic Web Information Systems (SWIS) are Web Information Systems that use Semantic Web technologies. Hera is a model-driven design methodology for SWIS. In Hera, models are represented in RDFS and model instances in RDF. The Hera Presentation Generator (HPG) is an integrated development

  2. Creating Meaningful Multimedia Presentations

    L. Hardman (Lynda); J.R. van Ossenbruggen (Jacco)


    textabstractFinding relevant information is one step in the chain of understanding information. Presenting material to a user in a suitable way is a further step. Our research focuses on using semantic annotations of multimedia elements to increase the ”presentability” of

  3. AECL present and future

    Foster, J.S.

    The history and present activities of the Crown corporation AECL are described. AECL owns limited interests in nuclear power plants and a Manitoba transmission system. AECL is the world's foremost producer of heavy water, and exports CANDU type reactors and radiation processing equipment. AECL backs up the Canadian nuclear power program wherever there is no conflict with private enterprise. (E.C.B.)

  4. Econophysics: Past and present

    de Area Leão Pereira, Eder Johnson; da Silva, Marcus Fernandes; Pereira, H. B. B.


    This paper provides a brief historical review of the relationship between economics and physics, beginning with Adam Smith being influenced by Isaac Newton's ideas up to the present day including the new econophysics discipline and some of the tools applied to the economy. Thus, this work is expected to motivate new researchers who are interested in this new discipline.

  5. Present State Examination

    Pedersen, Kamilla; Bertelsen, Aksel

    Present State Examination (PSE) 5. udgave er en revideret version af speciallæge i psykiatri Aksel Bertelsens oprindelige materiale. Aksel Bertelsen er ophavsmand til PSE og til den danske udgave af ICD-10. Revisionen omfatter et forbedret layout, en modernisering af sproget, tilføjelse af...

  6. Presentation of CEA

    Graf, J.J.


    The organization of the CEA, its missions and means are presented. Its activities in the field of light water reactors, fast neutron reactors and PWR reactors of small and medium power for electricity and/or heat generation are emphasized [fr

  7. Going beyond methodological presentism

    Schmidt, Garbi


    Denmark is an example of a country where the idea of historical ethnic homogeneity stands strong. This article challenges this historical presentism: the scholarly and societal tendency to understand social phenomena within a limited contemporary framework, neglecting possible effects and similar...

  8. Analyzing in the present

    Revsbæk, Line; Tanggaard, Lene


    The article presents a notion of “analyzing in the present” as a source of inspiration in analyzing qualitative research materials. The term emerged from extensive listening to interview recordings during everyday commuting to university campus. Paying attention to the way different parts of vari...

  9. Presentation on ecoenergetic assessment

    Fournelle, C.


    The development of a tool to assess the quality of indoor air for buildings in the residential and commercial sector was presented. The computer software program was designed to allow a building operator to set an optimal target to reflect the greatest economies in energy consumption. Air quality was assessed in terms of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and other common indoor pollutants

  10. Keynote presentation : SAR systems

    Halsema, D. van; Otten, M.P.G.; Maas, A.P.M.; Bolt, R.J.; Anitori, L.


    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems are becoming increasingly important sensors in as well the military environment as in the civilian market. In this keynote presentation an overview will be given over more than 2 decades of SAR system∼ and SAR application development at TNO in the Netherlands.

  11. Agriculture Oral Presentations


    This publication contains 23 papers related to the use of nuclear techniques in plant breeding in Turkey, effect of gamma irradiations on growing various plants, mutations and soil chemistry, etc., presented at 4. International Congress of Nuclear Agriculture and Animal Science in Bursa, Turkey, 25-27 Sep 1996. A separate abstract was prepared for each paper

  12. Imagined futures, present lives

    Dalsgaard, Anne Line; Wildermuth, Norbert


    is discussed centrally in this attempt to contribute to an empirically grounded understanding of the role that media play for youth in their striving to ‘find a place in life'. In the empirical context presented in the article, imaginations, expanded and circulated by a globalized media circuit...

  13. Presentation of 2004 earnings


    This presentation offers financial information on the AREVA Group earnings for the year 2004. With manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries and a sales network in over 100, Areva offers customers technological solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. The Group also provides interconnect systems to the telecommunications, computer and automotive markets. (A.L.B.)

  14. Summary of the presentations


    This part summarizes the content of the six following presentations: 1. IAEA requirements/guidance for the decommissioning safety case (Mike Bell, IAEA); 2. Safety case in an EIA context (Patrick O'SULLIVAN, The Netherlands); 3. Plant configuration and the D and D licensing process (Eugenio GIL LOPEZ and Pedro CARBONERAS, Spain); 4. Accident assessment (Ivo TRIPPUTI, Italy; Ingmar LUND, Sweden); 5. Balancing radiological and industrial risk in the safety case (Pascal DEBOODT, Belgium); 6. The safety case for safe store and dormancy periods (Paul WOOLLAM, UK). Following the six presentations, the WPDD members discussed the safety case in an open discussion led by the Topical Session Chair, Frances Taylor. The discussion was wide-ranging, and topics varied from the standards that apply to releases to the environment during safe store, to decommissioning parallels with other major processing industries and facilities (such as oil rigs). Frances Taylor steered the discussion toward addressing the questions that the WPDD Core Group had proposed for the topical session. The Chair, the Rapporteur, and some members of the group sensed that the presentations had covered such an wide variety of issues, and that the content of the presentations themselves differed so greatly, that it would be difficult to distill a position paper from the information gathered, as had been the mandate from the Core Group. In addition, the meaning of the term 'Safety Case' differed greatly among participants in the topical session. Some took the term to mean the analysis and document that the implementor provides to the regulator, describing how operations will be performed safely. Others considered the term to mean the overall safety and risk conditions inherent in a nuclear facility during operations or decommissioning. With the differences in presentations and with the meaning of the terminology remaining unclear, the WPDD participants did not reach consensus conclusions on December 5, 2001

  15. [Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. Case Presentation].

    Espejo, Lina María; de la Espriella, Ricardo; Hernández, José Fernando

    Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) is a rare demyelinating disease (prevalence 1:40 000), also called arylsulfatase A deficiency (ARS-A), which may present with neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Clinical assessment may be difficult, due to unspecific signs and symptoms. A case is presented of a 16 year-old female patient seen in psychiatry due to behavioural changes, psychosis, and with impaired overall performance. She was initially diagnosed with schizophrenia, but the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) scan and laboratory tests lead to the diagnosis of MLD. Copyright © 2016 Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría. Publicado por Elsevier España. All rights reserved.

  16. Sirenomelia: A Rare Presentation

    Srinivas, S; Kumar, Shiva; Reddy, Surweshwar; Prasad, Hari; Irfan, G M


    We are presenting two cases of Sirenomelia (Mermaid Syndrome), which is an extreme example of the caudal regression syndrome. It invariably presents with lower limb fusion, sacral and pelvic bony anomalies, absent external genitalia, imperforate anus, and renal agenesis or dysgenesis. There are approximately 300 cases reported in the literature, 15% of which are associated with twinning, most often monozygotic. The syndrome of caudal regression is thought to be the result of injury to the caudal mesoderm early in gestation. One of our cases survived for 12 days after birth. This new born had an unusually high anorectal anomaly in which the colon was ending at the level of mid transverse colon, fused lower limbs and genital anomalies. Ultrasound of the abdomen revealed horseshoe kidney. Colostomy was performed on day 2 of life. The second case encountered was a stillborn baby on whom an autopsy was performed. PMID:26023366

  17. Sirenomelia: a rare presentation.

    Reddy, K Ramesh; Srinivas, S; Kumar, Shiva; Reddy, Surweshwar; Prasad, Hari; Irfan, G M


    We are presenting two cases of Sirenomelia (Mermaid Syndrome), which is an extreme example of the caudal regression syndrome. It invariably presents with lower limb fusion, sacral and pelvic bony anomalies, absent external genitalia, imperforate anus, and renal agenesis or dysgenesis. There are approximately 300 cases reported in the literature, 15% of which are associated with twinning, most often monozygotic. The syndrome of caudal regression is thought to be the result of injury to the caudal mesoderm early in gestation. One of our cases survived for 12 days after birth. This new born had an unusually high anorectal anomaly in which the colon was ending at the level of mid transverse colon, fused lower limbs and genital anomalies. Ultrasound of the abdomen revealed horseshoe kidney. Colostomy was performed on day 2 of life. The second case encountered was a stillborn baby on whom an autopsy was performed.

  18. Organising and presenting information.

    Kankanady, Raghavendra; Wells, Marilyn


    Information management can be a daunting process for clinicians, health care providers and policy makers within the health care industry. This chapter discusses the importance of information classification and information architecture in the information economy and specific challenges faced within the health care industry. The healthcare sector has industry specific requirements for information management, standards and specifications for information presentation. Classification of information based on information criticality and the value in the health care industry is discussed in this paper. Presentation of information with reference to eHealth standards and specifications for healthcare information systems and their key requirements are also discussed, as are information architecture for eHealth implementation in Australia. This chapter also touches on information management and clinical governance since the importance of information governance is discussed by various researchers and how this is becoming of value to healthcare information management.

  19. Atypical Presentations of Tularemia.

    Odegaard, Karah; Boersma, Beth; Keegan, James


    Francisella tularensis is a gram-negative coccobacillus that causes a condition commonly referred to as tularemia. There has been a dramatic increase in tularemia cases reported in South Dakota, many of which were challenging to diagnose due to atypical clinical manifestations. We describe an interesting case of pneumonic tularemia and summarize six similar cases, several of which presented with lung nodules suggestive of malignancy. According to the literature, this is only the third outbreak of pneumonic tularemia reported in the U.S. We believe it is important for clinicians to be aware of the increased incidence of tularemia in the area and to be vigilant in the diagnosis and management of these atypically presenting cases. Copyright© South Dakota State Medical Association.

  20. Presentation = Speech + Slides

    Derik Badman


    Full Text Available Back in October, Aaron Schmidt posted “HOWTO give a good presentation” to his blog walking paper. His second bullet point of “thoughts” on good presentations is: Please don’t fill your slides with words. Find some relevant and pretty pictures to support what you’re saying. You can use the pictures to remind yourself what you’re going [...

  1. EPMA present and future

    Love, G.


    In electron probe microanalysis the objective has always been to gain the maximum information from a sample. To this end efforts have been directed at increasing detection efficiency, reducing the size of the excitation volume, analysing more difficult specimens and improving the accuracy of quantitative measurements whilst, at the same time, attempting to minimize the complexity of the analysis. The present paper comments on the progress that has been made in this areas, focuses on the latest hardware and software developments taking place and looks forward to how these may impact on the technique of EPMA. (author)

  2. Sarcoidosis Presenting Addison's Disease.

    Takahashi, Kentaro; Kagami, Shin-Ichiro; Kawashima, Hirotoshi; Kashiwakuma, Daisuke; Suzuki, Yoshio; Iwamoto, Itsuo


    We herein describe a second Japanese case of sarcoidosis presenting Addison's disease. A 52-year-old man was diagnosed with sarcoidosis based on clinical and laboratory findings, including bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy and elevated levels of serum angiotensin-converting enzyme and lysozyme, as well as the presence of noncaseating epithelioid granulomas. The patient also exhibited general fatigue, pigmentation, weight loss, hypotension and hyponatremia, suggestive of chronic adrenocortical insufficiency. An endocrine examination confirmed primary adrenocortical insufficiency. This case suggests the direct involvement of sarcoid granuloma in the adrenal glands.

  3. Radwaste - Multimedia presentation


    Radioactivity is a part of the Nature since the creation of the Earth. We have learned how to use radioactivity in medicine, power industry, and in other areas of life. Similarly as in other activities, waste is generated. We offer you basic information about radioactivity and radioactive waste (radwaste) in four films: Radioactivity, Source of radwaste, Management of radwaste. In the glossary are video presentations: Container (Castor) for radioactive waste; Deep underground repository; Transport vehicle; WWER type reactor. Encyclopedic part of the program contains detailed theoretical and practical information about use of radioactivity and radioactive waste. You will find the explanation in the part Glossary. (authors)

  4. Presenting Newtonian gravitation

    Counihan, Martin


    The basic principles of the Newtonian theory of gravitation are presented in a way which students may find more logically coherent, mathematically accessible and physically interesting than other approaches. After giving relatively simple derivations of the circular hodograph and the elliptical orbit from the inverse-square law, the concept of gravitational energy is developed from vector calculus. It is argued that the energy density of a gravitational field may reasonably be regarded as -g 2 /8πG, and that the inverse-square law may be replaced by a Schwarzschild-like force law without the need to invoke non-Euclidean geometry

  5. Presentation to the symposium

    Busby, C.


    This paper proposes that there is a major error in the present perception of cancer risk from exposure to low level radiation from internal man-made fission products like strontium-90. The author's Second Event theory is discussed which advances the basis that fission products are different in radiation risk terms. Since the scientific community has been so ready to dismiss this idea out of hand, the author also explores scientific culture and scientific revolutions. The evidence that the idea is broadly right is surveyed and finally some studies that could be undertaken to prove or disprove the author's contention are outlined. (UK)

  6. Radiation myelopathy (case presentation)

    Sangheli, M.; Lisnic, V.; Plesca, S.; Odainic, O.; Chetrari, L.


    The radiotherapy is one of the most widely spread and commonly used method in treating tumors of different localization. A detailed analysis of benefits and possible side effects along with evaluation of the risk factors allows preventing one of the most difficult complication, and namely the radiation myelopathy. The delayed form of such a disease is distinguished by a pronounced unfavorable prognosis. The presented case provoked the discussion of difficulties in performing differential diagnosis, as well as the importance of determining the localization of vulnerable tissues as regards the target organ exposed to radiotherapy. (authors)

  7. DOE financial assurance presentation

    Huck, R.


    The presentation topic is California's approach to license application review in meeting financial assurances for the proposed Ward Valley site. The purpose of the presentation is to provide information on specific financial assurance provisions contained in 10 CFR Part 61 and how California intends to satisfy those requirements. Also, as rate setter, California intends to demonstrate how it will assure allowable costs to the rate base though a financial prudency review. The key provisions of financial assurance are: 10 CFR Section 61.61 - This provision requires an applicant to demonstrate its ability to finance licensed activities; 10 CFR Section 61.62 - This provision requires an applicant to provide assurance that sufficient funds will be available for site closure and stabilization; and 10 CFR Section 61.63 - This provision requires an applicant to provide 'a copy of a binding arrangement, such as a lease, between the applicant and the disposal site owner, so that sufficient funds will be available to cover the costs of the institutional control period.' To assist California in its determination of financial assurance compliance to be demonstrated by the applicant for Part 61 requirements, is NUREG guidance document 1199 'Standard Format and Content of a License Application for a Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Disposal Facility.' The detailed financial assurance provisions of NUREG 1199 are then embodied in NUREG 1200, 'Standard Review Plant for the Review of a License Application for a LLRW Disposal Facility.'

  8. Rett syndrome: EEG presentation.

    Robertson, R; Langill, L; Wong, P K; Ho, H H


    Rett syndrome, a degenerative neurological disorder of girls, has a classical presentation and typical EEG findings. The electroencephalograms (EEGs) of 7 girls whose records have been followed from the onset of symptoms to the age of 5 or more are presented. These findings are tabulated with the Clinical Staging System of Hagberg and Witt-Engerström (1986). The records show a progressive deterioration in background rhythms in waking and sleep. The abnormalities of the background activity may only become evident at 4-5 years of age or during stage 2--the Rapid Destructive Stage. The marked contrast between waking and sleep background may not occur until stage 3--the Pseudostationary Stage. In essence EEG changes appear to lag behind clinical symptomatology by 1-3 years. An unexpected, but frequent, abnormality was central spikes seen in 5 of 7 girls. They appeared to be age related and could be evoked by tactile stimulation in 2 patients. We hypothesize that the prominent 'hand washing' mannerism may be self-stimulating and related to the appearance of central spike discharges.

  9. Bad (Re)Presentations

    Computer Security Team


    This time, we would like to address copyright violations (again) - but with a twist. While previous articles focussed on “Music, videos and the risk for CERN” or on software licences, the focus is now on using photos, music and images “found” on the Web for presentations, publications and web pages…   Just recently, a video produced for CERN and published on YouTube and Facebook used background music from a contemporary popular artist. However, the people responsible failed to obtain the appropriate permission to actually use that music. They thought that having bought it on iTunes was sufficient. But it was not: “buying” means you have the right to listen, but not the right for further distribution or re-publication. As a result, the videos were pulled from YouTube and Facebook. Similarly, how many of us integrate graphics and images “found” on the Web into our presentations?  How many of us...

  10. Film Presentation: Die Urknallmaschine

    Carolyn Lee


    Die Urknallmaschine, an Austrian film by Gerd Baldauf, narrated by Norbert Frischauf (Alpha Österreich - ORF, 2009).  In CERN’s gigantic complex particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light, brought to collision and made to divide into even smaller particles. Public opinion of CERN’s research is also divided. Sceptics fear that black holes may be created. Might the goal to study the origin of the world lead to its destruction? The Austrian researcher Norbert Frischauf worked at CERN for many years. With his guidance it is possible to explore the world’s largest research centre, get a glimpse of the fascinating work the scientists do there and take a crash course in particle physics. Die Urknallmaschine will be presented on Friday, 25 June from 13:00 to 14:00 in the Main Auditorium. Language: German

  11. Abdominal pregnancy - Case presentation.

    Bohiltea, R; Radoi, V; Tufan, C; Horhoianu, I A; Bohiltea, C


    Abdominal pregnancy, a rare diagnosis, belongs to the ectopic pregnancy group, the leading cause of pregnancy related exitus. The positive diagnosis is very difficult to establish most often in an acute setting, leading to a staggering percent of feto-maternal morbidity and mortality. We present the case of 26-weeks-old abdominal pregnancy with partial feto-placental detachment in a patient, after hysteroscopy and in vitro fertilization, which until the acute symptoms that led to emergency laparotomy went unrecognized. The patient recovered completely and satisfactorily after surgery and, due to the high risk of uterine rupture with regard to a second pregnancy, opted for a surrogate mother. Abdominal pregnancy can be regarded as a difficult to establish diagnosis, with a greater chance in case of increased awareness. It is compulsory to be well informed in order not to be surprised by the diagnosis and to apply the correct treatment immediately as the morbidity and mortality rate is elevated.

  12. Trichinosis - case presentation

    Rajko Saletinger


    Full Text Available Background: Trichinosis is a widespread zoonosis acquired by ingestion of undercooked meat infected with the larvae of Trichinella parasites. The disease has variable clinical manifestations ranging from asymptomatic to fatal. Majority of infections is caused by Trichinella spiralis, although there are some cases caused by other species. The dramatic decline of trichinosis reflects changes in industrial practices and increased public awareness. The majority of human cases are now associated with wild game meat and noncommercial pork. The case of previously healthy, young man with trichinosis is presented. The disease was determined with serologic testing and cured with albendazole. The source of infection has not been determined.Conclusions: In patients with fever, mialgias and eosinophilia infection with tissue nematodes should always be taken in consideration. In those who have recently consumed raw or undercooked pork and wild game meat we should think about trichinosis. The disease is rare in Slovenia.

  13. Imagined futures, present lives

    Dalsgaard, Anne Line; Wildermuth, Norbert


    The article is focused thematically on the uses and meanings of media for (some) young people in Recife, a million-inhabitant city in the northeast of Brazil. The article brings together the perspective of Anne Line Dalsgaard, a long-term anthropological field researcher who is familiar with the ......The article is focused thematically on the uses and meanings of media for (some) young people in Recife, a million-inhabitant city in the northeast of Brazil. The article brings together the perspective of Anne Line Dalsgaard, a long-term anthropological field researcher who is familiar...... is discussed centrally in this attempt to contribute to an empirically grounded understanding of the role that media play for youth in their striving to ‘find a place in life'. In the empirical context presented in the article, imaginations, expanded and circulated by a globalized media circuit...

  14. Presenting practice financial information.

    Webster, Lee Ann H


    Medical practice leadership teams, often consisting primarily of physicians with limited financial backgrounds, must make important business decisions and continuously monitor practice operations. In order to competently perform this duty, they need financial reports that are relevant and easy to understand. This article explores financial reporting and decision-making in a physician practice. It discusses reports and tools, such as ratios, graphs, and comparisons, that practices typically include in their reports. Because profitability and cash flow are often the most important financial considerations for physician practices, reports should generally focus on the impact of various activities and potential decisions upon these concerns. This article also provides communication tips for both those presenting practice financial information and those making the decisions. By communicating effectively, these leaders can best use financial information to improve decision-making and maximize financial performance.

  15. Presentation of Canada

    Hedley, Dianne E.


    In contingency of a nuclear emergency event, requiring application of intervention measures on a federal scale, Canada has of a plan ensuring the compatibility of the plans of different provinces and serving as interface between federal and provincial authorities. Exclusive of a nuclear attack against North America, by nuclear emergency it is understood an accident resulting in radionuclide release. This is called the Plan of federal intervention in case of nuclear emergency. 'Sante Canada' is the federal authority responsible for intervention in case of nuclear emergency and it has the task of preparing and coordinating the actions on a federal scale.Should the plan be set in action and if the emergency has repercussions upon the agricultural sector, the sustaining organism will be 'Agriculture and agroalimentaire Canada' which in case of emergency acts through the channels of the National System of intervention in the agro-alimentary sector (SNIUA). The paper presents the objectives, the principles of organization and operation, the responsibilities and the plans which SNIUA has in its charge to implement in case of emergency

  16. STS-69 postflight presentation


    A postflight conference of the STS-69 mission is presented. The flightcrew ('The Dog Team') consisted of Cmdr. David Walker, Pilot Kenneth Cockrell, Payload Cmdr. James Voss, and Mission Specialists James Newman and Michael Gernhardt. The mission's primary objective was the deployment and retrieval of the SPARTAN-201 satellite, which investigated the interaction between the Sun and it's solar wind. Other secondary experiments and shuttle payloads included the Wake Shield Facility (WSF), which grew several layers of semiconductor films, the International Extreme Ultraviolet Hitchhiker (IEH-1), the Capillary Pumped Loop-2/Gas Bridge Assembly (CAPL-2/GBA), several Get Away Specials (GAS) experiments, the Electrolysis Performance Improvement Concept Study (EPICS), the Thermal Energy Storage (TES-2) experiment, the Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus-7 (CGBA-7), the National Institutes of Health-Cells 4 (NIH-C4) experiment, and the Biological Research in Canister-6 (BRIC-6) experiment. Earth views consisted of Saudi Arabia water wells, uncommon vortices over Oman, the Amazon River, the Bahamas, Somalia, a sunset over the Earth's horizon, and two hurricanes, Luis and Marilyn.

  17. Present energy status

    Desprairies, P


    This paper reviews the past and present situation of the World Oil Market and assumes future trends and possible future evolution. Low oil prices between 1950 and 1973 have contributed to an exceptional growth of oil demand during more than 20 years which was more and more supplied by OPEC. The oil shocks of 1973 and 1979 have dramatically changed this situation. Some of the most important changes have been the emergence of non-OPEC new oil producers, the growth of substitute energies, especially natural gas and nuclear power, on the supply side; and substantial decrease of energy consumption in many industrialized countries which has greatly reduced oil demand to OPEC on the demand side. Today this situation seems somewhat stabilized (after the reversal of world oil prices in 1986) and OPEC is producing around 18 million b/day as against a producing capacity of about 30 million b/day. It is generally considered that in coming years oil prices will remain relatively low (or occasionally even become lower than today) due to excess oil production capacity and relative abundance of other types of energy. However, many experts think that these trends can be reversed when oil supply will more and more concentrate again in the Middle East; but it is hard to say if this will begin in 1995, 2000, 2010.

  18. The laryngocele; case presentation

    Gabriel V. Berteșteanu


    Full Text Available Laryngocele is a rare pathology, but because of their clinical evolution and the symptoms they generate, they should always be considered as a differential diagnosis when investigating neck masses. A laryngocele is basically a herniation of the mucosa of the laryngeal ventricle (Morgagni's ventricle arising usually from the saccular region. This herniation may remain confined to the larynx - in which case the laryngocele is internal- or expand through the thyro-hyoid membrane into the structures of the neck - thus being called an external laryngocele. Usually the laryngocele has both an internal and external component thus being a mixed laryngocele. Diagnosis of laryngoceles still relies heavily on clinical signs such as tympanism, easily depressible neck mass, indirect laryngoscopy, but is now simplified by imagistic investigations (ultrasound, CT and MRI. However, the treatment of this condition is exclusively surgical and consists of total excision of the laryngocele, as well as proper identification of the point of origin from the saccule and also the final suture of the breach in order to prevent recurrence. Investigation of possible causes of obstruction of the laryngeal ventricle should always be performed (because of the possibility of an underlying malignancy as well as a follow-up protocol of the patient, given the risk of relapse. We present a recently diagnosed case of a 32 year old man with mixed laryngocele, which we have operated in our clinic.

  19. [Antibiotics: present and future].

    Bérdy, János


    The author discuss the up to date interpretation of the concept of antibiotics and antibiotic research, as well as the present role of various natural, semisynthetic and synthetic antibiotic compounds in various areas of the human therapy. The origin and the total number of all antibiotics and applied antibiotics in the practice, as well as the bioactive microbial metabolites (antibiotics) in other therapeutical, non-antibiotic fields (including agriculture) are also reviewed. The author discusses main problems, such as increasing (poly)resistance, virulence of pathogens and the non-scientific factors (such as a decline of research efforts and their sociological, economic, financial and regulatory reasons). A short summary of the history of Hungarian antibiotic research is also provided. The author briefly discusses the prospects in the future and the general advantages of the natural products over synthetic compounds. It is concluded that new approaches for the investigation of the unlimited possibilities of the living world are necessary. The discovery of new types or simply neglected (micro)organisms and their biosynthetic capabilities, the introduction of new biotechnological and genetic methods (genomics, metagenom, genome mining) are absolutely required in the future.

  20. IKONOS: future and present

    Schaap, Niek


    The IKONOS satellite has been operational since January 2000 and was the first commercial satellite collecting imagery with 1 meter resolution. The current life expectancy of the satellite is 10 years. Since the launch, Space Imaging Inc. (the owner of the satellite) supplied IKONOS imagery to users in many vertical markets, such as: agriculture, defense, oil & gas and telecommunications. This oral presentation will give comprehensive information about IKONOS and the future: * Block II, the successor of IKONOS. Space Imaging expects to launch in 2004 a new high-resolution satellite, ensuring both continuity and (for some years) a tandem operation with IKONOS, greatly improving the availability of imagery. * Space Imaging affiliates. IKONOS imagery collected, processed and sold by regional affiliates. These regional affiliates are strategically located around the world, like Japan Space Imaging (Tokyo), Space Imaging Middle East (Dubai) and Space Imaging Eurasia (Ankara, Turkey). * Technical briefing IKONOS. IKONOS (compared to other commercial high-resolution satellites) has superior collection capabilities. Due to, the higher orbit altitude, local reception of the imagery, bi-directional scanning and the high agility of the satellite, is the IKONOS satellite capable to collect the imagery relative quickly.

  1. Presentation of Pydio

    CERN. Geneva


    **Pydio is an open-source platform for file sharing and synchronisation.** It is wildly used by enterprises and organizations worldwide, including major universities. Pydio comes with a rich web-based interface, native clients for both iOS and Android mobile devices, and lately a new sync client for desktop platforms. Pydio v6 is of great useability and introduces many new features that makes it the ultimate sharing machine. Its architecture makes it a perfect fit for either easily deploying an on-premise dropbox solution, or building more complicated solutions where the box feature is integrated as OEM. Storage-agnostic, Pydio is a simple layer that can be deployed on top of any storage backend, thus providing scalability and high-availability out-of-the-box. Charles du Jeu is the lead developer of the solution and will briefly present its feature and how it can fit for research and engineering purpose. See for more information.


    Lynn Fendler


    Full Text Available El presentismo es visto generalmente como un mal necesario en historiografía. Este artículo explora lo positivo de esta inevitabilidad. Aplicando un enfoque filosófico al análisis discursivo en la tradición de la nueva historia cultural, se distingue -de una parte-¿ entre un uso estratégico del presentismo, y -de otra- un enfoque racionalista en historia. El artículo concluye considerando algunas implicaciones políticas en historiografía de las explicaciones racionalistas y de las explicaciones estratégicamente presentistas. Los modos de comprensión racionalistas inscriben las expectativas del pasado en las visiones del futuro; asignando al historiador el papel de profeta; y perpetuando nociones de agentes ahistóricos. En contraste, las historias estratégicamente presentistas incorporan una orientación que deliberadamente emplea las lentes y perspectivas del presente en orden a tener en cuenta supuestos y perspectivas actuales. Cuando las asunciones son examinadas en relación a las perspectivas presentistas, dichos presupuestos sueltan su rienda en el pensamiento. Dado que el presentismo es inevitable, no debe ser desestimado por completo, sino que debe ser una cuestión sondeada y examinada críticamente. Con dicho foco, el presentismo estratégico en la historiografía debe posibilitar una reflexión sobre los límites de lo que es posible pensar.

  3. Texts of presentation

    Magnin, G.; Vidolov, K.; Dufour-Fallot, B.; Dewarrat, Th.; Rose, T.; Favatier, A.; Gazeley, D.; Pujol, T.; Worner, D.; Van de Wel, E.; Revaz, J.M.; Clerfayt, G.; Creedy, A.; Moisan, F.; Geissler, M.; Isbell, P.; Macaluso, M.; Litzka, V.; Gillis, W.; Jarvis, I.; Gorg, M.; Bebie, B.


    Implementing a sustainable local energy policy involves a long term reflection on the general interest, energy efficiency, distributed generation and environmental protection. Providing services on a market involves looking for activities that are profitable, if possible in the 'short-term'. The aim of this conference is to analyse the possibility of reconciling these apparently contradictory requirements and how this can be achieved. This conference brings together the best specialists from European municipalities as well as important partners for local authorities (energy agencies, service companies, institutions, etc.) in order to discuss the public-private partnerships concerning the various functions that municipalities may perform in the energy field as consumers and customers, planners and organizers of urban space and rousers as regards inhabitants and economic players of their areas. This document contains the summaries of the following presentations: 1 - Performance contracting: Bulgarian municipalities use private capital for energy efficiency improvement (K. VIDOLOV, Varna (BG)), Contracting experiences in Swiss municipalities: consistent energy policy thanks to the Energy-city label (B. DUFOUR-FALLOT and T. DEWARRAT (CH)), Experience of contracting in the domestic sector (T. ROSE (GB)); 2 - Public procurement: Multicolor electricity (A. FAVATIER (CH)), Tendering for new green electricity capacity (D. GAZELEY (GB)), The Barcelona solar thermal ordinance (T. PUJOL (ES)); 3 - Urban planning and schemes: Influencing energy issues through urban planning (D. WOERNER (DE)), Tendering for the supply of energy infrastructure (E. VAN DE WEL (NL)), Concessions and public utility warranty (J.M. REVAZ (CH)); 4 - Certificate schemes: the market of green certificates in Wallonia region in a liberalized power market (G. CLERFAYT (BE)), The Carbon Neutral{sup R} project: a voluntary certification scheme with opportunity for implementation in other European

  4. Crystallography: past and present

    Hodeau, J.-L.; Guinebretiere, R.


    structure (chemical order, anisotropy, charge transfer, magnetic order) versus an external parameter like temperature, pressure, magnetic or electric field. Modern crystallography is also extended to the study of very small crystals, powders, ill-ordered or non-crystallized materials. Thus presently, crystallography is concerned with any solid that “scatters” an incident beam. Nevertheless, as quoted by A. Guinier, “the problems facing crystallographers have only changed, ... new ones have appeared which require reflection and imagination, ... and which in turn may still bring much joy to all those who like crystallography” [4]. Such developments open up crystallography to modern materials like artificial ones and nanostructures with low- and/or multi-scaled-periodicities and/or extremely small “crystal size” and to materials of the “real world”, with mixtures of phases and/or amorphous contribution and/or defects, a common characteristic of ancient materials analysed in patrimonial research. In our contribution we will show by selected examples that these improvements were allowed (i) by the use of powerful sources, apparatus and detectors which allow micro-diffraction, in-situ diffraction, spectroscopy, resonant scattering, inelastic scattering, coherent scattering, (ii) by the development of methods like diffraction anomalous fine structure (DAFS), pair distribution function (PDF), simulated annealing, single object reconstruction, (iii) by combination of scattering and spectroscopy and by combination of scattering and microscopy. Such combination of different approaches is very efficient and, as said by H. Curien at the IUCr Bordeaux Congress in 1990, “in crystallography, there is a constant alternation between the crystal space and its associated reciprocal space, ... the alternation between experiment and model building is another feature of crystallography activity ..., the crystallographer relies both on his computer and on his diffractometer

  5. present

    as medium of instruction enhances concept formation, especially in science subjects as ... The study, on which this paper is based, was conducted to evaluate Malawi's ... corrected in the wake of information flowing from the evaluation phase (Kaplan .... concerning the background information and suggested activities (Thodi,.


    Editors, The


    To plan and to implement academic projects remain a systematic challenge for the team and the collaborators of the Electronic Journal. Each study published is an opportunity to strengthen the proposed goals and to add more value to the community involved and interested.

  7. Presentations


    The aim of the Exploratory Workshop is to encourage informal discussion and the exchange of expertise between scientists using random matrix theory in various areas of research ranging from fundamental physics: string theory, gravity, quantum chaos, information theory, complexity theory, combinatorics to applied research: biophysics, econophysics, quantitative finance and telecommunication. Such a discussion would be a first step towards creating a common European environment for researchers using this powerful theory

  8. Tips for Good Electronic Presentations.

    Strasser, Dennis


    Describes library uses of presentation graphics software and offers tips for creating electronic presentations. Tips include: audience retention; visual aid options; software package options; presentation planning; presentation showing; and use of text, colors, and graphics. Sidebars note common presentation errors and popular presentation…

  9. Punch up your podium presentations.

    Wood, Tim J; Hollier, Amelie


    The goal of most presentations is to engage audience participants. Effective presenters go beyond content expertise to connect with audiences through various techniques, formats, and presentation styles. Mayer's theory of multimedia learning, neurocognitive factors, and the assertion-evidence approach are essential elements that presenters can use if they have not had formal training in creating presentations. Tips are offered on how to connect with the audience and how to avoid known pitfalls. ©2017 American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

  10. Put Power into Your Presentations: Using Presentation Software Effectively

    Safransky, Robert J.; Burmeister, Marsha L.


    Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and OpenOffice Impress are relatively common tools in the classroom and in the boardroom these days. What makes presentation software so popular? As the Chinese proverb declares, a picture is worth a thousand words. People like visual presentations. Presentation software can make even a dull subject come to…

  11. Present market for nuclear energy

    Marzo, M.A.S.


    The present market for nuclear energy is present since nuclear production and electric power generation to the utilization of radioisotopes in medicine and biology. Some data about the main world suppliers to this market are shown. (E.G.) [pt

  12. Integral Presentations of Catalan Numbers

    Dana-Picard, Thierry


    We compute in three different ways the same definite parametric integral. By-products are the derivation of a combinatorial identity and two integral presentations of Catalan numbers. One of them leads to a presentation using the [gamma] function.

  13. An Atypical Presentation on Insulinoma


    PUBLICATIONS/ PRESENTATIONS 1. TO: CLINICAL RESEARCH 2. FROM: (Author’s Name, Rank, Grade, Office Symbol) 3. GME/GHSE STUDENT: 4. PROTOCOL NUMBER: Kluesner...PROCESSING OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH/TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS/ PRESENTATIONS 1st ENDORSEMENT (59 MDW/SGVU Use Only) TO: Clinical Research Division 24...CAPT JOSEPH KLUESNER FROM: 59 MDW/SGYU SUBJECT: Professional Presentation Approval 1. Your paper, entitled An Atypical Presentation of Insulinoma

  14. Turning Scientific Presentations into Stories

    Aruffo, Christopher


    To increase students' confidence in giving scientific presentations, students were shown how to present scientific findings as a narrative story. Students who were preparing to give a scientific talk attended a workshop in which they were encouraged to experience the similarities between telling a personal anecdote and presenting scientific data.…

  15. Dressed to Present: Ratings of Classroom Presentations Vary with Attire

    Gurung, Regan A. R.; Kempen, Laura; Klemm, Kayla; Senn, Rebecca; Wysocki, Rosie


    This study investigates the effects of formality of dress on ratings of classroom presentations. Participants (N = 65, 66% women) from a Midwestern university in the United States rated three female students giving a presentation designed for a health psychology class in one of four outfits: casual, party, business casual, or business formal.…

  16. Isolated Torticollis May Present as an Atypical Presentation of Meningitis

    Roger Chirurgi


    Full Text Available Background. Bacterial meningitis is a life-threatening medical emergency that requires urgent diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis is infrequently missed if the patient presents with the classic symptoms of fever, headache, rash, nuchal rigidity, or Kernig or Brudzinski sign. However, it may be less obvious in neonates, elderly, or immunocompromised patients. Meningitis which presents as isolated torticollis, without any other signs or symptoms, is exceedingly rare. Objective. To identify an abnormal presentation of meningitis in an adult immunocompromised patient. Case Report. We present a case of an adult diabetic male who presented multiple times to the ED with complaint of isolated torticollis, who ultimately was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Conclusion. We propose that in the absence of sufficient explanation for acute painful torticollis in an immunocompromised adult patient, further evaluation, possibly including a lumbar puncture may be warranted.

  17. Discussion paper (presented during meeting)

    Allemand, R.


    A method of particle localization for gas chambers (backgammon game method) is presented. The cathode is geometrically cut in such a way that it is possible to establish a simple relation between the signal amplitude on the different parts of the cathode and the position of the nuclear event. The results obtained in the case of x-ray detectors are presented. The application of this method to the localization of neutrons is presently studied [fr

  18. Unusual presentation of Klinefelter syndrome

    Das, Chanchal; Sahana, Pranab Kumar; Sengupta, Nilanjan; Roy, Mukut; Dasgupta, Ranen


    Introduction: Klinefelter syndrome usually presents in the puberty and adulthood with its characteristic features. We report a boy who had Klinefelter syndrome with hypospadias and hydrocele. Case Note: Six and half year old boy had complaints of genitourinary problem in the form of hypospadias, small phallus and hydrocele. Karyotyping showed 47,XXY. Conclusion: This case illustrates that Klinefelter syndrome was presented in the infancy with hypospadias and hydrocele which are very uncommon presentation of the disease PMID:24910838

  19. Retinoblastoma: a most unusual presentation

    Dr. C. Pedro-Egbe

    Although leukocoria and strabismus are the most common presenting signs of retinoblastoma, a retrospective study by Abramson et al. identified 32 distinct presenting signs of retinoblastoma.6-8. A few other studies have also noted some distinct characteristics exhibited by children whose conditions were diagnosed in the ...

  20. Present status of processing method

    Kosako, Kazuaki [Sumitomo Atomic Energy Industries Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Present status of processing method for a high-energy nuclear data file was examined. The NJOY94 code is the only one available to the processing. In Japan, present processing used NJOY94 is orienting toward the production of traditional cross section library, because a high-energy transport code using a high-energy cross section library is indistinct. (author)

  1. Uncommon presentation of neuro- cysticercosis

    Uncommon presentation of neuro- cysticercosis. Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is a common parasitic infection of the central nervous system caused by the pork tapeworm Taenia solium. The clinical presentation of NCC in children includes generalised and partial seizures with or without features of raised intracranial pressure.

  2. Presentation Skills Workshops for Nurses.

    Kinn, S.; Kenyon, M.


    Workshops were held to prepare nurses (n=87) to present results of professional activities. One year after the course, 20 had made oral and 30 written presentations. The workshops increased their confidence and were considered practical, informal, and nonthreatening. (Contains 31 references.) (SK)

  3. Castleman's disease, an unusual presentation

    Shital Munde


    The present report describes a 30-year-old serving male who presented with pain abdomen and on and off episodes ofmelena, found to have peripancreatic lymphadenopathy on CECT abdomen. Ultrasound guided FN AC was done in private hospital revealed reactive lymphadenopathy. Excision biopsy was done in our institute and a diagnosis of Castleman's disease was made.

  4. Multiphasic presentation of Rasmussen's encephalitis

    Avbersek, A.; Miserocchi, A.; McEvoy, A.W.; Patel, A.V.; Aronica, E.; Blumcke, I.; Jacques, T.S.; Acheson, J.; Thom, M.; Sisodiya, S.M.


    Rasmussen's encephalitis is a rare, chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown cause, characterised by drug-resistant focal epilepsy that may rarely present in adolescence or adulthood. We present a case of Rasmussen's encephalitis with prominent recurrent fluctuation in symptoms and well-documented

  5. Creating an effective poster presentation.

    Taggart, H M; Arslanian, C


    One way to build knowledge in nursing is to share research findings or clinical program outcomes. The dissemination of these findings is often a difficult final step in a project that has taken months or years to complete. One method of sharing findings in a relaxed and informal setting is a poster presentation. This method is an effective form for presenting findings using an interactive approach. The milieu of a poster presentation enables the presenters to interact and dialogue with colleagues. Guidelines for size and format require that the poster is clear and informative. Application of design helps to create visually appealing posters. This article summarizes elements of designing and conducting a poster presentation.

  6. Atypical presentations of Wolframs syndrome

    S Saran


    Full Text Available Background: Wolfram syndrome is a rare hereditary or sporadic neurodegenerative disorder also known as DIDMOAD. The classically described presentation is of insulin-dependent diabetes, followed by optic atrophy, central diabetes insipidus, and sensory neural deafness. Also included are less well-described presentations of Wolframs syndrome. We here present three cases of atypical presentation of this syndrome. Case 1: A 15-year-old boy with insulin-dependent diabetes was presented for evaluation of depressive symptoms associated with suicidal tendency. Neuropsychiatric manifestations are described with Wolframs syndrome, and wolframin gene, in recessive inheritance, is associated with psychiatric illnesses without other manifestations of Wolframs syndrome. Case 2: A 17-year-old diabetic boy on insulin with good control of blood sugar presented for evaluation of delayed puberty. Central hypogonadism and other anterior pituitary hormone dysfunctions are the less publicized hormone dysfunctions in Wolframs syndrome. Case 3: A 23-year-old female who was on insulin for diabetes for the past 14 years, got admitted for evaluation of sudden loss of vision. This patient had developed a vitreous hemorrhage and, on evaluation, was found to have optic atrophy, sensory neural hearing loss, and diabetes insipidus, and presented differently from the gradual loss of vision described in Wolframs syndrome. Conclusion: Wolframs syndrome being a multisystem degenerative disorder can have myriad other manifestations than the classically described features. Neuropsychiatric manifestations, depression with suicidal risk, central hypogonadism, and secondary adrenal insufficiency are among the less well-described manifestations of this syndrome.

  7. An unusual presentation of sporotrichosis

    S S Vaishampayan


    Full Text Available Sporotrichosis can mimic a few diseases. Sporotrichosis presenting as a hypoaesthetic plaque or plaque suggestive of leprosy has not been mentioned in literature. Herein we present a case of a 26 years old man who presented with hypoesthetic plaque on left ankle and was clinically diagnosed to have borderline tuberculoid leprosy who later developed few nodules in linear fashion on left leg, which ruptured to form non healing ulcers. Culture from ulcer grew Sporothrix schenckii. Patient was successfully treated with oral potassium iodide.

  8. Rhabdomyosarcoma presenting as acute leukemia.

    Morandi, S; Manna, A; Sabattini, E; Porcellini, A


    We describe a case of a very unusual presentation of rhabdomyosarcoma. An 18-year-old woman presented with symptoms and signs compatible with acute leukemia. The bone marrow picture showed diffuse involvement sustained by undifferentiated blasts that turned out to be of striated muscle origin by immunochemistry. While it is well known that rhabdomyosarcoma may metastasize to the bone marrow, extensive marrow involvement with leukemic spread as a unique clinical manifestation is extremely rare. Our observation further confirms the need to consider rhabdomyosarcoma among the possible differential diagnoses in patients who present with a leukemic picture and atypical blasts lacking all hematopoietic markers.

  9. Clinical presentation of thyroid cancer

    Samuel, A.M.; Shah, D.H.


    The clinical manifestation of thyroid cancer (TC) as seen at the Nuclear Medicine Department, where the patients investigated prior to diagnosis of disease are clinically suspected to harbor malignancy and mostly referred for scintigraphic investigations are presented

  10. Hyperthyroidism: an unusual case presentation.

    Scripture, D L


    Hyperthyroidism is the most common disorder of the thyroid. Patients typically present with complaints consistent with a hypermetabolic state, including nervousness, weight loss, heat intolerance, palpitations, irritability, and tremor. This case report reviews a 34-year-old woman who presented with unilateral upper extremity weakness, weight gain, and an episode of atrial fibrillation, the latter coinciding with a 36-hour lack of sleep and excess alcohol and caffeine intake. Although an extensive neurologic evaluation failed to identify any abnormality, the patient's laboratory analysis revealed elevations in thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) levels with unsuppressed thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. Subsequent treatment with the antithyroid drug methimazole (Tapazole) provided complete relief of symptoms. This case report illustrates how health care providers can be diverted to pursue a neurologic etiology when muscle weakness presents as a unilateral symptom. Plausible alternative causes for muscle weakness and other symptoms are presented.

  11. Thyrotoxic crisis presenting with jaundice.

    Wickramasinghe, R D S S; Luke, W A N V; Sebastiampillai, B S; Gunathilake, M P M L; Premaratna, R


    Thyrotoxic crisis is a medical emergency requiring early diagnosis and urgent management, which can be challenging due to its diverse clinical presentations. While common presentations include fever, sweating, palpitations, tremors and confusion, presence of jaundice is rare. We report a 35-year-old male who presented with jaundice due to cholestasis along with other features of thyrotoxic crisis due to Graves' disease. He had a good clinical recovery with resolution of cholestasis following treatment for thyrotoxic crisis. Jaundice can be a rare manifestation of thyrotoxic crisis, and should be considered in the differential diagnosis when other clinical features of thyrotoxic crisis are present. However secondary causes of jaundice should be looked into and excluded.

  12. Presentation at FTP: A review

    Sheffield, J.


    This series of vugraphs presents some information concerning ORNL's involvement in the fusion energy research program. Recent and future experiments are named, and a rough estimate of funding is given

  13. Extradural lipomatosis presenting with paraplegia.

    Deogaonkar M


    Full Text Available An unusual case with spinal extradural lipomatosis in a non-obese and otherwise healthy man is reported. The patient presented with a history of weakness of legs which progressed to paraplegia over a 40 day period.

  14. A centralized audio presentation manager

    Papp, A.L. III; Blattner, M.M.


    The centralized audio presentation manager addresses the problems which occur when multiple programs running simultaneously attempt to use the audio output of a computer system. Time dependence of sound means that certain auditory messages must be scheduled simultaneously, which can lead to perceptual problems due to psychoacoustic phenomena. Furthermore, the combination of speech and nonspeech audio is examined; each presents its own problems of perceptibility in an acoustic environment composed of multiple auditory streams. The centralized audio presentation manager receives abstract parameterized message requests from the currently running programs, and attempts to create and present a sonic representation in the most perceptible manner through the use of a theoretically and empirically designed rule set.

  15. Hypertension presenting early in pregnancy

    Melvin, Audrey; Kinsley, Brendan


    Key Clinical Message Paraganglioma in pregnancy is an exceedingly rare and potentially life?threatening diagnosis. It is important that the clinicians consider secondary causes when women present with hypertension in early pregnancy.


    Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are d...

  17. QCD machines - present and future

    Christ, N.H.


    The present status of the currently working and nearly working dedicated QCD machines is reviewed and proposals for future machines are discussed with particular emphasis on the QCD Teraflop Project in the US. (orig.)

  18. Unusual presentation of cutaneous leiomyoma

    Sapnashree Bhaskar


    Full Text Available Herein, we report a case of leiomyoma cutis because of its rarity and unusual presentation. The case presented with a solitary leiomyoma lesion which was painless. However, the adjacent normal appearing area was tender. A biopsy of the lesion as well as of a portion of the adjacent normal appearing area was taken, which confirmed the diagnosis of cutaneous leiomyoma. This may suggest the dormant nature of the disease which has not yet become apparent.

  19. ECRIS 2010 - Proceedings and Presentations


    The workshop focussed on the latest developments in performance, modeling and applications of ECR ion sources along with the associated physics and technologies, including plasma physics, beam optics, beam diagnostics, magnet technology.... The presentations were organized around 8 topics: 1) status of ECRIS operation, 2) new developments, 3) ion beams and low energy beam transport (LEBT), 4) pulsed operation, 5) applications, and 6) plasma and beam investigations. Most papers are accompanied with the slides of their presentation




    Full Text Available Placenta Praevia is a common obstetric problem which presents with antepartum H aemorrhage and is treated by the obstetrician. It is very rare to see a patient with placenta praevia treated in medical ward for post - partum H aemorrhage due to disseminated intravascular coagulation defect with the added complication of acute kidney injury, P ost - partum H ypertension and PRES (posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, hence the presentation

  1. Present and future superconducting cyclotrons

    Nolen, J.A. Jr.


    This paper begins with a brief review of the status of present superconducting (SC) cyclotron projects, including the two which are currently operating and the six which are under construction. The next section summarizes the main features shared by five of these machines, while the third section presents recent developments and new concepts introduced in the other three ''second generation'' SC cyclotrons. Projects in early stages of development are discussed in the fourth section

  2. Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Presenting as Bradycardia

    Codsi, Elisabeth; Rose, Carl H.; Tweet, Marysia S.; Hayes, Sharonne N.; Best, Patricia J. M.; Blauwet, Lori A.


    Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is a disease that typically affects young otherwise healthy women. As PPCM is associated with significant mortality, timely diagnosis is necessary to ensure appropriate care. To our knowledge, this represents the first reported case of PPCM presenting as symptomatic bradycardia. We describe the patient’s clinical presentation and relevant findings and review the potential etiology and ramifications of bradycardia in patients with PPCM.

  3. Presentation of the ASTRAL software; Presentation du logiciel ASTRAL



    This report presents the ASTRAL software (ASTRAL means technical assistance in post-accidental radioprotection) which is aimed to be used as an aid-to-decision tool in the case of an important release of radionuclides in the environment by assessing radionuclide concentration in different environments and food products, determining the potential exposure to irradiation of concerned populations, foreseeing the evolution of the situation, and proposing different scenarios for the management of contaminated areas. The report describes the software general operation, presents the calculation module (main functionalities, concentration index calculation, dose calculation or radiological impact calculation, how countermeasures are taken into account), the data bases (contextual data, data for radio-ecological calculations and for radiological calculations), the software ergonomics (general principles, result selection and display, result printing and input data). Its briefly evokes the development quality assurance, and describes the software implementation architecture

  4. Dexmedetomidine overdosage: An unusual presentation

    Soumya S Nath


    Full Text Available We present a case of dexmedetomidine toxicity in a 3-year-old child. The case report describes the features and outlines the treatment strategy adopted. The child presented with bradypnoea, bradycardia, hypotension, deep hypnosis and miosis. He was successfully managed with oxygen, saline boluses and adrenaline infusion. He became haemodynamically stable with adrenaline infusion. He started responding to painful stimuli in 3 h and became oriented in 7 h. Dexmedetomidine, a selective α2 adrenoceptor agonist, is claimed to have a wide safety margin. This case report highlights the fact that dexmedetomidine administered in a toxic dose may be life-threatening may present with miosis and adrenaline infusion may be a useful supportive treatment.

  5. Neonatal hemophilia: a rare presentation

    Nuno Ferreira


    Full Text Available Hemophilia A is a X-linked hereditary condition that lead to decreased factor VIII activity, occurs mainly in males. Decreased factor VIII activity leads to increased risk of bleeding events. During neonatal period, diagnosis is made after post-partum bleeding complication or unexpected bleeding after medical procedures. Subgaleal hemorrhage during neonatal period is a rare, severe extracranial bleeding with high mortality and usually related to traumatic labor or coagulation disorders. Subgaleal hemorrhage complications result from massive bleeding. We present a neonate with unremarkable family history and uneventful pregnancy with a vaginal delivery with no instrumentation, presenting with severe subgaleal bleeding at 52 hours of life. Aggressive support measures were implemented and bleeding managed. The unexpected bleeding lead to a coagulation study and the diagnosis of severe hemophilia A. There were no known sequelae. This case shows a rare hemophilia presentation reflecting the importance of coagulation studies when faced with unexplained severe bleeding.

  6. Graphical presentation of participants' results



    The results obtained by 19 participating dosimetry systems are presented in this section. Section 3 of the preceding report, ''Evaluation of the Results of the First IAEA Coordinated Research Program on Intercomparison for Individual Monitoring'', explains the format and conventions used for the graphical presentation. The system number appearing in the upper left hand corner of each page can be used to correlate the dosimeter design information found in Table 2 of the preceding report with the results. However, care should be used in drawing inferences from this correlation, since system performance depends on a number of factors other than detector selection and design characteristics. (orig.)

  7. Technical presentation: Next Generation Oscilloscopes

    PH Department


      Rohde & Schwarz "Next Generation Oscilloscopes" - Introduction and Presentation Agenda: Wednesday 23 March  -  09:30 to 11:30 (open end) Bldg. 13-2-005 Language: English 09.30 Presentation "Next Generation Oscilloscopes" from Rohde & Schwarz RTO / RTM in theory and practice Gerard Walker 10.15 Technical design details from R&D Dr. Markus Freidhof 10.45 Scope and Probe Roadmap (confidential) Guido Schulze 11.00 Open Discussion Feedback, first impression, wishes, needs and requirements from CERN All 11.30 Expert Talks, Hands on All Mr. Dr. Markus Freidhof, Head of R&D Oscilloscopes, Rohde & Schwarz, Germany; Mr. Guido Schulze, ...

  8. DOE Collegiate Wind Competition (Presentation)

    Jones, J.


    This presentation for the January Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach webinar outlines the expanded need for workers in the wind industry and provides an overview of the DOE Wind Competition (to be held in May 2014) and the guiding principles of the competition.

  9. Press book presentation progress report


    This document presents four french sites of the ANDRA concerning the radioactive waste disposal. The concerned site are the underground research laboratory of Meuse/Haute-Marne, the Aube Center, the TFA Center and the Manche Center. For each sites, data and information on the geophysics, the capacity, the management or the research programs are analysed. (A.L.B.)

  10. Rose breeding: past, present, prospects

    Vries, de D.P.; Dubois, L.A.M.


    In this review the PAST, PRESENT and PROSPECT will be considered as three separate periods in the history of the breeding and development of rose cultivars. The recurring theme is the genetic variation. This theme was chosen because there is justified doubt as to sufficient genetic variation

  11. Understanding Algorithms in Different Presentations

    Csernoch, Mária; Biró, Piroska; Abari, Kálmán; Máth, János


    Within the framework of the Testing Algorithmic and Application Skills project we tested first year students of Informatics at the beginning of their tertiary education. We were focusing on the students' level of understanding in different programming environments. In the present paper we provide the results from the University of Debrecen, the…

  12. Experiments in Multimodal Information Presentation

    van Hooijdonk, Charlotte; Bosma, W.E.; Krahmer, Emiel; Maes, Alfons; Theune, Mariet; van den Bosch, Antal; Bouma, Gosse

    In this chapter we describe three experiments investigating multimodal information presentation in the context of a medical QA system. In Experiment 1, we wanted to know how non-experts design (multimodal) answers to medical questions, distinguishing between what questions and how questions. In

  13. Clinical Presentations of Acute Leukemia

    Shahab, F.; Raziq, F.


    Objective: To document the clinical presentation and epidemiology of various types of acute leukemia with their respective referral source at a tertiary level centre in Peshawar. Study Design: An observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Pathology, Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC), Peshawar, from January 2011 to May 2012. Methodology: A total of 618 bone marrow biopsy reports were reviewed. All biopsy reports labeled as acute leukemia were reviewed for age, gender, address, referring unit, diagnosis on bone marrow examination, presenting complaints, duration of illness and findings of clinical examination. Results: Ninety-two patients were diagnosed as suffering from acute leukemias (15%). ALL was most prevalent (46%), followed by AML (38%) and undifferentiated acute leukemia (16%). Males were affected more compared to females (60% vs. 40%). ALL and AML were predominant in pediatric (64%) and adults (77%) patients respectively. Patients from Afghanistan accounted for 33% of all cases followed by Peshawar (14%). Fever (77%), pallor (33%) and bleeding disorders (23%) were the main presenting complaints. Enlargement of liver, spleen and lymph nodes together was associated with ALL compared with AML (p = 0.004). Conclusion: ALL-L1 and AML-M4 were the most common sub-types. Fever, pallor and bleeding disorders were the main presenting complaints. Enlargement of liver, spleen and lymph nodes was more frequently associated with ALL compared to AML. (author)

  14. Reninoma presenting as cardiac syncope

    Tak, Shahid I; Wani, Mohd Lateef; Khan, Khursheed A; Alai, Mohd Sultan; Shera, Altaf Hussain; Ahangar, Abdul G; Khan, Yasir Bashir; Nayeem-ul-Hassan; Irshad, Ifat


    Reninoma, a renin-secreting tumor of the juxta-glomerular cells of the kidney, is a rare but surgically treatable cause of secondary hypertension in children. We report a case of reninoma presenting as cardiac syncope with long QTc on electrocardiogram due to hypokalemia. PMID:21677812

  15. Unusual Presentation of Maydl's Hernia

    Nikhil NBA, Natarajan K, Mohanty A, et al. An. Unusual Case of Maydl's Hernia. Int J Cur Res Rev. 2013;5(6):22-5. 11. Ganesaratnam M. Maydl's hernia: Report of a Series of Seven Cases and Review of Literature. Brit J Surg. 1985;72:737-8. 12. Weledji EP, Mokake M, Ngowe MN. A Rare. Presentation of Maydl's Hernia.

  16. Secondary syphilis presenting as vertigo

    Bari, A.U.; Mehmood, T.; Khan, B.; Malik, N.; Malik, K.Z.; Sukhera, A.M.


    Syphilis is a chronic, systemic and sexually transmitted infectious disease affecting most of the organs in the body. A young African man presented with vertigo, unsteadiness of gait and a skin rash suggestive of secondary syphilis. Diagnosis was confirmed on serology and was treated with two shots of long-acting penicillin, following which his symptoms settled. (author)

  17. Energy consumption: Past, present, future


    The energy consumption history of the United States and the changes which could occur in consumption characteristics in the next 50 years are presented. The various sources of energy are analyzed to show the limitations involved in development and utilization as a function of time available. Several scenarios were prepared to show the consumption and supply of energy under varying conditions.

  18. Learning through Dramatic Story Presentation

    Tindall, Evie


    The use of story with dramatic presentation approaches produces an engaging and powerful instructional choice for today's adult ESL educators. Two engaging and timed-tested approaches are Reader's Theater and Tableau Vivant. Both provide English language learners with content tailored to their abilities in addition to numerable opportunities to…

  19. Police, managerialization and presentational strategies

    Terpstra, J.; Trommel, W.A.


    Purpose - The managerialization of the police may be seen as an effort to restore the legitimacy of the police. This paper aims to show that the managerialist strategy presently occurring within police forces creates new pitfalls and unintended consequences. Design/methodology/approach - The paper

  20. Viewfoils for environmental capabilities presentation


    This document contains information about the environmental applications of aerial surveys. It discusses the accuracy, dependability, history, advantages, and sensitivity of aerial surveys. Also included, are a brief overview of in-situ gamma spectroscopy and samples of aerial surveys. This document contains entirely of an outline and viewfoils for the presentation

  1. Present Day Philosophies of Education

    Ediger, Marlow


    Presently, there are competing philosophies of education which need comparison. Two philosophies will be compared which are at opposite ends of the continuum. They are distinctly different. And yet, both schools of thought have their disciples. Each of the two will be discussed in terms of its essential features and then there will be selected…


    She was otherwise well wizh no symptoms referable to other systems. On examination .... cardiac failure. The other ... but chronic oedema of the right arm of moderate degree was present. .... a tuberculous ulcer on the dorsum of the hand, followed ... venous system may also lead to haematogenous dissemination, producing ...

  3. The Present State of Behaviorism

    Mowrer, O. Hobart


    Assesses the present status of behaviorism by dividing this study into an evaluation of Behaviorism 1, based explicitly on Pavlov's conception of conditioned-response learning, and Behaviorism 11, single-handedly launched and almost completely dominanted by Professor B. F. Skinner. (Author/RK)

  4. Petroleum - its present and future

    SenGupta, R.; Qasim, S.Z.

    World's "published proved" reserve of oil by the end of 1984 was known to be of the order of 95,000 million tonnes. Of this, 57% lies buried in the middle eastern countries. At the present rate of growth in consumption and production of oil...

  5. Reactor enclosure. BRC meeting presentation

    Fisch, J.W.


    The latest status of key components of the Reactor Enclosure System of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant is described. Areas where there have been notable design changes or significant design detail maturity in the six months since the last BRC presentation are highlighted. (auth)

  6. Slide Composition for Electronic Presentations

    Larson, Ronald B.


    Instructors who use computer-generated graphics in their lectures have many options to consider when developing their presentations. Experts give different advice on which typefaces, background and letter colors, and background imagery improve communications. This study attempted to resolve these controversies by examining how short-term recall of…

  7. Hypervideos and interactive multimedia presentations

    B. Meixner (Britta)


    textabstractHypervideos and interactive multimedia presentations allow the creation of fully interactive and enriched video. It is possible to organize video scenes in a nonlinear way. Additional information can be added to the video ranging from short descriptions to images and more videos.

  8. Unusual presentation of gallbladder perforation

    G. Jayasinghe


    Conclusions: Percutaneous abscesses arising from the gallbladder are a rare but potentially serious consequence of acute cholecystitis, and may present in a wide variety of locations. Therefore it is imperative to conduct a full body inspection in the septic patient, even when a source has been identified.

  9. Neutrino astronomy: Present and future

    Abstract. I briefly review the present and future status of the burgeoning field of neu- ... near future build upon previous results. ... novel radio and acoustic techniques utilized by, for example, experiments such as. GLUE ... Left: Schematic of νµ-induced muon track in detector. Right: .... an eye toward the galactic center).

  10. BVDV: past, present, and future

    The term bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) has come to refer to a collection of diverse clinical presentations that include respiratory, enteric and reproductive diseases accompanied by immunosuppression. BVD may be caused by one of three different species of bovine pestivirus, bovine viral diarrhea viru...

  11. Clustering semantics for hypermedia presentation

    Alberink, M.J.; Rutledge, L.W.; Hardman, H.L.; Veenstra, M.J.A.


    Semantic annotations of media repositories make relationships among the stored media and relevant concepts explicit. However, these relationships and the media they join are not directly presentable as hypermedia. Previous work shows how clustering over the annotations in the repositories can

  12. Summary of presentations and discussions

    Takeuchi, Mitsuo


    In December 2007, the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence discussed its theme entitled 'Link between research, development and demonstration (RD and D) and stakeholder confidence'. It was remarked that regulators need a technical demonstration to aid in evaluating the safety case. Local stakeholders appreciate the opportunity to visualise technological arrangements. In both cases, demonstration adds to confidence in the feasibility of solutions. Some believe there is an important role for analogues in communication with stakeholders, if handled with integrity. To explore and benchmark current practices, it was decided to hold a topical session at the 9. regular meeting of the FSC on 4 June 2008 regarding the use of analogues for confidence building. The session opened with an introductory presentation by the session rapporteur. This incorporated input provided for the purpose by FSC members in cooperation with their country's representative to the NEA RWMC 'Integration Group on the Safety Case'. Three speakers then presented the various uses of analogues by implementers, regulators and scientists to build their own confidence; a fourth speaker dealt with the experience of using natural analogues in public information. The presentations addressed the use of analogues in the field of geological disposal of high-level waste (HLW) and long-lived intermediate level (ILW-LL) radioactive waste. Then the FSC participants split into two working groups for discussion. The outcome of these discussions was reported in plenary on 6 June 2008 and it was agreed to publish proceedings of the session. The present summary, prepared by the session rapporteur with input from the NEA Secretariat, captures the main points heard in the course of the event. It combines data from the formal presentations and remarks made in discussion. The latter represent viewpoints expressed by a group whose primary focus is not natural analogues but rather stakeholder interests. The summary and viewpoints

  13. Pulmonary hyalinizing granuloma presenting with dysphagia: a rare presentation.

    Khan, Fazal; Hamid, Arsalan; Fatima, Benish; Hashmi, Shiraz; Fatimi, Saulat


    A 25-year-old man presented with a 2-month history of dysphagia and past history of pulmonary and intestinal tuberculosis. A barium swallow showed a point of constriction 42 mm above the gastroesophageal junction. Computed tomography revealed large opacities in bilateral lung fields, encroaching more on the esophagus. The lesion progressively compressed the esophagus as it moved inferiorly. A right posterolateral thoracotomy was performed for sub-anatomical resection of the mass. A biopsy revealed homogenous whirling hyalinized collagen fibers, highly suggestive of pulmonary hyalinizing granuloma, with no evidence of malignancy. Pulmonary hyalinizing granuloma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of longstanding dysphagia.

  14. An unusual presentation of presentation of a branchial cleft cyst.

    Vemula, Rahul; Greco, Gregory


    Branchial cleft cysts are congenital anomalies that arise from the aberrant embryological development of the branchial apparatus. The location of a branchial cleft cyst is determined by which branchial cleft failed to obliterate during embryological development, with the second branchial cleft cyst being the most commonly recognized lesion. Although the most common location for branchial cleft cysts is between the external auditory canal and the level of the clavicle, the literature does describe unusual locations. We present a case a 15-year-old boy who had an enlarging lesion on his back that had been present since birth. A presumptive radiologic diagnosis of lymphangioma circumscriptum was made. Upon excision of the lesion and pathologic examination, it was determined to be a branchial cleft cyst. The patient had an uneventful postoperative course, and no recurrence was noted after a 2-year follow-up. Our clinical report demonstrates a lesion on the posterior thorax that proved to be a branchial cleft cyst and should always be part of the differential diagnosis for soft tissue masses of the thorax.

  15. Presentation of the ASTRAL software


    This report presents the ASTRAL software (ASTRAL means technical assistance in post-accidental radioprotection) which is aimed to be used as an aid-to-decision tool in the case of an important release of radionuclides in the environment by assessing radionuclide concentration in different environments and food products, determining the potential exposure to irradiation of concerned populations, foreseeing the evolution of the situation, and proposing different scenarios for the management of contaminated areas. The report describes the software general operation, presents the calculation module (main functionalities, concentration index calculation, dose calculation or radiological impact calculation, how countermeasures are taken into account), the data bases (contextual data, data for radio-ecological calculations and for radiological calculations), the software ergonomics (general principles, result selection and display, result printing and input data). Its briefly evokes the development quality assurance, and describes the software implementation architecture

  16. Presentation of economic evaluation results.

    Chaikledkaew, Usa


    The first HTA guidelines for Thailand included a chapter outlining a set of guidelines on how best to report the findings of health economic evaluations, based on a review of best practice and existing guidelines on the presentation of economic evaluation results from around the world. In this second edition of HTA guidelines for Thailand, the recommendations build on the first edition by using a case study to illustrate how the guidelines can be applied in a real research context. The guidelines propose that all reporting include ten key elements: defining the scope of the study, selection of comparator(s), defining the type of economic evaluation, measurement of costs, measurement of clinical effects, handling time in economic evaluation studies, handling uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, presentation of the results, discussion of the results, and disclosure of funding and authors conflict of interest.

  17. RTNS-II: present status

    Heikkinen, D.W.; Logan, C.M.


    The present status of the RTNS-II facility is described and typical operating parameters are given. A brief discussion is given of the methods used in production of the TiT 2 targets as well as their performance and tritium handling at RTNS-II. The various types of non-interactive beam diagnostics presently in use at the neutron sources are outlined. The on-line computer system which provides a time history of an irradiation and records target performance is described. Examples are listed of several representative experimental programs which have been carried out thus far at RTNS-II. These include both active and passive experiments. Finally, several of the major improvements to the facility made since the beginning of the experimental program are given

  18. Presentation of TVO's visitor's centre

    Aemmaelae, V.M.


    There are four nuclear power plant units in Finland, two of which are PWR's owned by Imatran Voima Oy. The two BWR units are located at Olkiluoto and owned by Teollisuuden Voima Oy. This presentation tells about TVO's concept of informing the visitors at Olkiluoto. At the site there are located, in addition to the two nuclear power plant units, the intermediate storage for spent fuel, the repository for low and medium-active waste as well as the training centre. At the Olkiluoto Visitor's Centre all the activities of the company are presented using varied audio-visual aids. The centre has several exhibits and there are also different installations to show how the plant works. (author)

  19. Amebiasis Presenting as Pleuropulmonary Disease

    Kubitschek, Kenneth R.; Peters, Jay; Nickeson, David; Musher, Daniel M.


    Seven patients with amebic liver abscess presenting as pleuropulmonary disease were admitted to hospital initially because of pulmonary symptoms and were found to have amebic liver disease. Three categories of pleuropulmonary involvement included reactive inflammation of the pleura or lung, rupture of a hepatic abscess into the pleural space and rupture of a hepatic abscess into the bronchial airways. The preferred medical treatment is with metronidazole, but rupture of hepatic amebic abscess...

  20. Computer training, present and future.

    Smith, G. A.


    The products of educational firms today lead toward a multimedia approach to the education and training of commercial programmers and systems analysts. Computer-assisted instruction or CAI is a relatively new medium to augment the other media. The government use of computers is discussed together with the importance of computer pretests. Pretests can aid in determining a person's ability to absorb a particular instructional level. The material presented in a number of computer courses is listed.

  1. Sarcoidosis presenting as penile mass

    Hüseyin Semiz


    Full Text Available Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease with unknown cause characterized by noncaseating granuloma formations. It may present with bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, skin lesions, eye, and musculoskeletal system involvement. Rare involvement of the genital organs (prostate, testis, epididymis has also been reported. However, penile involvement is observed quite rare. In this paper, we report a patient with penile mass who was diagnosed with sarcoidosis on the basis of the laboratory, radiological, and pathological investigations.

  2. Carcinoma caecum - a rare presentation

    Ali, T.; Mudasser, S.; Mudsser, S.; Sarwar, M.


    Caecal and right sided colonic cancers mostly present with fatigue, weakness and iron deficiency anemia. Such tumours rarely perforate posteriorly and involve the retroperitoneum. We report a case of an old Omani lady who came with insidious sign and symptoms of perforated caecum leading to retroperitoneal collection and necrotizing fasciitis of abdominal wall due to carcinoma of caecum. She underwent surgery but despite active intervention, she died because of septicemic shock. (author)

  3. Water plants past and present

    Riis, Tenna


    How has the condition of the environment developed during the last 100 years? This is an important question because the conditions of the past infl uence those of the present, and knowledge about this development makes it possible to evaluate the causes of changes in species richness, species com...... composition and environmental quality. Here we compare old and contemporary studies of the Danish stream fl ora....

  4. Burning mouth syndrome: Present perspective

    Ramesh Parajuli


    Introduction: Burning mouth syndrome is characterized by chronic oral pain or burning sensation affecting the oral mucosa in the absence of obvious visible mucosal lesions. Patient presenting with the burning mouth sensation or pain is frequently encountered in clinical practice which poses a challenge to the treating clinician. Its exact etiology remains unknown which probably has multifactorial origin. It often affects middle or old age women and it may be accompanied by xerostomia and alte...

  5. Present status of CP violation

    Ng, J.N.


    A review of the status of CP violation in kaons is given. Status of our knowledge of quark mixing angles in the standard six quark model is presented. The role Β d o - Βd o transition plays in this study is examined. A comparison of the estimates of CP violation effects from models beyond the standard one is given. Other experiments that have the capability of testing different CP violation models are also discussed. (Author) 35 refs., 6 figs., tab

  6. Nocardial mycetoma: Diverse clinical presentations

    Sharma Nand


    Full Text Available Nocardia spp are gram-positive, aerobic, acid-fast bacteria which exist as saprophytes in nature. Invasive disseminated infections are particularly common in immunocompromised or debilitated hosts. Superficial infections with Nocardia spp occur as a result of local trauma and contamination of the wound. Clinically, it presents as acute infection (abscesses or cellulitis, mycetoma, or sporotrichoid infection. Differential diagnosis includes eumycetoma, chromomycosis, blastomycosis, coccidioidomycosis, sporotrichosis, tuberculosis, botryomycosis, syphilis, yaws, and neoplasia. Its diagnosis is confirmed by demonstrating the causative organism in exudates (as granules, tissue specimens, or cultures. Early diagnosis will obviate need for drastic surgical measures as early institution of chemotherapy is effective in most patients. However, its diagnosis is often delayed due to diverse clinical presentations and for want of clinical suspicion, particularly in non-endemic areas. This paper presents 4 clinical forms of this not so uncommon disease, emphasizing the importance of high index of clinical suspicion, especially in non-endemic regions; and the significance of repeated examination of exudates for Nocardia granules for an early diagnosis.

  7. Industry Presentation to Regulatory Workshop

    Treasure, Mark


    Mr. Mark Treasure from EDF NGL gave a presentation on industry perspectives on safety culture oversight. Mr. Treasure is the Nuclear Inspection and Oversight Manager within the Safety and Regulation Division. The presentation started with an explanation of the role of the nuclear inspection and oversight group (internal regulator), and their current approach to internal oversight of safety culture. A key element of the current internal regulatory oversight program is Management and Leadership Assessments. These are carried out by a team including management peers from other plants to enhance credibility. Findings can be linked to safety performance, and typically identify issues in areas such as accountability arrangements and strategic focus of the leadership team. Safety indicators have also been introduced to show trends in safety management and safety performance for each EDF UK nuclear power plant. A periodic nuclear safety culture survey is also carried out to identify focus areas and progress. The presentation included discussion on views of the role of the nuclear regulator. Important aspects were identified as: - Supporting the internal regulator by seeking to understand before taking enforcement action, maintaining an open dialogue and recognising that this area is complex and that there is rarely a 'silver bullet' solution. - Communication: being visible and actively discussing safety improvement, and use of language which emphasises nuclear safety rather than legal compliance. - Positive reinforcement to recognise efforts and encourage further improvement

  8. XPL the Extensible Presentation Language

    A. Santangelo


    Full Text Available The last decade has witnessed a growing interest in the development of web interfaces enabling both multiple ways to access contents and, at the same time, fruition by multiple modalities of interaction (point-and-click, contents reading, voice commands, gestures, etc.. In this paper we describe a framework aimed at streamlining the design process of multi-channel, multimodal interfaces enabling full reuse of software components. This framework is called the eXtensible Presentation architecture and Language (XPL, a presentation language based on design pattern paradigm that keeps separated the presentation layer from the underlying programming logic. The language supplies a methodology to expedite multimodal interface development and to reduce the effort to implement interfaces for multiple access devices, by means of using the same code. This paper describes a methodology approach based on Visual Design Pattern (ViDP and Verbal Design Pattern (VeDP, offering examples of multimodal and multichannel interfaces created with the XPL Editor.

  9. Quantum technology past, present, future: quantum energetics (Conference Presentation)

    Choi, Sang H.


    Since the development of quantum physics in the early part of the 1900s, this field of study has made remarkable contributions to our civilization. Some of these advances include lasers, light-emitting diodes (LED), sensors, spectroscopy, quantum dots, quantum gravity and quantum entanglements. In 1998, the NASA Langley Research Center established a quantum technology committee to monitor the progress in this area and initiated research to determine the potential of quantum technology for future NASA missions. The areas of interest in quantum technology at NASA included fundamental quantum-optics materials associated with quantum dots and quantum wells, device-oriented photonic crystals, smart optics, quantum conductors, quantum information and computing, teleportation theorem, and quantum energetics. A brief review of the work performed, the progress made in advancing these technologies, and the potential NASA applications of quantum technology will be presented.

  10. Diabetic Myonecrosis: An Atypical Presentation

    José Hernán Martínez


    Full Text Available Diabetic myonecrosis is a frequently unrecognized complication of longstanding and poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. The clinical presentation is swelling, pain, and tenderness of the involved muscle, most commonly the thigh muscles. Management consists of conservative measures including analgesia and rest. Short-term prognosis is good, but long-term prognosis is poor with most patients dying within 5 years. Failure to properly identify this condition will expose the patient to aggressive measures that could result in increased morbidity. To our knowledge this is the first case reported in which there was involvement of multiple muscle groups including upper and lower limbs.

  11. Variable retinal presentations in nanophthalmos

    Khan, A.; Zafar, S.N.


    Nanophthalmos is an uncommon developmental ocular disorder characterized by a small eye with short axial length, high hyperopia and high lens/eye volume ratio due to arrested development of the globe in all directions. Different types of fundus changes can rarely occur with nanophthalmos. We describe five cases of nanophthalmos, each of them presenting with a different fundus appearance. Our case series highlights variability of pigmentary changes from retinal flecks to bone spicules and bull's eye maculopathy, which are rare in the combinations described here. (author)

  12. Present art of reactivity determination

    Kaneko, Yoshihiko; Nakano, Masafumi; Matsuura, Shojiro


    Experimental techniques for reactivity determination of a reactor have been one of the long standing subjects in reactor physics. Recently, such a requirement was proposed by the reactor designers and operators that the values of reactivity should be measured more accurately. This is because importance is emphasized for the role of reactivity to the performance of reactor safety, economics and operability. Motivated by the requirement, some remarkable progresses are being made for the improvement of the experimental techniques. Then, the present review summarizes the research activities on this subject, identifies several reactor physics problems to be overcome, and makes mention of the future targets. (auth.)

  13. Addison's disease presenting with perimyocarditis.

    Baranski Lamback, Elisa; Morandi, Grazia; Rapti, Eleni; Christov, Georgi; Brogan, Paul A; Hindmarsh, Peter


    Polyglandular autoimmune syndrome (PGA) and eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA) do not seem to represent a coincidental association. A case of a 15-year-old boy is reported who presented with severe systemic inflammation, perimyocarditis and cardiogenic shock, in whom EGPA was initially suspected and later diagnosed with autoimmune adrenalitis with PGA. The severity of the systemic inflammation and perimyocarditis suggests a more widespread autoimmune-mediated process. Autoimmune adrenal insufficiency should be considered in all cases of pericarditis and perimyocarditis, especially when the severity of clinical manifestations exceeds the expected for the severity of the cardiac findings, as timely identification and prompt treatment may be life-saving.

  14. Metastatic liposarcoma present in mediastinum

    Vazquez Gonzalez, Jose Manuel; Danta Fundora, Debora; Collado Otero, Juan Carlos; Paredes Lopez, Dagmar I


    Authors present the case of a woman aged 59 operated on in three occasions due to the presence of neck nodules. Biopsy from two of them informs that be about a pleomorphous liposarcoma. After 6 years she came to consultation by a picture of high retrosternal pain and slight dyspnea. Thorax tomography shows a solid mass in anterior mediastinum. We made exeresis of a 10 cm diameter soft solid mass. Pathological Anatomy Service reported on relapse of a pleomorphous liposarcoma. In general, the postoperative course was satisfactory. Literature reviewed shows that the surgical treatment is the more used procedure in these cases. (author)

  15. Presentation at Innoventure Annual Competition



    This report documents the components of the workshop presented at the recent annual competition for the Innoventure program. The goal of the workshop was to focus on the delivery of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts in a hands-on experiential learning format to increase interest in national security careers at NNSA, most of which are in the STEM fields. This work is a part of the National Security Preparedness Project (NSPP), being performed under a Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) grant.

  16. Vitality of optical vortices (Presentation)

    Roux, FS


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Roux3_2014.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 3018 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name Roux3_2014.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Title Vitality of optical vortices F Stef... Roux Presented at Complex Light and Optical Force VIII SPIE Photonics West 2014 Moscone Center, San Francisco, California USA 5 February 2014 CSIR National Laser Centre, Pretoria, South Africa – p. 1/11 Speckle Amplitude Phase – p. 2/11 Vortex...

  17. Cartography past, present and future

    Rhind, DW


    Making maps dates back at least four thousand years and it is widely recognised that many maps are of great historical value and present a skilled method of summarising the real world on a sheet of paper. Less well known is the judgement involved in the selection and simplification of features, the complex transformation of space and the exacting standards which are needed in cartography. This book is primarily a tribute to Professor F.J. Ormeling, former President and Secretary/Treasurer of the ICA and gives a wide ranging review of the current status of cartography, how this status was atta

  18. STS-95 Post Flight Presentation


    The STS-95 flight crew, Cmdr. Curtis L. Brown, Pilot Steven W. Lindsey, Mission Specialists Scott E. Parazynski, Stephen K. Robinson, and Pedro Duque, and Payload Specialists Chiaki Mukai and John H. Glenn present a video mission over-view of their space flight. Images include prelaunch activities such as eating the traditional breakfast, crew suit-up, and the ride out to the launch pad. Also, included are various panoramic views of the shuttle on the pad. The crew can be seen being readied in the "whiteroom" for their mission. After the closing of the hatch and arm retraction, launch activities are shown including countdown, engine ignition, launch, and the separation of the Solid Rocket Boosters. The primary objectives, which include the conducting of a variety of science experiments in the pressurized SPACEHAB module, the deployment and retrieval of the Spartan free-flyer payload, and operations with the HST Orbiting Systems Test (HOST) and the International Extreme Ultraviolet Hitchhiker (IEH) payloads are discussed in both the video and still photo presentation.


    M H Dadgarnia


    Full Text Available "nTuberculosis (TB still represents a major public health problem worldwide. The primary form of disease is most often localized to the lung. In a minority of patients, progressive pulmonary disease spreads to other organ systems through self inoculation via infected sputum, blood and lymphatic system, establishing the secondary form of tuberculosis. We present a patient that was referred to us with complaint of ulcerative mouth lesions from 3 months ago. In physical examination multiple erythematous and irregularly ulcerative lesions affecting soft palate area, uvula and anterior tonsillar pillar was noted bilaterally. Punch biopsy was done from several points that revealed chronic granulomatous inflammation. Ziehl-Nielsen staining of cultured specimen demonstrated acid-fast bacilli. Chest X-ray showed apical pulmonary involvement, suggesting tuberculosis infection. Patient was treated with anti-tuberculosis 4 drugs regimen. In the one year follow-up period after complete treatment; patient didn't have any evidence of disease. Oral and oropharyngeal TB lesions are uncommon, it is estimated that only 0.05-5% of total TB cases may present with oral manifestations, but should be an important consideration in the differential diagnosis of lesions that appear in the oral cavity and oropharynx. The secondary form is more frequent and involves mainly the tongue but involvement of pharynx is quite rare condition. Although tuberculosis of oropharynx is relatively rare, with the increasing incidence of tuberculosis, it must be considered in the differential diagnosis of atypical ulcerative lesions of the mouth and oropharynx.

  20. Early presentation of primary glioblastoma.

    Faguer, R; Tanguy, J-Y; Rousseau, A; Clavreul, A; Menei, P


    Clinical and neuroimaging findings of glioblastomas (GBM) at an early stage have rarely been described and those tumors are most probably under-diagnosed. Furthermore, their genetic alterations, to our knowledge, have never been previously reported. We report the clinical as well as neuroimaging findings of four early cases of patients with GBM. In our series, early stage GBM occurred at a mean age of 57 years. All patients had seizures as their first symptom. In all early stages, MRI showed a hyperintense signal on T2-weighted sequences and an enhancement on GdE-T1WI sequences. A hyperintense signal on diffusion sequences with a low ADC value was also found. These early observed occurrences of GBM developed rapidly and presented the MRI characteristics of classic GBM within a few weeks. The GBM size was multiplied by 32 in one month. Immunohistochemical analysis indicated the de novo nature of these tumors, i.e. absence of mutant IDH1 R132H protein expression, which is a diagnostic marker of low-grade diffuse glioma and secondary GBM. A better knowledge of early GBM presentation would allow a more suitable management of the patients and may improve their prognosis. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  1. Teratology - past, present and future.

    Ujházy, Eduard; Mach, Mojmír; Navarová, Jana; Brucknerová, Ingrid; Dubovický, Michal


    Teratology is the science that studies the causes, mechanisms, and patterns of abnormal development. The authors present an updated overview of the most important milestones and stages of the development of modern teratology. Development of knowledge and society led to the recognition that causes of congenital developmental disorders (CDDs) might be caused by various mechanical effects, foetal diseases, and retarded or arrested development of the embryo and foetus. Based on the analysis of the historical development of hypotheses and theories representing a decisive contribution to this field, we present a survey of the six Wilson's fundamental principles of teratology. The aim of observing these principles is to get insight into developmental relations and to understand mechanisms of action on the level of cell populations (elementary morphogenetic processes), tissues and organs. It is important to realise that any negative intervention into the normal course of these processes, either on genetic or non-genetic basis, inevitably leads to a sequence of subsequent changes resulting in CDDs. Moreover, the classical toxicologic monotonic dose-response paradigm recently has been challenged by the so-called "low dose-hypothesis", particularly in the case of endocrine active substances. These include some pesticides, dioxins, polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs), and bisphenol A. Despite modern approaches of molecular biology and genetics, along with top diagnostic techniques, we are still not able to identify the actual cause in more than 65 to 70% of all congenital defects classified as having an unknown etiology. Today CDDs include any birth defect, either morphological, biochemical, or behavioural.

  2. Cutaneous sporotrichosis: Unusual clinical presentations

    Mahajan Vikram


    Full Text Available Three unusual clinical forms of sporotrichosis described in this paper will be a primer for the clinicians for an early diagnosis and treatment, especially in its unusual presentations. Case 1, a 52-year-old man, developed sporotrichosis over pre-existing facial nodulo-ulcerative basal cell carcinoma of seven-year duration, due to its contamination perhaps from topical herbal pastes and lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis over right hand/forearm from facial lesion/herbal paste. Case 2, a 25-year-old woman, presented with disseminated systemic-cutaneous, osteoarticular and possibly pleural (effusion sporotrichosis. There was no laboratory evidence of tuberculosis and treatment with anti-tuberculosis drugs (ATT did not benefit. Both these cases were diagnosed by histopathology/culture of S. schenckii from tissue specimens. Case 3, a 20-year-old girl, had multiple intensely pruritic, nodular lesions over/around left knee of two-year duration. She was diagnosed clinically as a case of prurigo nodularis and histologically as cutaneous tuberculosis, albeit, other laboratory investigations and treatment with ATT did not support the diagnosis. All the three patients responded well to saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI therapy. A high clinical suspicion is important in early diagnosis and treatment to prevent chronicity and morbidity in these patients. SSKI is fairly safe and effective when itraconazole is not affordable/ available.

  3. Presentation Extensions of the SOAP

    Carnright, Robert; Stodden, David; Coggi, John


    A set of extensions of the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP) enables simultaneous and/or sequential presentation of information from multiple sources. SOAP is used in the aerospace community as a means of collaborative visualization and analysis of data on planned spacecraft missions. The following definitions of terms also describe the display modalities of SOAP as now extended: In SOAP terminology, View signifies an animated three-dimensional (3D) scene, two-dimensional still image, plot of numerical data, or any other visible display derived from a computational simulation or other data source; a) "Viewport" signifies a rectangular portion of a computer-display window containing a view; b) "Palette" signifies a collection of one or more viewports configured for simultaneous (split-screen) display in the same window; c) "Slide" signifies a palette with a beginning and ending time and an animation time step; and d) "Presentation" signifies a prescribed sequence of slides. For example, multiple 3D views from different locations can be crafted for simultaneous display and combined with numerical plots and other representations of data for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The resulting sets of views can be temporally sequenced to convey visual impressions of a sequence of events for a planned mission.

  4. Bilirubin present in diverse angiosperms.

    Pirone, Cary; Johnson, Jodie V; Quirke, J Martin E; Priestap, Horacio A; Lee, David


    Bilirubin is an orange-yellow tetrapyrrole produced from the breakdown of heme by mammals and some other vertebrates. Plants, algae and cyanobacteria synthesize molecules similar to bilirubin, including the protein-bound bilins and phytochromobilin which harvest or sense light. Recently, we discovered bilirubin in the arils of Strelitzia nicolai, the White Bird of Paradise Tree, which was the first example of this molecule in a higher plant. Subsequently, we identified bilirubin in both the arils and the flowers of Strelitzia reginae, the Bird of Paradise Flower. In the arils of both species, bilirubin is present as the primary pigment, and thus functions to produce colour. Previously, no tetrapyrroles were known to generate display colour in plants. We were therefore interested in determining whether bilirubin is broadly distributed in the plant kingdom and whether it contributes to colour in other species. In this paper, we use HPLC/UV and HPLC/UV/electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC/UV/ESI-MS/MS) to search for bilirubin in 10 species across diverse angiosperm lineages. Bilirubin was present in eight species from the orders Zingiberales, Arecales and Myrtales, but only contributed to colour in species within the Strelitziaceae. The wide distribution of bilirubin in angiosperms indicates the need to re-assess some metabolic details of an important and universal biosynthetic pathway in plants, and further explore its evolutionary history and function. Although colour production was limited to the Strelitziaceae in this study, further sampling may indicate otherwise.

  5. Anaphylactic reactions presenting with hypertension.

    Solmazgul, Emrullah; Kutlu, Ali; Dogru, Salim; Ozalper, Veysel; Cetindagli, Ibrahim; Sezer, Ogun; Salmanoglu, Musa; Kilic, Erol; Karabacak, Ercan; Ozturk, Sami


    Although a few case reports about hypertensive anaphylaxis (HA) are available in the present literature, there is no study about the prevalence of HA. In this study, we review our cases with anaphylaxis presenting with hypertension and ascertain its prevalence. The documents of the patients who had anaphylactic reactions after the procedures performed for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases in GATA Haydarpasa Clinic of Allergy and Immunology between January 2010 and December 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. Within the study period, 324 patients had undergone 4332 procedures in which 62 of them had developed anaphylaxis. During the procedures, the rate of anaphylaxis was found to be 1.43 %. The rate of HA among the anaphylaxis patients was 12.9 % (8 of 62 patients). During treatments, 2 patients received adrenaline injections without any adverse reaction. HA may be seen at a considerable rate during an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis and hypertension can be recovered by adrenaline injection when required. According to the best of our knowledge, this study is the first original study about the prevalence of HA in English-language medical literature.

  6. Uncommon presentation of pulmonary aspergilloma

    Baradkar V


    Full Text Available Cases of pulmonary aspergilloma without any predisposing factors are rarely reported. Clinical presentation varies from case to case. Here, we report a case of pulmonary aspergilloma in a 60-year-old male patient who was admitted to the Intensive Respiratory Care Unit with spontaneous pneumothorax. The patient had a history of dyspnea on exertion since 9 months and mild haemoptysis since the last 6 months. A computerised tomographic scan of the lungs showed a lesion in the left main bronchus along with obstructive emphysema of the right lung, moderate pneumothorax and mediastinal emphysema. Bronchoscopy was performed and the biopsy samples were processed for histopathological examination and culture on Sabouraud′s dextrose agar, which yielded growth of Aspergillus flavus. Repeat sputum samples also yielded the growth of A. flavus . The patient responded to intravenous liposomaamphotericin B and intercostal drainage.

  7. Site selection: Past and present

    Tilford, N.R.


    Site selection has been going on since the earliest times. The process has evolved through the Industrial Revolution to the present period of exploding population and environmental awareness. Now the work must be done both with increasing sophistication and greater transparency. Modern techniques for site selection have been developed during the last two decades or so, utilizing a teachable body of knowledge and a growing literature. Many firms and individuals have contributed to this growing field. The driving force has been the need for such a process in siting and licensing of critical facilities such as nuclear power plants. A list of crucial, documented steps for identifying social impacts and acceptability are provided. A recent innovation is the self-selection method developed by government. The Superconducting Supercollider serves as an example of this approach. Geological or geologically dependent factors often dominate the process. The role as engineering and environmental geoscientists is to provide responsible leadership, consultation, and communication to the effort

  8. Neurocysticercosis presenting as pseudobulbar palsy

    Arinaganahalli Subbanna Praveen Kumar


    Full Text Available Neurocysticercosis (NCC is the most common helminthic infestation of the central nervous system (CNS and a leading cause of acquired epilepsy worldwide. The common manifestations of NCC are seizures and headache. The NCC as a cause of pseudobulbar palsy is very unusual and not reported yet in the literature. A pseudobulbar palsy can occur in any disorder that causes bilateral corticobulbar disease. The common etiologies of pseudobulbar palsy are vascular, demyelinative, or motor neuron disease. We report a 38-year-old female patient who presented with partial seizures and pseudobulbar palsy. The MRI brain showed multiple small cysts with scolex in both the cerebral hemispheres and a giant intraparenchymal cyst. Our patient responded well to standard treatment of neurocysticercosis and antiepileptics.

  9. Present challenges in hadrontherapy techniques

    Amaldi, U.; Braccini, S.


    Hadrontherapy is a high-precision technique in cancer radiation therapy, which allows obtaining a superior conformal treatment with respect to photons used in conventional radiation therapy. To reach this ambitious goal without reducing the patient throughput needed in a hospital-based environment, the physical and radiobiological properties of charged hadrons, protons and carbon ions in particular, have to be exploited at best, making use of the most modern technologies issued from research in nuclear and particle physics. In the present days, we are assisting to a continuous technological challenge, leading to the conception and to the development of innovative methods and instruments. In this paper, the most relevant challenges in dose delivery systems, gantries, imaging, quality assurance and particle accelerators are reviewed.

  10. Ebolavirus Evolution: Past and Present.

    de La Vega, Marc-Antoine; Stein, Derek; Kobinger, Gary P


    The past year has marked the most devastating Ebola outbreak the world has ever witnessed, with over 28,000 cases and over 11,000 deaths. Ebola virus (EBOV) has now been around for almost 50 years. In this review, we discuss past and present outbreaks of EBOV and how those variants evolved over time. We explore and discuss selective pressures that drive the evolution of different Ebola variants, and how they may modify the efficacy of therapeutic treatments and vaccines currently being developed. Finally, given the unprecedented size and spread of the outbreak, as well as the extended period of replication in human hosts, specific attention is given to the 2014-2015 West African outbreak variant (Makona).

  11. Ebolavirus Evolution: Past and Present.

    Marc-Antoine de La Vega

    Full Text Available The past year has marked the most devastating Ebola outbreak the world has ever witnessed, with over 28,000 cases and over 11,000 deaths. Ebola virus (EBOV has now been around for almost 50 years. In this review, we discuss past and present outbreaks of EBOV and how those variants evolved over time. We explore and discuss selective pressures that drive the evolution of different Ebola variants, and how they may modify the efficacy of therapeutic treatments and vaccines currently being developed. Finally, given the unprecedented size and spread of the outbreak, as well as the extended period of replication in human hosts, specific attention is given to the 2014-2015 West African outbreak variant (Makona.

  12. Tritium practices past and present

    Gede, V.P.; Gildea, P.D.


    History of the production and use of tritium, as well as handling techniques, are reviewed. Handling techniques first used at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory made use of glass vacuum systems and relatively crude ion chambers for monitoring airborne activity. The first use of inert atmosphere glove boxes demonstrated that uptake through the skin could be a serious personnel exposure problem. Growing environmental concerns in the early 1970's resulted in the implementation by the Atomic Energy Commission of a new criteria to limit atmospheric tritium releases to levels as low as practicable. An important result of the new criteria was the development of containment and recovery systems to capture tritium rather than vent it to the atmosphere. The Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, Tritium Research Laboratory containment and decontamination systems are presented as a typical example of this technology. The application of computers to control systems is expected to provide the greatest potential for change in future tritium handling practices

  13. Speaker's presentations. Energy supply security

    Pierret, Ch.


    This document is a collection of most of the papers used by the speakers of the European Seminar on Energy Supply Security organised in Paris (at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry) on 24 November 2000 by the General Direction of Energy and Raw Materials, in co-operation with the European Commission and the French Planning Office. About 250 attendees were present, including a lot of high level Civil Servants from the 15 European State members, and their questions have allowed to create a rich debate. It took place five days before the publication, on 29 November 2000, by the European Commission, of the Green Paper 'Towards a European Strategy for the Security of Energy Supply'. This French initiative, which took place within the framework of the European Presidency of the European Union, during the second half-year 2000. will bring a first impetus to the brainstorming launched by the Commission. (author)

  14. Different presentations of pulmonary criptococosis

    Londono Palacio, Natalia; Ojeda Paulina; Ortiz, Guillermo; Alwers Rolf C; Munive, Abraham Ali


    We presented 4 cases studies of criptococosis, all of them with pulmonary compromise, diagnosed at Hospital Santa Clara in a period of 5 years. It's important to note that none of the patients were HIV positive. In the first case studied the cellular immune compromise has, a multifactorial origin: rheumatoid arthritis and the administration of corticoids. In the second case studied, SLE can explain its origin. In the third case studied, because of the short hospital stay, the investigation with respect to the etiology of the immune-compromise was limited. In the fourth case studied, because of a low CD4 count Elisa immunoassay for HIV was repeated without its confirmation. Spontaneous recuperation was obtained, being free of infection for a period of five years

  15. Director general presentation to personnel


    Dear Colleagues, Many important discussions are scheduled for the upcoming Council Week (13-17 June) on topics including the Medium-Term Plan, the Pension Fund and other matters of great relevance to us.   I would therefore like to share the main outcome of the week with you and I invite you to join me and the Directors in the Main Auditorium at 10 a.m. on Thursday 23 June. The meeting will last about one hour and a webcast will also be available. Best regards, Fabiola Gianotti DG presentation to personnel Thursday 23 June at 10 am Main Auditorium Retransmission in Council Chamber, IT Auditorium, Kjell Jonhsen Auditorium, Prevessin 864-1-C02 Webcast on More information on the event page.

  16. Atypical presentations of celiac disease

    Balasa Adriana Luminita


    Full Text Available In this study we evaluated the association of celiac disease in 81 children with autoimmune disease and genetic syndromes over a two years periods (January 2014 to July 2016 in Pediatric Clinic in Constanta. Because the extraintestinal symptoms are an atypical presentation of celiac disease we determined in these children the presence of celiac disease antibodies: Anti-tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA and IgA total serum level as a screening method followeds in selective cases by Anti-tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgG, anti-endomysial antibodies, deamidated gliadin antibodies IgA and IgG and intestinal biopsia. In our study 8 patients had been diagnosed with celiac disease with extraintestinal symptoms, of which 4 with type 1 diabetes, 1 patient with ataxia, 2 patients with dermatitis herpetiformis and 1 patient with Down syndrome that associate also autoimmune thyroiditis, alopecia areata, enamel hypoplasia.

  17. Oropharyngeal styloids: An unusual presentation

    Lathadevi Hassan Thotappa


    Full Text Available The close proximity of the styloid process to many of the vital neurovascular structures in the neck makes it clinically significant. The styloid process is said to be elongated if it is longer than 3.0 cm in length. Anatomical variations are very common and clinical symptoms arising from such variations have to be recognized. Elongated styloid processes may cause chronic throat pain along with foreign body sensation, dysphagia, vague facial pain, and otalgia. Surgical excision of an elongated styloid is considered as a satisfactory treatment for such cases. Here, we present a unique case of bilaterally elongated styloids that could be visualized just by depressing the tongue, when they appeared like the tusks of an elephant in the oropharyngeal region.

  18. Splenic abscess: a rare presentation

    Mohit Bhatia


    Full Text Available Splenic abscess is a rare clinical entity with an incidence of 0.2-0.7% in autopsy-based studies. When untreated, splenic abscess is associated with nearly 100% mortality; in treated patients, the mortality rate is 16.6% during the first 90 days. It mostly occurs in patients with neoplasia, immunodeficiency, trauma, diabetes or splenic infarct. The incidence of splenic abscess is thought to be growing because of the increase in the number of immunocompromised patients who are particularly at risk for this disease and also because of the widespread use of diagnostic modalities. However, the optimal treatment for this remains unclear. We present a case of a 42-year-old man diagnosed with multiloculated splenic abscess and was subjected to splenectomy.

  19. Safeguards instrumentation: past, present, future

    Higinbotham, W.A.


    Instruments are essential for accounting, for surveillance and for protection of nuclear materials. The development and application of such instrumentation is reviewed, with special attention to international safeguards applications. Active and passive nondestructive assay techniques are some 25 years of age. The important advances have been in learning how to use them effectively for specific applications, accompanied by major advances in radiation detectors, electronics, and, more recently, in mini-computers. The progress in seals has been disappointingly slow. Surveillance cameras have been widely used for many applications other than safeguards. The revolution in TV technology will have important implications. More sophisticated containment/surveillance equipment is being developed but has yet to be exploited. On the basis of this history, some expectations for instrumentation in the near future are presented

  20. Cavernous hemangioma presenting marked hyperostosis

    Kobata, Hitoshi; Miyake, Hiroji; Kitamura, Junji; Kajikawa, Hiroshi; Ohta, Tomio


    The authors report here a case of hemangioma of the left parietal bone which presented headache and papilledema. This patient is a 37-year-old female who had, prior to admission, complained of increasing headache for one year and blurred vision for three months. She had no history of head injury. Local physical examinations revealed a slight bulging in her left parietal region which was insensitive to palpation and not adherent to the overlying scalp. Neurological examinations revealed bilateral papilledema and an incongruous bitemporal upper quadrant defect in the visual field. All the other neurological and laboratory data were normal. A plain skull roentogenogram showed a 9 x 9 cm osteolytic and characteristic honeycomb lesion in the parietal region. Systemic bone survey revealed a similar lesion in the right tibia which was not histologically examined. A marked accumulation of isotopes was detected on the bone scintigrams at both lesions. Selective external carotid angiograms demonstrated a tumor stain fed by the superficial temporal, occipital, and middle meningial arteries. CT scans of the brain and skull clearly showed a local thickening of and structural changes in the skull bone and also a mass effect on the brain and lateral ventricle. The lesioned bone was removed en bloc and replaced by an artificial bone. It was highly vascular, but not adherent to the overlying dura. The post-operative course was uneventful, and the headache and papilledema disappeared. Hemangioma of the skull presenting marked hyperostosis, as reported above, seems to be rare. In addition, in this case, skeletal angioma without any clinical manifestation was detected. Clinical and radiological pictures of the hemangioma of the skull and other bones were briefly discussed. (author)

  1. Amebiasis Presenting as Pleuropulmonary Disease

    Kubitschek, Kenneth R.; Peters, Jay; Nickeson, David; Musher, Daniel M.


    Seven patients with amebic liver abscess presenting as pleuropulmonary disease were admitted to hospital initially because of pulmonary symptoms and were found to have amebic liver disease. Three categories of pleuropulmonary involvement included reactive inflammation of the pleura or lung, rupture of a hepatic abscess into the pleural space and rupture of a hepatic abscess into the bronchial airways. The preferred medical treatment is with metronidazole, but rupture of hepatic amebic abscess into the pleural space requires drainage in addition to medical therapy. In contrast, rupture into the bronchus may provide spontaneous drainage so that only medical therapy is needed. Recovery from amebiasis in all three categories is generally complete. Morbidity and mortality increase with failure to correctly identify amebic infection of the liver as the underlying cause. Because, in new cases, no findings specifically suggest that pleuropulmonary disease is a complication of hepatic amebic abscess, this possibility needs to be considered, especially in persons who are at risk of having been infected with amebae. ImagesFigure 1.Figure 2. PMID:4013249

  2. Surface Disinfections: Present and Future

    Matteo Saccucci


    Full Text Available The propagation of antibiotic resistance increases the chances of major infections for patients during hospitalization and the spread of health related diseases. Therefore finding new and effective solutions to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms is critical, in order to protect hospital environment, such as the surfaces of biomedical devices. Modern nanotechnology has proven to be an effective countermeasure to tackle the threat of infections. On this note, recent scientific breakthroughs have demonstrated that antimicrobial nanomaterials are effective in preventing pathogens from developing resistance. Despite the ability to destroy a great deal of bacteria and control the outbreak of infections, nanomaterials present many other advantages. Moreover, it is unlikely for nanomaterials to develop resistance due to their multiple and simultaneous bactericidal mechanisms. In recent years, science has explored more complex antimicrobial coatings and nanomaterials based on graphene have shown great potential in antibacterial treatment. The purpose of this article is to deepen the discussion on the threat of infections related to surface disinfection and to assess the state of the art and potential solutions, with specific focus on disinfection procedures using nanomaterials.

  3. Database Systems - Present and Future


    Full Text Available The database systems have nowadays an increasingly important role in the knowledge-based society, in which computers have penetrated all fields of activity and the Internet tends to develop worldwide. In the current informatics context, the development of the applications with databases is the work of the specialists. Using databases, reach a database from various applications, and also some of related concepts, have become accessible to all categories of IT users. This paper aims to summarize the curricular area regarding the fundamental database systems issues, which are necessary in order to train specialists in economic informatics higher education. The database systems integrate and interfere with several informatics technologies and therefore are more difficult to understand and use. Thus, students should know already a set of minimum, mandatory concepts and their practical implementation: computer systems, programming techniques, programming languages, data structures. The article also presents the actual trends in the evolution of the database systems, in the context of economic informatics.

  4. STS-70 Post Flight Presentation

    Peterson, Glen (Editor)


    In this post-flight overview, the flight crew of the STS-70 mission, Tom Henricks (Cmdr.), Kevin Kregel (Pilot), Major Nancy Currie (MS), Dr. Mary Ellen Weber (MS), and Dr. Don Thomas (MS), discuss their mission and accompanying experiments. Pre-flight, launch, and orbital footage is followed by the in-orbit deployment of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) and a discussion of the following spaceborne experiments: a microgravity bioreactor experiment to grow 3D body-like tissue; pregnant rat muscular changes in microgravity; embryonic development in microgravity; Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX); terrain surface imagery using the HERCULES camera; and a range of other physiological tests, including an eye and vision test. Views of Earth include: tropical storm Chantal; the Nile River and Red Sea; lightning over Brazil. A three planet view (Earth, Mars, and Venus) was taken right before sunrise. The end footage shows shuttle pre-landing checkout, entry, and landing, along with a slide presentation of the flight.

  5. A cool present for LEIR


    LEIR (Low Energy Ion Ring), which will supply lead ions to the LHC experiments, has taken delivery of one of its key components, its electron cooling system. From left to right, Gérard Tranquille, Virginia Prieto and Roland Sautier, in charge of the electron cooling system for LEIR at CERN, and Christian Lacroix, in charge of installation for the LEIR machine. On 16 December, the day before CERN's annual closure, the LEIR teams received a rather impressive Christmas present. The "parcel" from Russia, measuring 7 metres in length and 4 metres in height, weighed no less than 20 tonnes! The component will, in fact, be one of the key elements of the future LEIR, namely its electron cooling system. LEIR is one of the links in the injector chain that will supply lead ions to the LHC experiments, in particular ALICE (see Bulletin No. 28/2004 of 5 July 2004), within the framework of the I-LHC Project. The electron cooling system is designed to reduce and standardise transverse ion velocity. This focuses the bea...

  6. Present status of Tokamak research

    Basu, Jayanta


    The scenario of thermonuclear fusion research is presented, and the tokamak which is the most promising candidate as a fusion reactor is introduced. A brief survey is given of the most noteworthy tokamaks in the global context, and fusion programmes relating to Next Step devices are outlined. Supplementary heating of tokamak plasma by different methods is briefly reviewed; the latest achievements in heating to fusion temperatures are also reported. The progress towards the high value of the fusion product necessary for ignition is described. The improvement in plasma confinement brought about especially by the H-mode, is discussed. The latest situation in pushing up Β for increasing the efficiency of a tokamak is elucidated. Mention is made of the different types of wall treatment of the tokamak vessel for impurity control, which has led to a significant improvement in tokamak performance. Different methods of current drive for steady state tokamak operation are reviewed, and the issue of current drive efficiency is addressed. A short resume is given of the various diagnostic methods which are employed on a routine basis in the major tokamak centres. A few diagnostics recently developed or proposed in the context of the advanced tokamaks as well as the Next Step devices are indicated. The important role of the interplay between theory, experiment and simulation is noted, and the areas of investigation requiring concerted effort for further progress in tokamak research are identified. (author). 17 refs

  7. Presentation of suspected pediatric uveitis.

    Saeed, Muhammad Usman; Raza, Syed Hamid; Goyal, Sudeshna; Cleary, Gavin; Newman, William David; Chandna, Arvind


    Presentation of suspected pediatric uveitis: Pediatric uveitis is usually managed in specialized ophthalmic centers in the UK. Meaningful data acquisition in these clinics may be helpful in clinical governance, and healthcare planning in a specialty that is gradually changing due to changes in treatment choices. Retrospective analysis of prospectively acquired data in the Liverpool pediatric uveitis database was performed. Analysis of our data, based on 147 patients, with a mean age of 10 years, indicated a female to male ratio of 2:1. 99% of patients were Caucasian. Our data indicates 86% of all patients attending the uveitis clinic were diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, followed by intermediate uveitis 5% and idiopathic uveitis 4%. 46% of patients required treatment. Systemic treatment included methotrexate (34%), prednisolone (14%), etanercept (6%), ciclosporin (6%), mycophenolate (3%), and infliximab (1%). Severe visual loss (defined by counting fingers or below vision) was seen in 10 eyes despite appropriately treated chronic uveitis. Our data shows uveitis-related ocular morbidity in a predominantly pediatric Caucasian population. Patients with severe and chronic uveitis may experience significant uveitis-related complications and subsequent visual loss despite aggressive treatment.

  8. UNSCEAR: present and future activities

    Holm, Lars-Erik


    United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was established in 1955. The Committee reviews the exposure of the world population to all sources of radiation under normal circumstances as well as after accidents, and is also the prime international scientific body reviewing and assessing the health risks of exposure to ionizing radiation. Its estimates have been and are still being used by major international bodies including the ICRP, IAEA, and WHO. UNSCEAR's publications form the scientific basis on which international and national agencies develop appropriate radiation protection standards for workers, patients and the general public. UNSCEAR reports yearly to the General Assembly and submits regularly comprehensive reports with detailed scientific annexes on the sources and biological effects of ionizing radiation. In 1995, UNSCEAR began a new program of review of the sources, exposure and biological effects of ionizing radiation. A comprehensive report with scientific annexes will be published in the year 2000. The report will include exposures from natural and man-made radiation sources, occupational and medical radiation exposures, and dose assessment methodologies. The biological effects will cover epidemiological evaluation of radiation-induced cancer, DNA repair and mutagenesis, hereditary effects, combined effects of radiation and other agents, as well as models, mechanisms and uncertainties of biological effects at low radiation doses. An assessment of exposures and effects of the Chernobyl accidents is also made. A brief overview is presented here of the range of subjects considered by the Committee. (author)

  9. Exoplanets: Past, Present, and Future

    Chien-Hsiu Lee


    Full Text Available Our understanding of extra-solar planet systems is highly driven by advances in observations in the past decade. Thanks to high precision spectrographs, we are able to reveal unseen companions to stars with the radial velocity method. High precision photometry from the space, especially with the Kepler mission, enables us to detect planets when they transit their stars and dim the stellar light by merely one percent or smaller. Ultra wide-field, high cadence, continuous monitoring of the Galactic bulge from different sites around the southern hemisphere provides us the opportunity to observe microlensing effects caused by planetary systems from the solar neighborhood, all the way to the Milky Way center. The exquisite AO imaging from ground-based large telescopes, coupled with high-contrast coronagraph, captured the photons directly emitted by planets around other stars. In this article, I present a concise review of the extra-solar planet discoveries, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the major planetary detection methods, providing an overview of our current understanding of planetary formation and evolution given the tremendous observations delivered by various methods, as well as on-going and planned observation endeavors to provide a clear picture of extra-solar planetary systems.

  10. Presentation of the results 97


    Gaz de France (GDF) presents in a press kit the main results achieved in 1997. The European community has formulated a project of definition of rules concerning the natural gas market. Minima values for annual consumptions have been defined and the consumption and use of natural gas in EC countries is described. The financial results of GDF in 1997 are compared with previous years. Net sales grew by nearly 1 billion french francs to reach 55 billion. Overall sales were down by 4% but the share of natural gas in french energy consumption increased and sales to industrial users went up in particular due to new cogeneration plants installed in 1996. A comparison of gas prices in Europe is given for the years 1985 to 1998. The efforts of GDF to offer increased quality of services concerning in particular safety aspects as checking programs and installation of new safeguard appliances are described. The efforts of GDF to increase the energy market share of natural gas resulted in the development of new products like cogeneration, air conditioning and fuels for automotive needs. (C.B.)

  11. Nuclear Fuels: Present and Future

    Donald R. Olander


    Full Text Available The important new developments in nuclear fuels and their problems are reviewed and compared with the status of present light-water reactor fuels. The limitations of these fuels and the reactors they power are reviewed with respect to important recent concerns, namely provision of outlet coolant temperatures high enough for use in H2 production, destruction of plutonium to eliminate proliferation concerns, and burning of the minor actinides to reduce the waste repository heat load and long-term radiation hazard. In addition to current oxide-based fuel-rod designs, the hydride fuel with liquid metal thermal bonding of the fuel-cladding gap is covered. Finally, two of the most promising Generation IV reactor concepts, the Very High Temperature Reactor and the Sodium Fast Reactor, and the accompanying reprocessing technologies, aqueous-based UREX and pyrometallurgical, are summarized. In all of the topics covered, the thermodynamics involved in the material's behavior under irradiation and in the reprocessing schemes are emphasized.


    Dollberg, Shaul


    The practice of neonatology in Israel debuted in the 1970s as local enterprises by individual hospitals that needed to provide sick and preterm newly born infants with up-to-date and effective care. Descriptions of research and advances in humane and gentle treatment during neonatal care for preterm infants and their families, as well as prevention of neonatal infections, follow-up of preterm infants and care of full-term infants are presented in this issue. The Israel National Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) Infant database provides an excellent source of knowledge, which has led to multiple scientific publications. Recent international comparisons of the outcome of preterm VLBW infants, made possible by this unique database in Israel, has provided the neonatal community and the Ministry of Health with insights as to the differences in prognosis between Israel and other countries, especially among extremely low birth weight infants. At the border of viability, mortality in Israelis significantly higher than that reported in other countries and proactive steps undertaken to examine these differences and prompt correctional action should be pursued. The Israel Ministry of Health started positive initiatives and should ensure that their steps are implemented at the preterm infant's bedside.

  13. Source rock hydrocarbons. Present status

    Vially, R.; Maisonnier, G.; Rouaud, T.


    This report first presents the characteristics of conventional oil and gas system, and the classification of liquid and gaseous non conventional hydrocarbons, with the peculiar case of coal-bed methane. The authors then describe how source rock hydrocarbons are produced: production of shale oils and gases (horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, exploitation) and of coal-bed methane and coal mine methane. In the next part, they address and discuss the environmental impact of source rock hydrocarbon production: installation footprint, water resource management, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids composition, toxicity and recycling, air pollution, induced seismicity, pollutions from other exploitation and production activities. They propose an overview of the exploitation and production of source rock gas, coal-bed gas and other non conventional gases in the world. They describe the current development and discuss their economic impacts: world oil context and trends in the USA, in Canada and other countries, impacts on the North American market, on the world oil industry, on refining industries, on the world oil balance. They analyse the economic impacts of non conventional gases: development potential, stakes for the world gas trade, consequence for gas prices, development opportunities for oil companies and for the transport sector, impact on CO 2 emissions, macro-economic impact in the case of the USA

  14. Radiation epidemiology: Past and present

    Boice, J.D. Jr.


    Major advancements in radiation epidemiology have occurred during the last several years in studies of atomic bomb survivors, patients given medical radiation, and radiation workers, including underground miners. Risks associated with the Chernobyl accident, indoor radon and childhood exposure to I-131 have yet to be elucidated. Situations in the former Soviet Union around Chelyabinsk, a nuclear installation in the southern Urals, and in the Altai, which received radioactive fallout from weapons testing at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, have the potential to provide information on the effects of chronic radiation exposure. Since Roentgen's discovery of x-rays just 100 years ago, a tremendous amount of knowledge has been accumulated about human health effects following irradiation. The 1994 UNSCEAR report contains the latest compilation and synthesis of radiation epidemiology. This overview will cover epidemiology from a radiation perspective. The different types of study methodologies will be described, followed by a kaleidoscope coverage of past and present studies; ending with some remaining questions in radiation epidemiology. This should set the stage for future chapters, and stimulate thinking about implications of the new data on radiation cancer risks

  15. Extraskeletal presentation of Ewing's Sarcoma.

    Mangual, Danny; Bisbal-Matos, Luis A; Jiménez-Lee, Ricardo; Vélez, Román; Noy, Miguel


    The case of a 27-year-old Hispanic female who presented with an occipito-parietal tumor after suffering trauma to the area. A physical examination revealed no tenderness to palpation and with evidence of healing ulcerations. The biopsy was consistent with a synovial sarcoma. A wide excision of the mass (15cm x 14cm x 6cm) followed by a pericranial flap was performed. A follow-up CT showed recurrence involving the parietal sagittal sinus. After a second biopsy the mass was determined to be a small-cell sarcoma, consistent with Ewing's sarcoma. Chemotherapy included 8 cycles of doxorubicin, vincristine, and cyclophosphamide, with alternating cycles of etoposide and ifosfamide. A year later, a second wide excision of the mass was performed, followed by bilaminate skin substitute and skin graft placement for reconstruction of the soft-tissue defect. After chemotherapy, a follow-up PET scan showed no signs of re-uptake in any soft tissue or skeletal structures. After 2 years, the patient remains in complete remission.

  16. Clinical presentation of primary hypothyroidism

    Ahmed, B.; Hussain, T.; Memon, A. R.; Solangi, G. A.


    Objective: To determine the clinical preparation of primary hypothyroidism at the time of diagnosis. Design: It was an observational and prospective study. Place and Duration of Study: Civil Hospital, Karachi from 1st January 1997 to 31st December 1997. Subjects and Methods: Forty-eight consecutive cases of primary hypothyroidism were included. A detailed history with special emphasis on symptoms and signs was conducted and the findings observed were noted in previously made proforma. Results: Primary hypothyroidism was found to be 5 times more common in female patients, with male to female ratio 1:5, majority of cases (33.33%) were between 41 to 50 years of age. The common symptoms at the time of presentation were tiredness (95.8%), weakness (91.6%), weight gain (85.4%), hoarseness of voice (83.3%), cold intolerance (77.0%) and constipation (75.0%) in patients. Physical signs observed were delayed relaxation of ankle jerk (93.7%), periorbital edema (83.3%), thick tongue (62.5%), goiter (50.0%), dry and coarse skin (47.9%) in patients. Serum, TSH, T4 and T3 were performed in all cases through immunoradiometric technique. Serum TSH was markedly elevated, with normal to reduced T4 and T3 levels in all cases. Conclusion: Primary hypothyroidism was found more common in female than male of the age group 41-50 years. Weakness, tiredness, hoarseness of voice and constipation were the common symptoms noted. The diagnosis is almost certain on clinical grounds if the patient happens to have delayed relaxation of ankle jerks and periorbital puffiness. (author)

  17. Past and present Aral Sea

    Dukhovniy, Viktor; Stulina, Galina; Eshchanov, Odylbek


    The tragedy of disappearing of Aral Sea is well known to the World. Before and after collapse of Soviet Union, a huge quantity of scientific and popular editions described with grief the situation around the Aral Sea. After the NIS states became independent, World Bank, UNDP, UNEP in proper competition with each other had provided some assessment of the situation through presentation of some small and medium grants, but after 2000, the local population remained alone with own problems. Although on the eyes of the present generation a unique transformation of great water body into deserts took place, the global scientific community did not find forces and financing for real and detail investigation of the processes accompanying the Sea shrinking and land formation. We should acknowledge and give big respect to NATO, later to German Government that through GTZ (now GIZ) - German International Collaboration Agency - and GFZ (Potzdam) paid attention to this area of environment crisis and organized scientific and protective design in the so-called Priaralie - the territory around the drying Sea and delta of the two rivers - Amudarya and Syrdarya. Thank to this assistance, the local specialists in collaboration with limited a number of foreign scientists (N.Aladin, P.Zavialov, Joop de Schutter, Hans Wilps, Hedi Oberhansli) organized significant works for detail socioeconomic, ecological and hydrological assessment situation in Priaralie and on the Aral sea coast. On this base, Ministry of Agriculture and Water resources of Uzbekistan and State Committee of Water resources of Kazakhstan developed a plan of rehabilitation of Amudarya and Syrdarya deltas and started implementation of these projects. If Kazakh water authority moved ahead in wetland restoration faster, a forestation of delta and drying bed of Aral Sea got big success in Uzbek territory. 244 thousands hectares of saxsaul and tamarix were planted for protection of the Priaralie. By request of GTZ SIC, ICWC

  18. Como responder ao momento presente?

    Maria Filomena Molder


    Full Text Available Foi com esta pergunta — já um efeito de um primeiro encontro entre Irene Pimentel e eu própria — que decidimos desafiar colegas, estudantes e funci­onários da nossa Faculdade, FCSH (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Huma­nas, de outras Faculdades da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, de outras Uni­versidades e todos os interessados em con­siderar e discutir em comum aquilo que se passava em Portugal e que no anúncio da Jornada de 6 de De­zembro de 2012 se descrevia como um “processo de desmantela­mento social, económico e cultural sem precedentes — pese embora tantas compara­ções, baseadas na premissa da ‘eterna repetição’ — e cujas consequências não param de exceder as previsões dos responsáveis por esse desmantelamento”. Acedendo com todo o empenho e gratidão ao convite que me foi dirigido por Humberto Brito para fazer uma resenha da Jornada a publicar no primeiro número de Forma de Vida (saúdo a revista e o título, decidi-me, no entanto, a pôr de lado a resenha, que sob a forma de “Editorial” será em breve publi­cada no blogue Responder ao Momento Presente, entre­tanto criado, conjuntamente com os textos escritos pelos nossos convidados, com as parti­cipações de pessoas que corresponderam ao nosso apelo e ainda com contri­bui­ções que se alargaram para lá da Jornada; a que se juntará uma gravação em video, também disponível no Youtube.   Texto publicado originalmente em Forma de Vida, Lisboa, n.1, fev. 2013. Agrade­cemos à autora por permitir a republicação neste número do Boletim. [N.E.

  19. Draft Workshop Summary and Presentations

    Houssin, Didier; ); Tam, Cecilia; ); Cameron, Ron; ); Paillere, Henri; ); Lisann, Beth; Ehlert, Andreas; Kaufer, Barry; Decobert, Veronique; Beutier, Didier; Crepin, Anne; Aurela, Jorma; Baritaud, Manuel; ); Rooke, Oliver; Blundell, Neil; ); Shropshire, David; Noren, Bjarne; Blundell, Neil; ); Dujardin, Thierry; )


    the electricity market reform in the UK); Session 4: Nuclear regulation and safety (Regulation for new build and new comer countries and Fukushima Safety Action Plan; WANO's contribution to strengthen nuclear safety worldwide; Strengthening Good Practice within Nuclear Safety post Fukushima-Daiichi); Session 5: Key Message for the Road-map update (Outline current status of nuclear technology development and need for additional R and D to address increased safety requirements; Provide an updated vision for nuclear energy's role in a low carbon energy system; Identify barriers and actions needed to accelerate the development and deployment of nuclear technologies to meet the Road-map vision; Identify and share lessons learned and best practices in nuclear regulation, front and back end fuel cycle practices, construction and financing. This document brings together the available presentations (slides) given at this workshop: 1 - Road-map overview and role of nuclear in IEA scenarios (Cecilia Tam, IEA); 2 - The Direction Of The 2014 Nuclear Road-map (Ron Cameron, OECD/NEA); 3 - Technology development needs for nuclear energy, 1.a: Reactor technology (Henri Paillere, OECD/NEA); 4 - IEA/NEA Nuclear Technology Road-map Update (Beth Lisann, US-DoE); 5 - Update of the Nuclear Energy Technology Road-map - Nuclear Decommissioning (Andreas Ehlert, E-On); 6 - Overcoming barriers to nuclear build - other than financing (Veronique Decobert, Westinghouse); 7 - Development of the supply chain: relying on local industrial involvement (Didier Beutier, Areva); 8 - Training and capacity development needs (Jorma Aurela, Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy); 9 - Key conditions for successful Nuclear new build financing (Anne Crepin, Areva); 10 - Regulation for New Build and Newcomers, IAEA Nuclear Safety Action Plan (David Shropshire, IAEA); 11 - WANO's contribution to strengthen nuclear safety worldwide (Bjarne Noren, WANO); 12 - Strengthening Good Practice within Nuclear Safety

  20. Directory of the French Photovoltaic Industry 2017 - 2018


    More than 500 companies, of which 200 are industrial companies with a manufacturing unit located in France, and some fifty are research centres, this is the rich panorama prepared by the 2017-18 directory of the French photovoltaic industry, representing more than 8,200 jobs. These companies operate throughout the photovoltaic value chain: from chemistry and electronics, to electricity production, to the development, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. They constitute an economic sector in full developmental swing and one that is providing new, high-added value jobs. Therefore, some of our research centres (National Institute of Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Institute of Ile de France) are among the most advanced in the world. Our network of industrial and service companies is filled with little gems that we have to make fruitful. Content of this directory: Presentation of the French renewable energies syndicate (SER); Presentation of SER-SOLER, French solar photovoltaic professionals group; 'Putting France on the map', foreword by Jean-Louis Bal, President of SER and Xavier Daval, President of SER-SOLER; Presentation of France solar industry; Presentation of photovoltaic quality Alliance Photovoltaique; Areas of activity; The members of SER-SOLER; Other members of SER-SOLER; Other Companies; Index (Alphabetical, By activity, By region); Advertisers

  1. [History of the Journées Dermatologiques de Paris].

    Tilles, G


    Founded in 1801 at the Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, under Jean-Louis Alibert, the French School of Dermatology was initially structured around the French Society of Dermatology (1889) and the organization of two world congresses (Paris 1889, 1900). After World War I, the creation of dermatological societies in the provinces infused French dermatology with new energy. In 1922, the first congress of the French-speaking dermatologists further contributed to the public profile of dermatologists in France. The "Journées de Mars" were initiated in 1961 at the Hôpital Saint-Louis, and in 1975 they went on to become the "Journées dermatologiques de Paris". Pr. Jean Civatte played a key role in their creation and in their organization for 30 years. After 1979, since actual patients could no longer be presented, the organizers of the congress had to change the content of the meeting from clinical presentations to post-graduate teaching and clinical research. From its origins in the form of meetings of French dermatologists in an intimate setting at the Hôpital Saint-Louis, the "Journées dermatologiques de Paris" grew within the ensuing decades into a major scientific event of the French-speaking dermatological community, bringing together more than 4000 participants in December each year. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  2. The race prussienne controversy: scientific internationalism and the nation.

    Manias, Chris


    This essay examines a dispute between the French and German anthropological communities in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War. While the debate ostensibly revolved around the ethnological classification of the Prussian population presented in Jean Louis Armand de Quatrefages's La race prussienne, this overlays much deeper points of contention, presenting a case study of how commitments to nationalism and internationalism in late nineteenth-century science were not mutually exclusive but could operate in a highly synergistic manner, even during periods of intense international crisis. In the controversy, a group of scholars attempted to reconcile national rivalries with a commitment to scientific universalism and define how anthropological ideas of race and progress related to political developments. The French and German communities retained similar views that anthropology was an international science and that politically defined nationality was separate from scientifically discerned race. Yet they nevertheless regarded their work as strongly affected by processes of national consolidation and employed the language of scientific universalism to accuse their rivals of misusing science for political purposes.

  3. SLC summer 2011 university - What energy model for Europe in 2030? Proceedings


    This document brings together the available presentations given at the summer 2011 university of the SLC (save the climate) organization on the topics of the energy model for Europe in 2030. Ten presentations (slides) are compiled in this document and deal with: 1 - The Negatep (France) scenario - extrapolation to Europe (Pierre Bacher, Claude Acket, Gerard Pierre); 2 - Renewable energies, potentialities and constraints (Jean-Louis BAL); 3 - Biomass availability for energy valorizations at the 2050 sights (Henry-Herve Bichat); 4 - Nuclear risk and nuclear safety control (Marie-Pierre Comets, ASN); 5 - The new horizons of nuclear energy (S. David, CNRS/IN2P3, IPN Orsay); 6 - A sustainable low carbon economy? EU Energy Policy in making... 2020... 2050... (Marc Deffrennes, DG ENERGY D2 Euratom Nuclear Energy); 7 - CO 2 capture and sequestration techniques (B. Durand); 8 - Climate change and its timelines (Sylvie Joussaume, CNRS, Pierre Simon Laplace Institute - IPSL, Laboratory of climate and environmental Sciences - LSCE); 9 - The Europe of electricity and the strategic role of grids (Andre Merlin, CIGRE); 10 - How to reduce to 50% the electricity share of nuclear origin? (Herve Nifenecker)

  4. Solar thermal power meeting - Proceedings


    This document summarizes the presentations and debates of the first edition of the Solar thermal power meeting. Content: 1 - Opening talk (Jean-Louis BAL, SER); 2 - Solar thermal power, European and global road-maps (Cedric Philibert, IEA; Mariangels Perez Latorre, Estela); 3 - first round-table on the international development of solar energy (Philippe Lorec, DGEC France; Said Mouline, Aderee Morocco; Obaid Amrane, Masen Morocco; Kawther Lihidheb, ANME Tunisia; Abdelaziz Boumahra, Rouiba Eclairage, Algeria; Badis Derradji, NEAL Algeria; Yao Azoumah, Lesee, 2IE Foundation Burkina Faso; Mamadou Amadou Kane, MPEM Mauritania; Jean-Charles Mulet, Bertin Technologies); 4 - Second round-table on the French solar thermal offer for export (Georgina Grenon, DGEC; Stephanie Bouzigueseschmann, DG Tresor; Armand Pineda, Alstom; Florent Brunet, Mena-Areva; Roger Pujol, CNIM; Gilles David, Enertime; Michel Wohrer, Saed; Mathieu Vrinat, Sogreah; Marc Benmarraze, Solar Euromed; 5 - Presentation of Amisole - Moroccan association of solar and wind industries (Ahmed Squalli, Amisole); 6 - Third round-table on French research at the solar industry service (Gilles Flamant, Promes Lab. CNRS; Francois Moisan, Ademe; Tahar Melliti, CGI; Andre Joffre, Derbi; Michel Wohrer, Capenergies; 7 - Fourth round table on projects financing (Vincent Girard, Loan Officer BEI; Bertrand Marchais, Miga World Bank; Philippe Meunier, CDC Climat Groupe Caisse des Depots; Christian de Gromard, AFD; Laurent Belouze, Natixis; Piotr Michalowski, Loan Officer BEI); 8 - Closing of the meeting (Roger Pujol, SER)

  5. Intermediate, low, and very low level waste management at ANDRA (agence nationale pour la gestion des dechets radioactifs) in France

    Senoo, Muneaki


    On 28th September in 2004, RANDEC invited Mr. Jean-Louis Tison from ANDRA as a lecturer of the special session of the 16th RANDEC Annual Symposium. An ANDRA-RANDEC technical meeting was held on the next day, where Mr. Vincent Carlier invited from ANDRA, too participated. Here, present status of intermediate, low, and very low level waste management in France is reviewed based on the information which were obtained from the special session of the 16th RANDEC Annual Symposium and the ANDRA-RANDEC technical meeting. In France, ANDRA is implementing radioactive waste management under the following policy; 'Intermediate, low, and very-low-level (ILVLL) waste is managed in order to establish as soon as possible a final disposal system, the temporary or long term storage option being considered only for the high-level waste (HLW) such as the vitrified fission products or particular materials such as some sealed sources for which no final disposal solution still exists.' The Agency is financed on the basis of the 'polluter-pays' principle and contracts its services directly with waste owners. (author)

  6. Koszul information geometry and Souriau Lie group thermodynamics

    Barbaresco, Frédéric, E-mail:


    The François Massieu 1869 idea to derive some mechanical and thermal properties of physical systems from 'Characteristic Functions', was developed by Gibbs and Duhem in thermodynamics with the concept of potentials, and introduced by Poincaré in probability. This paper deals with generalization of this Characteristic Function concept by Jean-Louis Koszul in Mathematics and by Jean-Marie Souriau in Statistical Physics. The Koszul-Vinberg Characteristic Function (KVCF) on convex cones will be presented as cornerstone of 'Information Geometry' theory, defining Koszul Entropy as Legendre transform of minus the logarithm of KVCF, and Fisher Information Metrics as hessian of these dual functions, invariant by their automorphisms. In parallel, Souriau has extended the Characteristic Function in Statistical Physics looking for other kinds of invariances through co-adjoint action of a group on its momentum space, defining physical observables like energy, heat and momentum as pure geometrical objects. In covariant Souriau model, Gibbs equilibriums states are indexed by a geometric parameter, the Geometric (Planck) Temperature, with values in the Lie algebra of the dynamical Galileo/Poincaré groups, interpreted as a space-time vector, giving to the metric tensor a null Lie derivative. Fisher Information metric appears as the opposite of the derivative of Mean 'Moment map' by geometric temperature, equivalent to a Geometric Capacity or Specific Heat. These elements has been developed by author in [10][11].

  7. Wind power for the world international reviews and developments

    Maegaard, Preben; Palz, Wolfgang


    Introduction, Preben MaegaardAccelerated Global Expansion of the Renewable Energy Sector: the Example of Wind Energy, Preben MaegaardWind Power Development in the European Union, Wolfgang PalzWind Energy to the rescue of mankind from the menace of the Fossil Fuel burning hazards, Anil KaneBlack or Green Wind Power, Frede HvelplundWind Energy Development in China, He DexinNon-grid-connected Wind Power and Offshore "Three Georges of Wind Power" in China, Gu WeidongWind Power in Japan: Past, Present, and Future Prospect, Izumi UshiyamaWind Power Development in India, Jami HossainChallenges and Opportunities for Energy Paradigm Shifting in Ontario, Canada, Jose EtcheverryWind Power in Cuba's Energy Revolution, Conrado Moreno FigueredoWind Power in Argentina, Erico SpinadelThe Emergence of Wind Power in Brazil, Everaldo FeitosaWind Energy in Chile, Arturo KunstmannWind Power in Austria, Wolfgang HeinThe History of Wind Power in France, Jean-Louis BalHistory, State-of-the Art and Future of Wind Energy in France, Ma...

  8. Três comédias de Shakespeare pela ótica do Stablex

    Marly Gondim Cavalcanti Souza


    Full Text Available Pretende-se, neste estudo, proceder a análise de três comédias de William Shakespeare, pela ótica do método de análise lexical, textual e discursiva, aplicando, especificamente, a ferramenta matemático-estatístico-computacional, denominada Stablex, de autoria de André Camlong e Thierry Beltran (2004.Toma-se como viés de análise o aspecto musical presente no texto das três peças teatrais. Metodologicamente, trilhou-se o caminho do estudo comparativo entre as obras shakespearianas, tendo como horizonte a colaboração da música na expressão verbal dos textos teatrais do autor inglês, com o intuito de localizar os vocabulários preferenciais e o peso dos itens lexicais relacionados à música, na obra do talvez mais famoso escritor de língua inglesa. O fundamento para as evidências musicais repousa sobre a teoria e a história da música, bem como nos seus elementos básicos. As teorias tomadas como alicerce deste estudo são as de: Jean-Louis Cupers (1988, Arroyas (2001, Solange Oliveira (2002, André Camlong (1996 e Steven Paul Scher (apud OLIVEIRA, 2002.

  9. Living Joyfully after Losing Social Hope: Kierkegaard and Chrétien on Selfhood and Eschatological Expectation

    J. Aaron Simmons


    Full Text Available In this essay, I offer an existential-phenomenological consideration of what it might look like to live joyfully after losing social hope. Using the example of the widespread hopelessness that many are feeling in light of the election of Donald Trump, I suggest that the danger of losing hope is that we can also lose our selfhood in the process. In order to develop a conception of “eschatological hope” that would be resistant to the loss of such social and political expectations, I draw specifically on Søren Kierkegaard’s notion that “the expectancy of faith is victory,” and Jean-Louis Chrétien’s idea of “the unhoped for,” in order to develop a model of hope that remains when it seems like all other hope has been lost. Rather than being overcome by anxiety about the future, eschatological hope fosters joy in the present.

  10. The Role of Creative Drama in Improving the Creativity of 4-6 Years Old Children

    Sedighe Momeni


    Full Text Available The present study examines the influence of creative drama on the creativity of 4 to 6 years old children. Accordingly, using a multi-stage cluster sampling, 52 children (21 girls and 31 boys, of district of Ahwaz city, were chosen and then randomly divided into two groups of experimental (33 people and control (19 people. The researched was directly involved in intervention as regarded the experimental group. The intervention group participated in creative drama activities for two months (15 sessions. The creativity level of the children in these two groups, before and after the intervention, was measured using the creativity test of Jean-Louis Cellier? This test includes verbal creativity, completing and interpreting the pictures that are determinative of creativity components, fluidity, extension, flexibility and originality. The data and the results were analyzed based on descriptive statistical and inferential methods such as frequency, mean, standard deviation and non-parametric rank (Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon and the Spearman correlation. The results indicated that the creative drama significantly increased the creativity of children at the ages of 4 to 6.

  11. Controlled thermonuclear fusion. Present state and prospective

    Consoli, T.


    The interest of thermonuclear fusion for energy production is underlined. The present state of the research in this field is presented, emphasis being given to Tokamak configurations. The problems concerning confinement and additional heating in these devices are presented [fr

  12. Eesti munitsipaalpolitsei Lääne taustal / Allan Alaküla

    Alaküla, Allan, 1968-


    Ilmunud ka: Stolitsa 5. dets. lk. 1. Riigikogu liikmete ja Euroopa politsei- ja omavalitsustegelaste arvamused munitsipaalpolitseist: Jaanus Männik, Keith Whitmore, Peter Shorer, Mai Treial, Michel Albin, Jaana Padrik, Jean Louis Renier, Eva Dohnalova, Calin Catalin Chirita, Aleksei Aleksandrov, Mohammad Nazir, Arvo Sirendi. Parlamendisaadik

  13. La relevancia de la piroglutamil peptidasa II (PPII) en la comunicación mediada por la hormona liberadora de tirotropina (TRH) en la adenohipófisis de la rata /

    Cruz Pérez, José Raymundo sustentante.


     tesis que para obtener el grado de Doctor en Ciencias Bioquímicas, presenta José Raymundo Cruz Pérez ; asesor Jean Louis Charli Casalonga. 66, [27] páginas : ilustraciones. Doctorado en Ciencias Bioquímicas UNAM, Instituto de Biotecnología, 2009

  14. Energy

    Bobin, J.L.


    Object of sciences and technologies, energy plays a major part in economics and relations between nations. Jean-Louis Bobin, physicist, analyses the relations between man and energy and wonders about fears that delivers nowadays technologies bound to nuclear energy and about the fear of a possible shortage of energy resources. (N.C.). 17 refs., 14 figs., 2 tabs

  15. Tests of the frozen-flux and tangentially geostrophic assumptions using magnetic satellite data

    Chulliat, A.; Olsen, Nils; Sabaka, T.

    In 1984, Jean-Louis Le Mouël published a paper suggesting that the flow at the top of the Earth’s core is tangentially geostrophic, i.e., the Lorentz force is much smaller than the Coriolis force in this particular region of the core. This new assumption wassubsequently used to discriminate among...

  16. Ten steps to successful poster presentation.

    Hardicre, Jayne; Devitt, Patric; Coad, Jane

    Receiving a letter confirming acceptance for you to present a poster at a conference can evoke mixed emotions. Joy, panic, fear and dread are among the many possible emotions and this is not exclusive to first time presenters. Developing an effective poster presentation is a skill that you can learn and can provide a rewarding way to present your work in a manner less intimidating than oral presentation (Shelledy, 2004). The key to successful poster presentation is meticulous, timely, well informed preparation. This article outlines ten steps to help guide you through the process to maximize your success.

  17. 2016 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) - Webinar Presentation

    Cole, Wesley; Kurup, Parthiv; Hand, Maureen; Feldman, David; Sigrin, Benjamin; Lantz, Eric; Stehly, Tyler; Augustine, Chad; Turchi, Craig; Porro, Gian; O' Connor, Patrick; Waldoch, Connor


    This deck was presented for the 2016 Annual Technology Baseline Webinar. The presentation describes the Annual Technology Baseline, which is a compilation of current and future cost and performance data for electricity generation technologies.

  18. Present studies on the radiosterilized drugs

    Marciniec, B.; Dettlaff, K.


    Lecture presents present status of radiosterilization of drugs and medical materials as compared to other sterilization methods. Literature review is shown on degradation of different kinds of drugs sterilized upon action of the sterilising doses of radiation

  19. Climatic Change--Past, Present & Future

    Lindholm, Roy C.


    Presented is a review of studies investigating factors affecting climatic changes in the Earth's atmosphere--past, present, and future. Dating methods, particularly the Oxygen 18/16 method, are discussed. (SL)

  20. Unexpected effects of computer presented procedures

    Blackman, H.S.; Nelson, W.R.


    Results from experiments conducted at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory have been presented regarding the computer presentation of procedural information. The results come from the experimental evaluation of an expert system which presented procedural instructions to be performed by a nuclear power plant operator. Lessons learned and implications from the study are discussed as well as design issues that should be considered to avoid some of the pitfalls in computer presented or selected procedures

  1. Reflections: Improving Medical Students' Presentation Skills.

    Tarkowski, Radoslaw


    Both good communication and presentation skills on the part of an academic teacher are crucial when trying to generate students' interest in the subject of a lecture. More generally, our task is to share knowledge in the most effective way possible. It is also worth teaching students presentation skills, as today's students are tomorrow's teachers. An engaging presentation is a powerful tool. There are some rules for presenting which I consider worthy of being discussed and taught at a medical university.

  2. Unexpected effects of computer presented procedures

    Blackman, H.S.; Nelson, W.R.


    Results from experiments conducted at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory will be presented regarding the computer presentation of procedural information. The results come from the experimental evaluation of an expert system which presented procedural instructions to be performed by a nuclear power plant operator. Lessons learned and implications from the study will be discussed as well as design issues that should be considered to avoid some of the pitfalls in computer presented or selected procedures. 1 ref., 1 fig

  3. Intuitionistic Assessment Of Behavioural Present Value*

    Piasecki Krzysztof


    The article discussesd the impact of chosen behavioural factors on the imprecision of present value assessment. The formal model of behavioural present value is offered as a result of this discussion. The behavioural present value is described here as an intuitionistic fuzzy set. The significance of the replacement of a fuzzy set by an intuitionistic fuzzy set is proved.

  4. The Design Space of Information Presentation

    May, Michael; Petersen, Johannes


    A semiotic approach to the design space of information presentation is presented in which Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is used to represent and explore attributes of abstract sign types and the media (graphical, haptic, acoustic, gestic) through which they are presented as specific...

  5. The Statue of Liberty Deed of Presentation.

    Schamel, Wynell Burroughs; Blondo, Richard A.


    Presents a history lesson based on the deed of presentation for the Statue of Liberty. Discusses the conception and history of the statue and its presentation to the United States as a gift from the people of France. Includes a copy of the document, topics for class discussion, and research, writing, and design activities. (DK)

  6. Twelve Tips for Effective Electronic Presentation.

    Crosby, Joy


    Offers 12 tips for effective electronic presentation. This article is intended for readers who may be considering using electronic presentation for the first time. Offers reasons for its popularity and occasions when it may be used. The tips offer assistance in the design and presentation of electronic material. (LZ)

  7. Intracranial Castleman's disease presenting as hypopituitarism

    Ribeiro, L.T.; Simao, G.N.; Matos, A.L.M.; Santos, Antonio Carlos; Carlotti, C.G. Jr.; Colli, B.O.; Neder, L.; Ribeiro-Silva, A.; Castro, M. de; Rego, E.


    Castleman's disease is an atypical lymphoproliferative disorder that may present as a localized or multicentric form. The involvement of the central nervous system is rare. We describe here a case of Castleman's disease with involvement of the hypothalamus and meninges, presenting as hypopituitarism. Radiological and clinical pathological features are emphasized and a review of the literature is presented. (orig.)

  8. Automatic presentation generation for scholarly hypermedia

    S. Bocconi


    textabstractAutomatic hypermedia presentation generation uses an information source semantic network first to select the content and then to compose it in the presentation so that the semantic relations between the information items are conveyed to the user. A hypermedia presentation can be

  9. Clinical presentation of familial exudative vitreoretinopathy.

    Ranchod, Tushar M; Ho, Lawrence Y; Drenser, Kimberly A; Capone, Antonio; Trese, Michael T


    To describe the clinical characteristics, staging and presentation of patients with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) in our clinical practice over the last 25 years. Case series, retrospective review. We included 273 eyes of 145 patients. Data collected from charts included gender, gestational age at birth, birthweight, age at presentation, referring diagnosis, family history, prior ocular surgery, and clinical presentation in each eye. Eyes with invasive posterior segment procedures before initial presentation were excluded. Demographics on presentation and clinical staging. Patients were slightly male predominant (57%) with a mean birthweight of 2.80 kg (range, 740 g-4.76 kg), mean gestational age of 37.8 weeks (range, 25-42), and mean age at presentation of almost 6 years (range, presentation, gestational age, and birthweight. Although a positive family history on presentation may support the diagnosis of FEVR, a negative family history is of little help. The majority of retinal folds extended radially in the temporal quadrants, but radial folds were seen in almost all quadrants. Fellow eyes demonstrated a wide variation in symmetry. The presentation of FEVR may mimic the presentation of other pediatric and adult vitreoretinal disorders, and careful examination is often crucial in making the diagnosis of FEVR. The authors have no proprietary or commercial interest in any of the materials discussed in this article. Copyright © 2011 American Academy of Ophthalmology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Antigen Cross-Presentation of Immune Complexes

    Platzer, Barbara; Stout, Madeleine; Fiebiger, Edda


    The ability of dendritic cells (DCs) to cross-present tumor antigens has long been a focus of interest to physicians, as well as basic scientists, that aim to establish efficient cell-based cancer immune therapy. A prerequisite for exploiting this pathway for therapeutic purposes is a better understanding of the mechanisms that underlie the induction of tumor-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) responses when initiated by DCs via cross-presentation. The ability of humans DC to perform cross-presentation is of utmost interest, as this cell type is a main target for cell-based immunotherapy in humans. The outcome of a cross-presentation event is guided by the nature of the antigen, the form of antigen uptake, and the subpopulation of DCs that performs presentation. Generally, CD8α+ DCs are considered to be the most potent cross-presenting DCs. This paradigm, however, only applies to soluble antigens. During adaptive immune responses, immune complexes form when antibodies interact with their specific epitopes on soluble antigens. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) immune complexes target Fc-gamma receptors on DCs to shuttle exogenous antigens efficiently into the cross-presentation pathway. This receptor-mediated cross-presentation pathway is a well-described route for the induction of strong CD8+ T cell responses. IgG-mediated cross-presentation is intriguing because it permits the CD8− DCs, which are commonly considered to be weak cross-presenters, to efficiently cross-present. Engaging multiple DC subtypes for cross-presentation might be a superior strategy to boost CTL responses in vivo. We here summarize our current understanding of how DCs use IgG-complexed antigens for the efficient induction of CTL responses. Because of its importance for human cell therapy, we also review the recent advances in the characterization of cross-presentation properties of human DC subsets. PMID:24744762

  11. Poster presentations: valuing all forms of evidence.

    Halligan, Phil


    This paper aims to assist readers who are considering submitting a poster presentation to a conference to appreciate their true worth and demonstrate the important contribution they can make to nursing scholarship and secondly, to provide new insights to conference reviewers who have the task of selecting appropriate contributions for conferences. The author will argue that the use of poster presentations is an ideal opportunity to disseminate research findings and clinical innovations. It offers a new, interesting, and thought-provoking perspective on poster presentations, which includes appraisal of extant literature and reflections about the significance of poster presentations to nursing scholarship. It highlights the benefits of submitting a poster presentation and concludes with some key points for conference reviewers to consider when deciding to select the suitability of abstracts for poster presentations or concurrent sessions.

  12. Clinical presentation of adult coeliac disease.

    Tajuddin, T


    The mode of presentation of coeliac disease has been changing to more atypical or silent disease. Few studies described the clinical presentation of adult coeliac disease in Ireland in recent years. We retrospectively collected the clinical data for all patients who had a diagnosis of coeliac disease made in our centre between January 07 and December 08. Forty seven adults, predominantly females (n = 30), had a confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease made during the study period. In our patient cohort, the presenting symptom was diarrhoea in 19 (40%) patients, while 16 patients (34%) did not have any G.I. symptoms, 10 (21%) presented with anaemia. Females presented at a significantly younger age compared to males, with median ages at diagnosis of 44.5 and 57 years, respectively (p = 0.04). Females also presented more commonly with non G.I. symptoms (p = 0.07). The reasons behind this gender difference need further study.

  13. Mediated Teaching for Information Presenting and Understanding

    Konstantinas Danaitis


    Full Text Available Nowadays media is readily moving into various spheres of life. The computer, projector and screen replace trivial chalk and board. Slides are used in various designated areas: promotional presentations at meetings as a form of communication between participants and also as visual presentation of lecture material content of the report. It was found that a human catches up and remembers only about 10% of what he has read, 20% of what he has heard and even 50% of what he heard and saw. Therefore, high-quality and Professional presentation of information in the slide form has a significant impact on the uptake. The authors present a solution how to present the study material qualitatively and use the media system effectively for teaching computer graphics course. This course is taught for VGTU first or second year students of almost all specialities. This presentation of study materials facilitates the teacher's work and improves the readability and solutions of study materials.

  14. Promoting professional development through poster presentations.

    Durkin, Gregory


    Poster presentations are commonplace at regional and national nursing conferences, although the development of a poster remains an intimidating task for many staff nurses. The author describes the staff development department's role in implementing in-house poster presentation sessions. Nursing staff are provided support and assistance in presenting posters to their colleagues at yearly sessions. The result has been increased comfort and experience with poster creation, participation in professional development activities, and dissemination of nursing practice innovation.

  15. Radiocarbon calibration - past, present and future

    Plicht, J. van der E-mail:


    Calibration of the Radiocarbon timescale is traditionally based on tree-rings dated by dendrochronology. At present, the tree-ring curve dates back to about 9900 BC. Beyond this limit, marine datasets extend the present calibration curve INTCAL98 to about 15 600 years ago. Since 1998, a wealth of AMS measurements became available, covering the complete {sup 14}C dating range. No calibration curve can presently be recommended for the older part of the dating range until discrepancies are resolved.

  16. Radiocarbon calibration - past, present and future

    Plicht, J. van der


    Calibration of the Radiocarbon timescale is traditionally based on tree-rings dated by dendrochronology. At present, the tree-ring curve dates back to about 9900 BC. Beyond this limit, marine datasets extend the present calibration curve INTCAL98 to about 15 600 years ago. Since 1998, a wealth of AMS measurements became available, covering the complete 14 C dating range. No calibration curve can presently be recommended for the older part of the dating range until discrepancies are resolved

  17. Nasopharyngeal bursitis: from embryology to clinical presentation

    El-Shazly, Amr


    AE El-Shazly, S Barriat, PP LefebvreDepartment of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Liege University Hospital, Liege, BelgiumAbstract: Nasopharyngeal bursitis is a relatively rare syndrome characterized by a collection of symptoms that multidisciplinary specialists should be aware of. Here we present an audit of cases presenting to a rhinology clinic over a two-year period, as well as an overview of the relevant embryology and different clinical presentations of nasopharyngeal bu...

  18. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis presenting as mania

    Aggarwal Ashish


    Full Text Available Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE is a rare, invariably fatal degenerative disease of the central nervous system developing after measles infection. Besides neurological symptoms as initial presenting symptoms, rare reports of its presentation with pure psychiatric symptoms have been reported. We here report a case of 14 year old male who initially presented with manic symptoms and then subsequently diagnosed to be suffering from SSPE. Improtance of ruling our organic conditions is emphasized.

  19. Trismus: An unusual presentation following road accident

    Thakur Jagdeep


    Full Text Available Trismus due to trauma usually follows road accidents leading to massive faciomaxillary injury. In the literature there is no report of a foreign body causing trismus following a road accident, this rare case is an exception. We present a case of isolated presentation of trismus following a road accident. This case report stresses on the thorough evaluation of patients presenting with trismus following a road accident.

  20. Pulmonary strongyloidiasis. Presentation of two cases

    Munive, Abraham Ali; Torres D, Carlos A Lasso A Javier J; Ojeda Leon, Paulina; Acosta R, Nohora


    We describe two case reports of immune-suppressed patients receiving oral steroids and who presented lung Strongyloidiasis; later they evolved toward respiratory failure, with different clinical courses. One developed severe hypoxaemia, hemodynamic instability and death. The worst prognosis in this patient was determined by diffuse infiltrates and the resulting lung injury. The other one presented a stable clinical course and evolved to full recovery; this case presented a cavern in the chest X-ray that could represent a preliminary phase for lung extension of the infection. The difference in the evolution of these two patients is determined by the different presentation of the lung damage

  1. Visual communication in presentation on physics

    Grebenyuk, Konstantin A.


    It is essential that our audience be attentive during lecture, report or another presentation on physics. Therefore we have to take care of both speech and visual communication with audience. Three important aspects of successful visual aids use are singled out in this paper. The main idea is that physicists could appreciably increase efficiency of their presentations by use of these simple principles of presentation art. Recommendations offered are results of special literature research, author' s observations and experience of communication with skilled masters of presentations.

  2. A rare presentation of hydatid cyst

    Sabir, N.; Yildirim, B.; Alatas, E.; Cetin, B.


    Hydatid disease, although known to occur in most body areas, is extremely rare in the female reproductive system. There are different modes of presentation for the disease; however, we report and discuss a case presented with cystic vesicles passing through the vagina, which is considered as a rare presentation for secondary involvement of the uterus and both ovaries. We confirmed diagnosis with radiological examinations and serological tests. We operated on the patient, and studied the excised cysts microscopically. The gynecologist should be aware of hydatid cyst when vaginally passing a grape like vesicle is presented by the patient. (author)

  3. Biased lineups: sequential presentation reduces the problem.

    Lindsay, R C; Lea, J A; Nosworthy, G J; Fulford, J A; Hector, J; LeVan, V; Seabrook, C


    Biased lineups have been shown to increase significantly false, but not correct, identification rates (Lindsay, Wallbridge, & Drennan, 1987; Lindsay & Wells, 1980; Malpass & Devine, 1981). Lindsay and Wells (1985) found that sequential lineup presentation reduced false identification rates, presumably by reducing reliance on relative judgment processes. Five staged-crime experiments were conducted to examine the effect of lineup biases and sequential presentation on eyewitness recognition accuracy. Sequential lineup presentation significantly reduced false identification rates from fair lineups as well as from lineups biased with regard to foil similarity, instructions, or witness attire, and from lineups biased in all of these ways. The results support recommendations that police present lineups sequentially.

  4. Selected Regional Judicial Officer Cases, 2005 - Present

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This dataset contains selected cases involving EPA's Regional Judicial Officers (RJOs) from 2005 to present. EPA's Regional Judicial Officers (RJOs) perform...

  5. Poster Presentations: Conceptualizing, Constructing and Critiquing

    Newbrey, Michael G.; Baltezore, Joan M.


    Posters are commonly used as tools for disseminating information at scientific meetings, but many students lack an understanding of "good" poster characteristics. We present a set of characteristics for use in constructing posters for scientific meetings and classroom presentations along with tips on critiquing posters to enhance their…

  6. Applying Technology To Facilitate Poster Presentations.

    Marek, Pam; Christopher, Andrew N.; Koenig, Cynthia S.


    Promotes the use of presentation software in psychology courses to teach students technological skills that prepare them for the future. Explains that many graduates in psychology are employed in other fields after graduation. Discusses the use of presentation software with a focus on poster preparation using Microsoft PowerPoint software. (CMK)

  7. Speechline - a method for teaching oral presentation

    Juel, Henrik


    The Speech-line method aims at improving the active rhetorical skills of students, i.e. their ability to present academic subjects in a clear and convincing manner. This is relevant not only for everyday classroom work, but also for oral exams, for presenting research projects, and for addressing...

  8. Becker muscular dystrophy: an unusual presentation.

    Thakker, P B; Sharma, A


    A 15 year old boy who presented with passing painless dark urine was found to have myoglobinuria. His creatine phosphokinase was raised, and a muscle biopsy specimen showed non-specific dystrophic changes. Subsequent DNA analysis led to the diagnosis of Becker muscular dystrophy. Myoglobinuria may be a presenting symptom of Becker muscular dystrophy.

  9. Film sound in preservation and presentation

    Campanini, S.


    What is the nature of film sound? How does it change through time? How can film sound be conceptually defined? To address these issues, this work assumes the perspective of film preservation and presentation practices, describing the preservation of early sound systems, as well as the presentation

  10. The spanish radiotherapy park: past and present

    Tormo Ferrero, Manuel J.


    The present article has as objective to provide a general overview on the spanish radiotherapy park, presenting how was its start and evolution until the current state. Considering only the units of teletherapy and the accelerators. Actually in Spain there is 28 units of Cobalt therapy, in functioning during the last two decades, being advised a rapid substitution to accelerators

  11. Dynamic bowel obstruction: aetiology, clinical presentation ...

    This study was conducted to describe in our region, the aetiology, clinical presentation, management and outcome of dynamic bowel obstruction. Data were analyzed using SPSS software system. A total of 342 patients were studied. Males outnumbered females by a ratio of 2.1: 1. The median age of patients at presentation ...

  12. Acute intermittent porphyria presenting as progressive muscular ...

    Acute intermittent porphyria, the most common porphyria affecting the nervous system, typically presents with neurovisceral crises followed by a motor neuropathy. We describe a 23-year-old black South African man presenting with a progressive stuttering, lower motor neuron syndrome developing over months. He had not ...

  13. Story Presentation Effects on Children's Retell Content

    Schneider, Phyllis; Dube, Rita Vis


    This study investigated the possibility that the amount of content children include in their stories is affected by how stories are presented. Simple stories were presented to kindergarten and Grade 2 children in 3 conditions: orally (oral only), pictorially (pictures only), and combined oral and pictures. The kindergarteners recalled more content…

  14. Normothermic thyroid storm: an unusual presentation

    Sabir, Anas Ahmad; Sada, Kabiru; Yusuf, Bashir O.; Aliyu, Idris


    Thyroid storm is a rare life-threatening emergency due to thyrotoxicosis. A 30-year-old female presented with restlessness, tachycardia and vomiting but with normothermia which is an unusual presentation. There is the need for clinicians to be aware of atypical clinical features that can make the diagnosis of thyroid storm difficult. PMID:27540465

  15. NUT carcinoma presenting in the palate

    Bjornstrup, Libana Raffoul; Reibel, Jesper; Kiss, Katalin


    NUT carcinomas (NC) are rare and aggressive tumours characterized by chromosomal rearrangements of the gene encoding for nuclear protein of the testis (NUT) located on chromosome 15q14. This article presents a case of a 60-year-old woman diagnosed with NC presenting as a fast growing primary tumo...

  16. Central nervous system tuberculomata presenting as internuclear ...

    Central nervous system (CNS) tuberculoma can have variable presentation depending upon the site and number of tuberculomata. We are reporting a rare case of a 15 years old girl who presented to our hospital with binocular diplopia on right gaze. Clinical examination revealed left sided internuclear ophthalmoplegia ...

  17. WWNPQFT-2010 - Slides of the presentations

    Fried, H.M.; Huber, M.Q.; Grandou, T.; Bianchi, E.; Gracey, J.; Reys, V.; Jevicki, A.; Ferrante, D.; Bouakaz, K.; Spielmann, D.; Cucchieri, A.; Culetu, H.; Gelis, F.; Zwanziger, D.; Candelpergher, B.; Bender, C.


    This document is made up of the slides of the presentations. The object of this workshop is to consolidate and publicize new efforts in non-perturbative field theories. The main topics are quantum chromodynamics, Yang-Mills theory, effective locality, the Gribov-Zwanziger Lagrangian, and renormalization. A presentation is dedicated to the initial stages of high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions

  18. Extranodal presentation in patients with acquired immunodeficiency ...

    NHL is the second most common malignancy associated with HIV infection. The clinical presentation varies, and while patients may present with symptomatic lymphadenopathy, many have extranodal disease. Extranodal lymphomas arise from tissue other than lymph nodes and even sites that normally contain no lymphoid ...

  19. Changing Dynamics in the Voluntary Market (Presentation)

    Heeter, J.


    Voluntary green power markets are those in which consumers and institutions voluntarily purchase renewable energy to match their electricity needs. This presentation, presented at the Renewable Energy Markets Conference in December 2014, outlines the voluntary market in 2013, including community choice aggregation and community solar.

  20. 25 CFR 11.903 - Presenting officer.


    ... OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR LAW AND ORDER COURTS OF INDIAN OFFENSES AND LAW AND ORDER CODE Children's Court § 11.903 Presenting officer. (a) The agency superintendent and the chief magistrate of the children's court shall jointly appoint a presenting officer to carry out the duties and...

  1. Genitourinary complications as initial presentation of inherited ...

    Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare disorder that presents with urological complications. We present a 6-year-old boy admitted with urological symptoms that revealed an inherited EB misdiagnosed. We also review the literature on this disorder and management of the common urological complications.

  2. Using the Microcomputer for Advertising Research Presentations.

    Larkin, Ernest F.

    A midwestern university is testing a program that uses the Apple II computer to help students in an advertising research course develop their skills in preparing and presenting research reports using computer generated graphics for both oral and written presentations. One of the course requirements is the preparation of a final project, including…

  3. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia presenting as Juvenile Idiopathic ...

    Background: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in children commonly presents with osteo articular manifestations that may mimic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. This may create considerable diagnostic difficulty and lead to delay in commencing appropriate treatment. Case: An eight year old boy who presented with multiple ...

  4. Diffuse benign gastric inflammatory hyperplastic polyps presenting ...

    Benign gastric inflammatory hyperplasic polyps are benign lesions that rarely occur in young age. We report a case of diffuse benign gastric inflammatory hyperplastic polyps in a 19 year old boy who presented with cough, nausea, and hematamesis. In the presented case symptoms such as nausea and vomiting are non ...

  5. Processing of visually presented clock times.

    Goolkasian, P; Park, D C


    The encoding and representation of visually presented clock times was investigated in three experiments utilizing a comparative judgment task. Experiment 1 explored the effects of comparing times presented in different formats (clock face, digit, or word), and Experiment 2 examined angular distance effects created by varying positions of the hands on clock faces. In Experiment 3, encoding and processing differences between clock faces and digitally presented times were directly measured. Same/different reactions to digitally presented times were faster than to times presented on a clock face, and this format effect was found to be a result of differences in processing that occurred after encoding. Angular separation also had a limited effect on processing. The findings are interpreted within the framework of theories that refer to the importance of representational codes. The applicability to the data of Bank's semantic-coding theory, Paivio's dual-coding theory, and the levels-of-processing view of memory are discussed.

  6. Clinical presentation and staging of Hodgkin lymphoma

    Gallamini, Andrea; Hutchings, Martin; Ramadan, Safaa


    , sometimes HL is a subtle disease, difficult to diagnose for the paucity of symptoms, the absence of physical findings, or for concomitant immunologic disorders: a compete overview of the common and rare patterns of HL clinical presentation will be also offered. The future perspective of PET scan use......In the present chapter the authors present a brief overview of the diagnostic methods proposed over time for Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) spread detection, moving from surgical procedures, through standard radiological and functional imaging techniques to the present state of the art for HL staging...... tomography (FDG-PET) scan in the armamentarium of staging procedures will be presented and commented, with a special emphasis on the utility of special procedures, such as bone marrow trephine biopsy, which is deemed no longer needed in the PET era. While the HL diagnosis is straightforward in most cases...

  7. Menkes Disease Presenting with Epilepsia Partialis Continua

    Tamer Rizk


    Full Text Available Aim. We aim to describe a female patient with Menkes disease who presented with epilepsia partialis continua. Case Presentation. Seventeen-months-old Saudi infant was presented with repetitive seizures and was diagnosed to have epilepsia partialis continua. Discussion. Menkes disease (OMIM: 309400 is considered a rare, X-linked recessive neurodegenerative disorder resulting from a mutation in the gene coding for the copper transporting ATPase (ATP7A. Affected individuals usually present with kinky hair, skeletal changes, prolonged jaundice, hypothermia, developmental regression, decreased tone, spasticity, weakness, and therapy resistant seizures. Conclusion. Raising awareness of abnormal presentation of this rare disease may help in the control of seizures through subcutaneous copper supplementation.

  8. Intracellular events regulating cross-presentation

    Peter eCresswell


    Full Text Available Cross-presentation plays a fundamental role in the induction of CD8-T cell immunity. However, although more than three decades have passed since its discovery, surprisingly little is known about the exact mechanisms involved. Here we give an overview of the components involved at different stages of this process. First, antigens must be internalized into the cross-presenting cell. The involvement of different receptors, method of antigen uptake, and nature of the antigen can influence intracellular trafficking and access to the cross-presentation pathway. Once antigens access the endocytic system, different requirements for endosomal/phagosomal processing arise, such as proteolysis and reduction of disulfide bonds. The majority of cross-presented peptides are generated by proteasomal degradation. Therefore, antigens must cross a membrane barrier in a manner analogous to the fate of misfolded proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER that are retrotranslocated into the cytosol for degradation. Indeed, some components of the ER-associated degradation (ERAD machinery have been implicated in cross-presentation. Further complicating the matter, endosomal and phagosomal compartments have been suggested as alternative sites to the ER for loading of peptides on MHC class I molecules. Finally, the antigen presenting cells involved, particularly dendritic cell subsets and their state of maturation, influence the efficiency of cross-presentation.

  9. Information presentation in power plant control rooms

    Kautto, A.


    The objective of this study is to support operators' work especially in the control rooms of power plant. The exemplified process is a pressurized water (nuclear) reactor (PWR). The man-process interface is an information system that covers information refining, information presentation, information system handling, and process control. THe emphasis in this study is on the organization and presentation of information and on the alert function that is part of the information system. Another goal is to design the alert function so as to radically reduce the number of alarms during plant shutdown, e.g. during the refuelling or maintenance period and during a disturbance. Further, the experimental validation of CFMS (Critical Function Monitoring System), developed by Combustion Engineering, Inc. in the U.S.A. is described briefly. The validation was made at the Loviisa training simulator in the autumn of 1982. CFMS is a safety-related functional alarm system. The functional decomposition of information has turned out to be successful and it is helpful in designing displays. Preliminary criteria for designing displays, the structure of the information presentation system and the illustration of main interactions are presented. General practical ideas on designing the alert function seem very promising. Preliminary results of the CFMS validation are presented. Further, some ideas are presented on how to carry out the analysis and how to make such validations in the future. A new idea for the evaluation of core safety is presented, based on control theory concepts

  10. Manipulating affective state using extended picture presentations.

    Sutton, S K; Davidson, R J; Donzella, B; Irwin, W; Dottl, D A


    Separate, extended series of positive, negative, and neutral pictures were presented to 24 (12 men, 12 women) undergraduates. Each series was presented on a different day, with full counterbalancing of presentation orders. Affective state was measured using (a) orbicularis oculi activity in response to acoustic startle probes during picture presentation, (b) corrugator supercilii activity between and during picture presentation, and (c) changes in self-reports of positive and negative affect. Participants exhibited larger eyeblink reflex magnitudes when viewing negative than when viewing positive pictures. Corrugator activity was also greater during the negative than during the positive picture set, during both picture presentation and the period between pictures. Self-reports of negative affect increased in response to the negative picture set, and self-reports of positive affect were greatest following the positive picture set. These findings suggest that extended picture presentation is an effective method of manipulating affective state and further highlight the utility of startle probe and facial electromyographic measures in providing on-line readouts of affective state.

  11. Transforming your presentation into a publication.

    Schrager, Sarina


    Publication in scientific journals is required for academic promotion at universities. It is also the method by which most family medicine faculty members disseminate their scholarly work, establish a reputation in their field, and develop a clinical, teaching, or scholarly expertise. Publications are able to reach a broader audience than are presentations, which makes them the epitome of academic scholarship. Most academic family physicians give presentations to students, residents, or colleagues as part of their regular job duties and at regional and national meetings, but few write articles based on those presentations.

  12. An unusual presentation of galactosemia: Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

    Ahmet Afşin Kundak


    Full Text Available Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH is a rare life-threatening condition. Uncontrolled proliferation of activated lymphocytes secreting high amounts of inflammatory cytokines seems to be the main pathogenesis. The diagnosis of HLH can often be difficult. It may presents in many forms such as fever of unknown origin, hepatitis, acute liver failure, and sepsis-like illness. Here we present a newborn galactosemia case presented with HLH. Close monitoring of the diagnostic criteria of HLH during the course of galactosemia-associated hemophagocytosis, both before and after dietary treatment, should be performed in order to fully determine if the triggering mechanism is infection or accumulation of metabolites.

  13. Past and present trends of nuclear chemistry

    Matel, L.; Kuruc, J.


    This book represents not only the papers and lectures presented on the Seminar at the occasion of forty years of foundation of the Department of Nuclear Chemistry which took place on October 3 - 5, 2006 in Kezmarske Zlaby (High Tatras). It also contains the papers and presentations of post-graduate students and workers of the Department of Nuclear Chemistry as well as colleagues working in different field of nuclear chemistry and radioecology on various workplaces in the Slovak Republic, too. The book contains 17 papers, 15 presentations, photographs and 3 short video recording

  14. Gynaecomastia as the initial presentation of thyrotoxicosis

    Triranjan Sanyal


    Full Text Available Gynaecomastia is a well-recognized manifestation of thyrotoxicosis occurring in a widely variable percentage. Some studies have reported the percentage to be high as 40% while others report it being around 10%. The variation can be attributed to the difference in the criteria used to define gynae-comaslia or racial factors. However, thyrotoxicosis presenting with gynaceomastia as an intial manifestation is very rare. Only handful case reports are found in literature. Here we present a case of 35-year-old Indian male, with thyrotoxcosis who presented initially with painful bilateral gynaceomastia.

  15. Offshore Wind Energy Market Overview (Presentation)

    Baring-Gould, I.


    This presentation describes the current international market conditions regarding offshore wind, including the breakdown of installation costs, how to reduce costs, and the physical siting considerations considered when planning offshore wind construction. The presentation offers several examples of international existing and planned offshore wind farm sites and compares existing international offshore resources with U.S. resources. The presentation covers future offshore wind trends and cites some challenges that the United States must overcome before it will be able to fully develop offshore wind sites.

  16. Lymphogranuloma Venereum Presenting as a Rectovaginal Fistula

    C. M. Lynch


    Full Text Available Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV is a rare form of the sexually transmitted disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. In the United States, there are fewer than 350 cases per year. In a review of the world’s literature, there has not been a case reported in the last thirty years of a case ofLGV presenting as a rectovaginal fistula. We present a case of an otherwise healthy American woman who presented with a rectovaginal fistula. Although uncommon, LGV does occur in developed countries and may have devastating tissue destruction if not recognized and treated before the tertiary stage. Infect. Dis. Obstet. Gynecol. 7:199–201, 1999.

  17. Lymphogranuloma venereum presenting as a rectovaginal fistula.

    Lynch, C M; Felder, T L; Schwandt, R A; Shashy, R G


    Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) is a rare form of the sexually transmitted disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. In the United States, there are fewer than 350 cases per year. In a review of the world's literature, there has not been a case reported in the last thirty years of a case of LGV presenting as a rectovaginal fistula. We present a case of an otherwise healthy American woman who presented with a rectovaginal fistula. Although uncommon, LGV does occur in developed countries and may have devastating tissue destruction if not recognized and treated before the tertiary stage. PMID:10449269

  18. Lichen planus pigmentosus: two atypical presentation

    Falguni Nag


    Full Text Available Lichen planus pigmentosus (LPP is a chronic pigmentary disorder with variable pattern of presentation. We here by present two cases of LPP one with parallel band like pigmentation over abdomen sparing the abdominal skin creases and other with parallel band like pattern following the Blaschko’s lines over left side of the abdomen. Our cases are unique not only for its presentation but also for the pattern of distribution and LPP should be the differential diagnosis in any pigmentary disorders.

  19. Power point 2002 for successful presentation

    Moon, Insoo


    This book mentions power point 2002 for successful presentation, which deals with power point and presentation, all guide, the latest gear, for presentation, basic of power point 2002 such as slide, text compile, insertion of picture, figure and application of office guide, setting up new year plan using text like insertion text with various methods, compile effective text, and 200% application of tab, and addiction of pretty shape of characters, finishing of conversion of chinese character, and elimination of typographical error with spell checker.

  20. An unusual presentation of testicular tumor

    Amin, M.U.; Rahan, T.; Haq, A.U.; Aftab, P.


    A case of testicular choriocarcinoma is reported in which blood mixed stools and haemoptysis were the presenting manifestations as the patient never told about the testicular swelling to his parents. Orchidectomy was performed but the patient presented again with massive hematemesis due to gastric perforation secondary to gastric metastasis. The size of the testis at diagnosis was approximately 12 x 7cm. This was also unusual as testicular choriocarcinoma presents as a small mass. The patient eventually died of the complications within one month of diagnosis. (author)

  1. Moxibustion for Cephalic Version of Breech Presentation.

    Schlaeger, Judith M; Stoffel, Cynthia L; Bussell, Jeanie L; Cai, Hui Yan; Takayama, Miho; Yajima, Hiroyoshi; Takakura, Nobuari


    Moxibustion, a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is the burning of the herb moxa (Folium Artemisiae argyi or mugwort) over acupuncture points. It is often used in China to facilitate cephalic version of breech presentation. This article reviews the history, philosophy, therapeutic use, possible mechanisms of action, and literature pertaining to its use for this indication. For moxibustion, moxa can be rolled into stick form, placed directly on the skin, or placed on an acupuncture needle and ignited to warm acupuncture points. Studies have demonstrated that moxibustion may promote cephalic version of breech presentation and may facilitate external cephalic version. However, there is currently a paucity of research on the effects of moxibustion on cephalic version of breech presentation, and thus there is a need for further studies. Areas needing more investigation include efficacy, safety, optimal technique, and best protocol for cephalic version of breech presentation. © 2018 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

  2. Late presentation for HIV care across Europe

    Mocroft, Amanda; Lundgren, Jens; Antinori, Andrea


    Late presentation (LP) for HIV care across Europe remains a significant issue. We provide a cross-European update from 34 countries on the prevalence and risk factors of LP for 2010-2013. People aged ≥ 16 presenting for HIV care (earliest of HIV-diagnosis, first clinic visit or cohort enrollment......) after 1 January 2010 with available CD4 count within six months of presentation were included. LP was defined as presentation with a CD4 count HIV diagnosis. Logistic regression investigated changes in LP over time. A total.......02-1.32), and a significant decline in LP in northern Europe (aOR/year later 0.89; 95% CI: 0.85-0.94). Further improvements in effective HIV testing strategies, with a focus on vulnerable groups, are required across the European continent....

  3. Demographics and presenting clinical features of childhood ...


    predominance in adolescence and adulthood. The true incidence of ... Conclusion. There is a diverse array of presenting features in childhood SLE. There has .... difficult by the psychological problems associated with coping with a chronic ...

  4. Hydroelectric power in Romania. Past - present - future

    Bogan, V.


    This paper presents an analysis of the past and present situation in hydroelectric power (achievements, rates of commissioning and so on) and the future strategies for the hydroelectric power resource development in the conditions of a free market economy. At present the contribution of hydroelectric power in the Romania's total power balance is about 16,500 GW h/year which represents nearly 28 %. The theoretical hydroelectric power potential of Romania is 75,000 GW h/year while the technical potential, which could actually be developed, is only 40,000 GW h/year. Finally, there are presented the main directions in the hydroelectric power development up to the year 2020. (author) 3 tabs

  5. Suntech, presentation of a new giant

    Marandet, L.


    In few years this chinese Group became the third world producer of solar cells. This success is resulting of real policy of investment and expansion. the author proposes a presentation of this firm and their success. (A.L.B.)

  6. injury to presentation delays among musculoskeletal trauma ...

    Background: Injuries are a common cause of morbidity and mortality in the developing world with road traffic ... Methods: All musculoskeletal injury patients presenting to Mulago Hospital were prospectively .... who fell or were injured in sports.

  7. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presenting as Acute Adrenal ...


    presented to us with a history of anorexia, progressive darkening of the face ... to us in an acute hypoadrenal state and was found to have Systemic lupus erythematosus with renal involvement. .... Textbook of Endocrinology. 11th ed. Saunders: ...

  8. Congenic tuberculosis. Presentation of clinical case

    David Calabria, Milena; Ojeda Leon, Paulina


    We are presenting the case of less than to 2 month old and premature infant, she had hyaline membrane disease and required mechanical ventilation during 6 days, at the first month. She presented a viral rhinopharyngitis symptomatology, perioral cyanosis with apnoea, and respiratory distress, the chest x-ray showed multiple bilateral hyperlucid images, mainly at the right side afterwards the patient presented intermittent fever of long evolution and initially received treatment for cavitary bronchopneumonia and sequel of mechanical ventilation, receiving multiple antimicrobial antibiotics, the mother had intermittent fevers since the sixth month of pregnancy and was hospitalized for suspected endometritis after delivery, she presented clinical impairment which evolved to sepsis and died in the ICU, the endometrial histopathology showed granulomas suggesting tuberculosis, due to long history of fevers in the baby and the genital tuberculosis in the mother a tuberculosis study was performed in the girl which resulted positive

  9. The Effect of Summarizing and Presentation Strategies

    Hooshang Khoshsima


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to find out the effect of summarizing and presentation strategies on Iranian intermediate EFL learners’ reading comprehension. 61 students were selected and divided into two experimental and control groups. The homogeneity of their proficiency level was established using a TOEFL proficiency test. The experimental group used the two strategies three sessions each week for twenty weeks, while the control group was not trained on the strategies. After every two-week instruction, an immediate posttest was administered. At the end of the study, a post-test was administered to both groups. Paired-sample t-test and Independent sample t-test were used for analysis. The results of the study revealed that summarizing and presentation strategies had significant effect on promoting reading comprehension of intermediate EFL learners. It also indicated that the presentation strategy was significantly more effective on students’ reading comprehension.

  10. Marine geophysical data management and presentation system

    Kunte, P.D.

    ) of the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India. GPDMPS is designed for the computerized storage retrieval and presentation of marine geophysical data and information. For the systematic management of geophysical data and information, GPDMPS is subdivided...

  11. Electronic Resources Management Project Presentation 2012

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    This presentation describes the electronic resources management project undertaken by the KAUST library. The objectives of this project is to migrate information from MS Sharepoint to Millennium ERM module. One of the advantages of this migration

  12. Explorers Presentation: Explaining the Tides to Children

    Institute, Marine


    Explaining the tides to children Presentation includes information about: Orbits of the Earth, Moon and Sun; Moon phases and the lunar cycle; Gravity; Gravity and the tide; Types of tides; The tides and me!; Tide tables; Extra insight

  13. Clinico-Pathologic Presentation and Management of ...

    Von Recklinghausen's) Disease among North-Eastern Nigerians: A six year review. ... presentation and to highlight the need of multi disciplinary approach in the management of this condition. Methodology: The case records of patients who ...

  14. Presentations: Adverse Outcome Pathways for Abnormal Phenotypes

    Birth defects affect many infants and the etiology for most are unknown. Although environmental factors are known to influence pregnancy outcome, thousands of chemicals, present in the environment, are untested for developmental toxicity potential. Application of computational p...

  15. Colorectal cancer presenting as bone metastasis

    M C Suresh Babu


    Conclusions: In this study, the patients of colorectal cancer presenting with bone metastasis were of male sex and younger age. The factors that were associated with reduced survival were extraosseous and liver involvement.

  16. Electric power: Past, present, and future

    Schnetzer, H.


    When, at the turn of the century, public electric power supply facilities were created and in 1908, the electric power stations of the Swiss canton of Zurich (EKZ) were built, only a third of the communities in the Zurich area could boast about being the consumers of this new energy. But what did the first electrically powered devices and machines look like? This, and more, is presented in the ''electric power house'' in Burenwisen Glattfelden in the canton of Zurich. Besides a Kaplan turbine and a sample of the most interesting devices from the past and the present, the focus of the exhibition is on the presentation of the new and old sources of light. The EKZ are pleased to be able to present their ''electric power house'' to the public, providing a broad range of information on energy-related questions and the development of electric power supply. (orig.) [de

  17. Endodontic microsurgery, presentation of a clinical case

    Zeledon Mayorga, Rodolfo


    A literature review is conducted on endodontic surgery. The report of a clinical case is facilitated. The technique chosen according to the clinical and radiographic examination was endodontic microsurgery, the case has presented a positive evolution of four years [es

  18. Disseminated gonococcal infection: an unusual presentation

    Saroj Lohani


    Full Text Available Gonococcus typically affects the mucosal surfaces but in rare cases can spread to bloodstream causing disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI. The usual presentation of DGI is rash, polyarthralgia, and tenosynovitis. We present the case of a 23-year-old female who presented to our hospital with pustular rash and tenosynovitis of hand and was sent home on Augmentin. Her symptoms worsened despite treatment and she presented back to the ED. On investigation, she was found to have DGI and was appropriately treated. DGI should be kept in mind in sexually active youngsters who have only one or two features of the classic triad of rash, tenosynovitis, and arthritis. Timely management and appropriate treatment of DGI is very important to avoid complications and morbidity.

  19. Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture: Present concerns and ...

    Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture: Present concerns and future aspects. ... of those living in developing countries face daily food shortages as a result of ... applications in agricultural, food, and water safety that could have significant ...

  20. Techno-Economics & Life Cycle Assessment (Presentation)

    Dutta, A.; Davis, R.


    This presentation provides an overview of the techno-economic analysis (TEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) capabilities at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and describes the value of working with NREL on TEA and LCA.

  1. Melanoacanthoma: Uncommon presentation of an uncommon condition

    Resham J Vasani


    Full Text Available Melanoacanthoma is very rare variant of seborrheic keratosis presenting as a deeply pigmented benign proliferation of melanocytes and keratinocytes usually presenting over the head, neck and trunk of elderly people. A sixty-two-years-old male was presented with a solitary slow growing asymptomatic hyperpigmented verrucous outgrowth with cerebriform surface measuring 15 cm by 8 cm present over the left inguinal region extending on to the scrotum since past 8 years. There was no associated lymphadenopathy. The histopathology revealed hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, acanthosis with presence of melanocytes at all levels of epidermis with abundant melanin giving the diagnosis of melanoacanthoma. The patient further underwent surgical excision of the lesion. The case is being reported for its rarity, unusual location, massive size and clinical resemblance to a verrucous carcinoma.

  2. Late presentation of posterior urethral valves.

    Jalbani, Imran Khan; Biyabani, Syed Raziuddin


    Presence of posterior urethral valves (PUV) is the most common cause of urinary tract obstruction in the male neonate. Late presentation occurs in 10% of cases. We present a case of PUVs in an adult male who presented with history of obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms and hematuria. On evaluation, he was found to have raised serum creatinine level. A voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) could not be completely performed because of narrowing in the posterior urethra. A rigid urethrocystoscopy was performed at which he was found to have type-I posterior urethral valve which were fulgurated. A repeat uroflowmetry revealed maximum flow rate of 12 ml/second. This case highlights that PUVs is not solely a disease of infancy but may also present late. VCUG is the radiological investigation of choice but the diagnosis may be missed. A urethrocystoscopy is advised if there is a high index of suspicion.

  3. Present status of radiation processing in Japan

    Tabata, Y.


    Crosslinking of insulating materials including cables, tubes, sheets, pipes and polymer foam, curing of coating, surface treatment and other processes developed recently will be presented. Future prospects in this field will be discussed. (Author) [pt

  4. Cloud Based Applications and Platforms (Presentation)

    Brodt-Giles, D.


    Presentation to the Cloud Computing East 2014 Conference, where we are highlighting our cloud computing strategy, describing the platforms on the cloud (including, and defining our process for implementing cloud based applications.

  5. Abnormal Position and Presentation of the Fetus

    ... Delivery Introduction to Complications of Labor and Delivery Abnormal Position and Presentation of the Fetus Amniotic Fluid Embolism Excessive Uterine Bleeding at Delivery Fetal Distress Inverted Uterus Labor That ...

  6. Atypical presentations of retroperitoneal giant schwannomas

    Sait Ozbir


    Full Text Available Schwannomas are usually benign rare tumors that originating from Schwann cells of peripheral nerve sheaths. Presentation is generally varied and changed in a non-specific range from abdominal mass, flank pain to incidental findings. Herein we report 2 cases of retroperitoneal giant schwannomas with different clinical presentations, of whom one presented with vague abdominal pain, palpable abdominal mass for 4 years, swelling and bilateral hydronephrosis that caused by giant abdominal mass; the other one presented with right flank pain, rectal hemorrhage and lower extremities edema. Two patients were treated by complete surgical excision of masses. The histological and immunohistochemical diagnosis was reported as benign schwannoma. Both of patients are doing well and had no recurrence in 9 years and 28 months follow-up, respectively.

  7. Computer Presentation Programs and Teaching Research Methodologies

    Vahid Motamedi


    Full Text Available Supplementing traditional chalk and board instruction with computer delivery has been viewed positively by students who have reported increased understanding and more interaction with the instructor when computer presentations are used in the classroom. Some problems contributing to student errors while taking class notes might be transcription of numbers to the board, and handwriting of the instructor can be resolved in careful construction of computer presentations. The use of computer presentation programs promises to increase the effectiveness of learning by making content more readily available, by reducing the cost and effort of producing quality content, and by allowing content to be more easily shared. This paper describes how problems can be overcome by using presentation packages for instruction.

  8. Presentation Trainer Prototype 1.0

    Börner, Dirk; Specht, Marcus


    This software sketch comprises the first prototype of the presentation trainer. The application uses the Microsoft Kinect sensor and was built using the Processing 1.5.1 development environment. Available under the GNU LGPL licence version 3 or higher.



    We describe a neonate with a large tumour involving cranial, cervical and upper mediastinal regions, which presented clinically as hygroma colli. Radiological and pathological investigations showed characteristics of a mature teratoma and prominent cystic components within the tumour. These findings

  10. Present status and physics prospects of SSC

    Sugimoto, Shojiro


    Physics prospects of Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) are discussed, referring to other coming colliders. In addition, the present status of the SSC project and detector proposals for the experiments are described. (author)

  11. Subdural Empyema: Clinical Presentations and Management ...

    [craniotomy vs. burr hole, aspiration, and drainage. (BAAD)] depends on the ... the dura and the subarachnoid mater within the brain ambient ... presentations. Posterior fossa right-sided SDE was seen ... the left side of the brain, 15 (83.3%).

  12. Clinical Presentation of Pediatric Myocarditis in Taiwan

    Hsiang-Ju Hsiao


    Conclusions: Pediatric myocarditis presents primarily with gastrointestinal symptoms in Taiwan. Careful check of heart rhythm may provide a useful objective marker of myocarditis. The predictors of a poor prognosis were gastrointestinal symptoms, hepatomegaly, and hypotension.

  13. Human-machine Interface for Presentation Robot

    Krejsa, Jiří; Ondroušek, V.


    Roč. 6, č. 2 (2012), s. 17-21 ISSN 1897-8649 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z20760514 Keywords : human-robot interface * mobile robot * presentation robot Subject RIV: JD - Computer Applications, Robotics

  14. New hazards in paediatric poisoning presentations.

    Moore, C


    Accidental ingestion is an important preventable cause of childhood morbidity. All accidental ingestion presentations (n = 478) to a tertiary paediatric ED from January 2010 to December 2011 were analysed. These results were compared with a similar study in the same institution ten years previously in 2001 and showed that while accidental ingestions constituted a higher proportion of presentations (0.5% in this study v 0.45% in 2001), fewer had investigations performed (21% v 35%) and fewer were admitted (7% v 20%). Accidental ingestions account for 0.5% of presentations and are an important focus of home safety information for parents and guardians. Paracetamol (n = 67, 14%) and liquid detergent capsules (n = 44, 9.2%) were the two most common substances implicated in these presentations, and have the potential to cause severe morbidity and mortality.

  15. An unusual presentation of a glomus tumour.

    Nugent, N


    Glomus tumours are benign, soft tissue tumours, usually of fingertips. Classically they present with severe pain, temperature sensitivity and localised tenderness. The diagnosis is often delayed due to sometimes non-specific symptoms and rarity of the disorder. While usually a clinical diagnosis, imaging may be necessary for diagnosis and localisation. We present a case of glomus tumour of the fingertip with an unusual history.

  16. Waardenburg syndrome presenting with constipation since birth.

    Gupta, R; Sharma, S B; Mathur, P; Agrawal, L D


    Shah-Waardenburg syndrome is Waardenburg syndrome associated with Hirschsprung's disease. A 10-day-old full-term male neonate of Waardenburg syndrome presented with constipation since birth along with features of small bowel obstruction. Exploratory laparotomy revealed distended proximal jejunal and ileal loops along with microcolon; an ileostomy was performed. Postoperatively patient developed sepsis and died. Histopathology confirmed total colonic aganglionosis. Suspect familial Shah-Waardenburg syndrome in a neonate of Waardenburg syndrome presenting with constipation since birth or intestinal obstruction.

  17. Digital radiography: Present detectors and future developments

    Perez-Mendez, V.


    Present detectors for digital radiography are of two classes: real time detectors and storage (non real time) types. Present real time detectors consist of image intensifier tubes with an internal cesium iodide layer x-ray converter. Non real time detectors involve linear sweep arrays or storage detectors such as film. Future detectors discussed here can be of both types utilizing new technologies such as hydrogenated amorphous silicon photodiode arrays coupled to thin film transistor arrays. 17 refs., 10 figs

  18. International astronomical remote present observation on IRC.

    Ji, Kaifan; Cao, Wenda; Song, Qian

    On March 6 - 7, 1997, an international astronomical remote present observation (RPO) was made on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for the first time. Seven groups in four countries, China, United States, Canada and Great Britain, used the 1 meter telescope of Yunnan observatory together by the way of remote present observation. Within minutes, images were "On-line" by FTP, and every one was able to get them by anonymous ftp and discuss them on IRC from different widely separated sites.

  19. Storage rings: Past, present and future

    Krisch, A.D.


    This lecture will attempt to review storage rings: past, present and future. I will spend more time on the past, because the past has produced most of our data, while the present can be rather brief. There is not yet much future data, but there are some plans about what we hope for. Professor Andy Sessler of Berkeley, who recently reviewed the early history of colliders, loaned me his slides; for this I have much appreciation

  20. A Dementia Case Presenting with Psychotic Symptoms

    Osman Ozdemir


    Full Text Available Dementia is a progressive clinical syndrome in which affected areas of brain function may be affected, such as memory, language, abstract thinking, problem solving and attention. Psychotic symptoms include auditory and visual hallucinations and delusions, which usually occur in the dementia. In this paper, a dementia case presenting with psychotic symptoms is presented. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(3.000: 482-486

  1. Invited presentations. College on soil physics 2003

    Gabriels, D.M.; Ghirardi, G.; Nielsen, D.R.; Pla Sentis, I.; Skidmore, E.L.


    The present book is a partial compilation of contributions from selected former participants of the College on Soil Physics invited to make presentations related to their achievements as a result of attending the College. It also serves as a testimony of the existing links between soil physicists throughout the world strengthened by the support and programs of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics originally envisioned by Abdus Salam to foster the growth of advanced studies and physics research in developing countries

  2. Invited presentations. College on soil physics 2003

    Gabriels, D M [Univ. Ghent (Belgium); Ghirardi, G [Univ. Trieste (Italy); Nielsen, D R [Univ. California (United States); Pla Sentis, I [Univ. Lleida (Spain); Skidmore, E L [Kansas State Univ. (United States)


    The present book is a partial compilation of contributions from selected former participants of the College on Soil Physics invited to make presentations related to their achievements as a result of attending the College. It also serves as a testimony of the existing links between soil physicists throughout the world strengthened by the support and programs of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics originally envisioned by Abdus Salam to foster the growth of advanced studies and physics research in developing countries.


    Olga V. Ershova


    Full Text Available The given article is aimed at considering multimedia presentation potential and its influence on strengthening classroom teacher-student interaction. In the article the importance of using this kind of activity in the study process is pointed in connection with educational state policy on the one hand. On the other hand, gained students’ skills as a final result of work with presentations met employers’ demand for both parent and world labour-markets and bring competitive benefit to the candidates. Scientific novelty and results. Multimedia presentation is considered as a specific complex of classroom activities. The students are oriented on the self analysis and presentation assessment. It is shown that well-organized process of peer students’ assessment allows to simultaneously helping in solving the didactic and methodical problems. To this purpose the system of assessment criteria should be developed. It has to be clear for students for making assessment feasible and time-saving. The example of a possible variant of criteria system is described; quality of the presentations prepared by students can be defined based on such system criteria. The author also analyzed software products of the three main platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOs which have different tools and allow to follow users’ needs for creating presentations. In the article there is a comparative table of the two most popular software development: the program Microsoft PowerPoint and the web-service Prezi for realizing the relevance of their use in the study process. Practical significance of the present article concludes in author’s suggestions of some recommendations for presentation potential use as a tool of improving pedagogical interaction process with contemporary students. 

  4. Multiple myeloma presenting as mandibular pain

    Crowley, Miriam


    Introduction: Multiple myeloma (MM) is a systemic malignancy of plasma cells defined by monoclonal production of circulating immunoglobulins. Bone pain is a presenting feature in the majority of cases. Treatment may involve intravenous use of bisphosphonates, chemotherapy or haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Here, we illustrate a first presentation of MM in a patient with mandibular pain and discuss radiographic, diagnostic and treatment challenges of orofacial issues in patients with MM.\\r\

  5. Computer Presentation Programs and Teaching Research Methodologies

    Motamedi, Vahid


    Supplementing traditional chalk and board instruction with computer delivery has been viewed positively by students who have reported increased understanding and more interaction with the instructor when computer presentations are used in the classroom. Some problems contributing to student errors while taking class notes might be transcription of numbers to the board, and handwriting of the instructor can be resolved in careful construction of computer presentations. The use of computer pres...

  6. A unique presentation of retroclival chordoma.

    Warakaulle D


    Full Text Available Chordomas are rare tumours which arise from remnants of the primitive notochord. They occur primarily in the sacrum, clivus and cervical regions. We report a case of retroclival chordoma which presented as an extradural haemorrhage following minor trauma. The underlying tumour was not apparent on imaging performed immediately following the event, and chordoma presenting in this manner has not previously been described in the literature. The tumour became apparent on subsequent imaging, and progressed despite surgical debulking and radiotherapy.

  7. De morseir syndrome presenting as ambiguous genitalia

    Anubhav Thukral; S Chitra; Partho P Chakraborty; Ajitesh Roy; Soumik Goswami; Rana Bhattacharjee; Deep Dutta; Indira Maisnam; Sujoy Ghosh; Satinath Mukherjee; Subhankar Chowdhury


    Background: A 10-year-old boy presented with genital ambiguity, poor linear growth, and delayed milestones. The aim and to highlight that although rare but congenital, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism may rarely present as ambiguity. Materials and Methods: The patient was found to have bilateral cryptorchidism with proximal penile hypospadias, microphallus with a proportionate dwarfism with mildly delayed bone age, and karyotype 46XY. Euthyroid with normal steroid axis, growth hormone insufficie...

  8. Food irradiation - past, present and future

    Diehl, J.F.


    A review is presented of historical developments, the present situation, and expected future developments in the field of food irradiation. Acceptance of the process in different parts of the world is not uniform. In the USA and in some other countries where health authorities actively encourage the use of this technology, commercial application has greatly advanced in recent years. In contrast, progress in the European Union is still slow

  9. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension: A typical presentation

    Algahtani, Hussein A.; Obeid, Tahir H.; Abuzinadah, Ahmad R.; Baeesa, Saleh S.


    Objective was to describe the clinical features of 5 patients with rare atypical presentation of idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), and propose the possible mechanism of this atypical presentation. We carried out a retrospective study of 5 patients, admitted at King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with IIH during the period from January 2001 to December 2005. All were females with their age ranges from 24 to 40 years. The clinical presentations, the laboratory and imaging studies were analyzed. The opening pressures of the lumbar puncture tests were documented. All patients were presented with headache. One had typical pain of trigeminal neuralgia and one with neck pain and radiculopathy. Facial diplegia was present in one patient and two patients had bilateral 6th cranial neuropathy. Papilledema was present in all patients except in one patient. Imaging study was normal in all patients, and they had a very high opening pressure during lumbar puncture, except in one patient. All patients achieved full recovery with medical therapy in 6 to 12 weeks with no relapse during the mean follow up of 2 years. Atypical finding in IIH are rare and require a high index of suspicion for early diagnosis. (author)

  10. Presenting in Virtual Worlds: Towards an Architecture for a 3D Presenter explaining 2D-Presented Information

    van Welbergen, H.; Hendler, J.; Goren-Bar, D.; Nijholt, Antinus; Reidsma, Dennis; Mayora-Ibarra, O.; Zwiers, Jakob

    Meeting and lecture room technology is a burgeoning field. Such technology can provide real-time support for physically present participants, for online remote participation, or for offline access to meetings or lectures. Capturing relevant information from meetings or lectures is necessary to

  11. Extramedullary leukemia in children presenting with proptosis

    Naik Milind


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We highlight the orbital manifestations of acute myeloid leukemia and the role of peripheral blood smear in the diagnosis of these cases. A total of 12 patients who presented with proptosis and were subsequently diagnosed to have acute myeloid leukemia based on incision biopsy or peripheral blood smear were included in the study. Results A retrospective review of all cases of acute myeloid leukemia presenting to the Orbital clinic was performed. The age at presentation, gender, presenting features, duration of symptoms and fundus features were noted. In addition the temporal relationship of the orbital disease to the diagnosis of leukemia, laterality, location of the orbital mass, imaging features and the diagnostic tools used to diagnose leukemia were noted. The median age at presentation was 6 years. The male: female ratio was 0.7:1. None of these patients had been diagnosed earlier as having acute myeloid leukemia. The presenting features included proptosis in all patients, orbital mass in 5 (41.7%, visual symptoms in 2 (16.7% and subconjunctival hemorrhage in one patient (8.3%. A diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia was established by incision biopsy in 4 patients, subsequently confirmed by peripheral blood smear testing and bone marrow biopsy in 2 patients which revealed the presence of systemic involvement. Imprint smears of the biopsy identified blasts in 2 of 4 cases. In 8 patients presenting with ocular manifestations, diagnosis was established by peripheral blood smear examination alone which revealed a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. Conclusion A peripheral blood smear should be performed in all cases of sudden onset proptosis or an orbital mass in children and young adults along with an orbital biopsy. It can always be complemented with a bone marrow biopsy especially in cases of aleukemic leukemia or when the blood smear is inconclusive.

  12. Unilateral Congenital Cataract: Clinical Profile and Presentation.

    Khokhar, Sudarshan; Jose, Cijin P; Sihota, Ramanjit; Midha, Neha


    To study the clinical profile and presentation of children with unilateral cataract. In this hospital-based, observational, cross-sectional study, patients 15 years of age or younger who presented with unilateral cataract were recruited. Cases of cataract secondary to causes such as trauma or uveitis were excluded. Age at detection and presentation, distance from the treatment center, presenting complaints, cataract morphology, and biometry were noted for each case. A total of 76 patients were recruited. Most patients presented with complaints of leukocoria. Persistent fetal vasculature accounted for 27.6% of cases and was the most common identifiable cause of cataract in this study. Subsequently, patients were divided into two groups: no persistent fetal vasculature (control) and persistent fetal vasculature. A male predominance was noted in both groups. The mean age at detection was 27.58 ± 37.02 and 6.17 ± 8.42 months and the mean age at presentation was 55.613 ± 45.21 and 14.83 ± 17.75 months in the control and persistent fetal vasculature groups, respectively. In the persistent fetal vasculature group, a significant difference was noted in the axial length, keratometry, and corneal diameter between the affected and normal eyes (P = .027, .00176, and .0114, respectively). In the control group, this difference was observed only in keratometry readings (P = .0464). The mean distance traveled by patients to reach the treatment center was 211 km. Persistent fetal vasculature is an important and less identified cause of unilateral cataract. A significant delay is noted in the detection and presentation of unilateral cataract. [J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus. 2018;55(2):107-112.]. Copyright 2017, SLACK Incorporated.

  13. The efficient presentation - obstacles, strategies, success

    Daniela-Elena Radu


    Full Text Available The making of presentations has become an omnipresent act of communication in the companies practice, but also in the didactic one. The notoriety and the increase of the importance of an efficient presentation lie in the transformations felt by a society of knowledge, communication being the answer in front of a constant information wave.Business people look in fear at the preparation of a presentation, the interaction with the audience andtheir feedback, all these leading to a low efficiency in transmitting the message.The speaker must overcome a group of obstacles, the most important being the reduced human capacityto capture the information transmitted orally; in this respect, he has available a group of visual instruments and strategies to capture the attention. In order to achieve efficiency one needs mental and emotional preparation, knowing the audience and the presentation’s objective and eliminating the old listing format in PowerPoint, for focusing the communication of the audience’s necessities. The present essay aims to analyze the verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication act that constitutes the base of any presentation, the reasons that lead to failure and the ways to increase efficiency, in order to succeed in transmitting a well structured and easy to remember message.Many researchers and practice workers within the communication, economic but also IT fields, have tried to find the solution for organizing and transmitting the message during a presentation, in accordance with the new technologies. In elaborating the present paper, we have used our personal experience and data obtained through 30 in-depth interviews,with managers in companies such Bostina Asociatii Skoda, Petrom etc.; we have used in our research articles of honored professors in social sciences from the Harvard and Stanford Universities , researches of the Minnesota and Ulster Universities, as well as works of specialists in marketing and information

  14. Intestinal tuberculosis presenting as acute abdomen

    Khan, M.A.; Majeed, F.A.; Ahmed, M.; Khan, M.N.


    Objectives: To study the outcome of intestinal tuberculosis presenting as acute abdomen. Study design: Descriptive Study. Place and Duration: Bolan Medical Complex Hospital (BMC) Quetta and Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Quetta from Nov 2003 to Nov 2005 from Bolan Medical Complex and from Nov 2005 to Nov 2006 in CMH Quetta. Material and Method: Thirty seven patients of acute abdomen presenting with intestinal obstruction were admitted; 28 from emergency department and 9 from out patient department. Twenty seven patients were from BMC and 10 from CMH Quetta. Patients were diagnosed as having abdominal tuberculosis on the basis of operative findings and histopathological reports. Results: Out of 37 patients presenting with acute abdomen due to intestinal obstruction, 54% were male and 46% were female with M: F ratio of 1: 1.2. Age of the patient ranged from 20 to 50 years, with maximum frequency between 30 to 40 years. Abdominal pain was the commonest presenting feature in all patients followed by constipation in 81.1% patients. Peritonism was seen in 27% patients. Different operative procedures performed were adhesionolysis 65.8%, segmental resection 7.9%, right hemicolectomy 10.5%, stricturoplasty 7.9% and ileostomy 1.3%. Mesenteric lymph node biopsy 40.8%. Conclusion: Intestinal tuberculosis is still a very important surgical problem in our country presenting as acute abdomen. A suspicion must always be kept during laparotomy and adequate tissue histopathology should supplement the diagnosis. (author)

  15. Marketing the sun: Text of presentations


    The title conference and the texts of the presentations give insight into the activities and the developments in the field of solar energy and of the parties involved. The increased interest in the application of solar energy is shown in the subjects dealt with, while they are aimed more at the market than at research. Three parallel sesions and one plenary session were held. In each parallel session 20 presentations were given. In session one on the subjects market development of thermal solar energy, new housing construction in series, minimal energy houses, new solar water heaters, technical and economical options in sunny countries. In session two on the subjects policy, maintenance and renovation of existing houses, solar energy and planning, grid-connected photovoltaic systems, perspectives and experiences in sunny countries. In session three on the subjects solar cells, autonomous photovoltaic systems, future developemnts of thermal solar energy, solar architecture, market for photovoltaic systems in sunny countries. In the plenary session 3 presentations were held on the subject market for solar energy in newly built houses. Apart from the text of the session presentations 43 posters are presented on the subjects thermal solar energy (8), solar cells (9), autonomous photovoltaic systems (2), grid-connected PV systems (14), policy (2), integration (6), and sunny countries (1). tabs., figs., refs

  16. Presentation planning using an integrated knowledge base

    Arens, Yigal; Miller, Lawrence; Sondheimer, Norman


    A description is given of user interface research aimed at bringing together multiple input and output modes in a way that handles mixed mode input (commands, menus, forms, natural language), interacts with a diverse collection of underlying software utilities in a uniform way, and presents the results through a combination of output modes including natural language text, maps, charts and graphs. The system, Integrated Interfaces, derives much of its ability to interact uniformly with the user and the underlying services and to build its presentations, from the information present in a central knowledge base. This knowledge base integrates models of the application domain (Navy ships in the Pacific region, in the current demonstration version); the structure of visual displays and their graphical features; the underlying services (data bases and expert systems); and interface functions. The emphasis is on a presentation planner that uses the knowledge base to produce multi-modal output. There has been a flurry of recent work in user interface management systems. (Several recent examples are listed in the references). Existing work is characterized by an attempt to relieve the software designer of the burden of handcrafting an interface for each application. The work has generally focused on intelligently handling input. This paper deals with the other end of the pipeline - presentations.

  17. Myasthenia Gravis: Unusual Presentations and Diagnostic Pitfalls.

    Rodolico, Carmelo; Parisi, Daniela; Portaro, Simona; Biasini, Fiammetta; Sinicropi, Stefano; Ciranni, Annamaria; Toscano, Antonio; Messina, Sonia; Musumeci, Olimpia; Vita, Giuseppe; Girlanda, Paolo


    Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder presenting with fluctuating, fatigable muscle weakness. Initial symptoms classically involve ocular and proximal limb muscles. Rarely, MG may onset with unusual features, so it can be misdiagnosed with other neuromuscular diseases. To describe unusual and atypical presentations of MG in a large cohort of patients, considering and discussing diagnostic difficulties and pitfalls. We report on 21 out of 508 MG patients, coming to our department in the last 27 years and presenting with atypical or unusual features. The diagnosis was achieved performing a careful clinical examination, a proper neurophysiological assessment, the neostigmine test, the AChR and MuSK antibodies assay and chest CT-scan. Patients with atypical/unusual MG onset were the 4.4% of all MG patients population. We describe seven different clinical categories: asymmetric distal upper limbs weakness, foot drop, isolated triceps brachii weakness and foot drop, post exertional axial weakness with dropped head, acute facial dyplegia, limb-girdle MG and MG with sudden lower limbs weakness and recurrent falls. Atypical and unusual presentations may increase the risk to misdiagnose or delay MG diagnosis. Isolated limb-girdle presentation is the most frequent atypical form in our series.

  18. [How to prepare a poster presentation].

    Cerezal Pesquera, L


    Scientific and educational poster presentations in national and international meetings are one of the most effective means of scientific communication. Poster presentations are of particular importance in a mainly visual speciality like radiology, and also play a significant role in continuing medical education in our specialty. However, poster should be no more than an intermediate step on the way to publish our work in a scientific journal. The publication rates of posters prented in courses and conferences is very low in our country. Therefore, we must continue to progress in training in scientific publication, with efforts such as this supplement. This article review how to create an effective poster presentation. Copyright © 2013 SERAM. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  19. Cephalic version by moxibustion for breech presentation.

    Coyle, Meaghan E; Smith, Caroline A; Peat, Brian


    Moxibustion (a type of Chinese medicine which involves burning a herb close to the skin) to the acupuncture point Bladder 67 (BL67) (Chinese name Zhiyin), located at the tip of the fifth toe, has been proposed as a way of correcting breech presentation. To examine the effectiveness and safety of moxibustion on changing the presentation of an unborn baby in the breech position, the need for external cephalic version (ECV), mode of birth, and perinatal morbidity and mortality for breech presentation. We searched the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group's Trials Register (26 March 2012), MEDLINE (1966 to 1 August 2011), EMBASE (1980 to August 2011), CINAHL (1982 to 1 August 2011), MIDIRS (1982 to 1 August 2011) and AMED (1985 to 1 August 2011) and searched bibliographies of relevant papers. The inclusion criteria were published and unpublished randomised controlled trials comparing moxibustion (either alone or in combination with acupuncture or postural techniques) with a control group (no moxibustion), or other methods (e.g. external cephalic version, acupuncture, postural techniques) in women with a singleton breech presentation. Two review authors independently assessed eligibility and trial quality and extracted data. The outcome measures were baby's presentation at birth, need for external cephalic version, mode of birth, perinatal morbidity and mortality, maternal complications and maternal satisfaction, and adverse events. Six new trials have been added to this updated review. One trial has been moved to studies awaiting classification while further data are being requested. This updated review now includes a total of eight trials (involving 1346 women). Meta-analyses were undertaken (where possible) for the main and secondary outcomes. Moxibustion was not found to reduce the number of non-cephalic presentations at birth compared with no treatment (P = 0.45). Moxibustion resulted in decreased use of oxytocin before or during labour for women who had vaginal

  20. Funzioni del tempo presente nella strategia narrativa

    Aleksandra Koman


    Full Text Available La scelta del tempo verbale adatto a una determinata situazione dipende dal rapporto tra il momento dell’avvenimento e quello dell’enunciazione. Se coincidono abbiamo a che fare con il tempo presente (Bertinetto. È necessario, però, ricordare che il presente è in grado di riferirsi agli eventi passati come accade spesso nei testi narrativi. Per capire lo scopo di questa scelta si sono analizzati diversi tipi di scrittura comprovanti che il presente nella narrativa può servire a sottolineare la posizione temporale del narratore (Il fu Mattia Pascal; a evidenziare un momento importante dal punto di vista dello svolgimento dell’azione (Se questo è un uomo; a costruire descrizioni (Vita oppure far entrare il lettore nel vivo del racconto (Gli Italiani in Polonia nei secoli, dando l’impressione che egli sia un testimone diretto degli eventi raccontati.

  1. Present and Future of Nuclear Robotics

    Bielza Ciaz-Caneja, M.; Carmena Servet, P.; Gomez Santamaria, J.; Gonzalez Fernandez, J.; Izquierdo Mendoza, J.A.; Linares Pintos, F.; Martinez Gonzalez; Muntion Ruesgas, A.; Serna Oliveira, M.A.


    New technologies have increased the use of robotic systems in fields other than Industry. As a result, research and developers are focusing their interest in concepts like Intelligent Robotics and Robotics in Services. This paper describes the use of Robotics in Nuclear facilities, where robots can be used to protect workers in high radiation areas, to reduce total worker exposure and to minimise downtime. First, the structure of robot systems is introduced and the benefits of nuclear robots is presented. Next, the paper describes some specific nuclear applications and the families of nuclear robots present in the market. After that, a section is devoted to Nuclear Robotics in Spain, with emphasis in some of the developments being carried out at present. Finally, some reflections about the future of robots in Nuclear Industry are offered. (Author) 18 refs

  2. Fuzzy net present value for engineering analysis

    Ali Nazeri


    Full Text Available Cash flow analysis is one of the most popular methods for investigating the outcome of an economical project. The costs and benefits of a construction project are often involved with uncertainty and it is not possible to find a precise value for a particular project. In this paper, we present a simple method to calculate the net present value of a cash flow when both costs and benefits are given as triangular numbers. The proposed model of this paper uses Delphi method to figure out the fair values of all costs and revenues and then using fizzy programming techniques, it calculates the fuzzy net present value. The implementation of the proposed model is demonstrated using a simple example.

  3. Metabolic syndrome presenting as abdominal pain

    Mohammed Y Al-Dossary


    Full Text Available Metabolic syndrome represents a sum of risk factors that lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. The early detection of metabolic syndrome is extremely important in adults who are at risk. Although the physiopathological mechanisms of the metabolic syndrome are not yet clear, insulin resistance plays a key role that could explain the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus in untreated metabolic syndrome patients. Here, we present the case of a 26-year-old male who was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and severe hypertriglyceridemia after presenting with abdominal pain. Although hypertriglyceridemia and hyperglycemia are the most common predictors of metabolic syndrome, clinicians need to be vigilant for unexpected presentations in patients at risk for metabolic syndrome. This case sheds light on the importance of early detection.

  4. Chondroblastoma patella presenting as a pathological fracture

    Gudi Narayan


    Full Text Available A 24-year-old male presented with an inability to walk after a trivial fall. He had pain and mild swelling anterior to the right knee for the past one year. X-ray showed a transverse fracture of patella with a lytic lesion occupying most of the two halves of the patella. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC of the lytic lesion revealed a few osteoclastic giant cells and occasional osteoblasts against a hemorrhagic background. Patellectomy was performed. Histology revealed trabecular bone admixed with proliferating chondroid tissue at places admixed with myxoid and fibrous tissue with focal areas of calcification suggestive of chondroblastoma. Focal areas showed osteoclastic giant cells with areas of hemorrhage. The purpose is to present a rare tumor occurring at an unusual site which presented as pathological fracture.

  5. An atypical presentation of erythema elevatum diutinum

    Mariana Quirino Tubone


    Full Text Available Erythema elevatum diutinum is a rare chronic leukocytoclastic vasculitis of unknown etiology. Lesions are usually asymptomatic, although burning and itchiness can occur. The typical clinical presentation is characterized by persistent, symmetrical, papules and nodules that may coalesce to form larger nodules or plaques. It may be associated with various pathologies and the diagnosis is based on clinical and histopathological findings. Treatment is based on the use of dapsone and sulfonamides, first-line therapies, and other options such as niacinamide, tetracycline, colchicine, chloroquine and corticosteroids. We describe the case of a 65-year-old male patient that presented a single lesion on the dorsum of the hand, an unusual clinical presentation.

  6. Primary antiphospholipid syndrome presenting with homonymous quadrantanopsia.

    Yang, Hee Kyung; Moon, Ki Won; Ji, Min Jung; Han, Sang Beom; Hwang, Jeong-Min


    To report a case of primary antiphospholipid syndrome presenting with isolated homonymous superior quadrantanopsia. A 50-year-old Korean man presented with subjective visual disturbance for 1 month. Visual field testing showed a right homonymous superior quadrantanopsia. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed an old infarct in his left occipital lobe and multiple lesions in other areas of the brain. Laboratory tests showed a marked increase in serum anti-β2 glycoprotein I antibody, which remained elevated after 12 weeks. He was diagnosed with primary antiphospholipid syndrome and started anticoagulation therapy. This is the first case report of primary antiphospholipid syndrome presenting with isolated homonymous quadrantanopsia. Antiphospholipid syndrome should be considered as a differential diagnosis in patients with homonymous visual field defects accompanying multiple cerebral infarcts.

  7. Ancient engineers' inventions precursors of the present

    Rossi, Cesare


    This book describes the inventions and designs of ancient engineers who are the precursors of the present. The period ranges mainly from 300 B.C. to 1600 A.D. with several exceptions. Many of the oldest inventions are documented by archaeological finds, often very little known, mainly from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae and reveal a surprising modernity in their conception. Most of the inventions presented in the first four parts of the book were conceived up to the late Roman Empire and may be considered as milestones, each in their respective field. The fifth part concentrates on more recent centuries. The sixth part deals with some building construction techniques. Generally, for each of the presented inventions, three elements of research and reference are provided: written documents (the classics), iconic references (coins, bas-reliefs, etc.) and archaeological findings. The authors did not write this book for engineers only; hence they describe all the devices without assuming wide technical knowledge...

  8. A typical presentation of acute myeloid leukemia

    Udayakumar N


    Full Text Available A young man who presented with fever, altered sensorium and sudden onset tachypnea, is described. Arterial blood gas analysis, revealed the presence of severe high anion gap metabolic acidosis, with compensatory respiratory alkalosis and normal oxygen saturation. A detailed neurological, nephrological, biochemical and hematological evaluation, revealed the presence of Acute myeloid leukemia, with lactic acidosis and hyponatremia. There are very few reports of presentation of leukemia as lactic acidosis. This case report highlights the need for emergency room physicians, to consider the possibility of lactic acidosis, as one of the causes of high anion gap acidosis and to meticulously investigate the cause of lactic acidosis. We describe a rare clinical instance of lactic acidosis as the presenting manifestation of Acute myeloid leukemia.

  9. An atypical presentation of amoebic hepatic abscess

    Crespo Ramírez, Eduardo; Ruz Hernández, Mario; Guanche Garcell, Humberto; Castañeda Hernández, Mirtha


    Introduction: amoebic hepatic abscess is the extraintestinal manifestation of an infection by entamoeba histolytica. Estimations are made that 10% of the world population has been infected by the parasite, being more frequent in tropical regions, where overcrowding and bad sanitary conditions occur. Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asian and India have considerable health problems, resulting from this disease. In Cuba amoebiasis has been proved not to be one of the most frequent parasitism cases. Case presentation: male patient of age 48 years and of Indian nationality, presenting clinical findings, which proves a unique lesion in the right liver lobule, diagnosed by ultrasound scan and nuclear magnetic resonance. The presence is confirmed of serum antibodies against entamoeba histolytica. Treatment with metronidazole produced clinical and radiological improvement. Conclusions: atypical clinical presentation constitutes a remarkable element worthy considered in daily clinical practice. (author)

  10. Presentation of lipid antigens to T cells.

    Mori, Lucia; De Libero, Gennaro


    T cells specific for lipid antigens participate in regulation of the immune response during infections, tumor immunosurveillance, allergy and autoimmune diseases. T cells recognize lipid antigens as complexes formed with CD1 antigen-presenting molecules, thus resembling recognition of MHC-peptide complexes. The biophysical properties of lipids impose unique mechanisms for their delivery, internalization into antigen-presenting cells, membrane trafficking, processing, and loading of CD1 molecules. Each of these steps is controlled at molecular and celular levels and determines lipid immunogenicity. Lipid antigens may derive from microbes and from the cellular metabolism, thus allowing the immune system to survey a large repertoire of immunogenic molecules. Recognition of lipid antigens facilitates the detection of infectious agents and the initiation of responses involved in immunoregulation and autoimmunity. This review focuses on the presentation mechanisms and specific recognition of self and bacterial lipid antigens and discusses the important open issues.

  11. Neglected Alkaptonuric Patient Presenting with Steppage Gait

    Babak Mirzashahi


    Full Text Available Even though intervertebral disc degeneration can be found in the natural course of alkaptonuria, detection of the disease by black disc color change in a patient without any other presentation of alkaptonuria is an exceptionally rare condition. We have reported a very rare case of alkaptonuria presented with low back pain and steppage gait in a 51-year-old male with a complaint of chronic low-back pain and steppage gait who was operated on for prolapsed lumbar disc herniation. Intraoperatively his lumbar disk was discovered to be black. The alkaptonuria diagnosis was considered after histopathological examination of the black disc material and elevated urinary concentration of homogentisic acid confirmed the diagnosis. To our knowledge, this presentation has not been reported previously in literature.

  12. Splenic flexure volvulus presenting with gangrene

    Machado, Norman O; Chopra, Pradeep J; Subramanian, Sureshkannan K


    Volvulus of the splenic flexure is very rare cause of colonic obstruction constituting 2% of cases of colonic segmental volvulus. Primary splenic flexure volvulus (SFV) is due to congenital absence or laxity of the phrenocolic, gastro colic, and splenocolic ligaments while secondary volvulus is due to other causes including some prior surgery releasing these ligaments. A preoperative diagnosis can be established based on the characteristic radiological findings on plain x-ray abdomen and CT scan. We present a case of SFV in a young man who presented with acute abdominal pain, and distension, and illustrate the usefulness of CT scan, and plain x-ray of the abdomen in making a preoperative diagnosis. Laparotomy revealed a gangrenous SFV, which was resected and primary anastomosis was carried out. Literature is reviewed with regards to predisposing factors, presentation, investigation, and management among the more than 32 cases reported so far. (author)

  13. Vivos Voco: Herzen's Past, Present, and Future

    Kathleen Frances Parthe


    Full Text Available A close reading of the journalism, correspondence, and memoirs of Alexander Herzen (1812–1870 yields a finely tuned relationship to past, present, and future, but not a complete philosophy of history. Herzen described no system, but repeated key metaphors (e.g., the libretto and concepts (e.g. contingency that reflected his understanding of the historical process. For Herzen, history became interesting when it was relieved of predetermined plots and algebraic formulas. However much he studied Russia’s past and planned its future, his preference was for the present, where freedom is most fully experienced in debate and in the need to choose a path forward. He understood the instrumentality of history in how the lives of ordinary people were affected, which remained his measure of progress. Herzen was a “historian of the present,” and his insights are remarkably applicable to twenty-first-century Russia.

  14. Endometriosis presenting like a psoas abscess

    Bhat, S.N.; Mohanty, S.P.; Kustagi, P.


    Endometriosis is the presence of ectopic endometrial tissue that responds to hormonal stimulation. Although endometriosis occurs most often in the pelvis, several unusual sites have been reported. We present a case of endometriosis mimicking, a psoas abscess. A 39-year-old lady presented around the right hip, of 5 years duration. Computed tomography (CT) scan showed a multi-loculated mass in the right iliopsoas muscle. On exploration, a hemorrhagic cystic mass was seen pressing on the femoral nerve. The lesion was excised and histological examination of the tissue showed features of endometriosis. The patient was treated by cyclic hormonal suppressive therapy for 3 months. Her pain and flexion deformity of the hip resolved completely. Retroperitoneal endometriosis presenting with deformity and pain in the hip may mimic a psoas abscess. If the possibility of this diagnosis is entertained, inappropriate treatment may be avoided. (author)

  15. Prallethrin Poisoning Presenting as Status Epilepticus

    D Vijayaraju


    Full Text Available Mosquito repellents contain pyrethroid derivatives, as the active ingredient. Data regarding human toxicity following oral intake is limited. This is a case report of an individual who presented with neurotoxicity following oral ingestion of prallethrin (2.4% w/w of a higher concentration present in formulations commercially available than previously. A 22 year old male presented to the emergency Room (ER in status epilepticus. He was managed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU. No cause for his status could be determined after all laboratory investigations. A review of history with the patient revealed that he had ingested a bottle of liquid mosquito repellent (45 ml. The patient has had no further symptoms on follow up and has been off anti epileptics. Pyrethroid containing mosquito repellents act on neuronal sodium channels causing hyperexcitiability. With no known specific antidotes, symptomatic treatment is the main stay of management.

  16. Cancer presenting during pregnancy: radiological perspectives

    Doyle, S.; Messiou, C.; Rutherford, J.M.; Dineen, R.A.


    Malignancy presenting during pregnancy is rare. When it does, there are important considerations and challenges for the radiologist. The physiological changes of pregnancy may mask signs and symptoms of malignancy leading to delayed presentation. Endocrine and physiological changes during pregnancy can interact with tumour biology to alter the behaviour and patterns of growth of certain tumours. The timing and choice of imaging technique pose potential risks to the foetus, but this must be weighed against the risks to both mother and foetus of inadequate investigation or misdiagnosis. This review outlines the general principles and approach to imaging the pregnant patient with suspected malignancy, following which there is a more detailed discussion of the effects of pregnancy on tumour biology and presentation of specific tumours. Imaging strategies are discussed for the different entities, and where possible, evidence-based imaging recommendations are made.

  17. A Rare Clinical Presentation of Darier's Disease

    Ferizi, Mybera; Begolli-Gerqari, Antigona; Luzar, Bostjan; Kurshumliu, Fisnik; Ferizi, Mergita


    Darier's disease, also known as keratosis follicularis or dyskeratosis follicularis, is a rare disorder of keratinization. It is an autosomal dominant genodermatosis with high penetrance and variable expressivity. Its manifestation appears as hyperkeratotic papules, primarily affecting seborrheic areas on the head, neck, and thorax and less frequently on the oral mucosa. When oral manifestations are present, the palatal and alveolar mucosae are primarily affected. They are usually asymptomatic and are discovered in routine dental examination. Histologically, the lesions are presented as suprabasal clefts in the epithelium with acantholytic and dyskeratotic cells represented by “corps ronds and grains”. This paper reports a case of a 53-year-old woman that was admitted to our clinic with more than 10-year history of keratotic papules, presented on the hands and feet, nose, ears, genitalia, and whitish lesions on palatal mucosae. PMID:23573430

  18. The INCA project: present status and outlook

    Aleksandrov, K.V.; Ammosov, V.V.; Chechin, V.A.; Chubenko, A.P.; Erlykin, A.D.; Ladygin, E.A.; Merzon, G.I.; Mukhamedshin, R.A.; Murashov, V.N.; Pavlyuchenko, V.P.; Ryabov, V.A.; Ryazhskaya, O.G.; Saito, T.; Sobolevskii, N.M.; Shchepetov, A.L.; Starkov, N.I.; Trostin, I.S.; Tsarev, V.A.; Wolfendale, A.; Zatsepin, G.T.; Zhdanov, G.B.; Zhukov, A.P.


    Scientific objectives, foundations, status, and outlook of the INCA Project are presented. Fundamentally new technique based on the ionization-neutron calorimeter (INCA) and designed to study local nearby sources of high-energy cosmic rays by direct measuring the spectrum and composition of the nuclear component in the 'knee' region and the spectrum of primary electrons in the energy range 0.1-10 TeV with the proton-background suppression factor up to 10 7 is discussed. Experimental data on exposition of the INCA prototypes to electron, pion, and proton beams at various energies and corresponding simulation results are presented. Prospects are considered

  19. From Music Presenters to Social Presence

    Have, Iben

    instance the end of monopoly in 1983) as well as present competing technological developments of music streaming services. By using the Danish radio archive ( supplied by the Internet archive ( the paper will present a mapping of hosts and host constellations in Go’ Morgen P3 (1989......-2011). On that basis the main part of the paper will consist of close analyses of 4-6 selected programs covering the period. From a phenomenological approach these case studies will investigate classical radio values like presence, liveness and socialbility (Scannell 1996, 2014): what is being said and how, how...

  20. The Windscale piles - past, present and future

    Jones, J.M.; Adams, A.L.


    The paper concerns the Windscale reactor piles, in which a fire occurred in the core of pile 1 thirty years ago. A description is given of the two Windscale piles, along with the events leading up to the accident, and the state of the piles following shutdown. The surveillance and maintenance to ensure that the pile and associated buildings were in a safe condition is outlined. The present state of the core, water ducts and pile chimneys is described. The present and future programme of work to ensure long term safety is discussed. This includes the initial steps in decommissioning of the piles. (U.K.)

  1. Lymphangiectasia of small intestine presenting as intussusception

    Katoch Pervez


    Full Text Available Intussusception is defined as telescoping of a segment of gastrointestinal tract into an adjacent one. In small children, it is the commonest cause of intestinal obstruction. More than 90% of childhood intussusceptions are idiopathic. We report a rare case of localized small intestinal lymphangiectasia, presenting as intussusception in a 6-month-old male child. The child presented with features of acute intestinal obstruction for which he was later operated. The gross examination of excised ileocecal mass revealed intussusception. Histopathologic examination revealed lymphangiectasia of small intestine, which acted as a lead point for ileocecal intussusception. Postoperative period was uneventful.

  2. Lymphangiectasia of small intestine presenting as intussusception.

    Katoch, Pervez; Bhardwaj, Subhash


    Intussusception is defined as telescoping of a segment of gastrointestinal tract into an adjacent one. In small children, it is the commonest cause of intestinal obstruction. More than 90% of childhood intussusceptions are idiopathic. We report a rare case of localized small intestinal lymphangiectasia, presenting as intussusception in a 6-month-old male child. The child presented with features of acute intestinal obstruction for which he was later operated. The gross examination of excised ileocecal mass revealed intussusception. Histopathologic examination revealed lymphangiectasia of small intestine, which acted as a lead point for ileocecal intussusception. Postoperative period was uneventful.

  3. Present status of mirror stability theory

    Baldwin, D.E.; Berk, H.L.; Byers, J.A.


    A status report of microinstability as it applies to 2XIIB and MX theory for mirror machines is presented. It is shown that quasilinear computations reproduce many of the parameters observed in the 2XIIB experiment. In regard to large mirror machines, there are presented detailed calculations of the linear theory of the drift cyclotron loss-cone mode, with inhomogeneous geometry and nonlinear diffusive effects. Further, the stability of a mirror machine to the Alfven ion-cyclotron instability is assessed, and the Baldwin-Callen diffusion is estimated for a spatially varying plasma

  4. Myriad presentations of a common viral infection

    Khan, M.B.; Iqbal, Z.; Iftikhar, R.


    In most of the patients Primary EBV infection occurs in childhood as subclinical illness or mild symptomatic disease. In adults EBV infection is almost always a secondary infection due to reactivation of EBV, seen in immunocom-promised patients. In third world countries like Pakistan most of the individuals are exposed to EBV infection in childhood and primary EBV infection in adults is rare. EBV is the primary agent of infectious mononucleosis (IM). We present a patient found to have primary complicated EBV infection in adulthood thus emphasizing that although rare, primary EBV can present in adulthood. Infectious mononucleosis should be suspected in any patient with pharyngitis, posterior cervical lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly.

  5. Huntington's disease presenting as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

    Phukan, Julie


    We present the clinical, electrophysiological and molecular genetic findings of a 58-year-old male with genetically confirmed Huntington\\'s disease (HD) and concurrent clinically definite ALS by El Escorial criteria. The patient presented with asymmetric upper limb amyotrophy and weakness, and subsequently developed chorea and cognitive change. Genetic testing confirmed the presence of expanded trinucleotide repeats in huntingtin, consistent with a diagnosis of Huntington\\'s disease. This case confirms the rare coexistence of Huntington\\'s disease and motor neuron degeneration.

  6. Dysphagia as initial presentation of primary amyloidosis

    Piyush Ranjan


    Full Text Available Amyloidosis involves all parts of the gastrointestinal tract including the esophagus. The esophageal involvement in amyloidosis has been reported to vary from 13% in a radiology study to 22% in an autopsy series; however, such patients have symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. Dysphagia is an uncommon presentation of amyloidosis. We report a 64-year-old patient who presented with progressive dysphagia of 4 months duration which was confirmed to be due to primary amyloidosis with multiple myeloma. The esophageal involvement by amyloidosis was confirmed by esophageal mucosal biopsies, and 22-channel high-resolution manometry.

  7. Congenital hypothyroidism presenting with postpartum bradycardia

    Kara, S.; Tayman, C.; Tonbul, A.; Tatli, M.; Andiran, N.; Turkay, S.


    Congenital hypothyroidism is a clinical condition characterized by lack of thyroid hormone because of thyroid gland developmental and thyroid hormone biosynthesis disorders. The most common cause of permanent hypothyroidism is congenital factors. Prompt diagnosis is critical. However, overt signs of hypothyroidism are rarely present at birth, and 95% of affected babies are asymptomatic. Hypoxemia, apnea, acidosis, increased intracranial pressure, vagal stimulus and central nerve system abnormalities represent the most common causes of bradycardia in the neonate. Bradycardia associated with congenital hypothyroidism is very rare. In this paper, a case of severe congenital hypothyroidism, induced by maternal blocker antibodies, who presented with bradycardia, is reported. (author)

  8. Rasmussen's encephalitis presenting as focal cortical dysplasia

    D.J. O'Rourke


    Full Text Available Rasmussen's encephalitis is a rare syndrome characterized by intractable seizures, often associated with epilepsia partialis continua and symptoms of progressive hemispheric dysfunction. Seizures are usually the hallmark of presentation, but antiepileptic drug treatment fails in most patients and is ineffective against epilepsia partialis continua, which often requires surgical intervention. Co-occurrence of focal cortical dysplasia has only rarely been described and may have implications regarding pathophysiology and management. We describe a rare case of dual pathology of Rasmussen's encephalitis presenting as a focal cortical dysplasia (FCD and discuss the literature on this topic.

  9. Rasmussen's encephalitis presenting as focal cortical dysplasia

    O'Rourke, D.J.; Bergin, A.; Rotenberg, A.; Peters, J.; Gorman, M.; Poduri, A.; Cryan, J.; Lidov, H.; Madsen, J.; Harini, C.


    Rasmussen's encephalitis is a rare syndrome characterized by intractable seizures, often associated with epilepsia partialis continua and symptoms of progressive hemispheric dysfunction. Seizures are usually the hallmark of presentation, but antiepileptic drug treatment fails in most patients and is ineffective against epilepsia partialis continua, which often requires surgical intervention. Co-occurrence of focal cortical dysplasia has only rarely been described and may have implications regarding pathophysiology and management. We describe a rare case of dual pathology of Rasmussen's encephalitis presenting as a focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) and discuss the literature on this topic. PMID:25667877

  10. Schistosomiasis: Two cases with unusual presentation

    Buddhavarapu, S.; Szmigielski, W.


    Schistosoma live in bowel lumen and their eggs migrate through mesenteric and portal veins where they cause granulomatous response, fibrosis and various complications. Two cases of schistosomiasis with hepatic and intestinal manifestations are presented. One of them presented as colonic malignancy and the second masquerading as appendicitis. Plain x-ray, Ultrasound and CT findings are discussed. Established cases of schistosomiasis may be seen far from endemic areas due to migration of populations across the globe. It is therefore important to recognize the radiological findings and its possible associations. (authors)

  11. Breast cancer. Present perspective of early diagnosis

    Bruenner, S; Langfeldt, B [eds.


    This book contains outstanding papers presented at the 3rd International Copenhagen Symposium on Detection of Breast Cancer, 1985. The Symposium was an opportunity to learn from extensive screening procedures carried out at outstanding centers in the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, and England. Furthermore, the symposium dealt with new modalities such as ultrasonography, magnification techniques, and magnetic resonance; and very important contributions concerning self-examination, fine needle aspiration biopsy, and radiation risks were presented. A whole section was also dedicated to the highly important cooperation between radiologist, surgeon, and pathologist. With 59 figs., 43 tabs.

  12. Ocular presentation of sarcoidosis in children.

    Kataria, S; Trevathan, G E; Holland, J E; Kataria, Y P


    Ocular manifestations of sarcoidosis in children are the second most common occurrence after hilar adenopathy and pulmonary abnormalities. We present the case history of a 14-year-old black boy who presented with redness of the left eye, blurred vision, and decreased visual acuity. He was subsequently diagnosed as having sarcoidosis. All patients with uveitis or ocular findings suggestive of sarcoidosis should have a through medical examination and a chest x-ray. Those suspected of or proven to have sarcoidosis should have a complete ophthalmological examination. Sarcoidosis in children appears to be more frequent than previously estimated.

  13. Superconducting RF Cavities Past, Present and Future

    Chiaveri, Enrico


    In the last two decades many laboratories around the world, notably Argonne (ANL), TJNAF (formerly CEBAF), CERN, DESY and KEK, decided to develop the technology of superconducting (SC) accelerating cavities. The aim was either to increase the accelerator energy or to save electrical consumption or both. This technology has been used extensively in the operating machines showing good performances and strong reliability. At present, the technology using bulk niobium (Nb) or Nb coated on copper (Cu) is mature enough to be applied for many different applications, such as synchrotron light sources and spallation neutron drivers. Results, R&D work and future projects will be presented with emphasis on application to linear accelerators.

  14. Hypopituitarism presenting as congestive heart failure

    S Giri


    Full Text Available Sheehan's syndrome (SS develops as a result of ischemic pituitary necrosis due to severe postpartum hemorrhage and is characterized by various degrees of hypopituitarism. Although the occurrence of SS is now rare, it should still be considered in any woman with a history of peripartum hemorrhage who develops manifestations of pituitary hormone deficiency any time following the event. Appropriate hormone replacement therapy results in marked clinical improvement. We present an unusual case of SS in a young lady who continued to have normal menstruation after the index event, had two spontaneous pregnancies, and was diagnosed only 11 years later when she presented to us with acute heart failure.

  15. International nuclear energy law - present and future

    Barrie, G.N.


    International nuclear energy law, as discussed in this article, is the law relating to the global, peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The position of nuclear law in the wide realm of law itself as well as the present status of nuclear legislation is assessed. This article also covers the development of international nuclear energy law, from the first nuclear law - the New Zealand Atomic Energy Act of 1945-, the present and the future. National and international organizations concerned with nuclear energy and their contribribution to nuclear law are reviewed

  16. The present situation of irradiation services

    Hironiwa, Takayuki


    The present state of food irradiation in Japan is presented from a point of view of a trustee for irradiation business. Radiation sprout inhibition of potatoes, only approved by Government, and spice treatment, now being applied for, are explained. Existing establishments capable of entrusting irradiation services as business in Japan are outlined including Co-60 gamma ray and X-ray irradiation and electron beam irradiation. Principles of irradiation-induced physical and chemical effects in irradiated materials specifically organic polymers and brief explanation of facilities together with safety devices are also explained. (S. Ohno)

  17. Mediastinal mass: an unusual presentation of coccidioidomycosis

    Imran Umer


    Full Text Available Coccidioidomycosis is an endemic fungal disease, found mainly in the southwesternUnited States, northwestern Mexico, and some areas of Brazil and Argentina. Clinicalmanifestations vary depending upon both the extent of infection and the immune statusof the host. Pneumonia is the most common clinical presentation, and it rarely involvesthe central nervous system, skin, and bones. Patients with coccidioidomycosis usuallyrespond well to therapy if diagnosed and treated promptly. Here we report a rare caseof coccidioidomycosis infection in an immunocompromised host who presented with amediastinal mass.

  18. Overview of present and future sludge regulations

    Tonetti, R.


    The US Environmental Protection Agency is mandated by several acts of Congress to develop sludge management regulations. These include the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act, Clean Water Act, Marine Resources and Sanctuaries Act, Clean Air Act, and Toxic Substances Control Act. Congress had two main goals: the protection of the public health and the promotion of the use of sludge as a natural resource. This presentation will review the development of present and anticipated regulation as they seek to support achievement of these goals

  19. Odontoameloblastoma: A rare case with unusual presentation

    Supreet Jain


    Full Text Available The odontoameloblastoma (OA, also known as ameloblastic odontoma, is a very rare odontogenic tumor that is similar to ameloblastoma in its locally aggressive behavior. OA includes odontogenic ectomesenchyme in addition to odontogenic epithelium that resembles an ameloblastoma both in structure and in behavior. Its clinical presentation, however, often mimics the more innocuous odontoma, and hence, the recognition of its aggressive nature is commonly only ascertained after its histopathologic diagnosis following enucleation. This paper presents a rare case of OA with unusual clinical and radiological features.

  20. IAEA Safeguards: Present status and experience gained

    Thorne, L.; Buechler, C.; Haegglund, E.


    IAEA safeguards are at the present under critical review with regard to their purpose and effectiveness. This paper describes the development of the IAEA Safeguards System from the early days, when procedures were developed on an ad hoc basis, to the present day. The development of State Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material (SSAC), and of sophisticated instrumentation, has been necessary to deal with the rapid growth in the quantities of nuclear material and in the number of facilities under safeguards. The paper also discusses some of the managerial and organizational issues that are inherent in such a large international inspectorate. (author)

  1. Vesical Leiomyoma: Presentation of a clinical case

    Rodriguez Carballo, Michel; Gonzalez Gonzalez, Gonzalo Antonio; Sanchez Falcon Ania


    The vesical leiomyoma is a tumor of mesenchymal origin, and extremely rare. Most of them are diagnosed casually after the pathologic study of samples collected after surgery. Few cases were found in the reviewed literature, leading us to think of the scarce incidence of this kind of tumors. We present a case treated in our service, of an 18-years-old female patient, assisting to our consultation presenting a polaquiuria, ardor and mictional effort. The complementary exams led to the surgical treatment and follow up of the patient

  2. Intrathoracic lipoblastoma presenting with severe respiratory distress

    Joseph Motshedi Sekgololo; Risenga Frank Chauke; Peter Shere Ramoroko; Khondker Mofazzal Hossain


    Lipoblastoma is a rare benign tumour which originates from an adipose tissue. In this study we report the case of a three year old boy who presented with a large intrathoracic tumour occupying the whole of the left hemithorax. He presented in severe respiratory distress. A chest X-ray showed total opacity of the left hemithorax, and CT-scan showed a low attenuation mass inkeeping with fat in the left hemithorax. A complete resection of a tumour was undertaken, with histopathology report confi...

  3. Rapid serial visual presentation design for cognition

    Spence, Robert


    A powerful new image presentation technique has evolved over the last twenty years, and its value demonstrated through its support of many and varied common tasks. Conceptually, Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is basically simple, exemplified in the physical world by the rapid riffling of the pages of a book in order to locate a known image. Advances in computation and graphics processing allow RSVP to be applied flexibly and effectively to a huge variety of common tasks such as window shopping, video fast-forward and rewind, TV channel selection and product browsing. At its heart is a

  4. IAEA Safeguards: Past, Present, and Future

    Santi, Peter A. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Hypes, Philip A. [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    This talk will present an overview of the International Atomic Energy Agency with a specific focus on its international safeguards mission and activities. The talk will first present a brief history of the IAEA and discuss its current governing structure. It will then focus on the Safeguards Department and its role in providing assurance that nuclear materials are being used for peaceful purposes. It will then look at how the IAEA is currently evolving the way in which it executes its safeguards mission with a focus on the idea of a state-level approach.

  5. Tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO): atypical presentation.

    Khaliq, Waseem; Cheripalli, Praveen; Tangella, Krishnarao


    Tumor-induced osteomalacia is a rare acquired condition characterized by phosphaturia, hypophosphatemia and osteomalacia. We report an unusual presentation in a 15-year-old healthy male with a two-week history of cough and chest pain. The chest radiograph showed right middle lobe opacity and chest CT revealed a mass in the extra pleural space. A biopsy showed chondro-myxoidstroma with osteoid formation. Diagnosis was confirmed with the above findings and hypophosphatemia. The patient's symptoms resolved after complete surgical excision of the mass. Tumor-induced osteomalacia, although a rare disorder, can be a diagnostic challenge, especially in patients presenting with atypical symptoms.

  6. Papers presented at congresses and conferences - 1992


    Empresarios Agrupados (EA) is a leading engineering organization in Spain with significant international experience. EA provides consulting, engineering, procurement, construction management and operation support services for the power industry, power generation and transmission and other engineering areas. These paper are a collection of presentations made on conferences and congresses in 1992

  7. Neutron scattering: history, present state and perspectives

    Belushkin, A.V.


    The paper reminds some milestones in development of condensed matter research with neutrons. Present status of the investigations in this field is briefly outlined. An analysis is given on the situation and future prospects in different neutron sources development in Russia and in the world. The next generation neutron sources projects in Japan, USA and Europe are reviewed

  8. 10 CFR 590.312 - Oral presentations.


    ... party may file a motion requesting an opportunity to make an oral presentation of views, arguments, including arguments of counsel, and data on any aspect of the proceeding. The motion shall identify the...-examination by the parties and other more formal procedures used in trial-type hearings will not be available...

  9. AREVA group overview; Presentation du groupe AREVA



    This document presents the Group Areva, a world nuclear industry leader, from a financial holding company to an industrial group, operating in two businesses: the nuclear energy and the components. The structure and the market of the group are discussed, as the financial assets. (A.L.B.)

  10. Electronic Resources Management Project Presentation 2012

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    This presentation describes the electronic resources management project undertaken by the KAUST library. The objectives of this project is to migrate information from MS Sharepoint to Millennium ERM module. One of the advantages of this migration is to consolidate all electronic resources into a single and centralized location. This would allow for better information sharing among library staff.

  11. The Present Perfect in World Englishes

    Yao, Xinyue; Collins, Peter


    This paper reports on a comprehensive corpus-based study of regional and stylistic variation in the distribution of the English present perfect. The data represents ten English varieties of both the Inner Circle and Outer Circle, covering four major text types: conversation, news reportage, academic and fictional writing. The results are discussed…

  12. Page 1 '---------------------------- Presenting features ofprimary angle ...

    coma were assessed. The diagnosis of primary angle-closure glaucoma was made on presentation if the intra-ocular pressure was > 21 mmHg, or if a glaucomatous visual field was found, in the presence of a partially or totally closed angle or peripheral anterior synechiae. Provocation tests were not performed. Patients ...

  13. Renal Angiomyolipoma Presenting as Acute Abdominal Emergency ...

    A 47-year-old woman presented as an acute abdominal emergency with rapid progression to shock following spontaneous rupture of a left renal angiomyolipoma. The diagnosis was missed clinically and on computerized tomographic scan. At different stages of management based on her pattern of symptoms, signs and ...

  14. Bladder calculus presenting as excessive masturbation.

    De Alwis, A C D; Senaratne, A M R D; De Silva, S M P D; Rodrigo, V S D


    Masturbation in childhood is a normal behaviour which most commonly begins at 2 months of age, and peaks at 4 years and in adolescence. However excessive masturbation causes anxiety in parents. We describe a boy with a bladder calculus presenting as excessive masturbation.

  15. Nitrogen footprints: past, present and future

    Galloway, J.N.; Winiwarter, W.; Leip, A.; Leach, A.M.; Bleeker, A.; Erisman, J.W.


    The human alteration of the nitrogen cycle has evolved from minimal in the mid-19th century to extensive in the present time. The consequences to human and environmental health are significant. While much attention has been given to the extent and impacts of the alteration, little attention has been

  16. Site identification presentation: Basalt Waste Isolation Project


    The final step in the site identification process for the Basalt Waste Isolation Project is described. The candidate sites are identified. The site identification methodology is presented. The general objectives which must be met in selecting the final site are listed. Considerations used in the screening process are also listed. Summary tables of the guidelines used are included

  17. PREGO (presentation of Graves' orbitopathy) study

    Perros, Petros; Žarković, Miloš; Azzolini, Claudio


    BACKGROUND/AIMS: The epidemiology of Graves' orbitopathy (GO) may be changing. The aim of the study was to identify trends in presentation of GO to tertiary centres and initial management over time. METHODS: Prospective observational study of European Group On Graves' Orbitopathy (EUGOGO) centres...

  18. 5. Myositis Ossificans – Two Case Presentations


    By time of presentation, ossification is extensive and the .... He also noticed that he was having problems in walking fast or to run. ... blood vessels in the operation field on the other; and .... of hip dislocation and increased to 34% when open. 2.

  19. Unusual presentation of perirenal lung metastases

    D'Souza, D.L.; Heinze, S.B.; Dowling, R.J.


    Lung cancer is not commonly known to metastasise to the perirenal space, with only five such cases previously published. We present an unusual case of perirenal lung metastases manifesting as diffuse perinephric stranding which to our knowledge has not been described before Copyright (2006) Blackwell Publishing Asia Pty Ltd

  20. Cellular schwannoma arising from sigmoid mesocolon presenting ...

    Schwannomas are a type of peripheral nerve sheath tumors with clinically indolent behavior. Though, they can occur anywhere in body, the incidence in retroperitoneum, mediastinum, and pelvis is exceedingly rare. We present a case of a 58‑year‑old female with a massive twisted tumor arising from sigmoid mesocolon.

  1. Cellular Schwannoma Arising from Sigmoid Mesocolon Presenting ...

    Schwannomas are a type of peripheral nerve sheath tumors with clinically indolent behavior. Though, they can occur anywhere in body, the incidence in retroperitoneum, mediastinum, and pelvis is exceedingly rare. We present a case of a 58‑year‑old female with a massive twisted tumor arising from sigmoid mesocolon.

  2. Klimadebatoplæg (Climate debate presentation)

    Nørgaard, Jørgen

    A short presentation on the factors determining the climate change and other environmental impacts: 1)Population, 2)Affluence and 3)Technology. Pointing out that 1) Population in Europe seems to be declining voluntarily and 2)more affluence seems to provide no improvements in people's satisfactio...

  3. Infectious mononucleosis presenting as bilateral acute dacryocystitis.

    Atkinson, P L; Ansons, A M; Patterson, A


    A case of infectious mononucleosis presenting as bilateral acute dacryocystitis in a 7-year-old girl is reported. Acute dacryocystitis is uncommon in this age group, and an underlying systemic illness should be suspected particularly when it is bilateral. Images PMID:2275940

  4. Presentation and information management server PRIMAS

    Gibbert, R.


    An advanced computerized information system, PRIMAS, is presented. Its tasks include legal demands by the Federal government and the EU, environmental data model solutions, multi-sectorial analysis etc. Its structure, an open system architecture makes possible to be integrated and connected to existing standard systems. Its main use is the provision and processing of environmental information. (R.P.)

  5. Questions of Value to this presentation

    First page Back Continue Last page Overview Graphics. Questions of Value to this presentation. Does a self assembly of collagen act smart? Can man make collagen based smart biomaterials? To what beneficial uses smart collagen based biomaterials can be put to?

  6. Clinical Presentation of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II (Hunter's ...

    This report is of a 7-year-old boy who presented to the children outpatient through a referral with a history of inability to grasp objects, inability to express self, and coarse skin, which started 5 years ago. On examination, he was short statured, with a big head, protruding abdomen, coarse skin, swollen wrist joints, and ...

  7. Peer Evaluation of Oral Presentations in Croatia

    Kovac, Mirjana Matea; Sirkovic, Nina


    This paper aims to explore student engagement in peer evaluation activities related to giving scientific presentations in English (L2) and to investigate student attitudes towards this form of evaluation in the course Communication skills in Croatian (L1). The participants in this study were first-year students of engineering in Split, Croatia.…

  8. Addison's disease presenting with muscle spasm.

    Bhattacharjee, Rana; Sharma, A; Rays, A; Thakur, I; Sarkar, D; Mandal, B; Mookerjee, S K; Chatterjee, S K; Chowdhury, Pradip Roy


    Primary hypoadrenalism has various causes and protean manifestation. We report a young female patient who presented with severe muscle spasm as her primary complaint. On evaluation she was found to be a case of Addison's disease secondary to adrenal tuberculosis. Her muscle spasm disappeared rapidly with replacement dose of glucocorticoid.

  9. Congenital Duplex Gallbladder Anomaly Presenting as Gangrenous ...

    Valued eMachines Customer

    A 43 year old female patient, Mrs. M.S, presented with a three week history of .... they develop gangrenous calculus cholecystitis as they may simulate a liver abscess ... Congenital anomalies of the gallbladder and anatomical variations of their ...

  10. Present and future oscillation experiments at reactors

    Mikaehlyan, L.A.


    A report is presented on recent progress and developments (since the NANP'99 Conference) in the current and future long baseline (∼100 - 800 km) oscillation experiments at reactors. These experiments, under certain assumptions, can fully reconstruct the internal mass structure of the electron neutrino and provide a laboratory test of solar and atmospheric neutrino problems

  11. Pneumoperitoneum: an unusual presenting finding of perforated ...

    Here, we present a case of a 2-year-old boy with perforated appendicitis ... it will result in the patient's immediate surgical exploration and cure. ... abdominal pain, vomiting, and anorexia that had gone ... consistent with the study of Kumar et al.

  12. Histories and Freedom of the Present

    Vucina, Naja; Drejer, Claus Munch; Triantafillou, Peter


    This paper compares the ways in which Michel Foucault and Quentin Skinner’s historical analyses seek to unsettle the limits on present forms of freedom. We do so by comparing their ways of analyzing discourse, rationality and agency. The two authors differ significantly in the ways they deal...

  13. Response to Questions on Presentation to NAS

    Meier, W R


    Response to questions on the presentation 'Overview to Chamber and Power Plant Designs for IFE' made at the 1/29-31 meeting of the National Academies Committee on the Prospects for Inertial Confinement Fusion Energy Systems.

  14. Weak interaction: past answers, present questions

    Ne'eman, Y.


    A historical sketch of the weak interaction is presented. From beta ray to pion decay, the V-A theory of Marshak and Sudarshan, CVC principle of equivalence, universality as an algebraic condition, PCAC, renormalized weak Hamiltonian in the rehabilitation of field theory, and some current issues are considered in this review. 47 references

  15. The clinical presentation of pulmonary embolism

    Otto, A.C.; Dunn, M.; Van der Merwe, B.; Katz, M.


    Full text: Introduction: Pulmonary embolism is often misdiagnosed by many clinicians because of confusion with pulmonary infarction. According to present literature, the latter seldomly occurs, thus pleuritic pain and hemoptysis are usually absent. The purpose of our study was to re-evaluate the clinical presentation of pulmonary embolism with specific reference to the presence of pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary infarction. Materials and methods: Ethical committee approval was obtained to study fifteen patients with abnormal lung perfusion and high probability for pulmonary embolism retrospectively. Clinical data will be presented in table format. Appropriate symptoms and signs not mentioned was considered absent. Specific investigations not available was considered not done. Results: Will be displayed in table format. The main findings can be summarized as follows: 1. Dyspnea was present in all the patients; 2. Pleuritic pain and hemoptysis was absent in all the patients; 3. None of the patients had clinical signs of pulmonary hypertension or infarction; 4. The available special investigations confirmed the above mentioned findings. Conclusion: The absence of pulmonary infarction and pulmonary hypertension with submassive pulmonary embolism (<60% of pulmonary vascular bed occluded) was reconfirmed and should be emphasized more in clinical practice. (author)

  16. Clinical presentation of renal cell carcinoma

    Rehman, R.A.; Ashraf, S.; Jamil, N.


    Most common malignant tumour of the kidney is Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) and is known for its unpredictable clinical behaviour. Aetiology and risk factors are not completely understood. Extensive workup is being done in the understanding of the disease, especially to diagnose early and to treat promptly. The objective of this study was to determine the clinical presentation and pathological pattern of RCC. Methods: After approval from ethical committee a retrospective review of records was conducted extending from January 2012 to January 2014 to identify clinical characteristics of renal cell carcinomas. The study included all renal cancer patients presented to Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore with in this specified period. The data was retrieved regarding, history, physical examination and necessary investigations such as ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis and CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. Results: There were total of 50 cases. The male to female ratio was 3:2. Mean age of patients were 52.38 (18-93) years old. Most common clinical presentation was gross haematuria(66%).The mean tumour size was 8.34 (3-24) cm. Tumour histology were clear cell (84%), papillary transitional cell carcinoma (12%) and oncosytoma contributed 4%. Conclusion: We observed that large number of the patients with RCC presented with haematuria and most of them were male. Common pathological type was clear cell carcinoma. (author)

  17. Neutrino oscillations: present status and outlook

    Schwetz, T.


    In this talk the present status of neutrino oscillations is reviewed, based on a global analysis of world neutrino oscillation data from solar, atmospheric, reactor, and accelerator neutrino experiments. Furthermore, I discuss the expected improvements in the determination of neutrino parameters by future oscillation experiments within a timescale of 10 years. (author)

  18. Acute Porphyria Presenting as Epilepsia Partialis Continua

    Thi Phuoc Yen Tran


    Full Text Available Purpose: The porphyrias are a defect in the biosynthesis of heme which can be associated with different neurological symptoms during acute attacks such as peripheral neuropathy, mental disturbance and seizures. So far, there have only been a few case reports of status epilepticus, none of which were of epilepsia partialis continua (EPC. We present here two cases of hereditary coproporphyria (HCP manifesting EPC as part of the clinical presentation. Method: The patients' medical charts, EEG and imaging studies were carefully reviewed. Results: Case 1 is a 49-year-old male who first presented a tonic-clonic seizure. Case 2 is a 30-year-old male who came to the emergency room for a convulsive status epilepticus. Both evolved to EPC over the next days. EPC persisted despite several antiepileptic drug trials. Diagnosis of HCP was confirmed by a high level of urine, fecal and serum porphyrins in both cases and by genetic testing in one. Over the last 3 years, the first patient has continued to present non-disabling EPC and has had four tonic-clonic seizures associated with alcohol consumption. The second patient died from brain edema one month and half after admission. Conclusion: Acute porphyrias should be included in the differential diagnosis of new onset status epilepticus, including EPC. Their recognition is important as it modifies significantly patient management, since many anticonvulsants are porphyrogenic.

  19. The Acoustical Presentation of Technical Information.

    Barnett, George A.


    Advocates listening to technical information in much the same way as scientists and engineers look at graphics to understand the relationships among variables. Specifies a number of potential benefits of this approach. Demonstrates the presentation of acoustic information with data on the frequency of television viewing from 1950 to 1988. (SR)

  20. Sitosterolemia Presenting as Pseudohomozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

    Renner, Christian; Connor, William E; Steiner, Robert D


    A young girl, age 8.5 years, presented with profound hypercholesterolemia and early xanthomatosis, suggesting homozygous familial (or type II) hypercholesterolemia. The patient's low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor function and parental lipoprotein profiles were determined to be normal, prompting revision of the initial diagnosis to pseudohomozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. When she subsequently presented with giant platelets, the case was presented to colleagues on an electronic mailing list. It was recommended that plasma and sterol analysis be performed, which led to a diagnosis of sitosterolemia. The presentation of profound hypercholesterolomia in childhood that ultimately is not attributed as due to homozygous or compound heterozygous defects in the LDL receptor gene has been termed pseudohomozygous familial (or type II) hypercholesterolemia (PHT2HC). Patients diagnosed with PHT2HC subsequently confirmed to have sitosterolemia have been previously reported only rarely. The challenge of achieving accurate specific diagnosis and appropriate workup for these conditions in children is discussed in the context of this rare case and review of the historical literature concerning these conditions. © 2016 Marshfield Clinic.

  1. Presenting Software Metrics Indicators- A Case Study

    Pantazos, Kostas; Shollo, Arisa; Staron, Miroslaw


    Industrial measurement systems in software projects can generate a large number of indicators (main measurements). Having a large number of indicators might result in failing to present an overview of the status of measured entities. In consequence, managers might experience problems when making...

  2. The Transuranium Elements - Present Status: Nobel Lecture

    Seaborg, G. T.


    The discovery of the transuranium elements and the work done on them up to the present time are reviewed. The properties of these elements, their relationship to other elements, their place in the periodic table, and the possibility of production and identification of other transuranium elements are discussed briefly.

  3. Delayed presentation and diagnosis of metastatic hepatocellular ...

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is rarely diagnosed in women of reproductive age. ... an adverse effect on HCC, and that high levels of oestrogen associated with pregnancy may ... A 30-year-old pregnant woman presented at 23 weeks' gestation and was diagnosed as HIV-infected, with anaemia. She was initiated on.

  4. On Pauperism in Present and Past

    Breman, J.


    Pauperism and pauperization are widespread phenomena in India both in present and past. While a fierce debate continues on how to draw the line separating the poor from the non-poor, there is hardly any discussion on the huge mass, not less than one-fifth of the population, living in destitution.

  5. Clinical presentation and precipitating factors of diabetic ...


    among patients admitted to intensive care unit at a tertiary hospital in. Mwanza, Tanzania ... Background: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), one of the common emergencies in patient with diabetes mellitus is associated with .... Study area and data collection ... None of the patients presented with myocardial infarction, peripheral ...

  6. 48 CFR 15.102 - Oral presentations.


    ... document what the Government relied upon in making the source selection decision. The method and level of... Section 15.102 Federal Acquisition Regulations System FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATION CONTRACTING METHODS... impact (including cost) on small businesses. In considering the costs of oral presentations, contracting...

  7. Overview of PVQAT: Update and Perspectives (Presentation)

    Kurtz, S.; Wohlgemuth, J.; Yamamichi, M.; Sample, T.; Kelly, G.; Govind, R.


    The presentation provides an overview of PVQAT: International PV Quality Assurance Task Force - historical perspective, projects, climate - specific (use - environment -specific) durability testing, consistency of manufacturing, system verification, IECRE vs PVQAT, how to become involved, current status and multiyear targets, goals for today.

  8. Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum with a Rare Presentation

    Ehsan Bolvardi


    Full Text Available Spontaneous pneumomediastinum is an unusual and benign condition in which air is present in mediastinum. A 20-year-old male patient presented to ED with complaint of hoarseness and odynophagia from the day before, after weightlifting. The patient was nonsmoker and denied history of other diseases. On physical examination he had no dyspnea with normal vital signs. Throat examination and pulmonary auscultation were normal and no crepitation was palpable. We could not find subcutaneous emphysema in neck and chest examination. In neck and chest X-ray we found that air is present around the trachea. There was no apparent pneumothorax in CXR. In cervical and chest CT free air was present around trachea and in mediastinum. Subcutaneous emphysema was also evident. But there was no pneumothorax. The patient was admitted and went under close observation, oxygen therapy, and analgesic. The pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema gradually resolved within a week by conservative therapy and he was discharged without any complication. Many different conditions could be trigged because of pneumomediastinum but it is rarely seen in intense physical exertion such as weightlifting and bodybuilding. Two most common symptoms are retrosternal chest pain and dyspnea. But the patient here complained of hoarseness and odynophagia.



    A patient presented with a pneumothorax, a parahilar mass and a pleural effusion on the left side. Histology proved that this was caused by a malignant mesothelioma, epithelial type. The pneumothorax persisted, even after chest drainage and pleurodesis with talc powder and tetracycline.

  10. Present status of NCS in France

    Boutaine, J.L.


    About 3700 industrial plants are presently using nucleonic gauges for various aspects of production quality. The major industrial end users are oil and gas industry, coal and mineral ore processing, paper and plastic industries. New development in nucleonic instrumentation and processing software is going on. (author)

  11. Acromegaly Presenting with Hemiplegia | Saffer | South African ...

    A case of acromegaly presenting with hemiplegia is described. The radiological features, including cerebral angiography, are discussed. Acromegaly is uncommon in the Black population of South Africa. Experience at Baragwanath Hospital (2400 beds) confirms the rarity of the disease, and reference to the South African ...

  12. Celiac Disease Presenting with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura

    Hakan Sarbay


    Full Text Available Celiac disease (CD is an immunological disorder. Clinical manifestations occur as a result of intestinal mucosa damage and malabsorption. CD is also associated with extraintestinal manifestations and autoimmune disorders. The coexistence of CD and autoimmune diseases has been described before. In this article, a patient with CD presenting with thrombocytopenia is discussed.

  13. Dynamic bowel obstruction: aetiology, clinical presentation ...

    2005). This makes it essential that studies are made periodically in every region to define the local causes with the idea to do work on their prevention (Adhikari et al., 2010). This study was conducted to describe in our region, the aetiology, clinical presentation, management and outcome of dynamic bowel obstruction.

  14. Agriculture Oral Presentations; Tarim Soezlue Bildirileri



    This publication contains 23 papers related to the use of nuclear techniques in plant breeding in Turkey, effect of gamma irradiations on growing various plants, mutations and soil chemistry, etc., presented at 4. International Congress of Nuclear Agriculture and Animal Science in Bursa, Turkey, 25-27 Sep 1996. A separate abstract was prepared for each paper.

  15. Ewing's sarcoma presenting as a solitary cyst

    Hammoud, S.; Frassica, F.J.; McCarthy, E.F.


    This case describes a 10-year-old girl who developed a Ewing's sarcoma in her proximal fibula. The radiologic features mimicked those of a unicameral bone cyst. The presence of pain and the atypical location led to a prompt biopsy and the correct diagnosis. The mechanism of this unusual radiographic presentation is discussed. (orig.)

  16. Brucellosis: unusual presentations in two adolescent boys

    Piampiano, P.; McLeary, M.; Young, L.W. [Dept. of Radiology, Division of Pediatric Radiology, Loma Linda University Children' s Hospital, Loma Linda, CA (United States); Janner, D. [Div. of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children' s Hospital, Loma Linda, CA (United States)


    Two boys presented with variable signs and symptoms of infectious disease that challenged diagnosis. One of the two patients had aortic valve vegetations and lower extremity aneurysms, and the other had calvarial osteomyelitis, epidural abscess, pleural effusions, and pulmonary nodules. Only after a battery of bacterial and fungal agglutination tests was the unsuspected diagnosis made in each of brucellosis from Brucella canis. (orig.)

  17. Empirical scaling for present ohmic heated tokamaks

    Daughney, C.


    Empirical scaling laws are given for the average electron temperature and electron energy confinement time as functions of plasma current, average electron density, effective ion charge, toroidal magnetic field, and major and minor plasma radius. The ohmic heating is classical, and the electron energy transport is anomalous. The present scaling indicates that ohmic-heating becomes ineffective with larger experiments. (U.S.)

  18. Unusual presentation and inconclusive biopsy render fibroadenoma ...

    Two young, nonlactating, nulliparous women presented with acutely painful breast masses. Sonographic features showed mixed echogenic masses. Core biopsies were not diagnostic, and surgical excision revealed infarcted fibroadenomas in both cases. Although fibroadenomas are common, they do not commonly infarct, ...

  19. Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Unusual Presentation in a ...

    A 72 year old man with a history of TIAs and stroke with unexplained moderately raised ESR presented a year later with rapid deterioration of vision in his left eye because of central retinal vein occlusion. Primary antiphospholipid syndrome is found in patients with history of arterial or venous thromboembolism, ...

  20. Asymptomatic Incisional Endometrioma Presenting as Abdominal ...

    Asymptomatic incisional endometrioma of the anterior abdominal wall is rare. Clinical diagnosis may be difficult. We present a 26 year old woman with incisional abdominal wall endometrioma discovered 5 years after caeserian section. It was painless and there was no change in size with menstruation. The patient's body ...

  1. Unusual presentation of childhood Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Kumar, Sathish; Agarwal, Indira


    Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus is a rare blistering condition with a distinctive combination of clinical, histological and immunopathologic features that together constitute a unique bullous disease phenotype. It is often associated with autoimmunity to type VII collagen. Here we report a child who presented with bullous systemic lupus erythematosus. Rapid resolution of the blisters occurred following treatment with dapsone. PMID:18028550

  2. Present and Future of Gravitational Wave Experiments

    CERN. Geneva. Audiovisual Unit


    The status of the present detectors and of the main future projects will be reported. The recent results of a search for gravitational wave bursts, using the data collected by the ROG Collaboration cryogenic bar detectors EXPLORER (at CERN) and NAUTILUS (at LNF), will be discussed.

  3. Past and present in work life

    Kats, Rachel


    The purpose of this analysis was to study multivariate relations between the mobility experiences of immigrant workers and their present work attitudes and behavior. The review of existïng research evidence, of the intricate mobility structure and of wark attitudes and behavior found in the data,

  4. An unusual presentation of Fournier's gangrene.

    Kearney, D E


    INTRODUCTION: Fournier\\'s gangrene is a rare severe necrotising fasciitis of the genitalia. CASE: A case of Fournier\\'s gangrene caused by perforated sigmoid diverticulitis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus is presented along with a review of the relevant literature.

  5. Average Costs versus Net Present Value

    E.A. van der Laan (Erwin); R.H. Teunter (Ruud)


    textabstractWhile the net present value (NPV) approach is widely accepted as the right framework for studying production and inventory control systems, average cost (AC) models are more widely used. For the well known EOQ model it can be verified that (under certain conditions) the AC approach gives

  6. Congenital Uterovaginal Prolapse Present at Birth

    of the buttocks down to the legs with crepe bandage for 72 h. Key words: Breech, congenital, Nigeria, prolapse, spina bifida, utero- ... pressure during breech delivery stretches the pelvic floor muscle and the ligaments thus increasing the risk of ... and mucosal ulceration sets in. In conclusion, UVP presenting at birth is a rare ...

  7. TARG2 Workshop - Slides of the presentations

    Malka, V.; Koehler, A.; Beaurepaire, B.; Krishnan, M.; Guillaume, E.; Chowdhury, E.; Volpe, L.; Nakatsutsumi, M.; Chatain, D.; Legare, F.; Wachulak, P.; Bocoum, M.; Leblanc, A.; Schreiber, J.; Ter-Avetisyan, S.; Zeil, K.; Fukuda, Y.; Levecq, X.; Svensson, K.; Mollica, F.; Brandi, F.; Ruiz, C.


    The topics tackled in this workshop involved: laser-plasma interaction, innovative targets from gases to solids, targetry recycling and debris management, mass fabrication of laser targets, high repetition rate capability, integrated plasma diagnostics, wakefield acceleration and radiation sources. This document is made up of the slides of the presentations

  8. Pressure ulcers presentations and management at Kenyatta ...

    Objective: To determine the presentation and management of patients with pressure ulcers. Design: A prospective study. Setting: The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and National Spinal Injury Hospital (NSIH). Subjects: One hundred and thirteen patients were evaluated. Ninety six patients from KNH and seventeen from ...

  9. Solar neutrino results and present status

    Gorbachev, V.V.; Abdurashitov, J.N.; Gavrin, V.N.; Girin, S.V.; Gurkina, P.P.; Ibragimova, T.V.; Kalikhov, A.V.; Khairnasov, N.G.; Knodel, T.V.; Mirmov, I.N.; Shikhin, A.A.; Veretenkin, E.P.; Vermul, V.M.; Yants, V.E.; Zatsepin, G.T.; Bowles, T.J.; Teasdale, W.A.; Cherry, M.L.; Cleveland, B.T.; Elliott, S.R.


    The solar neutrino capture rate measured by the Russian-American Gallium Experiment on a metallic gallium target SAGE during the time from January 1990 through December 2000 is 77.0 +6.2 -6.2 +3.5 -3.0 SNU, where the uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively. The experimental procedures and data analysis are presented

  10. Atypical Presentation of Traumatic Aortic Injury

    Andrew Fu Wah Ho


    Full Text Available Background. Blunt thoracic aorta injury (BAI is second only to head injury as cause of mortality in blunt trauma. While most patients do not survive till arrival at the hospital, for the remainder, prompt diagnosis and treatment greatly improve outcomes. We report an atypical presentation of BAI, highlighting the diagnostic challenges of this condition in the emergency department. Case Presentation. A previously well 25-year-old male presented 15 hours after injury hemodynamically stable with delirium. There were no signs or symptoms suggestive of BAI. Sonography showed small bilateral pleural effusions. Chest radiograph showed a normal mediastinum. Eventually, CT demonstrated a contained distal aortic arch disruption. The patient underwent percutaneous endovascular thoracic aortic repair and recovered well. Conclusion. This catastrophic lesion may present with few reliable signs and symptoms; hence, a high index of suspicion is crucial for early diagnosis and definitive surgical management. This paper discusses the diagnostic utility of clinical features, injury mechanism, and radiographic modalities. Consideration of mechanism of injury, clinical features, and chest radiograph findings should prompt advanced chest imaging.

  11. Morphea profunda presenting as a neuromuscular mimic.

    Voermans, N.C.; Pillen, S.; Jong, E.M.G.J. de; Creemers, M.C.W.; Lammens, M.M.Y.; Alfen, N. van


    Localized scleroderma is characterized by idiopathic fibrosis of the skin and adjacent structures, and muscle involvement occurs predominantly in deep morphea. We report a patient with linear scleroderma who presented with slowly progressive atrophy, muscle weakness, and loss of function of her

  12. Chapter 2. Borderlands environment, past and present

    Guadalupe Sanchez de Carpenter; A.C. MacWilliams


    The major mountain ranges in the study area today were produced by Middle Miocene and younger extensional faulting. Faulting continued into the late Pleistocene as evidenced by fault scarps along the margins of the Animas, Hachita, and Playas Valleys. These long-term geologic events resulted in the present basin and range physiography of the Malpai Borderlands, as...

  13. [Heritage Education Lesson Plans and Slide Presentations].

    Van Buren, Maurie

    Field tested in 27 schools and in grades four through twelve, this teaching unit stresses heritage education through the study of southern U.S. architectural styles for homes from the pioneer log structures to the 1950s ranch home. Each of the four lessons in this unit focuses around a slide presentation of 20 slides designed to fit into one…

  14. Supporting Adaptive and Adaptable Hypermedia Presentation Semantics

    D.C.A. Bulterman (Dick); L. Rutledge (Lloyd); L. Hardman (Lynda); J.R. van Ossenbruggen (Jacco)


    textabstractHaving the content of a presentation adapt to the needs, resources and prior activities of a user can be an important benefit of electronic documents. While part of this adaptation is related to the encodings of individual data streams, much of the adaptation can/should be guided by the

  15. Presentation master thesis at EAPRIL 2015 Conference

    Iris Sutherland; Richard Kragten; Zac Woolfitt


    Three graduates of the Inholland Master Leren en Innoveren (Zac Woolfitt, Iris Sutherland and Richard Kragten) each presented their master thesis in an interactive 'flipped' session which involved providing content in advance via a video for those attending the session. The session was well attended

  16. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Electronic Presentations.

    Quible, Zane K.


    Notes that the manner in which the author was using the incorporation of electronic slides into his lectures allowed students to become disengaged from the learning process. Presents strategies to combat disengagement and strategies to supplement textbook slides. Concludes that student disengagement can be counteracted with limited expenditure of…

  17. Neural Tube Defects: Epidemiologic Factors, Clinical Presentation ...

    Of the 103 babies, 87 (84.5%) had spina bifida cystica, 15 (14.6%) had occipital encephalocele, while 1 (0.9%) had anencephaly and died within 8 hours of delivery. All the 87 patients with spina bifida cystica were ruptured and infected at presentation, with seven of them dying from overwhelming sepsis. Most of the babies ...

  18. Neonatal adrenal hemorrhage presenting as acute scrotum

    Introduction. In newborns, adrenal hemorrhage is not an uncommon event. The large size of the adrenal cortex contributes to an increased vulnerability to trauma during a difficult delivery [1]. However, the neonatal adrenal hemorrhage may rarely present as inguinoscrotal swelling [2,3]. This condition can simulate torsion of ...

  19. Tumour microembolism presenting as "primary pulmonary hypertension"

    Hibbert, M.; Braude, S.


    Pulmonary tumour microembolism is a rare cause of pulmonary hypertension. A case of rapidly progressive pulmonary hypertension in a patient with a past history of breast carcinoma is presented. Despite active consideration and investigation for malignancy as a cause, correct diagnosis was only made at necropsy. 

  20. Teaching Talks: Presents for the New Year

    Broderick, Patricia; Raymond, Allen


    The author presents three educational products for kids: (1) "Novel Perspectives" by Shelley Harwayne; (2) "Summarization in Any Subject--50 Techniques to Improve Student Learning" by Rick Wormelt; and (3) Voices Reading, the new comprehensive reading and character development program for Grades K-2 from Zaner-Bloser. "Novel Perspectives" carries…