Sample records for hyporheickych sedimentech maleho

  1. Studie vlastností DET, metody pro vzorkování pórové vody v sedimentech


    Jarolímová, Zuzana


    The aim of this thesis was find out chosen properties of DET (diffusive equilibration in thin films), method for pore water for sediment sampling. This properties were: 1)the time require for equilibration between: a)distilled water in gel within DET and pore water b)sample of pore water within DET and distilled water 2)the comparison of samples pore water sampling with DET and other method 3)determination of DET properties in practice

  2. Mineralogická vazba izotopů radia v karlovarských vřídelních sedimentech: Výsledky selektivního rozpouštění


    Supiňková, Taťána


    Thermal waters in Karlovy Vary are characterized by carbonate sedimentation in places of their emergence. These sediments contain radium. Radium bond in every type of sinter (aragonite, calcite) has been investigated experimentally by acid sinter dissolution. It has been found out, that radium can join dissoluble fraction in both sinter types . The original hypothesis that radium can bond only aragonite-type of sinter has been refuted. Additional experiments have been processed using syntheti...