Sample records for institut fuer meereskunde

  1. GSF-Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Institut fuer Hydrologie. Annual report 1995; GSF-Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Institut fuer Hydrologie. Jahresbericht 1995



    The 1995 annual report of the Institute of Hydrology presents the findings of 19 current research projects on different subjects in hydrology. It is supplemented by information on cooperation with other scientific institutions in the form of lists of publications and reports, lectures and posters, university teaching projects, and finished and current dissertations. (VHE) [Deutsch] Der Jahresbericht 1995 des Institutes fuer Hydrologie im GSF-Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit stellt die Ergebnisse von derzeit 19 laufenden Untersuchungen zu unterschiedlichen hydrologischen Themen vor. Ergaenzt werden die Ausfuehrungen durch einen Ueberblick ueber die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen wissenschaftlichen Institutionen in Form von Verzeichnissen der Veroeffentlichungen und Berichte, der Vortraege und Poster, der Beitraege zur Lehre an Hochschulen sowie der abgeschlossenen und laufenden Dissertationen. (VHE)

  2. Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Umweltchemie und Oekotoxikologie. Annual report 1992


    The activity report 1992 of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology covers the research concept and the structure of the institute, the fields of activity and their focusses, a summary of research results, a general view at the projects and activities in cooperation with other institutes. The last part contains a detailed summary of the total report in English. (BBR) [de

  3. MPI fuer Physik und Astrophysik. Werner-Heisenberg-Institut fuer Physik - annual report 1983


    This annual report contains short description of the work performed at the named institute together with a list of publications and speeches. The work concerns experiments at CERN and at the storage rings PETRA and CESR, theoretical work on unified field theories and supersymmetry, as well as developments of the ALEPH detector for the LEP storage ring. (HSI) [de

  4. Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Institut fuer Datenverarbeitung in der Technik: Progress report on research and development works in 1984


    The Institut fuer Datenverarbeitung in der Technik (Institute for Data Processing in Engineering) works in the field of applied computer and systems analysis. The present report describes the activities of this Institute within the following KfK-projects: Reprocessing, Fusion Technology, Nuclear Material Safeguards, Nuclear Safety, and the Fast Breeder Project. (WB) [de

  5. Universitaet Mainz, Institut fuer Kernchemie. Annual report 2005

    Kratz, J.V.


    Compiled by the employees of the institute, the present 2005 annual report gives an overview of the scientific activities of the working groups of the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry. It is also intended as a account to all those who have promoted us financially and idealistically on the use of what has been not an insubstantial amount of public funds. The report again covers three main fields of research: nuclear chemistry in terms of fundamental problems; radiopharmaceutical chemistry and the use radiochemical methods for medical purposes; and highly sensitive and selective analyses for environmental, technical and biological problems. The report also describes the status of the institute's technical facilities and new technical developments. Finally it gives an account of the institute's output in terms of publications, conference contributions, dissertations, diploma theses, state examination theses and on the contributions of its teaching staff to study and advanced training programs

  6. Institut fuer Kernchemie, Univ. Mainz. Annual report 1983

    Weber, M.


    This annual report contains extended abstracts about the work performed at the named institute together with a list of publications and speeches. The work concern fast chemical separations, the detection of short-lived nuclides, mass separations, nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear fission, heavy ion research, superheavy elements, radionuclide ecology, and the operation of the TRIGA Mainz reactor. (HSI) [de

  7. Kernforschungsanlage Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik: Annual report 1983

    Baur, G.; Mayer-Boericke, C.; Schult, O.; Seyfarth, H.; Speth, J.; Turek, P.


    This annual report contains extended abstracts of the work performed at the named institute together with a list of publications. The abstracts deal with nuclear reactions, nuclear spectroscopy, atomic collisions, solar energy, and technical developments. See hints under the relevant topics. (HSI) [de

  8. Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik. Annual report 1993


    In 1993 the first particle injector of the ASDEX Upgrade divertor tokamak was put into operation up to 6 MW of heating power. The main diagnostics were put into operation as also was a newly developed pellet centrifuge. At the Wendelstein 7-AS stellarator experiment the cooperation with Russian and German research institutes an electron cyclotron resonance heating was successful. The works of the Berlin Division of IPP and the coordination of research efforts with Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe are reported. (DG)

  9. KFK. Institut fuer Radiochemie research and development activities in 1982


    The Institute for Radiochemistry (IRCH, Director: Proj. D. Ache) is concerned with research and development programmes within two framework of the following projects: Reprocessing and Waste Processing; Fast Breeder; Nuclear Safeguards; and Nuclear Material Surveillance. Fundamental problems in the field of instrumental analysis (in particular surface chemistry, surface structure analysis and radiochemistry) are studied within the priority work programme 'Solids and Materials Research'. Water technology studies at the IRCH are included in the joint priority programmes 'Technology - Man - Environment'. (orig./RB) [de

  10. Institut fuer Festkoerper- und Werkstofforschung Dresden (IFW). Annual report 1999



    This annual report of the IFW (Institute of Solid State Physics and Materials Research), Dresden, presents the research fields and subjects investigated in 1999. It is structured as follows: Highlights, Techonology transfer, Reports from Research areas, Publications, Patents, PhD Theses, Awards, Conferences and Colloquia, Organisation of the IFW Dresden, and the new structure of the IFW's Research Programme from 2000 on. Two of the nine highlight topics are separately analysed for this database.

  11. Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Umweltchemie und Oekotoxikologie. Annual report 1993


    The institute's research objectives focus on applied problems related to the exposure of the environment and humans by chemical substances and their ecotoxicological effects, as well as the minimization of contaminations and the sanitation of occurred damage. The development, improvement and establishment of a broad spectrum of theoretical models and experimental methods are the basis of the instiute's work providing for governmental agencies, for trade and industry facilities to solve specific problems in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology as well as comprehensive, pragmatic approaches to achieve protection at the ecosystem level. (orig.) [de

  12. Werner-Heisenberg-Institut fuer Physik. Annual report 1982


    This annual report contains extended abstracts about the work done at the named institute together with a list of publications, speeches, seminars, and lectures. The work concerns experimental studies on high energy physics at CERN and at the PETRA storagering with the CELLO detector together with some planned experiments on the Tevatron accelerator, developments for future LEP experiments, theoretical studies on grand unification, QCD phenomenology, lattice gauge theories, supergravity, quantum mechanics, and non-relativistic many-body theory, as well as developments of radiation detectors. (HSI) [de

  13. Annual report 1980 of the Institut fuer Physik of the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik und Astrophysik, Muenchen


    In this annual report the fields of research done at the MPI for Physics and Astrophysics are summarized. These concern mainly high energy physics. The theoretical work deals with field theory with special regards to unified gauge theories while the Institute contributes to some experiments at DESY and CERN. Furthermore, a list of publications and theses is given. (HSI)

  14. Institut fuer Materialforschung. Research and development activities in 1994


    The IMF consists of three institutes with different tasks: IMF I works mainly on the development of metals, nonmetals and composite materials and on problems concerning the structure and properties of interfaces and protective layers. IMF II works on component reliablility, failure mechanisms and damage analysis. IMF III works on problems of process engineering in the production of ceramic powders and ceramic, metallic and polymeric microstructures, as well as on the design of nuclear components and the optimisation of corrosive materials. The IMF supports the research activities of Karlsruhe Research Center, especially in nuclear fusion research, microsystems engineering, nuclear safety, superconductivity, and low-pollution and low-waste processes. Materials and strength problems are investigated for future fusion reactors, high-performance microsystems, and safety problems in nuclear engineering. (orig./MM) [de

  15. Results report on research and development work 1980 of the Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgungstechnik


    The Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgungstechnik performs research and development work on the treatment, solidification and final storage of radioactive wastes. The main target of the work is to develop processes and concepts for a safe disposal of radioactive wastes from nuclear plants. The work on waste treatment is carried out within the framework of the reprocessing and waste treatment project. It comprises of the development and characterization of ultimate storable waste products as well as the development of processes for the treatment and solidification of radioactive wastes mainly from reprocessing irradiated nuclear fuels. The studies on the ultimate storage are carried out together with the 'Gesellschaft fuer Strahlen- und Umweltforschung'. Their main concern is the analysis of processes in the neighbourhood of ultimate storage (waste product, packing, filling and immediate surrounding storage medium) for normal and accident conditions and their safety technical optimization. The report is supplemented by a list of publications and lectures of the institute coworkers in 1980. (orig./RB) [de

  16. Bayreuther Institut fuer Terrestrische Oekosystemforschung (BITOEK). Intermediate report 1990. Bayreuther Institut fuer Terrestrische Oekosystemforschung (BITOEK). Jahreszwischenbericht 1990


    The institute introduces its 13 research projects and shows first results of five of these projects. The projects are: (1) nitrogen cycle and spring water chemism of forest ecosystems; (2) waters and ion balance in forest inventories damaged differently and water chemism of the regional effluents; (3) spacetime registration of the water cycle in spruce ecosystems; (4) metabolism of pesticide degradation products in butterfly caterpillars and balancing in the food network; (6) dependence of denitrification on soil pH in coniferous forests; (7) changes of microbial activity in pine forest soils through atmospheric pollution; (8) N transformation in a spruce inventory; (9) N uptake through roots and their importance for Mg cycle and growth; (10) transpiration of spruces; (11) host-fungus relationships in the case of spruce ectomycorrhiza; (12) Collemboles fauna in spruce forest soils; (13) Gamasides fauna in spruce forest soils depending on load and/or fertilizing. (UWA).

  17. Progress report on research and development activities of the Institut fuer Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik in 1980


    The Institut fuer Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik carries out research in nuclear enginering especially in the context of the development of sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors. The institute does theoretical and experimental work in equal shares. Most of the work is done in cooperation with other institutes and industrial groups. In the framework of the Projekt Schneller Brueter , the institute investigates the layout and safety problems, from a reactor physics point of view of large fast breeder cores. Problems concerning the effects of LWR accidents on population and environment are investigated in the Projekt Nukleare Sicherheit . To the Projekt Wiederaufarbeitung , the institute is contributing work on fuel cycle physics and the development of a suitable instrumentation. In the field of nuclear safeguards, the implementation of monitoring systems is being investigated. Research outside projects is being done on technical and physical problems of fusion by inertial confinement and application of nuclear power on the transportation sector with hydrogen as an energy source. The main results obtained in 1980 in the various projects are presented. (orig./RW) [de

  18. Progress report on R + D activities of the Institute fuer Reaktorenentwicklung in 1980


    The Institute fuer Reaktorentwicklung is mostly concerned with technical problems in the development and safety assurance of nuclear facilities. The tasks, some of which are carried out in cooperation with other internal and external institutions, are of a theoretical and experimental nature, most of them in the field of reactor safety. The two main fields are the Projekt Schneller Brueter (PSB) and Projekt Nukleare Sicherheit (PNS). The contributions for PSB, i.e. layout and safety of sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors, refer to investigations of the thermohydraulic and neutron-kinetical response of the core to accidents of very low probability as well as investigations of the effects of local core coling disturbances, with special consideration to possible damage propagation mechanisms and the possibility of detecting these processes. In the field of LWR safety, dynamic loads on core internals have been investigated during the HDR blowdown experiments as well as dynamic loads on containment structures and fuel rod behaviour during LOCA. (orig.) [de

  19. The Institut for Mining - Chair in the Theory of Mining Methods and Operations at Clausthal Technological University; Das Institut fuer Bergbau - Professur fuer Bergbauliche Verfahrens- und Betriebslehre der TU Clausthal

    Knissel, W.; Mischo, H. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau


    The Chair in the Theory of Mining Methods and Operations (Deep Mines) at the Institute for Mining at Clausthal Technological University deals with the theory of and research into underground extraction of solid mineral raw materials. With the concentration and concentration of the German mining industry the department has focussed more attention on foreign mining industries and utilisation of the earth's crust in general. The extractive mining industry is augmented by the underground utilisation of cavities for disposal purposes and for infrastructural tasks. Accordingly the courses offered have been extended towards environmental protection and geotechnics. In particular basic research in the field of disposal in mines has become one of the main areas of research in the department not least of all because of the financing from public funds. Theory, research and further training now cover underground extraction in mines, disposal in mines and rehabilitation of contaminated industrial sites. (orig.) [German] Die Proffesur fuer Bergbauliche Verfahrens- und Betriebslehre (Tiefbau) am Institut fuer Bergbau der TU Clausthal befasst sich in Lehre und Forschung mit der untertaegigen Gewinnung von festen mineralischen Rohstoffen. Mit dem Rueckgang und der Konzentration des deutschen Bergbaus hat sich der Lehrstuhl staerker dem Auslandsbergbau und allgemein der Erdkrustennutzung zugewandt. Der Gewinnungsbergbau findet seine Ergaenzung in der untertaegigen Nutzung von Hohlraeumen fuer Entsorgungszwecke und fuer Infrastrukturaufgaben. Dementsprechend ist das Studienangebot in Richtung Umweltschutz und Geotechnik erweitert worden. Insbesondere die Grundlagenforschung auf dem Gebiet des Entsorgungsbergbaus ist zu einem Forschungsschwerpunkt des Lehrstuhls geworden, nicht zuletzt aufgrund der Finanzierung aus oeffentlichen Mitteln. Lehre, Forschung und Weiterbildung decken heute den untertaegigen Gewinnungsbergbau, den Entsorgungsbergbau sowie die Sanierung von

  20. 1981 research programme and budget of Hahn-Meitner-Institut fuer Kernforschung Berlin



    Hahn-Meitner-Institut fuer Kernforschung Berlin (HMI) is one of the twelve large research centers of the Federal Republic of Germany; like the other centers, it has to present a combined research programme and budget (programme budget) every year. In these programme budgets, as in the medium-term financial planning in the federal budget, planning for the current year is combined with a medium-term plan for the three next years. For the year 1981, the budget of HMI includes a total expenditure of about DM 85 million, DM 71.2 million of which are direct R + D expenditures. This R + D programme is carried by 396 of the total staff of 705. Research is done in the following fields (approximate figures): Heavy ion physics DM 23.0 million. Radiation- and photochemistry DM 11.4 million. Solid state research DM 20.9 million. Nuclear chemistry DM 8.9 million. Data processing/electronics DM 7.0 million. (orig./UA) [de

  1. The Institute for Mining Science I at the Rhineland-Westphalia Technological University in Aachen; Das Institut fuer Bergbaukunde I der RWTH Aachen

    Martens, P.N.; Moellerherm, S.; Rattmann, L. [Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany). Lehrstuhl und Inst. fuer Bergbaukunde 1


    The Institute for Mining Science I has been associated with the extraction of raw materials for over one hundred years. The main areas of work of the Institute have always been adapted to current requirements according to general developments in the raw materials sector and in this environment. The work in research and teaching has recently been extended by new fields. Today mining and sustained handling of resources, geotechnics, raw material management and underground disposal of waste are examples of parts of a comprehensive range of competences. The close interlinking of theory and practice allows students to broaden their knowledge in interdisciplinary and international projects. The graduates are thus prepared in an excellent manner for their future tasks. (orig.) [German] Seit ueber hundert Jahren steht das Institut fuer Bergbaukunde I fuer Gewinnung von Rohstoffen. Schwerpunkte der Arbeiten des Instituts wurden, allgemeinen Entwicklungen in der Rohstoffbranche und in deren Umfeld entsprechend, stets den aktuellen Erfordernissen angepasst. Die Arbeit in Forschung und Lehre ist in den letzten Jahren um neue Bereiche erweitert worden. Heute sind Bergbau und nachhaltiger Umfang mit Ressourcen, Geotechnik, Rohstoffwirtschaft sowie untertaegige Abfallentsorgung als Beispiele fuer Teile eines umfassenden Kompetenzspektrums zu nennen. Die enge Verzahnung von Theorie und Praxis ermoeglicht Studierenden, ihre Kenntnisse fruehzeitig in interdisziplinaeren und internationalen Projekten zu vertiefen. Damit werden die Absolventen auf ihre zukuenftigen Aufgaben in hervorragender Weise vorbereitet. (orig.)

  2. Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik. Werner-Heisenberg-Institut. Annual report 1993


    The Institute's main field of activity is research into elementary particles and their interactions. The verification of the standard model of elementary particle physics was at the center of interest in the phenomenological investigations. The spectrum of experimental activities on particle accelerators is supplemented by experiments on astro-particle physics and cosmic sources. Segmented semiconductor detectors were developed for investigations in high-energy physics. The 1993 annual report also contains organisational and staff data and a survey of activities. (DG) [de

  3. The Institute of Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden; Das Institut fuer Verbrennungsmotoren und Kraftfahrzeuge (IVK) an der TU Dresden

    Bergmann, M.


    The Institute of Automotive Engineering belongs to the oldest German Institutes of this kind at all. Founded in 1918, the Institute reviews a history of over 75 years. Students training at the Institute takes aim at a future emloyment in fields of research and development and design and computing. Both car manufactures and suppliers appreciate the practice-oriented education given at the Institute. Corresponding to the internal structure the Institute provides a training at following teaching and research fields: Internal Combustion Engines, Automotive Drive Engineering and Automotive Electrics/Electronics. For that the Institute is equipped with modern test bench facilities and CAD/CAE workstations. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das IVK blickt auf eine lange Tradition zurueck und zaehlt noch heute zu den fuehrenden Ausbildungs- und Forschungsstaetten fuer Kraftfahrzeug- und Motoreningenieure. Derzeit bestehen drei Professuren: Verbrennungsmotoren, Kraftfahrzeug- und Antriebstechnik sowie Kraftfahrzeug-Elektronik/-Elektrik. (orig.)

  4. Insitut fuer Stroemungsmechanik und Hydraulische Stroemungsmaschinen, University of Stuttgart - topical research; Aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten des Instituts fuer Stroemungsmechanik und Hydraulische Stroemungsmaschinen



    Number 9 of the communications of the institute offers an overview of its fields of research. Described are both projects lately finalized but which are still topical, and investigations currently under way which have already provided useful results. Part of the contributions will be submitted in their full versions as theses, others are condensations of reports commissioned by industry. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Das vorliegende Heft Nr. 9 der Institutsmitteilungen bietet einen Ueberblick ueber die Arbeitsgebiete des Institutes. Es wurden sowohl Arbeiten aufgenommen, die in letzter Zeit abgeschlossen wurden, aber noch nicht an Aktualitaet verloren haben, als auch solche Untersuchungen, die noch im Gange sind, aber bereits zu brauchbaren Ergebnissen gefuehrt haben. Ein Teil der Beitraege wird ausfuehrlich in Form von Dissertationen vorgelegt werden, bei anderen handelt es sich um Kurzfassungen von Berichten, die im Rahmen von Industrieauftraegen erstellt wurden. (orig./GL)

  5. Chair of geotechnical processes at the Institute for geotechnics and mine surveying at Clausthal Technological University; Professur fuer Geotechnische Verfahren am Institut fuer Geotechnik und Marktscheidewesen der TU Clausthal

    Meyer, N. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Institut fuer Geotechnik und Marktscheidewesen (Germany)


    The Chair of Geotechnical Processes at the Institute for Geotechnics and Mine Surveying at Clausthal Technological University is concerned primarily with practical fundamental research in addition to teaching, in which comprehensive theoretical and practical experience from all areas of geotechnics is imparted. (orig.) [German] Der Lehrstuhl Geotechnische Verfahren am Institut fuer Geotechnik und Markscheidewesen der TU Clausthal befasst sich neben der Lehre, in der umfangreiche theoretische und praktische Erfahrungen aus allen Bereichen der Geotechnik vermittelt werden, in erster Linie mit der praxisnahen Grundlagenforschung. Die bearbeiteten Problemstellungen liegen bei der Bauwerk-Baugrund-Interaktion, Stabilitaetsproblemen bei Unterwasserboeschungen, der Umweltgeotechnik, der Geomesstechnik und dem Einsatz von Geokunststoffen in der Geotechnik und dem Bergbau. Die Forschungsvorhaben werden in enger Kooperation mit der Industrie durchgefuehrt. (orig.)

  6. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2011/2012; Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Jahresbericht 2011/2012



    The Annual report 2011/2012 of the Fraunhofer Institute for molecular biology and applied ecology includes the following contributions: (A) Molecular Biology: Predictive markers for chronic inflammation. Artificial forisomes: a new generation of contractile biomaterials. A screening assay for the analysis of gene expression in tobacco. Plant-based production of human antibodies in 200-L-single-use bioreactors. Extending a core competence: antibody production in plants. Optimizing plant extract filtration in biopharmaceutical production processes. Malaria transmission-blocking vaccines. Anti-infective agents from the Asian lady beetle. Exploring the biotechnological potential of insect symbionts. Syngas - a platform fermentation substrate. (B) Ecology: Determination of microbial activity in liquid manure - a novel approach. Suitability of extraction methods to assess the bioavailability of mineral oil. Homogeneity of sampling areas. Extraction of higher-tier data from lysimeter studies using inversePELMO. PFC transfer into plants - contribution to EU-PERFOOD. Preparation of fortified experimental diets for fish metabolism studies. Prioritization of biocidal substances for an environmental monitoring. Transformation/dissolution testing - test system and speciation analysis. Fish early life stage toxicity of nanosilver. Biomagnification studies according to OECD test guideline 305. Aquatic macrophyte tests under the new plant protection regulations.

  7. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2012/2013; Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Jahresbericht 2012/2013



    The Annual report 2012/2013 of the Fraunhofer Institute for molecular biology and applied ecology includes the following contributions: (A) Molecular Biology: A technology platform for human monoclonal antibodies against malaria antigens. Reducing the cold sweetening of potatoes during cold storage. BY2 cell - free lysate: an alternative eucaryotic in vitro translation system. Automated animal cell culture. Improvement of resource-use efficiency and productivity in crop plants. Optimizing transient protein expression in tobacco using predictive models. Microbial master-cell banks for biopharmaceutical production. Development and implementation of a plant-produced vaccine against yellow fever. Insect antennae as in situ biosensors. Communal and individual immunity - their relationship in Tribolium castaneum. A Drosophila model for aging. Analysis of insect transcriptomes, Biofuels: Hexanol production with Clostridia. Application of Targeted Proteomics for Metabolic Engineering of Clostridia. The Fraunhofer Future Foundation Malaria Project. Characterization and validation of predictive human experimental pain models. FCR Center for Systems Biotechnology business areas progress report. (B) Applied Ecology: Transformation/dissolution testing of silver nanoparticles. Effect of silver nanoparticles in the context of sewage sludge used in agriculture. Feasibility of biotic ligand models for routine monitoring. Estimating reasonable application dates related to BBCH crop development stages. Bioconcentration studies with the freshwater amphipod Hyalella azteca. Fish life cycle tests: Static vs. flow-through exposure. Vulnerable fish species for risk assessment of pesticides in Europe. Ecotoxicological testing of armor stones in mesocosms. The effect of wild yeast in traditional wines. Lifestock metabolism studies at Fraunhofer IME. Column generated concentrations of highly-lipophilic test substances.

  8. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2014/2015; Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Jahresbericht 2014/2015



    The Annual report 2014/2015 of the Fraunhofer Institute for molecular biology and applied ecology includes the following contributions: (A) Molecular Biology: TheraSECOURE - Novel immunotherapeutics for targeted cancer therapy; ''MultiNaBel ''- Automated diagnosis of leukemia; Breeding potato for optimized specialty starches; NGS-based zygosity detection in transgenic maize; High-throughput screen ing system for cellulases based on microfluidic devices; Filter aids reduce production costs for plant-derived biopharmaceuticals; Transient expression of recombinant proteins in packed plant cells; ERA-NET Biodiversa EXOTIC project on the invasive harlequin ladybird; AIM-Biotech supported by the Fraunhofer-Max Planck Cooperation program; Metabolic control analysis of the MEP pathway; Metabolic engineering of Clostridium spp. by genomic integration; The Fraunhofer Future Foundation malaria project; Autoantibodies to type 11 collagen as biomarkers of rheumatoid arthritis; Development of a new drug for the treatment of sepsis; Databionic drug research; Structure-based drug design; Neu{sup 2}: competence consortium for multiple sclerosis drug development; Natural compounds from marine fungi for the treatment of cancer; FCR Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB): Two selected projects; Development and implementation of a plant-derived vaccine against yellow fever. (B) Applied Ecology: Comparison and improvement of laboratory water/sediment test systems; Inter-laboratory comparison of Hyalella Azteca exposure tests lasting 10-42 days; Substance- and matrix-related environmental monitoring of biocides; GERDA-geobased runoff, erosion and drainage risk assessment; The minimum detectable difference and reliability of mesocosm studies; Mechanistic effect models for the ecological risk assessment of pesticides; Molecular biology test for the online analysis of spontaneously-fermented wines; Coupling two test systems to determine the effect of wastewater

  9. Structure, design and statistical programme library of the meteorological database of Potsdam-Institut fuer Klimaforschung; Struktur, Aufbau und statistische Programmbibliothek der meteorologischen Datenbank am Potsdam-Institut fuer Klimaforschung

    Oesterle, H.; Glauer, J. [Potsdam-Institut fuer Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), Potsdam (Germany); Denhard, M. [Frankfurt Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Meteorologie und Geophysik


    The relational database management system (ORACLE) using different client interfaces (browser, SQL, precompiler) is the most important basis for data organization and storage. The creation of a data bank system at PIK includes: Acquisition of meteorological data series for the projects executed at PIK; development of a database structure on the basis of daily values; control, analysis and classification of data into given storage formats; development and application of statistical software. There are currently 20 different types of data sets with daily, monthly and annual data which are functionally interconnected and updated. All data sets are continuously updated. (orig.) [Deutsch] Wesentliche Grundlage der Datenorganisation und -speicherung bildet das relationale Datenbanksystem ORACLE mit den dazugehoerigen Werkzeugen (Browser, SQL- und Precompiler). Die Entwicklung des Datenbanksystems am PIK umfasst folgende Etappen: - Erwerb von meteorologischen Datensaetzen fuer die am Institut laufenden Forschungsvorhaben; - Entwicklung einer Speicherstruktur auf der Basis von Tageswerten; - Kontrolle, Analyse und Einordnung der Daten in die vorgegebenen Speicherformate; - Entwicklung der zur Datennutzung notwendigen statistischen Programmbibliothek. Zur Zeit gibt es 20 verschiedene Typen von Datensaetzen. Sie enthalten taegliche, monatliche und jaehrliche Daten und sind funktional miteinander verbunden. Alle Datensaetze werden kontinuierlich erweitert. (orig.)

  10. Annual report 1984 of the 2. Institut fuer Experimentalphysik Universitaet Hamburg


    This annual report contains short descriptions of the work performed at the named institute together with a list of publications and theses. The work concern hyperfine structure and Moessbauer studies, synchrotron radiation experiments, contributions of this institute to the CHARM collaboration at CERN, e + e - interaction studies at PETRA, and detector developments. (HSI) [de

  11. Annual report on research and development 1980 of the Institut fuer Technische Physik


    Progress of the following working areas of the institute is reported: magnets for fusion technology (TESPE experiment, the Large Coil Task (LCT)); components and technology (development of high field superconductors (Nb 3 Sn, Nb 3 Al)), cooling techniques (HELITEX experiment); system studies on fusion reactor components; magnets for research and technology; basic research related to superconductivity; cryo-energy technology; the cryogenic engineering infrastructure of the institute. (GSCH)

  12. Results of research and development activities in 1983 of the Institut fuer Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik


    The Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology treats research problems of nuclear engineering mainly those that are related to the development of sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors and fusion reactor technology. The activities are in approximately equal parts of an experimental and theoretical nature. A great part of the research activities is performed in co-operation with other institutes and industrial groups in the framework of projects. For the Fast Breeder Reactor Project the Institute works on reactor physical design and safety problems by the core of large-scale fast breeder reactors. Questions concerning the consequences of accidents in lightwater reactors upon the environment and the population are treated as part of the Nuclear Safety project. The Institute contributes to the Reprocessing Project with theoretical investigations on the physics of the fuel cycle and by developing control devices for a reprocessing plant. In the framework of the Fusion Projekt the Institute is concerned with neutron physical and technological questions of the the breeder blanket. Independent institutional work concerns technical and physical questions on the interaction between light ion beams of a high energy density and substances. Apart from this, investigations are carried out on the application of nuclear energy in the field of traffic with hydrogen as energy carrier. (RW) [de

  13. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Biennial report 1996 and 1997; Potsdam-Institut fuer Klimafolgenforschung. Zweijahresbericht 1996 und 1997

    Andre, G; Bruch, S vom [comps.


    The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research was founded in 1992, the year that the Rio Conference was expected to grind out the blue-print for global sustainable development. The Institute`s general philosophy and methodology have been described before (e.g., in the introduction to the first biennal report 1994/95). Here, it is emphasized that the heterogeneity of the scientific tasks to be solved by PIK (ranging from empirical time series analysis to paradigms for ecosphere management) and the complexity of the environmental systems to be investigated call for a specific research strategy, which generally compromises between high-precision analysis and educated guesswork. (orig./KWE)

  14. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Biennial report 1996 and 1997; Potsdam-Institut fuer Klimafolgenforschung. Zweijahresbericht 1996 und 1997

    Andre, G.; Bruch, S. vom [comps.


    The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research was founded in 1992, the year that the Rio Conference was expected to grind out the blue-print for global sustainable development. The Institute`s general philosophy and methodology have been described before (e.g., in the introduction to the first biennal report 1994/95). Here, it is emphasized that the heterogeneity of the scientific tasks to be solved by PIK (ranging from empirical time series analysis to paradigms for ecosphere management) and the complexity of the environmental systems to be investigated call for a specific research strategy, which generally compromises between high-precision analysis and educated guesswork. (orig./KWE)

  15. Institut fuer Heisse Chemie: Results of research and development work in 1984


    The planned facilities for radioactive waste management in the Federal Republic of Germany are the line of orientation along which R and D work proceeds in the Hot Chemistry Institute (IHCh) of KfK, and the Institute thus participates in two major projects, Treatment and Reprocessing of Radioactive Waste, and the Fast Breeder Reactor. The report gives an account of the work accomplished for testing and improving laboratory and technical-scale facilities for use in the PUREX process and for dissolver gas treatment and briefly explains basic chemical and analytical studies. (RB) [de

  16. Report on the results of research and development work in 1983 of the Institut fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik


    In this report a survey is presented of the continuing work of the Institute for Nuclear Processing Technology. The research relates primarily to the development and testing of the separation nozzle process for uranium isotope separation. Further subjects are the production and acceleration of negative H-ions (for fusion experiments) and investigations to elucidate the properties of helium clusters. (RB) [de

  17. Institut fuer Strahlen- und Kernphysik der Universitaet Bonn: Annual Report 1981-1982

    Jahn, R.; Guenther, C.


    This annual report contains extended abstracts about the work done at the named institute together with a list of publications. The work concerns nuclear reactions, fission, nuclear moments, electron and gamma spectroscopy, ion-solid interactions, archeometry, electric and magnetic hyperine fields, as well as experimental techniques. (MSI) [de

  18. Annual report 1982 of the 2. Institut fuer Experimentalphysik of Hamburg Univ


    This annual report contains short descriptions of the work done at the named Institute together with a list of publications and theses. The works concern studies on hyperfine structure by Moessbauer spectroscopy an νν angular correlation measurements, experiments with synchrotron radiation, experiments at the storage rings DORIS and PETRA, and neutrino experiments at CERN. (HSI) [de

  19. Progress report on research and development activities in 1982 of the Institut fuer Kernphysik


    In this report the research done in the named institute during 1982 is described. The research concern nuclear and particle physics together with intermediate energy physics and developments in accelerator technology with special regards to superconducting RF systems. In addition a list of publications is given. (HSI) [de

  20. Final report on research and development work in 1981 of the Institut fuer Kernphysik


    A review is given about the work done at the named Institute. It concerns measurements with the CELLO detector at the e + e - storage ring PETRA, nuclear physics with fast neutrons, experiments with stopped antiprotons, muonic atoms, intermediate energy proton and pion reactions, the development of radiation detectors, HF-superconductivity, the spallation neutron source, and inertial confinement. A list of publications is added. (HSI) [de

  1. Institut fuer Kernenergetik und Energiesysteme. Report of the years 1990 to 1993


    Over the years, the research activities of the IKE have developed beyond the specifically nuclear framework and cover today the fields of system and plant engineering as well as thermofluid dynamics. Reactor physics and applied radiation physics, nuclear installations and nuclear power plants, reactor safety and environment technology, plant safety, heating and room air technology, solar thermal installations as well as hydrogen technology are priority topics. The Institute is concerned with basic research and problems of applied research. (orig./HP) [de

  2. Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgungstechnik: Status report on research and development 1984


    Some of the main points tackled by the Institute during 1984 included: Testing the glassification technique for radioactive waste and design and construction of a glassification plant; examination of the properties of glass products, testing of incineration of waste containing plutonium; solidification of concentrate containing alpha particles; separation of actinides and fission products from MAW; examination of the release procedures of radio-nuclides from waste solidified with cement; development of long-term containers for the final storage of HAW glass products in salt; model calculations for thermo-mechanical processes and for release mechanisms in final storage. (RB) [de

  3. Report on research and development activities 1980 of the Institut fuer Heisse Chemie


    The work done at the Institute for Hot Atom Chemistry is concerned with research and development in the field of nuclear fuel reprocessing. The activities are guided by the aims of the planned back end fuel cycle facility. They are performed in contact with the companies DWK, KEWA and GWK within the scope of the projects reprocessing and waste management and fast breeder development. The Institue consists of the following divisions: extraction chemistry and plant operation; process analyzing; chemical process and apparatus development; dissolver and waste gas treatment; process control and automation; organic analysis; basic research. (orig./RB) [de

  4. Report on research and development activities in 1983 of the Institut fuer Reaktorentwicklung


    The main points of investigations are the Fast Breeder Project (PSB), the Nuclear Fusion Project (PKF) and the Nuclear Safety Project (PNS). The contributions to the Fast Breeder Reactor Project comprise theoretical and experimental work on the dynamic behaviour of fast breeder reactors during operational and hypothetical incidents, investigations on consequences of local cooling incidents in the reactor core in consideration of possible damage propagation mechanisms, the detection of such events as well as the performance of risk-oriented analyses. As part of the Nuclear Fusion Project the Institute contributes to the evaluation of plant concepts, to the design and improvement of highly loaded components, to the development of handling techniques as well as to safety investigations. The work for the Project Nuclear Safety of lightwater reactors concern in particular analyses of containment structures under incident conditions, investigations on the fuel rod behaviour during incidents, as well as investigations on two-phase flows. The independent institutional research projects have a fundamental character and are oriented towards application, too. They concentrate on the special fields of applied computer science and continuum mechanics. (orig./GL) [de

  5. Report on research and development work 1981 of the Institut fuer Reaktorentwicklung


    The Institute for Reactor Development works chiefly on technical problems as a function of the development and safety evidence of nuclear installations. The tasks that are for a greater part performed together with other internal and external institutions, are both theoretical- and experimental-natured and concentrate mainly on problems out of the reactor safety. The works are in the main concentrated in the 'Fast Breeder Project' (PSB) and in the 'Nuclear Safety Project' (PNS). The PSB-contributions to design and safety of sodium-cooled breeding reactors comprise above all investigations on the thermohydraulic and neutronkinetic behaviour of the core as a result of incidents with very low probability to occur, as well as on the effects of local cooling failures in the reactor core in particular consideration of possible failure propagation mechanisms and of the detectability of such processes. The works in the field of safety of lightwater reactors concern in particular investigations on the dynamic load of component parts of reactor pressure vessels related with the HDR-blowdown-tests and containment structures, as well as investigations on the fuel rod behaviour in the loss of coolant incident. (orig./RW) [de

  6. Institut fuer Radiochemie: Results of R and D work in 1984


    The Radiochemistry Institute of KfK participates in the following projects: Reprocessing and waste treatment, fast breeder reactor, nuclear safety, safeguards, nuclear fusion. Other activities include research work on solids and materials, and in the field of water technology. The work accomplished in 1984 is explained in several contributions, the main topics being: Release and behaviour of fission products in sodium-cooled systems, analytic methods and in-line instrumentation within the framework of waste reprocessing techniques, Kr-85 separation from radioactive waste, fission product separation and tritium enrichment for waste disposal, fission product release during core meltdown, lithium silicates as fertile material for fusion reactors, water desolination with the CARIX process and other water purification methods. (RB) [de

  7. Results of research and development work in 1982 of the Institut fuer Technische Physik


    The works in the Institute for Technical Physics (ITP) concentrated in 1982 upon the application of high current superconductivity in the fields of energy engineering and fusion. Moreover, the magnet technology for use in other fields of research and technology is advanced. Fundamental investigations on cryogenics and superconductors as well as studies go along with the technical research program. The magnetic fields of stationary and quasi-stationary fusion reactors with magnetic confinement have to be produced by superconductivity. The aim of the magnet developments in the KfK is therefore to make available the technology of superconductivity for large-scale experiments in plasma physics and the later fusion reactors, which is performed in co-operation with industry as part of the European fusion program. (orig./GG) [de

  8. Report on research and development work 1982 of the Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgungstechnik


    The R and D work carried out at the Institute of Nuclear Waste Processing during 1982 under the four sections Chemistry, Processing Technology, Final Storage, and Infrastructure and Analysis is reported here. Areas of emphasis were: 1) Development and demonstration of a technical process for embedding highly radioactive solutions of fission products in borosilicate glass blocks, 2) Study of the properties of original glass moulds produced in this process, 3) Solidification of low and medium-active waste concentrates in cement, 4) Separation of actinides and fission products from medium-active waste solutions, 5) Solidification of alpha-containing concentrates in a ceramic matrix and characterization of the products, 6) Demonstration of wet chemical oxidation of combustible wastes containing higher levels of Pu together with the recovery of Pu, 7) Investigation of the release of radionuclides from medium-active waste products by leaching, corrosion, and mechanical or thermal stress, 8) Studies on the development of long-term stable containers suitable for final storage of highly radioactive glass products in salt, 9) Studies on the storage of heat-generating waste in salt, 10) Studies on analytical safety assurance for final storage in geological formations. (orig./RB) [de

  9. Results of research and development work in 1982 of the Institut fuer Angewandte Kernphysik


    The Institute for Applied Nuclear Physics is presently pursuing basic research-and application-oriented work in the two fields of nuclear solid-state physics and nuclear physics. In the field of solid-state physics the experimental and theoretical work has the purpose of better understanding the microscopic and macroscopic properties of certain solids. At present superconductors with high transition points, amorphous substances and alloys of transition metals and rare earths are investigated with special intensity. The work in nuclear physics concerns on the one hand, the investigation of the local and impulse distribution of nucleous or nucleon groups in nuclei. For this purpose nuclear reactions are investigated at the cyclotron in Karlsruhe and laser-spectroscopic methods are applied to small amounts of radioactive isotope substances. On the other hand, neutron capture cross-sections are measured which are important to understand the element assembly in stars. For the Core Material Control Project one group is developing measuring instruments by means of which the isotope composition and the concentration of fission products can be determined very precisely. (orig./RW) [de

  10. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2014/2015


    The Annual report 2014/2015 of the Fraunhofer Institute for molecular biology and applied ecology includes the following contributions: (A) Molecular Biology: TheraSECOURE - Novel immunotherapeutics for targeted cancer therapy; ''MultiNaBel ''- Automated diagnosis of leukemia; Breeding potato for optimized specialty starches; NGS-based zygosity detection in transgenic maize; High-throughput screen ing system for cellulases based on microfluidic devices; Filter aids reduce production costs for plant-derived biopharmaceuticals; Transient expression of recombinant proteins in packed plant cells; ERA-NET Biodiversa EXOTIC project on the invasive harlequin ladybird; AIM-Biotech supported by the Fraunhofer-Max Planck Cooperation program; Metabolic control analysis of the MEP pathway; Metabolic engineering of Clostridium spp. by genomic integration; The Fraunhofer Future Foundation malaria project; Autoantibodies to type 11 collagen as biomarkers of rheumatoid arthritis; Development of a new drug for the treatment of sepsis; Databionic drug research; Structure-based drug design; Neu 2 : competence consortium for multiple sclerosis drug development; Natural compounds from marine fungi for the treatment of cancer; FCR Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB): Two selected projects; Development and implementation of a plant-derived vaccine against yellow fever. (B) Applied Ecology: Comparison and improvement of laboratory water/sediment test systems; Inter-laboratory comparison of Hyalella Azteca exposure tests lasting 10-42 days; Substance- and matrix-related environmental monitoring of biocides; GERDA-geobased runoff, erosion and drainage risk assessment; The minimum detectable difference and reliability of mesocosm studies; Mechanistic effect models for the ecological risk assessment of pesticides; Molecular biology test for the online analysis of spontaneously-fermented wines; Coupling two test systems to determine the effect of wastewater

  11. Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Ernaehrung. Annual report


    The 1994 annual report of the Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Ernaehrung describes the tasks, structure and staff and fields of research of this institution and its scientific cooperation with other institutions. The report is supplemented by an alphabetic list off all publications. The BFE specializes in research on nutritional, food and ecotrophological sciences. (vhe) [de

  12. Annual report of the working group 'fuel pin and fuel element mechanics' of the Institut fuer Reaktortechnik (IRT) of the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt for the Fast Breeder Project

    Fabian, H.; Humbach, W.; Lassmann, K.; Mueller, J.J.; Preusser, T.; Schmelz, K.


    This report comprises six single lectures given at an information meeting organized by the Institut fuer Reaktortechnik der Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt (IRT) in Darmstadt on April 24, 1978. The lectures are an account of work performed at IRT on the mechanics of fuel pins and fuel elements and supported by the Fast Breeder Project (PSB) of KfK. These activities can be broken down into studies of the integral fuel pin (URANUS computer code) and into multidimensional studies of the fuel pin using the finite-element method (FINEL and ZIDRIG computer codes). Moreover, a report is presented of the status of the test facility for simulation of out-of-pile cladding tube loads and of the IRT project on the simulation and analysis of radiation damage. (orig./GL) [de

  13. Report on results of research and development work carried out in 1979 by the Institut fuer Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik


    The activities of the INR concentrate on problems in nuclear technology, especially on problems encountered in the development of sodium-cooled fast reactors. Most of the work is carried out under the roof of projects in cooperation with other institutes or industrial research groups. The studies performed within the fast-breeder project (PSB) relate to reactor physics, design data and safety problems of fast reactors. The environmental impacts of nuclear reactors in case of accidents are investigated by the Institute within the framework of the nuclear safety project (PNS), whereas the problems to be studied for the reprocessing project (PWA) relate to the activity inventary and to instrument development. Another main field of interest is nuclear safeguards, the Institute being concerned with the isotope correlation technique and its application. For the fusion reactor technology project, the research work carried out by the Institute deals with fusion techniques using inertial confinement. (orig./HP) [de

  14. Review of results of research and development work carried out by the Institut fuer Technische Physik in 1983


    At the Institute for Technical Physics (ITP), the emphasis of the studies lies with the application of full-load superconductivity, the main tasks being part of the nuclear fusion project. Additionally, magnet technology for applications in other fields of research and development is advanced. The technical research programme goes together with fundamental research in the fields of cryogenics and superconductors as well as with related studies. (orig./RW) [de

  15. 25 Jahre - Institut fuer Geodaesie, Teil 2: Forschungsarbeiten und Veroeffentlichungen (25 Years - Institute of Geodesy, Part 2: Research Areas and Publications)


    Messungen mit Nivellements, Zenitdistanzmessungen oder astrono - mischen Azimut, Ulngen- und Breitenbestimmiungen liefert Informationen Ober die geometri...Using Geometric Hilfe des GPS in Ruanda. In: Institut ffir Geod1.sie Levelling, Trigonometric Heighting and Astrono - (Hrsg.): Das Global Positioning

  16. Armouring facility? Nuclear-weapon and reactor reseach at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for Physics; Eine Waffenschmiede? Kernwaffen- und Reaktorforschung am Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut fuer Physik

    Hachtmann, R. (ed.); Walker, M.


    The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics is best known as the place where Werner Heisenberg worked on nuclear weapons for Hitler. Although this is essentially true, there is more to the story. At the start of World War II this institute was taken over by the German Army Ordnance to be the central, but not exclusive site for a research project into the economic and military applications of nuclear fission. The Army physicist Kurt Diebner was installed in the institute as its commissarial director. Heisenberg was affiliated with the institute as an advisor at first, and became the director in 1942. Heisenberg and his colleagues, including in particular Karl-Heinz Hoecker, Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker, and Karl Wirtz, worked on nuclear reactors and isotope separation with the clear knowledge that these were two different paths to atomic bombs [Atombomben]. However, they were clearly ambivalent about what they were doing. New documents recently returned from Russian archives shed new light on this work and the scientists' motivations. (orig.)

  17. Energy management systems in the practice. ISO 50001. A guideline for companies and institutions; Energiemanagementsysteme in der Praxis. ISO 50001. Leitfaden fuer Unternehmen und Organisationen

    Kohlenborn, Walter; Kabisch, Sibylle; Klein, Johanna; Richter, Ina; Schuermann, Silas


    The guideline under consideration is an updated version of the guideline to the regulation EN 16001 and amended to ISO 50001. This contribution supports institutes in the implementation of an energy management system according to ISO 50001. The differences and commonalities to the European environment management system EMAS as well as to the regulation ISO 14001 are described. EMAS certified companies fulfil regularly all conditions of an energy management system. A practised energy management system is an excellent platform for the implementation of EMAS.

  18. Measurements of transuranium nuclides in the environment at the Institute for Radiation Protection of the Gessellschaft fuer Strehlen-und Umweltforschung mbH, Munich

    Rosner, G.; Hoetzl, H.; Winkler, R.


    Work on environmental transuranium nuclides at the Institute for Radiation Protection of the Gesellschaft fur Strahlen-und Umweltforschung mbH, Munich, is briefly described and standard needs are discussed. Fallout plutonium measurements in air dust and precipitation samples started in 1970/1971. The procedure is outlined and results are presented as annual mean and sum values, respectively. Since 1973, transuranium nuclides in primary coolant, stack effluent air and waste-water samples from nuclear power stations are measured. Nuclides detected are 239 240 Pu, 238 Pu and/or 241 Am, 242 Cm and 244 Cm. Examples of alpha particle spectra are given. Needs for standards in environmental transuranium analysis are discussed. (author)

  19. Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung. Scientific report 2006


    The following topics are dealt with: Quantum theory of materials, theoretical soft matter and biophysics, theory of structure formation, scattering methods, neutron scattering, electronic materials, soft condensed matter, microstructure, electronic properties, condensed matter physics, information technology with nanoelectronic systems, large-scale facilities for research with photons, neutrons, and ions. (HSI)

  20. Niedersaechsisches Institut fuer Radiooekologie. Annual report 1989


    Four contributions are concerned with sorption of I-129 at different soil biomass content and carrier iodine concentrations, and in organo-minerals and -soils, deposition of I-129 in regions with high Chernobyl fallout, and with accumulation of I-129 in human and bovine thyroids in Chile. Another four reports deal with aerosol measurements in the atmosphere of Ireland and in a city area of Luzern as well as particle measurements in the stratosphere. The influence of relative humidity on continuous dust measurements with the FH62 I-N is investigated. The behaviour of tritium transfer is studied with wind-tunnel experiments, and there is a report on a worst-case study on dose consequences after accidentally released HT. One more chapter is concerned with fertilizing damaged spruce trees in the Harz region with nutrient aerosols, and another with the set-up of a radioecological working group in Guatemala. (DG) [de

  1. Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung. Scientific report 2006



    The following topics are dealt with: Quantum theory of materials, theoretical soft matter and biophysics, theory of structure formation, scattering methods, neutron scattering, electronic materials, soft condensed matter, microstructure, electronic properties, condensed matter physics, information technology with nanoelectronic systems, large-scale facilities for research with photons, neutrons, and ions. (HSI)

  2. The stuff of enlightening diagnoses; Stoff fuer erhellende Diagnosen

    Huebner, Karl


    Doctors today already frequently rely on positron emission tomography - PET for short - in cancer diagnostics. However, in order to use this method for other diseases, too, they need suitable tracer substances containing radioactive fluorine-18 - a challenge for Tobias Ritter and his team at the Max Planck Institut fuer Kohlenforschung in Muelheim an der Ruhr. The chemists are searching for ways to label diverse molecules with fluorine-18 and thus expand the range of possibilities for medical specialists.

  3. Neuropathological research at the "Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fuer Psychiatrie" (German Institute for Psychiatric Research) in Munich (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute). Scientific utilization of children's organs from the "Kinderfachabteilungen" (Children's Special Departments) at Bavarian State Hospitals.

    Steger, Florian


    During National Socialism, the politically motivated interest in psychiatric genetic research lead to the founding of research departments specialized in pathological-anatomical brain research, the two Kaiser Wilhelm-Institutes (KWI) in Berlin and Munich. The latter was indirectly provided with brain material by Bavarian State Hospitals, to three of which "Kinderfachabteilungen" (Special Pediatric Units) were affiliated. As children became victims of the systematically conducted child "euthanasia" in these Special Pediatric Units, this paper will address the question whether and to which extent the organs from victims of child "euthanasia" were used for (neuro-) pathological research at the KWI in Munich. By means of case studies and medical histories (with focus on the situation in Kaufbeuren-Irsee), I will argue that pediatric departments on a regular base delivered slide preparations, that the child "euthanasia" conduced in these departments systematically contributed to neuropathological research and that slide preparations from victims of child "euthanasia" were used in scientific publications after 1945.

  4. Surface phenomena in thermionic research. Oberflaechenphysikalische Probleme der Thermionik. Vortrage aus der Round-table- Konferenz im Institut fuer Energiewandlung und Elektrische Antriebe der DFVLR in Stuttgart 1972 [Nine papers, 4 summaries

    Henne, R. (ed.)


    This report compiles papers concerning especially recent developments in work function theory and work function measurements, which were given at a round table conference about surface phenomena in thermionic research, arranged by the 'Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt' in Stuttgart on Nov. 20 and Dec. 1, 1972. 9 papers are printed completely, 4 others in form of a summary. Two of them concern the work function of uncovered surfaces, 2 others show the influence of adsorbed electropositive elements (Cs, Sr) on work function. In 4 papers the coadsorption of electropositive (Cs, Sr, resp. Ba) and electronegative (O {sub 2}) elements and their influence on work function of different surfaces are discussed. Finally a paper is added, describing the development of Sr-Cs-alloys, which are of interest for the generation of the atmosphere of a Sr-Cs-converter by means of one single reservoir. (auth)

  5. Surface phenomena in thermionic research. Oberflaechenphysikalische Probleme der Thermionik. Vortrage aus der Round-table- Konferenz im Institut fuer Energiewandlung und Elektrische Antriebe der DFVLR in Stuttgart 1972 [Nine papers, 4 summaries

    Henne, R [ed.


    This report compiles papers concerning especially recent developments in work function theory and work function measurements, which were given at a round table conference about surface phenomena in thermionic research, arranged by the 'Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt' in Stuttgart on Nov. 20 and Dec. 1, 1972. 9 papers are printed completely, 4 others in form of a summary. Two of them concern the work function of uncovered surfaces, 2 others show the influence of adsorbed electropositive elements (Cs, Sr) on work function. In 4 papers the coadsorption of electropositive (Cs, Sr, resp. Ba) and electronegative (O {sub 2}) elements and their influence on work function of different surfaces are discussed. Finally a paper is added, describing the development of Sr-Cs-alloys, which are of interest for the generation of the atmosphere of a Sr-Cs-converter by means of one single reservoir. (auth)

  6. Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Annual report 2010/2011; Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Jahresbericht 2010/2011



    The annual report 2010/11 of the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) covers the following topics: organization, corporate development and public relations; reactor accident in Fukushima; Projects and work priorities (reactor safety; waste management; radiation and environmental protection; international projects); project management and project support; equity participations and subsidiaries (RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International; institute for safety technologies (ISTec), European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI)).

  7. CERN: 500 Millionen fuer neuen Teilchenbeschleuniger


    "Die 20 Mitgliederlaender des Europaeischen Labors fuer Teilchenphysik in Genf CERN haben einen Sparplan zur Finanzierung eines neuen Teilchenbeschleunigers gut geheissen. Rund 500Millionen Franken sollen zu diesem Zweck uminvestiert werden" (1/2 page).

  8. Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Annual report 2010/2011


    The annual report 2010/11 of the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) covers the following topics: organization, corporate development and public relations; reactor accident in Fukushima; Projects and work priorities (reactor safety; waste management; radiation and environmental protection; international projects); project management and project support; equity participations and subsidiaries (RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International; institute for safety technologies (ISTec), European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI)).

  9. Technology for the future; Technik fuer die Zukunft

    Dennenmoser, Martin; Steininger, Sebastian [Fraunhofer Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). Electrical Energy Systems (EES)


    The presented case study by the Fraunhofer Institute ISE shows that the market for stationary electrochemical storage prices are currently too high for economical operation. In winter, a battery in Germany is not always fully loaded because of low sunlight. Therefore, the combination of a battery with a PV system at this time of year does not have enough full cycles to be economical. For more complete cycles of the year and consequently lower specific storage cost wind turbines or other power generators can be connected. Since - in contrast to lead acid batteries - there is no experience with long-term storage in lithium and redox flow batteries, this study is based on current forecasts. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid and redox flow batteries have a lower efficiency, so that the investment costs of the battery must be lower because fewer savings can be achieved. Especially for short-term storage, the production costs must be reduced. The cost reduction potential of redox flow and lithium-ion batteries is due to the current technical state of development compared to lead acid batteries very high. This means that an economic operation in the future is possible with constant development of electricity and battery prices. [German] Die vorgestellte Fallstudie des Fraunhofer Instituts ISE zeigt, dass die Marktpreise fuer stationaere elektrochemische Speicher aktuell fuer einen wirtschaftlichen Betrieb zu hoch sind. Im Winter wird eine Batterie in Deutschland aufgrund der niedrigen Sonneneinstrahlung nicht immer komplett geladen. Daher hat die Kombination eines Speichers mit einer PV-Anlage zu dieser Jahreszeit nicht genug Vollzyklen, um wirtschaftlich zu sein. Fuer mehr Vollzyklen im Jahr und demzufolge geringere spezifische Speicherkosten koennen Windkraftanlagen oder andere Stromerzeuger angeschlossen werden. Da es- im Gegensatz zu Bleisaeure- Batterien - noch keine Erfahrung mit Langzeitspeichern im Bereich Lithium und Redox-Flow gibt, beruht diese

  10. Pleading for a rational energy policy; Fuer eine aufgeklaerte Energiepolitik

    Tillessen, U. [Colenco Power Consulting AG, Baden (Switzerland)


    To the argument that the long half-life values of the most important products of fission represent an unacceptable burden for coming generations, the author retorts that this is an emotion-directed pseudo-argument. Anyone who ventures into deep geological strata, such as the final storage area Konrad, should also count in terms of geological periods. From this point of view, a million years - however difficult to imagine for the average human being - is not a very long time. Toxic chemical waste is accepted by society, even if the toxicity should remain for all time. The article is an extract from a lecture given by the author to the Franco-German Society for Science and Technology. (orig.) [German] Dem Argument, die langen Halbwertszeiten der wichtigsten Spaltprodukte beinhalte eine nicht zu verantwortende Belastung fuer die nachfolgenden Generationen, haelt Autor Tillessen entgegen, dass dies ein auf Emotionen abzielendes Scheinargument sei. Wer sich, wie zum Beispiel beim Endlager Konrad, in tiefe geologische Schichten begebe, duerfe auch in geologischen Zeitraeumen rechnen. Und da sei eine Million Jahre, so wenig vorstellbar das auch fuer den Durchschnitts-Menschen sei, eben keine allzulange Zeit. Chemische Giftabfaelle wuerden von der Gesellschaft akzeptiert, obwohl ihre Toxitaet ewig waehre. Der Beitrag des Autors ist ein Auszug aus einer Rede, die er vor der Deutsch-Franzoesischen Gesellschaft fuer Wissenschaft und Technik gehalten hat. Aus diesem Anlass hatte Tillessen vorgeschlagen, ein von einer Stiftung getragenes deutsch-franzoesisches Institut zu gruenden, dessen Aufgabe es sein soll, mit mehr Rationalitaet die von teutonischer Romantik dominierte Technikdiskussion zu versachlichen. (orig.)

  11. Research for energy efficiency; Forschung fuer Energieeffizienz



    The Federal Ministry of Economy enhanced its funding for research in the field of non-nuclear energy in the programme ''Forschung fuer Energieeffizienz'' (Research for Energy Efficiency). The programme focuses on established areas like modern power plant technologies (''Moderne Kraftwerkstechnologien''), fuel cells and hydrogen (''Brennstoffzelle, Wasserstoff''), and energy-optimized building construction (''Energieoptimiertes Bauen''). New subjects are energy-efficient towns and cities (''Energieeffiziente Stadt''), power grids for future power supply (''Netze fuer die Stromversorgung der Zukunft''), power storage (''Stromspeicher''), and electromobility (''Elektromobilitaet''). The brochure presents research and demonstration projects that illustrate the situation in 2010 when the programme was initiated. (orig.)

  12. Energy revolution for Africa; Energierevolution fuer Afrika

    Gies, Erica


    Decreasing energy costs from renewable sources could enable many African countries to make the leap into a clean future. This would save the continent the detour via the classic dirty sources. [German] Sinkende Kosten fuer Energie aus erneuerbaren Quellen koennten vielen afrikanischen Laendern den Sprung in eine saubere Zukunft ermoeglichen. Damit wuerde sich der Kontinent den Umweg ueber die klassischen schmutzigen Quellen sparen.

  13. Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz 1989-2014

    Ebermann, Lutz


    The information on the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz 1989-2014 includes the following contributions: Bfs concentrates the radiation protection expertise; knowledge generation, knowledge testing knowledge application: the BfS as scientific organization; radiation protection and health; radiation protection and environment, safety of nuclear waste management; safety in nuclear technology; specific challenges for BfS.

  14. Bundesanstalt fuer Strahlenschutz. Annual report 2013

    Ebermann, Lutz


    The annual report 2013 of the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz covers the following issues: from scientific research to preventive consumer protection, actual questions of radiation protection actual challenges in the frame of environmental radiation monitoring; radioactive waste disposal; actual questions on the safety of nuclear technology. The report includes a list of publications.

  15. Adaptive real-time models of vehicle dynamics; Adaptive Echtzeitmodelle fuer die Kraftfahrzeugdynamik

    Halfmann, C.; Holzmann, H.; Isermann, R. [Technische Univ. Darmstadt (Germany). Inst. fuer Automatisierungstechnik; Hamann, C.D.; Simm, N. [Opel (A.) AG, Ruesselsheim (Germany). Gruppe Chassis und Fahrerassistenzsysteme


    The application of modern simulation tools offering additional support during the vehicle development process is accepted to a large extent by most car manufacturers. Just like new model-based control strategies, these simulation investigations require very accurate - and thus very complex - models of vehicle dynamics, which can be processed in real time. As an example of such a vehicle model, this article describes a real-time vehicle simulation model which was developed at the Institute of Automatic Control at Darmstadt University of Technology, in co-operation with the ITDC of the Adam OPEL AG. By applying modern adaptation techniques, this vehicle model is able to calculate onboard the important variables describing the actual driving state even if the environmental conditions change. (orig.) [German] Der Einsatz von Simulationswerkzeugen zur Unterstuetzung der Fahrzeugentwicklung hat sich bei den meisten Automobilherstellern weitgehend durchgesetzt. Ebenso wie neuartige modellbasierte Regelstrategien verlangen diese Simulationsuntersuchungen nach immer exakteren - und damit komplexeren - fahrdynamischen Modellen, die in Echtzeit ausgewertet werden. Als Beispiel fuer ein solches Gesamtfahrzeugmodell beschreibt dieser Beitrag ein echtzeitfaehiges Modell fuer die Bewegung des Fahrzeugs um alle drei Hauptachsen, das am Institut fuer Automatisierungstechnik der TU Darmstadt in Kooperation mit dem Internationalen Technischen Entwicklungszentrum (ITEZ) der Adam Opel AG entwickelt wurde. Es ist durch den Einsatz von Adaptionsmethoden in der Lage, wichtige fahrdynamische Zustandsgroessen im Fahrzeug auch unter veraenderlichen Umgebungsbedingungen zu ermitteln. (orig.)

  16. Assessment of the potential of the Mainfranken region, northern Bavaria, for underground storage of geothermal energy; Erkundung des regionalen Potentials fuer die Untergrundspeicherung thermischer Energie in Mainfranken (UTEM)

    Barthel, R; Heinrichs, G; Udluft, P [Lehr- und Forschungsbereich Hydrogeologie und Umwelt, Inst. fuer Geologie, Univ. Wuerzburg (Germany); Ebert, H P; Fricke, J [Abt. Waermedaemmung/Waermetransport, Bayerisches Zentrum fuer Angewandte Energieforschung e.V., Wuerzburg (Germany)


    The following paper presents a research project that is planned as a cooperation of the Geological Institute, University of Wuerzburg and the Bavarian Center of Applied Energy Research. In this project the potentials for underground thermal energy storage will be investigated in the region of Mainfranken, Northern Bavaria (Main = the river `Main`, Franken = Franconia). All aspects of underground storage will be studied with respect to the specific geographical and geological situation of the area. The study will provide a detailed map of possible storage sites, from which several case studies and at least one demonstration projects will result. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im vorliegenden Beitrag wird ein Forschungsprojekt vorgestellt, das gemeinsam vom Institut fuer Geologie der Universitaet Wuerzburg und dem Zentrum fuer Angewandte Energieforschung in Bayern geplant wird. Ziel des Projekts ist die Erkundung des Potentials fuer die Untergrundspeicherung thermischer Energie in Mainfranken (Nordbayern). Alle Aspekte der Untergrundspeicherung werden regionalspezifisch betrachtet. Neben der Erstellung differenzierter Karten geeigneter Standorte sind Fallstudien und Demonstrationsprojekte in Planung. (orig.)

  17. Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal. Annual Report 2011

    Geckeis, H.; Stumpf, T.


    The R and D at the Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal, INE, (Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgung) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focuses on (i) long term safety research for nuclear waste disposal, (ii) immobilization of high level radioactive waste (HLW), (iii) separation of minor actinides from HLW and (iv) radiation protection.

  18. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2009

    Buescher, Markus; Hanhart, Christoph; Krewald, Siegfried; Machner, Hartmut; Maier, Rudolf; Meissner, Ulf G.; Ritman, James; Stockhorst, Hans; Stroeher, Hans (eds.)


    The following topics were dealt with: Physics at COSY, COSY operation and developments, further experimental activities, theoretical investigations, preparation of the HESR, the PANDA experiment. (HSI)

  19. Universitaet Muenster, Institut fuer Kernphysik. Annual report 1992/93

    Kampert, K.H.; Frekers, D.; Latt, M.


    The annual report contains extended abstracts about the work performed in the owned research center together with a list of talks and publications. The work concerns experimental studies on nuclear reactions at high energies, few body reactions at intermediate energies, and particle physics, atomic physics, atomic collisions with surfaces, material science, experimental techniques and technical developments, and technical support. (orig.)

  20. Universitaet Mainz, Institut fuer Kernchemie. Annual report 1998

    Denschlag, H.O.


    The annual report concentrates on three research activities of major interest: (1) Nuclear chemistry in the sense of approaches to fundamental problems which also relate to nuclear physics (nuclear fission, chemistry of the heaviest elements, excitation of giant dipole resonance, Halo nuclei, radiochemical astrophysics (structure of neutron-rich nuclei, prediction of half-lives and P n -values, elemental abundances), metal clusters in vacuum). (2) Radiopharmaceutical chemistry and applications in nuclear medicine (synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals using 3 H and 18 F, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals, diagnostics using PET, solid-state target systems, development and test of radiopharmaceuticals using isotopes of As, Y, Nb, Nd, and Re). (3) Environmental analysis (humic acid complexes of actinides and lanthanides, disintegration products of cellulose, ultratrace analysis using RIMS, determination of Th and U in the environment and in urine, AOX determination in waste waters, anthropogenic γ emitters in ground level air). (orig./CB) [de

  1. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik. Annual report 1993

    Baur, G.; Filges, D.; Kilian, K.; Maier, R.; Rossen, P. v.; Schult, O.; Seyfarth, H.; Speth, J.; Turek, P.


    The annual report contains extended abstracts about the work performed in the named research center in 1993 together with a list of talks and publications. The work concerns experimental and theoretical studies on medium and high energy physics, nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear structure and reaction mechanisms, developments of the cooler synchrotron COSY, isochronous cyclotron and ion sources, the magnetic spectrometer BIG KARL, as well as technical developments on data acquisition and processing, electronics, detector and targets, and ESS. (DG)

  2. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2010

    Buescher, Markus; Grzonka, Dieter; Hanhart, Christoph; Krewald, Siegfried; Maier, Rudolf; Meissner, Ulf G.; Ritman, James; Stockhorst, Hans; Stroeher, Hans (eds.)


    The following topics are dealt with: Physics at COSY, COSY operation and developments, further experimental activities, theoretical investigations, preparation of the HESR, the PANDA experiments. (HSI)

  3. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2009

    Buescher, Markus; Hanhart, Christoph; Krewald, Siegfried; Machner, Hartmut; Maier, Rudolf; Meissner, Ulf G.; Ritman, James; Stockhorst, Hans; Stroeher, Hans


    The following topics were dealt with: Physics at COSY, COSY operation and developments, further experimental activities, theoretical investigations, preparation of the HESR, the PANDA experiment. (HSI)

  4. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2010

    Buescher, Markus; Grzonka, Dieter; Hanhart, Christoph; Krewald, Siegfried; Maier, Rudolf; Meissner, Ulf G.; Ritman, James; Stockhorst, Hans; Stroeher, Hans


    The following topics are dealt with: Physics at COSY, COSY operation and developments, further experimental activities, theoretical investigations, preparation of the HESR, the PANDA experiments. (HSI)

  5. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2007

    Buescher, M.; Hanhart, C.; Krewald, S.; Machner, H.; Maier, R.; Meissner, U.G.; Ritman, J.; Stockhorst, H.; Stroeher, H. (eds.)


    The following topics are dealt with, Physics at COSY, external experiments, theoretical investigations. COSY operation and developments, preparation for FAIR. See hints under the relevant topics. (HSI)

  6. Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik/COSY. Annual report 2007

    Buescher, M.; Hanhart, C.; Krewald, S.; Machner, H.; Maier, R.; Meissner, U.G.; Ritman, J.; Stockhorst, H.; Stroeher, H.


    The following topics are dealt with, Physics at COSY, external experiments, theoretical investigations. COSY operation and developments, preparation for FAIR. See hints under the relevant topics. (HSI)

  7. Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Institut fuer Ionenstrahlphysik und Materialforschung. Annual report 1993

    Moeller, W.; Wieser, E.; Kirch, S.


    Highlights were: Ion beam induced epitaxial crystallization of 6H-SiC -Band gap engineering in Co alloyed β-FeSi 2 formed by ion beam synthesis -Formation of CoSi 2 wires by maskless implantation with the focused ion beam -Phosphorus implanted n + -layers for HPGe - Development of a fluidic ISFET microsystem for chemical analysis - Depth selective Moessbauer spectroscopy of Al-implanted iron - Plasma source ion implantation - Simultaneous light element analysis by HIERD for plasma-wall interaction studies in fusion research -Paint layer studies using PIXE on air - Texture investigation on geological three phase samples - status of the Rossendorf 7.25 GHz ECR ion source -Formation of double-height Si(001) steps by sputtering with Xe ions - a computer simulation - Self-organisation during Ostwald ripening in ion beam synthesis of buried compound layers - Modification of metals and other materials - Modification of semiconductors and patterning by focused ion beam -Application of ion beams to sensors - Ion beam analysis, fundamentals of ion-solid-interaction and accelerator technique - Structural research. (orig./HP)

  8. Bundesanstalt fuer Strahlenschutz. Annual report 2013; Bundesanstalt fuer Strahlenschutz. Jahresbericht 2013

    Ebermann, Lutz (comp.)


    The annual report 2013 of the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz covers the following issues: from scientific research to preventive consumer protection, actual questions of radiation protection actual challenges in the frame of environmental radiation monitoring; radioactive waste disposal; actual questions on the safety of nuclear technology. The report includes a list of publications.

  9. Solarsupport for schools. Utilization of sleeping photovoltaic plants for environmental communication; Solarsupport fuer Schulen. Schlafende Fotovoltaikanlagen fuer die Umweltkommunikation nutzen

    Scharp, Michael; Dinziol, Martin; Kliche, Florian


    A central question of today's political debates is: Which means are there for ensuring a long-term and sustainable energy supply? Here, strategies for covering tomorrow's energy supply assign renewable energies a decisive role. In face of constantly rising prices for fossil fuels like carbon, oil and gas or the still open question concerning the removal of atomic waste, these discussions are eminently urgent. In order to confront climatic change, renewable energies are needed, so that also in the future a longterm and sustainable energy supply is secured. Sustainable energy supply is the context for the project Solarsupport, which has been supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (FKZ 0327613). The project has been coordinated by the Institute for Environmental Questions (''Unabhaengige Institut fuer Umweltfragen e.V.'' - UFU) and conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment (''Institut fuer Zukunfststudien und Technologiebewertung gGmbH'' - IZT) and the German Society for Solar Energy, Regional Association Berlin-Brandenburg (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sonnenenergie Regionalverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. - DGS). Particularly, the project is concerned with the pedagogical use of solar energy at school. Despite the relatively high number of solar plants at schools, only a few use their plants for pedagogical means. The project Solarsupport surveyed schools with solar plants. As the main reason for the insufficient pedagogical use of solar plants the interviewed teachers named the la ck of a pedagogical concept and their colleagues' disinterest, two factors which are able to reinforce one another. Moreover, it became clear that because of their insufficient technical equipment (no displays, no means for evaluating the plants' output, no connection with the school computers and internet) a high number of the

  10. Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz. Annual report 1992


    The progress report submitted by Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz reveals that this federal radiation protection agency is not only entrusted with the fulfillment of the federal administrative tasks imposed by law but engages in applications-oriented research regarding the operational, metrological and health-related aspects of radiation protection, regarding nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. In addition, BfS takes care of public-relations tasks. The reports submitted by the BfS departments are completed by summaries of the main research results. (orig.) [de

  11. Warmwassersphaere - handling and processing of hydrographic data

    Sy, A


    This report reviews CTD data handling and the principle of processing for the profiling instrument 'Multisonde' as it is presently in use at the Institut fuer Meereskunde in Kiel, F.R.G., in the frame of the research programme 'Warmwassersphaere'. An introduction to the shipboard system of measuring and logging is given. An outline of both laboratory and in situ calibrations is presented. The main subject of this report is the processing of the data. Possible sources of errors in field measurements and their influence on data accuracy are discussed and the standard processing stages are described. A specific problem lies in data errors, which inhibit a routine processing. In order to edit these data a special filter, the median filter, is introduced. Its efficiency as well as the experiences gained through its practical application is described and discussed by means of comparison with conventional techniques. The data used for these tests were collected during the experiment Nordostatlantik '81.

  12. 50. Annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie. Abstracts


    The volume on the 50th annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie includes the abstracts concerning the following issues: infectious central nervous system diseases, neurodegenerations, infarction, petrosal bone pathology, neurointerventions.

  13. 49. Annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie. Abstracts


    The conference proceedings of the 48. Annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie contain abstracts on the following issues: neuro-oncological imaging, multimodal imaging concepts, subcranial imaging, spinal codes, interventional neuroradiology.

  14. Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Annual report 1999; Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Taetigkeitsbericht 1999



    The annual report informs about the activities of the Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection in the following fields: clean air policy, waste management, management of soil pollution and remedial action, nuclear energy and radiation protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation, LfU laboratory, environmental hygiene, and data processing (SR) [German] Der vorliegende Bericht beschreibt die Taetigkeiten des Bayerischen Landesamtes fuer Umweltschutz auf folgenden Gebieten: Immissionsschutz, Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten und Bodenschutz, Kernenergie und Strahlenschutz, Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege, Zentrallabors und Umwelthygiene, sowie Datenverarbeitung. (SR)

  15. Integration by stages - is this concept an alternative to the established. Results of a research project of the Institute of Integration Research, founded by Europa-Kolleg, Hamburg. Abgestufte Integration - eine Alternative zum herkoemmlichen Integrationskonzept. Ergebnisse eines Forschungsprojektes des Instituts fuer Integrationsforschung der Stiftung Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

    Grabitz, E. (ed.)


    In various sectors of integration policy, we have now adopted the pragmatic application of the process of ''intergration by stages'' - not without some success, as the contributions to this publication will show. The experience gained in the process and the practical and theoretical problems that occur as a result for European unity are systematically studied for the first time here on a sound scientific basis. The authors study general problems of a typological, legal and institutional nature and selected areas of politics. The articles on European energy policy and environmental policy are of particular interest and have been analysed separately. (orig./HSCH).

  16. Dose management for X-ray and CT. Systematic comparison of exposition values from two institutes to diagnostic reference levels and use of results for optimisation of exposition; Dosismanagement fuer konventionelles Roentgen und CT. Systematischer Vergleich der Expositionswerte zweier radiologischer Institute mit den diagnostischen Referenzwerten und Verwendung der Ergebnisse zur Optimierung der Strahlenexposition bei diagnostischen Untersuchungen

    Schaefer, S.; Alejandre-Lafont, E.; Krombach, G.A. [University Hospital Giessen (Germany). Dept. of Radiology; Schmidt, T. [University Hospital Giessen (Germany). Dept. of Neuroradiology; Gizewski, E.R. [University Hospital Innsbruck (Austria). Dept. of Neuroradiology; Fiebich, M. [University of Applied Sciences, Giessen (Germany). Inst. of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection


    Purpose: In 2 institutions exposure values were evaluated and compared with the 2010 updated diagnostic reference levels (DRL) and possibilities for decreasing the dose assessed. Materials and Methods: Mean exposure values obtained during a 3-month period were calculated for all modalities (X-ray: imaging plate system and digital detector; dual-source 64- and 16- slice spiral CT) as well as examination types were compared to old diagnostic reference levels in addition to DRLs introduced in 2010. Then 10 examinations of all modalities and types were accompanied by a medical physicist and optimized stepwise if necessary. Results: The mean values of X-ray examinations were above DRL. All accompanied examinations were beyond DRL except lateral lumbar spine (LSP) and lateral thoracic X-ray, which were elevated due to statistical outliers from morbidly obese patients or patients with metallic implants. For a-p LSP tube voltage was increased. While image quality was maintained, dose area product (DAP) was reduced by 50% to 123 ±61{sup 2} for LSP a-p and 30% for lateral LSP to 229 ± 116{sup 2}. For CT examinations, dose was below DRL. Accompanied examinations of the lumbar spine performed on a 16-slice spiral CT demonstrated a result 68% above DRL with dose length product (DLP) of 840 ± 252 cGy . cm. For optimization, pitch and tube voltage were stepwise increased and DLP reduced below DRL. Conclusion: Systematic analysis of our internal exposure values on the occasion of adaptation of DRL is crucial for prompt detection of exceeded values independently from assessment by the responsible authority and initiation of proper measures for decreasing exposure dose. Hereby active dose management is attained. (orig.)

  17. Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Annual report 2004; Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Jahresbericht 2004



    Subjects: Central services; Air pollution abatement; Noise and vibration protection; Protection against non-ionising radiation; Waste management, land pollution and soil protection; Nuclear power and radiation protection; Conservation and landscaping; Central technical issues. The tasks of the Landesamt are illustrated by practical examples. [German] Das bayerische Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz stellt in seinem Jahresbericht die Aufgabenschwerpunkte und Taetigkeitwsfelder dar. Der Bericht gliedert sich in die Bereiche: Zentrale Dienste; Luftreinhaltung; Laerm- und Erschuetterungsschutz, Schutz vor nichtionisierender Strahlung; Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten und Bodenschutz; Kernenergie und Strahlenschutz; Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege; Zentrale Fachaufgaben. Dabei werden anhand von konkreten Beispielen die Aufgaben des Landesamtes erlaeutert. (uke)

  18. Controlling applied to information processing: quality management applied to IP projects and IP services; Informationsverarbeitungs-Controlling: Qualitaetsmanagement fuer IV-Projekte und fuer IV-Service

    Becker, B. [Vereinigung Deutscher Elektrizitaetswerke e.V. (VDEW), Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Beckers, F. [Isar-Amperwerke AG, Muenchen (Germany); Dewald, N. [Bayernwerk AG, Muenchen (Germany); Hauffe, P. [Pfalzwerke AG, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany); Hein, F. [EVS AG Stuttgart (Germany); Hoederath, M. [Vereinigte Elektrizitaetswerke Westfalen AG (VEW), Dortmund (Germany); Seyen, R. [Staedtische Werke Nuernberg GmbH (Germany)


    The working group on information processing (IP) basics (in German: `IV-Grundlagen`) has prepared this contribution dealing with controlling applied to information processing. This new report, on the one hand, takes into consideration the role of the organizational IP unit as one offering its services to all sections of a company. On the other hand, information processing as an operational infrastructure influencing all business processes becomes increasingly important with respect to the competitiveness of the EVU. Therefore, quality management applied to IP projects and IP services must support this development. (orig./RHM) [Deutsch] Der VDEW Arbeitskreis `IV-Grundlagen` hat einen Beitrag zum Controlling fuer die Informationsverarbeitung erstellt. Hier geht zum einen die Rolle der Organisationseinheit IV als Dienstleister fuer alle Unternehmensbereiche ein. Zum anderen gewinnt die Informationsverarbeitung als betriebliche Infrastruktur fuer alle Geschaeftsprozesse zunehmende Bedeutung fuer die Wettbewerbsfaehigkeit der EVU. Das Qualitaetsmanagement fuer IV-Projekte und fuer IV-Service muss dies unterstuetzen. (orig./RHM)

  19. Lectures held at the congress on ``Gas hydrates: problem substance / resource``, organised by the GDMK Division for ``Exploration and Extraction`` and the Institute for Mineral Oil and Natural Gas Research, in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz) on 6/7 November 1997. Author`s manuscripts; Vortraege der Veranstaltung ``Gashydrate: Problemstoff/Resource`` des GDMK-Fachbereichs `Aufsuchung und Gewinnung` und dem Institut fuer Erdoel- und Erdgasforschung am 06. und 07. November 1997 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz). Autorenmanuskripte



    The following topics are dealt with in detail: the chemical and physical properties of gas hydrates as derivable from their phase behaviour; the significance and occurrence of gas hydrates in offshore areas; gas hydrates and permafrost in continental northern West Siberia; information on HYACE, a research project of the European Union on test drilling for gas hydrates in offshore areas; sediment-mechanical criteria of gas hydrate formation in deep-sea sediments; gas hydrate formation in gas cavern storages; the use of hydrate inhibitors in operating natural gas storages; and the inhibition of gas hydrates with kinetic inhibitors. Eight abstracts were abstracted individually for the Energy Database. (MSK) [Deutsch] Folgende Themen werden detailliert behandelt: die chemischen und physikalischen Eigenschaften von Gashydraten,welche aus dem Phasenverhalten der Gashydrate herzuleiten sind; zur Bedeutung und Vorkommen von Gashydraten im Offshore-Bereich; Gashydrate und Permafrost im kontinentalen noerdlichen Westsibirien; Informationen zu HYACE, einem Forschungsprojekt der Europaeischen Union zu Probebohrungen nach Gashydraten im Offshore-Bereich; sedimentmechanische Kriterien bei der Gashydratbildung in Tiefseesedimenten; die Gashydratbildung in Gaskavernenspeichern; der Einsatz von Hydratinhibitoren beim Betrieb von Erdgasspeichern sowie die Inhibierung von Gashydraten mit kinetischen Inhibitoren. Fuer die Datenbank Energy wurden acht Beitraege einzeln aufgenommen.

  20. Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik. Werner-Heisenberg-Institut. Annual report 1994


    After a short introduction, the projects and activitites of the scientific and technical departments are presented. The spectrum of theoretical studies ranges from problems of particle physics and field theory to astrophysical problems. The experimental activities focus mainly on accelerated particles and detectors for high-energy physics. The 1994 annual report also contains staff reports and reports on general activities in the year under report. (DG) [de

  1. Research for the thermal change. Contributions; Forschung fuer die Waermewende. Beitraege

    Szczepanski, Petra; Wunschick, Franziska; Martin, Niklas (comps.)


    The energy transition in the heating sector is not a sure-fire success and it is too slow. This is alarming since the heating / cooling sector is responsible for more than half of the final energy demand. That the ''thermal change'' has accelerated hardly despite many efforts by politics, industry and research in recent years, is the reason for the scientists the FVEE institutes to examine the perspectives of renewable energy and the need to increase efficiency in the heating sector systematically. therefore FVEE-2015 Annual Meeting, is entitled ''Research for the thermal change''. The contributions of this conference proceedings present the latest research results and show ways to implement the heat change technically, economically and politically. They are dedicated to the drivers, but also the barriers of heat change. The authors report on innovative projects to provide buildings with heat from geothermal energy, biomass and solar thermal energy. Several contributions are dedicated to the application of efficient components, such as thermal insulation, thermal storage and heat pumps. [German] Die Energiewende im Waermesektor ist kein Selbstlaeufer und kommt zu langsam voran. Das ist alarmierend, da der Waerme-/Kaeltesektor fuer ueber die Haelfte des Endenergiebedarfs verantwortlich ist. Dass die ''Waermewende'' trotz vielerlei Bemuehungen von Politik, Industrie und Forschung in den letzten Jahren kaum Fahrt aufgenommen hat, ist Anlass fuer die Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der FVEE-Institute, die Perspektiven der erneuerbaren Energien und der notwendigen Effizienzsteigerung im Waermesektor systematisch zu untersuchen. Die FVEE-Jahrestagung 2015 steht deshalb unter dem Leitthema ''Forschung fuer die Waermewende''. Die Beitraege dieses Tagungsbandes praesentieren aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse und zeigen Wege auf, um die Waermewende technisch, wirtschaftlich und politisch

  2. Clean air litigation; Klagen fuer Saubere Luft



    The pollution of air by nitrogen dioxide (NO{sub 2}) in cities is one of the central challenges of air pollution in Germany, in addition to the pollution of particulate matter (PM10). In cooperation with the British non-governmental organization ClientEarth, the German Environmental Aid (DUH) filed a lawsuit in November 2015 for exceeding air quality limits for NO{sub 2}. The cities of Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Aachen, Cologne and Bonn are affected. Here, citizens are constantly exposed to high air pollution. Because of the excess of the NO{sub 2} limits at all traffic-related measuring stations in Berlin, the DUH initiated legal steps and filed a lawsuit too in June 2016. With the lawsuits, DUH wants to promote the implementation of measures to reduce NO{sub 2} in Germany. [German] Die Belastung der Luft durch Stickstoffdioxid (NO{sub 2}) in Staedten ist neben der Belastung durch Feinstaub (PM10) eine der zentralen Herausforderungen der Luftreinhaltung in Deutschland. In Zusammenarbeit mit der britischen Nichtregierungsorganisation ClientEarth legte die Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) im November 2015 Klage wegen Ueberschreitung der Luftqualitaetsgrenzwerte fuer NO{sub 2}ein. Betroffen sind die Staedte Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Aachen, Koeln und Bonn. Hier sind Buergerinnen und Buerger anhaltend zu hoher Luftverschmutzung ausgesetzt. Wegen Ueberschreitung der NO{sub 2}-Grenzwerte an allen verkehrsnahen Messstationen in Berlin hat die DUH im Juni 2016 auch hier rechtliche Schritte eingeleitet und Klage eingereicht. Mit den Klagen will die DUH die Umsetzung von Massnahmen zur NO{sub 2}-Reduktion in Deutschland voranbringen.

  3. Shaft barriers for underground waste repositories in abandoned salt mines. Preparatory project. Vol. 2. Annex; Schachtverschluesse fuer untertaegige Deponien in Salzbergwerken. Vorprojekt. Bd. 2. Anhang

    Schmidt, M W [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Fruth, R [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Stockmann, N [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Birthler, H [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Boese, B [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Storck, R [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Sitz, P [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Krausse, A [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Eulenberger, K H [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Schleinig, J P [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Duddeck, H [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Statik; Ahrens, H [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Statik; Menzel, W [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Salzer, K [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Minkley, W [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Busche, H [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany); Lindloff, U [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany); Gierenz, S [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany)


    This preparatory study, ``Shaft barriers for underground waste repositories in abandoned salt mines``, was to demonstrate the current scientific and technological know-how based on a comprehensive analysis of the barrier design concepts or established structures intended to serve as barriers in abandoned shafts of potash or rock salt mines. Taking as a basis the current regulatory regime and the available know-how on barrier systems in underground waste repositories taken into account so far in plan approval and licensing procedures, as well as the state of the art, concepts are developed as technical guides and models of barrier systems for mine shafts. The required research work for the various components of a shaft barrier is shown, particularly relating to aspects such as materials suitability and technical realisation. Immediate demand for research activities is shown with regard to the available potentials of mathematic and numeric geotechnical and hydrogeologic calculation models required in order to give proof of the long-term workability of shaft barriers. The authors are of the opinion that the following activities are required in order to meet the research demand quantified: (1) Laboratory and bench-scale experiments for determination of the efficiency of various sealing materials and backfilling materials, and (2) an in-situ, large-scale experiment in order to demonstrate the suitability of low-consolidation shotter columns, or constructional technologies. The laboratory work can be done in the facilities of the GSF research mine of Asse, the Freiburg Mining Academy, and the Institut fuer Gebirgsmechanik in Leipzig, and the benchmark experiments also at the Asse site in the research mine. The Kali und Salz Beteiligungs AG is prepared to offer its mine Salzdetfurth II as a site for the large-scale experiment. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Rahmen der Vorstudie ``Schachtverschluesse fuer Untertagedeponien in Salzbergwerken`` wird ausgehend von einer umfangreichen

  4. Shaft barriers for underground waste repositories in abandoned salt mines. Preparatory project. Vol. 2. Annex; Schachtverschluesse fuer untertaegige Deponien in Salzbergwerken. Vorprojekt. Bd. 2. Anhang

    Schmidt, M.W. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Fruth, R. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Stockmann, N. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit, Remlingen (Germany). Forschungsbergwerk Asse; Birthler, H. [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Boese, B. [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Storck, R. [Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH Greece, Braunschweig (Germany). Fachbereich Endlagersicherheitsforschung; Sitz, P. [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Krausse, A. [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Eulenberger, K.H. [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Schleinig, J.P. [Technische Univ. Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau; Duddeck, H. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Statik; Ahrens, H. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Statik; Menzel, W. [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Salzer, K. [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Minkley, W. [IfG Inst. fuer Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Busche, H. [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany); Lindloff, U. [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany); Gierenz, S. [Kali und Salz AG, Kassel (Germany)


    This preparatory study, ``Shaft barriers for underground waste repositories in abandoned salt mines``, was to demonstrate the current scientific and technological know-how based on a comprehensive analysis of the barrier design concepts or established structures intended to serve as barriers in abandoned shafts of potash or rock salt mines. Taking as a basis the current regulatory regime and the available know-how on barrier systems in underground waste repositories taken into account so far in plan approval and licensing procedures, as well as the state of the art, concepts are developed as technical guides and models of barrier systems for mine shafts. The required research work for the various components of a shaft barrier is shown, particularly relating to aspects such as materials suitability and technical realisation. Immediate demand for research activities is shown with regard to the available potentials of mathematic and numeric geotechnical and hydrogeologic calculation models required in order to give proof of the long-term workability of shaft barriers. The authors are of the opinion that the following activities are required in order to meet the research demand quantified: (1) Laboratory and bench-scale experiments for determination of the efficiency of various sealing materials and backfilling materials, and (2) an in-situ, large-scale experiment in order to demonstrate the suitability of low-consolidation shotter columns, or constructional technologies. The laboratory work can be done in the facilities of the GSF research mine of Asse, the Freiburg Mining Academy, and the Institut fuer Gebirgsmechanik in Leipzig, and the benchmark experiments also at the Asse site in the research mine. The Kali und Salz Beteiligungs AG is prepared to offer its mine Salzdetfurth II as a site for the large-scale experiment. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Rahmen der Vorstudie ``Schachtverschluesse fuer Untertagedeponien in Salzbergwerken`` wird ausgehend von einer umfangreichen

  5. Detailed data set of a large administration building as a validation model for DIN V18599-software; Umfangreicher Validierungsdatensatz eines grossen Verwaltungsgebaeudes fuer Software zur DIN V 18599

    Hoettges, Kirsten; Woessner, Simon; de Boer, Jan; Erhorn, Hans [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bauphysik (IBP), Abt. Energiesysteme, Kassel (Germany); Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bauphysik (IBP), Stuttgart (Germany)


    The calculation method of DIN V 18599 represents a very complex model for the estimation of the energy efficiency of buildings. The method is used for certificates too, thus, the number of users is quite high. This fact and the complexity of the method causes high demands on the related software products. Most of the end user software tools work with the calculation engine ibp18599kernel developed by Fraunhofer-Institut for Building Physics. There is a continuous quality control for both, the kernel and the user interfaces, i.e. the end user software. This paper gives an overview of the process of quality control as well as a documentation of a validation model used within this process, i.e. a complex administration building as a sample. (Abstract Copyright [2009], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.) [German] Mit dem Berechnungsverfahren der DIN V 18599 liegt ein umfassendes Berechnungsmodell fuer die energetische Bewertung von Gebaeuden vor. Der grosse Umfang der Verfahren stellt auch an die softwaretechnischen Umsetzungen fuer die Planungspraxis hohe Anforderungen. Das Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bauphysik hat hierzu den Rechenkern ibp18599kernel entwickelt, der zwischenzeit-lich von zahlreichen Softwarehaeusern fuer Endanwendungsprogramme zur energetischen Bewertung und Erstellung von Energieausweisen eingesetzt wird. Dieser ''Rechenmotor'' unterliegt einer steten Qualitaetskontrolle zur Sicherstellung der Berechnungsgenauigkeit. Der vorliegende Aufsatz stellt den Prozess der Qualitaetssicherung anhand eines neuen Validierungsbeispiels in Form eines komplexen Verwaltungsgebaeudes vor. Die Fallstudie kann auch zur Validierung anderer Berechnungssysteme, die nicht auf dem Rechenkern basieren, genutzt werden. (Abstract Copyright [2009], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  6. Educational and Nonprofit Institutions Receiving Prime Contract Awards for RDT&E (Research, Development, Test and Evaluation), Fiscal Year 1981.



  7. EMUs for the Oeresund link; Elektrische Triebzuege fuer die Oeresundverbindung

    Bengtsson, J.E. [Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Vaesteraas (Sweden)


    Danish and Swedish Railways jointly purchased new EMUs type Contessa for the Oresund Link, starting operation in summer 2000. By high acceleration the three car electric multiple units reach a top speed of 180 km/h. Several EMUs can be coupled quickly to the Flexfrontsystem technology. Further special features are equipments for two different line voltages as well as for two signalling and automatic train control systems and a low floor part. (orig.) [German] Die daenische und die schwedische Eisenbahn haben gemeinsam fuer die Oresund-Verbindung neue dreiteilige Triebzuege Contessa beschafft und im Sommer 2000 in Betrieb genommen. Die elektrischen Triebzuege erreichen mit hoher Beschleunigung 180 km/h Hoechstgeschwindigkeit und koennen dank des Flexfrontsystems schnell zu mehreren gekuppelt werden. Weitere Merkmale sind die Ausruestungen fuer zwei Fahrleitungsspannungen, zwei Signal- und Zugbeeinflussungssysteme sowie ein Niederflurbereich. (orig.)

  8. Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. 1997 annual report and abstracts of publications; Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Taetigkeitsbericht 1997 und Kurzbeitraege



    The annual report informs about the activities of the Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection in the following fields: clean air policy, waste management, management of soil pollution and remedial action, nuclear energy and radiation protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation, LfU laboratory, environmental hygiene, and data processing (SR) [Deutsch] Der vorliegende Bericht beschreibt die Taetigkeiten des Bayerischen Landesamtes fuer Umweltschutz auf folgenden Gebieten: Immissionsschutz, Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten und Bodenschutz, Kernenergie und Strahlenschutz, Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege, Zentrallabors und Umwelthygiene, sowie Datenverarbeitung. (SR)

  9. Establishing design criteria for crankshaft thrust bearings in gasoline and diesel engines by computer simulations and experiments. Crankshaft thrust bearing design - final report; Auslegungskriterien fuer Kurbelwellenaxiallager in Otto- und Dieselmotoren durch rechnergestuetzte Simulation und experimentelle Untersuchungen. Axialgleitlagerauslegung - Abschlussbericht

    Hunsicker, W. [Fachhochschule Mannheim (Germany). Inst. fuer Tribologie; Backhaus, K. [Univ. GH Kassel (Germany). Inst. fuer Maschinenelemente und Konstruktionstechnik; Schubert, W. [KS Gleitlager GmbH, Papenburg (Germany)


    Aim of the research-project was it to increase the calculation safety of crank shaft thrust bearings in combustion engines. The project was divided in two parts: (1) A simulation program to analyze the load bearing capacity of axial bearings under mixed lubrication has been developed at the Institut fuer Maschinenelemente und Konstruktionstechnik, University of Kassel. This part of the research-project has been presented at the FVV Herbsttagung in 2003. (2) The test runs with original parts were carried out on a newly designed thrust bearing test rig at the Institut fuer Tribologie, University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim. The following presentation shows the results of part 2. The experimental results show the influence of rotational frequency, load, bearing material, lateral run-out of the tread of the crankshaft and groove pattern. These test runs will help to dimension thrust bearings more efficiently. (orig.)

  10. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2015; Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Jahresbericht 2015



    For the Fraunhofer IME, 2015 was an outstanding year, including a record-breaking operating budget of around 33.9 million euro, of which an astounding 97.1% was from third party revenues. Business contracts accounted for around 47% of our turnover, which is also an extraordinary achievement. Our research scientists won awards for excellent results in 2015. For example, one Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2015 went to a team of researchers from Continental Tires Germany GmbH, Fraunhofer IME and the University of Muenster, developing natural rubber from dandelions as a sustainable raw material for the rubber processing industry. This project is an excellent embodiment of the ideals of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and our working approach, our aim being to perform top-level scientific research, to think in terms of ecological and economic sustainability, and to develop original solutions to key challenges. In collaboration with industrial partners, these solutions bring specific products onto the market that strengthen Welcome Germany's standing as a research and business location as well as benefiting society. By developing research activities combining different core competencies, and by integrating perspectives from diverse fields of operation, we can enhance the value of our scientific and regulatory services. The contribution of our research scientists to the drawing up of guidelines and guidance documents is valued on a national and international level. In setting up the new business field 'Sustainable Agricultural Production of Substances', we have linked our competencies in analytics, soil science, active substance research and testing, as well as secondary raw materials and feedstuffs, with the know-how of external partners in plant cultivation and geographical information systems.

  11. Bundesanstalt fuer Fleischforschung: Annual report 1980


    The objective of the Federal Institute for Meat Research is to contribute, through research and development, to the adequate provision of the Federal German population with high quality, where some meat and meat products including slaughter fat, eggs and poultry products, which are free of toxic residues. This includes the development of analytical procedures for the determination of toxic heavy metals in foods, and is the subject of four contributions to this Annual Report.

  12. Meteorological systems for hydrological applications; Meteorologische Systeme fuer hydrologische Anwendungen



    The development of hydrology with its many practical applications in water management has led to a great demand for hydrometeorological data, variables derived from meteorological measurements, and models. The report shows the many fields in which meteorological data are required in hydrology and water management. Measuring networks and methods are described and critically assessed, including remote measurement by radar and satellite. For the hydrologist, the most important variables to be derived are the regional precipitation and evaporation, each with the error source and size. Other factors of interest are the snowbreak, the expected maximum precipitation (rain), the statistical derivation of strong rain, and regionalisation methods for all variables derived. These methods are presented. The possibilities of meteorology, especially (WMO) in the field of data transmission systems are assessed. (orig./KW) [Deutsch] Die Entwicklung der Hydrologie mit ihren zahlreichen wasserwirtschaftlichen Anwendungen hat zu einem grossen Bedarf an hydrometeorologischen Daten, aus meteorologischen Messungen abgeleiteten Groessen und auch an Modellen gefuehrt. Wo ueberall sich ein Bedarf an meteorologischen Daten in Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft eingestellt hat, ist in diesem Bericht zusammengefasst. Es werden die verschiedenen Messnetze und Messverfahren beschrieben und kritisch beurteilt, auch die Radar- und Satellitenfernerkundung gehoeren dazu. Fuer den Hydrologen zaehlt zu den wichtigsten abgeleiteten Groessen der Gebietsniederschlag und die Gebietsverdunstung, jeweils mit Angabe von Fehlerquelle und Fehlerschwankung. Von Interesse sind auch die Schneeschmelze, der vermutlich maximale Niederschlag (Regen), die statistische Ableitung von Starkregen und Regionalisierungsmethoden aller abgeleiteten Groessen. Diese Verfahren werden vorgestellt. Die quantitative Niederschlagsvorhersage wird wegen ihrer Bedeutung fuer die operationellen hydrologischen Vorhersagen eingehend

  13. Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS). Annual report 1991


    The progress report submitted by Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz reveals that this federal radiation protection agency is not only entrusted with the fulfillment of the federal administrative tasks imposed by law but engages in applications-oriented research regarding the operational, metrological and health-related aspects of radiation protection, regarding nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. In addition, BfS takes care of public-relations tasks. The reports submitted by the BfS departments are completed by summaries of the main research results. (DG) [de

  14. Bundesanstalt fuer Martialforschung und -pruefung (BAM). Annual report 2001; Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM). Jahresbericht 2001



    The volume reports the activities of the BAM, (Federal Office for Materials Research and Testing), and its departments for Analytical Chemistry/Reference Materials, Chemical Safety Engineering, Hazardous Materials Containment, Environmental Compatibility of Materials, Technology of Structural Materials, Polymers, Structural Stability and Safety, Materials Protection/Nondestructive Testing, and for Scientific-Technical Interdisciplinary Activities. (MM) [German] Der vorliegende Band berichtet ueber die Aktivitaeten der Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung und ihrer Abteilungen Analytische Chemie/Referenzmaterialien, Chemische Sicherheitstechnik, Gefahrgutumschliessungen, Umweltvertraeglichkeit von Materialien, Werkstofftechnik der Konstruktionswerkstoffe, Funktion von Polymeren, Bauwerkssicherheit, Materialschutz/Zerstoerungsfreie Pruefung und Technisch-wissenschaftliche Querschnittsfunktionen. (MM)

  15. Achievement in research on ion beam application under the scientific cooperation program with the Gesellschaft fuer schwerionenforschung mbH

    Yoshida, Masaru; Maekawa, Yasunari (eds.) [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Takasaki, Gunma (Japan). Takasaki Radiation Chemistry Research Establishment


    The Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) and the Gasellshaft fuer Schwerionenforshung mbH (GSI) signed a memorandum of 'Research and Development in the Field of Ion Beam Application' in January, 1991 and started the cooperative research program. The cooperation has been implemented by means of joint research between JAERI and GSI, exchange of scientific and technical experts, and providing mutual exchange of research materials as well as technical information. This report summarizes the cooperative research activities under the cooperative research program in the last 12 years. The list of publications and several articles relating to this cooperative research program are attached as an appendix. All the attached articles are reprinted with permission from the publishers. (author)

  16. Technology for profounds; Technik fuers Tiefgruendige

    Daehn, Astrid


    The entire planning of offshore wind farms is based on a reliable preliminary exploration of the sea bed. Thus, researchers have developed a new method with which the sea bed can be inspected much more accurate than before. For this, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (Bremerhaven, Federal Republic of Germany) has developed a preliminary exploration procedure that examines the sedimentary structure by means of sound waves. Compared to conventional methods, this preliminary exploration procedure has two advantages: (1) A special air pressure pulser (airgun) is used as a special air pressure pulse. The airgun produces air bubbles that are pumped into the water exercising pressure and thus producing an acoustic signal; (2) The reflected acoustic signals are recorded not only by a single detector, but also by 60 hydrophones that are pulled at a tube behind the boat.

  17. Integral energy concepts for housing estates; Integrale Energiekonzepte fuer Wohnsiedlungen

    Fisch, M.N.; Kuehl, L. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany)


    Integral energy concepts for housing estates require an early cooperation between architects, planners, and specialist engineers on the basis of a holistic planning approach. This is how future-oriented, sustainable concepts evolve which do justice to the multifarious requirements on the integral energy system of a housing estate. The present paper elucidates different approaches to optimising the energy efficiency of buildings such as the implementation of low-energy house concepts, building site and architectural planning, and detailed planning of heat insulation concepts, ventilation and air tightness concepts, and adapted heating systems. The solarisation of development plans has an influence on the arrangement of buildings, which are now planned to give the greatest possible passive and active solar energy gains. The authors also describe solar-assisted district heating systems for housing estates. [Deutsch] Integrale Energiekonzepte fuer Wohnsiedlungen erfordern die fruehe Zusammenarbeit von Architekten, Planern und Fachingenieuren im Rahmen einer ganzheitlichen Planung. So entstehen zukunftsweisende und tragfaehige Konzepte, die den vielschichtigen Anforderungen des Gesamtenergiesystems ``Wohnsiedlung`` gerecht werden. Im Folgenden wird die energetische Optimierung von Gebaeuden wie die Umsetzung von Niedrigenergiehaus-Konzepten, Standort und Gebaeudeplanung sowie Detailplanung in Bezug auf das Waermedaemmkonzept, Lueftungs-/Dichtheitskonzept und auf angepasste Waermeversorgungssysteme erl autert. Die Solarisierung von Bebauungsplaenen beeinflusste Anordnung der Gebaeude hinsichtlich der Nutzung passivsolarer Gewinne sowie des Einsatzes von Systemen der aktiven Solarenergienutzung. Solarunterstuetzte Nahwaermenetze fuer Wohnsiedlungen werden ebenfalls beschrieben.

  18. ISH. HVAC engineering yearbook 1999; ISH. Jahrbuch fuer Gebaeudetechnik 1999



    The 1999 HVAC engineering yearbook contains contributions on energy conservation and optimization in the fields of ventilation and air conditioning: inter alia, solar cooling and air conditioning, optimum rating of ventilator units, and cooling ceilings with ventilation function. In the field of heating, the following topics are addressed, equally under the aspect of energy conservation: condensing boiler technology, hydraulic balancing of heating pipe systems and sequential boiler switching using fuzzy control. Further works deal with rational use of electricity in buildings, and building automation. 17 papers are individually listed in the Energy database. [Deutsch] Das Jahrbuch fuer Gebaeudetechnik 1999 enthaelt Beitraege zur Energieeinsparung und Optimierung auf den Gebieten Lueftung und Klimatisierung, u. a. solare Kuehlung und Klimatisierung, optimale Auslegung von Ventilator-Aggregaten und Kuehldecken mit Lueftungsfunktion. Auf dem Gebiet der Heizung werden ebenfalls unter dem Gesichtspunkt Energieeinsparung die Brennwerttechnologie, der hydraulische Abgleich von Heizungsrohrnetzen sowie Kesselfolgeschaltungen mit Fuzzy Control angesprochen. Weitere Arbeiten befassen sich mit der rationellen Elektrizitaetsverwendung in Geb auden sowie der Gebaeudeautomation. Fuer die Datenbank Energy wurden 17 Arbeiten separat aufgenommen.

  19. Brake force estimation for electromechanical vehicle brakes; Bremskraft-Rekonstruktion fuer elektromechanische Fahrzeugbremsen

    Schwarz, R. [Continental Teves (Germany)


    Due to the increasing safety and comfort demands of the customer, the functionality of modern brake systems has grown continuously in the last years. However, implementation of the extended functionality in conventional brake hydraulics makes active electronic intervention necessary and therefore requires a lot of technical effort. In recent years the automotive supplier industry has started to develop brake systems which have electromechanical brake actuators generating the brake forces at the individual wheels. Electromechanically actuated wheel brakes need to be operated in a closed control loop. This paper introduces a new method to reconstruct the needed feedback value brake force from easy to measure signals. (orig.) [Deutsch] Aufgrund des gestiegenen Sicherheits- und Komfortbewusstseins der Fahrzeugkaeufer ist die Funktionsvielfalt moderner Bremssysteme in den letzten Jahren staendig gewachsen. Die Umsetzung der erweiterten Funktionalitaet mittels konventioneller Bremsenhydraulik ist jedoch durch den elektronischen, aktiven Eingriff sehr aufwendig. In den letzten Jahren hat daher die Automobilzulieferindustrie begonnen, Bremssysteme zu entwickeln, bei denen die Bremskraft an den einzelnen Raedern von elektromechanischen Bremsaktuatoren aufgebracht wird. Elektromechanisch betaetigte Radbremsen muessen im geschlossenen Regelkreis betrieben werden. Der vorliegende Beitrag, der im Rahmen einer Forschungskooperation zwischen Continental Teves und dem Institut fuer Automatisierungstechnik der TU Darmstadt entstand stellt ein Verfahren vor, mit dem die dafuer benoetigte Rueckfuehrungsgroesse `Bremskraft` aus einfach messbaren Signalen rekonstruiert werden kann. (orig.)

  20. Humboldt der Seefahrer und sein Marinechronometer Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Nautik und Meereskunde

    Gerhard Kortum


    Full Text Available Article in German, Abstracts in English, Spanish and German. HUMBOLDT the Navigator and his ChronometerA Contribution to the History of Navigation and OceanographyHUMBOLDT acquired a remarkable precision time-keeper instrument shortly before he left Paris for his Journey to the Neotropics (1799-1804. This chronometer was made by the famous Swiss-French watchmaker Louis BERTHOUD (1753-1813 with the series number 27. It had belonged to "the celebrated BORDA", as HUMBOLDT stated in his "Personal Narrative". Jean Louis BORDA (1733-1799 was a 18th century French navigator, mathematician and cartographer, who invented or improved a number of geomagnetic instruments. HUMBOLDT used this pocket chronometer for his routine astronomic and geomagnetic observations and to fix the longitude of his position while on board a vessel in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Until John "Timekeeper" HARRISON developed his famous "H 4" chronometer in 1773, a strategic invention for a maritime power as Great Britain, the longitude was a major navigational problem. HUMBOLDT, who confessed that he had a "peculiar predelication for the sea", developed great nautical skills, and his findings were much better than those of the pilots. Furthermore he used the chronometer to observe and calculate ocean currents and to improve the geographical coordinates and thus the maps for many places in Latin America. So, beside his thermometer and barometer, the chronometer certainly was a very basic instrument in the state-of-the-art collection of scientific equipment he bought before leaving Europe.

  1. Photovoltaics for appliances and small systems. Enhancement of the PVS for Windows simulation program for development and simulation of PV appliances and small systems. Final report; Photovoltaik fuer Geraete und Kleinsysteme. Erweiterung des Simulationsprogramms PVS fuer Windows zur Entwicklung und Simulation von PV-versorgten Geraeten und Kleinsystemen. Schlussbericht

    Vogt, R.; Imann, C.; Jung, V.


    The PVS simulation program for Windows was to be extended to the development and simulation of PV-supported equipment and small systems. The following new functions were to be integrated: a) Simulation and dimensioning of indoor power supply of systems with different light sources and independent outdoor systems. b)Integration of small wind generators in the simulation and dimensioning of isolated autonomous systems, including wind data and a component database for small wind turbines; c) Differentiation of the PVS battery model for different battery types (lead, Ni/Cd, Li etc.), optimized operating strategies and flexible dimensioning including an additional component database for battery types; d) Extensive cost analysis for PV-supported appliances and small systems, from investments to consumption, operation and maintenance. This will facilitate investment decisions and help systems of this type along in the market. All program components were designed for high flexibility. Users should be able to vary as many parameters as possible, and to generate and modify their own records. The current project focused on the user interface, i.e. input, data processing, and output. Parallel to this, the Fraunhofer ISE Institute worked on modifications of the computer hardware. [German] Das Projekt zielte auf eine Erweiterung des Simulationsprogramms PVS fuer Windows zur Entwicklung und Simulation von PV-versorgten Geraeten und Kleinsystemen hin. Das Entwicklungsprodukt sollte zusaetzlich zu den bisherigen Funktionen insbesondere Folgendes leisten: (a) Simulation und Dimensionierung der Energieversorgung von Geraeten im Indoor-Bereich, wobei unterschiedliche Lichtquellen verarbeitet werden muessen, sowie von sonstigen netzfreien (Outdoor-) Kleinsystemen. (b) Einbindung kleiner Windgeneratoren in die Simulation und Dimensionierung von netzfernen Systemen (Insel-Anlagen), einschliesslich Bereitstellung der Wind-Daten und einer zusaetzlichen Komponenten-Datenbank fuer kleine

  2. Campaigns for renewable energy - the evaluation of 'Solar-na klar.' and a framework concept for new campaigns; Kampagnen fuer erneuerbare Energien - Die Evaluation von 'Solar-na klar.' und Empfehlungen fuer neue Kampagnen

    Duscha, M.; Schuele, R.; Gross, D.; Lambrecht, K.; Lucius, W.; Johansson, J.; Rieder, S.


    , localized relevant target groups and condensed recent image studies about renewable energies in Germany. As a result, the report details the main elements and conditions that are necessary for campaigns that cover all types of renewable energies, such campaigns are supported in principal by all stakeholder groups. (orig.) [German] (a) Die Kampagne 'Solar - na klar.' unterstuetzt seit 1999 eine verstaerkte Verbreitung von solarthermischen Anlagen durch vielfaeltige Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit und Dienstleistungen. Die Evaluation der Kampagne kam bezueglich der externen Wirkungen zu ueberwiegend positiven Ergebnissen: Die zentralen Zielgruppen, Handwerker und der Ein-/Zweifamilienhausbesitzer, wurden durch die Kampagne gut erreicht und mit gutem Informationsmaterial angesprochen. Darueber hinaus schaetzte ca. ein Viertel der Haushalte, die eine solarthermische Anlage installierten, den Einfluss der Kampagne eher hoch ein. Allerdings vermissten die Haushalte zum Teil weiterfuehrende Informationen. Auch die befragten Handwerker aeusserten eine relativ grosse Zufriedenheit mit der Kampagne. Sie nutzten die bereitgestellten Informationsmaterialien der Kampagne jedoch nur sehr selten. Die Evaluation der internen Grundlagen und Prozesse fuehrt zu ambivalenten Ergebnissen: Beispielsweise ist es der Kampagne auf der einen Seite gelungen, eine breite und heterogene Traegerschaft zu gewinnen und flexibel auf aeussere Anforderungen zu reagieren. Auf der anderen Seite stellten sich Probleme in der Steuerung und im Konfliktmanagement ein. Hierzu trugen u.a. eine nicht ausreichend integrierte Projektplanung sowie strukturelle Unterschiede zwischen den Partnern bei. Die Evaluation muendet in der zentralen Empfehlung, die Kampagne in modififizierter Form fortzusetzen. Verbesserungsmoeglichkeiten sehen die Evaluatoren u.a. in der verstaerkten Einbindung regionaler Aktvitaeten. (b) Als Grundlage fuer die Empfehlungen fuer weitere Kampagnen fuer erneuerbare Energien analysierte das ifeu-Institut

  3. Assessment of the permeation characteristics of fibre-reinforced materials and elastomers for applications in cryotechnics and refrigeration engineering; Bestimmung der Permeationseigenschaften von Faserverbundwerkstoffen und Elastomeren fuer den Einsatz in der Kryo- und Kaeltetechnik

    Waschull, Joerg; Knabe, Monika; Grimm, Ulrich; Roemer, Siegfried [Institut fuer Luft- und Kaeltetechnik GmbH, Dresden (Germany)


    For safe and environmentally acceptable operation of cryotechnical and refrigerating sytems, the permeation characteristics of the elastomers and fibre-reinforced materials must be known. While elastomers are used primarily as sealing materials of refrigeration systems, fibre-reinforced materials are used increasingly in containers for supercooled liquids like LN2, LH2, and LH3. Measuring systems and methods were developed at the Institut of Ventilation and Refrigeration Engineering at Dresden (Institut fuer Luft- und Kaeltetechnik, Dresden) that enable quantitative statements on the permeation characteristics as a function of temperature. (orig.)

  4. Preventive strategy for nanomaterials. Special report; Vorsorgestrategien fuer Nanomaterialien. Sondergutachten



    knowledge of which nanomaterials are used in which products. The SRU sees a need for greater transparency here to enable public authorities to react swiftly whenever evidence of health or environmental risks arises. Consumers should in principle enjoy freedom of choice. For this reason the SRU recommends creating a registry of nanoproducts and supplementation of existing labelling requirements. [German] In diesem Sondergutachten gibt der Sachverstaendigenrat fuer Umweltfragen (SRU) Empfehlungen fuer einen verantwortungsvollen, vorsorgeorientierten Umgang mit dieser Technologie. Ziel ist es, Innovationen zu ermoeglichen, aber auch Risiken fruehzeitig zu erkennen und zu mindern. Der SRU sieht dringenden Handlungsbedarf bei der Regulierung von Nanomaterialien und fordert mehr Transparenz bei Verbraucherprodukten ein. Sobald ein begruendeter Anlass zur Besorgnis besteht, muss nach dem Vorsorgeprinzip gehandelt und zwischen Risiken und Chancen abgewogen werden. Um dies zu ermoeglichen, sind zahlreiche rechtliche Aenderungen erforderlich. Nanomaterialien und Nano-Produkte unterliegen grundsaetzlich dem Stoff-, Produkt- und Umweltrecht. In der Praxis fuehren aber die Besonderheiten von Nanomaterialien dazu, dass nicht alle rechtlichen Instrumente greifen. So werden Nanomaterialien bei der Registrierung von Chemikalien und bei der Zulassung von Produkten nicht immer separat erfasst und damit bewertet. Der SRU empfiehlt, solche nanospezifischen Regelungsluecken schnell zu schliessen. Dazu ist es notwendig, Nanomaterialien verbindlich zu definieren, sie grundsaetzlich bei der Risikobewertung von Chemikalien wie eigenstaendige Stoffe zu behandeln und mit einem eigens auf sie zugeschnittenen Datensatz zu registrieren. Dabei duerfen die Risiken von Nanomaterialien nicht pauschal bewertet werden, weil manche Materialien nach heutigem Kenntnisstand unbedenklich sind, waehrend bei anderen ein Risikopotenzial besteht. Einen Anlass zur Besorgnis sieht der SRU vor allem bei der Verwendung von

  5. Parameters for viable process combinations; Randbedingungen fuer sinnvolle Verfahrenskombinationen

    Lahl, U.; Zeschmar-Lahl, B. [BZL Kommunikation und Projektsteuerung GmbH, Oyten (Germany)


    The following parameters merit examination in determining the viability of process combinations: conceptual and technical soundness, environmental acceptability, energy balance, flexibility, costs, economic risk potential. The present contribution on this subject is not intended to take the place of or cover the scope of single-case studies. In practice, viability studies on process combinations have to deal with concrete plans involving precisely defined material flow balances, emissions, costs etc. The present paper therefore only presents the basic principles of this type of study. [Deutsch] Folgende Randbedingungen fuer sinnvolle Verfahrenskombinationen sind zu untersuchen: - konzeptionelle und technische Stimmigkeit, - Umweltvertraeglichkeit, - energetische Bilanz, - Flexibilitaet, - Kosten, - oekonomisches Risikopotential. Nun kann dieser Beitrag zum Thema keine Einzelfallbetrachtung ersetzen bzw. abdecken. Im Rahmen einer echten Pruefung auf `Sinnhaftigkeit` einer Kombinationsloesung stehen sich ganz konkrete Planungen gegenueber, die wiederum mit definierten Stoffflussbilanzen, Emissionen, Kosten usw. verbunden sind. Im Rahmen dieser Betrachtung koennen nur die Grundzuege einer derartigen Pruefung dargestellt werden. (orig.)

  6. Ageing management of mechanical components; Alterungsmanagement fuer mechanische Komponenten

    Hienstorfer, W. [TUeV Energie- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Filderstadt (Germany); Herter, K.H.; Schuler, X. [Materialpruefungsanstalt, Univ. Stuttgart, Stuttgart (Germany)


    Lifetime management, ageing management and integrity testing are part of technical rules and specifications. The contribution focuses on ageing management, for which different technical measures are required depending on the safety relevance of the components and systems involved. The procedure for ensuring adherence to the specified quality is outlined, and the required technical and organisational measures are explained. (orig.) [German] In Leitlinien und Regelwerken sind fuer mechanische Komponenten Anforderungen zur Absicherung des Betriebs waehrend der gesamten Lebensdauer (Lebensdauermanagement), zur Absicherung von Alterungsphaenomenen (Alterungsmanagement) als auch zum Nachweis der Integritaet (Integritaetsnachweis, z.B. mit dem Ziel des Bruchausschlusses) enthalten. Ein wesentliches Element stellt dabei das Alterungsmanagement dar. Je nach sicherheitstechnischer Bedeutung der zu betrachtenden Komponenten und Systeme oder auch aus Gruenden der vorbeugenden Instandhaltung sind unterschiedliche technische Massnahmen erforderlich. Die Vorgehensweise zur Absicherung der im Betrieb geforderten Qualitaet wird aufgezeigt und die dabei erforderlichen technischen und organisatorischen Massnahmen werden erlaeutert. (orig.)

  7. The Rossendorf research site. The Rossendorf Research Center (FZR). The Rossendorf Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Analytik (VKTA). The Rossendorf Foerderverein fuer Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (ROTECH)


    The illustrated brochure presents the Rossendorf research site at a glance. There are two major new establishments, the Rossendorf Research Center and the Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Analytik Rossendorf (VKTA), whose main activities cover basic research and tasks in the field of nuclear facilities decommissioning and radwaste management on site. (DG) [de

  8. Steam supply for the Principality of Liechtenstein. Process heat for industrial applications; Dampflieferung fuer das Fuerstentum Liechtenstein. Prozesswaerme fuer die Industrie

    Dokter, Ernst [VfA Buchs fuer Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung und das Ferndampfsystem, Buchs (Switzerland)


    Switzerland is leading the world in thermal waste management. There are 29 incinerators (KVA - Kehrichtverbrennungsanlagen) with a capacity of 3.7 million t.p.a. They are operated by industrial or municipal owners and by the Verein fuer Abfallentsorgung Buchs SG. (orig.)

  9. Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Annual report 2013/14; Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Jahresbericht 2013/14



    The annual report 2013/14 of the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) includes projects and key activities on the following issues: reactor safety, waste disposal, radiation protection, environmental protection and the support of foreign authorities and TSO. The project executing organizations, the governmental funding, share holding and subsidiaries are summarized.

  10. 25 Jahre - Institut fuer Geodaesie, Teil 3: Aus dem Leben des Instituts (25 Years - Institute of Geodesy, Part 3: The Life of the Institute)


    Welsch SCHRIFTENREIHE UNIVERSITAT DER BUNDESWEHR MONCHEN 20080707 028 A %°(w Der Druck dieses Heftes wurde aus Haushaltsmitteln der Universitdt der...Verwendung hi prliziser Ephemeriden. Espe Das Ergebnis der Be- Sali ferr ktal echnungen waren 3d - @ Koordinaten sowie geo- s1fr graphische Koordinaten...1982, Aalborg Un- B. Eissfeller, G. W. Hein: A Contribution to 3d - versity Centre, Denmark. 431 S. Operational Geodesy. Part 4: The Observation Heft 8

  11. Research and development activities of the Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgungstechnik on the decontamination of surfaces

    Dippel, T.; Hentschel, D.; Kunze, S.


    After developing a procedure for the ''Testing of Surface Coating Materials for the Decontamination'' about 900 different surface coating materials had been tested and evaluated for the domestic and foreign industry. The results prove the following basic facts: Surface coatings, low in porosity, forming a smooth surface and containing limited amounts of filler are in the majority very effectively decontaminated if they are prepared of chemically stable, water repellent materials; Decontamination results are drastically poorer if the degree of filling of the materials is high especially if hygroscopic fillers and/or hygroscopic colouring matters are used. Currently available cleansers and washing powders used for decontamination did not fulfill the three basic demands for a decontamination agent: high efficiency, small foam generation and sufficient thermal stability. Therefore for the decontamination of walls, floors, etc. a water delutable, liquid cleanser was developed. In the same context a washing powder was optimized for the decontamination of contaminated clothing. The experiments on the decontamination of stainless steels ended up with the formulation of a pickling paste. Furthermore all investigations were aimed at a minimization of the waste generation by the decontamination process. This resulted in decontamination techniques, in which the decontaminating agents were applied in thin layers. A comparison of the currently practiced dipping technique with the coating technique showed that the latter one gave the better decontamination results and that the amount of decontamination waste was reduced. (orig./HP) [de

  12. Brief description of the programmes of the Institut fuer Reaktordynamik und Anlagensicherheit (IRA)


    All programmes used by the IRA are presented, giving name and abbreviation, field of application, purpose and solution method, requirements made on the computer, necessary auxiliary programmes, and machine time for typical examples. (RW) [de

  13. Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Institut fuer Kernphysik. Annual report 1991


    During the year 1991 the work concentrated on building the Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Juelich. The experimental activity was accompanied by theoretical studies in the field of medium energy nuclear physics. The preparation of COSY experiments concerned the realization of multipurpose facilities and other experiments. Work going on in the field of theoretical nuclear physics was strongly connected with research projects at COSY and processes induced in the proton-antiproton interaction. Through nuclear spectroscopy two-phonon octupole excitation had been identified in Gd-148. The ISIS ECR source has been used for the production of ion beams for atomic physics research. (DG)

  14. Energy conservation from a consumer perspective. Institut fuer marketing der Universitaet Muenster, Arbeitspapiere

    Katz, R


    A survey of the standard of energy research in the American Literature on consumer behaviour is given. After the discussion of the importance of consumer research for energy conservation the difficulties on determining ''energy conservation behaviour'' are described. Moreover, the study compiles past American Literature that has tried to explain energy conservation behaviour. A further chapter analyzes measures of influencing the consumer energy conservation behaviour carried out so far in the United States and Canada. Finally, still open problems in future American energy conservation research in the field of consumer behaviour are demonstrated.

  15. Progress report on research and development activities in 1982 of the Institut fuer Reaktorbauelemente


    In 1982 problems of the following subjects have been dealt with: - Thermohydraulic behaviour of core melts and pebble beds. - Fuel rod behaviour and effects of cooling channel blocking during loss-of-coolant incidents. - Hydraulics of pulsed screen bottom columns. - Evidence of incidents on the sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor. - Leakage-before-rupture behaviour of pipe lines. - Two-phase mass flow measuring methods. - Investigations on heat removal and stability of steel structures in the reactor vessel. - Thermo- and fluid dynamics of core elements with regular and irregular geometry. - Core emergency cooling for advanced pressurized water reactors. - Reliability of component parts in machine construction. - Investigations on fusion reactor components. - Fundamental investigations on natural convection. (orig./GL) [de

  16. Report on research and development activities 1980 of the Institut fuer Reaktorbauelemente


    In 1980 the IRB-staff has worked on the following problems: fuel rod behaviour loss of coolant incidents, heat transfer processes and mechanisms of flow in one-channel- and multi-channel-geometries under regular and disturbed geometrical conditions, measuring systems of two-phase mass flow, hydraulic pulsated perforated bottom columns, thermal hydraulic behaviour of core melt down and particle charges, evidence of incidents at sodium cooled fast breeders, behaviour as to friction, abrasion and welding of reactor specific material influenced by coolant media, fuel element design, emergency cooling of core at advanced pressurized reactors, liquid metal target for the spallation neutron source, behaviour in failure of pressure vessels and pressure tubes, basic examinations on natural convection. (orig./GL) [de

  17. The Fringe Reading Facility at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Stroemungsforschung

    Becker, F.; Meier, G. E. A.; Wegner, H.; Timm, R.; Wenskus, R.


    A Mach-Zehnder interferometer is used for optical flow measurements in a transonic wind tunnel. Holographic interferograms are reconstructed by illumination with a He-Ne-laser and viewed by a video camera through wide angle optics. This setup was used for investigating industrial double exposure holograms of truck tires in order to develop methods of automatic recognition of certain manufacturing faults. Automatic input is achieved by a transient recorder digitizing the output of a TV camera and transferring the digitized data to a PDP11-34. Interest centered around sequences of interferograms showing the interaction of vortices with a profile and subsequent emission of sound generated by this process. The objective is the extraction of quantitative data which relates to the emission of noise.

  18. Annual report for 1980 of the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik


    The scientific departments of IPP Garching give a review of their R + D activities in 1980. Other subjects discussed are the work of the central technical services, the organisational structure, the managing directors, administration, general services, and public relations. Publications and conference reports are listed, and projects carried out by the Universities of Stuttgart, Munich, and Frankfurt/Main on behalf of IPP are described. (GG)

  19. The Fringe Reading Facility at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Stroemungsforschung

    Becker, F.; Meier, G. E. A.; Wegner, H.; Timm, R.; Wenskus, R.


    A Mach-Zehnder interferometer is used for optical flow measurements in a transonic wind tunnel. Holographic interferograms are reconstructed by illumination with a He-Ne-laser and viewed by a video camera through wide angle optics. This setup was used for investigating industrial double exposure holograms of truck tires in order to develop methods of automatic recognition of certain manufacturing faults. Automatic input is achieved by a transient recorder digitizing the output of a TV camera and transferring the digitized data to a PDP11-34. Interest centered around sequences of interferograms showing the interaction of vortices with a profile and subsequent emission of sound generated by this process. The objective is the extraction of quantitative data which relates to the emission of noise.

  20. Research and development activities 1984 of KFK Institut fuer Genetik und Toxikologie von Spaltstoffen


    The annual report describes the R+D activities in 1984. Most of the projects were long-term research projects in the fields of gene repair and regulation, biological carcinogenesis, radiation toxicology of actinides, biochemistry of actinides and other heavy metals, biophysic aspects of organometallic compounds, and biochemical fundamentals of gene repair. A new research project is entitled 'Molecular genetics of eukaryontic genes'. (MG) [de

  1. Fraunhofer Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie (IME). Annual report 2015


    For the Fraunhofer IME, 2015 was an outstanding year, including a record-breaking operating budget of around 33.9 million euro, of which an astounding 97.1% was from third party revenues. Business contracts accounted for around 47% of our turnover, which is also an extraordinary achievement. Our research scientists won awards for excellent results in 2015. For example, one Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2015 went to a team of researchers from Continental Tires Germany GmbH, Fraunhofer IME and the University of Muenster, developing natural rubber from dandelions as a sustainable raw material for the rubber processing industry. This project is an excellent embodiment of the ideals of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and our working approach, our aim being to perform top-level scientific research, to think in terms of ecological and economic sustainability, and to develop original solutions to key challenges. In collaboration with industrial partners, these solutions bring specific products onto the market that strengthen Welcome Germany's standing as a research and business location as well as benefiting society. By developing research activities combining different core competencies, and by integrating perspectives from diverse fields of operation, we can enhance the value of our scientific and regulatory services. The contribution of our research scientists to the drawing up of guidelines and guidance documents is valued on a national and international level. In setting up the new business field 'Sustainable Agricultural Production of Substances', we have linked our competencies in analytics, soil science, active substance research and testing, as well as secondary raw materials and feedstuffs, with the know-how of external partners in plant cultivation and geographical information systems.

  2. Fibre-reinforced ceramics for vehicle brakes; Faserverstaerkte Keramiken fuer Bremsenanwendungen

    Krenkel, W. [DLR Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., Stuttgart (Germany). Inst. fuer Bauweisen- und Konstruktionsforschung


    Fibre-reinforced ceramics are extremely light, with a high fracture toughness, and have a high potential for applications in motor brakes. It is envisaged that they will last through the whole vehicle life. They can be used in passenger cars, industrial vehicles, high-speed trains, aircraft and in safety brakes in machines, plants and haulage systems. [German] Im Rahmen der Raumfahrt-Forschung wurde vom Deutschen Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) das Fluessigsilicier-Verfahren zur Herstellung von keramischen Verbundwerkstoffen entwickelt. Diese extrem leichten und bruchzaehen Faserkeramiken haben sich unter den besonderen Bedingungen des Weltraums beispielsweise fuer Hitzeschutzstrukturen von Raumfahrzeugen hervorragend bewaehrt. Darueber hinaus zeigten Untersuchungen ein hohes Anwendungspotenzial fuer neue Bremsen mit deutlich verbesserten Reibungs- und Verschleisseigenschaften. Weiterentwicklungen des keramischen Gefueges fuehrten zu innovativen Leichtbau- bzw. Hochleistungs-Bremsen auf der Basis dieser harten und hitzebestaendigen Verbundwerkstoffe. Bereits mit serienmaessigen Bremsbelaegen wurden die heute geltenden Verschleiss- und Reibwertanforderungen teilweise weit uebertroffen. Die Leistungsfaehigkeit heutiger Bremssysteme kann damit deutlich gesteigert und die ungefederte Masse des Fahrwerks drastisch reduziert werden. Mit der zielgerichteten Anpassung geeigneter Belaege auf die neuen Keramik-Bremsscheiben scheint erstmals ein Einsatz von Lebensdauerbremsen moeglich zu sein, deren geringe Verschleissraten einen Austausch der Bremsscheiben waehrend der Betriebszeit eines Fahrzeugs ueberfluessig machen. Neben der Verwendung dieser innovativen Leichtbaubremsen im PKW-Bereich wird zukuenftig deren Einsatz auch fuer Gefahrguttransporter, Hochgeschwindigkeitszuege, Flugzeuge und fuer Sicherheitsbremsen im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau sowie in der Foerdertechnik erwartet. (orig.)

  3. Market monitoring. Globalization of professional education for engineers. Chances and market potentials of German sellers; Marktsondierung. Internationalisierung beruflicher Weiterbildung fuer Ingenieure. Chancen und Marktpotenziale deutscher Anbieter

    Luther, W.; Baron, W.; Zweck, A.


    A market monitoring study was carried to determine which countries and which business fields offer opportunities for developing promising activities. The results of the market monitoring study, which was carried out by the VDI Technology Centre, will also be made available to other interested training institutions with a view to promoting the globalisation of professional education for engineers. The following countries were included in the study: USA, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain. The study focused chiefly on technically specialised staff and executives. As regards products and services the main focus is on training events with a short runtime and areas where there is a strong interest in the globalisation of training providers. [German] Mittels einer Marktsondierung wurde untersucht, in welchen Laendern und in welchen Geschaeftsfeldern aussichtsreiche Aktivitaeten entfaltet werden koennen. Die Ergebnisse dieser Marktuntersuchung des VDI-Technologiezentrums werden auch weiteren interessierten Weiterbildungseinrichtungen zur Verfuegung gestellt, um auf diese Weise einen Beitrag zur staerkeren Internationalisierung beruflicher Weiterbildung fuer Ingenieure zu leisten. Die Studie analysiert folgende Ziellaender: USA, Belgien, Frankreich, Grossbritannien, Irland, Niederlande, Schweden und Spanien. Als Zielgruppe werden technische Fach- und Fuehrungskraefte fokussiert. Als moegliche Produkte und Dienstleistungen stehen Veranstaltungen mit relativ kurzer Laufzeit und Handlungsfelder im Vordergrund, die fuer eine Internationalisierung der Weiterbildungsanbieter von besonderem Interesse sind. (orig.)

  4. Natural and anthropogenic environmental hazards. Research results of the Department of Applied Geology; Natuerliche und anthropogene Umweltgefaehrdungen. Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Lehrstuhl fuer Angewandte Geologie

    Czurda, K.; Eiswirth, M.; Hoetzl, H. [comps.


    Applied geology is employed in mining geology, raw materials geology, engineering geology, and hydrogeology, of which the two last-mentioned are the most important for the Department of Applied Geology. This series of publications arose from the need of making research findings, dissertations, theses and conference papers accessible to the public faster and more comprehensively than in national and international journals. [Deutsch] Die Aufgaben der angewandten Geologie sind im weitesten Sinne in der Montangeologie, in der Rohstoffgeologie, in der Ingenieurgeologie und in der Hydrogeologie zu sehen. Der engere Aufgabenbereich der Institute fuer Angewandte Geologie konzentriert sich der heutigen Fragestellung entsprechend meist auf die Ingenieurgeologie und Hydrogeologie. Wenn wir daraus noch die Umweltgeologie ableiten, so ist der Lehr- und Forschungsschwerpunkt auch des Karlsruher Lehrstuhles fuer Angewandte Geologie (AGK=Angewandte Geologie Karlsruhe) umrissen. Die vorliegende Schriftenreihe ist aus der Notwendigkeit entstanden, Forschungsergebnisse, Dissertationen und ausgewaehlte Diplomarbeiten sowie Beitraege einschlaegiger Tagungen in Karlsruhe rascher und u.U. umfangreicher als in internationalen oder nationalen Journalen moeglich zu publizieren. (orig.)

  5. Engineering Institute

    Projects Past Projects Publications NSEC » Engineering Institute Engineering Institute Multidisciplinary engineering research that integrates advanced modeling and simulations, novel sensing systems and new home of Engineering Institute Contact Institute Director Charles Farrar (505) 665-0860 Email UCSD EI

  6. Fibre-reinforced ceramics for vehicle brakes; Faserverstaerkte Keramiken fuer Bremsenanwendungen

    Krenkel, W. [DLR Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., Stuttgart (Germany). Inst. fuer Bauweisen- und Konstruktionsforschung


    In the context of their aerospace research activities, DLR (Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt) developed a new process for producing ceramic fibre composite materials that are extremely light and tough. Apart from their applications in aerospace engineering, they have great potential for motor brakes with improved friction and wear characteristics. Excellent results were achieved with the new materials even with conventional brake liners. With customised liners, brake life may be prolonged to match the car life. Further applications are expected in trucks for transport in hazardous materials, high-speed trains, aircraft, industrial machinery and plants, and conveyor systems. [German] Im Rahmen der Raumfahrt-Forschung wurde vom Deutschen Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) das Fluessigsilicier-Verfahren zur Herstellung von keramischen Verbundwerkstoffen entwickelt. Diese extrem leichten und bruchzaehen Faserkeramiken haben sich unter den besonderen Bedingungen des Weltraums beispielsweise fuer Hitzeschutzstrukturen von Raumfahrzeugen hervorragend bewaehrt. Darueber hinaus zeigten Untersuchungen ein hohes Anwendungspotenzial fuer neue Bremsen mit deutlich verbesserten Reibungs- und Verschleisseigenschaften. Weiterentwicklungen des keramischen Gefueges fuehrten zu innovativen Leichtbau- bzw. Hochleistungs-Bremsen auf der Basis dieser harten und hitzebestaendigen Verbundwerkstoffe. Bereits mit serienmaessigen Bremsbelaegen wurden die heute geltenden Verschleiss- und Reibwertanforderungen teilweise weit uebertroffen. Die Leistungsfaehigkeit heutiger Bremssysteme kann damit deutlich gesteigert und die ungefederte Masse des Fahrwerks drastisch reduziert werden. Mit der zielgerichteten Anpassung geeigneter Belaege auf die neuen Keramik-Bremsscheiben scheint erstmals ein Einsatz von Lebensdauerbremsen moeglich zu sein, deren geringe Verschleissraten einen Austausch der Bremsscheiben waehrend der Betriebszeit eines Fahrzeugs ueberfluessig machen. Neben der

  7. Advertising campaign for natural gas vehicles is getting along; Werbung fuer Erdgasfahrzeuge kommt ins Rollen

    Koerner, I. [me-gas, Projektgruppe Erdgasfahrzeuge, Berlin (Germany)


    Six students of the Berlin University of Arts developed a nationwide communication campaign for natural gas vehicles. The campaign is the first of its kind which is not restricted to industrial and commercial users. Apart from the innovative and unusual creations, it was the results of market research that created a sensation. [German] Sechs Studenten der Berliner Universitaet der Kuenste haben eine bundesweite Kommunikationskampagne fuer Erdgasfahrzeuge erarbeitet, die zum ersten Mal nicht nur die gewerblichen Vielfahrer ansprechen soll. Neben den ungewoehnlichen und zum Teil gewagten Kreationen waren es die Ergebnisse aus der Marktforschung, die fuer Ueberraschungen sorgten. (orig.)

  8. Part-turn gearboxes for electric actuators; Schwenkgetriebe fuer elektrische Stellantriebe

    Herbstritt, M. [Riester (W.) GmbH und Co. KG, Muellheim (Germany)


    Different types of gearboxes provide a useful complement to the electric actuator type ranges. The gearboxes can be combined with the actuators in many ways. Multi-turn actuators, for example, can be turned into part-turn actuators. When using a modular system, a suitable solution for almost any automation task in the field of industrial valves can be found. (orig.) [German] Sinnvoll ergaenzt werden elektrische Stellantriebe fuer Armaturen durch verschiedene Arten von Getrieben. Die Getriebe sind in vielfaeltiger Weise mit den Stellantrieben kombinierbar. So werden beispielsweise aus Drehantrieben Schwenkantriebe. Mit einem Baukasten-System laesst sich so fuer nahezu jede Automatisierungsaufgabe im Bereich der Industriearmaturen eine passende Loesung finden. (orig.)

  9. Electric power in the competitive market - Investing capital for cleaner energy generation still a rewarding business? New perspectives for electrical energy efficiency improvement, the cogeneration technology, and renewable energy generation; Strom im Wettbewerb - Lohnen sich Investitionen in saubere Energien noch? Neue Perspektiven fuer effiziente Stromnutzung, Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung und Erneuerbare Energien. Tagungsband

    Schwanhold, E. [comp.


    The meeting gathered policymakers, members of the energy industry, the business consulting professions, and scientific institutes and relevant technology companies. New perspectives have been discussed in the context of required framework conditions and processes that have to/can be put in place, or further developed, in order to create a concrete basis or stronger incentives for realisation of climate protection and environmental policy goals in the energy sector. There have been two panel discussions on the issue of whether investing in clean generation technologies will be rewarding. Five papers each presented to these panels have been analysed and prepared for separate retrieval from the database, as well as five papers each of the discussion forum A, ''New perspectives for energy efficiency measures and contracting partnerships'', and the discussion forum B, ''New perspectives for distributed power generation with CHP systems''. From the discussion forum C, ''New perspectives for renewable energy sources'', one paper has been prepared for separate retrieval. (CB) [German] Die Tagung war eine Diskussionsplattform fuer Teilnehmer aus den Bereichen Politik, Energiewirtschaft und wirtschaftsberatende Berufe, Forschungsinstitute und Technologieunternehmen. Neue Perspektiven wurden diskutiert im Zusammenhang mit den Rahmenbedingungen und Moeglichkeiten, die entwickelt oder verstaerkt werden koennen/muessen, um eine konkrete Basis oder staerkere Anreize zur Verwirklichung der Ziele der Klima- und Umweltschutzpolitik in der Energiewirtschaft zu schaffen. Es gab ein Diskussionsforum zur Frage der Wirtschaftlichkeit von Investitionen in saubere Energieerzeugungstechnologien und Energieeffizienz, hiervon wurden 5 Beitraege als Einzelaufnahmen in die Datenbank aufgenommen. Ebenfalls vom Forum A, ''Neue Perspektiven fuer Stromeinsparung und Contracting'', und Forum B, &apos

  10. Product marketing for eco-power; Produktemarketing fuer Oekostrom

    Huber, D. [Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitaetswerke, Zuerich (Switzerland)


    The company NaturEnergie (natural energy), a subsidiary of the Energieversorger Kraftwerk Laufenburg AG (KWL) is located in Grenzach-Whylen (Germany) near Basel (Switzerland) has been selling power generated from sun and water since the 1st of October 1998. The company employes a cleverly designed, emotional marketing strategy in order to position the brand ``NaturEnergie`` as a label for ``green power`` on the market. Bulletin VSE talked to Dr. Kai-Hendrik Schlusche (40), co-founder and member of the board of NaturEnergie AG about marketing and pricing of ``green`` power and about relations with Switzerland.(orig.) [Deutsch] Im grenznahen Grenzach-Whylen bei Basel verkauft die Firma NaturEnergie, eine Tochtergesellschaft der Energieversorger Kraftwerk Laufenburg AG (KWL) und Kraftuebertragungswerke Rheinfelden AG (KWR), seit 1. Oktober 1998 Oekostrom aus Sonne und Wasser. Mit Hilfe einer ausgekluegelten emotionellen Marketingstrategie will das junge Unternehmen die Marke `NaturEnergie` als Label fuer `gruenen Strom` im Markt positionieren. Bulletin VSE sprach mit Dr. Kai-Hendrik Schlusche (40), seit Mai 1998 Gruendungsvorstand der NaturEnergie AG, ueber Marketing, Preisgestaltung von `gruenem Strom` und die Beziehungen zur Schweiz. (orig.)

  11. Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS). Annual report 2011; Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS). Jahresbericht 2011

    Ebermann, Lutz (comp.)


    The annual report 2011 of the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS) includes the following main articles: Fukushima and the consequences, new power lines across Germany and the management of radioactive wastes in Germany. Further topics of the BfS were reasonable exposure to sun and skin cancer prevention, individual health assessment of lung cancer with low-dose CT, occupational radiation exposure in medicine, radiation protection at setting up digital radio of security authorities and organizations, importance of laboratory ring experiments for incorporation monitoring, defence against nuclear hazards: cooperation and exercises in 2011, new developments with regard to radioactivity in drinking water, reportable events in nuclear facilities in 2011, decommissioning of a permanently shut down NPP. The environmental research program of the Federal Environmental ministry - research for strengthening nuclear safety and radiation protection: German uranium miners biobank: consequences of uranium mining and radiological impacts, German miners cohort study, health effects of strong magnetic fields of NMR imaging, radiation exposure due to nuclear medical examinations, national survey on the radio-cesium contamination of wild boars.

  12. Good organization is essential for success. Pt. 1. Energy management for commercial buildings.; Eine gute Organisation ist Voraussetzung fuer den Erfolg. T. 1. Energiemanagement fuer die Gebaeudetechnik.

    Rader, Michael [CentraLine c/o Honeywell, Schoenaich (Germany)


    Energy costs caused by heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems, represent a significant portion of the total operating costs of a building. continuously rising prices of gas, oil and electricity increase the cost pressure on the building operators and users: energy efficiency is becoming a major factor for the competitiveness of a company. In the manufacturing sector, trade and hotel the energy costs have a direct impact on the company's margins. Thus, the willingness to invest in energy saving measures increased. [German] Energiekosten, verursacht durch Heizungs-, Lueftungs-, Klima- und Beleuchtungsanlagen, stellen einen signifikanten Anteil der Gesamtbetriebskosten eines Gebaeudes dar. Kontinuierlich steigende Preise fuer Gas, Oel und Elektrizitaet erhoehen den Kostendruck auf die Gebaeudebetreiber und -nutzer: Energieeffizienz wird zu einem bestimmenden Faktor fuer die Wettbewerbsfaehigkeit eines Unternehmens. Im produzierenden Gewerbe, im Handel und im Hotelgewerbe haben Energiekosten einen direkten Einfluss auf die Margen des Unternehmens. Dadurch erhoeht sich die Bereitschaft, in Energiesparmassnahmen zu investieren.

  13. Institutional advantage

    Martin, Xavier

    Is there such a thing as institutional advantage—and what does it mean for the study of corporate competitive advantage? In this article, I develop the concept of institutional competitive advantage, as distinct from plain competitive advantage and from comparative institutional advantage. I first

  14. Evolutionary institutionalism.

    Fürstenberg, Dr Kai

    Institutions are hard to define and hard to study. Long prominent in political science have been two theories: Rational Choice Institutionalism (RCI) and Historical Institutionalism (HI). Arising from the life sciences is now a third: Evolutionary Institutionalism (EI). Comparative strengths and weaknesses of these three theories warrant review, and the value-to-be-added by expanding the third beyond Darwinian evolutionary theory deserves consideration. Should evolutionary institutionalism expand to accommodate new understanding in ecology, such as might apply to the emergence of stability, and in genetics, such as might apply to political behavior? Core arguments are reviewed for each theory with more detailed exposition of the third, EI. Particular attention is paid to EI's gene-institution analogy; to variation, selection, and retention of institutional traits; to endogeneity and exogeneity; to agency and structure; and to ecosystem effects, institutional stability, and empirical limitations in behavioral genetics. RCI, HI, and EI are distinct but complementary. Institutional change, while amenable to rational-choice analysis and, retrospectively, to criticaljuncture and path-dependency analysis, is also, and importantly, ecological. Stability, like change, is an emergent property of institutions, which tend to stabilize after change in a manner analogous to allopatric speciation. EI is more than metaphorically biological in that institutional behaviors are driven by human behaviors whose evolution long preceded the appearance of institutions themselves.

  15. CuRa: Cooperation on non-polluting resource exchange for cost reduction. Final report; CuRa: Cooperation fuer umweltschonenden Ressourcenaustausch zur Nutzung von Kostenreduktionspotenzialen. Abschlussbericht

    Schoen, M.; Delahaye, F.; Hiessl, H.; Kotz, C.; Kuntze, U.; Matuschweski, A.; Schuenke, P.; Zoche, P.; Hafkesbrink, J.; Rebhan, A.; Schroll, M.


    The project CuRa: (German acronym for Cooperation for Environmentally Friendly Exchange of Resources) aimed to design elements to put into practice the model of sustainable development. The focus was on the participation of industry and business on a regional level and two model regions were chosen for the analysis of case studies. It was intended to give impulses for regional material flow networks between companies, for example by bundling similar material flows to achieve a better profitability and by one-to-one cooperation between companies, one of them using the waste of the partner as raw material. In addition, the potential for reducing material throughput using modern information technology was investigated in a case study. A set of theses derived from institutional theory was verified on the basis of the empirical results. Useful for the development and the stabilization of networks are, among others, expected economic benefits for the partners, common socio-cultural values and traditions, and using existing institutional arrangements as a basis. Different forms of market and policy failures were identified as obstacles, e.g. the established system of waste disposal services, the focus among the responsible actors on compliance with existing rules, and different regulatory obstacles. Nevertheless, in spite of the insufficient number of successful examples and demonstration projects, a shift in orientation from focusing on mere waste disposal towards a closed loop recycling economy and even towards sustainable development was identified within the commercial sector. (orig.) [German] Im Projekt CuRa: (Cooperation fuer umweltschonenden Ressourcenaustausch) sollten in zwei Modellregionen Bausteine fuer die operative Umsetzung des Leitbildes nachhaltiger Entwicklung durch regionale Akteure aus Industrie und Gewerbe entwickelt werden. Es sollte ein Anstoss zu zwischen- und ueberbetrieblicher Vernetzung von Materialfluessen sowie zu einer Umgestaltung der

  16. Quality assurance for the incorporation surveillance in Germany; Qualitaetssicherung fuer die Inkorporationsueberwachung in Deutschland

    Buchholz, Werner; Gerstmann, Udo; Hartmann, Martina; Loescher, Simone; Meisenberg, Oliver; Woidy, Patrick [Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz, Oberschleissheim (Germany). FB Strahlenschutz und Gesundheit


    The coordination center of the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz is performing annual ring experiments for in-vivo and in-vitro measuring points. This procedure allows checking the measuring data and the competence of the personnel. In the last years these tests included also radionuclides that are important in radiation emergency protection. Case studies for dose determination based on incorporation scenarios are included.

  17. Integral energy concepts for office and residential buildings; Integrale Energiekonzepte fuer Buero- und Wohngebaeude

    Velten, W.


    It has been confirmed by practical project experience that integral energy concepts are an excellent basis for the construction of energy-efficient buildings. In the extreme case buildings can even be self-sufficient in their energy supply. Uniting the responsibility for the overall energy and technology concept in the hands of a single contractor can help reduce frictional losses between those involved in the planning as well costs. A good example of this is the use of a simulation calculation for the prescribed demonstration of proper heat insulation. The presented projects show that it is possible to construct ecologically answerable buildings at attractively low costs. The presented concepts appear particularly convincing from the viewpoint of long-term maintenance of value and user-specific advantages such as agreeable working conditions. [Deutsch] Die konkreten Projekterfahrungen bestaetigen, dass durch integrale Energiekonzepte sowohl im Verwaltungs- als auch im Wohnungsbau hervorragende Voraussetzungen fuer energiesparende Gebaeude geschaffen werden koennen. Im Extremfall kann sogar eine autarke Energieversorgung erreicht werden. Durch Zusammenfassung der Gesamtverantwortung fuer das Energie- und Technikkonzept in einer Hand koennen Reibungsverluste zwischen den Planungsbeteiligten reduziert und Kosten gesenkt werden. Ein Beispiel hierfuer ist die Verbindung des vorgeschriebenen Waermeschutznachweises mit einer fuer alle Beteiligten wesentlich aussagekraeftigeren Simulationsrechnung. Die vorgestellten Projekte zeigen, dass oekologisch sinnvolle Gebaeude auch zu oekonomisch attraktiven Kosten erstellt werden koennen, wobei insbesondere der Aspekt des langfristigen Werterhalts und die nutzerspezifischen Vorteile, z.B. durch angenehmere Arbeitsbedingungen, fuer die vorgestellten Konzepte spricht. (orig.)

  18. Environmental criteria for building site selection; Umweltkriterien bei der Standortsuche fuer Bauvorhaben

    Locher, B [Umweltbundesamt, Berlin (Germany)


    The author of the present paper provides information on the application of ecological standards as part of the regulation of development planning. (HW) [Deutsch] Die Autorin gibt in ihrem Vortrag Hinweise auf die Anwendung von oekologischen Standards als Regelungsbestandteile fuer die Bauleitplanung. (HW)

  19. Utilizing offshore potentials for wind power generation; Nutzung der Offshore-Potentiale fuer die Windenergie

    Hannemann, H. [Neptun Industrie GmbH, Rostock (Germany)


    The contribution discusses the importance of the offshore market and recommends measures to develop it. A turnkey offer is required for exports, which means that all organisations cooperating in the pilot project must prove their competence. The status of a pilot project in the Baltic Sea and the further plans for the park (20 systems, 40 MW, more than 10 km off the coast, water depth about 20 m) are reviewed. [German] Zur Erschliessung des Offshore - Marktes fuer Windenergieanlagen ist es erforderlich, die Technologie ''vor der eigenen Haustuer'' demonstrieren zu koennen. Nach einer Betrachtung der europaeischen Offshore - Windenergie - Potentiale und der davon moeglicherweise nutzbaren Anteile wird die Bedeutung des Offshore - Marktes deutlich. Besonders fuer die Hersteller ist der Offshore - Markt fuer den langfristigen Export von besonderer Bedeutung. Um den Export zu realisieren, ist ein Turnkey - Angebot erforderlich, so dass im Pilotprojekt alle an der gesamten Realisation beteiligten Organisationen ihre Kompetenz beweisen muessen und koennen. Der Stand eines Pilotprojektes in der Ostsee und die weitere Planung fuer den Park (20 Anlagen, 40 MW, >10 km Kuestenentfernung, ca. 20 m Wassertiefe) wird dargestellt. (orig.)

  20. Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). Annual report 2013/14


    The annual report 2013/14 of the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) includes projects and key activities on the following issues: reactor safety, waste disposal, radiation protection, environmental protection and the support of foreign authorities and TSO. The project executing organizations, the governmental funding, share holding and subsidiaries are summarized.

  1. Ultrasound motion tracking for radiation therapy; Ultraschallbewegungstracking fuer die Strahlentherapie

    Jenne, J. [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bildgestuetzte Medizin MEVIS, Bremen (Germany); Mediri GmbH, Heidelberg (Germany); Schwaab, J. [Mediri GmbH, Heidelberg (Germany)


    bzw. -kompensation werden zurzeit untersucht oder schon in der Klinik angewendet. Die Sonographie ist eine vielversprechende Option, die nun kurz vor der klinischen Implementierung steht. Hoher Weichteilkontrast, Echtzeitfaehigkeit, Verzicht auf ionisierende Strahlung sowie relativ geringe Anschaffungskosten zeichnen den Ultraschall besonders fuer diesen Zweck aus. Ultraschallbewegungstracking ist ein bildbasierter Ansatz, d. h. das Zielvolumen oder eine damit verbundene Struktur werden direkt beobachtet und deren Bewegung automatisch auf dem Ultraschallbild nachverfolgt. Diverse Algorithmen stehen derzeit zur Verfuegung, die sowohl aus 2-D- als auch 3-D-Bildern die aktuellen Koordinaten einer Zielstruktur liefern. Die Auswahl eines passenden Schallfensters ist jedoch nicht trivial, und ein Goldstandard fuer die Positionierung und Halterung des Schallkopfs wurde noch nicht erarbeitet. Ausserdem sind die Verarbeitung der Koordinateninformation an der Therapieeinheit sowie die dynamische Anpassung des Strahlfeldes grosse Herausforderungen. Es ist offen, ob sich Ultraschallbewegungstracking in der klinischen Routine etabliert, obwohl alle technischen Voraussetzungen als erfuellt angesehen werden koennen, sodass weiterhin spannende Entwicklungen in diesem Forschungsfeld zu erwarten sind. (orig.)

  2. Institutional entrepreneurship:

    Gretzinger, Susanne


    Institutional entrepreneurship pays specific attention to the process and outcomes of agents who are willing and capable of changing institutions. It has some common ground with the political entrepreneur, a concept that proposes change in norms and institutions because of commitment and activities...... of agents or organisations in the policy arena. The present chapter understands institutional entrepreneurship as the process of changing institutionalised practices. Based on a literature review, it describes the triggers, activities and potential effects of institutional entrepreneurs. The chapter...... concludes by tentatively arguing that political entrepreneurs can be institutional entrepreneurs, but institutional entrepreneurship can be considered as the broader concept that incorporates strategies and visions as well as interpretative-discursive power into the conceptual framework....

  3. GSF- Research Centre for Environment and Health. Institute for Hydrology. Annual report 2000; GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Inst. fuer Hydrologie. Jahresbericht 2000



    The main areas of activities in the period under review are the migration of microorganisms in aquifers, ground water and sediments, transport mechanisms, influence of biofilms on hydraulic properties of sediments, analytical and numerical modelling of nitrate reduction in a bioreactor, migration of copper and antimony in aquifers, isotope identification and quantification in ground water and in neve of an antarctic region. (UKE)

  4. Threshold limit values, test values and sanitation values for soil sanitation; Richt-, Pruef- und Sanierungswerte fuer den Bodenschutz

    Karlaganis, G.; Dettwiler, J. [Bundesamt fuer Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft (BUWAL), Bern (Switzerland). Abt. Stoffe, Boden, Biotechnologie


    Soils, the basis for human, plant and animal life, are exposed to quantitative and qualitative deterioration. Quantitative deterioration refers to paving of ground but also to erosion and soil destruction. There are new regulations for physical protection of soil which refer to soil erosion, compacting and handling of soil during building construction. (orig.) [Deutsch] Boden als natuerliche Lebensgrundlage fuer Mensch, Tiere und Pflanzen ist quantitativen und qualitativen Beeintraechtigungen ausgesetzt. Als quantitative Beeintraechtigung gilt jede Art von Verminderungen der Boeden durch Bauten und Anlagen, aber auch durch Erosion oder Bodenschwund. Erlassen worden sind nun neue Bestimmungen fuer drei Bereiche des physikalischen Bodenschutzes, naemlich fuer die Bodenerosion, die Bodenverdichtung und fuer den Umgang mit dem Boden vor allem beim Bauen. Die Verordnung vom 1. Juli 1998 ueber Belastungen des Bodens (VBBo`98) erhaelt neu drei Arten von Beurteilungs- bzw. Massnahmewerten, naemlich Richtwerte, Sanierungswerte und Pruefwerte. (orig./ABI)

  5. Aluminum or steel? Mounting systems for solar generators - a practice report; Aluminium oder Stahl? Montagesysteme fuer Solargeneratoren - ein Praxisreport

    Schnitzer, Sandy [Mounting Systems GmbH, Rangsdorf (Germany); Hannemann, Lydia


    Mounting systems for solar generators must be solid and reliable as long as possible so that they carry the modules. Which material is best? [German] Montagesysteme fuer Solargeneratoren muessen solide sein, damit sie moeglichst lange und zuverlaessig die Module tragen.

  6. Feasibility study for new ecolabels for the product group: Wood pellet firings. Final report; Machbarkeitsstudie fuer neue Umweltzeichen fuer die Produktgruppe: Holzpelletfeuerungen. Endbericht

    Hoffmann, E.; Weiss, J.; Hirschl, B.


    This assessment is a feasibility study according to ISO 14024. It deals with the question whether an ecolabel is suitable for wood pellet heating systems and how concrete criteria for an ecolabel for wood pellet heating plants could be specified. The study begins with a comprehensive market analysis in order to identify possible plants for which an ecolabel would make sense. In the main part of the study, the environmental relevance of the chosen plants is analysed. For this analysis, plant manufacturers were interviewed and a comparison between wood pellet heating systems and heating systems which use gas, oil or wood was carried out. On the basis of this analysis, it was possible to derive a number of criteria which were discussed with company representatives and other experts in this field. As a result of this dialogue and the investigation process as a whole, the introduction of an ecolabel for wood pellet heating plants can be recommended. Wood pellet heating systems are characterized by their high level of automatation and the use of standardized fuels with constant high quality. Thus, they reach high combustion quality with low emission rates, and risks of misuse are minimized. They may contribute to the increased use of renewable energies and thereby to the achievement of climate protection goals. The proposed certification principles comprise requirements regarding (a) the efficient energy use (efficiency factor under partial load and nominal load, plant's supplementary energy consumption), (b) emission values for CO, NO{sub x}, dust and organic substances, (c) the offer of additional services, as well as (d) requirements with regard to the operating instructions. The transcription of the label is proposed as 'Ecolabel.. because low emission and energy-efficient'. (orig.) [German] Beim vorliegenden Gutachten handelt es sich um eine Machbarkeitsstudie nach ISO 14024. Es behandelt die Frage, ob ein Umweltzeichen fuer Holzpelletfeuerungen

  7. Feasibility study for new ecolabels according to ISO 14024 (type 1) within the product group: wood pellet heating systems; Machbarkeitsstudie fuer neue Umweltzeichen fuer die Produktgruppe: Holzpelletfeuerungen

    Hoffmann, E.; Weiss, J.; Hirschl, B. [Institut fuer Oekologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IOEW) gGmbH, Berlin (Germany)


    This assessment is a feasibility study according to ISO 14024. It deals with the question whether an ecolabel is suitable for wood pellet heating systems and how concrete criteria for an ecolabel for wood pellet heating plants could be specified. The study begins with a comprehensive market analysis in order to identify possible plants for which an ecolabel would make sense. In the main part of the study, the environmental relevance of the chosen plants is analysed. For this analysis, plant manufacturers were interviewed and a comparison between wood pellet heating systems and heating systems which use gas, oil or wood was carried out. On the basis of this analysis, it was possible to derive a number of criteria which were discussed with company representatives and other experts in this field. As a result of this dialogue and the investigation process as a whole, the introduction of an ecolabel for wood pellet heating plants can be recommended. Wood pellet heating systems are characterized by their high level of automatation and the use of standardized fuels with constant high quality. Thus, they reach high combustion quality with low emission rates, and risks of misuse are minimized. They may contribute to the increased use of renewable energies and thereby to the achievement of climate protection goals. The proposed certification principles comprise requirements regarding (a) the efficient energy use (efficiency factor under partial load and nominal load, plant's supplementary energy consumption), (b) emission values for CO, NO{sub x}, dust and organic substances, (c) the offer of additional services, as well as (d) requirements with regard to the operating instructions. The transcription of the label is proposed as 'Ecolabel.. because low emission and energy-efficient'. (orig.) [German] Beim vorliegenden Gutachten handelt es sich um eine Machbarkeitsstudie nach ISO 14024. Es behandelt die Frage, ob ein Umweltzeichen fuer Holzpelletfeuerungen

  8. The use potential of aquifer thermal energy storage systems in Canada; Das Anwendungspotential fuer Aquiferwaermespeichersysteme in Kanada

    Cruickshanks, F. [Environment Canada, Dartmouth, ON (Canada); Morofski, E. [Government Services Canada, Ottawa, ON (Canada). Technology RD and D


    This paper offers a brief overview of the historical and technical aspects of aquifer thermal energy storage and its use potential in commercial buildings in Canada. Aquifer thermal energy storage systems are now attractive both for new commercial buildings in Canada and for some already existing ones. This holds true especially of the Atlantic region, where fuel costs are rising and electric power rates vary according to the time of day. The simple pay-back period for ATES systems is between zero and five years. The economic aspects of the use of ATES systems in buildings are pointed out. (orig./BWI) [Deutsch] Dieser Beitrag gibt eine kurze Uebersicht der historischen und technischen Aspekte der Waermespeicherung in Aquiferen und deren Verwendungspotential in kommerziellen Gebaeuden in Kanada. Aquiferwaermespeicherungssysteme sind nunmehr attraktiv sowohl fuer neue als auch fuer manche bereits bestehenden kommerziellen Gebaeude in Kanada. Dies gilt insbesondere fuer die atlantische Region wegen der dort steigenden Kosten fuer Brennstoffe und tageszeitabhaengigen fuer elektrischen Strom. Die einfache Amortisationszeit fuer ATES-Systeme liegt zwischen null und fuenf Jahren. Die wirtschaftlichen Gesichtspunkte des Einsatzes von ATES-Systemen in kommerziellen Gebaeuden werden angefuehrt. (orig./BWI)

  9. Imaging techniques for ultrasonic testing; Bildgebende Verfahren fuer die Ultraschallpruefung



    - Klassische Anwendungen und neuere Entwicklungen der Ultraschall-Bildgebung; 3. Innovative abbildende Ultraschallverfahren in der Forschung und Applikation; 4. Industrielle Ultraschallpruefung geometrisch komplexer Faserverbundstrukturen; 5. Visualisierung von Rissspitzen bei der Pruefung von Radsatzwellen mit Laengsbohrung zur Vermeidung unnoetiger Radsatzwechsel; 6. Flaechige Analyse der Ausbreitung von Lamb-Wellen an gekruemmten, anisotropen Strukturen; 7. Hochaufloesende Darstellung bei der Pruefung in Tauchtechnik; 8. Varianten zur Bilderzeugung aus Phased Array Messdaten - Praktische Beispiele an Kupfer, CFK und anderen Materialien; 9. GIUM - ein unkonventionelles Verfahren der Mikrostrukturabbildung mit Ultraschallanregung und laservibrometrischer Abtastung; 10. Innovative Pruefkonzepte im Luftultraschall zur verbesserten Bildgebung; 11. Nutzung von bildgebenden Verfahren zur Verbesserung der zfP-Pruefaussage; 12.Modellierung und Visualisierung der EMUS-Anregung als Hilfsmittel zur Wandleroptimierung; 13. Anwendung von SAFT im Energiemaschinenbau; 14. Bildgebende Ultraschallpruefung zur verbesserten Fehlercharakterisierung bei der Schweissnahtpruefung von laengsnahtgeschweissten Grossrohren; 15. SAFT-Rekonstruktion fuer die Querfehlerpruefung in austenitischen Schweissnaehten und Mischnaehten; 16. Bildgebendes Optimierungsverfahren zur quantitativen US-Pruefung an anisotropen und inhomogenen austenitischen Schweissverbindungen mit Bestimmung und Nutzung der elastischen Eigenschaften. Ein Beitrag wurde separat aufgenommen.

  10. Colonial Institutions

    McAtackney, Laura; Palmer, Russell


    and the USA which reveal that the study of colonial institutions should not be limited to the functional life of these institutions—or solely those that take the form of monumental architecture—but should include the long shadow of “imperial debris” (Stoler 2008) and immaterial institutions....

  11. Institutional upbringing

    Gulløv, Eva


    In the chapter, I discuss the role day care institutions play in the construction of the idea of proper childhood in Denmark. Drawing on findings from research on ethnic minority children in two Danish day care institutions, I begin with a discussion of how childcare institutions act as civilising...... agents, empowered with the legitimate right to define and control normality and proper ways of behaving oneself. I aim to show how institutions come to define the normal child and proper childhood in accordance with current efforts toward reinventing national culture, exemplified by legislation requiring...... current testing of Danish language fluency levels among pre-school minority children. Testing language skills marks and defines distinctions that reinforce images of deviance that, in turn, legitimize initiatives to enrol children, specifically minority children, in child care institutions....

  12. Process development for utilizing asbestos cement waste in rotary kilns for the cement industry. Final report; Erarbeitung eines Verfahrens zur stofflichen Verwertung von zementgebundenen Asbestprodukten in Drehrohroefen fuer die Zementindustrie. Abschlussbericht

    Schlegel, R.; Kieser, J.; Kraehner, A.


    The law for recycling and waste demands the utilization also for waste of asbestos cement (ac). The procedure of thermal utilization of ac in the flame of a rotary cement kiln was developed and patented by the research institute IBU-tec Weimar, Germany. The ac-material has to be pre-pulverized and grinded to a degree of fineness of R{sub 90}<15%. Considerations of safety engineering lead to the idea of common fine grinding of old oil (oo) and ac. This new procedure was searched in FuE-project in 1998/99 (financial support by BMBF). A mash of ac and oo was generated as a utilization product ready for firing which was injected into the flame of the rotary cement kiln. This particles of ac smelt to spherical shaped particles at a temperature above 1500 C. They were utilized by clinker formation. The material and gas stream leaving the kiln does not contain fibres of asbestos. This was demonstrated in a small equipment burning test. The industrial realization concerning cement plant Ruedersdorf, near Berlin, was searched, technologically described and safety engineeringly and financially assessed by a project study. Process-technical and financial advantages were seen for the dry fine grinding. The wet fine grinding with old oil could be used in cement plants using old oil as fuel. (orig.) [German] Das Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz (1994) fordert u.a. die stoffliche Verwertung auch fuer Asbestzementabfaelle (AZ). Das vom Institut fuer Baustoff- und Umweltschutz-Technologie Weimar 1995 entwickelte und patentierte Verfahren zur thermischen Verwertung von AZ in der Flamme eines Zementdrehrohrofens erfuellt diese Forderung. Das AZ-Material muss vorzerkleinert und bis zur Rohmehlfeinheit (R{sub 90}<15%) feingemahlen werden. Sicherheitstechnische Ueberlegungen fuehrten zu der Idee, die Feinmahlung zusammen mit Altoel (AOe) zu erproben. Diese Verfahrensvariante wurde im Rahmen eines FuE-Projektes 1998/99 untersucht (finanzielle Foerderung durch das BMBF). Als

  13. A DICOM based PACS for nuclear medicine; Ein DICOM-basiertes PACS fuer die Nuklearmedizin

    Lassmann, M.; Reiners, C. [Wuerzburg Univ. (Germany). Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin


    The installation of a radiology information system (RIS) connected to a hospital information system (HIS) and a picture archiving and communications system (PACS) seems mandatory for a nuclear medicine department in order to guarantee a high patient throughput. With these systems a fast transmission of reports, images to the in- and out-patients' wards and private practitioners is realized. Therefore, since April 2000, at the department of nuclear medicine of the university of Wuerzburg a completely DICOM based PACS has been implemented in addition to the RIS. With this system a DICOM based workflow is realized throughout the department of nuclear medicine for reporting and archiving. The PACS is connected to six gamma-cameras, a PET scanner, a bone densitometry system and an ultrasound device. The volume of image data archived per month is 4 GByte. Patient demographics are provided to the modalities via DICOM-Worklist. With these PACS components a department specific archive purely based on DICOM can be realized. During the installation process problems occurred mainly because of the complex DICOM standard for nuclear medicine. Related to that is the problem that most of the software implementations still contain bugs or are not adapted to the needs of a nuclear medicine department (particularly for PET). A communication software for the distribution of nuclear medicine reports and images based on techniques used for the worldwide web is currently tested. (orig.) [German] Fuer eine nuklearmedizinische Klinik ist ein Klinikinformationssystem (KIS) gekoppelt mit einem Radiologieinformationssystem (RIS) sowie einem Bildarchivierungs- und Verteilungssystem (PACS) unabdingbar, um einen schnellen Patientendurchsatz sowie die zeitnahe Uebermittlung von Befunden inklusive nuklearmedizinischen Bildern an zuweisende Stationen, Ambulanzen und externe Zuweiser zu gewaehrleisten. Daher wurde im April 2000 an der Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin der Universitaet

  14. Energy study 2007 for the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt. Published on behalf of the Minister of Economy and Labour of Sachsen-Anhalt; Energiestudie 2007 fuer das Land Sachsen-Anhalt. Untersuchung im Auftrag des Ministeriums fuer Wirtschaft und Arbeit des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

    Weber, A.


    The current energy concept of Sachsen-Anhalt dates back to 2004. Since then, boundary conditions have changed. International energy markets are characterized by growing demand and rising energy prices. This has influenced Germany as well. Further, sustainable power supply and global climate change have become relevant issues during the past few years. Against this background, Sachsen-Anhalt intends to modify its energy concept. The first step will be the provision of a current information and data base on all aspects of world, national and state energy supply and all relevant boundary conditions. The 'Energiestudie 2007' was prepared by Institut fuer Energetik und Umwelt gGmbH. The contents are based on current studies and investigations. The 'Energiestudie' will provide an information base which may be maintained and updated by actors of Sachsen-Anhalt. (orig.)

  15. Institutional actorhood

    Madsen, Christian Uhrenholdt

    In this paper I describe the changing role of intra-organizational experts in the face of institutional complexity of their field. I do this through a qualitative investigation of the institutional and organizational roles of actors in Danish organizations who are responsible for the efforts...... to comply with the Danish work environment regulation. And by doing so I also describe how institutional complexity and organizational responses to this complexity are particular important for the changing modes of governance that characterizes contemporary welfare states....

  16. Institutional Investors

    Birkmose, Hanne Søndergaard; Strand, Therese

    Research Question/Issue: Institutional investors are facing increased pressure and threats of legislation from the European Union to abandon passive ownership strategies. This study investigates the prerequisites for – and potential dissimilarities in the practice of, active ownership among...... institutional investors in two Scandinavian countries with diminutive legal and cultural distance in general. Research Findings/Insights: Using data on shareholder proposals from Danish and Swedish annual general meetings from 2006 throughout 2010, we find that institutional investors are approximately....../Policy Implications: Regulators should be aware of the impact by local governance mechanisms, and how shareholders react under different legal and practical prerequisites. The paper also highlights legal elements that differ between Denmark and Sweden, and which might affect institutional activism....

  17. Institutional Controls

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This dataset consists of institutional control data from multiple Superfund sites in U.S. EPA Region 8. These data were acquired from multiple sources at different...

  18. Institutional Assessment

    Many approaches can and have helped research institutions in the developing .... There are many good texts on project and program evaluation, not to ...... has challenged managers and students of organizational development for decades.

  19. Solar building construction - new technologies; Solares Bauen - Neue Technologien fuer Gebaeude

    Luther, J.; Voss, K.; Wittwer, V. [Fraunhofer-Inst. fuer Solare Energiesysteme, Freiburg (Germany). Abt. ``Thermische und Optische Systeme``


    There is an increasing demand for integrated building concepts in order to reduce energy consumption. Building design, construction and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technology are decisive in this respect. Thus, an essentially higher energy efficiency is achieved and solar energy becomes the main energy source. An `active building envelope` assumes the task of controlling the energy flows between inside and outside. This paper reports on new components, system concepts and planning tools for solar building. (orig.) [Deutsch] Fuer zukuenftige Bauten werden in hohem Masse Forderungen nach integrierten Konzepten zur Begrenzung des Energieverbrauchs gestellt. Gestalt, Konstruktion und Klimatechnik sind dabei massgebliche Einflussfaktoren. Hierdurch wird eine wesentlich hoehere Energieeffizienz erzielt und Solarenergie kann die uebrigen Energiequellen zurueckdraengen. Eine `aktive Gebaeudehuelle` uebernimmt die Aufgabe, den Energiefluss zwischen Innen und Aussen zu steuern. Der Beitrag berichtet ueber neue Komponenten, Systemkonzepte und Planungswerkzeuge fuer das Solare Bauen. (orig.)

  20. Dimensioning and design rules for sliding bearings; optimisation problems; Bemessungs- und Gestaltungsregeln fuer Gleitlager: Optimierungsfragen

    Spiegel, K. [Fachhochschule Duesseldorf (Germany); Fricke, J.


    Already in the design stage of sliding bearings, optimal conditions for operation at a later stage should be envisaged. The contribution presents hints for optimal design and calculation of radial and axial bearings, e.g. gap design, optimised supporting strength, friction loss and lubricant throughput, lubricant exchange and lubricant heat exchange, and improved control of internal lubricant flow. [German] Bei der Auslegung von Gleitlagern ist es von Interesse, moeglichst optimale Bedingungen fuer den spaeteren Betrieb zu schaffen. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden einige bereits bekannte und auch neue Hinweise zur optimalen Gestaltung und Berechnung, sowohl fuer Radial- als auch Axiallager gegeben. Dies betreffen im wesentlichen: die Gestaltung des Spaltverlaufs, Empfehlungen zur Optimierung der Tragfaehigkeit, der Reibungsverluste und des Schmierstoffdurchsatzes, Hinweise zum Schmierstoff- bzw. Schmierstoff-Waermeaustausch und die Verbesserung der inneren Schmierstofffuehrung. (orig.)

  1. Oil-free piston compressors for compressed air and gas; Oellose Kolbenkompressoren fuer Druckluft und Gase

    Frefel, B. [Fritz Haug AG, St. Gallen (Switzerland)


    Oil-free compressors are lubricated with special materials in dry operation. The technology was developed 35 years ago by the Swiss company, Fritz Haug AG. Originally developed for 10 - 40 bar, oil-free compressors are now available for both the low-pressure and high-pressure range. [German] Unter dem Begriff ''oellose Kompressoren'' versteht man Verdichter, die in der ganzen Anlage keinen Tropfen Oel verwenden, weder im Fuehrungs- und Verdichtungstell noch im Triebwerk. Die Schmierung erfolgt mit speziellen Materiallen im Trockenlauf. Die Technik der oellosen und trockenlaufenden Kolbenkompressoren wurde bereits vor rund 35 Jahren von der schweizer Firma Fritz Haug AG entwickelt. Anfaenglich war die Anwendung der Verdichtung von Luft auf 10 bis 40 bar vorbehalten. Durch Weiterentwicklungen in neue Materiallen und in der Konstruktion besteht heute auch ein umfangreiches Sortiment an Kompressoren fuer die oellose und trockene Verdichtung von Gasen fuer den Nieder- und Hochdruckbereich. (orig.)

  2. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for high-voltage overhead lines; Umweltvertraeglichkeitspruefung (UVP) fuer Hochspannungsfreileitungen

    Klockow, S. [Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart (Germany). Abt. Umwelt


    In some of the federal states of Germany the licensing of new or the laying or existing high-voltage overhead lines requires an environmental impact assessment. For many utility companies, however, environmental impact assessments for high-voltage lines are virgin territory. Experience shows that preparing the documentation is not a major problem. Questions usually arise over details such as the calculation of possible incidents or the comparison of different layouts. The authors describes general approaches and strategies and looks at specific problems. (orig.) [Deutsch] Bei der Genehmigung neuer oder der Verlegung vorhandener Hochspannungsfreileitungen ist in einigen Bundeslaendern eine Umweltvertraeglichkeitspruefung durchzufuehren. Fuer viele Energieversorgungsunternehmen ist die Erarbeitung von Umweltvertraeglichkeitsstudien fuer Hochspannungsleitungen aber noch Neuland. Praxiserfahrungen zeigen, dass die Erarbeitung der erforderlichen Unterlagen ohne groessere Schwierigkeiten moeglich ist. Fragen ergeben sich dabei aber bei speziellen Details, z.B. bei der Betrachtung von moeglichen Stoerfaellen oder beim Vergleich von Trassenvarianten. Der Verfasser skizziert das allgemeine Vorgehen und erlaeutert ausfuehrlich die Detailprobleme. (orig.)

  3. Innovative inspection system for reactor pressure vessels; Innovative Pruefsysteme fuer Reaktordruckbehaelter

    Mertens, K.; Trautmann, H.


    The versatile, compact and modern underwater systems described, the DELPHIN manipulators and MIDAS submarines, are innovative systems enabling RPV inspections at considerably reduced efforts and time, thus reducing the total time required for ISI of reactors. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Die vorgestellten kleinen, flexiblen und modernen Schwimmsysteme (DELPHIN-Manipulatoren und MIDAS-U-Boote) sind innovative Systeme fuer die Reduzierung der Aufwaende und Zeit zur Pruefung des Reaktordruckbehaelters und damit zur Reduktion der Revisionszeiten der Reaktoranlagen. (orig.)

  4. Use of process observers at sewage treatment plants; Einsatz von Prozessbeobachtern fuer Klaeranlagen

    Jumar, U.; Alex, J. [Institut fuer Kommunikation und Automation e.V. Magdeburg (IFAK), Barleben (Germany); Rosenwinkel, K.H.; Obenaus, F. [Hannover Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Siedlungswasserwirtschaft und Abfalltechnik


    The paper describes the use of online simulation for prognosticating plant behaviour, training plant operators, and for obtaining state data not to be obtained otherwise. Whereas, for the mathematical modelling of the process, the established approaches Activated Sludge Model (ASM) 1 and 2 could be reverted to, new methodics needed to be developed for continuous model tracking in order to solve the conflict between a large number of parameters in the model and scarce online measuring data on the spot. The result is a practicable solution which harnesses available knowledge concerning the significance of suitable parameters for model adaptation. First of all, essential demands on and objectives of a process observer for sewage treatment plants are elaborated. Then a software system is described with reference to successful pilot installations which permits model-based process control and remote monitoring of sewage treatment plant. (orig.) [German] Der Beitrag beschreibt die Nutzung der Online-Simulation fuer die Prognose des Anlagenverhaltens, das Training der Anlagenfahrer und die Gewinnung ansonsten nicht messbarer Zustandsinformationen. Waehrend fuer die mathematische Modellierung des Prozesses auf die etablierten Ansaetze ASM 1 und 2 (Activated Sludge Model) zurueckgegriffen werden konnte, musste fuer die laufende Modellnachfuehrung eine neue Methodik entwickelt werden, um den Konflikt zwischen grosser Parameteranzahl im Modell und geringer Online-Messinformation vor Ort zu loesen. Das Ergebnis ist eine praktikable Loesung, die das vorhandene Wissen um die Signifikanz zur Modellanpassung geeigneter Parameter ausnutzt. In den folgenden Ausfuehrungen werden zunaechst wesentliche Anforderungen und Zielstellungen eines Prozessbeobachters fuer Klaeranlagen herausgearbeitet. Unter Bezugnahme auf erfolgreiche Pilotinstallationen wird anschliessend ein Software-System vorgestellt, das eine modellgestuetzte Betriebsfuehrung und Fernueberwachung von Klaeranlagen

  5. Power electronics for local fuel cell/-battery plants; Leistungselektronik fuer dezentrale Brennstoffzellen/-Batterieanlagen

    Krykunov, Oleksandr


    With their high efficiency and modular structure, fuel cells are an attractive option for decentral power supply. An important component of decentral power supply systems is the power-electronic control element for supply of electric power from the fuel cell to the three-phase electricity grid. Control elements can be constructed of a unidirectional DC/DC converter with a current inverter connnected in series. The investigation focused on the development of the DC/DC converter with minimum constructional and control requirements and optimum adaption of the DC/DC converter to the characteristics of the fuel cell. (orig.) [German] Die Brennstoffzelle stellt mit ihrem hohen Wirkungsgrad und ihrem modularen Aufbau eine attraktive Option fuer die Verwendung in einem dezentralen Energieversorgungssystem dar. Eine wichtige Komponente des dezentralen Energieversorgungssystems sind die leistungselektronischen Stellglieder fuer die Einspeisung der elektrischen Energie aus der Brennstoffzelle in das dreiphasige Netz. Die leistungselektronischen Stellglieder koennen aus einem undirektionalen DC/DC-Wandler und einem nachgeschalteten Wechselrichter realisiert werden. Die Entwicklung des DC/DC-Wandlers mit einem moeglichst geringeren Bauelemente- und Steuerungsaufwand fuer diese leistungselektronischen Stellglieder und die Anpassung des DC/DC-Wandlers an die Eigenschaften der Brennstoffzelle war das Ziel dieser Arbeit. (orig.)

  6. Fraunhofer Institute for Atmospheric Environmental Research. Annual report 1990


    This progress report submitted by Fraunhofer Institut fuer Atmosphaerische Umweltforschung, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, reviews the institute's scientific and technical atmospheric environmental research activities of 1990. Emphasis was on research into the atmospheric circulation of CH 4 and N 2 O, the determination of the distribution and of the time characteristics of trace substances of environmental relevance, and on studies of the effects of pollutants on the vegetation. Major efforts went into the development of instruments and the modeling of the atmosphere in support of the experimental work. The FhG activities advance the research into the chemical behavior of the atmosphere, the possible effects of man-made changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere on the greenhouse effect, the regional pollutant loads, and the effects of ground-level UV-B radiation. The activities are part of international and national joint research projects, e.g. EUROTRAC, IGAC, and ICAT. (orig./KW) [de

  7. Building for the future: The Eurotheum at Frankfurt, Main - an office and domestic building for cosmopolites; Gebaeudetechnische Konzepte der Zukunft: Buero- und Wohnhochhaus fuer Kosmopoliten - Das Eurotheum in Frankfurt am Main

    Pielke, O.E. [Brendel Ingenieure AG, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


    The 'Eurotheum' building in Frankfurt is the first high-rise building in Germany that houses both offices and private apartments. It received the 'Immobilien Award 1999 - Cimmit' for industrial buildings by Immobilien-Zeitung and the Institute for International Research of Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Koellmann AG. [German] Das Eurotheum im Spannungsfeld der Frankfurter Buerohochhaeuser beruht auf einem voellig neuen Konzept: Es verbindet als erstes Hochaus in Deutschland die Funktionen 'Arbeiten' und 'Wohnen'. Fuer das bislang einmalige Konzept des Frankfurter Eurotheums verlieh die Immobilien-Zeitung und das Institute for International Research der Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Koellmann AG den Immobilien Award 1999 - Cimmit in der Kategorie Gewerbeimmobilien. (orig.)

  8. Institutional Awareness

    Ahlvik, Carina; Boxenbaum, Eva

    Drawing on dual-process theory and mindfulness research this article sets out to shed light on the conditions that need to be met to create “a reflexive shift in consciousness” argued to be a key foundational mechanism for agency in institutional theory. Although past research has identified...... in consciousness to emerge and argue for how the varying levels of mindfulness in the form of internal and external awareness may manifest as distinct responses to the institutional environment the actor is embedded in....

  9. Applied chemistry and environmental engineering for engineers. Manual for students and practicians. 2. ed.; Angewandte Chemie und Umwelttechnik fuer Ingenieure. Handbuch fuer Studium und betriebliche Praxis

    Fessmann, J.; Orth, H.


    This is a practically oriented textbook for chemistry and environmental protection training of students of mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, electrical engineering, space HVAc engineering etc. Students are also given useful information on the practical applications of chemistry and on environmental protection in industrial practice. The book also contains problem solutions for managing engineers in organizations of the metal and electrical branch who are confronted with chemical problems in chemical engineering, quality assurance, industrial safety and environmental protection. [German] Das Handbuch vermittelt in konzentrierter Form die Grundlagen der Chemie und Umwelttechnik und schlaegt rasch die Bruecke zur industriellen Anwendung bevorzugt in der Metall- und Elektroindustrie. Das Handbuch ist ein praxisorientiertes Lehrbuch fuer die Chemie- und Umweltschutzausbildung von Ingenieurstudenten der Fachrichtungen Maschinenbau, Fahrzeugtechnik, Elektrotechnik, Versorgungstechnik u.a. Darueberhinaus finden Schueler von Chemieleistungskursen an Gymnasien oder Chemiestudenten an Fachhochschulen oder Universitaeten viele nuetzliche Informationen ueber die Anwendungen von Chemie und Umweltschutz in der industriellen Praxis. Nicht zuletzt enthaelt das Buch Problemloesungen fuer Betriebsingenieure, insbesondere aus dem Bereich der Metall- und Elektrobranche, die mit chemischen Fragestellungen in der Verfahrenstechnik, Qualitaetssicherung oder Arbeits-/Umweltschutzueberwachung konfrontiert sind. (orig.)

  10. European Institutions?

    Meacham, Darian


    The aim of this article is to sketch a phenomenological theory of political institutions and to apply it to some objections and questions raised by Pierre Manent about the project of the European Union and more specifically the question of “European Construction”, i.e. what is the aim of the

  11. Institution Morphisms

    Goguen, Joseph; Rosu, Grigore; Norvig, Peter (Technical Monitor)


    Institutions formalize the intuitive notion of logical system, including both syntax and semantics. A surprising number of different notions of morphisim have been suggested for forming categories with institutions as objects, and a surprising variety of names have been proposed for them. One goal of this paper is to suggest a terminology that is both uniform and informative to replace the current rather chaotic nomenclature. Another goal is to investigate the properties and interrelations of these notions. Following brief expositions of indexed categories, twisted relations, and Kan extensions, we demonstrate and then exploit the duality between institution morphisms in the original sense of Goguen and Burstall, and the 'plain maps' of Meseguer, obtaining simple uniform proofs of completeness and cocompleteness for both resulting categories; because of this duality, we prefer the name 'comorphism' over 'plain map.' We next consider 'theoroidal' morphisms and comorphisims, which generalize signatures to theories, finding that the 'maps' of Meseguer are theoroidal comorphisms, while theoroidal morphisms are a new concept. We then introduce 'forward' and 'semi-natural' morphisms, and appendices discuss institutions for hidden algebra, universal algebra, partial equational logic, and a variant of order sorted algebra supporting partiality.

  12. Building products for sustainable buildings; Bauprodukte fuer nachhaltige Gebaeude

    Blumberg, Martin; Urbanek, Anja [brands und values GmbH, Bremen (Germany)


    In the light of the energy efficiency, sustainability and the increasing distribution of buildings certifications environmental product declarations have grown in significance. The environmental product declaration program for building products was organized by the Institute Construction and Environment e.V. (Koenigswinter, Federal Republic of Germany). Beside the definition of the product group specific requirements and certifications as well as an independent review process of the completed environmental product declarations, the Advisory Council guarantees that the program rules of the Institute Construction and Environment e.V. continue to develop in conformity to international standards.

  13. Groundwater monitoring programme. A guide for groundwater sampling and analysis. 2. ed.; Grundwasserueberwachungsprogramm. Leitfaden fuer Probenahme und Analytik von Grundwasser



    Quality assurance guidelines have been developed and introduced in Baden-Wuerttemberg for groundwater monitoring. The contribution contains the fundamentals and technical guides for sampling and measurement of the Baden-Wuerttemberg groundwater monitoring programme, as well as parameter groups and a preliminary assessment of the methods. [German] Bei der Gewinnung von Umweltdaten sind hohe Anforderungen an die Qualitaet der erhobenen Daten zu stellen. Dies trifft in besonderem Masse gerade auch fuer Grundwasseruntersuchungen zu, da hier haeufig Konzentrationen im Bereich der Nachweisgrenze auftreten. Fuer das Grundwassermessnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg sind qualitaetssichernde Regelungen entwickelt und eingefuehrt worden. In der vorliegenden Zusammenstellung sind die Grundsatzpapiere, bzw. Technischen Anleitungen aus dem Grundwasserueberwachungsprogramm Baden-Wuerttemberg fuer die Grundwasserprobennahme sowie zu Messverfahren, Parametergruppen und zur ersten Beurteilung der Messergebnisse enthalten. (orig.)

  14. Institutional obligation

    Rowan, S.S.; Berwager, S.D.


    The institutional obligation is to act to meet primary responsibilities in the face of risks. There are risks involved in taking action, both of a quantifiable and unquantifiable nature. This paper explores weighing the risks, choosing approaches that balance primary obligations with broader ones, and presenting ethical philosophies upon which policies and strategies are based. Federal government organizations and utilities--and Bonneville Power Administration qualifies as both--have a variety of responsibilities to the public they serve. The common responsibility is that of service; for Bonneville the primary responsibility is to serve the energy related needs. It is this primary institutional obligation, as it relates to other responsibilities--and the resulting strategy for handling indoor air quality in Bonneville's new homes program--that this paper examines

  15. Comparative study of two co-combustion concepts for sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces; Vergleich zweier Mitverbrennungskonzepte fuer Klaerschlamm in Kohlestaubfeuerungen

    Spliethoff, H.; Gerhardt, T.; Ruediger, H.; Hein, K.R.G. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen


    Processes for thermal use of sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces were investigated at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Boiler Technology (IVD) of Stuttgart university. Direct co-combustion of sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces is a simple concept, but it is useful provided that co-combustion has no negative effects in terms of performance, emissions and residue disposal. Externally dried sewage sludge has a residual water content in the same range as coal dust. The effects of co-combustion are discussed, and the experimentally determined effect in terms of emissions and residues is presented. Pyrolysis of the sewage sludge and use of the resulting gas as a reduction agent for denitrification may reduce negative effects of co-combustion on performance, emissions and residues.(orig) [Deutsch] Am Institut fuer Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen (IVD) der Universitaet Stuttgart werden an Versuchsanlagen verschiedene Verfahren zur thermischen Nutzung von Klaerschlaemmen in Verbindung mit Kohlenstaufeuerungen untersucht. Die direkte Mitverbrennung von Klaerschlamm in Kohlestaubfeuerungen ist ein einfaches Konzept, das dann sinnvoll ist, wenn die Mitverbrennung keine negativen Auswirkungen auf Betrieb, Emissionen und Verwertung der Rueckstaende mit sich bringt. Bei einer externen Trockung weist der Klaerschlamm einen aehnlichen Wassergehalt wie der Auslegungsbrennstoff von Steinkohlenstaubfeuerungen auf. Die moeglichen Auswirkungen der Mitverbrennung von Klaerschlamm werden diskutiert und der im Versuch ermittelte Einfluss auf Emissionen und Reststoffe vogestellt. Durch Vorschaltung einer Pyrolyse des Klaerschlamms und Nutzung des erzeugten Gases als Reduktionsmittel zur Entsticklung kann die Auswirkung der Mitverbrennung auf Betrieb, Emissionen und Reststoffe der Feuerungsanlage vermindert werden. (orig)

  16. Comparative study of two co-combustion concepts for sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces; Vergleich zweier Mitverbrennungskonzepte fuer Klaerschlamm in Kohlestaubfeuerungen

    Spliethoff, H; Gerhardt, T; Ruediger, H; Hein, K R.G. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen


    Processes for thermal use of sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces were investigated at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Boiler Technology (IVD) of Stuttgart university. Direct co-combustion of sewage sludge in coal dust furnaces is a simple concept, but it is useful provided that co-combustion has no negative effects in terms of performance, emissions and residue disposal. Externally dried sewage sludge has a residual water content in the same range as coal dust. The effects of co-combustion are discussed, and the experimentally determined effect in terms of emissions and residues is presented. Pyrolysis of the sewage sludge and use of the resulting gas as a reduction agent for denitrification may reduce negative effects of co-combustion on performance, emissions and residues.(orig) [Deutsch] Am Institut fuer Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen (IVD) der Universitaet Stuttgart werden an Versuchsanlagen verschiedene Verfahren zur thermischen Nutzung von Klaerschlaemmen in Verbindung mit Kohlenstaufeuerungen untersucht. Die direkte Mitverbrennung von Klaerschlamm in Kohlestaubfeuerungen ist ein einfaches Konzept, das dann sinnvoll ist, wenn die Mitverbrennung keine negativen Auswirkungen auf Betrieb, Emissionen und Verwertung der Rueckstaende mit sich bringt. Bei einer externen Trockung weist der Klaerschlamm einen aehnlichen Wassergehalt wie der Auslegungsbrennstoff von Steinkohlenstaubfeuerungen auf. Die moeglichen Auswirkungen der Mitverbrennung von Klaerschlamm werden diskutiert und der im Versuch ermittelte Einfluss auf Emissionen und Reststoffe vogestellt. Durch Vorschaltung einer Pyrolyse des Klaerschlamms und Nutzung des erzeugten Gases als Reduktionsmittel zur Entsticklung kann die Auswirkung der Mitverbrennung auf Betrieb, Emissionen und Reststoffe der Feuerungsanlage vermindert werden. (orig)

  17. PANDA experiment and International Standard Problem for passive cooling systems for afterheat removal; PANDA-Versuch und Internationales Standardproblem zu passiven Kuehlsystemen fuer die Nachwaermeabfuhr

    Yadigaroglu, G.; Aksan, N.S. [Paul Scherrer Inst. (PSI), Villigen (Switzerland). Lab. fuer Thermohydraulik


    In the context of OECD/NEA, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) is working on an International Standard Problem which is to provide information on the efficiency and use of computer program systems for passive afterheat removal systems. The PANDA test facility of PSI was designed for these investigations. A six-phase PANDA experiment provides a basis for pre-calculation and recalculation of selected phases covering a limited number of system-typical operating states and phenomena. The experiment was specified and carried out in the year under report. [Deutsch] Im Rahmen der OECD/NEA fuehrt das Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) ein Internationales Standardproblem durch, das Aufschluss ueber die Leistungsfaehigkeit und Handhabung von Computer-Programmsystemen geben soll, die im Zusammenhang mit passiven Nachwaerme-Abfuhrsystemen eingesetzt werden. Die Versuchsanlage PANDA am PSI ist speziell auf die Untersuchung derartiger Systeme ausgerichtet. Ein PANDA-Versuch in sechs Phasen liefert den teilnehmenden Organisationen die Basis fuer Voraus- und Nachrechnungen einzelner oder mehrerer Phasen, die jeweils eine begrenzte Anzahl von systemtypischen Betriebszustaenden und Phaenomenen abdecken. Im Berichtsjahr wurde der Versuch spezifiziert und gefahren. (orig.)

  18. Chair in mechanical equipment in the mining industry and geotechnics at Clausthal Technological University; Professur fuer maschinelle Betriebsmittel in Bergbau und Geotechnik an der TU Clausthal

    Langefeld, O.; Bergmann, O. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). Inst. fuer Bergbau


    The aim of this chair at the Institute for Mining at Clausthal Technological University is to familiarise the future engineer with the state of the art in the field of mechanical equipment. The main emphasis of the teaching is in particular the description of coal-mining and roadheading machines as well as conveying and storage technology. In the field of research basic investigations are currently being conducted on flexible bulk material containers, on determination of heat characteristics of insulating and construction materials as well as development of direct methanol fuel cells. (orig.) [German] Den zukuenftigen Ingenieur mit dem Stand der Technik im Bereich der maschinellen Betriebsmittel vertraut zu machen, ist das Ziel dieser Professur des Instituts fuer Bergbau an der TU Clausthal. Schwerpunkte der Lehre sind insbesondere die Darstellung von Gewinnungs- und Vortriebsmaschinen sowie die Foerder- und Lagertechnik. Auf dem Gebiet der Forschung werden zur Zeit Grundlagenuntersuchungen an flexiblem Schuettgutbehaeltern, an der Ermittlung waermetechnischer Kennwerte von Isolier- und Baustoffen sowie die Entwicklung von Direkten Methanolbrennstoffzellen betrieben. (orig.)

  19. A teststand for photo detectors and beamtests for ILC polarimetry; Aufbau eines Teststandes fuer Photodetektoren und Teststrahlmessungen fuer die Strahlpolarisationsmessung am ILC

    Velte, Ulrich


    -Lichts charakterisiert und auf ihre Eignung fuer die spezielle Anwendung im ILC-Polarimeter ueberprueft werden koennen. Die bislang beste Polarisationsmessung wurde im Rahmen des SLD-Experimentes am SLAC in Kalifornien erreicht ({delta}P/P{approx}0.5%). Zur Zeit befindet sich der Cerenkov-Detektor des SLD-Polarimeters am DESY und wird dort benutzt, um verschiedene fuer die ILC-Polarimetrie in Frage kommende Photodetektoren im Teststrahl zu vermessen. Um an die Erfahrungen aus dem SLD-Experiment anknuepfen zu koennen, werden im Rahmen dieser Arbeit Teststrahlmessungen am Cerenkov-Detektor, ausgewertet und die ersten Entwicklungen hin zu einem Polarimeter fuer den ILC beschrieben. (orig.)

  20. Integrated energy data solution for energy markets of Europe: Energy Data Warehouse; Integrierte Energiedatenloesung fuer Europas Energiemaerkte: Energy Data Warehouse



    According to Ralf Hoffmann, head of the sales department of Goerlitz Computerbau AG, integrated problem solutions for Europe's new energy markets must be developed fast, without delay and with all efforts available. [German] 'Integrierte Problemloesungen fuer Europas neue Energiemaerkte muessen schnell und investitionssicher fuer die Anwender realisiert werden. Sie dulden keinen Aufschub. Alle unternehmerische Kraft muss und wird in die Befriedigung dieser Anforderungen gelegt.' So aeussert sich der Vorstand Absatzwirtschaft der Goerlitz Computerbau AG, Ralf Hoffmann. (orig.)

  1. Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Ernaehrung (BFE), Karlsruhe - annual report 1986


    The annual report of the BFE informs about the tasks of the institution, the organisational structure, and the actual staff. The scientific activities of the various institutes and the research results achieved are reported in brief, together with activities within the framework of international cooperation agreements. A list of publications issued in 1986 is added. The BFE's activities currently concentrate on the following research subjects: Storage, shipping, processing, and quality of food. Fertilizing and food quality. Sensory, toxicologic, nutritional and economic evaluation of food. Food characterization by means of objective methods. Important components, foreign matter, and radionuclides in food. Development of analytic methods for food research. Hygenic improvement of food. Evaluation of catering systems of importance to communal provisions. Nutritional requirements and behaviour of the population. Quality and cost of food. Information of the consumer about wholesome food and nutrition. Documentation and information activities. (orig./MG) [de

  2. Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft fuer Synchrotronstrahlung (BESSY). Annual report 1993

    Gaupp, A.; Jung, C.


    The first part of the report presents general information on the organisational structure of the BESSY institution and explains the experimental devices and user activities at the BESSY I department, followed by an overview of achievements and developments relating to machines and experiments, including the BESSY II project. The main reporting part summarizes the activities and achievements of the Lithography Laboratory of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology, (ISIT) and of the Radiometry Laboratory of PTB, and the basic research activities, arranged according to subject areas. The machine developments are reported, placing emphasis on the developments in the BESSY II project. There is a list of events held at BESSY and of visitors, followed by a bibliography of publications and theses based on research work carried out at BESSY. (orig./HP) [de

  3. Institutional ethnography

    Lund, Rebecca; Tienari, Janne


    The study of M&As is dominated by positivist and functionalist world views and the use of quantitative methods. Although extant research also uses qualitative and mixed methods, it can be criticized for viewing its subject matter through an abstract and external lens. The researcher is placed in ......, and point to some of the problems in M&A studies identified through this lens. Finally, we argue why institutional ethnography, in comparison with other methods of inquiry, is particularly fruitful in the study of mergers and acquisitions....

  4. Nuclear Legislation in OECD and NEA Countries. Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Nuclear Activities - Germany


    Committee - KTA); 3. Public and semi-public agencies (Technological Surveillance Association - Technische Ueberwachungsvereine-TUV; Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS)mbH; Karlsruhe Research Centre - Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe; Juelich Research Centre - Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH; GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht - Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH; Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy; The Electron-Synchrotron in Hamburg - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron-DESY; Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics at Garching/Munich - Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik-IPP; Company for Heavy Ion Research - Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenforschung mbH-GSI; Rossendorf Association for Nuclear Technology and Analysis - Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Anlaytik)

  5. Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal. Annual Report 2009

    Geckeis, H.; Stumpf, T.


    On October 01, 2009, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded by a merger of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH). KIT bundles the missions of both precursory institutions: a university of the state of Baden- Wuerttemberg with teaching and research tasks and a large-scale research institution of the Helmholtz Association conducting program-oriented provident research on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. Within these missions, KIT is operating along the three strategic fields of action, research, teaching, and innovation. With about 8000 employees and an annual budget of about EUR 700 million, KIT is one of the largest research and teaching institutions worldwide. It has the potential to assume a top position worldwide in selected fields of research. The objective: KIT will become an institution of excellent research and scientific education, as well as a prominent location of academic life, life-long learning, comprehensive advanced training, unrestricted exchange of know-how and sustainable innovation culture. The largest organizational units of KIT are the KIT Centers. They focus on problems of fundamental importance to the existence and further development of our society or on key issues of basic science. KIT Centers are characterized by the uniqueness of their scientific approach, their strategic objective and mission and by a long-term perspective. The Institut fuer Nukleare Entsorgung, INE, (Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal) belongs to the KIT Energy Center. The KIT Energy Center comprises some 40 institutes of the Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH) and 18 large institutes of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe with, at present, a total of approx. 1100 staff members. The participating institutes and research groups are the operating research units. An interdisciplinary KIT School of Energy establishes ideal framework conditions for teaching. For external partners from industry, the KIT Center develops solutions in

  6. Water emission inventory for the Federal Republic of Germany; Emissionsinventar Wasser fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland

    Boehm, E.; Hillenbrand, T.; Marscheider-Weidemann, F.; Schempp, C. [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (ISI), Karlsruhe (Germany); Fuchs, S.; Scherer, U. [Karlsruhe Univ. (T.H.) (Germany). Inst. fuer Siedlungswasserwirtschaft; Luettgert, M. [RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH, Berlin (Germany)


    Within the frame of this project, a concept for setting up exemplary emission inventories for water was put forward. An overview is given of the international activities on emission inventories and the status of national emission inventories. Based on the data situation in Germany, it was necessary to include both plant-specific, aggregated and calculated data of the point sources in the inventories. Due to their increasing significance, diffuse material emissions into water were also taken into account. Based on the conceptual work, exemplary emission inventories were compiled for nitrogen, phosphorous and adsorbable organic combined halides (AOX) as well as the heavy metals arsenic, cadmium, chrome, copper, mercury, nickel, lead and zinc. These were evaluated according to the areas of origin (sectors) or the emission paths as well as according to the large river basins Danube, Rhine, Ems, Weser, Elbe, Oder, North Sea and Baltic Sea. In addition, lists of the ten largest industrial direct dischargers were compiled. (orig.) [German] Im Rahmen dieses Vorhabens wurde ein Konzept fuer die Erstellung von beispielhaften Emissionsinventaren fuer Gewaesser erarbeitet. Es wird ein Ueberblick ueber die internationalen Aktivitaeten zu Emissionsinventaren und den Stand beim Aufbau von nationalen Emissionsinventaren gegeben. Auf Grund der Datensituation in Deutschland war es erforderlich, dass sowohl anlagenspezifische als auch aggregierte sowie berechnete Daten der Punktquellen in die Inventare einbezogen wurden. Wegen ihrer zunehmenden Bedeutung werden die diffusen Stoffeintraege in die Gewaesser ebenfalls beruecksichtigt. Aufbauend auf den konzeptionellen Arbeiten wurden beispielhafte Emissionsinventare fuer Stickstoff, Phosphor und adsorbierbare organisch gebundene Halogene (AOX) sowie die Schwermetalle Arsen, Cadmium, Chrom, Kupfer, Quecksilber, Nickel, Blei und Zink zusammengestellt. Die Auswertung erfolgte sowohl nach den Herkunftsbereichen (Branchen) bzw. den

  7. Significance of CT analysis of regional lymph node metastases in colorectal cancer; Bedeutung der CT fuer die Beurteilung regionaerer Lymphknotenmetastasen bei kolorektalen Karzinomen

    Gomille, T.; Christ, F. [Duesseldorf Univ. (Germany). Abt. fuer Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin; Aleksic, M.; Ulrich, B. [Krankenhaus Gerresheim (Germany). Chirurgische Klinik


    Purpose: For preoperative staging of colorectal cancer a CT scan is frequently performed. This report examines the sensitivity of CT for regional lymph node metastasis of colorectal cancer using different criteria. Materials and methods: Preoperative CT scans of 153 patients with colorectal cancer were analyzed using different criteria for N1. The results were then compared to the postoperative histological findings. Results: For N1=lymph nodes (LN)>1 cm the sensitivity was 47%. For N1=LN>1 cm or an increased number of LN<1 cm the sensitivity was 71%. In patients with a primary tumor seen on CT, sensitivity rose to 87%. Discussion: Evidence of regional nodal metastatic disease is only relevant for rectal cancer, colon polyps, and for locally excised tumors when considering present surgical concepts for the treatment of colorectal cancer. In these cases CT analysis using the broadened criteria for N1 proposes a valuable argument regarding possible preoperative radiotherapy or an operative revision. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Sensitivitaet fuer den Nachweis regionaerer Lymphknotenmetastasen kolorektaler Karzinome wurde unter Anwendung verschiedener Kriterien fuer das N1-Stadium an Patienten mit histologisch gesichertem Lymphknotenbefund untersucht. Fuer das Kriterium N1=Lymphknoten (LK)>1 cm betrug die Sensitivitaet 47%. Fuer N1=LK>1 cm/vermehrte Anzahl LK<1 cm war sie 71%, bei erkennbarem Primaertumor sogar 87%. Unter Beruecksichtigung der derzeit geltenden operativen Therapiekonzepte ist der Nachweis von regionaeren Lymphknotenmetastasen nur bei Rektumkarzinom bzw. fuer Kolonpolypen oder fuer lokal exzidierte Karzinome fuer das therapeutische Vorgehen relevant. In diesen Faellen leistet die CT mit den erweiterten Kriterien fuer ein N1-Stadium trotz hoeherer falsch-positiver Raten eine wertvolle Hilfestellung fuer die Entscheidung ueber eine neoadjuvante Bestrahlung oder eine Nachresektion. (orig.)

  8. Institute news


    Joining the team A new member of staff has recently joined the Institute of Physics Education Department (Schools and Colleges) team. (Dr) Steven Chapman will have managerial responsibility for physics education issues in the 11 - 16 age range, particularly on the policy side. He will work closely with Mary Wood, who spends much of her time out and about doing the practical things to support physics education pre-16. Catherine Wilson will be spending more of her time working to support the Post-16 Physics Initiative but retains overall responsibility for the department. Steven graduated in Physics and Astronomy and then went on to do his doctorate at Sussex University. He stayed in the research field for a while, including a period at NPL. Then, having decided to train as a teacher, he taught for the last five years, most recently at a brand new school in Sutton where he was Head of Physics. Physics update Dates for `Physics Update' courses in 2000, intended for practising science teachers, are as follows: 1 - 3 April: Malvern College 9 - 10 June: Stirling University 8 - 10 July: York University 8 - 10 December: Oxford University The deadline for applications for the course to be held on 11 - 13 December 1999 at the School of Physics, Exeter University, is 12 November, so any late enquiries should be sent to Leila Solomon at The Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London W1N 3DH (tel: 020 7470 4821) right away. Name that teacher! Late nominations are still welcome for the Teachers of Physics/Teachers of Primary Science awards for the year 2000. Closing date for nominations is `the last week in November'. Further details can be obtained from Catherine Wilson or Barbara Hill in the Institute's Education Department. Forward and back! The Education Group's one-day meeting on 13 November is accepting bookings until almost the last minute, so don't delay your application! The day is entitled `Post-16 physics: Looking forward, learning from the past' and it aims to

  9. Introductory strategies for the automation of suburban railway systems; Einfuehrungsstrategien fuer die Automatisierung von Nahverkehrsbahnen

    Ritter, N. [Siemens Transportation Systems, Berlin (Germany)


    Driverless automatic operation is a cost-effective and passenger-friendly form of handling services in suburban railway systems. It is intended to introduce this operating mode also in railway systems that have so far been operated in a conventional mode. The article outlines solution concepts and introductory strategies for changing the operating mode. (orig.) [German] Der fahrerlose automatische Betrieb stellt eine wirtschaftliche und fahrgastfreundliche Form der Betriebsabwicklung von Nahverkehrssystemen dar. Ziel ist es, diese Betriebsform auch bei bislang konventionell betriebenen Bahnen einzufuehren. Der vorliegende Beitrag zeigt Loesungsansaetze und Einfuehrungsstrategien fuer die Umstellung auf einen automatischen Betrieb. (orig.)

  10. Single room control for user-optimised room air conditions; Einzelraumregelung fuer nutzungsoptimiertes Raumklima

    Lezius, A. [Staefa Control System GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen (Germany)


    In chapter 14 of the anthology about building control the single room control for achieving user-optimised room air conditions is described. The following aspects are discussed: What is comfort? What is economic efficiency? Systems for secondary air treatment, adapted functions of the measurement and control technique, management functions, orientation of the demand at the use, investment and amortisation. (BWI) [Deutsch] Kapitel 14 des Sammelbandes ueber Building control ist dem Thema der Einzelraumregelung zur Erzielung eines nutzungsoptimierten Raumklimas gewidmet. In diesem Zusammenhang werden folgende Themenbereiche angesprochen: Was ist Komfort? Was ist Wirtschaftlichkeit? Systeme fuer sekundaere Luftbehandlung; Angepasste Funktionen der MSR-Technik; Managementfunktionen; Bedarfsorientierung an der Nutzung; Investition und Amortisation. (BWI)

  11. 48. Annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie. Joint annual meeting of the DGNR and OeGNR. Abstracts; 48. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie. Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der DGNR und OeGNR. Abstracts



    The conference proceedings of the 48. Annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Neuroradiologie contain abstracts on the following issues: neuro-oncological imaging, multimodal imaging concepts, subcranial imaging, spinal codes, interventional neuroradiology, innovative techniques like high-field MRT and hybrid imaging methods, inflammable and metabolic central nervous system diseases and epilepsy.

  12. Testing of corrosion resistant materials for evaporation plants for waste water from wet scrubbing of flue gas from power plants; Erprobung korrosionsbestaendiger Werkstoffe fuer Eindampfanlagen fuer Abwasser aus der Rauchgasreinigung von Grossfeuerungsanlagen

    Riedel, G. [Institut fuer Korrosionsschutz GmbH, Dresden (Germany); Stenner, F.; Brill, U. [Krupp-VDM GmbH, Werdohl (Germany)


    High alloyed superaustenitic steels and NiCrMo alloys are recommended in consequence of the results of extensive laboratory corrosion experiments under the strong corrosive conditions with up to 360 g chloride content at temperatures up to 85 C. Because results of laboratory corrosion tests are only of limited relevance to the behaviour in practice, field tests were carried out with immersion of welded materials and of heat exchanger tubes under operating conditions of an evaporation plant for waste water from flue gas desulphurization of a coal-fired power plant. Different kinds of high alloy superaustenitic steels and NiCrMo alloys were studied as TIG-welded specimens in immersion tests. (orig.) [German] Hochlegierte Sonderedelstaehle und NiCrMo-Legierungen empfehlen sich aufgrund der Ergebnisse umfassender Laboruntersuchungen unter den stark korrosiven Bedingungen fuer Eindampfanlagen fuer Abwasser aus der Nassreinigung von Rauchgasen von Grossfeuerungsanlagen mit bis zu 360 g/l Chloridgehalt und Temperaturen bis zu 85 C. Weil aber Ergebnisse von Laborpruefungen nur begrenzte Aussagefaehigkeit fuer das Verhalten unter Praxisbedingungen haben, wurden Feldversuche mit der Auslagerung geschweisster Werkstoffe und von Waermetauscherrohren unter Betriebsbedingungen einer Eindampfanlage fuer Abwasser aus der Rauchgasentschwefelung eines kohlebefeuerten Kraftwerks durchgefuehrt. (orig.)

  13. GSF-Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Annual report '95

    Haury, H.J.


    As a center for environmental sciences, the major field of work of the GSF is research into and performance of complex and multidisciplinary problems and tasks. The annual report of the year 1995 presents compact surveys of the activities and results achieved in the three major research areas of ecology and biology (investigation of effects and response), environmental engineering, and human health (epidemiology a.o.). The various reports of the institutes, departments and project groups cover annual surveys as well as topical information, (ecosystems in agriculture), and information on the development of the infrastructure. (DG) [de

  14. Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Analytik Rossendorf (VKTA). Annual report 1995

    Haefele, W.


    The annual report 1995 presents information from the managing and financial departments and on the activities and achievements of the scientific-technical departments relating to nuclear facilities, radioactive waste management, radioactivity analytics, measurement and management of radioactivity in the environment, radiopharmaceuticals, and safety and radiological protection. The main activities continued to be the management of radwaste resulting from decommissioning of the research reactors and facilities on site; other activities include cooperative activities together with the Siemens company assisting in erection and establishment of isotope production labs in developing countries. There also is an organizational chart of the institution. (DG) [de

  15. Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft Braunschweig-Voelkenrode (FAL). Annual report 1987


    The tasks of the Bundesforschungsanstalt in the field of agricultural science and related sciences include research, the publication of scientific results, and the fostering of international cooperation with scientists and institutions. In the area preservation and optimization of the quality of soil, plant production and animal breeding, the objectives are also to record and evaluate alien and harmful substances, including radioactive materials, in agrarian ecosystems. Furthermore, investigations are carried through on the avoidance of health-endangering effects and hazards for farm-workers involving the risk of accidents. (ECB) [de

  16. Tracking deep geothermal energy. Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics offers Internet access to basic data for deep geothermal energy; Tiefer Erdwaerme auf der Spur. Leibniz-Institut fuer Angewandte Geophysik bietet im Internet Zugang zu Basisdaten fuer die tiefe Geothermie

    Milles, Uwe


    There are many places in Germany where deep geothermal energy is available as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels as a source of power and heat. When it comes to utilising this energy, drilling is the most expensive part. Power and heat generation is only cost-effective if sufficiently high water temperatures and flow rates are found. Via GeotIS, an online information system, planners can now gain fast access to geological and geophysical data for Germany. (orig.)

  17. International energy supply law. Report on the meeting of the Institut fuer Energierecht at Koeln University, October 27, 1988. Internationales Energiewirtschaftsrecht. Bericht ueber die Tagung des Instituts fuer Energierecht an der Universitaet zu Koeln am 27. Oktober 1988

    Baur, J F; Kaiser, B; Jonetzki, J; Piel, T; Riede, M


    So far, there is little experience on the consequences of a relaxation of supply territory protection. Most of the plans are still in the experimenting stage, e.g. in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and West Germany. The USA have a certain tradition of deregulation, but do little to enforce things, while France is secure in its state monopoly energy supply. (orig./HP).

  18. A comparison of three different types of collectors for process heat uses; Vergleich von drei verschiedenen Kollektortypen fuer Prozesswaermeanwendungen

    Brunold, S. [Solarenergie Pruef- und Forschungsstelle SPF-ITR, Rapperswil (Switzerland); Frey, R. [Solarenergie Pruef- und Forschungsstelle SPF-ITR, Rapperswil (Switzerland); Frei, U. [Solarenergie Pruef- und Forschungsstelle SPF-ITR, Rapperswil (Switzerland)


    A comparison of the measured and simulated values of three collector types shows that evacuated tube collectors are superior to transparent-insulation flat collectors in the case of high-temperature uses. At temperatures of 150 C and above good results were obtained using evacuated tube collectors with compound parabolic concentrators manufactured by Microtherm. CORTEC collectors are suited for temperatures in the range of 100 C to 150 C provided that the surface ratio is irrelevant. Costs play a decisive role when selecting systems. The results obtained show that improved transparent-insulation flat collectors can compete with evacuated tube collectors in the 100 C to 150 C temperature range. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ein Vergleich der gemessenen und simulierten Werte der drei Kollektoren zeigt, dass die Vakuumroehrenkollektoren fuer den Einsatz in Hochtemperaturanwendungen dem mit transparenter Waermedaemmung isolierten Flachkollektor ueberlegen sind. Der Vakuumroehrenkollektor mit CPC von Microtherm erzielt gute Resultate ab 150 C und mehr. Wogegen der CORTEC-Kollektor fuer den Einsatz im Temperaturbereich zwischen 100 C und 150 C geeignet ist, solange das Flaechenverhaeltnis keine Rolle spielt. Wie fuer die meisten Anwendungen spielen die Kosten eine entscheidende Rolle fuer die Wahl des eingesetzten Systems. Die Resultate zeigen, dass ein verbesserter mit TWD ausgeruesteter Flachkollektor im Temperaturbereich von 100 C bis 150 C konkurrenzfaehig zu Vakuumroehrenkollektoren sein kann. (orig.)

  19. Big like a gym. New business models for public utilities; Gross wie eine Turnhalle. Neue Geschaeftsmodelle fuer Stadtwerke

    Schwarzburger, Heiko


    Electricity storage is no longer a vision, also in the case of greater power ratings too. The breakthrough is done: ready-to-connect systems are available as complete packages or containers. [German] Stromspeicher sind keine Vision mehr. Auch nicht fuer grosse Leistungen. Der Durchbruch ist geschafft: Anschlussfertige Systeme sind als Container oder Gesamtpakete verfuegbar.

  20. Symposium on hydrogen technology and fuel cells - opportunities for the economy; Symposium Wassertechnologie und Brennstoffzellen - Chancen fuer die Wirtschaft



    This volume contains 17 contributions on fuel cell technology and on the infrastructure required for hydrogen production and supply, in the form of abstracts and short reports. [German] Dieser Band enthaelt 17 Beitraege zum Themenkreis Brennstoffzellentechnologie und die dazu erforderliche Infrastruktur fuer die Wasserstofferzeugung und -versorgung in Form von Kurzfassungen und Vortragsfolien.

  1. How to promote solar power. Strategic application of consumer and environmental psychology; Fuer Solarenergie. Konsumenten- und Umweltpsychologie strategisch anwenden

    Huebner, G. [Halle Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Sozial- und Organisationspsychologie; Felser, G. [Halle Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Differentielle Psychologie und Psychologische Diagnostik


    Why are solar systems still so few and far between? The book presents answers based on a systematic analysis of the psychological aspects of the decision, e.g. consumer needs and motives. 'Social Marketing' is presented as a differentiated outline concept for developing strategies for selling solar power. The book addresses solar and agenda initiatives, environmental organisations, communities and energy-minded citizens as well as students of environmental science and psychology. [German] Warum sind Solaranlagen noch immer so selten? Antworten auf diese Frage finden sich im Buch, in dem aus Sicht der Konsumenten- und Umweltpsychologie die psychologischen Facetten der Entscheidung fuer Solarenergie, z.B. - die Beduerfnisse und Motive der Konsumenten von Solaranlagen - die Wirkungen von Informationsmaterial auf die Kaufentscheidung, erstmals systematisch analysiert werden. Mit dem 'Sozialen Marketing' wird ein differenziertes Rahmenkonzept fuer die Gestaltung von Strategien fuer Solarenergie vorgestellt. Dieses Buch ist vor allem hilfreich fuer Solar- und Agendainitiativen, Umweltverbaende, Kommunen und energiebewusste Buerger, da es praxisnahe Informationen und Handlungsempfehlungen vermittelt. Es wendet sich aber auch an Studierende der Umweltwissenschaften und der Psychologie. Es bereichert die Diskussion ueber Solarenergie mit Argumenten, die der Komplexitaet des Themas Rechnung tragen. (orig.)

  2. Global and local - air pollution abatement in the 21st century. Seminar No. 14 of Zentrale Informationsstelle Umweltberatung Bayern; Global und Lokal - Klimaschutz fuer das 21. Jahrhundert. Seminarband der Zentralen Informationsstelle Umweltberatung Bayern. Bd. 14

    Koller, U.; Behling, G.; Rauh, K.; Haury, H.J. (comps.)


    Scientists of Germany's major climate research institutes and an expert of the world climate research programme presented current information on climate trends. They informed on the results of international efforts to prevent global warming after the Buenos Aires conference and presented global climate scenarios of the future. Further issues were local air pollution abatement (energy management, thermal insulation), communal air pollution abatement concepts, and state funding in Bavaria and elsewhere. [German] Wissenschaftler aus den bedeutendsten Instituten deutscher Klimaforschung sowie ein Vertreter des Weltklimaforschungsprogramms stellten aktuelle Erkenntnisse zur Entwicklung unseres Klimas vor. Sie informierten ueber Ergebnisse internationaler Klimaschutzpolitik nach der Klimakonferenz in Buenos Aires und praesentierten Szenarien fuer das globale Klima der Zukunft. Sie widmeten sich ausserdem Fragen des lokalen Klimaschutzes unter den Aspekten Energiemanagement, Waermeschutz und diskutierten ueber kommunale Klimaschutzkonzepte sowie Foerdermoeglichkeiten in und ausserhalb Bayerns. (orig.)

  3. Measurements of vertical displacement of power station buildings using an automatic stationary hydrostatic measuring system; Anwendung des automatisierten stationaeren hydrostatischen Messsystems fuer die Aufnahme der Vertikalverschiebungen an den Objekten der Kern- und Waermekraftwerke

    Lechner, J [Forschungsinstitut fuer Geodaesie, Topographie und Kartographie, Zdiby (Czechoslovakia)


    The contribution describes hydrostatic stationary measuring systems for measurements of height variations of a turbine unit. The measuring system developed at the research institute and the algorithms for calibration, measurement and evaluation are presented. Measurements were made on a 500 MW turbogenerator unit at different states of operation. (orig.) [Deutsch] Der Beitrag enthaelt eine kurze Uebersicht ueber die hydrostatischen stationaeren Messsysteme fuer das Gebiet der Messung der Hoehenaenderung eines Grossturbinentisches. Es wird das automatische stationaere hydrostatische Messsystem, das im Forschungsinstitut entwickelt wurde, der Algorithmus der Kalibrierung, der Messung und der Auswertung der Messergebnisse vorgestellt. Es wird das Messergebnis der Vertikalverschiebungen der Konstruktion des Turbogenerators mit der Leistung 500 Megawatt bei seinem verschiedenen Betriebszustand angefuehrt. (orig.)

  4. Measurements of vertical displacement of power station buildings using an automatic stationary hydrostatic measuring system; Anwendung des automatisierten stationaeren hydrostatischen Messsystems fuer die Aufnahme der Vertikalverschiebungen an den Objekten der Kern- und Waermekraftwerke

    Lechner, J. [Forschungsinstitut fuer Geodaesie, Topographie und Kartographie, Zdiby (Czechoslovakia)


    The contribution describes hydrostatic stationary measuring systems for measurements of height variations of a turbine unit. The measuring system developed at the research institute and the algorithms for calibration, measurement and evaluation are presented. Measurements were made on a 500 MW turbogenerator unit at different states of operation. (orig.) [Deutsch] Der Beitrag enthaelt eine kurze Uebersicht ueber die hydrostatischen stationaeren Messsysteme fuer das Gebiet der Messung der Hoehenaenderung eines Grossturbinentisches. Es wird das automatische stationaere hydrostatische Messsystem, das im Forschungsinstitut entwickelt wurde, der Algorithmus der Kalibrierung, der Messung und der Auswertung der Messergebnisse vorgestellt. Es wird das Messergebnis der Vertikalverschiebungen der Konstruktion des Turbogenerators mit der Leistung 500 Megawatt bei seinem verschiedenen Betriebszustand angefuehrt. (orig.)

  5. Driver assistance - Firstly a contribution to primary safety or rather to comfort?; Fahrerassistenz primaer zum Komfort oder fuer die Sicherheit?

    Bubb, H. [TU Muenchen, Garching (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Ergonomie


    Doubtless assistance systems should contribute to the safety of car driving. They support simultaneously a comfortable use of the car. Especially the operation comfort is characterised by clarity, self explaining, robustness against errors, and so on. Operation comfort doesn't give an inessential contribution to a reliable and appropriate interaction between driver and vehicle that means also a contribution to a reliable function of the total system and thereby to safety. Therefore the subjective experience of assistance systems is of excellent importance with view on the subjective and public confidence in new assistance systems. Are they seen rather as a gain of comfort, as it is preferred by the producer by reasons of production related liability, or as an easing of the driver's behaviour providing safety? Consists in the last called tendency a new kind of danger? In this connection juristic problems may not be unmentioned. The driver may not or not completely be called to account for procedures on which he has no influence or thinks to have no influence. In this case the account for the not compensated damage is contributed to the producer of the system. Therefore, by considering human characteristics and abilities of the driver during the development of assistance systems unwanted juristic consequences should be prevented. (orig.) [German] Assitenzsysteme sollen zweifellos einen Beitrag fuer die Sicherheit des Autofahrers liefern. Zugleich dienen sie aber auch fuer eine komfortable Nutzung des Fahrzeugs. Speziell der Bedienkomfort ist durch leichte Verstaendlichkeit, Selbsterklaerbarkeit, Fehlerrobustheit charakterisiert. Durch ihn wird ein nicht unwesentlicher Beitrag zur sicheren und zweckdienlichen Interaktion zwischen Fahrer und Fahrzeug geleistet, also auch ein Beitrag fuer die zuverlaessige Funktion des Systems und damit fuer die Sicherheit. Von herausragender Bedeutung insbesondere im Hinblick auf das subjektive und das oeffentliche

  6. Life cycle assessment of different disposal routes of sewage sludge; Oekobilanz verschiedener Entsorgungsmoeglichkeiten fuer Klaerschlamm

    Chassot, G.M.; Candinas, T. [Eidgenoessische Forschungsanstalt fuer Agraroekologie und Landbau (FAL), Inst. fuer Umweltschutz und Landwirtschaft IUL Liebefeld, Bern (Switzerland)


    The ecological impact of six different disposal routes for sewage sludge of a major sewage treatment plant (three options for agricultural use in liquid, dried and limetreated form, and three options of incineration in a mono-sewage sludge incineration plant, a cement factory and a `Schwel-Brenn` type incinerator for municipal solid waste) has been studied with an comprehensive inventory and five impact assessment methods. Three methods show the important role of soil pollution. Existing methods are not yet able to consider all the factors necessary. The inventories should be completed concerning natural phosphorus resources and organic micropollutants. (orig.) [Deutsch] Sechs Entsorgungsvarianten (drei betreffen die landwirtschaftliche Verwendung in fluessiger, thermisch getrockneter und gekalkter Form und drei die Verbrennung in einer Schlammverbrennungsanlage, einem Zementofen und einer Schwel-Brenn-Anlage fuer Kehricht) fuer den Klaerschlamm einer grossen ARA werden mittels Inventarisierung der verursachten Umweltbelastung und fuenf Bewertungsmethoden untersucht. Drei Methoden zeigen die wichtige Rolle der Bodenbelastung. Die verfuegbaren Methoden koennen aber wichtige Einflussgroessen noch nicht beruecksichtigen. Ferner sollten die Inventare bezueglich P-Ressourcen und organischen Schadstoffen vervollstaendigt werden. (orig.)

  7. Modern recording systems for services able to meet the competition; Moderne Erfassungssysteme fuer wettbewerbsfaehige Dienstleistungen

    Drumm, M.


    Modern recording systems form the basis for competitive services. They are, however, only successful when integrated precisely into a lean running organization. By means of practical examples the necessity to place great emphasis on the costs of a system besides the investment costs when deciding about a recording system, will be examined. The significant changes on the energy market and the increasing demand of the housing economy for a comprehensive offer of services from the supply industry are main initiators for a whole new line of businesses on the supply economy sector. The great challenge for the supply industry lies in the task to install lean and effective system which are on one hand reliable and easy to handle for the whole duration of the contract and on the other hand are so cost efficient, that an adequate profitability can be ensured (see also: 'The secret winners', Zfk October 1999). A decisive factor for this reason is the metering technology, which has to ensure for the whole duration of the contract that correct consumption values are registered, on the basis of which as fast and punctual as possible a legally safe invoicing can be prepared. (orig.) [German] Moderne Erfassungssysteme bilden die Grundlage fuer wettbewerbsfaehige Dienstleistungen, die jedoch erst bei sauberer Einbindung in eine schlanke Ablauforganisation erfolgreich sind. Anhand von Praxisbeispielen wird die Notwendigkeit betrachtet, bei der Entscheidung fuer ein Erfassungssystem neben den Investitionskosten den Systemkosten entscheidendes Gewicht zu verleihen. (orig.)

  8. Selection of procedures for inservice inspections; Auswahl der Verfahren fuer wiederkehrende Pruefungen

    Brast, G [Preussische Elektrizitaets-AG (Preussenelektra), Hannover (Germany); Britz, A [Bayernwerk AG, Muenchen (Germany); Maier, H J [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Staatliche Materialpruefungsanstalt; Seidenkranz, T [TUEV Energie- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Mannheim (Germany)


    At present, selection of procedures for inservice inspection has to take into account the legal basis, i.e. the existing regulatory codes, and the practical aspects, i.e. experience and information obtained by the general, initial inservice inspection or performance data obtained by the latest, recurrent inspection. However, regulatory codes are being reviewed to a certain extent in order to permit integration of technological progress. Depending on the degree of availability in future, of inspection task-specific, sensitive and qualified NDE techniques for inservice inspections (`risk based ISI`), the framework of defined inspection intervals, sites, and detection limits will be broken up and altered in response to progress made. This opens up new opportunities for an optimization of inservice inspections for proof of component integrity. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Zur Zeit muss sich die Auswahl der Pruefverfahren an den gueltigen Regelwerken und, da es sich um wiederkehrende Pruefungen handelt, an der Basispruefung bzw. der letzten wiederkehrenden Pruefung orientieren. Jedoch vollzieht sich zur Zeit eine Oeffnung der Regelwerke, mit der man auch der Weiterentwicklung der Prueftechniken Rechnung traegt. In dem Masse, wie zukuenftig auf die Pruefaufgabe/Pruefaussage optimal abgestimmte und qualifizierte Prueftechniken mit einer hohen Nachweisempfindlichkeit am Bauteil fuer zielgerichtete wiederkehrende Pruefungen (als `risk based ISI`) zur Verfuegung stehen, wird der Rahmen mit festgelegten Pruefintervallen, Prueforten und festen Registriergrenzen gesprengt und variabel gestaltet werden koennen. Damit ergeben sich neue Moeglichkeiten fuer eine Optimierung der WKP zum Nachweis der Integritaet des Bauteils. (orig./MM)

  9. PM-materials for hot working tools; PM-Werkstoffe fuer warmgehende Werkzeuge

    Berns, H.; Broeckmann, C.; Theisen, W. [Bochum Univ. (Germany). Fakultaet fuer Maschinenbau; Wewers, B.


    Tools and wear parts for compacting tools are subjected to high abrasive wear and mechanical loading at elevated temperatures. MMC's based in iron- or nickel with hard particles are developed and investigated. The materials were manufactured from powders by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and subsequently heat treated. Diffusion between hard phases and metal matrix brings about certain micro structures which were tested with respect to the resistance against sliding abrasion at room and elevated temperatures. Three-point bending tests and thermal cycling of the material was utilized to characterise the mechanical behaviour. Based on this results a toolkit for a roller press for briquetting was produced and brought into application. (orig.) [German] Werkzeuge und Verschleissteile fuer die Verarbeitung von mineralischen Guetern bei erhoehter Temperatur unterliegen sowohl hohem abrasivem Verschleiss als auch hohen mechanischen Lasten. Es werden hartphasenhaltige Verbundwerkstoffe auf Eisen- und Nickelbasis entwickelt und untersucht. Die Fertigung dieser MMC's erfolgt durch heiss isostatisches Pressen (HIP) und anschliessende Waermebehandlung. Durch Diffusion zwischen Hartphasen und Metallmatrix entstehen Gefuege, die bezueglich ihres Widerstandes gegen Abrasivverschleiss bei Raumtemperatur und gegen Korngleitverschliess bei erhoehter Temperatur geprueft werden. Zur Charakterisierung der mechanischen Eigeschaften werden Dreipunktbiegeversuche und thermsiche Ermuedungsversuche durchgefuehrt. Die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse werden genutzt, um einen Werkzeugsatz fuer eine Brikettierpresse herzustellen und in Einsatz zu bringen. (orig.)

  10. Forest report 2012 for Baden-Wuerttemberg; Waldzustandsbericht 2012 fuer Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Meining, Stefan [Buero fuer Umweltueberwachung, Freiburg (Germany); Wilpert, Klaus v.; Schaeffer, Juergen; Hartmann, Peter; Schumacher, Joerg; Delb, Horst [Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Wuerttemberg, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Augustin, Nicole [Bath Univ. (United Kingdom)


    The Forest State Report 2012 systematically records the health status of the forest resources in the country on a scientific basis. Environmental information is measured, recorded and evaluated in the context of forest environmental monitoring using a measuring network. More than a third of the forest area has suffered significant damage. The share of undamaged forest areas has declined by almost one third to 26 percent since last year. Compared to the previous year, the crown damage increased by an average of 2.5 percentage points. More important, however, is the fact that for the two main tree species spruce and beech since the turn of the millennium, there has been a marked increase in the damage intensity for all age groups. [German] Der Waldzustandsbericht 2012 erfasst auf wissenschaftlicher Basis systematisch den Gesundheitszustand der Waldbestaende im Land. Im Rahmen des Forstlichen Umweltmonitorings werden mit Hilfe eines Messnetzes Umweltinformationen gemessen, erfasst und ausgewertet. Ueber ein Drittel der Waldflaeche weist deutliche Schaeden auf. Der Anteil der ungeschaedigten Waldflaechen ist seit dem letzten Jahr um fast ein Drittel auf 26 Prozent zurueckgegangen. Die Kronenschaeden haben gegenueber dem Vorjahr um durchschnittlich 2,5 Prozentpunkte zugenommen. Wichtiger ist jedoch der Befund, dass fuer die beiden Hauptbaumarten Fichte und Buche seit der Jahrtausendwende ein deutlicher Anstieg der Schadensintensitaet fuer alle Altersklassen zu beobachten ist.

  11. Forest report 2015 for Baden-Wuerttemberg; Waldzustandsbericht 2015 fuer Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Meining, Stefan [Buero fuer Umweltueberwachung, Freiburg (Germany); Wilpert, Klaus v.; Hoelscher, Andrea [Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Wuerttemberg, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); and others


    In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state of forests has been recorded since the 1980s in the course of an annual forest status report. In 2015, a decline in forest damage can be reported. As an indicator for the evaluation of the forest state, the crown condition of the trees applies. The average crown defoliation has been reduced by two percentage points to around 24 percent, while the share of healthy forest areas increased by five percentage points to a total of 29 percent. The clearly damaged forest areas decreased by six percentage points to 36 percent. Concerns are causing a relatively new fungus disease in the tree species ash, the ash dieback. [German] In Baden-Wuerttemberg wird der Zustand der Waelder seit den 1980er Jahren im Zuge eines jaehrlichen Waldzustandsberichtes erfasst. Fuer das Jahr 2015 kann erfreulicherweise einen Rueckgang der Waldschaeden verzeichnet werden. Als Indikator fuer die Beurteilung des Waldzustandes gilt der Kronenzustand der Baeume. Die durchschnittliche Kronenverlichtung hat sich um zwei Prozentpunkte auf rund 24 Prozent verringert, waehrend sich der Anteil der gesunden Waldflaeche um fuenf Prozentpunkte auf insgesamt 29 Prozent erhoehte. Die deutlich geschaedigten Waldflaechen verringerten sich um sechs Prozentpunkte auf 36 Prozent. Sorgen bereitet eine relativ neue Pilzerkrankung bei der Baumart Esche, das Eschentriebsterben.

  12. Device for applying organic chemicals to lysimeter surfaces; Applikationsvorrichtung fuer organische Chemikalien auf Lysimeteroberflaechen

    Schroll, R. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit Neuherberg GmbH, Oberschleissheim (Germany). Inst. fuer Bodenoekologie


    One of the aims of environmental research at the GSF Research Centre for the Environment and Health is to determine the behaviour of environmentally consequential chemicals in terrestrial ecosystems under as natural conditions as possible. The GSF lysimeter plant in Neuherberg permits studying the environmental behaviour of organic chemicals in different soils. Collaborators at GSF have developed a means of applying -14-marked substances in field lysimeters so as to be able to refind released chemicals, identify their conversion products and set up mass balances for the chemicals. [Deutsch] Ein Ziel der Umweltforschung im GSF-Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit ist es, das Verhalten von Umweltchemikalien in terrestrischen Oekosystemen unter moeglichst natuerlichen Bedingungen zu bestimmen. In der GSF-Lysimeteranlage Neuherberg kann das Umweltverhalten von Organika in verschiedenen Boeden untersucht werden. Zur Wiedererkennung der ausgebrachten Chemikalie bzw. zur Identifizierung aus ihr entstandener Umwandlungsprodukte und letztendlich auch zur Erstellung einer Massenbilanz fuer das ausgebrachte Praeparat wurde in der GSF die Moeglichkeit geschaffen, {sup 14}C-markierte Substanzen in Freilandlysimetern applizieren zu koennen. (orig.)

  13. Final report of the nine-month visit to the Institut fuer Tieflagerung and the Asse repository

    Sattler, A.R.


    The work and reports of the visit are described and presented tabularly. Highlights of the visit describing aspects of the German waste disposal program are presented including geologic storage of spent fuels at Asse and radioactive waste storage in the Konrad Iron Mine. Photographs of the Asse and Konrad mines and their activities are included

  14. Recent joint developments in cross-section uncertainty analysis at Los Alamos and EIR [Eidgenoessiches Institut fuer Reaktorforschung

    Davidson, J.W.; Dudziak, D.J.; Muir, D.W.; Stepanek, J.; Higgs, C.E.


    This paper discusses recent developments and future plans for the SENSIBL code (the successor to the SENSIT[6] and SENSIT-2D[7] codes), along with associated covariance data and cross section libraries. 34 refs

  15. GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Annual report 2004; GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Jahresbericht 2004

    Wiedemann, M.; Haury, H.J.; Goedde, M.; Guldner, H.; Kettembeil, S.; Leser, B.; Meyer-Streng, O. (eds.)


    Recent years have been shaped by the introduction of programme-oriented funding. In 2004, we were able once again to focus on the real goal of the GSF, the performance of excellent research. The effects of fine particles, for example, are at the centre of public interest. This topic is not only of great importance for health, it also has a wide-reaching economic significance; we have only to think of filters for diesel engines. The GSF was involved in many scientific successes. For example, the results on the economic costs of smoking received considerable attention from both the general public and the scientific world. GSF scientists were involved in the decoding of the chicken genome and the discovery of a Parkinson gene. Together with university and other research organisations, they founded a Virtual Institute on Biotic Interactions, and took part in an international project on the development of combination vaccines against HIV. The setting up of the GSF 'glass laboratory', which was created with substantial support form the Helmholtz Association, is particularly worthy of mention. GSF scientists have been awarded various prizes, for example the Felix Wankel Prize awarded to Professor Jean-Marie Buerstedde. The Bavarian Advancement of Women Prize 2004, which distinguished exemplary initiatives in the area of family and women's advancement, was a special honour. Professor Magdalena Goetz was appointed Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Research. (orig.)

  16. Communicating to gain public acceptance of energy projects; Akzeptanzkommunikation fuer Energieprojekte

    Pust, M. [TECSOL GmbH, Friedeburg (Germany)


    Whoever plans to execute energy projects in today's world should be aware of the fact that the social framework conditions surrounding such projects have changed significantly. For the organization executing the project to merely adhere to the legally prescribed authorization procedure and leave it until the end of the planning procedure to inform those affected is often no longer sufficient for gaining public acceptance. Large parts of the population criticise the usual procedures because they have lost confidence in this kind of decision making, which offers them too little scope for co-determination. Thus for some years there has been a growing number of cases where citizens demand full public participation and early information on why the project in question is needed and what kinds of impact it will have. Lack of acceptance can lead to resistance, with negative effects on the project and the companies involved. TECSOL takes care of the communication management alongside energy projects, taking its bearings by the existing standards for voluntary early information of the public, as recommended by the VDI (Guideline 7001) and required by the legislature (PlVereinhG = Law for Improvement of Public Participation and Harmonisation of Plan Approval Procedures). The lecture outlines the societal challenges involved as well as the possibilities for dealing fairly with demands of the population in the context of energy projects. This is illustrated using the model case of the ''Etzel cultural landscape'' as a practical example, in which TECSOL played a prominent role on behalf of IVG Caverns GmbH. [German] Wer heute Energieprojekte umsetzen will, muss sich im Klaren darueber sein, dass sich die gesellschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen stark veraendert haben. Es reicht fuer die Akzeptanz des Vorhabens haeufig nicht mehr aus, dass ein Vorhabentraeger den rechtlich vorgegebenen Weg des Genehmigungsprozesses beschreitet und die betroffenen Buerger erst

  17. The Chernobyl reactor accident, ten years on. Teaching projects for mathematics instruction in interdisciplinary working groups; 10 Jahre nach Tschernobyl. Unterrichtsprojekte fuer den Mathematikunterricht in faecheruebergreifenden Kooperationen

    Boer, H. [comp.; Delle, E. [comp.; Mies, K. [comp.; Warmeling, A. [comp.


    The booklet presents background information and addresses the following aspects: ionizing radiation and radiation effects; safety of German nuclear power plants; statistical evidence of radiation injuries; short-lived and long-lived ionizing radiation; radioactive waste; CO{sub 2} emissions as an argument in favour of nuclear power generation. The material presented is intended for use by a school project team interested in the subjects, or as a basis for collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching in working groups, and it offers information and problems for mathematics teaching. (HP) [Deutsch] Neben vielen Informationen behandelt die Broschuere: Strahlen und Strahlenwirkungen; Sicherheit deutscher Kernkraftwerke; statistischer Nachweis von Strahlenschaeden; Kurz- und Langfestigkeit der Strahlenbelastung; radioaktiver Abfall; CO{sub 2}-Problematik als Argument fuer die Kernenergie. Die Broschuere ist gedacht z.B. fuer eine Projektgruppe, einen Projekttag, fuer eine Lerngruppe in faecheruebergreifender Kooperation. Die Materialien sind ausgearbeitet fuer die Themembearbeitung im Mathematikunterricht mit Uebungsaufgaben. (HP)

  18. Particle Reduction Strategies - PAREST. Energy scenarios for PAREST. Sub-report; Strategien zur Verminderung der Feinstaubbelastung - PAREST. Energieszenarien fuer PAREST. Teilbericht

    Joerss, Wolfram; Degel, Melanie [Institut fuer Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung gGmbH (IZT), Berlin (Germany)


    In the research project PAREST emission scenarios to 2020 for particulate matter (PM{sub 10} und PM{sub 2,5}), and aerosol precursors SO{sub 2}, NO{sub x}, NH{sub 3} and NMVOC were prepared for Germany and Europe, mitigation measures evaluated and the results used to model the PM pollution load for Germany. In this part of the report to PAREST energy scenarios used for PAREST are presented. [German] Im Forschungsvorhaben PAREST wurden Emissionsszenarien bis 2020 fuer Feinstaub (PM{sub 10} und PM{sub 2,5}) und die Aerosol-Vorlaeufersubstanzen SO{sub 2}, NO{sub x}, NH{sub 3} und NMVOC fuer Deutschland und Europa erstellt, Minderungsmassnahmen evaluiert und daraus die PM-Immissionsbelastung fuer Deutschland modelliert. In diesem Teilbericht zu PAREST werden die fuer PAREST benutzten Energieszenarien vorgestellt.

  19. Energy research for practice; Energieforschung fuer die Praxis

    Lang, Johannes (ed.) [FIZ Karlsruhe, Bonn (Germany). BINE Informationsdienst


    The BINE editorial team, experts with a background in engineering and journalism, provide information in an independent, experienced and critical manner. Current information from research and pilot projects is thoroughly researched and prepared in a target-group-oriented way. The three series of brochures (Projektinfo, Themeninfo and basisEnergie), which describe results and experience gathered from research projects, are geared toward those who could potentially apply this information in practice, i.e. developers, planners, consultants, investors, energy suppliers and occupants. These publications, as well as the BINE newsletter, can be subscribed to at no cost. At, the information provided is systematically interconnected with additional information. The BINE Information Service facilitates the transfer of knowledge and information from energy research to practice, while cooperating closely with companies and institutions which, within the framework of sponsored projects, work to make efficiency technologies and renewable energy sources ready for use. Numerous collaborations with establishments in the fields of research, education and practice, as well as with trade press and politicians, serve to accelerate the application of energy research topics. The BINE Information Service is provided by FIZ Karlsruhe and sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. (orig.)

  20. GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Annual report 2005

    Wiedemann, M.; Haury, H.J.; Guldner, H.; Kettembeil, S.; Leser, B.; Offenberger, M.; Weiner, M.


    The report for the year 2005 falls at a time of change in both the Scientific and Administrative Managing Directors of the GSF. Thus securing continuity of the projects was a priority for the sound development of the research centre. In recent years, research at the GSF has focused on the health of humans in their environment - recognition of risks for human health from environmental factors, elucidation of mechanisms of disease development, and development of concepts - in order to protect human health and the natural basis of life. Substantial resources were invested in genome research, including in the German Mouse Clinic, biomedical translational approaches were initiated, programme-oriented funding was introduced, and new pathways were established for the transfer of results into practice. The 'mid term' review confirmed both the direction and excellence. The scientific achievements of the GSF are presented in detail in the following report, which, as in previous years, is arranged according to the reports of the institutes. Further, GSF scientists ensure that the most recent research results can flow into guidelines and new legislation by participating in national and international advisory commissions. GSF scientists are members of the Commission on Radiological Protection of the Federal Environment Ministry, in the MAK commission of the German Research Foundation, and in the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection), to name but a few, and also act as scientific advisors for policy in the areas of medicine and data processing. (orig.)

  1. Summarizing report on results obtained by institutions in Germany and Switzerland applying high-resolution detectors for health physics monitoring; Zusammenfassender Bericht ueber die Inkorporationsmessstellen mit hochaufloesenden Detektoren in Deutschland und der Schweiz

    Sahre, P. [Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Analytik Rossendorf e.V., Dresden (Germany)


    In order to gather as much information as possible about the performance of high-resolution detectors in whole-body and partial-body counters, a questionnaire was distributed to those health physics monitoring institutions in Germany and Switzerland known to apply such instruments. The inquiry also covered institutions in Prague, Budapest, and Seibersdorf which participate in activities of the AKI. The results of the inquiry are given in tabulated form. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Um moeglichst viele Informationen ueber Ganz- und Teilkoerperzaehler, die mit hochaufloesenden Detektoren arbeiten, zu erfassen, wurde an alle in Deutschland und in der Schweiz arbeitenden Inkorporationsmessstellen ein Formular zur Erfassung von Erfahrungen mit hochaufloesenden Detektoren gesendet. In die Abfrage einbezogen wurden auch Messstellen aus Prag, Budapest und Seibersdorf, die im AKI involviert sind. Die Ergebnisse der Umfrage fuer Ganzkoerperzaehler und fuer Teilkoerperzaehler werden tabellarisch zusammengefasst. (orig./SR)

  2. Institutional issues of environmental policy; Institutionelle Probleme der Umweltpolitik

    Gawel, E. [ed.


    Institutions and institutional theory are important topics in contemporary economic theory. However, their application to issues of environmental economics still is in its infancy. The book summarizes the state of the art in research on institutional aspects of environmental economics, as seen from the angle of the economic and social sciences, and outlines a variety of perceivable approaches oriented towards integrating the institutional aspects in environmental economic theory. This process eventually leading to broader consideration of implementation problems, enforcement and organisational aspects, legal aspects or market factors and functions influencing environmental policy, theory and practice of environmental policy are expected to draw near to each other and thus create the long-hoped-for chance to commence a true interdisciplinary dialogue about the entire spectrum of environmental issues. (orig.) [Deutsch] Institutionen und Institutionentheorie nehmen in der aktuellen oekonomischen Diskussion einen breiten Raum ein. Ihre Einbeziehung auch in der umweltoekonomischen Diskussion steht freilich erst noch in den Anfaengen. Der Band beleuchtet aus wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Sicht den gegenwaertigen Forschungsstand und vermittelt einen Ueberblick ueber unterschiedliche Ansaetze einer fuer institutionelle Probleme offenen Umweltoekonomik. Die Beruecksichtigung von Implementationsproblemen, die Einbeziehung von Vollzugs- und Organisationsfragen, von Rechtsproblemen sowie der konkreten Funktionsbedingungen von Maerkten im Umweltschutz tragen nicht nur dazu bei, dass sich die Theorie und Praxis der Umweltpolitik deutlich naeherruecken, sie bieten auch die lange vermisste Chance eines echten interdisziplinaeren Dialogs ueber Umweltprobleme. (orig.)

  3. Helium cryosystem for the X-ray laser LCLS-II; Heliumkryosystem fuer den Roentgenlaser LCLS-II

    Pflueckhahn, Dirk; Fauve, Eric; Heloin, Vincent; Ravindranath, Viswanath; Ross, Marc [SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA (United States)


    The Linac Coherent Light Source-II project represents the expansion of the LCLS free-electron laser, which has been successfully operated at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory since 2009. In collaboration with several national institutes, 37 cryomodules with superconducting accelerator cavities will be installed in a 700 m long section of the existing tunnel. The use of superconducting accelerator technology will enable particle energy of up to 4 GeV in CW (continuous wave) operation. Two identical cryogenic systems with an equivalent output of 18 kW each at 4.5 K are described below. The plants supply the linear accelerator with helium at several temperature levels. Superfluid helium II provides the cooling necessary to maintain superconductivity in the cavities. The operating temperature of the 1.3 GHz cavities has been set at 2 K. Two further helium circuits are used for shield cooling at approx. 35 K and cooling of heat loads at 5 K level. The purely dynamic compression of the cold helium vapour is a technical feature of the systems described here. In a five-stage chain of cold compressors of 32 mbar at the cavities, it is absolutely compressed to the suction pressure of the circulation compressors at approx. 1 bar. [German] Das Linac Coherent Light Source-II Projekt stellt die Erweiterung des seit 2009 erfolgreich betriebenen Freie- Elektronen-Lasers LCLS am SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory dar. In Kollaboration mit mehreren nationalen Instituten werden in einem 700 m langen Teilstueck des bereits bestehenden Tunnels 37 Kryomodule mit supraleitenden Beschleunigerkavitaeten installiert. Der Einsatz von supraleitender Beschleunigertechnologie wird eine Teilchenenergie von bis zu 4 GeV im CW (continous wave) Betrieb ermoeglichen. Zwei identische Kryoanlagen mit einer aequivalenten Leistung von je 18 kW bei 4,5 K werden im Folgenden beschrieben. Die Anlagen versorgen den Linearbeschleuniger mit Helium auf mehreren Temperaturniveaus. Superfluides Helium

  4. GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Annual report 2005; GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Jahresbericht 2005

    Wiedemann, M.; Haury, H.J.; Guldner, H.; Kettembeil, S.; Leser, B.; Offenberger, M.; Weiner, M. (eds.)


    The report for the year 2005 falls at a time of change in both the Scientific and Administrative Managing Directors of the GSF. Thus securing continuity of the projects was a priority for the sound development of the research centre. In recent years, research at the GSF has focused on the health of humans in their environment - recognition of risks for human health from environmental factors, elucidation of mechanisms of disease development, and development of concepts - in order to protect human health and the natural basis of life. Substantial resources were invested in genome research, including in the German Mouse Clinic, biomedical translational approaches were initiated, programme-oriented funding was introduced, and new pathways were established for the transfer of results into practice. The 'mid term' review confirmed both the direction and excellence. The scientific achievements of the GSF are presented in detail in the following report, which, as in previous years, is arranged according to the reports of the institutes. Further, GSF scientists ensure that the most recent research results can flow into guidelines and new legislation by participating in national and international advisory commissions. GSF scientists are members of the Commission on Radiological Protection of the Federal Environment Ministry, in the MAK commission of the German Research Foundation, and in the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection), to name but a few, and also act as scientific advisors for policy in the areas of medicine and data processing. (orig.)

  5. GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Annual report 2005; GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit. Jahresbericht 2005

    Wiedemann, M; Haury, H J; Guldner, H; Kettembeil, S; Leser, B; Offenberger, M; Weiner, M [eds.


    The report for the year 2005 falls at a time of change in both the Scientific and Administrative Managing Directors of the GSF. Thus securing continuity of the projects was a priority for the sound development of the research centre. In recent years, research at the GSF has focused on the health of humans in their environment - recognition of risks for human health from environmental factors, elucidation of mechanisms of disease development, and development of concepts - in order to protect human health and the natural basis of life. Substantial resources were invested in genome research, including in the German Mouse Clinic, biomedical translational approaches were initiated, programme-oriented funding was introduced, and new pathways were established for the transfer of results into practice. The 'mid term' review confirmed both the direction and excellence. The scientific achievements of the GSF are presented in detail in the following report, which, as in previous years, is arranged according to the reports of the institutes. Further, GSF scientists ensure that the most recent research results can flow into guidelines and new legislation by participating in national and international advisory commissions. GSF scientists are members of the Commission on Radiological Protection of the Federal Environment Ministry, in the MAK commission of the German Research Foundation, and in the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection), to name but a few, and also act as scientific advisors for policy in the areas of medicine and data processing. (orig.)

  6. Processes and materials for photovoltaic applications. Workshop; Verfahren und Materialien fuer die Photovoltaik. Workshop



    Solar energy will surely continue to be the most important renewable energy source. Since 1985, solar cell production has doubled every five years while the per unit price decreased continuously. This trend is expected to continue. Germany made important contributions both in the construction of new solar cell production plants and in the development of new PV materials and material combinations, as well as in technology and PV plant construction. The states of Thuringia and Saxony were significant contributors. In Thuringia, two solar cell production plants were constructed, while Saxon vacuum coating technology was used in nearly all new German production plants. This workshop presented the activities in Thuringia in Saxony. Contacts were to be established between partners from industry and research, joint projects were to be initiated, and society and politicians were to be informed on the success and new chances achieved. The workshop was held on the occasion of the termination of construction and the starting of experimental production of the ANTEC Solar GmbH factory at Rudisleben. [German] Im Mix der erneuerbaren Energien spielt die Solarenergie kuenftig wohl die wichtigste Rolle. Seit 1985 verdoppelt sich die Solarzellenproduktion in jeweils fuenf Jahren, gleichzeitig sank der Preis pro Leistungseinheit kontinuierlich. Dieser Trend wird weiter anhalten. Deutschland leistete in den letzten Jahren wichtige Beitraege zu dieser Entwicklung, sowohl beim Aufbau neuer Fertigungskapazitaeten fuer Solarzellen, als auch bei der Entwicklung neuer Photovoltaik-Materialien bzw. -Materialkombinationen und auf den Gebieten der Technologie und des Anlagenbaus. Der Anteil Thueringens und Sachsens an dieser positiven Entwicklung ist groesser als generell vermutet. In Thueringen entstanden zwei Unternehmen fuer die Solarzellenproduktion, der saechsische Vakuumbeschichtungs-Anlagenbau war am Aufbau fast aller neuen deutschen Fertigungsstaetten beteiligt. Auf dem Workshop werden

  7. 25 Jahre - Institut fuer Geodaesie, Teil 1: Wissenschaftliche Beitraege und Berichte (25 Years - Institute of Geodesy, Part 1: Scientific Contributions and Reports)


    Analyse der Bahnbewegung des Mondes (E. W. BROWN, 1896) Polschwankung (SETH CARLO CHANDLER, 1885; KARL FRIEDRICH KOJSTNER, 1890; SIMON NEWCOMB, 1891, 1892...Photographic Zenith Tubes) wurden erstmals urn die Jahr- hundertwende von STOLZE (1893), RuNGE (1893), SCHNAUDER (1900) und SCHWARZSCHILD (1903) vor...Geburtstag, Eugen Kuntz zurn 70. Geburtstag, Herman MAilzer zumn 70. Geburtstag, Verbff Geod Inst U Karlsruhe, 23 5-241 SCHWARZSCHILD , K., 1903

  8. Solar thermal power plants for the Mediterranean region: A chance for a new era in the field of electricity supply; Solarthermische Kraftwerke fuer den Mittelmeerraum: Chance fuer eine neue Aera der Elektrizitaetsversorgung

    Nitsch, J [DLR, Stuttgart (Germany)


    One promising option for a really environmentally and climaticly friendly electricity supply is the erection of solar thermal power plants in regions of the earth with a considerably high solar irradiation. In this work the technical and economical chances for this technology are analysed and explanations are given as to which energetic and econmic marginal conditions must be created for a successful market introduction, which could already be initiated with several demonstration power plants. (orig.) [Deutsch] Eine der vielversprechenden Optionen fuer wirklich umwelt- und klimafreundliche Elektrizitaetsversorgung stellt der Bau solarthermischer Kraftwerke in den einstrahlungsreichen Regionen der Erde dar. Der Beitrag analysiert die technisch-oekonomischen Chancen dieser Technologie und zeigt auf, welche energiewirtschaftlichen Randbedingungen als Voraussetzung fuer eine erfolgreiche Markteinfuehrung geschaffen werden muessen, die schon jetzt mit einer Reihe von Demonstrationskraftwerken beginnen koennte. (orig.)

  9. Electrochemical storage systems for renewable power supply systems. Workshop; Elektrochemische Speichersysteme fuer regenerative Energieversorgungsanlagen. Workshop

    Garche, J.; Hoehe, W. [Zentrum fuer Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Wuerttemberg (ZSW), Ulm (Germany); Stadermann, G. [eds.] [Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie, Berlin (Germany)


    This volume contains 26 contributions on batteries and PV systems. Vol. 1 discusses the following subjects: 1. Evaluation and assessment of the performance of battery systems in existing PV systems; 2. Status and prospects of storage systems; 3. Experience, requirements and markets; 4. Storage battery operation and assessment; 5. Systems engineering and operation of PV systems. [German] Dieser Band enthaelt 26 Beitraege zum aktuellen Stand der Batterien sowie der dazugehoerigen Systeme fuer Photovoltaik-Anlagen. Der Band ist in fuenf Themenbereiche unterteilt: 1. Auswertung und Bewertung des Betriebsverhaltens von Batteriesystemen in bestehenden PV-Anlagen; 2. Stand und Zukunft von Speichersystemen; 3.Erfahrungen, Anforderungen und Maerkte; 4. Speicher-Betriebsfuehrung und -Zustandsbestimmung; und 5. Systemtechnik und Betriebsfuehrung von PV-Systemen.

  10. Transformation strategies for multi-utility companies; Transformationsstrategien fuer Multi Utility-Unternehmen

    Apking, W.; Bosse, F.; Kroepelin, C.; Schaudinn, D.; Uhlmann, K. [PriceWaterhouseCoopers Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)


    Energy supply companies (resellers) and electric utilities as traders in the liberalized markets increasingly focus their activities on their core businesses and offer their capabilites also in other branches of industry, thus achieving synergistic effects. The evolution of e-commerce in the energy supply sector in Germany is described in this article, and recommendations are given to companies as to suitable change management strategies for successful marketing and procurement via the world wide web, using IP technologies as a basis for transactions. (CB) [German] Energieversorgungsunternehmen (EVU) besinnen sich auf ihre Kernkompetenzen, bieten diese auch in anderen Branchen an und erzielen damit Synergieeffekte. Ein weiterer Aspekt ist die zunehmende Vernetzung der europaeischen Stromnetze. Die Konvergenz der Maerkte wird ferner durch den Einsatz von IP(Internet-Protokoll)-Technologien vorangetrieben, da das Internet eine Informations- und Transaktionsplattform fuer saemtliche Marktteilnehmer schafft. Welche diesbezueglichen Transformationsstrategien von den EVU bereits heute zu ergreifen sind, wird anschaulich aus einem hierzu entwickelten Modell abgeleitet. (orig./CB)

  11. Special liquid nitrogen dewar for a superconducting levitation transport system; Spezialkryostat fuer ein supraleitendes Schwebetransportsystem

    Schumann, B.; Binneberg, A. [ILK Dresden gGmbH, Dresden (Germany)


    Within a joint project supported by the Free State Saxony a novel bearing and transport system was developed. The prototype is based on the combination of the magnetic bearing technique using high temperature-superconductors with a non-contacting linear drive. This non-contracting 'lift' is free from friction and contaminations due to wear and therefore predestinated for applications in clean rooms, e.g. in the microelectronic technology. (orig.) [German] Im Rahmen eines Verbundprojektes, gefoerdert vom Freistaat Sachsen, wurde ein neuartiges Lager- und Transportsystem in Form einer Kombination der supraleitenden Magnetlagertechnik mit Hochtemperatursupraleitern und einem beruehrungslos arbeitenden Linearantriebssystem am Beispiel eines Demonstrators entwickelt. Der voellig beruehrungslos und damit reibungs- und abriebfrei funktionierende Lift ist fuer Anwendungen in Reinraeumen z.B. in der Mikroelektroniktechnologie praedestiniert. (orig.)

  12. Market research and marketing for the mobility; Marktforschung und Marketing fuer die Mobilitaet

    Meinig, W. [Bamberg Univ. (Germany)


    The explanations, which have been given in the talk are supposed to reveal, that the aim of the marketing for electric-powered vehicles is not to carry the idea of environmental protection into the society. It is far more important to use the power of the present environmental consciousness in order to guarantee the consumers demands for mobility, taking into consideration the ecological interests. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die vorstehenden Ausfuehrungen sollten insbesondere deutlich machen, dass das Ziel eines Marketing fuer E-Mobile nicht darin bestehen kann, den Umweltschutzgedanken in die Gesellschaft zu tragen. Vielmehr geht es darum, die Schubkraft vorhandenen Umweltbewusstseins dafuer zu nutzen, Mobilitaetsbeduerfnisse von Konsumenten unter Bewahrung oekologischer Interessen sicherzustellen. (orig.)

  13. Artificial intelligence for automotive applications - noise modelling; Kuenstliche Intelligenz fuer Fahrzeuganwendungen - Modellierung des Motorgeraeusches

    Suchar, R. [nodes GmbH, Muenchen (Germany)


    Reducing the noise level in the interior of vehicles is both a comfort necessity and a challenging technical task. Reliable identification of the accessories responsible for high or low engine-noise levels in the interior of cars classically requires costly, time-consuming, extensive measurement sessions. Artificial intelligence tools efficiently solve the mentioned system-identification problem, and provide a principled way of extracting the information of interest from reduced size databases. (orig.) [German] Kuenstliche neuronale Netze, Fuzzy-Systeme, genetische Algorithmen - vor einem Jahrzehnt haette man gesagt, diese Begriffe stammen aus einem Science-Fiction-Roman. Heute verwenden sie Forscher an Hochschulen und in der Industrie mit dem gemeinsamen Ziel, kuenstliche Intelligenz (KI) in Real-Life-Projekte zu integrieren. Waehrend das Spektrum technischer Applikationen und kommerzieller Produkte sehr weit ist, konzentriert sich der vorliegende Beitrag auf eine spezielle Fahrzeuganwendung, die auf kuenstlichen neuronalen Netzen (KNN) basiert: die Ermittlung der Ausstattungsmerkmale, die fuer hohen Motorgeraeuschpegel im Fahrzeuginneren verantwortlich sind. (orig.)

  14. Co-operative research for future energy supply; Gemeinsam Forschen fuer die Energie der Zukunft

    Stadermann, G.; Szczepanski, P. (comps.)


    The FVS ForschungsVerbund Sonnenenergie was founded in 1990 and covers the whole spectrum of solar and renewable energy sources, from solid state physics to agriculture and technology assessment. [German] Seit der Entstehnung des FVS ForschungsVerbund Sonnenenergie haben sich die Rahmenbedingungen fuer die Erforschung der solaren und erneuerbaren Energien verbessert: Sie wurden in den letzten Jahren weiter erschlossen und haben an Bekanntheit und Sympathie gewonnen. Die von der Bundesregierung angestrebte Energiewende bedeutet eine Zaesur in der deutschen Energieversorgung und fuehrt zu einer staerkeren Foerderung erneuerbarer Energien. Sie werden zunehmend als markt- und zukunftsfaehiger Wirtschaftsfaktor wahrgenommen, zu dessen Erschliessung intensive Forschung und Entwicklung notwendig ist. Der Verbund gewinnt daher verstaerkt die Industrie und die Energiewirtschaft als Kooperationspartner im Forschungssektor. Das Themenspektrum im FVS ForschungsVerbund Sonnenenergie umfasst weitgehend alle solaren und erneuerbaren Energien. Diese Themen beinhalten eine Fuelle von einzelnen wissenschaftlichen Problemstellungen von der Festkoerperphysik bis zu agrarwissenschaftlichen Fragen nachwachsender Energierohstoffe und zur Technologiebewertung. (orig.)

  15. Telematics for hazardous goods transportation; Anwendungen fuer den Transport von kritischen Guetern

    Stingl, D [Danzas Logistics GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)


    In the course of the integration of the customer Langnese Iglo in autumn 1997 and in view of the already existing general conditions for the implementation of the equlations of the directive on food hygiene (HACCP-concept) as well as the permanently in reasing demand for quality of logistics DANZAS Logistics GmbH, cooperating closely with in deep-frozen goods customer Langnese-Iglo decided to develop a new system of quality assurance for the transportation of deep-frozen goods and apply this system to all its activities. First ideas about standard demands, technical solutions and multi-functional design showed that the project had to be handled in such a flexible way that temperature controlling (for the transportation of deep-frozen goods, temperature-controlled DANZAS-warehouses and all future temperature-controlled transportation) and the monitoring of security-relevant transportation can be integrated in one and the same project. (orig.) [German] Im Zuge der Integration des Kunden Langnese Iglo im Herbst 1997 und unter Beruecksichtigung der bereits vorliegenden Rahmenbedingungen zur Umsetzung der Bestimmungen der Lebensmittelhygieneverordnung (HACCP-Konzept) sowie des staendig wachsenden Qualitaetsanspruches an logistische Dienstleistungen, hat sich die DANZAS Logistics GmbH in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem TK-Kunden Langnese Iglo entschlossen, ein innovatives System zur Qualitaetssicherung im Tiefkuehltransport zu erarbeiten und flaechendeckend einzusetzen. Die ersten Gedanken bezueglich Standardanforderungen, technischer Loesungsansaetze und multifunktionaler Ausrichtung zeigten, dass dieses Projekt so variabel zu gestalten ist, dass sowohl Temperaturcontrolling (fuer TK-Transporte, fuer die temperaturgefuehrten DANZAS-Laeger und zukuenftig alle temperaturgefuehrten Transporte) als auch die Ueberwachung sicherheitsrelevanter Transporte zu integrieren sind. (orig.)

  16. Municipal energy concepts. A service task for electric utility companies; Kommunale Energiekonzepte. Eine Dienstleistungsaufgabe fuer Energieversorgungsuntemehmen

    Just, W. [Stadtwerke Gelsenkirchen GmbH (Germany)


    The article explains to what extent suitable measures can be realized and supported in a municipality with municipal energy concepts or even climate protection concepts. The target is to attain with limited financial means the most favourable economic and ecological effects in the municipality or in the region. Many electric utilities have in the last years forced the realization of energy conservation measures and have become energy service companies. With their expert knowledge they are ideal partners for politics, public adminstration and citizens. They have the best qualificatons for the development and realization of municipal concepts. In many cases it shows that with detailed studies the target can be quicker and more effectively attained as with extensive, time-consuming and expensive studies which are not particularly realization-oriented. The report is to give examples which might be helpful for the development of a concept. (orig./UA) [Deutsch] Der Beitrag erlaeutert, inwieweit umfangreiche kommunale Energiekonzepte oder sogar Klimaschutzkonzepte geeignete Massnahmen in der Kommune realisieren und foerdern koennen. Ziel sollte sein, mit begrenztem Mitteleinsatz die oekonomisch-oekologisch groessten Effekte in der Kommune bzw. in der Region zu erzielen. Viele Energie-Versorgungsunternehmen haben in den letzten Jahren die Realisierung von Energieparmassnahmen vorangetrieben und sich zu Energie-Dienstleistungsunternehmen entwickelt. Mit ihrer Sachkompetenz sind sie der ideale Partner fuer Politik, oeffentliche Verwaltung und Buerger/innen. Sie bringen die besten Voraussetzungen mit bei der Erarbeitung und Umsetzung von kommunalen Konzepten. Vielfach zeigt sich, dass Detailkonzepte schneller und wirkungsvoller zum Ziel fuehren, als umfachreiche, zeitaufwendige und teure Studien, die wenig umsetzungsorientiert sind. Die nachfolgenden Ausfuehrungen sind als Beispiele gedacht. Sie koennen Anregungen fuer die Erstellung eines Konzeptes vermitteln. (orig./UA)

  17. Macromolecular contrast media. A new approach for characterising breast tumors with MR-mammography; Makromolekulare Kontrastmittel fuer die MR-Mammographie. Ein neuer Ansatz fuer die Charakterisierung von Mammatumoren

    Daldrup, H.E. [Contrast Media Lab., Dept. of Radiology, California Univ., San Francisco, CA (United States)]|[Muenster Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Klinische Radiologie; Roberts, T.P.L.; Roberts, H.C. [Contrast Media Lab., Dept. of Radiology, California Univ., San Francisco, CA (United States)]|[Mainz Univ. (Germany). Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Radiologie; Muehler, A. [Contrast Media Lab., Dept. of Radiology, California Univ., San Francisco, CA (United States)]|[Berlex Laboratories, Wayne, NJ (United States); Gossmann, A. [Contrast Media Lab., Dept. of Radiology, California Univ., San Francisco, CA (United States)]|[Koeln Univ. (Germany). Inst. und Poliklinik fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Wendland, M.; Brasch, R.C. [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Klinische Radiologie; Rosenau, W. [California Univ., San Francisco, CA (United States). Dept. of Pathology


    The value of macromolecular contrast agents (MMCM) for the characterization of benign and malignant breast tumors will be demonstrated in this review. Animal studies suggest a high potential of MMCM to increase the specificity of MR-mammography. The concept of tumor differentiation is based on the pathological hyperpermeability of microvessels in malignant tumors. MMCM show a leak into the interstitium of carcinomas, whereas they are confined to the intravascular space in benign tumors. Capabilities and limitations of the MMCM-prototype. Albumin-Gd-DTPA, for breast tumor characterization will be summarized and compared to the standard low molecular weight contrast agent Gd-DTPA. Initial experience with new MMCM, such as Dendrimers, Gd-DTPA-Polylysine and MS-325 will be outlined. The potential of `blood-pool`-iron oxides, such as AMI-227 for the evaluation of tumor microvascular permeabilities will be discussed. (orig.) [Deutsch] Diese Uebersicht stellt den Stellenwert makromolekularer Kontrastmittel (MMKM) fuer die MR-tomographische Charakterisierung von benignen und malignen Mammatumoren dar. Aufgrund experimenteller Studien lassen MMKM eine signifikante Verbesserung der Spezifitaet der dynamischen kontrastmittelunterstuetzten MR-Mammographie erwarten. Das differentialdiagnostische Konzept beruht auf der pathologischen Hyperpermeabilitaet von Kapillaren in Karzinomen, die einen MMKM-Austritt in das Tumorinterstitium bedingt, waehrend die intakten Kapillaren benigner Tumoren nicht permeabel fuer MMKM sind. Diagnostische Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen des MMKM-Prototyps, Albumin-Gd-DTPA (92 kD), werden dargestellt und mit dem niedermolekularen Standard-Kontrastmittel Gd-DTPA (500 D) verglichen. Erste Erfahrungen mit neuen, fuer die klinische Anwendung optimierten MMKM-Praeparaten, wie das Kaskadenpolymer, Gd-DTPA-Polylysine und das MS-325 werden vorgestellt. Das Potential von Blood-pool-Eisenoxidpraeparaten, z.B. AMI-227, fuer die Bestimmung von

  18. Gas generation from biomass for decentralized power supply systems; Gaserzeugung fuer dezentrale Energiesysteme auf der Basis von Biomasse

    Kubiak, H.; Papamichalis, A.; Heek, K.H. van [DMT-Inst. fuer Kokserzeugung und Brennstofftechnik, Essen (Germany)


    By a reaction with steam, bioresidues and plants can be converted into a gas consisting mainly of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane which can be used for electric power generation in gas engines, gas turbins and fuel cells. The conversion processes, especially the fuel cell process, are environment-friendly and efficient. For decentralized applications (i.e. for biomass volumes of 0.5 to 1 t/h), an allothermal process is recommended which is described in detail. (orig) [Deutsch] Durch Reaktion mit Wasserdampf lassen sich Bioreststoffe und Energiepflanzen zu einem Gas umsetzen, das im wesentlichen aus Wasserstoff, Kohlenmonoxid und Methan besteht und z.B. ueber Gasmotoren, Gasturbinen, vorzugsweise aber Brennstoffzellen zu Strom umgewandelt werden kann. Die Umwandlungsverfahren, insbesondere unter Benutzung von Brennstoffzellen, sind umweltfreundlich und haben einen hohen Wirkungsgrad. Als Vergasungsverfahren eignet sich fuer die dezentrale Anwendung. - d.h. fuer eine Biomassemenge von 0,5 bis 1 t/h - insbesondere das hier beschriebene allotherme Verfahren. (orig)

  19. Energy price report for Baden-Wuerttemberg 2016. Final report; Energiepreisbericht fuer Baden-Wuerttemberg 2016. Endbericht

    Guel, Sarah; Cherkasky, Jenny


    This report describes the historical development of energy prices in recent years up to and including 2016 in Germany and Baden-Wuerttemberg and estimates the future development until 2023. The report addresses the markets for oil, gas, electricity and heat, which are summarized below. In addition, an estimate of the energy costs for households and industry and the associated burden is made. [German] Der vorliegende Bericht beschreibt die historische Entwicklung der Energiepreise der letzten Jahre bis einschliesslich 2016 in Deutschland und in Baden-Wuerttemberg und schaetzt die zukuenftige Entwicklung bis 2023 ab. Dabei geht der Bericht auf die Maerkte fuer Oel, Gas, Strom und Waerme ein, welche im Folgenden zusammengefasst werden. Zudem wird eine Abschaetzung der Energiekosten fuer Haushalte und Industrie und der damit verbundenen Belastung vorgenommen.

  20. Gas generation from biomass for decentralized power supply systems; Gaserzeugung fuer dezentrale Energiesysteme auf der Basis von Biomasse

    Kubiak, H; Papamichalis, A; Heek, K.H. van [DMT-Inst. fuer Kokserzeugung und Brennstofftechnik, Essen (Germany)


    By a reaction with steam, bioresidues and plants can be converted into a gas consisting mainly of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane which can be used for electric power generation in gas engines, gas turbins and fuel cells. The conversion processes, especially the fuel cell process, are environment-friendly and efficient. For decentralized applications (i.e. for biomass volumes of 0.5 to 1 t/h), an allothermal process is recommended which is described in detail. (orig) [Deutsch] Durch Reaktion mit Wasserdampf lassen sich Bioreststoffe und Energiepflanzen zu einem Gas umsetzen, das im wesentlichen aus Wasserstoff, Kohlenmonoxid und Methan besteht und z.B. ueber Gasmotoren, Gasturbinen, vorzugsweise aber Brennstoffzellen zu Strom umgewandelt werden kann. Die Umwandlungsverfahren, insbesondere unter Benutzung von Brennstoffzellen, sind umweltfreundlich und haben einen hohen Wirkungsgrad. Als Vergasungsverfahren eignet sich fuer die dezentrale Anwendung. - d.h. fuer eine Biomassemenge von 0,5 bis 1 t/h - insbesondere das hier beschriebene allotherme Verfahren. (orig)

  1. Statistical-dynamic climate forecast for Europe and Germany. Final report; Statistisch-dynamische Klimavorhersage fuer Europa und Deutschland. Abschlussbericht

    Denhard, M.; Schoenwiese, C.D.


    Principal Correlation Pattern Analysis (PCPA) maps the local circulation, temperature and precipitation anomalies in the northern hemisphere in monthly resolution and permits an interpretation of their causes. Calculations are made for the El Nino phenomenon, NAO, and the quasi-11-year cycle of solar radiation variation. Especially the El Nino calculations show the efficiency of PCPA. [German] Mit Hilfe der Principal Correlation Pattern Analysis (PCPA) koennen die von verschiedenen Klimaantrieben erzeugten lokalen Zirkulations-, Temperatur- und Niederschlagsanomalien auf der Nordhemisphaere in monatlicher Aufloesung dargestellt und ursaechlich interpretiert werden. Diese Rechnungen wurden fuer das El Nino Phaenomen, die NAO und den quasi 11-jaehrigen Zyklus der solaren Strahlungsschwankungen durchgefuehrt. Insbesondere die Untersuchungen zu Wirkungen von El Nino auf Europa zeigen, dass die PCPA die Kopplungen eines Prozesses mit dem Klimasystem sehr genau beschreibt und somit die Voraussetzungen schafft, die Wirkungen dieses Klimaantriebs zu modellieren und ihn zur Vorhersage zu nutzen. Erste einfache Vorhersageexperimente fuer das europaeische Klima bestaetigen diese Aussage. (orig.)

  2. A regional climate model for the Arctic and the North Atlantic; Ein regionales Klimamodell fuer die Arktis und den Nordatlantik

    Berndt, H


    corresponding a low influence of the lateral boundary conditions. Overall, REMO has proved to be a useful tool for a better understanding of the processes in the Arctic and the North Atlantic. Further adjustment of the parameterizations seems to be necessary. Other components of the climate system have to be considered to successfully describe the complex feedbacks and processes of the climate subsystems. (orig.) [German] Die Arktis und der subpolare Nordatlantik bilden mit ihren komplexen Mechanismen und Rueckkopplungen eine wichtige Komponente unseres Klimasystems. Aufgrund der geringen Beobachtungsdichte und der niedrigen Aufloesung globaler Klimamodelle, bietet sich der Einsatz hoeher aufloesender regionaler Klimamodelle an. Das hier verwendete regionale Klimamodell (REMO) basiert auf dem frueheren Wettervorhersagemodell EM des Deutschen Wetterdienstes (DWD) und wurde am Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie (MPIfM) in Hamburg weiterentwickelt. Fuer die Simulation subskaliger Prozesse stehen zwei Saetze physikalischer Parametrisierungen zur Verfuegung - die urspruenglich verwendete DWD-Physik und die ECHAM4-Physik des MPIfM. Der dynamische Teil ist in beiden Faellen identisch. REMO wird zunaechst an das neue Untersuchungsgebiet angepasst. Die neue Konfiguration beruecksichtigt bei einer horizontalen Aufloesung von 0.5 x 0.5 und 145 x 121 Glitterpunkten die gesamte Arktis und den Nordatlantik bis etwa 40 N. Mit DWD- und ECHAM4-Physik im Vorhersage- und Klima-Mode werden unterschiedliche Zeitraeume simuliert. Als Antriebsdaten werden die NCEP/NCAR-Reanalysen mit einer zeitlichen Aufloesung von 6 Stunden verwendet. Da REMO bisher nur in gemaessigtem Klima eingesetzt wurde, steht der Test des Modells unter den extremen Bedingungen der hohen Breiten im Vordergrund. Beim Vergleich mit Schiffsbeobachtungen aus der Labrador-See liegt REMO deutlich dichter an den Messungen als die Antriebsdaten. Unrealistisch hohe Feuchten in den Reanalysen sind vermutlich die Ursache erhoehter

  3. A universal concept for IV-supported operation management; Ein universelles Konzept fuer die IV-gestuetzte Betriebsfuehrung

    Sturm, A.


    The continuing rise in cost pressure calls for measures for enhancing the efficiency of operation management and maintenance. At the same time it is necessary to maintain the requisite reliability of production and keep abreast of the ever more stringent requirements of working safety and environment protection. This paper presents an integral operation management system for production plants which does justice to both the productive and the and the conserving function of operation management. The development and introduction of this system to conventional power plants has meanwhile begun. The system consistently gives consideration to the fact that operation management depends on processing data and information of different properties. Whereas process data can show strong fluctuations, there are many kinds of information on the plant concerning, for example, plant installations, processes, damage, and maintenance which hardly fluctuate at all or only change over long time periods. These latter include plant and installation addresses, technical data on the system or on maintenance. In operation management systems designed for production plants it can therefore be useful to organise the handling of process data (dynamic data) and plant data (static data) separately. [Deutsch] Der immer staerkere Kostendruck erfordert Massnahmen zur Effizienzsteigerung der Betriebsfuehrung und der Instandhaltung bei Erhaltung der erforderlichen Zuverlaessigkeit der Produktion, steigenden Anforderungen an Arbeitssicherheit und Umweltschutz. Ein Gesamtbetriebsfuehrungssystem, das sowohl die Produktionsfunktion, als auch die Erhaltungsfunktion abdeckt, wurde fuer Produktionsanlagen konzipiert. Fuer konventionelle Kraftwerke wurde die Entwicklung und Einfuehrung begonnen. Dieses System beruecksichtigt konsequent, dass bei der Betriebsfuehrung Daten und Informationen mit unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften zu verarbeiten sind. Waehrend die Prozessdaten hoch fluktuierende Daten sein koennen

  4. Knitted structures of endless fibers for gas cleaning. Pt. 2; Gestrickte Strukturen aus Endlosfasern fuer die Abgasreinigung. T. 2

    Mayer, A.; Mayer, J.; Wintermantel, E.; Buck, A.; Schmidt, R.M.; Mattes, P.; Sudmanns, H.; Bressler, H.


    Knittings based on ceramic filament yarns can be used to clean polluted air and exhaust gas efficiently up to temperatures of 1000 C. They provide interesting properties for the filtration of Diesel particles as well as for catalysis and adsorption of toxic gas components. The special knitting technology can handle any brittle fibers, producing elastic structures, which are thermochoc-resistent and can therefore even be used for preturbo applications. The first part of this paper, published in MTZ 56 (1995) 2 deals with the basic properties of this cleaning medium. This second part concentrates on Diesel particulate trop applications. These new trap and catalyst concepts are under development by Buck/Bondorf with TTM/Niederrohrdorf. Basic research is delegated to ETH Zuerich and Universitaet by Gillet/Edenkoben and, with focus on preturbo-applications by MTU/Friedrichshafen. (orig.) [Deutsch] Gestricke aus keramischen Endlosfasern sind bis zu Temperaturen um 1000 C fuer die Abluft- und Abgasreinigung einsetzbar. Sie eignen sich fuer die Filtration von Dieselpartikeln, insbesondere deren Feinstfraktionen ebenso wie fuer die Katalyse und fuer die Adsorption gasfoermiger Schadstoffkomponenten. Die Strukturen sind volumenelastisch, unempfindlich gegen Thermoschock und daher auch im motornahen Bereich risikoarm einsetzbar. In einem ersten Teilbeitrag in der Februarausgabe der MTZ wurden grundlegende Erkenntnisse dieses Abgasreinigungsmediums beschrieben. Der vorliegende zweite Teil beschreibt Anwendungen mit Schwerpunkt Dieselpartikelfilter. Diese neue Fasertechnik wird bei Buck, Bondorf, zusammen mit TTM, Niderrohrdorf, entwickelt. Forschungsarbeiten werden an der ETH Zuerich und der Universitaet Erlangen im Rahmen des BMFT-Projektes 01 VQ 9305/9 durchgefuehrt. Fragen zu motornachgeschalteten Anwendungen untersucht Gillett, Edenkoben, Moeglichkeiten der Motorintegration solcher Filter die MTU Friedrichshafen. (orig.)

  5. Lead-free sliding overplate for highly loaded big end bearings; Bleifreie Laufschicht fuer hochbelastete Haupt- und Pleuellager

    Graham, N.; Schnell, L.; Arnold, G. [Federal-Mogul Wiesbaden GmbH and Co. KG (Germany)


    Lead has always been an important metal in plain bearing technology. Completely lead-free solutions for high-end engine applications are still not considered to be technically achievable. Therefore, the European End of Life Directive (2000/53/EC), which took effect on 1 July 2003, lists copper-based lead/bronze bearings as an exception. The bearing group of Federal-Mogul has now announced its exit from the lead industry and addresses the issue layer by layer. A recently introduced adaptive bearing offers a lead-free overplate for high-performance internal combustion engine applications. This new bearing changes its technical characteristics during the running-in phase. (orig.) [German] Blei war schon immer eine wichtige Komponente in der Gleitlagertechnik. Bis heute gelten vollstaendig bleifreie Loesungen fuer hochbelastete Gleitlager als technisch nicht machbar. Deshalb nennt die europaeische Altautoverordnung (2000/53/EG), die seit dem 1. Juli 2003 in Kraft ist, als Ausnahme die kupferbasierten Bleibronzelager. Die Gleitlagergruppe von Federal-Mogul hat jetzt ihren Rueckzug aus der Verarbeitung von Blei angekuendigt und geht das Thema Schicht fuer Schicht an. Ein kuerzlich eingefuehrtes, anpassungsfaehiges Lager fuer High-End-Verbrennungsmotoren verfuegt ueber eine bleifreie Laufschicht. Bei diesem neuen Lager veraendern sich die technischen Eigenschaften waehrend der Einlaufphase. (orig.)

  6. Combined expander-compressor for carbon dioxide in free piston design; Kombinierte Expansions-Kompressions-Maschine fuer Kohlendioxid in Freikolbenbauweise

    Heyl, P.; Quack, H. [TU, Dresden (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Kaelte- und Kryotechnik; Kuehne, M. [TU, Dresden (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Pumpen, Verdichter und Apparate


    The renaissance of carbon dioxide in refrigeration engineering is impressive. The contribution shows that the disadvantages of this refrigerating fluid can be compensated by modifying the refrigeration circuit. A combined expander-compressor working by the free piston principle and developed at Dresden Technical University is described. [German] Kohlendioxid erlebt im Bereich der Kaeltetechnik infolge der schwierigen Suche nach umweltvertraeglichen Ersatzkaeltemitteln fuer die Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoffe eine beeindruckende Renaissance. Es soll anhand thermodynamischer Prozessberechnungen gezeigt werden, dass durch die Modifikation des Kreisprozesses unter Beachtung der besonderen thermodynamischen Eigenschaften des Kohlendioxids diese Nachteile bereits bei der theoretischen Leistungszahl ausgeglichen werden koennen. Dafuer wird das Kohlendioxid in einem Prozess mit zweistufiger Verdichtung arbeitsleistend entspannt. Die Besonderheit dieses Prozesses ist die Verwendung einer speziell fuer diesen Anwendungsfall entwickelten Maschine, die die gewonnene Expansionsarbeit direkt fuer die Verdichtung des Kohlendioxids in der zweiten Verdichtungsstufe nutzt. Es handelt sich dabei um eine nach dem Freikolbenprinzip arbeitende Expansions-Kompressions-Maschine, die an der TU Dresden entwickelt und gegenwaertig getestet wird. (orig.)

  7. First robotized assembly line in for multivalve cylinder heads in Europe; Erste roborterautomatisierte Montagelinie fuer Mehrventilzylinderkoepfe in Europa

    Simonis, G. [ABB Flexible Automation GmbH, Langenfeld (Germany)


    From its earliest days the automotive industry has pioneered the automation of factory operations. This reputation is being added to by yet another new development in the assembly area. The trendsetter is ABB Flexible Automation GmbH, based in Butzbach, Germany, which has developed a future-oriented concept for vehicle engine assembly in which jointed-arm robots play a key role. The new concept has been adopted for Europe`s first robotized assembly line for multivalve cylinder heads, installed by ABB for the German carmaker Audi in Gyoer, Hungary. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Automobilindustrie war und ist Vorreiter in der Automatisierung betrieblicher Ablaeufe. Einmal mehr zeigt sich dies im Montagebereich. Trendsetter ist hier die ABB Flexible Automation GmbH, Butzbach/Deutschland, die fuer die Montage von Fahrzeugaggregaten ein zukunftweisendes Konzept entwickelt hat. Gelenkarmroboter spielen dabei eine entscheidende Rolle. Ein Beispiel dafuer: Die erste roboterautomatisierte Montageanlage fuer Mehrventilzylinderkoepfe in Europa, die ABB fuer den Automobilhersteller Audi im ungarischen Gyoer realisiert hat. (orig.)

  8. Concepts for `superior process control` in the energy industry; Konzepte fuer die uebergeordnete Prozessfuehrung in der Energiewirtschaft

    Doellen, U.C. von


    The work concerns the task of control described as dispatching of extensive energy supply and distribution networks. Due to the special contractual situation, there are special long-term targets in firms, which must be achieved in addition to the extensive operational tasks of control and monitoring of the networks. The concepts introduced in the work offer a framework for a target-orientated design of computer-aided menus for this superior process control in the energy industry. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Die Arbeit betrachtet die als Dispatching bezeichnete Aufgabe der Fuehrung ausgedehnter Energieversorgungs- und verteilungsnetze. Aus den speziellen Vertragssituationen ergeben sich in den Unternehmen besondere, langfristige Zielvorgaben an die mit der Betriebsfuehrung beauftragen Operateure, die zusaetzlich zu den umfangreichen operativen Aufgaben der Fuehrung und Ueberwachung der Netze zu erreichen sind. Die in der Arbeit vorgestellten Konzepte bieten den Rahmen fuer einen zielgerichteten Entwurf rechnergestuetzter Hilfsmittel fuer diese uebergeordnete Prozessfuehrung in der Energiewirtschaft. Das erstellte Gesamtsystem wird abschliessend zur Loesung einer konkreten, energiewirtschaftlichen Problemstellung eingesetzt. Die entwickelte Anwendungsloesung wird als Hilfsmittel fuer die technische und vertragliche Optimierung im Dispatching eingesetzt. Wesentliche Zielsetzung ist ein technisch und wirtschaftlich optimaler Einsatz von Energiespeichern zur Deckung von Spitzenlasten. (orig./GL)

  9. Utilization scenarios for driving support systems in cargo traffic and their evaluation; Einsatzszenarien fuer Fahrerassistenzsysteme im Gueterverkehr und deren Bewertung

    Henning, K.; Preuschoff, E. (eds.)


    The report presents a summary of the project of the above title (EFAS project). While earlier projects focused on the technical side, EFAS is the first to present a systematic analysis, presentation and evaluation of the parameters influencing driving support systems. With the aid of a systemic analysis, the key influencing factors are defined and analyzed, and three scenarios are developed which take account of user-oriented, organizational, operational, technical, infrastructural and legal aspects. The scenarios are evaluated with the aid of driving and traffic simulations in the fields of humans, organization and technology, and actions are recommended on this basis for driving support systems in cargo transport. [German] Der Bericht fasst die Ergebnisse des Projektes ''Einsatzszenarien fuer Fahrerassistenzsysteme im Gueterverkehr'' (EFAS) zusammen. Bisher wurde die Thematik Fahrerassistenzsysteme hauptsaechlich auf der Seite der Fahrzeugtechnik vorangetrieben. Das Projekt EFAS stellt nun zum ersten Mal eine umfassende Analyse, Darstellung und Bewertung dar. Mit Hilfe einer systemischen Analyse werden die wesentlichen Einflussfaktoren fuer die Einbindung von Fahrerassistenzsystemen in das Gesamtsystem ''Verkehr'' bestimmt und untersucht. Hieraus werden drei Einsatzszenarien entwickelt, die nutzerbezogene, organisatorische, betriebliche, fahrzeugtechnische, infrastukturelle und rechtliche Aspekte zu Zukunftsbildern zusammenfuegen. Die Szenarien werden mit Hilfe von Fahr- und Verkehrssimulationen in den Bereichen Mensch, Organisation und Technik bewertet. Aus den Ergebnissen werden konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen fuer den Einsatz von Fahrerassistenzsystemen im Strassengueterverkehr abgeleitet. (orig.)

  10. KfK, Institute for Reactor Components. Results of research and development activities in 1989


    R and D activities at IRB (Institut fuer Reaktorbauelemente - Institute for Reactor Components) are dedicated to thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Emphasis is on the design of nuclear reactor and fusion reactor components. Environmental engineering was added recently. Most activities are applications-oriented. Fundamental investigations focus on energy research and energy technology. The activities are carried out in the framework of different projects (PKF/nuclear fusion, PSF/nuclear safety, PSU/pollution control). Points of main effort are the development of basic liquid-metal-cooled blanket solutions, investigations on natural convection in reactor tanks, and the cooling properties of future containments for pressurized water reactors in the case of nuclear fusion accidents. (orig./GL) [de

  11. Five years of proton therapy of tumours of the eye at Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin; Fuenf Jahre Protonentherapie von Augentumoren am Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin

    Heufelder, J.; Cordini, D.; Heese, J.; Homeyer, H.; Kluge, H.; Morgenstern, H. [Hahn-Meitner-Inst. Berlin, Augentumortherapie (Germany); Fuchs, H. [Hahn-Meitner-Inst. Berlin, Augentumortherapie (Germany); Augenklinik, Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin (Germany); Hoecht, S.; Nausner, M.; Hinkelbein, W. [Klinik fuer Radioonkologie und Strahlentherapie, Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin (Germany); Bechrakis, N.E.; Foerster, M.H. [Augenklinik, Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin (Germany)


    Eye tumors (choroidal melanomas, iris melanomas, and choroidal hemangiomas) are being treated with 68 MeV protons since 1998 at the Ion Beam Laboratory of the Hahn-Meitner Institute of Berlin (Germany's first proton therapy center), in cooperation with the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin. The proton beam, generated via a combination of Van de Graaff accelerator and cyclotron, is prepared by passive shaping for conformal tumor irradiation. A digital X-ray verification of the tumor location with the patient in sitting position limits the position uncertainties to a maximum of 0,3 mm. The treatment planning is performed using the program EYEPLAN. OCTOPUS, a CT-based planning program developed in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center of Heidelberg, is under pre-clinical testing. Thus far, more than 400 patients have been irradiated. The first results are comparable to those obtained in other proton therapy centers. At the end of 2002, the University Hospital of Essen has also become a cooperation partner of the Hahn-Meitner Institute. (orig.) [German] Seit 1998 werden am Ionenstrahllabor des Hahn-Meitner-Instituts Berlin (Deutschlands erster Einrichtung zur Protonentherapie) im Rahmen eines Kooperationsvertrages mit der Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Augentumoren (Aderhautmelanome, Irismelanome und Aderhauthaemangiome) mit 68-MeV-Protonen bestrahlt. Der mittels einer Kombination aus Van de Graaff-Beschleuniger und Zyklotron erzeugte Protonenstrahl wird passiv fuer eine konformale Bestrahlung des Tumors aufbereitet. Eine digitale Roentgenkontrolle der Lagerung des sitzenden Patienten beschraenkt die Lagerungsunsicherheit auf maximal 0,3 mm. Fuer die Bestrahlungsplanung wird das modellbasierte Planungsprogramm EYEPLAN verwendet. In vorklinischer Erprobung befindet sich das mit dem Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg entwickelte CT-basierte Planungsprogramm OCTOPUS. Bisher wurden

  12. Short and long term supply curves for crude oil and the consequences for the market; Kurz- und langfristige Angebotskurven fuer Rohoel und die Konsequenzen fuer den Markt

    Schlothmann, Daniel


    In this work, supply curves for 22 major oil producing countries were identified and then aggregated into global supply curves. According to the identified supply curves, almost all oil-producing oil projects currently under development in the study countries are also profitable at the current oil price of $ 35 to $ 40 per barrel, taking short-term marginal costs into account. However, if the price of oil remains at this level in the coming years, a supply bottleneck on the global oil market will occur until 2024, as the development of cost-intensive, unconventional deposits and of deposits in deep and very deep waters is necessary to meet future demand. In order to avoid such a supply bottleneck by 2024, an oil price of at least US $ 80 per barrel is required, according to the long-term market equilibrium determined. [German] In dieser Arbeit wurden Angebotskurven fuer 22 bedeutende Oelfoerderlaender ermittelt und anschliessend zu globalen Angebotskurven aggregiert. Gemaess den ermittelten Angebotskurven sind nahezu alle gegenwaertig in der Foerderphase befindlichen Oelprojekte in den Untersuchungslaendern auch beim aktuellen Oelpreis von 35 bis 40 US-$ je Barrel unter Beruecksichtigung der kurzfristigen Grenzkosten rentabel. Sollte der Oelpreis jedoch in den kommenden Jahren auf diesem Niveau verharren, wird es bis zum Jahr 2024 zu einem Angebotsengpass auf dem globalen Oelmarkt kommen, da zur Deckung der zukuenftigen Nachfrage die Erschliessung kostenintensiver, unkonventioneller Lagerstaetten und von Lagerstaetten in tiefen und sehr tiefen Gewaessern notwendig ist. Damit es bis zum Jahr 2024 nicht zu einem solchen Angebotsengpass kommt, ist gemaess des ermittelten langfristigen Marktgleichgewichts ein Oelpreis von mindestens 80 (2014er) US-$ je Barrel notwendig.

  13. Feasibility study for new ecolabels according to ISO 14024 (type I) within the product group: small cogeneration plants; Machbarkeitsstudie fuer neue Umweltzeichen in Anlehnung an ISO 14024 (Type I) fuer die Produktgruppe: Kleine Blockheizkraftwerk-Module

    Hoffmann, E.; Hirschl, B.; Kaliske, J. [Institut fuer Oekologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IOEW) gGmbH, Berlin (Germany); Reese, I.; Grimpe, T. [Hamburg Gas Consult (HGC) GmbH (Germany)


    available data, it is not possible at the moment to derive concrete criteria for an ecolabel in this field. After the introduction of initial products onto the market, corresponding requirements for plants based on this new technology should be specified. (orig.) [German] Beim vorliegenden Gutachten handelt es sich um eine Machbarkeitsstudie nach ISO 14024. Es behandelt die Frage, ob ein Umweltzeichen fuer kleine BHKW-Module gerechtfertigt ist, und welche Anforderungen diese im Vergabefall erfuellen sollten. Im Rahmen der Untersuchung wurde zunaechst eine umfassende Marktanalyse durchgefuehrt, um daraus die Anlagen zu identifizieren, die fuer ein Umweltzeichen in Frage kommen. Im Hauptteil der Studie ging es um die vertiefende Analyse der Umweltrelevanz der ausgewaehlten Anlagen. Hierzu wurde eine Herstellerbefragung durchgefuehrt und ausgeaehlte BHKW anhand eines Systemvergleiches mit Gas- und Oelheizkesseln verglichen. Auf der Basis dieser Analyse wurden Anforderungskataloge fuer Gas- und Diesel-BHKW-Module abgeleitet, die in einem Fachgespraech in einer breiten Runde von Experten und Herstellern vorgestellt und diskutiert wurden. Aus der Studie und dem Fachgespraech konnte ein deutliches Votum fuer ein Umweltzeichen fuer die untersuchten BHWK-Module abgeleitet werden. Die vorgeschlagenen Vergabegrundlagen umfassen Anforderungen an Richtlinienkonformitaet, rationelle Energienutzung (Elektrischer und Gesamtwirkungsgrad bei Nennlast und Teillast, Angabe des Hilfsstrombedarfes), Emissionswerte von CO, NO{sub x}, Staub und organischen Stoffen, Schallemissionen, Angebot von Wartungsvertraegen, Ruecknahmeverpflichtung sowie Anforderungen an die Bedienungsanleitung. Als moegliche Umschrift eines Zeichens fuer kleine BHKW-Module wird empfohlen: 'Umweltzeichen... weil energieefizient'. Neben motorischen BHKW wurden auch kleine Brennstoffzellen-BHKW untersucht. Diese befinden sich zur Zeit noch in einer Feldtest- und Erprobungsphase. Sie weisen deutliche oekologische

  14. Development of a concept for sustainable agriculture in the Elbe wetlands of Niedersachsen; Konzeptentwicklung fuer eine nachhaltige Landbewirtschaftung in den niedersaechsischen Elbtalauen

    Prueter, J. [Alfred Toepfer Akademie fuer Naturschutz (NNA), Schneverdingen (Germany); Horlitz, T.; Sander, A. [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Umweltplanung (ARUM), Hannover (Germany)


    Since late 1997, a cooperative project headed by Alfred Toepfer Akademie fuer Naturschutz has been investigating ''Models of conservation and its application in agriculture - goals, instruments and cost of sustainable, environment-friendly agriculture in the Elbe river valley in Niedersachsen''. The project receives funds in the context of the BMBF project ''Elbe river ecology''. Using the specific methods and tools of ecology, landscaping, agriculture and economics, the fundamentals for future interdisciplinary landscape development concepts will be established. The contribution presents the methodology of concept development and some exemplary goals for sustainable agricultural development in the context of the project. [German] Seit Ende 1997 widmet sich im Rahmen der BMBF-Forschungsfoerderung ''Elbe-Oekologie'' ein Verbundforschungsvorhaben unter Federfuehrung der Alfred Toepfer Akademie fuer Naturschutz dem Thema ''Leitbilder des Naturschutzes und deren Umsetzung mit der Landwirtschaft - Ziele, Instrumente und Kosten einer umweltschonenden und nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft im niedersaechsischen Elbetal''. Mit den spezifischen Methoden und fachlichen Instrumenten der Oekologie, der Landschaftsplanung sowie der Agrarwissenschaften einschliesslich Oekonomie sollen Grundlagen fuer moegliche ressortuebergreifend getragene Konzepte fuer die zukuenftige Landschaftsentwicklung erarbeitet werden. Im folgenden werden methodische Grundlagen der Konzeptentwicklung und beispielhafte Zielaussagen fuer eine nachhaltige Landbewirtschaftung aus dem laufenden Projekt vorgestellt. (orig.)

  15. Interventional magnetic resonance imaging - non-invasive imaging for interventions; Interventionelle Magnetresonanztomographie - nichtinvasive Bildgebung fuer Interventionen

    Buecker, A.; Adam, G.; Neuerburg, J.M.; Glowinski, A.; Tacke, J.; Guenther, R.W. [Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany). Medizinische Fakultaet


    As a prerequisite for MR-guidance of interventional procedures, instruments have to be well depicted in the MR image without obscuring or distorting the underlying anatomy. For non-vascular interventions the imaging speed has to be in the range of seconds while control of vascular interventions requires real time imaging speed. The imaging contrast has to be maintained as well as a high spatial resolution. Furthermore, sufficient patient access has to be provided by the MR scanner. Neither an ideal magnet nor the optimal single sequence are available to fulfill the above-mentioned criteria. The type of sequence - gradient echo versus spin echo - together with changing of the echo time and phase encording direction will ensure an appropriate size of the artifact and thereby of the appearance of the instrument in the MR image. The feasibility of non-vascular MR-guided interventions has been proved at field strengths ranging from 0.064 T to 1.5 T. Bone biopsies, soft tissue biopsies, drainages, and control of interstitial thermo- and cryotherapy have been reported. For vascular interventions, different real time MR strategies are currently under investigation. The development of dedicated catheters and guide wires has enabled MR-guided dilatations, stenting, placement of vena cava filters, and TIPS procedures. Considering the fast progress being made in this field, there can be no question that interventional MRI will become a well-accepted clinical tool offering potential advantages such as excellent soft tissue contrast, multiplanar imaging, flow measurements, high resolution imaging of vessel walls, and lack of ionizing radiation. (orig.) [German] Zur Durchfuehrung MR-gesteuerter Interventionen muessen interventionelle Instrumente gut sichtbar, aber ohne stoerende Artefakte darstellbar sein. Die Geschwindigkeit der Bilderstellung sollte fuer nichtvaskulaere Interventionen im Sekundenbereich liegen und fuer vaskulaere Interventionen Echtzeitbildgebung liefern. Weder

  16. Investigation of a matrix converter for contactless power transmission systems; Untersuchung eines Matrixumrichters fuer kontaktlose Energieuebertragungssysteme

    Ecklebe, Andreas


    Arbeit beschaeftigt sich mit einem drei- zu zweiphasigen Matrixumrichter zur Speisung von kontaktlosen Energieuebertragungssystemen. Aufbauend auf einer Darlegung relevanter Untersuchungen zur Thematik werden zunaechst moegliche Resonanzanordnungen fuer kontaktlose Energieuebertragungssysteme untersucht. Die Betrachtung wichtiger elektrischer Parameter zeigt neben den Unterschieden der einzelnen Anordnungen auch, dass fuer eine auf den speisenden Umrichter fokussierte Untersuchung eine einfache Modellierung der drei untersuchten Resonanzanordnungen mit Hilfe eines Reihenschwingkreises moeglich ist. Als Konsequenz ergibt sich die Schlussfolgerung, dass sich die erzielten Ergebnisse auch fuer den Matrixumrichter mit anderen serienresonanten Lasten anwenden lassen. Der zweite Teil der Arbeit ist der Untersuchung des Matrixumrichters gewidmet. Basierend auf einer theoretischen Beschreibung wird die Kombination von hochfrequenten Steuerverfahren - wie z.B. der Blocktaktung - und niederfrequenten Pulsmustern zur Stellung des Oberschwingungsgehalts der Netzstroeme vorgestellt. Die Aehnlichkeit des Umrichters zu einem konventionellen Wechselrichter in H-Brueckenschaltung ermoeglicht anschliessend eine Betrachtung der Kommutierung und die Ableitung notwendiger Schaltzustaende. Diese sind dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass zu jedem Zeitpunkt genau eine bidirektionale Verbindung vom Eingangssystem zu jeder Ausgangsphase besteht. Die Funktionsweise der Kommutierung wie auch des gesamten Umrichters wird in einem ersten Schritt simulativ belegt. Dabei wird auch das dynamische Schaltverhalten der Leistungshalbleiter beruecksichtigt. Anschliessend werden an einem Laboraufbau aufgenommene Messergebnisse vorgestellt und mit den theoretischen Ergebnissen verglichen. Der Laboraufbau besteht aus dem Leistungsteil des Matrixumrichters mit Eingangsfiltern und modularen Gate-Treibern, einem DSP/FPGA-Steuerungssystem und einem kontaktlosen Energieuebertragungssystem mit sekundaerseitigem Gleichrichter

  17. Multiple myoma: current recommendations for imaging; Multiples Myelom: Aktuelle Empfehlungen fuer die Bildgebung

    Hillengass, J. [Medizinische Universitaetsklinik, Abteilung fuer Haematologie, Onkologie und Rheumatologie, Heidelberg (Germany); Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Abteilung Radiologie E010, Heidelberg (Germany); Delorme, S. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Abteilung Radiologie E010, Heidelberg (Germany)


    zur Erfassung umschriebener Knochendestruktionen, von Osteoporose oder Frakturen. Die Ganzkoerper-low-dose-CT und Ganzkoerper-MRT ermoeglichen eine Darstellung sowohl des mineralisierten Knochens als auch des Knochenmarks mit einer hoeheren Sensitivitaet, hoeherem Patientenkomfort und im Falle der MRT ohne Strahlenbelastung. Nach den Ergebnissen der Literatur sind Schnittbildverfahren dem Roentgenskelettstatus signifikant ueberlegen, wobei die Ganzkoerper-MRT fuer den Nachweis insbesondere eines diffusen Knochenmarkbefalls signifikant besser ist als die Ganzkoerper-CT. Praktisch jeder osteodestruktive Herd ist in der MRT sichtbar. Allerdings ist fuer die Beurteilung der Osteodestruktion selbst wiederum eine CT erforderlich. Die Sensitivitaeten von PET/CT und MRT sind vergleichbar. Wie bereits in einigen Zentren insbesondere in Deutschland umgesetzt, sollten bei Verfuegbarkeit das Ganzkoerper-MRT und das Ganzkoerper-CT den konventionellen Roentgenskelettstatus ersetzen. Bei Erstdiagnose bzw. Verdacht auf eine monoklonale Gammopathie unklarer Signifikanz (MGUS), ''smoldering multiple myeloma'' und symptomatisches multiples Myelom sollten sowohl eine Ganzkoerper-MRT als auch eine Ganzkoerper-CT durchgefuehrt werden. Bei asymptomatischem Myelom oder MGUS waere die Ganzkoerper-MRT bis zur Detektion des ersten umschriebenen Myelomherdes ausreichend. Beim symptomatischen Myelom mit Knochenlaesionen sollten in der Regel die Ganzkoerper-CT und fuer spezielle Fragestellungen die MRT eingesetzt werden. (orig.)

  18. Institutions as Knowledge Capital

    Foss, Nicolai Juul; Garzarelli, Giampaolo

    The paper revisits the socioeconomic theory of the Austrian School economist Ludwig M. Lachmann. By showing that the common claim that Lachmann's idiosyncratic (read: eclectic and multidisciplinary) approach to economics entails nihilism is unfounded, it reaches the following conclusions. (1......) Lachmann held a sophisticated institutional position to economics that anticipated developments in contemporary new institutional economics. (2) Lachmann's sociological and economic reading of institutions offers insights for the problem of coordination. (3) Lachmann extends contemporary new institutional...... theory without simultaneously denying the policy approach of comparative institutional analysis. (90 words.)KeywordsComparative institutional analysis, coordination, expectations, institutionalevolution, interpretative institutionalism.JEL CodesB31, B52, B53, D80....

  19. What are Institutional Logics

    Berg Johansen, Christina; Waldorff, Susanne Boch

    This study presents new insights into the explanatory power of the institutional logics perspective. With outset in a discussion of seminal theory texts, we identify two fundamental topics that frame institutional logics: overarching institutional orders guides by institutional logics, as well...... as change and agency generated by friction between logics. We use these topics as basis for an analysis of selected empirical papers, with the aim of understanding how institutional logics contribute to institutional theory at large, and which social matters institutional logics can and cannot explore...

  20. What are Institutional Logics

    Berg Johansen, Christina; Bock Waldorff, Susanne


    This study presents new insights into the explanatory power of the institutional logics perspective. With outset in a discussion of seminal theory texts, we identify two fundamental topics that frame institutional logics: overarching institutional orders guided by institutional logics, as well as change and agency generated by friction between logics. We use these topics as basis for an analysis of selected empirical papers, with the aim of understanding how institutional logics contribute to...

  1. Financial plans for thermal waste treatment plants; Finanzierungsmodelle fuer thermische Abfallbehandlungsanlagen

    Soehndel, B. [Zweckverband Restmuellheizkraftwerk, Boeblingen (Germany); Faulstich, M. [Technische Univ. Muenchen, Garching (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Wasserguete- und Abfallwirtschaft


    There are various financing and organisation models in use at German waste treatment plants. These models have an influence on capital costs as well as on operating costs. The great variety of existing models, which is not only found in theory but also in practice, is a sure indication that there is no universal solution at present but that models always have to be adapted to the current conditions governing the plant in question (e.g., tax law amendments). In view of the great complexity of this subject the following deliberations will be restricted to only the best-known types of financing model. [Deutsch] Fuer den Betrieb von Abfallbehandlungsanlagen gibt es bundesweit verschiedene Organisations- und Finanzierungsmodelle. Diese Modelle haben Auswirkungen auf die Kapitalkosten und die Betriebskosten. Die Vielfalt der nicht nur theoretisch moeglichen, sondern auch der in der Praxis existierenden Modelle ist mit Sicherheit ein Hinweis, dass derzeit keine universelle Loesung moeglich ist, sondern diese immer den aktuellen und spezifischen Verhaeltnissen (z.B. Steuerrechtsaenderung u.a.) angepasst werden muss. Auf Grund der Komplexibilitaet beschraenken sich die nachfolgenden Ausfuehrungen ausschliesslich auf die bekanntesten Formen der Finanzierungsmodelle. (orig./SR)

  2. Methods of heat transformation for solar facilities in buildings; Verfahren der Waermetransformation fuer die solare Gebaeudetechnik

    Henning, H.M. [Fraunhofer-Inst. fuer Solare Energiesysteme, Freiburg (Germany). Gruppe Aktive Thermische Systeme; Treffinger, P. [Deutsche Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Lampoldshausen (Germany). Inst. fuer Technische Thermodynamik


    Processes in which a heat pump cycle is driven by thermal energy may be defined as heat transformation processes. The technical realization of this type of processes in general is based on sorption techniques. Depending on the temperature level of the utilized heat these technologies may be used for either cooling or heating of buildings. The paper presents state-of-the-art technologies and new developments. It comprises solar cooling of buildings, utilization of environmental energy sources (earth, air) by thermal driven heat pumps and seasonal storage of solar thermal energy by means of sorption processes. (orig.) [Deutsch] Unter Waermetransformationsverfahren werden im allgemeinen Verfahren verstanden, in denen ein Waermepumpenprozess mit thermischer Energie angetrieben wird. Die technische Realisierung dieser Verfahren erfolgt ueberwiegend mit Hilfe von Sorptionsvorgaengen. Abhaengig vom Temperaturniveau des Nutzwaermestroms koennen solche Verfahren im Gebaeudebereich fuer die Kuehlung oder Heizung eingesetzt werden. Im Beitrag werden der Stand der Technik sowie neue Entwicklungen vorgestellt. Im einzelnen umfasst der Beitrag die solare Kuehlung von Gebaeuden, die Nutzung von Umweltenergie (Erdreich, Luft) mittels thermisch angetriebener Waermepumpen sowie die saisonale Speicherung von Solarenergie ueber Sorptionsprozesse. (orig.)

  3. Actively controlled current collector; Aktiv geregelter Stromabnehmer. Innovation fuer den schnellen Verkehr auf konventionellen Strecken

    Mueller, C.


    Deutsche Bahn is presently endeavouring to further improve the interaction between the overhead wire and the current collectors on its locomotives and trainsets. The major factors behind this initiative are cost, quality and noise prevention. The outcome is the development of a completely new type of current collector for high-speed operation even on conventional track. Prototypes have meanwhile undergone practical trials on the 200 km/h line from Augsburg to Donauwoerth. The new current collector is a single-arm pantograph jointly developed by DB and Bombardier Transportation. (orig.) [German] Die Deutsche Bahn versucht derzeit, das Zusammenspiel von Oberleitung und den Stromabnehmern ihrer Lokomotiven und Triebzuege weiter zu verbessern. Kosten, Qualitaet und Laermschutz sind dabei die wesentlichen Gruende. Sie haben zur Entwicklung eines voellig neuen Stromabnehmer-Typus speziell fuer den Hochgeschwindigkeitsverkehr auch auf konventionellen Strecken gefuehrt. Auf der Tempo-200-Strecke von Augsburg nach Donauwoerth absolvierten jetzt Prototypen erste Praxis-Tests. Es handelt sich um aktiv geregelte, akustisch optimierte Einholmstromabnehmer, gemeinsam entwickelt von DB und Bombardier Transportation. (orig.)

  4. Energy supply for the town of the future; Energieversorgung fuer die Stadt der Zukunft

    Leithner, R. [ed.


    Thanks to the development of new energy systems which combine environmentally benign, heavily insulated buildings with renewable energy sources it is possible today to use energy in a responsible manner. This article presents concepts of urban planning and architecture which make use of integral energy systems, techniques for using renewable energy resources such as solar installations, energy supply through biomass and biogas, and the integration of renewable energy resources such as wind power in municipal supply systems and hydrogen as a clean energy source. Ten papers have been abstracted individually for the Energy Database. [Deutsch] Die Entwicklung neuer Energiesysteme, in denen oekologische, hochwaermegedaemmte Baukonstruktionen mit regenerativen Energiequellen kombiniert werden laesst einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Energie zu. Im Folgenden werden dazu Stadtplanung und Architektur im Kontext integraler Energiekonzepte, Techniken zur Nutzung von regenerativen Energietraegern, wie Solaranlagen, Energiebereitstellung durch Biomasse und Biogas, sowie die Integration von regenerativen Energietraegern, z.B. Windenergienutzung im staedtischen Verbund und Wasserstoff als sauberer Energietraeger vorgestellt. Fuer die Datenbank Energy wurden zehn Beitraege einzeln aufgenommen.

  5. Possibilities of free cooling in prefabricated residential buildings; Moeglichkeiten der freien Kuehlung fuer Wohngebaeude in Fertigbauweise

    Truemper, H.; Hain, K.; Wirth, S. [Dortmund Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl Technische Gebaeudeausruestung


    Due to their efficient heat insulation, modern low-energy houses can develop disagreeably high room temperatures in the summer. Use of room cooling devices for cooling residential buildings in central Europe is not feasible for ecological as well as economic reasons. This paper presents the buried heat exchanger and the cellar wall exchanger as alternatives to the cooling of incoming air in ventilated low-energy residential buildings. Both are in principle cold storages with coiled pipes taking in air from outside. The buried heat exchanger is charged with cold during the heating period (seasonal storage), whereas the cellar wall exchanger accumulates and gives off cold daily. (orig.) [German] In modernen Niedrigenergiehaeusern koennen sich aufgrund einer verbesserten Waermedaemmung waehrend des Sommers Raumtemperaturen einstellen, die nicht als behaglich empfunden werden. Raumkuehlgeraete scheiden aus oekologischen und oekonomischen Gruenden fuer eine Kuehlung von Wohngebaeuden in Mitteleuropa aus. Als Alternativen zur Kuehlung der Zuluft bei Niedrigenergiehaeusern mit Wohnungslueftung werden der Erdwaermeaustauscher und der Kellerwandaustauscher vorgestellt. Hierbei handelt es sich um Kaeltespeicher, in welchen Rohrschlangen verlegt sind, ueber welche die Aussenluft angesaugt wird. Der Erdwaermeaustauscher wird als Kaeltespeicher waehrend der Heizperiode aufgeladen (saisonaler Speicher), wohingegen der Kellerwandaustauscher taeglich be- und entladen wird. (orig.)

  6. Modern magnetic resonance imaging of the liver; Modernes MR-Protokoll fuer die Leberbildgebung

    Hedderich, D.M.; Maintz, D.; Persigehl, T. [Universitaetsklinikum Koeln, Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Koeln (Germany); Weiss, K. [Universitaetsklinikum Koeln, Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Koeln (Germany); Philips Healthcare Deutschland, Hamburg (Germany)


    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the liver has become an essential tool in the radiological diagnostics of both focal and diffuse diseases of the liver and is subject to constant change due to technological progress. Recently, important improvements could be achieved by innovations regarding MR hardware, sequences and postprocessing methods. The diagnostic spectrum of MRI could be broadened particularly due to new examination sequences, while at the same time scanning time could be shortened and image quality has been improved. The aim of this article is to explain both the technological background and the clinical application of recent MR sequence developments and to present the scope of a modern MRI protocol for the liver. (orig.) [German] Die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) der Leber ist in der radiologischen Diagnostik fokaler und diffuser Lebererkrankungen fest etabliert und untersteht einem steten Wandel durch den fortwaehrenden technischen Fortschritt. Durch Neuerungen bei der Hardware, den Sequenzen und der Bildnachverarbeitung konnten in den letzten Jahren deutliche Fortschritte erzielt werden. Insbesondere auf dem Gebiet der Untersuchungssequenzen kam es zu Entwicklungen, die das diagnostische Spektrum der MRT erweiterten, zu einer Verkuerzung der Scanzeit fuehrten und zu einer Verbesserung der Bildqualitaet beitrugen. Gegenstand dieses Artikels ist es, den technischen Hintergrund und die klinische Anwendung neuerer Sequenztechniken zu erklaeren und so die Moeglichkeiten und den Umfang eines modernen MRT-Untersuchungsprotokolls fuer die Leber darzustellen. (orig.)

  7. Drive design. Mechatronics for production and logistics; Antriebsloesungen. Mechatronik fuer Produktion und Logistik

    Kiel, Edwin (ed.) [Lenze AG, Aerzen (Germany)


    Highly automated production and logistic systems require mechatronic drives. The book describes how industrial production and logistics work, and how the appropriate drive systems should be designed. The function of the mechanical and electronic elements of a drive system is described, including the required software, and the fundamentals of dimensioning are gone into. The authors also discuss engineering, reliability and important life cycle aspects. Applications in material flow and handling technology, in continuous and clocked production lines and finishing processes are presented in twelve sections offering different drive solutions for the motor, current inverter and software, transmission system and mechanical elements. The specific requirements and functionalities of these twelve solutions are presented. The focus is on energy conversion with controlled electric drive systems. (orig.) [German] Hochautomatisierte Produktions- und Logistikanlagen benoetigen mechatronische Antriebsloesungen. Dieses Buch beschreibt, wie die industrielle Fertigung und Logistik arbeitet und wie die hierzu erforderlichen Antriebsloesungen aufgebaut sind. Es wird die Funktionsweise der mechanischen und der elektronischen Elemente eines Antriebssystems einschliesslich der Software beschrieben und ihre Dimensionierungsgrundlagen behandelt. Die Autoren gehen darueber hinaus auf das Engineering, die Zuverlaessigkeit und auf wichtige Aspekte des Lebenszyklus ein. Die Vielzahl der Anwendungen in der Materialfluss- und der Handhabungstechnik, in kontinuierlichen und getakteten Produktionslinien sowie fuer Bearbeitungsprozesse wird in insgesamt zwoelf Antriebsloesungen eingeteilt. Diese umfassen den Motor, den Umrichter mit seiner Software, das Getriebe sowie mechanische Antriebselemente. Es werden die spezifischen Anforderungen und die Funktionalitaet dieser zwoelf Loesungen dargestellt. Dabei konzentrieren sich die Autoren auf die Energieumsetzung mit geregelten elektrischen

  8. Point of view. Maize for biogas production in Thuringia; Standpunkt. Maisanbau fuer die Biogaserzeugung in Thueringen

    Reinhold, Gerd; Peyker, Walter; Zorn, Wilfried; Strauss, Christoph; Struempfel, Juergen; Vetter, Armin; Degner, Joachim


    In Thuringia the maize represents with a current size of the cultivation of less than 10% and a cultivation concentration of less than 20% in every county an enrichment of crop rotation. The recycling of the digestate in the farm results due to higher C-reduction stability of the fermentation products to any deterioration of the C balance and soil fertility. Especially in Thuringia farming regions with very low livestock the introduction of biogas plants introduces to a higher diversity of agricultural production and dispersal of crop rotation. Practiced by the combination of locally adapted biogas plants with animal husbandry (milk production = use manure, pig = heat utilization) positive economic and environmental effects can be achieved for the Thuringian farmers. [German] In Thueringen stellt der Mais bei einem gegenwaertigen Anbauumfang von unter 10 % und einer Anbaukonzentration von unter 20 % in jedem Landkreis eine Bereicherung der Fruchtfolge dar. Die Verwertung der Gaerreste im Betrieb fuehrt infolge hoeherer C-Abbaustabilitaet der Gaerprodukte zu keiner Verschlechterung der C-Bilanz und der Bodenfruchtbarkeit. Besonders in Thueringer Ackerbauregionen mit sehr geringem Tierbesatz traegt die Einfuehrung von Biogasanlagen zu einer hoeheren Vielfalt der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion und Auflockerung der Fruchtfolgen bei. Durch die praktizierte Kombination von standortangepassten Biogasanlagen mit der Tierhaltung (Milcherzeugung = Guellenutzung, Schweinehaltung = Waermenutzung) werden fuer die Thueringer Landwirte positive oekonomische und oekologische Effekte erzielt.

  9. Infrared camera - specially developed for professional building inspection - with dew point detection tracing out fungi formation; Infrarotkamera - speziell entwickelt fuer die professionelle Gebaeudeinspektion - mit Taupunktermittlungsfunktion zum schnellen Auffinden von Gefahrbereichen fuer Schimmelbildung



    Besides the positive effect of energy saving the aspect of fungi formation has also to be respected. Fungi is not only responseable for health diseases but can also damage building materials. Examples are shown and how they can be detect by an infrared monitoring camera. (GL) [German] Die Waermeschutzverordnung und das daraus hervorgegangene Energieeinspargesetz haben weitreichende Folgen fuer Architekten, Bauingenieure, Instandhalter und Sanierer: Zeitgemaesse Gebaeude werden immer dichter, Luftzirkulation und damit der Feuchtigkeitsaustausch werden weitgehend unterbunden. Neben dem positiven Effekt der Energieersparnis ergibt sich dadurch leider oft auch ein Problem durch Schimmelbildung. Dabei ist zu bedenken, dass Schimmelpilz nicht nur gesundheitsgefaehrend ist, sondern oft auch die Bausubstanz signifikant schaedigen kann. (orig.)

  10. New aspects from legislation, guidelines and safety standards for MRI; Neues aus Gesetzen, Richtlinien und Sicherheitsstandards fuer die MRT

    Muehlenweg, M. [Krankenhaus Martha-Maria Halle-Doelau, Institut fuer Radiologie, Halle (Saale) (Germany); Schaefers, G. [MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen (Germany); Trattnig, S. [Exzellenzzentrum Hochfeld-Magnetresonanz, Medizinische Universitaet Wien, Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, Wien (Austria)


    Betriebsanleitung der MR-Scanner. Die verpflichtenden Inhalte der Betriebsanleitung werden in einer zentralen Norm der International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60601-2-33 geregelt. In dieser Norm wurde juengst die Anwendung statischer Magnetfelder in der MRT bis zu 8 Tesla (T) in der klinischen Routine (kontrollierte Betriebsart 1. Stufe) zugelassen. Die ebenfalls notwendige CE-Zertifizierung der Ultrahochfeldscanner (7-8 T) in Europa ist fuer zukuenftige Geraete zu erwarten. Bestehende Installationen werden nicht automatisch zertifiziert, sondern behalten ihren experimentellen Status. Die aktuelle Erweiterung der IEC 60601-2-33 fuehrt eine neue Zusatzoption, die sog. ''fixed parameter option'' (FPO) ein. Diese Option kann zusaetzlich zu den etablierten Betriebsarten geschaltet werden und definiert eine fixe Geraetekonstellation und bestimmte Parameter des Energieoutputs von MR-Scannern, die zukuenftig die Untersuchungen von Implantatpatienten vereinfachen soll. Die Beschaeftigung schwangerer Mitarbeiterinnen in einer MRT-Einrichtung ist nach wie vor nicht allgemein in Europa geregelt. In Deutschland und Oesterreich wurden 2014 in Teilregionen Beschaeftigungsverbote fuer Schwangere und Stillende im der MR-Kontrollzone (0,5 mT) erteilt. Zugrunde liegt die meist ungeklaerte Frage der Anwendbarkeit von Grenzwerten fuer Beschaeftigte (Extremitaetenexposition fuer statische Magnetfelder bis 8 T erlaubt) oder der Grenzwerte fuer die Allgemeinbevoelkerung (maximal bis 400 mT). Das Verwerfen von Muttermilch nach i.v.-Gabe von gadoliniumhaltigen Kontrastmitteln bei einer stillenden Frau wird laut Gesellschaft fuer urogenitale Radiologie (ESUR) nur noch bei Gabe von Kontrastmitteln der Nephrogenic-systemic-fibrosis(NSF)-Hochrisikoklasse empfohlen. (orig.)

  11. 3. Workshop on measuring instruments for steady and transient multiphase flow; 3. Workshop: Messtechnik fuer stationaere und transiente Mehrphasenstroemungen

    Prasser, H.M. [ed.


    The emphasis of the conference was on methods of measurement that show spatial distributions of phase fractions and velocity, particle sizes and bubbles of the disperse phase. Among the methods described were 3D X-ray tomography, grid sensor measurement of velocity profiles, and simultaneous measurement of bubble sizes and gas and liquid flow rates using an optical particle tracking method. Also presented were interesting developments in the field of local probes, e.g. an electrodiffusion probe. Another new development was the attempt to use optical tomography for investigations of two-phase flows. [German] Am 14. Oktober 1999 wurde in Rossendorf die dritte Veranstaltung in einer Serie von Workshops ueber Messtechnik fuer stationaere und transiente Mehrphasenstroemungen durchgefuehrt. Dieses Jahr koennen wir auf 11 interessante Vortraege zurueckblicken. Besonders hervorzuheben sind die beiden Hauptvortraege, die von Herrn Professor Hetsroni aus Haifa und Herrn Dr. Sengpiel aus Karlsruhe gehalten wurden. Ihnen und allen anderen Vortragenden moechten wir herzlich fuer ihren Beitrag zum Gelingen des Workshops danken. Erneut lag ein wichtiger Schwerpunkt auf Messverfahren, die raeumliche Verteilungen von Phasenanteilen und Geschwindigkeiten sowie die Groesse von Partikeln bzw. Blasen der dispersen Phase zugaenglich machen. So wurde ueber einen dreidimensional arbeitenden Roentgentomographen, ein Verfahren zur Messung von Geschwindigkeitsprofilen mit Gittersensoren und eine Methode zur simultanen Messung von Blasengroessen sowie Feldern von Gas- und Fluessigkeitsgeschwindigkeit mit einer optischen Partikelverfolgungstechnik vorgetragen. Daneben wurden interessante Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der lokalen Sonden vorgestellt, wie z.B. eine Elektrodiffusionssonde. Neue messtechnische Ansaetze waren ebenfalls vertreten; hervorzuheben ist der Versuch, die Methode der optischen Tomographie fuer die Untersuchung von Zweiphasenstroemungen nutzbar zu machen. (orig.)

  12. Skywards - climate design for the Moscow Federation Tower; Dem Himmel entgegen - Klimadesign fuer den Federation Tower Moskau

    Reiser, Claudius [Ebert-Ingenieure GmbH and Co. KG, Competence Center Nachhaltiges Bauen, Nuernberg (Germany)


    Advanced simulation tools were used in developing the climate design for the roof covering the taller of the two blocks at Moscow's Federation Tower. The all-glass roof space at a height of 365 m is designed to accommodate the finest and most exclusive hotel areas. Several restaurants, bars and lounges and a Sky Dance Club will offer entertainment and fabulous views across the whole city. Simulations were used to develop and verify a design that ensures thermal comfort taking into account architectural, climate and utilisation requirements. The structure and the building services were simulated based on a 3D model, and simulations were carried out for summer and winter scenarios. This paper describes the design process including load calculations and the development and assessment of the climate design by means of simulation. (Abstract Copyright [2008], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.) [German] In der Entwicklung des Klimakonzeptes der Turmkappe Ost des Federation Towers in Moskau wurden modernste Simulationswerkzeuge eingesetzt. Die vollstaendig glaeserne Turmkappe in 365 m Hoehe soll Raum fuer einen der schoensten und exklusivsten Bereiche des Hotels geben. Diverse Restaurants, Bars und Lounges sowie ein Sky Dance Club sollen einmal zum Verweilen und zur naechtlichen Vergnuegung einladen und dabei stets einen traumhaften Blick ueber die gesamte Stadt ermoeglichen. Mit Hilfe der Simulation wurde fuer die Turmkappe ein Klimakonzept entwickelt und ueberprueft, das die thermische Behaglichkeit unter Beruecksichtigung von Architektur, Klima und Nutzung gewaehrleistet. Dazu wurde die Architektur inklusive der Klimatechnik in einem 3D-Modell abgebildet und fuer den Sommer- und Winterfall berechnet. Der vorliegende Beitrag vollzieht den Planungsablauf von der Lastberechnung bis hin zur Erstellung und Bewertung des Klimakonzeptes in der Simulation. (Abstract Copyright [2008], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  13. Pumps for cryogenic liquids with superconducting magnetic bearings. Final report; Pumpen fuer kryogene Fluessigkeiten mit supraleitenden Magnetlagern. Abschlussbericht

    Gerlach, G.; Fuchs, G.; Sorber, J.; Brosche, H.; Richter, M.; Frenzel, C.


    A liquid nitrogen pump with contactless superconducting magnetic bearings was to be developed on the basis of an available motor with superconducting bearings. Contactless superconducting magnetic bearings require practically no servicing. A high demand for pumps for cryogenic liquids is expected with the impending use of hydrogen as an energy source. The pumping of liquid nitrogen was demonstrated successfully with the new test aggregate. The maximum pumped volume was 17 l/min at a lift of 0.5 m and 6 l/min at a lift of 1 m. In all, 15 hours of operation were registered in the superconducting state of the bearing, which included 2 hours of uninterrupted pump operation. The higher speed range for which magnetic bearings are optimally suited was not reached. Operation at higher frequencies was impossible either because of stronger resonance amplituees or because the power system was too weak. [German] Ziel des Vorhabens war die Entwicklung einer Pumpe fuer fluessigen Stickstoff mit beruehrungslosen supraleitenden Magnetlagern auf der Basis eines vorhandenen supraleitend gelagerten Motors. Die beruehrungslose supraleitende Magnetlager sind praktisch wartungsfrei. Ein Bedarf an Pumpen fuer kryogene Fluessigkeiten entsteht insbesondere durch den in naher Zukunft zu erwartenden Einsatz von Wasserstoff als Energietraeger. Mit dem entworfenen Aggregat wurde das Pumpen von Fluessigstickstoff erfolgreich demonstriert. Der Foerderstrom betrug bei 0,5m Foerderhoehe maximal 17 l/min; beim 1m Foerderhoehe wurden maximal 6 l/min gemessen. Es wurden insgesamt ca. 15 Betriebsstunden in supraleitenden Zustand des Lagers, darunter 2 Stunden ununterbrochener Pumpbetrieb registriert. Der hoehere Drehzahlbereich, fuer den das Magnetlager eigentlich paedestiniert ist, konnte nicht erreicht werden. Ein Betrieb bei hoeheren (Ist-)Frequenzen war nicht moeglich, entweder durch staerkere Resonanzausschlaege oder durch einen zu schwachen Antrieb. (orig.)

  14. Optimization of environment compatible analysis methods for mineral hydrocarbons in the soil; Optimierung umweltvertraeglicher Analysenverfahren fuer Mineraloelkohlenwasserstoffe im Boden

    Flachowsky, J.; Borsdorf, H. [eds.] [UFZ - Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig (Germany); Loehmannsroeben, H.G.; Roch, T. [Erlangen-Nuernberg Univ., Erlangen (Germany); Leopom, P. [Umweltbundesamt, Berlin (Germany); Reimers, C. [Technische Univ. Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg (Germany); Matz, G.; Kuebler, J. [MOBILAB GmbH, Hamburg (Germany); Christall, B. [SOFIA GmbH, Berlin (Germany); Hahn, M.; Matschiner, H. [Elektrochemie Halle GmbH (Germany); Baermann, A. [Dr. Baermann und Partner Mikroanalytik, Hamburg (Germany)


    This paper describes several analytical methods for the quantitative chemical analysis of mineral oil hydrocarbons in soils. The measuring methods are investigated on accuracy, errors, sample preparation methods, analysis of reference materials and real materials. (SR) [Deutsch] Mit dieser Schrift praesentiert die Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt der Oeffentlichkeit Ergebnisse zu alternativen umweltvertraeglichen Bestimmungsmethoden fuer Mineraloelkohlenwasserstoffe in Boeden. Es war in erster Linie das Ziel aller beteiligten Forscher und Entwickler, die heute noch in der Anwendung befindliche Vorschrift nach DIN 38409 H18 zur Analytik von Mineraloelkohlenwasserstoffen durch eine sowohl umweltfreundliche als auch insgesamt aussagekraeftige Methode zu substituieren. (orig.)

  15. Safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy - an IAEA perspective. Address. Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Auswaertige Politik, Bonn, 17 April 1998

    ElBaradei, M.


    The document reproduces the text of the conference given by the Director General of the IAEA at the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Auswaertige Politik in Bonn on 17 April 1998. After a presentation of the Agency's role in the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy, the conference gives an overview of the main issues facing nuclear energy in the following three major areas: the contribution of nuclear energy to economic and social development, nuclear safety, and verification. In the last part, the Director General makes some comments about the future

  16. Integrated market research as a basis for target group oriented marketing; Integrierte Marktforschung als Basis fuer zielgruppenorientiertes Marketing

    Welzel, D.; Meinecke, B. [Meinecke und Rosengarten GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)


    Deregulation of the energy markets may, in the long run, also involve free choice of gas suppliers. Marketing research offers methods for assessing the customers' needs and wishes and for controlling and improving the measures taken. [German] In Folge der Liberalisierung der Energiemaerkte wird es in absehbarer Zeit voraussichtlich auch fuer die Haushaltskunden im Gasbereich moeglich sein, den Versorger frei zu waehlen. Die Marktforschung bietet verschiedene Methoden an, mit deren Hilfe die Beduerfnisse der Kunden im Hinblick auf Kundenbindung aber auch -gewinnung ermittelt und die Wirksamkeit ergriffener Massnahmen kontrolliert und verbessert werden kann. (orig.)

  17. 2003 annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer zerstoerungsfreie Pruefung (DGZfP): NDE in research, development and application


    The annual meeting 2004 of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zerstoerungsfreie Pruefung e.V. (Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany) was proceeded in Salzburg (Austria) between 17th and 19th May, 2004. The topics of this proceeding are in general all aspects of non-destructive materials testing: repeating tests/inspections, characterization of materials, aerospace, simulation, automobiles, metallic products, optical processes, testing of tubes, testing of acoustic emission, digital radiography, technology of ultrasonic devices, testing of containers, railway, standardization and standards; computer tomography; thermography; special ultrasonic technologies; ultrasonic testing; transmission testing; eddy current testing; surface processes; radiation protection; construction industry; quality assurance

  18. Zero-leakage shut-off butterflies for high-temperature applications; Dichtschliessende Absperrklappen fuer die Hochtemperaturtechnik

    Meier, N. [Krombach Armaturen, Kreuztal (Germany)


    Over many years, zero-leakage butterfly valves have eminently proven their capabilities in a large range of elevated-temperature and elevated-pressure processes. This article examines the basic design differences between various butterfly valves. These differences are, among other factors, important indicators of the suitability of the various valve types for their use in industry. (orig.) [German] Dichtschliessende Absperrklappen haben sich ueber Jahre in vielen Prozessen, die unter hoeherem Druck und hoeherer Temperatur ablaufen, bestens bewaehrt. Der Beitrag zeigt die grundsaetzlichen konstruktiven Unterschiede dichtschliessender Absperrklappen. Diese Unterschiede sind unter anderem Indikatoren fuer die Prozesstauglichkeit von Absperrklappen in der Industrie. (orig.)

  19. 2007 annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zerstoerungsfreie Pruefung (DGZfP): NDE in research, development and application


    The 2007 annual meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zerstoerungsfreie Pruefung was held at Fuerth in northern Bavaria, a town that had its 1000th anniversary in 2007. Subjects discussed at the conference were new materials, modern technologies, and innovative non-destructive testing. The conference was held close to the ''Technikum Fuerth'' and ''Uferstadt Fuerth'', both of which are centers of research and seats of young, innovative businesses, which gave young scientists an opportunity to present the results of their work and allowed the DGZfPL to present itself to young scientists and to invite discussions. (orig.)

  20. Development of process technology for large-area thin-film solar modules based on compound semiconductors. Final report; Entwicklung der technologischen Grundlagen fuer grosse Photovoltaikmodule auf Basis von Duennschicht-Verbindungshalbleitern. Abschlussbericht

    Maurus, H.; Lechner, P.; Geyer, R.; Ruebel, H.; Schade, H.; Psyk, W.; Frammelsberger, W.; Berthold, W.; Eichner, C.; Heckel, E.; Huber, R.; Labudde-Eibl, H.; Raith, S.; Schenk, B.; Ullrich, H.


    A cooperative effort of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) and Phototronics Solartechnik GmbH (PST) aimed at the transfer of highly efficient solar cells developed on a laboratory scale, to large-area thin-film solar modules suitable for production. This work was based on research and development at the Institute for Physical Electronics (IPE) of Stuttgart University and ZSW on one hand, and on the know-how of PST in regard to large-area module fabrication on the other hand. The various thin-film layers of the cells and modules comprize molybdenum as rear contact, copper-indium(gallium)-diselenide (CIGS) as absorber material, the combination of cadmium sulphide (CdS) and ZnO as window layer. To produce these layers on large areas (30x30 cm{sup 2}), equipment was constructed and procedures were developed. Monolithic series connection of cells, used in other thin-film technologies, was studied and optimized by suitable patterning procedures, such as laser-scribing, mechanical scribing or lift-off techniques. Central to the PST efforts was the large-area deposition of Mo followed by patterning for the monolithic series connection, and furthermore important contributions in regard to the ZnO window layer as well as aspects of the module technology. The latter include film removal along the module edges, contacting and cable attachment, lamination, module measurements and temperature/humidity tests. The main goal, namely the basic development of equipment and procedures to fabricate large-area (30x30 cm{sup 2}) modules with an efficiency of 10-12%, was reached (best module with 11.7% efficiency referenced to the aperature area). (orig.) [Deutsch] Um die im Labormassstab entwickelten hocheffizienten Solarzellen in industriell relevante grossflaechige Duennschichtmodule umzusetzen, arbeiteten das Zentrum fuer Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung (ZSW) Baden-Wuerttemberg und die Phototronics Solartechnik GmbH (PST) zusammen. Ausgangsbasis waren

  1. Institutional Logics in Action

    Lounsbury, Michael; Boxenbaum, Eva


    This double volume presents state-of-the-art research and thinking on the dynamics of actors and institutional logics. In the introduction, we briefly sketch the roots and branches of institutional logics scholarship before turning to the new buds of research on the topic of how actors engage...... institutional logics in the course of their organizational practice. We introduce an exciting line of new works on the meta-theoretical foundations of logics, institutional logic processes, and institutional complexity and organizational responses. Collectively, the papers in this volume advance the very...... prolific stream of research on institutional logics by deepening our insight into the active use of institutional logics in organizational action and interaction, including the institutional effects of such (inter)actions....

  2. Report on the activities of the institutes and departments in 1975


    The present scientific annual report of the GfK is arranged according to organizational units. The individual contributions are written by the institutes and departments themselves, and they assume responsibility. This report informs of organizational units which took an active part in scientific/technical work in the year under report, and it describes their results with regard to the research programme of the Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung. The report serves as an aid for the supervisory board in making its decisions on the evaluation of individual projects within the R + D programme, and as a source of information for members with a vote to co-determination bodies. In order to emphasize the responsibilities in individual efforts, every project report is accompanied by a list of the names of those who were most closely involved in the work. (orig./LN) [de

  3. Canadian institute honours Hawking

    Durrani, Matin


    The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, has announced that a major new extension to its campus will be known as the Stephen Hawking Centre. The extension, which is currently being built, is due to open in 2011 and will double the size of the institute. It will also provide a home for the institute's Masters students, the first of whom joined the Perimeter Institute this autumn as part of its Perimeter Scholars international programme.

  4. Multinationals and Institutional Competitiveness

    Hull Kristensen, Peer; Morgan, Glenn

    This article discusses how institutional competitiveness and multinationals are mutually enriching concepts. Seen from the perspective of Multinationals, institutional competitiveness becomes expressed at two levels. At the level of corporate HQs institutional competitiveness proves itself...... competitiveness of Liberal Market Economies and Coordinated Markets Economies under the current competitive regime....

  5. Marine environment protection of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Special report - February 2004; Meeresumweltschutz fuer Nord- und Ostsee. Sondergutachten - Februar 2004



    The marine environment of the North Sea and Baltic Sea is still heavily polluted. The marine ecosystems are under severe stress from overfishing, water pollution, raw materials production and tourism. Environmental protection in this region necessitates decisive political initiatives and strict corrections especially in fishery policy, agricultural policy and chemical substances control. This is the balance of the special expert opinion of the Council of Environmental Experts. The publication specifies the main problem areas, the current pollution situation, the fields where action is most urgently required - especially in fishery, chemical substances, agricultural and sea travel policies - and presents suggestions for an integrated European and national marine protection policy including a regional development concept for the marine environment. (orig.) [German] Die Meeresumwelt von Nord- und Ostsee ist nach wie vor stark belastet. Ueberfischung, Schadstoffeintraege und Ueberduengung sowie die intensive Nutzung durch Schifffahrt, Rohstoffabbau und Tourismus beeintraechtigen vielfach massiv die marinen Oekosysteme. Ein wirksamer Meeresumweltschutz erfordert daher einschneidende politische Initiativen und grundlegende Korrekturen insbesondere in der Fischereipolitik, der Agrarpolitik und bei der Chemikalienregulierung. Diese Bilanz zieht der Rat von Sachverstaendigen fuer Umweltfragen in seinem aktuellen Sondergutachten 'Meeresumweltschutz fuer Nord- und Ostsee'. Das Sondergutachen - gibt einen Ueberblick ueber die wichtigsten Problemfelder und die aktuelle Belastungslage, - zeigt den wesentlichen Handlungsbedarf auf, insbesondere fuer die Fischerei-, Chemikalien-, Agrar- und Schifffahrtspolitik und - entwickelt Vorschlaege fuer eine integrierte europaeische und nationale Meeresschutzpolitik einschliesslich einer Merresraumordnung. (orig.)

  6. Ethical codes. Fig leaf argument, ballast or cultural element for radiation protection?; Ethik-Codes. Feigenblatt, Ballast oder Kulturelement fuer den Strahlenschutz?

    Gellermann, Rainer [Nuclear Control and Consulting GmbH, Braunschweig (Germany)


    The international association for radiation protection (IRPA) adopted in May 2004 a Code of Ethics in order to allow their members to hold an adequate professional level of ethical line of action. Based on this code of ethics the professional body of radiation protection (Fachverband fuer Strahlenschutz) has developed its own ethical code and adopted in 2005.

  7. Fundamentals of heuristic approach to the selection of adsorption liquids for hydrocarbons; Grundlagen einer Heuristik zur Auswahl von Absorptionsfluessigkeiten fuer Kohlenwasserstoffe

    Weisweiler, W. [Karlsruhe Univ. (T.H.) (Germany). Inst. fuer Chemische Technik; Winterbauer, H. [Karlsruhe Univ. (T.H.) (Germany). Inst. fuer Chemische Technik


    The present paper describes a possible way of finding the most appropriate absorbent for a given air pollutant or air pollutant mixture. (orig./SR) [Deutsch] Die vorliegende Arbeit beschreibt eine Moeglichkeit mit der fuer verschiedene organische Luftschadstoffe und Schadstoffgemische die geeignetsten Absorptionsmittel gefunden werden koennen. (orig./SR)

  8. Electric Co'Co' bi-voltage locomotive class EG 3100 of DSB; Co'Co'-Zweifrequenzlokomotive EG 3100 fuer Danske Statsbaner

    Pedersen, B.O. [DSB Materiel Technik, Copenhagen (Denmark); Joergensen, O.A. [Siemens AG, Erlangen (Germany). Abt. VT 62; Proell, J. [Siemens AG, Muenchen (Germany). Abt. VT 68


    DSB has purchased a series of heavy electric locomotives for hauling transit freight trains between Central Europe and Scandinavia. Demands, basic features and technical components are described in detail. (orig.) [German] Fuer den Transitgueterverkehr zwischen Mitteleuropa und Skandinavien hat Danske Statsbaner eine Serie schwerer elektrischer Lokomotiven beschafft. Die Anforderungen, das Grundkonzept und die technischen Komponenten werden ausfuehrlich beschrieben. (orig.)

  9. Electric Co'Co' bi-voltage locomotive class EG 3100 of DSB; Co'Co'-Zweifrequenzlokomotive EG 3100 fuer Danske Statsbaner

    Pedersen, B.O. [DSB Materiel Technik, Copenhagen (Denmark); Joergensen, O.A. [Siemens AG, Erlangen (Germany). Abt. VT 62; Proell, G. [Siemens AG, Muenchen (Germany). Abt. VT 68


    DSB has purchased a series of heavy electric locomotives for hauling transit freight trains between Central Europe and Scandinavia. Demands, basic features and technical components are described in detail. (orig.) [German] Fuer den Transitgueterverkehr zwischen Mitteleuropa und Skandinavien hat Danske Statsbaner eine Serie schwerer elektrischer Lokomotiven beschafft. Die Anforderungen, das Grundkonzept und die technischen Komponenten werden ausfuehrlich beschrieben. (orig.)

  10. Double-layer capacitors as dynamic stores for PV applications. Final report; Doppelschichtkondensatoren als dynamische Speicher fuer PV-Anwendungen. Abschlussbericht

    Willer, B.; Knorr, R.; Broeker, C.; Burger, B.; Wollny, M.


    Double layer capacitors are the system of choice whenever a large number of cycles and high capacity are required. They have the advantages of high cyclic strength, high capacity, freedom of servicing, insensitivity to high temperatures and long life. Drawbacks are low energy density, high self-discharge and high cost.Applications in water pumps, pathfinders and roller blind control systems were investigated. [German] Mit den Ergebnissen steht ein detailliertes Wissen ueber den weltweiten Entwicklungsstand und die physikalischen Eigenschaften von Doppelschichtkondensatoren zur Verfuegung. Ihre Eigenschaften wurden in Bezug auf moegliche photovoltaische Anwendungen hin analysiert. Anwendungsfehlder ergeben sich vorzugsweise dann, wenn hohe Zyklenzahl und Leistungsfaehigkeit gefordert werden. Die Vorteile des neuen Energiespeichers sind seine hohe Zyklenfestigkeit und Leistungsfaehigkeit, seine Wartungsfreiheit, Temperaturunempfindlichkeit und lange Lebensdauer. Ihnen stehen die Nachteile einer geringen Energiedichte, hohen Selbstentladung und hoher Kosten gegenueber. Eine deutliche Steigerung der Gesamteffizienz von photovoltaischen Versorgungseinheiten beim Einsatz von Doppelschichtkondensatoren ergeben energetische Simulationen unterschiedlicher Systeme. Fuer ausgewaehlte photovoltaisch versorgte Anwendungen konnte die Einsatzfaehigkeit von Doppelschichtkondensatoren in Feldtests erprobt und nachgewiesen werden. Wasserpumpensysteme, Pathfinders und eine Rolladensteuerung fuer ein Fenster wurden getestet. Der Einsatz von Doppelschichtkondensatoren zur weiteren Verbreitung photovoltaischer Anwendungen ist bereits heute fuer spezielle Anwendungen sinnvoll und wirtschaftlich. Mit weiter fallenden Preisen fuer die Kondensatoren und der Entwicklung von Kondensatorsystemen mit hoeheren Spannungen werden weitere Anwendungsfelder hinzukommen. Die Basis zur Entwicklung der notwendigen Systemtechnik und ihrer Demonstration in Feldversuchen ist durch die Ergebnisse des

  11. Monitoring of the cogeneration agreement from 19th December 2003 for the partition combined heat and power. Reporting period 2010 (Fourth and last report); Monitoring der Kraft-Waerme-Kopplungs-Vereinbarung vom 19. Dezember 2003 fuer den Teilbereich Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung. Berichtszeitraum 2010 (Vierter und letzter Bericht)

    Gores, Sabine; Harthan, Ralph O.


    Beside the obligation to implement the agreed measures, also the attendance of the 'Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German economy on the climate precaution, on the reduction of the CO{sub 2} emissions and on the promotion of the cogeneration in supplement to the climate agreement from 9th November, 2000' by a continuous was initiated. The Rheinisch-Westfaelisches Institut fuer Wirtschaftsforschung (Essen, Bundesrepublik Deutschland) was commissioned with the monitoring of the cogeneration agreement. The monitoring report under consideration is based on the monitoring reports and the relevant official statistics as well as data for the power generation from renewable energy sources.

  12. Emission concepts for future passenger car diesel engines; Emissionskonzepte fuer zukuenftige Pkw-Dieselmotoren

    Krueger, M.; Wiartalla, A.; Lichtenberg, T.; Koerfer, T. [FEV Motorentechnik, Aachen (Germany)


    guenstigen Kraftstoffverbrauch eines Dieselfahrzeugs beizubehalten. Vor diesem Hintergrund werden im Rahmen dieses Beitrages brennverfahrensseitige Massnahmen sowie Abgasnachbehandlungskonzepte hinsichtlich Wirkungsgrad undd Einfluss auf den Kraftstoffverbrauch analysiert. Es kann festgehalten werden, dass fuer den Pkw-Dieselmotor noch ein beachtliches Emissionsreduktionspotenzial erschlossen werden kann. Eine Erfuellung der nach 2005 diskutierten bzw. schon beschlossenen Emissionsgrenzwerte allein durch Weiterentwicklung des Brennverfahrens erscheint allerdings aus heutiger Sicht als schwierig. Insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund des Kraftstoffverbrauchs stellt sich eine geeignete Kombination von innermotorischen Massnahmen und Abgasnachbehandlung als der sinnvollere Weg dar. Entscheidend fuer den Erfolg eines solchen Konzeptes wird die Leistungsaufnahme der Abgasnachbehandlungsmassnahme im weitesten Sinne sein. Dazu zaehlt sicherlich das Thermomanagement von Motor und Abgassystem. Darueber hinaus muessen aber auch die Faktoren beruecksichtigt werden, die das Regenerationsverhalten der diskontinuierlich betriebenen Nachbehandlungssysteme Partikelfilter und NO{sub x}-Speicherkatalysator bestimmen. Hier sind in erster Linie das Kraftstoffadditiv und der Kraftstoffschwefel bzw. die Schwefelproblematik des NO{sub x}-Speicherkatalysators zu nennen. (orig.)

  13. Results of 1989/90 research and development activities at KfK Institute for Reactor Components


    R and D activities at IRB (Institut fuer Reaktorbauelemente - Institute for Reactor Components) are dedicated to thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Emphasis is on the design of nuclear reactor and fusion reactor components. Environmental engineering was added recently. Most activities are applications-oriented. Fundamental investigations focus on energy research and energy technology. The activities are carried out in the framework of different projects (PKF/nuclear fusion, PSF/nuclear safety, PSU/pollution control). Points of main effort are the development of basic liquid-metal-cooled blanket solutions, investigations on natural convection in reactor ranks, and the cooling properties of future containments for pressurized water reactors in the case of nuclear fusion accidents. (orig./GL) [de

  14. Inflammatory spine disease as a cause of back pain; Entzuendliche Wirbelsaeulenerkrankungen als Ursache fuer Rueckenschmerzen

    Schlossbauer, T.; Panteleon, A.; Becker-Gaab, C. [Klinikum Innenstadt der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologe, Muenchen (Germany)


    The aim of this review is to evaluate the role of inflammatory spine disease in patients with chronic back pain. The contribution of imaging modalities for the diagnostic evaluation of back pain is discussed. A systematic literature search based on the classification of seronegative spondyloarthropathies and rheumatoid arthritis was performed. The results of this search and the experiences in a large collective of rheumatological patients are analyzed. The prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis (1-2%) is comparable to that of spondyloarthropathies (1.9%). The etiology of these entities is not fully elucidated. Magnetic resonance imaging is increasingly used for early detection and surveillance of therapy with TNF-{alpha} antagonists. Bone marrow edema, which is only detectable with MRI, represents an early sign of inflammation. Therapy with TNF-{alpha} antagonists is based on clinical and laboratory criteria, and signs of inflammation in MRI. MRI is useful for assessment of the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory therapy. (orig.) [German] Ziel der Arbeit ist, die Bedeutung inflammatorischer Wirbelsaeulenerkrankungen fuer das Leitsymptom Rueckenschmerz zu eroertern. Die Aussagekraft der verschiedenen radiologischen Verfahren wird diskutiert. Basierend auf der Einteilung der seronegativen Spondylarthropathien (SpA) sowie der rheumatoiden Arthritis (RA), erfolgte eine systematische Literaturrecherche. Die Ergebnisse dieser Recherche und die eigenen Erfahrungen mit einem grossen rheumatologischen Krankengut werden analysiert. Die Praevalenz der RA (1-2%) und der Gruppe der SpA (1,9%) ist vergleichbar, wobei die Aetiologie letztlich bei keiner der genannten Erkrankungen bekannt ist. Die bildmorphologische Kriterien koennen sich ueberlappen. Die MRT wird zunehmend bei Frueherkennung und Verlaufsbeurteilung der immunmodulatorischen Therapien (TNF-{alpha}-Antagonisten) eingesetzt. Ein Oedem im Knochen, das nur mit der MRT nachweisbar ist, zeigt die Aktivitaet der Entzuendung

  15. Development of a portable test densimeter for natural gas meters; Entwicklung eines transportablen Dichtepruefgeraetes fuer Erdgasmessstationen

    Bellado, B.G.; Kleinrahm, R.; Loesch, H.W.; Wagner, W. [Bochum Univ. (Germany); Brandt, O.; Boden, R. [Ruhrgas AG, Essen (Germany)


    For the accurate measurement of gas density in natural gas meter runs, a special test densimeter has been developed. It covers a temperature range from 0 C to 50 C at pressures up to 100 bar; its total uncertainty is {<=}{+-}0.05% for densities {>=}20 kg/m{sup 3}. The new densimeter has been specially designed as a portable device for in situ checking of commercial gas density transducers (with vibrating thin-walled metal cylinders or vibrating forks as density sensors) installed in natural gas meter runs with density converters or differential-producing meters. Also, it can be used in natural gas meter runs with PTZ converters to check the density calculated by the converter or to check verification measurements. This paper describes the measurement principle and the design of the densimeter and presents the results of field measurements performed. (orig.) [German] Zur genauen Messung der Dichte von Erdgasen unter Betriebsbedingungen wurde ein spezielles Dichtepruefgeraet entwickelt. Der Einsatz des Geraetes ist bei Gastemperaturen von 0 C bis 50 C und bei Druecken bis 100 bar moeglich; die Gesamtmessunsicherheit betraegt {<=}{+-}0,05% fuer Dichten {>=}20 kg/m{sup 3}. Das neue Dichtepruefgeraet ist gezielt als transportables Geraet zur Online-Pruefung von kommerziellen Betriebsdichteaufnehmern (mit Schwingzylindern oder Schwinggabeln als Dichtesensor) in Erdgasmessstationen mit Dichte-Mengenumwertern oder Wirkdruckgaszaehlern entwickelt worden. Es kann ebenfalls in Messstationen mit Zustands-Mengenumwertern zur Kontrolle der vom Umwerter errechneten Betriebsdichte oder zur Kontrolle von Revisions-Messungen eingesetzt werden. Im folgenden Artikel werden das Messprinzip, der Aufbau des Geraetes und der Einsatz vor Ort beschrieben. (orig.)

  16. The market for absorption refrigeration in Spain; Der Markt fuer Absorptionskaeltetechnik in Spanien

    Paramo, M. [Enagas, Madrid (Spain)


    Due to the Spanish climate (hot summers throughout large parts of the country) the household and small consumers sector in this country has a substantial requirement for cold production. Today most industrial and commercial buildings here such as office blocks, shopping centres, hospitals, hotel etc. are equipped with air conditioning plants. Usually these are based on compression refrigeration plants. Beyond this air conditioning plants are now also beginning to become popular in one-family houses and flats, especially in southern and western Spain and along the Mediterranean coast. In most cases these plants, too, work with compression refrigeration, though it is not uncommon to find steam-based refrigeration systems. Both these types of system are driven by electricity. In the industrial sector, too, the market for refrigeration shows a very wide spectrum across a large variety of branches. (orig./HW) [Deutsch] In Spaniens HuK-Sektor (Haushalte und Kleinverbraucher) besteht aufgrund der herrschenden klimatischen Bedingungen (sehr warme Sommer in weiten Teilen des Landes) ein erheblicher Bedarf an der Erzeugung von Kaelte. Die meisten Industrie- und gewerblichen Gebaeude, wie Buerokomplexe, Einkaufszentren, Krankenhaeuser, Hotels, usw. sind mittlerweile mit Klimaanlagen ausgeruestet. Im allgemeinen handelt es sich hierbei um Kompressionskaelteanlagen. Vornehmlich in Sued- und Zentralspanien sowie an der Mittelmeerkueste haben Klimaanlagen inzwischen aber auch verstaerkt in Einfamilienhaeusern und Wohnungen Einzug gehalten. Vorwiegend sind Kompressionskaelteanlagen im Einsatz; haeufig sind aber auch Systeme anzutreffen, die auf Wasserdampfbasis arbeiten. Energietraeger ist bei beiden Systemen Strom. Der Markt fuer Kaelteerzeugung ist auch im industriellen Bereich sehr breitgefaechert und umfasst eine Vielzahl von Branchen. Der Loewenanteil entfaellt jedoch auf die Nahrungsmittelindustrie. (orig./HW)

  17. Forest report 2013 for Baden-Wuerttemberg; Waldzustandsbericht 2013 fuer Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Meining, Stefan [Buero fuer Umweltueberwachung, Freiburg (Germany); Wilpert, Klaus v.; Schaeffer, Juergen; Hartmann, Peter; Schumacher, Joerg; Delb, Horst; John, Reinhold [Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Wuerttemberg, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Hoelscher, Andrea [Agentur fuer Nachhaltige Nutzung von Agrarlandschaften, Freiburg (Germany); Augustin, Nicole [Bath Univ. (United Kingdom); Hug, Ralph


    As an essential part of forest environmental monitoring, the Forest State Report 2013 shows how environmental factors influence the development of our forests. In addition to the annual survey of the crown state, intensive land surveys were established by the country, which provide extensive results over a long period. Data on the status and growth of the tree, the nutrient cycle, the material intake, soil status, soil vegetation and meteorology, ie the dynamics of environmental changes, are collected. Fortunately, the Forest State Report in 2013 shows that the state of the forests in Baden-Wuerttemberg has slightly improved compared to the previous year. This means that the trend towards the improvement of forest conditions continues after the extreme drought year 2003. This improvement is attributable to the spring weather which is favorable to the forest as well as to a generally low occurrence of harmful insects. [German] Als wesentlicher Teil des forstlichen Umweltmonitorings zeigt der Waldzustandsbericht 2013, wie Umweltfaktoren die Entwicklung unserer Waelder beeinflussen. Ergaenzend zur jaehrlichen Erhebung des Kronenzustandes wurden durch das Land Intensivmessflaechen eingerichtet, die umfangreiche Ergebnisse ueber einen langen Zeitraum liefern. Dort werden Daten zu Baumzustand und -wachstum, Naehrstoffkreislauf, Stoffeintrag, Bodenzustand, Bodenvegetation sowie Meteorologie, also die Dynamik der Umweltveraenderungen, erhoben. Erfreulicherweise zeigt der Waldzustandsbericht 2013, dass sich der Zustand der Waelder in Baden-Wuerttemberg gegenueber dem Vorjahr leicht verbessert hat. Damit setzt sich der Trend zur Verbesserung des Waldzustandes nach dem extremen Trockenjahr 2003 weiter fort. Diese Verbesserungstendenz laesst sich auf die fuer den Wald guenstige Fruehjahrswitterung sowie auf ein allgemein geringes Vorkommen an Schadinsekten zurueckfuehren.

  18. Stable amorphous semiconductors for solar cells. Final report; Stabile amorphe Halbleiterfilme fuer Solarzellen. Schlussbericht

    Fuhs, W.; Lips, K.; Mell, H.; Stachowitz, R.; Will, S.; Ulber, I.


    This study was founded on the preceding projects. The main objective was the preparation and characterization of stable amorphous silicon films (a-Si:H) by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). For this purpose the deposition conditions were varied in a wide range. The main effort was on the change of the reactor geometry and the increase of the substrate temperature to values beyond 250 C. Comparative studies of the film stability were carried out using different degradation techniques. The electronic and structural properties of the films were investigated with the aim to find correlations between the stability and other film properties. Information on the defect density was obtained from electron spin resonance (ESR), photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS) and photocurrent spectroscopy (CPM). The influence of native and light-induced defects on the recombination kinetics was studied using both films and solar cells. The techniques mainly used for that were steady-state and frequency-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy (FRS) and electrically detected magnetic resonance (EDMR). The results of these studies were published in international journals and presented at international conferences. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Vorhaben baute auf den vorangegangenen Projekten auf. Wichtigstes Ziel war die Herstellung und Charakterisierung stabiler amorpher Siliziumfilme (a-Si:H) durch Plasmadeposition. Dazu wurden die Depositionsbedingungen in einem weiten Bereich variiert. Im Vordergrund standen dabei die Aenderung der Reaktorgeometrie und die Erhoehung der Substrattemperatur auf Werte oberhalb von 250 C. Die Stabilitaet der Filme wurde mit verschiedenen Degradationsverfahren vergleichend geprueft. Die Filme wurden hinsichtlich ihrer elektronischen und strukturellen Eigenschaften mit dem Ziel untersucht, einen Zusammenhang zwischen der Stabilitaet und anderen Probeneigenschaften aufzufinden. Als Messverfahren fuer die Defektdichte standen

  19. The environmental and radionuclide laboratory at VKTA Rossendorf; Das Labor fuer Umwelt- und Radionuklidanalytik im VKTA Rossendorf

    Koehler, M.; Knappik, R.; Gleisberg, B.; Schaefer, I.; Boden, W.; Bothe, M. [Verein fuer Kernverfahrenstechnik und Analytik Rossendorf e.V. (VKTA), Dresden (Germany)


    The VKTA provides environmental and radionuclide analyses for remediation and waste management tasks at the Rossendorf research site and for commercial clients as well. The analyses, the correlated valuations and calculations were used for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, for the remediation of contaminated mining sites and for environmental investigations. The Laboratory for Environmental and Radionuclide Analytics is able to handle and analyse artificial and natural radionuclides in the range from 10{sup -3} Bq until 10{sup 9} Bq. Besides the used activity measurement techniques ({alpha}-particle and {gamma}-ray spectrometry, {beta}-counting), which were also applied after radiochemical separations, mass-spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma provides analytical results for long-lived radionuclides and isotopic ratios very effective. The capability of the laboratory is demonstrated by selected applications. (orig.) [German] Der VKTA fuehrt im Rahmen seiner Rueckbau- und Entsorgungsaufgaben am Forschungsstandort Rossendorf und fuer externe Auftraggeber Umwelt- und Radionuklidanalysen als komplexe Dienstleistung durch. Die Analysen und die damit in Zusammenhang stehenden Bewertungen und Modellrechnungen finden beim Rueckbau kerntechnischer Anlagen, bei der Sanierung von Uranbergbau-Altlasten und im Umweltbereich Verwendung. Im Labor fuer Umwelt- und Radionuklidanalytik werden Proben mit kuenstlichen und natuerlichen Radionukliden im typischen Aktivitaetsbereich von 10{sup -3} Bq bis 10{sup 9} Bq bearbeitet und analysiert. Neben den Aktivitaetsmessverfahren ({alpha}-, {beta}-, {gamma}-Spektrometrie), die auch nach radiochemischen Trennungen eingesetzt werden, kommen massenspektrometrische Verfahren bei der Analyse langlebiger Radionuklide bzw. Isotopenverhaeltnisse zum Einsatz. Das Leistungsspektrum des Labors wird durch ausgewaehlte Applikationen belegt. (orig.)

  20. Furthering critical institutionalism

    Frances Dalton Cleaver


    Full Text Available This special issue furthers the study of natural resource management from a critical institutional perspective. Critical institutionalism (CI is a contemporary body of thought that explores how institutions dynamically mediate relationships between people, natural resources and society. It focuses on the complexity of institutions entwined in everyday social life, their historical formation, the interplay between formal and informal, traditional and modern arrangements, and the power relations that animate them. In such perspectives a social justice lens is often used to scrutinise the outcomes of institutional processes. We argue here that critical institutional approaches have potentially much to offer commons scholarship, particularly through the explanatory power of the concept of bricolage for better understanding institutional change.  Critical institutional approaches, gathering momentum over the past 15 years or so, have excited considerable interest but the insights generated from different disciplinary perspectives remain insufficiently synthesised. Analyses emphasising complexity can be relatively illegible to policy-makers, a fact which lessens their reach. This special issue therefore aims to synthesise critical institutional ideas and so to lay the foundation for moving beyond the emergent stage to make meaningful academic and policy impact. In bringing together papers here we define and synthesise key themes of critical institutionalism, outline the concept of institutional bricolage and identity some key challenges facing this school of thought.

  1. Entrepreneurship as institutional change

    Bjerregaard, Toke; Lauring, Jakob


    This paper responds to calls to make more explicit linkages between institutional theory and entrepreneurship research through studies on how entrepreneurs navigate and work with institutions. The research examines the micro-strategies and activities through which small-scale entrepreneurs maneuver...... between and exploit the multiple, potentially contradictory institutional logics of the different spheres in which they operate. While much research has elucidated how institutional entrepreneurs effect change, this study illustrates how effective entrepreneurs managing and exploiting institutional...... contradictions engage simultaneously in practices of maintaining and changing institutions to establish a balance between the poles on which their ventures depend. We illustrate this by two cases of small-scale entrepreneurship bridging institutional contradictions from an ethnographic study conducted under...

  2. From Institutional Change to Experimentalist Institutions

    Hull Kristensen, Peer; Morgan, Glenn


    Institutionalist theory has shown how work and employment relations are shaped by national contexts. Recent developments in these theories have been increasingly concerned with the issue of institutional change. This reflects a shift in the nature of the competitive environment of firms from...... and institutions. In this paper, we emphasize that in the current context of globalization, firms and actors within firms are continuously developing the way in which they organize work and employment to produce goods and services that are competitive in global markets. The paper argues that new market conditions...... lead firms to constant experimentation in work organization as they seek to position themselves within systems of production and innovation that are global in nature. This creates a pressure for institutional change to facilitate the process of firm-level experimentation; it also tends to create...

  3. Nuclear Chemistry Institute, Mainz University. Annual Report 1995

    Denschlag, H.O.


    The annual report of the Institut fuer Kernchemie addresses inter alia three main research activities. The first belongs to the area of basic research, covering studies in the fields of nuclear fission, chemistry of the super-heavy elements and of heavy-ion reactions extending from the Coulomb barrier to relativistic energies, and nuclear astrophysics in connection with the ''r process''. By means of laser technology, high-precision data could be measured of the ionization energies of berkelium and californium. Studies of atomic clusters in the vacuum of an ionization trap revealed interesting aspects. The second major activity was devoted to the analysis of environmental media, applying inter alia neutron activation analysis and resonance ionization mass spectroscopy (RIMS). The third activity resulted in the development of novel processes, or the enhancement of existing processes or methods, for applications in basic research work and in environmental analytics. Another item of interest is the summarizing report on the operation of the TRIGA research reactor. (orig./SR) [de

  4. Selection of compressors and drives for natural gas storage and transport - technical and economic aspects; Auswahl von Verdichtern und Antriebsmaschinen fuer die Erdgasspeicherung und den Erdgastransport - technische und wirtschaftliche Aspekte

    Heyer, F.; Wieke, S. [Heyer und Wieke Engineering, Muenchen (Germany)


    Selection of the proper compressor/drive combination is indispensable for optimizing natural gas storage. The contribution presents a comparison of the available systems. (orig.) [Deutsch] Fuer die Verdichtung von Erdgas fuer die Erdgasspeicherung und den Erdgastransport ist die Auswahl der fuer den jeweiligen Anwendungsfall geeigneten Verdichter-Antriebskombination eine wesentliche Voraussetzung fuer einen technisch und wirtschaftlich optimalen Betrieb. Unter Beruecksichtigung des Marktes werden die Varianten (Verdichter-Antriebskombinationen) definiert und in einem technischen Vergleich Vor- und Nachteile der einzelnen Alternativen gegenuebergestellt und bewertet. Die Einhaltung der Betriebsanforderungen und der Anforderungen der TA-Luft und TA-Laerm, der Wirkungsgrad, die Zuverlaessigkeit und Verfuegbarkeit muessen einer besonders intensiven Pruefung und Beurteilung unterzogen werden. Das Ergebnis der vergleichenden Bewertung der Varianten kann eine neue Definition der Varianten oder der Anforderungen notwendig machen. (orig.)

  5. The energy-optimized house at Zittau - a new teaching and research buliding for gas and HVAC engineering; Das Niedrigenergiehaus Zittau - ein neues Lehr- und Foschungsgebaeude fuer die Gas- und die Versorgungstechnik

    Wilsdorf, J. [Hochschule fuer Technik, Wirtschaft und Sozialwesen, Zittau/Goerlitz, Zittau (Germany). Fachbereich Bauwesen, Lehrgebiet Gastechnik


    By means of the new energy-optimized building at Zittau, an education and research object, the Hochschule fuer Technik, Wirtschaft und Sozialwesen of Zittau is enhancing the practice-oriented education of students especially in the curricula hvac engineering and structural engineering. As an experimental building it is, at the same time, a complex system demonstrating energy-saving construction and heating and permitting to carry out research and development work. The article describes the concepts and execution of the building. (orig.) [Deutsch] Mit dem neuen Lehr- und Forschungsgebaeude `Niedrigenergiehaus Zittau` verbessert die Hochschule fuer Technik, Wirtschaft und Sozialwesen Zittau die praxisbezogene Ausbildung der Studenten vor allem in den Studiengaengen der Ver- und Entsorgungstechnik und des Bauingenieurwesens. Zugleich ist es als Experimentalbau ein komplexes System fuer energiesparendes Bauen und Heizen und bietet hervorragende Voraussetzungen fuer die Durchfuehrung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten. Im Artikel werden Konzepte und Einrichtungen des Gebaeudes beschrieben. (orig.)

  6. Spectroscopic studies on technetium and silicon. A solid-state laser system for the resonance-ionization spectroscopy; Spektroskopische Untersuchungen an Technetium und Silizium. Ein Festkoerperlasersystem fuer die Resonanzionisationsspektroskopie

    Mattolat, Christoph


    This doctoral thesis describes advancement and refinement of the titanium:sapphire laser system of the working group LARISSA, Institut fuer Physik, Johannes Gutenberg- Universitaet Mainz and its application to resonance ionization spectroscopy. Activities on the laser systems comprised three major tasks: The output power of the conventional titanium:sapphire lasers could be increased by a factor of two in order to match the needs at resonance ionization laser ion source at ISOL facilities. Additionally, the laser system was complemented by a titanium:sapphire laser in Littrow geometry, which ensures a mode-hop free tuning range from 700 nm to 950 nm, and by an injection seeded titanium:sapphire laser with a spectral width of 20 MHz (in respect to a spectral width of 3 GHz for the conventional lasers). The performance of the new laser system was tested in spectroscopic investigations of highly excited atomic levels of gold and technetium. From the measured level positions the ionization potential of gold could be verified by using the Rydberg-Ritz formula, while the ionization potential of technetium could be determined precisely for the first time. Using the seeded titanium: sapphire laser Doppler-free two-photon spectroscopy inside a hot ionizer cavity was demonstrated. A width of the recorded resonances of 90 MHz was achieved and the hyperfine structure and isotope shift of stable silicon isotopes was well resolved with this method. (orig.)

  7. Institutional Support : Ethiopian Development Research Institute ...

    The Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) was established in 1999 and became operational in 2003 as a semi-autonomous organization accountable to ... International Water Resources Association, in close collaboration with IDRC, is holding a webinar titled “Climate change and adaptive water management: ...

  8. Development of new layer systems for sliding bearings under high mechanical and tribological stress. Final report; Entwicklung neuer Schichtsysteme fuer den Einsatz bei mechanisch-tribologisch hochbeanspruchten Gleitlagern. Abschlussbericht

    Mathias, M.; Herrmann, B.


    The report describes the sputtering technique as a coating method for sliding bearings of high-speed diesel engines. The project aimed at the development of a heavy-duty, wear-resistant sputtered layer on a copper-lead basis for sliding bearings. (HW) [Deutsch] Es wird berichtet ueber die Einfuehrung der Sputtertechnik als Beschichtungsverfahren fuer Gleitlager fuer schnell laufende Dieselmotoren. Ziel des Projektes war die Entwicklung einer hochbelastbaren, verschleissfesten Gleitlager-Sputterschicht auf Kupfer-Blei-Basis. (HW)

  9. Target values for indoor air quality. Judging indoor air quality by means of aggregate volatile organic compounds (TVOC value); Richtwerte fuer die Innenraumluft. Die Beurteilung der Innenraumluftqualitaet mit Hilfe der Summe der fluechtigen organischen Verbindungen (TVOC-Wert)

    Seifert, B. [Umweltbundesamt Berlin (Germany). Inst. fuer Wasser-, Boden- und Lufthygiene


    The article discusses the existing bases for the derivation and use of assessment criteria for TVOC concentrations. For enhanced understanding, some aspects of VOC analytics are dealt with beforehand. (orig./MG) [Deutsch] Im vorliegenden Artikel werden die vorhandenen Grundlagen fuer die Ableitung und Verwendung von Bewertungskriterien fuer TVOC-Konzentrationen diskutiert. Zum besseren Verstaendnis werden einleitend einige Aspekte der VOC-Analytik eroertert. (orig/MG)

  10. Materials colloquium `96: Thermal insulation coatings. Thermally insulating coating systems for heavy-duty structural components in aerospace engineering and energy engineering; Werkstoff-Kolloquium `96: Waermedaemmschichten. Waermeisolierende Schichtsysteme fuer hoechstbelastete Strukturbauteile in der Luft- und Raumfahrt sowie der Energietechnik

    Peters, M.; Schulz, U.; Leushake, U.; Kaysser, W.A. [eds.


    The 15 contributions in this colloquium report document the current state of research and development in Germany in the field of thermally insulating layer structures for heavy-duty components like gas turbines. Five papers have been recorded separately in the ENERGY database. [Deutsch] Die 15 Beitraege in diesem Kolloquiumband dokumentieren den aktuellen Stand der Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten in Deutschland auf dem Gebiet der waermeisolierenden Schichtsysteme fuer hoechstbelastete Bauteile wie z.B. Gasturbinen. Fuer die Datenbank ENERGY wurden fuenf Artikel separat aufgenommen.

  11. Application of the results of pipe stress analyses into fracture mechanics defect analyses for welds of nuclear piping components; Uebernahme der Ergebnisse von Rohrsystemanalysen (Spannungsanalysen) fuer bruchmechanische Fehlerbewertungen fuer Schweissnaehte an Rohrleitungsbauteilen in kerntechnischen Anlagen

    Dittmar, S.; Neubrech, G.E.; Wernicke, R. [TUeV Nord SysTec GmbH und Co.KG (Germany); Rieck, D. [IGN Ingenieurgesellschaft Nord mbH und Co.KG (Germany)


    For the fracture mechanical assessment of postulated or detected crack-like defects in welds of piping systems it is necessary to know the stresses in the un-cracked component normal to the crack plane. Results of piping stress analyses may be used if these are evaluated for the locations of the welds in the piping system. Using stress enhancing factors (stress indices, stress factors) the needed stress components are calculated from the component specific sectional loads (forces and moments). For this procedure the tabulated stress enhancing factors, given in the standards (ASME Code, German KTA regulations) for determination and limitation of the effective stresses, are not always and immediately adequate for the calculation of the stress component normal to the crack plane. The contribution shows fundamental possibilities and validity limits for adoption of the results of piping system analyses for the fracture mechanical evaluation of axial and circumferential defects in welded joints, with special emphasis on typical piping system components (straight pipe, elbow, pipe fitting, T-joint). The lecture is supposed to contribute to the standardization of a code compliant and task-related use of the piping system analysis results for fracture mechanical failure assessment. [German] Fuer die bruchmechanische Bewertung von postulierten oder bei der wiederkehrenden zerstoerungsfreien Pruefung detektierten rissartigen Fehlern in Schweissnaehten von Rohrsystemen werden die Spannungen in der ungerissenen Bauteilwand senkrecht zur Rissebene benoetigt. Hierfuer koennen die Ergebnisse von Rohrsystemanalysen (Spannungsanalysen) genutzt werden, wenn sie fuer die Orte der Schweissnaehte im Rohrsystem ausgewertet werden. Mit Hilfe von Spannungserhoehungsfaktoren (Spannungsindizes, Spannungsbeiwerten) werden aus den komponentenweise berechneten Schnittlasten (Kraefte und Momente) die benoetigten Spannungskomponenten berechnet. Dabei sind jedoch die in den Regelwerken (ASME

  12. Texas Heart Institute

    ... of seminars and conferences. Resources Texas Heart Institute Journal Scientific Publications Library & Learning Resources Resources for Physicians Fellowships & Residencies School of Perfusion Technology THI Spotlight Check out the ...

  13. Reirradiation of recurrent node-positive non-small cell lung cancer after previous stereotactic radiotherapy for stage I disease. A multi-institutional treatment recommendation

    Nieder, Carsten [Nordland Hospital, Department of Oncology and Palliative Medicine, Bodoe (Norway); University of Tromsoe, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Tromsoe (Norway); Ruysscher, Dirk de [MAASTRO Clinic, Department of Radiation Oncology, Maastricht (Netherlands); Gaspar, Laurie E. [University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology, Aurora, CO (United States); Guckenberger, Matthias [University Hospital Zurich, Department of Radiation Oncology, Zurich (Switzerland); Mehta, Minesh P. [Miami Cancer Institute, Department of Radiation Oncology, Miami, FL (United States); Cheung, Patrick; Sahgal, Arjun [Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and University of Toronto, Department of Radiation Oncology, Toronto (Canada)


    Practice guidelines have been developed for early-stage and locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, many common clinical scenarios still require individualized decision making. This is true for locoregional relapse after initial stereotactic radiotherapy (stereotactic body radiation therapy or stereotactic ablative radiotherapy; SBRT or SABR), an increasingly utilized curative treatment option for stage I NSCLC. A consortium of expert radiation oncologists was established with the aim of providing treatment recommendations. In this scenario, a case was distributed to six radiation oncologists who provided their institutions' treatment recommendations. In this case, a patient developed local and mediastinal relapse after SABR (45 Gy, 3 fractions), comparable to the tumor burden in de novo stage IIIA NSCLC. Treatment recommendations were tabulated and a consensus conclusion was developed. Three institutions recommended evaluation for surgery. If the patient was not a surgical candidate, and/or refused surgery, definitive chemoradiation was recommended, including retreating the primary to full dose. European participants were more in favor of a non-surgical approach. None of the participants were reluctant to prescribe reirradiation, but two institutions prescribed doses lower than 60 Gy. Platinum-based doublets together with intensity-modulated radiotherapy were preferred. The institutional recommendations reflect the questions and uncertainties discussed in current stage III guidelines. All institutions agreed that previous SABR is not a contraindication for salvage chemoradiation. In the absence of high-quality prospective trials for recurrent NSCLC, all treatment options recommended in current guidelines for stage III disease can be considered in clinical scenarios such as this. (orig.) [German] Fuer fruehe und lokal fortgeschrittene Stadien des nicht-kleinzelligen Bronchialkarzinoms (NSCLC) wurden Behandlungsleitlinien publiziert

  14. Construction and simulation of the KAOS spectrometer for coincidence measurements in the associated kaon production; Aufbau und Simulation des KAOS-Spektrometers fuer Koinzidenzmessungen in der assoziierten Kaonproduktion

    Nungesser, Lars


    With the extension of the Mainz microtron MAMI at the Institut fuer Kernphysik with a third stage it is now possible to produce particles with open strangeness. For their detection the spectrometer facility of the A1 collaboration has been expanded with the KAOS-spectrometer which has been inherited from GSI in Darmstadt. We are studying the p(e,e'K{sup +}){lambda}/Sigma{sup 0} reaction where the outgoing electron and kaon have to be detected. If we use a different target than hydrogen there is the possibility of a hypernuceus being formed. Spectroscopy of these gives the opportunity to study the hyperon potential within the atomic nucleus and the hyperon-nucleon interaction. Due to the good quality of the electron beam mass resolutions of a few hundred keV/c{sup 2} can be achieved. The detectors and the optical properties of the spectrometer have been simulated with GEANT4. Hit pattern in the detectors have been generated to aid the programming of the FPGA-based trigger. A first mapping of the detector coordinates to the target coordinates has been generated. For the experiments with hypernuclei KAOS has to be placed at 0 forward angle and the primary electron beam has to go via a magnetic chicane through the dipole. The simulation shows only a slight increase of the radiation for this case, especially around the beam-dump. Thus it is possible to operate KAOS as double sided spectrometer at MAMI. Within the scope of this thesis the readout and control electronics for all detectors had to be integrated into the existing A1 data acquisition and into the control system. During two beamtimes in autumn 2008 kaons where detected in the angular range between 20 and 40 and the momentum range between 400 MeV/c and 600 MeV/c. A time resolution of 1ns FWHM could be achieved which allows particle identification. The angular and momentum resolution was sufficient to identify {lambda} and {sigma}{sup 0} hyperons in the missing mass spectrum. (orig.)

  15. Visions for the car of the future; Visionen fuer das Automobil der Zukunft

    Leschke, H. [DaimlerChrysler AG, Sindelfingen (Germany)


    , unsere Kunden fodern; es muss das Emotionale wecken. Sowohl Emotion als auch Provokation fuehren zu Polaritaet. Fazit: Es wird fuer jeden etwas geben, eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Konzepte, Designs als Moeglichkeit der Darstellung der eigenen Individualitaet in einer automobilen Vielfalt. Grundvoraussetzung: Autofahren soll uns auch im Jahr 2000 Spass machen. (orig.)

  16. Consulting: a new area of business for energy supply utilities; Consulting - ein neues Geschaeftsfeld fuer Energieversorgungsunternehmen

    Busse, H.; Oswald, H. [MVV-Energie AG im Internationalen Gasconsulting, Duggendorf (Germany)


    The radical changes in national and international markets in recent years will have a long-term effect on the future development of industry and of energy supply utilities. The dynamics and complexity of these processes are producing new challenges. These are leading to a departure from rigid structures in the supply enterprises, towards functional, process-oriented organizational structures. In addition, a whole series of new business activities is arising. One of these new strategic areas of business is consulting. In Germany, a range of regional and municipal supply utilities now offer consulting services for third parties on an intensified basis around the world. Since about 1990, larger municipal technical service organizations and regional energy supply utilities have been working on numerous projects both within Germany and abroad. It has become apparent that it is necessary to take a long breath (one to four years) from the time of obtaining the sale until the award of contract, particularly in the case of foreign projects. In addition to the demand for technical know-how, BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) projects and assistance with financing and matters regarding structure, setting-up and organization of possible new projects are of particular interest. (orig.) [German] Die umfassenden Veraenderungen der nationalen und internationalen Maerkte in den letzten Jahren wirken nachhaltig auf die zukuenftige Entwicklung der Industrie und der Energieversorgungsunternehmen. Aus der Dynamik und Komplexitaet der Prozesse resultieren neue Herausforderungen. Diese fuehren zur Abkehr von starren Strukturen in den Versorgungsunternehmen hin zu funktionalen am Prozess orientierten Organisationsstrukturen. Zusaetzlich leiten sich daraus eine Reihe neuer Geschaeftsfelder ab. Eines dieser neuen strategischen Geschaeftsfelder ist Consulting. In Deutschland bieten verschiedene regional und kommunal taetige Versorgungsunternehmen verstaerkt Beratungsleistung fuer Dritte weltweit

  17. Forest report 2014 for Baden-Wuerttemberg; Waldzustandsbericht 2014 fuer Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Meining, Stefan [Buero fuer Umweltueberwachung, Freiburg (Germany); Wilpert, Klaus v.; Schumacher, Joerg; Delb, Horst; Hartmann, Peter; Rubin, Lisa; John, Reinhold; Metzler, Berthold; Bublitz, Thomas [Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Wuerttemberg, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Augustin, Nicole [Bath Univ. (United Kingdom)


    The annual forest status report 2014 shows that the persistently high burdens have not fundamentally improved the health of the forests. In addition to significant improvements in soil conditions, which can be traced back to successful forest calcifications, climate change with its various impacts is a lasting burden on the forests. Unfortunately, the forest situation has deteriorated considerably compared to the previous year. With 42 per cent damaged trees, the third highest value has been reached since the start of the recordings about 3 years ago. This means that the medium-term trend towards the improvement of the forest state unfortunately does not continue. This is clearly evident in the crown condition as an important indicator of the health of the trees. The average needle / leaf loss of the trees has increased by 3.7 percentage points to 25.8 percent. The share of undamaged forest areas has fallen by nine percentage points to just 24 percent. These changes can be attributed to the very dry spring weather, the presence of harmful insects and a strong fruit formation. [German] Der jaehrliche Waldzustandsbericht 2014 zeigt, dass durch die unveraendert hohen Belastungen der Gesundheitszustand der Waelder sich nicht grundsaetzlich gebessert hat. Neben deutlichen Verbesserungen im Bodenzustand, die auf erfolgreiche Waldkalkungen zurueck zu fuehren sind, stellt insbesondere der Klimawandel mit seinen verschiedenen Auswirkungen eine dauerhafte Belastung der Waelder dar. Leider hat sich der Waldzustand gegenueber dem Vorjahr deutlich verschlechtert. Mit 42 Prozent geschaedigter Baeume wird der dritthoechste Wert seit Beginn der Aufnahmen vor rund 3 Jahren erreicht. Damit setzt sich der mittelfristige Trend zur Verbesserung des Waldzustandes leider nicht weiter fort. Beim Kronenzustand als wichtigem Indikator fuer den Gesundheitszustand der Baeume zeigt sich dies deutlich. Der mittlere Nadel-/Blattverlust der Baeume hat sich um 3,7 Prozentpunkte auf 25,8 Prozent

  18. Identification of areas and time intervals for inservice inspections; Auswahl der Pruefbereiche und -intervalle fuer wiederkehrende Pruefungen

    Metzner, K J [Preussische Elektrizitaets-AG (Preussenelektra), Hannover (Germany); Herter, K H [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Staatliche Materialpruefungsanstalt; Schoeckle, F [Amtec Messtechnischer Service, Lauffen (Germany)


    von Schadensmechanismen), koennen die wiederkehrenden Pruefungen vorwiegend zielgerichtet hinsichtlich der Folgen dieser moeglichen Schadensmechanismen eingesetzt werden. Ist keine oder nur eine eingeschraenkte Ueberwachung vorhanden, sind die moeglichen Folgen eventuell bisher unbekannter Schadensmechanismen durch erweiterte und ggf. vagabundierende WKP-Massnahmen zu ueberpruefen. Fuer die Auswahl von Pruefbereichen und die Festlegung von Pruefintervallen ist die Verwendung der Auslegungsanalysen, in denen konservativ spezifizierte Belastungen und Lastfallhaeufigkeiten (fuer Betriebs- und Stoerfaelle) beruecksichtigt wurden, nicht geeignet. Es ist vielmehr von den `Ist-Beanspruchungen` aus dem bisherigen Betrieb in Verbindung mit der Kenntnis ueber die vorhandene `Istqualitaet` aus der Herstellung und der bisherigen Betriebszeit auszugehen. Die vorhandenen Unterlagen sind entsprechend aufzubereiten, so dass eine Grundlage fuer die Neubewertung der bisherigen ZfP-Massnahmen gegeben ist. (orig./MM)

  19. Fundamentals and Optimal Institutions

    Gonzalez-Eiras, Martin; Harmon, Nikolaj Arpe; Rossi, Martín


    of regulatory institutions such as revenue sharing, salary caps or luxury taxes. We show, theoretically and empirically, that these large differences in adopted institutions can be rationalized as optimal responses to differences in the fundamental characteristics of the sports being played. This provides...

  20. Political institutions since 1820

    Foldvari, Peter; Buzasi, Katalin


    Political institutions determine the degree of freedom people enjoy and their capacity to influence their social and political environment. This chapter provides historical evidence on the evolution of political institutions drawing upon two major research projects: the PolityIV dataset and the

  1. Astrophysical Institute, Potsdam

    Murdin, P.


    Built upon a tradition of almost 300 years, the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (AIP) is in an historical sense the successor of one of the oldest astronomical observatories in Germany. It is the first institute in the world which incorporated the term `astrophysical' in its name, and is connected with distinguished scientists such as Karl Schwarzschild and Albert Einstein. The AIP constitutes on...

  2. Discipline as Institutional Maintenance

    Rasche, Andreas; Hommel, Ulrich; Cornuel, Eric

    Drawing on the case of business school rankings, we study how institutions are maintained and remain persistent despite their contested nature. We argue that rankings as institutions can be maintained through subtle disciplinary practices that freeze power relations in recipient organizations. Ou...

  3. Institutional investor activism : Introduction

    Mc Cahery, Joseph; Bratton, William; Bratton, William; McCahery, Joseph A.


    The increase in institutional ownership of recent decades has been accompanied by an enhanced role played by institutions in monitoring companies’ corporate governance behaviour. Activist hedge funds and private equity firms have achieved a degree of success in actively shaping the business plans of

  4. Institutional Justification in Frames

    Baden, Christian; Schultz, Friederike

    consensus. It extents research on framing in mass communication by applying institutional theory and Boltanski and Thévenot’s (2006) theory on justification in order to explain how the success and failure of proposed interpretations depend on the mobilization of accepted social institutions to justify...

  5. Amended EC Directive on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from large combustion plants. Implications for German power plants; Neue EG-Richtlinie fuer Grossfeuerungsanlagen. Folgerungen fuer deutsche Kraftwerke

    Hildebrand, M. [Verband der Elektrizitaetswirtschaft - VDEW - e.V., Frankfurt (Germany). Bereich Recht und Umwelt


    The article highlights the major improvements in terms of reducing emissions from large combustion plants, comparing the new limiting values and specifications with those of the former Directive. As Germany is obliged to transform the new EC Directive into national law within twelve months from its entry into force, an amendment of the respective German regulation can be expected soon. (orig./CB) [German] Mit der im Herbst 2001 durch das Europaeische Parlament und den Umweltministerrat verabschiedeten Novelle der Grossfeuerungsanlagen-Richtlinie hat die Europaeische Union einen markanten, laengst ueberfaelligen Schritt zur EU-weiten Angleichung der emissionsseitigen Anforderungen an grosse Feuerungsanlagen unternommen. Mit dem Inkrafttreten der novellierten Grossfeuerungsanlagen-Richtlinie wurde aber auch der formale Anstoss fuer eine Aktualisierung der deutschen Grossfeuerungsanlagen-Verordnung (13.BImSchV) gegeben. (orig./CB)

  6. Changing institutions of knowing

    Koch, Christian; Bertelsen, Niels Haldor


    paper is to analyze enablers and barriers for this institutional change. The vocational education system in Denmark is strongly institutionalised with unions, employerÕs associations and the schools in central roles. Drawing on institutional theory contributions on labour market -, educational......In order to reach the EU 2020 goals for the climate, Danish vocational training units are currently in a process of institutional change triggered by the need of providing energy, and new process competences for the skilled and semiskilled workforce active in construction. The aim of the present...... - and professional institutions, the paper presents a study of institutional work inside and across schools and craft disciplines working in SMEs involved in new building and renovation with an energy aspect. Collaboration between four education committees for carpenters, masons, electricians and plumbers...

  7. ILSE - an attractive tutoring system for renewable energy on the Internet; ILSE - Ein interaktives Lernsystem fuer erneuerbare Energien im Internet

    Quaschning, V.; Hanitsch, R. [Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany). Inst. fuer Elektrische Energietechnik


    Experiences gained by members of the Berlin Universiy of Technology show that information on solar energy plants is increasingly being accessed on the Internet also by non-scientists. This led the authors of the present article to the idea of developing an interactive tutoring system for renewable energy which goes far beyond a mere presentation of information and graphics. The article describes ILSE, the system that finally emerged from this initiative. (HW) [Deutsch] Die Erfahrungen der TU Berlin zeigen, dass in zunehmendem Masse auch Nicht-Wissenschaftler Informationen zu Solarsystemen ueber den Internetzugang abfragen. Hieraus entstand die Idee, das interaktive Lernsystem fuer erneuerbare Energie ILSE zu entwickeln, das ueber die reine Darstellung von Informationen und Grafiken weit hinausgeht. Das System wird vorgestellt. (HW)

  8. Analysis of an accident involving a battery of hydrogen flasks; Analyse eines Unfalls mit einer Flaschenbatterieanlage fuer Wasserstoff

    Lietze, D. [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany)


    When a hydrogen storage flask battery was used again after an outage period, a small section of the high-pressure collecting main burst. Luckily, the leaking hydrogen did not ignite and there were no fires or explosions causing secondary damage. The cause of failure was identified on the basis of extensive knowledge on pipeline loads shortly after detonative reactions. [German] Nach einer laengeren Pause kam es bei der Inbetriebnahme einer Wasserstoff-Flaschenbatterieanlage zum Bersten eines kleinen Teilstuecks der Hochdrucksammelleitung. Gluecklicherweise gab es keine Zuendung des an dieser Bruchstelle ausstroemenden Wasserstoffs und damit auch keine weiteren Sekundaerschaeden durch einen Brand bzw. durch eine Raumexplosion. Aufgrund der bei umfangreichen Untersuchungen ueber die Beanspruchung von Rohrleitungen bei detonativ verlaufenden Reaktionen gemachten Erfahrungen konnte die Ursache fuer diesen Schadensfall ermittelt werden. (orig.)

  9. National climate goals. Hurdle and opportunity for a climate consensus; Nationale Klimaziele. Huerde und Chance fuer einen Klimakonsens

    Bettzuege, Marc Oliver [Koeln Univ. (Germany). Energiewirtschaftliches Inst. (ewi)


    In the area of climate and energy policy, exploratory talks over the past few months have shown how important a common target architecture is as a compass for the coming legislative period. Three different levels can be distinguished: Paris (and thus Europe), Germany, sectors in Germany. Finding a balanced climate policy solution requires more exchange of views and less political dirigisme. In a dialogue between state and economy development paths could be spelled out together. [German] Im Bereich der Klima- und Energiepolitik haben die Sondierungsgespraeche in den vergangenen Monaten gezeigt, wie wichtig eine gemeinsame Zielarchitektur als Kompass fuer die kommende Legislaturperiode ist. Drei unterschiedliche Ebenen sind hierbei zu unterscheiden: Paris (und damit Europa), Deutschland, Sektoren in Deutschland. Bei der Suche nach einer ausgewogenen klimapolitischen Loesung sind mehr Meinungsaustausch und weniger politischer Dirigismus gefragt. In einem Dialog zwischen Staat und Wirtschaft koennten Entwicklungspfade gemeinsam ausbuchstabiert werden.

  10. Multi utility - a successful conception for energy supply companies?; Multi-Utility - Erfolgskonzept fuer Energieversorger? Zusammenwachsen der Maerkte

    Schmidt, C. [LBD-Beratungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin (Germany)


    Multi-utility is seen as the most promising marketing strategy for energy companies. In the future, experts say, only the combined supply of electricity, natural gas, water, waste management and services will allow companies to grow. But are today's multi-utility-products answering the needs of the customers? The author goes further into this question and finds the answer: Multi-utility needs to be further developed. Only products from growth and competition markets can generate additional margins. (orig.) [German] Multi-Utility gilt als die Marketingstrategie fuer Energieversorger. Nur wer zukuenftig Strom, Gas, Wasser, Entsorgung und Service aus einer Hand anbietet, heisst es in der Branche, kann im Markt wachsen. Doch inwieweit entspricht das heutige Multi-Utility-Angebot wirklich dem Kundenbeduerfnis? Die Verfasserin geht dieser Frage nach und kommt zu dem Schluss: Die Multi-Utility-Palette muss weiterentwickelt werden. Nur mit Produkten aus Wachstums- und Wettbewerbsmaerkten kann zusaetzliche Marge generiert werden. (orig.)

  11. Simulation, evaluation and optimization of hydrological storage systems; Simulation, Bewertung und Optimierung von Betriebsregeln fuer wasserwirtschaftliche Speichersysteme

    Lohr, H.


    The investigation focused on controlled hydrological storage system. Existing operating schedules and new control options were analyzed, classified and generalized in order to obtain a standardized terminology and operating concept. This generalized approach will do away with the need for system-specific analyses and models for every single new system. [German] Der Schwerpunkt dieser Arbeit ist der wasserwirtschaftliche Betrieb von regelbaren Speichersystemen und ihre Simulation. Dabei bestand das Ziel darin, bestehende Betriebsplaene und neue praktikable Steuerungsmoeglichkeiten zu analysieren, zu klassifizieren und so zu generalisieren, dass eine einheitliche Terminologie und Konzeption zum Betrieb von Speichern entstand. Dieses Konzept erlaubt, in Verbindung mit den Prinzipien aus der Modellierung von Flussgebieten, verschieden strukturierte Speichersysteme mit unterschiedlichsten Steuerungsvorschriften abzubilden. Damit erhaelt man den Vorteil einer generalisierten Anwendung im Gegensatz zu einer fuer den speziellen Fall konzipierten und nicht uebertragbaren Einzelloesung. Als Folge davon entfaellt das systemspezifische, je nach Aufgabenstellung neu zu entwerfende und zu programmierende Einzelmodell. (orig.)

  12. Consequences of the amended Biomass Waste Ordinance for biological waste treatment; Konsequenzen der novellierten Bioabfallverordnung fuer die biologische Abfallbehandlung

    Kehres, Bertram [Bundesguetegemeinschaft Kompost e.V. (BGK), Koeln (Germany)


    The amended Biomass Waste Ordinance will bring about changes in biological waste treatment to which operators of composting and fermenting plants will have to adapt. The contribution outlines the most relevant changes; at the time of publication, it was not known how the Bundesrat would decide with regard to the Amendment, probably in late March 2012. (orig.) [German] Die Novelle der Bioabfallverordnung wird fuer die biologische Abfallbehandlung verschiedene Veraenderungen mit sich bringen, auf die sich Betreiber von Kompostierungs- und von Vergaerungsanlagen einzustellen haben. Auf die wesentlichen Aenderungen wird in diesem Beitrag eingegangen. Zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Beitrages ist allerdings noch nicht vollstaendig bekannt, wie der Bundesrat - voraussichtlich Ende Maerz 2012 - ueber die Novelle abschliessend entscheiden wird. (orig.)

  13. SMEs, Institutions and Performance

    Jensen, Camilla; Low, Mei Peng


    for combining the resource-based theory with an institutions-based approach towards constructing a more practical and empirical oriented analytical framework. After the preliminary discussion and introduction to the different theories used, the authors then take a focus on the analytical framework used to study......This chapter addresses at the outset the topic of SMEs and economic development from an institutions perspective. The authors argue that the transaction cost theory is not helpful towards understanding the role that institutions play for SME performance for several reasons. Instead, they argue...

  14. Diagnostics of vascular diseases as a cause for acute abdomen; Diagnostik vaskulaerer Erkrankungen als Ursache fuer das akute Abdomen

    Juchems, M.S. [Universitaetsklinikum Ulm, Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Ulm (Germany); Aschoff, A.J. [Klinikum Kempten-Oberallgaeu, Abteilung fuer Radiologie, Kempten (Germany)


    Vascular pathologies are rare causes of an acute abdomen. If the cause is a vascular disease a rapid diagnosis is desired as vascular pathologies are associated with high mortality. A differentiation must be made between arterial and venous diseases. An occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery is the most common reason for acute mesenteric ischemia but intra-abdominal arterial bleeding is also of great importance. Venous pathologies include thrombotic occlusion of the portal vein, the mesenteric vein and the vena cava. Multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) is predestined for the diagnostics of vascular diseases of the abdomen. Using multiphasic contrast protocols enables reliable imaging of the arterial and venous vessel tree and detection of disorders with high sensitivity and specificity. Although conventional angiography has been almost completely replaced by MDCT as a diagnostic tool, it is still of high importance for minimally invasive interventions, for example in the management of gastrointestinal bleeding. (orig.) [German] Vaskulaere Pathologien sind seltene Ursachen fuer den klinischen Zustand eines akuten Abdomens. Liegt eine vaskulaere Erkrankung vor, ist jedoch aufgrund der hohen Mortalitaet eine zuegige Diagnostik von grosser Wichtigkeit. Bei den Erkrankungen der abdominellen Gefaesse sind arterielle von venoesen Ursachen zu unterscheiden. Ein Verschluss der A. mesenterica superior ist die haeufigste Ursache fuer die akute Mesenterialischaemie, daneben sind Blutungen in den abdominellen Gefaessprovinzen des arteriellen Gefaessbaums von Bedeutung. Venoese Pathologien betreffen thrombotische Verschluesse der Pfortader, der V. mesenterica und der V. cava. Die Multidetektor-CT (MDCT) ist zur Diagnostik vaskulaerer Erkrankungen des Abdominalraums praedestiniert. Mit mehrphasigen Untersuchungsprotokollen gelingt es, den arteriellen und venoesen Gefaessbaum zuverlaessig darzustellen und Erkrankungen mit hoher Sensitivitaet und Spezifitaet zu

  15. Fuel cells for the electricity supply of plants remote from the grid; Brennstoffzellen fuer die Elektrizitaetsversorgung von netzfernen Anlagen

    Ledjeff, K


    The solar house at Freiburg, which is independent for energy, obtains all its energy only from the radiation impinging on the outside of the building. The space heating, provision of hot water, energy for cooking and electricity are provided by conversion of solar energy. A photo-electric generator supplies electricity which, apart from direct consumption, can be stored in a lead battery and the hydrogen system. The hydrogen system is the last link in the chain of the energy converter and represents the only energy supply if the thermal and electrical systems cannot any longer be supplied by the sun. The hydrogen system must therefore cover the energy demand in winter, consisting of a small heater for space heating and of course the fuel cell for providing electricity. The ideal fuel cell system for the solar house, which is independent for energy, is the PEMFC with an output of 500 W-1 kW. (orig./MM) [Deutsch] Das Energieautarke Solarhaus in Freiburg bezieht die gesamte Energie nur aus der auf die Gebaeudehuelle auftreffende Strahlung. Die Raumheizung, die Warmwasserbereitung, die Energie zum Kochen und der elektrische Strom werden durch die Umwandlung von Sonnenenergie bereitgestellt. Ein Photovoltaik-Generator liefert elektrische Energie, die neben dem direkten Verbrauch in eine Bleibatterie und das Wasserstoffsystem zur Speicherung eingespeist werden kann. Die Wasserstoffspeicherung erfolgt als Gas bei einem Druck von 30 bar. Das Wasserstoffsystem ist das letzte Glied in der Kette der Energiewandler und stellt den einzigen Energievorrat dar, wenn die thermischen und elektrischen Systeme nicht mehr solar versorgt werden koennen. Das Wasserstoffsystem muss daher den Energiebedarf im Winter decken, das sich ein kleiner Nachheizer fuer die Raumheizung und natuerlich die Brennstoffzelle zur Bereitstellung elektrischer Energie. Das ideale Brennstoffzellensystem fuer das Energieautarke Solarhaus ist die PEMFC mit einer Leistung von 500 W-1 kW. (orig./MM)

  16. Digital control of the performance of reciprocating compressors in industrial refrigeration; Digitale Leistungsregelung fuer Hubkolbenverdichter in der Gewerbekaelte

    Kaemmer, Norbert; Tomski, Thomas [Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH, Aachen (Germany); Majer, Igor [Emerson Climate Technologies s.r.o., Mikulov (Czech Republic)


    During the past few years, digital continuous control has become the primary control concept for scroll compressors. Recently, it has also been applied to reciprocating compressors. This is an interesting alternative to frequency converters and conventional systems and can also be combined with these. In a test facility that simulates a supermarket, various combinations of output-regulated reciprocating compressors were investigated. The refrigeration performance, electric power consumption and other data were recorded for different stationary load states. The experimental set-up, plant parameters and first results are presented in the contribution. Reliable quality data are not available as yet. Intended further investigations and improvements in the experimental set-up are gone into. [German] Im Bereich der Scrollverdichter hat sich in den letzten Jahren bei Verfluessigungssaetzen und kleineren Verbundanlagen die digitale stufenlose Leistungsregelung etabliert. In diesem Segment kann die Technologie ihre Vorzuege, Einfachheit und geringe zusaetzliche installierte Kosten bezogen auf das Gesamtsystem, am Besten ausspielen. Die digitale Regelung ist nun auch fuer Hubkolbenverdichter verfuegbar. Einerseits bietet sie eine interessante Alternative zu Frequenzumrichtern und herkoemmlichen Entlastungssystemen. Andererseits kann sie auch in Kombination mit diesen Technologien eingesetzt werden. In einer Versuchsanlage, die einen Supermarkt simuliert, wurden verschiedene Kombinationsmoeglichkeiten von leistungsgeregelten Hubkolbenverdichtern untersucht. Dazu wurden fuer verschiedene stationaere Lastzustaende die Kaelteleistung, die elektrische Leistungsaufnahme und andere Anlagenwerte erfasst. Die Versuchsanlage, die untersuchten Anlagenparameter und erste Messergebnisse werden dargestellt. Da die Versuchsanlage und der Versuchsbetrieb noch nicht seinen endgueltigen Reifegrad erreicht hat, koennen noch keine verlaesslichen Anlagenguetegrade vorgestellt werden. Es wird

  17. FPG Child Development Institute

    ... shows how implicit racial biases are adversely affecting African American students--especially boys... read more Emphasis Areas ... Development, Teaching, and Learning The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute will partner with Zero to Three ...

  18. Joint Quantum Institute

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) is pursuing that goal through the work of leading quantum scientists from the Department of Physics of the University of Maryland...

  19. Contributions to institutional matters

    The papers included in this document deal with the institutional aspects and the legal framework of spent fuel management. The international management and storage of plutonium and spent fuel is addressed. Licensing procedures are discussed

  20. Advanced Transportation Institute 2008.


    The seventh version of the Advanced Transportation Institute (ATI-08) was conducted in 2008 to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the field of transportation engineering. The University Transportation Center for Alabama partnered wit...

  1. Advanced Transportation Institute 2009.


    The eighth version of the Advanced Transportation Institute (ATI-09) was conducted in 2009 to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the field of transportation engineering. The University Transportation Center for Alabama partnered with...

  2. Southern Universities Nuclear Institute



    The Southern Universities Nuclear Institute was created in 1961 to provide postgraduate research and teaching facilities for the universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The main research tool is the 6,0 MV Van de Graaff accelerator installed in 1964. Developments and improvements over the years have maintained the Institute's research effectiveness. The work of local research groups has led to a large number of M Sc and doctorate degrees and numerous publications in international journals. Research at the Institute includes front-line studies of basic nuclear and atomic physics, the development and application of nuclear analytical techniques and the application of radioisotope tracers to problems in science, industry and medicine. The Institute receives financial support from the two southern universities, the Department of National Education, the CSIR and the Atomic Energy Board

  3. Institutional profile questionnaire


    Public (i.e., independent govt. body, corporate owned by govt., etc.) N.B. If you ... If yes, services threshold amount? ... How long is the procurement process? : ... Information on person authorized to sign financial reports on behalf of institution.

  4. Integrated information system MBS as a basis for fuel management in conventional power stations; Integriertes Informationssystem MBS als Basis fuer das Brennstoffmanagement in konventionellen Kraftwerken

    Sasko, P.; Lindemann, H.; Kern, H.


    The fuel cost is a key factor in fossil-fuel power stations, and optimisation of fuel use is an urgent task. Modul Brennstoffe MBS supports all processes relevant for fuel supply and waste management, i.e. projecting, acquisition, optimisation of operation, billing, and evaluation. [German] Die gegenwaertige Situation in der Energiewirtschaft und im liberalisierten Energiemarkt hat zu einem nachhaltigen Kostendruck auf der Seite der Erzeugung gefuehrt. Die Brennstoffkosten in den fossil befeuerten Kraftwerken stellen eine wesentliche Komponente der Erzeugungskosten dar. Vor diesem Hintergrund hat die Optimierung des Brennstoffeinsatzes eine grundsaetzliche Bedeutung gewonnen. Modul Brennstoffe MBS unterstuetzt alle fuer die Brennstoffversorgung und fuer die Entsorgung von konventionellen Kraftwerken relevanten Geschaeftsprozesse. Es umfasst die Geschaeftsvorgaenge Planung, Beschaffung, Einsatzoptimierung, Abrechnung und Auswertung. Die Geschaeftsprozesse sind informationstechnisch im Modul Brennstoffe in einem integrierten System abgebildet. (orig.)

  5. 1st Kassel user forum: Double-layer capacitors for high-performance applications. Proceedings '99; 1. Kasseler Anwenderforum: Doppelschichtkondensatoren fuer hohe Leistung. Tagungsband '99



    Double-layer capacitors ('Super Caps') have excellent perspectives as dynamic short-term stores. They have a long life of more than 200000 cycles, immunity against full discharge, and are maintenance-free. Apart from their high short-term power density, they also have an extremely high energy density which recommends them for many applications. Currently, motor car engineering, autonomous networks, power quality and solar applications are investigated. [German] Doppelschichtkondensatoren oder 'Super-Caps' sind Speicher fuer elektrische Energie und weisen, dank ihrer Eigenschaften, hervorragende Perspektiven als dynamische Kurzzeitspeicher auf. Sie besitzen eine hohe Lebenserwartung von mehr als 200000 Zyklen, Immunitaet gegen vollstaendige Entladung und Wartungsfreiheit. Neben einer hohen Leistungsdichte im Kurzzeitbereich verfuegen sie ueber eine fuer Kondensatoren extrem hohe Energiedichte. Zahlreiche Einsatzgebiete koennen auf diese Weise erschlossen werden. Derzeit stehen die Bereiche Automobiltechnik, autarke Netze, Power Quality und solare Applikationen im Vordergrund. (orig.)

  6. Basic methodology of tomographic imaging by filtered inverse projection at a turbo-pump. Project report; Methodische Grundlagen fuer die Tomographie durch gefilterte Rueckprojektion an einer Axialpumpe. Projektbericht

    Hoppe, D.


    A two-phase medium consisting of a fluid containing gas is transported in a turbo-pump via an impeller. The interaction between the gaseous phase and the impeller is to be examined by tomography with gamma rays. Reconstruction of the image of the object is to be made by way of filtered inverse projection. The methodology of using this principle in the given system (geometry and measuring conditions) is explained. (orig./CB) [German] Ein zweiphasiges, aus einer gashaltigen Fluessigkeit bestehendes Medium wird in einer Axialpumpe von einem propellerartigen Laufrad senkrecht zur Drehachse dieses Laufrades transportiert. Die Wechselwirkung zwischen der Gasphase und dem Laufrad soll unter Verwendung von Gamma-Strahlung mittels Tomographie untersucht werden. Dabei ist fuer die Rekonstruktion des Objektbildes das Prinzip der sogenannten gefilterten Rueckprojektion vorgesehen. Die methodischen Grundlagen fuer die Nutzung dieses Prinzips unter von vorgesehenen geometrischen und messtechnischen Bedingungen sind Gegenstand dieser Arbeit. (orig.)

  7. GEC Alsthom put their hopes on fuel cells: A large potential for PEM fuel cells; GEC Alsthom setzt auf Brennstoffzellen: Grosses Potential fuer PEMFC



    Fuel cells are regarded as one of the high-tech products of great promise for future energy supplies. High hopes are pinned on the PEM technology: This low-temperature fuel cell is applicable to both mobile applications as well as stationary systems, i.e. from small-scale heating systems through to CHP systems of medium output. GEC Alsthom, who entered into a strategic alliance with Ballard, the market leader in fuel cell technology, are the first power plant manufacturers to commit themselves in the fuel cell market sector. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Brennstoffzellen gelten als einer der Hoffnungstraeger der zukuenftigen Energieversorgung. Grosse Erwartungen werden dabei in die PEM-Technologie gesetzt: Diese Niedertemperatur-Brennstoffzelle eignet sich sowohl fuer mobile Anwendungen als auch fuer den stationaeren Einsatz - von kleinen Hausheizungsanlagen bis hin zu BHKW mittlerer Leistungklasse. Mit GEC Alsthom und seinem Engagement beim Marktfuehrer Ballard steigt nun erstmals ein grosser Energieanlagenhersteller verstaerkt in dieses Marktsegment ein. (orig.)

  8. Corruption, Institutions and Regulation

    Michael Breen; Robert Gillanders


    We analyze the effects of corruption and institutional quality on the quality of business regulation. Our key findings indicate that corruption negatively aspects the quality of regulation and that general institutional quality is insignificant once corruption is controlled for. These findings hold over a number of specifications which include additional exogenous historical and geographic controls. The findings imply that policy-makers should focus on curbing corruption to improve regulat...

  9. Great Lakes Energy Institute

    Alexander, J. Iwan [Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH (United States)


    The vision of the Great Lakes Energy Institute is to enable the transition to advanced, sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and utilization through coordinated research, development, and education. The Institute will place emphasis on translating leading edge research into next generation energy technology. The Institute’s research thrusts focus on coordinated research in decentralized power generation devices (e.g. fuel cells, wind turbines, solar photovoltaic devices), management of electrical power transmission and distribution, energy storage, and energy efficiency.

  10. Blogs in cultural institutions

    Michał Kaczyński


    Full Text Available This article discusses examples of three blogs of the National Library, both in terms of their structure and content as highlighting elements that impact on the promotion of both the blog and the institutions they lead. Discussed the advantages of one of Poland’s most popular blogging platforms WordPress. It also presents a short briefings to customize the look of your blog based on WordPress platform needs to actuate the institution.

  11. Narrative and Institutional Economics

    Vyacheslav V. Volchik


    Full Text Available This article addresses a range of questions associated with the occurrence of a new field of study – narrative economics, which is considered in the context of modern institutionalism. Pioneering works of R. Shiller, G. Akerlof and D. Snower spotlighted the importance of analyzing narratives and narrative influence when studying economic processes. In this paper, a qualitative study of narratives is seen through the prism of an answer to the question: «How do prescribed narratives influence institutions and change them? ». Narratives have much in common with institutions since very often, explicitly or implicitly, they contain value judgements about social interactions or normative aspects shaping behavioral patterns. The identification of dominating narratives enables us to understand better how institutions influence economic (social action. Repeated interactions among social actors are structured through understanding and learning the rules. Understanding of social rules comes from the language – we articulate and perceive the rules drawing on common narratives. Narratives and institutions are helpful when actors gain knowledge about various forms of social communication. Digital technologies, mass media and social networking sites facilitate the spread of narratives, values and beliefs; this process is characterized by increasing returns. Studying narratives and institutions is crucial for modern economic theory because it helps to improve qualitative and quantitative methods of analyzing empirical evidence and enables researchers to understand complex economic processes.

  12. TALGO BT - a variable gauge diesel driving unit for TALGO trains; TALGO BT - ein Diesel-Triebkopf mit variabler Spurweite fuer TALGO-Zuege

    Zander, C.P. [Siemens Krauss-Maffei Lokomotiven GmbH, Muenchen (Germany)


    An adjustable driving unit was developed for the variable gauge TALGO trains which have been in use for decades. The unit also has a novel type of carriage and a novel braking system. [German] Fuer die seit Jahrzehnten im Einsatz befindlichen, spurwechselfaehigen TALGO-Zuege wurde ein umspurbarer Triebkopf entwickelt. Dieses Fahrzeug ist in mehrfacher Hinsicht ohne Vorbild. Neu sind neben dem spurveraenderlichen Drehgestell die Fahrwerksanordnung und das Bremssystem. (orig.)

  13. Geothermal heat for Erding. 2. Energy and wellness, geothermal heating station and hot-water indoor swimming pool; Geowaerme fuer Erding 2. Energie und Wellness, Geothermieheizwerk und Thermalbad

    Tenzer, H. (comp.); Bussmann, W.


    This 17:20 minute VHS-PAL video film describes the project 'Geothermal heat for Erding 2', i.e. the construction of the geothermal heating station and a modern hot-water indoor swimming pool. [German] Der vorliegende VHS-PAL-Videofilm beschreibt innerhalb von 17:20 Min. Lauflaenge das Projekt 'Geowaerme fuer Erding 2'. Gezeigt werden die Entstehungsphasen dieses Projektes bestehend aus einem Geothermieheizwerk und einem modernen Thermalbad. (AKF)

  14. Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection. 1996 annual report and abstracts of publications; Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Taetigkeitsbericht 1996 und Kurzbeitraege



    The annual report informs about the activities of the Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection in the following fields: clean air policy, waste management, management of soil pollution and remedial action, nuclear energy and radiation protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation, LfU laboratory, environmental hygiene, and data processing (SR) [Deutsch] Der vorliegende Bericht beschreibt die Taetigkeiten des Bayerischen Landesamtes fuer Umweltschutz auf folgenden Gebieten: Immissionsschutz, Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten und Bodenschutz, Kernenergie und Strahlenschutz, Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege, Zentrallabors und Umwelthygiene, sowie Datenverarbeitung. (SR)

  15. Energy saving advice on site. A financial incentive of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology; Energiesparberatung vor Ort. Ein Foerderprogramm des Bundesministeriums fuer Wirtschaft und Technologie



    Energy conservation is useful not only from the perspective of energy policy and climate policy. Energy conservation also means a noticeable cost savings. Here, the program 'on-site consultation' comes in: experts assist owners, renters and tenants of residential buildings in the renovation of real estate. The expert advice is funded by the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (Frankfurt (Main), Federal Republic of Germany) if it is recognizable that this is not achievable economically.

  16. Alternative drives for motor cars. Hybrid systems, fuel cells, alternative energy sources. 2. enl. ed.; Alternative Antriebe fuer Automobile. Hybridsysteme, Brennstoffzellen, alternative Energietraeger

    Stan, Cornel [Berkeley Univ., CA (United States)]|[Paris Univ. (France)]|[Pisa Univ. (Italy)]|[Perugia Univ. (Italy)]|[Westsaechsischen Hochschule Zwickau (Germany)


    The implementation possibilities of future drive concepts - from hybrid systems comprising an electric motor and an internal combustion engine to fuel cells to alternative fuels like hydrogen or alcohol - will depend largely on quality criteria, e.g. power density, rotary momentum, acceleration characteristics, specific energy consumption, emissions of chemical substances, and noise. The boundary criteria for the introduction of realizeable concepts of alternative drives for motor cars will be defined by the availability and storability of the envisaged fuels, technical complexity, cost, safety, infrastructure and service. The book presents and analyzes the processes, drives and energy sources that can be combined in complex energy management systems for motor cars in accordance with the aforementioned criteria. Knowledge about these facts is indispensable for the development of new concepts. The 2nd edition describes many new developments in car propulsion systems as well as their combinations, new energy sources, energy converters and energy stores. All contents and literature reflect the latest state of science and technology. (orig.) [German] Ueber die Realisierungsmoeglichkeiten zukuenftiger Antriebskonzepte - von Hybridsystemen Elektro-/Verbrennungsmotor ueber Brennstoffzellen bis zu alternativen Energietraegern wie Wasserstoff oder Alkohol - werden fundierte Kriterien der Qualitaet eines Antriebs entscheiden. Leistungsdichte, Drehmomentverlauf, Beschleunigungscharakteristik, spezifischer Energieverbrauch sowie Emission chemischer Stoffe und Geraeusche sind dafuer wichtige Merkmale zur Qualitaetsbeurteilung. Die Verfuegbarkeit und die Speicherfaehigkeit vorgesehener Energietraeger, die technische Komplexitaet, Kosten, Sicherheit, Infrastruktur und Service werden die Randbedingungen fuer die Einfuehrung realisierbarer Konzepte alternativer Antriebe fuer Automobile stellen. Die Uebersicht und die Analyse der Prozesse, Antriebsmaschinen und Energietraeger, die

  17. Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection. 1996 annual report and abstracts of publications; Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz. Taetigkeitsbericht 1996 und Kurzbeitraege



    The annual report informs about the activities of the Bavarian Land Office for Environmental Protection in the following fields: clean air policy, waste management, management of soil pollution and remedial action, nuclear energy and radiation protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation, LfU laboratory, environmental hygiene, and data processing (SR) [Deutsch] Der vorliegende Bericht beschreibt die Taetigkeiten des Bayerischen Landesamtes fuer Umweltschutz auf folgenden Gebieten: Immissionsschutz, Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten und Bodenschutz, Kernenergie und Strahlenschutz, Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege, Zentrallabors und Umwelthygiene, sowie Datenverarbeitung. (SR)

  18. Simple Stirling engine as cogeneration unit in residential areas; Einfacher Stirling-Motor fuer die Waerme-Kraft-Kopplung (WKK) in kleinen Wohngebaeuden

    Budliger, J.P.


    Free-piston Stirling engines have been recognized for long as an ideally suited unit for combined heat and power (CHP) production in homes. The considerably improved use of fossil fuel as compared to their separate production, the clean, external combustion process and low noise are major assets, favouring the use of this technology in residential areas. However, up to present, the complexity and correspondingly high cost of these units hampered their practical application. A new, simple concept has recently been devised, which can easily be controlled and operated according to demand. Cost may be reduced substantially as compared to presently known concepts, giving promise for their widespread use in residential homes, as well as in a variety of other applications. (orig.) [German] Freikolben-Stirling-Motoren sind ideale Aggregate fuer die Waerme-Kraft-Kopplung (WKK oder KWK) in kleineren Wohnhaeusern. Der Brennstoff kann wesentlich besser genutzt werden als bei getrennter Bereitung der benoetigten Heizwaerme und der elektrischen Energie. Die saubere, kontinuierliche aeussere Verbrennung und der geringe abgegebene Laerm stellen wichtige Bedingungen fuer einen erfolgreichen Einsatz solcher Systeme im Wohnbereich dar. Bisher verhinderten aber die Komplexitaet der verfuegbaren Systeme den praktischen Einsatz dieser Einheiten. Im Folgenden wird ein neues, einfaches Konzept vorgestellt, welches zuverlaessig funktioniert und auch unter Teillast, dem benoetigten Waermebedarf genau angepasst, betrieben werden kann. Die Herstellungskosten sind wesentlich geringer als bei den bisher bekannten Systemen, was ideale Voraussetzungen fuer deren verbreitete Anwendung im Haushalt, wie in vielfaeltigen anderen Einsatzgebieten darstellt. (orig.)

  19. Customer care policy for utilities - demonstrated with the example of a call center; Customer Care fuer EVU - Wirkungszusammenhaenge am Beispiel des Telefon-Service

    Weisse, D. [Consulting und Services, pdv Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Roesrath (Germany)


    Customer care policy, for preventing change to another provider and consolidating customer loyalty, is becoming a strategic (powerful) instrument for a utility in the competitive market. But what does this really imply for the day-to-day process of dealing with client-specific operations and workflows? The article describes the interactions between strategic marketing for ensuring client satisfaction and the resulting requirements to be met by a utility's call center, and also describes the key 'parameters' and requirements for successful day-to-day management of call centers. (orig./CB) [German] Customer Care zur Reduzierung der Wechselbereitschaft bzw. zur Erhoehung der Kundenbindung wird fuer EVU zu einem strategischen Instrument im Kampf um die Kunden. Aber was bedeutet dies fuer die operative Abwicklung der kundenbezogenen Geschaeftsprozesse? Der Verfasser erlaeutert die Zusammenhaenge zwischen dem strategischen Ziel der Kundenzufriedenheit und der operativen Umsetzung des Telefon-Service und beschreibt die 'Stellschrauben', die fuer diesen Zweck bei der Planung aber auch im taeglichen Management eines Call Centers zur Verfuegung stehen. (orig.)

  20. Comparison between airborne pollution measurement and calculation at 14 measuring points in the Federal State of Brandenburg; Vergleich Immissionsmessung - Immissionsberechnung fuer 14 verkehrsnahe Messpunkte im Land Brandenburg

    Friedrich, U. [Landesumweltamt Brandenburg, Potsdam (Germany). Abt. Immissionsschutz; Schierbaum, I. [Landesumweltamt Brandenburg, Potsdam (Germany). Abt. Immissionsschutz


    Airborne pollution measurements for the pollutants benzene and soot were carried out at 14 inner-city measuring points, close to traffic, in the Federal State of Brandenburg, using a distribution model for ideal build-up streets (CPB model) and a model assuming missing fringe buildings (Gauss model). The calculated annual mean values were compared with the measured annual mean values. Benzene: The annual mean values calculated with the help of the CPB model diverged from the measured annual mean values by {+-}25%, apart from one exception. Soot: The calculated annual mean values were always lower than the measured annual mean values. Emission-sources not considered in the calculation (tyre abrasion, secondary dust) are assumed to be the main cause for this difference. (orig.) [Deutsch] Es wurden an 14 innerstaedtischen verkehrsnahen Messpunkten im Land Brandenburg mit einem Ausbreitungsmodell fuer ideale Strassenschluchten (CPB-Modell) und einem Modell unter der Annahme fehlender Randbebauung (Gauss-Modell) Immissionsberechnungen fuer die Schadstoffe Benzol und Russ durchgefuehrt. Benzol: Die mittels CPB-Modell berechneten Jahresmittelwerte wichen bis auf eine Ausnahme maximal um {+-}25% von den Jahresmitteln der Messergebnisse ab. Russ: Die berechneten Jahremittel wiesen stets geringere Werte als die Jahresmittelwerte der Messung auf. Als Hauptursache fuer diese Differenz werden Emissionsquellen vermutet, die nicht bei der Berechnung beruecksichtigt wurden (Reifenabrieb, Sekundaerstaub). (orig.)

  1. New energy conversion processes and neglected auxiliary systems - a treasure trove for energy service providers; Neue Techniken und vernachlaessigte Nebenanlagen - eine Fundgrube fuer Energiedienstleister

    Jochem, E.


    The paper shows that apart from the risks, the deregulation of the energy sector also offered new chances, which recently materialized in three emerging independent trends, initiating innovative approaches for energy conversion and applications and demand for new knowledge-based, near-production energy services as a new field for engineers: Providers of energy efficiency-related technology widen their capabilities by adding the new business segment of energy service marketing. Industrial energy users more strongly consider outsourcing of energy conversion systems and the relevant contracting schemes as an option for reducing energy costs. Public enterprise as energy users started following this trend, all the more as insufficient financial resources do not permit them to reinvest. The paper discusses the conversion processes which currently open up promising chances for energy service producers. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Neben Gefahren, die inhaerentes Merkmal der Liberalisierung sind, zeichnen sich drei unabhaengige Entwicklungen ab, die innovative Initiativen in der Energiewandlung und -nutzung staerken und wissensintensive produktionsnahe Dienstleistungen als zentrale Aufgabe fuer den Ingenieur initieren: - Die Energieeffizienz-Technologieanbieter nehmen die Energiedienstleistungen in ihre Angebotspalette auf. - Die betrieblichen Energieanwender beginnen zunehmend, ueber das Outsourcing energiewandelnder Anlagen Energiekosten zu senken. - Die oeffentliche Hand als Energieanwender beginnt aehnlich zu denken, zumal sie infolge der hohen Verschuldung unzureichende finanzielle Mittel fuer Reinvestitionen hat. Hierueber sei kurz berichtet, bevor auf die Techniken eingegangen wird, die sich besonders aus heutiger Sicht fuer Energiedienstleister eignen. (orig./RHM)

  2. Diagnostic systems for motor vehicles. From diagnosis and moni; Diagnosesysteme fuer Kraftfahrzeuge. Von der Diagnose und Ueberwachung bis zum E-Commerce

    Baeker, B.; Forchert, T. [DB DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart (Germany). Abt. FT2/ED


    Starting from the technical necessity of having monitoring and diagnostic systems in all compartments of modern passenger cars, the contribution discusses how new service concepts can be integrated as well. New diagnostic approaches are outlined which, in addition to failure detection, also enable optimization of the development process chain. At the same time, the depth of diagnosis is improved in order to obtain a multitude of new meta information while driving, which will serve as a basis for installing new services in the vehicle. [German] Gestiegend Komfortanforderungen und die gewachsene Komplexitaet in heutigen und zukuenftigen Elektrik/Elektronik-Systemen fuer Kraftfahrzeuge erfordern leistungsfaehige Diagnosesysteme. Um gleichzeitig im Rahmen der Globalisierung die Wertschoepfungskette weiter zu staerken, muessen als logische Konsequenz des Marktes Ansaetze fuer neuartige Dienstleistungskonzepte erdacht und integriert werden. Dieser Aufsatz diskutiert ausgehend von der technischen Notwendigkeit zukuenftiger Ueberwachungs- und Diagnosesysteme in allen Bereichen moderner Kraftfahrzeuge moegliche Wege zu derartigen Ansaetzen denkbarer systemuebergreifender Dienstleistungsschritte am Fahrzeug. Dabei werden technologisch neuartige Diagnoseansaetze skizziert, die neben einer Fehlererkennung auch die Optimierung der Entwicklungsprozesskette zulassen. Eine gleichzeitige Erhoehung der Diagnosetiefe schafft die Grundlage, eine Vielzahl neuer Meta-Informationen waehrend der Fahrt zu generieren. Diese bilden die Basis fuer neue Dienste am Fahrzeug. (orig.)

  3. Institutions and Modernity

    Witold Morawski


    Full Text Available Purpose: Modernity consists of many confl icting aspects: It brings many empty promises, yet has resulted in new institutions that create bridges between the values and interests of millions of people who seek freedom, prosperity, quality of life, strengthened democracy and social justice. In this paper I attempt to a gain and loss account against modernity, because institutional rules are not only conducive to cooperative interactions, but to hostile interactions as well. People are not always guided by moral commitment, but rather more often driven by cold calculation or coercion.Methodology: Modernity has at least three defi nitions. The fi rst defi nition is based on ideas that took over the imagination of the era. The second defi nition is based on an analysis of the behavior of people who respond to reason as well as emotion and believe that they act more rationally than their ancestors or the traditional “others”. The third defi nition is the one closest to my heart, consisting of the use of institutional categories. Institutions offer practical ways of connecting ideas and people. The challenge for them is the result of deepening local and national interdependencies, but increasingly often also regional (e.g. European and global. Interdependencies are the result of the scientifi c and technological revolution, global markets, global governance mechanisms, the emergence of new social forces and cultural confl icts (against the background of reconciling identity and differences.Conclusions: The most important task is to identify the mechanisms of complex systems so that people know how to act under conditions of uncertainty, risk and crisis. Hence, the expectations toward institutions often exceed their abilities. Even though new institutions are being created and old ones are being fixed, we are witnessing and participating in, institutional paralysis and the decay (e.g. corruption. In this situation, it is imperative not only to

  4. TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: The Institute of Economic Affairs ...

    TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: The Institute of Economic Affairs, Ghana ... the Institute of Economic Affairs' (IEA-Ghana) role as a credible public policy ... public policy, facilitate private sector-led economic growth, and strengthen democracy.

  5. NUCOR Institute for Life Sciences



    The article discusses the Nucor Institute for Life Sciences. The institute was previously part of Nucor, but is now an autonomous institute of the University of Pretoria. The task of the institute is to promote the application of radioisotopes and radiation techniques in medicine and biology. Research projects of the institute are shortly discussed

  6. John Searle on Institutional Facts

    m Abdullahi


    Here we argue that the essence of institutional facts is status functions. Humans recognize these functions which contain a set of deontic powers through collective intentionality. Therefore, institutional facts are ontologically subjective and epistemologically objective. Nevertheless, objectivity of institutional facts totally depends on language which itself is a fundamental institution for other institutions.

  7. Commercial and Institutional Waste

    Christensen, Thomas Højlund; Fruergaard, Thilde


    Commercial and institutional waste is primarily from retail (stores), hotels, restaurants, health care (except health risk waste), banks, insurance companies, education, retirement homes, public services and transport. Within some of these sectors, e.g. retail and restaurants, large variations...... are found in terms of which products and services are offered. Available data on unit generation rates and material composition as well as determining factors are discussed in this chapter. The characterizing of commercial and institutional waste is faced with the problem that often only a part of the waste...... is handled in the municipal waste system, where information is easily accessible. An important part of commercial and institutional waste is packaging waste, and enterprises with large quantities of clean paper, cardboard and plastic waste may have their own facilities for baling and storing their waste...

  8. International Environmental Institute

    DiSibio, R.R.


    The International Environmental Institute is being established at the Hanford Site to provide training and education in environmental restoration and waste management technologies and to serve as an interface for exchange of information among government laboratories, regional and federal governments, universities, and US industries. Recognized as the flagship of the nation's environmental management effort, the Hanford Site provides a unique living environmental laboratory that represents the most extensive, complex, and diverse cleanup challenges anywhere. An Environmental Institute director has been selected, the organizational structure has been established, and initial phases of operation have begun. The combined resources of the Hanford Site and the Environmental Institute offer unprecedented technological capabilities for dealing with the nation's environmental issues

  9. Institutional control and monitoring

    Bragg, K.


    This paper provides several possible principles to be used to guide future discussions and tries to place the need for institutional control into context for the various waste types. The proposed principles would allow institutional control to be used as one method to provide radiation protection in the future without presenting undue burdens to future generations. It also provides advice on how to apply the proposed principles in a practical manner. The key difference in the approach proposed is that institutional control should be viewed as a need to pass on information, knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. This would allow each successive generation to make its own decision as to whether such controls should be maintained. (author)

  10. 125I and 123I monitoring at the working-places of the Eidg. Institut fuer Reaktorforschung (EIR) at Wuerenlingen (Switzerland)

    Goerlich, W.; Baechli, H.R.; Baur, W.; Koch, H.


    A group of persons exposed to radiation for professional reasons was monitored in EIR by means of thyroid and urin tests during one year. To determine the incorporation risk at the working-place wipe tests and air filter samples were carried out daily during the same time. The activities determined in the urin vary between 0,3% and 6% of the thyroid depot. The urin measurements are suitable for the manifestation of the incorporation. But to evaluate these the individual iod-excretion-rate must be determined before. The results of the measurements, the measuring devices, and the methods are explained. Incorporation was caused by improper storage of preparations and wastes, insufficient aeration, and imperfect methods. (orig./HP) [de

  11. Financial institutions as an example of institutions of public trust

    Agata Jakubowska


    Financial institutions are commonly known as institutions of public trust and they are fundamental for activities of other economic entities. The level of trust determines the competitive position of financial institutions. That is why care about the best standards is the most important task for these institutions. Financial institutions are called institutions of public trust and thus high professionalism and more responsibility is demanded from them. This article presents basic problems con...

  12. Thermal solar systems in domestic buildings. Evaluation of the Hessen state funding programme for thermal solar systems; Thermische Solaranlagen in Wohngebaeuden. Auswertung des Solarthermischen Foerderprogrammes des Landes Hessen fuer die Jahre 1992 - 1996

    Lackschewitz, U.


    The report presents statistical information on all solar systems that received state funds. Problems concerning the installation of solar systems are gone into. The report focuses on service water heating systems both for single-family buildings and multiple dwellings. Further, four enquiries were carried out among operators and producers of thermal solar systems, and 29 state-funded solar systems were visited and investigated in situ. Based on the analysis of the funding programme so far, further measures are suggested. [German] Nach einer fuenfjaehrigen Laufzeit des Solarthermischen Foerderprogramms fuer Wohngebaeude beauftragte das Hessische Ministerium fuer Umwelt, Energie, Jugend, Familie und Gesundheit die Gesellschaft fuer umweltfreundliche Technologie e.V. in Kassel mit einer Auswertung des Foerderprogrammes fuer die Jahre 1992 bis 1996. Die Auswertung gibtzunaechst einen Ueberblick ueber alle gefoerderten Solaranlagen. Darueber hinaus wurden wichtige Fragestellungen, die bei der Installation thermischer Solaranlagen in Wohngebaeuden auftreten, anhand einer groesseren Zahl gefoerderter Solaranlagen untersucht. Schwerpunkte dieser Untersuchung bilden Solaranlagen zur Brauchwassererwaermung zum einen in Einfamilienhaeusern und zum anderen in groesseren Mehrfamilienhaeusern. Neben der Auswertung der Foerderantraege wurden dazu vier Umfragen bei Betreibern und Anbietern thermischer Solaranlagen durchgefuehrt und 29 gefoerderte Solaranlagen besichtigt. Aufbauend auf der Analyse des bisherigen Foerderprogrammes werden Vorschlaege fuer weitere Massnahmen des Landes zur Foerderung thermischer Solaranlagen unterbreitet. (orig.)

  13. Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer die Reinhaltung der Elbe - selected organic trace pollutants in the Elbe and its tributaries 1994-1999; Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer die Reinhaltung der Elbe - Ausgewaehlte organische Spurenverunreinigungen in der Elbe und Elbenebenfluessen im Zeitraum 1994 - 1999

    Fooken, C.; Stachel, B.; Reincke, H. [Wasserguetestelle Elbe, Hamburg (Germany)


    The present report contains results on the occurrence of polar and nonpolar substances in the Elbe and selected tributaries which were analysed in the period from 1994 to 1999. It shows that industrial and municipal purification plants still have an insufficient cleaning capacity for certain substances. The process by which ubiquitous pollutants can enter the Elbe via a small, widely ramified fluvial system is exemplified for the family of chloroalkyl phosphates. These mainly occur in flame retardants and plasticisers in polyurethanes. The paper also presents results from a selection of 28 substances listed in Directive 76/464/ECC. They provide a decision aid for the planning of future measuring concepts based on the EU Water Framework Directive. In the ARGE ELBE programme organic pollutants are recorded and published on a routine basis. These are mostly nonpolar substances such as the well-known polychlorinated biphenyls or slow-evaporating insecticidal chlorinated hydrocarbons such as DTT. Recent analysis results show that this group of substances is relevant now as before and that it will remain so for the years to come. Special studies involving aqueous phase measurements were performed on a different group of substances, namely polar substances, which are generally readily soluble. The substances on which this report is chiefly focused originate from different sources: industrial and municipal effluents, diffuse inputs from agriculture and atmospheric depositions. In many cases they are difficultly degradable and could attain significance where river water in the form of river bank filtrate is used for drinking water production. However, due to complex and effective purification technologies they rarely enter drinking water. [German] Der vorliegende Bericht enthaelt Ergebnisse zum Vorkommen polarer und unpolarer Stoffe in der Elbe und in ausgewaehlten Nebenfluessen, die in dem Zeitraum von 1994 bis 1999 analysiert worden sind. Er zeigt, dass fuer einzelne

  14. Netherlands Interuniversity Reactor Institut


    This is the annual report of the Interuniversity Reactor Institute in the Netherlands for the Academic Year 1977-78. Activities of the general committee, the daily committee and the scientific advice board are presented. Detailed reports of the scientific studies performed are given under five subjects - radiation physics, reactor physics, radiation chemistry, radiochemistry and radiation hygiene and dosimetry. Summarised reports of the various industrial groups are also presented. Training and education, publications and reports, courses, visits and cooperation with other institutes in the area of scientific research are mentioned. (C.F.)

  15. Legal and institutional issues



    Leaving aside the natural desire to avoid the difficulties imposed by the enormously complex siting and certification process, a utility might decide to forego adding new capacity because of a variety of legal and institutional disincentives. Some of these are discussed in this chapter. The addition of new lines to support a competitive generating market also raises unique institutional issues. Perhaps the most important of these is the question of who should pay for the necessary capital expenditures. This issue also is discussed in this section

  16. Navigating Institutions and Institutional Leadership to Address Sexual Violence

    Sisneros, Kathy; Rivera, Monica


    Using an institutional example, this chapter offers strategies to effectively navigate institutional culture, processes, and structures to engage the entire campus community in addressing sexual violence.

  17. Institute for Nuclear Theory

    Haxton, W.; Bertsch, G.; Henley, E.M.


    This report briefly discussion the following programs of the Institute for Nuclear Theory: fundamental interactions in nuclei; strangeness in hadrons and nuclei; microscopic nuclear structure theory; nuclear physics in atoms and molecules; phenomenology and lattice QCD; and large amplitude collective motion

  18. Rescaling or Institutional Flexibility?

    Hansen, Povl Adler; Serin, Göran Folke


    -border integration has given rise? Does a process exist whereby the ‘problem' and its solution are readily identified and absorbed by existing institutional structures with actions carried out through ‘selective competence delegation'? Based on two case studies, the integration of the labour market and the creation...

  19. Information for Institutional Renewal.

    Spencer, Richard L.


    Discusses a planning, management, and evaluation system, an objective-based planning process, research databases, analytical reports, and transactional data as state-of-the-art tools available to generate data which link research directly to planning for institutional renewal. (RC)

  20. Danish Space Research Institute


    The present report presents a description of the activities and finances of the Danish Space Reserach Institute during 1989 and 1990. The research deals with infrared astronomy (ISOPHOT), X-ray astronomy (EXPECT/SODART), hard X-ray astronomy (WATCH), satellite projects and sounding rocket experiments. (CLS)

  1. International institutional law

    Schermers, Henry G


    In several respects the present study is an enlargement of a former analysis about the specialized agencies of the United Nations to more organisations and into further detail. In particular the creation of the European Communities, adding new aspects to international institutional law, have received attention.

  2. Institute Born of Gratitude.

    McLellan, Vin


    The Wang Institute of Graduate Studies plans to offer a master's degree in software engineering. The development of an academic program to produce superior, technically qualified managers for the computer industry's software production is discussed. (Journal availability: Datamation, 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10103.) (MLW)

  3. Colorado Water Institute

    Colorado Water Institute Colorado State University header HomeMission StatementGRAD592NewslettersPublications/ReportsCSU Water ExpertsFunding OpportunitiesScholarshipsSubscribeEmploymentAdvisory BoardStaffContact UsCommentsLinks Water Center Logo Water Resources Archive Office of Engagement Ag Water

  4. Global Green Growth Institute

    Müller, Anders Riel


    Har man fulgt historien om Venstres gruppeformand Lars Løkkes rejser på 1. klasse i forbindelse med formandsposten for Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) er der sikkert nogle der undrer sig over, hvad GGGI er for en størrelse. Medierne præsenterer GGGI som en international klimaorganisation, der...

  5. Characterisation of laser induced thermal radiation for the experimental investigation of heavy ion interactions with plasma; Charakterisierung lasererzeugter Hohlraumstrahlung fuer die experimentelle Untersuchung der Wechselwirkung von Schwerionen mit Plasmen

    Hessling, Thomas


    One major area of interest of the plasma physics group at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH (GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research) and the laser and plasma physics group at the Institut fuer Kernphysik (Nuclear Physics Institute) of the University of Technology Darmstadt is the determination of the energy loss of heavy ions in plasma. The experimental area Z6 at GSI offers the unique opportunity for this in the combination of the ion accelerator UNILAC with two high energy laser systems: nhelix and PHELIX. In recent experiments a thin carbon foil is probed by regular ion bunches every 9.2 ns. A laser pulse of one or both of the laser systems heats the foil to the plasma state at a certain time. The change in arrival time of each ion bunch at a stop detector allows to determine the energy loss in the plasma. In addition to this experimental scheme with a directly heated foil a different scheme with indirectly heated targets is investigated. The laser is unable to penetrate the foil and thus deposits its energy on the surface, leading to gradients in density and temperature. In the indirectly heated set-up the laser energy is converted into thermal X-Rays in a converter hohlraum. A secondary cavity, containing the interaction target for the ion beam, is attached to the converter and heated homogeneously by the X-Rays. In the present work the thermal radiation from a converter cavity with a diameter of either 750 m or 650 m was investigated. The frequency-doubled nhelix beam (532 nm wavelength) with energies of up to 30 joules in six to seven nanoseconds (FWHM) was used as the heating laser. A new diode spectrometer, specifically designed for the temperature measurement, recorded the absolute radiation intensity at four different wavelengths and resolved the temperature evolution during the heating phase. Maximum values between 32 eV and 38 eV have been determined in various measurements. In addition to the temporal characterisation the

  6. Guide to the construction of small-scale hydropower plants; 2. ed.; Leitfaden fuer den Bau von Kleinwasserkraftanlagen

    Berg, W.; Giesecke, J.; Grabitz, R.; Haakh, F.; Haury, H.G.; Horlacher, H.B.; Hutarew, A.; Latrille, W.; Mackert, W.; Mueller, P.; Sauer, K.; Schmid, H.; Schweickert, H.; Waller, H.


    Hydropower plays a prominent role in Baden-Wuerttemberg`s policy of promoting the use of renewable energy resources. This is due, firstly, to the fact that hydropower is a reliable, proven technology, and secondly to the favourable topographic and hydrological conditions Baden-Wuerttemberg offers for the development of hydropower. The Baden-Wuerttembergian Water Management Association hopes that this guide will provide the interested reader with sufficient information for assessing or initiating concrete projects. The individual chapters have been adapted from papers of the team of authors referred to in the foreword. They are largely representative of the Federal German Republic (Baden-Wuerttemberg). The guide thus provides a complement to the Manual of the International Electrotechnical Commission, the first German translation of which is contained in chapter 3. As this manual is required to be valid worldwide, it must necessarily be confined to technical and process organisational matters. The editors have been at pains t provide a concrete, practice-oriented rather than a textbook-like presentation of the subject. The Water Management Association and the authors hope that this guide will stimulate public interest in the continued development of small-scale hydropower plants in compliance with energy-political, private-economical, and ecological requirements. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Wasserkraft nimmt im Hinblick auf eine staerkere Hinwendung zu regenerativen Energiequellen eine Vorreiterstellung in Baden-Wuerttemberg ein. Dies liegt in der zuverlaessigen und erprobten Technologie begruendet und in den guenstigen topographischen und hydrologischen Voraussetzungen fuer die Wasserkraftnutzung in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Der Wasserwirtschaftsverband Baden-Wuerttemberg hofft, mit dem `Leitfaden` den Interessenten genuegend Informationen an die Hand gegeben zu haben, die zur Beurteilung und gegebenenfalls zur Inangriffnahme eines konkreten Projektes erforderlich sind. Die

  7. Approaches to Identification of Institutions in Institutional Economics

    Igor M. Shiriaev


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the methodology for identification of institutions from institutional economics perspective. The differences between the perspectives provided by old and new institutional economics are highlighted. These differences are interpreted in the context of compared pragmatist and postpositivist methodologies. This paper applies to the post-positivist approach to the identification of institutions. One example of institution is provided by power-property institution. Identification of this institution in the historical and economic research is based on several theoretical generalizations and supported by array of historical facts. Another example is provided by identification of institution and institutional change in higher education based on discourse analysis and interviews with the main actors. In this paper, the regulatory institutions of higher education are analyzed as well. The concept of power-property institution is extended to the higher education by proposing hypotheses on the functioning of state governing-regulating institution in this sphere. This institution prescribes the actors to behave in accordance with the objectives of public policy, which can only be implemented in the form of bureaucratization of higher education. The paper describes the behavioral regularity generated by an identified institution. Functioning of the governing-regulating institution in higher education is illustrated by examples of behavioral regularities emerging from activities in accordance with this institution. The paper also shows the possibility of falsification of proposed hypothesis.

  8. Alpine solar power station on Sareiserjoch - application of and sturdiness test on a new plastic mounting system; Alpines Solarkraftwerk Sareiserjoch - Anwendung und Haertetest fuer ein neues Kunststoff-Montagesystem

    Krause, J. [NEWTEC, Plaston AG, Widnau (Switzerland)


    In Malbun in Liechtenstein a grid-connected 22 kW{sub p} PV system has been set up at an altitude of 1900 metres. This system serves its operator as a test of potovoltaics in general and of the mounting systems used in its load-bearing contruction and the fastening of its modules. The present article describes the load-bearing construction and plastic mounting cramp employed. (HW) [Deutsch] Im liechtensteinischen Malbun wurde auf 1900 Metern ueber Meer eine netzgekoppelte 11 kWp-PV-Anlage erstellt, die fuer den Anlagenbetreiber als Test fuer die Photovoltaik im allgemeinen wie auf fuer neue Montagesysteme sowohl bei der Tragkonstruktion als auch bei der Modulbefestigung dienen soll. Tragkonstruktion und Kunststoff-Montageklammer werden dargestellt. (HW)

  9. KfK, Institute for Reactor Development. Results of research and development activities in 1990


    R and D activities at IRE (Institut fuer Reaktorentwicklung-Institute for Reactor Development) are dedicated to power engineering and handling processes in the framework of the point-of-main-effort projects 'nuclear fusion', 'solid-state and materials research', 'handling', 'nuclear safety' and 'miscellaneous research'. Nuclear fusion contributions deal with special vacuum system design problems, heavy-duty design and materials selection and safety aspects. Specimens from 30 different carbon-based materials were subjected to comparative tests in a plasma spraying plant. In the framework of solid-state and materials research activities a viscoplastic model for mechanical component analysis was investigated for its compatibility with elementary physical laws under complex loads. The handling project was dedicated to the specific requirements of nuclear fusion with regard to JET and NET uses, the development of system solutions for flexible industrial techniques, and to standardization. A study on the control system of a work station for NET remote handling tasks was completed. In the framework of the nuclear safety project one currently investigates the dynamics of fast reactors under failure conditions, the possible propagation of local cooling failures in the reactor core, and core monitoring problems. (orig./GL) [de

  10. Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer die Reinhaltung der Elbe - endocrineously active substances in the Elbe, its tributaries and the North Sea; Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer die Reinhaltung der Elbe - Endokrin wirksame Stoffe in der Elbe, in Nebenfluessen und in der Nordsee

    Heemken, O.P. [GALAB, Geesthacht (Germany); Theobald, N. [Bundesamt fuer Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie, Hamburg (Germany); Hebbel, H. [Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg (Germany); Stachel, B. [Wasserguetestelle Elbe, Hamburg (Germany)


    Endocrineously active substances are discharged into surface bodies of water with communal and industrial effluents. Especially estrogenic substances like Bisphenol A, alkyl phenols and alkyl phenol ethoxylates in the Elbe and its tributaries have been neglected so far. In the context of an interdisciplinary project, chemists, biologists and mathematicians investigated the concentrations and fate of these xenoestrogens, relative potential effects of unknown water constituents and quantitative statistical mechanisms based on the available analytical findings. The contribution intends to contribute information on the pollutant situation of selected endocrineously active substances in the Elbe and its tributaries. [German] Ein relevanter Eintragspfad fuer endokrin wirksame Stoffe in die Oberflaechengewaesser sind die Abwaesser kommunaler und industrieller Klaeranlagen. Insbesondere das Vorkommen und der Verbleib von oestrogen wirkenden Stoffen wie Bisphenol A, den Alkylphenolen und Alkylphenolethoxylaten in der Elbe und in Elbenebenfluessen wurde bisher zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. In einem interdisziplinaeren Projekt, an dem sich Chemiker, Biologen und Mathematiker beteiligten, wird versucht, eine erste Antwort zu geben ueber das Vorkommen und den Verbleib dieser Xenooestrogene, ueber relative Wirkpotenzen von unbekannten Wasserinhaltsstoffen durch die Anwendung von In-vitro-Tests und ueber quantitative statistische Zusammenhaenge, die auf vorhandenen Analysenergebnissen basieren. Dieser Bericht soll einen Beitrag leisten zur Immissionssituation von ausgewaehlten endokrin wirksamen Stoffen in der Elbe und in Elbenebenfluessen. (orig.)

  11. Digitalization of daycare institutions

    Chimirri, Niklas Alexander

    in the intergenerational interaction with as well as the intragenerational interaction among daycare children. To some extent, digital media usage, foremost of tablet computers, has seen a discursive and material normalization across a number Danish daycare institutions before at all clarifying how it could be rendered...... as on situated sociomaterial approaches to critical psychological practice research in order to inquire into possible specificities of digital media device usage: How is this usage similar to and different from interacting via other material-communicative devices in a pedagogical practice? How do digital media......The digitalization of Danish daycare institutions is not only affecting the ways staff is documenting and reporting on its pedagogical work. It also appears to be redefining what pedagogical work itself is about, given the drastic increase in deployment of digital (mobile) media devices...

  12. Transportation Institutional Plan


    This Institutional Plan is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 provides background information, discusses the purposes of the Plan and the policy guidance for establishing the transportation system, and describes the projected system and the plans for its integrated development. Chapter 2 discusses the major participants who must interact to build the system. Chapter 3 suggests mechanisms for interaction that will foster wide participation in program planning and implementation and provides a framework for managing and resolving the issues related to development and operation of the transportation system. A list of acronyms and a glossary are included for the reader's convenience. Also included in this Plan are four appendices. Of particular importance is Appendix A, which includes detailed discussion of specific transportation issues. Appendices B, C, and D provide supporting material to assist the reader in understanding the roles of the involved institutions.

  13. Homogeneous group, research, institution

    Francesca Natascia Vasta


    Full Text Available The work outlines the complex connection among empiric research, therapeutic programs and host institution. It is considered the current research state in Italy. Italian research field is analyzed and critic data are outlined: lack of results regarding both the therapeutic processes and the effectiveness of eating disorders group analytic treatment. The work investigates on an eating disorders homogeneous group, led into an eating disorder outpatient service. First we present the methodological steps the research is based on including the strong connection among theory and clinical tools. Secondly clinical tools are described and the results commented. Finally, our results suggest the necessity of validating some more specifical hypothesis: verifying the relationship between clinical improvement (sense of exclusion and painful emotions reduction and specific group therapeutic processes; verifying the relationship between depressive feelings, relapses and transition trough a more differentiated groupal field.Keywords: Homogeneous group; Eating disorders; Institutional field; Therapeutic outcome


    Fahrul Rizal


    Full Text Available Development of the value of art and culture in Makassar fading , while the higher the education that is expected to help develop arts and cultural preservation . The number of art enthusiasts are having trouble finding a good college and adequate facilities in Makassar divert them out of the area for study. The main purpose of this paper in order to plan and merancangan Art Institute building located in Makassar, which can accommodate the needs of artists to distribute and develop creativity, the result of design art institute building is located in the subdistrict Tamalanrea location is adjusted with the direction of the located area Spatial education, it is expected that the center will be able to accommodate students in distributing and developing creativity and the provision of facilities that can accommodate the development and preservation of local culture and art according to user requirements in accordance with the planning and design standards that apply.

  15. Institutions and poverty.

    Tebaldi, Edinaldo; Mohan, Ramesh


    This study utilises eight alternative measures of institutions and the instrumental variable method to examine the impacts of institutions on poverty. The estimates show that an economy with a robust system to control corruption, an effective government, and a stable political system will create the conditions to promote economic growth, minimise income distribution conflicts, and reduce poverty. Corruption, ineffective governments, and political instability will not only hurt income levels through market inefficiencies, but also escalate poverty incidence via increased income inequality. The results also imply that the quality of the regulatory system, rule of law, voice and accountability, and expropriation risk are inversely related to poverty but their effect on poverty is via average income rather than income distribution.

  16. Hospitality and Institutional Meals

    Justesen, Lise; Strøjer, Anna-Lise


    Abstract: There is a growing interest in articulating institutional meal serving practices as a hospitality activity involving host and guest interactions. This study aims to qualify institutional hospitality and meal activities by exploring private hospitality events. The study is based......-structured interview, students reflected on their hospitality experiences. The interviews were transcribed and analyzed using a thematic analysis method. The emerging themes on hospitality activities were identified. It was found that hospitality activities could be characterized as a process where the individual...... was transformed into a guest. Information on purpose of the event and other information given in the invitation were part of this process. Furthermore, hospitality activities could be characterized by blurred host-guest relations and by being able to embrace unexpected events as well. The activities were...

  17. Institute for safety technology


    In the area of nuclear reactor safety studies, the Institute for Safety Technology (STI) concentrated its efforts in analysing experimentally and numerically phenomena which characterize highly-improbable but very severe accidents either for light water or for sodium cooled reactors. In the STI nuclear isle, three new laboratories for waste (PETRA), fusion (ETHEL) and safeguards, (PERLA) activities are approaching completion and have made substantial progress in their licensing procedure. The Institute started activities in the non-nuclear safety research area only a few years ago and has been able this year to present its first significant experimental and theoretical results in the areas of runaway reactions, accidental release of products and their deflagration/detonation. Concerning Reference Methods for the Evaluation of Structure Reliability a better understanding was gained of the nonlinear cyclic and dynamic behaviour of materials and structures by performing experiments and developing constitutive and structural member models leading to the computer simulation of complete structures

  18. Conventions and Institutional Logics

    Westenholz, Ann

    Two theoretical approaches – Conventions and Institutional Logics – are brought together and the similarities and differences between the two are explored. It is not the intention to combine the approaches, but I would like to open both ‘boxes’ and make them available to each other with the purpose...... of creating a space for dialog. Both approaches were developed in the mid-1980s as a reaction to rational-choice economic theory and collectivistic sociological theory. These two theories were oversimplifying social life as being founded either in actor-micro level analyses or in structure-macro level...... analyses. The theoretical quest of both Conventions and Institutional Logics has been to understand the increasing indeterminacy, uncertainty and ambiguity in people’s lives where a sense of reality, of value, of moral, of feelings is not fixed. Both approaches have created new theoretical insights...

  19. Jakartans, Institutionally Volatile

    Masaaki OKAMOTO


    Full Text Available Jakarta recently has gained even more central political attention in Indonesia since Joko Widodo (Jokowi and Basuki Purnama (Ahok became, respectively, the province’s governor and vice-governor in 2012. They started a series of eye-catching and populist programmes, drawing popular support from not only the people of Jakarta, but also among Indonesians in general. Jokowi is now even the most popular candidate for the presidential election in 2014. Their rise is phenomenal in this sense, but it is understandable if we look at Jakartan voters’ behaviour and the institutional arrangement that leads to it. Jakarta, as the national capital, has a unique arrangement in that the province has no autonomous regency or city. This paper argues that this arrangement causes Jakartans to be more politically volatile and describes how this institutional arrangement was created by analysing the minutes of the meeting to discuss the laws concerning Jakarta Province.

  20. Institute of physics



    A survey is given of the personnel and activities of the Institute of Physics. Research by staff of the Nuclear Physics Group includes mainly work on heavy ion reactions and investigations of rare earth nuclei. The Elementary Particle Group has studied antineutron and antiproton annihilations, neutral current pions minus and has used the CERN ISRs. The Cosmic Physics Group has used rockets, satellite data and balloons to study the electron and proton precipitation in the upper atmosphere and magnetosphere, and aurorae. (JIW)

  1. Institutional entrepreneurship and agency

    Weik, E.


    of collective entrepreneurship and institutional work to see if they can overcome these incongruities. I conclude that although they can remedy some of the problems, these notions run the risk of describing everything until they describe nothing. In order to limit and enable the entrepreneurship literature...... to discuss agency meaningfully, I argue, it needs to develop analytical frames of agency derived either from existing sociological theories or from further developing its own brand of agency theory. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd....

  2. The Francis Crick Institute.

    Peters, Keith; Smith, Jim


    The Francis Crick Institute Laboratory, opened in 2016, is supported by the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, and University College London, King's College London and Imperial College London. The emphasis on research training and early independence of gifted scientists in a multidisciplinary environment provides unique opportunities for UK medical science, including clinical and translational research. © Royal College of Physicians 2017. All rights reserved.

  3. First institutional congress

    Coto, Z.; Munoz, J.


    They explain the different uses of nuclear energy in a generalize way. The fields included are: intense radiations, tracers, nucleonic galgs. These applications are analyzed basically in the industrial field. They also analyze the present usefulness of these techniques and their expectatives for the future. They suggests that the industrial applications of nuclear energy can be considered within the institutional plans of development of the ITCR. 12 refs


    Galaktionova Nelli Anatolyevna


    Full Text Available The article deals with holiday as social institute, stages of its institutionalization, such as emergence of need; formation of general objects and ideology proving them; development of social norms and rules;practical adoption of rules and procedures; establishment sanction system; creation of statuses and role system. On the example of Russian festive tradition the general institutional signs of a holiday are described, it is specified that the majority of holidays are at a stage of cultural symbol search having the behavior code; system of ideas; utilitarian and cultural lines; installations and examples of behavior. Taking into consideration the view of Nelli Galaktionova, we can say, that these principles explain the popularity of the Victory Day Holiday and not stable Russian holiday on the 12-th of June- day of Russia. It is stated that the absence of the ritual prevents the popularity of holiday in society. In the article obvious and latent functions of a holiday as social institute are described - regulatory function, integrative, broadcasting, function of reproduction of the social relations, socializing, educational, guarding, forming the culture, communicative, sociocultural, actable, function of leisure and rest organization, adaptive and compensatory, function of removal of ethical regulations. According to the author of article, the holiday is a basis of formation of national and state and civil identity.

  5. Institutional Investors as Minority Shareholders

    Assaf Hamdani; Yishay Yafeh


    We examine the link between minority shareholders' rights and corporate governance by studying institutional investors' voting patterns in a concentrated ownership environment. Institutions rarely vote against insider-sponsored proposals even when the law empowers the minority. Institutions vote against compensation-related proposals more often than against related party transactions even when minority shareholders cannot influence outcomes. Potentially conflicted institutions are more likely...

  6. Endogenous and costly institutional deterrence

    David C. Kingsley; Thomas C. Brown


    Modern economies rely on central-authority institutions to regulate individual behaviour. Despite the importance of such institutions little is known about their formation within groups. In a public good experiment, groups selected the level of deterrence implemented by the institution, knowing that the administrative costs of the institution rose with the level of...

  7. Institutional Strength in Depth

    Weightman, M.


    Much work has been undertaken in order to identify, learn and implement the lessons from the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. These have mainly targeted on engineering or operational lessons. Less attention has been paid to the institutional lessons, although there have been some measures to improve individual peer reviews, particularly by the World Association of Nuclear Operators, and the authoritative IAEA report published in 2015 brought forward several important lessons for regulators and advocated a system approach. The report noted that one of the contributing factors the accident was the tendency of stakeholders not to challenge. Additionally, it reported deficiencies in the regulatory authority and system. Earlier, the root cause of the accident was identified by a Japanese independent parliamentary report as being cultural and institutional. The sum total of the institutions, the safety system, was ineffective. While it is important to address the many technical and operational lessons these may not necessary address this more fundamental lesson, and may not serve to provide robust defences against human or institutional failings over a wide variety of possible events and combinations. The overall lesson is that we can have rigorous and comprehensive safety standards and other tools in place to deliver high levels of safety, but ultimately what is important is the ability of the nuclear safety system to ensure that the relevant institutions diligently and effectively apply those standards and tools — to be robust and resilient. This has led to the consideration of applying the principles of the strength in depth philosophy to a nuclear safety system as a way of providing a framework for developing, assessing, reviewing and improving the system. At an IAEA conference in October 2013, a model was presented for a robust national nuclear safety system based on strength in depth philosophy. The model highlighted three main layers: industry, the

  8. Survey of legislation applicable in Germany for implementation of the EC Directive on environmental audits; Ueberblick ueber die in Deutschland fuer die Ausfuehrung der EG-Umwelt-Audit-Verordnung geltenden Rechtsvorschriften



    The brochure presents a comprehensive survey of the relevant legislation applicable in Germany to implementation of the EC Directive on environmental auditing. Readers interested in performing such auditing at one glance will find in this compiulation all relevant laws and regulations in full text that are to be observed for implementation of this novel environmental auditing instrument. (orig./RHM) [Deutsch] Diese Broschuere vermittelt einen umfassenden Ueberblick ueber die in Deutschland fuer die Ausfuehrung der EG-Umwelt-Audit-Verordnung geltenden Rechtsvorschriften. Damit wird fuer alle Interessenten ein rascher Zugriff auf die Rechtstexte, die zur praktischen Anwendung des neuartigen Umwelt-Audit-Instruments notwendig sind, ermoeglicht. (orig./RHM)

  9. Fracture-mechanical analysis of metal/ceramic composites for applications in high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC); Bruchmechanische Untersuchung von Metall/Keramik-Verbunsystemen fuer die Anwendung in der Hochtemperaturbrennstoffzelle (SOFC)

    Kuhn, Bernd Josef


    The author investigated the deformation and damage behaviour of soldered ceramic/metal joints in SOFC stacks, using thermochemical methods. Methods for analyzing sandwich systems and for mechanical characterization of joints were adapted and modified in order to provide fundamental understanding of the mechanical properties of soldered joints. [German] In dieser Arbeit wurde das Verformungs- und Schaedigungsverhalten von Keramik/ Metall-Loetverbindungen fuer SOFC-Stacks thermomechanisch untersucht. Verfahren zur Analyse von Schichtsystemen und fuer die mechanische Charakterisierung von Fuegeverbindungen wurden adaptiert und weiterentwickelt, um zu einem grundlegenden Verstaendnis der mechanischen Eigenschaften von Loetverbindungen zu gelangen.

  10. Environment 2000. New trends in energy supply. Onset of the solar age - strategies for a sustainable future. Mobility in the new millenium - protection of humans and nature. Conservation - champions of plants and animals; Umwelt 2000: Die Energiewende: Aufbruch ins solare Zeitalter - Strategien fuer eine nachhaltige Zukunft. Mobil im Millenium - Entlastung fuer Mensch und Natur. Naturschutz - Die Anwaelte von Pflanzen und Tiere

    Tempel, H.G.; Ulrich, M. [comps.; Zipf, M.


    This brochure presents the key issues in Federal German environmental policy. It provides a balance of the progress made so far and shows the goals and perspectives of the German government for environmental policy at the turn of the 21. century. [German] Die hier vorgelegte Broschuere verdeutlicht die Schwerpunkte der Umweltpolitik der Bundesregierung. Sie bilanziert die bisher erreichten Fortschritte und zeigt Ziele und Perspektiven fuer die Umweltpoltik an der Schwelle des 21. Jahrhunderts auf. (orig.)

  11. Social acceptance for the forthcoming phases of the energy transition; Gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz fuer die bevorstehenden Phasen der Energiewende

    Renn, Ortwin [Univ. Stuttgart (Germany). Inst. fuer Sozialwissenschaften; Sager, Christina [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Bauphysik, Stuttgart (Germany); Schweizer-Ries, Petra [Institut fuer ZukunftsEnergieSysteme (IZES), Saarbruecken (Germany)


    The effectiveness of communication for influencing the acceptance is limited. Especially when it comes to projects, bringing the burden on local residents and where the common good is socially controversial, it is almost impossible solely by information and communication, even if they are offered in the form of a dialogue, to reach a change in the acceptance. In addition, large-scale changes are viewed more as a foreign body and less than enrichment of the local environment. In this respect, it is appropriate simply because of the lack of effectiveness of communication, the affected people give greater opportunities for participation. [German] Die Wirksamkeit von Kommunikation zur Beeinflussung der Akzeptanz ist aber begrenzt. Vor allem wenn es um Vorhaben geht, die Belastungen fuer die Anwohner mit sich bringen und bei denen der Allgemeinnutzen gesellschaftlich umstritten ist, ist es nahezu unmoeglich, allein durch Information und Kommunikation, auch wenn sie in Form eines Dialogs Angeboten werden, eine Veraenderung der Akzeptanz zu erreichen. Hinzu kommt, dass grossflaechige Veraenderungen eher als Fremdkoerper und weniger als Bereicherung des oertlichen Umfeldes angesehen werden. Insofern ist es schon aufgrund der mangelnden Effektivitaet von Kommunikation angebracht, den betroffenen Menschen groessere Beteiligungschancen einzuraeumen.

  12. Energy transition index Germany 2020+. New compass for the turnaround; Energiewende-Index Deutschland 2020+. Neuer Kompass fuer die Wende

    Vahlenkamp, Thomas; Kropeit, Julia [McKinsey and Company, Duesseldorf (Germany); Ritzenhofen, Ingmar [McKinsey and Company, Koeln (Germany); Gersema, Gerke [McKinsey and Company, Berlin (Germany)


    Does the energy transition keep what it once promised? Five years after the first index survey, the balance sheet is mixed: While key objectives such as the reduction of CO{sub 2} emissions are not achieved, important new tasks are lacking in target marks - such as the decarbonisation of the heating and transport sector or the interplay of central and decentralized supply. The energy transition index addresses these future topics with new indicators and calculation bases. Now it is up to the next federal government to set the right course so that the energy transition becomes a success story. The formulation of less, consistent and clear goals rank first. [German] Haelt die Energiewende, was sie einst versprochen hat? Fuenf Jahre nach der ersten Index-Erhebung faellt die Bilanz gemischt aus: Waehrend zentrale Ziele wie die Reduktion der CO{sub 2}-Emissionen nicht erreicht werden, fehlt es fuer wichtige neue Aufgaben an verbindlichen Zielmarken - etwa zur Dekarbonisierung des Waerme- und Verkehrssektors oder zum Zusammenspiel von zentraler und dezentraler Versorgung. Der Energiewende-Index adressiert diese Zukunftsthemen mit neuen Indikatoren und Berechnungsgrundlagen. Jetzt ist es an der kommenden Bundesregierung, die richtigen Weichen zu stellen, damit die Energiewende zur Erfolgsgeschichte wird. Die Formulierung weniger, konsistenter und klarer Ziele steht dabei an erster Stelle.

  13. Yearbook facility engineering 2009. Facility engineering for electric power grids; Jahrbuch Anlagentechnik 2009. Anlagentechnik fuer elektrische Verteilungsnetze

    Cichowski, Rolf Ruediger (ed.)


    The strong changes in the energy market - e.g. deregulation, the influence of the Bundesnetzagentur, globalisation of new technologies, constant issueing and adaptation of standards, require more and deeper knowledge than ever before. Issues like energy efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy sources not only govern public discussions but have also created new, variable professions which challenge experts of energy engineering. The yearbook provides an insight into specific issues, e.g. a calendar of events, trade fairs, product recommendations, services, and further hints for practicians. (orig.) [German] Durch die starken Veraenderungen im Energiemarkt, wie die Liberalisierung, die Einflussnahme auf die Gestaltung der Energieversorgung durch die Bundesnetzagentur, die Globalisierung, die neuen Techniken und damit staendige Anpassungen der Normen bzw. Bewaeltigung neuer Normen durch die Fachleute, nimmt die Vielfalt und der Umfang an notwendigen Kenntnissen staendig zu. Themen wie Energieeffizienz und Nutzung regenerativer Energien bestimmen nicht nur die oeffentliche Diskussion, sondern schlagen sich auch in neuen und sich aendernden beruflichen Taetigkeiten nieder. Dadurch sind die Fachleute der Energietechnik ausserordentlich herausgefordert. Zusaetzlich bietet das Jahrbuch spezifische Themen zu den jeweiligen Jahren, wie Kalendarium, Veranstaltungshinweise, Messen, Produktempfehlungen, Dienstleistungen und weitere Tipps fuer Praktiker. (orig.)

  14. FUeW opts for wireless centralised ripple control systems; Das FUeW entscheidet sich fuer Funk-Rundsteuerung

    Fuchs, G [Fraenkische Ueberlandwerk AG, Nuernberg (Germany); Saupe, R [EFR Europaeische Funk-Rundsteuerung GmbH, Berlin (Germany)


    After extensive trials in the course of a project study Fraenkische Ueberlandwerk AG (FUeW) has decided to introduce a wireless centralised ripple control system for its entire service area. The system will initially be used for synchronising and parameterising multiple tariff meters. Ripple control receivers are to take over the function formerly perfomed by switch clocks of switching between night and day tariff. FUeW`s decision was essentially motivated by the proven reliability of wireless centralised ripple control systems and by the economic advantages of this modern technology. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Fraenkische Ueberlandwerk AG (FUeW), Nuernberg, hat nach umfangreichen Versuchen im Rahmen einer Projektstudie entschieden, die Funk-Rundsteuerung flaechendeckend im Versorgungsgebiet einzusetzen. Das System wird zunaechst zur Synchronisierung und Parametrierung von Mehrtarifzaehlern angewendet. Wurde bisher die HT/NT-Umschaltung der Zaehler durch Schaltuhren durchgefuehrt, so wird kuenftig ein Funk-Rundsteuerempfaenger diese Aufgabe uebernehmen. Wesentlich fuer die Entscheidung des FUeW waren die bewiesene Funktionssicherheit der Funk-Rundsteuerung und die wirtschaftlichen Vorteile, die sich durch den Einsatz dieser modernen Technik ergeben. (orig.)

  15. Cubic boron nitride coatings for innovative applications; Schichten aus kubischem Bornitrid (cBN) fuer innovative Anwendungen

    Keunecke, M.; Bewilogua, K. [Fraunhofer Inst. fuer Schicht- und Oberflaechentechnik (Germany)


    Coatings of cubic boron nitride (cBN), the second hardest of all known materials, were prepared using a sputter process. A new coating design, based on a special B-C-N layer system, allows to deposit thick (> 2 {mu}m) cBN films, however so far only on silicon substrates. The properties of the coatings are quite similar to those of bulk cBN. Promising experiments were performed with respect to a transfer of this application relevant layer system to cemented carbide and steel substrates. First measurements of the mechanical and tribological properties confirmed the outstanding properties and the high potential of such cBN based coating systems. (orig.) [German] Schichten aus kubischem Bornitrid (cBN), dem nach Diamant zweithaertesten aller bekannten Materialien, wurden mit einem Sputter-Prozess hergestellt. Ein neuartiger Schichtaufbau, der auf einem speziellen B-C-N-Schichtsystem basiert, ermoeglicht die Abscheidung von cBN-Schichten mit ueber 2 {mu}m Dicke, allerdings bisher nur auf Siliciumsubstraten. Die Eigenschaften der Schichten sind denen von massivem cBN sehr aehnlich. Es wurden vielversprechende Experimente zur Uebertragung dieses fuer Werkzeugbeschichtungen und vielfaeltige andere Anwendungen interessanten Schichtsystems auf Werkzeugsubstrate durchgefuehrt. Erste Untersuchungen der mechanisch-tribologischen Eigenschaften der auf Hartmetall- und Stahlsubstraten abgeschiedenen Schichten belegen das aussergewoehnlich hohe Potential der cBN-basierten Schichtsysteme. (orig.)

  16. PROFIBUS-DP. Fundamentals and hints for users; PROFIBUS-DP. Grundlagen, Tips und Tricks fuer Anwender

    Popp, M.


    PROFIBUS-DP is one of the most common field buses for industrial communication. The author provides competent help in using this technology. He describes 32 of the most common errors found in certification tests and shows how they can be remedies. Fundamentals and enhancements of PROFIBUS-DP are presented. PROFIBUS-DP telegrams for data interpretation are discussed at length, as are extensive GSD files. Particular emphasis is given to the projecting and commissioning of a system and practical guides for installation. (orig.) [Deutsch] PROFIBUS-DP gehoert zu den am haeufigsten eingesetzten Feldbussen fuer die industrielle Kommunikation. Der Autor bietet in diesem umfassenden Werk kompetente Unterstuetzung bei der Anwendung dieser Feldbustechnik. Es werden 32 der haeufigsten Fehler, die bei Zertifizierungstests festgestellt wurden, beschrieben und Wege zu ihrer Behebung dargestellt. Die Grundlagen von PROFIBUS-DP werden erlaeutert und die PROFIBUS-Erweiterungen vorgestellt. PROFIBUS-DP-Telegramme zur Interpretation des Datenverkehrs werden genauso detailliert erklaert wie eine umfangreiche GSD-Datei. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt ist die Projektierung und Inbetriebnahme einer Anlage und den praxisgerechten Aufbaurichtlinien gewidmet. (orig./GL)

  17. Phased-array technology for automatic pipeline inspection; Phased Array-Technologie fuer automatisierte Pipeline-Inspektion

    Bosch, J.; Hugger, A.; Franz, J. [GE Energy, PII Pipetronix GmbH, Stutensee (Germany); Falter, S.; Oberdoerfer, Y. [GE Inspection Technology Systems, Huerth (Germany)


    Pipeline inspection pigs with individual test probes are limited in their function due to the fixed arrangement of sensors on the support. In contrast, the phased-array technology enables multitasking of tests, e.g. stress and corrosion testing which formerly required two different test runs with different sensor set-ups. The angles of inclination can be adapted to the test medium, and virtual sensors can be matched in size and overlap so that, e.g., small pittings will be detected. The sensor set-up presented here enables higher test speed and improved flaw detection. The contribution describes the measuring principle, the inspection pig (UltraScan DUO), and some results of prototype measurements. [German] Pruefmolche fuer die Pipelinepruefung mit Einzelpruefkoepfen sind in ihrem Funktionsumfang aufgrund der festliegenden Anordnung der Sensoren im Sensortraeger eingeschraenkt. Die Phased-Array-Technologie gestattet die simultane Durchfuehrung verschiedener Pruefaufgaben, wie beispielsweise der Rissund der Korrosionspruefung, die vorher zwei Prueflaeufe mit verschiedenen Sensortraegern erforderten. Die Einfallswinkel koennen auf das jeweilige Medium angepasst werden, und es besteht die Moeglichkeit, virtuelle Sensoren bezueglich ihrer Groesse und der gegenseitigen Ueberlappung so anzupassen, dass beispielsweise kleine Pittings gefunden werden koennen. Die ausgefuehrte Form gestattet hoehere Pruefgeschwindigkeit und verbesserte Fehlerauffindung. In diesem Artikel werden das Messprinzip und der Inspektionsmolch (UltraScan DUO) beschrieben sowie einige Prototyp-Messergebnisse vorgestellt.

  18. Customers and markets. International components for win-win relations; Kunden und Maerkte. Internationale Bausteine fuer Win-Win-Relationen

    Lamprecht, F.


    In deregulated energy markets, power supply companies change from commodity suppliers to service providers. The core of the process of change is a change in attitude, from producer to customer-oriented marketer; the means applied in the process are a diversified and integrated marketing strategy, targeting both external and internal conditions, which fits into a comprehensive concept of an integrated communications strategy. An international conference held in mid-June in Lisbon, organised by the associations Unipede and EURELECTRIC as well as the International Energy Agency (IEA), supplied a wealth of information on this topical issue spanning a broad range of interesting aspects, as eg. approaches to identify customer needs and correspondingly develop new services, or the quest for new business segments and possibilities of finding win-win relations for both customers and power producers. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Auf liberalisierten Strommaerkten entwickeln sich die Energieversorger zu Dienstleistern. Kern des Wandels ist der Weg von der Produktions- zur Kundenorientierung, Mittel eine differenzierte und integrierte Marketingstrategie, die nach aussen wie nach innen gerichtet ist und in ein umfassendes Konzept einer integrierten Kommunikationsstrategie eingepasst ist. Eine von den Verbaenden Unipede und EURELECTRIC sowie der Internationalen Energie-Agentur (IEA) Mitte Juni in Lissabon ausgerichtete internationale Konferenz lieferte hierzu eine Fuelle an Material. Es wurde thematisch ein weiter Bogen gespannt. Von der Ermittlung unterschiedlicher Kundenbeduerfnisse ueber Methoden, sich danach auszurichten sowie speziell entwickelte Marketingstrategien, bis hin zu neuen Betaetigungsfeldern wurde nach Moeglichkeiten gesucht, Win-Win-Relationen fuer Kunden und EVU darzustellen. (orig.)

  19. The water pollution representative. The specialist knowledge for the internal wastewater treatment; Der Gewaesserschutzbeauftragte. Das Fachwissen fuer die innerbetriebliche Abwasserbehandlung

    Frahne, D.; Graef, R.; Kratsch, D.


    The first chapter deals with the most important legal aspects, handles the regulations after which plants with waste water and water pollutants are to be operated as well as the duties and rights of the water pollution representative. In the second chapter, proved and common means are discussed as they are adopted for the processing of chemicals and waste waters on the point of origin. To this belong major handling of water polluting substances and the corresponding plants as well as examples of off waste water saving processes and plants for waste water processing. In the third chapter, the environment analytical measures are described. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Das erste Kapitel geht auf die wichtigsten rechtlichen Aspekte ein, behandelt die Regelungen, nach denen Anlagen mit Abwasser und wassergefaehrdenden Stoffen zu betreiben sind, sowie die Pflichten und Rechte des Gewaesserschutzbeauftragten. Im zweiten Kapitel werden bewaehrte und verbreitete Methoden besprochen, wie sie fuer die Behandlung von Chemikalien und Abwaessern am Entstehungsort eingefuehrt sind. Dazu gehoeren vorrangig der Umgang mit wassergefaehrdenden Stoffen und den entsprechenden Anlagen sowie auch Beispiele abwassersparender Behandlungsverfahren und Anlagen zur Abwasserbehandlung. Im dritten Kapitel werden die umweltanalytischen Massnahmen erlaeutert. Dabei werden einfach durchzufuehrende Massnahmen der Vor-Ort-Analytik, wie sie sich im `Feldeinsatz` bewaehrt haben, in den Vordergrund gestellt. (orig./GL)

  20. On the capacity-formula for pressure relief devices of tanks for dangerous goods; Die Kapazitaetsformel fuer Druckentlastungsvorrichtungen von Gefahrguttanks

    Ludwig, J. [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany)


    Each tank-container respectively portable tank for multimodal purposes has to be closed and fitted with safety devices (pressure relief devices). Pressure relief devices have to meet essential requirements concerning their total delivery capacity in condition of complete engulfment of the tank in fire. The total capacity of these devices should be sufficient to limit the pressure in the tank in each case to its test pressure, maximally. The total delivery capacity has to be determined by applying a formula which had been developed in the USA and taken over later on into international and national regulations on the transport of dangerous goods. The derivation of this formula will be described and evaluated with regard to given facts related to general thermodynamics and fire test results. (orig.) [German] Wesentliche Anforderung an Sicherheitseinrichtungen (Druckentlastungsvorrichtungen) fuer Tanks und Tankcontainer im multimodalen Verkehr ist, dass diese Einrichtungen im Feuerfall eine Gesamtdurchflussmenge aufweisen muessen, die zumindest einen Druckanstieg ueber den Pruefdruck hinaus verhindert. Die Ermittlung der Gesamtdurchflussmenge erfolgt nach einer in den USA entwickelten, in internationale und nationale Verkehrsvorschriften uebernommenen Zahlenwertgleichung (Kapazitaetsformel). Die Herleitung dieser Zahlenwertgleichung sowohl aus allgemein thermodynamischen als auch empirischen Gegebenheiten wird beschrieben und bewertet. (orig.)

  1. Management information systems for controlling in energy supply companies; Management-Informationssysteme fuer das Controlling im EVU

    Crombach, U. [CFI Controlling- und Fuehrungsinformationssysteme GmbH, Bodenheim (Germany); Ruf, J. [CFI Controlling- und Fuehrungsinformationssysteme GmbH, Bodenheim (Germany)


    Todays management information systems (MIS) allow flexible use of all data existing in the company for management and controlling. Instead of using fixed (coded) reports the user can easily decide about the presented data, either consolidated or in detail. Using well known Excel as front end for presentation and analysis provides easy access for all users. The authors describe how a data model for the MIS can be designed and stored in the `data warehouse` from the various sources in the company. A few typical charts are presented. (orig.) [Deutsch] Moderne Managementinformationssysteme (MIS) ermoeglichen die flexibel Nutzung aller im Unternehmen anfallenden Informationen fuer Fuehrung und Controlling. Anders als bei festgefuegten (programmierten) Auswertungen bestimmt der Nutzer frei ueber die dargestellten Informationen. Diese koennen einfach und schnell aus allen vorhandenen Datenquellen des Unternehmens zusammengefuehrt werden. Durch Verwendung der weit verbreiteten Tabellenkalkulationsprogramme, z.B. MS-Excel, als Bedieneroberflaeche, ist die Bedienung einfach erlernbar. Die Verfasser zeigen an einem Beispiel, wie ein solches MIS als Datenmodell konzipiert, einfach konfiguriert und schliesslich als Controllinginstrument flexible herangezogen werden kann. (orig.)

  2. Development, setup, and test of a new cryostat module for the S-DALINAC; Entwicklung, Aufbau und Test eines neuen Kryostatmoduls fuer den S-DALINAC

    Kuerzeder, Thorsten


    Within the work presented here, a new cryostat-module for the superconducting injector accelerator of the S-DALINAC as well as three superconducting cavities have been designed and built. The aim of these efforts was an increase in energy behind the injector from 10 MeV to 14 MeV and in beam current from 60 μA to 250 μA. Such an upgrade in intensity required an increase of the input radio-frequency (RF) power from 500 W to 2 kW. For this purpose new RF power couplers had been designed at the Institut fuer Theorie elektromagnetischer Felder at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt. In order to enable the use of these couplers a new cryostat-module with a WR-284 rectangular waveguide transition line through all pressure and temperature stages was developed within the work presented here. The new construction was designed following that of the standard cryostats of the S-DALINAC. Because the dimensions and adapters for the beam and insulating vacuum as well as the connections needed for helium and nitrogen supply of both cryostats agree, the present module can be simply replaced by the new one. For the WR-284 waveguide feed-through the tower section was redesigned to provide enough space for an assembly under clean-room conditions. The waveguide bellows, specially built for this project, show excellent RF properties and provide the flexibility needed for the transfer line. As an alternative to a cold vacuum window a special waveguide with diaphragms at an intermediate temperature has been developed in order to minimize losses due to heat radiation inside the waveguide. All waveguide components were tested for ultra-high-vacuum capability and their RF properties have been determined within this work. Within the process of the fabrication of the cryostat module the helium vessel was equipped with a significantly improved magnetic shielding. Final measurements inside the helium vessel showed an average value of 4 μT for the magnetic field at the positions of the

  3. Taking Stock on Institutional Entrepreneurship

    Leca, Bernard; Battilana, Julie; Boxenbaum, Eva


    This paper analyzes the literature that has been published on institutional entrepreneurship since Paul DiMaggio introduced this notion in 1988. Based on a systematic selection and analysis of articles, the paper outlines an emerging consensus on the definition and process of institutional entrep...... may use this paper to build targeted and sophisticated research designs that add value to the emerging body of literature on institutional entrepreneurship.Keywords: Institutional Entrepreneur, Institutional Change, Paradox of Embedded Agency...

  4. Development of an Internet based geothermal information system for Germany; Aufbau eines geothermischen Informationssystems fuer Deutschland

    Schulz, R.; Agemar, T.; Alten, J.A.; Kuehne, K.; Maul, A.A.; Pester, S.; Wirth, W. [Inst. fuer Geowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsaufgaben (GGA), Hannover (Germany)


    The Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences (GGA-Institut) is setting up an internet based information system on geothermal resources in close collaboration with partners. For a start, the geothermal information system will contain data about hydrogeothermal resources only. The project aims at an improvement of quality in the planning of geothermal plants and at a minimization of exploration risks. The key parameters for this purpose are production rate (Q) and temperature (T). The basis for the estimation of subsurface hydraulic properties comes from the information system on hydrocarbons. This information system provides permeability and porosity values derived from the analyses of drilling cores. The IT targets will be realised by a relational database providing all data relevant to the project. A 3D model of the ground provides the basis for visualisation and calculation of geothermal resources. As a prototype, a data-recall facility of geothermal sites in Germany is available online. (orig.)

  5. Annual report 1992 of the Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft fuer Synchrotronstrahlung (BESSY)

    Gaupp, A.


    The annual report is arranged as usual, giving general information on the organizational structure of the institution and the measuring services and facilities for users of the synchrotron in the period under review, continuing with the machine report summarizing the design improvements of components of the synchrotron, and with the survey of experiments and activities. The comprehensive original report section presents the reports of the lithography laboratory of the Fraunhofer institute of silicon technology (ISIT) and the report of the radiometry laboratory of the PTB, together with the list of current basic research projects performed by and for users, as of January 1993, followed by the status report of the facilities BESSY I and BESSY II. The list of publications that are based on experimental work performed at the BESSY synchrotron sources does not claim to be comprehensive. (orig./DG) [de

  6. Prechamber ignition concepts for stationary large bore gas engines; Vorkammerzuendkonzepte fuer stationaer betriebene Grossgasmotoren

    Heinz, Christoph [MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH (Germany); Kammerstaetter, Stefan; Sattelmayer, Thomas [Technische Univ. Muenchen (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Thermodynamik


    A testing facility for the optical investigation of ignition and combustion in large bore gas engines is described. The test rig was developed at the Institute of Thermodynamics at Technical University of Munich. Core element of the setup is an optically accessible high pressure combustion cell which can be charged, ignited, and discharged repeatedly according to the cycle times of a real engine. Until now the apparatus was used for the investigation of two different prechamber concepts. (orig.)

  7. Charging technologies and IT for electric vehicles; Ladetechnik und IT fuer Elektrofahrzeuge

    Hechtfischer, Knut [Ubitricity, Gesellschaft fuer verteilte Energiesysteme mbH, Berlin (Germany); Zisky, Norbert [Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Berlin (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe Datenkommunikation und -sicherheit; Hauser, Markus [Gigatronik, Stuttgart (Germany). Bereich Komponentenentwicklung; Grossmann, Dirk [Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany). Embedded Software


    A ubiquitous charging infrastructure remains the limiting factor for e-mobility: this has been the publicconsensus for decades. However, this fake bottle-neck can be solved unconventionally and cost-efficiently by using intelligent charging and communication technology on board EVs with Mobile Metering, ultimately entailing the much desired broad beneficial effects. this standardised, safe and applicable implementation inside the EV is realised by ubitricity with partners such as Gigatronik, Vector and the national metrology institute PTB in Berlin. (orig.)

  8. How institutions matter for international business : Institutional distance effects vs institutional profile effects

    van Hoorn, Andre; Maseland, Robbert

    Extant institutional research has failed to make a distinction between the effects of institutional profile and institutional distance on MNEs. The problem stems from the fact that, due to the use of a single reference country, variation in institutional distance between the reference country and

  9. Ion-beam enhanced etching for the 3D structuration of lithium niobate; Ionenstrahlverstaerktes Aetzen fuer die 3D-Strukturierung von Lithiumniobat

    Gischkat, Thomas


    The present thesis deals with the usage of the ion-beam enhanced etching (IBEE) for the 3D structuration of lithium niobate (LiNbO{sub 3}).Hereby the approach of the enhancement of the wet-chemical etching rate due to the irradiation with energetic ions is pursued. This method is very success promising for the realization of micro- and nanostructures with perpendicular structural walls as well as small roughnesses. The aim of this thesis consisted therein to form the foundations for the realization of three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures (for instance: Layer systems and photonic crystals) in LiNbO{sub 3} with high optical quality and to demonstrate on selected examples. Conditions for the success of the IBEE structuration technique is first of all the understanding of the defect formation under ion irradiation as well as the radiation-induced structure changes in the crystal and the change of the chemical resistance connected with this. For this the defect formation was studied in dependence on th ion mass, the ion energy, and the irradiation temperature. Thermally induced influences and effects on the radiation damage, as they can occur in intermediate steps in the complex processing, must be known and were studied by means of subsequent temperature treatment. The results from the defect studies were subsequently applied for the fabrication of micro- and nanostructures in LiNbO{sub 3}. Shown is the realization of lateral structure with nearly perpendicular structure walls as well as the realization of thin membranes and slits. The subsequent combination of lateral structuration with the fabrication of thin membranes and slits allowed the three-dimensional structuration of LiNbO{sub 3}. This is exemplarily shown for a microresonator and for a 2D photonic crystal with below lying air slit. [German] Die vorliegende Arbeit beschaeftigt sich mit der Ausnutzung des ionenstrahlverstaerkten Aetzens (IBEE: Ion Beam Enhanced Etching) fuer die 3D-Strukturierung von

  10. Institute annual report 2004


    The mission of the ITU (Institute for Transuranium Elements) is to protect the European citizen against risk associated with the handling and storage of highly radioactive elements. The JRC (Joint Research Center) provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. In this framework this annual report presents the TU actions in: basic actinide research, spent fuel characterization, safety of nuclear fuels, partitioning and transmutation, alpha-immunotherapy/radiobiology, measurement of radioactivity in the environment, safeguards research and development. (A.L.B.)

  11. Spaceborne Photonics Institute

    Venable, D. D.; Farrukh, U. O.; Han, K. S.; Hwang, I. H.; Jalufka, N. W.; Lowe, C. W.; Tabibi, B. M.; Lee, C. J.; Lyons, D.; Maclin, A.


    This report describes in chronological detail the development of the Spaceborne Photonics Institute as a sustained research effort at Hampton University in the area of optical physics. This provided the research expertise to initiate a PhD program in Physics. Research was carried out in the areas of: (1) modelling of spaceborne solid state laser systems; (2) amplified spontaneous emission in solar pumped iodine lasers; (3) closely simulated AM0 CW solar pumped iodine laser and repeatedly short pulsed iodine laser oscillator; (4) a materials spectroscopy and growth program; and (5) laser induced fluorescence and atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

  12. Institute annual report 2004



    The mission of the ITU (Institute for Transuranium Elements) is to protect the European citizen against risk associated with the handling and storage of highly radioactive elements. The JRC (Joint Research Center) provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. In this framework this annual report presents the TU actions in: basic actinide research, spent fuel characterization, safety of nuclear fuels, partitioning and transmutation, alpha-immunotherapy/radiobiology, measurement of radioactivity in the environment, safeguards research and development. (A.L.B.)

  13. Positional Concerns and Institutions

    Landes, Xavier


    that invoking envy or subjective well-being is not fully satisfying for regulating positional concerns. More compelling reasons seem, in complement with efficiency, to be related to considerations for equality. In other words, if institutions could have strong reasons to pay attention to and regulate positional...... their implications for economics, positional concerns imply important normative dimensions. There have been presumed to be a symptom of envy, reduce people’s happiness, and create problems of social interaction or economic inefficiencies. Individuals are, for instance, prone to pick states of the world that improve...... concerns, it would be in virtue of their impact on the social product and individuals’ conditions of living....

  14. Institute for Sustainable Energy

    Agrawal, Ajay [Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    Alternate fuels offer unique challenges and opportunities as energy source for power generation, vehicular transportation, and industrial applications. Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) at UA conducts innovative research to utilize the complex mix of domestically-produced alternate fuels to achieve low-emissions, high energy-efficiency, and fuel-flexibility. ISE also provides educational and advancement opportunities to students and researchers in the energy field. Basic research probing the physics and chemistry of alternative fuels has generated practical concepts investigated in a burner and engine test platforms.

  15. Critical review of the >>Stellungnahme zur 'deutschen Risikostudie' der Gesellschaft fuer Reaktorsicherheit (GRS)<< by the Bremer Arbeits- und Umweltschutz-Zentrum

    Danzmann, H.J.


    In August 1979, the German Risk Study was presented to the public by the Federal Minister of Research and Technology. The main contractor to prepare the German Risk Study is the Gesellschaft fuer Reaktorsicherheit (GRS). The objective of the Study is to investigate the collective risk involved in accidents at nuclear power plants. The essential results and statements of the Study are comprised in a Summary submitted to the public in August 1979, too. In September 1979, the 'Bremer Arbeits- und Umweltschutz-Zentrum' ('BAUZ') published a 'Stellungnahme zur 'deutschen Risikostudie' der Gesellschaft fuer Reaktorsicherheit (GRS)' (Review of the German Risk Study of the Gesellschaft fuer Reaktorsicherheit), dealing only with the summary of this study, however. The BAUZ review is extremely critical of the German Risk Study and ends in condemning the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy as well as the competent authorities. The GRS review critique in hand scrutinizes the BAUZ paper according to the run of the text. Deliberately, one has renounced a comment in such cases where the reproaches slip in the political or ideological field. The object of the BAUZ review as well as of the GRS critique is the matter to be investigated, aim and methods of the investigations and the results of the German Risk Study. The revision of the review acknowledges that in some cases the tendency of criticism is justified. Often, however, the critique is only a sharpened repetition of what the GRS itself has identified as restrictions of accuracy and inherent significance of the results. In most items, however, the critique is rejected as to be wrong or not proof. (orig./HP) [de

  16. PEM fuel cells for mobile applications. Project part: Membrane development. Final report; PEM-Brennstoffzellen fuer mobile Anwendungen. Teilprojekt: Membranentwicklung. Abschlussbericht

    Frank, G


    Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) are attractive candidates for next century propulsion systems in passenger cars. The technical feasibility has been demonstrated by several car manufacturers. Today, PEMFC lack economical viability. One of the reasons is the cost of currently used materials, e.g. membranes. This project target towards the development of low cost, non-fluorinated membranes, which fulfil all technical requirements in PEMFC systems. In the frame of this project we were able to successfully develop new membranes based on polyaromatic polymers, which can be produced on a technical scale. These membranes enabled high power densities, exceeding 700 mW/cm{sup 2} at 80 C and their longevity has been demonstrated successfully up to 5,000 hours. Therefore, these membranes have sufficient electrochemical stability for the application in fuel cells. The prices in mass production for these new membranes can get significantly below prices of fluorinated membranes. (orig.) [Deutsch] Polymer-Elektrolyt-Membran-Brennstoffzellen (PEMFC) gelten als aussichtsreiche Kandidaten fuer alternative Fahrzeugantriebe fuer das naechste Jahrzehnt. Die technische Machbarkeit ist bereits mehrfach demonstriert worden. Allerdings sind die Kosten der PEMFC-Systeme noch zu hoch u.a. durch zu hohe Kosten der eingesetzten Materialien, so auch der Membranen. Ziel des Projektes war daher die Entwicklung kostenguenstiger, nichtfluorierter Membranen, die die technischen Anforderungen fuer die Anwendung in der PEM-Brennstoffzelle erfuellen. Im Projekt konnten erfolgreich Membranen auf Basis polyaromatischer Polymere entwickelt werden, die sich auch im technischen Massstab herstellen lassen. Die Membranen ermoeglichen hohe Leistungsdichten groesser 700 mW/cm{sup 2} bei Betriebstemperaturen von 80 C. Die Lebensdauer der Membranen wurde erfolgreich ueber 5.000 Stunden nachgewiesen. Die elektrochemische Stabilitaet der untersuchten Materialien ist damit gegeben. Die Preise dieser

  17. Alternative drives for motor cars. Hybrid systems, fuel cells, alternative energy sources. 3. ed.; Alternative Antriebe fuer Automobile. Hybridsysteme, Brennstoffzellen, alternative Energietraeger

    Stan, Cornel [California Univ., Berkeley, CA (United States); Paris-1 Univ., 75 (France); Pisa Univ. (Italy); Perugia Univ. (Italy); Kronstadt Univ. (Russian Federation)


    vorgesehener Energietraeger, die technische Komplexitaet, Kosten, Sicherheit, Infrastruktur und Service bestimmen die Randbedingungen fuer die Einfuehrung alternativer Antriebe fuer Automobile. Die aktualisierte Uebersicht und Analyse der Prozesse, Antriebsmaschinen und Energietraeger, die in komplexen Energie-Management-Systemen fuer Automobile kombinierbar sind, bilden den Inhalt dieses Buches.

  18. Technology development for crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells (TEKSI). Final report; Technologieentwicklung fuer kristalline Silizium-Duennschicht-Solarzellen (TEKSI). Abschlussbericht

    Wettling, W.; Hurrle, A.; Bau, S.; Eyer, A.; Haas, F.; Huljic, D.; Kieliba, T.; Lautenschlager, H.; Luedemann, R.; Lutz, F.; Preu, R.; Reber, S.; Rentsch, J.; Schaefer, S.; Schetter, C.; Schillinger, N.; Warta, W.; Zimmermann, W.


    The results of a project aimed at the development of crystalline solar wafers are presented. All process stages were reviewed in detail with a view to industrial fabrication. This included also the further development of machinery, e.g. for selective zone melting recrystallisation, CVD silicon deposition, and characterisation of deposited films and solar cells. Not all the envisaged goals were achieved. For example, efficiencies up to 17.6 percent were possible on direct epitactic, highly doped CZ-Si substrates and with a high-efficiency process, but the normal efficiencies of solar cells on SSP or on ceramic substrates were in the range of 8-11 percent. This underlines the need for further research on the development of appropriate substrates with reproducible properties. [German] Im vorliegenden Bericht werden die Ergebnisse eines mehrjaehrigen Projekts zur Entwicklung der kristallinen Silizium-Duennschichtsolarzelle (KSD-Solarzelle) vorgestellt. Die Arbeiten waren eine konsequente Fortsetzung der bereits in einem Vorgaengerprojekt (FKZ 0328986B) bearbeiteten Themen. Alle zur Herstellung solcher Solarzellen noetigen Prozessschritte im Rahmen des am Fraunhofer ISE verfolgten Hochtemperaturpfads wurden detailliert untersucht, insbesondere im Hinblick auf eine industrielle Fertigung. Ein wesentlicher Teil der Arbeiten befasste sich deshalb auch mit der Weiterentwicklung von Geraeten, so z. B. fuer die Zonenschmelzrekristallisation, fuer die Silizumabscheidung mittels CVD-Verfahren und fuer die Charakterisierung abgeschiedener Schichten und Solarzellen. Nicht alle der ehrgeizigen Projektziele konnten erreicht werden. Auf direkt epitaxierten, hochdotierten CZ-Si-Substraten konnten zwar mit einem High-Efficiency-Prozess Wirkungsgrade bis zu 17.6%, mit fertigungsrelevanter Siebdrucktechnologie bis 13% erzielt werden. Die Wirkungsgrade von Solarzellen auf SSP oder auf Keramiksubstraten lagen aber alle im Bereich von 8-11%. Dies zeigt deutlich, dass die Entwicklung

  19. Marketing strategies and consumer preferences for fertilizers and soils from organic residues of biogas production; Vermarktungsstrategien und Konsumentenpraeferenzen fuer Duenger und Erden aus organischen Reststoffen der Biogasproduktion

    Dahlin, Johannes


    The aim of this thesis is to show marketing possibilities for fermentation products and to generate sepcific recommendations for potential producers and marketers of fermentation products. Since the marketing of fermenting products is largely unexplored and a research gap, this project was launched with an exploratory phase. After the exploratory phase, private gardeners were identified as a promising customer group. Knowledge about the preferences of private gardeners when purchasing soil and fertilizer are crucial for the market success of processed fermentation products. In order to fathom the decision-making behavior of this potential customer group, personal interviews were conducted with private gardeners. These results enable potential producers and marketers of fermentation products to create a product that is in demand on the market because it meets the needs of potential consumers. The personal preferences, however, can be very different, for which reason a segmentation into different groups with similar preferences is made. [German] Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, Vermarktungsmoeglichkeiten fuer Gaerprodukte aufzuzeigen und konkrete Empfehlungen fuer potenzielle Hersteller und Vermarkter von Gaerprodukten zu generieren. Da die Vermarktung von Gaerprodukten weitestgehend unerforscht ist und eine Forschungsluecke darstellt, wurde dieses Vorhaben mit einer explorativen Phase gestartet. Nach der explorativen Phase wurden Privatgaertner als vielversprechende Kundengruppe identifiziert. Kenntnisse ueber die Praeferenzen von Privatgaertnern beim Kauf von Erden und Duengern sind entscheidend fuer den Markterfolg von aufbereiteten Gaerprodukten. Um das Entscheidungsverhalten dieser potenziellen Kundengruppe naeher zu ergruenden, wurden persoenliche Interviews mit Privatgaertnern durchgefuehrt. Diese Ergebnisse ermoeglichen es potenziellen Herstellern und Vermarktern von Gaerprodukten ein Produkt zu kreieren, das auf dem Markt nachgefragt wird, da es den Wuenschen der

  20. Draft Transportation Institutional Plan


    The Department of Energy recognizes that the success of its program to develop and implement a national system for nuclear waste management and disposal depends on broad-based public understanding and acceptance. While each program element has its particular sensitivity, the transportation of the waste may potentially affect the greatest number of people, and accordingly is highly visible and potentially issue-laden. Therefore, the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management has developed this Transportation Institutional Plan to lay the foundation for interaction among all interested parties for the purpose of identifying and resolving issues of concern. The Plan is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 provides bachground information and discusses the purpose of the Plan and the policy guidance for establishing the transportation system. Chapter 2 introduces the major participants who must interact to build both the system itself and the consensus philosophy that is essential for effective operations. Chapter 3 suggests mechanisms for interaction that will ensure wide participation in program planning and implementation. And, finally, Chapter 4 suggests a framework for managing and resolving the issues related to development and operation of the transportation system. A list of acronyms and a glossary are included for the reader's convenience. The Plan's appendices provide supporting material to assist the reader in understanding the roles of the involved institutions. 4 figs., 1 tab

  1. CRIS and Institutional Repositories

    A Asserson


    Full Text Available CRIS (Current Research Information Systems provide researchers, research managers, innovators, and others with a view over the research activity of a domain. IRs (institutional repositories provide a mechanism for an organisation to showcase through OA (open access its intellectual property. Increasingly, organizations are mandating that their employed researchers deposit peer-reviewed published material in the IR. Research funders are increasingly mandating that publications be deposited in an open access repository: some mandate a central (or subject-based repository, some an IR. In parallel, publishers are offering OA but replacing subscription-based access with author (or author institution payment for publishing. However, many OA repositories have metadata based on DC (Dublin Core which is inadequate; a CERIF (Common-European Research Information Format CRIS provides metadata describing publications with formal syntax and declared semantics thus facilitating interoperation or homogeneous access over heterogeneous sources. The formality is essential for research output metrics, which are increasingly being used to determine future funding for research organizations.

  2. Postoperative and posttherapeutic changes after primary bone tumors. What's important for radiologists?; Postoperative und posttherapeutische Veraenderungen nach primaeren Knochentumoren. Was ist wichtig fuer den Radiologen

    Grieser, T. [Klinikum Augsburg, Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie und Neuroradiologie, Augsburg (Germany); Noebauer-Huhmann, I.M. [Med. Universitaet Wien, Univ.-Klinik fuer Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin, Wien (Austria)


    Posttreatment imaging of primary bone tumours represents a diagnostic challenge for radiologists. Depending on the primary bone tumour common radiological procedures, such as radiography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are employed. Radiography and CT are particularly useful in benign bone tumours and in matrix-forming bone tumours. MRI comes into consideration with malignant tumour recurrence and tumoral soft tissue infiltration. Bone scintigraphy is of superior importance if a primarily multifocal manifestation of bone tumour or metastasizing tumour disease is suspected. Molecular imaging (FDG-PET and hybrid imaging, using CT) are gaining increasing importance in light of monitoring neoadjuvant chemotherapy and detecting recurrent tumour appearance. The current literature shows sensitivity and specificity values for recurrent detection of up to 92% and 93%. Diagnostic accuracy is as high as 95%, thus, exceeding accuracy values for CT (67%) and MRI (86%) by far. Likewise, this is also applicable for the assessment of the neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Moreover, PET-based modalities are able to establish prognostic statements using SUV-threshold values at baseline (especially for Ewing sarcomas). Advanced imaging techniques have made a great diagnostic step forward and have proven to be relevant and reproducible with respect to both relapse detection and treatment assessment. Furthermore, it is not clear whether a higher detection rate of early tumour recurrence will inevitably lead to better outcome and survival. (orig.) [German] Die posttherapeutische Bildgebung primaerer Knochentumoren stellt eine diagnostische Herausforderung fuer jeden Radiologen dar. In Abhaengigkeit vom primaeren Knochentumor werden zur Nachsorge die gaengigen radiologischen Standardverfahren eingesetzt (Projektionsradiographie, Computertomographie [CT] und Magnetresonanztomographie [MRT]). Die Projektionsradiographie und CT haben einen besonderen Stellenwert v. a

  3. Investigation of a concept for electrohydraulic power supply for future passenger car brake systems considering; Untersuchung zur Konzeption einer elektrohydraulischen Energieversorgung fuer zukuenftige Pkw-Bremssysteme

    Mutschler, R.


    An electrohydraulic power supply for passenger car brake systems is presented. These systems can be classified as brake by wire. The power supply consists of a hydropneumatic accumulator, a high pressure pump and an electric drive. The components are designed considering automotive requests. A new approach to minimize hydraulic pulsations caused by a high pressure piston pump is shown. [German] Eine elektrohydraulische Energieversorgung fuer PKW-Bremssysteme wird vorgestellt. Diese Systeme koennen mit brake by wire klassifiziert werden. Die Energieversorgung besteht aus einem hydropneumatischen Speicher, einer Hochdruckpumpe und einem elektrischen Antrieb. Die Komponenten werden hinsichtlich Automobilanforderungen ausgelegt. Eine neue Methode der Minimierung hydraulischer Pulsationen, die von einer Hochdruck Kolbenpumpe verursacht werden, wird gezeigt.

  4. Water quality objectives for priority substances aiming at the protection of the aquatic community. Final report; Ableitung von Zielvorgaben fuer prioritaere Stoffe zum Schutz von Oberflaechengewaessern. Endbericht

    Herrchen, M.; Mueller, M.; Storm, A.


    Zielvorgaben fuer das Schutzgut aquatische Lebensgemeinschaft, welches Zielsetzung des vorliegenden Berichtes ist, wird in der Regel der niedrigste NOEC-Wert fuer die empfindlichste Art aus vier verschiedenen trophischen Ebenen der Biozoenose herangezogen. Liegen die Daten nicht im erforderlichen Umfang vor, so werden Ausgleichsfaktoren eingesetzt, deren Hoehe ihrerseits von der Testdauer, dem betrachteten biologischen Endpunkt und dem Datenumfang abhaengig ist. Im vorliegenden Bericht wurden schwerpunktmaessig Zielvorgaben fuer eine Reihe von Pflanzenschutzmitteln abgeleitet; jedoch wurden auch halogenierte Verbindungen sowie die aktuell diskutierten Nonylphenole und Tributylzinn-Verbindungen betrachtet. Die Datenlage erlaubte fuer insgesamt 11 der 27 behandelten Verbindungen/Stoffgruppen die Ableitung von Zielvorgaben. Datenrecherche- und Bewertungsergebnisse wurden sowohl in Form einer Datenbank (MS-ACCESS), ausgestattet mit einer Schnittstelle zur oekotoxikologischen Schnellauskunft, als auch in Form von Stoffdatenblaettern dokumentiert. (orig.)

  5. PEM-fuel cells for mobile application. Sub task: development of electrocatalysts. Final report; PEM-Brennstoffzelle fuer mobile Anwendung. Teilprojekt: Katalysatorenentwicklung. Abschlussbericht

    Starz, K A


    PEM fuel cells are gaining increasing importance for use in automotive application. The goal of the research program reported here was to develop the basic technology and components for PEMFC stacks for use in transport applications. The sub-task of Degussa was to develop improved electrocatalysts for PEMFC single cells and stacks. The technical objectives of the research project were met. Electrocatalysts, characterized by a high Pt-dispersion, high surface area and excellent activity, were developed. With this material, considerable progress was made to reduce the total platinum loading of PEMFC cells and stacks to about 0,5 mgPt/cm{sup 2}. With this value, the goal of the program (<0,8 mg/cm{sup 2}) was significantly surpassed. Additionally, higher power densities of >0.4 W/cm{sup 2} were achieved at Degussa for hydrogen/air and reformate/air operation of the PEMFC. A CO-tolerant anode electrocatalyst, exhibiting a CO-tolerance of up to 100 ppm CO, enables the operation of PEMFC stacks with on-board generated methanol reformate. The performance of the new electrocatalyst materials was verified by DaimlerChrysler in a PEMFC demonstration stack at the end of the program. (orig.) [Deutsch] PEM-Brennstoffzellen gewinnen fuer die mobile Anwendung immer mehr an Bedeutung. Im Rahmen des hier beschriebenen Leitprojektes sollten die Basistechnologien fuer den Einsatz der PEM-Brennstoffzelle im mobilen Bereich (Elektrotraktion) entwickelt werden. Das Teilprojekt der Degussa befasst sich mit der Entwicklung von verbesserten Elektrokatalysatoren fuer PEM-Brennstoffzellenstacks. Die technischen Arbeitsziele des Vorhabens wurden erreicht. So konnten Elektrokatalysatoren bereitgestellt werden, die sich durch eine hohe Pt-Dispersion, eine grosse Pt-Oberflaeche sowie eine sehr gute Aktivitaet auszeichnen. Mit diesen Elektrokatalysatoren gelang es, die Platinbeladung der PEM-Elektroden (Anode und Kathode) erheblich abzusenken. Mit einer Gesamtplatinbeladung von 0,5 mg/cm{sup 2

  6. The energy-effective redesign of district heat supply for the city of Eisenach; Energiewirtschaftliche Neugestaltung der Fernwaermeversorgung fuer die Stadt Eisenach

    Stich, J. [Eproplan GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany)


    The present contribution describes the optimal heat generation for the district heat area ``North`` of the city of Eisenach and economic redesign of this district heat network. The district heat network is operated by the public utility of Eisenach (Eisenacher Versorgungs-Betriebe GmbH (EVB)), which also runs the heating station, that used to be fuelled with coal. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Der vorliegende Beitrag befasst sich mit der optimalen Waermeerzeugung fuer das Fernwaerme-Versorgungsgebiet `Nord` der Stadt Eisenach und mit der wirtschaftlichen Umgestaltung dieses Fernwaermenetzes. Das Fernwaermenetz wird durch die Eisenacher Versorgungs-Betriebe GmbH (EVB) betrieben, wie auch das ehemalige kohlegefeuerte Heizwerk. (orig./GL)

  7. Combined heat and power generation. A guide for towns and communities, trade and industry; Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung. Ein Leitfaden fuer Staedte und Gemeinden, Gewerbe und Industrie



    The brochure describes the cogeneration technology and explains its advantages. Fields of application and potential users are characterized. The technical and economic prospects are outlined, as well as the cost-profit ratios and the chances and problems of this technology. [German] Die vorliegende Broschuere will dem Leser einen Ueberblick ueber die Thematik der KWK geben und einen Beitrag zu ihrer Foerderung leisten. Die Broschuere will: - Ueber KWK informieren, - die Vorteile der KWK erlaeutern, - die Anwendungsfelder und die moeglichen Anwender charakterisieren, - die technisch-wirtschaftlichen Moeglichkeiten fuer die Nutzung der kW aufzeigen, - die Kosten-Nutzen-Relationen und die wirtschaftlichen Chancen und Probleme der KWK verdeutlichen. (orig.)

  8. Low-cost automatic meter reading system for the productive and energy supplying industry; Kostenguenstige, automatische Ressourcenzaehlerauslesung fuer Industrie und Versorgungsunternehmen

    Rac, M. [Hydrometer GmbH, Ansbach (Germany)


    The continuous automatic controlling of energy and resource consumption as a tool for savings, marketing and early leakage detection is often not used by small to medium sized companies and energy suppliers. Usually the high system costs are the main reason for not implementing such a system. However, selecting the right system components may lead to a better pay-off. (orig.) [German] Die kontinuierliche automatische Ressourcenueberwachung als Massnahme zur Einsparung, als Wettbewerbsinstrument sowie zur fruehzeitigen Leckageerkennung wird in vielen kleinen und mittleren Betrieben und Versorgungsunternehmen nicht genutzt. Meistens sind die zu hohen Kosten fuer ein solches System der ausschlaggebende Faktor. Mit der richtigen Wahl der Systemkomponenten erschliessen sich aber neue Moeglichkeiten. (orig.)

  9. Energy use and management at large sports facilities. Load projections for the BayArena; Moeglichkeiten des Energieeinsatzes in Grosssportstaetten. Lastprognosen fuer die BayArena

    Hollekamp, H. [Bayer 04 Leverkusen Fussball GmbH, Leverkusen (Germany)


    The article describes energy management aspects ensuring uninterrupted energy supply during events in the BayArena, one of Germany's most modern sports arenas and a huge soccer stadium. (orig./CB) [German] Die BayArnea in Leverkusen ist eines der modernsten Fussballstadien und erfuellt die hohe Anforderung, einen unterbrechungsfreien Spielbetrieb zu gewaehrleisten. Grosssportstaetten sind heute ein wichtiger Faktor fuer die Freizeitindustrie. Der Spielbetrieb in den Bundesligastadien benoetigt nur kurzzeitig einige MW Energie. Dabei ist allerdings eine sichere Versorgung unabdingbar. Der zu erwartende Energiebedarf sollte mit einer fundierten Lastprognose ermittelt werden. Der Verfasser beschreibt die Energieversorgung und -lastverlaeufe einer multifunktionalen Fussballarena. (orig.)

  10. Climate to measure. Facility management for Universal Music at Berlin; Klima nach Mass. TGA-Planung fuer Universal Music in Berlin

    McLead, E.A.


    Designing and constructing the technical facilities for a historical building like the 'Spreespeicher' in Berlin is a difficult but interesting task. The building is owned by Universal Music. Each department has its own office structure, and all offices and structures were integrated in a functional overall concept by the planners of Happold Ingenieure. [German] Klima, Lueftung und Elektroinstallation fuer ein historisches Gebaeude wie den Berliner Spreespeicher zu entwickeln, ist eine schwierige, aber reizvolle Aufgabe. Besonders, wenn der Nutzer Universal Music heisst: Jede Abteilung besitzt ihre eigene Buerostruktur, und alle mussten die TGA-Planer von Happold Ingenieure in ein funktionierendes Gesamtkonzept integrieren. (orig.)

  11. Environmental policy. 2000 environmental expert opinion of the Council of Experimental Experts; Umweltpolitik. Umweltgutachten 2000 des Rates von Sachverstaendigen fuer Umweltfragen. Schritte ins naechste Jahrtausend. Kurzfassung



    The reorientation of energy policy is a key issue. The Council of Environmental Experts considers the further use of atomic energy to be irresponsible and recommends a new orientation. Recommendations are made on ecology-centered taxation. Critical comments are made in the context of conservation of nature, where many species of plants and animals still continue to be endangered. The conservation programme of the Federal government, which also comprises a system of large, interconnected biotopes on 10% of Germany's total surface, is approved, and the potential contribution of sustainable agricultural and forestry policy is discussed in a separate chapter. Further subjects discussed are recycling and waste management, protection of water and soil, air pollution abatement, health protection and genetic engineering. The environmental aspects of Eastern European states becoming EC members are gone into in particular. The network of Europen Environmental Councils, for which the German Council of Environmental Experts currently acts as a coordinator, makes intensive efforts to improve environmental counselling in these states. [German] Eines der Schwerpunktthemen des Umweltgutachtens ist die Neuordnung der Energiepolitik. Der Umweltrat haelt die weitere Nutzung der Atomenergie vor allem wegen der Risiken der Entsorgung nicht fuer verantwortbar. Er befuerwortet die Einleitung einer Energiewende. Zur oekologischen Steuerreform werden weiterfuehrende Empfehlungen unterbreitet. An vielen Stellen nimmt der Rat die Umweltpolitik auch kritisch unter die Lupe. Er weist auf den hohen Handlungsbedarf im Naturschutz hin. Eine dauerhafte Trendwende beim Grad der Gefaehrdung heimischer Tier- und Pflanzenarten sei in Deutschland noch nicht erreicht. Der Rat bestaetigt in diesem Zusammenhang die naturschutzpolitische Konzeption der Bundesregierung fuer einen Naturschutz auf der ganzen Flaeche, kombiniert mit einem grossflaechigen Biotopverbundsystem auf 10% der Landesflaeche. Der

  12. 47. Essen conference on water and waste management. Is our water management fit for the future?; 47. Essener Tagung fuer Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft. Ist unsere Wasserwirtschaft zukunftsfaehig

    Pinnekamp, J. (ed.)


    These congress proceedings cover the following larger topics: Challenges facing the German water economy; value retention and financing of water infrastructure; water quality; Sewage Sludge Ordinance / phosphorus recycling; urban mining; new technologies; wastewater disposal structures of the future; flood management; drinking water (quality issues, clarification methods, maintenance); trace substances; wastewater and energy; and fracking. One lecture has been abstracted individually for this database. [German] Dieser Tagungsband enthaelt folgende Themenschwerpunkte: Herausforderungen an die deutsche Wasserwirtschaft; Werterhalt und Finanzierung der Wasserinfrastruktur; Gewaesserguete; Klaerschlammverordnung / Phosphorrecycling; Urban Mining; Neue Technologien; Abwasserentsorgungsstrukturen der Zukunft; Hochwassermanagement; Trinkwasser (Guetefragen, Aufbereitungsverfahren, Instandhaltung); Spurenstoffe; Abwasser und Energie; Fracking. Ein Vortrag wurde fuer diese Datenbank separat aufgenommen.


    Vasyl P. Oleksyuk


    Full Text Available The article investigated the concept of «institutional repository» and determined the aspects of institutional repositories in higher education. Institutional Repositories are information systems that allow preserving, storing and disseminating scientific knowledge produced in higher education and scientific research institutions. This study presented the main aspects using institutional repositories in educational process (such as storage of scientific and educational information, means of organization activity of students, object of studying. This article produced the structure of communities and collections of the institutional. It is described the experience of implementing of DSpace in the learning process.

  14. Institutional failures and transaction costs of Bulgarian private research institutes

    Nozharov, Shteryo


    The paper analyses the reasons for poor performance of private research institutes in Bulgaria. In this regard the Institutional Economics methods are used. A connection between smart growth policy goals and Bulgarian membership in EU is made. The gaps in the institutional environment are identified as well as measures for their elimination are proposed. The main accent of the study is put on the identification of transaction costs, arisen as a result of the failures of the institutional envi...

  15. Institutional Churn: Institutional Change in United Kingdom Higher Education

    Tight, Malcolm


    This article considers how higher education institutions change over time, using the United Kingdom system as an exemplar, and focusing on the 15-year period between 1994/95 and 2009/10. While there are many aspects of institutional change worthy of study, the focus here is on how institutions appear to others. Thus, the article examines the…

  16. California Institute for Water Resources - California Institute for Water

    Resources Skip to Content Menu California Institute for Water Resources Share Print Site Map Resources Publications Keep in Touch QUICK LINKS Our Blog: The Confluence Drought & Water Information University of California California Institute for Water Resources California Institute for Water Resources

  17. Institutional Repositories at Small Institutions in America: Some Current Trends

    Nykanen, Melissa


    The research reported in this article was undertaken to determine the level of implementation of institutional repositories (IRs) at small institutions enrolling fewer than 10,000 students. The study analyzed quantitative and qualitative data from IRs at a number of small institutions with the aim of observing relevant patterns and trends that may…

  18. Institutional Repositories: The Experience of Master's and Baccalaureate Institutions

    Markey, Karen; St. Jean, Beth; Soo, Young Rieh; Yakel, Elizabeth; Kim, Jihyun


    In 2006, MIRACLE Project investigators censused library directors at all U.S. academic institutions about their activities planning, pilot testing, and implementing the institutional repositories on their campuses. Out of 446 respondents, 289 (64.8 percent) were from master's and baccalaureate institutions (M&BIs) where few operational…

  19. International Security Institutions, Domestic Politics, and Institutional Legitimacy

    Chapman, Terrence L.


    Scholars have devoted considerable attention to the informational role of international institutions. However, several questions about the informational aspects of institutional behavior remain underexplored: What determines how audiences respond to institutional decisions? Through what channels does information provision affect foreign policy? To…

  20. TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: Indian Institute of Dalit Studies ...

    This funding will enhance the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies' (IIDS) role as a credible public policy institution in India by strengthening its ability to provide high-quality, influential, and policy-relevant research. About the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies IIDS is a social sciences research centre with a focus on development ...

  1. Institutional Repositories in Indian Universities and Research Institutes: A Study

    Krishnamurthy, M.; Kemparaju, T. D.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to report on a study of the institutional repositories (IRs) in use in Indian universities and research institutes. Design/methodology/approach: Repositories in various institutions in India were accessed and described in a standardised way. Findings: The 20 repositories studied covered collections of diverse…

  2. A drive system for the car of the future; Ein Antriebssystem fuer das Auto der Zukunft

    Guzzella, L.


    This presentation made at the Swiss 2008 research conference on traffic by Professor Lino Guzzela from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, takes a look at drive systems for the car of the future. New concepts for increasing the efficiency of cars are discussed, including down sizing and supercharging, a pneumatic hybrid and recuperation systems. The results of simulations and measurements made on an actual pneumatic engine and supercharged units are presented and discussed. Finally, options for future work are presented and discussed.

  3. Productivity and Institutions

    Gylfi Zoega


    Full Text Available Differences in productivity account for differences in output per capita between countries as well as changes in output and the standard of living for each country over long periods of time. During the first industrial revolution, one could already see the emergence of two groups of countries: the high- and the low-GDP per capita countries. The list of countries belonging to the highproductivity group has not changed much over the past century. Differences in institutions separate the two clubs. The high-productivity group is, amongst many other differences, characterized by less corruption, a better legal system, superior enforcement of contracts, a lower cost of starting a business and lower tariffs. Historical output series for Britain going back to the mid-19th century show that productivity has increased greatly and improved the standard of living.

  4. Budget institutions and taxation

    Aaskoven, Lasse


    While a number of different studies have explored the effects of budgetary procedures and the centralization of the budget process on government debt, deficits and spending, few of them have explored whether such fiscal institutions matter for public revenue. This article argues that centralizing...... the budget process raises the levels of taxation by limiting the ability of individual government officials to veto tax increases in line with common-pool-problem arguments regarding public finances. Using detailed data on budgetary procedures from 15 EU countries, the empirical analysis shows that greater...... centralization of the budget process increases taxation as a share of GDP and that both the type of budget centralization and level of government fractionalization matter for the size of this effect. The results suggest that further centralizing the budget process limits government debt and deficits...

  5. Institute for Atomic Energy


    The Institute has in 1980 changed its name to 'Institutt for Energiteknikk' and this reflects a de facto change in programme emphasis in which a large part of the activity in 1979 was in energy systems analysis, energy technology and conservation, petroleum technology,etc. However previous projects in environmental and safety aspects of nuclear power, risk analysis and fundamental physics using neutron beams, have continued. Nuclear technology is now concentrated in the Halden Reactor Project, whose work is outlined. Isotope production based on the JEEP II reactor and irradiation there and in the Co-60 plant, and isotope applications in environmental and resource investigations continue as previously. Waste processing and safeguards are also carried out as national responsibilities. (JIW)

  6. Relationships Between Culture and Institutions

    Schultz, Majken


    This article suggests four different relationships between institutionalism and organizational culture seen as two different levels of analysis. The relationships represent a continuum from a significant influence of the institutional level on organizational culture to a significant cultural...... influence on the formation and construction of institutions. The four relationships are defined as 1) cultural filtering of institutional pressure from isomorphism, 2) organizational culture as a source of new institutional elements, 3) organizational culture as a source of positioning towards institutions...... the relationships between culture and institutions and how they are connected. Finally, the article points at the influence of globalization challenging the national origin of many institutions when relating to a world of organizations, which increasingly are becoming global. For some companies, organizational...

  7. Social Movements and Institutions

    Maria Francisca Pinheiro Coelho


    Full Text Available Abstract This study approaches the relationship between social movements and institutions in Brazil concerning three different stages of the process of re-democratization: the political transition; the National Constituent Assembly; and the new Constitutional Order. The general question is: what is the interface, reciprocity or conflict, between social movements and institutions in this context of social change? The paper examines the different roles of social movements and institutions in each specific period: in the pre-democratization moment, the movement for direct elections for president, Diretas-Já, is analyzed; in the National Constituent Assembly, the movement in defense for free public education is examined;  in the new constitutional order, the pro-reform political movement is studied.  The work focuses on the scope of the studies on social movements and democracy.  It belongs to the field of the studies about the representativeness and legitimacy of the demands of social movements in the context of democracy and its challenges. Key words: social movement, institution, reciprocity, conflict, democracy.   Social Movements and Institutions                               Resumen El estudio aborda la relación entre los movimientos sociales e instituciones en Brasil en tres etapas diferentes del proceso de redemocratización en las últimas décadas: la transición política; la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente; y el nuevo orden constitucional. La pregunta general es: ¿cuál es la relación, la reciprocidad o el conflito, entre los movimientos sociales y las instituciones en este contexto de cambio social? El artículo examina los diferentes roles de los movimientos sociales e instituciones en cada período específico: en el momento de la transición política analiza el movimiento de las elecciones directas para presidente, las Diretas-Já; en la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente aborda el movimiento en

  8. Mega hub for intermodal transport - the planning of the most advanced container terminal in the world; Mega-Drehscheibe fuer den Kombinierten Verkehr - Planung des modernsten Containerbahnhofes der Welt

    Franke, K.P. [Noell Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Wuerzburg (Germany). Abt. Hafentechnik


    The introduction of innovative mega hub systems for the operation of cargo trains is a promising starting point for increasing the efficiency of intermodal transport. A first mega hub as it is known has been planned for Northern Germany with its centre in Lehrte near Hannover. Instead of shunting the waggons, containers will be transferred from train to train at the mega hub. This is not only faster, but also more economical and thus more attractive to rail transport clients. No other known system can achieve such high transhipment/shunting capacities per surface unit. The design of the system guarantees the maximum degree of flexibility in transhipment operations. A high degree of automation will ensure the quality and speed of transhipment. The technical development of the fast transhipment system (FTS) by Noell has been completed. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ein vielversprechender Ansatz fuer die Steigerung der Leistungsfaehigkeit des Kombinierten Verkehrs (KV) ist die Einfuehrung von innovativen Drehscheibensystemen fuer den Betrieb der Cargo-Zuege. Eine erste sogenannte Mega-Drehscheibe wurde fuer den Norden Deutschlands mit Zentrum Lehrte bei Hannover geplant. Statt zu rangieren sollen in der Mega-Drehscheibe die Behaelter zwischen den Zuegen umsteigen. Das ist schneller, kostenguenstiger und damit attraktiver fuer den Bahnkunden. Darueber hinaus ist kein System bekannt, bei dem eine so hohe Umschlag-/Umstelleistung je Flaecheneinheit realisiert werden kann. Die Gestaltung der Anlage gewaehrt eine maximale Flexibilitaet im Umschlagbetrieb. Ein hoher Automatisierungsgrad wird Qualitaet und Schnelligkeit des Umschlages sichern. Die technische Entwicklung der Schnellumschlagtechnik seitens Noell ist abgeschlossen. (orig.)

  9. Restructuring of the electricity market. New general framework and management strategies for municipalities. Documentation of contributions to the IKU seminar; Strommarkt im Umbruch. Neue Rahmenbedingungen und Strategien fuer Kommunen. Veranstaltungsunterlagen

    Schaefer, C. (comp.)


    The titles of the seven papers presented at the IKU seminar are as follows: 1. The emerging competitive electricity markets - Perspectives for municipalities. - 2. New supply offers and terms and conditions for power procurement of municipalities. - 3. Power procurement and awarding of contracts - legal framework and recommendations for municipalities in designing the tendering procedure in the competitive market environment. - 4. Experience of a municipality in the process of establishing a local pool of buyers. - 5. Experience obtained in defining new tender conditions and specifications for power supply to a municipal undertaking. - 6. Experience of a municipality obtained in negotiations with electricity supply undertakings. - 7. Invitations to tender for energy supply to municipalities - experience of the hessenENERGIE GmbH. (orig./CB) [German] Die Titel der in diesem Dokument abgedruckten sieben Beitraege zum IKU Seminar lauten: 1. Wettbewerb auf den Strommaerkten - Perspektiven fuer Kommunen. - 2. Neue Angebote und neue Konditionen fuer den Strombezug von Kommunen. - 3. Strombezug und Vergaberecht - Rechtlicher Rahmen und Empfehlungen zur Gestaltung der Vergabe bei oeffentlichen Auftraggebern. - 4. Erfahrungen mit der Bildung eines kommunalen Nachfragepools. - 5. Erfahrungen mit der Ausschreibung von Stromlieferungen fuer einen oeffentlichen Auftraggeber. - 6. Erfahrungen einer Kommune aus Verhandlungen ueber den Strombezug mit Versorgungsunternehmen. - 7. Ausschreibung von Energielieferungen fuer Kommunen - Erfahrungen und Angebote der hessenENERGIE GmbH. (orig./CB)

  10. Legal Institutions and Economic Development

    Beck, T.H.L.


    Legal institutions are critical for the development of market-based economies. This paper defines legal institutions and discusses different indicators to measure their quality and efficiency. It surveys a large historical and empirical literature showing the importance of legal institutions in

  11. Surface land ownership and mining; Report on the technical meeting of the Institute for Mining- and Energy Law, Bochum University. Oberflaecheneigentum und Bergbau; Bericht ueber die Fachtagung des Instituts fuer Berg- und Energierecht and der Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum

    Stueer, B


    Summing up the contents of papers and discussions of the January 1993 meeting in Bochum, which gathered about 130 experts from politics, industry, science, the mining industry, the judiciasy, and the ministerial level of public administration, it can be stated that there is general approval among the experts of the new line of orientation given by the recent court rulings, towards a reassessment of the relationship between the mining industry and surface land ownership, strengthening the protection of third parties. This new approach having been readily adopted in practice, there already are many contracts reflecting the change in the mining industry's conception of itself, and experts wellcomed the turn away from the principle of 'tolerate and liquidate'. (HSCH)

  12. Structural elements of mechanical engineering 2. Power train elements. 6. ed.; Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 2. Grundlagen von Maschinenelementen fuer Antriebsaufgaben

    Steinhilper, W. [Kaiserslautern Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Maschinenelemente und Getriebetechnik; Sauer, B. (eds.) [Technische Univ. Kaiserslautern (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Maschinenelemente und Getriebetechnik


    beiden Baende auch fuer Ingenieure in der Praxis ein wertvolles kompaktes Nachschlagewerk dar. (orig.)

  13. Workshop `Measurement technology for steady state and transient multi phase flows`; Workshop `Messtechnik fuer stationaere und transiente Mehrphasenstroemungen`

    Prasser, H.M. [ed.


    There is hardly another area of physics which has a comparable multiplicity of phenomena, like flow in multi-phase mixtures. The wishes of experimenters regarding measurement technique are correspondingly great: Apart from the conventional parameters of pressure, temperature and speed of flow, as great a collection with resolution of the instantaneous phase distribution is required. Also, the phases themselves frequently consists of several components, whose concentration should also be measured. The enormous progress which has recently been made with laser optics and tomographic processes, must be compared with a long list of unsolved problems, above all where non-contact measurement is concerned. The attempts at solutions are multifarious, the need for the exchange of experience is great and the comparson of measurement processes with one another must be strengthened. The workshop has set itself these targets. (orig.) [Deutsch] Es gibt kaum ein anderes Gebiet der Physik, das eine vergleichbare Vielfalt der Erscheinungen aufweist wie Stroemungen von Mehrphasengemischen. Entsprechend gross sind die Wuensche der Experimentatoren hinsichtlich der Messtechnik: Neben den klassischen Parametern Druck, Temperatur und Stroemungsgeschwindigkeit wird eine moeglichst hoch aufloesende Erfassung der momentanen Phasenverteilung benoetigt. Ausserdem bestehen die Phasen selbst haeufig aus mehreren Komponenten, deren Konzentration ebenfalls gemessen werden soll. Den enormen Fortschritten, ie mit laseroptischen und tomographischen Verfahren in letzter Zeit gemacht wurden, steht nach wie vor eine lange Liste bisher ungeloester Aufgaben gegenueber, vor allen Dingen, wenn beruehrungslos gemessen werden soll. Die Loesungsansaetze sind vielfaeltig, der Bedarf an Erfahrungsaustausch ist gross, der Vergleich der Messverfahren untereinander muss verstaerkt werden. Diesen Zielen hatte sich der Workshop ``Messtechnik fuer tationaere und transiente Mehrphasenstroemungen`` verschrieben.

  14. Multiparametric MRI of the prostate. Important radiological findings for urologists; Multiparametrische MRT der Prostata. Wichtige radiologische Befunde fuer den Urologen

    Schlemmer, Heinz-Peter [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ), Heidelberg (Germany)


    High prevalence of prostate cancer with multifocality and biological heterogeneity. Insufficient conventional urological diagnostics. Discrimination between significant and insignificant cancer needed. Digital rectal examination, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) serum level, systematic transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsy. Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) including T2-weighted (T2w), diffusion-weighted and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI according to the prostate imaging reporting and data system (PIRADS), MR-targeted biopsy, most frequently MR/TRUS image fusion biopsy. Prostate cancer is characterized by low signal intensity on T2w MRI, restricted water diffusion and pronounced and early uptake of contrast enhancement. Sensitivity and specificity according to the current literature are ca. 80% and 90%, respectively. In cases of suspected prostate cancer, most accurate are mpMRI according to PIRADS and in cases of positive findings, MRI-targeted biopsy, most frequently as MRI/TRUS image fusion biopsy. (orig.) [German] Hohe Praevalenz des Prostatakarzinoms mit Multifokalitaet und biologischer Heterogenitaet. Unzureichende konventionelle urologische Diagnostik. Unterscheidung klinisch signifikanter von klinisch nicht signifikanten Karzinomen erforderlich. Digitale rektale Untersuchung, Serum-PSA (prostataspezifisches Antigen), transrektale Sonographie (TRUS), systematische transrektale TRUS-Biopsie. Multiparametrische Magnetresonanztomographie (mpMRT) mit T2w- und diffusionsgewichteten sowie dynamischen kontrastmittelverstaerkten T1w-Sequenzen, dem Standard nach dem Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PIRADS) entsprechend. MR-unterstuetzte Biopsie, meist MR-/TRUS-Fusionsbiopsie. Prostatakarzinome sind typischerweise T2-hypointens mit eingeschraenkter Diffusion und zeigen eine rasche Kontrastmittelanflutung. Nach der Literatur betragen Sensitivitaet und Spezifitaet der mpMRT ca. 80 bzw. 90 %. Fuer die Abklaerung bei Verdacht auf

  15. Industrial residues as an external carbon source in denitrification; Industrielle Reststoffe als externe Kohlenstoffquelle fuer die Denitrifikation

    Schories, G. [TECON GmbH, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany); Geissen, S.U.; Vogelpohl, A. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). Inst. fuer Thermische Verfahrenstechnik


    Biological waste water treatment requires biologically readily degradable carbon in order to permit elimination of as much nitrogen as possible. Often now this type of carbon is no longer present in waste water in an appropriate quantity, so that external carbon must be added. Apart from industrially fabricated substrates, the use of industrial residues and waste products as well as of partial waste water streams with a high organic pollutant load is lately being considered for cost reasons. But this is not altogether harmless. Those partial streams may contain substances that inhibit denitrification, impose an additional burden on subsequent cleaning stages or may even pass them unmodified, so that they are emitted into the environment and pose an ecological hazard potential. Hence, industrial residual products need to be specifically selected for use as an external carbon source in denitrification. A suitable strategy is described and demonstrated by means of different examples. (orig.) [German] In der biologischen Abwasserbehandlung ist fuer eine weitestgehende Stickstoffelimination oftmals biologisch gut abbaubarer Kohlenstoff im Abwasser nicht (mehr) in ausreichendem Masse vorhanden. Dann ist die Zugabe einer sog. externen Kohlenstoffquelle erforderlich. Neben industriell hergestellten Substraten wird in letzter Zeit aus Kostengruenden vielfach der Einsatz industrieller Rest- und Abfallstoffe sowie organisch hochbelasteter Abwasserteilstroeme erwogen. Dies ist jedoch nicht unproblematisch, da in diesen Stoffstroemen auch Substanzen enthalten sein koennen, die die Denitrifikation hemmen, nachfolgende Reinigungsstufen zusaetzlich belasten oder diese sogar unveraendert passsieren, dadurch in die Umwelt emittiert werden und damit moeglicherweise aus oekologischer Sicht ein Gefahrenpotential darstellen koennen. Es muss also eine besondere Auswahl der Pruefung industrieller Reststoffe im Hinblick auf den Einsatz als externe Kohlenstoffquelle in der Denitrifikation

  16. Using multiple resources for the driver-vehicle-interaction; Moeglichkeiten der Nutzung unterschiedlicher Ressourcen fuer die Fahrer-Fahrzeug-Interaktion

    Vollrath, M. [DLR, Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Verkehrsfuehrung und Fahrzeugsteuerung; Totzke, I. [Wuerzburg Univ. (Germany). Interdisziplinaeres Zentrum fuer Verkehrswissenschaften


    New information systems and additional vehicle functions require the driver to engage in an interaction with the car which may distract him from driving. Following the model of multiple resources (e.g., [9]) this distraction will be strong if the visual channel is used for the information input and if a motor reaction is necessary. To avoid this interference, a driver-vehicle-interaction could use the acoustic channel and verbal reactions. As speech recognition and speech output is still problematic in the car, driver assistance systems can be introduced to assist the driver and free resources which can be used for the interaction. The paper presented here tests these two approaches in a driving simulation. Although both approaches show avoid interference to some extent, negative effects can also be demonstrated. Thus, these strategies should be well designed and tested. (orig.) [German] Informationssysteme im Fahrzeug und zusaetzliche Fahrzeugfunktionen fuehren dazu, dass der Fahrer vermehrt in eine Interaktion mit dem Fahrzeug eingebunden wird, die vom Fahren ablenken kann. Entsprechend einem Ressourcenmodell der menschlichen Aufmerksamkeit (z. B. [9]) ist diese Ablenkung dann besonders stark, wenn bei der Informationsaufnahme der visuelle Kanal genutzt wird und die Handlungsausfuehrung motorisch geschieht. Deshalb wird gefordert, die Fahrer-Fahrzeug-Interaktion ueber Sprachausgabe und Sprachkennung zu gestalten. Da dies nach wie vor technisch im Fahrzeug (Umgebungsbedingungen, Wortschatz) schwierig ist, sollen alternativ Fahrerassistenzsysteme die negativen Effekte kompensieren. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden diese beiden Ansaetze geprueft. Zwar zeigen sich fuer beide Ansaetze Teilerfolge, aber eine unkritische Anwendung kann auch negative Effekte nach sich ziehen. (orig.)

  17. Evaluation and development of soil values for the pathway 'soil to plant'. Transfer factors soil to plant; Ueberpruefung und Fortentwicklung der Bodenwerte fuer den Boden-Pflanze-Pfad. Teilbericht 1: Transferfaktoren Boden-Pflanze

    Trapp, S.; Matthies, M.; Reiter, B.; Gaeth, S.


    Within the research project 'Ueberpruefung und Fortentwicklung der Bodenwerte fuer den Boden-Pflanzen-Pfad', transfer factors soil to plant were calculated for compounds of the substance classes PCB and PAH. Literature studies, experiments undertaken by the LUA/Essen at the lysimeter research station Waldfeucht, and model simulations were used. The transfer differs for the plant species. For kale and wheat straw, the dominant uptake is from air. For lettuce and spinach, a significant uptake from soil was found. The main transport seems to occur via soil resuspension and volatilization, followed by sorption to leaf surfaces. These processes act mainly on low growing harvest products. Uptake from the soil solution and translocation within the plant do not seem to play a role except for phenanthren. The carrots and potatoes investigated showed only a contamination of the peel. The transfer factors of the PCB were throughout higher than that of the PAH. We assume that photolytic processes of PAH on plant surfaces are responsible. Furthermore, there are hints in literature that the metabolism of PAH in plants is faster than that of the PCB. (orig.) [German] Im Rahmen des Forschungsvorhabens 'Ueberpruefung und Fortentwicklung der Bodenwerte fuer den Boden-Pflanze-Pfad' wurden fuer organische Schadstoffe aus den Stoffklassen PCB und PAK Transferfaktoren Boden-Pflanze errechnet. Hierzu wurden Literaturstudien, Experimente der LUA von der Lysimeteranlage Waldfeucht sowie Modellsimulationen eingesetzt. Der Transfer ist fuer die untersuchten Pflanzen nicht einheitlich. Fuer Gruenkohl und Weizenstroh wurde eine Dominanz des Eintrags aus der Luft festgestellt. Demgegenueber zeigte sich fuer Salatpflanzen und Spinat deutliche Aufnahme aus dem Boden. Als Haupttransportweg werden Resuspension von Bodenpartikeln und Ausgasung aus dem Boden mit nachfolgender Sorption an Blattflaechen vermutet. Diese Prozesse wirken vorwiegend auf niedrig wirkende Ernteprodukte

  18. Teacher Enhancement Institute

    Marshall-Bradley, Tina


    During the 1980's, a period of intense concern over educational quality in the United States, few indicators of U.S. student achievement garnered the interest of policy makers and pundits as successfully as the results of international testing in mathematics and science. This concern was so great that as a part of the Goals 2000 initiative, President George Bush indicated that 'By the year 2000, U.S. students should be first in the world in mathematics and science.' The Clinton Administration is placing a major emphasis, not only on rigorous academic standards and creating a new system for assessing students' progress, but also including professional development as a major focus. The argument being that teachers need more sustained, intensive training to prepare them to teach to higher standards. Executive order 12821 mandates that national laboratories 'assist in the mathematics and science education of our Nation's students, teachers, parents and the public by establishing programs at their agency to provide for training elementary and secondary school teachers to improve their knowledge of mathematics and science'. These and other issues led to the development of ideas for a project that addresses the need for excellence in mathematics, science and technology instruction. In response to these initiatives the NASA/LaRC Teacher Enhancement Institute was proposed. The TEI incorporated systemic reform perspectives, enhanced content knowledge for teachers, and teacher preparation. Emphasis was also placed on recruiting those educators who teach in impoverished urban school districts with at-risk student populations who have been traditionally under represented in science, mathematics, technology and engineering. Participants in the Teacher Enhancement Institute were 37 teachers from grades K-8, teaching in Region 2 in the state of Virginia, as well as 2 preservice teachers from Norfolk State University and one teacher from Dublin, Virginia, where a Science

  19. Sensitivity of MRI in detecting alveolar infiltrates. Experimental studies; Sensitivitaet der MRT fuer alveolaere Infiltrate. Experimentelle Untersuchungen

    Biederer, J.; Busse, I.; Grimm, J.; Reuter, M.; Heller, M. [Kiel Univ. (Germany). Klinikum fuer Diagnostische Radiologie; Muhle, C. [Kiel Univ. (Germany). Klinik fuer Nuklearmedizin; Freitag, S. [Kiel Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Medizinische Informatik und Statistik


    detect pneumonia in patients. (orig.) [German] Zielsetzung: Eine experimentelle Studie zur Untersuchung des Signalverhaltens artifizieller alveolaerer Infiltrate mit T{sub 1}- und T{sub 2}-gewichteten MR-Sequenzen. Material und Methoden: 10 Lungen-Explantate von Schweinen wurden tracheal intubiert, in der kuenstlichen Thoraxhoehle eines Phantoms durch Unterdruck entfaltet und an einem klinischen Magnetresonanztomographen bei 1,5 T untersucht. Mit gezielter Instillation von 100-200 ml Gelatineloesung wurden alveolaere Infiltrate erzeugt und mit Gradientenecho- (2D-, 3D-GRE) und schnellen Spinechosequenzen (T{sub 2}-TSE, T{sub 2}-HASTE) dargestellt. Die Signalintensitaet des Lungenparenchyms nativ und mit Infiltrat wurde an repraesentativen Querschnitten erfasst. Zum Vergleich erfolgten Kontrollen mit Spiral-CT. Ergebnisse: Die instillierte Fluessigkeit simulierte alveolaere Infiltrate mit typischem Milchglasmuster im CT, wie es an Patienten mit Pneumonie oder ARDS beobachtet wird. Vor dem Versuch zeigten nur T{sub 2}-HASTE und T{sub 2}-TSE ein Lungenparenchymsignal (Signal/Rausch-Verhaeltnis von 3,62 bzw. 1,39). Nach Instillation von Fluessigkeit fand sich in diesen Sequenzen ein Signalanstieg von ca. 30% bei 100 ml (p<0,01) bzw. 60% bei 200 ml (p<0,01). Bei 2D-GRE betrug die Signalintensitaetszunahme 0,74% (p=0,32) nach 100 ml und 5,6% (p<0,01) nach 200 ml (fuer 3D-GRE 2,2% [p=0,02] bzw. 4,4% [p<0,01]). Die CT-Kontrollen zeigten fuer 100 ml eine Dichtezunahme um durchschnittlich 17 H.E. (p=0,02) und fuer 200 ml um 75 H.E. (p<0,01). Schlussfolgerungen: Mit T{sub 2}-gewichteten Sequenzen ist die MRT zur Darstellung artifizieller alveolaerer Infiltrate geeignet. (orig.)

  20. NEWS: Institute news


    Recognition for teachers The Institute of Physics has continued its programme of recognition for inspiring teachers with nine Teachers Awards in 2000, one at primary level and eight at secondary. The quality and quantity of nominations for secondary awards was very encouraging, especially those nominations made by students, but the number of nominations for teachers in the primary sector was disappointing. The award winners are: Teacher of Primary Science Graham Tomlinson, Cockermouth School, Cumbria Gill Stafford, Greens Norton Church of England Primary School, Towcester, Northants Teachers of Physics (Secondary) John Allen, All Hallows High School, Penwortham, Preston Tim Gamble, Lings Upper School, Northampton Denise Gault, Dalriada School, Ballymoney, Co Antrim Ian Lovat, Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire David Smith, Highgate School, North London Clive Thomas, Newcastle Emlyn Comprehensive School Graham Tomlinson, Cockermouth School, Cumbria Mark Travis, Cape Cornwall School, St Just, Cornwall If you know a teacher in a local primary school who is doing an exceptional job in motivating youngsters and colleagues in the teaching and learning of science, why not consider nominating them for an award? Further details can be obtained from the Institute's Education Department (Steven Chapman) by post or e-mail ( .) Annual Congress More details are now available on the various activities at this event taking place on 27 - 30 March 2000 at the Brighton Conference Centre. Among those organized by the Education Department are general science and technology hands-on activities for pupils aged 10 to 12 and more specific physics activities on Static Electricity for older students: * A series of short talks with hands-on demonstrations of music and musical instruments given by musicians, manufacturers and physicists. * A chance for students in years 9 to 13 to experience music making from the professionals' perspective. Mornings, 28 to 30 March