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  1. Partei tuhandete ja enda kommiraha eest 462 häält / Anna-Maria Galojan ; interv. Rainer Kerge

    Galojan, Anna-Maria, 1982-


    Intervjuu parlamendivalimistel osalenud politoloogiamagistrant Anna-Maria Galojaniga tema osalemisest valimistel. Vt. samas: Kes on Anna-Maria Galojan? Küsimustele vastab Reformierakonna kampaaniajuht Arto Aas

  2. Anna-Maria Galojan: jah-liikumisega võivad liituda kõik soovijad / Anna-Maria Galojan ; interv. Ishtvan Ban

    Galojan, Anna-Maria, 1982-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje : Subbota 2. aug. lk. 1. Eesti Euroopa liikumise Ida-Virumaa tugikeskuse piirkondlik koordinaator Anna-Maria Galojan oma organisatsioonist, noorte vabatahtlike tööst

  3. Anna-Maria Galojan - värske hääl poliitikas / Anna-Maria Galojan ; interv. Toomas Verrev

    Galojan, Anna-Maria, 1982-


    Transiidifirma Transgroup Invest arendusdirektor, Eesti Välispoliitika Instituudi töötaja Anna-Maria Galojan, kes kandideerib Riigikogu valimistel Reformierakonna nimekirjas, räägib oma haridusteest, karjäärist ja poliitilistest eesmärkidest

  4. Elisa Miller | NREL

    Elisa Miller Photo of Elisa Miller Elisa Link-Miller Researcher III-Chemistry | 303-384-6777 Dr. Elisa Miller-Link studies the surface of semiconductors that are applicable for , and other nanocrystalline films. Elisa came to NREL in 2013 as an NREL Director's Fellowship recipient

  5. Maria Listra teeb oma häälega tööd, et teada, kuidas “instrument” töötab / interv. Kristjan Roos

    Listra, Maria, 1989-


    Maria Listra on Eesti muusikasõpradele teada juba sellest ajast, kui ta oli kolmeaastane. Kuigi praegu tegutseb lauljatar Londonis, ei ole ta unustanud ka oma kodumaad. Just täna alustab ta keelpillikvartetiga Prezioso kontserdituuri “Vaid see on armastus”

  6. Millerism - an historical enigma?

    Ingemar Lindén


    Full Text Available It is a wellknown fact in history that strong bias in the writers and a wishful thinking radically prevent the analysis of any event or religious activity. For this reason Catholic ecclesiastical writers of the old school distorted the role of Martin Luther and his movement; likewise the Radical Reformation fared badly in old handbooks, whether they were composed by Catholics or Lutherans. Again the same principle applies to many of the modern "sects" in America and in Europe. Millerism is an excellent case for illustrating this unfelicitious type of writing. The layman-evangelist William Miller (1782-1849 claimed that the world would never be converted; only the second coming of Christ could usher in the millennium. In order to obtain a better understanding of Millerism, the movement should be divided into three main periods, which differed in character. At first, Miller's own development needs to be ascertained. Though he lacked any thorough intellectual training and remained an autodidact, he nevertheless belonged to the wide range of middle class Yankees. To be sure, Miller lived not too far from the famous frontier in his youth, but despite preconceived ideas in some writers, Miller had his cultural roots in the built-up areas of a New England society. The second important stratum in his personality was the warm Baptist revivalism, which prevailed in his home. Deism and revivalism thus contended for the supremacy of his soul; admitting the later dominance of evangelical revivalism, reason and order continued to hold a place in his mental set-up.

  7. Mastering MariaDB

    Razzoli, Federico


    This book is intended for intermediate users who want to learn how to administrate a MariaDB server or a set of servers. It is aimed at MariaDB users, and hence working knowledge of MariaDB is a prerequisite.

  8. Lavandula angustifolia Miller: English lavender.

    Denner, Sallie Stoltz


    Folk and traditional therapeutic use of the essential oil of English lavender for pain, infection, relaxation, and sedation dates back centuries. Current research focusing on the inherent synergism of Lavandula angustifolia Miller demonstrates great potential for future applications. Today's investigations may provide the key to eradicating degenerative inflammatory disease, infectious disease, and carcinogenesis.

  9. MariaDB cookbook

    Bartholomew, Daniel


    A practical cookbook, filled with advanced recipes , and plenty of code and commands used for illustration,which will make your learning curve easy and quick.This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about databases in general or MariaDB in particular. Some familiarity with SQL databases is assumed, but the recipes are approachable to almost anyone with basic database skills.

  10. Maria Antonia: um mito?

    Maria Helena Bueno Trigo


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é fazer uma reconstrução do espaço da Faculdade de Filosofia da USP quando funcionava na rua Maria Antonia, décadas de 50 e 60, tomando como base depoimentos (publicados de alunos, depois professores, dessa instituição. O texto examina os códigos de sociabilidade praticados pelo grupo universitário e pretende, ainda, examinar os ritos instituídos, mostrando como essa reconstrução do passado deu origem a uma memória mítica

  11. Yellowcake from Panna Maria



    The Standard Oil Company of California has opened a uranium mine and processing plant at Panna Maria, Texas to produce 3,500 pounds of yellowcake a day at $45 per pound. The deposit is estimated at six million pounds of recoverable uranium oxide and will be used to fuel four Texas utilities. Mining and reclamation techniques were selected on the basis of environmenal impact studies. Nearly all the land will be restored as pasture and measures will be taken to preserve air and water quality. The complex consists of an open pit mine, an adjacent processing mill, and associated facilities for offices, shops, vehicles, drainage ponds, and tailings retention

  12. George A. Miller (1920–2012)

    Pinker, Steven


    Presents an obituary for George A. Miller (1920—2012). Miller ranks among the most important psychologists of the 20th century. In addition to writing one of the best known papers in the history of psychology (“The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information,” published in Psychological Review in 1956), Miller also fomented the cognitive revolution, invented psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology, imported powerful ideas from the theorie...

  13. Alex Miller, Knesseti liige : Iisrael mõtleb oma kodanikele / Alex Miller ; interv. Ivar Soopan

    Miller, Alex


    Iisraeli parlamendiliikme sõnul ei ole läbirääkimised Palestiinaga vastuvõetavad, kui valitsuses on Hamas. Iisraeli-Palestiina konflikt ei ole tema sõnul mitte territoriaalprobleem, vaid tsivilisatsioonidevaheline konflikt. Parlamendiliige vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad Palestiinale kuuluva 600 miljoni dollari maksuraha kinnihoidmist ning 40 Palestiina parlamendiliikme vangistamist, samuti Liibanoni ründamist eelmisel aastal

  14. Professor dr hab. Maria Lisiewska

    Małgorzata Stasińska


    Full Text Available The article presents the biography and scientific achievements of Professor Maria Lisiewska. She earned master’s degree and Ph.D. in natural sciences from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. After earning her doctoral degree, she stayed at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and conducted her thrilling research on mycology and taught until now. Prof. Maria Lisiewska is an author of many books, articles, and other scholarly reports.

  15. J. Hillis Miller's Virtual Reality of Reading

    Fosso, Kurt; Harp, Jerry


    We set out to investigate Miller's curious assertion--curious for a deconstructionist committed to a critique of the old metaphysics of presence--that literary works preexist their being written down. We find a basis for this sense of the preexistence of the literary work in Miller's insights about the performative dynamics of reading and writing.…

  16. David Miller on Immigration Policy and Nationality

    Lægaard, Sune


    David Miller's recent statement of the case for restrictive immigration policies can plausibly be construed as an application of a ‘liberal nationalist' position. The paper first addresses Miller's critique of distributive justice arguments for open borders, which relies on nationality as determi......David Miller's recent statement of the case for restrictive immigration policies can plausibly be construed as an application of a ‘liberal nationalist' position. The paper first addresses Miller's critique of distributive justice arguments for open borders, which relies on nationality...... as determinative of the scope of distributive justice and as giving rise to national collective responsibility. Three interpretations of his main positive reason for restricting immigration, which concerns the importance of a shared public culture, are then discussed: culture as having valuable social functions...... in relation to immigration policy....

  17. Geologic structure of shallow maria. [topography of lunar maria

    Dehon, R. A.; Waskom, J. A.


    Isopach maps and structural contour maps of the eastern mare basins (30 deg N to 30 deg S; 0 deg to 100 deg E), constructed from measurements of partially buried craters, are presented and discussed. The data, which are sufficiently scattered to yield gross thickness variations, are restricted to shallow maria with less than 1500-2000 m of mare basalts. The average thickness of basalt in the irregular maria is between 200 and 400 m. Correlations between surface topography, basalt thickness, and basin floor structure are apparent in most of the basins that were studied. The mare surface is commonly depressed in regions of thick mare basalts; mare ridges are typically located in regions of pronounced thickness changes; and arcuate mare rilles are confined to thin mare basalts. Most surface structures are attributed to shallow stresses developed within the mare basalts during consolidation and volume reduction.

  18. Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

    Apolinário, Valdemar dos Passos


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Comunicação e Expressão. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras/Inglês e Literatura Correspondente Investiga como as questões político-sociais atingiram as personagens de Arthur Miller na peça Death of a Salesman, contribuindo para moldar suas personalidades e determinando o seu destino. Mostra que, para Arthur Miller, Benjamin Franklin foi a principal fonte de inspiração no seu retrato das preocupações políticas, da c...

  19. Getting started with MariaDB

    Bartholomew, Daniel


    A practical, hands-on, beginner-friendly guide to installing and using MariaDB.Getting Started with MariaDB is for anyone who wants to learn more about databases in general or MariaDB in particular. No prior database experience is required. It is assumed that you have basic knowledge of software installation, editing files with a text editor, and using the command line and terminal.

  20. Maria Joao Rodrigues : toetage teadust / Maria Joao Rodrigues ; interv. Toivo Tänavsuu

    Rodrigues, Maria Joao


    Eestis visiidil viibinud Euroopa Komisjoni nõunik soovitab Eestil valida spetsiifilised maksusoodustused, kui Eestil oleks valida üldise maksumäärade alandamise ja spetsiifiliste maksusoodustuste vahel. Üldine maksumäärade alandamine võib tema sõnul löögi alla seada riigieelarve. Lisa: Lissaboni eesmärgid

  1. Vaja on professionaalseid oskusi! / Tiina Lokk ; interv. Maria Ulfsak

    Lokk, Tiina, 1955-


    Eesti poolt Leedu teleprogrammide ja -filmide festivalil "Amber arch" žüriis osalenud T. Lokk nähtud filmidest ja peapreemia võitnud Priit Valkna dokumentaalfilmist "Hunt", mille tootis Allfilm ETV "Eesti lugude" dokumentaalsarja

  2. Gollivud v dozore / Sergei Lukjanenko ; interv. Maria Tsheskis

    Лукьяненко, Сергей, 1968-


    Mängufilm "Öine patrull" ("Notshnoi dozor") : režissöör Timur Bekmambetov : Venemaa 2004. Filmi aluseks oleva samanimelise teose autor ja filmi stsenarist oma raamatutest, filmist ja tulevikuplaanidest

  3. Kak prodat "Babushku" / Maria Melnikova ; interv. Galina Balashova

    Melnikova, Maria


    Eesti Vene saatkonna "Vene galerii" osalemisest Madridis kunstilaadal ARCO-2005. Galerii esitles Ene-Liis Semperi videofilmi "Nimetu" ja vene kunstnike Bogdan Mamonovi ning Anton Litvini töid. Semperi ja Mamonovi töödest

  4. Prebiotic Soup-Revisiting the Miller Experiment

    Bada, Jeffrey L.; Lazcano, Antonio


    'Isn't life wonderful?' sang Alma Cogan and Les Howard in their almost forgotten 1953 hit. That same year, Stanley L. Miller raised the hopes of understanding the origin of life when on 15 May, Science published his paper on the synthesis of amino acids under conditions that simulated primitive Earth's atmosphere. Miller had applied an electric discharge to a mixture of CH4, NH3, H2O, and H2 - believed at the time to be the atmospheric composition of early Earth. Surprisingly, the products were not a random mixture of organic molecules, but rather a relatively small number of biochemically significant compounds such as amino acids, hydroxy acids, and urea. With the publication of these dramatic results, the modem era in the study of the origin of life began.

  5. Prebiotic Soup: Revisiting the Miller Experiment

    Bada, Jeffrey L.; Lazcano, Antonio


    Isn't life wonderful? sang Alma Cogan and Les Howard in their almost forgotten 1953 hit. That same year, Stanley L. Miller raised the hopes of understanding the origin of life when on 15 May, Science published his paper on the synthesis of amino acids under conditions that simulated primitive Earth's atmosphere. Miller had applied an electric discharge to a mixture of CH4, NH3, H2O, and H2 - believed at the time to be the atmospheric composition of early Earth. Surprisingly, the products were not a random mixture of organic molecules. but rather a relatively small number of biochemically significant compounds such as amino acids, hydroxy acids, and urea. With the publication of these dramatic results, the modern era in the study of the origin of life began.

  6. Flower Still Life, Maria Van Oosterwijck

    Holtrop, Emily


    This brief article describes the life of Maria van Oosterwijck. It also discusses her art and its significance and symbolism. A list of suggested activities for elementary, middle, and high school students is included.

  7. Hula Black - Eesti haute couture / Maria Ulfsak

    Ulfsak, Maria, 1981-


    Esitleti uut Hula noortekomplekti Black, mille autorid on Anu Lensmant, Marit Ahven, Reet Ulfsak, Eve Hanson, Ruta Tepp, Ketlin Bachmann ja ehtekunstnikud Andrus Rumm, Julia-Maria Pihlak, Tanel Veenre

  8. Lee Miller à travers la Roumanie, l’appareil photo à la main (1946

    Adrian-Silvan Ionescu


    Full Text Available A former model and fashion photographer turned war photographer, Lee Miller visited Romania twice, in 1938 and 1946 respectively. After her second visit she published her impressions and pictures, under the title of Roumania, in Vogue magazine. Besides the published material there are her manuscripts from The Lee Miller Achives at Farley Farm House, East Sussex, England, on which this paper is based. She crossed the border coming from Hungary in early February 1946. Heading for Sibiu her car, a Chevrolet Sedan, slipping on the ice-covered road, stopped on a snowbank far off in the ditch. While looking for help in the nearby village she and her companions left the car unguarded to discover it plundered of everything, wheels included.On a Sunday afternoon she had the privilege of being received by King Mihai I and Queen Mother Elena with whom she talked exstensively. She also took magnificent pictures with the Royal Family in the imposing Peleş Castle. At Sinaia, „the summer capital of Roumania” she had also the opportunity to portray Dinu Brătianu and Iuliu Maniu, the two elderly statesmen. Maniu was surrounded by friends and party members, among whom was young Corneliu Coposu, his private secretary.Moving to Bucharest, she met old friends such as Harri Brauner and his wife, Lena Constante, with whom she wandered through the country eight years ago. Lena and Elena Pătrășcanu, wife of Lucrețiu Pătrășcanu, Minister of Justice, have started a successful marionette theatre where Lee took nice pictures. Other were taken on the streets, with peasants, street vendors and their customers. Harri took her to a bistro where they met Maria Lătărețu, the celebrating folk singer whom Brauner recorded many times. They enjoyed her songs. Suffering from fibrositis, Lee Miller undertook a peculiar treatment in a gypsy village where the inhabitants were dancing bears trainers. She was massaged by a bear weighing about 300 pounds while Brauner took

  9. Santa Maria de Garona NPP

    Candas, C.


    Three especially significant milestones determine the positive assessment of Santa Maria de Garona nuclear power plant operation in 2003: the beginning of Project 2019, the quality and safety results in the Refueling Outage, and the good assessment obtained by the plant in the follow-up review of the OSART Mission. The operating factor of 91.52% obtained in 2003 is the Plant's best historical result in a year with a refueling outage. This factor is an indication of reasonable Plant operation throughout the year, and also of the results of the optimization and quality efforts made in preparing and executing the refueling outage. The collective dose indicator is also the best historical datum in year with a refueling outage and keeps our Plant in a relevant position among the world's BWR plants. The objective set by INPO is clearly achieved. The result is the outcome of the improvement studies and ALARA actions taken during job preparation and planning and also of equipment and installation improvements and modernization. The three differential follow-up objective of the NUCLENOR Corporate Project are: Strengthening of the Safety Culture, Operating License Renewal and Improved in-Plant Task Management

  10. Maria Minerva - Eesti esimene hüpnagoogilise popi staar / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Maria Minerva nime all tegutsevast Londonis õppivast muusikust Maria Juurest. Muusiku USA-s plaadifirma Not Not Fun poolt välja antud helikassetist Maria Minerva "Tallinn At Down" ja heliplaadist Maria Minerva "Noble Savage"

  11. Mortality of Talc Miners and Millers From Val Chisone, Northern Italy: An Updated Cohort Study.

    Pira, Enrico; Coggiola, Maurizio; Ciocan, Catalina; Romano, Canzio; La Vecchia, Carlo; Pelucchi, Claudio; Boffetta, Paolo


    The aim of this study was to update the analysis of mortality of a cohort of talc miners and millers in Northern Italy. We analyzed the mortality during 1946 to 2013 of 1722 male workers in an asbestos-free talc mine (1166 miners and 556 millers) employed during 1946 to 1995. The overall standardized mortality ratio (SMR) was 1.24 [95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.17 to 1.32]; no deaths were observed from pleural cancer; mortality from lung cancer was not increased. Mortality from pneumoconiosis was increased (SMR 26.62; 95% CI 20.71 to 33.69), in particular among miners, and was associated with duration of employment and time since first employment. We confirmed the lack of association between exposure to asbestos-free talc, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Increased mortality from pneumoconiosis among miners is attributable to past exposure to silica.

  12. Cerebellar and pontine tegmental hypermetabolism in miller-fisher syndrome

    Kim, Yu Kyrong; Kim, Ji Soo; Lee, Won Woo; Kim, Sang Eun


    Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS) has been considered as a variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a type of acute immune neuropathies involving peripheral nerve system. Unlike GBS, presence of cerebellar type ataxia and supranuclear ophthalmioplesia in MFS suggests additional involvement of the central nervous system. To determine involvement of the central nervous system in MFS, we investigated the cerebral metabolic abnormalities in patients with MFS using FDG PET. Nine patients who were diagnosed as MFS based on acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia without other identifiable causes participated in this study. In six patients, serum antibodies possibly related with symptom of MFS (anti- GQ1b or anti-GM1) were detected at the time of the study. With the interval of 25 26 days (range: 3-83 days) from the symptom on set, brain FDG PET were underwent in patients and compared with those from healthy controls. In group analysis comparing with healthy controls, FDG PET of patients revealed increased metabolism in the bilateral cerebellar hemispheres and vermis, and the thalamus. In contrast, the occipital cortex showed decreased metabolism. Individual analyses disclosed hypermetabolism in the cerebellar vermis or hemispheres in 5, and in the pontine tegmentum in 2 of the 9 patients. We also found that the cerebellar vermian hypermetabolism was inversely correlated with the interval between from the symptom on set to PET study. Moreover, follow-up PET of a patient demonstrated that cerebellar hypermetabolism decreased markedly with an improvement of the ophthalmoplegia and ataxia. These findings indicate an involvement of the central nervous system in MFS and suggest an antibody-associated acute inflammatory process as a mechanism of this disorder

  13. Cerebellar and pontine tegmental hypermetabolism in miller-fisher syndrome

    Kim, Yu Kyrong; Kim, Ji Soo; Lee, Won Woo; Kim, Sang Eun [Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS) has been considered as a variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a type of acute immune neuropathies involving peripheral nerve system. Unlike GBS, presence of cerebellar type ataxia and supranuclear ophthalmioplesia in MFS suggests additional involvement of the central nervous system. To determine involvement of the central nervous system in MFS, we investigated the cerebral metabolic abnormalities in patients with MFS using FDG PET. Nine patients who were diagnosed as MFS based on acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia without other identifiable causes participated in this study. In six patients, serum antibodies possibly related with symptom of MFS (anti- GQ1b or anti-GM1) were detected at the time of the study. With the interval of 25 26 days (range: 3-83 days) from the symptom on set, brain FDG PET were underwent in patients and compared with those from healthy controls. In group analysis comparing with healthy controls, FDG PET of patients revealed increased metabolism in the bilateral cerebellar hemispheres and vermis, and the thalamus. In contrast, the occipital cortex showed decreased metabolism. Individual analyses disclosed hypermetabolism in the cerebellar vermis or hemispheres in 5, and in the pontine tegmentum in 2 of the 9 patients. We also found that the cerebellar vermian hypermetabolism was inversely correlated with the interval between from the symptom on set to PET study. Moreover, follow-up PET of a patient demonstrated that cerebellar hypermetabolism decreased markedly with an improvement of the ophthalmoplegia and ataxia. These findings indicate an involvement of the central nervous system in MFS and suggest an antibody-associated acute inflammatory process as a mechanism of this disorder.

  14. Maria Sklodowska-Curie - scientist, friend, manager

    Slavchev, A.


    Great names in science represent an inexhaustible source and richness of inspiration, satisfaction and consolation, a moving and victorious force. Throughout her exemplifying life, Maria Sklodowska remained modest but with a keen sense of humor, of an outstanding style, a mine of knowledge and experience, of innovative ideas and a rich inner life. Full of love, of passion to give and to share, of natural optimism, mixed with a light melancholy, so typical for sages. She vehemently defended the love of scientific research, of the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship and fought for international culture, for the protection of personality and talent. Maria Sklodowska left her passion to science, her dedication to work including education and training of young people, her passionate adherence to her family, her belief in her friends, her pure and profound humanity and warmth! The paper should be a homage to her, an appreciation of her work over the years, but not less a correspondence, a conversation with her! On the other hand, the present solemn occasion resuscitates the personalities of Maria and Pierre Curie and their work, in particular of Maria Sklodowska in her own native land! In this manner, it truly contributes to her immortality!

  15. What is Estonian sound art? / Maria Juur

    Juur, Maria, 1988-


    Eesti helikunstist, kunstnikest ja nende töödest. Maria Juure Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Kunstiteaduse Instituudi lõputöö teema oli "Helikunsti määratlemine ja spetsiifika. Erinevad lähenemised helile Eesti uuemas kunstis" (2010)

  16. Maria Rubies I Garrofe (1932-1993)

    Baste, Carme Amoros


    This article profiles educator Maria Rubies I Garrofe. Rubies was a woman committed to education and the reconstruction of her country, Spain, equipped solely with the force of her convictions and her faith in dialogue. It is difficult to separate her personal commitment from her educational, social and political commitment. From the very outset…

  17. Eesti seep saab hoo sisse / Maria Ulfsak

    Ulfsak, Maria, 1981-


    Kanal 2s algab uus kodumaine komöödiasari "Õpetajate tuba", mille käsikiri on Peep Pedmansonilt, lavastus Ivo Eensalult, näitlejad on Ita Ever, Eino Baskin, Madis Milling, Henrik Normann, Maria Klenskaja, Margus Tabor jt., tootjafirmaks "Ruut"

  18. The American Odyssey of Maria Montessori.

    Kornegay, William

    Dr. Maria Montessori's 1913 visit and lecture tour to the United SLates is described in detail with numerous citations from newspaper coverage of the event. The enthusiastic reception extended to the European physician and educator is reviewed, and her meetings, notably with Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell, President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson,…

  19. Chevron's Panna Maria mill process description



    Key features of Chevron's Uranium Mill located near Panna Maria, Texas, are described. The mill is designed to process a nominal 2500 dry tons/day of uranium bearing ore containing 15% uncombined moisture. The following operations at the mill are highlighted: ore receiving, grinding, leaching, countercurrent decantation and tailings disposal, filtering, solvent extraction, solvent stripping, precipitation, drying, and packaging

  20. Kerjav kunstnik / Anna Hints, Maria Rõhu

    Hints, Anna, 1982-


    Tallinna Linnagaleriis oli 17.03.-10.04.2011 avatud Anna Hintsi ja Maria Rõhu näitus "Nälg". Autorid näituse taotlusest, raha taotlemisest, aktsioonist "Kerjav kunstnik", külastajate suhtumisest sellesse. Näituse aruanne

  1. Bioanalysis young investigator: Maria Rambla-Alegre.

    Rambla-Alegre, Maria


    Maria Rambla-Alegre obtained the European doctorate in March 2011, with the maximum qualification: Excellent "Cum Laude", and has already published 33 articles in reputable scientific journals, presented 61 communications in international symposia, participated in nine research projects, as well as received several awards since 2006. Nowadays, Maria is contracted at Ghent University (Belgium) where she is completing a post-doc. During the time I have known her, I have frequently been impressed by her exceptional capabilities to quickly learn new skills to develop and validate new liquid chromatographic procedures, and by her constant initiative to bring together innovative analytical methods. Maria has always adopted a positive, critical view and shows eagerness to better herself. Besides her exceptional knowledge in LC, she has a sound scientific background in capillary electrophoresis, GC, sample preparation and optimization procedures that allows her to complement her investigations and has resulted in significant papers in the analytical chemistry field. Our research group has greatly benefited from Maria's capabilities, as can be seen in recent publications in the Journal of Chromatography A, Talanta, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry and other specialized journals that directly represent her work, mainly as corresponding author. It is extremely remarkable that she has published a review of her PhD results. Not everyone has the possibility to publish it. This is a clear sign of the high quality of her research. Compared to other fellows that I have supervised, Maria is undoubtedly the best one. I can, beyond all doubt, give a score of 10/10 to the quality of her research activity. Finally, I would personally like to add that she is an outstanding, serious, independent thinker who is always well informed about the topics she tackles. Maria is also very friendly, a good worker and always willing to help others, which has been a most positive characteristic

  2. NOAA Ship Miller Freeman Underway Meteorological Data, Quality Controlled

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NOAA Ship Miller Freeman Underway Meteorological Data (delayed ~10 days for quality control) are from the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System...

  3. The effect of quince leaf ( Cydonia oblonga miller) decoction on ...

    ... miller) decoction on testes in hypercholesterolemic rabbits: A pilot study. ... Eleven mature New Zealand white male rabbits were randomly divided into three ... for light microscopic study with particular attention to the maturity of germ cells in ...

  4. Modernization projects in Santa Maria e Garona

    Marcos, R.; Alutiz, J. I.; Garcia Sanchez, M.


    This article shows a vision of the Santa Maria de Garona power Plant modernization guidelines and it also presents the most significant projects deployed in the last decade at the power plant grouped in mechanics projects, electrical projects, instrumentations projects and IT projects. At the same time three projects are explained in more detail: the change of one of the main transformers, the evolution from paper recorders to paperless video graphic recorders and the new plant data information system. (Author)

  5. Maria Teatri gala pakkus tasemel meelelahutust / Brigitta Davidjants

    Davidjants, Brigitta, 1983-


    14. veebr. andsid Maria Teatri balletisolistid Tallinna Linnahallis galakontserdi. Esinesid teatri solistid Natalja Sologub, Darja Pavlenkova, Igor Kolb, Anton Korsakov ja tõmbenumbrina reklaamitud Farukh Ruzimatov

  6. Pairing Relationships Among Feldspathic Lunar Meteorites from Miller Range, Antarctica

    Zeigler, Ryan A.; Korotev, R. L.; Jolliff, B. L.


    The Miller Range ice fields have been amongst the most prolific for lunar meteorites that ANSMET has searched [1-3]. Six different stones have been recovered during the 2005, 2007, and 2009 field seasons: MIL 05035 (142 g), MIL 07006 (1.4 g), MIL 090034 (196 g), MIL 090036 (245 g), MIL 090070 (137 g), and MIL 090075 (144 g). Of these, the five stones collected during the 2007 and 2009 seasons are feldspathic breccias. Previous work on the Miller Range feldspathic lunar meteorites (FLMs) has suggested that they are not all paired with each other [4-5]. Here we examine the pairing relationships among the Miller Range FLMs using petrography in concert with traceand major-element compositions.

  7. Maria Montessori a different children glance

    Vittoria Bosna


    Full Text Available Maria Montessori was  one of the most important female figures in the 20th-century Italian pedagogical overview. She deeply examined the child and his/her “absorbing” mind in a way that clarified the significant role played by the environment in cognitive and emotional education. Il metodo della pedagogia scientifica (1909 was her first study where she pointed out that science should analyse how the child’s personality develops in social interaction. Maria Montessori claimed children’s rights with respect to the adults’ world by underlining the traditional error -in psychological and educational terms-which used to compel the child to act not complying with his/her own nature. To this end, she organized the child’s educational context-that is the kindergarten- like an ideal place where the child could live his/her educational experiences by freely acting and by being appropriately stimulated. Montessori’s thought has led to fruitful implications related to such pedagogical topics as those currently tackled in contemporary pedagogy: i.e.: the relation between environment and education, the  organization of the teaching and  learning process, the use of procedures, methodologies and materials designed for a relevant pedagogical intervention.How to reference this articleBosna, V. (2015. Maria Montessori uno sguardo diverso sull’infanzia. Foro de Educación, 13(18, pp. 37-50. doi: 

  8. Il periodo indiano di Maria Montessori

    Giacomo Cives


    Full Text Available On Maria Montessori (1870-1952, Italian educator of the twentieth century the most successful in the world, there is, also a growing if belated, interest in more recent times also in Italy. So to confine ourselves to two thousand years, studies have appeared on his life and works of great interest, finally showing that its value is recognized beyond resistance of the idealistic and Catholic area survived for a long time. The author investigates these new frontiers of research on the Montessori starting from a new biography dedicated to her which gives attention also to the Indian period.

  9. "Santa Maria" forever : Eesti ja Portugali kirjandussuhetest / Toomas Haug

    Haug, Toomas, 1956-


    Jaanuaris 1961 Portugali diktaatorlikule režiimile protestiks kaaperdatud laevast "Santa Maria", mis sai omamoodi vabaduse ja vastuhaku sümboliks ka okupeeritud Eestis. Artiklis käsitletakse sellest sündmusest mõjutatud teoseid, täpsemalt Aleksander Suumanni maali "Santa Maria" ja Paul-Eerik Rummo samanimelist luuletust

  10. "Santa Maria" forever : Eesti ja Portugali kirjandussuhetest / Toomas Haug

    Haug, Toomas, 1956-


    Jaanuaris 1961 Portugali diktaatorlikule režiimile protestiks kaaperdatud laevast "Santa Maria", mis sai omamoodi vabaduse ja vastuhaku sümboliks ka okupeeritud Eestis. Artiklis käsitletakse sellest sündmusest mõjutatud teoseid, täpsemalt Aleksander Suumanni maali "Santa Maria" ja Paul-Eerik Rummo samanimelist luuletust

  11. The Miller Motivation Scale: A New Counselling and Research Tool.

    Miller, Harold J.

    The Miller Motivation Scale is a 160-item computer scored scale. It was developed to measure quickly and easily and display the motivational profile of the client. It has eight subscales. Five subscales measure encouragement, self-fulfillment and social interest. They are called Creative, Innovative, Productive, Cooperative, and Power. Three…

  12. Successful di cult airway intubation using the Miller laryngoscope ...

    with the use of a Miller laryngoscope blade (straight blade) and paraglossal technique, achieving Cormack and Lehane views superior to those seen using Macintosh blades.7 As early as 1997,. Henderson8 questioned the role of curved blades for di cult airway intubation and proposed that paraglossal straight blade.

  13. The effect of quince leaf ( Cydonia oblonga miller) decoction on ...

    Current medical literature lacks any evidence of the protective effects of quince leaf on testes. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assess the effect of quince (Cydonia oblonga Miller) leaf decoction on testicular injury and impaired spermatogenesis induced by hypercholesterolemia in rabbits. Eleven mature New ...

  14. U-bearing particles in miners' and millers' lungs

    Paschoa, A.S.; Wrenn, M.E.; Singh, N.P.; Miller, S.C.; Jones, K.W.; Cholewa, M.; Hanson, A.L.; Saccomanno, G.


    The size distribution of uranium-bearing particles in air particulates in occupational areas of active uranium mines and mills is largely uninvestigated. Investigation of the size of residual uranium-bearing particles in uranium miners' and millers' lungs is warranted because significant inhalation of uranium can occur in certain occupational areas. Average uranium concentrations of about 0.3 ppM U in uranium miners' and millers' lungs have been reported. Local uranium concentrations in uranium-bearing particles inhaled and regionally deposited in the lungs of uranium miners and millers are orders of magnitude larger than the average uranium concentrations reported. The feasibility of using microPIXE (particle induced x-ray emission) techniques to search for such uranium-bearing particles embedded in lung tissues has been demonstrated. Proton microbeams 20 μm in diameter, scanning in 5 μm steps, were used to irradiate sections of lung tissues 10 to 40 μm thick. The paper will briefly describe the method, and present and discuss the results obtained in an extensive search for uranium-bearing particles embedded in lung tissues, collected at autopsy, of former uranium miners and millers. 13 references, 1 table

  15. Modigliani-Miller, Basel 3 and CRD 4

    Balling, Morten


    Since 2007, bank capital regulation has been strengthened in Europe and globally. Bank organizations have expressed serious concerns about the impact of higher capital requirements on bank funding costs adn on the lending capacity of banks. The message of a 1958-Article by Modigliani and Miller...

  16. Wentworth Miller : "Minu edu saladus? Kunstniku hing ja bürokraadi pulss" / Wentworth Miller ; koost. Triin Tael

    Miller, Wentworth


    Cannes'is hotellis Carlton toimunud pressikonverentsist, kus ajakirjanike küsimustele vastasid põnevusseriaali "Põgenemine" peaosatäitjad Wentworth Miller ja Dominic Purcell. Lisaks "Wentworth SL Õhtulehele : "Minu südame võitmiseks tuleb oodata" ja tutvustus "Wentworthi läbimurdefilm täna õhtul ETVs"

  17. 28 CFR 79.52 - Criteria for eligibility for claims by uranium millers.


    ... uranium millers. 79.52 Section 79.52 Judicial Administration DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (CONTINUED) CLAIMS UNDER THE RADIATION EXPOSURE COMPENSATION ACT Eligibility Criteria for Claims by Uranium Millers § 79.52 Criteria for eligibility for claims by uranium millers. To establish eligibility for compensation under...

  18. Modernization projects in Santa Maria e Garona; Proyectos de modernizacion en Santa Maria de Garona

    Marcos, R.; Alutiz, J. I.; Garcia Sanchez, M.


    This article shows a vision of the Santa Maria de Garona power Plant modernization guidelines and it also presents the most significant projects deployed in the last decade at the power plant grouped in mechanics projects, electrical projects, instrumentations projects and IT projects. At the same time three projects are explained in more detail: the change of one of the main transformers, the evolution from paper recorders to paperless video graphic recorders and the new plant data information system. (Author)

  19. [Charles Miller Fisher: the grandmaster of neurological observation].

    Fukutake, Toshio


    Charles Miller Fisher is widely regarded as the father of modern stroke neurology. He discovered almost all pathomechanisms of cerebral infarction, including embolism from atrial fibrillation, carotid artery disease, and lacunar infarcts and their syndromes, by the most meticulous clinico-pathological observations. Moreover, his work provided the basis for treatments such as anticoagulation, antiplatelet therapy, and carotid endarterectomy. He also contributed greatly to several topics of General Neurology; for example, migraine, normal pressure hydrocephalus, and Miller Fisher syndrome. In his late years, he tried to expand the neurological field to the more complex disorders of human behavior, including hysteria, dementia, and ill-defined pain syndromes. He thus became known as the grandmaster of refined neurological observation. His lifelong detailed studies were crucially important in helping neurologists all over the world recognize disorders and syndromes that had not previously been understood.

  20. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy associated with Miller-Fisher syndrome.

    Gill, Dalvir; Liu, Kan


    51-year-old female who presented with progressive paresthesia, numbness of the lower extremities, double vision, and trouble walking. Physical exam was remarkable for areflexia, and ptosis. Her initial EKG showed nonspecific ST segment changes and her Troponin T was elevated to 0.41ng/mL which peaked at 0.66ng/mL. Echocardiogram showed a depressed left ventricular ejection fraction to 35% with severely hypokinetic anterior wall and left ventricular apex was severely hypokinetic. EMG nerve conduction study showed severely decreased conduction velocity and prolonged distal latency in all nerves consistent with demyelinating disease. She was treated with 5days of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy to which she showed significant improvement in strength in her lower extremities. Echocardiogram repeated 4days later showing an improved left ventricular ejection fraction of 55% and no left ventricular wall motion abnormalities. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a rare complication of Miller-Fisher syndrome and literature review did not reveal any cases. Miller-Fisher syndrome is an autoimmune process that affects the peripheral nervous system causing autonomic dysfunction which may involve the heart. Due to significant autonomic dysfunction in Miller-Fisher syndrome, it could lead to arrhythmias, blood pressure changes, acute coronary syndrome and myocarditis, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy can be difficult to distinguish. The treatment of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is supportive with beta-blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are recommended until left ventricle ejection fraction improvement. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a rare complication during the acute phase of Miller-Fisher syndrome and must be distinguished from autonomic dysfunction as both diagnoses have different approaches to treatment. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  1. O tempora, o mores! / Maria-Kristiina Lotman, Kai Tafenau

    Lotman, Maria-Kristiina, 1974-


    Tutvustus: Sallustius. Catilina vandenõu / Gaius Sallustius Crispus ; ladina keelest tõlkinud Maria-Kristiina Lotman ja Kai Tafenau. Tallinn : Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2011. (Bibliotheca antiqua (Tallinna Ülikool))

  2. Hybrid Automotive Engine Using Ethanol-Burning Miller Cycle

    Weinstein, Leonard


    A proposed hybrid (internal-combustion/ electric) automotive engine system would include as its internal-combustion subsystem, a modified Miller-cycle engine with regenerative air preheating and with autoignition like that of a Diesel engine. The fuel would be ethanol and would be burned lean to ensure complete combustion. Although the proposed engine would have a relatively low power-to-weight ratio compared to most present engines, this would not be the problem encountered if this engine were used in a non-hybrid system since hybrid systems require significantly lower power and thus smaller engines than purely internal-combustion-engine-driven vehicles. The disadvantage would be offset by the advantages of high fuel efficiency, low emission of nitrogen oxides and particulate pollutants, and the fact that ethanol is a renewable fuel. The original Miller-cycle engine, named after its inventor, was patented in the 1940s and is the basis of engines used in some modern automobiles, but is not widely known. In somewhat oversimplified terms, the main difference between a Miller-cycle engine and a common (Otto-cycle) automobile engine is that the Miller-cycle engine has a longer expansion stroke while retaining the shorter compression stroke. This is accomplished by leaving the intake valve open for part of the compression stroke, whereas in the Otto cycle engine, the intake valve is kept closed during the entire compression stroke. This greater expansion ratio makes it possible to extract more energy from the combustion process without expending more energy for compression. The net result is greater efficiency. In the proposed engine, the regenerative preheating would be effected by running the intake air through a heat exchanger connected to the engine block. The regenerative preheating would offer two advantages: It would ensure reliable autoignition during operation at low ambient temperature and would help to cool the engine, thereby reducing the remainder of the


    Cícero Cunha Bezerra


    Full Text Available Maria Zambrano é a intelectual espanhola mais importante do século XX. Discípula de Ortega e Zubiri, Zambrano foi capaz de captar o que melhor possibilitaria à formulaçáo de um pensamento, ao mesmo tempo, autônomo e profundo com relaçáo aos seus mestres. Republicana, enfrentou os horrores da Guerra civil espanhola e suas conseqüências sem, no entanto, deixar-se abater. Foi precisamente no exílio que nasceu a obra de que tratarei neste artigo: Filosofia e poesia (México: Fundo de Cultura, 2000. Meu objetivo maior é demonstrar, à luz do pensamento de Zambrano, em que medida é possível o postulado de uma razáo poética capaz de superar a ruptura estabelecida, com o surgimento do pensamento filosófico entre irracionalidade (poesia e razáo (filosofia, contribuindo, assim, para o estabelecimento de um campo comum em que o pensamento filosófico, mais do que expressáo das estruturas últimas da realidade (o Ser, é criaçáo e abertura para o inesperado (Devir.

  4. A Case of Neuromyelitis Optica Masquerading as Miller Fisher Syndrome

    Yuka Furutani


    Full Text Available A 22-year-old woman presented with double vision that she had experienced since an infection 2 weeks previously. A neurological examination showed limited bilateral eye abduction, mimicking Miller Fisher syndrome. However, T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of her brain revealed hyperintense areas in the tegmentum of the pons, including the abducens nucleus, and her serum anti-aquaporin-4 antibody test was positive. She was finally diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica. Intravenous high-dose steroid therapy immediately improved the patient's abduction palsy, but bilateral optic neuritis manifested during the treatment. Subsequent treatment with plasma exchange improved her optic neuritis symptoms.

  5. [Pathography and biography of the Empress Maria Theresa].

    Habek, D; Masić, I


    The empress and queen Maria Theresa Habsburg-Lorraine (May 13th, 1917-November 29th, 1780) bore sixteen children in the marriage with the emperor Franz I Stepha and was famous as "mother-in-law of Europe". Her brother Leopold died immediately after he was born, her sister Amalia died in the cradle and Maria Ana died of perinatal complications at the birth of a dead infant in 1744. The famous hereditary facial dysmorphia of the "Hasburg jawe" wasn't noticed in Maria Theresa's surviving children. In October of 1738, after giving birth to her daughter Ana, a manual lysis of the placenta was performed due to the retained placenta and postpartal bleeding. In 1741 her daughter Carolina died, and in 1767 her daughter Josepha died of small pox. Her daughter Elizabeth remained deformed by the pock marks, and Maria Christina got a puerperal sepsis, but surprisingly, didn't die. Maria Antoinette ended under a guillotine in France, along with her husband Luis XVI. Maria Theresa's father, Karl VI died of the cholecystopankreatitis and peritonitis, and her husband and co-ruler most probably died of acute coronary incident in August 18th, 1765. After her husband's death she started suffering from depression with steady necrophile obsessions. Maria Theresa suffered from a chronical obstructional pulmonary disease (asthma), rehumatic syndromes, hypertension and anxiodepressive syndromes. In 1767 she had small pox. In November 11th 1780 she caught a cold which grew into a pneumonia with high fever. She died of cardiopulmonal dedompensation preceded by pneumonia and asthma.

  6. A Case of Miller Fisher Syndrome, Thromboembolic Disease, and Angioedema: Association or Coincidence?

    Salehi, Nooshin; Choi, Eric D.; Garrison, Roger C.


    Patient: Male, 32 Final Diagnosis: Miller Fisher syndrome Symptoms: Ataxia ? headache ? ophthalmoplegia Medication: ? Clinical Procedure: Plasmapheresis Specialty: Neurology Objective: Rare co-existance of disease or pathology Background: Miller Fisher Syndrome is characterized by the clinical triad of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia, and is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Miller Fisher Syndrome is observed in approximately 1?5% of all Guillain-Barre cases in Wes...

  7. 'The Right Time and the Right Place': An Interview with Jacques Miller.

    Anderson, Warwick


    Professor Jacques F.P. Miller spoke about his career in immunology with Warwick Anderson on 3 February 2014. Born in Nice, France, Miller attended high school and medical school in Sydney, Australia. As a Ph.D. student and postgraduate researcher in London, Miller discovered the immunological function of the thymus gland. Spending the rest of his career at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research in Melbourne, Miller conducted pioneering research in lymphocyte population dynamics and the mechanisms of the human immune response. With Graham Mitchell, he demonstrated that mammalian lymphocytes can be divided into what became known as T cells and B cells, which interact to produce antibodies.

  8. Os retratos de Maria Isabel e Maria Francisca de Bragança, de Nicolas-Antoine Taunay

    Elaine Dias


    Full Text Available Nicolas-Antoine Taunay, French landscape painter, produced also several portraits during his stay at the Rio de Janeiro Court. In this city, in 1816, he paints the queen Carlota Joaquina and all her daughters. In this group, two portraits have a very special way: the paintings still today catalogued as Maria Francisca and Maria Teresa, but probably being Maria Isabel and Maria Francisca de Assis - princesses that, in this year, left Brazil to marry the Spanish King Fernando VII, and his brother Carlos Maria Isidro de Bourbon. In this article, beyond to describe these portraits (and analyse the identities of the portrayed princesses, I analyse their functions in the Court society and the mains artists of this gender in Europe. I will discuss, as well, the hypothesis about the Taunay choices. In this sense, I will analyse the possible circulation of the typologies of portrait between Italy, Portugal, Spain and France, understanding these productions by Taunay and the functions occupied by these portraits in the political relations between Brazil and Europe.

  9. Contemporary art encompasses all the rest / Maria Lind ; intervjueerinud Eero Epner

    Lind, Maria, 1966-


    Rootsi kuraator ja kunstikriitik Maria Lind retrospektiivnäituse formaadist, kaasaegsest kunstimaailmast, riigi kunstiinstitutsioonidest ja eragaleriidest, oma raamatust "Maria Lind. Selected Writings" (2010), kunstikriitikast ja -kirjutistest, kureerimise tähtsuse tõusust, nüüdiskunstist

  10. Euroopa teadmistepõhine ühiskond ja majandus / Maria Joao Rodrigues ; interv. Kristi Hakkaja

    Rodrigues, Maria Joao


    Innovatsiooni, teadust, konkurentsivõimet, majandust, sotsiaalset sidusust ja jätkusuutlikku arengut käsitleva Lissaboni strateegia autor selle sõnumist, elluviimisest ja seotusest tööjõuturuga

  11. Kunst on vaimu avardumise üks keskseid koldeid / Peeter Maria Laurits ; interv. Laura Kuusk

    Laurits, Peeter, 1962-


    Peeter Laurits oma loomingust, näitustest "Voolav labürint" (koostöö Katzi ja Hollandi Pavlov Medialabiga) SEB Ühispanga galeriis, "Meistriteoste varjus" (koos Laurentsiusega) Kadrioru Kunstimuuseumis, isikunäitusest "Vana labürint" ArtDepoos, autorikaitsest jm.

  12. Iga hea kunstnik on natuke dissident : dissidentlus / Enrico Crispolti ; interv. Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Crispolti, Enrico


    Itaalia kunstiteadlane ja kuraator Enrico Crispolti (sünd. 1933) Ida-Euroopa kunstist, dissidentlusest ja 1977. a. Veneetsia biennaalist, mille raames ta kureeris näitust "Uus kunst Nõukogude Liidust. Mitteametlik vaaternurk"

  13. "Tõeline horror peidab end reality-televisioonis" / Xavier Mendik ; interv. Maria Ulfsak-Sheripova

    Mendik, Xavier


    Lääne-Londoni Bruneli ülikooli õppejõud ja kultusfilmide arhiivi juht räägib kultusfilmi olemusest, kultusfilmi ja tavalise filmi erinevustest, õudusfilmidest, filmide publikust. Ka reality-televisioonist. X. Mendik viibis Eestis ja pidas loengu Haapsalu HÖFFil uuest briti horror'ist

  14. Legitimizing Technical Communication in English Departments: Carolyn Miller's "Humanistic Rationale for Technical Writing"

    Moore, Patrick


    Carolyn Miller's oft-cited "Humanistic Rationale for Technical Writing," published in 1979, tries to give technical communication faculty more cultural capital in English departments controlled by literature professors. Miller replaces a positivistic emphasis in technical communication pedagogy with rhetoric. She shows how technical knowledge is…

  15. Maslow and Miller: An Exploration of Gender and Affiliation in the Journey to Competence

    Coy, Doris Rhea; Kovacs-Long, Judith


    This article shows that although neither Abraham Maslow nor Jean Baker Miller reference each other in their writings, they are following different paths to the same conclusion: competence proceeds from connection. Miller and Maslow both describe a developmental model that applies equally to women and men. The conclusion of the authors of this…

  16. Hamilton's Marbles or Jevon's Beans: A Demonstration of Miller's Magical Number Seven.

    Shaffer, Leigh S.


    Describes a demonstration for college-level cognitive psychology classes of Miller's "Magical Number Seven" concept of the limitation of sensory capacity for processing information. Students report on the number of pennies they observed in a box after viewing the coins for two seconds. Demonstration results consistently support Miller's…

  17. Effect of the Miller cycle on the performance of turbocharged hydrogen internal combustion engines

    Luo, Qing-he; Sun, Bai-gang


    Highlights: • The Miller cycle can increase power density for turbocharged hydrogen engines. • The boundaries is limited by the turbocharged system and valve lift. • Broke power and BSFC of using Miller cycle is the best in three technical methods. - Abstract: Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier, and the port fuel injection (PFI) is a fuel-flexible, durable, and relatively cheap method of energy conversion. However, the contradiction of increasing the power density and controlling NOx emissions limits the wide application of PFI hydrogen internal combustion engines. To address this issue, two typical thermodynamic cycles—the Miller and Otto cycles—are studied based on the calculation model proposed in this study. The thermodynamic cycle analyses of the two cycles are compared and results show that the thermal efficiency of the Miller cycle (η_M_i_l_l_e_r) is higher than η_O_t_t_o, when the multiplied result of the inlet pressure and Miller cycle coefficient (δ_Mγ_M) is larger than that of the Otto cycle (i.e., the value of the inlet pressure ratio multiplied by the Miller cycle coefficient is larger than the value of the inlet pressure ratio of the Otto cycle). The results also show that the intake valve closure (IVC) of the Miller cycle is limited by the inlet pressure and valve lift. The two factors show the boundaries of the Miller cycle in increasing the power density of the turbocharged PFI hydrogen engine. The ways of lean burn + Otto cycle (LO), stoichiometric equivalence ratio burn + EGR + Otto cycle (SEO) and Miller cycle in turbocharged hydrogen engine are compared, the results show that the Miller cycle has the highest power density and the lowest BSFC among the three methods at an engine speed of 2800 rpm and NOx emissions below 100 ppm. The brake power of the Miller cycle increases by 37.7% higher than that of the LO and 26.3% higher than that of SEO, when γ_M is 0.7. The BSFC of the Miller cycle decreases by 16% lower than that of

  18. The cosmopolitan strikes back: a critical discussion of Miller on nationality and global equality

    Nils Holtug


    Full Text Available According to David Miller, we have stronger obligations towards our co-nationals than we have towards non-nationals. While a principle of equality governs our obligations of justice within the nation-state, our obligations towards non-nationals are governed by a weaker principle of sufficiency. In this paper, I critically assess Miller's objection to a traditional argument for global egalitarianism, according to which nationalist and other deviations from equality rely on factors that are arbitrary from a moral point of view. Then I critically discuss Miller's claim that there is no culturally neutral currency with respect to which we may reasonably claim that people should be equally well off on a global scale. Furthermore, I critically discuss Miller's claim that cosmopolitanism undermines national responsibility. And finally, I turn to Miller's own sufficientarian account of global justice and argue that it exhibits too little concern for the plight of the globally worse off.

  19. Giotto troonilt tõugatud / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Itaalia kunstiajaloolane Tomassio Strinati leidis Roomas Aracoeli Santa Maria kirikus keskaegsed freskod, mis sarnanevad Trastevere Santa Cecilia kiriku omadele - atribueeritud Pietro Cavallinile - ja ka Assisi Püha Franciscuse tsükli kujutusviisile, mida omistatakse Giottole. Lisaks Cavallinile usutakse Assisis töötanud olevat Filippo Rusutit, Jacopo Torritit

  20. Avalikud ettevalmistused... iseseisvaks eluks? / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    2007. a. Tallinnas ilmunud artiklikogumikust "Public preparation" (koostanud Rael Artel ja Airi Triisberg, kujundanud Jaan Evart). Tallinnas Okupatsioonide Muuseumis 21.-23. II toimunud rahvusvahelisest seminarist "Translocal express. Jubilee edition" (korraldajad R. Artel ja A. Triisberg). Loetletud 12 esinejat, Eestist Flo Kasearu, Maria-Kristiina Soomre. Charles Esche, Sezgin Boyniki ja Minna Henrikssoni ettekannetest

  1. Maria Tallchief. Raintree/Rivilo American Indian Stories Series.

    Erdrich, Heidi Ellen

    The great American ballerina, Maria Tallchief, was born in 1925 in Fairfax, Oklahoma. Her mother was White and her father was a full-blood Osage. Her younger sister, Marjorie, also became a famous dancer. The Osage originally lived in western Missouri. They lived in lodges or tepees and were farmers and hunters. The U.S. Government moved them to…

  2. Maria and Giuseppe: lives intertwined with CERN’s history

    Pauline Gagnon


    CERN will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. That means 60 years of pioneering scientific research and exciting discoveries. Two Italian physicists, Maria and Giuseppe Fidecaro, remember nearly all of it since they arrived in 1956. Most impressively, they are still hard at work, every day!   Giuseppe and Maria Fidecaro in Restaurant No. 1, at CERN, in 2014, 60 years after they joined the Organization. The couple is easy to spot, even in the cafeteria during busy lunchtimes, where they usually engage in the liveliest discussions. “We argue quite a lot,” Maria tells me with a big smile. “We have very different styles.” “But in general, in the end, we agree,” completes Giuseppe. In October 1954, Giuseppe went to the University of Liverpool as a CERN Fellow to do research at its brand new synchrocyclotron. Maria also joined, having obtained a fellowship from the International Federation of University Women. After getting m...

  3. Some aspects of the reproductive biology of Tilapia mariae ...

    made lake such as fecundity of female fishes was determined gravimetrically after the sex had been established. The ratio of male to female T. mariae of Umuoseriche Lake was 1:1.56. The numbers of female fishes were greater in 110 – 145 ...

  4. Maria Catrileo's Work in the Tagmemics of Mapuche.

    Hernandez, Frances

    The Mapuches, a tribe now numbering about 500,000 people in south central Chile are the descendants of the Araucanians of Spanish legend. Many still speak only their own idiom, which now shows much lexical influence of the surrounding Spanish. This paper is an exposition of Maria Catrileo Chiguailaf de Godo's research in her native language. It…

  5. Exhibition: Life and Achievements of Maria Sklodowska-Curie

    CERN Bulletin


    The exhibition "Life and Achievements of Maria Sklodowska-Curie” will be held at CERN (Pas Perdus Corridor, 1st floor, building 61) from the 8 to 24 March.   It is organised under the auspices of the Ambassador R. Henczel, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the UN Office at Geneva to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry given to Maria Sklodowska-Curie. The exhibition is also one of the events celebrating the 20th anniversary of Poland joining CERN as a Member State. Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Nobel Prize winner both in physics and chemistry, is one of the greatest scientists of Polish origin. The exhibition, consisting of 20 posters, presents her not only as a brilliant scientist, but also an exceptional woman of great heart, character and organizational talents, sensitive to contemporary problems. The authors are Mrs M. Sobieszczak-Marciniak, the director of the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw and Mrs H. Krajewska, the direct...

  6. Charakter Marias. - Darbringung Jesu im Tempel. II. Dogmatik. - Demut Mariens. I. Dogmatik. - Ehe. III. Dogmatik. - Engel/Erzengel. II. Dogmatik. - Erlösungsordnung. - Eschatologie. - Evangelisation. - Gericht. - Gnadenthron. - Gotteskind. - Gottesschau. - Häresie. - Heilsplan Gottes. - Himmelfahrt Mariae. I. Dogmatik. - Hingabe Marias. - Hoffnung. - Inkulturation. - Jesus Christus. - Josephsehe. - Jungfräulichkeit. II. Dogmatik. - Jungfräulichkeitsgelübde. - Jungfrau und Mutter. - Menschwerdung. II. Dogmatik. - Mitwirken Mariens. - Münzen. - Nachfolge Marias. - Nächstenliebe Marias. - Ohnmacht Mariens. I. Dogmatik

    Ziegenaus, Anton


    Charakter Marias. - Darbringung Jesu im Tempel. II. Dogmatik. - Demut Mariens. I. Dogmatik. - Ehe. III. Dogmatik. - Engel/Erzengel. II. Dogmatik. - Erlösungsordnung. - Eschatologie. - Evangelisation. - Gericht. - Gnadenthron. - Gotteskind. - Gottesschau. - Häresie. - Heilsplan Gottes. - Himmelfahrt Mariae. I. Dogmatik. - Hingabe Marias. - Hoffnung. - Inkulturation. - Jesus Christus. - Josephsehe. - Jungfräulichkeit. II. Dogmatik. - Jungfräulichkeitsgelübde. - Jungfrau und Mutter. - Menschwerd...

  7. Comparative evaluation of platelet-rich fibrin with connective tissue grafts in the treatment of miller's Class I gingival recessions

    Sonam Mufti


    Full Text Available Background: One of the most common aesthetic problem encountered in the field of periodontology is gingival recession, which is, perceived by the patients as increase in length of teeth. The treatment of buccal gingival recession is a common requirement due to aesthetic concern or root sensitivity. This study was planned to evaluate the efficacy of PRF membrane compared to that of CTG in Miller's class I gingival recessions. Materials and Methods: 32 sites with Miller's Class I gingival recessions, out of which 16 sites received PRF (test and 16 sites received CTG (control. Each patient had undergone an initial periodontal treatment, including oral hygiene instructions, plaque control, and scaling and root planing, followed by re-evaluation. All clinical recordings; recession height, recession width, clinical attachment level, height of keratinized tissue, thickness of keratinized tissue, healing index and pain perception, were performed immediately before surgery (baseline and after 6 months interval following periodontal surgery. Results: In the test group, significant improvement was seen in terms CAL, REC-HT, REC-WD, HKT and TKT from baseline to 6 months. In the control group, only significant improvement seen was in REC-HT and TKT from baseline to 6 months. Comparison of both Healing Index and VAS score was done and it showed no significant difference between test and the control group except VAS at 1 week. Conclusion: Though CTG is a gold standard procedure, PRF can be used as an alternative procedure by keeping patient's comfort and recognition in mind.

  8. Recurrent Guillain-Barré syndrome, Miller Fisher syndrome and Bickerstaff brainstem encephalitis.

    Ishii, Junko; Yuki, Nobuhiro; Kawamoto, Michi; Yoshimura, Hajime; Kusunoki, Susumu; Kohara, Nobuo


    Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS), and Bickerstaff brainstem encephalitis (BBE) are usually monophasic, but some patients experience recurrences after long asymptomatic intervals. We aimed to investigate clinical features of recurrent GBS, MFS, and BBE at a single hospital. Records from 97 consecutive patients with GBS, MFS or BBE who were admitted to a tertiary hospital between 2001 and 2013 were reviewed. Clinical and laboratory features of patients with recurrent GBS, MFS, or BBE were investigated. Patients included 55 (32 males) with GBS, 34 (22 males) with MFS, and 8 (6 males) with BBE. Recurrent cases occurred in 2 (4%) of the 55 patients with GBS, 4 (12%) of the 34 patients with MFS, and 2 (25%) of the 8 patients with BBE. Patients with recurrent MFS had a tendency to be younger at the first episode than patients with non-recurrent MFS (median, 22 versus 37years old). Symptoms and signs were less severe during relapses than during the initial episode in recurrent patients. Recurrences occurred more frequently in patients with MFS or BBE compared with those with GBS. Patients with recurrent MFS might be younger than those with non-recurrent MFS. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. A Case of Miller Fisher Syndrome, Thromboembolic Disease, and Angioedema: Association or Coincidence?

    Salehi, Nooshin; Choi, Eric D; Garrison, Roger C


    BACKGROUND Miller Fisher Syndrome is characterized by the clinical triad of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia, and is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Miller Fisher Syndrome is observed in approximately 1-5% of all Guillain-Barre cases in Western countries. Patients with Miller Fisher Syndrome usually have good recovery without residual deficits. Venous thromboembolism is a common complication of Guillain-Barre Syndrome and has also been reported in Miller Fisher Syndrome, but it has generally been reported in the presence of at least one prothrombotic risk factor such as immobility. A direct correlation between venous thromboembolism and Miller Fisher Syndrome or Guillain-Barre Syndrome has not been previously described. CASE REPORT We report the case of a 32-year-old Hispanic male who presented with acute, severe thromboembolic disease and concurrently demonstrated characteristic clinical features of Miller Fisher Syndrome including ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia. Past medical and family history were negative for thromboembolic disease, and subsequent hypercoagulability workup was unremarkable. During the course of hospitalization, the patient also developed angioedema. CONCLUSIONS We describe a possible association between Miller Fisher Syndrome, thromboembolic disease, and angioedema.

  10. Várias Marias: efeitos da Lei Maria da Penha nas delegacias

    Roberta Carvalho Romagnoli


    Full Text Available Este artigo discute os dados qualitativos da pesquisa “Violência Doméstica perpetrada contra a mulher no município de Montes Claros: um recorte possível”, financiada pelo CNPq e pela FAPEMIG. O objetivo do estudo foi investigar quantitativamente e qualitativamente os atos violentos contra as mulheres na cidade de Montes Claros, Minas Gerais. A vertente qualitativa pretendia conhecer o sentido da violência para as mulheres envolvidas e seus reflexos na família, através de entrevistas semiestruturadas que não se efetivaram. A partir da Análise Institucional de René Lourau analisamos essa inviabilidade como dado qualitativo, examinando o cotidiano da delegacia após a lei Maria da Penha. Concluímos que a intervenção judicial não é suficiente para a inibição da violência contra a mulher, pois em certos casos afasta da delegacia mulheres com outras demandas acerca da violência, que sofrem e que não podem contar com a ajuda policial para a resolução dos seus conflitos.

  11. Review of the genus Fontidessus Miller & Spangler, 2008 (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae, Bidessini with description of four new species

    Kelly Miller


    Full Text Available The genus Fontidessus Miller & Spangler, 2008 (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae: Hydroporinae: Bidessini is reviewed. The genus now includes seven species with three previously described, and four new species described here: F. microphthalmus Miller & Montano, sp. n.; F. bettae Miller & Montano, sp. n.; F. christineae Miller & Montano, sp. n., and F. aquarupe Miller & Montano, sp. n. Each species is diagnosed and described, including the previously known species, based on new specimens and new information. Habitus, male genitalia and other diagnostic features are illustrated for each species. A key to the seven species is provided. Fontidessus species are unique to hygropetric habitats in the Guiana Shield craton of northern South American.

  12. Adaptation: a contemporary view, revisiting Crichton-Miller's 1925 paper.

    Music, Graham


    In this paper I discuss a contemporary 'take' on the concept of adaptation in light of Crichton-Miller's original 1926 paper. I look briefly at some of the ways that contemporary thinking is both similar to and different from ideas of 90 years ago. In particular I think about how recent neurobiological findings, epigenetic research and attachment theory have cast new light on our understanding of the ways humans adapt to social and emotional environments. It looks at how psychiatric presentations which are seen as maladaptive might well have an adaptive origin in early life. In this account I emphasise how a more modern version of evolutionary theory can be developed, particularly one influenced by life history theory, and suggest that such ideas have powerful explanatory power as well as being based solidly in good research. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  13. Larson-Miller Constant of Heat-Resistant Steel

    Tamura, Manabu; Abe, Fujio; Shiba, Kiyoyuki; Sakasegawa, Hideo; Tanigawa, Hiroyasu


    Long-term rupture data for 79 types of heat-resistant steels including carbon steel, low-alloy steel, high-alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel, and superalloy were analyzed, and a constant for the Larson-Miller (LM) parameter was obtained in the current study for each material. The calculated LM constant, C, is approximately 20 for heat-resistant steels and alloys except for high-alloy martensitic steels with high creep resistance, for which C ≈ 30 . The apparent activation energy was also calculated, and the LM constant was found to be proportional to the apparent activation energy with a high correlation coefficient, which suggests that the LM constant is a material constant possessing intrinsic physical meaning. The contribution of the entropy change to the LM constant is not small, especially for several martensitic steels with large values of C. Deformation of such martensitic steels should accompany a large entropy change of 10 times the gas constant at least, besides the entropy change due to self-diffusion.

  14. Myxomycetes on carnaubeira (Copernicia prunifera (Miller H. E. Moore, Arecaceae Myxomycetes em carnaubeira (Copernicia prunifera (Miller H. E. Moore, Arecaceae

    Mitra Mobin


    Full Text Available Entre dezembro/1994 e setembro/1995 foram realizadas sete excursões (2 a 4 dias cada ao Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades (4º5'-4º15'S, 41º30'-41º40'W, 450m alt., em Piripiri, Piauí, visando coletar frutificações de Myxomycetes em indivíduos de Coperniciaprunifera (Miller H. E. Moore, estabelecidos em área de cerrado, na localidade Lagoa Seca. As amostras foram herborizadas e incorporadas ao herbário UFP (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, PE, com duplicatas no herbário TEPB (Universidade Federal do Piauí, Teresina, PI. Registrou-se apreciável incidência (70% de Myxomycetes na carnaubeira, em estipe vivo e folhas mortas. Dezesseis espécies, pertencentes às Ceratiomyxaceae (Ceratiomyxa lsp., Didymiaceae (Diachea lsp., Didymium 2spp., Physaraceae (Craterium 1sp., Physarum 4spp., Trichiaceae (Arcyria 2spp. e Stemonitaceae (Comatricha 3spp., Macbrideola lsp., Stemonitis lsp. foram registradas. Ceratiomyxaceae, representada por Ceratiomyxafruticulosa (Mull. Macbr., constitui primeira referência para o Estado do Piauí.From December, 1994 to September, 1995, seven collecting trips (2-4 days each were carried out in the "Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades" (4º5'-4º15'S, 41º30"-41º40'W, 450m alt., Piripiri, Piauí State, Brazil, in order to collect Myxomycetes fruiting bodies on carnauba palm trees (Coperniciaprunifera (Miller H. E. Moore, established in a place called "Lagoa Seca" (savanna-like stunted vegetation. The samples were herborized and included in the UFP Herbarium (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, PE and the TEPB Herbarium (Universidade Federal do Piauí, Teresina, PI. In relation to the substrate, the "carnaubeira" showed a high incidence of Myxomycetes (70% on living stipitis and dead leaves. Sixteen species belonging to Ceratiomyxaceae (Ceratiomyxa lsp., Didymiaceae (Diachea lsp., Didymium 2spp., Physaraceae (Craterium lsp., Physarum 4spp., Trichiaceae (Arcyria 2spp. and Stemonitaceae (Comatricha 3spp

  15. Pediatric Miller Fisher Syndrome Complicating an Epstein-Barr Virus Infection.

    Communal, Céline; Filleron, Anne; Baron-Joly, Sandrine; Salet, Randa; Tran, Tu-Anh


    Miller Fisher syndrome, a variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome, is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy that may occur weeks after a bacterial or viral infection. Campylobacter jejuni and Haemophilus influenzae are frequently reported etiological agents. We describe a boy with Miller Fisher syndrome following Epstein-002DBarr virus primary infectious mononucleosis. He presented with bilateral dysfunction of several cranial nerves and hyporeflexia of the limbs but without ataxia. Miller Fisher syndrome was confirmed by the presence of anti-GQ1b antibodies in a blood sample. Epstein-Barr virus was identified by polymerase chain reaction and serology. Epstein-Barr virus should be considered as a Miller Fisher syndrome's causative agent. The physiopathology of this condition may involve cross-reactive T-cells against Epstein-Barr virus antigens and gangliosides. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Application of WIMSD-4 for ''MARIA'' reactor lattice calculations

    Andrzejewski, K.; Kulikowska, T.


    A general description of the WIMSD-4 lattice code is given with the emphasis on available geometrical models. The difficulties encountered while modelling reactor lattices with the tubular type fuel elements are explained. Then the analysis of code options allowing to overcome these difficulties is carried out. Eventually, recommendations of options and input parameters for calculations of MARIA reactor lattice with satisfactory accuracy are given. During the work a set of modifications had to be introduced leading to a new code version called WIMS-S. Another version, under the name WIMS-T has been developed to allow for burnup calculations of the MARIA reactor lattice with improved resonance approach. (author). 14 refs, 6 figs, 10 tabs

  17. Geology and paleontology of the Santa Maria district, California

    Woodring, W.P.; Bramlette, M.N.


    Stratigraphy, paleontology, and geologic history.-A basement' consisting of igneous rocks of the Jurassic(?) Franciscan formation and sediments of the Upper Jurassic Knoxville formation, and formations of Tertiary and Quaternary age are exposed in the Santa Maria district. The outcrop section, exclusive of the Franciscan, has a maximum thickness of about 10,000 feet, the subsurface section about 27,000 feet. At no locality, however, is either outcrop or subsurface section as thick as the total maxima for the formations.

  18. Assessment of off-site consequences of nuclear accidents (MARIA)

    Haywood, S.M.


    A brief report is given of a workshop held in Luxembourg in 1985 on methods for assessing the off-site radiological consequences of nuclear accidents (MARIA). The sessions included topics such as atmospheric dispersion; foodchain transfer; urban contamination; demographic and land use data; dosimetry, health effects, economic and countermeasures models; uncertainty analysis; and application of probabilistic risk assessment results as input to decision aids. (U.K.)

  19. Syndrome de Miller Fisher avec anticorps anti GQ1b négatif au ...

    Le Syndrome de Miller Fisher est caractérisé par l'association d'une ophtalmoplégie, d'une ataxie et d'une aréflexie ostéo-tendineuse. Une infection virale est le plus souvent retrouvée dans les jours ou semaines qui précèdent la symptomatologie. Nous rapportons un cas de syndrome de Miller Fisher survenu chez une ...

  20. Neutron physics computation of CERCA fuel elements for Maria Reactor

    Andrzejewski, K.J.; Kulikowska, T.; Marcinkowska, Z.


    Neutron physics parameters of CERCA design fuel elements were calculated in the framework of the RERTR (Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors) program for Maria reactor. The analysis comprises burnup of experimental CERCA design fuel elements for 4 cycles in Maria Reactor To predict the behavior of the mixed core the differences between the CERCA fuel (485 g U-235 as U 3 Si 2 , 5 fuel tubes, low enrichment 19.75 % - LEU) and the presently used MR-6 fuel (430 g as UO 2 , 6 fuel tubes, high enrichment 36 % - HEU) had to be taken into account. The basic tool used in neutron-physics analysis of Maria reactor is program REBUS using in its dedicated libraries of effective microscopic cross sections. The cross sections were prepared using WIMS-ANL code, taking into account the actual structure, temperature and material composition of the fuel elements required preparation of new libraries.The problem is described in the first part of the present paper. In the second part the applicability of the new library is shown on the basis of the fuel core computational analysis. (author)

  1. Reference Monte Carlo calculations of Maria reactor core

    Andrzejewski, K.; Kulikowska, T.


    The reference Monte Carlo calculations of MARIA reactor core have been carried to evaluate accuracy of the calculations at each stage of its neutron-physics analysis using deterministic codes. The elementary cell has been calculated with two main goals; evaluation of effects of simplifications introduced in deterministic lattice spectrum calculations by the WIMS code and evaluation of library data in recently developed WIMS libraries. In particular the beryllium data of those libraries needed evaluation. The whole core calculations mainly the first MARIA critical experiment and the first critical core after the 8-year break in operation. Both cores contained only fresh fuel elements but only in the first critical core the beryllium blocks were not poisoned by Li-6 and He-3. Thus the MCNP k-eff results could be compared with the experiment. The MCNP calculations for the cores with beryllium poisoned suffered the deficiency of uncertainty in the poison concentration, but a comparison of power distribution shows that realistic poison levels have been carried out for the operating reactor MARIA configurations. (author)

  2. An analytic study of applying Miller cycle to reduce NOx emission from petrol engine

    Wang Yaodong; Lin Lin; Roskilly, Anthony P.; Zeng Shengchuo; Huang, Jincheng; He Yunxin; Huang Xiaodong; Huang Huilan; Wei Haiyan; Li Shangping; Yang Jing


    An analytic investigation of applying Miller cycle to reduce nitrogen oxides (NO x ) emissions from a petrol engine is carried out. The Miller cycle used in the investigation is a late intake valve closing version. A detailed thermodynamic analysis of the cycle is presented. A comparison of the characters of Miller cycle with Otto cycle is presented. From the results of thermodynamic analyses, it can be seen that the application of Miller cycle is able to reduce the compression pressure and temperature in the cylinder at the end of compression stroke. Therefore, it lowers down the combustion temperature and NO x formation in engine cylinder. These results in a lower exhaust temperature and less NO x emissions compared with that of Otto cycle. The analytic results also show that Miller cycle ratio is a main factor to influence the combustion temperature, and then the NO x emissions and the exhaust temperature. The results from the analytic study are used to analyse and to compare with the previous experimental results. An empirical formula from the previous experimental results that showed the relation of NO x emissions with the exhaust temperature at different engine speed is presented. The results from the study showed that the application of Miller cycle may reduce NO x emissions from petrol engine

  3. Interval selection with machine-dependent intervals

    Bohmova K.; Disser Y.; Mihalak M.; Widmayer P.


    We study an offline interval scheduling problem where every job has exactly one associated interval on every machine. To schedule a set of jobs, exactly one of the intervals associated with each job must be selected, and the intervals selected on the same machine must not intersect.We show that deciding whether all jobs can be scheduled is NP-complete already in various simple cases. In particular, by showing the NP-completeness for the case when all the intervals associated with the same job...

  4. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years. Oral history of radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D., August 9 and 17, 1994



    Dr. Earl R. Miller was interviewed by representatives of US DOE Office of Human Radiation Research (OHRE). The interview covers Dr. Miller`s involvement with the Manhattan Engineer District, with total body irradiation, and heavy-ion therapy. Dr. Miller`s remembrances include wartime work on radiation exposure, Joe Hamilton, Neutron Therapy research, means of obtaining isotopes, consent forms, infinite laminograms, invention of a baby holder to alleviate exposure of radiological technicians in diagnostic procedures involving infants, and several personages.

  5. Petrological study of the eastern part of Rio Maria batholith located in the SE of Para State

    Medeiros, H. de.


    This work is a petrological and geochronological study in the eastern part of Rio Maria batholith located in the SE of Para State (Brazil), in which granodioritic composition predominates. Selected samples including all varieties present in the eastern portion of Rio Maria granodioritic batholith were analyzed for major, minor and some trace elements. The results suggest two differentiation trends. The first is (BHGd + HBGd) - HBM sub(z)G, with decrease in CaO, TiO sub(2), Fe total, MgO and Sr contents, whereas K2O and Rb increase. The second trend is (BHGd + HBGd) - BGd, where the BGd have the highest values of SiO sub(2), and low CaO, TiO sub(2), Fe total, MgO and Sr contents. This results are in agreement with that obtained to the calc-alkaline rock series. Six selected samples, including all varieties, were dated by the Rb/Sr Whole-rock method, producing a isochronic age of 2564 +- 68 m.y. with an initial Sr sup(87)/Sr sup(86) ratio of 0.70288 +- 00092. The crystallization sequence proposed to the BHGd and BHGd, when correlated to the experimental results obtained in the rocks of granodioritic composition, suggests that the magma crystallization was in low pressure conditions (2 to 4kb). The temperature interval would be between 950 and +- 700 sup(0)C. The best explanation to the granodioritic magma origin is by partial fusion in the crustal base, with contribution of mantle material or not. The association of the rock units, including granodiorites, trondhjemites, meta-volcan-sedimentary sequences and gneisses of tonalitic to granodioritic composition observed in the Rio Maria region, and the Archaeyan ages obtained by the Rb/Sr method suggest that this region can be correlated with granite-greenstone terrains exposed in the Rhodesian, Kaapvaal and western Australia cratons. (author)

  6. Miller's Pyramid and Core Competency Assessment: A Study in Relationship Construct Validity.

    Williams, Betsy White; Byrne, Phil D; Welindt, Dillon; Williams, Michael V


    Continuous professional development relies on the link between performance and an educational process aimed at improving knowledge and skill. One of the most broadly used frameworks for assessing skills is Miller's Pyramid. This Pyramid has a series of levels of achievement beginning with knowledge (at the base) and ending with routine application in the clinical setting. The purpose of this study was to determine the degree of convergence of two measurement methods, one based on Miller's framework, the second using the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education/American Board of Medical Specialties (ACGME/ABMS) Core Competency framework. The data were gathered from the faculty of a large, Midwestern regional health care provider and hospital system. Data from 264 respondents were studied. The 360° data were from raters of physicians holding supervisory roles in the organization. The scale items were taken from an instrument that has been validated for both structure and known group prediction. The Miller scale was purposely built for this application. The questions were designed to describe each level of the model. The Miller scale was reduced to a single dimension. This result was then regressed on the items from the 360° item ratings. Results of a multivariate analysis of variance isolated a significant relationship between the Miller's Pyramid score and the competency items (P core competencies. Equally important is the finding that while they are related they are not identical. These findings have implications for continuous professional development programing design.

  7. Body, spirit and gender in Maria Komornicka’s poetry

    Katarzyna Lisowska


    Full Text Available This paper concerns three significant concepts in Maria Komornicka’s writings: body, spirit and gender. The first two are closely related to each other, thus initial paragraphs are devoted to them both. On the basis of these reflections, I draw some conclusion about the image of gender created by the poet. The notion of gender is analysed in terms of Young Poland discourse of gender and from the perspective of modern methodologies: feminist criticism as well as gender and queer studies. This paper aims at encouraging the reader to reinterpret M. Komornicka’s output with contemporary awareness.

  8. Feminism, Gender and the Possibilities of Maria Penha Law

    Marcela Dias Barbosa


    Full Text Available This article discusses the limits and possibilities of the Maria da Penha Law or Law 11.340 / 2006 in Brazil, from a critical and feminist perspective. The entire Law allowed a broad treatment of women victims of domestic violence or intra-family and managed the recognition of private space as a political site, should also cover institutions. Although the legal approach has advanced still face obstacles to their applicability in view of the impediment produced by androcentric imagery present in the law and in all other social areas, structured and symbolically dominated by patriarchy.

  9. Of Controversial Aspects from Maria da Penha’s Law

    Galdino, Valéria Silva; Cesumar


    The present work aims at analyzing Maria da Penha’s Law which treats about the domestic violence in our country. Will be analyzed the new concept of family introduced by this law, its constitutionality and also the modifications occurred on the Criminal Code, on the Criminal Process Code and on the Law of Criminal Executions. El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo evaluar la ley María da Penha que trata de la violencia domestica y familiar en nuestro país. Se hará el análisis del nuevo co...

  10. Feminism, Gender and the Possibilities of Maria Penha Law

    Marcela Dias Barbosa; Paulo César Corrêa Borges


    O presente artigo pretende discutir os limites e possibilidades da Lei Maria da Penha ou Lei 11.340/2006, no Brasil, a partir de uma perspectiva crítica e feminista. A integralidade da lei permitiu um amplo tratamento das mulheres vítimas de violência doméstica ou intrafamiliar e logrou o reconhecimento do espaço privado enquanto um local político, devendo abranger também as instituições. Embora a abordagem jurídica tenha avançado ainda enfrentam-se obstáculos em sua aplicabilidade tendo em v...

  11. Alois Philipp Maria. Maksuparadiisi söakas troonipärija / Liisi Poll

    Poll, Liisi, 1980-


    Liechtensteini prints Alois Philipp Maria andis vastulöögi Saksamaa süüdistusele. Väideti, et Liechtensteinis ei peeta läbipaistvusest ja seadusega kooskõlas olemisest lugu. Prints Alois Philipp Maria. Kaart: Maksuparadiisid

  12. Convex Interval Games

    Alparslan-Gok, S.Z.; Brânzei, R.; Tijs, S.H.


    In this paper, convex interval games are introduced and some characterizations are given. Some economic situations leading to convex interval games are discussed. The Weber set and the Shapley value are defined for a suitable class of interval games and their relations with the interval core for

  13. Primordial soup was edible: abiotically produced Miller-Urey mixture supports bacterial growth.

    Xie, Xueshu; Backman, Daniel; Lebedev, Albert T; Artaev, Viatcheslav B; Jiang, Liying; Ilag, Leopold L; Zubarev, Roman A


    Sixty years after the seminal Miller-Urey experiment that abiotically produced a mixture of racemized amino acids, we provide a definite proof that this primordial soup, when properly cooked, was edible for primitive organisms. Direct admixture of even small amounts of Miller-Urey mixture strongly inhibits E. coli bacteria growth due to the toxicity of abundant components, such as cyanides. However, these toxic compounds are both volatile and extremely reactive, while bacteria are highly capable of adaptation. Consequently, after bacterial adaptation to a mixture of the two most abundant abiotic amino acids, glycine and racemized alanine, dried and reconstituted MU soup was found to support bacterial growth and even accelerate it compared to a simple mixture of the two amino acids. Therefore, primordial Miller-Urey soup was perfectly suitable as a growth media for early life forms.

  14. Cash Management Policies By Evolutionary Models: A Comparison Using The MILLER-ORR Model

    Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes


    Full Text Available This work aims to apply genetic algorithms (GA and particle swarm optimization (PSO to managing cash balance, comparing performance results between computational models and the Miller-Orr model. Thus, the paper proposes the application of computational evolutionary models to minimize the total cost of cash balance maintenance, obtaining the parameters for a cash management policy, using assumptions presented in the literature, considering the cost of maintenance and opportunity for cost of cash. For such, we developed computational experiments from cash flows simulated to implement the algorithms. For a control purpose, an algorithm has been developed that uses the Miller-Orr model defining the lower bound parameter, which is not obtained by the original model. The results indicate that evolutionary algorithms present better results than the Miller-Orr model, with prevalence for PSO algorithm in results.

  15. Estudi dels exempla als Avisos de sant Antoni Maria Claret

    Hèctor Sanchis Mollà


    Full Text Available La literatura religiosa del segle XIX ha estat poc tractada pels estudiosos. En el present treball, analitzarem un dels recursos per excel·lència d’aquesta literatura, és a dir, l’exemplum. En concret, esbrinarem la font dels exempla utilitzats per sant Antoni Maria Claret a les obres: Avisos saludables a las donsellas (1850, Avisos molt útils á las viudas (1848, Avisos molt útils als pares de familia (1845 i Avisos saludables als noys (1851. A més, indicarem si els exempla han estat utilitzats per altres autors contemporanis al nostre. The religious literature of the nineteenth century has been recently treated by scholars. In this paper, we discuss a resource par excellence of this literature: the exemplum. In particular, we find out the source of the examples used by St. Antoni Maria Claret works: Avisos saludables a las donsellas (1850, Avisos molt útils á las viudas (1848, Avisos molt útils als pares de familia (1845 i Avisos saludables als noys (1851. Also, we indicate if the examples have been used by other contemporary authors. Keywords: exemplum; saint

  16. Diagnosis of the retail flower market of Santa Maria, RS

    Janine Farias Menegaes


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to diagnose the flowers retail market and ornamental plants in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, by means of a research in loco, from January to June of 2013, based on questionnaires and interviews applied to the managers of the establishment, as well as of an application of a visual and phytosanitary scale to other establishments that sell flowers and ornamental plants, such as agricultural shops, fairs of horticultural products, supermarkets and providers of funeral services - cemeteries and funeral homes. The diagnosis aims to know the steps of the dynamics observed from the market of flowers until the final consumer, and to segment the types of floricultures, distinguishing them according to the commercial focus — floricultures of arrangements and bouquets, and producing flowers and landscape floricultures. Based on the diagnosis it can be concluded that the Santa Maria retail flowers and ornamental plants follows the national trend of floral arrangements and bouquets shops, with the increase of the companies focused on landscaping and gardening. Among the most marketed plants are the rose as the best-selling cut flower, the begonia as potted flower, the fern for foliage arrangements, the cactus as potted plant, the raffia as garden plant and the pansy as the best-selling plant in boxes.

  17. Comment on "The third Zemach moment of the proton", by Cloet and Miller

    De Rújula, A


    Cloet and Miller, in arXiv:1008.4345, state that "existing data rule out a value of the third Zemach moment large enough to explain the current puzzle with the proton charge radius determined from the Lamb shift in muonic Hydrogen. This is in contrast with the recent claim of De R\\'ujula [arXiv:1008.3861]". To be more precise: it is not. It is, however, contrary to what they claim that I claim. Cloet and Miller have simply misinterpreted my claims.

  18. Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia by Mirca Madianou and Daniel Miller (Routledge, 2012

    Erwin Gaspar A. Alampay


    Full Text Available In 2007, Daniel Miller presented his paper on “What is a Mobile PhoneRelationship” in the “1st Living the Information Society Conference” held inManila. In his presentation, he mentioned the work he was just embarking onwith Mirca Madianou on long-distance relationships of separated families andthe ability of different media to sustain those relationships over time (Miller,2009. He was then building on the extensive work that Parrenas (2001, 2005a,2005b had done on Filipino transnational families, and in particular, on motheringfrom a distance

  19. The 1953 Stanley L. Miller Experiment: Fifty Years of Prebiotic Organic Chemistry

    Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey L.


    The field of prebiotic chemistry effectively began with a publication in Science 50 years ago by Stanley L. Miller on the spark discharge synthesis of amino acids and other compounds using a mixture of reduced gases that were thought to represent the components of the atmosphere on the primitive Earth. On the anniversary of this landmark publication, we provide here an accounting of the events leading to the publication of the paper. We also discuss the historical aspects that lead up to the landmark Miller experiment.

  20. Incidence and Predictors of Hand–Arm Musculoskeletal Complaints among Vibration-exposed African Cassava and Corn Millers

    Lukuke Hendrick Mbutshu


    Conclusion: This study revealed a relatively high incidence of musculoskeletal complaints among African cassava and corn millers. The use of anti-vibration protective equipment and the regulation of this hazardous occupation may reduce the burden of musculoskeletal disorders in millers.

  1. Building infrastructure to prevent disasters like Hurricane Maria

    Bandaragoda, C.; Phuong, J.; Mooney, S.; Stephens, K.; Istanbulluoglu, E.; Pieper, K.; Rhoads, W.; Edwards, M.; Pruden, A.; Bales, J.; Clark, E.; Brazil, L.; Leon, M.; McDowell, W. G.; Horsburgh, J. S.; Tarboton, D. G.; Jones, A. S.; Hutton, E.; Tucker, G. E.; McCready, L.; Peckham, S. D.; Lenhardt, W. C.; Idaszak, R.


    2000 words Recovery efforts from natural disasters can be more efficient with data-driven information on current needs and future risks. We aim to advance open-source software infrastructure to support scientific investigation and data-driven decision making with a prototype system using a water quality assessment developed to investigate post-Hurricane Maria drinking water contamination in Puerto Rico. The widespread disruption of water treatment processes and uncertain drinking water quality within distribution systems in Puerto Rico poses risk to human health. However, there is no existing digital infrastructure to scientifically determine the impacts of the hurricane. After every natural disaster, it is difficult to answer elementary questions on how to provide high quality water supplies and health services. This project will archive and make accessible data on environmental variables unique to Puerto Rico, damage caused by Hurricane Maria, and will begin to address time sensitive needs of citizens. The initial focus is to work directly with public utilities to collect and archive samples of biological and inorganic drinking water quality. Our goal is to advance understanding of how the severity of a hazard to human health (e.g., no access to safe culinary water) is related to the sophistication, connectivity, and operations of the physical and related digital infrastructure systems. By rapidly collecting data in the early stages of recovery, we will test the design of an integrated cyberinfrastructure system to for usability of environmental and health data to understand the impacts from natural disasters. We will test and stress the CUAHSI HydroShare data publication mechanisms and capabilities to (1) assess the spatial and temporal presence of waterborne pathogens in public water systems impacted by a natural disaster, (2) demonstrate usability of HydroShare as a clearinghouse to centralize selected datasets related to Hurricane Maria, and (3) develop a

  2. Will Higher Education Pass "A Test of Leadership"? An Interview with Spellings Commission Chairman Charles Miller

    Callan, Pat


    Charles Miller, former chairman of the University of Texas System's Board of Regents, chaired the recent Commission on the Future of Higher Education created by Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. Here he is interviewed regarding the panel's widely discussed report, "A Test of Leadership," by Pat Callan, president of the National…

  3. 75 FR 81331 - Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Termination-Penn Millers Insurance Company


    ... should be accepted from this company, and bonds that are continuous in nature should not be renewed. The... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Fiscal Service Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Termination--Penn Millers Insurance Company AGENCY: Financial Management Service, Fiscal Service, Department...

  4. Search for Self in Arthur Miller's The Death of a Salesman | Maleki ...

    The quest for self is expressed through a nostalgic yearning for the past, which has been lost due to various reasons. The process of search for self is spread over two generations, which enhances the effectiveness of Miller in depicting the struggle between the self of an individual and the public self the individual is ...

  5. A Tribute to Professor Rene H. Miller - A Pioneer in Aeromechanics and Rotary Wing Flight Transportation

    Friedmann, Peretz P.; Johnson, Wayne; Scully, Michael P.


    Rene H. Miller (May 19, 1916 January 28, 2003), Emeritus H. N. Slater Professor of Flight Transportation, was one of the most influential pioneers in rotary wing aeromechanics as well as a visionary whose dream was the development of a tilt-rotor based short haul air transportation system. This paper pays a long overdue tribute to his memory and to his extraordinary contributions.

  6. Síndrome de Miller Fisher e neurite óptica: relato de caso



    Full Text Available Descreve-se um caso de síndrome de Miller Fisher associada a neuropatia óptica desmielinizante bilateral, confirmada pelo exame de potencial evocado visual, sugerindo possível comprometimento do sistema nervoso central nessa síndrome.

  7. Giving Psychology Away: How George Miller's Vision Is Being Realised by Psychological Literacy

    Banyard, Philip; Hulme, Julie A.


    In George Miller's famous address to the American Psychological Association in 1969 he explored the aims and future direction of psychology. Psychology could develop as a professional elite that develops specialised knowledge that experts can hold on to or it could aim to "give psychology away" and to allow the general public access to…

  8. Molecular characterization of Campylobacter jejuni from patients with Guillain-Barré and Miller Fisher syndromes

    H.P. Endtz (Hubert); F.G. Rodgers; W.M. Johnson; A.F. van Belkum (Alex); J.A. Wagenaar (Jaap); H.A. Verbrugh (Henri); B.C. Jacobs (Bart); C.W. Ang (Wim); N.P.W.C.J. van den Braak (Nicole); B. Duim; A. Rigter; L.J. Price; D.L. Woodward


    textabstractCampylobacter jejuni has been identified as the predominant cause of antecedent infection in Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) and Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS). The risk of developing GBS or MFS may be higher after infection with specific C. jejuni types. To

  9. Getting Back to the Main Point: A Reply to Miller et al.

    Harrison, Allyson G.; Holmes, Alana; Silvestri, Robert; Armstrong, Irene T.


    Miller et al. have challenged the findings of our two previous studies, based largely on the assumption that our findings are biased due to the clinical sample used. However, they fail to address the primary tenet of our studies, namely, that clinicians will obtain different scores on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV (WAIS-IV) depending on…

  10. Pharmacy profile. New ASCP president Robert J. Miller: entrepreneur who puts the patient first.

    Meade, Vicki


    Bob Miller, known for his enthusiasm and desire to nurture others' growth, brings to his term as 2005-2006 ASCP president the leadership skills and business acumen he developed over two decades as a long-term care pharmacy owner.

  11. Characterization of clay of Santa Maria Madalena-RJ (Brazil)

    Freitas, R.A.; Borges, B.F.; Rosario, S. do; Alexandre, J.; Beiral, W.V.; Anderson, R.B.; Pessanha, E.F.


    The city of Santa Maria Madalena, located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State, has a region of rocky and extensive area of native forest. Its economy is primarily intended for farming, agriculture and tourism. Characterization studies were conducted in this region, aiming to determine the optimal production process for its application in the ceramics industry. The tests were conducted in the laboratories of the Universidade Estadual Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro - UENF and were determined and the physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristic. Were performed Granulometric Analysis, Atterberg Limit, Chemical Analysis, X Ray Diffraction. The specimens used in evidence were extruded and then fired at the following temperatures: 750 ° C and 850 ° C, and subsequently conducted measurements of absorption, linear shrinkage and resistance to flexion-compression. (author)

  12. Political Challenges in Times of the Maria da Penha Law

    Lilia Guimarães Pougy


    Full Text Available This article offers support to the debate about national policies to confront violence against women and strengthen feminine citizenship. The route adopted in treating political challenges will follow the analysis of the principal responses to the phenomena of gender violence and analyze the trends identified since the enactment of the Maria da Penha Law, including increased emphasis on the “courts,” “psychology” and “social work.” The first part of the article analyzes the conceptual and normative factors of policy concerning women. An analysis is then conducted of “judicialization” and its consequences for the theoretical debate. The article concludes by presenting current perspectives on care for women at Reference Centers.

  13. Maria Sklodowska Curie - the precursor of radiation sterilization methods

    Gluszewski, Wojciech; Zagorski, Zbigniew P. [Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw (Poland); Tran, Quoc Khoi; Cortella, Laurent [CEA Grenoble, ARC-Nucleart, Atelier Regional de Conservation, Grenoble (France)


    A resolution of the 63rd Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the year 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. The coordinators of the event are UNESCO and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The patroness of this event is Marie Curie, nee Sklodowska. Among women scientists, she was the first recipient of the Novel Prize, and among all scientists, she is the only one who has received this award in different scientific fields (in 1903 in the field of physics with Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel, in 1911 in the field of chemistry). Considering the former Polish nationality of Marie Curie, the year 2011 has been proposed by the Polish Parliament as her year, using the name Maria Sklodowska Curie, under which she is known in Poland. Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry is a good opportunity to remember the importance of the work of Maria Sklodowska Curie for the emergence and development of many fields of science. This article is an attempt to present a view of science, as taught through modern applications of the radiation chemistry of polymetric materials and radiation sterilization. Although the real development of both ''cold'' sterilization and polymer technology occurred in the 1950's long after the death of Marie Curie Sklodowska, the original ideas go back to ther work performed in the 1920s. Sometimes, and that is the present case, a single scientist creates a new field, in spite of the fact that at the time of discovery there are no applications. The parallel development of other branches of science and technology helps the application of the original idea. (orig.)


    D. V. Zharova


    Full Text Available Introduction: the study of biographies and bibliographies of scientists who emigrated from Russia allows us to more objectively assess scale of losses of domestic psychological scientific community caused by emigration of scientists after social upheavals (the revolution of 1917 and the Civil War that followed them at beginning of the 20th century. This article calls for recalling that contribution of women to psychological science is not yet sufficiently understood. In this article, we tried to restore the biography of MA. Rikers-Ovsiankina, briefly describe the directions of her research, and, thus, supplement information about her in Russian-language sources.Materials and methods: the following research methods were used in the work: historical-genetic, historical-functional, biographical, method of systematization of scientific ideas of the researcher in question.Results: more complete data of autobiography and bibliography of one of Russian women psychologists who emigrated from Russia in the first half of the 20th century were recovered in article. Maria Rickers-Ovsiankina (1898-1993 - psychologist, student of Kurt Levin, author of scientific works on the problem of unfinished actions, psychodiagnostics by  method of ink spots of Rorschach, studies of socio-psychological problems, emigrated from Vladivostok to Berlin, and in 1931 in the USA, where with Tamara Dembo and Yevgenia Hanfmann, they formed a stable professional psychological community.Discussion and Conclusions: the data on biography and scientific heritage of Maria Rickers-Ovsiankina presented in article allow to reveal features of formation of women in psychology, referring to historical aspects that help to understand situation with women psychologists, and, in addition, to clarify the situation of women scientists, including Russian emigrants, in science and assess their contribution to the development of psychological knowledge.

  15. Maria Sklodowska Curie - the precursor of radiation sterilization methods

    Gluszewski, Wojciech; Zagorski, Zbigniew P.; Tran, Quoc Khoi; Cortella, Laurent


    A resolution of the 63rd Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the year 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. The coordinators of the event are UNESCO and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The patroness of this event is Marie Curie, nee Sklodowska. Among women scientists, she was the first recipient of the Novel Prize, and among all scientists, she is the only one who has received this award in different scientific fields (in 1903 in the field of physics with Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel, in 1911 in the field of chemistry). Considering the former Polish nationality of Marie Curie, the year 2011 has been proposed by the Polish Parliament as her year, using the name Maria Sklodowska Curie, under which she is known in Poland. Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry is a good opportunity to remember the importance of the work of Maria Sklodowska Curie for the emergence and development of many fields of science. This article is an attempt to present a view of science, as taught through modern applications of the radiation chemistry of polymetric materials and radiation sterilization. Although the real development of both ''cold'' sterilization and polymer technology occurred in the 1950's long after the death of Marie Curie Sklodowska, the original ideas go back to ther work performed in the 1920s. Sometimes, and that is the present case, a single scientist creates a new field, in spite of the fact that at the time of discovery there are no applications. The parallel development of other branches of science and technology helps the application of the original idea. (orig.)

  16. Estimating the human influence on Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

    Wehner, M. F.; Patricola, C. M.; Risser, M. D.


    Attribution of the human-induced climate change influence on the physical characteristics of individual extreme weather events has become an advanced science over the past decade. However, it is only recently that such quantification of anthropogenic influences on event magnitudes and probability of occurrence could be applied to very extreme storms such as hurricanes. We present results from two different classes of attribution studies for the impactful Atlantic hurricanes of 2017. The first is an analysis of the record rainfall amounts during Hurricane Harvey in the Houston, Texas area. We analyzed observed precipitation from the Global Historical Climatology Network with a covariate-based extreme value statistical analysis, accounting for both the external influence of global warming and the internal influence of ENSO. We found that human-induced climate change likely increased Hurricane Harvey's total rainfall by at least 19%, and likely increased the chances of the observed rainfall by a factor of at least 3.5. This suggests that changes exceeded Clausius-Clapeyron scaling, motivating attribution studies using dynamical climate models. The second analysis consists of two sets of hindcast simulations of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria using the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) at 4.5 km resolution. The first uses realistic boundary and initial conditions and present-day greenhouse gas forcings while the second uses perturbed conditions and pre-industrial greenhouse has forcings to simulate counterfactual storms without anthropogenic influences. These simulations quantify the fraction of Harvey's precipitation attributable to human activities and test the super Clausius-Clapeyron scaling suggested by the observational analysis. We will further quantify the human influence on intensity for Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

  17. Maria da Conceição Tavares

    Maria Silvia Possas


    Full Text Available MARIA da Conceição Tavares exerceu grande influência sobre o pensamento econômico brasileiro. Tratou de assuntos variados, mas há uma preocupação que perpassa toda a sua obra: o desenvolvimento de países "periféricos" (com especial ênfase no caso brasileiro e a sorte de grandes contingentes da sua população, excluídos economicamente. Seu ponto de partida foi o pensamento cepalino, com ênfase nas relações econômicas e de poder entre nações centrais e periféricas. Porém procurou repensar essa matriz, ampliando a importância de questões como: variáveis internas a cada país, em especial a presença do setor produtor de bens de capital; as necessidades de financiamento do desenvolvimento e como os modos historicamente específicos de atendê-las repercutem.MARIA da Conceição Tavares has had a great influence on Brazilian economic thought. Among the various subjects she treated, there has been a major concern present in all her work, namely, the development of "peripheral" countries (especially Brazil and the fate of large contingents of its peoples that are economically excluded. Her theoretical matrix was the ideas originated in ecla, which emphasized power and economic relations among "central" and "peripheral" nations. She tried to rebuild this matrix, augmenting the importance of questions such as: variables that were internal to each country, specially the presence of a capital goods department; the need of funds to finance development and the consequences of the historical specific institutions and ways used to provide them.

  18. Methods and codes for neutronic calculations of the MARIA research reactor

    Andrzejewski, K.; Kulikowska, T.; Bretscher, M.M.; Hanan, N.A.; Matos, J.E.


    The core of the MARIA high flux multipurpose research reactor is highly heterogeneous. It consists of beryllium blocks arranged in 6x8 matrix, tubular fuel assemblies, control rods and irradiation channels. The reflector is also heterogeneous and consists of graphite blocks clad with aluminium. Its structure is perturbed by the experimental beam tubes. This paper presents methods and codes used to calculate the MARIA reactor neutronics characteristics and experience gained thus far at IAE and ANL. At ANL the methods of MARIA calculations were developed in connection with RERTR program. At IAE the package of programs was developed to help its operator in optimization of fuel utilization. (author)

  19. J-GLOBAL MeSH Dictionary: Miller Fisher症候群 [MeCab user dictionary for science technology term[Archive

    Full Text Available MeCab user dictionary for science technology term Miller Fisher症候群 名詞 一般 * * * * Miller Fish...er症候群 ... MeSH D019846 200906092174030462 C LS51 UNKNOWN_2 Miller Fisher 症候群

  20. Development of miller cycle gas engine for cogeneration; Developpement d'un moteur a gaz a cycle de Miller destine a la cogeneration

    Tsukida, N; Sakakura, A; Murata, Y; Okamoto, K [Tokyo Gas CO., LTD (Japan); Abe, T; Takemoto, T [YANMAR Diesel Engine CO., LTD (Japan)


    We have developed a 300 kW gas engine cogeneration system for practical use that uses natural gas. Using a gas engine operated under conditions with an excess air ratio {lambda} = 1 that is able to use a three way catalyst to purify the exhaust gases, we were able to achieve high efficiency through the application of the Miller Cycle, as well as a low NO{sub X} output. In terms of product specifications, we were able to achieve an electrical efficiency of 34.2% and a heat recovery efficiency of 49.3%, making an overall efficiency of 83.5% as a cogeneration system. (authors)

  1. Advendikontsert. Maria Listra jõulukontsert. Bachi "Jõuluoratoorium"kõlab Tartus ja Tallinnas


    Vanemuise ooperikoori kontserdist (juhatab Piret Talts, orelil Aaro Tetsmann) 20. dets. Tartu Jaani kirikus. Maria Listra kontserdist 26. dets. Tallinnas Jaani kirikus. J.S. Bachi "Jõuluoratooriumi" ettekandest 28. dets. Tartu Jaani kirikus ja 29. dets. Tallinna Jaani kirikus

  2. Kuidas vähendada noorte alkoholitarbimist? / Haller, Aivar; Viitpoom, Katri; Beekmann, Lauri; Tiro, Maria


    Küsimusele vastavad Eesti Lastevanemate Liidu juhatuse nimel Aivar Haller, Aravete Keskkooli koolipsühholoog Katri Viitpoom, Eesti karskusliidu AVE esimees Lauri Beekmann ja Jüri Gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro

  3. Tajust betoonini = From perceptions to concrete / Olga Maria Hungar ; intervjueerinud Regina Viljasaar

    Hungar, Olga Maria


    Olga Maria Hungar büroost raumlaborberlin tutvustab 2. Tallinna arhitektuuribiennaalil osalenud bürood ja selle projekte. Modernistlikku pärandit puudutavatest küsimustest Eestis ja Saksamaal, ülalt-alla planeerimisest

  4. Work praises the one who has done it : bibliography prize to Karin Maria Rooleid / Kalju Tammaru

    Tammaru, Kalju, 1956-


    Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli Akadeemilises Raamatukogus toimunud 3. bibliograafiapäeval valiti auhinna vääriliseks Karin Ribenise (Karin Maria Rooleiu) koostatud "Eesti rahvaluule bibliograafia 1993-2000"

  5. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber / Jonathan Swain

    Swain, Jonathan


    Uuest heliplaadist "Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber, Mathis der Maler - Symphony, Nobilissima visione - suite. Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Yoel Levi" Telarc/ Conifer CD 80 195

  6. Loodusesõber / Maria Martinez Ros ; küsis Marika Makarova

    Martinez Ros, Maria


    Intervjuu Tallinnas ja Lilleorus tantsuteraapia kursusi andva mehhiklanna Maria Martinez Rosiga, kes on õppinud permakultuuri disaini, humanistliku psühholoogiat, tanatoloogiat, Feldenkraisi meetodit, tema vaadetest jätkusuutlikule elamise viisile

  7. Programming with Intervals

    Matsakis, Nicholas D.; Gross, Thomas R.

    Intervals are a new, higher-level primitive for parallel programming with which programmers directly construct the program schedule. Programs using intervals can be statically analyzed to ensure that they do not deadlock or contain data races. In this paper, we demonstrate the flexibility of intervals by showing how to use them to emulate common parallel control-flow constructs like barriers and signals, as well as higher-level patterns such as bounded-buffer producer-consumer. We have implemented intervals as a publicly available library for Java and Scala.

  8. Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Manajemen Aset TIK Studi Kasus: Asmi Santa Maria YOGYAKARTA

    Maryono, Y; Suyoto, Suyoto; Mudjihartono, Paulus


    . Analysis and Design of Communication and Information Technology Management Information System Case Study: Asmi Santa Maria Yogyakarta. The management of asset in ASMI Santa Maria has been done by MS Excel application. This application has limitations such as lack of detailed records of assets, difficulty doing complex calculations such as valuation of assets, limited access to others in need, and less able to handle the administration of information assets of items that can provide real-tim...

  9. Lei Maria da Penha: Um basta à Violência de Gênero



    Maria da Penha Law was put in place with the intent of reducing and preventing domestic and familiar violence against woman. This study aims to investigate the scope of the Maria da Penha Law, from decisions in conflicts of jurisdiction in the Court of Rio Grande do Sul. Through theoretical study and analysis of judicial decisions the requirements were identified used for the incidence of the law. The survey results indicat the presence of requeriments the intimate relationship of affection, ...

  10. Pengaruh Kepemimpinan Situasional terhadap Semangat Kerja Perawat Rumah Sakit Santa Maria Pekanbaru

    Sutrisna, Endang; Anggrenni, Dian Prapty


    This research aims to find the implications of leadership on keep spirit of nurses in Santa Maria Hospital Pekanbaru. Leadership as an independent variable (X) consist of leadership telling, selling, participating, and delegating. And keep spirit as the dependent variable (Y) cosist pf salary, incentive and allowance and improvement of welfare.The research used sample of the nurses in Santa Maria Pekanbaru. The number of this sample is 67 persons with slovin. This research is also used Strati...

  11. The Great Bravery of Croatian Soldier by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli

    Daniel Premerl


    Full Text Available The article approaches the iconography of two etchings with Croatian subject matter made by the Bolognese etcher Giuseppe Maria Mitelli in 1684. In the focus is the etching Great Bravery of Croatian soldier (Gran prodezza di soldato croatto. The author concludes, interpreting the explanatory text below the etching, that it depicts an event of the so-called Great Turkish War (1683-1699. The depicted hero belonged to the Croatian Regiment commanded by general James Leslie, and the depicted heroic act occurred, in all probability, during the battle of Virovitica in 1684. Also, the author points out to a model for Mitelli's etching as well as to the literary image of the simultaneous decapitation of both a horseman and a horse in the Croatian literature. In the same year, Mitelli also made the portrait of the Zagreb bishop and the politician Martin Borković. The existence of both etchings is associated with the Illyrian-Hungarian College in Bologna, governed by the Zagreb cathedral Chapter. L'articolo indaga l'iconografia di due incisioni con soggetto croato realizzate dall'incisore bolognese Giuseppe Maria Mitelli nel 1684. Il focus del saggio è l'incisione Gran prodezza di soldato croatto. Interpretando il testo esplicativo sotto l'acquaforte, l'autore ritiene che essa raffiguri un evento della cosiddetta Grande Guerra Turca (1683-1699. L'eroe raffigurato apparteneva al reggimento croato comandato dal generale James Leslie e l'atto eroico raffigurato avvenne, con ogni probabilità, durante la battaglia di Virovitica nel 1684. L'autore individua inoltre un modello per l'incisione di Mitelli e un riferimento a una fonte nella letteratura croata ove compare la decapitazione simultanea di un cavaliere e di un cavallo. Nello stesso anno Mitelli fece anche il ritratto del vescovo di Zagabria e del politico Martin Borković. L'esistenza di entrambe le acqueforti è associata al Collegio illirico-ungarico di Bologna, governato dal Capitolo della


    Nivea Andrade


    Full Text Available O presente artigo compreende os currículos como culturas e como espaçotempo que entrelaça conhecimentos cotidianos e conhecimentos científicos. Para este propósito realizarei um diálogo com os trabalhos de autores e professores como Alice Lopes, Néstor Canclini, Homi Bhaba, Boaventura de Souza Santos, Elizabeth Macedo e Luciana Getirana. Esta última, a minha principal interlocutora, é professora de matemática de uma escola municipal na Penha Circular, Rio de Janeiro. Com estes interlocutores e com as conversas com Dona Maria, uma estudante de 65 anos de uma turma de Jovens e Adultos, busco pensar as relações entre conhecimento científico e conhecimento cotidiano na produção dos currículos escolares. Neste sentido, tentarei romper com dicotomias, reconhecendo, porém, que nas práticas de docentes e discentes, há movimentos que procuram definir estas separações, buscando delimitar o que na prática é móvel e entrelaçado nas diferentes redes de conhecimentos e de significados das quais todos fazemos parte. Palavras-chave: Currículos, conhecimentos cotidianos, conhecimentos científicos e culturas.   This article comprises the curriculum as cultures and as spacetime that interweaves everyday knowledge and scientific knowledge. For this purpose I’ll do a dialogue with works of authors and teachers like Alice Lopes, Néstor Canclini, Homi Bhaba, Boaventura de Souza Santos, Elizabeth Macedo and Luciana Getirana. The last one, my main interlocutor, is a mathematics teacher in a public school at Penha Circular, Rio de Janeiro. With these interlocutors and dialogues with Dona Maria, a student of 65 years of a group of youth and adult, I try to think the relationship between scientific knowledge and everyday knowledge in the making of school curriculum. In this sense, I’ll try to break with dichotomies, recognizing, however, that in the practices of teachers and students, there are movements that seek to define these

  13. Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller as a source of bioactivity compounds for health and nutrition.

    Aragona, M; Lauriano, E R; Pergolizzi, S; Faggio, C


    Plants with beneficial properties are known in traditional medicine. Nowadays, in spite of widespread availability of synthetic compounds, the search goes towards natural compounds to lower cost and few side effects. The increasing interest in preventive medicine encourages use of nutraceuticals, bioactive compounds of vegetable origin with important nutritional values. Among the medicinal plants, Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller (Family Cactaceae, subfamily Opuntiodeae, Genus Opuntia, subgenus Platyopuntia, species Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller) is widely known for its beneficial properties. The aim of the present review is to stress the major classes of Opuntia components and their medical interest through emphasis on some of their biological effects, particularly those having the most promising expected health benefits and therapeutic impacts on fish and mammals.

  14. Effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Cydonia oblonga Miller (Quince on Sexual Behaviour of Wistar Rats

    Muhammad Aslam


    Full Text Available Cydonia oblonga Miller (quince is regarded as a potent libido invigorator in Tib-e-Nabvi and Unani System of Medicine. This study was carried out to evaluate the aphrodisiac activity of the hydroalcoholic extract of the fruits of Cydonia oblonga Miller (quince in Wistar rats. The extract was administered orally by gavage in the dose of 500 mg/kg and 800 mg/kg body weight per day as a single dose for 28 days. The observed parameters were mounting frequency, assessment of mating performance, and orientation activities towards females, towards the environment, and towards self. The results showed that after administration of the extract mounting frequency and the mating performance of the rats increased highly significantly P<0.01. The extract also influenced the behaviour of treated animals in comparison to nontreated rats in a remarkable manner, making them more attracted to females. These effects were observed in sexually active male Wistar rats.

  15. Nitrogen isotope fractionations in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and in the Miller-Urey reaction

    Chun-Chan Kung; Hayatsu, R.; Studier, M.H.; Clayton, R.N.; Chicago Univ., IL; Chicago Univ., IL


    Nitrogen isotope fractionations have been measured in Fischer-Tropsch and Miller-Urey reactions in order to determine whether these processes can account for the large 15 N/ 14 N ratios found in organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites. Polymeric material formed in the Fischer-Tropsch reaction was enriched in 15 N by only 3 promille relative to the starting material (NH 3 ). The 15 N enrichment in polymers from the Miller-Urey reaction was 10-12 promille. Both of these fractionations are small compared to the 80-90 promille differences observed between enstatite chondrites and carbonaceous chondrites. These large differences are apparently due to temporal or spatial variations in the isotopic composition of nitrogen in the solar nebula, rather than to fractionation during the production of organic compounds. (orig.)

  16. The Analysis of Symbols in The Death of A Salaesman by Arthur Miller

    Ardani, Hanida Dwi


    Simbol adalah pemaknaan terhadap sesuatu dengan bentuk lain. Di dalam skripsi ini saya menganalisis simbol – simbol yang ditemukan dalam drama yang ditulis oleh Arthur Miller “ Death of a Salesman” . Dalam drama “ Death of a Salesman “ memiliki banyak simbol yang digunakan untuk mempertegas makna dari drama melalui teks yang ada. Simbol bisa berupa perhiasan “ diamond “ yang mempresentasikan keinginan. Kehidupan disimbolkan dalam bentuk hutan “ jungle “ yang mempresentasikan penuh misteri dan...

  17. Utilization of Lavandula angustifolia Miller extracts as naturalrepellents, pharmaceutical and industrial auxiliaries



    Full Text Available Essential oils, absolutes and concretes were prepared from the flowers and leaves of the plant Lavandula angustifolia Miller cultivated in the Bosphorus region of Istanbul, Turkey. The difference in the chemical composition of the mentioned extracts was investigated and compared by using a combination of capillary GC-MS with the aim of offering them as repellent, pharmaceutical and industrial auxiliaries. The IR-spectra, the yields and the physico-chemical data of the extracts were also analysed.

  18. Gabriella Miller Kids First (GMKF/Kids First) Pediatric Research Program | Office of Cancer Genomics

    The Gabriella Miller Kids First initiative is a trans-NIH effort to increase understanding of genetic changes associated with certain devastating pediatric conditions. The initiative will develop a centralized database of well-curated clinical and genetic sequence data from childhood cancer and structural birth defects cohorts comprising thousands of patients and their families. To learn more about the initiative and the data available, please visit


    Siti Choirul Dwi Astuti


    Full Text Available Background: Applying a cooling treatment from outside the body is one way to lower fever in children. Midwives commonly perform a warm water compress in their care, but it is considered less effective. Thus, compress with aloe vera barbadensus miller is proposed in this study as an alternative treatment. Objective: To examine the effect of Aloe vera barbadensis miller compress in reducing body temperature in children with fever. Methods: This was a quasi-experimental study with pretest and posttest with control group design. Forty children were recruited, with twenty of them assigned in each group. Purposive sampling was performed to select the sample. A digital rectal thermometer was used to measure the temperature. Independent t- test and paired test were used for data analysis. Results: Findings showed that the aloe vera compress group showed a higher decrease of body temperature compared to the warm water compress group. The difference of body temperature after 20 minutes in the experiment group was 1.435 while in the control group was only 1.085. There were statistically significant differences in body temperature between the experiment and control group (p=0.013. Conclusion: Aloe vera barbadensis miller compress is an effective alternative therapy in reducing body temperature in children with fever. It is recommended for midwives to apply this intervention to reduce body temperature significantly.

  20. ELi majanduslik võimekus jääb konkurentidele alla / Maria Joao Rodrigues ; interv. Aivar Reinap

    Rodrigues, Maria Joao


    Praxis'e kutsel Eestis viibinud Euroopa Komisjoni nõuniku hinnangul ei suuda Euroopa Liit tõusta lähiaastatel maailma kõige konkurentsivõimelisemaks piirkonnaks. Lissaboni strateegiast, Euroopa konkurentsivõimest, Aasia ohust, Eesti võimalustest. Lisa: Euroopa Liidu majandusideoloog

  1. Capela Santa Maria dos Anjos: uma obra alternativa

    Edite Galote Carranza


    Full Text Available Celebrando cem anos de nascimento da arquiteta Lina Bo Bardi, seu trabalho continua incitando a curiosidade de pesquisadores, artistas e arquitetos de todo o mundo, devido tanto à qualidade, à subjetividade artística, às ideias, aos ideais e à filosofia de fundo como à amplitude da obra nas áreas de cenografia, design, crítica, museologia e arquitetura. Entre suas obras arquitetônicas, a Capela Santa Maria dos Anjos, de 1978, em Vargem Grande Paulista, SP, merece maior atenção. Embora possa ser considerada singela, a Capela é uma obra densa e representativa da Arquitetura Alternativa ao status quo arquitetônico paulista. Este artigo analisa a Capela e sua relação com os conceitos de nacional-popular e Te-Ato, a fé franciscana e as culturas erudita e popular, a fim de contribuir para o melhor entendimento da obra que dialoga com a cena cultural e política da época.

  2. Wano peer review in Santa Maria de Garona NPP

    De Blas, J. M.


    WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) implemented a program known as PEER REVIEW at the Santa Maria de Garona NPP in 1996. It was as follows, an international team consisting of professionals with experience in nuclear power plants observed different activities in the plant, hold interviews and meetings, and finally they checked all the information during three weeks, in order to compare the plant with the WANO's Excellence Criteria at work. The result was that the plant was in a good state and most of the implemented activities and practices of work were done properly, further the usual demands and rules. However it was noticed that some of the activities could be improved, If we compare them with the optimum practices. The plant started a work plan defined as an objective in the COMPANY PROJECT it self, in order to implement the corrective actions which could resolve the proposed improvements by WANO. Following the PEER REVIEW program, approximately one year and a half later, a WANO team came back to the plan for a week in June 1998, they came back to implement what is known as a FOLLOW UP, that is today, a control resting on the monitoring of facts of the fulfillment level for the improvements which had been recommended. After finishing this monitoring work, the result of the FOLLOW UP was that the plant has attained a very remarkable implantation of the recommendations showed in the PEER REVIEW. (Author)

  3. Emergency Response Imagery Related to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

    Worthem, A. V.; Madore, B.; Imahori, G.; Woolard, J.; Sellars, J.; Halbach, A.; Helmricks, D.; Quarrick, J.


    NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and Remote Sensing Division acquired and rapidly disseminated emergency response imagery related to the three recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Aerial imagery was collected using a Trimble Digital Sensor System, a high-resolution digital camera, by means of NOAA's King Air 350ER and DeHavilland Twin Otter (DHC-6) Aircraft. The emergency response images are used to assess the before and after effects of the hurricanes' damage. The imagery aids emergency responders, such as FEMA, Coast Guard, and other state and local governments, in developing recovery strategies and efforts by prioritizing areas most affected and distributing appropriate resources. Collected imagery is also used to provide damage assessment for use in long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts. Additionally, the imagery allows for those evacuated persons to see images of their homes and neighborhoods remotely. Each of the individual images are processed through ortho-rectification and merged into a uniform mosaic image. These remotely sensed datasets are publically available, and often used by web-based map servers as well as, federal, state, and local government agencies. This poster will show the imagery collected for these three hurricanes and the processes involved in getting data quickly into the hands of those that need it most.

  4. Caracterização da violência sexual em mulheres atendidas no projeto Maria-Maria em Teresina-PI Characterization of sexual violence against women in the Maria-Maria project in Teresina, PI

    Ione Maria Ribeiro Soares Lopes


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: avaliar as características da violência sexual contra mulheres, os tipos de crimes sexuais e as lesões corporais resultantes. METODOS: estudo descritivo baseado nas informações de 102 prontuários de vítimas de violência sexual atendidas no Projeto Maria-Maria, de março de 2002 a março de 2003, que atendiam aos critérios de elegibilidade. Foram descritos as características da violência, os tipos de crime e as lesões corporais sofridas. Para tabulação e análise dos dados utilizou-se o programa Epi-Info, versão 6.04, para percentual simples e distribuição de freqüência. RESULTADOS: a idade das vítimas variou de 1 a 68 anos; 65,7% eram menores de 20 anos e uma em cada quatro tinham até nove anos de idade. A maioria era solteira (78,3% e com baixa escolaridade (74,2%. O crime predominou no período noturno (64,7%, em local ermo com maior freqüência (39,2%, seguido da residência da vítima (34,3%, e no local da abordagem (67,6%. Entre as vítimas adolescentes predominou perpetrador desconhecido, ao passo que as crianças foram vítimas exclusivamente de homens conhecidos. No caso de crianças menores de dez anos o atentado ao pudor foi o crime mais freqüente (73,8% e para as adolescentes, o estupro (66,4%. Os traumas corporais ocorreram em 76,7% dos casos, destacando-se os hematomas, edema vulvar e escoriações. CONCLUSÕES: a violência sexual predominou em crianças e adolescentes, solteiras e com baixa escolaridade. A agressão ocorreu mais à noite, por desconhecidos, em local ermo nas adolescentes e por conhecidos (vizinhos principalmente, nos domicílios, nas crianças. O estupro prevaleceu em maiores de dez anos e o atentado violento ao pudor nas crianças de um a nove anos, habitualmente associados a traumas genitais e corporais.PURPOSE: to evaluate the characteristics of sexual violence against women, the types of sexual crimes and resulting body lesions. METHODS: descriptive study based on the

  5. Formative factors of the Maria Åkerblom movement

    Gustav Björkstrand


    Full Text Available The Åkerblom movement exemplifies the best known impact on the cultural and religious environment of Swedish Finland, of a geographically and historically extensive phenomenon—the prophet movement. An obvious prerequisite for the emergence of a prophet movement is the prophet figure. The character and development of the movement are, to a great extent, dependent on the background and personality of this figure. The adolescence of Ida Maria Åkerblom (IMÅ, a cottar's daughter, born in Snappertuna in rural West Nyland in 1898, was both materially and spiritually barren. In matter of religion, she grew up in an atmosphere of piety best described as 'traditional and formalistic', with elements of evangelistic and later, also Anglo-Saxon revivalist piety. On the day on which IMÅ's confirmation priest and curate at Snappertuna, Karl-Erik Lindström died, IMÅ assumed the role of prophet and preacher, according to her account, after a severe illness. Lying in bed, she prophesied, while in a somnambulic state, imminent periods of hardship, and depicted her heavenly vision.

  6. Materiales Maria Maya: community-based materials development.

    Moran, B C


    Materials Maria Maya (MMM) is a Guatemalan organization which has dedicated itself to making health education more relevant to the rural Mayans who constitute the majority of Guatemala's population. The administration and direction of the project is in the hands of a team of qualified Mayan men and women. Funding is primarily through various charitable international organizations. The content of preexisting health education programs, strongly influenced by the dominant "ladino" Spanish speaking culture was found to be inappropriate to the goal of this program. MMM set about to formulate a new teaching format which would draw upon, rather than trample over, established cultural practices and life styles. By a process of trial and error, involving small scale field tests, a new program format was developed. By questioning local women about perceived priority areas, through the study of morbidity and mortality data, decisions were made as to topics to be covered. Investigators, authors, and artists worked together to form a "materials package" which was then subject to pretesting. Out of this effort, MMM has been able to come up with a method to encourage more effective participative teaching through the use of education materials.


    Anna Wzorek


    Full Text Available The article discusses the last book of Maria Kuncewiczowa – a set of twenty-three letters (provided with a postscript addressed to her deceased husband. The uniqueness of this correspondence, presented in literary form, lies in the fact that the recipient is dead, treated by the sender as someone constantly present in the real world and still associated with the temporality. "Listy do Jerzego" ("Letters to Jerzy" are – as Tadeusz Swat, one of the reviewers say – “an attempt at denial of death, to save Jerzy by love, memory, and literature.” The analysis of the work highlights the occurring axiological categories. It has been demonstrated that "Letters to Jerzy" is a book about eternal love reaching beyond the grave (in this respect, in stark contrast with "Tristan" 1946, felt with dignity of old age, and finally transcending into faith. "Letters to Jerzy" is also an attempt to reduce the suffering of the writer over the loss of her beloved husband. To some extent, therefore, they correspond to her earlier work "Cudzoziemka" ("Foreigner" in which Kuncewiczowa liberates from the negative emotions associated with the death of her mother.

  8. Review: Miller, Michelle Ann (2009, Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia – Jakarta’s Security and Autonomy Policies in Aceh

    Antje Missbach


    Full Text Available Review of the monograph: Miller, Michelle Ann, Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia – Jakarta’s Security and Autonomy Policies in Aceh, London/ New York: Routledge, 2009, ISBN 13: 978-0-415-45467-4, 240 pages.

  9. Téma: David Miller o nacionalismu a globální spravedlnosti. Úvod

    Velek, Josef


    Roč. 55, č. 2 (2007), s. 39-41 ISSN 0015-1831 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90090514 Keywords : nationalism * cosmopolitanism * global justice * D. Miller Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  10. Maria Carolina and Marie Antoinette: Sisters and Queens in the mirror of Jacobin Public Opinion

    Cinzia Recca


    Full Text Available Marie Antoinette of Franceand Maria Carolina of Naples, both consorts, contributed to a flourishing of matronage, reproducing conceptions of royal femininity that embraced both the private and public roles they were expected to fulfil. However, while the political role of the first Queen has been largely reconsidered, her sister Maria Carolina has not yet been adjudicated impartially. This is somewhat curious, because Maria Carolina inherited from her sister the same disregard towards the Revolution and this, as perceived by the Jacobins, was duly proposed in their acrimonious criticism of her political role. This paper aims to focus on this criticism, analysing how the charges against Maria Carolina in the post-French revolutionary period, were a political duplication of the Jacobin attacks on Marie Antoinette from 1791 onwards. From this point of view, the paper will focus on the portrait of Maria Carolina in 1793 revolutionary Parisby Giuseppe Gorani, an Italian Jacobin noble. His Mémoires Secrets – where Maria Carolina was represented as a wicked woman in the same terms previously employed to denounce her sister Marie Antoinette by the French Republicans – was well known across Italy. This subject dominated the main pamphlets and brochures published in Naples in 1799, during the brief duration of the Neapolitan Republic, because it legitimised the rebellion against the monarchy. After the fall of the Neapolitan Republic, the political attacks on Maria Carolina continued likewise in France, where many Neapolitan patriots were obliged to flee. Analysing  Giuseppe Gorani’s Mémoires we gather that the portrait of Marie Antoinette’s sister was painted according to the main stereotypes of  French revolutionary political culture.

  11. Philologie im Horizont der Geschichtlichkeit von Sprache und Text: zum Tagungsband von Wulf Oesterreicher und Maria Selig

    Olaf Müller


    Full Text Available Wulf Oesterreicher und Maria Selig, Hrsg., Geschichtlichkeit von Sprache und Text: Philologien – Disziplingenese – Wissenschaftshistoriographie (Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink, 2014, 332 S.

  12. Are recent hurricane (Harvey, Irma, Maria) disasters natural?

    Trenberth, K. E.; Lijing, C.; Jacobs, P.; Abraham, J. P.


    Yes and no! Hurricanes are certainly natural, but human-caused climate change is supersizing them, and unbridled growth is exacerbating risk of major damages. The addition of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere has led to observed increases in upper ocean heat content (OHC). This human-caused increase in OHC supports higher sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and atmospheric moisture. These elevated temperatures and increased moisture availability fuel tropical storms, allowing them to grow larger, longer lasting, and more intense, and with widespread heavy rainfalls. Our preliminary analysis of OHC through the August of 2017 shows not only was it by far the highest on record globally, but it was also the highest on record in the Gulf of Mexico prior to hurricane Harvey occurring. The human influence on the climate is also evident in rising sea levels, which increases risks from storm surges. These climatic changes are taking place against a background of growing habitation along coasts, which further increases the risk storms pose to life and property. This combination of planning choice and climatic change illustrates the tragedy of global warming, as evidenced by Harvey in Houston, Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, and Maria in Puerto Rico. However, future damages and loss of life can be mitigated, by stopping or slowing human-caused climate change, and through proactive planning (e.g., better building codes, increased-capacity drainage systems, shelters, and evacuation plans). We discuss the climatic and planning contexts of the unnatural disasters of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season, including novel indices of climate-hurricane influence.


    Gustavo Schwartz


    Full Text Available O trabalho compara a diversidade estimada para sete áreas de Santa Maria, RS, com diferentes níveis de antropização, com base na abundância, similaridade e constância de 15 espécies de papilionídeos. O estudo foi realizado de Setembro de 1994 a Março de 1995, e de Novembro de 1995 a Fevereiro de 1996. As capturas foram efetuadas em intervalos médios de trinta dias, utilizando rede entomológica convencional, durante intervalos médios de 4 horas. As borboletas foram transportadas em envelopes glicinados, individualizados e etiquetados, para o laboratório do Departamento de Biologia da UFSM. Os dados sugerem que a cobertura vegetal desempenha uma função importante na distribuição e abundância dessas borboletas, e os mecanismos que agem em escalas geográficas mais amplas podem ser diferentes daqueles que atuam em escalas menores. Habitats, como capões e ambientes urbanos, representam locais favoráveis onde as borboletas podem usar esses ambientes complexos, exibindo uma norma de reação que minimiza a competição e a ação de inimigos naturais.The research has as objective to compare the esteemed diversity for seven of Santa Maria's counties, RS, Brazil, with different urbane levels, based on the study of abundance, similarity and steadiness among 15 Papilionidae species, from September 1994 to March 1995 and November 1995 to February 1996. Captures were performed in intervals of thirty days, using entomological net, during intervals of 4 hours average. The butterflies were transported in glassine envelopes, individualized, properly labeled to the Laboratory at UFSM Biology Department. The results suggest that the canopy carries out an important function in the distribution and abundance of those butterflies. The mechanisms that act in wider geographical scales can be different from those that act in smaller scales. Coppices and urban landscapes can represent locals, where butterflies can use these complex environments

  14. Validation of the Thomson, Perry and Miller (2007 Collaboration Instrument in the South African context

    Debbie Roberts


    Full Text Available Orientation: Collaboration is deemed important in today’s connected and complex business environment. People’s ability to collaborate with each other in organisations is becoming a business imperative. This study focuses on a valid measurement of collaboration within organisations. Research purpose: Thomson, Perry and Miller (2007 developed a collaboration measurement instrument in the United States. The aim of this study was to validate this instrument for a South African context. Motivation for the study: South African organisations face unique challenges that require optimal use of resources to improve business results. Effective collaboration is considered a powerful strategy to achieve this. Measuring the extent of collaboration can help to identify required changes in business practices. As far as could be established, there is no evidence of collaboration instruments developed and validated in South Africa. Research design, approach and method: Additional items were designed for further development of the Thomson, Perry and Miller (2007 Collaboration Instrument sub-scales, as suggested by the authors. The revised questionnaire consisting of 31 (17 existing, 14 new items was distributed electronically to 4200 employees in two organisations, with 343 valid responses received. Reliability and construct validity were tested, as was convergent validity of the norms factor with the Trust in Teams Scale. Main findings: The results of the study support a four-factor, 29-item model of collaboration when applied to a South African sample. Cronbach’s alpha ranged between 0.85 and 0.95. Confirmatory Factor Analysis fits were at an acceptable level. Convergent validity showed a moderate fit with the data. Practical/managerial implications: South African managers and human resources practitioners can utilise results to foster a collaborative environment. Contribution/value-add: This study builds on the theoretical concept of collaboration as

  15. In search of Archean basement from Rio Maria region, southeastern of Para State

    Macambira, M.B.; Lancelot, J.


    The Rio Maria Region, southeastern part of the Amazonian craton (Brazil), displays a typical Archaean granite-greenstone association intruded by Proterozoic granites. The greenstone is crosscut by Archaean granitoids, such as the Rio Maria granodiorite. Clear field contacts between the Xingu gneisses and the granodiorite are lacking, making it difficult to determine the stratigraphic sequence. U-Pb data for zircons from the Xingu gneiss and the Rio Maria granodiorite provide upper intercept ages of 2971 +30/ -28 Ma and 2874 +9/ -10 Ma respectively on the Concordia diagram. 2.97 Ga is the most ancient age ever obtained on zircons from gneisses of the Amazonian craton. It provides an upper limit for the beginning of the continental crust formation in this part of the craton. (author)

  16. Analyses for MARIA Research Reactor with RELAP/MOD3 code

    Szczurek, J.; Czerski, P.


    This paper deals with the application of the RELAP5/MOD3 code to the transient analyses for MARIA research reactor. Poland's MARIA Research Reactor is water and beryllium moderated, water-cooled reactor of a pool type with pressurized fuel channels containing concentric multi-tube assemblies of highly enriched uranium clad in aluminium. The RELAP5/MOD3 input data model includes the whole primary cooling circuit of the MARIA reactor. The model was qualified against the reactor data at steady state conditions and additionally against the existing reliable experimental data for a transient initiated by the reactor scram. The RELAP transient simulation was performed for loss of forced flow accidents including two scenarios with protected and unprotected (no scram) reactor core. Calculations allow estimating time margin for reactor scram initiation and reactivity feedbacks contribution to the results. (author)

  17. Performance of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears as affected by planting density

    Mateus da Silveira Pasa


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to evaluate the performance of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears at two planting densities. The experiment was carried out during the 2011/2012, 2012/2013, and 2013/2014 growing seasons, in one-year-old orchards (2011/2012 of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears, trained in a central-leader system and planted in two densities (2,000 and 4,000 trees per hectare. The assessed parameters were: production per hectare, production per tree, yield efficiency, number of fruit per tree, average fruit weight, trunk diameter increment, fruit firmness, and soluble solid contents. The cumulative yield of 'Rocha' is greater at the higher planting density, whereas the yield efficiency of 'Santa Maria' increases at the lower planting density, as the trees get more mature. Trunk diameter of 'Rocha' also increases at the lower planting density. However, fruit quality parameters in both cultivars are little affected by planting density.

  18. Virtual Astronaut for Scientific Visualization—A Prototype for Santa Maria Crater on Mars

    Edward A. Guinness


    Full Text Available To support scientific visualization of multiple-mission data from Mars, the Virtual Astronaut (VA creates an interactive virtual 3D environment built on the Unity3D Game Engine. A prototype study was conducted based on orbital and Opportunity Rover data covering Santa Maria Crater in Meridiani Planum on Mars. The VA at Santa Maria provides dynamic visual representations of the imaging, compositional, and mineralogical information. The VA lets one navigate through the scene and provides geomorphic and geologic contexts for the rover operations. User interactions include in-situ observations visualization, feature measurement, and an animation control of rover drives. This paper covers our approach and implementation of the VA system. A brief summary of the prototype system functions and user feedback is also covered. Based on external review and comments by the science community, the prototype at Santa Maria has proven the VA to be an effective tool for virtual geovisual analysis.

  19. Pietro Filippo Bernini, son of Gianlorenzo, and the mediation of the courts of Madrid and Paris for the concession of his prebend in Santa Maria Maggiore of Rome

    Margarita de Alfonso Caffarena


    Full Text Available The intervention of queen Maria Teresa of Austria at the court of Madrid resulted in the concession of a prebend to Pietro Filippo Bernini, the eldest son of Gianlorenzo and canon of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

  20. Overconfidence in Interval Estimates

    Soll, Jack B.; Klayman, Joshua


    Judges were asked to make numerical estimates (e.g., "In what year was the first flight of a hot air balloon?"). Judges provided high and low estimates such that they were X% sure that the correct answer lay between them. They exhibited substantial overconfidence: The correct answer fell inside their intervals much less than X% of the time. This…

  1. Why there is no supernatural morality: response to Miller's opening statement.

    Shermer, Michael


    If one is going to argue that objective morality depends on an Archimedean point outside the natural world, then it would seem to imply that this source is necessarily supernatural. Thus, Christian Miller begins by defining precisely who he thinks this supernatural moral law giver is: the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent creator of the universe who is still actively involved with human affairs-Elohim, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Allah-aka God. Already I'm skeptical. © 2016 New York Academy of Sciences.

  2. William Allen Miller (1817-70): a distinguished scientist re-discovered.

    Ashley-Miller, Michael


    Dr William Allen Miller developed an early interest in science and astronomy at secondary school. Although qualifying in medicine, he pursued a career in Chemistry at King's College, London. A particular interest in spectrum analysis led to a collaboration with Dr Huggins in examining the spectra of stars. For this work they each received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. His subsequent work at King's College, the Royal Society, the Courts of Law and for various Government enterprises earned him an outstanding scientific and advisory reputation.

  3. Musa's granite and Rio Maria's granodiorite Rb/Sr isotopic ages and geochemistry

    Gastal, M.C.P.; Macambira, M.J.B.; Medeiros, H.; Dall'Agnol, R.


    The Musa Granite and the Rio Maria Granodiorite are located at the eastern margin of the Amazonian craton, in the Rio Maria region, where a typical granite-greenstone terrain is characterized. Rb-Sr dating of six samples from different facies of Rio Maria Granodiorite furnished an age of 2564 ± 68 Ma with initial 87 Sr/ 86 Sr radio (IR) of 0.70288 ± 0.00092 (whole rock isochron; 1 ο error; MSWD = 2.26). Thirteen samples from the three facies of Musa Granite (monzogranites, syenogranites and intermediate to felsic hypabyssal rocks) gave Rb-Sr whole rock isochron with an age of 1692 ± 11 Ma and IR of 0.70777 ± 0.00023 (1 ο error, MSWD = 1.89). A preliminary attempt to individualize geochronologically the three facies was done resulting different ages and IRs. There is a coincidence between these ages and the emplacement sequence of these facies of the pluton. The actual meaning of the Rio Maria Granodiorite Rb-Sr age is still uncertain. It could be related to the end of the magmatic crystallization of the batholith as well as to the metamorphic-mylonitic event that affect it. Considering that the Jamon and Musa Granites are petrologically similar that they occur in the same area, it is interesting to note that latter is apparently a little older than the former. The IRs obtained for the two plutons are also not coincident. The isotopic Rb-Sr available data show that the exposed rocks of the Rio Maria Granodiorite have not been able to generate magmas with the compositions of the monzongranitic and the hypabyssal facies of the Musa pluton. On the other hand, rocks isotopically similar to the Rio Maria Granodiorite would theorically be able to generate the Jamon and a magma with the characteristics of the syenogranitic facies of the Musa pluton. (author) [pt

  4. [Maria Bogucka. Woman in the history of Europe. From antiquity till the begin of the XXist century] / Aigi Heero

    Heero, Aigi, 1971-


    Arvustus: Bogucka, Maria. Woman in the history of Europe. From antiquity till the begin of the XXist century. Warsaw, 2008. Maria Bogucka uurimus kirjeldab ülevaatlikult naiste rolli ja selle muutumist Euroopa ühiskonnas läbi aegade

  5. Review of Janet Holmes and Maria Stubbe: Power and Politeness in the Workplace: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Talk at Work

    Lønsmann, Dorte


    Review of: Janet Holmes and Maria Stubbe: Power and Politeness in the Workplace. A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Talk at Work. Second edition. London: Routledge, 2015, xv + 200 pp.......Review of: Janet Holmes and Maria Stubbe: Power and Politeness in the Workplace. A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Talk at Work. Second edition. London: Routledge, 2015, xv + 200 pp....

  6. Chemical decontamination of Santa Maria de Garona NPP recirculation loops

    Coello, R. [Santa Maria de Garona NPP - NUCLENOR, S.A. (Spain)


    Santa Maria de Garona is a boiling water reactor (BWR-3) with a Primary Containment type Mark 1. Its electrical power is 466 Mw and began its commercial operation in 1971. The plant currently operates in 24 month cycles. The reactor water recirculation system (RWRS) is composed of two independent loops. Each of them has a one stage vertical centrifugal recirculation pump, with a nominal flow of 2020 l/s, and ten jet pumps. It is worthy of mention that in 1986 it was started to inject hydrogen into the feedwater (concentration = 0,3 mg/l) in order to implement the chemical condition known as hydrogen water chemistry (HWC) in the primary circuit. The objective was to create an electrochemical potential below -230 mV in the RWRS which is assumed to be low enough to mitigate the intergranular stress corrosion cracking phenomena (IGSCC) in the sensitized austenitic stainless steels. Later, in 1994, the hydrogen concentration in the feedwater was increased to 0,9 mg/l in order to obtain the protection's ECP in the bottom of the reactor vessel. This feedwater hydrogen concentration has been maintained since then. The nature of the oxides that are formed in the RWRS is strongly affected by the electrochemical conditions (ECP) which have been maintained in this system. It is frequent to find oxides like Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3} (hematite), Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} (magnetite), NiFe{sub 2}O{sub 4} (trevorite), Cr{sub 2} FeO{sub 4} (chromite), Fe{sub 3-x-y} Cr{sub x} Ni{sub y} O{sub 4} (spinels), etc. However, it is normal to find a combination of all of them in various proportions, depending on the ECP established. Radioactive isotopes of the transition metals ({sup 60}Co, {sup 54}Mn, {sup 51}Cr, {sup 59}Fe, etc.) also participate in these oxides and contribute greatly to increase the dose rate in the circuit. The chemical decontamination processes are designed for the effective dissolution of the metallic oxides present and therefore the type of process to be applied will depend

  7. KIC 8462852: Maria Mitchell Observatory Photographic Photometry 1930 to 1985

    Castelaz, Michael; Barker, Thurburn


    KIC 8462852 is an F3V star which decreased 20% in visual brightness twice from 5 to 20 days (Boyajian et al., 2016, MNRAS, 457, 3988) in 2011 and again in 2013. New observations show decreases of a few percent in May 2017 (Waagen 2017, AAVSO Alert Notice, 579), and reanalysis of Kepler data shows a variation of 928.25 days and 22 dimming events (Kiefer et al. 2017, accepted). Photometry from the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae and the All-Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) indicate two brightening episodes and a steady decrease in magnitude of 6.3 +/- 1.4 mmag/yr (Simon et al 2017, accepted). Photometric studies from photographic plate collections include a light curve from 1338 Harvard College Observatory plates over the period 1890 to 1989 (Schaefer 2016, ApJ, 822, L34) that indicates KIC 8462852 is dimming 0.164 +/- 0.013 magnitudes per century. Hippke et al. (2016, ApJ, 825, 73) present B and V light curves from photometry from the Sonneberg Observatory photographic plate collection (Brauer and Fuhrmann 1992, Die Sterne, 68, 19) covering the period from 1934 to 1995. The light curve suggests less than 3% or 0.03 magnitude per century decrease in brightness, consistent with the ASAS light curve and Kepler data.Another consistent set of astronomical photographic plates with KIC 8462852 are in the Maria Mitchell Observatory (MMO) collection (Strelnitski 2009 in ASP Conference Series Vol. 410 p. 96). This collection is located in the Astronomical Photographic Data Archive at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. We extracted the photographic magnitudes of KIC 8462852 from 743 plates from 1930 to 1988. We chose 8 nearby comparison stars within one spectral subclass and within 0.05 magnitudes of KIC 8462852, and not identified as variables. The photometry is calibrated to the USNO B filter, closest in bandpass to the emulsion wavelength sensitivity. The light curve of KIC 8462852 suggests a trend of about 0.1 +/- 0.07 magnitudes per century decrease, an

  8. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years. Oral history of radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D., August 9 and 17, 1994


    Dr. Earl R. Miller was interviewed by representatives of US DOE Office of Human Radiation Research (OHRE). The interview covers Dr. Miller's involvement with the Manhattan Engineer District, with total body irradiation, and heavy-ion therapy. Dr. Miller's remembrances include wartime work on radiation exposure, Joe Hamilton, Neutron Therapy research, means of obtaining isotopes, consent forms, infinite laminograms, invention of a baby holder to alleviate exposure of radiological technicians in diagnostic procedures involving infants, and several personages

  9. La progettazione di nuovi spazi educativi per l’infanzia: da Ellen Key a Maria Montessori

    Tiziana Pironi


    Full Text Available The essay presents a comparison between the thought of Ellen Key and that of Maria Montessori. Changes that involved the role of women, caught in its interdependence with the development of new educational practices, were the center of the theoretical contribution of Ellen Key. Maria Montessori believed that only women work outside the home would guarantee the economic independence necessary to form a union on sentiment rather than on utilitarian calculations and therefore she did not seem to share the concerns of the Key on an increasingly massive female entry into the world of work. The paper offers an updated reflection on the work of two scholars of education.

  10. Análisis comparativo de bradyrhizobia aislados de Lupinus angustifolius y Lupinus mariae-josephi.

    Lopez, Pablo; Duran Wendt, David Ricardo; Rey Navarro, Luis; Ruiz Argüeso, Tomas-Andres


    Los altramuces (Lupinus sp.) son leguminosas con alto contenido proteico y alto valor en alimentación animal. Todas las especies de Lupinus que crecen en la Península Ibérica, incluida L. angustifolius, requieren suelos ácidos, excepto L- mariae-josephi, una especie recientemente descrita, que excepcíonalmente crece en suelos alcalinos. Se han analizado las relaciones filogenéticas entre bacterias endosimbióticas (rizobios) de L. mariae-josephi y de L. angustifolius y su posición evoluti...

  11. Performance evaluation of an irreversible Miller cycle comparing FTT (finite-time thermodynamics) analysis and ANN (artificial neural network) prediction

    Mousapour, Ashkan; Hajipour, Alireza; Rashidi, Mohammad Mehdi; Freidoonimehr, Navid


    In this paper, the first and second-laws efficiencies are applied to performance analysis of an irreversible Miller cycle. In the irreversible cycle, the linear relation between the specific heat of the working fluid and its temperature, the internal irreversibility described using the compression and expansion efficiencies, the friction loss computed according to the mean velocity of the piston and the heat-transfer loss are considered. The effects of various design parameters, such as the minimum and maximum temperatures of the working fluid and the compression ratio on the power output and the first and second-laws efficiencies of the cycle are discussed. In the following, a procedure named ANN is used for predicting the thermal efficiency values versus the compression ratio, and the minimum and maximum temperatures of the Miller cycle. Nowadays, Miller cycle is widely used in the automotive industry and the obtained results of this study will provide some significant theoretical grounds for the design optimization of the Miller cycle. - Highlights: • The performance of an irreversible Miller cycle is investigated using FFT. • The effects of design parameters on the performance of the cycle are investigated. • ANN is applied to predict the thermal efficiency and the power output values. • There is an excellent correlation between FTT and ANN data. • ANN can be applied to predict data where FTT analysis has not been performed.

  12. I teoremi di Modigliani-Miller: una pietra miliare della finanza (The theorems of Modigliani-Miller: a cornerstone of finance

    Marco Pagano


    Full Text Available The theorems of Modigliani and Miller (MM is a cornerstone of finance for two reasons.The first is substantial and is derived from the nature of "propositions irrelevant": they identify a case in which the financial structure and dividend policy will not affect the value of firms, and in doing so give us a clear point of reference to understand instead what circumstances these decisions affect the value of firms, and why. In fact, the whole subsequent evolution of corporate finance has explored the consequences of removing the assumptions of MM. The second reason for the importance of the fundamental theorems of MM is methodological: they have been demonstrated with a reasoning based arbitrage, which has set a precedent not only in the area of ​​corporate finance but also in that of the determination of prices of financial securities. I teoremi di Modigliani e Miller (MM sono una pietra miliare della finanza per due ragioni. La prima è sostanziale e deriva dalla loro natura di “proposizioni di irrilevanza”: essi individuano un caso in cui la struttura finanziaria e la politica dei dividendi non influiscono sul valore delle imprese, e così facendo ci danno un chiaro punto di riferimento per capire in quali circostanze invece queste decisioni influiscono sul valore delle imprese, e perché. In effetti, l’intera evoluzione successiva della finanza aziendale ha esplorato le conseguenze della rimozione delle ipotesi di MM. La seconda ragione dell’importanza fondamentale dei teoremi di MM è di tipo metodologico: essi sono stati dimostrati con un ragionamento basato sull’arbitraggio, il che ha stabilito un precedente non solo nel campo della finanza aziendale ma anche e soprattutto in quello della determinazione dei prezzi dei titoli finanziari.  JEL Codes: G32, G35Keywords: struttura finanziaria; politica dei dividendi; valore delle imprese

  13. Applications of interval computations

    Kreinovich, Vladik


    Primary Audience for the Book • Specialists in numerical computations who are interested in algorithms with automatic result verification. • Engineers, scientists, and practitioners who desire results with automatic verification and who would therefore benefit from the experience of suc­ cessful applications. • Students in applied mathematics and computer science who want to learn these methods. Goal Of the Book This book contains surveys of applications of interval computations, i. e. , appli­ cations of numerical methods with automatic result verification, that were pre­ sented at an international workshop on the subject in EI Paso, Texas, February 23-25, 1995. The purpose of this book is to disseminate detailed and surveyed information about existing and potential applications of this new growing field. Brief Description of the Papers At the most fundamental level, interval arithmetic operations work with sets: The result of a single arithmetic operation is the set of all possible results as the o...

  14. Conservation of Endangered Lupinus mariae-josephae in Its Natural Habitat by Inoculation with Selected, Native Bradyrhizobium Strains

    Navarro, Albert; Fos, Simón; Laguna, Emilio; Durán, David; Rey, Luis; Rubio-Sanz, Laura; Imperial, Juan; Ruiz-Argüeso, Tomás


    Lupinus mariae-josephae is a recently discovered endemism that is only found in alkaline-limed soils, a unique habitat for lupines, from a small area in Valencia region (Spain). In these soils, L. mariae-josephae grows in just a few defined patches, and previous conservation efforts directed towards controlled plant reproduction have been unsuccessful. We have previously shown that L. mariae-josephae plants establish a specific root nodule symbiosis with bradyrhizobia present in those soils, and we reasoned that the paucity of these bacteria in soils might contribute to the lack of success in reproducing plants for conservation purposes. Greenhouse experiments using L. mariae-josephae trap-plants showed the absence or near absence of L. mariae-josephae-nodulating bacteria in “terra rossa” soils of Valencia outside of L. mariae-josephae plant patches, and in other “terra rossa” or alkaline red soils of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands outside of the Valencia L. mariae-josephae endemism region. Among the bradyrhizobia able to establish an efficient symbiosis with L. mariae-josephae plants, two strains, LmjC and LmjM3 were selected as inoculum for seed coating. Two planting experiments were carried out in consecutive years under natural conditions in areas with edapho-climatic characteristics identical to those sustaining natural L. mariae-josephae populations, and successful reproduction of the plant was achieved. Interestingly, the successful reproductive cycle was absolutely dependent on seedling inoculation with effective bradyrhizobia, and optimal performance was observed in plants inoculated with LmjC, a strain that had previously shown the most efficient behavior under controlled conditions. Our results define conditions for L. mariae-josephae conservation and for extension to alkaline-limed soil habitats, where no other known lupine can thrive. PMID:25019379

  15. Pornografia e transgressão na obra literária de Henry Miller

    Raquel Catunda Pereira


    Full Text Available The North American writer Henry Miller was marginalized by literary critics since the first publications of his works in the 40s. Accused of being a pornographic text, the book Tropic of Cancer (1934 was forbidden in many countries. This article aims to analyze the obscene in Henry Miller’s work to prove that, beyond the erotic intention, Miller’s books are an expression of freedom and rejection of moral standards. In order to achieve our goal, we will use as theoretical basis the articles Criticismo e sexualidade: uma leitura de Tropico of Capricorn de Henry Miller, by Flávia Andréa Rodrigues Benfatt, and Literatura marginal americana: do épico confessional ao niilismo erótico, by Lainister de Oliveira. The texts mentioned above grant us the argumentation necessary to the analysis of pornographic discourse in Henry Miller’s literary works as the author’s aesthetics choice of taking himself as a transgressor in a decadent society.

  16. Compensation of the detector capacitance presented to charge-sensitive preamplifiers using the Miller effect

    Kwon, Inyong, E-mail: [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Kang, Taehoon, E-mail: [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Wells, Byron T., E-mail: [Galt LLC, Ypsilanti, MI (United States); D’Aries, Lawrence J., E-mail: [Picatinny Arsenal, Rockaway Township, NJ (United States); Hammig, Mark D., E-mail: [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States)


    This paper describes an integrated circuit design for a modified charge-sensitive amplifier (CSA) that compensates for the effect of capacitance presented by nuclear radiation detectors and other sensors. For applications that require large area semiconductor detectors or for those semiconductor sensors derived from high permittivity materials such as PbSe, the detector capacitance can degrade the system gain and bandwidth of a front-end preamplifier, resulting in extended rise times and attenuated output voltage signals during pulse formation. In order to suppress the effect of sensor capacitance, we applied a bootstrap technique into a traditional CSA. The technique exploits the Miller effect by reducing the effective voltage difference between the two sides of a radiation detector which minimizes the capacitance presented to the differential common-source amplifier. This new configuration is successfully designed to produce effective gain even at high detector capacitance. The entire circuit, including a core CSA with feedback components and a bootstrap amplifier, are implemented in a 0.18 μm CMOS process with a 3.3 V supply voltage. - Highlights: • A modified CSA was implemented for detector capacitance compensation. • Increasing detector capacitance degrades gain and rise time. • A bootstrap amplifier exploiting the Miller effect is described. • It allows using large area radiation sensors for high radiation-interaction rates. • Intensive noise analyses show that SNR is much better with the technique.

  17. Concentrated nesting of mallards and gadwalls on Miller Lake Island, North Dakota

    Duebbert, H.F.; Lokemoen, J.T.; Sharp, D.E.


    Island-nesting mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and gadwalls (A. strepera) were studied on a 4.5-ha island in 385-ha Miller Lake in northwestern North Dakota during 1976-80. During the 5-year study, 2,561 duck nests of 9 species were found on Island A located 180 m offshore; 59% were mallard and 34% were gadwall. In patches of shrub cover, which contained the greatest concentrations of nests, densities ranged from 241 to 389 mallard nests/ha and from 139 to 237 gadwall nests/ha. Over 97% of the nests were placed in 4 patches of shrubs totaling about 1 ha of western snowberry (Symphoricarpos occidentalis)--Woods rose (Rosa woodsii) cover, which composed about 30% of the island's vegetation. Average hatching success was 85% for clutches of all species. Abandonment averaged 14% (348 of 2,426 nests) and was the major cause of egg failure. Only 15 nests (eggs in successful nests averaged 83% for mallards and 87% for gadwalls. Despite the close spacing of nests, most individual hens maintained normal nesting regimes. Eighty-one percent of the mallard clutches contained 7-13 eggs and 81% of the gadwall clutches contained 8-14 eggs. Island A in Miller Lake provides an outstanding example of the potential for high reproduction levels of mallards and gadwalls nesting in small areas of predator-free habitats.

  18. 75 FR 81846 - Expansion of the Santa Maria Valley Viticultural Area


    ... decision. SUMMARY: This Treasury decision expands the Santa Maria Valley viticultural area in Santa Barbara... may purchase. DATES: Effective Date: January 28, 2011. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Elisabeth C... origin of their wines to consumers and helps consumers to identify wines they may purchase. Establishment...

  19. [Mida väärtustada ja arendada koolis...] / Maria Tiro

    Tiro, Maria


    Mida väärtustada ja arendada koolis ajal, mil Eesti paljudes paikades õpilaste arv väheneb ning inimesed koonduvad linnade ümbrusesse? Rae valla näite põhjal Jüri Gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro

  20. Tradition and progress, future and past in the novels of Maria Messina

    Maria Messina scrisse i suoi romanzi tra il 1920 e il 1928, quando il fascismo aveva troncato l'emancipazione femminile e rinforzato le strutture patriarcali. I suoi personaggi femminili rispecchiano i conflitti dell'epoca, divisi tra i richiami contrastanti della tradizione e del progresso, di passato e futuro. Nei primi romanzi le ...

  1. Tänuvõla tasumine kosimisega : Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald + Maria Lisabeth Saedler / Oskar Kruus

    Kruus, Oskar, 1929-2007


    Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald ja Maria Lisabeth Saedler. Kirjutises on kasutatud Gustav Suitsu ja Endel Nirgi uurimusi. Ilmunud ka kogumikus: Kruus, Oskar. Kakskümmend üks pulma ja üksteist surma. Tln. : Faatum, 2003, lk. 7-11

  2. Een wraakzuchtige Maria - Boliviaanse vrouwen over lijden en woede door huiselijk geweld

    Derks, S.W.; Heessels, M.


    Huiselijk geweld en de omgang hiermee in Latijns-Amerika wordt in onderzoek vaak in verband gebracht met de genderstereotypen machismo en marianismo. Machismo is een vorm van agressieve mannelijkheid en marianismo staat - met de Maagd Maria als rolmodel - voor een passieve en lijdzame vorm van

  3. Distribution and stratigraphy of basaltic units in Maria Tranquillitatis and Fecunditatis: A Clementine perspective

    Rajmon, D.; Spudis, P.


    Maria Tranquillitatis and Fecunditatis have been mapped based on Clementine image mosaics and derived iron and titanium maps. Impact craters served as stratigraphic probes enabling better delineation of compositionally different basaltic units, determining the distribution of subsurface basalts, and providing estimates of total basalt thickness and the thickness of the surface units. Collected data indicate that volcanism in these maria started with the eruption of low-Ti basalts and evolved toward medium- and high-Ti basalts. Some of the high-Ti basalts in Mare Tranquillitatis began erupting early and were contemporaneous with the low- and medium-Ti basalts; these units form the oldest units exposed on the mare surface. Mare Tranquillitatis is mostly covered with high- Ti basalts. In Mare Fecunditatis, the volume of erupting basalts clearly decreased as the Ti content increased, and the high-Ti basalts occur as a few patches on the mare surface. The basalt in both maria is on the order of several hundred meters thick and locally may be as thick as 1600 m. The new basalt thickness estimates generally fall within the range set by earlier studies, although locally differ. The medium- to high-Ti basalts exposed at the surfaces of both maria are meters to tens of meters thick.

  4. A model of female freedom: Maria Occhipinti’s «Una donna libera»

    Milagro Martín Clavijo


    Full Text Available Maria Occhipinti (1921-1996 has been recorded in Sicilian history as emblem of Sicilian women’s protest in the mid-forties, events she narrates in Una donna di Ragusa. In her posthumous work Una donna libera Maria sums up her life from those years just to the time before her death: it is the autobiography of a self-taught woman that was, despite everything and everyone, a free woman slave to nothing – nor political ideas, nor a comfortable and bourgeois life – or anyone – family or love –, always coherent with her ideals and ready to fight for the fundamental human rights. Una donna libera tells us the story of a pilgrim in the world, a rebel, a rather difficult woman, uncomfortable for institutions and people, including intellectuals. Maria Occhipinti will become only in the XXI century a model to be followed by other women. Received: 27/05/2013 / Accepted: 20/06/2013 How to reference this article Martín Clavijo, M. (2014. Un modelo de libertad femenino: «Una donna libera» de Maria Occhipinti. Espacio, Tiempo y Educación, 1(1, pp. 115-132. doi:

  5. 75 FR 9827 - Proposed Expansion of the Santa Maria Valley Viticultural Area (2008R-287P)


    ...,'' by Harry P. Bailey, University of California Press, 1966). The maritime fringe climate derives from... California Press, 1975.) Soils: According to the petition, the current Santa Maria Valley viticultural area... viticultural area in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, California, by 18,790 acres. We designate...

  6. Surveillance test interval optimization

    Cepin, M.; Mavko, B.


    Technical specifications have been developed on the bases of deterministic analyses, engineering judgment, and expert opinion. This paper introduces our risk-based approach to surveillance test interval (STI) optimization. This approach consists of three main levels. The first level is the component level, which serves as a rough estimation of the optimal STI and can be calculated analytically by a differentiating equation for mean unavailability. The second and third levels give more representative results. They take into account the results of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) calculated by a personal computer (PC) based code and are based on system unavailability at the system level and on core damage frequency at the plant level

  7. Long-wavelength Radar Studies of the Lunar Maria

    Campbell, Bruce A.; Hawke, B. Ray; Thompson, Thomas W.


    Radar measurements at 70 cm and 7.5 m wavelengths provide insight into the structure and chemical properties of the upper 5-100 m of the lunar regolith and crust. Past work has identified a number of anomalous regions and changes in echo strength, some attributed to differences in titanium content. There has been little opportunity, however, to compare calibrated long-wavelength backscatter among different units or to theoretical model results. We combine recent high-resolution (3-5 km) 70-cm radar data for the nearside with earlier calibrated full-disk observations to provide a reasonable estimate of the true lunar backscatter coefficient. These data are tested against models for quasi-specular scattering from the surface, echoes from a buried substrate, and Mie scattering from surface and buried rocks. We find that 70 cm echoes likely arise from Mie scattering by distributed rocks within the soil, consistent with earlier hypotheses. Returns from a buried substrate would provide a plausible fit to the observations only if the regolith depth were 3 m or less and varied little across the maria. Depolarized echoes are due to some combination of single and multiple scattering events, but it appears that single scattering alone could account for the observed echo power, based on comparisons with terrestrial rocky surfaces. Backscatter strength from the regolith is most strongly affected by the loss tangent, whose variation with mineral content is still poorly defined. We compared the backscatter values for the mare deposits to the oxide contents inferred from spectral ratio methods, and found that in general the unit boundaries evident in radar images closely follow those seen in color difference images. The 70-cm data are not well correlated with TiO2 values found using the Charette relationship nor with Fe abundances derived from Clementine observations. The lack of a relationship between radar echo and Fe content is reasonable given the distribution of iron among

  8. Litterfall Production Prior to and during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Four Puerto Rican Forests

    Xianbin Liu


    Full Text Available Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck Puerto Rico on the 6th and 20th of September 2017, respectively. These two powerful Cat 5 hurricanes severely defoliated forest canopy and deposited massive amounts of litterfall in the forests across the island. We established a 1-ha research plot in each of four forests (Guánica State Forest, Río Abajo State Forest, Guayama Research Area and Luquillo Experiment Forest before September 2016, and had collected one full year data of litterfall production prior to the arrival of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Hurricane-induced litterfall was collected within one week after Hurricane Irma, and within two weeks after Hurricane Maria. Each litterfall sample was sorted into leaves, wood (branches and barks, reproductive organs (flowers, fruits and seeds and miscellaneous materials (mostly dead animal bodies or feces after oven-drying to constant weight. Annual litterfall production prior to the arrival of Hurricanes Irma and Maria varied from 4.68 to 25.41 Mg/ha/year among the four forests, and annual litterfall consisted of 50–81% leaffall, 16–44% woodfall and 3–6% fallen reproductive organs. Hurricane Irma severely defoliated the Luquillo Experimental Forest, but had little effect on the other three forests, whereas Hurricane Maria defoliated all four forests. Total hurricane-induced litterfall from Hurricanes Irma and Maria amounted to 95–171% of the annual litterfall production, with leaffall and woodfall from hurricanes amounting to 63–88% and 122–763% of their corresponding annual leaffall and woodfall, respectively. Hurricane-induced litterfall consisted of 30–45% leaves and 55–70% wood. Our data showed that Hurricanes Irma and Maria deposited a pulse of litter deposition equivalent to or more than the total annual litterfall input with at least a doubled fraction of woody materials. This pulse of hurricane-induced debris and elevated proportion of woody component may trigger changes in

  9. Chaos on the interval

    Ruette, Sylvie


    The aim of this book is to survey the relations between the various kinds of chaos and related notions for continuous interval maps from a topological point of view. The papers on this topic are numerous and widely scattered in the literature; some of them are little known, difficult to find, or originally published in Russian, Ukrainian, or Chinese. Dynamical systems given by the iteration of a continuous map on an interval have been broadly studied because they are simple but nevertheless exhibit complex behaviors. They also allow numerical simulations, which enabled the discovery of some chaotic phenomena. Moreover, the "most interesting" part of some higher-dimensional systems can be of lower dimension, which allows, in some cases, boiling it down to systems in dimension one. Some of the more recent developments such as distributional chaos, the relation between entropy and Li-Yorke chaos, sequence entropy, and maps with infinitely many branches are presented in book form for the first time. The author gi...

  10. Compensator design using the par scientific miller and ADAC Pinnacle tps

    Arthur, G.; White, S.


    Full text: Ideal compensators are designed so that a uniform dose is given to a specific plane within the treatment volume despite variation in surface contour and non-homogeneity within the volume. Traditionally our department has designed compensators based on missing tissue alone and using lead sheet. We have now acquired a Par Scientific compensator miller and ADAC Pinnacle compensator design software. This poster sets out the investigations carried out to design compensators using this equipment. The investigation consisted of four parts. Part one was an evaluation of the Par Scientific miller's ability to accurately and to reproducibly mill various shapes from foam and cerrobend. It also included an examination of the effects due to varying the parameter options available in the software and the use of substitute milling bits. The second part was the choice of material to be used for the compensator. The following were investigated for moulds: steel grit; steel shot and cerrobend and for direct milling: cerrobend. Part three consisted of an investigation into the effects on compensator design with changes in the many parameter options available in ADAC software. For the final part compensators were designed using the ADAC software for both a Head and Neck, and a Mantle case. The compensators were made using the Par Scientific miller. This consisted of milling the required shape in foam and then filling it with cerrobend. TLDs were used to evaluate the compensators. Evaluation consisted of examining the uniformity of dose in the selected plane. The compensators were also compared to the traditional method for the same cases. Finally a comparison was made of the measured dose with that calculated by the ADAC Pinnacle planning system. The Par Scientific was found to be accurate and consistent, however not suitable for milling solid cerrobend directly. Investigations so far have shown that the use of molten cerrobend poured into milled foam moulds is the most

  11. Interval methods: An introduction

    Achenie, L.E.K.; Kreinovich, V.; Madsen, Kaj


    This chapter contains selected papers presented at the Minisymposium on Interval Methods of the PARA'04 Workshop '' State-of-the-Art in Scientific Computing ''. The emphasis of the workshop was on high-performance computing (HPC). The ongoing development of ever more advanced computers provides...... the potential for solving increasingly difficult computational problems. However, given the complexity of modern computer architectures, the task of realizing this potential needs careful attention. A main concern of HPC is the development of software that optimizes the performance of a given computer....... An important characteristic of the computer performance in scientific computing is the accuracy of the Computation results. Often, we can estimate this accuracy by using traditional statistical techniques. However, in many practical situations, we do not know the probability distributions of different...

  12. Multichannel interval timer

    Turko, B.T.


    A CAMAC based modular multichannel interval timer is described. The timer comprises twelve high resolution time digitizers with a common start enabling twelve independent stop inputs. Ten time ranges from 2.5 μs to 1.3 μs can be preset. Time can be read out in twelve 24-bit words either via CAMAC Crate Controller or an external FIFO register. LSB time calibration is 78.125 ps. An additional word reads out the operational status of twelve stop channels. The system consists of two modules. The analog module contains a reference clock and 13 analog time stretchers. The digital module contains counters, logic and interface circuits. The timer has an excellent differential linearity, thermal stability and crosstalk free performance

  13. Experimenting with musical intervals

    Lo Presto, Michael C.


    When two tuning forks of different frequency are sounded simultaneously the result is a complex wave with a repetition frequency that is the fundamental of the harmonic series to which both frequencies belong. The ear perceives this 'musical interval' as a single musical pitch with a sound quality produced by the harmonic spectrum responsible for the waveform. This waveform can be captured and displayed with data collection hardware and software. The fundamental frequency can then be calculated and compared with what would be expected from the frequencies of the tuning forks. Also, graphing software can be used to determine equations for the waveforms and predict their shapes. This experiment could be used in an introductory physics or musical acoustics course as a practical lesson in superposition of waves, basic Fourier series and the relationship between some of the ear's subjective perceptions of sound and the physical properties of the waves that cause them.

  14. Aleksei Miller ja "uus impeeriumi ajalugu" / Toomas Karjahärm

    Karjahärm, Toomas, 1944-


    Arvustus: Миллер, Алексей. Империя Романовых и национализм : эссе по методологии исторического исследования. Москва : Новое Литературное Обозрение, 2008. (Historica Rossica). Polüetnilisi impeeriume eelistab Miller käsitleda mitte regionaalsete, vaid situatiivsete kategooriatega

  15. Miller-Fisher Syndrome: Are Anti-GAD Antibodies Implicated in Its Pathophysiology?

    Ioannis E. Dagklis


    Full Text Available Miller-Fisher syndrome (MFS is considered as a variant of the Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS and its characteristic clinical features are ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia. Typically, it is associated with anti-GQ1b antibodies; however, a significant percentage (>10% of these patients are seronegative. Here, we report a 67-year-old female patient who presented with the typical clinical features of MFS. Workup revealed antibodies against glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD in relatively high titers while GQ1b antibodies were negative. Neurological improvement was observed after intravenous gamma globulin and follow-up examinations showed a continuous clinical amelioration with simultaneous decline of anti-GAD levels which finally returned to normal values. This case indicates that anti-GAD antibodies may be associated with a broader clinical spectrum and future studies in GQ1b-seronegative patients could determine ultimately their clinical and pathogenetic significance in this syndrome.


    Cem Baltacioglu


    Full Text Available Effects of slice thickness of quince (Cydonia oblonga Miller , microwave incident power and air drying temperature on antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of quince were investigated during drying in microwave and air drying. Optimum conditions were found to be: i for microwave drying, 285 W and 4.14 mm thick (maximum antioxidant activity and 285 W and 6.85 mm thick (maximum total phenolic content, and ii for air drying, 75 ºC and 1.2 mm thick (both maximum antioxidant activity and total phenolic content. Drying conditions were optimized by using the response surface methodology. 13 experiments were carried out considering incident microwave powers from 285 to 795 W, air temperature from 46 to 74 ºC and slice thickness from 1.2 to 6.8 mm.

  17. Acetylcholine causes rooting in leaf explants of in vitro raised tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) seedlings.

    Bamel, Kiran; Gupta, Shrish Chandra; Gupta, Rajendra


    The animal neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) induces rooting and promotes secondary root formation in leaf explants of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller var. Pusa Ruby), cultured in vitro on Murashige and Skoog's medium. The roots originate from the midrib of leaf explants and resemble taproot. ACh at 10(-5) M was found to be the optimum over a wide range of effective concentrations between 10(-7) and 10(-3) M. The breakdown products, choline and acetate were ineffective even at 10(-3) M concentration. ACh appears to have a natural role in tomato rhizogenesis because exogenous application of neostigmine, an inhibitor of ACh hydrolysis, could mimic the effect of ACh. Neostigmine, if applied in combination with ACh, potentiated the ACh effect.

  18. Was R (Miller v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union correctly decided?

    Jacob M. Nolan


    Full Text Available Jacob M. Nolan gives a timely examination of the case of R (on the application of Miller and Dos Santos v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – arguably amongst the most important cases on constitutional law decided by the UK Supreme Court. In this landmark case the Supreme Court was required to rule on whether the UK Government (the executive could trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union without the authorisation of an Act of Parliament, through the use of the Crown’s prerogative. On an 8 – 3 majority, with Lords Reed, Carnwath, and Hughes dissenting, the Supreme Court upheld the previous High Court ruling that an Act of Parliament was first required.

  19. Concentrations of uranium and thorium isotopes in uranium millers' and miners' tissues

    Wrenn, M.E.; Singh, N.P.; Paschoa, A.S.; Lloyd, R.D.; Saccomanno, G.


    The alpha-emitting isotopes of uranium and thorium were determined in the lungs of 14 former uranium miners and in soft tissues and bones of three miners and two millers. These radionuclides were also determined in soft tissues and bones of seven normal controls. The average concentrations in pCi/kg wet weight in 17 former miners' lungs are as follows: 238 U, 75; 234 U, 80; 230 Th, 79. Concentrations of each nuclide ranged from 2 to 325 pCi/kg. The average ratio of 238 U/ 234 U was 0.92, ranging from 0.64 to 1.06. The mean ratio of 230 Th/ 234 U was 1.04, ranging from 0.33 to 3.54. The near equilibrium between 230 Th and /sup 238,234/U indicates that the rate of elimination of uranium and thorium from lungs is the same in former uranium miners. The concentrations of 234 U and 238 U were highest in lung; however, the concentration of 230 Th in bones was either higher than or comparable to its concentration in lung. The concentration ratios of 230 Th/ 234 U in bone of uranium miners and millers measured in our laboratory have been compared with results predicted by ICRP-30 metabolic models. These results indicate that the ICRP metabolic models for thorium and uranium were only marginally successful in predicting the ratio of 230 Th/ 234 U in bones, and that effective release rate of uranium from skeleton may be more rapid than predicted by the ICRP model. 9 figs., 21 tabs


    Bihter AKINOĞLU


    Full Text Available Background: Miller-Fisher syndrome (MFS is characterized by gait ataxia, external ophtalmoplegia and areflexia and thought as an uncommon variant of Guillain Barre syndrome. Miller-Fisher syndrome is observed in about 5-8% of all Guillain Barre syndrome (GBS cases. In MFS patients, spontaneous improvement was observed in the first 3 months and these improvements were started by the 2nd week. Methods: This case was referred to physiotherapy and rehabilitation program at the 4th week since the appropriate medical treatments were unsuccessful after the attack. The patient was evaluated generally before physiotherapy program, and muscle length, strength loss, deep tendon reflexes, postural impairments and daily difficult activities and positions were assessed. Besides, the desired daily activities were identified by The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM. Treatment program was adjusted according to the patient and changes during treatment period were observed. Physiotherapy program included classical physiotherapy methods: posture correction, correction of short muscles, muscle strengthening, flexibility increase, balance/coordination, sitting and standing functions and walking improvement and climbing up stairs. Results: After the treatment, lower extremity muscle shortness decreased and muscle strength, standing on one foot duration, independent walk speed increased in time. Before treatment, he could not climbing upstairs, but it was achieved 1 year after the treatment. Berg balance score increased in time and his most desired activities by COPM (10/10 were could be performed after the treatment. Conclusion: The case improved with physiotherapy and rehabilitation program gradually with years.In the treatment of MFS patients, physiotherapy and rehabilitation being part of the treatment will be useful.

  1. Teod / Mihhail Gerts ; interv. Heili Vaus-Tamm

    Gerts, Mihhail, 1984-


    Tallinna Filharmoonia egiidi all toimunud eesti ooperitrupi esinemisest Moskvas ja Peterburis, kus esitati Mihhail Gertsi juhatusel Piazolla tango-ooperit "Maria de Buenos Aires", lavastaja Peeter Volkonski

  2. Fire Frequency Effects on Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris P. Miller) Vegetation in South Carolina and Northeast Florida, USA

    Jeff S. Glitzenstein; Donna R. Streng; Dale D. Wade


    Southeastern United States habitats dominated by longleaf pine (Pinus pulutris P. Miller) have declined precipitously in area and extent. Conservation of diverse ground-layer vegetation in these endangered habitats depends on prescribed fire. While the need for prescribed fire is now generally accepted, there is disagreement concerning the most...

  3. Johannes Miller o výzdobě Auly olomoucké univerzity v letech 1718 - 1719

    Dolejší, Kateřina

    -, č. 294 (2007), s. 81-84 ISSN 1212-1134 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA408/03/0059 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Baroque wall painting * Olomouc University * Johannes Miller Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  4. Charles Miller Fisher: the 65th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking study "Transient Monocular Blindness Associated with Hemiplegia".

    Araújo, Tiago Fernando Souza de; Lange, Marcos; Zétola, Viviane H; Massaro, Ayrton; Teive, Hélio A G


    Charles Miller Fisher is considered the father of modern vascular neurology and one of the giants of neurology in the 20th century. This historical review emphasizes Prof. Fisher's magnificent contribution to vascular neurology and celebrates the 65th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking study, "Transient Monocular Blindness Associated with Hemiplegia."

  5. Colesterolemia, trigliceridemia e excesso de peso em escolares de Santa Maria, RS, Brasil Blood lipids abnormalities and overweight prevalence in students of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

    Cláudia Cruz Lunardi


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O nível de colesterol na infância é um preditor do nível de colesterol na vida adulta. As consequências do colesterol elevado, somadas a outros fatores de risco constituem problema mundial de saúde pública. OBJETIVO: Estimar a prevalência de hipercolesterolemia, hipertrigliceridemia e excesso de peso em estudantes do município de Santa Maria-RS. Métodos: Estudo transversal com 374 crianças de 10 a 12 anos de idade, de escolas das redes pública e privada, realizado no segundo semestre de 2005 na cidade de Santa Maria-RS. Foram determinados os níveis de colesterol total, triglicerídeos e estado nutricional. RESULTADOS: As prevalências de hipercolesterolemia, hipertrigliceridemia e excesso de peso encontradas foram de 4,7%, 8,9% e 20,7%, respectivamente. Não houve diferença significante entre sexo e rede pública e privada. As crianças com excesso de peso apresentaram maior prevalência de alterações lipídicas. CONCLUSÕES: A prevalência de alterações lipídicas pode ser considerada baixa, mas a prevalência de excesso de peso dos estudantes de Santa Maria mostrou-se relativamente alta, alertando à importância de políticas públicas e à necessidade de assistência pediátrica nessa faixa etária, visando o seu diagnóstico precoce e, principalmente, o aconselhamento nutricional e incentivo à prática esportiva, uma vez que as dislipidemias e o excesso de peso têm sido apontados como fatores de risco para as doenças cardiovasculares.INTRODUCTION: Cholesterol level in childhood is a predictor of cholesterol level in adult life. The consequences of high cholesterol levels summed to other risk factors constitute a worldwide public health problem. OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of blood lipid abnormalities and overweight among school students of the city of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil. Methods: A cross-sectional study with 374 children, aged between 10 and 12 years, from public and private schools of the


    Apoorva Mahendera


    Full Text Available CONTEXT Previous studies suggest glottic view is better achieved with straight blades while tracheal intubation is easier with curved blades and videolaryngoscope is better than conventional laryngoscope. AIMS Comparison of conventional laryngoscope (Macintosh blade and Miller blade with channelled videolaryngoscope (King Vision TM with respect to laryngeal visualisation and difficulty in endotracheal intubation. SETTINGS AND DESIGN This prospective randomised comparative study was conducted at a tertiary care hospital (in ASA I and ASA II patients after approval from the Institutional Ethics Committee. METHODS We compared Macintosh, Miller, and the King VisionTM videolaryngoscope for glottic visualisation and ease of tracheal intubation. Patients undergoing elective surgeries under general anaesthesia requiring endotracheal intubation were randomly divided into three groups (N=180. After induction of anaesthesia, laryngoscopy was performed and trachea intubated. We recorded visualisation of glottis (Cormack-Lehane grade-CL, ease of intubation, number of attempts, need to change blade, and need for external laryngeal manipulation. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS Demographic data, Mandibular length, Mallampati classification were compared using ANOVA, Chi-square test, Kruskal-Wallis Test, where P value <0.005 is statically significant. RESULTS CL grade 1 was most often observed in King Vision -TM VL group (90% which is followed by Miller (28.33%, and Macintosh group (15%. We found intubation was to be easier (grade 1 with King Vision -TM VL group (73.33%, followed by Macintosh (38.33%, and Miller group (1.67%. External manipulation (BURP was needed more frequently in patients in Miller group (71.67%, followed by Macintosh (28.33% and in King Vision -TM VL group (6.67%. All (100% patients were intubated in the 1 st attempt with King Vision -TM VL group, followed by Macintosh group (90% and Miller group (58.33%. CONCLUSIONS In patients with normal airway

  7. Comments on: understanding the Larson--Miller parameter, by F.T. Furillo, S. Purushothaman and J. K. Tien

    DiMelfi, R.J.


    The Larson--Miller parameter has been a useful tool in the handling of creep rupture data. Essentially, this is because, as an empirical scheme, it has so often been successful at correlating such data for a wide range of experimental conditions. Its use has proved invaluable to studies of nuclear fuel cladding embrittlement in reactor environments under diverse loading conditions. The kind of master plot that is generated through the use of this parameter is very helpful for predicting low stress-long time rupture behavior. The basic premise behind the success of the Larson--Miller method lies in the fortuitous elimination of one of the two independent variables that can be controlled during a creep test: the absolute temperature T and the applied stress sigma. When a test sample is stressed at temperature, it will fail after a time t/sub r/, depending upon the values of some unspecified, and usually unknown, material parameters. Larson and Miller (2) presented a simple expression involving these creep rupture variables which is only a function of the applied stress: LMP = T(C+log tr) = f(sigma). The quantity C is specified as a material constant, but is roughly 20 for a wide variety of commercial alloys. The elimination of the temperature dependence allows one to construct master rupture curves. This is the power of the Larson--Miller method. Once the function F(sigma) is determined graphically, regardless of its algebraic form, the stress is needed in order to know LMP. Knowing LMP, one can calculate t/sub r/ as a function of temperature. The paper under discussion does not serve to further an understanding of this useful empirical parameter. In fact, their derivation leads to a parameter similar in form to Larson and Miller's, except that it is a function of both stress and temperature, thereby defeating the purpose of the method

  8. Análise de distribuição de chuva para Santa Maria, RS Analysis of rainfall distribution for Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

    Joel C. da Silva


    Full Text Available O estudo em pauta teve como objetivo analisar a distribuição da quantidade diária de precipitação e do número de dias com chuva e determinar a variação da probabilidade de ocorrência de precipitação diária, durante os meses do ano, em Santa Maria, RS. Os dados de precipitação utilizados foram obtidos durante 36 anos de observação, na Estação Climatológica do 8º Distrito de Meteorologia, localizada na Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (29º 43' 23" de latitude Sul e 53º 43' 15" de longitude Oeste, altitude 95 m. Analisaram-se as seguintes funções de distribuição de probabilidade: gama, Weibull, normal, log-normal e exponencial. As funções que melhor descreveram a distribuição das probabilidades foram gama e Weibull. O maior número de dias com chuva ocorreu durante os meses de inverno porém o volume de precipitação é menor nesses dias, resultando em total mensal semelhante para todos os meses do ano.The objectives of this study were to analyze the distribution of total daily rainfall data and the number of rainy-days, and to determine the probability variation of daily precipitation during the months of the year in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. A 36-year rainfall database measured at the Climatological Station of 8th District of Meteorology, located in Santa Maria Federal University (29º 43' 23" S and 53º 43' 15" W were used in the study. The following probability distribution functions were tested: gamma, Weibull, normal, lognormal and exponential. The functions that best described the frequency distribution were gamma and Weibull. There were more number of rainy days in the winter, but with less amount of rainfall, resulting in similar monthly total precipitation for the twelve months of the year.

  9. [Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award to Taiwan-born and raised American physicist Michele Ma Chung-pei


    "The American Physical Society conferred the prestigious Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award to Taiwan-born and raised American physicist Michele Ma Chung-pei recently in recognition of her important contributions to theoretical astrophysics" (1 page).

  10. Hispaania nõuab immigrantide vastu võitlemiseks EL-i abi / Anna-Maria Penu

    Penu, Anna-Maria, 1978-


    Üha suureneb Kanaaridele saabuvate Aafrika paadipõgenike hulk, Hispaania asepeaminister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega tahab probleemi lahendamiseks EL-ilt kaasabi. Lisa: Nädalavahetus tõi üle 1000 põgeniku

  11. Indexing Bibliographic Database Content Using MariaDB and Sphinx Search Server

    Arie Nugraha


    Full Text Available Fast retrieval of digital content has become mandatory for library and archive information systems. Many software applications have emerged to handle the indexing of digital content, from low-level ones such Apache Lucene, to more RESTful and web-services-ready ones such Apache Solr and ElasticSearch. Solr’s popularity among library software developers makes it the “de-facto” standard software for indexing digital content. For content (full-text content or bibliographic description already stored inside a relational DBMS such as MariaDB (a fork of MySQL or PostgreSQL, Sphinx Search Server (Sphinx is a suitable alternative. This article will cover an introduction on how to use Sphinx with MariaDB databases to index database content as well as some examples of Sphinx API usage.

  12. Solar radiation availability for tomato cropping during winter in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

    Estefanel, V.; Buriol, G.A.; Andriolo, J.L.; Lima, C.P.; Luzzi, N.


    The probability of occurrence of days with solar radiation bellow the critical value for the development of tomato inside greenhouse in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, were calculated during May, June, July and August. It was considered the flue density of solar radiation of 200 cal cm -2 dia -1 as the lowest value to tomato growth and 180 cal cm -2 dia -1 as the low value reference of solar radiation for crop growth. Daily values of solar radiation were estimated by sunshine duration during the time period from 1912 to 1996. Results showed that the availability of solar radiation in Santa Maria was lower than the required by tomato crop inside plastic greenhouse during Winter, mainly in June and July. (author) [pt

  13. Maria van der Hoeven, the Netherlands minister for education, culture and science, visited CERN

    maximilien Brice


    On 21 April, the Netherlands Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Mrs Maria van der Hoeven, was welcomed to CERN by the Director-General, Robert Aymar, and the Chief Scientific Officer, Jos Engelen. Minister van der Hoeven visited the ATLAS installations, the LHC tunnel and the magnet assembly and test hall before meeting a group of young scientists from the Netherlands. Picture 05 : from left to right, Frank Linde, Director of the Netherlands National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (NIKHEF), Jos Engelen, CERN's Chief Scientific Officer, Maria van der Hoeven, Netherlands Minister for Education, Culture and Science, and Herman Ten Kate, Head of the ATLAS magnet project, visiting the ATLAS assembly hall.Picture 09 ; Here she talks with, from left to right, Jos Engelen, CERN's chief scientific officer, Peter Jenni, the ATLAS spokesman, Herman Ten Kate, head of the ATLAS magnet project, and Frank Linde, director of the Netherlands National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Ener...

  14. Le carte del monastero di S. Maria di Chiaravalle milanese. Additiones documentarie (secolo XII

    Maria Cristina Piva


    Full Text Available Founded in 1135 in the immediate outskirts of Milan, Cistercian monastery of S. Maria di Chiaravalle was one of the most important ecclesiastical institutions in Lombardy. Since its foundation, it has played a prominent role in the political, religious, social and economic life of the city. In the Middle Ages the abbey distinguished itself with intensive production and preservation of documents, exemplified nowadays by the several hundreds of charterse preserved in the Archivio di Stato of Milan. This research aims to complete the organic reconstruction work, recently carried out by Anna Maria Rapetti and Ada Grossi regarding the XII century tabularium of Chiaravalle, with the critical edition of 28 unreleased documents dated between 1106 and 1164. In the introduction, in addition to the presentation of the documents, a paragraph will outline the historiographical balance of the studies conducted so far on the abbey.

  15. Children’s stories in the educational theories of Ellen Key, Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori

    William Grandi


    Full Text Available The article explores the educational value that Ellen Key (1849-1926, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925 and Maria Montessori (1870-1952 attributed to children's stories. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century these three important authors contributed to the renewal of the educational theories and practices. They dedicated a part of their pedagogical reflections to the educational meanings of children's stories; consider, e.g., the many pages of Ellen Key on children's literature, the recommendations of Rudolf Steiner on the educational relevance of fairy tales and mythology or, finally, Maria Montessori's reflections on fairy tales. The article examines these ideas from a historical and pedagogical point of view.


    G. L. Mikirtichan


    Full Text Available Sophie Marie Dorothea Auguste Louise descended from German House of Württemberg and was the eldest daughter of the prince Friedrich II Eugen, Duke of Württemberg. She turned into Orthodoxy under the name of Maria Feodorovna. In September 1776 she married the future emperor — Paul I. One of the most significant pages in the history of Russia is associated with the name of Maria Feodorovna — formation of the charity as a system, including three main directions: public education, social support and health care. With her direct assistance 30 charity institutions (founding hospitals, a number of women institutes and other teaching and educational organizations, alms-houses, hospitals etc. were founded, most of them — for children.

  17. A neutronics feasibility study for the LEU conversion of Poland's Maria research reactor

    Bretscher, M. M.


    The MARIA reactor is a high-flux multipurpose research reactor which is water-cooled and moderated with both beryllium and water. Standard HEU (80% 235 U)fuel assemblies consist of six concentric fuel tubes of a U-Al alloy clad in aluminum. Although the inventory of HEU (80%) fuel is nearly exhausted, a supply of highly-loaded 36%-enriched fuel assemblies is available at the reactor site. Neutronic equilibrium studies have been made to determine the relative performance of fuels with enrichments of 80%, 36% and 19.7%. These studies indicate that LEU (19.7%) densities of about 2.5 gU/cm 3 and 3.8 gU/cm 3 are required to match the performance of the MARIA reactor with 80%-enriched and with 36%-enriched fuels, respectively

  18. [Repercussions of Maria da Penha law on addressing domestic violence in Porto Alegre].

    Alves, Elisângela da Silva; de Oliveira, Dora Lúcia Leidens Corrêa; Maffacciolli, Rosana


    The current paper sought to analyze the repercussions of Maria da Penha Law on addressing the issue of domestic violence against women in the city of Porto Alegre based on the view of professionals who constitute the care network for those women. Seven professionals, who work with the care for women who are victims of violence, were interviewed. Data suggests that the law has promoted changes in the field of violence prevention, assistance to women and punishment for the perpetrators, and it also increased the attention given to this phenomenon and enhanced female empowerment. It is concluded that the strengthening of the measures recommended by Maria da Penha Law still depends on investments in professional qualification, articulated actions between the places which provide assistance and the growing use of primary care services in order to improve the health of women and families exposed to violence.

  19. Multielemental analysis by neutron activation of sediments in the Ana Maria Gulf, Cuba

    Diaz Rizo, O.; Gandarias, D.; Calzavilla, R.; Garcia, G.


    In this paper general samples of marine sediments taken from six control stations of the Ana Maria Gulf (Cuba) were analyzed. For this purpose the thermal neutron activation analysis method was used. 18 elements were determinated. They are: Al, Ce, Co, Cs, Cr, Eu, Fe, Hf, La, Lu, Mo, Mn, Rb, Sc, Ta, Th, Yb and Zn. The accuracy varied between 5 and 30% for all elements. 10 refs

  20. The relationship between the Maria da Penha Law and intimate partner violence in two Brazilian states

    Gattegno, Mariana V.; Wilkins, Jasmine D.; Evans, Dabney P.


    Background Globally, inequality between men and women manifests in a variety of ways. In particular, gender inequality increases the risk of perpetration of violence against women (VAW), especially intimate partner violence (IPV), by males. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 % of women have experienced physical, psychological and/or sexual IPV at least once in their lives, making IPV unacceptably common. In 2006, the Maria da Penha Law on Domestic and Family Violence, becam...

  1. Due ipotesti per un testo. La settima novella di Francesco Maria Molza

    Armando Bisanti


    Full Text Available This article aims to analyse Francesco Maria Molza’s not certainly attributed novella VII. Even though the text was inspired by one of Franco Sacchetti’s short stories, in the final section the author inserted a quotation-translation of Poggio Bracciolini’s facezia 143. The quotations, translations and reworkings of Bracciolini’s text demonstrate the Renaissance writer’s narrative and stylistic abilities.

  2. Autobiografia e autorretrato: cores e dores de Carolina Maria de Jesus e de Frida Kahlo

    Alessandra Matias Querido


    Full Text Available No artigo são discutidos conceitos de autorrepresentação e identidade e as relaçõesentre o autorretrato e a autobiografia. A discussão é feita por meio de uma análise comparativaentre o livro Quarto de despejo, de Carolina Maria de Jesus, e os autorretratos de Frida Kahlo.

  3. Maria Goeppert Mayer's Theoretical Work on Rare-Earth and Transuranic Elements

    Wang, Frank Y.


    After the discovery of element 93 neptunium by Edwin McMillan and Philip H. Abelson in 1941, Maria Goeppert Mayer applied the Thomas-Fermi model to calculate the electronic configuration of heavy elements and predicted the occurrence of a second rare-earth series in the vicinity of elements 91 or 92 extending to the transuranic elements. Mayer was motivated by Enrico Fermi, who was at the time contemplating military uses of nuclear energy. Historical development of nuclear science research le...

  4. Produtividade e qualidade de sementes de flores produzidas em Santa Maria Productivity and quality of flower seeds produced in Santa Maria

    Rogério Antônio Bellé


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de avaliar o potencial de produção e a qualidade de sementes, foram cultivadas 15 espécies deflores nas condições de Santa Maria (Latitude 29°41'S e Longitude 53°48'W. O experimento foi realizado a campo no delineamento blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições. A grande maioria das espécies produz rendimento médio de sementes elevado apesar da variabilidade. Nas condições de benefïciamento oferecidas, as espécies Dianthus, Eschscholtzia, Nigella e Fhlox produziram sementes com alta germinação. As espécies Anthirrinum, Gelosia, Gailiardia, Nicotina, Scabiosa e Zinnia possuem potencial de produção de sementes de melhor qualidade, desde que se melhore, principalmente, o beneficiamento.The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the potential and quality of flowers seeds. Fifteen species were tested for Santa Maria (24°41'S latitude and 53°48'W longitude. The majority of the species had high seed production despite of variability. Considering the local conditions of seeds cleaning and processing the species Dianthus, Eschscholtzia, Nigella and Phlox produced seeds with high germination. The species Anthirrinum, Gelosia, Gaillardia Nicotinic, Scabbiest and Zinnia have potential to potential to produce seeds of high quality, specially, when seed cleaning and processing are improved.

  5. Replacement of the Pumps for Fuel Channel Cooling Circuit of the Maria Research Reactor

    Krzysztoszek, G.; Mieleszczenko, W.; Moldysz, A. [National Centre for Nuclear Research, Otwock–Świerk (Poland)


    The high flux Maria research reactor is operated by the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk. It is a pool type reactor with pressurized fuel channels located in the beryllium matrix. According to the Global Threat Reduction Initiative programme our goal is to convert the Maria reactor from HEU to LEU fuel. Hydraulic losses in the new LEU fuel produced by CERCA are about 30% higher than the existing HEU fuel of type MR-6. For the MR-6 fuel were installed four two speed pumps. These pumps performed the function of the main circulations pumps during reactor operation with residual pumping power provided by emergency pumps. In the new system four main pumps will be used for circulating coolant while the reactor is operation with three auxiliary pumps for decay heat removal after reactor shutdown, meaning that the conversion of Maria research reactor will be possible after increasing flow in the primary cooling circuit of the fuel channels. The technical design of replacement of the pumps in the primary fuel channel cooling circuit was finished in April 2011 and accepted by the Safety Committee. After delivery of the new pumps we are planning to upgrade the primary fuel channel cooling circuit during October–November 2012. (author)

  6. Design, permitting, and construction issues associated with closure of the Panna Maria uranium tailings impoundment

    Strachan, C.L.; Raabe, K.L.


    In 1992, Panna Maria Uranium Operations (PMUO) initiated licensing and engineering activities for closure of the Panna Maria mill and 150-acre tailings impoundment located in southeast Texas. Closure of the tailings impoundment is permitted by license amendment through the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC), and based on closure criteria outlined in Texas regulations. The closure plan for the Panna Maria tailings impoundment was submitted for Texas regulatory agency review in April 1993, with details of the closure plan modified in 1994, 1995, and 1996. The closure plan included a multi-layered cover over the regraded tailings surface which was designed for long-term isolation of tailings, reduction of radon emanation to regulated levels, and reduction of infiltration to TNRCC-accepted levels. The cover and embankment slope surfaces and surrounding areas were designed to provide acceptable erosional stability as compared to runoff velocities from the Probable Maximum Precipitation event. Cover materials were selected from on-site materials and evaluated for suitability based on permeability, radon attenuation, and soil dispersivity characteristics. Off-site materials were used when necessary. The cover over the tailings has a maximum slope of 0.5 percent, and the regraded embankment slopes outside the perimeter of the impoundment have a maximum slope of 20 percent. All reclaimed slopes are covered with topsoil and revegetated. A riprap-lined channel is to be used to convey runoff from within the perimeter of the reclaimed impoundment to the north of the impoundment

  7. Frequency of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by computed skull tomography in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.

    Silva, J E; Diefenthäler, A P; Palma, J K


    Due to the lack of studies about neurocysticercosis in the South of Brazil, an investigation was conducted to determine the percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis in computed tomography diagnoses in Santa Maria, RS, from January 1997 to December 1998. Of 6300 computed tomographies (CT) of the skull performed at the private Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, 80, i.e., 1.27% were suspected of neurocysticercosis. Fifty were women (62.5%) and 30 were men (37.5%). The most frequent radiological manifestation indicating neurocysticercosis was the presence of calcifications (isolated or associated), with a 95% rate (76 cases), while the presence of hypodense lesions reached a 5% rate (4 cases). After routine analysis, each CT was evaluated again and the suspected cases were confirmed. The percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by CT in the present study carried out in Santa Maria was considered low (1.27%). This can be explained by the fact that tomography is not accessible to the economically underprivileged population of Santa Maria. We hope that the present study can alert the population and the professionals to the fact that neurocysticercosis is a more frequent disease than indicated by the few diagnoses made.

  8. Miller Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting (MECSH trial: design, method and sample description

    Anderson Teresa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Home visiting programs comprising intensive and sustained visits by professionals (usually nurses over the first two years of life show promise in promoting child health and family functioning, and ameliorating disadvantage. Australian evidence of the effectiveness of sustained nurse home visiting in early childhood is limited. This paper describes the method and cohort characteristics of the first Australian study of sustained home visiting commencing antenatally and continuing to child-age two years for at-risk mothers in a disadvantaged community (the Miller Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting trial. Methods and design Mothers reporting risks for poorer parenting outcomes residing in an area of socioeconomic disadvantage were recruited between February 2003 and March 2005. Mothers randomised to the intervention group received a standardised program of nurse home visiting. Interviews and observations covering child, maternal, family and environmental issues were undertaken with mothers antenatally and at 1, 12 and 24 months postpartum. Standardised tests of child development and maternal-child interaction were undertaken at 18 and 30 months postpartum. Information from hospital and community heath records was also obtained. Discussion A total of 338 women were identified and invited to participate, and 208 were recruited to the study. Rates of active follow-up were 86% at 12 months, 74% at 24 months and 63% at 30 months postpartum. Participation in particular data points ranged from 66% at 1 month to 51% at 24 months postpartum. Rates of active follow-up and data point participation were not significantly different for the intervention or comparison group at any data point. Mothers who presented for antenatal care prior to 20 weeks pregnant, those with household income from full-time employment and those who reported being abused themselves as a child were more likely to be retained in the study. The Miller Early

  9. Changes in sugars, acids, and volatiles during ripening of koubo [Cereus peruvianus (L.) Miller] fruits.

    Ninio, Racheli; Lewinsohn, Efraim; Mizrahi, Yosef; Sitrit, Yaron


    The columnar cactus Cereus peruvianus (L.) Miller, Cactaceae (koubo), is grown commercially in Israel. The unripe fruits are green, and the color changes to violet and then to red when the fruit is fully ripe. The content of soluble sugars was found to increase 5-fold during ripening. Glucose and fructose were the main sugars accumulated in the fruit pulp, and each increased from 0.5 to 5.5 g/100 g fresh weight during ripening. The polysaccharides content decreased during ripening from 1.4 to 0.4 g/100 g fresh weight. The titratable acidity decreased and the pH increased during ripening. The major organic acid found in the fruit was malic acid, which decreased from 0.75 g/100 g fresh weight at the mature green stage to 0.355 g/100 g fresh weight in ripe fruits. Citric, succinic, and oxalic acids were found in concentrations lower than 0.07 g/100 g fresh weight. Prominent accumulation of aroma volatiles occurred toward the end of the ripening process. The main volatile found in the ripe fruit was linalool, reaching concentrations of 1.5-3.5 microg/g fresh weight.

  10. An Extension of the Miller Equilibrium Model into the X-Point Region

    Hill, M. D.; King, R. W.; Stacey, W. M.


    The Miller equilibrium model has been extended to better model the flux surfaces in the outer region of the plasma and scrape-off layer, including the poloidally non-uniform flux surface expansion that occurs in the X-point region(s) of diverted tokamaks. Equations for elongation and triangularity are modified to include a poloidally varying component and grad-r, which is used in the calculation of the poloidal magnetic field, is rederived. Initial results suggest that strong quantitative agreement with experimental flux surface reconstructions and strong qualitative agreement with poloidal magnetic fields can be obtained using this model. Applications are discussed. A major new application is the automatic generation of the computation mesh in the plasma edge, scrape-off layer, plenum and divertor regions for use in the GTNEUT neutral particle transport code, enabling this powerful analysis code to be routinely run in experimental analyses. Work supported by US DOE under DE-FC02-04ER54698.

  11. Nutritive evaluation of a non-conventional leafy vegetable (Pereskia aculeata Miller).

    Takeiti, Cristina Y; Antonio, Graziella C; Motta, Eliana M P; Collares-Queiroz, Fernanda P; Park, Kil J


    Pereskia aculeata Miller is a native cactus that can be found in Brazil and is called 'ora-pro-nobis' (OPN). Many people from poor communities consume the dark green leaves of OPN as a vegetable. The objective of the present work was to evaluate the nutritional components in terms of proximate composition, minerals, vitamins, protein content and their in vitro protein digestibility. OPN leaves showed remarkable levels of total dietary fiber (39.1% dry basis), minerals (calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc) and vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid). Among amino acids, tryptophan was the most abundant (20.5% of the total amino acids) and sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis showed small peptides, inferior to 6.5 kDa, and four major bands (61 kDa, 53 kDa, 33 kDa, and 15 kDa). The protein digestibility corrected amino acid score showed the lowest value of sulfur-amino acids (Met+Cys). OPN leaves could be considered a good source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and may serve as a potential functional ingredient.

  12. Enhanced Synthesis of Alkyl Amino Acids in Miller's 1958 H2S Experiment

    Parker, Eric T.; Cleaves, H. James; Callahan, Michael P.; Dworkin, James P.; Glavin, Daniel P.; Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey L.


    Stanley Miller's 1958 H2S-containing experiment, which included a simulated prebiotic atmosphere of methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) produced several alkyl amino acids, including the alpha-, beta-, and gamma-isomers of aminobutyric acid (ABA) in greater relative yields than had previously been reported from his spark discharge experiments. In the presence of H2S, aspariic and glutamic acids could yield alkyl amino acids via the formation of thioimide intermediates. Radical chemistry initiated by passing H2S through a spark discharge could have also enhanced alkyl amino acid synthesis by generating alkyl radicals that can help form the aldehyde and ketone precursors to these amino acids. We propose mechanisms that may have influenced the synthesis of certain amino acids in localized environments rich in H2S and lightning discharges, similar to conditions near volcanic systems on the early Earth, thus contributing to the prebiotic chemical inventory of the primordial Earth.

  13. Amino Acids Generated from Hydrated Titan Tholins: Comparison with Miller-Urey Electric Discharge Products

    Cleaves, H. James, II; Neish, Catherine; Callahan, Michael P.; Parker, Eric; Fernandez, Facundo M.; Dworkin, Jason P.


    Various analogues of Titan haze particles (termed tholins) have been made in the laboratory. In certain geologic environments on Titan, these haze particles may come into contact with aqueous ammonia (NH3) solutions, hydrolyzing them into molecules of astrobiological interest. A Titan tholin analogue hydrolyzed in aqueous NH3 at room temperature for 2.5 years was analyzed for amino acids using highly sensitive ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with fluorescence detection and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-FDToF-MS) analysis after derivatization with a fluorescent tag. We compare here the amino acids produced from this reaction sequence with those generated from room temperature Miller-Urey (MU) type electric discharge reactions. We find that most of the amino acids detected in low temperature MU CH4N2H2O electric discharge reactions are generated in Titan simulation reactions, as well as in previous simulations of Triton chemistry. This argues that many processes provide very similar mixtures of amino acids, and possibly other types of organic compounds, in disparate environments, regardless of the order of hydration. Although it is unknown how life began, it is likely that given reducing conditions, similar materials were available throughout the early Solar System and throughout the universe to facilitate chemical evolution.

  14. Optimizing the Betts-Miller-Janjic cumulus parameterization with Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture

    Huang, Melin; Huang, Bormin; Huang, Allen H.-L.


    The schemes of cumulus parameterization are responsible for the sub-grid-scale effects of convective and/or shallow clouds, and intended to represent vertical fluxes due to unresolved updrafts and downdrafts and compensating motion outside the clouds. Some schemes additionally provide cloud and precipitation field tendencies in the convective column, and momentum tendencies due to convective transport of momentum. The schemes all provide the convective component of surface rainfall. Betts-Miller-Janjic (BMJ) is one scheme to fulfill such purposes in the weather research and forecast (WRF) model. National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) has tried to optimize the BMJ scheme for operational application. As there are no interactions among horizontal grid points, this scheme is very suitable for parallel computation. With the advantage of Intel Xeon Phi Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture, efficient parallelization and vectorization essentials, it allows us to optimize the BMJ scheme. If compared to the original code respectively running on one CPU socket (eight cores) and on one CPU core with Intel Xeon E5-2670, the MIC-based optimization of this scheme running on Xeon Phi coprocessor 7120P improves the performance by 2.4x and 17.0x, respectively.

  15. Chemical composition and antifungal activity of the essential oils of Lavandula pedunculata (Miller) Cav.

    Zuzarte, Monica; Gonçalves, Maria J; Cavaleiro, Carlos; Dinis, Augusto M; Canhoto, Jorge M; Salgueiro, Lígia R


    The chemical composition and antifungal activity of the essential oils of Lavandula pedunculata (Miller) Cav., harvested in North and Central Portugal, were investigated. The essential oils were isolated by hydrodistillation and analyzed by GC and GC/MS. The minimal-inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the minimal-lethal concentration (MLC) of the essential oils and of their major constituents were used to evaluate the antifungal activity against different strains of fungi involved in candidosis, dematophytosis, and aspergillosis. The oils were characterized by a high percentage of oxygenated monoterpenes, the main compounds being 1,8-cineole (2.4-55.5%), fenchone (1.3-59.7%), and camphor (3.6-48.0%). Statistical analysis differentiated the essential oils into two main types, one characterized by the predominance of fenchone and the other one by the predominance of 1,8-cineole. Within the 1,8-cineole chemotype, two subgroups were well-defined taking into account the percentages of camphor. A significant antifungal activity of the oils was found against dermatophyte strains. The essential oil with the highest content of camphor was the most active with MIC and MLC values ranging from 0.32-0.64 microl/ml.

  16. MANEJO DE CORTE DAS FOLHAS DE Copernicia prunifera (Miller H. E. Moore NO PIAUÍ



    Full Text Available The carnauba (Copernicia prunifera (Miller HE Moore is a native fruit species to the north- east of Brazil and its exploration is based mainly on the extract of wax powder from leaves. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different management strategies of cutting leaves, developmental stages and leaf age on leaf traits and physical-chemical attributes of carnauba wax in a natural population of carnauba palm located at the Cajazeira Farm, municipality of União, Piauí state, Brazil. The selected plants were identi- fied and classified in two developmental stages: capoteiro and adult palm. The management strategies cutting leaves were: one cut in August; two cuts, the first in August and the second in December; and one cut in De- cember. The leaves were separated according to age into new and old leaf. It was performed the individual analysis of variance of leaf number (LN, wax powder production (WP, ratio WP/LN, moisture content, impu- rities content and wax yield for each management systems as well as the analysis of the different managements. Leaf age presented as the attribute of greater relevance in the commercial use of carnauba. The best manage- ment strategy for cutting leaves of carnauba consists of a single annual cut in December.

  17. Electrophysiological evidence of cerebellar fiber system involvement in the Miller Fisher syndrome.

    Lo, Y L; Fook-Chong, S; Chan, L L; Ong, W Y; Ratnagopal, P


    In the Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS), ataxia may be due involvement of Ia afferents and the cerebellum. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) over the cerebellum is known to interfere transiently with normal function. In this study, we utilized a previously described TMS protocol over the cerebellum in combination with ballistic movements to investigate cerebellar dysfunction in MFS patients. The agonist (biceps) reaction time in MFS patients during a motor cancellation task was not significantly reduced during the initial TMS study. However, during the repeat TMS study, significant reduction was seen for all patients, in tandem with clinical recovery. There was significant correlation between anti-GQ1b IgG titers and change in agonist reaction time between the initial and repeat TMS studies. TMS likely affected horizontally orientated parallel fibers in the cerebellar molecular layer. During disease onset, antibody binding may have interfered with facilitation of reaction time during motor cancellation tasks seen in normal subjects. Normalization of reaction time facilitation corresponded to resolution of antibody-mediated interference in the molecular layer. Our study has provided evidence suggesting parallel fiber involvement in MFS, and suggested a role of anti-GQ1b IgG antibody in these changes.

  18. Suitability of the Miller Function and Participation Scales (M-FUN) for use with Israeli Children.

    Rihtman, Tanya; Parush, Shula


    OBJECTIVE. Our aim was to generate a Hebrew translation of the Miller Function and Participation Scales (M-FUN) and assess the validity of U.S. norms for Israeli children. METHOD. All components of the M-FUN were translated, and a pilot study revealed a need for further investigation. The Hebrew M-FUN's fine, gross, and visual-motor (VM) components and M-FUN participation questionnaires were administered to 267 Israeli children (128 boys, 139 girls; mean age = 59.21 mo, standard deviation = 17.84). RESULTS. Significant correlations supported construct validity between age and all motor and participation scores as well as age-group differences. Significant differences between the U.S. and Israeli samples were found only for the VM score. Participation and motor scores were significantly correlated. CONCLUSION. Although VM score results should be interpreted with caution, we provide evidence for use of the fine and gross motor norms and the U.S. criterion-referenced participation scores of the M-FUN with Israeli children. Copyright © 2014 by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

  19. Review of The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers by Jane E. Miller

    Neil Lutsky


    Full Text Available Miller, J. E. 2004. The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. 304 pp. Cloth $45 ISBN: 9780226526300, Softcover $17. ISBN: 9780226526317.The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers is a reference work suitable for anyone interested in understanding, using, or promoting quantitative thinking. Its primary aim is to identify and illustrate ways in which information associated with numbers can be conveyed most effectively given a particular communication purpose and context. The book is directed at writers who incorporate numbers in verbal or visual displays in documents, in oral presentations, or on the Web. The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers identifies overarching principles, offers concrete advice, and presents illuminating examples and models. The book can be used for instructional purposes for undergraduates, and a means of doing so is described. The review concludes by considering the book’s contributions to a wider call to help citizens write or argue more effectively by using numbers.

  20. Miller-Urey spark-discharge experiments in the deuterium world

    Cooper, Geoffrey J.T.; Surman, Andrew J.; McIver, Jim; Colon-Santos, Stephanie M.; Gromski, Piotr S.; Buchwald, Saskia; Suarez Marina, Irene; Cronin, Leroy [WestCHEM, School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)


    We designed and conducted a series of primordial-soup Miller-Urey style experiments with deuterated gases and reagents to compare the spark-discharge products of a ''deuterated world'' with the standard reaction in the ''hydrogenated world''. While the deuteration of the system has little effect on the distribution of amino acid products, significant differences are seen in other regions of the product-space. Not only do we observe about 120 new species, we also see significant differences in their distribution if the two hydrogen isotope worlds are compared. Several isotopologue matches can be identified in both, but a large proportion of products have no equivalent in the corresponding isotope world with ca. 43 new species in the D world and ca. 39 new species in the H world. This shows that isotopic exchange (the addition of only one neutron) may lead to significant additional complexity in chemical space under otherwise identical reaction conditions. (copyright 2017 The Authors. Published by Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA.)

  1. Topical Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) Extract Does Not Accelerate the Oral Wound Healing in Rats.

    Coelho, Fernanda Hack; Salvadori, Gabriela; Rados, Pantelis Varvaki; Magnusson, Alessandra; Danilevicz, Chris Krebs; Meurer, Luise; Martins, Manoela Domingues


    The effect of topical application of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) extract was assessed on the healing of rat oral wounds in an in vivo model using 72 male Wistar rats divided into three groups (n = 24): control, placebo and Aloe Vera (0.5% extract hydroalcoholic). Traumatic ulcers were caused in the dorsum of the tongue using a 3-mm punch tool. The Aloe Vera and placebo group received two daily applications. The animals were sacrificed after 1, 5, 10 and 14 days. Clinical analysis (ulcer area and percentage of repair) and histopathological analysis (degree of re-epithelialization and inflammation) were performed. The comparison of the differences between scores based on group and experimental period, both in quantitative and semi-quantitative analyses, was performed using the Kruskal-Wallis test. The significance level was 5%. On day 1, all groups showed predominantly acute inflammatory infiltrate. On day 5, there was partial epithelialization and chronic inflammatory infiltrate. On the days 10 and 14 total repair of ulcers was observed. There was no significant difference between groups in the repair of mouth ulcers. It is concluded that treatment using Aloe Vera as an herbal formulation did not accelerate oral wound healing in rats. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  2. Amphibians and reptiles of C. E. Miller Ranch and the Sierra Vieja, Chihuahuan Desert, Texas, USA

    Drew R. Davis


    Full Text Available We report the occurrence of 50 species of amphibians and reptiles recently collected on C. E. Miller Ranch and the Sierra Vieja in the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, USA and describe their perceived distribution and abundance across various habitat associations of the region. Our recent surveys follow intense, historic sampling of amphibians and reptiles from this region in 1948. Of the 50 species detected in recent surveys, six were not collected in 1948 and an additional three species documented in 1948 have yet to be detected in a 14-year period of recent surveys. Combining data from both historic and recent surveys, a total of 53 species of amphibians and reptiles are known from the ranch (11 amphibians, 42 reptiles. Land stewardship and conservation practices have likely contributed to the persistence of the majority of these species through time. Additionally, we discuss the status of amphibians and reptiles not collected during recent surveys and comment on potential species that have not yet been detected.

  3. Amphibians and reptiles of C. E. Miller Ranch and the Sierra Vieja, Chihuahuan Desert, Texas, USA.

    Davis, Drew R; LaDuc, Travis J


    We report the occurrence of 50 species of amphibians and reptiles recently collected on C. E. Miller Ranch and the Sierra Vieja in the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, USA and describe their perceived distribution and abundance across various habitat associations of the region. Our recent surveys follow intense, historic sampling of amphibians and reptiles from this region in 1948. Of the 50 species detected in recent surveys, six were not collected in 1948 and an additional three species documented in 1948 have yet to be detected in a 14-year period of recent surveys. Combining data from both historic and recent surveys, a total of 53 species of amphibians and reptiles are known from the ranch (11 amphibians, 42 reptiles). Land stewardship and conservation practices have likely contributed to the persistence of the majority of these species through time. Additionally, we discuss the status of amphibians and reptiles not collected during recent surveys and comment on potential species that have not yet been detected.

  4. The Microcosm within: An interview with William B. Miller, Jr., on the Extended Hologenome theory of evolution.

    Hunt, Tam


    There is a singular unifying reality underlying every biologic interaction on our planet. In immunology, that which does not kill you makes you different. -William B. Miller, Jr. We are experiencing a revolution in our understanding of inner space on a par with our exponentially increasing understanding of outer space. In biology, we are learning that the genetic and epigenetic complexity within organisms is far deeper than suspected. This is a key theme in William B. Miller Jr.'s book, The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome. We are learning also that a focus on the human genome alone is misleading when it comes to who we really are as biological entities, and in terms of how we and other creatures have evolved. Rather than being defined by the human genome alone, we are instead defined by the "hologenome," the sum of the human genome and the far larger genetic endowment of the microbiome and symbiotic communities that reside within and around us. Miller is a medical doctor previously in private practice in Pennsylvania and Phoenix, Arizona. This book is his first foray into evolutionary theory. His book could have been titled "The Origin of Variation" because this is his primary focus. He accepts that natural selection plays a role in evolution, but he demotes this mechanism to a less important role than the Modern Synthesis suggests. His main gripe, however, concerns random variation. He argues that random variation is unable to explain the origin and evolution of biological forms that we see in the world around us and in the historical record. Miller suggests that, rather than random variation as the engine of novelty, there is a creative impulse at the heart of cellular life, and even at the level of the genetic aggregate, that generates novelty on a regular basis. I probe this assertion in the interview below. He also highlights the strong role of "exogenous genetic assault" in variation and in his immunological model of evolution.

  5. Direct comparasion of an engine working under Otto, Miller end Diesel cycles : thermodynamic analysis and real engine performance

    Ribeiro, Bernardo Sousa; Martins, Jorge


    One of the ways to improve thermodynamic efficiency of Spark Ignition engines is by the optimisation of valve timing and lift and compression ratio. The throttleless engine and the Miller cycle engine are proven concepts for efficiency improvements of such engines. This paper reports on an engine with variable valve timing (VVT) and variable compression ratio (VCR) in order to fulfill such an enhancement of efficiency. Engine load is controlled by the valve opening per...

  6. Prevention of Dental Damage and Improvement of Difficult Intubation Using a Paraglossal Technique With a Straight Miller Blade

    Yu-Feng Huang


    Full Text Available Patients with diseased teeth, or those who are difficult to intubate, have a higher risk of dental injury during laryngoscopy. We report 3 cases of smooth endotracheal intubation using a paraglossal technique with a straight Miller blade in patients with poor dentition. Three patients with poor dentition were scheduled to undergo surgery under general anesthesia. All patients presented with extremely loose upper central incisors and had lost the other right upper teeth, while micrognathia and prominent, loose upper incisors were noted in 1 case. We elected to use a straight Miller blade using a paraglossal approach. A nasopharyngeal airway was inserted after induction of general anesthesia to facilitate mask ventilation and prevent air leakage from the mask. The Miller blade was then inserted from the right corner of the mouth, avoiding contact with the vulnerable incisors, and advanced along the groove between the tongue and tonsil. The endotracheal tube was subsequently smoothly inserted after obtaining a grade 1 Cormack and Lehane view without dental trauma in all 3 cases. Direct laryngoscopy using the paraglossal straight blade technique avoids dental damage in patients with mobile upper incisors and no right maxillary molars. It is a practical alternative method that differs from the traditional Macintosh laryngoscope in patients with a high risk of dental injury during the procedure. This technique, which provides an improved view of the larynx, might also be helpful with patients in whom intubation is difficult.

  7. Review of David Abrahamson and Marcia R. Prior-Miller (eds, The Routledge Handbook of Magazine Research: The Future of the Magazine Form (2015

    Maaike Koffeman


    Full Text Available David Abrahamson and Marcia R. Prior-Miller (eds, The Routledge Handbook of Magazine Research: The Future of the Magazine Form (New York: Routledge, 2015. 650 pp. ISBN 978-1138854161.

  8. Guillain-Barré syndrome- and Miller Fisher syndrome-associated Campylobacter jejuni lipopolysaccharides induce anti-GM1 and anti-GQ1b Antibodies in rabbits.

    M.A. de Klerk; H.P. Endtz (Hubert); B.C. Jacobs (Bart); J.D. Laman (Jon); F.G.A. van der Meché (Frans); P.A. van Doorn (Pieter); C.W. Ang (Wim)


    textabstractCampylobacter jejuni infections are thought to induce antiganglioside antibodies in patients with Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) and Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS) by molecular mimicry between C. jejuni lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and gangliosides. We used

  9. WATER TEMPERATURE and other data from NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN and NOAA Ship CHAPMAN from 1990-02-14 to 1990-06-27 (NODC Accession 9200046)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The depth data in this accession was collected as part of South Atlantic Ventilation Experiment (SAVE). The cruises were conducted using NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN and...

  10. Testing measurements at horizontal channels of the MARIA reactor performed using neutron spectrometers; Pomiary testowe przy kanalach poziomych reaktora MARIA wykonane przy uzyciu spektrometrow neutronow

    Murasik, A. [Institute of Atomic Energy, Otwock-Swierk (Poland)


    By means of neutron diffraction, using the standard polycrystalline sample of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}, measurements on three (of four spectrometers) already installed in the front of horizontal channels of MARIA reactor have been performed. Basing on these experiments as well as on activation measurements carried out earlier, the fluxes of monoenergetic neutrons have been estimated. These experiments allowed to determine (for a given geometry and kind of monochromators chosen) the resolution efficiency of instruments and high order contamination in the reflected beam. With the help of polycrystalline vanadium and TbBr{sub 3} sample, the possibility of studies using the inelastic scattering process have been tested. (author) 7 refs, 15 figs, 7 tabs

  11. A Lei Maria da Penha sob a perspectiva da ética da vingança / Maria da Penha law unde the ethics of revenge approach

    Nunes, Thaísa Silva de Oliveira; Faculdade de Direito de Vitória


    RESUMO: Analisa-se a lei 11.340/2006, conhecida como Lei Maria da Penha, sob a perspectiva da ética da vingança, considerando-se a situação de seu uso de forma equivocada. Nesse sentido, argui-se que o judiciário deve tomar um cuidado maior ao julgar casos de violência doméstica. Aborda-se também a possibilidade de uma mulher abandonada ou ultrajada pelo seu companheiro reagir de forma a resgatar a confiança em si, ao invés de se utilizar da prática da vingança permitida pelos mecanismos jurí...

  12. Thermodynamic performance analysis and optimization of DMC (Dual Miller Cycle) cogeneration system by considering exergetic performance coefficient and total exergy output criteria

    Ust, Yasin; Arslan, Feyyaz; Ozsari, Ibrahim; Cakir, Mehmet


    Miller cycle engines are one of the popular engine concepts that are available for improving performance, reducing fuel consumption and NO x emissions. There are many research studies that investigated the modification of existing conventional engines for operation on a Miller cycle. In this context, a comparative performance analysis and optimization based on exergetic performance criterion, total exergy output and exergy efficiency has been carried out for an irreversible Dual–Miller Cycle cogeneration system having finite-rate of heat transfer, heat leak and internal irreversibilities. The EPC (Exergetic Performance Coefficient) criterion defined as the ratio of total exergy output to the loss rate of availability. Performance analysis has been also extended to the Otto–Miller and Diesel-Miller cogeneration cycles which may be considered as two special cases of the Dual–Miller cycle. The effect of the design parameters such as compression ratio, pressure ratio, cut-off ratio, Miller cycle ratio, heat consumer temperature ratio, allocation ratio and the ratio of power to heat consumed have also been investigated. The results obtained from this paper will provide guidance for the design of Dual–Miller Cycle cogeneration system and can be used for selection of optimal design parameters. - Highlights: • A thermodynamic performance estimation tool for DM cogeneration cycle is presented. • Using the model two special cases OM and dM cogeneration cycles can be analyzed. • The effects of r M , ψ, χ 2 and R have been investigated. • The results evaluate exergy output and environmental aspects together.

  13. Perfil de adolescentes privados de liberdade em Santa Maria/RS Profile of adolescents deprived of freedom in Santa Maria/RS

    Jana Gonçalves Zappe


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta as primeiras análises dos resultados da pesquisa intitulada "Adolescentes privados de liberdade: quem são, de onde vêm e para onde vão?", que teve como objetivo construir o perfil dos adolescentes que cumpriram medida socioeducativa de internação no Centro de Atendimento Socioeducativo Regional de Santa Maria durante o período de 1998 a 2007. As análises foram feitas através do programa Statistical Package for Social Sciences (Versão 14.0, e as características analisadas foram as seguintes: idade de ingresso, etnia, escolaridade e motivo do ingresso. Relacionamos esses resultados com a literatura sobre a situação social e psicológica em que se encontram os adolescentes autores de atos infracionais, constituindo-se como uma contribuição à construção de conhecimentos acerca dessa temática.This study presents the first analyzes of the data about the research entitled "Adolescents deprived of freedom: who are they, where do they come from and where do they go to?", which aimed to build up the profile of adolescents who have attended Socio-Educational Regional Care Center from Santa Maria, in the period of 1998 to 2007. The analyses were done by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (Version 14.0 Program. The variables analyzed were admission age, race/colour, educational records and reason for admission. We related these results with the literature on social and psychological situation of the adolescents who committed the infractional acts as a contribution to construct a body of knowledge on this subject.

  14. Performance analysis of a Miller cycle engine by an indirect analysis method with sparking and knock in consideration

    Wang, Yuanfeng; Zu, Bingfeng; Xu, Yuliang; Wang, Zhen; Liu, Jie


    Highlights: • A quasi-dimensional model was adopted to study Miller cycle engine’s performance. • A new indirect performance analysis method was proposed. • The definition of effective compression ratio was modified. • The modified effective compression ratio takes the trapped mixture mass in account. • The factors limiting the fuel economy in Miller cycle engine were found out. - Abstract: In this paper, a full-factorial design of experiment was applied to thoroughly investigate the effects of compression ratio, intake valve closing retardation angle, and engine speed on the fuel consumption performance and power performance of the Miller cycle engine based on a quasi-dimensional simulation model. A new indirect analysis method based on formula derivation and main effect analysis was proposed to simplify the complex relationship between the design factors and the performance parameters. The definition of effective compression ratio was modified to take account of the actual mass of mixture trapped in the cylinder. The results show that the distributions of brake mean effective pressure and brake specific fuel consumption can be regarded as the re-organization results from the distributions of volumetric efficiency and indicated efficiency. The intake valve closing retardation angle has a strong negative correlation with volumetric efficiency. The modified effective compression ratio is the approximate product of the compression ratio and the volumetric efficiency, and makes obvious effects on the distribution of the indicated efficiency. Therefore the combustion process is co-evolved with the intake process in a Miller cycle engine. The further improvement of brake specific fuel consumption is mainly limited by four factors, i.e., the back flow loss, the exergy loss, the incomplete expansion loss, and the combustion loss. The improvement of fuel consumption performance is at a cost of power performance, and the trade-off between the both essentially

  15. Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Pinus halepensis Miller growing in West Northern of Algeria

    Nadia Fekih


    Full Text Available Objective: To find new bioactive natural products, the chemical composition and to sudy the antibacterial activity of essential oil components extracted from the aerial parts of the Algerian aromatic plant Pinus halepensis Miller (P. halepensis (needles, twigs and buds. Methods: The essential oil used in this study was isolated by hydrodistillation using a Clevenger-type apparatus according to the European Pharmacopoeia. The chemical composition was investigated using GC-retention indices (RI and GC-MS. Results: Forty-nine compounds, representing 97.9% of the total collective oil, were identified. Essential oil was dominated by hydrocarbon compounds (80.6% especially monoterpenes (65.5%. The major compounds from ten oils stations were: myrcene (15.2%-32.0%, α-pinene (12.2%- 24.5%, E-β-caryophyllene (7.0%-17.1%, terpinolene (1.8%-13.3%, 2-phenyl ethyl isovalerate (4.8%-10.9%, terpinene-4-ol (1.0%-8.2 % and sabinene (1.5%-6.3%. The intra-species variations of the chemical compositions of P. halepensis aerial parts essential oils from ten Algerian sample locations were investigated using statistical analysis. Essential oil samples were clustered in 2 groups by hierarchical cluster analysis, according to their chemical composition. The essential oil revealed an interesting antimicrobial effect against Lysteria monocytogenes, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumanii, Citrobacter freundii and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Conclusions: These results suggest that the essential oil from P. halepensis may be a new potential source as natural antimicrobial applied in pharmaceutical and food industries.

  16. Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Pinus halepensis Miller growing in West Northern of Algeria

    Fekih, Nadia; Allali, Hocine; Merghache, Salima; Chaïb, Faïza; Merghache, Djamila; El Amine, Mohamed; Djabou, Nassim; Muselli, Alain; Tabti, Boufeldja; Costa, Jean


    Objective To find new bioactive natural products, the chemical composition and to sudy the antibacterial activity of essential oil components extracted from the aerial parts of the Algerian aromatic plant Pinus halepensis Miller (P. halepensis) (needles, twigs and buds). Methods The essential oil used in this study was isolated by hydrodistillation using a Clevenger-type apparatus according to the European Pharmacopoeia. The chemical composition was investigated using GC-retention indices (RI) and GC-MS. Results Forty-nine compounds, representing 97.9% of the total collective oil, were identified. Essential oil was dominated by hydrocarbon compounds (80.6%) especially monoterpenes (65.5%). The major compounds from ten oils stations were: myrcene (15.2%-32.0%), α-pinene (12.2%-24.5%), E-β-caryophyllene (7.0%-17.1%), terpinolene (1.8%-13.3%), 2-phenyl ethyl isovalerate (4.8%-10.9%), terpinene-4-ol (1.0%-8.2 %) and sabinene (1.5%-6.3%). The intra-species variations of the chemical compositions of P. halepensis aerial parts essential oils from ten Algerian sample locations were investigated using statistical analysis. Essential oil samples were clustered in 2 groups by hierarchical cluster analysis, according to their chemical composition. The essential oil revealed an interesting antimicrobial effect against Lysteria monocytogenes, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumanii, Citrobacter freundii and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Conclusions These results suggest that the essential oil from P. halepensis may be a new potential source as natural antimicrobial applied in pharmaceutical and food industries.

  17. Unripe Fruit's Extract of Quince (Cydonia oblonga Miller as a Potent Alpha-amylase Inhibitor

    Mostafa Koutb


    Full Text Available The use of alpha-amylase inhibitors has recently gained in popularity with the success and growth of carbohydrate restricted diets. In this study, two different stages from the unripe fruits of quince (Cydonia oblonga Miller have been tested for their potentiality in alpha-amylase inhibition as a key enzyme in carbohydrates assimilation. Our results revealed that addition of different concentrations from extracts (0, 2, 4, 6, 8mg of dry mass of each stage of unripe fruits resulted in drastically decrease in the enzymatic activity of alpha-amylase by the percent of (0%, 42.6%, 21%, 26.3%, and 16.9% for the stage 1. Extracts from the stage 2 were more effective in enzymatic inhibition (0%, 26.9%, 3.8%, 0.2%, and 0.4%. The GC/MS analysis revealed that quince extract contains (sorbitol, quinic acid, p-vinylphenol and cyclopropane carboxylic acid. To explore which components are involved in the inhibition process, two pure components of the quince extract (sorbitol and quinic acid were used in inhibition assay. Neither sorbitol nor quinic acid shows any significant inhibition; therefore, these two components could be excluded from the inhibition process. Our current study suggested that p-vinylphenol and cyclopropane carboxylic acid might act as a-amylase inhibitors in vitro separately or synergistically. The possible explanation for the presence of cyclopropane carboxylic acid (CPCA in this critical phase of the unripe fruit will be discussed. This study suggests that the unripe fruits of quince can be used as a natural starch blocker containing alpha-amylase inhibitors which would be of interest for people requiring carbohydrate restricted diets.

  18. In search of integrated specificity: comment on Denson, Spanovic, and Miller (2009).

    Miller, Gregory E


    Psychologists have long been interested in the integrated specificity hypothesis, which maintains that stressors elicit fairly distinct behavioral, emotional, and biological responses that are molded by selective pressures to meet specific demands from the environment. This issue of Psychological Bulletin features a meta-analytic review of the evidence for this proposition by T. F. Denson, M. Spanovic, and N. Miller. Their review concluded that the meta-analytic findings support the "core concept behind the integrated specificity model" (p. 845) and reveal that "within the context of a stressful event, organisms produce an integrated and coordinated response at multiple levels (i.e., cognitive, emotional, physiological)" (p. 845). I argue that conclusions such as this are unwarranted, given the data. Aside from some effects for cortisol, little evidence of specificity was presented, and most of the significant findings reported would be expected by chance alone. I also contend that Denson et al. failed to consider some important sources of evidence bearing on the specificity hypothesis, particularly how appraisals and emotions couple with autonomic nervous system endpoints and functional indices of immune response. If selective pressures did give rise to an integrated stress response, such pathways almost certainly would have been involved. By omitting such outcomes from the meta-analysis, Denson et al. overlooked what are probably the most definitive tests of the specificity hypothesis. As a result, the field is back where it started: with a lot of affection for the concept of integrated specificity but little in the way of definitive evidence to refute or accept it.

  19. Structural Modifications of Fructans in Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) Grown under Water Stress.

    Salinas, Carlos; Handford, Michael; Pauly, Markus; Dupree, Paul; Cardemil, Liliana


    Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera) has a Crassulaceae acid metabolism which grants the plant great tolerance to water restrictions. Carbohydrates such as acemannans and fructans are among the molecules responsible for tolerating water deficit in other plant species. Nevertheless, fructans, which are prebiotic compounds, have not been described nor studied in Aloe vera, whose leaf gel is known to possess beneficial pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic properties. As Aloe vera is frequently cultivated in semi-arid conditions, like those found in northern Chile, we investigated the effect of water deficit on fructan composition and structure. For this, plants were subjected to different irrigation regimes of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% field capacity (FC). There was a significant increase in the total sugars, soluble sugars and oligo and polyfructans in plants subjected to water deficit, compared to the control condition (100% FC) in both leaf tips and bases. The amounts of fructans were also greater in the bases compared to the leaf tips in all water treatments. Fructans also increase in degree of polymerization with increasing water deficit. Glycosidic linkage analyses by GC-MS, led to the conclusion that there are structural differences between the fructans present in the leaves of control plants with respect to plants irrigated with 50% and 25% FC. Therefore, in non-stressed plants, the inulin, neo-inulin and neo-levan type of fructans predominate, while in the most stressful conditions for the plant, Aloe vera also synthesizes fructans with a more branched structure, the neofructans. To our knowledge, the synthesis and the protective role of neo-fructans under extreme water deficit has not been previously reported.

  20. Impacto de una intervención informativa sobre el programa de cribado de cáncer colorrectal en profesionales de atención primaria

    Benito-Aracil, Llúcia; Binefa, Gemma; Milà, Núria; Lluch Canut, Ma. Teresa; Puig Llobet, Montserrat; García Martínez, Montserrat


    Objetivo: Evaluar el impacto de una intervención informativa a profesionales de atención pri-maria sobre sus conocimientos de cribado de cáncer colorrectal, recomendaciones de vigilanciaposterior y estrategias de derivación. Método diseÑo: Ensayo clínico controlado y aleatorizado por conglomerados. Emplazamiento:centros de atención primaria de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Participantes: médi-cos y enfermeras de atención primaria. Intervención: sesión informativa y envío de píldorasi...

  1. Maria Montessori (1870-1952): Women's emancipation, pedagogy and extra verbal communication.

    Cascella, Marco


    Maria Montessori is one of the most well-known women in Italian history. Although she was the first woman who graduated in medicine in Italy, she is mostly known as an educator. Her teaching method--the Montessori Method- is still used worldwide--Because she could not speak English during the imprisonment in India, there was a big obstacle for her communication with children. However, the need to adopt a non-verbal communication, led her to a sensational discovery: children use an innate and universal language. This language, made of gestures and mimic, is called extra verbal communication.

  2. Recent upgrades and new scientific infrastructure of MARIA research reactor, Otwock-Swierk, Poland


    The MARIA reactor is open-pool type, water and beryllium moderated. It has two independent primary cooling systems: fuel and pool cooling system. Each fuel assembly is cooled down separately in pressurized channels with individual performances characterization. The fuel assemblies consist of five layers of bent plates or six concentric tubes. Currently it is one of the most powerful research reactors in Europe with operation availability at least up to 2030. Its nominal thermal power is 30 MW. It is characterized by high neutron flux density: up to 3x10 14 n cm -2 s -1 in case of thermal neutrons, and up to 2x10 13 n cm -2 s -1 in case of fast neutrons. The reactor is operated for ca. 4000 h per year. The reactor facility is equipped with fully equipped three hot cells with shielding up to 10 15 Bq. Adjacent to the reactor facility, the radio-pharmaceutics plant (POLATOM) and Material Research Laboratory are located. They are equipped with a number of hot cells with instrumentation. The transport system of radioactive materials from reactor facility to Material Research Laboratory is available. During 2014 the MARIA reactor has been operated with three different types of fuel the same time: previous 36% enriched fuel, and two types of new LEU fuels. In the meantime, molybdenum irradiation programme has been developed. Maria is a multifunctional research tool, with a notable application in production of radioisotopes, radio-pharmaceutics manufacturing (ca. 600 TBq/y), 99 Mo for medical scintigraphy (ca. 6000 TBq/y), neutron transmutation doping of silicon single crystals, wide scientific research based on neutron beams utilization. From the beginning MARIA reactor was intended for loop and fuel testing research activities. Currently it is used mostly as material testing and irradiation facility and for that reason it has wide experimental capabilities. There are eight horizontal irradiation channels from among whom six of them are equipped with instrumentation for

  3. [Violence and social distress among transgender persons in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil].

    Souza, Martha Helena Teixeira de; Malvasi, Paulo; Signorelli, Marcos Claudio; Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes


    The authors conducted an ethnographic research with transgender persons in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, in 2012, using participant observation, semi-structured interviews, and following their everyday lives. These individuals invariably experienced physical and symbolic violence and the resulting distress, a condition they had to deal with in their careers and daily practices and tasks. The article discusses the violence experienced by transvestites (in the family, school, police precincts, and health services), specifically seeking to understand how such violence relates to their experiences with health services and how the latter respond.

  4. Recent upgrades and new scientific infrastructure of MARIA research reactor, Otwock-Swierk, Poland



    The MARIA reactor is open-pool type, water and beryllium moderated. It has two independent primary cooling systems: fuel and pool cooling system. Each fuel assembly is cooled down separately in pressurized channels with individual performances characterization. The fuel assemblies consist of five layers of bent plates or six concentric tubes. Currently it is one of the most powerful research reactors in Europe with operation availability at least up to 2030. Its nominal thermal power is 30 MW. It is characterized by high neutron flux density: up to 3x10{sup 14} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} in case of thermal neutrons, and up to 2x10{sup 13} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1} in case of fast neutrons. The reactor is operated for ca. 4000 h per year. The reactor facility is equipped with fully equipped three hot cells with shielding up to 10{sup 15} Bq. Adjacent to the reactor facility, the radio-pharmaceutics plant (POLATOM) and Material Research Laboratory are located. They are equipped with a number of hot cells with instrumentation. The transport system of radioactive materials from reactor facility to Material Research Laboratory is available. During 2014 the MARIA reactor has been operated with three different types of fuel the same time: previous 36% enriched fuel, and two types of new LEU fuels. In the meantime, molybdenum irradiation programme has been developed. Maria is a multifunctional research tool, with a notable application in production of radioisotopes, radio-pharmaceutics manufacturing (ca. 600 TBq/y), {sup 99}Mo for medical scintigraphy (ca. 6000 TBq/y), neutron transmutation doping of silicon single crystals, wide scientific research based on neutron beams utilization. From the beginning MARIA reactor was intended for loop and fuel testing research activities. Currently it is used mostly as material testing and irradiation facility and for that reason it has wide experimental capabilities. There are eight horizontal irradiation channels from among whom six of them

  5. Comparing functionality and performance of MySQL and MariaDB database management systems



    MySQL je najbolj priljubljen odprtokodni sistem za upravljanje z relacijskimi bazami. Z Oraclovim prevzemom podjetja Sun in s tem MySQL so se pojavili dvomi o nadaljnjem razvoju sistema in ohranjanju njegove odprtokodnosti, kar je povzročilo pojav izpeljank sistema MySQL, ki slednjega neposredno nadomeščajo ter so vedno bolj priljubljene. V okviru diplomske naloge smo zato raziskali združljivost, funkcionalnosti in performančne izboljšave najpopularnejše od njih, MariaDB. V prvem delu naloge ...

  6. The Construtive Reason and the Poetic Lacework of Maria Lúcia Dal Farra

    Teresa Cabañas


    Full Text Available This article examines some aspects of the poetical production of Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, Livro de auras (1994 and Livro de possuídos (2002, trying, mainly, an approach to the constructive mechanisms that move its poetical universes. The focus of attention centers in the use that such a poetics makes of a constructive ratio, which hovers between “canto” and “decanto” to symbolize, in a feminine way of writing, the possession of an aesthetic intellect that traditional androcentric culture has reserved for the masculine.

  7. The construtive reason and the poetic lacework of Maria Lúcia Dal Farra

    Teresa Cabañas


    Full Text Available This article concerns itself with the analysis of the work of São Paulo poet Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, Livro de auras (1994 e Livro de possuídos (2002,attempting, principally, an approximation of the constructive mechanisms that dynamize her poetical universe. The focus of attention is centered on the use, by this poet, of a constructive ratio which moves between the canto and the decanto to symbolize, as feminine writing, the possession an aesthetic intellect that an androcentric culture reserves for masculine use only.

  8. Actividade e redenção: a criança nova em Maria Montessori

    Alberto Filipe Araújo, Alessandra Avanzini; Joaquim Machado de Araújo


    Resumo A ideia de Criança Nova em Maria Montessori (1870-1952) resulta da confluência de duas perspectivas, a da pedagogia que se pretende afirmar como ciência e a do humanismo cristão. Neste artigo, os autores procuram, numa primeira parte, especificar o que vem a ser para a pedagoga italiana a liberdade e a actividade da criança e o papel do adulto, principalmente do educador da criança que se auto-educa e, numa segunda parte, debruçam-se sobre o fundo religioso e humanista da obra montesso...

  9. The safety culture change process performed in Polish research reactor MARIA

    Golab, Andrzej


    The Safety Culture Change Process Performed in research reactor MARIA is described in this paper. The essential issues fulfilled in realization of the Safety Culture Enhancement Programme are related to the attitude and behaviour of top management, co-operating groups, operational personnel, relations between the operating organization and the supervising and advising organizations. Realization of this programme is based on changing the employees understanding of safety, changing their attitudes and behaviours by means of adequate training, requalification process and performing the broad self-assessment programme. Also a high level Quality Assurance Programme helps in development of the Safety Culture. (author)

  10. APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology: Luz Maria Garcini.


    The APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology is awarded on an annual basis by the APA Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) to a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding practice and application of psychology. The 2016 award winners is Luz Maria Garcini, whose commitment to the health and mental health of those recently immigrated has led to research and service that "have greatly benefited the lives of undocumented individuals in the border area of southern California." Garcini's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  11. Maria Edgeworth's Angelina, or L'amie Inconnue: queer materiality and the woman writer's grotesque body.

    Gonda, Caroline


    Despite its many similarities to her better-known novel Belinda, Maria Edgeworth's Angelina is not usually read as a work about lesbianism--even though it begins with the heroine eloping to live with another woman. This article explores same-sex relationships in Angelina and suggests reasons for the work's comparative neglect by lesbian criticism. It examines the process by which the heroine's "unknown friend," the novelist Araminta, moves from being "nobody," a textual construct, to a woman all too thoroughly and grotesquely embodied; and it discusses the role of queer objects, including literary texts, in that process of embodiment.

  12. The relationship between the Maria da Penha Law and intimate partner violence in two Brazilian states.

    Gattegno, Mariana V; Wilkins, Jasmine D; Evans, Dabney P


    Globally, inequality between men and women manifests in a variety of ways. In particular, gender inequality increases the risk of perpetration of violence against women (VAW), especially intimate partner violence (IPV), by males. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 % of women have experienced physical, psychological and/or sexual IPV at least once in their lives, making IPV unacceptably common. In 2006, the Maria da Penha Law on Domestic and Family Violence, became the first federal law to regulate VAW and punish perpetrators in Brazil. This study examines the relationship between Brazilian VAW legislation and male perpetration of VAW by comparing reported prevalence of IPV before and after the enactment of the Maria da Penha Law. To assess changes in magnitude of IPV before and after the law, we used data from the 2013 Brazilian National Health Survey; we replicated the analyses conducted for the WHO Multi-Country Study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence Against Women-whose data were collected before the passage of the Maria da Penha Law. We compare findings from the two studies. Our analyses show an increase in the reported prevalence of physical violence, and a decrease in the reported prevalence of sexual and psychological violence. The increase may result from an actual increase in physical violence, increased awareness and reporting of physical violence, or a combination of both factors. Additionally, our analysis revealed that in the urban setting of São Paulo, physical violence was more likely to be severe and occur in the home; meanwhile, in the rural state of Pernambuco, physical violence was more likely to be moderate in nature and occur in public. The Maria da Penha Law increased attention and resources for VAW response and prevention; however, its true impact remains unmeasured. Our data suggest a need for regular, systematic collection of comparable population-based data to accurately estimate the true prevalence of IPV in

  13. Violência contra a mulher e a Lei Maria da Penha

    Ingnácio Duarte, Jozi Rubia; Univesidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), Londrina; Duarte Pinheiro, Ana Claudia; UEL; Lobo Muniz, Deborah Lídia; UEL; Brun, Simone; UEL


    O presente artigo tem como objetivo adentrar no campo jurídico da defesa da mulher brasileira, contra a violência dos mais variados tipos que ela vem sofrendo com o passar dos tempos, analisa a legislação vigente bem como as práticas jurídicas em defesa da mulher e o impacto da lei Maria da Penha. This article aims to enter the field of legal defense of Brazilian women, against violence of all kinds which it has suffered over time, analyzes the current legislation and legal practices in fa...

  14. Contribuição de Maria Aparecida Minzoni à enfermagem psiquiátrica brasileira

    Luciane Prado Kantorski


    Full Text Available O artigo trata da consolidação de um saber de enfermagem psiquiátrica, construído historicamente e resgatado a partir da trajetória da Profa. Maria Aparecida Minzoni. Procura apreender a construção de um espaço de reflexão-intervenção para a enfermagem psiquiátrica brasileira, no âmbito do ensino, da pesquisa e da assistência firmando a interlocução necessária entre estes e o trabalho junto a Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem.

  15. Interval stability for complex systems

    Klinshov, Vladimir V.; Kirillov, Sergey; Kurths, Jürgen; Nekorkin, Vladimir I.


    Stability of dynamical systems against strong perturbations is an important problem of nonlinear dynamics relevant to many applications in various areas. Here, we develop a novel concept of interval stability, referring to the behavior of the perturbed system during a finite time interval. Based on this concept, we suggest new measures of stability, namely interval basin stability (IBS) and interval stability threshold (IST). IBS characterizes the likelihood that the perturbed system returns to the stable regime (attractor) in a given time. IST provides the minimal magnitude of the perturbation capable to disrupt the stable regime for a given interval of time. The suggested measures provide important information about the system susceptibility to external perturbations which may be useful for practical applications. Moreover, from a theoretical viewpoint the interval stability measures are shown to bridge the gap between linear and asymptotic stability. We also suggest numerical algorithms for quantification of the interval stability characteristics and demonstrate their potential for several dynamical systems of various nature, such as power grids and neural networks.

  16. Point and interval forecasts of mortality rates and life expectancy: A comparison of ten principal component methods

    Han Lin Shang


    Full Text Available Using the age- and sex-specific data of 14 developed countries, we compare the point and interval forecast accuracy and bias of ten principal component methods for forecasting mortality rates and life expectancy. The ten methods are variants and extensions of the Lee-Carter method. Based on one-step forecast errors, the weighted Hyndman-Ullah method provides the most accurate point forecasts of mortality rates and the Lee-Miller method is the least biased. For the accuracy and bias of life expectancy, the weighted Hyndman-Ullah method performs the best for female mortality and the Lee-Miller method for male mortality. While all methods underestimate variability in mortality rates, the more complex Hyndman-Ullah methods are more accurate than the simpler methods. The weighted Hyndman-Ullah method provides the most accurate interval forecasts for mortality rates, while the robust Hyndman-Ullah method provides the best interval forecast accuracy for life expectancy.

  17. Maria Ward : kogu elu võitleb nunn kirikumeestega, püüdes oma visiooni tõelisuseks muuta / Dieter Wunderlich

    Wunderlich, Dieter


    Pikka aega ei tunnustanud katoliku kirik Maria Wardi (1585-1645). Alles 20. sajandi alguses võis teda nimetada naisordu rajajaks (Institutum Beatae Mariae Virginis ئ inglise preilid) ja alles pärast II Vatikani Kirikukogu sai ordu teostada algset kontseptsiooni: luua iseseisev jesuiitide ordu naistele, sama eluviisi, põhikirja ja apostelliku eesmärgiga.

  18. Maria Keil, uma operária das artes (1914-2012). Arte Portuguesa do século XX

    Mantas, Helena Alexandra Jorge Soares


    Tese de doutoramento em Letras, área de História, na especialidade de História da Arte, apresentada à Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra Estudar a vida e a obra de Maria Keil é analisar a História e a Arte Portuguesas desde a década de 1930, quando a autora começou a sua actividade, até 2012, ano em que faleceu. Tendo desenvolvido obra em diversas áreas artísticas, destacando-se as artes gráficas, publicidade, ilustração, azulejaria, desenho e pintura, Maria Keil defin...

  19. Bookshelf (Early Quantum Electrodynamics - A Source Book, by Arthur I. Miller)



    Many people these days would say that quantum electrodynamics, the quantum picture of electromagnetic radiation, dates from 1947-8 with the work of Sin-itoro Tomonaga, Julian Schwinger and Richard Feynman. However this was the modern reformulation of a theory whose genesis was Paul Dirac's 1927 work on the quantization of radiation and was subsequently, and painfully, pieced together in the 1930s. Until the Second World War, the science of quantum electrodynamics advanced steadily, driven for the most part by the intellects which had produced modern quantum mechanics - notably Dirac, Heisenberg and Pauli. After Dirac's 1928 relativistic theory of the electron, Heisenberg and Pauli went on to cast an initial quantum formalism for the interaction between radiation and electrons. During this time many intellectual hurdles had to be crossed - the negative energy states predicted by Dirac's equation and their final identification as antimatter electrons (positrons), the whole problem of explaining quantum force mechanisms as particle exchanges, Fermi's explanation of beta decay, and Yukawa's explanation of the nuclear force. Heisenberg's invention of the S-matrix and his ideas on the transmission of nuclear forces through exchange mechanisms revolutionized both our picture of the quantum world. These problems were not easy - several times during the 1920s even these intellects almost despaired. A shadow across the subject was the continual problem of troublesome infinities in mass terms and elsewhere. It was not until the ordered renormalization recipes of the immediate post-war period that these infinities were finally hidden from sight. Science historian Arthur Miller traces these developments in the first half of the book, and signals how these early developments were eventually to dovetail with the exciting new developments of the late 1940s. Supplementing the survey are eleven fascinating landmark papers by Heisenberg, Dirac, Weisskopf

  20. Modelos para leigas e religiosas: os livros do pe. Júlio Maria De Lombaerde (1878-1944

    Nadia Maria Guariza


    Full Text Available O artigo analisa alguns livros do pe. Júlio Maria De Lombaerde, missionário belga que veio ao Brasil em 1902 e, desenvolveu parte dos seus trabalhos na cidade de Manhumirim (MG até a sua morte em 1944. O padre Júlio Maria escreveu mais de 80 livros, entre estes livros optou-se em investigar os que tratam do marianismo, da Sagrada Família e da vida de religiosas. A finalidade é refletir sobre os papéis femininos nos quadros da Igreja Católica nas primeiras décadas do século XX, tanto das leigas quanto das religiosas. Para tanto, entende-se que as representações sobre o feminino estavam ancoradas na divisão binária dos gêneros, reforçando hierarquias entre homens e mulheres, bem como na concepção de superioridade do sagrado em relação ao profano, estabelecendo assim, hierarquias, também, entre religiosas e leigas.

  1. Safety report content and development for test loop facility on MARIA reactor

    Konechko, A.; Shumskij, A.M.; Mikul'ahin, V.E.


    A 600 kW test loop facility for investigatin.o safety problems is realized on MARIA reactor in Poland together with USSR organizations. Safety reports have been developed in two steps at the designstage. The 1st report being essentially a preliminary safety analysis was developed within the scope of the feasibility study. At the engineering design stage the preliminary test loop facility safety report had been prepared considering measures excluding the possibility of the MARIA reactor damage. The test loop facility safety report is fulfilled for normal, transient and emergency operation regimes. Separate safety basing for each group of experiments will be prepared. The report presents the test loop facility safety criteria coordinated by the nuclear safety comission. They contains the preliminary reports on the test loop facility safety. At the final stage of construction and at thecommitioning stage the start-up safety report will be developed which after required correction and adding up the putting into operation data will turn into operation safety report [ru


    Axel Fuentes-Moreno


    Full Text Available The state of Veracruz, Mexico has many water bodies which are used by both men and birds. This study surveyed the avifauna of the lagoons Maria Lizamba, la Piedra, and small sections of the rivers Camaron and Estanzuela in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz. During February 2010 visual surveys of these aquatic habitats were conducted by walking and motorboat, including vegetated areas and surrounding villages. Species were identified by comparing to field guides both visually using binoculars and identification of songs and calls. Forty nine species were documented and comprised 25 families. The most diverse families were the Ardeidae with 7 and Icteridae 6 species respectively. Sixteen families were represented by only a single species. We found 14 species of migratory birds and we found three species (Cathartes burrovianus, Psarocolius montezuma and Campylorhynchus rufinucha rufinucha considered to be at risk status according to the Mexican list of endangered and threatened species (NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010. The avifauna was similar to that of the Alvarado Lagoon System, with between 17 % and 22 % of the species recently recorded there. The areas surrounding Maria Lizamba are used by numerous species of birds, however many species were aquatic and wintering migratory birds.

  3. Reactivity variations associated with the core expansion of the MARIA research reactor after modernisation

    Krzysztoszek, G.


    Polish high flux research reactor MARIA is a pool type reactor moderated with beryllium and water and cooled with water. The fuel is 80% enriched uranium, in the shape of multitube fuel elements, each tube made up of UAl x alloy in aluminium cladding. MARIA reactor has been operated in the years of 1977-85 and then it was modernised and again put into operation in December 1992. The modernisation as regarded the reactor core comprises a beryllium matrix expansion from 20-48 blocks. Within the frame of the power start-up and trial operation the reactor has been extended from 12 to 18 fuel channels. On that stage of reactor operation the power of mostly loaded fuel channels was constrained to 1,6 MW. Reactor has been operated within the 100-hrs campaign for an irradiation of target materials and for performing measurements at the horizontal channel outlets. In the previous time it has been noticed substantial differences in reactivity changes of the core in similar campaigns of reactor operation. It concerns the reactivity losses during poisoning period of the reactor within the first 30-40 hrs of operation as well as in the fuel burning up process. An analysis of the reactivity variations during the core extension will made possible the fuel management optimisation in further reactor operation system. (author)

  4. Initial Public Health Laboratory Response After Hurricane Maria - Puerto Rico, 2017.

    Concepción-Acevedo, Jeniffer; Patel, Anita; Luna-Pinto, Carolina; Peña, Rafael González; Cuevas Ruiz, Rosa Ivette; Arbolay, Héctor Rivera; Toro, Mayra; Deseda, Carmen; De Jesus, Victor R; Ribot, Efrain; Gonzalez, Jennifer-Quiñones; Rao, Gouthami; De Leon Salazar, Alfonsina; Ansbro, Marisela; White, Brunilís B; Hardy, Margaret C; Georgi, Joaudimir Castro; Stinnett, Rita; Mercante, Alexandra M; Lowe, David; Martin, Haley; Starks, Angela; Metchock, Beverly; Johnston, Stephanie; Dalton, Tracy; Joglar, Olga; Stafford, Cortney; Youngblood, Monica; Klein, Katherine; Lindstrom, Stephen; Berman, LaShondra; Galloway, Renee; Schafer, Ilana J; Walke, Henry; Stoddard, Robyn; Connelly, Robin; McCaffery, Elaine; Rowlinson, Marie-Claire; Soroka, Stephen; Tranquillo, Darin T; Gaynor, Anne; Mangal, Chris; Wroblewski, Kelly; Muehlenbachs, Atis; Salerno, Reynolds M; Lozier, Matthew; Sunshine, Brittany; Shapiro, Craig; Rose, Dale; Funk, Renee; Pillai, Satish K; O'Neill, Eduardo


    Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, causing major damage to infrastructure and severely limiting access to potable water, electric power, transportation, and communications. Public services that were affected included operations of the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH), which provides critical laboratory testing and surveillance for diseases and other health hazards. PRDOH requested assistance from CDC for the restoration of laboratory infrastructure, surveillance capacity, and diagnostic testing for selected priority diseases, including influenza, rabies, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and tuberculosis. PRDOH, CDC, and the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) collaborated to conduct rapid needs assessments and, with assistance from the CDC Foundation, implement a temporary transport system for shipping samples from Puerto Rico to the continental United States for surveillance and diagnostic and confirmatory testing. This report describes the initial laboratory emergency response and engagement efforts among federal, state, and nongovernmental partners to reestablish public health laboratory services severely affected by Hurricane Maria. The implementation of a sample transport system allowed Puerto Rico to reinitiate priority infectious disease surveillance and laboratory testing for patient and public health interventions, while awaiting the rebuilding and reinstatement of PRDOH laboratory services.

  5. Actividade e redenção: a criança nova em Maria Montessori

    Alberto Filipe Araújo, Alessandra Avanzini


    Full Text Available Resumo A ideia de Criança Nova em Maria Montessori (1870-1952 resulta da confluência de duas perspectivas, a da pedagogia que se pretende afirmar como ciência e a do humanismo cristão. Neste artigo, os autores procuram, numa primeira parte, especificar o que vem a ser para a pedagoga italiana a liberdade e a actividade da criança e o papel do adulto, principalmente do educador da criança que se auto-educa e, numa segunda parte, debruçam-se sobre o fundo religioso e humanista da obra montessoriana que consagra a criança como um ser espiritual e de natureza divina. Palavras-chave: actividade; activismo; criança nova; redenção.   Abstract The idea of the New Child in Maria Montesori (1870-1952 is the result of the combination of two perspectives: a pedagogical one, directed at affirming its own scientific status, and one based on Christian Humanism. In this paper the authors try to specify what the Italian pedagogue considered as freedom and activity on the part of the child and the role of the adult, most particularly the role of the educator who also ends up educating himself. At a secondary stage they concentrate on the religious background and the humanism of the Montesorian working method which consecrated the child as a spiritual being who shared the divine nature. Keywords: activity; new child; redemption

  6. [Repercussions of the Maria da Penha law in tackling gender violence].

    Meneghel, Stela Nazareth; Mueller, Betânia; Collaziol, Marceli Emer; de Quadros, Maíra Meneghel


    This paper presents the declarations about the Maria da Penha law made by a sample of women victims and care workers who handle situations of gender violence in the city of Porto Alegre. The data are part of a study that investigated the critical path followed by women who decide to denounce violence. The statements were selected from 45 semi-structured interviews answered by 21 women and 25 professionals from the police, legal, social and health services and nongovernmental institutions. Data were analyzed using NVivo software and one of the categories selected was the Maria da Penha law. Most respondents mentioned the positive and innovatory aspects of the law, though they also pointed out its limitations. The care workers see the legal device as an important tool for tackling violence, aligned with international conventions, bringing innovations and broadening women's access to justice. In terms of weaknesses, both women and care workers stress the inefficiency in the implementation of protective measures, the lack of material resources and manpower, the fragmentation of the health care network and the movement of conservative sectors in society to delegitimize the law.

  7. Geology and geochronology of Mata Surrao granites - South-West of Rio Maria - Para State, Brazil

    Duarte, K.D.; Pereira, E.D.; Dall'Agnol, R.; Lafon, J.M.


    This paper summarize the preliminary data about a geological mapping on the scale 1:50.000 located at an area in the southeastern part of the Para State. The recognized units comprise the Mata Surrao granite, which is within the typical Archean Granite-Greenstone Terrain of Rio Maria, and has mainly a monzogranitic composition. Its foliation is restricted to the north and east borders. The mapped host rocks are represented by Tonalitic Ortho gneisses, Gneisses with Pegmatites, Migmatite Gneisses, both latter show different deformation rates. Rb/Sr on whole rock systematics had been applied for the Mata Surrao granite and yield an age of 2541 ± 74 Ma with Sr initial ratio of 0.71040 ± 343 (MSWD = 2.81). This data revealed another Archean granitic body (strictu sensu) related to the Rio Maria Granite-Greenstone Terrain. Such age can be interpreted either as the crystallization age of this granitic body, or a renewed one caused by the thermo tectonic event that affected the region at the end of Archean time. It can be deduced from the initial ratio that an important crustal contribution controlled the Mata Surrao granite genesis. (author)

  8. Effect of turbo charging and steam injection methods on the performance of a Miller cycle diesel engine (MCDE)

    Gonca, Guven; Sahin, Bahri


    Highlights: • Performance of a diesel engine is simulated by finite time thermodynamics. • Effect of steam injection on performance of a Miller cycle engine is examined. • Model results are verified with the experimental data with less than 7% error. - Abstract: In this study, application of the steam injection method (SIM), Miller cycle (MC) and turbo charging (TC) techniques into a four stroke, direct-injection diesel engine has been numerically and empirically conducted. NOx emissions have detrimental influences on the environment and living beings. They are formed at the high temperatures, thus the Diesel engines are serious NOx generation sources since they have higher compression ratios and higher combustion temperatures. The international regulations have decreased the emission limits due to environmental reasons. The Miller cycle (MC) application and steam injection method (SIM) have been popular to abate NOx produced from the internal combustion engines (ICEs), in the recent years. However, the MC application can cause a reduction in power output. The most known technique which maximizes the engine power and abates exhaust emissions is TC. Therefore, if these three techniques are combined, the power loss can be tolerated and pollutant emissions can be minimized. While the application of the MC and SIM causes to diminish in the brake power and brake thermal efficiency of the engine up to 6.5% and 10%, the TC increases the brake power and brake thermal efficiency of the engine up to 18% and 12%. The experimental and theoretical results have been compared in terms of the torque, the specific fuel consumption (SFC), the brake power and the brake thermal efficiency. The results acquired from theoretical modeling have been validated with empirical data with less than 7% maximum error. The results showed that developed combination can increase the engine performance and the method can be easily applied to the Diesel engines.

  9. Meltshajet mir, meltshajut ljudi ... / Ilze Liepa ; interv. Olga Vassiljeva

    Liepa, Ilze


    Tantsijanna Ilze Liepa esimene roll draamateatris on Maria Stuart Ljudmila Razumovskaja näidendis "Teie õde ja vang", lavastaja Oleg Ogi. Peterburi teatri Teatrimaja (Teatralnõi dom) külalisetendused 18. detsembril Vene Kultuurikeskuses

  10. Steven E. Miller and Dmitri V. Trenin, eds., The Russian Military: Power and Policy, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004.

    Mikhail Tsypkin


    Full Text Available The Russian military largely went below the radar of Western interest after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.  More than a decade after the creation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they have become again the object of interest for scholars – this time, both Western and Russian, as demonstrated by the reviewed volume, whose editors assembled a group of extraordinarily knowledgeable experts from Russia and the West.  In his introduction, Steven Miller explains that the purp...

  11. Los costos de la desinflación en Colombia según el modelo Buiter-Miller

    Ramírez Vigoya Alejandro


    Full Text Available En este artículo analizamos los costos del proceso desinflacionario colombiano entre 1998 y 2003, utilizamos un modelo VAR estructural con restricciones de corto y largo plazo basado en el modelo Buiter-Miller (1982, el cual analiza los efectos de una desaceleración del crecimiento monetario sobre la tasa de interés real, la tasa de cambio real, la producción y los precios. Por medio de la contabilidad de innovaciones concluimos que los choques de la tasa de interés real y del crecimiento de la base monetaria fueron los principales causantes de la desinflación.

  12. Ave Maria

    Imer, Lisbeth


    På nationalmuseerne i Grønland og i Danmark ligger en guldgrube af indskrifter, som giver os en enestående mulighed for at beskrive skriftkulturen hos landbefolkningen i middelalderen. Fra nordbotidens Grønland (ca. 985-1450) stammer omkring 150 genstande med runer og latinske bogstaver, som vise...

  13. Generalized Confidence Intervals and Fiducial Intervals for Some Epidemiological Measures

    Ionut Bebu


    Full Text Available For binary outcome data from epidemiological studies, this article investigates the interval estimation of several measures of interest in the absence or presence of categorical covariates. When covariates are present, the logistic regression model as well as the log-binomial model are investigated. The measures considered include the common odds ratio (OR from several studies, the number needed to treat (NNT, and the prevalence ratio. For each parameter, confidence intervals are constructed using the concepts of generalized pivotal quantities and fiducial quantities. Numerical results show that the confidence intervals so obtained exhibit satisfactory performance in terms of maintaining the coverage probabilities even when the sample sizes are not large. An appealing feature of the proposed solutions is that they are not based on maximization of the likelihood, and hence are free from convergence issues associated with the numerical calculation of the maximum likelihood estimators, especially in the context of the log-binomial model. The results are illustrated with a number of examples. The overall conclusion is that the proposed methodologies based on generalized pivotal quantities and fiducial quantities provide an accurate and unified approach for the interval estimation of the various epidemiological measures in the context of binary outcome data with or without covariates.

  14. Haemostatic reference intervals in pregnancy

    Szecsi, Pal Bela; Jørgensen, Maja; Klajnbard, Anna


    largely unchanged during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum and were within non-pregnant reference intervals. However, levels of fibrinogen, D-dimer, and coagulation factors VII, VIII, and IX increased markedly. Protein S activity decreased substantially, while free protein S decreased slightly and total......Haemostatic reference intervals are generally based on samples from non-pregnant women. Thus, they may not be relevant to pregnant women, a problem that may hinder accurate diagnosis and treatment of haemostatic disorders during pregnancy. In this study, we establish gestational age......-20, 21-28, 29-34, 35-42, at active labor, and on postpartum days 1 and 2. Reference intervals for each gestational period using only the uncomplicated pregnancies were calculated in all 391 women for activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), fibrinogen, fibrin D-dimer, antithrombin, free protein S...

  15. Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea visiting flowers in the Botanical Garden of the Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

    Ana Beatriz Barros de Morais


    Full Text Available Urban environments, such as parks and gardens, may offer many alimentary resources, besides shelter and favorable conditions, for butterfly survival. This study aimed to make an inventory of butterflies visiting flowers in the Botanical Garden of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM. From March 2006 to March 2007, the floral visitors were observed weekly for 2h. After 108 hours’ observations, 1114 visits by 39 butterfly species, associated with 43 plant species (21 families, were confirmed. Among the butterflies, Nymphalidae had the highest richness of species (S= 18, followed by Hesperiidae (S= 8, Pieridae (S= 7, Papilionidae (S= 4 and Lycaenidae (S= 2. The pierid Phoebis philea philea was the most frequent species (188 visits, followed by hesperiids Urbanus proteus proteus (100, U. teleus (73 and the nymphalid Heliconius erato phyllis (71. Lantana camara (Verbenaceae, Eupatorium laevigatum (Asteraceae, Russelia equisetiformis (Scrophulariaceae and Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Verbenaceae were the most visited plants. The Botanical Garden of UFSM is an example of an urban park that seems to provide floral resources for the feeding of many butterfly species, being also a potential refuge for species from forest areas nearby.

  16. Inverse Interval Matrix: A Survey

    Rohn, Jiří; Farhadsefat, R.


    Roč. 22, - (2011), s. 704-719 E-ISSN 1081-3810 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA201/09/1957; GA ČR GC201/08/J020 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10300504 Keywords : interval matrix * inverse interval matrix * NP-hardness * enclosure * unit midpoint * inverse sign stability * nonnegative invertibility * absolute value equation * algorithm Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics Impact factor: 0.808, year: 2010 ela / ela -articles/articles/vol22_pp704-719.pdf

  17. Making Room for Children's Autonomy: Maria Montessori's Case for Seeing Children's Incapacity for Autonomy as an External Failing

    Frierson, Patrick R.


    This article draws on Martha Nussbaum's distinction between basic, internal, and external (or combined) capacities to better specify possible locations for children's "incapacity" for autonomy. I then examine Maria Montessori's work on what she calls "normalization", which involves a release of children's capacities for…

  18. Huvi õpilase vastu peaks olema suurem / Maria Tiro, Merilin Piipuu, Valdo Randpere, Liisa Pakosta ; küsitlenud Sigrid Kõiv


    Jüri Gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro, Eesti Õpilasesinduste Liidu juht Merilin Piipuu, lapsevanem ja IBM Eesti juht Valdo Randpere ning lapsevanem ja Eesti Lastevanemate Liidu esindaja Liisa Pakosta arutlesid koolivägivalla üle tänapäeva koolis

  19. Kuidas töötab teie kooli tugisüsteem? / Maria Tiro, Siiri Klasberg, Maarika Kongi ... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastasid Jüri gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro, Tapa gümnaasiumi sotsiaalpedagoog Siiri Klasberg, Rakvere gümnaasiumi psühholoog Maarika Kongi, Kuressaare gümnaasiumi sotsiaalpedagoog Maret Martinson, Salme põhikooli direktor Marika Pütsep

  20. Pole vaja palju, vaid väärt esemeid / Julia Maria Künnap ; intervjueerinud Reet Varblane

    Künnap, Julia Maria


    Julia Maria Künnapi disainitud lastetool "Mari" pälvis Red Doti disainipreemia. Auhind antakse üle Esseni Aalto teatris 5. juulil, tunnustatud töid eksponeeritakse näitusel Esseni Disainimuuseumis 6.07.-1.08.2010. Kunstnik ehtekunstist, disainist, enda loodud ehetest, Red Doti konkursist, tooli "Mari" tootmise võimalustest

  1. The effects of land-use change on arthropod richness and abundance on Santa Maria Island (Azores)

    Meijer, Seline S.; Whittaker, Robert J.; Borges, P. A. V.


    and abundance change with increasing distance from the native forest in adjacent habitat types in Santa Maria Island, the Azores. Arthropods were sampled in four 150 m long transects in each habitat type. Arthropods were identified to species level and classified as Azorean endemic, single-island endemic (SIE...

  2. Jose Maria Albareda (1902-1966) and the Formation of the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas

    Malet, Antoni


    Jose Maria Albareda (1902-1966) was an applied chemist and a prominent member of the Roman Catholic organization, Opus Dei, who played a crucial role in organizing the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas (CSIC), the new scientific institution created by the Franco regime in 1939. The paper analyses first the formative years in…

  3. Entre muitas histórias: comentários ao texto da autora Maria Isabel Barreno

    Ivete Lara Camargos Walty


    Full Text Available O texto da autora Maria Isabel Barreno aqui apresentado é ele próprio um mapa de vários caminhos, ou fragmentos de mapas, nós de um hipertexto, escritura marcada pela subjetividade autoral em suas diversas possibilidades

  4. K-Ar geology, geochemistry and geochronology from the Maria River region dikes, Parana State southeastern part, Brazil

    Silva Junior, Renato Oliveira da; Dall'Agnol, Roberto; Oliveira, Elson Paiva de


    The paper synthesizes the geological, petrographical, geochemical and geochronological data from the Maria River region dikes, situated at the southeastern part of the Para State, Brazil. It identifies five groups of dikes and determines the age of these dikes, through the Potassium-Argon (K-Ar) methodology

  5. Sm-Nd isochrone of 2,1 Ga in ores of two samples from Santa Maria Chico Granulite Complex

    Hartmann, L.A.


    Sm and Nd isotopes were determined on garnet and plagioclasse from a metapelite and on garnet and clinopyroxene from a mafic gneiss. The age of this metamorphic event in the Santa Maria Chico Granulite Complex is 2.1 Ga. The age of generaion of the protoliths is 2.6 Ga, as determined on total rock samples. (author) [pt

  6. 2011 - the Year of Maria Sklodowska-Curie; Resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland


    On 3 rd December 2010, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted a resolution on establishing 2011 the Year of Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Translated from the Monitor Polski no. 96, item 1091, page 5131 (15 December 2010) full text of the resolution is given.

  7. Primordial Synthesis of Amines and Amino Acids in a 1958 Miller H2S-Rich Spark Discharge Experiment

    Parker, Eric T.; Cleaves, Henderson J.; Dworkin, Jason P.; Glavin, Daniel P.; Callahan, Michael; Aubrey, Andrew; Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey L.


    Archived samples from a previously unreported 1958 Stanley Miller electric discharge experiment containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) were recently discovered and analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography and time-of-flight mass spectrometry. We report here the detection and quantification of primary amine-containing compounds in the original sample residues, which were produced via spark discharge using a gaseous mixture of H2S, CH4, NH3, and CO2. A total of 23 amino acids and 4 amines, including 7 organosulfur compounds, were detected in these samples. The major amino acids with chiral centers are racemic within the accuracy of the measurements, indicating that they are not contaminants introduced during sample storage. This experiment marks the first synthesis of sulfur amino acids from spark discharge experiments designed to imitate primordia! environments. The relative yield of some amino acids, in particular the isomers of aminobutyric acid, are the highest ever found in a spark discharge experiment. The simulated primordial conditions used by Miller may serve as a model for early volcanic plume chemistry and provide insight to the possible roles such plumes may have played in abiotic organic synthesis. Additionally, the overall abundances of the synthesized amino acids in the presence of H2S are very similar to the abundances found in some carbonaceous meteorites, suggesting that H2S may have played an important role in prebiotic reactions in early solar system environments.

  8. CERN Library | Arthur I. Miller presents "Colliding worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science Is Redefining Contemporary Art" | 21 October


    In recent decades, an exciting new art movement has emerged in which artists illuminate the latest advances in science.   Some of their provocative creations - a live rabbit implanted with the fluorescent gene of a jellyfish, a gigantic glass-and-chrome sculpture of the Big Bang itself - can be seen in traditional art museums and magazines, while others are being made by leading designers at Pixar, Google's Creative Lab and the MIT Media Lab. Arthur I. Miller takes readers on a wild journey to explore this new frontier. From the movement's origins a century ago - when Einstein shaped Cubism and X-rays affected fine photography - to the latest discoveries of biotechnology, cosmology and quantum physics, Miller shows how today's artists and designers are producing work at the cutting edge of science. Tuesday, 21 October 2014 at 14:30 in the Library, Bldg. 52 1-052 *Coffee will be served from 2 p.m.* "Colliding Worlds: How Cutt...

  9. An Optimization Study on an Eco-Friendly Engine Cycle Named as Dual-Miller Cycle (DMC for Marine Vehicles

    Gonca Guven


    Full Text Available The diesel engine is an indispensable part of technology and it is commonly used in land and marine vehicles. However, diesel engines release NOx emissions due to high combustion temperatures. They have harmful effects on the environment such as sources of photo-chemical fog and climate changes. Therefore, they must be reduced and limited. The Miller cycle application is a NOx control method and it is popular in the recent years to abate NOx produced from the internal combustion engines (ICEs. A performance investigation of a Dual-Miller cycle (DMC engine in terms of power (PO, power density (PD and effective efficiency (EE has been performed using a new finite-time thermodynamics modeling (FTTM in this study. The effects of engine design and operating parameters on the engine performance (EPER have been examined. Additionally, the energy losses have been determined resulting from incomplete combustion (IC, friction (FR, heat transfer (HT and exhaust output (EO. The results presented could be an essential tool for DMC marine engine designers.

  10. ESTUDO DA GERMINAÇÃO DE SEMENTES DE LAVANDA (Lavandula angustifolia Miller



    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de estudar os efeitos do ácido giberélico, do efeito luz/escuro e do pré-resfriamento sobre a germinação de sementes de lavanda (Lavandula angustifolia Miller, empregou-se o delineamento experimental inteiramente casualizado, com cinco repetições de 30 sementes cada, e os seguintes tratamentos: testemunha; GA3 100 ppm; GA3 200 ppm; escuro; GA3 100 e 200 ppm + 48 h de pré-resfriamento e GA3 100 e 200 ppm + 7 dias de pré-resfriamento. As sementes de lavanda foram pré-embebidas por 18 horas nas soluções de GA3 e em água destilada e depois colocadas em gerbox, com papel de filtro umedecido com água destilada. Nos tratamentos com pré-resfriamento as sementes foram mantidas em câmara fria por 48 horas e 7 dias à temperatura de 5° C; posteriormente, foram transferidas para o germinador, sob luz branca contínua à temperatura constante de 25°C. A contagem das sementes foi realizada de 2 em 2 dias até completar 30 dias de teste. Para a avaliação dos efeitos dos tratamentos sobre a germinação das sementes foram realizadas as seguintes observações: a porcentagem de sementes germinadas e b tempo médio de germinação (expresso em dias. A partir dos resultados obtidos pode-se verificar que os tratamentos com GA3, em conjunto ou não com pré-resfriamento, aumentaram significativamente a porcentagem de germinação, além de acelerar tal processo.To study the effects of gibbellic acid, of the light/darkness and of pre-freezing on the germination of lavender seeds, a randomized experiment was used, with five replications of 30 seeds, with the following treatments: control, GA3 100 ppm, GA3 200 ppm, darkness, GA3 100 and 200 ppm + 48 h pre-freezing and GA3 100 and 200 ppm + 7 days of pre-freezing. The lavender seeds were pre-soaked during 18 hours in GA3 and destilated water solutions, and thereafter placed in gerbox, using moistened filter paper. In the pre-freezing treatments the seeds were kept in a refrigerator for

  11. Dynamic Properties of QT Intervals

    Halámek, Josef; Jurák, Pavel; Vondra, Vlastimil; Lipoldová, J.; Leinveber, Pavel; Plachý, M.; Fráňa, P.; Kára, T.


    Roč. 36, - (2009), s. 517-520 ISSN 0276-6574 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA102/08/1129; GA MŠk ME09050 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z20650511 Keywords : QT Intervals * arrhythmia diagnosis Subject RIV: JA - Electronics ; Optoelectronics, Electrical Engineering

  12. Haemostatic reference intervals in pregnancy

    Szecsi, Pal Bela; Jørgensen, Maja; Klajnbard, Anna


    Haemostatic reference intervals are generally based on samples from non-pregnant women. Thus, they may not be relevant to pregnant women, a problem that may hinder accurate diagnosis and treatment of haemostatic disorders during pregnancy. In this study, we establish gestational age-specific refe......Haemostatic reference intervals are generally based on samples from non-pregnant women. Thus, they may not be relevant to pregnant women, a problem that may hinder accurate diagnosis and treatment of haemostatic disorders during pregnancy. In this study, we establish gestational age......-specific reference intervals for coagulation tests during normal pregnancy. Eight hundred one women with expected normal pregnancies were included in the study. Of these women, 391 had no complications during pregnancy, vaginal delivery, or postpartum period. Plasma samples were obtained at gestational weeks 13......-20, 21-28, 29-34, 35-42, at active labor, and on postpartum days 1 and 2. Reference intervals for each gestational period using only the uncomplicated pregnancies were calculated in all 391 women for activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), fibrinogen, fibrin D-dimer, antithrombin, free protein S...

  13. Robust misinterpretation of confidence intervals

    Hoekstra, Rink; Morey, Richard; Rouder, Jeffrey N.; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan


    Null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) is undoubtedly the most common inferential technique used to justify claims in the social sciences. However, even staunch defenders of NHST agree that its outcomes are often misinterpreted. Confidence intervals (CIs) have frequently been proposed as a more

  14. Interval matrices: Regularity generates singularity

    Rohn, Jiří; Shary, S.P.


    Roč. 540, 1 March (2018), s. 149-159 ISSN 0024-3795 Institutional support: RVO:67985807 Keywords : interval matrix * regularity * singularity * P-matrix * absolute value equation * diagonally singilarizable matrix Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics Impact factor: 0.973, year: 2016

  15. Chaotic dynamics from interspike intervals

    Pavlov, A N; Sosnovtseva, Olga; Mosekilde, Erik


    Considering two different mathematical models describing chaotic spiking phenomena, namely, an integrate-and-fire and a threshold-crossing model, we discuss the problem of extracting dynamics from interspike intervals (ISIs) and show that the possibilities of computing the largest Lyapunov expone...

  16. Heiti Hääl : "Neftjanoi biznes stroitsja tolko na litshnõhh kontaktahh" / Heiti Hääl ; interv. Maria Dianova

    Hääl, Heiti, 1963-


    AS-ide Alexela Terminal ja Alexela Oil omanik Heiti Hääl äritegevusega alustamisest, oma tegevusest kütuseäris, kontaktidest Venemaal, tegelemisest hobusekasvatusega ning heategevusest. Lisa: Heiti Hääl, 43

  17. Ränisoo : tavairaaklasi jätab Saddami saatus ükskõikseks / Tarmo Ränisoo ; interv. Maria-Elisa Rannajõe

    Ränisoo, Tarmo


    Iraagis Eesti kontingendi esimese ülemana teeninud kapten vastab küsimustele, kuidas võib olukord pärast Saddam Husseini hukkamist muutuda ning milliseid mõjusid võib kaasa tuua USA vägede hulga suurendamine Iraagis. Kommenteerib Tarmu Tammerk

  18. Prayer in stone: symbols cosmatesque in the Basilica of Santa-Maria-Maggiore in Rome

    Tsykunov I.V.


    Full Text Available All the architectural elements of a medieval temple, like itself, are common symbolic space where all details represent the idea of God and face either the faithful or to the Creator himself. And in this system are not the masters of mosaic floors Cosmati alien element - in fact, it is nothing like prayer, created in stone, but the prayer of living presented in the complex language of mosaic figures of Christian imagery. In the article on the example of the Roman basilica of Santa-Maria-Maggiore are considered rich semiotic cosmatesque opportunity to express ideas and concepts of his age. Author restores the value style characters, based on the texts of the era and the reconstruction of views of the Middle Ages made by historians of art and religion.

  19. Practicals, skills and emotional requirements. A look of entrepreneurship trainers in Villa Maria (Córdoba

    Diego Quattrini


    Full Text Available In the last years to respond to social marginalization processes compensation social policies were launched, some of them with the idea to support the construction of the employability of working people. As part of these policies, in the different levels of government, were promoted training in entrepreneurship. In this sense, this paper seeks to address the educational proposals aimed at formation in work emotions for trainers in micro-entrepreneurship Villa Maria (Cordoba. The proposal is to analyze the discourse of based management skills of trainers in relation to their possible impact on the construction of “enterprising sensibilities” for the job. To examine part this type of the training will be used methodology of q

  20. Impact of the Implementation of Photovoltaic Panels at Cayo Santa Maria Electric System

    Gallego Landera, Yandi Aníbal; Casas Fernandez, Leonardo; Garcia Sanchez, Zaid; Rivas Arocha, Yanet


    The global interest in encouraging the use of renewable energy has triggered a massive opening unconventional generation units. In view of the current incentives at country level for the installation of photovoltaic panels (PFV), it is possible to foresee that in the future there will be high penetration of distributed generation of this type connected to the electrical system. In our province, Cayo Santa Maria isolated system has three areas for the installation of PFV. As stated above and considering that high penetration levels of photovoltaic generation produces static and dynamic effects in connected isolated systems, it is essential to conduct studies systemically to determine the impact that would produce this connection, taking into consideration its location, technology, modeling and penetration level. The analysis allows to know how beneficial or harmful the installation of photovoltaic generators can be in that system. (author)

  1. Portuguese nursing: history of the life and activism of Maria Augusta Sousa.

    Almeida, Deybson Borba de; Silva, Gilberto Tadeu Reis da; Queirós, Paulo Joaquim Pina; Freitas, Genival Fernandes de; Laitano, Aline Di Carla; Almeida, Sirléia de Sousa; Santos, Victor Porfirio Ferreira Almeida


    To analyze the history of the life and activism of Portuguese nurse Maria Augusta Sousa. Sousa's life story was obtained by means of semi-structured interview swith Sousa as the oral source of data. NVivo qualitative research software was used for data analysis. Content analysis focused on thematic analysis based on the theoretical and philosophical ideas of Michel Foucault, in particular, power and techniques of the self. Alienation and political participation were revealed as pertinent issues. In techniques of production of activist subjects, the following were highlighted: the importance of the review of formal education; actions of involvement with the world, society and the profession; and finally, techniques of the self, techniques of constitution of activist subjects, professional identity and way of being. The constitution of the nurse Maria Augusta Sousa as an activist came about through questioning of how to be, education in the context of her family, and political engagement in Catholic Youth. This impacted her trajectory of contributions to Portuguese nursing, as expressed in the following achievements: the integration of nursing training into higher education; the creation of the Regulation of Nurses Professional Practice; and implementation of the Order of Nurses. Analisar a história de vida e militância da enfermeira Maria Augusta Sousa. História de vida, tendo como fonte oral a entrevista semiestruturada. Na análise de dados utilizou-se do software de pesquisa qualitativa Nvivo, e a análise de conteúdo com foco na análise temática e com base teórico-filosófica de Michel Foucault, em especial, o poder e as técnicas de si. Evidenciaram-se a alienação e a participação política comoquestões pertinentes. Nas técnicas de produção de sujeitos militantes destacam-se a importânciada revisão da educação formal, dos atos de implicação com o mundo, a sociedade e a profissão, e por fim, as técnicas de si, técnicas de constitui

  2. Use of design as competitive advantage in the furniture industry at Santa Maria/RS

    Leoni Pentiado Godoy


    Full Text Available This article shows the contribution of innovative and proactive professional design to increase the competitiveness of the supply chain sector. Thus, the question that motivates the study were: how the design as a strategy, aligned to quality, can act as a competitive to micro and small enterprise in the furniture sector? The study conducted individual interviews with furniture industry managers and used questionnaires to furniture consumers in Santa Maria, located in the center of Rio Grande do Sul State. The research has shown that the search for mechanisms that create competition between companies is increasingly intense and the race for innovative methods to achieve efficiency has great importance. The design adds value to product in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, comfort and functionality, besides being a very important element in the rationalization of production

  3. A economia popular solidária em Santa Maria – RS e suas interfaces

    Juliana Franchi da Silva


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem por objetivo apresentar e analisar o crescimento da economia solidária no contexto da sociedade capitalista e compreender como se processou e tem se mantido o projeto da feira popular solidária da cidade de Santa Maria – RS que já completou 20 anos de existência. A Economia Solidária constitui-se como uma forma alternativa de gestão para que os produtores urbanos e rurais se organizem para também competirem no mercado convencional. E assim, diferencia-se dos princípios que regem o sistema capitalista, pois está centrada na perspectiva de relações sociais solidárias e não em competição.

  4. Metal concentrations in demersal fish species from Santa Maria Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico (Pacific coast).

    Jonathan, M P; Aurioles-Gamboa, David; Villegas, Lorena Elizabeth Campos; Bohórquez-Herrera, Jimena; Hernández-Camacho, Claudia J; Sujitha, S B


    Concentrations of 11 trace metals (Fe, Mn, Cr, Cu, Ni, Co, Pb, Zn, Cd, As, Hg) in 40 fish species from Santa Maria Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico, the strategically important area for marine mammals and organisms were analyzed. Based on their concentrations the ranking of metals Fe>Zn>Ni>Cr>Mn>Pb>Cu>Co>As>Cd>Hg suggests that organism size, metabolism and feeding habits are correlated with metal concentrations. Local geological formations affect the concentrations of different metals in the aquatic environment and are subsequently transferred to fishes. The correlation analysis suggests that metabolism and nurturing habits impact the concentration of metals. Concentrations of Fe and Mn appear to be influenced by scavenging and absorption processes, which vary by species. The considerable variability in the metal concentrations obtained in different species underscores the importance of regular monitoring. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. A look into hurricane Maria rapid intensification using Meteo-France's Arome-Antilles model.

    Pilon, R.; Faure, G.; Dupont, T.; Chauvin, F.


    Category 5 Hurricane Maria created a string of humanitarian crises. It caused billions of dollars of damage over the Caribbean but is also one of the worst natural disaster in Dominica.The hurricane took approximately 29 hours to strengthen from a tropical storm to a major category 5 hurricane. Here we present real-time forecasts of high resolution (2.5 km) Arome-Antilles regional model forced by real-time ECMWF's Integrated Forecasting System. The model was able to relatively represent well the rapid intensification of the hurricane whether it was in timing or in location of the eye and strength of its eye wall.We will present an outline of results.

  6. Maria Auxiliadora Hospital in Lima, Peru as a model for neurosurgical outreach to international charity hospitals.

    Hayden, Melanie G; Hughes, Samuel; Hahn, Edward J; Aryan, Henry E; Levy, Michael L; Jandial, Rahul


    A myriad of geopolitical and financial obstacles have kept modern neurosurgery from effectively reaching the citizens of the developing world. Targeted neurosurgical outreach by academic neurosurgeons to equip neurosurgical operating theaters and train local neurosurgeons is one method to efficiently and cost effectively improve sustainable care provided by international charity hospitals. The International Neurosurgical Children's Association (INCA) effectively improved the available neurosurgical care in the Maria Auxiliadora Hospital of Lima, Peru through the advancement of local specialist education and training. Neurosurgical equipment and training were provided for the local neurosurgeons by a mission team from the University of California at San Diego. At the end of 3 years, with one intensive week trip per year, the host neurosurgeons were proficiently and independently applying microsurgical techniques to previously performed operations, and performing newly learned operations such as neuroendoscopy and minimally invasive neurosurgery. Our experiences may serve as a successful template for the execution of other small scale, sustainable neurosurgery missions worldwide.

  7. The Applicability of Maria da Penha Law From a Feminist Reading and Criticism of Human Rights

    Paulo Cesar Correa Borges


    Full Text Available This paper aims to reflect on the face of domestic and family violence in Brazil from the Maria da Penha Law or Law 11.340 / 2006 and its application in a context dominated structurally and symbolically by patriarchy . Despite the existence of common laws that recognize the human rights of women exists the impediment produced by androcentrism in law and social institutions. Therefore, it is necessary to go beyond the production standards and achieve the desired socio- cultural awareness on gender and human rights , in all areas of social,so that the law to combat domestic offenses has effectiveness in the daily lives of all women Brazilian. The construction of an egalitarian and horizontal social body exceeds the strictly formal barriers and reach the popular struggles and feminist movements that demand a culture of freedom, autonomy and dignity for all men and women alike.

  8. I have to have a mask, a mad mask”. Polemicising with Maria Anna Potocka

    Stefan Okołowicz


    Full Text Available Polemicising with Maria A. Potocka’s view, the author reflects on the problem of mask and facial expression in the life and work of S.I. Witkiewicz. They appear here as an expression of philosophy of man, a specific feature of the personality of the author of Szewcy [The Shoemakers] whose whole life, artistic and philosophical activity was marked by “facial expression”. The article also reminds the unusually important texts of Stefan Szuman, Witkacy’s friend, who points to the essence of Witkacy’s portraits. The last question discussed in this article is the problem of ascribing to Witkacy of the authorship of most of the photographs in which he is presented (since they are a documentation of his artistic creations while actually the authors of these photographs are a dozen or so photographer friends of Witkacy.

  9. The study of flow resistance in nuclear reactor Maria under coolant boiling condition

    Czerski, P.


    This study describes an analysis of experiments carried out in the WIW-300 installation located in the Institute of Atomic Energy (Swierk, Poland). The flow, simulated in the annular gap of test section, was similar to the flow in Maria reactor fuel channel. Experimental character of the work lead to the conclusions related to the physical nature of the hydrodynamic phenomena investigated as well as to the practical aspects of future research. A hypothesis defining a cause of pressure changes was formulated and specific problems related to the mathematical model were defined. The analysis shows that hydrodynamic phenomena studies are of basic significance for the prediction of burnout effects and that heat exchange is very often determined by local phenomena. All described observations are the base for further research on thermodynamic aspects of investigated phenomena. (author)

  10. Reflecting about gender violence and african american women: The experience of the NGO Maria Mulher - Brazil

    Maria Luisa Pereira Oliveira


    Full Text Available The African American women's socioeconomic, political and cultural conditions are unstable; many of these women face social exclusion situations and have no access to public policies. The experience of the NGO Maria Mulher has considered racial discrimination in relation to African American women as a fact which empowers gender violence and causes damage to life quality and to health. This research tried to understand the effects of racial discrimination to the identities construction and to the subjectivation modes of African American women attended by the SOS Racism program. The women showed intense emotional suffering due to discrimination and racism they have faced. In the group process new meanings for the violence were produced, transforming the personal narrative into a public report. 

  11. A Critical Analysis of the Occurrence of Preventive Detention in Maria da Penha Law

    Débora de Lima Ferreira


    Full Text Available Feminist movements, aimed to "empowerment", reached greater criminal stiffening, which resulted in the creation of the Maria da Penha Law. The recrudescence of fixed abstract penalties legitimizes the goal of the legal system, but this rule is inappropriate for domestic and family problems, manifesting criminal symbolism. This study aims to demonstrate, under the aegis of Critical Criminology, the inadequacy of the amount of preventive detention applied that has been determined under the cloak of effective solutions for domestic conflicts. To this end, it investigates the real functions of this legislation on fighting domestic genre crime by analyzing sentenced criminal cases of the 2014 on I Court of Domestic and Family Violence of Recife.

  12. Evaluation of ground-water quality in the Santa Maria Valley, California

    Hughes, Jerry L.


    The quality and quantity of recharge to the Santa Maria Valley, Calif., ground-water basin from natural sources, point sources, and agriculture are expressed in terms of a hydrologic budget, a solute balance, and maps showing the distribution of select chemical constituents. Point sources includes a sugar-beet refinery, oil refineries, stockyards, golf courses, poultry farms, solid-waste landfills, and municipal and industrial wastewater-treatment facilities. Pumpage has exceeded recharge by about 10,000 acre-feet per year. The result is a declining potentiometric surface with an accumulation of solutes and an increase in nitrogen in ground water. Nitrogen concentrations have reached as much as 50 milligrams per liter. In comparison to the solutes from irrigation return, natural recharge, and rain, discharge of wastewater from municipal and industrial wastewater-treatment facilities contributes less than 10 percent. The quality of treated wastewater is often lower in select chemical constituents than the receiving water. (Woodard-USGS)

  13. Reactivity effect of poisoned beryllium block shuffling in the MARIA reactor

    Andrzejewski, K.; Kulikowska, T.


    The paper is a continuation of the analysis of beryllium blocks poisoning by Li-6 and He-3 in the MARIA reactor, presented at the 22 RERTR Meeting in Budapest. A new computational tool, the REBUS-3 code, has been used for predicting the amount of poison. The code has been put into operation on a HP computer and the beryllium transmutation chains have been activated with assistance of the ANL RERTR staff. The horizontal and vertical poison distribution within beryllium blocks has been studied. A simple shuffling of beryllium blocks has been simulated to check the effect of exchanging a block with high poison concentration, adjacent to fuel elements, with a peripheral one with a low poison concentration

  14. Exploration of the Panna Maria uranium mine, Karnes County, Texas, USA

    Bowman, E.C.; Cygan, N.E.; Alief, M.H.


    The Panna Maria Mine is located in Karnes County on the coastal plain of south-eastern Texas, about 55 miles (88 km) south-east of San Antonio. Host rock for the uranium is the Tordilla sandstone member of the Upper Eocene Jackson Group that strikes north-east and dips one to two degrees toward the coast. Chevron became interested in uranium exploration in south-east Texas in 1971 as a result of reports of increased industrial activity in the area, some of which was apparently successful. Additional attractions were the inexpensive drilling and the fact that many of the deposits were less than 200 feet deep. Also, some petroleum leases held by Chevron contained provisions relating to other minerals that might permit drilling for uranium. Regional stratigraphic studies of the Upper Eocene, Miocene and Pliocene were completed in 1972 and an area of interest was selected in western Karnes County with the Jackson group sands as the objective. Further studies narrowed the selection to the area between Hobson and Panna Maria, and the objective to the Tordilla sand Member of the Upper Jackson. The exploration model was a roll-front uranium deposit occurring along a redox front trending generally north-east. Drilling began in 1972, using rotary drills and contract drillers and loggers, and extended with interruptions until the end of 1974. Ore-grade mineralization was discovered in the 26th hole drilled in 1972. A total of 987 holes were drilled for a contract cost of US $146.000. Uranium resources at that time were estimated to be approximately 3.4 million lb (1.5 million kg) U 3 O 8 . Evaluation and development drilling during 1975 and 1976 increased the proven and probable reserves to 6 to 8 million lb (2.7 to 3.6 million kg) having a grade less than 0.1% U 3 O 8 . The mine and mill went on stream in February 1979. (author)

  15. Abalone, Haliotis mariae (Wood, 1828, Hatchery and Seed Production Trials in Oman

    Khalfan M. Al-Rashdi


    Full Text Available Hatchery and seed production trials for the Omani endemic abalone Haliotis mariae were carried out at the land-based Mirbat Abalone Seed Production Station in Oman between 1999 and 2000. The methods developed for broodstock conditioning, induction of spawning and fertilization, larval settlement, and the handling of small juveniles are shown. Abalone collected in the post-monsoon period and held for 2 months matured faster than those collected before the monsoon and held for 6 months. Spawning induction of males and females had 63% and 11% success rates respectively, and the morphology of early larval stages is shown. Survival rates of veliger larvae introduced to settlement plates ranged from 35.9% to 73.7%, but the survival of post-larvae was low at 0.1% to 3.6%. The high mortality rate was attributed to invasions of filamentous green- and coralline algae on settlement plates and occurrence of low quantity of diatoms as food. Juveniles reacted best to 2% ethanol as anaesthetic, dropping off culture plates within 4 min and recovering within 17 min. Cultured abalone reached an average shell length of 52.9 mm over 13 months, which translates to an increment of 4.1 mm.mon-1. The overall conclusion of these preliminary research trials confirms  that H. mariae can be cultured successfully in Oman. Further studies on the standardization of the techniques would help in stock enhancement programmes and commercial farming.

  16. Indagini Stratigrafiche e Sistemi Informativi Architettonici: il GIS della chiesa di S. Maria in Valle Porclaneta

    Trizio, Ilaria


    Full Text Available The church of Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta and its accessories are what remains of an ancient Benedictine monastery, built in the heart of Abruzzo region (Magliano dei Marsi, L’Aquila at the end of the XII century. Even if literature, starting from the end of XIX century, has been often interested in this architectural manufactured, the process of historical-critical knowledge of the complex revealed itself difficult due to the absence of archaeological data, the shortage of the documents and, above all, the numerous interventions of restoration that, followed during all last century, have deeply modified the original compages of it. Due to the difficulties met, the overlap between the few documental data and the data derived from the direct investigation of the structures, performed with the aid of an Architectural Informative System, made possible to hypothesize a chronological reconstruction of the principal phases of life of the monastic complex.[it] La chiesa di Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta e i suoi ambienti accessori sono quanto resta di un antico monastero benedettino, edificato nel cuore del territorio abruzzese (Magliano dei Marsi, L’Aquila sul finire del XII secolo. Sebbene la letteratura, a partire dalla fine dell’Ottocento, si sia spesso occupata di questo manufatto, il processo di conoscenza storico-critica del complesso si è rivelato difficoltoso a causa dell’assenza di dati archeologici, della scarsità di fonti documentarie pervenute, e, soprattutto a causa del susseguirsi di numerosi interventi di restauro che, succedutisi senza soluzione di continuità per tutto il secolo scorso, ne hanno letteralmente stravolto la compagine originale. A fronte delle difficoltà incontrate, la sovrapposizione tra i pochi dati documentali e i dati derivati dall’indagine diretta delle strutture, eseguita con l’ausilio di un Sistema Informativo Architettonico ha consentito di ipotizzare una ricostruzione cronologica delle

  17. Mass-casualty Response to the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil.

    Dal Ponte, Silvana T; Dornelles, Carlos F D; Arquilla, Bonnie; Bloem, Christina; Roblin, Patricia


    On January 27, 2013, a fire at the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil led to a mass-casualty incident affecting hundreds of college students. A total of 234 people died on scene, 145 were hospitalized, and another 623 people received treatment throughout the first week following the incident.1 Eight of the hospitalized people later died.1 The Military Police were the first on scene, followed by the state fire department, and then the municipal Mobile Prehospital Assistance (SAMU) ambulances. The number of victims was not communicated clearly to the various units arriving on scene, leading to insufficient rescue personnel and equipment. Incident command was established on scene, but the rescuers and police were still unable to control the chaos of multiple bystanders attempting to assist in the rescue efforts. The Municipal Sports Center (CDM) was designated as the location for dead bodies, where victim identification and communication with families occurred, as well as forensic evaluation, which determined the primary cause of death to be asphyxia. A command center was established at the Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo (HCAA) in Santa Maria to direct where patients should be admitted, recruit staff, and procure additional supplies, as needed. The victims suffered primarily from smoke inhalation and many required endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. There was a shortage of ventilators; therefore, some had to be borrowed from local hospitals, neighboring cities, and distant areas in the state. A total of 54 patients1 were transferred to hospitals in the capital city of Porto Alegre (Brazil). The main issues with the response to the fire were scene control and communication. Areas for improvement were identified, namely the establishment of a disaster-response plan, as well as regularly scheduled training in disaster preparedness/response. These activities are the first steps to improving mass-casualty responses.

  18. Development and experimental qualification of a calculation scheme for the evaluation of gamma heating in experimental reactors. Application to MARIA and Jules Horowitz (JHR) MTR Reactors

    Tarchalski, M.; Pytel, K.; Wroblewska, M.; Marcinkowska, Z.; Boettcher, A.; Prokopowicz, R. [NCBJ Institute, MARIA Reactor, ul.Andrzeja Soltana 7, 05-400 Swierk (Poland); Sireta, P.; Gonnier, C.; Bignan, G. [CEA, DEN, Reactor Studies Department, Cadarache, F-13108 St-Paul-Lez-Durance (France); Lyoussi, A.; Fourmentel, D.; Barbot, L.; Villard, J.F.; Destouches, C. [CEA, DEN, DER, Instrumentation Sensors and Dosimetry Laboratory, Cadarache, F-13108 St-Paul-Lez-Durance (France); Reynard-Carette, C.; Brun, J. [Aix Marseille Universite, CNRS, Universite de Toulon, IM2NP UMR 7334, 13397, Marseille (France); Jagielski, J. [NCBJ Institute, MARIA Reactor, ul.Andrzeja Soltana 7, 05-400 Swierk (Poland); Institute of Electronic Materials Technolgy, Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warszawa (Poland); Luks, A. [Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland)


    Precise computational determination of nuclear heating which consists predominantly of gamma heating (more than 80 %) is one of the challenges in material testing reactor exploitation. Due to sophisticated construction and conditions of experimental programs planned in JHR it became essential to use most accurate and precise gamma heating model. Before the JHR starts to operate, gamma heating evaluation methods need to be developed and qualified in other experimental reactor facilities. This is done inter alia using OSIRIS, MINERVE or EOLE research reactors in France. Furthermore, MARIA - Polish material testing reactor - has been chosen to contribute to the qualification of gamma heating calculation schemes/tools. This reactor has some characteristics close to those of JHR (beryllium usage, fuel element geometry). To evaluate gamma heating in JHR and MARIA reactors, both simulation tools and experimental program have been developed and performed. For gamma heating simulation, new calculation scheme and gamma heating model of MARIA have been carried out using TRIPOLI4 and APOLLO2 codes. Calculation outcome has been verified by comparison to experimental measurements in MARIA reactor. To have more precise calculation results, model of MARIA in TRIPOLI4 has been made using the whole geometry of the core. This has been done for the first time in the history of MARIA reactor and was complex due to cut cone shape of all its elements. Material composition of burnt fuel elements has been implemented from APOLLO2 calculations. An experiment for nuclear heating measurements and calculation verification has been done in September 2014. This involved neutron, photon and nuclear heating measurements at selected locations in MARIA reactor using in particular Rh SPND, Ag SPND, Ionization Chamber (all three from CEA), KAROLINA calorimeter (NCBJ) and Gamma Thermometer (CEA/SCK CEN). Measurements were done in forty points using four channels. Maximal nuclear heating evaluated from

  19. Efek Pemberian Ekstrak Lidah Buaya (Aloe Barbadensis Miller pada Soket Gigi terhadap Kepadatan Serabut Kolagen Pasca Ekstraksi Gigi Marmut (Cavia Porcellus

    Fatma Yuza


    sockets density of collagen were observed using light microscope 400x magnification. Analyzing data is done by Kruskal-Wallis test followed by Post Hoc test using the Mann-Whitney test for comparing collagen density between groups. Statistically results between groups showed that the extract of 90% Aloe barbadensis Miller affected the formation of collagen fibers when compared to the control group (p <0.05 on day 7 after tooth extraction of guinea pig. The conclusion of this study was 90% Aloe barbadensis Miller extract increased the density of collagen fibers from the tooth socket seven days after tooth extraction of guinea pig.

  20. A comparison between Miller and five-stroke cycles for enabling deeply downsized, highly boosted, spark-ignition engines with ultra expansion

    Li, Tie; Wang, Bin; Zheng, Bin


    Highlights: • Deeply downsized, highly boosted SI engine with ultra-expansion cycle is studied. • The Miller and five stroke cycles are compared on BSFC improvements and WOT performance. • The mechanism of fuel conversion efficiency improvement at various loads is discussed. • Performance of the two-stage boosting system for the downsized SI engine is investigated. • A unique strategy using the bypass for the five-stroke engine is proposed. - Abstract: It has been well known that the engine downsizing combined with intake boosting is an effective way to improve the fuel conversion efficiency without penalizing the engine torque performance. However, the potential of engine downsizing is not yet fully explored, and the major hurdles include the knocking combustion and the pre-turbine temperature limit, owing to the aggressive intake boosting. Using the engine cycle simulation, this paper compares the effects of the Miller and five stroke cycles on the performance of the deeply downsized and highly boosted SI engine, taking the engine knock and pre-turbine temperature into consideration. In the simulation, the downsizing is implemented by reducing the combustion cylinder number from four to two, while a two stage boosting system is designed for the deeply downsized engine to ensure the wide-open-throttle (WOT) performance comparable to the original four cylinder engine. The Miller cycle is realized by varying the intake valve timing and lift, while the five stroke cycle is enabled with addition of an extra expansion cylinder between the two combustion cylinders. After calibration and validation of the engine cycle simulation models using the experimental data in the original engine, the performances of the deeply downsized engines with both the Miller and five stroke cycles are numerically studied. For the most frequently operated points on the torque-speed map, at low loads the Miller cycle exhibits superior performance over the five-stroke cycle in terms

  1. Borboletas (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea e Papilionoidea visitantes florais no Jardim Botânico da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, RS, Brasil

    Renata Lemes


    Full Text Available Ambientes urbanos como parques e jardins podem oferecer muitos recursos alimentares, além de abrigo e condições favoráveis para a sobrevivência de borboletas. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo fazer um inventário das borboletas visitantes florais e das plantas visitadas por esses insetos no Jardim Botânico da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM. No período de março de 2006 a março de 2007, foram feitas 2h de observações semanais das borboletas visitantes fl orais. Em 108h de observação, foram registradas 1114 visitas de 39 espécies de borboletas, associadas a 43 espécies de plantas (21 famílias. Nymphalidae teve a maior riqueza de espécies (S= 18, seguida de Hesperiidae (S= 8, Pieridae (S= 7, Papilionidae (S= 4 e Lycaenidae (S= 2. O pierídeo Phoebis philea philea foi a espécie mais freqüente (187 visitas, seguida dos hesperídeos Urbanus proteus proteus (100, U. teleus (73 e do ninfalídeo Heliconius erato phyllis (71. Lantana camara (Verbenaceae, Eupatorium laevigatum (Asteraceae, Russelia equisetiformis (Scrophulariaceae e Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Verbenaceae foram as plantas mais visitadas. O Jardim Botânico da UFSM é um exemplo de parque urbano que parece possuir recursos florais para alimentação de várias espécies de borboletas, sendo também potencial refúgio para espécies de áreas florestais do entorno.

  2. Effect of Different Solvents on Total Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Activity of Zizyphus jujube Miller Fruits

    Gholamhossein Davarynejad


    Full Text Available Introduction: Phenolic compounds have an ability to scavenge free radicals and cause the balance of reactive oxygen species (ROS in our body. This balance prevents atherosclerosis, coronary heart and cancer diseases. Butylated hydroxyl toluene (BHT is a well-known synthetic antioxidant, which is restricted to be used due to its probable toxic effects. Therefore, replacement of synthetic antioxidants with plant materials with high amounts of antioxidant activity, which protect the body from free radicals and many diseases caused by lipid peroxidation, is an appropriate option. ZiziphusjujubaMiller is one of the forty species belonging to Rhamnaceae family, which produces a great deal of industrial raw materials for horticultural, ornamental, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Antioxidants can be extracted by various solvents and extraction methods. Solvent extraction is the most common method used for separating natural antioxidants. Solvent properties undoubtedly play a key role in the extraction of antioxidative compounds. The type and yield of antioxidant extracted have been found to vary as affected by the solvent properties such as polarity, viscosity and vapor pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to develop a unified standard method for the extraction of antioxidants from all plant materials. Materials and Methods: Plant materials Fresh fruits were collected from Birjand, Iran, in late summer 2014. The samples were air dried under the shade at room temperature. Dried fruits were ground by using a mortar and pestle and were separately extracted by distilled water and organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol and acetone (50%, 90% and100% (v/v. After filtering through the Whatman paper #3 and removing the solvents (using a rotary evaporator (BUCHI V-850 and water (using a freeze dryer, (OPERON, FDB-5503, Korea, the dried extracts were stored in refrigerator for further analysis. Determination of Total Phenolic Content (TPC Samples were

  3. Statistical intervals a guide for practitioners

    Hahn, Gerald J


    Presents a detailed exposition of statistical intervals and emphasizes applications in industry. The discussion differentiates at an elementary level among different kinds of statistical intervals and gives instruction with numerous examples and simple math on how to construct such intervals from sample data. This includes confidence intervals to contain a population percentile, confidence intervals on probability of meeting specified threshold value, and prediction intervals to include observation in a future sample. Also has an appendix containing computer subroutines for nonparametric stati

  4. Laterally positioned flap-revised technique along with platelet rich fibrin in the management of Miller class II gingival recession

    Jagmohan Singh


    Full Text Available Gingival recession is a complex phenomenon that may present numerous therapeutic challenges to the clinician. The laterally positioned flap is commonly used to cover isolated, denuded roots that have adequate donor tissue laterally and vestibular depth. Various modifications in laterally sliding flap have been proposed in order to avoid the reported undesirable results on the donor teeth. Recently, use of growth factors has been proposed in combination with surgical techniques. This article highlights the use of laterally positioned pedicle flap-revised technique as a modification of laterally sliding flap technique along with autologous suspension of growth factors, platelet rich fibrin membrane (PRF for the management of localized Miller class-II gingival recession. After 6 months of follow-up, the clinical condition was stable with 80% root coverage and satisfactory gingival tissue healing at both donor and recipient site with no signs of inflammation. An excellent esthetical outcome was achieved and the patient was satisfied with case resolution.

  5. A new species of Hepatozoon Miller, 1908 (Apicomplexa: Adelerina) from the snake Philodryas nattereri Steindachner (Squamata: Dipsadidae) in northeastern Brazil.

    Borges-Nojosa, Diva M; Borges-Leite, M Juliana; Maia, João P; Zanchi-Silva, Djan; da Rocha Braga, Roberta; Harris, D James


    Based on both unique morphological characteristics of the gamont, distinct changes caused to the host erythrocyte and analysis of partial 18S rRNA gene sequences, a new parasite of the genus Hepatozoon Miller, 1908 is described from the snake Philodryas nattereri Steindachner (Squamata: Dipsadidae) in northeastern Brazil. The new species, Hepatozoon musa n. sp., is characterized by large and curved mature gamonts (18.9 ± 0.9 μm in length and 3.8 ± 0.3 μm in width) that considerably engorge infected host erythrocytes and displace the nucleus laterally, which become longer and thinner. Phylogenetic estimates indicate the new species is more closely related to the recently described Hepatozoon cuestensis O'Dwyer, Moço, Paduan, Spenassatto, Silva & Ribolla, 2013, from Brazilian rattlesnakes. These recent findings highlight the need for further studies of Hepatozoon to better determine the biodiversity of this common but poorly-studied parasite group.

  6. Risk and efficacy of human-enabled interspecific hybridization for climate-change adaptation: Response to Hamilton and Miller (2016)

    Kovach, Ryan P.; Luikart, Gordon; Lowe, Winsor H.; Boyer, Matthew C.; Muhlfeld, Clint C.


    Hamilton and Miller (2016) provide an interesting and provocative discussion of how hybridization and introgression can promote evolutionary potential in the face of climate change. They argue that hybridization—mating between individuals from genetically distinct populations—can alleviate inbreeding depression and promote adaptive introgression and evolutionary rescue. We agree that deliberate intraspecific hybridization (mating between individuals of the same species) is an underused management tool for increasing fitness in inbred populations (i.e., genetic rescue; Frankham 2015; Whiteley et al. 2015). The potential risks and benefits of assisted gene flow have been discussed in the literature, and an emerging consensus suggests that mating between populations isolated for approximately 50–100 generations can benefit fitness, often with a minor risk of outbreeding depression (Frankham et al. 2011; Aitken & Whitlock 2013; Allendorf et al. 2013).

  7. La financiación de las empresas en las perspectivas de Modigliani-Miller y Williamson

    González Jorge Iván


    Full Text Available El artículo compara las visiones que tienen Modigliani-Miller y Williamson sobre los modos de financiación de las empresas (acciones y deuda. Mientras que para los primeros las alternativas de financiación son instrumentos técnicos, para Williamson son el reflejo de estructuras de gobernabilidad diferentes. Después de presentar las líneas generales de cada enfoque, el artículo muestra sus implicaciones analíticas. La teoría institucional de Williamson amplía el horizonte porque, de una parte, muestra que la economía tiene que dialogar con otras disciplina y, de otra, pone en evidencia el vínculo entre la decisión financiera y la gobernabilidad de la empresa.

  8. Nicotine promotes rooting in leaf explants of in vitro raised seedlings of tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum Miller var. Pusa Ruby.

    Bamel, Kiran; Gupta, Rajendra; Gupta, Shrish C


    Nicotine promotes rooting in leaf explants of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller var. Pusa Ruby). Nicotine at 10(-9) to 10(-3) M concentrations was added to the MS basal medium. The optimum response (three-fold increase in rooting) was obtained at 10(-7) M nicotine-enriched MS medium. At the same level i.e. 10(-7) M Nicotine induced dramatic increase (11-fold) in the number of secondary roots per root. We have shown earlier that exogenous acetylcholine induces a similar response in tomato leaves. Since nicotine is an agonist of one of the two acetylcholine receptors in animals, its ability to simulate ACh action in a plant system suggests the presence of the same molecular mechanism operative in both, animal and plant cells. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Autobiografia e autorretrato: cores e dores de Carolina Maria de Jesus e de Frida Kahlo Autobiography and self-portrait: colors and pains of Carolina Maria de Jesus and Frida Kahlo

    Alessandra Matias Querido


    Full Text Available No artigo são discutidos conceitos de autorrepresentação e identidade e as relações entre o autorretrato e a autobiografia. A discussão é feita por meio de uma análise comparativa entre o livro Quarto de despejo, de Carolina Maria de Jesus, e os autorretratos de Frida Kahlo.The aim of this article is to discuss the concepts of self-representation and identity, as well as the relation between self-portrait and autobiography. The discussion based on the comparative analysis of the book Quarto de Despejo by Carolina Maria de Jesus and Frida Kahlo's self-portraits.

  10. Kust koolil oma eelarvet veel kärpida annaks? / Maria-Magdalena Jürvetson, Aivar Saarela, Matti Martinson ... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad Virtsu Põhikooli direktor Maria-Magdalena Jürvetson, Avinurme Gümnaasiumi direktor Aivar Saarela, Rahumäe Põhikooli direktor Matti Martinson, Muhu Põhikooli direktor Senta Room ja Palivere Põhikooli direktor Tõnis Peikel

  11. Quantitative analysis of Miller mobility index for the diagnosis of moderate to severe periodontitis - A cross-sectional study

    Chung-Ping Wu


    Full Text Available Background/purpose: We assessed the mobility of single-root teeth by using Miller's mobility index (MMI and to analyze the validity of MMI for the diagnosis of periodontitis. Materials and methods: A total of 30 patients were included and the Spearman correlation coefficient was used to assess the correlation between MMI, clinical attachment level (CAL, and probing depth (PD. The validity of MMI for the diagnosis of the severity of periodontitis was evaluated using the receiver operating characteristic (ROC curve, area under curve (AUC value, positive predictive value (PPV. Results: Strong correlations were observed between MMI and CAL (r = 0.92 and between MMI and PD (r = 0.76. When the CAL = 3–4 mm and CAL ≥5 mm groups were pooled together, the AUC value was 0.81. The AUC was 0.86 for diagnosis with MMI in the CAL ≥5 mm group. A PPV of 100% was achieved for all grades when MMI >1. When the teeth with PD ≥ 5 to <7 mm and PD ≥ 7 mm groups were pooled together, the AUC value for MMI was 0.80. The PPV was 98.8%, 99%, and 100% for MMI Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, respectively. When PD ≥ 7 mm was defined as severe periodontitis, the AUC value for MMI was 0.72. Conclusion: MMI may provide valuable information for the diagnosis of moderate and severe periodontitis when CAL is not obtainable during routine practice. Keywords: Miller's mobility index, Negative predictive value, Nonsurgical periodontal therapy, Positive predictive value, Receiver operating characteristic curve, Tooth mobility

  12. The Genyornis Egg: Response to Miller et al.'s commentary on Grellet-Tinner et al., 2016

    Grellet-Tinner, Gerald; Spooner, Nigel A.; Handley, Warren D.; Worthy, Trevor H.


    Williams (1981) and Williams and Rich (1991) attributed Australian Quaternary fossil eggshell that differed from that of emu Dromaius novaehollandiae to the extinct bird Genyornis newtoni without any osteological or embryonic support. Such association by proximity or abundance mirrors the case of the mistaken association of oviraptor eggs to Protoceratops in the 1920's by Andrews (Grellet-Tinner and Makovicky, 2006). No other candidate species was considered, and this attribution has been unchallenged and followed by everyone thereafter. Much research has been done on this Australian eggshell, with one result being that the extinction of the parent of this eggshell is the most well documented for a taxon in Australia (e.g., Miller et al., 1999, 2005). Grellet-Tinner et al. (2016) raised several problems with the identity of the eggshell Williams (1981) attributed to Genyornis newtoni and suggested that extinct megapodes of the genus Progura were the more likely layer of this eggshell type, therein referred to as ;putative Genyornis oological material; (PGOM). Miller et al. (2017) challenged our hypothesis stating that ;Based on the dimensions of the reconstructed Spooner Egg,Grellet-Tinner et al. (2016)argue that PGOM is too small for a bird with the body mass estimated for Genyornis (168-275 kg) … …[and] …. None of the additional PGOM observations reported byGrellet-Tinner et al. (2016)are inconsistent with a Genyornis parent;. Here we take the opportunity to respond to their critique, the basis of which resolves into a few points, which we address in turn.

  13. Dijets at large rapidity intervals

    Pope, B G


    Inclusive diet production at large pseudorapidity intervals ( Delta eta ) between the two jets has been suggested as a regime for observing BFKL dynamics. We have measured the dijet cross section for large Delta eta in pp collisions at square root s = 1800 and 630 GeV using the DOE detector. The partonic cross section increases strongly with the size of Delta eta . The observed growth is even stronger than expected on the basis of BFKL resummation in the leading logarithmic approximation. The growth of the partonic cross section can be accommodated with an effective BFKL intercept of alpha /sub BFKL/(20 GeV) = 1.65 +or- 0.07.

  14. Variational collocation on finite intervals

    Amore, Paolo; Cervantes, Mayra; Fernandez, Francisco M


    In this paper, we study a set of functions, defined on an interval of finite width, which are orthogonal and which reduce to the sinc functions when the appropriate limit is taken. We show that these functions can be used within a variational approach to obtain accurate results for a variety of problems. We have applied them to the interpolation of functions on finite domains and to the solution of the Schroedinger equation, and we have compared the performance of the present approach with others

  15. Multipurpose epithermal neutron beam on new research station at MARIA research reactor in Swierk-Poland

    Gryzinski, M.A.; Maciak, M. [National Centre for Nuclear Research, Andrzeja Soltana 7, 05-400 Otwock-Swierk (Poland)


    MARIA reactor is an open-pool research reactor what gives the chance to install uranium fission converter on the periphery of the core. It could be installed far enough not to induce reactivity of the core but close enough to produce high flux of fast neutrons. Special design of the converter is now under construction. It is planned to set the research stand based on such uranium converter in the near future: in 2015 MARIA reactor infrastructure should be ready (preparation started in 2013), in 2016 the neutron beam starts and in 2017 opening the stand for material and biological research or for medical training concerning BNCT. Unused for many years, horizontal channel number H2 at MARIA research rector in Poland, is going to be prepared as a part of unique stand. The characteristics of the neutron beam will be significant advantage of the facility. High flux of neutrons at the level of 2x10{sup 9} cm{sup -2}s{sup -1} will be obtainable by uranium neutron converter located 90 cm far from the reactor core fuel elements (still inside reactor core basket between so called core reflectors). Due to reaction of core neutrons with converter U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} material it will produce high flux of fast neutrons. After conversion neutrons will be collimated and moderated in the channel by special set of filters and moderators. At the end of H2 channel i.e. at the entrance to the research room neutron energy will be in the epithermal energy range with neutron intensity at least at the level required for BNCT (2x10{sup 9} cm{sup -2}s{sup -1}). For other purposes density of the neutron flux could be smaller. The possibility to change type and amount of installed filters/moderators which enables getting different properties of the beam (neutron energy spectrum, neutron-gamma ratio and beam profile and shape) is taken into account. H2 channel is located in separate room which is adjacent to two other empty rooms under the preparation for research laboratories (200 m2). It is

  16. National Program for Inspection of Non-Federal Dams. Miller Pond Dam (CT 00154), Thames River Basin, Waterford, Connecticut. Phase I Inspection Report.


    Road and adjacent to the Brook are likely to be impacted by dam failure. Because a breach of Miller Pond Dam would cause severe economic loss and the...TO THE ASSUMED SPILL CREST ELEVATION 3 WATER %. WACE ELEATCRS. SHOREI I NE AND 7AI NGTER COGRATIONS ARE APPROXIMATE, AS OBTAINED Dl"F I -t DAM INSECTION

  17. 1 küsimus noorele juhile : Mis teha, kui kopp on ees - kuidas sa stressist jagu saad? / Riho Jürvetson, Merit Miller, Krister Rekkaro ... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad EMT erakliendi osakonna juhataja Riho Jürvetson, KPMG Baltics müügijuht Merit Miller, ArtPrint juht Krister Rekkaro, Dateli juhatuse liige Triin Sepp, Media House projektijuht Tanel Tarkmees, Ober-Haus Kinnisvara tegevjuht Katrin Klein-Näppi

  18. Critical Terrorism Studies Since 11 September 2001: What Has Been Learned? Edited by David Miller, Jessie Blackbourn, Rani Dhanda and Helen Dexter. New York, NT: Routledge, 2014.

    Mark Roberts


    Full Text Available Critical Terrorism Studies Since 11 September 2001: What Has Been Learned? Edited by David Miller, Jessie Blackbourn, Rani Dhanda and Helen Dexter. New York, NT: Routledge, 2014. ISBN 978-0-415-83852-8. Graphs. Tables. Sources cited. Index. Pp. viii, 144. $137.75.

  19. Spatial and temporal distribution of dragonflies naiads in wetlands La Vaca and Santa Maria del Lago, Bogota, Colombia

    Moreno Pallares, Maria Ines; Guillot Monroy, Gabriel Hernando


    We evaluated the spatial and temporal variation in communities of dragonfly's naiads and their association to the habitat rehabilitation status in La Vaca and Santa Maria del Lago wetlands. Four samplings were carried out in several sites of each during a year. Macroinvertebrates were collected at the entry and exit flow, and in open waters of the wetlands using standard techniques. We found a gradient in the distribution of the abundance of nymphs in both wetlands, where naiads community had the highest number of individuals in the places located farther from the dumping sites. Comparing the community s composition between wetlands La Vaca and Santa Maria del Lago through the beta diversity, heterogeneity was found in both ecosystems. The gradient in the distribution of the abundance of naiads observed in both wetlands fits with to a response of the species in terms of tolerance to the environmental variables.

  20. [Natural infection of Lutzomyia cayennensis cayennensis with trypanosomatid parasites (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) in Los Montes de Maria, Colombia].

    Cochero, Suljey; Anaya, Yosed; Díaz, Yirys; Paternina, Margaret; Luna, Arturo; Paternina, Luis; Eduar Elías, Bejarano


    The presence of sand flies naturally infected with trypanosomatid parasites was determined in Los Montes de Maria, Colombia, a region considered endemic for visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis. Phlebotomines were collected using CDC light-traps, and sticky traps soaked with castor oil placed in the peri and intradomestic habitats. Six species of Lutzomyia were morphologically identified among the 159 sand flies captured: Lu. evansi, Lu. cayennensis cayennensis, Lu. trinidadensis, Lu. atroclavata, Lu. gomezi and Lu. dubitans. A DNA band of 800 pb corresponding to the small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene (ssrRNA) of the family Trypanosomatidae was amplified in one pool of nine females of Lu. cayennensis cayennensis. This finding constitutes the first evidence of natural infection of this sand fly species with trypanosomatid parasites in Los Montes de Maria.

  1. Short-term impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on tropical stream chemistry as measured by in-situ sensors

    McDowell, W. H.; Potter, J.; López-Lloreda, C.


    High intensity hurricanes have been shown to alter topical forest productivity and stream chemistry for years to decades in the montane rain forest of Puerto Rico, but much less is known about the immediate ecosystem response to these extreme events. Here we report the short-term impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the chemistry of Quebrada Sonadora immediately before and after the storms. We place the results from our 15-minute sensor record in the context of long-term weekly sampling that spans 34 years and includes two earlier major hurricanes (Hugo and Geoges). As expected, turbidity during Maria was the highest in our sensor record (> 1000 NTU). Contrary to our expectations, we found that solute-flow behavior changed with the advent of the storms. Specific conductance showed a dilution response to flow before the storms, but then changed to an enrichment response during and after Maria. This switch in system behavior is likely due to the deposition of marine aerosols during the hurricane. Nitrate concentrations showed very little response to discharge prior to the recent hurricanes, but large increase in concentration occurred at high flow both during and after the hurricanes. Baseflow nitrate concentrations decreased immediately after Irma to below the long-term background concentrations, which we attribute to the immobilization of N on organic debris choking the stream channel. Within three weeks of Hurricane Maria, baseflow nitrate concentrations began to rise. This is likely due to mineralization of N from decomposing canopy vegetation on the forest floor, and reduced N uptake by hurricane-damaged vegetation. The high frequency sensors are providing new insights into the response of this ecosystem in the days and weeks following two major disturbance events. The flipping of nitrate response to storms, from source limited to transport limited, suggests that these two severe hurricanes have fundamentally altered the nitrogen cycle at the site in ways

  2. Aplicação da Lei Maria da Penha nas delegacias de mulheres: O caso do Rio de Janeiro

    Cláudia Abdala


    Full Text Available O artigo analisa a trajetória das queixas de violência conjugal prestadas por mulheres em cinco DEAMs do estado do Rio de Janeiro. São discutidos: o número de queixas realizadas e efetivamente transformadas em registros de ocorrência no período de 2005-2008; os diversos obstáculos encontrados pelas mulheres para tornar públicos os maus-tratos que sofrem e o impacto da sanção da Lei Maria da Penha no número de registros de ocorrência nessas delegacias. O estudo mostrou o risco que ainda hoje uma mulher corre quando decide denunciar a violência. Buscou-se também destacar o quanto à violência psicológica contra a mulher é naturalizada nas delegacias.  The article Application of the Maria da Penha Law at Police Stations for Women in Rio de Janeiro reviews the history of complaints of domestic violence reported by women in five DEAMs (special police stations for women in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The study investigates the number of complaints made and effectively transformed into reports in the period 2005-2008, the various obstacles faced by women to make known the abuse they suffer and the impact of the sanctioning of the Maria da Penha Act on the number those reports. The study demonstrates the risk that women still run when they decide to report violence and the extent to which psychological abuse against women is naturalized in the police stations. Key words: domestic violence, complaints, Maria da Penha Act, Rio de Janeiro, police stations for women

  3. Tres Marias Reservoir, Minas Gerais State: Study of the dispersion of suspended sediments in surface waters using orbital images

    Dejesusparada, N. (Principal Investigator); Sausen, T. M.


    Computer compatible tapes from LANDSAT were used to compartmentalize the Ires Marias reservoir according to respective grey level spectral response. Interactive and automatic, supervised classification, was executed from the IMAGE-100 system. From the simple correlation analysis and graphic representation, it is shown that grey tone levels are inversely proportional to Secchi Depth values. It is further shown that the most favorable period to conduct an analysis of this type is during the rainy season.

  4. Some Characterizations of Convex Interval Games

    Brânzei, R.; Tijs, S.H.; Alparslan-Gok, S.Z.


    This paper focuses on new characterizations of convex interval games using the notions of exactness and superadditivity. We also relate big boss interval games with concave interval games and obtain characterizations of big boss interval games in terms of exactness and subadditivity.

  5. NASA Earth Science Disasters Program Response Activities During Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in 2017

    Bell, J. R.; Schultz, L. A.; Molthan, A.; Kirschbaum, D.; Roman, M.; Yun, S. H.; Meyer, F. J.; Hogenson, K.; Gens, R.; Goodman, H. M.; Owen, S. E.; Lou, Y.; Amini, R.; Glasscoe, M. T.; Brentzel, K. W.; Stefanov, W. L.; Green, D. S.; Murray, J. J.; Seepersad, J.; Struve, J. C.; Thompson, V.


    The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season included a series of storms that impacted the United States, and the Caribbean breaking a 12-year drought of landfalls in the mainland United States (Harvey and Irma), with additional impacts from the combination of Irma and Maria felt in the Caribbean. These storms caused widespread devastation resulting in a significant need to support federal partners in response to these destructive weather events. The NASA Earth Science Disasters Program provided support to federal partners including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Guard Bureau (NGB) by leveraging remote sensing and other expertise through NASA Centers and partners in academia throughout the country. The NASA Earth Science Disasters Program leveraged NASA mission products from the GPM mission to monitor cyclone intensity, assist with cyclone center tracking, and quantifying precipitation. Multispectral imagery from the NASA-NOAA Suomi-NPP mission and the VIIRS Day-Night Band proved useful for monitoring power outages and recovery. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites operated by the European Space Agency were used to create flood inundation and damage assessment maps that were useful for damage density mapping. Using additional datasets made available through the USGS Hazards Data Distribution System and the activation of the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters, the NASA Earth Science Disasters Program created additional flood products from optical and radar remote sensing platforms, along with PI-led efforts to derive products from other international partner assets such as the COSMO-SkyMed system. Given the significant flooding impacts from Harvey in the Houston area, NASA provided airborne L-band SAR collections from the UAVSAR system which captured the daily evolution of record flooding, helping to guide response and mitigation decisions for critical infrastructure and public safety. We

  6. The Impact of Hurricane Maria on the Vegetation of Dominica and Puerto Rico Using Multispectral Remote Sensing

    Tangao Hu


    Full Text Available As the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica and Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria in September 2017 had a large impact on the vegetation of these islands. In this paper, multitemporal Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 data are used to investigate vegetation damage on Dominica and Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, and related influencing factors are analyzed. Moreover, the changes in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI in the year 2017 are compared to reference years (2015 and 2016. The results show that (1 there is a sudden drop in NDVI values after Hurricane Maria’s landfall (decreased about 0.2 which returns to near normal vegetation after 1.5 months; (2 different land cover types have different sensitivities to Hurricane Maria, whereby forest is the most sensitive type, then followed by wetland, built-up, and natural grassland; and (3 for Puerto Rico, the vegetation damage is highly correlated with distance from the storm center and elevation. For Dominica, where the whole island is within Hurricane Maria’s radius of maximum wind, the vegetation damage has no obvious relationship to elevation or distance. The study provides insight into the sensitivity and recovery of vegetation after a major land-falling hurricane, and may lead to improved vegetation protection strategies.

  7. Frequency of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by computed skull tomography in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

    Silva, Jose Edson Paz da


    Due to the lack of studies about neurocysticercosis in the South of Brazil, an investigation was conducted to determine the percentage cases of neurocysticercosis in computed tomography diagnoses in Santa Maria, RS, from January 1997 to December 1998. Of 6300 computed tomographs (CT) of the skull performed at the private Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, 80, i.e. 1.27% were suspected of neurocysticercosis. Fifty were women (62.5%) and 30 were men (37.5). The most frequent radiological manifestation indicating neurocysticercosis was the presence of calcifications (isolated or associated), with a 95% rate (76 cases), while the presence of hypodense lesions reached a 5% rate (4 cases). After routine analysis, each CT was evaluated again and the suspected cases were confirmed. The percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by CT in the present study carried out in santa Maria was considered low (1.27%). This can be explained by the fact that tomography is not accessible to the economically underprivileged population of Santa Maria. We hope that the present study can alert the population and the professionals to the fact neurocysticercosis is a more frequent disease than indicated by the few diagnoses made. (author)

  8. Frequency of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by computed skull tomography in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

    Silva, Jose Edson Paz da [Santa Maria Univ., RS (Brazil). Dept. de Analises Clinicas e Toxicologicas; Diefenthaeler, Ana Paula [Santa Maria Univ., RS (Brazil). Curso de Farmacia e Bioquimica; Palma, Jose Knoll [Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, Santa Maria, RS (Brazil)


    Due to the lack of studies about neurocysticercosis in the South of Brazil, an investigation was conducted to determine the percentage cases of neurocysticercosis in computed tomography diagnoses in Santa Maria, RS, from January 1997 to December 1998. Of 6300 computed tomographs (CT) of the skull performed at the private Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, 80, i.e. 1.27% were suspected of neurocysticercosis. Fifty were women (62.5%) and 30 were men (37.5). The most frequent radiological manifestation indicating neurocysticercosis was the presence of calcifications (isolated or associated), with a 95% rate (76 cases), while the presence of hypodense lesions reached a 5% rate (4 cases). After routine analysis, each CT was evaluated again and the suspected cases were confirmed. The percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by CT in the present study carried out in santa Maria was considered low (1.27%). This can be explained by the fact that tomography is not accessible to the economically underprivileged population of Santa Maria. We hope that the present study can alert the population and the professionals to the fact neurocysticercosis is a more frequent disease than indicated by the few diagnoses made. (author)

  9. Geochronology of granitoids and gnaisses from the Rio Maria, Mata Geral farm and Itacaiunas river regions, southern Para, Brazil

    Montalvao, R.M.G. de; Tassinari, C.C.G.; Bezerra, P.E.L.; Prado, P.


    Granitoids and gneisses occurring at Rio Maria, Mata Geral farm and Itacaiunas river regions, southern Para, underwent radiometric age determinations by Rb/Sr method using conventional isochrons. Results obtained from the Rio Maria and Mata Geral farm regions allowed te establishment of a reference 2,600 my Rb/Sr isochron with an initial Sr 87 /Sr 86 ratio of 0.7009. This result resembles the one obtained for granitoids and gneisses hosting rocks of the Serra do Inaja greenstone belt, located some what south of this area, which yielded, in Rb/Sr isochron, a radiometric age of 2,696 + - 79 my with an initial Sr 87 /Sr 86 ratio of 0.701. Results obtained from the Itacaiunas river region allowed for the establishment of a Rb/Sr referential isochron of 2,480 + - 40 my wth an initial Sr 87 /.Sr 86 ratio of 0.7072. Due to low initial ratios, it is suggested that the rocks from the Rio Maria, Mata Geral farm and Serra do Inaja regions formed from Mafic crust or superior mantle reworking, while those from the Itacaiunas river region, due to a high initial ratio, result from reworking at high crustal levels. (Author) [pt

  10. Habitat Preferences of Juvenile Abalone (Haliotis mariae Wood, 1828 Along the Dhofar Coast of Oman and Implications for Conservation

    Schalk Willem Petrus de Waal


    Full Text Available Surveys were conducted along the eastern Dhofar coast of Oman to investigate densities and habitat preferences of juvenile Haliotis mariae ( 50 cm Ø, respectively. B values were highest for urchins (6 times that for small boulders, and for boulders <50 cm Ø. B values for boulder habitats decreased as boulder size increased. Urchin utilisation by juvenile abalone as shelter ranged between geographic areas from a minimum of 15.5% to a maximum of 47.6%. The proportion of total habitat that is preferred by more than 97% of juvenile abalone found, including urchins and boulders < 50 cm Ø, comprises 29% of surveyed substratum. While the role urchins play on wild juvenile H. mariae has not proved vital, it is definitely significant. Although juvenile densities are low and are not currently limited by the availability of suitable habitat, it is crucial to identify and conserve those microhabitats that support recruitment of H. mariae. The abundance of these areas should be among the criteria used in selecting protected conservation areas.

  11. Potencial fitotóxico de extratos foliares de Aloe arborescens Miller (Asphodelaceae produzidos em diferentes épocas do ano Analysis of the phytotoxic potential of Aloe arborescens Miller leaf extracts (Asphodelaceae produced at different times of the year

    Cynthia Murakami


    Full Text Available Este trabalho visou analisar o potencial fitotóxico de extratos foliares de Aloe arborescens Miller sobre a germinação e crescimento de plântulas de alface (Lactuca sativa L.. Amostras de folhas foram coletadas nas quatro estações climáticas e maceradas em etanol P.A. por 28 dias. Os extratos produzidos foram fracionados em extratos etanólico e clorofórmico e tiveram as concentrações reduzidas a 1%. Os bioensaios de ação fitotóxica foram desenvolvidos em triplicata, sob luz constante e temperatura ambiente. Apenas o extrato clorofórmico de primavera mostrou forte atividade fitotóxica sobre a germinação das sementes de alface (16,67%. Todos os extratos reduziram significativamente a primeira contagem, índice de velocidade germinação (IVG e o crescimento do eixo hipocótiloradicular (EHR das plântulas de alface, porém os extratos clorofórmicos mostraram maior atividade fitotóxica, gerando alterações morfológicas mais intensas sobre as plântulas de alface e apresentaram maiores teores de compostos fenólicos. Apesar de todos os extratos clorofórmicos inibirem fortemente o crescimento das folhas cotiledonares das plântulas de alface, não se observaram neste último efeito, variações em função dos períodos de coleta.This study aimed to analyze seasonal variation in the phytotoxic potential of Aloe arborescens Miller leaf extract on lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. germination and growth. Leaf samples were collected in the four seasons and were macerated in ethanol P.A. for 28 days. The extracts were fractionated into solutions made with ethanol and chloroform, and concentrations were reduced to 1%. Phytotoxic activity bioassays were carried out in triplicate, under constant light and ambient temperature. Only the spring chloroform extract showed strong phytotoxic activity on lettuce seed germination (16.67%. All extracts significantly reduced the first count, germination velocity index (GVI and growth of the hipocotyl

  12. The proposal of Paediatric Virology and its perspectives: An interview with Professor of Paediatrics Maria Theodoridou.

    Mammas, Ioannis N; Spandidos, Demetrios A


    Professor Maria Theodoridou, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Athens, is one of the few paediatricians in Greece, who have experienced almost all the infectious diseases of the second half of the 20th century and their severe consequences, prior to the widespread adoption of immunisations. A milestone during her career was the establishment of a specialised National Reference Unit for the care of paediatric patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) at the 'Aghia Sophia' Children's Hospital in Athens, Greece. According to Professor Theodoridou, training on the prevention, management and treatment of neonatal and paediatric viral infections represents a new educational challenge for both community as well as hospital-based paediatric health professionals. The debate of the potential strategically principal role of Paediatric Virology subspecialists in the primary, secondary and tertiary clinical practice is definitely necessary and needs further discussion and evaluation, she adds. She describes the difficulties that Greece, a country under a long-standing financial crisis, faces for the hospital-based management of paediatric viral infections and refers to the future advances, which are expected in the field of diagnosis and treatment of viral infections in neonates and children. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens on October 7th, 2017, Professor Theodoridou will focus on the immigration crisis and vaccination policy.

  13. Toxicological potential of metals found in soil of cemeteries in Santa Maria - RS

    Bruno Casanova Vilaverde Gomes


    Full Text Available Contamination with toxic elements and cemetery leachate may result when proper geo-environmental and hydro geographic studies are not conducted and cemeteries are dug in soils without appropriate structure and chemical properties. This contamination may percolate through the water table, leading to groundwater contamination, which can dramatically affect natural resources and public health. The toxicity of soil from Santa Maria was evaluated in this context. In addition, concentrations of Al, Ca, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb and Zn were determined and compared with the tolerance limits established by the National Environmental Council Resolution No. 420 of 2013. Oligochaetas of the Eisenia andrei species were used as bio indicators in the format bioassays-limit test (control versus treatment, in a completely randomized design with three replications, consisting of seven treatments and two levels. At the end of the exposure period, we evaluated the effects of acute toxicity in oligochaetas, considering the median lethal concentration (LC50. The results of acute and chronic toxicity studies in the two analyzed cemeteries (urban and rural showed toxicity (CL50 239,88 mg k-1 e 52,48 mg kg-1 and interference in the reproductive process of oligochaetas. We detected concentrations of toxic metals that exceeded legally established values.

  14. To the problem about the origin of lunar maria and continents (Moessbauer investigations)

    Malysheva, T. V.


    A comparative study of Mossbauer spectra of regolith returned by the Luna 16 and Luna 20 spacecraft is presented. The Mossbauer spectra of the mare regolith differs significantly for all fractions from the spectra for the same fractions of continental regolith. The total quantity of iron is 1.85 times greater in the mare regolith. There is 2.4 times less olivine in the mare region than in the continental region. The pyroxene component of the mare regolith is less homogeneous in composition (contains more augite and glass) and is present in larger quantities. Ilmenite was found only in the mare regolith. In the continental region, the predominant titanium-containing phase is ulvospinel. The mare regolith contains more metallic iron, which is more finely dispersed and contains less nickel. Troilite is found in the maria region. Based on these differences, it is concluded that the formation of continental rocks occurred at an earlier stage of crystallization from the melt and at higher temperatures and higher partial pressures of oxygen. The mare basalts crystallized from a more reduced magma, apparently in a later process.

  15. História da Revista de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

    Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó

    Full Text Available RESUMO Objetivo Relatar a história da Revista de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Método Relato de experiência, a partir de informações de materiais secundários, como site e documentos. As informações foram agrupadas e apresentadas conforme a sequência temporal. Resultados A revista foi criada em 2010 e, nestes seis anos, houve um aumento no número de artigos publicados de 58 para 75, a aprovação para indexação em bases de dados e a obtenção do Qualis B3. Foram desenvolvidas ações direcionadas ao fortalecimento do periódico, como a busca de recursos financeiros, aumento da divulgação, do número de pareceristas e colaboradores. Conclusões A história da revista envolve diversas etapas as quais têm sido permeadas por desafios e conquistas que implicam a busca pelo fortalecimento contínuo do periódico e das publicações vinculadas.


    Geângelo Petene Calvi


    Full Text Available This study was accomplished on Espíndula Farm, Santa Maria de Jetibá (ES, with the objective of evaluating the litter and nutrients deposition in areas with different succession stadiums. Two areas were selected with different vegetable coverings, defined as: (SF Secondary Forest, with about 25 ha of area, corresponding to an old area of cassava cultivation with about 50 years in process of ecological succession and where today there is a secondary forest and an Old Secondary Forest (OSF corresponding to a forest area that has just been submitted to a selective wood extraction for use of the farm itself. In each one of vegetal areas, approximately 0.1 ha was delimited and in these ten conical collectors were randomized distributed. The litter collections were accomplished monthly from November 2003 to October 2005. After drying, the material was stratified and the total contributed and the contribution of the different fractions, and the nutritious addition were evaluated. It was not verified significant differences among the total of litter deposited among the areas, being the highest production values observed in the summer, 5.70 Mg ha-1 (SF and 5.73 Mg ha-1(OSF, possibly due to the winds and rain mechanical action. The fraction of higher contribution was the foliar, corresponding to 74.62% for the SF area and 69.46% for the OSF area

  17. Daily Life elevations in the poetry of Maria Lúcia Dal Farra: three poems in perspective

    Kalina Naro Guimarães


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the lyrics of one of the great names of the contemporary Brazilian poetry, Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, based on the analysis of three poems - Manhã, Culinária and Sustância -, included in Livro de auras (1994, the first literary work published by the author. The objective was to investigate how, in these poems, the daily life is problematized, as a generalizing and repetitive space, characterized by the immediacy and lack of reflection, in favor of a poetry that places this daily life aspect in the female universe and, with an intense meditative tone, reconnects the lost human ties, weaving a mythical time. This encounter dramatizes a poetic attitude that, plunging into experiences considered trivial, makes current the space taken by the affective memory and filled with a sense of belonging and perpetuates it. After the attempt to theoretically comprehend the daily life (Kujawski, 1991; Heller, 1992; Maffesoli, 1998, followed by the poems’ literary analysis, the conclusion reached is that the path that starts at the present day and reaches the essential meaning revelation configures important formal and perspective traits in the figuration of this lyric’s universe.

  18. Maria Firmina dos Reis e seu conto Gupeva: uma breve digressão indianista

    Rafael Balseiro Zin


    Full Text Available Se o tratamento que a escritora maranhense Maria Firmina dos Reis atribui às personagens negras e à questão da escravidão em seu romance inaugural Úrsula, publicado em 1859, e em seu conto A escrava, de 1887, é um tanto particular para a literatura brasileira produzida até aquele momento, em outro tema bastante em voga no período, o encontro da cultura europeia com a cultura indígena autóctone, ela também vai apresentar concepções distintas. Levando em consideração essa perspectiva, o presente artigo tem por objetivo analisar as ideias da autora contidas em seu conto indianista Gupeva, de 1861-2, uma vez que, nessa narrativa, ela se dedica a pensar o lugar destinado ao índio na sociedade brasileira oitocentista, no sentido de registrar a sua contribuição e de marcar o seu ideário acerca da questão nacional.

  19. Magistritööde kaitsmine : [Maria-Magdalena Jürvetson jt.


    14. juunil '99 kaitsevad TPÜ filoloogiateaduskonna magistritööde kaitsmisnõukogu koosolekul Maria-Magdalena Jürvetson magistritöö "Soome keele ja rahvuskultuuri areng 19. sajandil" ja Hilve Rebase magistritöö "Norra ja Soome kirjanike loomingust ja retseptsioonist Eestis"; 15. juunil kaitsevad TPÜ infoteaduste osakonna magistritööde kaitsmisnõukogu koosolekul Aivi Sepp magistritöö "Raamatukogu- ja infoteaduslik haridus 20. sajandi teisel poolel" ja Marianne Paimre magistritöö "Narkotemaatika Eesti loetavamates päevalehtedes aastatel 1993-1995 : bibliomeetriline aspekt"; 17. juunil kaitsevad TPÜ geoökoloogia magistritööde kaitsmisnõukogu koosolekul Raimo Pajula magistritöö "Raba mikromaastike seosed rabalaama morfomeetria ja veerežiimiga Männik-järve raba näitel", Kristjan Kruusement magistritöö "Fosfori jaotus järvesetetes" ja Peep-Aarne Sirge magistritöö "Eesti endiste sõjakoolide kogemuste rakendamise võimalusi kaitsejõudude tänapäevases väljaõppes"; 21. juunil kaitsevad TPÜ kasvatusteaduste ja pedagoogika magistritööde kaitsmisnõukogu koosolekul Krista Loogma magistritöö "Stsenaariumi meetodi rakendamine hariduse tuleviku uurimisel ja haridusstrateegia arendamisel" ja Tarmo Salumaa magistritöö "Eesmärgistatud organisatsiooniliste muutuste mõju inimeste töökeskkonna tunnetamisele koolis"

  20. On reading the “Duino Elegies” by Rainer Maria Rilke

    Barbara Surowska


    Full Text Available The article discusses the book Rycerz i śmierć written by Katarzyna Kuczyńska-Koschany. The book includes essays on Reiner Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies published earlier that have been revised and updated. The poem cycle called the Duino Elegies is composed of ten separate poems written in 1912, 1913, 1915 and 1922, i.e. at the peak period of the poet’s imagination and mental activity. The reviewer provides a detailed analysis the first four chapters of the book in which three elegies written before the outbreak of the first war, and the fourth that originated when the war was raging on, are presented. The reviewer appreciates the author’s careful preparation for the book and the ambitious agenda of the author to describe in a synthetic form, for the first time in Poland, the whole cycle of Rilke’s elegies with their Polish translations along with their quality evaluation and comparison taken into consideration, as well as some presentations of German interpretations from prominent specialists in the life and the literary output of Rilke. However, the reviewer is not ready to buy all of the author’s claims and points at numerous, perhaps too numerous, errors, distortions in facts and erroneous reading of the original texts written in German, which, to a high degree, lowers the perceived quality of the discussed book.

  1. Letters of the engraver Francesco Maria Gaetano Ghinghi (1689-1762 to Anton Francesco Gori

    Gabriella Tassinari


    Full Text Available Le lettere qui esaminate, conservate nella Biblioteca Marucelliana a Firenze, sono scritte da Napoli dal famoso incisore di pietre dure Francesco Maria Gaetano Ghinghi (1689-1762 al celebre erudito e antiquario Anton Francesco Gori. Esse sono ricche di interessanti notizie relative all’attività del Real Laboratorio delle Pietre Dure di Napoli, fondato nel 1737, di cui il Ghinghi fu il primo direttore, e coordinatore dell’équipe di artisti fiorentini che si erano trasferiti con lui. Il Ghinghi fornisce dati sulla circolazione di gemme a Napoli in quel periodo, sulle antichità di Ercolano (di cui il Gori fu uno dei primi a scrivere e sulla permanenza a Napoli di Antonio Pichler, capostipite di una illustre famiglia di incisori, che il Ghinghi conosceva bene, perché entrambi lavoravano per il noto collezionista di gemme Philipp von Stosch. Inoltre, in un quadro di scarsa disponibilità di calchi riproducenti gemme della collezione Farnese, acquista gran valore l’invio di tali impronte da parte del Ghinghi al Gori, che così aveva gemme non documentate altrimenti.

  2. The Sicilian Architect Tommaso Maria Napoli and the Baroque Cathedral of Dubrovnik

    Horvat-Levaj, Katarina


    Full Text Available The design of the Dubrovnik Cathedral (1671-1713 – a monumental three-nave basilica with a dome over the crossing – was commissioned, thanks to Abbot Stjepan Gradić, from the Roman architect Andrea Bufalini. Among the leaders of construction, which lasted for over four decades, the Sicilian architect Tommaso Maria Napoli stands out. During his nine-year stay in Dubrovnik (1689-98 he was the only one who engaged in radical changes in the design. Through his changes to the vaulting and lighting of the main nave and sanctuary, as well as the introduction of terraces above the side chapels, he gave the building better proportions, and moreover he balanced its volume by enriching the Cathedral with the plastic expressiveness characteristic of Sicilian architecture at that time. Napoli was the only architect involved in the construction of the Dubrovnik Cathedral who had an international reputation, from his native Sicily, to Naples, Rome, and the Habsburg Monarchy. This makes his inventive corrections to Bufalini's design even more significant.

  3. Fauna do solo em áreas com Eucalyptus spp. E Pinus elliottii, Santa Maria, RS

    Maria Izabel Jacques Soares


    Full Text Available This work started in the spring in 1996 and finished in the winter in 1997 and it had as its objective to study the populational survey of soil fauna in the Pinus elliotti and Eucalyptus spp. in areas situaded in “Campus” at Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. An extractor was utilized to collect the soil from 10 sample points, in the 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 and 15-20 cm of soil depth, in each season of the year. With this study it was possible to identify some representants of Phylum Annelida and Arthropoda who belong to fauna-soil-vegetable context. The individual total, its percentile and number of individual for square meter were obtained. It was observed the predominance of Phylum Arthropoda and, in special, of Insecta class in the Eucalyptus spp. area; and the Phylum Annelida in the Pinus elliottii area. The depth variable originated mathematical models to explain the populational distribution for each studied areas. The seasons of year variable did not show a significative difference. It was not possible to establish a populational distribution model.

  4. Slight Productions: An Introduction to Maria Edgeworth’s Comic Dramas (1817

    Carmen María Fernández-Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Most studies on Maria Edgeworth’s oeuvre are centred on her Irish tales. Despite the growing interest in this woman writer, there is no research on her amateur theatricals. After a brief contextualisation of Edgeworth and the stage, this paper aims to describe and highlight the main features of Comic Dramas (1817, one of Edgeworth’s lesser productions. The volume includes three pieces (Love and Law; The Two Guardians and The Rose, Thistle and Shamrock which are set in Ireland and England. Apart from the presence of issues from her tales and educational manuals, what interests us here is that, far from upholding Anglicisation, the Anglo-Irish authoress defends community and an integrating British nation. Comic Dramas is admittedly tinctured by sentimentalism and social critique. For this reason, the examination of these pieces cannot be neglected to obtain a comprehensive panorama of Edgeworth’s vision of Ireland.

  5. Marie Curie and the 'Science of Radioactivity'; Maria Curie y la 'Ciencia de la Radioactividad'

    Mercader, Roberto C. [UNLP Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina); CONICET Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas, Buenos Aires (Argentina)


    This article is about Maria Curie, nee Sklodowska, an outstanding mathematician and physicist who managed to counteract the oppressive rules in her Russian occupied Poland that prevented native Polish from taking advanced studies. She went to Paris to study physics and mathematics at the University at the end of the nineteenth century and, notwithstanding the harsh conditions she had to endure, she obtained honors degrees in both disciplines. After marrying her tutor, Pierre Curie, she and her husband were able to get to the core of the problem of {sup r}adioactivity{sup ,} term that she coined. They discovered two new elements, radium and polonium. Jointly with Becquerel, the Curies were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903. They kept on with their hard work together until the untimely dead of Pierre in 1906. Taking her husband's chair, she became the first female professor at La Sorbonne. In spite of the hostility toward her for sexist and xenophobic prejudices, she obtained a new Nobel Prize, this time for chemistry, in 1911. Her commitment to help the soldiers in the battlefields over the First World War was extraordinary. She developed portable X-ray machines and even drove herself the trucks that carried them to the field hospitals thus changing forever the way that war-inflicted wounds were treated. She founded the Institut du Radium where her daughter Irene obtained the Nobel Prize for physics in 1935 only months after her mother's dead of leukemia in 1934. (author)

  6. Prince Eugene and Maria Theresa: Gender, History, and Memory in Hofmannsthal in the First World War

    Wolfgang Nehring


    Full Text Available Hugo von Hofmannsthal was one of the Austrian poets and intellectuals who took an active part in the historical-political events of 1914. He expected from the war a new vitality of public life and an end of the cultural crisis. In his early years he had advocated closer bonds between poesy and life. Now he encountered a situation that gave him the chance to strengthen his ties with reality. He worried about the existence of Austria, in which he was rooted, and tried to conjure up the Hapsburg spirit of the past for his contemporaries and to explain Austria's national history and right to exist to a large public. My study discusses his essay on Prince Eugene and Maria Theresa in the context of collective memory (or cultural memory and propaganda. Is there really a collective memory? Was there a collective memory, in which the great commander and the empress lived on, or did the author wish to create this memory from history? Should his essays be considered war propaganda? Self-assertion of Austria opposite the German ally appeared almost equally important. The change in emphasis from Prince Eugene as the greatest Austrian to the peace-loving empress mirrors the events of the war. Both contribute to an Austrian anthropology, which for the author lived on beyond the end of the Empire.

  7. Carolina Maria de Jesus: a construção cotidiana da nacionalidade brasileira

    Vívian Matias dos Santos


    Full Text Available

    Este ensaio tem por objetivo analisar como a nacionalidade brasileira se constrói no romance de Carolina Maria de Jesus, Quarto de despejo: diário de uma favelada (1960. Trata-se de uma obra autobiográfica, e sendo a autora mulher, pobre e negra, permiti-nos perceber a existência de “brasis” edificados, dentre outros vários elementos, sobre as bases da desigualdade sócio-econômica, etnico/racial e de gênero. Percebe-se que é desta forma que a nação é construída e reconstruída ininterruptamente – por variados tempos, espaços e sujeitos. São múltiplas determinações surgidas a partir das relações sociais estabelecidas entre um povo que se afirma, em muitos aspectos, a partir da negação do outro e das condições em que vive.

  8. Literary Fiction or Ancient Astronomical and Meteorological Observations in the Work of Maria Valtorta?

    Emilio Matricciani


    Full Text Available In The Gospel as revealed to me, Maria Valtorta reports a lot of information on the Holy Land at the time of Jesus: historical, archaeological, astronomical, geographical, meteorological. She states she has written what seen “in vision”. By a detailed astronomical analysis of explicit and implicit calendar information reported while she narrates detailed episodes concerning the three years of Jesus’ public life—possible because of many references to lunar phases, constellations, planets visible in the night sky in her writings—it is ascertained that every event described implies a precise date—day, month, year—without being explicitly reported by her. For example, Jesus’ crucifixion should have occurred on Friday April 23 of the year 34, a date proposed by Isaac Newton. She has also recorded the occurrence of rain so that the number of rainy days reported can be compared to the current meteorological data, supposing random observations and no important changes in rainfall daily frequency in the last 2000 years, the latter issue discussed in the paper. Unexpectedly, both the annual and monthly averages of rainy days deduced from the data available from the Israel Meteorological Service and similar averages deduced from her writings agree very well.

  9. Miller-Urey Experiments to Assess the Production of Amino Acids under Impact Conditions on Early Titan

    Turse, Carol; Khan, A.; Leitner, J. J.; Firneis, M. G.; Schulze-Makuch, D.


    We performed Miller-Urey type experiments to determine the organic synthesis of amino acids under conditions that have likely occurred on Saturn's moon Titan and are also relevant to Jupiter's moon Europa. We conducted the first set of experiments under early Earth conditions, similar to the original Miller-Urey experiments (Miller, 1953). In brief, the 250ml round bottom flask was filled with approximately 200mL of filtered sterile water and the apparatus was placed under vacuum for 10 minutes to purge the water of gases. The system was then flushed with hydrogen gas and placed under vacuum three times. Gases were then added in the following order: hydrogen gas to 0.1 bar, methane gas to 0.45 bar and ammonia to 0.45 bar ( 1bar total). The water was then brought to a boil and the spark was applied using the tesla coil up to a maximum of 50,000 volts. The apparatus was run for approximately 5-7 days. Between the runs the apparatus was cleaned using a hot 10% sodium hydroxide solution followed by a dilute sulfuric acid wash and four rinses with Millipure water. In the second set of experiments we simulated conditions that could have existed on an early, warm Titan or after an asteroid strike on Titan (Schulze-Makuch and Grinspoon, 2005), particularly if the strike would have occurred in the subpolar areas that exhibit vast ethane-methane lakes. If the asteroid or comet would be of sufficient size, it would also puncture the icy crust and access a vast reservoir of the subsurface liquid ammonia-water mixture. Thompson and Sagan (1992) showed that a liquid water-ammonia body could exist for millions of years on Titan after an asteroid impact. Thus, we modified the experimental conditions as described above and report on the results. Assuming a moderate impact in the subpolar areas of Titan, we used an atmosphere of currently 1.5 bar, but increased the partial pressure of methane to 1 bar (and 0.1 bar ammonia assuming a minor amount of ammonia-water ice being evaporated

  10. Robust misinterpretation of confidence intervals.

    Hoekstra, Rink; Morey, Richard D; Rouder, Jeffrey N; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan


    Null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) is undoubtedly the most common inferential technique used to justify claims in the social sciences. However, even staunch defenders of NHST agree that its outcomes are often misinterpreted. Confidence intervals (CIs) have frequently been proposed as a more useful alternative to NHST, and their use is strongly encouraged in the APA Manual. Nevertheless, little is known about how researchers interpret CIs. In this study, 120 researchers and 442 students-all in the field of psychology-were asked to assess the truth value of six particular statements involving different interpretations of a CI. Although all six statements were false, both researchers and students endorsed, on average, more than three statements, indicating a gross misunderstanding of CIs. Self-declared experience with statistics was not related to researchers' performance, and, even more surprisingly, researchers hardly outperformed the students, even though the students had not received any education on statistical inference whatsoever. Our findings suggest that many researchers do not know the correct interpretation of a CI. The misunderstandings surrounding p-values and CIs are particularly unfortunate because they constitute the main tools by which psychologists draw conclusions from data.

  11. Studying Antarctic Ordinary Chondrite (OC) and Miller Range (MIL) Nakhlite Meteorites to Assess Carbonate Formation on Earth and Mars

    Evans, Michael Ellis

    Carbonates are found in meteorites collected from Antarctica. The stable isotope composition of these carbonates records their formation environment on either Earth or Mars. The first research objective of this dissertation is to characterize the delta18O and delta 13C values of terrestrial carbonates formed on Ordinary Chondrites (OCs) collected in regions near known martian meteorites. The second objective is to characterize the delta18O and delta13C values of martian carbonates from Nakhlites collected from the Miller Range (MIL). The third objective is to assess environmental changes on Mars since the Noachian period. The OCs selected had no pre-terrestrial carbonates so any carbonates detected are presumed terrestrial in origin. The study methodology is stepped extraction of CO2 created from phosphoric acid reaction with meteorite carbonate. Stable isotope results show that two distinct terrestrial carbonate species (Ca-rich and Fe/Mg-rich) formed in Antarctica on OCs from a thin-film of meltwater containing dissolved CO2. Carbon isotope data suggests the terrestrial carbonates formed in equilibrium with atmospheric CO2 delta 13C = -7.5‰ at >15°C. The wide variation in delta 18O suggests the carbonates did not form in equilibrium with meteoric water alone, but possibly formed from an exchange of oxygen isotopes in both water and dissolved CO2. Antarctica provides a model for carbonate formation in a low water/rock ratio, near 0°C environment like modern Mars. Nakhlite parent basalt formed on Mars 1.3 billion years ago and the meteorites were ejected by a single impact approximately 11 million years ago. They traveled thru space before eventually falling to the Earth surface 10,000-40,000 years ago. Nakhlite samples for this research were all collected from the Miller Range (MIL) in Antarctica. The Nakhlite stable isotope results show two carbonate species (Ca-rich and Fe/Mg-rich) with a range of delta18O values that are similar to the terrestrial OC

  12. Using the confidence interval confidently.

    Hazra, Avijit


    Biomedical research is seldom done with entire populations but rather with samples drawn from a population. Although we work with samples, our goal is to describe and draw inferences regarding the underlying population. It is possible to use a sample statistic and estimates of error in the sample to get a fair idea of the population parameter, not as a single value, but as a range of values. This range is the confidence interval (CI) which is estimated on the basis of a desired confidence level. Calculation of the CI of a sample statistic takes the general form: CI = Point estimate ± Margin of error, where the margin of error is given by the product of a critical value (z) derived from the standard normal curve and the standard error of point estimate. Calculation of the standard error varies depending on whether the sample statistic of interest is a mean, proportion, odds ratio (OR), and so on. The factors affecting the width of the CI include the desired confidence level, the sample size and the variability in the sample. Although the 95% CI is most often used in biomedical research, a CI can be calculated for any level of confidence. A 99% CI will be wider than 95% CI for the same sample. Conflict between clinical importance and statistical significance is an important issue in biomedical research. Clinical importance is best inferred by looking at the effect size, that is how much is the actual change or difference. However, statistical significance in terms of P only suggests whether there is any difference in probability terms. Use of the CI supplements the P value by providing an estimate of actual clinical effect. Of late, clinical trials are being designed specifically as superiority, non-inferiority or equivalence studies. The conclusions from these alternative trial designs are based on CI values rather than the P value from intergroup comparison.

  13. Direct Interval Forecasting of Wind Power

    Wan, Can; Xu, Zhao; Pinson, Pierre


    This letter proposes a novel approach to directly formulate the prediction intervals of wind power generation based on extreme learning machine and particle swarm optimization, where prediction intervals are generated through direct optimization of both the coverage probability and sharpness...

  14. A note on birth interval distributions

    Shrestha, G.


    A considerable amount of work has been done regarding the birth interval analysis in mathematical demography. This paper is prepared with the intention of reviewing some probability models related to interlive birth intervals proposed by different researchers. (author). 14 refs

  15. Optimal Data Interval for Estimating Advertising Response

    Gerard J. Tellis; Philip Hans Franses


    The abundance of highly disaggregate data (e.g., at five-second intervals) raises the question of the optimal data interval to estimate advertising carryover. The literature assumes that (1) the optimal data interval is the interpurchase time, (2) too disaggregate data causes a disaggregation bias, and (3) recovery of true parameters requires assumption of the underlying advertising process. In contrast, we show that (1) the optimal data interval is what we call , (2) too disaggregate data do...

  16. On studying narcissism in personality inventories rather than the Narcissistic Personality Inventory: Reply to Miller and Lynam (2017).

    Fossati, Andrea; Somma, Antonella; Borroni, Serena; Markon, Kristian E


    Miller and Lynam's (2017) commentary proved to be very helpful in clarifying that r alerting-CV and r contrast-CV coefficient values reported in our study indicated that the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) yielded a trait profile much more closely aligned with expert ratings of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition; DSM-IV) narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) than did other measures. The commentary gives us the opportunity to make it clear that our study was designed to demonstrate the clinical usefulness of Personality Inventory for DSM-5 (PID-5) domain and trait scales in profiling pathological narcissism. Thus, demonstrating the superiority/inferiority of the Pathological Narcissism Inventory (PNI) over the NPI was not among the aims of our study. The publication of the commentary also gives us the opportunity to clarify the reasons why we think that the interpretation of the r alerting-CV and r contrast-CV coefficients deserves some cautions. As a final remark, we think that the time has come to move from personality disorder classifications based on "clinical wisdom" to a redefinition of personality pathology in terms of systems of traits. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  17. Molecular survey and microscopic examination of Hepatozoon Miller, 1908 (Apicomplexa: Adeleorina) in lacertid lizards from the western Mediterranean.

    Maia, João P M C; Perera, Ana; Harris, D James


    The genus Hepatozoon Miller, 1908 (Apicomplexa: Adeleorina) is composed of intracellular haemogregarine parasites that are widely distributed among all tetrapod groups. The present study combines microscopic and molecular data on haemogregarine parasites from lizards in the western Mediterranean. We screened tissue samples and examined blood smears for the presence of species of Hepatozoon from four lizards, namely Algyroides marchi Valverde, endemic to Southeast Spain, Podarcis bocagei Seoane from Spain and Portugal, P hispanica Steindachner from Spain, and P lilfordi Günther from Cabrera, Balearic Islands (Spain). Our results show that prevalence and intensity of Hepatozoon parasites vary between and within lizard species from different regions. Algyroides marchi and P bocagei from Spain had the lowest values, whereas P hispanica had the highest. Phylogeny based on 18S rRNA gene sequences indicates that most of the new Hepatozoon sequences are part of a clade exclusive from North African and Iberian lizards, except for a single P bocagei isolate that is found related to another clade including isolates from other reptile host species and rodents. Interestingly, isolates from Algyroides form a distinct monophyletic subgroup, which could be a signal of strict host-specificity within this host genus.

  18. Traceability of Opuntia ficus-indica L. Miller by ICP-MS multi-element profile and chemometric approach.

    Mottese, Antonio Francesco; Naccari, Clara; Vadalà, Rossella; Bua, Giuseppe Daniel; Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Rando, Rossana; Cicero, Nicola; Dugo, Giacomo


    Opuntia ficus-indica L. Miller fruits, particularly 'Ficodindia dell'Etna' of Biancavilla (POD), 'Fico d'india tradizionale di Roccapalumba' with protected brand and samples from an experimental field in Pezzolo (Sicily) were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in order to determine the multi-element profile. A multivariate chemometric approach, specifically principal component analysis (PCA), was applied to individuate how mineral elements may represent a marker of geographic origin, which would be useful for traceability. PCA has allowed us to verify that the geographical origin of prickly pear fruits is significantly influenced by trace element content, and the results found in Biancavilla PDO samples were linked to the geological composition of this volcanic areas. It was observed that two principal components accounted for 72.03% of the total variance in the data and, in more detail, PC1 explains 45.51% and PC2 26.52%, respectively. This study demonstrated that PCA is an integrated tool for the traceability of food products and, at the same time, a useful method of authentication of typical local fruits such as prickly pear. © 2017 Society of Chemical Industry. © 2017 Society of Chemical Industry.

  19. Cálculo de la resistencia a la penetración en hojas de aloe vera (Barbadenses Miller

    Giovanni Torres Charry


    Full Text Available Para caracterizar la resistencia a la penetración de hojas de aloe vera, variedad Barbadenses Miller, se diseñó una máquina y se establecieron los protocolos de medición para desplazamiento y fuerza necesarios para medir la resistencia a la penetración en tres puntos diferentes de las hojas. Los resultados mostraron que no existe una relación lineal entre el desplazamiento del indentador en la hoja y la fuerza de penetración. Por otro lado, se encontró que no existen diferencias en los valores de la fuerza de penetración al evaluar ésta en distintos puntos para una misma hoja. Se hallaron diferencias en los valores obtenidos entre hojas diferentes, lo que permite suponer que existe influencia de las características dimensionales de las hojas en el valor de la fuerza de penetración. Los valores máximos obtenidos para la fuerza de penetración variaron entre 22 y 27 N, para una velocidad de avance de la herramienta de 2.6 mm/s.

  20. Crescimento inicial e composição química de Pereskia aculeata Miller cultivada em diferentes luminosidades

    Carla Regina Amorim dos Anjos Queiroz


    Full Text Available A Pereskia aculeata Miller é uma hortaliça não convencional cujo consumo pode fornecer à dieta substâncias nutritivas e antioxidantes, ambas com teores influenciados pelas condições de cultivo. Foram cultivadas, a partir de sementes, plantas em sombra artificial, em meia sombra e sem sombra. Avaliou-se o crescimento em termos de massa e unidades estruturais e quantificou-se o resíduo mineral, proteínas, lipídeos, fibra em detergente neutro, fenóis e atividade antioxidante. Há influência do sombreamento no crescimento, no teor de nutrientes e metabólitos secundários. As plantas sem sombra apresentaram maior altura, número de folhas, diâmetro do colo, massa seca de caules e folhas e atividade antioxidante. As plantas totalmente sombreadas apresentaram maiores teores de cinzas, lipídeos e proteínas. Para todos os parâmetros avaliados os teores quantificados em folhas foram maiores que em caules.

  1. Biochemical composition and antioxidant properties of Lavandula angustifolia Miller essential oil are shielded by propolis against UV radiations.

    Gismondi, Angelo; Angelo, Gismondi; Canuti, Lorena; Lorena, Canuti; Grispo, Marta; Marta, Grispo; Canini, Antonella; Antonella, Canini


    UV radiations are principal causes of skin cancer and aging. Suntan creams were developed to protect epidermis and derma layers against photodegradation and photooxidation. The addition of antioxidant plant extracts (i.e. essential oil) to sunscreens is habitually performed, to increase their UV protective effects and to contrast pro-radical and cytotoxic compounds present in these solutions. According to these observations, in the present work, the alteration of chemical composition and bioactive properties of Lavandula angustifolia Miller essential oil, exposed to UV light, was investigated. UV induced a significant deterioration of lavender oil biochemical profile. Moreover, the antioxidant activity of this solution, in in vitro tests and directly on B16-F10 melanoma cells, greatly decreased after UV treatment. Our results also showed that essential oil was shielded from UV stress by propolis addition. Even after UV treatment, bee glue highly protected lavender oil secondary metabolites from degradation and also preserved their antiradical properties, both in in vitro antioxidant assays and in cell oxidative damage evaluations. This research proposed propolis as highly efficient UV protective and antiradical additive for sunscreens, cosmetics and alimentary or pharmaceutical products containing plant extracts. © 2013 The American Society of Photobiology.

  2. An Overlapping Case of Miller Fisher Syndrome, Bickerstaff’s Encephalitis, and the ASMAN Variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

    E. J. Pegg


    Full Text Available A 56-year-old man presented with a 3-day history of progressive tingling of the hands, unsteadiness, and diplopia. He was initially diagnosed clinically with Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS but later developed limb weakness consistent with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS and subsequently reduced consciousness consistent with Bickerstaff’s brainstem encephalitis (BBE. Neurophysiology revealed an axonal motor and sensory neuropathy, in keeping with the Acute Motor and Sensory Axonal Neuropathy (AMSAN variant of GBS. We believe that our patient had an MFS-AMSAN-BBE overlap syndrome. This is supported by his glycolipid antibody profile with high titres of anti-GQ1b IgG antibody and anti-GD1a IgG antibody. Anti-GQ1b antibodies are frequently found in both MFS and BBE and the anti-GD1a antibody is associated with axonal forms of GBS. Overlapping cases of MFS and BBE are well described, and because the same antibody is often found in both conditions, it is thought that they share a common autoimmune mechanism. BBE has also been previously reported in association with GBS lending support that it also lies on the same spectrum. This overlapping case of ASMAN variant of GBS, MFS, and BBE provides further support that these conditions are part of the same spectrum.

  3. Bickerstaff's encephalitis and Miller Fisher syndrome associated with voltage-gated potassium channel and novel anti-neuronal antibodies.

    Tüzün, E; Kürtüncü, M; Lang, B; Içöz, S; Akman-Demir, G; Eraksoy, M; Vincent, A


    GQ1b antibody (GQ1b-Ab) is detected in approximately two-thirds of sera of patients with Bickerstaffs encephalitis (BE). Whilst some of the remaining patients have antibodies to other gangliosides, many patients with BE are reported to be seronegative. Voltage-gated potassium channel antibody (VGKC-Ab) at high titer was detected during the diagnostic work-up of one patient with BE. Sera of an additional patient with BE and nine patients with Miller Fisher syndrome (MF) (all GQ1b-Ab positive) were investigated for VGKC-Ab and other anti-neuronal antibodies by radioimmunoprecipitation using 125I-dendrotoxin-VGKC and immunohistochemistry, respectively. Two patients with MF exhibited moderate titer VGKC-Abs. Regardless of positivity for VGKC or GQ1b antibodies, serum IgG of all patients with BE and MF reacted with the molecular layer and Purkinje cells of the cerebellum in a distinctive pattern. Voltage-gated potassium channel antibodies might be involved in some cases of BE or MF. The common staining pattern despite different antibody results suggests that there might be other, as yet unidentified, antibodies associated with BE and MF.

  4. An Adequate First Order Logic of Intervals

    Chaochen, Zhou; Hansen, Michael Reichhardt


    This paper introduces left and right neighbourhoods as primitive interval modalities to define other unary and binary modalities of intervals in a first order logic with interval length. A complete first order logic for the neighbourhood modalities is presented. It is demonstrated how the logic can...... support formal specification and verification of liveness and fairness, and also of various notions of real analysis....

  5. Consistency and refinement for Interval Markov Chains

    Delahaye, Benoit; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Legay, Axel


    Interval Markov Chains (IMC), or Markov Chains with probability intervals in the transition matrix, are the base of a classic specification theory for probabilistic systems [18]. The standard semantics of IMCs assigns to a specification the set of all Markov Chains that satisfy its interval...

  6. Multivariate interval-censored survival data

    Hougaard, Philip


    Interval censoring means that an event time is only known to lie in an interval (L,R], with L the last examination time before the event, and R the first after. In the univariate case, parametric models are easily fitted, whereas for non-parametric models, the mass is placed on some intervals, de...

  7. Monge João Maria na tradição religiosa popular do planalto meridional do Brasil = João Maria monk in popular religious tradition of southern plateau of Brazil

    Karsburg, Alexandre de Oliveira


    Full Text Available O presente projeto de pesquisa vem sendo desenvolvido junto ao Programa de Pós Graduação em História da Universidade Federal de Pelotas e tem por objetivo reconstruir o processo histórico de uma das mais marcantes e duradouras devoções populares surgidas nas Américas: a crença no Monge João Maria. Iniciada na década de 1840 a partir da peregrinação do italiano João Maria de Agostini por vários países do continente americano, desde então a devoção vem sendo ressignificada pelas pessoas em um processo criativo e autônomo, servindo há mais de um século como elemento identitário e que estrutura a sociabilidade. Atingindo um vasto território que inclui pontos dos estados do Paraná, Santa Catarina e Rio Grande do Sul, com repercussões no norte da Argentina, a devoção configurou-se como verdadeiro patrimônio cultural e imaterial de pessoas que têm no monge um de seus principais santos. Além da pesquisa histórica propriamente dita, desejamos realizar um mapeamento dos locais de memória atualmente associados à devoção ao Monge João Maria. Este Mapa da Devoção será apresentado aos órgãos oficiais na tentativa de obter seu reconhecimento como patrimônio imaterial das populações, a fim de contribuir para a preservação de locais e crenças

  8. A árvore Carolina Maria de Jesus: uma literatura vista de longe

    Gilmar Penteado


    Full Text Available En este artículo se analiza la literatura producida por empleadas domésticas, recolectores de basura, prostitutas, niños de la calle, usuarios de drogas, internos de instituciones para menores infractores, presos, todos herederos de la carga que conlleva el difícil acceso a la educación formal. Siendo anteriormente personajes de escritores cultos de clase media, en un determinado momento histórico todos ellos se convierten en autores de sus propias historias. Nuestra hipótesis es que este cambio se dió con Carolina Maria de Jesus, autora del éxito de ventas Quarto de despejo. Sin embargo, al no haber obtenido el mismo éxito con sus otros libros, la autora terminó siendo tratada como un fenómeno aislado. Franco Moretti, crítico mordaz del viejo vicio de preocuparse por singularidades, abre un camino alternativo de análisis con su obra A literatura vista de longe. A partir de Carolina surgió un gran número de autores que necesitan ser estudiados, cuantificados, tabulados con gráficos, mapas y árboles evolutivos, es decir, necesitan ser analizados con las herramientas del crítico italiano. Tomando como punto de partida las ideas de Moretti, el artículo visualiza el desarrollo de este proceso a partir de la aparición de Carolina. La dificultad yace en obtener datos cuantitativos, principal materia prima de Moretti, lo que nos exige una profunda investigación que tiene que empezar tan pronto como sea posible.

  9. Revolution and Exploration: the English Translations of Rousseau and Humboldt by Helen Maria Williams

    Paula Yurss Lasanta


    Full Text Available British author Helen Maria Williams (1759-1827 was a well-known figure in the eighteenth century literary circles, whose work was praised by Elizabeth Montagu, Samuel Johnson, Dorothy and William Wordsworth, Mary Wollstonecraft, Hester Piozzi or Alexander von Humboldt.  In her early poems  Edwin and Eltruda (1782, An Ode to the Peace (1783 and Peru (1784, Williams starts to reveal her political tendencies by appealing to strong empathic feelings as a key to social and political transformation. As a result of her interest in politics, she travelled to France in 1790 and published her most acclaimed work Letters from France (1790. However, the rest of her production has received little critical attention by modern scholars, who have overlooked her involvement in translation. Williams’ only extant novel, Julia (1790 is in fact a creative translation of Rousseau’s Julie ou La Nouvelle Héloïse (1761, in which Williams includes poems that evidence her interest in revolutionary politics. Four years later, she translated Bernardin de Saint Pierre’s Paul et Virginie, while she was imprisoned in Paris. While translating novels was regarded as a respectable exercise for women writers, Williams challenges gender assumptions by translating Researches (1814 and the seven volumes of Personal Narrative (1814-1829, which had been produced by one of the most influential eighteenth century scientists, Alexander von Humboldt. This article interrogates how Williams makes use of translation to access areas of knowledge traditionally restricted to men, such as philosophy, politics and science. For this purpose, I will focus on her translations of the work of two leading intellectual figures of the eighteenth century,  Rousseau and Von Humboldt.

  10. Documenti per una storia dell'ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala di Siena

    Gabriella Piccinni


    Full Text Available L’ospedale senese di Santa Maria della Scala si propone alla riflessione europea: per l’imponenza e la ricchezza artistica dell’edificio e per la fortissima identità civica di cui è portatore, dalla sua centralità materiale e simbolica nel tessuto urbano; per l’efficacia delle soluzioni e dell’impianto economico di supporto all’assistenza; per essere stato, dalla fine del Trecento, preso a modello in Italia e in Europa. E, infine, che è quello che più direttamente interessa qui, per la consistenza, varietà e potenzialità del suo patrimonio documentario. Dopo avere illustrato la struttura della documentazione, composta di 6.849 unità (dal 1240 al 1930 e da 5.566 pergamene del fondo diplomatico (dal 1194 al 1725 si richiama l’attenzione sulle potenzialità della documentazione ospedaliera di divenire fonte per la storia della società, dell’economia, delle istituzioni e della politica: tutto ciò attraverso esempi tratti dalla documentazione senese ma pensando che possano servire anche in una prospettiva comparativa più generale. Nel richiamare l’attenzione sul ruolo rivestito dagli ospedali all’interno del sistema sociale, economico e politico sul quale si reggevano le città italiane degli ultimi secoli del Medioevo, e nel dirigere lo sguardo verso l’economia dell’assistenza, Siena può, infatti, dire qualcosa di nuovo, proprio per la particolare ricchezza documentaria e per alcuni caratteri della sua storia e della sua economia.

  11. Book review, Patologie articolari nel cane e nel gatto, Filippo Maria Martini

    Manuel Graziani


    Full Text Available Con il cambiare dei tempi, sono cambiate anche le priorità nell’ambito sempre più vasto degli animali da compagnia. Se, infatti, fino allo scorso decennio chi si occupava di ortopedia veterinaria aveva a che fare esclusivamente con pazienti traumatizzati, ora l’ortopedia e la traumatologia veterinaria devono fare i conti sempre più spesso con le patologie articolari. I motivi di questa inversione di tendenza sono molti e di diverso genere, certamente i più influenti riguardano la diffusione di soggetti atleti che sviluppano specifiche patologie, l’allungamento della vita media che espone i pazienti a malattie articolari degenerative un tempo prerogativa dell’uomo e la presenza di razze canine particolarmente predisposte a tali patologie. A ciò si aggiunga l’esigenza crescente dei proprietari degli animali, di comprendere a fondo quali siano le migliori cure per i propri compagni. Per questi motivi lo specialista in Ortopedia degli animali domestici, Filippo Maria Martini, ha redatto Patologie articolari nel cane e nel gatto: un volume che non vuole essere un manuale sulle tecniche chirurgiche (nonostante al suo interno vengano comunque descritte, piuttosto un manuale pratico in grado da una parte di fornire gli strumenti necessari per comprendere, interpretare e diagnosticare le patologie articolari; dall’altra di dare le basi teoriche per impostare un protocollo terapeutico in modo corretto ed emettere una prognosi adeguata. Tutto ciò nella convinzione che un buon clinico non possa limitarsi ad eseguire una visita e ad impostare una terapia, ma debba necessariamente stilare un elenco di esami utili ai fini della definizione della diagnosi, discuterne con il proprietario e consigliare il più adeguato protocollo diagnostico e terapeutico.

  12. WWER type reactor primary loop imitation on large test loop facility in MARIA reactor

    Moldysh, A.; Strupchevski, A.; Kmetek, Eh.; Spasskov, V.P.; Shumskij, A.M.


    At present in Poland in cooperation with USSR a nuclear water loop test facility (WL) in 'MARIA' reactor in Sverke is under construction. The program objective is to investigate processes occuring in WWER reactor under emergency conditions, first of all after the break of the mainprimary loop circulation pipe-line. WL with the power of about 600 kW consists of three major parts: 1) an active loop, imitating the undamaged loops of the WWER reactor; 2) a passive loop assignedfor modelling the broken loop of the WWER reactor; 3) the emergency core cooling system imitating the corresponding full-scale system. The fuel rod bundle consists of 18 1 m long rods. They were fabricated according to the standard WWER fuel technology. In the report some general principles of WWERbehaviour imitation under emergency conditions are given. They are based on the operation experience obtained from 'SEMISCALE' and 'LOFT' test facilities in the USA. A description of separate modelling factors and criteria effects on the development of 'LOCA'-type accident is presented (the break cross-section to the primary loop volume ratio, the pressure differential between inlet and outlet reactor chambers, the pressure drop rate in the loop, the coolant flow rate throuh the core etc.). As an example a comparison of calculated flow rate variations for the WWER-1000 reactor and the model during the loss-of-coolant accident with the main pipe-line break at the core inlet is given. Calculations have been carried out with the use of TECH'-M code [ru

  13. Un’altra storia: Nuove prospettive sul cantiere della cupola di Santa Maria del Fiore

    Gabriella Battista


    Full Text Available ‘Un’altra storia’ (Another History is a first attempt to test the potential of detailed administrative documentation to deepen and, where necessary, modify our understanding of the creative process around the great worksite of Florence Cathedral. It treats two case studies chosen to exemplify possible strategies of navigation in the vast documentary corpus now accessible online in the website, The Years of the Cupola. The first study centers upon the person of Jacopo di Sandro, a hitherto scarcely known master stonecutter employed in the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore workforce during the entire documented period. He distinguished himself from the very beginning for exceptional flexibility of services rendered, from day labor to a series of special assignments, including the supervision of separate worksites and of the forests in Casentino; Jacopo also emerges as an occasional entrepreneur whose independent contracts coexisted with his status as daily wage earner. At the end of the period he entered the ranks of salaried executive personnel as the administrator of the Brunelleschian fortress of Vico Pisano, demonstrating a notable fluidity amongst labor typologies which are often treated as non-communicating vessels. The second query is dedicated to the documentation on the stone components commissioned for the ‘serraglio’, or closing ring, at the top of the dome, believed to function as stabilizer of the whole self-supporting structure up to the base of the lantern. A census of the sources reveals the number, dimensions, price and delivery dates of the various orders of sandstone blocks, typically supplied in multiples of eight, the number of segments of the octagonal structure. The results are presented as an invitation to look below the surface of the masonry and consider the rationale for so much strength and weight when analyzing the dynamics of this area.


    Solon Jonas Longhi


    Full Text Available Foi realizado estudo da vegetação em fragmento de floresta estacional decidual em processo de sucessão, em área da Associação Tabor (29o43'S; 53o47'W, no município de Santa Maria (RS, Brasil. Utilizaram-se dezesseis unidades amostrais de 10 x 20 m distribuídas de forma sistemática para avaliação (medição e identificação dos indivíduos com Circunferência à Altura do Peito (CAP igual ou maior de 30 cm e subunidades circulares com raios de 1,78 m para identificação e contagem da regeneração (indivíduos menores de 30 cm. Observou-se a ocorrência de 64 espécies arbóreas e arbustivas de 54 gêneros e 31 famílias. As espécies com maior valor de importância foram Myrocarpus frondosus, Cupania vernalis, Ocotea puberula, Patagonula americana, Casearia sylvestris, Luehea divaricata, Enterolobium contortisiliquum e Helietta apiculata. Na regeneração, as espécies com maior densidade de indivíduos foram Trichilia elegans, Nectandra megapotamica, Actinostemon concolor, Piper gaudichaudianum, Cupania vernalis, Hybanthus bigibbosus, Aiouea saligna e Parapiptadenia rigida. Constatou-se o contínuo processo de sucessão por meio da substituição de espécies nos estratos da floresta e algumas bem-representadas desde a regeneração até o estrato superior.

  15. FAUNA DO SOLO EM ÁREAS COM Eucalyptus spp. E Pinus elliottii, SANTA MARIA, RS

    Maria Izabel Jacques Soares


    Full Text Available Este trabalho, com início na primavera de 1996 e término no inverno de 1997, teve como objetivo realizar o levantamento populacional da fauna do solo em áreas com Eucalyptus spp. e Pinus elliottii, situadas no Campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Para a coleta do solo, utilizou-se um extrator, formando-se amostras em dez pontos, nas profundidades de 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 e de 15-20 cm, em cada estação do ano. Por meio deste estudo, pôde-se identificar alguns representantes dos Phylum Annelida e Arthropoda que participam do contexto fauna-solo-vegetação. O total de indivíduos, seu respectivo percentual e número de indivíduos por metro quadrado foram obtidos. Observou-se o predomínio do Phylum Arthropoda e, mais especificamente, da classe Insecta na área com Eucalyptus spp. e do Phylum Annelida na área com Pinus elliottii. A variável profundidade originou modelos matemáticos que explicam a distribuição populacional dentre as áreas estudadas. A variável estação do ano não apresentou uma diferença significativa. Não foi possível, portanto, estabelecer um modelo de distribuição populacional.

  16. The short-term effect on carbonate parameters from hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

    Jonsson, B. F.; Salisbury, J., II; Melendez Oyola, M.


    Tropical storms and hurricanes are events with potentially extreme impacts on ocean conditions. Strong winds generating vigorous vertical mixing and extensive precipitation affect both temperature and salinity in the mixed layer. The surface temperature, for example, decreased several degrees C in the wake of both hurricanes Irma and Maria. While it is clear that the physical state of the surface ocean is affected by hurricanes, how such storms affect carbonate system variability is still an open question. Changes in temperature and salinity combined with extreme winds create the potential for changes in solubility of pCO2, and large net fluxes of CO2 across the air-sea interface. A deepening of the mixed layer from wind-driven mixing may further affect the carbonate system, as sub-surface waters rich in dissolved inorganic carbon and nutrients are entrained to the surface. To examine these process, we evaluate simulated fields of temperature and salinity (from a 1/12° global data assimilated General Circulation Model), satellite ocean color and wind speed data within the context of a conceptual box model. Our model is compared to observed pCO2, wind speed, temperature and salinity data from buoyed assets that survived the storms. We address total CO2 fluxes, the relative effects temperature, salinity and biology on the carbonate system, and the time scales over which the system is "restored" to its initial state. We explore the connection between the magnitude of perturbation and the length of time it takes for the system to recover, and observe recovery over time scales lasting from days to weeks depending on the storm. Although not observed in these data, we speculate that depending on the buoyancy frequency, recovery elsewhere could take place over monthly time scales, raising the potential that hurricanes could exacerbate or alleviate environmental stresses on calcifying marine organisms.

  17. Estimativa da radiação solar global a partir dos dados de insolação, para Santa Maria - RS Estimation of global radiation from insolation data for Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

    Galileo Adeli Buriol


    Full Text Available Foram determinados os coeficientes a e b da equação de Angströn-Prescott para a estimativa da radiação solar global para Santa Maria, RS. Utilizaram-se os dados diários da intensidade de fluxo de radiação solar global e de insolação (brilho solar registrados na Estação Meteorológica pertencente ao 8° Distrito de Meteorologia, localizada no Campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM, período 2002-2008. Os dados foram copiados no banco de dados do 8° Distrito de Meteorologia - 8° DISME, em Porto Alegre, e calculados os valores diários de radiação solar global no topo da atmosfera e de insolação máxima possível, considerando a latitude local. Com esses dados, foram determinadas as equações mensais e estacionais de regressão para a estimativa da radiação solar global em função da insolação. Constatou-se que existe alta correlação entre os dados de radiação solar global com aqueles de insolação, sendo, assim, possível estimar a radiação solar global em função da insolação.Coefficients a and b of the Angströn - Prescott equation to estimate global solar radiation for Santa Maria, RS were determined. Daily data of global solar radiation and sunshine, were obtained from the Meteorological Station which belongs to the 8th District of Meteorology, located on the campus of the Federal University of Santa Maria - UFSM, period from 2002 to 2008. The mentioned data were copied from the database of the 8th District of Meteorology - 8th DISME in Porto Alegre. Top of atmosphere radiation and possible maximum sunshine were calculated considering local latitude. With such elements, monthly regression equations were determined for the estimation of solar radiation as a function of insolation. We found a high correlation between insolation and global solar radiation and it's possible to estimate the solar radiation depending on the measured insolation.

  18. Copepod parasites of Curimatella lepidura (Characiformes, Curimatidae from the Três Marias Reservoir, Brazil Copépodes parasitos de Curimatella lepidura (Characiformes, Curimatidae do reservatório de Três Marias, Brasil

    M.C. Albuquerque


    Full Text Available Copépodes ergasilídeos coletados nas brânquias de Curimatella lepidura do reservatório de Três Marias, alto rio São Francisco, Minas Gerais, Brasil e identificados como Miracetyma etimaruya e Ergasilus sp., constituem o primeiro registro de parasitos nesse peixe forrageiro e endêmico. A ocorrência foi independente do sexo e do tamanho dos peixes. A distribuição geográfica conhecida das espécies de Miracetyma Malta, 1993, restrita à bacia do rio Amazonas, é ampliada neste estudo para a bacia do rio São Francisco.

  19. Repercussões da Lei Maria da Penha no enfrentamento da violência de gênero Repercussions of the Maria da Penha law in tackling gender violence

    Maíra Meneghel de Quadros


    Full Text Available Este texto apresenta os discursos acerca da Lei Maria da Penha enunciados por uma amostra de mulheres vítimas e outra de operadores que atendem situações de violência de gênero na cidade de Porto Alegre. Os dados fazem parte de uma pesquisa que investigou a rota crítica percorrida pelas mulheres ao decidir denunciar a violência. Os depoimentos foram selecionados de 45 entrevistas semiestruturadas respondidas por 21 mulheres e 25 operadores do setor policial, jurídico, ação social, saúde e organizações não governamentais. Os dados foram analisados com auxílio do software NVivo e um dos temas selecionados foi a Lei Maria da Penha. A maioria dos entrevistados mencionou os aspectos positivos e inovadores da lei, embora tenham apontado também os seus limites. Os operadores percebem o dispositivo legal como recurso importante no enfrentamento às violências, alinhado às convenções internacionais, trazendo inovações e aumentando o acesso das mulheres ao judiciário. Como fragilidades, mulheres e operadores apontaram a ineficiência na aplicação das medidas protetivas, a falta de recursos materiais e de pessoas, a fragmentação da rede de atenção e o movimento de setores conservadores da sociedade para deslegitimar a Lei.This paper presents the declarations about the Maria da Penha law made by a sample of women victims and care workers who handle situations of gender violence in the city of Porto Alegre. The data are part of a study that investigated the critical path followed by women who decide to denounce violence. The statements were selected from 45 semi-structured interviews answered by 21 women and 25 professionals from the police, legal, social and health services and nongovernmental institutions. Data were analyzed using NVivo software and one of the categories selected was the Maria da Penha law. Most respondents mentioned the positive and innovatory aspects of the law, though they also pointed out its limitations

  20. "What's happened to this family anyway?" : the disintegration of the American family in selected plays by O'Neill, Miller, and Shepard

    Mathisen, Kari


    This thesis examines the disintegration of the American family as depicted in selected plays by Eugene O’Neill, Arthur Miller, and Sam Shepard. Four plays are central: Long Day’s Journey into Night (1956), Death of a Salesman (1949), Buried Child (1978), and True West (1980). (Journey and Salesman constitute my major focus and serve to generate my thesis statement, while Buried Child and True West illuminate the thematic concerns of Journey and Salesman from quite a different perspective, and...

  1. Puerto Rico Seismic Network Operations During and After the Hurricane Maria: Response, Continuity of Operations, and Experiences

    Vanacore, E. A.; Baez-Sanchez, G.; Huerfano, V.; Lopez, A. M.; Lugo, J.


    The Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) is an integral part of earthquake and tsunami monitoring in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The PRSN conducts scientific research as part of the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, conducts the earthquake monitoring for the region, runs extensive earthquake and tsunami education and outreach programs, and acts as a Tsunami Warning Focal Point Alternate for Puerto Rico. During and in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the PRSN duties and responsibilities evolved from a seismic network to a major information and communications center for the western side of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria effectively destroyed most communications on island, critically between the eastern side of the island where Puerto Rico's Emergency Management's (PREMA) main office and the National Weather Service (NWS) is based and the western side of the island. Additionally, many local emergency management agencies on the western side of the island lost a satellite based emergency management information system called EMWIN which provides critical tsunami and weather information. PRSN's EMWIN system remained functional and consequently via this system and radio communications PRSN became the only information source for NWS warnings and bulletins, tsunami alerts, and earthquake information for western Puerto Rico. Additionally, given the functional radio and geographic location of the PRSN, the network became a critical communications relay for local emergency management. Here we will present the PRSN response in relation to Hurricane Maria including the activation of the PRSN devolution plan, adoption of duties, experiences and lessons learned for continuity of operations and adoption of responsibilities during future catastrophic events.


    A. Soria-Medina


    Full Text Available This article shows the results obtained in the three dimensional survey of the church of Santa Maria of Castrelos realized through a terrestrial Laser Scanner. The Church of Santa Maria of Castrelos, which was built in the early thirteenth century, is located in Vigo Spain. It is a Romanesque style church with a nave and semicircular apse with three gates decorated with rosettes and typically Romanesque geometrical figures. The survey was conducted by the laboratory of Close Range Photogrammetry of Natural Resources Department, Mining School, at University of Vigo – Spain, jointly with the Geomatics Department, Federal University of Parana – Brazil. This work explores the use of laser scanning for the surveying, three-dimensional modeling and documentation of historical monuments but also the generation of quoted plans and cross sections of this Romanesque church in the city of Vigo. The resolution of point clouds used to obtain the models varied according to need. Namely, the point cloud used for three-dimensional model for the general external and internal church was used with an approximate step width of 10 cm, while 5 cm and 1 cm step widths were used for details of geometric figures and rosettes. The results of both the three-dimensional model and the plans and sections are in accordance with the specifications and scales of representation usually used in conventional surveys of historic monuments recommended in the specialized literature in the area. The objective of this study is showing the potential of the use of terrestrial laser scanner in the documentation of historical heritage through achieving the 3D model by joining external and internal point clouds and the generation of planes and sections of the church of Santa Maria of Castrelos, Vigo.

  3. Plankton and other data collected from net casts in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea from NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN from 1976-04-26 to 1976-05-31 (NCEI Accession 7700419)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Plankton and other data were collected using net casts in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea from NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN from 26 April 1976 to 31 May 1976. Data...

  4. Relatório de Estágio Curricular – Guarda Unida Desportiva & UDR Santa Maria (Futebol)

    Lage, André


    O meu estágio foi realizado em duas instituições. Primeiramente, fui acolhido pela Guarda Unida Sport Club, como treinador adjunto da sua equipa de Juvenis que disputou o Campeonato Distrital de Juvenis da Associação de Futebol da Guarda. Devido a problemas de ordem familiar optei por regressar a Lisboa no segundo semestre, onde exerci as funções de treinador adjunto da equipa de Infantis 7 da União Desportiva e Recreativa de Santa Maria, que participou no Campeonato Distrital de Infantis...

  5. Isotopic characteristics of two kinds of hydrothermal carbonation in the Maria Lazara gold deposit. Goias Estate of Central Brazil

    Pulz, G.; Fuck, R.


    In the hydrothermal halo of the Maria Lazara gold deposit, two kinds of carbonation were identified: pervasive carbonation, which corresponds to the disseminations of calcite in the hydrothermal halo represented by the biotite-sulfide and carbonate-chlorite zones and, venular carbonation expressed by quartz and calcite veins inserted in the inner biotite-sulfide zone show an organic carbon component depleted in C. In the carbonate-chlorite zone the calcite isotopic behavior reflects the Co2 derived from the metamorphism o the basic host-rocks. (author)

  6. Native bradyrhizobial symbionts of Lupinus mariae-josephae, a unique endemism thriving in alkaline soils in Eastern Spain

    Duran Wendt, David Ricardo


    Lupinus mariae-josephae (Lmj) es una especie de lupino endémica de una pequeña y específica área de Comunidad Valenciana (Este de España), donde prospera en suelos alcalinoscalcáreos, un hábitat singular para los altramuces, que crecen preferentemente en suelos ácidos o neutros. Esto hace de Lmj una especie de lupino única. Cuando se inició este trabajo, la extensión conocida de este endemismo abarcaba unos 700 kilómetros cuadrados, confinados en la provincia de Valencia. En esta área, Lmj pr...

  7. Maria Antonietta Selvaggio, Sentimenti in gioco. Testimonianze del mondo studentesco (Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche e Artistiche, 2011, pp. 190

    Gloria Chianese


    Full Text Available The review presents the research “Sentimenti in gioco” (“Feelings in game” of Maria Antoinetta Selvaggio, highlighting the central theme: the perception and representation by young people about the love-relations, sexuality, sexual violence, family, parenting. What is emphasized is the overall outcome of the investigation, conducted with qualitative method: the sensitivity and the imagination of the male and female students interviewed, are marked by the importance of feelings and emotional relationships in their own life and in their own life project.

  8. Maria Antònia Canals. El GAMAR, l'experiència de tocar les matemàtiques

    Universitat de Girona. Servei de Publicacions


    El reglets de Maria Antònia Canals són unes caixes plenes de peces de fusta. N'hi ha de diferent mida i color. La combinació de les peces proporciona la possibilitat de resoldre problemes matemàtics sense escriure cap número: l'experiència de tocar la matemàtica. La professora Canals els té a disposició dels mestres al seu despatx del Gabinet de Materials i de Recerca per a la Matemàtica a l'Escola (GAMAR)

  9. Gender-based violence in Brazil: an evaluation of the “Maria da Penha Law” (2006-2016

    Verônica Maria Teresi


    Full Text Available Brazil is a signatory to various international treaties against gender violence and has a specific law on the issue: the “Maria da Penha” Law (LMP, the tenth anniversary of the approval of which was in 2016. This law is the first systematic mechanism against gender violence in the country. This paper analyses the validity of this legislation over these ten years, studies the mechanisms created to halt domestic violence against women and assesses their effectiveness. Finally, some current challenges for the policy combating gender violence in Brazil are presented.

  10. Repercussões da Lei Maria da Penha no enfrentamento da violência doméstica em Porto Alegre Repercusiones de la Ley Maria da Penha en el enfrentamiento de la violencia doméstica en Porto Alegre Repercussions of Maria da Penha Law on addressing domestic violence in Porto Alegre

    Elisângela da Silva Alves


    Full Text Available O presente estudo procurou analisar as repercussões da Lei Maria da Penha no enfrentamento da violência doméstica contra mulheres, na cidade de Porto Alegre, a partir da visão dos profissionais que constituem a rede de atendimento a elas. Foram entrevistados sete profissionais que atuam na rede de atendimento a mulheres vítimas de violência. Os dados sugerem que a Lei promoveu mudanças nos campos da prevenção da violência, da assistência a mulheres e da punição aos agressores, com aumento da visibilidade conferida a esse fenômeno e empoderamento feminino. Conclui-se que o fortalecimento das medidas preconizadas pela Lei Maria da Penha ainda depende de investimentos na qualificação dos profissionais, de ações articuladas entre os locais de atendimento e de crescente utilização da atenção básica para a promoção da saúde de mulheres e famílias expostas à violência.El presente trabajo buscó analizar las repercusiones de la Ley Maria da Penha en el enfrentamiento de la violencia doméstica contra mujeres en la ciudad de Porto Alegre, a partir de la visión de los profesionales que constituyen la red de atendimiento a ellas. Fueron entrevistados siete profesionales que actúan en la red de atendimiento a mujeres víctimas de violencia. Los datos sugieren que la Ley promovió cambios en el campo de la prevención de la violencia, de la asistencia a mujeres y de la punición a los agresores, con el aumento de la visibilidad dada a ese fenómeno y el empoderamiento femenino. Se concluye que el fortalecimiento de las medidas preconizadas por la Ley Maria da Penha aún depende de inversión en la calificación de los profesionales, de acciones articuladas entre los locales de atendimiento y de creciente utilización de la atención básica para la promoción de la salud de mujeres y las familias expuestas a la violencia.The current paper sought to analyze the repercussions of Maria da Penha Law on addressing the issue of

  11. The Book of the Sick of Santa Maria della Morte in Bologna and the Medical Organization of a Hospital in the Sixteenth-Century.

    Savoia, Paolo


    In 2012 a manuscript was rediscovered in the Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio of Bologna, titled Libro degli infermi dell'Arciconfraternita di S. Maria della Morte. It is the record of incoming patients of one for the main hospitals of the city, devoted exclusively to the sick poor and not just to the poor, called Santa Maria della Morte, compiled by a young student assistant (astante) for the period 1558-1564. I publish here a transcription of a portion of this Libro pertaining to the year 1560. My introduction situates the manuscript within the context of the history of early modern Italian hospitals, describes the organization of the hospital of Santa Maria della Morte based on archival sources of the period, and finally highlights the connections between surgical and anatomical education and the internal organization of the hospital.

  12. Phytophagous Arthropod Species Associated with Oil Bearing Rose, Rosa damascena Miller, in Isparta Province with Distributional Remarks

    Ozan Demirözer


    Full Text Available Abstract: The study is based on field researches made in 2006–2007 in order to determine the phytophagous arthropod species and the deployment of those species that are economically important in the oil-bearing rose production fields in the province of Isparta. As a result, 62 species were determined, 60 of which belongs to 24 families of 6 orders in Insecta and 2 of which belongs to 2 families of 1 order in Arachnida. In the study, 57 species were identified up to species level and 5 species were identified up to genus level. It is seen that 20 species of them are previously identified as pests in Rosa damascena Miller in production fields in the literature. Ten of the species determined in the study are recorded as new for the oil-bearing rose pest fauna in the province of Isparta. Key words: Oil Bearing Rose, Rosa damascena, pest, phytophagous, Isparta Özet: Bu çalışma, Isparta ili yağ gülü üretim alanlarında bulunan fitofag türlerin belirlenmesi ve ekonomik açıdan önemlilerinin yayılışlarının ortaya çıkarılması amacıyla 2006-2007 yılları arasında yürütülmüştür. Çalışma sonucunda, Insecta sınıfının 6 takımına ait 24 familyadan toplam 60, Arachnida sınıfına ait 1 takıma bağlı 2 familyadan 2 olmak üzere toplamda 62 türün varlığı belirlenmiştir. Çalışmada 57 adet örneğin tür düzeyinde teşhisleri tamamlanırken, 5 türün cins düzeyine kadar teşhisleri yapılmıştır. Yapılan literatür çalışmalarında bu araştırmada belirlenen türlerden 20'sinin daha önceden Rosa damascena Miller üretim alanlarında zararlı olarak bildirildiği saptanmıştır. Çalışmada belirlenen türlerden 10'u ise Isparta ili yağ gülü zararlı faunası için yeni kayıt niteliği taşımaktadır. Anahtar kelimeler: Yağ gülü, Rosa damascena, zararlı, fitofag, Isparta

  13. Danos físicos em estufas plásticas causados pelo vento em Santa Maria, RS Plastic greenhouses damaged by wind in Santa Maria, RS. Case report

    Nereu Augusto Streck


    Full Text Available Foram observados danos físicos causados por rajadas de vento ocorridos na madrugada do dia 19/05/97 no plástico das estufas localizadas no Campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Os valores de intensidade e direção das rajadas máximas do vento foram registradas em um anemográfo universal tipo IH 1023 a 10m de altura, instalado a aproximadamente 100m ao sul das estufas. Os danos ocorreram quando a velocidade das rajadas máximas ultrapassou 20m s-1 (72km h-1Plastic greenhouses located at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil were damaged by wind on May 19th, 1997. Wind speed and direction at 10m height were measured at the Climatological Station located approximatly 100m from the greenhouses. The damage in the greenhouses occured when the maximum gusts reached up speed higher than 20m s-1 (72km h-1.

  14. Violência conjugal: desafios e propostas para a aplicação da Lei Maria da Penha = Marital violence: challenges and proposals for the application of “Maria da Penha” Law

    Cortez, Mirian Beccheri


    Full Text Available Analisamos o discurso de um casal de classe média, divorciado devido a ameaças de morte do marido à esposa, visando investigar sua dinâmica afetiva e familiar, suas vivências de violência conjugal (motivações de conflitos e desdobramentos da denúncia em uma Delegacia da Mulher, suas concepções de gênero, violência e relacionamento. A partir do caso, abordamos questões que consideramos relevantes para a aplicabilidade da Lei Maria da Penha. Os dados foram obtidos através de entrevistas individuais semiestruturadas e submetidos a uma análise fenomenológica. Os resultados indicam fatores facilitadores de ocorrência de conflitos entre o casal (licença trabalhista da esposa, consumo excessivo de bebida alcoólica pelo marido e morte de seu pai, assim como apontam desafios existentes para aumentar a efetividade da Lei Maria da Penha e a importância da gestão democrática na construção de políticas públicas de enfrentamento à violência de gênero

  15. Protective effect of two extracts of Cydonia oblonga miller (Quince fruits on gastric ulcer induced by indomethacin in rats

    Morteza Parvan


    Full Text Available Background: In various studies, Cydonia oblonga Miller (quince has been reported to have many properties such as antioxidant and anti-ulcerative effects. This study has aimed to investigate the protective effects of quince aqueous extract (QAE and quince hydroalcoholic extract (QHE on gastric ulcer caused by indomethacin and the relevant macroscopic, histopathology, and biochemical factors in rats. Methods: Ten groups of male Wistar rats, six in each, were used in this study. These groups included: normal (distilled water, control (distilled water + indomethacin, reference (ranitidine or sucralfate + indomethacin, and test groups (QAE or QHE + indomethacin treated with three increasing doses (200, 500, and 800 mg/kg. Extracts and drugs were given orally to rats 1 h before injecting the indomethacin (25 mg/kg, intraperitoneally. Six hours later, the abdomen of rats was exposed, its pylorus was legated, gastric acid content was extracted, and its pH and the amount of pepsin secreted were measured by Anson method. Then, histopathology indices, ulcer area, ulcer index, and myeloperoxidase (MPO activity were measured in gastric mucus. Results: Both extracts of quince were effective to reduce the acidity of stomach and pepsin activity. Compared to control group, the average of enzyme activity of MPO was significantly declined in all treated groups. Control group had the highest level of gastric ulcer indices including severity, area, and index while the evaluated parameters had decreased in all extract treated groups although it seems that QAE was somewhat more effective. Conclusions: Protective effect of QAE and QHE on gastric ulcer was done by undermining offensive factors including decreasing the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin activity and by strengthening the protective factors of gastric mucus including antioxidant capacity.

  16. Mortality from internal and external radiation exposure in a cohort of male German uranium millers, 1946-2008

    Kreuzer, M.; Dufey, F.; Schnelzer, M.; Sogl, M.; Walsh, L. [Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Neuherberg (Germany). Dept. of Radiation Protection and Health; Laurier, D. [Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), Paris (France); Nowak, D. [LMU Muenchen (Germany). Inst. for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine; Marsh, J.W. [Public Health England, Chilton, Didcot (United Kingdom)


    To examine exposure-response relationships between ionizing radiation and several mortality outcomes in a subgroup of 4,054 men of the German uranium miner cohort study, who worked between 1946 and 1989 in milling facilities, but never underground or in open pit mines. Mortality follow-up was from 1946 to 2008, accumulating 158,383 person-years at risk. Cumulative exposure to radon progeny in working level months (WLM) (mean = 8, max = 127), long-lived radionuclides from uranium ore dust in kBqh/m{sup 3} (mean = 3.9, max = 132), external gamma radiation in mSv (mean = 26, max = 667) and silica dust was estimated by a comprehensive job-exposure matrix. Internal Poisson regression models were applied to estimate the linear excess relative risk (ERR) per unit of cumulative exposure. Overall, a total of 457, 717 and 111 deaths occurred from malignant cancer, cardiovascular diseases and non-malignant respiratory diseases, respectively. Uranium ore dust and silica dust were not associated with mortality from any of these disease groups. A statistically significant relationship between cumulative radon exposure and mortality from all cancers (ERR/100 WLM = 1.71; p = 0.02), primarily due to lung cancer (n = 159; ERR/100 WLM = 3.39; p = 0.05), was found. With respect to cumulative external gamma radiation, an excess of mortality of solid cancers (n = 434; ERR/Sv = 1.86; p = 0.06), primarily due to stomach cancer (n = 49, ERR/Sv = 10.0; p = 0.12), was present. The present findings show an excess mortality from lung cancer due to radon exposure and from solid cancers due to external gamma radiation in uranium millers that was not statistically significant. Exposure to uranium was not associated with any cause of death, but absorbed organ doses were estimated to be low.

  17. Mortality from internal and external radiation exposure in a cohort of male German uranium millers, 1946-2008

    Kreuzer, M.; Dufey, F.; Schnelzer, M.; Sogl, M.; Walsh, L.; Nowak, D.


    To examine exposure-response relationships between ionizing radiation and several mortality outcomes in a subgroup of 4,054 men of the German uranium miner cohort study, who worked between 1946 and 1989 in milling facilities, but never underground or in open pit mines. Mortality follow-up was from 1946 to 2008, accumulating 158,383 person-years at risk. Cumulative exposure to radon progeny in working level months (WLM) (mean = 8, max = 127), long-lived radionuclides from uranium ore dust in kBqh/m 3 (mean = 3.9, max = 132), external gamma radiation in mSv (mean = 26, max = 667) and silica dust was estimated by a comprehensive job-exposure matrix. Internal Poisson regression models were applied to estimate the linear excess relative risk (ERR) per unit of cumulative exposure. Overall, a total of 457, 717 and 111 deaths occurred from malignant cancer, cardiovascular diseases and non-malignant respiratory diseases, respectively. Uranium ore dust and silica dust were not associated with mortality from any of these disease groups. A statistically significant relationship between cumulative radon exposure and mortality from all cancers (ERR/100 WLM = 1.71; p = 0.02), primarily due to lung cancer (n = 159; ERR/100 WLM = 3.39; p = 0.05), was found. With respect to cumulative external gamma radiation, an excess of mortality of solid cancers (n = 434; ERR/Sv = 1.86; p = 0.06), primarily due to stomach cancer (n = 49, ERR/Sv = 10.0; p = 0.12), was present. The present findings show an excess mortality from lung cancer due to radon exposure and from solid cancers due to external gamma radiation in uranium millers that was not statistically significant. Exposure to uranium was not associated with any cause of death, but absorbed organ doses were estimated to be low.

  18. Probability Distribution for Flowing Interval Spacing

    Kuzio, S.


    The purpose of this analysis is to develop a probability distribution for flowing interval spacing. A flowing interval is defined as a fractured zone that transmits flow in the Saturated Zone (SZ), as identified through borehole flow meter surveys (Figure 1). This analysis uses the term ''flowing interval spacing'' as opposed to fractured spacing, which is typically used in the literature. The term fracture spacing was not used in this analysis because the data used identify a zone (or a flowing interval) that contains fluid-conducting fractures but does not distinguish how many or which fractures comprise the flowing interval. The flowing interval spacing is measured between the midpoints of each flowing interval. Fracture spacing within the SZ is defined as the spacing between fractures, with no regard to which fractures are carrying flow. The Development Plan associated with this analysis is entitled, ''Probability Distribution for Flowing Interval Spacing'', (CRWMS M and O 2000a). The parameter from this analysis may be used in the TSPA SR/LA Saturated Zone Flow and Transport Work Direction and Planning Documents: (1) ''Abstraction of Matrix Diffusion for SZ Flow and Transport Analyses'' (CRWMS M and O 1999a) and (2) ''Incorporation of Heterogeneity in SZ Flow and Transport Analyses'', (CRWMS M and O 1999b). A limitation of this analysis is that the probability distribution of flowing interval spacing may underestimate the effect of incorporating matrix diffusion processes in the SZ transport model because of the possible overestimation of the flowing interval spacing. Larger flowing interval spacing results in a decrease in the matrix diffusion processes. This analysis may overestimate the flowing interval spacing because the number of fractures that contribute to a flowing interval cannot be determined from the data. Because each flowing interval probably has more than one fracture contributing to a flowing interval, the true flowing interval spacing could be

  19. Level II scour analysis for Bridge 18 (SHEFTH00410018) on Town Highway 41, crossing Millers Run, Sheffield, Vermont

    Wild, Emily C.; Boehmler, Erick M.


    This report provides the results of a detailed Level II analysis of scour potential at structure SHEFTH00410018 on Town Highway 41 crossing Millers Run, Sheffield, Vermont (figures 1–8). A Level II study is a basic engineering analysis of the site, including a quantitative analysis of stream stability and scour (U.S. Department of Transportation, 1993). Results of a Level I scour investigation also are included in Appendix E of this report. A Level I investigation provides a qualitative geomorphic characterization of the study site. Information on the bridge, gleaned from Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTAOT) files, was compiled prior to conducting Level I and Level II analyses and is found in Appendix D. The site is in the White Mountain section of the New England physiographic province in northeastern Vermont. The 16.2-mi2 drainage area is in a predominantly rural and forested basin. In the vicinity of the study site, the surface cover is grass upstream and downstream of the bridge while the immediate banks have dense woody vegetation. In the study area, Millers Run has an incised, straight channel with a slope of approximately 0.01 ft/ft, an average channel top width of 50 ft and an average bank height of 6 ft. The channel bed material ranges from sand to boulder with a median grain size (D50) of 50.9 mm (0.167 ft). The geomorphic assessment at the time of the Level I and Level II site visit on August 1, 1995, indicated that the reach was laterally unstable, which is evident in the moderate to severe fluvial erosion in the upstream reach. The Town Highway 41 crossing of the Millers Run is a 30-ft-long, one-lane bridge consisting of a 28-foot steel-stringer span (Vermont Agency of Transportation, written communication, March 28, 1995). The opening length of the structure parallel to the bridge face is 22.2 ft. The bridge is supported by vertical, concrete abutments with wingwalls. The channel is skewed approximately 20 degrees to the opening. The computed

  20. Frequency of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by computed skull tomography in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Freqüência de casos suspeitos de neurocisticercose em tomografias computadorizadas de crânio em Santa Maria, RS, Brasil

    José Edson Paz da SILVA


    Full Text Available Due to the lack of studies about neurocysticercosis in the South of Brazil, an investigation was conducted to determine the percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis in computed tomography diagnoses in Santa Maria, RS, from January 1997 to December 1998. Of 6300 computed tomographies (CT of the skull performed at the private Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, 80, i.e., 1.27% were suspected of neurocysticercosis. Fifty were women (62.5% and 30 were men (37.5%. The most frequent radiological manifestation indicating neurocysticercosis was the presence of calcifications (isolated or associated, with a 95% rate (76 cases, while the presence of hypodense lesions reached a 5% rate (4 cases. After routine analysis, each CT was evaluated again and the suspected cases were confirmed. The percentage of suspected cases of neurocysticercosis detected by CT in the present study carried out in Santa Maria was considered low (1.27%. This can be explained by the fact that tomography is not accessible to the economically underprivileged population of Santa Maria. We hope that the present study can alert the population and the professionals to the fact that neurocysticercosis is a more frequent disease than indicated by the few diagnoses made.Com o objetivo de iniciar um estudo sobre a neurocisticercose no Sul do Brasil, foi verificada a porcentagem de casos suspeitos de neurocisticercose em tomografia computadorizada de crânio (TCC em Santa Maria, entre janeiro de 1997 e dezembro de 1998. Os resultados mostraram que entre 6300 TCC realizadas no Hospital de Caridade Astrogildo de Azevedo, 80, isto é, 1,27% eram suspeitas de neurocisticercose. Constatamos que 50 eram mulheres (62,5% e 30 homens (37,5%. A manifestação radiológica mais freqüente para indicar neurocisticercose foi a calcificação (isolada ou associada com 95% (76 casos, enquanto a presença de lesões hipodensas foi de 5% (4 casos. Após a análise de rotina cada TCC foi

  1. Correct Bayesian and frequentist intervals are similar

    Atwood, C.L.


    This paper argues that Bayesians and frequentists will normally reach numerically similar conclusions, when dealing with vague data or sparse data. It is shown that both statistical methodologies can deal reasonably with vague data. With sparse data, in many important practical cases Bayesian interval estimates and frequentist confidence intervals are approximately equal, although with discrete data the frequentist intervals are somewhat longer. This is not to say that the two methodologies are equally easy to use: The construction of a frequentist confidence interval may require new theoretical development. Bayesians methods typically require numerical integration, perhaps over many variables. Also, Bayesian can easily fall into the trap of over-optimism about their amount of prior knowledge. But in cases where both intervals are found correctly, the two intervals are usually not very different. (orig.)

  2. Restricted Interval Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Restricted Interval Valued Neutrosophic Topological Spaces

    Anjan Mukherjee


    Full Text Available In this paper we introduce the concept of restricted interval valued neutrosophic sets (RIVNS in short. Some basic operations and properties of RIVNS are discussed. The concept of restricted interval valued neutrosophic topology is also introduced together with restricted interval valued neutrosophic finer and restricted interval valued neutrosophic coarser topology. We also define restricted interval valued neutrosophic interior and closer of a restricted interval valued neutrosophic set. Some theorems and examples are cites. Restricted interval valued neutrosophic subspace topology is also studied.


    Carlos Alberto da Fonseca Pires


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho de pesquisa tem por objetivo a caracterização geoambiental da paisagem, através da elaboração de Zoneamento Geoambiental do Perímetro Urbano de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. O perímetro urbano, cujos limites foram definidos pela municipalidade, possui uma área de 13.092 ha e engloba as áreas urbanas e as de possível urbanização. A pesquisa foi desenvolvida tendo como referencial teórico a análise sistêmica, utilizando-se da paisagem como categoria de análise, e como instrumental metodológico a utilização de geotecnologias, especialmente de SIGs. O tratamento metodológico segue a proposta metodológica desenvolvida pelo LAGEOLAM/UFSM, com algumas adaptações. Os atributos utilizados na análise geoambiental compreendem as características climáticas, o substrato geológico, a hidrologia, a geomorfologia, as feições superficiais e o uso e ocupação do solo. A espacialização destes componentes da paisagem, exceto as informações climáticas, através da elaboração de mapas temáticos, e a posterior integração, por meio de uma representação de síntese, foi realizada no software Spring 4.3.3, que permitiu a manipulação de dados de diferentes fontes. Como produto final estabeleceu-se uma hierarquia composta por nove unidades geoambientais, seis subunidades e quatro feições. A elaboração do zoneamento geoambiental, através do estudo integrado da paisagem, constitui numa importante ferramenta no gerenciamento dos recursos da área.

  4. Delivery of Services of Day Care Workers In Sta. Maria, Laguna



    Full Text Available This study focused on the determination of the delivery of services of day care workers in the municipality of Sta. Maria, Province of Laguna during the first semester of school year 2012-2013. Descriptive research was used in this study. Among the key findings were that Day Care Workers with respect to interactional relationship accomplished the functions with outstanding adequacy such as constantly giving feedback and praises on the performance of children, along with workers and parents coordination and cooperation, with verbal interpretation of Always Observe. In terms of instructional quality both group of respondents perceived that day care workers in-charge had adequate abilities and competencies concerning their education and trainings in connection with teaching small children with verbal interpretation of Always Observe. The parents had confidence to the day care workers in-charge of their children aside from regularly consulting the day care workers about their children’s progress with verbal interpretation of Always Observe. There were only 871 households who availed of the services of day care centers in which 27 workers were employed and each of them assigned to handle an average of 33 children. Notable along with other findings was the day care workers and parents had the same perception as to the extent of services provided by the Day Care Center with respect to interactional relationship, instructional quality and parental participation. Subsequently the study ensued with these five factual remarks: Children’s interactions with parents in the centers were the direct mechanisms through which children learn. The educational qualification and the capability of the day care workers to handle small children were the primary essentials in children’s learning. Parents’ participation in the day care centers premises brought harmonious relationship between the Day Care Workers and children as well. The capacity of day care worker


    Michele Quinhones Pereira


    Full Text Available Este texto resulta de uma pesquisa realizada no ano de 2001, tendo como objetivo identificar, junto ao professor ouvinte, a sua concepção de educação de Surdos e sua visão perante a implementação da mesma; bem como verificar as diferenças evidenciadas na sua atuação prática atual em relação às experiências vivenciadas anteriormente. A proposta metodológica que norteia esse trabalho é a abordagem qualitativa. Realizou-se, neste estudo, uma descrição pautada na revisão bibliográfica sobre a temática proposta e a análise dos dados obtidos através da entrevista semi-estruturada, aplicada a três professores da Escola de Surdos de Santa Maria-RS. Nessa entrevista, os professores relataram suas experiências frente à Educação de Surdos, visando o desenvolvimento e a aprendizagem desses e a expectativa em relação à Escola de surdos, considerando o espaço e a concepção adotada. A análise dos dados indica que a abordagem bilíngüe permeia toda a prática dos professores, instrutores e alunos surdos. A expectativa é contemplar todos os anseios da comunidade surda. Esta pesquisa mostrou que os profissionais, assim como a comunidade escolar, estão conscientes e desencadeando um processo de construção coletiva para que a referida escola seja um ambiente que favoreça o desenvolvimento e aprendizagem de seus educandos, considerando suas características específicas da surdez e vislumbrando uma educação bilíngüe para Surdos.Palavras-chave: perspectivas, educação, surdos.

  6. Fauna do solo em áreas com Eucalyptus spp. e Pinus elliottii, Santa Maria, RS.

    Maria Izabel Jacques Soares


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabela normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman";} Este trabalho, com início na primavera de 1996 e término no inverno de 1997, teve como objetivo realizar o levantamento populacional da fauna do solo em áreas com Eucalyptus spp. e Pinus elliottii, situadas no Campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Para a coleta do solo, utilizou-se um extrator, formando-se amostras em dez pontos, nas profundidades de 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 e de 15-20 cm, em cada estação do ano. Por meio deste estudo, pôde-se identificar alguns representantes dos Phylum Annelida e Arthropoda que participam do contexto fauna-solo-vegetação. O total de indivíduos, seu respectivo percentual e número de indivíduos por metro quadrado foram obtidos. Observou-se o predomínio do Phylum Arthropoda e, mais especificamente, da classe Insecta na área com Eucalyptus spp. e do Phylum Annelida na área com Pinus elliottii. A variável profundidade originou modelos matemáticos que explicam a distribuição populacional dentre as áreas estudadas. A variável estação do ano não apresentou uma diferença significativa. Não foi possível, portanto, estabelecer um modelo de distribuição populacional.

  7. Conditional prediction intervals of wind power generation

    Pinson, Pierre; Kariniotakis, Georges


    A generic method for the providing of prediction intervals of wind power generation is described. Prediction intervals complement the more common wind power point forecasts, by giving a range of potential outcomes for a given probability, their so-called nominal coverage rate. Ideally they inform...... on the characteristics of prediction errors for providing conditional interval forecasts. By simultaneously generating prediction intervals with various nominal coverage rates, one obtains full predictive distributions of wind generation. Adapted resampling is applied here to the case of an onshore Danish wind farm...... to the case of a large number of wind farms in Europe and Australia among others is finally discussed....

  8. Oito Anos de Lei Maria Da Penha. Entre Avanços, Obstáculos e Desafios

    Wânia Pasinato


    Full Text Available Em 2014 a Lei Maria da Penha completou oito anos. A cada ano, os eventos comemorativos de sua aprovação trazem a oportunidade de realizar balanços e reflexões sobre os avanços, obstáculos e desafios colocados à sua implementação e seus impactos sobre a universalização do acesso aos direitos e à justiça para as mulheres em situação de violência doméstica e familiar. Este artigo tem o propósito de contribuir com algumas reflexões sobre a importância do atendimento em rede para alcançar resultados mais satisfatórios na aplicação da Lei Maria da Penha. As reflexões sistematizadas utilizam resultados de pesquisas das quais participei entre 2008 e estudos realizados no período.

  9. Pick a Color MARIA: Adaptive Sampling Enables the Rapid Identification of Complex Perovskite Nanocrystal Compositions with Defined Emission Characteristics.

    Bezinge, Leonard; Maceiczyk, Richard M; Lignos, Ioannis; Kovalenko, Maksym V; deMello, Andrew J


    Recent advances in the development of hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite (LHP) nanocrystals (NCs) have demonstrated their versatility and potential application in photovoltaics and as light sources through compositional tuning of optical properties. That said, due to their compositional complexity, the targeted synthesis of mixed-cation and/or mixed-halide LHP NCs still represents an immense challenge for traditional batch-scale chemistry. To address this limitation, we herein report the integration of a high-throughput segmented-flow microfluidic reactor and a self-optimizing algorithm for the synthesis of NCs with defined emission properties. The algorithm, named Multiparametric Automated Regression Kriging Interpolation and Adaptive Sampling (MARIA), iteratively computes optimal sampling points at each stage of an experimental sequence to reach a target emission peak wavelength based on spectroscopic measurements. We demonstrate the efficacy of the method through the synthesis of multinary LHP NCs, (Cs/FA)Pb(I/Br) 3 (FA = formamidinium) and (Rb/Cs/FA)Pb(I/Br) 3 NCs, using MARIA to rapidly identify reagent concentrations that yield user-defined photoluminescence peak wavelengths in the green-red spectral region. The procedure returns a robust model around a target output in far fewer measurements than systematic screening of parametric space and additionally enables the prediction of other spectral properties, such as, full-width at half-maximum and intensity, for conditions yielding NCs with similar emission peak wavelength.

  10. Hourly Variation in the Flow Measurements in the Jesus Maria Watershed with the Cup-type Current Meter Method

    José Pablo Bonilla Valverde


    Full Text Available Conducting punctual gauging measurements in Costa Rica constitutes a common practice for the evaluation of water resources for drinking water supply.  The country has a database composed of punctual measurements made in most of the rivers of Costa Rica with almost forty years of information. Within this database, a single data (punctual gauging is used to characterize the whole month in which it was gauged. In order to corroborate the validity of this characterization, punctual gauging was performed every hour to confirm that the hourly variation is minimal.  The hourly gauging was carried out during the flow measurement campaign in the Jesus Maria watershed conducted on April 9th and 10th, 2013.  The flow measurements were performed using cup-type current meter method according to the ISO 2537: 2007 standard.  One third of the measurements showed less than ±1% variation and more than three quarters were in the range of ±5% variation. In all cases, excluding the lower basin of the Jesus Maria River, variations in the measurements are less than 10% relative to the median.  It is concluded that the hour variation is relatively small, and therefore, the database is validated – for the months at the end of the dry season.  This experience should be repeated in the same basin at other times of the year and on other basins to ensure that the temporal variability do not represent large differences in the flow.

  11. Sowing the Seeds for Strong Relations: Seeds and Plants as Diplomatic Gifts for the Russian Empress Maria Fedorovna

    Ekaterina Heath


    Full Text Available The article examines the role of botany in diplomatic relationships between Britain and Russia around the turn of the nineteenth century by looking at three gifts of exotic seeds and plants sent by different British diplomats and officials to the Russian Empress Maria Fedorovna, wife of Tsar Paul I. Gifts of live plants were a new category of diplomatic presents fuelled by the rapidly growing popularity of botany across Europe. These gifts represented British imperial ambitions and desire to build a self-sufficient economy. They also indicated an element of Britain’s anxiety about its navy’s dependence on Russian natural resources and later on about Russia’s successes in the exploration of the Antarctic regions. Empress Maria Fedorovna displayed these plants in a prominent part of her garden at Pavlovsk, next to the plants from North America that she had procured independently. This was a deliberate strategy that worked to boost her prestige at court by showcasing her international relationships.

  12. Abstract: Inference and Interval Estimation for Indirect Effects With Latent Variable Models.

    Falk, Carl F; Biesanz, Jeremy C


    Models specifying indirect effects (or mediation) and structural equation modeling are both popular in the social sciences. Yet relatively little research has compared methods that test for indirect effects among latent variables and provided precise estimates of the effectiveness of different methods. This simulation study provides an extensive comparison of methods for constructing confidence intervals and for making inferences about indirect effects with latent variables. We compared the percentile (PC) bootstrap, bias-corrected (BC) bootstrap, bias-corrected accelerated (BC a ) bootstrap, likelihood-based confidence intervals (Neale & Miller, 1997), partial posterior predictive (Biesanz, Falk, and Savalei, 2010), and joint significance tests based on Wald tests or likelihood ratio tests. All models included three reflective latent variables representing the independent, dependent, and mediating variables. The design included the following fully crossed conditions: (a) sample size: 100, 200, and 500; (b) number of indicators per latent variable: 3 versus 5; (c) reliability per set of indicators: .7 versus .9; (d) and 16 different path combinations for the indirect effect (α = 0, .14, .39, or .59; and β = 0, .14, .39, or .59). Simulations were performed using a WestGrid cluster of 1680 3.06GHz Intel Xeon processors running R and OpenMx. Results based on 1,000 replications per cell and 2,000 resamples per bootstrap method indicated that the BC and BC a bootstrap methods have inflated Type I error rates. Likelihood-based confidence intervals and the PC bootstrap emerged as methods that adequately control Type I error and have good coverage rates.

  13. Interpretation of Confidence Interval Facing the Conflict

    Andrade, Luisa; Fernández, Felipe


    As literature has reported, it is usual that university students in statistics courses, and even statistics teachers, interpret the confidence level associated with a confidence interval as the probability that the parameter value will be between the lower and upper interval limits. To confront this misconception, class activities have been…

  14. Interval logic. Proof theory and theorem proving

    Rasmussen, Thomas Marthedal


    of a direction of an interval, and present a sound and complete Hilbert proof system for it. Because of its generality, SIL can conveniently act as a general formalism in which other interval logics can be encoded. We develop proof theory for SIL including both a sequent calculus system and a labelled natural...

  15. Risk factors for QTc interval prolongation

    Heemskerk, Charlotte P.M.; Pereboom, Marieke; van Stralen, Karlijn; Berger, Florine A.; van den Bemt, Patricia M.L.A.; Kuijper, Aaf F.M.; van der Hoeven, Ruud T M; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje K.; Becker, Matthijs L


    Purpose: Prolongation of the QTc interval may result in Torsade de Pointes, a ventricular arrhythmia. Numerous risk factors for QTc interval prolongation have been described, including the use of certain drugs. In clinical practice, there is much debate about the management of the risks involved. In

  16. Interval Forecast for Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model ...

    In this paper, we propose a simple method for constructing interval forecast for smooth transition autoregressive (STAR) model. This interval forecast is based on bootstrapping the residual error of the estimated STAR model for each forecast horizon and computing various Akaike information criterion (AIC) function. This new ...

  17. Confidence Interval Approximation For Treatment Variance In ...

    In a random effects model with a single factor, variation is partitioned into two as residual error variance and treatment variance. While a confidence interval can be imposed on the residual error variance, it is not possible to construct an exact confidence interval for the treatment variance. This is because the treatment ...

  18. New interval forecast for stationary autoregressive models ...

    In this paper, we proposed a new forecasting interval for stationary Autoregressive, AR(p) models using the Akaike information criterion (AIC) function. Ordinarily, the AIC function is used to determine the order of an AR(p) process. In this study however, AIC forecast interval compared favorably with the theoretical forecast ...

  19. Miller Fisher Syndrome

    ... more information, write to the GBS/CIDP Foundation International The Holly Building 104 1 / 2 Forrest Avenue, Narberth PA 19072 or call 1-886-224-3301 (610) 667-0131 Fax (610) 667-7036 email: Your tax deductible contribution to help us help others will ...

  20. Kodukoharaamatud / Voldemar Miller

    Miller, Voldemar, 1911-2006


    Virve Orav. Narva-Jõesuu kodu-uurija pilguga. 1993. Helmut Elstrok. Padaorust Viru mereni. Viru-Nigula - Tln., 1994. Helmut Elstrok. Kõrvemaast Põhjarannani. Kuusalu - Tln.-Tapa, 1995. Lembit Arulo. Nii see olla võis... Põhjaranniku külaelust läbi aegade. Tln., 1994. Robert Nerman. Kopli. Miljöö, olustik, kultuurilugu 1918-1940. Tln., 1995. Ain Sarv. Varjusurmast tõusnud. Eestirootslaste ja Eestirootsi alade saatusest pärast Teist maailmasõda, Tln., 1994. Jaan Ellen. Kuhu kõik nad jäid? Tõsilugu Urvaste ürgorust. Tln., 1994

  1. Expressing Intervals in Automated Service Negotiation

    Clark, Kassidy P.; Warnier, Martijn; van Splunter, Sander; Brazier, Frances M. T.

    During automated negotiation of services between autonomous agents, utility functions are used to evaluate the terms of negotiation. These terms often include intervals of values which are prone to misinterpretation. It is often unclear if an interval embodies a continuum of real numbers or a subset of natural numbers. Furthermore, it is often unclear if an agent is expected to choose only one value, multiple values, a sub-interval or even multiple sub-intervals. Additional semantics are needed to clarify these issues. Normally, these semantics are stored in a domain ontology. However, ontologies are typically domain specific and static in nature. For dynamic environments, in which autonomous agents negotiate resources whose attributes and relationships change rapidly, semantics should be made explicit in the service negotiation. This paper identifies issues that are prone to misinterpretation and proposes a notation for expressing intervals. This notation is illustrated using an example in WS-Agreement.

  2. Mulheres cuidando de mulheres: um estudo sobre a Casa de Apoio Viva Maria, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Women caring for women: a study on the "Viva Maria" shelter, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Stela Nazareth Meneghel


    Full Text Available Este trabalho teve como objetivo obter dados a respeito de mulheres vitimizadas que são atendidas em uma casa abrigo governamental denominada "Casa de Apoio Viva Maria", situada na cidade de Porto Alegre. Analisaram-se informações referentes a 110 mulheres que estiveram albergadas na casa durante os últimos dois anos - janeiro de 1996 a junho de 1998. O perfil da clientela mostrou que as mulheres eram jovens - em média, 29 anos; todas de baixa renda; 12% analfabetas, 21% negras, 80% delas com história de violência doméstica freqüente. Além disso, 18% destas mulheres retornaram à relação com o companheiro violento. Foram efetuadas visitas domiciliares a 34 ex-moradoras, convidando-as a participar de uma série de oficinas de avaliação. Um total de 118 pessoas - mães e crianças - integrou os três encontros de avaliação. Durante estes, os pesquisadores estimularam as participantes a expressar suas opiniões, percepções e sentimentos a respeito da experiência vivida na casa abrigo, assim como seus conceitos no tocante à violência. Finalmente, realizou-se um grupo focal com a equipe técnico-administrativa da casa. As trabalhadoras enfatizaram o quanto esse tipo de trabalho tem sido útil para seu desenvolvimento pessoal e auxiliou a modificar suas vidas.This research was conducted in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, with a sample of battered women selected from a government shelter called the "Casa Viva Maria". We analyzed data on 110 women staying at the shelter during the previous two years (January 1996-June 1998. The profile of the women was as follows: abused women were young (mean age 29 years, all had low socioeconomic status, 12% were illiterate, 21% were black, 80% reported frequent abuse by their partners, and 18% had returned to violent homes. The researchers visited 34 former lodgers from the shelter and invited them to participate in a series of evaluation workshops. A total of 118 persons, including mothers and

  3. Ações da elite médica em Santa Maria/RS na segunda metade do século XIX = Actions of elite medical in Santa Maria/RS in the second half of XIX century

    Rossi, Daiane Silveira


    Full Text Available Em um período em que estão em voga os debates ambientais, chama atenção o fato de que em uma cidade já massivamente urbana como Santa Maria/RS, 40% da sua população ainda enfrente problemas relacionados ao esgoto a céu aberto. Com base neste dado, procurou-se compreender qual o ponto de partida destes problemas sanitários da cidade, fazendo uma análise do seu primeiro projeto de saneamento, datado de 1918. Entretanto, ao investigar a respeito disto, notou-se que os debates em torno da salubridade local eram ainda mais longínquos, sendo encontradas discussões desde meados do século XIX. Portanto, para esta comunicação optou-se por fazer um balanço histórico a respeito da preocupação dos governantes locais com a saúde da população e com a higiene do espaço urbano de Santa Maria. Para tanto, serão abordados dois aspectos: a inserção dos médicos diplomados na cidade e a consolidação da elite médica local através de suas medidas de saúde pública. Dessa forma, acredita-se que será possível compreender como transcorreu todo o processo de construção das políticas públicas de saúde e higiene em Santa Maria/RS entre meados do século XIX e início do século XX. Destaca-se que esta ideia está pautada no conceito de saúde pública como todo tipo de ação coletiva visando melhorar os ambientes, elaborado por Dorothy Porter. Também se utiliza como base conceitos de políticas públicas em torno da saúde, compreendendo-as como um maior poder de intervenção do Estado nestas questões, cuja referência é o historiador Gilberto Hochman

  4. Reviewing interval cancers: Time well spent?

    Gower-Thomas, Kate; Fielder, Hilary M.P.; Branston, Lucy; Greening, Sarah; Beer, Helen; Rogers, Cerilan


    OBJECTIVES: To categorize interval cancers, and thus identify false-negatives, following prevalent and incident screens in the Welsh breast screening programme. SETTING: Breast Test Wales (BTW) Llandudno, Cardiff and Swansea breast screening units. METHODS: Five hundred and sixty interval breast cancers identified following negative mammographic screening between 1989 and 1997 were reviewed by eight screening radiologists. The blind review was achieved by mixing the screening films of women who subsequently developed an interval cancer with screen negative films of women who did not develop cancer, in a ratio of 4:1. Another radiologist used patients' symptomatic films to record a reference against which the reviewers' reports of the screening films were compared. Interval cancers were categorized as 'true', 'occult', 'false-negative' or 'unclassified' interval cancers or interval cancers with minimal signs, based on the National Health Service breast screening programme (NHSBSP) guidelines. RESULTS: Of the classifiable interval films, 32% were false-negatives, 55% were true intervals and 12% occult. The proportion of false-negatives following incident screens was half that following prevalent screens (P = 0.004). Forty percent of the seed films were recalled by the panel. CONCLUSIONS: Low false-negative interval cancer rates following incident screens (18%) versus prevalent screens (36%) suggest that lower cancer detection rates at incident screens may have resulted from fewer cancers than expected being present, rather than from a failure to detect tumours. The panel method for categorizing interval cancers has significant flaws as the results vary markedly with different protocol and is no more accurate than other, quicker and more timely methods. Gower-Thomas, K. et al. (2002)

  5. Marked improvement of thyroid function and autoimmunity by Aloe barbadensis miller juice in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism

    Daniela Metro


    Full Text Available Some natural compounds decrease serum levels of thyroid autoantibodies, but results are inconsistent and thyroid function has been evaluated infrequently; moreover, the effects of Aloe on thyroid autoimmunity and function have been examined in very few studies. This study stems from the observation of one co-author, who has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT-related subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH. Upon checking her biochemical thyroid panel when taking daily Aloe barbardensis Miller juice (ABMJ for thyroid-unrelated reasons, she noticed a decrease in serum thyroperoxidase autoantibodies (TPOAb and thyrotropin (TSH and an increase in serum free thyroxine (FT4. Based on this observation, we enrolled 30 consecutive HT women with levothyroxine-untreated SCH and high TPOAb levels. All of them took ABMJ (50 ml daily for nine months and were tested for serum TSH, FT4, free triiodothyronine (FT3 and TPOAb. Measurements were performed at baseline and at months 3 and 9. TSH, FT4 and TPOAb improved significantly already at month 3 and further (−61%, +23% and −56% at month 9. However, FT3 decreased significantly at month 3 (−16% with no further decrease at month 9, so that the FT4:FT3 ratio increased significantly (+33% and + 49%. At baseline, 100% of women had TSH > 4.0 mU/L and TPOAb > 400 U/ml, but frequencies fell to 0% and 37%, respectively, at month 9. In contrast, a control group (namely, 15 untreated SCH women of comparable age and baseline levels of TSH, FT4, FT3 and TPOAb had no significant changes in any index. We conclude that the daily intake of 100 ml ABMJ for 9 months in women with HT-related SCH decreases the burden of thyroid autoimmune inflammation. In addition, ABMJ rescues thyrocyte function, with decreased need for conversion of the prohormone T4 into the more active T3 through ABMJ-induced inhibition of T4 deiodination. Keywords: Aloe vera, Subclinical hypothyroidism, Thyroid autoimmunity, Thyroid function

  6. Ma ei taha teha poliitpropagandat / Joanna Rajkowska ; interv. Ave Randviir

    Rajkowska, Joanna


    21.-23. veebruarini 2008 Tallinnas Okupatsioonide Muuseumis toimunud "Public Preparation'i" sarja rahvusvahelisest seminarist أTranslocal Express. Jubilee Editionؤ, mis vaatles kaasaegse kunsti ning üha süvenevate natsionalistlike meeleolude suhet Euroopa idapiiril. Esinejate hulgas ka Eleonore de Montesquiou, Flo Kasearu ja Maria-Kristiina Soomre. Joanna Rajkowska projektist Varssavi kesklinnas "Tervitused Jeruusalemma avenüült".

  7. Kui oluliseks isikuandmete kaitsmist kooli oludes peate ja millest seda tehes lähtute? / Harri Kõo, Ene Tannberg, Kalle Niinas, Maria Tiro...[jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasiumi direktor Harri Kõo, Tartu Miina Härma Gümnaasiumi direktor Ene Tannberg, Jakob Westholmi Gümnaasiumi direktor Kalle Niinas, Jüri Gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro ja Viimsi Keskkooli direktor Leelo Tiisvelt

  8. Zwei Briefromane eines gewitzten böhmischen Frauenzimmers im Reprint: Maria Anna Sagers Beiträge zur frühen Frauenliteratur

    Wögerbauer, Michael


    Roč. 39, č. 2 (2015), s. 240-243. ISBN 978-3-8353-16-97-3. ISSN 0722-740X Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : enlightenment * prose * Sager, Maria Anna * female writer * German literature * Czech literature Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision


    T. A. Kharkovskaia


    Full Text Available The method of an interval observer design for nonlinear systems with parametric uncertainties is considered. The interval observer synthesis problem for systems with varying parameters consists in the following. If there is the uncertainty restraint for the state values of the system, limiting the initial conditions of the system and the set of admissible values for the vector of unknown parameters and inputs, the interval existence condition for the estimations of the system state variables, containing the actual state at a given time, needs to be held valid over the whole considered time segment as well. Conditions of the interval observers design for the considered class of systems are shown. They are: limitation of the input and state, the existence of a majorizing function defining the uncertainty vector for the system, Lipschitz continuity or finiteness of this function, the existence of an observer gain with the suitable Lyapunov matrix. The main condition for design of such a device is cooperativity of the interval estimation error dynamics. An individual observer gain matrix selection problem is considered. In order to ensure the property of cooperativity for interval estimation error dynamics, a static transformation of coordinates is proposed. The proposed algorithm is demonstrated by computer modeling of the biological reactor. Possible applications of these interval estimation systems are the spheres of robust control, where the presence of various types of uncertainties in the system dynamics is assumed, biotechnology and environmental systems and processes, mechatronics and robotics, etc.

  10. Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting with short relaxation intervals.

    Amthor, Thomas; Doneva, Mariya; Koken, Peter; Sommer, Karsten; Meineke, Jakob; Börnert, Peter


    The aim of this study was to investigate a technique for improving the performance of Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF) in repetitive sampling schemes, in particular for 3D MRF acquisition, by shortening relaxation intervals between MRF pulse train repetitions. A calculation method for MRF dictionaries adapted to short relaxation intervals and non-relaxed initial spin states is presented, based on the concept of stationary fingerprints. The method is applicable to many different k-space sampling schemes in 2D and 3D. For accuracy analysis, T 1 and T 2 values of a phantom are determined by single-slice Cartesian MRF for different relaxation intervals and are compared with quantitative reference measurements. The relevance of slice profile effects is also investigated in this case. To further illustrate the capabilities of the method, an application to in-vivo spiral 3D MRF measurements is demonstrated. The proposed computation method enables accurate parameter estimation even for the shortest relaxation intervals, as investigated for different sampling patterns in 2D and 3D. In 2D Cartesian measurements, we achieved a scan acceleration of more than a factor of two, while maintaining acceptable accuracy: The largest T 1 values of a sample set deviated from their reference values by 0.3% (longest relaxation interval) and 2.4% (shortest relaxation interval). The largest T 2 values showed systematic deviations of up to 10% for all relaxation intervals, which is discussed. The influence of slice profile effects for multislice acquisition is shown to become increasingly relevant for short relaxation intervals. In 3D spiral measurements, a scan time reduction of 36% was achieved, maintaining the quality of in-vivo T1 and T2 maps. Reducing the relaxation interval between MRF sequence repetitions using stationary fingerprint dictionaries is a feasible method to improve the scan efficiency of MRF sequences. The method enables fast implementations of 3D spatially

  11. A survey for potential biological control agents of Pereskia aculeata Miller (Cactaceae) in Brazil reveals two new species of Horismenus Walker (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae).

    Pikart, Tiago G; Costa, Valmir A; Hansson, Christer; Cristo, Sandra C DE; Vitorino, Marcelo D


    This paper deals with the description of two new species of Horismenus Walker (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from Brazil, parasitoids of larvae of Adetus analis (Haldeman) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Both species are similar to Horismenus steirastomae (Girault), a species that also parasitizes cerambycids. Adetus analis is a pest of Sechium edule (Jacq.) Swartz (Cucurbitaceae), a minor crop in Brazil, Argentina and U.S.A., but also feeds in stems of Pereskia aculeata Miller (Cactaceae), an ornamental plant that has become a problematic weed species in Africa, where it was introduced. The two new Horismenus species are described, diagnosed, and compared to H. steirastomae.

  12. Advanced Interval Management: A Benefit Analysis

    Timer, Sebastian; Peters, Mark


    This document is the final report for the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC)- sponsored task order 'Possible Benefits for Advanced Interval Management Operations.' Under this research project, Architecture Technology Corporation performed an analysis to determine the maximum potential benefit to be gained if specific Advanced Interval Management (AIM) operations were implemented in the National Airspace System (NAS). The motivation for this research is to guide NASA decision-making on which Interval Management (IM) applications offer the most potential benefit and warrant further research.

  13. Generalized production planning problem under interval uncertainty

    Samir A. Abass


    Full Text Available Data in many real life engineering and economical problems suffer from inexactness. Herein we assume that we are given some intervals in which the data can simultaneously and independently perturb. We consider the generalized production planning problem with interval data. The interval data are in both of the objective function and constraints. The existing results concerning the qualitative and quantitative analysis of basic notions in parametric production planning problem. These notions are the set of feasible parameters, the solvability set and the stability set of the first kind.

  14. Reconstruction of dynamical systems from interspike intervals

    Sauer, T.


    Attractor reconstruction from interspike interval (ISI) data is described, in rough analogy with Taken's theorem for attractor reconstruction from time series. Assuming a generic integrate-and-fire model coupling the dynamical system to the spike train, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the system states and interspike interval vectors of sufficiently large dimension. The correspondence has an important implication: interspike intervals can be forecast from past history. We show that deterministically driven ISI series can be distinguished from stochastically driven ISI series on the basis of prediction error

  15. Optimization and improvement of the technical specifications for Santa Maria de Garona and Cofrentes nuclear power plants; Optimizacion y mejora de las especificaciones tecnicas de funcionamiento para las centrales de Santa Maria de Garona y Cofrentes

    Norte Gomez, M D [Empresarios Agrupados, A.I.E., Madrid (Spain); Alcantud, F [Iberdrola C.N., Cofrentes, (Spain); Hoyo, C del [Nuclenor C.N., Santa Maria de Garona (Spain)


    Technical Specifications (TS) form one of the basic documents necessary for licensing nuclear power plants and are required by the Government in accordance with Article 26 of the Regulation for Nuclear and Radioactive Facilities. They contain specific plant characteristics and operating limits to provide adequate protection for the safety and health of operators and the general public. For operator actuation, TS include all the surveillance requirements and limiting operating conditions (operation at full power, startup, hot and cold shutdown, and refueling outage) of safety-related systems. They also include the conventional support systems which are necessary to keep the plant in a safe operating conditioner to bring it to safe shutdown in the event of incidents or hypothetical accidents. Because of the large volume of information contained in the TS, the NRC and American utility owners began to simplify and improve the initial standard TS, which has given way to the development of a TS Optimization Program in the USA under the auspices of the NRC. Empresarios Agrupados has been contracted by the BWR Spanish Owners' Group (GPE-BWR) to develop optimized TS for the Santa Maria de Garona and Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plants. The optimized and improved TS are simplified versions of the current ones and facilitate the work of plant operators. They help to prevent risks, and reduce the number of potential transients caused by the large number of tests required by current TS. Plant operational safety is enhanced and higher effective operation is achieved. The GPE-BWR has submitted the first part of the optimized TS with their corresponding Bases to the Spanish Nuclear Council (CSN), for comment and subsequent approval. Once the TS are approved by the Spanish Nuclear Council, the operators of the Santa Maria de Garona and Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plants will be given a training and adaptation course prior to their implementation. (author)

  16. Lei Maria da Penha: novas abordagens sobre velhas propostas. Onde avançamos? = The Maria da Penha Law: new approaches on old propositions. Where did we move on?

    Pasinato, Wânia


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é refletir sobre os obstáculos e os problemas que têm sido enfrentados para a aplicação integral da Lei 11. 340/2006, a Lei Maria da Penha. As reflexões apresentadas utilizam os dados empíricos obtidos durante a realização da pesquisa sobre “Acesso à Justiça para Mulheres em Situação de Violência. Estudo Comparativo sobre as Delegacias da Mulher na América Latina (Brasil, Equador, Peru e Nicarágua”. A pesquisa foi realizada entre 2007 e 2009, em Belo Horizonte, e teve como núcleo de investigação entrevistas em profundidade com 15 mulheres que sofreram violência nas relações conjugais e procuraram a Delegacia da Mulher para registrar a ocorrência policial. Do conjunto de resultados obtidos, foram selecionados alguns dados e algumas reflexões que ajudam a ilustrar o cotidiano da aplicação da lei naquele município. Neste texto foram tomados para análise aspectos relacionados com o papel da polícia, do judiciário e da rede de serviços especializados no atendimento a mulheres em situação de violência. O objetivo é oferecer elementos para o debate em torno da aplicação da Lei Maria da Penha e contribuir para sua implementação integral

  17. Intact interval timing in circadian CLOCK mutants.

    Cordes, Sara; Gallistel, C R


    While progress has been made in determining the molecular basis for the circadian clock, the mechanism by which mammalian brains time intervals measured in seconds to minutes remains a mystery. An obvious question is whether the interval-timing mechanism shares molecular machinery with the circadian timing mechanism. In the current study, we trained circadian CLOCK +/- and -/- mutant male mice in a peak-interval procedure with 10 and 20-s criteria. The mutant mice were more active than their wild-type littermates, but there were no reliable deficits in the accuracy or precision of their timing as compared with wild-type littermates. This suggests that expression of the CLOCK protein is not necessary for normal interval timing.

  18. Socioeconomic position and the primary care interval

    Vedsted, Anders


    to the easiness to interpret the symptoms of the underlying cancer. Methods. We conducted a population-based cohort study using survey data on time intervals linked at an individually level to routine collected data on demographics from Danish registries. Using logistic regression we estimated the odds......Introduction. Diagnostic delays affect cancer survival negatively. Thus, the time interval from symptomatic presentation to a GP until referral to secondary care (i.e. primary care interval (PCI)), should be as short as possible. Lower socioeconomic position seems associated with poorer cancer...... younger than 45 years of age and older than 54 years of age had longer primary care interval than patients aged ‘45-54’ years. No other associations for SEP characteristics were observed. The findings may imply that GPs are referring patients regardless of SEP, although some room for improvement prevails...

  19. Maria Cecília Puntel de Almeida: builder of bridges between Nursing and Public Health in Brazil.

    Scochi, Maria José; Mishima, Silvana Martins; Peduzzi, Marina


    Professor Maria Cecília Puntel de Almeida (1944-2009) built a professional and academic career of which the main feature was her attempt to create and strengthen the interface between Nursing and Public Health in Brazil. From the beginning of her career she recognized this connection and understood the complexity of health problems and peoples' needs when seeking care. Her commitment took the form of both scientific output and also her contributions to the various fields in which she worked. As well as her contribution to the concept of the work process of nursing, she contributed to thinking on health practices and multi-professional training in the construction of a differentiated body of knowledge, which she approached from the perspective of the struggle for democracy in health and understanding of this as a right of citizenship.

  20. MOCAT project: support tool to the management of the emergencies in the nuclear power plant of Santa Maria of Garona

    Calleja, J. L.


    Santa Maria de Garona NPP, as part of its continuous improvement philosophy, has decided to undertake the modernization of its Technical Support Center (CAT with the aim of improving the emergency management, provided in the Internal Emergency Plan. To this end, Tecnatom, applying the know-how acquired and within its line of technological innovation, has designed the Technical Support Center modernization project, MOCAT, in collaboration with Garona NPP. This project is basically the application of new information and communications technologies to the management of the information available on the CAT, and the computerization of the procedures for the responsible from the different areas of the CAT, which it is going to contribute significantly to the improvement of the security, allowing a better understanding of the state of the plant in emergency as well as a faster and smoother decision making, and an improved training and education of those responsible for the CAT in emergency management. (Author) 8 refs.