Sample records for issledovanie raspredeleniya produktov

  1. Produktová nabídka Honey Hive


    Tomečková, Alena


    The topic of this Master's thesis is to define the product offering for start-up called Honey Hive and to describe the process supporting the product portfolio definition. Product portfolio definition is based on the theory of 4P (Marketing mix). The whole process of defining the product offering is based on 4P -- Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Each aspect brings its own view into product offering -- from defining the pricing strategy, through suppliers mix definition to the competition...

  2. UX výskum digitálnych produktov


    Dziaková, Barbora


    Thesis deals with the UX research from the perspective of UX professionals. The main objective of this thesis is to determine the point of view these professionals on UX research. The first partial objective of this thesis is to identify problem areas and the causes of problems in the context of UX research. The second objective is to identify how the experts assess the impact of efforts carried out in connection with the UX. The third objective is to identify the benefits of conducting UX re...

  3. Možnosti produktové spolupráce s UK FTVS


    Kreutz, Petr


    Title: Possibilities of product placement cooperation with FTVS UK Objectives: The aim of this work is to analyze existing offer for potential sponsors, who in future can cooperate with FTVS UK. Side goal is to create the PEST and the SWOT analyses of the Outdoor sports department, as chosen member of FTVS UK. Methods: In this thesis we used a method of the SWOT and the PEST analysis and the analysis of the documents. These methods are applied on the Outdoor sports department. Results: Final ...

  4. Komparace positioningu jednotlivých produktových řad značky Concha y Toro


    Topol, Jindřich


    The theoretical part of this paper (chapters 1 to 3) explained the main relevant terms such as marketing, marketing mix, segmentation, targeting, positioning, brand, brand value and brand management. The practical part in its fourth chapter described the charakteristics of wine market in the world and also in the conditions of Czech republic. It also describes the chilean wines market in Czech republic and the local market competition environment. The fifth chapter introduces Concha y Toro wi...

  5. Strategie českých firem v ochraně produktových inovací: výsledky empirického průzkumu Technologického centra AV ČR

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Václav Suchý


    Full Text Available Purpose of the article: is to reveal appropriability mechanisms the Czech product-oriented small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs. Methods: of the research were based on on-line questionnaires distributed to a sample of 208 mainly manufacturing, innovative firms during 2011–2012. Scientific aim: was to explore how Czech firms value their IP and intangible assets, as juxtaposed to tangible assets. Additional aims were to investigate how firms protect their innovations with various statutory and nonstatutory mechanisms and what are their motivations to patenting. Findings: We found that good reputation of a firm, loyalty, qualifications and high motivation of the employees along with a stimulating internal environment are the assets that firms consider as being most instrumental in its further development. Regardless the size of the firms, the continuous innovation is far the most frequently used protective measure. SMEs also commonly rely on lead time advantages, secrecy, complementary manufacturing or marketing capabilities and utility models. Large firms, on the other hand, use more frequently various statutory means including patents, utility models and trademarks followed by secrecy. Patents, however, are widely applied in a few industries only that include nanotechnology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, “green energy” sector and, less frequently, electro-technical and automotive sector. Firms operating in these specific industries commonly combine patents with other protective means in advanced IP strategies. The firms patent for reasons that often extend beyond simply profiting from a patented innovation. In addition to the prevention of copying, the most prominent reasoning for patenting include various strategic motives, like using patents to improve the position in negotiating, the prevention of rivals from patenting related inventions (i.e. “patent blocking” and the prevention of suits. Conclusions: Our findings raise serious questions regarding the functioning of the existing system of intellectual property rights when key national policy goals include innovation by and growth of small and medium-sized firms.

  6. Vyryvajas' iz objatij politiki. Issledovanie kul'tur vospominanija kak sposob pooshhrenija istoricheskogo dialoga v litovsko-rossijskih otnoshenijah [An escape from the embrace of politics. A study into the cultures of remembrance as a means to encourage a historical dialogue in Lithuanian-Russian relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Safronovas Vasilijus


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the factors inhibiting a productive rethinking of the past in contemporary Lithuanian-Russian relations. The rethinking of the past is understood as a process facilitating the reconsideration of historical meanings through adjusting them to the expectations and values of the contemporary society. The author argues that in this process historical research — as an important tool for encouraging the co-existence of communities —should fulfil certain social functions. Having chosen the Lithuanian-Russian communication space as a case, the author emphasizes the need to develop an interest in mutual knowledge of cultures of remembrance in this space. Outlining the strategies specific to the prevailing cultures of remembrance in contemporary Russia and Lithuania, the author addresses the issue of their proper relationship, as well as that of the appropriateness of historical policy. The criminalisation of certain evaluations of the past and the academic dialogue between historians are regarded as two opposite extremes of historical policy actually existing in the Lithuanian-Russian communication space. The author stresses that research into the values and interpretations of the past peculiar to certain social groups in both Lithuania and Russia may be considered as a basis for further development of the historical dialogue. It is assumed that such research may contribute to the improvement in the field of politics of history.

  7. Marketingová strategie rozvoje magazinu TOPLIFE


    Steinbock, Petr


    Návrh marketingové strategie a produktová strategie s realizačním plánem marketingové strategie rozvoje magazinu TOPLIFE. Design a marketing strategy and product strategy, marketing strategy implementation plan development TOPLIFE magazine. E

  8. Association of Average Telomere Length with Body-Mass Index and Vitamin D Status in Juvenile Population with Type 1 Diabetes / Povezava Povprečnih Dolžin Telomerov Z Indeksom Telesne Teže in Vitaminom D Pri Mladostnikih S Sladkorno Boleznijo Tipa 1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tesovnik Tine


    Full Text Available Izhodišče. Sladkorna bolezen tipa 1 (SBT1 je kronična avtoimunska bolezen, pri kateri hiperglikemija ter zvišana raven oksidativnega stresa in končnih produktov glikacije skupaj z genetskimi in okoljskimi dejavniki privedeta do nastanka diabetičnih zapletov. Krajše dolžine telomerov so povezane s hiperglikemičnimi epizodami in nižjimi serumskimi vrednostmi vitamina D.

  9. Uporaba orodja poslovne inteligence IBM Watson za predvidevanje prodaje


    Stojić, Igor


    Diplomska naloga obravnava uporabo orodja IBM Watson in njegovo poslovno vrednost, ki jo ima v okviru oblikovanja napovedi prihodnje prodaje produktov. V teoretičnem delu podrobneje opredeljuje napovedovanje in smoter le-tega. V okviru empiričnega dela pa je bila izvedena primerjava uporabe ERP sistemov SAP in IBM Watson, pri čemer je bil dosledno prikazan postopek oblikovanja napovedi, tako s SAP kot tudi z IBM Watson, s slednjim pa tudi identificiran parameter, ki vpliva na prodajo nekateri...



    Pečenko, Jan


    V tem diplomskem seminarju je obravnavana tema računalništvo v oblaku in sicer na primeru storitve iCloud podjetja Apple Inc., ki je namenjena vsem uporabnikom Applovih produktov(računalnikov in mobilnih naprav). V prvem delu smo podrobneje predstavili teorijo računalništva v oblaku, ki predstavlja novo tehnologijo, s katero je uporabnikom (podjetjem in posameznikom) omogočeno shranjevanje podatkov v splet in dostopanje do njih kadarkoli in kjerkoli s katerokoli napravo enostavno s pomo...

  11. RFID system in warehouse management




    Cilj diplomske naloge je bila izdelava RFID sistema, ki v skladišču omogoča sledljivost produktov, označenih z RFID nalepkami oz. značkami in pregled na namiznih ali mobilnih napravah. Za izdelavo RFID sistema sta bili razviti dve aplikaciji, imenovani RFID Portal in SCM Portal. RFID Portal je namizna aplikacija, ki upravlja z RFID vrati. Ta zaznavajo produkte, ki prihajajo v skladišče in ga zapuščajo ter temperature v katerih so bili shranjeni. Vsi tako zbrani podatki so poslani spletni apli...